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No. 849759

Previous thread >>>/ot/832725

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 849763

Being a horsegirl is peak femininity

No. 849765


No. 849766

File: 1625853668797.jpeg (318.15 KB, 750x902, 89C4AE64-21AF-4A73-B34B-7407A3…)

by Ada Limòn

No. 849771

So this is what it looks like when the class “horse girl” grows up.

No. 849776

Samefag, kek I didn’t even realize you posted this in the context or horse girls, truly an unpopular opinion because horse girls are nothing but cringe.

No. 849781

horse girls give the same energy as people that do civil war reenactments

No. 849785

why tho? they are just doing what makes them happy

No. 849811

"Loving yourself" is narcissistic

No. 849833

Yeah actually that makes sense somehow

No. 849841

how do you define loving yourself though. because to me loving yourself just means having self esteem and knowing your worth as a human being

No. 850004

It's better to never read fiction than to read trash fiction. And 90% of genre books are trash.

I think reading bad books stunts people's emotional intelligence, the same way anime clearly does.

No. 850010

I agree with >>849841 but also agree with you if you mean to point out the "looking out for number one" aspect to the self care shit that gets spread around a lot of the time

No. 850049

you are correct, because i used to be a horse girl in school and now i post on lolcow.farm

No. 850069

File: 1625881365560.jpeg (177.04 KB, 2048x2048, D21575E1-1593-4DF0-84D9-206D96…)

Topo Chico beats all mineral water

No. 850070

Anons on here tend to think that if your self-esteem isn't in the lowest ring of hell then it's "narcissism." Sad honestly.

No. 850071

I've never seen it, what makes it the best?

No. 850073

have you had the tangerine flavor? god tier

No. 850075

I like it too but i prefer perrier

No. 850081

Hell yeah, and the lemon flavored one.

Tried Perrier; it tastes great but doesn’t have that kick imo

No. 850106

Japan is overrated. Boomers and autists praise it because the people are so "quiet", more like asocial, traditional to the point they're behind the rest of the developed countries, and work themselves to death (literally). I think it's lame.

No. 850112

Onlyfans should change its name to onlyhoes, because only (e)whores post there.

No. 850113

Japan is an excellent place to go on vacation, assuming you're not morbidly obese and an annoying weeb.The food, service, and overall experience were unforgettable and relaxing. I found Tokyo in particular to be really amazing, even though I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did, seeing as I already live in a big city (NYC).

There is so much to do, so many convenient places to travel, and the service/transportation is pretty much unmatched.

No. 850115

Sorry for samefag, but culturally, yeah, I wouldn't want to live there for the reasons you stated.

No. 850123

Not unpopular anon. Japan like most capitalistic countries is only great for a narrow ingroup.

No. 850173

This post sucks

No. 850188

Kinda agree with you on this. Japan is great if youre just a tourist but if you were to work there the work culture would kill you

No. 850224

The fans in onlyfans refers to the followers, not the posters. Call it OnlyCoomers. >>850173
I agree

No. 850227

I don't get why perfume is necessary for any woman when our soap, lotion, and hair products are usually scented and can smell divine

No. 850228

it isn't necessary

No. 850232

ayrt and yeah. I don't even get it without those factors I said. unless you are unclean or have b.o., our natural scent serves a purpose (although men can keep wearing cologne because they reek much more often). I don't know if I've ever liked someone's perfume, except neutral to it at max

No. 850234

You don't need to have any kind of sex to "prove" your sexuality.

No. 850236

Even more unpopular- you don't have to have dated people to know your sexuality

No. 850244

true but here's my opinion: if you claim to be bi and only date/fuck the opposite sex you also don't get to claim that you've been oppressed in regard to your sexuality

No. 850246

Depends on why you only date/fuck the opposite sex. That, in itself, could be an expression of oppression.

No. 850249

true but in that case they probably wouldn't be openly bisexual. I have legit seen women on instagram post once a day if not more about how super gay they are while only dating men. if they were only dating men because of social pressure they probably wouldn't be so desperate for everyone to know they're bisexual.

No. 850274

I've only been with person ever, my bf, for many years and despite having a butch phase and generally being tomboyish this is why I can't feel ok saying I'm bi despite preferring women more. I thought I was gonna end up with a woman before him

No. 850361

I am for myself, anti abortion. I’d take an aftermorning pill, anticonception etcetcetc
But I’d never have an abortion past that. Which is weird, because if I had a daughter who better could have an abortion I’d encourage it.
I think that it’s a sad barbaric act that’s sometimes necessary. Use condoms and birth control freaks.

No. 850367

I prefer cloudy cool weather from October/March rather than sunny summer weather. We've had this shitty weather in my country for the past three months, very unusual for the season, and when my coworkers complain about it I just shut up because I know I'm going to look like a weirdo.

No. 850402

Doll collectors are always weirdos
Yeah it’s harmless and they can do what they want yadda yadda but tbh BJD people are especially batshit.

No. 850404

Gacha shit is dumb

No. 850413

What puts me off the most about babies isn't their annoying crying, their ugly bug/frog faces or the gross drooling and shitting all day. It's the fact that as soon as they begin to crawl they're actively trying to kill themselves and if you take your eyes off the damn thing for a second and they successfully kill themselves you're getting charged with murder by negligence.
Good thing not everyone else thinks like this or we would be extinct by millennia. I'm ok with people popping babies until we exterminate with our own kind, just don't let them anywhere near me.

No. 850427

This is why women used to just wear babies on their backs.

No. 850430

File: 1625921558449.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 238.94 KB, 1242x1241, 98889A66-7D3B-4103-A035-FBBCF3…)

like this

No. 850431

I don't get the trend of CDs coming back. Laser discs suck. At least for musical purists that collect vinyl there's an audiophile aspect in which the sound is richer. Notes are harmonics and they curve. A vinyl can replicate the natural sound waves produced. CDs and streaming is digital and computers can render sound waves properly, they can't do the curves and the waves become perpendicular to replicate a curve so sound can be lost.

No. 850432

No. 850435

I didn't even know CDs were coming back? But I'm guessing it's for people who like the appeal of owning a physical copy of their favorite albums but vinyl is too expensive or inconvenient for them. And they're probably cheap and easy to find since most people don' want them.

No. 850456

how did the cassette revival go with the popularity of vaporwave?

No. 850457

File: 1625925395149.jpg (12.42 KB, 220x172, 220px-Memorex-minidisc.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: minidiscs were way better than CDs. Could record off live radio and then add track breaks, and didn't get wonky like cassettes, didn't get as scratched as dumbfuck CDs.

No. 850509

yo fuck you

No. 850643

I loved my minidisc player back in the day. Everyone was starting to use iPods and MP3 players yet I stayed with my well used Sony. It never made sense to me as back then MP3 players could only hold so much music and in a lower quality. With a minidisc player I wasn't limited by internal capacity. As long as I had enough mindiscs I could play all the music I wanted.

No. 850658

File: 1625946667894.jpeg (895.41 KB, 1242x1591, 28D2F6FC-8EEC-4E4F-872F-313EB8…)

I love this feeling

No. 850665

File: 1625947301057.jpeg (465.42 KB, 1200x630, 652C64A0-4B3D-4C13-A43C-DE55F7…)

I think it’s okay to do this to your kid when they’re very young. There is a certain genre of kid who are just obsessed with randomly running off and obviously you should work on it with them but in the meantime I don’t have a problem with people doing this in busy places where the kid could easily get lost or get into a bad situation.

No. 850669

Agreed. I don't see anything wrong with leashing your kids, especially if it's the cute backpack leashes.

No. 850674

Agreed, it's better than having someone harming them

No. 850676

Completely agree. I would use this on my kid even though I know people here where I live would think I'm a retard and a bad parent. Sorry but I'd rather look like a retarded bad parent than have a missing or dead kid.

No. 850685

I didn’t know people even had a problem with this to begin with, I see it a lot and it’s really practical imo

No. 850689

Overalls look horrible on everybody, people look like big adult babies

No. 850693

Y2K fashion is ugly

No. 850694

Honestly I think looking like a baby is part of the appeal for certain women

No. 850695

That’s the point

No. 850698

I agree but also find it hilarious, nothing wrong with them imo.
I've almost crashed my bike several times now thanks to feral toddlers running away from their parent.

No. 850702

Anyone against these has obviously never tried taking a toddler for day out in a coastal town. Toddlers will just walk off the edge of the embankment because they are interested in the water.

No. 850707

I've never seen this before but is it generally disliked because of the association with dogs or something?

No. 850710

It's perfectly practical I agree and there's something kind of cute about it to me, like a baby strapped to his mom's front. The next step after that in the next phase of development. It must be purely the psychological association with pet leashes that would make anyone be against it, dumb

No. 850720

You're a hypocrite if you hate R&B but like 1980s Jpop/Citypop.

No. 850738

i respect someone with their kids on a leash in public more than one that just lets them run wild

No. 850743

File: 1625953864297.jpg (78.49 KB, 1280x720, N3WPi71.jpg)

I don't think that The Killer of the Reincarnated would have been that great of a thing, even if it had more chapters.

I have seen many people debate about why it got cancelled, and while the most realistic conclution is that it got issues for the copyright, there's also this idea going around that it got cancelled for being "Too deep and dark for criticize otaku culture and it might make NEETs wake up, we got robbed from having this modern masterpiece!!!" and I can't dissagree more.

While the success of the manga is something I can't confirm, like at best I can see it doing okay among the type of fans who like gory things but nothing for sure, I don't think that the average male otaku will get that ass blasted by it, there are many mangas that already do that. Actually, I think that even the average otaku probably knows where the story will go; just a few years ago we had Arifureta and The legend of the shield hero, both presented themselves as "much deeper and gory" versions of an isekai, and what a surprise, after a couple of episodes they fell into the same power fantasy tropes as the average isekai.

I am 100% sure, without a doubt, that if The Killer of the Reincarnated got pass the first episode, they will add a fucking loli and a harem as the series goes, bonus points of the MC becomes a Try hard Kaneki copy. The only thing that it might be different from the norm is that they could do what Chainsaw man did with Makima, making the witch secretly evil, but let's be real, it won't stop them from selling body pillows or something. And to be fair, this is the same writer as Kakegurui, I'm sure he won't bite the hands that feeds him by going too hard on criticizing NEET coomers.

On a way, I believe it could have been saved from the cancelation if the author just didn't just copy pasted isekai protagonists into his story as villians; it gives me the same feeling as Brat Pack, as much as I don't like super hero things or isekai trash, it comes across as a shallow revenge porn towards these characters and their authors rather than a social critique.

As a final thought, I actually really like the concept of isekai protagonists being portrayed as disgusting people, it sounds more believable than a coomer otaku being a hero. I just hope that just like Brat Pack apparently inspired The Boys, a more competent writer takes the actual interesting concepts and makes a better work than this gorefest.

No. 850745

i like to wear them because scrotes hate the way they make women’s bodies look. there’s nothing to objectify. just a big box with no legs and ill defined ass. it prevents them from leering at you like a piece of fucking meat. plus they’re comfy.

No. 850749

File: 1625954121363.jpeg (54.01 KB, 419x296, 628D59B9-AF39-421B-AA2B-6F198E…)

nta but good point cute overalls anon. they seem cozy but I'm afraid to wear them since I'm tall (and they probably wouldn't be long enough anyway)

No. 850750

File: 1625954200692.jpeg (52.29 KB, 400x300, 1F7B9237-6A44-4B09-A45E-E21E45…)

people who watch films and are like: "3/10 characters, 7/10 plot, 9/10 cinematography" or w/e, those people are cringe. just watch the damn movie for what it is. if you've reached the point where you aren't actually taken by the move that you've decided to remove yourself from the experience you have sacrificed what films are meant to bring you in the first place. weirdos

No. 850777

Sims 2 is the best sims
Only subhumans prefer the other games

No. 850779

I’m tall too and lucy&yak sell them in tall sizes. I’m a bit chicken to wear them in public though.

No. 850787

I loved the way they made me feel as a tomboy kid, I'd run around with one strap undone because it felt cool. At 26 I just don't have the desire nor guts. That overalls feel was lightning in a bottle but I look back on it fondly

No. 850808

I 100% agree. If I enjoyed a film and it entertained me then I consider it a good film, that’s my only metric.

No. 850837

Is this even an unpopular opinion outside of the twelve year old girl demographic that plays TS4?

No. 850842

Agreed, and I'm currently seething because I got a new pc and for some reason it's not running Sims 2 properly. I miss it.

No. 850886

i agree and feel the same way when it comes to anime too tbh

No. 850982

Ghosting people is necessary sometimes.

No. 850985

I kinda have two metrics, I can enjoy something but I usually notice some flaws or aspects I didn't like. enough that I could describe them and might share my opinion with who I watched with to see if they agree. don't give it ratings like your example though, that's dumb. the main purpose is entertainment and honestly I get entertainment from criticizing things anyhow, maybe that's these people but they shouldn't be so rigid about it. sometimes I think a movie sucked but enjoy it anyway, I enjoy pretty much everything I decide to watch, is anyone else like that?

No. 850988

File: 1625979311189.jpeg (158.53 KB, 500x727, 5D0051FC-CBD3-428C-8827-D1A090…)

Yeah I’m the same way. I like being able to breakdown just exactly why I did or did not like a film and how it was crafted. Though I won’t write off a film if it isn’t held to same very specific standards, and I really love some pretty lowbrau movies picrel kek.

No. 851000

File: 1625982231772.jpg (114.34 KB, 710x968, sttrinians1.jpg)

Dude you know St. Trinian's is based off an illustrator's drawings, right? (I have one of his books, they're fucking hilarious. Check 'em out.)

No. 851073

File: 1625991786169.jpeg (174.69 KB, 960x1280, 56B844AB-B5FF-4145-A002-EC4C09…)

He’s annoying, seems bpd, and would be insufferable in real life

No. 851078

based anon. YOU TELL EM SISTREN.i think its a big reason why i like jpop from the early 2000s as well as the 80s and 90s it had so much R&B influence so it gives me this sense of nostalgia and you put it into words why.

my unpopular opinion is r&B is the best genre of music i think its one of the few genres that appeals to literally everyone no matter the race or background because its usually just love or making love wink songs and everyone loves love songs. If you don't like r&b you don't like music and i don't respect your taste because how can you hate love/breakup songs with a soulful beat? go to hell!!

No. 851084

agreed 100% he gives me ugly vibes.

No. 851135

i hate how obsessed people are with menstrual cups. the moment you start talking about your period or anything related to it, some sperg has to bring up menstrual cups like they are some big secret nobody knows about, even though i've seen women actively shame other women on social media for still using icky bad evil disposable tampons and pads. everyone is aware that those things exist, we get it, now shut up about it. it's the period equivalent to people suggesting IF on anything weight loss related.

No. 851144

I just need you to know this was legit hilarious

No. 851146

This is so true. It’s one of those things people just have to bring up. Like oat milk.

No. 851166

hate when i get shamed for using pads.

No. 851172

Girl same. My flow is light enough and I change a pad every time I go to the bathroom throughout the day. I'd even have sex with boyfriends on my period and they never cares about the pad, it was the least messy and comfortable option for me, so why am I getting shamed by some lady that's never seeing my cute vagina?

No. 851176

it also speaks volumes about our fake feminist society that women are shamed for using disposable period products and our pussies are supposed to protect the planet because of something we have zero control over, but buying a shit ton of unnecessary makeup that is tested on animals and put in plastic cases is never shamed and deemed bad for the environment. fucking libfemmies. it's all about shaming women for being women and trying to control their natural bodily functions while still brainwashing them into prioritizing fuckability and serving the scrote gaze.

No. 851177

I tried them, I liked it for a while and then went back to tampons. I just want what feels most comfortable. I hate the waste it creates but I don't want to be (more) miserable and uncomfortable if I can help it. I have a short/light flow and only use a few tampons each month.

I don't know what is up with my bladder but I can't void it with a cup in and I can't deal with removing the cup and waiting a few minutes to relax each time I have to pee. Especially at work. Hard cup, soft cup, small cup. I really tried.

No. 851193

hot take

No. 851202

I hate that people make it into a maturity thing.

"Oh, what? You're an adult and you use pads?"

Like what the fuck is that supposed to mean

No. 851205

girl nobody is shaming you for bleeding out your vagina just use reusables or something, your wallet and no longer swampy vag will thank you

No. 851207

Pads are constantly on offer at the supermarkets and compared to all other consumables shilled to women I'm not going to put the time and effort to wash my soiled rags when cheap disposables are more reasonable. I've never had swampy vag as a result of pads either.

No. 851208

you're literally who she's talking about

No. 851209

i literally don't care tho, i don't even know what the conversation is about
i mean sure do as you wish, it's all the same to me whether you do or don't, but you're missing out

No. 851210

why'd you reply then?

No. 851212

because i felt like it

No. 851213

Literally up thread the discussion was about being shamed for pads, then you countered no one is shaming and now some shit you don't even know what the conversation you've inserted yourself in is about. What in the ts shock is this

No. 851219

>Waaaah, why am I shamed for using disposable plastic products in 2021 when disposable plastic products are being widely banned!
>Waaaah, why aren't you shaming these other people for using these other disposable plastic products instead?!
An eyeshadow lasts for one year whereas a pad lasts for a few hours. Also, just give up and say you're too much of a baby to try new things and don't care about the planet. It's okay nonita, we already know~

No. 851231

God forbid you're selective about what goes inside your body. To me pads will always feel safer and more hygienic because they're external and have no possibility of leeching chemicals into the delicate mucous membrane that is the vagina.

No. 851234

Nta but as long as buying candy and other junk food packaged in plastic that objectively no one needs, disposable razors, soaps in plastic bottles, waterbottles etc. is normal and common, I don't think any woman should be shamed for using single-use pads for their natural body function. Let's start shaming people for their daily plastic cup of coffee or some shit first.

>An eyeshadow lasts for one year
The cosmetics industry has become the new fast fashion industry so this argument hardly holds up.

No. 851241

I agree with you so much. Anyone reeing about consumer choices while ignoring deliberately wasteful corporations is delusional and a hypocrite. I'm tired of those virtue signaling idiots that pretend to care about the environment while it's clear they want to dunk on groupes of people that they don't like.

No. 851243

Exactly, and the use of the term corporations means the government is in on these businesses. So to ask the government to create regulations, they aren't going to because they're in on it.

No. 851257

File: 1626015333313.gif (3.54 MB, 480x590, tenor.gif)

All cooming is inherently degenerate, although some of it is more so. Humanity's goal for the future should be collectively moving on from the need for recreational sex. It's not a necessity. All it does is cloud people's minds and make them waste the precious time they could use on something worthwhile. Too bad that there are industries making bank on people's obsession with cooming… and people that are too obsessed with their throbbing genitals to see the truth.
>b-but cooming is pleasurable
literal animal tier thinking lmfao
>inb4 muh opressed pussy, muh femdom, muh yaois
Ok coomer

No. 851258

lol okay

No. 851260

I'm sorry you've never had a pleasurable mutually-fulfilling sexual experience, but that's not other people's problem

No. 851261

ok coomer

No. 851264

there are tons of things that waste people's time though, why single out cooming specifically?

No. 851265

It's a cope for the fact that they've never been a likable person enough to get the opportunity to enjoy something that nearly all human beings enjoy and partake in.

No. 851267

Just look at what it does to the people and the world. Life would be much better if people stopped chasing after cocks and pussies due to obsessing over seconds of sexual high. It's a problem of the whole world that could be easily fixed. We need to be better than animals and stop following our base instincs when they aren't necessary. Even here we occassionally get posts about anons knowingly doing something harmful or retarded because 'omg horny'. It only gets worse.

No. 851268

Nayrt but why are you so hurt

No. 851269

seems like you are coping hard because you are unable to stand that there are people who don't need to coom to live worthwhile lives and have meaningful relationships.
>omfg someone suggests cooming isn't a necessity, how can i live without my coom

No. 851270

but the same could be said for alcohol consumption, drugs, food, technology, etc.

No. 851272

that's literally not at all what she said, and if someone just said "you don't need to have sex to have a worthwhile life with meaningful relationships" it wouldn't be an unpopular opinion and no one would have a problem with it

No. 851274

we need food to survive though, technology has its uses. cooming doesn't. the only point of cooming is feeble pleasure that we are sadly biologically primed for. that's it. it's pathetic humanity is still enslaved by their genitals.

No. 851278

Who's hurt?

Of course people can live worthwhile lives and have meaningful relationships without sexual activity. That's not a case against sexual activity, though. People could live without many things, but we create/partake in and use these things because they're enjoyable and can further enrich our already-enriched lives without harming anyone else. That's aside from the fact that healthy patterns of sex (and masturbation) have been proven to positively impact physical and mental health, even in regions of our body that aren't related to sexual function.

Also, why do you have to say "coom" and "cooming"? Just say "sex" like a normal person. There's a world outside of imageboards, you know.

No. 851280

Cooming = any sexual activity that is being sought for hedonistic reasons. Plus it highlights how unnecessary and braindead it is.
Sure sexual activity is a positive when your body thinks it needs it. If we removed the need for sex, there wouldn't be a need for release of tension, so the positive effect would be diminished, if not removed.
I truly think the world and the society would be better off without a collective sex brainrot. It would be the next step in human evolution.

No. 851287

Men who are very much aware of the unethicalness of porn and the porn industy, yet still consume porn give off the same vibe as meat-eaters that know fully well the lack of ethics of the meat industry yet don't do anything to even slightly limit their meat consumption (ignoring the factors that may not allow some people to be vegan/vegetarian)

No. 851292

I think people who commit suicide (unless it's murder-suicide) are brave. I wish I had the guts to end my life. Life is ultimately meaningless and a big nasty joke.

No. 851296

I went through my oversexxed phase when I was in my early twenties and then left it behind me. I think in a way it's good to get it out of your system. I grew up in an uptight household which tbh only made me want to explore even more.

I don't understand scrotes of fucking 40 who are still going online looking for no strings fun with anyone or anything. I think a couple years is fine. Same as how some people binge drink from 18 to 20 (or 21 to 23) and then they slow down while others stay there and become an old drunk mess. It's ok for a couple of years (in young adulthood) but then you should learn to show some more control over it. Not to give it up but to moderate it like you would with any habit that has risks attached to it.

No. 851303

i see what you're saying and mostly agree as long as they're not doing it to escape something bad they've done (a mistake they've made or a crime they committed, etc)

No. 851313

Getting drunk every weekend should be socially shamed.

No. 851315

Right next to the possibility of dying..is the possibility of permanently disabling yourself. It takes guts because yeah you could end up trapped in a disabled body with no oppurtunity to try again. That thought stops me from attempting again.

No. 851398

File: 1626027906966.jpg (2.16 MB, 3024x4032, c79eneqsbn871.jpg)

Adult cats and dogs are cuter than kittens and puppies

No. 851410

They always look so regal

No. 851413

I agree. Maybe it's because I haven't owned a kitten, but it seems like kittens don't really have a personality like their older counterparts because they're babies and can't really much

No. 851430

>because they're babies and can't really much
Cats are kittens for the whole first year or their life, the phase where they are stuck to their mom drinking and sleeping is very short in comparison. Their eyes open and they start to walk and explore only a few weeks in.

No. 851435

Emotional abuse is much more damaging than physical abuse.

No. 851467

It doesn't need to be a contest tbh. I don't see the point of comparing them, they're both abuse and both can be horrible. Also, the degree of abuse can vary from case to case so you really can't compare them. Like, physical abuse can be someone slapping you, or beating the absolute shit out of you. I feel like I'm explaining this horribly. I hope you get the point though

No. 851488

I hate faces that look like Amouranth and Scarlett Johansson. I can't understand how they're considered ideal in any capacity.

No. 851503

I've always thought the same comparison. Only rather partly related but I'll also forever side-eye hardcore vegan guys who'll preach to you about the harms of the meat and milk industry but then turn around to gleefully tell you yet another "oh no stepbro staph hahaha" joke or gloat about some new OF woman they're following (because we've apparently degenerated enough to even discuss porn habits and preferences in public and with people we're barely acquainted with with absolutely zero shame)

No. 851596

Physical abuse usually comes with emotional abuse

No. 851597

Nah, you've got it wrong. Meat eaters would generally prefer that animals aren't cruelly slaughtered for their food, they just don't care enough to stop eating meat. Coomers don't just know, they PREFER that the women in their videos are exploited and abused. Women being in pain enhances the experience for them.

No. 851609

Anon your mind is too big for us

No. 851613

I don’t have any enthusiasm about football matches because I know domestic violence spikes after games, I’m praying for women in England tonight

No. 851633

File: 1626050289440.jpg (9.97 KB, 286x176, download (32).jpg)

>yet still consume porn give off the same vibe as meat-eaters that know fully well the lack of ethics of the meat industry yet don't do anything to even slightly limit their meat consumption

My unpopular opinion is that vegans can all go fuck themselves and they shouldn't be allowed to voice their philosophy anywhere. We're omnivorous with a preference for meat. Veganism is unhealthy unless you put a lot of effort into it with supplements, and it's unhealthy for basically any child growing up because they need a wide range of micronutrients for development. Have you seen the kids of vegans? They're malnorished little sticks with sunken in eyes. It's clearly stunting their development.

I grew up starved by my parents and meat was the main thing I was denied, I craved it so much all through my childhood. I suffered from chronic low blood pressure during my early teenage years and had irregular periods. My diet is now 50% meat and I get really anxious if I don't eat red meat every single day. I have sympathy for the animals, but don't pretend the proliferation of veganism isn't causing severe malnourishment.

No. 851638

If vegans really cared about animals they would have their own backyard chickens and hunt old deer. It's literally just a weird flex, like someone saying they're breatharian.
And yeah you can tell a vegan right away, even if they do tanning and makeup and fillers and stuff to hide it. They have a weird twitch to them, a subtle instability.

No. 851669

Chocolate consumption is morally wrong and should be viewed as such. Fair trade labels mean nothing except to console people, child slavery is so prevalent in chocolate that it's impossible to rule out in production. Chocolate is a luxury and nobody needs to eat it, its production should be halted until it can be regulated.

No. 851730

As well as the nutritional concerns about veganism, it's also extremely damaging to the environment. Vegan foods are often imported which releases more petrochemicals into the atmosphere, demand for popular foods such as avacados can cause food poverty in developing countries because local people can't afford to compete with the prices paid by western consumers and the amount of pesticide and fertiliser needed to produce enough plants to feed the world would lead to far greater environmental destruction than a cow in field ever will.

I actually agree with this and would say that it applies to coffee and maybe tea. All these products exist in the western world due to colonialism but as long as the companies exploiting the third world have gender neutral bathrooms, donate to BLM and produce made in China plastic gay pride merch, no one cares.

No. 851775

File: 1626067719988.jpg (185.38 KB, 1125x1047, HDHDBba.jpg)

People care too much about children.

No. 851785

Did your parents disown you

No. 851789

I read this while eating a Hersey bar. I am sorry children from under-developed countries but your blood and sweat sure tastes delicious.

No. 851791


No. 851793

Are you retarded? I've been vegan for 11 years and only take a B12 supplement. And what effort? It's not hard to throw some rice in a rice cooker and some beans on the stove. I was forced to eat meat until I was like 12 and then was vegetarian for a few years before learning that the dairy industry directly contributes to veal and leather industries. Hating vegans is a pretty popular opinion.

No. 851798

>are you retarded? I’ve been a vegan for 12 years and have been consoooming supplements the entire time so that I don’t become malnourished
You just proved her point

No. 851799

People who complain about people complaining about wearing hats and jackets inside or elbows on the table are more annoying that the people complaining about wearing hats and jackets inside or elbows on the table themselves.

No. 851809

>was vegetarian for a few years before learning that the dairy industry directly contributes to veal and leather industries
do you think that anyone who isn't vegan doesn't know this? i think you need to take more supplements bc ur critical thinking skills haven't been functioning since you were vegetarian

No. 851813

You can consume less meat and dairy without becoming an emaciated vegan and having to buy artificially manufactured supplements with shit bioavailability to compensate. After a while you'll have to get vitamin B12 shots anyway. Hope you don't have any children to malnourish.

No. 851819

>only take a B12 supplement
Actually, aren't livestock fed B12 supplements as well? They can get it from dirt or whatever too, but their bodies make B12 just to shit it out the same way that humans do. I don't get why people think taking a supplement for B12 is so bad if you're just going to eat an animal that was getting fed the same thing.

No. 851825

The B in LGB, if included, should only stand for bisexual men. Female bisexuality has always been embraced by heterosexual society, while male bisexuality has been shunned along with homosexuality in both sexes. This is why only bisexual women are bihets, it has nothing to do with gay men and lesbians being "misogynistic".

No. 851826

File: 1626077465678.png (147.83 KB, 518x336, tenor.png)

No. 851828

bi women are either pick-mes or lesbians in denial and bi men are either gay men or into troons. Drop the B entirely

No. 851829

u clearly dont like chocolate so ur biased

No. 851830

totally disagree with this viewpoint but also i think its a shame that people probably arent this eager to help sick adults too

No. 851831

i know a child being raised vegan. she's healthy, only craves healthy foods and snacks, happy, and generally well behaved despite having adhd.

i was vegan for 2.5 years and was the healthiest and skinniest ive ever been.

No. 851832

True i would never advise anyone to date a "bi" person. They are petty attention whores that don't know what they want in life and a waste of time for lesbians and straight women. But if you want to get your heart broken go for it I guess.

No. 851833

File: 1626078145528.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x1836, Tonys_Chocolonely.jpg)

I would normally agree but I make an exception for this brand

No. 851834

>a waste of time for lesbians and straight women
>straight women
Anon, are you stupid or something? Why would a bisexual woman be dating a straight woman?

No. 851835

for straight women i meant bi men and for lesbians i meant bi women

No. 851838

Nah, this bait is getting too obvious. Are we sure this isn't a scrote or handful of scrotes who just found out about the bi/lesbian war, and are trying to sow more infighting? The first post is some cockbreath type shit with the "uwu recognize male bisexuals!!". Men can't do anything without caping for themselves, lmao.
I know any of these posters will flip their shit at the word "incel", too, and then try to obfuscate things further by claiming it's because they're true valid lesbians.

No. 851840

These "bisluts aren't real!", "lesbians are incels", "bisexuals are coomers" baits are just so tired. I'm pretty sure bisexuals have come up at least once for past couple of threads, and nobody even cares this much about this stuff irl. I want to believe that it's just scrotes stirring shit (especially considering the scrote that derailed the vent thread, and the anon that was saying "straight women aren't real" in the bi thread was the same scrote posting in the lesbian thread) but I know that there are probably anons who really believe this shit.

No. 851848


They cannot rule out that child labor and modern slavery are present in its production chain, unfortunately.

No. 851854

Why don't you guys just learn to make your own chocolate? It takes a while, but it's doable.

No. 851862

A shop worker chewed me out for wearing a hood over my unwashed hair once. I bet she's one of those types.

No. 851863

Isn't the child and slave labor at the bean stage? A cocoa tree takes fucking years to produce beans.

No. 851864

No. Some of the essential amino acids humans need only comes from meat.

No. 851866

The child slavery aspect is involved in cocoa harvest and processing, so even if you make your own chocolate I assume most cocoa you use is acquired through these means.

No. 851868

A solution would be to not exploit children for labour. And the only feasible way I ever see this happening is for globalism as in, global standards and regulations for workers. A central regulatory body. Free movement of economic migrants. I want to be a global citizen and be able to have a voice and vote in the operation of the planet and resources.

No. 851869

Sadly, globalism doesn't work when we're sharing a planet with violent, rapey scrotes and entitled racists.

No. 851880

Men are bastards

No. 851890

Taylor Swift's music is vapid and boring. If you think her work is peak song writing, if you genuinely believe that she is "the greatest song writer of our generation" all I can say is you desperately need to expand your horizons. I have listened to Taylor Swift, I am huge fucking nerd that writes analysis about songs and albums, I am obsessed with concept albums and music is what keeps me alive. Taylor Swift's music is soulless trash, and after years and years, she still can't seem to stop writing songs for 15 year old girls. Her early work is a bunch of woman-hating man obsessed bullshit. Don't even get my started on Lana Del Rey. Fuck. Listen to some good music, JESUS CHRIST.

No. 851895

B12 comes from dirt and yeast. The animals you eat are supplemented with b12 as well. Many meat eaters are b12 deficient. If you live in Canada or the us then it's required by law for milk to be fortified with vitamin d. Most cereal is fortified with d3.

Theoretically I could drink kombucha everyday and eat nutritional yeast everyday and not have to take the single supplement that I take. It's a good idea to take a multi or at least b12 no matter your diet. Though, veganism is not a diet.
Many vegetarians don't. A lot of people don't. And the ones who are aware don't care about the animals or have severe cognitive dissonance.
My tubes are tied, thanks for your concern. Go get mad at the people who feed their kids nothing but chicken nuggets and soda.
Untrue. Name the nutrient and I can tell you which plant to eat. Every plant has a complete amino acid profile, some are just higher or lower in certain amino acids. You realize everything in the kingdom planta has protien, right? You know where the animals you eat get their micro nutrients, right? Fish are high in DHA, because it comes from algae for example.

No. 851898

The carnies here are the true pick-mes

No. 851899

A lot of dubbed non-English language media would be funnier and cooler if British English was used for the English dub

No. 851900

Now that I think of it, Australian English would be even better

No. 851901

Hating vegans IS the popular opinion and you all sound like reddit scrotes. I grew up eating mainly meat and it made me go to the ER for having blockages (not digesting properly) and going vegan I have no digestion problems anymore, and I don’t even give a fuck about the health benefits. Caring about animals is not equal to slaughter and if you really think that then I think you have no right to preach your bullshit either. It seems like you just have some pent up aggression from your cognitive dissonance nonnie.

No. 851910

Soy wouldn't be considered a complete amino acid profile because the quantities of the monomers produced is so little compared to the meat counter parts.

B12 is gained from animals that have the metabolic systems to breakdown the organic molecules and pass on to us.

A complete vegan diet has to be supplemented. That's just facts. People as omnivores have poor diets but that's a different issue.

No. 851917

File: 1626090090101.jpg (716.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210712-053944_Sam…)

I won't get into the ethics of taking a life over taking a supplement, but Google is at your fingertips, nonnita.

No. 851919

Well shit. Guess I'll wait for them to open their own factory in that case.

No. 851922

Bi girls are attention whores and bi men are just gay

No. 851932

It would be impossible for them to actually like women because men are so great, right?

No. 851936

I agree. It's a double whammy if they're a lolita

No. 851938

Vegans are, again, extremely annoying and their holier-than-thou aura is radioactive

No. 851943

Then why aren't they lesbians lol

No. 851949

Not this bullshit " Bis are faking it!!!" Argument again

No. 851952

Certain bacteria cultures live inside animals such as ruminants to aid in digestion. It's symbiotic. I'm not talking about ethics. Consumption of meat is healthy and optimal for our development.

No. 851959

You posted this bait already >>851828 and like no one took it lol. Sad.

No. 851967

the amount of times bi women are brought up as easy sluts who make poor lesbians look bad happens on literally every single Unpopular opinions thread at least once. Its leading me to believe that the opinion is in fact popular. which is just sad.

No. 851970

Honestly didn't even see that post and it's even funnier that it was posted a few hours before mine. Bi women really are just that obvious. Sad

No. 851971

The idea that bi women are just slutty is a common. So common that it took me a long time to come to terms with my bisexuality.

No. 851976

No. 851980

File: 1626095664657.png (17.84 KB, 600x600, 1595514943Total_Liberation.png)

> healthy
> atherosclerosis
> higher risk of cancer
> higher risk of stroke and heart attack
> higher risk of type two diabetes
> mercury levels in seafood
Cope harder, carnists.

No. 851996

I think it's completely unnecessary when someone discovers they are bi, and feel the need to come out to their partner about it. You're with them, so why does it even matter if you're also attracted to the opposite sex or whatever? In the end it makes them feel like they can't satisfy you, which is just shitty

No. 851997

>still can't figure out how to sage
>"Honestly didn't even see that post"
Sure, Jan. Most pathetic behavior.

No. 852000

>In the end it makes them feel like they can't satisfy you, which is just shitty
You shouldn't blame your partner for your own insecurity. I'd be pretty upset if my partner kept their sexuality from me for a reason as dumb as this, and vice-versa.

No. 852005

That doesn't even make any fucking sense, and what do you care about the dynamics of someone else's relationship? Fuck off.

No. 852007

It's not insecurity, but common sense. While they are in a relationship with you, they are constantly pondering and fantasizing about being with the opposite sex to the point that they feel the need to tell you. It's on their mind so much that they've made it a part of their identity, and now you're expected to just deal with it. Who wants to be with someone like that unless they're a cuck?
Ok, so if you had a boyfriend who you were deeply in love with, would you want to hear how much he wants to fuck men or get fucked in the ass? Or if you were with a woman, having your girlfriend admit she wants to fuck guys? Why would you actually want to deal with that?

No. 852010

Warms my heart seeing fellow vegoons here

No. 852022

>every plant is a complete protein
No it isn't. A complete protein is a protein that contains all nine essential amino acids. Soy which is the most complete plant based protein is still very low in trytophan, which surprisingly enough is required for psychological functioning.

No. 852045

God you're weird, in what world is that how the conversation would go?

>anon I want to be fucked in the ass by a man, just letting you know

I feel like it would be a lot more complex than that and I'm not going to disregard my partners feelings because I'm secure in our relationship. It doesn't even fucking matter. I doubt my partner, if he was bi, would tell me his sexual fantasies about men unsolicited. The difference between you and me is I communicate extensively with my partner and have a deep connection with him, I know him and trust him, he isn't going to go fuck a man somewhere while he's in a relationship with me so what do I care if he likes dick or not?

No. 852060

>While they are in a relationship with you, they are constantly pondering and fantasizing about [other people]
This is either heavy projection, or you need to seek therapy. Why don't you go ahead and make your monosexual partner blind so you don't have to worry about other women while you're at this thing?

No. 852066

americans are not funny they are just terminally mentally ill with internet access

No. 852074

It's not about if they cheat or not, but the principle of it. I'm not even talking in regards to finding people attractive, because that's not a choice. It's about making a conscious choice (ie. to go out of their way to fantasize about being with the opposite sex) and then them telling you expecting to be pat on the back for admitting they want to fuck the opposite sex. Like, ok? Why am I the weird one for thinking it's completely unnecessary? I think anime girls are cute, but I'm not fantasizing about fucking them and then telling my boyfriend about it. He knows I can't cheat on him with a fucking drawing lmao, but it's still morally wrong. Why do people think it's ok to fantasize about fucking or being with other people as long as you don't act on it? It's still fucked.

No. 852075

I think women have every right to stab to death their men who leave dirty dishes for them to wash despite being told repeatedly not to and both of them working the same amount of hours, sometimes even the woman working way more. I honestly don't know why women put up with this shit.

No. 852077

I get you anon. I have a friend I met online she's in her 40s. Married a man from the same online community we were in. I'm a decade younger but have been friendly with them since I've been a teen. She's suddenly non binary and bi now. She use to shit on me for being a Christian but these days she talks seriously about being a spiritual shaman and came out to everyone as bi. Because after being married for over a decade, it only made sense that she let us all know she's totally also into woman and female trans women are real women!

No. 852079

You're delusional. It's not "morally wrong" to have fantasies and tell your partner about them if they ask you. Are you that much of a fucking prude? What about if the person you're dating was bi before you dated them, what difference does that make? For all you know your boyfriend is thinking about his ex while he fucks you, is it okay because his ex didn't have a penis?
What you're getting into is like mind police shit, a fantasy is a fantasy. Apparently ogling other people is totally fine, but if you imagine yourself fucking a cartoon you're a sinner.
That isn't sexuality, that's virtue signalling for internet points and is a red flag. Sexuality is something that you keep to yourself and your SO. Big fucking difference.

No. 852086

Yea I think she got jealous her husband had covid and needed the attention back on herself tbf

No. 852087

>would you want to hear how much he wants to fuck men or get fucked in the ass? Or if you were with a woman, having your girlfriend admit she wants to fuck guys
Your partner telling you that they're bi is not the same as them telling you about their fantasies with other people. If you want your significant other to keep a part of themselves a secret because it makes you uncomfortable and insecure, then that's a you problem

No. 852090

Nah, I'm saying that fantasizing about other people while you're in a relationship in general is fucked up. It's ok to find other people attractive because that's NOT a choice. But suddenly coming out as bi is pretty much admitting you've been CHOOSING to fantasize about the opposite sex and it made you realize you want to have sex with them. I don't get how I'm the delusional one, for finding it fucked up to constantly think about fucking other people.
Suddenly coming out as attracted to the opposite sex is the same as saying you're curious about wanting to fuck them, but won't actually do it because that's obviously cheating. Also, it's not the fact that someone is bi in itself is wrong, but someone realizing they're bi while in a relationship.

No. 852091

I have zero sympathy for alcoholics and most addicts. They get to ruin people’s lives indulging themselves then get support and sympathy and everyone else is left to pick up the pieces on their own

No. 852092

It seems to me that you're constantly thinking about other people constantly thinking about fucking other people and making a bunch of shit up in your mind to be angry about when it's none of your damn business.

No. 852094

Nayrt but she said its about people coming out after being in a hetero relationship, how's is your partners sexuality not your business

No. 852099

>bisexuality is a choice

No. 852108

Funnily enough, it's never happened to me, but all the accounts I've read about partners coming out as bi in a relationship ended up in disaster even when the other partner was accepting, when really they should have broken up just then and there. If one partner comes out with some sexual thing the other one can't provide, it's a big sign the relationship won't work out. If it wasn't a big deal, they wouldn't have come out in the first place. Doesn't matter how much trust you have in them or how secure you are in yourself.
That's not what I said, try again.
Thanks. I don't know why it's normal to be a cuckqueen nowadays.

No. 852109

Don't have much to add, just wanted to tell you that I completely get you. I think everyone's jumping at you because it can sound like you said bisexuality is a choice, which is a delicate topic, and not the act of fantasizing itself.

No. 852113

>I'm not even talking in regards to finding people attractive,
This is literally all it is (bisexuality). A sexual orientation. The capability of finding people of both sexes attractive. It says nothing about sex drive, fantasy, personal preference, etc.
You're the one adding the part about fantasizing like a weirdo. Stop making your cuck thoughts everyone else's problem and learn to deal with them.

No. 852118

You're right. I admit I worded it poorly. I don't believe being attracted to either sex is a choice.
In order to come to the conclusion you're bi, you just don't look at the same sex, think they're attractive, and then have it end there, dumbo. You've had to actively have sexual thoughts and fantasies about being with them, and then drawn from that you are indeed bisexual. Just like if you're straight you've imagined being with the opposite sex and then drawn the conclusion you are straight.

No. 852120

>In order to come to the conclusion you're bi, you just don't look at the same sex, think they're attractive, and then have it end there, dumbo.
Sure, thank you for educating us all on what it means to be bisexual and how to realize you're bisexual as…what? A straight woman? A lesbian? Don't try to magically "come out" as bi now after like several posts talking about bisexuals as an outsider and how you'd never date them, lmao.
It is attraction. You're not required to fantasize about shit, especially if you don't even particularly like sex.
>You've had to actively have sexual thoughts and fantasies about being with them, and then drawn from that you are indeed bisexual.
If you've had thoughts previously and are just now admitting that you're bi, you aren't "actively fantasizing" about anything. You're just acknowledging what you've always known. You are bi.
>Just like if you're straight you've imagined being with the opposite sex and then drawn the conclusion you are straight.
So, when little kids have crushes on other little kids, you genuinely think they're imagining having sex with each other? If you don't go somewhere with this insane rationalization for your cuck shit lol

No. 852124

>You're not required to fantasize about shit, especially if you don't even particularly like sex.
Ok, so let's say you're supposedly attracted to the same sex, but you've never imagined being with them sexually or romantically, yet somehow still came to conclusion that you're bi? Yeah I totally believe it happens that way. Coming out is a serious thing, especially to your partner, so to think that those people don't give it any serious thought or imagine anything at all is naive and laughable.
>If you've had thoughts previously and are just now admitting that you're bi, you aren't "actively fantasizing" about anything. You're just acknowledging what you've always known. You are bi.
You've had to give it further thought before you admitted it.
>So, when little kids have crushes on other little kids, you genuinely think they're imagining having sex with each other?
We're talking about adults here.

No. 852134

>Ok, so let's say you're supposedly attracted to the same sex, but you've never imagined being with them sexually or romantically,
If you're attracted to the same or opposite sex, that means you've already had those thoughts. As in, since before you had one specific partner in your life. You weren't turned gay or bi, and you weren't just chilling thinking you were straight or monosexual until one day you were just like "Oh, my usual erotica is pretty boring nowadays. Say, this might be a laugh, what if I imagine this instead…?". Maybe that's how coomer scrotes function, but I'm talking about actual humans.
>You've had to give it further thought before you admitted it.
And for some reason, to you, further thought means little but sexual fantasy and not….basic reflection and self-analysis.
>We're talking about adults here.
We're talking about human attraction/being straight, gay or bi. You're boiling pretty much everything down to having sex and fantasizing about sex, which is reductive.

No. 852194

The first person I was ever in love with was a woman and I had never even thought about being with another woman beforehand. And as far as men went, the only men I thought about at the time were in anime because actual men were repulsive to me. Does that make me weebosexual? After my relationship with her, I thought I was only into girls and this idealized head canon of a man until I met who is now my husband. I don't fantasize about fucking other women despite my past relationship, and when I started dating my husband I didn't imagine him pounding me. There is a lot to attraction, a lot more than just boobs and penis. Grow up a little, maybe?

No. 852198

People don't just come out as bi in the middle of a relationship without being asked or prompted for no reason. Either they were already bi, and it's just two people talking about their sexuality, or the person is trying to send a message that maybe they would like to explore their sexuality? It's so weird that you put people into these black and white boxes where there is no nuance or respect or communication or understanding. You're belittling people for being open with their own SO about their own sexuality and I think it's weird. You're weird.

No. 852298

Honestly I think men have become so repulsive physically and mentally that women are just becoming 2D sexual or developing attraction to women.

No. 852357

Attraction is a choice. If I ever found out my partner was attracted (sexually or romantically) to another person I would shoot them then myself

No. 852372

Well one less person in the world

No. 852376

Epistolary format for novels sucks and most novels would be better without that format

No. 852382

We're gonna need some new rules for the next thread.

No. 852388

Take your meds, anon

No. 852389

Not all makeup brands have to be diverse especially when “diversity” usually means adding 50 beige-tan shades. So many companies get praise for having a large range of foundation colors yet they still only have two very fair and a couple dark shades (that usually look the same).

In all though, there shouldn’t be a problem with a company catering to the skin tones that fall on both ends of the spectrum. I’m not going to get offended at a brand that caters to fair redheads just because my skin is darker. Would actually love to see more brands that specifically cater to very pale and very dark skin. Not everything has to be for everybody.

No. 852394

having a big butt sucks. Not only do people treat you like a harlot if you dare to wear anything remotely tight. But everyone sexualizes your body and thinks that they can poke your ass and make unneccessary remarks on it. Its also annoying that it has become a trend to have a big ass because now people can say "eww fat butts are actually disgusting and gross i miss when butts looked normal" as if there arent women with naturally gigantic asses no surgery needed that is considered normal to them. Its fucked up and i cant wait until women's body parts stop becoming "trends" its gross and weird.

No. 852398

My sister has a big bandonk and itd awful for her to find pants lol

No. 852404

I'm guilty of talking about how much I hate big asses. The amount of women I see online who pose for a totally innocent pic and just happen to pull their leggings right up their asscrack and do that back arching pose has me feeling pretty disgusted by asses. Being bombarded by it in inappropriate places has turned my stomach.

Big asses or bottom heavy figures were never to my taste to start with but I wasn't exactly disgusted by them before… scrotes can't contain their sexual tastes without bombarding everyone with it and making them sick of it. That's the issue.

No. 852405

I have a big butt and I like it, but I agree. People can just be so weird towards women who are "curvy" even relatives but I guess that's just how it is.
Idk, I feel like it's weird to say big butts are disgusting because of that. Women with big breasts also show them off on social media.

No. 852420

I didn't say they're disgusting, it's that they bring up feelings of disgust in me that are more so about the amount of not so subtle porn we all wade through online without wanting to see it. That's what I explained

No. 852423

File: 1626134071919.png (295.03 KB, 800x800, rkSMm8u.png)

I think kiwifarms was responsible for the suicides of the lolcows they gangstalked. The "it's not a big deal, just get offline" doesn't really apply to the mentally ill and cognitively challenged, which to be fair, many are. When you've reached that level of depression induced psychosis that those suicidal lolcows reached, being laughed at on a website can be enough to push you over the edge.

Also, the Chris Chan stuff was never funny.

No. 852427

you are very right but sociopaths would never admit their wrong doings

No. 852431

Yeah… I was ridiculed for my big butt/hips in school, and relatives being fucking creepy and slapping it. But then the big butt trend came and the ridicule stopped only to be replaced with leering coomers. I'm so tired of this constant scrutiny I'd rather just wear a niquab already.

No. 852433

> i cant wait until women's body parts stop becoming "trends"
When has this ever not been the case?

No. 852441

Agree that they are at least partially responsible. It's a shame that the site is full of edgelords picking on soft targets when it actually does provide service as one of the only places to hold deranged influencers like Bardfinn accountable. Not that it could have ever just been for the latter purpose given its origins and owner.

No. 852445

Nta but growing up in the 90s and early 2000s it was about being skinny pretty much all over, maybe having some c cups on an otherwise petite body. There were trends and rules but the whole
Tits and ass must be huge
Everything else must be dwarfed by just how much the tits and ass stick out
thing… the current trend is a whole new level of gross. Personally at least, I feel like being reduced to ass size feels that much more degrading than waist size. Of all the body parts for men to reduce us to…an ass.

No. 852451

aren't we also kind of to blame when we shittalk mentally ill cows? I know no suicides yet have been connected to the farms (thank god), but it cannot be healthy for them

No. 852463

It's probably not healthy for them, and they probably are genuinely suffering seeing the criticism they get here. But kiwifarms are going after people that would be in the special needs unit at school. They're winding up schizophrenics and low functioning aspies, people that cannot help themselves.

I don't browse the rest of lolcow, but don't farmers mainly target cluster B narcissist attention whores on social media? I couldn't imagine anyone here caring about bullying a flailing retard like Drachenlord.

No. 852470

I only found Kingcobrajfs lately through KF and at first he seemed like a funner cow to follow compared to some that I'm getting burnt out on… I watched his old stuff first and he was eccentric, def a lil slow, had a personality. Then as I caught up with him in current day I watched him decline and wondered how much trolls added to that. Another autist that went downhill like chris chan.

We'll never know how much of it is trolling related and how much of their downfall is just tism and aging. It's depressing though. Poking autists is risky

No. 852474

I'm beginning to agree with both of these posts. Even if the suicides were for other reasons (Null seems to believe this) having a thread could still be a contributing factor or will definitely cause someone to commit suicide in the future.
Lolcow is smaller and has a no doxing rule, but I don't think that changes all that much.
Obviously I'm not above any of this because I'm here posting on lolcow, but I think I'm getting troll's remorse, anons. Chris Chan is SA/4chan/cow/kiwifarms' doing, but it's genuinely upsetting seeing how badly he's deteriorated over the past few years.

No. 852475

I know this might not mean anything but this is why i prefer lc to an extent over some other imageboards. 4ch and kiwifarms spend most of their time harrassing innocent people into killing themselves or ruining their lives, but they'll catch 1 pedo out of hundreds of troll induced suicides to make themselves feel better about it.

Lolcow for the most part goes after narcissist or drama that's not instigated by farmers. Whenever a schizo on here does try to doxx or make fun of the mentally impaired cows other users on here usually call them out or at least refrain from joining in. There's almost a sense of empathy on this site that other sites lack. (might be because of the majority female userbase).

but lc is a toxic place too so idk

No. 852477

I have no empathy for trannies, even the autistic ones.
Adult male autists are worse than female autists for a numerous amount of reasons and even when they do get help they still take advantage of their condition to make others do what they want. A scrote is a a scrote

No. 852480

How about female autists like Julie Terryberry? I know she had a shitty scrote bf who is at least partly accountable for her death, but I do feel a bit weird towards kiwifarms over the whole thing too. I feel like her boyfriend was the bigger cow in her situation.

No. 852497

>Chris Chan stuff was never funny
I beg to differ, but I do agree it's gone on for too long and the comedy peaked and died several years ago. Tranny beggar saga is thoroughly unfunny.
The problem with most lolcows is the misbelief that their drama stays funny forever. When in reality–granted they never change for the better–their stuff becomes boring, repetitive, and pathetic.

No. 852501

the best Chris chan saga is the dimensional merge saga. He reaches peak insanity

No. 852512

>male autists are worse than female autists
I will always give female trannies a bit more empathy just because i know why a lot of them do it (i almost fell into it) especially the autistic ones. This world is absolutely fucked if you're a women with an independent mind everyone wants to put us into all these boxes and some of us think we have no choice.

Adult male autists can die though

No. 852526

>Male autists are worse than female autists
Yeah I read that the first time and was trying to point out that female spergs have been affected by kiwifarms too, since I’m assuming you brought it up because I said I felt bad for Chris Chan. I don’t disagree with you though, scrotes have it easier than women do whether they’re spergs or not.

No. 852555

IMO thick brows are ugly and masculine, I don’t know why so many people wear them right now. To each their own i guess

No. 852559

File: 1626151887366.png (355.28 KB, 640x360, p01h7j4d.png)

>not liking thicc brows

No. 852564

I think women with masculine features are attractive tbh

No. 852567

that's just how my brows are naturally

No. 852573

you have pretty eyebrows anon

No. 852614

I will probably get some hate over this from ugly anons, but being pretty is not a privilege anymore. Being rich and narcissistic on the other hand is. Look at all the ethots cashing in bank, they don't get money because they are beautiful, they get money because they edit their pictures in Meitu. Being beautiful is literally two clicks away.

I also think that being beautiful and poor and in a disprivileged situation will increase your chances of being abused. Scrotes are predatory and they love to abuse beautiful women from third world countries. I think the fact that I've always been above average in looks has added to my probability of being abused.

I don't enjoy being above average looking and I think one of the reasons I've ruined my face by picking at my skin is because I wanted to try ruining myself because I became aware of the fact that being above average in looks and innocent plus in a bad socio-economical situation has attracted people that abused me.

Being above average has never brought anything good in my life. It won't give me a job, it won't give me money and even if I let's say choose to be an ethot I will compete against girls that use photsohop and blind scrotes and unrealistic beauty standards.

I always see these absolute no names that basically get a small following on Youtube for literally videos where they complain of being ugly. In this case being ugly has become your key to success and fame and it is not a form of oppression anymore.

I don't get why ugly people are so mad for being ugly and why they are mad at above average looking people. If you are born in a first world country and have money and a supportive environment you do not need to be pretty to achieve your dreams.

No. 852615

kek it looks like I wrote a poem. Horrible spacing and organization. I apologize.

No. 852626

betting time!!!
is this a incel scrote who just found out about lolcow or ugly betsy who has a cross above her bed that creaks when her cankles drag from the floor to the mattress.

No. 852641

File: 1626161193551.jpg (10.27 KB, 460x276, A-unibrow-seen-in-a-Qajar-006.…)


No. 852645

Therefore we shouldn't punish the average chocolate lover for those two breeds of dickhead, then.

No. 852649

>would say that it applies to coffee
>these products exist in the western world due to colonialism
No it didn't. Coffee was exported from Yemen to all over the Middle East, and then into Europe in the 1600's. That's how coffee houses began. Europeans drank Turkish coffee, which was super strong and bitter and full of grit. But hey, if you wanna call Turkey a colonialist power, go right ahead.

No. 852654

pretty privilege just another way of saying the attractiveness bias. which is an actual psychology thing.

No. 852659

File: 1626163187316.jpg (24.91 KB, 369x705, 3a35688fbd47be670178d84e9abbae…)

Depends on the face I think, but I personally find it pretty

No. 852685

It ain't even consistency that makes brows to Me, it's shape imo. Having defined or shapely eyebrows or even ones that arch look nice to me imo.
Signed nonita who can brag about having naturally shaped brows

No. 852686

Anon is just mad that she probably overplucked her eyebrows and they now resemble sperm cells on her face. Thick eyebrows on women are hot because it usually indicates that she has a thick head of hair.

No. 852688

It only took one plucking session to ruin my mom's brows and I'm not risking it lol

No. 852692

Also relates to the halo effect and people assuming good shit about you if you are deemed attractive. May be money rules out in the end but having a conventionally attractive face, body and looks helps even if ever so slightly/ more subtly then some anons would like to admit.i don't always listen to pretty privilege bull cause it sounds like something out of mean girls or something within its ilk

No. 852705

How does that happen when every other part of the body has stupidly resilient hair that grows back after each wax or pluck?

No. 852706

I don't think it's more likely that you will be abused if you're attractive. Abusers look for people with low self worth and insecurities to prey on, I'm not saying pretty people don't have insecurities, buts it's easier for a predatory man to notice a below average girl and take advantage of her low self esteem. You're also a hell of a lot less likely to be bullied in school if you're hot. People will tend to gravitate to you if you're attractive, so making friends and finding connections is definitely easier. You cannot say being pretty has never gotten you a job, you wouldn't know that, it's not something they would say out loud unless it was a particularly nasty scrote. You, being pretty, are completely oblivious as to what it's like to be ugly or to think of yourself as ugly, so how would you know if you have privileges or not if you have nothing to compare it against? You're not picking at your skin because you want to "ruin" yourself, and if you are I think you need to go talk to someone because there is a lot more going on than
>im really pretty so men want to hurt me

No. 852710

People also tend to forget that pretty privilege is seeped in upholding racist ideology because the women that reap the most benefits of pretty privilege are honestly and let’s all be real and not fool ourselves, conventionally attractive blonde white woman. Hell sometimes being naturally blonde is all it takes and you’re automatically viewed as stunning even if your face is plain. (Obviously being skinny plays a role too) This isn’t me racebaiting because it’s a fact. Being a skinny blonde white woman gives you the ultimate pretty privilege benefits because pretty privilege was created for them. I know people are going to argue and say what about isms but it’s true. Obviously it’s changing but it hasn’t changed yet lol.

No. 852713

I also know that some people are gonna say pretty privilege is different depending on the country but is it really though? If you go to majority nonwhite countries you will STILL see blonde white women as the face of an advertisement about beauty. It’s bizarre but it’s also by design lol.

No. 852714

We should punish small children instead?

No. 852716

This leads me to my unpopular opinion which is that the whole blonde vs brunette debate is white peoples version of colorism in their community

No. 852717

My brows are just naturally sparse/lighter than my hair colour. I don't wear makeup full stop so I rarely even think about them but the odd time I'll see bitchy comments about how gross someone looks for having lighter brows and like… its the pettiest thing to me. I wish we'd just accept natural brows whether they're thin or thick. It shouldn't be compulsory to draw them in every day to look acceptable. I still remember years ago my friends would pluck them into oblivion. Just let em be lol

No. 852723

It's very interesting to me how you rule out the fact that men are attracted to attractive women, which makes beautiful women that are in bad socio economical situations or mentally ill more likely to be abused.

Let's have two potential situations. Based on the fact that men are predatory and attracted to good looking women. Who is more likely to be abused? A cute poor woman from a third world country or an ugly poor woman from a third world country?

You are all so vain thinking that only physical attractiveness consolidates someone's self worth and self esteem. There are many factors outside of that such as socio-economical factors and how your parents socialize you. You could be a 9/10 and still be full of hatred and insecure due to bad mental health, poor socialization and other factors.

You all called me an incel when you are all literally the ones spreading incel rethoric. I've only seen people discuss "pretty privilege" in incel communities, in fact they are obsessed with this so called "pretty privilege".

You refuse to acknowledge or see how being beautiful in certain circumstances can be a form of opression and it can make you more likely to be a victim of scrote abuse. The underaged prostitutes from Eastern Europe that get trafficked to Western Europe are chosen specifically for their looks. Maybe in such situations being ugly could save you from getting prostituted and objectified. But it is ok because according to your incel rethoric of "pretty privilege" in this case the women with good looks that get chosen to be prostituted are not victims, but they are privileged.

It's ok, use your bux to get some plastic surgery or starve yourself to death maybe then scrote will pick you and maybe then you will get some self esteem (not) self esteem is not that much related to good looks as one might think despite the incel rethoric. That's why you see uggos running around with a lot of self esteem and beautiful people that hate themselves and starve themselves to death. Maybe if you stopped being an empty shell of a human being and completely self centered and vain you would feel content with your body, people like you will never be content anyway. Even if you attained your idealized levels of being beautiful you would not be satisfied because you are vain and empty and because self worth and self love comes from very deep inside. You could be the 10/10 stacy you always wished to be, but you'd still feel like shit and be insecure.

Again, "pretty privilege" can be very easily debunked with empirical evidence and it is peak incel rethoric. I've only seen it be discussed and obsessed over in incel communities, outside of that not much at all. You could be the most beautiful in the world but if you are born in Thailand with no money and no help then your supposed "privilege" will become your opression because scrote is more likely to rape you because you are pretty.

I understand why Andrea Dworkin completely quit her looks. Women are only valued for those, the moment when you make yourself ugly you are less likely to be objectified, but of course you do not care about that. Everything you care about is yourself and your looks and how well you are perceived in society, to you radical feminism is only a tool that you use to gain access to a certain community in order to shit on others. I'm sorry your dreams of being picked in high school by scrote were shattered by your ugliness, maybe if you were pretty you'd have the amazing privilege of getting objectified. Now you are going to cope and tell me "uhh but anon ugly women are raped and objectified too" but being pretty as a woman increases the chances of being objectified so so so much. Feminists my ass.

No, pretty does not get you a job. Being in a stable environment and able to develop skill will get you a job. Also, jobs require women to wear makeup no matter if they are ugly or pretty.

The biggest privilege you can have is being born in a first world country and in a financially stable family. Yea, sure being pretty could come as a nice thing, but even so you can still be miserable and hate yourself. Because self esteem is not about being pretty or not.

No. 852726

>Based on the fact that men are predatory and attracted to good looking women. Who is more likely to be abused? A cute poor woman from a third world country or an ugly poor woman from a third world country?
Abusers are attracted to anyone they see as easy targets. An ugly and poor woman could be more likely to be abused because she's more vulnerable, and possibly even insecure.

No. 852727

>Who is more likely to be abused? A cute poor woman from a third world country or an ugly poor woman from a third world country
Both of them, abusers are attracted to women who are in a vulnerable position

No. 852730

Samefag, I skimmed over this post so I completely missed that the attractive woman is also supposed to be poor. In that case, they're both likely to be abused.

No. 852733

File: 1626173093065.jpg (94.89 KB, 600x796, eed.jpg)

Incel communities are full of average and above average looking scortes that hate themselves and have 0 self esteem and continously talk about "pretty privilege". And how they are so so so opressed for being "ugly". Ironically, the most representative figure of the incel community Elliot Rodgers is objectively a 7/10; or 8/10. That's why he even has so many fangirls now, if he was just ugly he wouldn't. Ahh the pretty privilege, getting fangirls after your horrible mental health made you kill women and then sudoku. So much privilege. Being above average in looks had such a positive impact on his life.

No, other factors are way more important to the outcome of your life. Mental health is not directly related to your looks and generally mentally ill people obsess over their looks even if they are average or above average.

The way your parents socialize you and the genetics that form your psyche, socio economical factors are way way more important than being "pretty" is to the outcome of your life. All these factors are way more important to your happiness levels, to your success, to your self worth and self love.

Yea yea pretty privilege. Keep coping. Yea, if you are pretty you are not more likely to be objectified by men. Yea, scrote opening the door for you or being nice to you with ulterior motives because you are beautiful is such a huge privilege. Stop acting like being beautiful does not constitute a factor of objectification and abuse because it does. Stop acting like your looks dictate your self worth and self esteem when we have so many uggos that love themselves and feel great and objectively beautiful people that loathe themselves and have no self esteem.

The sperg has ended. I shall not engage on this subject anymore.

No. 852737

Why do you keep making these retarded ass posts without replying to anyone and reddit spacing.

No. 852738

I got bullied so badly as a kid for having thick brows and told I look like a caveman until I plucked them, now people are "eyebrow-shaming" me for having thin brows whenever I don't bother drawing them in. Fuck sake, they're just brows.

No. 852741

>men abuse me because i'm so pretty!

No. 852744

Girl, where is your reading comprehension?
>You are all so vain thinking that only physical attractiveness consolidates someone's self worth and self esteem.
I literally said pretty girls can be insecure too. It's really funny that you'd call us vain for that when you're in here complaining that you're hot. Then you have the nerve to imply that the only reason we think you're a retard is because we all must be fucking ugly and need to get plastic surgery so we don't hate ourselves.
Yeah I think you've made it pretty clear that you're insecure, and you're also self-absorbed. Are you surprised that your unpopular opinion is actually unpopular? Were you expecting ass pats to comfort your poor beautiful self? Boo fucking hoo.

No. 852745

File: 1626174461424.jpg (48.04 KB, 500x391, DONfssjX4AExYVQ.jpg)

This is some "I was bullied in school for being too pretty" energy. None of "pretty priviledge" has anything to do with your personal self-image dumbass.
Incel's idea of "pretty priviledge" is that stacy uses her looks to fuck her way through life, taking advantage of betas and fucking chads. Imagine unironically thinking that is in anyway the same thing as what feminists are talking about KEKKKK
"Pretty privilege" is oppressive but it is not because beautiful women are oppressed for being pretty and thus more likely to be abused you fucking retard. It's oppressive because men use beauty to fabricate social caste within women in which we are supposed to rat race our ways to their cocks, catching some crumbs of their privilege.
>That's why you see uggos running around with a lot of self esteem and beautiful people that hate themselves and starve themselves to death
Both uggo and pretty bitches have equal chances of being massive pickmes, gimmie a break. How can women not have shit ass self-esteem when from the moment they were born, they are socialised to believe worth = likeability = fuckability. That being sexually desirable is something women must procure and pay for when in reality men will stick their dicks in bread. Men's desire is worth less than dog shit.
>scrote is more likely to rape you because you are pretty
You're actually fucking stupid lmao
>jobs require women to wear makeup no matter if they are ugly or pretty
So literally jobs are requiring women to BEAUTIFY themselves because prettiness is a valued trait expected of women
>biggest privilege you can have is being born in a first world country and in a financially stable family
Higher quality of life = better looks, better treatment, more socialised to succeed.
>Incel communities are full of average and above average looking scortes that hate themselves
FIRST OF ALL, WRONG, LMAOOO INCEL COMPIUM CONFIRMED. They are exactly as ugly as they think they are.
Second of all, chad privileges is not comparable to women's existence in patriarchal society. Kill yourself, redditor.

No. 852751

No idea
She just somehow managed to fuck up her brows considerably

No. 852752

> Elliot Rodgers
>7/10; or 8/10
Ask how I know you're ugly lulllllll takes discarded

No. 852753

And if you're asocial or very introverted I think people just leave you alone if your average or above average while if you are considered bellow you may be more disliked imo

No. 852756

>Ottoman Empire
>not colonialist
ok retard

No. 852757

Telling ppl to sage in /ot/ is peak newfaggotry

No. 852758

not true. they'll bully anyone that doesn't make an effort to assimilate socially. an antisocial person is the easiest to fabricate rumors about. classic triangulation

No. 852761

I wasn't the person you minimodded but I can tell you're embarrassed kek try lurking more next time

No. 852762

Huh? I'm a different anon

No. 852763

You got a point. Though sometimes looking different or not conventionally attractive or having a disability may boost or contribute. People get bullied for different reasons or for more then one reason

No. 852764

If it's ok for men to use women for sex, it's ok to use men for money. If a woman gets used for sex then society just says "well, you are a grown woman you should have known". The same rule applies to scrotes getting scammed by 18 year olds. The moment an old scrote gets scammed out of money then everyone just wants to paint him as an old innocent lonely man taken advantage of.

No. 852771

Never understood sympathizing arguments about this type of dudes especially if it's about sex work or escorting. If men didn't put female sexuality on a pedestal ( yet also hate it) they wouldn't be women willing or desperate enough to put out for it or even potentially gold dig.

No. 852772

Elliot Rodger is a 5 on a good day. Anon Saying that he has fangirls to this day has no bearing on facts because we all know girls tastes in men are usually questionable at best. I mean girls date scrotes from r9k unironically on here. Pretty privilege doesn’t really work for men IMO because women were conditioned to care more about men’s personalities over their looks and are considered vapid gold digging sluts if they dare have a preference that isn’t “He just has to make me laugh uwu” you can be the ugliest fattest scrote and a woman will still find it in her heart to fall in love with you. The same is not true for the reverse. While yes you can probably still have tons of meaningless sex with scrotes if you aren’t pretty but the chances of them falling in love with you and it treating you like a hole is unlikely. Hell even pretty girls fall victim to this too. Meanwhile literal robots can STILL receive genuine romance. And that’s because men are taught to value women for their looks, fuckability, being their surrogate mom and nothing else

No. 852777

I mean Richard Ramirez is pinned as hot yet looks butt ugly to me and that's not getting on the murdering shit. His AHS counterpart was somehow hotter

No. 852781

I'd argue to be even harsher on men for the fact that their sugarbaby relationships are blatantly transactional. They're literally buying access to a woman's time or body.
Men are purposefully deceptive when it comes to blurring the lines between a romantic and sexual relationship because they know less women would take them up if they knew the truth about how little these scrotes valued them, if at all.

No. 852799

Richard Ramirez had rotting teeth that’s how I know the bar is in the fiery pits for men. Pick me women are the true reason why feminism will never take off lol. Like you want to be not like other girls so bad you simp for a serial murderer with rotted teeth. You can literally be a man who tortured and murders women for a living and some dumb edgy nlog will try to larpas his bf. sometimes I hate women too lol

No. 852804

>men are attracted to children
men were a mistake

No. 852812

Don't mean this in any bitchy or smartass way but I'm always amazed by the in depth discussions that can happen on here around something like hair dye choices.

I was blonde for a short time. Looking back I had no idea what toner was so it was actually yellow. I'm pale and it washed me out too. I did not look better with it but men were all over me at that time. Afaik they just assume blondes are easy. It's like when you're heavily inked and men assume you must be kinky as fuck.

No. 852814

Blonde hair is pretty but most people end up with brunettes as its common so i feel caring too much about it is just… weird as fuck.

I liked a Blonde dude long ago and I do admit it gave me an extra bit of appreciation for the hair color. I like strawberry blonde too, but it's not a hard must have and I figure I'm probably not the only one like this

No. 852816

File: 1626179948324.jpg (45.12 KB, 591x184, Screenshot_5.jpg)

>they just assume blondes are easy

No. 852820

Probably why Marilyn Monroe is beloved as a Blonde Bombshell even though she was originally a sort of brunette.
( though I think Marilyn is really pretty even if she was supposedly BPD af in rl)

No. 852821

File: 1626180594981.jpg (11.88 KB, 240x360, 360_F_211492020_qOMNG00SURG4gA…)

True blondes are kind of offputting to be honest, they look alien

No. 852822

Anon that looks like an albino not a Blonde.

No. 852824


i am not trying to argue because this a very interesting discussion which is why i brought it up because growing up and hearing white girls arguing with each other about blonde vs brunettes was always bizarre to me im like "just dye it then?" Im black though so the only thing i could compare it to was colorism but for hair. I'm starting to realize though that the reason for this "competition" is because of disgusting men. Its kind of the same as colorism in a weird way because I always heard that blondes were preferred more by white men.i was just like "dang even dark hair is discriminated against lol" But idk im just an outsider who finds it weird that people have such an obsession with blonde hair because i personally think women with pale skin and dark hair are striking. And on the opposite end i always find blonde hair to look pretty on darker skin. Its weird but i think the contrasts make the colors pop. Anyway thanks for the history lesson.

No. 852825

File: 1626181017194.jpg (30.72 KB, 833x147, Screenshot_6.jpg)

Another factor of attractiveness is contrast level. The higher the facial contrast level, the more attractive and the younger a face is perceived. So this sort of contradicts the blonde people are more attractive thing

No. 852826

File: 1626181027469.jpg (27.15 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-471474551-612x612.…)

seriously! isnt this more of an accurate depiction of a blonde haired blue eyed dude? side note but blonde facial hair kinda looks gross. from far away it kinda looks like he has a skin disorder because it blends so much into his skin.

No. 852828

i also take these "historical facts" and "data" pertaining to blondes with a grain of salt because of how much imperialism fucked up so much actual history and distorted it.

No. 852829

Yup. That looks more like an actual blonde person. Even platinum blondes don't have such light skin

No. 852831

To be honest I'm white af and I always thought it was dumb argument. I only wanted to be blonde to look like my dad because I was a godanm daddy's girl lol

No. 852835

File: 1626181528737.jpg (147.03 KB, 668x891, Linn[1].jpg)

Yes that's a blonde guy, I guess I should've said Nordic blonde(?) instead. They're rare even here in Scandinavia but trust me they are not albinos

No. 852836

Ngl I thought this was a cute lesbian at first..

No. 852839

File: 1626181975016.jpeg (16.89 KB, 490x245, A0648A00-B7EA-41B0-854D-7EA9B3…)

You dropped these anon

No. 852840

these posts should go together

No. 852841

>blondes are more desired
literally who cares
if you wanna be desired that bad pick up a bottle of peroxide

No. 852842

Nta but nah, totally looked like a hot lesbian
Lost all the appeal knowing it's not

No. 852843

No. 852844

As an Irish person with very dark hair the blonde hair thing always just seemed popular because it wasn't the majority. Also the whole blonde bombshell thing. I got memed into dying my hair and I thought I looked washed out. People were complimentary but I hated it and am back to dark again.

I like blackpink and would put the videos on in front of my parents sometimes and they're always fascinated by Rose being an Asian with light hair. They always comment on it.

I think current era is best time for fashion because I can't pinpoint any distinct trends atm that everyone wants. Seems we're finally getting to individual standards and experimenting with what compliments and individual rather than having homogenous beauty standards.

No. 852846

I'd fuck him still. I mean I was more excited when I thought he was an adro woman but.. still cute

No. 852849

File: 1626182804831.jpg (40.52 KB, 500x334, 500_F_211491609_tnxipuJxJI8Yf5…)

>I mean I was more excited when I thought he was an adro woman

No. 852850

he looks like the kid from home alone in this picture.
also, unrelated but guys that used to be blond but now have brown hair are so cute. under the sun their hair is so beautiful.

No. 852851

He's like a paler pyrocynical

No. 852853

and like 400 pounds lighter

No. 852855

I think pyro has been watching his figure for a while now, so maybe 300 pounds lighter

No. 852863

Discussions about appearances should be banned on every board tbh, it brings out way too many spergs. Not even just because of this thread, it's pretty obvious whenever there's arguments on /g/ too, the drama boards, the clit fight from a few months ago, etc.

No. 852871

lol just make a new website at that point

No. 852872

Calling boobs mommy milkers in a unironic way is just weird af

No. 852873

Ya'll really argueing with a reddit incel huh…

No. 852877

Some Farmers have incel tier standards for other women, it is embarrassing .

No. 852878

I heard that some shades of blonde compliment your skin tone better then others. I was actually considering dying my hair a few colors and blonde is one that I considered trying ( next to auburn/ red and pink)

No. 852879

Even in an ironic way it's fucking weird. Especially after seeing a female public figure (some spokeswoman or something) make a genuine video asking people to stop referring to her like that cause it made her feel gross. The response was just men laughing even more, of course.

No. 852881

I could stand it in a sort of ironic jab at being big boobed but not like this lol

No. 852883

File: 1626185747860.jpg (256.35 KB, 702x839, 20210713_151510.jpg)

Forgot to link the image like a tard

No. 852885

>For thousands of years, men used to risk their lives trying to kidnap fair euro women and bring them home as sex slaves, they were strongly in demand, fetching very high prices.
Yeah, gotta second the source for that too. Because if you're talking about Murica in the 18th century, those were mostly euro emigrants who worked to pay off the debts of their transportation costs in some kind of "redemption system", but it was on a time basis and they weren't on par with african slaves and actually had rights.

No. 852893

the atheists/skeptics on this site are no fun

No. 852896

OMG this is exactly why i said after re-reading that persons post >>852828

all of this "data" anon is probably getting this shit from is probably eugenics tier white washing nonsense to make people believe that blondes with blue eyes are the superior people. It was giving very much mein kampf vibes especially:
>No such association existed here and funnily enough, blondes actually have higher IQs on avg.
>Blondes are "everywhere" including overseas because advertisers have found most people like the phenotype and it sells well, they have tried other phenotypes including those of other racial groups and they don't do well, with some racial groups doing very badly indeed, esp overseas

Like especially the last part i greentexted. Anon really tried to say that the reason for white women with blonde hair and blue eyes being the face of a product in lets say Kenya is because "it sells better" yeah im sure an african woman wants a girl that looks absolutely nothing like her giving her beauty advice kek. The reason why other phenotypes "sell Better overseas" is literally due to racism, imperialism, colonialism, and eugenics talking points. Thats it and thats all. which is why i said my original unpopular opinion that i feel like the whole brunette v blonde thing is white woman's mini version of colorism. I was hoping maybe an interesting topic would come about it and maybe I'd hear some stories about how natural brunettes got treated different once they went blonde or vice versa and what those differences were. But yeah i shouldn't have mentioned blondes because the 4chan eugenics types come out the woodworks lol.

No. 852915

Stop…get some help…
But seriously you sound unhinged. Maybe you’re unhappy in life because of your victim mentality and overall negative personality. And I’m saying this as someone who kind of agrees with some of what you’re saying, it’s true looks don’t get you far without people skills and work ethic. Just ignore men and work on yourself.

No. 852917

It's the same anon from like months ago who claimed brunettes "look old" and insisted that Asian people like pale skin because it's somehow close to blond hair. You can tell it's her because she linked the weird pedo study both then and now.
It's either some /pol/ scrote with pedophilic leanings, or a femcel who happens to be blond and comes here to cope.

No. 852936

I didn't want to reply to this at first, but it's too weirdly self-contradictory. You start off with
>Globally, brunettes are strongly preferred,
But then segue to
>blondes actually have higher IQs on avg.
>Blondes are "everywhere" including overseas because advertisers have found most people like the phenotype and it sells well, they have tried other phenotypes including those of other racial groups and they don't do well, with some racial groups doing very badly indeed, esp overseas. Women don't want to mimic their look and men don't want to look at the women.
And then a weird fanfic about men risking their lives for blond sex slaves, hookers in yellow wigs and "women of all races" trying to lighten their hair. No sources for literally anything, just bizarre claims. Moving on to the evopsych greentext:
>Twice as many females are blonde, retention of blonde hair into adulthood is a sexually selected indicator of fitness in females. Caucasian blondes are higher in oestrogen than brunettes and are likely to exhibit other infantile sexually selected traits: low levels of testosterone, fine facial features, small nose, small jaw, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair and infantile behaviour such as higher energy levels and playfulness.
I looked this up myself to see if there was a source, and found this article stating it:
https://www.theguardian.com/science/2010/jun/04/men-blonde-women-attractiveapparently Apparently, the original source of this is:
So, I decided to open it up and check for myself:
Ctrl+F anything in the paragraph you gave, and none of it is there. So, this seems made up. This isn't even the first time you've posted this weird "neotenous blondes" thing, anon.
What's wrong with you? Were you cucked by a brunette, or a girl of another race? Why are you like this?

No. 852940

racebait is getting annoying, it used to be funny to see anons fight for hours just to get banned but now it's just bland and repetitive

No. 852941

>I just don't get why 'insert popular physical trait' is so popular. I think it's ugly and that the opposite trait is in fact attractive.
ALways some thinly veiled bitterness in the post. Always the start of a shitshow too. Blondes versus brunettes. Big bums versus small bums. STrong brows versus thinner ones. It's mind numbing but it gets the most replies and often some of the longest replies I've ever seen on here

No. 852944

Watching anons fight is never funny
It’s just annoying

No. 852946

It's popular for arguably arbitrary reasons, as being physical attractive is subjective to a very large extent, and that should be the end of it

No. 852950

>being physical attractive is subjective to a very large extent
Here's links to ten seperate studies on why small bums and strong brows are in fact better.. read em and weep common sense anon.

No. 852959

Idc bruh, and I argued on a interpersonal level it doesn't either. Beauty trends come and go and I'm trying not to boss myself over what some scrote thinks it's hot or not god forbid another chick

No. 852962

I think the only beauty standard for women that seems to be sorta consistent is being curvy or thin. Being extremely obese was never really "in" even in the " being chubby is a sign of wealth" days

Not that being Bordeline anorexic is any better but that's really the few things that are standardise. Everything else? May be not mainstream but doesn't mean one won't find attractive

No. 852969

Everything about the Hamilton musical was incredibly retarded and I can't believe it got that popular even among normies.

No. 852970

dont forget tall vs smol, those posts are a fricken shitshow

No. 852971

This hair sperg is so ridiculous, it’s in multiple threads. Ladies, just dye your fucking hair. If you really think scrotes love blondes/brunettes that much and are so pressed to get picked just bleach/dye it ffs

No. 852972

The musical was pretty enjoyable as far as music was concerned but I always thought it was weird how they claimed it to be the closest thing to woke since the Buddha or something.
If it had been a musical about an influential " POC" I could forgive

No. 852980

Liking this crime against humanity should be punished with death penalty

No. 852987

i hate that autism is the standard insult on lolcow, i hate my autistic ass enough as it is

No. 852992

I don't hate autistic women anon, only men.
whenever someone uses it just know it's usually towards autistic males

No. 852996


No. 852999

Pork doesn't taste nice at all. legit the worst type of 'typical' meat out there

No. 853003


I dare you to post on LSA!Kek

No. 853004

Yup. Blame socialization but even somewhat low functioning individuals if female autists are fine.

No. 853006

I just hate woc's retarded takes. How the fuck do they know what white men value? Blonde hair is not our "colorism" ffs favoured due to "white supremacy." Granted, some Southern US retards are obsessed with muh supremacy blonde genes, 99.99% of Europeans do not give a shit. It's up there with the obnoxiousness of Scottish and Irish people claiming ginger hair isn't considered all that attractive in England because it's "Celtic" aka associated with them. There is no such association in England, red hair is indigenous to us too, and we're mostly Celtic origin anyway. You're not considered a more "Celtic-English person" or suspected of being not really English at all because you're a bloody carrot top. It's the weird mix of ignorance, victim mentality and feelings of moral superiority that winds me up lol.

No. 853007

i do everyday lol.

poptarts are disgusting and anyone over the age of 20 still eating that shit as "breakfast" is a sick fuck. But with that said, brown sugar is the superior poptart.

No. 853009

I feel the same way about chicken. Both have the problem that without fat the meat is just tasteless.

No. 853010

how can you not know what white men value they talk about it on literally every platform they are on lmao. Honestly women know what men from every race value because we as women were forced to internalize that shit and try to live by it since we were literal children

No. 853013

maam WHAT!? The worst part about chicken and pork is in fact the fat. i cut that shit off lmao.

No. 853015

White men value underaged blondes
Black men mixed women
Asian men underweight children with pale skin and dorito chins

No. 853016

There is a huge amount of RESEARCH on white men's hair colour preferences, and from a variety of countries, and they do NOT prefer blonde hair. Who gives a shit if you can find me a corner of the internet where some white men bang on about muh blondism? It's confirmation bias. I'm bloody blonde myself, so I'm not being a whiney little bitch about this lol.

No. 853018

For me the fat is the best part.

No. 853020

does anyone here hate the smell of weed? Like it smells so fucking bad i'd rather do heroin or crack than shove musky grass fumes down my throat

No. 853024

I heard that some strands smell better then others, but I'm not really a smoker so I can't tell but I've seen pothead discussions on it

No. 853026

okay lady stop yelling at me lmao. Blame white men for putting that propaganda on all forms of media since the inception of media and leave me alone lol. Tbh i dont care what white men find attractive because I personally dont try to date them. I just wanted to hear girls experiences being blonde v being brunette in society not just in terms of how males treat them but society as whole. but i guess ill never know LMAO.
the dorito chin took me out anon sometimes i hate this site and then i see posts like this and im like….my people LOL.
i love that dank smell but yes it smells like a sweaty old man but in a good way.

No. 853028

Did any anons even say they were woc except for the OP that said blonde vs. brunette is colorism for white people? Even that anon didn't say white men prefer blondes, just that she's seen people debate about it

No. 853030

Words of true wisdom.

No. 853034

>>853020 I like the smell, depending on how you burn it though, vaporizing it smells pretty good. The rez smell makes me sick to my stomach though
>>853026 there’s a thread in G about beauty standards around the world if you want to post there, seems more fitting than here imo

No. 853035

i didnt mention men at all i just wanted to a different demographic of women's perspective but nvm.
omg thank you anon i didnt even know that thread existed.

No. 853036

>How the fuck do they know what white men value?
And more importantly who gives a shit what they value? If YOU like your own hair blonde, then great. If you like it brown, great. I can't believe we wasted so much threadspace on this pointless discussion

No. 853037

Who even talked about men and what they want, except you? Why is everything about WOC and white men with you?
Quit playing the victim and racebaiting, it's embarrassing.

No. 853041

attack me anons im the OP who started this discussion. This is what happens when im bored on the subway at 6am. I am so sorry usually people ignore my stupid posts. i tried to change the subject with poptarts but no one cared LMAO

No. 853043

File: 1626197898862.gif (1.99 MB, 275x207, 1608566738681.gif)

new day new racebait

No. 853044

People who have 20/20 vision are demons cosplaying as gods favorite. In fact 20/20 vision is a myth perpetuated by the govt to kill cows

No. 853047


No. 853049

Least retarded post on this thread today

No. 853051

Agree. First of all who the fuck is so obsessed with what some white guy thinks? Absolutely pathetic to be so preoccupied with bagging a white aryan Nigel because you've been memed into thinking that they're great providers who give a shit about women. Newsflash, they might not throw acid in your face for dumping them but they'll find other ways to abuse you. And secondly you're absolutely correct, I'm European, traveled around Europe, met many people from different European countries, never seen a culture here that was obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes. Literally nobody else cares. The only ones who do are either straight out white supremacy nazis or in case of PoC men, misogynist madonna/whore fucks who think archetypal white girls are easy sluts who will put out and fulfill their every sexual fantasy. Fucking wake up already. I'm so, so happy I'm not into men.

No. 853052

People that don't have astigmatism and bad sight don't know how good they've got it. You mfs living life on god mode.

No. 853070

NO SERIOUSLY thats why i think its a myth 20/20 vision isnt real it cant be. I refuse to believe that there are people who can look at someone 20 ft away and be able to distinguish their features without getting 2 inches from their face. ITS FAKE!! think about it! when clark kent takes off his glasses what does he become?? AN ALIEN DEMON WHO SHOOTS LASERS. 20/20 vision havers are lizard people you didnt hear it from me though

No. 853089

You're the only one obsessed with white men, literally no one brought them up but you and the other anon who was baiting about how blondes are higher IQ and more "fertile" (cringe).
>I'm so, so happy I'm not into men.
And you typed this much over them? This projection is sad.

No. 853092

I ruined my vision thanks to videogames and staying inside all day. And honestly? I like wearing glasses better, i can just take them off when i am feeling anxious and feel like i am not there. Onky downside is that my big nose looks even bigger.

No. 853093

capitalization is overrated

No. 853096

My unpopular opinions are: fertility is a real concept, it is not a euphemism for 'desirability', anons need to stop putting it in scare quotes and read some fucking science. And not everything you disagree with is bait. And accusations of projection are… cRiNgE!

No. 853099

Yeah, sure. Hair color totally makes you more fertile, that's how biology works, and it's definitely not projection to type long-ass paragraphs about scrotes while accusing others of being obsessed with them. Sorry if the word "cringe" is triggering btw, hope you can feel better soon

No. 853102

Increased levels of oestrogen in utero leads to the development of blonde and red hair. This is well known, I'm sorry you're scientifically illiterate.

No. 853111

No it doesnt.

Also, all people with dark hair have red underneath, redheads are simply brunettes born without the brown/black pigment over it. Ever seen a black haired girl bleach her hair and it turns red/orange? That's why. Explain why being born without the dark pigmentation is caused by estrogen in utero and not the MC1R gene.

No. 853117

reddit spacing is the dumbest nitpick

i used 4chan for many years sadly and have been on lolcow for most of its existence. ive done reddit spacing since forever. i dont use reddit. it wasnt till about like a year ago that suddenly all anons started pointing it out like it was some sort of "gotcha!!!" moment. ive never had someone complain about my reddit spacing cause i always sage and im pretty chill on /snow/. but ive seen nonitas, they find someone who didnt sage and uses that to complain about spacing and starts shouting gtfooooo from our secret club you're spacing is different nooooooo. i dont know where this comes form since i have never heard anons get triggered over spacing and ive been here lurking for years. i imagine it must come from a different shitty imageboard and now its a meme that came here but its fucking stupid. complaining about reddit spacing is as autistic as complaining about tumblr's "lowercase" writing.

No. 853118

can you give an example of what reddit spacing is my old ass can't distinguish LMAO.

No. 853126


reddit spacing is just putting an open space under the post number you reply to.

and sometimes it can be referring to putting a new paragraph for each sentence.

No. 853132

a single sentence is not a paragraph. how many times do we have to go over this

No. 853137

I thought it was more about not leaving posts thay have distinguishable post styles?

No. 853145

>A paragraph is a self-contained unit of discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. A paragraph consists of one or more sentences.
I mean we can keep going if you want, I've got my gloves ready

No. 853153

anyone who uses the internet is fucked and will die probably depressed and alone

No. 853154

forgot to add: not me though

No. 853155

I won’t die alone my pussy tastes like pepsi cola

No. 853159

god i hope so

No. 853162


No. 853164

can minors/chronic internet users stop saying that everything is trauma dumping? making jokes about your shitty relationship isn’t trauma dumping, expressing your feelings in a joking way towards parents you don’t like isn’t trauma dumping, does it even fucking exist? it’s literally just comments under a post these people need to calm down

No. 853165

are you retarded

No. 853176

File: 1626205507475.png (663.69 KB, 768x651, kekk.PNG)

Men are the biggest NLOGs and the worst offenders of trying to be le quirky

No. 853177

>trauma dumping
Oo la la, I don't know what online circles you hang around it but they sound exhasting

No. 853186

I LOVE THIS TAKE ANON brb triggering my one male friend with this LMAO

No. 853199

my pussy tastes like hollandaise sauce

No. 853202

the fact that when girls are nlog its just watching sports or something but when boys do it its always violence and murder. says a lot tbh

No. 853207

Coomers are out of control on this website. The first page of /g/ is sometimes nearly all coom threads and now it's happening to /m/.

No. 853209

Hide threads you don't like.

No. 853210

Is it too ableist for you? Just don’t be the type of sperg that people hate then there’s no reason to hate yourself EZ.
t. certified autist

No. 853212

This bitch doesn’t use the catalog…

No. 853215

it's been the standard insult on the internet for like a decade

No. 853234

I don't think reddit spacing is when you write a paragraph, then break and write another paragraph

It's when you write one line of text, them break

The write another line of text

Basically separating every sentence with spaces

No. 853252

lmao sure lana

No. 853255

We met aliens already they are called bugs where do you think they go in the winter? TO OUTER SPACE

No. 853273

reddit spacing is the most recent nitpick, when I started using lolcow nobody would make fun of you for it, it's usually the newfags that project and call you out for reddit spacing when they use lmao or lol in the same post 4 times. When I started using lolcow lmao and lol were for normies and everyone that intergrated properly would use kek. Now I see more people using lmao and lol than kek. Tells a lot about the userbase now.

No. 853279

get off my imageboard newfags REEEEE just leavs go back to Twitter or Pull or go back to where you came from. I just took a skim through the thread and it is full of lols and lmaos. Jesus Christ. I think the initial anons, initial userbase has completely left this shithole at this point. I miss the intelligent posts I used to see.

No. 853280

I see way more unintegrated users, even sometimes blatant twitterfags, using 'kek' as a way to make up for lack of integration. Like that one anon in the shitpost thread or 95% of /snow/.

No. 853281

>when I started using lolcow nobody would make fun of you for it
that's because it didn't become increasingly prevalent until more recently (specifically the creepshow outing)

No. 853282

Kek is just ugly and Scrote tier

No. 853284

1000% it comes off like they're trying too hard to fit in

No. 853292

I feel like the ones that can't integrate will just fall off naturally and stop coming.

No. 853294

you guys are just kinda retarded if I do say

No. 853299

I've been here for a couple years, and the reddit spacing kind of annoys me cause it makes you stick out and for a while it seemed like every post that had reddit spacing also happened to be incredibly dumb. I don't mind it if it's a long post though.

No. 853302

This. The point of an imageboard is to integrate to the posting rules so that anonymity can be preserved, using reddit spacing ruins that.

No. 853306

This place isn’t that much better than male image-boards. It’s easier to stomach for sure but this place is its own hell.
>inb4 scrote

No. 853313

So as I understand it, this is reddit spacing.

It's when people put two linebreaks between each sentence, like I'm doing here.

It reads as pretentious and selfserious, like you're "declaring" every sentence for emphasis.

It's really common on reddit, that's just what people upvote I guess.

(End of reddit spacing) But I keep seeing people calling normal paragraph breaks in a long post reddit spacing, when it's not, it's just normal writing. Like, MLA style. Reddit spacing on the other hand is linebreaking after every sentence like I did above, which is ugly and a genuine tell for redditors.

No. 853315

File: 1626212344098.png (7.69 KB, 523x87, 65646ytry.png)

Am I supposed to believe this isn't a twitterfag just because she used a meme word at the end?

No. 853317

yeah, I kek'd as I posted that and kek'd harder once you all got upset over it

No. 853319

If you don't do it on reddit they freak the fuck out at you and some smarmy limpdick comes in and reposts your posts as a comment but they add reddit spacing and go "FIXED IT FOR YOU OP".
Imageboard users dogging on people for reddit spacing is basically the reverse side of the same coin

No. 853325

It’s literally 4chanlite this site is the image board version of NLOG but instead it’s NLOI “we still copy the exact same terminology ,format, and culture as the males we claim to hate but we don’t post CP and Gore so it’s DIFFERENT!!”

No. 853329

The "muh aryan blond IQ" /pol/ autism made me think the same, lmao.
The culture here is nicer, though. It's just that some people are obviously fresh from 4chan NLOGism and will take a while to develop their own personality.

No. 853331

You're trying too hard. Check out threads from even 3 years ago. We all said "lol" and "lmao", on top of lower post quality overall and a higher amount of obvious scrotes compared to now.

No. 853334

Are you that baiter from celebricows

No. 853344

Yes anon you caught me I’m every anon you hated ever. But seriously no dummy I’m the anon in g who got triggered because I’m wearing canvas platform sneakers and an anon 3 months ago said it’s ugly

No. 853355

Apparently having trauma is now bad. God people are literally so retarded nowadays did they put mugwort in the water?

No. 853434

It's funny how much male self esteem is tied to the achievements of men who existed many years before they were born. These retards play Age of Empires all day and think it means they can ride the coattails of men who actually went to war lmao.

No. 853448

too fucking true. also explains why the history major i dated was insufferable.

No. 853454

Wow, it's almost like this website (and the one before) was made by posters of a certain female-dominated 4chan board.

No. 853457

high heels are shit and both men and women that shill them are tasteless

No. 853461

agree with boots being the exception

No. 853465

You are being way too optimistic.

No. 853467

yep they mostly just aggressively shoehorn themselves in and fight with everyone

No. 853468

File: 1626222822561.jpg (48.49 KB, 500x501, C3md3Q6WcAErCYT.jpg)

lolcats >>>>>>> any other internet meme ever

No. 853472

I love it, that's the kind of pic my mom would send me at 2am with saying "That's so ME! colon uppercase-d emoji" if she spoke English. But I get Russian cats, which is close enough.

No. 853478

File: 1626223552972.jpg (23.42 KB, 560x420, ket.jpg)

Based russian cat anon

No. 853480

/cgl/ has always had a completely different vibe from the rest of 4chan, though.

No. 853502

America will never have a successful Nordic model or be like Sweden, so can liberals shove this dream up their ass? It’s so embarrassingly ignorant.

No. 853516

I thought most liberals here were pushing for full decrim?

No. 853558

We'll never have a Nordic model because we're not homogeneous.

No. 853611

>Increased levels of oestrogen in utero leads to the development of blonde and red hair
No it doesn't. Naturally blonde and red hair are are alleles of hair colour located on autosomal chromosomes, they are hereditary. Someone with no ancestors who have blonde or red hair will never have naturally blonde or red hair no matter what level of estrogen was in their mother's womb when they were a fetus

No. 853615

Most people who don’t wear masks and refuse to do so are fat. Fat people can’t breathe in a mask because they waddle and snort like a bulldog everywhere they go. They claim they’re “exempt” but we all know it’s because they’re just too fat and unhealthy they could suffocate under a thin layer of fabric.

No. 853620

I fucking love licorice

No. 853625

>because they waddle and snort like a bulldog
Great analogy, thanks for that anon

No. 853626

Agreed anon! It all went downhill from there

No. 853647

I'm fat and I double mask but I went to the endocrinologist a while back and I shit you not, these fellow fats where just sitting and coughing, whinging about the masks. That's genuinely scary and sad.

No. 853749

Comphet (or something similar) should be a term for pinkpilled straight women who have been innately forced into their sexual orientation despite men being degenerate pigs. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, no 'actually I love pussy, it's all society's fault for me fucking tinder dicks for years uwu' or any solution beyond voluntary, but unsatisfying celibacy. There is only comphet.

No. 853754

>innately forced into their sexual orientation
How can they be innately forced into their sexual orientation if they're straight?

No. 853755

I got so infuriated when Contra said that he experienced "comhet" after transing. Like, no your sudden dick obsession was a result of your insecurity about your "womynhood" and also you trying to skinwalk that HSTS guy. You will never understand how society represses gay women's sexuality because you are straight fucking man.

No. 853759

by nature, genes, whatever you wanna call it
I feel like adding that I don't mean to dunk on lesbians for whom this is a legitimate problem. It's just it seems that 'it was comphet uwu' is an super easy way for bisexuals (and frankly, whoever) to larp as a lesbian despite evidence otherwise

No. 853762

Yeah, I wasn't diagreeing with you in any way, I guess. I just saw the word comphet and got war-flashbacks to when Contra came out as "sapphic" and my libfem friend tried to defend it.

No. 853764

File: 1626265809130.jpg (77.84 KB, 800x921, KlonoaRender.jpg)

Klonoa is the cutest videogame mascot and Kirby is overrated

No. 853766

I agree, why do I see “LMAO” in so many posts on here now? It’s obnoxious. People need to integrate.

No. 853767

Wow, libfems fucking suck. And so do trannies trying to overtake women's culture - and especially anything that belongs to lesbians.
I guess using 'comphet' for heterosexual women would be wrong for the same reason, but I wish a similar term was coined for the hellish state of being straight despite yourself.

No. 853768

a demo of this game came with my PS2. I wish I could have played it back then!

No. 853773

aaaaah I played it on my Psx back in the day, I loved the art style and the soundtrack. Thank you for the nostalgia

No. 853786

“Dumb bitch memes” and self deprecating jokes are cringey. Shit gets old real fast

No. 853798


No. 853810

something like amatonormativity?

No. 853814

now who tf is saying that fucking tongue twister outloud?

No. 853817

Because you don't spend enough time here? 'lmao' has been used on lc for years. Meanwhile there's tons of unsaged posters with twitter takes on /snow/, but somehow they're not new because they tack a small 'kek' at the end of every post. they almost overdo it in way like they're trying to compensate for something.

No. 853901

Plus even longterm users don't always like kek, I say it sometimes if it fits the tone but just generally have never enjoyed it much, lmao is much more neutral

No. 853903

That's a good idea, but I was thinking more about realizing you've been fucked over by nature making you heterosexual and/or horny.

No. 853906

Lmao posters aren't new. I can say that because I've definitely taken note of it before when some of the most retarded posts on here always had a lmao added on to the end of them. I now link the term to tards, but they're old familiar tards. Not newbs.

No. 853909

there is enough room in our hearts for the both of them

No. 853920

people are like "let teenagers ~*explore their sexuality*~" but it seems like every time that happens they get groomed or abused, doesn't seem worth it. but trying to stop them will make them want to do it more and you'll get called strict or prudish so it's a lose-lose either way. in my ideal world the sexes should be separated starting from childhood until males can prove that they can behave and show empathy.

No. 853924

I think this is pretty based

No. 853929

Exposing kids to sexual stuff is literally a grooming tactic… You can teach them this stuff without actually going into graphic detail.
I wish there was actual sex health education (PCOS, discharge exists, how to properly clean, how to set boundaries) instead of sex education (diagrams and 1000 STDs). People can figure it out themselves.

No. 853941

>Apparently having trauma is now bad

No. 853952

I went to single sex secondary school and I don't think it helped. Because I wasn't exposed to boys my own age when I was going through puberty, I never learnt how to interact with them until I was older. While it made me nervous around men because I didn't know what to do or what was normal, some of the girls went the other way and became hyper sexual. Sexual harassment and sexual bullying still happened without boys around.

No. 853972

my parents didn't want me to develop sexuality before I'm 30, got groomed anyways and now I'm incapable of having any sexual life or experiencing pleasure

No. 854013

Not OP, but at least that means that your parents tried.

No. 854080

>at least that means that your parents tried.
I love them but so what? They also didn't do the right thing.
They did fuck all about my groomer except scream at me for getting groomed, I got no psychological help at all despite being psych ward eligible by 15 They made me think that teenage girls are not allowed to develop sexuality and should be 100% chaste, otherwise they are troublemaking thots ('don't do anything sexual cuz you may get pregnant and it will be a problem for us'). I got zero message that sex can be pleasurable, only that boys will pressure me into it and that I have to say no, no matter how I feel about it.

No. 854083

just read about the millie bobby brown scandal and while it's horrible what he publicly said about their sex life (and their sex life itself is disgusting too) i don't think that this is grooming…?
she was 16/17 and he was 20. my parents were 16 and 19 and my father did not groom my mother.
until not that long ago that dude was just a teen too, how could he groom another teen (who's on her way to being 18)? he's just immature for going for a younger girl, but not a predator. people here often say "she was groomed!" when somebody was in her late teens or even early 20s, meaning his age right now, so how could he already be able to do that to another person?
the power he has over her for being older and male is also balanced out somewhat because she's a super rich worldwide famous actress.
i know that americans are much stricter on <18 dating >18, so this is partly cultural differences but i nevertheless think that many people are overreacting.

No. 854084

>my parents were 16 and 19 and my father did not groom my mother

are you sure?

No. 854085

Personally, what disturbed me was the "That child knew how to suck dick" comment. Definitely didn't sound like any of them saw her as being on their level.

No. 854089

No. 854114

Slightly weird age gap but not really Pedo like, but did they meet in HS? Some 19 year olds still go to high school

No. 854117

Not judging my parents have a way worse age gap ( 10 years) and it shows

No. 854119

Just curious, do you think 13 and 17 is ok? Since neither is 18

No. 854123

I don't think 13 year olds are old enough to consent even under Romeo and Juliet laws

No. 854126

>my parents were 16 and 19 and my father did not groom
Younger girls now can't rely on their older bf to wed them and be a gentleman after they fuck them. They fuck and chuck and brag to their mates. Years ago plenty of young girls ended up surprisingly ok after entering into age gap relationships. It's not like that anymore. Those times have passed.

No. 854129

I'm pressing X to doubt on the latter, it just it was more likely they would marry them and own up to kids then nowadays but that doesn't remove the fuckery of a older guy taking advantage of an older woman and how it's sometimes viewed as " ok"

No. 854131

* younger

No. 854132

>Romeo and Juliet laws
So you think a 14 year old and 18 year old can have sex? What about a 15 year old and 19 year old?

No. 854133

Maybe you misread what I meant but I'm saying the exact same thing you are.

No. 854135

Again depends on the state/ country's law. I never seen it being above a 3 age gap though unless there's a country or US state that has it so those age gaps are somewhat off by a year or so and I would suspect some immature fuckery at most. Grooming takes some skilage and for the age gap to really really be overt.
Not to get too detailed but I was groomed by a girl and while she was under aged she was actually a teenager to very young adult through our " affair" and she knew far more about sex then I as an actual child did

No. 854136

I got the impression that it was somehow more "ok" because it was more expected to land lock the younger girl in marriage but if it was not what you meant I apologise lol

No. 854142

Nta, but it's not just about laws. An 18 year old dating and having sex with a 13 (or 14) year old is fucked up no matter what the law says. That goes for 19 year olds and 15 year olds as well.

No. 854143

Men have more quality dating options than women regardless of what they look like. As long as they're not retarded and a social reject they can pull beautiful, intelligent and sweet girls pretty easily.

No. 854144

True, I was arguing from a legal perspective on my side. Being young or under aged doesn't eliminate grooming attempts and screwing around with under aged kids and I should know that better then anyone lol

No. 854175

File: 1626302040532.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, 42D96DD1-DB27-49A6-958F-047B40…)

i’m a teacher and i don’t understand why it’s such a controversial statement to say that you bastards need to stop having kids you can’t afford to feed. nothing breaks my heart more than a hungry child

No. 854179

Just facts. Women try their damnest to be a man's fantasy whatever it is, pure girl, baddie, mommy, porn star. Men would rather die than emulate romantic characters for women. But they'd listen to other men telling them to act like an asshole and play mind games. Men are all fucking homos.

No. 854186

People are quick to judge others without knowing anything about their lives. Maybe when the kid was born their financial situation was fine and with years passing something happened to make the family struggle with money? Maybe the child was not planned and religious beliefs would prevent parents from even considering abortion? There are many explanations and it rarely ever is just breeding thoughtlessly.

No. 854192

you must have never grown up around the poor and uneducated

No. 854194

>using religion as an excuse for someone’s retardation
Are you serious? It happens but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel guilty for bringing an unplanned kid to life just for all of them to struggle unnecessarily.
Like yeah, countries change and shit happens, but if they’ve lived for long enough to have at least one (1) kid, they should know that fucking makes kids happen and that abortions are not an option because some retard misread what sky daddy said 100.000 years ago.

No. 854195

>you can’t afford to feed
But the government can. At least that's what Rashford told me

No. 854208

Can you imagine how much teenage boys would terrorize girls if they learn about PCOS/discharge at a young age? Honestly we just need to kill men or allow beatings until they're trained properly

No. 854210

Most people, not even poors, talking middle class cronies, have kids because they think they’re supposed to even though they KNOW they’re barely above living paycheck to paycheck and are one expensive broken car bill away from financial shamble.

No. 854252

Cooked onions are the fucking worse. Sure, the flavor is nice, but the texture is not. Onion rings aren't much better, either. Onions are meant to be eaten raw.

No. 854254

File: 1626309128282.jpg (359.35 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210714-193009_Tik…)

Idk where else to put this but I swear this bitch is not autistic and is putting on an act

No. 854255

How is her music?

No. 854257

Most behaviors considered "hygiene practices" and products associated with hygiene actually aren't that good for your body, and most people perform these behaviors/buy these products mainly because they've been told since childhood that they'd be "unhygienic" if they didn't, not because it actually benefits them. The modern concept of hygiene is just obsessive product consumption, fueled by companies intentionally making people feel insecure about things that naturally occur for literally all human beings (acne, armpit sweat, body hair, etc.) so they can sell their product.

No. 854264

I feel that way about a lot of the posters I see these days talking about "stims" and rocking back and forth on tik tok. I wish they would all fuck off but they keep popping up on my explore page on Instagram

No. 854270

literally who?

No. 854291

Not really, they have them as a way to cope. If you don't have a immediate reason to participate in the rat race then most ppl would kill themselves at 50 from the meaningless of it all. Very convenient for capitalism how "kids are your meaning/purpose in life", make the next workforce for free!

No. 854293

Acne is an infection, and smelling ppls b.o is disgusting. I have to agree on the hair though, also douches and body washes.

No. 854300

I overall agree. Hygiene has gotten out of hand in modern society. Evidence seems to suggest it's likely reason for the huge spike in allergies for example. Unless you sweat and a lot naturally or worked out you don't need to shower everyday.
Taking good care of the face can be pretty essential for many people these days though. I think modern lifestyle (diet and stress mostly) is cause of most skin issues these days so until we can solve the root issue from the inside you gotta do something.

No. 854311

File: 1626315608962.jpeg (31.87 KB, 600x434, 0506A2A5-8635-4646-827E-A1EAE9…)

>you don't need to shower everyday

No. 854319

>you don't need to shower everyday.
I partially agree with this, but people still DO need to wash their butts with soap and water every day. There's just no need to use harsh soaps on other parts of the body and scrub super hard daily.

No. 854328

Ot but apparently the reason hayfever is more prevalent is because wankers plant male trees and less female ones. So all the male trees are over producing pollen. As female trees produce fruit which is a free resource lol

No. 854330

File: 1626317049793.jpeg (37.44 KB, 375x371, 124C916C-F360-47D2-81BE-7E8B98…)

You need to wash your body with some form of soap everyday, especially if you’ve been outside/in public.

No. 854331

I mean you can reject the idea if you want but worst case scenario washing the body too much could actually be bad for your skin.
Frequency needed depends on lifestyle. Or the climate where you live for example. Various factors. But many people would not need to shower everyday even if they think they do. Every other day can be completely fine.

No. 854338

Don't we all sweat while sleeping? Even if you don't work out or sweat a lot during the day, you're collecting dust, dead skin cells and dirt all day long. And we smell, too. Like other anons have said, you shouldn't scrub your body everyday but to me a daily 5 min shower with water and soap is needed.

No. 854341

Yeah, but you don't need to use a harsh soap. Most body washes for example, are tough on the skin.

No. 854344

Washing your body once a day with soap and water has never been and will never be bad for your skin bar some very rare skin conditions.

No. 854345

>some form of soap

Read nonnie

No. 854348

We get it, you smell

No. 854351

yeah just put some lotion on afterward ffs

No. 854360

Yea I never got people that shower at night. Unless they're changing their bedding every night they're going to not be that fresh.

No. 854364

So you’d rather come home and sleep in filth from the outside rather than just some of your own sweat? Antiperspirant is supposed to be applied at night anyways.

No. 854370

Anon you may think it’s dirty but people can go a few hours to a couple of days (1-2) days without showering and not smelling. Some of you think that water bills are cheap kek

No. 854377

File: 1626321030703.jpeg (151.97 KB, 1002x1002, 7CDBA891-AB1B-4108-AB15-8FFFEC…)

It’s not just that the bed feels cleaner, it’s that I feel cleaner and fresher and that makes the whole bed experience comfier. What’s better, going to bed dirty and waking up still feeling dirty, or going to bed clean and waking up still feeling clean?

No. 854378

That's the point, though. If you weren't showering so much/using so many products, you wouldn't need lotion. A healthy person's skin shouldn't be dry and flaky. Companies create and market lotion knowing that people will want it because the average person showers more often than they need to, and will therefore have unusually dry skin. It's like how makeup companies will sell a product that clogs pores and causes acne, then will sell an acne treatment product to cure the acne their product caused. They're just milking you for money by making you feel unclean when you're not.

No. 854382

A 5 minute shower using mild soap is far from overshowering and using a ton of products. Showering isn’t the Big Shower boogie man you’re trying to make it out to be.

No. 854383

>thinking smell is a good indicator of dirtiness

No. 854385

anon, if you're prone to dry skin that may be because of genetics, some kind of illness or deficiency, or harsh shower products. if you just rinse off and run a bar of dove soap over your skin for a couple of minutes daily you're not going to suddenly have crocodile skin.
also it's good to keep your skin moisturized regardless.

No. 854393

Apparently unpopular opinion: showering is good and smelling nice is even better

No. 854396

Thiss. I'd rather go comfy to bed and wake up refreshed, ready for some minimal touch ups, thank wake up, rush myself to the shower half asleep, have to dress still half wet, and go outside with my hair as damp as it gets.

No. 854399

Blue denim is ugly. Any outfit with blue jeans would be better with white, black or brown denim.

No. 854403

High IQ takes

No. 854406

black denim is worse

No. 854410

McDonalds ketchup tastes better than storebought

No. 854415

Wrong, I look skinny and fab in them

No. 854418

You don't need to use soap when you shower. But if you're somewhat active you should at least have three showers. One before work, one after work and one before bed. You only need to apply deodorant after the -before work- shower.

Just five minutes in the shower, using a scrubbing brush, gets you clean.

You should only shampoo and condition your hair for special occasions, like, for when you go out Friday night. Washing with water is enough.

No. 854420

>You should only shampoo and condition your hair for special occasions, like, for when you go out Friday night. Washing with water is enough.
I wasn't gonna say anything, but jesus christ.

No. 854422

i love black denim except when people wash it like 100 times and it gets that weird grayed acid wash look

No. 854424

File: 1626325981923.jpg (57.07 KB, 482x549, 1571095910004.jpg)

>mfw greasy as hell due to genetics and hearing these nonnie s say you don't have to shower every day

No. 854426

i don’t get greasy but i FEEL greasy and it’s enough to throw off the equilibrium of my whole day

No. 854427

why white denim is superior

No. 854428

i have greasy hair, acne and i sweat terribly during summer. I have to shower everyday or my hair looks like it was dunked on butter.

No. 854429

it’s all fun and games until you forget what day your period is starting

No. 854432

All denim but blue demin sucks.

No. 854439

no blue is. blue looks too saturated 90% of time, black is subtle and at least matches with most things

No. 854525

I don't know if this is better in this thread or in confessions, but here it goes.
While i'm pro-choice, aborting a viable pregnancy weirds me out. I don't see it as murder, but it just feels wrong. It's not a person, but it's still a life. And it's fucking stupid, because i'm okay with killing animals for food, and i know some animals eat their young, and abortion in a way is natural. If a mother can't care for the child, the mother gets priority in the cicle of life. That's nature for you. But it still creeps me out. Feels sad, like a pointless waste of life, like leaving a plant to dry.

And i judge women who do it more than once (admitting long term contraception is available for free). Like, wtf lady, didn't you feel anything at all the first time? Don't you even care about yourself and your body to prevent getting pregnant? Do you even protect yourself from stds?
In a way, it's also nature having its way. If someone can't care of themselves how the fuck are they supposed to care about a child? It's fucking grim, but in a way, a women who gets repeat abortions is doing everyone a favor. It's better for society that she aborts instead of giving birth to kids who will likely be neglected and have shitty miserable lives.
Women should have children only if and when they want, because that's the best for both mother and child. But if they don't want kids, DON'T GET FUCKING PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Care and respect yourselves.

No. 854534

File: 1626337069506.jpg (128.38 KB, 887x675, 612c75a685e76f973e51f552c99d5d…)

I don't care what gains crypto bulls have made. The entire thing is a meme and they're just trading electronic tulips. They're a bunch of gamblers in denial and eventually someone will be left bagholding once the fad dies down.

No. 854537

Please spoiler this shitty picture, it's disgusting. I thought it was gore.

No. 854540

Anon, I saw this on the main page too and its very clearly brightly colored cartoons

No. 854544

The blood looks too real

No. 854546

Go to therapy

No. 854561

Do you start crying when you go down the meat aisle of your local grocery store? Get a grip.

No. 854598

File: 1626341025291.jpg (441.98 KB, 1920x1080, pixelblood.jpg)

back to twitter with you

No. 854602

File: 1626341235157.gif (558.06 KB, 400x275, giphy.gif)

Here's a real unpopular one that I'm really conflicted about: the trans sperging should be put into a contaminated thread or at least reduced… somehow.

It's EVERYWHERE. In almost every thread here and other boards you will find at least one mention about trans/nb people in some fucking context. I don't care about troons but jesus shut up already. "She looks like a mtf", "He's going to troon out" just shuuut up. Fuck I'm doing it myself now.

On the other hand I'm conflicted because I understand that anons need to vent and have their own space since they can't go anywhere else. Hell I even agree with 90% of them but fuck, shut up about trannies. You can all hate me now.

No. 854604

There are a lot of women out there that make the conscious decision to become single mothers. They set out to achieve it, not every single mother is the result of poor planning or unfortunate hardship like people believe. I grew up in a shitty poor area and seen it a lot, no, single mothers aren't uWu perfect.

People deny these types exist, but I've met and seen a few. They knowingly let a man impregnate her, with the complete intention of leaving him and being a single mother, living off welfare and keeping the man away as much as possible. They're typically somewhat mentally unstable or come from shitty families, and they will never admit their decision for fear of a social backlash, but it's clearly preplanned. They're baby crazy and yet don't want the complications of a man in their life.

You have scrotes of course blaming all of societal ills on single mothers, which is hyperbole bullshit. But at the other end, I'm torn up whenever I even suggest that single mothers aren't all wholesome self sacrificing angels like they paint themselves out to be. People also don't realize that most are on more money than many workers in most developed countries.

No. 854605

I would agree with you if it weren't for the fact that saying anything agains trannies is pretty much banned everywhere but in these super niche internet forums. I would rather have people venting about trannies for the 50th time than censorship.

No. 854606

You have addressed the forbidden topic and now this thread is going to turn into shit because of it, it would be funny if it wasn't so annoying

No. 854620

I can assure you that every GC sperg on here wants a containment thread even more than you do. Not our fault it was banned.

No. 854648

What lol, going to bed at night with wet hair is way worse and then what if you want to have sex etc. I set my alarm so I'm not panicked in the morning to shower and I don't feel like a nuisance using my hairdryer in the morning if I had to wash my hair. I need that morning shower to wake up.

No. 854656

I have an unpopular opinion about hook up culture and men being "upfront" about only wanting sex. A lot of people think that men telling women straight up that they only want them for sex on dating apps or when they ask them for their number is good because they're being "honest". They think they're higher Morally for telling women straight up they are nothing more than a sex object over men who are manipulative by acting like they like a woman and taking her on dates etc. Well, I think if they really cared about women they would just leave them alone completely and jerk off until they find one they dont just want for sex.

No. 854660

>or come from shitty families
I think this is a big reason for what you're describing, if not the main one. When someone has this mentality it often seems like a repeating cycle and maybe their own mothers were just the same

No. 854663

Exactly. They either get pregnant in their teens by accident or they want a fix-it kid/family so they can give them what they never had. Both are bad for the child in different ways.
I wish people would just get therapy instead of chase a dream family they will never have and inevitably fuck up their children.

No. 854665

amy dunne from gone girl was a based and iconic queen for falsely accusing a man of rape

No. 854676

true. amy dunne is a queen and you are too, anon.

No. 854679

>don’t always use soap to wash
That’s probably why your lot smells like nickels and ham in the rain, if you catch my drift.

No. 854701

regular onion is disgusting but spring onion is amazing and i could just eat entire stems of raw spring onion.

No. 854708

just use shower caps

No. 854746

Asians aren't oppressed. They weren't massively enslaved by white people (afaik), they are in power in many very developed rich countries and even when they're a minority in a predominantly white country, they're quite often rich and have access to higher education. They aren't poorer than white people in that particular country (looking at Europe).
Every YouTube Asian girl whining about 'white girls' acts 100% like a stereotypical white bimbo. I find it quite funny how they try to hop on the oppression train with black people and how they massively hate on white people (mostly white women) for having privilege.
My Asian 'friend' I know that's now living in Japan was constantly being shit to me for being a 'privileged westerner' when I'm from a much poorer country, much poorer family with less work and travel opportunities. Can't make this shit up.(racebait)

No. 854752

girl shut up

No. 854756

Scrotes should not be allowed to travel alone internationally (especially to poorer countries) without very good reason (to visit family, strictly for work that can't be done virtually, etc), and without authorities keeping a close eye on them. All their movement should be monitored, accounted for and proven. No more dodgy-ass "vacations".
Pedos and supporters of pedos will be very angry about this take. Seethe forever.

No. 854757

Even farmers can act like pol fags
how fun

No. 854761

I've been blessed with no BO so your first point doesn't bother me but the hair thing… yeah maybe if you don't have very fine, straight hair kek. It's every other day for me or I will look like I just came out of an oil spill.

No. 854765

I keep seeing the argument on tiktok that white women who wear school girl uniforms and cosplay are putting asian women are risk for being killed. I really dont know how they're coming to that conclusion.

No. 854766

kek this reminds me of tumblr users needing warnings over red fruit

No. 854768

i agree, i'm tired of british sexpats and american right wingers coming to my country and bothering locals.
at least most people still think it's a dangerous wartorn shithole, but they've started invading neighbouring countries and rent in big cities has gone up, they treat locals like zoo animals and they think they can just bang any local girl if they wave enough money in front of her.

i also hate how they think their abuse of women here is justified because some girls take their money, as if most people here aren't piss poor and up to their neck in debt, which they know.

No. 854769

They make great cows. Unsurprisingly, they're FDS users. But no one beats the black frau when it comes to bitterness. Those qweens slay! https://old.reddit.com/r/vindictapoc/comments/ocscxo/im_sick_of_white_women_complaining_of_being/(racebait)

No. 854770

This is pretty much exclusive to east asians, not all asians.

No. 854772

that would only cause more troons

No. 854781

And that's why poverty will never go away as long as there's men.

No. 854785

I was watching a true crime video lately and given it was about sex crimes the host was talking about how in parts of the world men travel to get with underage girls too. She was saying it happens in Thailand, that a single man traveling to thailand pretty much always means a sex holiday but sometimes that includes teens. Now I knew there's sex tourism over there and lady boys and all that but I didn't think there was.. pedo tourism.

A few days after watching that I was talking to a guy and he mentioned living in thailand for a while. When I asked what brought him there he had no real answer.

No. 854788

just say your pussy stank and go. No wonder why rona spread the way it did. nasty ass LITERALLY.(infighting)

No. 854794

this feeds into the myth that asians are the model minority in this country who don't face any type of struggle which isnt true. I am saying this as a black woman myself. While yes there are rich asians in big industries those are mainly east asian and even still being east asian does not always equal being rich. Im not sure in other countries but i know in america specifically Asians were not even allowed in this country until the civil rights act passed. And even then they were used with the specific intention to make black people be seen as "lazy, unproductive and whatever other weird stereotypes we have. Also if you look at the history of chinese americans in this country you will see that they had the same stereotypes black people had. But when racist white people realized they could instead hire chinese workers and don't have to work with black people, they changed the stereotype and depictions of asians to be the exact opposite of black ppl so employers would choose and kick black people out of jobs. Ever notice how the stereotypes for asians are the exact opposite to the stereotypes of black people? Yeah that was by design. Not to mention asian americans are not even seen as american in this country even if they were born and raised here simply because the media and goverment made it so that asian people would forever be seen as others in this country even if there family has lived here for decades and they have no connection to their mother land.why do you think it was so easy to round japanese people into internment camps during ww2? Because asians were never seen as americans in this country. also ALSO when the civil rights act was passed the government made it so that only asian people of a certain class would be accepted and they even gave them incentives to move here by offering business loans etc. It wasnt to help asians becuse they are just oh so naturally smarter and harder workers it was literally just to shit on black people. I implore everyone to read about the triangulation of asians in this country. its very interesting and opened my eyes.

Not to mention this "model minority myth" does not apply at all to southeast asians and just basically darker skinned asians who live in countries like cambodia, the phillipines, thailand, India etc. So its fucked up to say that Asians don't face any discrimination when they in fact do. One thing i will say though is that it does annoy me that there are a lot of asian people that are against affirmative action when affirmative action benefits them too. But that too was also by design. I am not trying to racebait I just want to offer insight btw.

No. 854807

Holy fuck you never get tired of racebaiting do you?

No. 854808

Based and actually informative post anon (and I'm glad everyone ignored the /pol/ redditor sperg lol)

No. 854817

I know exactly what you’re talking about, glad I’m not the only one who noticed this! Sad thing is a lot of young women/teens do this

No. 854829

I've seen this plenty while growing up in a rough area. I feel like I'm in a pretty generous country when it comes to benefits for single mothers so that highly motivates them. That and like you said coming from dysfunctional families, or just having no idea what else to do with their life.

I don't know how genuinely happy they are a few years into motherhood or whether they silently regret it. 'Free money' is nice and all but they still signed up to parenthood before they could ever live an independant life without ties. It can't be all that great of a life to choose. I've mixed feelings about them because some can be the most selfish, scummy, almost parasitic 'take take take, you all owe me' type people but then I wouldn't want to swap circumstances with them. They've signed up to something they cant take back, they've done it for all the wrong reasons and they have to live with it. I made some poorly thought out decisions at 18/19 too but none that were so permanent.

No. 854830

I apologize if it came off as racebaity and will accept my ban if mods think it’s what I deserve. but I just felt like it was important to inform people because I know a lot of people think this way.

No. 854915

They get dark and brooding the second their child leaves home and they're no longer able to get benefits. At that point they're forced to get a job because social welfare knocks them down to being on just NEETbux again. I've worked with a few in their fifties and they'd do the whole "my sister is making $700 a week staying home, that's more than I get after a week in tax!"

They're typically not that happy, but they're not the type that's able to do much with their life anyway so I doubt that they'd be happier doing anything else. Their peak is working menial labor for minimum wage as a cashier or a janitor.

No. 854940

Imagine of white people had burned down china towns like they did black wall street. And just because their grandparents had it rough doesnt mean im forgiving them for sucking up to the white man. + those asian beauty stores are leeches and should be destroyed

No. 854957

Wait…. There are male trees and female trees?

No. 854964

some varieties are male/female, some are both

No. 854965

Were you also the anon who used the Scrubs gif in the vent thread? I agree with your point but why the gif choice

No. 854971

It's probably a twitterfag

No. 854973

Plants can have asexual and sexual reproduction. Weird that people seem to know less about biological facts in this day and age. Wonder why

No. 854978

they didn't pay attention in primary school biology

No. 855011

If they actually teached biology we would have less troons

No. 855016


No. 855058

What's wrong? I am ESL

No. 855060

sorry, esl anon. the past tense of "teach" is "taught".

No. 855065

Not the original anon. But good to know i was seriously trying so hard to understand what was wrong.

No. 855142

I think it’s terrible when people lose an animal and then immediately replace it with another animal.

Dog owners seem to be the worst with this. I’ve known people who lost their dog or the dog passed and then immediately replace the dog with a new dog. I don’t get it. And when I say immediately I mean like within days. A friend of mine even got a new dog the next fucking day after putting her beagle down. And family members of mine have gotten a new dog days after one dies.
When I had to put my 11 year old dog down, I cried literally every day for like two weeks. It’s been around 5 years and I’m finally ready to consider another dog.

I’m not saying you need to wait years but damn at least give yourself a few months before you replace your furry friend.

No. 855155

File: 1626402422419.png (45.87 KB, 1500x1000, a-list-of-psychology-careers-2…)

I really think psychology and psychiatry being portrayed as a cure for mental illness has done considerable harm to the mentally ill. It has shredded all sympathy for the mentally ill because people genuinely do believe going to a psychologist and a psychiatrist is a magic cure. Anyone that's repetitively suffering and causing mischief is met with "Well go get professional help and fix it". Most mental illness is managed at best and completely untreatable at worst. The reason the psyche wards rely so heavy on anti-psychotic meds as a calming factor is that the best they can achieve, for most people, is to stop the violent sperging. The people with the self awareness, intelligence and social support necessary to make gains on their condition are the lucky few. And even then it's an incremental walk up a steep hill and the littlest things can send them crashing back down.

There is also a needed level of confidence, self assuredness and self awareness that's required for people to even make the most of professional help, and once you have that you're at the point you can make it on your own anyway. The chronically bullied kid isn't always going to open up and be honest about the bullying he receives, and without that honesty, he ends up taking the professional down unrelated paths. People are often deeply ashamed about their true problems and insecurities that they'll just be honest about their minor ones. Not every loser has the honesty to admit they're a loser, some like to pretend they're something they're not.

The most damaging thing is that psychology and mental health help is about sucking the money off the ones that either don't want to or can't get better. Their bread and butter is the histrionic housewives that want to complain about their lives and be self validated. They'll get those types in for decades at a time. A person with genuine problems is a less important, less reliable client. People with genuine mental illnesses miss appointments, miss payments (they're broke duh) and are unreliable. The insincere ones are their pay piggies.

No. 855163

>There is also a needed level of confidence, self assuredness and self awareness that's required for people to even make the most of professional help
as someone that's never bothered seeing any kind of therapist, this is what has always gotten me about the whole topic. do the majority of nitwits that go to a psychologist even have the mental faculties to be able to comprehend and utilize psychiatric help?

No. 855164

Totally anon, it's just modern day "go to church and talk to your pastor". Most ppls problems can't be fixed by talking they're sick/poor/dependant on abuser/autistic/etc and therapy is just a way to cope/prolong suffering/gaslight about widespread structural issues. A woman who got rped isn't gonna want to trust men ever again, yet ppl expect her to go get therapy and work through it so she can get back to fucking and caring after men. The meds just shut you down emotionally, so you lose will and cope in your current situation, or off yourself because life isn't worth it if you can't feel. I only took antidepressants for a few months and my attention span and ability to feel strong emotions has been noticeably impacted long-term.
The whole talk therapy thing is so masochistic to me, why are we expected to spill our guts to someone in order to get better? Why retraumatize ourselves that way? Most ppl have the self awareness to know where their mental illness comes from.
And yes, if they actually cured ppl then they'd have no more patients. Medical industry in a nutshell.

No. 855169

>Their bread and butter is the histrionic housewives that want to complain about their lives and be self validated.
You say that like they have no legit reason to need therapy or be unhappy…? Even though being a housewife is statistically likely to make women miserable and exhausted with a shorter life span.

No. 855206

Right, but the yuppie ones are functional and live good everyday lives, yet they're consooming almost all the mental health help. Even public sector mental health care gets sucked up by the same sort of cluster B histrionic munchies you see on /snow/. A lot of repeat offender men also keep one foot in there because exploitative men leverage "muh mentol illness" to get out of prison sentences. I've known one to use it as leverage to sue an employer for wrongful termination, it's a handy asset for shitty people to have.

No. 855450

Given how my shit therapist traumatized me I do think that it's definely not for everyone and it's success depends on so many aspects that it may feel like a numbers game to many

No. 855462

Human babies are one of the least cute infant animals i’ve ever seen. I just don’t get the hype around them. I mean sure they ain’t hard to look but I found puppies and kittens tens times more adorable.

No. 855470

This exactly, public healthcare in my country is held hostage by wife beating alcoholics who don't want to and never will get better, upper middle class housewives and mommies who just need a friend to talk to because they're stuck with their kids and boring husbands (loneliness is a big problem here and most families isolate the fuck out of themselves from other people), and spoiled enbies who want to be disabled and look like smexy yaoi bishies. Many people who are 'depressed' are just dysfunctional NEETs who need to go outside more and clean their rooms, many more are shopping for excuses to get out of studying.

People who really need help cannot get it. At best they will be put on a cocktail of benzos and antipsychotics or in a ward if they're a threat to themselves and others. Public health professionals are overbooked, don't give a fuck about their patients and sessions last 10-15 minutes, after which they tell you to practice mindfulness and sleep. Private healthcare is out the ass expensive but better.

No. 855479

I think toddlers are cuter then both babies ( taking a few exceptions) and definely newborns

No. 855501

Gamers should only date other gamers. A gamer and non-gamer in a long term relationship causes too many problems.

No. 855527

You're supposed to keep switching therapists until you find one that you click with, like dating. You're not supposed to stick with one that feels off.


No. 855530

>You're supposed to keep switching therapists until you find one that you click with, like dating
Nta but who has the money (or time) for that?

No. 855546

The reason why I'm single is because straight male gamers are either repulsive or fake gamer boys with shit tastes, or they're gay weaboos but they have good taste. I'm looking for the perfect balance so I can marry a guy who'll be ok with me sperging about JPRGs.

No. 855549

I'm not saying it's accessible but it is how therapists are meant to be selected, trial and error until you click.

No. 855552

Well that's dumb

No. 855570

nta but do you really expect one therapist to be a one-size-fits-all solution for every single one of their current/future clients?

No. 855571

You put something into words that’s been bothering me for years now. I’m not super mentally ill but I have autism-induced social anxiety, and I’m sick of everyone treating it like something I can simply fix with talk therapy and a ~proactive mindset~. Health insurance in my country covers a certain number of appointments every year and after that they become impossibly expensive, so psychologists always to try fix whatever your problem is within that number of appointments and shut down all communication afterwards. (Even when they explicitly asked me to send them an update after X number of months they never respond.) Because of this, they always start acting like you’ve made a ton of progress and won’t need them anymore once you get into your last handful of appointments, even when you’ve made no progress whatsoever. Rinse and repeat the next year with someone new, because if I don’t keep trying I get hassled by everyone asking why I haven’t fixed my social anxiety yet. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is for people with problems that could be resolved but would require more than 10-12 45-minute appointments.

No. 855580

For some people in free/semi free healthcare countries there's more of a habit of just accepting whoever you can get in to see on the public waiting list. Don't know if that's her deal. That was mine as a teen and broke young adult. I wasn't paying so I couldn't be picky.

I've seen americans talk about shopping around for a good fit and I agree if you're paying it makes sense to want better for your buck.

No. 855584

the "lolcow's own caps" thread is stupid. it was ok when it first started because it was mostly old caps but now anons are posting minutes-old posts there and it's chronically unfunny

No. 855585

Nothin wrong with peeing in the shower

No. 855592

> The chronically bullied kid isn't always going to open up and be honest about the bullying he receives, and without that honesty, he ends up taking the professional down unrelated paths. People are often deeply ashamed about their true problems and insecurities that they'll just be honest about their minor ones.
I wish I could remember where I heard this but it was a relationship therapist on like a podcast. He talked about how any time a young person needs to access help for emotional/depressive/anxious type illnesses they are usually only the side effect rather than the main problem. That no man is an island and if we're products of our enviroment then why are we treating kids and teens and not asking what's up with mom and dad. Kids get labeled as a problem child and we don't look into their background or make anyone else open up. "we don't know what went wrong, I mean we raised her right" that's often just not true. The dynamic of the whole family should be looked at. But no we look at the one single person we think has problems and we make them feel broken. They take the blame for sometimes even generations of dysfunction that's been denied.

I come from a family where my dad wasn't just strict, it took me years to accept there was abuse. I then dated a guy who had some untreated rage issue but I ended up seeking meds while dating him.. meanwhile he went unnoticed and undiagnosed. His rage drove me to nearly a breakdown and I presented myself to a doc. Not him though. He played sane and all loving and concerned at my appointment. Those experiences made me really see and appreciate what he was describing there.

No. 855594

my tinfoil is most of the newer unfunny posts are just self-posters

No. 855609

I like when ranty schizo sounding posts get highlighted but I'm not a fan of most of the recent one liners

No. 855621

I think it's newfags that aren't used to anonymous image boards, they're easily amused by the humour here because it's new to them but they're completely lost without having a like button. How will people know that they liked the post? It's so unthinkable to them that they have to cap it and post it there immediately

No. 855622

I agree. My therapist often times made me and my feelings seem irrational even though they all came back to my mom, her dysfunction and my dad sticking around her for some reason. This coupled with undiagnosed autism through most of my school years led to bullying, ostractazion and developing loner tendencies.

No. 855630

I had early onset ED so I've been to many therapists until my early twenties. The therapists would usually talk to me, then my mom. They'd tell my mom everything I said and my mom would put on this worried mother act and shrug her shoulders wondering out loud where she went wrong. If I said anything that painted her in a bad light, she'd confront me after the session and tell me to stop lying. After a while I just started lying to the therapist to get him to stop asking questions.
I just don't know how nobody saw any flaw with this system at all and expected me to be honest and upfront with my feelings? How was this in any way supposed to protect and help me? It was just a waste of time.

No. 855632

This is pretty spot on, I think. It really does come across as "Baby's First Image Board" with the screencapping the most basic of interactions and the struggling with the lack of a "like" button makes a lot of sense. I weep for that thread's potential.

No. 855644

>without having a like button. How will people know that they liked the post?
Well there's also all those cool replies lately that just say 'based' or 'lmao'

No. 855658

At least that's better than shitting up the supposed "Hall of Fame" thread

No. 855768

Being a sex positive and sexually empowered is a rich womans privilege.
Get an std?oh you can just go to the doctor and get medications because you have health insurance
Get pregnant accidentally? Well we know the scrote you hook up with is ignoring you right now because hes "busy" but that's ok you can afford an abortion!

If you dont have any money and cant even afford health insurance you should be keeping your legs closed.

No. 855770

or use condoms and birth control like a normal, clean person?

No. 855772

Condoms and birth control can fail. Not all STDs can be prevented with condoms and most people dont use condoms when they're sucking dick. Most scrotes dont get tested regularly and they fuck anyone raw now adays so who knows what they have.

No. 855776

i don’t put penis near my mouth so i can’t relate.
is it really that unusual to make a dude wear a condom for sex though? i always have and it’s really not that big of a deal for the normal scrotes, they’re pretty agreeable if they know they’re getting some.

No. 855778

couldn’t agree more and i honestly believe anyone who says they don’t pee in the shower is lying.

No. 855784

I thought that too until I realised some people can hold gallons of piss in their bladder. A little bit of clear pee will wash straight down the drain quickly enough but unleashing a steady sea of it means it's going to pool at your feet for a second, it might splash about and go all over the place.

No. 855786

>If you dont have any money and cant even afford health insurance you should be keeping your legs closed
Or we could fight to make healthcare more accessible for all, that way it isn't something only financially stable people have, and stop treating poor people as if they "deserve" to get an STD or pregnant because they chose to have sex while poor?

>Condoms and birth control can fail
By that logic, if people who can't afford abortions or treatment for STDs (avoiding the fact that these shouldn't cost money in the first place) are still at fault for getting pregnant/an STD even if they use condoms/birth control, then poor people shouldn't have sex whatsoever. You're suggesting that sex should be a privilege and luxury that only financially stable people get to experience.

No. 855795

Some anons attitudes are the same as traditionalist men. Just because a woman dresses in “slutty” clothes doesn’t make it bad, honestly I heavily disregard with some radfems where they think wearing revealing clothes is inherently for the male view. Stop berating women for wearing a crop top or something you sound about as pathetic as the scrotes you criticize

No. 855811

It's literally the most superficial thing, no point in caring about it. Anyways I'm glad for women who dress skimpy, that means men are desensitized and don't bother me as much bc I'm wearing covering clothes.

No. 855818

I honestly think your opinion is the popular one. The amount of times I have been called a liar just because I said peeing in the shower is disgusting, and that I never do it…

No. 855827

99% of self-proclaimed "radical feminists" are just female incels and/or tradtards whose views are equally as reactionary as their male counterparts. They've just learned that if they disguise their opinions as "feminist critique" and justify making misogynist remarks because they're directed at "evil libfem pickme handmaidens" (which is coincidentally the vast majority of women) they can get away with it.

No. 855888

>Anyways I'm glad for women who dress skimpy, that means they get to be the rape fodder for men and men don't bother me as much bc I’m wearing covering clothes.

Imagine thinking like this wow

No. 855910

>E-everyone I disagree with is incel/tradtard, even radical feminists!
Cope. You can think it's fine to try and attract a man with appealing to them via dress or dressing for yourself in a way that also appeals to men, but don't have to shit on the ones who think that it just helps push the idea that women are sexual objects for men. It's nothing like the people who think women are degenerate whores. Do you where make up for your own self-esteem too?

No. 855925

people who say salads are boring are just uncreative

No. 855938

Saggy breasts can be more beautiful than perky ones. I think sometimes it looks more natural to have some sag to them, and when people try to fix them by getting a lift it makes them look cartoonish. It’s especially noticeable when you have a bigger bust to begin with.

No. 855944

Don't get where you got rape fodder from but ok, if you think males can rape with their eyes/words. Compared to when I used to wear leggings and crop tops like most women in my area, I get bugged way less by men by wearing neutral clothes.

No. 855945

agreed. how do you feel about salad dressing? i like just the lightest drizzle of it, any more than that to me seems gross and unnecessary.

No. 855946

nta vinaigrette crew

No. 855953

Nta, but I'm pretty sure the point was that it's weird to say that you like when other women wear revealing clothes because they get harassed/hit on more, and you don't. No matter how you feel about tight/revealing clothes, that's not a good thing.

No. 855964

No that isn't it. Mens sexuality is a meme and if every woman wore niquabs then men would just start getting turned on the little patch of skin above our eyes that sometimes shows. I'm glad women can wear revealing clothing because it desensitizes men to women's bodies, and they aren't gangraping in the street bc they just saw a niquab'd woman's eyebrows. Women who wear skimpy stuff desensitize men to our bodies and I'm glad for it.

No. 855982

File: 1626493649149.jpg (48.87 KB, 252x244, 1625003332172.jpg)

The internet is getting consistently better every year. Other oldies are just coping with rose tinted nostalgia goggles when they say the 90s AOL era was better.

I was around then and the internet was basically just MST3000/star trek fandoms, usenet and omegle tier ERP ("wanna cyber? asl?"). It was utterly garbage.

No. 855990

i think it peaked in the mid-00s before twitter

No. 855992

Agree to disagree. I hate all the bots, censorship, and culty retards of this time. The internet's been colonized by big corps and it isn't novel anymore.

No. 855999

Nah. It was okay until smartphones went into the mainstream and the internet became accessible from everywhere for everyone.

No. 856001

I hate ideology. Radical feminism is ideology, a lot of things people chose to identify with are ideology. The problem with ideology is that it blinds you and makes you unable to see nuances or interpret according to circumstances. I am anti porn and generally anti troon.

But you see, depending on the context some acts could be feminist and some others not. I agree that not giving a fuck and wearing whatever you want can be interpreted as a feminist act for example, but in certain circumstances it could be interpreted as an anti feminist act. For example if you dress skimpy with the intention of men to sexualize you.

No. 856003

>I’m so glad all those whores desensitized men by wearing skimpy clothes like ~crop tops with leggings~

Take the L girl

No. 856005

i'm about that balsamic vinaigette life babeyyyy

ranch and italian can get fucked, they're so nasty imo

No. 856022

what radical feminists are you surrounding yourself with or observing?
i've come across a ton of radfems who view radical feminism as a lifestyle rather than a movement, and the ones who see it as a lifestyle berate all the women who don't follow suit, rather than criticize sexist beliefs that lead to certain choices. majority of those radfems who police other women are very young, the radfems in their mid 20s and up have reminded them being a radical feminist isn't a competition. however, there's the other side of the coin where the older gender critical women pretty much do the same thing towards any radfem who acts different than they do. absolutely delusional thinking any woman who doesn't act kind or whatever is just a creepy man in disguise.

No. 856084

>Stop berating women for wearing a crop top

··· i have literally never seen that. Ive only seen radfems criticize women for objectifying themselves (like in porn or music videos for example) and then labelling it "empowering".

No. 856099

But how come men never wear revealing clothes?

No. 856130

I haaaaate tattoos. I think they’re hideous on everyone but people my age especially love covering themselves in shitty tattoos. It’s a huge turn off for me. I see tattoos I assume you’re a retard.
It’s dumb to spend hundreds/thousands putting ink in your skin instead of buying clothes that flatter/fit you, actually taking care of yourself, doing things that would actually make you more attractive.

No. 856134

>I assume you're a retard
I have two tattoos and that's a very on point observation!

No. 856138

western tattoos are ugly and tacky at best
very cool in 2015, now an easy way to spot people who peaked 5 years ago
mandala tattoos are about to become the embarrassing "tribal" and barbed wire armband tattoos that everyone tried to hide back in the day

No. 856140

I dont think OnlyFans or camming site are universally bad or degrading. I think what matters the most is not giving up and degrading yourself. Selling pictures of yourself in lingerie is not degrading at all and you cannot tell me it is prostitution. If selling pics of yourself in lingerie is prostitution then what are the girls sucking dick for 5$ doing?

I think that doing sex work without getting naked or masturbating and showing your breasts at most is not degrading and it's literally scamming money from scrotes. Unfortunately, most OF thots degrade themselves by masturbating and doing extreme sexual acts and even girl like Belle Delphine end up doing porn.

No. 856146

I somewhat agree. I have some specific unpopular opinions about tattoos
>tattoos don't need to be meaningful and aiming for meaning often makes them uglier/less inspired, they just need to look aesthetically pleasing and have artistic merit
>if you're going to get any tattoos, you should commit and get big ones, like a full sleeve. Ideally with a somewhat alt aesthetic. Small random tattoos on a normie look like shit, go big or go home.
>tattoos do tend to look worse on women - a popular opinion amongst incels, but contrary to what incels think it's not because it makes them harlots, it's because women have nice skin and any blemish is likely a downgrade. Male skin isn't anything special and no1curr if they cover it up

No. 856148

uh, they do? 90% of moids where i live have their shirts off 24/7 and wear shorts and flip flops in the street. they're just not seen as a problem because male bodies arent treated as inherently sexual.

No. 856180

I'm going to get literal memes tattooed on my body and I will feel no shame.

No. 856231

No. 856244

>Selling pictures of yourself in lingerie is not degrading at all

No. 856367

are you stupid? being able to get medications, medical checks and an abortion is not a privilege, it is and should be a right. you think women from the global south even have access to birth control and family planning to prevent getting STD's and babies? not every woman is going to "i will abstain from men" in an ideological vacuum that you wish.

also thank you >>855786 anon.. this take is fucking nuts. this is what no class analysis and all lifestyle politics looks like.

No. 856413

Only Canadians and newzealanders are the sane normal obes in the bunch

No. 856424

You sure about that??

No. 856434

Damn, everyone's getting Americanised
Atleast newzealander are the sane ones, right?

No. 856446

I mean there was the Christchurch shooting in 2019. Everyone's insane in this time and age.

No. 856450

No one cares if you post "this helped me with my anxiety" in the youtube comments. No one cares if you have anxiety. Shut up.

No. 856456

They are still more saner, i think
But they have more sjws as well

No. 856461

NLOW copium

No. 856462

Call me a scrote or whatever, I don’t care, but I hate when women don’t shave their armpits. It is kinda gross.

No. 856465

But what about men? I think super unshaved armpits look bad on anyone.

No. 856471

Ok? Avert your eyes

No. 856481

I tend to let mine grow a bit. I have darkish hair in general so at first I expected a whole bush to sprout from there but it's barely visible. I don't know if I'm almost disappointed by that.

No. 856485

I don’t like very bushy armpit hair on men either no

No. 856487

Just sharing my clearly unpopular opinion

No. 856491

Mine is similar, short and sparse even if I let it grow free for months. Just genetics I guess. I do get fuzzy bear legs like a week after shaving though.

No. 856508

But like don't most therapists offer a phone call first to see if they have the training to deal with your issues. I had a therapist end up being a gossiping bitch because I live in a place where everyone knows each other. How the fuck do you vet for that? It's just wildly unprofessional. Like fuck a therapists personality they should be keeping a professional standard and putting all their years of knowledge and training to some fucking use.

No. 856679

I hear a lot of people say that shitting in public bathrooms is embarrassing but for me pissing is more embarrassing, at least shitting is quiet.

No. 856691

File: 1626570731864.png (370.21 KB, 500x720, 1618745506292.png)

if i get pregnant and it's a boy im aborting it now matter what, and if i can't find a way to get it illegally done ill kill myself trying

No. 856693

>New Zealanders

No. 856696

Ugh same, I'd only ever have a child if it was a girl. And I don't want to have children but if I did and planned it I'd 100% do it via IVF with only female embryos.

No. 856699

I get what you mean but I'd feel bad bringing a girl to this shitty world too.

No. 856709

Eating lots of acidic fruit and low cal vegan diet when conceiving will kill off scrote fetuses before they form because they need lots of food to survive, unlike female fetuses. Also try to have sex 3 days before your period bc sperm that makes males dies in 2 days, and sperm that makes female sperm dies in 4 days. You can do blood test to see it's sex at 2 months, and easily take a pill to abort if it's a scrote.

No. 856710

Okay but why was I just thinking this cuz my period is late what the hell anon!! Get out of my head!!

No. 856711

God I wish we could pin posts, this should go in the Louvre

No. 856733

You're going to have to explain this in more detail because it appears to be getting worse and worse from my point of view. The fact we're here on this dinky little chan board because most of our discussion is too risque for 99% of the internet should be a sign that things aren't better.
I wasn't around in the usenet era but I remember the geocities era and IRC channels being prevalent and everyone having a forum. It was great. Every niche hobby had its own little community and they didn't have to include the majority into every conversation.

No. 856747

my own mother’s life would’ve been a lot better if she had no boys

No. 856770

have an abortion no matter what honestly. world’s fucked

No. 856786

tbh the reason this site(and most other imageboards) is viewed as bad is because it's filled with negative gossip that people wouldn't say if it weren't anonymous. of course the "transphobia" is another reason why people don't like it but pre 2013 it would've been fine.

Forums definitely need to come back though im so sick of joining discords full of scrotes and troons just to find a information.

No. 856787

>at least shitting is quiet
god i wish

No. 856791

Japanese food is bland, overrated, and boring. It's popular due to Japanese imperialism, its perception as exotic and healthy by Westerners, and obviously… weebs.

No. 856795

Japanese cuisine won't do shit for anyone who isn't a fan of copious amounts of seafood, rice, and vegetables.
Their traditional desserts are shit. Their red meat is overpriced and not good. Anything that is remotely different and good is an idea adapted from another culture, mostly Chinese.

To be fair, sticking to a diet of fish and vegetables is fairly healthy so on that front those people are right. Although no doubt they are exaggerating the quality and "art" of preparing such food.

No. 856882

you do not owe a man honesty about your virginity status unless you have an std. he deserves to be lied to for asking in the first place

No. 856917

Aren't most foods of countries that aren't known for their native spices pretty bland?

No. 856990

ntayrt but does anyone know what NLOW means?

No. 857071

Zendaya isnt that pretty. Shes too skinny and her features look cavemanish. The only reason shes considered attractive is becuz shes light skin and she can be the token black girl. Yeah I said it..

No. 857087

>I think that doing sex work without getting naked or masturbating and showing your breasts at most is not degrading and it's literally scamming money from scrotes.
Where's the scam?

No. 857097

not like other women?

No. 857120

There is nothing wrong with moving out immediately by 18 years old, but it kind of seems culturally deaf because a lot of the people I know who are ethnic stay with their families in their adulthood a little bit longer until they move out around 23+. I just wish it was more normalized, not everyone has shit parents or families that they must escape, just wish people didn’t think it was parasitism or something or is it just me

No. 857135

agreed, i feel like everyone thinks people who (still) live with their parents are basement dwellers who leech off their parents. i lived with my mom until i was 26, but i always paid rent, did chores, cooked meals, bought groceries for the entire week and helped with any other bills that cropped up. there's a difference between being 30 and mommy brings you your nuggies while you're playing fortnite instead of looking for employment, and being 30, having a job and being an adult. best case scenario is that you also have to pay very low rent (my mom only wanted 150 euros for my tiny room) and you can save up for when you decide to get your own place.

No. 857144

> not everyone has shit parents or families that they must escape
I've seen alot of discussions where it's the neets claiming they have shit parents and that they deep down want to excape but feel trapped. That they didn't prepare them for the world, build their confidence or help them gain life stills in order to to get out.

I saw a youtube comment the other day where someone was complaining that they can't learn even basic daily homecare skills because their mom jumps in and does everything. I don't know how much that impedes a person tbh. Part of me is sceptical but then I haven't lived that life so I dunno.

I know I left home at 19 because I wanted to date and have a sex life and that wasn't going to mix well with staying at home. My mom was ill and so was always home and on the other side of my thin bedroom wall. I'll always remember the night my brother brought a girl home and we all heard it lol. He moved out pretty soon after that too.

No. 857223

File: 1626630446843.jpeg (216.56 KB, 1080x1350, 217888350_561262798214008_4748…)

She (Anisa) looks good this way.

No. 857226

oh god i thought this was halsey. she does not have the face shape for a shaved head.

No. 857228

She's a cow but she looks way better like this

No. 857240

You haven't had real Japanese food, then, lol. Except for chawanmushi. Fuck that.

No. 857255

i always think it's funny when "white people food" is mocked for being bland or unseasoned while japanese food is so popular thanks to weebs
european food isn't even bland, there are so many different cuisines that uses spices

No. 857285

It's more "white american food" that's bland and greasy.

No. 857286

nah there are tons of tropes about european food being bland and tasteless. stereotypes about dutch and russian food come to mind immediately

No. 857288

I always find that very annoying when people mock "white people food", sorry my ancestors were farmers who ate simple meals from what grew on our land and didn't have access to fancy spices or expensive ingredients and that's where our dishes come from.

No. 857290

white people food might be bland but they make some of the best desserts. everyone is good at something and taste preferences change per region. A person who grew up eating spicy things will ofc think that european food taste bland in comparison

No. 857292

I think theyre referencing to like britain and america where the spices were there to use but white people at the time didnt use them. A good example of seasoned "white people food" is german, that shit is delicious

No. 857296

It's only "bland" because ppl killed their tastebuds with 1000 spices. European food uses mostly herbs for taste, food doesn't need to be spicy to be flavorful. Dill, parsley, rosemary, thyme, etc. are delicious.

No. 857299

>It's only "bland" because ppl killed their tastebuds with 1000 spices.
NTA but this is such a cope, kek

No. 857302

>using spices kills your tastebuds
I don't care about what white/European people eat, but this has to be the most retarded thing I've ever read. I'm sorry you can't handle some flavor.

No. 857307

Yeah they’ve got the worst cuisine in east asia by far. It can’t even compare to chinese and korean food.

No. 857308

usually herbs are grouped in with spices in this context i think

No. 857311

White people food is mostly British, German and Scandinavian food, which is bland and gross to this day.
People who say this also live in America and aren't in the habit of eating fancy Italian pastas, spicy Hungarian dishes or French delicacies daily, so to them white people food = food white Americans, who usually have British, German or Scandinavian roots, eat.

No. 857324

People saying that "white people" food is bland are just shit at cooking and ingredient selection. The taste of most European food is dependent on the quality of the ingredients. With spicy food the base ingredients don't matter because the flavour just gets overwhelmed by spices.

No. 857331

Spces don't have to be spicy, anon. Also, there are varying degrees of heat.

No. 857337

>With spicy food the base ingredients don't matter because the flavour just gets overwhelmed by spices.
Me when I can't cook and I want to make excuses lmao

No. 857339

File: 1626635717111.jpeg (50.37 KB, 380x686, 18C2C45D-D347-4D40-A63A-9A4AB5…)

there is no such thing as a hot and sexy asexual. the only fuckers who declare themselves as asexual are fujos, atheists, autists, serial killers, mass shooters, and deathfat weebs and cartoon fans like picrel. hottest people are always bisexual or meme themselves into enby territory.

No. 857346

yea i kinda agree. i love spicy (as in hot) food but at some point it just becomes so spicy it's painful and unenjoyable and it overwhelms any other flavor. if people like pain, that's fine but there are no flavors to taste anymore at that point. it's not tasty.

No. 857351

maybe it's just a burger thing, but when people are referring to white people not using "spices" they aren't just talking about like chili peppers. it's everything - salt, garlic powder, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, herbs, etc. probably not proper english but just something to note.

No. 857366

I think the bland white people diet is usually just a low income family that eats ready meals, McDonald's and vegetables. My single mum worked late and barely cooked, everything I ate growing up was oven food slop. She'd barely have time to preheat or cook the food fully.

When I moved out I was blown away by just want fucking seasoning some meat did or using herbs and spices on other dishes.

My mum loves her salads but she cannot cook worth a damn.

No. 857371

i understand that, i was just sharing my opinion on overly spicy (hot) food.
anyways there are plenty of european cuisines that use spices

No. 857386

It's a self-selecting group since uggo aces have little to lose by taking themselves out the sex market but hot asexuals can just keep it to themselves to still benefit from a "maybe I have a shot" halo effect.

No. 857392

>The taste of most European food is dependent on the quality of the ingredients
I challenge you to visit Finland and then say that, most food looks and tastes like dog shit and this is a rich country with good supermarkets.

I'm not even mad about it because we have many other good qualities, our cuisine just isn't one of them.

No. 857409

Absolutely not.
<The 2000's
>No social media, the internet wasn't tainted with a concept feeding into narcissism and socipathy
>Uncharted territory, you could browse the web for hours because people were getting creative
>Your personal data didn't get sold to China
>Most users were adult
>Well-monitored, smaller communities
<The 2020s
>Social media is everywhere and causing people mental teenagers
>Only 4 big megacorporation-owned sites people visit
>The mentioned megacorporations own all your personal data now
>Everyone is online, including minors who can use the internet unsupervised on their phones

No. 857414

File: 1626641475969.jpg (149.94 KB, 1440x640, kmenu1_makkaraperuna.jpg)

>Calling delicious Finnish food disgusting when British, Scandinavian and Russian cuisines exist
At least we don't eat fish preserved in soap or sheep heads faggot. Our soups, fish and meat dishes are amazing and never made of intestines or other disgusting ingredients.

picrel, our national dish

No. 857419

looks like the meals I made as a kid when I was pretending I had my own cooking show

No. 857421

i thought picrel was someone making fun of british food kek it looks disgusting

No. 857423

It's literally sausage bits with french fries and chopped up onions and condiments on the side, you're not human if you find it disgusting. Or maybe you just prefer blood pudding and cow's stomach.

No. 857424

a hotdog chopped up with french fries is what fat americans feed their kids though

No. 857426

so…exactly what a kid with no real cooking skills would make then?

No. 857429

It's a joke, jesus christ.

No. 857431

it really is a finnish street food, just not the national dish

No. 857433

Why are people so nationalistic in 2021

No. 857435

At least post Nakkimuki, you scoundrel

No. 857436

No one cares about your racially charged shitty food preferences you all have shit taste anyways. Go eat a salad you fatties it'll do you good.

No. 857437

Keeping on topic with food, I am british and I love some british food like Beans on Toast and Sunday Roast's they are so warm-feeling and homely. Beans on toast gets laughed at by other countries, esp america but it is such comfy food, i would not swap our comfort food for your american meatloaf or boxed mac and cheese comfort food you have, no offence. I just love beans on toast

No. 857438

>for your american meatloaf
nobody actually likes that

No. 857443

File: 1626642862025.jpeg (385.5 KB, 2048x1367, dJ9GTVlv.jpeg)

Just to piss you off here's the de facto Finnish dish which is a very, very tender meat and vegetables in a hearty herb stew. Often served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. Meanwhile Scandis eat rotten fish and Russians feed on literal cold meat jelly.

No. 857445

>racially charged
>talking about food from european countries

The race is white, fam.

No. 857446

Those berries look good as fuck

No. 857447

that looks lovely, anon!

No. 857452

grew up in bongland and always made fun of my white friends for their food but shepherds pie is like a hug in your mouth

No. 857454

File: 1626643586109.jpg (2.1 MB, 5352x3525, app.jpg)

That's exactly like Swedish husman.

No. 857456

File: 1626643782994.jpg (114.15 KB, 800x570, images.jpg)

Mmm kalops

No. 857457

Seinfeld is a boring ass show and I never got the humor of it.

No. 857458

it's funny if you're kind of a sociopath

No. 857459

That's a minced meat patty in brown sauce, not carelian stew. get ouf here sven

No. 857463

Those are almost the same ingredients just differently arranged & one is a stewed meat and one is minced meat which means that you are all the same.

No. 857464

>literally sausage bits with french fries and chopped up onions and condiments on the side
>finnish cuisine
please say sike

No. 857465

Exactly. Finnanon just can't handle the she shares taste in food with Swedes for some reason.

No. 857466

File: 1626644815055.jpg (206.17 KB, 1600x900, finnish cuisine.jpg)

No. 857470

My unpopular opinion related to the internet is that there are still tons of active forum sites. I've discovered many forums while searching random things on Google. People who constantly complain that social media replaced forums can still ditch social networks and exclusively use forums if they want to, they just have to make an effort to find them. Or just create their own forums.

No. 857471

i feel like most forums now are just older millennial scrotes arguing

No. 857472

You mean us?

No. 857473

Why must race be bought into everything. How is this topic even race related? You’re retarded

No. 857476

if you’re an older millennial scrote then yes

No. 857479

Lern how to read.

No. 857481

white on white crime

No. 857483

File: 1626646273154.jpeg (60.21 KB, 653x490, ACDF36B8-9411-4FCC-8536-3EF38E…)

Delicious (except for the beetroot)
Don’t know what that is. Looks delicious though
Yummy. Is that pomegranate on a burger?
Minging. The chips look cold in the middle. Would still probably destroy when drunk.
Picrel is my national fave, take it or leave it. This could be shepherd, cottage, or even fish pie. Dig into the mysterious potato crust, and see what you may find. Go on, you know you want to…

No. 857485

I'm British too but I agree with other countries that our food is disgusting and looks awful. The taste is definitely on the "bland" spectrum too.

No. 857487

I'd eat all the food posted itt holy shit this looks delicious why are you all acting like faggots leave your food purity sperging on the anachan forums jfc.

No. 857488

as someone not from any of these countries, i find it interesting

No. 857491

File: 1626646973908.jpeg (147.52 KB, 720x720, 293228B2-3877-408C-8A30-0C5244…)

Toad in the hole 🐸

No. 857492

File: 1626647045754.jpeg (118.99 KB, 1200x1230, FE371CD6-60E7-4FD2-87B3-0FE4CF…)

Lasagnê OwO

No. 857493

File: 1626647149456.jpeg (177.53 KB, 680x680, 0F82B3C3-D580-499F-A5EF-4EE18F…)

I need to learn to cook more Mexican food cos it’s all delicious.

No. 857494

my grandma's look better

No. 857497

File: 1626647254230.jpeg (278.17 KB, 610x408, 116EB89F-91C9-4BFA-B804-F584A7…)

Everyone just keep posting meals you like who cares where they’re from

No. 857498

I bet they do, I bet they taste better too.

No. 857499

I would give you a piece if i could anon

No. 857503

Thank you nonny

No. 857506

Omg I have mämmi in the freezer,thank you for reminding me!

No. 857511

File: 1626648435883.jpg (148.17 KB, 600x902, ma-la-xiang-guo-10-1.jpg)

No. 857520

Learn how to spell, and type, and be less retarded. As I did read it, race still has nothing to do with it.

No. 857527

Stop picking fights, nonny.

No. 857542

I made this exact recipe from that blog Woks of Life. It was pretty good.

No. 857543

My apologies, nonita

No. 857547

Mouth watering

No. 857561

Is that literal poop?

No. 857564

File: 1626654883698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 690.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210719-033411_Chr…)

Don't be rude, it's rye and malted rye mostly. Pretty hate it or love it type of food every elderly person seems to love. >>857561
Don't be rude, it's rye and malted rye mostly. Pretty hate it or love it type of food every elderly person seems to love. I can't link the wiki for some reason, sorry

No. 857570

I'm not being rude it just looks like actual dookie lol
Why are Finnish posters so sensitive? You can't say anything slightly negative even if it's just banter, they get so angry and defensive.
Compare >>857485 and >>857414, is everything okay up there?

No. 857571

File: 1626656469343.jpg (274 KB, 540x721, 20210718_195749.jpg)

The live action Cinderella dress is ugly. I don't understand why it got so popular. I looked up videos on it, and all these chicks were gushing about it in the comments saying it was every girls/womans dream dress. I wouldn't be caught dead in that blue pompom.

No. 857573

I was being kinda jokingly with my don't be rude but okay, anon. I am okay, you are okay, we are okay.

No. 857574

My friend took me to see this in the cinema and the whole movie was so shit, the dress was shit and I still sometimes get annoyed that I actually went to see it.

No. 857575

I love tackyness. Fuck being elegant and pure. I love hot pink, platform heels, rhinestones, makeup and short skirts.
I spent all my time trying to be pure because i have an hourglass shape and my body sexualizes everything. Im fucking tired of hiding my body. Fuck this shit. I can dress like a nun and still get sexually harassed so i might as well dress however the fuck i wanna dress.

No. 857576

Im OP you were responding to
I never saw the movie, but I watched modern gurls' video where she rated the dresses from a bunch of Cinderella movies. She put the LA disney movie dress on top. I saw it in the clips she shown and was instantly taken aback. Its hideous. I also saw some other scenes of the actress moving in it, and she was walking like a fucking toddler taking their first steps.

No. 857578

Okay, you didn't miss anything great then! The dress wasn't flowy and dreamy, I am not into disney but I am into dressmaking so it was a total let down fr. I have seen better use of lights in dresses but this was still better than that mess zendaya wore at the met that one time.

No. 857580

is this really an unpopular opinion in the instahoes age?

No. 857582

Although they frequently deny it, too many nonnies are insecure about their femininity and it clouds their judgement, making a lot of threads borderline insufferable. They'll happily rip into normal, feminine looking women for minor shit like nasolabial folds but if a farmer calmly acknowledges a straight-up tranny looking woman looks even a little bit masc, it attracts 20x the comments, full of defensiveness, anger and denial. I don't mean GNC women by the way, but literal man-looking women. No doubt most of these nonnies are feminine-looking anyway, it's pretty rare for a woman to look like a literal man after all, but it's clearly something a fair amount of them fear.

No. 857588

most of the women that get compared to trannies/men genuinely don't look mannish to me though. i think it's understandable anons would be annoyed by that when the comparisons are thrown around so loosely that almost everyone could be considered "masculine" at some point. and i'm pretty sure no one likes nasolabial fold sperging either.

No. 857592

stop calling out the obsessive shayna fags, they’re the most self-conscious out of all of the anachans on this website

No. 857597

>it's pretty rare for a woman to look like a literal man after all
Have you ever actually talked to any GNC or butch women because it's really not all that uncommon for them to get sir'd out in public. Who even cares anyway, we're the same fucking species as men, of course we kind of look like them without all the makeup and feminine accessories to exaggerate the differences.

No. 857697

Hating women is kinda gay

No. 857725

File: 1626685356490.jpeg (230.19 KB, 511x496, D68D7463-E3DF-4AD4-B6F8-3C648F…)

Wtf are those wheel things? Idc they look delicious

No. 857730

nta but it's lotus root! It has a nice crispy texture and they often use it in asian cuisine

No. 857731

File: 1626686164900.png (1.65 MB, 1526x1562, 73727bb06a2ef223f3477209cba396…)

I mean it's still better than Belle's dress from beauty and the Beast. It looks like it's from Aliexpress, the fabric looks so cheap

No. 857734

File: 1626686869225.jpg (238.93 KB, 903x1200, wedding dress.jpg)

it legit looks like a gypsy wedding dress (idk if that's a slur or not, but you get what I mean)

No. 857737

Is this not how bridal dresses normally look like?

No. 857744

What's your weird Russia damage? Russia eats one gross thing and you keep bringing it up like you don't eat blood sausage. Every culture has something weird or gross, even Amerifats. I could just as easily cherry pick pictures of pierogi and borscht and varenyky, this is such a weird hangup.

No. 857745

nta but I think anon was implying that it's overdecorated and tacky

No. 857747

Ew hell no, go watch Say Yes to the Dress please

No. 857773

>Asking a Finn what's their weird Russia damage
Maybe the colonization, I don't know

No. 857775

Bitch my babushka and I are coming for your ass to feed you borsch and pelmeni.

No. 857940

imagine your national dish being literal french fries and sausage…thats really sad and depressing. is there a high suicide rate over there?

No. 857943

why couldnt they at least cut up the sausage links wtf. they literally jsut threw fat ass sausages on top of slop and then baked it LMAO
this all looks like hospital food. im glad i dont live in these countries. italy still wins with the best cuisine in europe.

No. 857945

It's really funny that you posted kalops, which is a Swedish dish yet feel the need to hate on Scandi food.

No. 857963

i hate to say this but bluetooth earbuds are way better than wired earbuds. Im saying this as someone who was pissed when phones stopped including the audio jack but my brother bought me airpods for my bday and at first i was like…..why??? but now they are glued to my ear. I also love the noise cancelling feature because now i can ignore scrotes catcalling me with ease. Not to mention nothing is more embarrassing then forgetting your earphones are connected to something and getting up and having it yank you back into the 3rd dimension. Also when only one side starts working. But the only downside to wireless earphones is that if you lose one you are fucking screwed.

No. 857976

They're Nazi sympathizers so they should've been wiped out imo, the Russians were too kind to them

No. 857983

pls feed me instead i want some

No. 857990

no, that dress is pure tack! Like 'My big fat Gypsy Wedding' tack. I did a work placement in a bridal boutique. That is not a classy dress.

No. 857997

File: 1626714294974.jpg (115.22 KB, 800x1219, pierogi.jpg)

i would like to share with you all my absolute favorite polish dish, pierogi (or just dumplings in english). the filling can be anything, sweet jam, fruits or savory, meat, cabbage, mushrooms. literally anything. usually comes with a side of sour cream.
highly recommend any of you to try them if you ever visit poland, there are usually restaurants called 'pierogarnia' where they mostly sell dumplings only.
also i love dumplings in every cuisine, i could eat gyoza too all day every day

No. 858004

you sometimes get polish food/supermarkets here in the uk due to the amount of polish immigrants that live here.

No. 858028

10/10 pierogis are so good. I've only had the basic bitch ones with potatoes in it, but I really want to try other fillings!

No. 858040

Polish food is honestly underrated.

No. 858052

i hate to say this but bluetooth earbuds are way better than wired earbuds. Im saying this as someone who was pissed when phones stopped including the audio jack but my brother bought me airpods for my bday and at first i was like…..why??? but now they are glued to my ear. I also love the noise cancelling feature because now i can ignore scrotes catcalling me with ease. Not to mention nothing is more embarrassing then forgetting your earphones are connected to something and getting up and having it yank you back into the 3rd dimension. Also when only one side starts working. But the only downside to wireless earphones is that if you lose one you are fucking screwed.

No. 858069

There is no need to sage here retard

No. 858121

But they sound like shit. I use both wired and bluetooth IEMs. The difference is clear to me, especially when listening to FLACs.

No. 858131

Have fun getting your brain fried, I got a headache when I tried them.

No. 858133

sounds psychosomatic

No. 858139

idk if this is unpopular but i feel so bad for the people of japan with them not canceling the olympics. i'm a big sports fan, but it's just so disgusting how reckless they're being simply due to the sunk cost of the whole event.

No. 858143

Nah, not too unpopular I think. Like, 70% of the Japanese population doesn't even want the Olympics to happen kek

No. 858145

i dont know what any of those words mean im stupid stop

No. 858172

>check out this hysterical delusional woman

No. 858173

and 5G will give you covid-19

No. 858174

Are you kidding they're hurting for publicity and money but refuse to slacken citizenship qualifications. No way are they going to cancel cashcow olympics.

No. 858178

yeah that's the "sunk cost" i was referring to

No. 858179

K go move to live beside a cell tower anon and report back in 5 years

No. 858180

This may be only unpopular on this site but, most women generally aren’t libfems. Most normie feminist women don’t view sex work as empowering, and those who are 30+ may say that it’s straight up sexist, but most don’t care enough to stop their husbands from watching it or think it’s okay because they watch porn themselves. Also, most normie 40+ women aren’t overtly troon supporters, and might just say ‘well it’s none of my businesses what they identify as’

No. 858185

take it to the tinfoil thread

No. 858206

i'll suck the cellphone waves straight out of the air

No. 858208

Every single anon in the celebricow thread has body dysmorphia. You can’t even change my mind

No. 858212

Kek anon I wonder how that would taste

No. 858215

hopefully like sparkling water

No. 858218

I agree. I think a lot more women than most online radfems think could be persuaded towards having radfem leaning views if they were more exposed to.

No. 858219

This current clog of replies about body types was all bought on by a picture of Alicia Vikander in a bikini. Some anons are mean as hell and probably projecting

No. 858220

Pierogi are delicious, the homemade potato and cheese ones have always been my favorite dish

No. 858224

The beeping sound that they make when the Bluetooth is trying to connect gives me such a bad headache

No. 858228

Hard agree

No. 858278

Absolutely. I wish the thread could stay on-topic as I love laughing at celebrity cringe but everything in there gets derailed and inevitably comes back to weight. Every. Single. Time.

No. 858552

I like peach skins. My mom was peeling one today and I just stood next to her and ate the skin scraps. Fuzzy and delicious

No. 858562

Same. Kiwis a fun to eat whole too.

No. 858566

I love peach skins so much. It's exactly how I imagine it would feel to bite into my forearm.

No. 858580

ayrt I think we could be good friends

No. 858581

No. 858600


No. 858601

i didn't even know there were people who peeled peaches out of canning and baked goods. fresh peaches with the skin on is the only way

No. 858616

I hoped that a terf site would abandon the "woman has a little pudgy belly which means she's a fat disgusting cow" but apparently not

No. 858625

1. Lolcow isnt a terf site
2. Many scrotes invaded lolcow
3. Lolcow was a site who always attracted anachans because popular cows used to be weebs back in the days
Thats why i stopped looking into some threwds. Its just full of autistic nitpicking

No. 858626

It's the duality of (wo)man. Also, you know, this isn't a terf-site. I would argue there's a quiet majority libfems along with women who don't identity as feminists at all.

No. 858648

dude this is literally a gossip imageboard with a huge population of rad fem leaning women. Anyway, women are known for gossiping and bitching and being psychological terrorists, on the bright side women don't kill or rape, which is a huge thing if you look at the entire picture. There aren't even as many scrotes as anons think there are on here but everytime anyone sees something bad written by a woman they assume it must be a scrote.

No. 858658

i'm absolutely going to put 'psychological terrorist' on my job applications now, thank you anon

No. 858678

idk I meant what I said in the nicest way possible. I'd rather have someone talk about my nasolabial folds and call me ugly and stress me out than have someone rape or kill me.

No. 858699

my unpopular opinion is that big poofy ballgown wedding dresses are beautiful and im tired of the strapless low maintenance mermaid style wedding dress trend.

No. 858758

As if scrotes don't gossip and psychologically terrorize too. Boys being physically aggressive and girls being socially aggressive is a myth - https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-09/sfri-mom090908.php ie moids are both catty (equal to girls) and phys aggressive

No. 858763

Women's "psychological terrorism"
>"Let's laugh at this person privately. Anyone who stalks them or interferes with their life unless they're harming others/breaking laws will be shamed and banned, though"
Men's psychological terrorism
>"Let's laugh at this person privately, doxx them, try to contact them and drive them to suicide. Nothing's really off limits, this is freeze peach"
Just compare the LC userbase to KF's.

No. 858766

This may be overdone, but the idea of it is really cute. Could use some higher quality fabric though.
I agree with you. The trend now is leaning more towards sexy, but I've always loved ballgown dresses. They're so elegant and cute.

No. 858767

It is but we don’t care that much.
Those dresses are so fuckin ugly lol. I feel bad for the seamstresses hired to make the monster designs these girls come up with.

No. 858769

same ballgown wedding dresses are so fun and cute. Like if im getting married i want it to be extravagant and as extra as possible otherwise wtf was the point. I wear skin tight dresses when i go out clubbing anyway so that's boring lol. When will i ever get to wear a ballgown again!?

No. 858787

I think ballgowns look dated and make they always makes the bride appear larger than she is. And I hate the top knots or stupid buns people do with those style of dresses.

I love a more figure hugging dress and like loose wave in the hair or something

No. 858793

Most of lolcow isn't even feminist, they just don't tolerate the male/tranny bullshittery.

No. 858798

And even if a woman is actually fit and healthy that's still not good enough for anons so they start making "tranny" comparisons. There's no middle ground.
What does raping and killing even have to do with this..that still doesn't make nitpicking any less annoying

No. 858800

Probably. I just don't get caring so much about a random woman's body shape unless it's an ana-chan or death fat HAES supporter. The anons shitting on celebs gaining 5 kg must feel very bad about themselves.

No. 858813

This, I legitimately don't give a fuck what other women's bodies look like. Even when I was an insecure teen I only cared about looking too fat myself, I don't get what drives people to nitpick that hard as if they're going to change anyone's mind.

No. 858815

Capitalism has ruined western feminism to it's very core, it's an obsession with being "Iconic" or being "girlboss" or other shit, materialism and individualism is encouraged these days
no one cares about the collective, the greater good for womankind.

No. 858831

Mermaid type dresses and better hip hugging dresses are so beautiful imo. I hate ballgowns as well. And want to see more loose, wavy hair like the 1950s, rather than ugly buns

No. 858836

Wired all the way. The sound isnt compatible. And i hate any phone that removes my audio jack. Why would i want to worry about charging another item already?

No. 858846

I think any political label should come with mandated service. You don't get to call yourself a feminist unless you spend one hour a week volunteering your time to helping women & girls. And you can't just donate money, it has to be your time, and it has to be direct action. Same with any label: oh you're such a communist? Not until you clock in at the farm. Alt-right? Go picket an immigration centre or some shit, I don't care, DO something. We're all confusing politics with philosophy these days and getting mad at each other for abstract ideas while NOTHING GETS DONE on the ground.

No. 858849

since I decided this for myself I actually stopped calling myself a feminist, a liberal, gender critical, all that shit… because looking at my schedule,I clearly dont give enough of a shit to spend my time on those causes, they were just a way to feel part of an internet clique and get easy dopamine for feeling right about trending topics.

No. 858852

I really like this and agree

No. 858853

if i call myself GC do i just spend an hour a week harassing FtMs?

No. 858869

File: 1626795589400.jpeg (105.58 KB, 914x723, 3F41D37D-B746-4CB1-9D63-E1CBCD…)

But strapless dresses are unflattering on anyone who isn’t a busty pear or hourglass, and even then you’d need to wear a ton of shapewear and have thin arms. Ballgowns don’t look dated because they haven’t been in style in well over 40 years, they aren’t associated with any particular era.

Besides, your wedding will inevitably end up looking dated because time goes on. A wedding is a snapshot of a moment in time, you shouldn’t worry about being trendy, just focus on what you love. Those rustic Pinterest mason jar barn weddings are going to look just as dated as puffy 80s sleeves in another decade but it’s fine if someone did that for their wedding. As long as it was their choice.

another unpopular opinion I have on wedding dresses is that we need to abandon the white dress stereotype. I know a lot about weddings is patriarchal and old fashioned but I wish brides were allowed more creativity.

No. 858876

thank you very very very very very much for this

No. 858881

I hate strapless ballgowns more than anything. I think they look dated because they're like an unflattering and basic shape. If you're going to go for ballgown at least do an a line or something flattering.

I agree weddings look dated no matter what and imo most weddings look tacky af. If I was to get married I'd have a small ceremony, decide where I want my photos to be because that's all you'll have of the day after it's done (apart from your partner lol). Every wedding I've been too I could not tell you how the room was styled or the flowers or even the colour palette the bride picked none of that shit. Such a waste of money. The dinners are agonising.

No. 858903

Patrol women's changing rooms and kick pervy men in the dick if they enter.

No. 858910

oh i've already paid my dues for when i worked in a fashion store then. score.

No. 858934

I remember once about 7/8 years ago a staff member at a dressing room entrance directed me to the mens rooms at the opposite end of the store… I'm like 5"4 and pretty small in build. Apart from having very short hair I don't get it. I was trying on some mens tees so part of wondered if they took me as as ftm but then I queued up at the womens for a reason? I went along with it but in retrospect I kinda wish I hadn't. I was shocked and didn't want a whole awkward convo about how I'm clearly a woman. Or maybe that's not clear lol

No. 858938

Its anglo food

No. 858945

File: 1626801951104.jpg (233.18 KB, 1200x1200, Girls aloud.jpg)

Your post remind me of how awful Girls Aloud looked in their long, strapless gowns. They all have really nice bodies too, yet it looked horrendous. I agree it's a difficult style to pull off.

No. 858956

Ngubu, you see chav Britton food in its dai was quite peng innit bruh
Bu durin the world wohs our recipes got alteed innit dueh toh the woah rationing so british food todaih doesn't taste quiah like british food from bacintaday my luv

No. 858958

I hate that I understood everything despite being ESL

No. 858962

I only looked up pics of these lately when I randomly remembered their existance. I used to know a guy with a high heel/stocking fetish and he was obsessed with them. When I looked them up lately I could see why he was drawn to them. Heels, stockings and body hugging dresses galore.

No. 858965

Also ESL and wondering what peng is.

No. 858968

Attractive, good.
I don't know why I know this, I live in Bosnia.

No. 858991

File: 1626804648118.jpg (526.39 KB, 1000x1000, girls-aloud-50a10d333f89b.jpg)

I hope one day 'chav' becomes taboo. People with regional dialects/accents aren't stupid and speaking a corrupted form of English. I hope you're actually from the UK, because it's extra pathetic when foreigners take on native prejudices.

Yeah, seriously hot. I understand completely lol.

No. 858992

oi ets chewsday, innit?

No. 859000

Brits cannot dress for shit. Horrible image.

No. 859001

File: 1626805671674.jpg (55.21 KB, 640x640, pepp.jpg)

No. 859002

I had a crush on Sarah as a teen. She went on to have addiction problems and the press were cruel. Now she has breast cancer that looks likely to kill her and they love her again.

No. 859012

we live in a world where making a generalization or poking fun at almost any group for any reason is grounds for losing your job and you wanna add chavs to the protected classes because else it's not dystopian enough i guess

No. 859013

where are you from? depending from you country your own history might have worse stuff in it than having to ally with germany against soviet union because nobody else was giving any significant help against being invated and losing independence

No. 859014

Its nit almost every group and you know it

No. 859015

No. 859021

I'm Polish, and no

No. 859023

you don't think it's not funny to hate on nazis while hoping that russians would wipe out a whole population of people even if you didn't stop to think about all the minority people's russians have fucked over and the forcd population replacements they have done, moving whole group of people's to siberia and so on

also polish are womanhating homophobes so maybe you all should die too

No. 859031

I hate the Soviet regime as much as anyone but I hate Nazis more. It is stupid to imply that your government did not have a choice. You live in the middle of nowhere and nobody cares about you enough to attack you. Soviets practically gave you independence and you still sided with Nazis because? There are what, five people who live in your country? What could Russia want from you?

And thanks, I see you still have the old Nazi spirit going strong

No. 859034

lmao oh my god

keep voting away your abortion rights sweaty etc miss kurwa kurwa kakschchzykjzykjjskus kshjgkzykyzkykklikkzik

No. 859038

File: 1626808412633.jpg (65.42 KB, 1280x720, typical finn.jpg)

No. 859039


still having to suck the finn teet i see, we rule the internet and there's nothing zykjkyzzjzkzjyzjks can do about it

No. 859048

File: 1626809091620.jpg (54.73 KB, 750x1065, EkYS0VrXgAExlaS.jpg)

No. 859052

File: 1626809396595.png (221.93 KB, 280x298, gfgfgfgfggggg.png)

once again we fall for the divide and conquer plot… mistakes were made…

No. 859059

> after it's done (apart from your partner lol). Every wedding I've been too I could not tell you how the room was styled or the flowers or even the colour palette the bride picked none of that shit. Such a waste of money. The dinners are agonising.

Sounds like you just went to bad weddings held by people you didn’t like, anon. Weddings that are fun with your loved ones are a great time and they can be beautiful. If you don’t want a big wedding, that’s fine. No one should be pressured into something they don’t want. And I agree that most strapless ballgowns are ugly. The best style is off the shoulder ballgown.

No. 859060

this will never happen in the social media age

No. 859065

I was bridesmaid at two of them and I could tell you the colour scheme of my dress but that's about it.

No. 859102

I sorta agree, this is why I don't consider myself a feminist despite alligning with most ideas, but at the same time, this would probably cause more chaos and violence considering the actions you'd take would often clash with the actions of opposing groups.

No. 859147

Being whitepassing doesn't exist, you're just white, halsey.

No. 859156

High school friends said she was embarrassed about her heritage and hid it. Now it's fashionable she's black lol. Stupid bint.

No. 859162

There was a rumor in my HS that I was white and adopted. My mom is 100% black and I have a light olive skin tone. I got bullied by both white and black people over my race. Not racebait, but I wanna know what you would call this situation anon. I agree that most "white passing" people on Twitter are just white and being tards but genetics can do some weird shit sometimes.

No. 859176

its racism. people hate whoever looks a bit different but we already knew that. this type of stuff is really dependent on how your phenotypes appeared, like someone in the celebricows thread said, halsy is a black as obamas daughters are white, but you dont see malia and sasha trying to push being white for media attention.

also i have a half brother and we both have white dads but my brother was born with pale white skin and black hair so nobody thinks he's mixed or black. I was born with the lightskin and curly hair so people automatically assume im black/mixed.

This is also why americas race situation is so fucking retarded if you consider how people look globally.

sorry if this leads to racebait

No. 859182

slight derail but i always feel so sad when i hear about anyone non-white that was bullied for their skin color, etc in high school because i went to a really small school in the rural midwest that was 99% white and the ones that weren’t white were always the most popular and loved because they were so different/a “novelty”. which i guess is still weird/has hints of racism but it has to be a more positive experience than the opposite, right? i wish you all could’ve gone to my school and been popular instead.

No. 859183

>halsy is a black as obamas daughters are white
Not true, unless I'm mistaken about Halsey. She has 3 white grandparents/1 black gp, her father being half-black. So, she's 3/4 white approx and looks 100% white. With the Obama daughters it's flipped, 3 black grandparents, father half-white, making them 3/4 black approx.

No. 859187

didn’t you just describe what you quoted?

No. 859188

samefag. Actually, I'm wrong. The average African-American is 24% European. So it's very likely the Robinsons have a fair amount of Euro ancestry, Obama girls could be be as "white" as Halsey. But, then that's the legacy of the white drop rule.

Sorry, I don't understand? I probably misread lol, ignore my comment.

No. 859210

there is no point arguing with men who want women younger than them because these men have already made their mind up about women never maturing past a certain age, in their head there is no difference between an 18 year old and a 28 year old and a 38 year old mentally. it's just pointless to even engage in conversations about it if it's brought up because all you're doing is making them feel good because they're spiteful toward women their own age.

No. 859215

not an unpopular opinion, everyone knows not to argue with the mentally challenged

No. 859217

The Shannon drama killed this site and newfags feast in its corpse

No. 859219

We should be honest and just tell incels they're right. Really, we don't want their ugly asses. I don't get why other people coddle them and make out they have a chance when they really don't. It's better off for low status men to accept their place.

No. 859221

you're implying inceldom has more to do with their looks and not largely to do with their heinous characters

No. 859224

lmao well keep their henious behavior away from women. Do we really want them dating women? Think about it.

I do think it's mostly about looks with them because het women are retarded and will excuse any dumbass male behavior when he's tall.

No. 859233

that is true but i have also seen (in even more cases) women dating butt ugly men just because
i doubt any of those dudes had incel character

No. 859251

Incels and men are annoying when they go on about not having a chance with women. I hate being told indirectly some low confidence dude is asking around if I'm available but never approaches me himself. Men are retards. Yes not every man that speaks to a woman gets lucky, but literally that's the jumping off point. I've had dudes tell me they were interested after I started seeing someone else. Like shot your shoot if you want me. That's how I've dated conventionally ugly men. They had the balls to ask me out and were interesting to talk with.

No. 859325

I think them not having a social network causes their inceldom for the most part. We all know uggos can get any woman if he works on skills and personality. They act like going up to stranger woman and asking her on a date will work… Like bro. Pretty sure they're just jealous of Chad treatment.

No. 859335

I've seen beautiful women dating ugly ass men who are average height, so no it's not that. Not to mention a lot of women don't know their worth and a good portion of them also try to fix a guy, if an incel can't even get one of these women he must be giving off 100 red flags.

No. 859342

nonny I'm about as fat and hairy as most scrotes, some women just don't have worth to begin with

No. 859349

NTA, but that's literally what anon said. Halsey is as black as Obama's daughters are white (ie it's the opposite, but Obama's daughters don't push themselves as biracial or call themselves white just because they're 1/4th white, while Halsey does both those things when she's 1/4th black).

No. 859354

>some women just don't have worth to begin with
That's just not true.

No. 859355

Baths are not replacements for showers, if you take a bath while you're dirty you're just sitting in your own grime

No. 859360

Agreed, baths are for relaxation.

No. 859364

I don't think it's a popular opinion to think baths replace showers

No. 859368

yeah unless you’re like a toddler kek

No. 859386

All the women I've met who don't see anything off about calling vaginas "fishy" also love baths. It's not a coincidence.

No. 859393

They think fishy is normal cause they have bv from the hot ass-soup they soak in.

No. 859418

Yes that was what I was implying based retard.

No. 859419

You should get better at implying then?

No. 859435

nta but I thought it was clear

No. 859449

NTA either and I agree, I think it's that nona who should work on reading between the lines

No. 859692

Roses by Outkast is an incel song

No. 859698

i'll do you one better all of fall out boys music especially take this to your grave and the FUCT album is incel tier. But i still love them lol

No. 859724

i like outkast but the lyrics of that song have always made me cringe

No. 859764

>Soviets gave you independence
Did you flunk history or does being retarded just come naturally to you?

No. 859765

Writers for TV shows and Youtube shows have such a shitty grasp of the English language nowadays, that I blame them for the dumbing down of today's generations.

No. 859936

something bugs me when women say “misandrists will never collectively terrorize men the same way men terrorize women” but like… i kind of wish we did that. i wish more women would just collectively terrorize and make men very afraid

No. 859945

as is all hip hop

No. 859951

Ignore people who don't know any history, it's okay anons.
My unpopular opinion is that pears are disgusting, they are somehow gritty, yet moist and dry at the same time? Just have an apple.

No. 859962

Men are dangerous when scared, they'll attack like a spastic. It's much better to be intimidating and threatening so they just don't try any shit with you.

No. 860013

Same with Weezer, I can't help but judge women who are fans of them

No. 860018


Strange fruit.

No. 860051

I find it ridiculous how there are so many call outs for "predators praying on MINORS!!11!" when the "predator" in question just turned 20 and the minor is 17 about to turn 18. It's frankly retarded. A 16 year old dating a 18 year old is generally perfectly fine. This hyper focus on the age of consent by young people is retarded, I literally see 18-19 year olds say stuff like "As a mature adult at 18, I must protect these small fragile 17 year old minors".

No. 860055

File: 1626909743904.jpg (125.66 KB, 943x725, B0ro3v3.jpg)

Men's biggest fear is a lack of access to women, so the natural inclination we have (just wanting to be left the fuck alone) is, in fact, inflicting severe violence on men from their perspective. We terrorize them just by living a good life on our own.

No. 860084

The creme part of an oreo is the worst part. It’s unfair that they’ll make things like double stuffed or most stuffed oreos so plebs who like the creme get to have more of what they like but people who just like the cookie only have one variation of fun with the golden oreo.

No. 860092

wouldn't work out in the long run, men would just use women terrorizing them as an excuse to take a shit ton of rights away. Closest thing to harming them without jeopardizing future generations of women is to separate from them

No. 860101

in the midst of all these depressing comments your stance on cookies is a pleasant summer breeze. I stan your oreo creme hate, fuck the middle part of oreos, be free anon, live your wildest cookie dreams

No. 860107

Wow I didn’t even bother scrolling up and I’m just gonna pretend none of that exists lol. I do scrape off the creme when I eat oreos and just throw it all out. I hate being wasteful but it’s not even that good!! I was brainwashed as a child. I think in an ideal world my would be partner would love oreo creme so we can live together in tranquility.

No. 860143

>an excuse to take a shit ton of rights away
They're already taking rights away in supposed first world countries, without any real reason (twans shit, prolife). Like 98% of the countries in the world don't have equal rights for women. Yeah I'm sure black slaves begged their masters very nicely to have rights. This don't retaliate and just be nice has worked so good for women in the past, hasen't it?

No. 860156

I though i was the only one who liked the cookie better. I don't hate the cream though, but i enjoy them better separated. I also like dipping my cookies in orange juice.

No. 860160

I used to like the creme more as a kid but now I like the cookies more. Will have to judge you a little bit on the OJ thing, but to each their own.

No. 860213

File: 1626923679233.jpg (63.23 KB, 625x500, ed5365315542ace941804e6848bf0c…)

I love manlets. Also even though I have always believed that tall men are objectively unattractive, in the past I was unable to imagine myself in a relationship with a shorter man (it seemed uncomfortable and strange to me). But after I have seen Lucilla and Commodus in gladiator together, I have changed my mind on this issue completely. A taller woman and a shorter man look so hot together, damn! Too bad that this kind of relationship is not properly represented in our culture, it isn't even seen as an option, really :(

No. 860216

>Inb4 I know that they are not in relationship and are brother and sister. I just like seeing them together, they look cool

No. 860220

vanilla oreos are the best oreos

No. 860232

>Will have to judge you a little bit on the OJ thing, but to each their own.
it tastes refreshing, trust me

No. 860459

Mm that is a hot dynamic, I get it. If only most manlets didn't have such a chip on their shoulder about it.

No. 860496

i want frenemies to come back. As much as i hate trisha and ethan i fucking loved that trainwreck of a show. It gave me something to look forward to. Why does trisha have to be so unhinged ugh. Dont they realize that no one cares about them separately!?

No. 860499

this makes me want to watch lovely complex again LOL.

i have a 4'll coworker and he is surprisingly the most handsome out of all the guys i work with. I'd fuck a short guy at least once it'd probably make me feel powerful LMAO. Get over here short stuff and climb me like a tree

No. 860502

Same I’ve always looked forward to that show, it was so entertaining!

No. 860531

File: 1626962967720.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x400, famous-wafers.jpg)

If you are in the states there are sometimes special/limited edition oreos that have like a graham cookie or something, maybe there have been different cookies too. I also think the cookie part is much tastier. There are those wafers that taste like oreo cookies that you are meant to put in desserts, but when I was a kid I would take them out and eat them plain

No. 860538

Most nonnies don't give a shit about others saging. They're butthurt over their opinions but don't want to look fragile and can't resist being passive aggressive. Almost all unsaged retarded newfag posts are tolerated but ones calling a girl ugly or manly or whatever. UGH COULD YOU SAGE YOUR SHIT NEWFAG kek.

No. 860548

I think this is a good insight that can even be extended to most types of control freaks.
If someone is unusually pressed over how some minor thing is executed, you can bet they have some underlying insecurity connected to it. So they try to act as an 'authority' to overcompensate and not seem as fragile as they actually are.

No. 860551

Holy shit I didn't know those were a thing!! They're made by the same company so maybe they are the oreo cookie sans the design and creme lol. I know Clarie made them on Gourmet Makes once, so maybe I'll just try making the cookie one day.

No. 860553

File: 1626965630894.jpg (90.65 KB, 1500x1500, 81fxdu-5VcL._SL1500_.jpg)

No. 860555

File: 1626965967650.jpg (42.07 KB, 404x513, maid.jpg)

Captain marvle wasn't a bad movie, it was just another mediocre capeshit marvel movie. It was okay imho. The men who legit hated this movie were mostly woman-hating scrotes, and the 'Brie Larson has a flat ass' meme was sexist

No. 860579

>Almost all unsaged retarded newfag posts are tolerated but ones calling a girl ugly or manly or whatever.
But they're not. which threads are you looking at?

No. 860609

I don't understand why so many women act like wearing a bra is the most uncomfortable thing in the world and they need to take it off at every opportunity. Wearing a bra is 1000x more comfortable than having your breasts just hanging there and flopping around. I only ever take mine off to bathe.

(And no, I don't believe the myth that wearing a bra gives you breast cancer. That's ridiculous, it's a piece of fabric that covers your boobs. Does wearing a shirt also give you breast cancer?)

No. 860610

RIP gourmet makes. the bon appetit yt used to be my shit.

No. 860623

Same, mine hurt without a bra. Also my nipples chafe against the fabric of my shirt without a bra.

No. 860756

Ok miss B cup

No. 860758

I miss it so much! I do like watching Claire's new show but I miss the chaos of the test kitchen lol

No. 860799

same. it gave me my little "living vicariously through new yorkers" fix too.

No. 860870

I have DD cups and that's why it makes no sense to me. Doesn't it stand to reason that the heavier they are the more uncomfortable it is to have them unsupported?

No. 860904

same here, i have huge boobs and going braless is really uncomfortable for me. they're just too heavy, i need the support

No. 860995

I think the whole "tomboy gf" shtick going on with anime fans and general pornsick men is perverting women who have athletic/muscular build. I hate the fucking meme so much why are they sexualizing and projecting their fantasies on women who lift? Why would they use a term generally directed towards kids/teens on grown women? I hope to god these fuckers never touch a woman in real life.

Also I think shrimp is disgusting. Regardless of how you cook it shrimp will always be disgusting and it doesn't help the fact that water pollution is rampant and they probably have micro plastics in them

No. 860997

Trap and femboy are the same shit just rebranded because now trap is considered offensive. Both are usually anime preteen-20s guys who dress in womens clothes with magically wider hips and womens legs. I don't understand why the rebrand of traps is suddenly considered less weird.

No. 861069

Simping for ugly men should get your misandrist card revoked.

No. 861071

it's pickmeism for men where they think they're special for deciding to fetishize a type of woman other than bimbo porn shit.

No. 861102

File: 1627019879721.jpeg (11.25 KB, 275x198,