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File: 1634150609377.jpeg (300.91 KB, 1023x1023, C0C0D5FC-7804-40BD-A207-53A781…)

No. 937633

Vent is love, vent is life

Previous bitching and moaning:

No. 937634

I really wish my brain wasn't plagued with thoughts of wanting to fuck moids in times of loneliness.

No. 937640

How ya betches keep filling these threads so fast

No. 937659

Thank you for the pic nona. Here's my vent: FUCK MY BACK PAIN!!! I've been bitching non stop about my back pain but I won't stop as long as I'm in pain. It is getting better slowly, but god damn if I walk just a little too fast or go up the stairs, it hurts. I have to slowly lower myself up and down chairs. I want to punch my body. Haven't we been stretching and doing yoga to avoid this exact thing from happening? And you STILL want to hurt? Bitch fuck you.

No. 937674

I've got two days left at my shitty workplace and the really toxic coworker that made the job so much worse than it needed to be has been off since Monday.

I really, really hope she stays sick (or "sick" because we're really understaffed and she has this great habit of happening to be sick the very days that the workload is the worst). I'd prefer to struggle with the workload than put up with her bitch ass and be bitter on my last days though.

No. 937696

Gym scrotes are the absolute worst. Gyms should be women only spaces and men can keep in shape by doing hard labour (where they belong). A group of guys were watching me today and making gross comments like how it's a "waste" that I have a good ass and how they thought I was a man at first because "women aren't that good at lifting weights". The standout quote has to be "It's kinda faggy but I'd still her fuck her… what? She has a snatch, it's not gay just because she dresses like that!". Fucking scum. I did my best to ignore them by blasting music in my headphones but they were just crowded by a machine opposite me gossiping like mean girls. Usually a situation like this would make my anger go through the roof and I'd probably do something to get myself banned from the gym but I felt like I was back at school again; the only butch girl there who was the court jester for dudebros to mock. I would never admit this off anon but it actually upset me a bit. The fact that I'm 30 and those wounds haven't healed yet and that society still hasn't changed. Fucking bleak.

No. 937705

This made me mad even to read. I always hate how weak I feel after for "giving in" after things like this by even feeling hurt or angry so I guess in a way it does work, literally harassing a woman who is trying to get stronger to make her feel weak. I'm sure you look badass for them to be so threatened. Let's be real, most of them only work out to get the attention of women anyway, they're pathetic.

No. 937706

Being masculine straight is its own challenge sometimes

No. 937713

Fucking disgusting. Did they think you couldn't hear them or something?

Also on a related note, I notice most of the women at my gym are perfectly polite and fastidious about wiping down the machines they use, re-racking their weights, etc. It's always some fucking scrotes that don't know how to clean up after themselves and it's so fucking gross.

No. 937723

I have so little social life my most intense relationship is like daily little chats with a 4channer. I have zero idea how to approach people in real life and I can't let anyone to be closer than a professional relationship because of all the things I hate about myself

No. 937725

Get even better at lifting weights, nonna! And them saying "I'd still f*ck her pfft, as if you would ever look at any of them! It's alright to feel hurt, they were trying to hurt your feelings, trust me, they knew you could hear them, but you're probably already over it and ready to kick ass in your day to day life. Dumb scrotes win one battle, we win the war!

No. 937731

File: 1634157396325.jpeg (38 KB, 462x424, 6EC312F7-8652-45C1-B305-9B7FFC…)

I'm friends with this girl who is totally a weeb and I cannot stand it. I'm weeb too, but I don't revolve conversation around Japan all the time. I literally am tired of her comparing our North American city to Japan. STOP
On top of that, she fucking slurps her ramen hardcore on purpose and tells me it's because in Japan they do that. STOP.

No. 937734

I remember at the beginning of my old gym membership I turned up wearing new workout clothes that fit me.. then within weeks I was exclusively wearing mens baggy clothing or wearing shorts with leg hair on show. Stare at that lol

Fuck them and their sad 'who would I have sex with' games. Reality is they're the ones in least demand.

No. 937736

arguments and autism

No. 937738

Horny brain seriously scares me. Today I considered saying yes in the theoritical situation the weird, annoying guy in class would actually ask me out, as he's been obviously trying to get my attention. It's tragic because I could download Tinder and get better dick in 3 seconds, but I got excited just by the idea of finally being intimate with someone and doing something sexual.

No. 937740

Wow, I didn't know these kind of old fashioned weebs still exist.

No. 937742

Why the fuck is that Elaine chick’s thread pinned every time I go to /snow/? Why should I care?

No. 937744

Yeah, must be annoying for that nona but I just felt a warm rush of nostalgia reading that lol.

No. 937746

>I always hate how weak I feel after for "giving in" after things like this
That's exactly how I feel right now. Realistically I know those pricks mean nothing to me but I'm still human and I still hurt. You're absolutely right about them working out to get women's attention though, and I know that because they were all dorito shaped with skinny lil chicken legs kek.

I'm actually a lesbian which makes this even dumber because I have no logical reason to care what random moids think, yet here I am…

I think they were talking loudly on purpose to try and get me to react. Bullies pulled the same shit when I was at school, moids never change. The exact same thing happens at my gym where women very thoroughly clean and re-rack, etc but the men seldom bother or do a half-assed job of it. Actually I take that back, there's one guy who does clean up and re-rack and he's in his 70s. All the women love him because he's a really polite, old school gentleman who actually encourages and compliments us women on our form.

Will do! I've already hit a bunch of my goals for recovering muscle lost during my illness and no moid will ever stop me from keeping fit no matter how gross they act.

Yeah same, I bought a bunch of new gym wear and I barely wear it now. I might start working out exclusively wearing a potato sack kek.

No. 937747

>I did my best to ignore them by blasting music in my headphones
>Usually a situation like this would make my anger go through the roof and I'd probably do something to get myself banned from the gym
I admire your ability of restraint. You did the right thing, garbage like this doesn't even deserve one look, they're doing this for attention and because their egos were triggered.

No. 937757

Oh my god KEK this is why I don't let anyone know I'm a weeb even though I desperately want normal weeb friends. The chances of attracting someone like this is just too high

No. 937767

See a sports doctor. Seriously. If there's an issue with your spine then you could be fucking things up even worse with 'normal' exercises.

No. 937799

Wow I thought weebs like that disappeared in the early 2010's

No. 937802

The thing is, we met when we were 14, and we are now 24-25, somehow her weebness got a lot worse from when we were teens.
Just depressing.

No. 937818

I am this close to relaxing my hair. My hair is so frustrating to deal with, it's super thick and takes hours and tons of effort to do. I was doing my hair earlier today and actually started crying. The only problem is, my hair is really healthy and I don't want to risk fucking up how healthy my hair with a relaxer. I probably also still wouldn't like my hair if I relaxed it. I would shave it but I've already done that before.

No. 937819

been wondering this also

No. 937820

Girl do you not read? Elaine wants to fuck the admin, long story short

No. 937825

the only reason i lost weight during my anachan days was bc i would just sleep for hours. id wake up at some stupid late time and because of that id be able to easily do 24+ hour fasts, also bc i wasn't doing anything w my life i could heavily restrict and deal with not having enough energy to do anything.
now that im no longer a neet I find it way harder to stick to any diets. like i really hate my body and every day i tell myself I'll do something about it but nothing ever really sticks, and bc im at work i can't just do the stupid long fasts/restricting anymore

No. 937831

Keto is the answer [without extremo butter]
I'm a retard waiting for after halloween candy dayz to do the same and lose fifteen pounds again.

No. 937836

Get japanese thermal hair straightening/yuko straightening! It's expensive but doesn't damage the hair and the hair stays straight.

No. 937840

I know that fucking feel fellow thick-haired anon. It's the absolute worst. I've definitely been tempted to relax again too but I talk myself out of it every time. I haven't looked into it myself but I heard keratin treatments are a "healthier" alternative if you want to look into that?

No. 937842

I feel similar, I really miss starving and feeling empty. It's not that I can't, but my body just takes it way worse now that I'm older and I don't actually want to die or become seriously sick. I just loved the feeling.

No. 937856

File: 1634163385878.jpeg (100.86 KB, 720x1062, 660522C1-AF58-4F8D-9CCF-699660…)

I feel irreparably fucked up in my body image from a lifelong exposure to beauty ideals in media, art, fashion… It seems I'll always feel unsatisfied as long as my body's not like an anime girl or barbie doll like the photoshopped models everywhere. Tiny waists and thighs even though I don't think I'll ever reach that ideal unless I starved. The obvious solution is to just unplug and go in the real world I guess. I hope I can reverse this fucked up view. Even though it is definitely possible for me to improve and get healthier, I need to stop focusing on my looks as the source of my worth. It's hard when that is how women are judged by even here. I think I'd better find other ways to value myself first. I hate this viewpoint that even a fat woman is defined by being fat and will get mocked even though she has other qualities that define her as a person and should probably come before her looks. It's really fucked up but probably a lot stronger on the internet vs real life. I guess I solved my own problem and should log off

pic unrelated, I just like enya

No. 937857

It feels like I've made my whole personality my looks because I feel so dumb compared to everyone around me. I know so many multi lingual computer scientists and I'm like "yeh I learned makaton". Its just embarrassing when they talk about their aspirations and I'm like, satisfied working in social care. Its like the things I'm good at aren't worth anything compared to the people around me. But now I've put so much focus on my looks, I've developed sort of an ED. I eat, but very little, and it's not intentinal anymore, my appetite is just gone. And now people at my job are noticing I don't eat on either of my breaks and keep offering me food

No. 937858

thanks anon. i might give keto another go, it worked last time i tried it but i gave up because i found it kind of hard to make/find keto food and snacks. ive seen protein bars and stuff that are advertised as keto friendly online so maybe i could order some of those.
good luck with your diet anyway i hope it works for you anon!

No. 937864

I'm so !!!! fucking !!!! tired !!!! of coming across or looking up some fellow lesbians I used to know on social media to see how they're doing and seeing that 90% have chopped their tits off and have either "he/they" or "he/him" or some other variation of "anything but a woman" on their bio. Fuck. Just happened again when I went to see an indie lesbian rapper I used to listen to only to be greeted with a mutilated shirtless photo, once again. She used to be so proud to be lesbian. The woke conversion therapy is working

No. 937867

File: 1634163819719.jpeg (72.85 KB, 424x640, A4F3625B-4EC8-4E84-9267-F9F715…)

this brings me back to a time when I didn’t even know what suicide was

No. 937869

likewise! I'll meet you back in the current vent thread next month november 13th to proclaim my update.

No. 937871

Is it Angel Haze? Cause, SAME. Jfc.

No. 937872


Coming from an attractive person: being attractive won't help you or solve your issues. Sometimes it's even worse because you can't discuss mental health without someone bringing up how, "At least you're good looking." Attractive people have insecurities too, and anyone else who thinks differently is ignorant to their surrounding world.

In short - beauty is subjective. You seem to hold it highly, so I'll remind you that even beautiful people are targeted for something they genetically can't help, considering beauty is based on every single person's preference. I would trade my physical looks for great mental health any day.

(Also, unrelates, but I fucking love Enya).

No. 937876

>Its just embarrassing when they talk about their aspirations and I'm like, satisfied working in social care.
It's tough to feel that way and ahem valid but this is what matters most. If you are satisfied with what you do you are already winning. Think about how miserable you'd be studying whatever the hell computer science shit you compare yourself to. You didn't take interest in it for a reason, so you are fine. Tbh what you are noticing is the trend in society to value STEM over everything else, just because it seems harder I guess intellectually. But the computer nerds would be sweating just as much in your situation and struggle to do it right. It sucks that people try to pit everyone against each other instead of acknowledging that each different part of society is needed to function. I'm sorry it's like that… also fuck, I do relate to the looks obsession. If you're insecure in your career and station in life, it sounds as though you're ignoring that as proof of your value to instead fixate on looks. I hope it gets better for you nonna, please remember that what you do is important and needed, but society kinda sucks and doesn't talk about that

No. 937880

fukkin same. We're going to be the last homoseckual women left on earth at this rate. (Isn't it absurd that I've started emphasizing that I'm a homogay lesbian -woman- to people, lest they think I'm a queer not-woman when I say lesbian? just checking that this is the vent thread. I could be the strawman butchest, positive 'male' trait minded girl on earth and I'd be just as much a woman as any strawman uber-dainty housewife, and we'd both deserve respect and consideration. How don't all these pronoun sellouts realize how offensive their word games are. )

No. 937885

File: 1634164636207.jpg (200.23 KB, 950x1024, 20201126_023821.jpg)

thank you for replying, anon! it cheered me up a bit. she didn't comb through old pictures tho; she sent a memory off of Instagram (a selfie) to me via DMs and I replied with an old selfie of myself. I just realized, also, it's been over a week since that interaction and I'm still reeling over it. last night I sent a snap to her and she didn't acknowledge it, so… lmfao

I know I said crushes are fun and I was enjoying having one but now I'm starting to regret it. I can't stop thinking about her to the point of obsession. I need to get a fucking hobby.

No. 937901

I’m a multi-lingual (future? I’ve got a long way to go) computer scientist and I’m retarded. I have lots of aspirations and but they’re not likely to happen due to my circumstances. However, anon: being content is a good aspiration to have, and however you may achieve that to you. A lot of people will try to make you feel bad—they’re almost always projecting their anxieties into you, by the way—because you are satisfied with your station in life, because you don’t want for something grand. You should never let their judgement impact you in any meaningful way, because there are people who don’t derive their identity from work, and there are people who use their work ad a means for “fundraising”—for food, shelter, hobbies, family, and not everyone has to be militant about it, because evaluating people who do not share your goals or interests by YOUR standards is insane and retarded. That is something I have learnt going to college.

I think something that may help you is trying to shield your sense of self or status from people’s feedback. That can be a recipe for disaster: their approval will send you one way, and their disapproval will send you another way, and no path will be truly yours. So:

> Its like the things I'm good at aren't worth anything compared to the people around me.

Are you satisfied working in social care? If you have earned your own approval, then who cares what they think? They don’t cash your cheques, kek. Keep your relationship with yourself independent from external opinions, lest it becomes fragile. People often look for things to derive their identities from when they don’t possess a stable sense of self, and sometimes it can be our looks, because if we don’t have that, what else will we have? Well, a lot of things, actually. I hope you find out.

No. 937915

stupid fucking military insurance agency acting like someone who isnt talking to them in morse code is wasting their time. Fuck the military

No. 937929

File: 1634166598685.jpeg (132.64 KB, 345x805, A1F944EB-EBD6-42A6-9338-F55A97…)

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No. 937936

Come on, nonnie, scrotes are not worth the self-hatred, and being white isn’t what makes someone more or less desirable.

No. 937943

I'm sorry your mom died in that accident and it gave you a furry fetish. Maybe seek help?

No. 937944

true and I don’t fault the white girls for shooting their shot and don’t get me wrong I’m bisexual so I’m attracted race of women but damn let me just obsess over that sexy scrote without millions of lolcow-tier ethots flooding his comments with unnecessary thirst..

No. 937946

>white alternative girls really think they’re the shit and that they should have everything, it genuinely makes me sad.. they always line up on the hottest guy and clog up his fucking comments and it’s always white girls always them that gets everything why can’t I just have anything?
This is what anon said.

No. 937947

Come on anon, the north korean regime isn't that bad. At least they have an intact sense of cultural cohesion.

No. 937948

lets not pretend the alt community isn't dominated by whites

No. 937951

you aren't smart posting racebait as a binary code… the thread for that is the other way

No. 937953

File: 1634167606473.jpeg (13.59 KB, 155x326, 2A6A2001-FAA0-4EB6-8B5B-B1785D…)

you did not have to expose me like that anon kek

No. 937954

Come on anon, just because your uncle touched you when you were a child doesn't mean you can't enjoy life anymore. At least you have Evangelion to cheer yourself up

No. 937956

how am I supposed to vent without it coming off as racebait? there’s no other way to explain it without offending people

No. 937957

Boyfriend's retarded coomer younger brother is starting to go to therapy for panic attacks, we're both worried that the therapist is going to push him to troon out since he's expressed that he "feels more like a girl" before more than once

I want to find a shrink for my boyfriend too, but the same problem applies, he's GNC and it's a liberal area. It's not like he'd go for it if they told him he should ofc, it would just be a waste of time and money

No. 937958

been drinking more often. Considering getting a bottle of something small I can keep in my purse to hit during work tomorrow. Is that the beginning of a bad habit?

No. 937960

Come on anon, just because you get off to hentai scat porn that doesn't mean you aren't a human with feelings and troubles. Just don't upload it to your facebook again, I promise it'll all be okay.

No. 937962

Maybe don't write it in an attention whoring manner again. Reported you for 01110010 01100001 01100011 01100101 01100010 01100001 01101001 01110100.

No. 937963

try poppers, more compact

No. 937964

You're an alcoholic. Seek help. You could use other things besides alcohol that don't damage your entire system, like herbal anxiety pills.

No. 937966

Come on anon just because you have thought about sucking tranny cock it doesn't make you a bad person. You can have autism and still live a normal life I promise.

No. 937972

I think I hit a nerve, are you one of those thirsty white alt girls?

No. 937973

Come on anon, your pathological obsession with feet is not abnormal, we all love to give them a good sniff every once in a while.

No. 937976

Nah I'm mexican but you speaking in l33tcode just to violate a lolcow rule ticks me off.

No. 937977

So what you're saying is that I should go buy more booze?

No. 937980

Come on anon just because you like to use a white wig whenever you have sex to roleplay a danganronpa character doesn't mean you should go to jail. Aids treatments are very effective nowadays.

No. 937981

Yeah sure I said that

No. 937982

File: 1634168479787.jpg (121.5 KB, 598x598, A Warm & Safe Space.jpg)

Thank you both, it was very kind of you to respond. I'll definitely consider both of these. I've heard that Japanese straightening doesn't work correctly on my hair type, but I have no idea how true that is so I have some research to do.

No. 937984

thank uuu!!!!!

No. 937986

Why would she even get triggered, though? According to your post, she would be getting everything while you get nothing and resort to good old coping and seething on the farms.

No. 937988

No. 937992

this one got me ngl

No. 937997

File: 1634169458518.jpg (155.87 KB, 900x1200, 20210911_173724.jpg)

Lost a shit ton of weight (15kg+). While I was losing that weight i felt really motivated cause i thought i'd be happy with the end result. But now that i arrived at my end result i just feel maybe even more depressed than before my weight loss. I'm just not beautiful. I have a lot of loose skin and really don't look good naked at all. Lost some fat on my face and now my cheeks look really weird. I thougt i could get to date people of my physical preferences but no. I'm too damn ugly. I always reassured myself that i was ugly cause i was overweight but even now that i hhave a normal weight i'm ugly. I'll never be like the pretty girls i see in the bus. I'll never have an attractive bf or gf. And honestly if i can't date someone i find attractive i just prefer not to date at all. I really wanted to enjoy my early twenties but now i think i'll live as an hermit in the mountains. Pathetic vent over.

No. 938000

I'm fully an adult and I still have a massive individuality complex. I know it's super immature but I get annoyed when my friends start liking the same things as me, even though I know that's like … a facet of friendship. For example my friend who was, not gonna lie, pretty "basic" - in terms of her style, interests, etc (very much christian girl autumn vibes). We knew each other in college but started getting close during COVID because we didn't know anyone else in the city we had just (separately) moved to. Since that it seems like she has been adopting a significant part of my personality, style, and taste. She says the same phrases as me, has started listening to the same music as me, reads the same books as me, watches the same shows and movies as me, shops at the same stores and even buys some of the exact same clothes as me. I would never confront her about it because it's stupid to accuse someone of liking the same things you do but it's still annoying. I know I should just get over it.

No. 938001

Anon I'm in the same boat. I grew up overweight so when I finally shed all my fat off I know there'll be some lose skin and shit going on.

I know the feeling of not being perfect like the girls we see everywhere else is overwhelming and it feels like we'll never be pretty. But skin removal is a thing. Collagen is a thing. Dermarolling is a thing. You can do so much more to feel happy. I believe in you.

No. 938009

It is, but that only means you have to shine on your own, would you rather be fetishized just because of your features?

No. 938042

Unless you are like 3ft tall doubt you would have loose skin after loosing 15kg. Congrats on your weight loss, it is gay to realise your self esteem isn't really affected by your true appearance but now its time to work on your self confidence!

No. 938051

You have your health, anon. Which is way more important than the ability to attract pretty partners or have other people think you're pretty. Being "pretty" doesn't mean it's what's best for you. Think of all the harmful and self-destructive things that people do trying to achieve pretty.

Have you thought about any exciting hobbies now that you have your fitness? One trait that the majority of people consider attractive is confidence. Maybe there's a hobby out there that will make you realize your value and talent beyond your looks. There's more to people than appearances.

No. 938063

File: 1634175565800.jpg (53.86 KB, 960x759, 195753783_10159827280712780_76…)

Husband likes to watch movies and tv series centered around rich people. The characters in these shows are always the most flagrantly entitled and disgusting examples of humanity and I can't believe people like my husband care to watch this horseshit and their bullshit dramatics centered around their privileged lives.
Shows like this feel like a psy-op to me, like
>omg these poor rich people have problems just like you, dear peasants, maybe one day you could be rich too if you work for them hard enough because they're so relatable huh!
Except they fucking don't and I'm tired of people pretending like these assholes face even an iota of struggle that the common person does. It's not fucking interesting, it's insulting.

No. 938099

I get what you mean… I don't know if this is helpful at all, but one of the things that helped me was reminding myself of women who I personally find beautiful despite not perfectly fitting the ideal. For example, I think Florence Pugh in Midsommar looks absolutely gorgeous, but she's not really stick-thin.

>stop focusing on my looks as the source of my worth

I guess the other thing is thinking about women you admire who don't fit that ideal but are really intelligent, self-assured, etc. Think those kinds of beauty-norm defying 70s? feminists/academic types.

>a fat woman is defined by being fat and will get mocked even though she has other qualities that define her as a person

hard agree with hating this. At least if you hear someone make fun of a fat person it's an easy way to tell they aren't worth associating with at all

(also your picrel is gorgeous)

No. 938109

I watched gossip girl for the first time about a year ago and that’s how I felt. The most mind numbingly boring show I have ever seen, rich people will never be relatable.

No. 938112

File: 1634180264198.jpeg (182.09 KB, 750x1000, 99995C70-A7F4-4DF5-AAFB-EC5B86…)

I’m tired of being berated for being aggressive and angry let a bitch be MAD TIRED MEAN AND ANGRY AND AGGRESSIVE FULL OF SEXY RAGE, stop being jealous that you can’t be as much of a bitch on an anonymous imageboard like I can you have to wake up shut up eat look up and suck and fuck everyday dissociating from your body letting the world fuck you and abuse you andi cant do this the monotony of EVERYTHINGN is fucking killing me the waiting and hearing people talk and waiting for it to end the monotony of it al make it end I’m so fucking tired I’m tired I’m so fucking tired tired of being literate and educated I just want to transform into a borzoi and motherfucking run in a damn field THEY CAN NEVER STOP MEill be free

No. 938116

I suspect my sister is gonna go down the nonbinary route, I just see it happening. Sad part is I think, if it actually occurs, it will be because of dysmorphia and how much TikTok she binged during her depressive state. I won't convince her otherwise if that happens, but I needed to vent about it somewhere and that wouldn't go well with people irl

No. 938125

he's my dream. I hope he likes me too. I hope we can be together. I want to go to sleep while we hug tightly for the rest of our lives. I really hope he likes me too

No. 938158

Found out my sister is an Instagram baddie (165k followers) and a bit of a cow. She puts out way too much personal info that can be traced back to me.

No. 938159

u sound cute

No. 938160

I'm really glad my ex, whom I dated for ten years, moved on immediately with a crush from his work because it proved me right that he lied about his every interaction with people. This crush didn't just develop the moment I broke up with him. Bullet dodged.

No. 938174

I wish I wasn't known, I wasn't seen. I wish I was the person I am in my head.

No. 938178

I’m sick of seeing my ex in our hundred or so mutuals stories. We spent almost a year together and he made me totally irrelevant in a matter of days. As if we didn’t share so much shit irl. Like We didn’t spend thousands traveling between coasts in this year. We were supposed to be moving in together at the end of this month. And now you’re entertaining someone 9 years your junior. For someone who was preyed upon as a kid, it seems awful sketchy for you to be doing as a 33 year old. I wish I had never met you. I wish I had let you rot in my requested dms. Everything you ever told me was a lie. You’re gross and now I’m the bad one cus I’m open about your crap behavior. I wish I could erase you the way you have erased me. The only thing I envy about moids is their ability to suddenly stop giving a fuck. You deserve a trophy. I hope you rot.

No. 938180

You can anon. As long as you can put it to work and envision it, you can do it.

No. 938189

I'm so fucking jealous that my friend is lesbian and I'm not. Everyone else my age is fucking around while my lesbian friend found the cutest fucking girlfriend. They bought a house and adopted 2 cats. They're the cutest couple. No porn addict bullshit, no getting cheated on with someone half your age, a clean house, genuine 50/50 contribution. I Am Seething.

No. 938192

File: 1634196838494.jpeg (855.61 KB, 1125x1705, 60F89D79-1E6A-4105-9E34-E3D937…)

Thank you for pointing that out nonna. I agree, it is helpful to notice that and Florence Pugh is gorgeous. Another woman I thought was mesmerizing was Kate Winslet in Titanic, who was not stick thin either.

Later on after I posted that, I was viewing old artworks like pic related. The bodies look (to me) more natural than what you see now which is often cartoonish anime proportions. Not that some women aren't lucky to be extra thin or whatever, but it's crazy how that became the norm in art at least what I see. I want to see more depictions like these, where women look soft and natural. Seems it's usually less obviously about sexy boobs/ass or alternately, being physically childlike which is what I see by many artists online. That's why I like Enya's style too, because it's beautiful and feminine but in a way that I can enjoy for its own sake as a woman, not for the goal of being sexy I guess. All this has been helpful to see the bigger picture and take my mind off my insecurities, ty! Btw these are only my personal tastes, not saying I'm against other figures but it is unhealthy now when everyone's shooping and stuff. Before that it was heroin chic, right, so it hasn't been easy for our time, but probably never was.

No. 938194

Anon, don’t just assume being lesbian is easy and there are no shit women.

No. 938201

I feel like this when anyone (gay or straight) happens to just stroll into a pretty even and functional relationship.

Meanwhile I'm here just collecting damage from mine lol

No. 938205

This is possibly a new low for me but I saw a ftm who I genuinely could not tell was a woman, she just looked like a hot dude. The more I think about it, the more I realize I would love a woman with a male body. A guy who wasn't born with male privilege, who never absorbed all the misogyny associated with his sex, who completely understands what it's like to grow up a woman and can empathize. Who the hell wouldn't want that? Of course a trans "man" is just a confused woman. I think it would be great if there really was a way for people to completely change their sex rather than just mutilating themselves. Let men fuck other pornsick men in bimbofied female bodies while women enjoy and appreciate each other. I've tried to get into butch girls thinking I clearly just like a masculine appearance but it's not the same and obviously I'd never ask a woman out as an experiment. Biology or whatever determines our sexuality is the worst.

Of course there are shitty women too but the average man is still a million times worse than the average lesbian.

No. 938212

NTA but can we? Really? ‘Cause most of the time it seems impossible.

No. 938219

Spent a whole hour (or maybe even a couple, idek) sewing a doll shirt that didn't fit the doll at all.
Tbf it was looking shitty anyway, and I guess it's a learning experience, but damn I wish I didn't waste my time and frustration on it.

No. 938222

Bad experiences really do help nonita. It wasn't a waste. I sewed my first doll in two days, it was super ugly. I sewed my second in a day, much better looking. And now I can sew fast and nice.

No. 938227

I'm butch4butch so I understand your attraction to FTMs but trust me they can be just as misogynistic as real men. It's a weird LARP where they think being cunty to women will make them a real boy. The one I work with is fucking insufferable, I was talking to my female colleague about hormonal problems (she's menopausal and I have PCOS) and this Aiden butts in to tell us tranny HRT is worse; bitch you literally screamed at a therapist that you'd commit 41% if you didn't get that. You CHOSE to take that. That comment is just the tip of the iceberg too. Trust me, you're better off with a GNC woman.

No. 938230

Hi, I was on the verge of dating a FTM as a women who is straight. I really liked them at first, but the personality cracked quick when I was too slow to be physical… it was exactly like any fuckboy situation I ever experienced with straight men. The asshole called me transphobic because I didn’t want to rush into sex. (Give a bitch a minute, damn)
Meanwhile messaging my other gal friends trying to hookup.
I’m not saying all FTM because that wouldn’t be fair, but this person was toxic and shitty. In my opinion, it’s better off they chose to identify male, because women never treated me that way.
Never again.

No. 938231

I feel you anon, I've seen so many attractive looking ftm but they are rarely mentally stable, the fantasy of having a s.o who understands you like that evaporates after a few weeks. I'm so sorry, mental awareness and all but I wouldn't date someone who's that mentally fucked up. It's just not worth it imho, might as well date a BPD fucker

No. 938232

Nonnie let’s lift weights together and make fun of them. I hate when men stare at me at the gym, but blasting heavy metal helps me act like I can’t hear them.
(But also next time you should drop weights on their feet )

No. 938244

I really do try so hard to just distract or accept the emotions I struggle with but at the end of the day I'm just varying degrees of empty and/or lonely most of the time and it's painful.

No. 938245

Saw this when I was scrolling the homepage momentarily and I relate very heavily right now, just know that you aren't alone in how you feel and I hope you can get the help and support needed to feel better nonnie, take care of yourself

No. 938254

I made the mistake of sleeping with someone I considered a good friend last year when I was a desperate NEET and it kind of broke my heart because I ended up developing feelings for him and he got back together with his ex. Then he strung me along and said they could involve me in a poly relationship thing (I can’t believe my self esteem was so low I agreed to that) and then said his gf changed her mind. I know he’s just a dumb guy. It just really sucked because I ended up losing one of my only friends.
Now I’m in school, no longer a NEET and am in a pretty healthy (long distance but we visit eachother often) relationship. I’m slowly but surely making some friends who are girls. The guy from last year hit me up and wants to talk and I don’t know if I should respond. I valued his friendship a lot but he really hurt me. I was kind of a doormat and never really told him how much he hurt me. I’m not sure if I should tell him he really hurt me and I’m still processing it or if I should just ghost him.

No. 938255

I second the other anon's sentiment, you are not alone in your feelings. Life can often feel like a total struggle but it's easier when we lean on eachother.

No. 938258

Today was so incredibly stressful that I had a panic attack in my university study hall. Everyone pretended not to notice but I feel so fucking embarrassed. Even now at home I’m overthinking every little thing and making myself feel sick. Lame as it sounds I’m on the couch cuddling a plush toy dog which helps but still

I just need a hug nonnies.

No. 938261

File: 1634211641120.jpeg (78.65 KB, 900x596, A2AFDAB0-900C-46C8-94C0-D7CAB7…)

thank you nonny you too

No. 938269

I got high and ate gluten instead of journaling my feelings and going to bed. Now I feel like shit physically as well as emotionally why can't I just do the things that I know are good for me in hard moments instead of falling back on dumb old habits fuck, why must my actions have consequences reeee

No. 938282

I feel so alone when it comes to politics. I live in a homophonic country so when I find people that don’t think my existence is a sin it’s a relief however they tend to blindly follow whatever is being pumped out by the west and are uncritical of what they come across in a desperate attempt to seem progressive and open minded. I hate MENA LBGT+ circles they’re so painful.
I’m also really tired of feeling like a bigot idk I wish I could brainwash myself or something

No. 938283

ghost him. men don't care. he already showed you how he didn't care. no use in hurting yourself.

No. 938286

Nonnie im not sure what your belief system is.. like if you really consider their delusions reality or not. But fakeboys are mentally ill. Seems totally insane, who wants to end up validating someone delusions and constantly walking on eggshells to avoid being called “transphobic” just date a butch lesbian or something

No. 938291

He hurt you, messed you aroung and he also seems to be fucking around his on again, off again gf by pressuring her into poly shit… this man is no womans friend.

No. 938294

I’m finally deciding to get help for the undiagnosed mental illness that’s been fucking up my life since I was a teenager, but I did some googling of the therapist I have an appointment with and it turns out that she’s got a YouTube channel with a few videos of herself ranting about religious nonsense. Like, she wasn’t even coherent with what she was saying, I didn’t understand what the fuck she was talking about. I’m a very skeptical, atheist person. So that’s not going to work for me. I can only hope she doesn’t bring it up during our session. But I feel kind of fucked over now because I’m only just now seeking help for this BECAUSE I moved to a more secular city in the first place. The area I’m from has no real therapy options, only “faith based counseling,” so I guess I thought I was safe from that stupid shit here. Apparently not. I can change therapists, but that would mean pushing an appointment even further out. To next month at the very earliest. Idk what to do. Should I just go with it and maybe she won’t even mention it?

No. 938298

File: 1634214532745.png (207.84 KB, 400x403, 9726E08B-69E8-4C0C-BBE0-934C56…)

Slowly realizing that my female generational curse won’t allow me to experience love or sex in my life and just accept that all the cards are not in my favor and that I’m an angry, dreadful bitch

No. 938301

god I wish I could watch a video, if she really is as incoherent as you say. kekkers

No. 938303

No. 938304

I don’t see my primary doctor until next month, but I’m gonna call the office she works at and ask if someone can just see me and refer me. Hopefully this weekend! The pain is getting better in some ways, but still staying the same in others.

No. 938305

File: 1634214971167.jpeg (181.03 KB, 718x1088, 0FB68023-0212-421A-AECB-14FD39…)

Let’s destroy this world together nonnie

No. 938312

As someone who was in your shoes just a year ago, I feel I can lend you some advice. I understand you must feel like you can't take it anymore (the mental illness) and you want to talk to someone asap. However, what that lady does sounds extremely unprofessional, most therapists would at most have an official social media account and that's that… My advice would be to wait a little bit more and start with another therapist, I know it's hard, because you only sought help when the glass overflowed, like me. But what you're saying sounds concerning, especially since you're not a religious person yourself, it might make you feel worse in the long-term; and switching therapists is not ideal, you would have to start over for the new person to be accustomed with your trauma and past.
So if you can wait just a little bit more after waiting for so long - you know what they say: you're on the right path when you start encountering obstacles. That's just my two cents, the final decision is yours!

No. 938314

>dating a FTM as a women who is straight.
What the fuck? It makes zero sense, unless you are bisexual or lesbian in denial… sorry

No. 938323

>my female generational curse
What did you mean by this?

No. 938331

File: 1634216814174.jpg (38.65 KB, 564x453, dec0fcd162ffbc25aa8fe0385bd09d…)

you dodged a bullet nonnie.
well some FTM pass fairly well especially if you like "soft" men. But if you are a het woman it can only be a superficial attraction. I think when it comes to actual phisical contact it's completely normal to feel weirded out and not attracted sexually

No. 938336

I’m questionably bi, but never perused it, mostly because I gaslight myself. When it came to that person, the FTM , they definitely knew my position. I told them I felt chemistry but needed time to figure it out. In fact I made it clear that I didn’t them to feel like a social experiment, and they lost patience when I wouldn’t have sex.

Actually, I’ve always felt like a phoney when it comes to my crushes on women, but it’s most likely some internalized homophobia from my childhood in the southern USA . I avoided dating because I was never sure enough and didn’t want to waste anyone’s time or energy. I’ve seen a lot of girls , especially from my years in school, act bi for attention, and really lead other girls on.

No. 938337

All of the women on my mother’s side have a terrible misfortune with husbands, boyfriends, men in general and it almost seems impossible for them to recover from any woes they experienced in that department, they even stay with these deadbeat men because they’re terrified of being alone and independent. It seems like me and my older sister were also given that curse as well, it’s almost impossible for the women in my family to find decent relationships with the opposite sex, but maybe I have hope because I also love women?

No. 938341

nta but I'm extremely attracted to masc women, so FTM are a dream for me. Doesn't help that most of the girls I had a crush on back in middle school and in high school actually trooned out.

No. 938343

This is a self fulfilling prophecy nonna. You (and your family) aren't cursed, you just make bad decisions.

No. 938367

We tend to (entirely unconsciously) recreate or mimic our parents relationship when we grow up. Even when you're swearing you'll look for someone different to your dad because he was an ass.. it has a habit of sneaking up on you anyway. There's a whole process going on in the back of your mind that apparently explains it. Not a curse but a psychological thing.

No. 938371

My opinion on trans people is that I don’t have the full scope, and I try to be respectful. (Self aware that I am ignorant on some aspects.)
But you’re right, it would have been a terrible relationship of walking on eggshells.

There was this one butch I was friends with and I was crushing on her. We’d go workout almost daily and she was an AMAZING photographer. Her nature shots were chefs kiss
I never attempted it pass friendship though, because I was afraid to mess up such a great bond we already had.
That, and she happened to be in the same social circle as my psycho ex from years ago, and I didn’t want to put her in a situation to “choose”.
Still regret it though, she’s so fucking cool and talented beefcake. Now she’s married and she’s stopped doing any artistic photography and it breaks my heart.
(If you’re reading this I’m so embarrassed but also get back out there and make some art)

No. 938419

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I have always been extremely feminine but now I know I have ‘more male hormone’ I feel like a larping troon that needs to go dilate. This diagnosis is fucking with my head and self confidence.

No. 938424

Time moves so, so fucking slow when you're depressed. I glance at the time, read an article, glance at the time again, it's only been like 10 minutes. I wanna take a sleeping pill but then that would fast forward to tomorrow where I have to repeat this shit all over agian

No. 938425

There is a cute girl in my life who I would do anything for a crumb of her attention but I avoid messaging or interacting with her as much as possible because I don't want to be a pathetic piece of shit but I just messaged her for the first time in months. God why the fuck am I like this. I don't even want to date her because I think we'd be a terrible match but god I love it when she talks to me and calls me cute stupid pet names.

No. 938426

Hormonal imbalances have nothing to do with how ~female~ you are.
By your logic troons are women because they take estrogen.

No. 938442

You could be growing a full beard and still be more female than the most "passing" troon, because you are female

No. 938443

i'm finally ghosting my "Girlfriend" (she never loved me, shes straight), after she messed with me by lying to me just to catch me lying back to her and now she is accusing me of being a liar, she's absolutely crazy at this point. Still i can't help but feel awful when i'm not listening to music at 100 volume to keep my mind off things, because she was my best friend and the first person i thought really understood me. Oh well.

No. 938444

I feel like even medical professionals make it seem like PCOS is shameful and needs to be fixed like bitch no leave PCOS women alone they are the hottest

No. 938447

I had a hormone imbalance and felt the same as you, but good news for you is that your doctors caught onto it before everyone else (i.e. no one is calling you a tranny) and once your levels are back to where they should be you'll feel better physically and all of this will just be laugh worthy. remember we produce both estrogen and testosterone for a reason. you're not a man kek

No. 938450

lol troons wish they could have pcos and would get it through procedures and whatnot if they could, to feel more ~validated~ and so that they can infiltrate those women's spaces too. Well, if scrotes could get it too maybe doctors would start taking it seriously actually?…anyway, don't ever compare yourself to a troon again. Tons of women have it, it's literally so common.

No. 938452

i'm sorry anon. i'm worried I have it too, what symptoms did you experience ? how are you coping ?

No. 938460

Please spend less time in terf circles, you are not a man just because you have more testosterone than the average woman.
PCOS won’t make you less feminine or less of a woman.

No. 938464

She needs to spend more time in terf circles since what you wrote is exactly what a gc feminist would say.

No. 938468

Respectfully disagree with the last part but the first one is absolutely true. Went to a doctor once about my PCOS and I told her about it as I was getting in the ro and she laughed at me and said that I didn't have to say I had it cause she could see it from a mile away (acne, facial hair). It hurt, NGL. And she didn't even listen to me, she just said I should take the pill (I already had and it was useless) and that was it.

No. 938472

PLEASE go to a different doctor, nonnie. there are people who can help you. trust me, one bad doctor doesn't mean there isn't help out there

No. 938477

>she laughed at me and said that I didn't have to say I had it cause she could see it from a mile away (acne, facial hair)
What a bitch. Hope you find a better doctor, nona

No. 938493

Kill all moids

No. 938505

OP doesn't sound like a terf, she sounds like a tradthot.

No. 938510

This happened yesterday in a small Norwegian city: A paranoid schizophrenic man who recently converted to Islam murdered 5 and injured more people with a bow and arrows. People are in shock, how could this possible happen here, in all places? The answer is moids. It can happen fucking everywhere. As long as there are fucking crazy moids.

No. 938513

Some doctors are the fucking worst. Op, go
Get another doc. Fuck this rude bitch

No. 938525

>he 'doesn't trust himself around me
What? That's creepy!

No. 938528

not OP but how though ? being worried about hormone unbalance in an age where it's a really heated topic on top of the regular old pressures women face regarding their appearances isn't exclusive to tradthots.

No. 938536

>oh noes muh femininity has taken a critical hit I'm basically a man now
If you don't understand how that's a conservative way of thinking then idk what to tell you. Lots of women have PCOS and look normal, anon herself said that she has always regarded herself as feminine so I doubt it's that severe.

No. 938537

Weight gain caused me to pressure my doctor to investigate why I was gaining so much so quickly in the space of a year. Turns out I had other symptoms that I didn’t realised was linked with PCOS - mood swings/depression to the point I wondered if I was bipolar/bpd, anxiety, unwanted hair, high levels of antibodies in thyroid I was diagnosed with 3 years ago that doctor just shrugged off turns out to have a strong link to PCOS. As I had regular periods I thought I wouldn’t have it as irregular periods are a symptom, turns out heavy painful periods and clotting (sorry kek) can also be a sign. If you think you have it and have symptoms ask to be tested.

No. 938567

I would, but I don't want it to somehow come back on me or something. Sorry, anon. I wish you could see this shit too. Her videos have like 10 views. But her name is one of a kind, so that's why I'm apprehensive with sharing. It's even crazier to me that she's a mental health professional who uses her real name for her youtube channel with her nutty religious rants.

Thank you, that is actually helpful and I'm glad there's someone here who understands. The main thing that kept me from seeking a diagnosis (other than the type of therapists I would've had to settle for in my hometown,) was the thought that a doctor wouldn't believe me, maybe all of this disordered thinking is actually normal, maybe they'd think I'm a drug addict or something just looking for pills. Logically, I know that's far-fetched, but women are also too often victims of doctor's skepticism as well. Not to mention that men are the fucking "standard" and we're the "exception." I hope you get what I mean.

No. 938572

1/4 (or something, I didn't actually count) of lolcow off-topic "banter" is boring idpol shit.
Black, white, male, female, reee this reee that

No. 938587

I never thought I'd be one of those girls to say this because it always sounds so fucking narcissistic but i genuinely think that one of my close friends is envious of me. She's overweight and very insecure about that and her looks but I feel like she projects all that frustration onto me because we are a small group and I'm the skinniest among us and end up getting the most attention from guys and especially girls. The girl one seems to especially infuriate her cause she's trying so hard to get noticed by girls for being "queer" but i'm just slightly gnc so a lot of girls assume i'm lesbian/bi. She literally called me out a while ago for "pretending to be gay" and jokingly made a lot of hurtful comments (bland bitch). I don't need attention from males cause i hate them and don't date them and i don't care for girls either cause i feel no attraction towards them sadly so idk why she feels so threatened. I'm very insecure about myself too so i get very happy when girls compliment me. I compliment her a bunch of times a day to make her feel good about herself but i haven't heard her once compliment me, despite me changing my hair colour, hair style etc. A lot of times she randomly turns very hurtful for no fucking reason and i'm not imagining things cause i see the direct comparison when she interacts with our other friends. Sometimes I seriously think she hates me

No. 938590

>order pair of jeans that I need today ahead of my vacation
>they arrive and have a white stain on the crotch

No. 938593

She's not a friend.

No. 938619

Someone I know died last year and ever since I just feel alone around everyone. The only thing that helps is running so I do it a lot just to empty my head, but today I didn’t even run a lot but I had to stop because my whole body hurt and I felt so nauseous. It’s hard to eat, I don’t have an eating disorder but whenever I do anything for myself its hard to explain but daily things like eating, watching tv, it all makes me feel depressed because it’s like life goes on even when someone you love dies, I can’t do it. But it makes running hard. It’s childish but I wish someone would say, “That must feel so bad, I’m sorry,” and just be comforting and sympathetic. I wish that person was here and we could eat food together. It’s like nobody else cares, I know it’s selfish to miss someone who died just because you want someone to care but it just feels so empty without them. I can’t move on.

No. 938623

I can relate to this so much especially in that the other girl is bigger and she is just constantly bitching and whining 24/7. She makes everything about her and then always has something negative to say. I don't understand it and I'm sorry you're dealing with that right now. Please just take good care of yourself and don't let her negativity affect you.

No. 938629

i have forum rp as a hobby (specifically, the side of it that uses anime/manga characters as face claims) and i get so damn irritated by panfandom sites. why, in a hobby with limitless creativity, would you want to write not YOUR original character but someone else's? it just seems so goofy.

"oh wow lelouch, the red bitch from fire emblem, and sasuke in a room together xD what could possibly happen!!!" some lame shit. shut up.

to make it even worse there are like, always always, at least six panfandoms up with these AMAZING skins and these AMAZING settings that people ruin by saying "oh yeah and you can't play a character you've created, you gotta play donald duck or luffy or some shit". hate it. want the trend to die already.

No. 938631

I know right, the worst part is that then they make the characters as OOC as possible, to the point in which it didn’t even make sense to make it in the universe of the character or whatever. Like, at that point just create a new character.
The best way to RP is to do so with a friend who you’ve talked with for a long time, rping with strangers is always tiresome if not utterly cringe.
Specially when they’re unable to make long replies or when they use fucking asterisks, like, shut up, just don’t write anything and block me already.

No. 938635

I'm really sorry you're going through this. I've lost a few people to death and it has made me a complete nutcase about loss. It feels like nothing is real because those people aren't around anymore. I can't stomach gore anymore (was never into it, just vaguely indifferent) because now it feels different. Like I'm too aware now of how you're living and breathing one moment and then you're just a hunk of cold disgusting meat. Death and suicide aren't something I can romanticize anymore. It makes me feel all alone in the world. I'm sorry for making this mostly about myself, I just relate to your post and wanted to lend some company.

No. 938642

You are young? Everyone on this planet will feel what you are feeling in due time. Everyone's loved ones will die.
There is no comfort for any of us, even though we will all suffer through the same thing.
Nobody's going to literally spoon-feed you for going through what everyone goes through eventually.
We empathise. But we don't accept responsibility for your reaction. That's on you and you alone.

No. 938643

“Everyone is jealous of me because I exist” a whole lot of your problems would be solved if you would express this with your friend if you had a mature relationship with them but nope you probably don’t, your friends aren’t jealous of you, you aren’t the main character, you’re not the victim for being a skellie, talk to your friend instead of venting here.

No. 938647

He was never your friend stupid anon

No. 938648

> We empathise. But we don't accept responsibility for your reaction.

NTA but are you ESL? Nobody’s brought up taking responsibility for anything or spoon-feeding anyone, you’re in the vent thread. Nobody even knows who you are.

No. 938652

What are you even trying to say? Someone dying suddenly doesn’t feel quite the same as someone dying of old age or even after a long battle with illness.

And it’s totally valid to feel like this when you have someone die when you’re young and others around you aren’t able to understand it because they’re still naive and unconsciously feel that invincibility. Are you just trying hard to sound edgy?

No. 938653

I hate modern technology. I hate my shitty lenovo laptop where the mousepad is one solid piece, the right button broke within a few months of buying it. But you just know they design it that way because it looks "sleek" without any regard for functionality. My 6 year old desktop with 12gb ram that ran like butter served me well until it crapped out, now I don't have the money to buy a new one.
For work and school you can't get away from having a smart phone these days, my old job did groupchats or whatsapp instead of just finding another person and speaking to them directly like we used to a few years ago. I had one of those shitty nokia 3310 3G, it had horrible software but it could text and store music, that was pretty much all I needed, but now for college I need to be able to take pictures and my school has an app for covid you need to sign in with every day, so I'm forced to use my moms old iphone 6 which is a frustrating piece of shit. I used to use android but iphone makes sure to do everything different just enough so you feel retarded trying to learn how to use every function on the phone, once again with the "minimalist" design instead of just displaying the info every button is hidden and every time you touch the screen it brings up some menu of shit no one cares about, for no reason. Also the timer on this phone is set with rotating wheels instead of just typing the minutes in. So fucking stupid. It's supposed to be convenient but it just makes me angry. The design makes NO fucking sense to me, like the fuckers at apple looked at every established facet of software design and said fuck it, let's throw that shit out the window just to be different and do something absolutely retarded.
And microsoft, fuck microsoft. I was so comfy on my old pc with windows 7, this windows 8 shit is ridiculous. I need to make a microsoft account to access MY OWN COMPUTER, that I paid for, that I already put a password on and am accessing physically. My computer was almost locked this morning because I avoided completing the setup for my computer for months today it forced me to provide the password for my microsoft account and I panicked because I remember being so pissed off and offended that I had to make the account in the first place that I made it something to the effect of fuckmicrosoft@outlook.com (but that was taken) and I thought I didn't bother writing the password down (turns out I did). Like I couldn't get out of this screen, I tried shutting my computer down and it kept coming back with no exit button. I needed to comfirm the password…..on the computer…..that I fucking OWN PHYSICALLY. and if I didn't have the password I'd be fucking locked out. I have a paper to write today. I'd be calling up Micropeenis with some choice fucking words if that happened, hoyl shit. And don't even get me started on microsoft word. I can write a fucking hanging indent on wordpad by pressing the tab button. But that would be too easy for ms word. I have to right click…….with my broken right mousepad button, and go through a menu inputting this shit manually like a fucking programmer to get a tab in my line. What the fuck. Also, this laptops keyboard fucking sucks. It's been condensed so much, the top and bottom arrow keys are half sized and placed between the two full sized left right arrow keys, it's fucking uncomfortable to use so forget about any games that require those buttons. Not like I can play most games on this piece of shit. 8GB of ram allegedly yet I can't run a 20 year old game with the grpahics turned all the way down without the fan going BBRBRBRBRBNRDJBDFKNKNGSKJGDNSKJN the sound is so annoying to my autistic ears so I gave up. I keep making typos on this shitty keyboard because it's just not suited for typing and I;m not used to it despite using it for months. Shit's fucked I payed 400 dollars for this piece of shit (and it was on sale).
In conclusion, Microsoft, Apple and Lenovo are on my shitlist, fuck them all. Firefox is the only piece of software that doesn't utterly piss me off anymore. I can't wait to graduate so I can throw my iphone off a fucking cliff and become a luddit. Fuck modern web design with it's pop up menus and shit. everythings gotta be "sleek sleek sleek" like the fucking diarrhea that comes out of the assholes of the scrotes that designed this shit.
Any linuxfags that want to sent me some links to get started that would be appreciated

No. 938657

nta but what's the importance of long replies? never RPed before but thought about it a few times but can't write for shit

No. 938659

No. 938661

We have found the fat friend.

I have a “friend” like this too, whenever anyone compliments me on how I look in public she will say something mocking them afterwards. When I’ve expressed I’ve felt insecure about a, b or c has never tried to make me feel better e.g. If I say “I feel I look bad today” will never reassure I look ok and will say “oh well”, but I always tell her she’s stunning if shoe is on the other foot. One time she made a comment asking if I did something to make my lips look smaller whilst I was taking a selfie, which I hadn’t, then started talking about fillers afterwards unlocking a brand new insecurity. These people aren’t friends, they see “friends” as competition and feed off our woes like vampires.

No. 938664

Bloated due to Plan B. or maybe I'm just getting fat. Either way, I look pregnant as fuck.

No. 938665

I need to stop being afraid of living, of leaving my comfort zone. I have been doing it little by little but even replying to messages on a site is overwhelming me. I'm overwhelmed with the prospect of letting people in, and even if I don't let them in to my inner life it's terrifying to think that I'll develop a relationship with one and not the others, or some unbalance that will ultimately tell me I've made the wrong choice and then iv'e fucked up again. I never learned how to interact with people. If only I was autistic about my studies and was more self sufficient, maybe this wouldnt even be a problem. I would be too wrapped up in something.

No. 938666

>And microsoft, fuck microsoft. I was so comfy on my old pc with windows 7, this windows 8 shit is ridiculous. I need to make a microsoft account to access MY OWN COMPUTER, that I paid for, that I already put a password on and am accessing physically.
Felt this in my bones. Back in the day you just open it up and you can get started but now they force you to log in from every single bloody device

No. 938669

stop being friends with them, then?

No. 938671

It depends on the type of roleplay, if you’re doing something that has an interesting plot, you will need better replies than
>nods I get it
If you’re shitposting, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s annoying when you’re trying to make a nice story and all you get are short answers that won’t make the plot move.
So like, it’s not the same writing about how a character is ready to shut down the power of a museum that has an important piece of art, and your answer to that, as the guardian in charge of that area of the museum is
>oh no, this is terrible runs
To answer something like
>she looked around in panic as the lights shut down, she took her gun and ran out of the security’s office, she needed to fix this before the precious sculpture of queen Pixyteri was stolen.

No. 938682

Almost everyone who dies is somebody's special person. We all die.
You can choose to deal with that fact like all your foremothers dealt with it.
Or you can choose to be a whiny bitch.

No. 938684

Thanks for the reality check. I deleted the original reply after seeing how self-pitying it was.

No. 938685

Ignore that bitch, you aren't being whiny.

No. 938699

Don't apologize to the other anon, they're full of shit. If you need someone to talk to, we can commiserate.

No. 938703

anon don't let some sanctimonious reddit spacing ESL bitch guilt you into deleting your lolcow.farm posts. Have some self respect. Also sorry you're going through it.

No. 938707

ESL fag detected

No. 938709

if you can't be honest (and potentially self pitying) on an anon imageboard, where can you be? wonder if that nails for breakfast 'deal with it' uberprick feels great about herself and kicking a nonnie in a weak moment. I have moments of similar death anxiety, fear, and emptiness too, I hope yours evaporates soon.

No. 938714

File: 1634242025806.jpeg (160.65 KB, 415x380, 73B80916-C47E-44D1-8BE3-E85693…)

>We have found the fat friend

You mad nonny?

No. 938715

Imagine this is the last thing you see before being gsssed and waking up as the middle of a human centipede

No. 938718

Ayrt, glad to help! Incidentally, I didn't want to go to a male therapist because I felt that no matter how much they may try, there are just some subtleties that a man cannot get… Good luck in your endeavours!

No. 938719

Ayrt. We will all feel the same.
Enjoy your youth.

No. 938720

Since we are on the topic of death, I am not sure how I will be able to deal with losing my mom when the time comes. It's always been just the two of us, and we are really close. I resent that she had me so late. By the time I'm 40 she'll be gone. I know everyone goes through this and survives, but without her I'll be all alone.

No. 938722

Come on. Have some dignity. You’re apologising to some ESL fag who would cry if someone came near her. I read your post: you were not whining or self-pitying, you were simply venting about something in life that we all have to deal with when we come of age. The anguish and selfishness is part of it, and it’s up to you to cope with that and make peace with it. And KEK at the “we don’t take responsibility” anon — who even is “we”? This is an anon imageboard and this is a vent thread, no one wants to outsource responsibility and no one wants to be spoon-fed, people come here to be unreasonable and complain so they don’t do that shit in real life. God knows what you’d have said if you weren’t the type of shitty country ESL tards who stutter when even daring to make phone calls.

Anyway, loss is a big part of life, if not all of it. You can never make a commitment to something or someone without tackling it, because if you truly love, you now have someone or something you can not bear to lose, and you’ll lose anyway because death is inevitable. Getting up and trudging on anyways despite knowing in the back of your mind you’ll suffer and lose is a part of life. Ys by Joanna Newsom is a terrific album about loss and death—she wrote Cosmia about losing her childhood best friend in her early twenties. Listen to it. It’ll help.

No. 938724

Being bitter to younger people is a sign of unresolved ages with one’s youth, oldfag. Who made you so bitter? Make peace with passage of time and move on.

No. 938726

left my bf after he couldn't do the bare minimum. I'm angry at myself for wishing he still tried to reach out to me after I blocked him. He knows why we broke up, it's directly his fault. There's no other way to put it or phrase it. Just wish I wasn't craving him still caring.

No. 938729

Same here anon. My mother had me when she was 39. I hadn’t seen her for a few months, I had a picture with her the other week and looked at it when I got home I cried so much because she looked so much older than my mental image of her. I’m so scared too. I low key hope I die first as I imagine I will commit sudoku otherwise.

No. 938735

>Who made you so bitter?
People I love dying.
Gee, why are old people are down all the time when most of the people they love died and all that's awaiting them is their own death?
You'll see.

No. 938736

you can always take the shortcut

No. 938738

File: 1634243281830.gif (1.82 MB, 223x200, D90329E5-AC04-48CA-9041-B38FDD…)

One of the main reasons I got my own car was so I didn't have to carpool with my brother anymore and deal with his angsty, judgmental ass but FOR SOME REASON I'm still carpooling with him. I can't relax around him at all, and I have some hang-ups from our past that makes me immediately detest his presence. He doesn't even have to say anything at this point because I immediately get irritable and just want to distance myself from him as much as possible.

No. 938739

You'll see

No. 938740

That shit happening with the Loutoun County tranny really makes my blood boil. The dad just wanted justice for his poor daughter and TRAs are desperately trying to cover it up. Retards trying to bitch about ~muh transphobia~ when the scrote is a literal rapist is nothing new but it’s still damn infuriating.

No. 938745

You can acually skip account creation if you press "later" and they won't ask you again. But the fact that they hide it like this is kind of disgusting. The tech landscape is so fucking full of these dark patterns that try to rope you in deeper. Like you can mute notifications by category on most apps, but how many regular people actually know that? Every single bit of user friendliness has to be fought for with these companies.

No. 938746

why do men think they are more knowlegable than women for knowing the same shit that women know? is this projection?

No. 938747

File: 1634244060396.jpeg (50.96 KB, 513x248, B5E3CCBE-E0FC-4BAB-B23C-1013BE…)

Picrel is Weyes Blood. I’m kinda in a similar boat. I’m 19 and my dad is in his 70s. He’s gotten weak and slow, and has trouble remembering some things about me. His back is now bent and his fingers crooked. We’ve had a difficult and complicated relationship to say the least, and a while a go he said something to me, “When I go, try to pray for me, okay?” And while I (think) have made peace with his death, it still surprises me to imagine how your world could change like that, like someone would turns light off and the light off….and boom, you’re left alone. It’s all I’ve been thinking about, death and loss, since we’re in the latter half of the year. Another year has and is passing, and you can’t have a future without loss, because that’s essentially what the passage of time is about. Loss stretching into future. I think about graduating uni and I think that my parents would be late seventies by then and possibly dead. I think about waiting for my next pay check to buy a lyre and start making music and I think that next paycheck means another month and means closer to loss, to death. It’s not this abstract thing anymore, it’s very real and concrete, worse; your parents become walking embodiments of potential (and inevitable) loss. And you just have to go on knowing that, and make peace with that. Because your mom’s mom died, and her mom’s mom died, and her mom’s mom’s mom died, and they all still made their way forward keeping this loss—and knowledge of future ones—inside them. For me at least, it only makes sense to derive strength from your mothers, grandmothers, and grand-grandmothers, and those who died and will die. And try to not let the guilt eat away at you, “like I’m here but I could be with my mom before she goes!”

She’ll go, we’ll go, I’ll go, you’ll go, and one day all of these kids will be skeletons. Call your mom or send her a meme and enjoy her boomer-isms. We might, at least, stand a little taller and have fun while we’re here, make our grandmas proud. Good luck.

No. 938770

not that anon i unironically considered doing this once

No. 938773

they're overcompensating for their own biological inferiority

No. 938778

File: 1634246071023.jpg (185.43 KB, 900x733, AUUUGHHHHHHHH.jpg)

Let me preface this vent with this: yes I have made an appointment with my primary care doctor (who will hopefully refer me to a sports medicine/orthopedic specialist) but it's not until monday, I may call to see if I can push it up to the weekend if this continues as terribly as it does

I can't sit, stand, or walk without pain radiating in my ass. The lower back pain shifted even lower now. I've been sitting properly and getting up to move around frequently. I'm in so much pain nonnies, please pray that this subsides and I'll make it to my appointment, or I'll at least be able to see someone this weekend instead!!!

No. 938784

File: 1634246525108.jpg (141.38 KB, 368x450, LouisXVsq.jpg)

the job offer i was counting on fell through. i hate it. i feel like such a failure. it wasn't even my dream job or anythin,g, jsut something to pay the bills, and it still didn't work out. i feel like i'll never find anything.

i majored in law instead of doing what i really wanted so it'd be easier to get a job and i still can't fucking get shit. i feel fucking hopeless

No. 938785

ayrt, and wow my mom also had me at 39. I'm so sorry. Those moments when reality hits you are the worst. I hope we both find a way to cope with it. Love you nonna
> It’s not this abstract thing anymore, it’s very real and concrete, worse; your parents become walking embodiments of potential (and inevitable) loss. And you just have to go on knowing that, and make peace with that. Because your mom’s mom died, and her mom’s mom died, and her mom’s mom’s mom died, and they all still made their way forward keeping this loss—and knowledge of future ones—inside them
You have a way with words, thank you for taking the time to reply.

No. 938786

Mother had me late 30s too. Don’t worry nonnies, we’ll cope beautifully.

No. 938787

I'm sorry, anon. It's weird that even the "guaranteed safe" degrees don't actually guarantee you shit today

No. 938789

I think I'm the biggest joke for potentially falling for a man I've met online and have little chance to actually meet, and that's after years of not being interested in anyone.

No. 938791

I'm constantly torn between appreciating a woman I find attractive (on tv, in music or even anime) vs realizing that 99% of the time I'm looking at something pandering to scrote gaze.

I obviously don't experience this with women in real life but in all forms of media I try to enjoy, whenever I find someone hot, especially if she's dressed a bit skimpy or accentuating her boobs/butt then I feel a bit disgusted for taking part in female objectification (because lbr, how often do we see half naked men on tv/music/anime compared to women).

No. 938794

yeah. my original reseearch specialty isn't v popular and my internatiopnal experience is worth jack shit in a covid world. i'm lucky to be in a country witout student debt but it still feels like my perspecitves are so limited and i hate it.

No. 938795

File: 1634247411977.png (357.12 KB, 741x356, Screenshot 2021-07-23 1.23.38 …)

I've had dysphoria my whole life and and I just try my best to repress it. I cope by presenting as a butch lesbian, and I'm actually pretty popular on TERF twitter. But today I went to class and this kid walked in with some blonde "Stacy" type girl who I assume was his GF. Just a normal teenage guy, or so I thought. He starts talking to the teacher. Real cheerful, real upbeat. Discussing his plans for college and whatnot. Then, out of the blue, "he" mentions how "top surgery was the best thing thing that ever happened to me." I nearly spit out my drink. This mutilated lesbian is better off than I am. I'm literally so abhorrent and repulsive that a woman would choose an actual fucking troon over me.
Whenever something like this happens I can't help but feel like god wants to torment me. All these years of repression for fucking nothing. I repeat the same mantra every day. I tell myself that transitioning wouldn't make me happy, that I would still be dysphoric, that I will never be a man. But whenever I see youngshits I can't help but wonder what could've been. Deep down I still hate my parents for not letting me troon out. It's like the world doesn't want me to move on. I've never felt more alone in my whole life.

No. 938802

File: 1634247951348.jpeg (402.29 KB, 658x1565, F9A7D75E-0F55-4631-9580-874F69…)

I recently saw pictures, both old and new, of the girl who used to bully me in like 9th grade and I was astounded by how dweeby she looked and especially how dweeby she looks nowadays. Suddenly it’s as if I’m looking back at my 14 year old days and see everything in 4D, with a strange omniscience that reveals how she didn’t have a lot of friends, got no attention from boys, and was just angry and insecure. All the dread I had whenever I remembered her has instantly disappeared. I don’t think she has a bf and I kind of want to meet up with her and give her a hug. Back then I thought she was some classic bitchy cool/popular girl archetype, but now I see she picked on me because she saw herself.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself and am projecting too much. Does anyone recognize this? Should I reach out to her?

No. 938808

Get help

No. 938812

stop copying and pasting this every week or so you're making me think I'm experiencing the butterfly effect or some shit

No. 938814

I didn't know Mads had this love-hate relationship with Hideo Kojima

No. 938818

Have you tried going to a therapist? not the genderfandom ones, but like, to a normal therapist?
You’re basically being a munchie, would cutting healthy parts off yourself really make you happy? Might as well do like that cow who picked at her legs so much that she got a double amputation, that certainly made her happier and it’s totally not batshit insane stuff.

No. 938821

I swear this was just posted a couple days ago
Nta, but what the fuck is a genderfandom therapist?

No. 938823

File: 1634250158626.jpeg (56.03 KB, 800x800, E0927C6F-7DE8-4FB9-9F1F-49C178…)

Transitioning won’t make you happy nonnie, it’s the same as stapling a frankenbaloney or flesh water snake to your crotch and any issues as a result of surgery will only make you feel worse. I would imagine transitioning would actually make dating harder because you would have to find the small percentage of “straight” women who would ever date a ftm, with lesbians it’s straight forward go to gay clubs and find other lesbians. Maybe work on becoming handsome. Nice stylish tomboyish lesbians are more attractive than butch dinner ladies.

No. 938824

I fucking hate when people act all paranoid and shit but I got thought policed in my own home.
>moved to new apartment a few days ago, haven't seen/met any of my neighbors or anything
>have friend over last night, we were talking about the chapelle special and how he has been a misogynist for decades but no one gave a shit but now that he's making jokes about mtfs everyone is demanding his special be removed, that netflix apologize etc
>we talk about how one of the netflix employees who is mtf said chapelle was an idol before this happened, and how it shows that mtfs don't truly identify as female because how could a woman think he was any sort of idol after he's degraded women for so long, some other topics too
>this morning, I go out of my apartment to take my dog for a walk and see a note taped to my door
>2 page anonymous handwritten note from some person saying they heard me being transphobic, how it was harmful to their mental health, and a bunch of links to "resources" on trans shit and about dave chapelle being transphobic - WRITTEN OUT - I can't imagine how long this would have taken - and saying if they continued to hear me "speak transphobically" they would tell on me to the apartment management
>apparently I have an mtf neighbor who is listening to me through my walls or something, we weren't out on my balcony at all. I tested today seeing if I could hear any of my neighbors speak and I only could if I pressed my ear against the wall
>I am scared
wtf do I do anons, should I be concerned for my safety, should I be concerned that I could somehow get evicted for this?

No. 938825

File: 1634250407303.jpeg (206.06 KB, 1242x791, 1E7A1E75-62F7-4B8E-8D5A-FE7141…)

A gender therapist, those that will recommend transition regardless of what real issues has a patient.

No. 938826

Gender dysphoric people make me sick. I genuinely can't wrap my head around it. I feel thankful everyday that I don't experience this retarded brainwashed shit.

No. 938828

Oh thanks anon. I didn't read the post you replied to so it made no sense to me, lol sorry.

No. 938833

I’d write a letter back telling them to quit pressing their ears to the wall and dare them to tell the manager kek

No. 938834

I was just thinking about these weirdass toys, nonnie. I had one with dolphins in it

No. 938838

anon, that is very scary and i’m horrified for you. perhaps contact your landlord and let them know an inappropriate note was left on your door by a neighbor? the content of it shouldn’t matter, you have every right to voice your opinion without the moid next door listening in and seething

No. 938840

I don’t think you’ll get evicted from hurting the feelings of someone trying their hardest to eavesdrop lol that’s really creepy though I’d be wary

No. 938841

I had a panic attack in bed as i was trying to sleep some days ago that also involved a new symptom i have never personally experienced but i learned is common too (heat from stomach/chest), now when i try to go to bed i’m scared i will experience something like that again or simply pass from a heart attack/cardiac issue because the clock is past 12 and death apparently wants me to go during night time. I wanna kms its so fucking annoying and embarrassing, I dont even get sick once a year and even a headache is rare for me so whenever i physically experience something out of my control like a speeding heart i immediately fear for my life like some manlet with a common cold. Plz let me just live in ignorant bliss of what my organs are doing.

No. 938843

agreed, i highly doubt any (probable boomer) apartment manager would care enough to lose necessary income + filling out eviction paperwork over a complained thought crime kek

No. 938844

I know that feel, nonnie, I mostly feel disgusted because it’s literally a cult, like, people feel the apprehension when they’re approached by Scientologists, but they don’t when they’re told that trooning out will make them happier? It’s retarded.

No. 938848

Head probably pressed against your wall wishing he could be part of your big girly sissy sleepover where you hang out in your bra and panties, pillow fight, talk about periods and tampons and test out dildos together, rating them using a sticker chart like all normal female sleepovers… only to find you being a big transphobe IN YOUR OWN HOME! Disgusting! Sobbing while dilating. Kek

No. 938849

kek i let out such a noise when reading this

No. 938850

My fucking landlord just let a family with a fucking kid move in upstairs and all it does it stomp I’m going to kill myself literally

No. 938851

I love my nephew, but I’m the only person in my family who isn’t telling him boys can’t like butterflies or girly colors or whatever. He’s only only almost three and we were matching up colored blocks and he handed me the pink one and told me I liked that one and I said “yeah, I do like that one, but the red is my favorite” and he said the red one was for boys. I told him colors are for everyone because what else can I do. I was drawing stuff for him one day and he wanted me to draw butterflies and cats in addition to his race cars and I was told to stick to the cars because he was a boy. I don’t get how someone can see a tiny little kid getting excited over a kind of bug and want to take that away from them because it isn’t macho. I feel like his dad is going to give him such a complex he’ll either end up a socially/emotionally stunted wannabe tough guy or straight up troon out.

No. 938859

oh hell no girl you and your friend better get some weapons because these trannies can go absolutely crazy and snap kek, that’s honestly unnerving please be safe anon

No. 938865

unfortunately the building I live in is managed corporately and the managers for this specific building are mid-20s white women, and I live in a liberal city so I am sure they are handmaidens. so i'm worried that my neighbor could potentially escalate it to claim I am harassing or creating a nuisance, and from what I understand that can be grounds for eviction. my state has piss poor protections for tenants so that could either work in my favor or against me I guess


No. 938869

In that case, i guess you will have to make sure that Big brother never catches you again, it’s time to take hiking as a hobby so you can talk comfortably about whatever you want without prying ears.
Like, i feel like even if you managed to find another apartment, since the city is quite liberal, you might find yourself in the same problem.

No. 938872

yeah I am wondering if I can talk to management and request moving to a different unit in the building, or transfer my lease to another building they own. I fucking hate being forced to move but I will go crazy if I know im being listened to. even just talking about normal stuff I dont want someone listening to me

No. 938877

And people wonder how sweet little kids end up as misogynistic scrotes. I'm sorry you're seeing family mess with your little nephew in real time. It's a difficult position to be in. All you can do is keep supporting him as you're able and let him know you'll be there for him as he gets older. Hopefully you can be the one point of light away from his sexist parents

No. 938878

The fact they are a tranny is already evidence of some mental instability. The note on the door shows this person is entitled and not afraid to invade your space and boundaries or harass you threating you with homelessness if you don’t play their game, it will never feel like your home. Ask to transfer now before you settle in. You may be next to other libtards but at least you won’t be living next to a invasive Looney Troon.

No. 938880

wouldn't it be a he said/she said scenario though - and couldn't you just gaslight him?how would your neighbour actually prove you were saying anything? unless he recorded audio of you - that would be truly batshit and probably against the law in some states. i understand why you'd be totally freaked out by this though. i'm just wondering if your neighbour has any ground to stand on. i don't want you to get bullied out of your home, anon.

No. 938884

I'm in the process of leaving an abusive relationship after a confrontation about his infidelity that resulted in him getting physically violent with me. I feel so stupid for not seeing all the red flags and constantly making excuses for him treating me like shit for so many years. I was so unhappy with him after the honeymoon phase wore off, despite having some good times together, but I always blamed it on other factors and not him. I've been reading Why Does He Do That? after seeing anons recommend it and it's bothering me so much to slowly realize he has done every single thing the book has talked about and pulled out every last one of the excuses. I don't know how to feel anymore. Part of me misses him so much and I hate myself for it but I know I can't stay. I wish it didn't have to escalate to him attacking me and sexually assaulting me to finally see him for what he is. I'm so fucking stupid.

No. 938885

Why would anyone believe a woman over a poor oppressed tranny? uwu You can be a tranny sex offender and they will assist you with accumulating more victims in fear of seeming transphobic. Plus this person knows where she lives, don’t forget this person is a man with mental issues. (Not to scare anon I’m sure you are fine but I wouldn’t want to aggravate a moid on HRT)

No. 938890

he could be recording what I say yeah. I need to do some research on truepeoplesearch to figure out who exactly it is. even more than being evicted or physically harmed I would be concerned that he would attempt to ruin my reputation or get me fired from my job or something. if anyone but an mtf was pulling this shit I think it would automatically be labelled as psychotic but everyone walks on eggshells when anything involving trans stuff comes up

No. 938893

My dear anon, the time ahead will be incredibly painful but you’ll come out stronger for it. I’m proud of you.

No. 938899

Okay anon, here’s how you play it. Complain to your landlord/apartment manager that you feel unsafe, you feel people pressing themselves against your walls/hear weird shit at night. Cry if you can, nonny LISTEN to me I want you to milk your uwu f-f-feminine f-f-fragility, and your e-e-estrogen-fuelled willingness to snivel and fear threatened by strangers. Complain to your neighbours, make friends with them, talk to them about how you’re worried because sometimes you hear someone loitering outside and you feel really unsafe at night. Hell, call your manager right now and ask about cameras, if he asks why then go, “Well it’s nothing really, but I’ve been feeling unsafe because A and B it’s probably nothing hahahaha”

At this point, if this spreads enough for the person to hear, they might approach the apartment manager. If they do then you lie and then snivel and stress your unsafety. What kind of person eavesdrops anyway And if they even approach the manager they’ll instantly get read as the Creep because you’ll have complained by then, and if they bring up transphobia then you lie and cry and say you don’t know what they’re talking about, you’re just an uwu fragile woman feeling unsafe! And it’ll look like they’re an insane creep who heard gossip from neighbours about then loitering outside and approached the manager using “transphobia” as an excuse to cover it up. Good luck.

No. 938903

Samefag but there’s the possibility that they might have recorded you “as evidence” if you were really loud, but I don’t think you were. If they bring up something like this then you GASP at the horrifying deal at being recorded and having your weak, weak womanliness intruded upon by a stranger, what kind of person records women through the wall? Snivel more, say I can’t believe I was being spied upon, and tell them it was two friends and not you (I’m guessing there aren’t cameras and they can’t check if you went in the apartment with your friend). Most importantly you stress that you’re not transphobic and you apologise while gently holding back your precious tears at them. And be careful next time because if you do this they might get really angry and start recording/stalking you for real to prove you’re transphobic or whatever.

No. 938909

Gimme entertainment dammit

When you post, think about me. Before you post, ask yourself 'would she find this entertaining/engaging?'

In every fucking thread. No thread is an excuse for you to present me with a reddit/twitter/whatever clone.

I strived hard to keep you amused over the years. Please don't throw back at me this shit.

Please show me wit, please spare me of the parroting.

No. 938921

>No thread is an excuse for you to present me with a reddit/twitter/whatever clone
yet here you are reddit spacing

No. 938927

>give me entretainment
Just go masturbate it off please, we aren't your personal clowns

No. 938929

Being so retarded must be difficult.

No. 938930

You were and I was yours.
Now it's just… the same shit as on all the other 2 and a half main websites. It's so sad, anons.

Suck my clit minijanny

No. 938933

you're not stupid at all anon. Believing his mistreatment is acceptable is part of the dichotomy of abuser and abused. Love yourself and expect your future partner to treat you with the respect you deserve.

No. 938936

It’s only gonna get harder unfortunately. I hate watching my male relatives grow from sweet little toddlers to disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 938940

File: 1634259782396.jpg (139.76 KB, 666x666, no one's calling.jpg)

I'm sick of feeling alone while constantly surrounded by people. I find it extremely difficult to make friends and I've been at university for too long without making any new connections at all, I feel like it's just not going to happen at this point. All my old friends live far away and have their own thing going on and I can feel us drifting apart and it sucks.
The one friend I still keep in touch with I can't tell all the things I'm going through because it's already an effort to maintain the friendship, I don't want every conversation we have to end up being me whinging about my problems the entire time. Plus it's just unfair to burden one person with so much. We meet up so seldom I feel like I have to put up a happy front when I'm not. So even though I have a great time hanging out with this person I always leave feeling empty and even more alone.
To top it all off I don't have the kind of relationship with my family where I can talk to them about such things. I'm guess I'm just realising now how hard it is to make friends as a (semi)independent adult.

No. 938943

File: 1634259839234.jpg (32.29 KB, 440x437, judgement.jpg)

I think the cleverest posters are all busy with schoolwork this time of year. Also you deserve nothing but scorn, you reddit spacing heathen.

No. 938944

damn that sucks but like go back to twitter

No. 938949

the cleverest poster is here (me) and she has a COLD

No. 938955

I don't even have a reddit account retard
>I think the cleverest posters are all busy with schoolwork this time of year
Nope. Been here for too many years. It's not a seasonal thing, it's a shift.

And I'll peace out eventually. Just -
Just why does it have to meld into the Borg collective
Why am I reading here same things that I can read elsewhere

Are we not supposedly individuals interacting?
Why are those interactions then so predictable and same?
There are 8 billion of us, each unique. Countless possibilities. But I load the screen and get nothing new?

There is something wrong with all of you. Snap out of it.

No. 938957

Nta, but why did you type this like a poem

No. 938959

For emphasis

No. 938961

First of all, quit it with the schizoposting spacing. And this isn’t some astral shift, popularity brings traffic, and traffic brings noise. Lolcow continues to attract people who aren’t familiar with imageboard culture and haven’t spent their teens internalising imageboard speak and mentality. Plus this happens to any board with time, check out /mu/ only five years ago and then check it out now. You wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from music twitter, everything is blending into everything, which is why you might want to so your part by being the poster you want to see instead of being a Reddit-space-utilizing retard.

No. 938962


I type out like this.

The spacing is intended to drum in my point, because my readers are retards.

Get it now?

Quit being a faggot. Use normal spacing.

No. 938963

People like you are the reason why others are bored of imageboards and get annoyed whenever they refresh the page.
Consider going outside and never coming back.

No. 938964

Tbh you sound annoying, stanza-chan. I think you're the only person who has something wrong.

No. 938970

File: 1634262263127.jpg (20.81 KB, 552x368, EqA2mamXYAEutVA.jpg)

Look at you, pretending to be clever when you can't use proper grammar. Your posts are pseudo-intellectual drivel and your opinion is trash.

No. 938972

idk nonnie I'm new to this conversation and it tickles me. I was just telling my mother about how I can spot a Redditor and how retarded they look based on their writing style. I said, "You can tell immediately where they came from and you can tell them to go back." Ticklesome

No. 938973

Cannot entertain,
Felt personally attacked

As you should, you boring bores

No. 938976

Lol, thanks for the new word anon
Dude, go read a book or watch a movie or better yet, go outside if you need to be "entertained" that badly. We're not jesters, just imageboard posters. You can't force funny or interesting conversations.

No. 938977

Perhaps it is your definition of entertainment that is lacking, scrote. Back to plebbit with you.

No. 938978

File: 1634263300132.png (259.74 KB, 400x520, C48686DB-655F-457A-950D-98484B…)


Caca poo poo


Pooooooppp haha

No. 938983

Anon I am in a similar boat and I feel you. Loneliness really is is a black pit of despair and talking to people is really fucking hard for the weirdest reasons, especially if you're an awkward or quiet person. I hope things get better for you nonnie

No. 938984

anon, their sex life either sucks now, will suck when the trans one gets atrophy pain, or the stacy girl has found her asexual dream relationship- in any case, hold out for finding a girlfriend where you can be honest with each other. Social and public facing value is nothing. + every femme4butch girl I know likes that her gf lowkey has tits, top surgery is a meme cult.

No. 938994

Couldn't have made more of a typical tribalist post eh?
Eat shit
I don't align.
You're so fucking boring.

Stop doing what everyone is doing.
If you're gonna insult me, innovate bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 938995

thank you to the nonnies here who told me to leave my girlfriend (+ that she's manipulative and crazy) 6 months ago. it stuck in my head and i just broke up w her and feel relieved

No. 938996







Know you are

A male


No. 938997

I’m glad, nonnie!

No. 939000

Har har tranny funny

Nope, same old boring shit, try again

Is there like just 3 things in your mind you cycle, jeez

No. 939002

Stop taking the bait you idiots, the faggot will have to leave at some point, hopefully to consider suicide.

No. 939003

I don't know which anon you are (there seem to be a lot of anons with crazy gfs), but it's good that you left! Must feel like a huge weight off of your shoulders

No. 939004

You aren’t a woman and you’ll always be a failure, your male tears will always fuel my existence.

No. 939008

>man asks women to entretain him
It's always like this. Let's stop taking his retard bait please.

No. 939010

File: 1634265855877.jpeg (115.31 KB, 331x725, 6DA14E3C-1D56-407B-8506-AF07DE…)

Anyways, I have been encompassing my full on nancy drew larp and have been rotting my brain with hours of recycled content from a male micro-celebrity that I find to be incredibly hot and my male counterpart. I’ve figured out his forgettable quirks and controversies, I almost feel like a stalker but that gives me cozy halloween vibes

No. 939011

File: 1634266175469.png (Spoiler Image, 114.72 KB, 300x300, 107F5321-7C6E-4B25-8FD4-A5A8D8…)

>nancy drew
>content from a male micro-celebrity

No. 939013

I did not understand one single sentence

No. 939016

Damn who’s that hottie?

No. 939017

this is not the queen's english

No. 939038

This "faggot" probably made you laugh many times, because I tried.
I notice you're off and repetitive and want to bring back the fun in you, you become even more repetitive and dull, like this sped >>939004

Same 3-4 things on repeat. That can't be interesting and funny to many people for long.

Stop. Or not, but do something else too, something interesting. Show me you're a person, cuz you're acting like a bot.

I mean, you cannot just endlessly circlej-
Oh, sure you can. But please don't do it here. You've got the entire rest of the Internet to do so.

Try being interesting when you come here.
Apparently, that's too much too ask from you boring clones.

Except I know you're not clones and I can't understand why you'd all choose to behave like the swarm.
I don't come here for that, I get that everywhere. I came here for you.

YOU.(ban-evading autist )

No. 939065

yay a new snore song by adele, can't wait to hear that for the next 10 weeks

No. 939099

My ex just posted on instagram (yes I know, I’m a glutton for punishment) that the dog I raised for the first nine years of her life until he stole her from me during our breakup died. I’m just so sad I loved her so so much.. he didn’t even let me come be with her while she was put down or say goodbye. He literally never paid attention to her when we were together and I know he didn’t after we broke up. I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate him

No. 939114

i feel ypu i try to make long deranged interesting posts and say weird shit but the twitterparroting is getting worse in here atm.

No. 939123

pls don't feed the scrote

No. 939126

I would eat so many tv dinners with this man

No. 939129

Brutalmoose,he’s gay

No. 939131

If someone stole my dog from me I'd have called the fucking cops and the national guard and torn their front door off its hinges, what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 939132

File: 1634281243245.jpg (46.87 KB, 380x380, g9519C0.jpg)

I cannot stand V-tubers, but the people on a server I'm in keep talking about them, roleplaying them or posting NSFW of them. I don't get it, they are so ugly and over-desinged. I tried to understand why they like it and I got so bored so quickly, for example, I watched a video that said that one girl left her camera on and she was having a massive rage fit, but all that happened was that she got slighly annoyed and gentely kicked a table leg; is this the most interesting thing to happen on a V-tuber's video? Just gentely make some annoyed sounds and playing games? God this is so boring.

Can someone explain to me what's even the appeal of V-tubers or Hololive? At least with Thot Streamers there's a parasocial relationship with another human. I think I am going to mute the whole server the next time someone makes an image chain of memes of these people.

No. 939134

I'm really sorry this happened, I don't know the circumstances under which the dog was taken or how difficult it would have been to get the dog back but I'm with >>939131, I wouldn't have stopped until the dog was back with me, I would have made that moids life a living hell.

No. 939143

Kek, I just noticed that typo too. I'm sorry.

No. 939150

I'm just eating pancake batter because my fridge is empty and I hate everything

No. 939152

>Can someone explain to me what's even the appeal of V-tubers or Hololive?
Autists see that their precious anime character tropes are alive and can respond to them so they're like "THEY'RE TOTALLY REAL!!! MY WAIFU IS REAL!!!!"

No. 939192

I feel so shitty. I spent a night with a cute guy and he treated me like shit. This was the worst sex I ever had. I slept with him once before and he was pretty bad too but at least he treated me really well. Now he initiated sex but was horrible, his dick was tiny, his technique was so bad and after I made him come, he told me to make him a lunch next day and that he's too tired to try to make me come. And that I was too loud and I'm risking waking up his aunt and I shouldn't expect a 'rodeo'. That he puts on so much risk by sleeping with me (HE initiated!). And that I shouldn't have slept with him so soon if sex meant something to me. He actually fucking made me full on cry and sob. I never experienced something like this. Next day he made a fuss that I want to leave early because I couldn't sleep anymore and that he isn't willing to talk about how he acted like a dick. He said that he acts like a douche and knows it and that's why he's alone.
Fuck this, last time I met him he kept on going how he fell in love with me at first sight, how he's a helpless romantic and how he wants to wake up next to me.
I don't even regret having sex with him soon, we're adults and I like sex and at least I got to know how bad he is and how lacking he is in size but madonna/whore complex is fucking real. Guys fucking force you to have sex and then shame you for it. Let this be a lesson to never have sex soon with guys I'm actually interested in. But tbh at least his nasty personality came through soon.

No. 939195

>I slept with him once before and he was pretty bad too
>still went back to fuck him again

>tiny dick

>cumming alone
>"go make me a sandwich"
>He actually fucking made me full on cry and sob.
>>>>I don't even regret having sex with him because w-we're big adults and i LOVE sex (even if its bad)
Retards like you should be automatically redirected to /g/

No. 939197

I said I don't regret having sex because I saw how tiny his dick is. Imagine trying to date this guy and find out after a month that he's this bad.
Also I already feel shitty, do you have to be this hostile?

No. 939200

Let her vent.

No. 939201

My mum is literally such a freak. She has a history of being a psycho towards me and some point in my 20s we touched on it and I basically told her all is forgotten and for given. Like I've tried to forget by abusing drugs but I can't but I do play nice. She's still a mega bitch though. I've been thru therapy and can rationalise the past but I cannot rationalise this bitch. I got my masters and didn't even get a congratulations from her but she absolutely coddles my idiot older brother. Celebrates everything. We have fancy restaurant dinners to celebrate every minor thing he does and he's not great at much. Like he's intentionally a piece of shit but this vent isn't about him. It's about her. I have never got a dinner to celebrate fuck all. My mum even had an autistic melt down on my birthday because I asked if we could eat together.

Anyway so I started a new job. Gruelling process, a big advancement for me. Took months for me and I still can't believe I've achieved this. She and her husband told me many times to stop stressing myself out for something I can't handle. So of course I wouldn't get a big to do about actually getting the job, but she's now starting to actually heckle me over it. Mocking me. So I've cooled off our contact because even though I'm a woman in my 30s her comments still upset me. I've nearly cried at the damn job because she's randomly text me some shit about how selfish I am. She's so fucking hostile towards me, always has been. I'm so tired of her. She's retirement age too and she's drank herself to having diabetes and she gets drunk and retells the past usually swapping us in the stories and she was already horrible during menopause what if she gets dementia like her parents and just. She's too much to handle.

No. 939203

File: 1634292010735.png (110.33 KB, 581x577, imagen_2021-10-15_045849.png)

I just feel like this comic
I don't want friends anymore
I don't want to be vulnerable
I do not wish to connect to new or old people
I want to be an hermit, I want people to know me for my success not because they used to know me from x or x place
I hate them, I hate them all
I can't trust people anymore

No. 939205

The pc I got three months ago is already having problems. Apparently it has a corrupt power shell and the windows explorer dies randomly… I hate it, and I'm probably gonna have to send it for repairs… I am seriously internet addicted I swear.

No. 939210

Sorry to go tradthot but this is why I believe in being celibate until well in to a relationship, most moids will see themselves out the door before they get chance to use you. Sorry anon but most guys are actually really selfish in bed once they get to coom unless they are actually in love with you and want to please you. Block him on everything. However listen to what he is telling you though, as harsh as it sounds you shouldn’t sleep with men so soon and he is prime example, yes it sucks things are this way but this is because men are scrotes and fucking users and we should not cater to them and their tiny dicks. “Women are the gate keepers of sex”, why do we give it away to such low value men who have given us nothing but a hard time. His complaints about you being too loud and this and that show he was using you like a sexdoll. Learn from it and never over stay your welcome, when shit hits the fan or they begin to show disrespect either kick them out or leave, I’ve made this mistake too many times in my younger years of sticking around like a gimp and giving them the upper hand. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience this but learn from it and don’t make the same mistakes again, 95% of men are copy pasta NPCs and the same plot line will continue to repeat if you don’t learn.

No. 939214

Nah you sound more like fds which is better

No. 939216

Yeah, I'm gonna learn from this. I'm used to being in a long term relationships and this was my second one-night stand in my life because I was really lonely and I genuinely miss sex. It sucks.

No. 939221

At least you guilted this guy for treating you badly, so many woke fool girls will just be silent and accept it because slutting around is empowering or something. You aired your complaints so you did good. Remember to never listen to what a man says ever again (his romantic claims the first time) and it's his fault for lying to you, not your fault for believing it.

No. 939224

It was hard enough getting out myself. He’s an extremely violent person and his dad is the sheriff so me going to the police wouldn’t do anything. As much as I loved her I had to get out and me raising hell would’ve 100% got me killed. He’s a fucking monster

No. 939226

Men will literally say anything to get what they want and then say they have postnut clarity afterwards. Gross. The hopeless romantic “I’m not like other guys” but then initiate sex anyway are the worst.

If you like sex try avoid all situations that could result in sex, it’s easier that way. I will only meet men in public spaces with an activity planned. They can’t come to my house, I won’t come to theirs, and never end up in a bedroom together. When the temptation is there and your caught up in the moment it can be hard not to give in. However if you’re an exhibitionist, well I don’t know how I can help you kek.

No. 939227

It's really hard to feel betrayed by people who you thought were your friends honestly. The thing they did was minimal but it does not sit well with me anymore.

No. 939229

I'm sorry anon

No. 939259

The more I think of this ex friend who went all woketard on me the more angry I get. The worst thing is I didn't know she was a woketard we had a discussion on some random shit and she started telling me how I was a bad person and she's neurodivergent and etc. Then when I told her I didn't want to talk to her anymore and to please chill out but she kept saying how manipulative I am just because I disagreed with her.

Play woke get broke. I'll be more careful not to befriend an idiot ever again.

No. 939270

File: 1634301602338.jpg (45.6 KB, 784x960, Tumblr_l_7291594053466.jpg)

Being celibate well into a relationship is key but remember that you WILL knock out 90% of men (at least) in this process and many of them who ghost you for not fucking them immediately will be the type who pretend to be in love. You have to learn to hurt your own feelings in regards to letting go of "potential" so that they don't get to hurt you.

No. 939272

I don't want to be depressed anymore. I don't want to have to calm myself before a phone call. I feel like a retard failure. This js so tiring. I hate everyone who fakes being a retard when actual retards like me cannot find a solution. I want to die, this life is so exhausting.

No. 939273

People unironically think they are anime characters come to life. You know that game girls used to play called mystic messenger that would send you texts and "call" you so you could be more immersed in the game? It's like that and this time there's like 2000+ "characters" you can watch/interact with and spend money on so they can read YOUR message. That's also the reason why Gura or Kanae could make more in a week than you can in a year. You'll probably only see more pop up in the coming months

No. 939282

I'm 25 and I have never been in a "LTR"

No. 939312

This phone chip shortage is really annoying me. I went 4 days without a phone because the guy at the store said what I ordered was in stock and would be delivered by Thursday. It didn't come so I called my company who said the phone was actually back ordered because of a chip shortage and that they're struggling to keep their flagship phones in stock. So now I'm going to drive to all the physical stores in my town to see what the fuck I can settle with because I need a phone for work. Ugggggghhhh. I want to fight that man at the store for lying to me just to get a sale.

No. 939328

I'm 28 and my longest relationship was ~ 1 year with me never meeting his mother, and I'm sure I've seen 30 year old virgins posting around here.

No. 939403

I'm so tired. I'm probably autistic or have ADHD, but I have no money for a diagnosis and meds and I wouldn't want my family to see me as a freak anyway. But I can't do anything. Everything feels so difficult, I have tics, I space out, I feel burnt out by everything and it can't be just anxiety. I'm 23 and a neet, I feel like an animal compared to other people, I spend my days doing nothing and meeting no one. I feel like I've reached the end, there's nothing else I can do.

No. 939415

PLEASE HELP ME please I need help ASAP so this is going to be written really messily. I have really really bad anxiety (result of diagnosed CPTSD) to the point that I completley blank out on everything, I become physically ill and dissociate. I had this during my exams and I had to be escorted because I was breaking down in the exam hall. I am having the same now. We are a few months further now and I am trying to write my application for university. I have been trying for weeks now and I just have not been succeeding. I keep blanking. I have less than an hour to send in my personal statement. I have written some things but its not enough. I need help, any advice for things that could help right now to get me over this anxiety and mind block so i can write and send in something in lesss than an hour. I have such bad stomach ache it is so painful. please help me anything to get over this paralysing anxiety and pain and in the mindset to work

No. 939421

Maybe you can try a guided meditation? Or a short (10 mins) yoga/stretching session. Also try to get some air, stay outside on the sun for some moments just trying to focus on your breathing and trying to put yourself at ease. You can also go for a short walk.
Any of this helps me when I'm anxious too, I hope it helps.

No. 939430

Idk where to post this. Either I'm having brain problems or my apartment might be haunted. Every once in a while (twice a month on average) there's a distinct shit-like smell appearing to the left of a doorway between two rooms. It lasts around 30 minutes and, funilly enough, tends to occur when I'm cleaning. I have no gross roommates, no pets that could've pooped there and there's no dead mouse under the floorboards type situation either. But still, I swear to God I sometimes smell shit in my perfectly tidy apartment, always in the same exact place. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before I've moved in here last year.
I don't talk to people irl about this because I don't want to come off as a schizo but I've been worried ever since I read somewhere that ghosts are often associated with foul smells and doorways. The alternative (and much worse) option is that it's my brain telling me I'll have a stroke or a tumor at some point in my life, because I seem to be the only one who notices the smell. Either way, it happened again today and is giving me anxiety.

No. 939431

File: 1634315031279.gif (390.06 KB, 498x360, F80F5EA0-88A9-4A72-B976-C6543C…)

>be bpdfag who starves to cope with autistic emotions and shitty relationships
>start restricting fluids and weight dips below 80
>therapist threatens to kick me out of dbt, vaguely threatens a section just to be an ass
>about to lose my job
>okay i’ll eat more
>one meal later autistic emotions come roaring back and i feel motivated against my best judgement to continue to not eat for days on end
>80 is a normal weight anyway says my stupid brain
>literally going to lose my job if i take any more time off meanwhile the ex friends who triggered my bpdfaggotry get to work and happily eat 3 meals a day with zero mental anguish

I know I’m a whiny cunt but I just hate my brain so much

No. 939434

it's not you (probably). windows keeps getting worse and more bloated with each passing year. like most cheap-end laptops can barely even function with the windows 10 they come with. i have a cheapo laptop to travel with, and every time theres another windows update it gets even slower. and the start menu and search functions take fucking forever to open. like seriously, why is a $400 laptop now fucking worse and slower on windows 10 than a $400 laptop on windows xp 15 years ago?

I used to put ubuntu on my laptops eventually but theyve gone all windows vista with that now, its not even faster. I have to use kubuntu for something lightweight and now i sound like a linuxbeard and i dont even want to be. I just want windows xp back.

No. 939444

I tried, I can't do it. Meditation made me break down and cry. I'm sorry

No. 939446

I hate being with myself at this point. I just wish i could drill into my brain so this constant worrying and overthinking stopped. Right now I think any minor inconvenience will make me lose my shit even more. I feel like i'm going crazy. i even started self harming again today after years of not doing that shit. Life isn't for me thats the conclusion i've come to. I wouldn't be here whining about it and just off myself if it weren't for my dad who witnessed the deaths of all his siblings. I don't wanna give him more trauma. and my friends are all shit too so i have zero people to talk to

No. 939449

nta but try physical movements to reset your body, clench each group of muscles and release them one at a time. Like do toes, then ankles, calves, then so on until you get to the top. If you focus on doing this repetitively and only focus on the physical feeling of tightening and releasing the muscles it might keep you more distracted than meditation which can let your mind wander back to the source of panic.

No. 939458

This! It's called progressive muscle relaxation and it's really helped me and I have a severe anxiety disorder. You can find guided audio online, the one I use is on Spotify and it's this Australian guy with a very soothing voice.

No. 939459

Why are there so many fucking bugs in this apartment? I will make sure I can move to some really cold ass country so I don’t have to deal with as many bugs as I have to deal with in a dumbass tropical weather country.
I fucking hate bugs and I wish they could all just disappear already, they make my already tiresome and stressful life even more annoying than it is.

No. 939460

I mean this is easier said than done but imagine you have nothing to lose and literally nothing depends on sending that email

No. 939467

I’m honestly just so annoyed with myself and all the choices I’ve made in my life that led me to be here. I feel like a useless financial strain on my hardworking mother all because I just HAD to decide to study overseas where it’s expensive as fuck. At this point backing out would just be an even bigger waste of time and money, and the worst part is I also know that what I have to go and study isn’t even something that I really want. 2 years of my life have already gone down the drain because I’m a directionless loser and now that I’ve settled on something of course it has to be the most inconvenient and short sighted thing I could’ve picked. I know this is a result of my own doing but I just feel so trapped in all of these stupid choices I made thinking that I was “making a better future for myself” but the truth is I probably would’ve been unhappy no matter what, and I just happened to go with the most expensive and stressful option just to end up feeling the exact same way

No. 939469

i'm so stressed about my final undergrad paper. the short version is due the 27th and i don't have the motivation to work on it because the research is really difficult

No. 939472

File: 1634317922721.jpeg (64.46 KB, 750x900, A2BCD6C4-13F4-499E-BC7B-EF4B09…)

It sucks having great ideas and creativity but not having enough talent or skill to properly execute them, I am an artistic person but I don’t really have much faith in my own abilities anymore and I feel like that’s what happens to most artist, every time I doubt myself and say I should have went and pursued another degree my mind can’t stop going back to doing creative things, I was born to do artsy stuff but my life just doesn’t allow that I’m such a gigantic cheeseball mess

No. 939476

File: 1634318225267.jpg (11.12 KB, 261x192, skksjduu.jpg)

I love women so so much.

No. 939480

File: 1634318469880.png (688.33 KB, 791x768, 3ifbglhf7u331.png)

I am not doing well. I have a lot of pain and I think it's time to taper off booze again. I have to do that before I can even think about getting a job I can hardly function

No. 939484

>feel bad
>do or say something dumb

No. 939487

its jerma isnt it anon

No. 939489

Practice, practice, and more practice

No. 939495

have the same thing with a rancid smell in my apt on occasion that my partner never seemed to notice. it always seemed to come from the kitchen but i couldnt figure out where. I think it's basically a "drain burp" where a gas bubble comes up from the sewer and it's smelly but then kind of dissipates and there's no obvious source.

All drain pipes have vents somewhere that allow air & gas to be released safely. This vent is usually inside the wall so… it's probably just a sewer burp inside ypur wall. It obviously shouldn't be happening on a regular basis, and the reason for it is probably that your building's main drain line is probably clogged or backed up in some way, which is forcing fermented poo gas back up through the pipes and out the vents. They had to unclog my building's main drain and the whole place was stanky for a day or so but after that the smell never came back so I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Nasty!

No. 939501

i like drinking a lot but my issue is if i have 2 shots or so, i don't feel anything, but if i have 4 or more i vomit and fall asleep. hard to stick to 3 every time and i still almost vomit. probably the only thing keeping me from drinking a lot more often, since i never even get hangovers.

No. 939507

i had a nightmare that i was back in high school at the age of 26 and people were still trying to bully me but obviously im 26 now so i was like grow the fuck up scrote. the worst part of it was shayna was there and she was nice so i invited her to come hangout with our friend group and she was like sure! then i agreed to crash chemistry because she had no friends in the class. i went to my dads new house to visit and shayna was there…… she was his new gf……….. i was raging and then at one point she was running around in panties like "change my nappy daddy!" and it was horrid i disowned my dad and me and a bunch of other family members walked out like it's us or her bye

i guess this is my own insecurities showing? my dad owns a club so he's always got burlesque girls my age commenting on his stuff on facebook and i haven't seen him in a while so i'm scared he's gonna replace me.

i know it's stupid, i do. it's just an irrational fear i've had since i was a child

No. 939519

Going to call the center I went to when I was sexually assulted to see if I can get therapy from them, it's been 3 years but it's taken me this long to be able to talk about it so I hope i'm still eligible for help from them

pray for me Anons

No. 939522

I can't believe I'm this upset over the dumb thread being locked. I'm such a retard. I literally cried about it. I don't know what's wrong with me, I must have brain rot or something. I was just having a good time and now I'll be talking to the wall in a six year old thread. I feel like such an idiot. I hate myself.

No. 939525

File: 1634321660333.jpg (114.46 KB, 1877x776, bs.jpg)

I recently reflected on my life and I realized that I hate what I have become and obviously I'm the one responsible for that (plus my mother who infantilized me). After leaving university, I retracted back to my shell and stayed solidly within my comfort zone for years, avoiding any challenging (social) situation and now I am a girlchild in a fucking adult body. I lack the most basic life experiences everyone else already has had and I noticed that in situations where things are new, I tend to act really dependent and sort of expect others to take care of me. I hate myself. I hate what I did to myself. I hate that I thought of pain as something to be avoided and not something to learn from. I literally have no idea how to behave in social situations and feel like a freak. Also…I used to be such a curious, knowledge hungry kid and now I avoid reading the news and don't have the attention span to read a book either. I'm literally a void.

No. 939527

it's okay anon, you obviously put in the effort to make a good thread. You should remake it in /m/ anyways, the other stuffed animal thread really doesn't compare, considering all the links and resources you shared.

No. 939530

which thread

No. 939532

I want to but I'm nervous that will just get locked again because of the stuffed animal and general toy threads.

No. 939533

Remake it on /m/. I support this.

No. 939536

Anon just remake it on /m/ call it plush adventures or plush making thread and explain why it is different/more specific than the already existing threads. If you explain it they'll understand. I want this thread to exist too. We have a lot of weeb and art threads, another plus thread should not hurt nobody. Remake it.

No. 939550

Draw with me nonna I promise everything will be okay if we just try, don't be so hard on yourself

No. 939551

File: 1634323545214.jpg (50.64 KB, 815x470, apartment.jpg)

unfortunately I think I have to rule this one out anon, unless the air in my apartment travels in a very weird way. My mom has that sewer burp thing at her place and its always concentrated in the bathroom, where the pipes are, but it's not the case with my apartment. I made a rough sketch of the layout so you can see where it smells. The wall between my bedroom and the living room is super thin, there's definitely no pipes in it. Logically, the stinky air could be wafting in from the bathroom, but the problem is when the shit smell appears, it's only in my bedroom, the bathroom doesn't smell at all plus it still happens with the doors closed. Another weird thing is that the smell does not travel into the living room at all, even though the doorway is open (there's like a doorframe but no actual door) and my apartment is tiny. The stink is literally confined to that small green area, if I step two meters to the left I almost can't smell it anymore. Idk, this shit creeps me out so much.

No. 939553

No. 939571

File: 1634324261581.png (57.82 KB, 298x682, Emotional Chart Image.png)

I'm fucking sad that this site will probably go down by the end of the year. Where else am I going to talk to smart women? And read their opinion? And help others out? And then give my opinion? social media is cancer and everyone irl is stupid and disgusting. What should one nonny do.

No. 939573

Is it really going down though?

No. 939577

Only if we dont find a new admin, but the thought of losing this website fills me with grief

No. 939578

File: 1634324739868.jpg (209.35 KB, 1100x1100, 1609181413544.jpg)

Anon, I've been here since 2015 and very few people here have sounded intelligent. In fact, I began to limit my time here because the way that some people project their neuroticism was aggravating and I noticed I was assuming everyone around me to have insidious, ulterior motives when they didn't. This place is okay in doses, but a lot of anons read way too much into certain things, practice bad faith criticism, and are generally unpleasant to be around if you were around for the friend finder threads. Communities which are born from documenting drama inevitably become incestuous and once milk runs dry or the main site closes down and people retreat to their private channels, they cannibalize their own. I've seen it happen so many times. My advice is to spend more time offline. Not everyone is shitty, stupid, perverted, etc and even if you have only one good friend in this lifetime then that's all you need.

No. 939579

Your thread was based, IDK why mods didn't just move it to /m/.

No. 939581

That just sounds like the typical problem of taking imageboards too serious.

No. 939582

>Anon, I've been here since 2015 and very few people here have sounded intelligent.
Anon I've been here since 2015 to o and believe me I love this place

No. 939583

Probs gonna get fired because of my period. I would love to be at work right now but I can't stop barfing

No. 939584

>In fact, I began to limit my time here because the way that some people project their neuroticism was aggravating and I noticed I was assuming everyone around me to have insidious, ulterior motives when they didn't.
Nta but same, I have to limit my time here or else the negativity seeps into my everyday life. I understand others may not be like that, though. Since this is the vent thread what sucked the most is how I internalized the criticism I read here of mental illness and depression. Like obviously there's a lot of craziness going on right now with kids on tiktok etc. But I found myself thinking depression isn't real and my own is made up, which I could do for a while but eventually as I continued struggling I was forced to admit again ok, this is depression kek and it's not going away. Obviously that was my own fault for applying random anons' beef to myself but damn you're right about the negativity and bad faith here, even on /ot/ it pops up in many discussions, quickly. That said I don't want this place to go away either. The good parts balance it out at least right now when like op said, social media sucks even harder. Feels like nobody is authentic and honest except for here. Maybe we're a little too honest kek but I will miss this place a lot if it goes under

No. 939585

Iirc admin said in the new discord-replacement chat that she found a new admin.

No. 939586

Is the new admin a tranny hater or supporter though?

No. 939587

I don't know.

No. 939591

File: 1634325648747.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

I want to start going out, meet new people and maybe even date. But fuck me it's all so exhausting. I feel tired almost 24/7 thanks to depression so I just stay at home.

No. 939592

HELL YEAH! can't wait for Elaine sperging out about it

No. 939597

I'm sad because the neighbour's dog got ran over some days ago. It was such a cute little dog. Usually the owner dropped him off at her parents' (my neighbours) house during the day because of work and she would pick him up in the evening. The parents were irresponsible and left their gate open and the dog got out on the road many times, usually he would just wander around a bit and then go back home. But then he got ran over and I can't imagine how the actual owner felt, especially because she kept telling her parents to keep the gate closed because of the dog. They didn't even have the decency to clean up the road, the blood splatter and small pieces of flesh are still there in the middle of the road. Rip Jack, you were cute even when you yapped at me.

No. 939599

When its someone's sole form of social interaction coupled with mental illness that tends to happen and its the case for the majority of people who browse this place. Like >>939584 said, its fair if not everyone is like that, but for many anons this is the only community they're active in because the others suck. This place isn't even perfect because I remember when certain discussions were allowed to be had and now they're an instant ban. I've had an easier time talking about certain subjects offline, despite the fearmongering imageboard culture promoted since 2005 (for me, at least).

There's also the caveat that the people posting here are still real people somewhere, holding the fucked up views which they do, and that can make a person question themselves and offline occurrences. Its not exactly unfounded given how poorly friend finder threads had gone and we do have a personal cow thread after all. Sure, a great many are shitposting, but after some experiences getting to know anons one on one over on Skype/Tox/Discord, there was little trust, high neuroticism/paranoia, but pretty big superiority complexes which played out.

No. 939601

That's unironically a very important question. Imagine this place being turned into a tranny safe space (won't last but the site would be lost anyways)

No. 939605

My retard brother got scammed and sent his social security and a copy of his drivers license to “recruiters”
He’s so fucking stupid. I’m not looking forward to when my parents pass because I can’t deal with this idiot. He gets so angry when you try to help him. It’s like he’s aggressively self destructive.

No. 939607

File: 1634326367258.jpeg (21.9 KB, 480x360, 27046885-DBAC-451E-807C-1954C4…)


No. 939613

Been there done that nonnie. There's a way to fix this especially if you have had a normal childhood and college experience. It just requires reminding yourself to take the first steps and say yes to things that you would usually avoid for your own comfort (not talking about fucking please don't traumatize yourself)
Maybe start by taking a new job or reaching out to friends or new people. Good luck for both of us

No. 939624

Distance yourself and don't enable him anymore. Let him ruin his own life.

No. 939634

I really hate the masses and people who can't think for themselves or at least try to genuinely ask themselves why. Then they come at you with some bullshit explanation or a yass queen. It's all so exhausting.

No. 939635

>So here I am again, sipping my single beer
god I wish that were me.

No. 939636

I think like 70% of my posts are about being horny and unfulfilled (but to be fair, I don't post a lot). So here I am again, sipping my single beer thinking about how I need to get laid, but I'm such a fucking loser I'd need to lie about most of my life circumstances to be able to get through the compulsory conversation involved even in one-night stands. Also by this point I'm more worried about pregnancy than when I was 20 and thought casual sex was just something adult people did to fill the holes in their hearts, and also realized most men will not give a shit about giving pleasure anyway, so what is the point. Will I be the fucking old creeper lady making inappropriate comments towards young male students in 20 years?
reposted because I didn't mean to reply to another unrelated post

No. 939638

In a way I don't want radfem stuff to become the mainstream because I know companies and other retarded stuff will corrupt it and make it stupid. But I also hate libfems with such a passion, I hate the "sex-posi" "empowerment" shit, I hate degeneracy, degrading yourself, I dunno it makes me so angry.

No. 939639

I've been getting hit on by so many dudes, they are annoying and their attempts at seduction are just embarrassing, I can't stress how much it turns me all the way off. I wish girls would flirt with me instead, why does it always have to be these repulsive men shooting their shot. I dress pretty femininely and I like women who are similarly feminine. I guess people assume I'm straight for this reason, I kind of resent that but I'm not going to change my style because of it. I also resent how my experiences with unwanted male attention have made me too shy to make the first move or show a woman that I'm interested in her because I don't want to be annoying. Maybe I'm just tripping but thinking about all of these factors almost makes me feel like I'm never going to meet the right girl.

No. 939641

I just really don't want to have friends anymore.

No. 939645

Do you know what libfems are? Where do you get the idea all they want is degeneracy? You can have sex positivity without kneeling to men in your feminism libfem ideals.

No. 939647

I know a libfem who listens to wap and think it's empowering. That's degeneracy. That's all I have to say because I come here to vent, not to "learn" how good libfems are or whatever. I hate them. I hope liberal feminism dies, it's pickmeism with extra steps for me.

No. 939648

had too much coffee after too little food and have not been off the toilet w the runs at all over the past few hours. it’s finally slowing now but i’m in so much pain and there’s so little in me left to pass that every time i have to run to the loo i end up with agonising stomach pains. god let it end asap so i can shower and drink a litre of water and sleep for 12 hours. please keep me in your thoughts nonas i’m in hell

No. 939650

Are you lactose intolerant? this always happens when I drink milk

No. 939655

File: 1634328213393.png (383.42 KB, 924x896, 1603384716577.png)

Welcome back.

No. 939657

i don’t think so - i drink milk and eat cheese, but this hasn’t happened before! i also had my coffee with oat milk, though it tasted a little odd… maybe it was off? i’m thinking i've just destroyed my guts with too much caffeine though, so i’m going to take a nice looong break from tea and coffee! praying for your guts too nona

No. 939658

Why is board-tan drinking cum? I swear to god we can't have anything for ourselves without scrotes ruinning it.
jk I know it's milk.

No. 939659

>maybe it was off?
oof I think this is it nonna. I hope your stomach feels better soon!

No. 939664

Anon, this isn't the thread to die on your no true scotsman hill. >>939647 is right about how a good chunk of libfems are pro sex work and pro trannies being all up in our spaces.

No. 939665

File: 1634328539700.png (387.81 KB, 924x896, 1603304579268.png)

kek, the art anon also had the same worries and made a version with wine.

No. 939676

Now that's just piss drinking

No. 939678

Looks like piss

No. 939680


No. 939681

Yes, a lot of libfems are just
>pro bdsm
>pro prostitution
>pro onlyfans
>pro men
>pro trannies
etc. It's tiring

No. 939687

File: 1634329264404.png (400.52 KB, 924x896, 1634328539700.png)

there I fixed it
>inb4 its menstrual blood
board-tan is discharge anon confirmed (jk)

No. 939690

File: 1634329397287.jpg (62.58 KB, 868x576, Screenshot_20211015_222308.jpg)

why is the wine half brown

No. 939693

No. 939695

looks like board-tan isn’t the only one with the shits

No. 939706

look she’s sipping shayna’s thread

No. 939707

File: 1634330235340.jpeg (193.52 KB, 924x896, D543A8E5-CA81-425D-9082-EBE91D…)

Y’all’ve been really autistic today, here you go. I added a blood clot.

No. 939709

why are you like this

No. 939716

Wish I was the type of pretty that made men dm me and ask me on dates without me having to make an OLD profile.

No. 939717

File: 1634330506751.png (609.27 KB, 1125x1101, K9c9QI8.png)

OCD is crazy

No. 939726

File: 1634330860826.png (581.79 KB, 787x744, D11B6814-3125-413A-A53C-0B19E2…)

I am a maniac, why is this world trying to contain my wild spirit? My face is full of OCD skin-plucking scars, I feel like I’m a powder keg of insanity, I don’t have any of my stuff done, aren’t I thriving? Isn’t this thriving? Isn’t this all amazing? Just keep plucking, plucking, plucking, endlessly until my face is just exposed skull because this world makes me too anxious I can’t do this anymore

No. 939770

Idk if it helps but a really distracting toy or knitting? Maybe one of those water toys where you push buttons and direct rings through water if that makes sense. Or can you fabricate another replacement compulsion that’s less bad?

No. 939791

Relaxing and don't feel like talking to my guy friends, and yet, he keeps texting me. I already ghosted him once, should I do it again? Stfu, I don't want to talk to you. I even typed it out bluntly, what does he not get?

No. 939799

File: 1634334638246.jpg (86.77 KB, 900x600, e95985_54158db3884b4737ba0c1ab…)

i want to throw away everything i own and live a minimalist life but what if i need this thing i bought for extremely unlikely, very hypothetical emergencies reeee

No. 939801

File: 1634334724606.jpg (105.83 KB, 595x900, 5c16d47aeedd3060fb611f5bbc1d96…)

I want more stuff, I want so much stuff that every inch of my walls is covered in stuff.

No. 939822

If you want, you could gradually downsize your belongings a bit and see how you like it, and then decide if you want to downsize further. You don't have to throw out everything and own no more than what fits into one bag to benefit from minimalistic practices.

No. 939826

Hm. I notice that girls who are way too feminine are almost always gay. Just try to hang out in gay spaces or like wear a Portrait of a Woman of a Lady totebag, maybe a cute girl will approach you kek.

No. 939830

I did this when I was 18 and broke and desperate

Changed my email’s password and pretty much everything else. Do any nonnies have any tips to better patch my now-holed opsec with tape?

No. 939835

I wish veterinary costs would be calculated by the seriousness of results and how detailed procedures are. I can't believe I paid almost $300 for literally just feeling up my cat and examining her blood, when she just had an allergic reaction to a certain snack. And the worst thing is that this is something I found out and the vet just speculated. Of course I'm relieved she is otherwise healthy, but this is the second time this happened too. Might as well just study some biology and do it myself next time.

No. 939837

File: 1634336616931.jpeg (30.5 KB, 422x189, CF44307C-0B33-4EFA-816E-146358…)

It was the opposite for me. This place made me insane and paranoid at the beginning, which is weird knowing that I’ve been on imageboards since I was a teen and have pretty much have seen everything, so my tolerance threshold was pretty high. But this being a female space coupled with the female-specific neuroticism anons projected…..nonny, I was having nightmares about farmers stalking me and writing shit about me, all the shit things I hadn’t resolved within my self, like I was trapped here in the nightmare. And I stopped applying to shit despite being broke because I was so paranoid that a farmer was watching me and I’m a literal who. I was so paranoid it was insane.

Now? Boom boom boom, nonny. Paranoia and neuroticism completely extinguished. The way these things work is that they give me immunity instead of dragging me down.

No. 939838

File: 1634336623517.jpg (293.04 KB, 1000x667, Minimalist-Apartment-Tour15.jp…)

ok but the cat stuff in this pic is amazing, please replicate this irl nonnita

i already threw away so much stuff (sold almost all phyiscal books/games, sold entire manga collection, sold most of my merch, donated clothes/shoes/bags/stuffed animals). the problem is that i live in a dorm and have the bare minimum of furniture. i use my wardrobe as a storage unit so aside from clothes i also have like an inflatable mattress or an electric fan in there, but idk where else to put stuff like that since i hate having stuff out in the open. buying additional furniture is a waste of money since i will move out in two years anyways and i want to make the move as painless/unannoying as possible. (rn i still live in a dorm because the rent is dirt cheap so i can save more money for when i move out and get my first apartment) i'm still going to try and throw away more stuff, though, i just have to get over my fear that i will desperately need an inflatable mattress or something kek
>You don't have to throw out everything and own no more than what fits into one bag to benefit from minimalistic practices.
yeah, i'm trying the 'does this spark joy/is it a necessary item that i use almost daily?' approach for buying stuff. i don't want my room to look empty like picrel, but i feel like my room is just so incredibly cluttered and busy, even though i don't have any clutter. like just knowing i own so much stuff is ticking me off.

No. 939841

Maybe this is dramatic but I think my last period gave me some sort of PTSD it was so bad. I can feel my cramps starting up and I feel like I'm gonna have a panic attack.

No. 939844

Oh hell yeah anon, I'm already half way there

I don't think it's dramatic, I've had periods so bad I couldn't walk and have passed out, it's understandable that you'd be feeling such high stress. I hope this one isn't as bad anon. I usually take a naproxen and drink lots of warm water and use a heat bag and that helps a lot, trying to stay still helps as well. Try to distract yourself. And remind yourself that it's only going to hurt this bad on the first and maybe second day and after that you just have to deal with the mess.

No. 939849

File: 1634337326978.png (680.03 KB, 1059x794, 30a1qe9h84o2_1280.png)

I have a white father/ asian mother and it's always so weird reading people analyse this pairing online

No. 939856

True anon I remember me and my sister talking about our compulsions and my sister tried to alleviate hers with a rubber band but she said she actually enjoyed getting hit by the rubber band kek, we’re a family of weird masochists

No. 939857

My friend is/was supposedly splitting up with his LTR gf as they want different things. At first I was kind of glad bcus I have a slight crush on him and I’ve only realised this recently (probs bcus he doesn’t speak to me like a cumbrain but an actual human being) But now he’s really distant. The realisation that just because they aren’t together doesn’t mean he even likes me more than a friend is more crushing than when he had a gf and was off limits. I have no romantic interests in my life and I don’t want to use dating apps anymore so even moving on is hard. I’m so lonely and just want a hug.

No. 939858

I mostly see it in incel-related spaces, men are obsessed with being born from a marriage like that.

No. 939861

Elliot rodgers-chan

No. 939863

Asian father/white mother child here. I feel you, anon.

No. 939864

My abusive brother committed suicide last week and I’m so done with everyone involved. The stupid fucker hanged himself, my mother found him and my dad tried to resuscitate his stale cold ass for like 20 minutes. Everyone is crying and ass kissing like there is no tomorrow, people that are not even close to my family in any way are coming over DESTROYED over this scrote death. It’s been a week of none stop consoling other people who have nothing to do with us, me trying to manage my parents so they don’t fucking lose their shit, me having to listen to my other brother (I’m the youngest sibling) manic ramblings without punching him in the fucking face, the wife of my now stale cold ass dead brother is crumbling cause the insurance they have doesn’t cover suicides and the wife’s stupid family of Jehovah witnesses is blaming her for his death. I’m suffocating over all this bullshit and I still haven’t seen the half of it, nonas please I beg of you.

No. 939865

Can I date your father is he hot

No. 939870

He passed away last year.

No. 939877

What a fucking whirlwind. I feel so bad for you and his wife jesus. It's so bizarre and surreal when people will pretend someone who was shit wasn't shit after they're dead. I just know my family would act the same way if my brother had died, when they spend every day he's alive complaining about his existence. At least this is somewhat temporary for you?

No. 939884

>abusive brother dead

Congratulations for your passing, he needs to rest in fucking piss!!! Fuck your family too, they always have contorted explanations for why men do bad things, he was no broken soul now he’s broken bones!!! You better party and stop worrying about your family, they’re retarded and can’t even be bothered
> the wife’s stupid family of Jehovah witnesses is blaming her for his death
This made me laugh my ass off though

No. 939886

Thank you nonny, I feel for his wife too, he left 2 kids behind. Thankfully yes this is all temporary but god is it annoying and heavy. I hope you never have to go through something like this because of your brother.

No. 939889

You are right nonny I should be partying like a wild hog out there. Glad I made you laugh. <3

No. 939916

I keep psyching myself out about the gym tonight anxiety is a DUMB BITCH but jokes on her I already drank the preworkout NOW WE GOTTA GO. I’m about to feel it, man

No. 939919

File: 1634343635480.jpeg (51.76 KB, 960x648, 02CD028C-BA90-4278-B20A-3CDBBC…)


No. 939920

File: 1634343944667.jpg (200.54 KB, 1600x1182, depositphotos_287469194-stock-…)

I have to go on spiro for my pcos and I feel like irl Kikomi

No. 939931

I deserve it for playing the game I'm playing, but all the troon stuff is driving me nuts. There's this NPC you can kind of romance. This girl who likes to LARP, do nerdy shit, and acts in theater. Complains about no good roles for women. She gave me autism vibes (I myself have the tism.) I related to her a lot. Then later on in the game, she mentions that she "thinks she might be a dude?" And the only option is to congratulate her and ask about pronouns and names. Bitch go get screened for autism, OCD, or trauma… why isn't that a dialogue option. I actually had to shut the game off cuz she reminded me so much of myself (autisitic and detransitioned.) All this gender shit in the media is so fucking depressing lately. I feel like I woke up from a cult or from out of a bad dream, and all the well-meaning people around me who don't understand what it's really like are making it so much worse. Ugh

No. 939933

It hurts to see two really good friends of mine doing stuff together now and then and none seem to ever think about asking me if I would like to join. Feels like I don't really have any friends anymore after the pandemic.

No. 939937

File: 1634345115126.jpeg (75.37 KB, 750x1000, E5F7D184-92DF-4599-BBCA-EABBF8…)

Nooooo I forgot my gym’s hours changed and I had less than 15 minutes when I arrived. I played myself

No. 939938

I almost wish my mom physically abuses me instead just so people can stop looking at me like a retard when I explain how much she destroys me mentally

No. 939939

Did he leave a note or anything, why did he commit?

No. 939948

i'm so sorry nonna, this is the worst. i had a similar situation one time with the library - psyched myself up, picked out a nice, comfy outfit, packed my bag and a good lunch… and then i got there and the library was closed that day. i went to the park, ate my lunch on a bench like an hour after i had breakfast and then went home again kek my mom was so confused.

No. 939954

I have a fucking UTI, my first ever at 30. It's so alarming to see pink piss.

How the fuck am I supposed to sleep when I have this constant urgent need to pee? Like I'm programmed at this point to get up and pee, but there's no pee just pain.

Not only that, but there are no doctors open on the weekend and I start a new job on Monday and don't even know my hours but I'm pretty sure they fully overlap with the doctors hours.

Googling gives antibiotics as the only solution, ibuprofen eiher works fine or does damage and shouldn't be used according to Google. So what do I do?

No. 939958

He left an entire diary but only his wife got to read it. I think he off himself because he was lonely maybe. His wife told him to leave their home because he was threatening them with quitting his job and leaving the country to "never come back again" and he has 2 children, so she got very tired of it and told him to go back home. He lived with my parents for 8 months before offing himself.

No. 939960

Drink lots of water to flush it. Cranberry juice helps. Wear a sanitary towel to make you feel less paranoid about peeing yourself slightly (you won’t)

No. 939962

ugh sorry you're dealing with that. UTIs are scary. is there an urgent care in the area? cranberry juice helped mine

No. 939963

>pink piss
…are you sure it's a UTI? Anyway, get antibiotics (ibuprofen won't cure it) and wear a pad if you need to until then. Not sure what you can do until you're about to get antibiotics other than drink water. Idk where you live, but is there any service where you can consult with a doctor online?

No. 939964

It makes me so sad knowing that every man on this planet is a tainted sex-obsessed whore who doesn’t understand the intimacy and respect required for great relationships, it truly depresses me as a young woman knowing that every man is a filthy disgusting beast that can’t be saved, they are just inherently broken and I will never have a man that actually gives a shit about your existence

No. 939965

>pink piss

you’re definitely going to die, make funeral arrangements and gather your will because you are going to die soon and I feel so bad for you…

No. 939966

is this man bait? also, that worldview sounds exhausting

No. 939976

Eugh, I hope the wife is doing okay. God knows how many eyes are blaming her right now

No. 939980

It’s not I keep reading a bunch of stuff about men supporting sex work and a disgusting article where this woman was raped in public where there were bystanders and no one came to help her, yet men want to turn around and act like the protective sex when they perpetuate unusual suffering and pain everywhere they go. There is no such thing as a good man

No. 939983

I agree that men are sexual and violent by nature, often to an extreme degree, but I think they are beginning to appear more obsolete as civilization advances because their affinity for conquering women and themselves is becoming more of an ongoing problem than a solution. I genuinely believe that if there were no good men we would live in literal hell. It is pretty bad right now, but I think we've come a long way. I just simply cannot think that everyone has to submit to their base instincts unquestioningly, and that there's always a choice, even with the most bloodthirsty moid.

No. 939984

So what you’re saying is that they have pretty much fulfilled their only use and have created civilizations where they themselves would no longer be useful and that their instincts would actively work against them? So does that mean that the socialization they imposed on to females is one attempt of them trying to survive and get away with their barbaric and negligent behavior in civilized society?

No. 939990

That's definitely one way of looking at it. I think there are a substantial amount of people eagerly waiting for the torch to be passed to women after all these centuries and while I think there are a portion of men who have successfully adapted to the concept of female driven civilization, the vast majority of them seem unequipped to make the transition.

No. 939992

Are we living on the same planet?

No. 939993

I think so, we probably just have different perspectives.

No. 939995

No because you have to really think about what >>939990 is saying because to some degree it really is true. MRAs are still bitching about the transition of a “matriarchy” while arguably we still live in the ruins of a paternal world, the future will be marked by this decision: do we finally stop including men in the feminist conversation where we can transfer to the next step of liberation or do we continue this bullshit with men? The future is honestly waiting and so am I, this sounds very spergy but I’m just so fucking tired of men. I understand women like you who are very confused and live normal lives where you’re shielded from seeing this reality and are used to never orgasming, but I refuse to be like you, I am tired of this shit.

No. 940002

In what point of view are literally any men or even half of women “ready for a women lead society”???

No. 940004

I hope anon is either optimistic or lives in another dimension

No. 940006

I joined a zine for a fandom I'm fairly new to and I just wanted to make friends but I'm really regretting joining. A good number of the members are gender specials and everyone already knows each other so despite my attempts to get to know people I feel ignored. Plus there seems to be all this crazy drama in the fandom I had no idea about before joining.

No. 940007

Please find a way to see a doctor.

Pink pee indicates the infection had reached your kidneys and waiting any longer for antibiotics could result in serious consequences. UTIs are no joke.

No. 940010

Are we getting state-mandated orgasms in the matriarchy nonny? Ride your husbando to increase his score by 10 points?

No. 940012

Kek plss

No. 940040

I feel so alone like I’m unable to connect with anyone. The older I get the more I feel isolated and in my own head. I wish that I was able to connect with others normally. I feel like everyone has their own views of me that aren’t the truth and they refuse to see me or I’m unable to communicate my true self. I feel stressed every day and I can’t resolve the source of it. I can’t stop my intense body dysmorphia and sometimes I stare in the mirror for hours and I don’t know why. I’m a mess and am barely able to fake being a functional adult for my family and coworkers. I can’t tell if I want to spend my life with my long term boyfriend or not. Everything in my life seems fine from the outside and I shouldn’t have anything to complain about but I feel intensely broken.

No. 940042

I feel exactly the same

No. 940066

Get tested for adhd

No. 940068

Why do you think this is an adhd thing?

No. 940078

I hate how for a few seconds, everything is okay after I wake up but then the realisation of what I'm stressed about hits me. Shitty memories, regrets and stressful things that await me soon. For a few seconds I feel normal and okay but then remember and feel terrible again.

No. 940086

I have adhd and I feel like that too, is this truly an adhd thing?

No. 940090

File: 1634369273507.jpg (108.23 KB, 600x800, 1576666212687.jpg)

it feels like lately something is really wrong with me. my impulse control is basically gone and i've hurt the person i love so much because i can't control my emotions or actions anymore. i've also been experiencing some mild hallucinations particularly about bugs. it could be hearing loud buzzing in my ear, could be seeing a bug on me, or on the ground, or on the wall, feeling things crawlin on me, or seeing things in the corner of my eyes. bugs are a huge phobia so i suspect it's purposeful torture. i have very realistic dreams and apparently my rem cycle is fucked cuz i'll sleep for 15 minutes and have the most intense dreams i've ever had. my paranoia of being hurt by the people i love is getting worse too. like sometimes i'm genuinely convinced that they want to hurt me and are out to get me, and i'm scared of going out in public much since someone could kill me. i was warned by psychiatrists years ago after a lot of testing that there was a chance i'd develop some form of psychotic disorder in my early 20's i guess due to genetic history (my dad's side is entirely mentally ill batshit insane) and the symptoms i already had as a teenager. plsu a lot of childhood abuse catching up to me it's like i'm starting to remember things i had repressed for so long. it scares me that i might go absolutely insane it's making it worse. even physically i feel something is wrong, i get a lot of random pains, i can't eat much bc i have no appetite, i have very often tinnitus, i feel itchy all the time, my hair is falling out. but then i'm like oh i might be crazy it's not real. i'm losing my shit and i have no one to turn to about this no one ever takes me seriously and i pushed away some of my greatest friends due to all of this. i'm so empty

No. 940092

Get checked by a doctor ASAP nonny

No. 940094

Anon get your brain scanned. Like literally. Losing control over your impulses, emotions, and actions sounds like frontal lobe damage or degeneration of some kind. Getting random pains and tinnitus and losing your appetite is also not normal. I’m just working off of my second hand knowledge from my mother who worked with brain damage and Parkinson’s/altzimers people, but for example dementia patients have a lot of the same symptoms, including hallucinations.

No. 940099

oh ….fuck . definitely some of my symptoms line up with that kind of thing. even my speech has gotten weird, lots of stuttering and with other people, mishearing very obvious things. but i have no idea how i'd develop something like that at 20, i doubt it was physical truama like banging my head, and i have no family history of anything like that. i kinda thought it was just me going full schizo like my dad but now this is worrying i will talk to my doctor even tho i'm convinced doctors will not listen to me maybe they'll take potential brain damage seriosuly

No. 940104

Omg anon I’m going through something almost identical, even down to the bug thing. I feel like I wrote this in a psychotic state kek. I’m so sorry you’re going through it.It’s so scary

No. 940105

I'm sorry to be that person but consider the following: komaeda is like 17 and he has early onset dementia so why wouldn't you be the same? get checked

No. 940106

Early 20s is when these sort of things can reveal themselves and it might not have a specific cause. I know someone who had latent schizophrenia that got revealed through LSD and weed but it can also happen spontaneously. Please both get checked out nonnies, there might be good treatments and medication for you. I really hope you can get help, whatever this may be…

No. 940107

AYRT, It could also be a mix of the two or just a very intense or clinically abnormal case of schizophrenia. If you have such a strong family history of schizophrenia then I hate to say it but it’s a likely explanation for at least some of the stuff you’re experiencing. I knew a girl who’s dad was like yours, totally lost to schizophrenia. when she started showing symptoms at 17 she refused to get treated for it, I guess due to the feeling of “if I don’t acknowledge it, it’s not happening”. I’ll just say it didn’t work out well. Schizophrenia is often manageable with treatment, it’s very important you get started now while you still have the sense to. I wish you lots of luck.

No. 940109

>I’ll just say it didn’t work out well.
What happened to her?
>latent schizophrenia that got revealed through LSD and weed
Nta and I don't have schizophrenia or am at risk but something happened to me after a big bad trip that I feel like after that happened I'm just not the same. Not in the "dude weed" or "spiritual" sense but like, my eyes are different, my vision is different, my brain is a bit foggy like just a bit but I can function like normal. I'm not a weed smoker at all, I took a lot of weed edibles that time though

No. 940120

Seconding this question

No. 940123

I have shitty hearing, not in the sense that my ears don't work but I think my brain sometimes just refuses to decode muffled speech. Masks absolutely do not help my case, I have to ask someone to repeat someone to me on the daily, or people are trying to half-whisper a joke and I just nod and pretend I got any of that. I feel fucking retarded, but there's a limit on how much I feel comfortable asking people to repeat things clearer.

No. 940131

Thanks everyone for the UTI advice. I phoned my health insurance and indeed there's nobody I can see until Monday, no way to bypass seeing a doctor for antibiotics. Unless I develop a fever on top of the bloody piss, then I can go to the hospital. Can't believe I'd ever miss the NHS but at least they were more accessible.

No. 940134

Sounds asinine but maybe practice mindfulness. There's anticipating problems that may arise and ruminating over them. I used have what you're describing because I was in a shitty workplace, then did mindfulness and just sort of stayed in the present. If things got shitty, then they were shitty in that moment, and that moment will pass. When lying in your bed, where you are phsyically isn't shitty for you, you know? There's no need to place yourself mentally in a shitty place.

That said, I fell out of the habit and now seethe frequently over past and future slights.

No. 940146

Possibly APD (auditory processing disorder)? In a nutshell, the problem has to do with the auditory nerve and the pathway the sound travels, not the cochlea and hair cells. The auditory nerve could be misfiring or the sound could get lost in translation in one of the pathways. It's more or less your brain not comprehending what it heard. Masks are causing problems for people with APD. People can unfortunately be assholes when it comes to repeating what they said. You are not dumb.

No. 940153

It's possible, I never really talked to doctors about it, since it usually doesn't impact my life that badly, at least pre-mask regulations. People are usually not mean about repeating their words but I also avoid pushing it too far and just write down my losses. But I have one really soft spoken girl I have to work with sometimes and holy hell is it bad, I need to get all up in her face to understand anything she has to say.

No. 940161

File: 1634382820173.jpeg (234.99 KB, 750x384, CD98CE3D-2A4A-44F8-8500-16EDA4…)

I had a vivid dream where there was a terrorist attack inside a mysterious garage and I saw a bunch of people getting shot and dropping like flies and this one military dude who ignited some kind of bomb that was strapped to his chest and he caught on fire and let out a blood-curdling scream that was so vivid. Why do I keep having dreams about mass shootings or people getting killed?

No. 940163

Where I live, listening in on other people's apartments on purpose is a crime. If you didn't get rid of the threat note yet, I'd maybe use it to file a restraining order or something similar, it's very incriminating to whoever wrote it. It's worded like blackmail.

I know a lot of people are taught to be polite growing up and to just keep their head down, but your home is your one safe haven, and intruding on that is really crossing the line.

No. 940168

I used to meditate and it helped a bit but lately I just can't seem 5o do anything about it.
Not to be dramatic but I feel like I'm on a verge of a breakdown these few weeks so I'm looking forward to it happening and passing and feeling a bit better afterwards. Now meditation just makes me feel frustrated.

No. 940171

No. 940190

No matter how much people I talk to or attempt to care about “real issues”, I just will never truly understand or be apart of society. I feel like an incomplete human and there’s something that is defying my need to care about other people because I just can’t, I will never be a person accepted or seen by society, I will always feel like I never belong here on this planet and that’s probably because I’m not an entire human in the first place. I don’t care what atheists or non-believers think I am not human, I am not a real person, I belong in hell.

No. 940191

I'm utterly afraid of becoming a narc like my parents

No. 940229

It's very disheartening and upsetting and a little disturbing to watch my country fall into complete insanity. Maybe it sounds naive but when I was younger I really thought that, even though my country wasn't perfect of course, it was an overall great place to live and most people would consider themselves lucky to live here. Lmao how times change. The sad truth is that more people are spineless cowards than I expected - they would literally hurl themselves off a cliff one by one if the news told them to do it. If I had one wish I probably wouldn't return here for as long as I live. I mean who the actual fuck would

No. 940230

File: 1634393303497.jpg (61.76 KB, 492x438, annoyed cat.jpg)

The second I woke up I did about 3 hours and 45 minutes of cleaning. I was able to make 1 room look clean, but also ended up moving a lot of the clutter to a different room, so I'll have to clean that too. I'm currently taking a 2 hour and 30-minute break after cleaning that first room and I'll start working again in around 10 minutes, but I really dread it

No. 940263

>post an image from 2017
>caption is about how depression killed my drive to put effort into my looks
>every single reply/message is about how hot I looked etc

I didn't expect anything but sure as shit not this. It's not even from bots but actual people from my town or that know me from somewhere wtf

No. 940269

This is about to be me + putting up Halloween decorations and buying candy so my house doesn't get egged.

No. 940270

People still egg houses?
I never see kids trick or treat anymore around my area

No. 940273

Do you guys know what its like living with selfish, evil people who are blind to how much they mistreat you? Have a patronising conversation with you to "smooth things over" and "fix" your "surface level issues" with unrealistic solutions? And if you're still unsatisfied after the issues were ""fixed"" (they werent) then you're just the dramatic, crazy one?

No. 940279


No. 940287

File: 1634398501046.jpeg (22.75 KB, 225x225, E20100CD-56EE-4372-8E53-0ACCED…)

7 years ago TODAY I was bailing myself and a shot head boyfriend out of jail. I spent so much money to take him to his favorite band -on his birthday- VIP, front row, king suite at the hotel.
Next day we were driving home and got pulled over. We were smoking a J like dumbasses, so naturally they search the car.
This dumb fuck had cocaine on him (I never used, and he had a cold and COULDNT FUCKING USE IT) and he had a scale that HE FORGOT HE HAD ,
I’m trying my best to be nice and warm with the officers and he’s being a dick. 3 felony charges later, processing and sitting in the jail for the first time, I use all my savings left to bail us out. It’s 3 am and we are finally getting home and he decided to go on about how it’s my fault and he couldn’t believe I was flirting with the Sheriff charging us.
Fuck him.
We obviously broke up not much after.

Fast forward to now, and I saw a photo of him. Finally, his ugly, terrible soul and insides matches the outsides. He’s balding and drug abuse as not been kind.
Whew, lord mercy what a bullet dodged.

No. 940288

Samefag I wish I had my mugshot lol but it’s been to long and my charges were completely dropped, but not his.

No. 940292

He didn't deserve you anon, what a dumbfuck. I'm glad you got out of there before he dragged you down with him. Scrotes are ungrateful sadsacks I s2g. I had an ex who I was super nice and generous to like this as well, and all it got me was ingratitude and him battering me on a holiday which he blamed me for. Never again.

No. 940304

You can't search anything on google now without safesearch cucking you. I would say that's good for stopping kids stumbling upon messed up shit but trashy porn sites are still searchable.

No. 940332


No. 940345

I started a new job about a month ago and already have to leave. I ended up working with an old ex of mine but it's been nearly two years. It did not end well, yet we talked it out a year after the fact. I guess he couldn't still let it go though since I was consistently sexually harassed at work when no one was around. He helicoptered near any other employees who might talk to me, acting kind and friendly otherwise. It helped the first few days since I was new, but the second others were out of earshot, he would give me gross compliments, talk about how he knew we would end up together and how I still want to fuck him, how he would impregnate me, while conspiring to trick a lesbian coworker out of a relationship by being a 'friend' in order to fuck her too. Would corner me during breaks or types of activities where we're spread out. He said I owed him my time, that I need to unblock him so we can talk more, to meet up alone outside of work and I refused, told him to back off I don't know how many times in so many ways. There's such a huge list of things he said specifically about not just me that were so gross I physically couldn't stomach being around that.

I started getting so anxious before work I'd get sick and call off. Couldn't handle my performance being low so I contacted corporate, filed an extensive HR complaint with all the evidence available with dates etc. An investigation was launched but of course he said 100% of it didn't happen and they told me to "be a professional" and basically deal with it. I'm qualified to work other departments, including those at other facilities owned by the same company, and they said no. So I still get to sit 2 feet away from this asshole.

Now get this – legally we cannot disclose any of this to other coworkers. Retaliation is unacceptable and so is another instance of him harassing me. I wasn't allowed to work during their "investigation" while he got to stay, so guess who told everyone everything by the time I got back? So my last day at work this week, 90% of them did not speak to me whatsoever. He also started a month before I did so he managed to charm them when he heard I was joining, he even told me he made sure to fill them in. So this fool has been lying on my character before I had a chance and now it's even worse. I look stupid, feel more uncomfortable, and can't say shit.

No. 940353

Anons who invaded the AliExpress thread from the things we hate thread are annoying. They want to be saviors so bad. Keep preaching to some lolcows, it will totally work.

No. 940355

File: 1634406442056.png (20 KB, 128x128, 4502-ps-retard.png)

>anons defending the twitch streamer who attended some brothel

No. 940357

What thread?

No. 940360

Imagine being salty because someone doesn't like AliExpress of all things kek.

No. 940364

Wow you were really bovvered enough by people pointing out buying crap is harmful that you went to another thread to whine about it. Sad!

Maybe the reason ypu're so bovvered and don't just ignore the posts ypu don't like is because you know you're being retarded and immature.

No. 940367

Wait wait, so you guys couldn't talk about the investigation, yet he did? I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, I wish you could get some kind of revenge. Will you be under an NDA after leaving? Otherwise, if i was in your shoes, I'd start a smear campaign ngl

No. 940368

Yes, let’s go with name calling. Very mature cow brains. I’m not offended it’s just the preaching shit people know. Congratulations if you care so much about the environment go save the turtles or pick up trash. I recycle.

No. 940371

File: 1634407037055.jpeg (88.35 KB, 1080x476, 07BC2613-54EF-4586-A0FB-2E70AF…)

Do you think he could be fixed?

No. 940374

I used to like Hasan but he's just like other leftie men, retarded when it comes to women's issues and only concerned about trannies and getting his peepee wet.

No. 940375

Fixed as in castration? A bit of an overkill, but I don't see why not

No. 940379

he already metaphorically has no balls, that'd just make it literal.

No. 940384

Even as a woman you must admit sex is all we’re good for.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 940388

You are either a cringe nihilist or a scrote. Actually that's what a cockhungry tranny would say too.

No. 940391

This fuels me with rage
But then I remember the guy I'm having casual sex with is also a twich streamer who visited a brothel

No. 940393

I don't even think a really misogynist man beleives that.

No. 940395

I'm glad you got out of there

No. 940397

nobody has awnsered my question

No. 940398

No. 940400

Don't group me up with you

No. 940405

File: 1634408260274.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, 1606159040413.gif)

kys deformed y-chromosome

No. 940411

So after a week of not answering her calls because I was in avoidance mode, my mother came to my apartment and we had an uncomfortable chat. She says she doesn't understand why I routinely disappear and says she has a feeling I'm only using her when it's convenient for me. I told her that avoidance is like an addiction and I'm aware of all the things that I should do (be more social, be more organized, not disappear etc.) I just can't make myself do these things. She says this is just a question of self-discipline and these are things that can be learned

No. 940416

Kek where is this gif from?

No. 940417

I love how this gif is supposed to be "u_usad" for trannies but it's just hilarious for me

No. 940419

idk but I think it was a Dhar-man-type channel. They tried to make a vid that was 'against transphobia'

No. 940423

people like you who group women toghether into a whore-only category piss me off
belive it or not, besides the stupid onlyfans-havers on twitter, real women do other stuff besides have sex.

No. 940425

You're the same anon telling the lesbian thread to go try some cock arent you? lol

No. 940426

I'm so fucking busy with classes and a half time job, I hate that when I finally have money to buy stuff I don't have time to use them

No. 940428

I really, really wish boomers and similar age branches would understand that job hunting isn't as easy anymore as just visiting the place and asking or just writing two sentences in your application.

No. 940429

this cumbrained idiot triggers me way more than he should. I guess everything that's not compatible with the blind pursuit of hedonism at all costs is "nofap energy"
kill yourself

No. 940431

use what?

No. 940434

use it*
my money, when I finally have money I have no time to enjoy it

No. 940436

I wonder if he takes offense on other coomers having enough self awareness to realise they have a problem

No. 940437

Yuck, i hope that’s only temporary. Hoping you get good grades so you can become a rich queen with short hours and a big comfy house to loaf about in.

No. 940439

Thanks, nona!! I hope the same for you, may someday we never worry about money ever again

No. 940440

He told me someone will love me. My body and mind are broken and someone will love me regardless. Why do people lie so much. There won't ever be anyone who loves me. How can someone love this.

No. 940445

I love you anon

No. 940447

Anon I bet you are very lovable, you just can't see it yourself. Like a butterfly that can't see its own pattern on the back

No. 940448

I could be normal if I tried, I'm just too lazy

No. 940453

File: 1634410545988.jpeg (46.8 KB, 627x138, 5B58AE15-A223-4688-96E1-113C8E…)

Even as a tranny you must admit that grabbing that rope and finally relieving yourself of your necro sex fetish is the only thing you’re good for. Go shove down your heart-stopping horsepiss pills and rot in loneliness, bastard.

No. 940477

No. 940487

File: 1634413207247.jpg (12.81 KB, 300x186, 300px-Here's_Johnny_2.jpg)

I was just chilling, and then suddenly I just remembered when my dad once decided to play on "prank" on me by coming into the house with a chainsaw and saying stuff like "I'm tired of this family" or "Why couldn't you be good?" I just remember feeling numb and repeating "I'm sorry" and "I love you." I pissed my pants.

Then my mom came in and made him stop. Straight up thought they were going to get divorced after that for a quick min—good dad, but Jesus Christ, the audacity of some men.

No. 940489

Kek I can't lie this is funny

No. 940494

It would be kind of funny to do that if your kids were obsessed with serial killers and such.
That would definitely make them stop being into that.

No. 940495

My dad tried something similar to me but he was for real. lol. I'm so tired of these subhuman creatures…

No. 940500

lol, it is kind of funny from an outside perspective. It was a running joke between my brother and me that our dad seemed a little "family annihilator" -ish so little 10-year-old me believed it 100%.

At that age I was a creepypasta fan– it didn't make me stop liking it though lol

No. 940503

I am so sorry you had to experience that. That feeling is terrifying; I can't imagine how scary it must have been, being real. I'm glad you're still here. Are you okay now?

No. 940504

File: 1634414174391.png (4.64 KB, 196x196, bunny.png)

>the tranny can't even pass as a woman online

No. 940505

Not funny at all, since there are men who actually kill their families. So sorry you had to deal with his shit.

No. 940506

Kek the absolute dual reality of anon, are you sure the person you’re fucking isn’t Hasan?

No. 940528

>indulging in high calorie foods because I’m in a lot of pain
>in a lot of pain so I haven’t been able to exercise for over a week now
>rinse and repeat, feel fucking terrible overall

I’m not binge eating or going crazy but I feel like I’m on a downward spiral, and I know my dumb ass will risk over exerting myself and reinjuring myself or injuring a new body part when I can exercise again. UGHH

No. 940535

I keep thinking back to the time I bumped my head on brick stairs when I was 4 and wonder if maybe that's why I act so retarded. Apparently the injury must've not been that serious? since my mom didn't take me to a hospital or anything but I was bawling my eyes out and did get a lump on my head that eventually went away and my mom was extremely angry at me, there's been a lot of times she got super angry and I never figured out why but this incident stood out to me for some reason. She did give me a cloth with ice in it though.

No. 940541

I've been with my boyfriend 9 years and last night was the first time he ever had trouble finishing and keeping an erection and I am spiralling kek. He said he was tired but I still feel like something is off but that's selfish I feel

No. 940542

File: 1634416508405.jpg (34.67 KB, 474x502, TZ5YBL0.jpg)

This is pretty dumb, but I used to soft follow a guy on Twitter, he was the first person that began to open my eyes about the situation of the porn industry, or the downsides of the consumption of porn as a whole tbh. I began to be more careful with my consumption of porn with his advice. But some days ago he has been posting stuff that sound more like the sayings of a /pol/tard incel.

Firstly, someone linked him to an article about how muscular abdomens in women are becoming the new boob cleavages. It was a really dumb article, clearly made by some guy just begging for girls to like him, but the guy I am following began to retweet posts about how muscular women are gross and awful, even taking photos of a girl with just a semi-defined torso and calling her fridge shaped, ugly and a bad example for women. At the end he posted a really weird black and white gif of women in some form of cage thing were they were getting kneaded by some metal tubes (?), I highly doubt that getting rolled like a piece of dough is a very effective work out, but he believed that it was the correct work out for women, The gif was filmed kinda coomerish tho. There even was someone on the replies who began to talk about how women getting more muscular was a secret conspiracy of the jewish and the reason why men are becoming asian girl chasers is because asian girls are actually femenine. I had to turn off my phone after that.

Eventually I came back and the disscusion morfed into something about the age of consent. And he was trying to push the idea that it's normal to feel attracted to girls that are 16-18 years.
>Your grandfather probably married your grandmother when they were 25 and 17, you guys are just libtards!!!
Now even girls were posting about how their mothers and grandmothers were married before they were 17 and how happy they were with their 20 or 30 something husbands. When people got mad about those comments, he began to say that lesbian or gay relationships are more immoral than those relationships because history always had men married to young girl but homosexuality is something semi-recent.

I stopped reading, I know that some anons might make fun of me because there should be at least some redflags about this guy before, but his advice about how to stop with porn was something that really helped me, and I wanted to believe that he was a good guy. Now I feel so nasty by the way he and all of the replies were talking about women's bodies and other things. The whole discussion was a huge /pol/tard magnet I don't want to go back to it.

Feel free to make fun of me tho, I kinda deserve it for thinking that this wouldn't happen.

No. 940546

>little anime girl picture
>got her information about the porn-industry from a man on twitter
>surprised that they’re all self-aware coomers who think they have the permission to discuss what a woman should look like while they’re probably 19 and already experiencing premature balding

this is a lot to unpack, no one told you to make a picnic for us anon. you can simply find lots of better anti-porn advocates who are women especially specific radfems

No. 940553

Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry.
I'll try to find them now that I already know, I just want to leave porn altogether if it harms other women, that's all I really wanted.

No. 940554

damn I wish i could tell him about my grandfather, who was more based and successful than these terminally online losers will ever be, and married my grandma at 28. men like him are simply coping and seething because women their (or any) age don't want them

No. 940563

He caught the gay

No. 940580

No. 940585

learn the programming skills you need to run this place. I believe in you nonny

No. 940615

File: 1634420569379.jpg (49.88 KB, 800x533, 0ViUGukqqX4A6dHkVOUypD_micr.jp…)

Every time I try to show an european movie to my friend/family member that isn't a dumb comedy they fall asleep after like 20 minutes because "there's not enough action", and it's not just with young people with short attention span, but also with boomers. I wish I had someone irl I could watch movies with and talk about them. I don't know if my taste is that boring or if the people I know just can't appreciate something else than super mainstream cinema, fuggggg I feel boring and stupid
>mfw I tried to watch The Hunt with my aunt and she fell asleep

No. 940616

File: 1634420606018.jpg (73.88 KB, 570x761, 6df1818581064882736ce86dadc782…)

>watch tv with dad and little bro
>segment about surf in Australia
>huge zooms on female surfers ass and boobs
>i say it's unfair female surfer are sexualized whereas male surfers have normal interviews
>dad says "b-BUt It'S bCuZ wOmN aRe BeAuTiFuL!1!1
>i say that there are beautiful men too so why aren't they sexualized
>"AKcHuAlLy mEn ArE uGlY"
>"well you're saying that because you're a straight man obvs. But it's a pain growing up seeing my sex constantly sexualized on media"
>tries to laugh over me
>brother says real feminists should stop wanting to overpower men and preach sex equality instead

Can't wait for my job to start and move out, I fucking hate it here and wish scrote genocide

No. 940623

I have crippling depression and anxiety. I'm too poor to go to a psychiatrist and get therapy. I try to do the regular self-help methods (good diet, exercise, gratitude journalling, setting goals) but it doesn't improve. At night I am in so much pain, I'm crying and turning around until 4 am when my exhaustion lets me sleep for some time. I have this literal heartache, a pain in my chest that doesn't go away, I sometimes feel like I'm suffocating. Isolation made everything worse, I've never experienced mental illness this physically before. I don't think I can keep living like this. I don't know what to do, I want to off myself to relieve this pain.

No. 940627

My fam falls asleep during movies too. Even if I pick some family fun time garbage like marvel they'll check their phones and ask me questions about the movie which they'd know if they didn't check their phones. Serious, thought-provoking movies are off the table of course.

No. 940628

>Every time I try to show an european movie to my friend/family member that isn't a dumb comedy they fall asleep after like 20 minutes because "there's not enough action"
Are you guys American? Cause that's the stereotype of them in Europe. 'Amerifats cannot watch a movie unless it has shit blowing up every second and funny talking animals making retarded jokes'. Never believed it since there are some good thoughtful american films from time to time, funny if there is some truth in the stereotype though

No. 940632

Thank you for your concern, that's very sweet. He just had extreme issues and it was just me and my mom to let his frustrations out on. He ended up leaving us once my mom got sick so we're estranged.

No. 940637

Damn 9 years how the hell do people last that long

No. 940639

Talking animals? Are there usually talking animals in adult movies?

No. 940646

Plenty of 4chan scrotes talk about how porn is unhealthy and that they quit or whatever, "anti-porn" isn't always a great sign. They usually only care about how it affects their limp dicks though and not the raped, trafficked or drugged up women.

No. 940647

File: 1634437320979.gif (3.3 MB, 435x498, mads-mikkelsen-xavier-dolan.gi…)

That sucks nonny. my aunt dissapointed me like double time because she's secretely very horny and I thought that even if she find the movie boring mads would keep her cum brain awake but even that didn't work. she also said he looks romani not scandinavian
I'm not american but I assume it's even worse over there

No. 940660

Why are so many American men in their late twenties bad at grooming themselves? They'll just let their scalps get so bad you see dandruff flakes on their shoulders or blatantly do gross things in front of company.

No. 940668

because women are desperate for men and male attention, why would men put effort into themselves when they could just… not … and still have women compete for them.

No. 940672

Nta but yes… ever since the beginning of animation this has been the case.

No. 940677

Because they were taught that rubbing lotion on themselves is “gay”. Hygiene matters but clearly they don’t

No. 940682

File: 1634441391916.jpg (27.94 KB, 720x592, 197091322_330920141765839_6329…)

Not sure where to post this
It's so hard being neurodivergent
I have ADHD and don't take any meds, I live like picrel literally everyday
I just can't get shit done for some reason, I daydream all day, don't know what to do anymore
Does anyone have any tips on how to get out of this numb state and get my shit together?

No. 940683

Literally the first recognized adult animated movie was Fritz the Cat

No. 940689

>I have ADHD and don't take any meds, I live like picrel literally everyday
Literally fucking me too

No. 940690

>I just can't get shit done for some reason, I daydream all day, don't know what to do anymore
I don't think I have adhd, but same.

No. 940697

IG shops/sellers, who are not in Japan, nor are Japanese, nor are they selling anything even remotely Japanese in origin or inspiration… using exclusively Japanese language tags to flog their wares. What does a black winged PVC crystal-topped wand with a witchy item name have to do with kawaii??

No. 940698

File: 1634443379004.png (158.7 KB, 354x480, imagen_2021-10-16_230254.png)

My brother hates me, he's a mysogynistic stupid piece of shit that has been abusive towards me since forever. Fuck that guy honestly. I hate living with him, but I can't move out yet out of my mother's house because no job. And she enables him. And she sides with him. I love my room, I re-decorated it and made it all pretty so I could be more comfy with the fact I almost always am inside my room because I run from him whenever he comes out of his. I can't be in the same room as his so I always hide and there's very little places to hide in this house so I just go outside to the patio even if it's cold or raining. I haven't seen him over 5 years even if I live here too, because I run when I hear him coming near. And no he never checks out if I'm outside either, the fat fuck never cares. Also the only instance we have ever interacted with each other in the span of 6 years was when he followed me around the house stomping his feet and yelling and I had to sleep somewhere else that day because he would not calm down and my mom just let him be.

Either way today I was eating some chicken as fast as I could in the kitchen and then I hear him coming so I forgot to close the fridge door. I was eating with the fridge door open and just standing there because I was like "better do this quick" but then he came out and I could not close it in time. Well I went to the patio and then I hear him cussing and closing the fridge door very violently and he left me a written note in all caps saying how ungrateful I am and how I'm the cause the electricity bill is so high. I dunno. I'm tired of living like this you know? My house feels like a prision and it has felt like this since I was 13 years old. It adds insult to injury how my mom infantilizes me. My room feels more like a cage to me than anything else.

No. 940702

Even though I was never diagnosed via brain scans, I think I do, anon, since my attention is really scattered even when I feel motivated and try to focus
But I do think I have some addiction to daydreaming on top of that

No. 940733

I was thinking how my libfem exfriend told me I was infantiziling her because I said watching porn is bad and then I remembered: she fucking likes kpop lmao she loves bts. Literal infantilized korean men. Shes nuts

No. 940747

Maybe it's not your opinions but that you were lecturing her/appearing judgmental. I am only guessing this because I made that mistake with someone.

No. 940749

>watching porn is bad
Jesus christ, probably the tone you gave that in and the fact that you completely disregard that women do enjoy sex too and it's not always for the male gaze to enjoy sex with one. Also Kpop isn't infantalization culture.

Thinking your friend is better off without you.

No. 940750

I think so too. Idk, I often overlook how when I talk I can seem like I'm explaining things too much. It makes sense in my adhd brain but then I remember normal people don't talk like that and don't want to hear you explain things either.

No. 940752

Is this bait? It must be. You can't be this retarded anon.

No. 940754

File: 1634449613252.png (Spoiler Image, 107.03 KB, 225x225, imagen_2021-10-17_004649.png)

I wish I had the patience to explain to you why you are wrong, but I just don't. Women can enjoy sex without literally watching trafficked women being raped. Also
>kpop isn't infantantilization culture

No. 940755

Photobooth stamps are considered for children?

Not all porn is trafficked women. Wtf.

No. 940756

More like I'm better off without retards like you who think that shit is okay KEK did this touch a sensitive fiber on you anon?

No. 940757

You can be critical of pornography and still enjoy sex, those are not mutually exclusive things.

No. 940758

I've never been diagnosed with ADHD but same. It's hard for me to be present

No. 940759

To be honest, your initial post's attitude gives off red flags but I don't support porn either and dislike kpop. It just sounds like you show a lot of judgment toward others but I'm sure she wasn't perfect either.

No. 940760

Tell me you’re keeping as a woman but you’re actually a scrote

No. 940761

File: 1634450010662.png (86.7 KB, 307x324, imagen_2021-10-17_005311.png)

How do you know amateur porn is not made out of trafficked women anon? How do you know, really?
Also yes, phtobooth stamps that make grown men look like children is infantilization. They're grown men and are treated by their fans as "omg so smol uwu".

No. 940762

Nta but this infantilization shit is a non-issue compared to the problems with porn, who cares if a girl likes kpop it's cringe and the industry has problems but liking kpop is not a crime.

No. 940763

They don't look like children, not even close with all the implants in their faces to add jawbones and botox to smooth out even normal labials folds children have.

And you can get porn that isn't trafficked.

No. 940764

Well that's good insight. Thanks anon I'll be more careful about talking to people from now on.

No. 940766

Np, I'm glad to be of some help since I wish I could've told myself the same thing earlier. Using this site a lot doesn't help sometimes with the judgment thing myself, kek.

No. 940767

>you can get porn that isn't trafficked.
And how do you truly know they aren't trafficked, anon? How do you know they don't hit them behind the scenes? How do you know they don't rape them? How do you know they don't make them do things they don't want?
Kpop men usually act like children. Have you forgoten aegyo? Liking kpop is whatever to me, but you can't say they aren't infantilized. Use your brain.

No. 940774

This shit is why kpop is banned on LC, you guys are literally unhinged. Take your meds

No. 940775

This is why we need the kpop critical and xx threads back. So people like you can actually read and do their research on these topics. And stop using recycled opinions from twitter.

No. 940776

I'm not the anon that likes kpop though. I'm critizing it.

No. 940780

Kpop isn't infantilized marketing. You sound fucking retarded.

No. 940784

No u

But if you are willing to change your opinion, here. Read this.

Imagine thinking this grown man acting like a literal child is okay lmao. Fuck kpop and fuck anyone who thinks this shit is okay. I'm out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 940787

Wait what

No. 940794

I keep obsessing over death lately and it's driving me nuts. I can normally keep it together during the day, but then at night when I'm trying to sleep I'm plagued by the thought of my organs shutting down and the universe collapsing into nothingness. Sometimes, even looking at my boyfriend is enough to make me cry because I don't want to have to bury him one day. I've gotten used to distancing myself emotionally from everyone so it hurts less when they're gone. It was easier when I was an edgy teenager who hated everyone, but now that I'm older I can't avoid forming attachments that I know are just going to hurt me. I don't know if I should start meditating or get some fucking therapy or what because this shit is wrecking my life.

No. 940805

I think I have the same. Like, I hear perfectly what people say but sometimes I don't understand it. Also it happened to me many times that I heard some people speaking in what sounded like English then some seconds later I realized that it was actually my mother tongue (which couldn't be further away from my mother tongue), it just took my brain to reinterpret the sounds I heard

No. 940806

Also, sometimes by the time I ask people to repeat what they said, I replayed the words in my mind and already figured out what they meant

No. 940808

I meant my mother tongue couldn't be further away from English, sorry

No. 940811

So fucking sick of living in the middle of nowhere with my parents for my job, but my career just started and I can't afford to quit and move on for another year at least.

No. 940847

I wish I wasn't so shy, but everyone I open up to always leaves me or distance gets created between us because I think I'm ccold.i went to a therapist once to try and fix my trust issues but she ended up blabbing about my issues to this catty bitch and ngl it set me back in healing.

No. 940876

I'm kind of in a similar situation but a friend asked me I wanted to be her housemate and she's very close to my work place. I'm hesitating because of several reasons though.

No. 940878

pickmeisha or scrote larping?

No. 940926

i have a personal cow that ive been having a parasocial relationship with because i really wanted to be her friend when i first found her and we were almost friends but my mental health said no and when i found her again i didn't reveal my identity at first and noticed how unhinged she actually is, she has a self insert mary sue oc persona that really annoys me ,I've been watching her from the distance and leaving weird comments on her stories instead, recently she hopped on the wholesome cute trend and pretended that the hentai things she drew were never a thing and she became even more unhinged and she started taking offense to my offhand comments. we argued a little and she blocked me today, after six years of parasocial activity she finally blocked me, end of an era.

No. 940930

>gets ignored/doesn’t get attention
>brain skips all logical conclusions and the only solution is to kill myself

why am I like this? why can’t I be content with being invisible

No. 940940

i’ve started maladaptive daydreaming again. it’s nice to escape from real life, my life is stressful and scary right now.
i stopped maladaptive daydreaming a while back because i felt like my life was just passing by, and i wanted to be more productive and actually do something instead of just living in my head.
i used to daydream constantly as a kid, i think that might be why i can’t remember much of my childhood.

No. 940946

My brain also skips straight to suicide when I experience minor setbacks. I don't know why it does that so I just try and laugh at how melodramatic it is now as a cope. I can't speak about the attention thing because I'm the opposite where I crave solitude but when my brain goes straight to suicide over something silly it actually kinda helps me to put it into perspective by mocking this behaviour as if it's another person who's hijacked my brain.

No. 940948

I’m about 90% sure my fiancé is cheating on me. So that’s cool, I guess.

No. 940950

Then just break up, dummy

No. 940962

File: 1634474484790.png (151.34 KB, 370x368, 1592337476774.png)

Imagine flirting with someone 24/7 for six months and then ghosting that person when they get feelings, and then having the audacity to complain that people only like you for your looks and that's why you push people away.

No. 940967

wire his car and house, stalk his ass and get all the proofs . Then broke up with him but don't reveal the proofs you have as first thing: let him try to gaslight you when you confront him . You will see the real shit he is. I send you hugs

No. 940970

I've never stopped my maladaptive daydreaming but a few months ago I met a guy that I liked.. nothing ever came of it but he became my main character in my daydreaming. It created a dramatic shift and I stopped imaging my old characters. I'm trying to get myself back to those made up characters again because daydreaming about this real guy makes me feel like a weirdo.

Maladaptive daydreaming all day every day… fine.. doing it about a guy I know irl.. yeah that's my limit lol

No. 941016

I'm sorry anon, at least if it turns out to be true you didn't marry him yet. Why do you suspect it?

No. 941051

is it even maladaptive daydreaming if you can just stop on your own command. I feel like the internet has suddenly discovered ~maladaptive daydreaming~ and now everyone who likes to daydream or disassociate a little claims to have it

No. 941069

fuck off. i worked hard to stop, it wasnt “on my own command”

No. 941076

I just never cared about lesbians or bisexuals or their wellbeing they function about the same as a self-serving scrote but with some decency. Straight women will never be your bbygurls~, they don’t need to be protected like little children, and they and other gay women don’t owe you sex or attention. They harbor the same cynical attitudes and sexual frustration towards women as much as incels and the butch ones love to larp as aggressive aidens and contain the same amount of arrogance as a fujofag who thinks she’s god’s greatest gift for liking gay ships. Natural or unnatural doesn’t equal good or bad, all sexualities have neutral footing, fuck off.

No. 941078

lmao someone got rejected by a lesbian i see

No. 941084

It's called bait

No. 941085

I’m heterosexual and would never fuck a lesbian no matter how disappointed I am with scrotes, I can simply just not acknowledge their existence and move on. Lesbians aren’t superior for not wanting penetration (while they also brag about using strap-ons) and straight women aren’t delusional for wanting intercourse. Sex is already a disgusting act.

No. 941086

ummm okay congrats?

No. 941087

File: 1634480373303.png (113.97 KB, 1198x640, imagen_2021-10-17_091920.png)

Did you get tired of posting on the celebricows thread?

No. 941090

File: 1634480423494.jpeg (33.89 KB, 800x450, BA4E79F3-7FA9-4ED7-903E-0AC466…)

No. 941093

File: 1634480495276.jpg (91.53 KB, 540x540, 1614382499930.jpg)

>husband never takes me out on a date unprompted anymore unless I beg
>beg him to go with me to the local fair since we're both vaccinated
>haven't been to the fair in years and I'm super nostalgic
>he gives me such a hard time but finally caves
>return the date night by buying us cinematic movie theater tickets to a movie he really wanted to see next week + beer and a meal costing me $90
>he's super excited cause I did it unprompted and it's a great surprise and I was being fucking thoughtful
>day of the fair comes
>says he's only bringing $50
>it isn't enough to do anything
>I tell him how that's not really enough
>he bitches me out and gives me grief about what I could possibly spend at the fair
>tell him fine and that I'll bring my own money and take myself on the date even though I just spent a lot of money for one of our dates
>now he's acting snarky at me because he knows he's got a guilty conscience

Men are cheap fucks and they ALL end up like this. He would have never pulled this shit back when we first were dating, I guess he doesn't feel he needs to pull any effort anymore. Can't even stretch to spend more than $50 on me after I spend nearly $100 on us. Fucking. Asshole.

No. 941094

I'm going to start compiling your posts from now on. Any other anon has screenshots of this homobophe?

No. 941096

ewwww i’m sorry anon. he sounds like such a chode.

No. 941098

File: 1634480745740.jpeg (42.55 KB, 680x680, 96E8CEAA-05C0-4160-8131-6686CF…)

You’re gonna make some fan art of me? Aw, thanks

No. 941100

You're welcomed homophobe-chan

No. 941104

Forgot to mention I technically already bought the advance admission tickets which was $30. So I'm literally just asking him to bring money so we can try out some different foods and go on the 'big ticket' fair rides that are usually $15/per.

He is being a chode, if he gives me any more shit I'm going to yell at him for being fucking mean to me.

No. 941105

kinda ot but I was wondering why you'd ever need more than 50 for a fair, it's 15 per ride?! holy fuck

No. 941115

File: 1634481900487.jpg (18.49 KB, 275x206, 1575244876216.jpg)

delusional bitch. Tell us about that time lesbian stacy rejected you, get it out of your system once and for all instead of shitting up all threads with your sperging.

No. 941116

I got drunk, fell and scratched myself quite a lot and also nicked my front tooth a little bit. This is my wake up call to get sober. I'm not drinking again for a long time if ever.

No. 941119

15 per ride?! Sweet jesus, what happened to buying a bracelet for 20 bucks and riding every ride all day?!

No. 941121

I'm thinking why not go to an amusementpark for the price of 2-3 rides per person and have unlimited access to all the rollercoasters and other rides for a full day.

No. 941122

>I’m a heterosexual
I smell angry tranny.

No. 941124

File: 1634482907457.jpg (17.38 KB, 418x418, 63316422.jpg)

>He would have never pulled this shit back when we first were dating
tale as old as time,
true as it can be

No. 941129

File: 1634483059670.jpeg (109.7 KB, 640x604, 25624B6C-4A13-4ECC-B47E-A9FE9D…)

No. 941136

no way this isn’t a mtf or a larping moid kek. he’s just seeing how long he can go without being banned

No. 941146

Ever feel like your mind is too cluttered and you need a "detox"? I wish I could just sit in silence for 10 minutes but I get bored. Advice is welcome

No. 941149

Yes, this is why hippies go to the woods and meditate.

No. 941150

File: 1634484647541.jpeg (108.03 KB, 1167x876, 634D58BE-4F2F-4678-BA0B-0E697D…)

I’ve been doing pilates physical therapy to get in good shape for a very major surgery I have coming up in a few weeks. It’s challenging but also relaxing and makes me feel great, it’s my best workout of the week, so I am always looking forward to my appointments. Today I had to cancel it last minute because some charity marathon had caused literally all the roads to the highway to be closed and I couldn’t find a way there. I spent 25 minutes driving around trying to find an open road to the studio, getting yelled at by sergeant fatass traffic pigs, and navigating around jaywalking marathon runners and other drivers who were just as confused and stressed out as I was. I know I’m being a dramatic bitch but I am so upset, I feel like my day is ruined. I can’t even go out and do something else because of the road closures. I just wanted to get my last couple nice special workouts in before they cut me open and rearrange all my fucking bones

anon that sucks I’m sorry. I hope you can get him to wake the fuck up and invest in your relationship or just divorce his miserly ass

No. 941160

I know it's retarded but when this happen I just imagine passing my brain through a CCcleaner kind of thing. I imagine the different "folders" (not really but idk how to describe it) of unimportant shit that clutters my mind as they get deleted or sometimes "relocated" out of the "desktop".

No. 941165

>bumble finally available in my country
>download and set to bff mode
>all the women have pictures of them from various travel locations, interesting hobbies etc

Man I feel like shit. I don't think anyone will want to talk to a temp neet that lives in a village and hasn't ever left their country and county in more than 5 years.

I thought I had good selfesteem but I guess not.

No. 941170

Anon, all those people with the Photoshopped-to-hell, perfectly curated travel photos with blue ass water are probably massive narcissists anyway

No. 941171

What country are you from, anon? Poland here. I tried Bumble BFF and ended up super disappointed. All the women near me are normies with generic description or none whatsoever. I guess I wasn't exactly looking for Stacy friends, but even if you are into Stacies, they aren't putting any effort into their profiles.

No. 941173

you should try and speak to people regardless anon! i'm sure people really won't mind at all, and the ones that do won't be worth speaking to regardless - plus, you might make friends to go travelling with. don't feel too bad!

No. 941177

I'm not straight but I'm not part of the lgbtq community. Everything is a joke now. If you have PCOS then you're a gay trans man uwu

I've peaked at this point. You can't be a GNC woman without someone shoving some gender bullshit down your throat. No Rachel- I mean Avery, just because I have PCOS and going into a male-dominated field does not make me a male! No, liking lolishota porn does not make you a man. It makes you look like a pathetic degenerate fujo and your only chance of experiencing real gay sex are chasers. They only care if you have a vagina. Then again, tifs are the biggest cocksuckers I know.

No. 941199

How come when I dominate in vidya once it's an unspeakable crime but when man wins in vidya he just played a great game? I thought the only people you were expected to throw games away to were children and noobs. I killed it fair and square.

No. 941218

Pretty sure my husband has testicular cancer. I'm ready to take care of him but damn, if it doesn't remind me of when my mom got breast cancer. Cancer patients suffer so much I'm so scared for him and just hoping that we grow closer and he values his life more after this. Give us your strength, nonnies. It might be bad.

No. 941230

File: 1634493383582.jpg (6.64 KB, 220x229, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

Why do all men in my city must have that ugly ass short haircut. where did all cute guys with longer messy hair go

No. 941237

I wish you luck on your surgery anon, hang in there

No. 941239

i applied for residence in a new country several months ago, and its taking for-fucking-ever, i’m starting to get really sad.
i’m losing hope. why is it taking so long?
i’m gonna end up stuck in a shithole country for the rest of my life huh

No. 941251

I don’t care what anyone says, but if I man doesn’t spend any money on you then fuck him. Warning girls never date cheapskates. $50 for a fair for two? That will give you a 2 corn dogs and lemonade and maybe one game

No. 941254

this is solid advice, my ex didn’t even want to spend $5 to buy me a fucking mocha from a coffee shop and made me share it with him. cheap ass motherfucker. and he was always like “i spend so much money on you!!!”
god i hope he dies
my girl friends have bought me coffee multiple times without ever making a big deal out of it. (i return the favor of course)

No. 941270

>but if I man doesn’t spend any money on you then fuck him
Yup, this. The first year we were together, my ex didn't even get me a birthday present and had the audacity to ask ME to buy us groceries. I broke up with him the same day. A man who is generous at heart will also be generous with his money and not hold it against you.

No. 941276

I’m sorry that happen to you ladies. Women get portrayed as “gold diggers” for wanting a man with a stable life and not a cheap-o. I’ve had a man let me starve when we were hanging out! I had to ask him to take me to in-n-out. It’s like they are clueless af. Of course, I bought my meal and offered for him. Disgusting

No. 941288

men that aren't even willing to buy you dinner are the biggest red flags. it's literally the minimum that's expected of them.

No. 941304

to the rightful owners: their girlfriends.

No. 941310

I hate it when my mom takes my stuff. Like I don't mind her borrowing, what bothers me is that she doesn't tell me before taking something so I end up frantically looking for it. I've asked before to let me know at least if she doesn't feel like asking but doesn't seem to register. I'm so tired of it. And since its my mom I feel weird even venting about it. My little sister use to do this but even she grew out of it ages ago.

No. 941329

I gained like 15 pounds since July. I feel like shit when I look in the mirror. I’m not a bigger girl. Ive always been between 115-130. My goal is to be 140 lbs like I lied on my ID. It sucks because most of it went to my stomach.

No. 941332

Wishing the best for you two anon, stay strong. I'm sure having you by his side will make things much easier ♥

No. 941334

First post here. Been reading the dumbass ftm fakeboi thread and been like, fucking yikes, thank god I only know one reasonable ftm who has other things in their life than their gender identity and is therefore okay to talk to. Been sad for the nonnies who post about losing a friend to the ftm cult. Fast forward to today, one of my fav lesbian couple friends now identifies as he/they.

Fuck. I’m too old for this shit. Let me off this planet.

No. 941335

I accidentally threw out the face oil I use everyday in the trash. Ffs. I am a peak retard

No. 941343

No. 941351

File: 1634500450173.gif (1.57 MB, 275x275, 8CFE8C24-0707-4855-9786-B12B4D…)

There is just no way I’m a black person because when you really think about it I’m just a bundle of flesh and bones and throughout my life I’ve pretty much been designated in an area that I’ve never really felt like I was. I’m not black but I am to other people but I also transcend that line not in a “I’m colorblind” kind of way but even with my nappy ass hair I’m not even the slightest black and just don’t relate to anyone on this planet I am not human and never will be. Okay I pull up on the Okay okay I pull up Okay Okay I pull up Okay okay okay okay I pull uppp

No. 941363

I'm currently battling cancer myself so I can tell you confidently that having a loving partner is an absolute godsend. Without my fiancée I would be so much worse off, hell, I might have actually an hero'd by now without her. You're right that it's a lot of suffering. Not just the illness itself and the treatments but also the depression and nihilistic attitude that is so very easy to adopt. But having someone there for me makes the world of difference. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, it's what I fight for. You'll struggle of course, there will be mood swings, petty arguments born out of frustration and breakdowns but your husband will be so grateful to have you. You will be his light at the end of the tunnel too. The people I know from my support group have mostly come to have a greater appreciation of life, if you can find your husband a support group (they're very helpful and you might also find a group for people like you who have loved ones with cancer) I'm sure he'll meet some people that can help him see the beauty in the small moments life gives us too. I wish you both the best of luck, nonny. Stay strong.

No. 941365

I wish I could date or have a boyfriend but idk how to when I work 12 hour shifts and spend my free time fitting the rest of my life in which a lot of involves prepping for those 12 hours…

No. 941371

File: 1634501494204.jpeg (114.37 KB, 742x549, A1CA419F-2E24-46AD-AFC3-BCCCDF…)

>It's the light at the end of the tunnel, it's what I fight for.

You’re going to see the light at the end of a tunnel once you finally drop nonnie

No. 941374

You'll see it first with those high male suicide rates kek.

No. 941376

Nta, but shut the fuck up.

No. 941381

you’re fucked

No. 941386

neck yourself, i know you want to

No. 941387

Guess I won’t be apart of those statistics considering that I’m not a scrote. It’s actually sort of hilarious and bitter sweet that cancer-chan thinks she will ever make it, she should just accept her death in peace.

No. 941388

cancer chan is awesome and inspirational, i don’t understand why you’re making fun of her instead of nonna’s husbands cancerous balls

No. 941389

i bet you have terminal cancer dormant in your fucked brain rn

No. 941392

She should unironically harvest her future dead husband’s testicles as something to laugh at once in awhile. That y-chromosome truly could not preserve that man’s life it had one job.

No. 941394

she should just collect life insurance and live as a badass widow

No. 941397

Oh my bad, pickmeisha. You'll die a slow, miserable death of being a depressed internet edgelord. Reblogging picture after picture of self-harm scars and nooses to your
"traumacore" tumblr until you finally get the courage to rope. The irony is that I may have cancer but I've already lived a more full life than you ever will. Have fun leaving bitchy comments and picking dumb fights though.

No. 941399

File: 1634502541920.jpeg (168 KB, 1080x1080, C3A1292B-40CF-49C3-96AF-E822FF…)

you deserve the world, anon. keep fighting the good fight. you have my respect and i can’t imagine having to deal with that and keep everything going.

No. 941400

>lived a full life

The full life that’s been cut short by cancer?

No. 941401

lmao are they posting from beyond the grave or…?

No. 941403

Nonnies…I'm 20 years old and still feel the same way I did at 16. I can't drive, don't have friends, and have 0 interest in sex or actual relationships. At this point I'm just pushing through college so I can get to grad school as fast as possible. Just want to get it over with, get a somewhat stable job that will let me keep to myself, and then spend my life alone with maybe a dog to keep me company. Then I'll just dump all my money into geek shit since it's the only thing that makes me happy anymore. I don't think I'm cut out for human interaction. Probably have ASD but can't even get a diagnosis. I don' even feel human most of the time and am fully ready to off myself once my parents pass.

No. 941404

Whenever people reply callously to a post on here, it’s so weird because they must be helpless in real life to only be able to lash out online, not even to anybody in particular that they hold special hate for but an anonymous vent post that’s just someone talking about their personal life, a total rando with no other real context. How do you deal with stupidity irl, like family, friends, partners, coworkers, your boss, things that matter? I feel like it’s always the opposite for me where I assume it’s my issue and back down pretty easily, so in a way it’s comforting to see other people who are really bizarre personality-wise.

No. 941405

i wanna shoot myself in the head with two different guns at the same time, double tap

No. 941406

Good luck nona. I beat cancer earlier this year. I hope you'll be okay soon too. Ignore the subhuman replying to you.

No. 941407

Hurr hurr sage

No. 941408

>you beat cancer earlier this year

Did you stop posting here for a while then? That usually helps.

No. 941411

File: 1634503593902.png (231.53 KB, 500x500, 698DF796-DE4C-4BDF-9C31-626512…)

I hate how I get real shaky sometimes and feel like fainting, thankfully haven't fainted before though. I always assume it means I need food so I go eat but I just did now and it's taking too long to go away. Also, before it came on I had eaten not too long ago. I've been tested for anemia and gotten negative results. Also once when this happened a diabetic I knew helped me check my blood sugar or whatever and it was normal. So what gives?? It's not going away yet though I consumed fiber, protein, and sugar. Why does this have to happen it's so annoying I was in the middle of something important

No. 941414

You're so kind, anon. Thank you so much. ♥

I'm so happy for you! I hope you're really enjoying life now. ♥ I'll be ok, the fight's not over yet but I'm currently winning and I have a fantastic life and my loved ones to keep going for. Yeah I know, don't feed the troll. My bad for engaging it in the first place.

No. 941415

I lost an uncle for covid June, an aunt for cancer July, my therapist for cancer august, my other uncle & aunt planned and murdered a family September and now the family is falling apart. I've been managing to keep going, but the sorrow and depression is still there and sometimes like now I have crisis. Each crisis people just back away, even though I'm an emotional reference/pillar for many (people are constantly praising me for how comfortable I make them feel to vent), when I try to speak about these things there is nothing to say or I should go on… But I just want to share the pain. I just eant someone to embrace my sadness, you know?

Today I'm once again having a crisis and left alone because "there are more important things happening", like visiting the family (which happens every Sunday). Or resting.

I'm walking closer and closer to suicide. This time is the first time I cut myself. Last month I began harming myself. I think that's it nonas. Im in a countdown for death.

Also, I found yesterday that my second degree cousin who is around my age and spends Christmas with us is with lung cancer. 50%

You go, life.

No. 941418

File: 1634503953681.jpeg (163.64 KB, 720x720, 1182ADFE-FB1F-4788-A1A4-04DFA0…)

Some of you anons are unhinged, you guys want to punch some of the weirdest "cows" It's creepy, there are legit cows that deserve a-log (that pedo tranny art guy for instance) yet you focus on some rando because they posted something you don't like

No. 941419

tfw that forced positivity is not going to cure your cancer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941421

I hope you make it through anon, I have faith you will because my relative had stage 3 lymphoma and it was gone in like 2 months with treatment. They are also still coming out with new amazing technologies. I don't remember the details but some weeks ago my neighbor happily informed my family that he's getting some new treatment for cancer that saved his life, when previously he'd expected to certainly die soon. There's no time better than now for healing and miracles, wishing you the best and glad you're staying strong

No. 941422

It isn’t alogging to want to punch an annoying person but according to the rules anons who want to express their true feelings about the cows they obsess over are banned it just doesn’t make any sense at all. You don’t really know who’s saying that they want to punch or physically assault a cow so how would that make anon just as much as a cow? My brain is about to fucking explode just thinking about how retarded this website is.

No. 941424

File: 1634504560131.gif (2.02 MB, 750x542, 41D93AA9-3173-49A3-8872-A66D88…)

those new cancer treatments bills about to come into the mail and the POV about to be like

No. 941425

I feel this, word for word. Especially
>I don't think I'm cut out for human interaction.
I'm 22 now but around 20 is when I realized that mentally I feel the same as I did at 17. I hope you can get out of this fog sooner than I failed to nona

No. 941431

I should take it to the stupid questions thread but I'm >>941411 and thought I could ask if anyone knows what this could be that's been happening to me for years?

No. 941433

wait I'm on my period, maybe it's iron deficiency though I don't think it always happens during menstruation

No. 941436

do you retard genuinely not know that we have treatments for cancer now?

No. 941439

Absolutely, they're conflict avoidant to a fault. It's unhealthy because they are doormats and this stuff backfires in time.

No. 941441

I work as a housekeeper at a hotel and some dick left a note for one of the other housekeepers that said go fuck yourself
Bet his room was a pigsty as well

No. 941446

What the fuck are you even referring to? Reply to the person you’re talking about.

No. 941457

Yeah, it’s weird when it happens but I guess it’s ideal in a way to practice dealing with conflict somewhere where there aren’t real consequences as a trial run for irl? It’s humbling somehow.

No. 941459

Theyre probably replying to the guy spamming shit in reply to the post about anon's cancer, dont you think?

No. 941460

You're telling them to reply directly to bait..

No. 941463

Nta, but you're being kind of slow. There was the whole cancer thing right before that post, and also anons being callous in response to vents is something that happens in every vent thread.

No. 941464

thank you anon!

NAYRT but I'm pretty sure that anon is just speaking generally. Also someone in this thread keeps making posts trying to taunt a girl for having cancer so that might have inspired the thought

No. 941465

Feeling melancholy af on this Sunday afternoon

No. 941467

>imagine, instead than letting off the steam on an anonymous imageboard, you bother every other person out there with your problems until they get tired and don't want to listen to you anymore
Couldn't be me

No. 941468

this could be so many things. hypoglycemia, malnutrition, POTS, some other heart problem. i know its not the advice you wanted but you need to keep going back to your doctor and advocating for yourself until they can give you a diagnosis. good luck

same anon, im having the sunday sads. im going to log off, drink some apple cider and try to watch some halloweenish thing and try to feel better. i hope you feel better too.

No. 941471

Why the fuck are anons here annoying a cancer patient? I swear to god some of the people here are sociopaths.

No. 941473

Maybe she lives in a first world country and doesnt have cancewr bills

No. 941475

I refuse to believe it's an ordinary farmer, they can be shit but not that shit towards other nonas.

No. 941476

It's because she mentioned having a loving/supportive fiancee. I honestly think that's what triggered em.

No. 941479

File: 1634507545021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.8 KB, 389x233, 3teeth hahhaahahahah.jpg)

I had an x-ray photo of my teeth taken for some other reason and discovered this stupid tooth, fuck it nonnies all I can do is wait for the pain to begin and hope it maybe stopped growing

No. 941481

Exactly, I think that’s what surprises me even though everyone is obviously familiar with regular sperging in a Youtube vid comment section or even on /snow/. When some anon makes a vent post that’s probably the most inconsequential way of letting off steam online and someone gets mad it’s obviously not at the actual person, and it’s not as though what they said really has an impact on them. It’s reminiscent of /snow/ threads where anons will make specific nitpicks directed at the cow as if she’s reading there, but she’s not?

No. 941483

is that a wisdom tooth? 2 of mine were like that and i had to have them surgically removed, but it’s somewhat common.

No. 941488

Yes it is. Ugh I'll have to get it removed too for sure, stupid wisdom teeth why do they cause so many problems to so many people

No. 941489

Nta but could you please give some tips on how to stop it?

No. 941494

Weirdly my two bottom wisdom teeth were like this and didn't hurt at all, only the top ones hurt cause there wasn't enough space up there I guess.

No. 941495

I had to pull out the x-ray I just got to look at my teeth after reading this post lol.

No. 941498

Get it removed nonnie it's really not a big deal. That's an impacted wisdom tooth. It looks like it's surfaced past your gums already so the procedure shouldn't be bad at all. When I had my lower wisdom teeth removed they were still under the surface so they had to cut through the gums, break the teeth into pieces and take them out with tweezers. It sounds bad but it's really not. I was under local anesthesia but if that's too scary check if you can get general anesthesia. I was prescribed percocets after so I never had pain and they felt good too kek. I missed two or three days of school so I could fully recover but I'm generally very weak. Have strength and get it done quickly! I'll have to get my top wisdom teeth removed in two weeks too so you're not alone.

No. 941501

Same anon as >>941498 but the reason I got my bottom teeth pulled before the top teeth is that my dentist said they posed a bigger threat. If you just let the tooth grow, its roots will get very close to some jaw nerve. So if it gets painful in a few years and you really need to get it removed, it will be hard for the dentist to avoid the nerve and you might lose sensation in your jaw. If your dentist tells you to get it removed just go ahead and don't wait.

No. 941516

Thank you. I have to go to the dentist soon so they will say something about the tooth for sure. It's still all under the surface, I already had a tooth pulled from my mouth so I was dreading that but if they take the tooth apart before taking it out maybe that's not so bad then. I hope your teeth removing goes well.

No. 941517

I wish those self-improvement threads lasted. I want to have normie interests so bad so I can at least be a decent conversationalist but I have no idea where to start. I'm so fucking cringe that I find it fascinating when someone has a hobby like reading or some shit… god I hate myself

No. 941531

Thank you! Part of me feels glad that someone is going through the same thing, but I know that in this case, that's not a particularly good thing. I hope we can both improve, nonnie!

No. 941543

Never dating a short man "raised" by a single mom again. The bitterness was through the roof

No. 941548

My friend started going out with some ugly guy and is ignoring me bc I told her to not rush into things to quickly. She slept with him on what was technically their second date, after their first turned into some multi-day thing. Literally all I told her was to be careful about rushing into things too quickly and to be safe (ie wear a damn condom when sleeping with a guy who you've known for 3 days). God it's so frustrating watching your friends do stupid shit like this knowing that by the end of the week she'll have gotten her feelings hurt and will come crying to me.

No. 941555

Does she even see you as a friend? Ignoring you like that lmao how do you associate with someone this retarded

No. 941556

Post in the thread with some info about what exactly you want to achieve and your obstacles and I’ll talk to you!

No. 941559

agreed, just post it anon!

No. 941560

holy fuck you’re gonna die you have the same thing I have it means that something is wrong with your bones and you’re going to experience excruciating pain because of the trajectory of your teeth, please go to the doctor I’m very terrified and worried for you anon. a few years ago I had the same exact thing and it was some kind of disorder that I had I can’t really recall what they told me but it was called “stop self-posting” it’s really dangerous and gives me pain everyday go to the doctor and get meds for it it looks super serious

No. 941561

It's an x-ray of teeth, anon.

No. 941567

>i know its not the advice you wanted but you need to keep going back to your doctor and advocating for yourself until they can give you a diagnosis
This is great advice, don't worry i know no one here is able to diagnose me lol. I have a hunch it's anemia even though i was tested a few years back, idk I wonder if they can miss it. Being on my period sometimes when this happens makes me think so but maybe the others are like that too. Idk, but you gave the most solid advice. I'll call the doc tomorrow and see where it goes. Definitely have to advocate for yourself with these people cause they will often be like "…nah, you're good, maybe it's xyz but I dunno it's inconclusive just do your best xo" kek it sure is a process. I think I need to stress that I have a years long history of this since my teens which really points to something like anemia, iirc they start testing girls for that as teens

No. 941581

honestly not surprised when some anons kept shitting on a rape victim in one of these threads a few months ago

No. 941584

I keep google searching “why do I feel so angry?” “suppressed anger” and always getting reddit posts of moids talking about their sob stories natural distrust in women and punching holes in walls like a little baby yadda yadda typical male aggression type shit and it dawned on me there is no proper place where women can express their extreme rage and anger not even this place is safe anymore and I’m so tired of it.

No. 941585

Well she's been my friend since we were born. Whenever there isn't a guy it's fine so I don't really think it's worth ending my longest friendship over. Like I said, it'll be done within a week.

No. 941590

Are you talking about the alchy who went to ONS her feelings away

No. 941591


No. 941593

extreme rage and anger over what?

No. 941596

I think anon meant just generalized anger overall. I also sometimes google that type of stuff and just get reddit posts of angry men. Reddit was a mistake.
Sometimes anger is all you can feel in life. It's weird but it happens.

No. 941670

Whenever I feel empty or numb I feel like a brush of air or gust of wind is flowing through me like I’m an invisible ghost and it scares me

No. 941695

i just facedoxxed shadman on kf FUGG : DDDD i feel like a scrote right now and not good at all but i know it was a good thing(:DDDD)

No. 941697

based queen

No. 941698

Post it. I have a pic but it's at a distance and not clear

No. 941701

I found it and I'm warning you all ahead of time he's about to gain some guilty admirers here

No. 941704

Please, somebody post it here.

No. 941705

I found it, and surprise surprise, he's ugly. Not as hideous as I expected though.

No. 941706

File: 1634525904670.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.06 KB, 473x475, 52E8C7D2-CD05-42EB-9655-F0D665…)

No. 941707

File: 1634525917462.jpeg (348.48 KB, 777x588, 6EC235A1-E7E4-479F-B69E-88873D…)

i feel so weird right now
i needed that love you
lol @ how i’ve been sitting on these for 10 years and someone finally outs him and kiwis still seethe and cry MOAR, WHY NOW? give a scrote a mile and he takes out his incher. i wish kiwi was anon

No. 941708

File: 1634525949400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 242.55 KB, 1024x768, 7CA0654B-0AAD-4930-90F5-8A7730…)

No. 941709

Wow, he’s fucking ugly.

No. 941710

Who is that?

No. 941711

every time someone has said “I bet shadman is secretly sexy as fuck” all of these years, imagine my shit eating grin, but also pain knowing if I showed them they wouldn’t believe it was him

No. 941712

Edgy pedophile "artist"

No. 941713

File: 1634526197767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.86 KB, 768x1024, 0A1C48DD-7BA2-4A5F-B962-34DDDB…)

No. 941714

I don't know how to fully explain it, but he looks exactly the way you'd expect. I guess from meeting degenerate dudes irl before they have this aura he shares. That's why I can instantly believe you that it's him.

No. 941715

File: 1634526259740.png (111.43 KB, 492x223, uggo.PNG)

The pedo is ugly? imagine my shock

No. 941716

Is he native

No. 941717

File: 1634526401951.jpg (45.17 KB, 800x800, emoticon-sunglasses-22756566.j…)

Ugh… I had sex for the first time a week ago, and it was so terrible (literally ow ow ow the entire time) that whenever I think about sex, or have to interact with men I feel sick. I skipped classes for three days last week because I don't want to interact with men cause I feel sick and nervous, and I had no energy to even leave bed honestly.

I need to be normal ASAP somehow and get back on my sigMA GRiNDset hahhaha :DDD(:D)

No. 941718

I thought he was mexican at first

No. 941719

Degenerate af but there were still sex workers doing cosplays of his art and acting like a bunch of simpettes for this faggot. Looks like a terminally online chronic masturbator who skips arm day, leg day, every day but coom day

No. 941720

File: 1634526469628.jpeg (60.96 KB, 720x960, C9F98788-0B1E-4FBF-BE07-CA366E…)

i didn’t post this one on kiwi my old hard drive is scattered as fuck

No. 941721

looks like an even uglier version of richard ramirez

No. 941726

I think you should really seek professional help anon, I'm sad to hear that it's been affecting you so much. Are you sure you weren't assaulted?

No. 941727

Sex can suck without it being assault. just it being really painful can be upsetting on its own. sorry anon :((:()

No. 941729

guilty admirers? for this? >>941708 he's fucking hideous. not obesepilled like i expected him to be, but a different type of hideous for sure.

feels satisfying to finally see that ugly scrote's face and know that he looks precisely the part of the creep he is online.

No. 941730

He's swiss but for whatever reason he does look like some latin nerd who is a picky eater and speaks broken English even tho he spends all his time playing lol with foreigners, but that would be the good timeline

No. 941733

You'll see anon. Someone mentioned richard ramirez which is funny as anons have posted about finding him attractive before, and worse

No. 941734

Thank you, but it definitely wasn't assault. I was the one who told him to keep going haha. Idk why it's affecting me like this, if this keeps up I'll definitely seek professional help though, thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you, hopefully I get back to my old self soon

No. 941735

File: 1634528134649.jpeg (342.45 KB, 750x768, 14517A87-F47E-445C-A413-0CF468…)

It was a man who posted it, the person we’ve been replying to and giving validation for ruining our eyes is a scrote

No. 941736

>kf guy assumes another kf poster is male
That's all that's happening in the screenshot, the account was newly made I think

No. 941737

File: 1634528389070.jpeg (146.41 KB, 570x305, EA5CEE53-F1AA-4D25-9F2A-90952B…)

No. 941738

He looks like the type of guy who draws porn for a living

No. 941739

I literally posted a pic I didn’t post in the kf thread here to prove it anon stop

No. 941741

>devilish nonny uses a massive milk dump to then say “lolcow is better tho bye” knowing they could get away with it because of the milk

No. 941742

how do you know it's a scrote? it's just a retard kf moid assuming that the only other people who use the site are other moids, as they usually do

No. 941749

File: 1634530298453.jpg (63.43 KB, 542x305, 1549453224513.jpg)

he looks like he's from Shadman Town, Pakistan

No. 941751

average Shadman town residents

No. 941753

File: 1634530482859.jpg (593.7 KB, 2000x1128, 1583593570701.jpg)

Shadman Mall

No. 941755

File: 1634530618165.png (1.09 MB, 508x910, shadcomp.PNG)

He's your typical disgusting coomer male

No. 941757

ew why are they always hoarders too. pick a struggle.

No. 941759

that's just your average kf scroteposter assuming everyone in the internet is male. doesn't prove a thing. nona who posted the facedox is a queen

no one ares about your autistic tangents, sage

No. 941781

Okay so I'm even more retarded than I thought. So I actually found it on the bathroom floor behind the sink. I must have knocked it off. Since it wasn't in its place, I assumed that I was being my scatterbrained self and I threw it out or something

No. 941790

I feel so disgusted with myself for being a pickme in my past. I have always been very free spirited and energetic, and I suppressed that because I thought dick was valuable and if I didn't neuter and humiliate myself I would miss out on my once chance at a good life.
I'm so radically feminist now I have such a deep hatred for almost all the men in my life who did the slightest scrotey thing. I see everything so clearly now and i hate how I let myself fall for it.

Does this feeling ever go away??

No. 941807

You’re so strong….my sister was found dead in a drug house. She was a really bad, troubled person. Nobody pretended she wasn’t except for the queue of men she used for drugs or a roof over her head. I hope you can heal from this whole ordeal.

No. 941827

let me check MY fucking mail
I'm waiting on some important significant papers and it would have made me really happy to open the letterbox and see the envelope inside but you had to do it in front of me.

No. 941835

I met this girl in my program last year who I really get along with and I always had so much fun hanging out with her last year and over the summer. Then a few months ago her friend from college moved to the city and every time we hang out she brings her friend along or her friend ends up being there. At first I didn’t mind because she was chill and I can get along with most people, but since our first meeting whenever I hang out with them I third wheel so hard. When they’re together all they talk about is the games they play together, their college friends, past memories together, and all of this stuff that I can’t relate to. Basically when we hang out now it’s really them one-sidedly talking about their interests/memories together and explaining them to me because I have no knowledge about it and then I nod and ask questions and that’s kind of it. I know it’s not their fault because they’ve known each other way longer than me, but it’s so boring hanging out now. I guess I should just be more assertive in inserting myself into the conversation but it’s so difficult to think of things to say in the moment that are related when I really can’t relate to what they’re talking about. Even when hanging out with my friends and their boyfriends I’ve never third wheeled this hard. Sucks because I used to really like hanging out and wish I still did, but I think I’ll just try harder next time to think of things we can all talk about.

No. 941836

I have an abusive brother too and I just know my mom would act the same way if he committed or died. I'm praying for you anon. Kinda unrelated but your post reminded me of a dream I had about my brother overdosing in new york… hmm….

No. 941839

That’s so uncomfortable, I would probably just leave like a coward tbh
But you’re probably less of a coward than me so go ahead and make some experiences together, as a three. Halloween is coming up, you could go to a theme park, or just join a sports club together.

No. 941840

i gained a lot of weight recently after moving and it's making my life fucking miserable. i don't even know what to do because i can't stop myself and i feel so awful. i wish i could lock myself in my room forever

No. 941841

We are in the same situation. I’m waiting for the movers to bring the gym equipment but they are a month late. I’m thinking of getting liposuction for my stomach soon

No. 941848

That's what I think too. IIRC anons were mentioning a homophobe upthread and then I mention my fiancée in response to the anon posting about her husband potentially having cancer and then suddenly out comes the 14 y/o atheist edgelord "humour".

I had the exact same thought lmao. It's a bad omen because girls still swoon over Ramirez despite him being a serial killing rapist with notoriously poor hygiene and meth mouth. Shadman is practically a chad by comparison.

No. 941849

I hate it when people with avoidant dismissive attachment styles make themselves out to be these soft wittle beans with anxiety issues that make them treat their partners badly. Wah wah wah you fucking cold superiority-complexed faggot.
Like you're the one who reels people in by faking an image of an emotionally available person. With you everything's about performance and your shallow notion of strength. You specifically seek out and attract anxious, emotionally scarred people while simultaneously despising them for being 'weak' for having needs and expressing them. Dumb bitch you have them too, just because you have crippling misanthropy doesn't mean you've transcended your humanity. Ok yeah you have your issues and they're real ones too, but I'm tired of the excuses you make when called out on how absolutely poorly you treat the ones you 'love'. Fuck your issues for a moment, get the fuck out of your own ass for a second. Stop fucking rolling your eyes at your partner, stop cheating on them, stop comparing them to your mediocre ex you hyped up in your sick head. Making fun of your partner who's trying their hardest to understand what's going on is fucked up, you're fucked up, fuck you. You are not innocent, you're fully accountable for how you treat people. Get over yourself you fucking retard, grow the fuck up and stop using others.

No. 941851

I dress very cringe. I dress like a weeaboo from 2010 in a seifuku and wear weeabo makeup and then I wonder why people stare at me oddly. I wish I didn't have to go through the horrible abuse of my parents not buying me brand lolita clothes.

No. 941854

I’m so ill I puked and can barely speak but I have an exam tomorrow AHHH

No. 941855

I just want to say it was very cathartic and satisfying to read this nona, thank you on behalf of formerly abused anxious attachment anons

No. 941875

why not e-beg

No. 941880

I've spent a stupid amount of time reliving arguments with my ex and when I found out about attachment styles a while back it all made sense. Didn't make me feel less shit but it explained how it wasn't exactly personal and how he's likely treating his current gf to the same treatment today.

I dont know why but one memory in particular where I was crying/distraught and he put on a whole performance of ignoring me and instead checking for dirt under his fingernails.. that killed me.

No. 941881

Post some examples of what you wear

No. 941883

I'm so happy that reading pixielocks's threads bullied me out of this behaivor. I hate attention seeking clothes so much. I am blessed by the farms. Couldn't be me.

No. 941884

I wish I were like those people, I'm insanely jealous. Imagine being the dumbass who actually cares?

No. 941895

File: 1634552309012.gif (2.11 MB, 640x362, 70464763-A4B1-4F32-8977-63011F…)

No. 941904

I probably needed to read this

No. 941909

>Stop fucking rolling your eyes at your partner, stop cheating on them, stop comparing them to your mediocre ex you hyped up in your sick head. Making fun of your partner who's trying their hardest to understand what's going on is fucked up, you're fucked up, fuck you.
Is that a common behavior in those people or is that just your shitty (ex-)boyfriend?

No. 941910

I’m such a retard that I missed out on a volunteering opportunity I really wanted to do because I didn’t fill the sheet in in time. it’s partially not entirely because I’m that fucking braindead since I’ve been really unwell these past few days, but I’ve had like two weeks to do it and just didn’t do it. I am such a fucking retard, seriously. I’m a NEET with no prospects or real experience, and here I am wasting opportunities I need because I’m so fucking stupid. I need help but nobody is going to take me seriously anyway since I’m a lazy cunt in the first place. I’ll get over this soon enough, I just wasted 4 years on a degree I don’t know how to use and I don’t know how to get a job career wise and I’m legit a useless NEET who doesn’t even have the privilege necessary to enjoy NEETdom. what a life!

No. 941913

Use Manjaro.

No. 941914

I don't care if I sound like a loser but I hate that this moid friend keeps talking about his crush. I don't care. You've said the same thing a hundred times already, I get it, but it's fucking disrespectful when you're talking to someone and you keep bringing up another person to someone who isn't involved and doesn't care. If you want to endlessly think about your crush, then don't talk to me and keep thinking about her by yourself or actually talk to her instead of being a coward and talking about her to everyone you meet. Fucking hell.

No. 941920

File: 1634556124674.jpg (404.15 KB, 700x700, Classic-Japanese-School-Girls-…)

I wear this weeabo bow and circle lenses I draw tear bags and I also wear a seifuku I'm a disgusting weeabo I need to off myself I'm also incredibly ugly. My face isn't perfect or maybe I have developed BDD,I want to look like an IRL anime girl. I hate other women anyway. I mean I'm not a pick me I'm definitely a radfem but I mean I still post in Mikan's thread seething, I-I-I mean she totally deserves to be criticized. I'm tired of women accusing other women of jealousy. I'm shaped like a fridge. Jesus I wish men would stop raping women.

No. 941922

lolcow ai is getting more sophisticated

No. 941933

lol you sound like a shit "friend" and bitter

No. 941935


No. 941939

I want to go to the zoo which is a 2 hour drive away and I need to take public transport. I want to go but actually getting out of the house is hard

No. 941943

The person you described sounds very based tbh

No. 941957

File: 1634560721396.jpg (76.47 KB, 902x750, ESQ8FMHWsAAaYQm.jpg)

I have a crush on my ex (who has been just a friend for the past 3 years) again only because they've started dating again and it feels so shitty. I don't want to be a horrible jealous selfish person and I enjoy having them as a friend! I hate that I feel so possessive. I hate that I wanted to be their friend so that we could still be close emotionally. I hate that I was so mentally ill when we dated and ruined our relationship

No. 941970

I just really wish that people would be more careful on who they decide to put into this world because if you’re not even going to try and put any love or devotion into your child then later on they’re just going to transform into a raging ball of insanity. Just choose carefully on how you procreate and actually think on why you should bring about a child in an inherently evil world via and inherently evil way (reproduction). Some people’s existences are a mistake because of this reason, you’re dealing with another human being with feelings and needs and it just boggles my mind how frivolous these people’s decisions are. The world would be in a much better place if we had population control. It makes me so frustrated about myself that I don’t feel prepared for life or a future and the people who reply saying that it’s my responsibility at the end of the day is true because I have to find out what really works for me but when you’re not given the necessary assets that we’re missing in your childhood you are pretty much fucked for life. I’m a ticking bomb who wastes in a corner who can’t properly socialize or maintain relationships because of my avoidant personality and I just know this will fucking ruin me. I can’t imagine any future goals because I feel like my life is running on fate and it’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy, some people shouldn’t have been born and it really shouldn’t have been me. I don’t have the capability to exist or care about other people or even myself, I just want to be rid of this burden goddamn.

No. 941972

ugh i woke up to no running water in my apartment, fucking hell. my city is so annoying, there’s constant construction and they shut off the water mains for repairs without informing us. what kind of society is this

No. 941975

Anon I feel the exact same way. My mother had me when she was only 19 or 20 and she was still in her party stage during my childhood. I'm grateful for my family but I still don't feel like I was properly prepared for the world. My mom told me if I wanted something I would have to get it myself as I got older and that may work with ambitious people but I'm not going to push myself because it all seems so pointless to me. I sometimes resent my mom for not helping or giving me the tools to succeed even though I know I'm responsible for my own life. At least we both know we're never going to put this burden on someone else. We're breaking the cycle.

No. 941980

kek anon i am definitely a coward and have contemplated leaving them many times. sometimes i feel bitter and think that i shouldn’t even try since they’re always going to be closer friends and i’ll perpetually be the third wheel. but i don’t have many options because i don’t have a lot of friends and i do really like talking to the girl who i was initially hanging out with. i’m gonna give it another couple of trys before giving up i think. thanks for the encouragement!

No. 942013

self-hate is not good, anon. you deserve to live.

No. 942016

okay this is low effort larping

No. 942018

Today I said 3 more words than I absolutely had to and my whole body started shaking lol and I'm still ashamed of myself for speaking. Why am I like this

No. 942039

The posts about the trouble with being born reminded me of how I think it's so strange how much people will hate you for just having a general dislike of things. It quite literally was not up to you that you are alive or who your parents are but whenever someone is not okay with it it's a character flaw, they are mentally ill, they are a sinner, etc. It's a fundamentally inhuman attidute. I think people should be more open to despair.

No. 942046

ok komaeda I'm just going to live over here with my """Animal Brains""" and live life full of hedonistic pleasure, seeking nothing but

No. 942054

Why do retards still try to open the door even when the sign clearly says closed? Go away.

No. 942058

So I'm a bad friend if I don't want to have this kind of conversation again and again? When you go out with a friend you make time for them and focus your attention on them for a short time, that's what I do too. Instead he dumps all his problems on me literally every fucking day moping about some girl and how he's miserable and worried about rejection yadda yadda without even having the decency to act interested in anything I have to say. It's always me, me, me and I don't want to hear it anymore.

No. 942064

I'm new at my job, and now they want me to have a whole shift to myself and i keep being anxious I'll fuck something up and ruin the machines

No. 942068

File: 1634573694007.jpg (30.37 KB, 540x540, 3bc5f3b8888264dd1b88e2d54f335f…)

we're back to in person classes at university and i saw a girl i loosely befriended (aka we had great talks in/before/after class but weren't at the contact information exchange stage yet) shortly before the pandemic hit. she's now a transmasc enby, had her tits lopped off and goes by a jewish boy name… what the fuck.

No. 942078

Where the fuck do you all live with all these trans and enby people running around? Or maybe I'm just not leaving my house enough

No. 942083

I think my sister is only remotely associating with me because having a good relationship with your sister plays into her "wholesome rich white girl Stacy" larp. I am completely outside that sort of social circle and it seems like she alternates between thinking I'm cool for being "nerdy" and resenting me. I'm trying my best but it's really depressing and draining to deal with.

No. 942084

It has to be a country where crazy surgeries are supported by the government or where people are frugal enough to drop money on expensive surgeries.
I don’t go out of my house anymore though, so probably I’m just safe while away from them.

No. 942086

Stop talking to her

No. 942091

dumb ot question does anyone have a png of just the bleach spraying hand

No. 942092

what wi she resent you for if she's (aspiring to be) a stacy?

I don't think it's wise to cut off contact with such close family for this, the situation is way too tame.

No. 942094

I don't really talk to her often to begin with since I know how she is and I live far away, I just visited recently and it made me realize just how bad it is. She does stuff like telling me to shut up randomly because she decided to look at something on her phone lol. I acted like I thought it was a joke but it really made me feel like shit.

No. 942097

Don't know what komaeda is but there's nothing wrong with that

No. 942099

>She does stuff like telling me to shut up randomly because she decided to look at something on her phone lol.
Cut her off, she doesn't respect you.

No. 942101

She resents me for not being part of the Stacy larp myself. She typically hangs out with her college friends who do circle jerk rich white girl activities like idk yoga? And going to each others never ending housewarming/engagement/whatever showers and parties.

No. 942103

yeah i'm from a european country with public healthcare. from what i heard, many people go to a therapist like once and they immediately get referrals for T and/or top surgery. it's crazy here. also, university, you know. lots of libfems and wokies that enable each other, so they experience validation online AND irl.

No. 942107

Euro with public healthcare too, same situation as you. I also think if you know one, you'll get to know everyone because for some reason they all know each other and love to introduce them to everyone else.

No. 942109

>Don't know what komaeda is
God, I wish it were me

No. 942117

same, I originally responded because it read like a komaedapost but hesitated since I wasn't sure. sorry innocent nonnie, don't even pay us mind

No. 942127

Update to this, I went to the doctors cutting my first day at work short because I started pissing brown mucus this morning and felt like shiiit, and she didn't give me antibiotics. She wanted to test the bactria in my urine first, so it'll be Friday that she'll MAYBE decide to prescribe me something actually effective. Until then it's ibuprofen. I get apprehension but this is something that can get worse and more complicated if left untreated.

The doctor was a last resort because everything I obsessively read online indicated only antibiotics would be effective, and I'm usually a DIY healthcare girl in the first place, so honestly I'm mad. I'd get a second opinion, but healthcare prices here are really too high, and available doctors are hard to come by. Just finding this one took a full day of phoning around.

No. 942130

meeting them irl cured my brainrot, i think. like i met one of them and through her i met everyone else and even if they didn't have any classes together, they still followed each other on ig or twitter and sperged about enby/transmasc shit. i saw these people and how insane they behaved and how embarrassing it was and suddenly i realized i'm not a pan enby, i'm just a woman. ironically, their professors are all terfy and love jkr and openly speak out against gender insanity. one time a (male) prof was talking about how stupid it is that the student representatives spend more time crying about inclusive language on the university website instead of, you know, actually tackling real problems the students have. the entire class laughed in agreement and then the one begendered girl i had talked to a few times turned to me and was like "i feel uncomfy" (imagine her making the pleading emoji irl) like yeah… you should feel uncomfy oohwooh when you are the only gender haver in the room.

No. 942134

I am an artist with a moderately big audience (~2500 followers in twitter) and it's been around two years since I made my account and resorted to pretend to be a man in the internet as I did most of my life. Reasons are obvious, girls in the internet are not taken seriously, if you have a particular hobby that is male dominated (in my case I like drawing history and guns a lot) you'll be held to a higher standard than males. I broke free from this as I kept seeing more and more tifs in fandom I'm in and it made me feel very bad that there weren't any normal females being happy and confident about just being females… I felt like it's something I owed others as I would have loved having a female role model when I was young, that would have probably saved me from my confidence issues and the induced dysphoria from being treated like shit in the internet. Now it's been a couple of weeks in since I am back 'identifying' as a female and the misogynistic jokes are already taking a toll on me. I just wish I had more normal female friends and companions on my side of the internet to feel more confident and less alone, every girl I know was trooned out for a long time already because being a girl online it's so fucking tiring with ridiculous misogyny becoming trendy.

No. 942137

I thought queues were long how to trannies get their surgeries so quickly

No. 942144

File: 1634579513167.jpg (153.03 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_2021-10-18-12-41-06…)

I think I just peaked because of this hellsite, and I'll have to keep it to myself forever because I can't risk losing my only friend group and relationship with my sister
I can't deal with cognitive dissonance once fucking again, and because of the fact I'm still mostly left leaning, I won't find people to relate to since the web seems to be either neonazis or the twitter mob

No. 942149

Girl, I'm glad you got checked but mad af about the response. Your healthcare system is crazy. Brown mucus and pain doesnt sound like something you can wait for friday to inspect. Do you have a fever? Let us know how you feel and how the situation evolves. Hugs

No. 942153

You're not alone, anon. It's not too bad being crypto but if you have to keep it sealed shut for now, just know at least one other woman is with you and sees you. Hugs.

No. 942158

>I won't find people to relate to since the web seems to be either neonazis or the twitter mob
lolcow doesn't seem to have neither of those crowds

No. 942169

Do you mean peak trans?

No. 942175

Fuck you and fuck your pronouns. You're thirty for fuck's sake! You're just doing this to have another thing to be mad about.

No. 942181

What can I do to stop crying? I literally always cry when I am sad, stressed, angry or feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, have to explain my feelings or feel emotionally touched by something. It is embarrassing. When I was little I was punished by my parents for crying so easily and they tried to train me so I wouldn't cry anymore but it just made things worse. When I was a teenager they bullied me a lot for it. I feel like I am pushing people away with it and they usually react with confusion, anger, disgust and think that I am weak. I can't do anything against it because it just happens. I am starting to go to therapy and already had 3 sessions and cried every time, my therapist even asked why I was crying and I tried to explain myself and I hope she doesn't think that I am a weirdo. How do I stop this?

No. 942189

my mom and I were at target together and she bought me a cami. the seam across the chest was too tight so I took it back. the manager at the customer service desk was so irritated with the fact that I didn't have a receipt nor my mom's card that her eye started twitching really noticeably. it was really scary to be honest and it looked incredibly unhinged. I'm laughing as I'm typing it out but I went into a bit of a panic and got breathless because my instinct was telling me this woman is a fuckjing threat. she calmed down when I told the girl she was training about the chest seam being tight but god damn I just never want to go to that store again. thank god they do free 2 day shipping. I just wanted to cut back on shipping waste wtf I'll retreat if it means I don't see these unhinged motherfuckers about

No. 942193

You honestly don't have to stop crying. I believe your therapist asked out of curiosity and to understand you better, not out of annoyance or judgement. You can express your feelings clearly. I understand the "it's embarrassing" part because I always think crying (on my part) is embarrassing, but I realized that I never think it's embarrassing when someone else does it, so I shouldn't judge myself so hard - and so shouldn't you judge yourself so hard either. Bottling it up is worse and makes for a poor emotional health. Cry, nonny! Until you feel like you don't have to. And if that time never comes, that's okay, as well!

No. 942205

Make sure to talk exactly about that on your next therapy session, your therapist will definitely help you with being more at peace with the way you react! It's exactly like >>942193 said though, crying is totally okay and it's actually good that you're not bottling things up.

No. 942214

I don't get what made them seem unhinged, just the eye twitch?

No. 942227

File: 1634583977942.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I just found out that my great grandparents were rich. They had horses and stuff like that. But my pos retarded great grandmother pissed it all away on idk what stupid shit and now my family is on the border of poverty. WHY HAVE KIDS THEN YOU DEAD CUNT. I'm so fucking angry I could cry

No. 942250

Why are you friends with men? If it was a girl friend then I’m sure you wouldn’t care if they mentioned their crush

No. 942256

The post you're replying to is her already clarifying that it's the sheer frequency of it annoying her.

No. 942278

This site was created by people who dress in lolita and jfash tho. So it's really weebs mocking other weebier weebs if anything

No. 942289

I didn't write about it in my post because I just wanted to get it quick off my chest so I wouldnt sperg irl about it. it was just the way her irritation escalated so quickly over nothing. the interaction was normal. I said I didn't have my receipt. She asked if I had the card used to buy it. I said, "No, I don't. My mom bought it for me." I could see her face drop in disbelief (?) and her eye was twitching to the point that it almost looked fake and overdramatic. There was a bit of a silence before she continued, telling me I would be getting store credit. And I said that's fine. I never acknowledged her tic or whatever. I don't know why that would have set her off. I worked retail, I know how recipetless returns work, and I understand managers don't like to do them for sales rates or whatever but I'm not emotionally invested in the wellness of my semi-local target store. I just want to return this according to the policy I know and understand. Anything else I can come up with for why she gave off such a threatening aura about my mom buying me a cami is pure projection or speculation.

No. 942292

I'm doing a "foundation" course to prep myself for a new degree after dropping out of college 2 years ago but what we're learning is the same topics we studied in the last few years of HS back when I was smart and had hopes for my future. I can't stop thinking about how much my friends from back then would be so disappointed if they saw me now still learning shit we learnt 5 years ago when they've probably already graduated by this point. I want to go back in time.

No. 942301

File: 1634587525855.png (166.34 KB, 517x480, oiwh8z79Vs1vhnsyko2_r1_540.png)

I fucking hate teenagers, they scare the shit out of me. I was on my balcony, smoking and talking to myself because I'm retarded. My teen neighbour saw me and laughed at me to her sister, wtf. Let me sperg on my balcony, you fucking twat

No. 942312

I once said " I hate teenagers " and someone on tumblr basically made a callout post about me and why I should die.

No. 942328

Sorry anon but I lol'd. Social media is really making teenagers insane.

No. 942335

Ta here and ur making a big deal out of it clearly

No. 942338

They have always been insane because they literally live in an alternate reality.

No. 942342

They are especially unhinged on Pinterest and tumblr. They'll make weird edgy jokes then screech at you if you don't believe in neo prounouns and how terfs should kill themselves. It's fucking nuts.

No. 942347


No. 942351

Yes ma'am. They are weirdly aggressive on pinterest.

No. 942352

Teens on the internet are insane. They only get away with it because their parents don’t go through their social media. You can’t call out a teenager nowadays for being a jackass because their uwu small minor beans. If they said half of the shit they posted online their parents would beat them or they’d be in an insane box.

No. 942354

I thought Pinterest was for pinning recipes or decor. The mental illness..

No. 942363

I think anon's referring to the comments section on some pins. I once saw an aiden get into an argument over some meme image someone posted.

No. 942364

File: 1634590008692.jpg (126.86 KB, 1200x718, FACQKagUUAkEUrL.jpg)

>moid friend that ghosted me making sad posts about how people enter his life just to leave it
i want to hurt him so fucking badly
i was finally over us becoming strangers after talking every single goddamn day for months and months until i saw that. you fucking bitch. i'm right here

No. 942368

How many moids stories can we get?? Don’t be friends with moids it never ends well. They’re so bitchy and sensitive. That sucks though

No. 942372

cool pic!

No. 942373

This nona's got the right idea. Used to be friends with moids. Found out that they are into loli and futa shit. Would not recommend. It was even worse because there were only two girls in the group, myself included. The other girl is a massive pick-me with zero self-respect. Still in the Discord, but I consider leaving (again) everyday.

No. 942375

I think the only way to be friends with moids is IRL after a while of knowing each other but you gotta be sure he's a good person with not so many scrote behaivors

No. 942378

Used to have a moid friend online for years. He blocked me for dissing troons on my Instagram story.

No. 942389

File: 1634590953859.jpg (34.7 KB, 450x450, 1615529512923.jpg)

sounds about right

No. 942391

I sadly know these people IRL as well. The only "good" moid in the group is a gay guy I've known for years.

No. 942406

where is this cursed image from

No. 942409

I hate people so much. It would be so fucking cool if the people I hate disappeared and only the people I like existed.

No. 942422

File: 1634594986695.png (50.38 KB, 281x320, B7D1A6DB-5612-4F32-BB02-77AA4B…)

He’s kinda cute

No. 942426


No. 942429

Vent thread in a nutshell

No. 942434

I’m confused about his eyes

No. 942435

he is a sentient breadstick

No. 942439

So ur ugly?

No. 942445


No. 942446

Post a celeb you resemble

No. 942452

Ayrt, that's good that you went to a doctor, but it really sucks that you have to wait for antibiotics. Tbh, it doesn't sound like a UTI (or maybe it is, but an extreme one?).
I honestly really hate having to wait to be treated for something. I have to wait 2 months to get a root canal for an infection I've had for a year.

No. 942456

so I got a 5head

No. 942470

you asked me to elaborate but whatever. if it was that important I would have included it orginally

No. 942471

isn't this the faggot who whines about feminists or something

No. 942477

File: 1634599120947.jpg (155.76 KB, 985x1024, DcoryiqU0AA9c2x.jpg)

You mean that guy that Laci Green was dating? That's who he looks like tbh

No. 942478

File: 1634599190135.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

I love that I knew exactly who you were talking about

No. 942480

ew spoiler that shit

No. 942484

I had a baby at 15 after getting raped and god I get so tired of the looks people give me when I say I have a 10 year old. Pity, confusion, disgust. At least have the balls to ask it instead of giving me the bug eyed judgmental look

No. 942485

Fuck those people, that makes me so angry.

No. 942488


> doesn’t even know her

> judges her
> forgets that being a teen mother meant she kept the baby even when it would be difficult

People are dumb

No. 942499

Fuck HOAs! Can’t get internet because the providers have to dig a hole, and a tunnel under the driveway to put the wires to get internet. We informed the HOA and they said they need more information. We got more info from internet provider and sent it to them. They’re still asking for more info. The cycle continues. If these fucks think they can dictate us…it’s been a month of this. Does America only have HOA? The irony “the land of the free”

No. 942503

My mom got pregnant with my older sister at 15, I can't imagine how difficult it would be in your case. If it's any consolation my older sister is arguably the most stable member of our family.

No. 942505

File: 1634604691931.jpg (1.5 MB, 2000x1316, 1547997185162.jpg)

I feel so overwhelmed with my work and university schedule this semester. I thought I could handle it but I took on too much responsibility and difficult classes and now that mixed with relationship issues makes me feel like running away and giving up although that's not possible. And it sucks even more that other people around me saw this and warned me and I didn't listen. What do you guys do when you feel overwhelmed by life?

No. 942509

Stoners are the worst fucking people, holy shit.

No. 942510

File: 1634604995717.jpg (35.23 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1135282107-612x612…)

i'm on 4 mg of xanax a day and my psychiatrist doesn't care. i used to be on 6 mg of ativan per day in order to get through college and graduate. i know it's a lot but there is literally nothing else that helps my crippling anxiety. i've been on and off benzos since 13 or so and i'm almost 28. "go take a walk" or "do yoga" is the biggest load of shit ever. i've tried numerous antidepressants too and nothing helps.

No. 942512

You mentioned a psychiatrist but have you talked to a therapist about strategies/treatment for your anxiety so you don't have to rely on meds alone? If it's financially possible for you that might help as well.

No. 942515

File: 1634605607228.png (36.06 KB, 561x276, retard.PNG)

I hate trannies trying to shove tranny shit into every single thing. I shouldn't be surprised considering the game's fanbase but holy shit shut the fuck up with your warped brain thoughts

No. 942517

I finally got Monster Hunter Rise for my Nintendi Switch and literally the first thing that happens is that you choose between "body type 1" and "body type 2". No nonnie, you read that correctly. It wasn't asking if I wanted to play as a male or female character, they wanted to know if my body type is penis or boobs

No. 942522

So true. I just wanna find good fanfic without one or more characters randomly made trans for no reason other than to support their mental illness and virtue signal about how Woke they are

No. 942523

There isn't a single day when I don't regret adopting this puppy ffs she's 6 month old already and she still pees inside. I hate that I didn't rehome her asap and I hate that I was a doormat and let my family talk me into adopting a dog in the first place. I hate the responsibility of having a pet and I'm so fucking tired of cleaning shit and piss.

No. 942524

I wonder if it's called like that in the JPN version too, or if they had to localize it like that to not get swarmed by the rabid twitter mob.

No. 942525

I feel this. I used to read fics from a certain show, but people would constantly make the tomboyish girl trans or nonbinary. She wasn't even a tomboy because she wanted, it was necessary for the story ffs

No. 942527

File: 1634607037798.jpg (53.21 KB, 790x987, 6546854654.jpg)

I did that thing where you stop initiating texts/calls with your SO and start acting friendly but distant to instill dread in them (with the intent of making them start working harder to keep/impress you) and all it did was scare and upset him. The accidental benefit of this fuckery is that I realized I actually needed space from him to think things through, and then we talked and we're both starting to feel better but things are so awkward now. Why am I so fucking stupid, I'm gonna lose him for a stupid reason because I was too awkward and prideful to just tell him he wasn't meeting my needs.

No. 942531

That’s really good to hear anon, I worry about how she’ll be as an adult all the time. I hope to god I’ve done a good enough job raising her

No. 942534

all of my online friends who i've been in regular contact with for 3-5 years are trooning out. one of them even got her tits chopped off. none of them are fun to talk to anymore because they only talk about their crippling dysphoria that is ~ so real and authentic ~ it only manifested itself within the past 6 months, coincidentally at the same time as everyone else's. ever since "coming out", they've all gotten much more mentally unstable and obnoxious. i miss our tight-knit circle of slightly nerdy butch lesbians. we've known each other for so long that it would suck to end our friendships over this, but i literally cannot stand them anymore. they've always been slightly more libfem than me but i shudder to imagine what would happen if they realized i'm a secret terf kek

No. 942536

It's starting to feel like I'm not meant to have family and friends and I'm just supposed to live alone wihtout anyone disrupting me.

No. 942537

Just make new friends, they sound shitty.

No. 942564

Sometimes all I think about is you and you're not even all that great I just put you on this pedestal of man I want you to be so badly. The truth is you're a scrote and I let you ruin a lot of things I worked hard for in just 3 years. But sometimes all I think about is you.

No. 942576

this stupid fuck is effectively homeless and wears like 1 pair of pants, and despite showering him in my attention he seems luke-warm on me at best, and the more resistance I'm met with, the worse I want him, because why the fuck isn't he worshipping the ground I walk on like he should be? god fucking damn it I pick up the worst dudes.

No. 942599

Had the day off today, so I decided to go for an early morning walk/jog. But I had to cut it short because this stupid mother fucking moid jogger started to follow me! At first I ignored him and thought maybe he just had the same jogging route as me. So I decided to switch routes so as to avoid him but he actually turned around halfway and decided to follow my route again! I quickly gave up my jog after that and rush back home. I hope he didn't see which house I live in. Fuck you fuck you fuck you you stupid old scrote! I wish I'm a billionaire so I can create a park only for women so we can avoid being harassed by asshole men! Gahhhh morning ruined!

No. 942601

Same anon. Tbh, I secretly don't mind? You're born alone and you'll die alone.

No. 942633

File: 1634618355249.jpg (11.11 KB, 466x422, 516ADA6BAjL._AC_SX466_.jpg)


No. 942637

File: 1634618745462.png (152.79 KB, 860x602, 599-5991841.png)

i failed (anything below 75% is failing i got a 72%) my first exam on the endocrine system and literally want to off myself now FUCK the hypothalamus and especially fuck the pituitary gland im so angry and mad and pissed off

No. 942639

I love when my mother fucking makes it apparent I would have been treated better if I was born a male. I should have fucking walked away years ago. I hate that I lie to myself that she cares. No. I'm a fucking puppet for my parents. Fuck both of them.

No. 942642

File: 1634618929760.gif (430.14 KB, 269x200, 200.gif)

I'm so sorry anon

No. 942648

i thought i found the perfect guy.. the guy who wants to see me everyday, opens doors for me, asks me how i am, texts me first thing in the morning, is handsome, smart, kind, etc. he plays soccer and does logistics for some company. we really fell for each other hard and i only met him a week ago. im so fucking dumb. i had sex with him too. i was totally swooned. he was crazy about me. he took me on some amazing dates, and brought me to this christian group where i had a lot of fun meeting people my age, beamed about how excited he was to do this and that with me, last night he even drew a picture of us together (lol) so you can probably see why i fell for him.

well, today, it happened.. i found out what's wrong with him. he drove me home from a date and basically confronted me on the fact that im orthodox christian and he's baptist, and that he wants me to convert and go to his church. i just woke up and realized he was literally just initiating me to be his wife the entire time. he said im perfect "except for the fact that you're not baptist…" he spent an hour trying to convince me to try it, and that we can debate/discuss the differences in our religions and see who's "right," and that this is a 'dealbreaker' from him. uhhhh motherfucker i just met you a week ago??? idgaf that he looks like a 10/10 perfect chad with a nice cock and can put a mask on and say all the right things and be nice to me. god wouldn't want this! i thought both of us being christian was enough, but nope. he tricked me, got me emotionally invested, and then dropped the 'dealbreaker' on me when i was hooked. he drove home thinking id 'try' it, i kissed him goodnight (and uh… fucked him one more time. dont judge me i gotta get one last ride in.) and sent him a text basically saying it ain't gonna work. im really hurt rn because of how emotionally invested i got but ill be fine. just wanted to share with you guys. dating sucks.

No. 942649

(also, i know, im a bad christian)