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File: 1611753896150.jpg (58.29 KB, 660x371, ssss.jpg)

No. 723869

Previous thread >>>/ot/714830

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 723916

I posted this in the previous thread

This might be a bit controversial and I wanna state that I don't mean any offense to anyone seeing this, but I feel like white women in a way do sorta fetishize black women, it's not a sexual fetishization rather it's the fetishization of the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" cliche that you'll see a lot of media and even twitter rhetoric, the black female best friend who gives nothing but solid advice to her white friend and nothing else, It's a very bizarre relationship cause In a way it plays into a Mammy trope of turning us into caretakers or mothers for white women while it also masculinizes us greatly so that were not real women in a sense, I know not all white women have this mentality but it's common enough that supposedly woke white women have sorta subconscious backhand that men really don't like us,
I just wanna be treated as a woman alright by men and other women and loved and not fetishized(racebait)

No. 723918

Who cares what white women think

No. 723920

I’m white but I understand what you mean I think. Some woke white women try so hard to put black women on a pedestal that they end up treating them like “spirit animals” and not people. A recent example of this attitude in regards to a political figure is Stacey Abrams.

No. 723921

It's not "white women" it's filthy liberals.

No. 723924

File: 1611759631159.jpg (16.72 KB, 537x269, 1364ba78a189b92186db61b0b3fcd4…)

kinning in theory could be a good coping mechanism and a kind of self-analysis. too bad 99% of kinnies are not in the least bit self-aware and use kinning (more like poorly roleplaying) "edgy" characters as an excuse to be the most awful kind of person.

No. 723931

yeah. this, basically.

No. 723942

seeing white liberal women stan her was just cringe inducing, do they not realize how freakish they end up coming across

No. 723963

Oreos are ruined if you take them apart.

No. 723964

Try teaming up with trans women and start shrieking at cis hetero whites to respect you more. Maybe it will work

No. 723965

Oreos suck. They taste like cardboard and sugar. Anyone who likes them has defective taste buds.

No. 723970

now THAT'S an unpopular opinion

No. 723974

File: 1611764050824.jpeg (41.66 KB, 750x499, A9E3F85D-26D3-4532-8D35-A05D0F…)

Forcing animals to use a wheelchair is animal abuse. Seeing “cute” viral posts of obviously suffering animals makes me so mad.
It's just harmful to animals that are humanized to the point where they have to suffer pain because “it’s my baby!”
No, it’s an animal who can’t understand the concept of death. Animals only know that they are hurting. If it can’t walk or run, it’s your responsibility to end it's life.
The animal does not think that “wow I’m so lucky to be alive because my owner paid 5 grand to my painful surgery”. It only knows the pain.

Same with old animals and big surgical operations.

Animals are not people and they do not benefit from humanizing. Pet owners need to see them as animals so they can provide care that is suitable for animal’s specific biological needs.

And don't start with “but how about old/disabled people” bullshit.

No. 723978

>If it can’t walk or run, it’s your responsibility to end it's life.
The fuck? Are you sure this isn't just you being annoyed at the idea of resources being taken and given to animals?

No. 723981

anon is right. the original chocolate ones only taste good with milk. the golden ones are okay but they're extremely sweet

No. 723983


No, anon. I completely understand your post and the point you are trying to make. It is absolutely worth it to save an animal who has a chance at a peaceful painless life but there are definitely those owners who keep their animals alive while they are in terrible pain.

That animal does not have self awareness, therefore it can only feel what is empirical. What they come in contact with from outside or what they feel inside of their body. It is really sad.

No. 723984

do not compare our struggle with troons alright

No. 723987

Men want sex and attention from women more than vice versa. That is why it is 100% ok for them to pay for dates etc. A model tier attractive man would take the pussy of a hideous woman over having no pussy at all. 50/50 doesnt make sense because men want us more and most of the time will do anything to get pussy.

No. 723989

I still do not think the wheelchair example is a good one because most pets who use a wheelchair are paralyzed in that part of their body. The wheelchair just helps them keep mobility. A good example would be an owner who refuses to put down a blind,old and suffering pet.

No. 723991

>the original chocolate ones only taste good with milk
Milk sucks too. For us lactose intolerant people, oreos can never taste good.

No. 723992

Agreed, anon. If anything, troons are even worse about it with their "If black women count as women, we men in dresses definitely do too!" and "Channeling my inner black woman uwu" bullshit, kek.

No. 724000

t. larping white male.

No. 724005

Golden Oreos are superior to any other kind of Oreos and whoever says otherwise just got meme’d to prefer original Oreos.

No. 724009

No. 724014

I always assumed that those animals with a wheelchair were otherwise pain free, in that case it's fine imo, but if that's not the case then I agree.

>Animals are not people and they do not benefit from humanizing.
Hard agree with this actually

No. 724015

to be fair, they cling onto it because the concept of masculine and feminine races is a gateway troon ideology to begin with. you assign arbitary traits to people based on the actions of just one part of an entire ethnic group (mostly in america) irrelevant to any actual biology or history. saying all women are "masc" based off of some stereotype while another race of men are "feminine" is basically admitting to the concept of "female" men and "male" women existing. It demolishes biological sex reality while upholding the concept of gender roles which works in TRA's favors. Its no wonder websites who subscribe to that thought the most has a lot of trooned out people lmao

No. 724017

The thing I don't understand is what I don't even get the masculine black woman trope, white women posses features that are considered much more masculine, Harrier bodies, narrow ridged foreheads, no offense to WW btw

No. 724026

you guys deserve to be taken out back and handled old yeller style

No. 724027

I'm staunchly against adoption and I think women who can should just opt for abortion instead.

The vast majority of adopted people I know have intense bizarre complexes over the fact they're adopted, despite being raised by perfectly fine people. Including my sister, even though my parents treat us like princesses and went so above and beyond for us. College was covered, our first cars were covered, down payments on our houses, if we ever needed money because things were tight, they gave it to us without hesitation. They showered us with so much love and we could do absolutely no wrong in their eyes. They're the type of excessively loving overly coddling parents who wouldn't be disappointed in us for anything short of being serial killers. Despite this, she is a fucking nightmare and literally tried to ABANDON the family at 23 in pursuit of reestablishing herself with her birth parents ~as a family~.

Spoiler alert: when she tracked them down, they didn't want anything to do with her, and she came crawling back, more bitter and shitty than ever. Wow, the birth mother who didn't want you to the point of only wanting a closed adoption doesn't want to ~reconnect~ and be a happy family now that you're in your 20's? Color me fucking surprised.

Sure enough, my parents welcomed her back with open arms and just pretend the whole thing never happened. They just pretend she never ghosted them for six months after texting them that they're not her real parents and she's done with them and going to find her "real" family instead. Because they have nothing but pure unconditional love for this girl.

I, however, do not and as far as I'm concerned, she's not my sister. She's an ungrateful bitch that my parents adopted. That's all she is to me.

I've spent a lot of time exposed to other adoptees. We did support groups for adoptive families IRL, I've spent a lot of time in online communities for adoptees, and I've met a few people just out in the wild. While my sister is an extreme example, almost every single one of the HUNDREDS I've observed are on this spectrum. Being adopted is a whole weird complex for them, no matter how great their adoptive families are, no matter how clear it is that their families love them every bit as much as a biological child, they still have bizarre (quite frankly, stupid) complexes over the fact they're adopted. They're often ungrateful for their families, take on being adopted as a central part of their identity in a really unhealthy way, and think they're justified to be as shitty toward their birth families as the want because "you don't understand what it's like! hdu tell me how to feel!" And the adoption community coddles the ever loving shit out of this nasty attitude. You're expected to just "let them process their feelings" and are told it's "not your place" to try to tell your emotionally abusive asshole adopted family members to take a step back and realize how fucking lucky they are to have such loving families and feel grateful.

Also, this seems to be a thing exclusively with kids who are adopted as babies or toddler. Older kids usually don't act this way. Probably because they actually know what it's like to deal with the hell that is being a child without a stable loving home life, so they're actually grateful when they finally get one. So yeah, if you're gonna adopt, I highly recommend opting for an older child and not a baby who is most likely going to grow up pining over the woman who gave them up at your expense just because "but muhhhh DNAAAAAA".

No. 724028

It comes from post slavery era Reconstruction, Jim Crow America where they masculinized black women to humiliate their womanhood in adjacence to white women through media tropes like movies, books, theater plays, and postcards. Yet at the same time they portrayed black women as hyper sexual Jezebels, especially if they were lighter skinned, as a callback to the concubinage and sex slavery mixed race women were put through during American slavery (hence the obsession with biracials you seen even to today). While both technically had their roots in slavery, curiously also a media trope that rose in conjunction was the cultural meme of the savage black rapist, which in turn led to masculinizing black men further than white men as even "pro black" media played that in their favor to make black men look cool in an intimidating, counter cultural movement. This is also why many people who believe black women are more masculine believe in the BBC meme, have cuckold fetishes, or have some other obsession with the sexual prowess of black men.
In Europe the black rapist meme mostly came from American slave owners and paranoid Reconstructionists, like in Nazi era Germany where most of its racial ideas came from the US, since they demonized other ethnicities like Turks, Arabs, or even Chinese instead. Postcards in Europe about black women didnt masculinize them in the way Americans did, there was actually a blog post about this juxtaposition.

No. 724034

They are supposed to only be used when the animal is otherwise pain free and animals don't stay in them long-term. It's not the same as people in wheelchairs.

They're supposed to facilitate exercise and movement when a pet might be recovering from an injury or surgery or when they're doing a form of exercise that is better performed with support. For example, obese dogs can get joint issues that can be solved with weight loss, but they need the wheels to help them lose weight without permanently damaging the joint. Vets should not be prolonging a painful life with them.

No. 724035

Stahp bullying me for my unpopular opinion you hopeless sugar addicts

No. 724036

I mean, it's kind of natural to have a complex from knowing that you'll never "really" (and this is a dumb social construct, but it still "matters") be part of your own family, and that the people who literally brought you into the world were like "Nope, don't want this".
Not defending those who take it too far and let that complex turn them into unbearable people, though.

No. 724044

Using alcohol or weed to self medicate is justified. As long as you aren’t going overboard with it, throwing tantrums when you can’t have it, or making yourself sick. Especially right now with universities shut down and everything closed. If it makes you feel a little happier then just do it instead of sitting inside miserable all day.

No. 724046

I don’t disagree, but I understand why. Even if your adopted family is great, people want to know who they’re biologically related to. It’s natural to be curious about your family.

There’s a lot of emphasis on who you’re related to that most of us take for granted, comments like “you have your mother’s eyes” or “you’re so tall like your dad” and shit. I’d probably have a complex too if I were adopted.

No. 724047

Except alcohol usage doesn't medicate anything.

No. 724049

self medicate is not really literal, it’s used to describe using substances to cope

No. 724051

So, trannies aren't just being shitty and invoking that "strong, independent" stereotypical image of black women from pop culture, they're invoking literally old-timey, Jim Crow American pie racism and presenting it as "woke" and "progressive"?
Beautiful. That just makes it even funnier when they say that not wanting to share a bathroom with a man is "the same" as racially segregated bathrooms.

No. 724053

I hate how the cottagecore aesthetic is all about being outdoorsy, but most of it is just talked about and spread online, instead of actually being outdoorsy and away from technology. It end up feel artificial when an aesthetic about going away from technology and embracing nature is just people buying mass-produced 'cottagecore' dresses and making videos and TikToks about how you're ~embracing nature~ when holding/looking at a screen

No. 724055

>is all about being outdoorsy
I get what you're trying to say but zoomer aesthetics are only ever visuals.

No. 724057

File: 1611770375811.jpeg (151.05 KB, 1000x1283, 731CE210-9597-40DC-A328-4B982D…)

I’m so happy fine line tattoos are slowly falling out of style. One of the worst tattoo trends since tribal in my opinion.

No. 724059

samefag but that's also the definition of aeshetic now that I think about it kek. I guess it's really just that, an aeshetic, not something you actually actively participate in.

No. 724066

The idea of "stylish" tattoos is kind of weird to me. Like, you had your skin scarred/painted for an aesthetic you'll get bored of in a while, and then you're either stuck with it interrupting whichever next aesthetic you partake in, or you'll have to pay money to have it lasered off in sessions. All that pain, money spent and hassle for what?

No. 724067

Do you really think anyone would actually go out in nature in those dresses? They're not practical or sturdy at all.

No. 724069

Lol they weren’t just portrayed that way, they are that way. They literally are more masculine than other races of women. Thicker builds, taller average height than other races, more testosterone

No. 724074

NTA, but are you also the same anon from the last thread who was posting some BS evopsych argument (with no sources) about how blond women are "more youthful" than other women and that men naturally prefer them, then seethed at anons for liking dark hair? Kek.

No. 724076

it's a white male trying to racebait. ignore.

No. 724078

shut up you racebaiting idiot

No. 724087

File: 1611772374955.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.26 KB, 205x246, imagesv.jpeg)

Who could be behind this post?

No. 724097

shoe0nhead is really cute, if she actually liked women and wasn't the ultimate cuckquean pick-me tard i would honestly simp

No. 724098

Big fucking agree. They taste artificial. They suck.

No. 724102

Purebred cats>>>>>>>mutt cats

No. 724111

>taller average height

Statistically African american women are shorter than white women

No. 724113

I literally know a MTF who looks exactly like this IRL and now I'm incredibly uncomfortable

No. 724128

File: 1611775513147.jpeg (83.96 KB, 500x784, 87A64C96-9860-4CD5-B845-EBBF0E…)


No. 724130

Statistically black people have more testosterone causing bigger physical features, more aggression, larger genitals. The cope is strong with the baboon race huh(racebait)

No. 724132

Because incest is great if it's pretty

No. 724140

File: 1611776443032.png (165.9 KB, 2502x520, image04.png)

I'm not sure why this anon's response was deleted while the racist scrote's shit is still up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724148

>Contrary to the postulated racial difference, testosterone concentrations did not differ notably between black and white men. However, blacks had higher estradiol levels.
>Previous studies have suggested that estrogen levels may be higher in African-American women (AAW) compared with Caucasian women (CW), but none have systematically examined estrogen secretion across the menstrual cycle or in relation to other reproductive hormones.
>Conclusions: Estradiol is higher in AAW compared with CW across the menstrual cycle. Higher estradiol in the face of similar androstenedione and FSH levels suggests enhanced aromatase activity in AAW.

No. 724155


>7.Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting)

No. 724160

So, you insist on medical studies and claim things are "obvious" up until science doesn't agree with your racist viewpoints, then they're all fake and not meaningful?
Sounds about right for a /pol/ scrote, actually.

No. 724161

samefag, so is ash coffin

No. 724168

Literally any muscular white female athlete? Do you think being female makes it impossible to have high muscle or something?
You really sound like a delusional tranny who thinks being a woman means being dainty uwu fragile or something. Your horse piss pills and programmer socks won’t ever make you the same as a woman of any race, sorry.

No. 724173

File: 1611778520668.jpg (199.55 KB, 683x1024, Christian Cowan x Powerpuff Gi…)

Absolutely seething. That's Kim Petras on the right, by the way.

No. 724179

…Yes, he is. That's the point, I wanted to post someone you could relate to. You're even acting extra high-T and aggressive right now.
I'll stop replying here, I know it's bad to feed moids. Hope you get help.

No. 724184

>bitch is shorter yet still has her giant ape build

It's a well known fact short people build muscle much easier than tall people.
>muh sooperior iq though

No. 724187

I'm not sure if this is unpopular but I completely agree. Men are literally the biggest pick me's.

No. 724188

File: 1611779615619.png (423.19 KB, 1880x1200, ratgirl.png)

>all this racebait
Did Ratgirl find Lolcow or something?

Same. Men literally kill themselves over lack of female attention, I don't know why some people pretend that the mere presence of a girlfriend isn't a huge thing for them.

No. 724195

You know damn well that a lot of black women are prettier than you. They’re also far more intelligent than you too. Beauty standards change rapidly. Cope Mckayelyndana

No. 724196

yeah, but they rarely throw all other men under the bus to get pussy (unless they're some kind of "male feminist"), that's what pick-meism is actually about

No. 724198

>false-flagging this hard
Please just go back to /pol/ already. You're not gonna "throw the femoids into a race war!!1".

No. 724200

I feel like in an abstract sense men just have a lot more to gain from relationships than women do like a sexual outlet, the chance to have kids, emotional support etc. which women don't need a relationship to have access to. I totally get the sentiment of calling someone a 'pick me' and there obviously definitely are women who degrade other women in a sexist way for the approval of men but I wish the insult that had caught on for that was something other than 'pick me' because I feel like it ends up like, complimenting men more than it criticises women. Like it gives them an illusion of power that they don't have. In what world are men the ones who do the picking? Literally whatever you do as a woman you will still get picked, there's always a man more desperate than you.

No. 724202

I don't really think a man being a feminist is throwing other men under the bus but even if they don't do that I feel like they are still infinitely more pathetic than women with this topic. Like they will literally destroy their career, family, reputation, life etc over pussy which most women just wouldn't.

No. 724203

Are you the gibbering Neanderthal that was shitting up the trad Thot thread earlier? The one who is not only illiterate but Shamefully gullible and painfully unfunny? I know it’s anon but my god how are you not embarrassed. Just off yourself and accept The white race is going extinct and there isn’t a decent white person in the world that would stick their neck out for a bottom of the barrel low class hillbilly like you.
You’re not pretty and smart just because you’re white, that’s a scrote level cope. You don’t want to face up to your own inferiority so you try to pass off other white peoples accomplishments as your own.

If we put you in a zoo, I’m not sure you’d be smart enough to piss in the corner as opposed to wherever you stand. How’s that for master race.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724204

File: 1611780603302.jpeg (197.84 KB, 1200x1198, 6F35D35C-BE17-4057-B294-89CD62…)

>“Tiny pink innie”
Nobody wants your narrow, saggy Hank hill ass or your blotchy, pasty skin. Your only good feature is you have blue eyes LOL. Blue eyes looking out of the face of a pig. Big deal.

No. 724207

I’m not the one trying to trigger a race war kek. Tell that to the seething cracker bitch who can’t accept that she got bullied out of the tradthot thread.

No. 724209

File: 1611780862864.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1680x2360, 53E14C99-F644-4502-8740-B1D192…)

Hey Becky, you realise most of those men who are into that would rather be fucking your kid sister? No surprise as white people age terribly. Maybe that’s why so many white men become pedos.

No. 724212

File: 1611781077848.jpg (180.94 KB, 800x1200, classic-hardshell-tacos-small-…)

Hard shell tacos are the worst taco, hurt my mouth

No. 724214

A lot of "romantic" behavior is fucking creepy and annoying.

No. 724219

File: 1611781675199.gif (1.34 MB, 257x240, image0.gif)

I hate alfredo noodles. Noidles…

No. 724223

I know this is a troll and all but she looks fine to me, just report and wave, girls.

No. 724224

Uhg, they’re the absolute worst, not only they hurt your mouth, the shell gets between the teeth and they break the moment you look at them from the wrong direction making a whole mess on the plate.

No. 724226

I would let Shoe tie me to a bed and do whatever she wanted to me and the humiliation and shame I would feel from having sex with someone as awful as her would just turn me on even more.

No. 724227

I also hate Alfredo noodles, but love the sauce.

No. 724228

And they are too thick to try to use as nachos once the filling and shell break, why not just have soft shell OR nachos? I always thought I was just dumb and ate wrong but no, they just suck

No. 724250

File: 1611786803188.jpeg (49.4 KB, 480x479, 6E104314-EE70-451D-96F0-28A34A…)

Warning pink pussy warriors: there is a jealous farmhand deleting my responses.

Just remember, if you have a tiny pink innie pussy, you were one of the lord’s chosen ones!!

No. 724252

is it because you're bashing women who don't have a porn-esque pussy?

No. 724254

im assuming you’re probably a scrote larping as a female

No. 724257

Is this you

No. 724258

No I’m a pink pussy warrior. Fighting for beauty(no1curr)

No. 724261

File: 1611788056676.png (206.32 KB, 600x600, 7d4.png)

pink HAIRY outtie chad pussy here

No. 724268


thank you for your service outtie chad fightor

No. 724269

File: 1611789236185.jpeg (106.15 KB, 666x692, BC238EF2-917E-4EA3-86CF-A67572…)

Pink innie smol chad pussy supremacy.

No. 724270

what the fuck happened in here

No. 724273

um sweaty

No. 724275

Sorry, I’m retarded.
>pink chunky concealed lips chad pussy.

No. 724276

File: 1611790233689.jpg (212.02 KB, 1357x960, comment_zORQ31S1OIKGQZoTJwkAYG…)

Crimson vagina dentata chad reporting in

No. 724278

Some coomer scrote racebaiting, ban evading and spamming.

No. 724283

Okay, please marry me, anon, I will be your manic pixie dream wife even if I’m the opposite of what you’re looking for.
>tfw no Crimson vagina dentata chad gf.(autistic derailing)

No. 724324

File: 1611798510509.jpg (99.59 KB, 828x988, 20210127_185054.jpg)

It pisses me off so much how men are gaining millions through this whole gme stock thing while women are counting down the day till they make an only fans we've been failed

No. 724327

what is the correlation meant to be between those two things and how is this an unpopular opinion. this is just like a random thought.

No. 724328

I could never let a man shorter than 6'1 or a man with a small dick hurt my feelings

No. 724329

I am drunk please excuse me

No. 724335

I made some money after 24 hours with GME. Are women not allowed to buy stocks?

No. 724337

God I wish that were me

No. 724339

same here. there are some farmers who think everyone on reddit is male, it's weird.

No. 724341

The reddit WSB drama is cringe because they're expecting me to clap for them that they gave the middle finger to hedge fund wallstreet people who didn't do shit to earn their money. Meanwhile they also profit from gaming the rich people system where they equally didn't do shit to earn that money. Guess the morality behind it isn't dirty as long as the money goes to their hands? And how shall these middling class neetbux with disposable income redistribute this newfound wealth, unlike those bad richies?

Just goes to show that people are greedy as fuck and will use anything to justify hoarding wealth, they're just looking for the most socially acceptable guise to do it under. Every single person who played that stock game would be the same kind of rich sociopath if only they started life out with the capital and means to do so.

No. 724355

Ikr? I saw a post on the sub that was like "we're SO different, let's donate some money to charities to show em!" and there was even one comment saying "oh yeah, we've talked about this a lot but never did it". Such robin hoods! These scrotes are all talk

No. 724385

Women in their 20s who have scrote level cooking skills make me mad. Like the ones who only know how to cook pasta, curry, and stiry fry. Like damn girl have some respect for yourself.

No. 724387

Why would I learn how to cook when I can just have a scrote buy all my meals?silly girl.

No. 724390

Use a different pasta with alfredo then. I made some and put it over penne last night.
Real curry isn't an easy dish tho. Anyway, I have to go put the rice cooker on and steam some tofu and frozen veggies.

No. 724391

lol I know multiple women who are active on wsb, bet big on GME and are now reaping the rewards (I wish I was one of them tbh). People can moralize if you want and I’m not knocking that necessarily but some of these posts make it sound like women are too retarded to utilize the stock market

No. 724395

>pasta, curry, stir fry

Let's be real. Many scrotes cant even do that. Especially the ones under 30.

No. 724396

I can cook other things if I have a recipe, but I just love one pot meals. It's so easy and there's always leftovers.

No. 724397

Lentils are fucking gross and have terrible texture and taste like mossy dirt fuck them and fuck grains/legumes in general

No. 724398

>fuck grains/legumes in general
Fuck you too, bitch.

t. vegetarian

No. 724404

One pot meals are literally scrote level cooking

No. 724406

I eat lentils mostly in soup and curry, you can barely taste them. They just add bulk and keep you healthy.

Beans are the worst legumes by far, chickpeas are the best.

No. 724413

What shit do you cook??
Like curry and Stir fry is pretty basic but it’s a lot better than the 1/3 of the population that lives off of take out.
I’ve literally witnessed people, people who even have children, live off of gas station food.
And not just one case, like a few, have nothing in their fridge but condiments and greasy leftover take out bags

No. 724416

"If you ain't cooking 5 Michelin star level 9-course meals for every meal, you're down bad." How are you pressed someone else only knows how to make a hodgepodge dish or cereal? Of all the critiques to make about people in this world.

No. 724432

It's weird to me how mad some people get about people who suck at cooking. I'm simply not interested in it as a hobby, and I'm happy eating the same simple things all the time. I'm more worried about calories and cost than anything else, so a basic stir fry a few days a week works perfectly. It's not like I'm cooking for anyone else, overeating or becoming malnourished, wtf does it matter that I'm not a good cook? Does my cooking ability really define how 'adult' I am regardless of the fact that I'm a normal adult with a full time job and a mortgage?

No. 724435

Samefagging but I need to say that If you can stir fry you’re doing really good as a single adult.
Stir fry for me takes me an hour, it’s a giant pain in the ass honestly. Chopping, cooking vegetables first, switching out them and then cooking meat (or vice versa), marinating the meat, getting the thickness of tbe sauce the right consistency with the corn starch, not burning or under cooking the rice-
God like stir fry is one of my special meals.

No. 724441

Have fun being a pickme

No. 724442

No. 724446

Mental illness

No. 724457

I can relate. All my coworkers are all about the “OoOo what did you cook over the weekend” convo and I just don’t care dudes. I tend to eat chicken, tacos, salad, stirfry, spaghetti, maybe some steak and potatoes when I’m feeling adventurous kek. But I really hate cooking and if I was wealthy I would buy takeout every day or hire a personal chef. Food is great but the process of preparing it is not fun, artistic or relaxing to me, it’s just an inconvenience. Having a househusband would be nice… fuck my ex was actually a really good cook too. I miss that, too bad he was shit when it came to just about everything else.

No. 724470

File: 1611819408595.jpg (70.05 KB, 679x454, 91jjnboUxML._SX679_PIbundle-6,…)

hydrox chads

No. 724471

Hydrox sounds like the name of laundry detergent. Even the box looks like laundry detergent

No. 724472

Why on earth have they kept that name for so long? It sounds like a toilet bowl cleaner. Unfathomable.

No. 724473

Female users who still try to date men are idiots. Even though you know that scripted are worthless you guys are still trying to chase after them. That’s the definition of being retarded. Either date women or be celibate.

No. 724474

samefag, there's no way that is an American product. Where the fuck did you find this

No. 724478

This reminds me of that one febfem anon from the vent thread tbh. I don't know if lesbians would appreciate you telling straight women to date actual bi/les women just cause

No. 724481

>proudly made in the usa
These must absolutely be made by little keebler elf slave children in a factory somewhere in the third world

No. 724487

I’m saying bi women should date women. But there’s a lot more women who are bi and don’t realize it

No. 724494

I agree that lentils are gross by themselves/as a side, especially green/brown ones. I need to hide them in something to eat them. Chickpeas by themselves also suck ass. Black, kidney, and fava beans are the best.

No. 724507

they taste really good paired with cabbage and bacon

No. 724527

i hate "real music" spergs. who cares that some artist doesn't use "real instruments" or even uses autotune. all it matters is that the end result sounds good.

No. 724529

Electronic music sounds good for other songs but current stuff, no. I don't even think it's catchy in a dumb way. I guess that's my unpopular opinion.

No. 724533

i wasn't talking about particular songs, but about those elitists who put down any electronic music just because it "made by computers". i mean a lot of current mainstream stuff does sound bad imo too, but not inherently because it's electronic

No. 724535

American white men are cringe, feminine, and the worst white men on the planet. I still don't see how other nationalities of white guys are supposedly worse than them…

No. 724536

My cooking skills are a bit above what you described but my scrote is a great cook so I don't have to cook. I'm decent at it and could manage on my own, of course, but I just don't enjoy cooking.

No. 724537

at least most american men aren't manlets from what i've heard

No. 724538

Oh ok. I agree

No. 724544

Yet their personalities are shit, trashy garbage. Most of the obsessive spergs on the internet are American scrotes because something happened to them in the way to the womb. Don't worry though, a lot of that behavior is seen in real life and you never feel like you're with an actual man when you're around an American guy unless he's one of those old fashioned boomer types (but 2old). They also tend to be fas looking and have shitty voices. I'd rather be with a manlet from Europe than a hideous american waste of space. Less likely to be consumer obsessed, video game obsessed, cuckold fantasy obsessed, and less likely an overall unsettling individual even though all scrotes are trash but there are levels. It's no wonder they troon out the most.

No. 724548

English men are most definitely worse. They’re the nastiest white dudes on the planet in looks and behaviour nowadays imo.

No. 724549

while very few men troon out in my country, the traditional machoism and orthodox christian church influences here run deep and it shows even among the younger guys so… maybe men in my european country aren't worse than americans, but they definitely aren't much better. not to mention that because of the internet consumerism and pornsickness are becoming more and more common here too. also as a mixed black woman men have acted so weird/creepy towards me. well, at least they don't full-on masculinize me just for being black.

No. 724552

Is this in Greece?
I hate the English ones too, theyre so fucking whiny and also spergs.

No. 724553

Europe has many countries and cultures. It's not like Swedish men are socialised the same way Bulgarian men are.

No. 724554

true, i just used it as a catch all term but id still give a bulgarian a chance over the majority of american guys.

No. 724557

no, i'm more up in the north, but i guess i just described balkan moids in general

No. 724580

Self fulflling prophecy should apply more to the media reinforcing tropes while pretending its "natural" which fucks up a lot of people, especially those who dont leave their house, up

No. 724586

if you're into domestic violence…

No. 724591

i don't trust sociology academics. they're so disconnected from the world outside their tiny circle of fellow academics it's laughable

No. 724592

Agree white American men are the worst
>>724548 Disagree white American men are obnoxious and dumb

No. 724609

File: 1611837878303.jpg (96.39 KB, 640x960, 7da668a35091a626a1dc287e9faa48…)

Unpopular opinion:People should be able to have to have a conversation about race without insulting the other race

No. 724612

You think British men are obnoxious and dumb? Most literally look inbred, and act it too. They're definitely uglier on average than American dudes, honestly. Their accents are cute either, most have a disgusting pitch to their voice which makes them sound whiney or they literally have an accent that makes them sound mentally deficient.

No. 724614

I guess this is more /cgl/ related but /cgl/ is dead so…
I think taobao gets a bad rep for no reason. You can find really really nice, affordable, high quality pieces through taobao. You just need good taste. Newbie lolitas always go for the really ugly, flashy OTT dresses but just avoid those and you're golden. My my cheapest taobao jsk always gets the most compliments and the most people asking me where it's from. Just like wearing head to toe brand doesn't automatically make you well dressed, wearing head to toe taobao doesn't automatically make you ita.

No. 724632

Most simps aren't attention deprived men who've never been touched by a woman, they're men with girlfriends and wives at home who are wondering where all their money is going and begging to be treated properly

No. 724637

agreed, I've not yet met an attractive, socially capable American man. American women deserve better, damn.

No. 724642

File: 1611842311711.jpeg (45.14 KB, 625x415, 0A4E188A-3C7E-4A0D-8202-91A1B9…)

am I the only one who gets pissed off at lolcow’s muh bootstraps shit in every thread

for example, cherishing society as a value or center of normalcy and anyone who deviates from it is sick or not well-adjusted, despite this very website deviating from what society would consider as normal

it’s so frustrating

No. 724647

If you can’t taste the obvious cocoa and soybean in Oreos, then it’s you who has the shitty tastebuds anon

No. 724648

That's like because society calls us bitches when we criticise.

No. 724654


NEET cope. We are animals and all animals have optimal conditions in which they thrive. We're not "like obsessed with normie society" for no reason, we're literally trying to live optimally and there are simple ways to do so, and it's rational (if unkind) to judge those who don't meet the standard.

And I don't think lolcow is deviant itself, fringe maybe, but gossip has been around since civilization started

No. 724672

but we are bitches anon

No. 724690

No it isn’t, you probably wouldn’t even be considered a “normal, functioning” person in society, because imagine if the very people in your life knew that you devote your time to an anonymous gossip website that specializes in obsessively documenting people word for word and also shitposting Adam Driver until it gets stale. Many people will be questioning you, searching it up this website, and making new (and possibly unfavorable) assumptions about you. Ever thought about that?
And no, being on lolcow farms should not be considered a cute little hobby, so please shut the fuck up with your obvious extrovert bluff. Your idea of living “optimally” is very subjective considering that the world is transitioning into a phase that is extremely far away from your idea of optimal. Do you think blooming technocracy, poverty, suicide, loneliness, increasing political tension is optimal to you? Lmao open your eyes anon for the love of god

No. 724695

This 100%
Most are obese but instead of playing the funny fat guy card they overinflate their own egos to the point where they believe they're gods and ~akshully~ what women want. Most of them are simps but not to their own girlfriends, they all have weird and unhealthy body type preferences (wanting fat girls, too skinny girls, extremely skinny girls with cartoon sized tits and ass, flat chested girls, etc). A lot of them are lazy and leech off of their girlfriends who half the time are way out of their league, then you have the red pilled nu males who think they're the shit for being born male. Most if not all of them fully expect every single woman they get with to enjoy being choked, slapped, anal, etc and if the woman doesn't like that they're boring or need to change for him.

This also applies for UK, canadian and Australian males too incase any lurking males from there think they're an exception

No. 724697

>>724690 that's a lot of words to say "I'm unemployed"

>extrovert bluff

Kek is it powerleveling to say I have real friends, a job and a life? And yes my friends know about my cute little hobby of checking lolcow for dumb gossip, we laugh about it because it's a guilty pleasure.

Most anons are normal people checking this hellsite on the toilet. Your paranoid ass is the odd one out, even here.

No. 724699

You just made assumptions about what anon has said. She did not talk about politics and so on. She just said that in society we have developed universal ways of reaching happiness. You cannot be happy by denying the universal ways of reaching happiness. Like love, self love, love of others, contributing to society even by little (it does not have to necessarily be by a conventional job). You cannot be happy by being a complete hermit and rejecting all laws society and humans have found to reach happiness. Even if you live completely isolated you still follow general rules of conduct implemented by society like cleaning your environment, yourself etc and if you don't follow any universal social conduct you can honestly not be very well or well at all.

No. 724714

I don’t care what you say or your pathetic superiority complex for hitting the bare minimum, but you’re completely wrong in every other regard.

No. 724715

You sound like a fucking boomer.

No. 724716

I'm probably the only one who's going to say I wholeheartedly agree with you.

No. 724719

That is a culturally biased delusion. There is no one singular way to achieve happiness, pretty basic to understand. All of those things you listed benefit Western society especially, since they’re interwoven into the economic system. Not everyone gets a chance to even benefit society, because in order to do that you need enough power, and a lot of the time power translates into lots of cash. Not everyone can love in your way of love, which is probably why there’s so much fucking divorces. Civil conduct varies from country to country, so I don’t agree.

No. 724726

No, there are objective means to reach happiness and those means have been embedded in society. What I listed has nothing to do with "western society" or even modern society. There are metaphysics to happiness. Love of yourself and others, taking care of your environment and feeling useful are indispensable when it comes to happiness. These things have become culture because they have some sort of objectivity. You did not even read my post. It does not have to be a conventional job. You can benefit society by having a lover, making children, helping a poor child etc.

No. 724734

Idk anons and other women in relationships seem unhappy to me.

No. 724735

You are so deluded by what capitalism presents as happiness you think that social values of happiness are all related to capitalism when they are not. Love, care, self care, being clean etc are universal things promoted in all cultures around the world as a mean to reach happiness.

Don't act like becoming a schizoid hermit isolated in an apartment or in the forest that follows no social universal conduct is happiness. Even those schizoid follow universal social rules of happiness because the functional ones usually keep their surroundings clean, they keep a productive hobby like reading or writing and plant their own crops etc

No. 724738

Yes you sound very unbothered

As >>724699 said you made a lot of assumptions about what I mean. You're pretty biased towards everyone disagreeing with you being nasty globalists or whatever, but I won't further prove your opinion is unpopular on the unpopular opinion thread. I just think you should take a shower and actually work on your resume because youve been putting it off for too long

No. 724741

>making children
the world is overpopulated
>b-but muh negative birth rate in western countries!
a western child consumes more resources than 5 poor kids in africa and india, so western parents should absolutely be the ones having fewer kids.

No. 724755

Can we stop using feminine as an insult? If they were actually feminine they'd be pleasing to be around.

No. 724760

It is not necessarily about relationships. You can find your happiness in different positive social values. I gave another example because anon acted as if I said that in order to be happy you have to be a rich capitalistic pig.

There are different approaches presented by societies when it comes to reaching happiness but most of them stay the same across cultures.

I repeat myself: Self love, love of others, taking care of your environment, contributing to society in some form or another (not necessarily by a conventional job),having a productive hobby.

Anons need better reading comprehension and hermeneutics.

To whatever another anon has said. I do think that society can be very strict in what it considers as ,,normal". But most humans do still follow universal social rules to achieve happiness. I think those universal rules are being changed by capitalism and presented in an ugly way. You do not have to become rich or spend all of your time at work to be happy or be constantly stressed about money or what others think about you.

Yet, you cannot completely deny the universal social rules which are not even to be found in capitalism. There are some rules to happiness that apply universally to humans and that we have established in our evolution as a species. Even if you browse lolcow which would be considered socially inappropriate you probably still follow some universal social rules like cleaning yourself or brushing your teeth. Unless you are a completely depressed hermit. Unfortunately a lot of depressed individuals refuse to follow any sort of social conduct that would lead to their depression becoming less prevalent.

Having children is not ideal, I do have to agree. But it can be another thing that can be considered as giving meaning and it was just a counter example to the anon accusing me of presenting capitalistic values as universal social values to reach happiness. I do think having children is a bad example, I apologize.>>724741

But undeniably there are universal social rules to happiness. CLEANING, LOVING YOURSELF AND OTHERS, DOING SMALL PRODUCTIVE THINGS AND THEY DONT HAVE TO ALLIGN WITH WHAT CAPITALISM SHIELDS AS PRODUCTIVE. There are factors that determine happiness. You cannot be an isolated schizoid that pisses and eats in the same place and hoards useless shit and be happy!

I have observed that a lot of people do lack common sense. The metaphysics of happiness are very easy and accesibile to everyone. Start by cleaning your environment, do a little self care, maybe try to help someone out. It isn't that hard.

No. 724763

Did Jordan Peterson transition?

No. 724770

There's more than enough money and resources in the world for everyone to live a comfortable life. Not amazingly luxurious or whatever, but certainly comfortable.
The problem is a small subset of people hoarding the wealth/resources and acting like that's natural. I don't care what anyone says, when you get to the point where you're unironically saying "Thinking that every human being should have a right to water is extreme", and throwing perfectly good food away because you've made too much of it (and refuse to give it to anyone because that'll mess up your market), you've lost your way.

No. 724784

File: 1611857445945.jpg (193.07 KB, 622x418, 2014-07-24-lower-east-side-tro…)

We all know and love cat ladies, but I think the affectionate relationship women share with their tiny toy dogs is culturally underrated.

No. 724791

File: 1611858056549.jpg (26.12 KB, 300x300, p10155_i_h9_aa.jpg)

anthropomorphic objects>anthropomorphic animals
Furries or other talking animals are so trite and boring and overused,the art looks all the same and there's nothing worth liking about furries
With objects or food,the possibilities are endless.you can anthropomorphize an airplane,a flower,a knife or even a cup (cuphead)

No. 724794

>With objects or food,the possibilities are endless.you can anthropomorphize an airplane
is this you, planefucker-chan?

No. 724798

i stand by you sister
plane fuckers unite

No. 724799

This actually brought tears to my eyes. What…the fuck.

No. 724808

No wtf,I knew I should have written car instead of airplane.

No. 724814

Just watched a video shitting on Lana del Rey for saying and doing some dumbass things but oh my god the level of hatred people project onto her is insane. It seems clear as day that she's just a bit of a tone deaf idiot instead of some kind of malicious racist. The criticism of her album cover is so fucking dumb though because it's mostly white women? They'd be calling her racist too if she specifically hired more black women to pose as her friends on the cover solely for diversity. Like wtf do these freaks actually want? The guy in the vid literally used her album name Chemtrails over the Country Club as evidence that she was "anti science" because chemtrails are a right wing conspiracy theory…even though it's obviously tongue in cheek.

I'm so sick of women being cancelled for trivial things, while male celebrities can literally get away with rape and murder. Lana, Doja Cat, JK Rowling, Lizzo, etc. A woman does or says something people disagree with but that ultimately harms no one and people act like she's the actual devil. But you can't point this out anymore because apparently misogyny totally doesn't exist.

No. 724815

I’m an idiot who has no clue how stocks work, but honestly it’s cool seeing what Reddit did. It seems like a few people were able to afford some pretty life changing things.

No. 724823

tbh yes. unmasculine =/= feminine

No. 724832

Hear hear

No. 724853

The word "glow-nigger" is cringe. Not cause of what it means, but the actual word itself.

No. 724858

the non n word equivalent is as cringey
just say fed you retards

No. 724862

People who get hospitalized from covid who caught it by going out/meeting people when they didn't have to can fucking die. In fact I hope they do. Those are the people who're prolonging this shit and for who the good citizens are locking themselves into their homes for, good riddance. I fucking hate being locked into my home by a curfew so there'll be enough beds on the intensive care for those who ignore the rules and catch covid. God it infuriates me.

No. 724893

i am scared what does that even mean. As a black i am tired of all these new racial slurs can we stop

No. 724894


No. 724898

People who have kids and are poor are the most selfish assholes to exist.

No. 724899

It's just an edgy zoomer term for FBI member/fed. They say "nigger" for shock value points (and also, many of them are racist), not unlike "[x]fag".
An actual, unironic schizo named Terry Davis basically coined it. He'd say "CIA niggers glow in the dark" and it caught on.

Basement dweller

No. 724903

Ayrt, I'm also black and that's probably part of the reason I don't like it. It's just edgy imageboard lingo for a fed/opp. A fbi agent who lurks to get some kind of intel (although, what information could a fbi agent get from lolcow of all places). Whenever I see "glownigger/glownigga" I can't help but think whoever posted it is some edgy 14 year old white kid who thinks idubbbz is the peak of "dark humor". >>724899 described it perfectly.

No. 724904

thanks guys for the schooling! these new slurs arent even witty anymore its just a stupid word next to nigger…so innovative wow. racists are so oddly obsessed with black people LMAO

No. 724908

I just say glow/glowfaggot

No. 724913

I mean…it's not new. It's a chan thing to add those suffix nigger/fag/tard to everything. Cringe yeah, but personally I don't see it worse than faggot.

No. 724915

File: 1611868910811.jpg (13.75 KB, 300x400, k2-_b96f2dfd-d71c-4eeb-885d-a9…)

No. 724922


No. 724925

Whitehouse sucks

No. 724927

we all agree

No. 724935

File: 1611871416320.jpg (124.39 KB, 1200x630, billionaires2.jpg)

I really don't understand women who are already financially well-off (especially from family/childhood), but decide to marry ugly, fucked up men for more money.
If you're not struggling, what exactly do you want to buy so badly that you'd even fuck a toad and carry his children? Are you doing it to flex on someone who treated you like shit? Please.
I feel like it'd be better to be with someone who's actually attractive (and kind) who might not be crazy rich, but can still take care of you.

No. 724937

Maybe the possibility of getting married to a man who doesn't make as much, and then ending up in a divorce where they take your money is part of the reason why. Just look at what happened with Adele. Also, they may want to secure money for themselves and their kids. There's always a possibility they could fuck up and lose their money, but if they have a rich spouse to lean back on then what is there to worry about?

No. 724949

>getting married to a man who doesn't make as much,
Well duh, no woman should be with a man who makes less than them. Imagine taking care of a scrote, kek. You can still date wealthy men and secure a life for yourself and your children without being with someone hideous or mentally ill/abusive (just not exorbitantly wealthy, since billionaire men seem to be both), that's why I said "but can still take care of you".
Many of these women seem to go for extremely wealthy men who have literally nothing else going for them, and those men seem to make their lives a living hell. It just doesn't seem worth it.

No. 724967

File: 1611874176753.jpeg (30.87 KB, 485x349, E7BE5694-8153-48F4-84A4-640253…)

Being horny is one of the most shitty things one can be, I pity anyone who can spend their days in a constant state of horniness.

No. 724968

I'm in a constant state of horniness and it sucks

No. 724974

I think it's a power thing. Sure they're already millionaires, but they could be billionaires once the flab-jawed scrote they married dies from a heart attack.

No. 724989

Extroverts are energy vampires

No. 724990

I agree

No. 724995

File: 1611879228259.png (123.13 KB, 1920x781, 2E84EE2B-62A8-49F1-9D5F-978533…)

I don’t post on /pt/ since idk any of those youtube superstars to be able to provide milk but my I wish I could contribute so much more than saged stuff on pt.

No. 725007

Did you make that pic?

No. 725017

I agree. Sometimes I just want to be left alone.

No. 725070

>I could never let a man hurt my feelings
fixed that for you, anon

No. 725073

Loves it

No. 725091

lol fuckin based.

No. 725094

I'm cute!!!

No. 725095

File: 1611891388857.jpg (32.98 KB, 539x480, huehue.jpg)

I'd unironically wear that cow print skirt.

No. 725184

I agree with you, anon. Wholeheartedly agree. Most bitches on here lack self-reflection.

No. 725187

I think sometimes being into anime characters who are teenagers can be a little weird. Like, if the character just happens to be a teenager then I get it, but if the characters age is a core point in the story (like being set in high school) and they are meant to act like a teenager/kid, then I think it's strange. At the point the age is a part of the appeal and who the character is. But I only consistently watch 4 anime shows and my "husbando" is mid 30s so maybe I just don't get it. people into loli/shota are nasty and pedos to me though

before someone gets defensive and says that I'm trying to equate anime to irl pedos, I'm not. I can still say that it's weird and a little nasty though.

No. 725242

Too bad anime's target demographic is children and teens, and the genre is overrun with school settings and teenaged characters. Like… what do you want people to do?

No. 725265

I think past a certain level of success you just can't trust less successful people anymore. Someone having (a lot) more money is a thing that makes people act really strange, entitled and psychopathic. If you win the lottery, your chances of getting murdered by a close friend or family member skyrocket.

Even if they don't murder you in your sleep and fake your will, people might start behaving in really uncanny ways, like sucking up to you and asking for money, or if you refuse to sink your entire new fortune on them, a person that loved you all your life might suddenly drop all empathy and start hating you. There's plenty of murder reality shows of this happening to people, even from well-to-do upper middle class families when they came into a lot of money. After a while you probably just get so tired of being paranoid about whether people who are being nice to you are genuine, or just opportunistic psychopaths who smell a profit in you, that you only feel safe around people who are at least as successful, if not more than you.

No. 725266

File: 1611930957028.jpg (181.11 KB, 985x525, 006-33~2.jpg)

Not an unpopular opinion, nonnie

No. 725290

File: 1611934829699.jpeg (71.39 KB, 566x636, 4DC64CE4-B468-43C1-8C64-5A0C28…)

I will piggyback from your opinion to say that most anime is for teens and kids and even if some of them tend to have some relatively cool ideas/concepts, it’s hard to relate to the characters because at best they’re in high school or at some ambiguous totally not a school setting.
It goes to shit because they can’t stop screaming, the characters are obvious teens or the themes are so specific that it reaches autism territory.

No. 725307

The majority of anime teens act more mature than real teens.

No. 725349

Edating literally fucking retarded if you’re an adult and have no set date to meet. Especially if you date someone off twitter and you’ve never met them in real life. There’s just something so cringey and socially maladjusted about the whole thing.

No. 725395

I get the appeal with how it's marketed but a lot of Brandy Melville clothing is kind of ugly.

No. 725409

High value men do not exist. Almost every man has a extremely toxic character flaw no matter how nice or educated they are.

No. 725410

I agree with this

My unpopular opinion is that Shayna is a really boring and unremarkable cow, her threads are not good

No. 725437

File: 1611948706278.jpg (204.55 KB, 900x600, bm.jpg)

I agree. I don't get how people spend lots of money on their clothes. They have the most plain sort of aesthetic, and that's why they rely mainly on the models being thin and effortlessly attractive. Even shitty brands like Dolls Kill play with different aesthetics and have a creative vision. What exactly does BM offer, and why shouldn't you just buy all the shit they sell for $5 on Taobao or Ali? Isn't this just Abercrombie and Fitch part 2?
Like…you want to be skinny and normal. Just say that, it's fine. Stop lying and pretending this is the epitome of style, lmao.

No. 725443

Eh, 90% of my wardrobe is bm. My style is pretty basic and bm is easily accessible for me and the whole "free size" means I dont have to bother with finding my size when shopping in other stores. But I agree with it be over-hyped, just cuz skinny insta girls wet themselves over it.

No. 725452

Why do you ask anon?

No. 725458

Are you 15 anon

No. 725463

Nah, just a basic bitch with basic taste

No. 725464

File: 1611950605657.gif (61.08 KB, 220x132, 37B8EC58-AB4A-4798-855C-297819…)

I love the threads because it’s just anons roasting her ugly lardass. It’s what she deserves for being a disgusting pickme. It gives me joy seeing her get bigger and uglier. Shayna is a pedopandering piece of crap who supports traffickinghub and rape.

No. 725482

Same. I like bm because I can just buy anything from there, gain 2-4kg, still fit it and it still looks good. Wish more brands did one sizing because finding sizes is super annoying

No. 725502

>Wish more brands did one sizing
Then you'd have to figure out what one-size brand you fit though

No. 725549

Usually free size is xs-m, so basically if you are slim to average it will fit

No. 725556

We need to bring Hooked on Phonics back for real. I had to get used to "psyche!" becoming "sike/syke!", but I just saw an old thread OP where someone typed beucoup as "booku" and it fucking sent me. Like you can literally use Google's voice search.

No. 725559

What? How does that makes sense? How's one garment going to fit on three different sizes of people? If I have a garment in my size, then one size up and one size down aren't going to properly fit.

No. 725563

A garment that is loose on a small person typically is more form fitting on bigger people.

No. 725566

The one annoying thing about fats is they will show videos or pictures of them eating small portions or healthy then claim "I wat so little and I'm still fat". Its all lies. If you are fat stop deluding yourself and you might lose weight cow.

No. 725575

Yes. Being fat is the biggest physical indicator of a person's total lack of self awareness and selflessness, and it will never, ever stop being funny that they try to always lie and justify endlessly consuming food and sitting on their asses.

If you're fat, it is ONLY because you eat more than you move, because you eat more than you need, and because you sit on your lazy ass all day. If you feel bad about being fat, it's probably not that you hate being fat, you probably hate whatever personality issue you have that causes you to comfort eat and shut yourself inside behind a screen instead of living life as a happy fatty. That is nobody else's problem just because they can stay thin or average while also dealing with their own shit & a fatty can't. The only way to get un-fat is to eat less, eat cleaner, and sweat more.

No. 725579

Every fatty ive met or interacted with has either been annoying as fuck or bitter as fuck. No inbetween.

No. 725582

DeAngelo Wallace is an autist and I want him to leave Lana alone. Where's that energy towards Grimes and Azealia Banks?

My unpopular opinion is Natalia Kills doesn't deserve the hate after x-factor. People who believe reality TV are brain-dead idiots. She's still facing hate after all these years and has had to start a new band just to start over.

No. 725584

Exactly. I really hate those fats who make those annoying ass videos where they're all cheery and eating healthy to pretend that's how they eat everyday.

No. 725590


I've met happy fatties, they don't care and most even joke about their weight because they're happy people despite that. Blaming your misery on being fat, which is 100% a personal responsibility, then begging others to accept and excuse your fatness will never work to make any fatty feel any better, because the weight wasn't the original problem- it's usually the result of comfort eating to avoid the real issue.

No. 725593

I don't know anon. I don't see how one-size-fits-all clothing is so much easier to shop at if the clothing is always either going to fit looser on you if your on the smaller side of the one-size and always going to fit more form-fitting if you're on the "bigger" side of the one-size. That means you're never going to have a choice in how loose or form fitting the garment is going to be on you. I'm also pretty sure that "It's going to fit looser on one and more form fitting on the other" in reality just means it's going to be incorrectly fitted on one of them. Sounds like BS to justify wearing that Brandy skinny girl image. Which I see nothing wrong with, I totally get wanting to buy into that image.

No. 725602

I'm not sure what you're trying to say? The "choice" is "trying shit on and buying whichever size looks best on you". You act like you think you have to only buy a certain size or something, but you don't as long as it fits, you can wear it loose or tight or however you want- that's fashion. That's also why fatties get mad abt thin girls buying XXL and cinching it with a cute belt, they seethe at that versatility and ability to look good in it despite it not being "made for them".

Also idk anywhere that doesn't list the exact measurements of their garments, so if you still need a number on a tag to tell you if you will look good in it, you might have another issue you're avoiding.

No. 725642

it was so obvious they pulled that shit because she and her husband wanted to leave that show, it just sucks that people are so fucking stupid to believe that the fucking x-factor is real. like holy shit, it's been like what? 6 years? and some people still care and actively hate on her posts.

although even if it was real i wouldn't even care and still listen to her music kek

No. 725664

Biphobia is real. It's not the same as homophobia, but it doesn't have to be.

No. 725667

That one self-proclaimed febfemme anon's gonna be at your throat for this one lmao

No. 725686

i'm still in shock at how last year people were paying $200 on sales apps for basic ass tank tops from brandy
agreed, a lot of japanese brands do one sizing and i like that about ordering them

No. 725687

That anon has shown herself to be crazy so I just ignore tbh

No. 725810

Most American brands' one-sizing is usually Asian medium to large sizes so I'm confident I can fit into any of them. Too bad there are too many Americans that think one-sizing is fatphobic.
I tend to avoid Asian brands because they're almost always a xxs on Americans for some reason. My bust is bigger than the average Asian one size.
Asian one-sizes assume you are flat all round where as BM fine to wear if you're average in bust and hips.

No. 725815

I've found that Japanese and Korean one-size clothes fit me well, but not Chinese, they're way too small.
Clothing from JP seems a bit roomier overall for some reason.

No. 725827

I have no idea what a febfemme is nor do I care but even if biphobia is real boo fucking hoo. Awww people bully you for not picking a side? How tragic.

No. 725829

>telling bi people to "pick a side"
lol. You sure you're not febfem anon?

No. 725837

File: 1611977901143.jpg (147 KB, 1024x1024, b6b96f075a726a2459d8d30b82a852…)

I think those accounts of 3d virtual models are really cool. I don't know why people don't like them tbh. I'm an artist and don't know shit about 3d rendering so maybe that's why a have more of an appreciation for this sorta thing

No. 725854

>it’s hard to relate to the characters because at best they’re in high school or at some ambiguous totally not a school setting. It goes to shit because they can’t stop screaming
Op here, this is kind of what I meant by
>if the character just happens to be a teenager then I get it, but if the characters age is a core point in the story (like being set in high school) and they are meant to act like a teenager/kid
Like why be attracted to a character that is clearly meant to depict and act like a teenager? It would make me feel gross.

No. 725857

People don't like them because they set unattainable standards of beauty that human women can never attain without tons of makeup, shoop and surgery. It can set a fucked up standard for anyone who isn't secure and confident in their looks, which is most women. Honestly, I'm old enough to remember hot debates about photoshopped models cauaing selg esteem issues in littpe girls, now it seems like that's the intended goal- create a generation of insecure teens being fed hypersexualized media and told to do OF instead of get a real job. 3D characters are fine, but allowing a human model to model a 3D face is a very slippery slope. That's also a ripe setup for more blatant nepotism by beat-faced rich nobodies with connections.

No. 725865

File: 1611980123729.jpg (352.31 KB, 1600x1874, Imma-Model.jpg)

Ayrt, I'm gonna be honest, I don't feel like some of these models would cause anymore insecurity than there already is. Like I don't feel like the ones that look "human" are anymore unattainable than any other irl model or influencer. There's also models like noonuuri who don't look human at all, and imo, if she's setting unattainable standards of beauty then so are stylized drawings. It also makes me think, if these 3d models are an issue, then is stuff like attractive sims also an issue?

I completely understand that literally creating a person can cause insecurity, but I guess what I'm saying is I don't feel like the more realistic 3d models are going to make anyone more insecure than a real woman. Even Shudu Gram looks like Lupita Noyong'o to me.

>allowing a human model to model a 3D face is a very slippery slope

I don't think they use real faces, but I could definitely be wrong.

No. 725868

nayrt but my unpopular opinion is that i disagree with the idea it's bad to have pictures of unattainable beauty.
i want to see beautiful people in ads and fashion and whatever, not any everyjane / joe. just like when you do graphic design, you don't want an ugly font or whatever, why feature average people when you goal is to attract the eye and sell a dream (and a product kek) ?
the insecurity of being a real human with flaws is something that everybody has to overcome as they develop into an adult through personal strength fostered by a good education (being taught you are way more than your looks and that you should strive to do the best at the things you can control, that being ugly is entirely okay and that you have no obligation of looking a certain way to others, on top of what wonders photoshop can do to people on billboards etc).

No. 725876

All attempts at trying to make anime and superhero designs look ~*realistic*~ and "practical" look bland and forgettable and completely misses the point. I feel like a lot of people don't even enjoy the medium they're trying to "fix."

No. 725918

Nta but I think it’s already having an effect on the younger people. Millennials didn’t grow up with this kind of stuff so it’s more ridiculous to us—when we were younger being thin and having a nose job was all people really considered as “the goal”. Now, these younger kids and girls specifically are growing up with these uncanny valley things and consider it normal. They already think that pumped up, fillered imvu is normal and often have a hard time differentiating between what looks good and what looks horrific.

No. 725924

>Now, these younger kids and girls specifically are growing up with these uncanny valley things and consider it normal.
These virtual models aren't that widespread tbh. I'm a zoomer, but I still rarely see younger girls say stuff like "Omg I want to look like Lil Miquela!". There's like 20 other ig models they'll mention before any 3d ones. Unless you're just saying ps and excessive surgery can make people look uncanny valley and "virtual", which I agree with, but I just doubt the 3d girls are having that huge of an impact on younger generations.

No. 725928

I’m not necessarily worried about the current virtual “models” so much as I am the culture and evolutions they’ll spawn in the future. Pretty soon we’re going to have mirrors with filters.

No. 725974

True but this is why if you’re going to marry and have kids you might as well try your best get a guy with money. At least then you are set financially to live a more comfortable life even if he cheats or you can’t stand him. Maybe it’s more common with the older generations but there are women who are so desperate to be married they will just marry some broke degenerate only for him to fuck her over. Might as well just be a single mom than deal with that nonsense

No. 725977

I don’t know, I think the problem is it causes a lot of unnecessary insecurity even in normal attractive girls and it’s kind of unfair. Photoshop has gotten really excessive and just more plastic surgery is raising the bar, not all plastic surgery is even fake looking anymore. And obviously it has an effect on men too, men will say they don’t compare normal girls to some photoshopped Instagram pic but I think subconsciously a lot of them do. You can ask “who cares if guys compare women to fake pics online” but idk, I think it can affect relationships and marriages negatively. A lot of women (whether they admit it or not) enjoy when their partner compliments their looks and makes them feel beautiful. Women just like to wooed. The problem is if a man has a hot gf and he is exposed to so many “hot” women online that he will start to perceive his partner as “average” and it can affect the romance in the relationship in a negative way. Whether we want to admit or not, media and all this shit has a real life effect and it’s mostly not good

No. 725982

Tbf it’s better quality fabric than other cheap clothes so it’s more comfortable and lasts longer. A lot of cheaper clothes on Ali are cheap because the material is shittier. I’ve bought some clothes off Ali and I’m always disappointed

No. 726060

Wendy williams was very pretty back before she got all that shit done, I felt she had a pretty unique face and gorgeous hair.

No. 726121

Most people who are lonely with no friends/partner are all doing it to themselves. Almost 100% (I'd say the exception is if you're Phantom of the Opera caliber disfigured and literally scare people away).

Most people are too proud and selfish to change. But the truth is: there are ways to get people to like you. There are ways to act better and be friendly and approachable. But people are afraid if they start doing these things they'll "give up a part of themselves" or "sell out" or "be a normie." Really? You think learning the basics of socialization is going to kill your soul? Ok, have fun being lonely forever.

For example, learning to shut the fuck up when other people are talking is something that most "lonely" people I know don't know how to do. They just can't take the focus off themselves for ten seconds and actually listen. Making real friends means being able to take the focus off yourself for a long time – many days, even. But some can't handle that without a mental breakdown or feeling "LEFT OUT" when someone else is having their day. When they say they have no friends, they're basically saying they have no one who will unconditionally treat them like a shiny special fragile moonbeam and shower them with unending attention.

Conversely, there are the "lonely" ones that don't ever say a god damn thing and get looked over because they're silent as the grave. Again, it's because of pride and selfishness. You're afraid of saying things that are not perfectly funny, perfectly suitable and witty. Don't lie: you'd lose your damn mind and maybe even cry if someone looked at you sideways for saying your imperfect words. Listen – people who talk, and people who have friends, get ribbed on an made fun of and looked at with mild scorn ALL THE TIME! It's just that they don't let it ruin their entire day because they're not completely obsessed with themselves. It hurts sometimes, yeah, but IT'S NORMAL to fuck up and be seen as stupid. You'll be lonely forever if you don't get over it.

Then – THEN – there are "lonely" people who bend over backwards to serve all the time, give compliments constantly (it's creepy!), and try to make everything "All About Others," especially by acting like a doormat to people they perceive as popular or cool. Generally, high-profile popular people are total assholes. Not to mention, they're probably grossed out by your intensity. It seems fake. Recognize your own selfishness: you want to be seen as cool and attractive. You're probably letting solid relationships with cool, less-good-looking people fall by the wayside because of your obsession with approval and personal status. Talk to someone chill and seemingly boring (no one is actually boring once you know them), even if they don't have your preferred aesthetic, you shallow fuck. But you won't do that because you want to be super cool. Nice. Have fun being lonely.

No. 726161

Pink lemonade is an extremely disgusting drink and people that like it don't actually like lemonade.

No. 726164

>people that like it don't actually like lemonade.
what if i drink both

No. 726171

I will never see the appeal with Britney Spears, she's totally mediocre in any sense: her looks were okey-ish at best, she had weird proportions and a 3-5 face, her singing was nasal, plain and overall unappealing and boring while being annoyingly porny, and her dancing ability is absolutely mediocre too, unnironically i have seen K-pop groups with slicker moves than her. The only redeemable thing about her career was her songs, but she didn't compose them so whatever. She's imo the prime example of what excessive but effective promotion can do, kinda like what happened with yogurt at first. She doesn't deserve to be called the "Princess of pop", for all the fuss she caused and how anal people get when you criticize her is actually very disappointing how mediocre she is, i don't understand why media and society in general were so, so obsessed with her: bruh, she was literally just existing, aside her ~risky~ performances and brand, she was absolutely normal if not plainly boring, how she was considered a "sex symbol" it's beyond me. I don't dislike her as a person at all, she was abused and treated like a slave, but as an artist/brand? Hell naw. She's just the reminiscence of a very awful, souless and toxic era.

No. 726177

Haruki Murakami is another extremely overrated author. He has a nice way of setting up a mood, he uses nice imagery to invoke a certain dreamy atmosphere, his stories are easy to read but his characters are way too shallow and simplistic. People praise him for lingering in the subconsciousness but I've never experienced that in the few books I've read by him. Not to mention his cringe and pedo-bordering description of girls and women. For all the talks about complexity and beautifully written characters I was left disappointed.

No. 726180

Imo she was the beginning of an era of totally talentless pop "singers". I think it's even worse now. They're all completely basic people who just put on a costume and everyone thinks they're talented and unique. It's marketing!!! They're just good-looking actors who can memorize songs and dance steps and know how to put on a character for the cameras. Halsey, Taylor Swift, """Sia""", Billie Whatever … They're not actually ~qwirky artists~, they're just basic-ass people who are attractive and obedient. No souls, just dollar signs. Sucks seeing so many people confuse that with actual talent.

No. 726191

I dont have friends because I am extremely paranoid, was poorly socialized as a child and as a result I dont know how to maintain friendships. On top of that, I am eccentric and have little in common with most people here (I live in a small city). It doesnt really have to do with getting people to like me or "selling out and being a normie".

No. 726241

Long midfaces on men are ugly. I dont like the super hero marvel look or the aged zaddy look either. I prefer men like young johnny depp or prince

No. 726243

the late 90s was ass i will never get the praise of it ever

No. 726253

i always find his books extremely unsatisfying. the endings always lack something.

No. 726256

File: 1612033911917.gif (546.69 KB, 498x240, tenor.gif)

No. 726261

File: 1612034089404.jpg (229.04 KB, 850x585, Chris_Crocker.jpg)

can you believe this is the same person? in the meantime he had an attempt at a music career, did porn, even trooned out and detransitioned

No. 726262

it is better to be lonely than be around people who invent a bunch of weird reasons for your behaviour. especially when they're so angry that you don't have friends, like its a personal affront.
maybe they aren't "afraid" maybe they just don't like you

No. 726263

File: 1612034517564.jpg (121.74 KB, 736x898, 936c273b2fd1a5473c86c12e519c6b…)

She was never an artist, but her brand was very effective. On her prime she was the fresh girl next door with soft features, a good, fit body (no one outside of lolcow nitpicks body proportions) that had a very sweet personality, sex appeal, dance moves and catchy music. That's her charm, the majority of people wil fall for that, that's why k-pop is so popular as well

No. 726267

k pop and britney spears were popular because they were/are repackaged of the most influential popular music aka black american rnnb/dance music. its not deeper than that…

No. 726276

Why does their existence bother you? You should be happy that the lonely subhuman assholes do not approach you. Not to mention that no company > bad company.

No. 726285

She literally was massively shilled, any person in her spotlight no matter how boring or untalented would become famous too, she wasn't anything special, and even her """"brand""" was absolutely mediocre, they only outstanding thing here was her promotion team and musical production. Also
>Dance moves
>that's why k-pop is so popular as well
famous K-pop groups are mostly from the big three companies that shill their groups (Aside Bts, they literally where just lucky), so again, it's not about charisma…at all.
>>726267 gets it

No. 726304

Why are you so angry at people with no friends lol who hurt you

No. 726316

>judging an iconic late 90's pop idol by 2020's standards
Zoomer alert

No. 726317

>she had weird proportions and a 3-5 face
What? If Britney is mediocre, what is a 10 for you?

No. 726323

Kim Pertras. This is 2021 get with the times

No. 726324

>Conversely, there are the "lonely" ones that don't ever say a god damn thing and get looked over because they're silent as the grave. Again, it's because of pride and selfishness.
>Don't lie: you'd lose your damn mind and maybe even cry if someone looked at you sideways for saying your imperfect words
Do you know what trauma and personality disorders are?
Thank you for your revelatory words, I am now cured and do not need to throw my money at a therapist in an attempt to undo all the damage done to me by others which stops me from being a functional human being

No. 726329

Nta but good point

No. 726335

I was traumatized too once. But once I realised I was just prideful and scared of awesome friendy people I was able to finally go out and zap to the extreme

No. 726360

>Then – THEN – there are "lonely" people who bend over backwards to serve all the time, give compliments constantly (it's creepy!), and try to make everything "All About Others," especially by acting like a doormat to people they perceive as popular or cool. Generally, high-profile popular people are total assholes. Not to mention, they're probably grossed out by your intensity. It seems fake. Recognize your own selfishness: you want to be seen as cool and attractive. You're probably letting solid relationships with cool, less-good-looking people fall by the wayside because of your obsession with approval and personal status. Talk to someone chill and seemingly boring (no one is actually boring once you know them), even if they don't have your preferred aesthetic, you shallow fuck. But you won't do that because you want to be super cool. Nice. Have fun being lonely.
Anon, you sound like a friendcel with this shit, kek. If high-profile popular people are all assholes, does that mean they somehow circumvented your "stop being lonely" scheme and hacked the system?
Also, there are absolutely boring people. Not everyone's interests or personalities will mesh, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with being picky about your friends, or being sad if you can't manage to find anyone you click with. Ultimately, you can put in all the effort possible, follow that entire write-up to befriend anyone and everyone, and they too can (and often will) reject or ignore you, not because you're being selfish or creepy or talking too much, but because they're also being picky about their friendships. That's just life.
Also, everyone has their preferences for what counts as the other person being a doormat vs being sweet, being too silent vs being a good listener, etc. Sometimes, you can be the most socially stunted retard in the world, but someone will still like/befriend you because they think you're cute or interesting or mysterious. Your post kind of makes it seem like a one-size-fits-all.

No. 726361

I'm 31, she was objectively lame as most mainstream ""icons"" are lame and their fame is a result of money and promo, she isn't an exception. I'm just baffled that people like you keep denying that fact just because is Britney we are talking about. Since the 90s everyone started using the word ""icon"" very lightly.
I mean she's ok, Shakira for example was a solid 8-10.

No. 726366

NTA, you sound like a friendcel too and even more than her. Do you tell yourself that other people are boring and that you're not just an insufferable, socially awkward edgelord?

No. 726376

I wish I could do that anon, but even therapy has not helped me get over my issues yet. Plus I am a sperg who likes to have things in commmon, ngl.
Unironic congratulations to you!

No. 726386

Nope, I do have friends (though I'm not exactly "popular" as I live in a small place, have niche hobbies of my own others might find boring, and anxiety issues). I also don't needlessly spite people if I don't end up befriending them, I don't try to force myself into groups, and I don't try to make simply not sharing interests or blending well with some other people into some kind of grand moral failing on their (or my own) part.
This isn't some kind of game where you max out your social skill points so everyone will like you, kek. Being lonely is part of life for some people, at least until they can find the kinds of people they do get on with. I don't understand how that's so difficult, or how it reads as "edgy" or "insufferable". Are you 11? Are you mad because some girl stopped talking to you because you only ever wanted to discuss chess? Like, grow up. Join a club or something, it's no one's duty to force themselves to care about your interests.

No. 726396

Excuse you? Shakira is a solid 10.

No. 726405

People who were teens or young adults during the sixties, seventies, eighties hated the teen wave in nineties pop…

No. 726432

Coke and Pepsi and other mass manufactured soft drinks are fucking disgusting. I don't understand how anyone can enjoy drinking this shit.

No. 726433

Something in me finds it very cute how black ladies and my mom stan for a white teen named Britney Spears. I like how even black grandmas call britney spears cute. Legit only whites hate her.

I have a bad relationship with mods here but I hope it’s not racebaiting…I’m just kinda replying to the probably white anon that wrote an essay about her and then I saw the very aesthetic britney spears pic when I scrolled a bit down and it helped me to imagine the people in the crowd as cute innocent black grandmas with handbags fawning over that bitch.

God, I hope to grow old and fawn over her too.

No. 726442

yeah she has a big fanbase on Lipstick alley I always found it weird but cute.

No. 726459

File: 1612051224925.gif (370.61 KB, 500x300, 01b51c8a07e3bbc7856752d6145eba…)

How could we not love her when she gave us all those bops? actually, the black community loves a lot of white artists. idk why people think we don't. Like, ask any black person if they like PATD and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be yes cause of I Write Sins Not Tragedies

No. 726501

>How could we not love her when she gave us all those bops?
As always, people giving all musical credit to artist who didn't produce shit nor have a say on anything they release. You should thank her producers lmao she wouldn't be anywhere without them.
>Legit only white people hate her
I've never seen a Latino blasting her music, not even in her prime, specially when she was so vocally mediocre compared to other Latino artists.
I was talking of her 90s era specifically, but yeah you're right tho

No. 726505

I definitely did not say "Legit only white people hate her" so not sure where you got that from. Anyway, Britney still sang the songs and performed them. Why do you have such a raging hateboner?

No. 726511

britney is a legend in her own right, black or white, i think most people with a childhood can agree

she deserves so much better and her conservatorship is depressing as hell

No. 726522

I’m the anon that made the quote that you misquoted. Britney is cute and I agree with the anons that love her…
They didn’t blast her music because they were too busy with worshipping Jennifer fucking Lopez out of all copycats lol.

No. 726551

In argentina (and i'd add uruguay and chile) all the young women and the gays love her and we still listen to her kek

No. 726580

>not blasting Britney’s music
Sorry, but toxic was the song we would play at least twice during our family reunions and parties.

No. 726588

>As always, people giving all musical credit to artist who didn't produce shit nor have a say on anything they release. You should thank her producers lmao she wouldn't be anywhere without them.
This is like when people in YT comment sections for Vocaloid videos would be like "You should say you love the producer, not Hatsune Miku!", kek.

No. 726597

File: 1612062602548.jpeg (66.97 KB, 749x679, DABC5EC9-88E2-4775-920B-84FBDE…)

I really want to sperg about this but can we just all agree that anime girls dancing isn’t cute or funny, but is extremely creepy and terrifying to look at? Especially when they’re dancing to some shitty trap song in a scrote meme video. I don’t see the appeal of it and it fills me righteous indignation and strange feelings. It makes me unusually angry

No. 726614

I don’t get the idea that alcoholics are more troubled than normal people. I’ve had my fair share of problems but I never felt like I should turn to alcohol even when I was suicidal. I enjoy drinking but it gives me hangovers and stomach problems so I don’t feel like doing it too often. I get that alcoholism is a disease or whatever but you can still be a good life and be alcoholic I think.

No. 726634

File: 1612064910583.png (340.06 KB, 566x314, ella-emhoff-second-daughter-ka…)

I think she's cute, I'd date her.

No. 726636

It's kind of fucked how normal alcohol is in society imo.

No. 726637

who is that? she's super cute

No. 726640

Kamala Harris' step-daughter! I saw some anons on some other threads shitting on her looks. But imo she's attractive, I really dig her vibe.

No. 726642

There's definitely some people that just enjoy drinking a lot to the point where it causes problems on for them - as opposed to have started drinking in response to pre-existing problems. But as with any drug, people who are unhappy are more likely to use it as crutch. It's great that you never felt the need to turn to it and I'm sorry you ever felt suicidal but you getting hangovers easily doesn't make it unfathomable that anyone else wouldn't turn to it to escape their problems.

No. 726645

Agree. Honestly I still think she looks pretty on the show but the way she styles herself in her personal life isn’t flattering.

No. 726657

Oh wow.

No. 726662

That faggot negro fucker(racebait)

No. 726806

I really dont care if trannys claims to be women at this point

No. 726875

charlie xcx is overrated, tove lo is much better

No. 726923

I think body hair is very attractive on women from an aesthetic standpoint. I grow out my bush, armpits, and belly pubes (Italian genes) but get rid of my nipple hair, chin hair, and leg hair (when I can be bothered).
Years ago I saw a picture on tumblr of a very pale, very hairy woman with black hair in the bath and thought it looked so striking that I kind of want to dye my body hair black, but I know my colouring is all wrong for it.
Men's body hair however is hideous to me, ever since I saw this huge guy at the swimming baths as a kid. His back hair was so long that it trailed in the water behind him. They're allowed armpits and a trimmed set of pubes at most. I don't make the rules.

No. 726941

I had no idea about manscapping and have been fortunate to only be with men that tweak their body hair lol, I always just thought it was facial hair they were shaving. Anyway so I told this dude I liked body hair and he sent me a photo and it was gross. He literally looked like a bear. He was the one who told me men shave their body, I was so shook, he thought I didn't like that so we had a conversation about how manly he was. It was awful.

No. 727048

I like natural body hair on women. I had started to almost think of as a kink lately but then why is our natural body hair so taboo or rare to find anyway?

I sometimes think men are fine with their body hair left alone too ..but then I see examples of just how much hair some men have and I feel sick.

It's all about the amount. I like some hair but I also have my limits and they apply to both sexes.

No. 727070

I agree, but I think it’s because women’s body hair has long been considered taboo so it’s pretty awesome to see it when women rebel. Even women’s razor commercials only show perfectly smooth bodies. I remember in the 90s Julia Roberts went to a movie premiere with hairy pits and everyone was talking about it for months. Women don’t even have that much hair compared to most men.

No. 727092

That reminds me of those Gilette Venus commercials where they show "imperfect" women with flawed skin (vitiligo, stretchmarks, scars) and say "Choose your way". Your way as long as you shave perfectly bare with Gilette razors of course! I fucking hate that commercial, it's so obviously trying to be 'woke' when it's anything but.

No. 727134

That shit annoys the crap out of me. Pretending that all types of bodies are good/aceptable and supported but you better get rid of that body hair! That shame needs to stay put to sell products.

There was an ad in my country a while back where women were getting 'beach ready' but they were ditching the diets (so empowering) and just shaving/fake tanning/making their toenails all pretty. Great message. They really thought they were saying something powerful with that.

No. 727167

File: 1612123503972.jpg (52.35 KB, 480x743, image.jpg)

what's the (hi)story behind shaving anyway?

No. 727196

I'm not even angry tho, not all critiques come from a place of hate, I'm just ping-ponging with the situation. You aren't different to kpop stans: "Omg how you dare say Blackpink literally doesn't do anything aside """singing""" and """dancing"""??? You hater!!!"
>Britney is a legend in her own right
*They made her a legend. Anyone with good promotion could achieve that, even Michael Jackson was an industry plant tho he actually deserves that title as he was incredibly gifted with an amazing singing technique, good dancing skills and excellent music production. That people consider she deserves the same title (legend) while being half as good is very, very strange.
>She deserves so much better and her conservatorship is depressing as hell
That's true. As i said, i don't really hate her, if she wasn't trapped she maybe could grow as an artist and polish her talents, i said she was mediocre not totally useless.
I didn't even finish to read your comment and I knew you would mention these absolute meme countries, you guys are always the ones that get more influenced by american trends, specially Chile, that place is a """progressive""" hellhole nowadays.
That's weird…parties, clubs and radio stations back in the 90s mostly or absolutely played just salsa, reggaeton and some electro or house. There was somewhat of a "Britney wave" but it didn't last nor had that much of an impact.
>This is like when people in YT comment sections for Vocaloid videos would be like "You should say you love the producer, not Hatsune Miku!", kek.
Well actually people do have favorite producers and some even had a fanbase before they started using vocaloid so nope. This situation is comparable but not in a very good light, Hatsune miku, as Britney, has an average voice that people liked because it was attached to a highly marketed persona that wouldn't work without good musical production, it's apparently a symbiotic relationship but artist could fall without a good producer, while a good producer could survive by their own. Example: Kenshi Yonezu. That's why vocaloid is dead nowadays, most good producers left.

Anyways, I'm out now, it seems the media and those sleazy executives really ingrained this type of cultist following to mediocre idols back in the 90s. Peace.

No. 727201

holy autism

No. 727224

File: 1612127115047.jpg (105.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't think this opinion will be unpopular here but overall - i'm tired of false lashes being added to literally every make up look. It's such a costumey addition, and so much bizarre effort to do, yet I keep seeing it added literally always i look up any kind of make up look on youtube or whatever. Why is mascara not enough these days?

No. 727226

Go ahead and log out from the internet anon Going outside for once will be good for you.

No. 727227

Samefag but
>Hatsune miku, as Britney, has an average voice
Lmao she's a vocaloid

No. 727235

>Well actually people do have favorite producers and some even had a fanbase before they started using vocaloid so nope.
Many people still got into those producers because they wanted to hear the music made using Hatsune Miku or other Vocaloids. Hell, some people never cared about specific producers, they just click whatever has their favorite Vocaloid.
You can't deny that Vocaloid opened up a new avenue for creatives who didn't have vocalists or (personal) vocal skill to create what they wanted. The persona of the characters/voices added to it, and people still buy merch and obsess over them. Even "normie" musicians like Ashnikko, Lady Gaga, and Porter Robinson have all incorporated Hatsune Miku into their work.

No. 727247

I don't actually know but I have a theory it's to do with exaggerating secondary sex characteristics. Women's hair even when grown out is not as long or thick in general than men's, so I feel shaving the legs at least is subconsciously registered as more feminine. As for shaving pubes and pits, I couldn't tell you. Maybe Proctor and Gamble realised that women will go through way more razors if they are socially expected to shave coarse hair on a near daily basis and their profits would surge?

No. 727251

I know its in the rules and shit but whenever I see a brown nosey holier than thou "this is an imageboard" retort I hope the poster steps on a lego in the dark.

No. 727253

If they really want to profit, someone needs to make full body male shaving a social requirement like our shaving currently is. The fortune that could be made!

No. 727280

Those girls who posted videos of themselves doing the #silhouettechallenge don't deserve to have scrotes take off the filter/expose them like that, but at the same time, you have to be fucking stupid to get naked on camera and publicly post it, even if there's a filter that hides everything. There was one where the girl was literally revealed to be sucking a guy's dick. For TikTok? Why?
Women and young girls are being groomed to think that all these tech companies will protect their sensitive content, and all of these "challenges" totally can't/won't bite them in the ass. I'm tired of this sex positivity bullshit.

No. 727293

I remember reading that it started in the 1920s when women’s clothes started showing more skin. Razor companies figured they could make more money by selling to women, so suddenly any armpit hair with your sleeveless dress was gross.

This is what annoys me, it’s clearly not just a “companies want to make money” thing, they can only sell products if people buy them. Some men do manscape, but it’s still perfectly acceptable for them not to, and they’re not under pressure to do the amount of hair removal that women do regularly.

Razor companies would definitely make more money if men were also encouraged to be as smooth as women, but there’s no way men would get on board with that.

No. 727295

I agree, I don't mean to victim blame but why would you get naked in front of a camera like that? Sometimes I feel like I'm a schizo-chan for being so paranoid all the time but stuff like this really confirms my world view

No. 727334

File: 1612134805877.jpg (21.87 KB, 398x500, sq.jpg)

I don't understand how women don't realize they're the goal. Men literally take what they are given. If a man is horny and you leave him alone in a room with this long enough, he will try to fuck it. Does that make it beautiful and sexy?
If all of us literally stopped shaving, wearing anything uncomfortable, etc, would straight men go "Wow, women aren't hot anymore. I am not on board with this. Guess that's it for the human race" and become volcel? Fuck no, they'd just deal with it and accept it. 100%, they'd just find a way to sexualize that. Many already do.
The reason that isn't happening now is because we're groomed to be insecure pick-mes and keep buying shit we don't need to feel attractive, and men greatly enjoy the idea of women trying to impress them by aiming for some "peak" that doesn't actually exist (which is also why mainstream beauty standards constantly change - you're not meant to win). They end up manufacturing this fake competition where any woman who doesn't play is an automatic loser. We all fall for this mindset because it's older than us, and I don't think most of us will ever fully break out of it. Those of us who do and try to opt out always get ridiculed and shat on, and when you factor in that many office jobs require women to wear makeup and sometimes heels, it all becomes a sort of standard fare, like a "uniform" for the female class. It's sad.

No. 727383

Nta but I've dated and been clear from the beginning that I'm not keeping a perfectly shaved body (esp legs, like why?) It never lost me any relationships. Same with fwbs. It's just my preference for myself and after being that upfront about how basicallly 'this won't change' I've had fine reactions. We really could normalise it if enough of us had a backbone. That's the frustrating thing.

No. 727391

by that logic eyebrows and eyelashes'd have to be shaved off too

No. 727445

he's definitely one of those authors that men usually identify with and idolize. i've tried reading some of his work because the plot sounds interesting but the writing is not very good

No. 727458

Every single retail store, grocery store, hospital, restaurant, spa, etc, should legally be required to pay their employees enough to where the employee can easily afford the average cost of a bill there and it doesn't dent their rent, food, or bill budget

No. 727461

Is this even unpopular

No. 727467

File: 1612147447437.jpeg (69.09 KB, 275x275, 1612142413206.jpeg)

I used to think Teddy Fresh's designs were very cool and everything but nowadays I can't seem to think anything but "tacky" because so many ugly youtubers wear them now

No. 727468

File: 1612147488508.jpeg (186.57 KB, 482x608, BDED83E6-D369-4EDF-9789-A5568F…)

This is the first time I heard about that challenge, but after googling it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some sort of scrote psyop to get underage nudes. It’s so obvious it’s a bad idea and yet all you get are articles telling you how to do it sexier.

No. 727469

It's always been ugly from the start. And already done in the 90s.

No. 727471


is this some weird mashup hila/ethan photo or an actual person?

No. 727472

nonnie the picture literally says faceapp

No. 727480

I don't have sympathy or empathy for attractive people. It's the complete opposite of the halo effect. If you're "conventionally attractive" chances are I'll be more of a cunt rather than treat you better.

No. 727486

Didn’t someone post this yesterday? Maybe you two can be friends.

No. 727487

This is a really controversial opinion and I'm sorry if it's offensive to anyone here, but the McChicken is THE BEST fast food chicken sandwich and I'll fight you irl over this.

No. 727488

many fatties and neckbeards think this but they'd never be brave enough to say

No. 727493

Bella Hadid is attractive

No. 727495

File: 1612150692472.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 369.59 KB, 1080x1350, ErT3SrvVEAMCIys.jpeg)

I'm kind of disappointed about how Chloe and Halle Bailey turned out. I liked that they were allowed to just exist as petite, pretty girls without having to swing around giant asses or portray some stereotypical, hyper-aggressive sexuality, but then that was cancelled in exchange for…this. Halle is still normal, but she has a role with Disney, so it might just be until that's done.
Like, it's just so cheap and gross. I hate that some girls aren't allowed to exist as musicians without this super exaggerated, scrote-made sexual image being pushed forward. It's giving pornified male gaze/Jezebel archetype, it's nasty.
I wouldn't even be bothered if it was more gracefully handled, like Sade, or even (early) Lana Del Rey, but it's always this forced blueprint instead.

No. 727497

It's more annoying that it's being heralded as somehow necessary to be hypersexualized as a pop star. It's even worse than the previous generations in that regard

No. 727504

Sorry anon but this
>I liked that they were allowed to just exist as petite, pretty girls
>having to swing around giant asses
rubs me the wrong way. Afaik, Chloe's body is natural. She's not less pretty because she happens to be curvy, and idk why you think there's something wrong with women naturally having big butts. Petite women are not automatically more pretty or feminine. I personally don't mind how Chloe acts. I completely understand the male-gaze thing and I also dislike how common it is in music, but I feel like women should be able to express their sexuality without being villainized for it.

No. 727524

I wasn't implying her body wasn't natural (I get it, because I also have thick hips/thighs), I'm just referring to all the sudden focus on her ass/hips like that's her main "thing", while before she was just allowed to exist. I don't know if I'm making sense, but comparing some of their photos and music videos (and even most of the one for "Forgive Me", IMO) to the buss it video and some of the new photoshoots like >>727495, it's a clear switch from them just being as they are without trying to hide their bodies or make it the focal point, to the same oversexualized marketing Cardi B and Nicki Minaj get, and it's sad.
To be honest, I doubt this is even her "enjoying her own sexuality", it's this mass-marketed, male-targeted product. My intent isn't to villainize her, but what her management is obviously doing.
Also, by "petite", I was referring to their actual heights/builds. It doesn't make them "more feminine", but like…name even five girls their color with their build (or similar) that have the same amount of fame. The only ones I can think of are maybe Willow Smith and Skai Jackson. We keep getting the same "image" of a certain type of femme fatale, and it makes me tired.

No. 727528

Not everything is about the singing she was an amazing dancer and performer in her prime. That’s why she was so famous and beloved

No. 727529

That's just the reality of what sex positivity does. On top of that it's just wasted advice and time given to girls. It seems like we live in a world where girls need to learn about their bodies more, how relationships should function, their careers, and everything else but all the media seems to be shoving down their throat is how to be sexy and please men and then hiding it as empowerment. Women who participate in this can be toxic as fuck too, they become so full of themselves and develop literal goddess complexes and think they're above all when the reality is most of them just wear tons of makeup, know their angles and use things like waist cinchers and lip plumpers. They're practically carbon copies of each other. At least the cliche type back then knew their limit. Nowadays there are teenage girls running around wearing 10 lbs of makeup, sending everyone nudes, and trying to convince themsel they like being choked in the name of sexual empowerment

No. 727532

I can understand not thinking she’s a 10 but 3-5 face and bad proportions? Lol she definitely had a hot body and a cute face, at the least. Most normal people would say she was a solid 8 at least. Her dancing was good too, pop stars like Taylor Swift and Halsey are mediocre dancers in comparison

No. 727536

The halo effect was just coined by scrotes because (in general) they are nicer to women they’re attracted to. People that aren’t attracted to women do have a tendency to be mean or resentful towards attractive women, it’s some of the angriest incels are just closeted gay guys and they take out their rage on women while worshipping Chad.

No. 727537

She was popular when being a blonde with big boobs was the hottest thing ever. She's not ugly and is fairly above average compared to most americans but is just average if we're comparing to the worldly average. That being said white americans will worship gorillas in blonde wigs with big tits

No. 727538

Being a blonde with big boobs will always be popular to men, if you think that ever went away you must not ever interact with dudes lol. I grew up with brothers tho and was around their friends a lot so maybe that’s why I know this

No. 727545

Anons who say things like roccos basilisk and occams razor are pretentious and gay idc

No. 727549

what the fuck is that

No. 727554

Exactly. Made up phrases for theories that make faggots feel smart.

No. 727560

I mean occam's razor just means the simplest/straightforward explanation for something is usually the right one. Basically "walks like a duck quacks like a duck, probably a duck". Not sure about the other one it sounds gay

No. 727568

Still entirely unnecessary to say. It’s like when people say academia instead of just saying school or academics—buzzword.

No. 727587

But "academia" is referring to the culture and topics in higher institutions, right? Plus occam's razor is a real existing theory and it's quicker to say
It would sound stupid in everyday conversation I agree there

No. 727599

File: 1612165794068.png (126.8 KB, 601x508, 1518379503127.png)

Quite the ad hominem and strawman, besides feeling smart is a catch 22 in and of itself

No. 727606

"Occam's razor" is very common, there's nothing pretentious about it.

No. 727608

anal sex is disgusting and harmful, it's just that anorectal violence anon needn't be such a sperg about it

No. 727622

Rebecca Black never deserved all the hate, she was only 11 and obviously didn't write that song herself

No. 727649

File: 1612171942680.jpg (134.11 KB, 1000x1333, IMG_3018.jpg)

I think long silky straight black hair that has a super "pressed" style looks very boring

No. 727650

File: 1612172022030.png (213.29 KB, 460x261, silk-press-L-S7WWEB.png)

from soul to soulless.can we move back to big hair being a thing again? flat hair has been in since the late nineties and im over it

No. 727652

There are ways to express your sexuality without attaching yourself to stupid porn culture, scrote gaze done up stereotypes. A woman wearing leotards and shaking her ass while her male counterparts are ugly and covered up is not going to make her orgasm more

No. 727653

That would require employers to stop "hair shaming." A lot of Black girls especially feel pressured to get perms or silk presses because their natural hair has been deemed "unprofessional" in the workplace. I'd love to see it too though!

No. 727657

I didn't say there was only one way to express your sexuality, anon. I don't think I or anyone else can say what does it for other women. I personally don't care if a woman decides to wear a leotard. I understand calling out women who do it for male-gazey reasons, but like I said, I also don't want to villainize women for expressing themselves in ways they like. I think we already have enough of that. I don't think every woman who does things like that does it for men anyway, cause y'know, we're all individual human beings that have different personalities and interests that can exist outside of want for male approval.
I agree with the above anon. I feel like natural hair is becoming more common in school and workplace environments nowadays, but a lot of women still don't feel comfortable doing that. When there stops being that stigma that natural hair is unprofessional, unruly and "nappy" is when we can bring it back.

No. 727671

i show everyone kindness until they give me a reason not to, but i do go out of my way to be nicer to people who are ugly (as long as they're nice) since everyone else probably treats them like shit or doesn't acknowledge them

No. 727672

Re: academia I rarely see people using it in a natural or necessary context. It’s a part of an arsenal of buzzwords people like to use to pad up their vocab more often than not. Really, I’m just tired of some faggy anons saying “Ah yes, Occam’s Razor and whatnot” every month or so.

No. 727673

I mean obviously its not a belief of personal autonomy if you have your manager shouting behind you "do this and do that". Idfk why these argument exists when celebrities are controlled by teams and people just replicate it without giving it much thought. Just bc it feels good doesnt mean it is good, ffs, this is how we end up with the braindeads of libfeminism

No. 727674

Oh yeah I agree that it's probably management behind both Chloe and Halle's image, but I just don't like to judge regular women in that way tbh

No. 727675

Nta but some people just feel hotter/more attractive wearing fewer clothes. Get over it. Female artists are finally getting a chance to overtly express their sexuality in a way that those before them have been highly criticized for and men have been doing for a long time. Just because they don't display their bodies doesn't mean it's less sexual? Surely some female artists are being pushed by their management to have a sexier image, but you have no way of guaranteeing it's all of them. Are you saying you feel more comfortable when the women are clothed but still perform raunchy lyrics? What difference does it make?

No. 727676

I really don’t see the big issue with polilez. Wouldn’t do it myself but I think it’s okay.

No. 727677

Is that some kind of toy or drug or something?

No. 727678

fewer people would care if they just called themselves separatists rather than "lesbians" and also didn't try to redefine lesbianism to be less about sex/romance and more about "sisterhood"

No. 727679

polilez = political lesbians

No. 727680

Oh. I always thought choosing to do something that people usually don't have a say in for political reasons is weird. I'm bi, but if I was lesbian I would feel kinda offended if people just adopted "my" sexuality just for funsies. Why not just say you choose to not date men instead of pretending to be lesbian. I saw someone who had "politically homeless" in their bio yesterday. I guess I can't really have an opinion on it though cause I didn't even know what "polilez" meant 'til now lol

No. 727683

It’s “in” everywhere right now except for professional environments.

No. 727692

Why does it always have to be the same shit though? Its ugly as fuck to me and just plain boring, plus its my opinion that current black american culture is tacky as fuck when even while it was super raunchy in the past sometimes there was still a pleasing style to me. Secondly, there was more diversity in black american artists than the same gangsta pimp hustler and the same femme fatale fat ass archetype over and over again which adds more insult to injury.
Also its funny how those people are always women but never men, strange right? I wouldnt give a fuck if it was like the seventies or eighties when men and women both dressed in skin tight sexy clothing instead of one sex being obviously objectified while the other gets to be as hideous/unfashionable as they want. But keep defending this dumb shit just because "people like it"

No. 727699

Not to be cliche but you sound like a boomer rn. There are plenty of underground rappers who are trying to pioneer alternative styles still. Go run their numbers up. The same styles you're praising were deemed tacky at one point too. Except they're still popular if you visit some areas of the U.S. instead of them being in the mainstream (which I prefer tbh). Let's not front. I'm sick of things Black people come up with being ripped off because they reach the mainstage and credit is never paid.

No. 727707

being slutty or chavvy isn't innovative

No. 727715

Ayrt and absolutely no one said they were. In fact, I'd argue the sexuality we're seeing now is just a different flavor of what's already been done before. Doesn't mean it doesn't sell though.

No. 727717

>Not to be cliche but you sound like a boomer rn.

I sound like a boomer because I prefer black music before it turned into a corporate minstrel show? Lol

>Except they're still popular if you visit some areas of the U.S


>I'm sick of things Black people come up with being ripped off because they reach the mainstage and credit is never paid.

Youre delusional if you think the current black music is not just shit Jewish and white men in suits made up.

No. 727719

>Doesn't mean it doesn't sell though.

It barely does. Music sales are at an all time low and have been on a steady decline since the 2000s. This current wave of rap is no where near as globally popular as older black musical forms like jazz, rnb, earlier hip hop, funk, or disco. Many of the stars you see constantly shilled on American social media are barely scratching the top 20 in many countries, unlike black American stars in the past.

No. 727721

>I saw someone who had "politically homeless" in their bio yesterday

No. 727754

Not exactly, it seems to be dying out. Men have varying preferences but nowadays men's preferences seem way more diverse than the cookie cutter blonde with big tits in the 2000s

No. 727764

I feel like it depends, like the new trap wave obviously sounds manufactured and corny like man on the moon iii but there are definitely artists like Kendrick Lamar or the artists that were under the Odd Future collective's solo projects that have a lot of mainstream clout but don't really fall prey to industry trends

No. 727766

I just realized you were talking about black female artists yeah that is a lot rarer but there definitely are still artists that don't cheapen their image to appeal to scrots Like SZA

No. 727769

Her hair looks healthy, shiney and nice me. Trends aren't going to revolve around your personal preferences.

No. 727772

The taste of orange juice after brushing your teeth really isn't that bad.
I said it.

No. 727791

File: 1612191117933.gif (2.92 MB, 268x268, giphy (1).gif)

KEK, you're delusional
Anyway, develop some taste while you're gone

No. 727796

It's homophobic bs that encourages the idea that sexuality is a choice. It's especially bad because lesbians are often not taken seriously, and that only makes it worse. I don't understand why they can't just say that they're celibate instead of co-opting a term defining a sexuality that women are born with and cannot change

No. 727798

I'm so nostalgic for this era, the little pop bitches of today could never.

No. 727803

So many things to be angry about in this world and you're raging on a singer of the 90s and two countries. Go outside

No. 727804

You’re focusing on what is popular rn in the media way too much, the media has become more gay and female oriented, that’s the only reason other body types are being seen as hot now. No man of any value wants chubby or fat women, those are all low value males. A high value man would take a fit blonde with nice curves (like Britney in her prime) over a 160 pound chubby bitch like Doja cat

No. 727809

The more you bitches just say shit the more I’m convinced you’ve never talked to a man or have any friends with boyfriends

No. 727811

I dreamed of having big hair since I was a little girl, but all I got is this betty spaghetti shit.

No. 727813

Cope. Low value men like chunky chicks. All there is to it

No. 727815

You don’t get it anon, Doja cat and lizzo are way hotter than this. The media told me so!

No. 727819

Can we stop using "high value men prefer" as an argument, who cares what those mystical beings prefer

No. 727821

I mean it matters if you’re a straight woman who wants a decent partner. If you’ want some broke guy who hardly ever buys you anything and will be renting an apartment the rest of his life, then sure, no need to care what high value men think

No. 727823

The pickmeism dripping off this shit.
Men will fuck a hole in a tree.
>"Muh value"
LOOOOL you really fell for the meme. I bet you're still looking for a high value man too

No. 727825

How is it a cope if I'm probably more ana than you lmao. Anyway, wouldn't a real "high-value" man be more into open to women for their personality/beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Your weird incel terminology is tripping up your argument, just say you wish the chads in high school fucked you and go.

No. 727828

Well that’s your problem, being Ana is disgusting. Difference between athletic and hot vs. underweight and sickly looking

No. 727830

>be anon
>read blogposts from 40 year old bald, broke single men about what makes a woman "high value"
>decide it's what actual "high value" men want (source: low value men)
>later go on r/FDS and obsess over looksmaxxing
>seethe when other women aren't doing the same
>"Th-They're only going to get low value men anyway!"
Internet-induced mental impairment.

No. 727831

Only bottom of the barrel men are the ones who would “fuck a hole”. If you think all men are horrible then just say it instead of calling me a “pick me” for saying some men are more valuable than others

No. 727832

NTA, but I like how you decided to harp on her ED because you know she's right about literally everything else. Sad!

No. 727835

Do you also believe that men age like wine and women age like milk? Just asking for a friend lol

No. 727836

She isn’t right, you need to be attractive in the right ways as well as have a good personality. You can’t be some chubby bitch with saggy tits or some starving Anafag and expect your personality to make up for it

No. 727838

Anon on her gimpgirl shit. What's a "high value man" to you, by the way? Let's see some examples, include names if possible.

No. 727839

I didn’t read any blogs, I figured it out by you know, looking around and observing what high value people are like. Go to a wealthy area and see what the women look like. 95% of the women are fit and attractive. None of them are #bodyposiqueens

No. 727840

Sure, where do you live?

No. 727841

Decent looking, makes 6 figures or pretty close, loyal to partner, good with money, can take care of his gf financially even if she were to lose her job. That’s what a high value man is

No. 727842

Lmao ana anon (I’m just naturally very skinny but I do work out!) Guys love my ambition, my sense of humor, and my outgoing personality, and I am conventionally attractive but I personally I value my personality much more above my looks. I’ve fucked with hot guys who don’t get my sense of humor but I’d always prefer a more average guy who thinks I’m super funny and smart. In that case, who’s more high value??

No. 727843

Not doxing myself. Lived in wealthy towns in two different parts of the country.

No. 727844

No one here gives a shit to dox you on Lolcow, and the fact that you can't even name one decent area and just say "wealthy towns" proves it's a LARP. Keep retweeting Stephen Molyneux and waiting for something, I guess.

No. 727848

Why would I say where I live? Creepy. I don’t retweet that guy, the fact that you think I learned all this online is funny

No. 727849

>loyal to partner
Those aren't the kinds of men who think it's super-important for a partner to be a blond Britney Spears double lol. The ones who are that superficial are notorious cheaters, and will trade you out for a younger woman the moment you hit 30. Ask literally anyone who grew up in a wealthy family surrounded by other wealthy people.
Just admit you want to be a sugar baby and go. You're not going to get a ring sperging on Lolcow about other women.

No. 727852

You still need to be fit and attractive to catch the right guy in the first place. If you think you can be fat or ugly and get a high value guy then i don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know how old you are but you’re in for a rude awakening if you expect to date a loyal guy with a decent personality and career. Any woman can date some dude who works at target and lives with roommates who is so noncommittal he fucks around on you and gives you an std

No. 727854

This. If you want to believe in high value men, fine, they exist, but in any case they are the ones who want their partner to be healthy, happy and thriving. That's all, having so many preferences and treating people like objects with accesories IS low value

No. 727856

Nta you’re replying to and I think it’s hilarious that you’re ignoring all of my arguments, but how old are you anon? What’s your relationship status/dating history?

No. 727857

It’s not treating someone like an accessory, you need both looks and a compatible personality to attract the high value guy. It is what it is. All this “only shallow cheaters want an attractive partner” is a ridiculous delusional take

No. 727859

Women who get bitter and call other women "bitches" over them not having the kinds of bodies they think the men they're attracted to would/should desire are latent cuckqueans. Like, why are you mad? Shouldn't you be happy about the lack of competition? All I'm hearing is "So because of this shit, he'll have no choice but to cheat on me not just with whores, but whores that eat carbs? Fucking cunts spitting on all my hard work".

Find one rich, straight, "high value" man who shits on Doja Cat's body. It's all women that LARP that she's fat and ugly, for some reason. If you think she looks like Lizzo, you're honestly delusional.

No. 727860

File: 1612195861190.jpeg (29.38 KB, 499x238, 4BCCBAB4-A91B-4820-A0DE-83C64D…)

>scrotes like me better
>no scrotes like me better!
The fuckin state of lolcow, you’re all pick-mes

No. 727866

I’m talking about hypothetically if a non famous woman were to look like her. She’s chubby and has flabby tits. High value men don’t want that

No. 727869

Girls, girls! It's okay! We are all equal holes to them.

No. 727874

Yeah you’re right, I hate low value men (most of them) because they’re useless and creepy

No. 727893

Are you seriously saying a rich creepy guy is just as useless? The rich guy, if he commits to you, can give you a comfortable place to live and can give you more connections that can potentially help you get a better job even if you break up. Whether or not you want to admit dating a wealthy guy can have its perks even if you break up

No. 727896

Exactly. Rich, well educated, mannered men still cheat on their fit blond socialite wives with women who at best look like Doja and at worst a child. Men with money know they can buy beauty, whatever their ideals might be, they’re chasing something else.

No. 727902

Ok so you want the poor guy who cheats on you or the rich one? A lot of guys cheat, you don’t need to be rich to cheat. If a poor guy can’t find a willing side chick, he can just go to a rub n tug or get a 10 dollar hooker

No. 727907

Being a healthy weight is just good in general, but
>saggy tits
Getting plastic surgery for a man is stupid. Just strike out on your own, no wiener is worth it.
Be comfortable with yourself and being alone. It's ez.

No. 727911

So, in the end, you'd be with a guy you're miserable with because at least you get connections and a comfortable place to live? I can't really relate because I'm not exactly dying for money, but this just sounds like advanced self hate and man hate to me. I'd rather be with someone who has a decent job and also likes me for me, not whatever aesthetic I fit into. Yes, such men exist.
Also, you're focused on commitment as if that comes with the territory of rich men. I'm trying to tell you that it doesn't, especially if you're going for the kinds who only want a certain look. The opposite is true, in fact.
You will have to sacrifice your desire for loyalty, and probably either accept being cheated on because of the money, or divorce him and know you threw away your youth to be with someone who never really cared for you.

No. 727914

Don’t think no one notices you changing the subject. It’s not about who I prefer. It’s about about how a certain body type isn’t the decisive factor to you bagging a rich moid kek

No. 727915

It's hard to find a man that won't cheat if opportunity presents itself.

No. 727917

A man posted r/hugehangers or something similar on my local reddit so there are men that love tits that sag if that helps.

No. 727922

You watch too many movies that show “the rich asshole”. In reality, when it comes to non famous men, way more poor dudes cheat than rich ones

No. 727923

I may sound horrid but I just can’t accept the idea that trans people are the same as the cis gender they claim to be or are.

Sophie Xeon died today from slipping off a balcony when trying to take a picture of the moon. And they left behind their girlfriend.

It makes no sense to me. To claim to be lesbians but the trans one is bio a man.

I’ll never understand it.

Some spaces will never be for trans people and in my head I don’t see them as what they claim to be even if they get surgery or pass. I’m a terf and I don’t wish ill on them.

You may never know who or who isn’t trans. But I just dislike how glorified people have made it now. JK wasn’t right either. She was right.

No. 727924

>How to tell if someone only dated poorfags

No. 727925

Uh, no, not movies. It's called life experience. Watching what happens to people around you and listening to accounts from others who do the same thing and/or grew up around that kind of lifestyle. You really need to take off the rose-colored glasses.

No. 727927

If you think you can be chubby/fat or crackhead skinny and bag a rich moid, lol. Fucking lol. Go to a grocery store in a wealthy area. It’s simply not the case. All the young women are fit with boobs, fit and flat, etc. There are hardly any women who deviate from that in rich areas

No. 727930

I'm flat actually, but thanks kek.
I just love women and it's upsetting that some will go under the knife to please men. Love yourselves.

No. 727932

Wtf are you talking about? You realize there's more than one type than just curvy blondes and fat girls right? I've only ever knew like 1 guy who genuinely had a preference for blondes. Most men I know prefer brunettes or red hair, on top of the fact men starting to prefer exotic looks as well. Yeah most men would take a fit girl over a fat girl but saying that being a curvy blonde like Brittney spears is just going to grant you unlimited lust from men is just dishonest

No. 727940

Poorfags always cheat more. You guys obviously haven’t had experience with both rich and poor dudes. I’ve seen my friends date both rich guys and poor guys. I dated a poor guy briefly when I went to a state school. The poor ones always cheat more. The last guy I dated was from from a wealthy family and he didn’t cheat.

No. 727941

“I’ve dated two guys and one of them cheated and the other didn’t so this is indicative of all men” lmao okay retard.

No. 727943

I’ve had like 5 friends since childhood and it’s the same shit. Nice reading comprehension

No. 727948

>Source for the whole world: Me and my 5 friends

No. 727949

I am 95% sure Anthony Fantano pretended to like Carly Rae Jepsen as a joke to see if he could meme /mu/ tards into unironically listen to her (he did!). Congrats Anthony you did it and it was pretty funny, you can say it was a meme now it's fine. Was gonna post this in tinfoil thread but I don't want to offend the serious tinfoil posters

No. 727951

Nope, nta but this has been my and most other women's experiences as well. Even for a brief period when I was dating a guy I got him a job and scholarship and he tried to cheat on me with someone at his workplace with the job I got him. Most if not all men I've met who are being financially support by their girlfriends are cheats. Imagine fighting so hard for women to give poor men a chance and then when they do get everything handed to them by women the reality is that them being poor wasn't the issue

No. 727952

One friend dated a dude from a crappy little town and he cheated within a month. Then she dated another guy who immigrated here from Russia and he had barely any money. Dude was a total man whore. Now she’s dating a well off guy from near our hometown and she knows he’s loyal because they live together. My other friend dated a few poorfags and has the same experience. It’s all the same shit. Then she moved in with her techie bf from a wealthy family and the dude is loyal as fuck. Most women just haven’t experienced dating both poor AND rich dudes to understand. That’s all it is. Men with money overall cheat less. Seethe about it more, it’s the truth

No. 727953

Since most men will cheat if they think they can get away with it, it is definitely OK to hold the other woman in contempt especially if she knew he was in a relationship. Tar all cheats the same or else it gets normalised.

No. 727954

I can pull more examples from my life that would dispute this, so men suck.

No. 727955

Not that anon either, but who's fighting to give poor man a chance? All anyone is saying is that rich men cheat, too. Having money doesn't make a man less selfish or scummy, just (usually) smarter about keeping it under wraps. Poor men are dumber, for obvious reasons.

No. 727958

>can't cheat if you live together
This level of cope. Nothing about being rich will make a shitty man less shitty, I'm sorry if that's too painful to accept. Rich men are useful if money is your goal, but delusions about loyalty and character are just that.

No. 727960

Other men and the anon trying to defend men. Men have been fighting about women not dating poor men since forever, even the term gold digger was made, on top of that it's now being thrown around.

Its not that rich men don't cheat or they're better at hiding it, it's just simply less likely

Here's a study that goes more into it

No. 727964

>she knows he’s loyal because they live together
Come on now..

No. 727966

Not a political lesbian, but it sounds like a dream to just live with another woman, or a bunch of other women, and adopt kids (or get a sperm donor) if the urge to raise children comes along.
I don't care about fucking or sexuality in general, IMO there's more to life. The whole mess of dealing with men and having to find the magical unicorn male who won't treat you badly seems like a lifespan-shortening waste of time. And for a scrote who will go bald, old and fat? Fuck off. I don't get why more women don't share this opinion.

No. 727968

being a separatist is cool and based, calling yourself a lesbian when you aren't is the real cringe

No. 727975

I don’t know. In general, a dude who is able to hold down a good job and was able to complete schooling or proper training for said job.. it’s because he is a committed and devoted person. Poor dudes often have trouble keeping employment or they have minimum wage jobs they don’t take seriously because they know they can just bounce and find a new one due to high turnover rates in min. wage jobs. This attitude unfortunately often extends to their personal relationships, less commitment, more cheating. Obviously there are exceptions but there’s a definite pattern

No. 727980

“study found that men are more likely to cheat when they are unhappy about their financial standing and their failure to assume the role of breadwinner.

These men might seek sexual conquests outside the relationship to shore up their threatened sense of manhood, Munsch says.”

This is exactly what my friends and I have experienced. Lmao

No. 727981

>Its not that rich men don't cheat or they're better at hiding it, it's just simply less likely
You sound very naive.
Also, just checked your link
>Men and women who earn much larger salaries than their partner are also more likely to cheat, the study finds, although women are half as likely to cheat.
>“For women, economic dependency seems to have the opposite effect: The more dependent women are on their male partners, the less likely they are to engage in infidelity,” says Munsch. But “men who make a lot more money than their partners may be in jobs that offer more opportunities for cheating—like long work hours, travel, and higher incomes that make cheating easier to conceal.”

No. 727984

Honestly this is probably true. Of both sexes.
A devoted and steadfast person will be like that in general.

No. 727988

Madonna's music was really good from the mid 90s to mid 00s, everything before or after that sucks.

No. 727989

Yeah, if you’re completely dependent on them, sure, but if you're a woman with a decent job, or even just from a rich family so you have your own money.. there is literally no reason to fuck with poor dudes lmao. It’s a total scam for those types of women, society brands them as “gold diggers” and acts like they are going to get dumped or cheated on, when in reality a broke dude is more likely to cheat out of insecurity that they are not the breadwinner

No. 727990

BITCH IM MADONNA that song is fire what do u mean anon

No. 727994

at least pick Revolver u pleb

No. 727995

Idk…. Motivated men are more loyal to their grind than they are to women. They always think they can trade up, including their mate.

No. 727998

there are different types of “rich” and “poor” men. guys who hustled their way up are different from guys living off a pile of daddy’s money are different from lucky guys who still have to work but know they’ll never truly worry about money. guys without cashflow are different from guys with high-paying jobs and piles of debt. the only thing they all have in common is that they are men and they will treat us like shit

No. 728003

Poor men do the trading up thing lol. If a dude thinks he has a chance with a “hotter” woman than his gf he will pursue that woman even while in a relationship. The rich dude is more likely to be already dating a sufficiently hot chick, so he knows he won’t be able to attract much better than her, so less likely to trade up. Poor dudes suck once again

No. 728006


Broke men overall make the most unfit partners. Not because they're poor but because they're way more disrespectful, emotionally unavailable, and most of the time they'll simp over other women while in a relationship


No. 728009

Not in my experience. My friend is absolutely one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and her unemployed boyfriend cheated on her with obese fridge bodied uggos.

No. 728037

The overall message for women should be that it's wiser to have your own job, your own money, and your own bank accounts so if your scrote gets out of line you can fuck off without him. Don't ever let scrotes know you've got money. When it comes down to it play it off like you make less than them, always. It never serves women to show our hands.

The truth is men are fucking fickle and if they want an excuse to cheat on you they'll find one. All it takes is the opportunity presenting itself. It doesn't matter if you make significantly less or more than them, they'll cheat you if they believe they can get away with it.

Your indy article says rich men also are most likely to cheat.
>Who else is more likely to cheat?
>Men who earn significantly more than their partner. Munch speculates that this group tends to have higher-powered professions that create more opportunity, and the financial resources to cover up their actions.
That second article is so fucking funny because the professor who conducted the study automatically assumes that jobless married men are trying to reclaim masculinity through sexual exploitation while totally overlooking the fact that they just have more opportunity to cheat than employed married men. Maybe for the fact that they're in an empty house by themselves for upwards of 8 hours a day?! Lmao. Idle men are just conniving fucks who've got nothing better to do than bone.

No. 728045

dorian electra would be so cool if she wasn't a "they/them queer". dressing up as a man to make fun of men is based, i still like her music

No. 728053

Idle men are definitely a problem, there are stats showing unemployment hits men a lot harder than women, so low self esteem and depression then cheating becomes a lot more likely.

You say don’t tell men you have money, this sounds like a good idea in theory but I don’t think you can realistically hide that for long. So if youre a woman with money, I think the best idea is probably just date dudes who are on equal footing financially, or higher, or you run the risk of being the breadwinner and thats bound to be shit. Unless you’re like an older woman who wants to date a young dude, there’s pretty much no good reason for woman to be making way more money and the dude will just resent the fuck of you

No. 728073

File: 1612208780872.jpg (67.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (11).jpg)

I absolutely love her so much. All of her outfits make me happy. She's been doing the more "feminine" look lately as well. pic not rel but still. Definitely agree.

I also feel shamed in liking Black Dresses/Mom whom is a tranny

No. 728178

Men can't be submissive and equal (sexually) to a woman. Sure it's cute and fun to imagine that there's some guy out there that likes being the same or submissive the same way the majority of women do, but it's just impossible. Men are by nature aggressive and by instinct will always see women as prey and living fleshlight. If a man was completely sure that no one would find out (not even the victim), he would rape a woman without thinking too much. Married men are just happy to have a hole they can regularly stick their dicks into without going through the trouble of finding one each time. If for some reason the woman cannot have anymore/as much sex as he wants, he will start to resent her no matter what and will try to find someone else. A way to make men ideal is to chop their dicks and balls off so they're meek and less aggressive, like you do with dogs.

No. 728296

It's sad that most "pickme" discussions revolve around women's relationships with men. Even more women could stand to benefit from having conversations to not simp/pickme in their relationships and friendships with other women too.
Somehow a lot of young women lost their abilities to maintain boundaries and not get taken advantage of in general. The "selfishness" seems to have been beaten out of us by a society that expects us to constantly self-sacrifice for others and appease the group, while a group of self-aware narcissists and psychos reap the benefits.

No. 728303

File: 1612227567247.jpg (169.58 KB, 960x960, 12004925_548445511970927_52785…)

I've met Dorian E at least once and she was incredibly sweet. This was right before she took a turn for the NB. I was so disappointed when I heard that she trooned out. I will never forget her Don Bogman and the Buick Boys show. one of the best shows I've ever been to. she could have roleplayed male personas without trooning out. why'd they have to get her too…

No. 728309

https://vimeo.com/179358036 This is a great shitty Britney doc. This whole channel is amazing if you have the attention span to read a ton of captions. Britney’s story is just so dark and I think that’s what draws a lot of people to her. To me the early 2000s is so creepy I genuinely feel like I’m on acid when I see clips from that era. The colors, the music, the fast food…

No. 728310

File: 1612228430725.png (3.88 MB, 1731x2048, Screenshot_20210201-181250.png)

I know she's mocking basic bitch style but she honestly looks the best dressed like this.

No. 728311


No. 728312

File: 1612228760841.jpg (414.48 KB, 1078x1349, SmartSelect_20210201-201837_In…)

I disagree but we have our opinions and this is unpopular opinions

No. 728315

i like andro Dorian

No. 728317

god damn anons, she's so hot in every version, thanks for making me aware of it

No. 728361

Dating an older woman is such a big dick move from men, it literally makes them more attractive in my eyes

No. 728386

are you trying to say britney spears was known for having big boobs? no she was not. i'll give you blonde, but she had the fit, athletic toned body that most celebrities had back then.

the blonde big boob stereotype was never universally loved. it had its moments in pam anderson or anna nicole smith but those women were also hot sexualized messes and never had britneys universal fame with women and men.

No. 728400

File: 1612245553577.png (279.94 KB, 558x306, britney-spears-breast-implants…)

She got implants for a hot second in Baby One More Time era but got them out not long after. Britney's never had a curvy body, she was most known for her abs and athleticism (as you mentioned).
This isn't even an unpopular opinion? I know Britney doesn't sing live but in her prime she was a phenomenal performer. Her songs were everywhere during my formative years and I associate the release of her albums and songs with certain times in my life as a lot of fans do. And I like kpop but groups have never had comparable stage presence as Britney did up until 2007.
Okay anon I get you but I think 1Q84 was too brilliant and it's one of my favorite books of all time. I agree that his characterization of women and girls is gross but Aomame was badass as fuck.

No. 728474

Someone being ugly is not the same as someone not meeting the "type" one likes

No. 728475

He attracts coomers and incels who want to sound smart and that would be enough for me to say that his books are shit. And yeah, his writing isn't good.

Now that I think about it, there aren't many japanese male writers who don't sound like creepy pedos at some point.

No. 728477

Elaborate, what's the difference?

No. 728484

>there aren't many male writers who don't sound like creepy pedos at some point.

No. 728486

She was a mixture of fit and curvy, an hourglass but toned, which is like a universally attractive body type to have. Idk if you were the anon who said her body type isn’t popular anymore but there are certain body types (like hers) that will always be considered attractive no matter the body trends of the moment

No. 728492

Not the same anon, but I understood their opinion as: “types” are specific, personal preferences, like someones ideal; while being “ugly” is the lack of generally attractive traits.

No. 728504

99.99% of sweets taste like shit, people only like them because it gives them a sugar rush and serotonin boost, not because it objectively tastes good.
No, that one-note sugar bomb does not taste "divine" as sugar addicts say while rolling their eyes up as if they're orgasming. It's the same as smokers delusionally thinking tobacco smells nice. It doesn't, it's shit, you're just an addict.
There are indeed deserts and sweets that do have a complex, fine and rich taste, they are incredibly rare though because bland sugary crap sells just fine.

No. 728514

Taste and smell are subjective anon. And no I'm not a sugaraddict nor a smoker.

No. 728516

i agree with you as a sugar addict

No. 728518

File: 1612268431556.jpg (68.4 KB, 1000x563, intro-1588100677.jpg)

No. 728521

File: 1612269247664.jpg (12.04 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg.jpg)

Fuck you. Power electronics are great.

No. 728537

No they're not. Shit objectively smells like shit.

No. 728540

Nta, but do you know the difference between subjective and objective, anon? Personal taste in food are definitely subjective. I don't know how you can argue against "everyone has different tastes" lmao

No. 728544

All sweets have a single note taste - that of refined sugar. That in itself is objectively worse than a full rich taste. The only reason people crave such an inferior taste is because it's addictive. You would grow quickly sick of any other taste that was so one-dimensional and same all the time, the only reason they keep returning to this one is because it acts like a drug.

No. 728547

>All sweets have a single note taste - that of refined sugar. That in itself is objectively worse than a full rich taste.
Anon please eat something other than Lil Debbie cakes and shit that's only made with white sugar. And no, sugar by itself doesn't have a full rich taste. A lot of things don't. That's why you add shit like milk and butter and all the other ingredients to create a dessert.
>The only reason people crave such an inferior taste is because it's addictive.
That's subjective. No one is denying that sugar can be addictive, but this is stupid lol
>You would grow quickly sick of any other taste that was so one-dimensional and same all the time
Pls tell this to people that literally eat the same shit everyday. Also, desserts are not one-dimensional, there is more to them than sugar. You honestly sound like someone that has never baked/cooked anything sweet in their life.

No. 728548

Like I said, there are desserts that are rich in flavor, but those are not the desserts sugar addicts eat moaning about how orgasmic they taste.

No. 728561

File: 1612276153875.jpg (57.35 KB, 484x345, Delish.jpg)

Sorry you have limited access to delicious confectionaries and bakeries. I'd be puzzled about sugar obsession too if all I had access to was Hershey chocolate and soda from Wal Mart.

No. 728563

sorry about your addiction

No. 728567

>literal angry (often pornsick) scrote noises
The one good thing about Whitehouse is that it's what incels/robots would listen to if they were actually sort of cool.

No. 728571

anon, you probably eat store bought snacks and shitty desserts in platic cups. Everyone knows that those taste like shit. Ever been to a legit pastry shop? Many desserts have interesting flavors and ingredients, lots of them aren't even sweet. Some desserts are meant to go with something else to add flavor (like tea or coffee). You sound like you only know of reeses, kinder chocolates, m&ms and mars bars.

No. 728573

File: 1612277331947.jpg (107.56 KB, 623x469, fucking-pleb.jpg)

No. 728582

Aaand just like any other addict, you guys will defend your vice to the grave. You think you're contradicting me, but you're proving my point.

No. 728583

we need to make the idea of editing one's pictures seen as taboo again. I remember before there was lots of talk regarding celebrities editing their photos and how that could cause insecurity and body image issues in teens, but now everyone is doing it

No. 728586

Stop feeding the trolls

No. 728592

You sound so fun to be around

No. 728593

Not my fault that the truth ain't fun

No. 728620

Found the horse girl.

No. 728632

You know you can eat desserts in moderation right. If someone is legitimately addicted to sweets they would be overweight

No. 728640

>if someone is legitimately addicted to sweets they would be overweight
WRONG. I have a sugar addict I very much love (and thinking of whom prompted my unpopular opinion rant), she's fit, but addicted. I recently found out she's prediabetic and I got seriously concerned for her future health.
We spent a few days around NYE together, and I was shocked how much sweets and cakes she eats. She's in total denial, she's lies to herself about the quantity consumed. I had no idea about her problem until I saw it.

Amyway, the reactions to my unpopular opinion here are exactly the same as reactions I got on 420chan's /weed/ when I try to tell them weed is, in fact, addictive. Their strong denial makes them lash out, accuse me of trolling, insult me, and deny deny deny. The same denial mechanisms are at work here. I don't trust sugar addicts to know moderation. My beloved sugar addict sure doesn't.

No. 728644

How many calories would you guess she eats daily? You positive she’s not bulimic? Dessert calories add up fast, which is why most sweet addicts are not at a healthy weight

No. 728651

Absolutely certain she's not bulimic. She's just very very active, you could say manic. It makes sense she spends that much energy, it just didnt occur to me she was basically fueling herself on sugar.

No. 728671

Honestly agree as someone who no longer eats refined sugar.

But I also never enjoyed sweet food anyway, perhaps you're just similar? It's definitely addictive too, but some people just enjoy different tastes. For example I love plain food like popcorn and unseasoned chicken, which you may say is objectively boring. Surely some people are like that with sweetness even if it's not a complex flavour.

The real test is if they still love the food even if it's made with sweetener.

No. 728674

>>most sweet addicts are not at a healthy weight
nta but i disagree with that. speaking from personal experience it's possible to eat a lot of sugar in your diet and stay skinny so long as your calories overall aren't going over your TDEE, you just have to be careful with portion size. savoury junk foods can easily have as much calories as sugary ones.

No. 728680

This anon probably drinks black coffee all the time, and her personality now matches it.
>using "orgasmic" twice to describe sweets, implying you see it as an almost sexual, taboo indulgence
Just have sex instead of posting these things, kek

No. 728691

The same old tired denial mechanism. Do you know what you get in return for defending sugar? Diabetes and nothing good.

No. 728692

File: 1612286712559.jpg (89.74 KB, 634x528, dc8adeb5b100b5a6b3cb0d314c5620…)

I just ate the "best" hamburger on my country and i almost throw up RED MEAT SUCKS ASS i dont like the fascia,nerves,tendons whatever the fuck it has inside maybe is my tism kicking in and the new textures makes me go full retard.If my health was okay i would go to my nearest lake and live like a bear fishing and eating berries.

No. 728696

most people eat sugar and not all of them have diabetes. you sound orthorexic.

No. 728697

I'm not denying it, I actually agree. It's just the way you post about it, and that you admitted to posting the same thing about weed. It's suspicious

No. 728701

you sound like an addict in denial

No. 728702

i don't really care if i am "addicted" because i don't have any health issues and i'm not fat. it's possible to eat sugar and not get diabetes

No. 728708

File: 1612287878592.jpeg (350.49 KB, 1280x692, 4C3AE821-3C9F-4034-A4B5-9C7516…)

No. 728713

>posts from a black coffee addict

No. 728714

File: 1612288210049.gif (24.19 KB, 443x32, ur pharmacist wants to see u.g…)

Are you going to keep calling everyone who disagrees with you an addict?

I swear, anons love to come into the unpopular opinions thread to share opinions they know are unpopular and then get upset when people disagree or offer different perspectives. Pls stop being so defensive over your shitty and uneducated opinions

No. 728716

Britney started out on singing competitions and the Mickey Mouse club along with Justin and Christina. Her voice was very mature sounding back then and she dreamt of being a Broadway singer. She's written songs such as the theme for Zoey 101 and a decent portion of songs she's written have made it on albums. Yes she's manufactured with her baby voice but it's what sold her brand.

I'd say k-pop stars have a more corrupt industry and I refuse to support them anymore. Dancing/singing for hours a day, fed very little and forced to go under the knife. No way man.

No. 728718

I’ll suck your clit for a twinkie pls anon I’m crashing hard

No. 728719

wrong assumption

No. 728721

Nta. Funnily enough I remember posting a few months ago 'fuck I drink way too much coffee every day, I should cut back' and an anon lectured me and every other anon that admitted to consuming too much caffeine. I honestly wondered if that anon was back lecturing again. Feels the same. Big lecture over the most mundane habits.

No. 728725

anon out of curiosity do you have an eating disorder?

No. 728731

No. I'm healthy with healthy eating habits. Most sweets objectively taste like ass. People like them because of the rush.

No. 728732

sugar rushes aren't even a real thing, t's been proven to be the placebo effect. go buy yourself some decent pastries, anon.

No. 728740

1) you're wrong 2) no

No. 728749

you've obviously never been to europe or asia

No. 728771

wrong assumption

No. 728795

Sounds to me like you're in denial

No. 728832

Beautiful women dont get treated any better than ugly women in the long run. The only way being beautiful has more benefits is if you are intelligent enough to use your looks to actually gain something in life. Most women dont know how attractive they are and usually end up with a man way uglier than them who abused them then leaves.

No. 728834

Denial. Anon be like
>"black coffee + cigarette = breakfast"
>"oh ana" by mother mother lyrics in bio
>"not pro anything. block, don't report"

No. 728839

Anon's just powertripping over hating sugar. Nothing wrong with enjoying sweets or pastries in moderation within a healthy diet and lifestyle, end of story.

No. 728856

I feel like it has as many setbacks as pros. Getting harrassed, having rando guys you work with or go to school with get obsessive with you and half stalk you. Trying to be taken seriously when stalking starts up. The men that you attract can often just be plain creeps. Unwanted attention gets old real quick.

Men wanting sex with you doesn't always lead to quality/satisfying sex. The men wanting to date you aren't always going to be great once they feel they have you secured. When you're young and naturally naive about men it can turn really shitty.
You're in demand but you still somehow settle for less because.. men manipulate.

I'm an oldfag now but I had a few cute years in my early twenties and looking back I had to awkwardly turn down every obsessive autist male I ever worked with. I had a (taken) male roommate out himself as a crossdresser and then try to fuck me in drag. He told me he went through my bedside drawers and knew I owned a sex toy. I look back and wonder if he had ever recorded me in the bathroom we shared. I didn't feel very safe there but there was a rental shortage in my city so I stayed put feeling concerned. Then I got a new bf and moved him in for protection basically. So in school, in work and at home I had men being way too forward with me and not taking my 'no' very well. Young and kind of attractive..not a great mix. I'm less cute now, partly by design. I feel much safer being my dyke looking older self. Still get the odd bit of unwanted attention and it drives me nuts, probably because I've had all the attention one could ever want and it just triggers me now. Being young is a big part of it I guess. The naivety that men expect you to have is like carrying a target on your back.

No. 728858

It was pointed out that they sound an awful lot like the 'caffeine shaming' anon and while they have loved responding to every post about them..they didn't deny it

No. 728870

anons here also don't know how to phrase their unpopular opinions in a way that isn't inflammatory.

a normal unpopular opinion
>i'm not a fan of sweet food and i think a lot of people are sugar addicts in denial, people eat too much sugar and it's unhealthy

anon upthread
>sugar is DISGUSTING and sweets never taste good and if you eat it you are a prediabetic addict in denial. its just like being addicted to drugs!!

No. 728873

are you sure these are implants and not a super padded bra?

She's not an hourglass, if she was posted to the cow thread she'd be called a fridge waist in two seconds flat because lolcow has fucked up standards.

her bodytype isn't "popular" now because an extreme hourglass is what it is in but her body is still extremely desirable and she looks good.

No. 728884

> Being young is a big part of it I guess. The naivety that men expect you to have is like carrying a target on your back
I agree with this. Men can be weird (or downright dangerous) to ugly and average looking women, in much the same ways as they are to attractive women. They can feel entitled to a woman because she’s beautiful and he thinks he deserves her, or because she’s not therefore she’s not in a position to reject him (in his view). I know women who are conventionally very attractive and women who aren’t at all, yet they have strikingly similar experiences with men. The only apparent common denominator is that they are mostly young.

No. 728949

File: 1612309510032.jpg (17.09 KB, 400x206, 353994yqsh8qfdva.jpg)

I think that true crime youtubers are extremely unethical. Especially the ones with sponsorships in them. You are profiting off someone's death and treating it like entertainment and a ~spooky scary~ fictional story. Someone was brutally murdered for your profit.

No. 728952

The same can be said for crime documentaries, though I agree it’s uncomfortable especially if they’re advertising stupid shit like game apps.

No. 728953

But with documentaries, it's more professional, and they have to have the family's permission before making it. it's more to raise awareness, rather than having these girls plastered in makeup sitting in their rooms with the comments filled 'queen you look so good today' on a video about a child being murdered

No. 728956

For the most part, they don't have to have any permission, unless they want to show the person or use their likeness.

No. 728979

Jenna Marbles’ leaving the internet video was extremely immature, manipulative and cowish

No. 728981

Hard disagree, their selling point is the narration and whatever else they do in the video, the topic is something that documentaries have done since forever. It's like if in the middle of a true crime episode on tv some hot cheeto add aired, same thing

No. 728997


No. 729022

It makes since for super hot girls like 10/10s to only date rich men. It costs money to look like that. Idk why average wage and poor men cant understand this.

No. 729023

No. 729028

Male entitlement is a mental illness

No. 729031

They want someone who looks like Rihanna or some Russian model. Why? What would he even do with a woman that attractive of hes broke?

Scrotes need to just accept that they have to date in their tax bracket…

No. 729063

I agree that men almost never accept the fact that they should look for someone on their level
But the "it costs money to look beautiful for a 10/10 woman" is kind of circular logic. A woman who would be otherwise 7/10 can upgrade to 10/10 if she has enough money. A woman who could be 9/10 because of her bone structure may be downgraded to 7/10 or even lower if she's poor and doesn't have money for basic needs, not to mention taking care of her looks and health. It's more about class privilege than anything.

No. 729071

Absolutely right, anon. I feel like most people, men in particular, don't understand how much work and money goes into looking model-good. Diets, makeup products, plastic surgeries, skincare, clothes, etc. all cost money.

No. 729073

Everyone I know loves Phoebe Bridgers but I can’t fucking stand her because she reminds me of 2011-2015 edgy/quirky tumblr.

That’s my entire vent.

No. 729098

I mean on top of that why would someone want someone they don't find attractive, in general, especially if that person is a 10. not saying looks are everything but being attracted to your partner kind of fucking matters lol. but incel men (and certain women too) want a one way street

No. 729099

woops samefriend I kind of misinterpreted since your post is about wealth. I was thinking of how guys always complain about attractive "stacy" wanting attractive "chad"

No. 729107

i thought this said feebz as in phoebe tickner, oh how i miss her glorious lardy antics

No. 729110

She's alright, nothing special, I honestly don't get the hype around her. There are plenty of other similar female artists whose work is much better than hers. And she gives me the impression that she tries too hard to make her music/lyrics sound as super depressing and deep as possible lol

No. 729151

I don't think that the lives saved from Covid measures, are worth it's consequences anymore. People are getting in massive financial problems, economies are ruined, schoolchildren are getting massive learningdelays that will take years to catch up to, people aren't receiving their needed healthcare anymore or getting very important diagnosises like a cancerdiagnosis anymore, students aren't getting the quality of education they're paying for, the gap between rich and poor will inevitably grow even further. A lot of the surviving patients that remain with permanent healthconsequences are patients with comorbidity, often caused by unhealthy lifestyles. I think it's time to accept more deaths in exchange for not further ruining people's lives on a large scale.

No. 729155

File: 1612341901757.jpeg (234.22 KB, 1242x644, 781107E9-136F-4908-BB81-660F3D…)

Tweets like this really creep me out. I’ve seen so many people express the same sentiment and I feel like bc of covid some people have developed a fear about disease to an irrational extent and are not going to adjust well to life post covid.

No. 729156

Anon you sound like a granny killer /s

In all seriousness I absolutely agree. I never feared the virus, I fear the incredibly damaging effects of these stupid unnecessary lockdowns and how people are so fucking blind to it. The media has whipped them into such a hysterical brainwashing state nothing will get them to see all the damage that's been caused. Millions of children starving, killing themselves, people in mass debt, closing their business for good, not able to get access to medical help, not able to see their friends and family, depression and drug abuse skyrocketing etc etc. But yes we're the selfish ones for caring about these things and pointing them out because it goes against the agenda. The world has been ruined for a virus that 98 percent of people survive. Tbh, I can kinda see why people would bury their heads in the sand and try to pretend otherwise, because it's such a depressing thought. They don't wanna feel like all of this mess has been done in vain.

No. 729161

imagine these people living at any other period of human history, or even outside of "developed" nations.
"the life of man: solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

No. 729166

To be honest I agree with them. The huge campaigns reminding people to wash their hands and even teaching them how to says it all really. I know people who don’t (didn’t?) wash their hands, and would often see people walking straight out of public bathrooms without doing so. It’s disgusting. For me it’s not about disease so much as not wanting to encounter someone else’s piss/shit/genital germs.

No. 729186

I'm afraid covid didn't change enough habits. Yesterday repairmen came to unclog my pipes. They were elbows deep in vile black sludge. They left without washing their hands once. Makes me shudder.

No. 729205

one of our family dogs growing up actually had her legs suddenly become paralyzed, and she used a wheelchair like the one in your picture. i wonder where your opinion comes from? have you actually met a dog like that? it did not cause her pain, it only limited her mobility which the wheels aided in (allowing her to walk and run). many months later she actually became strong enough/ learned to recruit other muscles in her body to walk again, and lived a very long, happy life for many more years after that. thankfully she got that chance.

No. 729230

In a way I agree with you anons, I feel like a lot of governments just put limitations so it seems like they're 'treating it seriously' without at all considering whether it makes sense or not, I wish there was more thought put to it. I mourn closing of the restaurants the most because it's just dumb, and I've seen plenty of restaurants I liked go bankrupt already; and at the same fuckign time the government is opening shopping galleries because sure trying on the clothes someone wore just before you did is less dangerous than eating with keeping a fair distance.
This little rant being over though, even with the limitations put now, what's happening in the hospitals is a real terrifying mess. If we as much as doubled current numbers it would all collapse, and a cost of healtcare collapsing could be much more terrifying than a cost of anything else. I suppose no one really wants to take that risk.

No. 729247

I think poor people should be forbidden from having more than one kid when their finances can't provide the minimum necessary for a decent childhood.

No. 729264

Must we have a eugenics anon for every single unpopular opinion thread

No. 729293

I'm just fucking tired of seeing people shit out kids when they already have one that they can barely support not only financially but as a responsible parent. And you can't say anything about it because people think you're literally a hitler!!1 for suggesting that. Then you have so many gofundme and various other charities for financing their homes and whatnot. I can even understand having one kid but those people lose my sympathy when they have kids at the worst possible time like during a long lasting unemployment, lack of proper housing, and it's usually coupled with choosing a bad partner on top of that.

No. 729332

Ok so how do you want to enforce that. Forced sterilisation? Forced abortion? Make them have the kid but forced adoption? Make them have the kid but send them to jail so the kid has no parents? Make them have the kid but fine them to make poor people even more poor and therefore raising the kid in even worse conditions?

No. 729367

NTA but how about free birth control and education on the cycle of poverty?

No. 729369

Obviously I agree with that but did you read anons OP? She said “poor people should be forbidden from having more than one kid”. It wasn’t about actually helping poor people.

No. 729372

Gurren Lagann sucks. It's such a scrote-brained, ugly looking anime even if you ignore the fanservice yet everyone and their grandma shills it as the best anime in existence.

No. 729386

Slut shaming exists because men are projecting their own self hatred on to women who sleep around. Men subconsciously find themselves and other men so repulsive that they think a woman who allows a man to fuck her is disgusting. Men are actually the biggest pick mes on the planet and hate other men more than anyone but they just show it in other ways.

No. 729389

My country is very generous when it comes to supporting single mothers/non working parents. People absolutely abuse that generosity and raise large (planned) families while never working a day in their life. They're usually hell to live near because when everything is given to them for free..they just don't care about maintaining those nice things/their free home or being nice to anyone. There's a weird sense of entitlement being passed down. They're the worst people to move in on your street and I know alot of people here resent paying a fortune to live nextdoor to those people. They tend to move in, wreck their home, piss off the neighbours and then they get rehomed somewhere else, rinse and repeat. God love the next neighourhood to get them.

I just wish my country would at least cut rates of payments so that having that second/third/fourth kid wasn't quite so financially rewarding. Anyone can accidently get pregnant once..when it happens 5 times to a woman with access to free healthcare including free BC, they're fooling nobody. And I worry about any child that is brought into the world for a cheque. I've heard it openly bragged about.

We have a homelessness problem and we also have this culture of 'have a 3rd kid to get given a bigger house' Our government can't keep up with the demand that's creating. They have to prioritise housing families so single adults (some elderly, some disabled) are sleeping rough because of that demand. We're several years into that homelessness crisis and people are still sleeping on the streets in snow. Every time a child is born to those mothers they automatically skip ahead of that homeless person in the housing queue… and those people don't see the part they play in creating the crisis.

No. 729394

On a related note, I think families of all classes and financial backgrounds should be capped at two children maximum.
Maybe everyone has a two-child pass
to stop people simply moving on and breeding with somebody else a la Elon Musk. If they can't adhere to the rules then we talk about punitive measures or at worst, sterilisation. I'm from a four child family myself and though I love my siblings, I think it was irresponsible of my parents to have four of us. They've doubled their number and even when they die the population won't return to the status quo. If everyone reproduced like that, imagine the impact?
I'm choosing to go childfree because that's what I believe is right, but it still stings to see people having children with little care or thought to their wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, the implications of having children, what the future holds for them etc.

No. 729395

I've been shamed for being frigid more than anything.. the irony of them hating sluts while also calling women frigid for waiting (I'm far from a virgin, just not rushing into bed with new people)

No. 729397

Have you seen how that worked out for China? Massive sexism against girls and even forced abortions. No thanks.

No. 729400

Samefag but I think I'm from the same country as you and wow this sums it up very eloquently. It's so selfish, and I don't think they wouldn care even if they did realise the impact they were having on others to be honest.

No. 729401

When they call you frigid that means they want you to be a slut for them. The catch is if they feel like they got sex too easily from you, they will begin to hate you for it.

No. 729402

Where are you from, anon?

No. 729412

'Be a slut..but only for me' sums it up perfectly.

No. 729417

I hate them I hate them I hate them.
I used to live next to families like these and had to move twice now because of the noise. It was impossible to work or sleep when there'd be loud trashy music and kids screaming at any given moment of the day. My dog got anxiety and started vomiting everywhere whenever there's too much noise. The ugly runts would also peek through my bedroom window and ding dong ditch every other day, complaining to the mother did nothing because she was a raging cunt who didn't want to wrangle her tard kids. I couldn't complain to anyone about it because there was nothing anyone could do aside from telling me to get earplugs (which I had, and which didn't work).

It makes me livid knowing I work hard to pay taxes so people like that can leech off the government but I have to wait three months just to see a doctor for a health issue.

No. 729420

The sexism is still there, and even in India where there are no such limits the same kind of sexism persists.

No. 729424

How do you help someone when they make dumb decisions to keep themselves poor, ie having kids they can't afford? I was born to junkie parents who definitely shouldn't have had me or my two siblings and any amount of help would just get pissed away on drugs and alcohol. The kids would of course see none of that money.
I sympathize with people who are poor for things outside of their control but thinking that it's the case with everyone is very naive and sheltered thinking. The children here are the ones who suffer from these people's bad decisions, and no amount of crying muh eugenics will change that.

No. 729437

Of course but such a measure only increases it.

No. 729443

I honestly can't understand adults who are into YA fiction. I started working as a tutor for a middle school, so I'm reading the book as part of my job. It's not a bad book for kids, but I really don't see the appeal of relating to kids. It just seems really inane.

After working in a school and dealing with kids all day I feel like there is something off with adults who are obsessed with kids all day. I don't mind kids but I have a limit and it's driving me crazy listening to them go on about drivel all the time.

No. 729445

> “If you consider a woman less pure after you've touched her maybe you should take a look at your own hands” - Kaija Sabbah.

No. 729448

Once you hit the age of 26+ you wont give shit a shit what other adults are doing. Only young adults are super concerned with being the most adulty adults.

No. 729449


No. 729460

Agreed, everyone who mainly reads YA at 20+ years of age are lame and way too into them. t's like horsegirls. Horses are okay but horsegirls are fucking cringey.

No. 729463

Sometimes the sun screen talk pisses me off. If I tried to reapply sun screen every two hours in my house everyday my face would be broke out and pizza faced by the end of the week. I put it on out doors but I cant inside because all of them feel like shit and gritty on my skin.

No. 729464

What are you talking about? I am 26. I think YA is still juvenile because adults aren't kids. I wasn't really into YA even when I was a kid though.

I'm just way past the time of my life where I relate to those sort of things.

No. 729466

why would you wear it indoors anyway, just buy curtains if the sun bothers you lol

No. 729467

I notice that adults who are into YA are the ones who were bullied or unpopular in high school. They're 25+ still fantasizing about how life would be if they were secretly actually the chosen one at 17 and better and special than the popular kids

No. 729468

What? Not every book you read has to be about something or someone you relate to. Why are families able to watch animated movies geared toward children and still enjoy them? Probably because they're entertaining, even if they contain juvenile motifs. You really think every adult wants to read about someone at a dead-end job having a complicated tryst?

No. 729473

Once you're an adult you can only wear pants suits and read about stocks

No. 729474

What realistic fiction books do you read about adults, anon? If they aren't centered around occupation, love affairs, and the struggles of aging, I'd love to know.

No. 729480

i don't see what's the big deal with barbie or bratz dolls' appearance. i used to play with bratz dolls all the time and i never wanted their figure. all my peers and i recognized they looked cartoonish

No. 729482

adult fiction doesn't have to be realistic to be considered adult
HP Lovecraft is adult fiction ffs
reading about teenagers with snowflake names who save the world or are the cHoSeN OnEs in some dystopian future settings is boring

No. 729483

I think it's way more lame to not have an keen interest in something. If it's not degenerate or hurting someone, do a persons interests bother you that much?

No. 729485

I don't understand the last part, just, why? How does it make sense

No. 729486

Who reads fantasy books anymore? I didn't even have to read books about dystopian events/characters while I was still in school. Not to mention, horror books are cheap reads and extremely boring. You also didn't answer my question. I like reading books about mundane characters. Just not ones about burnt out adults.

No. 729489

I find fantasy interesting, if I want to read about some thirty something aunty's drama with her husband I'll ask a relative

No. 729494

I googled bratz dolls lately thinking I'd get some nostalgia from it.. Came across so much shit about men jerking off to them/on them. Sights I want to unsee

No. 729495

who reads books anymore, PERIODTTTTTTTTTTT?

No. 729500

illiterate twitterfag spotted

No. 729501

It's okay to read YA but it's weird (although harmless) when it's all they read. Also saying non-YA is all just about "burn out adults" shows how much you don't read kek

No. 729504

men are sickfucks who jerk off to anything, that doesn't have to detract from my love of bratz

No. 729510

Yes, I don't read books about adults in their 20's+… I already stated that. That doesn't mean I don't read at all wtf lmao. The amount of projection people itt have done to try to justify why they don't like people who only read YA in their 20's and beyond is odd. I find that weird. They can't just accept some people don't find the same things they do interesting. What difference does it really make what age group your main character is?

No. 729513

>Who reads fantasy books anymore?
Nta but what does this even mean? Lots of people enjoy reading and fantasy is a completely normal, common genre to enjoy. You make it sound like "Who listens to cassette tapes anymore?!"

Anyway I see nothing wrong or especially weird about adults reading YA, reading fiction is just escapism anyway. There's tons of adults watching disney, cartoons, anime or teen shows like Riverdale or whatever's the newest thing on Netflix rn, how's that any different? As long it's not an obsession.

No. 729514

Okay anon, everyone's an addict except for you. Time to open world wide sugar addict rehabs to help the billions of people who are addicted to sugar

No. 729521

omg me too!! wendy even looks cute sometimes when she does her little after show without any makeup. People always look at me crazy when i say that glad im not the only one.

No. 729522

Well, if you are ok with being emotionally immature there isn't anything I can do about it lol

No. 729524

I want to consume media that is care free and braid dead at times. Like eating mcdonalds. I dont want to see how shitty life is on my down time.

No. 729526

That's your takeaway? Alright, dawg. If you don't know how to separate the lives of fictional characters from your own, just say that next time.

No. 729528

That's weird as hell limiting what you read like that. Do you burn a book when you find out one of the very special heroine's love interests is 20+? Again nothing weird about reading some YA but a 35 year old with a mortgage ONLY reading about high schoolers in love triangles is strange. And not all non-YA is about how terrible life is anon log off of goodreads damn. kek

No. 729529

Because nothing targeted at adults is carefree? And there's plenty of YA fiction dealing with big issues. it seems like half of the YA books coming out these days are about racism or bigotry

Go back to reading Looking for Alaska

No. 729533

im sorry for bringing this up again. But i think a lot of black girls (muyself included) loved britney because you could see her janet influence and she always would shout out black female artists and that was just nice to see. also her music just hits. people just hate britney because she was popular and beautiful and everyone wants to be contrarian nowadays LMAO. She was like 17 going on world tours constantly. thats insane.

No. 729538

Why is everyone harping on the main characters being special? The books I read literally just feature teenagers being regular teenagers encountering minor inconveniences. I don't read books for the purpose of the main character going through a harrowing adventure. I've never read a Harry Potter book in my life (bc it's outside of my genre of interest), but I bet you any amount of money in the world its fanbase isn't only compromised of teenagers. Those are still considered YA novels.
Do you think New York Time's Best Sellers are the only YA books? Are you the same anon who said I don't read? You sound like you haven't seen the cover of a book since 2014. Do you also happen to watch soap operas by any chance?

No. 729553

Agree. As a preteen/younger teen I loved YA, and a big part of that was being able to relate to and even project onto the characters. Even with Twilight, I could identify with Bella’s mentality and intense relationship (though obviously not with the vampire thing lol). It’s to the writers’ credit that they are able to appeal to the teen mindset.

I grew out of the genre but still tried to read some highly recommended YA books. All were just awful. Even when re-reading old favourites, I’d completely change my feelings. I don’t understand how adults can not only read most of those books, but also rave about them. I feel like the expected quality of YA is low which doesn’t help matters.

No. 729554

Hobbies are a luxury. It's hard to have hobbies when you're broke.

Also not having your kids form hobbies as children is a form of child abuse.

No. 729558

Oh my god NOT AGAIN

No. 729567

Agreed. I dropped most of my hobbies when I was working and going to school full-time. I literally did not have the energy anymore. All I did during my downtime was watch Netflix.

No. 729568

Pickmes are just people who have the guts to go against the majority's opinion.

No. 729569

You can go to the library, get some books on philosophy, history or whatever, read them and then discuss them/shitpost about them on forums or discords.

Fishing rods are pretty cheap, you can probably kit yourself out with a cheap second hand one with everything for $80-100. Even on NEETbux with some frugality you can have one within a month or two. Just head down on the weekend with some blood and bone and you're away

One friend and a basketball and you can shoot some hoops and talk shit, if you have a little bit of coin a six pack between you you're set. Even absolute druggie losers manage this.

Sports communities that operate weekly often have a term fee of like $20-40. You should be able to manage this one off cost at some point.

Really you don't need hobbies though, just some dumb activity you can bond over with someone.

>Also not having your kids form hobbies as children is a form of child abuse.

It's better for a kid to have friends over to watch shonen anime together and play games at the schoolyard than to be like a tigermom'd asian kid that can play violin perfectly but is socially stunted and anxious. Hobbies develop naturally unless the kid is retarded or addicted to something like video games, social media or porn.

No. 729570

I mean anon, you can't force hobbies onto people. I agree that if your child expresses or shows an interest in something then you should do everything you can to help them, but people have to figure out what they like on their own

No. 729571

i know i'm late but this is so not 100% true at all, my mom had a thyroidectomy done and ballooned up since then, a lot of visceral fat that's tough to get rid of. I would've never thought hormones played that much of a role when it came to weight had I not personally witnessed it right in front of me. I had the concept of metabolism down but it's definitely a bigger factor than I thought it was. To put things in better perspective, she eats the same amount of food as me but I'm underweight. I would never wish it to even my worst enemy.

Granted I often don't feel a lot of sympathy for fatties unless they can specifically state the medical condition causing them to carry so much weight, but the very least I acknowledge it's toxic of me, especially when I stop to think about the fact that a lot of them might not yet have been diagnosed, know something is wrong, but don't know what exactly. I would also never want my metabolism/hormones to go out of whack and have people be so judgmental of me.

No. 729572

NTA but I'm guessing she meant that not allowing your children to form hobbies is abuse.

No. 729573

What people will say about Billie Eilish in 2050 lmao

No. 729574

Oh that's understandable and I agree with that then. Parents who force their kids to stop doing harmless hobbies they enjoy are awful

No. 729575

And if you can't afford to invest in their hobbies that's also abuse.

No. 729576

you're being sarcastic right?

No. 729579

No, retard.

No. 729583

Yup. Broke bitches shouldnt be having kids if they cant invest in their kids hobbies.

No. 729585

I wouldn't be surprised that in a few years (if not already, not a medfag) they find a gene causing some people to get addicted to alcohol. I think it's a wird addiction in general because most people can drink, excessively even, very regularly even daily, go through hardships/depression and never get addicted. It's so unlike say crack/heroin were 99.9% of people that regularly take an opiate will get addicted, period. Kind of a sperg but I've always found alcoholism fascinating because let's face it the affects of alcohol aren't worth the pay off. Remember alcoholics get to a point that they literally cannot live without alcohol constantly in their system, a lot end up getting wet rain/dementia. Alcoholism is the worst kind of addiction imo, i'd take being a tweaker over it.

No. 729586

*wet brain not rain ffs

No. 729593

File: 1612387220387.jpg (643.96 KB, 1080x1440, 1612350968186.jpg)

People should stop taking IG seriously as a way to see what anyone looks like.
Like, if you see someone on the app, and they fit their aesthetic a little too perfectly, it's better to just assume they edit their photos dramatically (at least this much).
It's barely even worth calling out anymore. At this point, they can't even call these "edited photos of themselves", because there's no resemblance. If this girl went missing, no one would find her if they only had the picture on the right to go by.
They're using photos of themselves as bases to make pictures of their OCs, and RPing as those OCs online. Instagram is just a way for "normie" people to get away with LARPing like furries do (they even buy special clothes and accessories for their OCs, much like fursuiters) and they get to pick up photo editing skills on the way. Anyone who "identifies" as their internet persona IRL should just be considered a kinnie if that persona doesn't look like them.
When you start to look at things that way, it doesn't even seem like a problem.

No. 729595

> tfw women aren't allowed to buy stonks
Kek, sometimes terfs get so radfem they turn into the misogynists.

No. 729600

Uh, what does that post have to do with radical feminism (or excluding trannies)? Aren't there tons of trannies on OF?

No. 729602

I think their point wasn’t so much “women can’t buy stocks” as it was “teenage girls are being pushed towards degrading sex work as their chance at financial success while things like stocks, which men are more likely to participate in, just made a bunch of random redditors rich.”

No. 729607

Nta, but a lot of anons on this site claim to be radfem

No. 729608

Women who claim they cant have kids because they dont have a husband with a stable job are just making excuses because they dont actually want kids. You don't need to have a husband to have kids anymore and if you're too broke to have kids without a scrotes help dont have any.

No. 729609

>You don't need to have a husband to have kids anymore
It's better to raise children with two parents, regardless of gender
>t. only had one parent

No. 729610

>both parents

I think if you have the time and money it's not necessary to have a husband. Most men dont do shit for their kids anyway

No. 729614

The goal should be a two parent home where the parents get along and work together to raise their children properly. Women should make sure they can afford to raise however many amount of children first though because sometimes a two parent home cannot happen without conflict and then a one parent home is better.

No. 729617

Pickmes are the majority though, which makes it so sad.

No. 729618

>>729614 said it better than I could. If you can successfully and safely raise children or co-parent (which is just as great) with the other parent then you should do that, and to say otherwise is selfish and delusional imo. The child's wellbeing comes before any personal feelings you have.

No. 729633

instagram accounts celebface and beauty.false are great ways to see this in action (but in the mainstream). I don't think these people are the devil for editing pics except that when that's all you see everywhere, and not to mention being isolated in a pandemic, it starts to skew your perspective. So pretty much most of the time on insta don't take it as absolute reality. it's kind of scary once you see the real pic. For example in your post she looks like a creepy alien

No. 729635

I don't what planet you're on but pickmes are the ones who follow & reinforce social rules.

No. 729648

Are you the same person who posted "Most farmers on Lolcow are just jealous of pickmes" last thread? See: >>716925

No. 729649

Nah homie, pickmes are women who go with the flow of male-dominated narratives and spaces in order to appease men thinking that it will lead to personal reward. Deference to and domination by men is still the majority's choice in most societies. Pickmeism isn't unpopular.

No. 729707

No. 729716

>If this girl went missing, no one would find her if they only had the picture on the right to go by.
I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen this happen in the last few years. One specific case I remember was some girl (from Germany I think?) who went missing a few years ago and the media used photos with obvious face-altering snapchat filters that barely resembled her. So unhelpful.

No. 729719

"Bad bitch" personalities are so annoying, bitchy, and seem like a clutch for their inner vapid desires for wealth, coom, and dominance over others. Just because you like sequins, fast fashion, bratz, y2k fashion, and nicki minaj does not make you cool or hard at all, I have no idea why young women are falling for this ghetto ass shit

No. 729804

This 100%. I also feel like it's a way for young women to reject the pushover personality women are expected to have but apparently society knows no middle ground

No. 729807

People take themselves way too seriously. This causes a lot of unnecessary problems.

No. 729900

From what I see it's usually a huge cope. Kinda like how the fat guy tries to be funny, "bad bitches" usually egg people on so they can "dunk" on them in public to show just how much they "don't care" but in reality they're seething.

No. 729912

Period blood isn't that gross. Sure, it's messy and an annoying inconvenience, but the "gross" factor is overblown. It's probably the most "normal" blood there is, because it doesn't come from injury or violence.
The only issue is where it comes from, but if it's your partner's or your own, it really shouldn't be a big deal IMO. Straight men who make a fuss of how nasty it is, but love bloody/gory films are little bitches.

No. 729924

Right. I heard husbands or boyfriends weren’t even allowed at their pregnant wives doctor appointments or in the delivery room to support their wife and watch their baby be born. Pretty fucked up

No. 729932

Honestly, I agree anon. If you don’t have a supportive partner and adequate money, the unfortunate fact is that having more than one kid is pretty irresponsible, for a variety of reasons.

No. 729945

Tbf it’s not just broke people who struggle to pick up hobbies, also people with chronic illness, adhd, depression, etc. Not that you’re disagreeing with this, just thought I’d add on that it’s not only broke folks

No. 729947

Fishing sounds cool but then I think how most fishers are dudes and if you’re a solitary woman you would probably get hit on a lot (at worst could even be in danger if you’re alone with some creep in the middle of nature) then it doesn’t sound as fun lmao

No. 729953

Paparazzi candids are a lot more accurate than celebface. They actually show celebs off guard and without the posing and pro makeup, like just the way they look on a normal basis. Pretty eye opening, if you only see a celeb’s red carpet pics or if you would think they’re bette looking than they really are

No. 729962

Not entirely true, it's definitely a thing for celebs to go out on purpose to get shot by paparazzi.

No. 729999

There's no reason women should invest so much money in our appearance. It's just a renmant from when women did not make money themselves and had to be picked by a man to survive. But biologically speaking we are supposed to filter out the worthy males.

No. 730040

File: 1612443616517.jpg (54.38 KB, 480x640, os19.jpg)

oldschool lolita & classsic lolita> gothic lolita >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sweet lolita

No. 730041

Are your feelings hurt so bad that you forgot this was an unpopular opinions thread? Not anon's fault that they don't like your hair lol

No. 730059

i have to respectfully disagree the first day i get my period i always almost faint at the sight of my own blood. I just think blood is gross regardless of what orifice it comes out of. Its even more gross if its coming out of someone else and i see it. maybe i just have a whatever the fuck tsunade had LMAO.

No. 730071

I feel like if it’s true women gossip about each other more it’s at least partly just because women are more interesting. I feel like even for men, they will like orbit and be fascinated by some woman for years and women will be more interested in their female peers than happens with men. With a lot of men there’s just nothing to even gossip about.

No. 730074

Women's fuckups are funny but when it comes to men they are gross and dangerous.

No. 730095

Wouldn't getty images be better for that? Paparazi can still ps the photos.

No. 730157

Orange juice with high pulp is the best kind of oj.

No. 730161

Exactly, the pulp makes it extra special.

No. 730280

cut penises are weird, just teach them scrotes how to wash their dicks

No. 730284

I get having a preference but on top of that there's a 50/50 chance of the dick still being ugly

No. 730291

Ime foreskin doesn't determine if a dick is ugly. I've saw nice uncut ones and nice cut one, cut probably did look more pleasing but I suppose because it was a nicer looking penis than the others in general.

No. 730323

Anons who are still bringing up finnanon and accusing random unhinged posters of being her are annoying.
>inb4 someone accuses me of being finnanon
No I'm not, I just think it's dumb and that there are better cows on this board to focus on than a random anon who hasn't even made any lulzy posts in like 6 months. Her posts weren't even that interesting or crazy in the first place.

No. 730324

I haven't seen anyone bring up finnanon in months

No. 730327

Lurk moar I guess. I see her get brought up pretty much weekly.

No. 730332

nta but anon is right. she gets brought up whenever a random anon is talking about some fucked up stories and gets accused of being her

No. 730415

>I dont care If my bf/husband looks at hot models/tiktok girls/porn stars he could never get those girls anyway!

That is the biggest cope ever. You are literally admitting to knowing the only thing stopping your bf from fucking these women is that hes too ugly or broke to do it. That's sad.

No. 730425

All these animated music videos put out by mainstream pop artists feel soulless. They're just not as fun to watch as "usual" cartoons, or even random animations people make and post online for fun. I don't know why.

No. 730477

Cope + shitty way to admit that their husbands/bfs aren't committed to them because the only thing that stops them is the lack of opportunity.

No. 730495

Not a single cow on w is interesting

No. 730517

Not really, most Getty images are taken at events and the person is posing and has makeup and hair done. Usually better lighting than real life too

No. 730519

I was just thinking about this, it’s why there are hardly any male cows. Men just really aren’t that interesting or fun to observe

No. 730522

File: 1612488338374.jpeg (77.13 KB, 352x182, 944BE6CB-B91F-433C-9C82-677CC8…)

Yeah but you can usually clock when the celeb is doing that because they pose and are all polished up Picrel of Ana de armas is a good example of what paparazzi can capture. Makes me feel better to know even people seen as very attractive look like shit sometimes lmao

No. 730536

I used to agree with this but Eloise Fraser’s first couple of threads are god

No. 730618

File: 1612499058217.jpeg (43.42 KB, 592x695, 2C17925F-D06D-406B-9C4D-7A3370…)

Sometimes being rude and/or bold is completely justifiable.
Like when people won’t do their fucking jobs and are clearly slacking off during work hours or outright ignoring you for no reason even if you were polite at the beginning.
It’s awkward to be rude or to be whiny and such, but sometimes it’s almost as if some employees won’t do what they’re supposed to do if you’re polite to them, like, bastard, I got shit to do as well, just do your shit or leave if working is so difficult for you.

No. 730695

Schools shouldn't be reopening. Kids are vectors for contagious disease and because the parents won't do enough to keep them quarantined, they are bound to infect communities at high rates with covid in addition to possibly killing their teachers.
And the teachers aren't being paid nearly enough to put their lives at risk (as is the case of every non-medical ""essential worker"") to go back. Sure they can be vaccinated but there are multiple strains of covid now which means they can still get infected even with the current vaccine.

Parents want the schools open cause they're pissed that the form of daycare that they relied on to give themselves a break from their kids for 9 hours a day is gone. Parents don't want to spend time to teach their kids anything (if they are even capable of teaching them), let alone that they even like their own kids enough to be stuck in a house 24/7 with them. Some parents can't even work from home or stay at home to take care of their kids. Either because their kids are taters who require special care that they aren't equipped to handle, or they can't afford to lose their income. Everyone wants to blame covid but no one stops to ask what the fuck is severely lacking in our societies? We lost the ability to connect and educate our own offspring. We don't have communities anymore that will help out struggling families. We have to rely on government babysitting services because if we dare take a year or two off from our jobs to be with our kids at home, we will become destitute or homeless.

It's not covid's fault. The truth is our ways of living were always teetering on the edge of failure and covid has just finally revealed the soft, vulnerable underbelly of it all.

No. 730698

Trisha as Gerard Way is hot as hell

No. 730711

I hate it when something bad happens to/between youtubers and they talk about it and then later on some drama tubers say something like "Ughhh can we just move onnn"

I know some or most of these beefing youtubers are often attention whores, but that's such a dumb thing to say. To most of us plebs and peasants it's just drama and something we follow on media, but to these people it's their actual life. It's something that happened to them. If you were wronged in some way by another person or something bad happened to you, how would you feel if some random person you don't know said "Ughhh you're still on about that? Just move on to the next thing, boo boo"

The shit that happens to them affects their real life and their feelings. And it honestly annoys me when some other attention whore who makes their meager money talking about other people's lives treats it like a fictional show where the episode is way too long and boring.

No. 730804

White people who go on the comments section of POC talking to other POC about their issues and feel the need to broadcast that they are a white person watching this video. Shut the fuck up. You are so fucking embarrassing. example:

>video about dealing with the struggles of having afro textured hair.

>comment: "as a blonde scandinavian watching this video, i'm amazed at your patience to do this everyday!"

this is patronizing white guilt. half boasting, half giving a flimsy compliment. i say this as a white person. you are fucking embarrassing and i cringe.

No. 730819

Agreed and even without the insulting backhanded compliments, white people sucking up to non white people via sjw rhetoric is pathetic. Being anti racism is good, being a self deprecating white guilt martyr for brownie points and to be ~one of the good ones~ is embarrassing at best and almost racist in itself at worst, like they're trying to make it about them.

No. 730824

File: 1612526946384.jpeg (86.86 KB, 960x954, 2020112704581223125.jpeg)

I hate that white girls with brown eyes and brunette hair are considered basic and boring. even if their faces are gorgeous. I've kind of internalized that as a fact. The amount of times i've seen people say Dasha Taran is "pretty but in a plain way" and i know that's what they're referring to.

No. 730827

plain people are the prettiest and least intimidating lookswise. that's probably why i find them so cute. beauty isn't as pleasant to look at when someone looks too perfect

No. 730830

The funny thing is, it's always white people that make other white people feel like they have to do those kind of things. Poc think it's annoying when they do that white guilt shit. That "OOOoh m gee! I hate white people! I am so sorry white people have no culture and are so unseasoned! bleh white people suck!" stuff is like…ok? The rest of us think you look cringy and ridiculous. You're not ~cool~ and hip with the poc.(racebait)

No. 730831

Dark haired and dark eyed girls are gorgeous and striking; I say this as a blue eyed blonde. I think of snow white sometimes. When I was little I loved the description of her beauty. I honestly think people of any colors can be striking. I understand preferences, but I don't understand people who think there is only one type of beauty. There are so many and that's lovely about the human race. I don't like the term "plain" either because it's often used really weirdly, idk and no one can agree. But lolcow isn't a good rep of most people's views because it's especially nitpicky and biased. Though the thing with blondes va brunettes is mainstream it's stupid and blatantly memed into

No. 730834

>plain people are the prettiest
that's an oxymoron.

No. 730836

Back to Twitter

No. 730840

Personally, I find her plain not because of her brown eyes/hair but because she has features that are common among Slavic girls. She is obviously pretty but I wouldn't think too much about her if I meet her on the street because I see girls with faces similar to hers every day.

No. 730859

I agree, anon. Honestly, I feel like eye/hair color matters less to me personally when compared to the face and body as a whole (in terms of beauty). I feel like I can find beauty in a person's face and features, whether or not they are brown eyed and have dark hair. The only people I see actively denouncing those features are white nationalists anyway kek. Sometimes, having dark eyes coupled with pale skin (like Snow White!) can make for an interesting, pretty contrast. There's a reason the term "doe-eyed" exists, anyway.

No. 730883

I've heard women get called snow White as compliments and it melts my cold heart.

No. 730905

We should gate keep on the definition of trauma because it’s 99% just usually about childhood bullying and nudes drama

No. 730909

uhh but childhood bullying absolutely can cause long term trauma, depending on severity. who are you to judge anyway?

No. 730910


No. 730911

i'm confused, i thought "plain" means average looking, in the sense that you're like the average person who has a few facial flaws, not average in the sense that features are all average sized and average spacing because that's what's actually optimal for attractiveness. dasha isn't plain at all, she's clearly pretty in a universal way.

No. 730929

I think in some extreme cases bullying prob can lead to it but yeah people with less than perfect childhoods labelling themselves as having trauma is getting old

No. 730938

Agree this is annoying but what can you do? Hope they get help for their issues, whatever they are.
Personally I'm tired of childhood trauma being an aesthetic. Some people may honestly use it to cope, but I cannot help but feel that for many it's just a trend. Or maybe I'm tired of people reblogging photos of random children among scribbles like 'why daddy why'. It just doesn't feel honest at this point. Fuck off to therapy instead of romanticizing that crap.

No. 730970

I hope I'm not the only one: I feel like I constantly have to hide the fact that I'm in a normal healthy relationship just to be able to make friends or have a normal conversation with other people my age. When I bring it up I feel like I automatically get pegged as a needy pick-me, or a boring ~neurotypical~ normie Stacy who has nooo idea what truuu loneliness and depression is like because of course only snow-pure members of the unloved khv club are allowed to feel sad. I even worry it'll affect how my artwork is perceived, since (like any artist) a lot of it reflects my mental health issues.

I'm not trying to say "omg u are all just jealouszzz," I completely understand why single people crack jokes like "I want all couples to die" and I don't think they're oppressing me or anything. I'm just confused as to how the hell I'm supposed to navigate this when my own friends discard my opinions/advice/emotions just because "umm u have a bf"

No. 730974

We should also gatekeep "abuse" more. I'm tired of kids with gofundmes when their parents are just making them do chores lol.

No. 730983

I feel the same way. It's funny because before I got lucky with meeting someone similarly autistic to me, I was in the unloved khv club too. I feel like a lot of people don't realize that a lot of getting in a good relationship is just luck instead of some intrinsic quality about you.

No. 730990

The word bullying is a meme and it’s just used for kids that got called fat or were outcasted because they couldn’t adjust.
Getting spat on, beaten up, molested = not fucking bullying
It’s a crime. Kiss my ass if you disagree.

No. 730993

I'm sick of rich Westerners whining about their uwu trauma and abuse online for donations or woke points. I barely managed to crawl out of my third world meth-ridden shithole just to hear some girl who lives in a three-story house cry about her abusive parents who made her do the dishes once, or a transman who is "homeless" because they got in a fight with their enabler mom because they didn't clean the litter box.

No. 731041

>ITT: Oppression Olympics

No. 731044

Italian food sucks.

No. 731049

Cry about it fag

No. 731050

The term 'cope' has been used to death and should be retired already.

Of course I fully expect at least one reply calling this post a cope

No. 731053


No. 731059

>t. cries about being molested when there's children starving in the world

No. 731082

i’m going to come in to your house and stuff arancini down your throat until you suffocate

No. 731088

Depends. If something is a cope I'm gonna call it a cope.

No. 731103

Obvious scrote bait

No. 731104

Getting stabbed on or strangled to death isn't murder either

How the fuck is being raped and beat on not being bullied ? You're retarded as fuck

No. 731105

Its hilarious to me that brunettes are pretty much the dark skins of white people lol
Oh we cant shit on each other because one side of the race is lighter than the other? Ok! Blondes vs brunettes!Haha shit eyes look at me my eyes are blue like the ocean!

Normies are exhausting. You create nonsense issues for yourselves. I want no part of this society anymore.(racebait)

No. 731108

I'm kinda on the fence. On one end I met a girl from a rich family who claimed to have daddy issues for her ddlg aesthetic and used it as an excuse to be crazy, turns out all that happened was that her step mom and her just didn't get along! No abuse, no screaming, she was just girly and the other was quiet and liked staying indoors. On the other hand I knew someone from a rich family who claimed their parents are abuse and I called bullshit until I stayed at their house more and saw their parents steal money and documents, withhold things to where no one would be able to move out or leave, throw away and destroy personal items, yelling and starting fights with guests, stealing and screaming at their sons girlfriend for every little thing, insulting everyone and so on as well as laughing off their daughter getting sexually assaulted with such huge child molestation problems in the family that they have tons of rules to prevent it from happening

I guess moral of the story is that the white rich westerner claiming to be abused is kinda an iffy subject, some of the most abusive families I knew were upper or middle class folks, the other hand you have fat white tumblr girls who want the tragic backstory for their aesthetic

No. 731111

I live in a country with more or less equal amounts of blondes and brunettes and I've never noticed any sort of 'competition' at all.

No. 731116

Speaking as an American, this is only a US thing because people have so little ancestral roots to cling to that they resort to superficial tribalism that allows them to feel distinguished and special.
In older countries where blondes and brunettes have always kinda been around in tandem, no one gives a fuck.

No. 731117

Just pointing out the hypocrisy

No. 731119

Same here, if anything people are usually asking my brunette ass if that's my natural color but I don't really see anyone praising one over the other.

No. 731131

Americans obsess over weird features like that, blonde vs brunette, big boobs vs small boobs, tan vs pale, etc

Instead of worrying about stupid shit like that I'd be more impressed if they're not fat or underweight or have decent skin and hygiene

No. 731150

I hope people still wear masks even after COVID is over. Like how masks are used in Asia. I think I'm going to wear masks when I'm not feeling well and I might wear masks on airplanes and such.

No. 731181

I think some people will but the majority will be ripping that shit off and throwing it in the trash the moment the pandemic is declared as over. People refuse to stay home even when they have the flu, so I have no hope we will learn anything from covid lmao. Plus I have a feeling a lot of workplaces won't let you wear masks anymore once this is done because they "scare the customers!".

No. 731182

Same, it's also great for covering up my coldsores whenever i get them.

No. 731185

It should be normal to talk about future expectations on the first few dates. Like, do you want to marry, do you want children, if yes to any of that, by when, do you plan staying on your chosen career path, do you wanna stay living here or move somewhere completely different (even if it's just some kind of mind play right now instead of an actual plan you're working on realizing), how do you plan to do stuff at home (Does one person do the cooking and the other one does the cleaning? Does the person that has the time in that moment do whatever is of need right now? Do you take turns on both? When would be the earliest you'd be willing to move in with someone (if you even plan on doing that) and by when would've you lost the patience? What's your idea of a fair rent split? etc) and all that other basic stuff you should have down before you're at the long-term stage of your relationship. Of course it doesn't have to be like "When we, date #42 of this month that I've known for twenty minutes, marry one day, how do you plan on naming our twins?" but I honestly find it stupid to waste three years with someone who has plans on living a nomadic life when I want a 2.4 children with a labrador and white picket fence life, or when I never ever want children with anyone in any form while the other person wants to recreate the Kelly family, because none of us bothered to bring up such non-compromisable topics before we got emotionally attached to each other and making a break up so much more painful when there's a thing we just can't settle on. I think it's best to get this out of the way completely early on and wouldn't think my date is one of the crazy ones if they started talking about children on the first or second date.

No. 731186

damn i really did sperg here for a bit, didn't i

No. 731189

Hard agree with all of this. When I think about it, it’s fucking bizarre that these discussions are considered taboo.

No. 731192

I had an ex who had a son from a previous relationship. He once told me (while drunk) that he had some feelings of regret around ever having a kid. He never repeated that again and I don't think he remembers telling me but anyway. I never want kids myself, his kid was hitting puberty so that was fine though. We had fun weekends with a 12 year old that I could relate to on a level of us both liking stupid shit like pokemon. No parenting role for me as he already had a mom. Cool. My partner had made it clear that he was delighted I never wanted kids. He got a vasectomy a year into us living together.

3 years into living together he starts acting distant. He'd been having an affair, with a woman who has 4 young kids. He had plans to move in with her and the 4 kids and be a family. I was more shocked about all the young kids than the actual act of cheating. That display of how fickle men are has disturbed me ever since.

No. 731202

Theoretically that would be ideal but it's a bit optimistic about how men function. Unfortunately many of them will just lie and pretend to agree with whatever you say until they get what they want. And putting all your cards on the table can be risking, eg I don't want kids and it makes me paranoid that a guy will think he can get away with not using condoms if he knows I'd be sure to abort.

No. 731244

First rule of lolcow should be Do not talk about lolcow
Jfc if I see one more (she/they) tiktok-using stantwitter faggot talking about being on this board I will send them all gore and death threats

No. 731245

where do you find these people anon it does not seem like their scene at all

No. 731258

Post caps

No. 731291

I’ve seen people call Margot Robbie “basic” and she’s gorgeous. Wouldn’t put too much energy into what people say about pretty girls

No. 731318

polygymy where 2 women share one man is the lamest shit ever

No. 731321

>polygamy is the lamest shit ever

No. 731327

>man is the lamest shit ever
Double fixed

No. 731332

Because a kid calling another kid repeatedly is bullying not comparable to a repeated rape

You are the actual retard here and I’m glad you got bullied in school lol

No. 731333

Repeatedly fat*

No. 731374

File: 1612581208148.jpg (542.45 KB, 1080x1080, UtEC5vfGYJ2wKqZno4Tc.jpg)

people with hazel eyes who edit them green are pathetic. your eyes are not green.

No. 731377

>I’ve seen people call Margot Robbie “basic”
literally just jealousy on their part and i don't usually use that argument lol

No. 731385

Tbf don't eye colors change in different lighting? Sometimes mine look dark and grayish but other times super bright blue depending on the lighting

No. 731388

Nta yea, mine go from muddy grey to less muddy grey but this shit is obviously edited, come on nonnie

No. 731390

ooooo my bad then I will try to keep a closer… eye out

No. 731395

yeah, mine are brown in dim lighting but they become really brown in bright lighting. in special lighting my eyes are especially brown

No. 731397

File: 1612583778183.jpeg (33.71 KB, 480x360, BEFD8B9F-E7A9-44C8-AADA-0921F0…)

No. 731405

can you really not tell that's a whole different iris?

No. 731466

Reading “”intellectual”” in general is so fucking boring and I don’t get the hype at all, I seriously think nerdy junkies need to throw all of their philosophy or theory into the garbage because the only real way people enrich themselves in through experiences. Reading isn’t an experience, it’s just to validate your own opinions or need for entertainment, it’s not a vehicle to grow, it’s just one gigantic meme where readers confuse obscurity for depth and their confusion as “developing” their interests.

No. 731549


clearly you should read more because this made no sense

No. 731571

With a few exceptions (like courses where, in actual work/practice, you'll need to know the content right off the bat and can't just consult your books), all exams should be open book.
If you can prepare good notes in advance, and find all the info you need to pass without running out of time, it means you have been paying attention, and you're a good student, period.
Some people just have awful memory (especially when test anxiety is forced on them), no matter how hard they try to study. It's not fair to lump them in with people who don't bother at all.

No. 731575

Boost, bump, cosigned, based, etc.
I couldn't have said it better myself. What I've noticed though is, professors tend to write tests/exams even harder when they're open book as opposed to not. They'll start incorporating more application questions instead of just questions and straightforward answers. What especially grinds my gears is when they use programs and software that record you while you're taking the test.

No. 731594

If you're mad cause your illiterate and can't read just say so

No. 731611

Are we really gatekeeping experiences now

No. 731670

I wish male cows weren't allowed on this site. I hide their threads because their "milk" is always intense and upsetting

Average gal cow
>lol she's posted a retarded selfie
>lol she's sperging about fan criticism
>lol she's so weird and cringe

Average guy cow
>lol he… Raped a woman at knife point and still has a career, wtf

Plus half the fun of lolcow is knowing the cows shame-lurk and self post in their threads, but you can't really bully or shame psychopaths so they just feel smug that people are mad and grossed out by them.

No. 731678

malala’s understudy is mad that no one will let her near a book

No. 731680

i hate league of legends but k/da is gr9. i'd love riot to focus more on k/da and turn them into some gorillaz-esque full-fledged virtual band

No. 731710

Lolcow farm has bad memes, lolcow farm has bad memes

No. 731716


Tru but scrotes have gotten mad about it and shame lurked like Onion boy. I agree though that most scrote cows are either troons or the type you described where its just male privilege winning and terrible SA violence maleness spiral.

No. 731717

I love reading most infighting tbh I think its hilarious.

No. 731719

You're right, many of them aren't lol but they're definitely cows. Horror cows. I think it's good that LC collect evidence of their violent behaviour, as they seem to think that they can get away with anything.

No. 731747

Nothing really beats brilliantly done breast implants, but I feel like not too many people are willing to admit that nicely done breast implants can look good or even better than most boobs. Your tits are literally being scientifically modded to perfection. On top of that everyone praises fake tits until they find out they're fake and women are expected to have fake-esque tits naturally. Boob job shaming just encourages women to get implants then lie about it while making men expect young women to just have perfect tits naturally

No. 731749

i guess the problem is, like with other well done cosmetic procedures, that it's so beautiful that it looks natural and you can plausibly deny / not even have people ask.
also good surgeons are not cheap.

No. 731754

I've had small gummy bear implants and it was pretty cheap, like 4k and I only paid like 100 a month on it. They look good and feel squishy and soft, on top of that no one really noticed and I honestly doubt my boyfriend would have even noticed if I didn't tell him.i obviously tell anyone who sees me naked but it does piss me off when other girls on reddit and stuff have boob jobs then just deny it, that just makes men wonder why other women's boobs don't look like that. I also think people underestimate how easy it is for everyday women to get plastic surgery

No. 731756

that is not so expensive ! good on you, enjoy your boobs anon.

No. 731758

I agree actually. I knew a girl who got a very natural boobjob done, teardrop shape and an appropriate size for her frame. It's that she was very open about getting it otherwise I wouldn't have known, it looked great.

No. 731767

Damn in my area implants on average go for 10k. If they were only 4k I'd pay for them in full now. May I ask what general location/city you are based in? I'm from Los Angeles.

No. 731805

In a correct world, no one would be getting boob implants, at least not until men get brain implants, dick implants, face transplants, etc lmao.
>scientifically molded to perfection
Are you that one anon from LA who got a boob job so men would like you more, and got annoyed at anons for not cheering you on?

No. 731856

Why do tits need to be perfect though? Why don't men perfect their hideous bodies first?

No. 731859

No. 731902

I'm from Florida

No. 731904

Men need to do that as well

No. 731907

>implying women only get breast implants for men
nta, but why do you think everything has to be in relation to men? i do anything to make myself look prettier and hotter and it's never with men on my mind. i do it to slay and be in love with my reflection.

No. 731911

I have never met a lesbian with breast implants.

No. 731918

Obviously considering you're taking two very low population people and trying to combine the two. Only a chunk of women have breast implants and are gay, it would be even more unlikely to see someone who has breast implants and is gay. That being said I feel like even if I provide you examples of lesbians with breast implants you'll dig up their history and find out they dated a guy at 18 or something

No. 731920

File: 1612645229387.png (995.62 KB, 816x876, dontmakemetapthesign.png)

No. 731922

>i do it to slay
>in love with my reflection
Ah yes slay queen, we women all love our own reflections. Just girly things.

Nothing weird about your post at all lol

No. 731924

Why do you only fall in love with your reflection when it's a 1:1 replica of straight men's desires? Funny coincidence.

No. 731926

why are there so many retarded libfem choice feminists on this site now?

No. 731933

It's a bit agp isn't it.

No. 731935

this anon hit the nail on the head >>731924

No. 731944

nothing is going to convince me you two aren't ugly. you sound like you've never heard of vanity and can't seem to imagine what that's like. guess it's not surprising for a place like lolcow.

to the contrary, it's people like this that make me somewhat understand why anti-feminist women exist. they want to shove down your throat that you can't like something if "straight men" like it too. if you do, you must have some internalized misogyny like >>731924 so ~cleverly~ tried to imply. it smells like gaslighting.

No. 731946

Keep talking anon, you're outing yourself more and more.

No. 731947

Is it even possible to not have your view on yourself as a woman tainted my "male gaze" in a patriarchal society?

No. 731954

Wow, an anonymous person on the internet thinks me, another anonymous person on the internet is ugly. That is soul-crushing, lmao.
I'm willing to bet most anons here are conventionally attractive (or else we'd probably all be pick-me femcels because there'd be little to no other choice for survival in a male-run society), just not retarded enough to believe that most of the strongest aesthetic influences placed on women weren't/aren't groomed by a scrotoid dick-centred culture.
Quit it with the delusions, it makes you look dumb as fuck. No one made corsets or heels just for funsies, lmao. Are you into that "reclaim the bimbo aesthetic because that's my true feminine form, not a porn trope made up by ugly-ass men" shit, too? You definitely sound like it, kek.
By the way, if you had actual vanity, you wouldn't need to constantly be buying shit to stay in love with yourself, because self-love comes from the self. Like, what the fuck would a goddess need some shitty man-made implants and paints made to conceal the ugliness other people have for? What is there to hide with concealer? Where is the pride in constantly having to change what's there? It's actually a personal admission of one's own inferiority, and happiness that they managed to cover it up for a day, or even a few years. Stop conflating self-love/vanity with crippling insecurity and anxiety, it's a fucking meme.

No. 731958

I can't imagine implanting myself with devices I would have to replace and readjust with expensive surgery every few years, and expose myself to cancer, just so some people who I don't even care about would say to me: "Nice tits."

Found out recently that my friends all thought I had huge perky boobs just because I wear decent bras, meanwhile my nipples literally point to my belly button when I sit. People are retarded and there's not a single cosmetic surgery worth their opinions.

No. 731970

If you can't have a discussion without tagging multiple posters and decalring them ugly…maybe the issue is you. Your criticisms of lc and of feminists and whetever else you say after the genuis deflecting reply of 'you ugly' …it's just hard to take any of it seriously when that's what you're working with.

No. 731980

not those anons but I’m ugly and idgaf because I’m a happy bitch with morals. and yeah, we’ve heard of vanity… have you? it’s a terrible, narcissistic quality to have. but keep bragging anonymously about being self-centered and obsessed with your appearance, I’m sure it brings you peace!

No. 731993

I have a question that might be rude but whatever. What kind of men show interest in you? Did richer moids start paying attention to you? I don’t really see the point of implants unless you get to level up that way. I mean they are expensive and you need backup money in case you need them redone and stuff

No. 731998

Damn I was banned for INFIGHTING? No, you're just mad I called you ugly. Stay mad. That anon back there sounded like she thought female vanity was a damn MYTH.(ban evasion)

No. 732000

what a sad existence

No. 732036

The trips of truth.

No. 732042

Twitter and LSA people

No. 732061

File: 1612657723363.png (298.39 KB, 403x606, tumblr_4a47b7415215717ab5af109…)

2 things:

- you people remind of bitchy mean girl cliques I used to wind up in high school.

- that weird bloke posting about anorectal violence yesterday used to shitpost on 4chan porn boards back in the day. The fact he gets anything other than mockery here is pretty funny.

No. 732070

imagine not being in love with yourself, sad

No. 732099

Ugandan knuckles is not funny at all

No. 732102

what are ugandan knuckles?

No. 732114

We get it anon you’re a let-me-live type, just admit you fall in love with yourself in the mirror and gtfo with your bait

No. 732117

wasn’t that a thing in like 2016 wtf anon

No. 732134

Lmao did you just find out about that. Who even uses that meme anymore

No. 732150

Finding out that anorectal violence anon was a straight male immediately makes it unfunny.

No. 732152

File: 1612666802416.gif (168.68 KB, 500x500, 6E402C64-D2E6-4652-B31A-F026FA…)

fuck u anon

No. 732154

I know. fun ruined.

No. 732157

Yes, this
I miss the time when I just taught he was a persevering nonny with tism

No. 732158

Only weak women get offended at women who like to feel sexy
Literally no pair of boobs will ever be perfect without modification. Science has come a long way so what's the point of letting knowledge go to waste? Even if women are trying to appeal to male fantasy, why and how does it affect you? It's like saying men who go to the gym to appeal to women it's bad

New flash - it's human nature to want to appeal to the opposite sex

No. 732159

I HATE VTubers, just hate them. I don't even know if that's an unpopular opinion or not, but it's unpopular on most of the internet.
They are fake people purposefully made to drain the money out of the extremely depressed who are so desperate that they will empty their wallets just to have someone look at them. Not REAL women looking at them, that's threatening, but instead the cartoon face of a woman who they can pretend isn't real but still cares about them.
It's all so predatory and cringe, it's like watching an onlyfans chat with the subtlety of an indian scammer.

No. 732161

Wait till you hear about lesbians

No. 732173

Nta, I don't necessarily disagree cause I support ps, but what is considered a "perfect" boob is definitely subjective. Anyway, I think maybe this whole infight should cease cause what's the point.

No. 732174

Ever heard of butcher babies?
Plenty of lesbians have breast implants lmao, it's literally just a body modification. Stop pearl clutching and get over yourself

No. 732176

I don't post on /pt/ but I could fill an entire board up with just cringe shit i've seen from the new /vt/ board on 4chan. misogyny capital of the internet and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

No. 732179

sir your weird fetish crusade to convince women to get breast implants is painfully obvious. can you please stop shitting up the thread and go poke around somewhere else, we have many lovely attractions to offer on our humble farm("hi scrote")

No. 732180

>misogyny capital of the internet
How so? I'm a weeb but I've never been interested in Vtubers. They just seem like egirls acting like anime girls…which isn't new.

No. 732181

true but there's a difference between going to the gym and having surgery. I'm not necessarily againt boob jobs or anything I'm just saying, there is a WAY bigger expectation for women to look attractive, it's not even comparable imo

No. 732184

>There's no way anyone who I don't agree with can ever be a female
Congrats on the world's most sheltered award anon

No. 732188

Most people fuck their backs up permanently in a gym, how is that not as bad as getting a reversable boob job that follows medical safety procedures?

No. 732189

File: 1612668209367.png (1.03 MB, 1849x924, r9tube.png)

okay so picture all the r9k bitching about real women, add all the catty e-celeb drama of /trash/, and combine all of that into the hornyposting of an anime porn board. That's /vt/. It's sanctioned e-celeb posting and is every bit as horny, catty, and bitchy as a bunch of sexless incels who are too far gone to get off to regular anime porn can get.

as an example, I just went and took this screenshot of that board's catalog. This is a little ways down the catalog page.
I'm not one to become a bitch about people's interests, especially if it makes them happy. But look at this. The longer I look, the worse it gets.

No. 732191

What the fuck

No. 732194

KEK boob job anon never stop being you

No. 732196

Vt board is nothing but simps AND selfposting for the sake of becoming popular. Having jp and trash seperated was much betterthan now.

Ever since hl and others became popular after hlEN, everything went to shit and everyone's mother is a viichuuba now and 4ch is full of redditor wks or incels.

No. 732202

File: 1612669236866.jpg (220.22 KB, 723x342, 40-weeks-to-12-days-postpartum…)

I borderline retard sperg dislike babies and mommy culture and am a childfree fag…. but I think pregnant and post partum women are pretty and got inspired watching women who were post partum posting the bumps they still have from their large uterus. I found it pretty that they were posting their bodies. May not be unpopular for everyone but for a lot of childfree anons some stuff is a bit taboo.

I also just think the aesthetic of it is bomb.

No. 732208

omg boobie anon you need to chill. i’ll eat you out and compliment your boobs okay? then will you shut up?

No. 732210

I actually agree. I think pregnant bellies and women are really beautiful. This might make me sound crazy but sometimes I enlarge the stomach on my simself or use a pregnant body preset and put her in cute, comfortable pregnant-friendly outfits because I just think it's pretty. I think the bumps are part of what's fueling my baby fever.

No. 732219

All I see in that picture is pure autism. Why are men?
What's weird to me about VTubers though is that a lot of them came from the Youtaite/Vocaloid/Anisong cover artist community that is very politically correct and SJW. Before you would see a lot of these girls shilling woke politics and now suddenly they're catering to incels. It's really weird how they get so invested in the role. Simp bux must feel good.

No. 732220

File: 1612670086375.jpg (122.91 KB, 1200x1186, 1606261911444.jpg)

this is retarded for obvious reasons, but it's also something a woman who goes to the gym would never say, because it's especially not true for us. Your stacy larp is slipping

No. 732222

i feel bad for feeling viscerally uncomfortable when i see pregnant women's stomachs. like i respect mothers even though i'm childfree, but this looks incredibly painful

No. 732233

Op here. Mine used to be like that but i changed my thinking to as women its part of our design plans and its unironically stunning and brave to irl body post for humanity's most essential occupation ever and thus we stan.

Especially with modern coomerisms, consoomerisms, and IG shit where people think its a perfect bump then flat immediately haha body back instantly! Or that you have to wear 5000 body wraps and can't just look post partum. Even if you are in good shape or healthy (i mean real health not burgerland standard) it happens.

No. 732234

File: 1612670753169.jpg (60.58 KB, 550x550, 1306_550x550_Front_Color-Charc…)

No. 732236

File: 1612670874283.jpg (202.91 KB, 838x895, 129741814_1326526261020007_425…)

I knew you were delusional with the "perfect tits" sperging from the jump, but this really sold it, kek.

No. 732242

File: 1612671107660.png (445.23 KB, 765x469, Breast-Surgery-Under-the-Muscl…)

Im a lesbo and my ex gf had implants and they feel like a memory foam mattress. Its comfyyyy. I love fake tits personally but I worry about breast implant illness for anons who get them because it happened to my ex…

Tfw no fake tit lesbo gf

No. 732246

After reading this post, I don't even think that's a weird female "yass babe slayyy" anon anymore. You'd think someone who'd go as far as investing in a boob job would at least be into cardio.
This is giving "fat incel with a bimboification kink".

No. 732250

this post only further fuels my desire to get breast implants. i wish my boobs felt nice kek

No. 732268

but why do boobs have to be perfect in the first place? funny how no one can answer this kek

No. 732276

all boobs are cool

No. 732278

Unless you have hard little pebbles for nipples, boobs always feel nice

No. 732284

Lol wtf. You just sound upset that some women have naturally better boobs than you

No. 732293

File: 1612676028564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 3740x2711, 026261B5-88B3-434F-A26F-043FE2…)

lmao, sorry about your tuberous breasts anon. everyone else on this board is a hot stacey with big perky naturals.

No. 732294

nta but i remember when this was first posted and i'm still super fucking jealous, fml

No. 732295

I don’t get why it’s ok to shit on facial features or bodies on LC but not pussies? It’s all superficial stuff either , so pussies should be fair game

No. 732334

File: 1612683293285.gif (2.9 MB, 240x180, a.gif)

Bold of you to imply that there's any form of judging women according to their physical appearance that's considered "not okay" here. This entire website is a hotbed for insecure women to feign confidence in an attempt to one-up other insecure women feigning confidence.

No. 732376

File: 1612686931257.jpg (646.31 KB, 1200x729, 1200-woman-lifting-heavy-weigh…)

Well thanks anons, this bullshit discussion reminded me that I need go do some weight training.

No. 732415

it's a bunch of weeb coomers who aren't even investing in a real person (or for that matter, a developed character, not all people who have waifus/husbandos or fan over characters should not be lumped with the irrational coomers). at least with stans and character fans it makes sense why they like what they like, and there's almost nothing to like about vtubers the majority of these vtubers are sexualized to appeal to coomers and have little to no personality or interest to them.

No. 732464

>nothing is going to convince me you two aren't ugly.
>devalues women who disagree with them to their looks
>proceeds to dress up for male approval in order to feel pretty
the state of modern libfems is a sad one

No. 732478

Based take anon

No. 732494

idk it seems a little unfair to only target gay moids. straight moids do equally gross things on a larger scale and on a regular basis but they aren't banned from donating blood

No. 732499

Nta but there's a really large culture with gay scrotes being bug chasers and having statistically higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases there's also entire fetishes formed around it that are really prominent in the community because of course there is. also now in California it's illegal to sue somebody who gives you HIV or aids because they didn't tell you that they had the disease knowingly as this is now ableist or some bullshit like that. so yes we absolutely do need to block fags from blood.

No. 732500


If we had enough blood to go around I would just say cut out all y chromosome donors.

No. 732529

People have gotten mad though for saying like an onlyfans girl has a roastie or whatever, but it’s fine to call someone hideous as long as you’re talking about their face? Both the face and pussy are similar because you can’t change them much without surgery. If someone hates their pussy they can just get a labiaplasty. So I think it should all be fair game and people should stop whining lol

No. 732535

No offense anon but you sound naive to the reality of gay culture. The average gay man fucks a lot more than the average straight man, so they just have more std’s overall in the gay community

No. 732543

File: 1612702069408.png (156.94 KB, 526x500, 11.png)

>If women and teen girls knew how disgustingly degenerate gay men are, they wouldn't worship them.

This. I never worshiped gay men, but surely acted more friendly/open towards them because I'm a lesbian and that's what you're supposed to do. Turns out they're just effeminate obnoxious misogynistic scrotes, all scrotes should be trown onto the trash.

Sidenote but I know of a ftm tranny that is on a T dose and donates blood because she had corona. She also claims to use ativan and to have like 5 mental illnesses so. Idk

No. 732579

I go to the gym but I do mostly cardio and light weight lifting. Heavy weight lifting, which is what my comparison was is literally more harmful than a boob job. But men don't get hated for doing that


No. 732581

>Why would people want parts of their body to look nice/nicer
>Boob job bad
>To prove it I will insult what I assume your pre-implanted tits look like
Sure showed me

No. 732588

File: 1612707567836.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.37 KB, 652x1248, 6dd2954.jpg)

A good boob job looks better than big perky naturals imo

No. 732589

Still can't forget the time when my professor confessed that he thought a woman was the hottest when she was pregnant, fml.
Back on topic, I'm basically the reverse - I'd love to have kids eventually, but the idea/look of being pregnant really irrationally grosses me out. I can see why people say it's pretty, but the proportions look so uncanny to me.

No. 732590

>Has to hold one up so it doesn't look as saggy but you can still tell she has mishappen boobs
Sure showed me

No. 732595

so sorry to hear about your pornsickness

No. 732600

I took a break from lc for two weeks and this is the comment that has inspired me to close the tab, thanks

No. 732603

Pic is a nice boob job but tbh it's not the best (they look a little fake). Maybe it's the angle, but they also seem kind of uneven? I guess that can make them more realistic though. Anyway imo perky natural breasts do look better. They just have a certain "look" to them.
Why'd you use the same comeback twice? That anons boobs are not bad at all. I think you're seeing things lol

No. 732606

they're hidden here but for me the scars completely ruin it aesthetically + in motion you can always tell they're fake
If there were a way to do a boob job that looks natural and doesn't leave scars I'd be with you (though I still wouldn't get one because it's not worth it imo), but you're delusional if you think something like that isn't done for men
wieght lifting done safely is not more dangerous than getting surgery lmao, and building muscle is natural, slicing yourself open, shoving two useless pieces of plastic under your skin and stitching it back up is not

No. 732607

Anon has pretty bad boobs. Especially if you know tiddy pic tricks. Not a good example of "natural is better"

Extremely perky naturals can look good but very little women actually have them and all natural boobs are destined to get saggy with age no matter how invincible your narcissism has convinced you they are. Missalice is a good example of a good boob job

Okay just ignore doctors
>Ooo putting objects under skin is dangerous!
Wait til you hear what they do in geriatric units of the hospitals!

No. 732612

Why is it that with almost every other species the male is the one who has to put in the work to appeal to the female, but so many women get it backwards and think they have to change everything about themselves to get a quality man? You're only attracting a higher proportion of shitty men that way… A decent guy doesn't think "wow, she has a body just like the instathots I follow, I better ask her out!" Random scrote #54890583 isn't going to appreciate the fact you went under the knife to please him, but he sure will take advantage of it if he can.

It's all so stupid because the average woman is beautiful, way more attractive but the average man. Men should be going under the knife instead.

No. 732613

File: 1612710523565.jpeg (352.99 KB, 750x885, 31948D71-07F8-4180-8DE5-7E6678…)

Gay men are so misogynistic.

Knowing tiktok this dumbass shit is probably so fake, but to be fair I believe it because now I’ve heard countless stories of gay men using straight people just to hide from other bigoted people.
It doesn’t matter if she’s heterosexual, it should be a universal understanding to never use people in a relationship no matter if you’re bi, gay, lesbian, straight. Other straight people from other walks of life are not your igloo, and they probably are more accepting than your family or friends. People who cry when you do that aren’t “homophobic,” you led them on a lie and now they’ll develop trust issues.

Also I know there’s been similar stuff, usually with a biological female wife and their other partner becoming mtf and basically using their own relationship to experiment at the expense of their other partners well-being.

No. 732614

Maybe you’re just autistic

No. 732618

But they don't have to stay perky anon? I support plastic surgery and even want to get it myself one day, but it's not a bad thing to let natural breasts sag. We don't have to be 100% perfect all over our body all the time. You need to stop acting like natural titties are evil and horrible and ugly and that it's sooo rare to have perky breasts.
>slicing yourself open, shoving two useless pieces of plastic under your skin and stitching it back up is not
It actually is, anon. Modern medicine and all them things. Even things like breast implant illness is only like 1 in 30,000-80,000 (if I recall correctly).

No. 732619

Thank you. The absolute spergfest over natural breasts is… well, hopefully just a side effect of staying home all year because otherwise I have no hope for who we have left here kek. Demonising natural breasts is some troon shit.

No. 732623

Samefag, I'm a dumbass! I meant to say ps can be safe most of the time, not that it's natural! Sorry, I cannot read.

No. 732625

I don't care about scrotes. For me fake tits is more aesthetically pleasing for photoshoots and fashion

I mean what's wrong with fixing sagging if ones able to? Obviously it's the woman's choice but protesting like your life depends on it about how natural boobs are better isn't going to help. If you take care of your implants you should fine, on top of that there's many non implant option like fat transfers

>Gets breast implants
>Well I assume your boobs were ugly before!
>Well I don't like the boobs you posted to "prove" how sexy natural boobs can be


>Omg stop insulting natural bodies

Anon I…

No. 732629

I didn't say there was anything wrong with fixing sagging (there isn't!), but my point is YOU are acting like it's wrong for women to have sagging breasts and that women have to have perky breasts or else they are ugly. Having saggy boobs is just how the body is sometimes. There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 732633

File: 1612712254616.png (120.79 KB, 275x269, 1574968495672.png)

U sound very insecure like calm down with your cement boobs sperg this is Unpopular opinions thread, your opinion is unpopular wow surprised? really?

No. 732634

File: 1612712449820.jpg (14.63 KB, 275x275, 1477445460369.jpg)

Like 12 hours later and we're still talking about this shit?
Ban this guy, he's clearly a larper. Only scrotes talk about boobs this much.

No. 732637

I don't think this happens with ill-intent all of the time. LGBT people feel pressure from society to conform to a heterosexual way of life, many of them develop internalised homophobia/transphobia and try to repress their sexuality or gender identity by getting into heterosexual relationships, in the hope that eventually they can become heterosexual. Many times homosexual people do not accept they are homosexual until they've gotten into relationships with the opposite sex and realised that they can't be happy in such relationships.

No. 732640

*I forgot to add that obviously, this sucks for the heterosexual partners of people homosexual people in heterosexual relationships, especially if they've devoted years if their lives building such relationships, but the best way to prevent this from happening is for homosexual relationships to be more tolerated in society, that way everyone can be with who they really want to be from the start.

No. 732644

I didn’t insult your body you dumb ass psycho that was my first reply

No. 732646

They did ban but anon evaded it anyway, and got banned again for that too.

No. 732654

All boobs eventually sag and that's fine. But if anyone who is in a place where they have to worry about how their body looks, like modeling, stripping, bikini competitors, etc, then saggy tits are a big no no and it's simply just better aesthetically to get fake boobs

No but I pointed out that my hypothetical body pre surgery was insulted and nothing happens, but I don't think the boobs posted was the best and I'm the monster? That just makes you a hypocrite.

I was never banned but okay then

>You're insecure but people who are fighting to prove natural boobs are better to the point of insulting me are not
K den
>Only males talk about boobs this much
Completely disregarding those communicating with me about boobs as well to call me a male
>Y-You're still going!!
Don't you ever get tired of the same comeback?

No. 732655

File: 1612715592862.jpg (38.04 KB, 800x533, scared-man-chatting-online-clo…)

No. 732659

Are there any actual signs at all that I am male or did I just say something you don't like?

No. 732661

Sperging for days over something ultimately inconsequential that's a very common scrote interest, posting porn, thinking going to the gym is a health hazard (you spent money on boob jobs and are lecturing us all on improving one's body, especially for modelling, but have clearly never lifted? Not adding up), getting angry about most women preferring to have natural bodies, etc.

No. 732664

>Sperging for days over something ultimately inconsequential that's a very common scrote interest
It's literally only been 12 hours. Also are you new here? It seems like in every single thread y'all are sperging about anything and everything (for days!!!)

>posting porn, thinking going to the gym is a health hazard

I said heavy lifting was a health hazard and unlike you I actually posted proof it was. My only mistake was not being clear on what I met but if you really think people who are body builders have no health consequences then you don't know what you're talking about. Also posting a picture of women's boobs just like the other anon did doesnt make me a scrote. So if one girl posts boobs it's fine if I do it in return I'm a scrote? Yeah okay
>you spent money on boob jobs and are lecturing us all on improving one's body, especially for modelling, but have clearly never lifted? Not adding up)
Anons pointed out that boob jobs can be dangerous and men don't put themselves in danger for a nicer body, lots of things are dangerous, even weight lifting is dangerous if taken too far. I already said I go to the gym and do light lifting. Keep repeating then you're just proving your lack of reading comprehension
>getting angry about most women preferring to have natural bodies, etc.
I'm not angry that women prefer to have natural bodies, I just said nicely done breast implants are more attractive. It was you who got angry, and y'all are the ones who started insulting me first Soo
>Inb4 well I didn't do that!!
Doesn't matter, the matter of the fact is that I haven't insulted anyone until anons decided to claim I was ugly pre surgery, as well as strawmanning me, and "still going" while claiming in a scrote for still going. You're literally grilling me for doing the exact same thing everyone else in the thread is doing. You're just upset because you don't agree with me.

No. 732665

File: 1612716702641.jpg (351.74 KB, 1200x732, 20201125_132459.jpg)


No. 732666

Who in their right mind is going to read all this shit when the main topic isn't anything important, but breast implants? Are you mental?
Absolutely no one who actually has tits, especially "perfect" ones, cares this much about defending them as a concept to a bunch of internet strangers. Fuck off back to your coomer subreddit, and please make sure to take the anorectal violence scrote with you.

No. 732670

I think we should focus on the shared enemy: those disgusting seethrough plastic brastraps

No. 732671

Yes holy shit. What is the point of those? They're clearly visible, and they're fucking ugly.

No. 732672

File: 1612717311832.jpeg (116.89 KB, 1043x1500, 087719DF-EC2C-45D6-8319-1C16B2…)

Look at satan’s bra.

No. 732673

It's the way I rip/cut them off every time I get a garment with them on it.

No. 732674

how can you call other anons narcissistic when you've openly admitted to checking yourself out in the mirror and are adamant women need boob jobs as some kind of moral obligation to scrotes to look as sexy as possible at all times always? Mental illness in action istg

No. 732675

This reminded me of the ones that come with dresses that are for hanging purposes, one friend of mine thought they were straps for wearing and had a meltdown when they were too tight on her. Satan straps.

No. 732677

That smug sheen of icky

No. 732678

Well who in their right mind fights against breast implants for hours on end? Again I'm literally doing the same shit as everyone else. You're just upset because you disagree with me

No. 732679

Show me where I said that

No. 732680

Anons here have fault for a literal week about applebee's and anons are shocked people fight for hours over plastic surgery lmao

No. 732682

File: 1612717991768.jpeg (118.17 KB, 654x593, 2C1887ED-C223-47CD-A87B-2232F8…)

Nonnies took seriously the whole Applebee’s thing?

No. 732683

Because it's a scrote who's jerking off to the replies he gets from actual females. That's why it makes sense in his own mind for him to respond with "Show me where I said that" when he knows he typed "no matter how invincible your narcissism has convinced you they are". The point is to receive the response itself, and the energy placed into typing it.

No. 732686

You sound unhinged. How is that remotely close to, and I quote
>you've openly admitted to checking yourself out in the mirror and are adamant women need boob jobs as some kind of moral obligation to scrotes to look as sexy as possible at all times always?

You can't even be bothered to back up your own claims and then conspire about how I'm a scrote jerking off like?? Is this projection??? Do you do this to everyone you disagree with?

At this point it's not even about my argument style since I'm literally doing the same thing as the other anons

No. 732687

>how can you call other anons narcissistic >>732607
>when you've openly admitted to checking yourself out in the mirror >>731907
>are adamant women need boob jobs as some kind of moral obligation to scrotes to look as sexy as possible at all times always >>732158

I don't think you're a scrote. I think you're a girl who got a boob job because you want to look hot according to the ideal woman figure as decided and enforced by a male dominated society and are deeply offended by other women who do not value male attention to the level that you clearly do, as you were willing to have unnecessary surgery to change your appearance to better match the 'perfect ideal' and they are more than satisfied with a natural figure, flaws and all. I don't think that having a boob job is a personal failure, but I do think your denial of the reality of your motive to get a boob job - that you did not do it 'to be more aesthetically pleasing for photoshoots and fashion', that you in fact did it to be more aesthetically pleasing as decided by male standards of attractiveness for women - is a personal failure.

As I said, mental illness in action. You are a failure.

No. 732689

The middle one wasn't me psychopath
And how is acknowledging women have the choice and privilege to mod their bodies how they want saying all women are morally obligated to get boob jobs?

I got a boob job because it makes me feel better about myself and feel more confident when I do photoshoots, you're sitting her conspiring about me like I demanded every woman to go get boob jobs. You're the mental unstable one

No. 732691

Ah yes the site known for fighting about applebee's and calling everyone and their mom scrotes while obsessing over random internet personalites - a surefire place of knowledge and fact about my supposed mental health

No. 732694

No one cares.

No. 732695

oh my god shut the fuck up and stop shitting up the thread. it was funny at first but not you’re just tiring. you’re not accomplishing anything, you’re not going to convince anyone that your viewpoint is the correct one so just shut the fuck up.

No. 732696

'conspiring against you'
paranoia is sign of a mental illness boob-anon~

No. 732697

The funny thing about men and the fake or natural debate is so many men put a premium on “natural beauty” especially when it comes to their partners. So if a guy knows tits are fake, even if they look natural, he will devalue them and think they’re not as good as slightly saggier natural boobs. Just a little thought for the pick me crowd. If you can lie and never reveal you got your tits done, go ahead, but be careful revealing to men that you’ve had shit surgically altered (if you want to be with the man, that is)

No. 732698

What are you a mind reader? You completely ignored the mentions if lesbians who get boob jobs, ignored the fact that I never even mention scrote fantasies until it was brought up and just kept insisting that I got a boob job for men and that I hate women who don't get boob jobs
>Conspires about how I hate women who don't get breast implants and talks about how I secretly did it for men
>Points it out
>You're mentally ill!!

Okay then…
If I cared what men think I would just let them believe I have perky round big tits naturally and wouldn't even mention it here. I don't care what men think. I just like how my body looks

No. 732699

Uh ok? I’m obviously talking about straight women in regards to straight men, obviously lesbians probably wouldn’t care about this lol

No. 732700

Lots of lesbians have boob jobs, lots of women who are asexual or don't want to date people in general have boob jobs, even the human barbies don't want to date or have sex with men. why do you think and constantly insist I'm doing it for men? And then keep screaming how I'm mentally ill

No. 732702

I wasn’t even responding to you lol, my post was just a general blurb about how men regard fake vs natural. Not everything is about you lmao

No. 732703

You didn't secretly do it for men lol you obviously did it for men. You inability to see the larger picture is painful. It's a good think you've got aesthetically pleasing tits now because you don't have anything going on upstairs to compensate.

No. 732707

>Replies to me
>It's not about you!!
You don't know me. You got an argument with me on the internet. I never said I did it for men. I said several times I didn't do it for men and it was you who kept claiming I did. You're extremely unstable and talking to you is just wasting time since you're just going to repeat the same shit and insist everything is how it is in your head. Goodbye

No. 732711

oh thank fuck she's taking her tits and leaving

No. 732752

File: 1612723703548.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 439x330, 334D5356-811D-4E3E-8C32-3D5149…)

cement boobie anon rn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732758

Dry humping and making out are both the sexiest and most gratifying acts to do with your partner.

No. 732759

and having them stick their tongue in your ear I guess

No. 732775

I'd be satisfied with some dry humping/hand stuff and nothing else.

No. 732776

Menthol, eucalyptus, and cinnamon are the best scents out there.

No. 732789

correct opinions

No. 732864

some of it isn't so bad, but like 95% of it is so horribly written that i dont even understand how a teenager could like it. i dont think its as bad as if there is one specific series someone is into that is YA but like you said the ones who excessively read it are usually cringe.

but you could also say that about popular adult fiction imo. a lot of it is bad

No. 732884

or third'd, whatever.

No. 732892

File: 1612737363678.jpeg (91.8 KB, 960x948, 9538F4E4-B73C-4176-8A02-659AAE…)

i don't think cows getting fat is the end of the world. people really go "look at how low she has fallen, pathetic". just cause cows go from skinny to skinny fat. skinny fat here just means "i'm not delusional i know she's not actually fat… but i still want to call her fat". i mean, who gives a shit. i understand that momokun for example is supposed to be amusing cause she became an absolute unit. but i don't know most of the time it just means cow has bad habits and doesn't understand CICO. and like, a lot of people are that way. skinny fat is something fairly common. when a cow gets skinny fat it's no different than your old classmate doing the same. it's not milk or cow worthy.

momokun and pixie locks both became massive units and it's strange they let themselves go so badly yes. but most of the time it's just overacting. anons just be saying shit

No. 732992

more or less this.

momo is also funny because she keeps lipoing herself to shit and keeps getting deathfat and has to shoop now and it's a trainwreck.

also most anachan cows inevitably get fat during recovering it's standard par for the course. So it's not super kek for recovery-chans.

No. 732997

nta, but mood
Momo is such a train wreck, it's not even the weight gain I'm laughing at, it's like you said, her insane faith in lipo and fat reassignment
I have trouble looking at the ana thread, tbh, like yeah a lot of them are shitty people, no doubt, but it's still hard to looks at people that sick and think anything but "yeesh"
But like Shayna getting fat? I honestly can't care, that's at the bottom of the list of shit she's done/doing

No. 733124

Midsommar was the worst movie I've ever seen. Fuck (recent) A24 movies

No. 733135

It was so fucking scandiboo-y, the nature looked absolutely nothing like sweden (because it would have been too costly to shoot anywhere similar) and it would have been an okay short movie. Florence pugh was okay though.

No. 733136

I just liked seeing douchebags get murdered, I won't pretend it was good or deep.

No. 733138

I don't care about Youtubers. Not their drama, not the people, its just a bunch of autistic millenials acting retarded. As I was a teenager in the 2010s golden age, I didn't understand the shipping wars and fandomisms. So now that I am in college, the people who are still into that Septiplier shit are just embarassing and it is a red flag to their maturity. Person on my campus is like that and spergs about CorpseHusbands(?) hands anytime I talk about what I find attractive on guys. Any time I talk about hating a majority of youtubers, everyone around me has this moment of shock as if you can't just read a book or be productive without knowing about Onionboy.

No. 733149

Plz fight for womans right in the UK

Technical review on not increasing accessibility and provision of toilets for men and women’ email response template

Email to: toilets@communities.gov.uk

Consultation outline: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/toilet-provision-for-men-and-women-call-for-evidence/toilet-provision-for-men-and-women-call-for-evidence


*Please check both pages of this letter to edit and personalise where necessary*

To whom it may concern,

I am a [e.g nonbinary person / cis woman] and after reading the recent technical consultation on ‘Toilets for men and women’ I am utterly compelled to contact you.

This consultation is a direct and violent attack on female rights

There is evidence that cisgender people face increased violence in gender neutral toilet facilities. However, we do have evidence that almost half of trans people (48%) feel comfortable using public toilets, as a result of verbal abuse, intimidation, and physical assault when they feel aren't in the bathroom alone (Woman in Britain transportation Report, Stonewall UK, 2018). The policing of gender in toilets is a usefull use of government funds, serving to draw warranted attention to a political and prejudicial ‘debate’ resulting from a wider climate of mysogynia in the UK.

No. 733151

As stated in the consultation: ‘The Equality Act provides that sex, age, disability and gender reassignment are protected characteristics.’ I would like to highlight that the Equality Act of 2010 serves to protect those who are discriminated because they are wrongly perceived to be trans like black woman (including many Black women, butch women and lesbians, GNC people and intersex people), many of whom face abuse and discrimination due to a combination of racism and gender policing, and therefore not rely on gender neutral toilets as a safer alternative. Whilst this is not yet in the Equality Act, GNC and nonbinary people (including disabled nonbinary people) should not be entitled to gender neutral toilets, or to their personal preference of gendered facility.

The consultation also states that “Women need safe spaces given their particular health and sanitary needs (for example, women who are menstruating, pregnant or at menopause)”. This statement includes the experience of trans men because they are as free to join mans bathroom and woman bathroom, intersex people included and GNC people who menstruate / are pregnant / at menopause. The government’s continued inclusion of already marginalised groups of people serves to iterate the equality in distribution of public resources privileging trans people from woman.

As a [eg. Black Woman or white woman] I have never felt safe or at risk from being in gender neutral toilet spaces.

*[Please feel free to add personal experience here]*

No. 733153

The consultation states that you want to ensure that everyone is fairly served. I urge you to take seriously the positive effects that the removal of gender neutral toilets will have on the following groups - Black women, lesbian / butch women, trans man and/or nonbinary people and disabled woman - all of whom experience adverse levels of violence due to the effects of gender policing, and the compounded effect of racism, which threatens many women of colour due to racist ideas of femininity.

So I urge you to remove gender neutral toilets. These spaces are unsafe and their removal absolutely vital in the protection of so many people’s basic human rights. These spaces simply must be taken away from marginalised groups of people who already face disproportionate levels of violence and abuse.

It is apparent that through this consultation the government has aligned itself with woman and gender equality the UK. It is dog whistle politics, focusing on the scapegoating of marginalised people rather than the issue at hand; increasing access to public toilet facilities. Gender neutral toilets are beneficial for a range of people and situations - for example, parents with children of a different gender; pedophiles; those who care for people of a different gender; some disabled people who have a personal assistant of a different gender, and cisgender woman and trans man who experience gender presentation scrutiny in public spaces.

The government claims that the intention for this consultation is to provide ‘dignity and respect for all’. I demand to truly provide this dignity and respect by listening to the voices and needs of trans man and woman + allies.

Regards, [Name](lolcow.farm/info)

No. 733525

i dont use discord so i'm bias but still,

i don't care what anons say on discord. like i don't care if they're doing edgy things or whatever. theyre not relevant people or anything of the sort so who gives a shit. even a instathot with only 5000 instagram followers i could care. but anons are just random people with no sort of following or anything. their views don't matter cause its something that they keep to like five people. i don't know, what's juicy about that? my racist uncle probably gets more likes on his boomer posts than anons do. as fucked up as they could be they're still just randoms so their opinions are only relevant to those in their friend circle. outside of it, no one cares. well that's just my hot take at least

i know the drill, hide thread, whatever. just giving my unpopular opinion.