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File: 1616320900084.jpg (62.13 KB, 500x265, tumblr_inline_ph71q60Rbd1r0ejm…)

No. 766184

Last thread: >>>/ot/756788

No. 766187

Wishing all the girls in this thread a pleasant stupid questions session

No. 766188

One of my scrote friends always kind of stinks and I'm wondering what is the best way to tell him?This is what I was gonna say.

"Most of the time when you come over you smell a little musty. Not like it's the worse thing ever but could you throughly shower and put on deodorant before coming over?I know I'm not the most amazing smelling person on the planet but I'm just telling you this because i care about you."

No. 766191

Tell him the truth, tell him he smells like complete shit, ask him to bathe

No. 766193

Why are the French so fucking stubborn about speaking English? I contacted this French girl on an international app for selling clothes, in English because we don't speak each other's native languages. And she still responds in French, when she clearly understood what I asked her. The French aren't stupid, I know they're perfectly capable of speaking English. Truly only a French person would use an international selling platform and still refuse to communicate in English with international buyers. I don't get it. It's such a big contrast with my country where we very readily switch to English to speak with foreigners.

No. 766194

Netherlands, Belgium?

No. 766197

Is it fetishism if the only men I'm attracted to are Asian? I'm attracted to women of all races though.

No. 766200

Maybe you haven't found someone of another race attractive yet. It's also just your taste, don't worry so much about it!

No. 766201

The only way it would be considered fetishism is if you would date any asian man because they're asian, but that's just my opinion.

No. 766202

Asian men usually have cuter features and nicer skin. Meanwhile men of other races usually start looking grotesque after the age of 24.

No. 766222

I also like asian men I guess because they generally look "younger" to my white eyes even if we're the same age. Most men near thirty start degrading fast in terms of hair and skin.

No. 766308

Is komaeda yandere?

No. 766318

File: 1616331983893.jpg (123.22 KB, 1731x1200, 45242.jpg)

Why is konjac jelly banned in america and controversial in japan?

No. 766319

oooh, what is konjac jelly? never heard of it before

No. 766335

Never heard of this but I would drink it

No. 766338

File: 1616334380515.jpg (92.52 KB, 1200x800, lighthouse4.0.jpg)

How do I know if if I actually hate people or I just project my own self-hatred onto others?

No. 766341

It might not be that you hate yourself, it might just be that you aren't happy with where you're life is at so you're in a negative headspace and viewing everything through that dark lense.

I feel like alot of the intense spergers on here are going through that but with less self awareness

No. 766347

It's controversial in Japan because people can choke on it, and banned in America because of the choking thing, and because they don't want people to become skinny legends and fuck up their local corporations. Imagine if 7 calorie noodles were normalized.
There are versions with packaging that make it safe to ingest without the choking risk, too.

No. 766477

do certain celebrity PR agents pay to shill their client in the news? like, i dont talk about… enniferj opezl…. i dont google her, i dont watch anything related to her even tangentially, and yet every day on the FB news tab i see multiple articles on her, from different publications, about different things.
she's not even relevant as a celebrity in the current year so WHY are news sites running so many pieces about her?

have i just been fucked by the algorithm in some way or has anyone noticed anything similar with the same or different celebs?

No. 766519

Is there a way to lurk locked twitter or instagram accounts?

No. 766522

File: 1616342607724.gif (1.39 MB, 220x265, tenor.gif)

Whats a kinnie? From what LC anons talk about it seems like a mental disorder, but nothing comes up when I web md it?
Also is it related to proshipping? Is proshipping some type of mental defect?
I'm sorry, but I don't know what these words mean and nothing comes up when I web md it

No. 766525

I stopped watching anything marvel/superhero related about 4 years ago. Have I missed anything good in that time or?

No. 766530

File: 1616342815735.png (30.47 KB, 300x224, imagen_2021-03-21_100719.png)

No. 766532

File: 1616342915450.jpeg (125.16 KB, 750x1076, A7F5BE20-C42A-4A18-9E72-C8CCC1…)

Means you got depression, adhd, bpd, autism, Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias, Depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders, Eating disorders, Personality disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia

No. 766553

no anon, superheroes are stupid as hell. i heard wandavision rocks though

No. 766554

File: 1616344018878.png (1.1 MB, 788x1008, epic.png)

Yo! New DSM diagnosis just dropped!

No. 766561

I feel like I outgrew superhero shit but then I see people older than me are still well into it.

No. 766563

kinnie is a term for mentally deranged people who are so obsessed with pixels that walk across the screen and do things and think it’s them, just another extreme level of human projection and narcissism. your waifu and husbando don’t respect you because they aren’t real

No. 766570

Thor Ragnarok is pretty fun

No. 766574

Is it possible to find a job in just one month?

No. 766575

File: 1616345316082.jpg (58.67 KB, 713x606, kom.jpg)

say whatever you want to say but komaeda kinnies are BASED. I hope they believe in hope. I wish them all a pleasant evening

No. 766590

kick the chair

No. 766607

I have airmail coming from Japan to my EU country. In the past the same EMS airmail would take 3 to 4 days to reach me. That was pre-covid though.

My current parcel left japan 10 days ago and hasn't further updated since. Anyone know if that's just a normal delay right now?

No. 766613

why do i like these threads so much?

No. 766614

Dont worry anon youre not going crazy, youre right, they pay to remain relevant

No. 766622

Is it possible to wake up without morning breath?

No. 766635

Does anyone else stomach hurt after taking a big shit? I sometimes get after shit cramps of my stomach feels hollow for some reason

No. 766637

File: 1616351930006.jpg (58.13 KB, 715x959, 107796523_10223057422567260_46…)

Yes. Did it every time I was unemployed. The key is to be prepared: tailor your cover letter (ideally one paragraph) and resume (one page) to each job, and then when you get an interview, prepare your answers to any question they might ask. Be nice to everyone you meet on the day of your interview until you get home. I have no degree but I manage to get a huge amount of interviews and offers.

No. 766638

This is disgusting but I do whenever it's a huge log, anon. It's like my intestines are sore from holding all my crap. Maybe it's my insides almost getting prolapsed

No. 766639

Yeah its 50/50 for me, half the time I feel amazing afterwards, lighter and all that. Other times my insides just feel rough and I almost feel sick

No. 766640

Airmail shipping has been fucked up since the beginning of the corona crisis, it can be very random, one of my parcels got stuck for nearly two weeks at the airport. I would not get worried yet, but given the price of EMS shipping I understand why waiting this long is infuriating.
>SAL shipping again when?

No. 766648

I’ve seen those in the Asian groceries

No. 766649

Perfect question for the stupid question thread: can your boobs grow even after you're done with puberty?

I'm 20 years old and I swear my boobs are growing in size. I'm not sure if they're "growing" but they look much bigger than they've ever been? And it's definitely not period boobs because I've noticed the weird imcrease in size since maybe last month and they've been the same size since. And I don't think it's weight gain either because I just weighed myself and it's definitely nowhere near my heaviest weight. Even when I was heavier my boobs were still small relative to my weight. I can still fit in my bras but I do notice that they're a little tight.

I'm very perplexed right now lmfao.

No. 766651

File: 1616354496978.gif (1.01 MB, 400x260, pink cat.gif)

Am I alive? Am I real?

No. 766652

yes, but i think its mostly due to metabolism? mine have continued to grow over the years, but ive also noticed my thighs have gotten a little thicker as well. the body is just storing more fat as you get older/your metabolism slows down.

No. 766653

No. 766656

Should I call out my cousin for tracing all her art and selling it? I personally don't care that much but I would hate to see her deal with Twitter if someone else caught on. Maybe anonymously???

No. 766658

File: 1616355756781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.86 KB, 882x500, 2048.jpg)

No. 766670

Please anons

No. 766673

Now here's my stupid question, what the fuck is Komaeda's deal anyway, why is he such a big meme compared to other characters from the franchise? I only know him through that stupid video with Sans and the underage themlets who kin him.

No. 766674

Afaik no apart from setting up a fake account (which they’ll probably reject). If you want to lurk for personal reasons it’s really not worth it.

No. 766681

No. 766778

I genuinely hope I don't sound like a weirdo but, does anyone know of any websites (other than youtube) that have videos of live uncensored surgeries/medical procedures? watching it makes me cringe, but I genuinely think that kind of stuff is interesting. Yesterday I watched a vid of a c-section, tendon repair and a root canal

No. 766781

What time of day or situation do you tend to browse here anons? Like I read here most at night or in the bath

No. 766787

After I wake up but have time to slowly wake up in bed and when I'm just chilling, trying to sleep. Apparently mostly in my bedroom it seems lol, but pre-covid I would browse on my commute on the subway.

No. 766794

File: 1616371870132.jpeg (30.51 KB, 275x156, 96105DAE-512A-4AE1-82BC-D80042…)

have anons here ever actually successfully obtained sugar mamas and daddys or was it all larp

No. 766796

I read some celebrities and their PR teams also spread fake gossip to keep people talking about them, I wouldn't be surprised if that's true either

No. 766798

Has any of you ever licked a bf’s ass? How gross is it ? I don’t think I could ever do that, I find it humiliating

No. 766800

why the fuck is nyanners still posting

No. 766803

File: 1616373829014.jpeg (66.87 KB, 480x480, 392748C6-1542-4B23-9427-941305…)

Within the fandom, Komaeda is a favourite character and one half of the game's most popular ship. His markedly controversial decisions, which are pivotal moments in canon, extend his relevance even to those who dislike his character. As a result, an abundance of fan art spread around the internet, entering his likeness into the public conscience. For outsiders, he was popularised by the troll tumblr Komaeda Love Mail, an ARG masquerading as a trendy fandom-based positivity blog. The posts were innocuous and funny enough out of context to be reshared by those completely unfamiliar with Danganronpa. As such, Komaeda became a household name.

Following Undertale's 2015 release, fans of Danganronpa naturally cohabitated in the new fandom. They brought the Komaeda jokes with them. As for his crack pairing with Sans, it's probably because they serve a similar narrative role. At a surface level, they both represent an eccentric but harmless guy who is later revealed to be deranged, tragic, and overpowered. As the favourites of their respective fandoms (see: "tumblr sexymen"), it was a natural union.

Ultimately, Komaeda rose to true internet meme status as Fingers In His Ass Sunday became a weekly phenomenon. Cyber citizens unfamiliar with both Danganronpa and Undertale shared the video just to adhere to the trend— and also to dunk on Kanye West, a target deemed acceptable for many different reasons depending on one's ideology.

In the current year, long after both SDR2 and Undertale have peaked and undergone massive fandom exodus, Komaeda lives on as an easy, often unfunny punchline. His well-written character reduced to a "gotcha!" for anyone unlucky enough to be terminally online in the mid-2010's. With all that in mind, I do find it amazing that Komaeda as an icon— completely dissociated the source material in which his peers either despised or idolised him— remains such a polarising force. At this point, he's basically transcendent. Komaeda carries out his literary role in the real world. If that's not reason enough to be an internet meme, then what is?

Source: A former themlet kinnie who lived through it all.

No. 766804

I still hate him tho

No. 766807

File: 1616374440446.gif (591.12 KB, 480x270, 44453454.gif)

It tasted like skin cause he washed. I wanted to try it cause yolo I guess? It didn't turn me on or make me respect him, if anything it was the start of him asking for pegging and thus the end of our relationship

No. 766809

>well-written character
is this the punchline

No. 766833

Hey sis, legit asking, why did you used to kin komaeda? not trying to make fun of you, I want to know your reasons and maybe compare it to why I like certain chartacters

No. 766834

Has anyone ever prayed to Satan and it worked? Asking for a friend.

No. 766837

Wasn't there an anon who said she practiced demonolatry? I forgot what thread on this board it was though. It was something like "how you improved your life"

No. 766842

File: 1616380281089.jpeg (47.47 KB, 720x540, 713D1443-FFD2-4E02-8382-DE796A…)

If you were immortal, at what point of your endless life would you get bored of life itself? I mean, I keep reading about the god getting tired of living among the humans or life in general tropo thingy. But if you were omnipotent, would life really get boring at some point?

No. 766845

I have asked for certain things, had something awful happen to me that made me lose faith in everything but then realised after a long time that that awful thing lead me into the exact thing i asked. So I would say yes.

No. 766849

Can someone plz explain NFTs and their significance to this dumbass?

No. 766854

File: 1616381151933.jpg (359.36 KB, 1387x800, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-KwZq…)

Are these chips the same???

No. 766857

should I be afraid of my unstable sexuality? literally just imagined myself having steamy sex with a woman multiple times but I always just ignore the feelings because sexuality isn’t a choice but I’m just heavily confused what is going on?

No. 766858

I mean, you shouldn't be afraid? Maybe you're bi-curious

No. 766865

Basically electronic collectable baseball cards

No. 766866

The fact that I'm a lolcow user now should tell you all that you need to know.

No. 766869

Are people who seem happy actually happy or are they all just acting?

No. 766872

A lot of people do pretend to be happy, but there are plenty of people who are genuinely happy

No. 766873

Are you one of them?

No. 766875

What the fuck? I mean, I'm happy about a lot in my life, but a lot of it also makes me very upset. I guess overall I'm very unsatisfied. I don't talk about my issues with anyone else in my life, so I guess I do pretend to be ok a lot. I think pretending to be ok and pretending to be happy are different though.

No. 766878

Existentialists will tell you they're living an "ignorance is bliss" lifestyle if they answer either way. Personally, I do think some people really are just optimistic no matter what. The grass does seem greener from the other side though.

No. 766879

Do you think you know anyone who is genuinely happy? The only ones I can think of are categorical retards, but now I'm wondering if maybe I'm the retard and they've got it figured out.

No. 766882

Yeah, I feel like I do. My great aunts come to are the first that come to mind. Obviously you never really know all of someones struggles though. I don't think it's necessarily bad to not be happy. Maybe you haven't managed to get/achieve what would make you happy yet. Maybe you have a mental illness. Maybe you're a pessimist. Idk.

No. 766885

Do you think they had charmed lives or were they happy regardless of the shit? I do have depression, but I forget I'm depressed until I catch myself thinking shit like "is anyone ever really happy?" I would just love to talk to a happy person and get their perspective some day, but if I met one I think I would assume they were a liar.

No. 766891

Idk honestly. I don't think they were always happy, but they didn't grow up privileged either. Maybe you feel that way just cause you haven't felt happiness in a long time, so the concept of it is just unfathomable?

No. 766895

Boyfriend casually told his mom that I said I thought he was balding, what are the chances she hates my guts now?

No. 766911


I mean, is he balding?

No. 766915

His hair is thinning in my opinion, but I jokingly say he's going bald

No. 766927

Ntayrt but be careful with joking comments like that. Because even innocuous shit can be used against you later if these people suddenly need reasons to not like you and interpret your comments like mistreatment and abuse. Mama bears are especially protective of their son's looks and will demonize girlfriends over petty shit like that. And tbh, it's kind of a red flag that he's going to mommy to tattle about the things you've said instead of just talking to you like an adult if it bothered him so bad. Idk anon, I dated a dude who had thinning hair in his 20s and it didn't work out lmao.

No. 766940

What percentage of anons have had sanic totem accurately answer/predict? I know its stupid to rely on stuff like that but well i am a stupid bitch so.

No. 766950

He was right about my dad dying and my friend being a pos, so there's that

No. 766953

He was wrong about me flunking college
I've asked him the same thing the last month and all his answers were vague (maybe, it's possible) until it was "yes, at a great price" so let's see that

No. 766954

Let's see, so far he has:
- guessed correctly that I will suffer while playing the Sims two times
- guessed incorrectly I have corona two times
He's a totem, not a doctor so maybe don't go to him for medical advice.

No. 766958

How do you suffer while playing the sims

No. 766965

I suffered through infuriating bugs, glitches, and overly long loading times.

No. 766966

he said i might have cancer
and that's true, i might

No. 766967

I hope you don't anon. Wishing you good luck!

No. 766976

If you're omnipotent, it's endless fun. You can watch your favourite movie, then delete the memory from you brain, than watch it again, and again, you can spend the whole eternity watching your favourite movie for the first time, getting awed anew each time.

No. 766988

Since a vaccine usually is a weak version of the virus it's supposed to cure, is it possible to get COVID from someone who just received the vaccine? Since they now have the virus in their system?

No. 766991

Anons who draw - did you decide what stye you would draw in? Or did your style just 'happen'?

No. 766995

It's not a weak version of the virus, it's a dead version ("innactivated"). So no. It's dead it can't do shit.

No. 766997

I see, thank you

No. 767019

I don't think I have a certain style really (I guess everyone has a style though but mine is nondescript) but I think the biggest plague for noob artists is thinking they need to have the coolest best drawing style, which is just a huge sham; you should try to learn to draw well and in a way that you like, and not just make random things different, for example drawing huge ears or something, as a way to have a "cool style" as if that can replace skill. Then they spend too much time on thinking up the stupidest style instead of learning to draw. That's how you get the things in the bad art thread. I'm sorry if this doesn't answer the question, I just think style is or should be developed by learning to draw, looking at or copying other artists' paintings to learn from them and by trying new things when your skill increases

No. 767020

It’s a mix of both, sometimes you will be trying different styles, then a style will just feel better than another, you will pick it up and at some point it will change to something else until you find what really makes you feel better not only while drawing but also when you got a finished drawing.

No. 767029

Anons, is finding a man to play competitive shooter games considered to be a red flag? Why is this genre infested with creepy normies, eboys or incels?

I always tell that I am not single before I queue with someone to avoid any awkwardness, but they still manage to hit on me or reclaim me as their girlfriend after only of a hour of playing together.

I had a guy who would always make kissy noises on voicechat, would call me queen, ask me if he can kiss my legs and would act creepy all around, while knowing that I am taken.

The other time there was even a guy who started jerking off on public mic once he heard my voice.

Or I would meet really weird arabs who praise Peterson guy, and claim that women should never work and only sit at home and be in the kitchen.

Or even without being obsessed with trying to hit on me, I would see invididuals that always do lewd jokes and talk about how they had e-sex on mic with a random person.

The thing that all of them share in common is that they will guilttrip you into spending time with them, they would state that you must do this and that and would start whining whenever you dont talk on VC or don't want to play, as if they are some manipulative little kids.

What the hell?(reddit spacing)

No. 767043

depending on the game you could just turn off mic and mute everyone else (if you're good enough to carry yourself) but where that or sticking to text-only responses isn't an option, best thing to do is… find an established group to game with regularly lol. shit sucks. also there is no guilt trip, only a block button. these losers are essentially imaginary

No. 767056

The COVID vaccine isn't a "dead" or "inactive" version. It's a new kind of vaccine that fucks with your mRNA to create a protein that can fight against COVID.

No. 767058

Vaccinated person still can be a carrier without being infected themselves so yes, you can.

No. 767064

File: 1616415914643.jpg (76.37 KB, 500x500, 61LMgpx7cNL._SL500_.jpg)

WHERE can I listen to audiobooks for free? no I hate paying, so no audible

No. 767069

The one I got (Sinovac) is an inactive covid vaccine, not the mRNA one.
But that's not getting covid from the (dead) viruses present in the vaccine, which is impossible and what anon asked if can happen. That's getting covid despite the vaccine, but still from an outside source.

No. 767071

Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines are mRNA vaccines yes, other vaccines are not.

People are forgetting there's not one "THE vaccine", there's multiple different ones on the market with varying technologies. Jansen's and AstraZeneca's vaccines are viral vector for example. One of China's vaccines uses inactive covid viruses. Always look up "your" vaccine if you want to know how it works.

No. 767083

You're right, I wanted to make it clear that vaccinated person is not "safe" for unvaccinated person but it's like you've said, not because of the vaccine itself.

No. 767113

Is it normal to be horny all day every day?

No. 767114

Just address the urge and then get on with your day?

No. 767119

Even if I masturbate 3 times a day to the point of orgasm I still feel horny
(to be fair all my orgasms are super small, never been crazy)

No. 767153

Is it just me or the frequency of moids posting cp has increased lately? It's every other week

No. 767156

Is it normal to look completely different in real life than in photos?

No. 767161

Yes definitely, lighting and angles play a big part in how you look in photos.

No. 767168

nonnies what color should i paint my nails?

No. 767171

Two things tend to give me the hiccups, alcohol and chocolate. I know that alcohol has it's link to hiccups so I get that but.. chocolate?

No. 767172

What country would you personally want to live in the least and why?

No. 767174

No. 767176

light blue?

No. 767179

Any of the countries where women are still explicitly seconds class citizens will do.

No. 767180

Any "religion of peace" country. Source: I have a vagina.

No. 767184

The UK, because their privacy laws seem like a joke, cops can get away with a lot of surveillance tactics that would be illegal in my home country, like wiretapping someone's home under a suspicion. I have paranoid schizophrenia and I think if I had to live there I wouldn't even feel okay as an agoraphobe.

No. 767191

I lied about having a medical condition to get the COVID vaccine quicker. Am I going to hell?

No. 767194

I'm surprised that can happen, wouldn't they check your history?

No. 767196

I'm a burgerfag so I don't know if it's different in other countries. All I did was check a box on a website saying I had a medical condition that would put me at great risk of COVID complications and that was that. They didn't ask what condition or anything. My friend told me it was shitty to take a vaccine from someone who actually needs it but my state has been throwing away a huge number of unused vaccines because there are so many leftovers from mass vaccination sites.

No. 767201

Probably India. There was a case a couple of years ago where a girl was raped and set on fire after getting on a bus full of men. Can't imagine being a woman there

No. 767202

I'm pretty sure they're gonna ask for verification on that before you can even get in line.

No. 767209

If they’re regularly wasting unused vaccines then I think it’s fine. In my country there were incidents of medical workers knocking on random people’s doors and offering vaccines that were due to expire. Obviously people thought it was a scam and freaked out. There should be some sort of system where at the end of the day, people can somehow claim any leftovers (idk how it would work though)

No. 767215

A friend of 10 years ended up dropping out of uni and is now hanging out with NEETs while also being one. The problem is that she got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ever since she's been making it as her excuse on anything, later then revealing that her new NEET friends gave her some nonexistent sexuality that means "I love people as long as they don't love me back" and claim she is agender.

My question is: Should I even bother being around her? Her new friend group is a FGO circle that has its own inner drama and they also had creeps which she is aware of; eg one of the guys tried asking me to have sex with him irl and keeps claiming that the reason why he is depressed is because he haven't fucked in awhile (another uni drop out who dropped out because he kept playing CSGO instead of studying).

I miss her and old times, but the more I look at her and friends around her, the more I feel like she is doomed.

She also thinks she will be able to rent a big apartment with all of those people when none of them ever tried to even think about having a part time job. Idk

No. 767217

Any country with full or partial implementation of Sharia, NK, countries actively at war or in famine. I don't think these need explanation and I can't choose just one.

No. 767226

can drinking too much soy as a woman cause harm? I never see anyone talking about that

No. 767227

For some reason I can't download videos from youku, no website for downloading's working. Anyone know what's up with that?

No. 767228

The risk when being friends with a constantly changing/identity questioning bpder or bipolar person is that at some stage you'll be expected to get on their level and join in with their passing phases. They don't know it's a passing phase and so they can be incredibly insulted if you don't join in and embrace it all. That's the risk you've to weigh up. The possibly of it going up in flames with you being seen as a bad guy.

I was friends with a struggling biploar woman and she went from being straight and having lots of risky ONSs with men to cutting her hair into a shaved style and coming out as being infatuated with me. I like shaved heads or short hair on women and had mentioned that so in retrospect she shaved off ass length hair just to impress me. The feeling wasn't mutual and she didn't understand or take that answer. It was just as bad as any scrote that won't take a no. Sucks knowing there's an illness behind it but you also have to walk away if there's too much bullshit.

No. 767250

I would just drop her. I do believe that the people you keep around you will ultimately reflect on yourself, so unless you want to be a NEET too, not worth it. If she ever grows up and realizes what a sham her friend group is, you can be there for her, but right now I don't think it's worth your time or energy.

No. 767271

File: 1616436523989.gif (506.52 KB, 500x210, original.gif)

Is there a way I can improve my spatial awareness? I've always been bad at orienting myself in space, I get lost all the time. Also, I recently started drawing again and I'm having a hard time with perspectives and understanding how objects relate to each other in space. Is there a way to change this?

No. 767291

It’s been 5 months since stopping my bc and I didn’t get pregnant despite daily sex. That means there’s something wrong with us right? I guess I don’t care enough to get it checked out.

No. 767297

Have you tried doing the stereotypical artist thing with your thumb? Like make a thumbs up sign, close one eye, and hold your thumb out to whatever you’re referencing and use it as a ruler.

It might also help if you start with drawing 3D shapes, like cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc.

I mean isn’t getting pregnant like a 20% chance each time or something absurdly low like that? I heard that for most women who try, it’s not unusual to expect to try for a year.

No. 767304

My parents had two kids, each time it took them 2 years of trying. They never looked into tests or anything cause..money. I think they now recommend that after 12 months you should consult your doc

>aged 19 to 26 – 92% will conceive after 1 year and 98% after 2 years

>aged 35 to 39 – 82% will conceive after 1 year and 90% after 2 years

No. 767305

Some people just get lucky. My sister had to keep at it for a year while my mom got pregnant on her first try at her age.

No. 767307

I bit the inside of my mouth the other day, towards the back next to my back molars. I bite the inside of my mouth all the time and of course it hurts for a few days, but this time it really stings. Even if I just move my mouth around a little, it feels super irritated and stings. I've been avoiding chewing food on that side, but the movement of chewing still makes it hurt anyway lmao. Is there anything I can do for it, or do I just have to wait for it to heal on its own?

No. 767308

Swishing with diluted hydrogen peroxide or salt water might help it heal faster.

No. 767342

Luckily it’ll heal fast since it’s in the mouth, anon! Use this as an excuse to eat ice cream lol

No. 767350

Lately I've been ruminating of how shit the world is and wishing I was actually born in a different generation (as a white man obviously) so I could be hopeful towards the future.

When was the last time period where there was a general sentiment of excitement/optimism about the future? Anons who have similar thoughts, what time period would you want to live in?

No. 767358

As a loner with mental health problems from childhood on.. I think I was born in the right time. Meds exist, understanding mostly exists. The internet makes good company for when you dont want actual company (all the time) In any other time I'd be told I have demons living in me or I'd be forced to marry and keep getting pregnant while I struggle

No. 767361

How do I get a hobby that I'll enjoy and doesn't involve screens? The digital age has poisened my brain and I've become disinterested in all of my real hobbies for like a year and it sucks, not that I had many if at all any non-screen hobbies to begin with- mainly just scrolling. I've tried literally embroidery once and it was boring, so buying that beginner's embroidery kit from amazon was a waste of money. My past hobby was making digital art, which I did for like a year, and I mainly looked at screens for it. For some reason I never found that much interest in doing trad art. I think I might do vid rel or something because I already have Pinterest fashion boards, even though it seems to be 50% just looking at a screen to find images.

No. 767371

samefagging but I think I might try to read some lit, like from Andrea Dworkin or something, even though I usually don't have any interest in reading

No. 767378

i bought some cheap earrings that were 'silver' but the color washed off and its now ugly bronze
pls help me save my precious and favorite earrings holy shit what can i do? i thought about having them custom made but in real silver this time but holy shit that would cost me a fortune

No. 767379

Maybe they’re a knock-off of something that’s burando and you can get the real ones? Can we see them, anon

No. 767380

This is a horrible idea but if you're desperate, maybe you can spray paint them (or just paint them normally) and then seal it so it doesn't chip off?

No. 767381

Could you recommend some ressources on music theory? Ultra beginner shit because I'm a total laywoman, I tried to read about the tritone the other day and couldn't understand anything.

No. 767382

File: 1616446426602.jpg (283.14 KB, 1640x624, 118403964_2758175721169406_783…)

have you looked into mini painting? It's my favorite not screen based art related hobby lately, very enjoyable and relaxing, you'd just have to invest a little bit in tools, it's not too crazy though.

No. 767386

File: 1616447047097.jpg (45.79 KB, 582x618, earrings.JPG)

samefag and i dont think they are knock offs (i wish tho) also pic-related those are not the exact ones but they have those hoops and dangling chains and some more things on them making them very special and asymetrical? would it be worth to go make them custom but this time with real silver? i am really fucking desperate

No. 767396

Well I was implying you’d have another life entirely considering I said I would have to be a white man. Also consider how many stresses and health issues are a result of things that exist today that didn’t exist back then. Like food additives which are actually slowly killing myself and other burgerfags.

No. 767401

File: 1616448778838.jpeg (28.65 KB, 135x403, B7ED0785-41E6-4DCE-A671-B38D4D…)

So, I unironically want something similar but from dark brown to another color, probably just to a few tones lighter than dark brown, what is it called like? Just an ombre?

No. 767402

You could have them silver plated or have them cast in real silver.

These look like those "kpop earrings" that you see on aliexpress. Do you want an exact dupe or would you be fine with something similiar? Because you should reasonably be able to find something similiar.

No. 767405

i would love to have the excat ones that i used to wear just in high quality silver so that they wont become washed up after a while. my only concern is that it shouldnt be too pricey and that they should be 'stable'

No. 767408

File: 1616449455018.jpg (2.82 MB, 2126x1426, 9_11.jpg)

I get the feeling of wanting to be in a different era often, for many, many reasons. I think about it a lot. But generally, there weren't many times throughout history when people felt optimistic about the future - most prefer to hope for the worst so that they don't feel cheated or surprised. Besides, we all have the fer of the unknown.
So I think it's important to more vividly remember shittier aspects of living in the past, because it's way too easy to romaticize it. Just think of anything that you have access to now that saves your ass that you definitely wouldn't have had, say, even 20 years before now. And be thankful for that.
Besides, this isn't the toughest possible historic era to live though. People living during ww2 thought it would never end, or that armageddon had come. People who lived during the cold war probably couldn't imagine a world where the threat of nuclear war was minimal. People under serfdom in the middle ages thought that their horrible subjugation was just the order of things. People constantly getting horribly ill with cholera and dying in 19th century London didn't know what the fuck they were getting it from, and people who were getting the flu, an easily curable disease now, were just dying from it as well.
But if i were to go back in time, i'd probably go to year 1990 - 9/11 didn't happen; the internet was still in its early stages; lots of great movies and shows coming out; a lot of good music was either popular or great subcultures were just only getting traction; generally, the economic and political climate was more lax; fashion was at its peak and also practical at the same time; feminism was still pretty based. Sometimes the 90s seem kinda magical to me, it had great energy, at least.

No. 767411

samefag, but i obviously meant that
>9/11 didn't happen yet

No. 767412

Wym by stable?

No. 767415

File: 1616449775284.jpeg (36.19 KB, 324x248, A2A6EDB4-010F-48B5-8CC0-9538DC…)

Can you get side effects 5 days after a COVID vaccine? Thought I got away with it but woke up feeling awful today. Am I being a hypochondriac anons or

No. 767416

they should last for a longer period of time i guess? i want to wear them without having to worry that the color will rub off or that the will tarnish

No. 767419

I believe it is affecting people differently, my mum didn’t have symptoms until 3 days after, but I had symptoms in the night after having it in the afternoon. I hope you feel better soon, I had mine on Thursday and thought I was going to die but today is the first day I feel okay

No. 767420

Oh, silver can tarnish but a simple silver tarnish polish removes it. Keep in mind though that silver is very soft so the dangly parts are definitely going to scratch each other up.

No. 767421

Oh i totally get you anon, it's easy to romanticize 90s because I was a baby then but looking at the history, my country just got out Russia's influence and started growing rapidly and finally becoming more westernized as people dreamed for years, I can imagine everyone being happy and full of hope then, wish I could live that more consciously.

No. 767426

I agree a lot with >>767408 because history is pretty horrible. Even now, while being a white man would be more ideal, you could get a terminal illness at a young age and nothing would save you. Medical advancements are amazing but there’s still so much that cannot be cured.

Interestingly enough I watched a mini documentary about people who dress vintage and love the lifestyle of their chosen era. Every one of them said they prefer living now though. I love history but agree that the present is best (preferably pre-covid lol). I’d choose travelling forward in time over backward, if that was possible.

> When was the last time period where there was a general sentiment of excitement/optimism about the future?

I would say there’s been many in the past few decades over the world, related to political events (revolutions, particular elections, peace movements). Depends on your politics but there’s definitely periods of many people feeling hopeful about the future

No. 767430

File: 1616451232419.jpeg (531.22 KB, 750x928, FF5116D2-94BF-408A-A374-812634…)

I’ll try that, thanks anon!

I was actually going to get picrel tomorrow kek. I hope this shit heals quick, it hurts like a bitch aaaahhh.

No. 767432

Thanks anon this helps! Everything I’ve seen only mentions the first 72 hours and everyone else I know had a different type. Glad you’re feeling better!

No. 767433

What is this? Boba coffee soft serve icecream?

No. 767436

It looks like the brown sugar milk tea that’s all the rage right now.

No. 767437

Yeah it’s boba topped with ice cream. That flavor in the pic is brown sugar boba with earl grey ice cream, but I might try a different flavor combo lol

No. 767443

File: 1616451998103.jpg (283.41 KB, 589x626, 1594879710121.jpg)

Jesus christ I've never wanted anything more than I do know

No. 767444

yeah you can. hate to be that guy but people have died of 'unrelated freak conditions' 2 weeks after their first or second dose. there is just very little official documentation of side effects beyond the 5 big ones they warn you about everywhere.

I for one started getting hives 3-4 Days after my dose. I never get hives so it is likely a delayed immune response to those pesky spike proteins. maybe you're just a hypochondriac, but no, you're not in the clear after the first 48 hours.

No. 767452

Why do I have absolutely no desire or motivation to improve my artwork? I’m not good or bad at art, but I still have so much to learn but I feel like I’m very stagnant when it comes to learning. Learning perspective and anatomy is like learning physics it’s so complicated

No. 767453

you're lazy, it be like that sometimes.

No. 767461

Are you just not that passionate about it? You can enjoy creating art without having the desire or motivation to study and become amazing. Maybe you just like the feeling of creating, so studying technique ruins the fun.

No. 767462

>Maybe you just like the feeling of creating, so studying technique ruins the fun
nta but I felt this so much. One of the main reasons why I ended up quitting art was due to feeling like it was obligatory for me to study it for some reason

No. 767465

I hope a similar shop pops up in your area one day anon!

No. 767466

Anons I need to know

No. 767472

Yes they are! I have tried them

No. 767475

Ty so much!!

No. 767486

You should consider taking it up again if you miss it. There’s a weird culture of being expected to be successful in anything active that you do, because if you aren’t what’s the point? How dare you have fun rather than be productive? That attitude is stupid. You’re allowed to chill and make art (that might not be technically good) if you want.

No. 767491

oh my god yes that’s literally it, I just want to have fun. I definitely understand learning the fundamentals is watch jumpstarts you time crafting your own style, understanding color theory but there has to be a healthy separation between learning and applying what you learned to your own personal work. i already know a good amount of fundamentals but i have a weird way of taking shortcuts, it’s like studying art has become a spatial intelligence thing and that’s something I don’t have. not everything bad to be dynamic 3d classical fine art to be beautiful or impactful but there’s still dumbies who misunderstand the impact of modern design and art. i just want to have fun, not everything has to become a critique session

No. 767492

wtf is a "comfort character?" Is a "kin" thing?

No. 767496

I think it's the level just below, with kin you think you're the character while comfort character is that they make you feel good. Only terminally online zoomers use these terms, back in my days™ we just said fav or waifu/husbando.

No. 767502

burgerland has websites like drb (i think thats the right name) to alert you if there are excess vaccines but i think pharmas and hospitals have to opt in. you can also call the pharmas and get put on a no waste list. also for those in texas a lot of small towns are letting you have vaccines willy nilly. you should check out the r/houston covid megathread.

No. 767504

I don't know what Super Straight is because I don't watch TV or use twitter. Is it an attempt to apply the TERF label to heterosexuals?

No. 767507

basically. theyre just saying that not being attracted to troons is a sexuality choice. theres also the equivalent superles/gay that is the same, no fake dicks and fake vags.

No. 767510

NTA but some places just don't. In my state it can be a hit or miss whether or not you'll be asked but everyone around me who has gotten the vaccine wasn't asked for verification of eligibility lol. I even brought paperwork with me (because I think I fall into a weird grey area) but I didn't even get asked "what makes you qualified for the vaccine?" much less the paperwork.

No. 767511

This seems like it would backfire tremendously. Or at the very least alienate the people that it claims to be protecting.

No. 767518

>Is it an attempt to apply the TERF label to heterosexuals?
No, idk why anon responded with 'basically'… Super straight is a sexuality which specifically excludes trannies as a reaction to them demanding straight guys/lesbians fuck MTFs. It's satire but with a serious intention to highlight how rapey and disgusting trannies are when they try to tell people they are obligated to fuck them regardless of the sex they are attracted to.

No. 767526

Oooh, I see.
I thought it was a slur twitterites made for people who didn't want to.

No. 767537

whats the best netfix animes

No. 767540

netflix is where all the shitty anime goes

No. 767541

most of it is shit but I think FMA:B and ouran host club are on there. try those

No. 767543

yeah, im just trying to watch it on my smart TV and it's like my only option. unless there are some on hulu

No. 767545

Seconding FMA:B and Ouran, also Evangelion.

No. 767548

Seconding other anon, Ouran host club is the best if it's there.

No. 767554

File: 1616461314526.jpg (83.44 KB, 1067x600, 1612550389541.jpg)

R-rated Zootopia, sexually explicit, deals with trauma and love. Very good story-telling.

>Carole & Tuesday

Comfy-ass show about two girls trying to make it as a music duo. Highly, highly recommended.

>Devilman Crybaby

Amazing animation. Guy slowly becomes a demon. Very explicit, only watch if that doesn't bother you.

>Hi Rise Invasion

Never seen the anime, but the manga is really good. Thrilling horror-esque killing game. Female lead becomes a cool and dangerous person.

>Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Cute anime about having cringy delusions in high school. Very relatable. Slow romance.

No. 767562

Does anyone here watch Blair walnuts? What’s the tea?

No. 767568

Where exactly did (does?) ISIS post propaganda online to radicalize all those people? I've definitely seen tons of far-right propaganda online but never anything from them (which is good). I'm just curious because I hear that it's a big problem but I've never seen it.

The website audiboi let you stream audiobooks in your browser. Use audiobookbay.net or mobilism.org to download audiobooks for free.

No. 767577

Can sewing anons direct me to possible books or time periods or search terms to find historical-esque patterns made up of mostly rectangles and squares? I want to sew but I'm meh at it and also want to try avoiding as much fabric waste as possible.

No. 767597

That doesn't sound like a pattern to any clothing other than a cape, anon.

No. 767616

File: 1616470911858.jpeg (35.8 KB, 400x391, AF5DA5D9-6C40-4AD5-93D4-40300D…)

do any of you know of a job that is entry level, quiet, not retail, and possibly from home?? i know it’s kind of picky but I was just curious because im job hunting and i can’t think of anything.

No. 767641

Data entry is the popular pick for this, but I have no clue if there are still any jobs on the market or if they pay a living wage when most companies outsource to third world countries. From home is tricky unless you have a skill (like design, programming, transcription or copywriting) but jobs that aren't particularly customer facing include stocking/warehouse work, library, garden centers and delivery drivers.

No. 767660

Why are feminine hygiene videos so popular? I don't understand. Just wash your pussy. I never clicked any of them but is there some kind of secret I'm missing out on? Maybe I'm gross for asking this. But I swear to God my pussy is clean.

No. 767667

It takes me 1-2 hours to fall asleep, that's normal, right?

No. 767671

No. 767672

If you want to look for remote data entry positions be aware that a lot of scams for that particular position exist.

No. 767684

Probably because it’s a taboo subject and most women aren’t taught has to wash it, and don’t feel comfortable talking to family/friends about it. The advice I’ve read always says stuff like “don’t use soap” and “don’t douche” so I’m assuming many women are doing shit like this out of ignorance, then winding up with infections, being too embarrassed to go to the doctor and seeking help online. Hygiene should be part of sex ed if it isn’t already.

No. 767687

Typo, how to* wash it

No. 767691

How can I reduce my breast and waist size anons? Are there some specific diets? I know weights are recommended but i only have two dumbbels idk if it will have impact on my upper body

No. 767692

You can't spot reduce, you need to lower your overall bodyfat %.
Lifting won't make you bulk up.

Check out the fitness/diet thread in /g/

No. 767694

Is hummus supposed to have a bitter aftertaste?

No. 767699

Can having a lot of files on your desktop slow down your laptop?

No. 767700

File: 1616494182120.png (230.81 KB, 482x640, jyqxs5a0f4751.png)

how many flies do you have on your desktop anon?

No. 767701

I'd call it "normal" in terms of frequency because I suffer from the same problem. "Normal" in terms of harmless/healthy, though? I think we both need to look into what we do before going to bed, what we think about while in bed, etc, kek

No. 767702

Why is it that everyone nowadays seems so casual about posting their nudes on twitter, tinder, and reddit? it's like everyone wants to show their genitals to each other

No. 767704

File: 1616494590902.jpg (785.82 KB, 2000x1125, isthistoomuch.jpg)

um…a few?

No. 767706

Do I have a good change of winning something if there are 6 winners and 4 losers?

No. 767711


No. 767718

Depends on the total number of contestants. Are there just the 10 of them or a whole million. You don't provide the needed info.
Yes, I am being anal about statistics, I always am.

No. 767719

I can only interpret anon's post as there being 10 contestants, as I don't know what category there could be besides winners and losers. Like can you not win and not be a loser? Do the 4 losers get beaten up on top of losing?

No. 767729

God im fucking retarded. Thought you said fLIes, not fILes.
But anyways, yeah, they can slow down your computer a bit, but it's probably the memory that it's using, not the space on the desktop.

No. 767736

There are lots of things made from rectangles and squares! You can make a shirt from them, and things like kimonos are just rectangles too.

No. 767740

You’re not supposed to wash your pussy all the time. The soap and water applied to your vagina might dry out your vagina, eliminating the self-cleaning bacteria in the process that prevents infections from happening. Wash on the outside because that’s where most of the funk builds up and leave your inside alone.

No. 767742

No. 767757

ayrt, there are only 10 contestants. kek

No. 767758

File: 1616502837048.jpg (104.86 KB, 936x686, I283i3jwjejs.jpg)

Burgerfags, is the history education in your country is really bad?

No. 767760

Yes. It's fucking horrible.

No. 767761

explain this please, not from burgerland myself

No. 767763

Well, in short, both in the US and UK, anti-irish sentiment was a big thing, especially during the 19th century. In the case of the US, Irish people were basically equated to black people, were stereotyped as violent alcoholics and basically classed as a seperate race from white people. This happened to a lot of european immigrants from poor (at the time) countries, like Italians and Poles. But as far as i know, Irish people during the 1800s got the most vitriol if we're talking about 'white' nationalities.

No. 767765

It’s debatable if the Irish really did experience racism. A lot of sociology twitterfags will use the “prejudice, not racism” as it makes it any better but the Irish were classified as another race away from the Anglo-Americans, so yeah they did experience racism.

No. 767772

I'm irish and while I certainly don't hold any pain from shit that obviously happened well before my time (never met anyone here who does) isn't it just well known how badly the Irish were treated at one time? I see people trying to deny that now just because it goes against what current dynamics are. It passed and therefore it just never happened? lol

It's not a current issue so nobody is even taking attention away from current issues with it, people in ireland don't feel a certain way this long afterwards. But it did happen and you can't rewrite history. It's a part of history. Maybe this woman is purely nitpicking the choice of word here but I've seen others deny that anything really happened at all. It's bizarre seeing these twitter history experts lecture people…

No. 767773

I mean… it's not racism. Nationalism or like other anon said prejudice - yes, but calling it racism is wrong. I know, it's just semantics but it's not meaningless in these cases because it manifests differently too.

No. 767775

File: 1616504536863.gif (571.22 KB, 250x188, butterbutterbutter.gif)

do you think we need a new crash course thread on how to make a proper thread? instead of whining about the idiots making shit threads in /snow/ and /pt/, make a better and more updated thread to inform on how to make a decent thread

No. 767780

Where would it be posted? People don’t read the rules before they start posting, as nice as it’d be to not have retarded threads made every other day

No. 767782

ayrt and yes, i agree, it wasn't racism. Prejudice on the basis of ethnicity is different, because Italian, Polish and Irish people could assimilate into 'being white' after a couple generations, while other races couldn't. I just answered anon because i thought she didn't know about anti-irish sentiment in general.

No. 767787

Tbh I think it should be included in the rules page or seen first on /meta/ if jannies can pin threads. For dummy-proofing there should be a template for making threads

No. 767796

I've seen people play down the fact that it was even prejudice tbh. It's a slippery slope where some just want to downplay it to a degree where you wonder what their underlying emotion is. Oh you only heard about it in class today and you already want to argue it 'probably' wasn't that bad. Just cool twitter takes.

No. 767797

File: 1616505917596.jpg (158.48 KB, 1304x967, 71rW6k889aL.jpg)

What counts as chocolate addiction? Is eating a whole bar of Milka chocolate a day it?

No. 767800

Lol yes, that's certainly a chocolate addiction, but at least it's just one bar. I mean, a bar of chocolate a day to make yourself feel happy can't be that bad, as long as you try not to consume that much more sugar or chocolate that same day

No. 767802

Yes, probably. My friend also eats an entire bar a day and has been doing so for years, and surprisingly he is not fat (curse men and their fast metabolism).
But really if I had the money to do that too, I probably would.

No. 767805

I have a 100gram bar of choc nearly every day. Have done it for years but I also don't overeat in general and I must not go over my daily cals as I'm not overweight.

If you have a tendancy to take sugar in other ways like through soft drinks or sugar in tea/coffee I'd think about cutting back in some way if you want to keep up the choc habit. I cut out taking sugar in my coffee because as I get older it seems excessive to have both sugary habits.

No. 767810

Thanks for the input guys. It's the only source of sugar I have in a day, I drink my tea and coffee plain and I don't snack during the day or drink soda. I'm not overweight either. I just really hate the fact that I feel like I have no control over it, I promise myself I would eat only 1 row but then proceed to eat the whole thing

No. 767814

I feel an awful lot of junk snacks that are sold in 'sharing size packs' are eaten in one session by one person tbh. Not ideal but probably not uncommon either.

No. 767818

In my eyes it's an addiction when you eat more than a moderate portion (which a whole bar of choclate probably is) against your better judgement and have no control over it.

No. 767859

Does anyone develop insomnia before their period?

No. 767864

How do I know if I'm dumber than average?

No. 767866

Yes, and then the first/second day after it starts I could sleep for 16 hours.

No. 767874

File: 1616516218025.jpg (26.81 KB, 702x478, f325581f9612cdc77538f205e66a3d…)

Anons, if I wanna try video editing, should I get a laptop with Mac or Windows OS? If Windows, which one should I get?

No. 767876

It depends on what kind of dumb you mean. You can take a pseudo IQ test online or look up academic test averages in your country/region but I personally don't think those things encompass everything we would consider intelligence if we came across it in the wild.

I would say a good way to judge your own intelligence is to think about how easily you'd be able to hold a conversation about a wide variety of topics, if you don't talk to people much maybe browse through news sources or look up trivia quizzes on different subjects and see how well you can keep up. You also have to consider what is the "average" to you–I feel "dumber than average" even though my test scores were always in the top 4% of the national average because I've always been surrounded by people smarter/more capable than me.

No. 767877

Only in the last few months yeah. I seem to be going through a shift in how periods and pms affect me. (early 30s changes?) I get insomnia a week beforehand and then intense fatigue as it gets even closer. Then my normal sleep returns but it's a type of fatigue that no amount of sleep will make up for so, fun lol

No. 767885

Doesn't matter when you're just starting out. If you're editing from a prosumer camera, a desktop would be better. What software do you want to edit with?

No. 767888

I used to do this when I was like 12 or 13. It is an addiction, try your best to go cold turkey

No. 767890

Is it weird that I find yoga much more difficult than an aerobic session?

No. 767892

File: 1616519256868.jpg (98.22 KB, 749x253, 20210323_180541.jpg)

What's the story behind this banner?

No. 767893

File: 1616519305443.jpg (40.18 KB, 400x331, eatme.jpg)

Milka anon made me realize that there's like 100 types of milka choc I've never tried. My local store has like 5 varieties

No. 767894

Now I want some milka chocc.

No. 767910

I appreciate the responses but I have to ask how could people even feel hopeful about the future when our planet is being destroyed? We can't even turn a blind eye to it because natural disasters like hurricanes rose in 2020 alone just in response to climate change. Then you have the 'hopeful political movement' aka progressivism still backing the best interest of the elite and also screwing over women with mainstream feminism and their proposed laws. This world is absolutely utterly fucked, I really can't understand how people can say that this is a great time to be alive unless they're men.

No. 767931

fuck you anon now I'm craving sweet shit. Look at what you've made me do

No. 767937

Anyone know how to get a bit popular on twitter ? feeling confused rn

No. 767951

File: 1616524723227.jpg (80.41 KB, 320x401, 100832-milka-320x401-100dpi.jp…)

Me too, I never even look at them but I went to a different store the other day and there was an entire row just of milka chocolate… I bought the noisette one just to be sure anyway.
Also I just remembered when I was a kid and there was this limited edition elemental milka. The fire and water were so good, the earth one was just normal. The water one was watermelon with popping candy in it. Also I remember a white chocolate milka with lime… Why were they only limited edition? Grr, now all we have is milka with 5000 different varieties of cookies and biscuits in it. Boring. Sorry for the chocolate autism

No. 767962

Post your hot takes on trending hashtags, the more controversial the better, maybe some doodles and a picture of yourself if you have peculiar looks.

No. 767991

I noticed most of my close friends are mostly guys. Is it just better to drop them all even if it would leave me with few friends?

No. 767997

no lmao. I know anons here hate men but I see no reason to randomly drop them for no reason except that they're male. A good friendship is a good friendship. Now if there's an actual reason (they're shit friends, want more than just friends or whatever) then it'd be different.

No. 768004

Yes anon. Men don't deserve friendship or love

No. 768005

why do u want that, no hate

No. 768006

I see anons starting to post about getting their vaccines, my first dose isn't due for another 10 months or so. Is anyone else in a country with a similar timeline?

No. 768008

If I'm in a messenger group with two other people and let's say one of them blocks me, would I still able to see their messages?

No. 768015

File: 1616530760893.gif (1.9 MB, 255x191, don't.gif)

please do not go for a laptop( unless you really really do not have a choice ), you need to find something with a realy good processor, a big ass screen and also a lot of storage. I think windows is better for what I do, but Mac tends to have better colorimetry in their screens, so maybe this will be super important for you. Also your choice will really depends on what type of editing software you want to use.
Video editing is great but having everything crash or be extremely slow because your laptop is burning will drive you crazy.

No. 768044

File: 1616533043194.jpg (46.98 KB, 800x800, 3d-model-cartoon-cow_D.jpg)

Anyone know any other female majority or just not scummy imageboards, or how to find other smaller boards?

No. 768049

Their new messages? No. The old ones should still be visible.

No. 768056

facebook, instagram groups, curate your twitter feed, same with tumblr

sitewide not including imageboards lc, lsa, ovarit, spinster

No. 768060

>facebook, insta
Ehhh no thanks friend. I might check out lsa again I guess. Is spinster any good?

No. 768072

does two-spirit actually have historical ties

No. 768084

Spinster is not a women-only website, it allows men and is only labeled as "a website about women". LSA is full of salty people, racebaiters and twinks.

No. 768091

File: 1616538743040.jpg (27.61 KB, 1000x1000, e99aafa02464b2a48bb41a0040b7f3…)

I love the idea of tumblers with straws built in but you can't put these full of liquid in a bag right? I dont really understand when you could actually use these like a travel mug since it would certainly spill everywhere, no?

No. 768093

That would most certainly leak and spill everywhere if you put it in your bag anon

No. 768095

File: 1616538951186.jpeg (252.62 KB, 800x800, 102F3BF2-49DA-4B32-AEC8-784178…)

You can get caps either for the straw or the hole if you take the straw out.

No. 768098

whatd u do anon

No. 768105

Has anyone here had luck remaking a totally new friend group from scratch? What did you do?

No. 768119

File: 1616540838880.jpeg (25.01 KB, 236x236, A81CF04A-85BC-4B2B-9FCD-B32647…)

Why am I sexy and ur not?

No. 768135

Do cats like to be swaddled? Like how you burrito roll a baby

No. 768140

omg saving these, where can I buy them???

No. 768147

why is lolcow so slow on tuesdays?

No. 768168

Horrid answer, all of those websites suck

No. 768174

I made work friends, hung out with them outside work, and friends with my roommates. I tried going to my local reddit group (lol) and that went about as well as you'd imagine

No. 768186

everyone is eating tacos

No. 768192

File: 1616547897362.png (1.88 MB, 720x960, 85258385_1032753817101937_5015…)

god I wish that were me

No. 768209

File: 1616548715118.jpeg (42.43 KB, 395x292, D6D70B46-4C24-44EC-BD59-0AA944…)

Spinster is okay, it’s kind of dead, but remains a female majority which is what anon asked. Same with LSA. Those same types of people you mentioned are on lolcow and other websites so it doesn’t particularly bother me since they are easy to spot and be ignored. You can actually block users you don’t like/males too.

Almost nothing is wrong with ovarit besides allowing scrotes and lchat’s biggest issue imo is that it’s dead. Genuinely confused how there is possibly a better answer that wouldn’t have already been said. CC? CCC? What imageboard is supposed to fit the bill when scrotes spam them with garbage minimum once a month.

No. 768211

I been bad

No. 768214

ccc as in choachan? I browse the critical thread and used to browse the sasaengs but that site is just full of twitterstans and doesnt have the same feel as the old lolcow kpop threads. rip, i miss you

No. 768226

Are there any anons who get disability checks?

No. 768229

I too miss the kpopfagging threads, only because it seems fucking impossible to find something that matches lc's crit thread (even if it was beginning to go downhill in the end of its life)

No. 768245

what is LSA, lchat, CCC?

No. 768249

Ok but actually, are my parents retarded for not wanting me to get the vaccine or is there some legitimacy to their fear?

No. 768250

some people have died of bloodcloths thanks to some vaccines

No. 768254

Why do people put "saged" or "sage for" in their posts? It's something that's always bothered me. We can see you saged, you don't have to announce it.

No. 768257

Rhymes with "shoe tag"

No. 768264

I'm not a newfag lmao. It just mildly annoys me.

No. 768266

when newfags call other people newfags

No. 768268

Uh I was trying to answer your question. I guess it didn't come across that way. My bad!

No. 768269

Oh lol I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you!

No. 768270

File: 1616552368332.png (80.46 KB, 424x152, hfjdkcx.png)

No. 768287

someone just dm'd me "u r cute uwu" lmao how do i say thanks without continuing the convo

No. 768288

File: 1616553501847.jpeg (90.96 KB, 722x225, CCEBD9DC-C492-43DC-842B-62631D…)

Is anyone getting this message on the Pinterest phone app? I cannot figure out for the life of me why, I've logged in and out multiple times, I've reinstalled the app twice, and it keeps happening after I save a few posts each time. It's ridiculous because I can still upload pins just fine, and I can save on the browser version, but the app is doing this. The last app update was the 17th and it didn't do this shit till yesterday

There's no way to be able to report this within the app itself

No. 768289

File: 1616553551970.jpg (52.02 KB, 1024x984, depositphotos_7498216-stock-ph…)

No. 768295

ok if we didnt have mutual friends maybe

No. 768299

No. 768302

"ty hope u have a nice day/night/etc"

No. 768307

how do you play the webm format on mobile? i know anons ask this a lot but how do you do it

No. 768309

Are you sure you aren’t using a vpn while browsing pinterest?

No. 768320

File: 1616560109546.jpeg (120.67 KB, 1019x1524, 4042B338-F8B9-4089-AA1E-6199A9…)

How do i commission embarrassing self indulgent porn art without it ever being traced back to me

No. 768323

Just ask the artist not to tag you or name you when they upload it?

No. 768335

No I'm not using a VPN

No. 768337

File: 1616563522348.jpg (635.05 KB, 1080x4127, 24032021062052.jpg)

What the fuck are those zombie websites that somehow show on the first page of google search for obscure shit? How did they become a thing? The URL is random, the content randomly copypasted from the net and the site redirects you to some virus/scam. How long does this shit exist? I suddenly see it everywhere. Pic very much related, from results of my lolcow triggered searches.

No. 768348

Omg I’ve noticed this too anon! When I googled a guide for a game quest the first page was full of these Russian virus sites. Mine had relevant titles but the text under the URL was word vomit.

No. 768360

I thought it was just me and I was going crazy, holy shit. Last night I googled a skin problem and one of the first results was a random-ass url; I clicked it out of curiosity and it seemed to just be an aggregation of google image results for my skin problem as well as SEO word vomit.

No. 768366

i noticed this too! was googling how old a book character is and opened like 2 of these before i realized they aren't legit

No. 768383

Make a new, private, completely anonymous account to request the commission, and pay with a prepaid debit card you can purchase at a store with cash.

No. 768393

Anons how do I measure my bust properly? With a bra? Or over a thin top? I find it confusing measuring my circumference naked because it’s all squishy

No. 768396

thin top

No. 768397

File: 1616576236132.jpg (21.06 KB, 250x250, tumblr_1165dbfa898f7728af27a98…)

how do you get followers on instagram? i've never had it before but i feel like i need to get it before university or people will think i'm weird.

No. 768398

Follow people you know and normally they will follow you back, everyone else will just show up. If you’re desperate enough you can use promos or try to get caught on the algorithm with specific postings and hashtags or buy followers. But as a reminder you need to be 18 or older to be on this website.

No. 768400

thanks for the advice. lol i've been on two gap years (thank u covid)

No. 768402

File: 1616577588946.jpeg (137.66 KB, 781x479, CCCE0E25-7C65-4220-9839-E34D0E…)

I recommend following the A Bra That Fits measurement guide and using the calculator. I was skeptical (especially when I got my result) but have never had a bra that fits so well.


No. 768405

Can't seem to find the health questions thread on /g/ so I'll ask here:
My period smells overpoweringly metallic today. It always smells a bit metallic, I know that's normal, but this time the smell is unusually strong. I started using women's multivitamins instead of general ones this month which have much more iron and copper in them, so that must be the cause. My question is: does this mean I should switch back to the other multivitamin? I have a very heavy flow that lasts just 2 days, and I thought I needed those extra minerals because I get dizzy and weak when I get my period. But does the smell mean I took too much, or is that normal too?

No. 768406

File: 1616578897592.jpg (117.01 KB, 674x1000, Joan-Jett-Brad-Elterman-La-Mai…)

Does anybody know why Joan Jett cannot confirm she is straight or not? Is she bi/lesbian? Will we ever find the truth? Is the truth out there?

No. 768407

80% of my plants leaves are brown and withered. Some are also falling off. Should I just put it out of its mysery?

No. 768408

Now I am not a nutrition expert or anything, but I think you shouldn't worry about having taken too much, because if you can smell lots of iron then that means you're excreting the extra iron and nothing bad will happen

No. 768409

File: 1616579442774.jpg (208.28 KB, 797x680, Screenshot_5.jpg)

she's gay

No. 768410

No.11 Manson thread locked down and no link to a new one. Surely it's not stopped after so many threads?

No. 768411

File: 1616579551152.png (24.49 KB, 1105x370, so many choices.PNG)

Though oftentimes while you get an accurate measurement, you end up with a size that is barely carried in stores and once you find it, the bra will be way more expensive. My abrathatfits measurement is 28C which is literally useless so I end up always buying 70A

No. 768412

it seems to be here: >>>/manure/5828

No. 768419

New to posting so sorry if not doing it properly.

Thanks but that's the one that has been locked. Usually there is a link to the new thread before it's locked down.

No. 768421


Also after the new #12 manson thread

No. 768423

What is a "Blind Item"? I understand they're a type of anonymous confession of what people have done, right? But can just anyone right them, you could just make any thing up so why do people believe them.

Also why is it like a game that you have to figure out who they're talking about, is it so they don't get in trouble for spreading rumors?

No. 768425

People will trust them if blind items that get posted to those sites are confirmed by bigger news sites. Consistently having real blind items is how those kind of websites build up a reputation, I think.

No. 768429

Glad it's not just me then, lol.

No. 768431

It is a news story where people's names are omitted and can be guessed by the readers. They are usually written by people who work in the entertainment industry. One well known blind item blog is Crazy Days and Nights and it is run by a lawyer who had a lot of famous clients. He gave an interview a couple of years ago

No. 768435

Can anyone actually taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

No. 768438

Yes. Pepsi is sweeter.

No. 768439

Ah, thank you. My unrefined tastebuds couldn't detect the difference

No. 768443

I know plenty of people at uni that don't have instagram or don't care if you don't have it
Over here it's more important to have whatsapp among zoomers for groups, but I'm in europe

No. 768463

File: 1616585760736.jpg (43.5 KB, 600x400, W1siZiIsInVwbG9hZHMvcGxhY2VfaW…)

I'm going on a little trip on my own for the first time and was wondering what to bring besides food, water and cash?

It's a popular tourist destination and I'm going with public transport. The drive there will be 2h long, exploring the place (park+castle) should be 2-3h and going back additional 2h.

I'm just scared my retarded ass will get lost somehow lol

No. 768468

You should be fine with that I think, but then again I only went to these types of places on school trips kek
I remember my friend stayed a night at that castle and said it was really nice

No. 768472

Ah this sounds so nice, anon!! A powerbank for your phone would definitely be useful

No. 768474

Is there such a thing as a color theory equivalent for cooking?
Cooking is an art, some people have a natural talent for combining tastes and textures that go well together. I am not one of those people, sometimes I will imagine a combination would taste good, but when I make it, it comes out tasting different than expected.
There's got to be somewhere I can learn which combinations are good and which are not in general, instead of tediously learning cooking recipe by recipe.

No. 768478

this is exactly the same case in latin america

No. 768479

I never heard of it, and if it doesn't exist then someone should make it because it sounds really useful!

No. 768481

Is China better than Japan or South-Korea in terms of treating women equally?

No. 768482

Your bag needs to be something you can keep close to your body, preferably not a backpack, who knows what could possibly happen.
Maybe some napkins, your phone’s charger, extra hair bands, hand sanitizer, maybe a little bottle of isopropyl alcohol in case you want some extra sanitation or if you need to open doors? And bandaids, is always good to carry some.

No. 768486

i'm from england. idk it seems like everyone has it lol. i do have whatsapp

No. 768502

File: 1616587854430.jpg (47.92 KB, 700x400, marilyn-manson-acting.jpg)

Where is the Marilyn Manson New thread? #11 got locked down before a new thread link was posted. Anyone got some info on thread #12?

No. 768503

Both are equally shit

No. 768504

Yeah, I think so! It has to do with your tastebuds & some foods are warm, some foods are cold. Also smells.

Ok Imma put an example
Cinnamon is warm, spicy, and sweet. It goes well with apples, that also have a homely, warm taste, but are pretty plain aside of being sugary.
Cinnamon also goes well with chocolate, because they're both warm foods, and they enhance each other.

Idk, I'm not expert though. I hope if you find more stuff like this you share it here!

No. 768509

Are cosmetics from YesStyle legit? I'd like some Asian skincare and they seem the only ones who don't sell it in Europe at inflated prices. But I don't want counterfeits.

No. 768514

Skinnyfat, no muscles whatsoever and want to get in shape. How to start? So far my attempts at exercising have been ridiculous because I get exhausted and sore from barely anything.

No. 768519

Is it normal for an ex-therapist, turned friend to post a picture of their ex-patient on their personal instagram account, sort of alluding to their previous therapist-patient relationship and just generally talking about how nice, brave etc the ex-patient-turned-friend is? I'm kind of weirded out.

No. 768520

Read the fitness thread in /g/

Want to gain muscle and get "toned" - lift and eat more
Want to lose weight - do any activity to burn cals and eat a bit less

No. 768534

You'll have a low energy level if you lived a sedentary life, it takes time for your body to get used to the exertion.

No. 768538

can anyone else tell theres one or two anon obsessed with black people who keep posting bait here for the past two days?

No. 768541

Would walking and aerobics help with endurance?

No. 768546

Yes, walking at a sturdy place is great way to build some endurance.

No. 768547

The self service checkout in my local store does this thing where if your total is ten euros and 2 cents it won't accept just ten euros (like a cashier would cause we have the rounding up/down system now) Instead it makes you put more money in..just so it can then return that money to you anyway. So it still takes the ten and nothing more. Seems like a bad design. I've been in there before trying to get rid of some exact amount of cash I had on me and that tripped me up.

Is that a universal thing with self checkouts?

No. 768551

D..do the self service checkouts in your country accept physical cash? Why? Here you can only pay with a card/mobile payment.

No. 768554

Yeah alot of the time I use them if I have a bunch of coins I want to offload, I don't wnat to count money out for ages with a cashier but the machine won't judge me lol

No. 768562

Would you date somebody who has gone through divorce? I wouldn't but a coworker gave me shit for this, saying I shouldn't judge people because a relationship has failed, that love isn't eternal, yada yada yada… A divorce is kind of a red flag to me.

No. 768572

Depends, I guess. If someone married really young and divorced within a few years without kids, then whatever, they were young and didn't have solid personalities yet. Almost all other scenarios awaken some alarming thoughts, even if not full blown red flags. Kids are a big no though even without marriage, I don't want a third adult to consult on our everyday plans and I don't want to parent either.

No. 768574

I would, but I don't think you're an asshole for not wanting to. A divorced person could possibly come packaged with a spiteful ex you have to navigate around, along with kids, debt, etc. It's ok not to feel up to that.

No. 768576

Do stretch marks ever go away? I have them pretty bad on my inner and outer thighs since I was in grade 7. I used to think I had them because I was a fatty (I don’t think I was I just had it in my mind that stretch marks are only something you have when you gain too much weight) so I had a anachan phase but once I came out of that I realized losing weight did nothing about my stretch marks. Do I just have to live with them?

No. 768580

File: 1616598440323.jpg (49.03 KB, 360x450, 1409714005065.jpg)

Yes, cook here, I recommend Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and The Flavor Bible which covers topics like this. Guacamole is a great example of something you can tweak ratios or add to taste "right"– salt, avocado, lime, jalapenos.

Always always taste/smell your cooking at each step and adjust.

No. 768581

They fade in color, but most of them don't ever really go away. They're a normal part of growing up if you ever go through a grow spurt during puberty. Men also get them, I had an ex who looked like a wild piglet because he had stretchmarks across his back from when his back got wider.

No. 768583

I guess it depends on how old you are? If you are in your 20s - 30s it is normal not to want date someone divorced and w kids, but if you are 50+ year old it is quite an unrealistic standard

No. 768592

That looks delicious.

No. 768593

I’m sorry but how in the fuck do you interpret the sanic thread lol

No. 768596

I have a couple of old phones and laptops that I want to bring in for recycling. Is it safe to just bring them away like they are or should I remove all the data that may still be on them? And if so, what about the ones that are broken?

No. 768598

That’s a really good idea, thanks Anon. I don’t want it to ever be traced back to me (it’s not gross / pedo it’s just incredibly cringe)

No. 768599

The last number of your post number corresponds to the number/answer on the image!

No. 768600

Can anyone tell me the context for one of the banners? It’s the one where it’s an animation of something walking away with a large skirt(?) on and it says ‘those thighs tell lies’ and they fall down. The style looks like it’s from the movie Robots tbh but it’s hand drawn and I don’t recognise it and it annoys me whenever it’s at the top of the page kek

No. 768602

File: 1616600550083.jpeg (581.59 KB, 1400x1400, 64835723-99AE-472F-94A4-2FEF62…)

I second this recommendation. >>768474
If you want to naturally broaden your palette and adopt at least an affinity for new flavors and combinations, looking to delicious foods you’d never even think to try is a great start. Ugly Delicious is also good for different reasons, but SFAH is the best I’ve seen. Watching shows that expand on flavors on a cultural level like Anthony Bourdain’s can help significantly as well. It forces you to imagine what the combinations would be like, and adapt them to ingredients available to you in order
to get the idea. >>768504 To add on to this, cinnamon goes great with extra heat and salt. Fatty butter or lard with cinnamon is even more aromatic, and it compliments savory charred red steaks (with berry or stone fruits) very well. I only think it doesn’t pair as well with other acids. Not that it can’t, it’s just better with salt and fat and heat.

You can also take free gastronomy courses to expand on these ideas and how you can reinvent food into different textures, changing how you’d find them to taste.

When it comes to baking (often a different ballpark) watch the hell out of “unusual” or uncommon baking shows. Not gameshow gimmicks; but British Bake Off, its spin-offs, cake wars and similar programs. Nadiyah bakes is a favorite of mine, she bakes regular dishes but with lots of variety and tips on how to up the level of easily simplified baked goods. I also watch a lot of youtube channels. If you’re scared of baking, always remember it’s easier than you think. If going by recipe is important for you, invest in a food scale no matter what you’re cooking.

I’d say the most accessible option though is to watch a hell of a lot of youtube chefs and bakers. They don’t need to be pros or obnoxious scrotes, just watch people making food you like and want to try one day. You’ll have an easier time mentally picking up how spices and foods get paired together when it’s about food you actually want to eat.

You can also step into the kitchen and try anything. See what works with what you already have in your cabinets, make bizarre combinations on purpose. At the end of the day you can only confirm what tastes good when you taste it for yourself.

No. 768610

Does anyone know a site where one can read scanned issues of vintage magazines?

No. 768617

I've been wandering the same. Always thought it's the Medabots anime but that's probably wrong

No. 768618

what does it feel like to kiss someone without lips? does it just feel like teeth? ive always wondered this as a person with big ass lips lmao.

No. 768631

Do you mean kissing a person who has no lips or kissing someone when you yourself have no lips? Even thin are still lips so I can't imagine it's that different

No. 768639

ill say both like
1. if you have lips what did it feel like to kiss someone who had very small lips and how did it compare vs kissing someone with big lips like you
2. if you have small lips what did it feel like to kiss someone with bigger lips than you did it feel better or worse than kissing someone with the same small lips.

Personally i am afraid to kiss someone with very small lips because i just know i will devour their whole face lmao. But i am curious.

No. 768641

Anons who use an electric toothbrush, which brand/model do you prefer and why? I’m currently between oral b (I like the smaller brush head and combination of oscillating movements and vibrations) vs sonicare (the model I’m looking at is cheaper than oral b, and overall better battery life and overall brand is seemingly more touted about).

No. 768650

File: 1616603960060.png (138.44 KB, 475x475, 801.png)

I think it might be this Pokemon, Megearna

No. 768653

I hate newer generations of pokemon, I really do

No. 768656

You're making full lips sounds gross, ngl lol

No. 768664

Can only answer for #2, for a long time I only kissed people who also had small lips (they’re typical in my country). So I thought kissing always felt one way as I had no way of comparing. It didn’t feel like much to me but I thought my lips couldn’t feel anything because I busted them really badly as a kid. Then I dated a guy with big lips and the experience was totally different. His lips felt soft and cushionlike, I actually enjoyed kissing. I don’t know how to describe it lol. It was much more comfortable and felt nicer. I regret this discovery as most people here have small lips lol.

No. 768668

I don't like kissing, never thought much about it and never had partners bothered by it either. A peck is fine but no more. Current discussion just got me thinking, Is that uncommon?

No. 768669

A friend of mine (I'm the total opposite) is like that, too, and for her it's because she's grossed out by saliva.

No. 768673

I've always hated the idea. It just seems gross to swap spit with someone. When I had my first kiss, I felt bad for my boyfriend because it was very obvious I thought it sucked. I dead said to his face "never again" and to this day, I refuse to kiss anyone again.

No. 768678

I like kissing, but so many people suck at it. I only had one guy who was decent at kissing, the rest either licked AROUND the mouth or were aggressively tonguing thinking the harder the better.

No. 768692

I always found kissing kind of unpleasant. Tbh I just really hate the smell of saliva and won’t kiss unless we’ve both brushed our teeth.

No. 768695

File: 1616609045866.jpg (18.19 KB, 470x262, thinlip.JPG)

As someone with larger lips, I prefer to kiss women with the same kind or just a little smaller than mine. It's really sensual and feels like kissing a cloud. Thin lips like in this pic are horrible to kiss as far as sensation goes. It is easier to reach their teeth on top of feeling like like kissing a wet part of your arm or something. I hate it.

No. 768696

Same. Even watching movies where the characters make out is kinda gross to me.

No. 768708

File: 1616610687978.jpeg (166.94 KB, 1236x1500, 8979BAF9-7DA7-4F21-9669-A33378…)

I used a sonicare for the past few years and I’ve used Oral B in the past, I prefer sonicare to both oral B and manual brushes. I have a small mouth and it gets to my molars with a bit of effort but does a more efficient job (less maneuvering and the brush head is smaller and oval) than manual. As far as cost the price of heads is ridiculous but if you were using “high” quality manual toothbrushes the price points just about match up. Off-brand compatible is way cheaper. You can use coupon apps/services to get better deals and stock up on the brand cohesive brush heads. I buy mine a year’s worth at a time for 1/6th the cost of the brush.

No. 768710

Are the majority of men working in IT creepy incels?

No. 768712

No. 768727

Probably not, but they're the ones you'll most likely hear about. No one complains about Greg who does his job and doesn't say disturbing things to women.

No. 768739

I have a Sonicare, it's the first electric toothbrush I've bought so I can't compare it to other brands or models. I've had it for years. Don't remember the exact model. At the time I went for Sonicare over oral b because that's what seemed to be the best one according to the internet.

No. 768745

At what point does a conspiracy theory become not a conspiracy theory, like how much evidence does it need? Kind of a vague question but a stupid one nonetheless.

No. 768748

Grug still posts about r-roasties online anon. He'd wilt on the spot trying to say anything sexual to a woman irl.

No. 768773

If there's enough supporting evidence that a trusted/respected news organ feels confident enough to report on it.

No. 768775

Wow we're completely opposite
I could spend all day kissing and I don't know why I love it so much

No. 768789

I've never tried that but I've crushed advil pills into water and smeared it over my pimples and it work. So now I just use Neosporin antibacterial cream on pimples and they always go away after a day or two.

No. 768790

I don't think that would work… it sounds bad. But what worked for me is putting crushed aspirin tablets

No. 768791

Do you guys ever hate someone because of their body language? Or am I just an autist? I have coworkers that are decent people but something about their body language triggers me and makes me automatically dislike them. I don’t even know how to fully articulate how it makes me feel. It’s as if it doesn’t match? Or it comes off as awkward?

Main example is one girl who, when asking me to do something for her, her body language shifts entirely and it makes me not want to help her because the switch so off putting. It’s like she’s forcing a relaxed/casual air but you can tell it doesn’t fit. Another example was a coworker who had far too confident(?) of a body language for how incompetent he was.

Do I just pay too much attention to how people carry themselves because I’m self-conscious about my own body language? I’d probably piss myself off if I could see my own body language from a third-person perspective kek

No. 768794

>Do you guys ever hate someone because of their body language?
Yes, specially if they're violent or "weird" (and I'm saying weird in many ways)
>something about their body language triggers me and makes me automatically dislike them.
That's normal and you're in your right to dislike them. In fact, you can dislike anyone you want to for whatever reason you might think of, don't worry. And yes, body language is important, so disliking someone for it is normal.

No. 768795

Thanks anons, deleted my post because the grammar error started to bother me and didn't know anyone replied, maybe i should try this

No. 768797

Definitely. I used to work with this guy who was massively creepy, he would lick his lips and narrow his eyes whenever he talked to me, like he was looking at a plate of food to eat. Weird shit. Listen to your instincts if you don’t like someone, there’s probably a good reason.

No. 768801

it might have to do with pheromones, sometimes there are people who irritate us for no good reason and i've read some articles that scientists claim that humans' pheromones can attract or repel other people, so we can't really explain it except for some hormones.

No. 768803

if someone makes you feel uncomfortable for no good reason, then you should definitely listen to your gut instinct warning you that person is off. There is a good book that all women should read, called The Gift of Fear, written by a former detective who had worked on rape and homicide cases. Way too many victims had described feeling weirded out or uncomfortable by a person or situation that they couldn't explain, but they didn't listen to their instincts and ended up dead.

No. 768807


Thanks everyone!

It’s not so much that these particular instances are the ones where someone is acting creepy or off in that regard—that I pick up on well. It’s the more benign but still off-putting that makes me go “wow am I being over judgmental on this person?” lol

I will look into that book, though. Seems interesting.

No. 768808

anyone tried needle felting? i was wondering if it was a good stress releaser since you make something cute out of getting to stab the felt.

No. 768810

I get that too. I used to be mutuals with this girl who would act sarcastic and condescending every time she talked to me. She always looked like she was about to roll her eyes whenever I said something. Even if they’re not being creepy, you don’t have to like anybody.

No. 768821

Humans don’t have pheromones and pheromones aren’t hormones. But we definitely subconsciously judge desirable/undesirable traits in everything and everyone around us.

No. 768823

Its really nice when you have the styrofoam thingy cause every time you stab it makes a satisfying sound. I bought those prepacked kits and those are nice cause I don't have to worry about what I want to make or how to do it.

No. 768828

>The French aren't stupid, I know they're perfectly capable of speaking English

This is super old but most french people are extremely bad at speaking english, even the younger generation

No. 768831

What if i'm the person who makes everyone feel uncomfortable and annoyed without any explanation? How do I figure out what I'm doing wrong?

No. 768840

I don’t know why, but they prefer figuring out Spanish than learning English, I had that issue while traveling in France, it was more probable that people would respond in Spanish rather than English.
I kind of get it, both French and Spanish got similar words making it easier to grasp, but it’s counterproductive when you know English is more popular wether they like it or not.

No. 768917

How is every mod on every board seemingly not available today? There's been a headache-inducing amount of rule breaking and few redtexts. Unless they've decided to covertly ban all of them???

No. 768939

Same, not liking it would be a dealbreaker for me lmao

No. 768969

What is the best way to respond to someone making sexist jokes? I mean especially if they're trying to be edgy about it, they want you to react/argue with them so that's out of the question. Best option is to walk away then? Idgaf about the jokes, heard 1000 times, but I hate smug fucks who think they are super funny by parroting the most basic edgy humor.

No. 768973

make a sexist joke about men and watch them suddenly not be able to "take a joke" themselves

No. 768976


Tell them you only fuck dudes with tiny penises (for if they're sexually harassing you)

Tell them they're being boring and unfunny, that behavior is usually motivated by ppl wanting to look edgy and funny.

They want you to get mad and try to argue with them, so whatever you do,don't do that. Just leave.

No. 768978

>why don’t you go fucking build something or go fucking die in a war like a man’s job is?

No. 768981

>Tell them you only fuck dudes with tiny penises
Wouldn't this be implying that they have a big dick?

No. 768986

unlike men I don't have a mental repository of those, though. I'm not very confrontational either. it's a good answer for others here but would pretending not to get the joke work, or repeating something nonsensical until they give up? I would rather not put effort into people like that. I guess I could keep asking I don't get it, why's that funny? or act deaf. I don't know I feel like it's wasting energy to respond and would make them continue

No. 768991

Nta but making them feel stupid/straight up responding deadpan will tend to make them shut up. If a reaction is what they want, then doing the opposite by responding in a lackluster manner, they'll have nothing further to work off of besides "you don't get it." To which you say "I guess not" and move on.

No. 768995

File: 1616642729838.jpeg (131.7 KB, 700x525, D8C5A9FA-04EB-4D95-BB0C-21FF70…)

I’m thinking about fostering kittens to help chase the covid blues away, has anyone here ever done it / have tips or advice?

No. 769004

Is it normal to hear voices or sounds that aren't really there when you're trying to fall asleep or am I developing schizophrenia?

No. 769012

Is the kisame17 thread like some secret hidden thread that no one is aware of or am I the only one seeing the stupid shit going on in there? There’s malcolm x larpers and autists spamming fetish porn, hurling racial slurs at each other wtf

No. 769014

It's normal, babes

No. 769015

All I can say anon is personally had this too, with the wind. It sounded like voices to me for a while and I lost sleep. Fast forward some months and I'm not schizophrenic nor do I hear that anymore. So, I don't know but there's a possibility you're not developing it since I didn't either.

No. 769017

oops adding on I realized what you might be experiencing, it's that phase where you're in between awakeness and sleep. The same state as when people have sleep paralysis but I forget what it's called. If it's more like that then definitely normal!

No. 769021

Mods have been slow for the past couple days, but tbh I've never seen that thread. I saw someone posted it in meta though. It's very wild to say the least, never seen that much unbridled dumbassery

No. 769022

It's the little engine that thinks it could. It's like the Sam Hyde thread in the way that it attracts a certain demographic and then gets autosaged, only to continue to fill with shit posts over time because it's just slow enough to not reach 1200 posts for a while.

No. 769024

it is normal actually. i hear what sounds like a bunch of people speaking on a radio when i'm winding down to sleep. i think it's your ears adjusting to silence / recalling sounds you heard throughout the day or something like that

No. 769026

Not sure if related but 4channers were discussing kisame17 in a recent thread so maybe they came here to sperg?

No. 769040

Any fashion advice for us P shaped bitches. I have NO ass like and a big ass torso please I will workout but for now help??

No. 769054

I kind of want to buy some weed and go for a walk in the forest and get high. Should i do it nonnies

No. 769090

I know these posts are days old but I just read them and they made me fucking crease. I'm imagining anons desktop absolutely swarming with flies….like she has to scoop them off her keyboard to post on lolcow.farm asking whether or not her laptop is going to be okay or if it will have to kill itself to be free from the swarm

No. 769091

Those with 4.0 or who graduated summa cum laude, how do you learn things/teach yourself stuff? Can you walk me through what method you use? I always read about people who only have to study 2 hours before an exam to get an A and I want to understand how they do that. I have a bad memory so I use repetition to learn and study.

No. 769093

Well, I have excellent memory so that's usually how I do it. I'm not particularly smart, I can just remember things in a ridiculous amount of detail.

No. 769109

How do you boost self confidence/ start believing in yourself?

No. 769111

It’s repetition for me tbh, I just do flash cards and textbook exercises, nothing you haven’t heard before. But I mean, I had burger education, it’s stupid easy to make A’s. What that means is I’m just a good test taker. It really helps that most burger exams are multiple choices, I only need to know enough to rule out the wrong choices. I practice the material shortly before so it’s fresh in my mind. Then I forget about them, free up space for new stuff. Maybe some of us are better at accessing short term memory more than long term memory when it comes to test taking. High scorers don’t necessarily understand the materials as intimately as their grades may imply.
Unless the subject is math. There’re no tips and tricks around math, you have to practice math and apply math.

No. 769115

Burger education isn't that bad is it? I think universities like Harvard are pretty good. It isn't easy to get in Ivy leagues.

No. 769116

I'm a 25yo virgin trying to write a Tinder bio and I wanted to ask for advice from real women.

Here it is:

Looking for a friends with benefits. It's not that I'm against a normal relationship, but I'm what you may call a deadbeat, and that's a deal breaker for most so I'd rather just be upfront than waste your time.

Otherwise, I'm clean, hygienic, fit, and eat fairly healthy. I can also guarantee I have no STDs.

——— End bio

So lolcow, I'm a 5'7" king of manlets white male with a muscular build from lifting weights, decent face and jaw I think, complete assburgers NEET though. What are my chances that this works? Even if it repels most normal women looking for a normal relationship, who would lose interest as soon as they found out more about me anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769117

Go float on taxicabs

No. 769118

Why would you consider yourself a deadbeat?

No. 769119

Anon, that's a man.

No. 769120

I am a NEET that lives at mom's house with no car.

Yes that's obviously a deal breaker for 99% of women looking for a normal relationship.

No. 769124

You're a social retard.

No. 769125

Ok and that's why I'm asking for help with a Tinder bio.

No. 769126

File: 1616662291789.jpg (41 KB, 275x269, 1601302233676.jpg)

VERY embarassing

No. 769129

File: 1616663159790.jpeg (61.8 KB, 309x305, charismatic-kot-57e997ffa8445.…)

How do you pronounce "nonny" ? (if possible, use the IPA transcription)

No. 769132


No. 769133


No. 769136

Samefag, but I guess I should add that I pronounce the "non" with with "ah" sound rather than an "oh". Like the word "nani". Idk if other farmers do this

No. 769138

Any anons here who get some side cash from surveys? What sites do you use other than Prolific?

No. 769139

You can try Microsoft Rewards and Swagbucks

No. 769140

samefag, forgot to say I'm in Europe

No. 769142

Is there a way of knowing where a left a thread on /cgl/? Here on lc the thread automatically jumps to the last post I’ve read and i love it but browsing cgl is so tiring

No. 769143

I used swagbucks for a bit and it works okey. Make sure to get payed out in Euro not Dollars because euro will be more. I didn’t pay attention once and got a 10$ PayPal voucher so it was just like 8€ fml

No. 769145

Thanks so much for the recommendations, that's exactly what I was looking for. You guys rock!

No. 769147

Do you guys think after Covid people will go back to work from the office just like before or working from home will stay a thing?

No. 769148

There will be no "after covid", covid is here to stay for the rest of our lives and beyond, just like the cold and the flu.

No. 769151

Nta, but I think it's pretty obvious anon means when cases drop and we don't have to live as carefully. The pandemic has (and will) to end eventually.

No. 769152

Coronavirus has been with humans for hundreds/thousands of years.

The first time a known human coronavirus outbreak was SARS-CoV-1 in 2003 in China.

This is named SARS-CoV-2 and it's a particularly bad outbreak

But there's undoubtedly been many cases of human coronavirus infection since then, and before, they just never got discovered. The sick people were simply told they had "upper respiratory infection" and to take standard drugs.

So when will coronavirus be over? When the media stops talking about it, and humans psychologically stop being afraid or concerned about it.

No. 769159

It is that bad anon. Ivy leagues are only hard if you’re middle class aka “poor” where you have to earn your place by being smart. The rat race is to maintain the facade of prestige at those school. Most of the students are otherwise-average rich kids who are going to have their “success” bankrolled by daddy regardless. Foreigners should stop idolizing these money laundering rape houses so much.

No. 769160

Don't be a dumbass anon, yes, coronavirus is not a new virus, but this new type of it we're dealing with now is much worse than earlier ones.

No. 769168

Nice purposely misinterpretation of anon's question

No. 769171

What are some websites that are bad in terms of usability?

No. 769175

Pft, I'm already back to working in the office. Management (between two different companies mind) demanded me back to office based work as of May 2020 before there was even a whiff of vaccines.
Hate to say it but working from home will mostly be for lazy fucks in middle management and corporate who can't be assed to drive to the office like everyone else. Being physically present at the office will be for peons and everyone else under justification of needing to do the physical busy work that keeps companies afloat. And of course there's always the micromanagement. Employers have known for awhile that employees are more productive with shorter office hours and more remote, and they don't care. Tons of people are going to be disappointed that their offices are going to keep the status quo.

No. 769180

I used to think that Ivy universities and Oxbridge were for super smart, super talented individuals until I actually got in.
Then they start hitting you with insane tuition fees and I realised I'd only been accepted because I'm from a country whose citizens aren't eligible for any scholarships, loans or fellowships. As an international student, my fees were twice that of UK nationals and I had to present the full amount of my tuition fees plus living costs during my stay for the UK visa application, and pay half of the amount at the start of my studies. Pretty much any international students that get to study at a prestigious uni are bankrolled by their rich parents, you have no idea how big of a lump sum they're asking for.

I was so excited to study there because it'd have made my job prospects infinitely better than they are now, but there's no way in hell I can afford that. Hilariously enough I come from an utter shithole of a country and my family's poor even for our standards, I'm just good at pretending that's not the case.

I had some friends who had studied in the UK and some who went to Harvard and MIT. I thought they were just really smart and talented, but it turned out they just had rich parents with connections. Chatted to one of them and she confessed she had awful grades but still got to study at Cambridge.

No. 769190

I am a bit late but I totally understand this.
I've got a positive example though. When me and my bf were in an ldr and meeting for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by his body language. I never expected that he'd have these soft/relaxed almost feminine mannerisms and it freaked me out at first, positively kek

No. 769211


No. 769213

what happened to mystery-chan? I feel like I haven't seen her in any threads in forever

No. 769218

Who is mystery chan?

No. 769222

A farmer and a cow. Here's her thread, linked to the post where admin reveals her post history.
I wonder sometimes if she's gone or still posting under a different ip and from a new device

No. 769224

Should I be worried if I don't have a side gig? It's almost like everyone even the people in my classes are always making things to sell. I'm not as extroverted or variously skilled as them even though I'm a sort of decent artist. I really want to have a store or sell things of my own but I don't have a business-oriented bone in my body it amazes me how people are able to sell their art or stuff.

No. 769227

Goddamn it I am fucking stupid, here's the right link

No. 769230

File: 1616678372393.gif (293.25 KB, 220x136, laugh.gif)

>——— End bio


No. 769247

Why am I such a retard when it comes to eating? Sometimes it takes me about three minutes to chew a piece and even when it's mush in my mouth I have legit trouble swallowing it. Like I even have to pinch my hands underneath the table to hurry myself up because it's so difficult. It mostly happens with a lot of meat or foods that aren't super soft. I feel like a toddler who hasn't learnt to eat properly, it's pretty embarrassing. And no I've never been ana nor plan to be

No. 769249

>getting into slapfights over her advocacy of the pullout method
Wet ass pussy, make that pull out game weak!

No. 769256

Why do I look so ugly in every photo that isn’t a selfie? I look fine in videos so what gives

No. 769258

She went anon then tried to spread around that she killed herself and was dead. I'm sure she's still around, likely underneath a new handle with an OnlyFans account pretending she's not a sex worker anymore.

No. 769259

Probably the people taking a photo aren't good at it. Like me and my mom, we manage to make everyone and everything look bad

No. 769260

you should watch that documentary on netflix about the college admissions scandal. it's very easy for rich people to get in

No. 769262

What is the new definition of gooning now?

Obviously the original meaning of a goon was like a bad guy. Then on Tumblr for a while it mean being alt-right or a nazi. Now there's a thing on Twitter, a bunch of nsfw profiles calling themselves Goons, like "GoonQueen" and "Goonprincess". They'll say things like "I hate that I have to goon in private".

No. 769263

Pretty sure it means to masturbate.

No. 769266

What's an easy topic to do a 5-7 minute presentation on?

No. 769271

What's the subject? Ethics? Arts?

No. 769272

It can be anything at all, the point is more about putting together a polished speech.

No. 769273

Also wondering about new Marilyn Manson #12 thread. And if anyone making one sees this, well they probably won't but I don't recall any name ideas for the next thread so I want suggest: Smells like Chin-man.

No. 769275

Any subject?

- Different types of Covid Vaccines explained
- World cup in Qatar
- Circular economy explained
- Haute Couture explained (there's a bunch of requirements that need to be met to be considered a Haute Couture house, quite interesting)
- 5 modern wonders of the world (or pick one)

No. 769278

Maybe gooner means they’re porn addicts? Like a goner that only cooms.

No. 769280

File: 1616684646607.jpg (2.07 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210325_11003213…)

Could be, but here are more examples. I'm thinking they're trying to ""reclaim"" coomer by replacing it with gooner but that's just so fucking retarded

Sorry, deleted my message but I think you're right!

No. 769286


There's also this thing in French culture where they openly take the piss out of each other for trying to speak English because it sounds funny so they're embarrassed to learn/practice. Even good English speakers tend to avoid it if they think another French person is in ear shot for fear of ridicule.

No. 769299

>There's also this thing in French culture where they openly take the piss out of each other for trying to speak English because it sounds funny so they're embarrassed to learn/practice.
Incredible. I had no idea that the specifically French fear of a language that connects the entire world speaks goes that deep.

No. 769306

gooning is when you masturbate, specifically to porn, without climaxing
basically edging for disgusting internet creeps

No. 769308

Koreaboo moment here, but I used to think it was a play on "noona"

No. 769310

Maybe a weak jaw or shaved down teeth? Or you could just be subconsciously disgusted with the food. I was like this with meat, it was too much work to chew and didn't feel great in my stomach anyway so I just gave it up and became veg lol.

No. 769317

ok pls no "handmaiden!1!1!" accusations but, why are TERFs worried about less than 1% (!) of the population? I mean really, how could they take over any spaces?

No. 769322

It takes just one retard to ruin a community

No. 769327

but if you are serious, trannies are violent, they want to be treated as women but they remain with their scrote behaivors yet expect to be treated seriously. Go to any radblr blog and it'll be explained to you. Or ask in the mtf thread if you seriously want to learn, otherwise it sounds like you're baiting.

No. 769328

all of them are retards though

No. 769330

because letting them in womens prisons and bathrooms can do a lot of damage to just 1 woman's safety and it's already more than that

No. 769331

File: 1616689579567.jpg (13.55 KB, 342x316, photo_2019-08-05_18-09-24.jpg)

this is the lowest quality bait

No. 769351


Not so much fear of the language itself. They don't have a problem with written English. It's more like when a French person tries to make certain sounds like 'th' or 'h' or whatever it apparently sounds hilarious to other French people so they ridicule each other. It's not just about languages either it also ties into a problem with general bullying that never gets addresed in French schools so people grow up and carry on doing it as adults. Even the teachers do it, not uncommon for a French teacher to call a child stupid right to their face. I mean most kids are stupid but they actually say it!

No. 769362

Men have been doing it for years. Them being “trans” doesn’t change a thing. Same shit different label.

No. 769392

File: 1616694771664.jpeg (91.44 KB, 960x960, E981ADB8-B4D2-4B78-9863-59EECD…)

Is it bad to lick your dog’s or cat’s face?

No. 769396

I'd say no. Dogs stick their bodies everywhere. Cats lick their own asses and also lick their hands to groom themselves. So you're licking all those germs

No. 769397

Dangerous? Probably not. Disgusting? yes.

No. 769406

Dogs and cats eat literal shit and garbage if they can so i'd be gross as fuck

No. 769416

Can any other anons "tell" or guess who is behind a post? Do you recognize any posters where whenever you look at a post you're immediately like "This was posted by that one anon"? I have a few.

No. 769418

I literally change my punctuation and spacing with every other post so I expect others are doing the same, unless it's like really obvious or something.

No. 769419

No. 769420

Everytime I read a post like this it's after I've been posting in a few threads. Got me sweating.

No. 769422

No but I want to hear more about your observations

No. 769423

kek yes. There is an anon whom I suspect to be dyslexic or has ADHD or something and she created the 'Radom videos' and the 'Empolyment' threads

No. 769424

Sometimes I feel like my cadence translates through what I type on here. I also worry that I use too many commas and anons are like "not this bitch again."

No. 769434

Can you store a smoothie (basically blended frozen strawberries with a small bit of milk) in the freezer for just two hours without it turning into a block of ice? I want to take it home with me but I don't want to drink it right now

No. 769436

Please post examples

No. 769443

Besides the roommate anon, finn anon and when cows used to post in their own thread way back, I never can.

I however, have been called out twice and told to fucking stop kek. It made me leave lolcow for a week and even now I browse on incognito mode. It doesn't change anything but it makes me feel better.

No. 769447

Your freezer settings are too high if things are freezing into blocks, I think

No. 769448

It’s nuanced and not 100% for sure. Some of it is vibes. Styling helps but thats easy to switch up. People do tend to repeat themselves, using the same phrases and defenses for topics they have engaged in before. Stand alone messages are guesses at best but after a few back and forths like during infight, people stop caring about appearing different, they stay posting in the same established tone so it’s easy to see who’s bothered and or baiting lol

No. 769450

I kinda doubt it's the same anon tbh

No. 769455

Idk if it's the same person, but there are also the Hipocritical Things thread and the Benin Sexual Turn Ons thread. I love misspelled thread titles lol

No. 769463

The Radom videos one is my favorite because Radom is a Polish city with a meme status kek

No. 769466

I recognize faggot anon's posts. I know that "faggot" isn't exactly a forbidden word here but her posts have a special thing I can't descrive.

No. 769479

Aren't they also the South Asian anon they're not the same anon at all, but they also remind me of that anon from the bi thread

No. 769483

who's South Asian anon?

No. 769487

File: 1616704451099.png (63.57 KB, 1295x380, 1616638771294.png)

Sorry for reposting lol. It's that anon that keeps sperging about "black bitches". They were in meta yesterday, Dumbass Shit #41 a couple days ago, and some other anons have said that she has appeared in the MTF/FTM thread. Maybe it was different anons, but they were complaining about the faggot post ban and somehow it led up to them calling someone a black bitch for saying gay men are misogynistic.

No. 769490

Sometimes when I want to do something really cringe, shitpost, or vent I type differently but the way that I type personally is very recognizable

No. 769498

Samefag Oh nevermind! I'm a dumbass. I just realized they were the one defending gay men, not calling them faggots lmao

No. 769506

Don't forget the "Insturment" thread

No. 769509

I read it like sturm und drang. In-sturm-ent

No. 769523

Why aren’t you posting in /m/ anons? :(

No. 769532

But I am

No. 769534

Update for anyone that cares, I put it close to the door and it's still slushy. 10/10

No. 769537

My impression of /m/:
>this is my husbando/favorite show.
>Omg me too!!
>that's it

It's fine, just not my thing. I don't talk /m/-related topics irl either

No. 769538

shit taste: the board

No. 769540

I lurk sometimes if that makes you feel better

No. 769541

Be the change you want to see, centrists

No. 769547

tbf there's also movies, tv shows and vidya threads with some cool recommendations.
But I'm mostly there for the forbidden man

No. 769548

I'm on my way anon, I want people to use it more too

This! I welcome a spicy /m/

No. 769550

i hate most of their recs tbh

No. 769552

Make some of your own recs and reviews, it's nice to have different opinions

No. 769553

You have to find out what studying methods work for you. People learn differently, for some it's repetition and for others it's doing exercises. Some people are visual learners and other learn better through listening. Personally I take notes and make mindmaps, charts, drawings etc, and then instead of going over the text book, I go over my notes a couple of times. I also try to explain the things I'm learning verbally, as if I'm teaching them to someone else. Like literally just teach them out loud even if no one is actually listening. Doing this makes sure I've understood the subject at hand rather than just memorized it and I think that's the most important point in learning just about anything, really.
Oh and learning things as broader concepts first helps you remember smaller details. Try to kinda zoom out and figure out the broader strokes of whatever it is you're studying, then move into more defined details step by step.

No. 769559

I have found some good recs in /m/ for sure.
I think it'd help if we get more specific threads. Dividing movies and shows by genre. It kinda sucks to comb through a general thread to look for something specific. I'm okay with them being slow.
I'll try to post quick impressions of things I saw recently.

No. 769560

Did your waifu get trashed or what?

No. 769593

quite the opposite, there's a whole lot of characters and shows I hate that get praised there

No. 769599

Boo fucking hoo

No. 769601

well you fucking asked

No. 769639

triggered AoT fan found
that wasn't me kek

No. 769647

Does anyone else here ever keep up to date with Connor Murphy? Holy cow, his downfall is hilarious to see, I love seeing narcissistic gymbros finally break down into ani comprehensible privileged mess. His content is popular among PUA scrotes, it’s usually clickbait-y youtube fodder of him shirtless harassing drunken women around clubs and popular night areas. Had a breakdown vid that was absolutely funny and after it he just started making videos of his “new age spiritual DMT ascension” that could make a joe rogan fan blush and talks like an absolute tweaker in vidrel and disappoints his scrote audience because he isn’t churning out videos of him getting girls to touch his bara tits, great entertainment

Video of him drinking another man’s semen for nutritional value

No. 769651

AOT is one of the many things I hate nonny. there's a bunch of thirsty erenfags, levifags, and general eren shippers there.

No. 769664

I kinda always wanted to date a black woman but I've been always afraid of not fitting in because I'm latina. But I think black women are beautiful. Has anyone dated a black person before coming from a different culture?

No. 769667

Treat her like a normal girl and dont even mention her race. Do not even bring it up as a good thing. Dont make any comments about her being strong etc

No. 769668

Black people approached me multiple times and I'm not white or black I'm an Arab. I think your cultural background won't matter unless they're not attracted to other races generally. Go for it

No. 769673

Just treat her like a normal person lmao. Please make sure to not come off as fetish-y. Black people like Latino people, so you'll be fine. Idk if you're in America, but if you live close to California or New York then maybe try to date a woman from there. In California there are a lot of Mexican people and in New York there are a lot of Latin American and Caribbean people, so the Black and Latino communities are close.

No. 769678

>Video of him drinking another man’s semen for nutritional value

what on god's green earth… this must be some sort of clickbait scheme since downvotes and comment count towards engagement rating, if he's not drinking cum on cam I'm calling publicity stunt

No. 769706

I'm black and wished more latinas approached me. Even though I live in NYC it's actually been easier to date white women because they're more upfront IMO. (Asians are ultra-hard mode)

No. 769708

Is Rev.com worth it? I got accepted but they're asking for my ID to verify me. Not sure if I want to do it.

No. 769750

just black out everything you don't need to show
also what is rev.com

No. 769773

A website where you can work online by doing transcription. I decided against it cause they want my photo ID, I don't want my picture and ID ending up in weird places if they get ever get hacked.

No. 769791

Connor, you don't have to invent this elaborate scheme in order to drink cum. Just fucking drink it, nobody cares.

No. 769922

This confirms my suspicion that every man who's obsessed with bodybuilding is insane

No. 769944

I did some research and found that they are scammy; they can suspend your account for no reason

No. 769946

How do farmhands know when someone is self posting? I never understood I mean it’s all anonymous here. Does it have something to do with the IP?

No. 769948

File: 1616745758667.jpg (791.34 KB, 1080x1116, Screenshot_20210326-090102_Fir…)

Why are so many radfems here?
Like, a fuckton more than usual.
I'm fine with you guys as long as not everything gets derailed into aggresive trans and evil libfem discourse/hate but what happened?
Did most platforms start monitoring things a lot closer or what? Genuine question

No. 769949

I'm not a radfem and I don't care about the trans discussions, but they've literally always been here anon lol. I've been using this site for like 3-4 years and haven't noticed any kind of increase

No. 769951

radfems have been here for years, it's just that the growing madness of the far left and TRA's are peaking more women and they're becoming more vocal. I suspect most radfems on here are actually just gender critical and can recognise when the left is going too far, but would still identify as liberal feminists themselves.

No. 769952

Well the latest goss is how reddit hired a tranny whose dad raped and tortured a 10 year old in their shared (?) House, tranny was a wnb politician who defended his dad and secretly hired him as his secretary on some politics shit. He also has a pedo husband and is a diaperfurry, I think this might have something to do with the vibes lately?

No. 769958

Tranny drama is all over the internet at the moment, radfems have always been here but of course it's going to get way more discussion on a gossip board when there's suddenly a tonne of gossip.

No. 769966

It always made sense to me that lolcow has noticeable amount of radfems because most of the users have spent time on 4chan and in gaming communities where misogyny is unavoidable so they have been peaked.
What is weird is that /snow/ is still mostly just nitpicking skinnyfat and bad makeup but I guess radfems either stay out of those threads or can't shake their own internal misogyny. Either way there are so few female centric places for young adult women on the internet to freely speak their minds so we all need to tolerate each other to make this work.

No. 769977

Lolcow is unironically one of the last bastion of free speech on the internet, everything else gets censored everytime you want to criticize tranny shit even politely. Same for 4chan and KF but since they are male centric, radfems flocking here is to be expected.

No. 769978

IMO Another plus to image boards is being able to post anonymously since criticizing trannies on any other platform gets you banned or doxxed.

No. 770004

A lot of radfem spaces on reddit got shut down by that same pedo mod tranny everyone's talking about recently. AFAIK he made an open letter to reddit asking to shut those subreddits down.
Youtube is also cracking down on radfem content.
Other spaces for women get dominated by trannies so it makes sense a lot of us are on here, especially after 2X got shut down so radfem content spilled over into the site more than before.
That said I generally don't post terfy opinions on lc anymore, last time I did I got a 3 day ban kek

No. 770033

What level of finnish will Duolingo get me after completing it? I want to participate in the finnish thread. Are there any better alternatives for self taught students?

No. 770034

yes, it's IP based. if its a suspected cow, they also usually cross reference posts to track it to the same person

if you use a VPN on lc and post you'll be forever banned to the mirror realm so don't

No. 770035

I love how finnish drama is your main motive to learn finnish and tbh same

No. 770038

is it possible to date people while having a severe touch aversion?

No. 770040

File: 1616759853998.png (87.67 KB, 1924x310, 78.png)

is it true?

No. 770041

File: 1616759869853.gif (2.1 MB, 250x188, Tumblr_l_90453991046993.gif)

How to handle Tumblr/Twitterflakes in friend circles?

I don't care about gendershit as long as a person doesn't go radical about it or make everything about it and brainwashes others (eg if all you ask for is a pronoun it's fine), but my friends circle is full of people who throw literally made up sexualities onto others and shit like unicorn genders, thinking that's so woke and cool because it's from English-speaking internet…

I want to talk to my friend more and get to know her circle, but I am afraid I will just end up cringing and butthurting inside over their nonsense. They already convinced my friend that her, having feelings for people who DON'T like her Is a sexuality (and I'm afraid they will turn her into a ftm at some point).

So the question is…how to not care about these weirdos? Like they don't understand how idiotic this whole thing is, because "engrish internet best internet" and the whole pronoun bs doesn't work in our native language at all. I just want to hang out and have fun without paying attention to weird gender shit.

No. 770042

No. "owned by men but ran by women" doesnt even make sense. What he probably means is that this website was created by a man, but it is now owned by a woman.

No. 770044

I also wondered about this. I tried to look up who owns lolcow but couldn't find anything

No. 770046

Samefag, but unless this is null or something, I'm not sure why you think he would have some info on lc that we don't

No. 770051

it is null

No. 770052

They hack your shit like Mr Robot type beat so stop self posting

No. 770053

He’s so fucking thirsty for some lc-tan ass. It’s his biggest wet dream to reign over a group of based women instead of the sausage fest of unchecked autism over there.

No. 770054

>Did most platforms start monitoring things a lot closer or what?

are you living under a rock??

No. 770057

File: 1616762493021.png (115.78 KB, 1880x284, 80.png)

sounds like it's happening

No. 770060

anon was probably in a coma for a few years when they had the pleasure of looking at the absolute state of the driverfag thread and his face

No. 770062

Meh, I still would take anything he says with a grain of salt. Null is a dumbass, and like the other anon said, he's been desperate to own lc for a while now. He was just spamming shit in meta like 3 months ago

No. 770063

>most users are women
then why the fuck do all the users act like shit?

No. 770068

Trannies don’t count

No. 770069

Why do I get so angry when men express their horniness or talk about sex at all, but am relatively fine when it comes to women doing the same exact thing?

No. 770070

Most new users. Last wave of new users were alt-rightists. He's just poaching users wherever he can to grow his site. Bonus he gets to proclaim himself hero of freeze peach for platforming them.

No. 770071

Women talking about their horniness or sex in general usually stay just talking about it, scrotes less so. At least, that's what I'd guess…

No. 770074

Because men are much likely to impose their horniness on someone else and sexually abuse others.

No. 770076

>reload Pinterest front page
>See an image I have saved before
>see the bottom description and it links to lolcow
>specifically to a thread I made 2 years ago with the same image
Am I like, being tracked by the sites I visit or some shit? Do I need to clear something?
Pinterest is kind of an advertisement cesspool

No. 770077

Newfag alert. If you thought man/tranny hating is prevalent now….

No. 770078

Men always come off as disgusting and predatory whenever they talk about sex.

No. 770079

okie dokie
why would trannies be fleeing the sites that protect and pander to them?
because male sexuality is disturbing, violent, and repulsive

No. 770086

Are there enough South African farmers here for an SA thread? Would that be completely unsustainable as a giant racebait magnet??

No. 770092

Trannies still enjoy gossip and revenge porn anon. They’re also compulsively gravitated to spaces of men who claim to hate them, trying to get said men to engage with them sexually posing as trad waifu or whatever the fuck for validation. They’d do it on 4chan too but 4chan doesn’t believe there are women on its site so they’d get YWNBAW’d that’s it lol

No. 770095

Probably…you get banned for racebaiting if you complain about men of your own ethnicity here so.

No. 770108

That is asking for trouble, you clearly just want to rant about black people and the SA thread would become locked within 5 minutes, I bet you. Anon I’m sorry for your troubles because I know how much countries can be a unbearable shithole, but just think about the userbase. Bitter anons and talking about race relations is like orange juice and milk mixed together(infighting autism)

No. 770113

It'll turn into nothing but racebait from both sides. Isn't LA website black-centered? They may have some topics there.

No. 770114

> like orange juice and milk mixed together
Very OT, but there was a guy I’d usually eat meals in the dining hall around the same time in college, and on more than one occasion, he did exactly this. I never talked to him, but a friend did, and she said his explanation was, “it tastes like a creamsicle.”

No. 770116

Thanks I think I'm gonna try it
Also very off topic but my brother wanted to make lemon cream for a pie but he added lemon juice to milk while it was cooking and it uhhh coagulated

No. 770117

If you do please update
Ugh yeah I’m guessing the acid curdled the milk if it wasn’t added properly

No. 770121


> you clearly just want to rant about black people

Bitch wtf? You burgerfags really have a one track mind.

I'm talking a country thread like the Brasil or Italy threads, where we can discuss local snowflakes, share dumb niche memes and bitch about international shipping fees for online shopping.

There seemed to be a few SAns in the Vent thread a few days ago but I guess they want to stay low key. Because obviously we can't talk about our entire fucking country without scrotes and tradthots turning it into a polisci group project about who can be the dumbest racist piece of shit.

No. 770123

I wanted to try it with real orange juice but I don't have any so I saw I have some orange juice powder and it was not bad but not amazing either. It was ok. I guess I recommend trying but not in a "omg you gotta try this one amazing life hack!!" way.

No. 770125

Honestly with this logic every country needs its own thread. I don't know why Italian thread exists but Finnish one is there because Finnish people are known for being the most active users on any imageboard.

No. 770127

Is finnanon still posting? Is she okay?

No. 770128

>Would that be completely unsustainable as a giant racebait magnet??
Look what happened in the vent thread. One SA anon who wasn't even racist just wanted to vent, and a braindead /pol/tard derailed it to racebait.
It's not a good idea. Blame the scrotes and Nefelis lowering the quality of this site.

No. 770130

File: 1616768461472.gif (503.37 KB, 420x315, A94C01CD-A289-490D-86F5-47A72D…)

Well what do you know, thanks for the experiment and update, anon. I don’t typically keep milk or oj around, but if I did, I’d try it too kek

No. 770175

File: 1616774879377.png (73.03 KB, 599x526, 064BDDD6-F89D-4433-A000-3B44E0…)

Some anon recommended neocities for blogging and I finally sat down to check it out. I’m completely helpless?? I tried their tutorial on html and I understand but how do I get to a pretty tumblr-ish little blog?? Help

No. 770180

please don't make fun of me but I saw someone posting on a thread a while ago that there's a group of Gen Z who is obsessed with the 1980s and wear 80s clothes, 80s hairstyles and even buy 80s vintage cars and they post it on IG. I am really intrigued by this since I'm an early 80s baby and have great memories of the 80s, so I want to look up the hashtag and see photos. Does anyone know what this trend is called?

No. 770186

File: 1616776082605.png (161.7 KB, 320x238, thegreatestkidsshowever.png)

..I actually tasted this as a kid because Zoom did a recipe on it. It involved a blender and it was absolutely disgusting. I think with the proper ratios and a bit of tweaking (maybe a bit of sugar or cream) it would be banging.

No. 770207

don't laugh but what does tripfagging mean?

No. 770211

a homophobic prank where you trip gay people up in public

No. 770212

A faggot who uses tripcode, a unique post ID. It’s akin to signing
Love, Kevin
at the end of your posts. Embarrassing behavior.

No. 770213

kek anon
thank you, I saw someone banned for that and didn't understand why

No. 770232

I recently started working out and since then I get full a lot faster, is this a common thing?
It's not like I ate a lot before (always tried to keep myself around 1500 calories a day) and I'm average weight.

No. 770246

What's the difference between university and college? (I'm not from an english speaking country)

No. 770252

It’s the same thing, Americans just commonly refer to university as college

No. 770259

File: 1616783821373.png (44.41 KB, 275x183, hmm.png)

Thanks! One thing though, I originally came up with this question by browsing an old thread on here and seeing picrel
>looks down on anyone who goes to college
What does that mean here if they are the same thing?

No. 770263

Samefag, I don't know why the quality is shit but it says
>Obsessed with university, looks down on anyone who goes to college
Thanks! Makes sense I guess

No. 770265

In England you usually go to college after school and then university after that.
Every country loves to have different education systems

Deleted to add that the pic is a class/snobbery thing, often university means academic courses however there is a stereotype that people who stay in college either couldn't get into uni or they study vocational things like hairdressing

No. 770271

I always thought college was lower in level than uni lol, was I wrong all along?

No. 770295

In the UK college is lower than uni but in the US they are the same.

No. 770299

the word "college" is used differently in different countries

In the US, college and university are used synonymously. In some countries college is lower level than uni.

No. 770300

Am I a hypocrite for being able to envision myself with a ftm (as long as no frankendick) but not a mtf as a bi person?

No. 770301

no, you are allowed to have preferences. Also ftm and mtf are on an entirely different levels of mental illness (ftms usually want to escape the trauma of womenhood, mtfs fetishize it)

No. 770304

The person who made this is probably Canadian. In Canada university is for your traditional 4-year degree in academic subjects and college is for getting a shorter diploma in technical skills that are relevant to the labour market.

No. 770307

What are some good books in witch burnings? I only know about the Salem burnings and I want to know abount the more woman hating aspect of it. I've seen some comments in passing that mentioned that some women were burned for practicing pre or post natal care and stuff like that.

No. 770313

I just feel like it doesn't really make me bi then, but at the same time it also doesn't make me straight idk

No. 770326

You’re bi, just because a MtF dresses like a guy and wants to be a he/himlet or a they/themlet doesn’t mean she’s a guy, she will just look like a pretty butch lesbian.

No. 770336

I’d pick a fakeboy over rapehon any day for any occasion. Unless the occasion is the Hunger Games.
If you’re attracted to a woman you’re bi….

No. 770352

Can I still have a mental disorder if I shower everyday? I’m not diagnosed with anything but I very very strongly relate to almost all (quiet) bpd traits and sometimes I’ll spend hours reading about it. But every time people mention they have trouble showering everyday I feel extremely guilty for even thinking I could have the same disorder as them.

No. 770354

File: 1616794383950.png (251.08 KB, 500x427, postrel.png)

how tf do you eat picrel

No. 770356

File: 1616794540306.gif (2.43 MB, 480x270, 15864380-ECEE-409F-A917-161D71…)

eating it right now will get back to you after the beep

No. 770357

thought that public vs university in burgerland meant public college vs private college lol

No. 770358

fork and knife cut down from top and get a lil slice like a cake from each one and then they all fall off the fork in opposite directions and you struggle to pick them all back up and eat them before they disintegrate into soggy syrupy clumps of mush on the plate

No. 770359

The fuck anon. Absolutely. Check DSM-V for BPD requirements if you don't believe me. I don't think skipping showers is strictly related to BPD. It's a depression thing for sure, but not all depressed people have this problem.

No. 770363

UK system (Northern Ireland as reference) has Playschool for toddlers, then primary school until you're 11. Secondary education which is either a highschool or grammar school until you take your GCSEs. After GCSEs you can do your a levels at the same school or there are also colleges that would have other subjects offered like apprenticeships etc. Then you can apply to universities if you have the required a levels or course certificates that are obtained at either 6th form in schools or at a college. You can go to the colleges at any age, I went back to get a qualification to enter uni as a mature student but you wouldn't obviously be able to join a highschool to do the exams.

No. 770365

even if she looks like a man???? a lot of dykes still look like women

No. 770367

Yes. A woman is not a man.

No. 770382

what does skinnyfat mean because i see tons of different definitions kek

No. 770391

i'm the same. mtfs are buffalo bill levels of creepy most of the time. plus when mtfs go on estrogen long enough their dicks stop working right and i'd take a ftm megaclit over mtf shriveled up gummy worm any day.

No. 770392

yes wtf. Otherwise lesbians would be bi for liking butch women, and by extension butch women and any other non traditionally fem woman would be automatically some sort of non-woman.

No. 770397

File: 1616800360206.jpeg (63.21 KB, 500x667, FEE0A420-7C5D-40B3-AC13-F61861…)

Why would someone call their boyfriend or girlfriend their partner? I mean in the context where they are not homos and hiding their relationship. Why would you say “partner” and then say the pronouns of your boyfriend/girlfriend instead of calling them by normal terms anyways? Is “partner” supposed to imply there is more seriousness in the relationship in this case?

No. 770398

skinny with no muscular or bone definition, flabby, out of shape, you don't exercise or diet, it's varied

No. 770402

Yes it sounds more grownup and majority of the time does imply seriousness like not married but living together. Or they just want to be vague about the sex of their partner and their own.

No. 770403

Skinny and unfit

No. 770404

>Is “partner” supposed to imply there is more seriousness in the relationship in this case?
Yes and in some based languages there is a female version of the word 'partner' so nobody is comfused if the couple is het or lgbt. I feel bad for English native speakers that don't have the distinction. It would stop the lgbt sperging once and for all.

No. 770405

For het couples it's generally an age thing. Older couples don't want to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. For gay couples they might not want to draw attention to their gender if they don't know someone that well

No. 770406

File: 1616801120813.png (152.29 KB, 500x374, 1588326401321.png)

I'm almost 30, basically. 'Boyfriend/girlfriend' makes us feel like we're snotty highschool kids. I felt the same way as you but after being engaged previously and developing a general disgust of men, 'partner' is the only term I could think of that doesn't make me cringe. Typically, he calls me his 'lady' and I call him my 'boy'.

No. 770407

File: 1616801150068.jpg (12.76 KB, 236x273, 18d741aeea39070048714c0be9af07…)

Anons, what do you think of glasses like pic related? I need new glasses but I'm ugly. Should I get them?

No. 770408

Hijack to say partner is sooo much better than SO. That shit is so corny. And it sounds too much like PO, parole officer, to me kek more like Significant Oppressor

No. 770409

I love them and have a similar pair, I’m sure they’ll be cute on you

No. 770410

The perk of being ugly is you can wear whatever you want. You’ll rock them.

No. 770413

File: 1616801623046.jpg (44.94 KB, 437x280, 411-4118058_apu-apustaja-hug-h…)


Thanks you guys!

No. 770419

Where is asherah's garden? Has it moved or died? The past address doesn't work for me

No. 770424

Where can I get a cushion for my tailbone OTHER than Amazon? I've sworn off using it for a while but it looks like it's the only place where I can find what I want (I'm in western Europe if that can help).

No. 770461

How come the grey rock method doesn't work when I do it. I tried it on certain family members for decades before learning there was even a term for it but it hasn't changed anything.

Completely unrelated but why do burgers make me constipated in recent years?

No. 770462

The site was raided and has been dead since the beginning of the year. The only other contact with the site owmer was on spinster which has never been updated since the site's creation so it looks like it's not getting revived.
Damn shame too it was the only other women-oriented image board that allowed pp/gc threads. It also had some interesting stuff regarding feminism as well as a thread that discussed drama from some well known radfems (if I recall correctly one of them ended dating an alt-right loser despite spewing man-hate or sepratist rhetoric.)

No. 770467

File: 1616808191435.gif (479.6 KB, 498x376, FCF32EAA-0295-4BCD-AF66-BD0B92…)

Like this

No. 770470

I just checked and crystal.cafe has a terf/manhate thread

No. 770473

No. 770506

Idk this is the only response that matters

No. 770515

Those threads are at best bubbles and still get flooded with male and troon crying all the time. It's a shame, I had fun shitposting there sometimes but I can't look too much because I'd get pissed off at obvious LARPs, malepostings and the few pathetic handmaidens.

No. 770523

Not the anon who asked about AG, but is there anywhere decent online to discuss gender critical topics? I used to post on CC way back when, but was never a huge fan of it and didn't like the direction it was going in. I haven't been there in around a year and don't plan on going back. I considered joining Ovarit, but you have to ask for a code on another platform, and I don't use social media (other than imageboards) and am still considering if it's worth making an account on one of those platforms just to ask for one.

No. 770573

The closest site that seems to at least not bend over to troon complaints so far (as in, not even softening up their language for them) is LSA's womanist subforum but that site caters to black americans so I'm not sure if that's something your intersted in being apart of.

No. 770580

Are a lot of les/bi women actually attracted to tall and/or strong women? Or is it mostly just memeing?

No. 770584

I think they're serious. I'm bi and love tall and/or buff women

No. 770588

no we only like girls who look like yuri anime drawings
of course we like them, women aren't a monolith

No. 770595

File: 1616821483637.gif (997.95 KB, 500x264, BEC297DD-6C34-4244-AB72-25E13B…)

Is lolcow just a gigantic real version of the Burn Book from Mean Girls?

No. 770609

all gossip sites basically are a burn book

No. 770633

Yeah if the burn book isn’t full of lies, zero receipts and has a built in diary and advice column. Your first gossip site zoomer?

No. 770652

A fat autistic version* because hun this still isn’t real, it’s online.

No. 770677

File: 1616839361285.jpg (35.11 KB, 522x651, Screenshot_7.jpg)

Does anyone know a browser extension like this, but for Europeans? Something that helps you earn bitcoin

No. 770680

>willingly giving your data for companies to sell for big bucks while you only get a small measily pittance

No. 770687

Why is cunningulus often tagged as/found under femdom? Do men that create these tags think men going down on women is some kind of grand act of submission?

No. 770691

You already know the answer anon. Yes, it's yes.

No. 770701

File: 1616843026158.jpeg (197.37 KB, 800x1200, FBC62A60-0A7C-4BCE-883B-E0B691…)

my whole life many different people have said i have an ugly pig shaped nose and i honestly feel like it’s not true? when i think of pig nose i honestly think of the typical fat girl skinny nose with a huge flare, which is the opposite look of my nose. my nose looks extremely similar to pic related just slightly less flared. is it really THAT fucking bad? i really don’t understand because my nose is probably the thing i hate the least on my face but the thing most people have insulted me for.

No. 770706

You have a cute nose!!! I'm jelly nonny!

No. 770707

How the fuck is that a pig nose? Just because it's not some gangnam monstrosity where you look like you struggle to breathe? Get better people in your life. Isn't "pig nose" referring to upturned button noses anyway? Even those are only bad looking on fat people.

No. 770716

Any Lolitas here interested for a General Lolita thread in /ot/?

No. 770730

No but shouldn't that go in /g/ because fashion?

No. 770736

Should I order an ungodly amount of curry and eat it alone in my bedroom

No. 770738

I can’t access lc at all on chrome on my desktop (it just loads forever), even after I cleared history/cookies/cache. What else should I be checking? (I’m on phone rn and it works fine)

Hell yeah curry is great, don’t order so much you get sick though anon!

No. 770742

Don't eat food in the bedroom, that's gross and unsanitary.

No. 770747

It's not normal to leave a 4 year old outside completely unsupervised (not even watching from a window or on the same side of the house) right? My dad is gonna get CPS called on us.

No. 770751

Not normal

No. 770768

Wtf is the 'reality shifting' that zoomers do on TikTok?

No. 770770

do it.

No. 770774


No. 770781

Lucid dreaming about going to Hogwarts/YA novel/anime universe. But I doubt most of them even do the lucid dreaming part, it's no different from when little kids say "oh, I totally have seen a real life pokémon, because my dad works at Nintendo and it's real" to get popular in their class, except these people are 15 years old.

No. 770782

basically from what I've seen these kids think they can somehow "shift" into fictional universes in a way that's somewhat founded in reality. Like they think that those alternate realities are as real as ours. Sounds adjacent to maladaptive daydreaming imo.
I think it's an interesting phenomenon in that it's the product of this specific kind of woke social media culture that puts people's feelings above anything else, where people are encouraged to 'validate' whatever someone says about themselves regardless how absurd or obviously wrong it is. Teenage girls in particular fall into this because they have the perfect combination of being gullible due to their age + wanting to be nice to everyone due to female socialization

No. 770795

To those who take antidepressants: At at what age did you start taking them and for how long?
I’m off the meds now and the anxiety and all the shitty thoughts have come back and I just feel like shit in general. But I also don’t know how healthy it is to take them in long term.

No. 770797

What's wrong with not taking risks? I'm not saying people should embrace the neet lifestyle or anything, but is it really that bad to have a comfortable routine and not really want to deviate from it?

No. 770798

I have taken antidepressants (different ones over the years in order to find ones that suit me) since I was 17 and I am now 24.

No. 770802

Nothing is wrong with that but often if you can/want to improve some part of your life you have to take risks

No. 770805

I feel lost in lc's catalogues. Can a kind anon point me to where Lindsay Ellis thread is?

No. 770807

There's actually a discussion about her now in the breadtube thread: >>>/snow/1174665

No. 770822

I took them at 24, for about six months. The entire time I was preparing to get off them by learning better habits through my therapist.

No. 770825

Thank you!

No. 770830

What is the reasonable amount of time it could take me to lose 10 kilos? Be honest with me anons. I need to lose the weight I gained during the neverending lockdown.

No. 770832

So i have a large forehead. I used to have my hair on the shorter side and always kept the whole land covered with bangs, but i have let my hair grown and I actually want to try it out. Problem is, I'm not used to have my forehead uncovered and it makes me feel rather insecure.
Are bangs the only way to go about it? Or would it be best to embrace my ellen page forehead? It really does make me insecure.

No. 770838

I feel you sister, I also have a fivehead. Never wore bangs so I'm used to having it uncovered and I still get self-conscious about it. Try it for sometime and see how you feel about it, if the insecurity it's too strong, maybe try a different type of bangs but tbh in real life it's not so much of a deal
I always remember Tyra Banks saying big foreheads are elegant and chuckle at myself kek

No. 770839

Try this website. You put in your stats, how much you eat, and how often you exercise, and it shows you how long it takes you to reach your goal weights. Good luck!

No. 770880

I have some old ass anime figures (super early figmas and nendos) I want to rid myself of, easiest solution would be to throw them away (they have zero value and are damaged) but I don't like doing that, could I try selling them at a super low price to people who make custom figures? What would be the best place for that?

No. 770921

So I'm in a messenger group with 2 other people and sometimes their messages are in quotation marks. What does this mean? Do they copy those messages from somewhere else and paste them here?

No. 770922

2 weeks

No. 770941

Super generic answer but try eBay, maybe? Also I know there are figure collecting sites, though I'm not sure of any that are specifically for buying and selling. I would encourage you to sell them for what they are worth, though, and not a super low price just to get rid of them. You'll be so mad at yourself if you one day find out that your limited edition classic figma was worth 100$ and you sold it for $20.

No. 770944

I don't know why the fuck I've been consuming so much pregnancy content recently but is a c-section ever a first choice/main preference for women (outside of being medically necessary) or is it always just a last resort option?

No. 770947

Myfigurecollection has groups for parts splitting.

Or this site that buys parts to resell, hope it helps anon


No. 771000

Anons who don't have the soap gene, what does cilantro taste like?

No. 771003

tasty soap

No. 771004

Is there any movie thread around here where I ask for movie recommendations?

No. 771005

like a weird herb
idk, I'm used to it cause my mom loves it

No. 771006

search /m/

No. 771007

Yes, on /m/ just look for the movie general.

No. 771013

Some women do choose it over vaginal birth but, aside from doing it for medical reasons, choosing a c section over a vaginal birth is pretty widely considered a bad move. I don't know about the US where you're paying for the service but a lot of doctors in Europe will straight up refuse you unless you have a legitimate medical issue that requires it.

Women pursuing c sections for non-medical reasons also tend to change their minds because C sections have the regular risks of birth (except for vaginal tearing/changes) but with the addition of your baby being more likely to require tube feeding and oxygen for the days after birth.

No. 771014

So it still tastes like soap even when it doesn't taste like soap?

No. 771018

To me, yeah. I love cilantro but I can also taste the soapiness. Sort of like the yanny/laurel thing. I guess you could say it's similar to lemongrass?

No. 771026

Isn't it better for the baby anyway to be delivered the regular way? I read something that they get a better immune system when going through the vagina or something.

No. 771031

Just wondering, how could the way the mother gives birth change the baby's immune system and how they are fed/breathe?

No. 771042

its more like premature children need to be delivered by c-section and they most often have trouble breathing so it enhances the statistic

No. 771050

Is Ip address based on device or location? Alternatively, do my phone and laptop share the same ip address?

No. 771053

I believe it's based on both, and no, each device has a different IP

No. 771057

File: 1616887181563.jpeg (30.28 KB, 339x348, 8E518651-10CA-4615-9C64-4C5560…)

Why am I so pretty yet so ugly at the same time? Anyone know

No. 771059

It's the same if you use the same wifi. You got banned OP? Kek

No. 771061

Same tbh

No. 771062

Are you sure? I just checked the IP on my computer and phone and the last 2/3 numbers are different. Maybe it's cause I have a dynamic IP.

No. 771069

Adding to previous anon, vaginal delivery typically has a smoother/quicker recovery compared to c section. It’s also less expensive which is relevant whether you’re paying privately/through insurance or whether you’re in a country with universal healthcare. For women planning on having multiple children, a c section can make subsequent vaginal deliveries more difficult so that’s another thing to be considered.

Mostly it’s treated like a last resort, though some women opt for it out of personal preference if their doctor allows.

No. 771070

Kek, I promise I am not ban evading, just something that has been on my mind for a long time

No. 771075

NTA, I think I have PCOS so that means complicated pregnancy/low fertility

That aside, I want to deliver naturally, I plan to have 2 kids and maybe adopt a third. But I'm scared of my cervix and vaginal canal never being the same. Will I become loose? will my cervix fall out when I'm old?

No. 771077

A c-section is literal surgery. There's weeks of recovery time for the incisions, the stitches, the blood loss, etc, and you can be left with a gnarly scar. Vaginal births are hard as fuck, and sure you might tear and poop yourself, but you can basically plop the kid out and walk no problem the next day. Your vaginal tears would heal much faster and easier than c-section cuts, and your belly will bounce back easier too since there's not a huge gash in it.

You can't really request one unless it's an emergency, because doctors will most likely refuse for the above reason.

No. 771080

>Will I become loose? will my cervix fall out when I'm old?
Lol no. It'll never be the same but your vagina tightens back. You can help it along by doing kegels religiously after birth, which also helps prevent incontinence resulting from it.

No. 771083

Also you have to be monitored if your stomach and womb can take another pregnancy if you're planning to have more kids in the future. It's used as a last-resort option for a reason, surgery is always a huge risk for the body.

No. 771089

Your pelvic floor can be weakened by pregnancy alone, regardless of how you give birth. You can recover strength through pelvic floor exercises, if you do them correctly then chances are you’ll notice little difference after birth. You’ll change slightly down there but not nearly as much as you seem to be thinking. Spacing out your pregnancies to allow your muscles to recover would help.

Childbirth increases your risk of prolapse when you’re old but being old also increases it lol. Keep in mind that the current older generation were less open about these issues and less educated, so it’s hard to predict what could happen to you. Not to sound like a stuck record but pelvic floor exercises are so important, like any other body part they’ll grow weaker if not used.

No. 771111

File: 1616892979562.jpg (27.13 KB, 564x564, 5b1e8d3e348296ac138902de6e4c8e…)

I've always bit my nails and cuticles and been super embarrassed about my hands in general so I've never stepped foot in a nail salon. Thankfully I finally started healing them and I'm ready to go get a manicure for the first time. What do I ask for if I don't want paint or acrylics? Just would be nice to have my cuticles professionally cleaned up but I have no idea what they do in there. Should I ask for a clear coat or do they just already do that? I'm super nervous.

No. 771112

You can just tell them you want your cuticles cut, nails shaped (so filed) and a clear coat on top. They should also give you nail oil when they're done.

No. 771113

Samefag, but there's also videos on yt about what to ask for at the salon, those might be helpful for you

No. 771121

No that would not matter.

The heads are shaped nicer with c sections though. At least more often. Not all baby heads shape up nicely after going through the birth canal.

I have no idea what I'm talking about but I heard this somewhere too.

No. 771132

File: 1616896877374.jpg (145.57 KB, 2048x1360, Cone-Shaped-Heads.jpg)

Baby heads are temporarily shaped through birth, but they eventually swoop back to normal baby heads. It usually lasts a day

>god I'm realizing I know all this info about birthin' babies yet I've never been pregnant

>is this a subconscious hint that I actually want these fucking things?

No. 771133

How do you know if you're seriously depressed? Nothing excites me anymore and I have basically no hobbies outside of watching Netflix, Asian dramas, and playing dating sims. I'm not depressed to the point where I can't drag myself to work or take care of myself, but I feel exhausted and just want to sleep on my days off. Don't think this is normal but not sure medication would fix me. lol

No. 771144

Definitely sounds like depression. When I was seriously depressed, like suicidal, I knew for sure because my thoughts constantly gravitated toward death. It's good that you aren't at that point but there is a risk that it could become that bad if left untreated. I think it would be good to talk to a therapist so they could find the root cause of your symptoms. Hope this helps.

No. 771145

File: 1616899107128.jpg (182.21 KB, 1216x1280, descargar.jpg)

I have this pallette and others from like… 2017. It's used. It's 2021 now. Should I effin destroy them? I don't wanna feel bad about this lol

No. 771146

Depression has varying levels, so I recommend going to therapy. I think they won't give you pills, but the therapy is good to help you get back on your feet. If you let yourself sing in it will get worse.

No. 771147

It should be fine. I don't think eyeshadow palettes expire that fast

No. 771148

It also reminds me of my ex tbh, she gave it to me

No. 771149

powder doesn't expire and you can disinfect it with alcohol and let it dry, should be good as new

No. 771156

Anhedonia anon

No. 771168

my ex and i broke up after 5 months because i wanted feelings in our relationship and he didn't want any.
>inb4 what is a relationship without feelings?
i haven't a single fucking clue. something only he could come up with apparently

anyway, should i keep using his netflix account for as long as possible or would that be wrong? he left it logged in everywhere at my place

No. 771174

He probably was using you to fuck. That said, yes, use his netflix all you want lol

No. 771195

File: 1616914291284.jpeg (147.21 KB, 360x640, C21F52F1-1208-43AD-96AF-A9F01A…)

Am I getting scammed if I can purchase a used 2020 ipad pro with no physical or internal defects with a functioning apple pencil pencil for under $400 from a new account with no profile picture that has only ever posted this listing? Is the ipad probably full of fucking malware or whatever shit so they can watch me change my clothes or spy on me shitting or some shit? Am I going to buy this and get a samsung tab A that I can’t even fucking resell to the next apple obsessed sucker who would pay x3 as much for the same items in normal circumstances?

No. 771200

I'm sorry anon I can't take my eyes off your dababy bed long enough to read your post.

No. 771217

I dont know anon, sounds shady. Can you get a refund if something goes wrong?

No. 771228

Probably. You're better off getting a refurbished ipad from the actual apple website.

No. 771247

> Is the ipad probably full of fucking malware or whatever shit so they can watch me change my clothes or spy on me shitting or some shit?
If they're going to scam you they'll do it by taking your money without delivering the product.

Anyway, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

No. 771265

You should try to look on amazon instead. They have pretty cheap Ipads

No. 771267

File: 1616927314296.jpg (49.27 KB, 500x489, gun.jpg)

What are your Pinterest boards about? I know you have them

No. 771268

File: 1616927597833.jpg (102.93 KB, 647x905, (12) Post piaciuti _ Tumblr on…)

Art, clothes, animal & human ref pics, makeup, 70s fashion & interior decorating, plants, nail art, pottery, beautiful women, cutesy aesthetic, cottagecore, etc…

No. 771270

Anons who tint their eyebrows, when you apply your moisturizer/serum/etc, do you avoid the eyebrow area?

No. 771280

I have many but one is a very organised board called dream home, with sub boards that are named after different rooms like living room, bedroom, decor etc lol.

No. 771290

File: 1616931063901.jpg (70.28 KB, 500x746, 22f7e24f6892564dfed90e5d3edb3a…)

Makeup inspo grouped by color, haircut/color ideas, 2012 era tumblr goth fashion, minecraft build ideas, nail art, tattoos, bathroom remodel inspo and transparent pngs for Fashmates.

No. 771305

File: 1616933014226.jpg (64.04 KB, 736x734, b2f5ab12163901a855d13f3d65fbdd…)

Beauty (makeup and skincare), clothes, art, education (skills, languages and useful info), workouts, two boards for aesthetics and my fav one called "world" with landscapes pics like this

No. 771306

Whose that youtuber from England with blue hair, wears white foundation, think is named James and might have transitions to female? I swear he was posted in the mtf thread a while ago and I watched him ages ago on YouTube when him and four other dudes have some group channel called The 5 Trannys or some shit that is deleted now.

No. 771308

Various fashion boards, jewelry, phone and desktop wallpapers

No. 771326

File: 1616936240759.jpg (130.27 KB, 314x944, 87eXB2P.jpg)

No lie I freaked the fuck out reading this because my pinterest is EXACTLY the same

No. 771344

I'm OP of the c section question and have been weirdly looking into pregnancy related things (the process, complications, what happens during labor, etc) because it's suddenly interesting to me but I have zero plans to ever become pregnant or have any children at all lol. I saw a pregnancy video and the baby's head came out cone shaped and it freaked me out because I didn't realize that shit was normal. I did watch that birthing video they showed us in HS but I don't remember seeing the baby's head shape be like that. There's a lot of normal things that happen during labor/post labor that is normal but usually unspoken of and suddenly I want to uncover everything lmfao.

No. 771351

Is Genshin Impact a good game?

No. 771356

Any kind anons to send me a ovarit code?

No. 771357

It’s nice, I like it because the story is kind of interesting and the characters are cute, I also like how the rare characters are also obtainable even as a free player. You could say it’s a hit or miss.

No. 771404

What comes first, emotion, thought or action?

No. 771419

Thoughts, I'd say. Reflexive actions like pulling your hand away from a hot stove follow the recognition that what you've touched is burning you. A subconcious thought, but a thought nonetheless. Then whatever emotion you feel (startled, relieved, etc.) comes afterwards.

No. 771439

I wouldn't call him an ex if he admitted he didn't have feelings and had no intention of developing them. It might help you get closure if you recognize that it never was a relationship.

I had a several month long thing like that before, the guy was calling it a relationship but it wasn't really and he dipped so insanely quick when he realized I wasn't falling for it. It's would've been my first relationship…except it wasn't lol. When people want to know how many relationships I've been in.. I don't count that as being one.

Might as well use that netflix though

No. 771502

Yeah there are protections in place so if I get the wrong item or it’s fucked up I can get rid of it and get my money back. But I’m mainly concerned that like anon said, it’s too good to be true so it’s probably full of creepy invasive stalker shit or something.

I’ll keep looking but at this rate I’ll just buy one from a refurbishing store or from apple.

No. 771525

>>771031 something about the intestinal flora being trasmitted through vaginal canal

No. 771528

File: 1616956925953.jpg (84.56 KB, 457x426, 1403802622757.jpg)

I started looking into it cause I was very conflicted on if I even wanted a child (tbh I still am) so I wanted to make it ultra real to me by learning about things like snipping vaginas and baby poop

I really hope I decide not to have one, but even with all these facts my ovaries thump whenever I see a baby

No. 771538

Does lolcow has a place to discuss Yuri manga? I have a feeling no one here reads it but I'm hopeful.

No. 771541

the manga general on /m/

No. 771560

The important thing to remember is that they're only babies for an incredibly short time.

No. 771561

Is asheras garden down? cause I tried seraching it and came across the fact people talk about us and asheras on other websites

idk what the fuck onionfarms is
Seeing a list full of imageboards I have no knowledge of is both creepy and disgusting
"another woman board" they say?

No. 771564

This, many people want a baby but then lose interest when their cute toddler turns 6 and starts having preferences and opinions or starts becoming more awkward looking as they grow

No. 771590

I get the opposite impression tbh, seems like most mothers are miserable during the baby stage because of sleep deprivation and lack of free time but enjoy parenting more when the kid is older and more independent.

Though ofc babies/toddlers get the most attention so they're plastered all over social media at that age. And I definitely think 99% of the motivation to have kids is based on idealistic fantasies of playing with cute babies and being a young family, not being middle aged and chauffeuring a schoolkid everywhere.

No. 771591

Why are all guys that admire Elon Musk such pieces of shit?

No. 771596

idk maybe because they admire a piece of shit

No. 771597

He is a lightning rod for rabid reddit manbabies.

No. 771606

File: 1616967595887.jpg (68.55 KB, 564x564, e466b92eefedc99aab6474eba9fc5b…)

J-fashion, fitspo, 3D modeling, art, studycore (comfy desk aesthetics + appealing libraries), 70's Japanese house interiors, cute clowns, old computers + cell phones, nature, retro packaging & advertisements, and animal crossing island ideas.

No. 771616

File: 1616969699061.jpg (73.84 KB, 1122x934, 4515646564.jpg)

TBH, thinspo and art refs

No. 771627

File: 1616970825233.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, A58DE4AD-288A-4B28-8A31-446C22…)

Makeup inspo, nails inspo, clothes, cute drawings, fanart of the characters I like and of my multiple husbandos fitspo, healthy recipes, unhealthy recipes, writing tips, survival tips for some reason, hair inspo, craft ideas, shitty Valentine’s cards. Bullet journaling inspo.

No. 771681

do you guys like me?

No. 771683

Unless you have a Y chromosome, than no

No. 771688

lucky for me, my x's come in pairs

No. 771694

Then I love you, yeah

No. 771721

File: 1616978334510.jpeg (90.66 KB, 480x618, 20522AED-9633-4302-A636-BD3423…)

Cute animals, memes, art, attempts to learn fashion, drawing inspiration/poses

I also have a board of cringy edgy things like pic related. They bring me joy. To answer the question early I fucking hate what dasharez0ne has become. Those tumblr skelly memes were supposed to be genuinely wholesome not stupid and PC.

Oh and a small hidden board called "images to send to people I dislike"

No. 771745

i have one for animal crossing qrs/ideas and one for face models that i used when i was still playing sims

No. 771813

If this is the reason and it makes you feel bad you should absolutely destroy them nonnie

No. 771839

File: 1617000401079.jpg (8.13 KB, 277x182, images (1).jpg)

I've had a lump-in-my-throat sensation for two days now, keep compulsively swallowing. To be fair I've been anxious about a few IRL things lately but usually the throat thing disappears and reappears acc to my stress level; right now it's ever-present. Is this just anxiety deluxe plus?? Google is unhelpful and I just don't wanna report it to my parents because they've been extremely COVID-paranoid lately and I don't want them to banish me to my room kek

No. 771843

Might just be a tonsil stone? Or stress sort of? Kind of when you have a lump when you want to cry except this one's staying for a while

No. 771844

I read yuri anon but it's a pain to look for ones that aren't abouy teenagers or smutty or obviously written by and for scrotes. Same way its a pain to look for bl where the mc doesn't get raped every other chapter

No. 771859

anxiety or acid reflux, or post-nasal drip. not cancer or covid, if you're wondering.

No. 771863

Thanks anons, I guess I really am just having a particularly bad physical reaction to stress this time around. Appreciate it

No. 771864

Is it normal for a mother to make comments about her daughter's butt?

No. 771866

I guess it depends on how frequent it is. Women in my family have given me (nice, fortunately) comments about my butt, but I could probably count on my hands how often it happens in a year. Obviously it'll come up if your doing something like trying on clothes. I would say it's only bad if she's making excessive comments about It and insulting you. That applies to all parts of your body btw.

No. 771867

Such as?
>You have a nice butt, you shouldn't feel self-conscious about it
Is fine
>Wash your ass you haven't showered in three weeks
Also fine (but please shower for the sake of everyone you exist around)
>Your ass is too fat, lose weight fatty
Not fine

No. 771869

What was PULL's beef with bestdressed?

No. 771872

No, unless you initiated the conversation about your butt.

No. 771874

Would it be stupid to buy a hairdye that is lighter than my natural hair (or the same color) just to alter the undertones? I'm fine with my hair color, I just hate that it's warm toned

No. 771877

Look into toners. You don't have to diy it with hairdye if you want to make your hair cooltoned.

No. 771879

But don't those only work on dyed hair?

No. 771882

Azn girl that dates only white men and openly talks about her sex life.

No. 771917

She's a slutty libfem with no real friends and rarely showers. Not really a reason to have 100+ page thread tho, especially since pull users are ALSO slutty lonely libfems who rarely shower. I lurked her thread because I had never before seen such a popular online personality be so obviously and visibly lonely and insecure, she was unique in that way. Online famous millenials like to pretend to be lonely and have no friends as a joke but with her it was clearly true. Maybe blogpost but she was a personal cow (fascination?) of mine before I even found the pull thread because she reminded me of myself but made me feel better because at least my loneliness wasn't out there for millions to see. I always rooted for her to get better though.

No. 771933

How often do you guys clean your ears? And how? I used to use q-tips but then I read that they are unhealthy so I switched to just soap and water but honestly it doesn't feel efficient enough

No. 771936

i dont even clean them, should i

No. 771938

I use an oil called Anu Tailam.

No. 771941

Mine personally get waxy really fast

No. 771942

Do you…do you pour soap and water in your ear holes?

No. 771943

ALmost everyday with an earpick. It's an AWFUL habit and I know it's fucking terrible for my ears but it feels nice and it's hard to stop lmao

No. 771945

I do it everyday, usually in the morning and evening along with my skincare routine. I know people say it's bad but I hate feeling my ears are dirty. Once a day I'll dip the qtip in a drop of diluted isopropyl alcohol.

No. 771959

Do you mean the inner or the outer part? Your inner ears don't need cleaning, they're self-cleaning. Unless your ears produce excess earwax that clog your ears but even then you should only use lukewarm water and definitely not soap. Your ears need earwax to remain healthy..

No. 771991

Everyday, with q tips and then with a wet cloth.

No. 771997

what exactly is a febfem? do you have to be a radfem to be one? I know feb stands for female exclusive bisexual, but what does that entail? simply not being with men physically?

No. 771999

I was too rough with a q tip about two weeks ago, been deaf in that ear ever since and then yesterday this sharp pain kicked in and it extends to one side of my throat. Can hear my own heartbeat thumping away all day too. I can't afford to see a doc so I'm praying it fixes itself in time

Never buying or trusting myself with q tips again lol. My dad uses them and had something similar happen. Was deaf for months and it eventually healed up with no intervention

No. 772005

febfem means being a bisexual women who only pursues romantic relationships with other women, so it would mean not being physical with or dating men. You don't have to be a radfem to be one, but at this point I think the term is associated with radfem spaces online so you could just say you prefer to date women.

No. 772006

You probably perforated your eardrum. It should heal in time but be careful about possible infection, that can fuck you up

No. 772008

a bisexual woman that is attracted to both sexes but knows scrotes ain't shit, so she only goes for female partners

No. 772012

An enlightened individual

No. 772020

I watched a few of her videos and I see what you mean. I kind of get NLOG vibes from her.

No. 772021

I thought sleep streams weren't allowed on Twitch. How is Ludwig allowed to sleep on stream for his subathon?

No. 772023

How do you stop being scared of the dark or more specifically nighttime? I’m well into my 20s and somehow never got over it kek

No. 772025

I never clean my ears, is that bad? I use earplugs to sleep which sometimes come out a little sticky but not overly so. When I dig into my ears with a finger I do get a tiny bit of earwax under my nail, should I be cleaning that out regularly or is it ok?

No. 772027

If it's just sleeping in the dark there's nothing wrong with using a little night light if it makes you feel more comfortable. To some extent it's natural to be scared of the dark I guess.
Is there some concrete thing that darkness or nighttime makes you scared of? For example, I tend to freak myself out imagining there's spiders that I can't see when I'm in the dark.

No. 772029

They’re not allowed? I saw Jinnytty doing one not long ago.

No. 772034

Me neither, I used to clean everyday but in the past few years everytime I've used a q-tip barely anything would come out so it seems useless to me.

No. 772048

What certificate do ppl that microneedle , fraxel , whatever have? I wanna do that tbh im tired of dealing of wfh and I'm tired of dealing w angry customers

No. 772057

Repent your sins

No. 772083

Are the questions in my Tellonym inbox bots? Because I'm getting a lot of fucked up sexual questions and people calling me fat. I know at least one of them is real, but the rest…?

No. 772086

In the shower, rinsing out my ears with warm water in a fill-dump method. If it's really gunky I use my fingers to scrape the outer part. I don't use q-tips anymore.

No. 772114

Do you guys think that toxic pp can come from toxic fanbases, i know its not good to generalize but i stg most if not some of the pp that betrayed me was in some of the most toxic fanbases ever.

No. 772127

toxic pp=toxic penis??

No. 772135

File: 1617044751235.jpg (72.19 KB, 500x489, 1598572475783.jpg)

truly stupid question as all pps are toxic

No. 772139

i want to change my career path to involve coding. Right now i work at a dead end receptionist job. The pay is nice and the job is easy as hell but i feel no fulfillment after working here for almost 3 yrs and i just want to quit. However I never graduated college due to being poor. Do you think its stupid of me to try and learn to code at the fresh age of 27? I know that kids half my age know how to code and that i am late as hell in the game. But its something i always wanted to learn but i always felt like i wasn't smart enough to. is it a dumb idea to learn to code online and completely change my profession if I have no minimal college experience and will probably be self taught for a while?

No. 772142

nah anon,do it. it may seem daunting but coding is one of the best things to learn online for free at your own pace and you can understand the basics very quickly to see if you like and want to pursue it.

No. 772145

I'm 25 and also learning to code to hopefully get a stable job. There are people in their 30s and 40s switching careers so I think we can too

No. 772148

Thank you so much anons! this inspired me to want to learn coding even more. I hope we get to work together sometime in the future. Good luck to you ladies!

No. 772155

Is it actually normal to go on and on about your exes and tell even little details about them that are irrelevant to your significant other? My boyfriend keeps insisting its normal and that I'm beyond insecure when I ask him to stop because I don't want to hear about them. I mean he stopped talking about them but he still brings this up occasionally acting like I'm the abnormal one for not wanting to hear about them.

No. 772163

I don’t think that’s normal. Occasionally mentioning them when relevant is normal imo, but just rare offhand comments. It’s normal to talk about the past and who they spent it with, but I agree with you that it’s weird if it’s constant. Some people might say that this means that he isn’t over his ex, but scrotes can just be dumb. You’re not wrong for not wanting to know anyway.

No. 772169

It usually is when is irrelevant or like it's "relevant" but like why did he feel the need to say that. Like the first time we had sex he said his exes didn't have a small clit like me. Or his exes never really did this or that but I do those things.

No. 772173

Bitch wtf your boyfriend is a disrespectful retard. Don’t put up with this.

No. 772175

The only appropriate response to this is
>My exes didn't have a small dick like yours

No. 772176

It's weird, does he have a lot of self esteem issues?

No. 772177

Yes he does
Kek, yeah I tried to say something like that but he just went off how it's not the same because apparently girls don't have insecurities about their clits

No. 772178

I don't know how a man with multiple exes is still this retarded when it comes to figuring out what gfs just don't want to hear

No. 772181

Honestly he sounds like my ex lol, he sounds like a waste of time.

No. 772182

He said his exes didn't have a problem with it so that's why he assumed I wouldn't care about it

No. 772183

I'm in a similar boat anon! There's so many coding resources it's a little overwhelming, but I guess it's great that there's so many ways to learn out there. I personally started watching Harvard's CS50 lectures (they also have notes for each lecture and assignments you can do too) but I feel stupid and slow as fuck because it takes me forever to understand anything. I just have to figure out something that'll work for me in terms of learning it, but I believe in the both of us anon!

No. 772184

can i dye my hair months after using pure henna? i’ve read a lot of conflicting things online and i don’t want all my hair to fall out. i want to go darker if that matters.

No. 772185

Holy shit. This reminds me of one time that I got a skype call from some french dude and his friend, and they were laughing their ass off while trying to talk to me in English. Is this related?

No. 772186

why is there a weeb sperging about vtubers, isnt the vtuber thread locked? Is he just super late with his sperg, im so confused?

No. 772187

Is it a real thing?

No. 772189

No. 772192

Did wilbur die

No. 772205

any other gay women feel inferior to men when it comes to bisexual girls

No. 772222

absolutely fucking based obligated to apologize but doesn't regret it

No. 772230

You both have abysmal self-esteem

No. 772233

File: 1617052930734.jpeg (1.54 KB, 89x89, 15168415.jpeg)

Do guys ever messages girls nonstop until the wee hours of the morning, say goodnight, and then start up again after they wake up platonically??? Or is it just my low self-esteem telling me that this dude only likes me as a friend?

No. 772238

He wants to fuck and he likes having a girl who replies to him all night. E-gf experience, zero commitment.

No. 772254

How do I store water kefir nodules in the fridge? And how do I unfreeze them later? Asking here because I've been reading a lot of different methods online and I'm confusedt

No. 772257

Hes invited me to hangout and we see each other in person regularly though.

No. 772259

Exactly. You are his go to for company, attention and emotional labor. He’d absolutely smash if you let him. Do you like him? If he suddenly gets a gf, you’ll see how fast he stops texting you.

No. 772263

I only use my pinky. It's been more useful than a cloth so far.

No. 772265

I do like him. Thanks for the answer lol. I just never gave a shit about dating so I have a hard time knowing what tf men want LOL. He's an awkward nerd so I guess I can't expect him to make the first move.

No. 772290

Is it bc I just woke up or does this not make sense

No. 772292

It doesn't, at all. Maybe they meant to reply to someone else?

No. 772296

File: 1617057635730.png (6.11 KB, 1062x67, w..PNG)

Samefag, nvm, I think it's one anon going around making these posts lmao

No. 772412

okay, are paris hilton and the catch me outside girl teaming up to murder dr phil, or am I having an adverse reaction to the pfizer vaccine?

No. 772415

File: 1617067428423.jpeg (147.33 KB, 750x889, 26F1C0AC-08AA-45BD-BFCB-E626FB…)

I’m a degenerate who microwaved water but I want to see the light. Can you give me some pointers about purchasing a lasting and fast tea kettle that is hopefully affordable? I prefer stovetop to electric (unless I ought to not?). Thank u

No. 772419

File: 1617067782968.jpg (21.33 KB, 896x855, crack.jpg)

What are you saying anon

No. 772421

No. 772423

They are. It won't go anywhere because he has Dr. Phil money, but bless them for trying and fuck the entire troubled teen industry

No. 772424

No but seriously, elaborate.

No. 772425

Dr. Phil sends kids to one of those troubled teen prison camps, Paris Hilton and Bhad Bhaby are both trying to get him in trouble for not being a doctor and sending teenagers to be "taken care of" by a handful of sociopathic mormons who let a kid die on their watch. Also at least one girl has said she was sexually assaulted there.

No. 772426

Oh I see! I feel bad for saying anon was on crack now lmao. The "murder" part got me.

No. 772431

File: 1617068530033.jpeg (69.06 KB, 810x818, D7324F79-70CB-4A04-8B44-6C86F9…)

>one girl

Bhad barbie or however tf you spell it was the one who was sexually assaulted and mistreated at the facility. Are we really that surprised that we let someone who looks like dr eggman from sanic run a show and great crazies??

No. 772433

It must be her and another girl then, I had read it was an unnamed individual
Obviously it's way more than one or two anyway, there's literally never just one or two

No. 772435

Is there a website that leaks Patreon podcast episodes?

No. 772453

They’re all relatively cheap and fast now, look for one that can hold at least 1.5 liters. Metal ones can get water stains but they last forever assuming you keep using them. In my opinion the glass ones are the best, and electric trumps stove easily. You get hotter water faster.

No. 772534

Here comes one. For as long as I can remember my posture has been bad, but even when I stand up straight my shoulders look oddly rounded. I most likely have scoliosis - when doing the forward bend test my left side is higher than my right and there's a subtle curve in my spine. Do you think this is part of the reason why dresses with thin/no straps sit on me kinda weirdly? Or would it be unrelated?

No. 772553

Would you say sending lewds (not nudes) to someone you're interested in is "devaluing yourself" or immoral? Obviously the answer relies on your own beliefs/opinions. I want to hear what you guys think and give an explanation if you can. Song unrelated.

No. 772557

The possible scoliosis could explain it. Have you seen a doc? To me, it sounds like your neck muscles are overdeveloped, maybe because of that curvature, and they're giving your neck-shoulder area a triangulated look rather than straight. I could be misunderstanding, and I'm no doc, but that's my guess.

No. 772561

I don't necessarily think it's devaluing yourself but I do think it's a poor choice. I personally wouldn't send nudes to men unless I really, really trust them, but with women I would feel a lot more comfortable doing it. I would only say a woman is devaluing herself by doing that if she's sending them to every person she's "involved" with, rather than only sending them to people who are actually her partner. I can understand how it might feel easy/tempting to send lewds to someone you are interested in, but people should not be sending lewds/nudes to people they're not even dating. I mostly feel this way simply because of how men like to spread photos around and leak nudes.
I hope this all makes sense, it's late and I'm tired so I feel like this is not very comprehensible lol

No. 772562

Yeah stop sending nudes to everyone, there should be at least some trust and it should be someone you truly love

No. 772564

Including photos that are suggestive but no nudity?

No. 772572

Immoral, no. Stupid, yes. Even if the other person is perfectly good and trustworthy (which is rare af to begin with) it's still too risky considering the chances of getting hacked, posting it publicly by mistake, phones being stolen etc.

No. 772588

update nobody asked for: I made he first unambiguous move on him and he asked me on a proper date! good shit.

No. 772622

I don't think it devalues anything, bodies have no value in a sexual sense imo.
However, I don't think it's wise even though I did it before and sent nudes to my current boyfriend. Thing is if your nudes end up online it could potentially fuck you up so in the end it's best not to do it, or only do it if you 100% trust the person.

No. 772627

Why cant Gen Z or Millennial generation make another social media thats artist friendly without it being neo liberal or alt right gunk?

No. 772635

Because Gen Z's identity is identity and that causes extremes.

No. 772642

Does anyone ever eat their steak rare? Is it even safe?

No. 772716

Why is bullet journalling so popular? It's literally just a to do list in a notebook. Or am I missing something?

No. 772719

It’s for tiny brains

No. 772724

It’s just neat.

No. 772725

AFAIK the point is to use your journal as a scrapbook you customize for stress relief and come up with your own ways to organize things instead of having a readily made template. It's basically a way to be creative.

No. 772793

What is hell week?

No. 772812

It's not just to-do lists. People use it to keep track of their habits, goals, emotions, songs/films/books they've enjoyed, etc. For a lot of people it gives them a sense of awareness, organization and presence in regards the small, everyday things in life

No. 772819

Week where the farmhands are more vigilant/crack down harder than usual on stuff like bait, derailing/infighting, low effort posts, etc (usually whatever's been the biggest problem lately).

No. 772857

Do eggs need to be stored in the fridge? I always do it but I've recently realized that when I buy some they are just kept at room temperature in the store.

No. 772873

No. 772875

I'm 99 procent sure it's only popular because social media made it cool, artsy and instagrammable.

No. 772879

wait really? i'm 56.7 procent sure that eggs rotted quickly if they weren't cooled. doesn't salmonella or whatever like warmer temperatures?

No. 772886

generally you want to refrigerate eggs that have been washed (i.e. do not still have shit and hay and the special protective egg layer on them), bc the washing process makes the shell more penetrable for bacteria, but if you’re gonna eat them really really soon you’re probably fine not refrigerating

No. 772889

How long do need to be workout to start seeing your own gains? Specially upperbody wise?

No. 772891

If you live somewhere in Europe you don't. Typically American and Canadian eggs are washed though like >>772886 mentions so they need to be refrigerated. If you're buying them and they're not refrigerated I guess that's a good indicator it's safe to leave them out.

No. 772901

Do amphetamines like adderall completely prevent you from sleeping or just like wake you up/give you energy?

No. 773002

Physically? At least a year, for women. It depends on how much body fat you have and where you store it. I have way more definition in my upper body than lower body after many years of mostly powerlifting-style training, but that's because I'm bottom heavy and store most of my fat there.
You SHOULD get stronger every month tho. If you're not consistently moving up in resistance you won't build mass. (This isn't true if you've been training for several years, but at that point you will have made a lot of progress anyways if you're doing things right)

No. 773008

What's the best way to keep long and heavy hair tied up without it 1) hurting my scalp 2) inevitably slipping down?

No. 773018

Low buns, ponytails and braids

No. 773020

If you take it when you’re already extremely tired, you’d just be tired And wired for a few hours and then you’ll pass out anyway.

No. 773047

Not my personal experience, but everyone is different. If it’s a one off thing it probably doesn’t fuck your sleep up too badly but I was prescribed it for a few years and eventually after upping the dose it made my life hell. It kept me up even when I was exhausted. If I took it too late in the day I would literally be up and night wanting to kill myself because my body was exhausted but my mind wouldn’t quit. Even if I fell asleep I would be up every 30 mins. I think the greatest despair I’ve ever felt was not being able to sleep on that shit. Never again

No. 773062

File: 1617144466432.png (244.82 KB, 570x471, Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 6.46…)

Seconding french braids, they're comfortable and convenient. The french bun with a big claw clip is a 90's look that works for some people. I also like to wrap my hair in a silk scarf like pic rel

No. 773103

It depends. I can tell you from dark times in my life that if you're sleep deprived enough, it is possible to fall asleep after taking adderall if you let yourself lie down and close your eyes. My friend has fallen asleep on it a lot, she has ADHD and she says that for her it calms her down and if she lets herself lie down she can fall asleep. We both have a tolerance though and dosage amounts/rate of stomach absorption matters, I think this is mostly something we've experienced right after taking a pill.

For most people under most circumstances though, it does prevent you from falling asleep even if you feel tired. And because of its half life in the body this effect can be present for hours after the full effects have worn off.

No. 773233

Does anyone else experience the phenomenon where their boyfriend (specifically "boyfriend" here, I know not everyone here is straight and that gfs may do this behavior too BUT) copies whatever they do like even if it's a little small thing like a sigh or a laugh?

Sometimes I laugh randomly for no reason at NOTHING because I know he'll copy me and he does it without fail. Same with a sigh.
I'm not bothered by this, just wondering if it's the same for anyone else

No. 773237

It's probably something called Non-concious Behavioral Mimicry

No. 773262

I do. I've even eaten straight up raw beef (yukhoe) and have never gotten sick from it.

No. 773267

I find myself clearing my throat immediately after my boyfriend does. I have no idea when it started but now I have to consciously stop myself lol

No. 773274

Has anyone approached a doctor about suspected autism or something?

I think it's time for me to get like checked out or something, I think I'm on the brink of being fired for my lack of ability to socially integrate.

Worse though is that a caveat of my health insurance is that I need to phone a hotline first and describe my problem, then they say "try x medication at the pharmacy" or refer me to a doctor. What would I even say? "I might have autism"? Or adhd maybe. I wouldn't know where to start. Do I list my lifelong struggle to fit in as a symptom? Kek

No. 773293

This is a question for the Neopets players, I know you're here. I want to buy some old accounts with nps, anyone know if/where I can do that?

No. 773299

Reddit, unfortunately. I don’t play but I know someone who still does. You can also check twitter. If it’s items you’re looking for you can talk people into giving them to you but for buying accounts with points it’s more of a gamble. I don’t think most active current players have equally old and wealthy throwaways for sale. The accounts are more likely to be poor or you’re going to pay a lot more money for a richer one.

No. 773318

What characterizes a "Nigel" other than "male partner"? Or am I overreading??

No. 773324

A nigel is any man (usually a partner, sometimes sons, fathers etc) a woman defends for not having whatever stereotypically male flaws others are pointing out. The idea comes from an exchange like, a feminist saying 'men are violent and don't respect women', and another woman responding 'well not my nigel, he wouldn't hurt a fly and he loves women'.

No. 773326

Aaah gotcha, thanks

No. 773329

The account age is the only important thing, the account can be completely empty otherwise. Probably for the better anyway if that lowers the selling price. I'll try reddit and twitter, thanks!

No. 773427

File: 1617198263376.jpg (57.86 KB, 807x780, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Anons who wax at home with hard or soft wax - how long does the whole process take and how messy is it? I use wax strips and sometimes shave but lately I've been thinking about switching to other forms of hair removal

No. 773429

I've been using hard wax and soft wax since high school.

First of all: fuck soft wax. It's so messy and if it gets stuck on a surface, almost impossible to get off.
Hard wax is great and I highly recommend. I'm almost sad wax melts are becoming popular because I feel they're cheap and plasticky. Anyways, I started with a Gigi kit, which was like 30 dollars at the time.

I've been waxing my asshole (not anymore though) and everything down there myself for a long time. I LOVE waxing my armpits because then the hair grows back softly. I've never used it on my legs though. Seems like a waste of a product, plus, I would prefer spray-on depiliary for my legs since it takes a few minutes and then I can rinse it off on the shower. Stubbly legs don't bother me too much, armpits and asshair does though. Lemme know if you have questions.

No. 773431

>spray-on depiliary for my legs
Wait that's a thing??
I tried shaving creams before (like the ones that you leave on and the hair comes out) and they fucked my skin so bad, how do those work?

No. 773435

File: 1617199208039.jpeg (32.8 KB, 612x612, 3655dd09-b8f0-4941-854c-566043…)

So the spray on thing is kind of the same, except depending on the brand, you're not leaving a thick cream on your leg. I got so tired of using Nair because it was just so retarded to apply (use my hand? Use some other tool that I eventually lose?) So I bought a spray instead.

Seriously try and avoid your shins. It is the thinnest skin on your legs and can cause chemical burns. Which used to happen every time I used a depiliary. I use pic related

No. 773461

Why do some men (though its mostly barely 20s e-boys) praise Elon Musk?

He had potential and seemed interesting at the very start, but he's been nothing but a complete clown on Twitter over the past years (eg his anime shitposting, then drama over him using someone elses artwork, later then creating some edgelord-y twitter account for his and Grimes child). Isn't he nothing but a rich man who throws money on anything?

Grimes is a retard on Twitter too. Both of them seem to be like old people stuck in 2008.

No. 773470

He is extremely rich (like they see themselves in the future) and "cool" just like them. They want to be him kek.

No. 773473

Should I get my cdl despite my mom not wanting me to? There's this trucking school near me that offers paid training and preparation to pass the written test but she doesn't want me to because it's risky. This came to me as a surprise, I thought she would be supportive because a few years ago she told me about how she wanted to get into truck driving. Well apparently her husband who is a trucker told her not to, and that's probably why she's trying to scare me now too. However, I'm 21, I think I could train and just tell her I'm doing something else. Is there any way this could back fire I'm not thinking about? The demand for truckers is high near me, and I don't want to drive a BIG truck. Also the pay is really good too ofc

No. 773485

What do you know about the risks? Is it really that risky or could her husband simply have exaggerated?

Personally I think I'd do it. A job that's in demand with a good pay sounds like a good investment in your future. If you decide not to do it, let it be because you, not you mom, didn't want to do it.

> just tell her I'm doing something else.

Don't do that, be honest. Your mom needs to learn you're an adult now who might make choices she doesn't approve of and she needs to let that go. Unless that gets you kicked out or something. Plus are you going to lie about what you're doing for a long-term fulltime job? What if she hears from other people you're driving a truck? You can't keep it a secret.

No. 773487

money, space and futuristic tech

No. 773568

I think you should go for it. I think your mom's concern may be because it's a male dominanted field. My aunt was a truck driver and her biggest complaint was that she would have a lot of men interested in her, so you may deal with a lot of unwanted flirting I guess. But really there's a lot of jobs that you would have to deal with that kind of thing. She may also be concerned by the fact that you would be traveling across the country alone depending on what trucking company you're with.

No. 773574

They live vicariously through him. Super rich “smart” guy, goth gf, spends all day shitposting. This is the full extent of zoomer scrotes ambition.

No. 773654

i hope this isnt race baitey but im curious. why do white people not like red heads? Obviously this is a gross generalization but i remember growing up as a black kid seeing so many videos and memes shitting on red heads. It always confused me because i considered red heads (mainly women) to be drop dead gorgeous. But they were always picked on in media or given nerdy roles. what is the history for that?

No. 773661

I thought they considered red-head women sexy

No. 773668

you are so right its usually the men that get clowned on. but i always hear about how red head girls always got made fun of when they were kids for their hair color and freckles. but maybe its changed nowadays.

No. 773698

It's a recessive gene so they usually don't look like either of their parents and I am pretty sure they were thought of as runts and witches back in ye olden times.

Also they can look creepy cause their eyebrows and eyelashes are almost invisible. Some people think freckles look like doodoo splattered on, idk. Usually women who are redheads are considered hot and men are considered creepy unless they look like alpha chad vikings.

I think it's just that some rare aesthetics like that can go either way of looking absolutely gorgeous or hideous. It's a cointoss really.

No. 773699

File: 1617215597311.jpg (68.33 KB, 1008x149, Screenshot_1.jpg)

No. 773702

Look up "autism testing" in your city. I know you can't just bring up a diagnosis to your normal doctor, they might just dismiss you and think you're looking for drugs.

No. 773707

It used to be associated with witches in a first place. As a ginger I always hated seeing movies for kids potrtraying ginger girls as losers or 'nerds', and everyone screamed how blonde colour is the best colour when I always found it boring. It's funny how now everyone are trying to dye their hair to red.

No. 773733

How do you deal with being attracted to scrotes anonitas?

No. 773741

File: 1617217384144.jpeg (78.24 KB, 2000x2000, scrote replacement.jpeg)

No. 773745

Would a volume of manga and japanese snacks make a good gift for a weeb teenager?

I am so used to gift only useful stuff, but this kid got rich parents that give him everything. I wanted to gift him something that he would use and remember me by, but the only thing I thought of was gifting a Pachimari Lamp from OW, that ended up being sold out everywhere. Meeeh.

No. 773748

Lower your voice

No. 773752

US anon here. why does it cost me $50 to graduate college. Does that go to my damn cap and gown or

No. 773753

I'm barely attracted to any tbh, my attraction to men faded out over the span of a few years but my sex drive stayed weirdly intact? So for pure sex drive I have toys

No. 773757

I've had a whole lot of roughly 50 quid charges in my life that seemed like bs to me..but everything costs money.

No. 773760

It cost me £70 to graduate. That's a week of weed.

No. 773762

Samefag, they did list the cost of the gap and gown not sure if it was the full £70. Had to buy tickets for guests too, no freebies.

No. 773802

Eh ik her husband has been in an accident over 15 years ago, i think she doesn't think i'm competent and have an even greater chance getting into one. She says one is always at risk while driving but it's fine if it's a short commute/to get somewhere you're going to get off at, compared to truck driving, in which you're always driving and you never stop, so the risk is always there. Basically her problem is with how long i'll be exposed to the risk of getting into an accident, by my own fault or another's. Personally i have more of an issue with men, their attention alone is enough to give me debilitating anxiety, so anything sexual would probably contribute to me not adequately performing my job. I think I would feel safer with a gun or taser, and maybe I could ask to get paired with female truck drivers?

No. 773810

us anon, at least for me the 50$ were fees and the cost of the diploma (stupid i know). i had extra costs for the cap and gown. 100$+

No. 773814

File: 1617223784599.jpg (113.79 KB, 500x684, wz558j1rspxaho2.jpg)

I know my generation mostly made fun of it as kids thanks to that south park episode about how gingers have no souls.

No. 773822

How come water doesn't improve my body like everyone else's even though I've been drinking it for decades?
>still have shitty skin
>still have eyebags
>still have trouble pooping and digesting
>when I get lightheaded, nauseous, or headaches drinking it doesn't change fuck all

I'm pretty sure I'm drinking a decent amount too, I literally pee every 10 minutes.

No. 773824

Do you have a good intake of electrolytes (potassium, salts)? Peeing every 10 minutes makes me think your body doesn't retain it well.

I'd try eating more citrus since they contain water, a shitload of electrolytes, and antioxidants which help with skin healing/regeneration. Pooping and digestion could be helped by eating more fiber.

No. 773837

Do (modern) romance novels that aren't cringe actually exist? I wanna read some but I get instantly turned off by:
>stupid porny title
>glossy shirtless scrote on a cover
>plot summary that makes it clear that there is nothing to the novel beyond barebones romance (no good writing, plot, etc)
It all seems so utilitarian in the same way that porn flicks are. Maybe I'm crazy, but I want a romance novel with themes that interest me and that is a quality book, not just a wish fullfilment vehicle.

No. 773862

File: 1617229070526.jpeg (227.01 KB, 1242x1242, 948BD739-5894-4A73-B9DB-EF4A27…)

Is it unhygienic to use the leftover lint of the lint trap to make plushies when it’s so soft?

No. 773869

No. 773876

This is probably going to come across as super autistic but please bear with me.
How do I comfort someone I live with who is going through a hard time? My roomie just got news that her cat who lives with us is in kidney failure and does not have much time left.
She's very sad about it and when she told me the news from the vets I can't stop cringing at how I reacted (moreso my lack of reaction). I pretty much poker faced my way through what she was saying and didn't say much. I only asked addition questions about what the vet told her but I was too scared to say anything like "This is terrible. What awful news i'm so sorry" because I didn't want to make her feel any worse.
I am really bad at comforting people. I grew up with a extremely mentally ill mom who would go through bouts of depression where she would be crying for hours a day and she would also manipulatively cry to me and my sister to get us to do things. The way I grew up made me maybe a little too used to people being upset and crying to the point where now it doesn't phase me at all when people are going through a hard time if that makes sense.

No. 773877

I'm not an expert but I would say it's ok because everything has been washed and heated so it should be sanitary just like your clothes. I would say something to watch out for is for hair stuck in the lint because I always have a ton stuck there.

No. 773918

I don't think saying "this is terrible I'm so sorry" would make most people feel worse. The point of saying stuff like that is to validate their feelings and let them know you have empathy for them. Your roommate might feel like she "shouldn't" be so upset about a pet dying so validation is good. Grief is really hard to deal with because it's a type of pain where there is no fixing it or easing it, you just have to get through it. So the best way to be supportive is just to be there with a person while they process and feel their feelings. You could tell her that you're there if she wants to talk or do something to distract her (obs only say this if you're really willing to)
Always keep in mind that whatever you do to comfort her probably won't make her feel much better because the loss is the loss, so don't pressure her to be positive or hide her negative emotions, one of the best things you can do for people in general is be someone who they can be comfortable with while experiencing negative emotions. This can be harder than it seems because it's uncomfortable to see someone in pain so often the first instinct is to try and make them feel better but that's just invalidating.

No. 773922

Why do men always ruin the vibe? I mean women could be talking, laughing, enjoying themselves having conversation and they literally look glowing and at their absolute best, but a man literally walks by them and it just ruins the absolute vibe and it takes forever. Are men life-draining monsters? Someone conduct research quickly!

No. 773964

is anybody else a massive kinkshamer mainly because your parents are kink freaks?
the day i found out my dad was a footfag was wild. then slowly i started realizing the real meaning to all the depeche mode songs my parents would blast in the car since i was in the womb…

No. 773966

>Why do men always ruin the vibe?
because they're men

No. 773967


No. 773969

File: 1617242480931.jpg (234.15 KB, 2681x1779, sauce.jpg)

anyone know who these 2 characters are from?

No. 773970

Hotline miami. It's fan art.

No. 773971

thanks i thought it was an anime/manga damn.

No. 773972

File: 1617243181857.jpg (294.21 KB, 1000x1000, 40141b5157bc7.jpg)

anons do acrylic "figures" like this look bad irl?
i was thinking of buying some to put on a shelf but i'm thinking they could look weird when looking from diferente angles

No. 773975

Acryliuc "figures" are a cope for people who can't buy real figures, not worth it unless they had a VERY cool design, but most of them are just shitty stolen art lmaooo

No. 773978

File: 1617244088062.jpg (180.17 KB, 1031x1031, H31a164126d514294b294467291b40…)

No. 773982

What’s your favorite caffeine-free tea, nonnies? I absolutely love matcha/green tea but I want something I can drink in the evening (something that won’t keep me awake all night).

No. 773983

Isn't matcha and green tea loaded with caffeine?

No. 773986

yeah unfortunately i'm coping,can't really splurge during a pandemic so i thought about these and some posters just to make my room feel lived in yk
exquisite taste anon,i'll see if i can get this one,thanks

No. 773987

Is it really considered a cope among anime fans? I’ve never thought of them that way. I don’t own any either, but I feel like >>773978 is an example of how sometimes depictions of characters looks better when they stay in 2D. But aybe I’m biased towards resin works and what can be done with them. They look like they have more potential design wise (if you can upload anything) than what you can typically buy regarding typical anime figures. More so if they had their own variation of garage kits and layered acrylic. If that doesn’t exist already I hope someone steals this idea and makes it.
I’m sure if you found something with a really amazing, not stolen design it’d look great.

No. 773989


I always thought they were more for decorating manga shelves or filling in blank space in collections

No. 773993

Lmao yes, that’s why I’m asking for recommendations for other teas. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

No. 773996

Wait I thought that's Ichigo/Orihime fanart lmao

No. 773997

File: 1617246461180.png (647.48 KB, 720x701, Hb2638465af854a639b5d9a6d4e964…)

there are some layered ones that can look cute,but i think figures still look better at least for now.
and yeah most of them use stolen art thought i don't mind much if they use the source material from established things like jojo or madoka.

No. 774004

kek no its the main character jacket, and the girl that's in the game. search alex davis

No. 774022

File: 1617250507531.jpg (102.2 KB, 800x800, H31a164126d514294b294467291b40…)

Do you always paint your nails to go with your outfit, or do you find yourself liking to paint your nails a different color than the colors you like wearing?
Example, I love gray nails but I would hate to wear gray clothes.

No. 774024

anon that pic is making me cringe. It looks painful, but that might be cause I've only gone to a nail salon 1ce and they didnt clip off literal skin.

No. 774025

Depends on the occasion, sometimes I pick a theme or a color that i want to highlight. Say, if I got a dark blue dress with golden accessories and rhinestones, I would do my nail in golden with shiny details.
Or if I wore some beige outfit with white and silver as compliments, I would paint my nails white and/or silver.
Then there’s Christmas, I pick cute Christmas’ themed stuff because I’m a consoomer of Christmas things, or a halloween theme with black cats or something like that.
It’s nice how versatile nails can be.

No. 774028

File: 1617251473655.jpg (25.43 KB, 827x575, product-rbvar1s-fpeabfvqaabcdo…)

I've never thought about matching my nails to my outfit, but it would be cute. It would be impossible for me to do everyday since I wear false nails that stay on for 2 weeks and typically do different designs on them.
Those are just cuticle cutters, they don't cut off the skin on your hand lol. Imo, they're a lot better than ones like pic rel

No. 774045

Speaking of cutting cuticle, I've never done that lol I've pushed them back but even that feels weird. I think the point is to help polish and gel nails adhere better? Idk but I hate the idea of cutting them

No. 774047

Most people push it down, I think it is the healthier alternative, they even sell cuticule pushers

I don't do that though lol it creeps me out

No. 774144

is there any real difference between hipster and brief underwear other than the way it sits on hips? yes I googled and still can't figure it out cause it keeps bringing up other types

No. 774157

It depends on the brand but generally hipsters are more cheeky and briefs are more coverage

No. 774184

What can I use to apply hard wax if I couldn't find those wooden sticks in the store? A knife, maybe?

No. 774196

Why are the majority of nerd men fat and ungroomed but somehow have high standards while nerd women spend time taking care of themselves and doesn't seem to have as high demands on the nerd men to take care of their bodies too?
I know the answer is obvious, but the whole thing still baffles me.

No. 774198


No. 774202

What comic is the thread pic from?

No. 774204

>I know the answer is obvious
Yeah, it's socialization

No. 774223

I know right? It’s such a waste of paper and materials too, you’re going to end up throwing it in the garbage or never reading it anyways.

No. 774236

do any other anons on social media who actively interact with others/are trying to grow a following so you can capitalise on your content put pronouns in bio just to look woque enough that you can automatically avoid witch hunts online? adding a she/her or even a spicy little she/they gets you out of so much shit in my experience - i'm a little bit terfy/a radfem/actively hate pansexuals and all these other retarded microlabels and neopronouns and what the fuck ever, but just by adding a stupid little they (that nobody ever uses when you have a she there anyway), nobody would ever guess it. i've seen people on here calling other girls 'handmaidens' for doing it but it's literally just the easiest way to fit in when the demographic you're capitalising off is a bunch of these types of people. i'll also note that obviously i do not go by they irl or think i'm not a woman or any of that stupid shit

No. 774247

>It’s such a waste of paper and materials too, you’re going to end up throwing it in the garbage or never reading it anyways.
It's not a waste of resources if it's good for someone's mental health and organization. Some people are also doing bullet journaling in web apps like notion. You may as well say that keeping any oldschool diary is a waste of resources, even though it's beneficial to most people's wellbeing and helps nurture literary skills. IMHO in both cases the journey itself is the purpose, and not the destination.

No. 774249

How to hide a thread?

No. 774257

File: 1617296090547.jpeg (98.49 KB, 784x277, 874C50BD-1C0C-411D-BB89-617DFB…)

No. 774258

Pronouns in bio is so stupid but if it gets you clout then 100% use it to your advantage

No. 774261

Anyone really uncomfortable with the amount of jokes people make if you don’t have a parent especially if you don’t have a father in your life? I always see people making fun of people for saying that they don’t have a dad and make fun of them for it for something they can’t even control and blame it on the person or child, flexing that they have a dad.

No. 774266

I've never seen it other than the tired "daddy issues" accusations, but not dragging particular individuals for not having a father figure.

No. 774270

Yes, its so immature. When people use terms like "daddy issues" I have a hard time taking them seriously

No. 774279

File: 1617297718866.jpg (207.57 KB, 800x1128, meat.jpg)

what does meat/salads in jelly taste like? It looks disgusting

No. 774285

But like lacking good parental structure do be causing mental illness. We’re not above making fun of the mentally ill are we?

No. 774286

hmm slightly salty and with soft texture, the jelly part adds a nice moisture to it all, it's delicious to eat sliced on a bread or sth. there must be various ways to make it though, my mom makes a delicious one but i've tried some disgusting attempts from other people too.

No. 774287

You’re not a stacy, no one cares about you you’re worthless, useless, and have to post your hatred of them because a bpd chan pissed you off once. Seethe harder and get the fuck out

No. 774288

Very soft/tender. I only had the Chinese version but it's actually pretty good. The jelly can also be a little more chewy (qq galore), like cartilage

No. 774291

If someone ended up mentally ill because of csa (for example) would you make "diddled as a kid" jokes? Or do you pick and choose?

No. 774292

Fucking kek your personality disorder sure seems familiar. Have I dunked on you before?

No. 774293

If you were diddled as a kid, you were diddled as a kid. What’s the joke here? Please explain.

No. 774294

so this super sjw tiktok showed up on my fyp, and people would end their comments with things like "/gen" or "/p". what do these mean?? how many more are there. i know /s

No. 774295

It’s a scrote hidden in plain sight anon. Either it’s a male or female with a complete deficit in empathy or emotions aka a sociopath

No. 774296

it means you’re old as shit, you obviously know what it is stop playing dumb to strike up a fucking convo by your terrible bait

No. 774299

No. 774310

Its meant to be zoomer trigger words/warnings , anon.

No. 774312