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File: 1410257401960.jpg (47.56 KB, 400x534, tumblr_nauib0Qs3F1tjtqjao1_400…)

No. 12069

euthanizeallwhitepeople aka Jun thread


Made the thread so the tumblr one doesn't get flooded too much.

Summary: Angry Korean claiming he is "militant Asian"
Whines on tumblr every day about evil whitey and browses asian tags on tumblr so he can find some random weeaboo to rage about.

No. 12070

File: 1410257909764.jpg (38.75 KB, 544x327, ,.JPG)

>My ultimate goal is to make them (white people) cry and contemplate suicide

>these insults


No. 12071

File: 1410258189907.jpg (65.21 KB, 395x562, 1410013554387.jpg)

edge lord

No. 12072


>K-Pop needs to be more racially diverse, with the exception of white people because privilege!

No. 12073

File: 1410258614729.jpg (72.67 KB, 849x362, pop.JPG)


Harassing a white girl who has studied Japanese for many years and works in a Japanese company for no other reason than her being white

No. 12076

File: 1410259182177.jpg (27.31 KB, 479x240, klk.JPG)

Those disgusting privileged shitlord racist cracker oppressors!

How can they not accept my URL which calls for genocide of a race!

No. 12077

File: 1410259532109.jpg (46.36 KB, 620x387, Ichiro-Ozawa_2203530b.jpg)

This is wong, on so many rebel.

No. 12078

Is it just me or does he look really white?

Eastern european or turkish looking PERHAPS, but surely not asian. My fully white brother looks more asian than this yahoo.

No. 12080

File: 1410260349718.jpg (59.27 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nagvdnun0V1tjtqjao1_128…)

To me he looks like one of those tumblrina girls who pretend to be edgy boys because being trans is now trendy.

Also his female bff has a huge head

No. 12081

Ah nvm he does look asian. If that IS him. I'm still not convinced he's not just some weeaboo.

He complains about white people all day long, but I bet he lives in a white country like america, takes advantage of that country's education, resources, infrastructure etc.

No. 12082

He lives in Seoul, South Korea ( a country which was protected from the North Korea and funded by the US) and he used to live in New York. I guess someone made fun of him in NY and now he is all buttblasted, shitposting on tumblr.

No. 12089

For some reason I also have a problem believing that's him.

What if Jun was just a social experiment by some anti-SJW/weeb that wanted to prove weebs would hop onto any bandwagon (including one of self-loathing) if there was a kawaii oppa/senpai mix at the head of it?


No. 12091

IMO, anyone who actually gets offended by what he says isn't seeing the point (eg his URL is "euthanizeallwhitepeople" as a response to anti-Asian/anti-non white people in general sentiment on the part of white people, and an attempt at "equality", even though it's negative. I guarantee that half the (white) people who take issue with it or send him hate mail telling him he "keeps racism alive" would just ignore it and shrug if someone went around with a Tumblr called "euthanizeall[not white]people" or say shit like "Well, there are just crazies like that around. It's just the internet, calm down, they deserve their free speech too, you know"), but he's constantly pissed off for no reason at all and that makes him a lolcow.

No. 12092

I think it's more that whites hating others is so commonplace and accepted as being retarded, whereas this is novel.

No. 12100


Yeah I suspect that too. As I posted here >>12059 He never replies to asks regarding his country's politics that isn't tied to the SJW's white hate. He only replies to blatant hate or asks complimenting him.
You'd think that "militant" asian who loves his home country would give some opinion and information regarding his place that isn't tumblr SJW related.

No. 12102

Yep. His blog just has a really fake vibe to it, I can't quite put my finger on it though.

No. 12106

Maybe it's that North Korean propaganda picture he uses for his blog's background even though he is half-Japanese and lives in Seoul.

No. 12107

It's not that hard to believe there are psychos like this. But giving them attention does no one any good. Just ignore him and let him shout into an empty room.

No. 12116

You're kidding, right? It's very unacceptable for white people to show any signs of racism. I think you spend too much time on /pol/, no one in real life really thinks like that. "Any group who amuses themselves by pretending to be idiots will find at least one idiot among themselves who thinks he's right at home". ←–/pol/ in a nutshell. Trolls trolling trolls.

No. 12117

It feels like it was written by an asian-american.

No. 12142

Yes. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy in the photos isn't really "him", and it wouldn't be the first time an infamous SJW blogger did that. Medieval poc lied about being a poc and even used a photo of a random native american girl, when she's actually very white.

I'm betting that "Jun" is some American girl teaching English in Korea.

No. 12143

Oh man I didn't know that about medieval POC. Neil Gaiman blogged about them or something a while ago.

No. 12144

File: 1410307120486.jpg (144.7 KB, 764x882, yx.JPG)

His way of posting is kind of girlish

No. 12156

Can anyone find any dox on this guy?

From what hes given out (so it might be fake…)

> Name is Jun L*

> 24 years old
> Japanese father, Korean mother
> Born/raised in Osaka
> Lived in NY for 4-5 years
> Has a degree in computer sciences and repairs computers for a living
> Currently lives in S. Korea (Seoul?)

* I don't know for certain that his last name begins with L. I recall him posting a screenshot of a skype conversation and his name was Jun L. As far as I'm concerned no Japanese last name actually begins with "L", assuming he took his father's last name. So that's questionable, if he's trying to claim "Jun L." is his name, but who knows.

No. 12163

she looks like a creepy small animal of some kind

No. 12164

she almost has the cl dog face

No. 12176

The guy is quite good looking but I'm having a hard time believing that this is really him. It wouldn't be the first time someone lied about their image on the internet.

No. 12181

File: 1410332568554.jpg (50.02 KB, 217x438, f.jpg)

These fangirls really need to stop enabling him(?)

No. 12227

His English seems very fluent for someone who supposedly learned English for only 4 years while living in New York.

No. 12255

don't koreans hate japanese anyways? rape of nanking and all that. this kid is a walking contradiction on so many levels.

No. 12261

His logic is somewhat like this:
"POC can't be racist against other POC, they can only have prejudice and be judgmental, only white people can be racist."

Which is weird coming from a half-Japanese half-Korean (who claims to be raised in Japan and later Korea) to even use term PoC and to accept SJW philosophies and deliver them like a typical Tumblrina.

No. 12532

>Rape Of Nanking


No. 12548

File: 1410439302087.jpg (54.27 KB, 503x663, as.JPG)

Attacking some random girl because she capped her selfie "like the animes"

No. 12549

File: 1410440103968.jpg (35.5 KB, 227x204, aa.jpg)


This girl is now getting tons of anon hate from Jun fangirls because she politely said she doesn't agree with his views.

SJWs are such fucking children.

No. 12555

He acts like an aspie. That girl was being sarcastic, esp since she tagged it with "weeaboo" as well.

> Implying racist blogs ran by PoC don't exist
> Implying the Japanese didn't promote genocide of pretty much any Asian that wasn't Japanese
> Implying that anti-feminism has anything to do with colour at all

u funny jun.

No. 12564

so now, even white people having the gall to feel offended is racist.

No. 12589

>i am going to judge you by the color of your skin
>fucking cracker shut the fuck up , kill yourself i wish all of you would die mayo shits
>stop that
>no you stop policing my tone!

and that's your typical SJW

No. 12591

This is so fucking stupid. In trying to make white people look bad, they actually end up making a good argument for white supremacy.
>>White people have always been in power over every other race
>>None-whites of any race have never built an empire that can compete with ours

You get what I'm saying here, right? There has never been a great society that does not partake in war and bloodshed. They make it sound like human history is nothing but "white master race, everyone else our slaves". In doing this, they actually dismiss the accomplishments of none-whites. As Nietzsche once said, "No one is more inferior then those who constantly insist they are equal". Trying to re-write history to make Beethoven black doesn't make your race look good, because everyone already knows it's bullshit. It makes you seem inferior.

No. 12601

It's a lot like how insisting you don't care makes you look like you really do care a lot.

No. 12608

Just how Jun states he doesn't give a fuck about white people yet makes blog that revolves around white people.

No. 13036

File: 1410709909408.jpg (38.81 KB, 267x267, 00.JPG)

these white guilt cocksuckers

>we are the only race that enables racism

No. 13041


No. 13042

Guhhh I fucking hate white people that are like this. This is the kind of shit we get taught in public schools. I hope you're happy liberals, you've created a generation of historically ignorant faggots.

No. 13045

File: 1410717605606.jpg (28.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

yeah ok

No. 13048

He's an Amerifag. Dude isn't some guy living in Seoul, Korea. We've already established this but that post is the icing on the cake.

No. 13106

Oh boo-fucking-hoo.

No. 13111

White people are disgusting tbh

No. 13112

Black people are disgusting tbh
Asian people are disgusting tbh

No. 13117

ok mayo

No. 13118

white people problems
>not making partner at the firm
>getting fat from Starbucks

POC problems
>getting murdered or sent to jail while innocent
>being impoverished

boohoo whitey

No. 13121

Look here nigger chill yo ass, before someone shoots yo ass.

No. 13123

white people only know how to kill and steal but what do you expect from someone raised on salami and mayo

No. 13124

>this b8

No. 13125

The bait is real in this thread.

Can an admin just block this dumb ass.

No. 13126

So this persons comment was bait the person calling random people niggers wasn't bait?

No. 13127

You know what's interesting about these last few posts? How offended some people got. This just shows how angry and aggressive some white people get for stupid shit. They just can't take it. I've never seen the rage escalate so quickly.
poc go through this shit all the time.
They responded by doing the exact same thing they thought was wrong. How is that going to solve anything?

No. 13129

Like this post here. This person is probably normal and has friends that are of different races. Yet they just couldn't take it when called "disgusting" by one single anon on the internet that they let their true self come out and spew the exact same hate back. Idiotic.

No. 13143

>getting murdered or sent to jail while innocent

No. 13144

Looks like he found our thread. Let the lulz begin.

No. 13145

File: 1410774600051.png (162.05 KB, 1024x896, 1408669772495.png)

All we are doing is using your own logic against you. I'm sorry your arguments are so weak.
Haha, wow. That poster just repeated what the previous poster said, they just replaced the races. Y u so mad?
>>they just can't handle it
You're the one who's getting butthurt over a "no u" comment. We don't have any fired chicken and watermelon for you, gtfo. Black people cause massive amounts of crime. We have a right to hate them for ruining our communities.

No. 13147

>>poc go through this shit all the time

Even in their own countries? I'm sorry you decided to move somewhere filled with white people so you could bitch about it, Jun. If you traveled the world, you would find that white countries tend to be more progressive and tolerant than most. I bet the only "racism" you've experienced has been through anonymous comments on the internet. Most white people aren't racist, and those who are tend to keep it to themselves.


Look at how tolerant the west is. Look at it. Korea is pretty intolerant, so it's ironic that you're obsessing over the racial tolerance of whites instead of focusing on your own problems.

No. 13149

b-b-but some weeb on the internet said he wants to be cool like the japanese

No. 13150

Do black Americans have a country?

No. 13151

Even if Koreans do go back to Korea there's a strong western influence because of the presence of American soldiers.

White people ruin every country they go to. I can't name 1 country white men have made better. They're leaches who feed off the resources of others but have the nerve to get mad at a joke that says they like salami.

No. 13152

Every tragedy of the modern era was caused by white people

>inb4 Rape of Nanking which was funded by America

>inb4 Gaza which is funded by America

No. 13153


No. 13154

Duh, there's a white gene that causes white people to do evil, rwanda was all because of white people and basically any fight, murder or act of violence done by POC to POC was somehow caused by white people, even though white people are cultureless smelly cave dwellers.

It's history 101 anon.

No. 13158

actually, the lineage of most black Americans have been here longer than white because so many of them immigrated from Europe in the 19th century.

No. 13159

Rwanda was also indirectly caused by Europeans who had colonized the area and separated the Africans by skin color and features and creating a caste system that wasn't there. After King Leopold left Rwanda, they took the resources and left a shitty hierarchy that led to the crisis there.

History 101

No. 13160

And scientists did actually make a book about a white gene. It's called "The Wretched of the Earth" and the theory is that because white people have higher mixture of Neanderthal blood and spent so much time in a cold hostile environment, that they didn't develop like normal humans did and have no regard for the environment. Which is true because they take and take and take.

No. 13161

File: 1410782893948.jpg (49.27 KB, 404x582, 1471368_546750272067723_118760…)


Pretty much every country was made better by us. Haiti and Zimbabwe did the "wise" thing by throwing white people out, and look at them now. South Africa could have been a first world country if they left the white people in charge. But they didn't, and now they're the rape capital of the world with Jacob Zuma in charge. Zuma is nothing but a criminal who stole a shit ton of money from the country for his own benefit. He also thought soap could wash the AIDS off his dick after he raped a woman with HIV. True story, look it up.
Free from white oppression!

No. 13162

If white people stayed in South Africa, Africans would've still been oppressed. White people destroyed Africa and Southeast Asia and South America.

No. 13163

Are muds really this stupid and easily manipulated?
>>White people like me?
If you slaughter a shit ton of people in horrible ways, it's your own fucking fault. I'm sorry your race is so inferior. Niggers have been doing this shit to each other long before whitey arrived, anyhow. We just gave them the technology to do it better. Someone giving you weapons doesn't make it okay. Niggers don't have philosophy or science, so they can't comprehend this.

No. 13165


Africa was a horrible place for other niggers to live in. If niggers hadn't been "oppressed :(" by whites, they would be oppressed by other niggers in far more brutal ways. You act as if every society doesn't have a cast system. Apefreakans were polygamist. Do you know how they could afford it? They would raid the towns around them, kill all the men, and take the women as slaves. Woman were literally property in Apefreaka before YT came to oppress them. Slavery was incredibly common as well. Women were like a valuable live stalk, because they could produce children. The girl children would be sold, and the boy children would either work with their fathers or be sold into slavery themselves. The more children a man had, the richer he was. That's why wives were so important. They preferred to marry women who already had children so that the husband could sell her kids to get the money back that he had paid for his wife.
>>South America
Don't you find it a little upsetting that a boat filled with just a couple hundred whites was able to conquer this whole continent? Same with Africa. Europe is such a small spot on the world map, yet we've done so much. The Spanish teamed up with different tribes to take out the Aztecs and conquer. They then stayed and married women from within these allied tribes. Beaners are always trying to identify with the Aztecs, but in reality, they're actually descended from those who are responsible for killing them.

No. 13168

The stormfront crew is strong in this thread.

No. 13170

2 much truth 4 me, make it go away >.<

No. 13171

Eastern Asians have more Neanderthal blood than whites.
>>"The Wretched of the Earth"
>>1961 science

The gene 5-HTTLPR, blacks are apparently more likely to carry a variant that biases the carrier toward selectively blocking out negative information.

No. 13186

Fuck off, reverse SJW.

No. 13187

ITT: Stormshits vs. SJW Tumblr
What's even happeneing

No. 13192

Admin help!

First the staminarose incident now this. How gullible are we?

This is all ob trolling/samefaggotry/the guy who runs that blog trying to paint us in a bad light?

There's no way anyone is genuinely that stupid, on both the far left and far right spectrum of this thread.

I think it's obv bait or trolling and youre all falling for it.

No. 13194

Agreed, it is racism either way and therefore against the rules, it is like that faggot with his vendetta against mexicans.

No. 13196

I think blatant hate speech like "hurr niggers hurrr " should be banned since it's against the rules/us law and this is not /pol/.

If you want to stormfront or tumblr you should do it on those respective sites. Personally I think it shits up the board and derails lolcow threads.

At the end of the day though its up to admin.

No. 13198

Still getting offended on the internet over nigger. Tumblr please leave.

No. 13200

Let us not forget freedom of speech.
I may use nigger, but one I would never use it in real world settings let alone along the lines of "kill all nigers" or shit like that. There is a difference from using it and hate speech.

No. 13201

I should say I use nigger loosely like some xbox faggot 13 year old sometimes.

But watch you come after me now using faggot.

No. 13202

I'm mostly concerned that it's spammy.
We had someone make a huge ass post about "niggers" in this thread. The social justice warriors are no better.

Both are causing the thread to descend into spam. We are too weak not to take the bait, so i think it should be banned to say things like "hurrr i hate niggers and mexican s".

It brings nothing to the conversation and makes everyone lose their shit.

No. 13203

Yeah I'm done with this thread. Didn't mean to make it spammy so I'm out. (sorry)

No. 13217

>>US law
Are you seriously this stupid? Wow. You're one stupid faggot. It's not against the law to be racist in the US, that's only in euro countries.

No. 13223

>doesn't know what hate crime is

No. 13225

>>calling someone a niggers is a hate crime

No. 13226

It is racism and racism falls under hate crime.

No. 13238

I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but no it's not. Even the KKK is allowed to talk all they want about how non-WASPs should be killed as long as they don't act on it/make real plans to act on it. It sucks, but that's just how it is here.

No. 13240

Thanks for reminding me why this is such a shithole of a country.

No. 13256

"Hate speech" is strictly protected under the first amendment, retard.
>>Whaaaa, people aren't getting arrested for believing in things I don't like

No. 13257

too bad he's so hot.

No. 13259

Lolwhat? He's not. To each their own I guess.

It's probably not even him.

No. 13261

people can be good looking but completely rotten inside. it's actually pretty common. people sometimes pander to them because of their looks, and so their shitty personalities are cemented.

No. 13271

>>Waaaaah people don't agree with my ideology

No. 13275

I still think he looks white.

Ideology has absolutely nothing to do with this. Look, bud, cases where people are persecuted for internet hate speech are few and far between. Why? It's a new sphere, somewhere not quite public, not quite private. Naturally this is just one reason among many other. Oh, and regarding the "non-WASP" thing- that is actually 100 % not hate speech (although it could be considered a threat). Going on television to speak about how pastafarians eat their children is not. The difference? One is a minority, the other is not.

I'd rather not this turn into every /pol/ or white nationalist thread ever. We're here to laugh at such things.

A reminder:

Consistently off-topic or extremely irritating posts may result in a warning, and repeat offenders may receive temporary or permanent ban from /pt/.

Driving discussions on hate speech can be considered to be such a thing. I hope this has the intended effect of illuminating the subject that we may move on. But perhaps you intend to derail? We'll see.

No. 13281

This is too much doublethink for me to handle. You want people to be arrested for their ideology, yet you accuse me of being intolerant towards the ideology of others. Are you retarded, or just Jun? I'm sorry, but people have the right to be as racist as they please. You can't lock people up for hating a certain group of people.

No. 13299

wow your all idiots. all the comments after >>13041 should be deleted bc they ruined the thread.

i would have never brought this guy up if i knew it would descend into this level of massive joykill.

No. 13308

File: 1410851761728.png (317.2 KB, 546x688, 1406463468841.png)

No. 13309

ook ook, eek eek

No. 13310

He looks like a kid.

No. 13312

Just report the shit posters. This site has become shitty in such a short amount of time, my fucking god…

No. 13315


A lot of 4chan has become shitty too. It's filled with hypersensitive people who feel the need to shit out long paragraphs. Also they like to give out pointless opinions no one cares about.

The amount of people who samefag are pretty bad too. A lot of people don't understand that if you don't have anything to contribute, then don't post. Plenty of boards have become a youtube comment section /retarded chatroom.

No. 13376

are you having an episode at the keyboard or something get it together

No. 13377

what did you expect it to be like

No. 13382

It's an anon image board, bro. People post their opinions, make dealings.

No. 13383

Nah I just think you chimps can't argue. You just get butthurt and cry.

No. 13391

lmfao. weak.

No. 13393

Says an assmangled SJW who decided to show up in this thread to defend his feminine chinky idol.

No. 13404

Damn. White people live in a world of their own, don't they?

They really really do.."

I think this is a real gem.

Let the retards throw their fits on their own. Contribute to the thread instead of responding. I'm reporting posts that further this retarded "NO UR DUMB" shit.

No. 13406

That tends to happen with anonymity; people go all out. There is no censor or consequence if you say the "wrong" thing. Basically, it is a free for all. Meanwhile, say one wrong thing on tumblr and you are flooded with hatemail, potentially doxxed…ect.
So you'll most likely will deleted fucking everything.

>Damn. White people live in a world of their own, don't they?

Yeah, that is a real gem considering the fact only white countries allow a mass amount of immigrants into their countries, and are overall the most tolerant/progressive.

No. 13415

I meant more the way he's seemingly completely oblivious to the conflicts between asian countries, and is talking like that about people he likely has very little exposure to, all the while firmly claiming he's not racist. Because everyone knows we whites monopolized the abstract concept of judging people based on the amount of pigmentation of their skin.

No. 13429

I very much do not like interfering with discussions and I think freedom of speech is very important. I also promised to never reveal samefags unless a poster gave me explicit permission to.

I will (technically speaking) keep that promise, but I'll otherwise temporarily make an exception and butt in here in a way that some people probably won't like.

Racism is not illegal in the US and does not break the rules, however you are one of a very small number of people who has felt the need to shit up and derail this imageboard with irrelevant, spiteful, overtly racist comments for many months. Since the board was first made, you in particular have been responsible for more of these posts than anyone else. Also, there is a big difference between saying "nigger" or making racist jokes, and aggressively posting white supremacist garbage. I am the opposite of a SJW but people like you are stuck centuries in the past.

I will not delete any posts or warn or ban anyone who's posted in this thread, however I simply felt the need to let everyone know that it is an overwhelming minority of people who feel the need to post repeatedly in different threads to talk shit about non-whites.

If anyone wants to have discussions regarding race and politics, keep it to /b/ or more preferably, take it to /pol/.

I will be publicly warning and temporarily banning X-supremacist posters from now on as I see fit. And yes, I know that the subject of this thread is of the opposite extreme; those sorts of opinions are equally as bad and will also be banned if posted unironically, though so far I don't believe I have seen any instances of that.

No. 14423


Pffffttttt. Why do I not believe this? He's probably just worried now that he has 4chans attention. I seriously doubt that anyone posted the kids in his pics on a cp site, he just doesn't want his face out there anymore and needs a manly excuse. That, or the pictures aren't his and someone is running out. I also can tell that he's defiantly seen this thread, I can tell which posts are his.

No. 14426

>They think i’m racist against white people.

Why would they think that?

No. 14429

>They posted pictures of my baby sister to pedophillic image boards

I kind of doubt that. Maybe someone tried to organize a raid against him on 4chan's /b/. But I bet it's probably a white girl posting some random dude's selfies, living her dream of a Korean/Japanese bishie SJW fighting against white patriarchy.

No. 14430

>black Americans

Yes, it's called America.

No. 14446

>>pedophilic image board
>>image board
Is there still one of those in existence? Last I remember, 12chan got shut down. He's probably talking about /b/, that, or he's butthurt about this thread. Also, how did one of his followers find the pictures? Were they browsing cp when they recognized Juns sister? I would report that follower, Jun. Lol, jk, he made it up. I don't think 4chan knows about this dude, so if he's talking about us, then that's pretty funny.

No. 14500

you can't even see the kids face in any pics.

No. 14501

i think he's seen this thread because he changed his tumblr theme after people were talkin shit about it lolol

No. 14502

fullten reblogged this post

No. 14509

I doubt it as well. A little while ago there was an incident with another blogger (who was a white girl). She posted a picture of some silk robe and made the mistake of tagging it "kimono". Jun flipped his shit and sent his asslicking army after her, and that girls followers of course defended her. Jun then immediately started claiming that that girls' followers were flooding his inbox with CP.

I feel like he uses the excuse CP to make shit more real and so people hate whoever he's going up against even more. He accused that girl of supporting child pornography after that IIRC. She was a fitness blog and in my honest opinion I don't think her followers actually sent him something like that, and I honestly doubt anyone's that retarded to send illegal shit over a petty little internet SJW fight.

No. 14511

>You can't lock people up for hating a certain group of people.
Not in the United States, certainly, but in other countries with hate speech laws, yes. As a civil libertarian any law that stifles speech is concerning, especially since it gives governments the precedence to restrict even more things it doesn't like.

It's like the old saying, you give them an inch, they'll take a mile (or for those of you on metric, you give them a centimeter, they'll take a kilometer).

No. 14512

I guess it's a new tactic?
Make up a lie that your "haters" are sending you CP (or posting your censored pictures of your niece on pedophillic image boards). Claim it's a proof that everyone who doesn't agree with you are disgusting pedophiles.
Of course you can't show proof that it actually happened because that would be illegal.

No. 14664

File: 1411604299299.png (78.23 KB, 232x342, Untitled.png)

Seems like it. Pedoes sure are careless these days, oh wait, he made it up lol.

No. 14685

File: 1411612767295.png (145.21 KB, 215x546, hmmm.png)

How convenient.
>>Unfortunately a lot of people will defend pedophiles unless they SEE the pictures. Which is ridiculous.

Not believing my baseless accusations is absurd.

No. 14687

File: 1411613104545.png (151.85 KB, 220x496, lmao.png)

He's defiantly been living in the U.S. longer then he claims. That other blogs reaction to Juns bitching is pretty funny, imho.

No. 14688

File: 1411613258014.png (28.11 KB, 213x137, no.png)

No, Jun. No. You're the one keeping a tally and trying to make things into an oppression Olympics.

No. 14704

That tumbler just goes to a bunch of old ass Asian ballsack.

No. 14798

Lmao what's with this faggot. He's constantly re-blogging other peoples pictures to talk shit about them, yet bitches when someone else does the same thing? Bro. I also like how he keeps playing victim when he's the one who started every one of these fights. "Whaaa, people are saying mean things to me", and then he goes on insulting people and being an edgy faggot.
>>i don't care about your feelings
>>every one of his arguments are based on his feelings

No. 14800

>I will talk shit to you but you can't talk shit to me because I claim I am oppressed by you!

brilliant logic

No. 22080

File: 1415526356287.jpg (128.57 KB, 500x668, 1410258189907b.jpg)

No. 22081

File: 1415526591575.png (14.04 KB, 813x497, wot.png)

What's this all about?

No. 22082

Oh never mind, just went to this link. Crazy shit.

No. 22087

File: 1415535981188.jpg (40.3 KB, 857x561, DgWp7sh.jpg)

Trying to read the post by the girl he was in a relationship with but the way she talks in the chats is so fucking annoying.

No. 22089

Jun's a complete piece of trash, but this chick who's trying to out him has just made herself seem like a complete and utter fucking moron.

Dumb cunt.

No. 22090

File: 1415539864216.png (65.65 KB, 441x101, Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 13.2…)

They're both melodramatic as fuck, rambling on and on about every little thing when they're only had an online relationship for all of a month.

Also, Tumblrinas in a nutshell. Everything is triggering this, triggering that.

No. 22091

It seems like they just had normal arguments and blew shit way out of proportion.

No. 22092

I can't even finish reading it all. It's literally U TRIGGERED ME- NO U TRIGGERED ME!!

What pisses me off the most is that from the screens, she is doing the exact same guilt tripping shit he was. It's so fucking hypocritical I had to read some of this twice to even try to convince myself she isn't trolling and really just doesn't see her doing the same shit. It's funny and rage-inducing at the same time.

How do these people fucking survive in the world?

No. 22095


Yes, thank you.
Like guilt tripping is kinda manipulative and dickish but BOTH of them are doing it to each other. The entire thing is just "u trigger me now i cry" from both parties. Are these people seriously meant to be grown adults?

No. 22097

I gotta say I've had a panic attack from something someone's said to me because of my abandonment issues, too. You can't expect people to hold your hand and tell you they're never going to leave you just because of YOUR OWN problems. Sure, he was pretty childish, and he's a huge cunt anyway, but I don't get how she can claim he's abusive when she kept guilting him for something that stems from her own issues.

Seriously though every skype log she's posted reads like the chat logs of two 13-year-olds in a very immature e-relationship.

No. 22100

I had a friend when I was like 16 that I met online that was in love with me, but she knew I was straight blah blah blah. This shit is old and tired. Grow up and be adults ffs. She sounds like a bitchy vindictive holier-than-though trainwreck screaming MUH OPPRESSION too though. They're both nuts.

No. 22101

lmao at the back and forth of "you triggered me." I seriously didn't think people that were seriously like that. I don't get why this whole thing was such a big deal. He literally deleted everything over this. It's not a surprise at all, though, we all knew he was a whiny asshole, along with all these other sjw types.

No. 22116

They really do seem similar in the way they think, with the massive victim complexes and expecting the world to cater to their moods. Meanwhile, they don't need to show this kind of respect to others. Having two people like that in a relationship is bound to end in disaster.

No. 22120

File: 1415558225472.jpg (24.39 KB, 480x323, women-laughing2.jpg)

>>I couldn’t process anything. I was so far into a state of depersonalization that I wanted to self-harm. I think it can be argued that I was possibly triggered into some form of psychosis since I had some memory blackouts and started to smell and kind of see blood that wasn’t there

No. 22134

>only had an online relationship for all of a month.
The fuck? From those retardedly long and personal "u triggered me" screencaps, I seriously thought this was over the course of like 4-8 months.
They barely know each other and they're already pulling this dramatic bullshit?
They're both such self-absorbed, shitty people it makes me sick.

No. 22136

They admitted they liked each other Sept 27th, the last few caps are from Oct 26th.
Yep, they're both total fucking nutjobs.

No. 22151

File: 1415569248720.jpg (72.15 KB, 687x513, 0000.JPG)


Ok, what the fuck.

Is this how tumblr people talk?

I mean I had times in my life when I felt bad and I would talk to friends to feel better or times when I would discuss my relationship with my boyfriend, but never like this. They basically just keep going on and on about their anxiety and how hard their life is and keep throwing "triggers" in each other's faces.
Yet he (and probably she) run tumblr blogs where they present themselves as proud social justice warriors who don't take no shit from the hegemony of the white devils.

And she isn't really bright. Did she think that the guy who runs the blog that is titled "euthanize all white people" and calls himself "asian mafia" isn't a retard/doesn't have issues and is gonna be a perfect boyfriend? Well surprise surprise.

Also she gives him link to her private blog where she vents her thoughts. Then she writes somethings about how he tires her and he asks "what's with that?" and then she gets "triggered" and demands from him not to check her private blog while keeping it public? Of course he is going to keep on checking it, you dumb bitch, especially since you write about him.

Jun is a piece of shit but she isn't a saint either. Probably did all of this to get attention and start drama. I mean look how she reacts when there is some drama going on with their tumblr friends (gasp, someone was lying on tumblr, pic related)

They all need to talk with psychologists asap. But oh wait, I forgot, psychologists are privileged CIS shitlords.

Also that little faggot wants to leave Korea and come back to New York lol. Jun, I thought you were a proud azn, why do you want to go back to white devil's nest?

No. 22169

h-how OLD are these people? Aren't they like… mid twenties!?
This is seriously like reading the transcript of 2 emo tumblrina 13 year olds.

Jun's an asshole & it's no surprise he was basically projecting his self-hate through his blog (still unforgivable)
But that girl.. omg… can she type a complete sentence at all? She's just as attention seeking & 'blaming'

if anything, it's hilarious Jun was defeated by his complete equal in female form. I hope he had fun dealing with the complete bullshit everyone who associated with him no doubt had to deal with.

No. 22172

File: 1415576866233.png (98.33 KB, 330x436, Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.0…)

dis bitch.

No. 22173

When i was reading that i thought "jun" was fake. Maybe its a girl or a guy pretending to be japanese/korean
I met a similar guy on the internet. At the end it was a russian guy

No. 22174

File: 1415577061385.png (95.45 KB, 339x496, Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.0…)

I don't think he sounds fake. He sounds exactly how I imagine Jun to sound when he's busy not being an internet warrior.

No. 22181

That's what I've been saying all along. It's probably an American girl expat in Korea. He's never videochatted with any of his friends and has no proof that he is the guy in the pictures.

No. 22192

in the huge ass post she made, she had screenshotted tumblr asks from his 'euthanizeallwhitepeople' tumblr saying the exact same things, trying to get a hold of her.
So, yes. I believe it was him.

No. 22194

shit, I misread these posts. You think the ACTUAL Jun could be some random girl (I thought you meant someone was pretending to be him in the chat, my bad)

That would be an interesting turn of events.

No. 22196

I think they talked on the phone before? like skype call, as she does ask for that in some of the caps in a way that implies that they have before.

So at least sounds like a dude on mic.

No. 22206

She says she doesn't know what his voice sounds like. But holy fuck this is the most melodramatic shit I've read in a long time. Embarassing. Reminds me of


No. 22216

He probably realized that Korea isn't the gay accepting, racially tolerant, feminist society he longs for lol.

No. 22217

File: 1415585902545.jpg (43.65 KB, 681x269, modernkids.JPG)

>>internationally triggering me

No. 22229

yeah but it's kinda weird how she was able to convince almost everyone who came across that post and actually had the time to kill to read it that she was a "victim"

reading even 1/10th of that was exhausting and even before then you can tell that she's someone who is used to victimizing herself and overreacting

the fact that all these tumblr douches actually went ahead and spread this around like the disease it is boggles my damn mind

how "supportive" do they want to be to someone that they completely disregard how asinine the content of those conversations were

idk or care about either one of them personally, but I'm annoyed by how the word abuse was thrown around, it's like forget sexual or physical violence, no, you saying you don't like yourself is triggering and abusive, like wtf????

they honestly do come off as two 13 yr olds, and for hundreds of adults to cosign this bullshit and spamming it as abuse for teens that don't know better to ingest this shit is fucked up

she repeatdly contradicts herself and even the whole point of the stupid ass point, saying he's an abuser, but to not contact him or send him death threats meanwhile putting up his contact info, and saying shes omitting private info when the whole thing is private

sorry but I just saw this shit on tumblr and wanted to see what the hype was about. I hate that site

No. 22232

This is so fucking hilarious because basically they cried trigger at each other for a good portion of their convo.

No. 22236

There are people bringing up how fucked up it is that she is putting this online and stuff, but he gets more of the hate just because he was a shitty person on his tumblr otherwise. Its easier to get at him for it.

This isnt the first time that a relationship gets hashed out on tumblr, I saw one where these two people had some bdsm sex and it got out of hand and they were both 'triggered' so when they broke up one of them was like saying they were raped because of the bdsm sex and its just like..keep your drama to yourself.

No. 22243

No need to fight against SJWs.
They cancel each other out, lel.

No. 22246

Honestly, this kind of sounds like it was written by Jun himself. It feels like Jun is intentionally trying to make her sound like a retard so that he comes out in the right, yet still feels bad and is horribly guilt stricken like the kind human being he is. I bet he just wanted an excuse to close down his tumblr without having to resort to CP again.

No. 22249

File: 1415603120129.jpg (25.11 KB, 810x411, ABLOOBLOO.jpg)


No. 22254

She used to have a blog, caprediem, but now everything is deleted except that huge post about Jun.

This is one of her old reblogs I found when I googled her blog.

Pic related, her replies, denying NK prison camps and crimes (even though there exists numerous evidence that this does happen). But if she accepted that, it would mean that not only whites can be oppressors.

No. 22255

File: 1415606647092.jpg (64.3 KB, 512x617, 989.JPG)

forgot pic

No. 22262

What a piece of shit.

No. 22263

God I hate all this Tumblr 'um ?????????' bullshit.
It's like these people don't even know their own opinion until someone else tells them.

No. 22266

OT but this genuinely makes me so angry.

As someone who wants to work with N.K. defectors and helping them to have a better life after living in the actual hell that is N.K., this is really disgusting. S.K. propaganda??? Really? I'm all for self research bc half the shit on tumblr is actual lies and bullshit, but wtf is this?? These people go through hell and back, suffer numerous injustice, and are denied basic human freedoms. There is honestly not a single bit of good in N.K. It's so disrespectful to the people who've managed to escape. They risk not only their lives, but the lives of the family they leave behind. Like what do these people think N.K. is?? Some sort of rainbow utopia?? God how fucking blind and dumb do you have to be to believe that sort of bullshit???

sage bc no contribution and im just super pissed that these people are so fuckin disgustingly ignorant

No. 22273

The only trigger warning he needs involves basic gun safety.

No. 22278

I'm in a confused state, I'm so lost if I should be laughing when they scream "tiggering me!!" or be really unhappy that there is people alive right now, being fucking serious about this shit.

I don't know my feels everyone. I'm speechless.

No. 22303

File: 1415641345254.jpg (48.17 KB, 351x347, 1401792328990.jpg)

I tried to read through it all but got 1/4 of the way through (which was still a considerable amount of screencaps to read) and I seriously can't believe either of them.

tumblr is a toxic place that makes you feel like you're in the right for treating others like shit and blaming them for your own problems. idk who this girl is but she needs to work on herself and get out of relationships for a while, because wow. i can't believe these are two adults.

at least his blog is down but unfortunately the thing about tumblrites is they keep coming back. I'm expecting to see both Jun and this girl agaim (unless Jun actually killed himself over a month long online relationship with a girl he never met. in which case, wow.)

also wtf people denying the existence of North Korean prison camps? are you fucking serious? Do they really think North Korea is an awesome and happy place because it's Asian desu?

Fuck tumblr.

No. 22334

I don't think he killed himself. All he wrote was a lie i think

No. 22347

I still feel like there's something weird about Jun. And I mean, if they're both ANTI WHITE PEOPLE DOWN WITH WHITE PEOPLE and both speak Korean, why wouldn't they speak Korean in these logs?

I still feel Jun's a massive fake. I sent him an ask in Korean a while ago and IIRC he never ended up responding. Plus what the fuck, "I love you but sorry I won't ever skype you or vid chat you"? They're both dumbass drama queens and are perfect for each other.

No. 22349


if the room is spinning and shes having a panic attack and questioning reality then how is she able to type coherently or even function to type at all? its such bullshit when these people claim they are going through some PSTD freak out online right as they are typing but are able to type and express themselves just fine

No. 22354

Hi, I just found this after reading the long ass post that's creating all this chaos about Jun.
For those who think he may be a fake I also have some things to share that could be added… About a year ago I had an Interpals account and a user by the name of "takatakashii" had viewed my profile and so I viewed theirs as well. All of "Jun's" pictures were on there and he claimed his name to be "Taka". He said he was 3/4 Japanese and a quarter Korean, but that he was born and raised in Australia. He also said he currently lived in Osaka Japan (for the past 3 years) and was working at a piercing shop. I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting, but that's all I can remember.
I didn't think anything of it and a few months later he had deleted (or been deleted due to harassing some weaboos). Fast forward up to a few months ago when I was browsing tumblr and came across the blog "euthanizeallwhitepeople". Easily said, I was very skeptical and after everything else I've read about him not proving himself or videochatting friends I honestly don't believe him to be "real" in the sense that he's not who he says he is.
Anyways, idk how relevant this is especially since I don't have any photo proof but I thought I'd share the bit of info I have on him.

No. 22358


It would be amazing to find out that Jun is really some obese woman from the Midwest.

No. 22361

I think it's an asian american in all honesty. I think he/she comes off as very feminine, but if jun is gay, then that would explain it. I find it weird that a white person would be attacking other white people for no other reason than them being white.

No. 22362

>I find it weird that a white person would be attacking other white people for no other reason than them being white.

lol, have you been on tumblr recently?

No. 22372

I know there there are a lot of self hating white cocksuckers, but this feels a lot like it was done by a non-white person. Like when that girl posted a picture of herself in a bikini (nothing to do with asians or race) and jun felt the need to insult her cuz eww white women. There's a lot of white kids on tumblr who do nothing but bitch about how other white people do things they don't like, but hating all white people when you're white yourself makes no sense. I'm sure they wouldn't like it if someone harassed them for being white without any other reason. This just seems to violate some sort of SJW logic.

No. 22380

idk, I get your reasoning but I think it could just as easily be some bitter fat ugly white girl with yellow fever who's thrilled to finally have an excuse to bitch out other white girls for no real reason, it would explain why, out of all the pictures of white girls on tumblr, it was a bikini picture that particularly enraged them.

either way, something definitely doesn't add up.

No. 22389

also adding to the fact that he never vid chat/talked on the phone, i thought it was very interesting how when he was skype chatting with that girl he would "call" her when he knew she was conveniently away and never answered… idk it's strange.

No. 22391

I doubt that the new girl has vidchatted or talked with him either, tsk tsk this is too melodramatic, people are actually deleting their entire blogs in order to not be triggered/trigger someone else by existing lol

No. 22392

Yeah "delete their blogs", and then three days later they come up with a new username and keep posting shit.

No. 22394

Basically some crazy fat shit living her dream by roleplaying a hot SJW oppa~

No. 22408

at some points she's like "omg can we pls skype chat I'm so weak typing is so hard"
"omg can we skype call? I'm shaking so much I can't type!?!?!"

She's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 22411

So interesting. I wonder when the truth will come out.

No. 22445

Jun is fake. Look up "Takatakashii Takayuki" on Facebook.

No. 22453

I also used to use interpals and i remember this guy I even talked to him a bit like two years ago. He's definitely japanese not some korean american weeaboo. fuck i was wondering why "jun" looked so familiar. I love how they used the most stereotypical animu name too.

No. 22457

Oh man, too bad he already baleeted his tumblr when this discovery was made. It would be awesome to spam this on tumblr while he was still posting.

No. 22463

File: 1415697171283.png (455.91 KB, 496x662, likesweebs.png)

That's awfully out of character for you, jun.

No. 22466

'how did you find him?

No. 22481

Did you message the guy about it? I feel like if this is the real "Jun" they should know their pictures are being used and the person using them is making them look like a total douche.

No. 22483

The facebook page is obviously fake as well. Unless anyone has evidence to the contrary, I'm still convinced that "Jun" isn't Japanese/Korean (conveniently the two "coolest" asian nationalities on tumblr) and probably isn't even asian.

No. 22487

That Facebook person obviously isn't him either, but the fact that this person owns pictures Jun has never shown makes it pretty obvious.
He's always acted so overly dramatic and weird, I've had a feeling he's fake all along. Especially with even more girls admitting he's been like this with them too.

No. 22490

Listen. I didn't write this. I wish I had written this. It's the most informative, most thoughtful, most mature comment on the whole topic.

No. 22492

File: 1415713649065.png (37.52 KB, 809x297, api.png)

Was Jun the one who reclaimed the euthanizeallwhitepeople URL to post that last message about Jasmin, or was it someone else? I looked at the API for the blog and the timezone says the person who made it is in the eastern US.

No. 22494

File: 1415713971195.png (58.98 KB, 778x633, Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.10…)

I looked up the url in the waybackmachine & found a snapshot of the page that also included an ask as well as the post.
It looks like someone just took the url when it was available. I guess the 'lemme know if you want this back' is aimed at 'Jun'.

No. 22495

Ugh, I wish I would have checked before he deleted. I stayed away from this for a while since he irritated the piss out of me.

No. 22497

I feel like, whoever ran that blog, thrives on the attention. So I can't help but feel they'll be back in some shape or form or.. ethnicity.

No. 22523

ugh I should've kept with my gut feeling that he was fake in the first place. I'm so mad I didn't call him out about the interpals account I had seen a year ago! (I'm the same anon from earlier who brought up the account) I would have loved to see the excuse or bull shit story he/she made up to save their ass…

is anyone else dying to know who the person behind the screen really is though?

No. 22524

oh! so I tried to check the facebook link but it seems to be shut down… hmm…

No. 22527

the facebook page is still there, but it only has random pictures, only one of which some weeaboo commented with "kawaii", and this Takatakashii person replied with "arigatouuuuuu" lol.

No. 22528

oh it is? my apologies then.
Every time I click the link a "this page could not be found" comes up, so I just figured.

No. 22530

I wanna know who the person behind the screen is as well as who the person in the pictures is. I think a lot of what intrigued people in the first place was not another sjw taking shots at white people, but the fact that THIS particular person was the one doing it: a male, Japanese/Korean at that, covered in tats who spoke both eloquently and as though he were American, but was not. It made people want to follow this person, but also made a lot of people skeptical because although he was taking about the issues faced within the Asian community, much of them pertained to what was being faced within the U.S., not South Korea where he currently lives, or Japan, where he is originally from.

Sure, he could have spoken about America more because thats where he first noticed the problems during his stay there, or to relate to more tumblr users, but he rarely if ever spoke about Japan or Korea.

His methodology sucked too, calling out individual white people for shit they neither know or understand as aggressively as he did was sightly detrimental towards his goal, aside from being corny as fuck with the whole mayo this toilet brush that name calling. Even other Korean bloggers that focused on talking about these issues called him out for this, which is why he was butthurt when his psychotic gf of one month didn't defend him when they bad mouthed him (which can be seen in that melodramatic sjw emotional breakdown post going around)

No. 22532

Yep. I completely agree. I think the main portion of the following he had was based on his looks tbh, even though almost all of them would deny it. I almost want to know who the original owner of the pictures is more and if he knows whether or not he's had multiple accounts/profiles made with his pictures…
I also wonder how "Jun's" crazed following is feeling now that they know their hot sjw king was a fraud from the beginning.

No. 22536

File: 1415737683226.gif (314.72 KB, 500x359, yes.gif)

This keeps getting better and better.

No. 22537

I've seen some people say that it doesn't matter if he was catfishing, that the person behind the screen still helped a lot of people and is in need of help right now, regardless of what they look like or have claimed to be

No. 22539

No. 22540

lmao I wonder how different the responses would be if he turned out to be some white guy/girl though

No. 22541

a lot of these east asian sjw bloggers have white bff's or gfs though, or are part white themselves, i.e. this Jun guy's new (or now ex?) gf Mae

No. 22542

Oh poor little euthanize. He only bullied girls and kids. And he loved to spread hate (but it was against whites so it doesn't count, right?)…oh and lets not forget he/she basically stole identity and pictures from some Japanese guy…and deceived everyone else.

Lets not say anything bad about that poor, suicidal, racist identity thief who thrives on attention.

No. 22543

I wonder if this Jun person ever actually wanted to meet Jasmine. Is Jasmine fake too?

No. 22544

I've noticed that as well. I've always found it very contradicting tbh. You go on in real life acting buddy-buddy with your white friends who you've known for years but as soon as you log onto tumblr is "down with white scum!!!" "white people are nothing but oppressive shit!!!"
It's pretty common though and I've actually gone through this myself. I'm a white female, and met a friend on tumblr (she's indian/chinese) about a year ago we've met once in person and she seemed really nice but then a few months ago I found out she ran an anti-white/sjw blog. lol, my luck.

No. 22547

I remember there were photos with this one girl and said she was his best friend (>>12071 is one of them together) and she supposedly had/has a Tumblr as well. Is that one of "Jun's" fake accounts, too?

No. 22548

*and he said she was his best friend

No. 22549

I don't think he ever intended to meet her. I mean how would he considering he's not who he claimed to be to her.
On whether or not she was fake too.. She definitely came off iffy but she did want to video chat him multiple times, so I'm leaning towards she was real. Extremely stupid… but real.

No. 22551

Probably sounds shitty on my part, but this is why I only befriend other white people. Most non-whites have some strong resentment towards us, whether they're public about it or not. On the other hand, most whites have some internalized racism somewhere deep in their hearts. Everyone just gets along better with their own kind. It's just so much easier that way.

No. 22552

Are there any pictures of them together?

No. 22554

He's never posted her tumblr account.

No. 22555

The one I linked to with the gun and >>12080 are the only ones I can find ATM, but there were most likely more.

No. 22556

Well boo hoo, the young girls he (or most likely she) got his mindless followers to brigade for asinine reasons probably could have used some help too.

They'd probably bend over backwards and do some extreme mental gymnastics to come up with a half-assed reason as to why it doesn't matter, rather than admit they just went along with the SJW mob mentality.

No. 22557

I think they would act shocked and call jun racist for silencing poc or something. I can't imagine them being okay with that. Then again, they're extremely proud, so admitting they were wrong would be hard.

No. 22558

I keep running his pictures through reverse image search, but nothing comes up except links to lolcow. The ones posted on Tumblr don't yield any results at all. At this rate, I'm starting to suspect some of these had watermarks or something (like someone else said, some of these look old and low-quality as fuck) and "Jun" cropped them out or otherwise edited them to avoid getting found out. Any better ways to figure out this person's real identity?
It'd be great if someone found the actual person online, contacted him and he confirmed that he is not Korean/Japanese, is not named "Jun" and has never run an anti-white people blog.

No. 22564

He looks just like this Japanese celebrity I remember seeing pictures of back in 2000. I think he was a musician of some sort? He had tattoos and hair like that with gadges.

No. 22567

I believe you're thinking of Miyavi. "Jun" mentioned a few times as well as some anon's that he looks similar to Miyavi.
The guy in the pictures isn't him though, just a look alike.

No. 22569

Yep, that's the one. Wow, it almost looks like he's intentionally trying to look like him.

No. 22571

>with gadges.

what the fuck are gadges?

No. 22576

has anyone noticed when those pics on the fb link were posted? they were posted more than a year ago now, what does that mean??

No. 22577

I think they mean gauges

No. 22597

Ok, which one of you retards linked here in the euthanizeallwhitepeople tumblr tag?

No. 22598

lmao I think quite a few people have posted the link. that's actually how I found this forum.

No. 22607

The human persona formerly known as "Jun" was hover the top hateful and bullying in so many ways. but there's one claim "he" often made that just wasn't true. He claimed that he spoke for most Japanese people. For example, when a young white Tumblogger would wear something and call it a "kimono style," he would come down on her with an elbow from the sky claiming that this "cultural appropriation" – yeah, just using the word "kimono" was like a hanging offense to him – harmed all Japanese people. See here:
Jun screams at her in block caps:
"…I am offend by your pasty cracker ass and your cracker activities.

Well, the thing is, it's not true. Most Japanese don't care about this at all. I've been living and working in Japan for almost half my life. My family is Japanese. My business partners are Japanese. Most Japanese are oblivious to Western anime/manga/cosplay fans. If this stuff is brought to the average person's attention, they show no signs of taking any offense at all. A few people might feel surprised, but this stuff is marketed overseas so it's hardly surpising to most Japanese. Most likely they'll just find these things slightly amusing/odd.

This tactic of ripping into people is much more a North American internet sport. It's just not a Japanese thing. There is no monolithic Japanese public opinion. Worldviews here are pretty diverse. But "Jun" didn't represent any known Japanese worldview.

No. 22619

>Well, the thing is, it's not true. Most Japanese don't care about this at all. I've been living and working in Japan for almost half my life. My family is Japanese. My business partners are Japanese. Most Japanese are oblivious to Western anime/manga/cosplay fans. If this stuff is brought to the average person's attention, they show no signs of taking any offense at all. A few people might feel surprised, but this stuff is marketed overseas so it's hardly surpising to most Japanese. Most likely they'll just find these things slightly amusing/odd.

This is just typical SJW rhetoric. They claim to speak for all cultures and "marginalized groups", whether they're part of those groups or not, and usually they don't actually know jack shit about them.

No. 22620

No. 22623

One of the things that bother me most about this whole thing is the fact that a lot of sjw blogs are claiming that even he did catfish, it's not nearly as bad as what he did to the "Jas"… But the thing is, is that YES it is.
This guy/girl took another, most likely, innocent guy's pictures and portrayed him as a crazy lunatic. Now this man's pictures are associated with "euthanizeallwhitepeople". Not exactly the ideal to be known as if you ask any sane human.

No. 22626

Her new blog is vixendiction.tumblr.com. You can see her posts through her archive and page sources.

I find it hard to believe that her "big bro" and "big sis" are taking over her blog for her. She reblogs her giant screenshot post practically every day. So much for 'wah don't send him hatemail tho, I'm just a victim.'

No. 22647

I just saw that FB profile and it's definetely fake. Perhaps there's more to "Jun's" identity than meets the eye, but that FB account alone, can't prove he's a catfish.

No. 22648

how do you even read the posts? I can get to her archive but what's with the fish layout. You can't see anything…

No. 22649

I can't figure that shit out for the life of me. Been lookin' at them from mobile.

No. 22650

tumblr get out.
why are you upset? it wasn't really abusive behavior. they were both just being immature idiots together. if you ask me they were both just being assholes to each other and were convinced they liked each other when they really didn't.
But isn't it pretty suspicious? It shows that people are stealing pictures of this young man and posing as him online.. why couldn't "Jun" be doing the same thing?

No. 22652

Indeed. I'm curious as hell as to who is the person behind the photos. Can't find him at all by reverse search.

No. 22654

To read entire posts, I resorted to viewing the page source. Dk if someone has a better way.

No. 22669

Cache of Jun's personal blog. http://tinyurl.com/juns-personal-blog

Excerpt. On November 6th, Jun bragged:
"I need to beat someone’s ass. We’re going to the closest white magnet sleaze club here in Itaewon and fucking up the first expat we see and we won’t even get deported cuz we’re cute and Asian and they’re not."

Psychopath. Why would anyone worry about his possible suicide? It would be karmic justice of sorts, nicht wahr?

No. 22680

I wonder where he got his photos, like that slug one. I like the theory that he is fake, but he also posts pictures no one can find the owner of otherwise.

No. 22681

it's probably because if he crops out the watermark there's no way we would find the actual picture

No. 22683

Not sure, if you search for the pictures posted on that FB account, they don't show results either. I'm positive at least one of them was posted in tumblr at some point. So maybe we need to look for shit some other way, a reverse search engine wouldn't ignore a 80% accurate image over a missing watermark.

No. 22686

well how do we get by doing that?

No. 22690

what if the catfish is the girl that commented kawaii on the fb profile? that profile doesn't even have any friends

No. 22691

chick only seems to speak french so nah

No. 22692

Upon your theory I looked at her profile and… I don't think so, doesn't seem to fit "Jun's" psychological profile. The vibe I get is that she could have made the FB profile to make him his fake BF or something, but nothing else. Could only be responsible for that one.

No. 22693

Using an attractive image to get his message across, milking it well and making sure everyone knows ''I'M JAPANESE AND KOREAN'' - classic catfish.
He has gotten his pictures from a good source. Pictures aren't recent.

No. 22695

the only one that looked recent was the one with the him holding a snail, so whoever this is might be in direct contact with whatever profile the real guy in the images has online

No. 22696

how did you know that's the most recent?

No. 22697

Could anyone repost the pictures from Facebook for those who don't have it? I'm familiar with this, I just need pictures that aren't in this thread to dig out info.

No. 22699

No. 22701

ACTUALLY the snail picture looks very fucking familiar, i use to follow an asian tomboy who looked exactly the same

No. 22703

I'm assuming it's one of the most recent ones based on the quality, in comparison, it seems to be relatively new, as opposed to something prior to 2010 like the rest

my theory is the catfish mostly uses old pics because they'd be less likely to be found

No. 22708

Which one is the snail?

No. 22710

No. 22722

Google Images can only find the image if it's been posted on a publicly accessible page. It does NOT show pictures that were posted on Facebook profiles, photo albums on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, subscription-blogs, etc
Scammers are smart and know this so they get pictures you cannot find in a search

So he could be taking them from a facebook somewhere.. it's just they don't appear in img search?

No. 22723

Okay so what if someone adresses this puncky whatever girl asking her where did she get the pictures from? (it's safe to assume that facebook was created by her, his only likes are to her photos). She must know the real owner of the images somehow since, according to that profile and "Jun", the person is a 24 year old.

No. 22724

the age could be made up too

but yeah, I was thinking about messaging her, though I wonder if she was led to the fb profile by the catfish (considering she herself didn't make it) after talking on some site like interpals or something to show "proof" of what he looks like

No. 22725

File: 1415771924395.png (61.29 KB, 1023x576, Screenshot 2014-11-11 at 10.51…)

"mai japanese heritiju~~"
(from his personal blog)

what if it's just been pixyteri all along??

No. 22726

Not sure, this whole "Jun" thing seems to be from a 2014 period. This profile was made on 2013. If you take a little look at her profile you can see she's a weaboo and digs asian men so it's very plausible she created it back in 2013. Who is the one claiming to be "Jun" is still unclear, tho.

No. 22735

File: 1415773873831.png (19.44 KB, 313x74, Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.28…)


It says she speaks English too

No. 22736

Alright then, so who's willing to pose as an asian man and get the truth outta her? lol.

No. 22739

Okay so to recap: "Jun": 2014 persona, unknown origin of photos.

"takatakashii etc": 2013 vague facebook profile, probably created by a weaboo to get a fake azn boyfriend or something.

punky idk: the weaboo in question, might know something about the real owner of "Jun" and "Taka's" pictures.

No. 22744

going back to the "takatakashii" era, I have something to add.
I'm the same person who posted about the interpals account and even though the interpals account as well as the Facebook have the same name, I think both were created by two different people. The interpals account I saw was around Feb-March 2013 and although not as extreme, he had similar views as "Jun" did especially regarding weaboos. The Facebook account seems to have posted the pictures a few months later and has more of a "typical" weaboo persona… Idk if I'm making sense, but yea, just something to think about.

No. 22746

For what it's worth, I speak a little bit of french so I sent a message to Puncky asking about Taka. Dunno when I'll get a response, if ever. Also sent a message to the Taka account asking if anyone still checked it.

I was also debating whether or not to do this but I figured it was worth a shot. If anyone here in this thread (like interpals anon that said they had interacted with takatakashii) has had any sort of experience with takatakashii, or a weird experience with jun like his korean or japanese did not seem fluent/native, I'd like to hear your experiences. my email is epocorit at gmail dot com. also note that if you do send me something, i am going to ask you to prove it somehow if possible (like, show me your interpals profile or something) and if you dont have proof i'll probably find it interesting but have some caution, hopefully you understand. I'm compiling some stuff I've been finding, but I dunno if I'll ever release it.

No. 22748

File: 1415776063904.png (94.73 KB, 760x616, 34tredsa.png)


This picture and the OP picture were taken in 2009, the snail one was taken in 2012. Seems weird that "Jun" would only post years old pictures of himself.

Whoever Jun is, it's almost certainly not the person in the pictures. I bet whoever did it just had some old pictures of some guy saved on their computer and decided to use them because nothing comes up when you reverse image search them.

No. 22749

Jun always said he was originally from Osaka, which is there Taka says he is from. Though the Taka FB seems out of character for him, I would not be surprised if this was one of his fronts.

No. 22750

Hi, interpals anon here lol.
I did used to check out his profile when he had it every now and then, but never really got up the courage to talk to him personally. I did however see some comments he had made to other people and I believe at one point he had on his profile that "he would not teach anyone Japanese" bc he had only been living on Japan for 3 years and wasn't fluent yet. I don't however have the photo proof you're looking for

No. 22751

The Taka on interpals said he was originally from Australia though, and had only been living in Osaka for 3 years.

No. 22753

to the magic date picture anon, when was this one taken? he said it was recent, no more than a week or so. http://33.media.tumblr.com/cf64653fdc4b909079edf757abbdbccb/tumblr_nemocosTYt1u2rkpio1_500.jpg

No. 22754

Sorry, are you able to email me all this? It'll just be easier to keep track of this. If I ever show the stuff I've compiled I can censor whatever you need, epocorit is an anonymous email I use anyway. Idk, your account/anecdote seems pretty real/reasonable to me tbh. Actually checking archive.org, something comes up for takatakashii on interpals even though it comes up with an error so there's that.

Perhaps, then, Taka is the real source of the photos, and Jun just decided to use aspects of his life? Maybe incase someone found a profile of Taka, and Jun could just say "yeah, that's me" or maybe just kept aspects the same as the source he stole them from for ease. Jun also had mentioned he did like, tech work stuff? Something with computer sciences IIRC. Kogakuin, one of the schools listed on the Taka profile, seems to offer CS stuff according to their website.

No. 22755

Oh! ok so I checked out the screenshot of his personal tumblr someone had posted earlier in the thread and one of the pictures (I'm on mobile and can't link, sorry!) where he's sitting in the car with the blue hair I could almost swear the license plate of the car in the background is an american one.

No. 22756

File: 1415776958407.png (23.4 KB, 577x112, kjfshds.png)


It says 2012.

No. 22759

This seems like solid proof of "Jun" s catfishing and lies, then. I remember reading something like "oh i got the wild idea to dye my hair blue" some hours later that appeared.

No. 22760

yea, I could email you the info I have for sure! But I most likely won't end up doing it until tomorrow lol. I'm so mad myself for not taking any pictures if the account when it was up… but I mean how was I supposed to know what that could lead up to ha.

No. 22764

I also remember an anon telling him he liked like miyavi and he responded with "well not as much as I used to" and now with dates in the pictures it's almost as if he was trying to keep up with them to make it seem like he was changing when in reality it was the person who's pictures he was stealing that was changing.

No. 22765

I saw that too, are japanese license plates (or australian) like that as well?

No. 22766

Np! Just tell me anything and everything you may remember.

No. 22769

I goose searched lol. It looks like Australian plates could also be a possibility but definitely not Japanese ones. The thing that's leading me to believe they're American plates is the fact that Japanese and Australians drive on the opposite side of the road.

No. 22771


Does anyone recognize the type of street signs in the background? Looks like there's a brown one and a blue/white one.

No. 22772

Okay, and then there couldn't be anything affecting the photo like the side looks different because the photo was flipped? (like, the front facing camera on an iphone flips the image when you take it)

No. 22774

The first time I saw a pic of him inside a car, I wondered about that too. He probably would have said that was during his time in nyc

No. 22776

File: 1415778415986.png (967.61 KB, 640x960, IMG_0027.PNG)

Here is a photo which I've screenshoted from his blog that he posted on 16 October

No. 22778

File: 1415778458862.png (910.52 KB, 640x960, IMG_0044.PNG)

This photo was posted on 18 October

No. 22779

that is a fucked up dog what the fuck

No. 22780

the photos are obviously from different time periods in the guy in the pics' life. In some of them he looks skinny and pale as hell while in others he looks buff. Did anyone see the vid he posted of "Jun" skateboarding?

No. 22781

No. 22782

File: 1415778822075.jpg (88.85 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nalb0zUWs81tjtqjao1_500…)

No. 22783

Guys the ICC profile date isn't the date the picture was taken, but the date the ICC profile for the display was generated. Look it up on Wikipedia for more info.

However, the slug pic's profile is originally from an Apple device released AFTER the profile date. So probably an iPhone 5. But certain parts of the profile have been overwritten by "FB" and "c2" which Googling around seems to done by Facebook. This means that the slug pic has been copied from Facebook and is not originally from his phone.

The other pics like in the OP seem to have had a lot of their metadata wiped. However the profile ID matches this pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/see-no-evil-photography/6397522477/meta/ Which would indicate that the images were edited on a Mac manufactured in 2010-2011.

Basically it looks like none of these pics come straight off his phone.

No. 22784

oh, I didn't even think about the possibility of a flipped image. It could be, so idk. >>22774
yea, I wouldn't doubt him to make some bs excuse, except it would be hard to make it believable as he made it seem like he hadn't been to New York in quite some time.

No. 22785

yea i saw that. wish there was a way to track it down.

No. 22786


Whoops, my bad. Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 22787

not only that but his tattoos have changed a lot as well in between the different pictures. the ones that look obviously newer seem to have quite a few more tattoos as well.

No. 22788

File: 1415779209819.jpg (54.2 KB, 479x720, tumblr_ndjy9oMUZf1u00s4mo1_500…)

Test post because I think maybe lolcow itself is altering the ICC profile.

No. 22789


Confirmed that lolcow is NOT altering metadata.

So all these pics seem to be copied from Facebook but some have been edited on a 2010-2011 Mac (possibly to wipe the metadata to hide that they're from Facebook).

No. 22790

wow, whoever is behind "jun"is just too cunning.

No. 22791

for real. and to think he/she did all this just for a sjw blog on tumblr…

No. 22792

File: 1415779565177.jpg (28.44 KB, 479x638, tumblr_inline_nb989q8m7H1sm23n…)

←—– so on the post that says photos that might link to original person, Jun did post this photo on his blog once. Furthermore, he later posted one that was taken on the same day (i assume so because he was wearing the same outfit) but with his "girlfriend."

No. 22793

it's actually a photoset, this is the girl you must be referring to.

No. 22794


Other photos you all may have missed

No. 22795

ah mae

No. 22797

File: 1415780932018.png (339.14 KB, 1109x1075, InterPals Penpals - leeleejjj'…)

When you try to view Jun's blog on archive.org you end up with this page:


Which mentions an email leeleejjj@yahoo.co.jp

The first Google result for leeleejjj is an Interpal's profile of Jun that has also been very recently deleted (it's gone off Interpals but still in Google cache).

No. 22799


Also notice that the message on the blog. "Jun needs a break" but ends "email ME at leeleejjj".

Yet this Interpal's profile would suggest that Jun "is" leeleejjj.

No. 22800

File: 1415781242455.jpg (1.92 KB, 50x50, 540x720_372470954293264384_236…)


The thumbnail underneath that picture…did "Jun" ever post a full size version of that?

No. 22801


tsumeotateru, nodokarategaderumo, and ijwaru were his other known personal blogs btw

No. 22802

No. 22804

this interpals profile was one that Jun used recently to pick out weebs to murder through his blog. I think he posted something on his blog with a few pictures of him using interpals actually, so he confirmed that this account was his. In his about me, when the account was still up, he even posted the link to euthanizeallwhitepeople and even claimed himself to be "moderately famous on the internet"

No. 22805

File: 1415781937021.png (53.96 KB, 600x188, img348.png)


Yeah, his interpals profile linked to tumblr at one point.

No. 22806

No. 22807


Also I find it weird that the archive only starts immediately after the blog was deleted. Tumblr lets you setup a robots.txt that would allow you to block the ia_archiver bot.

This means that Jun purposefully blocked his blog from the Wayback Machine.

Considering that there is ZERO content in the Wayback Machine, this would suggest that they either:

1 - blocked ia_archiver from day one, which would suggest they're a semi-experienced scammer.

2 - contacted the archive to get their content removed, which is still a very abnormal thing to do.

No. 22808

I thought that was for okcupid?

No. 22809


Does anyone know his OkCupid and Skype ids?
leeleejjj doesn't have an OkC account, but they do on Skype… not sure if that's him though

No. 22810

He had one for that site as well. I believe he even had another interpals account previous to leeleejjj which was a similar user with the name leeleejj.

No. 22812

No. 22814


No. 22815


>by career I do computer stuff with science and things data entry etc. electricity and so on.


No. 22817

No. 22832

the four on his neck looks different here and >>12080? and even from >>22710 which is supposedly from the same year? I mean I guess the guy in the pics could have touched it up/changed it since then.

No. 22833

Sometime in July 2014, Facebook started adding the "Original Transmission Reference" tag to images. If someone else regularly uploads images to Facebook you should probably be able to narrow it down to a specific week (to the exact day is probably unreliable considering the amount of servers Facebook has).

If there hasn't been major editing, any image WITH that tag + "FB" + "c2" was PROBABLY posted by the real person after July 2014.

If there hasn't been major editing, any image WITHOUT that tag + "FB" + "c2" was PROBABLY posted by the real person before July 2014.

Assuming of course that whoever is behind Jun knows the real person and is stealing his pics directly. If there's a chain of stealing then all bets are off.

So for example, the blue hair pic seems to be post-July. But the slug pic is pre-July (but he never said it was recent anyway).

My guess is that if the scammer is smart they're probably using the real person's pics in real time anyway. The real Jun seems vain enough to post pics all the time.

No. 22835

Also in general I find it really weird how so many of his pics are slightly cropped. For pretty much any other lolcow here, nearly all their social pics are 4:3 or 1:1 and their "pro" stuff is 2:1. But so many of Jun's are randomly cropped.

It definitely seems like somebody is trying to hide identifiable features. It's not like he's painstakingly photoshopping everything like some of these girls so why are his pics regularly ending up at odd ratios?

No. 22836

>>22809 junleeung = his skype

No. 22838

Also quite a few of his images have no metadata at all which isn't that strange since many people purposefully remove metadata for safety. However we can clearly see that he doesn't do so because most of his images do have metadata.

So what's removing the metadata? Since so many of the images without metadata seem to be more artsy, have filters, or involve his girlfriend, then I reckon these images are from his girlfriend's Instagram. I also tested random images from IG and they do strip all metadata from images.


You can get people's IPs off Skype as long as they're online. Just call them, look at where IP your computer is connecting to, and hang up before they answer.

No. 22839

he apaprently doesn't answer his calls, so it's safe to do so

him being all "fake" and stuff

No. 22840

While some here are working out the photo forensics, who, meanwhile, can make sense of the SJ cultural Jun. He's supposedly from Osaka, and has spent a few years in New York somewhere, but where would such a boy come to join such a specific subculture that's so American, so seemingly academic leftist, so very un-Japanese?

No. 22842

>>22838 he is probably too big of a pussy to log on though

No. 22843

File: 1415791512857.jpeg (100.07 KB, 500x665, 1624747453644152317.jpeg)


And the version of Jun in the pics seems to quite like European culture too.

>Before any white anons get too excited; blond hair isn’t exclusive to white people. PoC can naturally have blond hair. So don’t try it.

Because the blonde hair is the most European looking thing in this pic…

No. 22844

Pictures like these make me wonder if the guy in the pics is some kind of lowkey model for something. Normal people don't really just go "hey I put on some clothes and things and just did this fairly professional looking photoshoot for funsies"

Some of the other pics look like "candid" pictures that famous/known people take to show their fans stuff behind the scenes. I wouldn't be surprised if the person pretending to be "Jun" was one such fan who knew this person wasn't famous enough to be recognized, but attractive enough to serve their purposes.

No. 22846


I agree, but I also find it weird that Jun's photos turn up nowhere else.

I find it hard to believe that he took these pictures for his Tumblr followers. So what are these pics for? Where are they being used? Why do none of Jun's photos turn up elsewhere?

We need to check the Asian social networks that Google doesn't index.

I feel like >>22788 and >>22792 are the most likely pics for people to geolocate.

Why is there never any writing in any of the pics except the English on his clothes? The people in the background of >>22792 do look Asian but he could be in China for all we know. And are any Asian countries accepting of tattoos as even his GF has them?

No. 22847

god just going through this shit on mobile makes me so mad, it's so dumb.

>please do not contact her through skype, as it is extremely triggering!!!!!!

oh no i'm ~*~so triggered*~*~ by someone just ~*~calling me*~*~. tbh, i don't really get this "i'm triggered!!" bullshit. i get some people genuinely have relapses or whatnots because of things that have happened to them, but all i see on tumblr now is "this makes me slightly uncomfortable so im just gonna scream and yell about how your triggering me." jesus fucking grow a pair, so fucking sheltered. i can't take anyone with ~*~*triggers*~*~ seriously anymore. what are you gonna do if you see something that ~*~triggers~*~ u irl?? scream about it in public and have strangers fuckin baby your ass???

>The owner of this blog requests that you send an introductory message before following.

>This is a personal blog, and she feels much safer if she knows at least a little about the people who follow her.
password lock your stupid blog and give out the password to people u trust then. seriously, you're posting on a public platform. anyone can send a fake message about who they are. if you cant handle it get off the fucking internet.

>This is the final warning for those of you who followed without sending a message first. We will start blocking soon if we don’t hear from you.

??????? but it's not gonna stop me from just manually going to her blog and looking at it tho

No. 22849

She is a dumb, lying bitch. She proved that with those Skype logs.

No. 22851


The metadata on this image is completely different to any of the others. It's full of stuff from Photoshop due to using the "save for web" option in PS.

That's nothing out of the ordinary in itself, except that whoever edited all the other images doesn't use "save for web".

Basically I think a different person edited this image and blurred out the girl's face. Most likely it was the real Jun as that's the only person with the motivation to censor the image.

Also is her face blurred because he's some kind of celeb and wants to protect her privacy, or are handguns illegal in their country and they both need to hide their faces? Is the real Jun a minor thug flashing his tats and bling?

No. 22855

The photoset of them drinking at some cafe? look like they could be from some sort of Asian tea kind of place which would attract asian customers, so they could be in any area that has a higher relative concentration of asians, whether that's Asia or any western country.

I thought of googling for the pics in google.co.jp but I realized I wouldn't know what sort of search terms to use. As far as I know, Japan is really intolerant towards tattoos, so for them to have so many and to be so open about it, they're probably part of some subculture–which could also point to the guy being some sort of underground icon. Although, for as famous as she is, even Juria Nakagawa never had any obvious tattoos, and would often just draw them on. That is, if they're in Japan.

Was it confirmed that the guy in the pics is Japanese/Korean? He seems kinda Taiwanese to me.

No. 22857


Also >>22788. I'm gonna bet that the words on the building say "Gallery". It's probably some small campus gallery or something but it could be somewhere in a big city that people walk past every day and would recognise.

The building itself kind of looks like a converted small town Victorian train station that are all over the UK.

No. 22858

the whole lot of them are so narcissstic.
That Mae basically unabashedly says how cute she is on like every selfie.
Jas reblogs her selfies over & over with tags/text basically pestering her followers to reblog them.

No. 22859

hmm? why is >>12071 now censored in >>22080 ?

the tattoo on her arm kind of looks like Thai? Might not mean much though.

No. 22864

hm, this might not be enough but first thing they teach you in grapic design is to write text thr way we read it in the west (left to right) yet "gallery" is written "backwards" so that would suggest that even if it's an english word, it was done by an asian? might not be the case,tho.

No. 22877

How does this Jasmine girl even look like?

No. 22880

No. 22892

Does anyone remember when "Jun" was prompted to show a picture of his friend "Toshi" and he posted an east-asian looking dude in some kind of backstage? maybe that picture is trackeable?

No. 22894

My opinion may be unpopular, but I assume the original guy resides in Asia. That's from looking at his fashion sense and the environment.
Funny how Jun turned out to be the biggest weeb of them all, stealing pictures of this poor guy and ''fetishizing'' him.

No. 22895

Yeah I also think the guy in the pictures lives in Asia, most likely Japanese too

I don't think the person pretending to be him changed too many aspects of his background tbh

No. 22899

I share the same opinion. Maybe "Jun" twisted some aspects of this guy life, but not too much.

No. 22910

Damn, nice detective work in here.

No. 22912


>Actually checking archive.org, something comes up for takatakashii on interpals even though it comes up with an error so there's that.

I created that page by accident by clicking "fetch" or something on the wayback machine. That's why the cache of the error page is so new.

The real Interpals profile was either under a different name or was created and deleted before the archives bot made a pass.

Don't normal people create profiles and then forget about them? Jun sure likes deleting everything and leaving no traces.

No. 22920

has anyone seen the ask that riceinabox answered (it's on his tag)…. lmaooooo
"Jun is probably real bc everything he posted on tumblr was big and clear and he also sent me pictures he hadn't posted on tumblr!!!" Well gosh if that's not a valid answer idk what is. /rolls eyes/
I swear his army is so delusional about his identity it's almost sad.

No. 22924

looool, I looked for it. Here it is for everybody's consideration:

"No. Jun is probably real, the account is probably fake.

I think the account is fake because all the pictures posted are low-quality (whereas the stuff on tumblr was always pretty big and clear) and everything is out of order chronologically PLUS the account hasn’t posted since 2013. There’s also the thing that, on one of the pictures, a white girl commented, “Kawaii!” and the account said, “Thanks!” as if it didn’t matter - Jun would have blown his top (probably wouldn’t have even been friends with the girl in the first place).

I don’t think Jun is a catfish simply because he’s sent me pictures of himself that he hadn’t posted on tumblr, like uncensored pictures of him with his sister, etc. Also, his concern for the children in the pictures doesn’t come off as fake. Neither does any conversation I’ve had with him - he’s lied sometimes and tends to exaggerate to support his points, but his problems were real and valid and there is a person behind that screen that is hurting."

No. 22925

>>poc can have blonde hair too
Maybe if they're albino.

No. 22928

in defense of non-white people with blonde hair, I've seen some documentaries showcasing this, like the aboriginals of Australia and some people in China

No. 22929

It's more like a light brown than a gold, though.

No. 22957

What are the actual points against Jun?

1) Even early in this thread many anons thought that he writes like a woman and that his whole setup seems like a Tumblr teen girl fantasy (i.e. bisexual Asian pretty boy heavily into SJW).

2) He only text chats on Skype, even with supposedly close friends.

3) All of his pics have metadata suggesting they've been run through Facebook and/or Photoshop. None of them come straight off his phone even when they're nofilter selfies.

4) "Taka Takashii" using his pics on Interpal.

5) "Taka Takashii" using his pics on Facebook.

What else?

No. 22965

File: 1415823802790.jpg (37.64 KB, 417x556, tumblr_inline_ncmbs630b51sm23n…)

What's "Saint Frock"?

The only real Google result is "St Frock" which is a boutique clothing store in Australia. But that's not their logo and they only seem to sell women's clothes.

But another lead to Australia?

No. 22966

Someone has said earlier that his knowledge of Korea seems to be limited to the touristy places, like he visited but never lived there.

No. 22967

Would be funny if he got it from that store, considering they have a special section for ''kimonos''.

No. 22968

lol I just checked the site and was about to post the same thing.

No. 22975

If the person in the photos ever did at some point go to Japan, or even if they just bought clothes from street shops or online stores that sold clothes with a certain "look", it could just be an arbitrary logo. Interesting lead to Australia though.

No. 22976

I think it actually says "saint of rock", which appears to be a…Taiwanese(?) company.

No. 22980

oh, looking at it again I think you're right. You can see the extra O right under the S. Interesting…

No. 22982

I just checked the Saint of Rock website and I think it seems like a better match considering the style of clothing. Also, going back to the takatakashii interpals page, he had a picture on there at one point of a guitar and I believe he said he had been playing for a few years, so I can see how that would tie into this clothing brand as well, maybe.

No. 22983

Wow, you've nearly confirmed my thoughts. I may analyze too much, but his selfies look neither Japanese or Korean. It may be a weird observation, but especially the picture with his female friend made me think he was mainland Chinese.

No. 22984

I had a look through their facebook photos in the hope he might have modelled for them or something, but nada.

No. 22986

HEY GUYS. After looking through the brand, I found this guy I thought looked kind of Jun. Went through his Instagram, and they turned out to be friends.
Here is ''Jun''. Thank me.

No. 22987


I completely agree. I think the real guy is either Chinese or Taiwanese.

No. 22988

Here is the picture where I found him, his friend tagging him.

No. 22989


Sorry I didn't compile all of this in one message and ending up with 3 instead, but either way.
This guy is Taiwanese and goes under a Japanese name ''Chihiro Shiina''.

No. 22990

No. 22991


Nice work anon! I'm sure there will a lot butthurt tumblrinas.

No. 22992

Well done, anon. The truth is out, time to spread it around and crush his gullible followers.

No. 22993


Wonderful. GJ anon

No. 22994

WOW. you are amazing, well done!

No. 22995

>goes under a Japanese name ''Chihiro Shiina''

How dare he appropriate Japanese culture like that!! ;-;

No. 22996

So, now that it seems the source of the images is found…

Who the fuck is "Jun"? The one behind the keyboard. Obviously at this point he's ducked out on all of us, who knows when he could come back, if it all. Catfish usually come back eventually. Not sure if "Jun" knows people are/were onto him or not.

No. 22997


And just look at all dem white people under his FB favorites

No. 22998

How ironic, turns out the guy "Jun" was portraying on his sjw blog condoning weaboos is a weaboo himself…

No. 22999



Now to find the most weeb white girl comments on his Facebook that could be the person behind Jun?

No. 23002

Dug up one more profile for further proof, since I'm pretty sure his fangirls will cry ''b-but it's another faker!!''
And as some of you probably noticed from the FB images, this guy is probably married and he's most likely a father as well.

No. 23004

"Bff" was the wife/girlfriend then. Any info on her?

No. 23005

No, but I took the time to actually look at the picture now.
this says ''father and daughter'' .. Kind of gross how he's been involving this kid to portray as his little sister that he loved so dearly.

No. 23006

They're some kind of celebrities/idols in Taiwan it seems.

No. 23007

Anyone know Taiwanese and can speak to Chihiro? Would be a long shot, but maybe he knows who could be stealing his photos?

No. 23008

I don't think there's any way he'd know, I don't even think he speaks any English.
I wonder how his followers will feel about ''Jun'' keeping swastikas in his room.

No. 23009

He might be able to point us to a lot of people stealing his photos but… the "Jun" persona is harder to track down than that, this thread has proved so. Even if Chihiro had some idea, I don't think we'd hit jackpot.

No. 23011

honestly, I wonder how this person would feel knowing his wife was portrayed as his fuck buddy and kids as bro and sis he had to take care of

thats so sick honestly, all for what? a sjw blog?

No. 23012

So Chihiro has two kids and a wife apparently. Thanks to this Jun catfish those innocent children ended up on porn sites. There is NO WAY to stand up to him and say "oh but there's still a real person behind that screen and the issues might be real" …seriously.

No. 23013

I honestly think this guy has no clue, ''Jun'' is probably some poor soul lurking around, stealing pictures and letting out all of his everyday anger on white people.
Good lord, I agree. I'm more disgusted about the pictures including his ''little sister'', he's been screaming about how Asian children should be protected whatnot. Whoever this is, going as far as involving the kids, is gross. He could've just used pictures of this guys face, but he needed to milk all of it I guess.

No. 23014

And for someone who claimed to be so against exploiting children… disgusting.
Honestly this just proves how awful the sjw side of tumblr is. They'll go so far to protest shit and "speak the truth" but they lie and deceive everyone in the process.

No. 23015

This whole situation is so crazy… anyways, remember that one time on "Jun"'s blog earlier this year when people tried to get his IP? I think he had a lot of proxies because the anon threatening him kept getting a bunch of different locations. Pretty sure "Jun" tried posting a pic of his IP himself at one point trying to make people believe he was from Korea (??) I'm new joining this convo, but if someone else who also remembers that wants to step in, they can. I'm afraid I don't remember much, so take my account on a whim- but if someone else remembers, like I said…

No. 23017

I honestly think the majority of them don't actually care about the stuff they rant and rave about, not really, anyway. They just want an excuse to be self-righteous and to attack people and then hide behind the whole "if you disagree with me you're obviously racist/transphobic/a misogynist" so no one can really argue with them.

No. 23018

I think the only chance at getting info for the 'jun' stuff would be the people who he talked to, assuming there was more info than skype. We know he didnt talk to anyone, we know he isnt his pictures..did everyone only talk to him via skype? If any of the more popular people on tumblr are in contact with him still then that would be the only lead.

Well, think about what it likely is. A non asian perosn (likely female at this point) steals pics of a not so famous idol from Taiwan, to make a very sjw tumblr that was popular enough to interact with other popular blogs and be a part of the parts of tumblr who are asian, who are into things like kpop and idols, etc. We only found out he is a fraud now, after he blew up and deleted everything, but he has had people agree with his stupid shit for months just because he was asian, even when they were stupid. Because he was asian, no one would dismiss his views since he had the 'right' to express his opinion on his 'culture'.

While I dont know what he would gain from leading Jas into a big mess, maybe she is just the unlucky one who took the bait, it ends up being a big show of how pointless and ignorant those on tumblr can be with their appropriation shit.

No. 23019

goddamn you guys i have to praise the detective work going on here, so interesting to have found the actual poor bastard having his photos stolen.

my guess is that the person stealing them is definitely female, and may be able to speak/read Taiwanese, or knows someone who does, and thus that is how they found jun in the first place

No. 23023

yep, I remember, he did post a pic up of his ip address showing that he was in sk

No. 23025

and by jun i meant chihiros pictures

No. 23027

Lol, I also remember him lying about meeting one of his "early" followers in South Korea and how he had to calm her down constantly since she said he was so "intimidating".

No. 23029

Maybe whoever was catsfishing as Jun is a lesbian/bisexual who is into asian girls but has no hope of landing one IRL. Either that or they just like messing with people for the hell of it.

No. 23030


Glad to see that other people remember that whole IP thing too… I wish I had paid closer attention to the IP's that the anon messaging him had found

No. 23032

Chihiro does speak english, and so far the only person who I've read him interact with is pictured here:

No. 23033

I think they more likely straight with a fetish for gay men, they did make Jun talk a lot about being attracted to males.

No. 23035

I'm not sure, I think this person wanted to prove that ''even an super attractive asian male hate white people!!''. This reminds me of that guy proudtobeborncuteasian, who hid behind pictures of cute Japanese girls to prove that they hate western men. Turned out he was a fat Indonesian guy that (obviously) would never have a chance with one of these girls.

No. 23036


This Marine girl has been commenting on a lot of his pics for over two years. There's even a recent pic of her with someone who looks like a chubbier Mae.

But she only speaks French, English, and Chinese. she doesn't seem to be a typical Japanese or Korean weeb.

No. 23038

I beg to differ http://instagram.com/marinehervouet
looks life some "high fashion" weeb trying to hard to look like an asian man.

No. 23039

This guy is…Chinese…

No. 23041

does anyone remember when an anon had asked 'jun' about some blog that was supposedly owned by a japanese girl, I think the ~japanese girl~ was telling people something along the lines of that it's ok to wear kimonos and 'jun' said something along the lines of the ~japanese girl~ not being honest with who she actually was since she didn't post any pictures of herself, oh the irony.

No. 23042

File: 1415831721167.png (814.19 KB, 1117x616, sdaaa.png)

there's even that girl he took the gun car picture with

No. 23044

Why would this person use Jun though? I don't think a white person would be behind the account, honestly. This is some person who probably is mad at white people, unleashing his anger and making it extra dramatic. Then using a hot guy to get his point across.

No. 23045

I think a legit asian or (more likely) black person is behind this account. Maybe they're just really ugly, or fat or for whatever other reason don't want to use their real face

No. 23048

I thought they could be black too, but why not just tag along with the rest oft he black sjw? this is a weeb whose real intentions were to get the feel of fame and people sending them private shit

No. 23050

Obviously we can't jump to conclusions without a lot more evidence, but a white girl who wants to look like a hot asian man, it WOULD make an awful lot of sense.

>Why would this person use Jun though?

Because they're white and wanted to pose as an asian?

No. 23052


Thanks for that. Now check this out:


another side blog.

Also another email: junleeung@outlook.com

No. 23054

black weebs exist

No. 23055

Because this person obviously wanted to deliver a message and use good looks to get it across.

No. 23056

my bad, didn't mean it that way, I meant that aside from race, its a weeaboo. I'm just wondering why they wouldn't want to join with the rest of the black sjw, face not mattering? because they'd get a shit ton of support that way too, but it's all about the asian card to this fake

No. 23057

Or it's a black weeb feeling good about a hot Asian guy refusing to date white women but liking black.

No. 23059

that is chihiros wife, i believe

No. 23060

I think the feminine writing and constant references to gay sex make it most likely to be a straight teen girl role playing as Jun.

The SJW stuff was probably just part of the character but not actually important to the role player. So I'm guessing white.

No. 23061

my guess is also a white self hating fujoshit

No. 23062

his profile in Japanese seems really… odd. My Japanese is not the best, but bear with me. In the first line, It is supposed to read "My name is Jun", but the most curious thing is how the kanji for the month of June is substituted for his name. It literally reads "My name is the sixth month (June)". lmao translation fail

No. 23063

So is there a way to find this idiot posing as "Jun", now? what are our chances?

No. 23065


Also on the cache of "Jun's" OKCupid profile, all the "similar matches" are openly gay/bi men and one FtM. So god knows what the faker answered to questions on OKC but they must have really played up the gayness.

No. 23067

I can imagine. On either his personal or maybe also the okcupid account he wrote one of 5 favorite things in life was "eating ass", so I mean….

No. 23068

same name anon here… if you type "my name is Jun" into google translate and translate it to Japanese, you'll get the exact first sentence on his profile. I wonder if anyone ever tried to actually speak Japanese with "Jun"… if anyone saw this profile, it would surely throw them off… right? or were people really in that much denial

No. 23069

i'm convinced jun is a black female weeb ..

No. 23070

It's fun how he was a mod of ''thisisnotjapan'', makes me wonder if any of them even speak Japanese the slightest.

No. 23071

I always found it interesting how "Jun" would always target female weeaboos, girls in kimonos etc. I remember "he" once reblogged a picture of some random white girl in bikini and started talking shit about her just because she was white (she had no relation to anything japanese or korean at all). Her only sin was that she was white, in bikini and god looking.

Interestingly enough, he never did this with white male weeaboos or white men in genera. There are lots of them too, but he never tried to bully them.

Which makes me think it's probably some self hating SJW fujoshit who liked to roleplay.

No. 23072

Fun facts, the real guy in the picture owns Nazi items, his wife has tattoos of sugar skulls and Indian elephants, and he's using a Japanese name for style. SJW at it's best.

No. 23074

Chihiro has 5,509 Followers

one of them is Jun …

No. 23075

Or maybe they even avoided following him to make it even harder to find them.

No. 23076

eh, the nazi thing, to some asians, are cool. hence all the japanese anime/manga/porn with people wearing nazi uniforms, or similar style uniforms. and the swastika was originally a chinese symbol

No. 23077

It'd be funny if someone linked that blogspot to the page and asked the mods if they found the Japanese on the profile odd in the slightest. If anything, the first line gives it awa- he literally wrote that his name was the 6th month instead of Jun lmao

No. 23080

No, it was an Indian symbol. Don't make excuses for the Japanese, either. They were on Germany's side in WW2 and they have never formally apologised for all of the war crimes they committed or said that they've stopped agreeing with nazi ideals. Japan is an extremely xenophobic and racist country.

No. 23082

lmao he said that mae wrote that as a joke, because he repeatedly said he didn't like that

No. 23084

So, speaking of Mae, did anyone start sharin the info we've uncovered to all of "Jun" followers? I'm eager to see reactions, lol.

No. 23085

File: 1415834718961.png (437.07 KB, 865x620, Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.4…)


No. 23086

wasn't it originally a hindu symbol that represented peace?

No. 23087

I'm wondering if we should keep it secret until it comes back as 'Jun' then put it on blast right in it's face!

No. 23088

''i'd never date a white woman'' Sorry Jun, the original hot guy seems happy.

No. 23090

isnt his wife asian?

No. 23091

Probably too late for that. It's all over tumblr already

No. 23092

She is, but Jun kept ranting about how he'd never associate with white women, which is why the latest picture posted in here is pretty fun.

No. 23093

Oh? I only saw an anon on that riceinabox girl sayin he was taiwanese

No. 23094

and not only white, but also a weaboo, lol.

No. 23096

How did you find this?! Well done!

No. 23099

also a slavic symbol

it's pretty common tbh

No. 23100

Haha, thank you. I looked up the brand of the cardigan he wore in a picture, which turned out to be a local Taiwanese brand. Searched on instagram, found a guy that had a similar sense of style, looked through his account and it turned out they were friends. I'm surprised I even found him.

No. 23101

anon you are a master sleuth still

No. 23102

That smacks of Google Translate, lmfao.

No. 23104

Catfish: SJW Special.

No. 23105

this whole thread is so amusing. i can't believe we traced the pics through a fucking cardigan

No. 23106

Still doesn't take care of finding Jun The WoC Abuser though

No. 23107

Is someone going to inform Mae or Jas or their friends?

No. 23108

I never heard the full story about the child porn thing - what actually happened?

No. 23109

Jun made people angry, and they posted pictures of his ''little sisters'' face on 4chan. Then he made a whole wall of text crying over how this is abusing Asian children, whatnot.
I still can't get over how he involved someone's kid in this and called her his beloved little sister. Gross.

No. 23110

Ok, so the child porn thing was totally exaggerated 'oh 4chan is super scary hacker creeps' bullshit?

No. 23111

supposedly some girl he called out for wearing a kimono had followers send him hate, some of it being porn aparently

No. 23112

No idea. Someone else said it was linked to CP sites found on 4chan, but I have no info.

No. 23114

I can't wait for this to spread through tumblr like a wildfire. I wanna see what everyones' reactions are.

Also, I think "Jun" is probably a girl. Since "he" never voice chatted (or was it just video) that kinda gives it away.

No. 23115

Or it's Tay Zonday.

No. 23116

Ahh, the old "look how terrible this person and their followers are, they totally sent me child porn, but I can't post screencaps to prove it because it's child porn, so I guess you'll just all have to take my word for it teehee :3"

No. 23118

What's Mae's url?

No. 23119

No. 23121

What if it was Mae tho

No. 23123





No. 23125

Interesting point…

No. 23127

it's definitely a girl, "jun" always compared what his bf's looked like to young/just debuted kpop stars

No. 23128

I doubt its Mae for some reason, I got a gut feeling from Juns page within 1 minute of being on it, hers doesn't give off that vibe

No. 23130

Why do you always make a few posts in a row rather than putting your thoughts in one coherent paragraph, Sandy?

No. 23131

The Japanese on "his" blogspot is so lelsy. "Jun" went through all this effort stealing Chihiro's pictures, making up fake conversations with his "bff" (Chihiro's wife), posting pictures about their "lives", editing pictures in PS and FB to erase metadata, befriending popular tumblr SJWs, posting a shitton, and just…couldn't even put in the effort to not make it so painfully obvious that they can't even speak Japanese? And this is a person who was a mod for thisisnotjapan?

Tumblrinas really are fucking morons if they still believe "Jun" is a real person.

I think "Jun" is definitely a girl. Probably some k/jpop fujoshit who thinks they're better than your average weeaboo because they like idols and singers and not chinese cartoons, despite being of the same cut of cloth. The immaturity of Jun/Jasmin's "relationship" drama makes me also believe this person is not yet an adult, or possibly late teens still living at home. I'm a bit torn on the ethnicity; I can see it going two ways: a self hating white girl living in some kind of predominately white/suburbia full of those Abercrombie&Fitch type girls and was ignored/ostracized in her life so she feels the need to lord over white people and feel like she's "not one of THOSE bitches". Or, an equally disgruntled minority. I don't really think she's black though, I'm leaning towards Mexican or something similar or South (East) Asian.

This is the juiciest thing lolcow has come upon lately.

No. 23132


Yeah, I don't think it's a white person either, probably an Asian-American girl. Some of "Jun's" answers when he doesn't go on and on about toilet brushes/crackers sound way too believable to be fabricated by some white weeaboo.

No. 23133

lmao i'm dying just thinking about how many sjw blogs he helped mod (especially thisisnotjapan). They basically had someone running their blog for exclusively Japanese people, who was a fake, most likely Non-Japanese, possibly not Asian, using a random Taiwanese guy's pictures…… wow.

No. 23136

I feel like it's some really undesirable looking asian that's really mad that they're not a 'popular' asian like korean or japanese & are so upset no one is actually lusting after them & could care less about them. Sort of like 'proudtobeasian' or whoever that fuck was on cgl. The 'anti-white' asians always turn out to be really subpar looking.

No. 23139

Jun reminds me of Tania Head/Alicia Esteve Head. Just the way he was able to lie his way into blogs like thisisnotjapan and shit.

No. 23140

This just makes me think Mae again. Bitch is ugly.

No. 23141

Exactly. I think I mentioned that earlier, it really gives off the same vibe. For those who aren't aware, here he is.
This genius posted his picture without knowing people looking him up though.

No. 23142

Yes, for someone who's so obviously into catfishing they made several very amateurish mistakes. For example, why pretend to have grown up in Japan and to have spent most of their life there? Why not just say they were Japanese-American? Maybe it would be slightly less ~sugoi, but it would explain their poor grasp of Japanese and very westernised way of speaking. Not to mention how unlikely it would be for a native Japanese person to be so into social justice shit. And how they HAD to be Japanese and Korean, the two most "popular" asian nationalities. And also how he HAD to be bi as well. Making him something like Japanese and Chinese and straight would have been way more convincing. I guess they just let their sekushii bi bishounen oppa SJW fantasies get in the way of being remotely believable.

No. 23144

the person is clearly a miyavi fan, they chose chihiro because he looks and styled himself similarly to miyavi. and jun being half korean could also be a nod to miyavi as well as jumping on the koreaboo bandwagon, as miyavi is 1/4 korean

No. 23145

Well, if Jun happens to be a self-hating asian american, this could have been a way for him to play out the way he wish his life was. So, for example, if he was japanese/korean but was asian american and spent all or most of his life here and didn't know the languages…

Also, Jun seemed to be so familiar with SJ rhetoric and phrasing and such, it's almost like he was familiar with the community before he started his blog.

No. 23149

No. 23153

"Still am thankful that a Jun existed when he did"
"While people are posting Jun hate I'm here worrying my ass off about Jun and his ex"
are these people…………… serious….???

No. 23156

Honestly, I'm not the person to judge catfishes that harshly. It's actually something most people are likely to do, either because they're insecure teens or have some mental troubles. And I hope everyone here reminds themselves of this.

The reason I'm upset about this is that ''Jun'' seemed completely capable, basically shat on people left and right, using pictures of someone else's kid and claim it to be his little sister, using her as a motive for his propaganda. On top of that, it seems like he's been messing with people emotionally behind the scenes. Jun has been outing people as well.
From the bottom of my heart, I'd be willing to accept a public apology from this guy/girl, and hope this person gets some help. Whoever this is, he/she's full of hate (as seen on tumblr) and needs support. But no support can reach unless this person is honest.

No. 23159

Jun was outing people?

No. 23162

I love how they're either just completely not fully comprehending what's happened or are dancing round the actual issue and are instead hand wringing over irrelevant shit like if the Chihiro guy is ok with with his profiles being posted. He has a public profile and over 5000 followers, I'm sure he's not going to lose his shit over a few more people seeing it.

No. 23164

Haha, sorry if I'm not using the term correctly. I was talking about those random kimono girls and whatnot on Tumblr.
Yeah, I know. I'm pretty sure this guy has encountered countless of fakes before. Why do people act like they've never seen this stuff before?

No. 23165

actually he did out someone, a girl who is from north korea or something on tumblr, her username started with a d from what I remember

No. 23166


Seems like Jun offered a girl trying to escape from abuse somewhere to live. And I just wrote the post about how to have an open heart for this type of people .. I'm sorry, but giving someone this kind of false hope is really cruel.

No. 23170

Hm, I followed his personal blog for awhile and he wrote things in Japanese a lot. I assumed it wasn't google translated because he probably had Japanese followers who would call him out on it if he did.

No. 23172

This looks like another profile for Chihiro and lists his birth date. He's a few years older than what "Jun" claims to be.


No. 23173

I thought that too, but if he copy and pasted phrases from real sources, no one would suspect a thing.

dangeun or whomever? you mean he outed like, about her sexuality? huh, weird. what did he do exactly? like "hey guys guess what" or accidentally post chat logs or?

No. 23175


There's a also a few blog entries on that profile with more pictures.


No. 23177

"Jun" made a post on his blog (which he deleted) calling Jas a lying manipulative monster and in the same breath claimed that the North Korean girl was a catfish. The irony…

No. 23178

Instagram account for Chihiro's wife (looks like she updates fairly often):


No. 23179

Yea ok, but I think its better to just leave that family alone for now. The important thing is to focus on finding the real "Jun".

No. 23180

So, what about

They purport to be created and moderated by natives from those two East Asian nations. But, I doubt they are. If someone is going to make strident political claims, in public, on behalf of millions of people, maybe it would be smart for us to ask them to submit to an identity verification process such as controlled, transparent video interview processes. It may sound intrusive, but the very foundations of their claims to validity are in their ethnic identities.

No. 23181

Well, no, it's not really important to find him. Lets not pretend we're doing this for some sort of greater good. This is all for our entertainment.

No. 23183

Honestly though, he may as well just have quoted songs or whatever. The mistake he did was beyond rookie, I don't even think he can read kana.
''私の名前は6月です '' as someone said earlier, he's been using Google translate and ''Jun'' got autocorrected as ''June''. In Japanese the months are named by number and don't have any official names. I'll break it down for those that don't speak Japanese.

watashi no namae wa (my name is)
6 gatsu desu (6th month)

I didn't take a look at his profile when someone posted it earlier, but I checked it for fun and wow, this person obviously doesn't speak the language. I know he said he couldn't speak Korean, but god, this is so bad. How could people ignore this?

watashi wa nansai da? to omoimasu.
how old am i? i think.

watashi wa kankokujin desu. watashi wa nihonjin desu.
i am korean. i am japanese.
(robot warning. anyone else notice how all his sentences just start with ''i am'' followed by extremely simple statements)

osaka shusshindesu.
i'm native to osaka.
(when does the extremely formal, textbook-like typing stop?)

watashi wa seoul, osaka, tokyo, new york ni sunde imasu.
i LIVE in seoul, osaka, tokyo and new york.
(he seems to be trusting google translate too much, because apparently he lives in 4 places at once. sunde imasu refers to where you currently live in.)

watashi wa oku no kanshin o motte iru.
i have many interests.

shikashi, watashi wa gaijin ni wa kyoumi ga nai desu.
but, i have no interest for foreigners.
(gaijin is a term refering to foreigners in japan. the term he probably was looking for is hakujin/white people, but he obviously doesn't speak the language, so why do I even care)

Sorry for this long useless post, I'm just very entertained by this. As someone who speaks the language, I confirm that weebs can speak better Japanese than this fluent, native man.

No. 23184

He/she seems still to be involved in other Tumblogs – thisisnotkorea, thisisnotjapan – so it would be useful to find out who "Jun" really is, what were his/her motives, etc. This detective work isn't about entertainment. "Jun" did real harm.

No. 23185

honestly, I do think that they are Asian American, much of what he spoke about how to do with the struggles Asians faced in the u.s. and how people always wondered where they were "really" from

No. 23188

Yes, exactly. They could promote their views more honestly. Representing Asian-Americans isn't the same thing as representing East Asia. They tend to gloss over the distinction. That trend paved the way for "Jun" to make the most of this nebulous SJW subculture.

No. 23189

worst person on the internet goes to

No. 23191

>how people always wondered where they were "really" from

This gets talked about all the time though, if I were going to masquerade as an outraged poc it's one of the first things I would mention. It's not really hard to look up racial issues, plus that sort of stuff is all over tumblr as well.

No. 23192

I'm Italian. Very white. I love salami.

No. 23193

… the persona previously known as "Jun"

No. 23194

Whoever he was, I think he got a kick from degrading people. There are tons of SJW blogs all over trouble, but I've seen no one as aggressive as his. Even his URL was designed to provoke, and it went all smoothly for him too. On top of that, stolen pictures of a handsome Taiwanese male to convince people his opinions are solid because he's attractive.

No. 23196

You know, the chance is 99.99999% that the person who previously called him/herself "Jun" is reading this thread and following our discussion as it happens. There was this idea, above, that a truly healthy way out of this would be for him/her/you to come clean in public about the whole thing. Real truth, reality, truthfully. Sunlight is a magic disinfectant. Pro-Jun and anti-Jun netizens alike would appreciate a full coming clean from him/her/you. Go ahead. Trust us. It's the ethically upright way out. Just explain without adding more lies. Nothing needs to be justified. Just what happened? Where did all that come from? What did he/she/you hope to get?

No. 23197

It means that no one who was reading his posts knew the language either. If you follow this thought process, then if he isnt able to write Japanese fluently, why wouldnt the so called Japanese people on blogs like thisisnotJapan not catch this? He was a mod there and so he must have interacted with the other Japanese people. Which goes back to what >>23180 was saying, are they legit?

Although if you are going to approach the blogs, dont make it look like you want to troll them.

Im pretty sure they both dropped him, as they have been boosting Jas's post, and thisisnotJapan has said they dont support him anymore, which the korean one reblogged.

No. 23198

You know what else I noticed? Is that when Jun would get the few asks that were in his proclaimed "native" languages, he would never answer them but instead immediately call them out for "using google translate"
ironic, really.

No. 23201

I wonder how Jas and Mae feel :\, some people were shitting all over Jas for exposing his privacy like that when the one with the most privacy was him, she was actually exposing her own personal business and I honestly think she was brave to do so considering the responses she predicted she would get and did.

I'm 100% certain that the images used by Jun was what allowed people to protect him, because rereading that post Jas made with this new perspective actually made me feel nauseous.

If someone tells you they were abused, I think it's best to really try to look at it from their point of view, even if you doubt what they're saying, just try so that you can get an understanding of why they were hurt or affected by. Initially I wrote both of them off as being immature and having complex issues, but looking at her post now, I'm on her side. He preyed on her.

Like someone else mentioned, he likely did fake his whole self harm story to get to her

No. 23202

This is such a good point that needs to be investigated. If the thisisnotjapan blogger really is a native, then the private mod discussions must have been in Japanese. Wouldn't they notice if "Jun" typed in Google Japanese? 私は、私は… over and over?? That blogger might be able to help us.

No. 23203

Because he probably never used Japanese around that one blog. The only time he's used full sentences of Japanese was in that old sideblog someone linked here, which I'm sure they haven't seen.

No. 23204


They just said on the blog that two of the mods don't speak Japanese, so they probably communicated in English.

No. 23205

That's weird, then, isn't it? If they're enumerating every thing that is "notjapan," then surely having moderators who don't speak Japanese is "notjapan." WTF?

No. 23206

Seems like thisisnotjapan thinks it's okay to fake your ethinicity if you're Asian, because of racism. And that someone questioning if the mods really are Japanese since Jun slaughtered the language, it turns into a ''i'm multiracial and don't speak japanese you hurt me''.

No. 23207

It really depends on if you think Jun was all fake, or just using fake pictures. Some catfish are faking it all for entertainment, but some are just not confident in showing their real self, and so their pics are fake but their feelings are not. His blog set up was obviously for fun, but if you think his interest in Jas was real, then he may have really meant those words and was just really not able to handle mature situations.

If he was faking it all, including the self harm stuff and the poly stuff, then it adds another twisted layer to it. And if he had actually known about her personal tumblr before she told him, then he would have had info about her for a bit. But I am not sure about the motive behind why Jasmin though.

No. 23208

Yeah, Japanese-America is not Japan. They could change the blog name to thisisnotmixedracejapaneseamerican.tumblr

But it kinda loses the strident tone that way, eh

No. 23209

He most likely faked being Japanese, as he claimed to speak the language fluently and that he was raised there, but he obviously doesn't. Then all these stories about being secluded because he spoke it and whatever ..
I don't think he faked the self harm for entertainment, I think he's one of those people doing that for attention. While it's fake, it probably stems from him being lonely and (obviously) not feeling good about the fact that he needs to fake his ethnicity and looks in order to get people's attention.

No. 23210

He faked best friends and sexual relationships with the people the guy in the pic is married to or actually friends with though, as far as making up fake conversations between them

he used to post pics up of his Chinese bf, who knows if those were stolen too, this is all fucking creepy, like he literally dedicated so much time to keeping up this fake person who had a fake background, fake family, fake memories, I mean, wtf?

This person is in need of help, whether he wants attention or just wants to hide behind a pic, because if you were just going to hide behind someone elses images, why create this whole new identity for them using their own irl relationships?

No. 23211


"what’s gone down recently is potentially traumatic"
are you fucking kidding me
why is everything on tumblr "traumatizing" or "triggering"

No. 23212


Yeah, it’s shitty to use pictures of some guy to catfish people, but involving his entire family is the really fucked up part about it.

No. 23213

Danggeunnee? Tell me more.

No. 23219

I actually follow the blogs for some of the mods for those and I can tell you they're actually the ethnicity they say are. I don't want to give out their usernames bc of privacy and all that jazz and I know this isn't much proof so y'all don't have to trust me if you don't want to.

No. 23225

File: 1415852517855.png (664.65 KB, 997x589, daddy.png)

>>father and daughter
Is this his kid?

No. 23228


Yes, that guy has a son and a daughter.

No. 23233

Lol. I was about to say that it was probably a asian swastika, but nope. That's some nazi shit right there.

No. 23239

just gonna say about the mods on thisisnotkorea I can 100% confirm they are really korean. one is korean american one is korean native but has lived in america and canada.

No. 23240

This. The person behind the Jun persona takes this shit way too personally, it must reflect upon them in some way.

No. 23248

thisisnotjapan is now agreeing that "Jun's japanese seemed perfectly fine" and that basically anyone who says differently "probably doesn't speak Japanese and pulled it out of their ass" ok

No. 23249

>>23248 No way… they've got to be in some form of denial and can't admit to themselves they fell for it. how do you take someone who says that his name is 'the six month' seriously

No. 23250

No. 23251

No. 23252

The fact that she's tai really makes me think it's her.

No. 23254


Someone commented this on Mae's tumblr -

>wait i thought u met jun irl? like u guys met up after meeting each other…

Does anyone know anything about that?

No. 23255

I do find it interesting that she was so heavy involved so much with it and how she just happened to be Taiwanese herself, very into her Taiwanese culture as well.. but idk

No. 23256

I think Eri and Jun may be the same person.

No. 23258

Idk who said that but they're wrong. I remember an anon said that but mae laughed and made it clear she never said that since it was impossible, he lives in SK and she's in texas.

Anyways I dont know if it would be mae, i remember mae said she couldn't read taiwanese very well? so dont know how she would be able to navigate like, the taiwanese internet and find this guy?

No. 23259

Lmao now the thisisnotjapan mods are saying he seemed suspicious all along…. right… bc you nor any other sjw blog was googly eyed at him for the entirety of his blog.
But still they're saying that this evidence doesn't vouche for his Japanese-ness????

No. 23260

Exactly. It just doesn't add up.

No. 23261

What I think is odd is that they're not really… apologizing on behalf of all of the people they policed with Jun on the team screaming down their throats on an issue that Jun himself might not actually be figure for. Anyone else find that really strange, how dismissive of the abuse and the errors they all caused blindly believing him? I mean sure they were all "yeah i feel bad for the people he abused" but like… it just doesn't seem genuine at all. Why not just apologize for letting someone who turned out to not even be real harass people and actively condoned this? It really, really kills the credibility of their blog, that they can one day be like "this are the race rulez!!!" and the next day say "actually just disregard that. forget about all that"

No. 23263

File: 1415856732622.png (44.21 KB, 719x765, japasian.png)

>>because white people find them more cool and interesting.

This bitch acts like Japanese pop culture/anime is unknown in other asian countries. It's actually more popular there than in the west. She also completely ignores Japanese imperialism and it's effect on other countries.

No. 23265

Bc sj warriors will never fess up to being wrong or apologizing to the "oppressors", or hell even being wrong to their own kind seeking help. They'll dance around the issue forever without actually apologizing.

No. 23266

my favorite comment on that blog has got to be the anon who said that 1 asian person doesn't hold the opinions of the millions of people in asia and that she should stop claiming to speak for everyone. she flipped shit lmao

No. 23267


It is pretty weird. On one post about Jun, Eri says “I actually know for a fact that he’s still alive” and then two days later says “none of us are in contact with him.”

No. 23268

Maybe she was interested in Thai pop culture and that's how?

No. 23270


No. 23271

I found that odd as well. How would she know for a fact that he's still alive if she hadn't been in contact with him. idk. it's very puzzling but something seems off about it.

No. 23273


No. 23274

thisisnotjapan is suspect. Something isn't right there.

No. 23275

lmao it's robotic like anon said. The only sentence that he doesn't start off his sentence with a generic 'watashi wa' is 'shikashi', which he follows up with a fucking 'watashi wa'. his intro reads like a high school language class first year introduction paragraph

No. 23277

This probably means the other mods are lying cunts too. They're probably not even Japanese.

No. 23280

So, does anyone know why this catfish was making multiple accounts as "takatakashii"? It's all really bizarre.

No. 23281

I think he chose Japanese/Korean because he knew people were gonna blast him with how Japan treated everyone else like shit in WWII, it's always his go to whenever someone tries bringing up that not only white people are oppressors ("WELL IM HALF KOREAN SO I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE I FORGIVE THEM")

He probably chose Korean rather than Chinese because Korea = Koreaboo appeal and everything else >>23144 said, and possibly because he thought that if he was the two most ~popular~ ethnicities that Kor(wee)aboos would all start buying his shit more.

No. 23283

File: 1415858844281.png (9.73 KB, 615x113, rightintheass.png)


Mae doesn't seem as pissed off as I'd expect either, she's just half sarcastically brushing it off.

For such an angry community there's not much anger about Jun. So it does feel like perhaps a bunch of people always knew Jun was fake.

No. 23284

They still agree with the views of jun, which is probably why they don't want to hurt his character anymore. They think of him as a good person fighting for a good cause, which is why they don't want to drag one of their own through the mud.

No. 23286

eri isnt jun, come on. shes been a mod at tinj for a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long time and her personality is really distinct. i think the reason people didnt pick up on juns japanese or korean is because he always used really simple phrases, you can easily google "how to say blabla in japanese" and be given a right answer.

No. 23287

You may be able to tell who jun is through his followers. We can all likely unanimously agree that "Jun" is probably reading all this shit right now from one of their side/main blogs. They likely didn't wanna have an obviously close relationship with "Jun" but since "Jun" is a leech for attention, they'd make sure to ask "Jun" a bunch of questions, or pretend to be his friend, always like his shit, defend him, etc.

No. 23288

File: 1415859246995.jpg (40.13 KB, 493x269, jun.jpg)

Some jun caps from the other thread. I find them pretty funny now that I know he's fake.

No. 23289

File: 1415859269829.png (25.24 KB, 487x346, jun.png)

No. 23290

I don’t think any of the thisisnotjapan mods are Jun. I think it could be Mae. She talks a lot about mixed people (Jun is mixed), is pansexual (Jun is bi), she’s Taiwanese (Chihiro is Taiwanese), and she didn’t seem to have much of a reaction towards the Jun thing even though they were dating…? The way her and Jun talk is also really similar. idk

No. 23291

File: 1415859788983.png (54.25 KB, 523x647, thisnotjap.png)

I agree. They have the same sense of humor and are into the same shit. I think she just wanted to make another account to bitch at people without harming her own reputation. TINJ blog is still funny, though.

No. 23292

I think mae prolly had a stronger reaction irl though like if I found out my bf was catfishing me and EVERYONE knew about it I'd try to play it off to save face.

No. 23295

It drives me crazy how thisisnotjapan won't apologize for anything regarding Jun simply bc they agreed with his views, or that they weren't responsible in any way towards him.

No. 23296

I feel like it's >>23284 plus SJWs hate when things backfire on them and just go "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" when things go to shit on them.

This whole situation, plus how TINJ are reacting makes me think TINJ is full of shit. There's absolutely no proof of any of them being Japanese and most of them have the most weeby sounding "names" (~Aki~ and ~Solace~ and ~Eri~). For a group trying to step on fetishization, their names sure don't seem to help. And there's no apology, they're all just trying to brush Jun off as much as possible and they don't even condemn him for any actions other than ~abusing Jas~. Their reaction really makes me think that there must be at least one other fakey in TINJ.

loling at "WE HAD SUSPICIONS ALL ALONG" tho. TINJ pretty much backs all Jun's views and whenever you tried to mention any sort of bad things regarding Japan they all flip their shit (which rings a weeb bell to me) and try to defend their grorious nippon.

I don't think Mae is Jun. I've talked to Mae, and aside from her SJWness, isn't actually as "angry" as she tries to put out. She's just trying to be the Asian equivalent of unfriendly black hottie when she's more like insecure horseface halfie. Mae in comparison to many others in the SJW is pretty sane imho.

No. 23297

Idk, from any normal person then I'd say yes but coming from a sjw blog… they'll whine for hours about the simplest of things. She certainly didn't laugh off the fact that she was mentioned a few times in the original post. She had to make her own post just on that. But figuring out the guy you were in a supposed relationship with was a complete fake? "HAHA NO KIDDING I WAS FUCKED IN THE ASS TBQH" it just seems…

No. 23298

Yeah, and the concept of "fetishization" itself is pretty weak to start with. It's not something actual East Asians in East Asia talk or care about. It's totally rad USA crap.

No. 23299

It's just the way TINJ reacts to criticisms towards their countries, as compared to TINK or TINC. If you confronted TINK about like, North Korea or some shit, they talk about it, don't deny it, etc. If you confronted TINC about the governmental corruption, they'd talk about it, don't deny it, etc. Ask TINJ about their WWII crimes? OH SHIT NO insert sarcastic answer or dismissive reply here

In my personal experience, talking to Japanese-Americans who knew what happened during WWII, they don't deny it and they're pretty decent about it. Obviously it's not a fun topic for them but a lot of Japanese-Americans I know treat the topic as Germans would regarding concentration camps; respectfully.

Weebs are always more defensive of their kawaii fantasyland than actual people from those kawaii fantasylands are. The actual people understand there's pros and cons, where they came from isn't perfect. Weebs on the other hand are psychotic little shits that think any sort of criticism towards their perfect country is a terrorist attack and will have a sperg attack at you. The TINJ mods really strike me as the latter.

No. 23301

I still find this weird. It's also creepy how he was starting relationships with girls online and promising to meet them. Wtf.

No. 23302

It's not really just weeabooism, I've found. Something about being half-japanese brings that out in people (in my experience). Most half japanese people I know (even my brother) still treat Japan as the greatest thing ever even not in a strictly weeaboo kind of way. The worst I've met was this half japanese/chinese guy who pretty much denies his chinese side, tries way too hard to be this cool japanese guy that he even lies about shit he does to make him seem more ~japanese~, even to the point where he asks people to call him by a forced japanicized version of his name (think like, if his name was David, he'd want people to call him Davido).

The amount of praise and exoticism people put in to Japan and the Japanese is pretty disgusting imo. I also don't think that if you're only half-japanese and don't even live there, you're not even remotely qualified to speak on the behalf of the country/its people.

No. 23303


Holy fuck, Mae is ugly. I though people were exaggerating about how ugly she is.

No. 23305

Mae's a massive horseface and her OC-esque bangs just make it worse. On the flip side, what does Jasmin look like? Her blog is just a massive fish deco thing.

No. 23306

jas posts a lot of pics. personally find her to be freaking gorgeous so jun to like her and then maes potatoass face…

No. 23309

I find it disgusting as well. Most of my closest friend are native Japanese and I do feel bad for anyone being dragged into this weeb circus.
Me and my friend had a discussion about this, she doesn't speak English so she has no past knowledge of all this. She was shocked about people claiming to be Japanese online, not disgusted but she said, and I agree, "bad vibe".
It makes me feel weird that people who have been to Japan don't realize it's not a weeb dream. It's like any other functioning country with normal people like anywhere else. Many of the things people find weird about Japan is strange to many Japanese people as well.

No. 23311

Hmm, I don't think she's that ugly. She's got a PT chin and the long hair/OC bangs don't help. Also, I think what makes her look like a turd a lot is that she keeps making those "sultry" kind of faces in her selfies that involve jutting your chin out which puts more emphasis on how fucking big it is. Are there pics of Jasmin? I don't understand how to navigate her tumblr layout.

Also, what's with all these "militant asians" only being haafu

No. 23312

what does she look like tho. pics.

No. 23313

File: 1415865585635.jpg (45.66 KB, 507x222, ss (2014-11-13 at 12.56.47).jp…)

What I do is open up her archive, look through it (she tags which are her), choose one and click the reblog button but don't actually reblog. The little reblog preview thing's the only way I figured out how.

I think Jasmin's aight. Average, but better looking than Mae.

No. 23314

"I also don't think that if you're only half-japanese and don't even live there, you're not even remotely qualified to speak on the behalf of the country/its people."

Hmmmm… Maybe remotely qualified to speak, but to use that ethnicity as the basis to promote hatred and blaming and shaming all day every day? It seems like weak grounds.

I have a French friend who's been in Tokyo for almost 40 years. Jun would call him a cracker expat who isn't allowed to speak about Japan at all. But that old guy understands more than "Jun" will ever understand. If you were to bring this up to Jun, he'd say that you're trying to invalidate his position as a Japan spokesman. But he would absolutely, instantly invalidate the old Frenchman's similar claim. It's absurd. I'm Puerto Rican, but in no way do I feel that I have the right to police the way people talk about Mamá Borinquen.

Of course half-Japanese who grow up outside Japan have the right to speak about their ethnicity. The problem with guys like Jun is that he was just not correct in saying that Japanese people are all offended by Westerners who include Japanese culture in their clothing, food, speech, etc. Not only were his claims wrong, but he would scream them at people. それが問題だ。

No. 23315

she's pretty but these pics make her look fucking stupid. witf is that lighting/filter? wtf are those angles…..

No. 23318

File: 1415865872134.jpg (41.35 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n80a2pgl171tsf2jto1_500…)

her bone structure is fucking unfortunate. what the fuck..

No. 23319

File: 1415865919603.jpg (39.38 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ne4vo8ABI91r3rb60o1_500…)

More Jasmin

I'm so sick of this stupid ~nonchalant hardcore gurl~ trend. Everyone wants to be unfriendly black hottie now.

No. 23320

File: 1415865945079.jpg (48.21 KB, 500x494, tumblr_ne89vqUTat1r3rb60o2_500…)

No. 23321

Oh, is that what her face looks like when she's not jutting her chin out? Jeepers.


When did closing your mouth become uncool?

No. 23322

File: 1415866094693.jpg (141.56 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ne2bcgiaHE1r3rb60o2_500…)

No. 23323

File: 1415866167784.jpg (345.88 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ne34f0xrMQ1r3rb60o1_500…)

Her archive lags me. If anyone else wants to continue, anything tagged "hyowon" is her.

No. 23324

File: 1415866223863.jpg (144.34 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ndzco67vzA1r3rb60o2_500…)

No. 23325

OH GOD. i agree. idk who unfriendly black hottie is but i keep seeing people self promoting with that name under posts……

No. 23326

What's the possibility that Jasmin is Jun?

No. 23327

what would be her motive?

No. 23328

It's from Mean Girls. Everyone and their grandma now wants to be unfriendly, drink boy tears yet be hot so guys drool over them but they all just come across as bitchy and insecure. Wearing dark lipstick that goes over your liplines (??) and captions like "slaying boys teehee" are telltale signs.


No. 23329


I thought the blog was more catered towards Japanese people outside of Asia who deal with "fetishization" or whatever they call it. They should've named it thisisnotjapaneseamerican. Their url is just misleading.

No. 23332

File: 1415867578376.jpg (48.02 KB, 500x281, 1415865872134_副本.jpg)

I'm pretty bad at shoop, but if Mae had better bone structure, she'd be cute as fuck. There's nothing wrong with her face, her massive chin is the only problem.

Almost won the genetic lottery though.

No. 23333


The problem with SJWs is not that they act on blind faith, without thinking. The problem is that they are incorrigible doubters with an insatiable appetite for Evidence. What they get off on is not Believing, but in having their beliefs tested. That's why their conversations and their media are so completely dominated by implacable bogeymen: homophobia, transphobia, oppressive whites and so on. Their faith in their political convictions is too weak to survive without an unceasing string of real and imaginary confrontations with those people – and for those confrontations, they are constantly assembling evidence and facts to make their case.

But here's the twist. They are not looking for facts with which to defeat opponents. They are looking for facts that ensure them an ever-expanding roster of opponents. They can be correct facts, incorrect facts, irrelevant facts, it doesn't matter. The point is not to win the argument, the point is to make sure the argument never stops. Permanent war isn't a policy imposed from above; it's an emotional imperative that rises from the bottom. In a way, it actually helps if the fact is dubious or untrue, because that guarantees an argument. You're arguing the particulars, where you're right, while they're arguing the underlying generalities, where they are.

Once you grasp this fact, you're a long way to understanding what This Is Thin Privilege and Euthanize All White People figured out long ago: These people will swallow anything you feed them, so long as it leaves them with a demon to wrestle with in their dreams.

Source: Modified from a Rolling Stone magazine article by Matt Taibbi. The original was written against the far-right, but is equally as effective against the far-left when the names are changed.


No. 23337

That confused, disoriented look on her face just makes her look like a special child. It really does match her personality, considering what a sheltered moron she is.

No. 23338

She look like YaYa.

No. 23340

>we have no way of knowing
Except the HUGE clues.

No. 23345

Remember when Jasmine blocked out Jun's personal information in their fight? I wonder if she'll be willing to show us now that we know he's fake. It might give clues as to who the real person is.

No. 23348

Very good thinking. She needs to get down to the real true truth as much as everyone.

No. 23350


Omg that second ask is mine, lol. I've been lurking over this whole thing for months now, and been enjoying this drama immensely. (I do feel a ltitle bad about a few people though, mostly tiny-forest-spirit)

No. 23353

Holy shit these people.

Every day my dislike for them grows more and more.

Good thing you can't see them or hear them IRL, they are only "strong" (although triggered every minute) through internet.

No. 23354

>if white people were no longer allowed outside of Europe.
>I wonder how many countries would improve from that


No. 23355


It's probably worth messaging Chihiro too. You never know, he might have some crazy Western SJW stalker he could point us towards as a suspect.

Also I'd love for him to take a pic with a sign that says "euthanize Tumblr".

No. 23356

What I'm curious about is how did this start being unraveled in the first place? Is it people have actually only bothered trying to really pinpoint the guy's legitimacy after the whole Jasmin fiasco? I kind of wish it had happened before that, while he was still at his "peak".

No. 23357


some people knew already, but just didn't have the evidence and probably didn't want to get death threats from his followers

No. 23358


It always seems like the dirt is dug up a short while after a person has quit or disappeared.

So I think when lolcows suddenly quit it stirs up more interest which fuels the "human flesh search engine" and so stuff is found quickly that wouldn't have been otherwise.

Basically it's like when /i/ needed manpower they'd always call on /b/ (and then /b/ would also take credit and keep the heat off /i/).

No. 23391

Yeah, makes sense.

I also wonder if that Interpal person some anon mentioned was a different catfish too, or even our "Jun"…since Chihiro is actually Taiwanese but the person on interpal claimed to be Australian/Japanese.

No. 23392

I think it started not because of Jas, but when it became obvious that he's been doing this to like 10 other tumblr girls drooling over his looks.
I guess no one imagined an über SJW in shining armor would turn out to be the weeb of the year, screaming at the top of his lungs ''I AM JAPANESEEEEEEEEEEE SO MY OPINION IS VALID'' claiming to have been raised there, speaking Japanese fluently and how gross expats are.

No. 23397

File: 1415893438527.png (42.53 KB, 483x320, theflagstellpartofthestory.png)

Yes, I noticed that, too. Maybe they should put "american" into their Tumblr IDs. Thisisnotjapaneseamerican, etc. Basically all the SJW blogs are frequented by Tumblr users that are based in North America. It’s not surprising to discover that all the blogs that claim to represent East Asia in fact represent ethnic East Asians in North America. You can tell by their flag counters. This matters because they constantly assume that "fetishization" and "cultural appropriation" are big concerns outside of North America when in fact these are not big issues outside of North America. Certainly not in East Asia. Jun was always misguided on that, and almost all of his followers were in North America.

No. 23400

If East Asians look at East Asian porn, is it "fetishizing"? Or is it only when white people look?

No. 23402


>Racial fetishism involves fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race that is not one’s own—therefore it involves racial stereotyping and objectifying those bodies who are stereotyped, and oftentimes their cultural practices.

No. 23403

So, assume a porn blog created in Japan that focuses on Japanese models. If Japanese people look at it, that's okay, right? But if non-Japanese people happen to click onto the same blog, suddenly they are "racial stereotyping and objectifying those bodies"?

No. 23408

It's funny because the japanese tend to be quite conservative, anti immigration, traditionalist etc.

I wonder if these weeaboo SJWs even know how 'racist' the average japanese person is lol.

No. 23409

Any updates from Jas or anyone involved? Please post here, I can't find all these people.

No. 23411

And what about cases of white people who grow up in predominantly Asian communities? They're not allowed (because of their white DNA) to prefer Asian partners (without being labeled disgusting pieces of shit)?

No. 23416

update from jas is she's fine and she's basically ignoring all of this now to get over it. so someone asked if she could reveal the logs to help find out who he is, she probably wont.

No. 23417

so convenient.

No. 23418

lmao I literally took a sample from wikipedia on "racial fetishism".

Keyword: fetish. Not to be confused with "preference".

No. 23421

This whole thing is just fucking dumb. Why would a guy who looks like this have to go to Tumblr to find women, both of whom are significantly less attractive than he is?

Both Mae and Jasmin are fucking idiots.

No. 23430

This is why I never believe that their strong, opinionated personalities are real. I never hear people talk like this irl, which means they're too chicken shit to say this shit in person.

No. 23431

No more ebola aid, sorry. Tumblr's orders.

No. 23432

Ya, he wasn't brought up/talked about here for two months until the Jasmine thing, and I doubt he would have been brought up again.

No. 23435

She's too big of a hypersensitive shit. So much for strong bad ass angry WoC.

No. 23436


>I think it started not because of Jas, but when it became obvious that he's been doing this to like 10 other tumblr girls drooling over his looks.

This makes it sound like a girl is behind Jun.

I feel like a guy would just be "tits or gtfo" and move on. Yet Jun got his kicks from emotionally leading girls on?

No. 23441

Ya. She's not from the country, so she shouldn't be going on about Japanese war crimes and issues within Japan. She should just be talking about issues Asians face internationally/in North America, because that's where she's from. This is like if a white American started talking about modern European problems or nazi war crimes.

No. 23474

Is this person suspicious? Seems to have to have the same anger problems as Jun.

No. 23486

No, thats usual for tumblr. The only thing that Jess seems to have is the obsession with the words cracker and mayo.

No. 23490

Noooo, no, no, there is no such thing as a person of color being racist only white people. This is tumblr law.

No. 23495

It honestly so ridiculous how his minions are playing this off saying "yea he was a fake but it's what he said that mattered!!" or "even his he was fake he had good points etc etc" like you people are trying so hard to push this back as far as you can so it won't put a dent in the sjw community. Just admit that what he did was beyond wrong like damn.

No. 23496

i think it's a white girl who is weaboo but knew she couldn't speak out for japanese people without looking like a weaboo so "jun" was created

No. 23499

I'm leaning towards that as well. Either that or I think it might have been someone already in the sj community that wasn't getting the attention they desired so they made someone that they knew would not only be popular but also someone aesthetically pleasing (especially to unsuspecting weaboos) as well.

No. 23501

Oh man went through some post and found a bitching cook book. Wish I could thanks her racist ass for that. Oh well~

No. 23504

I think it's more liekly a southern Asian guy trying to use mainstream goodlooking northeastern Asian guy to milk white hate.

No. 23505

File: 1415910637314.png (20.38 KB, 566x349, zzzz.png)

Has anyone seen this? Apparently an anon on that girl's tumblr might be "Jun"…

No. 23518

''before i do what i'm about to do''
Tell someone he's going to commit suicide again?

No. 23522


White weeaboo girls are more likely to pose as cutesy Japanese girls, stealing photos from models, or create fake profiles for an imaginary hot Asian boyfriend or claim they're ~*transethnic/should be born Japanese*~. I can't imagine the weeaboos you see on Youtube or so faking some kind of SJW anti-white persona (although everything's possible by now so idk). I'm also inclined to think it's someone of an unpopular Asian ethnicity with ugly looks.

No. 23525

Yep, like proudtobebornasian back in the day.

No. 23526

I feel like he's going to play up how he fucked up and now his life is ruined and he's planning to kill himself etc etc. He most likely wants sympathy at this point and this girl seems the most torn up about the whole issue so he probably sees her as an easy target.

No. 23529

Exactly. God, I feel so disgusted about him and I feel bad for her. She made posts about how bad he's been but that she found comfort in talking to him, and heartbroken over this.
Of COURSE he messages her, out of all 100 girls he's been messing around with. This guy is a serious predator.

No. 23531

Can I add that I think it's really amusing how all of the girls Jun has been fiddling around with either repost billions of pictures of Korean guys or are into cosplay? He obviously knew who to aim for.

No. 23541

I really hope she isn't stupid enough to fall for his tactics again and ignores any kind of sympathy reaching he's going to try and pull.

No. 23542

Might be one of those edgy fakebois from back in the day (think Charms' ex-bf or Zerodomon). There are definitely still weebs like that, and the fact that this person chose to make up this ultra-cool bisexual Japanese/Korean persona with an edgy crawling in my skin backstory and tons of piercings/tattoos is telling, too. Like other people have said, "Jun" even types in a very girly way.
I'm just imagining some white or Hispanic girl who likes visual kei A LOT and wishes she was a skinny Asian alt. guy, but in 2014 and with an SJW mindset.
It's totally possible that it's a not-so-attractive Asian-American who wishes they were as attractive as Chihiro, too, though.

No. 23543


A good looking, mixed race, Asian, bisexual man who lives in another country and is into tattoos/piercings is 100% perfect tumblr bait. Whoever did this knew exactly what to do and say, which makes me think it has to be a girl who spends a lot of time with other girls on tumblr.

No. 23544

But this person could've done this easily without the SJW. I think this is someone who feels secluded from this scene. Note that Jun reblogged A LOT of black women on his personal blog.
I have a feeling this is a real SJW because of the anger expressed, but not ''korean/japanese dream boi'', more like lonely weeb POC.

No. 23554

Im gonna say this sounds like a black chick.
Who A. doesn't fit in with her other sisters cause of her likes, or B. Got told by some Asian male/female that shes ugly,and that most Asians don't like black people.

No. 23555

No. 23561

Black weebs on Tumblr tend to have a certain "type". Like there are tons of girls there who are exactly like Micki and Momo. On Tumblr, she'd definitely fit in and get millions of people kissing her ass as long as she's not morbidly obese (or, if she is, she had the good sense to not post too many selfies. And even then she'd probably still get mad love). Doubly so if she were openly SJW. Tumblr eats that ~*black magical girl/nymphet/loli who drinks male tears and doesn't take cis white boy's shit*~ shit right up.
Not only that, but I feel like if it was a black girl, she'd pose as a Korean/Japanese girl instead of a boy.
The only one(s) I can think of who would fit the traits that are being displayed by "Jun" and pull this sort of shit are Riley (AKA that girl who started that bullshit Arkh Project and targeted a bunch of people, crazy bitch all around) or the mods from damnlayoffthebleach. Tbh it'd be an amazing twist if it was Riley all along.

No. 23564

black girls as far as ive seen are not likely to be fujoshits. it is usually nerdy white girls that fetishize gay males. while a white or asian chick might squeal in delight at finding out a sexy guy is gay, black and hispanic girls tend to act disappointed or digusted. black and hispanic/latinos are not as accepting of gayness in their cultures.

No. 23565

Yeah but this is where it would make sense were she might be an outcast with her black female friends.

The few black female friends I have are all weebs and well they eat that yaoi and Asian on Asian guy shit. (they are forever 14, shits embarrassing at times)

No. 23568

oh thats very true, i can definitely see some mean spirited black girls giving a loser black girl some serious shit if they found out she liked gay guys, or even just asian guys

No. 23577

Yeah black girls can be mean as fuck.

No. 23578

chihiro isn't cute tho…..

No. 23586

she'd look better without glasses.

No. 23594

Could http://kkeojyeo-deactivated20141011.tumblr.com/ possibly have some relationship with "Jun?" I noticed this person pops up in the notes of a lot of people's posts that are sympathetic to Jun.

Also, before euthanizeallwhitepeople was deactivated, Jun posted "leeleejjj@yahoo.com.jp" as his contact info for while he was on "hiatus." Google comes up with an Interpals account named "leeleejjj" that must have been deleted, too. It's weird that there's one for both "takatakashii" and "leeleejjj."

No. 23597

Update from Jas. I follow her and she appears on my feed.

Also…I don’t really think it’s you guys here that are going to my friends blogs and asking them questions and what not. And by questions I mean, questions regarding Jun. But I wanna make it clear that our priority has never been him. It was about getting info about him and his abuse out. It was about trying to prevent abuse from happening again. So asking them for thoughts on him (when I mean, a bunch of them already vocalized our thoughts pretty clearly???) is redundant and comes off as you just wanting to gossip. They all put up a very strong front for me and while I know they are strong and okay/will be okay, they don’t need this added BS. Like literally. What’s the point of asking them how they feel about the catfish? Why does that matter? We’ve all made our stance on him pretty clear. I don’t understand how an extra layer of BS (let alone expected BS) on top of already existent BS makes much of a difference. They have lives, guys. They’re busy and they have their own shit going on. Yet they have gone out of their way and above and beyond in their efforts to keep me safe and support me. Please be respectful of this.

No. 23598

well takahashi is not a rare surname so it could be someone completely unrelated

No. 23599

Jun manipulating this girl into staying quiet. The little fishy idiot.

No. 23600

It doesn't surprise me. I figured something would happen along those lines. I don't understand why she (or anyone else for that matter) wants to stay so quiet about it. "Jun" knows plenty of personal info about them I'm sure, so why the hell does it matter what they reveal about this piece of shit?
Part of me feels like they're all desperately trying to keep believing that "Jun" is real, his actions and emotions were real, and that the guy in the pictures is him… When in reality none of that is true.

No. 23606

Am I the only one who thinks everyone related to "Jun" is acting very suspiciously? I mean, it's rather convenient "I can't talk about it, let's just move on plz". I'm not saying she's the only one though, everyone (including Jas) is just dancing through the subject, won't release any information and is just acting strange. Every single one of them could be behind the Jun persona imo.

No. 23607

*around the subject

No. 23608

I've been thinking the same thing. It's so weird how Jas was so urgent about making this "Jun" abuse public in the first place, but after he ended up being revealed a fake it just seems like everyone involved has just tried to brush it under the rug as quickly as possible and move on. And now the girl who's apparently had contact with him and won't release any info???

No. 23609

Either that or she IS Jun.

No. 23612

Its their ego. None of them want to admit that they were fooled and fucked over by this guy. Its easier to be sarcastic or ignore the situation instead of talk honestly about how stupid you were.

No. 23619

lol I think a lot of you are looking way too deeply into this

Idk if we're ever going to find out who the person behind "jun" is, but the point is that "jun" is gone. The person hiding behind that persona though is likely reading all this shit, has been from the beginning, has been involved in gaining supporters by sending in anons defending their behavior and will not just fall out of existence. Their blog meant so much to them, not euthanize, just having a blog in general (considering how many side ones they had) that they won't give everything up just because they were outed.

We all seem to have recognized that his behavior portrayed a need to be admired, and even if the face of the person we were envisioning was not theirs, the personality was, and knowing that they had people agreeing with what they said was probably satisfying for them.

What was interesting was that this person didn't want to be as involved on their euthanize blog anymore. I noticed it started when people started calling out their mods for being repetitive and extremely uninformative by just posting gifs and bs "insults" against white people (mali specifically), and they got rid of her. After that chi and mae came in and he was still posting, but all of a sudden wanted to go on a hiatus after being called out by byunghary or whatever the fuck it was.

It showed that this person really didn't know wtf they were talking about, they could talk sj all day, its easy too considering a lot of what he said was already being said by others, but actually providing information on how to make active changes to remove systems that abuse others? nothing there, stayed quiet or attacked that persons character as opposed to their political beliefs.

Anyway, when this person realized that they would actually have to have mature conversations not revolving around just how bad something is (or isn't), they kinda bailed.

A personal blog was then started, which just seemed to feed into their ego considering the types of asks they would answer, which all centered around looks. They probably just felt good getting tons of questions about their personal life, no matter how made up it was.

This is what leads me to think that this was all a fantasy to them. They wanted to be a part of the East Asian sjw community, but not be behind the sidelines, instead praised as their Mesiah.

If you look at it that way, their treatment of Jas ans tiny-forest-spirit makes sense. He wanted constant praise, to be depended on, to feel important.

Idk what background that person has, but the amount of time dedicated to the fake blogs, profiles, conversations and basically life, shows that this person is someone who likely had no real life outside of this. They probably are some rejected person out there. I don't feel bad for them though, not everyone who gets treated some way goes and does shit like this, so fuck them.

No. 23622


It is weird. I'm not sure if any of these people are actually Jun, but maybe they all know who he actually is. Or maybe they’re all in on it together, and multiple people were running the euthanizeallwhitepeople blog.

No. 23624

my theory is that jun got in over their head with jas and got scared off when she kept begging him to skype and other things that would reveal that he wasn't who he said he was, or even male to begin with.

No. 23629

Hi guys, it's epocorit from some posts back. I mentioned that I knew some french, and decided to message Puncky. She finally replied back to me this evening. It's sorta related to your post.

Basically, I asked Puncky if she met Takatakshii on interpals (yes) and what he was like when speaking with her. Specifically I asked if he was friendly to her. She said that yes, he was friendly, but suddenly he stopped responding to her messages. When she further looked at his Facebook, she noticed he only had a few friends, and realized he was fake, with stolen photos. I'm not sure if she meant someone else from one of these threads messaged her saying the photos were stolen, or if she figured them out on her own, or someone from Interpals contacted her and said they were stolen? But yeah. "Jun" apparently didnt seem to mind white girls back then.

Going on your post, anon, I agree that this person seems to only have wanted attention. No matter who it was behind it (I personally believe it's a white person or an asian american insecure with their looks and background) you're right in that they wanted attention, praise, and to be depended on. Interpals anon said they saw takatakashii about a year ago? So they've dedicated between 1-2 years of their life etching out this fake life online. Sad, weird, creepy and unfortunate. I know some of you guys are laughing at them, but I still think it's really awful that this guy emotionally manipulated all these girls all for his weird online fantasy life. Because he seemed to be friendly with white people a year ago, I suppose he jumped on this bandwagon and kicked it up to the extreme because yeah, he knew that he could get all this attention from it. I agree with you anon when you say that he started to jump ship when things became "too much" and realized he actually had to have some legitimate ideas instead of mindlessly yelling at everyone, as well as when he began to realize that people were wanting to see the "real" him, and wanted to video/voice chat, etc. Just a super fucked up situation in general.

Catfish tend to duck out and then come back. Since the Jun persona is probably going to be abandoned, I wonder how long it will take before they return to the internet with a new persona. Obviously they're gonna need to find a new photo source since Chihiro can't be used anymore. They definitely picked a good one though, Chihiro had hundreds of pictures to choose from.

No. 23631

thats true, they probably predicted that Jas would start telling people that she suspects they're not who they say they are, people will dig around, and find out they're a fraud. Probably wanted to leave for a bit and wait her out to see if she would actually go through with it, but since they just couldn't stay away from all the bs on line, made a side blog to keep themselves entertained

No. 23634

the worst part is, that's why I think all these self harm stories they gave to all these girls were on some level complete bs. When I first read Jas' post, idk why something gave me the feeling that they wanted to react to her in a way similar that she did to them, to further have her feel that she can relate to them. They'd be completely fine and then when Jas would mention how she feels or that she doesn't like how they're treating her, they'll keep repeating things about killing themselves. She mentioned voices, then they do too. She alludes to cutting, then they do too. I don't think they even had any background knowledge on psychological disorders or illnesses aside from depression.

They'll definitely make a new persona, the probably got a rush from being "Jun" and having all these friends or gf's to flirt with. They'll need to feel that again. It's frightening.

No. 23639

another reason jas and others that have been duped could be being quiet is the embarrassment / discomfort of crushing / having an e-relationship with someone who they thought was male, only to find out it was most likely a girl.

sort of like the immature weeb version of a guy taking a hot girl home only to find out shes a tranny with a dick

No. 23640


Thanks for the info anon. Isn't it possible that takatakashii is just another catfish who is using Chihiro's photos, or is there more evidence that he and Jun are the same person?

No. 23645

Maybe after ducking out on his takatakashii profiles he created Jun/leeleejjj?

No. 23646

Takatakshii is the same person I think, just a different front. They had some things in common, like Jun always said he was from Osaka and did work in computer science/tech stuff. The Taka FB had Osaka on it as a location and also had a tech university on it. I think an anon further up (ctrl+f it) also said takatakashii's profile on interpals had things like, they were part japanese and korean, were raised in Australia, at that point was living in Osaka, worked at a piercing, shop, etc. Jun was also interested in piercings and stuff. So yeah I think it was just a different front for whoever is behind the Jun persona.

No. 23648

Coming from someone who saw the interpals "takatakashii", he seemed very similar to Jun, though not as extreme in his views. He still hated weaboos and even put one girl on blast publicly on his profile. I think facebook Taka seemed like someone different personally, based on what was on his profile and who he was speaking to.

No. 23649

I dunno, seeing how Jun deleted his interpals/got banned and would remake them again multiple times, I could see Taka deleting/remaking and coming out with a more anti-weeb profile if he didn't mind weebs before. Like I said, Puncky told me she met him/got his profile off Interpals so I don't think it'd be the same person + the FB profile and other aspects of the takatakashii interpals profile has too much in common with some of the details Jun gave about his life.
Don't stick on the anti-weeb thing too much; we already know that this person clearly likes attention so they probably flipped views to get it. I could also see something like this happening: the person behind the screen is some ugly asian dude upset with his appearance, wishes he could get attention+ wishes his life was different, and decided to roleplay it out like this online. Got attention from weebs, didn't mind it, had a bad experience, did a 180 and decided to be anti weeb, something else happened (figured out he could get more attention/figured out asian girls were really into "him"?), became more virulently anti-weeb and against white people.

I don't think it's a different person, just an "edited" persona.

No. 23651

Whatever "Jun's" ethnic background, he/she is almost surely American, not from Osaka.

No. 23652

I know that, I never said the real person was Osaka, did I? I'm saying that's what he was using in his online personas and that's the connection between the two. That's just too much of coincidence IMO, for two people catfishing, to be using the same photos and similar life aspects. It was probably simply more convenient to keep certain things like that the same; for example, if someone found that Taka FB and confronted him he could just say something like, it was an old account he made for online friends or something.

No. 23653

Here's what I think is lost on his/her SJW tumblrina friends. They don't get the reasonable assumption that the fact that he/she fabricated his/her entire identity should cast a lot of doubt on his/her truth claims about everything, the whole totality. He/she wasn't aiming at real discussion about real matters that really mattered. They fail to see that it's problematic in terms of mutual deliberation about what's really happening in an open society. They seem to believe that a little bit of spin, exaggeration, bending of facts, etc, won't hurt anyone. They're wrong.

No. 23671

Yes, you were clear. I'm just emphasizing so that nobody's confused about his/her probable location.

You're doing great investigative work. Much appreciated!

No. 23673

Keep in mind that Jun mostly harassed white women, which makes me think that whoever is behind him held a grudge. I bet it's a black or mexican girl who wants weebish white girls to see that they aren't that cute. I also don't think the sole purpose of the blog was to gain popularity. This person had a ideology to spread, and wanted to spread it to people who otherwise wouldn't bother with this shit. The things Jun talked about obviously meant a lot to him/her on a personal level.

No. 23674

You're speaking in terms of generalities that don't entirely reflect real life. Mexican weebs are the worst weebs to ever exist, and there are a great deal of black nerds out there. I don't have a lot of experience with black people, but I've met quiet a few who have had weebish tendencies. Also, I don't know what the deal is with mexicans and anime, but the ones who happen to be weebs are really bad weebs, worse than white weebs. I think it's because white weebs are more likely to try and avoid seeming racist about it, while Hispanic weebs don't really approach it with much sensitivity and think Japan is just like on the T.V. It's weird.

No. 23675

idk, it could also be an east asian guy that was completely rejected by white women who he was constantly tried to get with living in some predominantly white suburb in middle america. This guy probably became frustrated at realizing that white korea/weeaboos mainly go for Korean and Japanese guys that look the complete opposite of him due to the who fetishizing of certain aspects (examples being love of kpop guys, yaoi, etc). He then became angry at this, found solace in being able to talk to them anyway through his fake persona, but it isnt satisfying since they want to talk to him through webcam much too soon. So he decides to join the sjw community after finding posts that he can relate to, tried to vent his frustrations but did not get what he wanted from it–the attention. In the end, he's still not getting the attention he initially craved from the type of women he was into, and now members of whats supposed to be his own community isn't really noticing him. So, why not go back to using his fake persona to see if it'll work on this new audience?

lol idk i'm just spewing off out there ideas, but unless the person pretending to be jun was bi/gay in real life, I'd assume it's a girl only because, and I hate generalizing/stereotyping here, but the way this person targeted women, even if they were talking about their hatred for white "people," notice how they ridiculed white women and only showed anger towards white men for grossly harassing young kids in itaewon (the only place this person ever mentioned when recapping their supposed escapades and personal encounters with these folks).

In terms of race, we cannot tell. Sorry but there is almost no way of being able to tell that besides assuming because oft he interest in east asians, the dedication towards hatching out that many posts talking about their struggles (that really mostly pertained to the u.s.), makes it easy to say they're likely an east-asian american. But who knows

No. 23677

…Cant mexicans be white? white weebs are the most obnoxious of the bunch and so thoughtless too. Maybe its just my location.. but even on the internet ooof.

No. 23678

its really creepy how he'd (or she) post the pictures that had the little kids and make stories out of them.

No. 23680

Yeah. The majority of people tend to replace nationality, race, culture, ethnicity and even faith with one another when they're usually just referring to race

No. 23681

I really think that Jun is a FtM, self-hating "transethnic" white girl tbh. Something about Jun makes me think they're not PoC to be honest. Jun being a white FtM could explain the white girl hate (seeing themselves in them, probably got bullied by other white girls at one point) and the whole "holier than thou" attitude towards white people as a whole ("I'm so special because I'm transethnic guys!! I'm not fetishizing, this is who I truly am you disgusting weebs, don't fetishize my true heritiji!"). It would also explain why they spent so much time with these girls because to them, an Asian SJW girl loving their true Asian self would be a dream come true.

Takatakashii was the massive weeb period of whoever Jun was ("X"). I think X eventually found tumblr and got into all these SJW things, and possibly stumbled upon "transethnicism". Thus starting the psycho white hate train. X probably wanted to fit in with the Asian side of SJW and so they created Jun.

I recall someone once saying how the SJW movement today is made up of weebs from the past. I think it's a weird combo case here of advanced weebism.

I believe it's either that, or it could be something more sinister like nudes. Most of these girls are insecure, unstable, and probably would cream themselves at the thought of someone like Jun, I don't think it'd take that much coaxing from Jun to get a few.

No. 23682

No. 23683

I think this person started the FB to troll weeb girls. Like how >>23648 said the interpals was a weeb hater as well.

No. 23684

Where are you from? I'm from AZ, Everyone here is either Mormon, Mexican, or white trash. (Though mostly mexican).

No. 23685

Maybe when Jasmin's feeling stronger she'll be willing to help us find the mad typist who called him/herself "Jun."

No. 23686

She wont. Her fee fees whaaaa ;_;

No. 23691

No. 23694

Who is this and do they have a vonnection with the current situation?

No. 23695

Connection, fuck

No. 23696

"You’re both avoiding"


No. 23697

No. 23700

Wait what? What has Riley have to do with Jun?
I remember her when she asked for donations for that goddawful game.

No. 23701

I just realized that she talks and acts a lot like Jun. She's a weeb, too.

No. 23702

that person thinks "jun" is riley

No. 23704


Reading the description of Riley makes me think it's Jun. Maybe that's why all the SJW friends are acting so weird, they know it's Riley and don't want to hurt her identity.

>>She has and continues to attack many bloggers on tumblr.

>>Very aggressive/abusive towards anyone who dare question her. (Like Jun. Trying to get them shut down, digging for personal information, ect.)
>>Doesn't respond to criticism well. Doxxed a 16/17-year-old for calling her out on her BS
>>Claims identities in order to have opinions validated/jump into conversations (West Indian/Trinidadian, Egyptian, Indian, Native American, West Indian Native, Creole, and Black American.)
>>poly relationships and online relationships
>>Very familiar with the SJW community. Seems to know who everyone involved is.
>>Weeb as living fuck, but it's okay cuz she's not white.
>>Male love interest in her shitty game was kawaii Japanese twink
>>thirsty for asian women as well

And the cherry on top, she has blogs with names like…

No. 23705

No. 23706

You make a very strong case. Very plausible.

No. 23708

God, she's so fucking stupid. Why post all these asks of legitimate questions if you're just going to reply with "WHAAAA" and "DURRR"? It just makes you seem like a fucking moron.

No. 23709

File: 1415956238082.png (50.1 KB, 701x959, DURRRRRR.png)

No. 23710

Yeah, it's because they're convinced that they're so right. Like, who are you to question them?ッて感じ

No. 23711

File: 1415958589533.png (25.3 KB, 675x468, junwhaaa.png)

Still not answering the question. They never answer the question, they just cry about their feelings about things. They don't answer Japan-relevant questions either. Just Tumblr.gif. The problem with Tumblr is that they rely too heavily on who is saying what rather than what is being said.

No. 23712

File: 1415958843933.png (25.57 KB, 724x530, ohhoe.png)

How convenient.

No. 23713

I just sent my own anon ask to TINJ..
"Don't deny. "Jun" wasn't a product of Japanese or Korean left politics. He/she was a product of the American SJW misinfo that you spew daily. The unreality in the way you signal boost half-truths, fake facts, exaggerations, revenge dogpiling, and so many other tactics that allow you to avoid genuine political dialogue was reflected in the unreality of his/her entire false identity. Jun couldn't speak Japanese. How is it possible that you and your mods use only English in your private messaging??"
Let's see if it gets a reply. I doubt they'll bite.

No. 23719

File: 1415967541818.jpg (57.08 KB, 489x314, nic-cage.jpg)

> implying they can't make a video of them holding up a sign to cover their lower face but leave their chinky eyes exposed while speaking japanese

i'm starting to think the mods aren't asian too

No. 23721

Christ, how embarrassing. Why not just ignore the asks?

No. 23722

Something is definitely off here. I'm not saying that the people on TINJ are behind the "Jun" persona (although it may very well be, as everyone else that has had any relation to Jun could be a suspect), but they're trying to hide something… either the fact that they know something about "Jun"'s identity, that they they're lying about their ethnicity and they're fake/catfishes themselves. They haven't deleted their account yet and are still replying to people's questions (albeit dodging the subject pretty much) just because it would make people suspect even more… at least, that's my guess.

No. 23723

… is anyone on Reddit or 4chan even discussing this?

No. 23724

Lol exactly, I really don't think so. I haven't seen anyone discussing Jun outside here (and tumblr ofc)

No. 23726


Well, two or more of them are only half-Japanese. It wouldn't be convincing if they posted censored photos or videos of themselves and they look barely Asian (I'm not talking about those stereotypical eyeshapes only). One of the mods did post a pic of their Japanese ID though but I can't find it anymore. And as far as I know, not all of them can speak Japanese because they're only halvsies or haven't learned it from their parents, living in the US all their life. The more someone thinks about it, the less credible the blog seems.

They should have just made a "werehalfjapanese" tumblr instead of presuming to speak for full Japanese people outside of Asia.

No. 23745

That girl reblogged this .. Seems like she is in love with the catfish.

No. 23748

No. 23756

>no-one is ever to blame for their own actions!!!!!111!!!

No. 23769

Yup. I said this earlier in the thread when mentioning black Tumblr weebs.
Riley is exactly that sort of person.

No. 23774

this looks like something from a horror movie to me, maybe the way shes positioning her face.

No. 23777

I really do think this is some white teenage girl. I think it reads exactly like what a white girl would write.

No. 23778

No, I'm sure this is a WOC being pissed off about white girls getting more attention from edgy ~azn~ guys.

No. 23780

at first I was wondering whats the big deal about TINJ not taking responsibilities for what "Jun" spewed from their mouths, but thinking about it, if Jun is not even East Asian, let alone, Japanese, than the views they were portraying could have been applicable to any minority group within the U.S. This means that the sj TINJ blogs about for the most part, wouldn't make sense in Japan. If this is the case, their blog should be called, thisisnotjapaneseamerican, because the concern of Japanese people in America vying for equal and accurate representation/rights is not the same as the concerns of people in Japan where they are their own majority.

Anyone can join their blog and as long as they interchange the races and nuances (like blacks and being criminally profiled, hispanics being taken advantage of at jobs by being threatened with deportation, asians and being considered weak so girls make easier targets to harass, etc) when talking about what a specific diaspora faces in the U.S. they could actually join any blog without being a representative of that country. And actually, they themselves aren't fully representative of that country because they take on American views when living here, enough to talk sj the way they do online.

No. 23781

honestly it could be either one, both groups can fit the profile, the weird thing is that there seem to be more white weebs than other woc outside of east asia itself, if its a black girl she would literally be rejected among her friends because they wouldn't get the appeal (im generalizing but for the most part stanning the way koreaboos and weebs do would be considered creepy), among hispanics they'd be considered a loser and idk about other groups. So whichever one of those would thirst for attention from east asians the most would make sense, but its not guaranteed

No. 23783

>if its a black girl she would literally be rejected among her friends because they wouldn't get the appeal
Sorry, anon, but this is definitely wrong. There are way more black weeaboos and fujos than white people think.

No. 23784

I just love how literally every sj blog that had any interaction or even just knew about Jun is now assuming that it HAS to be a white guy bc none of their own are capable of doing any wrong. Or if they do think it is an asian guy he/she must be extremely self hating and we should all take pity upon them… Like I'm not saying it couldn't be a white guy bc it very well could be, but the way they are going about it is just like???? Just bc you're not white doesn't mean you're not capable of being a disgusting person.

No. 23788

Have you noticed how it seems like a ton of the girls Jun has been communicating with are SJW weebs?

No. 23790

>Well, two or more of them are only half-Japanese. It wouldn't be convincing if they posted censored photos or videos of themselves and they look barely Asian
>not all of them can speak Japanese because they're only halvsies or haven't learned it from their parents

Well, that's awfully convenient, isn't it.

imo they're just a bunch of weebs that think they're somehow better than other weebs. tumblr is full of people like that.

No. 23792

Anyone who has a Donate button is fucking cancer.

No. 23796

''jun-kun .. uguu .. i don't think you're fake because you're kakkoii hot senpai, u just lie because you love me .. daisukii ..''

No. 23797

true lol, a lot of kpop fans are black, like they have entire blogs dedicated to being angry about the fact that their oppas always say they want a girl with pale skin and make fun of dark skin yet are the rappers in their groups or their favorite performers are black (ngl I would find that fucked up too though)

No. 23798

Do you remember how Jun made a post about black how jpop/kpop are all good, true fans and cool and all white ones are disgusting because they're white and doesn't know what it is like to be treated like shit?

No. 23801

He did? Last time I remember him saying anything about Kpop it was just "KPOP FANZ ARE ANNOYING!!!!1".

No. 23803

I have no idea, but I clearly remember that post. It makes me think this is a black kpop/jpop fan that has a fetish for Asian men, gross really.

No. 23805

wait, are you serious? lmao and people actually found that okay?? no matter who was following his blog, someone had to have pointed out how fucked up that was, black girls are just as capable of fetishizing asian guys, and it comes off as even more self hating because they defend people who specifically say they don't like dark skin or make stereotypical jokes of black people, etc.

No. 23807

He did mention that PoC could also participate in fetishitazion of other PoC and said that anyone who tried to yellowface (like most kpop fans do) were in the wrong, tho.

No. 23808

It's funny how Jun is the biggest fetishizing idiot here though. ''i'm hot azn boi here is my cute little sister i speak japanese i speak korean hi my name is 6 months''

No. 23824

black MALE weabos. even casual anime watching black guys fucking love DBZ. but black girls? no way. being socially acceptable to their peers is suuuper fucking important to them, unless they are living in a community with few wblack females and thus have many white friends. black girls are fucking HARSH on each other.

No. 23834

This is great, they're probably ignore it.

No. 23835

I still think it's Riley. Does anyone know what she's been up to? She's been less active this year, from what I can tell. Maybe she was busy with Jun….

No. 23838

Thiiiiis. I get the feeling that the people saying otherwise live in very white communities with just a few non-whites who tend to stick together. A lot of rappers are into Japan. Even among ghetto black people, it's common and acceptable. (more so among black people than Hispanics, though)Ever seen Boondocks? Among Hispanics who aren't ghetto, that shit runs rampant. It's like if they aren't ghetto, they must be weeb. I'm generalizing too and talking about high school shit, but it's still pretty true.

No. 23844

I'm a black girl, and I'd say this is pretty wrong and you are wrong, please stop.
Like there are definitely mean, normalfaggy black girls (as many as there are basic, bitchy Uggs-wearing white girls who spill coffee on girls who wear Lolita) but a lot of nerdy/weeby ones, too. In fact, some of the most insufferable weeaboos I've met in my life were black girls.
I don't know if you've just watched some black Mean Girls shit unfold IRL or something, but I'm not sure where your points are coming from.

No. 23849

I have lived in an hispanic community my whole life and have never met any weebs across any of my social groups, maybe because of the fact they're specifically Caribbean hispanics though. Most hispanics I met did not know a thing about asians in general, but would make racist jokes about east asians all the time. The only anime they would know about was DBZ and would only eat chinese food, because they thought sushi was gross. I would get asked every single time I was seen eating sushi, "ew, why do you eat that, you wanna be chinese?"

Lol,though I have noticed that most hispanic weebs come from certain countries in south america or mexico specifically.

No. 23851

judging by the points made earlier, this riley person would fit the profile perfectly…

dude this shit is so creepy though, if its her, she'll never stop catfishing, it's like an addiction

No. 23852

I can see it being Riley or someone like her, and I think other people must be in on this too. The people that do know aren’t calling her out on being Jun because she’s a ~PoC~ and made ~good points~ as Jun. SJWs will do anything to push their ideas.

No. 23853

Sorry if I should already know this, but who is this Riley person? A few people seem to think it's her but I'm not familiar with who this is…

No. 23855

No. 23868

They don't care, man. They barely speak any Japanese, are very westernized and are probably white passing for the most part. There's nothing they can do that's going to make them look less very-americanized-white-passing-ハーフ.

No. 23870

I should specify that I'm talking about mexicans in my own post. I don't have much experience with Caribbeans, so I don't doubt you. Mexicans don't know a lot about asians, though, which is probably why they think anime is an accurate representation of Japan.

No. 23871

Riley has also been established as a creep, so that would explain why Jun is so fucking creepy.

No. 23872

I wonder what it takes to become a mod on TINJ. Im half japanse and kind of want to take the bullshit down a notch. but im not sjw so they probably wont accept me

No. 23875

So, we don't know that Jun was an African American girl, but we do know that a huge plurality of her/his followers/fans/rebloggers were black, all in the USA. Almost zero fans in Asia.

No. 23877

I think anyone can. While you're at it, steal a hot guy's picture, butcher the language like ''私の名前は6月です'', start romances with 50 weeb followers and tell them they can move in with you, speak as much nonsense you can and still have fangirls supporting you because you're hot.
I promise, no one will question a thing.

No. 23880

You on a undercover mission for us, anon. Do it, plz.

No. 23881

You guys need to stop using he/she if you want any credibility. Use them or xir or something.

No. 23883


No. 23885

No. 23886

Fuckin' tumblr fake pronous here on lolcow??? NEVER.

No. 23891

are you joking? No one here gets any credibility (even though we were the ones to figure this whole thing out in the first place) bc we aren't using "xir"??? lmao ok

No. 23899

I can try. im not really active on my tumblr though (3 posts with the last one half a year ago) theyll probably think im a troll

No. 23900

Yes, I am joking. Granted, I'm new here, but I thought that was obvious satire lol…? Although I guess you guys get a pass if you get a lot of lowcows who come here to try and argue their shitting points.

But yeah, I was kidding. Chill.

No. 23902

And hah, I'm a gross white fujoshit who spends too much time on Tumblr (which means I'm aware of all the SJW stuff going on, like it or not) and who actually probably speaks more Japanese than half the TINJ staff. I bet I could make a side-blog, reblog SJW stuff for 2-3 weeks and easily infiltrate them. They seem gullible as shit if they let Jun on. よいイデアかな…

No. 23907

also are all the mods od TINJ just half japanese? and theones who are are.they half white as well?

No. 23909

No. 23910

No. 23911

>The mods over here at thisisnotjapan possess critical thinking skills.
hah aha haa

No. 23914

This is spot on, except they didn't get "in bed" with Jun. That was Mae, who was a mod on his own blog, not TINJ…(as much as you can get in bed with your e-girlfriend.)

((Unless I'm misunderstanding that expression–English isn't my first language.))

Either way, better edit it because in typical SJW fashion, they will probably fall back on calling out your ONE mistake and completely ignore your other 10 valid points lol.

No. 23915

Just sent this ask to TINJ, let's see if they reply.

-> Some of the points brought up on this blog about fetishization are very valid, but on the other hand, the way you claim to speak out for mainland Japan-born unilingual Japanese from your ハーフ and/or 日系 perspective is almost as imperialistic as what the crackers do. I get a 'they dont know better' vibe sometimes and that's just not fair. I used to have a lot more respect about this blog, but the fact the mods here could be fooled by a (probably white) catfish has made a lot of us lose respect.

(Don't argue about fetishization against me, I'm just patting them on the back to get the rest of my point across lol)

No. 23917

I'm assuming that they're following this lowcow thread anyway. But, maybe they aren't. Either way, good to keep problematizing what's clearly problematic about their project.

No. 23919

We need a ouija board to sniff them out. Are you here among us, lurking, TINJ girls? If yes, give us a sign.

No. 23920

I'm not suuuure. They seem to think all their PROBLEMATIC anons are from 4chan and reddit. Not sure they know about this board…Unless they found the link from the euthanizeallwhitepeople tag.

No. 23924

You guys should send her many messages, she's talked to Jun but she's pulling a ''i don't want to talk about him''. She was the one making many posts about how she misses him, of course he went to talk to her first ..

No. 23925

She found the forum i see….

No. 23926

You know, in a way it's useful to have sjw idiots like that signal boost this thread.

No. 23927

I feel bad for her though, in reality she's a victim here. She seems really nice but this guy has been messing her up.

No. 23928

And I didn't mean harassment.

No. 23929

maybe, but i'm sure a majority of them will storm this thread without reading a single word and call us all pieces of shit.
I don't understand what that girl is trying to accomplish anyway, none of us were really being mean towards her at all, if anything just suspicious. I may not agree with things she says/posts but I genuinely feel bad for her and what this asshole did.

No. 23930

This thread isn't a secret though, I'm sure. And I don't think (most of us) are bad people, no one started looking up Jun until this harassment thing.

No. 23933

Lemme take back that phrase "sjw idiots like that" in reference to tiny-forest-spirit. I don't know xir.

No. 23934

To get into bed with someone means to be in partnership with them, it's an idiom not literal.

Also stop using double brackets you're not on a roleplaying site.

No. 23935

I know? Who the fuck cares if I used double brackets lol. It just meant second parenthesis, chilllllll.

No. 23937

Honestly, I thought I found a good place to discuss this drama, but half of you people can't discern satire or make a fuss about double brackets. Too much autism plz. Is there anyway to get all the good sleuths and detective work without the edgy weens?

No. 23938

Wow, two posts in a matter of seconds. Looks like you're the one who needs to calm down friend.

No. 23939

you're quite the touchy little bitch, aren't you? you admitted you might not have interpreted the phrase right, but when someone explained it to you, you pull the "bitch i know that" act.

fuck off

No. 23940

I was saying "I know that" to the DIS IS NOT A RP SITE LOL statement, not to having the idiom explained, which is all good.

I'm not gonna fuck off but I'm gonna calm down.

On a more relevant note, stop accusing tiny-forest-spirit of being Jun. She's our only source of possible information regarding The Catfish, supposing it was really them who added her on Skype yesterday…Although I think the new Skype account is one of us, perhaps?

No. 23941

Awwww… Exiled for using double brackets. Poor thing.

No. 23942

File: 1416015914671.jpg (22.51 KB, 450x282, polter.jpg)

>like 15 new posts in 5 minutes
>catfighting already

No. 23943

File: 1416015970152.jpg (46.73 KB, 500x353, tumblr_nempfcGsB61rtchb0o1_500…)

Not exiled, just irritated at unnecessary snark that takes away from the actual lolcows here.

No. 23944

Why are you idiots fighting over an extra bracket though like are you 5 or???
Let's not pls.

No. 23945

No. 23947

i dont think tinyforestspirit is jun either, i think she is just some sad pathetic girl who was totally duped by him and likely developed feelings for him that she can't quite let go of despite finding out he was a catfish the whole time. sort of like abused women who keep going back to their abusers.

No. 23949

File: 1416016164802.png (1.08 MB, 729x743, 8f5f18bfe1abcfa74ba956fb488f09…)

They're still reblogging from him/her/them/xem/xir, loool.

No. 23950

No. 23951

Confused about this. Is there any context or?

No. 23952

I'm confused… does this person know something about Jun?

No. 23953

Oooh, Mae posted a lot. I was refreshing her blog a lot over the last few days in vain, so I almost gave up but I just got on it and there's a lot of shit. Check it out.

No. 23958

why is tinyforestspirit saying she is not a girl? is she one of these trans gaybois or something? if that is her picture on her tumblr then she clearly presents as a girl

No. 23959

lol tinyforestspirit, since you're obviously lurking and posting screencaps, why do you keep saying "i dont want to talk about jun" yet you keep posting about this thread and responding to asks about jun saying you don't want to talk about him?

if you really don't want to talk about him… DON'T RESPOND TO THE ASKS. DON'T POST SCREENSHOTS. STOP POSTING ABOUT JUN.

how fucking hard is that? seriously?

No. 23960

she says she's most comfortable with they/their/themself pronouns on their about me. but I'm pretty sure she's biologically a female.

No. 23961

I went through their blog… very interesting… they must know something about the identity of Jun

No. 23962

Genderspecial attention whore, basically

No. 23964

lol ohlawd

i can see why jun targeted her. you know, at this point i am almost admiring of jun for seeing like a master troll. they targeted special snowflake weebs and causted massive buttmad devastation everywhere.

No. 23965

No. 23967

* seeming

the one thing that keeps me from really praising jun is that it feels to me that this blowup was not intentional. they really fucked up with jas, i do really think they got attached to jas in some way but then when things got too heated and he risked suspicious and being found out, he ran.

No. 23968

Praise Jun? For having a good troll's eye? Sort of evil genius, right? Like praising Hitler for being effective (while it lasted).

No. 23969

lol oh come on dont equate an internet troll to hitler. how fucking dramatic. go back to tumblr with that shit why don't you?

No. 23970

Remember >>22797.

The original message on euthanizeallwhitepeople when he quit reads like it wasn't written by Jun himself but by one of his mods. But it then ends with "email ME at leeleejjj".

Maybe one his mods was actually behind the leeleejjj Interpals profile?

No. 23971

hey, has anybody wondered if jun outed himself on here? lol, like as opposed to coming back and it blowing up in his face then, maybe bow out gracefully by "not even being around" when it happens?

No. 23972

No. Scroll up. There was group process involved in uncovering clues and following up on them step by step.

No. 23973

I don't think any of the mods or people he talked with had any idea or were him at all. Mainly because we seemed to have come to the conclusion (maybe just me lol) that this person wanted to join the sjw community specifically, either because they actually support the views and weren't successful on their own, or because they had ulterior motives, like being a butthurt weeb of whatever background and used this as his platform to get to e asian girls and be admired as knowing all about east asian issues (that really are only relevent within the u.s. for the most part)

No. 23974

Yeah, it's a matter of degree. But I'm not going to praise Jun.

No. 23975


No. 23976

File: 1416020284195.png (21.03 KB, 538x512, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.…)

I took some screenshots of a few posts on their page that seemed related, including that one. The rest don't mention Jun so I can't be positive they're all referring to him. However, Jun even being mentioned at all seems weird.
It looks like they know quite a bit to me.

No. 23979

if this is jun they are talking to then jun is one persistent fuck. also proves my theory that jun didn't plan or want to disappear so suddenly, they felt they had no choice because of jas demanding skype calls and such. jun looks desperate to hold onto his/her playtoys, and obviously is still talking to them in asks

No. 23981

File: 1416021393084.jpg (44.83 KB, 600x431, kindacreepywhenyouthinkaboutit…)

I agree with you, if its not someone trolling or them sending it to themselves.

Does anyone else remember how jun would reply feeling so satisfied for being praised? it's in his nature, he needs this attention, after having so much of it and having it being pulled from under his feet, he might be desperate

No. 23982

yep. my bet is jun originally planned to only be gone a short while, long enough for the heat to die down with jas, and then he'd come back. but since he was found out to be a catfish, he is scrambling to hold onto whoever he can.

No. 23983

What I find interesting is the fact that two asks mentions what I'm assuming to be a pair of people behind Jun… "is Jun 2 people" "what is there to talk about. you're both avoiding why"
But then she replies by saying "things have changed" It's very weird to me.

No. 23984

''things have changed'' maybe as in that this isn't what it originally was. maybe agreeing that there are more people involved without saying too much?

No. 23985

could be they thought it was one person, found out it was two, but is unsure, or thought it was two people, and somehow got proof it was one? very vague so far

No. 23986

its annoying how all anyone can do right now is speculate without anything to actually focus on. First it was about their nationality, then gender and race. Whats next? All anyone can provide is their skype info or email addresses they may have used, but I doubt that they're going to be willing to give them out. The one most likely to have the most info on him though is the person who made the post about him harassing her

No. 23987

I find it funny that the guy Jun impersonated was the type of person he'd probably target. This leaves me a bit confused.
Nazi items in his room as shown in pictures, using a fake Japanese name.
Jun has contacted that spirit girl and it seems like they had a few hours of conversation. As seen from Jun's asks on her Tumblr, he said he has a new Skype.

No. 23988

No. 23992

Maybe "both" refers to "Jun" and Jasmin?

I doubt we're gonna unmask xir in a neat, Scooby Doo ending, but that'll be awesome if we can.

No. 23993

i got someone in my inbox saying that they're the one hoarding the euthanizeallwhitepeople url? i asked for proof and they were like "go ask mae and chi" and how the hell are they gonna give me shit if you have it. after they said that i told them i wasn't going to bother mae and chi about it since they already seem stressed as hell and acting weird. and it didn't really make a whole lot of sense. their url is peegirl3

No. 23994



Yukapee is Jun, case closed

No. 23996

did anyone notice that jun only ever had female mods? like conventionally pretty, female mods. he only ever went after white females. and to be a mod on his blog you had to skype with him and tell him personal shit about yourself. you think "jun" was after girl's personal information?

No. 23997

"He" got called out about this back at the height of the blog, and he and his PRETTY CONVENTIONALLY PRETTY FEMALE MODS just brushed it off. Knowing a lot more now, it's an interesting question.

No. 23998

Jun is either a POC female trying to convince people that hot Japanese men hate white women or it is a lonely male of any color knowing exactly how to manipulate half Asian weeaboos into thinking he's a god.

No. 23999

did i not send you the proof? lel hi haunted-toaster or whatever

No. 24000


I think it's a girl just because Jun seemed to go out of his way not to talk to people through Skype. If it were a guy, why not at least talk to people? A male voice to go with the pictures would have helped his credibility a lot.

No. 24001

there isn't any proof in my inbox lol

No. 24002

File: 1416024742097.png (36.25 KB, 270x452, Screenshot 2014-11-12 07.37.11…)

you don't even have a submit so i had to send you a crappily edited link but here you go

marvel at my beautiful hoarded urls

No. 24003

i don't know why these make me laugh

No. 24005

charles bukkakeski, lol

No. 24007

How is this proof?

No. 24008

No. 24009

you said you had euthanize tho??

No. 24010

When we enumerate plausible motives for euthanizeallwhitepeople, let's not forget the most obvious part: this person took pleasure in smacking people down in ways that were over the top vicious. We also know that Jun didn't mind bending information to fit the agenda. And then, also, the preying on girls. So, three main ones, right? Bully, liar, predator. That's three so far. It's interesting to note that these motives were expressed in both his/her sjw/political posting and in his private, online relationships. Bully, liar, predator.

No. 24012


No. 24013

whenever "jun" would do those "send me anons" on his personal blog i sent an assload of them in japanese and a few in english. you can bet your ass all my english ones got answered. none of my japanese ones were. the fun part is, i'm not the only one who did this to try and prove if he was fake. i had like 2 other japanese speaking friends in on it. none of their asks were ever answered either.

No. 24014

toaster pls
>had it for 5 minutes until the former mods asked me to give it back
>made chi admin of the side blog
>i am no longer admin of the blog and it would be deleted if i were the sole owner
>the fact that it's there kinda proves i handed it over to someone else

it's really not that hard to figure out. as i said, if you don't believe me go ask the people i handed euthanize over to. but if u want to pin this on me so desperately, be my guest.

No. 24015

Is that you Jun?

No. 24016

i quit holy shit 5 minutes guys

No. 24017

im srs tho it was rly quick when i hoarded it and then they were all up in my inbox asking for the url

smh i should have kept it and posted furry porn

No. 24018

i love you

No. 24019

omg for real i would have died.

No. 24020

No. 24021

Refering to the fact that Jun is the height of Wapanese.

No. 24028

Any updates?

No. 24029

update: not shit has been found out

No. 24030

I was wondering if it was Riley, too. They're the only other person I can think of that wasn't getting the kind of attention they used to and would be THIS virulent in cutting other people down.
But, Riley hated asians????

No. 24031

She's a weeb.

No. 24032

also heard riley was good at making shit up. which ties in perfectly here

No. 24034

could be riley 2.0

No. 24035

I know that, but Riley has posted shit before saying like, FUCK ASIAN PEOPLE!!!!! Unless she's changed recently? Like, I clearly remember posts made by her where she literally expressed that she didn't like asians, even though she did have weeaboo side blog. I mean this all as in like….it just seemed like she was only into asian people when they were being kawaii desu, I remember her getting her panties in a bunch once I think on a post where asians were talking about racism against asians. So though I could see her doing this, I just find it slightly odd when she seemed so pissed off when asian people spoke up about issues, especially with the way "Jun" did. Idk, just trying to look at this from every possible angle.

No. 24036

as much as she claims to hate asians, she has a huge hateboner for asian women and i wouldn't put it past her to get some sort of sick pleasure out of pretending to be one of them and seducing them.

No. 24040

"Jun" would have been someone already very experienced at the SJW game of finding prey, demonizing, calling out, signal boosting, and, ultimately dogpiling. Somebody experienced at manipulation and spin. Somebody with SJW connections already in place.

No. 24041

I was wondering about this, did jun's blog blow up quickly or was it like a gradual thing? I remembering him sending asks to other sjw blogs which I think was to make sure that they along with the blogs followers knew of him if the ask got published

No. 24042

I was someone that had been following him almost since the beginning, back when it was "shootallwhitepeople". I think the biggest thing that made the blog blow up was the URL, then the making fun of white people and the remote sense of Jun knowing anything about anything (as the blog went on you could tell he didnt know shit, going back to him getting called out by byungary etc), and then especially a hot dude being into sj stuff. But yeah I think the also sent asks to SJW blogs to try and 'advertise', just like sending them messages "great blog" etc. The popularity to me seemed sort of gradual but then skyrocketed after he changed his URL to euthanize. I think this was also around the time he became TINJ mod, that also may have contributed. But IDK it doesn't surprise me that his blog blew up quickly; he spent a LOT of time yelling at people and also had a provocative URL and was at least, if not hot, just conventionally attractive.

No. 24047

Does this bitch really think Lolita is cultural appropriation..? wtf

No. 24050

Jun, if you're desperately updating this and hoping for it to calm down .. Believe me, it won't.

No. 24054

oh lol my mistake.

how many followers did he say he had? It's strange how almost everyone was duped by this person pretending to be a hot asian sjw.

No. 24055

No. 24056

he mentioned having several thousand followers which is weird because there is little to no outrage except by the same few people in his tag

when drama explodes on popular blogs don't people normally flip out? like that time josh macedo was outed for being a pedo or some shit and everybody took to his tags to voice their disgust?

and if i were one of these girls i'd be way too fucking pissed to bother protecting any of the personal info he gave out. i'd be out for blood.

No. 24059

which is why he's only talked to the girls that have been shown themselves to be weak

No. 24060

I was thinking about that, and mae and chi never said anything about it. I wonder how much they overlooked or if it was really true.

No. 24067

No. 24069

Yeah he said the blog was in the "multi thousands". I'm surprised too why there isn't as much attention about this, but remember that Jasmine's post is still trying accumulate notes; last I saw there were under 400. As far as I'm concerned, the only people who've seen the post are friends and followers of Jasmine's, friends followers of the friends and followers, and people from Mae's entourage. I don't think Jasmine has that many followers. And I know euthanize has that one weird post on it so people will probably get curious and search through the tag but not many people must have seen it when it first got posted; the post itself only has like 20 notes I think. I'm sure people will see it eventually when more of his followers check up on the blog to see if he's come back from hiatus yet (because before he ragequit/bawleeted things he said he was going on break because the blog was "taking a toll" on him, everything was still there + thats why he made the personal)

I think the biggest thing to it blowing up is the stuff on TINJ that was posted about it ("Jun is no longer a mod we don't condone abuse etc") but because the post itself is slightly hard to find if you don't follow Jasmine or a blog that's reblogged it, I think a lot of people are just like, WTF is going on with Jun? I've seen countless asks to multiple blogs that are "in the know" asking that. Anyways short answer to your question: Jasmine's post is somewhat hard to find so I'm supposing that's why there hasn't been a lot of outrage yet. But don't worry; it's steadily reaching notes and will eventually hit the dash of another blog, and whatever post that contains the links to Chihiro's social media will also eventually get big. My guess is it'll probably take another week or two for it to explode. At this point it just seems to be between immediate contacts of Jun, Jasmine, and Mae and their own followers (and obviously people siding with Mae+ Mae and Chi themselves aren't make a whole lot of noise about it.) Josh Macedo was really popular, didn't he have at least like 10k followers? Plus he was popular with people besides the SJ crowd. He was more of like a "household tumblr name" while Jun was mostly just known amongst a core group of SJ bloggers. While Jun had a sizeable following I think he only had like 2-3. Even he himself he only said he had a "somewhat/moderately popular" online blog I think.

No. 24070

riley became jun so she could be the kun

No. 24071

Seriously though, Eri's Japanese feels off to me. The way she types is as if she's quoting some dramatic anime character, this coming from someone who speaks the language. She isn't on Google translate Jun level, rather "o I know a little japanese".

No. 24072

Amazing because the original Anon ask in Japanese is offering help and it's someone who actually can use the language. But TINJ treats the offer really rudely. And then a TINJ follower posts a comment that is just wrong. The offer was from someone who moved to Japan. The person didn't say that they were born there. And, obviously, none of the TINJ people were born in Japan, so why would that even matter??
"俺ちゃう!お前や!" was from Moose Poo You. It was probably meant as a joke. It's like saying, rudely, "It's not me, it's YOU!"

No. 24073

does anyone have the link to that post where byungary dragged jun? i want to read it again so i can laugh

No. 24074

Eric claims to be Japanese and just living in America. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks something is off with her Japanese?

No. 24075

I can't tell by that most recent post, but if you can track down, like, a full paragraph from her, I can have my wife tell me whether it's native.

No. 24076

Has no one considered that person behind the Jun persona might just be a fucking troll??? One who was purely into this SJW stuff just for kicks, and doesn't believe any of it?? I hope I'm not the first one to suggest this or I'm gonna be disappointed in you guys omg.

No. 24077


Didn't she say she couldn't speak Japanese?

No. 24078

I mean, I guess, but this person seemed way too involved with people personally/emotionally. Also, did you miss the stuff about takatakashii and the person behind Jun not being so angry in the past before? A troll would've just gotten right into it and would not have seemed to have gone through a weeb phase beforehand. It's possible but things started off too gradually and things got too personal IMO. To me it's apparent it was someone who wanted the attention.

No. 24079

That was Solace.
This isn't a good example, but a lot of the time I find her japanese kind of .. Like a foreigner who knows it fairly?

No. 24080

Hmm … They could have simply ramped up the drama over time just for the fuck of it. Or they could have sociopathic tendencies and they're acting on those urges in a "safe' online environment. Dunno.

I just have trouble believe someone's actually that fucking idiotically racist in this day and age… And idiotic in general. I'm in denial!

No. 24081

I was shocked to find I didn't agree with you, Anon! I dislike the vibe and attitude all her selfies give off, as well as her poor choice of poses, but I think her look is actually rather nice. Kind of like that 'classic Asian' look PT's always claiming to have, except Mae's actually ((part)) Asian.

No. 24082

They certainly share a chin lol.

No. 24083

Mae is half white, so… I don't understand how she works with that entire half of her family.
"oh I'm part asian so I'll just disregard the part I don't like because fuck that"
Also, she has selfies with a white friend so… awkies.

No. 24084

Okay. Yes, that's native Japanese. うるせんだよ。is like "shut up" in natural colloquial style.

No. 24085

No, not any ordinary troll. Way too paranoid and vindictive, to the point of near insanity.

No. 24086

So true! Yeah, imagine that? Like, when she's at a gathering of all her white American cousins does she froth at the mouth and tell them that they are all disgusting pieces of shit that need to be euthanized?

No. 24087

>>white friends
This shit annoys me. It makes her seem two faced and fake as fuck to me.

No. 24088

No. 24089

she seems like the type of person that's ridiculously over the top fake nice in real life to you because she's too much of a pussy to say anything to your face. Then goes home & reblogs seething hate-filled posts about how gross you are & how much hotter/better she is than you.

I mean, could you imagine having a "friend" like that? Pathetic.

No. 24090

best believe if she was mixed with anything else BESIDES white she'd be blasting the SJW out her ass ten-fold.
Her blog is basically proof she hates at least 50% of herself.

No. 24091

Butthuuurt. Yet she addresses none of the points made. Just "dunt bully me" and throwing insults around. Tumblr.

No. 24092

You just explained all SJWs ever. They're all sad, insecure keyboard warriors. I've never faced any irl, and based on the rabid amount on tumblr, you should think that you'd come across at least one or two offline (like you do with weebs) right?

No. 24096

No. 24103

>yeah this well known popular person on tumblr was using fake pictures, stole this one guy's identity and pictures of his daughter, claimed they were posted on CP sites, then he catfished, manipulated, bullied and targeted Asian girls all while having a hate blog against white people where he would stir shit shit by sending his mad weeaboo followers against women who didn't do shit.
>but what about antisemitism guise?!?!????

SJWs trying to save face because they all supported him, fucking disgusting.

No. 24120

No. 24144


No. 24158

File: 1416073508656.png (73.79 KB, 630x630, Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 17.3…)

Ha, who sent that first ask?
Her response is completely stupid - she does mention depression on her About Me (though as a previous 'diagnosis'), with a load of other bullshit. None of it is a disability.
>i’m still in the same living situation with the people who caused my c-ptsd and i don’t have any income
So basically you want people to give you money to move out from you parents'. Yeah, nah.

>I don't owe them anything
Then why do you keep screen-capping and responding to every post about you and publishing every anon? This girl is desperate for any sympathy she can get.

No. 24159

You can't tell if it's native from a sentence though ..

No. 24161

I'm disabled and poor but I'm able to spend all my money on cosplay for my profile picture and spend all my time on abusive catfishes

No. 24168

>you are strong beautiful proud and don't owe anything to anyone, keep being you, don't change etc

>thank you, i know

few hours later

>bawwwww why am i so depressed and can't keep up with the real world

No. 24175

Honestly I felt bad for her, but she keeps pushing the disability shit for sympathy like… ok.
That reply she made about the "to disabled to get a job" pissed me the fuck off. I'm not saying her disabilities aren't real, I'm sure they are, but my cousin has severe autism as well. He has awful phobias of everyday things, and horrible anxiety on top of that but still has a job. I myself was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression and I'm struggling but I have a job and am even going to be going to school next semester. Just bc you have disabilities doesn't stop you from doing something unless you want it to be that way.

No. 24177

now she's made a post like ''i'm not going to tell you about jun find someone else #there's no one else but hey'', she obviously thinks she's his special little snowflake
and as seen in this thread jun has been trying to talk to other people as well, but he's probably telling her ''i love you you're the only one''

No. 24178

To add, I wonder how she'd react if she saw the kids Jun has been exploiting that ended up on a CP site. ''Lelouch'', having info and acting like it's going to go away is just as bad. And you know what, this will keep going until we know this persons identity.

No. 24179

she's an outrageously weak person

No. 24180

''this isnt even about jun anymore

theyre quite literally saying im not disabled''
no, this is all about jun and that you're refusing to give info most likely because he's manipulated you into not doing so. why would you not reveal this predator? his abuse aside, can you PLEASE talk about these children instead? do you think it's okay to get away with this?

No. 24181

He's obviously gotten a hold of her. Probably told her some sappy bull shit to lure her back in. I don't understand how she doesn't have enough common sense to tell people the truth. This guy lied and manipulated her but she's not going to tell anyone about what she knows bc "we hurt her feelings"? Like what did she want? for us to kiss her ass and donate money to her for info that apparently she only has?

No. 24182

right ok. I'm pretty sure I just said "I'm not saying she isn't disabled, I'm sure she is"…
It's like she only wants to read the things that she knows can post about to garner more sympathy. idgi.
This entire thread still has to do about Jun, not you Lelouch. We're only bringing her up bc it's obvious she keeps egging on to get attention and we wouldn't even still be talking about her if she would just be honest about what she knows rather than blindly protecting this guy who's obviously manipulated her.

No. 24183

Why make a Tumblr post informing everyone that you have info about him if it's such a big secret? Does everyone need to be aware that you and you alone have the honor to speak 1 on 1 with a child exploiter?

No. 24186

What if she doesn't know shit at all and just wants to be the center of this entire thing?

No. 24188

I don't think she's that sneaky. But either way, info about Jun will come out sooner or later, I'm sure no one in here is going to give up.

No. 24213

''he's okay he's with his friend toshi''
Funny, he was with that Taiwanese bar owner that didn't exist.

No. 24219

No. 24221

wow shes so pathetically obsessed with him, even now after finding out hes a fake she still seems like shes refusing to accept it.

hes a fake. everything jun ever told you was a lie.

No. 24226

idgi that girl keeps saying she's going to ignore and not talk about this subject anymore but obviously keeps replying indirectly to anything we post on here or just speaking discreetly (or not) about Jun.

No. 24227

No. 24228

File: 1416096193672.png (14.84 KB, 510x238, ok mae.png)

So now Mae is saying that even if it wasn't a white guy this is all still a white guy's fault bc of "internalized racism" basically. Mk Mae..

No. 24230

So it's pretty much like this.
If Jun is white: gross racist pig
If Jun is POC: poor self-hating thing it's all white people's fault

No. 24231

Mae's an idiot. She's just as bad as jun for all I care.

No. 24232

Lmao, pretty much. It's almost pathetic how they'll try to shield anything bad "their kind" does and blame it on white people bc "white supremacy"

No. 24233

I think it's hilarious though, how when she thought Jun was a real person she was all for defending him and said things like "but Jun isn't the only enabler!!!! Jas did bad stuff to Jun too!!" but come to find out the guy in the pictures isn't him she's like "oh yea of course, he's white as hell and racist scum who hurt me!!"

No. 24237

I don't know which girl is irritating more now, Mae or that Jas one. Though we can thank Jas for showing how these SJ people really are. A mass of them clamored up to that guy then when she released that long ass post of pure filth and tried to pass it off as a way to help others with abuse, though it was beyond clear she was just pissed that he had another woman and she wasn't the main special snow flake, all his SJ minions turned on him real quick. Note they didn't even look really good at her post, or maybe they did but their level of comprehension is only that much. People should take that as a lesson of how those morons really view things. They pretend to be so deep and above shit, as if they ever put in real research in order to support any of their views. Then this Jas even comes here to plead her case and smooth shit down because it seems this was the one spot that wasn't buying into all her bs. She's still suspicious. Now we have this Mae character who is as flippant as a well used dormat. I would give her actual props if she stuck up to her previous views when she thought her psycho bf was real, as opposed to how she's now obviously just pulling shit out of her ass in order to please the tumblr audience. If one of these girls isn't "jun" then he sure did pick his targets well.

No. 24240

No. 24243

It's funny, Jun has made like 15 girls believe that they're his special snowflakes. Now he's desperately trying to message the sad ones.
This is perfect Dr Phil material.

No. 24244

>don’t dig up old text posts that’s so weird

lol ages ago….fuckin' 16 years old and their strange perception of time.

No. 24245

it was 6 days old

No. 24246

oups i posted the wrong quote, just woke up. but yeah i meant to copypaste the "ages ago one"

No. 24248

How do they expect to improve their community if they can't acknowledge anything that's wrong with it?
>>White person does something wrong
>>held accountable for own actions like an adult
>>Non-white does something wrong

This is why we rule the world.

No. 24252

Wouldn't go as far as saying that's why we rule the world, but I agree with you. It's so patronizing and infantilizing how they treat any POC who disagree with them as internally-racist babies who just don't know better. I've pointed it before on TINJ and EAWP but ofc they never replied to that because it's easier to reply to the trolls with HURR DIE MAYO TOILET BRUSH

No. 24253

did they delete their tumblr?? omg lmao
i tried checking the page but it's gone.

No. 24254

Btfo. MoFo sounds like a 1/16 injun heritage faggot who's offend that the government wont recognize him as native lol.

No. 24255

No. 24257

ah ok, thanks. i didn't realize they changed their url.

No. 24267

I remember sending EAWP a message they ignored once saying talking about the fact that making fun of white people and calling them mayo (this was so fucking corny, it was used to the point of exhaustion) and what not wasn't going to change anything. It wasn't informing people of the actual injustices they face due to race in the U.S.

Sure there are racist as fuck blogs revolving around white power all over tumblr, and their owners do deserve to be be ridiculed when they do this to others, especially people of backgrounds they'd never even interacted with, but what I hated about EAWP is that the mass majority of white people they were attacking was done over insignificant shit.

Attacking a young white girl wearing a kimono is not time well spent, especially when in the U.S., kimonos don't hold the same significance they do within Japan. We know of them, but because there isn't enough of a Japanese population here, its not going to be regarded the way it was meant to. Thats not the fault of every individual white person. Also, not every white person would understand why every sj poc think the way they do, or even ultimately care as much because the issues don't resonate with them. Just because a poc is angry does not mean all white people are responsible and need to make up for it.

Everything is an issue in the sj community, instead of taking things up with their government (not about kimonos but like certain poc having equal rights, ex. just because a child was brought here illegally, they should not be ignored as trash on the side of the street, they have limited agency) sjw vent on their blogs about white people, most of the time the ones they hang out with everyday.

I almost keeled over laughing from Jas' post saying that Jun is a reactionary and not a critical thinker. Just Jun.

No. 24270

Seriously though, that kimono argument is completely useless ..
Extremely popular Japanese fashion site, talking about how ''kimono fashion'' is trendy and how fashionable it is. Should we listen to this person or catfish Jun and TINJ, none being capable of reading Japanese?

No. 24271

Oh, nevermind, I forgot ..
It must've been a white person manipulating this native Japanese person ..

No. 24272

No. 24277

No. 24280

Woah there. I don't follow much of the drama from these SJW types but this kind of shit never fails to blow my mind

>23, femme-presenting queer trans non-binary two-spirit genderfluid, xe/xir/hir/xirself pronouns, pansexual, PoC (1/16th Native American), white-passing except for hijab, Muslim (convert), neuro-atypical (self-diagnosed aspergers), economically privileged, sex-positive, body-positive, vegan, sociology major, loves Disney.

It's fascinating.

No. 24282

I'm pretty sure this person is making fun out of these people, which is pretty funny. Had to look through the blog for a while to get it, it's pretty realistic.

No. 24283

I actually found that japanese people are humbled if you even think of something like wearing kimonos, because they realize the art form is dying as their youth dont buy them anymore but dont expect others to want to instead. It is better for the industry for foreigners to want to consume that part of their culture so that the people who make this stuff earn a living.

Troll. Not that hard to figure out, because it is too tryhard.

No. 24284

It's funny too, even as a foreigner residing in Japan for whatever reason, you get invites for cultural events, such as the coming of age day. Native Japanese people 99% of the time show excitement over foreigners having interest in Japan, dressing in traditional clothing etc.
That doesn't make it okay to be a total weeb though, but honestly, anyone else here thinks the girls ''Jun'' has flirted with me show more signs of weaaboo contracted? This SJW side of Tumblr is literally ''i'm a POC anime fan, down with white people''. More of a reason to believe Jun is an angry POC female upset about not getting any handsome Korean/Japanese guys.

No. 24285

it's obvious they're trolling just from the poc (1/16th native american)

No. 24286

Agreed, all of that

No. 24287

You know, I think the TINJ women are actually listening to us, rejecting what they can't deal with but taking what they find helpful in our criticism and applying it (sort of, a little). This reply from Solace to an anon ask was, you know, pretty reasonable:

No. 24288

Of course we're not going to forget about Jun, this is going to keep going until one of his snowflake girls spills info about him.
That girl who seems heads over heels about him said something along the lines of ''try getting info for someone else #not like anyone else has talked to him'', but we know that's not true.

No. 24289


One thing I could never understand about Jun's world view was his assertion that it didn't matter how long a white person lived in Japan or Korea or China. The white is supposed not to have any involvement with Japanese or Korean or Chinese culture. But what about whites who spend huge parts of their lives surrounded by Japanese culture? If you spend half your life there and your family is Japanese and your neighbors are Japanese and the television is Japanese and shopkeepers are Japanese and your co-workers are Japanese…? Nobody owns culture. Culture is just there. It would be impossible to be in Japan without adapting. And, if you're there for decades, you know, you're going to know more than Solace does. It doesn't make you a disgusting piece of shit. It makes you a modern human who lives within human culture and negotiates her life within the language of the culture that surrounds her, everywhere. It's not appropriation. It's real life.

Jun would never concede that truth.

No. 24290

Oh, no no no no. Solace has Japanese blood in her veins, she would speak the language and know the culture in and out, if it wasn't for the RACIST WHITE SCUMS.

Haha, let's put it in this perspective.
Quote from Jun: ''I'm Korean and Japanese, however I only speak Japanese because of the prejudice from my Korean family. It's no one's fault.''
Quote from Solace: ''I don't speak Japanese because of white people bullying me and I can't learn it because of fetishists. ALL THESE ISSUES LINK TO WHITE PEOPLE vs POC.''

No. 24294

This. I find it really stupid to dismiss someone's input on Asian culture, just because they aren't Asian. There are so many non-Asian people out there who are genuinely interested in these cultures, and dedicate their studies to become well versed in it. If anything, I sort of enjoy hearing Japanese/Korean/Chinese culture from those who aren't Japanese/Korean/Chinese themselves, because they're (hopefully) not gonna pump it full of shit and make it sound better than any other culture (because we all know natives like to make their own culture the best. Hell, Japan even has a term, kakushi aji, that basically 'we're definitely better at doing xyz than any other place).

I wonder what they think of foreigners who were born and grew up in Japan for their entire lives. Does the fact that they have no Japanese blood suddenly invalidate their ENTIRE LIFE EXPERIENCE?? Or even study abroad students… do they think we're all shitty pissbabies who came here to ruin their country?? lol

You'd think she'd at least know the culture. Did they bully the sense to pick up shit at home out of her too?? Or were her parents so Americanized that the culture was barely even present in her home?

I understand wanting to learn about your own culture because it's a big part of your identity, but shit, what gives you the right to police other people about it?? In Japan, my host mum was like 'HOLY SHIT why are you taking Japanese history??? Why are you learning culture??' and was so surprised and joyed that I wanted to learn about it… A lot of Japanese students I come into contact with are so bewildered and generally think it's really cool that there are even people who wanna learn about their culture.

No. 24296

I find it funny though, half children get so much crap in Japan, I wonder if she'd say ''I never learn English because of xenophobic bullies'' if she was raised in Japan, but no ..
Yep, it's always that reaction. My Japanese friend specifically goes to events with foreigners that have interest in Japan to show appreciation, talk etc. When are they going to change their URL to ''angrypartjapanesepeopleinamericathatblameeveryonebutthemselvesthattheydon'tknowshitabouttheirculture''.. Because somehow Solace, who's half Japanese, can't speak it and doesn't know much of the culture, has more rights to speak about Japan than someone who has lived there for decades just because they're white.
omggggggggg don't act like you know about my culture more than i do i'm half japanese don't you ever tell me the recipe for tonkatsu fluently STOP STEALING CULTURE

No. 24297

I think the issue a lot of people have is that a lot of people who learn about others' cultures give unwanted input, not because they aren't knowledgeable of the traditions, norms, etc. but because they speak as someone who wants to be representative of that culture (not everyone, some) and while you or your parents may have personally taken an interest in the culture, the culture was not an option for those whose roots derive from there.

I know that if a person with non Japanese ancestry was born in Japan and had no option to live there that they also did not have a choice in what culture they were subjected to, but they are seen as having the option of going to other parts of the world and experiencing/being accepted by the culture there, ex. white people in Japan can go to many predominantly white countries and not be considered an outsider for their race. Meanwhile Japanese people in the u.s. still get asked about their origins, language speaking skills, etc, despite being born there. So it's like even if they 'd never been to Japan, they're expected to have fully embraced/mainly be influenced by that culture, like they can't escape it (if they wanted to).

So for a non japanese person to come and talk to them about what they think of Japanese culture is strange because they're not forced to live with that identity, and people wouldn't look to them for any changes that would need to be made in Japan.

No. 24298

Okay, but what about the non-Japanese in Japan who learn, adapt, but don't act like experts? Do they have to be screamed at by SJW tumblrinas and labeled as disgusting pieces of shit merely for existing?

No. 24299

im peeing myself at that last line oh gosh

aaa ok, I get it. I never thought of it like that, thanks for that!!

No. 24301

no, definitely not, I don't think those are the ones people (at least rational people) have a problem with

weebs ruin it for many though because they act like just because they know a few words of Japanese for example, that they somehow ARE Japanese, which could make a Japanese person who wasn't able to learn it growing up because of living in the u.s. or because their parents didn't bother to teach it, very upset.

No. 24302

Really though, how often does this happen?
I just don't understand, they're literally waiting for people to act like crap so they can go all rabies after them.
Back to the point, how is this relevant to Japan though? TINJ is not a blog about Japan, it's people in America mostly finding issues about everything concerning people having interest in Japan.
By the way, found a picture of Jun.

No. 24304

Hm, maybe not specifically with Japan, but people often like to speak for people of other cultures or share limited details of a culture itself just from simply meeting/knowing a person who is from there. Have you heard people use the phrase "my friend is from there…" and then go on to tell others what the culture is like just because of that?

Anyway, with your example, where people grow up there so have to adapt to the culture it makes no sense to bash them unless they think they can represent what a country/culture is like (like many of those people who are teaching in another country for a yr or two and have entire channels dedicated to enlightening others. It's like they're speaking for the native people of that country/culture when they're just a visitor) otherwise, the only reason I would see them being upset is due to what I mentioned before. That non-japanese person being able to not have to be identified by the japanese culture they grew up with, or being expected to just because of what they look like, which can be a negative thing.

lol but yeah I do agree that a lot of what TINJ posts about is relative to the U.S. mostly

No. 24305

Point very well taken. It's as if these blogs are set up to trap specified non-SJW Tumblr users. "Jun" actually went out trolling on Tindr looking for old guys to take interest in "Jun's" profile and photos. Then he would take screen shots of these guys and slander them publicly. The irony, we all know, is that the photos of Jun were not real, his profile was not real, and the predator was "Jun." In fact, all SJW blogs are predatory in nature.

The TINJ women love finding the weeaboos just so they can feel awesome ripping them to shreds.

No. 24306

This is excellent. See what tadpoletails writes. Spot on.

No. 24307

Yeah, I do, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone like that has more knowledge than Solace does on Japanese culture. Don't get me wrong, I respect her, but I wouldn't let any but the natives be cultural polices.
I'm a native to my country, I'd be so confused if some half in USA screamed at people for reasons that won't educate anyone despite having little knowledge, and not even being able to speak my language. And I do understand the frustration of people not involved trying to educate others about my culture, but really, that's always going to happen. Talk to them personally, tell them it's not okay.

No. 24308

I don't agree with the way they go about these issues at all. If you grow up in Japan and are not Japanese in ancestry, you would be more credible in informing others than someone who does have the ancestry but does not know anything about their own culture since they didn't grow up there. They shouldn't be upset at THAT fact/individual.

Though I get that she can't really escape being Japanese, she's not just Japanese, she's Japanese American, and in a sense, she's doing exactly what I mentioned earlier, speaking for others. In this case, it's Japanese people.

No. 24309

She can't speak for native Japanese people at all though. She can talk about what it's like being a hafu in America .. Because that is what she is.

No. 24310

that's what I mean, that she can only speak as a Japanese American

No. 24311

No. 24317

I love this thread! This is more informative than thisisnotjapan. 

I’m probably older than most of you. I do understand why a Japanese American would find bombastic weeaboos really get under their skin. But, if you want to know how Japanese in Japan react to that sort of thing I can tell you. They think it’s ridiculous to flatter yourself for having really very little understanding. My husband is Japanese and we’ve been living here for two decades. Real skillful, long-term gaijin learn that smooth social relations require just the opposite of weeaboo attitude. The opposite is: learn the norms of society really well but don’t make a show of it. Don't try to impress anyone. Better just to act like a slightly clumsy, sort of humble foreigner. Let people assume you know very little but at the same time behave with as much grace as you can muster in ways that are appropriate for whatever the context and situation. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself. :)

That's how to put the natives at ease without trying too hard.

Weeaboos wouldn’t be called “shits” by actual Japanese. They certainly wouldn't be screamed at. They would receive sort the sort of smiles that we make when we see cute children.

Oh, and many Japanese have a kind of subconscious fear of westerners, whether you're black, white, brown, red or purple. You can't change that. And they can't help it. There are daily microaggressions. Just take a breath and let it go.

Thisisnotjapan is really not Japan, but I think they know that.

No. 24319

Little did we know. He/she/xi was actually talking about xirself all that time.

No. 24320


No. 24322

No. 24323


Yeah now all of a sudden everyone knew he was fake because of the 1 million clues he left behind but yet no one said anything aside from here. How old is that blog, don't be surprised if it is Jun who runs it.

No. 24324

The post is dated yesterday, and the blogger is thanking us for the detective work.

No. 24326

Yeah, I suppose that Asian Americans may be bothered by Western weeaboos, cosplayers, and people who call floral patterned dresses "kimono." But for actual Japanese people residing in Japan, these don't even make the list of social issues that matter. Not even on the radar here.

So, when "Jun" would go on and on about the great harm caused to the Japanese people it was basically meaningless, pointless.

No. 24331

okay seriously, thisisnotjapan OBVIOUSLY has a american centered audience, probably european as well, of course they are talking about being japanese in those areas. being japanese in japan isn't the same thing, they are not going to face the racism that japanese diaspora will, because they are a majority in japan, duh.
saying "oh but japanese people in japan don't care about this" is irrelevant because they're not the ones affected.
they ARE affected by fetishizing because nastyass old men come to japan to prey on girls, but I'm not sure the japanese necesserily know that that is where it's coming from.
other things are much more likely to affect disapora, and most in tinj and their audience are diaspora, that's why they talk about that. you can whine about THISISNOTDIASPORAJAPANESE all you want but who really fucking cares about the url.

and I don't know all mods but at least two of them are in fact japanese, no doubt about it.

can we discuss jun without being annoying little clones of redditors?

No. 24332

I really DON'T see the person as being white. $10 on fugly asian.
I think mae just wants to believe they are out of convenience.
Anyway, watch her stupid badly colour co ordinated blog.
She's going to do a jas & make a big ass screen shot post of jun convos.

No. 24333

Japanese American here. It's only whites who talk like this lol, and do the "Japanese people don't know what's appropriative of their culture tho!" Thing
Shut up. Return to tumblr.

No. 24334

Pretty sure gross white men would go to Asian countries to creep on women no matter what.

No. 24335

really think they wouldn't just save their money and prey on girls in their own country if they didn't have some fucked up idea about what asian girls are? not all of them of course because asian girls might be physically what they desire but if they believed their personalities were like the stereotype of "angry black woman" they'd probably be less tempted.

also didn't mean japanese don't know what's appropiative but I'm not sure if they know or even care about where the stereotypes about japanese people come from.

No. 24336

Even so, screaming at some white chick for wearing a bath robe and calling it a kimono does absolutely nothing to stop this from happening.

No. 24337

nah I don't care about that either, just weird sexualized and brutalized tattoos of geishas and shit really.

No. 24338

& of course it's only white men who would do this in the first place.

What the hell is a 'brutalised' tattoo?..

No. 24339

lol I mean the geisha is not the tattoo. like geishas without heads or covered in blood, quite common actually. I just don't get the aesthetic at all.

No. 24341

Are you able to distinguish "gross white men who go to Asian countries" from non-gross white men who go to Asian countries? Or do you think all white men are there just to do evil?

No. 24342

Admin, we may have some trolls here.

No. 24343

No. 24344

I mean there are plenty of white men who go to asian countries not to prey on girls??? I mean yeah other guys too it I shouldn't just have said white men but I'm from a country of mostly white guys so it's my first thought lol. like old men going to thailand to buy a wife.

No. 24345

Clearly more white men travel to Tokyo for business meetings than for evil raping and pillaging. Let's keep the conversation grounded in reality.

No. 24346

okay but I didn't say anything else? I just said it affects japanese people if white (I shouldn't have said white but whatever) guys come to prey on them, I never said all white men go to japan to prey on people. learn to read maybe.

No. 24347

Judging from the ridiculous double standards, flip-flopping & lack of knowledge on how to actually quote someone on this board,
I'm seriously inclined to believe you are a 15 year old girl who was raised on tumblr.

you don't even have a point anymore. Now you're just saying "japanese people are affected by GUYS coming to their country to prey on them"
Anyone can be fucking affected by someone 'preying on them'. ANY race in ANY country.

No. 24348

It's like you're not familiar at all with guro or cheesy horror tropes.

No. 24349

lmao talking about guys being creeps is so radical CAUSE GIRLS ARE TOO. sure, thats whats important here.

No. 24351

I emphasised guys in an all-encompassing, no-specific race way to negate you only referring to 'white guys'.

but, now that you mention it, why should girls be exempt from scrutinising their going to foreign countries in order to be with certain races?

in fact, why don't you tell us what IS important here, since you've failed to actually present any compelling points about… anything.

No. 24355

Not so much trolls as a dumb Tumblr kid with no experience of the real world.

No. 24360


The person who wrote that article doesn't seem to be Japanese though. There are several authors on that website, her profile is in English and they mostly write about foreigners. I don't know how substantial her article about kimono really is. Looks like they simply picked up the "kimono" trend in the UK and wrote something about it. I just find it questionable that wide-cut cardigans with floral patterns are suddenly called "kimono".

No. 24365

Does it matter?

No. 24368

these half japanese people who are crying about white people preventing them from learning how to speak japanese should be blaming their japanese parent for not teaching them and bringing them up as bilingual in the household

No. 24384

Why does it matter when the author speaks better Japanese than anyone at TINJ.
Just look at Japanese fashions such a wa-loli, it's completely based on ripping of a kimono.

THIS is refered ''kimono''.

THIS is refered ''kimono''.

And oh guys, I think I hit the jackpot. Google ''着物パジャマ''. I dare you.

So .. Who are they going to blame now?

No. 24386

Do you know how many Japanese and Korean guys go to the Philippines for teen girls? Or mail order wifes from China?

And guys, I think we're getting off topic. We're going to find ''Jun''.

No. 24387

So maybe we should take their URL literally? Because THIS IS NOT JAPAN. And you're wrong, half Japanese face much more bullying than any other ethnic in Japan, they don't ''blend in''. No one does.
I have a question for you, have YOU been to Japan? I have, and you rarely even see foreigners. It's not an issue, believe me. Japanese men are much more of a problem than foreign ones in scale.
If the mods are Japanese, they don't really seem to be aware of the culture. So why should they teach others?

No. 24398


I doubt she really cares what race he is. Seems she lost a lot of friends, according to her posts, so obviously she's trying to gain them back by screaming from tumblr hill tops whatever will make them come running back. She says they dumped her because they didn't understand what was going on with her, like no they dumped your ass because they are assholes and you're a dumb bitch. Does anyone really believe at this point that she's going to be making a Jas post for any reason other than to get a boatload of sympathy and her best buddies back? The jun-jas-Mae trio really do have a lot in common, they are manipulative attention whores.

If anyone is still actually interested in finding Jun she's probably the one to watch as his other special snowflake seemed to disappear. Anyone seen Jas?

No. 24412


Okay, you convinced me with those 着物パジャマ. They look exactly like what Jun & Co. complained about.

No. 24419

Honestly, I can understand the frustration behind someone calling what is obviously NOT a kimono by that name, kind of like how people make their own versions of pizzas around the world that don't even end up resembling the way Italians make it, but still call it that. I wouldn't go as far as calling it appropriation though, and those people don't deserve to have hundreds of people online harassing them over it (though have you guys seen korean pizza? thats an abomination)

No. 24427

sushi pizza is a thing, although in general most sushi places are not run by Japanese people.

No. 24429

No. 24434

that goes beyond stealing culture, that's just making a mockery of it (especially when there are no significant number of people from these backgrounds that live there, it's already bad enough when a person gets turned into a Halloween costume in the u.s., but fuck, people half a world away are doing it too?)

It's not just a white thing, this behavior is demonstrated by people who have no respect or knowledge of people from different backgrounds.

Stealing culture would be taking a tradition as your own while giving no acknowledgement to its origins and prohibiting the people originally from that culture from celebrating it (this can be done in a manner of ways, ridicule being one of them, I just don't that the objective here was to demean them to ultimately take from them)

No. 24435

that actually sounds better than papa johns frito pizza though

No. 24446

why do you keep samefagging? it's irritating seeing you talk to yourself, fuck
you know you don't have to put your email, right?

No. 24460

anon u no that they only dress up dat way bcoz a white ppl made them rite?

No. 24468

>>started school in a really racist part of the US, where I had people throw rocks at me and try to beat me up if they heard me speaking Japanese, if they saw me eating Japanese food at lunch, etc.

Bull fucking shit.

No. 24469

meh, not really that far out there, when I was in elementary school this girl was ostracized for being muslim and wearing a hijab, with kids trying to rip it off during recess when teachers weren't looking… for all I remember, it could have been because they didn't like her covering her hair as opposed to it being specifically about her faith. Idk if solace was referring to a similar age group, but her being the only japanese girl there could have gotten her bullied, not for being japanese specifically, but for being different.

No. 24471

You'll find that sandniggers are the kings of preying of girls in different countries.

No. 24474

That is very different than being asian. I have no respect for someone who gives into that bullshit, she deserved all the persecution she got. No one fucking cares about asians, everyone hates Muslims.

No. 24476

I don't understand. She got bullied at school for speaking her language? She blurt out Japanese randomly? If she was Polish and spoke the language, it'd most likely be the same result.

No. 24477

that is so fucking unbelievably different. if you're American you'd know that they're fucking demonized here in some parts of this country.

honestly comparing that bullshit story Jun created to the harassment Muslims get is off the scale. if anything, if someone caught him eating Japanese food they'd probably ask for some or ask questions about it. realistically, they'd more than likely ask him to speak his language more because knowing someone who's FLUENT and NATIVE in any language (especially an Asian one that some claim is hard af) is like knowing God personally or something equally rare. he'd be a fucking unicorn and have all the attention he so desperately craves.

((I know I was fucking hounded when I brought sushi to school smh. and people treat my knowing conversational Japanese as a rare thing when I know about the same amount as I do in German [learning my 2ndyr @ school]))

No. 24479

fuck, not jun, solace

No. 24481

The way you're stating that its as if east asians don't face racism in the U.S., or worse yet, that it's impossible. I know I gave an example of a well known marginalized group, but thats why I mentioned the age range, because among children that young, specifically first graders, the only legitimate basis they would have to make these kinds of judgement is off of what someone else has told them, such as an adult figure.

Where I grew up there were very few east asian people, and while they were not bullied to my knowledge, negative stereotypes did exist about them that did not have everyone glorify them as some sort of national treasure. So the possibility of solace being bullied shouldn't be dismissed just because you had a different experience.

No. 24482

No. 24483

about this whole jun thing, is mae not going to post her account of the story anymore? her last post regarding this whole thing said she doesn't want anythign to do with it anymore and that she's done with "it" though I'm not sure if she's referring to the anon messages she was getting, the situation itself or the post she was going to make

No. 24484

C'mon, really?
Everybody, we don't have to engage in identity politics here. You can do that on Tumblr.

Let's focus on finding "Jun" and exposing his/her/xir real self. That will be justice.

No. 24487

Yep. You guys should try messaging Solelos, she's been talking to him and likes to brag about it.

No. 24493

Why are you so intent on focusing on that girl? It's been a while since she even said shit about Jun, while we've got 2 other girls its been confirmed he was romantically involved with. Has anyone been hitting up their messages? Didn't one of them even come in here to try and get this place on her side, Jas. But instead all the focus is on this one messed up chuck who probably doesn't know shit.

No. 24494


No. 24498

people were messaging mae, but I don't think anything came out of that. She promised to make a post like Jas' but idk if that's still happening or not.

No. 24499


She's trying to gain back the moronic friends she lost over the process, so she'll make that post eventually.

No. 24504

Eri, is that you?
So it's white peoples fault that they can't take responsibility? やめとよ

No. 24505

no im a fetishizing problematic cracker weeb. i think i speak more shitty japanese than the tinj mods though, but in case that came across wrong, i was saying "i wonder if this is white peoples fault"