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File: 1616386772132.jpg (71.08 KB, 414x600, boirzor.jpg)

No. 766899

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

previous thread: >>>/ot/723449

No. 766902

This borzoi is so fluffy…wow. Pretty.

No. 766918

I’ve been considering adopting a dog for a while and now I really want a borzoi because of lolcow. Their little snouts are just so long and adorable.

Anyway, I hate when people insist they look a lot younger than their age. It comes off as cringe and desperate. I seem to always read this on reddit, “I’m 29 but I look 16,” I guarantee you do not kek. I’m sure you look great, but you can still look great for your age without looking like a high schooler.

No. 766919

pretty sure that's a collie, not a borzoi

No. 766922

File: 1616389912401.jpg (14.04 KB, 500x226, borzoi-850179.jpg)

Wait, you're right! Look at the ears. Pic rel, left is a collie. We need a new thread, smh

No. 766924

>Anyway, I hate when people insist they look a lot younger than their age.
Same. People who look much younger than their age are super rare irl, so why does nearly every grown adult online claim to look like a teenager? They're no doubt delusional, and even when they read posts like this I'm sure they're thinking 'well obviously I'm one of those super rare ones who actually does have a babyface' and the delusion continues. Chances are they look young because they ARE young and just look their age, not like a 12 year old.

People are generally retarded about age and perception can be affected by a tonne of factors. Lots of people think women turn into old swamp hags at 30, we see women in their mid 20s playing teenagers on tv and forget that irl 16 year olds still look like kids, and without closely observing someone's face we're still gonna make judgements based on clothes, mannerisms, life stages etc. There's this new coworker I have who I assumed was in her mid-late 30s, turns out she's early 20s. But I hadn't even looked at her face for more than a passing glance, it was her voice, clothes and body shape that lead me to the wrong conclusion. It definitely happens in reverse too.

No. 766930

>Anyway, I hate when people insist they look a lot younger than their age.
Agree, I can usually buy a few years younger but not entire decades like some people insist. A 29 year old looks 24? Okay, I can buy that. A 29 year old claiming they still look 19? Lmao, nah. It's usually people desperately clinging to their youth.

No. 766933

File: 1616393443777.png (57.41 KB, 256x350, wrong.PNG)

I hate this thread because it was made before the old one had over 1200 posts and has no borzoi as thread pic.

No. 766946

How the fuck does one confuse a Collie with a Borzoi?

No. 766947

maybe op just hates collies

No. 766974

I can't stand waifufag fangirls. I can't help but see it as textbook pickme behavior and a desperate attempt to appeal to men as "one of the cool girls" who don't mind disgusting coomershit being rubbed in their faces. And of course they have to be gross about it too talking constantly about the waifu's big mommy milkers while consistently shitting on husbandofags and caping for male pandering.

No. 766975

I think OP is not aware of the borzoi meme and thought we just use random dogs as the thread pic. Probably a newfag as she created the thread before the previous one was locked.

No. 766978

Or maybe she really don't know the difference between breeds, a nonny confused a greyhound and borzoi before, it happens again

No. 766979

I used to do this and your right in your deduction. Glad I grew out (or tired?) of it by the time I was fifteen and started to embrace my husbandofagging fujoself with the help of VNs lmao.

No. 767026

I like collies because my neighbors had one black male called Don and one yellow female called Donna. But their fur was all tangled and not pretty.
Anyway I hate youtube and reddit comments because every comment is so predictable. I hate how people will make a stupid joke that's been told 10000 times already and everyone will like and comment not because it's funny but because it's familliar.

No. 767044

I don't get when the top comment is something like "thumbs up if you still listen to this in 2021" and the song is from 2016.

No. 767045

I still did this until recently and I just really like tickling the clit to some waifu hentai. I still get grossed out at some over the top hentai though. I never got the appeal of 2D men, and I just like women way better.

No. 767046

I hate the ones like "my dog listened to this and now he is a wolf" or "when I listen to this my entire neighborhood listens too" the most. But sometimes on videos with few views I've even found interesting comments about the artists, I wish there were more like that. If only memes didn't exist

No. 767065

It's absolutely baffling how repetitive youtube comment sections are. I genuinely wonder what is the tought process of those people. Do they really see 100+ comments all the exact same and yet still think "mm yes I defenitely should make the exact same comment again too".
If they do it for likes then that's just sad. Imagine being adicted to dopamine from freaking youtube comment likes.

No. 767087

I guess you could say I was one of those waifufags, but my interest in them never was sexual. I also played visual novels with almost no coomer shit (one short scene per route). I didn't want to play otome games in the past because I'm not attracted to 2D men, and I find them less interesting than anime girls. Why? Because I could relate to waifus, contrary to husbandos. I liked galge because those games were focused on the heroines. I liked that the plot was all about how the sad, lonely girl becomes the most important person in the world to the protagonist and finally gets love and comfort. I still like those few galge VNs that I played, but I'm trying to get into otome. I think it's awesome that there are games pandering to the female gaze, even if they don't work on me as expected. I want to appreciate them as romance stories. I've been playing Nameless and once I got over my too high expectations, I grew to enjoy the characters. I bought quite a few otomes (instead of pirating, like I usually do) because I want to support this genre! I'm looking forward to playing them all.

No. 767123

If you're a husbandofag you have no right to judge. Bad bait btw.

No. 767131

I also play galge but it's also because the girls are more lovable and cute than the men in otome games? Men in otome games always seem to embody the worst traits of real guys (possessive, controlling, prideful, condescending). They aren't overly cute and sweet like the girls in galge. I want the gals in galge to be my best buds, while in otome games I want to throw most of the men in the trash.

No. 767166

People above a certain age who don't just make a fuss of their birthday but their whole 'birthday week' or 'my birthday month' etc. Mentioning their birthday weeks in advance to be sure it's on everyones mind.

Like how much can an adult possibly spread the celebration and attention out before it's just self obsession?

No. 767219

File: 1616431067954.jpg (14.38 KB, 236x236, 2c9d3085c3cf453317ad605f7cde36…)

this fucking picrew avi

No. 767220

The worst opinions I've ever seen online were posted by motherfuckers with those icons

No. 767221

Literally how? Scrotes have ridiculously oversexualized balloon tit waifus and obviously under age 10 lolis meant solely as fap material and the girls desperately pretending like they're super into those characters for male validation, how is that "just as bad" as lusting after husbandos? Come back to me when men are the main subject of fetishization and sexual abuse IRL and at the same time there are moids selling themselves out for female validation talking about how Husbando McBigBalls is totally their kinnie and 9001 year old shota dragons who look like kindergarten kids are valid. "You have no right to judge" my ass, waifufags are pathetic.

No. 767225

NTA but Not this yaoi/husbando infight shit again please, we had that months ago and it's tiring

No. 767238

File: 1616433844784.jpg (51.63 KB, 800x533, mac.jpg)

super cheesy mac n' cheese

>there is no such thing as a lot of cheese

there is, a few bites into mac and cheese and you get over it pretty quickly, it's just shit loads of milk and fat on carbs

it's delicious but also people make their mac and cheese like this? do you not know how to cook? lol

No. 767241

No. 767248

Pasta is overrated in general. Nothing but carriers for sauces so people don't have to admit all they wanna do is slurp down some melted cheese and butter.

No. 767251

YES anon. Absolutely shit taste murrican type of meal preferences.
Plus if you looked up them garbage tasty recipe of pot pie/deep fried/burger mac and cheese.
The fuck is wrong with y'all

No. 767253

Never had mac and cheese. It's not a thing where I live. Seems to have no real nutritional value…so I'd prob love it.

No. 767261

Anon, you just havent had my peepaws baked smoked bacon mac n cheese. He uses the big shells and everything, it's real good.

Also in my opinion mac n cheese should be like a side dish on thanksgiving, not a dish you eat on it's own for lunch or dinner.

No. 767286

i hate that you people say shit like peepaw and meemaw, the first time i saw those words it took me hours of googling to understand what was going on

No. 767362

Shut up inferior eurofag the anon is clearly southern

No. 767367

racist alert

No. 767369

Nta, but I'm southern and I think peepaw and meemaw sound ridiculous.
Sorry lmao. I wasn't trying to racebait.

No. 767376

>hours of googling

No. 767409

These stupid-ass white lamps every bicycle rider uses nowadays. I don't know what happened, but at least ten years ago it was always a, let's say pleasant, yellow warm light. Nowadays it's as if they installed some stadium headlights on their vehicle that, when you walk past a bicycle rider, makes you feel as if you're a deer about to get hit by a car because you can't see shit. It would've been safer if these birotal twits rode without any light than blinding everyone looking into their direction from 500 meters afar.

No. 767458

>peepaws baked smoked bacon mac n cheese
I think I just had an americanized brain seizure reading this

No. 767464

Is this about Rosaria. Anyway not all waifufags are coomers. I think waifufags and husbandofags (true ones who stay loyal to one character) are kind of cute, their dedication is admirable and harmless.

No. 767467

You are too passionate about pixels, anon

No. 767473

This post is so funny to me, cause even though I hate "peepaw", her post made perfect sense to me. I wouldn't have even realized how nonsensical it looks lol
>Using shells instead of elbows
Your grandpa sucks

No. 767487

i associate these icons with zoomers who pretend to be queer

No. 767681

I hate how anons on the drama boards constantly lump every non-hyper feminine woman in with troons. It's more annoying than the usual nitpicking.

No. 767724

File: 1616496945276.jpg (143.23 KB, 720x540, 20210323_105205.jpg)


No. 767737

fuck 100 gecs

No. 767808

People on the internet always have to remind you that they hate you if youre black, non white, or a woman.

No. 767822

Seriously. We live rent free in these freak's minds.
Even when we try to make our own spaces, they just hate-follow us to sperg out anyway. I wish they'd drop off like flies. The vent thread is a shitshow.

No. 767851

Have you been on Twitter? At least they love you unconditionally and give you money if you're non white. They love troons more than women though.

No. 767921

They're allowed to post their hate speech everywhere online and have tons of people agree with them but still complain that they're censored and feeling persecuted, when the actual ones being censored are those groups that they're constantly harassing.

No. 767971

Hate when I read some true crime write up and it’s like “the suspect couldn’t have possibly been the perpetrator because the bloody footprints were made with a size 9 shoe while the suspect wears a size 8.” Like wtf, do the cops actually buy that shit? Do people not know about thick socks and shoes that run big/small? Swear to god I have seen this stupid logic used in so many cases.

No. 768050

Back when I first started watching true crime I remember shows covering crimes from say the 80s, maybe 90s would feature footprints alot. Back then alot of people would only own one or two pairs of shoes total. A daily wear shoe and a work/fancy shoe. If friends or family were asked they'd all be able to say
>Ah yes, john, he had a pair of Nike fghgh model in a size 8 and he wore them every day, they had a mark on this part of the left shoe, I noticed he then bought new shoes recently!
Now you wouldn't get that. People own more shoes and switch them around more. At least science has improved to make up for that lol. It was all about the shoes for a while though

No. 768100

>Honestly I just pray for a cute Taylor swift like happy song by a black girl whose just in love, is that so much to ask

>im sure there's girls like that but they won't make it big.

>The thing is people LOVE "pussy rap"
>I hate this. I hate this so much. I honestly feel so bad for black women being force fed this crap.

I completely understand what you mean. Kehlani, a talented black woman, has this beautiful song about how loving a girl is like honey. And I love this song, it's from around 2017 (cont in next post)

No. 768101

That’s actually really interesting, I didn’t think about it like that.

No. 768102

but then you see she has become a sellout that makes music videos about selling your body on onlyfans "quarantine style" kek. This is honestly fucking sad. Black women deserve better, they deserve to be taken as serious as an artist as anybody else, specially when they sing sugary songs with a guitar.

No. 768118

I've had this exact album recommended to me by spotify a bunch of times too. what's wrong with 100 gecs?

No. 768120

File: 1616540843588.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.49 MB, 520x312, Kehlani_-_Can_I_Quarantine_Sty…)

Yeah I can't believe she went from

"All the pretty girls in the world
But I'm in this space with you
Colored out the lines
I came to find, my fire was fate with you
Heartache would stay with you
Fly great escapes with you"

to a fucking onlyfans whores commercial.
this is fucking disgusting. I hate how being a hoe is seen as something good. God I hate this world.

No. 768125

I'll summarize it for you:
two edgy white trailer trash teens that look like their feet smell and their hair has lice make blip blop music, and it's an instant hit with twitter kinnies with fursonas that claim to have DID/BPD and think it's deep cause it sounds like crap

No. 768238

Kehlani had sexy and explicit songs, but I would say up until recently she wasn't trying to emulate the image that a lot of her peers were. It's sad to see her going down this path.

No. 768273

This makes me sick to my stomach. None of this is empowering to women

No. 768274

i hate crystal healing bullshit, it's not real

No. 768275

Agree. It's one the same level as people obsessed with star signs

No. 768278

All of those things are fake. Same with Tarot cards. "Oh but even if it's not real it still helps you to look critically at your life" Bitch real things exist for that already. Read some DBT pamphlets or go to a mindfulness class

No. 768282

I hate drag, especially these drag parody videos. Sadly because of socialized female complacency, all of the female creators that watch the parodies of them have to sit there and laugh through it while some hideous gay guy exaggerates your very being and quirks. It’s like reinventing making fun of women. Imagine if one of them didn’t like it and she was vocal about it? Would be called sensitive, a karen, a bitch because “you don’t get it! learn to take a joke!”


No. 768327

I agree, tbh it gives me the creeps. The extreme makeup and exaggerated expressions remind me of clowns (which also creep me out kek). Most of my friends watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and I just don’t see the appeal. Also makes me kinda uncomfortable to see gay men pretending to be some exaggerated stereotype of women. I know drag kings are a thing as well, but they don’t tend to look quite as cartoon-y and they’re not mainstream.

No. 768353

God. Men really be making fun of women in the name of "entretainment" and we're just leting them go free. Drag queens are disgusting. I'm not going to sit here still while you make fun of my sex.

No. 768354

sad that you don't like tarot reads, I could totally give you one for free right now, no charge

No. 768355

File: 1616568819027.jpg (53.84 KB, 736x736, bd370f78f8dcd9e113375d59c3cc32…)

I'd love a free tarot reading myself, nonnette

No. 768367

>Ask a Mortician
I want to like Caitlin but she panders like fucking crazy.

Also I hate youtuber skits. They're never funny and rarely contribute anything to the content being discussed. Their only purpose is to stretch out videos under the guise of entertainment with nonsense so creators can stuff more ads in the runtime. More youtubers need to be told their skits and voices aren't funny.

No. 768379

Why does she pander hard? Idk, I don't know her

No. 768380

Sure but tell me your query!

No. 768381

I always thought crystal shit was bullshit and still do, but recently I thought "maybe some people use certain crystals to attract certain things in their brain" aka if I have a yellow stone in my pocket maybe I'll be inclined to feel happier and be kinder etc. So I kinda get it, and that thought made me get a bit into them tbh, even if the stones have no power themselves. I think they can be pretty too, but either way, colored glass or a dried flower might be as effective too kek

No. 768384

God I am the one who posted this but now I've had this song on repeat for 15 minutes. I'm such a fucking clown. fuck 100 gecs

No. 768388

> gay men pretending to be some exaggerated stereotype of women
The strangest part of this to me is that before drag got popular in the media (I know it existed before that), men dressing up as women on tv was something associated with the 1970s and before here. Most people would just roll their eyes at it, the trope was tired. I don’t understand why people have completely changed their opinions when the only difference is that the guys are (openly) gay.

No. 768524

Apparently gay men are exempt from being misogynists, even though I constantly always see gay men talking shit about female vaginas smelling like fish and emulating sassy black women.

No. 768526

I also hate gay men who do that crap. I guess women can't peak soon enough

We owe nothing to fags who make fun of our womanhood and try to imitate us.

No. 768527

Libfems and women in general are like: Men calling me names? Unforgivable
But when it comes to a gay man or a troon: I'm sorry queen/king. Here's your crown. Do you want a massage? Yasss you rock, you're one of the girls. Yes keep calling me a stanky puss I will love you and gossip about shit with you regarless.

No. 768531

I hate "nobody owes you respect, faithfulness, loyalty, care, etc" posts. If you're in a mature, long term relationship you have to give them love, respect, care and loyalty unless they've given you a reason otherwise. Do strangers owe you anything other than human decency? Nope, but if you choose to be in a relationship with a person you 100% owe them love and care. It's just called being mature, if you can't do something that simple you shouldn't be in romantic or sexual relationships in the first place

No. 768549

I genuinely don't understand women who worship drag queens and simp for gay men.
What is it about men who assfuck each other that I need to revere so much? Why should I not give the same wide berth I give other kinds of men?

No. 768691

They're seen as non-threatening since they aren't attracted to women and a lot of them are into stereotypically feminine passtimes (beauty, fashion, celebrity gossip, pop music, doll collecting, etc) so women think they have a connection. They don't know any real gay men well enough to realize they're still men and have misogynistic attitudes.

No. 768751

Gay (white) men are also racist as fuck but use the gayness as a shield.

No. 768756

>stereotypically feminine passtimes (beauty, fashion, celebrity gossip, pop music, doll collecting, etc) so women think they have a connection
I actually think it's sadder. Women vicariously enjoy those pasttimes through men because they suffer from internalized misogyny otherwise for enjoying them. Oh, if men enjoy those things then it's proof they are art and not just vapid female things.

No. 768763

Are you really saying that actual grown ass women engage in doll collecting for scrotes or something? If so, please clear your head.

No. 768765

NTA, but how did you misinterpret that from >>768756. Through men not for men.

No. 768766

Are you tired? She is saying women are happy to see men who like to collect dolls because doll collecting is seen as a stupid and juvenile hobby and if they (the women) were to take part it would cement the idea that women only enjoy stupid juvenile things. So if a man likes that hobby too, then people might not think so lowly of it

No. 768779

I wasn't sure. I see the point now. I kinda doubt that it happens in case of doll collecting (but maybe I'm wrong). If you are into that as an adult, you don't give a fuck about what men think about you. Really sad for women that do have this kind of mindset.

No. 768785

I agree with you. it's like that with cooking and fashion design too. Women cooking is seen as a stereotypical, female obligated duty, but when men cook, it's seen as amazing and awesome, and male chefs are hailed more in the media. See fashion designers too. Nobody cares about female designers but people, both genders, always simp over male designers.
P.S why do we have male designers in female fashion, but no female designers in men's fashion? where is the female Tom Ford????

No. 768819

Shit I'm super late but I just wanted to know how my 2021 will pan out. But we should take it to >>>/g/144816

No. 769018

When sounds like alarms or a baby crying goes on too long in media

No. 769047

When people say "an" instead of "and".

>"Definitely yes, an I hope he knows I'll see him there"

No. 769062

Hitachi magic wands piss me off, why would I want a vibrator the size of my arm that plugs into the wall? You can get a vibrator with over 9000 settings the size of your index finger that charges from your computer for $20 on amazon, do people not know this or do people have a kink where they like to pretend they are masturbating in 1992?

No. 769064

>kink where they like to pretend they are masturbating in 1992

No. 769075

Are sextoys from amazon even safe?

No. 769086

File: 1616655243592.jpg (44.17 KB, 474x461, 42eca84e81baa612651b0718ee62d4…)

Pewdiepie & Marzia.
Marzia comes from a rich family and isn't self made.
Pewdiepie acts like his channel is a sekrit club but millions watch his low effort videos.

No. 769089

File: 1616655725326.png (506.95 KB, 732x404, e .png)

Also wtf, he has these weird age(??) imperfections and now he blurries them out with a filter so he looks less crusty

No. 769122

Pewdiepie also isn't self made, he grew up in a rich family too. He likes to say he was poor because for some time (a month) he had to live with little money but if he was in real trouble he would have gotten help from his rich parents anyway.

No. 769153

I hate when women have shirts and bags that say "girls girls girls", they probably use it as a feminist statement and have no idea where it actually comes from.

No. 769158

Does it really come from one thing? There are many results for "girls girls girs" google search, I don't think there's only one 'correct'

No. 769161

people who see people wearing these probably doesn't know where it's coming from too. noone trademarked random words

No. 769162

It was originally from red light districts, to show where the brothels were.

No. 769163

Why would you assume everything women wear is a political statement. Do you get mad when people wear batman merch
That’s some autistic level reach.
without liking batman?

No. 769164

If I saw a shirt with Girls Girls Girls on it in a store I'd think it's just a cute, random text on a shirt.

No. 769172

Really? I always assume it's from the Motley Crue song

No. 769196

I hate clothes that say BOY or GIRL on them in general

No. 769212

I used to think that women wearing them were gay (cause yeah I associate that with strip clubs or nude shows) but then it slowly dawned on me that for some they might think it's just a show of support to other women like 'yay girls rule'

No. 769250

i think it originated from Motley Crue, because Girls Girls Girls was a common neon sign for stripper clubs and hookers, but nowadays I doubt most people know that.

No. 769288

My stupid ugly hair which of course just has to be the most visible feature on human meat suits.

No. 769290

I've never heard of Motley Crue.

No. 769291

I don't see why not if you clean it properly and it's not a material you're allergic too, considering a lot of women use vibrating toothbrushes and other weird things to masturbate with

No. 769294

I hate the term “fatphobic.” It’s pretty normal to not want to be fat.

No. 769307

I'd agree if fat people were trying to make other people fat, but that term is usually cited when someone fat notices when someone else is using their weight as a way to unfairly discriminate. It is normal to want some decency and respect from people when you haven't done anything wrong to them.

No. 769316

I get so fucking annoyed when people start saying gay/trans created shit they didn't or trends they didn't or words they didn't, when 9/10 what they are talking about are things they created to MIMIC women or have been used/said by women but gained popularity in the GT+ community.
Real Housewives of ATL always has people claiming this or that was created by gays/trans and was "Stolen".
Like "lacefronts", they say people don't give gays/trans credits for them, but almost all the "popular" makeup artists/hair dressers are gay men (or trans).
They get ALL the attention and so what if lace fronts became popular because WOMEN, if trans/gays did create lace fronts they did it to look feminine and like women in the first place.
I don't know if I explained this well or it makes sense.

No. 769337

Thank you. I've never expected to see this opinion on lolcow.
Fatphobia is a big word that I dislike being fat myself, but there's deifnetely some discrimination when you are fat, no matter if you are losing weight or not. Someone who is fat would never wish another person to get fatter, at least not in my case. If you are a woman and fat you are practically invinsible (or, thanks to new media, sexualized and still mocked). If you are fat you won't be taken seriously, you won't get the same jobs, and you're made to feel like you should just not live at all, sometimes. Even if you're actively losing weight.

No. 769338

Well said, fuck that shit. They deserve nothing. I wish more people understood that women are the blue print.

No. 769343

lol like how they have successlly rewritten the history of Stonewall and claim that black troons started the uprising, erasing gays and lesbians as well. let's not forget how they also try to erase 19th century and earlier of women who had to pose as men to work in men's careers (such as women who wanted to be doctors, writers, pirates or soldiers, so they pretended to be men) and claim they were trannies, too.

No. 769360

i hate that introversion and shyness have become synonymous. retarded teenagers call themselves "introverts" when really they want to socialise, they just have no social skills.

No. 769366

I will never forgive them for trying to make Hatshepsut a tranny

No. 769368

bitter oldfag shut up(infighting)

No. 769370

"Introvert" is one of their new super special labels that make them feel unique and quirky but they don't actually know what it means, like when they use random illness names without suffering from them.

Kinda related, I hate that if you're shy or an introvert people feel the need to talk to you like you're a baby. If you don't interact with people a lot for some reason or another then that means you must be a child or retarded apparently.

No. 769372

Shut it retarded teenager.

No. 769373

i'm 20 lol. it's just annoying for me to see as someone who is introverted but is fine with talking to people /giving presentations etc

No. 769376

Ayrt and yeah. I wish being fat only affected superficial things like fashions and dates.
But unfortunately being fat can affect women unfairly in many ways when it isn't justified. There are studies that show that medical practicioners are more biased against fat women and are more likely to not look into or address medical problems because they'll prescribe just losing weight as a cure-all. They do this to women in general but especially to fat women, it literally kills women so it isn't trivial.
Then there are studies that show a fat woman is less likely to be hired, and sure for some job titles it would make sense. However the studies account the bias for roles like basic desk jobs where weight doesn't matter. People still skew towards favoring conventional women. Why does someone not deserve to support themselves just because of their weight if they can do the job? It's shitty.

Not to mention that people are just overall more rude, and attribute more negative associations to fat women regardless if they have evidence for each individual they judge. So yeah, it's shitty but I guess hating people indiscriminately is just a new form of modern religion.

No. 769381

agreed, idk what the other anon's problem is but this is true, many people are extroverted but shy/socially anxious. I think people who are shy irl but socialize a lot online are a prime example of this

No. 769389

The definition of introversion is being energized by spending time alone while finding socializing energy draining. Anon is completely right that introversion and shyness are not the same thing and shouldn't be used synonymous.

No. 769405

I've always had a mix of both going on, childhood shyness that never fully left and then Im pretty introverted underneath that anyway. I've had times where I couldn't tell if anxiety was masking my 'true personality' or not. My parents always made out like there was a social butterfly inside me dying to get out… there wasn't lol.

No. 769551

I hate the name Trevor because the first time I heard about it was in Harry Potter and everytime there's someone named like that I imagine they are some kind of human/toad hybrid.

No. 769586

Same lmao it's such a slimy name, completely ruined

No. 769605

File: 1616713195483.jpg (135.17 KB, 1223x977, tpb.jpg)

>Harry Potter
Not what I thought you were gonna say kek.

No. 769690

When someone just fucking keeps talking AT YOU. They don't even care or realize you're not interested and they just keep going. Next time it happens I will probably snap.

No. 769757

Stop interacting with scrotes fam

No. 769761

File: 1616726996053.png (611.33 KB, 532x872, shit.png)

It's not something to aspire to
It's not something worth putting on a pedestal
It's not somehting worth gatekeeping
It's not something to be PERIOD

No. 769762

Like imagine wanting to be a woman dressing like a fuckdoll outside.
We need more women to peak into radical feminism. I want all the women to snap out this shit and stop staring at the void for male validation. This isn't something to admire, this isn't something you should aspire to. I'm tired.

No. 769764

Samefag but holy shit I'm so angry. Libfems telling women that dressing like whores was empowering need to DIE how the fuck did things went to "it's okay to wear what you want" to "dress like a whore for self esteem boosts"???

No. 769813

Liberal feminist hell

No. 769829

The Internet is the reason I’m not having kids.

No. 769835

File: 1616733888085.png (53.81 KB, 720x487, Screenshot_20210326-094139.png)

I don't know if there's a name for this phenomenon but I hate it, like annoying ass gay men who make predatory comments and then act offended when you call them out on it, "oh you're just a homophobic if you call me out when I act predatory and misgonystic"

No. 769836

I honestly feel the same but I still want kids. i hate it.

No. 769838

Hate it when people blame things like rising gas prices, homelessness, etc. on a new president or candidate. There's been a uptick since Corona and it's annoying as fuck. You can literally pick up a book and see the same shit happen over and over, regardless of who is in charge.

No. 769843

I hate males who obsess over anime girls even ~ironically~ and wish they’d get hit by a bus

No. 769845

Having kids in the age of the internet is parenting on nightmare mode. Social platforms will exploit your child for data and then expose them to every coomer material and groomer available. When your child eventually gets fucked up and you rightfully call out the social media platform for allowing this to happen they'll blame you for not "parenting better".

So either don't have kids or move your family off the grid.

No. 769847

I hate males who obsess over v-tubers. They’re always crazy and autistic.

No. 769849

File: 1616734621265.png (93.31 KB, 720x1005, Screenshot_20210326-095409.png)

Why are fags like this

No. 769867

they think they have a free pass because they're gay and oppressed but jokes on them women are even more oppressed as a class

No. 769882

>click on /pt/
>Momokun thread
>Moo exists in a picture
Holy shit.

No. 769886

I saw that weird James Charles's video, and I thought that it was him who added the filter, not Felix, this is too funny. Also he did openly admit in this video that he uses a "men's foundation" called "war paint"

No. 769887

I didn't really want kids anyway, but the mere existence of the net is what's contributing a lot to solidifying this decision.

No. 769892

I swear I'm not homophobeChan, but theres a lot of problematic aspects of western gay male culture that no one questions or call outs for fear of being accused of homophobia

A historical example, during the early gay rights movements NAMBLA(the national man boy love association) was openly accepted by gay male activists, they claimed it was homophobic to have any concerns about this, and that It was normal for gay sexuality. The only ones who pushed back against the inclusion were the lesbians, many lesbians were mothers who didnt want to see pedophiles included in the liberation movement

It was one of the earliest drifts between gay men and lesbians, most second wave feminists didnt have a problem with male homosexuality but rather the increasing degenerate and predatory nature of gay male culture

No. 769895

At this point I only support lesbians, bisexual women, hetero women… and gay men who prove are good men and not degenerates

No. 769896

lbr though, pedophilia isn't a gay thing - it's a male thing, regardless of their sexuality. A lot of homophobia involves accusing gay men of being pedos, saying they shouldn't adopt kids etc, and men are willing to jump to that conclusion because they know perfectly well what they are like and only have a problem with it when it's not directed at women.

No. 769897

nta but gay men seem to have a giant problem with pedos and grooming in their community. I've had gay friends myself who admit to fooling around with waaayyy older men when they were minors.It's really fucked but even gay men have picked up on the sugar baby/daddy shit. No one seems to discuss it though but I imagine it's because it'll turn into a homophobic trash fire.

No. 769911

I fully agree. People don't differentiate between social anxiety, shyness and introversion at all.
>Guys I'm an intellectual introvert bean because I got a panic attack talking to a person I didn't know!!! god fuck extroverts am i right
You can be an introvert without being an autistic mess, you can communicate just fine with the people around you and be talkative but the difference comes from if social interaction (including with your friends you get along with) is draining to you or gives you energy.

No. 769916

File: 1616742877829.jpeg (197.7 KB, 506x804, 50867487-3882-49C0-953E-F58E9E…)

I hate this person

No. 769919

One person can't be to blame, there are plenty of complaints that don't result in entire topics being banned.

Mods banned pp/terf threads despite a survey proving that the majority of users wanted to keep them, they're the only ones at fault and to this day I cannot fathom their thought process. Either there was really a tranny janny, or they just wanted to spite 3/4 of their userbase for daring to presume the board had a collective political leaning.

No. 769923

Dang, fuck that person.

No. 769927

Knew the people bitching about "radfem sperging" would peak eventually and regret what they had done. It always happens.

No. 769928

Weeb admin was under pressure from her discord BF probably

No. 769933

I've actually known some good gay men, non degenerate pro-feminist anti porn males who have tried to fix the community from with in but are accused of being moralazing and wanting to destroy gay(male) culture, honestly kinda sad IMO

No. 769943

>Thorstad(one of founders of NAMBLA) claims that pederasty is the main way in which homosexuality has been expressed in modern culture,[12][13] and that "child abuse hysteria is an industry of insanity aimed at homosexuals [which] … plays on the impression people have always had of homosexuals as being child molesters", and describes opposition to NAMBLA as "… [similar] to one waged by 'lesbian feminists who jumped right on the bandwagon' of what he calls the anti-gay male/child pornography scare", according to The Advocate.[14] He has also likened being a pederast in the United States as the equivalent of being "a Jew in Nazi Germany" and has criticized the mainstream LGBT community for its assimilationist approach towards capitalist and heterocentric society.[13] He has also said that the label LGBT is "the most absurd one of all" and is "far too fixed an identity, eliding the fluidity of sexuality and sexual behavior … in that sense[,] Kinsey's scale is valid."[12] He also believes that "assimilationist homosexual groups[,] … the psychiatric profession and the bourgeois media, such as the New York Times … all nowadays blur distinctions by lumping everything under the rubric 'pedophilia,' an absurdity apparently intended to criminalize love and force very different behaviors into one negative pigeonhole."[12]

If it weren't for lesbians in the movement men like this would have been the main voices of gay liberation movement

No. 769985

I hate that I’m afraid of asking for a female doctor & being denied. I hate that being uncomfortable at best & downright afraid at worst around males while I’m in a vulnerable position, either physically or emotionally (often because of them), is considered hateful & discriminatory. I hate that asking for female only spaces, somewhere to go that’s completely devoid of male influence, will get women stonewalled, banned, doxxed, harassed, & threatened with rape & murder. I hate that this is considered “progress.” I hate that lesbians are being cajoled & coerced into straight relationships for fear of social ostracism. I hate that straight women are pressured into calling themselves lesbians because their male partners woke up one day & decided that they’re a woman just like any other! Because…why, again? What’s a woman anyway, right? I fucking hate that female oppression now has nothing to do with being female & everything to do with how a person feels about themselves.

There’s so much more and I hate it all. I hope 10 or 20 years from now, if I’m not murdered by some psychotic man, that I can look back at this time as a fever dream.

No. 769990

This is an everyday mundane annoyance.

No. 769994

I feel you in general, but why are you afraid of asking for a female doctor? Isn't it standard practice, even encouraged, for women to request one if that makes them more comfortable? My medical center has signs specifying when the 'lady doctor' is in for that specific purpose. I can't imagine you would ever get a negative reaction or denial unless they really didn't have anyone available, it's such a normal think to ask for.

No. 770005

Yeah, I know. The doctor part is a bit more of an anxiety thing. Seeing all this TRA “transwomen are women, just like you & you can’t say no!” infecting everything is bugging me & ofc itnaturally figures into everything else I’m worried about. I already hate going to the clinic/hospital & suddenly I’m now worried that I’ll go, ask for a female & get a transwoman instead…like what if things actually get that bad. I hate that (currently) irrational fear.
The rest is just true.

No. 770013

The people going on about how being a gay male is synonymous with being a pedo because of muh nambla and australian adoptive couple are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, gay culture is full of admiration of hypersexuality which is why it's criticized by a lot of gay men themselves as young questioning gay boys are often groomed and abused by older men. However it's still not inherently caused by being gay, it's because they're degenerate scrotes chasing the next taboo high. The Hollywood executives drugging and raping young men aren't exactly identifying with the LGBT community except to escape claims of child abuse like Kevin Spacey did. And misogyny in the gay culture? That's male shit again.

As much as I can't stand troons and consider it pseudoscience I still feel for the HSTSs who are being bulldozed by and forcibly associated with all the perverted pedo AGPs who screech about how they need to associate with little girls and molest them because it's validating their gender and making up for the sexy fantasy sleepovers they never had, and everyone who calls them out is a transphobe. It's the similar situation with gay men, I honestly feel bad for the gay teenagers who are bullied and denied love so severely that they get creeped on by older men and then repeat the cycle after that because they believe that's "all they can get", they're victims of male degeneracy just as young girls being abused are. I know the "no true scotsman" fallacy is such a copout but still playing into the "gays are predatory pedos by nature" narrative helps nobody but the actual nazis who want to get rid of all of the "freaks" under the LGB umbrella.

No. 770015

Again second wave feminists didnt say there was anything wrong with Male homosexuality its self, rather that the gay male culture that was devoleping was increasingly problematic and predatory, I and even other gay men share this opinion

No. 770016

I know, but the Homophobe-chan that's been rampant around the boards recently sure seems to have a legitimate probem with it.

No. 770018

Yeah she sucks, and like you I feel bad for the gay teenage boys who get bullied only in turn to get abused by adult men who tell that is a normal part of gay sexuality
Any talks of reform get labbaled as homophobia or wanting to destroy gay culture and that's not true at all, I have gay male friends who speak out against this culture and many are feminist allies but their opinions are barely listened with in the community

No. 770157

"aged like milk" comparisons. either gender, kid to adult, teen to adult, adult to old person, etc.
macaulay culkin always looked weird, even as a kid, and had a pretty bad drug phase. some women always had narrow hips but because they were skinny at some point no one noticed and suddenly shit on them once they're 50.
i also hate some aging comparisons when they're positive. wow, a woman looks beautiful at 65 thanks to subtle facelifts and injections! feminist win! wow, this man still looks good thanks to roids at 50! yas daddy!!

No. 770162

Fuck that snitch, deadass. Legit why are their so much janny asskissers?

No. 770168

File: 1616773845677.jpg (10.39 KB, 391x129, images (9).jpg)

>Natalie Barelli can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. Writing a novel was always on her bucket list, and eventually, with Until I Met Her, it became a reality. After He Killed Me is the second and final book in her Emma Fern Series. When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Natalie loves cooking, knits very badly, enjoys riding her Vespa around town, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in Australia, with her husband and extended family.

>John Scalzi writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He’s best known for writing science fiction, including the New York Times bestseller Redshirts, which won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to astronomy to film, was the Creative Consultant for the Stargate: Universe television series. He enjoys pie, as should all right thinking people. You can get to his blog by typing the word “Whatever” into Google. No, seriously, try it.

I know it's probably some form of autism on my side, but I really hate third person bios. They make me feel some special kind of rage I didn't even know I have in me. All those people seem so goddamn uninteresting, despite desperate attempts to sound quirky or relatable. Those descriptions make want to never read anything by the author ever again. If someone might have any idea why those are so unsufferable to me, please explain. The closest I come is that they are disgustingly calculated despite attempts to look anything but.

No. 770169

man I really hate that too. I'm in my mid 30s and people always say I look so amazing for my age. Like what the fuck? Are women in mid 30s supposed to look old and ugly as shit? I also have no clue how women are supposed to look in their 30s. Also, people are now living longer and healthier. People in their 60s and 70s are much healthier and more active today than people were 20, 30, 40 years ago. Aging standards have really changed a lot, and I wish people would stop pinning ageist bullshit ideas onto women as we get older.

No. 770170

Yeah nah I feel you anon, makes me think of cringe oh so relatable marketing tactics

No. 770187

File: 1616776089094.jpg (30.14 KB, 300x453, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

When I'm eating an orange and get the white shit stuck in my teeth

No. 770194

> the white shit
it's called the pith, the more you know anon!

No. 770201

Thank you anon!

No. 770238

>either gender
Men actually do look worse when they're older tho lol. Even if they're completely healthy.

No. 770247

I just saw the thread pic and I got personally offended for my own rough collie.

No. 770254

I love rough collies anon, please give yours a good petting for me

No. 770554

File: 1616815931381.jpg (34.5 KB, 580x580, m_5f1a6adbe107bb6639b90ac2.jpg)

I hate pleather Amazon chokers like picrel and also those similar looking garters that have the same cheap ewhore style. If you're gonna wear a goddamn collar in the name of fashion, at least get a real leather one with something unique on it. On that same note, I absolutely hate skater skirts

No. 770566

anon can i add thigh highs and the the colours light pink and white, the cheap e-whore national flag

No. 770618

File: 1616826223503.jpeg (389.09 KB, 828x1337, FA7FB0DF-1192-4EA3-BA63-D1605A…)

This exact ugly Amazon pink girly gaming chair that every camgirl/twitch thot/aspiring ho has. I swear everyone has this fucking thing.

No. 770620

File: 1616826390387.jpg (128.96 KB, 1045x571, Screenshot_20210326-232152_Ins…)

these dudes ofc

No. 770621

File: 1616826424187.jpeg (10.75 KB, 283x178, images (1).jpeg)

This shit. I'm just so tired, i thought people left this ""test"" in 2015 but apparently they need their bullshit, snowflake labels way too much, i wouldn't give a fuck about it if only people weren't treating me like shit because they assumed I'm "ehjp-x" or whatever. If i find out you unironically judge people based on this I'm going to avoid you like a bullet, literal highschool-tier stereotypes.

No. 770646

Astrologyfags love to do this judgey bullshit too.

No. 770658

File: 1616833676396.jpeg (130.87 KB, 800x1146, 800px-Art-mb2-300x0.jpeg)

I'm personally into the MBTI and I love reading about the theory but I absolutely hate what it became and how people talk about it. People nowadays just take the 16personalities test, memorize the result and then don't even bother to look up the underlying theory or what the functions even mean. Also I hate that people call it the '16personalities' test. It is officially called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and it was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers during WW2 (based on Jung's writings), but people nowadays assume it's a hip, recent thing because some scrote made a website with edgy illustrations for each type

No. 770661

omg this.

No. 770667

I really hate the “sanrio bitches” I’m baby shit. I also hate those try hard trauma core and mental illness images that use Sanrio characters. Must be so embarrassing for the brand to see all this garbage being made of their characters.

Most Gaming chairs are so ugly

No. 770669

I hate seeing zoomer rooms that have mostly cheap aliexpress decorations and/or obvious knock off items with stolen art.

No. 770676

I hate Mochi Ice Cream!!!

No. 770684

but why

No. 770689

*all Gaming chairs are so ugly

No. 770690

>but apparently they need their bullshit, snowflake labels way too much
this is the absolute state of the world we live in now

No. 770695

I love how these exact posts pop up every month. It's not that deep. Don't internalize buzzfeed quizzes, MBTI/Astrologyfags aren't judging you more than you judge them sis.

No. 770715

File: 1616847326019.png (474.97 KB, 720x680, 64F94D42-48CA-4E9D-B99C-2F6481…)

Somehow I doubt the employees and shareholders of Sanrio Company, Ltd. are offended by traumacore tumblr, much less aware of its existence. If anything it's free marketing.

No. 770719

>that pic
imagine moralfagging about scrotes

No. 770720

File: 1616849301468.jpeg (67.15 KB, 564x556, 6E452CB0-19F8-4EA7-B746-7E8BEC…)

Lol I didn't make the meme and I doubt whoever did actually cares about moid feelings. It's just making fun of girls who claim they're vulnerable liddol babies yet perpetuate the most toxic disingenuous shit. Anyway, maybe you'll like this Cinnamoroll one better?

No. 770727

Remove "young" from that lol

No. 770755

>Don't internalize buzzfeed quizes
>It's not that deep
You should tell this to them mfs because I'm not the one telling people to kys and having fandom drama over a literal quizz, i just want them to stop trying to involve me in their retarded label wars.

>MBTI/Astrologyfags aren't judging you more than you judge them sis

The Mbti community, albeit annoying, is relatively new but astrologyfags have years worth of infamy for being insufferable over fictional shit, that's bs and you know it.

No. 770985

File: 1616880484810.jpg (69.11 KB, 980x735, RS11599_118426183-scr.jpg)

I hate men who play video games

No. 770988

Bitches who try to guess what is my star sign when I talk or do sth. Like Bitches you always get it wrong stfu

No. 770989

MAKE. THE. CATALOGS. DARK!!! I hate being blind

No. 771002

they are subhuman

No. 771029

I hate when people post shit online and then tell people to mind their business when they get a reaction they don't like.

No. 771037

lol, same. this isn't exactly the same thing but it reminds me of when my friend (who is no longer my friend) commented on my page (this was some myspace knockoff site) being like "FUCK MY LIFE". then I asked her if I should ask her what's wrong and she rudely replied that it was non of my business and she didn't want to talk about it. like??? if you don't want to talk about it don't be leaving comments like that. also I didn't even ask, I just asked if I should ask.

No. 771040

The enlarged clits anon posted in the FtM thread, I certainly hate them and need to go back 10 minutes so I can unexperience the sight.

No. 771044

I don't like FTMs but I love big clits on women, more to suck on and tease (yes they can naturally occur)

No. 771048

File: 1616886753488.png (Spoiler Image, 2.22 MB, 1668x672, biggy.png)

nvm I was thinking pic rel, the ones posted on the ftm thread are super long because of how much T they got
The ones I'm posting are uncommon, but normal

No. 771049

Thanks I love it!

No. 771051

Never met a sane one tbh. I really want more female gamer friends. I know some, but they usually dont play the same multiplayer games as me.

No. 771052

what games do you play?

No. 771054

This ho at my job has this chair and she doesnt even play games, but wanted a gamurgirl aesthetic. it's always so ugly and childish looking. Pepto bismol looking head ass

No. 771058

Red dead redemption 2 online (been playing for over a year now) and World War Z (currently.)
I want to try to get into more fun team shit but dont want to deal with gross scrotes.

No. 771161

God, same. I want to play shit like Overwatch and Valorant but I don't want to deal with sweaty moids.

No. 771236

Nayrt, but I noticing that finding people to play OW with is even more of a problem now. I keep meeting really weird people, who would spam the shit out of you if you don't play them (and will proclaim you as their gf), or even worse, a huge amount of Muslim Jordan Peterson fanboys, sometimes I'd even meet a trannie who would start rambling how lesbians should suck his cock. Overwatch truly turned into a game full of womanhaters.

No. 771291

I wish I could play them too, it's an ultimate coin toss. Sometimes you find well behaved men, but often times it's angry edgy scrotes or vapid scrotes who's endgame is a "possible" romantic relationship. I honestly just want to get a good voice changer to be able to play normally without standing out like a sore thumb.
> (and will proclaim you as their gf)
This is so fucking cringe why do they do this? Dudes will do this day in and day out and wonder why they have no female friends ingame or in real life. Or better yet, no female friend who is open to them about being a woman. Some dudes just aren't emotionally mature enough to know.

No. 771295

I thought saying headass was some shit they made up on Floribama Shore, headass

No. 771310

It doesn't even look comfortable it looks like a torture device

No. 771320

File: 1616935763849.jpg (161.52 KB, 1080x1620, a19ce19892483eda4de2314f5dc21f…)

I think this one is worse because of how ugly it is IRL (compared to its store photos, the differences are too big and it looks like a knock-off china chair), but I keep seeing everyone on Instagram buying it.

No. 771324

short men. they’re always coincidentally 5,6 despite being shorter than the average height woman… why lie about it when you are in person with someone? we can clearly see you are 5,3 pushing 5,4 at best dude

No. 771339

>i dont like this food
>but it's healthy!!
so what? There's a billion other kinds of food that is healthy but doesn't taste like ass

No. 771353

I have seen so many people on twitter with this exact fugly bunny ear chair

No. 771368

File: 1616943725011.jpg (33.66 KB, 252x254, img_pran10.jpg)

I hate how Americanised non-US places become due to the internet. Not just politics but also culturally. I'm tired of the US being the centre of the earth. It's like young people adopt the worst sides of what US has to offer, all artificial and vapid elements. I also fucking hate how ignorant some people from the US are, I'm tired of being looked down like I'm some savage or exoticised by moids. How can someone be so entitled yet to ignorant is beyond me. They all think their issues are universal and whatever happens in their shitty society is a matter of international concern. I normally avoid those kinds of people but at this point it's becoming a challenge. Like why is it so hard to be respectful and considerate. I'm not saying the rest of the world doesn't have its own issues and everything will be daijoubu if the US gets nuked, but things could definitely be better if all the superficiality and retardness oozing out of the US would stop.

No. 771376

the rest of the (western) world is to america what weaboos are to japan and koreaboos to kroea

No. 771388

Not really, because weaboos/koreaboos choose to get obsessed with their selected culture because they think it's cool and seek it out, americanization is just corrupting the world through cultural osmosis. I don't even think most people in my country think the USA or real american culture is "cool".

No. 771400

This is the most retarded take I've ever seen. We're spammed with American news about American politics, events, celebrities, and places, American TV shows, movies and books and just media in general all the time since forever, and we're taught English at school since primary school in a shit ton of countries on top of that. It's not comparable with weaboos who have to make specific efforts to find Japanese tv shows or manga during their free time.

No. 771610

Lmao sorry for this fandom autism but it really grinds my gears because I want to enjoy some of this content and think it could've been good in theory.
Anyway I hate how nearly every reader insert is either a stereotypical shy uwu baby pure cinnamonroll or (if they're paired with a gloomy character) an annoying "qUiRky" almost manic pixie dream girl type that solves all the guy's problems. I just find those personalities annoying but even for wish fulfillment purposes it's not fun, it results in such boring dynamics.

There's so much potential for interesting interactions and banter with certain canon characters but it's mostly wasted on Hinata Hyuuga clones or brain damaged toddlers. It's like no one realizes you can make an introverted self-insert without making them act like a retarded crybaby or write an outgoing person without making them wacky zany. It takes so much time to dig through this shit just to find one decent story/one shot/scenarios/etc.

This one is more of a minor pet peeve (and probably an unpopular opinion here) but I don't like it when people "sexyfy" my husbando and turn him into an ikeman in fanart, although I dislike tumblrfied shit too. The "flaws" that he has are part of the reason why I really like him and adds to his character. and is kind of a fetish for me like eyebags When people start removing all of that he looks unrecognizable. I want my husbando as he truly his, all flaws and everything. But there's only so many times I can look at the same few screencaps so fanart's the only other thing to look for.

No. 771752

i’m american and i hate how centralized the us is too. i think a lot of countries are going to lose, if they haven’t already, important cultural practices bc usa twatter retards don’t approve of them. also i wish the us would just keep to ourselves instead of always getting in everyone elses business. it makes everyone hate us, and the government imposing themselves doesn’t even benefit the american people half the time!

No. 771894

File: 1617015830692.png (546.82 KB, 780x382, why.png)

I hate that brits call everything "pudding". For me pudding is just sweet. Get fucked

No. 771895

God british food is so disgusting. Literally just wet breadcrumbs

No. 771901

Everything coconut! I hate it!

No. 771910

Fuck you. Ice cold coconut + evaporated milk is amazing.

No. 772389

File: 1617065561580.png (188.72 KB, 360x450, faggot.png)

i hate "femboy" anime characters so much. any male character who's girly enough to be mistaken for a female. something about them disgusts me

No. 772391

coconut is based

No. 772392

eyyy, a fren! fuck them magic bitches, i hope they die

No. 772393

that test said i was autistic and have no friends, i hate it

No. 772395

You're right and you should say it. Feminine males are repulsive, even in fiction.

No. 772459

I didn’t care about them until troons
Now I hate them too

No. 772565

"You're on episode 9? Omg I won't spoil it for you! But be prepared and have tissues."

No. 772569

spiritualism and religion spergs.
i don't care if someone says "i'm praying for you" or "god saved our daughter who had surgery" or whatever.
but i HATE seeing people talking about "satanic" content or replying to randos like "please don't swear on god's name in vain x".
also people who burn sage when they get a depression-induced moodswing. the energy didn't "shift", you are unstable and need to go to therapy. stop praying to your altar and go talk to a professional!!!!!!!!!

No. 772603

Shit taste anon, also don't confuse traps like Bridget with femboys. But I do hate the "irl femboys" who are just disgusting coomer scrotes filtering their mug to oblivion and trying to ride the trend. Femboys should be 2D and for women only.

No. 772605

About burning sage, one of my friends' sister tried to cure her husband's cancer with essential oil and burning sage. For months I thought he was under treatment but he wasnt because the dumb bitch thought she could cure him. He died a few months ago unfortunately. I thought she was superstitious and just stressed but she pretty much killed him by preventing him from getting a treatment. I have no pity for these people anymore.

No. 772610

Your friend is dumb as fuck. Your friend’s husband is dumb as fuck for trusting his loony wife over a doctor and not seeking treatment on his own. They were all dumb as fuck but I guarantee you the motherfuckers who sell these snake oil cures are worse.

No. 772612

omg fuck her. why can't people connect the dots and realize cancer simply isn't that easy to cure? otherwise cancer patients would all burn sage and eat goji berries to get better.

No. 772626

Twitter gays made me hate gay men. Also, Lil nas X is a lolcow

No. 772632

>>772626 I'd kill for a thread on him. He's loony as fuck.

No. 772657

Make it on /snow/, would be fun to read

No. 772669

On the flipside, this is a super convenient way to kill one's husband if he won't be his own advocate and buys into the religious woodoo.

No. 772718

I hate any exaggerated artistic depiction of a woman where her waist is smaller than her thigh. Not even Kim Kardashian's wisdom-tooth shaped body is like that

No. 772743

It's not my friend it's hers sister. Her sister forced my friend to take care of the sick husband in a small house in the middle of nowhere at the other side of the country instead of letting my friend go to job interviews because she didnt want to be the one change her husband's shit bag.

No. 772896

I fucking hate ASMR. All those """relaxing""" sounds are grating on the ears, I actually feel angrier after hearing it.
Traps were always ugly and annoying even long before 3D scrotes got into them.

No. 773148

Tinfoil anons. I know I should hide the thread, but god I lose brain cells reading their posts. Its like a mini antivaxx facebook mom group.

No. 773160

I hate targeted ads
Leave me alone damn it.

No. 773163

File: 1617156956432.jpg (34.01 KB, 500x315, 1617150999606.jpg)

I'm tired of the internet. The internet made it possible for people who are absolute nobodies to reply to others and talk them down like they're hot shit and better than you. So this is why you have some artists that are professional and good being cancelled by a fucking otherkin with a trans fursona. Who the fuck gave you permission to tell me your opinion? I don't want to interact with you, keep your nose out of my business.

No. 773170

File: 1617157681309.jpg (46.12 KB, 720x516, IMG_20201110_000431_097.jpg)

Same. I hate the effect that misinformation and conspiratorial thinking has had on people. I wish I could hide the thread but I only browse LC on incognito so it doesn't save custom settings

No. 773185

You’re right anon.
Tbh That’s what I think about these kind of sites sometimes too. Especially with PULL and kiwi farms since so many of them have been outed as loser autists themselves.

No. 773219


This times a million, anon. Most idiots posting opinions about art online are literally close to braindead.

No. 773225

File: 1617165403625.jpg (21.69 KB, 680x383, 0jv7sj1860461.jpg)

I hate the new pringles logo so so much. will buy one while the old logo's still in stock

No. 773228

Wtf is that? The logo doesn't even need to be changed. Stax are better anyway

No. 773236

Samefag, I just realized they made his hair look like eyebrows. This is so fucking plain

No. 773305

It looks like someone used MS paint to create it.

No. 773317

the tom preston eyebrows really are too much

No. 773337

It was already perfect, why did they even change it?

No. 773358

I wish we all could just say "I don't know you, your opinion is unwarranted, blocked" and move on tbh. Instead they make an outrage and try to stand their moral ground so hard. Social media was a mistake.

No. 773362

But you could? Just silently block whoever is bothering you, and ignore them if they try to continue the argument.

No. 773433

I'm pretty sure that anon was saying she wishes people WOULD do that (but they can't because of their moral stance or whatever) so she used the word "could".

No. 773457

File: 1617201617725.png (116.41 KB, 500x281, C12473DB-23BA-4EA7-8844-905750…)

Adults in “fandoms” for children’s media (MLP, Owl House, Gravity Falls for example) especially drawing lewd / shipping art. It’s gross.

Even aging up the characters is gross. I’m probably the dirtiest fujo I know but if I’m watching say…Over the Garden Wall, I’m not going to imagine Wirt or Greg grown up at all so I can sexualize them. They’re children. I wanna blame this on scrotes but too many fujos do it too.

No. 773465

File: 1617202634332.jpeg (195.38 KB, 1242x1242, 13D4F674-7ED6-4B18-B6B0-CC8864…)

People ship Greg and Wirt??

No. 773471

>Adults in “fandoms” for children’s media (MLP, Owl House, Gravity Falls for example)
You could have stopped there and I would have still agreed with you. Unless they're adults who grew up reading/watching/playing something when they were a kid or a teenager this type of fan is either the type you're complaining about or obnoxious terminally online SJWs who think their pastel colored cartoons with blatant anime references are important for activism. They're never normal about their passion.

No. 773482

I think you can be an adult and be a normal person and like things the normal way (I like over the garden wall a lot for example). But being part of a fandom? Cringe, now that's some big ass brainrot. I stopped being inside a fandom when I was like 15. I just like things and keep them to myself now, I don't need to interact with retards -considering how everyone inside fandom is an insane retard-

No. 773506

Thanks for making me feel better about being a retard with personality disorder that is repulsed by groups of people, even if they are based on an interest that I share

No. 773520

File: 1617206883384.jpg (48.34 KB, 500x604, ALIEN.jpg)

unresolvedmysteries is my fave subreddit but I hate hate hate anything involving the death of an abandoned baby
>rape and murder of a child
>omg I hope whoever did this rots in hell forever
>dead baby found innawooods or trashcan or something

fuck all those assholes who think women deserve sympathy for tossing an infant in the trash to slowly suffer before dying

No. 773527

Unrelated but fuck I hate smarmy female led true crime podcasts like Crime Junkie and the like.
People with little / no background in law enforcement and no firsthand knowledge of any cases is bad enough but they always have to interject their stupid ass theories and opinions too. The only one I really like is Criminal, mainly because it explores all kinds of true crime rather than the same murders and disappearances, plus Phoebe Judge rarely injects her own personal opinion, she just tells the story.

No. 773533

true crime as a fandom is so gross, now we have "stay sexy, don't get murdered" merch and women/girls who are like I am a smol bean and I love listening about death and men who torture women and make them disappear forever as a hobby! it's to the level of personality trait like "netflix" was in 2014

No. 773535

File: 1617207743456.png (1.15 MB, 1280x1866, 3E27DD59-DB15-4768-8B10-A32936…)

Original post and I absolutely love OiTG, I find Wirt and Greg super adorable. Hell I’m not opposed to some well done innocent fanart, but what the hell is this shit?? I want to murder these people.

No. 773537

Crime junkies kinda rubs me the wrong way because of the fake-ish way they react to stuff. Maybe it’s just me. LPOTL were alright for a little while but Henry really tries too hard sometimes and it’s annoying as fuck to listen to.

No. 773539

They’re just so painfully vapid and basic and annoying. They’re also plagiarists but who cares when you’re a popular show right?

No. 773541

Imagine unironically wanting to wear ""stay sexy, don't get murdered"" or even saying it. In my country (Mexico) we have a big feminicide problem. You don't ever know if you will be alive tomorrow. But for these people it's just a fantasy. "stay sexy", what the fuck.

No. 773545

> implying this kind of activism and fan-art is created by adults, forgetting the existence of edgy and retarded teens
The only activists and 'darkfic' wannabes ive met were less than 18yos in cartoon 'fandoms'. I guess you werent on tumblr back then.

No. 773547

I don’t know anon this isn’t really that bad. It’s more edgy teenager shit but I can understand the discomfort.Especially compared to some of the shit art degenerates churn out for gravity falls.

No. 773548

This must be some very specific headcanon stuff but what is it? Wirt has combined with The Beast and they're hanging with someone's devil OC? Or maybe OtGW x Hannibal?

No. 773550

It's Bipper (Dipper Pines possessed by Bill Cipher) from Gravity Falls, based on a canon episode.

No. 773552

Farmers who are like
>guyz i met/fucked this celebrity/cow/e-celeb/etc
>guyz i did this thing that became super popular/viral/etc
and then NEVER spill the deets. Why bother posting about it in the first place? I hate teases either tell us or don't.

No. 773553

maybe only vaguely related but this reminded me of that anon who would post in random threads on /ot/ bragging about her 'billionaire boyfriend' who was most certainly some bald ass middle aged man (if he existed in the first place). like great good for you but either send all of us on here a grand in the name of feminism or zip it

No. 773556

I have only had Doritos Stax but they have no crunch, they feel perpetually stale and despite that the packaging is still somehow harder to dismantle for recycling than the pringles tubes
What's worse is that both Doritos and Pringles are already commonplace here so they only brought Doritos Stax over so that the mega company Lays can compete with the market share that Pringles occupies. All that new waste and energy use involved in bringing a product to the shelves has been generated just so that a big company can compete with another pre-existing item from another big company, they didn't even bring anything new to the table. Maybe regular Staxs are better but imo they can fuck off

I'm not even shitposting I'm genuinely mad about some flat crisps

No. 773558

Thank you I would have never guessed and it would have plagued be forever

No. 773575

what are your thoughts on EEnE shippers in the shipping thread

No. 773599

I've never had a Doritos Stax, I didn't even know those existed. I can't imagine they would be good, though. The main things that make me favor Stax is that they have stronger flavors (imo. Although the flavor range is not as wide, and nothing will ever be as flavorful as Pringles BBQ) and the chips aren't as badly crushed as Pringles are when you open the package.
Nta, but ew what the fuck.

No. 773606

Animefags who recently discovered how cool it is to be angry at everything and browse 4chan. They would call a creator of jp game an asshole or something for not releasing global (eng) version of the game, or they would always joke about taking schizo pills to see your waifu (never heard of tulpa).

They are also overlyprotective towards animu vtubers and youtubers, would call people names for not liking someone or their company. They also happen to still spam shit (past week, esp yesterday) here. I remember when vt thread was alive, k*arafags would post gore and whiteknight their waifu.

No. 773607

I'm surprised that Doritos Stax aren't a huge thing like I thought they were, maybe they suck so badly that Lays is just trying to export them to anywhere they can get rid of them kek

No. 773610

I fucking hate it and I hate that one KevEdd artists stuff
but I just remember I did love her Ralph / Zangief art and now I feel like a hypocrite

No. 773651

Adults over 18 who join fandoms where a lot of children/teenagers are present are mentally handicapped,I mean there are fandoms for 18+ why would they intentionally join something where minors are the majority?then again why join fandoms in the first place?

No. 773670

Tbh fandoms were fun, maybe they still are but only if most people in it are 25+. Seems like fandom wank and genderspecial and sociopolitical shit just seeps it’s way into them all nowadays. I just lurk and enjoy art / fics now.

No. 773695

File: 1617215274960.jpg (61.79 KB, 500x652, z38DGAqIvIK7FJQPQTuwbx0eSpcFlJ…)

Minors on Twitter and other social medias (but mostly Twitter). I don't like to use these terms, but they get triggered by literally everything. If you call out one for being a fucking cunt, well you should be the bigger person because they are 17 and you're 18/19/20 and picking on kids is a no-no. Post something without a quadrillion of "tw"? Oh no "Emma•16•blm•acab•black/latina•she/they" had a panic attack seeing your fucking pomegranate post and basically it's your fault for not "tagging" it properly. It's okay if they send you death treats because you don't headcanon this character as trans but the moment you tell them to shut up, you're a pedophile because you're in a "child" DMs.
I'm fucking sure that if most social medias were 17+ we wouldn't have stupid cancellations over nothing every 2 days. Internet is not fun anymore and I partially blame it on late zoomers.

No. 773708

How the fuck does a pomegranate looks like a fucking heart? Has that retard ever seen a real heart? If anything, you could say they somewhat would resemble a rotting injury? I don’t even know how the hell can anyone jump straight to gore when looking at a fucking fruit.
Jesus Christ I hate the children of the internet.

No. 773728

Parenting teens must be a special type of hell these days.

Minors are told that every single little feeling they have is valid and a big deal.
They’re told they’re smarter than adults and that they have a right to tell adults what to do on the virtue of “we are going to inherit this planet so we get a say in what happens!”

They hide in little fantasy realms, have never had a job, and refuse to face/overcome negative emotions. Yet adults are stupid enough to listen to these children because making them grow up is “meeean and invalidating”

No. 773751

Sounds like it. I’d want to treat my teenager like a young adult hoping they’d respond by growing independent and competent, but I’d still want them to respect my wisdom too, seems almost impossible now.

No. 773759

How do these teens handle having periods? Do they lecture nature?

No. 773771

These fruits have to be a loud minority because honestly most teenagers/young people I know have a don't give a fuck attitude, or just don't mention any of this shit outside of their echo chambers. I'd think this was a troll if I haven't noticed the rainbow hair army that acts like this online. I don't condone bullying on sexuality or race but surely it would be productive to tell people like that to get over themselves.

No. 773792

Play the world's smallest violin for me but I actually stopped using social media solely due to all the minors shitting up the place and attacking people just for shits and giggles. It's gotten especially bad during the pandemic, the schools are closed so they have an unlimited time to be online at all times. Anything you tweet can be twisted around to be problematic and offensive, literally anyone can wake up to 2000 mentions attacking them for whatever bullshit claim being made against them. Shipped the wrong ship? Surprise, someone just spread the word that you're a pedo with no context and everyone took it at face value. Drew fanart of a character? Now you're a nazi white supremacist because you colored in the skin half a shade too light. Existed in the same fandom space as a 25+ year old as a 16-year old? Grooming's your thing now. I'm not even exaggerating about the last one, that one disturbed anon was going on in another thread about how some woman was totally grooming her because she drew fanart in some fandom without ever even interacting with her.

It's fucking bananas, these kids never have to face the consequences because they don't have careers to lose and they flaunt it in front of everyone's faces. These fucking brats need to be deplatformed immediately for their own good as well, someone older than them is feeding them warped ideas and tons of adults are using their naivety to slide closer to them by agreeing with the crap they pull.

No. 773795

File: 1617221241764.png (391.46 KB, 860x556, 7671CDDC-ADEF-4CB2-AA81-9BC0FE…)

I hate you

No. 773798

>that one disturbed anon was going on in another thread about how some woman was totally grooming her because she drew fanart in some fandom without ever even interacting with her.
Which thread?

No. 773799


No. 773807

Kids on the internet is the worst thing about the world wide web, and I was a kid on the internet once, but before social media took off so hard. I don't interact with fandoms at all usually, but the rare time I maybe comment somewhere and it clearly becomes clear they're underage just from how black and white their thinking is, I feel like I committed a crime just for talking with a high schooler about music or anime. And to be fair, the latter is obviously going to be full of kids, but I also see them on relationship forums or subreddits, saying OP is groomed because they're dating a 22 year old at age 18 and shit (and screaming about even 5 year age gaps between adults in entertainment media), yet they can't recognize when they're being taken advantage of. They're everywhere and they're always convinced they're right.

No. 773809

File: 1617222920116.jpeg (17.02 KB, 234x320, 8B298BAB-E913-4048-9E13-EB08D5…)

This design gives me a gross feeling.
I know this brand is all about 3edgy5u but this pic reminded me of the horrible shit i read on the zoo-masochist thread here

No. 773827

Citrus fruits, for the most part, though most raw fruit in general sans raspberries and blackberries. The texture and acidity of citrus is just gross imo, I don't always mind the flavor if it's mixed with something, but raw or by itself? Ew

No. 773833

File: 1617226188981.png (477.16 KB, 1131x1141, koziktypeshit.png)

ah, the age old technique of just lifting drawings straight from the Preston Blair book.

No. 774167

>that one disturbed anon was going on in another thread about how some woman was totally grooming her because she drew fanart in some fandom without ever even interacting with her.
You can't just say this and NOT provide the thread.

No. 774309

I hate it when people group all female weebs in with fujos. Not trying to start an anti-fujo war so calm down, I'm just tired of the constant generalization. I never see people do this with male weebs, no one screeches about yurifags every single time a guy simps over an anime girl so it makes no sense to do this anytime a girl shows the slightest interest in a male character or anime in general.

No. 774355

When someone talks about something that someone terminally online would only give a shit about like it's important. They also have a very small perspective on the event because they learned about it from shitty commentary YT's. It's so fucking awkward getting into those conversations because all you can do is nod along or face pure autism rage.
The weirdest I've seen of this was when someone on reddit was trying to explain why patreons ban on 'anime art', the conversation was more nuanced because patreon was banning loli anime artists and they accidentally banned normal anime artists, was one of the biggest problems artists faced today. It wasn't on some niche sub, but on their main artist sub, artist lounge

No. 774360

NTA but here you go >>663170

No. 774365

I haaaaate how annoying kids are but I love them because they are my sister's kids and they are adorable

No. 774518

It's not the post you linked, but damn, anons saying the story of an anon being friends with a 30 year old woman who would talk about her sex life with her, send her porn, ask her how/if she masturbates and wanted anon to stay with her wasn't some kind of grooming is so fucked up.

No. 774536

File: 1617328664040.jpg (38.73 KB, 326x430, 1610228574451.jpg)

People who think how you act online = how you act IRL
I'm sure that can be true for some people but c'mon lmao

No. 774541

This is very, very petty, but when youtubers apologize for random loud noises in the background that we can't even hear.

No. 774543

Thisss, I'm a sweetheart irl but here I'm a big ass bitch

No. 774555

This, I go online and I have no problems talking about my stuff but in real life I just nap all day and go for long walks with my boyfriend and do my job.
Often the people who believe that shit are the ones with no other personality aside they literally being online 24/7, so they project. I can speak from experience, the ones who were stalking my social media profile claimed that I stalked them when I confronted them and I was just "go waste your time somewhere else lol" and they were online personality who barely had anyone to talk to irl.

No. 774563

File: 1617332347594.jpeg (62.81 KB, 1242x1033, 3D32CB89-559F-4A0D-8425-6920C0…)

Random reboots of movies, but this time FEMALE
The fuck? Who asked for a female version of the Mask? I have zero interest in that, I’d rather see original stories with original female leads, not weird rehashes of mediocre 90s movies

No. 774566

File: 1617332829621.jpeg (58.79 KB, 800x450, EBC7DFB6-06F7-4F49-9C10-5FF84A…)

The word boymom and boymom memes about how hard it is to be a fucking boymom

It’s because you’re raising a spoiled little protoscrote shithead Rebecca

No. 774567

File: 1617332945050.png (477.98 KB, 1199x1080, 1615932254634.png)

I always get char limit and word limit confused because I'm a retard who can't read. Hours spent stretching out that 1,000 word essay on dogs only to get "error: over 1,000 characters".
Just kill me.

No. 774571

Hollywood giving women their literal moldy leftovers

No. 774620

the lead of the mask himself says he doesn't want the shit he was in to be rebooted, but then again they're also planning Ace Ventura 3

No. 774687

File: 1617351777097.jpg (33.06 KB, 600x600, 999870029_2000x.jpg)

I hate those oversized eyeglasses. They're ugly and scream either "annoying ~quirky~ bitch" or "vapid trend chaser with no taste" to me. I also hate people wearing literal pedo glasses unironically, there's no way I will ever consider them good looking.

No. 774697

wtf is pedo glasses??

No. 774704

File: 1617353652435.jpg (21.23 KB, 370x370, Duk_rLPUUAA78rC.jpg)

Oversized glasses with rectangle shaped lenses and a double bridge like this. The term comes from the fact that creepy middle aged pedos, serial killers and other creeps are often seen wearing them for some reason.

No. 774705

Clear aviator style glasses, iirc
I think the stereotype started because people starting paying more attention to pedos and kidnappers in the 70s
tbh I kinda like it depending on the person. It mostly reminds of elton john and my dad

No. 774711

You're hating on something that stopped being a thing in like 2015.

No. 774859

Agree with him but also, he should choke

And yes, it’s literally old franchises that have soured being thrown like a bone. The industry has no idea what we want and then when their garbage fails because it’s poorly made tripe, it gives incels more fuel to say female led movies aren't viable.

No. 774902

I also don't know why they'd make a female led mask reboot when the sequel to the original was disastrous, the concept just doesn't work. I don't think they can replicate it without faltering hard. I'll admit it's not high art cinema, but the original is part of my childhood so I fail to see what the point is. honestly the same as the original ghostbusters being rebooted with all women.

we're not men's leftovers, it's possible to either adapt something that hasn't been adapted to screen yet that has a woman protagonist or create something new, and instead they choose to assume we want to see rebooted movies where we replace men?

tired of it seeming like everyone is so bereft of ideas

No. 774923

um this is the things we hate thread.

No. 775130

File: 1617414475593.jpg (79.65 KB, 640x608, dialogue.jpg)

When authors write out dialogue, but they describe a bunch of shit in between the lines so it seems like the characters are taking huge pauses in the conversation I feel like I'm describing this horribly, and I would give an example, but I'm embarrassed to post what I read that made me come to this conclusion so I hope pic conveys what I am trying to say lol

No. 775145

i hate when characters are just used to explain backstory or elaborate on the plot rather than being an actual person. it feels like lazy writing and sometimes is questionable where the character got all that info from.

No. 775171

File: 1617419940919.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1062, yes.png)

its only spring and it is so fucking hot outside already.

No. 775183

File: 1617422111711.png (393.63 KB, 589x593, yagamiyato_.PNG)

Him, his fanbase, and his awful "female" voice

No. 775200

The halo effect is real. He's a cutie.

No. 775206

That's not as bad as big fucking paragraphs of dialogue with no break. I don't think published writers would make such a rookie mistake but it's common in fanfic, and it's like they've never spoken to a person in their life… who monologues at length without the other person interrupting, responding, making noises of agreement/acknowledgement, etc? At least take a pause to describe their reaction or body language or something, jesus. Usually it's some expository reveal and the writer forgets everything about how humans interact because they're so keen to get their plotline on paper in one go. Takes me right out of the story even when it's otherwise decent.

No. 775209

The bar is on the floor. He's an uggo.

No. 775210

He’d be cuter if he didn’t try and troon out

No. 775231

he's average at best

No. 775250

I'm starting to hate male attention whores more than their female counterparts. They're just way more obnoxious, especially if they do some "i'm sensitive uwu"/sadboi/softboi act. Even in fiction.

No. 775790

File: 1617492262934.jpg (482.49 KB, 1889x917, Untitled.jpg)

artists who draw nothing but this kind of thing over and over. white model faces again and again. overwhelmingly, it's dudes drawing young white/asian girls and it's creepy

No. 775791

"traps" are just as shitty as femboys. they're all garbage tier

No. 775794

you should always hate men more than women

No. 775795

When I'm wearing boots and I can see my socks at the top. Gotta roll those motherfuckers down

No. 775963

I hate the things that label us as scrotes thread. its become a pickme thread. oh look at me, i like this non-conventional things that "women" dont like. Math? Like wtf, why would liking math make you a scrote? Drinking beer? I hope it gets locked or some shit

No. 775973

Same, I hate when it gets bumped and the nlogs remember it exists

No. 776014

>oh look at me, i like this non-conventional things that "women" dont like. Math? Like wtf, why would liking math make you a scrote?
I think that was the point of the thread, to point out how anons here get accused of being men over really arbitrary things that have no association with men or with the sexes in general. They're not saying "women don't do/like these things" or "I'm unique for doing/liking this thing", they're saying "I'm a woman who does/likes this and I've been accused of being a man for it, despite the fact that a lot of women do this/like this".

No. 776015

Yeah but they clearly don't live in reality if they think anyone here is going to accuse them of being a scrote for liking maths ffs, that has never and will never happen and believing otherwise is the definition of nloging.

No. 776025

I was accused of being a scrote because of a goddamn videogame meme and I've been accused of being a scrote because I said trannies will never be women. So your point is invalid.

No. 776035

>and I've been accused of being a scrote because I said trannies will never be women
a comment by one lunatic anon isn't representative of the board in general, I mean for fuck sake we have several threads laughing at trannies for not being women.

The scrote-label thread is a shit thread because it's fully of anons like you who use an outlier opinion to act as if the entire site is against you.

No. 776083

How do you feel about the Parcast true crime podcasts?

No. 776215

Kek is this banjo and kazooie anon? It was ONE comment calling you unfunny, and you got salty for being called a scrote. Reminds me of the total meltdown another anon had for being called a scrote. Unfunny banjo anon, you made the nlog thread right? Cause it appeared right after you got huffy lol.
Exactly this.

No. 776246

>Reminds me of the total meltdown another anon had for being called a scrote.
That was beautiful. Pretty sure THAT anon was the author of the NLOG thread.

No. 776254

i get scrotecusations all the time, i think it's from saying stuff like "bro" and other canadian skater talk. that's just how people sound in toronto yo

No. 776255

NTA but i think they fall into the trap of sort of glorifying "genius serial killers." henry zebrowski is a dumb bitch but at least LPOTL always make sure to emphasize that serial killers get away with it by taking advantage of the social contract, and they tend to be actually below-average in intelligence.

No. 776272

This might be kind of unrelated and an unpopular opinion, but some things anons like here are literally scrote-tier, garbage tastes that deserve to be shamed. Example: the discussion of Huniepop and its sequel in the NSFW games thread in /m/. Literally the most pornsick male coomer game you can get. Just read the premise for the game: a male virgin has a magical fairy girl help him get laid with tons of thirsty women you can have threesomes with, and in the second game he has to get his dick wet with everyone or two galaxy bimbos will literally destroy the world. I understand there aren't a lot of NSFW games for women, but would you really stoop that low to play that? Omg.. it just feels like guys in disguise, Im sorry.

No. 776282

/m/ is just weeb shit and youtube gamer crap. no one in there seems to have seen or read anything from before 2010. it's underage weeb discussion circlejerk

No. 776286

They’re not as awful but I’m honestly truly bored and tired of glamorizing serial killers and murder and awful things happening to women. It’s not usually something that draws attention to a case or gets them justice—that’s reserved for scrotes like Adnan Syed.
Phoebe Handsjuks killer is still running around free and even killed another woman and she’s had multiple podcasts dedicated to her case entirely

No. 776300

>Literally the most pornsick male coomer game you can get.
Not that I disagree with you but sadly Huniepop isn't even close when it comes to being
>the most pornsick male coomer game you can get
and I kinda hate myself for knowing that.

No. 776312

I hate people that have a loud natural speaking voice, laugh, and sneeze. I consider it worth breaking a friendship over. I don't give a fuck if you can't help it.

No. 776320

>we need to ban the discussion of something that women like because I have determined with my standars women talking about it is bad
This is so fucking sad, stop trying to shut women up, if you don't like it just hide the thread

No. 776323

Disagree, we have multiple threads about art, books, music, etc, things that don't involve weebshit. You're just nitpicking at this point. I believe farmers are smart enough to not just be weebs but have multiple things they love. Weeb media is just everywhere as a global thing, and at least I'm grateful it isn't the only thing we discuss.

No. 776334

i disagree with your disagreee, art and music are all clogged up with internet weeb culture. the music thread is top tier cringe

No. 776335

scream-sneezers should kill themselves

No. 776337

I disagree with your disagee of my disagree so in the end we're just gonna disagree cause disagrees gotta disagree am I right

No. 776347

I agree, I don't think I could be friends with someone who is super loud, especially in public.
>I don't give a fuck if you can't help it.

I think you can help it though. Literally unless you're deaf, disabled, or have a broken back you can hold back your sneeze from sounding like a gunshot and be considerate about your overall volume. Even if youre from a culture where people are super loud you should be able to adapt to the space you're in and the people youre with.

No. 776349

I hate the word "oof"

No. 776355

truly based

No. 776356

big mood

No. 776364

how does someone stop a sneeze from being loud if they don't know when it's coming? I don't really get what else a person can do, it's like vomiting out of nowhere.

No. 776365

don't you feel it tingling in your nose or something before you sneeze??

No. 776369

I agree lol. I get the loud voice thing, but a loud sneeze is such a dumb thing to nitpick about. It's a sneeze ffs, they're not like voices. It's pretty hard to control how loud they are

No. 776372

not all the time. it's 50/50 I guess. but even then what exactly stops it? all I heard of is the nose pinching method but some people say that's actually unhealthy and can cause problems

No. 776401

I'm not saying any one deserves to get banned for it or that they need to censor the discussion at all (I mean it's a nsfw thread), I'm saying that it's a game literally made for the male gaze. This is not something I made by my own standards, it is something the creators intended. What I am saying is that anons should be allowed to criticize it and even go as far to label it a scrote tier interest, because it really is.

No. 776411

you don't need to stop it, just don't yell "AAAAAAAA" right before you sneeze

No. 776432

hate how you need an invite to join the clubhouse app

No. 776464

isn't that the site that was created by tumblr snowflakes? guess they don't want anyone invading on their "safe space uwu"

No. 776465

oh my god totally agree with this. im an artist and I always indulge in the ear types of art styles because they’re comfortable to do but now that it has become a trendy stylization it looks so automized if that’s even the correct word? it looks so creepy and lifeless

No. 776468

so you want a fun thread to be shut down which doesn’t even make sense since anons love to pretend it doesn’t exist and it rarely gets bumped because women play “scrote” games? it’s literally just a game first and foremost, all nsfw media is going to be ridiculous, campy, and debauched like hunnie pop

No. 776469

idk one of the tiktok psychiatrists i follow hosts seminars on there on trauma and i just want to listen in.

No. 776495

>tiktok psychiatrists
anon, love yourself more

No. 776503

Dude have you ever seen the actual gameplay of Huniepop? I can't speak to the sequel but the 1st game is mostly an interesting Bejeweled-like puzzle game with some light dating game elements thrown in. The art is fun and cute and the soundtrack is good. Yeah it's themed to cute hentai girls and there's sex but it's really not that dirty of a game, there's no actual sex shown and the nudity is really not that pervasive in the game. You could prolly reskin it to something totally PG if you made new assets and dialogue.

No. 776506

God, I hate loud people. Not as in talkative, but like really loud volume. It's so obnoxious.

>but even then what exactly stops it?
I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth and it keeps my mouth mostly shut while I sneeze. I do it to avoid spraying germs everywhere but it also makes it very quiet.

No. 776510

western artists on pixiv with their low quality deviantart fetish shit

No. 776515

File: 1617605700162.jpg (372.82 KB, 1944x2592, stb.jpg)

bitches who start their videos by sipping their drink or even dare to bring it up "prepare ur drink and let's get started~" i hope you shoke on your iced coffee

No. 776600

File: 1617629307779.jpg (21.58 KB, 620x413, e973a1c2d0291a4682232d8c851913…)

why do men have affairs with their exes?

No. 776610

Why does anyone fuck their ex?

No. 776611

i have literally no idea

No. 776621

True crime shit.
Sibling played true crime shows none stop after one of our parents died and even when I'd turn it off or switch channels it always come back. Think it was some weird way to cope after the death. I also dislike true crime channels that do their make up or act all sassy when they're talking about someone's kidnapping and murder. It just doesn't show a level of respect to me for the people who died probably gruesomely.

No. 776760

When strangers use pet names with me

No. 776777

I did it once. I thought that maybe I'd have a breakthrough moment of clarity or learn something about myself. Nothing of the sort happened, it was just shitty drunk sex.

No. 776793

i hate astrology. it’s obnoxious, asinine and it’s fucking everywhere. can i go one day without my astrologyfag acquaintances discussing someone’s natal map for the hundredth time or spamming their dumbass relatable virgo memes on social media? i’m trying to be tolerant bc it’s a female dominated community and some people like it for the “aesthetic” or w/e (regardless, it’s a boring fucking aesthetic) but it just makes me not want to be in the same room with them ever again.

also hate when grown women simp for minecraft youtubers. grow up.

No. 776810

God you sound just like a Capricorn.
>just playing, I think astrology is stupid too.

I hate the Instagram posts about diet culture = bad, eating what you want = good. That only works for people who know how to eat healthy, otherwise it's an excuse so fatties can eat more sugar and validate themselves.

No. 776813

I never knew who Syykuno was until I saw anons posting about him and for some reason I find him extremely repulsive. He really does look like a tapeworm.

No. 776902

kek i swear i get banned for complaining about astrology every week. people who believe in it shoud die though.

No. 776904

File: 1617668835614.jpeg (114.72 KB, 749x999, 3D8A4362-E774-4392-9D37-B48DEA…)

Probably going to get me banned but I sincerely hate being black. I hate waking up as a black female, I hate commuting everywhere as a black female, I hate not fitting in anywhere because I’m a black female, I hate being the ugly black female.

No. 776905

You probably get banned cause of shit like
>people who believe in it should die though
kek. I wish i had the balls to complain about the same thing every week cause I always feel like people will know its me if I always complain about it. Also kpopfags who are posting in the conventional attra and cute girl threads, go back to your containment website ccc.

No. 776907

I'm not the one posting them, but I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to. People post Western celebrities all the time.

No. 776908

this isn't the vent thread you racebaiter. Follow the OP instructions next time.

No. 776910

People complain about the same thing every day cause they have nothing better to do. I'm talking about irl people too, it's not just lc.

No. 776911

This is sad to read even if it is racebait. If it’s not, I’m sorry you feel this way and I know some random person over the Internet doesn’t mean anything, but I hope you find peace.

No. 776917

File: 1617669615892.jpg (742.51 KB, 2048x1536, 163792838_3734639959923102_461…)

I saw this puppy posted in a group I'm in and couldn't thinking of Borzoi anon. I can't believe they are even ugly as puppies.

No. 776922

KEK this reminds me of thread op and someone thought the border collie was a borzoi and called it pretty.

No. 776925

That's not a borzoi, is a silken windhound. And not that's not same as a borzoi.

No. 776936

File: 1617670844408.jpg (173.15 KB, 745x496, Silken-Windhound-Dogs.jpg)

I am >>776917 anon
I had no idea there were other freak horse dogs. At least the silken windhound gets cuter when it grows up.

No. 776942

Anonita, that is 100000% cuter than the borzoi, I never knew a dog could look so elegant. Thank you anon for introducing me to a new dog breed.

No. 776994

File: 1617675975526.jpg (51.65 KB, 380x307, ponies.jpg)

you ever see a scottish deerhound?

No. 777172

YouTubers who act as if they're some kind of scientific authority over a certain topic just because they do the bare minimum amount of "research" (Google searching) to make videos about it, especially when they're trying to give this "information" and "advice" to their followers like it's law

No. 777566

The version of the post I saw circulating was mocking this whole thing

No. 777569

Try “oomfs”

No. 777646

Theres an anon that ALWAYS uses reddit spacing. I can tell its the same anon across threads and its getting to me. There's a space after every single sentence. Is this a new way of avatarfagging? Is this a newfag? Why anon? Why?

No. 777649

God I hate seeing that anon's posts, she gets around too. I feel like a fucking sperg reporting that shit.

No. 777655

And its not like she posts bad stuff. Her contributions are actually helpful/good. But god the spacing. Its irritating. Anonita if you're reading this, please take it into consideration.

No. 777659

I think it's more than one. There was also that anon that got banned for it and went off about how she spaces like that because she's college educated and knows how to write in "paragraphs" or something.

No. 777680

Could you try linking one of the posts? I try to use spaces sparingly because I know I personally don't read walls of text so I wouldn't want to put anyone through my wall of text rambling either. Pair that with being on lolcow mobile 90% of the time and I just do it because it makes logical sense.

No. 777682

File: 1617763743336.png (27.83 KB, 1284x193, anon fucks a cat.png)

Found this in lolcow caps lol.

No. 777683

Kek I would love to see caps of that.

No. 777731

File: 1617768721796.png (611.7 KB, 712x496, nah.png)

Bucket hats

No. 777757

I thought that was a s’mores cereal bar

No. 777800

I would definitely eat a s'mores cereal bar before I wore a bucket hat.

No. 777809

I would definitely eat a bucket hat

No. 777983

Mushrooms. Fucking gross earthy things with the worst taste and texture. I tried magic mushrooms on multiple occasions and the act of eating dried shrooms has legitimately ruined the entire category for me. I’m physically repulsed by the thought of mushrooms. I bought a dry herb vape once and it made my weed taste like mushrooms, haven’t touched the vape since. Fuck you, mushrooms.
There are some flowers I’m sitting near that have bloomed and they vaguely smell like mushrooms and I’m upset

No. 778531

This is going to sound super fucking autistic but I hate hearing or reading about married couples having sex, I don't know if it's because I associate married couples with my parents, but there's no bigger turn off than characters being married in smut stories. And before you ask, no I don't want to get married.

No. 778533

Cooked mushrooms are fucking delicious, raw mushrooms are the most disgusting food ever. They're so rubbery and dry and tasteless.

No. 778539

I agree with everything you’ve said but for some reason I don’t mind eating them when I don’t think about it, and I even like the flavor majority of the time. I like raw and cooked mushrooms.

But mushrooms are sincerely repulsive. The first human to eat them must have been covered in filth with the mind of an inhuman beast. The fact that they are so parasitic and sprout abruptly is both terrifying and abhorrent. I don’t mean to sound like I’m over exaggerating but anything with mushrooms sprouting on it should be thrown away, including the plant, except the mushrooms would probably grow spores on the garbage you put it with. The only thing more disgusting than mushrooms is fluffy/hairy mold, and both are more disgusting than feces or decaying flesh as they are sickening fungi. I say this as a former butcher. The mere idea of how mushrooms form is disgusting. I said I eat mushrooms but I avoid eating some types of them because the stalks sprout too close together or the underside of the cap looks unsettling. There’s no fucking way some sort of insect didn’t make its home in there. The fact that people will sit and eat fungi is vomit inducing. Ugh. When I’m cooking and eating them, it’s really disconnected from the fact that they are what they are.

I fucking hate olives and pickles nearly to death but those make more sense as food than the edible infection that is mushrooms. If anyone says “you’re overreacting, mushrooms aren’t that bad.” as them how they would feel if they woke up and a zucchini was growing under their bed. No big deal, right? That’d even be kind of cool. Now what if it was a mushroom? I hate imagining this. Fuck mushrooms.

No. 778545

Idk about you guys, but I'd be a lot more concerned and weirded out about a zucchini growing under my bed than a mushroom.

No. 778727

File: 1617901321093.png (1.01 MB, 847x567, death in paradise.png)

I hate seeing this show on TV, I hate seeing that beautiful woman next to that ugly man it makes me so mad, it's not fair she should have the entire show for herself and not have him impinge on her beauty

No. 778739

You're right. I passively tune into this show just because I like that actress, she's incredibly beautiful.

No. 778762

> because I like that actress, she's incredibly beautiful.
so you're basically watching the show for the purpose she's put in there, because she's beautiful

No. 779059

I hate people who over analyze cartoon characters to see if they have adhd/autism/any mental illness they could project. Especially if the character is just overly quirky or energetic, They must have adhd! Also, people who theorize about super pointless shit such as "this character must be this character's parents!" and they base that on what article of clothing they wear or whatever when they obviously and literally aren't.

No. 779068

File: 1617939230422.jpeg (251.68 KB, 1080x1348, 753D77C0-9A42-4027-ACEC-F3F275…)

I find the last thing to be harmless (and it can be funny later like pic related) but I hate those headcanons too. Only sometimes is it accurate, but with adhd and autism they spring it on any character who's energetic or god forbid socially withdrawn.

No. 779134

I really hate meghan thee stallion, I especially hate that stupid gagging sound she makes in her songs

No. 779138

Tabs that automatically refresh.

No. 779156

That one anon in that one thread. Fuck them.

No. 779182

No. 779185

God I fucking hate it too, the GAHH BLAH YAHH sound god just drink water girl

No. 779189

I don't mind it but the fact that she uses it so often in so many songs is corny and feels pander-y

No. 779192

File: 1617957261462.png (31.34 KB, 593x244, Screenshot_2021-04-09 Are They…)

Slash Shippers who claim a typical friendship is way more deep then it actually is just cause the characters happen to be males

I'm really starting to despise slash shippers more and more lately, cause many times they often just write off healthy male/female canon relationships for their retarded fantasies cause of fujo brain rot or whatever, I think we overall need better straight and more healthier straight ships

No. 779213

What is up with the recent surge of "historical accuracy" youtubers??? i keep seeing these channels of girls talking to the camera for 45 minutes nitpicking every single costume in some historical-inspired media that wasnt even supposed to be accurate. It's legit starting to piss me off. Like who tf even watches this boring ass content?

No. 779233

File: 1617961585914.png (10.96 KB, 199x179, 4417_heartEyes.png)

These fucking uwu emojis, it's always discord troons who use them.

No. 779243

Kek go back to twitter

No. 779258

unironically downloaded this image so I can make it a new discord emoji, sorry and thank you anon

No. 779270

If you're happy then I'm happy too!

No. 779489

Teen pregnancy stories especially in telenovelas and telenovelas in general. Hate this melodramatic garbage.

No. 779491

We definitely need better non rape-y non coom het relationships that's for sure. I don't mind fujo coom and participate in it myself but the people who take it to an autistic extreme need to relax.

No. 779596

i agree with this, they’re fucking cringe. it’s worse especially when they’re doing this shit and they’re women over 18… like damn ma love yourself

No. 779975

Literally worse than astrology.

No. 779993

File: 1618037597622.jpeg (22.12 KB, 275x155, 31127962-FC4B-4EAA-B3AA-CED514…)

Littering. I’m always completely fucking blown away when I’m driving and I see someone casually throw trash out their car window. How the fuck do you even consciously do that? Just thinking, “oh these used napkins and cups and my entire Arby’s meal sure is taking up space in my car, let me just chuck it out onto the street because the world is my dumpster and I just can’t wait until I get to my destination to find a bin.”
I’d love to chuck them out of a moving car.

No. 779996

Based. I hate it too. The worst is seeing gloves and disposable masks thrown on the ground. Ffs there’s trash cans everywhere.

No. 780005

I've yelled at a woman once because she had thrown the wrapping of her cigarette pack on the ground, smokers in particular are fucking disgusting.

No. 780069

People that call non-living items "she" or "he"
nicht auf Deutsch
>"I got her in a lovely size 6"

No. 780075

Do any non-ESLs do that though?

No. 780076

Kek when guys do this with vehicles it sounds like they want to fuck their car

No. 780077

I got into watching vids about plane and ship disasters lately and I can't help being annoyed that vehicles are all female and it's basically always men piloting them…just doesn't sit right. I'm sure there's some 'tradition' there but fuck it lets move on and call objects it.

No. 780081

Plenty of people. Automobiles, plants, wigs, makeup kits, clothing items, etc.

No. 780083

Calling things she to be cute or quirky is something that I've seen rise in popularity in recent years with online-leaning girls and gays. Not sure but I kind of get the feeling it's another thing that bubbled up from drag culture through various layers of the internet.

Idk maybe this is autistic but I call things he or she sometimes when it feels appropriate because the change in pronoun communicates information about the object. Like, I might call my laptop he because it's an everyday item that I'm very attached to.

I can see the weird angle on calling ships/planes/etc she but I can't bring myself to be mad about it, I've always kinda thought the feminine designation was like a sign of respect to these amazing things that do things men cannot and that we trust with our lives.

No. 780100

I get the same disturbed feeling it's really weird of them. But I try to think of it like the modern day equivalent of owning a horse like a cowboy since it is a similar transportation relationship. Still why is it always "she" every time? It's creepy as fuck

No. 780101

File: 1618054524423.png (74.58 KB, 887x464, she.PNG)

I found this explanation and I don't like it

No. 780141

tbh sometimes watching a short video is easier to me than having to research myself, but yeah, I'm starting to get a bit peeved when people make videos that are basically just reading the wikipedia page.
What triggers me more is when they do small but basic errors in the middle of that.

Semi unrelated but one time I was watching a vid about the Algerian civil war and the guy had very bad pronounciation. Now, I'm not gonna pretend I know how to pronounce Arab names in the correct pronounciation native, but that guy legit sounded like he wasn't even actually reading the names. He pronounced Boumediene as "Budamin" and Bouteflika as "Boudefek". Bugged me so much

Isn't it like the number one food safety rule that you should never eat raw mushrooms?

No. 780180

Snotty ass, scrote bartenders.
I'm a pretty good bartender. Ive placed in a few competitions and used to work for a pretty famous bar. But I just read an article about bartenders least favorite drinks to make. Almost all the scrotes said, "long island iced tea", because "it's a white girl drink and they don't appreciate the flavour of alcohol". No shit. Alcohol tastes like ass to most people who haven't forced themselves to like it like us. They are just girls who want to get drunk and have a good time. It's not a hard drink to make. Like men always act sophisticated when they order a Jameson on the rocks for $15, when a 750 only costs about $25 and they could drink at home. Fuck off.
Uhg, there's a recycling bin like every 5 feet in my city, so no one really litters. But when I go hiking, I'll find beer bottles and bags for snacks. Not everywhere, but it'll be there. You're fucking retarded if you can't just put something in your backpack or pocket until you can throw it away/recycle it.

No. 780239

I hate egirl "fashion", buncha fucking unfashionsble consoomers

No. 780257

I’ve found myself calling inanimate things she, and in my case I definitely would have to blame drag race, so you’re spot on there.

No. 780294

Isn't the purpose of drinks to cover the taste of alcohol to begin with? Like who the fuck actually wants their drink to taste like alcohol? You might as well be drinking nail polish remover.

No. 780392

Men raising their voices. It's probably some kind of monkey brain stuff, but I still remember when we had any fight in the family I could stand my mother yelling at me, but I'd start bawling my eyes off if my dad started yelling because he looked and sounded demented. And to this day I hate if any man raises his voice. They should be discouraged to do so by law.

No. 780394

Based. I have a pathetic fantasy of running up to someone to say they dropped something after they threw their trash on the ground. People can be so selfish.

No. 780403

File: 1618078618283.png (575.64 KB, 848x470, dd.PNG)

Overly specific sperg but I hate when educational outlets use fake photos of historical figures that lived before photography. (pic rel, Madame Ching was a real pirate) Using a actor wearing makeup and props kind of cheapens and almost makes the historical figure feel fake, especially when we don't know what they looked like and are just doing guess-work. It puts a misinformed image in peoples heads. Just use paintings that were made at the time.

I just generally hate TV reenactments too, they usually don't aid the viewer that much. Just read the sources and historical facts and have faith that your viewers can learn without flashy actors and camerawork.

No. 780416

TV reenactments tend to be super cheap, you can't help but laugh at the poor guy in the stupid costume. I prefer learning history through books with some illustrations to help visualize.

No. 780417

It always annoys me, especially considering men think anger an acceptable emotion to flaunt. Whenever a man raises his voice or yells chances are he's being an unreasonable ape who tries to intimidate others to compensate for his tiny weenie. It's seriously pathetic, especially if he's yelling at a woman, child, or pet.

No. 780418

File: 1618079567749.jpeg (691.69 KB, 2431x1772, Corisca getting her wig snatch…)

>he looked and sounded demented. And to this day I hate if any man raises his voice. They should be discouraged to do so by law.
This is exactly it, I agree completely. When men get loud and angry it's like they transform into some kind of monstrous caricature of a person, like they lose some aspect of their humanity. They lose the ability to reason when they're under the influence of rage.

No. 780435

men who do this with guitars, cars, bikes etc. are god-tier cringe. honestly i can't even stand when men do it for boats, you shouldn't be allowed to call a boat "she" unless you're an actual admiral or something

No. 780436

ah yes, the most respectful views of women: "have baby" and "be property"

No. 780444

can't stand how people go into defcon 1 the second their water bottle or bag of chips is empty. just hold onto it until you get to a trash can. if you're a woman you might even be able to put it in your bag! stop coming into my restaurant like your empty bottle is a fucking grenade that you MUST throw in my trashcans RIGHT NOW or it'll KILL YOU

No. 780507

File: 1618089183824.png (4.45 KB, 692x32, g.png)

I hate this (picrel) thread. The moment riri was posted I knew it was going to get worse.
Also hate anons who shit on completely normal, common things (usually hairstyles, certain clothing items, things related to that) just because some groups they dislike also wear some of those things and then act like literally anyone who looks/wears something even vaguely similar is exactly the same, even when those groups didn't start it in the first place and it's something that even the biggest turbo normies wear/do.

No. 780508

The word "scramble" in the name of a dish to imply scrambled eggs. I hate it and refuse to say it. I just made a "tofu scramble" and I'd be so much happier if the recipe name was "tofu 'scrambled eggs'" or "breakfast tofu"
I also hate company names that add an "ly" to the end like Freshly and Dinnerly. It's so overdone.

No. 780509

>unless you're an actual admiral or something
agreed. dude who owns a boat and calls it "she" is annoying but if you are a grizzled man if the sea with a heavy accent and your boat is your life… its kinda vibes i like calling it "she" then

No. 780522

Tbh the thread is so shit because it's really just the same spergs that nitpick women in every other thread except in that thread they can do it without people calling them losers. The ugly people that you find attractive threads are much more fun.

No. 780597

When people say “how do you do things with those nails”

No. 780610

File: 1618102742675.jpg (81.11 KB, 960x783, 1599153249845.jpg)

Those are some of my favorite threads. I post in them all the time and it's really interesting what specific things gets anons interested. Conventionally attractive people with nothing of substance are the worst.

Semi-related but I fucking hate the idea that excessive attention from the opposite sex is something worthy of achieving. A majority of the time it's empty and meaningless and people just trying to butter you up with hollow compliments for a chance to get some. It's really depressing trying to have a real conversation with someone and they just keep shrugging off everything you say because they want you to sit there and look pretty. Having someone you can really connect with emotionally will always be better than having hordes of braindead scrotes vying for your attention.

No. 780620

Just a passive aggressive way of saying they think your nails are tacky.

No. 780623

they are though. you can't comfortably do any type of manual labour or fine electronics work with them, can't work as a chef, can't work in construction or moving, and all i think of is what if the front side of the nail gets caught on something and gets pushed back and rips the whole nail up off your finger, like opening a lid. why make your hands less useful, it's like saying you wish we hadn't gotten the vote.

No. 780625

savile-anon over in the british men thread won the internet

No. 780641

>it's like saying you wish we hadn't gotten the vote
This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard someone say. Also I still wouldn’t be doing any of those things without long nails & have never struggled with opening lids. My nails are real so whenever they’ve been pushed back the top part just snaps off so they’re slightly shorter it doesn’t rip the whole nail off not sure if it’s different with acrylics.

No. 780667

Ugh, this is one of my pet peeves too. The "How do you wipe?" shit is worse.

No. 780690

kek don't get me started anon! I've had natural long nails since I was a teenage girl and I can do everything normal people can do, except feel anything with the tip of my fingers. How do I wipe…how the fuck do the rest of you wipe, with your finger tips?

No. 780697

tbf you do need fingertips to hold tp in the first place

No. 780703

File: 1618109979921.png (508.72 KB, 537x697, ew.png)

i was thinking these disgusting pieces of crap, not just "kinda long natural nails." these shits are hobbling yourself for male attention. they make you a less capable human, which i thought we worked pretty hard to not be seen as.

No. 780704

they'd rip off horrifyingly in a violent impact or snap against something, it's just too dangerous for me to have something stuck on my hand that can bend back and rip out my nail. why risk hurting your hand for the sake of something ugly??

No. 780708

Yes! I wear fake nails (since I bite the fuck out of my natural ones) but like, I wish people would realize that if it were a handicap for me, I would simply wear them shorter or not at all lol. The wiping question is just so invasive and annoying. The only real struggle I have is putting on jeans sometimes.

No. 780727

>The only real struggle I have is putting on jeans sometimes
>"not a handicap"
>has trouble PUTTING PANTS ON
you don't deserve hands. what do you do, play zero musical instruments? how do you relax, the only hobby you can have with these costume shop props is thumb-typing on your phone

No. 780735

Notice how she didn't mention having trouble putting on any other article of clothing? At most, it just sounds like an inconvenience and not a hindrance. I grow out my natural nails and even I still have problems with them breaking when I bump or catch them on something.

No. 780736

Why are you so mad anon? The reason why it could be an issue is because sometimes it can be hard to slide the button through the hole on the pants. It's really not a big deal to me and it's not that much of an inconvenience in my day. My main hobbies are art, and I've been learning 2 languages. Doing my nails is also kind of a hobby for me.
>how do you relax
I'm not even sure what you're asking

No. 780738

File: 1618113879138.png (802.26 KB, 826x674, sqnts.png)

No. 780742

i kind of agree with them tbh. even after the explanations itt i still don't really get long nails and how they're not painful/not uncomfortable

No. 780756

>what if the front side of the nail gets caught on something and gets pushed back and rips the whole nail up off your finger
This happened to me the first time I got acrylics. It’s just as painful as you’re thinking kek.

No. 780765

yeah and i think they're ugly but they aren't setting back women's rights they're just nails

No. 780768

File: 1618116975009.jpg (107.65 KB, 649x649, Elegent-light-shade-stone-Edgy…)

>you can't comfortably do any type of manual labour or fine electronics work with them, can't work as a chef, can't work in construction or moving

Nta, but… so? I'm a programmer, why would whether or not I could theoretically work construction or as a chef factor into my cosmetic decisions? I've been getting my nails done like pic related for years and have never had any issue with day to day tasks.

And comparing slightly inconvienient nails you can get removed at any time to losing the right to vote is… a reach to say the least…

It depends on the person. Some people adapt to them easier than others. Like, if you go from short to long ass acrylics it's likely gonna be rough, but if you go from already long to acrylics it just makes your nails prettier and stronger. You don't have to want them or like them, but I don't get what's hard to believe that they're not this weird handicap like some of you seem to think.

No. 780793

File: 1618121196705.jpg (10.64 KB, 300x300, Square-Shape-Acrylic-Nails-5-3…)

There is no convincing them anon, people either "get" long nails or they don't. I have no interest in manual labor, I can do normal cooking at home, and what the fuck, fine electronics work? kek is chef, laborer, and microchip designer the only jobs available to women now? My job is basically just typing, and I type 100+ wpm with nails this long, sometimes longer. I certainly don't keep them long to hobble myself, I just like the look of long nails. and TBH the only people who have ever made negative comments have been men, so I sure as hell don't do it for them.

They didn't let me into my polling location last year though, because I couldn't put tiles down in a kitchen or fix a roof with these nails. damn maybe you're right…

No. 780800

>fine electronics work? kek is chef, laborer, and microchip designer the only jobs available to women now?
This and the statement about voting makes me think that poster was definitely a scrote. Sperging about manual labor and voting rights to shit on anything conventionally feminine are peak r9k talking points. If it's not a moid, then Nonny really needs to stop lurking incel sites and internalizing their idiocy.

No. 780806

I despise the social aspect of the internet. It is retarded and autistic and only allows people to fester in their own stupidity until it becomes a net negative for society as a whole. If I could I would destroy the fucking internet because it has made society so retarded and insane.

No. 780807

Can't do manual labor with long nails my ass I'm a welder.

No. 780813

I just think these type of nails are ugly and tacky.

No. 780814

I agree with you wrt non anonymous socializing online, although if lolcow and other anonymous boards had to be blown up to get rid of Twitter and Facebook and Reddit, than so be it

No. 780816

The internet has 1000% made me a worse person. Not saying that to relieve myself of accountability, just saying I went from kinda toxic to a fucking monster to an extent I doubt I would have had I touched grass more.

No. 781032

kek am not scrote, just nerd who used to be chef. you guys don't play musical instruments or anything though? just what do you do all day, read social media and type a little bit?

No. 781035

welding isn't manual labour, it's the girliest thing in the whole metal shop. girls who weld are such NLOGs, come back when you're a machinist or working in the foundry kek

No. 781036

they look like something a 5-year-od would do to copy their mom

No. 781037

do any lesbians have these things? i've never slept with a woman who had stupid halloween nails or even met another lesbian who did, but i'm not super social so maybe they're out there

No. 781055

>welding isn't manual labour, it's the girliest thing in the whole metal shop. girls who weld are such NLOGs, come back when you're a machinist or working in the foundry kek
Why don't scrotes know how to reply in one post

No. 781067

why do you think anyone who isn't a self-hating libfem like you must be a scrote? self-respecting feminists haven't been posting public nudes and wasting $100 a month on halloween nails for the past 10 years. seethe harder then snapchat your asshole to a classmate for some xanax, i guess

No. 781069

Just wondering, how do you feel about astrology and the women who like it?

No. 781074

AYRT, what?

No. 781078

I'm just curious, anon.

No. 781080

i don't do astrology tho

No. 781082

I just like them, they don't get in the way of anything too much. Picking up coins can be a bitch but that's about it. I used to work in a warehouse and as a cleaning lady and they never hindered me.

No. 781298

I hate it that being poor is relatable or trendy now. And by poor I don’t mean so dirty poor you make mashed potatoes out of potato chips, middle-class people with relative poverty who think they are dirt fucking poor in a western country who unfortunately have access to internet.

No. 781337

I hate that it's reached a point where people larp being poor online. It's a really weird compensation.

No. 781339

Agreed I wish someone could nuke the internet that's the only way to improve society and our health

No. 781354


> so dirty poor you make mashed potatoes out of potato chips

Who would ever do this, a raw potato costs way less than an equivalent weight bag of chips.

No. 781359

I hate it when I point this out as a recent immigrant from a poor country, people will tell me 'it's not a race' or that nobody cares. Clearly you fucking care when you're making shit up for cool points.

No. 781368

People that live in food deserts where there's little to no access to grocery stores, or people that rely on food banks, or those that don't have a functional kitchen

No. 781404

I feel like sitcoms like rosanne and the simpsons contributed to this.

No. 781453

File: 1618195025975.png (12.23 KB, 477x289, wowo.PNG)

When guys mimic female moaning. They all sounded fucking retarded and every time I want to punch their teeth in.

No. 781456

That's unlocked a memory. If I have a daughter I might just send her to a same sex school, boys were fucking annoying.

No. 781458

I hate the person who wrote that post, the people that are part of the responses and you for unlocking this memory that was deep down in my mind.

No. 781463

File: 1618197121527.png (97.18 KB, 380x249, Untitled.png)

i hate men

No. 781464

what the fuck does being trans have to do with it
is this that weird agp shit?

No. 781468


No. 781472

you better not be a nonettefag

No. 781473

What is this shit? Femboy or tranny catgirl?

No. 781477

Dried mushrooms do not add umami they add cat piss smell

No. 781482

haven't seen that one as often on here so i'm not annoyed by it, nona and anonita are spreading like a disease though

No. 781490

Nonnie, nonita and nonette are all valid fight me

No. 781537

Agreed 100%, they're all cringe and I'm particularly suspicious of anonita after mods banned that scrote LARPing as a woman and using it in his posts

No. 781559

I hate that some anons think opening with "sage for OT" is like their get-out-of-jail-free card, so they follow it up with barely tangentially relevant shit or just use it to vent on cow boards. Half the time they don't even ACTUALLY sage the post. And yes, this is mostly about one patricular thread, and I'm not taking it to /meta/ because they'll cry about "trannies want admin to take our thread away!44!!!", when all people were asking for was more consistent moderation, and no it has like none.

No. 781566

Dorian Electra's voice, i don't care if it's her ~style~ it fucking sucks. Also her voice isn't androgyne at all, it's obviously a woman straining her voice to hit low notes out of her range.

No. 781588

I can't stand it when people write english words in a different language, instead of writing like a normal person.

It's one thing to write a word that is uncommon or doesn't have a translation, but it's another throwing english words in diff language sentences, such as bullying.

It looks so out of place and cringe to me. I get it you think you are cool, but you look embarrassing.

No. 781611

I hate that anons think putting an emoji under a spoiler is their get-out-of-jail-free card.

No. 781677

Who? i first saw it used in the prayer thread

No. 782060

I hate this video so much having to hear some fucking scrote whispering “YA HUNGRY” to a cat pisses me off

No. 782077

I kinda hate when people try to capture pets reacting to things. My insta feed is full of peole just trying to annoy their cat/dog til it snaps at them because pissed off pets are funny? Film it chilling, just doing its own thing. I'd honestly enjoy that more than say watching a dog get really wound up and irritated.

No. 782097

On internet Q & A forums people who don't do actually research and arm chair theorize, which is 100% wrong, or go "we'll never know". I hate it because often an academic consensus has been reached on the subject and everyone with a tad bit of knowledge should know about it. They also spread a lot of misinformation
Best example I have is /r/AskFeminists has a basic "Why do men hate feminism?" question and instead of citing or quoting someone who's an expert on the subject like dworkin they guess themselves or say "I dunno"

No. 782312

File: 1618269357350.jpg (37.37 KB, 640x360, 618d512f57af51bfe4183847520e0e…)

I hate when people copy drawings and act like hot shit for doing so and everyone praises them like… Holy shit shut up

No. 782314

people are dumb and self important like that

No. 782319

You’re just now realizing that everyone on the internet is a dumbass who want other people to think for them?

No. 782335

kek is that a screenshot of a zoom call?

No. 782337

File: 1618270924079.png (53.89 KB, 360x383, tumblr_pgku96Bh8j1xjznmzo1_400…)

Tiktok. I also hate anons that use it, fuck you.

No. 782339

>tumblr file name

loooooool okay nonny. anyways, i can't wait til you eventually download it and become addicted

No. 782341

>all lowercase
Okay zoomer. I'm not a braindead scrooler and I have better things to do than be hunched over my
phone all day mindlessly scrooling on an app owned by the Chinese government. I also got this off google images, so idk what your point is trying to make about it being a tumblr filename??

No. 782345

>unironically using ok zoomer
Well, I guess if I had typed this in the "correct" format on lolcow, you definitely wouldn't have needed to stoop to braindead levels of insults huh? corny ass

No. 782358

File: 1618273095211.jpg (32.8 KB, 540x531, ket.jpg)

Don't get me wrong she made some great songs but she was a piece of shit. She can jump off a bridge with her gay baiting and homophobia

No. 782363

File: 1618273371069.png (260.55 KB, 520x520, kys.png)

>not posting the superior filename

No. 782364

Anon, what

No. 782375

Lol i love tik tok because the algorithm doesn't force me trannies/disgusting progressive shit and actually shows me things i like exclusively, unlike instagram. I'm actually glad that app exists because i was losing my fucking mind.

No. 782388

it's about Yulia, isn't it? Still, I thought I was having a stroke

No. 782425

same same. I have only gotten ONE furry thing and it was some furfag going live. Everything else is exactly the content I want. My boyfriend has a completely different fyp because we like different things. It's like tiktok algorithm actually cares.

No. 782508

File: 1618283357348.jpg (803.46 KB, 1077x979, SmartSelect_20210412-230851_In…)

Senseless tattoos splayed out like this. Looking like a motherfucking 8 year old's sticker journal.

No. 782511

File: 1618283490745.jpg (615.3 KB, 1078x829, SmartSelect_20210412-231111_In…)

Looking like she raided the goddamn 25¢ tattoo machine.

No. 782557

Hard agree

No. 782558

the classy look of someone who fell asleep on a newspaper

No. 782661

Imo this could be fun as a temporary look but having this etched into your skin permanently forever after.. nah

No. 782861

My coworker who is 28 still does this.

Thankfully I have found a new job and I am leaving in two days.

No. 782884

I hate this "aahh" sound

No. 782893

what's more annoying, this, or "yuh"

No. 782898

what could you possibly like on there? everyone on that app seems annoying, unfunny and/or punchable

No. 782912

both are horrible

No. 782937

>middle class people

To be fair they're the new indentured servitude being beholden to wage slavery to afford the massive debts. To pay for their cars that won't break down during their multi-hour commutes everyday, and houses in low crime areas with opportunities. If they didn't take out loans they couldn't actually 'afford' anything, not even their college educations. One missed paycheck could mean financial devastation for the lot of them and they'd lose everything.

It's a different kind of poverty. Just not the "ghetto" poor that's been romanticized for the past 30+ years.

No. 782941

File: 1618341480296.webm (7.68 MB, 576x1024, Sully.webm)

nta but there is some decent content on there. I use it purely for selling shit tho because of its decent algorithm.
You're not missing out on much tbh. If a vid is good enough on there it usually ends up on other sites anyway.

No. 782942

she makes the sound cats do before they throw up

No. 783260

the whole "heavier-set women are more attractive because they signal that they have the best body equipped for child-bearing"…… like, you know your hip-bones aren't any wider than a lighter-weight woman's right? it's literally all just fat giving the illusion of wider hips and if you were to remove all of it they'd be as "boy-shaped" too

No. 783743

I hate people with the "everything happens for a reason" mindset, because 1) it's incredibly stupid, and 2) they are cruel and insensitive to innocent people.
They have also become particularly bold during the pandemic.

No. 783768

i hate flip-flops.

No. 783872

I don't think the monkey brain cares. We just read stimuli, and if you give a baboon a fake doll of a female with unrealistically big buttocks, he'll choose that one over mating with a real one. That's basically coomerism too in a nutshell.

No. 783998

The word chud, I feel like the people who unironically say it only use it to deflect genuine criticism, like "don't listen to the evil 4chan chuds uwu". I've never seen anybody here use it, it really is a twitter wokester thing.

No. 784071

Hip/thigh/ass fat has also been proven to be very beneficial for the fetus so theres also that, not all women gain down below, and no a apple shaped woman is not magically gonna turn into an hourglass/pear by gaining weight, shes just gonna get bigger boobs and a fat stomach.

No. 784180

Those fat hard bellies some men get

No. 784182

File: 1618512896005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.05 KB, 1200x900, darryn-lyons-image-2-744411117…)

What do you mean? I immediately thought of pic, but I would like an example

No. 784193

File: 1618513440290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.24 KB, 768x1024, 4899381378_956f56f15f_b.jpg)

No. 784208

that's from drinking. that's drunk fat, so even more slovenly and disgusting than a binge-eater. guys with that belly are the kings of "i could quit anytime" but they never do and die of ass cancer.

No. 784211

I want to throw up, only scrotes think it's acceptable to take and show off disgusting pictures like this.

No. 784216

NTA but it can't be just from drinking. I'm from a muslim majority country and lots of men have a "beer" belly despite never drinking alcohol

No. 784228

It's from anything high calorie consumed in high quantity, just the beer is the most common among men, and they store the most of fat in the belly, thus, beer belly.

No. 784238

What the fuck. He looks pregnant. I’ve never seen a (non-pregnant) woman with a stomach like this.

No. 784249

I hate this shit, especially when they are wearing a t-shirt and you can see the belly poking under.

No. 784252

Yeah it isn’t always just from drinking, my grandad was a lorry driver his whole life which was why he had a belly (not as extreme and gross as that) but a ‘beer belly’ type, from sitting all day and night for long periods

No. 784271


i dont see why fucked up kids like this should be teachers problems. if u can do a better job, then keep them at home, they’re your problem

i hope their bogus lawsuit is laughed out of court, what a disgrace

No. 784276

LMAO it's fucked up to think it's right to forbid someone from using a restroom, autistic or not. Teacher deserved feces in their face, normal kid just wouldn't have the courage to do it, so good for this girl.

No. 784278

she didnt tell her she couldnt go, she told her to wait

No. 784279

story is from the US, you literally can't keep your kids home or you get sent to prison
yeah i think restraining her made sense, but why didn't they allow her to use the restroom to begin with? always hated that bullshit in school, fuck teachers who do that

No. 784280

Do you also wait when you're on the verge of shitting yourself?

No. 784284

Nta, and I don't agree with what the teacher did at all, but I think OP is talking about homeschooling. There are actual virtual schools out there with actual teachers, but idk if they help autistic children. Parents whos kids are homeschooled can still get sent to prison afaik though.

No. 784286

On one hand I remember not being allowed to go to the restroom in school "too" often, which at some point resulted in my trousers being covered in blood because I couldn't change pads fast enough and everyone saw it and nobody told me, so the teachers fucked up to begin with imo. On the other hand why is the mother wasting everyone's time with putting a retarded child who can't even speak to a school, unless it's a school for mentally disabled kids only?

No. 784289

Based, now let’s do this with men in general

No. 784291

Nah, autistic people should be barred from using certain bathrooms. They should build bathrooms that are specifically for “neurodiverse” specials because that lawsuit is absolutely dumb and fucking useless.

No. 784293

Lmao thanks anon I just spewed my drink on the table

No. 784295

>On the other hand why is the mother wasting everyone's time with putting a retarded child who can't even speak to a school, unless it's a school for mentally disabled kids only?
it's a regular school but the school's webpage says they have an "autism program" that is meant to teach autistic kids basic communication skills and the like
what else do you do with a child like that anyway
maybe you should read the article instead of clamoring to say whatever inflammatory bait-worthy thought first pops up in your mind

No. 784298

That makes more sense if she was in the autism program then, but in that case I assume the teachers should have known what to expect from the students.

>what else do you do with a child like that anyway

Keep them at home away from normal kids so they don't bother or endanger other kids who are just trying to learn at school. I don't care how the parents would do it, but some of them think normal classes are just there so they can dump their kids there and everyone else should have to deal with their violent outbursts. I'm speaking from experience as someone who had two autistic classmates because their rich parents thought the prestigious private middle school would miraculously make their kids normal.

No. 784301

It's difficult because everybody should be able to use the restroom but it might be that she requires supervision on the way to the bathroom, which can't always be instantly provided. Classrooms in the average school don't have the faculty to provide 1to1 supervision for most of the children. Plus the girl was non verbal so there might have been some confusion about what she actually needed. They definitely shouldn't have put her in time out knowing she really needed the toilet

I think the suit will fail - the situation has already been investigated by the police and they determined no criminal wrongdoing on behalf of the school. They might get a slap on the wrist for not correctly filling in the paperwork for a restraint, but ultimately they restrained a child that was throwing faeces and trying to bite people. Most people would agree that, although you never WANT to do it, sometimes you will have to restrain a child if the safety of other children is in question. The parents might argue that the biting allegation was false but they've admitted that the shit throwing happened, which is a danger to other kids and isn't a behaviour that you can just assume won't turn to violence.

No. 784418

Maybe the child shouldn’t fling shot at other children.

No. 784549

>“You can't deny someone from using the bathroom,”
I honestly have to agree here. I mean this in general, not about this autistic girl specifically, it's literally a basic function of the body, I personally don't think it's okay to deny someone that. Especially in a school for teens (the girl was 14), for all the teacher knew she had to change her tampon/pad to prevent bleeding through. Unlike pee or poop you can't hold up blood when you're on your period. That always made me extremely anxious when I was in secondary school, I've sat through many classes being afraid of bleeding through because the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom.

No. 784715

>>the biting allegation was false
Some parents of autistic kids always do this. They downplay everything. A punch becomes a “tap”, a slap becomes a “push”, a scratch is an accident, they didn’t know what they where doing when they threw cold cereal all over everybody at breakfast because blah blah blah….I have personal experience of this and its just really upsetting, like you get attacked for not being a mind reader and then blamed and treated like you’ve done something intentionally cruel.

No. 784746

when it's that weird hard gut it's from drinking. like when it's a giant powling ball under their skin and not flabby, that's a booze gut

No. 784752

If it gives you any hope the body has 2 fats. The fat that goes over the body which makes someone big like a sumo wrestler and the fat thats hard sticks to the body like their pic.
The latter fat is the most deadly one

No. 784775

File: 1618587172666.jpg (79.14 KB, 640x1071, 27d4225a28c7469139a4a877bbbeb3…)

Hate to give them the satisfaction, but the /mu/ "tranny music" meme is real. Anything slightly hyperpop, 100 gecs, black dresses, etc, related gets the most austsitc tumblerite. I find msot of the music OK, but holly shit are their fans annoying. Even emo's in the 2000's weren't as annoying as them
Also any song that gets a slowed and reverb remix has a fandom that is 100% full of annoying shitheads

No. 784839

i love drain gang’s music and i really hate the reputation they have gained from their weird ass fans, it’s such a shame. liking their music is just not something i can be proud of if i am associated with people who take pictures of themselves taking estrogen.

No. 784937

Nightcore and vaporwave are the essential troon genres.

No. 785135

File: 1618615886175.jpg (43.46 KB, 960x653, 1618565051433.jpg)

Posting this here not to derail the art salt thread, but this has happened to me an odd amount of times and it irks me because it's such an easy fix. I cycled on and off DA making/deleting an account every time and every time I'd get a weird ass image appear when I signed up. It wasn't just the log in, but also the 'You finished your account you can explore this!" which showed me inflation and a guy who liked drawing mutated woman, as a fetish.
It irks me because this is any easy fix. Don't randomly choose whats on your damn log in page just pull from a database your cleared. No one will notice if 1-2 photos are repeated. The only way this could happen multiple times is if you literally didn't give a single fuck

No. 785158

>join the largest art community
>inflated chef Hatchet from tdi

But yeah anon I agree, they don't even try to hide the fact that their entire platform is used for fetish coomer art

No. 785649

File: 1618688637729.jpg (144.63 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Fucking medical YT's. I google some 1 hour medical lecture to learn, but these stupid fuckers always pop up in my feed with their 5 minute brain dead videos. They don't even say anything interesting it's either basic facts or "How could you say something so controversial yet so brave"
The Dr. Oz of zoomers

No. 785660

People from all sorts of professions are doing these "[professional] reacts to" videos as a side hustle now. So fucking lazy. Also the only thing worse than the medical youtubers are the annoying studytubers in medical school.

No. 785766

that "therapist reacts to" guy skeeves me out so bad. he's so scruffy and greasy and i know he's not violating the letter of his professional ethics, but i think if you want to practice in the spirit of a good-faith therapist you shouldn't be making a youtube channel or aiming for entertainment industry fame. i also don't see why anyone who's out of it enough to grow a nasty pubestache shoud be trusted with anyone's mental health.

No. 785820

The term cocsa. Can't help but think that it unintentionally sounds like a porn genre.

No. 785823

Kek so funny watching even engineers, scientists and doctors making YouTube channels because they know they aren’t paid enough or are greedy little fucks. I don’t fucks with no therapist anymore

No. 785827

Don’t bring vaporwave into this nonny, it’s a pretty enjoyable genre to listen to when you want to clear your brain but they always listen to the most basic bitch tracks like Macintosh 420. Trannies avoid black-dominated genres like the plague, they usually like Hamilton-esque musical soundtracks, metal, hyperpop, and as you said anime music like Moe Shop and shirt unfunny meme music like Cum town.

No. 785829

I see what you mean but personally I see value in what he's doing, his videos helped me a lot. I've seen myself in some of these reality tv nutcases and watching his commentary on them and not just saying "haha she crazy" like everyone else in any kind of reality tv commentary helped me a lot with pinpointing what exactly is wrong with me and how to better explain it to a therapist, which is something what I struggled with a lot before.

No. 785844

I learnt about attachment styles and attachment injuries from him and that was some almost life changing info that helped me piece together my own problems better than actual therapy I've attended. Still stopped watching him after a while because there's only so much of that content you can watch and learn from. Gets repetitive.

I remember seeing the amount of female fans he had. He dedicated an episode to talking about people crushing hard on their therapists and why that happens. Even through a screen I think a portion of his audience gets that experience with him. Like omg he's so gentle and he understands all my trauma!! That kind of thing. Parasocial relationship meets therapist crush.

No. 785949

vaporwave doesn't cater to narcissism or retarded worldviews and ideologies NEARLY enough to be considered a troon genre

No. 785987

>i could care less
this makes zero sense, just think before you speak

No. 785988

omg that always bothers the shit out of me too. it's couldn't

No. 785996

Mukbangs. They just make me hungry and crave what the person in the video is eating. Plus concentrated chewing noises are gross.

No. 785998

People using the word “pearl clutching”

No. 785999

> remember seeing the amount of female fans he had. He dedicated an episode to talking about people crushing hard on their therapists and why that happens. Even through a screen I think a portion of his audience gets that experience with him. Like omg he's so gentle and he understands all my trauma!! That kind of thing. Parasocial relationship meets therapist crush.

yeah that part. i don't like that and i think it's still his responsibility not to enable it, so he shouldn't make a show.

No. 786020

depop sellers photoshopping their bodies to unrealistic proportions. same thing could be said for fashion nova etc but for some reason depop photoshopping annoys me even more.

No. 786030

Same, it's pretty much always used to shut down legitimate criticism of something that deserves to be criticized (CP adjacent shit, violent and dangerous fetishes, etc.)

No. 786032

i purposely don't buy from sellers that treat depop like instagram

No. 786077

Youtube's homepage
I don't know if I dreamt it, but I remember a time where browsing by the homepage was actually nice, because it recommended pretty fitting videos based on viewing history and channels I followed. Now it's full of videos I already watched, would never watch or all based around a topic I watched a single video on 2 days ago. I have to use "don't recommend this channel" and "I don't want to watch this" so often now just to clear it out of crap, or it'll keep recommending me the same video over and over again, even though I watched completely different style of videos since then. I was able to find interesting channels through there, now it'll just recommend me ones I already watched. The exception is anime memes, if I click on a 5 seconds anime meme, my whole homepage looks like I'm attacked by some anime babe malware.

No. 786083

How discussions around video games or animated fiction is mostly dominated by males who have a vast tendency to: flood discussion with their coom, take it too seriously and treat it like a sports team, bully or coerce you for having a different opinion, among other brainlet tactics. God, I can't believe these fucks have the nerve to call women the crazy ones when they're the ones visibly chimping out about pixels and treating it like a religion on every internet corner. Every time I had a discussion about video games or anime with a woman it was far more chill, introspective, and intelligent in comparison. Really seems like female presence in those communities have gone down in the past 10 years

No. 786092

When people send you a burst of small messages, I always let them finish, and then I start replying to their first message, they immediately reply to me without letting me finish the convo! I feel this is a zoomer thing to do, none of my millennial friends do that.

No. 786094

Ugh my friend always splits one sentence into 500 messages it's god damn annoying, my phone is just like ping ping ping ping ping motherfucker

No. 786097

A lot of people on discord do this.
Deffo a zoomer thing. I know so many people who will interrupt a pretty serious conversation with their whining or bragging about something unrelated, or replying halfway to things they don't know the context of without letting the other finish.

No. 786337

"I rather"

No. 786619

File: 1618793024219.jpg (238.37 KB, 1300x866, 79157735-bullets-in-a-world-wa…)

Call me an autistic baby but there are few things I find more nasty to look at than ammo belts, except maybe medieval torture devices. It's like all hostility and conflict condensed into an object. I hate that they look like rows of teeth and were created specifically to make killing fast and efficient. I hate scrotes who think wearing them as accesories is the coolest shit ever.

No. 786622

File: 1618793152514.jpg (11.96 KB, 214x235, index.jpg)

i make an exception for the battery belt (AAA batteries because "they'll look like bullets from far away")

No. 786632

File: 1618794270207.png (92.85 KB, 848x316, Screenshot 2021-04-18 205210.p…)

Fucking alt right channers latching onto orthodox Christianity for some reason. They don't even bother following the basic tenets of it and instead use weird arguments to justify how 'visual novels are christian'. If it keeps growing at this rate I'll have to explain to people I know how I'm not one of those 'orthodox Christians'

Boy will they be depressed when they learn the country with the second biggest orthodox population is in Africa.

No. 786675

What bothers me about 4chan larping unironically as catholics is that none of them actually grew up with that religion. Most males I know or knew who grew up catholic are either atheist or are markedly less religious in their adult lives. Because being catholic fucking sucks. These males who recently googled it only like it because they get to cherrypick the aspects that suit them (like women being subordinate) without needing to have put in the hours of effort like going to mass and attending religious institutions for most of their fucking free lives. If any of the effort expected in a trad upbringing was placed above them then they'd come to hate the shit.

No. 786679

Anyone here old enough to understand me when I say that after leaving youtube, fakesagan ended up converting to Greek Orthodox?

No. 786680

Anons who post their ugly ass crushes in the conventionally attractive thread

No. 786814

Yes a lot of orthodox americans are faggy alt right spergs even though the religion was unique in having a stronghold in Africa before colonization and being untied to west european racism now they're about to ruin that kek

No. 786847

I hate anglos, especially cultureless and frustrated new world anglos who latch onto random things out of dissatisfaction with their life and lack of identity.
I got bullied for years for being an eastern european orthodox christian immigrant and called racist for being against islam despite coming from a country that was quite literally enslaved and tortured by the ottoman empire for almost 500 years, and now there's bored alt right americans larping as communists or orthodox christians and various edgy internet personalities escaping to my country to leech off of us some more because the west is cucked, according to them.
Fuck off, nobody likes you here.

No. 786886

File: 1618836729895.jpeg (429.68 KB, 606x977, 95A21A24-146B-4755-9B00-9FC6EB…)

honestly, all people who make content specifically for companies on snapchat. but this bitch has such ugly thick makeup she looks like a tranny. this screenshot is actually the best she’s looked, which is really not saying much.

No. 787701

File: 1618943424824.jpg (101.63 KB, 800x482, why-do-we-get-allergies.jpg)

I really hate allergies and they make me dislike spring in general. Even though I love spring weather and how the days are getting longer, allergies are ruining it for me. My main symptoms are itchy eyes, sinus pain, and feeling extremely fatigued. My fatigue is so bad that it's caused me to fail multiple semesters of college. (I probably wouldn't have passed with allergies, but the allergies made it impossible) So in general I feel pretty depressed during allergy season and I feel like I can barely do anything.

No. 787717

Unrelated but this just made me wonder, do tranny muslims dress up in the garb? Ew

No. 787724

Damn why does she look so sticky and greasy

No. 787727

People who take their hobbies too seriously and think that it's their job and career. I've had a girl tell me that she was a writer and she was so busy because she had to finish her "projects" and had to sustain herself by being an artist and then I find out that her projects are AO3 tier fanfictions, she's self-published (of course) and she makes mediocre $5 drawings sometimes while she gets money from family and state for "disability". This goes for shitty soundcloud rappers, writers who haven't had even one of their works (which are mostly porn) published by a legit publisher, "artists" who doodle and copy things from pictures to put on their instagrams and "comic artists" who draw on notebook paper two boxes with some ocs in failed chibi anime style.

No. 787741

The lengths people will go to to prove that they are productive members of society. Stop trying and embrace that you’re probably useless piece of shit, reject society and b monke

No. 787746

It's cringe but sometimes I wish I had their confidence tbh

No. 787751

yeah if anything I'd love to be able to finish something to the extent where I actually can make money off it, even if the product is shitty

No. 787881

I hate when you provide nuetral and third party sources to back something up and people don't accept them because they're "biased", but then when you ask them for their sources they provide a very obviously biased source with a vested interest in one side or they just ~heard it somewhere~ The thing I hate most if when you link to scientific studies and then they link you to a mommy blogger that makes her son drink lavender oil and then wonders why poison control keeps getting involved

No. 788098

I hate how materialistic some of my friends are, one of them is jealous of her boyfriend who got the latest iphone, despite her own phone not even being two years old and functioning perfectly, she also buys a ton of shit at Zara and H&M and then whines about not having space anymore and being poor.

No. 788142

It's just her way of coping with a shitty situation. As long as she's a nice person and does no harm to others, I really don't see why you should actively hate on someone like that. They're already on the bottom.

No. 788170

I dislike several types of online posters I have the (mis)fortune of always running into

1. Internet users that takes a topic as innocuous as cats or something that can give an interesting discussion based on the context its on… into yet another race baiting, politics, or religion bashing/soap box fest. Doesnt matter what their views are, just know everybody on any side of the political spectrum does this

2. Internet users that always have to reply with their "funny" sarcastic quips and remarks like it brings anything to value… they get worse if they have a sarcastic personality with a seemingly cynic character that treats everything with disbelief and has a hard time emotionally relating to other peoples problems (why are you so bothered? i dont get it. i dont understand why people are concerned about X, ive never cared. i doubt that ever happened stop lying, ect)

3. Argumenative internet users that will say you have no points no matter how well written or thought out your post is because as long as they dont agree with it it holds no merit. Manages to get away unscatched most of the time without criticism or pushback from the online community for some reason. Bonus point for those who gaslight you about "those" people and say "just ignore it bro"

No. 788177

This. I think that anon is salty that this person with zero talent is living her best life as an artist while OP has problem doing whatever she wants because she's self-critical. So like the other anon(s) (maybe OP is one of them, but IDK) said in >>787746, >>787751. Honestly I relate because I used to feel like this, but at some point you need to realize that the other person is not a problem, your unfulfilled ambitions are. Feeling triggered by others shamelessly doing what you want is a cope in order to not face your true problem.

No. 788193

I have hobbies I love doing and that I use to cope with shitty situations too. I probably didn't convey it well, but this person (and other people like that) keeps bringing up the fact that they're a self-made writer and artist that's always always busy in literally every conversation. You're talking about a show? She'll chime in saying that the writing isn't good and that she as a writer could have made it better. You talk about languages and typos and she'll start rambling about english and how confusing it is because she's a writer. You mention that you're tired or that you're starting a new project? Oh man if only you knew how many projects she has to finish!!! She's so busy she can't do anything!! Like I get that you like to do this thing but there's no need to mention it every damn time so that you can make yourself look productive and artsy and better than everyone else, especially if it's not as cool and unique as you make it out to be.

No. 788284

I see, she does sound annoying. I would drop her ass tbh

No. 788440

I don't think I could ever love a little stringy or curly haired dog like a yorkie, maltese, or bichon frise. They almost always look greasy or crusty and dirty. 9 times out of 10 their owner has small dog syndrome and won't train them to not be yappy. I know I could never become a veterinarian solely because these creatures exist and I would have some implicit racism thing going on with them. It's horrible. I love dogs, I can fall in love with any other breed. It amazes me that people would actually go out of their way to breed these and spend thousands on them. I guess this is how lolcow feels about borzois, except they are wrong and borzois are adorable.

No. 788443

File: 1619039366646.jpg (114.4 KB, 1034x1293, 117815767_924193791437904_1408…)

dropped my nasty pic

No. 788464

>I know I could never become a veterinarian solely because these creatures exist and I would have some implicit racism thing going on with them
Agree with you though, staring into eyes like this is real life horror. I don't hate them and I don't really mind yappy small dogs and I'll love and respect them just as I would any dog but jesus they're just so ugly. Especially the Chinese crested dog, and the nude variety in particular. It literally looks diseased, I don't understand how people can look at them and not see them as some horrible abomination that shouldn't exist.

No. 788466

Ugly crusty eyed breeds are my favourite…

No. 788586

People who smoke, they are incredibly trashy. I mean all vices are trashy, but smoking seems very popular.

No. 788590

whoever has a bichon frise and isn't bougie enough to get it groomed regularly is doing it wrong. malteses are gross tho

No. 788592

File: 1619061147885.png (423.81 KB, 720x540, x9rq9s2wjiq31.png)

I feel this way but about pugs.

Most are the ugliest inbred fuckers in the world with severe underbite and breathing problems. Why would I think these abominations are cute? They're suffering and they don't even look good for it.

No. 788595

Borzois are top tier and I love them. I think their skull is aerodynamic and it makes sense given what they were bred for. You know they're not gasping to breathe like pugs are.

No. 788608

I think you'd appreciate this video

No. 788637

I don't get how people can find pugs ugly. I accept it, but my brain does not compute.

No. 788639

File: 1619070203228.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20210421-214126(1).…)

I hate when thots do "sexy" cosplays of childrens characters

The same chick did a sexy Wednesday Addams cosplay

No. 788655

Every time I see pug skulls I can't believe people willingly pick this breed. They're ugly as hell and not cute at all and riddled with health problems. I couldn't live with myself knowing my dog can't breathe properly. It's awful, the breed should be banned.

Borzois are lovely, no idea why the original Borzoi hater hated them so much. Maybe she was jealous of their majestic snout.

No. 788659

File: 1619074960193.jpg (115.6 KB, 1080x1058, 2qqclgfakc921.jpg)

No. 788661

you just posted a photo of 3 ugly dogs

No. 788663

ntayrt but I cracked up, especially at the chihuahua part

i can confirm as someone who was forced to grow up with chihuahuas that they indeed have atomic excrement

No. 788664

Didn't OG anti borzoi anon hate them because she's scared of them or something?

No. 788666

File: 1619077564588.jpeg (422.79 KB, 828x1300, FC42FAB6-F463-440B-B77F-299002…)

I don't know but you inspired me to look up the anti borzoi posts again and KEK

No. 788667

Cute pic

No. 788684

File: 1619082514381.png (2.98 MB, 1457x3989, dog.png)

Have you seen that recent viral chihuahua adoption post? it's hilarious and on point with what this breed is like

No. 788685

>hates males
>hates children
prancer is based

No. 788686

Do you think the same of people who vape?

No. 788707

The original pinkpill dog. I would adopt him if I could.

No. 788831

I hate the spoiler pic. Why is it an upskirt. I don't care who's it is it's embarrassing when I browse lolcow in public and yes nonnies I do that when I have nothing else to do forgive me.

No. 788832


oh god i agree so much. i know its an historic moment but i did feel like a degenerate when i first started using lolcow years ago

No. 788842

>there't not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, (…) children hating dogs that look like gremlins
Literally my dream dog, except for the 'animal hating' part. Prancer clearly doesn't like competition for his human's affection and I can respect that tho.
>Prancer wants to be your only child
How adorable that is?♥ I hope a sweet childfree lesbian couple adopts him! I confess to genuinely liking Prancer more than all the animalhate anons combined lmfao

No. 788873

Wonder if he likes Trannies

No. 788878

It's Pixyteriyaki during her "gravure" phase. Not that it helps, but she took those photos herself with tripod san. I doubt any passerby would recognize what it is.

No. 788886

I kind of hate it too because it's pretty NSFW itself…even though it's supposed to protect you against NSFW. I know it's a relic of PT herself but I'd rather we change it at this point…

No. 788891

I hate people who make their living off YouTube. I don't care who they are. I automatically respect a YouTuber more when they say they have a day job.

No. 788902

You're just salty they get to make a living while sitting on their ass at home lol

No. 788913

And some people make a living lying on their backs getting their holes fucked. People have different values than you.

No. 788919

Yes, and? They don't contribute anything to society so they don't deserve respect.

No. 788923

Bonus points where they have a job yet one day make a clickbait 'I'm Quitting' video where they make it seem like they're quitting youtube but they're actually quitting their day job. Because they're lazy and it's more profitable. They act like it's suuuuuch a haaaaard decision for them to be making LMAO. It almost comes off as a plea to guilt their fans into giving them more money since their youtube gig will now be their "job." Otherwise, it's pointless to act like people would care that they quit their real job when it's not even a focal point to their channel. It's so transparent and greedy.

No. 788931

lmao imagine existing online and thinking youtube are not adding anything to society. it's part of global culture, anon, whether you want it or not. It contributes just as much as idk, Rembrandt paintings contributed to the society he lived in.

No. 788941

File: 1619109948576.jpg (32.94 KB, 567x393, 1610728451976.jpg)

>you see, youtubers are like Rembrandt

No. 788943

I think of Youtubers like most entertainers. I fail to see how they're any different than most celebrities.

No. 788946

Nta, but I really don't think making youtube videos is the same as sex work.

No. 788950

What makes you think anons don't share the same opinion about celebrities and other overpaid entertainments?

I feel bad for some of you. Society has got you gaslit that being entertaining entitles people to more extravagant forms of living than people who perform functions that keep society civil and operational on the daily.

No. 788961

I thought it was just implied that everyone knows most entertainers are paid too much? Didn't think it needed to be implicitly stated. That's why everyone loves to gossip and shit-talk celebs, because they secretly want to see them fall from grace.

No. 788967

>because they secretly want to see them fall from grace
Or maybe they're just easier to nitpick for the fact that they're overpaid shitheads.

No. 788987

non monogamy

No. 788991

File: 1619113712513.jpg (59.82 KB, 750x725, zwixqh9u6ti51.jpg)

Anon don't you know, monogamy was created by the Evil white colonizer to control us

No. 788993

I feel sorry for black women.

No. 788994

Its tough for us, very low value black men or White men who fetishize us

No. 789054

How many STDs do you think this slut has?

No. 789079

all of them

No. 789086

I know. Black women will not fall for white men's tricks and be monogamous with (black) men.

No. 789156

Yes!! It fucking defeats the purpose when the spoiler pic ITSELF is nsfw, I don't want anyone seeing me look at that shit

No. 789163


Anyone have any ideas for a new spoiler image? It might be worth it to propose a new one in /meta/.

No. 789167

I agree it should be changed to something else preferably. There are SFW images that are still funny enough to represent lolcow.

No. 789168

A really cute baby cow, or maybe a cow-spotted borzoi.

No. 789182

I think one with a spoilered cow udder would be so cute. I wanted to make one but I’m only on mobile at the moment.

No. 789205

I hate the classic proposing pose with the knee on the ground, it's lame as fuck. I don't say this as some kind of NLOG or pickme, I just think it's fucking pathetic, and if I'd get proposed like that in public I'd be mortified.

No. 789217

Ohh I feel this so much, never seen anyone speak of it so I tried to not think about it? It would be so much better if you're both on the same level with your partner, no awkward posing.

No. 789251

I think it's hot. Despite the posturing from them, deep down men know their place.

No. 789290

File: 1619145083466.png (1.05 MB, 1484x1484, jjmccullough.png)

His videos are unwatchable because of the annoying fake accent.

No. 789295

i wanna fuck him so bad

No. 789299

Lmaooo you have me and my bf cracking up because we both hate this mf

No. 789301

He's literally gay anon

No. 789367

yeah, we're so sorry anon, you have to find other canadian with fake accent

No. 789517

Traumacore because it feels like it's glorifying/fetishizing victimhood and making it seem like a cool kids club. It seems like a great way to keep yourself permanently traumatised. Also reblogging shit isn't self-expression.

No. 789587

When other women assume I'm a nglo/pickme just because I'm very tomboyish, it really hurts because i mostly perceive women as more advanced, complex beings and i value a lot their opinions on things, is really hard for me to hate them unless they do something very fucked up but i still wouldn't hold a gender based grudge. I wish they knew i value them a lot and that just because I'm different doesn't mean i don't respect them.

No. 791833

File: 1619397709512.gif (5.31 MB, 460x344, gay.gif)

seeing an anime thing being patted on the head instantly fills me with rage

No. 791906

File: 1619407709405.png (1.32 MB, 1226x686, why.png)

niche but can "kpop in public" dance groups stop dancing in the middle of walkways? idc how good you are when you're forcing people who are just trying to get to places to watch your narcissistic display

at least dance on one side of the walkway jesus christ.
pic-related, Ahyon Unit from Spain and K-UA from Australia are the worst at this, their whole channels are filled with creating forks in walkways

No. 791916

Why are k-poppers obsessed with k-pop? Why not do some nice dance moves for pop music that could actually let them work in the industry?

No. 791925


No. 791932

>Please don't vent about your life here.

i know I'm late but I don't want this to encourage other retards to do the same

No. 791958

macaque monkeys (only them, other monkeys and apes are fine and I especially love orangutans) repulse me so deeply that I've taken to watching videos of them being neglected

No. 791979

Aw that’s kind of sad anon… what did they ever do to you?

No. 791982

Wasn't there a thread here exposing a whole community of this shit? Disgusting.

No. 791987

That’s genuinely sick. As in, you sound ill. >>791982
There’s an infographic exposing that community, likely the same one providing anon with the violent content she watches.

No. 791998

fucking prépa

No. 791999

Please just let the big ass and lips trend die already.

No. 792002

yeah those people are fucking creepy and obsessive, this whole phenomenon freaks me out
like is it just zoosadism or is there something more?

No. 792088

Why not just a picture of board-tan? The blonde haired girl, whatever she is called.

No. 792111

i think the monkey hater group ties it into hating children on some level? or maybe they're just super intolerant of uncanny valley

No. 792131

Anon please dont tell me you mean prépa as in, the 2 years of class between high school and uni in France. I refuse to believe there are anons retrded enough to do this to themselves.

No. 792152

I come from a poor parisan suburb and my teachers told me i was their only hope to have a student go in a high class parisian prépa. I trusted them and now i have to go back to the first year of uni bc i want to pursue history and geography to tell my students to never attend this shit.
>La passion n'est-elle que désordre ?
omfg i want to end it all

No. 792164

When men complain about working and hype up that they work more and harder than they really do.

I'm fucking sick of it, and they usually do it within the vicinity of women because they expect us to agree and coddle as if we aren't out there doing the same damn amount of hours if not more in many cases.

No. 792187

Fuck them,I'm so glad I never went to prepa because of my lack of self-esteem and my shitty health. If you don't aim for Sorbonne or Polythechnique or some specific shit like law school or medical school then it's most likely useless. It only looks good in your resume when you're still a student, after craduation it doesnt matter matter anymore. My teacher at ly prestigious high school wouldnt shut up about it and all the students I met in uni who did this said it was a waste of their time.

No. 792200

I like his videos because they just have enough energy for my unexistant attention span so they're perfect for me and fortunatelly I'm ESL so possibly his accent sounds more neutral to me than to native speakers but jeez it took me so freaking long to get used to his stupid "aboot" and it used to make me scream internally every time he said it.

No. 792346

it may be stupid but it made feel really good reading this. i've been feeling like shit for some time because i thought that not getting into ENS meant my entire school life was a lie and that i was worth nothing but hearing that makes me feel great.
I don't know where you are in your studies/ work life but i wish the best and i hope you get better mentally and physically (i wish i could post a heart emoji rn)

No. 792569

What happened to going to a club and dancing, everything is about look at me and fuck everybody else level of disregard which is why I hate this current era

No. 792639

File: 1619479966057.jpg (58.66 KB, 1040x761, Ez3WTzPUcAErkiK.jpg)

anytime a movie comes out with a controversial take on women gaining their power through violence, everyone rushes in to talk about how actually the movie is bad and harmful and apparently racist according to this?? so what if i like seeing a piece of shit man get killed and a woman starting her life anew in a cult where she's queen. it's a movie

No. 792644

Anon uhhh… there's nothing wrong with enjoing Dani's revenge moment but we really cannot be blind to the directors intention for this movie, this is not a girlboss story, and there's nothing heartwarming about Dani's fate; also literally no one argues the movie is bad and racist. The cult is bad and racist though.

No. 792645

it's not "heartwarming" and it doesn't have to be… i've seen it compared to fight club as if that's a bad thing. fight club is a dumb power fantasy for men in the same way midsommar is for women but it's bad for women to say they liked midsommar apparently.

No. 792649

Ah, I see what you mean. I might be biased but men worshipping and misunderstanding Fight Club are so much worse, from what I've seen women who like Midsommar all fully understood the message and the implications and still enjoy some things about it but with capability of critical thinking; while men are completely deaf to what Fight Club meant to say.

No. 792654

Where in this image does it say the movie is harmful or racist?

No. 792659

fight club is misinterpreted by scrote, but it is, at its core very critical of toxic masculinity

No. 792675

>fight club is a dumb power fantasy for men in the same way midsommar is for women
I liked midsommar and felt happy for Dani to get rid of her bf, but tbh, it doesn't feel that way to me. It doesn't feel powerful to see a woman be manipulated (and iirc drugged?) by a cult.
Also, why has midsommar been coming up so much on this board lmao

No. 792687

File: 1619483696310.jpeg (6.64 KB, 206x203, 140632052_423259215588851_6893…)

Rap lines in pop music. I get it, appeal to the masses yadda yadda but I want to enjoy things like Dua Lipa singles without having fucking DaBaby shitting up the song. If I wanted to listen to someone rapping I'd listen to a rap song. Get out of my saccharin sweet silly pop diva tracks Kanye, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar, Nickle Minjagz, fucking Drake…

No. 792690

Midsommar isn't a power trip for women at all lmao, imagine thinking it was

No. 792694

>implying Nicki Minaj and Drake aren't pop rappers

No. 792695

File: 1619484318964.jpeg (102.06 KB, 499x385, hy0gzllm2m131.jpeg)

>being drugged and indoctrinated into a cult
>gaining power
>film directed by a scrote
>female power fantasy
Also, the cult in the film literally was racist. Read the full script, read interviews by the director. They were intended to be Nazis. They literally killed an innocent woman, by the way, why do you "women's power!!1" Midsommar fans switch off and act like you're blind whenever this is mentioned? Did you even watch the movie, or did you just see the intro, fall asleep and wake up at the end? It's not a bad film, but it is not the empowerment tale you took it to be, either. I am tired.

No. 792700

>They literally killed an innocent woman, by the way, why do you "women's power!!1" Midsommar fans switch off and act like you're blind whenever this is mentioned?
They're the type to simp for any female ruler that keeps patriarchal dynamics in tact just because zomg girlboss!!1! Hate that shit mentality, it's so individualistic and libfemmy.

No. 792712

They’re still showing up in other artists songs to specifically rap, so my statement still stands semantics-chan

No. 792781

Those "what I eat in a day" videos on YouTube that get recommended to everyone. I've never cared in my entire life about what anyone else eats, and unless it's related to fitness (like a video explaining what a certain athlete/bodybuilder eats in a day so you can do their diet) I don't get how someone would find that an interesting enough topic to make a video about.

No. 792915

I agree that it's gross and it freaks me out. I am not in any community and in my guilt always go out of my way to watch with YouTube incognito. definitely don't hate children or have any weird sexual kinks and zoosadism–and sadism in general, as well as animal abuse–infuriates me pretty bad. the videos I watch are usually of young macaques being cared for by people in SEA countries where buying a baby monkey is very cheap. they don't outright neglect the monkeys but by virtue of being a wild caught baby animal, the "care" is pretty detrimental to the monkey. also I discovered I had such a negative reaction to them after stumbling upon a playlist of monkeys at a temple in Cambodia and seeing the inter-troop violence. it was like something in my brain switched on and from then on I was disgusted by them. it's strange too that sometimes when the baby macaques aren't screeching or whatever, I find myself wanting to care for whichever one I'm watching. it's a strange thing indeed.

No. 792918

I saw the magazine version of this years ago. Z list celebs would be asked to share theirs and they nearly always were eating some stupidly small amount (either lying or seriously undereating) It just screamed of appealing to ED sufferers to me. Like why the fuck would I care what some soap actress ate on a random tuesday?

No. 792929

Ariana Grande's rap in 7 rings is so froced. she has flow but it's totally unnecessary

No. 792932

People who reply to a question that has already been answered but word it a bit differently.

>Q: what is 1+1?

>person A: 2
>person B: the answer is 2

Like why? You're not adding any new information or anything to the discussion

No. 792939

Nah, people who continue to argue after the OP apologized or admitted their fault are cancerous. They just have to add their witty comeback to prove OP wrong so it makes shit drag on for no reason

No. 792943

When people (especially boomers) get angry and yell at the TV or the radio because they disagree with the host, they can't hear you Steve. My mom loses her shit anytime somebody makes a dumb grammar mistake, which is common when you're asked to talk on the spot.

No. 792979

I went to a prepa and it was great. I loved being intensely focused on my studies and having excellent teachers to guide me. It was fucking stressful but so worth it, the grandes ecoles after are easy peasy (boring honestly,I wish I had gotten in a better one) and I'll finish my masters degree at 22 and get myself a starting salary of 45k in six months. You don't struggle and just have to go with the flow when you go for the prépa/grande ecole combo.

It's completely worth it if you're in economics and probably science as well. Humanities probably not as there is only the ENS basically.

No. 792993

I somehow managed to fail a job interview because of this. I got asked a specific question, answered correctly thanks to my experience, got told no and to think more so I doubted myself and gave bullshit answers. Then the guy didnt even reword my answer after 15min of bullshit. I was so mad at him but I dodged a bullet because if I got hired I would have been stuck with a temporary contract in London right after the english borders would have closed again.

No. 793006

>implying I had enough money to even think of going to a grande école or anything that's not university
Yeah, no, still glad I didnt choose prépa after high school. It wouldn't have helped me with anything. From my own observations there's nothing special with grandes écoles or those expensive business schools, more than half of my courses were done by a business school with a very good reputation and I was shocked by how normal and average the courses were. The only good thing in these schools is that you get your alternances or internships offered on a silver platter regardless of experience, skills and knowledge. I've seen some crazy shit when working with some of these students and young graduates, if I ever create a company I'll never hire one of these kids.

No. 793055

>they don't outright neglect the monkeys but by virtue of being a wild caught baby animal, the "care" is pretty detrimental to the monkey.
Why would you want to see this? What is the appeal, if not sadism?

No. 793075

My thoughts exactly. Disgusting

No. 793084

Teams new update makes is impossible to use.

No. 793432

When old British men say "the missus" I just want to punch them in the face.

No. 793439

I really don't know. I guess you're right but like I said, I've never been sadistic regarding anything else in my life.

No. 793452

Kids screaming or banging on things and parents doing absolutely nothing.

No. 793483

English speaking people are super toxic online and always read in between the lines if you dont make something super clear for their 3rd grade reading level asses

No. 793529

Ah fuck I see people dancing all the fucking time there. Was scared to find myself in the background lmao, guess I lucked out.

No. 793691

File: 1619587801160.jpeg (48.97 KB, 828x603, 425FBD21-C30E-4561-B32C-E96C6F…)

When people say ‘you need to love yourself ’. What in the actual fuck does that mean. ‘Love yourself’ is not advice it is a nebulous term that is massive in scale and extremely overwhelming. It means nothing and is a way of people politely telling you to shut up about your problems.

No. 793698

It means to develop your self-esteem and stop treating yourself like shit by willfully staying in toxic situations that degrade you.
>It means nothing and is a way of people politely telling you to shut up about your problems.
That's because you are never actually interested in solving any of your problems. It gets frustrating watching people allow themselves to get ran over like a steam engine over and over and over again while in actuality they have the power to stand up for themselves.

No. 793873

File: 1619618655992.jpg (126.75 KB, 1400x1630, 610O4MLOT2L.jpg)

Tired of seeing this scrote's book promoted everywhere. He seems like an asshole and I really don't know why I should care about his memoir.

No. 794452

File: 1619682758473.jpg (29.35 KB, 474x474, b.jpg)

I don't get it

No. 794458

I didn't know he was putting out a book but I just want to vent in solidarity with you nonny. Ever since I first saw this guy I've absolutely loathed him. I don't even have a specific reason, I don't know if he's done horrible things (though as a scrote, especially in Hollywood, he probably has) but he's always come across super greasy and conniving to me. There also seemed to be a period where he was really being pushed as the new hunk of Hollywood and I hated it, as if we women should be falling over ourselves to want a man looking like his scraggly hobo ass.

No. 794466

It's a snarky way of telling you to stop making bad choices and letting people treat you like shit, not a genuine heartfelt attempt at advice. If your posts are getting 'love yourself' as a response, you should take it as a warning sign for low self esteem.

No. 794483

I hate some threads on /snow/, can't even imagine how damaged some nitpickers are and how much must they hate themselves and another women to say some insanely vile stuff they do. IDK if I've missed it before somehow but it seems like latest few weeks/months things has been more intense there too.

No. 794484

Agree, I have steered clear from snow for a while now, and if you disagree with these anons they claim you are WKing. It’s sad

No. 794491

Shock humor. I wish everyone who indulges in it would just pick up a hobby unrelated to comedy instead, so that they may forget about the concept altogether.

No. 794537

File: 1619700462790.jpg (24.54 KB, 564x423, a1692a7fc6f6ee07c6d3a3ea0f0a09…)

Hate how this quote became an excuse for retarded assholes to be hypocrites while they mercilessly witch-hunt other people for smaller thoughtcrimes

No. 794540

The worst one seems to be the Emily Ratajkowski sperg who acts like you just cursed them if you don't agree that she's ugly and then continues to call everyone ugly if they say the sperg is annoying lmao. The audacity of some people

No. 794550

Yeah they're either a man or very scary.

>hates emrata with a passion

>says she's the ugliest thing ever
>forces you to look at copious images of her without end

No. 794594

Lmao ikr. I even told them I thought she was ugly too but they're just overreacting and then they went on to call me ugly for "defending ugly bitches like her"

Also the way they talk reminds me of how abusive trailer trash boyfriends talk to their girlfriends in my white trash booney hometown. They say "bitch" like every other word. Very spooky

No. 794811

I hate it when something I like gets infested by annoying fucktards.

for example, I saw an opera many years ago by richard wagner called parsifal that I enjoyed very much. it's based on an old german poem called parzival. it's an arthurian tale about the knight parzival aka percival and his search for the grail.

well apparently that stupid fucking book ready player one uses the name parsifal in it, and every time I go to watch a video about parzival there will be a bunch of comments from dumbasses being like "ready player one brought me here XDDDD". like, please fuck off. no one wants you here

No. 794860

File: 1619730673027.png (627.61 KB, 724x735, nn.png)

Yeah I know

No. 795782

File: 1619833814538.jpg (121.65 KB, 720x549, 20210501_034548.jpg)

When women end up going NLOG just to get attention (especially from men). Shit like picrel is so embarrassing to look at.

No. 795812

Is this that anituber that regulary does hentai reviews?
Tbh I feel like pretty much the majority of female anitubers (at least the female ones) are already NLOGs by default (otherwise they wouldn't be anime reviewers)

My slighty related thing I hate is when I find an interesting video from youtube's recommended and I look at the comments because there's some question I have that I'm hoping someone talks about and maybe answers in the comments but then the comments are just the same exact 3 meme formatted jokes over and over again. It's even worse when it's not even meme formatted things and it's just people quotting the video and adding "lol" or "I'm dead" in front of it like some tumblr quote ass.
It makes me wish I could get a time machine so I could watch all videos before they become famous.

No. 795824

this is the one who did the "ugly bastard hentai is hot" video so I'm not really surprised that what she puts out often has the same vibe. sometimes I hatewatch her videos just to cringe at them

No. 795841

Jesus fucking Christ I hate this bitch, like I'm sure she's a normal person outside her videos but the act she plays in her videos is so fucking insufferable

No. 795877

I will never be able to forget when she appeared in every cringe comp, the pearler bead hello kitty bow, the shittier than bodyline seifuku
Cannot believe she didn't go into internet hiding as an adult

No. 795979


No. 796105

File: 1619885935441.jpeg (6.2 KB, 227x222, images.jpeg)

>people who post pictures of themselves, their kids, or anything else not related to the food or the establishment in the restaurant reviews online
Fuck off.

No. 796111

This made me kek, thanks anon

No. 796124

Omg there's this ugly scrote who has a picture of him self in literally every restaurant in my area on Yelp. I hate it lol

No. 796158

There's a very famous restaurant in my city that only reposted clients' selfies inside the restaurant on instagram. Not even their food, just the clients' faces. Now that they're closed because of covid they sometimes post stories about the weekends when you can order takeaway orders because they ran out of selfies to repost.

No. 796243

I fucking HATE paper straws they're freaking gross and I hate how I can kinda feek them sorta dissolve (not really but sorta) when I put them in my mouth.

I used to drink chocolate milk and ice tea from juice packets quite often but then the ice tea brand started using paper straws and I stopped drinking them and now the chocolate milk is also with paper straws and my heart is broken.

I'd rather unfold the corners of the packet and cut of a corner like a milk cartoon to put it on a glass than drink it with a disgusting paper straw. Also it makes it harder to pierce the hole because it's not sharp anymore, so it's actually easier to get my butt up and fetch a knife to pierce the aluminum than opening it with the stupid paper straw. I have a bunch of unopened paper staws cast aside that I will literally never use and idk what I'm supposed to do with them.

Rn I'm just waiting for in a few years for the ecological movement pendulum of paper vs plastic moving to the other end and we go back to "wait we're cutting a bunch of trees now we need to make less things out of paper so that we can #SaveTheTrees"

No. 796297

Preach anon, I fucking hate paper straws and how they turn into mushy clump of fiber ruining my drink. It was stupid as hell to ban plastic ones to begin with as it was probably the only disposable food util that makes sense to be made out of plastic.

No. 797109

File: 1619987212975.jpg (29.37 KB, 480x481, IMG_20210502_162042.jpg)

These type of posts. I want to feel comfortable with my body, but don't lie to me saying it's "sexy", it's not, it's not sexy it's just normal, stretch marks don't have to be sexy to be accepted.

No. 797121

Yeah, it's weird we went in the direction where everything needs to be fuckable, hot or valid. Now you can come across posts praising men with unwashed dad bods being praised in some "public service announcement" and if you say that they're not, but what the hell does it help to lie to people?

No. 797139

I feel the same way about acne. Really pisses me off when people say “your acne is beautiful/makes you beautiful”. I just think to myself “if you had my skin you’d b suicidal so shut up”

No. 797142

At first I was like "why not?" but then I thought about it, and you're so right. Why does normalizing the presence of a physical feature automatically need to be equated to sexual desirability? I could see it if someone was hyping themself up in that way, but making posts like this for brownie points is very transparent.

No. 797172

it's as if people value being fuckable over having any self respect

No. 797176

I honestly find so hot when women have those stretch marks lines on their asses but maybe I'm weird idk

No. 797179

Same. I love how they look on myself and other women

No. 797416

hate how often I've heard (at least supposedly) bi women say shit like "I want to be taller than/dom a woman I'm with but be shorter than/sub for a man I'm with", like we get it, you're an NLOG who loves shitty het power dynamics

No. 797457

i have ones but they aren’t ugly but they aren’t hot, I think the main reason why people try to make everyone equal on the beauty scale is why it’s stressful in the first place. if humans didn’t find beauty so enticing, it would make our lives a lot more easy but beauty standards are always inevitable and a negative no matter how much people you include

No. 797461

can’t wait for the mental breakdown video where she’s in shambles and tears because she wasted a good portion of her life catering to men for the mighty adsense dollar

No. 797462

Don’t listen to the other anons because I agree with you, there is no loving yourself and there is no getting out of toxic relationships until it’s too late. It’s meaningless advice, don’t be yourself and never love yourself because you’re settling for mediocrity

No. 797491

extremely disagree, but won't infight about it

No. 797548

I know it's me being an obnoxious turbo-autist but I hate when people here write "samefag but…" when they mean "double-post".

No. 797684

File: 1620053102119.jpg (239.25 KB, 819x1428, 1615717415858.jpg)

I dunno, but something about the "ha ha fuck that anti-vaxxer, natural healing, pseudoscience nonsense" trend irks me. I know pesudoscience is bad, but since I don't live near extreme pseudo science, most use natural healing along medication, I get no catharsis from watching them be debunked. It's like watching someone box their shadow to me.
I also hate how it's been taken over by "I fucking love science bro's" who wipe all nuance from the conversation. In all honesty most people who pursue pseudo-science do it for multiple reasons, ranging from uneducation on the specific subject to actual failures of the medical system (nothing helping chronic condition or lack of money for real treatment), and out of those reasons "being stupid" is rarely it, a normally rational person can fall for pseudo science. To add on most people just dabble in it and would stop pseudo-science practices if they were just calmly told while they were wrong instead of be called retard online 24/7 by science bro's.
The main people obsessed with "fuck pseudo science" also are still prone to their own pseudo-science and don't get the complex nature of science. How many "fuck goop" people also believe nofap gives you super powers?

No. 797698

Oh, I do that. Why is it improper ?

No. 797706

I dislike anti vaxxers, and I completely understand and agree with what you mean. If we're talking about healing your mind and your body in a healthy way, as long as it is nothing too serious like an urgent medical issue or an infection, there is nothing wrong with seeking other means like drinking tea for anxiety or meditation instead of meditation instead of medication when helping you move on. It varies from person to person tho.

No. 797710

nta but samefagging is like one person pretending to be multiple people in a conversation, usually to try to reinforce some kind of point of view as being more popular than it actually is or to help it gain traction.
double-posting is just multiple posts by the same person with no ill intent by someone that was too lazy to delete and resend their post with whatever additional info they wanted to add.

No. 797711

I guess it's just the quirk of internet language how one imageboard term can change in another community.
Probably because samefag is used in the context where a person accuses another of samefagging, ie. replying to their own post, pretending it's a different person, to support their own opinion. You're not really "samefagging" if you just add onto the post you just made, you're just double-posting.

No. 797716

OK, thanks anons I'll keep that in mind. And I'll try to doublepost less lol

No. 798133

I've seen people use "zoomer" in serous discussion on the differences between generations. Like "The difference between gen x and zoomers according to studies are…". Just call them gen Z.
Something about hearing a 4chan meme used seriously just kind of points out the pseudo intellectualism of the average youtuber

No. 799416

I fucking hate the term "food porn" and people who use it unironically. What kind of gross cumbrain came up with this? I just want to look at pictures of nice food, why even associate something like that with porn? It's not funny or quirky, jfc.

No. 799421

Same here, it even spread out to other photography genres(?).

No. 799423

so theres this frequent rhetoric that I've seen a lot of Delusional shippers and a lot of YouTube "essayist" use, "If character x was opposite gender then a relationship with totes happen" and I'm like yeah okay then but the character and actor are all straight though, like I don't get those fucking retards
On some level its either Fujo brain rot and or virtue signaling of wanting "queer" represention or some other bullshit

No. 799440


Yeah there's something similar on a subreddit called HumanPorn which is just nice pictures of people from all around the world, I love the content but fucking hate the name. It's just gross and weird and unnecessary

No. 799454



Wait what??? i use reddit for their makeup communities… but god damn it, the coomer scrotes on the rest of the website are insufferable. do you really need to sexualize like THE IDEA OF PEOPLE LIVING AROUND THE WORLD?? coom instead of brain cells…

No. 799652

I hate the outrageous prices for science articles. 40 euro for a 6 page article?? Thank god for scihub

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