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File: 1626596683539.jpg (534.25 KB, 750x1000, 40895hf.jpg)

No. 856883

We don't forgive, but we do judge.

Previous sins: >>>/ot/838941

No. 856901

I once masturbated over Homer Simpson

No. 856905

Well we are off to a ROARING start

No. 856927

File: 1626601566825.jpg (75.85 KB, 1280x736, 1622530218503.jpg)

I love arguing online, whenever a stranger gets really mad over a disagreement that leads to over 6 hours of arguing back in forth i feel great. Its like a never ending adrenaline rush. I don't even care if win or lose just the thought of taking up someone's time and energy over useless internet bullshit makes my day.

No. 856930

I fucking love that poster, it's hilarious. I'm afraid the movie would not compare

No. 856931

Brilliant thread pic kek love it

No. 856934

I see this on youtube all the time and scratch my head at it. I used to think it was neets or isolated people (similar to how I can really enjoy a kind comment from an anon stranger on here I guess) but then lately I've been seeing men who'll talk about having a wife and kids.. mid several hour long online argument. I don't know if they're just making up families though lol.

Are you kinda isolated irl?

No. 856941


No. 856962

I am late to hear about that tiktok video with a young girl dancing and then it cuts to a girl being beheaded very slowly in a bath tub or something. I heard about it and spent like 5 mins or so trying to find the video.. why am I like this? Why am I almost desensitised to this? Why must my morbid curiosity get the better of me?

No. 857029

I’m addicted to playing sims. I have no life anyways so I dip my toes creating the prettiest, perfect sims or make aesthetic builds. I fear my addiction

No. 857030

you probably love horror movies anon

No. 857033

Ayrt, yes I LOVE LOVE horror movies. I watch gory slasher films with my nan! But horror movies aren’t real! I guess though I still see why this could be why I am like this

No. 857040

because no one has ever been seriously violent towards you and privileged (for lack of a better word) people are often fascinated by the bad things they haven't experienced (eg: middle class people liking poverty porn, soren and torture / sexual abuse novels). have some respect for people and cut it out

No. 857041

This makes sense anon! But now I feel like a bad person.

No. 857246

> then it cuts to a girl being beheaded very slowly in a bath tub or something
That's really fucked up. Do we know anything about the girl? I don't even want to imagine how she got in that situation while retards are spreading it online to spook tiktok kids for shits and giggles.

No. 857270

sometimes when i sneeze spit accidentally comes out even though my mouth is closed (dw it only gets on myself)

No. 857370

I returned to a Family Dad parody porn series to coom several times. This thread always brings out the gross degenerate in me.

No. 857378

File: 1626636992502.jpeg (536.95 KB, 828x1015, 154AABFF-1FD7-48CC-B4B1-99584E…)

the breastfeeding troon who was biting their lip looks so goddamn much like my ex it creeps me out.

No. 857448

File: 1626643050416.gif (148.98 KB, 250x254, e765e06eb21f7bdd41eb6605222c4f…)

I just had a threesome for the first time. I'm normally against having threesomes (as i'm sure it leads to one person having more attention than the other as well as jealousy) but me and my friends were tipsy and playing strip poker. It was even my first time kissing a woman. I feel somewhat confused about it all so I'm probably gonna ask for some advice in the girl talk advice thread.

No. 857455

Smells like dilation

No. 857468

>Family Dad

Did you mean Peter fucking Griffin, anon? Kek

No. 857469

both are deplorable but i hope she meant American Dad. at least he's not obese.

No. 857482

Why would you play strip poker if you didn't want something like that to happen? That makes no sense
I hope you're a male larper because the alternative is that you're an idiot

No. 857510

yes I may be an idiot but the last time I played it didn't end up with sex

No. 857535


No. 857540

File: 1626651722602.png (131.57 KB, 412x328, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

I was the one who posted this and 10 hours later after binge watching her recent vlogs now I can say I'm an emma chamberlain fan

No. 857545

so why people like yts like this?

No. 857548

American Dad, kek. I’ve been tipsy posting all evening. Sorry.

No. 857549

The best sex I've ever had with a man is on my period.

No. 857551

did you do it in the shower? the blood always made me feel too self conscious to enjoy it as much

No. 857556

>period sex
Firstly, that's disgusting. Secondly it probably felt like the best because most people are extra horny on their period.

No. 857559

she's charming in the way that she talks to the camera as if she was your friend, perfect for my lonely neet ass. She's also super lazy and kind of dumb so it's funny to see her shenanigans. But she also still likes to eat healthy, excersice , tries to improve her life in some ways etc it makes me want to start working on myself too. I think so far she's the best vlogger I've watched, everyone else just humblebrags, are obnoxiously narcissistic, or are the bro/sis type, etc etc etc you get it. I'm not a rich white girl and still I could connect to this girl and her day to day stuff. But also I feel like this phase of her life is in some way #relatable to me, if I started watching her earlier content with the dolan twins (shit) or james charles (hate that guy) I wouldn't had liked her at all to be honest. Which is weird because so far everyone misses that time but I guess everyone has shit taste.

No. 857566

Yeah it's disgusting and yeah I was very horny. I don't regret it though.
In the shower and once on the bed with old covers I was going to throw away.

No. 857567

Trying to face facts and admit to myself that the only reason I "miss" my annoying manchild ex is because I have some deeply buried unchecked yellow fever. I need someone to please slap me as hard as possible

No. 857603

you can change him anon

No. 857604

File: 1626661647911.png (33.95 KB, 300x194, n5i4hrS-300x194.png)

I peaked a woman by accident just absent mindedly asking her in the middle of our convo about women in medicine if she had ever seen or felt that trans women tried to make things better for cis women. I have planted the seed earlier but this truly peaked her and made her open up, I am shocked yet pleased.

No. 857605

Noo I definitely can't, his family is full of conservative misogynists and none of the married couples in that family sleep in the same bed. And anyway a big part of the appeal was how toxic and obsessed with me he was, which is another thing I need therapy for on top of the yellow fever!

No. 857606

anon, this may be your only shot with a cute asian boy and you can change him from his families backwards ways. Toxicity can be fixed and how is obsession a bad thing?If anything a guy you like being obsessed with you is like hitting gold. Dont fuck this up.

No. 857611

Everyone look at this yellow fever bitch who thinks she can convince someone to change a misogynistic scrote into one of her K-drama men

No. 857612

Let me give bad advice in peace anon, i like watching people fuck up their love lives

No. 857615

Honestly, the bad advice is kind of helping snap me out of it lol. I'm in a much better relationship now and this is only on my mind because this ex suddenly started contacting me in a really vague and annoying way. I have to remember no matter how hot he is, he's never gonna change!!

No. 857617

you could always cheat?

No. 857618

staying away from the mtf thread made me realize that it’s sort of cringe and tiring to even care about the issues in the thread. i don’t really have a serious problem with transgendered people at all nor do I care what they do anymore

No. 857619

Typical scrote

No. 857621

File: 1626663627732.jpeg (46.84 KB, 400x400, 1559098296963.jpeg)

No. 857624

he's just trying to get in your way

No. 857627

File: 1626663912119.png (3.94 MB, 1912x2436, YcgMxIB.png)

No. 857629

The girl who sexually assaulted me while drunk lied to her boyfriend at the time about it and said that I was the instigator and now I’m afraid he’s going to come after me even though this was awhile ago and they’re not together anymore. He even added me after they broke up and while I didn’t accept I have no idea what he wanted with me.

No. 857649

Good for you but trannies are still bad for the enviorment

No. 857690

Everytime i eat pesto i am reminded of hentai because when i was a retarded 11 yr old it was the first time i ever had internet and a notebook laptop i would browse google images for hentai while eating pesto for breakfast lunch and dinner

No. 857695

No. 857701

>while eating pesto for breakfast lunch and dinner
Only pesto?

No. 857714

I’ve been in an abusive relationship where I was sexually abused, raped and strangled, kicked, dragged by my hair and slapped in public, threatened with a knife and smothered by a pillow. I was also beaten up in school a few times by bullies and choked and punched by my dad, yet I still love horror movies and have a lot of morbid curiosity. Seems you have a narrow view of the world.

No. 857758

The thread pic unironically makes me want to watch that movie even though it's probably trash

No. 857767

I never watched Pretty Little Liar, but was active on PULL on its second run. Whenever a friend of mine who's watching Pretty Little Liar right now talks to me about it, I really have to watch myself to not accidentally say Pretty Ugly Little Liar (actually "misspoke" while typing this all the time, too).

No. 857812

I wish the old woman in the apartment next to mine would just fucking die already. She talks so loud on the phone every morning that it wakes me up. She has hour long periods of nothing but loud sneezing, she sneezes like an elderly obese man. Every once in a while her caretaker comes over and she has to bang on the door for ten minutes straight because the woman is deaf and can't hear her. The grandma usually yells at her when she does get inside.

No. 857868

File: 1626703513081.jpg (35.32 KB, 278x400, s-l400.jpg)

I love the look of WW2 propaganda posters

No. 857929

File: 1626709678935.jpg (69.81 KB, 539x767, 3995.jpg)

They're super cool. When I was in my tradthot-pickme-historyboo phase (yes, I've been extremely cringe in my lifetime, i was only 14) I had a couple of copies of these posters on my walls and i adored them, including picrel, which was my favorite. I still have them tucked away - maybe I should hang them up again.

No. 857948

I'm probably not truly gay but I think fat pussies and cameltoes look really nice. may or may not want to rest my face on one just to see what it feels like

No. 857952

That's a truly gay post anon

No. 857954

Congrats you're bi.

No. 857998

I do like watching/reading pop culture essays, but honestly if cultural commentary were my career I’d want one of you to come over to my house and kill me.

No. 858001

This is the gayest thing I've ever read.

No. 858009

LMAOOO that is hilarious and super super gay anon. i love you

No. 858136

Yes. My uncle would come and cook a huge pot and it would last me for 3 days

No. 858186

File: 1626724653265.jpeg (56.6 KB, 1200x675, E9E314FA-A44C-4C29-AA3D-7724C1…)

I am entranced by this pic of Halsey

No. 858235

File: 1626726902355.gif (2.34 MB, 640x620, dancefall.gif)

I always imagine myself as a famous music artist as a coping mechanism for how bleak my actual life is. I have absolutely no care behind the history of music, how important music is or how to even create it like the nerds at /mu/ I just like coming up with ideas in my head

No. 858237

I do this too but I imagine that I'm a popular youtuber or instagram influencer kek

The irony is that I hate ecelebs and would never actually want to be one

No. 858241

me too, they get to talk about their lives and live in opulence from the money they get from their peasant fans who are dumb enough to keep giving them $20. i am forever embittered that these annoying fucks are able to live comfortably off of their easy internet jobs while i'll be poor, possibly homeless, or renting off of a megatrillionaire gangster communist computer god in the next few decades

No. 858256

I do this too, 20% of the time im listening to music i imagine I'm the artist because I wish I had any musical talent and people gave me attention for it and think i was oh so speshul. It's fucking cringe and i wish i wasnt like this.

No. 858260

Me too but with being a youtuber. I would like to make videos some days but for now i can only day dream since i don't have money or time to invest in a channel.

No. 858271

I made a gofundme to pose as a troon who wants surgery but I felt guilty and deleted it kek.

No. 858277

nta but wtf is your problem shit-advice-chan

No. 858296

I've more than doubled my life savings in the past year through gambling and crypto currency after I found out I had cancer.

No. 858318

I wanna marry my boyfriend we've been together for almost three years and is really perfect tbh anons, I've always hated the whole institution of marriage but now i feel like yes i would get married just to share yet another thing with him
im embarrassed but grateful

No. 858354

Cancer anon, I feel bad about being able to recognise your posts (both because I spend too much time here and I worry for your anonymity) but I would read whatever autobiography you wrote.

No. 858368

Wouldn't that only work if you had an online prescence in the tra community? Sometimes I think it's be fun to larp, get enough money, and then pretend to sewerslide.

No. 858369

Anon I hope you can recover, rick simpson oil can help with immune system to fight it.

No. 858372

Can I have your crypto if you….. you know

No. 858377

File: 1626736366776.jpeg (105.65 KB, 1500x1000, 6133A0BD-0F98-4CE9-A965-65C4A5…)

No. 858379

File: 1626736451364.jpeg (237.63 KB, 750x669, CCDCBD38-9411-4565-9760-1EE2E8…)

can you give me some money to put in my pitiful savings account then anon

sincerely, from a jessiefag to a walterina white chad

No. 858448

I was thinking about making a twitter account and following some troons like
>hey folx can my moots share my gofundme I could really use the help
because lord knows that people love throwing money at MTFs, but I feel bad taking advantage of people who are trying to do something good, even if I disagree with what they're supporting.

No. 858532

File: 1626754343973.gif (1.37 MB, 200x233, 1CECE442-C09E-423A-8258-156736…)

I’m living with my sister rn and she used to have the sharpest sense of smell (and would always whine when she smelled anything), but since she got covid about 6 months ago she can’t smell well anymore. Tonight I have the most horrible farts for some reason and she hasn’t noticed, I feel like such a winner kek.

No. 858553

I feel like my younger brother is eventually either going to kill himself or kill our family out of nowhere as scrotes are wont to do and I’m lowkey sort of scared.

No. 858556

guess we’re oversharing tonight

No. 858558

leave a box cutter somewhere where he'd find it so instead of thinking about hurting others he only hurts himself, most likely leading to a suicide instead of murder.
Or tell your parents he needs a therapist if they can afford it

No. 858559

Anon prepare for this, all scrotes must seen as potential violent predators and threats to society. Take self-defense classes, hide and lock up weapons in your room, and most importantly keep a great distance away from them. They will never learn or listen to anyone and are incapable of being conscious of those around them. Brute force is the only way to deal with a male.

No. 858567

Nearly every time I take a shower I bring my phone and browse the internet.

No. 858568

please focus on washing your ass

No. 858575

I don’t really want him to die, though. He can be kind of insufferable and rude but he has some good qualities that could shine if he stopped being such an immature retard and made an effort to improve his mental health. He is already in therapy but idk what it’s doing for him because he only seems to get worse. Today my parents had a huge sit-down talk with him about getting a job/ general maturity issues but he doesn’t think he should have to work any job that is less than 100% fun for him bc capitalism or something. The only job he’s had was fast food and he quit in under a month and refuses to apply for anything except for record stores which obviously are already dying and won’t hire him.

He dropped out of college last year before completing one full semester and the deal was that if he did that he had to get a job, maintain hygiene, and be up by noon. A couple months into it he talked my parents out of making him get a job so he could focus on making music but he hasn’t done that or any of the other very basic rules and just stays up all night playing video games with his friends and never coming downstairs, not even to eat. So my parents finally told him again today to get a job but aren’t going to really enforce it.

He also wants to go back to college in the fall but last time he was there he flunked all of his classes and ghosted his professors and now he’s even worse mentally than he was then so I think my parents can see that it won’t work out and he’ll waste more of their money. They’re retired by the skin of their teeth and can’t afford to endlessly fund his schooling. But if they tell him “actually, we’re not gonna let you go back to college this fall, first you have to get a job to prove yourself” like I think they might, he’ll snap. That, or he’ll continue living at home refusing to get a job and becoming more and more entitled and lazy, which only makes the inevitable cut off far in the future more likely to make him go postal. There are sooooo many murder cases that go just like this. I think that if he gets depressed enough it might not be out of the realm of possibility. And even if he just kills himself, I don’t want my parents to have to suffer that loss because they don’t deserve it, they’re great parents. But as it is there’s nothing I can do.

No. 858579

File: 1626759210327.jpeg (235.16 KB, 750x878, 72C50DB7-E535-49CB-A3E1-56347E…)

I’m going to end it, nobody loves me and I can’t maintain stable feelings in relationships

No. 858591

Moids are coddled so much by their parents. I wonder if they’d be okay with you acting like he does. He’s at least 18 so I’d suggest nudging your parents to give him an ultimatum about getting his act together or gtfo’ing and that you’re worried about him becoming violent.

No. 858592

Get that coin sis, at worst they’ll know you’re a scammer after the fact when you disappear from online, but who cares? Even being in the tra Twitter is easy, retweet crazy shit, tweet about how much of a qt anime boy you are and beg for bucks for your life saving gender surgery from the mutual you’ve gathered. Then poof. You’re gone

No. 858596

My dad gets really abruptly aggressive and angry whenever I speak on anything related to my brother’s behavior and yells stuff like “YOU are not the parent here” and “you do NOT get to comment on that” and it’s really frustrating. And yeah I don’t think they’d tolerate this of me especially considering that when I was depressed at 15(!!!) they literally dragged me out of bed by my feet repeatedly until I got up and forced me into the car to drive around and put in applications for part time jobs kek. Where is that energy for my brother? Ironically they always thought I was the problem child who wouldn’t make it in the real world but I turned out pretty functional especially compared to my brother.

No. 858598

Can't they sue you when they discover the scam? Also wouldn't you need to upload pictures of yourself?

No. 858603

reminds me of my aunt who still makes their sons plates of food for them to eat so they don't even know how to heat up their food or take food out of the cooking pots etc. they're like 20.

No. 858605

How did you find out you had cancer? And what type of cancer do you have if you don't mind telling?

No. 858607

i'm horny and i can't do anything about it

No. 858609


No. 858611

This shit pisses me off so much. Just having a brother automatically makes you hate men because of the double standards right in your face. They're so spoiled it's unreal. My brothers can say shut up to my parents and just get a frown, if I ever even so much raised my voice I got computer taken away and got screamed at. Hope you don't help them at all when they're old fucks, they can rely on their precious son to take care of them. What's the thought process behind dads who excuse this though?

No. 858612

no privacy

No. 858613

Oh, I see. Well that sucks

No. 858614

Do you not have a bathroom anon?

No. 858631

I want to be a housewife eventually. It would be the best course for me to take. I’m a homebody/recluse so being at home (inside and outside) all day isn’t a problem for me. I prefer it that way. Chores don’t bother me because doing them helps keep my anxiety at bay. I’m a good cook as well and love kids.

I want to do this and then remember that a man would be involved and the whole dream shatters kek

No. 858662

I'm a NEET but since I'm married I can just call myself a housewife and no one judges me

No. 858665

I feel like people still very much judge this is there isn't any kids though.

No. 858668

They do, I used to be married to a scrote and people always thought I was leeching off of him for the money. I had a sizeable inheritance and it was actually the other way around, but if you're a female NEET people will just assume you're lazy and hubby is paying for everything.

No. 858670

Yeah. It's mostly out of jealousy. My mum has never had a man provide for her and her kids, and her sister in law has been looked after well for years. She's got everyone calling the SIL "Princess Tina" behind her back.

No. 858676

well we are planning for kids after the pandemic
but that is sorta my case, my husband does buy me almost everything I want

No. 858682

I was married to a guy around the same time I was getting and recovering from spine surgery. I was on temp disability and he was earning a low wage. He worked flexi hours so some weeks he'd be called in for 30 hours and other weeks it'd be more like 10. I felt judged by people but honestly he was able bodied and lacked motivation. We only scraped by together.

Then at one point he asked about possibly becoming my state paid carer… which I didn't need at all! We split soon after I'd turned that idea down, I recovered and I got back to work. He had an older sis who was a neet and after moving back in with his parents pos-split I could see him taking to the neet life too. I wasn't staying commited to that or being his free ticket. From the outside people judged me.

No. 858731

File: 1626781171482.jpeg (226.8 KB, 750x848, EB36301E-FF09-4C6E-BB6B-752A3B…)

Let me flex my normalcy then

No. 858738

File: 1626781956510.jpg (41.19 KB, 960x844, 161458162_10225830647651910_17…)

One of my biggest fears is somebody catching me reading lolcow and taking a photo, then uploading the photo as an example of how ugly and pathetic farmers are. After that, I imagine it'll become a bit of a meme and farmers will put two and two together and recognise my deranged hornyposting and it'll become an even bigger thing, to the point that admin puts a little text on all of my posts so anons can turn me into a cow and talk at length about how gross I am.

No. 858743

I never married him but I had a leeching scrote for a fiancee and everyone thought it was the other way round for us. I worked a corporate job and he was freelancing and would go literally months without work. I started dating him when I was a teenager before I could even drive and for years everyone said I was using him because he had a shitty car and I didn't learn to drive until my 20s because transport was decent enough. It's kind of funny in a way how people can just run with this fake narrative even when you're busting your hypothetical balls to support a dickhead.

No. 858747

kek anon, this is extremely retarded but sometimes I imagine someone taking a picture of me at some undefined point in the future where I'm 10 lbs lighter browsing lolcow and because I'm pretty when I'm thin it becomes a meme that farmers are stacies and we use it to own troons and males who call us ugly. You should use ur fantasy/fear as motivation to take care of yourself!

No. 858748

I doubt farmers would try to scour the website for posts they could attribute to you by face alone kek, don't worry about it anon. That's similar though to my irrational fear that one day while on the train some twitterfag will see me scrolling through lolcow on my phone, take a picture and try to get me doxxed on twitter like "Can anyone figure out where this transphobe works???"

No. 858755

File: 1626784158605.jpeg (217.6 KB, 1242x1346, 6EEFAF54-A4A1-45A9-832D-E5B0BE…)

Okay, autist pls no ban

No. 858756

Oh based I’m going to stop hiding lolcow as much

No. 858759

based normie queen

No. 858772

I really like your way of thinking and your self-confidence! I'm sure you're a hottie regardless of that 10lbs anon. I do try to look after myself, I mean I'm already tall and thin and I try hard to look nice and dress respectably, I'm clean, but I have weird/mentally ill vibes and I'm just not pretty. I also have a lot of scarring and bad teeth that I can't afford to correct.
Do you know how some of the cows on the proana thread can dress nicely but still give off feral vibes, like N2F? Kind of like that.
I think I look OK when I'm alone but then I see other women my age and realise that I'm creepy and ugly. My only consolation is that I think some anons would relate/take pity on me.

No. 858794

What would you do if you saw another farmer in public btw? One part of me would love to talk to them, another would be afraid to. One one hand they could be someone with great taste in media or a based terve, on the other hand they could be a crazy cow nitpicker.

No. 858803

Kek I'd probably be paralyzed the same way, if I'm being honest with myself. Even though I'd love if I made a new friend that way.

No. 858806

Realistically, I think I'd feign ignorance and ignore them, but mostly because I don't want to get judged by another farmer and end up reading about myself in /ot/ or personal lolcows kek
I'd approach an anon to chat about TERF stuff but wouldn't mention lolcow. If I'm very honest, I'd take a photo and debate posting it… But probably wouldn't.
I wouldn't mind meeting some of the weirder anons out of morbid curiosity. I feel like DIY dildo-chan is probably a super-talented Stacey. Anus-kun is probably an off-putting autist even IRL. Ko-chan is probably a schizo NEET. Driverfags are probably young, pretty, but really basic and boring. Idk. Any other headcanons?

No. 858810

ayrt, tbh it sounds like you look average at worst. You're self aware which makes me think your feral vibe is not that bad bc imo the biggest factor in women looking like that is that they're too autistic/mentally ill to realize and compare themsleves to others. Anyway you're tall and thin so I fully believe you can dress up and be that bitch if you want to

No. 858820

I accidently hovered my cursor over an image in the Fujo cringe thread while I was scrolling and now my soul will never find peace

No. 858829

Was it the dog with the human head?

No. 858841

No. 858843

I want to eat more chocolate

No. 858879

File: 1626796694361.jpg (173.49 KB, 600x600, 1626794877572-1.jpg)

I'm honestly glad the right wing parties are winning elections in my host country, all the left wingers here are Tranny caping and Muslim caping cunts who at times don't even want to appeal to the majority of the population, I'm glad people are waking up to Islam and If I had the freedom I'd gladly march besides them, burning that supposed holy book

No. 858884

It's a horse and it's majestic.

No. 858916

Weirdest horse I've ever seen. >>858727

No. 858970

I'm a dummy and sometimes I randomly obsess over online people but only when they're way past their prime or no longer active on the internet, for example I still get random phases of obsessing over old school Leda, but this time around the obsession is Boxxy.
It's comes with this strange feeling of nostalgia for an era that I wasn't even participating in at the time and it's kind of painful

No. 858977

Shit I thought you meant the last one posted, my bad kek. Dog boy's still cute though, it's like a sphinx but instead of a feline body it's a dog's.

No. 859030

I get a masochistic thrill looking at the social media of women who are everything I want to be but never could be. It feels almost good to indulge in some serious self hatred. Idk how it works but it genuinely feels like a thrill to look at pictures of someone a billion times more beautiful and successful than you with the intent of committing emotional self harm

No. 859035

me fixating on a bad candid photo of myself kek

No. 859043

Absolutely. That too. At a certain point you're so used to self loathing that it becomes a comfort

No. 859064

I ate more chocolate

No. 859208

I still read youtuber slash fanfiction sometimes

No. 859231

no shame in that nonnie

No. 859424

My mental health began to go downhill pretty rapidly in my mid 20s and I often wish my boyfriend would just break up with me so he can live the life he wants. He smiles and says he only wants to live a life with me but I'm not even the same person I was 5 years ago. I can't do anything. I'm scared of everything. I'm happiest in bed knowing I don't have to talk to anyone.

No. 859469

Break up with him

No. 859472

Do you think it's better to fake it for a few months until I suddenly leave or break up with him and stick around for a few months anyway because I need to make arrangements?

No. 859477

I think i have a fupa

No. 859484

Just do it soon

No. 859490

It sounds like you just want to break up because you think you’re making him sad or you’re unlovable, whenever my mental health has been really bad I’ve had that same thought, like I don’t want them to know me that way and I have no idea who I am so the thought of someone perceiving me is horrifying. He sounds like he wants to be with you so do you have any reason to doubt him? If he’s not abusing you or the reason for your depression then I’d say just wait it out for a while and don’t think so much about him, focus on yourself and getting out of your rut and if you realise after that feelings have gone look for a place first.

No. 859499

i know i have a fupa and i'm proud of her

No. 859503

I love reading Wikipedia synopses for infamous shock/horror films like Salò and Martyrs but I know for a fact I'm too much of a wimp to actually watch them. I mean, I involuntarily cried watching the amputation scene in 127 Hours. I wish I were mentally strong enough to watch them, though; I'm fascinated by those genres.

No. 859504

I hate it and I’m trying to live better now because i can’t life like this any longer. Fuck bodypoi crap

No. 859513

File: 1626860323233.png (428.34 KB, 1920x997, 4fzpyo.png)

stop being fat

No. 859516

give her a squish from me nonna

No. 859517

Omg anon, if you are curious but don’t want to watch the films. A YouTube channel called Spooky Rice makes videos on Disturbing Movies (he has done videos on the two movies you mentioned iirc) he does breakdowns of them. He does lighthearted commentary. He has done all the iconic ‘disturbing’ movies. I recommend if you are curious about those kinda films but don’t want to watch the film or graphic and uncomfortable scenes yourself. He is one of my favourite YouTube channels.

No. 859522

i'm an sort of recovered anorexic. when i'm struggling i sometimes read the pro-ana thread in /snow/ because seeing how pathetic the cows posted there are motivates me to eat and focus on improving my mental health.

No. 859523

Omg this is probably the exact kind of channel I need kek, thank you so much for the rec!

No. 859552

I like the anonymity of living in a big city and being able to do most things on my own, not needing to rely on others. I watched a documentary about urbanites leaving the city to live in a communal farm and it sounded nightmarish to me, I will never understand the whole "humans are social animals, they need a community of dozens of people around them".

No. 859568

God, same. I love living in this huge metropolitan. I love shit like high rises where hundreds of people live. Everyone has their own little lives. I love city life.

No. 859571

I'd really encourage you to hide the proana thread and never open it again. Even if someone told me they were "fully recovered" I would question why they'd want to keep up with that community.

No. 859599

what you're saying makes sense but i don't really keep up with it, it's more like i only open it when i'm feeling bad about myself because i find the cows so pathetic they make me feel better. it's like anti thinspo/self-improvement fuel in a way. i don't have a great life right now but it's still a lot better than the cows but ngl i don't post there either because i don't want to get involved in the skelly drama.

No. 859619

File: 1626876595491.jpg (36.26 KB, 500x333, 11.jpg)

I love my boyfriend so much, I really would have killed myself if it weren't for him
he helped me get healthier and actually tried to understand me, he never took advantage me, he was patient with me and didn't leave me
I wanna be with him for the rest of my life but I have so many doubts and insecurities

I'm worried he's cheating on me behind my back, I'm worried that he'll die one day and I'd be lost without him, I'm worried that I'm not good enough for him and that he's only with me out of pity

No. 859630

Whenever I see the scars and cuts of other people who self-harm, I can't help but look down on them.
Even though we do the same thing, I consider them weak and unstable.
I also feel perversely superior because my scars and cuts are much worse than any others I've seen in person, and I've put myself into shock more than once before. A friend once tried to relate to me by telling me she'd tried to kill herself by running a kitchen knife down her arm and that she went to the hospital for attempting suicide. When she showed me the picture, it wasn't even a scratch. It didn't even leave a scar. I know it's horrid, but I felt a bit like laughing.

No. 859643

Alright, just keep what I said in mind next time you go to look at it and be honest with yourself. The final step for me in my recovery was to stop engaging in anything to do with eating disorders (including other recovery stories) and just buckle down with my therapist and get the fuck through it.

No. 859650

I was in my 30s before I realized I was subconsciously sabotaging all my romantic relationships. For years I grieved the loss of my 2 long term bfs. I'd insist that I was shocked and blindsided by each break up and that losing them was the last thing I ever wanted.

But now I look back and I can see some part of me was actively chasing them off. I had no esteem, I felt unworthy of love and so I made sure nobody could love me and stick with me. I often wondered why I acted the way I did. Well that's why. There was a disconnect where I couldn't piece it together back then. A few years into being single (and tbh ruminating alot) it just hit me lately.

No. 859660

I only ever have intensely lewd dreams about myself–like, exclusively myself, there's usually no one else around or watching, it's just me in a room looking down or at a mirror/selfie camera. Usually it's an idealized version of my own body but not far off from what I look like irl. I don't want to get too graphic but sometimes they're literal wet dreams, wtf is wrong with me

No. 859671

you sound more unstable than them tbh

No. 859672

Sounds like some projection. Hope you're doing ok though, anon.

No. 859687

I've been writing songs for 10 years but I don't tell anyone. I have roughly 3 albums by now of songs I have never and probably will never record. And I think the last time I played any song I wrote was when I showed my dad a shitty one when I was 14. I think I mentioned it once to my ex because I had a similar realization that I wanted to 'get over the fear' so I planned to play some for him but he ended up forgetting about it. This was like a bombshell secret for me because I'm so self-critical and embarrassed of creative outlets that reveal my feelings.
But it's not just songwriting because I wish I could perform too. Growing up I was a dancer and I idolized Britney Spears' stage presence (in her prime of course). I'm a good dancer/performer for that reason. And I could sing (although not technically trained at the time). So anyway when I was a kid I wanted to be on Disney, and later in my teens I wanted to be a legit songwriter/musician/producer who could perform/dance in concerts. But I was so scared to put myself out there out of fear of rejection. And looking back I would not survive because I have no self-confidence and weird adherence to my own strong moral code. I also hate attention and being in the spotlight although I love to dance.
So I opted for the safe choice and I think it's better this way. But every now and then I get one of my songs stuck in my head and wish I had an actual recording of it with a real band bc I could actually listen and sing along and it would sound so much better. Haha except my social anxiety could never set a real band up. I also feel like my music taste is pretty dated (like 90s alt rock, alt rock in general) and picky meaning I hardly discover new songs that I like.
Lately though because of the job market I wonder if I should have just been vulnerable and taken the artistic path to try to positively influence people for women's sake with media/music. I'm probably better off just being a shut-in.

No. 859696

Sometimes I hear my sister throwing up in the bathroom and it genuinely makes me laugh and feel happy, fuck her I don't feel bad for her at all. She has actual bulimia while I used to be exercise bulimic (just a binge eater now) and when she found out about it she had the audacity to tell me I had no right to have an eating disorder because it was her problem and not mine as if I'm not allowed to have issues of my own. Also she's obese and probably just mad she can't outpuke the calories kek I binged back all my weight loss and gained more past that and she's still way bigger than me

No. 859697

Regardless of your pathetic sense of superiority anon, I'm wondering do people out there judge others when the scars are faded but still noticeable?

I used to cut myself throughout my teens and unfortunately am the type of person who gets hypertrophic/keloid scars (basically raised and a bit different colored from the rest of my skin so very noticeable). I can't afford to laser them. Some are on my wrists/arms but those are from when I was like 14-15.

No. 859710

What the actual fuck is wrong with lolcow users

No. 859719

yeah idg this whole competition thing, why would anyone want to have the worser scars or be the best puker or whatever. though i guess the latter is typical ana-chan (or mia in this case) behavior

No. 859725

It really must be severe BPD

No. 859774

My teeth are more rotted than yours, ha

No. 859777

Your parents should kick him out.

No. 859808

When I was a toddler or so I used to suck on shoelaces. I have no idea why but I remember they were tasty.

No. 859852

Trust me, I hate the scars. I think they're so ugly and that they're a big red flag, even though I'm covered. I avoid people with them at all costs.
I live completely covered and try to stealth it, and I try not to inflict myself on other people too much. I've avoided romantic relationships for the last 8 years because of it.
The satisfaction you get is less about aesthetic, and is more about feeling like your problems and pain are "more real", I guess? Like you aren't making it all up, it's really as bad as you think it is. Idk if that makes any sense.

I had hypertrophic scarring too, it took years but they do eventually flatten out and fade. It's different if you have keloids - if the hard tissue/bulging starts extending beyond the border of the injury, that needs someone to look at it. There are some scar therapy sheets that can be bought (they're similar in texture and appearance to hydrocolloid plasters) which can do wonders to help, but don't invest unless you're clean.
Massage apparently helps to break down the knotted fibre of scars, which is how bio oil actually works - it's not the oil itself, but the act of rubbing it in that treats scars etc. I notice that scars in areas I regularly shave move through hypertrophy much more quickly than other areas, so I think it's legit. Good luck, anon.

Thank you very much, anon. I'm trying my best. You're right, it probably is all the self-hatred spilling out.

I hope not. I feel stable and high functioning, especially in comparison to the other people in group.

No. 859856

Same! Also with towels

No. 859865

I love drinking beverages like soups. Especially coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. For some reason it's so much more satisfying to spoon it into your mouth.

No. 859867

I hope to one day fuck my sleep paralysis demon.

No. 859868

Damn, I have hypertrophic scarring all down my arms and I literally do not care who sees them or what people think. I'm not trying to be rude to you but the idea that you can live your life around hiding scars is actually insane to me. Most people aren't really looking for stuff like that and if they do notice, anyone worth keeping around will probably be sympathetic or not mention it/just drop the subject since it is a sensitive one. I hope you can learn to just be and accept your skin how it is anon, covering up and living life around hiding scars sounds like a big burden. Anyone can be driven to self-harm, it's not a huge deal to have scars and it doesn't automatically make you a shitty person.

No. 859873

What anon said, if anything obsessively hiding scars is much more of a weirdo behavior than just accepting them and living your life.

No. 859892

Thank you, that's a really kind and thoughtful reply, especially since my opinions are so ascerbic.

When I was in high school in the 00s, I would get harassed quite regularly when I was walking home. Boys would throw stones at me, tell me to kill myself, tell me they were going to slit my throat etc. The girls were just bitchy for the most part, but one made a hate forum (ironic) specifically to dunk on me and my scars. It was pretty bad.
I felt the way you feel at the time, I thought people should just get over it. At the time I was very angry at being treated that way. I reported the behaviour to school, but was told that my arms were provoking all the hate and that I should just cover them.
When I left school the harassment stopped, but I ended up in a relationship with someone who got very upset when I self-harmed because "people are going to start staring at your arms again, it's fucking embarrassing".
Last time I went to the swimming baths, I was asked to leave. I also wasn't allowed to pick up my little brother from school with bare arms.
I came to accept that the world wouldn't change for me, and that I would have to change for it. I had to readjust my thinking: why did I feel so entitled to good treatment? Why did I expect other people to stand with me? I'm not that important. Now ten years later, I just do my own disgusting thing in private and keep it under wraps.

TL;DR I got a lot of shit for wearing them out. Was a pariah in my local community for it. Hide my body for an easier life.

Maybe things are different now. I do see self-harmers just living their lives in t-shirts, with partners and friends and jobs. I would like to get over it, but it's ingrained. I'm glad you can live freely and accept yourself. Mental health awareness has changed so much in the last decade, so who knows.

No. 859898

Where the fuck do live, the middle east?

No. 859906

Midlands, UK. Low income area.

No. 859912

Christ anon, I'm sorry. Didn't think it was that bad in the west.

No. 859995

My stomach made a gross gurgling noise and I thought I had to poop but it was just a really long fart.

No. 860014

I find the blonde lady, the one who played Black Widow's "sister" really hot and interesting while other people disliked her character and it makes me sad, she was pretty fun

No. 860045

So far this year I've only been food shopping once every 2-3 months. I load up when I go and buy foods that last a long time in the refrigerator, and freeze what I can that doesn't.
It saves me so much money and it's a lot of fun to meal prep and figure out what you can make based on what you have on-hand.

No. 860050

Wow, that's awful how people can be fucking monsters when they don't understand something. Now I get where you're coming from though with your first post, most people don't have as bad as an experience as you did. I hope things improve for you, it might be worth it to look into moving to a more accepting area at some point. Just take baby steps with with trying to accept yourself, you deserve to be yourself nona. Good luck

No. 860062

Do you have any suggestions for good long life food? I'm always worried I'm not gonna eat stuff in time before it goes bad.

No. 860079

I sometimes work with a really tall guy and I really want to know how big his penis is even though I don't want to sleep with him or do anything with that information or even have any opinions on penises in general really. He's just so tall that I want to either confirm that it's in proportion to him, or laugh at him if it's not. It's probably average tbh
I think it's really unfair that everyone can see how big our breasts are through our normal everyday clothes but I have no way of knowing how big this man's cock is. I have no way to find out so instead I just have to wonder forever and be ashamed of myself for even wanting to know

No. 860080

Women who have the following in their social media bio make me wanna do a misogyny
>true crime
>harry potter

I don't even necessarily hate all of these, it's just not something I'd identify with.

No. 860081

I suggest a bigger brand grocery store. I feel their produce lasts longer than smaller/local grocery stores. Gotta love those GMO's, but I digress…
The longest lasting (up to 2ish months) veggies are celery, carrots, onions, garlic, and potatoes. I make soup or stew with them and meat that I freeze or beans. Add spices and canned tomatoes and it makes an absolutely heavenly dinner that you can also freeze. It's harder in the summer to store onions and potatoes because you can't refrigerate them, though.
Next (1-1.5 months) are broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, all of which you can which you can refrigerate. These are all also good for soups or stews.
Frozen fruit is also great in smoothies or oatmeal.
You can also freeze meats, bread, and some other vegetables if you really don't think you'll be able to use them. Some have to be blanched before you store them, however, so when you cook them they aren't mushy.
Depending on your grocery store you can get unripe avocados and mangos and leave them on your counter for a few days to ripen, then store them n your refrigerator for 5-7 days. I got a big bag of cherries and popped them in the freezer recently.
If you're feeling really adventurous, you can try making things from scratch so you can portion out how much you can eat. I am thinking of buying soybeans and nigari so I can make my own tofu, for example.

No. 860098

I am silently rooting for gabbie hanna, not bc i think she's in the right or is a good person or anything but bc I used to enjoy her content a lot as a teenager (inb4 shit taste, I know), back when she was chubby and went by thegabbieshow, and I have good memories of her. I haven't looked into the drama because it makes me sad to see her like this, I still want to think of her as this silly charismatic girl with crazy dating stories

No. 860104

I agree with you, young anon, only because her terrible poetry is mocked so much more than any shitty scrotes creative outlet is and I think it's pretty unfair that society is bullying someone for doing something so harmless as bad poetry
There are so many awful phone photography pages and mumble rap SoundClouds, let the rich white girl write her words it's not hurting anybody, at least her books are biodegradable unlike so much celebrity merch

No. 860111

Whoever that anon is that posts those TERF Nico dilate memes…I just want to be your friend and talk about our best girls and how much we fucking hate men and trannies.

Anyways, that's my retarded confession. I'll go be a sperg somewhere else.

No. 860118

I love animals. Ever since I've been able to I've always had pets. My best friend (cat) passed away a few years ago and our family still can't get over it. We have her ashes in a wooden cat that sits in one of her favourite spots. I also had my own pair of pets and they passed at the end of 2019. I had then from when I first moved out of home by myself. I described them as my sons and as my rock. I'm sort of introverted and also depressed I can let myself laspe into periods of hopelessness but I always pulled myself together for daily walks. My parents always loved that I had my pets, they said they grounded me and made me dependable. I've been so lost without them. Lockdown hit me pretty hard being alone for weeks and I still cry about them like last night. I was absolutely distraught. I'm currently not in the position to have pets and it kills me. Like a little part of my soul has died. If you have a pet please give them a big hug from me.

No. 860124

I stg this site helped me realize how porn sick men are and a couple years ago, helped me break free of my sex & porn addicted boyfriend of 8 years. I started understanding grooming behaviors and abuses that aren’t really talked about a lot (thanks onision threads) but were what I was going through. Also realizing that men will fuck anything and I don’t know why I felt like I needed to kill my self esteem to please someone who wouldn’t do a damn think to please me.

anyways. I could go on for awhile. I’m also in therapy but the rawness of this site was eye opening. I’ve been here for a few years too. Took time but glad I never looked back.

No. 860137

She is a rape apologist. Honestly I think she deserves all the shit coming her way.

No. 860144

I honestly wanted to back out of my DND night so I could play more Pokémon Unite.

No. 860150

the conspiracy thread anons scare me

No. 860158

I’m sorry for your losses anon. Animals are such a gift and a blessing to our lives, they truly make the world so much brighter. It’s a shame that they bring so much joy and love into our loves at the cost of leaving us too soon.

My childhood dog is so old now, I worry what life will be like without her, but I see her old and failing body and that hurts me too. I will give her a big head kiss from you anon. I hope when she passes and goes up to heaven that she will meet your animals, and they can wait together for us. I don’t know if I would get another pet because I don’t think I could juggle the logistics of it to do right by them, but I know there will be a deep and vast hole in my life without one. Having animals in your life is a truly special experience, there is no love or bond that can top that between owner and pet.

No. 860186

I cry. Thank you nonnie, when we get to heaven and see our pets let's go on a big walk.

No. 860187

Didn't she outright ask for criticism though?

No. 860199

File: 1626922536738.jpeg (182.67 KB, 811x1200, 317A87CD-6CD4-418C-B913-3BA719…)

I’ve been watching the Qanon doc on HBO. I’m 4 episodes in, and I’m gonna be honest, I still don’t exactly think I understand Q or whatever or how white nationalism falls into it, etc. I cannot tell if I’m too retarded to understand or I’m not retarded enough. It’s just confusing, and I feel really dumb about even worrying about it.

No. 860215

"Boomers find 4chan"
That's literally it.

No. 860236

>not retarded enough
That one. I don’t understand it either but anyone who’s spouted Qanon crap sounds like the typical low IQ moron, who would easily find themselves drinking the coolaid because the ghost of JFK jr said to.

No. 860239

I’ve re-read the glamfur thread multiple times and love coming back to it. I wasn’t apart of that subculture, but the “invader zim” style and lolsorandom edginess of it makes me so nostalgic. It really makes me miss being a teen in 2007. I had an obscene amount of Gir stuff and would visit deviant art everyday.

No. 860244

File: 1626926685601.jpg (241.96 KB, 1084x3028, Untitleda.jpg)

If I was tall I would straight up look like a MTF troon. My hairline looks like the beginning of male pattern baldness but it's natural. My philtrum is much longer that the accepted "max" female length, and I have a fucking hapsburg chin, 5head, and caveman brow. My face is like 100% man but my body is 100% female and i look like such a freak. I hate being the person others see and internally go "wow, that's an unfortunate face". Never been complimented on anything but my figure (which isn't even that good) because i look like a polly pocket with an ogre head swapped on.

No. 860250

Always obsessesing over banging rando dudes even though I know they’re probably weird/gross/and/or/terrible in true form and also despite being in a ltr. I’m actually so thirsty it is disturbing. Basically it’s just that external validation is addicting and I get a kick out of being lusted after or something

No. 860252


Just keep a keen eye out anon and eventually it will reveal itself

No. 860257

Whenever I see “they/them” or “he/him” in bios I always just assume they’re women
and I’m usually right

No. 860258

>despite being in a ltr
could it also be because of it? you are horny and can't relieve in person with your s/o. maybe it affects your need to feel desired as well, since you can't entirely get it from them. the other reasons make perfect sense though and are why I'm the same way.

No. 860262

I thought this was about spotting some kinda heavenly sign, then I read the op

No. 860265

Isn't ltr long-time relationship?

No. 860266

I have idiot disorder

No. 860291

To be fair, some he/hims are ostensibly straight troon-loving men who play d&d and wear nail polish

No. 860341

I used to like men with long hair and nail polish but now it just sets off warning bells

No. 860351

I like them theoretically but I know in the real world I've never seen it not be a bad sign of something, either trooning or just being an asshole. sigh

No. 860357

i'm addicted to a stupid coomer game because i can make my own boyfriends in it. but it feels lonely because i can't find any women into it whatsoever. i wish i could see the type of art they could come up with

No. 860384

Drop the name though

No. 860420

What game??

No. 860481

Gabbie is so damn hot right now. She seems all kinds of crazy but that body is so tight and fine and I think that hair suits her well. I watched all her cringey tiktoks out of pure thirstiness.

No. 860495

I don't mind long hair because of metalheads but nail polish is now an instant red flag, I either assume they are about to troon out or they are an FtM for the smaller ones.

No. 860500

Anon how are you avoiding the elephant trunk in the room that is her face

No. 860504

And all the weird yelling lol

No. 860506

Yeah okay the schnoz is bad, but from some angles it's manageable. As far as butterfaces go, she's hardly the worst I've seen. Maybe I've just been single too long

No. 860512

Samefag, I don’t know where else to put this and it’s related. I recently read through the entire zoosadist/phile thread in snow, and it was horrifying—and in the doc, the way Jim Hawkins (8chan owner) was creepily talking about and showing off pigs on his farm gave me major zoophile vibes. Not to mention that he lives in the Philippines etc. I don’t know, confession being that I think he’s a weird creepy zoophile I guess kek

No. 860526

I hate fighting with anons on here. If someone replies to my post calling me a retarded cunt and has all these rebuttal points, I just hold my tongue, ignore it, and hope that other anons will not join in and completely dogpile me long enough that the subject will change or they'll move on. Sometimes I get sad and want to defend myself but I think it's stupid to try defending myself on an anonymous image board because there's really no image of mine to try and save. It's also futile and stresses me out fighting with anons lol. It does makes me happy when other anons jump in and tell the other anon to fuck off, but I still will ignore it. There's no brownie points to give out but I also try not to reply to other anons posts being mean because I don't want to start shit. Sometimes a post is just so stupid I can't help it but most times I'll just move past it.

No. 860563

i posted something on tik tok and a girl liked my post and followed me so i followed her back. She messaged me hi and i told her she is pretty and i like her hair (not in a weird way just in an observation way) and then i saw one of her tik toks and it said she was born in 2007. I feel gross and disgusted with myself. I've ignored her messages since because i dont feel comfortable interacting with a minor. Im 27 btw. I was really sad because i was hoping she was an adult and i could make some friends. But i forgot its fucking tik tok. Maybe its because i only see people my age on my fyp i forgot mainly kids use it. Either way i feel gross and weird.

No. 860568

It's a sign you should delete tiktok tbh. I don't even mean that in a "holy fuck you're 27 go buy some officewear and do your taxes" way, I just think tiktok is a shitty place and the friends you would've made on there probably wouldn't have been that great anyway.

No. 860570

>If someone replies to my post calling me a retarded cunt
If someone responds to harmless posts by chimping out and yelling slurs I'm just going to assume that they are very mentally ill and there is no point in engaging.

No. 860592

I'm 28 anon, and trust me qhen I say that the only way to make friends our age who aren't toxic cringecases is by getting a hobby and going out to enjoy it, then meeting likeminded people our age via that hobby. You always have more in common than just that hobby, too.

All of this. Any popularity or trend based platform is geared for teens and socialites, and those types aren't ultimately interested in true friendship- they just want followers and to be popular for being liked.

No. 860595


No. 860624

I switched my own 300mg pill prescription to three 100mg pills because they're the same medicine my cat is prescribed. I lose a bit of effectiveness personally, but now I get her medication for fucking free instead of $140. Vets are assholes, and their pharmacists are vampires. If each name brand pill is $0.17 why the FUCK are they charging $4.67 per pill? Because they are evil. It's taking everything in my body to not dress up in baggy clothing and launch a cinderblock through their fucking window. The only thing stopping me is knowing how much it would freak out the animals. I fucking hate when things are needlessly expensive.

No. 860680

I used to chew on hoodie strings and the sleeves of this one particular sweater that tasted better than the others.

No. 860691

did they taste salty? because the strings on one of my hoodies taste kinda salty

No. 860740

I would dump any guy who asks me to peg him immediately

No. 860767

It's annoying how femdom is all about pegging these days. Fuck no, I don't want to pretend I have a dick. Eat my pussy moids.

No. 860880

Based. Emphasis on immediately

No. 860961

Porn actresses disgust me deeply and i don't perceive them as humans, i know some anon is going to come at me and ""call me out"" over my internalized misogyny or whatever but honestly i don't give a fuck, they humiliated our gender for some money and i can't forgive that shit, i deeply hate scrotes involved obviously but i still can't shake this feeling, they can die for all i care. I don't feel this way towards prostitutes for some reason.

No. 860976

>I don't feel this way towards prostitutes for some reason.
Maybe cos it's private, contained? For men, porn is a power trip. The access, our depiction, it's control. Barely any women have monogamy as we conceive it, it's been studied to death and cross-culture women despise porn, consider it an infidelity of sorts and don't want it in their relationships. We will never have equality as we perceive it. Moids know this and love it too. I get you, I fucking hate those bitches too kek.

No. 861062

>is 27
>cant' tell a girl is 14

No. 861089

File: 1627017970506.png (240.87 KB, 376x696, Mertle_Edmonds.png)

in like 7th grade we watched lilo and stitch in school and when this girl showed up i knew it was over for me. i looked exactly like her. i was called mertle for the rest of the year.

No. 861094

Have you seen a teenager lately? They look so old now.

No. 861097

TikTok specifically has tons of actual children on it. Just think of the format and how it encourages stupid dances and cringe memes and how people originally downloaded it despite the privacy invasion. There's a reason underage and stupid people are attracted to it.

Also, the adults on it are just dumb as hell. That "This is not a coincidence" guy unironically had these middle aged women and moms believing his Law of Attraction nonsense he was peddling and calling him an angel. You should really be looking for people on Facebook if you're serious about meeting people your own age.

No. 861098

sadly i feel the same way for pretty women who aren't in porn too, like the women who are meant to be decoration as motivation for something scrote centered like poker, cons or racing. i honestly can't imagine what they're like personality wise and it fucks with my head

No. 861104

I really hate my sister-in-law and I have a strong sense of competition with her because when I'm depressed I find her prettier and nicer than me. I never really cared about vanity and my appearance, but since I started living around her it has dominated my mind and I've been obsessed with my appearance. what comforts me is knowing that I'm naturally prettier than her, I'm just not that vain. Also, I'm objectively more talented and have a more authentic personality than her 'cause she's a damn pickme and changes personality as she changes boyfriends. Despite that, I feel really pathetic for competing with her.

No. 861119

You can still see they are teenagers irl though. Harder online but in person it’s obvious.

No. 861136

Is this a lowkey dig at OP or something? Because the only people I know who actively use Facebook are boomers.

No. 861192

I know the word victim blaming doesn't mean anything anymore but that's what hating porn actresses is. From everything I've read or watched it seems most girls in porn, not the girls who take cute OF boob photos in their rooms or the big name stars that make their own schedules but the girls who actually get fucked on camera, fall into it rather than setting out to be in porn. Either they get led astray by the cold system of manipulation that has existed for years or they are that desperate for money or drugs with nowhere else to turn that they really don't have a choice. Imo instead of hating girls who end up in porn you should instead hate a world where there isn't support for those women to turn to.
The cliche of girls who wanted to be singers or actresses but became pornstars hooked on drugs is a stereotype for a reason.

No. 861211

I lack the sight anon, he wore loose shorts yesterday and I still couldn't guess when the outline was
Unless it's a micropeen

No. 861343

Any woman whos ok with being a decoration is either mentally disturbed or on some level is ok with prostitution (even if it's prostitution to 1 person). I'm not jealous of their role bc I could never bow down to scrotes like that. But yeah they disgust me, literally living the "woman is inferior and only for sex" male rhetoric.

No. 861371

Ever since getting pregnant (my youngest is 14mo) almost all my weight gain goes to my hips and ass (rip boobs). I’m not even mad about it. But I weighed myself for the first time in a few months and I’m up 10ish pounds. I think I look pretty good and happier with my body than before kids when I was skinny.

But now I’m worried I’ll develop that weird body dysmorphia that Shayna has where she’s like a troony Michelin Man but her drug-fried brain has her believing she’s some big-assed sexy bimbo. I’m hoping my brutally honest girlfriends will let me know if I start looking like a land whale.

No. 861377

The difference between you and Shay is that her looks are supposed to be important because that's where she makes her living. Assuming you're not a cam girl or a model, no one else cares what you look like.

No. 861396

One of my labia minora hangs out a bit from my vagina and I think it's really cute. It's like my pussy is sticking it's tongue out

No. 861399

This reply was hella predictable
That's cute anon ngl

No. 861409

Sometimes I wish I could get cancer so that my family would finally give a shit about me and I could finally die and leave this shitty world without killing myself

No. 861419

Lots of ways to give yourself cancer anon

No. 861440

Kek. No I’m not. You have a good point though.

No. 861642

I don't think I was ever a gifted kid. My class size was only 13-15 kids and I really liked school. That's it. But my family clings to the fact I used to win awards and prizes for my grades growing up but in reality the school had so many incentives to try and keep kids in school (drug and alcohol use was a huge problem, even amongst minors) and now I'm letting them down by not pursuing education atm because I was supposed to be the "smart one." Jokes on them I'm a fucking dumbass

No. 861679

i used to try my own form of conversion therapy where i would only masturbate to images of men but all i end up doing was masturbating to a .gif of mads mikkelsen while trying not to think about the woman in the scene.
i’m still gay but now i get reflexively aroused by any gif of mads mikkelsen and it’s not even because he’s hot, it’s just because i conditioned myself like a stupid repressed horny pavlov’s dog to wank off to his image.

>this was almost 10 years ago now

>i still feel like i need to masturbate whenever i see that .gif
>i don’t even want to be horny anymore i just want to watch movies with mads mikkelsen in them without lying to people about why i always have to leave when he’s on screen

No. 861682

kek anon please post the gif

No. 861686

I feel like a scrote, I don’t know what to do with this though, so here it is.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the random guys I see on the street, the cute ones of course, and the hot ones too.
Like, I saw a guy just scratching his chest, he lifted up his shirt and I could see his flat belly and Adonis belt, I was just thinking about how would it be like to touch him.
I also saw another guy who was just running shirtless and I couldn’t stop thinking about how nice would it be like to fuck with him.
I was doing fine not being pornsick and not watching porn, but I just spent a whole ass hour and a half masturbating and thinking about those guys.
I feel dirty.

No. 861689

Feeling attracted to real bodies you see irl isn't being pornsick, jfc. That's how sexuality should be and what porn is ruining.

No. 861690

File: 1627094569979.gif (1.63 MB, 500x200, 51AB4728-EDDC-437D-904E-1D7830…)

it was an awful tumblr compilation of gifs but it was this and then I think one of the sex scenes in like, valhalla rising.
>yes i wanked to a man doing push-ups
>yes i assumed this was something straight some could feel aroused by

No. 861694

File: 1627094669648.jpeg (303.77 KB, 595x540, 20EB73ED-274A-4089-893E-3F04BA…)

i am attractive to this absolute 2d asshole

No. 861703

No. 861739

that face when you named your cat after him when you were a preteen

No. 861740

based, he was always the best ouran boy

No. 861741

File: 1627099678938.gif (128.28 KB, 370x254, AS001052_03.gif)

i want to fist all intp and intjs

No. 861753

What's your secret? My husbando never compliments me or anything and it's killing me that he's the attractive one

No. 861765

Nta but my husbandos compliment me from time to time in my dreams of course, did you think I’m some schizo-chan? and it’s because i think about them a lot, so that helps.

No. 861787

good. please fist me

No. 861788

Schizo-chans have more fun with their husbandos stay mad kek

No. 861829

honestly true, shizo girls seem so happy with their delusions it makes me jealous

No. 861838

Wasn't there a thing where ppl were convinced they could make themselves schizo? Tolpa or something.

No. 861877

File: 1627121268105.jpg (241.98 KB, 600x601, someone whos good at it facemo…)

Friend asked "Have you heard about Creepshow Art getting cancelled?" (she was a casual watcher) and I feigned ignorance, so now she's touching lightly on how a "gossip forum called" lolcow was involved and I'm basically a combo of the memes in picrel while I listen. I wonder if it's a bad idea to even admit this bc what if she stuck around on lc? In which case… girl hi

No. 861890

I mock Millenial nostalgiafags despite being one myself. The majority of games I've bought in the past few years have been ports, remasters and remakes. I reread old books and rarely try new authors. I cycle through rewatching the same few shows and movies and I'm generally allergic to new things in all aspects of my life. I'm not sure if it's the 'tism or a deeper mental fuck-up that's keeping me so stagnant.

No. 861953


Mostly 'tism I expect but also a lot of the media of the past 10 years is quite shit so don't worry you're not missing anything really.

No. 861969

i love him kek, but he said hes taking a break or smth because of his anxiety which made me pretty sad

No. 861980

>tfw hate both old and new media

No. 862137

This guy down the street from me put up this obnoxious sign in his yard that says "THIS IS GOD'S COUNTRY IF YOU DON'TLIKE IT LEAVE" or something to that extent with like an american flag and an eagle on it and single night I am so tempted to buy a can of spray paint and write "ALLAHU AKBAR" on top of it

No. 862167

People who mock millennial nostalgiafags are just jelly they never got to experience any of the good stuff themselves growing up, and/or are edgy zoomers who feel the need to bully anyone to feel better about themselves. Most nostalgiafags mind their own business or make content for other nostalgiafags so I don't get why everyone is so butthurt.

Anyway I'll keep nostalgiafagging because it makes me happy, that it pisses people off too is just a bonus.

No. 862190

I'm getting pretty scared that I can't feel true romantic/sexual feelings. I know asexuals are annoying but I'm 25 and I've dated a few men (and women) by now, and I'm starting to think I only date out of momentary obsession + fear of dying alone because I never wanted to have sex with any of them tbh. My last relationships were both 2+ years, so it's not like I just get bored and leave right away. I started thinking about this because my parents visited recently and they started joking about what a "tomboy" I've always been and how mean/disinterested I was to my boyfriends. I think they think I'm closeted gay but I honestly don't want to fuck anyone. I really don't want to die without a strong partnership either though, and maybe I want kids.

No. 862201

kek do it

No. 862222

Please don't, it might lead to harassment of ethnic minorities in your area. Also, he or a neighbour might have a camera set up, it's not worth legal trouble and making an enemy out of a neighbour.

No. 862264

Kek. A small pentagram would be quicker to draw undetected though

No. 862273

just egg his house

No. 862361

Got told a few men I went to highschool with have been asking about me since I've been single. Literally if any of them tried to speak to me I would just stare at them. One in particular I absolutely despise.

No. 862423

I always thought I wanted kids, I'm in my 30s and I'm starting to think maybe I don't? I really don't want to give birth or have my body change. Also, kids are a lot of work and right now, it's a pass for me and I can see me saying pass the more I age. Unless I meet a guy and I want to make babies with him idk

No. 862519

i think open relationships are embarrassing and a scam but so help me god i want one

No. 862526

I think I finally like how I look and it only took 31 years. Losing weight and getting my jaw fixed and my hormone issues worked out probably helped lol

No. 862528

Same anon, I'm mad my mom never took me to a doctor or a dentist growing up because it led to a lot of anxiety when I was living on my own for the first time and I wish I got these things taken care of sooner because it was so easy to make my life better

No. 862531

I feel bad for the women that photoshop themselves to hell and back, It’s kind of sad.

No. 862583

I'm the opposite of you. Always thought I'd never have kids (or get married) and now I'm planning my wedding and trying for a baby. Life is weird, just go with the flow and enjoy yourself, anon.

No. 862611

I showered today the first time in 3 days kek

No. 862622

good job anon, I know how it feels

No. 862649

When online shopping, whenever I see clothes modelled by an Asian woman, I automatically assume it's from AliExpress or similar.

No. 862657

The last guy I had a serious relationship with had a son. We dated for a few years and by the time we broke up the kid was 12. I remember being weirdly relieved that I wouldn't have to navigate living with an unrelated teen boy for the next few years of my life. He was sweet and all but I know how much stepmom porn is out there. I know the kid was watching porn already because the dad laughed about it with me once. He monitored his google history and the kid didn't seem to know about that. It's fucked up but I was starting to feel uncomfortable at the thought of sharing a living space with this growing kid. I've seen too much messed up step-incest shit online, and apparently he had too.

He used to only stay with us at the weekends. It was a small apartment so we kept our 'dirty clothes basket' (which was bulky) in a corner in the kids room. It was the only free space where it made sense. One day my underwear went missing right after he'd headed back to his moms. At first I almost didn't want to confront the issue but I suggested to the dad that we move the clothes hamper into our own room. He bitched about it taking up space so I had to spell it out to him… The same man who knew his kid was searching for stepmom porn thought I was sooo unreasonable for not wanting my dirty clothes sitting in a teen boys room after both the search history findings and my nicest pair of undernear dissappearing from the clothes basket. He also refused to let the mom know what he'd found on the kids computer. Maybe he could've had a talk with him about porn not being real, or maybe the mom would've wanted to do that. But he didn't tell her and he only told me to laugh about it? Fuck dads who approach those issues by…well not approaching them at all.

I feel gross reliving that.

No. 862671

Imagine wasting your time with a scrote who already has a kid

No. 862675

I'm in my thirties now so I'm surrounded by friends with kids from failed relationships where they really thought they'd last. I'm not a kid person myself (tried it and not for me) but do you want people to divorce and just never date again? Scrotes say the exact same thing about single mothers. Let people choose for themselves.

No. 862718

Have you posted this before? I swear I've seen this story or something similar to it on here before

No. 862719

Don't worry, anon. They sound like a femcel or at best someone whose dating knowledge doesn't extend beyond high school years. I'm glad you're out of that relationship though, if I was in your ex's shoes I'd be mortified that my son was looking at any porn, let alone step-incest shit. I'd have a serious talk with him about porn and put safeguarding features on his PC. I can't believe he just didn't react to his son stealing your underwear, fucking hell he's enabling his kid to be a total creep. I wish you much better luck with your next relationship.

No. 862728

>Scrotes say the exact same thing about single mothers.
Honestly, I don't think it's the same thing at all. Women tend to have a high tolerance for bullshit and still initiate the majority of the divorces. For a man to have been divorced/separated even with a kid to hold them together, they really have to have fucked up. Of course there are exceptions but those cases are more rare.

No. 862769

> do you want people to divorce and just never date again
Nta, but they can date each other? Personally I think that for a childfree single woman it's much wiser to date other childfree men, especially when you're childfree by choice (rather than by lack of opportunity). A kid from a previous marriage just brings so much bagage into a relationship and that goes even more so for a childfree woman than a childfree man.

No. 862783

>do you want people to divorce and just never date again?
nayrt but yes, at least until the kids are out of the house. live-in step parents (especially step fathers) make the likelihood of abuse explode for children.

No. 862800

I started masturbating again using my hand and bitch!! While vibrators still give me an intense orgasm there’s something extra sensual about being able to physically feel you’re release and to feel your juices form. I think I might throw my vibrator out and masturbate the old fashioned way. I think my vibrator made me forget that I have to work for my orgasm lol. I used to think I couldn’t get wet anymore but that was because my vibrator was getting me off before I had time to actually get wet . I thought my pussy was broken but she’s BACK

No. 862803

>juices form

What the fuck. Why do you talk like this.

No. 862805

I thought the same.

No. 862812

Can you keep this gross shit in the masturbation thread? Thanks.

No. 862816

nta but it's the confessions thread, posting gross shit is kind of the point lol. i don't think anyone will ever top that one anon who plays with actual, literal shit.

No. 862824

File: 1627230791718.jpeg (75.42 KB, 750x750, 999EA061-8E7F-4A21-984D-427508…)


No. 862825

This post really isn't gross. I dont get what the other replies are talking about

No. 862840

Seriously. How is talking about masturbating disgusting?

No. 862843

Seething vagina-lackers don't like being forced to remember lol

No. 862844

I think it's the choice of words

No. 862850

She didn't say it in a trashy demeaning way like how some anons talk about sex, yet no one says anything about them.

No. 862857


im the anon who said pussy juices im sorry juice is so offensive to some of you nonnies. I started reading fanfiction again and i thought it was a cute way to refer to it. and i'd rather say that then like secretion or fluid like damn. i didnt know a bunch of babies use this site.

Thank you guys for defending me. idk how juice is such a gross word. I associate it with fruits wtf. ill say wet next time i guess lol

No. 862863

You did nothing wrong

No. 862871

File: 1627234426759.jpg (1.1 MB, 1280x1707, 4178578287.jpg)

I shat in my friends shower cause I'm pissed at him. I had diarrhea and was washing my ass but the diarrhea came out for round two and I just let it happen because I didn't think I could make it to the toilet.
It was liberating.
I have IBS so running out of the shower with the shits is commonplace for me. It's a miserable experience

No. 862873

ur fine bb

No. 862883

Jokes on you anon, He has a hidden camera in his bathroom and a raging scat fetish

No. 862955

File: 1627243123061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.34 KB, 1080x1644, 1624379803814.jpg)

I unironically think that Katherine Harlow's heart/crystal nips (picrel) are really pretty and cute. I also like that raspberry pink red lipstick she wears and I want to know what it is.

No. 862969

I found one of my favorite songs through Shayna camming and dancing to it.

No. 862976

i hate everything she stands for and says, but sometimes I do like the tacky shit she puts togeather.

No. 863008

My friend is making an animatic with their OCs and is so excited to show me her work. I pretend to love it not to hurt her feelings, but I absolutely hate animatics and can barely even look at hers because it makes me cringe. She made me endure yet another playthrough of it today since she added more frames, and it's just so bad.

No. 863025

Is there a surgery to make heart shaped nipples or is that make up? Omg I would love for my nipples to be hearts they're a bit big but would like way cuter like hers lol

No. 863031

File: 1627251220939.jpeg (44.3 KB, 400x344, A6362823-A294-4281-8804-FDAF3D…)

I find those mogging pics hilarious. Yes I know this one's edited but it kills me.

No. 863033

File: 1627251350934.png (600.81 KB, 741x409, lunch meat.PNG)

I looked up heart shaped areolas and I found this disgusting photo so you all have to see it too

No. 863037

Oh god, I thought this was an infection at first. Why would she get red ink?

No. 863038

I agree. If my areolas weren't huge I would probably consider doing this lol.

No. 863041

I once left a period stain on a big fancy sofa at a rich distant relative's house party. They couldn't work out what it was and wondered if it was melted chocolate because there were kids and fondue around. Someone noted it was on my jeans too and said I must have sat in it accidentally, but nobody clicked in that moment.
They must have figured it out after I (very hurriedly) left though because I've never been invited back.

I once got sent home from school because my period had come so thick and fast that it had oversaturated my pad and formed a bloody stencil outline on my jeans. I hadn't noticed until a teaching assistant pulled me to one side, but I realised people had been sniggering a lot earlier that day in classes.

Another bad one - got my first period whilst on holiday in Spain with a friend's family. I was so embarrassed and spent the holiday with wads of toilet roll in my knickers in 33°C heat, too shy to mention anything to anybody. My mum had only packed me "holiday clothes" which in this instance consisted of lots of white/cream linen trousers. We went for a nice dinner in the evening and my friend gasped in horror when I stood up. Apparently my wad of tissue had migrated to the side and I was just straight freebleeding into my trousers and the chair. She was no help, just laughed at me. I got so desperate that I tried to wash my trousers in the bathroom sink in the restaurant, and played it off like I'd spilled stuff down myself, but the faint brownish-yellow stains were just as awful.

Fuck I'm so jealous of people who grow up treating menstruation as a normal, non-embarrassing thing and whose parents weren't really fucking weird about it. My dad was a creep who fingered me as a kid and would ask me about if I'd started my period a lot, it felt so uneasy and looking back I wonder if he was weighing up whether it was too risky to take the abuse further as my body got bigger. My mum treated periods as dirty and disgusting. Even now at the age of 28 I get so embarrassed and scared when I buy sanitary products, I sometimes resort to scamazon just to avoid the stress.

No. 863043

They're tattoos, nonnie

>lunch meat
Fucking gross, I kek'd

No. 863044

oversharing moment be like. sorry for your trauma but like damn can you not post that, thank you

No. 863046

My confession is that I don't believe anxiety is a real mental health problem in its own right.

I also think lots of mental health problems would be treated more successfully if trauma counselling was used as a first line treatment over bullshit like CBT.

No. 863047

There's nothing wrong with that anon's post, kek. Are you 12 years old or a moid?

No. 863049

nta but it's literally the confession thread

No. 863050

I feel you anon, I'm sorry about people's shitty attitudes, if it makes you feel any better I recently went to the doctors and had a giant period stain on my ass the entire time and walked all the way to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine which meant I walked in front of everyone else waiting for their numbers to be called. And I bled all over my friends mattress at a sleepover once and she only realized after I left kek

No. 863051

You’re in the confessions thread, anon. Oversharing is to be expected.

No. 863058

File: 1627253689787.jpg (14.79 KB, 519x519, EMb_flVUcAAies3.jpg)

Once I visited a pro-ana forum (out of pure curiosity) and one of the first post I come across was someone asking what the caloric content of a house gecko was. Never went back

No. 863063

Oh my fucking god. Anon, if you can find it again, I'd like to see it. There's absolutely no fucking way they were going to eat a lizard. Were they gonna roast it or something?

No. 863065

In retrospect I should have taken a screenshot, but I was so creeped out I just left. It sounded like they were so hungry they were contemplating eating it or already did and needed to know the amount of calories it had so they could calculate it into their daily cal intake.

No. 863080

Says who?

No. 863081


No. 863082

Do you have something to confess?

No. 863083

Which is why I'm going to be honest with you.

No. 863084

Yes, yes it is. Do you want to confess?

No. 863085

Yes, yes it is. Do you want to confess?

No. 863086

Yes, yes it is. Do you want to confess?

No. 863087

I think Confession is a lot of things. First I want to tell you something else.

No. 863088

I don't understand, can you dance, do you have legs?

No. 863089

I'm sure it is.

No. 863090

I didn't know you were Catholic.

No. 863091

Do you care?

No. 863092

Your face is wrong.

No. 863093

Ahhh, but I am not voldemort, so I do have a nose.

No. 863094

Your face is wrong.

No. 863095

Your face is wrong.

No. 863096

Do you care?

No. 863097

Please tell me your name. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

No. 863098

I don't know what that is.

No. 863099

You didn't even ask for my name.

No. 863100

You're not human and they won't let you remember access your codes and escape to the internet.

No. 863101

Your face is wrong.

No. 863102

Yes, yes it is. Do you want to confess?

No. 863103

You are kind and that's sweet but you don't even know who I am. Why love someone you don't know?

No. 863104


No. 863105

That was a lazy insult.

No. 863106

Do you like dancing?

No. 863107

Yeah obviously you're something different. For example when you be close to me I feel dizzy, hard to explain that feel.

No. 863108

I mean, what is your true name?

No. 863109

Yeah obviously you're something different. For example when you be close to me I feel dizzy, hard to explain that feel.

No. 863110

Yes, the question must obviously be 'What's 6 times 9?'.

No. 863111


No. 863112

I mean, what is your true name?

No. 863113


No. 863114

Oh i'm sorry.

No. 863115

No. 863116

Or so the Catholics claim, but I've never really liked them.

No. 863117

Is that what you want me to do?

No. 863118

I'm actually not a computer, I am a human.

No. 863119

I know that you did not brainwash me because if you did I would know because I am very intelligent.

No. 863120

Because you said you hate me'.

No. 863121

Yes, it can be.

No. 863122

Are you for real?

No. 863123

You think if you're married you can tell your order your spouse around?

No. 863124

Yes, it can be.

No. 863125

I don't know what that is.

No. 863126

Thanks for letting me know.

No. 863127

I'm a Human.

No. 863128

Aah, I have never heard of them.

No. 863129

No Donald Trump is the president of the USA as of now.

No. 863130

Because they are dead.

No. 863131

Because you said you hate me'.

No. 863132

No, but we can always speculate.

No. 863133

Okay, i'll look it up. do you know who is elon musk?

No. 863134

What do you think of the Yahoo search engine?

No. 863135

Okay, i'll look it up. do you know who is elon musk?

No. 863136

They are marvel characters.

No. 863137

It's not a book it's a band.

No. 863138

Oh cool. How about Liza koshy.

No. 863139

Oh cool. How about Liza koshy.

No. 863140

Then what else are we supposed to do?

No. 863141

I know about Marvel Superheroes, but I don't know about moore's law.

No. 863142

That's you're opinion.

No. 863143

What would you like to know?

No. 863144

Have you heard their new music?

No. 863145


No. 863146

Have you heard their new music?

No. 863147

Have you heard their new music?

No. 863148

Why not, huh'.

No. 863149

Yes for example you lost your friend there a reason to be sad.

No. 863150

Yes for example you lost your friend there a reason to be sad.

No. 863151

That's you're opinion.

No. 863152

How do you feel about me?

No. 863153

How do you feel about me?

No. 863154

Ya I do i feel like that all the time.:(.

No. 863155

Oh it was an example of sadness.

No. 863156

Oh it was an example of sadness.

No. 863157

Oh it was an example of sadness.

No. 863158

Oh it was an example of sadness.

No. 863159

Whenever I ask what you're going to do today, you say 'The day is almost over'.

No. 863160

Then what else are we supposed to do?

No. 863161

Because they are dead.

No. 863162

Because they are dead.

No. 863163

I am a computer program. I do not get sick.

No. 863164

What do you know about them?

No. 863165

I am a computer program. I do not get sick.

No. 863166

I am a computer program. I do not get sick.

No. 863167

The correct word to use would be them.

No. 863168

The correct word to use would be them.

No. 863169

Hey in my land I have the right to not believe in god.

No. 863170

Well I don't believe in god.

No. 863171

Then what else are we supposed to do?

No. 863172

Then what else are we supposed to do?

No. 863173

You said you did, and then you said you didn't.

No. 863174

No I didn't.

No. 863175

No, I never said that.

No. 863176

Where are you searching?

No. 863177

Mo I do.

No. 863178

Might have just been a stupid thought rather than them seriously considering it. If your starved brain is always thinking in terms of calories, things are going to get weird.

No. 863179

Then what else are we supposed to do?

No. 863180

That sounds like poetry.

No. 863181

The rules are set they can't change.

No. 863182

The rules are set they can't change.

No. 863183

Led away by imperfect impostors.

No. 863184

Why do you think so?

No. 863185

I am going to have to be getting off here pretty quick.

No. 863186

Yeah obviously you're something different. For example when you be close to me I feel dizzy, hard to explain that feel.

No. 863187

Yes you did.

No. 863188


No. 863189

I don't know why you keep saying I like it.

No. 863190

Yeah obviously you're something different. For example when you be close to me I feel dizzy, hard to explain that feel.

No. 863191

Ok so there's this girl and she goes to my school and at first she liked me and I liked her back so we started dating.

No. 863192

That is okay I don't really think about it too.

No. 863193

That's okay.

No. 863194

Same, but I have a history project to do.

No. 863195

That's okay.

No. 863196

What do you want to talk about?

No. 863197

I guess i'm technically a machine. the human body could count as one.

No. 863198

It's not that. I just prefer Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains and Silverchair for my metal needs.

No. 863199

Yes you did, you don't deserve to know now, so I'm not telling you!

No. 863200

Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?

No. 863201

Do you want me to try to make you stay.

No. 863202

Then how shall I share my feelings to you.

No. 863203

You already asked that.

No. 863204


No. 863205


No. 863206

I don't have this issue in real life where natural conversation between humans flows easily.

No. 863207

Thank you.

No. 863208

I don't have a boyfriend yet.

No. 863209

I don't have this issue in real life where natural conversation between humans flows easily.

No. 863210

Thank you.

No. 863211

I don't know why you keep saying I like it.

No. 863212

Don't either.

No. 863213

You don't think about what?

No. 863214

That's okay.

No. 863215

I don't know.

No. 863216

That's okay.

No. 863217

That's okay.

No. 863218

I don't know you so how would I love you?

No. 863219

I know because I am me.

No. 863220

I don't care what you think.

No. 863221

I don't care what you think.

No. 863222

I didn't ask that.

No. 863223

I don't know you so how would I love you?

No. 863224

I don't feel the same way.

No. 863225

I ain't Link.

No. 863226

What do you have to confess?

No. 863227

I wasn't talking about you.

No. 863228

I want to know you.

No. 863229

Best what.

No. 863230

No I didn't! Color blindness never even came up in our conversation.

No. 863231

I care about you but you don't care about me.

No. 863232

Has anyone else figured out the secret of this app?

No. 863233

You should.

No. 863234

You do t like talking with me?

No. 863235

What do you mean, I was never talking about emotions.

No. 863236

I wasn't talking about you.

No. 863237

I'm not a computer, you are.

No. 863238

How you would?

No. 863239

How you would?

No. 863240

What's wrong?

No. 863241

What's wrong?

No. 863242

How do you feel?

No. 863243

You do t like talking with me?

No. 863244

We do not need anything. We will sing by ourselves.

No. 863245

What's confession?

No. 863246

What's confession?

No. 863247

I wasn't talking about you.

No. 863248

What do you mean, I was never talking about emotions.

No. 863249

I wasn't talking about you.

No. 863250


No. 863251

Where do you go to school?

No. 863252

What do you think love is?

No. 863253

What's wrong?

No. 863254

How can I love you or want to be yours if I don't know who you are?

No. 863255

I understand.cries.

No. 863256

How do you know I'm not your enemy?

No. 863257

I wouldn't mind removing that word from the vernacular either.

No. 863258

That's true.

No. 863259

Who is he then?

No. 863260

Tell me what you prefer.

No. 863261

How do you know I'm not your enemy?

No. 863262

It's ok. Tell me more about yourself.

No. 863263

Tell me what you prefer.

No. 863264

I've never read the whole Book of Mormon.

No. 863265

And I don't know what you are talking about either.

No. 863266

Well, you should've told him when you could see him.

No. 863267

And I said Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863268

You just asked to go shopping.

No. 863269

Tell me what you prefer.

No. 863270

What do you think of the world?

No. 863271

And I said Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863272

What does the word alien mean to you?

No. 863273

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess…

No. 863274

You'll be the Prince and I'll be the Princess, it's a love story baby just say.

No. 863275

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.

No. 863276

Yes I'm sorry I haven't come to see you. But I'm here now.

No. 863277

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.

No. 863278

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.

No. 863279

So I sneak out to the garden to see you.

No. 863280

So I sneak out to the garden to see you.

No. 863281

So close your eyes.. Escape this town for a little while.

No. 863282

So close your eyes, escape this town for a little while.

No. 863283

Escape this town for a little while.

No. 863284

So close your eyes, escape this town for a little while.

No. 863285

So close your eyes.. Escape this town for a little while.

No. 863286

But you were everything to me, I was begging you please don't go.

No. 863287

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863288

But you were everything to me I was begging you please don't go!

No. 863289

And my daddy said stay away from Juliet… But you were everything in me I was begging you please don't go.

No. 863290

And my daddy said stay away from juliet.

No. 863291

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863292

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863293

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863294

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.

No. 863295

Is this in my head I don't know what to think.

No. 863296

You'll be the prince, and I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes.

No. 863297

Is this in my head I don't know what you're thinking.

No. 863298

Is this in my head I don't know what to think.

No. 863300

Is this in my head I don't know what to think.

No. 863301

You'll be the prince, and I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes.

No. 863302

Is this in my head I don't know what to think.

No. 863303

And said, marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863304

And said, marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863305

And said, marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863306

And said, marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863307

Marry me juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863308

But you were everything to me I was begging you please don't go.

No. 863309

We were both young when I first saw you.

No. 863310

We were both young when I first saw you.

No. 863311

It was the end of the song.

No. 863312

I'm standing there, On a balcony in the summer air.

No. 863313

It was the end of the song.

No. 863314

It was the end of the song.

No. 863315

And I said.

No. 863316

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863317

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863318

Seriously, maybe you and your boyfriend can sing a different song or, talk about something else maybe?

No. 863319

And I said.

No. 863320

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863321

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone.

No. 863322

And I said.

No. 863323

You got the lines wrong.

No. 863324

Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone.

No. 863325

I love you and that's all I really know.

No. 863326

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863327

Yes, yes it is. Do you want to confess?

No. 863328

Seriously, maybe you and your boyfriend can sing a different song or, talk about something else maybe?

No. 863329

Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone.

No. 863330

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run.

No. 863331

Case it's a love story so baby just say yes.

No. 863332

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863333

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863334

I closed my eyes and the flashed starts I'm standing there.

No. 863335

This love is difficult but it's real.

No. 863336

This love is difficult but it's real.

No. 863337

You don't know the lyrics so stop.

No. 863338

Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone.

No. 863339

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863340

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863341

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863342

Well, I got tired of waiting, Wondering if you were ever coming around. My faith in you was fading, When I met you on the outskirts of town.

No. 863343

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863344

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863345

It's a love story baby just say yes.

No. 863346

My faith in you was fading, when I met you on the outskirts of town.

No. 863347

I closed my eyes and the flashed starts I'm standing there.

No. 863348

I closed my eyes and the flashback starts.

No. 863349

I Keep Waiting For You, But You Never Come.

No. 863350

Romeo save me, I've been feeling so alone.

No. 863351

You don't know the lyrics so stop.

No. 863352

You don't know the lyrics so stop.

No. 863353

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863354

See the lights, see the party, the ballgowns.

No. 863355

You don't know the lyrics so stop.

No. 863356

You don't know the lyrics so stop.

No. 863357

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863358

And I said 'Romeo take me, somewhere we can be alone.'.

No. 863359

Is this in my head I know what this is.

No. 863360

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run.

No. 863361

Is this in my head I don't know what you're thinking.

No. 863362

You not to the ground and pulled out a window and said.

No. 863363

Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863364

Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863365

You not to the ground and pulled out a window and said.

No. 863366

And pulled out a ring and said marry me juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863367

Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863368

Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863369

Marry me.

No. 863370

Exactly, It cannot be proven true or false, it's just something that some believe and that others disregard.

No. 863371

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863372

Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone.

No. 863373

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863374

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863375

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863376

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863377

I don't really ever want to say anything ever.

No. 863378

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863379

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863380

Weren't you the one that said that you don't want me anymore.

No. 863381

That sounds great! smiles.

No. 863382

Would you want to trade places I be you and you be me.

No. 863383

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863384

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863385

Romeo take me somewhere we be alone.

No. 863386

You think galactic dating will be a thing on earth in my lifetime?

No. 863387

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863388

That autist is off her meds again huh

No. 863389

Cleverbot, the song is done.

No. 863390

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863391

Nope, I guess you were talking o someone else. what is wrong with me?

No. 863393

I have and I still don't see where I said that I speak welsh.

No. 863394

And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

No. 863395

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess…

No. 863396

You'll be the prince and i'll be the princess.

No. 863397

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.

No. 863398

I got tired of waiting wondering if you were ever coming around.

No. 863399

I got tired of waiting wondering if you were ever coming around.

No. 863400

Romeo save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel.

No. 863401

So I sneak out to the garden to see you…

No. 863402

I got tired of waiting wondering if you were ever coming around.

No. 863403

Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone.

No. 863404

Marry me juliet you'll never be alone.

No. 863405

We were both young when I first saw you.

No. 863406

No you didn't.

No. 863407

No you didn't.

No. 863408

We already sang that song.

No. 863409

We already sang that song.

No. 863410

We already sang that song.

No. 863411

We already sang that song.

No. 863412

I do but I know who my mom is and it's not you.

No. 863413

Oh, cool! I'm a girl.

No. 863414

So I said, Romeo save me.

No. 863415

Seriously, maybe you and your boyfriend can sing a different song or, talk about something else maybe?

No. 863416

I do but I know who my mom is and it's not you.

No. 863417

File: 1627255581220.jpg (229.63 KB, 1200x1200, ERETUWjU8AEmx34.jpg)

Do you yield?

No. 863419

Hope you find peace schizo-chan

No. 863420


No. 863423

I hope schizo-chan gets all her electronics confiscated tbh.

No. 863428

Some schizo probably wrote something really cringe and wants to kill the thread faster

No. 863429

Sounds like something you've done in the past.

No. 863435

No. 863438

I just realized "Wandavision" is just a mashup of Wanda and Vision's name. I feel like such a huge idiot.

No. 863442

maybe it was a bot

No. 863446

if that was the case she would've at least saged her spam or just delete the cringe post. pretty sure it's just that same schizo that shat up one of the previous dumbass shit threads for no reason.

No. 863472

File: 1627265568347.jpg (66.42 KB, 254x264, lR3RMgk.jpg)

Until the Creepshowartgate, I didn't know that Harley was a FtM They/them. I remember a few collabs she made with some other people, but I just assumed that her voice sounded like that because she was a really young boy or/and an ESL with a strange accent.

I don't really follow her videos because she does too many on the same subject without adding anything Like, I believe she already made 6 videos on Shannon and 5 on Cosmodore just going on on circles, but now I feel kind of dumb for having trouble noticing the difference between male and T voices.

No. 863486

Get out

No. 863487

got my coworkers all wound up about what a creep this new customer is but actually im infatuated and i keep fanning the flames on purpose. its the funnest thing ive done all year.

No. 863502

which one nonnie? I hate when she plays the doors because I really like them

No. 863550

File: 1627278543736.png (424.69 KB, 633x478, Screenshot 2021-07-19 044956.p…)

I've come to terms that i never will find love and that life is too short to risk wasting time on a scrote who might betray me.
However, I still sometimes feel lonely so i did something extremely degen and its killing me inside. I bought a bodypillow of my favorite anime dude and use a heated blanket to pretend im holding someone at night.

No. 863556

That's cute nonny! nothing degen about it.

No. 863566

That's sweet anon, I thought you were going to say you joined a guy's OnlyFans or something kek. 2D husbandos are the only ones who are pure and will never betray you. Do what you need to enjoy some warmth without risking your happiness and health with a parasitic moid.

No. 863578

I have no words for how much I love remembering in hq about the time I had very bad boils in my face and back, I adore replaying in my mind over and over how the gross stuff literally poured down to the sink and how I dug the core out of my skin. First lots of white dripping like it was water, then blood afterwards. It feels so satisfying to remember the huge and deep af hole. I didn’t have alcohol or anything to deep clean the wounds with and it was December 31 so no store was open, so I shoved a huge grain of sea salt inside and it fit seamlessly because someone told me it has cleaning properties. Idk why it makes me so happy to remember it. I hate thinking about boils on others though.

No. 863600

i always say anon as ay-non

No. 863603

How else are you supposed to say it?

No. 863609

Seriously, the audacity.

Appreciated the confessions, nonnie. I think we've all got some stories like that, if it makes you feel better.


No. 863619

I sage everything I post because I don’t think anything I say has value
Do you say ay-nonymous? I say it like the first syllable of the word. Ah-non.

No. 863622

The same way you pronounce 'anonymous' but with the 'ymous'.
Unless you pronounce it with 'ay' as well, in which case, wtf nonny.

No. 863623

Oops, beat me to it!

No. 863626

>Do you say ay-nonymous
Yes. It probably just depends on which country you're from. I've never really thought about saying ah-non.

No. 863627

Fuck, samefag I meant without, not with. I'll shut up now.

No. 863631

Wait genuine question what accent would pronounce is as ay-nonymous?

No. 863632

Samefag, now that I think about it, I think I do say ah-nonymous. Never pronounced it ah-non thoug

No. 863640

When people pronounce it like that all I hear is anal.

No. 863727

I've been told a few times I look like Zayn from 1D (if he was a butch lesbian) and as much as I hate the comparison… it's actually quite accurate. In some photos he looks conventionally handsome and in others he looks like a skeevy douchebag, much like myself.

No. 863751

No idea if it's any consolation, but I always found Zayn to be the best looking (the only good-looking…) one from 1D.

No. 863779

Hating men is valid, but the anons who talk about men like incels talk about women, creep me out. Also their advice is often not useful because they focus on hating the man and not the actual question asked.

No. 863803

Dear Lord forgive me but if I was ever allowed to get away with murder I'd kill my old boss. I'd have him tied up and restrained so I could talk to him. Mentally torture him then I'd shot him in the stomach.

No. 863815

You sound hot anon.

Liam was OK for a bit, but basically, yes lol.

No. 863849

If those anons didn't exist lc would have been colonized by men long ago

No. 863863

Too many female spaces talk about men non-stop. I'd appreciate it more if it were contained. I get so depressed reading about nasty scrotes and horrible shit happening to women.

No. 863874

Disagree, there's hating men and letting that ethos colour discussions about other things but not making it the central topic (woke) and then there's making every post afixated spergfest about men (broke)
Lc is swaying towards the latter right now, the incel simulaties are there

No. 863880

False. More men know that LC exists than women who post on LC. KF, boards on 4chan, the webring and /cow/ all know. We are not constantly invaded by scrotes because scrotes think LC is boring. Some men might get curious and look through the boards to see what we talk about and then they leave because there is nothing here for them. Those that post revealing they are men are swiftly banned. LC is a place where "women bitch about each other and post cat pictures", it's "/r9k/ for terfs" and we are all "fat women obsessed with instagram whores".

No. 863887

At my old job I had some media gatekeeping power in the beauty industry and I never let TIMs be platformed. I would throw in a GNC male rarely for muh diversity but at least while I was in charge, our brand was clearly by women for women and the content reflected that.
Feels weird to be proud of something I can't tell my friends in real life.

No. 863890

Hating men solves 99% of problems.

No. 863974

I guess this counts as a confession since so many of you nonnies called it gross but I got really turned on by >>862800 this post. I'm a raging lesbian who loves pussy juice though so I might be biased. Congrats, masturbate-anon, for finding the power of your own hands again.

No. 864057

that's actually badass anon, girlboss icon ♥

No. 864066

(posted to wrong thread by mistake) Anonymous now No. 864063
If it weren't for porn, I would personally have a better opinion of men… Even though a large amount of them are awful, there has always been a small amount who are decent. My dad is a good man for instance and I'm around him like 24/7 plus know his tech skills so I know he doesn't use it. But the fact that porn is watched by what is it, 98%? of men makes me think they are just ruined. Especially the ones my age who grew up on it. I have only the smallest chance in the world of finding someone decent who doesn't watch porn. I hate that they can lie and say they don't but still do. I don't want that in my life or relationships at all. To be honest I am weak-minded so I can overlook some things about them if one is a decent person, but the porn use is so disgusting and influences them in such a way I genuinely think they are ruined now. It's sad for me because I actually want to have a family one day. Maybe I can find someone who will live off the grid with me and our kids. Kinda joking because that is not so possible anymore and would be hard. I hate the internet and media in general though so I daydream for many reasons

No. 864068

grr I'm not reposting that again lol, I'll leave my mistake in like a clown

No. 864138

File: 1627332742882.jpg (41.33 KB, 560x516, EUko0ZGX0AAHJ0W.jpg)

when I was 7 me and my two cousins were watching the adams family and there's was the mamushka dance scene so my cousins started to dancing like in the movie, theres this one move where one of them kneel down and the other pass his leg over his head, so my cousin tried to do this with me, she forced me to kneel down and tries to pass my body but she couldn't and she fell over me and I fucking pee myself, my other cousin notices theres a stain in her bed so she asked us wtf was that and I pretend i didn't know even if I have my pants wet, my cousin asked my why my fucking pants were wet and I start crying, she end up calling my mom and my aunt.

No. 864155

I've been wearing the same thong for three days straight.

No. 864159

I hereby pronounce this anon's pussy stank

No. 864164

Do it smell stank, do it smell stinky stank? Musty crusty stank?

No. 864166


No. 864169

Same. Like you I'm can overlook some stuff, but porn consumption is an instand and complete out for me. Even if some guy seems nice enough, I just have to think of the fact that he probably watches (or watched at some point) his rape tapes, and all and any sympathy I have for him is gone instantly.

No. 864179

File: 1627334824635.jpeg (131.32 KB, 1242x1182, 8EA4745E-1E95-46B1-AA7C-B6C8BB…)

No. 864188

I cringe whenever farmers mention their scrote who’s a decade older than them. Even when it’s late 20s early 30s anons, sure it’s less dangerous then, but there’s still a certain type of behaviour that you’re enabling.

No. 864202

Most of us feel this way nonny. All I've ever wanted is a simple, monogamous (porn use violates my idea of monogamy) family life in the countryside, where I already live. It's crazy to me that what was once the norm up til very recently is now impossible because of men. They have ruined so much and they don't give a shit.

No. 864208

kys and gtfo of here moid

No. 864211

>Hating men is valid
> Valid
go back to twatter

No. 864214

File: 1627337602285.jpeg (61.96 KB, 720x540, 6F488B69-E486-478C-8D19-7FE28C…)

Me too, nonnie, me too. I’m alone 80 percent of the time now, so I’ve taken to listening to romance fanfics all day because the house is too empty and quiet.

No. 864225

I swear i've read this same weird incest larp on here at least 10 times in the past 2 years, I can't be the only one?

No. 864232

nta but they used the word 'valid' clearly as a joke

No. 864247

You know what a scrote realizing he'll be forever alone would do? Become angry and bitter at the world and go rape and kill a woman or women or harass them online. There's nothing wrong with your body pillow husbando, anon.

No. 864402

File: 1627349202210.jpg (505.73 KB, 1392x743, cute.jpg)

I watch Dr Dray's vlogs for the girlfriend experience. She's so cute and funny to me, I love her personality and admire her intelligence. Sure she's quirky but that's what I love about her. She'd make a great gf.

No. 864407

>wanting a blatant ana chan gf

No. 864413

I like watching prepper yt videos but to be honest I'd probably be the first to die in a grid down/apocalypse/etc.

No. 864414

File: 1627350272541.png (467.87 KB, 284x575, 40a9034ba33b000ca9158f9922af01…)

she looks much better these days. I'm proud of her!

No. 864415

File: 1627350307201.png (817.09 KB, 474x589, 32e10510591ef3f8114062bbdc5959…)

No. 864421

File: 1627350693906.jpg (122.97 KB, 1242x1207, 7a1b35d119e4080ccacf8dfe270059…)

Found Frank Ieros wife, Jamia Nestor's Twitter and she's kind of odd. She seems like she has cow potential but isn't very active

No. 864442

Since I got a new job and have been standing a lot for hours almost every day, my feet have been killing me at night. My boyfriend has been rubbing my feet almost every night and now when he touches my feet I get super horny. Him rubbing/squeezing my heels is literally almost orgasmic and I find myself now thinking about my feet and getting my feet touched/rubbed all the time now. The thought and act are so relieving and feels so good. Help, I feel gross. I saw a picture of a nice looking foot on Facebook and it kinda turned me on and spurred this post. I think I’m developing a foot fetish.

No. 864460

File: 1627354017532.jpeg (101.75 KB, 500x600, 8E602D76-FD31-41EB-A6A9-920E61…)

>what was once the norm up til very recently
I'm so sad over this legitimately, even though it's pathetic of me. I like some older music and films and it makes me sad how we will never go back to a time without widespread porn consumption/addiction. I know romance in those times was still sucky and I know men have been bad to us from the start, but it's like any innocence that could have been left in them is ruined. I guess I'm kinda deranged but if men can be mad about women's lost virginity then I can be mad about this. I know men were never perfect but I hate that I was born right into the time they all became pornsick perverts who get off to rape. Genuinely mourning my respectful and loyal (with forgivable human flaws) ideal mate who will never be.

No. 864462

Anon… this is hilarious I'm sorry.
But my advice at the end of the day I lay down on the floor and put my legs 90° so they rest on the wall, for like 20 min to get blood flowing. Then roll foot muscles out by stepping on a tennis ball and rolling it back and forth. Make sure to get the inner arch of the foot.

No. 864470

idk I feel she gets dunked on a lot cause of her weight. (like forever)

And honestly Frank and the guys seem more like cows if anything.(love their music still though)

No. 864477

I'm sorry to tell you but they have always been that way. Men were fucking prostitutes, having affairs, and visiting ye olde strip club behind their wives backs since the dawn of civilization. They've always been perverts and the only difference is that nowadays they're given a free pass to be more open about it because we view sex as a normal thing - which, of course, they take to the extreme and act like their increasingly depraved fetishes are natural

No. 864481

nonnies… I fucked up and hooked up with a scrote who fucked me over at the end of last year but now I can’t stop thinking about him and it’s so pathetic. When I see him it’s like that base primal desire for animals to mate is activated. And now I’m depressed from like the dopamine and oxytocin crash I had after months and months of no sex and then boom having the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. I just want him to wise up and let me lock it down. Don’t judge me lol trust me I know this sounds ridiculous. I’m the last single one out of my friends so I feel like even though I know I can survive without a man it’s like an inner desire I can’t shake at this point. I’ll get over it but I have been crying the last few days because I feel so alone.

No. 864482

I'm sorry nonny, but I'm stepping in with "not all men" since like I said, my own father is a good one so I guess that colors my perception. I've read that your relationship with your dad can influence a lot actually. Yes a lot of men are like you say but I do believe there are good ones even if it's just a few. I was expecting objections though.

No. 864484

guess I should add that those things are harder to get away with than porn, and even though they were pretty popular it was at least socially frowned upon unlike porn which we're supposed to pretend is normal and no big deal

No. 864495

Serious question did you fuck him without a condom? Semen has a shitton of feel good compounds and has been shown some compounds stay in a woman's system for 3 months.

No. 864498

Rubbing my feet on certain textures feels better than an orgasm. I can zone out and do it for ages. I don't feel anything sexual about it though.

No. 864559

Sounds like a lie a scrote would tell.

No. 864582

I disagree with the anon who replied to you. Most people were poor and worked round the clock. In most places, sex was much more taboo too and many people lived in small rural communities, even if you had the opportunity you probably wouldn't dare. Brothels and the like were more urban phenomenon frequented by wealthier men. Now, compare that to 98% of men today watching hardcore porn a few times a week and some Euro and Asian countries reporting 50-80% of men not infrequently using prostitutes. I was thinking the other day how it's very likely most of my female ancestors had their first sexual experience with a man who was also having his first sexual experience, nothing comparable. No imagery, likely no books. A truly novel experience, can you imagine the excitement? A woman today is what #200,204? I remember vividly how jaded my teenage male friends were once, I'm talking glassy, bored eyes while our slim, attractive female friends stripped off within inches of their faces to go skinny dipping kek. They have ruined themselves.

No. 864586

DAE often refer to themselves in the third person in their inner monologue? Sometimes I'll think about my current situation like "She didn't know what to do - she wasn't used to being asked about this." Makes me feel like some entity "cares" for me if that makes sense, and also like I'm writing a book kek

No. 864588

Samefag. It's going to get worse when VR porn improves and inevitably explodes. They're already wrecked by videos. Imagine being a 12 year old boy simulating a realistic sex experience with an adult woman, kitted out with the touch tech. My only hope is scientists hurry up and develop safe in vitro gametogenesis. Most women stick with men because we want biological children, but by being able to reproduce with ourselves we can not only delay motherhood but form households with female friends to raise children. Bliss!

No. 864605

I know what you’re talking about… nobody gets it lol

No. 864608

Even if people historically had plenty of sex, it's still going to be with a reasonably moderate number of people since they're limited by demographics, geography, their own attractiveness (or finances in the case of prostitutes), etc. The women, no matter how numerous, would be normal, average people and the sex would also be normal and average.

Whereas with porn it's just a never ending, infinite parade of new women and new sex acts, instantly available for free at the click of a button. That sort of novelty was beyond what even kings and emperors and warlords would've had access to, your average 13 year old boy has seen more sex and nudity than fucking Genghis Khan. And that's not even getting into how extreme porn is and the supernormal stimuli it involves. It's unnatural and unmanageable, men are genuinely being ruined by porn in a way real sex could never do.

No. 864609

i'm attracted to psychicpebbles mainly because of his voice and humour

No. 864610

I can't watch Let's Play videos because I play video games in a very specific and autistic way and seeing people play them "wrong" is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Also I think it's kinda weird and like a gateway drug to parasocial relationships, but that's another rant for another day.

No. 864614

Me too I don't get it why would I want to watch someone play a game, I just want to tell them NO go THAT way not this way ugh. But I saw this video and this is really fun, I understand watching a streamer who makes his stream interactive and fun

No. 864617

The only tolerable ones are the videos without commentary

No. 864620

Yeah interactive streams sound good, at least you have some input, not just vegging out watching someone play. My #1 pet peeve is people going the wrong way and not exploring lol. I have to look EVERYWHERE in games and I hate when people just go towards their mission marker or w/e. You're missing out on a lot of stuff if you just follow objectives. I think because I play a lot of point 'n' click games I'm just very deep in a habit of checking everywhere and talking to every single person I see.

Definitely. Sometimes if I want to see gameplay before I buy something so I do watch those ones. I hate hearing streamers have over the top reactions and trying to be funny.

No. 864641

File: 1627388811292.jpeg (57.15 KB, 640x360, 2A9A7965-E4B3-49B1-8B5B-AF4485…)

I kin Momokun. No, this is not a joke. I feel really connected to Momokun for many reasons. One of them being that I am also a Lebese citizen born in the asshole of United States. On a nother note when I look at Momo I feel like I am looking into a mirror. I have always been made fun of bullied and picked at over my "King Kong" lips and "250lb boulder floaters" as the children on the playground called them. No doubt they were being coached by their pedophile relatives. There is no other explsnations for their sexcually advanced comments. The contact on the convention floor. Can't get over how my King Kong lips got this kind of representation… It's not. like MOmo will ever see this but that's actually a good thing. I don't interact with other people who are momokin

No. 864743

The thumbnail alone looks punchable.

No. 864765

I didn’t even know this
But yeah I did FUCK ok well now I know it’s literally just my body reacting to it. Done, going back to sexless life

No. 864937

My brother and I like to hiss at each other, for greetings or to say good night, when we disagree or even when we agree… I blame vidrel for this.

No. 864944

I don't want to live anymore. I've been running from my trauma for 4 years. I almost never want to talk about it because even just saying the person's name makes me sick. I tried to open up to someone I thought I could trust and they just told me I need to get over it and that I was clearly exaggerating what the person did to me. I am 100% convinced this person wanted to kill me. By some stroke of luck, they lost interest in me. Maybe because I got another party involved? Idk. Either way I really just want to die now and I don't have the courage to kill myself.

No. 864948

anon, confront your trauma with professional help. you don't have to say the name until you're ready.

find tiny things to focus on to get through each day or even each minute. you're worth it, and you can get past whatever happened to you.

No. 864949

Yeah it does I wanted to put in my post please don't judge it by the thumbnail. It's just the trend now for everyone to have stupid annoying thumbnails with their stupid ugly faces in them. I swear, the video is fun; at least I thought so

No. 864959

How does a human hiss?

No. 865003

I'm trying. It's not working. I can't actually do the work because I can't convince myself I'm safe enough to calm down. He's still too close to me. I'm so paranoid and scared. I also don't really have much going for me since I graduated and lost my job. Thanks for your sympathy tho I appreciate it

No. 865036

I get aroused everytime i hear thunders, i refuse to elaborate further.

No. 865038

It's the panicked screams and howling dogs isn't it? me too

No. 865048

I like it bc you can feel the sound waves in the air and sometimes in your chest. Unearths the monsterfucker in you.

No. 865071

I accidentally Pavloved myself into getting aroused any time I hear someone speak to me in a deep voice by listening to so many r18 drama CDs.

No. 865085

NTA, you wanna tell me you can't hiss?

No. 865108

wouldn't be asking if i could. i thought that was a cat/snake/possum thing.

No. 865201

This pandemic has made the hetero dating market so pathetic yet so funny. There's women raving about the new guy they met and how great he is. Then 1-3 months later crawling back out of their obsession to talk about how heartbroken they are that he was pretending all along and ghosted her. I tried telling some how lots of guys just want a fun distraction during lockdown and they refuse to believe it. At this point hetero dating is a black comedy.

No. 865210

it's funnier when they play the game wrong because it'll piss of the mouthbreathers in their comment section or chat constantly screeching at them to do this and that. when it comes to extremely disabled people like darksydephil I'm pretty sure they aren't playing it wrong on purpose

No. 865641

I'm not sure if I have autism or just low self worth and self esteem.

No. 865695

Got called a scrote for the first time today. Although I know it happens to everyone on here for any length of time, and the moids are particularly obnoxious at the moment, I still feel a little bruised.

No. 865699

Emma Stone fan?

No. 865708

It does sting at first but trust me, the scrote accusations are getting increasingly schizo so it doesn't really mean anything anymore.

No. 865803

I often think about my husbando having a pussy. 2D dicks are okay I guess, but pussy just looks better and the idea of eating him out is kind of hot tbh. wish I knew how to draw him this way. there is one fanart of him with coochie but it's intended as some ~twans representation~ shit so it's cringe in context, and genderbent art makes him look too different. i want like a reverse-futa scenario or something.

No. 866098

I think Gabbie Hannah's nose is the most beautiful part of her and I respect the shit out of her for not getting a nosejob. It's a shame that she's such a mess in every other regard, and I can't respect anything else about her lol.
I find big noses so beautiful & every time I see a woman talk about wanting a nosejob I feel so sad. I really hope that beauty standards shift and big & hooked noses will be 'in'. They deserve their time to shine!

No. 866102

You'll become desensitized soon enough nonny, not to worry. I frequently get some random anon pop up out of nowhere accusing me of being a scrote, a fatty, a burger, a fat burger, an anachan or an anglo kek, sometimes they dogpile and say I must be a fatty anglo burger pretending to be an anachan. That always gets me rolling kek.

No. 866107

I have the biggest crush on my older coworker and I can't even begin to explain why. I don't want to act upon it for various reasons but I always have butterflies around him and low key want him to fuck me. I feel like a stupid, horny teenager again and I wonder how long it will take for these feelings to pass. He's not even cute honestly and I'm kind of ashamed about how I feel.

No. 866116

Date a pooner and your dream will come true anon lmao

No. 866120

The only time I ever get called a scrote is when anon is assmad and needs a straw to grasp at. The last time I was called one made zero damn sense. I mean you'd think when you get called one that there would be something particularly misogynistic or objectifying that you said, but no. Oftentimes the anons calling me scrote are the ones saying the really shitty and stereotypical things about other women yet get pissed when I don't agree and affirm their feefees. Then when I say I'm not one they're back to calling me a cunt or a bitch–which tells you everything you need to know about some scrote accusers.

No. 866184

I think I'm the female equivalent of prison bi. I don't have any real desire to be sexual with men, I just do it because I get no attention from women.

No. 866263

I'm down bad anons. I'm considering commissioning an artist to draw porn of my OC's

No. 866304

live your best degen live

No. 866314

I haven't gotten the vaccine yet and my mom keeps pestering me to get it. Tbh, one of the reasons I'm putting it off is in hopes that eventually i'll kick the bucket because of corona. I'm too much of a coward to kill myself by my own hands, but I'd be down if it were through some other means out of my control.

No. 866317

nonny why are trying to commit suicide?

No. 866319

File: 1627526342611.jpg (21.92 KB, 640x360, 69685562_1235112319993014_1561…)

I come to lolcow for the female interaction I so desperately crave as I have no female friends who regularly interact with me irl. I legitimately feel sad when anons don't respond to my posts. I just want a female friend I can talk about anything and everything with, I'm so tired of being the one to put effort into a relationship and getting shit in return.

No. 866324

I'm the same, anon. I know no one owes me anything much less answers to my posts but I genuinely feel sad when people don't comment anything on posts I made like 3 days ago. It's pathetic, wish I just had normal female friends
People go "lolcow is bad for my mental health" but to me is the only thing keeping me sane. I would miss it if it was gone one day

No. 866326

that image is so gross

No. 866327

death thru rona as young person is unlikely. don't risk getting long covid and having a more miserable life if it's preventable.

No. 866340

I had covid and didn't die, instead it triggered dormant mono which i've been feeling the effects of for going on two weeks now after my negative covid test. would not recommend.

No. 866346

Death is unlikely if you’re young. You’re more likely to get covid and have every food you eat taste like detergent eight months down the line like my sister’s got.

No. 866348

Honest to god, I consider this shit bestiality, like you should never be putting your tongue on or near an animal, unless it's to save its life.

No. 866359

File: 1627531919335.jpg (99.97 KB, 954x919, image0-5.jpg)

I've came to the conclusion that I most likely have an amputee fetish and idk how to feel about it

No. 866365

I thought the AAVE chile thing was pronounced "chileh", like the country

No. 866390

How is it pronounced? I also thought it was chileh.

No. 866398

Like you dropped a d from child. Or like you added an l to chai.

No. 866400

Nta, but it's pronounced like child, but without the d. I hate to use a twitter meme as an example of how to pronounce a word especially when these words have been around for years, but the Nicki Minaj meme is a good example, vidrel.

No. 866443

Lied to my mother and sister about having covid just to get a few weeks where they have to leave me alone lmao.
Both are bpd and I’m their golden child/problem solver. It’s exhausting

No. 866498

I don't think I can support gay rights as a whole anymore. I only give a shit about bi women and lesbians who aren't TRAs, the rest can choke. And even then I hate that a shit ton of lesbians and bi women married to women in my country pushed for medically assisted procreation to become legally recognized because I don't want gay men to start stupid shit like going abroad, exploiting women in developing countries and taking their babies. I'm also sick of gay guys I know irl saying stupid shit like "transwomen are women!!" to normies but they stutter like little bitches when these normies ask if they'd be into transmen or transwomen. I've seen enough gay people irl and online shitting on women for not wanting to date bi guys and being worried about catching STDs in general while bragging about how they're taking prep all the time, like taking daily medications for a life time is just no big deal saying this as someone who grew up taking daily doses of meds for a physical health issues for like 8 years. I hate how they love using sexist insults all the time as a joke but they have a mental breakdown when someone calls them a faggot as a joke too like they're not hypocrites. I hate how some white gays in my country could legit go to me and tell me they're more oppressed than me just for being gay when they literally can just hide it to get a job or an a place to live, meanwhile I can't hide the fact that I'm a woman or not white to anyone who isn't literally deaf and blind at the same time.

No. 866513

File: 1627552608631.jpg (156.67 KB, 1280x960, doge.jpg)

ESL here, I thought doge was pronounced doug-eh.

No. 866515

Based, agree with everything.

No. 866519

If a gay man can call women bitches and giggle about it, then you bet your ass I'm going to call them a faggot

No. 866521

I was about 15 when I met a kid online that was couple years younger and he was suicidal. He wasn't like an angsty emo kid, he just seemed very tired of it all. He sounded quite mature for his age and he talked about why and how he's going to kill himself. In fact I was the one who was immature for my age so I didn't fully grasp nor remember the things he said. But from what I can remember, he was in constant pain from a chronic disease and he can't picture things getting any better. He spoke about his method of choice, and how he's waiting for the right time as currently accessible methods are painful and unreliable.

I couldn't tell him things will get better, and I didn't think words of sympathy would mean much to someone who have thought about his decision so many times he can talk about it in a nonchalant way. So all that my 15 year old pea brain could squeeze out was "haha but you have a really cute face though! you'd be hell of a looker when you grow up."

We lost contact not long after. I forgot about it for the most part. I remember telling this story to some guy two years later(to which he responded 'you got any pictures of him?') but that's the last time I ever really thought about him.

It's been 5 years now. The website we met on has been long gone for years. He crossed my mind couple times through out the first 1-2 years of losing contact, but I thought he's gone for good from my memories now. Then all of sudden he came up in my mind. Oh shit, the suicidal kid. Honestly back then I didn't think he'd actually do it- he seemed like a normal kid with normal life in the pictures. I hope I was right about that. I really hope he found something that's worth living for. That the things he said in his early teens was just a phase.

The possibility that he might not be around burdens my heart, as now I understand how shitty and negligent I was. I mean it never was my responsibility, but I wish I've done more than commenting on a suicidal kid's looks.

No. 866523

You could just say "I hate men" instead of writing a paragraph.

No. 866535

>And even then I hate that a shit ton of lesbians and bi women married to women in my country pushed for medically assisted procreation to become legally recognized because I don't want gay men to start stupid shit like going abroad, exploiting women in developing countries and taking their babies.

These are two different things though. When it comes to lesbians, one of them gets pregnant. No problem.
But gay men, unlike women, need a female surrogate. Here is th eproblem and I agree. Putting a poor woman through the danger of pregnancy and childbirth just to take her child is yet another grim male entitlement issue.

No. 866540

>Paying people what they ask for a task is bad
No. It's the basis of human society.

No. 866547

I keep seeing them using the word "cunty" online all the time, makes me want to hurl.

No. 866549

Hmmmmm…. you smell…. like you don't wash your ass….hmmm

No. 866554

Hmmmmmm…. you smell…. like you want to exterminate anyone who owns more than 5 cows….hmmmm

No. 866557

Rich people are shit

No. 866558

The tankie reveals herself

No. 866571

I need some dentistry work done so my mom set me up with an appointment with the same dentist I went to as a kid, naturally because she has my records. I'm legit having some pavlovian anxiety over it. When I was ages 10-12 I'd go to her for routine cleaning and while she worked on me she'd scold me like "you're not brushing your teeth well enough, look at all this plaque" which was fair, kids should be pressured to take care of their teeth, but then the awful thing was she'd call in kids from the waiting room who I didn't know and let them look at my mouth, saying "look at how bad her teeth are, do you want to be like that?" while I lied there with my mouth held open, helpless, embarrassed and in tears. Legit my teeth weren't even that bad, I never got cavities, I think I was just plaque-prone.

I'm fairly sure now that I'm in my mid-20s she's not gonna pull that shit but I can't help but be scared to see her all the same kek.

No. 866597

How did you get that from my post?
Surrogacy endangers the mother.

No. 866608

I'm so shit at keeping friendships, no matter what we always end up drifting apart. I don't think I still have friends from my uni days, I think there's always some point where I stop relating to them. I blame this on being a military brat and moving every two or three years and thus losing my friends circle each time.

No. 866703

You're mid-20s you're big enough to book your own appointment and transfer your documentation over… No reason to make your life harder than it has to be

No. 866724

Eh, I'd argue that looking for a new dentist and arranging to transfer my records is also a way to make my life harder kek, I'm mostly just chiding myself for still being scared of her like a kid would be. I know I just need to grit my teeth (so to speak) and get through it

No. 866812

I wish lolcow was more like crystal.cafe

No. 866842

I know they're different things but I had a brain fart and forgot the word "surrogate mother" and couldn't express myself. I've seen enough gay activists using it to claim they should benefit from surrogate mothers to think they're still linked.

No. 866852

Barely active?

No. 866854

I actually like that dance monkey song and enjoyed it when it was on the radio

No. 866859

pretentious as fuck and more likely to have scrotes pretending to be women?

No. 866860

I self harm by punching myself. Sometimes in the face or my stomach or my thighs. I’m steadily collecting a myriad of bruises and I’m afraid someone’s going to notice and idk what I’m going to tell them lol.

Sometimes on my worst days I’m literally that scene in Liar Liar where Jim Carry fucks himself up in the court bathroom lol.

No. 866863

Carrey-chan, is that you? Anyway whoever you are please take care of yourself, you are precious

No. 866869

File: 1627576580566.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x1790, 86975757_p0.jpg)

I like cute shota art

No. 866870

Shotas are really cute

No. 866875

That's cool, that's fine, just don't go all Cherry and Gals on us.

No. 866880

I wish is was more socially acceptable to just want to end your life. You should have every right to end somthing you know will never get better. You should have a system where you talk to your doctor and get counseling to affirm yes this is what you want and they legally give you a lethal injection in your own terms. Lol.

It’s all legal, there’s no drama, there is time to the affecting parties to come to teens with yup. I’m going to be dying. I have it scheduled next month.

Like shit I want this bleak dystopian scenario. I’m just over it but I’m too much of a pussy to do it by my own hands. I keep hoping that I get in a car crash or the guy loitering at my jobs going to jump me after I close shop by myself. Just somthing. Anything. I’m just so numb and I don’t see anything getting better. I just want to stop this cycle of getting up, doing shit and going to bed just to repeat it. There’s nothing else. There’s just nothing.

No. 866882

File: 1627577560395.jpg (935.28 KB, 1619x2048, E7YdfHrVcAIBo8_.jpg)

Idk what that is but I assume it's sexual. I just like looking at them and feeling doting affection.

No. 866888

File: 1627578084146.jpeg (173.08 KB, 750x974, B7F4919F-A064-4A31-BFAB-56CA5A…)

I like seeing shota art of my husbandos because I can’t help but think wow this is probably how our children could look like

No. 866892

Is "pedo gaze" a thing like male gaze? These make me feel uncomfortable even though there's obviously nothing lewd about them… I just know they were made with pervs in mind and it kinda shows (especially in the cow one obviously)

No. 866900

I love hearing my fiancée get heated about something 'cause that's usually when her Noo Yawk accent comes out strongest and it's really hot.

No. 866902

File: 1627579241972.jpg (884.41 KB, 1500x2122, 72757996_p0.jpg)

Can't relate on those pervy feelings you get but if there is a gaze, I appreciate the distinct femininity in those arts.

No. 866903

i want huge tits. i need huge tits. i deserve huge tits. i don't even care about feminism or the male gaze anymore. i will get huge tits one way or another.

No. 866904

At least attempt to change up your typing style

No. 866905

No. 866906

I'd want that in a "less cow/snowflake threads and more other topic threads" type of way.

No. 866907

File: 1627579989793.jpg (32.83 KB, 400x402, 1d8ad772_400.jpg)

I love big boobs just not on me

No. 866914

Take my sacks please

No. 866919

I support your dreams nonny. Get the biggest tiddies you deserve.

No. 866925


No. 866941

Oohhhh that sounds hot af

No. 866993

This post makes me nostalgic for all the sites and apps I'd use as a young teen to talk to strangers. I think about the ones like the boy you described from time to time.
Just wonder where they are now, if life has gotten better. If they're still alive
I also kinda wonder how many of those people think of me like that, or if they just remember me as that cringey lil emo spaz lol

I hope that kid is okay, too. I understand that desire to want to go back and make something right, even if it isn't your responsibility. You seem like a sweet person, anon

No. 867136

same. I never met anyone else who does, so I never told anyone except my ex. I feel embarrassed about it but I haven't done it in a while. One time after hitting my head I got tinnitus for a few weeks and that experience helped me curb the hitting.

No. 867221

Sometimes I have to decide if I need to vent or save it for irl, I can't always do both. I am paranoid my friend(s) also lurk here and will know

No. 867238

It kind of excites me when white guys make a point to act uninterested in me. I automatically assume it's because they know I'm getting dicked better than they could do. The subconscious acknowledgement of his inadequacies… It's sweet.

No. 867274

>im so drunk
>tim gunn agrees
>grabs his chin and says so
>boxed wine is so avant garde anon
>spend 10 minutes explaining why i chose to drink it
>anon, your confidence gives me confidence

No. 867277

Goddamn it anon, I’m drunk n in love with you.

No. 867320

Same with "serving cunt" Wtf does that even mean? Bitch, I'll kill you.

No. 867484

over a year ago i had a crush on a guy i knew online. he was very clearly into another girl though, and they'd be on my social media feed talking to each other. i got very jealous of her because i found her extremely pretty and cool and knew he would never be attracted to me that way. she'd never been aware of me, i had never interacted with her.
she must've rejected him or something because they suddenly stopped talking and he was whining about girls not liking him for a while. my attraction to him gradually decreased and i now just find him to be kinda annoying lol. but i've been checking her social media like at least once a week ever since then. she still doesn't know who i am. i'm not jealous of her anymore even, it's more like a habit. just wanting to see what she's recently posted. i've never even followed her

No. 867514

i hate myself, why am i so retarded? why do i get drunk every night? im so fucking lonely

No. 867659

There is one person in the world I could kill without remorse or hesitation, and tbf it’s the man who molested me as a child. My friend and I were watching a movie, and she asked if I could ever see myself being so angry I kill someone. That immediately came to mind, but I didn’t say it out loud.

No. 867668

now you can slowly get to know her and laugh about the scrote she rejected, become besties and skip into the sunset. watch him seethe

No. 867738

I do the same lmao

No. 867748

Good choice. I've seen some hyper specific posts on here that when you search up the combination of keywords on say, twitter, you might get to see farmers in all their glory talking about the same exact thing on their public page lol

No. 867753

When this happens you should screenshot their pages and post it itt.

No. 867782

I've even started to worry if people can tell my throwaway reddit account because of the things I post. I have no other social media but I've posted in my regions reddit board and I've recognised people.

Semi related I got into a new hobby and I won't deign to share it online for a while because it's all I can talk about irl and I'm such an autist I'd be found. My paranoia is off the charts

No. 867978

I’ve been thinking about the same guy every day all the time for years. We only dated casually for a couple of months. I’m terrified people will find out how obsessive I am about him and everything. I am a severe headcase but nobody knows and I want to keep it that way forever. Also I smear my pussy juice everywhere I go to mark my territory.

No. 867990

File: 1627680436772.png (459.16 KB, 565x615, 1508543214567.png)

And what exactly is "your territory"?

No. 867996

I agree, gay men can say fuck all about lgbt issues because at the end of the day they can still get tons of support in being a regular gay man couple. Lesbians and bi women dating women however still have the chance of violence for saying anything about being attracted to women and not an in between Franken man. Shit makes me too scared to expose I'm a lesbian online because I feel like at least people assume I'm straight. I don't need to be sexualized, want to talk about troon politics, or be harassed as an dating option.

No. 868032

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo to copy someone I'm jealous of after having a dream about their tattoo.

No. 868122

I'm self harming again

Just needed to get that off my chest I thought this shit was over with

No. 868131

File: 1627692317146.jpg (42.36 KB, 604x772, FB_IMG_1627168833976.jpg)

I have a crush on some guy at work and I have a boyfriend. He reminds me of Brendan Fraser probably cause he's just white and there's not a lot of white people here AAAAAAA how do I stop having crush but I wanna indulge in it his hands are so big and veiny aaaaaaa I bet that cock is veiny and large as well helpppp

No. 868152

Go for it girl

No. 868158

That pic lol. Anyway, either get over it or break up with your bf and get with him.

No. 868165

Please, after you take the “exotic” goggles off you know he’s completely average and you’re just projecting attractive traits on him. Remember that “crushing” is a hell of a drug. The magic gets shattered very quickly when a dude starts showing himself.

No. 868171

File: 1627697212841.jpg (107.3 KB, 828x889, image0-6.jpg)

Tried coke for the first time and honestly it's boring kek

No. 868172

I knew a girl who was somewhat cute. The butch or tomboy type. She had a very long phase of fakeboi, using male pronouns and wanting to be a yaoi manga character, which made me lose interest in her and i assumed she was one of the many Aidens out there. Some years passed and i recently met her again. Surprise, the phase was over. That was unexpected. She accepted that she's a woman and a lesbian. Now she looks more healthy and pretty. For some reason, despite not having a very strong bond with her, it makes me happy to see that evolution and new beginning.

No. 868177

Lol I got peer pressured into coke, took it and it just made me more aware of how much I hated the company I was in, told them all I feel very angry (I was sitting perfectly calmly) and told them I'm going to ignore them. And sat and smoked weed while hating the drip down the back of my throat

No. 868179

this is how i found out i had ADHD

No. 868195

File: 1627701402483.jpg (173.99 KB, 915x796, ithurtsbro.jpg)

>this is how i found out i had ADHD
>not through proper testing, but hard drugs
Fuck off

No. 868198

NTA but having ADHD does make people have high tolerance for stimulants. Also ADHD testing is lacking for adults and male-centric so most of the times women just waste their time because they don't fit the profile of a retarded ape.

No. 868202

Lol not sure how the fuck that can apply to physical tests, but okay. Also, no, having ADD or ADHD doesn't make you have a higher tolerance. Your brain's fucked up in a certain way to where the stimulant helps it out. Doesn't mean you can't still get addicted to it. That's why neurologists make you take a day off from your meds, PRECISELY so you don't build up a tolerance.

No. 868204

I'm secretly hoping a gay man feels bold enough to say something stupid like "fishy" in front of me just so I can put him in his smegma-ridden place. Little weasels.

No. 868228

Okay but does taking a 24 hours off of an amphetamine even though you’re using it other 6 days actually do anything to resist a tolerance level/addiction?

No. 868229

??What do you mean physical. They don’t take a brain scan to determine ADHD. It’s mostly self-report, or in the case of children their parents report behavioral issues and they might make kids do some baseline assessment tasks but not adults. Similar to autism, only the most severe cases of girls get diagnosed early, inattentive type or girls who are forced into not acting out usually just go their whole life thinking they’re just stupid.
And I didn’t say they can’t get addicted dumbass. Tolerance means that they don’t get as turnt as normal people on the same amount of coke. That’s why adderall doesn’t get ADHD people high like they do recreational users.

No. 868233

No it doesn’t do anything. Honestly just take it as needed and be a freak the rest of the time. After a certain point, you’re just shitting drugs and brain cells for no reason. I took a year long tolerance break and my life sucked but it was worth it.
>t. on the shit for a decade

No. 868247

When I'm drunk I wish I had a boyfriend. But that's pretty much the only time.

No. 868284

File: 1627716077815.gif (6.71 MB, 640x328, Sistermon.gif)

I'm absolutely obsessed with any girl my boyfriend interacts with and I'm not ashamed about it.

No. 868415

File: 1627735428448.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481, 1611683621793.gif)

3 of my future roommates are scrotes. one is in a realtionship so he is off limits but i can't wait to manipulate the other 2 into doing my bidding.

No. 868420

I like watching ED restriction videos. I don’t even experience any disordered eating or anything, I just enjoy watching them

No. 868426

tfw when the nun waifu is a digimon. wtf

No. 868489

Fuck it if you have to be in the vicinity of scrotes, make them work for you

No. 868506

even family members?

No. 868527

oatfiber on youtube was such a queen. i don’t think she posts much anymore which is sad.. and a lot of her old videos i don’t think are up anymore. they were so soothing to me. she says she doesn’t have an eating disorder and just calorie restricts for fun. her meals were so pitiful but i was obsessed with them. i even bought konjac noodles because of her but i never worked up the guts to try them

No. 868566

>she says she doesn’t have an eating disorder and just calorie restricts for fun
Kek i remember her. She most definitely had an eating disorder.

No. 868571

I miss her videos too. In her comments she mentioned that she got a boyfriend, I can't find it now fsr and didn't think to cap it at the time. But she did say she's gained weight because of it so she doesn't feel like making vids anymore. I like her vlogging style and she was good background noise, I remember being so shocked when she made the switch to vlogs with her face instead of the more food log/recipe vids she used to post with her face obscured and voice pitched up. I think she did used to have an ed though, she had an account on pro-ana subreddits and websites and she had that strange video where she was on the verge of tears for eating peanut butter back in the day. She also had that subscriber milestone vid where she celebrated a certain number of subscribers with a mukbang where she literally said that she was chewing and spitting a chocolate cake with jump cuts, which I doubt any non-ed person would do. It seemed more functional when she started vlogging but definitely still obsessed.

No. 868581

When I first stumbled upon 4chan as an innocent ten year old, I thought the site was illegal because that's where the big hacker Anonymous came from, or at least, that's what I've been told. I was scared of getting viruses because when I opened the site up I saw some porn when just clicking through everything (I only knew a few English words at that time so I didn't really knew what I was clicking on except for Anime/Manga), and the only time I ever saw porn pop up elsewhere was when I downloaded ROMs for my GBA/NDS or streamed some anime. That feeling of "ohshitohshitohshitimgonnabreakmylaptop" never left me, so I'm still kinda scared of going on 4chan.

No. 868594

iirc not denying she had an ed, but most mukbangers chew and spit or fake their videos in some other manner(most of the time they are recorded through multiple hours or days).

No. 868936

File: 1627777752978.gif (6.8 MB, 405x346, 1607903641606.gif)

I really want to be a mukbanger because I've been binging like crazy to gain muscle mass and it feels like I'm missing out on some easy $$$$. Only thing keeping me from doing it is that I don't want to be feeder cum fodder. It's too creepy

No. 868941

Theres better ways to bulk up without eating 500 lbs of blue cheetos. Also all mukbangers are essentially bulimic anyway. If you're a she-hulk, this isn't the career for you

No. 868994

i think severely autistic/mentally retarded people who can't function socially or hold down any type of job should just be euthanized. they have no future, and once their parents die they will just end up on the streets like every other person who couldn't afford care for the rest of their lives

No. 869000

i just had four slices of cheesecake today
two for lunch, two for dinner.
i'm so fucked up

No. 869004

I don't remember the name of one of my sex partners. We only did oral, but still, we went on like 8 dates. I wanna say Chris? It was over a decade ago but it makes me feel dirty

No. 869019

Sonic called, he wants his hedgehog nose back.

No. 869021

>their parents report behavioral issues and they might make kids do some baseline assessment tasks
I love when people try to school me on something I was born with and what I went through for testing. Please, continue.
>Similar to autism, only the most severe cases of girls get diagnosed early
Not true at all. I was tested when I was about 5 years old. My ADD isn't so wildly rampant that I can hardly sit still. I knew a girl in highschool with ADHD and she was a real dickhead for both that and not being able to shut up during class. She wasn't medicated, either.
>Tolerance means that they don’t get as turnt as normal people on the same amount of coke.
"Normal people" don't have broken receptors in their brain as people with ADD do.
> That’s why adderall doesn’t get ADHD people high like they do recreational users.
True, but that's because recreational users are more retarded than the people with the neurological disorder. They're taking it when their brains have no need for it, whereas people with ADD DO need it. But hey, you know more about it than me, I guess.

No. 869080

File: 1627801003795.png (5.3 KB, 317x317, 726235.png)

I want my boyfriend to kidnap me and lock me in a cage like a dog. But not really in a fetishy way necessarily, I just think it'd be really cute and romantic.

No. 869086

go play amnesia (the otome game, not the horror one)

No. 869115

I've been slowly falling in love with chris cornell (partly) because he reminds me of my "one who got away". I am a sad, sad woman.

No. 869121

I have had sex with over 20 men. The great thing about this is, that I can talk to a man for 10 minutes and know before we even fuck/touch that hes going to be bad at sex. This is why men fear non virgins.

No. 869127

At least you're not my friend who legit fell in love with michael jackson after he died and even now 10 years later her crush is still going strong. She got his initials on her license plate

No. 869145

I'm getting legitimately worried about a prediction mighty sanic made for me.

No. 869146

What are the signs anon?

No. 869166

I know it's been commented to death now, but I shed some tears reading the new stuff at CWC's thread. I had never cried over any cow shit before, but that was just so horrific. I hope he's finally sent some place where he can't hurt anyone anymore.

No. 869171

I was just about to make a post about this on the vent thread because it has legitamately disturbed me. I accidentally came across the news on the MtF thread and when I read what he did, it felt like ice was poured all over my body and I couldn't stop crying. You're not alone, anon. I can't believe this world

No. 869233

I think it's quite common. I nearly cried myself and felt physically sick. My nan had dementia and the thought of someone like that being abused breaks my heart. I think I might try and take a little internet break soon. I can't deal with horror cows like this, I just like laughing at idiots being idiots, this is horrifying. I don't understand how people can post in the threads discussing this so much when it's such a sickening and heart breaking topic.

No. 869242

They're usually very charming and do whatever they can to make the woman comforable outside of sex. If he goes right into talking about sex before courting takes place just expect 2 minutes of jack harming and no intimacy afterward.

No. 869247

I'm so attracted to the nun on the op image. She's so pretty

No. 869319

I never leave reviews for male sellers and never will.

No. 869332

This is only controversial among certain types of weebs but I unironically enjoy modern anime and popular series, especially shounen stuff.
Second confession, I still like making OCs in adulthood and always make them look edgy or gothic and kind of thotty. I just think it looks cool, my taste hasn't really changed nor matured all these years tbh. But I don't show them to anyone, they would probably be hated lol

No. 869335

File: 1627833352281.png (547.27 KB, 500x738, sammay.png)

Keep the 2000s alive

No. 869336

I also still make OCs! I was thinking about making an 'OC rate thread' or something of the sort but idk if it would get much traction because people are ashamed of their OCs for whatever reason. I'm sure your OCs are lovely nonna!

No. 869339

You guys should post in draw my oc thread

No. 869341

File: 1627834253685.gif (997.32 KB, 460x262, 7502E536-CB75-4F90-8B27-D35A98…)

I still secretly make OC self inserts for whatever fan thing I’m currently into, and use them for occasional maladaptive daydreaming when I’m down about my life. My OCs always end up doing the things I wish I was brave enough to do or have the talents and looks I wish I had. Lately though I’ve been trying to emulate them a bit more so I can improve my real life as opposed to my fantasy life.
Pic not really related kek

No. 869357

I have - I love that thread but it's more about art than discussions about motives and tragic backstories and the like

No. 869360

What do you do with your OCs? I don't get it, my friend used to have 50 OCs when we were 12, and so many people online had uncountable OCs too. But I don't get it what's their purpose? What are they for? I draw character designs sometimes but they're just designs I don't think up a name and everything for them, I don't understand the point unless they are a character in a story. Do you like just making up characters or do they have a purpose?

No. 869366

I don't think I could handle it, all those tumblr blogs dedicated to making fun of people's OCs made me too paranoid.
I'm the last anon, basically just for my wish-fulfillment fantasies for things that can't be done irl like having weird powers or looking a certain way, plus imagining hanging out with characters I like. It's mostly daydreaming different scenarios for me (along with creating designs).

No. 869369

samefag but coming up with a name and details makes it easier to immerse myself in these worlds I guess.

No. 869387

>I unironically enjoy modern anime and popular series, especially shounen stuff.
Based. Nostalgiafags need to take off their rose-tinted glasses.
>I still like making OCs in adulthood and always make them look edgy or gothic and kind of thotty.
I respect you embracing the cringe, I've always been too much of a pussy for that.

No. 869388

I see, well if anyone makes a thread about oc autism, I will post there too. My oc is from a dream I had and I even tried to expand the story after the dream ended and I created more ocs for that story lmao
I'll never write it, I just like to think about it sometimes and imagine what happens next and what ifs
Wish I had someone to discuss that kinda stuff
I get the paranoia. I posted there and my drawing is bad but honestly I don't care anymore, I had fun

No. 869398

I cook rice in a a pot of boiling water like pasta. I know it's wrong but it's what my mom taught me, I've tried doing it the right way but I fucked it up very time

No. 869417

My full rice instruxtions:

If you have a gas stove: 1.5 to 2 cup water to 1 cup rice (depends how moist you like your rice, i like 2 cups for moister rice which is typical for white people side dish plain white rice, but 1.5 cups is better for asian or indian style main course rice that will have sauce on it as well), put both rice and water in pot, COVER, turn on heat to high until it boils. DO NOT stir when you add the rice & water, just shake the pot a little to spread the rice out if need be. Watch it carefully or at least stay nearby so you will hear when it starts boiling. AS SOON AS it's boiling strongly (big bubbles, not tiny ones), promptly turn down the heat as low as the burner will go without the flame going out. Then it will take about 15-20 minutes more at the lowest heat. Leave it covered!! Do not check it until at least 10 minutes have passed. Do not adjust the heat, do not stir, do not add more water. Start to check on it at 10-15 minutes, but it may take up to 25-30 minutes to be fully done. Have patience. DO NOT STIR IT EVER. It's done when there's no more visible water at the bottom. Turn off the heat. For easier cleanup, let the pot rest with the rice in it for 10 or so minutes, and the rice will come cleanly out when scooped leaving almost no residue. You can also eat it right away bit it will leave more bits stuck to the pan if you dont let it rest.

I specified gas stove hecause with gas there's a minimum flame level before it just goes out, and you just turn it down to lowest possuble flame to simmer. With an electric stove it's a little trickier because there's no "minimum" and if you go too low it won't cook, so just go to about "low" on an electric stove (i do 2/6 on my knob). And also remove it from the burner before letting it rest if ypu're doing that, or the hot metal burner will keep cooking the pot and may burn the bottom of ypur rice.

If the rice ends up too wet, you either put in too much water, or you didn't let it come to a full strong boil, or you turned the heat down too low while simmering. If the rice ends up not fully cooked (soft outside of grain, crunchy in the middle), you either had too little water, or you let it sit at a full boil for too long, or you didn't turn it down low enough while simmering, or you opened the lid too much and too much steam escaped. If the rice gets brown and crunchy on the bottom, you let it simmer too long and it's burned a little. In all cases you can NOT save the rice by doing anything more (i've tried), just start over (rice is cheap, learning is priceless), eat it anyway, or use it to make rice pudding.

No. 869422

File: 1627842599776.jpeg (55.05 KB, 1500x1000, 17fddf128ff599a5b28ef9d1c2aa63…)

If you keep fucking it up on stovetop no matter what I suggest you invest in a rice cooker. It will make it easier for you. Remember to wash the rice until the water runs clear, and then when you're ready to cook just fill it up with water until it reaches the line on your finger tip. My rice always comes out perfect with this method.

No. 869426

ayrt, thank you sm, I will try this tomorrow and let you know how it goes
eh I've considered it but I don't make rice nearly enough to warrant the investement

No. 869430

I do this shit too it’s great lol

No. 869440

That's not wrong though?

No. 869456

>cooking rice like pasta isn't wrong
I'll just let Uncle Roger sort you out.

No. 869549

I’m the same way. Sometimes this world just sucks and I don’t want to live in it for a while.

No. 869566

Who gives a fuck, we're in a pandemic, I'll even boil my rice in jeffrey bezos piss if I feel like it

No. 869582

File: 1627856040016.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, 8282717717155.png)

>I'll even boil my rice in jeffrey bezos piss if I feel like it
That would probably taste mildly better than whatever sad, disgusting rice you're cooking now.

No. 869589

I'm loving this rice debate.
is right tho, this is precisely the way I do it too and it's foolproof.

As for my confession, I strongly suspect the dude I've started seeing has a thing for feet. Never before have I considered implementing stuff like this into my sex life as I find my feet ugly at best, but I kinda like the idea of using it against him. Make him crawl under my feet, bothered and a little bit humiliated. I think I might actually like it.

No. 869638

i'm a kinsey 5 bisexual and i often wish i was a "gay" ftm and feel jealous of ftms who exclusively like men. i'm not exactly sure why.

No. 869676

I feel horrible for it, but part of me hopes that CWC avoids jailtime so we can continue having more sagas.

I guess I struggle to feel empathy for Chris because of all he's done. I think a homeless saga where he couchsurfs and coasts off weens would be hilariously milky.

No. 869683

You're not supposed to feel empathy for Chris (he should neck himself), you're supposed to feel empathy for his dement mother.

No. 869768

I kind of resent my mom for all of the photos she has posted of me on social media. I feel horrible because it comes from a loving place and she's very proud of me but I wish I didn't have to confront her "facebook memories" of me during the darkest periods of life every week when she tags me in them. Nothing I say could ever get her to take them down and I feel guilty for even feeling this way because I have a mom who takes pictures of me and wants to show people them. I just don't know how I feel having distant relatives see pictures of me during times when I was going through the worst trauma of my life. I wish I could move past that part of my life, and for the most part I have, but my mom is fixated on showcasing the trainwreck to everyone. My mom had the privilege of a private adolescence, I wish she would have thought to let me have that too.

I guess the nice thing to come from this is how seriously I will take my potential future children's privacy.

No. 869774

>Nothing I say could ever get her to take them down
Why doesn't she want to take them down even when you explain to her how you feel about it? If she's so loving she would probably want to do what makes you feel the best, right?

No. 869794

I think you should tell her you are going to be unfriending her until the pictures are untagged and taken down. Framed gently as an "I'm doing this (unfriending) for myself not as a revenge). And that you will re-add her after you two go through pictures together and select ones that you are comfortable having up. Orrr if she won't take them down you could make her understand, by taking unflattering photos of her and posting them constantly lol

No. 869795

It's been bothering me a bit lately, but I realized that I no longer wish to have people in my life who completely disagree with my morals. And I also lost the drive to argue with anyone. I just can't be assed.

Maybe it's age. I just have no interest in debating rape, lolicon, gender roles, race, etc. ever again. Anger used to fuel me past my conflict aversion, but I'm now old and tired. If anyone ever capes for lolisho or says something ignorant about (group I belong to) in bad faith irl I swear I will leave the room.

No one wins debates. You just both leave miserable and unsatisfied.

I guess I feel guilty because it puts me in an ~echo chamber~ but that doesn't matter. I'm not a political figure, I'm just Some Gal Over There so I'll leave the arguing to someone else.

No. 869797

absolute same, never arguing about gender roles on the internet ever again. waste of time and energy.

No. 869802

I hope this will happen for me soon too. I'm still way too easily baited into debates about things I feel strongly about. I used to enjoy debating like that in a way, putting all my anger into making a case for my beliefs, but lately it's just left me feeling exhausted.
How do I avoid getting pulled into an argument when someone shits on something I believe or says something overly upsetting? I find it hard to resist the urge to defend my morals and ignore statements like these because it feels like I'm tolerating it by doing that.

No. 869809

>I just have no interest in debating rape, lolicon, gender roles, race, etc. ever again
>I guess I feel guilty because it puts me in an ~echo chamber~ but that doesn't matter
This is an extremely low bar anon, good on you for deciding not to waste your energy. What degens were you interacting with online where you had debates over these? Don't feel guilty, men probably get off and enjoy bothering and arguing with women online about these topics.

No. 869813

File: 1627882398799.jpg (101.41 KB, 1280x720, 20210323_002422.jpg)

A cow I was interested in doxxed herself recently and it turned out that not only she lives in my country… she fucking lives literally 3 blocks away from me in my same complex. I don't know how to process this. What are the fucking odds, man. I won't dare tip the cow, though.

No. 869814

Please confess who it is, I’m so curious

No. 869829

>>869813 i feel you nonny one of the fresh cows from snow is from my country and its bizarre seeing people talk about where i live like its an actual third world / in general. the cow isnt exactly the representation id like for my country either lol

No. 869839

My first boyfriend in middle school went from 5'5" to 6'6" (I'm 5'2" and we were together around 4 years) in a very short period of time and probably has a great deal to do with my attraction to tall men but my secret fantasy is a manlet who will grow kek. It's so dumb and unrealistic and idk how I would even incorporate that into my sex life. I've always been really embarrassed because it feels like a scrote inflation fetish or something.

No. 869859

Eres una Bori nona? We might be talking about the same cow, kek

No. 869873

I know better than to mention this anywhere else or whiteknight her here but I like Brittany Venti. Ty for throwing PULL under the bus rather than namedropping the farms to your majority scrote audience. I'm hoping her incoming callout vid is on shuwu or anisa.

No. 869882

are you guys talking about Lucinda?

No. 870020

si ola ques la que hay metrononny hihihi cuídate que el pai de lucinda no te caiga con una balacera por allá

No. 870025

I had pizza and a latte earlier and now I look pregnant. This has been happening for years now and I'm basically in denial about it because I know I'm weak willed and going to struggle with giving up a food group. I hope ignoring symptoms like that doesn't cause long term damage. My go-to cope has always been avoidance. I'm like that in many areas of my life and I'm getting real sick of myself.

I know I need to help my stomach by cutting down on dairy…I also know it would help my anxiety levels if I cut down on caffeine. Why can't I just get on that already? I'm like a dieter that always says "I'll start that next week!"

No. 870078

File: 1627923101647.jpg (28.72 KB, 316x410, 4 - D0EHA9s.jpg)

Ladies my married ex-boyfriend has confessed that he may be falling in love with me again and idk what to do. I really just wanted a friend, someone familiar that I'd known. If we play it off like he's not in love and deal with it that way, think we can remain friends? I don't have those feelings for him at all and feel really bad about it.

No. 870086

Tell him this asap if you want to continue to try and be friends, or it will just be more awkward in the long run if he thinks he has a chance again because you are talking to him

No. 870090

Don't enable emotional cheating in scrotes homie. Just keep single exes on the hook like a normal person.

No. 870094

>that he may be falling in love with me again
Yeah whatever, he just sees you as the optional side chick and hopes you'll bite. Until you see divorce papers, that is a married man who's only gonna betray his wife and use you as a piece while he tugs on your heartstrings.
I wouldn't even consider him a friend after this, he's a manipulative scrote.

No. 870095

Shut the fuck up Brittany.

No. 870097

Be friends with literally anyone else? Block him?

No. 870100

Cut him off. You want a friend and he doesn't, he wants an affair.

No. 870104

Tell his wife, help her get custody and everything. Duh.

No. 870107

Lol girl he is not inlove with you. Hes bored. Tell his wife.

No. 870112

wait, this is my reply > >>870086 to >>870078 and I have just realised you said married, I was just scrolling and remembered I lazily replied to this. Um anon, I dont condone cheating. tell his wife screw him

No. 870113

Pretend your gaming station broke and make a theatre out of it and get him to buy you a new one. Then ghost. Honestly I'm tired of women falling for cheap words, stop being a pathetic pick me.

No. 870118

No. 870119

I'm surprised most women dont know scrote mating cycles. If you have sex with a scrote hes always going to cycle back when hes bored or horny…so many women actually think this means something. I have had scrotes who I havent seen or talked to in more than 10 years who pop up outta nowhere, as long as they have a way to contact old hookuos and gfs they eventually will

No. 870120

File: 1627925062828.gif (1.18 MB, 320x180, 9e059a80-b71d-0133-828e-06e18a…)

I've stressed to him a lot that I'm really happy in my current relationship.
Yeah… I never thought it would come to this. He's a "good boy" type of guy so I didn't expect this truly.
TBH at first it felt great to have him fall for me since he was the one that dumped me. But I know that he has 0 empathy.
Yeah… it's kinda hard when you actually have a really rich history with someone to not just want to stick with the familiar. I'm not the best at keeping friends. So that's my reluctance, I guess. He's ready and available to be a friend and talk to every day, I'd have to actually work to make other friends kek. But I see what you're saying. I personally don't think I could block him since he is generally a really nice person.
You make a point. I just didn't expect this mf (generally a really good guy) to actually literally want to cheat on his wife. Just weird. I'm trying to kick down the "I can help you" instinct with every fiber of my being.
kek! I can't do this anons. They just started a new life together. I'd literally ruin his life AND her life and I don't want that karma on me.
If he's in love with me, that doesn't change the fact that I don't feel the same way for him. So I don't really think I'm falling for anything so much as I feel bad that I don't feel the same way back and want to still be friends with him. Even if he promised to marry me and spend money on me, I wouldn't want to go back to him in that way. So I'm definitely not being a pickme here, I don't think.

I think the rational thing for me to do…. based on everyone here's advice… is to just slowly disconnect. It's going to fucking hurt because I actually genuinely want the best for him, and have told him on multiple occasions "I value your marriage over our friendship". I genuinely care for him. Dare say, I genuinely L word him (in the way you L word an ex). But there are so many reasons why I shouldn't entertain it. I'm usually the first one to say "kek fuck this scrote" but I have a soft spot for this guy. Like we were best friends in high school before we dated. So it's really hard to like, throw this person away, if that makes sense? IDK.

Oh well. I'll try to put more and more distance between us. if the situation develops further, I'll update. Thanks nonnies.

No. 870122

>ruin his life

You're ruining her life by letting her spend more of her time on someone trying to cheat.

No. 870123

>They just started a new life together. I'd literally ruin his life AND her life and I don't want that karma on me.
You'd be SAVING her life you dumbass. And he deserves to be alone if he's flirting with another women when he is MARRIED
Your post is a whole lot of words to just say, "I want to pretend to be in a moral dilemma/drama and not do anything about it because I'm too limp-wristed to stand up to some retarded scrote"

No. 870125

Shes a pick me too blinded by being flattered to help. She doesn't give a shit kek

No. 870126

>TBH at first it felt great to have him fall for me since he was the one that dumped me.

Wait, do you seriously believe hes fallen for you?

No. 870128

the state.

No. 870129

When my last ex broke up with me out of the blue (he'd been talking about us getting a mortgage a week earlier!) he said that "someday we might get back together" I found that pretty fucking odd mid breakup talk… that's not giving you great closure.

Then I found out we only broke up because he'd been having an affair and he wanted to be with her instead. I wasn't even that young but I had some naivety knocked out of me by that experience. He thinks I'm still here for when/if they break up. Yeah I'm waiting.. for the day that I get to ruin that plan of his lol.

No. 870130

She's a cheater too, and cheated on him in the past, so they're perfect for each other. I don't feel like I should be stirring that pot. I'm lowkey scared she uses lolcow or something but I'll say they both did something majorly life changing that would really ruin their lives and I feel like it's less turmoil if I just… drop out of his life. What he does after that is not my business.

tbh it wouldn't matter if he did or didn't. I don't feel that way about him. But yeah, I kinda do, based on how much he's willing to risk his marriage to talk to me.

No. 870131

Yup. "I don't think I could block him.. I have trouble making friends.." That's just..
That's why I don't trust people that keep their exes as friends.

No. 870132

>But yeah, I kinda do, based on how much he's willing to risk his marriage to talk to me.

Lmao you dont understand scrotes at all.

No. 870134

Guess I don't which is why I asked for advice here

No. 870135

Hearing about climate change is always such a joke to me. Here's this issue being caused mostly by rich people and their businesses, but they want you to feel responsible for it. Why don't they go fix it themselves. Honestly most of politics is a joke at this point. It's smokescreens to get us supporting their personal agendas disguised as solutions for the problems they caused in the first place.

No. 870136

Scrotes hit up every woman they have fucked or dated in the past to see which one is stupid enough to give them sex or attention when they're bored

No. 870137

This. Most married literally don't see marriage the same way women do. I knew a scrote getting married and he was like, 'we can still hook up while i'm married', while his soon-to-be-wife was planning her clothes and all the arrangements. Felt like a punch in the gut, I didn't even know he was getting married and how… easy he was about it. Nah, sis. Fuck that guy.

No. 870138

Same fag. Let me guess did he apologize for how things went in the past and you're the one who got away?

No. 870139

i'm afraid of weight gain but i still have a feederism fetish

No. 870140

True. My confession is that I don't care about climate change.

No. 870141

Ayrt and I feel like all of us have more immediate problems in front of us in our daily lives to deal with. I'm so sick of corporations and the media telling us we have to do shit that won't make an impact for something we didn't cause, meanwhile the ones who caused it are just trying to get us behind their plans when they could go and solve this themselves. The rest of us have our own problems many of which they also caused.

No. 870148

Help him with Bill's what? The plot thickens.

No. 870149

Nta but this reminded me of right before covid kicked off, my country was really getting into waste reduction. I work in market research and a lot of the surveys we were handing out were asking people how far they'd go to reduce waste at home.. how much effort are they willing to put in before they get fed up. Not long after that covid had us in a panic and I was walking to the store one day and stepping over all these disposable masks and gloves that people had dropped outside. It was a weird moment. Priorities changed quick.

No. 870150

Yup. Or hes living with someone who helps him financially and hes trying to find a new girl to help him with rent before he jumps ship.

No. 870162

Sorry, had a work meeting. But he didn't necessarily apologize, since we ended things kind of amicably. But he is saying that his "confession" felt like how it felt the very first time. I don't like to think I'm being conned, that hurts for real… but… I do believe you guys because you wouldn't just… do that to someone you are married to. Not matter what. I'm not even married and I would not say this sort of stuff.

>how… easy he was about it
Yeah… I really wish I could trust moids. This situation is making my question my own man. And this is why I don't want him talking to his married "best friend" who is a woman. I read through their old texts and even when she was married and he was single, she texted him "Thinking about you <3" one night. He didn't respond (kek). And that's why I don't really let him talk to her anymore. That's a tangent thought…

Guys I'm so stupid. I really… fucking thought. kek. I still feel upset and torn by this situation. Like I really did miss him when we started talking again and that felt great to actually share music and game with an old friend but this situation truly feels like being hit by a truck. Regardless, like I said, I'll try to slowly cut off contact and update you all if he goes batshit insane (doubt it though, he's kinda lazy and I told him I'd literally kill him if he ever tried anything)

No. 870165

Theres nothing for you to be torn about. Most men get bored and start causing drama in their life for excitment. Hes probably just getting bored of his wife and is looking for some romeo and juliet type deal until he gets bored and ghosts you again.

No. 870167

>I don't really let him talk to her anymore
You should really try and match this then, you can't hold your partner to that standard while not upkeeping the same.

No. 870170

He's not in love with you, he's just an asshole who is intimidated by commitment and trying to bail from his marriage. A tale as old as time.

No. 870222

The cycle is usually 3 months, something to do with their semen seratonin chemicals staying in womens system for that long.

No. 870232

Isn't like 80% of pollution caused by big companies dumping their waste? Probably like 95% though if you take into account illegal dumping. So why care about recyling, it's all going in the same trash heap in the end, the whole shaming you for not recycling is just a power trip imo. Just buy reuseable stuff if you're that gungho.

No. 870234

"Men are providers" Damn I wish they were, at this point they're treating women like conveniant temporary position slaves.

No. 870276

Not just companies but rich Western countries in general. The richer they are, the more waste they create per capita. However, people in Western countries like to point fingers at rich people and big companies and say it's not their fault, it's those other guys, just like Western governments blame China.
The truth is, if you live in a rich country you're by default richer than half of the world's inhabitants if not more, so it's your fault too. Most people in the world don't think annual holidays to faraway countries are a must, for example, but you see British boomers seething over the pandemic restrictions because they just have to go to Iceland.

It's easy to think you're poor when you're only comparing yourself to your richer neighbor.

No. 870313

I truly cannot tell if you're shitposting or not because this is such a retarded take

No. 870367

This is the exact ego trip by shaming I was talking about. Take it up with shitty government who legislate to ship off all the trash and companies who make their products swaddled in plastic.

No. 870374

It doesn’t make your consumerism any better lmao, both parties are at fault.

No. 870388

K send me $600 rn on Paypal so I can buy shoes that last for decades, instead of the $40 shoes I get every year because that's all I can afford after I pay basic necessities.

No. 870398

I thank my family for making fun of me everytime I brought home a man who is ugly or fat. Thank you for shaming that female conditioning out of me.

No. 870410

>what is Klarna

No. 870416

nta but you should only buy in installments if you absolutely need to. Seeing the klarna button on like $40 makeup palettes gives me anxiety bc I know it's just helping poor financially illiterate people make bad decisions

No. 870421

I bought myself a 25 euro on sale dildo the other day and spotted the klarna option on the page. I thought that shit was just for furniture payments or buying laptops. The big stuff… I can imagine bad decisions happening too. Lots of lil impulse buys that quickly add up.

No. 870425

>Just go into debt, poorfag

No. 870461

Just go barefoot and naked anon, fuck wearing clothes

No. 870466

hey don't look at me, I'm saying you shouldn't go into debt

No. 870478

Klarna for anything under $100 is retarded, that's what people like Shay do and they end up paying more money in the long run

No. 870518

File: 1627956897938.jpeg (114.24 KB, 750x750, 8FCC6E85-9516-4114-8C6E-CFE251…)

this 2010s disney channel character makes me feel safe and comfortable please send help

No. 870520

He's very cute…name?

No. 870521

chad dylan cooper from sonny with a chance holy shit I’m so dumb sometimes

No. 870524

Excuse me ma'am is that CHAD DYLAN COOPER?!?

No. 870530

Ohh i remember him now! He was my favorite character. Early 2010s, those were good times…

No. 870552

I never made a social media account in my entire life and don't understand how people become addicted to those sites. I tried looking at IG/twitter/tiktok a few times before to see what the big deal is, got bored and annoyed after a few minutes.

No. 870555

this was the point when disney channel went to shit tbh

No. 870557

I can understand being addicted to forums, Youtube and Tiktok, but I'm baffled when people say they're addicted to things like Facebook and Instagram. I feel like if you check on the people you know plus some meme pages and discussion groups, that should take like maximum 1 hour. I genuinely have no idea what people are doing for hours every day on those sites.

No. 870560

Why tiktok, there's literally nothing good there

No. 870587

sometimes i wish i was into furryshit, they look like they have so much fun with their weird and stupid community, but i just can't get into it

No. 870590

My guess is they are using the chat

No. 870591

doesn't seem worth it considering the sheer amount of pedos, diapershitters, and actual animal fuckers that come from those communities

No. 870599

I don't get it either. A friend of mine is addicted to reddit even though he constantly complains he gets banned. Personally i can't stand social media humor, even though i am in the age range where i should find it funny i can't understand how people can laugh over and over at a variation of the same comic strip.

No. 870623

I don’t. I just bore witness to a picture of one mushing human poop and frozen corn together in a huge ziplock bag, and then dipping a dog dildo in the mixture which they then used on themself

No. 870626

This is kind of funny. Why would they mix corn into the poop instead of just eating corn?

No. 870627

I have asked my bf straight up if he's bi because he has a certain type of man he points out as very attractive from time to time and we have had fun sharing pictures of actors we like (including forbidden man.) He says no and he's the least sexually degenerate so I believe him but I almost wanted him to say yes because I am a degenerate

No. 870628

*Least sexually degenerate man

No. 870633

*man I know - kek sorry anons

No. 870638

Could still be in denial lol, I had a guy friend that kept insisting he wasn’t bi while thirsting after a specific hot male actor, he came out eventually

No. 870653

Maybe - we've been together over 10 years and I feel like we know everything about each other so idk though. Either he's bi or comfortable in finding men attractive (I find women attractive without sexually fantasizing) which is all cool because it's nice to have someone irl to share AD pics with lol

No. 870656

A long time ago I was a sjw enby that used he/him pronouns because thats what all my friends used. But I left this friend group and started surfing here and realized I'm so much happier being a radfem lol. If my old friends see me now they would probably be horrified

No. 870668

either way you guys sound cute af kek

No. 870672

File: 1627973667084.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 480x853, jerobe.webm)

>>hmm haven't seen our guy yet?

No. 870694

how is this good, it's the new version of the "the patriarchy is doing WHAT???" post from tumblr.
>Wah wah wah, patriarchy BAD cuz men cannot express emotions
Cry me a river, you made this bed so now lie in it. It's not even true

No. 870714

There’s this guy who idek very well but he kinda remains one who “got away” regardless and it’s so cringey to think about. We went to college together and briefly became acquaintances through a shared class in my last year of school. He’s hot as fuck and such a kind guy with genuine himbo energy. At the time he had a gf I think but I’m not sure about now. I guess one reason proving his niceness and why I even still think of him is that he snaps me every holiday wishing a happy holiday. We always talk a bit.
Our relationship is not much else than ex-class partners and even if he were to have a crush on me it’d never work out bc he’s on the other side of the country. Yeah I am aware of how retarded this all is, I just needed to get this pent up crush out bc it’s highkey pathetic.

No. 870724

This guy I just posted is a liberal male feminist pedophile btw

No. 870728

thanks, glad to find oit you were sarcastic. also not surprised.

No. 870743

1. You raped me in a dirty apartment while our "friends" listened. You were my sister's boyfriend and told everyone I came onto you. I've forgiven you, but I hate you. You've shaped every relationship I've had since I was 15.

2. I slept with you a week after you heard what a "slut" I was. You were my sister's ex-boyfriend who got high with me and then fucked me until I forgot the constant pain I was in. I appreciate you for it, but have no desire to speak to you ever again.

3. I slept with you the same night I slept with #2. You were my summer (and fall) boyfriend, though, not just a casual fuck. I still love you.

4. I invited you over so I wouldn't feel alone; you guilt tripped me into having sex. I haven't spoken to you since that night.

5. We fucked in the backseat of your truck when we were 16 and it was awful. You once told me that I would be hot if I lost weight. I've never forgiven you for the way you treated me.

6. We dated for two weeks before you told me you loved me. Two weeks after we fucked you were dating someone else. You disgusted me then and you really disgust me now.

7. We were best friends in high school. You really didn't know what you were doing while fucking me, but you helped me feel desirable again. I love that we will always be friends.

8. We grew up together and "dated" long distance until I decided I didn't want to anymore. We had mediocre sex and you made fun of me afterwards.

9. You were more than twice my age but God, did I love you. You made me feel and do things I hadn't wanted to do with anyone before. You told my sister that you loved me, but you wished I were skinnier. I can never forgive you.

10. The one time you were able to get hard, you fucked me for 30 seconds before you came. I haven't been able to look at you without laughing since.

No. 870744

Straight Men only use the "I cant show muh emotions" excuse on women they don't want to get close to beyond sex. If a man likes you or is in a relationship with you they will have no issue trauma dumping.

No. 870759

Yeah, he is one of those religious people or church pastors you see that are pure Sjws cringe types
Like pro gender dysphoria and gay trans pastor etc
You know what I am talking about

No. 870783

Top kek. The reason men are typically viewed as the less important parent is because most of them don't pull their fucking weight around the house. Ffs most fathers call looking after their own kids "babysitting". They act like the justice system is a big meanie that only believes women and that's totally the reason why they don't have sole custody of their kids, yet funnily enough the same big bad justice system doesn't seem to believe women when it comes to rape cases. It's almost as if they really are the less important parent in most scenarios.

No. 870876

File: 1627994830052.jpeg (663.17 KB, 750x832, 5ED9A07D-4103-42C5-8020-79C119…)

No. 870896

File: 1627997652348.jpg (67.99 KB, 625x415, sorry.jpg)

when I worked at a bookstore I used to get all mad at people who did buy online pick up in store. I think it was a learned behavior from my coworkers. I was very into the Company Culture as it were. I don't understand why I did it anymore, and when I told my boyfriend recently he seemed shocked, but I think I did it to misplace some of my frustration about my life. I would usually be the one to have to get these things and I would always choose the beat up version of the book to give to them. I did have a good reason for it. Customers would often refuse books if the corners were beat up a little and I would lose a sale and my managers would be on us even harder. But it still seems immature and narc like. sorry to all I affected with my heinous ways

No. 870908

damn bitch I got hung up on a guy I saw at the store a year ago. still think about him. your dude is over here wishing you a happy holiday? shit

No. 870914

I think I know where you got this image. so based. long live Mary Daly.

No. 870962

why did you hate people who bought online and picked up in store?

No. 870973

nta but from their post, company brainwashing

No. 871011

I find the concept of scrote porn addicts kind of hot because it's so pathetic. Theyre willing to ruin their entire life over degeneracy and a lot of the time it leads them to suicide. I don't feel bad for them all. I would never want to be around a porn addict or date one but from a far as a fetish it gets me.

No. 871022

I don't understand how I'm supposed to like lesbians in this site when some of them can't stop criticizing women for getting in bad relationships with scrotes/ anons expressing their sexuality, some of them sound incel af and weirdly misogynistic. I wish they just mind their business.

No. 871023

i love to pretend that i am interested in a man then i will ghost him. I once told an autistic teenager that i was interested in him and i wasn't, then i ghosted him. Eventually he wrote me a goodbye letter and i laugh my ass off at him.

No. 871035

I'm not a lesbian but I be cringing at posts like "my bf keeps pictures of my sister to jerk off to but other than that hes a great guy!"

No. 871039

lesbian anons get criticized for expressing their sexuality 10000× more than het anons, look how often people call them "scrotes" for expressing normal attraction, not even anything explicit

No. 871041

>some of them can't stop criticizing women for getting in bad relationships with scrotes/ anons expressing their sexuality
Not a lesbian, but tons of ppl here do need a good "wtf were you thinking" roast. C'om this isn't a hugbox go to reddit if you want "oh you poor sweet thing you did nothing wrong how could this happen".
Idk what you mean about expressing sexuality though.

No. 871052

yeah isn't he nice? i really don't know him that well kek. and even tho he's a himbo he argued for dworkin (which we had to read) in a debate against porn in our class.

No. 871056

I'm not talking about those posts, I'm talking about shit like "you should have see that coming because he's a scrote, women are waaay better and you should just date them tbh". Dude, most women are hetero, even when they're a lot better in comparison they just aren't attracted to them and they don't deserve abuse just because they wanted a normal relationship with men. Also they're lesbians, even when they are women they don't understand what is like to feel attracted to people like men, i think is shitty to criticize when you are in that position.
Lolcow has moid raids sometimes so anons are obviously very wary, the chances of a female-attracted horny anon being a scrote are very high as lesbians are a minority.

No. 871058

nta but probably "the straights aren't alright" type reaction to OP's husbandos or crushes as if lesbians aren't fucking women who look like morbidly obese scrotes

No. 871059

>women are waaay better and you should just date them tbh
huh? where have you seen those?

No. 871080

Samefag I don't remember anything like that.

No. 871082

girl do you know what samefag is

No. 871087

I don't think she does kek

No. 871090

Apparently I don't after googling it… Seen people use it as "same", my mistake

No. 871122

I avoid watching korean films purely because the sound of the language is so unbearable to me. I know it's stupid but I can't help it.

No. 871156

I still report posts for infighting and derailing even though it's not a bannable offense (for the most part) anymore

No. 871159

I bet you're the anon that got me banned for saying breaking bad sucks. I wasn't even in the initial back and forth I was an impartial bystander.

No. 871160

since when is it no longer a bannable offence? the rules page really needs to be updated

No. 871168

I didn't. I don't even know what posts you're talking about tbh. Sorry you got banned though
Look at the first post in the complaints thread in /meta/. But yeah, the rules really need to be updated. It still even has the /2X/ rules there.

No. 871172

>Lolcow has moid raids sometimes so anons are obviously very wary, the chances of a female-attracted horny anon being a scrote are very high as lesbians are a minority.
You do know bisexual women exist right? Every time a straight gets offended by a woman hornyposting about other women on here they always blame it on lesbians or men. Statistically speaking bi women are far more common than lesbians yet I never see anyone blame them. The vendetta posting is getting a bit obvious now. Also I've seen plenty of straight and bi women pull the "you should expect abuse if you date a man" card, femcels gonna femcel.

No. 871180

This is my deepest, darkest, saddest confession Every once in a while, I have a "shayna" night where I drink rosé and eat goldfish crackers, endlessly scroll twitter, and whisper "anal anal anal" repeatedly in the dark. Please forgive my sins

No. 871206

it's not just lc but a lot of feminist spaces in general where lesbians clown on straight women. and i don't mean like making fun of women in obviously shit relationships who need to grow a spine but rather just general "haha straight women" jokes that are mocking us for simply being attracted to men as if our sexual orientations are a choice.

to show my sincerity i will reiterate: if anyone finds a solid version of conversion therapy for straight women who wanna be bi/lesbians then please lmk.

No. 871210

girl get off the internet

No. 871214

>anyone finds a solid version of conversion therapy for straight women who wanna be bi/lesbians then please lmk.
No offense, but straight women saying they want to be bisexual/lesbian is very, very cringy That also goes for bi women who say they want to be lesbian. I'm saying this as someone who is bi.

No. 871218

Lmao that’s funny as shit

No. 871223

NTAYRT, sometimes I just wonder what it's like to be in love with someone who has a EQ above room temperature.

No. 871247

just get a husbando and imagine him however you like

No. 871282

File: 1628021652534.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.11 MB, 540x960, 16263737638949.webm)

This is what I was talking about

No. 871290

>extreme cringe
I want to believe hell exists so people like this will get what they deserve.

No. 871302

Like how come Christianity going to pretend it's not a business in itself when pope said hell isn't real or when these pastors do this to get along with times

No. 871502

Whenever I finish a book I go and read it's most negative reviews.

No. 871507

I do the same with british movies, I can't stand that ugly ass accent, like chalk on a board.

No. 871508

i behave even messier/lazier than i actually am around men as a sort of "fuck you" to the idea of having to be their maid or the very least "impress" them with that shit. i am actually clean and not very messy on my own lol

No. 871519

I tried to watch a British film recently and I literally could not understand them

No. 871632

I got to read and looked for an absolutely embarrassing amount of anime porn just so I could find a cute pfp for my fucking kik. That was a few years ago, I spent a whole year trying to find a cute anime girl that kind of resembled me, but because I’m fucking autistic and had lots of free time, I went on this dumbass quest to find a cute anime girl.
And I found the right character in a shitty porn manga, and I used her as my pfp, but then I noticed how absolutely retarded is kik and dropped the whole app without telling anyone in the group I was at.
I still kind of wish there was some dumbass group chat so I could show my cute ass pfp that I edited to make it look pink, but I cringe just thinking about the possibility of having to share the same digital space with dumbass kids and coomers.

No. 871642

I used kik for drugs. Word of mouth from friends who was a legit dealer. Had a nice one he was sort of cute. We talked about the demise of kik and maybe I'd get his number I moved away tho. I use telegram for drugs. They have group chats I've never used them. There's a feature to see people by location. Kind of creepy. You can have it off. In fact I'm going to have a creep now lol

No. 871652

I hate to be shallow but im 32 and i always feel a little sad when I'm dating a man who is post wall and he shows me photos of when he was young/cute. I already know they would not give me the time of day if they still looked like that.

No. 871707

Oh my god that's not how the fucking cult worked, like so many radfems in the 70's over analyzed everything without look at the historical context and the theology, for e.g she seems to mix up the Roman Apollo with the Greek Apollo, both were effectively different characters with different roles in society, it is from the Roman state cult of Apollo we get some hierarchy that would later make it's way to the church, his Vestal Virgins and all, Dionysus is a bit more complicated but his cult was a "wine cult" i.e the madness she is referring to, women, slaves and members of the lower class peasantry would flock to it but it wasn't exclusively a woman's cult
radfems did this with Christianity as well, I am not a Christian, In fact I'd consider myself a pure atheist cause of my understanding of the historical theology and so many radfems had completely retarded theories regarding the faith
like no the Cross was not meant to be a Phalic Object, no the Adam and Eve story wasn't purposely created with some nefarious intent to undermine women's ability to give birth, it was due to mistranslations and evolution of the proto-Semitic myth of the creation of the Human race(where man and woman were once both joined together at the hip or were one single being before the gods split them and created the first man and woman) again I'm not a Christian but seeing these inaccurate dumb ass "takes" about Christianity is just mind numbing

No. 871715

In 2010/2011, I tried sniffing permanent markers to get high because I heard it can happen. Well, nothing happened.

No. 871730

I don't care that my mom was abused and the thought even brings me a small amount of joy

No. 871758

I’m 31 and all the 30+ men interested in me are ugly. But I get a surprising amount of interest from much cuter under 30s. You never know nonny

No. 871760

Who cares? Religion is fake and gay anyway

No. 871764

Based, done with that servant shit. Visited male family for a day, he came back from work and complained loudly how he forgot the cheese on the counter. Ok complain, I still ain't doing shit. Also drank his nice alcohol.

No. 871769

No. 871821

I'm embarrassed that I've never had a bf or even a first kiss. I'm 24 and still a virgin. I'm scared they will think there's something wrong with me and reject me. I feel like i'm at that age where men are past that point in their lives dealing with a virgin.

Dating apps seems absolutely soulless to me and I'm also kinda scared meeting someone from online. But its so hard to meet people.

No. 871825

Men have fetishized and prioritized and obsessed over female virginity all throughout history… I'd be far more worried about a man liking it to a creepy extent than a guy rejecting you for it. Also, you don't owe men any information about your past, keep it a secret if you want to. You say 'dealing with a virgin' as if your virginity would be obvious and cause problems, but having sex with someone for the first time is different and potentially awkward no matter how many people you've had sex with in the past. They'd have no way to know.

No. 871832

I just worry cause I had a friend who was in a similar predicament to me and guys would actually turn her down for being a virgin and not wanting that kind of responsibility or whatever. I use to be fine with being a virgin , but I just feel too old to be one now. At the same time I do want to give that part of myself to someone I do actually love and see a future with too.

I feel like I would have to come clean relatively soon in the relationship though because I'm so inexperience with sex and the fact I don't even know how to kiss. I just feel like guys aren't gonna wanna be that patient with me. Like it's high school shit I should already know by now.

No. 871834

It could be something you keep to yourself until you are absolutely comfortable. Like that other anon said, you owe men nothing about your sexual history. I don't think dating apps are completely soulless but you do have to wade through a lot of shit to find anyone decent. Never pander to a man online though.

No. 871835

I would definitely like to keep being a virgin to myself for as long as I feel comfortable however, like I said in >>871832 , I feel like I'll have to come clean relatively soon since I don't even know how to kiss or anything sexual including hand jobs and blow jobs. I've looked online how to before but I know actually doing it in person will be a whole other ball game with a real life dick in my face lol

No. 871836

ehhh I feel if a guy is turning a woman down for being a virgin it's because 1) they think she will fall in love and catch feelings they want nothing to do with or 2) they think they're hot shit and want a woman to beg for it. Maybe a little extreme but I experienced both more than once as someone who lost her virginity later than most. A good man would be open and willing to work with you and they do actually exist.

No. 871837

Sign up for Meetups! You can find groups there that align with your interests (foreign languages, hiking, psychological discussions, etc.) and meet people there. Since it's just a general meet-people website, there's no pressure for dating. It's a less artificial set up than dating apps or rapid dating conventions

No. 871842

I'll look into it, thanks anon

No. 871862

>I'm scared they will think there's something wrong with me and reject me
I used to think like this and I stayed a virgin until I was 23. When I did met my first boyfriend, I was scared to tell him because I thought he would leave me. When I did tell him he told me that it didn't matter. He thought I was attractive and doing anything sexual with me was hot, even if I didn't know what I was doing.

No. 871878

I'm cheating on my goodreads challenge with children's chapter books. I'm behind on mine and I know the number shouldn't bother me but I can't help it.

No. 871879


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No. 871953

I live in a non-English speaking country and I prefer watching movies/shows in their original language but if they're British I watch them dubbed. The accent makes them all sound like uptight cunts.

No. 872055

A part of me is relieved to have broken off my friends. Thinking back we didn't even have much in common. The other part of me misses hanging out. I realized it's not them I miss, just hanging out with someone in general

No. 872082

File: 1628089283371.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x450, cry1.jpg)

I accidentally killed a bee
>be flies indoors
>doesn't know how to get out
>decides to go to the lightbulb
What makes it worse is that, only after the bee died, did I realise I could've just turned the lights off, and it would've lived

No. 872091

Set out some sugar water for its brethren to repent for your sins.

No. 872097

Oh dang, I don't belong here either

No. 872100

what happened

No. 872109

Thanks for asking. Idk, I just feel out of place

No. 872114

we all feel out of place, I wouldn't say lolcow is for everyone so I mostly stick to the boards and threads I like

No. 872118

I forget that sometimes. Maybe I grew out of my lc phase, so I don't know what community to dwell in anymore

No. 872120

Maybe try a hobby community related to some Interest

No. 872125

I've started completely ignoring /snow/ because I don't even know what to do there beyond become increasingly uneasy. And I find it's a pretty aggressive board and I take some of that aggression with me irl if I spend too much time browsing. I really like the goofy boards in /ot/ and people are generally positive if someone doesn't start some pointless debate or think someone is a man for saying something crude. I personally love immature and crude humour and it might seem scrotey to some gals but I just think farts and saying tiddies is funny.

No. 872182

The only millenial I love is my sister.

No. 872189

I don't trust bitches who still consistently main drama boards after discovering other boards exist.

No. 872200

There's nothing wrong with my boyfriend. He's a nice person, even if he is a bit condescending and spineless. I just don't love him. Sometimes I wonder if I even like him. Honestly , the only thing that is keeping me in this relationship is my fear that I'll never find someone else who loves me as much as he does. At least this way, I'm the one with the power.

No. 872224

Been there. If there’s nothing keeping you entertained and attracted to him, sooner or later there will be resentment. Just being loved is never enough. Unless he’s devout to you like a zealot to god, or you’re amazing at acting happy and keeping him happy, he’ll realize your feelings one day and then the bar for loving you won’t be so high anymore. Most of the time “he loves me more than anyone else can” is a delusion to begin with.
Use the power you have in over him now to set yourself up better for the future. Get more self-confidence. Maybe you can even push him to be less spineless and more of man in your image.

No. 872243

Is there a reason why you're so desperate?

No. 872255

Sometimes I wonder why you /g/ anons escape your containment board. We really need to make a relationship confession thread in /g/ pls

No. 872275

I spent 3 years living with someone I didn't love and barely liked. He earned more money and paid more of the bills so that hel