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File: 1630551899777.png (458.88 KB, 728x485, 1628961959157.png)

No. 898344

Release the 'tism it's good for you
Previous >>>/ot/886678

No. 898350

the beyonce 7/11 video is my favourite video ever and I’m not even a huge beyonce fan nor do I even like the song that much but I really love the video for some reason and I like it more in hindsight because I feel like she’s probably never going to be like a “fun” artist again now all her projects and general image are more serious and political so that video was kind of the send off I guess

No. 898354

I really hate those memes like boys going back in time vs girls going back in time, boys locker room vs girls locker room, boys with autism vs girls with autism like how many memes where the punchline is literally just “look how le epic random and quirky boys are!!” can there be

No. 898355

File: 1630552576499.jpeg (40.61 KB, 640x365, 1C900F27-8853-4FA1-BBFC-2CD468…)

Another variation I hate is this like yeah what a common thing girls say, this is so relatable..

No. 898356

File: 1630552588059.png (568.33 KB, 450x450, 1617716537686.png)

I really like this picture

No. 898360

So many men seem to have a pathological fear of being cuckolded like I think it’s driven so many recent trends and for certain men is literally the root of everything they do and manifests indirectly even in ways that don’t seem obvious and becomes pathological and destructive. I think cuckold anxiety should be added to the DSM-5

No. 898361

me too, the meat looks like liver and I fucking love liver

No. 898362

Grad students are so unpleasant

No. 898364

>it’s driven so many recent trends and for certain men is literally the root of everything they do and manifests indirectly even in ways that don’t seem obvious and becomes pathological and destructive
What do you mean specifically?

No. 898366

it's not a mental disorder they just see women as their property
unless you count being male as a disorder, in which case, fair enough

No. 898370

It would be too long to write everything like I could genuinely write a dissertation but even just small examples like the soyjak epidemic, rise of the word simp, all this alpha/beta bs, all the soy hocus pocus, the fixation on virgins, the way cuck has become one of the most commonly used words online, autistic fixation on single moms in manosphere spaces etc I think are all rooted in it

No. 898373

I wonder if it's always been as bad as it apparently seems to be, or if it got worse because they're watching other men fuck women day in day out on their screens.

No. 898375

You're right but you're also understating it, it's the basis for many memes and modern cultural ideas but it's also their entire existence and biological imperative in a nutshell.

No. 898377

No I agree that’s what I meant with “it’s the root of everything they do”. But idk if it could ever be fixed or improved. I feel like you could make a more valid argument for that being some kind of pathology than a lot of what is and has been considered psychiatric disorders though.

No. 898378

My boyfriend asked if I could wear my glasses during sex the other night and I was like wtf why??? And then he confessed it's way hotter because it looks like "me" since he sees me in glasses 95% of the time. I guess that makes sense.

No. 898392

My longest relationship was with some psycho who thought I was cheating on him the second he turned his back and then when I was caught up in school and work and wasn't able to be his 24/7 text bot he would get pissed and ignore me for days saying stuff like "well I've been busy too" despite him doing nothing but a normal 9-5 and getting shit faced every night kek. My most memorable moment was when he had a DREAM I sent nudes to another guy, expected me to just know that I knew that and ghosted me for valentines day and then finally confessed and apologized. Or the amount of times he thought I was getting gang banged anything I took a 15-30 minute nap. Never met anyone as fucking paranoid as him thank god

and yes of course it was because stacy cheated on him at 15, the usual

No. 898394

I literally think everyone is secretly in love with me even gay men and straight women and like even on here when everyone ignores my posts I’m like “I guess they were just too intimidated by how interesting and funny I am to talk to me”

No. 898401

There’s been no good internet drama for so long. I thought the pandemic would bring on an internet golden age but it kind of did the opposite.

No. 898404

That's kinda cute ngl

No. 898424

>I even mumble I'm the shit
>Need mumble, I can mumble
>I can mumble that I'm the shit
>I'm the shit!
>I'm the shit!
>Yeah, I'm the shit!
>Ha, I'm the shit!
>I know it sound good to you!
>Cause it sound excellent to me!
>I'm the shit, yeah!
>Yeah, I'm the shit!
>I do it cause I'm convinced
>I do it cause I'm the shit
>I'm never on the fence!
>Ah! I'm never on the fence!
>Yeah! I'm the shit!
>Yeah! I'm the shit!
>I could even take keys on y'all!
>I can even make it a hundred degrees on y'all, I'm the shit!
>Yeah, yeah! I'm the shit!
>Ah, I'm the shit!
>Mumble cause I'm the shit
>Yeah, I can mumble cause I'm the shit, I can mumble
>I don't have to say shit cause I'm the shit
>I don't have to say a goddamn thing cause I'm the motherfucking shit
>And you know it!
>I'm the shit!
>Say it wit' me!
>I'm the shit
>Sometimes I feel like the shit
>Sometimes I feel like the shit, sometimes I feel like I'm shit
>Sometimes I wanna stand for somethin', then sometimes wanna sit
>I didn't really plan on cussin', but sometime it just slip
>Ah! I'm the shit!
>I'm the shit!
>Yeah, I'm the shit!
>Ah! I'm the shit!
>Yeah! I'm the shit!
>Ahh, yeah! I'm the shit!
>I know it sound good to you
>'Cause it sound good to meeeeee
>I'm the shit!
>Yeah, yeah, I'm the shit!
>I can even walk away from the mic
>'Cause I'm the shit! I did it tonight
>I'm the shit! Yeah, I do it riiiight
>I'm the shit! I don't even have to sing in key
>Ohhh! It's all about me! I'm the shit!
>I'm crawling back to the mic! I'm the shit!
>I could do this shit all night! I'm the shit!
>I could do it in the day, I'm the shit!
>I could do it any way, I'm the shit!
>Yeah, I'm the shit!
>That's it
>Yeah, I can say it
>Now I can say it, don't you see it?
>I don't even sweat!
>Ah! I'm the shit!
>I'm the shit!
>I said I'm the shit!
>It might sound good to you
>It sound excellent to me
>Fuck! I'm the shit!
>I'm the shit!
>I take a piss cause I'm the shit!
>I can fart on it, I'm the shit!
>I get smart on it, I'm the shit!
>I get dumb on it, I'm the shit!
>I make her crumb on it, I'm the shit!
>The sum of it; I'm the shit!
>The sun love me, I'm the shit!
>The moon is jealous of me!
>The sun is jealous of me!
>The rain is jealous of me!
>You can't have a piece of my pie! I'm the shit!
>I'm that guy! I'm the shit!
>I don't know why! But I'm the shit!
>Yeah, I'm the shit
>Don't even have to scream
>I don't even have to dream
>I'm the shit, I make you cream
>Cause I'm the shit
>Yeahhh, I'm the shit
>When I stand up, everybody sit, I'm the shit
t. nonna

No. 898426

I hate when people say "women aren't funny" but female rifftracks is the most unfunny thing in the history of unfunny, holy shit.


No. 898440

That’s so funny (kek) you think that. I love Bridget and Mary Jo’s riffs. The Lifetime TV movies they did are hilarious. I always enjoyed MST3k and sci-fi/fantasy movies, but I really like seeing the cheesy girly movies getting riffed too.

No. 898451

File: 1630564631958.jpg (72.44 KB, 650x646, e4be6180d75e489c5fb8edd69a5f97…)

Guess I gotta start watching "reality shifting" tiktoks to get tips better my WILD game

No. 898464

Just found out I used to live right by the Truemans. Not next door, but on the same street. This makes it extra hilarious to me that LJ acts like she's an ~~~NYC princess~~~ when she lives so far out in Queens that she could literally take a walk and be in Nassau County… not that the goblin ever leaves her attic, but still, kek.

No. 898474

i just found out that the Tramp Stamps band that everyone was talking about a few months ago weren't the weed smoking girlfriends from that tumblr post

No. 898483

please try to take candids kek

No. 898538

File: 1630577827295.jpg (25.45 KB, 387x523, 352595-sergei_dragunov_in_tekk…)

I dreamed I got a boyfriend he looked quite like the russian guy from Tekken, intimidatingly cute. But he was distancing himself from me and would only get jealous if I was talking to any guy, so I considered breaking up with him.

No. 898586

I think this site and social media in general can make people forget what human beings look like and that little flaws or wrinkles or blemishes or what have you are completely normal and expected. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started finding it really weird that anyone would react with such malice and hatred over someone’s appearance, like someone’s face offends them personally or something. And I know it’s ironic I’m saying this on lolcow kek but I genuinely think some people kinda forget that not looking like a model is normal and a large majority of the world just look…..human basically. Who really cares about a little scar on a cheek or a slightly crooked nose or bushy eyebrows at the end of the day?

No. 898646

File: 1630592506212.jpg (90.9 KB, 455x365, 15454343.jpg)

Some women are really living the dream.

No. 898648

good for her

No. 898653

It'll be a short marriage and she'll try to kill herself after he leaves. I've seen it play out before.

No. 898660

File: 1630594449118.jpeg (15.02 KB, 518x142, 1D714FCD-D633-4027-B1EC-2A185A…)

Sans the BPD, I would scream at my moid and hit him just because.

No. 898667

My friends are really susceptible to this spiritual mumbo jumbo and now one wants to put shungite in water and drink it, ok shungite is used for purifying water but if your water is drinkable you don't need it, I found a paper that said shungite has antibacterial properties and absorbs copper but releases heavy metals into the water, more than should be drunk. But she says she wants to try it anyway. How do I persuade her against it? I don't mind the putting crystals in water for an hour and then on moonlight or whatever rituals because they are harmless but drinking heavy metals for no reason is not harmless. Just because some "guru" says it's amazing and has sooooo many benefits. I hate those gurus, they're just trying to sell their shit by pretending they're enlightened

No. 898705

If I put wax on my nose, do you guys think it'll pull out my whiteheads/blackheads? I just wanna try it out to see

No. 898710

how do these aesthetic cafés in SK work? I work at a cafe and it's nowhere near as comfy and nice and clean as the ones in these people's vlogs. I wish it could be, I would love to serve plates this cute.

If anything it would probably just remove layers of your skin, it's not like pore strips actually remove the gunk in your pores.

No. 898726

anon it’s korea, do you live in another country?

No. 898728

Your nose skin is too delicate for wax, use oil cleansing method or smthng

No. 898743

File: 1630601290447.jpeg (245.95 KB, 750x594, 79E56C06-6760-4AE1-8E3A-E17B60…)

I keep sperging about this BUT GOID NEWS I LOVE ME SOME GOOD NEWS

No. 898756

Can anyone invite me to Kiwifarms so I can look at the attachments which are blocked for non-registered users? shaynaclifford@protonmail.com Thx, your favorite sex worker princess

No. 898763

File: 1630603495302.jpeg (84.88 KB, 588x601, 139E6E4D-1804-4996-8D66-12AECC…)

>am lazy by nature and hate work
>get a part time job sitting a child
>the job itself is fine the kid is great etc but due to laziness still hate leaving the house
>BUT enjoy the fact that when i get home pretty exhausted and drained i have an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit for the rest of the day and rest
anyone else know this feel

No. 898771

i love reading about the fact that men are expandable and not needed. women only society when?? subhuman y-chromosome-havers can go seethe and wear cheap plastic wigs those fuglies will never be women no matter how hard they try kek they should go and eat some pebbles

No. 898776

I can relate I hate working too & I have zero work ethic. Work sucks and when I think about having to work till I'm old I want to kill myself. I did fine in school and college since I am not dumb (even tho I procrastinated almost every assignment) but I have to get a job now. I don't even know where to apply bc I fucking hate working and I don't want to leave the house and just want to do whatever I want and don't want to stay more than 8 hours at work & do overtime. Maybe I should apply for a government related job the people there seem p retarded and lazy themselves

No. 898780

government related jobs are p much always gonna be paid well and give you opportunity to be lazy. honestly my goal is to just coast by somehow with easy going ish part time jobs like this until i eventually become a SAHM and by the time i have to work again it'll make even more sense to do part time lol

No. 898781

They already made a female rat from 2 ovum called kaguya, she was healthy and had longer than average life span.

No. 898782

The expectation to be somewhere physically and do the job during a set amount of time is what makes me unable to work more than part time. My autistic ass interprets it as a prison.

No. 898784

because it IS a prison. You saw right through it anon. You are smarter than probably 90% of people.

No. 898790

I don't know if you're mocking me or agreeing

No. 898794

File: 1630606815307.png (1.85 KB, 332x332, 6d0c7f35a66688f309ceedf4e94013…)

idk why I made a carrd I'm not even using it

No. 898801

Luna is it you?

No. 898802


No. 898813

I unironically want to make a carrd. The idea of making a custom page sounds fun

No. 898817

File: 1630609517235.jpg (27.11 KB, 560x355, rage comics.jpg)

I swear there were rage comics like this back then, just with less charm

No. 898819

same just for fun

No. 898820

Hard to be pleasant when you’re in a state of constant suffering.

No. 898821

i never remember what HSTS means or stands for but every time i search it the only thing that comes up are high speed trains or the hubble space telescope. beginning to think that HSTS is just a ploy to turn people autistic by making them look at pictures of trains or something

No. 898822

I keeping thinking that if anyone I knew ever saw my (tame) anonymous husbando posting they would immediately know it was me somehow but I'll continue to do it anyway

No. 898824

homosexual transsexual. as in trannies exclusively attracted to the same biological sex (mtfs into men and ftms into women)

No. 898827

giant ass culture is so stupid… i hate what the world has become. do you want me to be normal weight and have no ass or do you want me to be overweight? so retarded

No. 898832

thank you so much. i’ve finally been freed from being forced to look at pictures of trains

No. 898837

what are you supposed to do with it besides showing your pronouns

No. 898841

Yeah. My roommates (girls) are obsessed with butts. I try on a pair of pants, they say turn around so I can see it from behind. One showed me an instagram profile she follows, 60% pictures of sea and whatever, 40% pictures of women's butts. They keep talking about butts. One is a bodybuilder and she is obsessed with working on her butt. When I go on youtube, I get the generic recommended "summer hits" videos and it's always a woman's butt front and center in the image. Why is the world so obsessed with butts. Please it's ridicolous I want it to stop.

No. 898846

normie women are braindead (sorry not sorry) if they seen men cooming over asses as much as they do these days then the women straight away want to pander to that

No. 898849

It feels like this entire past decade every was obsessed with disgustingly asses for no reason, "thick" "dumptruck" "cake" fucking hell it sounds so cringe inducing

No. 898850

sometimes it's not about what the card's purpose, and more about having fun making the card, kinda like drawing

No. 898853

I thought this guy liked me for several reasons so today I decided to smile at him when he walked by my area, because hes always looking over at me when he does, and he just gave me a weird look. Now I feel stupid and embarrassed. Telling myself I won't pay attention to him or try to talk to him anymore. It's stupid as fuck but here I am taking it personally.

No. 898859

Yeah I live in a different country. Are Korean cafés just calm and clean then? I wonder what’s different

No. 898860

World? Big butt obsession is not a thing in Europe or Asia. Nor is there an obsession with blondes.

No. 898865

File: 1630614108301.jpg (48.06 KB, 500x560, Charlie.jpg)

I'm not and have never been attracted to short guys but for some reason I find myself captivated with Charlie Day, If he was taller I don't think I'd be attracted to him though
he's like a little human Goblin man,

No. 898866

Charlie is so precious, I love him.

No. 898869

I can't explain my attraction to him either, its hard to put into words

No. 898875

File: 1630615876362.jpg (34.37 KB, 426x680, murica.jpg)

Why are americans so retarded, is there something in your burger and marshmallows or what

No. 898877

The anon who calls people "retarded" in the COVID thread should shut the fuck up. It makes it obvious you're trying to start trouble by posting things with zero contribution just to call someone a retard. They were there yesterday, got on the lower hand of the "debate," then goes on a rant calling people who had different viewpoints than them scrotes and retards.

No. 898878

Its whatever they inject into their oversized meals that makes them like that

No. 898886

File: 1630617834975.gif (1.12 MB, 500x276, B1D20BC2-4A23-4084-9F03-72BAFF…)

Our water supplies were cursed with retard flu the moment you euro fucks touched the land and gave the natives smallpox.

No. 898889

you're allowed to have this opinion but only if you're not british

No. 898890

okay yank

No. 898896

there's that british wit, nice going gemma

No. 898900

Don't they put corn syrup in everything?

No. 898904

nta and not british but burgerfats are even more subhuman than britbongs, it's funny seeing burgers pretend otherwise though

No. 898907

Did lolcow get namedropped on /int/ and /pol/ or something?

No. 898908

Britbongs and burgers are two sides of the same coin, now that Brexit has happened and the UK will start getting bullied by actual big boy countries they will merge into one greasy mess x

No. 898918

File: 1630621392426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.58 KB, 800x1082, dfc13580aeb4a3b3ce932a6c5f0a0a…)

No. 898921


No. 898926

File: 1630621815219.jpg (10.75 KB, 370x280, loser brits.jpg)

I thought these were the canadians

No. 898928

File: 1630621854619.jpg (101.81 KB, 500x297, porque no los dos.jpg)

No. 898932

wouldn't that be maple syrup?

No. 898935

I asked my bf for his #1 celebrity crush was and he said RACHAEL RAY with no hesitation. Idk who I was expecting but it wasn't her.

No. 898939

I just wrote a 15 page essay that I was ignoring for the past two weeks so I could procrastinate writing an email to the university because I am more afraid of the negative feelings from writing the email than from writing the paper. email > essay

No. 898963

Kek it's kind of cute he likes her rather than some highly modified bombshell

No. 898965

i see you're a fellow lover of the enemies to lovers trope

No. 898979

My ex bf started adding gross loli and shota pics to his favorites after we broke up, and I'm pretty sure he thinks no one he knows visits that gallery of his. I like thinking that I might be the only one who knows about it and that it might be his secret guilty pleasure or something but I also wonder if he always had a taste for this shit or acquired it later.
And it's bizarre to think that this grown man apparently fantasizes about being a little boy that fucks mature women, I almost want to ask him about it only to make him uncomfortable

No. 898998

After seeing texas abortion stuff all over reddit, i decided to check the troon subs only to discover absolutely 0 posts about it. Women my ass.

No. 899019

File: 1630631688042.png (1.72 MB, 1914x1079, Screenshot_1.png)

i developed a bit of a crush on this guy and it's just funny how i'll never meet anyone this cute irl… cute men only exist [anywhere not in my vicinity]

No. 899020


No. 899021

post a cute man then go ahead :)

No. 899023

File: 1630632353009.jpg (154.99 KB, 1201x1589, 1602655315867.jpg)

No. 899032

fucking rekt

No. 899033

opinion discarded

No. 899035

File: 1630633279113.jpg (36.69 KB, 828x623, Tumblr_l_44341737794976.jpg)

Dear God can I get a girlfriend for my birthday, I will treat her well and buy her things and go down on her whenever she wants amen amen insert prayer emojj

No. 899036

Based. 2D>3DPD

No. 899037

>discord spoiling
Please stop.

No. 899049

NTA but discord spoiling? The square brackets??? Or what do you mean?

No. 899052

I'm going through late puberty and I feel so fucking ugly my tits look like big purple bruise bumps on my chest from how swollen and stretch marked they are I literally look disgusting I just want clear boob skin

No. 899053

it’s always the boldest ones calling every real life man ugly because their brains have been destroyed by romanticized fanart, wonder if anon will jump to another stage of human evolution and realize their husbando isn’t real

No. 899054

i found them ugly long before getting into anime tbh. before this, it was geometrical cartoons, before that, disney characters.

No. 899057

Neither this >>899019 or any other man on this earth would ever cape for real women's appearances this hard. Hope you realize that.
>"I-I don't care"
No one asked, simp

No. 899065

My nails are sharp and i accidentally made my ear bleed by scratching it

No. 899070

99% of real life men are ugly. cope

No. 899081

This anon is for real mad about someone posting a fictional man

No. 899085

>"t-they're not real!"
Foolish nonny, this is what gives them their superiority.

No. 899087

all of the metalfag tumblr millenial harry potter homestuck refugees hating kpop get on my nerves. i don’t like kpop but damn why be a debby downer

No. 899103

ok if communion wafers are supposed to be the body of christ, would it be accurate to call them jeezits?

No. 899109

Real boys are honestly unbearably cute. Shitty? Perhaps, but so fucking endearing.
2D boys are also cute. Boys are cute. By God, it is my curse how attracted to men I am, but I will die on this hill.

No. 899121


No. 899122

how do you get tumblr, millenial, harry pitter, homestuck AND metalfag out of one post saying kpop threads were shit

No. 899124

I mean in actuality, Britain has been America's overseas province for almost 70 years now
both countries are linked forever in each others conflicts, domestic and foreign polices, for e.g the reason US got involved in Iran and the Middle east in the first place was cause of the Britain and then Britain has found its self in every American conflict(except Vietnam) since WW2
In a Century or so the UK and the Commonwealth will be just some pseudo-state part of the American Empire

No. 899127

K-pop is bad, cope.

No. 899128

It’s kinda frustrating how little cute men there are. I am bombarded with hoochies and beautiful woman but no sexy men to check out. I went to an amusement park the other day and I barely even got horny, I only saw one cute dude and he was like average cute. I saw a bunch of girls that were beautiful and hot tho, it was kinda a letdown .

No. 899129

i agree but do people normally get horny at amusement parks

No. 899137

You know incels are always moping about how women are hardly even attracted to men and I naturally thought they were retarded. But I guess they are right. God, why am I so deathly horny; what is wrong with me.

No. 899138

I know I would feel better if I ate but I'm so fucking sad right now and I hate eating when I'm sad

No. 899142

Many fujos aren't into real men at all and only date women. I would tell you to go back to PULL if it still existed.

No. 899148

kek these types are exactly the ones that are the biggest kpopfags at my uni
kpop threads brought with them a lot of underaged twitterfags and it was getting really noticeable. Personally I wouldn't care if we had a kpop thread if it weren't for that.

No. 899149

File: 1630653225020.jpg (39.27 KB, 474x292, ba29e640d664d702ea4e842aab.jpg)

It's their fault really. Grooming, hygiene, and fashion standards for men used to be much higher in the past but at some point between the 90s and 00s they collectively decided that putting effort into their appearance was too gay and effeminate. They even came up with the retarded term "metrosexual" to label any man who isn't a fucking slob. Don't even get me started on the pick mes who enable their delusions that an unwashed ass is the height of masculinity.

The incel problem could probably be cut in half if men were actually given practical advice on how to be attractive to women, but instead they spend their days victimizing themselves and taking PUA advice from other equally clueless and retarded incels. Females are the sexual selectors and this is true for the vast majority of species, placing higher beauty standards on women than on men is and always has been a disgusting reversal of nature.

No. 899165

>instead they spend their days victimizing themselves and taking PUA advice from other equally clueless and retarded incels.
Nailed it. A lot of the moids I know are more interested in hearing about what women like from other men instead of women themselves because they know they don't want to be the man women find attractive. Being well-groomed, tender and considerate? That's gay shit, Chad will laugh at me if I deviate from the masculine ogre archetype! Women love gruffy gymrats with a buzzcut, that's what u/PilesOfPussy told me!

No. 899166

Even if my 2D husbandos were hideous compared to the peak attractive 3Dpig male they would still have a better personality and literally 0 chance of hurting me. Objectively attractive men are always full of themselves and often abusive because the world around them feeds their ego since birth.

kek exactly

No. 899187

I just got my wisdom teeth out and was prescribed codeine for a couple of days after and I know this sounds so stupid but for the next 4ish hours after taking it I genuinely felt like I was fighting for my life lol. Like it made me feel so nauseous and I had such bad vertigo and was extremely dizzy so I wasn’t able to stand and then was in and out of being awake for hours and when i was awake I was so confused and couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or it was real and my breathing was extremely shallow I really thought I was going to die and wasn’t sure if I should call ambulance but I just took the normal dose so I thought it would be pointless to call them for that. I just won’t take it again but I think it’s weird I reacted that way

No. 899192

There’s this job I’m so so desperate for and I did like 3 interview then didn’t hear back for weeks so I just assumed they chose someone else then randomly I just got this email today:
I hope you’re doing well.
I just wanted to follow up with regards to the position.
The feedback from the team has been really positive and I just wanted to touch base with you to say please bear with us while there a few changes internally in the team.
I hope to be back in touch next week with an update.

Obviously I took out the identifiable parts but idk what to make of that? Would you interpret that positively or negatively?

No. 899194

could it be an allergy to codeine?

No. 899195

File: 1630664133037.jpg (88.09 KB, 540x540, 1624836634960.jpg)

I don't think I can ever truly hate men, mostly cause so many women have made my life a living hell and been needlessly cruel to me for no reason other then I was a bit odd, radfems just claim that if any woman bullies you then she's simply doing it for the benefit of the patriarchy but that's all bullshit, human beings abuse those that are different from them any chance they get
I just feel distant from anyone both men and women, If men in the world disappeared I wouldn't care much cause the people who bullied/bully me would still exist and they'd continue to do it
I just want a place where lonely weird people can just hangout together and be ourselves without judgement or fear

No. 899196

To me that sounds like they want to hire you but they are currently busy with letting current workers go or something and that they will hire you as soon as they are done.

No. 899198

Ok thank you I really hope you’re right. I wanted it so badly I was so disappointed when they didn’t get back to me, I wish they had of just not said anything until they could give me a definite answer next week because now it’s like all I can think about!

No. 899200

Keep us updated with how it goes! After three interviews I would hope it’s positive

No. 899201

I thought that too because even though I’ve never had an allergy to any medicine I do have a lot of food allergies but the symptoms for a codeine allergy seem to be normal allergy symptoms like a rash/hives/throat closing etc and this wasn’t like that. Idk it was so weird, I’ll have to do some research into it I guess.

No. 899208

Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep for a long time and I mused about how ironic it is that society for the longest time treated men as if they were the 'default' sex and we women are just secondary despite the fact that biologically it is the exact opposite, every fetus is female by default. It's sort of darkly hilarious, especially since most misogynistic scrotes who argue that women are inferior in whatever ways always bring up 'biology' as to support their arguments

No. 899235

i just slept for 32 hours, only waking up to pee and call in sick for work lol. i was really tired after three days of only being able to sleep a few hours each night and having chest pains, so i guess my body said fucking sleep bitch.
why can't i have something between 2 hours and 30 hours of sleep though? i've had fucked up sleeping patterns since i was a kid wtf is wrong with me

No. 899238

It’s annoying because I hated Gabbie Hana for years before the majority of people turned against her but I can’t fully enjoy the feeling of like when other people start to hate someone you hate because everyone began hating her for the wrong reasons in the wrong way. Similar thing happened to me with Shane Dawson.

No. 899244

I want to kin the girl from my year of rest and relaxation

No. 899245

i get you anon i want that too

No. 899252

File: 1630673935480.jpg (14.75 KB, 260x348, 260x348_vale2.jpg)

Despite being mostly musings from a severely traumatized and mentally ill woman, can't deny she had a point.

No. 899254

File: 1630674388874.jpeg (762.52 KB, 1242x1665, 902E0027-43C6-4CB7-A1B2-8C9845…)

Ok I looked into it and I’m pretty sure this is what happened to me? Just posting it incase it could be helpful to someone else they say like 10% of Caucasian people have this so I’m surprised codeine is prescribed so often/I’ve never heard about this before

No. 899255

Someone being severely traumatized and mentally ill doesn’t mean anything they say is invalid.

No. 899258

Good post. I grew up with an abusive mom and it headed me into a huge beginning of hating women and idealizing men. I grew up in 4chan-esque image board spaces pretending to be a man only to eventually realize men are also shitty. I now feel distanced from people in general. I cannot stress to you the painful and shameful amount that I used to over hate women. It wasn't even a need for male validation, just a dumb perception of women being vapid and sadistic. I also realized that at some point male image boards made me feel so shit about myself that I'd be in my room sobbing like a fag. I will probably always have some sort of fucked up identity crisis in my head over it. I feel great lonliness over the concept that I will never know peace from those who hate men or women because I cannot by attachment hate men and I cannot by logic hate women. I just want to go somewhere where people do not obsess over gender in some way.

No. 899261

>I just want to go somewhere where people do not obsess over gender in some way.
Is this not just anywhere in real life? The dynamic of imageboards is not very representative of how most people are imo

No. 899264

Yes, you're right. But rather like the person I replied to said- a place for lonely people. I'd like something roughly similar in community to an image board that isn't ruled by gender separations.

No. 899266

basically a place for weird and lonely men and women that doesn't devolve into pointless politics or talks about gender or race

No. 899272

Well it's not like they haven't existed before. 2005 4chan was basically this with a hobbyist side-shtick and earlier small imageboards started like this but a certain gender couldn't help themselves.

No. 899273

Was it actually though? Would you not still get “tits or gtfo” if you made any indication you were a girl and there was the whole “there are no girls on the internet” thing? Maybe you didn’t see as many people making overt like Elliot Rodger tier posts but there was still a lot of sexism and you still had to essentially pretend to be a man

No. 899276

I want to be atomized I love being atomized I would kill myself if I was actually forced to spend time with my “community”. Almost all of the people complaining about atomization are internet addict shut ins who could very easily be way more active in their community and take on community responsibilities but don’t and don’t actually want to

No. 899288

File: 1630679008014.jpg (57.65 KB, 900x600, Jason-Statha.jpg)

Have the same thoughts with regards to Jason Statham, I aboustetly hate seeing bald and wished they would die off, but with Jason Statham it just fits him for some reason

No. 899306

I know this was so long ago but i just randomly thought about it again and had to look it up I can’t believe how funny the pictures of Onision in court are especially the elevator one

No. 899307

I woke up with about 40 small red spots all over my torso and a big weird rash on my back I don't know what I did anons but life hates me lately I keep getting Ls left and right its almost funny

No. 899308

My stomach has been non stop gurgling for about 16 hours now. I'm losing my mind at this point. Can't figure out what could be causing it.

No. 899311

Bed bugs? Dust mite?

No. 899312

The dewormer thing and even kind of just the word dewormer makes me feel light headed/unable to feel my limbs

No. 899314

check for bed buggies as other anon said otherwise- did you come in contact with anything new? do you put on body creams? eaten anything different?

No. 899319

Has there been a celebrity with as many people dressing up as them while they’re still living as ariana grande? I find it weird she has so many compared to every other celebrity

No. 899323

Its not that people dress AS Ariana Grande, it is that she dresses like the typical basic bitch. (see also: Avril lavigne)

But to answer your question: Michael Jackson

No. 899328

that's probably it, I cleaned everything changed sheets etc hope it goes away soon cause I have to go to the beach rip

No. 899339

If its bed bugs you are fucked, they won't go away by just changing the sheets. Go right now and check the corners of the bottom part of your mattress. That's the place were they generally hide during the day and poop (so check if you can find some brown residue, like dirt).

If it's dust mites then it's easier to take care of, just get a spray online or make some yourself and leave your covers/ mattress if you can in the balcony for half a day and you're good to go

No. 899347

I hypnotized myself a few nights ago so I could undo some of the brainwashing I've been subjected to since being exposed to internet porn at a young age. This is probably the easiest I've coomed to just normal vanilla thoughts in a long time 10/10 recommend.

No. 899352

tell me your secrets/links nonnie

No. 899353

I just saw a pic of a random girl I took the other day because I liked her outfit, creepy I know but you can't see her face, it made me think if anyone has ever done that to me and especially a guy and now I got pissed off for no reason

No. 899359

It's the first link when I googled "how to hypnotize yourself"
I'm probably going to try it again soon and repeat some affirmations to myself to let it really sink in.

No. 899383

Getting pissed off is a reasonable reaction tbh, it's an invasion of privacy. and men tend to take creepshots in particular.

No. 899393

I’m so fascinated with that ASMR girl who makes videos graphically describing and “reviewing” girls only fans but goes on and on in every video about how she’s straight. like is it performance art

No. 899395

link? sounds like a pick me tho

No. 899396

Search Dani ASMR

No. 899397

For an example watch this one from around 14:30

No. 899400

Omg never mind. I watched it originally a couple of days ago and just forwarded it to the bit I was thinking about specifically but I just went back and actually watched it and she edited it all out? There was this whole part about how she wasn’t a lesbian and how straight she was immediately after her describing the girls “plump ass” lmao. Maybe there was some drama around it or something so she edited out. The whole concept it just a little weird to me.

No. 899404

File: 1630687790200.jpg (35.11 KB, 750x866, -k3btNGRu.jpg)

I've never had Crumbl before, but I cannot stop thinking about picrel. I cannot wait to make these, I swear I could cum just thinking about these cookies. The southern bitch in me also wants the cornbread cookies

No. 899408


I hate people who over-dress for everything then accuse you of being a slob when you're dressed for the occasion.

No, I'm not putting on a full face of makeup, planning an outfit and doing anything to my hair other than putting it in a ponytail to go walk to the grocery store.
>B-but anon you never know who you're gonna run into, people have gotten jobs just from looking good ALL the time.
1. 99.9% of the people I'm going to run into can't to shit to improve my life, and I'll never see most of them again.
2. If someone does see me that could do something for me, I don't want their help if they're basing it solely on how I looked that one day. That's a fucking predator. Best case scenario is that they "hire me" as a secretary they expect will turn into a sexretary.

Y'all go on living your lives worried about what other broke people think. I'll just be over here comfortable in my yoga pants while I run my errands. I'll dress up when the occasion calls for it, like a functional human being that doesn't have to prove shit to people to have self esteem.

No. 899411

Whenever I drink orange juice it instantly burns my entire esophagus but I literally can't stop drinking it I'm retarded

No. 899412

ma'am are you ok

No. 899416

mmmm…. cookie

No. 899417

File: 1630688937352.jpg (187.94 KB, 1280x720, Cowboy-Bebop-Live-Action.jpg)

I like John Cho and I would have no problem if they cast Asian decedent actor as Spike Spiegel but this casting decision is so fucking dumb
How do you choose a 50 year old 5'7 actor to play a guy whose thing is being young and impulsive and also having a lanky build

No. 899422


the casting looks bad all around except for the chick.

No. 899424

File: 1630689733264.jpg (45.67 KB, 667x1001, sub-buzz-630-1629740048-14.jpg)

I would never guess that's Valentine

No. 899432

Idk who this actress is, but she has a very forgettable instagram-generic filler face thing going on. A lot of actresses have this now, and it's legitimately an issue because they look out of place in any non-contemporary, non-real world setting. It just looks like an instagrammer cosplaying as the character.

No. 899433

I would expect them to hire at least a nice, tall actress. This actress looks like a boring blob compared to Valentine.

No. 899438

File: 1630690986299.jpg (80.47 KB, 940x492, DtSC4CFUUAAjQbB.jpg)

Spike's appearance was based on Japanese actor Yūsaku Matsuda, why not cast a guy who looks like that
Just get a lanky Asian dude in his late 20's, they exist
Tall women are rarely cast these days, anon was right she does look like a cosplayer

No. 899439

>How do you choose a 50 year old 5'7 actor to play a guy whose thing is being young and impulsive and also having a lanky build
Because Hollywood is run by disgusting old men who hate to see actually attractive young men winning. It's always been this way.
I can't find the screenshot now, but there was some article from 19XX where a woman wrote a letter saying she'd boycott Hollywood if she had to see one more crusty old man romancing a beautiful young woman, and the article was a massive cope saying shit like "The old actors have got to take on those roles, young men just don't have the chops/capacity".

No. 899443

to be honest i think jet is my favorite (inb4 he not black) but because i watched the dub and he was voiced by a black dude i always coded him as black lol. Also the actor has beautiful teeth. Everyone else is weird lol. Like why old ass john cho?? i just want a cute 20 something spike. Not some middle aged man BOOOO

No. 899444

THERE ARE SO MANY WIG TUTORIALS EVERYWHERE AND THIS IS THE BEST THEY COULD DO!? Why do everyday cosplayers eat up multi million dollar budget films is hollywood not embarrassed yet!?

No. 899445


I take it back. They did valentine dirty.
Aren't the weebs gonna get mad that they changed a characters race? I don't like it either tbh, seems like pandering. But I guess hollyweird.

No. 899447

When the actress pulled a Gabby Hannah "manage your expectations" about people being annoyed with the costume choice for her I immediately decided I wasn't going to watch. I have no issue with changing costume design but she is virtually unrecognizable and all the costumes in general look kinda cheap and ugly. Also choosing an old fart for Spike was stupid as fuck on their part. It's just going to turn into another netflix Death Note which is a shame because I really like the actor they chose for Jet.

No. 899448

she is literally what asians refer to when talking about "big face"

No. 899449

Spike is canonically East Asian looking though, see >>899438

No. 899452

her face is fine and she has nice cheekbones its the shitty short wig.

No. 899455

File: 1630692133507.jpg (22.16 KB, 500x333, edward.jpg)

Edward definitely should've been played by a mixed girl (or black, dark-skinned Indian or dark-skinned SEA). No one will ever change my mind on this.
Racist weebs would probably seethe, but IDGAF. Even a young Amandla Stenberg double with a red wig would've worked. Makes no sense to have a main dark-skinned character that can be played by multiple races or straight-up multiracial people right there, and just cast a random child actress who doesn't even resemble her in her spot, then racebend another character that has pale-ish skin (Jet). The source material already has diversity, what's the point?

No. 899458

File: 1630692309065.jpeg (344.32 KB, 1600x1200, 6F871CE8-799E-4114-84F4-2F3FBB…)

Just lol. I wasn’t gonna be watching anyways but isn’t Faye also canonically Taiwanese or something??? The actress looks nothing like her in general and isn’t even her actual race. Netflix is so weird with casting based on race. It reminds me of winx club - making the Latina and Asian white for no reason, one of them is now fat and dressing them in hideous unfashionable middle American outfits

No. 899459

what does it feel like to have a guy cum inside you without a condom on?
imagine being almost 25 and not knowing this feeling

No. 899461

I always assumed she was a half black girl
Singaporean, she's even based off some Singapore actress, pretty much all the characters were visually based of real life Asian and European actors or musicians at that time

No. 899463

I have no issue w that since Ed is already such an ambiguous character but am I the only one who always thought she was supposed to be mestiza?

No. 899464

the thrift store near my house must have finally hired someone competent because they're pricing more valuable items fairly. Good for them but no more €7 Ralph Lauren dresses for me, rip

No. 899465

That shit makes you feel like a sexy lil cream puff. It's warm and sticky and a invasive but it feels good if you like the person dispensing it. For best replication try heating up some vagooo safe liquids and piping it in there like you're filling eclairs or something. Report back if you do nonita

No. 899469


Depends on how much you like the guy. It's sexy and amazing if you love him but you feel like less than a hooker if you don't like him (a.k.a abusive relationships and fucked up situations).

No. 899470

You just reminded me when I used to volunteer at a thrift shop there was like multiple occasions a guy would donate stuff and then come back in a few weeks later just to check how much we priced them for and then complain and try and guilt trip me like “wow…well maybe I would have just sold it on eBay if I knew I could make that much…guess it’s too late now” (bare in mind I don’t think anything in the shop was over £15) and I barely volunteered there and this happened multiple times just on the few occasions I did so it must have been semi frequent. It was so weird and annoying.

No. 899471

Omg lmao I meant to reply to >>899464

No. 899472

File: 1630692999151.png (271.09 KB, 526x568, Ed.png)

I'm less scared about her racial casting and more about the morons who will try to claim her as "non-binary" or if they actually make her non-binary in the show I will fucking lose it

No. 899473

This cherry Coke Zero tastes amazing! Like, you can actually taste the cherry rather than the usual corn syrup taste

No. 899476


So they made a white character black and a black/racially ambiguous but dark skinned character white?

Again, I guess hollyweird.

No. 899480

File: 1630693399885.png (987.4 KB, 770x1232, kjnjk0.png)

Fucking kek

No. 899485

File: 1630693868120.jpg (96.35 KB, 800x597, 800px-CB.MP5K.S01E02.Left.jpg)

Oh my God they made her look like a cheap cosplayer

No. 899487

kek I remember that scene, it was small but it was some Drag Queen Hooker who was likely gonna molest Ed when he thought Ed was a boy

No. 899491

File: 1630694165590.png (36.48 KB, 598x293, werwr.png)

Ed is simply to much of a free spirt to care about her biological sex
also 64 likes

No. 899494

They really don't want tomboys to exist. If you're not feminine enough, or at least sexualized, you must be non-binary (or trans if you're on the butch side of things), lol.

No. 899498

kek based

No. 899506


They try to fight labels with more labels instead of just letting people be.

No. 899513

File: 1630695520505.png (896.14 KB, 1440x810, zw.png)

Z e l d a w a v e is my safe place

No. 899602

Usually the token wokecast is the one that feels the most forced but the black guy is the only good casting ironically enough

No. 899607

i don't get why cows has the urge to post a million selfies and overshare or share every mundane thing like shayna for example "i just brushed my teeth". i'm a million times prettier and more interesting than them but i enjoy being so in solitude. i did the same on tumblr years ago though but eventually figured out that life is so much better when you stop living through the internet. but i guess that's what makes them cows, they refuse to take steps to better their lives if it means they have to stop being attentionwhores and look inward. i just don't understand how having a thread on lolcow can't be the motivation they need, i would want to kms from embarressment if that happened to me lol

No. 899608

Imagine thinking your age should dictate when you should've fucked a scrote by. What kind of people are you surrounded by

No. 899621

I feel so desperate for a little bit of dick. I’d fuck literally anyone, I just want a warm body to fuck.
How do I cope with this, I masturbated so many times in those two days but nothing is satisfactory. AAAAAAAAA!!!

No. 899641

Cows are fundamentally broken and need the attention more than they need self respect, dignity, pride or anything else that would motivate them to not post their literal assholes on Twitter for clicks. The cows on here, especially the sexworker/costhots need attention and make validation like we need air. And some of them don't even have severe daddy issues to explain it away. That's the part that confuses me personally.

No. 899687

I forgot I nuked my Tinder account, so I had no setting so I just put up a single really pixelated jpeg of a sad cat and scrolled right until it let me and now I have like 40 matches and like 15 messages. What the fuck is going on with online dating?

No. 899701

Maybe microwaveing your toys helps

No. 899704

i'm not a virgin anon i've just never had a guy cum inside me

No. 899706


Begone scrote

No. 899729

Pretty well known anon. Men swipe right on literally everything to try and improve their chances to get pussy/female attention. They have even explicitly told me this with no shame. Now you know. OLD is a waste of time if you're looking for anything sane, functional or healthy

No. 899738

I mean I get the matches. I don't really get the 15 guys that wrote out cat puns and flirting messages at a cat profile with zero signs of not being a bot. I already have a guy that triple-texted when I haven't said a thing.

No. 899744

not convinced that it’s normal anons causing the derailing and infighting anymore, it’s definitely scrotes

No. 899750

how so? I don't see much of a difference.

No. 899754

Trolling what they assume to be a troll for fun, men love low effort bullshit

No. 899828

idk, I feel like the infighting is just a result of the culture clash between older lolcow users who are more imageboard-acculturated and newer users who are more influenced by the mainstream internet (not taking a side here). I just don't see scrotes putting all that effort into arguing in detail about body image and feminism.

No. 899853

If you develop healthy cleaning habits you will live a happier life. I'm not convinced I'm not a bot at this point. At this point? It's more likely that I'm simply a cog in a machine; that we all are and there is no way out. Rock ROKKO ROOKKKKOOO

No. 899857

i've read lucinda thread and now i feel physically sick holy fuck some people really should be in 24/7 care.

No. 899865

Or get provided a job

No. 899870

did you check out that thread? i think she'd just die if she started working. i'm mentally healthy and i still feel lazy or fuck up sometimes at my work. i'm convinced she'd just melt if she was forced to be responsible.

No. 899871

I feel like I consider infighting anons going back and forth for hours or like spamming insults at each other but people recently seem to expect the site or just women in general to be a hive mind and anyone making even like 1-2 posts disagreeing with each other is “infighting”. Also I don’t get how you can have used the site for any amount of time and think infighting/derailing is some kind of scrote invasion when it has never not been like that

No. 899875

I don’t get how they don’t see that obviously all that is going to do is show the algorithm you’re desperate and therefore show you less desirable people and/or show your profile to less people so you’re pressured to buy some add on feature which they assume you’ll be willing to pay for due to your desperation

No. 899876

Kek. Well, she'd beforced to live in the real world, far away from twitter circlejerking and the tumblr hurtcore crowd. Just imagine if she tried to pull the retard typing and stuttering in a working climate.

No. 899878

So bored so lonely so sad

No. 899884

I was on a dating app for about an hour just to see what was out there and I was disgusted by each and every scrote. This is what I have to choose from? Really? I can see what’s wrong with each of them from a mile away. The thought of being anywhere near them is detestable, and the thought of making sexual contact is so disgusting to me that I feel physically ill. Not to mention they all wanted children- a thought so repulsive that I refuse to let myself think it for long, or I’m afraid I will lose my lunch along with my mind.
From the hollow eyed Chads to the babyfaced incel types- they are disgusting. They are disgusting.

No. 899885

Are you sure you even like men or want a relationship?

No. 899889

>dating app

There’s your issue. Dating apps are the McDonald’s for romance and sex. Mediocre but it does it’s job and you know what you’re going into despite the low standards. Avoid them at all costs

No. 899894

Bryson DeChambeau bend me over!!! Woo!!!!!

No. 899897

It’s so insane to me Vaush has an audience. Just one of the most hideous people on earth, void of any likeable or endearing qualities, zero unique or interesting insight into anything. His success is really one of the most baffling things of the past few years on social media to me.

No. 899899

Do Eminem, Tyra Banks and Rupaul seem asexual to anyone else

No. 899901

idk tyra has some sinister fetish(es) for sure imo

No. 899902


tell us about her fetishes anon

No. 899903

Okay actually you’re right I do see that. The other two I stand by though.

No. 899906

She can probably only get off by getting a bunch of girls to roleplay ANTM contestants and physiological torturing them for days then going on a simulated mass killing spree of them all

No. 899907

eminem reminds me of those 12 year old boys who brag about how they "fucked your mom" over xbox honestly

No. 899913

File: 1630713711295.jpg (66.34 KB, 359x640, e25d9a4e4c0f28a625a01fa03c8331…)

for some reason I imagine her making them wear animal skins while she dresses as an 1800s British explorer, complete with monocle mustache and accent

No. 899915

I thought you were gonna tell me something I could masturbate to not this fanfic.net bullshit

No. 899925

why would you even masturbate to Tyra Banks?

No. 899928

File: 1630714579867.jpg (83.53 KB, 371x594, ce519613a9791433737ac5f43d7357…)

Because she's hot?

No. 899938

I wish Wellbutrin was a thing in the UK I don’t want to go on SSRI’s and it seems better and like it has more tolerable side effects

No. 899947

The Donna album exceeded my expectations and was everything I wished it could be and more

No. 899949


No. 899954

a gospel cockfest

No. 899965


I stopped trying after the second song. How would you rate it compared to his other music?

No. 899972

Does anyone else know someone who genuinely thinks Covid just doesn’t exist and that not a single person has ever been infected because there’s no such thing? I know there are a lot of conspiracies about it but my mom legitimately just thinks it doesn’t exist at all which doesn’t seem to be one of the major conspiracies I hear about. My dads a doctor and we know like 15 people who died so it’s very weird.

No. 899973

I wish I could like it, but the whole christian I love jesus thing feels so disingenuous on him

No. 899974

I agree he gives me the same feeling as those 18 year old tradcath retvrn larpers

No. 899976

There’s a girl ordering at the counter of the food place I’m at and she has the weirdest tattoo. It’s a crown of flowers going in a circle and framing her elbow. Her elbow itself is just elbow, there’s nothing on it, Why? Is she super proud of that ‘bow?

No. 899977

Samefag, I just saw her other arm and there’s also flowers on that one, but the opposite, they’re covering her elbow entirely and nowhere else. Does she hate that elbow?

No. 899981

She listened to Fox news too much kek.

No. 899984

It has to be from something she’s watching but it’s so bizarre like it’s not like she thinks the vaccine is a conspiracy or that covid is being exaggerated she just thinks there is literally no such virus, and that there has been no virus at all this entire time (as in, she doesn’t think Covid doesn’t exist but believes the pandemic was caused by some other virus, she just straight up thinks not a single person got sick with any virus). At least I don’t have to worry about her with the dewormer thing I guess because she thinks there’s nothing to cure but it’s concerning.

No. 900005


It's a pussy way of getting elbow tattoos. Center of the elbow hurts and doesn't retain ink well, so a lot of folks have been doin encircling patterns. Real common in the American Traditional style nowadays to do it with a spider web.

No. 900010

maybe she has scars she wants to conceal?

No. 900014

File: 1630725551569.jpg (24.53 KB, 567x567, ljXAjZT.jpg)

So, I am working on this original character, she is a japanese monster girl and I want to draw her in so many cute costumes, like from many eras and styles, even re-desing her as a monster girl from other asian cultures.

There are so many cute costumes I want to draw, but so little time…

No. 900023

File: 1630726227817.jpg (183.13 KB, 975x1268, EFUeMlzUYAEsEbl.jpg)

This comic makes me so happy. I love lynda barry, and I miss the old alt comics scene.

No. 900044

Eminem maybe, Tyra seems like a normal mean bitch Hetosexual lady

No. 900054

Tongue-in-cheek but: petition to ban gifs from being used as thread pics holy shit. Every time I go on /ot/ I get distracted watching the current Vent Thread gif for like 15 seconds.

God I love that comic. Kind of wanna get a tattoo of the two of them in the last panel.

No. 900056

Omg this is so sweet. I love this

No. 900057

Does anyone else have trouble deciding how to build burgers when you make them at home? I've decided that chicken sandwiches should be arranged in the order of mayo, lettuce, cheese, chicken patty, and then bacon. I can never figure out how to arrange beef burgers though.

No. 900058

Samefag, Liana Finck has a similar, alt art style but she's a bit surreal at times

No. 900066

For beef burgers I go bottom bun, sauce, cheese slice, patty, juicy vegetables, lettuce, bacon, sauce, top bun. The sauce soaks into the buns so no spillage, the cheese melts under the patty so the vegetables don't make the cheese turn weirdly water logged, and the lettuce protects the top bun from getting soggy from the juicy vegetables, and juicy vegetables ontop of patty helps keep patty moist.

No. 900085

I put a different condiment on each bun, cheese goes on top of patty (chicken, beef, veggie, whatever) but leafy veggies go under patty on top of bottom bun. Mostly everything else remains raw and can go between the patty and leafy greens. If there’s egg then the runny egg will go on top of the onion to use it for containment, but the tomato will have to go on top of the patty because the tomato can’t be next to the runny egg. It’s too slippery. Sauces like kecap manis and nuoc cham are placed directly on patty before cheese. Cheese type varies by sauce. Cooked vegetables go on top of patty, so as to not get squished by the patty and the top bun can absorb some of the flavor. If included; cheese cannot be swiss, mustard must be honey, pickles cannot be cucumbers, and mayonnaise must be spiced.

No. 900092

You both put sauce on both buns? I'm not judging, but that seems like a bit much to me. I make a simple burger as follows: bottom bun, arugula, patty, cheese, apple slices or tomato, arugula, sauce, arugula, top bun. I like swiss, provolone & white cheddar, in smaller, thicker slices so it doesn't melt much and retains its character as hard cheese. I like only bbqsauce/mustard for sauce, and I abhor wetted bread. Apple slices are a burger revelation, but they must be crisp fuji apples or otherwise the crispest you can find. Also, do try a yellow or heirloom tomato rather than red, it's very different. The upper two arugulas and sauce can be substituted for a green dressed with the sauce, if I am putting an extra like bacon on top of that to prevent top bun moistening.

No. 900115

No. 900120

Anons, why does "cleaning" your email box and sorting your emails feels so relaxing?

No. 900122

You are hired to clean my email box.

No. 900125

Whenever there's a video or image of a parent kissing their toddler on the lips,the comments are such a shitshow. I guess it's uncommon in anglo countries?

No. 900128

File: 1630743889700.png (2.31 MB, 1240x1754, maybelsart2.png)

nonnie I love monster girls, could you post her? I hope you have a great time drawing her!

No. 900129

here in burgerland there is an unspoken age where parents and children stop kissing on the lips, particularly dads and sons/daughters. Personally I think it is up to the child to determine when they're ready to stop, same as saying "mom and dad" instead of mommy and daddy. Acting like its some big deal when a young child still likes to kiss on the lips is way more fucked up than just letting them do it, imo. As a parent I would just follow my kid's lead. I think it is weird when people act like you can't peck someone on the lips, like it's all tongues wagging around or something.

Making a big deal of parents & children being affectionate seems so weird to me. At what age do we decide lip kissing is inherently sexual and tell toddlers to stop assaulting their moms?

No. 900133

Yes. My buns are always toasted, the different sauces provide distinct and complimentary tastes to the bites. The sauce combination is usually something simple, like honey or kewpie. I use strong flavors and only enough to juuust taste it. I find burgers more delicious when every aspect has it’s own charm. I do not like or use plain white bread burger buns. Saucing the buns makes them stand out. I’m not a fan of most ketchups. I also like fuji apple vinaigrette on a burger bun. Have you tried mango? It fits burgers as well. I’ve eaten it incorporated into brioche and mochi flour based buns and as sauces. Slices also work. I recommend it. Another fruit based pairing I’ve tried and would recommend is red grape jam on the bun. It’s very good. Buns baked with coconut milk for the aromatics are also good. I don’t like sour and citric fruits on my burger.

No. 900136

I recently bought a jump rope because I hate the process of dragging my ass to the gym (walking for 20 minutes to get to the gym, work out, walk home sweaty because I'm not gonna shower in the gym's moldy shower, possibly catch pneumonia on the way home while walking for that 20 minutes again, shower at home). I like the accessibility of it, I can just walk into the living room and start skipping while watching something on my laptop. But the first time I did it I could only make it to 2 minutes before I felt like I'm ready to spit my lungs out lmao

No. 900138

Skipping is high intensity exercise, it's not surprising if you tire out

No. 900139

No. 900140

File: 1630747214441.jpg (564.9 KB, 1352x996, pd.jpg)


No. 900176

If people laugh at dictators attempting world domination for the fact that one government can't successfully maintain rule over such a vast expanse, why are we now expected to laud globalism and accept a widely cast New Culture based on SJW politics and general internetism? Surely we can't.

No. 900181

File: 1630758570937.png (1.37 MB, 1000x707, Kagamine.Mirrors.full.2809610.…)

Since vocaloid is also categorized as troon music when it mainstreamed, what certain songs do troons and vocaloidnewfags listen to? I want to see if I've listen to some or what they're into.

No. 900182

File: 1630759191633.png (7.45 KB, 216x233, images.png)

Vocaloid is considered troon music now?

No. 900186

don't even fucking entertain their bullshit "Claiming" of things that are not for them. We should bully them out of the fandom, not attribute things from it to their disgusting cause. reconsider your approach

No. 900188

File: 1630759988830.png (77.67 KB, 953x490, Screenshot (97).png)

So I have been browsing CahpoChaot(where all the ChapoTrapHouse refuges migrated to after they were banned) and it fucking hilarious
a bunch of trannies acting like this the whole time

No. 900191

A little late but report back in case you ever sleepwalk onto the LIRR or something kek

No. 900196

I only saw some anons here call it that. And dw, I never thought of vocaloid being related to troons in anyway. They don't claim anything. I'm just a bit curious what they might be listening to kek.

No. 900199

when you lift your breasts in your hands and feel the literal weight lift off your shoulders and feel your back straighten and relax, i feel like crying. i want that all the time, i do not need to be carrying this much weight on my chest all the time. i wish my family had smaller boob genes, mine are too heavy. i literally want to die when they get tender and sore during pms and i can barely walk without hurting. should i invest in binders?

No. 900203

wouldn't the pressure from a binder make pms pain worse?

No. 900205

but it would keep the boobs in place, or maybe i should just get a newer, heavy-duty sports bra. the ones i have right now are pretty old and busted.

No. 900213

maybe try getting a heavier duty bra first, and if it doesn't work then try a binder? I have pms related pain too and pressure is the worst thing for me personally, although I have small boobs and don't have trouble holding them in place thankfully, my heart goes out to you nona

No. 900225

I understand you, anon. I hate my big chest too. My shoulders and my back hurt all the time and sometimes I wish I could just get rid of them so I can run out and be free. I cannot afford a boob minimizing surgery tho. I wish a corset would exists that lifts the boobs up so the pressure from the bra doesn't sit so much on my shoulders.

No. 900243

Hack em off and use both as paperweights

No. 900268

My dead skin cells are all over my bed

No. 900277

I'd look into reduction if that's an option for you financially.

No. 900283

No. 900313

File: 1630769273405.jpeg (161.84 KB, 2560x2560, 5fd20b46cea0a27b4d0ca1a9_dust-…)

omw now

No. 900315

File: 1630769580422.jpg (148.88 KB, 1600x1200, vacuuming-mattress.jpg)


No. 900374

File: 1630773519732.jpg (29.62 KB, 479x480, 1599679140056.jpg)

My troon coworker (who calls out, leaves early, and switches work stations all the time because she doesn't deal with the public good– even though the job is 90% public-facing, lol?) is big mad and ignoring me today. Why? Because I refused to switch stations Sunday, from a super public-facing station to an isolated one. I'm always carrying and end up covering her on Sundays anyway since she calls out all the time.

Don't ask me to switch when you're actually demanding my one isolated shift on your two-day work week kek. She's whining about me on Twitter now

No. 900403

File: 1630775495447.gif (1.1 MB, 200x280, 32879465-23F1-4146-8155-6F3790…)


that’s a whole bastard nonnita

No. 900405

God, I'm severely allergic to these motherfuckers and its absolutely awful, would not recommend

No. 900408

it could be a genderdork girl/tif

No. 900412

I haven't smoked weed, drank, or binged in almost a week. If I'm not doing one, I'm usually doing another. Everything sucks but I've been sleeping like a baby.

No. 900413

I really don't care about most of the artists that are going to attend, but I'm excited for the VMAs this year. I just like seeing the performances, I hope someone has something cool.

No. 900422

Will these things really appear anon?

No. 900423


Where is this gif from? Who is she? I needs her in me life

No. 900426


Send some of your tiddie meat my way, I'll make good use of it. And yeah, probably start with new sports bras, binders aren't healthy for you

No. 900431

looks like Brenda Song but don't know what it's from

No. 900438

Why the fuck am I always horny at work? This is the last place I want to be horny at.

No. 900449

don't think it will ever be an option for me. one way i could do it is to travel to another place to get it done and i don't think i'll ever be able to afford that. kms.
trust me, anon, i would if i could. i'll see to invest in some good quality bras and sportsbras. going through pms right now and all i can think about are my tender as fuck breasts, they feel a few kilo more heavy during these days.

No. 900505

it's kinda hard to hate men when you get reminded of how much they actually want companionship from a woman and to be obsessed with one. too but it's really hard to meet men, let alone ones that are genuinely compatible.

No. 900531

File: 1630787866498.jpg (24.38 KB, 624x474, 64cf5e800851cf1b95a962b9a841a2…)

I hate coming accross pedo shit on ao3 ahhh it makes me hate everything. I found an author I liked but of course her 2nd most read fic abt this pairing has one of the characters aged down to 15 for absolutely no reason. Ik I should always remember fo filter out the underage tag but I'd just read the comfiest most vanilla fic from her and i didn't expect this

No. 900536

AO3 is full of extremelly degenerate shit, if the website had a more social aspect to it, only god knows how many cows it'd breed

No. 900555

All I did today was refresh lolcow and coom. It does not feel good

No. 900556

best of luck

No. 900562

She's a bio female that takes T, I honestly call both mtf and ftms troons sorry anon kek

No. 900569

File: 1630791571558.png (828.05 KB, 736x1277, 4EE76192-42FB-4DA9-989A-1053FD…)

got another man to delete his account after trying to argue with me. god bless, ladies.

No. 900571

I have a problem of adding rim lights to all my drawings, it's a crutch for me but they are so sexy even though they make no sense most of the time. But every time I think ok it makes no sense that this light is magically shining here but let me just try drawing it on to see how it looks and every time my drawing looks 500% better

No. 900574

File: 1630792399985.gif (2.24 MB, 498x278, broad-city-salute.gif)

thank you, brave soldier

No. 900580

Based and blessed.

No. 900585

File: 1630793493426.jpg (32.76 KB, 736x488, sweet dreams.jpg)

It's been only a few days but I think Woody left my dreams for good, guys.
He gave me a hug after I helped him leave hell, said "see you around", but I know we ain't seeing each other ever again. Gonna miss him.

No. 900590

just realized twitterfags crying about using the correct pronouns reminds me of when pedos want you to use ephebophile instead of pedophile

No. 900621

wow this is a very nostalgic pic reminds me of last summer dumbass shit thread

No. 900623

I just remembered they cancelled Venture Bros. Fuck!

No. 900653

Music brings my family together and I love it and I hereby denounce every bad thing I've ever said or thought about them. We're New Again and Pure Souls

No. 900676

I feel this when I see old /ot/ pics on different websites

No. 900687

i had to take a mental raincheck like wtf “doja cat” are we in a video game or something it’s so dumb how is this even possible or real to comprehend

No. 900703

File: 1630810451634.jpeg (470.08 KB, 750x1137, 7D276EBE-E2F0-4548-9270-F26173…)

i was reading about guantanamo bay and felt like this was kind of a hashtag girlboss moment

No. 900718

File: 1630811828014.jpg (41.73 KB, 960x560, komaeda.jpg)

I'd like to unironically thank Komaeda anon for her sperging, not only do I find her hilarious but her posts also got me to start playing the Danganronpa games. So far I've played Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair and I loved them both, especially Goodbye Despair.

No. 900721

Based, how do you do it anon?

No. 900722

We should put you on TV so you can convince all men to an hero.

No. 900728

File: 1630813078958.jpeg (1000.96 KB, 1600x1200, miku.jpeg)

Vocaloid is TERF music

No. 900735

this one all i had to do was point out that he was going bald. they’re incredibly sensitive kek.

No. 900740

File: 1630815952819.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x747, tumblr_n360za17bV1skjbkno1_640…)

I just randomly remembered this and my day is much better

No. 900753

File: 1630818394578.gif (77.21 KB, 220x170, 22E1C9DC-9D49-4F04-A70B-D01095…)

No. 900767

Sun king by the beatles is really good, that’s all i wanted to say

No. 900779

hell yeah

No. 900839

I saw a few posts recently about when straight girls are like “you’re pretty I wanted to talk to you” or “I wanted to be your friend because you were pretty” and how that’s a red flag for them as a friend which obviously it is, that is someone you should probably avoid as a friend, but I was really thinking about it and it’s also just such an odd phenomenon that’s seem as normal. It‘s genuinely so weird to say, like imagine guys saying that to each other? It makes no sense to want a friendship with someone based off finding them physically attractive. Like I don’t know if I believe these girls are straight, it feels like it’s some kind of deeply repressed homosexuality or something?

No. 900846

Nah that's such an overtly straight girl thing. Either they're so image obsessed that they want to be hot and be surrounded by hot girls so they have that visually consistent 'girl gang' that celebs, influencers etc have, or they're insecure and it's performative. Like, overcompensating for the competitiveness they feel with attractive girls.

No. 900884

/m/ is my favorite board but all the threads I care about move so fucking slow I end up spending most of my time on /ot/

No. 900887

mmmmmmmm amish men, ughhhhhhhhhh i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gimme an amish man

No. 900902

I love a couple threads there myself. I think it could manage some kind of revival if it had more threads devoted to more specific media like the Harry Potter and Genshin Impact ones, but admittedly that would also risk changing it into a sort of fandomy place, which not everyone would want I imagine.

No. 900916

I would like an amish girl. we bake pies together and she embroiders me something for Christmas and I give her some tallow or something

No. 900918

ot but I post on the music thread almost every day and I always wonder if any nonies ever listen to what I post

No. 900921

I got the highest level on an English level placement test uni made me do and initially I was kind of proud but when I heard some guy complain about his results saying "How am I supposed to be any good at English, I haven't had any English classes in 4 years" I realized all it proves is that I'm terminally online.

No. 900926

I was talking to someone on their last day at my job, and I think my boss may have heard I was pretty much done myself. Just got paid, and she gave me a raise. Still probably gonna look for something else soon though.

No. 900948

i've found 4 of my favorite musicians through people recommending them on various threads, i'm sure i'm not the only one

No. 900978

I bought a book precisely for the reason to stop me from mindless browsing and I suddenly realized how fucking sad it is. Reading used to be my favorite thing and now I'm using it as a tool to fight my Internet addiction

No. 901021

pre rona time capsule

No. 901026

Talking to a guy, he tried to neg me based on assumed choices in mp videogames (he thought I play "casual" popular online mobas, as if that's a sin in itself, and not elite, "real" multiplayers, whatever those are) because I used a meme image macro and imageboard slang. I don't even play videogames. Then he told me to send him my favorite song, because he has "a hard time understanding what kind of person" I am. I felt like I'm talking to a high schooler, and we're both nearing 30. Maybe China is on the right track limiting gaming time, because men seem to confuse video games for a personality.

No. 901085

I really hope Josuke and Yasuho appear as important characters in the next jojo part

No. 901089

Same, the internet has really done a number on us.

No. 901090

Lolololol the tif at work put in her two weeks after having a mental breakdown yesterday when a customer complained about her being rude as hell (which is true and embarrassing)

Good riddance, she can keep her perpetual bad mood and “disabilities” at home

No. 901108

File: 1630855217641.jpg (160.47 KB, 828x1018, tumblr_561263dc8e8b37b9db28f77…)

dios mio

No. 901122

those reptilian eyes

No. 901139

hideous tattoos

No. 901141

I still don't understand lesbians who are into yaoi, my theory is that they are bi women who profoundly hate men and that's ok

No. 901142

Uh oh, you're going to unleash their sperging about wanking to yaoi is true lesbian sexuality.

No. 901151

In before the muh work written by women for women BS to explain why they get turned on by 2 homos

No. 901152

Este coño si está feo, vergación.
>that receding hairline.

No. 901159

I hate that grocery store bakery items are always stale. It makes me sad when something looks delicious in the store and i bring it home and it's already gone dry

No. 901162

I buy that it's possible to like 2D men in yaoi and still only feel attraction towards women in the real world. How people look when they're rendered in an anime style is abstract enough as a representation that I don't think your taste in anime characters really says anything about your sexuality towards real people (for example, a lot of moids like chubby anime girls but hate the real thing).

No. 901170

It depends. I find yuri cute, while not being sexually attracted to women or wanting to be a relationship with a woman. I don't get off to it. But lesbians who get turned on and get off to yaoi clearly like men, but a very pretty-boy idealized version of them that's hard to find in real life. The distinction is that they're still attracted to the concept of a man, just that nobody in real life meets their standards.

No. 901171

I mean there are weird things happening with the sexualities of those who mainly live it out in fantasies, especially since a lot of us are on the internet consuming erotica written by other degenerates. I'm a straight woman, but the idealized men in doujins are as realistic of a portrayal of gay men as yuri is of real, breathing lesbians.

No. 901172

eres maracucha?

No. 901176

>"lesbians" who are into hot boys fucking
>"Straights" that are into hot girls fucking
Wtf is going on this site

No. 901191

human beings are complex nonnie

No. 901196

New age implants are fucking with my senses. I've seen a gif of a woman undressing and thought she had very beautiful breasts, seemed pretty natural for big breasts then I noticed she had surgery scars under. I don't get how some women and troons get such obvious bolt-ons even today if results like this exist.

No. 901205

I personnaly like to read about any sort of combination( m/m, f/f or m/f ); I don't self insert into it, it's more in a weird voyeuristic way I guess. Don't know what it says about me, but irl men repulse me kek

No. 901208

Go long enough without sex and anything goes?

No. 901210

At my old job, I was doing a repair and a customer tried to explain to me how to use a screwdriver. While I was using a screwdriver right in front of him. I still think about that sometimes.

No. 901212

It's all about skill and innovation, now there are much better implants and some niche docs can do a fat transfer as well to pad them even better making it seamless. These docs are much more costly and troons don't invest in quality, they just want "tits" and even relish in the fake porno look

No. 901236

File: 1630867242250.gif (966.76 KB, 245x220, huggles.gif)

that one guy is always posting this in the shayna thread and now i've developed a pavlovian response to it. i saw it being used as a reaction gif somewhere else earlier today and just fucking lost it

No. 901248

Me too kek, I swear 5 years down the line we'll still have that reaction to it

No. 901252


No. 901277

What is this yan simulator thing

No. 901278

Yeah but that's not how it works, if you're any of those you're delusional or trying to larp something you aren't

No. 901286

lesbians forcing pussy art into yaoi ruined it for me. literally make your own yuri instead of complaining its for scrotes. i'll never be into that shit

No. 901294

Pussy in yaoi… what? the more this topic goes on, the less I understand

No. 901302

>literally make your own yuri instead of complaining its for scrotes
This, I hate how little good f/f stuff there is for actual women.

No. 901308

more fitting for the manga thread but I know some good f/f manga made by women but they are more serious or slice of life, not smuty

No. 901312

can you drop some name nonnie ?

No. 901322

Could you share them please?

No. 901339

File: 1630873400394.png (1006.79 KB, 1926x2031, odsl9hn6zfk61.png)

Can some nonnas share their favorite notion templates, my pages are pretty simple but since they're effective enough I thought about embellishing them a little bit.

No. 901363

File: 1630874980233.jpg (366.92 KB, 1080x1476, IMG_20210905_214858.jpg)

Guess the fb algorithm found out I had a sweet ass

No. 901364

File: 1630875019100.jpg (380.29 KB, 1080x1498, IMG_20210905_214844.jpg)

Sorry *have. Grammar goes out the window when I'm high.

Anyway, what the fuck are these outfits

No. 901366

So tacky. Why did I think of James Charles though when I saw this?

No. 901387

>1000+ new items every day
Someone stop Shein. Imagine being an underpaid sweatshop worker and THIS is what you have to make. Ugly shit no one will actually wear.

No. 901437

Anyone else suffering from horrible ragweed allergies now? Or do I just have the coof?

No. 901445

File: 1630879851915.jpeg (18.71 KB, 263x192, 5C2F62CA-77B3-4C63-BFCF-DC30D5…)

Tengo familia maracucha.

No. 901446

can someone please come to my house and throw things at my head and don't stop until i've got all my homework done?

No. 901453

me. my nose was dripping all day and night

No. 901463

Well, people will wear it once or twice, and realize they look the fool, and it will pill horribly when they try to wash it, and then they throw it out and buy another thing from shein. Or wish. Or amazon. There will always be more suppliers of cheap garments. The onus is on the individual consumer for making bad choices if they don't learn the lesson after a couple rounds. And mostly, they don't. Because 1000 new items every day! I'm sure the next one won't be junk like all the others!

No. 901467

Cleaning my ears with cotton swabs feels like a mini orgasm

No. 901481

File: 1630882823114.gif (1.25 MB, 220x220, A2476E33-96CF-42B5-8A26-5DE20E…)

reading a streamer’s twitch chat is always 10x more interesting than the actual stream and the streamer. god I feel like I’m collapsing from laughter right now their fans absolutely have no goddamn chill

No. 901482

God same, it feels so good. I’m probably causing irreparable damage to my ear canals but I don’t care.

No. 901487

I hate people that do pointless bad things to themselves

No. 901507

Do your homework or ill throw a big soup pot at your head

No. 901518

Honestly had many good conversations in twitch chats.

No. 901580

Surfing around to find a new doctor because I just got health insurance through my job and it makes me sad when I open up their zocdoc page and see "we do not accept medicaid, aca, workers comp" kek. I don't have any of these anymore, I have what's considered "good" private health insurances, but I'm worried about not being able to see these doctors in the future should I leave my job and go back on health insurance through aca or whatever. They have to pay their rent and probably make more money not accepting medicaid and shit but damn lol. Feel like I'm too poor for these bitches.

No. 901584

are the doctors that don't accept medicaid/aca/workers comp really better doctors though? I'm on an aca plan, and all of the doctors at the best and largest hospitals in my city take aca patients. I guess it might be hyper-regional, but I always get the feeling that there are some practices that are less prestigious than they are purposefully exclusive.

No. 901589

I wouldn't think so! I'm just doing a general search by area (close to my work place, which is in the city center and I work in an expensive city) so some of the ones I pull up I see they have this in their description. I grew up on medicaid and all of my doctors were absolutely wonderful. The exclusivity, whether it's because they've got expensive bills to pay or not, does make me feel some type of way though, and I close their tabs kek. Plenty of doctors out there who take all three and my private insurance too! I'd like to stop hopping doctors and would like to stay with this doctor even if I leave my job so if they take ACA it'd be better for me in the end lol.

No. 901591

I so need a cute asian guy my age!

No. 901595


No. 901598

I never wanna hear you say "I have a girlfriend"

No. 901621

File: 1630897325919.png (834.7 KB, 828x1023, Lumither_Art_by_Rin.png)

I don't know shit about genshin impact, but I keep seeing art of these characters and briefly thinking they're rin and len kagamine

No. 901627

Nonny, i had this on in the background and found the part you meant. starts at about 15:21 LOL

this woman is having a heterosexual moment for sure

No. 901631

"12 Angry Men" should be a required movie for everyone to watch in this day and age.

No. 901641

I hate PWP bruv how am I meant to feel anything when there’s no CONNECTION

No. 901653

File: 1630905276901.jpg (114.22 KB, 800x600, david-fintz-GUnvjnLPt6c-unspla…)

I read a WaPo article and the headline made me think it was about people giving up their pandemic pets, but no, it was arguably worse- it was about owners having to say goodbye to their beloved pets as they passed during the pandemic. While reading the article, it mentioned a Reverend in Boston who does pet loss counseling, and I bookmarked the page for the future. My dog is getting up there, she's 17 now, and I know it'll be hard when it's time to say goodbye. I think I have a weird relationship with religion and faith, but I can find comfort in it even if I can't find myself committing fully to it.

For any burger anons interested, this is their website: https://www.animaltalksinc.com/

You can email him so even if you're not a burger, maybe you can still speak with him. I think the service is very low cost and they run mainly through donations.

No. 901720

File: 1630913144232.png (208.11 KB, 376x370, beegashiimeanscow.PNG)

well the sperg thread about americans forming their own language got locked, so I guess I'll share the navajo word for cow here instead

No. 901740

saw someone with a username similar to puppymilk on a forum I hang out on and freaked out for a second, but luckily they had both their instagram and art page linked in their bio so I could confirm they're an entirely different person and doesn't seem to be genderspecial nor a degenerate. I sincerely hope the name similarity are just an unhappy accident and they don't actually have any connections to nor support the creep

No. 901769

I never learned how to properly do this and I just want some advice now. It always seemed fun. Need me some fun exercise
Also can't ride a bike

No. 901854

File: 1630937335308.jpg (23.96 KB, 532x325, Stuilly.jpg)

>Stuilly is the slash ship between Stuart Macher and Billy Loomis from the Scream fandom.

>Stu and Billy were best friends, going to the same school - Woodsboro High School - and, as revealed by the end of the Scream (1996), the Ghostface.

>We could already see the two boys getting along at the beginning of the movie. From what we saw then, they were spending a lot of time in school in four - Billy, Stu, Sidney (Billy's girlfriend) and Tatum (Stu's girlfriend). We could also see Macher and Loomis associating with only each other in their free time.
>As we find out by the end of the film, there was a good reason for showing them being so often together. Billy and Stu were partners in crime, the Ghostface/Woodsboro Killer. Loomis, despite saying he didn't have a motive, he actually had it - his long-running hate towards Sidney's mother for 'ruining' his family, despite the fact he already killed her. Yet we never find out the Macher's motive. However, when Sid calls the police and asks him what she should say about his motive, he chooses 'peer pressure'. It's possible that it wasn't so far from the truth and he became Billy's partner in crime, just to help him in accomplishing his plan.
>While Macher and Loomis talk with Sidney alone, they mention that they were preparing for being a Ghostface - watching horror movies and taking notes together. The two boys also had the whole, perfect plan in mind, which also means they already talked about the 'ending' a lot.

>Stuilly is the most written ship on AO3 in the Scream (Movies) tag and the most written ship for both of the characters. It's also the only ship with fanarts in the fandom.

>The ship sailed, because of Billy and Stu being partners in crime and because of the especially visible closeness between them, which made a lot of Scream fans think that they were in a relationship.

No. 901861

First day back at uni, I took up an extra seminar course that had an interesting name, and for the first time I've met a dude that I can only describe as a 4channer in the wild. This scrawny little blonde dude could not fucking shut up for a second with his verbal shitposting, he was all over the place with his arguments and couldn't understand any other approaches other than his original one, and he seems to have forgotten our native language as he kept using english slang/imageboard terms. You could visualize his brain damage caused by years of posting on /pol/ in real time as he was speaking. I'm considering dropping this course just because I don't want to listen to him every monday morning, and the teacher is really bad at moderating and telling him to fuck off when he's derailing every argument.

No. 901888

thanks navanon

No. 901898

File: 1630941636138.png (65 KB, 1176x460, ovaritsperg.png)

This is neccessaryspeed isn't it. I remember the celtic warrior obsession from /g/threads.

No. 901899

My dear mother is writing a letter of complaint to a butter company because she didn't have her glasses and accidentally picked up their marge instead. She likens the flavor to 'melted candlewax' and implores them to change the name of the spread to 'fake butter gunge'. She expects to get vouchers from this. I hope they reply kek

No. 901901

What weirdass convoluted male larp is that

No. 901902

128 written works and the rest are just self inserts

No. 901907

In all likelihood, the company will just send her a voucher for a free tub of butter to get her out of their hair. I get it from their perspective, but I feel like this practice trains people to complain more.

No. 901908

She/he used to sperg so much here that s/he got a new ban everyday for like a month or more. Greatest hits include making posts about wanting to fuck literally retarded men and obsession over some Germaine Greer pedo book.

No. 901910

I'm not even a Fujoshit but I still get it, speaking of Scream Dave Sheridan was really hot, surprised he never became more famous

No. 901913

I need to know more
what is the general topic
(don't worry, I'm not a stalker, I only have one course this semester bc I'm writing my dissertation)

No. 901915

did he look 5’9 anon

No. 901941

The general goal of the course is critical thinking and recognizing and dissecting "fake news". I should've expected this type of person to show up. I just hate that in general you can tell that guys like these overdose on american politics from podcasts but know nothing else about the world or social sciences. I don't know how clowns like these aren't told to think before they speak, I think it's the failure of their high school teachers. I wish I had the confidence of your average retarded internet-raised 20 year old male.

No. 901967

Nta but I've never watched this clip with a straight face, no matter how many times I've seen it. Never gets old

No. 901970

CP don’t scroll

No. 901971


No. 901972

cheeeseeee pizzaaaaaaa

No. 901976

File: 1630946673409.jpg (445.44 KB, 2048x1056, Tumblr_l_421756049793456.jpg)

cp in homepage

No. 901983

File: 1630947030069.jpg (236.39 KB, 1200x1500, 4siqk00pbut61.jpg)

I'd like to go there

No. 901987

let's go together. kind of looks like a place I saw in a dream once, before the ruination. how serene it looks now

No. 901988

I was just thinking about a begger approaching me asking for money lately. They always call you m'am here when they do it and I wonder if they ever come across gender iffy people. I'm butch enough I could pass for an NB. I reckon I could fake a hissy fit over that shit and pull it off convincingly

No. 901997

File: 1630947490610.jpg (38.5 KB, 718x960, 1625599952804.jpg)

why is it happening so often lately?

No. 902001

It looks like spam links aimed at pedos. Maybe it's spammed on all kinds of imageboards.

No. 902002

If it’s the same thing as before (cp image + btc wallet address), I’m pretty sure it’s just a bot that spams imageboards

No. 902005

File: 1630947880485.jpg (19.83 KB, 549x412, sad beer.jpg)

but WHY though? why would a person who is trying to profit from cp post here, a place filled with non-pedo women, aside from a sense of sick pleasure from sending feminist women cp? are they banking on there being pedos lurking here?

No. 902006

Yeah, I've seen it on other, smaller imageboards too.

No. 902008

reeeeee i don't want to date normies! how do i date a non normie guy

No. 902010

I doubt the bot is aware of what lc is. Just that it's an imageboard and those are usually full of pedo moids.
The question is how to stop the bot.

No. 902013

Maybe lolcow should have a captcha like 4chan does

No. 902015

Most people who operate these cp schemes don’t live in the western world and don’t necessarily understand english very well. They’ll add any imageboard to their list of sites to spam.

No. 902016

Yeah, it’s always been surprising to me that lolcow doesn’t require a captcha. The post rate isn’t that high here, so it’s not like it’d be too disruptive

No. 902024

Absolutely. Then we'd get rid of that shit.

No. 902035

Is it really that funny ? I just find it kinda sexy

No. 902037

I miss my dad

No. 902073

I'd probably stop posting if we got captchas.

No. 902080

I haven't had sex in a year I am sick of not having a regular period. It's never a pregnancy scare lol its just like, OK am I unhealthy, am I stressed, why does it feel like I've had pms for two weeks, am I sad, am I depressed, are these just period symptoms. Like the fucking audacity.

No. 902092

I'm watching season 6 of the kardashians and every sister (apart from Kylie) and kris and Bruce (omg rip) have nose jobs. It's like they all treated themselfs to new noses around the same time. I bet they took a holiday to do it. Kendall got hers during the interim. And they're pushing the model thing and it's so cringe!!

No. 902107

I've just had another Kardashian revelation! Some of them are let in on scripted story lines and some literally aren't and you're seeing the true reaction of some of them being completely blindsided and then you can see the guilt on other faces but Kris is loving it. I completely get why Kanye called her Kris Jong Un lol. The fun is figuring out who's being natural

No. 902122

Reading my own writing is like sandpaper to the brain. What the fuck am I smoking to write like this

No. 902125

File: 1630955681708.jpeg (183.25 KB, 1242x700, DB22C9DE-F77D-4E3A-939D-8C7EAD…)

Why tho? Captchas can be solved in a few seconds. Are you a robot?

No. 902131

File: 1630956458342.jpeg (883.06 KB, 3999x2999, BA8676FE-202F-4DC4-8410-633A62…)


No. 902135

No. 902136

fuck off and let me enjoy this, debby downer

No. 902137

he is literally so hot i would die for him idc about femcel nonnies i would lay my life on the line for him

No. 902138

I want to forcibly shave that ugly ass stubble, then I would consider him cute.

No. 902139

Thank you nonna for these, he's so hot and funny as fuck. He's the one man I'm constantly obsessed with

No. 902142

No. 902143

Who is this monstrosity

No. 902144

he is seriously so funny and it just makes him 1000x more attractive i could listen to him talk about nothing for hours, u have wonderful taste

No. 902145


No. 902147

Unfunny streamer #7654468900632114566322457889006432115320

No. 902148

I hink that's jerma985

No. 902151


stop talking about your vibrator disgustang femcel nonnie

No. 902153

you have shit taste, samefag

No. 902154

he's not gonna fuck you nonna, no need to get defensive

No. 902156

why would he fuck me when I’m the one who would fuck him

No. 902159

I think the real femcel here is the one simping for an ugly man who is never going to fuck you.

No. 902162

I started holding people accountable and set boundaries. Some people seem pissed but I'm sleeping so much better not giving a fuck zzzzzzzz

No. 902166

it's pretty ironic when some anons use "femcel" towards any woman with standards or those who lack interest in males when actual femcels are obsessed with wanting a bf

No. 902169

File: 1630958620905.gif (907.17 KB, 300x300, 2A16FFD3-527B-4654-A2B1-F87FF4…)

stop weaponizing anonymous conformity, we can’t have shit in detroit. an anon can’t even enjoy shit

No. 902173

Don't you think it's fun that we all have different opinions on men? How amazing it is that some think jerma is ugly and others that he is handsome? Don't you think that is good and we shouldn't fight, how would the world work if we all fought over the same few men

No. 902174

you don’t have standards, you post on a site that has a dated menstruation forum color scheme that looks like it came straight out of the 90s. learn to reply to the right person, fucking idiot

No. 902175

Nta, but you also post on this site + you like Jerma.

No. 902177

i wasn't trying to reply to anyone, just talking towards the site in general. shit-liker.

No. 902180

It's even uglier while moving holy shit

No. 902183

I just want my fav to fuck me, I don't care what people think, or do I

No. 902187

File: 1630959299063.gif (497.41 KB, 250x263, E0AE53B4-2CD4-4492-98A2-A5885B…)

you’re never going to pressure anybody, I’m gonna like what I like hoe

No. 902189

File: 1630959330743.png (780.72 KB, 880x658, 30.png)

There's an entire thread on /g/ for thirsting over ugly streamers anon. There's even other germ fuckers there.

No. 902191

I would be ok with Jerma-fags if they at least had the decency to spoiler his face outside of the male thirst threads.

No. 902195

File: 1630959639574.jpeg (20.93 KB, 166x211, 28AC9D8F-5B82-42B1-8045-DB3A0E…)

Jerma > Forbidden Man
there I said it

No. 902198

This image is so tiny who is this

No. 902199

Why do anons get so melodramatic when someone calls their man ugly? Relax, he's not gonna fuck you either way.

No. 902200

File: 1630959786112.png (1.08 MB, 761x496, happy.PNG)

Hey now just get in the chair and it will be all over soon, anon

No. 902201

File: 1630959809284.gif (1.7 MB, 476x498, 689.gif)

anons who come to /ot/ to thirstpost are so annoying.
if i wanted to hear you sperg about scrotes you find hot i'd go to /g/ . pls stick to the horny threads kthnks

No. 902203

No really, he won’t? I was expecting him to come to my house right now!

No. 902204

both need to stay in their own threads regardless
even ko-chan was able to handle it better lmao

No. 902205

That's like saying drinking piss is better than eating shit. I mean sure, but neither is preferable.

No. 902213

Kek, that gif…

No. 902219

does anyone remember that one post on /ot/ forever ago that was someone admitting she wanted to fuck her male cousin or something? it was some sort of male relative. it may have been in the confession thread but honestly i don't remember

No. 902221

Was it necessaryspeed?

No. 902232

Go get some water because your thirst for ugly men is making you hallucinate.

No. 902234

The one who wanted to fuck her nephew?

No. 902237

It's Jim Carrey

I think Jerma is a bit more conventional, but he doesn't have half of the allure

No. 902239

If it was the one where anon wanted to fuck her nephew, I believe that was in /g/ I also remember something about him being underage, so for my own sanity I just convinced myself that it was a troll

No. 902244

I caught Dogtooth on TV and I thought it must have been some troll overtaking the channel and had to look up "greek incest movie" to realize it's real. I have to say, an intentionally disturbing and alienating movie doesn't mean you're a genius filmmaker, and I don't get scrote filmcritics that praise it so much.

No. 902246

File: 1630962560046.png (127.7 KB, 1254x324, 1555750013986.png)

Samefag, I found it. This is one of necesseryspeed's posts >>>/g/107776

No. 902249

This person is so weird, she also claims to have an autistic "Husband" who never uses the internet.
She is on Ovarit now sperging about how awesome male bodies are and STILL goes on about that fucking Greer pedo book.

No. 902259

now I'm looking at every post that mentions germaine greer with extreme suspicion kek. I think there was one earlier today in the news thread, hmmm…

No. 902260

not a kiwifag but I've been lurking their makeup and beauty thread and it's so comfy you almost forget you're on kf, until the site starts going down randomly because trannies are ddosing it. can't have shit in detroit

No. 902265

So we have a pedo and people that think greasy dorito chin guy is better than Carrey.
Where is komaedanon. She is looking kinda sane now with her ugly cartoon obsession.

No. 902266

File: 1630963511443.png (67.13 KB, 1128x503, greerposts.png)

She can't help herself. I swear I've seen the exact same second post on LC too.

No. 902267

you are not the only one, I also think I saw it here

No. 902280

I had a dream the other day that all lolcow posts by Italians were marked as such

No. 902281

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I went deaf. I love sound so much. I love music, hearing people, hearing silence. Sounds can be good and they can be bad. Sound is my favorite sense. I’d be traumatized if something bad happened to my ears and likely suicidal. Even if it occurred naturally into old age, it’d send me into a panic. I can’t imagine a world where I can’t hear. But then it’d be okay, because I could still feel the beats of the noise through my skin. I could still feel the hums of a vibrating piano as it plays, and the treble of a phat guitar riff. I’d never hear my family’s voices again, or the voices of any of the other people I’ve ever loved. But I’d still have the memories. I’d still retain the muscle memory of rigorous vocal training and be able to feel it from my own voice. It wouldn’t be the same, but it’d be something. All senses are precious but sound is my favorite.
This should be implemented immediately.

No. 902284

tbh honestly I gotta say, I respect driverfags and komaeda anon a bit more despite their godawful shit taste since they at least have some self-awareness and create funny memes and OC sometimes. carreyfags taste are a bit meh, but they also seem pretty chill too and one of them made that fun faceapp thread. jermafags on the other hand react like toddlers and take things very seriously, I'm pretty sure most of his fans in general are zoomers.

No. 902288

That was definitely posted here but I don't remember which thread. She crossposts frequently and I've always suspected that she even copies posts from other LC anons and posts them on reddit. I'm not sure but I think I remember her doing that with one of my posts. She's a very strange individual either way. There was talk of making her a thread on /snow/ but it never got done.

No. 902290

no no I meant the other forbidden man

No. 902293

Maybe she is too mysterious to have a thread, but there would be huge amounts of of milk to post if a thread was made.

No. 902299

….Brendan Fraser? No one is better than that what the fuck

No. 902303

File: 1630966254376.png (23.7 KB, 1198x159, germainegreer.PNG)

This one's pretty much a match for the second post in the ovarit screencap (it's from the news stories /ot/ thread). I remembered it because it seemed kinda deranged lol

No. 902304

oh god it's herrr i saw that post about beautiful male bodies earlier today and just downvoted it and moved on with my life. she's definitely one of the weirder ovarit users.

No. 902314

i'm pretty sure it was this one! you have my eternal thanks. if any of you remember any other bizarre incest posts on here then send those too though kek

No. 902316

wait isn't that pakistani anon and her weird arab sperging

No. 902317

Kek yeah it's definitely her, she's absolutely deranged too

No. 902321

How do you know it's her?

No. 902325

Germaine Greer predicted it

No. 902327

she has a few obsessions and a very specific way of sperging. once you've seen a few of her posts she becomes very easy to recognise
she's annoying and i wish she'd get banned

No. 902333

So is Pakistan anon and necspeed the the same person or just soulsisters in sperging?

No. 902334

I wonder if it's a bad thing to be so comfortable with being a giant asshole in my head to people. Like I have usually no problem being friendly and normal irl but I will sometimes catch myself being a complete bitch in my head and I feel guilty about it kinda. I really don't even mean most of the stuff I think about people I just can't help it. Its like I just get tired and feel the need to let off steam mentally

No. 902335

Heh, yeah. I asked because I've had the same suspicion for a while and wondered if someone had something concrete.

No. 902339

File: 1630970862574.jpg (180.19 KB, 1080x831, 38261628838484.jpg)

No. Based off of her reddit post history necessarysped is an American doomsday prepper who constantly spergs about her retarded husband who has family in the military and apparently doesn't eat fruit. She probably just read pakanon's post and copied it. Also I think she knows we're talking about her and is deleting some of her reddit history because when I went back to find this post after screenshotting it was gone.

No. 902340

>doesn't eat fruit
weird flex, but ok

No. 902343

They lie about the details all the time, though, so can't take it at face value.

No. 902345

I'm now lost about which "forbidden man" you're talking about. To me there's only one, the one that would get you banned by saying his name, so

No. 902352

File: 1630971973792.png (2.46 MB, 1423x2004, D20CA9BC-15BF-4159-B19F-12BDE0…)

No. 902354

You and me both anon

No. 902363

File: 1630973126125.png (614.88 KB, 1080x2479, Sc_090621050321.png)

Well if she's LARPing then this is a weird ass creative writing exercise.

No. 902372

File: 1630974024811.png (18.22 KB, 1283x161, ot Things We Hate_8.png)

The way to spot her mannerisms was pointed out in a different thread so I'll just repost here.

No. 902376

No. 902379

this is the true forbidden man

No. 902382

adam driver? kek

No. 902383

Her reddit account's a trip. She has a history of trawling for attention from ironybros on the red scare subreddit by talking about how much she hates radfems and libfems, all while actively participating in GC subreddits (before they got banned). Maybe tsundere-anon is right about radfem infighting kek

No. 902384

File: 1630974680834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 661.92 KB, 1504x774, 0D2A7874-11E3-4187-A81A-927E16…)

watch out, you said his name

No. 902391

Thanks, now saved that (well, I know the mannerisms but I'd missed its confirmation of its shittiness)! My problem isn't with convincing myself it's the same person, unfortunately…

No. 902401

I feel like I get more evil when I'm ovulating

No. 902403

File: 1630977020388.jpg (90.54 KB, 720x534, hewhoshallnotbenamed.jpg)

Never say his name.

No. 902404

You're always evil, you just feel it more.

No. 902413

peepee poopoo man
isnt his hair supposed to be black

No. 902420

normalize women being witches to people

No. 902422

Yep, it's jet black, but anon's work is just too good to nitpick

No. 902429

I moved to a new state last year and only now have started to form my first friendships at my job. the person I get along best with is a dude and there's a good chance we might hang out tomorrow & smoke, but I feel like I'm not supposed to, as a married woman, hang out with a man
as friends. I overthink everything in my life so I feel like that's exactly what I'm doing now, but there's still that part of me that legitimately thinks this is a slippery slope that he could start to think I'm interested just because I want to have an irl friend for the first time in over a year

No. 902433

Lmao this is perfection

No. 902435

incoming autism
I made 2 folders on my computer called "boys" and "girls", and filled them with pics from the horny threads on here I found hot. 1 year later my "girls" folder has 30 pics and my "boys" folder has 2, and they're both of fucking komaeda

No. 902444

At least is not he who shall not be named or greasy dorito chin.. or your nephew. You're almost a normal person, congratulations.

No. 902447

>greasy dorito chin

why are you talking about null like that

No. 902450

I don’t mean to fuel your paranoia nonny but I’d tread carefully especially if you’re married

No. 902451

Who the fuck is greasy dorito chin? Jerma?

No. 902452

The more I get exposed to komaeda, the cuter I find him I never even played the game, anons, you might need to put me down

No. 902453

File: 1630983216675.gif (Spoiler Image, 6 MB, 640x540, 2827626172882.gif)

Well his chin do be shaped like a dorito.

No. 902454

Are you doing this in a public place, does he know you’re married, does he have a partner, and does your husband know who you’re hanging out with? It would be better if you could do something with multiple coworkers but if the answer to all of the above is yes, that’s something.

No. 902457

but why does greasy dorito chin also work for komaeda
>ugly dorito chinned 2d faglet
>has hair like a rats nest that likely is greasy

No. 902476

I'm a fucking dumbass because I ate too much at a wedding cocktail hour to the point where it was hard to breathe and I couldn't have fun because my body was too busy trying to digest.

No. 902488

I'm not discharge-chan, but please post the komaeda pictures, I'm curious

No. 902491

ntayart but the same thing happened to me kek, I saw him posted so much here on lolcow that I got memed into liking him and it drove me to play the games (they're good btw)

No. 902502

Whenevr theres free food I make a complete fool of myself. It's not even about money it's just literally my ape brain going FREE? FOOD? FREEE?

No. 902504

the appetizers at weddings are usually really good too? goat cheese pastries? bacon and phyllo wrapped asparagus? don't mind if I do

No. 902508

File: 1630989639061.jpg (67.84 KB, 638x800, floater.jpg)

This but instead drinking a little of every alcohol at a wedding.
It was the first time I ever literally went unconscious face first on a table. Of course, only after falling down a double staircase thereby injuring a nerve in my back permanently. At the time I couldn't stop laughing hysterically after I fell. I have literally gotten alcohol poison before without ever acting such a fool.
Wedding parties are cursed.

No. 902516

File: 1630990949362.jpg (121.26 KB, 480x480, FB_IMG_16308973473296971.jpg)

Goodbye lolcow, it was nice knowing you all!
I will try to futher my career and instead of coming here I will stop uwasting my time from now on
I will miss all the GC and radfem anons, you are absolutely based and I wish more people irl were like you, I'm quite tired of gendershit everywhere

No. 902517

File: 1630990988379.jpg (126.47 KB, 480x480, FB_IMG_16308973534722898.jpg)

also: matching icons

No. 902523

I wish I can find that post where an anon posted a statistic saying British men prefer larger breasts and someone replied with the chav saying "I swear on me naans grave mate if she ain't got tits outta London…"

No. 902524

You guys should play zero escape, designs are better.

No. 902540

I need that Amber Alert sound on my alarm clock cause it's the most effective thing ever for waking me up

No. 902541

Someone stop me from getting a facial piercing. I want my dream piercing but I'm emotionally exhausted and not sure if I can deal with the negativity that will come from family members.

No. 902545

File: 1630996391772.jpg (138.11 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1493054444775.jpg)

Maybe we'll come full circle and there will be so many people suffering from so many mental disorders and so many genders and sexualities that it will be the new normal, and all the people who crave being special will revert back to being regular fucking people instead of desperately trying to find reasons that they are marginalized and oppressed!

No. 902546

Art is subjective, but no they are fucking not. Love you.

No. 902551

Isn't that what sort of happened once in the early 2000s? Everyone had ocd and depression, once they had to get a job, poof, all is well.

Honestly it's mostly teenagers and (mentally ill) young adults doing this shit

No. 902553

Yeah I hope living a healthy life and being normal becomes cool as a result. Right now the world (or many people my age at least) can be so completely opposite. Kind of a side note but It's wild to be reading about history and how people used to talk about a virtuous life, I don't doubt there weren't plenty of horrible and ill people then too but dang where did wanting to better yourself by being a good strong person go. Instead we simultaneously ruin our minds & bodies while being extremely narcissistic about it and never once talking about true responsibility (outside of signaling you aren't some kind of -ist)

No. 902555

Yeah I remember everyone on deviantart having depression and OCD, I'm not even really talking about kids. I'm more disturbed by the 25-30 year olds talking about their spot on the autism scale, how they're totally enby, and maybe a little bipolar, and homeless, and starting an onlyfans for their bipolar homeless non binary autistic feet.

No. 902556

nta but it probably comes from being online NEETs whose development was slowed and stuck in teenager mindset? can only guess tho

No. 902557

That's the biggest part of it if you ask me, it's like trying to totally remove personal responsibility. It's lazy, self absorbed people who think that tacking on as many labels as they can will push them further and further away from any kind of accountability or self reflection. They don't need to better themselves, they're totally valid and perfect they way that they are, and no they can't get a job how dare you even ask that.

No. 902558

I'm not going to say that isn't a part of this, but I've been obsessively online for the last 15 years and I still managed to start my own business and form healthy relationships with people irl, all while keeping my personal struggles offline and between me and my loved ones and doctor. There is a big part of it that is just pure narcissism, a need to be seen and for some reason, to be pitied. They think it's empathy, but it's pity.

No. 902559

Honestly makes me think boomers were right about us all being coddled and sensitive. except a lot of it came from other people on the internet enabling each other rather than solely from those who raised us. they can get you young, too, like a lot of it is young people still in their naturally unsure and insecure years but they coax each other into staying that way and getting worse instead of having a normal development

No. 902562

but what do you think is the difference then? I don't think these people are just inherently narcissistic, they became that way and it seems to me it comes from internet culture. I don't know you though and can't be sure why you turned out different but what I've seen is a lot of young people, kids, who never get the chance to develop healthy and hardworking qualities on their own because they are sucked in early to the mindset. They are often too young to just know better like apparently you did, do you think it comes from your upbringing? Granted the older ones who are still like this, they were probably mentally/morally weak to begin with

No. 902563

There's too many people in the world to make broad statements about generations or whatever. The internet has fucked people up for sure, but that doesn't change the fact that my grandma is an entitled, sensitive and unreasonable bitch who will take any opportunity to make herself out of the a victim. I'm sticking with my narcissist theory

No. 902564

I should've worded it better as I don't think it applies to the entire generation, but those who get especially exposed to it, yeah it does. Also every generation can have any bad quality I'm just generalizing to this specific group of this gen who seem to have the same ones

No. 902565

I really don't know, people are (at least I like to think they are) complex and the smallest shit can impact people's lives. I grew up in an abusive home with alcoholics and was very head strong and I kind of made promises to myself. That I wouldn't harm myself, that I wouldn't do drugs, that I would have sex until I was absolutely sure, that I would never do something or act a certain way to be accepted. I was being attacked in my own home and I put up a shield to protect myself from other people's potential bullshit, online or offline. I'm not impenetrable and I've definitely done stupid shit and said stupid shit, but I also learned from those mistakes instead of piling them on top of each other and saying "well that's just me and I'm great"

No. 902567

Samefag but *wouldn't have sex
I should reread things before posting because I am all about the typos today

No. 902568

You make good points and it probably is a ton of little and big things stacked up on each other that make us who we are. It seems like you have to build the habit of taking responsibility or not, and once you've started one direction it becomes harder to go to the other. For whatever reason someone like you ends up on a good path but someone else who may have been abused also could end up on a bad one and yeah peoples lives are too complex to pinpoint exactly why. I just hope that people can change. I don't think a full 180 is possible unless you got a head injury/drugs but I'm someone who used to be in this foolish internet crowd mindset and I'm trying to crawl my way out. I think improvement is possible and I've made it somewhat but it is still a challenge in most situations. My childhood was kinda cushy up to a point so maybe I was in fact too pampered to develop good qualities until the bad ones nearly tore me apart. Sorry for blogging a little, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. I seriously do admire how you kept it together and a strong character it seems

No. 902570

Thank you anon, you're so sweet. There has to be some defeatist attitude about it when you get to a certain point. My brother is definitely not a level headed or well rounded person and he's admitted to me that he never intends to be one either. He's lived so long as basically a delinquent that he doesn't see any point in trying to be anything but. Then there is someone like my mom who managed to change her entire attitude about herself and her life in her mid forties. I think it's important to just keep self reflecting and genuinely wanting better from yourself and not looking to be told that you're valid by other people, mostly strangers, over a screen. And that self reflection sounds like what you're doing, growing doesn't happen overnight and I still think about things I've said and done and cringe and even repeat the same mistakes sometimes, but that's part of the journey n shit.

No. 902575

Thanks anon. I'm happy about your mom but that's real sad actually about your bro… I guess at a point it does become a decision you can make and once you have you just keep going that direction. Here's to things getting better for as many people as possible. Thanks for the interesting insights and convo. Now I'm going to try not to take your validation too serious kek (joking since in this case it inspires me to want to keep trying harder) hope you have a nice day/night nonnu. And keep fighting the good fight whatever it may be

No. 902580

File: 1631000415353.png (2.96 MB, 1080x2264, sketch1613779775075.png)

Right back at you nonnie, rest easy

No. 902606

>Maybe tsundere-anon is right about radfem infighting kek
What do you mean?
I think she ever was radfem but wanted a place to sperg. She got mad because the gc fems on reddit didn't want to hear her sperg about her amazing husband. But redscare also made fun of her for it.

No. 902607

I call bs, there is zero groups without some kind of infighting. Radfems aren't worse in that regard, sperg-chan just has a hateboner for them

No. 902609

Tsundere-anon is married?

No. 902629

Sperg-chan literally said her 'rad fem' friends dumped her so now she's vendettaposting about them here. Same probably goes for Twitch 'pick mes', maybe that anon who said she's a former streamer/camgirl was right. I can see why she has no friends anymore.

No. 902630

I don't think so, tsundere anon is not the same as Germaine Greer anon. Germaine Greer anon is the one posting on reddit and lolcow >>902303. There's also another muslim that is not Germaine Greer anon that complains about being born in a muslim country. The Germaine Greer anon is a reddit pedo sperg born in a 1st world country and she's probably white and posts her hot takes on Islam, meanwhile Muslim anon seemed to actually be born there and be oppressed.

No. 902639

I will never commit HRT and I thoroughly loathe how hormonally and mentally unstable men are (despite being only 49% of the population yadda yadda and you know the rest) so I wouldn't want to bear that burden. Being a man would suck in its own way, sure, but only if I'd want to be a responsible person or some type of a wagecuck. Nowadays though, it's becoming even less and less necessary.
But anyway if I was a guy, first of all, I'd reach my fitness goals with much more ease and I'd have more potential for building strength. If I was ugly people would just shrug it off and expect me to do better in other areas, which I already do and have done all my life. If I refused to get a wife I'd be billed as a based quirky autistic intellectual hermit that pukes at the thought of having to hug a woman. I could be invisible finally and do my own shit without being evaluated whether I'm hot enough to justify my interests. I could throw a get together with my best dudes in the woods where we only listen to black metal, set furniture on fire and drink booze. We'd beat each other with wooden sticks for fun and sperg about our PC rigs. Or hell, I could go serious with the sticks thing and start larping a samurai, take some kendo or iaido classes and receive/deal a weekly beating with a genuine wooden sword. I could then just do a U-turn and become a flamboyant gay fashion icon without an ounce of skill or understanding on how to design for women. The only downside to that would be the butt stuff which is gross, but idk maybe I'd be an uwu asexual ambiguous homo with anxiety and a zero tolerance for meanies who dare question it. I'd get a say on women's rights too and endless seas of dumbasses would take anything I said on the matter seriously. I'd get praise and money for my autistic shit as long as I had a dick and some shock value to provide. I'd post my physique to instantly win debates online. Basically I'd get to do interesting stuff with minimal to no repercussions. I'd do all this random access crap and more without ever once resorting into sexually assaulting a woman. If I felt the urge I'd probably just take some meds for it, take a cold shower, read about stoicism or daoism or some shit and keep doing what I do best. Being a funny haha retard with a dick. I'd wear a suit.

No. 902640

Ahh, and here I assumed she was pissed cause "rad fems" didn't personally haul her out of her shithole country. Damn, her original backstory makes even less sense.

No. 902648

No, I was talking about necessaryspeed. I don't know who tsundere anon is.

No. 902659

>if i was a man i would be retarded

No. 902662

The dude who delivered my parcel looked like Jared Leto.

No. 902670

Btw is she a mom now? Or did she just larp in all those reddit babybump posts?

No. 902674


damn, you need some new friends

>But anyway if I was a guy, first of all, I'd reach my fitness goals with much more ease and I'd have more potential for building strength.

understandable, they’ve also got some tard upper body strength, nothing’s stopping you from working hard at the gym though

>If I was ugly people would just shrug it off and expect me to do better in other areas, which I already do and have done all my life.

no, if you were ugly you would develop a whole complex about it and REEEE about pretty women who recieved different treatment than you. you’d hyperfixate on your big nose, your asymmetrical eyes, and your soft, almost non-existent jawline. you’d avoid mirrors at all cost, and whenever people would tell to get in the picture and die a little inside, trying to smile but wincing instead. then you’d see that someone posted the picture online, and gag. your insecurity would show up in ways you dont notice through thoughtless words and gestures, and other people would notice.

> If I refused to get a wife I'd be billed as a based quirky autistic intellectual hermit that pukes at the thought of having to hug a woman.

no, your married friends would constantly push you to get married, and once you hit 40 as a single man you’ll get a crisis and go BUT M-MY ANCESTORS FOUGHT AND CROSSED SEAS RO BE HERE!!!!!! you’ll get married and have retarded kids with your low-quality walmart sperm. you won’t get to enjoy it, because age takes a toll on your body, and soon enough lilly and kyle will notice that daddy is a little older and slower than everybody else.

>I could be invisible finally and do my own shit without being evaluated whether I'm hot enough to justify my interests.

why do you care about justifying anything? self-assuredness goes a long way. justifying often hints at insecurity — if you have it, why are you yelling about it?

>I could throw a get together with my best dudes in the woods where we only listen to black metal, set furniture on fire and drink booze.

women i know already do this. they get into the desert and get a bunch of rockets and hurl them at each other for fun. i almost lost my eye once. also try to set a bunch of garbage in a barrel on fire and play ABBA, it’s fun

>Or hell, I could go serious with the sticks thing and start larping a samurai, take some kendo or iaido classes and receive/deal a weekly beating with a genuine wooden sword.

you want to be a swordswoman? historically women had a thing with swords, actually. julie d’aubginy (or whatever that french (yuck) woman’s name is) comes to mind. looks for some knife fighting lessons in your area.

>I could then just do a U-turn and become a flamboyant gay fashion icon without an ounce of skill or understanding on how to design for women.

you’d need a shit ton of connections. not that easy, and certainly not about being a man. i get where you’re coming from because the traits that are concerned with “getting your shit out there” are mostly associated with testesterone, but i dont ser why a woman extremely passionate about design and wants to get out there can’t inhabit the mental landscape of a devious and cold-blooded driven faggot. if you have the passion for it, you will do it.

>I'd get a say on women's rights too and endless seas of dumbasses would take anything I said on the matter seriously. I'd get praise and money for my autistic shit as long as I had a dick and some shockI'd reach my fitness goals with much more ease and I'd have more potential for building strength.

>If I was ugly people would just shrug it off and expect me to do better in other areas, which I already do and have done all my life.

>I'd get praise and money for my autistic shit as long as I had a dick and some shock value to provide.

by other retards. the lack of self respect you must have to refuse to hold yourself to a higher standard

>Basically I'd get to do interesting stuff with minimal to no repercussions.

you’re projecting at this point, doing the female equivalent of men saying “if i was a woman i would be low ambition and passive and inherently valued, i wouldnt be lonely and retarded”. sounds like learned helplessness to me, you can do plenty of cool shit and strive for greatness but its easy to just lean back and say “i-if only i was a boy!”

No. 902679

samefag: in retrospect this should've gone into the shitpost thread

hope it was entertaining though

No. 902694

Bless your heart for replying and breaking it down like that with serious advice on self-improvement. I liked the desert and rockets story, thanks for telling me that.
Yeah, I was doing a "if I was opposite gender I'd be perfect" but from female perspective and wanted to go as ridiculous as possible, starting from semi-understandable complaints and escalating into full on spicy idiocy. You know the mental image of the "uwu autist woman gf qt3.14" that some men seem to froth and seethe over so I probably won't need to explain that one in detail, well, I came up with this superficial understanding of a random quirky male who supposedly gets to be a retard in stereotypically boyish ways with abundance of slack being cut for him. All in good fun, although I have to admit that I did take out my own frustration for ignorant men 'splaining me on how my life's on 'easy mode', essentially trying to evaluate female life through a lens limited by male imperatives and complexes.

No. 902702

File: 1631020986572.webm (5.07 MB, only instrumental.webm)

>I almost want to ask him about it only to make him uncomfortable
do it do it do it

No. 902707

I bought a dildo a few months back and went for a small size, enjoyed it for a while but the tip is slimmer than the rest of the toy and it started to feel pokey and unpleasant because it's that thin. I spotted that the site sells the same toy in various sizes each a lil bigger and thicker than the last. I went up a few sizes and it arrived today. It's almost comically big. I seriously overshot the mark.

I guess I can just use the first half of it (again the tip is slimmer than the rest so it's do-able) but I almost want to get a bf just so I can show him this toy and let him assume the whole thing is in use. I mean it's stupid big.

No. 902709

File: 1631021492204.png (557.89 KB, 683x511, 28721705_10215251702823158_132…)

I thought it was real alive edgy (perhaps sociopathic) people who do this just to upset others
have I been mistaken all this time?

No. 902713

I thought it was scrotes who would then sit back and watch some anons freak out about it. A bot prob makes more sense tho

No. 902716

File: 1631022025810.jpg (650.04 KB, 1200x1600, 4676109.jpg)

I was watching a video about Yona of the Dawn (from 2014) on Youtube yesterday night and today I see a post about this anime, what are the odds lol
It reminds me of Fushigi Yugi

No. 902723

Damn, I didn't even remember Fushigi Yugi.. I had the manga.
Now I regret selling them.

No. 902724

if only…

No. 902735

In a admittedly retarded way, this is what partly what finally pushed me to being a normal person and taking care of myself. I got sick of the 'uwu im a sad pwincess' bitches I was surrounded with and the pissing contest of who's the most mentally ill, and now I take care of myself and act like a proper adult out of spite towards them kek. I broke out of their self sabotaging way of life and touched some grass and now my life is significantly better.

No. 902737

I’m not like those ddlg/pay piggy women but my life is justified to being a mess because I’m a retarded 19 year old and still figuring out what I want to do, but good job anon you have a lot of willpower goddamn

No. 902740

I was passing some time with some 20-21 year olds, and while they're cute, I have no idea how people can date with 8-10 year old gaps. They're funny, I can't take anything they say seriously.

No. 902744

If it makes you feel better, 18 to 24 was probably when I was peak retarded. I just turned 26 this year so I've only stopped being stupid as fuck very recently kek. I have hope for you anon! I still don't know what I want to do with my like lol I fell into my current job that I enjoy but I don't even know if it's what I want long term. Life is hard! Take your time to figure things out and take care of yourself above all. There's too much pressure to figure things out when you're young. I don't know why anyone trusts 18 year olds to make a decision that will effect them the rest of their lives, I certainly wasn't in a good state to do that. I'm living with the consequences of my actions but things are still going well, I believe and hope you'll be able to do the same one day!

No. 902746

I have been taking this weird mixture out of supplement powders, spices, ashwaghanda or smth and a vitamin d pill every day for a week and my depression and lethargy is gone and I feel like a really buff and powerful witch. The buff mixture is for winners.

No. 902747

File: 1631024778529.gif (720.9 KB, 245x180, tumblr_mavu4khLw11r2ybyso6_r1_…)

I dreamed of lolcow again.. it was an actual place like a restaurant or a pub, idk. All the farmers were Seinfeld and Cheers characters for some reason and Elaine was always sperging about some crazy shit. That bald four eyes guy from Seinfeld (forgot his name) was talking about opening a thread for Elaine and they started to fight after Elaine called him a tranny. It was exhausting.

No. 902752

>18 to 24 was probably when I was peak retarded. I just turned 26 this year so I've only stopped being stupid as fuck very recently
Just butting in as a 32 year old to say that from 18 to 29 I was in my tarded years. Every 2 or 3 years I either entered into a new not-so-great relationship or I started some phase that makes me cringe now. When I'm 35 will I look back on today and cringe? I dunno. I feel ok these last couple years but then maybe it never ends.

No. 902764

ntayrt but this is so nice to read as someone else lost in her early 20s. i just graduated and everything is terrifying and i’m so broke kek. thanks nonnie!

No. 902765

ayrt and I worry the same! I'll probably continue doing some stupid shit but thankfully haven't yet. I guess if I do, c'est la vie. I think the best possible outcome would be to look back and cringe, because then at least it'd be a sign of change and moving past that part of your life.

No. 902774

sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your naaame
cuz here we all are called the saaame

No. 902779

Me too, anon, I was absolutely retarded from my 18 to my 23 years of age, luckily I somehow managed to stop being retarded and got myself out of the idiotic internet spaces I was before I put my name on stuff that I would regret.
Don’t worry, anon, just keep everything under a pseudonym and nothing will bite your ass in the future.

No. 902783

Wake up babe, new frontal lobe just dropped

No. 902786

>get job babysitting kid
>play metal and rock around him to make him like it when he gets older

No. 902791

holy shit we have a boomer on lolcow

No. 902794

u say Lady Gaga, I say Breaking Benjamin

u say Miley Cyrus, I say Evanescence

u say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

u say Rebecca Black, I say Linkin Park

u sau Daft Punk, I say Green Day

u say Flowers, I say Nine Lashes

92 percent of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop. If you are a part of the 8 percent that still listen to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DON'T LET ROCK DIE!

No. 902795

Diff anon but this reminded me, I was watching something lately where they said they're now realising that the theory of our brains developing up til 24/25 might not be right… and it's more like 28 for women and 30 for men

No. 902800

File: 1631028097248.jpg (49.2 KB, 510x601, animemo.jpg)

Wake me up inside (save me)

No. 902802

i'm in my 20s u fuck
unironically agree and i love these bands KEK

No. 902803

Jesus Christ this picture brings back memories

No. 902807

Someone congratulates me I just fought with someone online.

No. 902808


I’m 27 and that pic was on every piczo site or MySpace and Xanga page or Msn dp

2005 in a nut shell jfc

No. 902811

congrats on wasting your time successfully

No. 902812

has there ever been a senior or aunty-chan on here? like 60+ year old women?

No. 902813

File: 1631028482422.gif (92.49 KB, 400x300, D4FB02E4-73A3-49D6-879C-8456E9…)


Mentally im using this pic for my new myspace and playing Hilary duffs so yesterday on my CD player

Hiya 2005

No. 902815

File: 1631028534029.gif (189.66 KB, 400x300, AA1BE78B-1888-4117-85D4-9C5F16…)

Ew, rockhead. Listen to techno and dubstep, you cat eating poser.

No. 902820

Based. I used to play my metal around my niece and nephew when they were young but it unfortunately did not work.

No. 902822

I sharpened my eyebrow pencil for the first time in weeks or months who could remember and I'm a new and better person for it. I only hope everyone can forget what I looked like these past weeks.

No. 902823

Thank you im very proud

No. 902824

i know you're joking but zoomers really just don't listen to metal and rock huh?? pretty sad how their definition of "rock" is indie bands and pop-rock

No. 902827

File: 1631028968921.jpeg (129.54 KB, 640x640, C993E735-672C-47D3-BD35-AF230C…)

i'm playing nu metal for him because i want him to have nostalgia for a time 20 years before he was born

No. 902830

>literally has the most basic bitch taste in corporate rock bands
Come on, if you're going to be a pretentious boomer at least listen to good shit.

No. 902833

I'm 24 and my parents raised me on shit like REM and The Cure. My sister didn't really pass that onto her daughter though so she's 14 and listens to only pop shit and it's dire

No. 902834

or i can just like what i've liked the past two decades instead of focusing on not being a "basic bitch" and being pretentious, little zoom zoom. maybe i would still care if a band was "corporate" if i was still 16 lmao

No. 902835

Tell ur defined eyebrows I said hi

No. 902836

samefag but it particularly sucks ass because it's not like my sister doesn't like alternative/rock. Her first concert was literally The Cure, and she's seen a bunch of bands like Cake that I still only dream of seeing

No. 902837

be the cool aunt and convert your niece, she doesn't need her mother for that

No. 902838

That's the point, you already are pretentious. Might as well go all the way with it.

No. 902839

pretentious how? i like something you don't? please grow up

No. 902841

Yes actually

No. 902842

File: 1631029587097.jpg (9.49 KB, 200x200, mujin wakusei survive.jpg)

Oh man, in a 2005 I was obsessed with this crappy anime called Planet Survival and my favorite bands were mcr and The Academy Is…, school was awful and I was very moody
Thank God I'll never be a teenager again.

No. 902844

True. At least she has some appreciation for it, we went to see Violent Femmes as a family about 3 years ago and it was awesome (and she saw me cry at finally hearing the song I've loved ever since I can remember). She's now hitting her emo stage so I think I'll be able to get to her kek

No. 902845

if you're the aunty-chan, I love you, rock on

No. 902851

File: 1631029911884.jpeg (79.83 KB, 458x600, D965C065-4AD0-4271-9E54-31F4C9…)

Wait a second, planet survival wasn’t crappy, it was sweet and cozy, your edgy teen self of the past makes you think otherwise.

No. 902852

I forget I share an amazon with my awful conservative mother and I clicked on a dildo link online and it showed up in her amazon account.

No. 902854

File: 1631030011045.jpeg (48.85 KB, 346x350, E9DB76DD-65B9-4F13-8D6F-E313B1…)

Whomst here listened to Pierce the Veil and other similar terrible bands in early 2010s

No. 902856

This is the first time I've ever seen someone get called pretentious for liking Evanescence and Linkin Park lol. Anyone born before 2000 would like those bands now just by principle of growing up with them.

No. 902873

Nta but even though I grew up with those bands I actually started disliking them when I got older because they sounded too whiny to me.

No. 902874

The pretentious part is unironically bemoaning how kids these days don't listen to generic rock band #274. They're literally om the same level as any mainstream pop and hiphop but most of you probably don't want to admit it.

No. 902877

File: 1631030811760.jpg (23.04 KB, 500x448, cringe.jpg)

Who was your favorite 1D member and why was it Harry?

No. 902880

They like you

No. 902882

Lol those bands are for posers

No. 902883

tell me more

No. 902888

I never got the appeal of 1D but damn, Harry was so cute, it’s such a shame that his music got decent but his looks went down into the abyss forever.

No. 902889

Post graduation is fucking scary and sucks anon! I worked retail for 2 years out of college (which is probably the only legitimate thing that I can say caused me severe depression lol), and fumbled around until I got a job semi-related to my field of study that I didn't anticipate I'd ever get. Even if you don't get a job in your field, then fine, whatever! I actually absolved myself to never work in my field of study lol. It's not the end of the world and I'm a firm believer of if there's a will, there's a way to get you to where you want to go (although the path will be long, rocky, and probably shitty for a while too). You have you degree in hand at least, and the world is your oyster anon.

No. 902892

It's not the same at all but keep coping I guess. Young people are always desperate to put themselves and their likes/dislikes on the same "level" as those older than them.

No. 902895

File: 1631031398540.png (315.9 KB, 379x406, harrystyles.png)

>you will never be a wine aunt with a qt 17 y.o idol bf
why even live

No. 902902

That guy is so ugly please love yourself

No. 902906

Sometimes i forget how desensitized I am to coomer shit until I scroll past in on my phone in public and someone notices and freaks out

No. 902910

I listen to lots of different genres of music that are new and old, underground and mainstream. I'm just being honest. Your precious Linkin Park and Blink 182 isn't nearly as highbrow as you think it is, and that's okay. Just try not to be a faggot about it.

No. 902911

Louie because when he wasn’t singing off-key he actually sounded pretty cute. I wish he would have done more of a pop punk style for his solo career, I think that genre would suit him more.

No. 902913

i can't follow the conversation ans too lazy too reply to everyone, but do we really have nonnies who unironically think listening to mainstream rock makes them better and more yooneek than the icky preps? also

No. 902917

No one said it was highbrow. You know you started arguing because you made up in your schizo head that people consider them unknown or something? Imagine seething this much because people like/liked some of the most popular bands of the time, and yes they were better than a lot of the pop shit at the time and they certainly are better than the pop shit of now. This board is actually underaged if your feelings are getting hurt over people liking mainstream music.

No. 902922

I think the person whose feelings got hurt are yours because you got told that your taste in mainstream rock bands isn't speshul and better than everyone else's KEK.

No. 902926

Are you guys really fighting because someone likes some rock band you don't

No. 902927

>and yes they were better than a lot of the pop shit at the time and they certainly are better than the pop shit of now
ok ebony

No. 902928

Do you need your diaper changed? How did you come to that asinine conclusion when the whole point is they weren't exactly "special" at one point, they were some of the most popular bands in the world. Take your meds and stop whining because people think they're better than popular music now, and stop crying because someone likes some rock band you don't like. I assume you don't have a personality outside of arguing about YOUR speshul taste in music? Spending a little too much time on /mu/ are you?

No. 902930

It’s like going back to high school.

No. 902936

if only i got to call people newfags in high school

No. 902937

Why has there been an uptick of hostile anons in the past few months? Is aggression a side effect of the rona vaccine?

No. 902940

I think it's cause one of the anons sounded nlogish about it even if that wasn't the intent, not so much simply liking it.

No. 902941

U guys r dumb xD(xD)

No. 902951

The issue at hand is that you guys are ugly because you never listened to Las divinas, i used to be ugly, but when I listened to las divinas, I stopped being ugly.
Help yourself, don’t be ugly.

No. 902954

post your favorite song when you were in high school
I was obsessed with that album and Gerard

No. 902956

i just learnt cat stevens is muslim. ohh baby baby it's a wild world

No. 902958

I loved this album in high school, I still do ngl.

No. 902960

Scrote shit. You don't deserve access to the internet.

No. 902963

I thought it was the kiwifags spamming? There's been lots of cock roaches playing hide and seek here.

No. 902965

I wanted to be cute like Belinda.

No. 902975

Later in high school I found music that is still my favorite today but in the beginning I thought slipknot was the coolest damn thing in the entire world

No. 902984

Wow, thanks for popping my “being accused of a scrote” cherry, love u

No. 902985

I just saw a post I want to sperg out so hard at, but I know if I do I will get called dumb. I can't keep holding this stuff in

No. 902988

Write it and then don't post

No. 902990

No. 902992

Lol look at the colour of her legs

No. 903000

This is addressed to no one and everyone, Hybrid Theory is a perfect album and it was their debut. I don't care what you think, Linkin Park is genuinely good and Chester Bennington's death was the only time I've ever cried for a celebrity figure. Eat my shit. Also listen to more than one genre of music. You can listen to metal, hip hop, and even Hilary Duff all in the same playlist. I certainly do. And I'm proud of Rebecca Black getting back in there. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

No. 903002

Linkin Park were a band of pussies for pussies and I've thought that since their debut.

This thread has turned into a poser kerrang thread and I want to bully so many of you anons but I'm grown and just grateful I was never such a fag

No. 903006

Poser for what? I think a person using the word poser is about as poser as you can get. Who are you trying to be cool for? What am I declaring by liking a band from my childhood? What is pussy about lyrics that come from a person's most vulnerable moments? I think the lamest shit you can do is try and put down other people for genuinely enjoying something. It just screams NLOG. No one cares that you don't like the sad lyrics, some people grew up getting beat at home and those "whiny" lyrics are a release, not that a person even needs a reason to enjoy or identify with a song. You might as well be 14 in a YouTube comment section telling everyone how Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake and Palmer are your favorite bands because that's the energy you're giving off.

No. 903009

I thought that anon meant a different kind of metal and I was kind of disappointed to see that she likes the same rock music my edgy uncle does

No. 903010

>thank GOD I was never one of THOSE girls. I have JUSTIFIABLE interests, should a moid ever question me I can confirm that I do in fact listen to good music and I am in fact based and not a little whiny uwu faggot. You see, I'm better than everyone, and you're all very lucky that I don't bully you.

No. 903012

>Eat my shit. Also listen to more than one genre of music. You can listen to metal, hip hop, and even Hilary Duff all in the same playlist. I certainly do. And I'm proud of Rebecca Black getting back in there.
I hate this word but, Based.

No. 903013

you guys are making me hate angsty teens again. i wish i befriended the popular preppy kids.

No. 903014

Not any of the music anons participating in whatever the fuck is going on in here but I agree. I was never into Linkin Park outside of listening to numb and in the end like every other middle schooler out there, but I went back to listen to Hybrid Theory recently and shit slaps. What a good album!

My playlists are a hot mess kek. Every week I beg the spotify AI to give me some good music because my tastes are both very specific but also 'I will listen to everything and anything' so it, for whatever reason, struggles really bad.

No. 903015

That's the thing though, why is someone angsty for listening to a particular band? Honestly it seems like some of you base your music tastes entirely on the perception of others rather than what you genuinely enjoy. It's like you're afraid someone is going to find some Kelly Clarkson on your MP3 and push you down the stairs after class.

No. 903016

Based LP stan. Though U personally love ATS as much as HT/Meteora. I think it's their mature masterpiece.
>a band of pussies for pussies
Weird way to say abuse victims, but ok
no the entire band wasn't abused (I assume), but Chester's many traumas clearly had a profound effect on their music and lyrics. I found it so brave that he told about the sexual abuse he went through when no-one was doing that. Listen to Easier To Run with it in mind and you will see what I mean

No. 903022

I'm going to start crying all over again. Linkin Park was my crutch when I was being abused as a child, and Chester was someone I looked up to. Linkin Park was the first band I ever really got into, the first time I really read lyrics. I read about the band and who they were as people and how they made their music and what it meant to them. They were and are passionate, and they kick started my music obsession.

No. 903024

Who would have even thought that the former scene queens and hot topic goths who have a superiority complex over pop and rap listeners are actually the most sensitive pussies when it's their turn to get their taste in music criticized.

No. 903027

I was reading about Carroll Cole and had a barely-connected thought about his childhood, wondering if the little boys they're passing off as trans this generation will end up as killers of some sort. Humiliated men with (publicized) unstable upbringings, spent being paraded around as girls. There's so many now and more than one of them is bound to do something rash once they're older.

No. 903029

Now let's all hold hands and listen to this sick song by Lindsay Lohan from a very terrible yet fun romp of a Disney film.

No. 903032

god i used to go so fucking hard to this song when i was like 10

No. 903037

Fuck yeah giiiirrrllll

No. 903039

Aww anon, we can cry together. I'm so sorry for everything you went through. It makes me happy that Linkin Park brought comfort to many other people in difficult situations. It pissed me off how it was considered cool to shit on them for not being manly enough (I guess it's better to be a typical misogynistic scrote like most other nu-metal bands?) when people genuinely had no idea that no, Chester didn't write those lyrics about his parents not letting him party until 12 AM or some other bullshit. Once he died, everyone suddenly started respecting them (I guess everyone but >>903002 kek) and writing think pieces about Chester's powerful vulnerability or whatever.
So glad that I saw their last show in my country, a month or so before Chester's death. I could only afford the shittiest tickets and had to sleep at a bus station, but it was so worth it. I would never forgive myself if I didn't go to the show.
Sidenote, I was impressed with vid related when I randomly found it. I don't think they had much to gain from recording that (or their PR team failed, since hardly anyone here in Poland is aware of that - you'd think it would be a big story among fans). Love how Chester is the one person in the band who clearly gives a fuck in that video. Every now and then, I stumble upon another kind thing he did just because he could

No. 903044

Zayn because he was the only pretty one (and thus, the only one whose name I could remember)

No. 903046

File: 1631038538849.gif (533 KB, 245x298, 86df3691bfcde8425c9b16577fba83…)

also I wanted to use that gif, kek. Remember when bennoda fanfics were a thing, or were you blissfully unaware of that? I don't think that Chester and Mike were fujo baiting, though. Seems to me they were close before fujo baiting was a thing kek

No. 903049

Omfg kek no I did not know about bennoda fics, wow. You've just uncovered a rabbit hole for me.

No. 903050

I had a friend who was really into lonkin park in like 3rd grade, i really didn't get it st the time, I wasnt into anything that edgy/crunchy. But in retrospect, his family had a lot of money but he had a tweakery nutso older brother that would beat him up, a stereotype of an in-bed-all-day divorced drinker mom & absent fat ugly dad, and he had one eye (the other was glass & I at least couldn't tell, but it did fall out in class one time, and he wasnt allowed to do sports b/c of it). I wish I was more mature then, if I could go back I would do anything for him. I stopped being close friends with him sometime in middle school when he fell in with some skaters I didnt like, and I feel terrible for kind of resenting him for that, I was a gross geek and I did judge him then for not being very studious. He was so much more gentle than those awful skaters. He married his HS sweetheart right away and I know he is a good guy, he was the only one who would hug & hold hands with his partner in the hallway with eyes only for her, with no fear of douchebag dudes makong fun of him. He would get this look that said I don't care how small I am, if you say shit to me I'll break your teeth in, and those dick heads would slink the fuck away. God I hope he's doing well.

No. 903052

Squidward is dark academia

No. 903053

Okay now who will nerd out with me about They Might Be Giants?

No. 903054

I need some Squidward x Squilliam humiliation fanfic

No. 903058

Here I am queen

No. 903059

If you find anything noteworthy, pls gib a link. I'm not fujo, but I find fandom insanity amusing. Teen me was weirded out by the existence of the fics cause 'wtf, they have gfs/wives, where is this even coming from?'.

No. 903061

There's gotta be someone here who can sperg with me about Pig Lib

No. 903063

Tell me about your first TMBG experience! For me, and I feel like for a lot of people my age, they didn't realize TMBG were in their lives before they were even aware of it. Like having songs in Tiny Toons, the Malcolm in the Middle theme song, or my fav being in Homestar Runner puppet music videos kek

No. 903064

>not shipping Squidward and SpongeBob
Sad, it’s the ultimate ship, hell, there’s even songs.

No. 903065

I do not know them but I want to, please tell me your personal essential listening!!

No. 903067

Ummmmmm are you saying Squidward can't be poly?? He can't experiment? Are you kink shaming?

No. 903069

Definitely Water and a Seat, 1% of One (long as shit but so good), and [Do Not Feed the] Oyster. I've got a soft spot for Vanessa From Queens too

No. 903073

File: 1631039875828.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, 77.gif)

if you really think about it, all stories ever created are fanfics and all characters are OCs, being part of a published work doesn't make them less of an OC

No. 903075

I'm really gay for Pink Floyd so long songs are def my cup of tea. I didn't realize when I replied that it was an album, I'm gonna give the whole thing a listen right now!

No. 903080

I hope I never peak in my life. I hope my life will be an ever upwards journey until my death. Maybe dying after living a good life will be considered the peak of my life.

No. 903081

Um akshually for a fanfiction to be one it has to include a character or a work that was previously created. You have to use another person's storyline, characters or settings as a basis for your own story. Original pieces of stories aren't fanfiction, but they do use ocs like you say

No. 903082

I mean, yeah, specially when the lore of the original story isn’t clear, the characters are just original characters that live in a world similar to the original where they come from.
Fanfics are basically parodies and it should be completely legal to publish a fanfic without even changing the names of the characters/places/things because it will never be exactly the same as the source material.
I honestly don’t get why a company would get its feathers ruffled over fanfics or fan comics, if anything, it’s basically free publicity because everyone will be like
>well, this is based on this other thing, I will check the original just to see the differences
Everyone wins.

No. 903091

yeah but everyone ripped off the bibble then altered it a bit and it just kept going and going until it became different

No. 903092

This youtuber feels like if all of Breadtube was fused into a single human being

No. 903093

Heh yeah my bad, I should've clarified, Pig Lib is the album and the band is Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

No. 903097

File: 1631041097127.png (1.16 MB, 1482x765, 1630950549354.png)

The year is 2003, you're just checking your inbox when you gaze upon a strange email, you open it and there's nothing more than this pic, "25-05-2021" is its filename.

No. 903103

What kind of coomer shit you're talking about? I'm just curious.

No. 903107

I literally cannot stand this little Lindsay Ellis clone, I hate the way she speaks, she actually makes me seethe.

No. 903108

she is kek but she also has some good takes and I really love how passionate she is about litterature

No. 903109

Kek directioners memes were something else. I liked Louis idk why

No. 903122

File: 1631042341895.jpg (151.06 KB, 938x768, 20210907_141459.jpg)

Can't believe I got 2 hours for that lmao

No. 903128

All societies/early civilizations before Jesus and the christian invasion already had their own folklore and stories

No. 903129

Why ban people for such stupid shit? Anons derailing threads for several hours, no ban. Anon uses an emoticon and swoop. Retarded jannies.

No. 903136

this thread is so embarrassing. some of you really never let go of being the loser in high school huh? you wish you hung out with the popular kids THAT bad that you're still spewing the same rhetoric 10-15 years later? linkin park and similar bands are based, lick my anus weird bitches with a music taste complex

No. 903137

Yes, anon, lay into them, give them the truth even if it hurrrrrtsss

No. 903138

Honestly, it’s just shit I see on here and people complaining about it. I’m just so used to scrolling through the degeneracy that I forget that normies aren’t used to seeing that shit.

No. 903140

Nah it's all trash

No. 903142

You're the trash, embrace it instead of overcompensating with your superiority complex. Come to my house and let's listen to Creed.

No. 903143

fuck that bitch i'll come over and we'll listen to puddle of mudd

No. 903146

we're traaaaash, you and me, we're the litter on the breeze, we're the lovers on the streets
just traaaaash, me and you, it's in everything we do, it's in everything we dooooooo

No. 903147

I got this wild idea, what if we listened to both?? Could you imagine? Is that even legal?

No. 903149

What isn't trash to you? No cowardly answers allowed. Let us judge your taste

No. 903150

So beautiful and fitting

No. 903151

hmmmmm will have to look into the legality of it but i got no problem with it

No. 903152

Favorite Hilary Duff song? I'm gonna be gay and say mine is Someone's Watching Over Me from Raise Your Voice because that while dead brother thing really works on me. I mean, I cry at everything. I cried when the monkey got to play hockey in the movie Most Valuable Primate.

No. 903153

I'm really sorry for calling him a monkey, he's a chimp. God what an idiot.

No. 903154

come clean

No. 903155

I'm not even the same anon you guys were fighting earlier. I just got back from my 2h ban kek

No. 903156

Just read this thread. We will need to do something about women if we ever want the aliens to make contact(moid)

No. 903157

the emo NLOGs who listen to that kind of music were always the ones with superiority complexes tho.

No. 903161

samefag but this song was also used in a cinderella story (the one with hilary duff obviously the not the one with fat gomez)

No. 903163

You are all absolute tards
and I love you for it

No. 903166

>ego NLOGs
and? rock music is literally so abundant so many different types of people listen to those bands… the niche music is where you'll find actual NLOGs

No. 903168

I think I have the most unfortunate fat distribution possible in my face, I swear above bmi 19 it looks like it belongs to an obese person from a lot of angles. I used to think it was just body dysmorphia but thanks to my very insensitive family members I know it's not just me. I'm usually against plastic surgery but honestly I'd seriously consider lipo if I could afford it

No. 903169

File: 1631044273701.jpeg (799.03 KB, 3464x3464, 0FC131D1-BFA2-4073-9584-A211D4…)

No. 903170

Aliens can stay the fuck away from me if I can keep my based nonas

No. 903172

I have a vivid memory of laying in my bed with the lights off, watching my tiny tv covered in cat stickers in the middle of the night and this music video coming on Family Channel and feeling so relaxed and comfortable.

No. 903173

I would have cried, I remember when I was a kid I couldn't sleep when there was a mtf transgender person on eurovision and they said he'd undergone surgery to become a woman. I was so horrified I thought this is like a horror movie how can a man be turned into a woman and why would anyone allow that.

No. 903179

I am laughing so hard at this

No. 903180

go listen to animal collective or whatever

No. 903181

Look at her lifeless facial expression, she must be really fun at parties.

No. 903182

I played snooker with them a few days ago and they said you gonna die alone after cutting off your tiny dick and that's going to be soon.

No. 903185

What? Sorry but that’s retarded.
Everyone who went to school saw the emo and rock kids getting together because they wouldn’t want to hang out with the normie kids because
>muh they only listen to 1D and reggaetón!! They don’t listen to my based BoTF or BVB!!!!11!!1!1
Like, if that doesn’t make you cringe, I think it’s time to let go of the past.

No. 903186

what other types, every person i saw online into nu-metal was just a annoying spoiled teen who genuinely thinks they're ~unique~ from everyone else

No. 903189

nirvana, queen, every old school bands and singers who are infinitely better than the INFERIUR and GENERIC UNORIGINAL pop stars who shake their ass and talk about sex I’m disgusted I want my hookers and blow rock back >>> linkin park

No. 903190

File: 1631044777822.jpeg (251.08 KB, 960x1440, D711C835-F6D3-4713-B32D-6A0FAE…)

looking at hilary duff just reminded me how popular the "blonde with brown eyes" look was all throughout the 2000s (hilary d, pic related from friday night lights, britney spears, mariah carey, keira knightley, jessica alba…)

No. 903191

File: 1631044850871.jpg (151.33 KB, 1025x1096, 8272625272883.jpg)

This was you in middle school, wasn't it?

No. 903192

ew this reads like nirvana and queen are the only two rock bands you've heard of in your life. not even gonna dignity it with a response

No. 903193

File: 1631044900770.gif (2.81 MB, 498x334, here-lady-gaga.gif)

this stupid music sperg is still going on

No. 903196

imagine the poor brown and black girls and white lesbians trying desperately trying to like hillary duff’s most prominent era back then, that’s tough. all of those movies were hetero fodder ngl

No. 903199

Oh my god, girls, please. You can listen to it all, it doesn't matter, it doesn't impact your value as a person. You can listen to everything and enjoy it whether you think it's high art or not, and you don't have to justify it or be snarky to other people because they enjoy something you don't. Hasn't my Hilary Duff posting taught you anything? You can like prog rock and the high school musical soundtrack at the same time and they can both be good

No. 903200

lol imagine missing the point that badly… the point was that just because cringe emo kids listened to something or did something that you now associate with certain music it doesn't make it bad music. unironically grow up

No. 903206

I’m pretty sure that was every girl in the early 2000s anon, you aren’t regina george.

No. 903207

Even if you are trolling, I genuinely hope those generic rock bands (or whatever it is that you like) bring you the comfort Chester's voice has given to me throughout the years

No. 903216

She’s so cute.

No. 903217

tbh you're not entirely wrong, but I still can't get into that type of music. I hate how it sounds, i feel like there's a reason why it attracts cringe fans..we'll just agree to disagree

No. 903220

What's changed though? Earlier anons were REEing about how pop and rap could never be on the same level as their favorite superior mainstream pop rock band and if you even try to suggest that they are then you're a retarded zoomer who doesn't understand the complexity of What's My Age Again?

No. 903223

How is Queen generic, someone please explain to me. I know that they are very popular, the radio stations and movies and that recent movie have surely over saturated us a bit, but that doesn't make the generic. What would, anyway? Have any of you actually say down and listened to a Queen album all the way through? Because it's unironically epic. And You Take My Breathe Away is one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard.

No. 903231

Some people just don’t like Queen.

No. 903232

Even if you guys all like trash, we can still be friends.

No. 903233

Well that's okay, even if it makes me sad, they are allowed to feel that way

No. 903235

Lol are people still sperging cause I said Linkin Park are pussies, bitch they are! I was abused from childhood too lol, it doesn't mean I have to like a cringe band. I was born in 1990 so peak age for linkin Park gayness and still didn't submit. The best nu metal band was limp Bizkit. I liked slipknot when I was 10 because their mercy had the word SHIT on it and I thought it was cool to wear on non uniform days to school but then they made me out masking tape over the shit which felt even cooler!!! Slipknot are overrated af too though. Metallica are also queer fucks. Punk, ska, rap, folk, indie and nu romantic music was where it is at and cultural classics like The Streets. I bet if Chester was still alive I could beat him up

No. 903236

queen is generic, they’re played everywhere and their music is overused in commercials, television shows, and movies. around the 2010s band kids and indiefags have seriously convinced themselves that they’re an underground and underappreciated band even though they achieved huge levels of success even when they were still around in 70s and 80s. damn hollywood seriously can’t let the AIDS king rest in peace

No. 903237

You type like you're literally 12 so I'm having a hard time taking your cool kid shit seriously. Like what you like. Like what you liiiike. No one cares. You're fine. You're all fine. Your music taste is not bad.

No. 903239

oh you're still here being retarded from earlier? are you just butthurt because all you listen to is pop and rap so you keep shoehorning that shit in even though no one mentioned anything specific, just shitty popular music? and it's a fucking fact that popular music now, which is mostly pop and rap, is fucking horrendous ESPECIALLY compared to popular music back then, which had a bunch of genres but importantly including rock and metal.

No. 903240

This is the dumb ass thread bitch stop crying

No. 903241

I loved this song so much when I was a teen.

No. 903244

I'm not crying, I'm being pushy. I just want people to talk about the music they like and stop being little bitches to each other. I think you all listen to cool music, so just tell me about it instead of trying to make subjective taste into a debate.

No. 903246

I listen to literally everything, retard. Keep doubling down on that retarded superiority complex and I'll keep telling you that your favorite music sucks so you'll keep on sperging. I doubt even a diehard kpop stan would get this asshurt.

No. 903253

The first time I ever sneezed at my work place, my boss (who's an expat from Japan) asked me why Americans say bless you to each other and I had no idea how to respond. Actually, when I studied abroad in Japan, one of my friends asked me this too because I would always say it without thinking. He got into the habit of saying "bless me" really quickly after sneezing around me before I ever had the chance to say bless you kek.

No. 903254

Music is subjective why do you need to be told what to like can't you form an opinion are you tone deaf? Linkin Park is a band of pussies though. From their personalities to their lyrics to who they are to their fanbase. Can't cope

No. 903255

blonde deserves to go out of style, justice for brunette or black haired girls

No. 903256

2000s pop is good, Ebony Dementia Way

No. 903257

Would you guys fuck an alien? I think I could

No. 903258

why is Grimes cosplaying as a gypsy

No. 903259

There is no way you are this edgy and goofy for real. You have got to be trolling. There is no way you actually think like this. I am fucking wheezing

No. 903261

so all you're arguing against is a made up superiority complex just because someone has functioning ears and can tell modern popular music is dogshit… take your meds.
but i agree with that statement retard-chan

No. 903262

Oh for sure, I mean if it's a humanoid.

No. 903263

You sound like a fucking geek! Go fetch your inhaler

No. 903265

KEK I love you 80s bully anon

No. 903268

I slap to the early 2000s for hours, til I'm sore. Put on the Much Dance CDs bitch it's about to get hot in hurr

No. 903269

File: 1631046363540.png (3.59 MB, 1349x1799, TOASTIMAGE4EDITED_1349x1799.pn…)

I want this stupid lil makeup pouch so bad but it's $42 and small and I don't even need pouches, for make up or other things… but god I love food themed shit like this and the FORK ZIPPER!!!

No. 903272

It doesn’t really have to be humanoid, I wouldn’t mind a weirdly shaped dick, actually, that’s even better, I don’t want my hot alien husband to resemble a human scrote.

No. 903273

Just get it, nonnie, do it for both of us.

No. 903279

nah i don't mind blonde being in style, bottle blonde always looks like shit if it's not on a tv show or a movie. let all the women fry their hair with bleach

No. 903281


No. 903283

No no you misunderstand the word humanoid, I just need it to walk on two legs, have two arms and one head.

No. 903285

Wait something isn't right

No. 903287

File: 1631046772340.jpg (27.54 KB, 783x391, garrusvakarian.jpg)

Only this one

No. 903291

File: 1631046930175.jpg (12.33 KB, 370x205, christopher johnson.jpg)

Or maybe this

No. 903293

The characters were previously created, in your mind. And at the time you made them, you may have been a different person from who you were when you actually wrote their stories.
thnik ab0ut it anon…….

No. 903305

File: 1631047288139.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, 1630338284787.jpg)

I'm losing my mind ughhhh it's so fucking cute and I want to have it to pull it out and show it off but I'm being such a fucking cheap ass. It's so small but UGHH

No. 903308

There's this girl I know and she's so fucking cool except for these tendencies she has. Like constantly drawing attention to herself and making objectifying comments about women to make guys laugh, and putting women down. I want to be close to her but also want to be 50 ft away

No. 903324

damn i kinda want an 80s bully gf now

No. 903326

If you get close you could maybe steer her away from that just by being a cool person yourself. Maybe she needs more female pals and that's why she's acting strangely.

No. 903360

File: 1631048649092.png (23.02 KB, 896x188, cuckold anxiety.PNG)

One of the Manifesto-chans in the MTF thread once wrote a post about cuckold anxiety and how it's a driving force behind transbians (to avoid chad taking away their dream stacey they target lesbians that don't like chad) and it opened my eyes to how real the issue is.

No. 903376

File: 1631049277610.jpg (62.41 KB, 662x603, jeffremaeda.jpg)

No. 903377

File: 1631049309469.png (418.27 KB, 2771x4054, fridaynightfunkin.png)

No. 903378

File: 1631049322842.jpeg (32.3 KB, 600x347, 01FFE532-8CDB-43EC-939F-5FB811…)

My dog is using my arm as a pillow, this is my new life and I love it.

No. 903383

My unaffectionate dog has only done this twice in the 17 years I've had her, and it feels like god himself came down and blessed me when it happened.

No. 903387

Maybe put some cozy music when she’s around, my dog doesn’t usually cuddle with me and because I was playing animal crossing, he just laid there with me and curled up to put his head on my arm like “okay, time to sleep”

No. 903391

I keep having ideas for really weird, niche fanfics for media I'm not even that into. There's just a part of me that really longs to write about (random character) getting really into wood carving and other dumb shit like that.

No. 903407

Please give us an example

No. 903413

God blessed me with perfect feet yet here I am unloved.

No. 903416

I just found her today and am currently watching one of her videos right now. She has some good takes tbh.

No. 903440

I just now lost the game once again, so now you all have to, too.

No. 903443

Alzheimer's is the real winner in this game. Can't wait to grow old and beat you all.

No. 903461

I didn't even make it two weeks, thanks a lot, JEEZ

No. 903468

Kek from the ages of 11 to 13 I was obsessed with Harry to an autistic extent. I discovered Tumblr and Wattpad because of the fandom and became obsessed with imagines and self insert fanfic, especially the smutty kind. Unfortunately for me my mom walked in on me when I was reading some and I got in trouble. Anyway I was a Harryfag because I thought he was really cute (this was back when he was a teenager, nowadays he looks like shit) and he was charming in interviews. What made me stop liking him/being a Directioner was when my mom gifted me a clear plastic folder filled with pictures of Harry cut out from magazines. I don't blame her for getting me that because there were quite a few times she walked in on me staring at pictures of his face on the computer like an autist. When she gave me the folder I felt so ashamed/embarrassed of the fact that I was really that obsessed with him, and it made me rethink my priorities.

No. 903483

Aw, it's kinda cute that your mom payed attention to your tastes and tried to make something nice by hand.

No. 903487

File: 1631054493071.jpg (521.74 KB, 2048x1152, tumblr_5b5476b0b05b7a9a0864cd4…)

There's a lot of japanese yumejoshis who are so devoted its almost insane. I honestly really admire that devotion.

No. 903496

I swear gigi’s neck of the woods is a farmer, she definitely gives me those vibes

No. 903500

I’m so jealous! I wish I could do that for Megatron, he deserves such a great party!

No. 903501

I just want a true grunge bf anons…

No. 903504

Now that's what I call a quality husbando

No. 903509

Mr Blobby is peak physical humour

No. 903513

File: 1631055767688.jpg (693.59 KB, 2048x1412, Hifumi.jpg)

Honestly, they're too powerful.

No. 903514

I will beat you to a pulp

No. 903531

>tfw I will never have enough money to throw an amazing birthday party for my husbando Leviathan.
I should just throw myself out of a window.

No. 903537

i see da ladies walking
along one by one

No. 903539

I believe he goes by the name nikocado now

No. 903540

That's honestly amazing

No. 903542

File: 1631057829803.jpg (94.07 KB, 750x775, tumblr_p2df9tdYum1uyibxso1_128…)

Kek that's cute, I'm surprised you had the self awareness to quit stanning at that age.

Meanwhile I got into 1d in my 20s, no shame but I bet it would've been way more fun when I was young. At least at this age I mostly enjoyed them through memes and funny vines, tiktoks etc instead of unironic stanning.

No. 903543

>moid gets banned
>goreposting a few moments later
wow i am so surprised

No. 903545

It's cute and everything but I don't think I could ever do something like this even if I had the means. I would feel massively pathetic and start to re-evaluate my life choices.

No. 903550

They just can't help themselves from chimping out. The Y chromosome is a symptom of retardation.

No. 903552

ntayrt but no shame in that nonnie! i will say as a 1d stan back when they first came out in 2010, it's fun to see how my favourite songs and stuff have changed as my taste matured (for the most part, the singles like WMYB and kiss you will always slap), but as a fan in your 20s, have you gone through that at all? what are your favourite tracks?

No. 903567

>the singles like WMYB and kiss you will always slap
Totally agree, they're timeless bangers. Judging by my most played, my fav albums are Take Me Home and Made in the AM so I guess my taste didn't really mature since that's around the start and end of their careers. Vid related is my fav song, should've been a single.

No. 903579

we share the same favourite song anon! what a feeling is genuinely phenomenal and probably their best song by far, no joke. I wish they'd done one last tour before breaking up because I remember liam and harry saying they wanted to perform this live, and it would've been sooooo good

No. 903584

File: 1631059687816.jpeg (5.87 KB, 320x320, xs_sally-hansen-no-chip_no-chi…)

This stuff smells so bad, it smells like illness. It smells like vomit. I want to die when I use it

No. 903585

The amount of attention and love people place in a fictional character that will never and doesn’t exist is concerning and mentally ill. These people need to get some help

No. 903589

I'd rather obsess over a cute 2d character than a worthless scrote who wont do the dishes and will get ugly

No. 903592

Idk, I find this stuff kind of depressing when it's a bunch of dusty figurines in a tiny cramped apartment, but these pictures are pretty cute (the champagne tower actually looks really nice, hopefully it's for sharing though). Loads of people invest all their time in professional sports, which in a lot of ways is just as contrived as anime, so I don't think it's inherently an issue.

No. 903593

You can easily not do either, anon

No. 903595

Well yeah but one is really fun and exciting and the other isnt at all.

No. 903596

Tbf there's only a couple of pieces of physical merch in that and also it was done in a host club. It's good marketing that's for sure.

No. 903598

File: 1631060242344.jpeg (109.57 KB, 893x1360, 2AFDCB79-59F4-4B76-9805-781427…)

shit like this makes me so glad burgers won the american revolution

No. 903602

I don't understand your post at all but I love those books. They were fucking hilarious and the movie was awful.

No. 903606

We know, Heather.

No. 903607

im 19 years old and i have no idea either. i used to want to be a writer when i was a teen and i took it very seriously, like writing for hours everyday, but then i got depressed and dropped it over the years. it would be cool if i got to work in music, though. but im broke and i have zero money and i cant even pay for lessons. anon, lets just enjoy being retarded for the time being

No. 903611

the titles are absolutely atrocious and catchy at the same time, it almost seems borderline offensive. what was so interesting about the books?

No. 903612

File: 1631061369212.jpg (6.13 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

the original egirl, all others are cheap knockoffs

No. 903619

Oh yeah the titles are absurd, but that's because the main character and her friends invent a lot of stupid/funny slang. I don't think it's meant to be normal british language kek.

Honestly I read them when I was a tween so that's prob why I thought they were hilarious, but they're quite witty and relatable considering it's teenage nonsense.

No. 903633

damn even though I’m almost 20 I gotta read that now, I love female teenybopper vibes so much

No. 903640

How much and how often do you tip the bartender on a night out?

I usually do $1 per drink, if I'm buying two drinks in a round I'll tip $2 only if I like the bartender (and that I have enough singles).

No. 903648

Your mom manually cutting out photos of your celeb crush for you as a gift is one of the cutest things I have ever read, what the hell

No. 903661

depends. i'm a generous tipper in general though but i usually don't carry cash so i just put the tip on my card and make it out to something like $5 or $10. yesterday i got a drink that ended up being about $12 altogether and i tipped $5

No. 903695

Every round if i don't start a tab. $3-$5/drink, 30-60% if i keep a tab open.
I'm a bartender though so i consistently over-tip.

No. 903698

File: 1631068924905.jpg (1.44 MB, 1600x1200, r45q235.jpg)

caraway (fennel) seeds can suck my ass!! I'd be so excited for sausages or meatballs and then BAM, fucking caraway seeds here to ruin the entire meal. You can't even tell most of the time either unless you cut the meat so it's always russian roulette. I've been vegetarian for a few years now and vegan meat producers fucking love putting these shit seeds in their meatballs. You can suck my ass too, Gardein. If I wanted to eat licorice for dinner I'd just go to a fucking candy store

No. 903705

the nostalgia of this pic hit me so hard I looked into its origins
I honestly thought it was a gaiaonline tribute and still do

No. 903708

>vegan meat producers fucking love putting these shit seeds in their meatballs
This is so true! I don't even get why they add it. Do fennel seeds have good nutritional value or something?

No. 903713

A girl I knew in college just announced shes in a ~*~throuple~*~ and of course it’s her and another chick with neckbeard. Has anyone ever seen a poly relationship with two men and a woman? Or one that doesn’t turn into a dumpster fire?? It’s not my relationship to judge or care about, but whenever I see poly relationships it sets off all the red flags in my brain.

No. 903715

> it sets off all the red flags in my brain.
As it should

No. 903720

File: 1631072823334.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3784x2363, 1626978068140.jpeg)

When there's multiple men, you know they're going to be disgusting because it takes next level betas to tolerate it.

No. 903751

Anyone else been keeping up with the new developments with dogisaga lately? In a way I'm happy she's no longer a nazi or with one

No. 903762

File: 1631079369958.jpg (101.68 KB, 438x920, IMG_2190.JPG)

Yes! And same. Her dumping the /pol/tard shit was a twist I didn't expect in the least. If I have it right, her Nazi ex had her thrown into a psych ward for abandoning his ideology, and told the staff she had delusions and that he totally wasn't one. I can't even imagine how scary that must've been.
The "COCK NOW" spam is a bit much, but I'm kind of glad. Looking forward to the direction her art/comics go from here.

No. 903769

It's an interesting development. I do think obviously she still has uh many issues but. I always liked her art (even if the style isn't good, it has its own flavor) but it was ruined mostly by being pro nazi and all that. She still seems like a troubled person and a cow but I think him being her ex now is a first step to actual improvement maybe. She does have genuine mental illness. kek feel free to rag on me for my weird fondness for her, I know it's dumb for many reasons. People like that are fascinating to me though

No. 903776

File: 1631081153182.jpg (153.07 KB, 962x984, IMG_2183 2.JPG)

Nah, I agree with you. Her work is very charming in a strange way. I hope she does get better, she's obviously seen some shit.

No. 903777

I can’t stop laughing at this shit. It reminds me of very obscure manga, I wish she would get help for being schizo, develop some self-awareness and use her art ironically instead of unironically

No. 903787

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding, but I hear about this girl every once in a while but never know how to find out more about her. Where are you guys visiting?

No. 903804

>"women should close their legs if they don't want kids"
>go celibate
>"the fuck is wrong with you? you're not normal, who goes long periods without sex"
Can't win in this world

No. 903838

I went to get my laptop looked at today and the guy who helped me was so nice and kind of cute, I almost felt like he was flirting with me (I'm sure he probably wasn't though) and now I keep thinking about him wtf.

No. 903842

Holy shit, that's wonderful news!!!
I srcond the question of where to follow her, I lost the link to her insane webpage.
You made me realize WHAT exactly she makes me think of: the Cat Soup lady and her picture diary. Except it's bunnies instead of cats

No. 903848

File: 1631091067019.jpeg (151.2 KB, 960x960, CA4241E3-FD54-4561-95F2-CBA35F…)

Do I got the ‘tism if I try to vary my typing style in order to seem like less of a sperg who posts on here constantly

No. 903853

bump for gore beware

No. 903888

File: 1631093360076.jpeg (90.36 KB, 960x960, 1631074414755.jpeg)

Some anon posted this in the bad art thread, but I can't get over the last pic. That lil guy is so cute

No. 903912

I follow along to at home workouts to do my workouts because I find that I have I hard time doing then otherwise. It feels nice to have that guidance. Just before I woke up I had a dream/thought of finding follow along workouts at the gym (I want to start weight training and lack the space/funds to buy the equipment for my apartment) and when I woke up I felt like I had a galaxy brain moment. I’m scared to go to the gym but I feel like this really puts me at ease for going.

No. 903940

I'm gonna work from home tomorrow and I can't wait. I can sleep longer, have moe time for myself. I'm genuinely excited kek

No. 903947

Some scrote coworkers are sperging about coffe and I can't stop laughing. 'You have to brew it at 90 celsius and I personally only put 13 grams of coffe in the machine' Okay.

No. 903991

I bought slightly nicer razors than the usual cheapest of the cheap ones that I usually buy. Tried one out and it doesn't shave as close as the cheapo ones.. doesn't cut you either but my legs look like they were shaved yesterday rather than just now

No. 903994

she's right with this comic tbh

No. 903999

If that baby hadn't been killed it probably would've had a life of molestation ahead of it. I mean look at these 4 guys and try to imagine that somehow not happening.

No. 904000

Buy a safety razor if you want to shave for cheap. The handle is an initial investment but the blades are cheaper and will last longer.

No. 904034

If you look at the threads about her on the /co/ 4chan archive people spill a lot of milk and she also self-posted

No. 904043

>"I'm not bipolar, I don't need my meds, the doctors are gaslighting me!"
>"She's right."
Sorry about your diagnosis, nonny.

No. 904050

Bipolar is the new hysteria

No. 904052

Was watching yt in bed lastnight. The last lil vid I watched was a man freaking out and delaying a flight by acting batshit and I think drunk. I read the comments and people were scrambling to find ways to excuse his behaviour? This last year or so with covid has us all stressed out y'know… saw that over and over.

Excuse me anons, I'm just off to go act like an asshole in public. I'm sure people will understand that I'm just stressed out because of 'the state of the world' or some vague bullshit like that

No. 904056

Don't try it anon, they won't find excuses for you because you're a woman

No. 904088

I hope her ex gets gets ran over by a train, tbh. It's surreal that in currentyear a woman can still end up locked up on a man's word that she's nuts… Granted, she actually is, but in a harmless way.

No. 904090

That's the ol dick pass in action. Men act like savages in public but because people are conditioned that male anger is valid they come up with excuses to justify what they're witnessing. Heck it's not even reserved for public freakouts, whenever a man is violent there's always a reason, they say.

That aside, people are special dicks to airline staff. I know because I used to work for one. People pay a lot of money relative to their earnings, and so get heaps mad when there's any kind of bump in the road. Worse still is when they discover there are in fact rules of contract on top of the ticket prices they paid, and to get any great treatment requires $$$$$ and status that most never come to possess. Mix that together with travel stress, exhaustion, and crowds…it's not a mix. The toddler tier tantrums I've seen are not uncommon.

No. 904094

I agree with anon, they'll most likely call you a karen or whatever instead of excusing your actions

No. 904097

Why do people love projecting a bunch of random shit onto you? I feel like sometimes I get into disagreements with people and they're not talking to me, they're talking to an imagined version of me they came up with all on their own

No. 904102

It's easier to create a boogeyman to argue with than admit you're a person with nuanced views who might prove them wrong in some cases.

No. 904107

Relatable, sometimes I get into arguments that can 90% be answered with "I… I didn't say that?"

No. 904114

I hate being super careful with my words and then having this shit go down anyway. Like why do I bother being careful if I still have to defend myself against shit I never said in the first place? I feel you.

No. 904117

>That aside, people are special dicks to airline staff
>The toddler tier tantrums I've seen are not uncommon.
As a travel agency employee, I've been in an unique situation of experiencing both paxes and airline agents being insufferable (occasionally, when it comes to agents). Having said that, I feel you so much lmfao.
>What do you mean I cannot use my nonref, nonchng ticket on which I've been a noshow to fly on the next flight AND I will get close to zero money back?? What do you mean I've been overbooked by an airline and can't travel??? YOU'VE LIED TO ME, AND YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT.
Never been happier to let my hard-earned knowledge rot. Good for you for getting out too.

No. 904119

File: 1631114324811.jpg (211.52 KB, 1001x1024, 1024.jpg)

why does tyga look like a horse faced incel

No. 904120

File: 1631114353858.jpg (212.98 KB, 1024x805, chinletyga.jpg)

No. 904134

Hope his mom finally finds peace in heaven after giving birth to that monstrosity.

No. 904136

hes so ugly, why does kylie like him

No. 904142

Doesn't her entire family have shit taste in men?

No. 904147

idk why but interracial hetero couples where the woman is far more attractive than the man piss me off even more than same race couples with the same problem. and i'm not just talking about white man/woc pairings. i'm biracial but at least my parents are looks-matched.

No. 904198

just remembered how my ex bf would always make me feel weird whenever i'd lean in to kiss him and just "hover" my lips close to his, initiating for him to lean in and kiss back. he'd be like "why don't you just kiss me" and i ???? literally had no idea how to answer that, it's just a thing people do? it doesn't feel normal to me to just fully go in like? i feel like he gaslighted me about the stupidest stuff like this just made me self conscious about leaning in to kiss from all bloody things

No. 904203

She was probably groomed. He knew her since she was 14, he was 21, and magically went official as soon as she turned 18. Honestly good for her she didn't start a family with him or continued dating, he's so disgusting. Travis seems okay

No. 904220

File: 1631121274433.jpg (79.09 KB, 640x640, 41b.jpg)

For the first time in years I like a guy. I like him so much that I'm even scared to ask sanic about him. I don't think I could take a negative answer right now.

No. 904241

Anyone else feel like there's a lot more newfaggotry than usual? Spergy posts, reddit spacing, taking shitty bait, emoticon usage, etc.

No. 904247

When I was in 1st grade my mom won tickets to a U2 concert. I remember being excited because she was excited and I was like, "me too?" And she laughed and said "no, U2!" and I was so fucking confused

No. 904249

people in shitty suburban neighborhoods that care too much about their grass/lawns freak me out

No. 904252

File: 1631123713279.jpeg (107.42 KB, 485x512, E473D7FB-CB3D-4343-B136-065959…)

They’re protecting you from their evil house spouses.

No. 904255

My friend was getting harassed by her neighbors over not watering her lawn. People are insane.

No. 904257

i mean how some disorders and mental illnesses are just a reasonable response to certain things, life events, being treated poorly etc, and really shouldn't even be considered an illness at that point. and i think that's why there's so much overdiagnosing, misdiagnoses, and certain disorders/illnesses being treated like a fad.

No. 904258

Our neighbors chewed us out for mowing their side of the lawn for them (we live at the end of a courtyard and share a lawn between us.). They were in their 80s but I guess they were upset that they had to tell their gardener not to come that week. I mean I kinda get it but we meant well and they never were friendly to us again lol

No. 904259

I want to dominate Komaeda. All jokes aside. I need to lick him while he cries and begs for help.

No. 904261

Go to /g/

No. 904265

that movie gave me nightmares as a child

No. 904271

The CH thread was kinda dead for a while but is suddenly full now the she/they’s from Twitter found it

No. 904276

AYRT And I agree with that for ADHD in children, and anxiety and depression in adults. I have yet to meet someone who was diagnosed with bipolar who didn't fit the bill to a comical level, though.

No. 904280

File: 1631125739954.jpg (95.74 KB, 672x860, 20210908_151842.jpg)

every corpse stan from twitter is a genderspecial alternative emo. just look at "jiggles", the fan that was spamming his thread. they look all the same.

No. 904282

File: 1631125849286.png (547.2 KB, 1334x1002, 1673Mashiro-Kurata-Pure-o59JWn…)

I kinda want to study, mostly because taking notes with cute stationeries and planning out what to do seem fun now that I finished school. Maybe I want to prove myself I have discipline if I organize myself. I can self-study a language but anything else isn't motivating without a teacher to guide me.

No. 904286

someone make a new thread so the fangirls have somewhere to embarrass themselves

No. 904298

yes plz and whoever makes it, make the OP photo the impeccable fanart an anon posted the other day

No. 904308

Now that I've started a work from home job and I'm also taking a self guided coding class, I am so tired all the time.

No. 904364

The fans look absolutely ridiculous.

No. 904404

she's on telegram and also youtube
apparently says she is trans now but not dysphoric

No. 904426

Can't believe Drake came out as a lesbian, love wins.

No. 904466

Is it just me, or do avocados sometimes taste like dish soap? I swear sometimes I can just taste a hint of dish soap

No. 904468

Yes, and honestly same with coffee cream, that shit tastes like dish soap to me too

No. 904534

just saw a kentaro miura tribute under a random video of a penguin. my heart stopped for a minute because i confused kenjiro tsuda with miura and i couldn't accept that he might have died too

No. 904537

I'm sure they're talking about this in the celebrity threads, but those places are dumpster fires, so this is the first I'm hearing about this. Notorious handmaiden site Pink News did an article that basically commented on how silly it is, but I don't understand what's so different about Drake "coming out as a lesbian" to them than any other moid, kek. I mean they're right, but it's still hypocrisy.

No. 904543

you mean its not a shitpost????

No. 904546

Soap comes from fats being heated in the presence of a base, but fats also turn into soap-like compounds over time if they are in sealed containers (if exposed to air or bacteria they decompose in other ways). This happens with corpses where if they are in a sterile environment, body fats decompose into a soapy substance known as "grave wax".

So you probably had a somewhat old but very well-sealed & sterile avocado/container of creamer.

No. 904559

>why do avocados taste bad sometimes
>actually, grave wax
God I love this site

No. 904560

File: 1631136814955.jpeg (205.65 KB, 750x1000, 4919F62F-C6D3-4ABE-AA95-BF7168…)

There was a scrote right in front of me sperging to someone on the phone, call them a bitch threatening to kick their ass multiple times a la navy seal.

This happened in our campus restaurant and I had second-hand embarrassment for him and a tinge of fear.

No. 904566

Avocado is high in fat, her post makes perfect sense.

No. 904572

File: 1631137403366.jpg (130.59 KB, 606x864, bb.jpg)

Kuroshitsuji & Emilie Autumn's music go together like peanut butter & jelly. Both have edgy victorian aesthetic and both take me right back to highschool

No. 904577

I recently just played through Alice: Madness Returns a second time and it reminded me so much of Emilie, it made me want to listen to her again and reminded me of being 17.

No. 904579

No. 904586

I love Emilie Autumn but Kuroshitsuji was so boring. I remember watching it because I thought it looked cool and everyone was talking about it, then dropping it shortly after. What's the story even about anyway

No. 904595

When I was 14/15 I was a wrist cutter. Didn't do it for long tbh. Then last year at the age of 31 my dad came to visit me. Over dinner (out somewhere) he randomly asked me if I still self harm.

Dad you last checked in with me about this… 16 years ago. I just said no.

No. 904604

what little remains of the fandom pretty much believes that EA ripped off Mcgee Alice"s backstory for the persona she supposedly didn't have. Anyway Opheliac era was inasane and I wish I could time travel to those shows

No. 904606

Those were the good times…we really didn't expect how bad things would get

No. 904613

It was boring and plotless and a lot of it was just the mangaka finding excuses to draw adult men being creepy with a 12 yo boy.

No. 904614

Me too. I don't know about her trying to create a persona, it seems like people on Twitter were asking about her family and she got tired of it and was like "my whole family died in a fire years ago". A fan replied with a screenshot from her website about her dad dying with cancer and was like "umm no they didn't". I think the tweet was the only time she tried to say that, I think she just wanted people to fuck off and stop asking about her family. But she also lied about her age (which isn't a big deal to me, but she only lied about it by 2 years so just like why) and tried to convince people she was related to Alice Liddell so I wouldn't put it past her to try and create a persona.

No. 904617

They aren't real ffs, back to twitter

No. 904623

Are you new? We are allowed to dislike creepy pedo vibes here.

No. 904629

It's not a shitpost, but I don't think it's serious, either. He wrote a song with lyrics like "girls like girls" and "she said she's a lesbian, and I said me too". Unless Drake troons out (in which case I bet Pink News will delete their article and cover their asses hard, instead of realizing how much of a joke they are), it's likely just that retarded middle school boy "lesbians like girls so I'm a lesbian" thing.

No. 904638

Lmao you don't gain shit moralfagging anons about """"cp"""" on a obscure imageboard, where do you think you are, newfag? They aren't real, get a grip

No. 904643

Damn it's 2021 and someone is getting totally triggered over people not enjoying kuroshit and shotas

No. 904645

Nta, but they didn't say it was cp. Why are you so mad over that post? Not everyone likes shota.

No. 904647

nta you dont gain anything defending your disgusting pedoshit either yet here you are

No. 904648

Well its 2021, is actually very fitting there's someone getting triggered over fictional shit nowadays

No. 904655

Anyone bought or considering buying a modern mp3 player? I never have enough space on my phone so I want a separate mp3 player again.

No. 904660

Disliking shotashit =/= thinking they're real, just like with other weird fetishes most people dislike

No. 904662

I used a separate mp3 player for years even after I got a smartphone because I liked the sound quality better and I would run out of space. I finally stopped using them because using my phone is just more convenient, but I would always get mine off of ebay. it seems like the ones with physical buttons last longer than the touch screen ones.

also if you have an android phone you can always get an SD card, or just pay for a streaming service. but I understand if you don't wanna do that. mp3 players are cute ngl.

No. 904664

I got a phone with 64G just so I could have a bunch of music, and I have Spotify. The sound quality is so good on Spotify, I think it's the best thing I've ever paid for in my life since I listen to music all day every day.

No. 904668

what kind of phone is it?

No. 904669

They're good because they last so long and have lots of space, especially the older ones with just buttons. I had this one for 10 yrs before shitstain moid family pried it open with a knife, it's performance never went down even with age. https://electronics.sony.com/audio/walkman-digital-recorders/walkman-mp3-players/p/nwe394-r

No. 904674

It’s still pedoshit regardless

No. 904692

10 years is crazy long though, mine would only usually last about a year or a year and a half. also make sure you charge it on your computer and not with a wall plug, because I did that once and it ruined my battery lol.

No. 904695

I keep buying 2nd hand ipod classic 160gbs, they still can't be beat tbh

No. 904699

I got an ipod touch a while back off of ebay and it was SO laggy, I don't remember what kind it was though.

No. 904770

Oh man I was considering buying a 4th gen iPod nano the other day. I still have my iPod touch but the screen has a giant blob on it and the battery runs out p quick.

No. 904850

Sony better be giving us some Daddy Kratos content tonight!

No. 904868

The latest American Horror Story into doesn't creep me out this season

No. 904884

i think only women came up with and use the term "fridge body" because there's no way men would ever care that much to degrade a less curvy body (which women are obsessed with not having)

No. 904885

women and gay men*

No. 904901

File: 1631173954742.jpeg (86.49 KB, 404x569, 3BD23282-FD3B-4579-89CC-1B9CF8…)

I dislike that term because it's yet another way to pick apart women for a totally normal feature they can't help. same with this roastie shit, from what I can tell no one even cared about that until it got memed. but you could go back years with each nitpick being popularized/recycled and it honestly sucks. there are enough now that every woman falls into having one of these made up flaws, every one of us. I genuinely can't empathize at all with other women who use the terms because they must have something they feel bad about in themselves too.

No. 904902

I have literally only ever heard men use it though.

No. 904904

agree and I also hate it, I have seen anons calling women fridge body who just have regular ratios and not a 15 inch waist. after spending as much time online as I do I have realized that women are more likely nitpick other women while men are more likely to say things like "you're a disgusting used up whore" and "I've urinated on hookers who are prettier than you" (that last one was an actual comment on reddit some guy made).

No. 904906

nta but not me and I saw it used first by mostly women (including here of course). I think in many cases men see us use insults like that and snatch them up. with the exception of ones like roastie of course. imo "fridge body" is something a female mind came up with no doubt. it's hard to explain but being here long enough there is a distinct style to women's insults vs. men's, but both will still use ones made by the other. I guess I thought about this too much and it's late lol. even though I do think men care about curves on women, to the ones who are not autistic most of us are desirable anyway and let's be real objectively we are better to look at. so anons don't take it to heart.

No. 904909

expectations for women's bodies have worsened due to social media, porn, ps, and photo editing. it's sad to see women who are genuinely deluded about what a normal female body looks like

No. 904910

>I have seen anons calling women fridge body who just have regular ratios and not a 15 inch waist.
I see this fucking constantly on here, it's so annoying. And it's usually aimed at cows with decent bodies. Like, they're too thin to be insulted for their weight so anons have to grasp at straws and pretend not having a ridiculously exaggerated hourglass figure is a real flaw.

No. 904913

File: 1631175487407.jpeg (37.86 KB, 526x389, received_886819904686630.jpeg)

The one real argument I can see for this is that men misuse it. Men have called me it for being fat even though I have extremely wide hips compared to my waist. I think they think it means big like a fridge or something.
As for mapping out male versus female insults- I can't. I have spent too much time around males.

No. 904914

I've got to where I am angry at women who commonly use fillers and botox and shit because it just adds to unrealistic expectations and men really can't tell the difference because they think all shit like that looks botched.

No. 904917

If I had to guess in this moment (may not be right lol) the feeling I get from women's insults is they are more creative and offen make you think "really? that's something that matters to anyone?" where men's tend to be more blunt and sexual, but I'm purely hypothesizing about it like a weirdo

No. 904920

The point is to get into your head

No. 904921

File: 1631175970735.gif (324.9 KB, 530x750, Rhiannon.gif)

Depends on the guy I guess. I have been picked apart on an integral level so hard by men before that I want to take off my skin.

No. 904922

same… it scares me to see men (and women) who can't tell when there has been changes whether surgical or photoshop. for me, simply going outside is enough to see what reality is like so maybe those people are too online, but I dunno. it's still awful. also, lately I've been seeing older couples in the media where the woman has had ps and makeup all to look younger whereas the scrote looks his age, old. it can be jarring at first because it looks like there's an age gap. I don't think it bodes well for anyone anyhow to keep increasing this divide in our appearances, male and female, altered and natural

No. 904925

I hate that when you google innocent things like “lamb” furry/vore porn and (in lamb’s case) venison comes up. Some people would like to look at cute lambs and princess coloring pages for kids without porn and gore popping up that yew

No. 904926

I'm sick of, even women (even especially women) telling me men age better. The fuck they do. My step mom will say this while she's feeling suicidal about her wrinkles. I try to point out that society is breaking her brain and older men look just as fucking trash as older women if not worse. Gold diggers give too much confidence. When researched, if checked for financial attributes, older men are in fact found just as ugly as older women.
This also bleeds into the concept that only older women give their kids autism. Even Chris Chan of all people knew better than that.

No. 904927

I'm real sorry nonners. Remember what this anon said >>904920 and I know we all have our insecurities, but women as a whole are so much more pleasant to look at and be around in every way while scrotes are a lot worse even more than a woman deemed ugly or unpleasant. not even a radfem this is just truth imo. anyway, be well

No. 904928

That was supposed to say thank ewe but autocorrect is rude

No. 904929

agree and if the female is too young (a girl) there's risks for the kid as well including but not limited to low birth weight and low IQ

No. 904934

Yes, also this. I believe that saying people who fuck someone below 18 year olds is a little excessive considering. But thinking a 14 year old should bare children is madness. You may get more kids that way but they won't be very quality. I hate that they ignore the dangers of a young woman, blame an older woman, and then say a man can have kids whenever. Somehow only the data backing up older women causing autism is "real science." I mean when you consider it, it is biologically unlikely. Why would evolution just not choose to also make men most ripe around 17-25 as well. You know, like with every other fucking animal who have similar puberty ages.

No. 904935

This is supposed to say it's a little excessive to say fucking someone below 18 is pedophilia. To me, anyway.

No. 904936

also higher risk of miscarriage, men are always trying to justify porn featuring really underdeveloped looking/barely legal girls because "muh fertility"

No. 904937

>t. pedo

No. 904938

File: 1631176981752.jpg (66 KB, 969x249, 1513607904302.jpg)

Men don't wear sunscreen, they don't moisturize or use skin care in general, they smoke and drink at higher rates, they're more likely to spend time outdoors, no fucking WONDER they age worse. Even with a slight advantage of thicker skin, they think taking care of themselves is gay and they will age ~like wine~ with zero effort.

Men are allowed to age and women are not, that's the difference. And all we can do is take care of ourselves and raise our standards until they get a fucking clue, I'd rather die alone than date a man who looks or is significantly older than me.

>This also bleeds into the concept that only older women give their kids autism.

Advanced paternal age and age gaps are a much bigger factor in autism, men actively support the biggest causes because they don't actually care about the health of children. Manifesto-chan explained their youth obsession best.

No. 904941

Those scrotes are creepy and only pulling things out of their ass. They also conveniently ignore that in the past, yes mothers were younger but fathers too since young males had jobs much earlier and could provide sooner. The age difference often wouldn't be that great. Regardless, aside from basic moral common sense, all we need is science and like you said similar species to see what is healthiest and sane. Otherwise offspring turn out with higher risk of problems. It's funny since they will point it out with older women, and even the homophobic ones will say gay sex is against nature due to diseases and no reproduction, yet conveniently don't look at the data around older fathers and younger mothers. It's an emotional argument to excuse their own creepiness make no mistake or else they would care about all the data.
I get you. I think there is a certain distinction too, but it doesn't matter that much to me since it is still bad due to things like power imbalance and like I said, there's more risk to the offspring so it's not really intended by nature.

No. 904942

agree with her post but find it cringe that she unironically uses "alpha male" when that has been disproven

No. 904944

checks out, isn't it also the case that pedos often times are intimidated by women their age (or basically are "betas" for lack of a better word) so they go for someone "beneath" them? I read that a few times although there's probably other factors to their attraction

No. 904945

You know what's weird that I have noticed. Guys who publicly make a deal about how much they hate people who date teen girls (who are like 17) always are really into this type of porn. I have to wonder if they don't think they can save the girl just to fuck her themselves.
I guess if you think Americans are the only correct people on earth. I dunno.
As far as I can tell I see substantial loss of birth problems by 17 years old so I think that part is not so serious. But, yeah. I could see a mental imbalance issue but I also feel that can sustain till like 25 years old. People shouldn't date much older people till over 25 probably. But 18 is mostly just a random ass in between number to me.

No. 904946

woops sorry I basically summarized manifesto anon's point, meant only to say that this is true from what I've read in studies

No. 904948

I am surrounded by betas so I often forget this is a thing but I always remember my dad, who is fairly confident with women, is really uncomfortable when very young women flirt with him. Like, he's sort of touched like "Awh, that's sweet" but if they get serious it really freaks him out.
I never thought about it being related to confidence before though.

No. 904949

imo society changing has an impact as well. maybe in the past you could sort of justify certain relationships for survival and because young people had more responsibility, but nowadays it's all so different. I do agree though that 18 is a little arbitrary, not much differs from 17 but eh it works. I think age gaps are generally bad around that period of life but obviously an 18 and 17 year old being together is fine. for whatever reason some adults experience attraction to ones younger than them and I don't think that in itself is a crime but it doesn't make sense to pursue since there are many more factors than just ooga booga my dick. and tbh it is still creepy to me since plenty normal adults will tell you they can't see them as anything other than kids still

No. 904952

File: 1631178564169.jpg (149.89 KB, 1280x720, ruby blank.jpg)

Yeah, I personally still find attraction to people a great deal younger but I'm at an age where I am beginning to notice a serious divide between me and them mentally and I don't think I could see myself dating, like, a 17 year old. I assume people who do that past 25 either care about sex only or are unable to mature themselves. If the last one, it must be by a lot because I consider myself a little behind on emotional experiences/relationships and it's begun to feel weird than me. I do feel sad inside that I didn't really get to date young qts when I actually was young but I suppose life is what it is. I didn't even realize this till recently and I actually spoke to a 17 year old boy after a long time of not and I was like "Oh shit, you're a little retarded, huh."

No. 904958

>I consider myself a little behind on emotional experiences/relationships and it's begun to feel weird than me. I do feel sad inside that I didn't really get to date young qts when I actually was young but I suppose life is what it is.
maybe this is why? but you know your experience best so I'm only considering possibilities. myself I am still young enough to not be far from that age so I don't know how I'll feel later, but yeah it's off limits regardless. the reason I am open minded for now about the attraction itself (not relationships) is because sometimes I get mistaken for being a minor and sometimes I can't tell apart people their age vs. people my own. visually, I mean, since like you said once they open their mouth it becomes clear enough. anyway I like your pic here anon, cute. I appreciate being able to discuss this kind of topic from a purely logical standpoint because to me that's how you strengthen opinions and find the truth. even though it often understandably evokes a lot of emotion, from me included. but yeah, I suspect it is not that uncommon to feel a sliver of something like that but what matters is knowing better. and possibly once you mature emotionally it could help? that's something I need to do as well so good luck to us both

No. 904962

File: 1631179695557.jpg (311.19 KB, 1200x1200, ruby and coco.jpg)

Yeah. I like to think in a sense of emotional mindfulness I am actually quite mature for my age that way (and I'm told I am) but I just have little experience in relationships as I've only dated 2 people. I don't know what is giving enough or too much or what I even consider is ok in a relationship. Especially because the little experience I've had has been very confusing because I have a taste for guys who also have little experience. Not that they're young, but just have also been alone a lot. I can also be a bit naive but I like to believe it's just being nice and not being dumb but I don't know.

No. 904965

File: 1631179921380.jpeg (23.19 KB, 320x320, F43E3D29-148A-4F73-AA28-571121…)

I hope you find a guy with a similar experience level to you! that is a normal expectation to have and tbh I feel the same. You do sound mature, and probably the naivety will improve when experience comes. We are kind of similar because I'm also naive but everybody is at their own pace and we will get there. love the images

No. 904968

You're attracted to the person and not the number of years they've been alive. There's people who look the same at 30 as they did at 24, and there's people (men) who start balding and looking haggard by that age too. Your age isn't written on your forehead so obviously it's stupid to say you're not attracted to people exactly 5 years younger because how do you know?
I'm 29, I've had 20 year old college freshmen (before anyone starts sperging, army service is compulsory for men where I live) attracted to me. I found them annoying and obviously too young so the feeling wasn't mutual, and only after I told them did they call me gross and too old.

Obviously this doesn't apply for anyone under 21 because at that age people do look visibly younger and are still growing mentally and physically, but it's normal to be attracted to someone a few years younger or older than yourself because people in their 20s and early 30s look the same. If someone is way too young for you though, you have a responsibility to let them down because you're supposed to know better even if they insist.

No. 904986

Scrote coworker out loud during a discussion about LGBTQ in lunch break:
'So if I identify as a 17 year old, can I fuck a 13 year old girl?'

JC, are your male coworkers these retsrded too?

No. 904990

>'So if I identify as a 17 year old, can I fuck a 13 year old girl?'
This is a dumb example/argument anyway. What 17 year old is fucking a 13 year old?

No. 905014

If he's just using it to show the dumbassery of tranners and isn't serious about that, I can't fault him for that. That's their exact logic regarding lesbians and gays.

No. 905024

He might have said 14, in our language the 2 sound very similar and I was sitting away from the group so I couldn't hear everythinv properly. Still creepy

No. 905026

Had a meeting with a cute guy and can't stop thinking about him ugggh