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File: 1619097604838.jpg (46.18 KB, 600x423, 2314383724_27a6146316_o.jpg)

No. 788790

previous thread >>>/ot/772442

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 788828

The newer Spongebob isn't THAT bad

No. 788890

I don't think you should be allowed to call yourself a "witch" unless you're successful and have a great relationship with your extended family. I think anyone who doesn't have both of those things under their belt is probably cursed and will never spiritually benefit anybody. It's like the Divorced Love Witch from the alt cows thread. Would you trust someone who could claim to "magickally help you" but their lives are laughable? Especially the alcoholic "witches" or the ones that have to constantly shell out their declining OnlyFans. You expect me to believe that you're connected to a higher level? It seems like these types of people are only out to break others, either financially or by giving terrible advice. Also white people using the word "hoodoo" gives me AIDS.

No. 788892

Why is not having a close relationship with extended family a bad thing? What if the extended family were alcoholics themselves or abusive people? I'm shocked you'd think an independent and emancipated person wouldn't make a good witch lmao.

No. 788910

If they come from a lineage of drunks, I can't imagine that the family history was very powerful or they could sway powers or anything. If they come from abusive people, obviously the "magick" they've tapped into didn't even protect them. How can that possibly positively affect someone else? They'd be better off helping people by being social workers with their poor life experiences.

No. 788914

>They'd be better off helping people by being social workers with their poor life experiences.

At least they have a tangible chance to do some good rather than reading tea leaves and believing in crystal magicks healing. I agree.

No. 788940

>Would you trust someone who could claim to "magickally help you" but their lives are laughable?

I wouldn't trust anyone who claims to be able to help me with magic, great life or otherwise.

Hell, it's even worse if they have a good relationship with their family and a great life, since they are using their good life circumstances to trick people who don't have those into believing their bullshit.

No. 788942

It's all a retarded roleplay anyway, anon. You could have at least said
>I don't think you should be allowed to call yourself a "therapist" unless you're successful and have a great relationship with your extended family
Now that would be some kinda take, at least.

No. 788944

A stromboli is just pizza turned inwards and sealed, but it's better than pizza.

No. 788949

Why can’t a female character look hot and kick ass? It’s so annoying how we got to the point where fictional women have to cover themselves up. Not everything is for scrotes, damn

No. 788952

This is me with tarot readers and astrologers, kek. I used to be twitter mutuals with a girl who advertised her expertise in astrology wrt relationships. Later I found out she was in some scrote’s polycule (not even as his primary partner), and that she’d tried to court another dude and then told him they could be together on the condition that he be ok with her having multiple partners. Dude obviously noped out, then for unrelated reasons she was kicked out of the ‘cule.

No. 788953

Late reply, but it's so weird to see people talk about using lc on other websites. I've stumbled upon a twitter user with a bunch of degenerate kinks talk about using this site before. I don't understand it tbh.

No. 788956

Great way to both gatekeep and victim blame lol

No. 788966

Im still barely understanding this whole male gaze vs female gaze thing as is- I can get the concept of eye candy and blantant fan service ( anime is rife with this) but the first feels rather subjective I think.

No. 788974

File: 1619112530369.jpg (46.66 KB, 636x480, f95642fbd0ddc97e655b77eb9bff50…)

Mew Mew Power savagely beats Tokyo Mew Mew any day. The 4kids dub is hilarious for making the girls into various flavours of violently loud spazz and steamrolling any sincerity that the original series might've had. The dub is exhausting and endearing at the same time, which is a hard feat to pull off. It's a post-ironic viewing pleasure. I specifically like how it's mangled into pieces and localized (using that word loosely) to hell and back. It has that special dysfunctional 2000's touch.
The original series is yaada yadda gay poopoo peepee serious shit nobod6y wants to watch anyway. The 4kidz is a whole new piece featuring serious themes such as ADHD, modern slavery and unhealthy obsession with dating/romanticism, all through the eyes of pubescent girls. I mean there's still some of the emotional intelligence stuff but the bright colors and the screaming distracts me into not caring much, after one episode of that shit I'm literally too exhausted to care. It's even funnier and more interesting than the Ghost Stories dub.

The fact that Mew Mew Power is better than the original is not even the only point I'm trying to make. I'll also state that all dubs have the capacity to be easily superior to and more entertaining than the originals. Saying that people who watch the dubs are 'the real geniouses' would be fake, gay and stupid because none of that big brain garbage even matters in the face of living a little. If you watch anime you're a retard to begin with. Trying to be intellectual about it is even worse. Like, if you have to struggle to be deep you've already made yourself look stupid.

The more ridiculous a dub is, the better it is. Mew Mew Power is perfect, aside from the fact that it rots a developing brain in a quick, thus shouldn't be shown to anyone under 16.

No. 788976

So bad it's good then?

No. 788981

That’s too simplistic way to put it. Look at say, Birds of Prey. They’re all hot and kick ass but it’s female gaze. We have to be more critical of how “hot” is portrayed.

No. 788982

Mew mew power was my first exposure to anime as a 9 year old and I got fucking obsessed with it.

No. 788985

It mostly bugs me because of how subjective it is and the fact that it's used often with the implication that " no chicks can't be hot unless it's my narrow definition of hot that may or may not be appealing to scrotes and lesbians"
While Birds of prey was an alright movie I didn't specifically thought they were "hot". Though Harley served looks in that movie, I love a good clown aesthetic and I could see an oc of mine rocking some of her get ups

No. 788990

I like the dub a lot too, it's fucking based.

No. 788992

Sorry, I should have also stated that I don't believe in any of this shit and would never ask someone for spiritual help. Just something that makes me laugh.
Mine too, people in the astrology field seem to have the most chaotic lives with a lack of self control.
Also this sounds hilarious. I will continue to do this.

No. 788997

>The 4kidz is a whole new piece featuring serious themes such as ADHD, modern slavery and unhealthy obsession with dating/romanticism, all through the eyes of pubescent girls.
I am scared, should I watch an episode or two?

No. 789003

if you do, be ready to be bombarded with extreme audiovisual stimulation

the first episode is the result of having to cram the whole premise into one airable bit to introduce the concept not only to the target audience but parents and buyers too. A machine gun of infodump on everything. It's really hard to explain the high-speed rail of thought that is even the first 5 minutes. The only option is to accept everything. It thankfully gets easier after that.

Since episode two it dips into the 'normal' pace, which consists of savage humor, general chaos and a bunch of screeching. All the characters and their temperaments are super turned up and sometimes their reactions are just way, way off. It's a bit of an experience.

And it's all on youtube, so access is easy. If you have free time, snacks and brain cells to kill, it's a ride.

No. 789005

Fair enough, I'm pagan first, "witch" second so I'm aware of how woo and strange this might sound. I don't know what that OP was on about when it comes to spiritual purity as if being " blessed" with shit family means you're lesser of a spiritual person. Imagine saying that to a Christian or a Jewish person lol

No. 789018

atyrt and the OP of the unpopular opinion, kek. The difference between saying this to a Jew or some witch is that the jew isn't trying to sell candles that will make your crush notice you or a spell that will make you more successful at work. I would simply not trust someone who seems like they're weak and have had the world seemingly against them. Just seems like the opposite of having the power of spells or spirits if you're in dire straights or have a shitty family that doesn't love you. Would actually make me think that whatever power there may be in the world doesn't particularly like them.

No. 789024

True but to be fair I kinda sus them out a little bit but when there's a demand there's somewhere to fulfil them. I'm a lot more "insular" about this stuff personally, as I see it as ways fostering a good relationship with yourself and the world around you regardless of your origin. But I suppose with paganism-witchcraft becoming steadily trendy it was to be expected.
Though some of the tools are quite nice got to say so it tickles my aesthetic loving bone lol.

No. 789029

Bottom line, if I did help a random joe with my shit I would most likely not charge much of anything and that's in the off chance they'd believe me lol.

No. 789031


I laughed the entire way through this post. I want to be your friend.

No. 789157

Male gynecologist aren't that bad and most ppl who are against them are exaggerating. This is anecdotal, but my experience with a male gynecologist was so much better than my experience with a female one.

No. 789181

Gay men shouldn't be allowed to adopt children.

No. 789187

I don't think it's necessarily weird/bad for men to be gynos, but tbh I still prefer female gynecologists.

No. 789189

Men know their prime is teens and 20s but they're also smart enough to know being young lasta shorter than being old. This is why they shill dad boss and bring older because they can be desirable for longer.

No. 789196

I kind of admire Karen's. Its refreshing seeing demanding women unlike myself. O hope one day o too cam be a Karen.

No. 789202

I only like the ones that give scrotes a hard time but are nice towards women. I can't stand the ones who drag down other women.

No. 789214

There's nothing wrong with being a prude,it's better than being a sexual deviant.

No. 789219

There are enough scantily clad female characters who fight,what's wrong with wanting female characters who aren't half naked for once and actually are fleshed out in terms of personality and character development.

No. 789222

I find it cringe/sad to see female versions of 4chan memes, for example female wojaks. We should just make more original ones.

No. 789228

File: 1619137182173.png (328.59 KB, 800x1200, Cornbread_2.png)

Cornbread is trash and doesn't deserve to be known as an American southern food staple. It looks nice on a plate and that's about it. Cheese grits isn't that good either, they're just ok. Ketchup grits is especially heinous.

No. 789233

File: 1619137562593.png (71.92 KB, 495x277, kikomiposting.png)

I agree. that's why i love kikomi. she's funny and unique to lolcow

No. 789237

its genuinely one of the best memes ever. a meme born from a meme.

No. 789238

i always try to make my own with cute anime dolls

No. 789240

Finally an unpopular opinion I can get behind.

No. 789241


No. 789250

KETCHUP GRITS! Damn, can't you hear anon?

No. 789252

Femme lesbian and butch lesbian, fakebois and troons, it doesn’t matter anymore, human beings gender expression is fixated on the binary.

No. 789266

I think Being reserved and a bit prudish is ok, but being frigid to a point it fucks up with your sex life ain't it lol.

No. 789273

wdym, anon

No. 789277

ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, (american) bqq sauce, and all salad dressings (but especially ranch) are all disgustingly putrid.
americans have absolutely disgusting taste in condiments.

No. 789282

Are you implying that's a good or a bad thing?

No. 789288

When I lived in the US I didn't like any condiment except ranch, but I lamented that US restaurants didn't have vinegar as a condiment like the UK does. Now that I live in the UK it's the opposite and I miss ranch.

No. 789330

I just like colonizing their shit

No. 789333

Ok galaxy brain

No. 789500

It's ok to be a gold digger. If scrotes would date women within their league and age group they wouldn't need to worry about it

No. 789512

Agreed, it's only fair. If man chooses women only for her looks it makes sense she would only be with him for his money.

No. 789523

I'm Euro and we use all of that too, especially the first three. What are the alternatives if not those?

No. 789545

Are you the anon who keeps shitting up the TiM thread?

No. 789547

Mustard is the best

No. 789628

Enemies to lovers is a largely shit trope

No. 789632

Theres less female gaze and things appealing to women (especially outside of mlm fujo contextes) in all media more than ever. In fact the past 10 years are probably regressive

No. 789639


yes people make fun of shit like twilight and 50 shades and now it all has to be extra pandering like bridgertons. and most male actors aren't as hot or young as their female counterparts. tired of the media trying to meme women into obessing over mediocre men.

No. 789644

yes it's tired. rivals to lover needs to go too.

No. 789646

I just think it's a pretty shit trope most of the time. Often times it leads to both or one of the leads ( usually the male one) to act in toxic to downright abusive ways and then they expect me to buy into them 'slowly " getting on, just because the guy ( usually) is hot.
There's exceptions to the rule though but I don't get why people feel so hyped around it

No. 789650

I just wished those examples weren't so godanm shit.
Also I generally hate erotica based around female submission unless it's G×G ( and even then) so fifty shades was going into my shit list regardless lol.
Twilight felt like reading a wattpad fic before those were a thing but Dominic noble made me reconsider some shit. As long as it seen as the wish fulfilment guilty pleasure to some that it is, I think it's not as bad as some will say. Again if you don't think too deeply

No. 789682

the toxicity is what makes it fun! it does suck it's usually an excuse for the man to be abusive, the women should be awful in their own ways.

women's smut encouraging more BDSM and sub fantasies is weird to me, but men and boys making fun of all this shit is annoying. women actually buy books and read so at least more shit will keep coming out, hopefully some of it is better.

No. 789692

Yeah I generally find that stuff tiring especially if it gets repetitive. Like I said I have my exceptions. I just dislike most.

I'd take a thousand friends to lovers or even no romance over Rivals/ enemies/ bullies to lovers any day of the week. I'm a lover of fluff and light heated banter

No. 789693

Agreed. The abundancy of male gaze in media has now been recognized as a bad thing, but instead of appealing to the female gaze more the response is seemingly to try and erase appeal to either gender.
The 90s and 00s at least still had media that unapologetically went for appealing to women. Not by trying to be woke and having a forced feminist message, but just by being made for and by women. A lot of media like that gets criticized now more than ever. I think it's because right now female characters have to be portrayed as super smart and strong and cool to be considered PC. And media framing women like that is just not going to be relatable for actual women. Whatever happened to chick flicks? Right, things like desperately pining for a hot guy or makeovers or being petty about fashion and popularity or girls being bitches to eachother are defining parts of what makes a 'chick flick', and you can't have those anymore. It's so typical for modern woke culture that what's branded as mysogynist is media that's pretty much exclusively appealing to women in practice, like Twilight or 50 Shades or those crappy little smut books. Because apparently women have to be and act a certain specific way or else it's not feminist. It's ridiculous how skewed the logic is there. Maybe this is more of an argument for women-centric media in general and not the female gaze, but the two are closely connected.

No. 789696

I just hope that a female top/ dom and sub male gets some sort of mainstream success because I swear to god it ain't even half as toxic as the sub woman X Dom dude pairings taking a few exceptions lolol.
But unlikely. It doesn't actually seem to be a somewhat popular enough genre of erotica/ lit if browsing sites with books tells me anything

No. 789699

Taking a few exceptions ( heathers and mean girls) I could go without needless catty behavior, especially if over some scrote
Great female rivalries for the win though.
Also most of what you said it's on point

No. 789702

Would a movie like Legally Blonde even fly today? I feel like it's a chick flick that while also makes fun of certain types of women without being mean-spirited while also doing "empowering" better than most movies that just have actual Mary Sues for protagonists that can kick every men's ass and are constantly sassy towards everyone. Even if the romance is shoehorned in in the end.

No. 789703

I also dislike enemies to lovers most of the time, but it's completely understandable why it happens so much from a writing standpoint. It's the easiest possible way to create conflict and drama in a romance plotline. Character development happens almost by itself because it's ooc/unexpected for villains to develop feelings for eachother and they'll have to change for it to work.
That way you don't need the skill to have the characters be interesting and unique enough for audiences to naturally be invested in their romance. It's a lazy plot device similar to the best friend betrayal or the villain turning out to be blood related to the hero. Those don't have to always be signs of a bad story and can be very well done, but they're often used for cheap drama by mediocre writers.

No. 789708

Legally blonde is amazing no lie.

No. 789709

Such scalding hot take. I love it! I find it interesting that I never gravitate towards enemies to lovers as a young girl writing. I remember really liking the idea of two people being like a pair of mismatched socks or even working a bit as a team or unit to be a lot more interesting.

Also the world and people themselves are complicated and unpredictable, so making them dislike each other at first often times felt…cheap. and it is cheap most of the time!

My favorite couples of this type are nina and Matthias from six of crows and even naveen and tiana from princess and the frog. But everyone in that movie is such a fun to watch-

No. 789715

I don’t like playing party games like Jackbox in online group settings. I think games like this are only enjoyable in-person and I enjoy them so much more when I play them irl.

No. 789717

Well looking at the bright side you'll have something to look foward to once lockdown ends

No. 789753

most american people who rely heavily on homeopathy don't do it to be karens they do it because the american healthcare system is overpriced and corrupt so they'd rather take 5 different herbs and essential oils and not go into debt or have their issues excused and use medical care as last resort. It's kinda sad tbh

No. 789763

chick flicks are shit

No. 789765

you should read educated by tara westover to get an idea of what some of the more extreme americans believe, she dicusses her family's essential oils company. cost and unavailability of healthcare is huge cause but there's much more to it.

No. 789766

>Would a movie like Legally Blonde even fly today?
I don't think so. Basically any movie of that type gets called problematic nowadays. With Legally Blonde it's especially crazy because the entire point is taking your life and goals into your own hands despite what others thing, without having to stop being feminine to be succesful.
The root cause of mysogyny in media appears to be looking down on feminine qualities and considering them lesser because they are inherently female. Current 'woke' movies attempt to solve the problem not by respecting female qualities, but by removing everything feminine altogether. Right now, the ideal strong woman is a man with (well hidden) tits.

>Taking a few exceptions ( heathers and mean girls) I could go without needless catty behavior
I agree but imo the word 'needless' is key here. Heathers is a bit more complicated but Mean Girls is a great example of cattiness being not just an amusing/relatable trope, but an important part of the plot. The characters all display some level of cattiness and superficiality, which are interestingly considered very feminine flaws. Then as the movie continues the protagonist evolves from looking down on these traits and feeling superior, to indulging in them too heavily and embodying them, to finally establishing a balance between the two. It's interesting to me how in the end the message isn't that caring about popularity and looks is inherently bad or stupid like how Cady perceives it at the start. It's just that you shouldn't let those things run your life.
I think that's an important distinction and the problem with needless catty behavior in most media is that it's either just there because it's a chick flick and apparently catty drama is central to what teenage girls like, or it's used to victimize the protagonist and therefore always unquestionably evil.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, sorry. But now that I think of it Mean Girls kind of parallels the evolution of every high school 'not like the other girls' girl. At first you think not caring about girly stuff makes you better and smarter, which is pretty much just internalized mysogyny, although I don't like that term. Then at some point you overcompensate once you realize femininity is fun too. Then finally you gain a healthy relationship with these traits and settle somewhere in the middle, not forcing yourself towards either extreme because of some bias one way or the other. At least I've seen this type of development happen with a lot of nlogs as they mature and I think Mean Girls is a great example of becoming comfortable with your own identity as a woman.

No. 789770

Homeopathic medicine is expensive as shit though, for what's essentially sugar pills. I get the argument for herbal medicine but gravitating towards homeopathy because of the price is like getting gold teeth because the dentist is too expensive.

No. 789779

what do you mean by homeopathic medicine? Homeopathy can be anything from eating a banana for period cramps to herbal supplements. I'm poor and use homeopathy and medical care for last resort and I haven't spent more than like 15 dollars, my biggest one currently is spearmint for my hormone issues which is like $6 for monthly supply and has helped me tons better than hundreds of dollars in doctor visits to even get a prescription plus more money to buy the medicine

No. 789792

Ohh I see, that makes more sense. When I hear homeopathy I specifically think of homeopathic dilution. Which is basically diluting a substance to the point that not even a molecule is left and the end product is chemically exactly the same as regular water. Then they claim the water somehow 'remembers' the substance, and then they charge a gorillion bucks for 10ml of water.
So I find what I consider homeopathy really dumb but I didn't know you used it to refer to any natural medicine. I think plenty of natural remedies like herbs and the like are valid so I get why you'd use them as a more financially viable option.

No. 789802

That's a very interesting take on mean girls! It's probably why I was very forgiving about that movie's shade since the movie was about the shade.

I think Heathers does high light of the futility of it all as well in its own dark and bitting way.

No. 789809

Also I think my love of heathers and even mean girls is that it makes a mockery/ criticism of high school tropes, such as mean girls and unironically comes up with some great characters along the way

I do like high school media that doesn't feel the need to rely on stereotypes completely to tell a story lol

No. 789812

I never experienced lockdown, tbh. I have a job that requires me to go into the office everyday, so I’d still get together with my coworkers on weekends occasionally and we’d have game nights.

No. 789818

Are you guys dumb? Gen z girls love legally because of early 2000s fashion. It was trending on Netflix last week

Also the kids love The Heathers because of the musical.

No. 789824

Oh I see!

No. 789825

Don't forget legally blonde has a musical as well ( there right there/ gay or European is such a meme)
I personally got into heathers because of the musical. I like both a lot

No. 789827

> feminine qualities
What do you mean by feminine qualities?
I don't know if you're the same anon >>789693 who thinks that women being catty, pining for a scrote, being fashion crazy and not being strong and smart is somehow good. In case you are, your entire opinion is trash.
There's nothing wrong in being empathetic and caring but these are the qualities that I like seeing in both men and women. In the same vein, I like seeing women who are smart and strong in their own way (it doesn't need to be some girlboss stereotype or kung fu graduate).
I don't think we're nowhere near that point and you still have tons of movies that have those elements you desire, more or less.

No. 789833

I agree with that notion! Also I would love media that highlights "Soft" strength, like authority and diplomacy and healthy emotional intelligence.
As flawed as Brave was I do admire that they showed Elinor having her own strength and poise and influence. I don't know I just think if well written characters like that are such badasses

No. 789834

I'm tired of seeing dogs in business areas that have no reason to be there unless they're a trained dog for a reason. When I'm at a restaurant or a home goods store there should not be pet dogs in every other area. It shouldn't even be a worry that the store I'm going into might cause an allergy reaction in a friend who can't be around fur. Dog mom/dad fags need to fuck off back to the park or pet store where it's normal to have your pet and stores need to grow a backbone about denying these customers.

No. 789837

Yeah Heathers is a bit harder to place because it's also kind of a satire of the genre as a whole while Mean Girls plays it a little more straight. Heathers comments on the same issue but just does it in a different way, by having the extremely severe and serious exist right alongside the extremely petty and mundane. It also helps that Heathers had a great deconstruction of the typical mysterious bad boy love interest trope.

>I do like high school media that doesn't feel the need to rely on stereotypes completely to tell a story lol
Same, it's really hard to find unfortunately. I think over the years the American high school stereotypes have become so ubiquitous that writers think it'd be odd not to have them in a high school setting.
To some extent stereotypes seem to be a fundamental part of the genre though. High school media very often has themes of insecurity, social belonging, expectations, finding your identity. With most high school settings it's probably not that thought through, but I also think stereotypes are so common because in a way, teenagers do actually tend to see other people as stereotypes a lot. The whole thing with cliques and comparing yourself to others and having that out group that you probably have a way oversimplified view of is a very teenagery way of seeing the world.

No. 789838

I think Brave was a really good cartoon in that regard. They did a great job of displaying different types of strengths as you mentioned (and flaws) in Merida and Elinor none that are less important.

No. 789853

Yeah Heathers did a awesome take on the rebel/ bad boy trope! It's a really solid movie godanm-

Interestingly I never related fully to that idea of the stereotypes and I actually took great joy as a loner of knowing about the struggles and lives of my classmates as it kinda made me realize everyone has shit going on. I would love a high school movie or series highlighting that feeling of finding out about people's depth and subverting and playing around with stereotypes and cliques for an authentic feel? Hopefully that makes sense.
I'm currently writing about a original characters life and that includes a high school segment and I'm basically throwing most stereotypes out of the window deliberately because I cannot with them at this point.

Also euphoria sucks

No. 789858

The musical also handles the romance plot much better than the movie, which is a nice upgrade to the generic supportive-handsome-boyfriend papercut she has a fiancé at the end. I'll need to rewatch it soon.

No. 789859

With feminine qualities I mean any trait that's typically associated with women. That includes both good and bad traits, and I definitely don't think cattiness or pining for scrotes or any of these things are good qualities at all. They're flaws and should be portrayed as such.
What I have a problem with, though, is any trait being considered bad or worse than it is, not because of the trait itself but because it's associated with femininity.
Strong action type women who aren't stereotypically feminine can be great characters. Nurturing empathetic type women who are more typically feminine can also be great characters. Hell, I don't think that how feminine or masculine a character is matters at all for how good a character they can be. What I have a problem with is media pushing a specific type as 'strong' and all others as bad.
Women are individuals, but right now it doesn't seem like female characters are treated like individuals at all. It looks like at some point female characters stopped being real characters and started to be treated like representatives for the entire gender. If you have a male character that's dumb or something, that's fine. But if you have a female character that's dumb, it's going to spark outrage and claims that it means women as a whole are being called dumb. Pair that with a negative bias towards typically feminine traits and you get the perfectly sterile 'strong woman' we see today, who is stronger and smarter than everyone else and doesn't have any personality traits that could possibly be interpreted as offensive towards women.

In the end I think we agree, I also just want to see female characters who are strong and smart in their own way, be it typically feminine or not, because they are individuals and not a sociopolitical statement.

No. 789872

>I would love a high school movie or series highlighting that feeling of finding out about people's depth and subverting and playing around with stereotypes and cliques
Same, your writing sounds cool! I guess this is also to some extent what Mean Girls did, with having Janis turn out to be arguably the pettiest of them all. Ideally they would've subverted expectations and humanized the plastics more as well, but although MG is certainly tongue in cheek that might have changed the story too much.

No. 789889

Honestly I wouldn't mind a fan project surrounding the common interpretation of Janis having been a plastic in junior high/ early high school! It could put her petty behavior on hindsight and maybe a more humanizing look at the plastics too.

Also thank You! In the story I'm writing my MC is something of a loner but doesn't hate most of his classmates although he's very guarded in general. But even he doesn't paint all of his classmates as one off people if that makes any sense :P. Although his Sharp tongue comes out if anyone gets shady or for the sake of others at times so he's still had something of a sweet spot there in spite of his sarcasm and cynical nature
It would be kinda long to explain and I probably already went off topic lol

No. 789909

This made me think of "10 things I hate about you". I always liked that movie because both sisters, Kat being the cynical, hardened and snarky one, and Bianca being the typically feminine, superficial and "dumb" type, ended up being strong and secure in themselves on their own way and eventually learnt about each other. Ofc the movie isn't that deep, nor is that the focus, but it's nice seeing both characters being multidimensional and real

No. 789918

Agreed, though it used to be my favorite.

No. 790112

>most movies that just have actual Mary Sues for protagonists that can kick every men's ass and are constantly sassy towards everyone

what are these mary sue sassy girlboss action movies everyone always strawmans about? the new star wars films? because Rey isn't sassy or snarky. Captain Marvel? I guess she has some quips but also has strong female friendships and spends most of the film searching for her own identity. Most female action stars and films involve sexy femme fatale types, or stoic, emotionless women put alongside goofy, jokey men.

No. 790166

All animators are insane, and probably have low-key god complexes.

No. 790202

Nayrt but the strong woman that kicks every mans ass seems like a pretty prevalent trope to me. They don't always have to be sassy, so Rey and Captain Marvel fit the bill imo because of how almost Mary Sue tier powerful they are and basically show no real flaws.
The sexy femme fatale action type is certainly a thing but it's been on a decline for at least a decade. Older portrayals of characters like Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn were much more like that, but their modern incarnations clearly gravitate more towards 'empowered womxn kicking privileged white male ass'.
What is the last (action) movie you've seen where the female character has any significant flaw or isn't impressively smart/combat savvy? Honest question because I can't think of any.

No. 790207

Black Widow is both "kicks mens ass" and "femme fatale" I think those roles are not mutually exclusive

No. 790228

What action movies have you seen where the male character isn't smart and combat savvy?? That's the default requirement for action heroes, as a general rule.

I'm fine with mary sues in action movies because god knows gary stus are everywhere, I just wish being hot wasn't a prerequisite for women only. There are so many old, mediocre looking male action stars.

No. 790231

I agree that male action stars should be actually hot, but to be fair the opinions on what constitutes a hot man seem to differ. I mean, we have unironic Driverfags on this very website. People are out there simping for Timothee Chalamets ratty ass. So apparently plenty of peoples tastes are unfortunate enough to not see how much hotter the women tend to be compared to the men.

No. 790236

The other anon has a point. Why would I want to watch an action protagonist who isn't either physically or mentally impressive? Bridget Jones would suck in a serious action film.

Potential Mary Sues can avoid being such without sacrificing physical or intellectual ability, eg: Sarah Connor. She doesn't start out Mary Sue for one, and the process of how/why she becomes a bad ass makes sense, the trade off for her transformation is she finds it harder to show warmth or affection even to her son, and she still shows abject fear when the terminator shows up, signalling trauma from the first movie.

If it's a super hero then you can skip the process but you can still deal with their humanity in some way that's interesting, like Buffy did in a flawed way.

No. 790245

File: 1619251321916.jpeg (515.15 KB, 1600x2400, 3751A562-5722-49C6-A896-2C0A20…)

Gingered men look so unappealing that they barely register as human. The redish brown or blonde beards, nonexistent brows or too thick brows, oblong shaped heads, lopsided hairlines with excessively thin hair. They look like modern depictions of goblins or abominations. Redheaded women look normal so it’s even more bizarre how strange the men look.

No. 790259

None of the other anons but how I see it, being god tier powerful isn't the core trait of a Mary sue, the fact that she never has consequences for her actions, always does the right thing, is never truly challenged or threatened and barely has conflict is what makes her a Mary Sue. This is usually because the characters around her are written so that they can never dislike, one-up or hate her, even the most grumpiest, nihilistic characters suddenly turn into bootlickers around her.

No. 790280

Getting up early to binge a tv show is superior to staying up all night

No. 790295

you chose the most idealized version of a ginger, should've chosen Ed Sheeran or something instead

No. 790381

I have the exact opposite opinion, Anon.

No. 790449

Guys make friends easier than women. I know the most bland and personality free men who still meet guys who ask them to hang.

No. 790524

Why would an action character not be smart or combat savvy? Or learn it during the course of the film? Most male action stars are perfect and badass, and men don’t care. What actual “flaws” does James Bond have? Does John Wick have?

A Mary Sue is a fanfiction term for a reason, it doesn’t work when applied to original media because by definition most main characters are Mary Sue’s.

No. 790548

How about instead of Dom/Sub bullshit, we strive more for heathier Vanilla representation

No. 790578

I'd also like to see more explorations of mutually toxic relationships where both partners are toxic to one another, not to glorify it. the psychological aspects of relationships that become mutually toxic are interesting (doesn't mean sexually, just in general). I love seeing characters be flawed shitty people

No. 790580

Mary Sue was always a term rooted in sexism and internalized misogyny

No. 790605

Agree, sweet vanilla balanced relationships for the win even if dom/ sub stuff is fun.
I'm not so sure about that one but I do find annoying how people jump the gun and name and bland female lead of mild importance a Mary sue regardless of them qualifying or not because shit writers do exist.

Also anyone here who has watched shadow and bone hates the costumes? I'm ok-ish with the sepia tones but wtf is with the costumes?? Even game of thrones had more personality then this

No. 790611

Consumption of animal goods in combination with a low consumerist lifestyle and eating local produce is more ethical than veganism is with a regular Western comsumption lifestyle. Animals are better off when you buy one bag made of real leather and make it last 10+ years than when you buy shitty vegan leather goods which have to be replaced often. Vegan leather is plastic and terrible for the environment and as a consequence for animals. Animals are better off when you buy 1 silk blouse and care for it very well and wear it for years on end than when you buy multiple new polyester (= literal plastic) tops every season. Animals are better off when you eat one cow every now and then and vegetables from local farmers than when your plant-based diet consists out of veggies, fruits and soy imported from abroad and cultivated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

No. 790620

Yes to all that. Vegans don't want to listen tho, they want to eat their imported avocados and feel morally superior.

No. 790648

>Agree, sweet vanilla balanced relationships for the win even if dom/ sub stuff is fun.
why do you think its fun, it seems degrading and unnatural for all parties

No. 790672

Bit of a strawman tho. Why can't vegans also get their fruit and veggies sourced locally? You can make your own tofu too.

No. 790690

>Bit of a strawman
kek seriously. What genuine vegans are buying multiple polyester tops a year? If you’re a lifestyle vegan aren’t you going to be buying second hand clothing anyways, and linen canvas bags instead of numerous pleather bags from fast fashion stores? >>790620
At the same time your picturing an unethical vegan, you’re imagining an ethical non-vegan consumer that will actually care for their animal product goods and not spend copious amounts on cheap labor and manufacturing as well. When what you’re actually looking for is an ethically conscious minimalist that only shops locally.

No. 790693

It's fun mostly from a fictional stand point

No. 790695

I eat vegan, but buy leather. Not because IGAF about morality, but because I get actively grossed out by eating animals.

No. 790775

This is such disingenuous shit. One of the reason why we cant grow enough food locally is because most of it gets fed to animals. If we all went vegan, we could reduce all agricultural land by 70%. Also, why is your comparison carnist diet + low consumerism vs vegan diet + high consumerism. There seems to be some uncontrolled variables here.

No. 790779

File: 1619295714732.gif (740.73 KB, 220x146, FF38DF23-8758-4500-AB17-BCE6F7…)

No. 790782

When meat-eaters do this, I have to wonder if they really think that vegans are shaking in their boots over some person on the internet sending them a picture of meat

No. 790787

File: 1619296047697.jpg (8.77 KB, 200x300, b0d239c0d7085e784c705bd336b326…)

No. 790790

That looks delicious, now I really want a steak.

No. 790792

I want to eat this guy

No. 790798

that cow looks diseased

No. 790803

File: 1619296694987.jpeg (37.22 KB, 400x320, 6565DEAE-858A-476E-AEAC-979E0D…)

>the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest
>tfw you eat the forbidden steak

No. 790806


No. 790808

File: 1619297314521.gif (921.91 KB, 220x124, AF14173C-7603-44B0-8BE9-CC4C32…)

Nah carnivore I’m fine eating my salty grass sold at whole foods for $50 dollars

No. 790811

Why are you angry if you won?

No. 790979

File: 1619314441538.gif (1.21 MB, 410x308, 1615405229285.gif)

I was on your side right up until that

No. 790999

vegan leather right now is pretty much plastic but i think in a few years more options will be available and at lower (but still pricier) prices like from mushroom or other plant based materials. so yes any vegan buying plastic shit over secondhand leather is stupid but I think eventually vegan leathers can replace animal leather except for maybe workboots and other products.

No. 791092

There's literally nothing for us autistics to gain by working jobs, having friends and trying to be functionally normal. They should just let us all be NEETs.

I wasted so much of my life trying to be functional, it's just a waste.

No. 791096

most vegans are already aware of that shit and more likely to do sustainable things in all other parts of life compared to the average meat eating person. I don’t know any vegans who are just hyper consumers and wasteful with their only saving trait being their diet. Vegans are not even 1 percent of the population but people love pretending they’re fueling the demand for quinoa and fancy produce that has to sail around the world and exploits child labor. These are just the hot takes I used to think when I felt upset about my moral inconsistency.

No. 791101

I have the same thoughts. Alas, I need to work but honestly, I'd prefer to neet or get euthanasia.

No. 791105

I'm autistic but I work and pay my mortgage and all that self sufficient shit. I opt out of socialising though. It's a better life than living on bare minimum benefits and in shitty free housing located in dump locations. That or living with my parent forever and dreading the day his death leaves me feeling stranded. That to me seems like a sad way to live. I remember kicking my ass into gear a few years ago when I sat back and thought about those possibilities.

Autists aren't just a hive mind of proud neets. Some are but functioning well can be the most rewarding thing for other tists. It varies. I think more than anything life can just feel daunting with autism. In my early twenties I didn't know which route to follow, opting in or opting out.

No. 791126

Just because you dont get pretty privilege doesnt mean you arent pretty. Tons of things unrelated to beatuy factor into pretty privilege like eye color, skin color, race and height. To say it simply you arent actually ugly, you just arent white and or you're tall.

No. 791142

I also think a lot of it is how you come across.
Confidence and an open minded expression can do so much.

While I personally do not personally see myself as pretty, I know I do have "pretty privileges" . However a lot of the times where I've experienced things that would count as pretty privilege I was wearing no make up, sweat pants and just generally looking like a hot mess. Still I'm a bubbly person and at least acted like I have self esteem and damn people really appreciate that and cliché af to say but think that's attractive.
So stupid blog posting aside, Pretty privilege is not just down to the way you look or dress, it's also the way you act. Be a chill person and people will be chill with you

No. 791150

Muslims are toxic as fuck and I feel sorry for any girl that has to be raised in a muslim household or be around muslims.
t. Muslim (but idc for it)

No. 791179

File: 1619353842680.gif (551.06 KB, 220x165, 52A46E18-7D35-4397-8D20-807F53…)

I’m so sorry nonny I wish we could give you a safe haven in Europe instead of allowing a bunch of scummy islamcels to come in and ruin everyone’s life instead. All women deserve liberation from Islam.

No. 791199

Probably not an unpopular opinion here, but males won't ever see women as anything other than a hole or judge us on anything but how attractive they find us, there will never be equality and tbh segregation is probably the only answer to our problems with males.

No. 791200

I honestly feel the realistic and optimal society would be one where Men primarily only serve as laborers and soldiers and women as Doctors, Lawyers, Leaders and and do all the intellectual work
I think that would be best for everyone Involved, men would like it and women would like it

No. 791203

In my humble lazy-ass opinion, the ideal society is where machines do all the work

No. 791205

File: 1619357131195.png (18.66 KB, 300x250, m7dy578snG.png)

>optimal society

No. 791239

Dresses and skirts have the potential to look good on men. It just needs to be specifically styled and tailored to fit their masculine bodies with genuine intent for fashion. Plunking a random women's dress on a men's body a la Harry Styles just for the sake of collecting the woke points is not it.

No. 791241

Dating is harder for women the more successful and attractive they are. Dating is probably easier for average and ugly girls.

No. 791242

Grapefruit is a top-tier fruit

No. 791245

It's not an opinion, it's a fact. Studies show that men perceive women as less attractive if they're better educated than them. Also, the "happiest" marriages are when the man is better educated than the woman.

No. 791246

This post reminded me I have a grapefruit in my fridge. Idk what to do with it, but I hope it hasn't gone bad yet.

No. 791248

I think only stupid women date men.

No. 791277

Being a volcel is the ultimate way of life imho but you need to be pretty privileged to be able to live like that, having a job where you can afford a home by yourself is extremely difficult nowadays.

No. 791288

True and it's something that I'm striving for. Even if I don't manage to have my own home, anything is miles better than being a servant to a scrote, even death.

No. 791291

>segregation is probably the only answer to our problems with males
except straight women will never want to do that (beyond larper posts on tumblr ofc). So there is your answer. They don't want to be in a world without men

No. 791309

Segregation won't happen because it's an idealistic fever dream that falls apart after like page 1.

No. 791317

That's because most straight and bi women voluntarily seek out romantic companionship with men. Most women like the status quo. That's what's so frustrating. In the end, we're left to our own devices navigating this rotten world. And it sucks because it's not just men that put us in this roles of eye candy only, but other women reinforce it too for various reasons.

No. 791368

You called 99% of humanity stupid lol

No. 791370

and you called women the entirety of humanity kek

No. 791371

Nta but isn't it?

No. 791377

>anon saying most men are not human

No. 791393

I don't like dutch braids… sorry

No. 791394

You won't be forgiven.

No. 791396

I love the braids that look like loops for some reason. It's so cute

No. 791398

no one seems to bring up the fact the the kibbe system is literally a man categorizing women based on their bodies, right down to the tiniest, most minute details like it's a 4H pig show

No. 791400

What's even a kibbe

No. 791401

>I think only stupid women date men.
My unpopular opinion is that I wish this kind of sperging would be a bannable offense. Tired of anons that shit on straight women to boast about their supposed lesbian supremacy. If you truly won the sexuality lottery, can you either have some compassion for less fortunate women or at least shut the fuck up? It's repetitive, annoying and causes infighting at best. Especially exhausting when the comment is barely relevant to OP's post.

No. 791405


No. 791406

it's like a science exam you take to find out what clothes you're allowed to wear

No. 791407

my unpopular opinion is that straight women would stop dating post-malone-looking scuzzbags while sperging about how perfect their nigel is, if they really wanted our respect

No. 791409

Yeah that's kinda bull, miss me with that shit lolol.

No. 791410

So should lesbians. There U haul looking butch dyke ain't it either.

No. 791420

I don't have a dog in this fight, but like glass houses bitch
outside of tumblr gifs most lesbians do not look that um "heathy" from what I've seen

I feel men and women in general are just are fat, ugly, dumb, lazy and don't even live up to quarter of their potential

No. 791422

File: 1619377044434.jpg (64.88 KB, 850x550, Lea_DeLaria.jpg)

Finally someone dropping the truth bomb. Les/Bi anons always shitting on literally any men that anons wanna fuck like it's any of their business, meanwhile their community is known for being attracted to women like pic related. Which is fine, but certainly not a pinnacle of aesthetics for most people. So how about just letting other women fantasize about fucking whatever adult people they are attracted to? I would keep that comment to myself had I not been tired of the constant 'the straights are not alright lel' comments.
But why should straight women clamor for your respect in the first place? Shouldn't it be a given, because of solidarity? Kinda rude when you expect to be supported by them while you shit on them constantly. Also, please consider that maybe you don't get the beauty of whatever male that triggers you, just as straight women don't get how can anyone thirst over a fat bulldyke with cankles.

No. 791423

>>791400 It's a system/theory that tells you what types of clothes look best on your body based on various factors. Like the apple pear hourglass etc. bodyshapes but far more intricate. The name refers to the man who thought it up.

I've looked into it before and I don't really see a problem with it categorizing bodies? No type seems to be described as better or more desirable than others. If you go to a stylist and she dresses you a certain because you're fat or tall or curvy or have big boobs or whatever your body gets categorized too.

No. 791426

It could possibly work in the future with the help of advanced male robots.

No. 791430

Or a girl with a shaved hair cut and a nose ring-
Rip being a bisexual in this day and age, half of the girls I could date have some unfortunate styles in general even when they are pretty to me, yet I'm in a phase where most man don't appeal to me lol.

No. 791437

>thinking that most of the women who find the deformed and aging scrotes posted here are all lesbians/bi


No. 791439

I would be so down for that! Husbando robots when? It's the best of both worlds! Unless certain women would ruin it by shitting on robofuckers and advising to just go celibate and focus on female friendships kek
The comments like "the straights are not alright" certainely imply that OP isn't straight herself and that's what I've been refering to

No. 791440

Cope with what? I don't find some of the men that other women find hot well hot and some would probably scoff at my choices too lol

No. 791441

God that's so creepy

No. 791443

women who follow it seem to take it as an objective, inarguable authority which kinda pisses me off cause it is some dude trying to rank us once again

No. 791444

Oh my god! Is that a woman in your pic who's not catering to scrote's sexual fantasies? Yuck! I think we should really start shaming women who don't dress like porn stars and aspire to look like bimbos.

No. 791445

Can we not reach robot fucker levels please?

No. 791446

Why would they? Male robots could have all the features that women want and dream about and none they dislike.

No. 791448

lesbians don't screech in everyone's face that everyone should find that hot though. they keep it to themselves unlike straights who keep showing me the same uncustomized avatar on their phone while telling me it's a photo of their boyfriend

No. 791450

Anon just said that lesbians had no better taste in women that straights had on men inherently- you can't help being attracted to who you're attracted to

No. 791451

based assessment of a showered, fully-clothed, and entirely inoffensive woman. straight bitches insecure around women who don't need 2 hours to get dressed

No. 791452

I don't want to screw what's basically a sex doll, men or women

No. 791453

No. I really want to fuck robots, segregation or no segregation. Think of it as an advanced vibrator.

No. 791454

The problem with men is not just their looks, if only it was. It's their behavior that shows no signs of changing, ever. And women approving or allowing that behavior to continue.

No. 791455

this might not be that unpopular unfortunately

No. 791456

Because >>791441 and >>791445
Learn to read. I said it's fine, but if you are into this type of look, it's not your place to scoff at other women being into unconventionally looking people. But of course your first impulse is to hide behind feminism instead of facing the hipocrisy.

No. 791458

I had a (male) ex who was always bitching about septum piercings and partially shaved heads on women because in his eyes I guess it meant less fuckable women existed in the world… I had to remind him he was a decade older than most women trying out those styles. And also already taken. Memories lol

No. 791460

i think the problem is that the aforementioned gross dudes are not considered "unconventional"–straight women thirsting over nasty-looking scrotes is considered completely normal and society tells us those men are attractive

No. 791461

You do you anon

No. 791462

Nta, and I'm not in this argument, but Big Boo just isn't very facially attractive imo. Even if she did dress like a bimbo. She's not super ugly or anything, though.

No. 791463

Why are you saying this exactly? I've never dated anyone so it doesn't concern me, but I've vaguely heard about some study showing that men don't feel confident enough to pursue women who they think are above them, but that was so long ago I'm not sure if I'm remembering this correctly.

No. 791464

yeah she's just a normal lady who i guess doesn't like to spend too much money on a haircut

No. 791468

It's more so the indication to me that they may be a SJW or a lib fem that's trying to use Me to spite someone lol. I think the style can work somewhat, but I just see it as a bit of a yellow flag and it does not look flattering on a lot of people.

Dyed hair is pretty cool tbh

No. 791470

Yes, because behavior surely factors into anons shitting on other women being physically attracted to certain men. I was talking about this kind of conversation
>I find male X hot in looks
>omg he so ugly, get your glasses straighty

No. 791471

true. 90% of straight relationships really aren't egalitarian. most men don't respect their wives at ALL. the things i hear straight couples say are absolutely batshit to me. so many imaginary rules and shit i don't even know where they get them

No. 791472

christ cope harder, insecure-chan. why the ass are you so upset about some anonymous lesbians on the internet calling the boyfriend you don't even have ugly

No. 791473

Im straight,i find the super ugly deformed old men posted here ugly the bull dyke that you posted is ugly too, so now whats your point.
Are you that mad that sometimes women express their opinion that some ugly men who are shilled as attractive by society are ugly.

No. 791474

its probably a scrote or self-hating femcel

No. 791475

The fact that it can still happen quite a bit in female homosexual relationships does upset me too…
Like danm imagine ditching a scrote only for your homegirl to be a scrotette?

No. 791478

I'm sure someday customizable boyfriends will be produced.

No. 791480

There are multiple anons and that point was brought up once now. And let's not kid ourselves here, the standards for women are much higher than for men. Just compare the conventional and unconventional threads on /g/. And the same standards are reflected in the media.
My biggest issue is women, straight or not, reinforcing the beauty standards that scrotes set, who willingly reduce themselves to a sex object and claim it's because of empowerment or whatever. Or say they're a wifey and trad on the other end of extreme. There's never going to be any progress for normal and sane women if we as a group keep putting ourselves in these second grade roles. And mostly, I do think women lose in hetero relationships. Statistically and mentally and everything, and despite all of that, they think it's okay. So yeah, things are doomed and there's not going to be any change. I feel sorry for straight women who are aware of this and need to cope with that fact.

No. 791483

No. 791484

This woman still looks better than her male equivalents.

No. 791488

Nicely put.

No. 791489

Not to be mean to this poor woman because I bet she's a ray of sunshine who would carry your luggage if you ask
But that's like comparing dog shit to human shit and making one asked winch looks nicer.

No. 791490

I don't find shitting on males annoying, it's unnecessary shitting on other women that getes me. It just divides us. Especially when anons say stuff like "well what did she expect from dating a male?". I wish you would stop projecting your problems with straight women on me (though it kinda proves my point). Also your assumptions are wrong, not a pick me/femcel. Don't wear make-up ever as well.

No. 791493

meant my reply to >>791474 as well, phone posting sucks.

No. 791495

damn, all of this just because someone called the scrote you like ugly

No. 791503

Learn to read. This comment:
>I think only stupid women date men
started the discussion. Shitting on (straight) women and victim blaming them isn't as cool or progressive as (some of) you think it is

No. 791512

But it sure seems fun. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy this little infight, thread moved fast

No. 791513

You're right anon
>>791495 nta yet I see girls here saying shit like "I don't care about the suffering of straight women, they did it to themselves" all the time. I agree most dudes are ugly and shitty but that kind of thinking means most women in bad situations are to blame and don't deserve support. Completely ignoring how our entire societies want women to be with men, can punish them if they don't, and most are naive about men. But also not all women want to be blackpilled and celibate by ignoring their natural attraction. Maybe they are hoping to find a man who will work on his flaws as she works on hers, you know like any healthy relationship.

No. 791515

Yeah I was making fun of some woman in the lolcow cap thread and a salty lesbo replied to me like "that's just the straight experience nonny, pity her". Rolled my eyes, cringe. Bitter clam muncher, your straight best friend won't break up with her Nigel for you sowwy

No. 791530

I dont care about the bulldykes here and i agree that they are annoying, this is more about the salty femcels and how they get butthurt the moment you call their ugly scrote ugly or the moment you start calling out some popular scrote for having cow behavior.

No. 791561

I'm bi (aka attracted to men), and I'm just sick of being shown ugly men all the time. I understand that men do it to big themselves up and keep the standards for themselves low, but it kind of feels like I'm being gaslit by all the (straight) women around me when they praise hideous men and say beautiful women aren't good enough for them.
Like, in no world does someone like Robert Pattinson belong with FKA Twigs or Kirsten Stewart, and Jay-Z does NOT belong with Beyonce, Lauren Miller is way too pretty for Seth Rogen, Adam Driver looks like a fucking rat and if he were female every male would rain insults down on him for daring to show his face on camera, etc. I've been raised/socialized all my life to adhere to heterosexual dynamics, so I should understand, but I don't and feel like I never will. You really don't need to be a lesbian or attracted to fat women to see the problem.

No. 791564

>Adam Driver looks like a fucking rat
finally someone said it

No. 791567

finally? people say that all the time.

No. 791571

I'm pretty sure that was me. I'm not a lesbian, I said that because that's pretty much how every straight relationship is when the guy isn't anti-trans (or when any political discussion comes up and your opinions differ), to some extent. It often takes something else to convince them, even porn, because with only a few exceptions, men don't like listening to women.
I wasn't being sarcastic, I genuinely don't think anon deserved to be made fun of for that. Guys really are just like that, at least some progress was made. I don't know how to explain to you guys that it's not just lesbians who see the issues with straight relationships and men in general. I'm sure there's some lesbian equivalent to that shit, but I haven't seen it and don't hang around that many lesbians to know.

No. 791573

File: 1619382352932.jpg (179.3 KB, 1200x1500, robert_pattinson_instagram.jpg)

All right anon, I get what you mean with likes of Jay-Z, Seth Rogen, etc. But Robert Pattinson is incredibly attractive in conventional sense. Like what kind of man do you consider attractive if even this does not make the cut?

No. 791578

NTA but I personally think RPat is very ugly, he looks dirty and neanderthalish imho, but I don't judge people that think he's hot because eh taste is taste and I have some questionable tastes myself

>looks like a fucking rat and if he were female every male would rain insults down on him for daring to show his face on camera
tbh that already happens with him, but the female version at the face app thread was quite popular for a while kek

No. 791582

Also bi and I notice this so much especially when watching the news. Almost every female news anchor is beautiful, full makeup, styled hair, etc., yet has some crusty old balding gray haired dude 20+ years older next to her. I don’t get how it’s not jarring to most people. The few attractive men on the news are the exception, not the rule.

No. 791583

I agree with you on parts, but Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs looks matched
the only thing sucked was that he was a pussy that didn't call out his racist fan-girls

If a literal who like Ross Lynch could do it, then why couldn't he

No. 791589

File: 1619383067497.jpeg (46.24 KB, 480x720, Robert-Pattinson-Hair-480x0-c-…)

I'm just not seeing it. He looks average/above average on his best days, and on other days, like he comes from a long line of inbred peasants and will stab you with a piece of glass so he can steal your wallet and buy a pack of cigs. Maybe if you knew him IRL and he had an amazing personality, it'd make sense, but all these random women worshiping him as a god? No, I'm tired.
Guys I consider attractive enough to simp/stan over would just be most of the guys you see when you Google "male model". They're actually handsome and eye-catching. I don't understand why most female actresses/celebrities have to be on a level of looks where they can compete with models, but male celebrities seem to get in solely through their connections or their skills (which often aren't even that good) and they're not expected to be that good-looking. The amount of times I've been reee'd at and told "It's about talent" when I say some male actor isn't handsome, but then the same person turns around and complains that a beautiful actress looks "too old" or is "ugly" (they almost never are).

No. 791596

I agree whole heartily with this- when I see a genuine pretty boy I can swoon but a lot of Hollywood type ain't it

No. 791597

File: 1619383472324.png (779.27 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot (22).png)

nta I'm not saying he's super handsome, he's good looking enough for the most part and he looks matched with FKA Twigs imo

I'm more angry about the fact that he didn't say anything about the racial slurs his girlfriends was facing from his psycho former twilight fans

No. 791599

are they still dating?

No. 791603

. I'm sure there's some lesbian equivalent to that shit, but I haven't seen it and don't hang around that many lesbians to know.

Anon, it's lesbians, there a sexual minority and I don't doubt some have settled down with what they could find just on those grounds alone

No. 791608

What Kristen Stewart isn't any more attractive than Pattinson, and I don't find either of them sex icons.

No. 791617

I actually misread as Kirsten durst and I was like " Yeah she's really pretty and was smoking as a younger woman-"
Kristen Stewart is a bit long on the face but good on her for coming out

No. 791619


No. 791626

Sorry but Adam driver is still ugly

No. 791629

>only simps for models
>rpats got his start as a model
make it make sense….

No. 791630

To be fair he was a little cuter when he was younger

No. 791639

And that's why I said "most of the guys you see when you Google "male model"", not all lmao. We all know there are ugly models, but they're not the majority.

No. 791641

File: 1619385632108.jpeg (105.05 KB, 1038x1200, EFicMrMWwAEIAe0.jpeg)

Huh, he actually did look okay. That's kind of tragic. Reminds me of how the guy who played Harry Potter let himself go and now looks like a homeless drug addict. Is it just how British men are?

No. 791667

File: 1619387169227.jpg (39.48 KB, 392x600, 47a1f8f0ae7dd62e5681ef76fde3b6…)

I am starting to think that some anons here just dont like men. They like boys.

No. 791669

Pt is the most boring part of Lolcow, 90% of the cows there only give droplets of milk.

No. 791671

I mean lots of users are young like myself so why the hell should I want a grown ass man anyhow?

No. 791672

if you're THIS young you should probably leave

No. 791675

Someone posted Barron Trump when he was like 12 in one of the male attractions thread in /g/ lmao. Plus, there was that anon who said she wished men stopped growing at 13. What's going on with farmers lately?
>why the hell should I want a grown ass man
…well, aren't you a grown woman?

No. 791677

No, no, dont take it the wrong way. I dont want to judge or shame anyone. It is just my observation that some anons that comment on how this or that man is unattractive dont seem to actually like men in general. I dont mean anything wrong by it.

No. 791682

No. I barely graduated out of my teens and I'm a young adult. Late twenty and thirty up therefore don't interest me much if at all since Well, they look like there old enough to be my older sibling at best

No. 791683

Barron anon was probably the samefag who was doing shota picrew after shota picrew, would not be surprised if it was the same anon

No. 791684

File: 1619389040161.jpeg (151.54 KB, 1024x615, article-0-1AAD2CD6000005DC-68_…)

…I mean, he looks young there, but at least he didn't look like this? I don't know what to tell you anon, but the image you posted there looks healthier than this for sure. I don't think wanting a guy who looks like he takes care of himself means you must like boys. If that's how it is now, I really weep for the fate of myself and other male-attracted women.

No. 791689

File: 1619389445579.jpeg (278.49 KB, 1200x900, emma-watson-before-and-after.j…)

Samefagging, but this is Emma Watson for comparison.
She managed to age without looking haggard and weird like her male co-star(s). She's extremely pretty. I don't understand why it's seemingly so hard for men to do the same.
Is it really so impossible for them? It's not even like the two have different life circumstances. Both wealthy, successful celebrities that can afford to look good. Probably both do coke because it's Hollywood. And yet, consistently, the men end up looking like ass while the women look gorgeous. It's fucked.

No. 791692

She’s average. Honestly all celebrities look incredibly ugly

No. 791693

Where do you live? I need to move.

No. 791696

>Guys I consider attractive enough to simp/stan over would just be most of the guys you see when you Google "male model".
I'm glad my mental illness does not manifest in this way

No. 791698

>She's extremely pretty
Top kek

No. 791700

This is kind of a good point, too. Women who are like 18 up to their early or mid 20s (or even younger) are somehow expected to be attracted to men who are in their 30s, 40s and up. Meanwhile, all men are pretty much expected to be into young women, even 16 year olds.
It just doesn't seem right to me.

No. 791702

>not simping and stanning for completely average and/or blatantly unattractive men you don't even know is mental illness
This is why lesbians make fun of you.

No. 791704

Op here and i want to clarify that I'm into women as well and while a lot of women look hot even well into their 40s I'm not attracted to them either, so I'm pretty egalitarian in that sense

No. 791707

Look at the picture I posted, look back at >>791684. Some people will insist that Radcliffe is a handsome man in spite of everything, but I'm in the wrong for saying Emma Watson is extremely pretty. L.
>inb4 you claim they're looksmatched
Enough of the delusions

No. 791714

File: 1619390589306.jpeg (816.01 KB, 3264x2448, 792E07B3-4B8A-4CD0-9F26-E19DCF…)

Hottest celebrities around, that woman’s gunt is making a true fashion statement.

No. 791715

File: 1619390625014.jpeg (20.84 KB, 700x402, 5ee0fbe7bfd17.jpeg)

One of people on these photos is on midnight coke trip, and the other on the red carpet with professionally done makeup. Picrel is how Daniel Radcliffe looks normally. By conventional standards, he is a very attractive man. You dont have to personally be attracted to him, but you cant argue that he is somehow objectively subpar.
Now as for an average man, they do age like shit, because nobody ever teached them how to do proper skincare routine. Or just generally follow healthy lifestyle outside of working out.

No. 791716

god wait a minute he’s so sexy nobble nobble

No. 791719

>fat white woman with black child

I hope this isn't construed as racebaiting but why is this configuration so common? Usually dumpy southern women too

No. 791722

Pictured, the anons who enter threads to say every celebrity is hideous and that every single female celebrity looks like a man

No. 791726

File: 1619390954764.png (Spoiler Image, 174.72 KB, 622x1285, handsome_squidward__full_body_…)

At least I'm not exclusively attracted the human embodiment of this image.

No. 791727

>By conventional standards, he is a very attractive man.
This is what's bothering me. He is average, at best. If I saw him on the street, I wouldn't turn my head at him, I might even find him creepy. What are you guys used to seeing that what you posted is an image of a sex god? What are conventional standards? Is it that hard out there?

No. 791730

Nta, but wouldn't an average person still be considered conventionally attractive?

No. 791731

The dog is cute.

No. 791733

Are you the anon in /g/ who posts about how hot you find dadbods and baldness? Pack it up.
And yeah, if I'm going to be thirsting on anon about some celebrity scrote, he better be a fucking 10/10. Real life is more forgiving, but I'm not sure what's so great about posting about how wet you get for weird/ugly men who happen to be famous. Keeping your aspirations low and preparing yourself to settle if the worst comes to the worst? It makes no sense to me.

No. 791734

Anon said "very attractive", that's the part that sends me.

No. 791736

File: 1619391384412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.81 KB, 470x1115, main-qimg-6842a5149fd6b054f5e2…)

Ok, stop, nobody described him as "sex god". As for what I am used to seeing, the answer is an average man (duh). You cant tell me these isnt a clear distinction between Daniel Radcliffe, or Rober Pattinson, or whatever other popular actor, and picrel.
And just out of curiosity, could you post picture of a man you find attractive?

No. 791738

No, but I still respect that anon more then someone who probably gets horny over department store mannequins, kek.

No. 791742

It's sad that this man is more attractive than most men I see day to day. It's so rare to see a hot man irl it sucksssss

No. 791744

The guy in your image definitely isn't a far cry from >>791715. He could do 4 months of lifting/weight loss and be on the same level. Maybe do something new with his hair. I really don't see a wide berth of difference. Is it the money? Blue eyes?
There isn't a specific kind of guy I find attractive, which is why I gave the generic male model answer. It's subjective (and I feel like some anons will sperg at any guy I post and make him out to be Driver-tier regardless at this point kek), but when it comes to actually thirstposting, I will never understand anons who go crazy over really average guys.

No. 791752

File: 1619392081289.png (89.65 KB, 1333x1000, social-worker-526067-HL-a2c971…)

The amount of female social workers with hybristrophilia is scary. I don't trust anyone that goes into social work for penitentiaries for goes to work with criminals out of prison.

I'm sick of living around violent scum, and I'm really tired of seeing violent scum get benefits the more benign offenders aren't entitled to.

No. 791755

>There isn't a specific kind of guy I find attractive
You dont get to talk shit about other peoples taste and then chicken out at the possibility of someone judging you back. Just google "male model", and post a pic you find attractive.

No. 791756

The antebellum white guilt runs through their veins.

No. 791757

Not to sound stereotypical but beauty is subjective and horniness can make one blind to many a thing.

No. 791759

I forgot my unpopular opinion after all that

Anybody that sets out to be a social worker shouldn't be one, period, or at least their power should be seriously curtailed. Or social work should be managed by the police.

I don't know why people think social workers are UwU perfect. All those criminals brag about how much of a joke the system is once they get those extra illegal perks gifted by "compassionate" social workers.

No. 791761

File: 1619392349437.jpeg (145.29 KB, 866x1390, portrait-of-happy-young-woman-…)

The worst part is that many men who resemble that picture are socially conditioned to think they deserve a woman like this, or even that she's not pretty enough.

No. 791767

The point isn't to talk shit about people's taste (especially since you already seem to know these men aren't like, perfect), the point is that it gets tiring to see straight women praise average or unattractive men as "sexy" or "very attractive", and it's even worse because men generally don't worship anything less than 10/10 model-tier women below 30 years old.

I agree with that, I'm just confused how horniness can be targeted at people who are not only strangers, but strangers who don't stand out in any specific/positive way.

No. 791770

It seems you forgot to add image to your post.

No. 791773

No. 791778

I mean, wouldn't the same apply to therapists and psychologists? When you start to question why someone might deliberately decide to work with and try to help a variety of fucked up people, you start to see all sorts of weird complexes, ranging from hybristophilia to narcissistic/controlling tendencies and a need to feel superior. There are plenty of horror stories about the mental health system, too.

No. 791785

i like rats, they're cute and friendly, like tiny quiet dogs! i don't like adam driver though. he is not a lesbian.

No. 791786

agree with you&don't understand this anon who keeps saying there's an equivalent amongst lesbians. there isn't. even the butchest fakeboi still wasn't raised as a man and a relationship with her won't be the same as a straight one. men say and do retarded shit to their female partners who they absolutely do not iew as regular humans.

No. 791787

samefag *view

No. 791789

rpattz looks like an irish guy sitting on the curb because he got kicked out of every pub already and it's only 8PM

No. 791800

The same does apply, but the ones that become social workers tend to be stupider and have a greater prerogative. They cause a lot more damage in my experience. And nobody ever calls them out on it.

No. 791804

no she most revently dated shia who didn't bathe and beat her

No. 791808

i can't believe people still try to pitch "the wall" as a womens' problem when pretty much every man who is cute in his early 20s has a gremlins-tier transformation within 5 years. dicaprio, pattinson, zac efron, help me list more i'm a lesbian

No. 791811

anyone posting on the farms under the age of 18 is destined to become a cow once they reach adulthood

No. 791813

there should be some redtext on this kek

No. 791816

aw man they even made their dog fat? i'm sad now.

No. 791818

those women are also socially conditioned to settle for that man or worse. that's what gets me pissed off when i see straight couples, how heterosexual women are just expertly trained to take massive amounts of shit and prop up mediocre scrotes

No. 791821

elaine the pain kek

No. 791843

Only "consolation" is that some women are so shit they kinda deserve their partners

No. 791862

>By conventional standards, he is a very attractive man

the man:
>no lips
>tiny face with close together eyes
>messy hair
>short and disproportionate
>gross beard

what does "conventional" and "very attractive" mean? White and British?

No. 791866

Don't say that, no one deserves a mediocre scrote except maybe another mediocre scrote.

No. 791871

Listening to this is more valuable than reading any self improvement book.

No. 791885

basically yeah

No. 791898

Could someone post that news article of that 1930's-1940's actresses complaining how she hates being casted along side men 20 years older then her and just wants to be cast with a Hot guy near her age

No. 791962

based anon!!!! Black Obsidian is amazing. check out Sekhmet She-Owl if you don't know her

No. 791992

I love them both

No. 791994

zac efron looks fine to me i have actually no idea what everyone is talking about. i do see a small difference but hes still just handsome dude whatever.

…actually i can barely see the difference and im losing my mind cause everyone is acting like its so obvious… he looks fine…

No. 791995


its so 2000s mundane that is almost comforting in a way. that chubby dyke looks like someone to chill with and some weed in 2009. 2020 her would be… you know what

No. 791996

File: 1619420616002.jpg (323.25 KB, 1200x1604, EMMA-WATSON-Out-and-About-in-L…)

emma watson is one of the blandest person ever but people hype her up for stupid nostalgia reasons.

she is not extremely pretty. im so fucking tired of everyone pretending she's gorgeous. its literally just cause she was your crush in middle school and nothing else. she is plain and pedestrian as fuck, just well dressed and makeup. ive never been a potterfag so seeing people go crazy over her is bizarre to me. >>791689

No. 791997

I am guessing you think Onision and Zac Efron look alike as well

No. 792005

Is this faceblind-ness or something

No. 792044

File: 1619428284070.png (447.92 KB, 1024x411, fw3xc6646hj61.png)

Black woman here, it has less to with white women and more to do with black men being the weakest link in our community, there colorism is so fucking deep and illogical that they would jump for the chance to be with the woman on the right then on the left
They make literal fools out of themselves and the black community to get with white women(no1curr, racebait)

No. 792047

what do you mean, she has really delicate features. she's leagues above any big-lipped cheekbone-fillered celebrity.
it's a shame she's retarded, such a waste of a pretty face.

No. 792060

I wish artists would start making actual entertaining content again instead of the stupid "critical thinking" "society bad" kind of bullcrap. Ohhh woww congrats you are AGAIN talking about something or creating something that pays homage to insert bad thing that happened where people died in a horrific manner. We pay you to entertain people not to be a SJW activist ya dumb slags. I don't know if I am already desensitized by all of the shit that happenes every day around me but I just can't fucking care or take it anymore. I just want to be entertained and forget about it for an hour or two.

No. 792066

press x to doubt

No. 792068

Talking about issues or inserting them there and there to add some spice to some work is totally ok, it just a lot of this authors have the finesse of a unfit ballerina on pointe, so it's blatant and barely entertaining.

No. 792087

Agreed. Emma is pretty to the majority of people and if you disagree that's fine, but you're in the minority. Most people would say she's pretty.

No. 792090

agree, hate her bland face and obnoxious acting

No. 792108

She was good as Hermione with that hair and having the face to suit someone being up themselves like Hermione came across. She toned it down by the end of the franchise but still. She's all hair

No. 792110

Use this energy on the plenty of bland and uggo men Hollywood is rich

No. 792162

File: 1619446593393.jpg (1.04 MB, 1619x2048, MV5BMTQzMjkwNTQ2OF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I never understood why people kept gushing over Ryan Gosling and calling him a sex symbol for years, when he looks like nothing but the most basic man I've ever met. Is his acting that good or something?

No. 792166

I feel like she made Hermione much more insufferable than she was in the books. Okay, the script also probably was to blame, but she really amped the 'insufferable smartass' angle. It's like nobody informed Emma Watson that Hermione significantly chilled down after the troll in the bathroom drama. I hated the movie Hermione, but enjoyed the character in the books.

No. 792168

Yeah I mean he's kinda cute but mostly goofy looking

No. 792172

you know you don't have to write in your email address, right, alex?

No. 792175

He's one of those male celebrities that have been memed into attractiveness, even if it's not really true. That's how they were selling Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom years ago.
Like, think about it. Even here, where he-who-must-not-be-named, Pattinson and other ugly male celebrities are worshiped and thirsted over for no apparent reason, how many Gosling anons do we see? It's fake news.

No. 792176

I kinda think Orlando was cute. Like pretty cute

No. 792177

File: 1619447677801.jpeg (290.73 KB, 1080x1440, disgusting.jpeg)

I never watched HP or read the books. I don't go crazy over her (I like more tomboyish women personally), I just think she's really pretty in the same way a lot of other female celebrities are, especially in comparison to her male counterparts, kek. Also, what >>792110 said.
I'll take 1000 Emma Watsons over another one of these. There is absolutely no excuse.

No. 792180

I seriously don't see the hang up some anons have with Emma Watson. She's fine, not even really that ugly or bland-

No. 792183

I disagreed at first, but now I’m seeing ugly ginger men everywhere. This guy I’ve been sexting with is a ginger with freckles. I’ve never seen his entire face, and I’m worried now.
I’m going to kms if I sent nudes to a ginger male butterface. Fuck you for gingerpilling me anon

No. 792190

>never seen his entire face
>sent nudes

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 792192

Tell me you weren't dumb enough to show your face to this guy-

Ginger women are cuties tho

No. 792195

I’m not trying to ruin my life lmao. We both sent nudes without our faces

No. 792204

Unpopular opinion:
Jenna Marbles sucks.
I give no fucks that she left the internet or that she's getting engaged. I liked some of her very early rant videos but she quickly became annoying and unfunny and I hate that weird blaccent/jersey/whateverthefuckit'smeanttobe voice that she does every five minutes to be funny.
Her content became lazy as fuck and every one puts her up on a pedestal like she's some untouchable angel.

No. 792205

Because she is overrated and a walking chin

No. 792207

I think she's liked and treated like this because - maybe thanks to a lazy content - she never did anything problematic; standards are low nowadays.

No. 792210

Well at least you're not dumb, just mega horny

No. 792215

women who tell other women not to complain about their periods because they themselves only get 3 day periods with no cramps should be beat up. I swear i get gaslit more by women with light flows than i have any man. I just think its fucked up that I cant complain about how debilitating my cramps are around certain women because they will just call me "dramatic" or a "baby" I feel like women like that are a big reason why periods are treated like something a woman is just supposed to deal with and shut up about.

No. 792216

Reminds me growing up and having the older women in my life shame me for showing pain and wanting rest until I needed emergency surgery for cysts.

No. 792223

im sorry you went through that anon. Its crazy because its almost always the mother figures in your life that do that shit the most! its bizarre. Its like they had to suffer in silence in their day so they want the younger women in their to go through the same shit.

No. 792230

Chris Evans is basic and proof male beauty standards are incredibly boring these days

No. 792231

Its a psyop to get people to be attracted to standard looking men who fit the basic requirements of looking like a neandtherthal. Give me a young cute pretty boy anyday

No. 792232

This is another one way less attractive than previous sex symbol and beauty icon actresses

No. 792233

Keep my man's name out of your mouth!

No. 792234

I disagree. Chris Evans has a lot of attractive qualities that people find irresistible for a reason.
>incredibly white smile–

nonny imma reason with you, I was going to disagree with you but then I looked him up and you're right. KEK

No. 792240

File: 1619452003923.jpg (716.7 KB, 3264x2176, indgrex.jpg)

I swear they're made in generic male factories

No. 792243

I'm black, and tbh I would like him even if it weren't for those pictures. He's just a hot guy imo

No. 792244

it makes me cringe especially as a black woman who sees other black women foam at the mouth for him. The only reason why they love him so much is because one time once he was spotted flirting with a hot black girl in like 2005. thats it and thats all it took for him to be a sex god king in the. i want to cry the bar is in hell. anon was right about straight women being the worst LMAO jk.
>>792243 sorry i accidentally deleted but he is cute! its just LSA DRAGS IT

No. 792245

gosling is cute in his movies and even shitty paparazzi vids, but looks fucking bad in still photography. no idea why

No. 792247

it's been an hour and no redtext or ban on this? come on jannies kek

No. 792248

haha what? she did blackface all the time

No. 792251

i think a lot of why people like evans is his personality. he either has the world's greatest publicist or actually is an UwU sincere goodboi straight out of a shitty homemade BL comic

No. 792261

Being horny isn’t against the rules nonny

No. 792265

My lighter months are by far the worst ones for cramps and just feeling shit, even when the bleed only lasts 3 days the cramps come in a few days early. Flow doesn't dictate the level of pain. I remember I used to think it did.

No. 792270

Damn, even the dog is a fatass?

No. 792274

He looks cute in a weird way sometimes. I feel like he's specifically the type where nobody has the same opinion on whether he's attractive or not.

No. 792286

>How many Gosling anons do we see? It's fake news.
Isn't he irrelevant now, though? When was the last time he made an acclaimed movie? Plus, I feel likw it was mostly normie libfems who were into Gosling. Won't find many of them here.

No. 792313

No lie I think it's pretty sweet dad is the one that bought most of my pads and is very empathetic about my period cramps lol. My mom never really bothered

No. 792317

bruh honestly i only like the johnny depp or multiracial background type of white guys.

No. 792324

He Can actually pull off the scruffy look somewhat.
And he was a danm heartthrob as a young man

No. 792341

I mean its complex, I think Chris Evans attractiveness is more of a meme at this point for black women on twitter and LSA
He really does seem like a nice guy for the most post so I feel that's a factor

No. 792342

he's cute in an approachable normie guy way. not my type but could understand the appeal

No. 792345

That makes sense then. Thanks!

No. 792348

File: 1619458200074.jpg (34.47 KB, 599x345, tumblr_lss78nrlQ01r4vn34o1_128…)

I think its important to remember his attractiveness literally started as a meme
>In 2010 Ryan Gosling starred in Blue Valentine, the film was given an NC-17 rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to a scene involving Gosling's character giving oral pleasure to the female protagonist. Gosling publicly criticized MPAA's decision by saying it is a sexist to give films with scenes depicting women performing oral sex R ratings while his scene in Blue Valentine was given a NC-17 rating. The actor's bold statement received praises from women's blogosphere, most notably a column post on Ms. Magazine blog in November 2010.

>Jezebel[2] posted an article about the single topic Tumblr on the same day it launched and a number of similar articles followed on celebrity blogs like Huffington Post Women[3], Perez Hilton[4] and BuzzFeed[12], as well as news media outlets including TIME Magazine[5], CBS[6] and The Guardian.[7] The blog also enjoyed significant coverage from the women's fashion magazines and blogs, including Marie Claire, Stylist and Vogue among others. Since the onset of mainstream news coverage, the image macro series has continued to circulate on Tumblr[8]

No. 792352

I'm a paper-white white woman and I too am only attracted to those types as well. I always end up with Hispanic guys because I find blue eyes and blonde hair unattractive on men. Pale skin is also a no for me, hypocritically enough.

No. 792364

File: 1619458759865.jpeg (366.74 KB, 828x985, 40D46679-FDA0-465E-9318-4CA9B1…)

research suggests that "normie" looking people tend to be the ones like more as well

kek I had heard it started as a meme but not the full story

I only like blonde hair on certain men, and most lighter haired men look better with dark hair (see: Chris Evans, I'm not sure what his natural hair color is but he looks 1000x better brunette, Gosling looks better with dark hair too, etc). I tend to be most attracted to naturally dark haired guys

god why did Johnny have to turn out to be such a mess, guess he always was, but why

No. 792381

File: 1619459531786.jpg (35.42 KB, 468x468, smHKtmqh.jpg)

nta, I feel attraction towards men with blonde hair when its matched with some darker feature, either eye color or a slight tan skin color and vice versa, That said I'm attracted towards pale skinny white guys as well, as well buff white guys(Like I unironically would go for the Chad meme guy)

No. 792400

File: 1619460428320.jpg (71.76 KB, 1030x596, Equ1_4bXMAAGQ36.jpg)

I also think its important to remember that the attraction towards Chris is both genuine and ironic at the same time
basically a lot of colorist black men will claim attraction to only very light skinned women, so black women started ironically posting Chris Evans as their #1 black male crush, claiming he's just a light skinned black man and calling him Chris Jamal Evans

No. 792426

I figure he is one of those actors that's considered super dreamy just because he played the love interest in a movie (The Notebook) and normies conflate a fictional character's story with their actor. Like all the fangirls who love SuperWhoLock actors entirely for their characters, even though they are often weird looking bongers. Guys do the same thing where they get obsessed with an actress who played some MPDG or nerdy girl next door who inexplicably falls for the hero in whatever nerd media, as in >>791996

No. 792506

Kek thanks anons, I'm glad to see other women in agreement because the majority of other white women go for these white bread men that look so boring to me. To be fair, they probably think the same of the men I like.
Anyway, no doubt that there's some blonde haired, blue eyed incel reading this and seething because a few women on an obscure imageboard said that they prefer other men. I've posted this opinion elsewhere in a female-only community and ofc it had some moid who lashed out with some passive aggressive response. Just get a spray tan and dye your hair. Wear colored contacts if necessary. Women do all of that shit and most of them don't complain about it ffs.
When it comes to non-black women, I thought black men were attracted to the women who emulate black women and tan their skin like Kylie Jenner. There's a joke too that black men like overweight white/latina women but I don't know how true it is.

No. 792509

File: 1619467034177.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2048x2048, 1619131242532.jpeg)

she has so great features every combo with her looks beautiful.

No. 792549

she's plain janey but share the sentiment with a previous anon that she's far better looking than the women who get obvious fillers and giant lips.

no comment about her acting tho

No. 792577

Anybody who says that big boobs don't help you in life are lying.

No. 792582

They just don't help your back in a lot of cases nor your tops and bras

No. 792602

I barely heard the term "girlboss" used before so many people started making fun of it. People are overreacting about it.

No. 792611

I'm pretty sure it was mostly women who are in pyramid schemes that used it

No. 792615

The media always uses it as a meaning for "working yourself to death for the sake of capitalism since you have to prove yourself to your male coworkers that you are exactly like them or else you will never get that equal payment by working 110% more".
"Girlboss" basically means capitalist pick-me & is a buzzword that gets glamorized as we work ourselves to death

No. 792616

I hate when arguments about male celebrities having lower beauty standards than female ones always devolve into just deciding we need to raise beauty standards for me. How about lowering beauty standards for women instead? Stop pressuring them into dramatic weightloss and nose jobs and filler and botox in their 20s? Stop praising them for "aging well" when really they're spending thousands to hide even the smallest wrinkle because they know it'll tank their careers?

Besides, anons here will never be able to decide who is hot and who isn't definitively. It's impossible to measure, and it's not like better looking men are automatically less misogynistic, or less bigoted. It's a good thing that women factor in charisma and personality when finding males attractive, instead of just chasing after whoever fits the stereotypical societal standard of "hot".

No. 792621

That isn't true, the term comes from the owner of Nasty Gal, Sofia Amouruso. She was a horrible boss, treated her female employees like shit. The term has a bad rep not because of "working yourself to death", but because it's about treating your fellow women like shit in order to get ahead. But the term now has been co-opted by misogynists and everyone is called a girlboss now. Gone Girl is a girlboss. Any problematic woman is a girlboss. Someone yesterday during the oscars called the film "Promising Young Woman" by the name "Promising Young Girlboss", because it's girlboss behavior to avenge your friend for being raped. You're a filthy capitalistic girlboss for taking pride in your work, for not wanting to be a stay at home mom tradwife.

No. 792628

And nobody fucking cares of course as usual, but if it was transmisogyny everyone would be up in arms. Every day women are getting clowned for basic shit that was seen as okay or even progressive in a nice way 20 years ago, but now EVERYTHING relating to race and gender can be used as a political talking point by heads treating it like a sports team score for the other time. toxic as fuck and exhausting. Its better to unplug from the internet

No. 792632

Well the thing is male beauty standards have indeed gone lower and female beauty standards have indeed gone higher.

No. 792661

I think Hugo Weaving is sexy.

No. 792671

maybe they're a model, big boobs can absolutely tank a modelling or acting career. they make you look fat and onscreen distract from any other aspects of your look/character.

No. 792677

Agree on fat. I'm busty and I'm getting a reduction in the future precisely for the back- aesthetic issue

No. 792681

actresses with big boobs have it hard. its impossible to find decent photos of christina hendricks that some man hasnt photoshopped into boob inflation fetish art

No. 792706

No. 792709

it's true, and they are typecast as sexy femme fatales or given limited roles. she was really good on mad men but has struggled to land a big role since, probably because she keeps getting offered oversexualized parts. meanwhile elizabeth moss is getting roles left and right.

No. 792723

The McDonald’s fillet o’ fish is really good, I don’t get why people hate it so much

No. 792727

Have you not seen Good Girls? It has 3 seasons and it amazing. She's not oversexualized (is rarely sexualized at all actually unless she's having sex) and it's a decent role that showcases her abilities as an actress.

No. 792735

Ya it's really good. My fam all likes it. But they call it the Filet o' Carp as a joke. They sent me to go get one and I ordered it as the Filet o' Carp and when the McDonald's worker corrected me I was humiliated

No. 792756

Depends on how and your perspective I think. I'm small-chested but in a lot of ways they seem like a hindrance. My friends with big boobs got shamed by their moms for wearing certain (most) shirts and I could tell how it hurt their perception of their body. Growing up to have this part of you develop that everybody treats like it's shameful and sexual is hard with any boobs at all but big ones would be worse I think. Even with small ones I felt ashamed for the longest time and hunched a lot when they developed, but I will admit that's just me. Some women really embrace the sexualization so for them it's an advantage I guess.

No. 792764

Vigilante Pedo hunters are mostly sadists and bullies that have found a way to publicly humiliate people and get praised for it. They don't actually care that much about online grooming.

No. 792766

Obviously or they would go after actual pedos and groomers. Rarely is this ever the case

No. 792772

File: 1619491681054.png (230.09 KB, 492x312, 1.png)

Yes, and they avoid acknowledging this by accusing anyone who points out that they're doing it for attention and internet clout while not actually solving any issue or protecting anyone of "supporting pedophilia!!1!".

No. 792776

that aspect of it does suck. but it's a man building upon earlier stylists some of whom were women. proportions are proportions and i don't think it's really ranking body types.

No. 792797

It's community is very fucked tho, this system attracts anachans, women suffering from severe body dysphormia and psychotic people in general. They just bully each other over who has the most attractive type to men or who looks the youngest (ew), and Kibbe himself isn't better as he's capitalizing their already deplorable mental health.

No. 792804

File: 1619496811241.jpg (41.09 KB, 620x350, ziggler.jpg)

Funny thing actually, I don't think I get attracted towards natural blonde men but I have a Wierd asf towards buff guys with bleached blonde hair
like I find bleached blonde hair on men looks better on men then natural blonde hair

No. 792826

it's the same as diet communities. neurotic and insecure women try to follow a set of instructions as closely as possible in the hopes it will solve all their problems. the kind of women who get psycho obsessed with kibbe are the same ones who can get sucked into cults.

No. 792827

AYRT, i didn't mean it ranks them, more that categorizing in that fine level of detail is still inappropriate and kinda gross to do to human beings

No. 792832

It doesn't account for everything very well. Kibbe suggests styles with a certain vibe that matches with your body type, but the thing is someone's vibe (only word I can think of, sorry- Kibbe word might be 'essence') can come from so much more, like face which can be a different type, personality, the way she holds herself or who knows where. When I tried it I learned I'm supposed to be a Dramatic because I'm tall, but one of its weak points is the height limits so I didn't have many options starting out. I decided that Dramatic really doesn't match who I am or what I think looks best in every case. I can see where it looks good on my body sometimes though so I'm not throwing all the advice out, but my personality is not really suited to dressing in a fitted geometric girlboss way most of the time. Also it's kind of true that there are types more favored than others even if it's only from the community. Everyone wants to be a kawaii small gamine type.

No. 792840

Video Games being average isnt that big of a deal and the only reason why it is is because emotionally retarded fanboys took hold of gen z pop culture. Most mediocre video games are forgettable and its horribleness massively overrated by the same people who probably treat politics like sports games. Though yall never noticed its mostly only moids making a big deal about video games and franchises? I rarely ever see women doing it unless its male identified women. For a group thats called childish we dont take heavily entertainment based mediums that seriously like scrotes do and get all in our feelings

No. 792841

Literally does not attract a bunch of unhinged psychos these days? You cant name shit because the internet coddles and enables severe mental illness

No. 792843

Every kibbe blogger looks really unstylish good me. If it’s supposed to be the ultimate foolproof style guide, why are the practicers so frumpy?

No. 792912

Because the system is straight up flawed. Kibbe left our of body types and compositions, because he didn't believe they could be real.
Not about to sperg about how men are, but it's just one example how men will determine something doesn't exist just because they themselves can't grasp it. So really it's just Kibbe being a kibbe and his system is literally incomplete, ignores like 25-35% of actual existing body 'types'.
His choices led to a system, that when used, leaves women not represented in it sort of hanging and styling to the next closest type they can almost sorta fit, which results in styling that's off. My guess is, that a system to styling that looks "solid" like this probably attracts women who feel frumpy and insecure because their bodies/faces are not really represented anywhere as something worth styling.

>who has the most attractive type to men or who looks the youngest
why did i fully expect this to be the case

No. 792919

(same anon sage reply for correction of typos, i dumb)
*kibbe left out some body types

No. 792931

What bodytypes has he left out? I don't follow kibbe but I'm familiar with the basics and now I'm curious.

No. 792935

>Not about to sperg about how men are, but it's just one example how men will determine something doesn't exist just because they themselves can't grasp it

i thought i was the only one who noticed this. they also sperg out about it and gaslight you in return if you believe in it as well

No. 792951

>men will determine something doesn't exist just because they themselves can't grasp it
Idc about body types but ily for stating this

No. 792969

I took the test and got equal answers between dramatic and romantic, which is supposed to make me a gamine but apparently I'm too tall for that. Read the description for soft dramatic and that quite obviously fits me better. What kind of design flaw is that?

No. 792972

I'm the one who posted >>792912 and this is what I mean.
When we reduce the physical features into measurables (absolute height of skeleton being x, and bluntness of features being y, very roughly) it's possible to get a basic grasp of how much female existence kibbe's system ignores. Like are these women supposed to be unstyleable? What a message to send. Too bad some women buy the idea anyway.
The system leaves out tall women with delicate features and narrow bone structure, as well as short women who have stern, severe features but aren't stocky or fleshy. Just to name a few.
I only noticed this because I got into the system and had my 'tistic run with it. Less on that now, but it was interesting to see how something so promising turned out to be so dysfunctional in practice.
Sage for fairly mild sperg, sry.

No. 792980

I never got how reddits down vote system caused circlejerks. A downvote can hide an unpopular opinion, but so can a lack of upvotes/popularity. An extremely downvoted comment on reddit would just be an un-blogged/retweeted posts no one see's.
Reddit's downvote system does affect it, but it is massively over stating it's power and understating the cirlcejerks of alternative sites. In fact the whole "downvotes cause circlejerks" are often espoused by people with a vendetta. Overall reddits circlejerk more likely stems from subreddits which create stronger communities than other sites which communities are formed through vague hash tags.

No. 793005

I think you stated it backwards a little…its the upvotes rather than downvotes that cause circlejerks, because it puts the most circlejerk comments on any given subject right at the top 100% of the time. Unlike an imageboard where while most of the comments might be circlejerk, people can still throw in dissenting opinions on a thread and theyll stay there for you to read. As you said, downvotes aren't really a meaningful thing because a lack of upvotes effectively hides a post as well.

No. 793030

Wouldn’t severe looking short women be Dramatics? Not sure if that’s easy to gauge from the tests but the height limits really only work one way. I could be wrong though.
I agree with you about lacking a category for tall women who can handle delicate detailing - the only options are close to no embellishment at all, or two different types of large, chunky jewelry, details and patterns. My specific gripe with kibbe is how shit the flamboyant natural category is - it’s basically a catch all for tall women who aren’t D or SD and is so broad at this point it barely means anything. I thought I was SD for a while despite none of the suggested lines looking good on me bc flamboyant naturals were described as straightwaisted and more “athletic”, until I realized the celeb with a similar body to me was actually flamboyant natural despite not looking anything like the top examples of an FN. there definitely needs to be another option for tall girls at this point - especially since women are just getting taller on average

No. 793091

because the system was made by a man who's never had a woman's body and can't actually know what it's physically like for each different body type

No. 793092

yeah you can tell it was done by an old unfashionable scrote because his ideas of height are ridiculous. plenty of women over 25 are 5'10" or taller.

there's literally no spot for women with round or chubby faces in kibbe either, because scrotes don't notice those & so think they don't exist, OR can't possibly also be thin/tall.

No. 793129

as a second gen kpop stan i really miss the anti kpop thread. once you got past all the nitpicking of idols there was so much juicy information about idols i always thought were goody goody etc. I miss that and the manhate thread so much. I personally feel like that was the time when OT was the best place to be because people were always posting. Now you gotta check lolcow every few hours because everything moves so slow.

No. 793165

I like k-pop music too, but it's been like, a year since that thread was banned. You have to let it go.

No. 793171

i cant and i shant RIP you cringey shit show.

No. 793217

You should use people for your own benefit and then throw them away. You don’t get through life by being compassionate at all, you have to be “muh toxic” or mean to achieve your goals. You won’t solve anything with love, you have to fight fire with fire.

No. 793261

I don't think this is unpopular so much as simply wrong. There are people who get through life by using others, but there are also those who have a big community of friends and people who care about them because they've been good to them, so that has merit too. Between being toxic and being supportive to receive the same benefits (and being nice has more enduring benefits because you aren't burning bridges), there's no reason not to take the kinder option.

No. 793325

Basically between choosing to be a bastard and choosing to be nice and getting basically the same exact benefits, choose to be nice ffsake

No. 793350

You're right. Selfless and truly compassionate people (not narcs cosplaying as "empaths") lose in our ultra competitive, dog-eat-dog capitalistic world. I used to be selfless, give money away to people who need it, help strangers, open doors for people, etc and all I got was disrespect and patronizing bullshit. Fuck people over before they fuck over you.

No. 793400

" meh there bastards in the world, so might as well be one"

No. 793402

Hazbin hotel/ Helluvaboss suck

No. 793408

Most women dont really give a shit about having a man provide/have power. The only reason most gold diggers exist is because usually men have nothing else positive about them besides money. If a man is attractive, sweet, funny, good in bed, smells good and is reliable most women wont care if hes broke/kinda dumb.

No. 793409

Basically the Himbo meme is accurate to at least some women

No. 793412

Who is this unpopular with? 12 year olds on twitter?
Why the fuck is it so hard for moids to have both decency and a job? Literally the world caters to them. Why women have to choose between a leech and a rapemonkey when we're expected to be all the things at once.

No. 793413

aren't dramatics tall and narrow?

No. 793416

File: 1619561657754.jpg (245.22 KB, 1200x1598, the-selfish-gene-30th-annivers…)

Girlboss energy. Remember you have to pick and choose the short and long games.

No. 793417

I just wanted to get this one out because I'm an animation lover and everyone I know sucks those shows docks even though the writing and humor is nails on chalkboard. You can't even sperg about it in peace in godanm kiwi farms lol, so I kinda felt I was in a minority there

No. 793421

I think people who haven't learned how to be selective with their kindness and time are absolute dunces

No. 793425

I learned this way too late

No. 793429

>You cant name shit because the internet coddles and enables severe mental illness
Lmao not all internet communities are this fucked, body systems specifically attract these weirdos, even some scrotes were fighting over Kibbe types it was hilarious as fuck.

>Literally does not attract a bunch of unhinged psychos these days?

You're either delusional or one of them, just a look to that mf reddit and the extra weird, cultist behavior in Kibbe's private group tells you everything.

No. 793433

Yeah cause like you don't have to be a pushover but you don't need to relent being kind and giving either so idk what this anon's been smoking lolol.
Hell, I don't always expect people to thank or appreciate a kind gesture of mine because in my case it was given for its own sake. I do appreciate being appreciated and don't necessarily tolerate people being unkind or rude to me when I offer or they asked for help but sometimes people act like they are expected to be given a parade by holding doors open for people and idk what to tell them-

No. 793479

I agree with >>793261 insofar as this opinion is not unpopular, it's the operational method of liberal societies. The laws basically say "treat others however the hell you want just don't create chaos by harassing/assaulting people". We've internalized that this anti-social attitude is a necessary evil for getting ahead in most environments. What does this do to a person though?

Developing compassionate relationships is painful but they're also a source of incomparable joy. I don't think we're avoiding any pain by denying ourselves the joyful aspect of compassionate experiences and altruism for its own sake. Actually it usually deepens the pain of isolation and meaninglessness. I'm not saying we should all go through life bending over backwards with some performative jesus-loving moralism, I'm saying that the most damaging effects of pessimism are felt in our internal relationships to ourselves.

No. 793481

Youre clearly one of them considering how personally you took my comment, I was saying internet communities tend to be shitty overall not excusing it you stupid ignorant bitch

No. 793488

It's absolute garbage,it lacks charm,it's soulless (I don't care if it's indie)it's painfully unfunny,the bright colors make me eyes hurt and so do the shitty character designs.everything happens too fast since they cannot think of something clever and creative.clearly it's trying to be something it's not (family guy or south park) and it's failing.why can't adult animation actually be mature,creative and compelling for once? almost all adult animated shows are comedies.

No. 793489

I mostly took that originalm comment as an excuse to be an amoral dickhead rather then choosing to be selectively kind/ putting yourself first at least every now and then. Otherwise good take

No. 793490

I'm a little more forgiving on the design and animation, but I think the main characters in both shows are designed in such meh ways comparing to one off background characters who have more variation in shape and less eye seering colors imo.
Also I have a feeling the tone in both shows won't be able to handle it's drama and Comedy since at least Hazbin wants to focus on redemption and other emotional shit but I don't think it has the finesse

No. 793501

I agree I read it that way too, I think that being an immoral dickhead is damaging for society, but it's also damaging for the immoral dickhead herself. It doesn't diminish the pain that comes with being a "social animal" or undo the fact that we have no choice but to rely on other people, it just causes us to lose the pleasure of good will, kind exchanges and decency

No. 793503

I will admire an artist rendering and digital art talent if theyre good but if they draw the same boring coomer curvy tits and ass male gaze art theyre just about engaging as a shitty artist in my opinion

No. 793505

Basically when you follow one or two you follow all of them

No. 793513

Nta and I don’t agree with her but I think this extremism is a reaction to the expectations of women. Yes it’s more common that we’re encouraged to become ruthless (especially in the workplace) but the fact is there’s still the culture of #bekind, remember even constructive criticism is negativity, provide unpaid emotional labor, date lesser men because [any of a thousand justifications], don’t step on anyone’s toes, just smile. Put all of your energy into this and the outcome probably won’t be what you hoped for, go on to develop emotional fatigue and start to think ‘fuck all of this’ and swing to the other extreme. It’s not right, but I understand it. Finding the balance when you’re overwhelmed with societal expectations and internal anger is difficult.

No. 793519

I figured it was something said out of spite and Empathy fatigue is very much a real thing. I just don't people being dicks for no reason when so many people, man or woman are already so godanm callous for no real reason and occasionally even for no real gain.

No. 793570

>I was saying internet communities tend to be shitty overall not excusing it
Not all communities are bad, some do attract worst people than others so what's the point of bringing this up besides moving the goal post? Also I didn't take it personal, hell, i didn't even call you a stupid ignorant bitch or any other actual insult unlike others.

No. 793579

How is adding to a discussion moving the goal post? I was just agreeing and then adding my own thoughts, y'all act legit autistic on here.

No. 793583

Billie Eilish sucks, her whispering music sucks, and she actually looks retarded.

No. 793641

No. 793642

I mix her up with Grimes all the time. I don't listen to either of them, so in my mind they're both "that popular young musician" with similar looks and style.

No. 793682

grimes is like twice her age kek

No. 793687

They're both young'uns to me.

No. 793787

Consuming nothing but violent video games and porn can't be healthy for one's development.

No. 793809

I think bad guy is still a fun song other then that she's not someone I listen a lot.
I liked her green haired phase

No. 793823

>Teens these days are way too smug about their youth and think they know everything

>Alt girls who complain about the negative attention they receive while dressing like clown hookers are dumb

>Doja cat's song "Kiss me more" would've been so cute if it wasn't so sexual

No. 793824

>Teens these days are way too smug about their youth and think they know everything
isn't this basically what being a teenager is all about no matter their generation

No. 793829

I think that these days it's magnified, maybe because of the internet and social media.

No. 793843

Right? Can't imagine how they were as a teen or young adult

No. 793844

NTA but i wasnt like that as a teen or a young adult, whats wrong with not being an arrogant little shit?

No. 793846

It's just semi common to me and i just roll my eyes and wait for them to grow out of it like most teen/ young adult shit. I don't see the point in complaining when it's a relatively harmless/ cringy point.

No. 793847

Teens these days literally think they’re revolutionists on the cusp of dismantling the institution when they barely pass their social studies lmao

No. 793849

American teens maybe lol
Never saw that type of behaviour in the kids at my school nor country. They literally just wanted to vibe

No. 793853

And even then i argue there a bit of a loud minority

No. 793861

Stop using twitter and tiktok

No. 793874

ASMR videos of people eating are fucking disgusting, chewing and slurping sounds are not relaxing.
I’ve never understood it, I’ve only ever experienced that feeling when listening to a really good piece of music, like I’d imagine most normal people do?

No. 793876

>Alt girls who complain about the negative attention they receive while dressing like clown hookers are dumb
I'm sure there are some who just genuinely like the aesthetic and want to be left alone but I'm convinced this is fully intentional 99% of the time.

No. 793879

its only certain teens who have that level of entitlement. even in high school most of us were able to tell who obnoxiously knew it all already. im convinced tiktok is the result of "peaceful parenting" from facebook.

No. 793880

Agreed, Choachan is terrible. It's full of twitter stans who 'appropriated' imageboard terminology like integrate and newfag but they use it if you type even remotely like a farmer (literally just if you use caps kek) and not like a retarded baby zoomer whose language arts education came from twitter and tiktok.

No. 793882

File: 1619619681354.jpg (86.42 KB, 988x659, a33.jpg)

>>Alt girls who complain about the negative attention they receive while dressing like clown hookers are dumb
I hate this, what exactly is "hooker like" in the e-girl fashion? It's stupid coomer males spreading this idea because alt girls tend to be sexually liberated but still too hot / picky to be "available" to regular scrotes thirsting after them, therefore e-girl = dumb whore because she refuses to have sex with me.

No. 793887

some people are just attention whores

No. 793888

Mukbang has always been super weird and disgusting to me. There are a few videos where they're just sitting down and normally eating and while I don't get the appeal that's fine, but most of them are so creepy, like they gotta stare intensely into the camera while slurping and making a mess and its's just revolting. Gluttony is one of the worst things ever, to see it glorified on camera like that boggles my mind. I mean most of mukbang youtubers have obvious eating problems

No. 793893

>Alt girls who complain about the negative attention they receive while dressing like clown hookers are dumb
Very progressive train of thought this and very beneficial for women.

No. 793896

It's mostly the fishnets, bondage gear, lingerie, super short clothing, etc. I didn't mean to imply that all alt girls are dressing provocatively.

No. 793897

You just don't understand her, neurotypicals smhhh

No. 793898

Literally the dress code is the least of their problems.

No. 793905

I get leered at, and used to cry a lot when I was developing because of what >>792756 is saying basically. I'm not sure if it helped me tbh. You could say that I'll rarely be turned down for a fuck, but I think most women here would happily trade not being sexualised or called whoreish for wearing a standard v-neck with having a smaller dating pool or having a knob or two question my femininity.

I remember in my teens I had one (male) friend ask me if I can't make my boobs look smaller or something while looking kind of unconfortable when I took my jumper off, and another (female) friend ask me why I've got to be so sexual all the time. Just from my natural body, tits in a sports bra already 2 cups too small and damaging the muscle development in my shoulders.

I guess everyone has their problems and the grass is probably greener, but I really wish I had small or no tits.

No. 793943

Hate it when it's targeted towards young girl who are underage or just quite young by Scrotes thrice their age. Lots of those girls are just there being alt and they still have a dick sexualizing them-

No. 793945

A few years ago I got tested for a breast cancer gene. I had lost my mom to breast cancer. If I had the gene I would be getting a double mastectomy and you have the option of getting fake ones put in in their place but I wasn't planning on that part. I was excited at the thought of just having them gone.

I tested negative for the gene and lost my chance to join the no titty, no bra gang. In the same way some naturally flat chested women want them bigger..some women want them gone.

No. 793946

could it be the bondage gear or the short clothes and also the fact the male counterparts dont dress this way? lol

I mean I do like alt fashion ngl but we are not gonna pretend alt fashion got more coomy as time went on

No. 793978

The well-off, terminally online black/mixed/hispanic activist kids are just as obnoxious and blind to their privilege as their white counterparts are and they can't hand in their entitled Amerifat card simply by being ~PoCs~. To every ESL person out there, including me, they're all equally loud and presumptuous Americans.

No. 793980

The big boob obsession since about the late 80s/early 90s bred this extremely weird culture and now it seems like there's this very uneasy subset of people who are obsessed with big boobs and would do anything and take any chance they have to praise big boobs and put down women who don't have that? Like breast envy, women who are healthy but gain weight to have bigger boobs, breeding fetishists that revolve around big boobs, people who specifically encouraged their sons to date girls with big boobs and people who shame their female family members for not having big boobs

No. 793982

Here, here!

No. 793989

They love to deny their NA privilege and appoint themselves as our voices

No. 793993

True, I can't stand them anymore. It's not even like they were average people struggling i their own country one way or another, they're almost always upper class at least and they're most traumatic events were being made fun of once in primary school because their lunch smelled a bit funny. Meanwhile they're treating other non-Americans like retards whether they're white or not, poor or rich, educated or not, etc. while their cultures are being imported all over the planet.

No. 793994

As someone who has big boobs i dont get this shit because the vast majority of women have small to medium boobs

No. 793997

File: 1619629685760.jpg (26.62 KB, 404x505, e468c333784708d2c28b9a6c8fc60a…)

>I mean I do like alt fashion ngl but we are not gonna pretend alt fashion got more coomy as time went on
alt fashion was very revealing for decades. Latex, leather, bondage gear, fishnets, mini skirts corsets, deep cleveages… given that e girl is taking some inspiration from street/techwear you can easily style it to be very covered and multilayered. If you think alt fashion got more coomy then you don't really know alt fashion.
There's a general trend of sexualizing yourself for more clout, definitely more than idk, when emo culture was popular in 2000s so you may associate some behavior with the style, but it doesn't change the fact the style itself is not really overly coomy as compared to older alternative fashion.
>the fact the male counterparts dont dress this way?
give me one example of a style where male counterpart shows more skin than female. it's the general society issue, not something specific to egirls and eboys.

No. 794021

Men like to make the standards unattainable to most healthy women. Usually if a woman is of a healthy BMI, they're most likely going to have B-D cup boobs naturally. A lot of the women I see men praising for having big boobs are usually overweight which is detrimental to the woman's health or have had surgery which is dangerous but most men care about their dicks more than women's physical health and would probably get off to women getting cancer if porn and society fetishized it enough

No. 794022

File: 1619631015255.jpg (103.92 KB, 778x960, d31dd780a07207a3b4dc39e9d07a65…)

Is that picture from the late nineties? If so, I had pre nineties decades in mind. Punk and goth fashion of the 70s/80s had both genders dressing similarly with women showing their legs more, but deep cleavage cuts weren't fashionable back then.

For your second question.. disco fashion was known for this (or having the same amount of skin showing for both sexes)

No. 794023

File: 1619631088665.jpg (93.51 KB, 630x670, c382399f2e7ddf1dbeee59e7fb3362…)

No. 794024

whoa what when did kids start dressing like we did when i was 16? i'm scared

No. 794026

Women should have short hair and long skirts.
Men should have long hair and short skirts.

No. 794031

Callmecarson didn't deserve to get cancelled or whatever the fuck for talking to a 17 year old at 19, like, why is it such a big deal? Unless there's something i'm not aware of like him using his status to sexually coerce her?

No. 794033

Damn comparing this pic to how the average scrote dresses these days it's depressing

No. 794041

That robot that /g/ tards find attractive isn’t attractive at all. Also please stop shitposting about it, it isn’t funny.

No. 794043

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.

No. 794045

Fame makes one a 10 regardless and beauty is subjective and blah blah

No. 794047


I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.

No. 794048

My dad had better fashion sense in the 70s then most Scrotes now a days smh.

No. 794053

why did you post this thrice

No. 794063

Wasn’t the main issue how he engaged with her as if he knew or believed it was wrong for them to be sexual to begin with? cmiw but his messages to her appeared that way. Either way he’s an ugly s perverted scrote who plays video games. No one’s loss.

No. 794068

her abs is why i find her stunning personally. And her face is basic yet striking i cant explain.

No. 794097

on similar conditions of upbringing, wealth and education level, women and black people still underperform and choose cheating or the easy way out too many times.

Sorry, i guess this is fact not an opinion(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794101

Citation needed

No. 794114

>this is fact
>doesn't show any proof
Is this the scrote from the stupid questions thread? Are you moving on to racebait too?

No. 794127

She's just overall a pretty girl. Not every woman needs to be the reincarnation of venus. Her songs are pretty fine too :P

No. 794130

Monke should have never evolved into humans

No. 794131

Women and girls literally outperform moids in school from kindergarten to college, in all parts of the world, but ok

No. 794132

File: 1619638956973.png (1.81 MB, 855x1569, reminder- males find this arou…)

on similar conditions of upbringing, wealth and education level, scrotes are still worthless, pathetic faggots who can't stay on their own shit websites and globally perform 82% of violent crime despite being 50% of the population.

Sorry, i guess this is fact not an opinion

No. 794145

File: 1619640156853.png (523.48 KB, 800x900, psduwez6yhd01.png)

Oh nyooo women under perform in crimes (aka cheating) and suicides. Men should keep on being great at one of those things. You too can take the easy way out!

No. 794148

All you dumb useless shit for brains autistic American scrotes do is racebait all day long because race is constantly on your mind. American scrotes are some of the most undesirable, rancid and hideous men on the planet and its no wonder so many of yall troon out or kill yourselves.

No. 794149

Men are always being class clowns no matter you go no matter their ethnicity because they get coddled/rewarded for being retards while women tend to be the ones quiet and listening to the lessons

So many men waste their lives all day doing nothing and being satisifed with nothing because porn and video games have conditioned them to accept instant gratification since males are a naturally lazy and autistic sex

No. 794150

The vast majority of moids online into video games or anime/cartoons have the same cringe level as the average lolcow like early Chris Chan. No, im not taking this back and I know you all know its the truth because of the low emotional intelligence and strange fetishes your average nerdy scrote has.

No. 794158

I can't imagine the sick type of subhuman that probably masturbated to that pic

No. 794160

he's an unfunny youtuber, who cares?

No. 794166

her face looks like dave gahan got anton corbijn to give him a sex change after they both shot up.

No. 794173

File: 1619643372806.png (149.17 KB, 600x444, E309EEE1-BCC0-4691-945E-8ADE58…)

Scrotes will latch on to the 0.00001% 180IQ savants and tell themselves that men are all smart bois on average because they watched some youtube videos on babby’s quantum mechanics. “Why doesn’t school teach this!!!”, they write, under a kurzgesagt video.
Meanwhile faggots can barely make it through compulsory school, drop out of college like flies. At best they graduate C- after 7 years and go on to live sub-mediocre life suicideposting on r/antiwork, cooming, crying.
For the “rational” sex men are terrible at confronting facts and statistics.

No. 794177

ughh can confirm. I was fwb with some stupid ass youtuber/twitch streamer who acts all nice on camera and everyone loves him but behind closed doors he's an asshole into mommy shota porn. He broke up with me because he "wants more time to watch anime and browse 4chan". Yet I am the crazy one just for being depressed. Jesus christ.

No. 794179

another reminder scrotes would rather sexualize their misery and worthlessness as a cope than try improving themselves

No. 794235

The prosperity gospel scam is a non-issue and I have zero sympathy for anyone who falls for it. The demographic it preys on (conservative Evangelicals) are inherently terrible people and deserve far worse than being fucked over by some grifter they were dumb enough to shell out money to.

No. 794239

My mom works admissions for one of the best colleges in the USA and she told me that if diversity quotas were completely done away with and admissions were purely merit based, there would be hardly any men in Ivy League tier colleges, which is ironic since men sperg about dqs the most. They literally lower the standards for male applicants at the highest tier colleges because women outperform men academically to such an extreme extent.

No. 794250

I'm not surprised. Not American, basically in my country university is free for poor students and xheap for everyone else so in theory anyone can get in, but not everyone can graduate so the selection is done basically once the students starts studying. And when I was in uni, supposedly in a very good one, I've seen that basically most students regardless of courses were women. I shouldn't count the separate business school section because you have to take tests to be selected but even then most students were women even if the ration was closer to 50/50. Can't say anything for hard sciences because in my city there's a separate uni for that so I never what the students look like back then.

No. 794252

I don't really get people who post dozens of IG stories everyday. Do they think their lives are super interesting or something? I might send a pic to my family once every week or so.

No. 794291

I just need to point out that the person with the highest IQ ever recorded was a woman- Marilyn vos Savant. So, I never understood underachieving scrotes obsession with using IQ as a way to establish themselves as smarter than women. Like yeah, most people with 180+ IQs are men, but the highest ever is still a female and most of the lowest level IQs are also scrotes, so IQ is not the pwn they think it is…

Also, having a high IQ means literally nothing when you're 30+ living in your mom's basement cooming to anime girls and your only interaction with real women is Tweeting at them about how superior you are for being XY.

No. 794299

File: 1619661552660.png (Spoiler Image, 658.85 KB, 625x1149, Screenshot_20210428-175528(1).…)

Im so fucking tired of the big ass trend. How is this supposed to be attractive

No. 794306

I wish you would commit suicide, you’re literally so annoying.(global rule #5)

No. 794311

Seethe and cope harder, she is absolutely right

No. 794317

And you’re on LC, if you call this the peak of female achievements then you are absolutely out of your damn mind right now.

No. 794318

Literally no one said LC was peak female achievement or anything like that. Learn some reading comprehension skills, for your own sake.(stop)

No. 794320

Not for you ever, dig your own grave and dwell in it bby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794333

What a retard.

No. 794337

It's funny, because the male suicide rate will always be the highest (as it should be).
Once again, I hope these pieces of shit infesting this place because they need female attention go on to follow their mommy suicide fetish pictures.

No. 794384

File: 1619669655675.jpg (95.21 KB, 906x906, Exb4e8ZWgAM-Qdu.jpg)

God I love being a woman, despite it all, knowing based women exist lifepills me every day.

No. 794387

Most of you are more annoying than what even the most unhinged and deranged anon will be. Stop being butthurt everyone is privy to your bullshit and general autism you bile out on the internet

No. 794390

Don't bother catching a ban for scrote anon, he got roasted and toasted lol

No. 794394

Has anyone here ever succeeded in making a scrote commit suicide? I would love to know how to do that.

No. 794395

I hate current urban contemporary "dance" cause its just half naked girls shaking their booties with guys just sitting there waiting to get grinded on its such a step down from Soul Train line dancers where both male and females danced their souls out. And when males do dance in contemporary styles it tends to be more poping and locking motion as opposed to the actual dancing like women do, I guess cause its "gay".

No. 794399

google is free, male.

No. 794402

>some people are just attention whores
Like most the scene "queens" and emos from 2006-10. What is the scandal with the e-wathever trend?

No. 794428

File: 1619674392320.jpg (26.14 KB, 420x311, liznkids.jpg)

I think after the third kid, moms should decide whether or not they want another. Was reading about Sean Duffy. The man has -9- kids. His wife must be dead, or an ubermensch.

No. 794429

I honestly think most people shouldn’t have more than 2 kids, unless they’re rich. There’s just so many things that could always go wrong, might as well not try their luck.

No. 794432

Sean Duffy's wife had 2 miscarriages. Their most recent kid has Down's AND a heart condition. At what point do you wake up and go, "Fuck, wait a minute, what are we doing?"

No. 794435

>Their most recent kid has Down's AND a heart condition.
That's so sad, that's unnecessary pain that could've 100% be avoided.

No. 794439

I work in tech and weak scrotes complain about muh diversity quotas all the fucking time. The ones complaining about them the most are, unsurprisingly, the most subpar skill level and the people nobody wants to work with. It's so obvious they're scared of not having their career served on a silver platter and being replaced with an actually competent female employee. They really try to force this meme that diversity quotas mean that you'll hire any dumb amateur based on their background and the field will go to shit with blundering employees all over the place, in reality it would probably change things for the better since techbros would actually be forced to be decent human beings at the work place instead of relying on everyone just tolerating their bullshit.

All the female employees I've met have been hard-working, motivated and smart with good people skills. You rarely even need diversity quotas because they outperform male applicants all the time.

No. 794541

Men can be such pieces of shit sometimes when it comes to work ethic. I ran a restaurant and men were hands down some of the worst workers and managers I've ever had

>I got cursed out because I told a guy to call ahead of time before coming in late

>The amount of people who blantantly come in extremely late and miss work and think "I forgot" is a good excuse is just?
>Most men are slow and dumb as rocks, I often have to train them for several weeks on simple stuff
>They're assholes. I had this one manager for a while who would just sweep things like sexual harassment, thief, and threats under a rug and when I fired him he made a huge deal about how he works 90+ hours a week even though I specifically told him I had 3 other managers so he didn't have to work that much and he makes his own schedule
>The amount of men who start drama among their relationships is bewildering. Their girlfriends will get them a job working with them and they'll flirt with female customers extremely creepily as well as female coworkers which just start drama among everyone and is just a piece of shit thing to do on general

No. 794738

Slice of life is the best anime genre. Eat my shorts if you disagree!

No. 794775

The art salt thread is very obviously full of kiwifarms refugees and edgelord twitterfags seeing as how they often have scrote like opinions and are obsessed with being anti sjw all the time

No. 794842

It's good if the characters are compelling otherwise it's meh

No. 794862

What are your favorite titles anon?

No. 794879

I even tend to like the boring ones because I take it as one of the multiple parts of living a mundane life, and each one just has its own niche that makes it unique, including its range of characters.

My Little Monster will always take my top spot, I think. But, I've also enjoyed Blend S, Saiki K, and The Devil is a Part-Timer. Recently, I started Dagashi Kashi too, and it seems promising so far. And after that, I plan to start Orange. I heard it's really sad, but that's exactly the type of anime I like lmao. It's my favorite form of catharsis.

No. 794896

File: 1619733143764.png (316.15 KB, 307x468, 473289473286523054230.png)

I'm pretty sure if I was ever to date a man again I'd want him to be an outspoken supporter of women. By that I don't necessarily mean someone who talks about feminism all the time, but a guy who actually opens his mouth to disagree when other men diss women or talk about how great porn is. It seems like there's a lot of hate for "feminist" men or self-identified "allies" and I get that it can be performative/just a cover so they gain trust from women while they're actually as bad as the rest. But I've gotten so tired of the sort of banal sexism that comes from men just silently accepting the sexism of their peers rather than sticking up for women. It's so fucking lazy and classless. Honestly I'd rather gamble and give a "feminist" man a shot over yet another mute retard who has shit to say when womankind is being badmouthed right in front of him. Even if they don't necessarily contribute to the conversation themselves, it shows they have absolutely no drive, concern or affection for women in general so they have no right attempting to be a true partner to one.

No. 794899

Yep. He just came to mind since he was the only man to speak at Seneca Falls at the early women's right convention.

No. 794912

Am I missing something here? Don’t women (in more progressive societies at least) already decide whether to have more kids, and even whether to have kids at all?

No. 794965

Bodies with small boobs can be womanly and hot without having big thighs/ass/hips. dont know if unpopular irl but internet is another story

No. 794978

I'm an appreciator of small lithe figures so I feel you

No. 794988

File: 1619739839485.jpeg (498.76 KB, 750x806, 33456F9F-7203-4BC2-9DAA-90D525…)

Heterosexual sex is time-wasting. Humans need to stop wasting their reward/attachment system on meaningless sex

No. 794991

As a scrawny little fucker I love you nonnie

No. 795082

azumanga daioh is garbage and mostly used as jackoff material by scrotes

No. 795086

"stacey" is a roboscrote term and you should be ashamed for using it

No. 795090

Based anon. I'd like to do the same. I used to just silently hope any of my potential scrotes don't straight up hate on women and thought it was good enough if they just ignore the issue, but in the end it just means that they don't give a fuck either way.

No. 795112

I can’t believe this upset me. You’re fuckin wrong I love Azumanga Daio. I also love Nichijou, K-on and Lucky Star and other cute funny slice of life featuring moe girls. Idgaf about scrotes, they jack off to anything. I refuse to let men ruin anything for me ever again!!!!

No. 795113

Na we should always colonize and ruin scrote concepts.

No. 795145

I'm a lesbian, so don't sperg "homophobe!" at me for saying this, but after being close to 20+ gay men throughout my life and casually knowing countless more, I can say beyond a doubt that they are no less degenerate and predatory than straight men and feminists need to stop fooling themselves that they are magically less prone to predatory or manipulative sexual behavior.

Gay men trying to manipulate other men's sexuality is ABSOLUTELY a thing.

Gay men are every bit as likely to prey on people.

Gay men obsess over casual sex and "scoring" even more than straight men because their circumstances enable them to have more casual sex.

Gay men hate women no less than straight men, just for different reasons.

The list goes on, but I'm not here to write a thesis.

No. 795146

File: 1619757092430.gif (1.05 MB, 640x400, 899BE993-3DF8-4744-BEEA-2775A2…)

ily anon and I agree regarding all the shows you mentioned, but I think >>795082 has a point. Yeah scrotes will get off to anything, but Azumanga does have a good chunk of scrote fodder in it. It’s a product of it’s time and the product of a loser scrote. But we shouldn’t let lesser beings (scrotes) ruin shit for us, even if they made it. If you like it then you like it. I haven’t seen this or yotsuba in years but I refuse to let them make me look back on my good experiences enjoying these series negatively.

No. 795147

Thanks anon. I had this exact scenario occur with my ex. When his own male relatives were discussing IG "models" (i.e. OnlyFans type accounts) amongst themselves while we awkwardly sat by trying to chat, he shrugged and literally said he just didn't care. He was trying to express that he wasn't going to change their minds so he'd been attempting to ignore it, but it didn't even occur to him that he should speak up for those of us who didn't want to hear about their porn habits at a casual gathering. He also added, "What do you expect me to do?" for good measure. I don't know, you worthless coward. Maybe take five seconds to request that they don't talk about those things with women present, or at all. But it was true: He really just didn't care. It was at that moment I realized he was never going to truly give a fuck about women and by proxy me, and that he was a loser.

No. 795177

You right, I feel so understood nonnie

No. 795229

I loved this show back in the day but didnt they have a literal pedo pervert character and some sexualised scenes of the girls for no reason? All this does is make me feel that nothing is actually for girls/women cause they always gotta add retarded scrote fodder (i dont want to see) into shit. At least stuff like interview with the vampire I know is targeted for women but thats not an anime lol and is a totally different piece of media kek I just see things differently as an adult I suppose. Wonder what other anons think of this?

No. 795263

Think I've posted about this before but I've had gay friends show me Grindr and how many attached/married 'straight' men were on there looking for a secret quickie on their way home from work. They first show it to me like "look how bad these guys are" but then when asked if they fuck those married or attached closeted men…well they do. So they know it's bad but blame the other guy and feel totally fine about their part in it.

No. 795391

They’ll probably agree, because it’s true. But just because media is not meant for us, that doesn’t stop us from seeing it [whether by choice or chance] and enjoying it. We can’t help that.

For what it’s worth I laughed back then, but I know it was because I was young and stupid and didn’t understand how awful it was. Azumanga was one of the more popular anime uploaded in the early days of youtube and I think was among many’s first exposures to slice of life anime too. Coupled with ‘Cool Japan’ marketing boom I think it became a hit with both young and older audiences.
The genre is also dominated by male writers, and that shit was considered top tier comedy. Now instead the teacher would be a fellow student, like mineta from bnha. Scrotes tend to think anime girl with boobs being sexually harassed with bonus male gaze panty shots = funnykek so unfortunately I don’t know if we’ll ever enter an era where that’s not one of the top 10 gags in anime. Well, maybe we could if we stopped consuming any content created by scrotes until media made by women was so prevalent that you’d find something similar that’s for us, by us way easier than dedicating a search for it. That’d also mean it’d be easier for women in manga to get their stories out than it is right now. My actual unpopular opinion is that we should do what’s in spoiler. An actual dedicated effort to only legally consume media piloted by women. And we must let it be known what we are doing and why, otherwise there will never be [a bigger] change.

No. 795396

Moralfags and Anti-shippers are 1000% right, you shouldn't be allowed to ship children, to ship canonically straight characters in gay, to include kinks and fetishes in your ships, to include rape your ship, to ship characters with a significant age gap

If I had the time I'd be an anti-shipper as well, moral degenerates deserved to be shamed publicly

No. 795405

do anti-shippers care about people making straight chars gay though?

No. 795406

-opens AO3 to spite you-
UwU oh boy who do I want to see getting abused today

No. 795410

Reminder that your not a better then a scrote commer

No. 795413

File: 1619795901395.gif (3.06 MB, 500x207, 1bd4971d195b5fd241818a2958909f…)

> to ship canonically straight characters in gay

No. 795414

I think all the ship stuff is fine with fictional characters, after all they don't exist (the 2D ones i mean, not the ones that are from TV shows), but if it's someone from IRL (like youtubers and whatnot), it's fucked up.

No. 795416

I don't have a horse in this race but are you really going to compare fanfiction to irl abuse porn?

No. 795418

I personally like sol comdies rather that moeblob “cute girls doing nothing” but I respect your taste anon.

No. 795422

Keep telling yourself that faggot. Come back when cartoon makes women commit 90% of sex crimes.

No. 795425

You right, strikingly similar to the anti-fujo sperg

No. 795440

File: 1619797358136.jpg (111.62 KB, 750x896, 1619759585494.jpg)

No. 795443

Absolutely wild concept but did you know it's possible to enjoy shipping without masturbating to neither fanfiction or fanart?

No. 795444

so youre against all ships and think its the same as being a coomer?

you remind me of that idiotic moid who told me masturbating to fictional cartoons is more normal than shipping because at least it acts on a biological urge


No. 795445

Yeah reading fan fiction of two 12 year old boys is totes normal, don't kink shame me you fucking anti

No. 795447

why do you assume all shippers like underage shit

No. 795448

Depends on whats in the fanfiction; once again a wild concept but not in every fanfiction you'd have an explicit sex scene. I don't think it's deranged to write or enjoy a story about two already established characters you like develop crush on each other among having other adventures. There's no need to be overzealous and make things that shouldnt be a taboo a taboo.

No. 795450

There should be a taboo, you shouldn't be allowed to ship sibling's(pinecest) grown ass men with children(peter x Miles) abusers with their victims(joker x Harley)
There are limes that should be drawn

No. 795451

I genuinely don't care what women ship or draw or whatever, unless it's really fucked up, like that one FtM who makes female genital mutilation hentai (with a special focus on the mutilation of black and brown women, for some reason). Men will always be the true degenerates, they even harm real life women and children.
I don't know how Twitterfags have it in them to give a fuck about their theyby mutuals being into some autistic Voltron ship and fujo BS when Shadman and other actual pedos exist, running free on the internet. I guess it's easier to "cancel" girls than guys, but at that point, just admit you're obsessed with the high you get from harassing other women, and you don't really give a fuck about the content itself.

No. 795452

nta but this is a reach, what about scrote coomers who consume fictional abuse porn? Not all of it is with real people. So does that mean those scrotes are totally well-adjusted, normal, fine examples of young men now? I agree with >>795410
She’s clearly talking about specific types of content, anons itt are being overly defensive and applying what she said to all variations of shipping for the sake of arguing.

No. 795453

>comparing men to women

No. 795454

> Assuming that shipping something means you masturbate to it
Anon…you are the weird one here.

No. 795456

They do this because they're too scared to say this to men (who actually do bad shit and have truly disgusting interests) and find it easier to shame women for the smallest things. Send these anons to post their "shipping bad!!" takes on /co/ or /r9k/ alone, they'd end up having meltdowns and imageboard-induced PTSD, lmao.

No. 795457

Fantasies very rarely go alongside with real life fetishes. All of these examples you listed I personally find disgusting too, but I think line should be drawn on where real human can be potentially harmed (so for example real people fiction), with the rest being well, a murky territory where a complete censorship could do more bad than good imho

No. 795459

ATA. Are we supposed to view them differently in this scenario? It’s fanfiction written by usually anonymous people on the internet, whether it’s a man or a woman it doesn’t really make a difference. You can’t control who reads/consumes the content, and you can’t control who writes it.

>>795396 Was right that it deserves to be publicly shamed. The way anon worded it she’s probably not talking about trauma coping fiction either, which is the really only “plausible” excuse I’m willing to buy regarding this weirdo shit.

No. 795461

yep because men are usually worse

No. 795462

Okay. Go post this on some lolicon forum or whatever, don't get why you're pressed about women when they're nowhere near as bad.

No. 795471

Kek it’s the unpopular opinion thread. Why would anyone care enough to subject themselves to scrote boards over this. >>795457 Why is this about shaming women when men on the same platforms should also get the same pushback? And if that’s not happening, who are we seeing uplift or support those men? Is it the same people who shame women for writing explicitly what OP mentioned, or is it other men and hypocrites?

Either way if freaks want to write or read dubious at best fanfiction then I can’t stop them. They can accept the fact that they’re abnormal, or not, it’s really not my problem. I just agree with the unpopular opinion that it’s okay for them to be publicly scrutinized.

No. 795473

nah men should get more pushback because theyre always more pathological and obsessive about it, and also feel more emboldened in being weirdos

No. 795481

Yeah, and my opinion is that sperging out because 17 year old Becky Martin wrote a fanfic about 16 year old Faggot Minamoto and 18 year old Okama Masashima having sex is a waste of time in the face of the putrid shit written/drawn/consumed probably by your "cool" male friend(s), your brother, maybe even your boyfriend, and it indicates that you don't really care about the "morality" of any of this shit. You just want a quick fix of self-righteousness.
>who are we seeing uplift or support those men?
The scrotes you're too afraid to rightfully shame.
>Is it the same people who shame women for writing explicitly what OP mentioned, or is it other men and hypocrites?
So, what are you doing about those men? Nothing? Still pontificating to women? Okay

No. 795489

File: 1619801932189.jpg (38.56 KB, 570x844, lime.jpg)

>limes that should be drawn

No. 795495

lmao i was gonna make a fanfiction reference because lemons and limes LMAO

No. 795505

File: 1619802519951.png (161.75 KB, 370x371, i3i32i.png)

Cosmetic rhinoplasties are a travesty. The majority of plastic surgeons are bad people who should be shunned from society - the way we would with anyone else who exploits and encourages people's insecurities for financial gain. Working to remove the variety of human facial features is a crime against the inherent beauty in variety.

No. 795517

Most women who complain about having 'an ugly nose'.. I don't see the issue until they really point it out to me, even then I sometimes dont see it. We're so harsh on ourselves. I feel like most of us pick that one feature to obsess over hating. Mine is my 'double chin' I look at everyones chins (and compare) but never notice noses. It's fucked

No. 795527

Why do you think I don't call out men on their disgusting fetishes, I do and I'm more disgusted by them but I encounter more women specifically in fandom spaces

Its not right to wanna draw porn or erotica of child characters and I don't care what anyone says

No. 795528

>The majority of plastic surgeons are bad people who should be shunned from society - the way we would with anyone else who exploits and encourages people's insecurities for financial gain.
Most plastic surgeons screen for BDD at this point (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/lary.21728, https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00266-011-9808-7). Scummy one's exist, but thats an exception or if you go to a rare sketchy place. If an entire medical field should be shunned because of a few bad actors wouldn't it also be sane to remove let's say cancer treatment medication (https://www.canceractive.com/article/astrazeneca-pays-up)

>Working to remove the variety of human facial features is a crime against the inherent beauty in variety.

Also you underestimate the complexity of plastic surgery. Most surgeries are minor "get rid of eye bags" or "get rid of un-even nose" not "make me look like a generic ideal". It's an over exaggeration to hate all plastic surgery.
To be pedantic why is it a crime?

No. 795530

>If an entire medical field should be shunned because of a few bad actors wouldn't it also be sane to remove let's say cancer treatment medication
NTA, but I don't think wanting a differently shaped nose, your eye bags removed or to have fat pumped into your ass is comparable to cancer treatment, lmao.

No. 795534

yes kill every single one that isn't "I will reconstruct to make living easier" tier medical practitioners, if most surgeries are minor then that just means their skills could be better put to use elsewhere and vice versa for the money of eye bag victims

No. 795539

File: 1619804558147.gif (1.45 MB, 640x360, fggg.gif)

It's not comparing treatment, but instead "if bad actors exist in a field the field should not exist". The irrationality comes from taking their logic to the final level
>if most surgeries are minor then that just means their skills could be better put to use elsewhere and vice versa for the money of eye bag victims
What defines minor then? Is slight pain minor? Is a big feature that makes someone feel bad minor?

Most people say plastic surgery significantly made their life better (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1748681507001076)so is it minor?

No. 795541

What about getting implants after a cancer-induced double mastectomy

No. 795549

GenZ is completely screwed when they get out of college. There is rampant cheating at all levels of university now, and it is so much easier than even a few years ago. I think companies know this and that is why they are demanding years of experience even for entry level jobs. They know that none of the graduates are prepared to do a job in their area of study. College is becoming useless, not because of "woke ideology", but because everyone cheats and doesn't learn shit.

No. 795553

>The irrationality comes from taking their logic to the final level
You can do that with anything, stretching it to its logical extreme to make the middling path look worse than it actually is. This is a bad take.

No. 795558

Nta but I know someone who tested positive for the cancer gene mutation bcra? and she had a breast removal and implants put in their place as she was in her twenties. My mom had breast cancer in her 50s and spent her last decade of life with one titty. I weirdly have so much respect for my mom for skipping the reconstruction job.

I remember my mom being offered charity sponsered make up classes on how to paint in her brows during chemo and just.. when cancers involved I hate to see how much emphasis is still put on women needing to look good. My mom was offered more free make up and wig advice than emotional help. Cancer charities, cancer priorities? I saw that messed up side of things and I hate it still a decade later.

No. 795559

People who do this to themselves come in one of two camps: extreme body dysmorphia, or fatties who are too lazy to lose weight so they get these giant ass injections because they think it will improve their proportions. I'm guessing this girl is the latter.

No. 795570

Everyone suits their face. It's sad that there's like a default plastic surgery face and body. I was people watching earlier since restrictions have eased and I was noticing how lovely people looked. I don't know why but I figured out I love noses. All shapes and sizes. There's just something so cute and distinct about people's noses I guess it's like a person's smile. I wish everyone appreciated their own beauty more uwu

No. 795587

minor as in inconsequential. like if you just feel bad about your mom or dad giving you a huge ostrich beak of a schnozz then getting that fixed is minor, however if that same nose is giving you trouble breathing it's not inconsequential any more
>Most people say plastic surgery significantly made their life better
having skimmed through the study you linked and I found a few things that irked me
>91% female
>72% under age of 45
>more than 50% of surgeries were breast related with most being reductions of the breast
>the first procedure for over 70% of patients
>Cole et al. underlined this fact in 1994. Their results showed an improvement in quality of life for 73% of patients. But the largest positive changes were found in the breast reduction group.
kinda feels like you're just a plastic surgeon here to peddle your bullshit, how absolutely groundbreaking that a breast reduction could improve quality of life

No. 795602

Autistic and Aspergers people ruined digital art because they like everything to be plain and super polished as possible

I hate the ubiquitious digital artstyle that imitates 3D models as it looks literally soulless and tends to use the same facial expressions anyways

I know classical paintings tried to emulate 3d environments but doing this with anime or cartoon characters looks wrong to me for some reason

No. 795606

…and you think that this is an Aspenger or Autistic thing??

No. 795612

I meant to say fanart for the first part, which does have a huge market of Autistic/asperger people (consumers or artists otherwise) especially if its content of franchises directed towards teenagers and kids.

No. 795613

show some examples please. kinda agree though

No. 795614

They like pokemon and five nights at freddies animated fart porn

No. 795618

File: 1619813407901.jpg (449.98 KB, 600x800, deifn6y-50886586-3448-4fb2-900…)


This is just an example I took from the first page of deviantart. I tend to be hesitant to complain about these kinds of artstyles because whenever I see when someone talks about disliking this type of style for looking generic someone always have to counter that "at least it looks pretty" and seemingly get offended on the artists' behalf. I dislike this kind of art because while it has beautiful colors it doesnt look like the character its based off of but mostly because it looks so generic and empty. More style than substance, imo. I dont think it has to be a grand master piece but at the same time its not difficult to be beautiful AND interesting/creative? This artstyle also got more common when digital artists started to prioritize doing art for commissions rather than a hobby so I have no doubts its more of a commercial style than anything else. I dont blame them but im kinda tired of the internet acting like this is the holy grail of digital art styles or something.

No. 795626

I get what you mean anon. But I don't think that it's an artstyle only asperger/autistic people use, it's simply a style that's popular because to normies and weebs it looks pretty. I actually know a lot of people with autism who draw messily or with less commercial and creative styles. I'm still confused as to why you connect that style to autism kek

No. 795627

This artstyle looks so lazy and souless, as if any AI could make it. sad. Whats worse is that they always mostly have sameface syndromes, and people with such plain artstyle end up being in Riot Games, etc.

No. 795628

i dont think its a style autistic people use, but rather a lot of the autistic people i talk to seem to highly prefer that kind of style (or other vibrant and simple styles) while disliking other ones that show the character as looking too "off", or styles less conventional, ect, might just be the autistic and asperger people i met online though in a particular fandom. I would say its probably more common to be liked among autistic weebs (and weebs overall) than every autistic person. Normies from what I see like this style and also other styles because theres some popular artstyles with normies thats coloured less nice and rendered just plain bad like on instagram for example

No. 795634

Oh I see how that could make sense. Thank you for explaining.

No. 795654

I totally agree. How do girls with big chests say it ruins their outfits? Almost all clothes are made for girls who at least have C cups. It's so easy to get male attention if you can show cleavage.

The back complaining is always funny to me because I have borderline severe scoliosis so mine's probably worse anyways.

I dunno, I have somewhat of a complex about that because I let the booba meme ruin my self esteem as a 32B. Regained some of it after frequenting /tv/ more often.

No. 795655

They like small boobs because it reminds them of kids Why would that make it gain self esteem back

No. 795657

>wanting male attention

No. 795659

Not everyone wants male attention, lmao.
IMO, small breasts or flat chests just hold most clothes more gracefully. I don't care about dressing like a bombshell, being sexualized from a disgustingly young age because of my body was a mental headfuck, and having big breasts isn't a privilege.
>Regained some of it after frequenting /tv/ more often.
The pedo board? Uh…

No. 795666

>It's so easy to get male attention if you can show cleavage.
as if having disgusting males stare at your tits is such a privilege
>Regained some of it after frequenting /tv/ more often.
oh i see, your self-esteem is built around male opinions, sad

No. 795667

>Regained some of it after frequenting /tv/ more often
This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read on this site.

No. 795675

If you can buy bras your size or even know your size then you're not flat-chested. A cup bras are too big for my mosquito bites and I'm not being stupid enough to go to 4chan to feel better about myself.

No. 795678

File: 1619819607171.gif (478.17 KB, 320x411, 1611170937119.gif)

I like American choco, I like Hershey's, maybe I don't want to eat some super sweet euro chocolate that tastes like powdered sugar and milk. don't reply to me with that "it tastes like vomit shit" I will ignore you because I'm American

No. 795679

Thanks for specifying your country of origin, and sorry for your trauma

No. 795681

i love you for standing behind your principles, burgernona, keep on being like this

No. 795688

Also American, but Hershey's chocolate is kinda gross. It doesn't taste like vomit to me, but it's weirdly bitter. And the cookies and cream flavor is way too sweet. I love you and your patriotism though.

No. 795690

i'm a burger and i like hershey's well enough, or i did anyway (haven't had it in a while), but ritter sport is superior and doesn't have that gross overly sweet taste

No. 795773

I don't like watching adaptations of books I've read because it ruins what I imagined and I also don't like reading books I've already seen the adaptation of because I feel like it influences my impression of the book too much.

No. 795779

Same. I decided awhile back to only do one or the other from now on.

My somewhat unpopular opinion: reading is better than watching for pretty much everything. Sometimes I don't know why I even bother with movies or tv shows.

No. 795785

I remember watching an adaptation of one book where I imagined the main character to be handsome and cute, but in the movie he's an ugly old fart. Despite that the movie was good, but my headcanon will never change when I go to reread it.

No. 795789

i agree, always read the book before seeing the movie!

No. 795826

>C cups
that is not big, my friend. look at most famous or aspirationally beautiful women–they do not have large breasts. all the popular fashion right now looks like shit on big boobs. if you are small/thin and have boobs it sucks and many of us don't like it; it's not the same as being curvy overall.

No. 795829

please someone explain that gif to me i'm scared

No. 795859

infinite chocolate

No. 795880

"Cincuenta años de soledad" is overrated, and honestly i deeply regret reading that book, specially because at some point it starts describing very graphically a little girl's breasts (said girl was also routinely sexually abused, which was described graphically too…gross af)

No. 795992

It makes me feel very uncomfortable how people online seem to brag about certain anthromorphic characters like Lola Bunny, Krystal the Fox, and others got them into liking furries like its something to be proud of. I dont get why theyre so excited to be turned on by something from their childhood that made them develop a life long fetish afterwards like no offense how empty is your life to be based on coom?

Secondly, I really despise female anthromorphic characters being regulated to bombshell roles because while its bad enough real life women are sexualized to hell and back something about putting the same expectations on furry abstractions targeted towards mostly younger audiences feels so wrong and like a violation to me. Like who cares if theyre sexy or not, and why do you appreciate a female character only when she gets your dick hard even when its a goofy looking anthro animal abstraction?

Honestly idc about any rationalization towards this at all since ive known of furries for over a decade but this mentality in general (of being proud to being introduced to fetishes from cartoons and childhood memories) will never feel like anything but mental illness to me. I see its becoming more normalized too

No. 795994

Abby Shapiro is actually really cute

No. 795995

Women are setting the bar too high for other women. I think we all need to become more unbearable. Just be mediocre at best like most men do, make every interaction with men weird or traumatic so that when they finally interact with a woman who at least showers theyd be thankful. It works for men.

No. 795996

Latin American literature is full of pedo shit and I despise it, but you will have people going “b-but it’s aaaart” you could just -not- describe such things with lots of details and maybe you could just focus on describing interesting shit.

No. 795999

I think I finally got into the B bra size after being an A for the entirety of my teenage years. I so agree with you anon, breasts make you look more confident but I think I like having smaller breasts because I don’t have to worry about back aches and getting attention from zombie-esque cat callers. Definitely can see your point, but it’s detrimental that inner sex dynamics makes women even more uncomfortable with their bodies. It’s like we can’t win because we internalize these outlandish standards to other women

No. 796001

You'd be right at home in the "Women you're ashamed you want to fuck" thread in /g/, it's practically a shrine to her also I agree

No. 796002

>you shouldn't be allowed to ship children, to ship canonically straight characters in gay, to include kinks and fetishes in your ships, to include rape your ship, to ship characters with a significant age gap
Why not?
>moral degenerates deserved to be shamed publicly
How is that moral degeneracy?

No. 796003

Hello retarded scrote from asswad farms

No. 796005

Nta but which authors/books should I avoid? I want to read more Latin American lit.

No. 796010

Oh really? Will have to check it out, I don't go on /g/ nearly as often

No. 796014

asexuals are more valid than trannies

No. 796038

They're "proud" because they spend all their time in discord echo-chambers where they're competing on who can get off to the most degenerate stuff and then they get surprised when they meet a normal person and they completely reject and shame them for their so-called preferences. We really need to bring back old school bullies that'd take their Lola Bunny porn comic they drew in their history notebook, laugh at them and show it to the whole school so they understand what a degenerate they are so it'd traumatize them enough to disassociate from shit like that.

No. 796060

Of course they are

No. 796062

The stimulus was the most dumbest thing America has ever done. Not only did the Americans who really needed it didn't get it but most people who did get it spent it on bullshit vacations and amazon. This WOULD create more jobs but companies became too cheap to hire more people and just overworked their current employees. Ontop of that raises should have been given considering the increased amount of work during a pandemic but that should have been a sign of how greedy America is and pay/rent/work regulation laws need to be made x100

No. 796066

You would think that for a continent with such alarmingly high child sexual abuse statistics they would by more wary of this type of shit but of course they love it, specially boomers like to defend it. We were reading it in class and everyone besides the teacher was extremely uncomfortable, specially girls…which is sad considering our statistics, chances are at least 3-5 of them felt that book too close to home.

No. 796071

Everyone knows this

No. 796211

Shadow the Hedgehog > Kylo Ren

in every single way. we need more shadowfags

No. 796215

Shadowfagging was super common in the 2000s and early 2010s though. Jazzy B Real was a good one lol

No. 796220

Go back to furaffinity

No. 796221

i want them back!

No. 796242

Stay seething while I enjoy my degenerate fetishes shipping fictional anime boys. Unfortunate for your moralfagging I won't take them into real life because I'm not a scrote sex offender in the making though.
>to ship canonically straight characters in gay
kek I think I swallowed a bait right here

No. 796264

Shadow is so iconic that Kill la Kill and Bayonetta blatantly copypasted Sonce Adventure 2's ending.

No. 796269

my store was severely understaffed for the start of covid. We should have absolutely been given more wage for it instead of just a stimmy

No. 796272

What? Can you explain for this heathen?

No. 796289

this isn't unpopular at all, her boobs make my head spin

No. 796290

this has nothing to do with shadow the hedgehog

No. 796318

Most of traumacore stuff is shit.

No. 796321

File: 1619907438560.png (182.78 KB, 540x404, chao.png)

>Sonic and Shadow become allies at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 despite being rivals with the exact same powers before, use their special form to become OP, beat some giant monster in space, Shadow "dies" for the greater cause while falling to earth and everyone gets sad over it except he's actually alive in the sequel
>Bayonetta and Jeanne become allies at the end of Bayonetta 1 despite being rivals with the exact same powers before, use their special powers to become OP, beat some giant monster in space, Bayonetta "dies" for the greater cause while falling to earth and everyone gets sad over it except she's actually alive in the next scene
>Ryuko and Satsuki become allies at the end of Kill la Kill despite being rivals with the exact same powers before, use their special form to become OP, beat some giant monster in space, the weird living uniform "dies" for the greater cause while falling to earth and everyone gets sad over it except he stays dead
Don't get me started on all the SEGA references in Bayonetta and how she collects rings/halos as currency.

No. 796323

Ponytail, Hawaiian shirt, white tank top, skinny jeans, converse is the best outfit.

No. 796327

Would be hot on a woman

No. 796329

shadow supremacy

No. 796346

Thank you, I am

No. 796349

Thank you so much! I wonder if this particular ending isn't even older than SA2, but I have no idea how to research it. Would be fascinating if Sonic really was that influential!

No. 796351

I actually have no idea if there's anything older with the exact same ending. Maybe some old mecha anime have kinda similar scenes. But seriously, when I played the last chapters of Bayonetta I couldn't stop laughing at how similar it got.

No. 796378

The picture of pokimane and the picture of shoe with no make up look fine. I don’t watch either of them so I’m not like saying it as a fan or trying to be nice or body positive or whatever I just think like conventionally they didn’t really look bad

No. 796775

This so much. They look like normal women of their age and health. Rotbrains will screech 'horrendously ugly' at anything that isn't smoothed out to the oblivion and made visually ultra hygienic.

No. 796779

I think people see so few women without makeup, especially since COVID when hours spent on the internet increased, they forget that people don't have heavily outlined eyes or really sharp features by nature. Look at anon complaining about Dojacat in the celebrity thread because she doesn't look like the glam, photoshopped album cover of hers.

No. 796790

I've never understood why people think Pokimaine looks bad with or without makeup, I don't watch her or anything but any image I have seen posted of her here or elsewhere has looked fine, even the makeupless situation. June doesn't look bad either, but because of her horrible personality I feel like her flaws stand out way more, especially since you know she wouldn't hesitate to roast other women for the same flaws she has for the views

No. 796808

dried fruits are disgusting and especially raisins

No. 796810

i hate targeted ads so much

No. 796815

people need to stop saying "go to therapy" in response to people saying or doing dumb shit online so often. it's not magic and doesn't make shit people better unless they want to, not to mention therapists can be shitty and psychology is a shitshow.

No. 796818

The way Gabbie Hanna acts is like the ideal way for a social media personality to be. I hate “wholesome” influencers and how PR conscious they are and how boring and sterile everything online is now. Only the most delusional and histrionic people should be online personalities.

No. 796819

i like moby's music

No. 796821

I think (hope) they usually aren’t saying it literally or as a statement about therapy but more so just calling the person mentally ill. The way certain kinds of people online like worship therapy is genuinely so bizarre and unrelatable to me though.

No. 796826

Isn't it the same as saying 'take your meds' It's not meant literally alot of the time.Just a way of calling someone batshit.

No. 796829

It's like everyone wants cows to disappear, we need the crazy, wannabe celebs like gabbie should be encouraged to sperg more

No. 796843

FUCK infinite scrolling

No. 796856

I agree! It's keeps me scrolling for way longer than I want to, and if I ever want to come back to the page I have to scroll all the way back down. It's only acceptable on social media apps, imo.

No. 796857


No. 797182

File: 1619991305067.jpg (178.3 KB, 600x861, 31072.jpg)

This was one of the dumbest things I've read in my entire life

No. 797184

what's it about, anon?

No. 797187

The real reason why people get angry at fujos shipping the male protagonist to his best friend instead of the female love interest is that they're either lowkey homophobic or just mad fujos are invalidating their pathetic self-insert romance.
>Nooooo you can't ship naruto with sasuke, sasuke is my husband and i kin sakura because of it noooo y-you must hate all women!!!

No. 797587

I have very little sympathy for poor folks who find themselves addicted to consumerism culture and actively hate the rich that egg it on. No Khloe Kardashian it's not "cute" that someone needs to work their tail to the bone to afford one pair of your shitty jeans that will not last more than a few months

As for poor people, it's okay to buy themselves cheap items or treat themselves to small things but there's no reason why people who barely make above minimum wage spend several hundred dollars on extension, go to the nail salon every other week, have closet's full of designer shoes and clothes, the newest IPhone, modded out truck, all while they eat out and get drinks every other night and order like $50 of shit off of wish.com weekly to sit around and demand bitch about how poorly they're paid and anyone who gets pissed off at that is probably doing it themselves. America is corrupt and the wage to price of living ratio is insane but it's hard to feel bad for those poor people specifically

No. 797593

Lmao for male audiences friendship suddenly becomes precious and noble when it's between two men fujos ship. But if a male and female character are just friends they lose their mind calling him a simp and a cuck and rage at the author for cockblocking them. It's so blatantly homophobic.

No. 797602

I'm out of weed and bored as shit, thought about becoming a single mom. I just want a daughter tho. I want something to live for. My parents ruined my life I want to raise an amazing daughter.

No. 797617

>Bringing another life in the world just because you're bored
If you bring a life under your care with no legitimate plan you deserve any stress and financial problems that come to you. At least adopt or become a foster parent

No. 797626

Shut your mouth please.

No. 797630

I think we should start cannibalising antinatalists. It’s what they want: less people and an end to world hunger. We could also spare more animals that way, yet still get to enjoy the refreshing taste of meat.

No. 797636

If you adopt/foster that’d be dope as hell as long as you’re in the right place for it. I’d only want a daughter as well, I’m terrified of children/teens though.

No. 797643

I'm not against people having kids I'm against people having kids just because they're "bored" or want to project their mental illness onto their kids. Can I please get a valid argument against that instead of insulting one liners?

No. 797645

Dw anon, I'm op and I take precautions so I don't have a kid when I'm not ready. It's an unpopular opinion for sure to be a single mom. I just daydream about being a good stable figure and being encouraging. I have thought about fostering and adopting if I age out before it happens. I use to work with a girl who's mom fostered and it was really heartwarming hearing about the kids.

No. 797655

i don’t want kids but it’s because i’m terrified of pregnancy, childbirth and all the complications and ways the baby could be fucked up

No. 797664

How come lolcow seems to blast people who buy animals for the wrong reason but are against anti-natalism? It's the same concept

No. 797673

It’s not the same concept. There’s a massive difference between thinking people should only have kids if they’re in the correct position for that responsibility, and being anti-natalist i.e. believing people shouldn’t procreate at all, regardless of their good intentions, abilities and resources. The equivalent for pets would be believing that people should never have them under any circumstances (which some people do believe).

No. 797685

Nta but I'd prefer having a daughter too, it sucks because I'd want it to be a biological child but then I can never be sure it'll be a girl. I don't really like the idea of adopting because I think the first few months starting from birth are really important for a child's development, along with how well the mother took care of herself during pregnancy. I couldn't handle adopting and having no idea about what the child went through before I got it.
Maybe I'm also slightly biased against adopting because I used to babysit a lot and the adopted kids were always the worst by far, with a ton of behavioral issues and cognitive delays.

No. 797691

You could get sex selection IVF if you can afford it. Or edgy option: just abort any male foetuses lmao.

No. 797695

Not really worth to have potentially 4-5 abortions just to have a girl, not to mention something could go wrong, it's not only edgy.
I'm NTA but if I'd get pregnant and decide to keep it once in my life, I'd be destroyed if it was a boy. Having a boy who's just raised to disrespect his mother by greater society while having all the encouragement in the fields and interests I was discouraged from would probably kill my soul. While mothers are supposed to unconditionally supportive, I'm not sure I could be that towards a son, even though it wouldn't be his fault. I guess I truly am a man-hater after all.

No. 797696

Yeah but anons consider any sort of limiting the procreation of humans to be anti natalism which creates a blurry line to some people who don't read into everything correctly
That's a waste of time and money and many abortions can cause damages to the uterus. Why not just adopt or even foster? You can pick what kids you want and it gives them a chance to have a good life. You sound like a breeder fetishist

No. 797714

Anon just described why she doesn't want to adopt though.

No. 797734

kinda gross, seems like she wants a designer baby

No. 797743

There aren't many variables people can influence or predict about a child anyway, some people have angelic healthy adopted kids and other have "We Need to Talk About Kevin"-tier bio kids. But I don't know why people try to pretend like the prenatal stage, hormones and the first post-natal stages wouldn't make a huge difference in someone's relationship with their kid that they want to have. We're still monke.

No. 797748

People who are fixated on having "their own" kids always come off as breeding or pregnancy fetish people to me, very unsettling and kinda dangerous to encourage people to have kids just because it sexually aroused them to be pregnant. Those wanting a "designer baby" are just selfish and wasteful and don't know how genetics work

No. 797758

Me wanting my own kids isn't sexual by any means. The reason I'd prefer having my own is because I'd want to be the one responsible for taking care of my kid from the very start. Admittedly another reason is that I might be better at relating to my kid and making decisions that are right for them if they have my genes and some similar traits. I wouldn't mind it if they turned out completely different from me, it's just that if they do have issues that are similar to mine when I was a kid I'll be better equipped to deal with them.
It's also because I feel like I "know" my genes. I know a big part of personality is nurture and not nature but I'd still want to know what kind of person either parent of a child I'm going to raise really is.
(I'm not that anon by the way, nor do I want a designer baby or anything)

No. 797759

This and there's nothing wrong with wanting a specific sex baby, either.

No. 797760

nta but no, the ayrt is right. Kids aren't a toy that you can throw away when you're bored… kids shouldn't give you meaning in your life but rather add to it. Please don't have a child on a meaningless journey to fulfillment.

No. 797765

It's fine, hope you aren't preaching "adopt, not buy" when it comes to pets kek

No. 797771

I already responded up thread and am aware thank you.

No. 797773

>hope you aren't preaching "adopt, not buy" when it comes to pets
Wait why not? I think for pets adopting is much better than buying but that's because raising a pet is much less significant than raising a child and because pets in shelters/without owners get treated really badly.
Are you one of those people who think pets are the same as kids or something?

No. 797774

Wtf anon I don't think most women who want to be a mother and experience motherhood do so out of sexual arousal. We're not onision with a fetish to impregnate. It's completely normal for people to want their own bio offspring, you might think it's unethical but some people want to continue on their families.

No. 797776

>People who are fixated on having "their own" kids always come off as breeding or pregnancy fetish people to me,
you come off as a fixated kinkster to the rest of us, it's literally you who puts that in there, not the people you're trying to mock

Bonding to non-biological offspring as a parent is not something to take for granted, it's a difficult process that's not available for everyone. It can fail miserably and not everyone is ready for the adoption process.

Mothers bond to their children mainly via pregnancy and giving birth, because of hormonal surges. It literally affects even their ability to breastfeed. Post-partum depression is what happens, when that fails. Imagine then being an adoptive parent who's constantly shamed for not being perfectly bonded to the kid they adopted.

Stop acting like this shit is easy. "Breeder" is such a scrote-speak term. No, I'm not saying you're a scrote, I'm saying you have a bad take. Mothers are women and women are people. Excuse me for my infightey tone.

My unpopular opinion is that people need to stop being so specifically misogynistic towards mothers.

No. 797780

>People who are fixated on having "their own" kids always come off as breeding or pregnancy fetish people to me, very unsettling and kinda dangerous to encourage people to have kids just because it sexually aroused them to be pregnant.

To be completely honest, transparent, and fair: This is the least "kinky" and "fetishy" urge considering the biological imperative to want to fuck is to reproduce. Yeah I'm aware there's a next level with scrotes who bastardize pregnancy, but it's weird to believe there's something wrong with people who want to be pregnant and have their own biological children. That's literally what most people are programmed to do.

No. 797790

>Wait why not? I think for pets adopting is much better than buying but that's because raising a pet is much less significant than raising a child and because pets in shelters/without owners get treated really badly. Are you one of those people who think pets are the same as kids or something?
Not the same, but close enough in this case. People are allowed to choose a pet that has good genes, that they can raise from the beginning to the end and that doesn't have psychological damage from their previous owners or purely bad genes. What, wanting a pet with a trustworthy temperament and quality genes is BAD because there are animals waiting to get a loved home? But why, after all having pets is "much less significant than raising a child". In this case, getting your own kid instead of adopting is even worse, since human beings are more valuable/precious. You should give a loving home to an aged out kid that no-one wants instead of passing your genes. Or at least don't moralfag about people's personal decisions if in the end you also make them based on what's best for you (babby that you are solely responsible for and with your uwu genes).

No. 797794

When will you be adopting since your genes won't be passed on?

No. 797795

>My unpopular opinion is that people need to stop being so specifically misogynistic towards mothers.
I wonder if people that think like this do so because they have bad experiences with their own mother, or dislike her for any reason really.
I guess my unpopular opinion is that for 50% of the people on here who claim to have a narcissistic mother it's bullshit and they either victimize themselves too much or demonize their mom for not being flawless. I'm not denying that narcissistic mothers exist and act a certain way, just that the term is used too easily. NPD just isn't common enough to warrant all of these people claiming their mom has it, it's like everyone calling their ex crazy.

No. 797796

You're making the assumption lolcow is a cohort representative of the entire global population.

No. 797801

We get it, you’re barren.

No. 797803

but nonnie, you do know that hugging/holding hands/not beating the shit out of your partner is also a fetish for some people
and besides, what you may think is average sexual intercourse is in reality just 'vanilla sex', which also is a kink, right?

No. 797804

>getting your own kid instead of adopting is even worse, since human beings are more valuable/precious
First of all orphaned kids don't get chucked into shelters with poor conditions and systematically killed when they've been there for a while (in most of the world). Secondly humans don't depend on their caretakers for happiness and survival beyond childhood, unlike pets. Thirdly, a pet with behavioral issues can be a pain in the ass, but it won't ruin your entire life.
Basically to me personally the good you're doing by rescuing instead of buying a pet far outweighs the potential negative influence on your life. Adopting a kid is definitely morally admirable, but you're also accepting the risk of lifelong regret and resentfulness. Of course that risk is also there when you have natural children, but it's lower at least. I'll admit that I'm selfish for weighing off the risks like that, but I don't think it's that evil to have limits to your altruism.
I don't want to moralfag about it either since everyone has different reasons for their decisions.

No. 797808

Idk if I’d call bullshit on half of anons who claim to have crazy moms. A good portion of anons have visible issues ranging from having low self esteem to being completely batshit and it’s likely those things are rooted in how they were raised.

I think mothers come under fire more as they are the main caregivers, or in some cases the only one. If both parents are equally bad, it’s likely the mother will still be perceived as worse as she’s doing the bulk of the childrearing. It’s also much easier to be a good parent if your duties are smaller, hence the whole ‘weekend dad’ idolization.

No. 797811

Anon my sides, that was so random.

No. 797812

It's official, lolcow is mommy issues central.

No. 797813

Fckn thank you ! Finally someone said it

No. 797816

I respect your POV even if I don't completely agree. Luckily enough, I live in a country that doesn't have kill shelters (though living in them is miserable enough and no animal deserves it). Growing up as an unwanted kid, often being subjected to (sexual abuse) absolutely is life-ruining, so I think more people should consider adoption or at least not moralfag (since everyone makes decisions that benefit them the most or at least with consequences of which they are capable living with).
>Basically to me personally the good you're doing by rescuing instead of buying a pet far outweighs the potential negative influence on your life
Yeah, people absolutely should adopt if they are in the position that you described. But some people have specific needs and buying is much better for them. I don't think it's fair to shame them, if they carefully considered both options.
>I don't think it's that evil to have limits to your altruism
I think the principle applies the same to getting pets as to adopting children. Still, more people should at least seriously consider adopting kids instead of making new ones.

No. 797817

File: 1620063832087.jpg (99.31 KB, 500x579, tumblr_pyb8c4W5HS1w3yzuso1_500…)

I checked what it's about and the premise seems really fricking interesting at first glance

which is why I'd be grateful to hear your opinion on why it's garbo, it'd be great to know if it's shit or not before wasting any time on it

tldr go off and don't be easy, your opinion counts

No. 797818

File: 1620063833025.jpeg (29.07 KB, 460x320, a92cf0b12b0bbc4f61bdfccb72c719…)

I'm not even sure if I want kids, but this is the most creepy, unnatural mindset. It's such a woefully sterile, yet cumbrained take. It's the kind of opinion you form when you consume nothing but melted plastic/metal and energy drinks for 5 years or something. Does all or most of your exposure to pregnancy and human (especially female) bodies come from pornography/kink? When's the last time you hugged someone, anon? Please…

No. 797819

I know this is bait but do you even know what a fetish is?
There's only a few basic instinctive sexual and reproductive needs. Namely what you'd call 'vanilla sex'; most simply described as PiV sex with the purpose of orgasm with a partner you're attracted to.
That's basically the only sexual urge that's (for most people) hardwired into your brain, because that's the basics of how you make a baby and how you make a baby is how the species survives. 'Vanilla sex' if anything is the only sexual urge where NOT wanting and enjoying it at all could be called a kink. It's like saying that enjoying the feeling of your brain releasing serotonin is simply a personal preference.

No. 797821

File: 1620064111600.jpg (27.22 KB, 714x714, 52765484_395713651258240_91207…)

It was a sarcastic joke, not a bait. I put the cursive in it and the 'beat the shit out of your partner' to indicate that but I guess online still doesn't convey it very well.

I fucking despise bdsm/kink personally and I thought I rolled it out well but apparently it got lost somewhere midway through

No. 797822

This is the most retarded take I’ve ever read, and I don’t even want kids. Go outside.

No. 797823

Your confusion is turning me on anon

No. 797825

File: 1620064325749.jpg (46.97 KB, 1080x1014, 56770640_1225210474308693_1510…)

H-how about taking this to the the shitposting thread??

No. 797827

Probably in 20 years, that is if I will be emotionally and financially stable then - of which I am neither right now.

No. 797829

You rolled it out well enough for me. Not everyone browsing is well rested, has 100% of attention when they read, is neurotypical or any other factor that could influence understanding of tone. Almost every time I try sarcasm the same happens and people take me seriously.

No. 797834

Yeah, I respect your point as well. Everyones situation is different and I definitely don't look down on everyone who buys a pet.
Unwanted children are a huge problem and every person who fosters or adopts them is going to make a huge difference. I don't think we'll ever get to the point where enough people adopt for unwanted kids to no longer be an issue though. It feels like maybe we should prioritize putting more money and effort into creating spaces and group homes where parentless children can grow up as comfortably and with as many opportunities as possible. Obviously getting adopted into a loving family makes a huge difference for every kid, but it doesn't change the bigger problem, you know?
I guess the same goes for building more humane and comfy animal shelters, but for obvious reasons the amount of unwanted animals that are born is more difficult to control than with humans so it's pretty much a given that there'll always be a huge amount of abandoned pets around. I guess that's why it seems bad to me to purposefully add to that number by actively breeding them, but again that's really subjective and I totally get where you're coming from.

No. 797835

The story was poorly executed and it's very male-gazey/manic pixie dream girl. The one I read was only 9 chapters and I didn't realize there was a sequel so maybe the story got better.

No. 797836

File: 1620064920685.jpg (135.43 KB, 750x750, 1578554618450.jpg)

Oh shit I guess I'm retarded then, I'm pretty sleep deprived, sorry for the sperg lol

No. 797839

I have no hate for you, none, 0% whatsoever and I hope your next sleep is whole and repairing

No. 797882

That would be fine but getting pregnant just because you think it's sexy is wrong. Very fucked up of you think it's okay. So tired of people who pull the whole "take me back" thing for their pregnancy. It's also human nature to want to compete with people for resources but we developed this thing called morals that apparently don't matter when it comes to bringing a life into the world

No. 797885

So what are you going to do if your child has an illness? A genetic deformity? If you miscarry? How are you going to find time to raise them with work/however you make money? Are you just gonna throw them into a daycare which is extremely corrupt in today's world? Get a nanny?

No. 797906

File: 1620071870141.jpeg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoilhatday-3.jpeg)

Some posters must be bots or aliens collecting data on human behaviors online. They've been directed to ask questions and identify "contradictions" no actual human being would entertain.
This is how you end up with posts like "The urge to reproduce? Procreate? Hmm…is this not just a fetish? The two desires seem to be linked."
Next, someone will post "Why is cannibalism wrong? You say you care about humans, but hunger is completely separate from love. Some people love cows and dogs, but still eat beef and dog meat, right? Besides, people are put in jail and/or executed all the time. It could help solve world hunger, make space in jail and save taxpayer dollars if humans only ate criminals".

No. 797913

I think it's just anti-natalist chan trying to be more subtle, but still can't stop calling people breeders.

No. 798036

File: 1620078888404.jpg (77.16 KB, 960x960, cannibalis.jpg)

>Some posters must be bots or aliens collecting data on human behaviors online
this is the most entertaining unpop opinion of this thread so far
10/10 would tinfoil this post-ironically

No. 798518

From the subs I frequent I see quite a lot of complaining about Narcissistic/ selfish dads and their enabling wives and vice versa. It takes two to tango and a lot of people may cut slack towards the enabler in the relationship especially if they really weren't outwardly abusive/ actually showed genuine care unlike the emotionally immature abusive parent

No. 798522

People who read fanfics/non-traditional writing would enjoy “regular” books if most of them weren’t absolute shit.

No. 798525

I love tinfoil schizos like you anon, I’m envious of random people who attract you people in a random bar and you end up having the best conversations

No. 798527

more like
>if their taste in media wasn't absolute shit from consooming pandery shit
Alternatively, they are too lazy to research, but not sure if I buy that.
There are so many books, how the fuck you don't enjoy anything but 1000k smut angst fanfiction about your husbandos? The problem is you, not the state of literature.

No. 798529

state of literature is shit

No. 798531

Fanfics can slap/ be amazing but non traditional writing can be just as shit. Be it self published physically or through sites like wattpad and it's ilk.

No. 798533

Cope. If you think that humanity's entire catalog of literature is shit, you are the problem

No. 798543

Thank you for the daily reminder of why I hate pop culture consoomers.

No. 798551

i don't get this. do you think if someone reads fanfic they don't also read normal literature? i feel like that's generally untrue unless we're talking about teenage girls or like 25 year old self-proclaimed 'weebs' or something

No. 798567

it's funny because yes, 99% of what's on the shelf at barnes & noble is shit, but it's just supposed to take work to find a book that's interesting to you. I feel like people just expect cool deep cut books to be served to them like spotify recommendations. It's supposed to take hours of browsing at a library/bookstore to find like two books you think have a chance of being good. I mean, the browsing itself is interesting too, so it's not work if you enjoy it. And what you end up finding and liking is going to be specific to you. But you have to be confident in your own choices and not self-conscious - people are worried about not picking the "right" books if they're by themselves, so they go online and try too hard to learn what books are cool, then they go get those books and don't like them, and they're like "literature is shit." No…online "literature" people are shit and your attitude is shit. Go to a library and actually look at the books until you find one you like, WITHOUT looking up shit online first. I know it's scary but have some guts.

last 3 things I read that were good:
Alice Munro - lives of girls & women
Jean genet - miracle of the rose
John McPhee- encounters with the archdruid (nonfiction not fantasy lol)

No. 798590

It's not so hard nowadays, you have internet after all. You can just google books about… whatever niche you are interested into and you will get plenty of recs. Sure, some of them maybe basic/reddit coomer tier, but it's easy to judge. Maybe I cannot relate because I have hundreds of books that I want to read downloaded, and i'm sad that I will most likely never be able to give them all my attention.

No. 798593

I mean anons that only read fanfiction would probably actually enjoy "trash" YA series and since they're similiar in nature.

No. 798614

I don't get your rant at all… Are you talking about people who like to read or not? Why does it matter if people look up reviews online? wtf

No. 798633

also romances, especially since real people fanfics get published nowadays kek

No. 798646

They only like things with their favorite characters already in it though.

No. 798648

unpopular opinion : an "unpopular opinion" thread is boring if you're not allowed to fight everyone in it

No. 798656

"Books people recommend online" is a very narrow subset of all books, determined by what's new and whats considered "cool old books" at the moment. It's just samey and self-referential vs organically finding books that you actually want to read. And I mean "want to read" not "want to have read" or "want to get through". Don't fill up your queue or feel like you have to read what you have in it before you read other things. Any book that strikes you in the moment is what you should be reading at that moment.

Furthermore reading reviews/discussion online before reading a book predisposes you to the reviewer's ideas, instead of having your earnest naive experience first and then comparing it to others' which is what one should do. The thing is people dont trust their own naive experience and are scared of being "wrong" vs the online opinion of a book. The question is basically, do you want an authentic experience, or do you just want to fit in with lit twitter?

No. 798670

Ah ok. I didn't think you were talking about /lit/ or booktube or whatever, seems like a given that it would be cancerous. I totally get the zoning out at a bookshop, but sometimes you don't have the time to or the access to certain types of books and asking for recs online is fine if you don't around asking for retards' opinions. Sometimes you find a few people whose taste you trust and check out new stuff you personaly would'nt hve picked up.

No. 798744

Every single driverfag is responsible for actors having less requirements to meet than actresses.

No. 798755

god the thread on /m/ makes me physically ill. they’re so genuinely unhinged for a man who looks like was marinating in the womb for far too long before they took him out. gives me the creeps

No. 798771

I don't mind driverfags or driver himself but I'm just surprised there's so many of them, I don't remember him having a huge cult following.

No. 798776

File: 1620150488890.jpg (19.64 KB, 312x353, 1470955751901.jpg)

i like the western animation thread. i think theres solid cow material there. hopefully it will keep going strong. but…

anons asking why are cartoons now politically correct are fucking retarded. have you met an artist lately? theyre all sjw they/them idiots. its always been that way as far as politics, they lean left in the dumbest way. art attracts "wooo im so open minded, dude" people and always has. yeah, fucking edge lords like shmorky and shadbase exist. but for every one of those edge fags theres like 1,000 sjw as fuck artists. seeing nonitas ask multiple times why everyone is trying to be woke on cartoons is fucking retarded. have you met an artist? theyre pretentious as fuck and always have been. it just is. they attract that crowd and even if youre an edgelord you will probably meet enough sjws in art school that you will be pretty open to a lot of dumb shit. lots of people just go with the flow and the flow in those circles have always been that way. i dont know. i feel like i lose brain cells when anons ask for a hundred time why so many popular artists are sjws now. i promise, if youre ever near most art schools, you will understand. some of you are so fucking retarded sometimes.

No. 798780

File: 1620150681620.jpg (49.91 KB, 500x500, shrooms.jpg)

Mushrooms are disgusting. They're really cool looking, and they taste fine, but the texture is so awful.

No. 798801

per every one online woke artist there are at least 5 that don't care about clout and just focus on doing their thing in real life. Having been in art school and knowing people from other schools, really annoying woke people are just a loud minority. I'm sure in some specific schools proportions would be different, like in some super famous animation schools, but in general majority of the artists are very normal people.

No. 799002

File: 1620163256121.jpg (156.62 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20210504-161029.jpg)

LV bags fucking ugly, overpriced, and go with almost no outfit. They are the worst shade of dookie brown. Plastic covered canvas ass.

No. 799216

Avoid anyone who likes to listen to ska-punk and/or says gorillaz are therye favorite band. Thank me later.

No. 799220

Thanks for the guide to avoid people with great taste anon, that was definitely what we wanted and needed

No. 799222

I love ska and punk, I would never claim the gorillaz as my favoutire band but I do like your man from blur. Also when they got shaun ryder on dare. But Damon and shaun ryder are brit pop so idk what gorillaz has to do with punk and ska.

No. 799277

100kg of feathers is lighter than 100kg of steel

No. 799285

But which would be easier to hold?

No. 799292

The feathers of course! Because they are lighter.

No. 799324

What's wrong with Gorillaz? I like listening to it, no idea about any drama.

No. 799337

I got two today:
People should smile less in photos. Mean, pissed off, angry, "bitchy", whatever other insult, faces are super hot.
/m/ should be a fujo-only board. Anime titty posters need to leave. kind of doubt some of them are "gay" too tbh

No. 799349

as someone who always looks pissed in photos, ily anon

No. 799417

File: 1620203834294.jpeg (34.24 KB, 220x220, 1FB40011-B9C8-4380-9543-C511FA…)

I don’t get it

No. 799422


i browsed /mu/ for years, more than i would like to admit. i participated in those type of shit threads for fun.

i dont get it either.

i have no idea what its about or care. the instrumental was pretty special so i vibed with it. have no real attachment to the record other than mangum shitposting and im sure a lot of other anons do too

No. 799426

It's a good album, underrated for its time, and then eclipsed by shitposting. If the contents of the album and the artwork weren't ripe for memes it would have probably remained a niche gem. At least that's how I see it.

No. 799435

This, Loveless and Kanye. All fucking trash.

No. 799444

Every /mu/core albums are like this for me, whether it's Spiderland, Deathconsciousness or Homogenic. They all have the same albums on their charts, so much for being avantgarde musicophiles.

No. 799445

The only album shilled on /mu/ I like is Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart. It's actually fun lol. But they know about it only because of Scaruffi probably

No. 799452

"kill all men" bitches and "not all men" bitches are two sides of the same very annoying and very retarded coin. judge individual people by their individual actions and shut the fuck up.

No. 799453

>what is class analysis

No. 799456

That's usually how you end up with people thinking all black people are criminals because of crime statistics used completely out of context but sure, "class analysis". Have fun judging books by covers.

No. 799457

ok liberal

No. 799458

Far from it but nice binary thinking. Project harder.

No. 799459

Shh anon, critical thinking and uncomfortable truths are hard. Better to just take a feeble but inoffensive middling position that takes no sides so you can feel superior and enlightened without having to actually think.

No. 799461

you're either a liberal or an uneducated leftie if you have problems with class analysis or don't know what it is

No. 799462

>comparing man hating with racism
not this shit again

No. 799464

I mean they are different in that kill all men isn’t literal and is used by women in response to some kind of sexism experienced by them and the other is used to dismiss it by men. I do kind of agree that they’re both dumb and annoying though but not for the same reason, I think they just both ultimately miss the point.

No. 799468

>"not all men" bitches
that's literally you right now

No. 799488

dreamworks > pixar

No. 799489

correct opinion

No. 799494

yeah, anon kinda played herself

No. 799501


>this is your brain in shitty parenting

No. 799701

File: 1620237339393.png (278.62 KB, 446x538, bb.PNG)

I hate monogram print so much and the brown shade is awful, you're right. I think some of their more subtle bags like the Capucines are nice though

No. 799733

File: 1620240469376.jpg (15.94 KB, 348x312, EuSEXrmWgAE8mXM.jpg)

No. 799896

his eyes are diagonal. look how much lower his right eye is. still fucking beautiful though

No. 799900

File: 1620254439949.jpg (182.89 KB, 1500x1001, henry-cavill-007-bode-na-sala.…)

homegrown British men are just built different anon

No. 799905

Wait I love ska punk anon plz explain

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