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No. 854869

Ask random questions, let anons below reply to them.
>What's your favorite fruit?
The anon below will reply with
>Who was your rolemodel growing up?
Have fun.

No. 854873

What's your favorite color?

No. 854875

File: 1626374001097.jpg (105.12 KB, 736x736, 4e05ca4fd3f96ecdcc990482e3e87e…)


No. 854876

File: 1626374086186.jpg (788.63 KB, 1280x1606, tumblr_ef5c9b34248f15c9209c393…)

Gold / white

No. 854877

Why are you the way you are?

No. 854879

deep-seated depression

No. 854882

File: 1626374762811.png (449.22 KB, 500x702, why-canti-hold-all-these-chrom…)

I'm terminally retarded

No. 854884

All of my cousins scapegoating me as a child, gave me the biggest martyr complex ever, which in turn made me the most bullyable person on the planet. But then that made me an incredibly angry person too. It's a cycle. Push people away and then die for them.

No. 854885

Who was your childhood role model? Do you still look up to them as an adult?

No. 854889

Lara Croft. And yes, but not the new one.

No. 854890

What's your favorite animal and why?

No. 854891

Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to be kind, a beauty and a smart girl, I feel as I have fallen short and only mastered dating men with ugly inner beauty.

My question for anon is

What was the instance you thought "this is what love is?"

No. 854895

Guinea pigs. Literal walking potatoes.

No. 854897

Forgot my question
What's your favourite videogame?

No. 854899

File: 1626376042342.jpg (53.58 KB, 576x768, u2fme380f4l31.jpg)

What's the best compliment you ever received?
Hamsters because they remind me of myself

No. 854905

that i inspired someone i mentored

No. 854907

Favorite part of your day?

No. 854909

When I shit and leave it for male family to find.

No. 854912

what color is your reusable water bottle?

No. 854916

Peachy pink and it's like 1.2 liters so I just put it inside the fridge and get cold water everytime

No. 854917

I don't know about "the best", but my favorites have been someone telling me that and I am helpful or that I'm funny or even both at the same time! It brightens my day

No. 854928

File: 1626378145386.png (101.3 KB, 231x275, 1619926703820.png)

anon, i read all of that and i hope youre doing better now.

No. 854929

go back

No. 854931

been here since 2015, can't turn back

No. 854934

File: 1626378410078.jpg (77.78 KB, 1080x764, 1618231621780.jpg)

I appreciate that very much anon, thank you.


I'm sorry. I deleted it.

No. 855070

Green, color of nature, vegetables and mike wazowski

No. 855087

What did you last eat?

No. 855089

A liter of dairy queen chocolate icecream

No. 855093

dark choccy kitkat. first time trying them, theyre pretty good

No. 855112

Carrot cake with chocolate frosting

No. 855116

A place you'd like to visit? Bonus point if you post a picture

No. 855117

No. 855129

File: 1626397259353.jpeg (15.11 KB, 259x195, 44AFEF3E-3A89-43A4-9B94-8CC60D…)

Carterhaugh, Scotland

No. 855149

File: 1626401700009.jpg (226.77 KB, 736x1104, 881a3f0a13baeefdfada3ab5311f9c…)

South of Italy. My great grandmother is actually from there

No. 855154

File: 1626402341197.png (2.14 MB, 1824x1432, 1*t7UOu8W9TXtRGGEMhZTHrg.png)

Roden Crater, USA

No. 855156

File: 1626402441949.jpeg (40.49 KB, 392x478, C2EFC332-1E6E-428A-A97C-7897E3…)

The Watubela archipelago (and the adjacent archipelagos north and south), I wanna do geology there hnnngggggg

No. 855177

File: 1626404393750.jpg (104.02 KB, 500x501, e3097f4d80f37af2761f6b6670bca0…)

You can pick 1 (one) famous person of each zodiac sign to sleep with. Any sex. Who are you picking?
e-celebs are also allowed

No. 855182

so charming

No. 855186

I don't have 12 celebrity crushes whose zodiac signs I know that I want to have an orgy with. And the answer is just Kristen Stewart, whatever sign she is.

No. 855188

i want to visit italy so badly but i feel embarrassed to travel internationally as an american because i feel like we have an awful reputation as tourists and i don't want that stereotype projected onto me when i'm just trying to mind my business and take in the scenery/culture.

No. 855189

lmao it wouldn't be at the same time, not even the same day. I was thinking more one a month. Unless someone would actually want an orgy

She's Aries btw

No. 855192

nta but this might help anyone that wants to participate kek

No. 855217

Don't dress like an American tourist and you're probably good.

No. 855218

i would try as much as possible to blend in. maybe i can just lie and say i'm from canada if asked.

No. 855219

Here are mine. I have/had a crush in like 5 of these, the rest I just googled and picked the one I thought was cuter

Aries: Adrien Brody
Taurus: young Al Pacino
Gemini: young Paul McCartney
Cancer: Chris Pratt playing Andy Dwyer lol
Leo: Shawn Mendes
Virgo: young Keanu Reeves
Libra: John Krasinski
Scorpio: Adam Driver
Sagittarius: young Brad Pitt
Capricorn: young Eddie Vedder
Aquarius: young Axl Rose
Pisces: Kurt Cobain

No. 855228

File: 1626410221530.jpg (325.15 KB, 900x900, 1576013614282.jpg)

Who was your first celebrity/media crush? (anime, cartoons, movies etc)

No. 855231

File: 1626410582775.jpeg (618.07 KB, 750x1003, EECC1B62-3ADB-42B5-9F7C-55D251…)

andy brink brinker
i also shipped these two as an enemies to lovers couple lmao

No. 855238

you didn't give kurt cobain any modifiers so i can only assume you're going to mash your genitals on his lifeless corpse

No. 855246

Kek my only modifiers were related to age, so since he never actually got old, I thought it wasn't necessary…

No. 855262

Ok ok I'll play along

Aquarius: Natalie Dormer
Aries: Kstew
Cancer: Liv Tyler or Princess Diana
Capricorn: Florence Pugh or Katie McGrath
Gemini: Natalie Portman or 20s Brooke Shields
Leo: Cara Delevigne
Libra: Doja
Pisces: Rihanna
Sagittarius: Lucy Liu or Zoe Kravitz
Scorpio: Emilia Clarke
Taurus: Megan Fox
Virgo: Zendaya

No. 855423

It's a tie between two characters. No idea what's his name in the english localisation but the dragon guy in pokemon RBY and GSC. There's also the blue haired guy from Clamp Detective School, can't believe Clamp ruined my life this early.

No. 855638

File: 1626461393877.jpg (101.55 KB, 480x640, 9622fba538d13c85148a90b1a5c664…)

Which era are you going back to to live for 6 months?

No. 855647

lmao that's one of the biggest things that give you away as a burger

No. 855649

Early 2000s

No. 855651

File: 1626462808596.png (634.71 KB, 2048x1373, Screenshot_20210716-141308.png)

Rome, in the 40's

No. 855652

What sounds are you most avoidant of?

No. 855653

okay so what are you supposed to do then? i’ve gotten literally no advice other than don’t dress like a tourist:

No. 855655

When my family traveled to Europe, we would never say we were American, we would say "we're from San Francisco" and they always loved it and would be playfully envious.

No. 855664

Anything between the 70s and the 90s
Why didn't my textbooks include this kek a true historical cow

No. 855666


No. 855674

Chewing and running water misophonia

No. 855679

What's a useless fact you never forgot after learning it?

No. 855682

lobsters have their hearts in their heads.

No. 855685

Please come. As long as you're not annoying (and you're not cause you're worrying about it) everything will be fine! It probably would be even if you were annoying.

No. 855687

Many, I used to read national geographic junior a lot as a kid. For example spiders have transparent blood, blondes have more hair follicles than brunettes, giraffes have the same number of neck vertebra as humans (of course it's obvious but it blew my mind when I was a kid)

No. 855688

File: 1626466843277.jpeg (15.18 KB, 350x350, zorori.jpeg)

When I was in gradeschool I had a weird crush on Zorori but thank god I didnt turn into a furry

No. 855692

two pieces of styrofoam rubbing together

No. 855693

ty italianon

No. 855711

What’s something that makes you happy just to think about?

No. 855718

If I have plans with my friends

No. 855730

No. 855733

Does anyone really want to know the answers to this stuff or do they just enjoy answering questions like it's a BuzzFeed quiz?

No. 855742

I think if you're bored it can be fun to answer questions, that's the reason Buzzfeed quizzes go around so much. But for me I think hearing other anons' answers is more fun. It's kind of like a snapshot into someone's life even if it's something as innocuous as their favorite color, idk why but it's heartening.

No. 855746

What was the first song that ever made you cry?

No. 855753

complicated by heavens to betsy

No. 855755

vienna by billy joel

No. 855760

No. 855787

Cringe, but Hello by Evanescence

No. 855793

Adrian by Jewel. I was like…8 when I first heard the song. Kek I bawled like a baby.

No. 855794

File: 1626481348489.jpeg (62.2 KB, 588x546, mary_quant_and_models_at_the_q…)

1960s for sure, I want to see the fashion in real time. And experience Swinging London or the British Invasion.

No. 855796

why cringe? it's a touching song about Amy Lee's dead sister

No. 855866

File: 1626485103375.jpg (8.67 MB, 2236x11180, pixlr_20210716222243356.jpg)

Which one is your favorite, nonnettes?

If I was to pick just one, it'd be the 1998.

No. 855870

1959 she looks like a bad btch

No. 855874

File: 1626485554014.jpg (351.95 KB, 1080x1501, IMG_20210717_023205.jpg)

This bitch was my favourite

No. 855877

68 is pig nosed but I like it the most. 76, 98, and 95 are the prettiest to me.

No. 855879

'68 &' 77 have great hair.
2002 is stunning.
It takes a turn in the mid 2000s

No. 855892

I’m going to have sex with Agrippina the Younger and nobody can stop me

No. 855900

File: 1626487409473.jpeg (162.14 KB, 750x985, 22A5D787-E9E7-453A-9980-E4D5F4…)

This mf

No. 855902

95 is the cutest but also I can’t help but notice how much it looks like JonBenét Ramsey.

I also like 62 & 04

No. 855908

I love the bright blue eyeshadow she had in the 80's. 1985 is my favorite.
2010's barbie looks… wide

No. 855949

File: 1626491656150.jpeg (62.26 KB, 554x609, 626E3DFA-2548-47D1-A1BB-FB13C8…)

What’s your favorite color/texture/type of wood? I love walnut and hate oak.

No. 855952

I want to be friends with ‘76.

No. 855955

Hawaiian Koa, Poplar, and Red Cedar are my favs from this list, the colors are so pretty. I don't really like the birdseye maple though, the texture is off-putting.

No. 855988

I love Hawaiian Koa but I’ve always wanted to eat Birch. I like Maple, Aspen and Ash the most and I hate Cherry.

No. 855994

love koa hate pine

No. 856019

red cedar is clearly the superior wood

No. 856036

File: 1626500227492.png (2.11 KB, 362x62, fvefvfv.png)

Do you press "next" or "catalog" everytime?

No. 856039

Next if I'm bored, catalog of I'm looking for something specific

No. 856041

i used to exclusively use the catalog but i’m browsing by page mostly recently

No. 856053

/snow/ I exclusively use catalog. /ot/ and /g/ I browse 50/50 catalog and page by page.

No. 856059

They all look slightly possessed but 1999, she looks super friendly and loyal

No. 856066

1967/1970, she's amazing. I own a vintage doll with this mold but she desperately needs a new body. Her TNT one doesn't match the color of her face and was ruined by the previous owner anyway. Superstar mold is iconic though and I like the early Generation Girl faces before they were ruined

No. 856075

>They all look slightly possessed
1980 is full on "your mother sucks cocks in hell"

No. 856161

1969 is hot

No. 856163

69 reminds me of France Gall, so that one.

No. 856255

No. 856258

1979 because she's the most retarded looking just like me

No. 856262

1985 is l i t e r a l l y me, she’s cute.

No. 856263

File: 1626530614251.jpg (175.2 KB, 768x1024, 13937693753_5e912e79d1_b.jpg)

I loved that one!
I really wanted pic related, she was my favourite

No. 856269

Should I do the effort of putting aside an hour to do my makeup/hair to go work a 2-9 shift at my 13/hour job or should I just be a lazy fuck and dick around online for a few hours then just take a quick shower before I go to work?

No. 856273

makeup is dumb anon just relax and dick around

No. 856277

1959, 1967, 1969, 1972 and 1973 are my favorites. They're pretty in a kind of creepy way.
1983, 1995, 2000, 2002 and 2009 are pretty too.

No. 856287

I'm ayrt and I had that style barbie you posted lol! I was mad into barbie. My mum use to be a child minder and gave most of mine away or the kids would steal them lol, I've still got inline skating barbie complete with her skates lol. Might take her into the grave. I completely forgot about those overalls in pic. God I miss the 90s

No. 856291

Never realized just how much Barbie reflects the beauty standards of the time that she is made/released.
1977 looks like a pretty girl who would bully me but I’d still crush on her. 1979 looks like a crackhead mugshot. 1995 looks like a Texas Pageant mom.1998 looks sweet and pretty. 2002 is a bad bitch.

No. 856302

How are Barbie dolls creepy, wtf are you guys on lmfao. Even the odd ones don't compare to any actually creepy doll

No. 856311

1956 and 1998 are my faves
1974 looks like Amy from Amy’s Baking Company lol

No. 856326

File: 1626536290472.jpeg (519.74 KB, 909x1533, tumblr_pqf4p3iwH11uop7wfo1_128…)

I liked the Malibu Barbie (1971) the best but I hate the outfit she came with. Seeing the ones before 1971 make me kind of sad, apparently even a female doll had to look sideways to be "modest" and the straight-forward eyes came as a response to the feminist movement.

No. 856337

File: 1626537237700.png (353.44 KB, 264x508, 2021-07-17 11_53_07-Window.png)

this bad bitch was my favorite when i was little. i think its the 95 or 96 face.

No. 856342

>apparently even a female doll had to look sideways to be "modest" and the straight-forward eyes came as a response to the feminist movement
do you have any source on that? Because it sounds bs to me. The doll Barbie ripped off (Bild Lilli) was an erotic cartoon character and she also had those sideways looking eyes. She certainely wasn't meant to be looking modest, rather sexy. I've always found those sideways looking eyes definitely more 'seductive' than modest.

No. 856348

I can't remember specifically but it was probably a song by Jacques Brel. My mom always made me listen to songs which had "pretty" (read sad) lyrics and my sensitive ass always tried her hardest to choke back the tears, I've always hated crying in front of people.

No. 856372

I found where I got that idea from, it was The Toys That Made Us (Netflix) season 1 episode 2 at 25 minutes. That was just an interpretation of someone who they interviewed though, I agree that the sideways eyes came from the Bild Lilli doll.

No. 856395

File: 1626543884265.jpg (70.74 KB, 650x438, 43369598.jpg)

Thanks! I need to watch that episode. It seems crazy to me that someone looked at classic Barbie's face (which started the side-glance trend in the series) and though 'yeah, this is clearly meant to signalize modesty'. Original Barbie looks like a femme fatale checking out the next sucker or a snobby Stacy, but definitely not a modest lady.
Fun fact: the clone dolls Fulla, which definitely are supposed to be modest (to the point that the male doll is marketed as her brother, not even a friend) also is looking to the front. Though I guess it doesn't mean much, since she 100% rips of Barbie (I think that even the mold is stolen, though I'm not sure if from Mattel)

No. 856398

sidenote but I cannot find photos of actual male Fulla dolls, so I may be misremembering the details. Pretty sure she at least has a brother according to the Fulla lore

No. 856402

Has the lockdown/pandemic made you more introverted or otherwise? Before the pandemic, I used to hang out with friends at least once a week, but now I feel like that's so draining. I'm happy when someone cancels a hangout.

No. 856406

I love the 59 one kek, it has such a different vibe from the others. I had an aerobic Barbie with the 95 face, but couldn't find the exact model. Also I had the mermaid Barbie that >>856337 anon had but I broke it somehow and it stopped changing the color of her tail kek

No. 856623

No, because I was essentially a shut-in already, being a NEET and all. Outside of my roommates, I'd only see a handful of friends a handful of times a month, which was actually quite a bit for me. I was probably doing more socializing in late 2020-mid 2021 than any time since I graduated college. But now I moved back into the country and I've left the house exactly one time in the past three weeks. Has nothing to do with the lockdown. That's just my life.

No. 856649

I've always been introverted but even I'm surprised by how much of a relief lockdown is. Fortunately I can still work and see my family but I get a break from friends and acquaintances, my hobbies/sports and an excuse to not even consider dating. It's like having a breather from real life.

No. 856660

Should I have a drink today? I'm cutting back and I drank yesterday (only a little) after a week without drinking.
Should I drink and play sims today? Or drink coffee and play sims?

No. 856667

Drink coffee. Alcohol is disgusting and full of calories. Quit drinking that shit.

No. 856684

I don’t think it’s made me more introverted/extroverted but it’s definitely made me get stir crazy faster. I’m always itching to get away from my house, even if I just got back from being away from home for several days. I have no classes or work and am just finishing my thesis so it feels like a prison.

No. 856782

Maybe, I don't hang out with people as much as I did before. I've always been a solitary person, but now doing stuff with friends feels like a drag. I was also well on my way to date a guy but the successive lockdowns fizzled out my interest in him, I wonder if he feels the same way about me.

No. 856924

What's the stupidest/smallest thing you've ever stolen?

No. 856928

File: 1626601959457.jpg (44.76 KB, 500x500, sucker.jpg)

One of these when I was around 9 or 10. The owner of the store was pumping gas outside and told me to grab my stuff and put my money on the counter. I only paid for one but grabbed two. I don't feel bad about it now (obviously) but at the time I dwelled and stressed about it enough that I remember it clearly today.

No. 856943

what's your favorite musician?

No. 857001

It changes frequently, I'll have to give categories and moods or something.

Bands since adolescence: blink 182, rancid, green day, byop
Band of the moment: NoFX
Girl band: BLACKPINK!
Specific album from a band: Who Killed The Zutons (I needed to give the Zutons a shout out!)
Here We Go - Tuuli

Solo: Charli XCX, Marina, Sky Ferreira, Kanye West, Anderson Park, Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Ozzy/Sabbath (I'm aware the latter is a band)

Guilty Pleasures: demi lovato, selena gomez and pretty much that era of Hollywood records with miley, aly and ah etc it was a different time

No. 857006

No. 857019

What’s the one piece of clothing you own that’s gotten the most wear?

No. 857024

Won't say all of them but HEALTH, The Birthday Massacre, Manic Street Preachers, Crystal Castles, Hole, Linkin Park and Lana Del Rey

No. 857037

my winter jacket and docs

No. 857052

Joanna Newsom and Kate Bush

No. 857142

They're mainly bands, but I have a special place in my heart for Ween, Mr. Bungle, Oingo Boingo, Boards of Canada, The Beach Boys, Crywank and Underworld.

No. 857166

I had a pair of gap jeans I probably wore 4x a week for over five years but the knees and back pockets wore out last month.

No. 857174

Would you enter a relationship with yourself? Why/why not?

No. 857176

My brown suede birkenstocks, black timberlands, and adidas stan smiths

No. 857178

I’d definitely have a one night stand with myself but I’d want to date someone who thinks and behaves differently than me

No. 857182

1966 is stunning and I like her makeup the most

No. 857198

I'd eat myself out but no way in hell I could stand to be in a relationship with myself

No. 857325

yeah, we would have to hire a maid though

No. 857361


No. 857388

I’d have a super toxic hypersexual relationship with myself where we have lots of threesomes, tbh.

No. 857661

Yes. I'm just really great ok.

No. 857740

Wow, imagine that powermove of a Tinder profile. "We're a two-person deal, take it or leave it."

No. 857756

File: 1626691316480.jpg (270.19 KB, 1200x1200, p033zkg9.jpg)

I like both light green and light purple

No. 857836

when i could not look at him when he smiled at me
it was just a crush and i haven't heard of him in more than a decade, but i still think about him, goddamn, i literally had orgasms (once or twice) when he said my name

What's the worst movie ever?

No. 857912

28 year old virgin here, who's an older virgin than me?

No. 857994

May i ask why are you a virgin? I am about to turn 20 and still a virgin.

No. 858064

I don't care about sex and dating in general, it has never bothered me.

No. 858307

31yo virgin here. Nobody knows but myself since I'm a well-adjusted adult otherwise but I have sexual trauma and can't be intimate. Doesn't really bother my life in any way to be honest.

No. 858310

Do you have the wet or dry earwax? I have the latter.

No. 858319

Wtf I was just talking about this with my mom, I have dry!

No. 858323

What is the most disturbing video you have watched online?

No. 858324

So much ear wax talk across the threads lol, but I have dry mostly.

No. 858326

A man in china kneeling down in traffic in front of an HGV and putting his head under one of forefront back tyres and killing himself.

No. 858333

i used to have male friends that subjected me to efukt videos on a regular basis because they thought it was funny to gross me out. so who could even say what the worst one was?

No. 858337

some guy throwing his unconscious drugged out girlfriend out on the balcony in the freezing cold, while livestreaming. She died of hypothermia

No. 858352

I have technically watched worse things but the tape of The Station nightclub fire breaking out is one of the worst for me. Something else about how fast it descended into pure pain and chaos for so many and nothing could be done. Some of those screams will never leave me.
Some indian guy who got cut in half after trying to kill himself at the train tracks was also horrifying.

No. 858357

I’m sure I’ve seen worse ones but the one that first comes to mind is the guy who was live-streaming near that huge factory explosion that happened in China a while back. If you slow it down frame by frame you can see the huge shock wave as it travels down the alley towards him, with walls jumping up as if they’re in a cartoon. Livestream cuts out as it hits him obviously. It’s not one that’s gory or anything but it’s fascinating and terrifying.

No. 858380

I’ve had the opportunity to watch this several times and have made a point not to because of the number of people I’ve heard from who regret seeing it.

I have looked at diagrams of the scene and read the wiki page though. Morbid curiosity.

No. 858393

I think it was this video of a middle aged woman being run-over more than once by some fucker where her legs got completely chopped off. I saw it on accident like 15 years a go and it was super quickly, so sometimes I think I have made it up, but then I remember the comments regarding it and they were so specific that I couldn't possibly have made it up

No. 858398

Not the most disturbing on the whole internet, but definitely on youtube - it was a video of a brick crashing into the front window of the car on a highway in Russia. It's so fucking heartbreaking and I can't even listen to the audio because of just how horrible it is. You can hear the initial panic, the woman's voice hit by the brick gurgled by the pouring blood from her mouth, the crying kids in the back, the growing despair of the husband who cries out his wife's name, realizing he's losing her and starting to cry. Fuck, my heart got heavy even as i was typing that. Definitely not for the weak of heart.

No. 858404

I think I saw that too.

No. 858595

Snuff films, multiple. I was a stupid edgy teen that thought it made me look cool.

No. 858751

A Serbian Film when I was an edgy teen

No. 859591

File: 1626873650735.jpg (122.95 KB, 736x1104, cc9a658b16db169af137e4bb2189d5…)

What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

No. 859594

Q or B or M for English

No. 859595

I thought that was fried rice

No. 859598


No. 859605

S and A
R is my least favorite one, I especially find the pronunciation in my language harsh.

No. 859680

No. 859691

Umm did I do something wrong? You're being kind of short with me…

No. 859693

I dont know if it's still around but Passthetorch or something was a string of increasingly disturbing videos. The worst to me was an army man held hostage and his head was chopped off slowly or the #1 vid that was a murder evidence video of 2 teens killing a man or something.

No. 860017

File: 1626904970823.jpg (30.76 KB, 512x497, k.jpg)

Has anyone here ever recovered from bulimia, and do you have any advice? I've been doing it for over five years, since I was 15, the longest "break" I ever had was a couple of months at 17 when I was just starving mysef. My teeth are somehow still (seemingly) intact and I want to do the responsible thing for once in my life and quit before I destroy my body. I feel like I never learned how to eat normally

No. 860026

i did in high school, but it was only something i struggled with for 2 years. honestly the only thing that helped me was finally admitting it to my boyfriend at the time and sister and having them help hold me accountable. i didn’t want to disappoint them so the internal guilt of not purging after eating eventually became less than the guilt of lying to them about it. i hope you’re able to recover and if you don’t have a support system, i believe you can do it.

No. 860053

Yoooo nonnie I feel you.
Bulimic from 13-19, anorexic from 19-22.
Shit felt inescapable and doomed.
Teeth are beyond repair, needed dentures by 20.
Not sure how to get better since I went from one disorder to another, but keeping it secret will fuck you fast.
Deciding that “I eat and puke all the food so buying no food and isolating myself at home will help” is a shit plan for anything other than dying with your face in the fridge door.

Lots of what genuinely helpful sources say sound stupid and embarrassing. They say it cause it’s generally still really helpful stuff and getting over that bit of shame is an important step tbh.
What’s something you do or make that makes you feel productive or valuable anon? A hobby or sport or game, literally anything is good.

No. 860074

Thanks for your replies anons! My mom found out when I was 18 but I refused any help and now we don't talk about it. She would absolutely try help if I asked but it's very difficult for me to open up like that (plus she has her own weird issues with food)
>What’s something you do or make that makes you feel productive or valuable anon? A hobby or sport or game, literally anything is good
I know it's pathetic but the truth is that I spent my teenage years obsessing over being thin and hiding it from everyone, so I unironically have none of those.. During the past year I've tried picking up hobbies and playing games or reading like I used to but I lose interest immediately, idk if it's adhd or depression or i just fried my brain with too much internet. I'll keep trying though, I really want to change

No. 860473

Hi nonny, was severely bulimic (every day, multiple times) from like 13-18, then periods where it was really bad to just a few times a week all throughout college with some months of being “recovered.”
I won’t lie, I’m 27 now and still have days where I either throw up or abuse laxatives, but those are just bad moments, and I don’t usually spiral into full relapse anymore.
I think I felt the same as you, where I just. Really didn’t want to do it anymore, so I practiced, which sounds weird. I’d binge, and as much as I’d want to purge, I’d go lay down, stretch out on my back and stare at the ceiling until the compulsion to throw up passed. And sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t. I gained a bit of weight but didn’t balloon up entirely, and I’ve lost it again through mostly exercise and healthier eating. I think going to a doctor for support and guidance would be the best course, but I didn’t bc that wasn’t an option for me. Good luck, here if you need any more help. You can do it, you deserve recovery. Bulimia so fucking miserable.

No. 862001

anons i rlly want to make some friends (only female obviously) before going to college. ill be going abroad so I cant spend time making friends here since I'm moving very soon anyways. where can I make some online? I don't want to be completely alone. I have made some in college but I want some outside as the ones in my college aren't very much like me.

No. 862004

I'm recovered for 2 years now. I honestly just hit rock-bottom tho. I felt like I was going to die if I kept going, I kept having heart-palpitations, couldn't sleep, cold sweats. I thought if I kept going my heart would just give out and at some point the binge-food wasn't really worth it anymore either. It just wasn't worth all the pain.

What helped me stop is eating 3 regular meals and never getting into "binge-mode" where you have been starving yourself for so long you can't stop thinking about anything else but all the food you want to eat. It really is hard to force yourself to just eat like "a normal person" but you just gotta fucking fake it till you make it and you will feel so much better in just a short amount of time, I promise. Your brain is just all sorts of fucked up and it will get a lot better when you actually nurish it for a while. Try to just force yourself to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner like you think a normie would eat for a while and you will notice that your cravings will get much less intense.

It's still hard sometimes but you will feel a million times better and also not die.

No. 862090

Just wanna give my ED nonnies a big hug. That cycle i vicious as fuck. Really thought I was gonna die a bulimic.
what helped me was therapy. EDs are usually about some sort of control issue or trauma so I had to figure that out.
It sounds weird but during my worst breakup ever I just stopped.
Deep down I just wanted to be at peace and purging didn't calm me down anymore. I realized on top of all the hurting I just hurt myself more, idk it was weird and happened over the course of a few months.
Didn't t gain much weight in recovery, in fact my weight settled in a 'comfy enough' zone which actually helped calm me down. When i purged my weight would fluctuate like 8-10 pounds during one day so i never knew what my 'true' weight really was (which also contributed to my body dysmorphia).
Please tell someone you trust and who's understanding!
I barely told anyone for the 6 years i suffered and hid it. Just once i told a friend and one time I broke down in front of my ex he just said 'uh…. ok?' and that was it. I didn't have the people around me to handle that shit with empathy but it would've been much easier with support.
See a doctor, get bloodwork. Take magnesium tablets after purging. Go to a dentist and get that shit checked out, they don't judge they've seen it all. Sending you love <3

No. 862431

File: 1627174147524.jpg (167.29 KB, 900x1200, EXWgrpSU0AEDtSv.jpg)

I had bulimia for 2 years and stopped because one day I woke up like this (pic related). Also, moving into a house with several room mates, one bathroom and thin walls probably helped. I gained 13lbs and looked pretty rough for about a year. Then things got better. Now I'm thinner than I ever was with bulimia. My eating habits and body image still aren't completely normal, but manageable. Haven't purged for the past 5 years.

No. 862441

>one day I woke up like this
ugly? what are we supposed to be looking at?

No. 862477

NTA but fat cheeks maybe?

No. 862486

She woke up Asian, obviously.

No. 862497

can you guys chill tf out? she's talking about getting over an ED and you have to be mean as fuck, it's unnecessary.

No. 862501

she has a man-servant in the kitchen and y'all do not. So stay steaming and fuming, loserettes.

No. 862663

Congrats on getting better but how are you not afraid of posting your entire face here?

No. 862665

You woke up cute?

No. 862667

You woke up with a house-husband? Good stuff.

No. 862682

anon Dont post your face on imageboards, that is the worst move ever what the fuck anonette

No. 862686

What is your favorite flower?

No. 862692

Used to be sunflowers but at some point the look of the brown centre part started to creep me out. Not sure why. Maybe because it kinda looks like a bunch of bugs.
Now, probably narcissus or poppies. What's yours, anon?

No. 862701

Mine is actually sunflowers! I used to live somewhere where there was a lot of them, and I remember when I found out the middle was actually made up of smaller flowers I thought it was the best flower ever.
I like a lot of flowers though, like lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, and hyacinths. There's so much variety it's hard to choose.

No. 862703

File: 1627221268800.jpg (190.86 KB, 1079x1295, xnq7x2qobeh31.jpg)


No. 862704

I don't care or think too much about flowers but I like violets

No. 862713

Nike or Adidas?

No. 862717

ok lana del rey

No. 862723

File: 1627221972421.jpg (748.94 KB, 1372x1824, lemonade.jpg)

My question for the thread is, what's your favorite drink?
I feel sorry for you that you associate a beautiful flower with some nobody celeb. You need to get offline for a bit

No. 862725


No. 862726

Adidas in general, but in terms of actual athletic shoes Nike is pretty good

No. 862727

Nike lasts longer Adidas is more fashion forward. I prefer Nike

No. 862734

it's not that deep, it was just a joke

No. 862737

I didn't get the joke because I don't know anything about her

No. 862738

Alcoholic or non? Your pic looks like a fruit tingle cocktail and it's making me thirsty.

No. 862739

Gin & tonic or negroni in summer, manhattan in winter

No. 862757

Good ole h2o

No. 862758

Good ole h2o

No. 862795

File: 1627226985301.jpg (123.13 KB, 1068x1170, Cosmos_Cosmic-Orange-View3.jpg)

Orange cosmos. Any orange flower is cool though.

No. 862834

Have any mainland EU anons here ordered something online from the UK after the Brexit? If yes, what was your experience?

No. 862849

I like a really strong angry ginger ale.

No. 862881

I ordered some mica powder in the beginning of this year I think. Everything was fine, I don't remember how long it took to arrive.

No. 870235

File: 1627932251778.gif (4.11 MB, 358x204, hmmmm sip.gif)

Saw this posted elsewhere and added a spin to it:

Nonnies. If your mom/girlfriend or dad/boyfriend switched bodies, and you had to have sex with one of them to switch them back, which would you do and why?

Your boyfrined in your dad's body or your dad in your boyfriend's body? (switch genders for lesbian nonnies)

No. 870240

samefag but I asked my boyfriend this question if he would do me in his mom's bod or his mom in my body. He got irrationally angry at me (I guess I deserved it). But I'm curious what other people think. I personally feel like there's only one right answer.

No. 870242

My boyfriend in my dad’s body. The other option would be so much worse imo.

No. 870253

I bet you the /d/ scrotes all have perfect plans written out for that exact occasion

No. 870256

I don't understand a single word and I think that's sick

No. 870264

mayonnaise and cheese on Italian bread from subway that i left in the fridge from yesterday

No. 870266

Whaaat? I just feel like… like why even be physical with your family?? That's more terrifying to me.

yeah except it would probably be their sister and their mom.

No. 870273

yeah i'm not doing that, they can just stay in each other's bodies idgaf

No. 870282

File: 1627934631421.jpeg (163.5 KB, 750x937, A6EFA213-7F93-46AF-803B-8F6080…)


No. 870283

I mean both options are having sex with your dad so that’s gross but the idea of my dad actually fucking me, like him being mentally there, is worse to me.

No. 870288

But after the fact, he will always carry the knowledge that his body has "known" yours.
You're fucked either way.

No. 870299

File: 1627935631273.jpg (59.33 KB, 573x573, Secretg_650x.jpg)

Very cliche but I love roses. It doesn't help that roses are my ex's favorite flower but I think they're very pretty and I'd really like to give or receive a bouquet of them one day.

Also love hydrangeas, they're so beautiful!

No. 870300

I fucking hate even thinking about this, curse you anon

No. 870310

File: 1627937247404.jpg (61.61 KB, 427x640, c39caa277668b7b7be6a7d96ad6f3b…)

Cliche, bit yes, sunflowers!
It used to have a big sunflower (or at least it was big for my 5 yo self) that was taller than me at my grandma's house and it was right at the gate so it was always my first greeting. Shit I'm getting emotional

I also really like white roses and daisies.

Based. Orange is the best color

No. 884172

Lolcow sucks today thanks to the MOID visitor so let's have fun, tell me what your favorite game was to play as a kid.
My favorite game was to pretend I was a dragon with my friend and we would make a cave out of blankets

No. 884184

File: 1629230300441.jpg (34.62 KB, 640x360, 75163-1564505319.jpg)

My mum let me and my childhood best friend watch Thelma and Louise with her when we were like 6 or 7 and I became obsessed with it and I absolutely loved acting that out with my friend. I would always play as Susan Sarandon's character, I actually wrapped a shirt around my head and put on my mothers sunglasses like picrel to look like her kek. We would have our toy guns on us and we'd pretend drive like we were being chased by the cops. We'd have big shootouts and then re-enact the end of the movie by jumping over this small hill in my neighbourhood and rolling down it playing dead. It's some of the fondest memories of my childhood tbh.

No. 884187

That's so cute anon! My cousin and I used to pretend we ran an ice cream shop in the back of my aunt and uncle's van during car rides. I really wonder where that imagination went some days.

No. 884202

File: 1629231049564.jpg (137.54 KB, 856x1200, tumblr_osq5fs9mNU1rhurnpo1_128…)

That sounds like so much fun; when my brother was playing videogames, my friend and I would always pick a character and say "I am that one!!!", but we didn't play and pretend we were actually them, I don't get it why we did it now… I was Ashe in Final Fantasy XII and she was Fran

No. 884249

File: 1629233643350.jpeg (197.69 KB, 1500x1500, 3191955B-D167-45F1-B621-6A80AE…)

I used to play with my neighbor’s granddaughter with horses, we didn’t talk much while playing but we had lots of fun, I loved those horses so much.
It was kind of like pic related but the stable was red and the horses had actual hair if I remember correctly, my favorite horse was the cream one and she always picked the white one.
We would walk around the house while pretending that the horses were running around and doing horse stuff.

No. 884251

Oh man, that picture takes me back. I had a farm set very similar to that and I fucking loved the thing.

No. 884254

That's cute anon. I did something similar with my sister. We would point to the nastiest or ugliest character we could find and say "that's you" lmao

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the x men. I think my sister just enjoyed playing with me, not really into it the way I was but we would rp the characters and the stories revolved around random drama, never really fighting. I guess we tried to emulate what we saw on tv, the soap operas, but with crazy powers. One time we fought the heffalump from winnie the pooh though, I think that was the only fight ever.
I was always nightcrawler, gambit, and jean gray and my sister was cyclops, storm, rogue and sometimes professor X.

No. 884276

File: 1629235867091.jpg (161.81 KB, 1200x801, 1893364.jpg)

Anons, what is the most nostaligic smell/fragrance for you? I hope this is not a weird question kek, mine is rain on concrete

No. 884279

A Carolina Herrera perfume that my aunt and my mother used to wear a lot, it makes me feel safe and it brings me back to the time I would watch telenovelas with my grandmother and they would come back home from their jobs to hug me.
Also the smell of leather mixed with tridents, it reminds me of when I used to check their purses for shiny stuff to collect.

No. 884280

File: 1629236241266.jpeg (289.94 KB, 1500x1500, 677DEAFE-FDD3-4556-B29E-B51E2F…)

Samefag, this flavor in particular.

No. 884281

Gasoline and bread that just came out of the oven

No. 884301

Warm milk with honey

No. 884323

That's so wholesome, anon! I used to play pretend army with my childhood grade school buddies and fake scooby doo. We once went into a house of a family who moved out recently and it was so wild to see a huge bare bones house. We didnt even think it was illegal to be there because we were 12.

No. 884735

What's your fav anime/manga? If you read/watch it.

No. 892488

File: 1629982841289.jpg (80.65 KB, 550x440, 1543863445988-w550-36.jpg)

Get ready for me to be that one anon who's always asking you random questions because this thread is about to become my child.

What would you want to have as your last meal?

No. 892491

Manga: Oyasumi Punpun

Anime: Versailles no bara (it also has manga but I haven't read it yet).

No. 892496

Ojamajo Doremi

No. 892498

I would definitely love to have as my last meal something like Paella with white wine and Nutella biscuits for dessert.

No. 892507

manga: heart of thomas
anime: paranoia agent
probably nori rolls with avocado and mango curry sauce, and ube ice cream for dessert

No. 892514

No. 893058

Those both sound amazing, I feel so basic over here with my fried chicken and mashed potatoes. But I really fucking love chicken.

No. 893162

File: 1630038778482.gif (1.79 MB, 384x216, 9FC2A3DA-C24A-4234-A927-330D06…)

You’ve been invited to the lolcow.farm party! What do you do?

No. 893166

Who the fuck is that scrote in the back

No. 893167

They are FtMs

I look for pets after eating something

No. 893178

File: 1630041820809.jpeg (49.65 KB, 500x281, DKwhpGiXoAEzNPr.jpeg)

No. 893253

At some point there WILL be a fist fight so I simply wouldn't go to begin with.

No. 893257

File: 1630056258081.gif (1015.88 KB, 345x352, 1532208025090.gif)

Show up fashionably late and enjoy watching the drama as it descends into hell.

No. 893262

It probably wouldn't be that bad. I reckon most of the truly unhinged farmers are quiet as fuck in real life and all that's left are the reasonably normal ones.

No. 893265

Get shitfaced with other shy anons and everyone posting on the dumbass shit thread, then invite /m/ anons to put on some music.

No. 893274

File: 1630058901560.jpg (66.19 KB, 696x768, spinach-popeye-696x768.jpg)

pasta with olive oil and spinach and nutritional yeast

No. 893283

File: 1630060224555.jpg (271.37 KB, 2894x2410, furrylego.jpg)

what are useful feminist hobbies?
don't say exercise or retarded shit like pole dance

No. 893289

I mean…isn't the definition of a hobby that it is something you do for your enjoyment, not for usefulness??

No. 893290

Working at a womens shelter, cultivating friend groups with like minded women to support each other such as starting a book club, reading theory, connecting with nature via hiking/doing out doors stuff with women or by yourself to be self reliant, stuff that makes you self reliant or helps other women I guess. That's all I can really think of.

No. 893293

that's cool

No. 893307

Consume media made by women. Female authors, female singers, female directors. Consume female artistic culture

No. 893308

100% based and pinkpilled. Support women

No. 893316

foie gras and pepsi cola

No. 893329

File: 1630067890614.jpeg (101.81 KB, 500x297, s4eamxv.jpeg)

No. 893534

I have a personal question. Do you have a stripe of dark hair under your belly button? I used to have it when I was younger but I shaved it a few times and it just disappeared. So I was wondering if everyone just has that hair by default or if its appearance depends on some factors

No. 893598

Yes. I made the mistake of shaving it and they got ingrown and now I have a few fading scars of this ordeal. Please, never shave that shit.
I'm guessing some women have it and some don't. Heard it's common when you're pregnant.

No. 894045

I believe it's called "the happy trail" kek

No. 894093

If you could be reincarnated after death, what would you choose to be? Why? Explain your ideal life as another being.

No. 894097

An insect or a bird, probably a butterfly or bee. I just want to fly. Or a rat because i want people to fear me. Honestly i hope reincarnation isn't real i would hate to be alive more than once.

No. 894101

I have a few dark hairs around my belly button, they are few enough that I can just plug them. They just appeared one day.

No. 894107

File: 1630171013965.jpeg (84.58 KB, 444x640, 342E5A8B-8DE8-4699-8073-68A1AD…)

Me with my current family but in a better country. Or maybe a panther in a cool place like a natural park so I can have health care and such.

No. 894109

a pegasus in heaven

No. 894111

Mega based

No. 894114

A virus that causes zombification and that has a lot of fun

No. 894116

File: 1630171717893.jpg (147.43 KB, 728x806, 6f8838c498d8b591e2c1673deab68d…)

A very happy house cat

No. 894118

That's my pick too!!
Very cool, love this

No. 894125

I wouldn't want to be reincarnated, every other kind of being is just constantly afraid and fighting for their life, not knowing if they will be able to eat anything that day, not knowing if they will survive the night; if I really had to pick one I would pick a human again but I wouldn't want to live again, once is enough

No. 894225

Do you still listen to the radio?

And if yes, physical or online?

No. 894229

I would like to be a human again, preferably not in a war-torn country. If that isn't an option, I'd like to be a seagull with a hint of knowledge or feeling about my previous life, so I can spent that one viciously attacking, shitting on and stealing food of bad humans.

No. 894243

I don't, my parents at home listen to the radio from a real radio. They listen to it for music and they want just whatever music so it's not quiet I guess. I don't like the music on the radio, if I want to listen to music I pick my own on my phone or computer

No. 895402

File: 1630324181314.jpg (29.81 KB, 640x582, 115.jpg)

If you could have any super power, what would it be? It can be made up entirely by you. Explain what the power is, how you would use it and why you chose it.

No. 895404

shape shifting i want to commit identity theft

No. 895406

I love how villainous this is

No. 895408

I want the power to make every person in the world good, so there is no more murder, harassment, suffering, rape, theft, ostracizing, anything bad in the world, so we can work together and be happy

No. 895411

So sweet, love you anon.
I suppose if you had your power, my choice wouldn't really be all that necessary except in certain situations. My choice would be to be able to find any missing person or animal, alive or dead. I could find people's pets, kidnapped or lost people, and families would have closure. Not knowing what happened to someone you love is a pain I can't even begin to imagine.

No. 895416

Poindisintegration, If I point at something for more than 30 seconds, it disintegrates.

No. 895419

Very unique, and 30 seconds is a good time frame, gives you a chance to think about it kek

No. 895420

Sometimes I watch some gore videos I like being able to know the worse case scenarios. It makes me scared and do everything safer. There’s a few stand out ones that I don’t think I could ever forget

No. 895421

Invisibility. Just imagine how much rightful crime one could commit with that, could fuck with the rich, fuck over rapist, pimps and other abusers, make endless time-consuming grafitti without ever getting caught etc.

No. 895424

For real, invisibility is an S tier super power

No. 895427


I once had a conversation with some friends about heaven and I was like I hope there’s no heaven when I die I want to be dead I don’t want more living. And I think they thought I was suicidal or something but jokes on them I was it wasn’t like they really cared anyway

No. 895435

I'm having déjà vu, I swear it's like I've read your post before. But anon if you feel like your friends don't care maybe you need new pals. Also living is a chore so I totally feel you.

No. 895452

glad I'm not the only one

No. 895462

Whenever this is asked, my only answer is always teleportation
I don't about anything else, just about being able to instantly be on the other side of the world
Late to work? Teleport
Falling during a plane crash? Teleport
Going to places at night? Teleport
Weirdo approaching you? Teleport
Want to visit Japan for the weekend? Teleport

No. 895562

Nonnas should I continue growing out my armpit hair? I finally got past the itchy stubbly phase.
I don’t shave my legs and love the furry leg life, I’m wondering if I should stop shaving under my arms as well.
Thoughts? Any of you rock armpit hair? Mine is pretty light I’ll probably never have a bush

No. 895571

I don't shave mine and trim em for special occasions (because mine are wild bushes)

No. 895606

I honestly just shave my armpits if I go to the beach or if I’m wearing sleeveless tops, otherwise, I keep my hair growing, and sometimes I don’t even shave while wearing sleeveless tops because like, why would I put my hands in the air while buying the groceries? And why would anyone comment on my armpit hair while I pick something from a top shelf?
Shaving only when you know someone will scrutinize you and criticize you right there is better for your skin as well, my pits never looked as amazing as they looked when I shaved after months of not shaving, and I even regretted shaving for a bit because I liked how my armpit hair looked like.

No. 895843

Another S tier. If you had teleportation and invisibility you'd be unstoppable.

No. 895852

I don't shave my armpits. The hair isn't super long but it's thick and dark. I just make sure I clean my pits with soap in the shower so I don't smell bad (which is just common sense anyways) If someone has a problem with it, that's their own weird little issue they need to get over and has nothing to do with my life. I get stares at the beach sometimes but they get over it once they realize people, including women, are mammals

No. 895988

File: 1630375317882.jpeg (85.53 KB, 604x453, 4A503A7E-FDDA-427B-BA92-FBE0D6…)

Do you think an A-list celebrity has ever accidentally stumbled upon the farms?

No. 895996

I always think about it. My strongest guesses:
Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift (vidrel), Grimes and Azelia Banks

No. 895999

I fully believe that Doja has and probably used to post here a lot before she blew up.

No. 896025

Ah, I love Whang!

No. 896235

what cows do you think she would post about, I think she would be a dedicated to shayna's thread because her humor is just as shit as the posters on there

No. 896332

Definitely Azelia Banks.

No. 897124

Nta but celebricows, mostly the ot boards

No. 897129

is there proof?

No. 897497

If you would have the chance to be told your dying date, would you take it?

No. 897511

File: 1630515406233.jpg (1.1 MB, 1785x1812, 1608091446547.jpg)

Yes. I would love to no longer live with the fear and uncertainty of knowing it could happen at any point in time. Even if it ends up being sooner than I hoped, I'd be able to use my time the best I can keeping that in mind. Do the things I really wanted to do, mentally prepare instead of having it suddenly overcome and terrify me.

I do have an extreme fear of dying though, and I think many people who aren't as scared of it would choose not to know.

No. 897512

File: 1630515591228.png (333.52 KB, 720x544, tumblr_nvnlwpXc6R1r8oys1o2_128…)

No. 897513

File: 1630515783614.png (117.23 KB, 500x378, 3900ec840dff6bab74d8933e0e55c5…)

No. 901368

File: 1630875183879.jpg (1.23 MB, 2134x1425, 28271615718282.jpg)

Would you fuck your male self? I think I would. (Use the gender swap feature on faceapp if you haven't already.)

No. 901373

yes but my only sexual fantasy is fucking my clone so this isn't a new fact

No. 901374

>my male self would probably be a manlet who can’t grow facial hair
Nah, I’m good

No. 901381

The feature makes me look exactly like my brother so no.
I don't have any sisters and I also fantasize about fucking my clone

No. 901386

I was going to say I would but that was before i did the faceapp thing, that shit was so scary

No. 901407

no because i just end up looking like my father.

No. 901624

Same, I look so much like my father without the app (to the point of many, many people pointing it out and one even pointing it out while we were masked), with the genderswap I'm him with a lil bit of my brother. Plus I'm ugly lmao

No. 901645

What's a good vpn?

I want to watch livestreams but they won't let me because it's region locked… but they still let you register lmao

No. 901647

Cyberghost works well for me

No. 901649

What is the last dream you can recall?

No. 901651

This one that I wrote about today lol

No. 901652

lol no, it makes me look like my brother. also male meghan looks like pete wentz.

No. 901661

Kind of pure. It reminds me of a dream I had where me and this best friend got in a big fight in a theater of my college with some degenerates and then got ice cream after at a retro mall. She was such a powerful and strong girl and I have never had a friend like her irl.
Tfw no violent milsurp female best friend irl

No. 901662

It worked, thanks!

No. 901663

>male meghan looks like pete wentz.
Melvin Fox is way prettier tho. Faceapp is proof that women make the hottest men.

No. 901681

Nah my male self looks terrible. He'd probably look better with long hair but none of my male selves come out well in faceapp. Which is funny because I actually find actors who have similar features to me attractive sometimes but I cannot stand my own punchable male selfs face

tbh the app is still not great at producing male morphs. female morphs look a lot better than male ones on the typical maybe that's my scrote annoyance talking

No. 901704

File: 1630910389229.png (156.77 KB, 315x529, 69034820937425.png)

I'm not my preferred type (I tend to like guys from another race) but nonetheless I do make a hot man.
Agree with this, there are a lot of female crossplayers that make handsome guys and there have even been some FtMs I couldn't tell are women. Couldn't get past the lack of real dick and fucked up mindset but they still looked great. (Picrel is FtM)

No. 901731

I had a dream today, it was horrible. In my dream I dreamed that I slept with my crush from high school and when I "woke up" in the dream I had a child because of that, I was so dejected, like I didn't even do anything wrong I just slept with him in my dream I couldn't control it, and I had to feed the baby by sticking a needle in my arm like the ones used when you have your blood taken, and the baby drank my blood. I was so sad my entire dream I was thinking now I have to dedicate my life to this child I never wanted and it doesn't even have a father because I can't just go up to the guy and tell him hey I had a dream about you so now you have a child so help me raise it. I'm so glad I woke up I hate when I dream that I have a child because to me pregnancy is the worst thing I could imagine happening to me in my life

No. 901739

i purchased a 6 pack of mikes hard lemonade because it was on sale at the grocery store and i thought what the hell why not. i never drink but it's fun on the rare occasion.
i realized that after just drinking one, i am able to find some slight relief from my insomnia that i have had since i was a kid. i still struggle to stay asleep but it decreases the amount of time it takes me to fall asleep by at least an hour if not more, which is the most difficult part of my insomnia (falling asleep)
i was curious if uh…drinking in ~moderation~ like this can have any ill effects? i am on the last bottle of the 6 pack i bought but i've only had 1 every night just cause i don't feel like i need anymore and i don't even particularly enjoy the act of drinking cause drinking too much of anything that isn't water makes me feel full and bloated and gross. but i do know i will build a tolerance at some point so i was curious about any anons experience

No. 901748

I tried the face app thing and my male self would just be a younger version of my dad. I don't have the best facial features tho so what did I even expect.

No. 901758

Do you guys think tiktok will stop being so popular? If yes, when?
I used to be able to do winged eyeliner effortlessly and have it look decent 90% of the time, but after watching so many tiktok hacks and techniques I just fuck my eyeliner up every single time now. Wish i could remember how i did it before all the bullshit techniques

No. 901766

Just uninstall it. Be the change you want to see in the world

No. 901773

Probably. At least I hope, it seems like it's rotting people's brains
I've never used tiktok and I feel like I dodged a bullet kek

No. 901775

Of course, everything peaks and goes down in popularity sooner or later, it's inevitable. The question is when. Although, a decline in popularity doesn't neccersarily mean it won't be broadly used anymore. Look at facebook, I don't know anyone my age who still actively uses and it objectively isn't "the" social media platform anymore but it still has millions upon millions active users on a monthly basis.

No. 901778

When something else comes along. It's just waiting until the next big thing arrives.

No. 901796

tiktok is essentially the same as vine & musically. just wait another year, then no one will use it anymore

No. 901822

Tiktok is modern Vine, it’s not and will never be a legacy app or social media like YouTube or Twitter, it will eventually go away once people get over it. I deleted that app a few days ago so I could download the genshin impact new update kek, get rid of it it takes an awful lot of space off your phone and the content on there will make you stressed and angry. It started around 2016 and only started getting popular recently, it will go away in the future.

No. 902446

is there any way to just write smut fetish fanfiction for people I want money and I wouldn't mind doing such a thing. I wonder if people out there are looking for someone to do that

No. 902448

I have no idea if there's a market for that, it might make more sense to get into smutty coomer art if you just want to make money.

No. 902458

I want you to be right, but the only reason why vine died was because it was killed, you have a point with musically because only children used it. I have no faith in this statement because far too many varieties of people use tiktok and it's still going strong no matter what, particularly with young adults and teens.

No. 902459

Honestly you have. Those robot voice overs, that stupid "oh no" song and teenagers giving bullshit advice makes me believe that most frequent users of that app must have some sort of brain damage. Unfortunately, tiktok content has been leaking onto other websites too, I try to avoid it.

No. 905482

Have any of you tried Skims? (Kim K’s clothing)
I’m really intrigued by the colors and designs of her stuff, I really like the casual classy aesthetic lately. i’m a broke ass though so i need to know if Skims is good quality before i purchase

No. 905553

Didn't musically just rebrand as tiktok?

No. 905588

yeah it's the same company

No. 909950

Have any of you gone years without speaking to your parents?
I have no desire to speak to my mother

No. 909953

do it. personally it was the only thing that drove a solution to my problem with her and it repaired our relationship quite a bit once we started talking again

No. 909961

Is it normal for your boobs to hurt even when you're not close to your period?

I've been noticing that they're feeling kinda sore the past few days but idk why. I'm neither on birth control nor sexually active and I also haven't gained any weight.

No. 910003

It was definitely a smart move, I remember all my younger cousins/nieces and all my friends' younger siblings thought musical.ly was cringe but they hopped right on tik tok. Now even people my age have fucking tik tok

No. 910057

My boobs definitely hurt seemingly at random sometimes. Especially the nipples, and it happens more often during winter, probably because of cold weather.
I'm not sure what causes it but I think it's pretty normal.

No. 910317

Chex vs Life cereal?

No. 910545

Chex. What are you, stupid?

No. 910562

anyone have any speeches (by a public figure) they really resonate with and enjoy listening to?
i have to do a critique for one of my classes on a speech from the last 2 years, but i'm having trouble finding one i like enough to do an assignment on lol

No. 910637

idk why but i liked the UK queen's coronavirus speech. The words are nice and the way she speaks is like somebody's grandparent telling a bedtime story

No. 910781

What is the general opinion of Crystal cafe?
Does anyone currently post there?
I think it’s decent just a little empty. What does put me on edge are the lurking trannies and gore posters(?)

No. 911057

I would use it if it was more active (paradoxically). Not like I spend much time on the cow boards here.

No. 911059

>The Queen: “You may die, but I never will.”

No. 911108

I genuinely really like her fashion sense. She always looks bright and elegant even if some of her hats are a bit daft.

No. 911129


No. 916097

File: 1631991661387.jpg (77.61 KB, 531x495, d99305549bd726cd870d700da0437c…)

Anons, you inherit 100k Euros/117k Dollar in one day. You are still are in your late twenties. But in exchange, you lost all of your remaining family and have no other friends or lovers to have your back.

What would you do with the money?

No. 916130

>Rent a very modest and small bedsit style apartment.
>Write down every single vidya I wish to replay or finish.
>Work my way through that list while I relapse into drug addiction and alcoholism and live off whatever the hell food I can get delivered.
>An hero immediately after finishing last vidya on my list.
>Donate remaining money to charity.

No. 916213

Wouldn't you get bored?

No. 916214

that’s not enough money to consider losing all my loved ones over tbh. a million might make it spicier.

No. 916215

put it towards a nice little farmhouse on the countryside. I don't think there's money left over after that.

No. 916218

Travel, if that’s not possible, buy a nice apartment, like, brand new and start a new hobby to make new friends who will support you.
Don’t stop working, just don’t tolerate any unnecessary stress or rude behaviors from anyone.

No. 916244

That's almost exactly what I need to pay off my mortgage, so that. Boring af.

No. 916945

Not with the power of autism on my side.

No. 917071

join the police force, rise in rank and go to law school, switching professions to prosecutor after blackmailing the previous one in some covert way, then I will at least quadruple my profits and I will essentially be the crime version of citizen kane

No. 921130

File: 1632425026614.jpg (104.04 KB, 1609x905, chocolate-crop-af8463c81ccd4c8…)

Say you have a plain chocolate square (of your favorite kind). Do you chew the chocolate or let it melt in your mouth?

No. 921134

Melt it, it’s extremely delicious that way.

No. 921136

I'd probably black out and inhale it so quickly I forget to taste it

No. 921148

File: 1632425957398.jpeg (164.57 KB, 750x1035, 8130A2BC-24FD-4CF2-9076-8D356B…)

Who’s your favorite Animal Crossing villager?
I love Lucky.

No. 921149

Invest half of it, split 1/4 into various emergency savings accounts, 10k for spending on myself, and since I've lost my family that means I've probably inherited my parents apartment so the rest of the money I'd use to renovate it.

No. 921153

all the sheeps.

No. 921154

File: 1632426081270.png (39.28 KB, 350x488, Colton_NewLeaf.png)


No. 921163

File: 1632426429131.jpg (26.44 KB, 400x240, tumblr_pffk8pyhbP1rfn7teo1_400…)

I wish I could have Retsuko. I played animal crossing only a little but I liked Rod the mouse he was so cute. And Elmer the dopey horse, I liked him because he decided himself to wear the shirt design I made. I didn't like Kiki the cat because I gave her a kimono and she said she was allergic to kimonos…

No. 921180

File: 1632426880542.png (123.2 KB, 276x456, E45F6244-D0FA-4C70-B40B-41CA62…)


No. 921188

File: 1632427142768.png (665.96 KB, 578x1170, ruby.png)

Ruby :) i had her in my town when i played ww as a kid and loved her, and then when i got older i fell in love with tgweaver's webcomics rubyquest and nanquest. I also love elvis, stitches, coco, daisy, lots of others lol.

I hate filbert lol

No. 921196

Her shirt is so cute, I can imagine she went to the store and saw it and thought that one looks like me I better buy it

No. 921340

File: 1632435659999.jpg (729.73 KB, 738x900, rfmZ8vF.jpg)

I like all the food-themed villagers, but this one is my favorite.

No. 921344

File: 1632435893507.png (48.74 KB, 338x488, 231Marina-hstB8C.png)

I had a really shitty birthday as a kid one year and booted up wild world and marina's little birthday cake celebration cheered me up a lot and she's been my favorite ever since.

No. 921352

File: 1632436553172.png (479.28 KB, 515x899, 8718EAB2-04FA-4B54-A5D8-308BBA…)

shari is my favourite because she has pink cheeks and i love monkeys

No. 921366

File: 1632438057183.gif (1.51 MB, 498x498, punchy-animal-crossing.gif)

>>921148 punchy! He's been my all time favourite villager since wild world and I just finally got him in my NH island a week ago and I couldn't be happier kek
I'll always resent my cousin from coming into my town in WW and stealing him from me even if she knew how much I loved him. I'm pretty sure I cried the day I turned my DS on and saw he left, I was devastated.

No. 921414

File: 1632441578702.jpeg (49.49 KB, 750x750, D13BBB15-7610-4FAF-A090-56F06C…)

I also love Marina, she’s the cutest resident in my island, today she started singing and my heart exploded with happiness and fluffy feelings.

No. 921426

File: 1632442487787.png (774.28 KB, 805x1117, A7985F08-6B74-46E6-B462-859F13…)

No. 921442


No. 921446

File: 1632443202226.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-09-23_192624.png)

I had a crush on him in wild world

No. 921611

File: 1632448978511.gif (7.69 MB, 498x267, AC6CE32E-3E02-4940-A081-8AB575…)

does anyone else get really horny over someone for like 3 days and the 4th or 5th day comes and suddenly you’re disgusted by them? what is this witchcraft? is it just hormones cycling?

No. 921629

File: 1632449543907.jpg (194.56 KB, 1200x1200, Ex3RDImXAAkeZRF.jpg)

No. 921638

File: 1632450078557.jpeg (175.26 KB, 1003x564, 1EFD5356-007B-4E44-9525-4756F2…)

kabuki. my grumpy husband.

No. 921655

File: 1632451238945.gif (93.23 KB, 320x246, 73FDA4C5-B641-4144-ACBC-05DA80…)

Stitches! I love how colorful he is.

No. 921660

Ohhh yes one of my favorites too, hes so precious. he always sings in his little deep voice in the plaza in my game…<3

No. 921728

File: 1632457342038.png (252.71 KB, 376x636, Acnlvillager324.png)

No. 921730

File: 1632458288704.jpg (239.22 KB, 2048x2048, 4d9tgeaec9c21.jpg)

My bb girl Dotty

No. 921736

Once Dotty put on a shirt that I gave her and then when I started to walk away she changed into something else. Then I once bought her a table that matched her house theme and she put it in Retail literally the next day. I bullied her until she moved.

No. 921742

File: 1632459167040.png (65.15 KB, 150x315, Mitzi_NH.png)

mitzi resembles my actual cat, but I like katt better

No. 921770

File: 1632465492899.png (162.4 KB, 330x609, tabbyhellyeah.png)

tabby hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah

No. 921829

File: 1632473215403.png (170.5 KB, 261x456, stitches.c11d693.png)

I love stitches too anon! I think he's so cute!

No. 921845

File: 1632477623782.jpg (16.86 KB, 276x388, 415beawt19L._AC_.jpg)

I love Rodeo!
Posts like this are the best, its always great reading through the replies

No. 921991

File: 1632493191865.png (64.55 KB, 150x315, Lolly_NH.png)

she's my baby

No. 921994

I love rodeo because he looks so evil at first but he's so goofy and cute

No. 922048

File: 1632497760752.png (74.95 KB, 304x488, b963c37d10ad0da942e9ddec3915ba…)

Joey. He's such a simple duck. I love his eyebrows.

No. 922209

File: 1632510805282.png (57.81 KB, 150x315, 150px-Olivia_NH.png)

My cutie Olivia. Had her in WW, City Folk, NL and in NH too.

No. 922415

File: 1632519236976.jpeg (49.89 KB, 429x727, 402707C8-262B-4414-8FAD-52496A…)

How would you have changed Steven universe? What do you think would’ve been a good ending for it other than “let’s hug out your depression”? And what plot points did you like that you would’ve kept?
I’m just wondering because sometimes I think about the minutes I wasted trying to watch the show because of the nice music.

No. 922445

File: 1632520965115.png (440.83 KB, 522x898, Beau_NH.png)

Beau. I want to marry him.

No. 922451

I lost interest in it when every bad character started to be redeemed by default. I liked the idea of a show that explores empathy in the face of a traditional weekly beat em up adventure format, it could have been super interesting to see the characters grow in the reality that sometimes people are still shitty no matter how many chances you give them or how well you understand them.

No. 922520

File: 1632528385146.png (174.99 KB, 285x598, Kiki_NH.png)

Kiki! She was my first village as a kid on the old Gamecube version and I've loved her ever since.
Punchy is probably my second favorite, he is so cute

No. 922637


No. 922659

File: 1632543203141.png (250.2 KB, 363x506, 0318453D-6692-42E1-94E0-68CB76…)

I am a Stella stan first
Based. I also love Dom, Pietro, and Wendy

No. 922683

File: 1632545168432.png (730.23 KB, 738x900, Frita_NH.png)

Homegirl Frita is a hamburger, a hotdog and fries. And she sings really well.

No. 922933

Only if they piss me off. But then again maybe you were just projecting all your horniness onto this person and now that its passed you don't really want to anymore

No. 922946

I hate her.

No. 922956

I agree, her design just too busy. And she signs all the fucking time. I evicted her with haste

No. 922989

I'm so hurt

No. 923010

it's okay, I'll accept frita into my town 4 u

No. 926045

What do you guys think will be the next trending animal (like llamas, french bulldogs, owls were)

No. 926049

do any of you have multiple husbandos in a single piece of media? i never can for some reason.

No. 926061

I can like mutliple girls, but never guys. Stories just pit them against each other in rivalries and when I like one then I don't like the guys that hurt him.

No. 926063

yes. i don't care, i'm a thot

No. 926065

At first I wasn’t able to like multiple husbandos from the same media, but then I either started also liking the other guys or just dropped the first husbando for the newest one that got my attention.
It honestly depends, funnily enough, even if in otome games they hate each other, I usually have different husbandos from the same game.

No. 926072

>multiple husbandos
wtf is wrong with you people, how can you betray your pure 2D love

No. 926090

My first husbando died tragically in 2015 so it's ok

No. 926099

File: 1632925372252.jpeg (313.46 KB, 1242x1242, ABD303F2-C7D3-416E-9759-000739…)

No. 926100

I have so much love in my heart and so many 2D boys deserve it anon, I can't help it.

No. 926103

>least attractive twst boys

No. 926129

Who are the handsome ones, nonnie?

No. 926438

File: 1632950710929.jpeg (460.08 KB, 750x524, 41E4CFB3-5059-4FE0-B578-F4B5CD…)

How do you like your eggs done?

No. 926439

straight from the chicken's ass, with a healthy dose of salmonella

No. 926442

File: 1632951468896.png (2.88 MB, 1280x1302, 388272617183.png)

I feel bad for kissing other animu boys sometimes but I can't help it that my mom gave birth to a player. I could never do anything more than that though.

No. 926456

damn I want boiled eggs now but it's 12:17 am

No. 926488

Anywhere from 8:00 to 12:00, please.

No. 926518

5.00-6.30 is best. i like me some runny eggs too, but anything after 7.00 is unacceptable

No. 926561

No. 927414

File: 1633051990740.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, FE0D8786-8DE6-47FA-8A28-870DD9…)

What’s your favorite animal crossing outfit? Do you have a dream outfit as well? I started playing not too long ago and pic related has my favorite outfits and my dream outfit.

No. 927564

i really like the cute jumpers and aran knit cardigans and painters jeans. cute but comfy and casual things i’d like to wear irl! i like the little acorn hat too, i think it’s cute.

No. 927610

Anyone who has taken abilify for bipolar 1/related psychosis, did you like it? Were the side effects bad? I hate taking new meds.

No. 927613

File: 1633089459704.jpg (177.68 KB, 1044x688, clothes.jpg)

Pic are my favorite clothes. I love that star pochette in your dream outfit and those legwarmers in your purple cat one too. I like your style you got the spirit

No. 928137

File: 1633143422957.jpeg (12.38 KB, 225x225, 91B97B54-014F-4EE2-B6A2-9267DC…)

>what genre is your life?
>At what season are you?
>What are the critics and fans saying about your life’s show?
Mine is probably a comedy with specs of drama, I’m like on season 10, i didn’t need 2 failed improvement arcs nor 4 deaths in a row.
The critics are probably mad at my character being such a pushover and the fans are sick of all the ships sinking left and right.

No. 928163

Mine is a sci-fi tragicomedy on season 5 (lots of things got condensed, briefly shown for context) Critics say the creators should have either killed me off or ended things short on a high note. Fans are dedicated to the lore and want to see something good happen and stay in my life. Everyone makes fun of the catchphrases.

No. 928180

i took abilify for nearly a year when i was 15 but i don't even have bipolar so it didn't do shit except make me gain 40+ pounds in less than 6 months
i hated my doctor and my mom forced me to take them every day even though i asked to stop taking them many times

No. 928594

>what genre is your life?
Dramady, but more drama and less -dy. Like one of those dramadies whose comedy is ironic, depressing, u despise all the characters, and multiple moments stab you through the heart.

>At what season are you?

About season five or six. Could say it started whenever I dropped out of highschool, and then got my first job.

>What are the critics and fans saying about your life’s show?

Season 1-3 was substantially more dramatic. It was nice to see the protagonist try and ruminate all she'd done while also being misled like a bull by her impulses. Since 4-6 didnt have her in quite so wacky antics, it's been a bore to watch.

No. 929039

Ayrt, ugh I’m so sorry anon. I’ve only taken it for 3 days now, the first day was awful but idk if it was the med itself or feeling shitty in general lately. Lil concerned about the weight gain bc I ate a fuckton yesterday when my usual appetite is pretty limited, so I’m glad to know to be mindful of it. Glad you’re off it since it didn’t work for you. Thank you for the insight ♥

No. 929219

File: 1633284153809.jpg (39.84 KB, 600x564, a8opr96_700b.jpg)

wasn't sure which thread to post this in, but i was curious what fellow nonnies think about being a gun owner for safety?

i grew up in a very anti-gun house and never thought about owning a gun or wanting to (in fact it kind of scares me because ive never even held one) but i consume a lot of true crime content and i feel like it would be nice to have a way to protect myself from depraved moids. i'm petite and even if i did some serious muscle building and learned self defense tactics i'd still be easily overpowered by most men and i feel like i'm an easy target. i've already had close calls that terrified me and i want to feel safe knowing if a scrote tries to fuck with me i'd have a chance to get away or (god forbid) kill him before he abducted/raped/murdered me. i'd obviously do extensive training to be safe and responsible about it.

do any of you own guns or regularly carry them with you? would love to hear any thoughts and opinions on it.

No. 929492

It sounds great in theory but the reality is that more guns = more dead women. If you live with a male, you are putting yourself and others in danger by having a gun around. Most women will hesitate or are too empathetic to shoot a man, and that gives him a chance to take it from her.

If you really want a gun make sure you don’t live near men and that no men ever find out you own one. Even then, you’re probably not really decreasing the chances you will be victimized by a scrote.

No. 929510

File: 1633305219665.jpg (112.67 KB, 1080x470, Screenshot_20211003-185246.jpg)

Guns are feminist and the 2nd great equalizer for women. I am and always will be for women owning and educating themselves about guns. As well as legislation that allows women to use deadly force when applicable. For example, there are many women whose lives are ruined by stalkers who have no grounds for arrest or imprisonment because their harassment skirts around the law. If he steps one foot on her property he should be shot, and most men wouldn't hassle women if this was a real possibility. I also carry a knife but that requires very specific understanding of how to use to avoid escalation and only under last resort self defense, without waving it around making it known you possess one.

No. 929511

knives are so hard to use. my dad taught me for several years before saying he felt it would be helpful for me to carry one (he's a weird arctic military guy, they all teach their kids trapping and knife fights and shit, we're not crazy.)

No. 929517

True. It's both hard to use and hard to defend against. But it should not be taken out blatantly and only used stealthily if they are advancing onto you. And it needs to be used very effectively at once to make him incapacitated otherwise he will just be angered. However I would still take my chance, if someone wants to kill me I'd be damned if they don't at least get a scar for their trouble.

No. 929536

How did that go? Did you have to do rehab or anything?

No. 929584

No. 930376

i see where you're coming from, but for context i live in a very pro-gun state in burgerland so guns are pretty much everywhere already which played a big role in me even considering one. maybe if i lived in a mostly gun-free area i wouldn't feel as much need. and i do worry about it getting wrestled away from me but fuck. i figure if a scrote is already getting aggressive with me at least i have a fighting chance. he was probably planning to kill me anyway. maybe i'm just paranoid.

i carry a knife now as well as a stun gun, mace, and other self-protection items but yeah i feel like they aren't as easy to use/as intimidating, especially since i am only about 5' tall.

No. 931577

File: 1633492502610.jpeg (25.8 KB, 250x176, CE5C780F-F067-4DB8-BAA7-03D8C1…)

For how long would you be able to survive in the last series you watched?
I watched 86, and I would’ve died so quickly that even the MC wouldn’t remember who the hell I was.

No. 931578


would have died as a child from some disease probably or died during childbirth

No. 931581

Alice in Borderland. I probably would have died on the first game lmao.

No. 931729

probably not long. hannibal would likely eat me for being annoying or something. as long as he kills me quick i’d be alright with that

No. 931776

I watched squid games and I’d probably die at tug of war unless I was on Gi Hun’s teams or some retard tripped me/got in my way during red light green light. Not being very afraid of dying takes the pressure off during the games.

No. 932264

do you wet your toothbrush before you brush your teeth?

i don’t because i’m lazy and just don’t care

No. 932265

I do it both before and after I put the toothpaste on.

No. 932282

If we consider the great british baking show I'd survive the whole thing but probably be eliminated in the 1st or 2nd time. Otherwise I was trying to watch Daяk and I'd assume maybe first season.

No. 932297

File: 1633551059124.jpg (30.72 KB, 600x322, kitchen-fire-how-do-i-put-out-…)

>I'd survive the great british baking show
Are you sure about that nonnie?

No. 932588

I used to do this before I realized it was idiotic. Now I just wet once. I couldn’t handle brushing dry though.

No. 933147

File: 1633636065977.jpg (14.84 KB, 237x300, original incel.jpg)

If you could bring anyone back to life just to kill them yourself, who would you pick? I'd go with this fat ugly fucker right here.

No. 933149

File: 1633636357767.jpg (251.38 KB, 1200x1221, 1200px-Rev._Jim_Jones,_1977_(c…)

Jim Jones

No. 933157

is that teddy Roosevelt

No. 933159

That's hitchcock anon

No. 933185

File: 1633638240841.png (75.78 KB, 275x153, 1629595838045.png)

What would your parents think if they knewy you browse lolcow?

My mom thinks lolcow is based.

No. 933203

Does she browse here too?

No. 933206

she doesnt know english

No. 933337

File: 1633647519727.jpg (362.16 KB, 1200x800, lemon-ice-cream-1.jpg)

Favorite flavour of ice cream? I recently had some local fresh made lemon ice cream and it is definitely my new favorite.

No. 933342

File: 1633647666544.png (160.3 KB, 800x886, BR-2021CupRenders-CottonCandy@…)

I love this ice cream so much

No. 933352

They wouldn't understand the concept at all, I can't imagine they'd feel any kind of way.

No. 933361

vanilla. when its good, its really good – the best ice cream ive ever had was basic in terms of flavouring, but because of the extremely high quality it was still an easy 10/10. i like other flavours too but sometimes i think the strong tastes can distract you.
pistachio comes a close second but in my opinion you can't beat a good quality vanilla ice cream

No. 933374

File: 1633650213079.jpeg (144.65 KB, 795x683, 53E55AAF-0C74-4645-9E21-A39F93…)

It’s so hard to choose, but I guess I would always pick dark chocolate, it’s absolutely delicious, I would have a tub of dark chocolate ice cream every weekend if I could.

No. 933378

Any combination of chocolate and peanut butter is my go to. But the ice cream shop I like does regular specials for short periods of them and some of them haunt my dreams. One flavour had pieces of birthday cake in it, it was so good.

No. 933380

Aaaahh poop

No. 933381

This dirt looks yummy

No. 933390

I fucking adore dark chocolate. I don’t know why so many people act like it’s either not good or that people only eat it because it’s “healthier” than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate in almost any form is delicious.

No. 933391


No. 938096

Do you think euthanasia is necessary? Why? Should it be privatized or should it be subsidized by the government? Would it help society in any way?

No. 938131

i recently looked into my country's laws for weapons and was absolutely maddened by my findings:
>anything you use to defend yourself with is considered a weapon, even an umbrella or a bobbypin.
>law is based on intent. if you're carrying a knife in the city and end up using it for defense, it will still count as you leaving your home with intent to harm. this is because there is likely no reason to bring a pocket knife to hangout downtown, it's seen as harmful intent. you could argue a utility use as a tool but it's very muddy.
>you can't carry human pepper spray but you can carry anti-dog spray in the city. anti-bear is also gonna land you in trouble because no bears in the city. if you use the dog spray on a person, it's still a weapon BUT they likely can't prove intent to harm a human at least.
>most knives are banned completely. pocket knives have to be difficult to operate, the kind you have to use two hands to open. if a cop happens to search you and finds the knife, they will ask you why you have it and you absolutely cannot say "defense". you have to lie and say it's a tool. if they want you to open it for them, use both hands and make it look like it's not easy. they may still confiscate it after all that bs.
>concealed carry for guns isn't a thing, and open carry is restricted. idr exactly what but i don't think you can bring them on public transit for instance.

basically this country just wants us to get raped and murdered.

No. 938152

What country?
Mine is the same if not worse. We are supposed to just submit to rape. And even then the rapist can say it was consensual and at least one faggot on the jury will believe it, causing the whole case to crash and burn. I doubt we are allowed to have a concealed carry advice thread since it’s fucking illegal therefore breaks LC rules. I want to figure out a way around it.
Luckily for me I don’t live in the city so not so many pigs about.

No. 938334

Why do they call Demi Lovato poot? What is poot?

No. 938335

File: 1634217142178.jpg (33.18 KB, 690x715, CSxnECdU8AAUQAp.jpg)

it comes from this post

No. 938338

>>>stupid questions

No. 938362

What's a song you hate lyrically but love everything about it otherwise? Either vocal performance or the words themselves.

No. 938365

Irma Thomas (Anyone Who Knows What Love Is)
The ultimate pickme song, and yet

No. 938366

The song Three Dressed Up As Nine by Trooper, a shitty dude with a shitty attitude toward women, but it's really catchy and has a fun sound.

No. 938385

When we're in our 70s do you think the younger generations will see us as
A) dirty hippies who lost their way with idpol nonsense and refused to embrace the truth of fundamentalism/faschism
B) bigoted assholes who benefited from the subjugation of machines even when it was morally obvious robots should have rights

No. 938389

File: 1634221168498.jpg (121.2 KB, 960x720, DjS-I9qVAAEyExK.jpg)

No way machines are getting rights before my pets do

No. 938430

t. AI program

No. 942336

File: 1634589176061.jpeg (129.36 KB, 564x705, D07B92E5-4AA7-4E26-A31F-7404BB…)

What would you want as an xmas gift? Preferably non-weebshit

No. 942337

Headphones. Expensive ones.

No. 942339

It took me a few seconds to figure out what those two spooky dolls with a third red eye actually were.

No. 942349

File: 1634589598697.jpeg (65.5 KB, 900x900, 8C8D0B66-77D8-4984-8206-2DD02A…)

Earrings or necklaces, maybe both, preferably something simple but cute so I can mix and match with different outfits.

No. 942353

Uniqlo heattech or some books I've been wanting to read.

No. 942359

File: 1634589870881.png (273.41 KB, 786x587, fee_786_587_png.png)

tired of wrinkled sleeves… aside from that, money or maybe a body shop gift card.

No. 942370

A really nice stuffed dinosaur, or maybe a stuffed giraffe.

No. 942371

Nice handbag not leather because I hate how it feels

No. 942376

Money for books! there's so many books I want it's unreal.

No. 942384

File: 1634590753998.jpg (13.86 KB, 186x320, 61hCeQ5d0pL._AC_UL320_.jpg)

No. 942431

a bunch of switch games, a steam gift card, a list of books (though I already have too many), money, coffee pods for my nespresso machine

No. 942436

I'm thinking about skipping asking for something this year tbh. Nothing comes to mind promptly, I guess if I have to think about it I don't need or want something that badly. Part of me is getting sick of holiday purchases and advertising being pushed on me as early as september-october too. I'd rather focus on spending quality time with my mother instead and enjoying some nice food.

If I do end up asking for something it'll probably jewelry although I have no specifics in mind right now.

No. 942442

File: 1634596184411.jpg (126.66 KB, 640x640, 412978-4447-2015-07-10698296.j…)

A nice gouache set, maybe some markers/pens, my boyfriend long awaited peaking and a lolita dress, but maybe that's weeb lol

No. 942489

A boat I can sail under the stars and a certain chemical that i can use to euthanise myself whilst I enjoy the view

No. 942511

Peace and Freedomz

No. 944153

Plumbella vs Steph0? I like plumbella way better!

No. 944170

Would you rather have three boobs or one? No set rules on boob placement (e.g. one boob meaning right in the middle, three boobs meaning one right between your current set, etc) or size, so please explain your choice if placement/size effects it.

No. 944171

File: 1634755982907.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.36 KB, 720x1007, EjR7PzwXYAcDfit.jpg)

One, for sure. Better than managing three. Plus lovers just focus on one tit anyways so whatever. Now I want to rewatch Kung Pow

No. 944184

i would take 3. a big one in the middle like >>944171 makes a weird shape/figure, maybe if it was acup.

No. 944187

I'll take three. Would love them to be big for double cleavage but even if they were mosquito bites I'd still take three. Would like them to be pretty much in line with each other and about the same size but a little natural asymmetry is okay. Honestly I'd prefer three over two even though I'd look freakish. I just think it'd be fun to have an extra boob.

No. 944188

Imagine the cost of triple boob bras, though

No. 944200

i'd choose to have one big one or three small ones, preferably the latter. i think it'd look neat

No. 944201

Easy, I take three. Two regular ones on my chest and a third tiny one hidden between my toes or in my hair. Maybe I'd clip it off.

No. 944202

File: 1634758210966.jpg (23.61 KB, 360x360, Web_cast_detail_series_dsktp_a…)

I'd do three and be like Angela Bassett in AHS

No. 944293

gf and good health

No. 944466

File: 1634772173779.jpg (23.03 KB, 600x434, 1634451700806.jpg)

Do you miss any of your old online friends? Those who you disconnected with or plain don't talk to anymore. Perhaps those who randomly went away.

No. 944475

When the friend finder thread was still a thing I added a nonny on discord and was having daily convos with them but they disappeared and deleted their account. No hard feelings, she was going through a lot of shit at the time and I only wish her well.

No. 944479

Yes, except I was the one who went away, because I was tired of seeing my ex boyfriends Facebook updates (if I wasn't retarded I would have just blocked him) and it started giving me really bad anxiety in general and then my friend passed away and I couldn't stand to log in anymore. I also felt like I was living a lie because my pictures were deceptive. I just stopped logging into that account altogether and never even deactivated it. Idk if it still exists, in afraid to check. But I do miss my online friends..

No. 944485

that might had been me (the one who just asked the question) is there any way to prove this though?

No. 944512

Had the same experience tbh… One really cool anon wrote to me, but stopped replying one day. I think she was too popular for my nobody ass lol
Another anon was cool, but we didn't have the connection to carry on friendship. IDK, maybe we would be friends if more effort was put in, but I guess it was not meant to be. I wish her well!

No. 944541

Yeah, I cut off most of my internet friends over the years because they were weird or toxic, but there are still some that I unintentionally lost contact with that I miss because they were fun. I smile and look back on them fondly.

No. 946182

File: 1634868629777.png (682.59 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-10-21_211027.png)

What will you dress as this halloween? post pics if you want

No. 947302

nobody replied sigh

No. 947305

Peaky blinders

No. 947309

We're NEETs and dont get invited to Halloween parties.

No. 947310

I want to be a ghost but I don’t really have spare sheets to destroy.

No. 947316

do you shart in your sleep too?

No. 947317

I don't have friends

No. 947345

File: 1634961630940.jpeg (20.31 KB, 480x360, 3DBD0C8E-9250-4BAA-8683-B6F8DC…)

No. 947529

Idk but so many people are gonna just dress in tracksuits like the squid game characters

No. 947533

its better than harley quinn

No. 950783

File: 1635305007027.png (287.28 KB, 487x414, imagen_2021-10-26_222333.png)

Is your personality more like a cat's or more like a puppy's?

No. 950787

File: 1635305121433.jpg (90.61 KB, 640x640, 064c8ee309f7915fd567d3c56aeb8c…)

This cat

No. 950788

Definitely more like a cat

No. 952356

Have you ever googled your name? What did you see?
I googled my name once like 7 years ago and all I could find was my Twitter and DA accounts which I ended up deleting and such.
I actually just googled my name out of curiosity, but it’s so common that all I could see was a bunch of pictures of random women.
It’s honestly a relief, I would be afraid of people creating weird stories about me and such.

No. 952371

How do you nonas stay awake and alert on boring lectures? Or not necessarily boring but long, the type that's 4h long with a 10 minute break in the middle.

No. 952379

I have to do something with my hands. When I was in college I still had really long hair so I used to fishtail braid my hair because it required enough concentration that I couldn’t doze off in order to properly do it, but not so much concentration that I couldn’t pay attention to the lecture. I’d stare at my professor while he lectured and I know he’d be glancing at me slowly braiding and then taking apart my braid to redo it multiple times lol. It just kept me awake for some reason

No. 952382

One is my usernames is very unique but I don’t too much attached to it thankfully. I have one of the most common first and last names so it’s very difficult to find anything specific to me which is great kek

No. 952503

My mugshots

No. 952571


I did once when I was in school, and all I found were some shitty poems I wrote in year 9 that got published by the council and pictures of a pig that had won a prize for being massive. I couldn't find anyone else with my first + last name combination and it freaked me out enough to never use my real name online.

No. 952588

I have, nothing comes up related to me, no images either. Which makes sense because I've never used my full name on the internet/social media.

No. 952590

chewing gum and taking notes. 4h long lectures are terrible, I'm convinced they're not any good for learning.

No. 978372

File: 1637927976136.png (725.28 KB, 456x960, idk.png)

Who is your favorite jojo? Mine is Joseph. (I pretend I do not see he is a cheating piece of shit)

No. 978387

Jonathan. He's the perfect himbo bf.

No. 978388

I liked Johnny a lot, he didn’t really start off as a nice person but there was a lot of character development

No. 978390

File: 1637932739630.jpg (154.27 KB, 584x1200, DKhJNJEWAAA3jkr.jpg)

I like Joseph a lot, he's so funny and I love how he acts stupid but is actually really clever. My favorite is Jolyne though, I can't wait to see her!!

Johnny is also really good, part 7 as a whole is really good.

No. 978395

Ipad Air to draw anywhere (especially in my bed) but I heard they'll be releasing a new gen this spring

No. 978397

He really is!
I also like Joseph and Jolyne. Just a few days until the new anime!

No. 978400

File: 1637934369933.jpg (154.05 KB, 755x807, tumblr_6fae660d4d617ebe3787321…)

If I had to choose one to be my boyfriend I think I would choose Josuke from Jojolion, he is half confused puppy dog and half violent psychopath and I like that. And how he cares for Yasuho is so adorable, he tells her to look away so she doesn't see him beating the crap out of some guy
Johnny is really the most interesting one, I love seeing him fed up with gyro's jokes

No. 978403

What do you guys think of this channel? Incel logic or scientific?

No. 978449

File: 1637940053530.jpg (34.6 KB, 688x703, abc29b9606a4c8105ae35d37a273f0…)

Facial harmony and ratios are real, but idk about everything else. Down turned eyes and weak chins look good on certain faces, it's like a girl thinking the Instagram face is the only pretty face.

No. 979725

What's your go to subway order nonnies? I like tuna on a 6 inch whole wheat bun with tomato, lettuce, and green olives. I also like to get a chocolate milk with a chocolate chip cookie, it looks kinda childish but I've done the same thing since I was a kid kek

No. 979732

footlong italian, not toasted, white cheese w/ all veggies except green pepper and cucumbers, add extra pickles, pepper, a little mayo and extra yellow mustard. sucks it's like $8.50 for a veggie sub now so I never go anymore.

No. 979735

Do you feel as though anyone derives joy from your presence?

No. 979737

Yes, thankfully. It didn't used to be that way. I'm lucky I think. I want this for everyone.

No. 979749

When do I save myself the pain and leave him alone? It hurts to be without him, but it hurts to know he isn’t ready to confess his feelings. Should love be a pursuit?

No. 979771

meatball sub toasted on italian herb and cheese with extra parm and white cheddar and extra sauce with the dried herbs on top. or a simple turkey breast on italian with spinach red onion and extra pickle. little bit of mayo or honey mustard. not toasted. kind of want to try the other anons veggie order but i can't afford subbed whey. seriously miss when they had egg salad tho. was so good with a bit of fresh lettuce and salt and pepper with soup on the side

No. 982646

if he isn't %100 about you , its not worth it. the pain will go away. he will not be the guy you want if he isn't already

No. 982653

>tuna and milk
seek help anon
Spicy Italian on wheat replace the pepperoni with bacon but cook the bacon separately until it’s crispy, mozzarella cheese, onions & banana peppers toasted + spinach, pickles, sweet onion sauce, ranch & mayo + salt & pepper

No. 983409

Can you blow a bubble made of spit off your tongue?

No. 983412

I've seen babies do it…

No. 983416

sorry for scrote but I suddenly remembered I can do what he does at the beginning of this video

No. 983431

Yes and it's disgusting

No. 983590

How do I stop frequent urination while I'm on my period? I'm sitting on the toilet because a tablespoon of pee comes out every 2 minutes and its driving me insane, help meeeee

No. 983594

I think it’s time to start kegeling. Sometimes I involuntarily do it when I’m scared, like when people start fighting.

No. 983686

Are you a tampon or cup user? I find that when I have something inside me, even a small tampon, that it can stop me from being able to fully empty my bladder. I'll dribble a lil and then I have to pee again 20 mins later.

When that happens I have to take out my tampon and just give myself a few mins of sitting there to relax. Cups are even worse for it ime.

No. 983699

wrong thread

No. 983806

File: 1638471763907.jpg (92.7 KB, 757x979, 61amrpYddxL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

Take some of these. Sometimes I get these weird urges to constantly pee and it never feels like it's enough, I hate it and even to a point where it feels painful.

No. 984278


No. 988352

Just how many active users are there on lolcow anyway? Sometimes I wonder if there are people I know irl that hang out here, but I think it’s statistically not very likely

No. 988408

How are people not more scared of dry sockets? A friend had two teeth out yesterday and is already smoking bongs like the blood clot isn’t gonna pop right out

No. 989184

last time we went to a townhall there were approximately 100 users

No. 991348

Pasta and lentils or rice and edamame? optional: leave a sauce suggestion? I just went grocery shopping. Vegan or vegetarian preferred!

No. 991356

File: 1639210900644.jpg (25.52 KB, 500x569, w0j3keu7xyr21.jpg)

Any french anons who could help? I planning to go to Le Cordón Bleu in Paris by 2023, I live in Norway and I'm working as a pastry chef (two years now). I am saving for the trip and the six month stay, and the school, which is super expensive. So I should be covered in the money department.
Regardless of that, I would like to get a job, even as a dishwasher, so I can have some extra cash. My questions then would be: is it difficult to find a job in the culinary field in Paris? And also, would it be better for me to rent in a town close to Paris, like Versailles? Or should I just rent in an inexpensive part of the city? How much french should I know before going?
Thanks in advance to anyone who could answer these questions

No. 991384

i love to do a nice lentil, broccoli and spaghetti dish using thick lentil soup as a sauce and protein. so delicious and so simple.

No. 991797

File: 1639251927103.jpg (320.07 KB, 1280x853, cool-cat.jpg)

I don't know anything about jobs in the culinary fied so I can't help you for this but I strongly recommend that you try to find an appartment in the suburb. You will have to commute everyday, and it's the ugly part of Paris but it's so much cheaper ( not only the rent but also all the shops in the area ). French people don't talk english very well so I would definitly recommend to have a strong base of the language. Good luck nonnie I hope you will have fun!

No. 992436

Thank you Non non, I'll have your advice in mind when I go!

No. 992438

>Non non
Nta but kek, that is a new one.

No. 992459

I'm always noticing frozen items scattered around grocery stores from where people obviously changed their minds and dealt with it in a lazy way.

My question is, do store staff put that stuff back? is there much care given to never putting a fully thawed item back?

No. 992477

Can any anons recommend a really sweet wine or wine product? I've only liked a riesling from Italy at a fancy dinner and that bar doesnt sell it anymore so I'm not sure what it was. I'm a burger too when it comes to what's available here.

No. 992480

Piesporter is inexpensive and delicious.

No. 992616

no they get thrown out
I worked at a grocery store and there was a bin in the big freezer in the back where you toss frozen goods
there's also a general bin in the back where you put destroyed food items, like people who open a box to steal something but leave the whole box

No. 992643

I hope this actually happened and I didn't just make it up in my head, but do any kind nonnies remember the story where some actor for a movie turned out to not exist or something? Like it was basically a scam from some whacko? If it does exist, I read about it on here but a long time ago. If anyone could just give me a name or any other info I'd appreciate it greatly. I remember that whoever was doing the scam got to meet/get in touch with some celebs at the time who were in the movie or knew the director or something? Sorry my knowledge is so vague

No. 992652

oh my god I'm so retarded. I remembered the name but backwards. It was JT Leroy but I kept searching for TJ.

the link if anyone is interested in reading along

No. 992661

Can I lose weight with Yoga? My lungs are fucked from post covid but I’m sick of being unable to do any form of exercise since it makes me hack for a good 15 minutes. Yoga seems like it would be perfect but I’m not sure.

No. 992662

You can lose weight with it if you’re also eating healthy, sure.

No. 992864

You can lose weight sitting on your ass all day. Weight loss is more about your diet than your level of activity.

No. 994488

I noticed a person replying to Jill saying that DID is a trendy diagnosis nowadays, like how bipolar was a few years ago. Any anons working in the mental health field who can confirm or deny this? I'm curious to see if it's really an epidemic

No. 995681

File: 1639590762030.jpg (84.83 KB, 1440x1438, camembert-s-1721514364-jpg--90…)

what's your favorite cheese? i love camembert.

No. 995690

I don't work in healthcare anymore, but the tourettes trend is so rampant now thanks to isolation that they were able to use it to study MPIs. There are a lot of good articles about it, this one is kinda basic. https://bigthink.com/health/social-media-mass-hysteria/

No. 995693

File: 1639591835888.jpeg (61.08 KB, 500x454, FD6C551A-BCDB-4FB0-999C-3CA14B…)

Have you ever tried deep fried Camembert? 10/10 recommend (bc that’s the only way I can eat it lol). For me it has to be halloumi

No. 995697

File: 1639592120437.png (678.76 KB, 984x700, ilchester-mexicana.png)

Mexicana cheddar

No. 995715

Are we more mentally ill because modern lifestyles make us this way, or more mentally ill because there are more diagnoses made, more money to be made from diagnoses, and more attention seekers?

No. 995717

File: 1639593912517.jpg (72.25 KB, 1400x933, Camembert.jpeg.jpg)

deep fried camembert is the shit, i love it!! halloumi is one of my faves too, i like how squeaky it is in your mouth but i can never eat it a lot because i get tired of it really fast and then i have to take a break from halloumi for a few months until i can eat it again.

i never had this one, but i'm also sensitive to spicy foods so maybe that's better for me kek

No. 995730

If you get tired of it because of the briny taste I'd recommend juustoloeipa aka bread cheese. Same great texture and squeak, but less salty than halloumi

No. 995776

File: 1639597405359.jpg (482.13 KB, 1080x1860, ~~20211215_143559.jpg)

some reading for u anon…i was reading all the links from this page yesterday. very interesting. some kooks but a lot of sensible terfs. a lot of the people involved actually first started as activists against the classification of homosexuality as a disorder, and basically got pilled on how so much of current psychiatry is mostly about making individuals fit into societal norms, rather than actually helping them to be happy or do what they like doing.

No. 995801

It's almost an envidence at this point. Psychiatry is still in the dark ages. It's applying the samish treatments (with some research to no research at all) to a whole range of issues going from brain chemistry, rigid societal norms, head injury… Sometimes it works, most it doesn't. Sometimes it goes fucking backwards and they start chopping up people again to try make them better.

No. 996305

Is there such a thing as post-menstrual dysphoria? Like feeling depressed and shit AFTER your period?

No. 996306

Kek, that's just good all' round the year depression nona. You're spinning out.

No. 996309


No. 996317

I'm bored and trying to catfish a random dude. I don't think he would send me money. Maybe my goal should be for him to buy a ticket to my city and for me not to show up? I feel like I should have a goal for this.

No. 996325

Please give updates on whatever happens. I want to watch this unfold anon

No. 996329

why are you even doing this? you shouldn't just be a dick to anyone. it should be purposeful. someone who is an obvious asshole, not just a random person

No. 996342

I made a pickme sockpuppet to troll people on reddit. Some alt right scrote found it and started talking with me. In his post history he is complaining about how no women like him and how he hates women. So yes he absolutely deserves it.

idk if anything will happen yet. I'm down to voice chat and maybe I'll facetune my pics. (I claimed I was half my race and half another)

No. 996355

sounds boring plus he'll probably send you dickpics and you'll have to pretend its amazing dikku desu

No. 996358

makes sense. it sounded more random than that. if he has shown himself to be trash, feel free.

No. 996386

File: 1639640608069.jpg (836.09 KB, 1078x1321, Screenshot_20211216-024223_Ins…)

what is the name of the style of shirt the guy is wearing?

No. 996398


No. 996406

who is she, I feel I've seen her before

No. 996425

hard to tell of that's all one shirt or not but looks like a fitted v-neck raglan shirt with a short sleeve mock neck underneath.

No. 996450

i know you guys love dressing up but i truly hate people who live period larps like this. it's even worse that this man is also invested in posturing himself like he just strolled into this dimension still dressed for his former life as an animated scooby doo guest star

No. 996452

File: 1639644391454.png (583.44 KB, 1200x881, imagen_2021-12-16_024633.png)

This isn't the stupid questions thread, stop derailing. Read the fucking OP you crazy unhinged bitches

No. 996457

File: 1639644626522.png (364.88 KB, 708x404, imagen_2021-12-16_025044.png)

Why is everyone fucking retarded in this thread? Stick to the stupid questions thread when it comes to an actual question. This thread was made as a sort of a game. EXAMPLE:
>What's your favorite food?
And then a bunch of anons reply.
A wrong example would be:
>French anons why is it that french people stink?
That's just better suited for the stupid questions thread.
Please I know you're all retarded but at least read the OP rules, k thnks

No. 996502

Sorry that the thread you made is redundant and should be deleted. We don’t need a “stupid” and a “random” questions thread.

No. 997498

What is your phone ringtone? Mine is this song

No. 997500

NTA, but Stupid Questions is for people who need basic advice and Random Questions is for goofy shit like "what's your favorite color". They have two distinct purposes and they're both fine.

No. 997501

Mine is the song from this clip

No. 997502

One of my sisters were drunk when she called me so I made my ringtone her drunk singing voice mail

No. 997504

samefag, specifically the "yeah buddy" part, the clip is longer than I thought

No. 997509

That second song is such a banger though

No. 997534

You're not wrong, it do be slappin

No. 997920

Do you still have contact with any of your elementary or high school teachers? I still talk to my fifth, sixth, and ninth grade teachers sometimes. My school was pretty small though, like 120 kids from K-12.

No. 997921

No but I wish. I had an awesome science teacher in high school who I used to hang out with other classmates outside of class. She was basically the "mom" of our school. I haven't spoken to her in years but I did keep up with her post graduation for a bit

No. 997997

i occasionally get news from one of my elementary teachers who's friends with my grandma (herself a former teacher)

No. 998185

no. i had good relationships with my teachers but too much shit going on and if i had kept in touch with them i would've been taken away by the state. cps was already a fixture in my life enough because of the red flags noticed by these teachers. plus not living up to their standards for you is tough especially when you're a child/teen/adult still coping with abuse.

No. 998426

What do you wish people noticed about you?

No. 998451

My art

No. 998497

That I still have opinions and feelings even if I look weird.

No. 999395

What are you most afraid of?

No. 999402

File: 1639938783394.jpg (130.99 KB, 756x792, army_cat_by_crazyhobo_d9wiu8-f…)

What would you do you had an army of cats at your disposal?

No. 999404

Cuddle with them

No. 999406

Disposal? Excuse me? They are not disposable, they are precious special angels and irreplaceable

No. 999410

Correct answer.

No. 999434

File: 1639940587016.jpg (87.67 KB, 600x900, 1dbaf24d53.jpg)

Pet them and have them pose with me while I am wearing picrel. Give many snaccos and face rubs.

No. 999435

oof, pain in my heart where egl used to be

No. 999438

That's… That's the best dress I've ever seen :'( and I'll never get to have it

No. 1000494

Any good song recommendations? Am looking for smth new to add to my playlist. Any music genre welcome

No. 1000502

I'm going to listen it all too

No. 1000503

I've been listening to russian electronic (?) music, no idea what she's saying here but it slaps

No. 1000515

nta was just scrolling by and saw this, thank you for this gem

No. 1000588

No. 1000591

No. 1000890

What are your deal-breakers when looking for an apartment?

No. 1000905

If you have multiple people living there, it needs to have more than one bathroom or someone's going to suffer.

No. 1001024

No. 1001025

You need thick walls, even if you don’t scream and shout while pooping, it’s awkward when you can listen to your neighbor brushing their teeth and quarreling with their partner.

No. 1001030

No. 1001120

Signs of mold and bad heat isolation

No. 1001409

Hell yessss I love the Manics! This song is the first song my bf ever sent me when we started dating. I've been hooked ever since.

No. 1001931

based bf and based you, nona. are you listening to their (more) recent shit? I only stan the extremely Richey albums (the first trio plus plague lovers). Occasionally try to give the new releases a chance, but it doesn't end up well kek. Though I did enjoy 1985 off Lifeblood

No. 1001989

Nonnies i just don’t know what to do. I want to do so many things but i can’t decide for one so i end up doing nothing. I wanna learn norwegian, and learn knitting but also learn Japanese and learn making jewelry, i want to get a higher degree and get my drivers license but also learn herbalism and have a garden. I also want to read so many books but all i do is sit there exausted on my phone hanging out on Instagram.

No. 1001992

I want to learn another language too. I was thinking about using masking tape and just labelling stuff around my house (with their names in the language I'd like to learn). Idk if you do it I'll do it

No. 1001993

How many burgers here have student loan debt? How much do you owe?

No. 1002002

Make a list of 10 or 20 of the things you want to do, number them, roll a 10 or 20 sided die online, and work on the task that corresponds to the number you rolled for 30 minutes. Take a break and see if you still want to do it, or you could re-roll.

No. 1002012

Yeah me too but recently I have no will for anything. I do some things, but not consistently. Just remember that you have your whole life to do those things, you don't have to do it right away. Just think, if you don't have the time or will right now, in a time when you do have them and you don't know what to do, you can pick one of the things.

No. 1002018

I owe 27k (3k private, 24k federal), whittled down since 2015 from 60k– I dropped out lol. I've been earning 18-25k this entire time. I'm about to start a new job at 32-37k so I should be paying it off sooner.
>biden pls

No. 1010583

Paki-chan son or Romanian daughter?

No. 1010585


No. 1010588

having a son is genetic littering

No. 1010589

the pakistani anon isn't even bad in comparision.

No. 1010611

File: 1640934791424.jpg (62.97 KB, 550x850, 7fa3d71a254df56a06d62786d0e86b…)

paki-chan is an angel in comparison

No. 1010692

Finnanon cousin

No. 1011370

What is/was your last meal of 2022 going to be, anons? I'm thinking of either making spaghetti alla vodka or being lazy and making instant noodles.

No. 1011383

Florida aunt, duh

Probably a large quantity of kofta and potato salad that mum just made, idk what vodka spaghetti is but that sounds rank (but is it?)

No. 1011386

File: 1640985101615.jpeg (214.73 KB, 1200x1600, 75BBE0F5-97C4-4E4E-94AA-48FC6A…)

This sans the avocado because, who the fuck eats avocado with this shit? Only psychos and BPD-chans.

No. 1011391

luch's couscous

No. 1011393

lasagna sugo finto

what the heck… have you never heard of vodka sauce? it's very normal and at every american italian restaurant. Its basically just a tomato sauce with some cream.

No. 1011395

File: 1640985469842.jpg (60.32 KB, 466x611, 61N5kraCEML._AC_SX466_.jpg)

No. 1011400

Cup noodles, chicken flavor

No. 1011556

What was your last purchase of 2021?

No. 1011559

What is this called? It looks tasty.

No. 1011567


No. 1011577

Samefag, I bought 2 beanie boos because I'm drunk..and because I'm not buying shit in 2022 so gotta one last purchase in lol

No. 1011579

which ones???

No. 1011580

The yellow rectangle is an Hayaca, like a tamale but better, if you know how to make them. I recommend dipping the dough in the liquid of the stew that should have: Pork, Beef and Hen or chicken. Some wine, olives, onion, bell peppers, spring onions, salt, pepper and sugar too.
The swirly bread is bread with ham, olives and raisins.
The salad has some mayo, hen/chicken, green apple, potatoes and peas.
And the pork is made with some orange juice so it’s sweet.
It’s a bit annoying to make but it’s worth the hassle!

No. 1011585

File: 1640997104252.jpeg (7.7 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

This one is called Binky, I fucking love the name lol

No. 1011598

God bless Binky and happy New Year

No. 1011639

a copy of pokemon brilliant diamond

No. 1011645

CandIce or CandAce?
Choose carefully.

No. 1011650


Candace. Candice looks like the spelling if someone who squirted out a fetus and had to guess how it was spelled when the OBGYN asked moments after

No. 1011651


An old ass doormat from an antique store with lambs and stars on it

No. 1011654

Please pleaaaaase can I see????

No. 1011801

How do all the anons who’ve wasted so much time here mentally cope with that?

No. 1011809

Pretty well if I'm being honest

No. 1011813

Not a big deal, everyone wastes time on the internet.

No. 1011815

Yeah for me if i wasn't in here I'd be somewhere else and if I'm gonna waste time on the internet I'd rather it'd be on a female oriented board. I've learned a lot here and gotten rid of so many harmful and idiotic mentalities that's pushed everywhere else

No. 1011825

File: 1641026240277.png (1.02 MB, 1119x812, 1636733795266.png)

because it is sure of a hell lot easier than coping with the real world

No. 1011897

Instead of idk playing video games or watching TV I would use here to vent, work through things nagging at my brain or have fun communicating with other women from around the world.

No. 1014939

File: 1641284989978.jpeg (35.76 KB, 739x415, B13CA983-6AD6-4FFF-8AB9-6CC81F…)

Do any motorcycle gang lesbians have advice on how to be a good passenger? My bf just bought a new bike and wants to take me for a ride when I see him this weekend and I’m kind of freaking out about it. My uncle was badly injured in a motorbike accident before I was born and my grandma has been an absolute freak about them ever since and told all her grandchildren that motorcycles are terrible and we’re “forbidden” from riding them. I know they’re completely safe and he’s got 10 years riding experience but I’m still really anxious. What can I do to make myself as little of an imposition as possible?

No. 1014965

Candace because Candice reminds me of Candy Ice and that sucks

No. 1014991

Hold on tightly to your bf (wrap your arms), don't try to counterbalance the lean when turning (it's intimidating at first but you need to lean the same way as your driver), don't move or wiggle on your seat & wear clothing that covers all of your skin (you can also buy special protective clothing if you want to feel extra secure).

In short, be relaxed and trust your bf, it should be fine! Don't be afraid to share your fear to him tho, he will adapt his driving to you.

No. 1016612

What should I write a song about?

No. 1016614

komaeda's penis

No. 1016618

about an existential crisis

No. 1016702

broken headphones on a long day

No. 1016709

Nta but that actually stirs up a lot of emotion in me

No. 1016714

Do you like me? :)

No. 1016726

Depends. What's your stance on borzois?

No. 1016738

File: 1641406079302.jpg (130.31 KB, 736x1058, a04841da7bea86588c2872cdd0d4f5…)

Big fan

No. 1016742

No. 1016747

I cut my nails to be pointy should I paint them burgundy or black

No. 1016748


No. 1016750


No. 1016754

File: 1641406781464.png (122.05 KB, 263x245, xcfxcf.png)

Uuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh how do I make that

No. 1016758

File: 1641406889674.jpg (87.94 KB, 640x640, f8ec7b35fc76a5fe86ea1e86c22422…)

You make it all swirly like this hair in picrel

No. 1016763

Only partly, I only love my bed and my mama, I'm sorry.

No. 1016767

Black. Classic colour.

No. 1016801

Ok good I like u anon big mwahs

No. 1016813


No. 1016818

Ok I painted them black and I was going to paint burgundy swirls over it but it looks so beautiful I don't want to ruin the beautiful shiny black. Thanks anonies

No. 1016826

I respect your decision

No. 1016935

Would you rather eat a piece of peanut butter toast that has been on the floor pb side down or eat really warm banana that's been sitting in the summer sun kek

No. 1016936

Duh, warm banana, I eat it all the time with oatmeal

No. 1016937

You just blew my mind, my question is GARBAGE

No. 1016945

It's ok, you'll think of another one. I have one: would you rather eat oranges with mustard or cake with horseradish sauce? The very spicy kind.

No. 1016948

File: 1641415772139.jpg (248.87 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-Single_lavender_flower0…)

mine is hot pink but its chipped lol ive used it more several years now, but its one of those s'well bottles, so the quality is good! my mom got it free and gave it to me, so getting a new bottle would feel like a waste


No. 1016958

File: 1641416123824.jpg (447.84 KB, 1920x1282, boer-goat-2273921_1920.jpg)

I'll take oranges with mustard because I at least like both of those. I don't even like cake that much tbh heh
Would you rather kiss a scrote or kiss a goat??

No. 1017057

Thanks for the prompt anon, I told myself I'd do the first one if anyone replied and this was a challenge because how do you make lyrics out of pure poetry? so I just fucked around trying to make melodies out of her words, it was fun
cringe link http://sndup.net/kbm7

Yes I am serious and no I am not autistic

No. 1017066

nta ilyu, you have a great voice and an incredible vision

No. 1017080

Lovely, keep it up anon

No. 1017086


No. 1017123

On the lips? Scrote.
On the head? Gote.

No. 1017142

Hard choice but I would kiss the goat because I know it wouldn't brag to everyone for the rest of its life

No. 1017392

do you usually find yourself loling? or even keking? wich one happens more often?

No. 1017499

What do you guys truly think of people being "kinky"? I have mixed feelings.

I think it is harmful to promote violence, especially against women, as acceptable under any circumstances. Choking, slapping, hitting, berating, CNC and anything related is in my eyes solely harmful and quite degenerate. However, I simultaneously encourage people to explore their sexuality with someone they love and trust. Adding elements like food, outfits, scenarios and even rope or other forms of bondage can add fun spice to it. I used to think these additions perverted the sanctity of sex, as it should be solely about bringing two people together. Now I think those things can bring two people together even more. But I mentioned bondage, which is very typical for BDSM. I feel like bondage can be less about fetishising tying women up, and more about the idea of being completely at the mercy of your loved one, or about exploring the pleasure of sex with restrictions, forcing you to truly understand your body and communicate with your partner. In a similar vein, I think "dom/sub dynamics" can encourage people to trust their partners and feel closer to each other. But I also see how these elements can perpetuate harmful stereotypes. I wonder what you guys think about this!

No. 1017501

I know some nonas might say some nasty stuff about your post but you've put into words exactly how I feel about it. I've only ever had one sexual partner in my life, and I trust in him completely.

No. 1017510

I hate "kinky" culture and how normalized and promoted it is. With someone you love and trust is one thing but what you see on social media and whatever is not that.

No. 1017512

Similar to you:
Food, costumes (no degen underage, good like police, etc.), light bondage (handcuffs/ties) = good
Anything degrading, dangerous, painful, illegal (animals/relatives/minors), or infantilising = bad

Kink has become something people adopt to seem unique/interesting and rebellious.

No. 1017513

Kek resembles cackle so I like it more

No. 1017517

Samefag, the only grey area is professor shit. No high school teacher, but teacher where you can be the same age or close to the professor since it's only illegal due to college/uni rules. Even boss stuff is okay.

No. 1017522

I don't give a shit about whatever dumb things people do to get off but I wish they would shut the fuck up about it in public spaces and stop trying to lord their superior taste in butt sweat over me or seek validation through dumbass discussions on the matter.

No. 1017538

Yeah no one would care if they kept it to themselves, but they feel the need to spread their degen shit through everything.

No. 1017617

Is there a way to find out if your nudes have been leaked? Where do they get posted? I wish I knew about anonib before it got taken down, I don't even know where to look

I think I'm okay because the only nudes I've ever taken didn't have my face or identifying information in them but I read an article where someone's innocent holiday photos were posted and now I'm worried. I used to be friends with creepy 4chan type guys, so now I'm worried that they might have abused their access to things I shared on Instagram etc

No. 1017905

File: 1641486712205.jpeg (843.39 KB, 1201x1920, ACF533E5-5F8B-4687-827C-8C9E30…)

what are some fairytales you’d like to see readapted?

No. 1017915

OMG Ariana Grande as Thumbelina

No. 1017931

I'd love to see a Little Mermaid that is true to the original story, no glittery Disney bs

No. 1018016

haha thats funny because her name is grande and thumbelina is tiny lol

No. 1018033

And everyone she has ever collabs with is a side character. Lady Gaga is Frog Charo

No. 1018070

Lady Gaga is baba yaga

No. 1018101

Is college worth it?

No. 1018136

Drop-out here with 60k in student debt. It's only worth it for the credential (lots of jobs require a degree, any degree) and the networking opportunity. You need to socialize and connect with people like your career depends on it, cause it does. If you waste your time with a degree that you hate and just are in college for the "college experience" then you're just wasting tuition money. College is a tool to get you where you want to be, but you have to use it correctly for it to work.

No. 1018172

Thanks nonatella! I want to go eventually but I can't decide on a direction. My family keeps pushing me to go but I know if I'll pick something I don't actually want I'll just drop out

No. 1018221

luckily the first two years is very forgiving cause you're mostly taking genEd courses. If you can't decide what to major in, I definitely recommend going for a fun degree or one in something you like. Just because you're studying it, doesn't mean your career path has to be in the same area, but a degree in anything opens up so many doors! Also, nothing wrong with taking a gap year or a few years to work before you start college. hope you have a great time, no matter what you choose

No. 1018555

File: 1641515405077.jpg (244.49 KB, 1477x771, 453y5ws5334643y.jpg)

When ever I look at Sachiko drawings it clear that a woman drew that for her own enjoyment and for other women that likes seeing her OC either in cute poses or erotic ones. There is no middle ground. But then I see something like that comment
>your art has like, literally driven also my trans journey, singlehandedly the art you make of dudes made me realize how masculine i really feel inside
Like what masculinity are you talking? We can clearly see what Sachiko type is. Is there any masculine drawing she has that I have missed out on?? Is it the one where he chokes s women?tbh I think the situation was reversed but I just can't remember

No. 1018557

just a classic case of fakebois wanting to be the bf, nothing new

No. 1018562

You just have to ignore them, they’re mentally ill. I saw a post on Tumblr recently where users were referring to people wearing pants that expose their socks while sitting as trans energy. To these fucking morons wearing (properly fitted) pants with long socks is trans.

No. 1018644

Quit inciting my consumerist urges, anon. But also, just the other day I was thinking how Sachiko's stuff is so female pandering.

No. 1018728

Which is your Favorite to least favorite board?

Mine is
With /ot/ being the best and most tolerable and /w/ being an absolute shithole that I never like going on. Snow seems dry these days and I only like /g/ because I can horny post about 2D moids.

No. 1018734

/g/ is the absolute worst.

No. 1018738

I definitely like /ot/ and /m/ the most. I basically go to /g/ for the same reason as you, to hornypost.
For the main boards, I actually been visiting /w/ more often due to pixie drama, and /pt/ actually became my least favorite now because all the cows there that were once full of milk became dry and boring, imho. It peaked in like 2017 or so.

No. 1018742

Is there a non-carcinogenic method of consuming THC that doesn't involve edibles?

No. 1018749

edibles are a poor choice? (genuinely curious)

No. 1018750

This isnt the stupid questions thread anon

No. 1018754

My favorites are /m/ and /g/, I think that they are fun and comfortable for the most part. My least favorite is /w/, the cows there really aren't interesting.

No. 1018755

File: 1641533525149.jpeg (23.28 KB, 360x229, 2A2B0F71-2F10-4463-BB51-73F96C…)

i wanted to say this but didnt have the courage

No. 1018768

first 2d crush and 3d crush?

No. 1018773

And a girl named Sophia

No. 1018775

looks like the dog from twilight
ot because of threads like this, i like g in general not because of something specific, i like m for the discussions and the pics, and snow for the ftm thread. Used to read the shayna thread but the pedopandering was too fucking gross

No. 1018788

Ugh these are so cute, i want one.
But yeah, Its narcissism

No. 1020314

ESL anons, what are some English words that sound similar to you and that you tend to confuse? For me it's "appealing" and "appalling".

No. 1020318

Where can I get one? These look better than her previous keychains.

No. 1020337

When I write I usually confuse "thought" and "though"

No. 1020344

This isn't exactly about sound but I struggle with using were and where correctly because it's just one word in my native language.

Also can we talk about pronounciation? I was truly appalled when I discovered how you pronounce medieval.

No. 1020410

For me it was colonel, especially since it's the exact same word in my language and it's pronounced the way it's written, how the hell did this happen?

No. 1020728

I got my lip pierced a month ago and there's a bump on the inside now. I've been putting salt water on it (which worked for my nose piercings) but it's not doing anything. What can I do to make it go away?

No. 1023534

Have you guys ever been wildly wrong when guessing someone’s age

No. 1023541

Yes, people generally aren't very good at it. Even those who say they are.

I've also noticed I'll think someone is in their early 20s until they say they're 31 or something, and then when I look at them again I see a 31 year old, they don't look early 20s to me at all. I don't know why that happens.

No. 1023584

It's irritated. If nothing has happened to irritate it and you haven't been fiddling with it, then you probably need better fitting jewelry. If that's the case go back to your piercer and have them replace it with the right length. If you have been fiddling with it then stop and the bump will eventually go away. Resist the urge to over-clean it and stick with your usual regimen.

No. 1026695

Scottish anons, I want a Scottish boyfriend. I'm from mainland Europe. Give me, please?

No. 1026758

If you have any to spare, I’d like one as well.

No. 1026772

My boyfriend's mom, she's younger than my mom but because she doesn't dye her hair I thought she was older than my mom when I first met her. On second inspection, I realized her face was actually younger and smoother than my mom's, who was in her late 50s at the time.

No. 1026776

Any anons work a shitty job that paid well to get them through the month or a few months? how'd it go? really need a job within the next 1-2 weeks for slightly higher than minimum wage and despite all the "we're hiring!" Signs they're all part time or low pay full time. lots of them don't even care to give a message back that says not accepted and other's I've called back for the interview just didnt get back to me.

No. 1026782

Have you downsized yet? It's probably irritated because the jewelry is too big now that the swelling is down.

No. 1026820

It could also be the material. Titanium works best. And don't do soaks, just spray the saline on and dry it off after a minute.

No. 1028278

are any anons twins or have twin siblings? how is it? as in if you are a twin are you still close or were never close? if sibling did they ever gang up on you? if you could have only had one rather than 2 as siblings would you? did it feel like all attention went to them or the attention was only on you being a twin rather than your actual personality?

No. 1028287

Hi anon, not sure if this is exactly what you mean but over year ago I was really in a pinch and needed to make rent so I took a job at a call center that paid a few bucks above minimum wage. It was alright at first but I ended up quitting a little over two months in because it was absolute hell and I hated it. The pay was okay because at first it was a really easy and then the holiday season hit and it got hellish. I hope you’re able to hear back from a job soon!

No. 1028323

File: 1642240609457.png (31.6 KB, 683x770, 1642058554392.png)

Is piratan harder now or am I just a 30 year old boomer with a calcified brain?

I tried pirating Tropico 5 through the pirate bay and I just couldn't get it to work. It was always trying to autoload steam and then not running.

It's my first time pirating in like 5 years man, the pirate bay seems dead now.

No. 1028327

Don't use pirate bay for exes, it's full of viruses.

No. 1028369

>It's my first time pirating in like 5 years man
pirate's bay been dead for like 10 years lol

No. 1028370

Try Stremio, I could not come back to using anything else after trying this out, so comfortable

No. 1028476

cracks were always a bit hit and miss but for a good 10 years I haven't wasted my time. They're probably all backdoored nowadays.

No. 1028486

do we have a piracy reference/experience thread? would be useful. though I guess the reddit piracy wiki covers that

No. 1028994

File: 1642284038204.jpg (38.66 KB, 640x640, D6dKLKHXsAAkZtE.jpg)

No. 1028995

flats 100%

No. 1029003

Drums everyday

No. 1029015

Drums, though at this point I’ve accepted that boneless is better. I just don’t like the feeling of my teeth against bones or the pieces of cartilage/chewy bits that come with wings.

No. 1029038

i hate eating chicken with bones

No. 1029040

Flats cuz drums have more of the >>1029015 shit nonnie talking bout

No. 1029069

But the cartilages are another amazing part of the chicken, nonnie.

No. 1029101

people eat the cartilage?? it's tough and inedible ime? are you thinking of like the gelatinous whatever that's present in like… oxtail or pigs feet?

No. 1029154

nta but I know that eating cartilage is a thing. Vidrel

No. 1030168

File: 1642390974260.jpeg (497.6 KB, 884x1639, 8A936582-D578-48E1-8BE3-BB149D…)

I’m paying for lunch. What’s your order?

Mine is:
>cheese enchiladas with green sauce & extra red onions
>side of avocado

No. 1032391

I would ask for a burrito and tamarindo juice, thanks!

No. 1032407

Jamaica, fries, and plaintains because I'm vegan. Thank you anon, you're very sweet.

No. 1032409

I fucking love cartilage, it's crunchy and satisfying and makes me feel like a barbarian eating the bones of my enemies

No. 1032425

flautas de pollo, nopales asados (never tried but very curious!), platanos fritos and a snapple

No. 1032485

Milanesa and quesadillas because I'm feeling like a fatty

No. 1032495

cheese enchiladas w/green salsa and some agua de jamaica

No. 1032502

Holy balls, I'll have a burrito, some fries and some crema to dip and a Pepsi and gimmie that coco flan. Please and thanks.

No. 1033128

do you nonnas use filters (like snapchat, instagram) to take selfies?

i don’t use filters, but i do facetune my acne out. i’ve avoided filters because they make me feel weird and uncomfortable when they change my face completely.

BUT i’m thinking about starting to use snapchat filters, i imagine it would make taking selfies easier/less stressful and save me time from editing them.

which filters are cute but won’t change my entire face?

No. 1033132

i dont use filters
i dont take selfies

No. 1033134

>reddit spacing
gtfo zoomerfaggot.

No. 1033136

There is this one snapchat filter I like called "natural", it doesn't do that weird shit where it reshapes your eyes and jawline, it just simply makes you skin smooth. My camera technically has a smoothing feature, but it looks cartoonish and bad and ruins the resolution of the image whereas the snapchat one only applies the smoothness to my face and doesn't alter my appearance in any other way.

No. 1033145

Settle down, oldfag.

No. 1033163

This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread
This is not the stupid questions thread

No. 1033167

make a new one then bitch

No. 1033168

Im naturally pretty with big eyes lips and small nose so snapchat filters look fuck ugly on me. I look like an alien.

No. 1033170

Hehe I like when anons say they're pretty, gives me warm fuzzies

No. 1033176

But why! This is a game thread, read the op, it's not my problem

No. 1033187

make one yourself or hold your dumbass question retard

No. 1033191

Girl stop this is embarrassing lol

No. 1033216

File: 1642626166330.jpg (173.57 KB, 1061x1104, G R I M E S.jpg)


No. 1033221

Claire no contest.

No. 1033222

poppy claire

No. 1033225

phrank. i like how unhinged he got. rip

No. 1033226

File: 1642626920580.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, Frank_Grimes_Monster.png)

It's a good choice, Grimey has ghost powers

No. 1033227

Frank Grimes makes the /co/fags seethe
>waah white man gets owned by other white man, it's just like my life

No. 1033229

File: 1642627255251.jpg (1.3 MB, 1200x800, RDT_20220119_15182442285771028…)

Who the fuck

No. 1034667

Do any of you have experience with being homeless? How was it like? Where did you sleep, how did you try to keep safe etc

No. 1034720

It's much different if you have a car. It's a saving grace esp if you get a few bucks income for gas.

No. 1034750

What’s everyone doing for dinner/your next meal? I’m about to cook spinach & cheese ravioli with some garlic, butter & pesto.

No. 1037436

First thing you notice when you look at someone's face? I notice hairline

No. 1037449

i think playing the sims for almost two fucking decades has broken my brain, because i look at people and if i think their faces arent in proportion i want to change it, like you can on a sim. i think shit like 'his eyes should be higher' or 'his nose is too low'

No. 1037466

Kek I honestly think the Sims refined my aesthetic sense. I remember reading autistically detailed looksmaxxing stuff about facial proportions, like ratios etc that make you attractive, and it all seemed so obvious to me because I made my Sims as per those guidelines. Interior design too, when I looked up 'rules' about how to decorate a room and lay it out it already made sense because of how I made my Sims houses.

No. 1037481

Is there a study (in college) that focusses on feminism? I'd like to do social work, helping young girls with self esteem and safety and what not

No. 1037572

I can only speak from a burger perspective.
There is a womens/gender studies major that exists and is offered in most colleges in the nation. It constantly gets clowned on for being pretty useless in the job market. Dare I say… rightfully so… unless you’re getting a degree just to get a degree.

I would recommend a major in social work based on what you described as wanting to do with it.

No. 1038733

What are your hobbies? And I don't mean the generic "drawing, baking, videogames" I mean what do you actually do day after day.
I spend my days on lolcow, watching stupid sfm videos on youtube and drawing my husbando. I used to paint and read books but sitting in front of a computer screen all day screwed me up

No. 1038747

My hobbies? I like drawing, baking and videogames

No. 1038773

Writing a dumb superhero story, watching cartoons or people playing games on youtube, and lc. When I had a computer I'd read comics and play games all day. I also used to draw silly OCs for stories I never wrote but I don't do that anymore.

No. 1038792

Crocheting, drawing/painting, baking/cooking are the first that come to mind. I know you said not to say it but it's literally what I do day after day. I do watch videos, TV shows and podcasts but I don't consider that a hobby at all.

No. 1038796

Every day I draw and play videogames. I'm also endlessly browsing Lolcow and youtube and telling myself to do productive shit and then never doing it.

No. 1038835

Oi what’s up with those specific hobbies ??

No. 1038839

Nonnies, what artificial fruit flavors (think popsicles, candy) were your favorite?

No. 1038874

File: 1642982912983.jpg (48.26 KB, 437x471, 1444016298292.jpg)

Lemon and lime, sometimes orange. The only flavors that they don't fuck up 100% of the time

No. 1038921

cherry, lemon, banana, blue raspberry (the ultimate artifical fruit flavour)

No. 1039250

Grape. It's the only artificial fruit flavour that's better than the original fruit flavour.

No. 1039252

banana and guava for sure

No. 1039254

No. 1040050

Any anons that went to art school, what is it like to get a bad grade on a project you worked hard on? Do you take it personally? Does is hurt?

No. 1040054

Art school ruined anything left of my self esteem with subjective opinions that often translated to not the best grades or very cruel critiques. But I have a job in the art industry now and maybe someday with enough therapy the damage will be fixed lmao

No. 1040057

I'm sorry anon. Thank you, I'll reconsider, I'm not in the best place either.

No. 1040058

Poor taste.

No. 1040061

If there's any way you could get a hold of former students of the school you want to go to, you should definitely ask around for their opinions about their experience; surely not all of them can be bad? But yeah even in the best ones I think you really have to know how to fit in well and not be in too vulnerable state of mind in relation to your art.

No. 1040088

Thank you anon. I don't know, there are some pieces of mine that are very personal and if someone said it was shit I would legit burst into tears. It's my dream to study illustration but idk if I could handle it. I know a girl I barely knew from high school went there but I suppose it's kind of weird to text her considering I've never talked to her lol. I'll try to go to the open day and ask students there

No. 1040131

It's 100% not weird, go for it! Also I think if you go to art school already aware that not every professor may be a great and open minded person, you should be able to avoid some unnecessarily painful experiences. I wouldn't want to discourage you completely; just approach the experience knowing art field is very subjective and if there are some parts of your creation you're not feeling comfortable with sharing, better keep them for yourself until you do. I went in being naive and not knowing what to expect at all and it definitely did not help.

No. 1040154

Thank you so much! I'll try to not take it personally, I'm sure it'll be alright. I'll see and just quit if I really can't handle it. I'm gonna follow my dream, fuck the rest!

No. 1042552

File: 1643229640153.jpg (7.54 MB, 3264x3264, 65498058043.jpg)

Does anyone have recommendations for art that features pretty men without being super anime-ish in appearance? Can be fantastical or not. Picrel is the sort of thing I mean, pieces that show cute guys but also have an otherwise soft, pleasing aesthetic and don't scream "I'm a fujo." For anyone who may be curious artists from left to right are


>Yoshitaka Amano
>N.I. Maltsev
>J. C. Leyendecker
>Joseph Lorusso
>Vania Zouravliov

No. 1042566

https://demian.art/ Some are a bit too anime but I think it's similar to what you are asking

No. 1042599

File: 1643230857326.png (607.67 KB, 437x613, 5789023749823.png)

Thanks nona! Definitely fits the look I was going for

No. 1042630

File: 1643232361785.jpeg (171.47 KB, 1440x1080, bed.jpeg)

What music do you listen to while masturbating?

No. 1042637


No. 1042644

The sounds of men moaning and grunting

No. 1042650

No. 1042654


Yeezus (lol)
The divine feminine (an album by mac miller)
If I'm thinking about someone specifically ill play music that reminds me of them. Or sometimes I'll play music that sets a scene for a fantasy lol like I'm picking the backing track if it played out like a movie

No. 1042663

Rain Temple - 2814
That second track has a nice rhythm to it.

No. 1042667

File: 1643233704933.jpg (3.05 MB, 2500x2554, bd.jpg)

Does anyone even agree with that "bald > balding" spiel? Seen this floating around on some socials and it feels like such bullshit. Zero can't be bigger than null.

No. 1042704

Why are you so retarded?

No. 1042707

Both are unattractive imo, hanging onto the last remains of hair is sad in itself. Getting a bad hair transplant is a whole other level tho.. I saw someone on youtube lately singing the praises of a guy who does hair transplants.. dude had some sparse strands hanging on for dear life after getting his 'amazing transplant'

You're either genetically blessed or you're not. Hard luck if you lose the draw

No. 1042708

The longer it is, the grosser thinning hair looks. Imagine having sparse patchy strands down to your hips. Horse girl hair on meth. Same logic, looks unkempt and mange-y for males to hold onto little strands when they can just be clean and bald

No. 1042728

While everything you said is technically true, does that mean you think balding/bald is passable? I just can't buy this shit for some reason

No. 1042796

Balding is way worse. Bald has plausible deniability of perhaps shaving his head intentionally, and positive associations with certain attractive men (the Rock etc). Meanwhile balding is a big neon sign shouting

It's one of the most unattractive traits possible in a man.

No. 1042817

what is gaypg anyway ? has seen it mentioned several times now

No. 1042832

thread on /trash/ about kpop moids, probably only one on there except for fujojo thats mostly women posting

No. 1042847

>Bald has plausible deniability of perhaps shaving his head intentionally
Either there's some major copium going on or you're actually buying their shit. No one is bald by choice. If we think looking at bald people is disgusting imagine actually being the bald scrote.
Don't buy that "I just wanted to shave" shit. They just realized they had shitty genetics before the world did and think they're taking control.

Speaking of which: In your opinions what is the female equivalent to bald men? The most cruel, no-go trait possible.

No. 1042872

Probably having a big boxy build, not just being fat or being tall but your build in itself being kinda tranny like I guess. Proprtions that you can't exactly diet or dress your way around.

No. 1042882

thank you anon i can finally sleep

No. 1042889

File: 1643239112053.jpg (72.37 KB, 735x689, 49edddffbdcb43623806fd3b4567af…)

>Admin is gay. Mods are asleep. KP0P Supremacy!

No. 1042894

Logically we know that, but when I look at a receeding hairline or a bald patch, I'm viscerally repulsed by the sheer beta failure of it. It's just a gut feeling. When I see a bald head, it's not attractive but I feel pretty neutral about it. It's common enough in the media that it can be associated with a military or prison haircut on a tough guy action hero, or someone very low maintenance who doesn't want to deal with hair at all.

For women it might be the opposite, like having severe PCOS and growing a beard. Or like >>1042872 said, a masculine build, or maybe a really exaggerated apple shape.

No. 1042897

>In your opinions what is the female equivalent to bald men? The most cruel, no-go trait possible.

NTA but it's not cruel, most baldies still breed and women are complacent irl. Meanwhile the following will get you resentment by the general male population

>Saggy and floppy tits

>Any amount of stomach
>Dark skin
>Type 4c hair
>Face that isn't at least "social media" average
>Natural body hair

No. 1042961

Everything you listed can also be described by "it's not cruel, most ____ still breed and men are complacent irl". I wonder if it will hit us as we age.

No. 1042974

I'm probably in the minority but I find straight bald with facial hair to be very attractive, as long as it's not a soy beard. Balding copes like combovers or, god forbid, growing out what remaining hair you have left, are much more unattractive. Fucking crypt creeper looking scrotes aren't fooling anyone

No. 1042998

For women I'd say ugly/masculine facial features. I have them and while I sort of lucked out since I'm a lesbian and can just go for the full-on masculine look, if I had been born straight I think I would have been genuinely fucked. Female hair loss is also pretty bad, though not as devastating as with men.

No. 1043019

bs i love bald guys

No. 1043024

Have you ever loved an actual bald guy or only the hollywood version?

No. 1043099

Lol yes I have irl loved an actual non-Hollywood bald guy

No. 1043297

Okay but that's a fetish. It's normal to be attracted to lush male hair as it is a sign of health. Yours is an abnormal attraction, i.e. fetish.

No. 1043305

It's not a fetish. Your premise is just dumb. Night nona!

No. 1043315

It's 09:23 AM
It's a fetish

No. 1043320

It's not a fetish, it's putting up with a tolerable flaw for the sake of her precious Nigel. Then getting offended and defensive online when other women indirectly insult him.

No. 1043330

You don't believe she's actually attracted to a bald head? Hm, you're probably right, occam's razor says that it's more likely she's just coping rather than having a weird baldie fetish.

No. 1043368

Occam's balding clippers

No. 1044154

File: 1643323063368.jpeg (127.34 KB, 600x288, imagewjwbwvwh.jpeg)

Any anons had this? Was it good?

No. 1044168

Yes and yes

No. 1044218

Yeah I guess I just don't care about how much hair a man has

No. 1044228

yea same. im a woman in my 30s, im attracted to men who are my age, by this age they are losing their hair. idgaf. i care more if they are big babies about it who try to hide it under hats or grow big ugly beards and start shaving it so they look like neo nazis.

No. 1044232

you have a baldie fetish? balding is kinky to you two???

No. 1044237

File: 1643328043583.png (10.17 KB, 224x225, download.png)

i rub my pussy lips on my husbands bald head once in a while yeah

No. 1044238

My take is that bald can be sexy depending on his jaw and head shape. That goes without saying. If he's a pinhead he's obviously gonna be ugly.

No. 1044242


No. 1044245

i call it "an angels kiss"

No. 1044249

The only sexy bald guy in this gay earth is Dr Steel, i don't know why is this even a discussion smh

No. 1044254

*this is even

No. 1044606

Would you rather date somebody dumber than you or smarter than you?

No. 1044607

Who could be smarter than me?

No. 1044625

Dumber, because smarter person would make me feel bad about being dumb myself. I want a chill, dumb life

No. 1045918

Who was your first lolcow? For me it was Andrew Dobson back in 2012.

No. 1045930

alot of dumb people have this thing where they think they are smarter than they actually are and so many of them are ignorant and judgmental as fuck so i rather date a smart person.

No. 1046032

Felice Fawn probably. Or onion boy.

No. 1046037

Jessica woods. I was looking up about her and blogs similar to hers and found her thread here and had no idea what was going on but ended up staying

No. 1046314

The Sparkling Martins "unschooling" family. I found their blog around 2008 and they went on Wife Swap (burger reality TV show about extreme families swapping mothers, lifestyles). The family was paraded around on several second-rate talk shows of the time like Dr. Phil, Bethenny Frankle, and always humiliated themselves. The mom is a total narcissistic conwoman, always shilling an unschooling service, club, book, conference that went nowhere and never made good on refunds, etc. In 2013 it all blew up and Dayna Martin was exposed by another unschooling family blog that alleged drug use around kids, that her consulting services were total scams.

I'm gonna stop the sperg, but here are some links:



No. 1047351

How old was you when you started liking bald guys? I understand our taste changes with age but I didn't know they'd get worse.

No. 1047496

What is a white fabric paint that shows up well on black fabric? The only ones I've tried show up grey and flake off within two washes. Regular acrylic paint flakes right off too (I don't want to extra spend money on clothes I can easily make myself, I wear a lot of graphic tees but they're mostly overpriced and I'm a bit sick of it)

No. 1047879

Why do fat people sound different than normal people?

No. 1047903

Reported this thread so mods can close it because you retards keep mistaking it for the stupid questions thread.

No. 1047966

sage for loser scrote comedian but this is what i always think of

No. 1047978

That's dumb and gay. So what's your favorite kind of pizza, party pooper??

No. 1048142

do you guys think we need another hellweek?

No. 1049031

What's a good app for touching up photos, e.g. removing dark circles without making them look inhuman?

No. 1049037

I use one called Airbrush. it's pretty much incapable of making someone look fucked up because the tools are so subtle. I use it a lot because the acne tool is kind of like a cloning tool and can hide imperfections in my sewing, kek.

No. 1049049

Thanks nonnie, gonna try it out

No. 1049062

I just got hit on by a 16 year old. How do I heal from the cringe?

No. 1049122

File: 1643737119152.jpeg (75.36 KB, 640x637, 1EF9A7F2-5A8A-4CC3-8FE8-A42500…)

Anyone else get insanely tired during social events? I don’t get socially anxious or bored I just get so damn tired halfway through even if it’s just going out for a meal or playing video games with a few friends. There’s been a few instances where I’ve just had to say sorry I have to go to bed I’m just so tired. I eat right and get enough sleep, the only thing I can think of is that I have a short social meter but I wouldn’t say I’m introverted.

No. 1049123

Also to add it doesn’t matter what time of day it is the level of sleepy remains

No. 1049137

You sound like a classic introvert but also check your blood for iron level

No. 1050016

Do any of you have any fruit gummy recommendations for someone living in the US? I want to try ones other than Welch's

No. 1050021

i have no recs but there are definitely better ones out there, i just don't remember the brands i've tried. welch's is the worst

No. 1050040

File: 1643824535331.jpeg (71.59 KB, 540x540, 3C4955A4-89FE-4AD6-A479-61D173…)

we have the best gummies and sweets in the uk. Do you have wine gums over there?

No. 1050044

I have no clue, maybe in some places that have foreign product sections

No. 1050051

File: 1643825272923.png (523.22 KB, 900x700, Untitled-2.png)

my recs for you nonnie

No. 1050080

File: 1643826792150.jpg (69.13 KB, 485x600, 469172920_d51ec2b725_z.jpg)

hello is there a hairspo thread on g? not for care but like cute haircuts and hairstyles

No. 1050090

scroll down the /g/ catalog anon. you can do the work.

No. 1050091

File: 1643827250995.jpeg (34.44 KB, 425x425, EB54139F-D936-4E81-B1A1-19FF34…)

I'm more of a gummy candy nonnie myself but I've been eating these lately. they're an interesting mix of fruit and tea flavor

No. 1050294

File: 1643833444474.jpeg (38.16 KB, 736x417, 44972B2B-CF7B-46A5-8CE2-F810B6…)

Question for the class:
Do you believe pussy power is real? Why/why not?
For the unfamiliar, pussy power is basically a woman using sex as a tool to have power over a man. It’s not the same as having simps because simping only applies to men who haven’t had sex with the woman they’re simping for. Do you think it actually exists, or is it a myth made up by men following their boners?

No. 1050323

File: 1643834403187.jpg (457.63 KB, 2100x1378, Angry-Lioness.jpg)

>Do you believe pussy power is real?
Yes, have you ever seen a lioness take down a buffalo?
>a woman using sex as a tool to have power over a man
Bla bla scrote shit

No. 1050328

It's not pussy power it's Stacey power

Doesn't matter what kind of sex she does or if that pussy is grippier than a Chinese finger trap if she's ugly. Pussy power just another way for men to blame all women for their boner towards very small subset of women

No. 1050349

Ummmm what the fuck why have I never heard of these before? Brb gonna order 50

No. 1050353

If being in possession of something for which the demand far exceeds the supply is "power", then yes

No. 1050390

Oh my god i miss annie‘s from my trip to the US its so cuuute

No. 1062209

I'm applying to art school soon and have to submit an online portfolio (just a word document with 20+ pieces with some talk about what materials you used, what the idea behind it is, what your struggles were and what not). On their website it didn't say much about how to put it together (other than the actual content it should have), should I put in a short introduction about myself? Talking about when I started drawing, who my biggest inspirations were/are, what I want to improve on, what I hope to gain from my education etc. It seems like a pretty normal thing to do considering I won't be able to actually speak to them, but I'm a turbo autist and don't understand this kind of shit. In my head this is pretty obvious you should but I don't trust myself with this kind of stuff, I should if I want to make a good impression, shouldn't I? Sorry if this is retarded lol, I've never done anything like this before

No. 1062214

Art college fag here. Keep the images relatively normal-sized (nothing, NOTHING over 2000px, no college recruiter wants to sit and wait for shit to load). Make sure your signature is visible on each piece. As for the introduction, I wouldn't bother too much with one. You could write a small blurb about who you are, what school you went to, if you did any extracurricular art classes (like figure drawing or something). Portfolio reviewers don't really care about who you are as a person, right now they want to see that you have the chops worthy of their school.

No. 1062228

Thank you so much nonna! If I say I finished high school, I've been drawing every day since age ten and my biggest inspirations are both comic book artists like Angelo Stano and old masters like Francisco de Goya, I hope to expand my skills, learn more about art history and be challenged at the school (nothing more) it should be okay right? So long as I make sure my signature is visible and my pics are good quality and the same size I should be cool? I don't know, I know it's about how good you are pretty much but my old art teacher was always super mad at me because I didn't write 500 words about the meaning of my drawings so I feel like I need to say a bit about myself, it'd feel weird if I don't lol. Maybe I should just call them if it's something anyone cares about though

No. 1062268

Nah. Honestly, unless any of those artists were inspirations for any of the pieces you did, don't bother with that stuff. Treat this almost like a job application. You let your work speak for yourself, and be professional. The "500 words" shit is just that: shit. When I put new pieces on my portfolio, I just write a description of the piece, mention what I was inspired by, and discuss what parts I struggled with, or what parts I really enjoyed drawing. It can be as simple as that. No need to go overboard.

No. 1062270

Samefagging but also, if there are parts of your work that DO remind you of, say, Goya's paintings, or something like that, by all means point them out. Artists like it when other artists reference someone whose work they might know.

No. 1062314

Thank you anon, this really helped a lot! I hope I'll get in

No. 1063423

File: 1644701799890.png (563.18 KB, 718x656, wwwwwwwwwww.png)

What tv show should I watch right now? I just finished Lost.

No. 1063425

I'm going to fucking lose it if I see this picture again

No. 1063430

File: 1644702304731.jpeg (126.53 KB, 633x708, 2F80B68C-64E9-4861-B475-8D096A…)

Are my fellow burgers planning to make any fun/interesting foods to celebrate the coming of our feathery friend tomorrow?

No. 1063433

Hop onto the Superwholock train, in that order exactly, should occupy you for a time being.

No. 1063434

File: 1644702435510.png (246 KB, 524x692, 12785311.png)

quq quq I knew it would piss off one of yous.

No. 1063436

Why do people dislike her and why are her videos posted here so often?

No. 1063438

I might give Supernatural a spin then.

No. 1065731

File: 1645578327006.jpg (22.49 KB, 462x460, 1639160400601.jpg)

Does anyone know how to successfully relieve tension headaches and/or jaw clenching?

No. 1065737

Sadly, it’s something that you have to slowly become aware of, either that or going to a dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon to see if there’s a way to solve it with some ultrasound thing therapy and exercises.

No. 1065829

File: 1645581963911.gif (1.88 MB, 500x350, ConsiderateHomelyBlackrussiant…)

If you liked Lost, check out The 100. Kind of similar vibe, survival, unexpected stuff etc. and it's got Lost actor Henry Ian Cusick. Post apocalyptic Earth, 100 years after living in space, people come back to Earth, now inhabited by Grounder clans, which are kinda medieval warriors fighting with swords (but commanders have interesting secret relation to AI).
Disclaimer: first 5 episodes are cringe as all hell, typical teen bullshit which usually disgusts everyone enough to quit, but it changes dramatically for better in further seasons. If you don't like it, you can safely skip to a very good season 2. The 100 had some weaker moments, but not gonna lie it was overall good and irritatingly immersive. Plus badass warrior women commanders

unrelated but i just noticed the name of the gif file, wtf lol

No. 1067028

Is 1000 in rent too much if im making 2400 a month?

No. 1067033

As a general rule you don't want your rent to be more than 30% of your income. You'll survive but will probably struggle when hit with unexpected expenses. Better to rent somewhere cheaper until you can get better pay.

No. 1074784

What will be your last words? Alternatively what song do you want played at your funeral

No. 1074956

How easy/where do I get degenerate furries to commission me? I’ve only done a few commissions in the past for friends but where do I get these inflation loving farting furry fucks to pay up

No. 1075466

anyone like virtual machines? or use linux?

No. 1075474

>what song do you want played at your funeral

No. 1075488

"they call me Cuban Pete, I'm the king of the rumba beat, when I play the maracas I go chick-chicky boom chick-chicky boom"

No. 1075535

File: 1646067292772.jpg (51.08 KB, 640x585, eWHzaj_WZOflW8Bv3K66PVGkl9HCh5…)


No. 1075546

File: 1646067531914.jpg (118.17 KB, 1024x768, Ozzy_and_Strut.jpg)

Yes pls

No. 1075739

what happened to /m/ - there are like ZERO threads up right now??
sorry i've been gone from lolcow for like 8 months lol

No. 1075759

The whole site went down for a day and when it came back up /ot/ and /m/ were basically frozen and unusable. We all hunkered down in /g/ for eight days and waited for admin to fix things, with little to no communication from admin/mods but /m/ is still in the process of being fixed. Afaik the threads are all archived and the board will be back up at a later unspecified date.

No. 1087428

File: 1646567897527.jpg (83.93 KB, 1500x1500, 6000197907414.jpg)

What's your favorite chocolate bar? I love Mr. Big with peanut butter Oh Henry and Reese's cups closely following

No. 1087434

File: 1646568611669.jpg (40.41 KB, 1000x562, K1280337.jpg)

That looks great, I had this once and it was the best. Not the big one the little one. I wish I had the big one right now

No. 1089062

Are nonnies stealth TERFs or are you fairly open about it?

No. 1089069

Open but I don't need to hide

No. 1089077

I came out a as a terf to my already terfy brothers. I'm thankful I live in the hood because most folks here are terfs without even knowing, the men for homophobic/interenlized homophoboc reasons (which isn't great) and the women for homophobic reasons, but mostly because they just see Trans as gay men/drag queens. Then again most the trans in my area are very mentally ill drugged out gay men. I did have one who was fresh out of jail and he'd stand by the door in a bra over his pecks cat calling any male who walked by. He moved though.
The only TRA I've ran into IRL was a old friend, who was like trans women are women. Yet when I asked of she'd date a man who slept with one she said no and wouldn't explain why, but I knew. We started talking about trans because she watched that Pose show btw.

No. 1089081

you should try the coconut ones (if you like coconut in general) those are da bomb. interestingly enough i also like the knock offs of the knoppers riegel more than the original? my fave so far is the one by edeka/gut&günstig, but the lidl and netto ones are good too.

No. 1089087

Is there a thread for movie ideas? I wanna just post a bunch of ideas I have for movies.

No. 1089100

I'm not open about it because i live in a pretty liberal area. Though if a scrote asked me for my thoughts on trannies i'd feel a lot more comfortable opening up because scrotes here really dont give a fuck if you're transphobic. I would never tell a woman, tho

No. 1089107

Stealth because I live in a liberal city. I don't care that much about trannies overall but some of the shit people are promoting is downright fucking stupid and insufferable. My best friend would never identify as a terf but shares some of the same "this is fucking stupid" sentiments. One of my other best friends literally asked me to respect chrischan's pronouns and it made me so angry but she's a really good friend so I don't want to just ghost her. I just avoid talking gender shit with most people.

No. 1089187

Transphobic ≠ terf
A man cannot be a terf lol

No. 1089251

Mmm I've never seen the coconut ones if I do I will try them. I like the ones from lidl. The others I can't try because we don't have those stores where I live but thank you for the recommendation anyway.

No. 1089443

You are right I sometimes just put it under all the same label, but it makes sense.

No. 1089484

shit like this is exactly why we got so many conservatards and alt-rights in the movement destroying it. Because those retards think being a terf just means being a transphobe.

No. 1099741

What thread do you think has the most TIFs posting in them and which thread do you think has the most TIM posters? I have a suspicion that Jill's thread has, or had, a lot of TIFs in there.

No. 1099862

God you had to deal with that too? The worst was knowing a guy who regularly called women ugly tell us all to respect chrischan's pronouns.

No. 1105947

File: 1647881436597.jpg (36.88 KB, 600x600, 1aa816d45f237e0c4551c74e5949e5…)

i know that there are farmers on simsecrets, but are any farmers on wankgate? i'm wondering because sometimes anons there sound like farmers but at the same time they're all raging TQIA* supporters there.

No. 1105952

Same, there are definitely aidens in that thread.

No. 1107592

Non English speaking anons, has neogender pronoun nonsense taken over your culture at all, and has it been at odds with how pronouns work in your language?

No. 1107748

Totally, and there's no one universally agreed on gramatical form to use in that case so every time someone attempts to do that, for example translating someting, there will always inevitably be some group of people offended they didn't do it well enough. Really annoying.

No. 1107848

some people attempt neopronouns like ze/zir, but it usually doesn't take off at all. the they/thems usually settle for our language's female pronouns but want they/them in english so their bio is usually
🇩🇪 sie/ihr
🇬🇧 they/them
which makes it all the more obvious that this shit comes from anglo online spaces. it's also funny when they try to talk about muh gender experience but it's always in english because our language doesn't have the words for it. apparently this isn't unheard of because i saw people on radblr or ovarit talk about how they talked to enbies and they switched to talking in english even though the entire conversation before that was in their non-english native language.

No. 1108427

There is a sjw artist lolcow mentioned in the threads named puppy who hates the German language for being gendered. I see German and other gendered languages get so much heat from these types. Really funny that they push anglo-centric woke bullshit onto other cultures

No. 1109192

dumbasses in my country call themselves nonbinary but most cannot eve speak english so they mispronounce it as non-bee-naree which is so funny to me kek

No. 1118813

File: 1648758743716.png (8.64 MB, 4096x2730, Based Ritz.png)

Just started a new save for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. What should I name my clan?

No. 1118819

The final fantasies: 2 final 2 fantasy

No. 1118825

File: 1648759281293.png (361.39 KB, 617x816, angrybunbun.png)

I'm Afghan so we don't have pronouns in Dari (it's the same whether female/male and even it,) plus people in the country have bigger issues to deal with and we all know what's a woman (sadly) with what you can see on the news. But I've seen and fought with some dumb ass diaspora especially in America or anywhere english speaking, where I can see them putting pronouns in english on their twitter and pretending somehow American troons are more oppressed then women in Afghanistan of all places, like make it make sense ffs

No. 1118901

Nonas, why am I so attracted to femme-y boys and butch women? What does this mean? Am I a degenerate? I'm a fairly standard feminine bi-ish (??) woman.

No. 1118903

…It means you have a preference? What else is it supposed to mean.

No. 1118904

It just means you have good taste

No. 1118929

Same but I'm more masculine than feminine

cool, thanks

No. 1118960

there's nothing wrong with that, i'm the same way. i find most butch women hot but i wish all of the attractive feminine men weren't gay. the ones who are straight or bi are either ugly, have horrible misogynistic attitudes, or both kek

No. 1118988

Cat got a whiff of my mascarpone and is going nuts, jumping all over me like it’s a chunk of fresh salmon and she hasn’t eaten in weeks! I told her no but she really insists. Do I give her a tiny smudge?

No. 1118995

give her a little bit with her breakfast/dinner! it'll make her happy

No. 1119021

Or they troon out. Which I guess is the same as the latter lol

No. 1120261

After seeing anons talk about disposable funds and the money they spend in daily life, I'd like to know how much are we all earning here? What do you do for a living?

No. 1120266

File: 1648869590578.jpeg (26.67 KB, 421x594, 63C5ABC0-1787-439D-91B9-8B94F0…)

Im unemployed

No. 1120272

File: 1648870049559.gif (259.55 KB, 220x357, it-clown.gif)

im a stay at home daughter

No. 1120273

No. 1120277

I get high, mostly.

No. 1120285

File: 1648872535864.jpeg (137.66 KB, 1080x913, BC7AA03A-B9F6-46C9-A4FE-07CCA6…)

Ily for this response anon lol
Im a neet but I get an allowance because I do housework and help an older relative as a stand in provider

No. 1120289

I don't work but I make passive income from the forbidden fantasy money.

No. 1120297

I'm a clinical psychologist, and this year I made 90k USD. I haven't made any money for the past ~10 years I've been in school so make of that what you will.

No. 1120308

how much do you have in student loans?

No. 1120348

File: 1648880457398.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP DON'T SCROLL.png)


No. 1120352

File: 1648880557776.png (139.82 KB, 564x551, 33EDEF62-D211-44DA-A0FB-3ADEE6…)

don’t scroll bitch

No. 1121046

What flavor of icecream is your favorite, I like yoghurt and lemon together

No. 1121051

The same way I like my men…vanilla

No. 1121053

Cookies and cream I'm basic kek. Also Ben and Jerry's has a banana flavored that I like

No. 1121073

coffee ♥

No. 1121077

Vanilla is amazing as long as it's quality ice cream. I'm more into vanilla milkshakes, though. So good.

No. 1121079

What anime is this from?

No. 1121082

One scoop green tea, one scoop red bean

No. 1121084

Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There

No. 1121336

Do you think that men who are good with children are better people overall?

No. 1121366

How many anons remember when Shayna's thread was deleted and there was a Shayna thread ban for a little bit?… it's been 84 years…

No. 1121430

What is the saddest/disturbing thing you have read on here? Like a vent or something posted by an anon that upset you maybe?

No. 1121438

I know I read sadder things but one that I remember is an anon saying her brother, her only family, who she depends on while she is in college, announced to her that he is transgender, and she cried but tried to reassure him that it's because she felt bad for holding him back. I feel really sad for her. I know I would be heartbroken if that happened to me. I hope she is doing well

No. 1121461

That lolita girl who got killed just cause she stopped to see a bird or something, is sad how such a innocent act got her killed by a schizo moid for literally no reason, that history pinkpilled me to the max: men are not human and I can't stress enough how much they enjoy destroying nature and corrupting innocence, they're cursed demons and enemies of everything good and light itself. She was a woman, a curious human being just appreciating nature's creation, and he was a scrote, a "thing" who couldn't rationalize anything but murder, cursed beings, all of them. May she rest in peace.

No. 1121474

I wasn't on lolcow around then but I think the same person posted about it on CC/feels/

No. 1121480

Every now and again I am reminded of the nonna who was living out of her car and working in a hospital, she had a lot to bitch about I hope she is OK.

No. 1121486

*it was a tent actually >>587438, that was a year ago I hope she got an apartment.

No. 1121497

The anon who said her mother murdered her brother and got away with it by pretending she was defending herself. I hope that anon is doing ok. I'm also very worried for the anon from Kyiv and even though she said she would stay in the city because of her family I wish she changed her mind and her and her family escaped.

No. 1121556

Is the pull out method done perfectly every time really on par with the effectiveness of using condoms?
I’ve been basically doing just the pull out method with my bf for the past couple of months bc lazy and we haven’t had any accidents yet, but I have post cream clarity every time and regret it. I should get my period in a week, pls pray I do!!

No. 1121558

The pull out method is for actual idiots

No. 1121571

Girl I am beating your boyfriends ass. The "pull out" method is a moid scam so they don't have to wear condoms. Praying u get ur period tho! and if not praying ur clinic performs terminations!

No. 1121572

The pull out method is something humanitarian workers have to teach tribespeople in rural Africa not to do. Y’know, along with stuff like washing your hands and not pooping in your drinking water.

No. 1121599

The pull out method does not work. It's something men pretend does work so they don't have to wear a condom. Use a condom, it has the best effectiveness rate. If he gets buttmad at you protecting yourself, end the relationship.

No. 1121601

File: 1648945913010.jpeg (585.88 KB, 1599x2500, CKzZobM8z1Xc.jpeg)

Okay but why are they trying to make feminism out to be some evil "jewish-psyop" too?

No. 1121608

File: 1648946311580.jpg (10.76 KB, 320x180, danger! danger!.jpg)

there is sperm in precum! i repeat, there is sperm in precum!

No. 1121625

Because they want women to not have class consciousness and try to demonise it. Two men of different races both can do the same things, with only finances separating their abilities via education/connections, while the difference between men and women is not just by finance/connections, but also by sex, since women can give birth and men cannot. They see us as a resource and want the resource class to not try and be seen as more or have their status acknowledged so it can be protected/prevented from being treated as a resource.

No. 1121646

Judy Blume? This shit is so random lol

No. 1121681

i was also thinking about kyiv anon. in fact, i think about a lot of the anons who talk about being from non-western countries because they deal with so much. there were (are? i have no idea if they still have access even with vpns) apparently some russian anons here and i hope they are doing ok as well.

that one anon who basically admitted her and her boyfriend were pedophiles. she tried to dress it up as “ageplay”, but her partner apparently only became aroused when looking at pictures of her when she little, and i think it also turned her on as well. i can’t remember all the details of that particular post so i am probably forgetting a lot, but other farmers rightly called her out on the implications of what she was doing as i feel like she also said something about him making her playact as one of her young cousins or something similar. it was just gross all around and i have never read anything quite so disgusting on here.

No. 1121712

File: 1648957809476.jpg (193.24 KB, 720x500, 3774986975.jpg)

Any anon describing SA makes me so sad, sometimes I can't even finish reading it. I feel terrible for all the anons that had to go through that

No. 1122175

When I listen to music I often imagine a little music video for it, then I replay and replay the song until I have a clear image of it, do you do this too?
It's pretty fun

No. 1122183

Not the op but it's weird because my friends have been doing the pull out method since high school, about seven years now. From what I know there's been no pregnancy scares. Are they just infertile and are mistaking that for a reliable practice or something?

No. 1122208

Would they tell you if they'd had an abortion? Sometimes people who fail to use protection will feel that much more shame around admitting they had a pregnancy terminated from it. If the pill fails then ime people are way more open to telling everybody about it.

I have multiple friends with babies where BC didn't cut it. Nuvaring in particular. Also noticed heavier women have higher rates of failure from using BC alone.

No. 1122212

It does work if done correctly. I mean, how could it not, if no sperm get inside you to reach your eggs? The problem is human error/men being irresponsible and failing to take it out well before they orgasm. Because of that and men’s general unreliability I don’t recommend it, however I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I’ve used it in two long-term relationships (total of about 10 years together) and it worked fine. And no, neither me nor the men were infertile. Depends on how much you trust the guy, which is something I don’t think is a good idea for many reasons in general.

No. 1122256

>I mean, how could it not, if no sperm get inside you to reach your eggs?
Pre-cum can have sperms and most men wouldn't know if they leaked pre-cum inside you.

No. 1122258

I was watching a youtube vid lately where someone admitted they'd relied on pull-out for years. It surprised me. She then went on to say they had an argument one day and when they went on to have make up sex afterwards.. he came inside her for the first time in years of not doing it. She had to go to planned parenthood and was at some awkward point in her cycle where it was tricky and she got an IUD put in on the spot instead of taking plan b. She then stayed with him afterwards. I see it as a slippery slope to put that trust in a scrote.

No. 1122274

I’ll just buy the weirdest flavor they have

No. 1122276

Poor woman. Why do men do this shit and then cry about childsupport or such???

No. 1122310

Coffee but it's hard to find here. I only ever see it say in lidl as a special weekly item that's not stocked usually

No. 1122316

You have the option to sleep in a normal chair with a blanket or to sleep on the ground on a soft carpet.
What do you choose?

No. 1122336

On the ground with a soft carpet. I can’t sleep in chairs well at all.

No. 1126090

File: 1649311591141.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.93 KB, 263x803, 20220407_134003.jpg)

What would be a good caption for this image?

No. 1126998

anons who aren't a feminist, why not? i don't class myself as one, but i wanted to just ask why some of you aren't or are i guess

No. 1127001

I'm not a feminist because I don't do any real life activism (like even volunteering at a shelter, which I should) and I don't read theory. I also don't agree with everything that feminists say, but I'm not against it.

No. 1127004

Same with me, I have "feminist ideas" but don't do any feminist work.

No. 1127010

I think i'm feminist on thought process and morals but as >>1127001 said, feminism is also activism and i can't really "action" as i'm too poor and unremarkable to do shit. I also don't tag myself cause i don't think is necessary or relevant: "fuck moids, help girls" is just my natural state

No. 1127029

Feminism is a belief though, not activism. Of course, as with any belief, activism can follow but it's not like it's obligatory. I think it's good to proclaim yourself as one openly because it drives away the shittiest moids.

No. 1127030