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File: 1580391037836.jpeg (232.66 KB, 750x1178, D1D4896D-DC71-4BAC-A30C-46C320…)

No. 753753

Fahr Sindram / FahrlightLoki Anonymous 4 years ago No. 156500


Fame-thirsty cosplayer with delusions of grandeur, tries to conceal that the only publisher that prints her "manga" is actually owned by her family.

Denies photoshopping, begs for donations for rent, vet bills, and now she claims to be trans and gets donations for all medical costs relating to it, threatens suicide if followers don’t donate.(shit thread)

No. 753755

File: 1580391495936.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, CBE5026D-97EF-4E9D-A97A-38BEEB…)

What a surprise… something went wrong with the appointment!

No. 753757

File: 1580391526328.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 5C65EB38-F466-49B7-98F2-6B63E1…)

No. 753761

her dyslexia? i get that she's german but, ahhh, you know, if you're going to LARP as a dude then get your dysphoria in order..

No. 753773

that’s not how it works, but ok. They totally weren’t ready

No. 753782

Well, it will be interesting to see if Fahr really does lop her tits off on the 9th.

Query for German anons, is elective surgery typically scheduled for Sunday in Germany? It is fairly unusual in the US.

No. 753820

no, dyslexia is correct when making mistakes with letters and numbers and marking things down wrong.

No. 753919

No, it’s unusual over here too.
Scheduled surgeries usually happen on a weekday mornings as there are less physicians working on weekends and they’re only meant to be there in case of emergency and to monitor patients that were admitted/had surgery.
From my experience, even if you got admitted with let’s say an (not severe) appendicitis on a Sunday they’ll try to postpone surgery until Monday morning, simply because there will be much more personnel present.

No. 754147

gotta check you didn't write the wrong date again then

No. 754151

Yeah, it basically confirms my personal theory regarding this.

No. 754494

File: 1580562920835.png (240.23 KB, 750x1334, F1BB8372-444B-4ECC-93E0-8816C4…)

The other day she posted the name of the hospital. I looked it up. They’re not open on Sundays.

No. 754511

Welp, RIP her donors' Euros then. Should have known better based on past behavior.

No. 754533

it doesn't mean you sub in completely different words. try again. fahr is just an idiot.

No. 754680

Numbers would be dyscalculia, not dyslexia

I wonder what fahr will pull as an excuse when the surgery date comes and goes

No. 754992

nayrt they meant dyslexia/dyscalculia is messing up spellings and stuff, dysphoria is when your self-image doesn't match your appearance to the point that it causes you distress, which is what trans people get surgery/hormones/etc to alleviate

No. 755034

File: 1580738583528.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, E30D15ED-CA41-4B24-84FA-A1A53B…)

No. 755037

i know what the words mean lol it's why i called her out. this is the first time she's ever said anything about dyslexia, she doesn't have it. just stop.

No. 755038

She really is insufferable. Can't wait for next Sunday to roll around so we can see her new boobs!

My prediction: She will bind herself really tightly and say she had it done.

No. 755044

We do know she’s good with photoshop, so I’m guessing that will be involved as well.

No. 755045

File: 1580740982445.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, E6A6BB71-DBE9-4079-8A29-F04C55…)

But she’s in too much pain daily to hold down a job.

No. 755087

Why does she even hold AMAs if she's not gonna answer anything

No. 755630

Yeah but the person who said this seems to be confused:
>if you're going to LARP as a dude then get your dysphoria in order..

No. 756115

File: 1581112473761.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, D5DB30CA-A9D6-4E3C-B7C2-8A6D72…)

She’s being reborn on Tom’s birthday!

No. 756286

LOL. She's doubling down on getting her ~surgery~ on a Sunday, apparently.

No. 756298

File: 1581185911350.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200208-101858.png)

Wonder if this is legit but interesting for "Customer not present"

No. 756305

Oh, so that’s why she says the surgery is on a Sunday. “I didn’t choose the date, the surgeon did!” My ass.
My tinfoil is that the surgery is probably on Monday and she just wants to claim it’s been on Tom’s birthday.

No. 756306

Looks like legit to me. It's pretty normal for medical practices to be pre-authorization to charge on a specific date.

No. 756312

It's usually the option used for auditing purposes when payment is made over the phone. Given the envelope behind it, i assume they posted it out.

No. 756327

She claims they’re admitting her the night before because the surgery is so early. Is that typical in the UK?

No. 756336

Anon from the UK working in hospital. Nope it's not. Usually you are admitted on the day of surgery. Patients who are first to go in theatre will be asked to come at 7am for prep.
There is absolutely no reason why we would hold up a much needed bed for an entire night.
Now if it's plastic surgery, not sure at all but don't see why they would get her in a night before, it's not a hotel.

No. 756339

You are probably right. I have been trying to think of why she keeps lying about this and doubling down, and I keep forgetting what a stalker she is about Hiddleston.

Again, I guess we'll see if she actually gets her tits removed. (I think she will back out, if she actually has a surgery scheduled.)

No. 756344

Not in the UK but in Scandinavia you can be admitted the night before, had a family member that depending on how early they would go in had the option of getting admitted the previous night.

No. 756428

Spire Murrayfield is a private hospital so it'll be different from typical UK hospitals.

No. 756455

Maybe she paid extra for an overnight stay and Tom’s birthday, since it wasn’t her money anyway.

No. 756459

My friend got a top Surgery in GB and she had to be there the day before aswell for some last talks, tests, etc.
Personally not UK but I got plastic surgery and also had to came in a day early

No. 756479

File: 1581273679884.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 83FDF7A9-F60C-43EB-90F0-860669…)

No. 756482

she's sick. this is the weirdest thing to me because she is not trans, she wants to be tom hiddleston and whatever doctor signed off on this is a real asshole. all you have to do is google her. anyone can see that she's delusional.

No. 756532

She's probably living under her real name, very disconnected from the online bullshit that would incriminate her.
At least that's my first guess. It's sadly more realistic to think they probably don't care if she can afford the procedure.

No. 756559

all I can say is yikes

No. 756588

What do you mean? Fahr Sindram IS her real name, there is no hiding

No. 756597

File: 1581334301755.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, AC0148D3-1CFA-4F75-8D77-FA29CD…)

Last week she did one of her “ask me anything” things. Someone asked if she worries she’ll regret the surgery and she flipped out on them saying they already asked the same question and they’re obviously a transphobe. Now, a week later, she’s bringing it up again. And then throwing in the thing about being cut open to make it sound like this person is currently attacking her, even though it was a week ago. Desperate to be a victim.

No. 756662


This is ridiculous. So she's saying that she had surgery a day ago and is already allowed to go home?!
No way any responsible hospital would do that.
You have to stay at least 2/3 days to make sure the stitches don't tear and it won't get infected.
Also you will probably vomit a lot and won't be in the mood for Instagram attention whoring.
Source: had a friend undergone this kind of procedure.

100% pocketed the monkey

No. 756681

File: 1581370422406.png (190.55 KB, 2004x758, Runningfahrwiththemoney.png)


The hospital that receipt in >>756298 doesn't even offer gender reassignment treatments or the bilateral breast reduction that FtM get.

Even in the list of cosmetic procedures, they only offer reduction to remove excess tissue, not complete removal.

No. 756682

Meant to add, the masectomy option is only available as an elective surgery for those at risk of breast cancer and need to go through a consultation to ensure this is the correct choice - all taken from the hospitals page itself

No. 756687


Also you are not allowed to raise your arms because the stitches could tear easily.

Who the hell believes the cap she throws around.

No. 756689

This is very clearly a hospital gown and a hospital bed though

No. 756692

Not necessarily a hospital bed.
The hospital gown can be purchased off of Amazon for <10 bucks.
(As is the oxygen mask that hasn't really been explained. It's an oxygen mask usually used in an ER… )

No. 756693

Take a look at any munchie thread, this is easily faked by buying equipment online. Eli used to photoshop scars onto himself and badly remove his eyebrows

No. 756697

It's funny that she's the mirror gender swap of every 30-something moron guy dressed like a Spice Girls reject, who thinks he can become an IRL loli anime character.

No. 756709

Their site is dumb to navigate but if you look up specific doctors it provides another list of procedures that doctor can perform. I'm too lazy to try to comb through the Edinburgh site tho, especially with everything being behind an inquiry wall

No. 756718

File: 1581388884820.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 4CA47C61-916F-4776-B53F-EF4FBC…)

No. 756794

File: 1581433434212.jpeg (104.74 KB, 900x900, 753A8548-6ACF-4FBA-B501-E5617E…)

Me watching Fahr being exposed after she’s been giving the evidence to expose herself like

No. 756795

wouldn't she have still have drains in her chest at this point? she's already got them out and is onto the compression wrap?

not sure i buy this yet but if she's stupid enough to mutilate herself to live the thorki lifestyle 24/7 then i'm glad she's gradually removing herself from the gene pool.

No. 756798

No fucking way in hell that the one with the oxygen mask is legit. If she is conscious and well enough to hold and operate her phone like that, she wouldn’t require the mask.

>This is ridiculous. So she's saying that she had surgery a day ago and is already allowed to go home?!
No way any responsible hospital would do that.
>You have to stay at least 2/3 days to make sure the stitches don't tear and it won't get infected.

Not really. Top surgery patients usually go home the same day or the day after. Staying >2 days is actually rather unusual.
You don’t necessarily throw up either. That usually only happens when you don’t tolerate the anesthesia or the pain meds well. They also give you some antiemetics in advance sometimes.

Yeah, drains usually stay in for at least 3-5 days.

So much about this whole thing is extremely fishy.

No. 756839

Well… this seems legit to me, she took her boobs off. She's really sick, she ain't trans. Now we must wait till the day she regrets it and try to kill herself

No. 756885

well… I hope that won't happen… you can say about fahr whatever you want but I really hope she won't try to kill herself :/(:/)

No. 756992

File: 1581517095222.jpg (590.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200212-221801.jpg)

No. 757004

Why doesn’t she have drains?

No. 757009

Drains are usually optional, she probably didnt get them because they do not look nice on those "look at my top surgery" instagram stories

No. 757130

it's still up in the air if this is real. she could just be wearing a dirty binder. remember we still aren't 100% if that surgery can even be performed at that hospital.

No. 757161

Drains are not always necessary for smaller procedures. How much breast tissue was removed? I'm not super familiar with this person's boobs, but if they were small to begin with that could be why there are no drains.

Sorry for blog, but I had a lot of skin removed after weight loss, and I only had drains at my hips for my tummy tuck - they didn't give me drains for the boobs. I know it's a different procedure, but it could be a valid explanation.

Still loony, though.

This criticism is correct. Any breast/chest surgery will come with the directive to not lift your arms past your shoulders for at least 2-3 weeks, or until the stitches come out. Have somebody else take your hospital bed photos, if you must have them, otherwise all that money will be wasted when the stitches tear!

The oxygen in that photo is supplemental. Lots of people who have surgeries and are conscious and well still have them for a few hours after surgery while the anesthesia wears off and they're keeping an eye on you.

No. 757214

File: 1581562507956.jpeg (192.31 KB, 750x1067, 8F649227-43CB-40E6-B7BB-4FDD5C…)

Her boobs were huge.

No. 757264

Wait the binder changed. In the second image it doesn't have a front closure necessary to take the item on and off.
She's already holding the phone at a high angle, did she really decide to change her own binder and pull one over her head, risking the stitches tearing?

No. 757267

File: 1581584089383.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1394, 61D0D54D-022D-4C8E-BEA6-C688EC…)

Yeah, that may apply to the oxygen tube in that photo. I was talking about the actual mask in the one that hasn’t been posted.

No. 757285

It might be fastened it the back, if someone is helping her clean or change or smth
The thing underneath is bloody so I guess that needs to be changed now and then.
Her arm also isn't above her shoulder, and I'd guess she's using one of those handheld tripods

No. 757305

File: 1581609722284.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, A5E4BA88-0C2F-4613-9818-F4BCAC…)

No. 757306

I hate to WK but it looks like she has iodine staining on her shoulders.

No. 757331

idk guys, I think she had the surgery. Either Fahr is trans, or incredibly dedicated to this act.

No. 757338

Pretty sure it's legit by now. That being said, if you pay for it yourself you will always find a doctor who will chop off your tits even without a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

No. 757343

File: 1581621148782.jpg (340.4 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20200213-141257_Ins…)

The real fahr. This is what happens when a tumblr fag hits 40

No. 757349

>>757338 Yeah I definitely don’t think she’s trans. Just a couple years ago she said her depression was from a doctor giving her the wrong medication at one point and it caused her to have depression. She insisted on that for years. Then it was that she’s trans and surgery will fix her depression. What she needs to do is get some real psychiatric help.

No. 757364

this facial expression makes me sad

No. 757375

Agreed. There are plenty of psychiatric disorders that come with body dysmorphia, and I do believe she is unwell, but not trans. Her bust was quite big, I can easily see how it might have caused her discomfort. For her sake, I hope she can live with what she's done years down the road, but she definitely needs actual psychiatric care.

No. 757382

that is the face of regret good god. She's def not trans but that just screams this thing I was certain to help me did shit for all on how I actually feel.

No. 757405

When did she drop the whole intersex act?

No. 757411

Holy shit. The last time I saw her she didn't look that wasted…

No. 757418

Well, I mean she just had major surgery and is probably on some decent quality painkillers.

Man, I do not think she is trans (like at all) and like someone else said above, that is the face of regret. I actually feel sickened by this.

No. 757469

Christ. I realize she always shooped her face, but she must have gained 30 pounds since her prime. At this point, nobody is going to think this overstuffed dumpling is a man, even after a complete mastectomy.

No. 757499

File: 1581654584505.jpg (557.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200214-122738.jpg)

No. 757510

she looks like a MtF now.. tragic

No. 757540

YIKES. I'm sorry, I'm completely new to this cow, has she been taking any hormones? Or even lived her life as a man for an extended period before all this? (not as loki)

No. 757548

no lemme greentext

>started as a lolita years ago

>known for taking 2deep5u pictures of herself in ghetto areas and at mcdonalds with posed actors
>regarded as pretentious twat due to her "i'm da beauty in dis ugly world" attitude
>becomes obsessed with loki
>starts cosplaying loki (despite not really cosplaying before)
>slowly leaves lolita and becomes a loki cosplayer exclusively
>suddenly is trans
>actually nvm is intersex and was always primary a man and not a woman
>crowdfunds for boob removal

all during this time she was also "oh so disabled" and "oh so poor/homeless" and "irl loki" and you know the drill. but yea basically she's nuts and one of those cows who thinks that anything she's said has happened in a vacuum so she can just change it when she wants.

No. 757574

She also started out saying she didn’t have dysphoria. Then she suddenly had dysphoria and it was so bad she had to quit her job and ebegged to pay bills.
And not only did she never present as male before this, she dressed in super-feminine Lolita and said that it wasn’t a costume, it was her own personal fashion.

No. 757577

I can't wait until she realizes this trans bullshit isn't for her and tries to detransition.

No. 757630

Getting surgery doesn't mean you're trans, it just means you had enough money to manipulate a surgeon into mutilating body. She'll regret this in a few years tops.

No. 757665

Anon, fahr first appeared with her cringy manga "losing Neverland" back in 06

No. 757716

She’s only been on hormones for 5 months >>697214

Little masculinization has taken place and I haven’t seen any videos of her voice dropping at all. Is she extremely unlucky with genetics or something? She said once she had top surgery and she got a deeper voice, she believed she would pass as a man.

No. 757743

Tbh she probably will pass as a guy, she's not very feminine looking when unshooped
Her voice is very feminine tho, but that should drop on T I guess

No. 757785

no one ever does anyhow. trans men always have eyes that are too small and close set; centered in the face. even buck angel looks like this. fahr is just mutilating herself because she's a munch and a thorki erotic roleplayer who takes it to irl.

tragic, really, and a cautionary tale. she's killing herself on the installment plan because she likes to play tom hiddleston dressup. what a fucking world.

No. 757795

i fucking forgot about that shit because it was so long ago. her lolita days were pretty notorious and kind of drowned out everything else from before.

No. 757813

Fahr isn't a munch, she's obsessed with men and draws yaoi like any other basic straight girl. I kind of get the feeling that she's got distaste for women in general, she tries to act feminist but she's very negative about them.

No. 757842

sorry, should have stated the munchie bit was jmo. transing and being a munchie are the same, along with anorexia/bulimia, just different expressions of the same disordered thinking. again, just my opinion.

No. 757858

I think Fahr is just incredibly dedicated to this act since it’ll probably get her more money. With no tits, she can ride the Hiddleston dick party with no thought to herself!

Still can’t convince me she’s trans tho

No. 757890

File: 1581790467673.jpg (191.66 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20200216-021016__01…)

No. 757895

Man, i can't believe she turns 40 next year and this is what she does online

No. 757896

Congratulations, you’re a more androgynous flabby NEET now than you were before surgery. What a triumph.

No. 757977

File: 1581823447647.jpg (493.47 KB, 1080x1920, 20200215_192447.jpg)


No. 757988

>toxic positivity

Imagine being this fucking pathetic at 40

No. 757989

She has ED now? lmao

No. 758036

Funny how lopping off her tits is fine, but the one and only thing that could make her slightly androgynous is somepletely off limits.

No. 758060

This looks like a freak yaoi cosplay of teen Snape, with sallow skin, greasy hair, and unattractive, once again mauled/gangbanged by the Marauders.

No. 758077


ngl, "tormented angsty teenage Snape" is a pretty funny and horrifying cosplay idea. fahr'll probably jump on it immediately.

No. 758083

okay, then. fat NEET it is.

No. 758362

you know she had to do it to em

No. 758436

File: 1582006892920.jpg (409.19 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20200218_072001.jpg)

…. Again

No. 758482

File: 1582029720942.jpg (15.04 KB, 552x168, 86802383_3490521131021653_3862…)

This was one of the picture she posted… atleast its not overly photoshopped

No. 758492

Man, imagine mutilating yourself in order to look more like an actor. If I were Tom H I would try and get a restraining order, because this is crazy and she is crazy.

No. 758505

Literally the only resemblance is that they are two white people and she copys his get up from a movie role.

No. 758604

Jesus this is so sad. Get a life, Fhar.

No. 758853

File: 1582166881021.jpg (876.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-104559.jpg)

No. 758968

she looks her age now

No. 758983

Oh my god is that Tom Hiddleston?

No. 759005

The manliest of men.

Narrator: She did not look like a man at all, but bore a strong likeness to a 40-year-old hausfrau.

No. 759022

the real dysphoria is starting to set in now.

No. 759036

File: 1582220540799.png (628.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-184129.png)

she looks so busted

No. 759046


This is such a waste of actual nice big boobs. I’m genuinely sorry for her if/when this transtrender thing is over and she realizes no type of implant is every going to replicate what she paid money to ruin. Maybe tho by then she’ll be 50 and old and it won’t matter

No. 759048


She doesn’t have masculine facial proportions and will need thousand of $$$$$ in facial implants, hairline adjustment ect for her to realistically look like TH in any way. I truly feel sorry for her, this shit isnt a game and she can’t really go back now. Just off the top of my head I’d say she needs minimally brow + cheek implants, maybe chin reshaping with fillers which is probably a good 5-10,000 surgery right there.

No. 759067

I'm pretty sure most big name actors have people that look into crazy fans to ensure the safety of the person. Imagine being the person that has to keep on top of this circus.

No. 759112

fahr 100% has erotic target location errors. she's not trans, she's an autoandrophiliac, but it only extends to tom hiddleston.

No. 759119

This. Plus even if she starts hormones, it's not a guarantee her fave will get more angular in the same places or look more like Tom Hiddleston. She is going to end up looking like a weird inbetween tranny probably even less than TH than she used to when she cosplayed him.

No. 759138

Betting she becomes the next Oli London.

No. 759160

File: 1582252748528.jpeg (53.12 KB, 662x960, 31641624-2C77-4071-A631-F71694…)

Your skull develops in childhood/adolescence, so no amount of hormones is going to give her the prominent brow ridge/ocular rim/chin/ect even the most uwu bishonen pretty boi cismen all have. Unless her parents gift her 10,000+ dollars (or whatever equivalent Deutschmarks) she’s fucked, she will never look like the object of her desire and will always have extreme self-hatred although it will be interesting to see if she’s smart enough to realize why or just blame on general “dysphoria”

No. 759208

File: 1582267766489.jpg (Spoiler Image,699.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200221-012238.jpg)

Her boobs now.

No. 759217


I've never seen anyone with dysphoria show off their breasts like that, even if they're just a thing of the past. Even taking a picture of them and keeping it is weird. She's really fucked up and will realize it later.

No. 759236

She looks like….just a middle aged, slightly butch German woman! How is it possible that she looked more masculine when she was younger and Lolita?

She has already been on hormones that past 5 or 6 months. Most trans men see significant changes in the first couple months yet this is Fahr almost half a year in.

I really am concerned about that. Her obsession with Tom, her prior bad physical shape and health, almost no effects from HRT and now lopping off her breasts so soon. The dysphoria will terrible and it doesn’t seem like she has any genuinely caring support system to deal with what is going to happen. I know she’s an asshole but I wouldn’t wish that kind of Hell on anyone.

No. 759255

RIP to a pair of decent looking tits.

No. 759266

Nothing about her is remotely masculine. Still looks like a German woman with rough features.

No. 759275

hopefully the nipples don't die and fall off.

No. 759317

When I met Fahr in the mid 2000s she was fame and attention thirsty like you wouldn't believe, far far more than what could be considered normal. Imo cosplaying Loki and getting some recognition from the Hollywood star who plays him is the closest she ever got to actual fame, and that's why this shit is in her head 24/7 now. Wonder what went wrong in her life that she turned out like this.

No. 759365

Problem is that the bit of recognition she got made her into a worse person who pushed away almost every single person who genuinely cared about her.
I alps knew her in 2009/10 and she was obnoxious and a bit desperate but not a terrible person and she had people around her I would describe as friends. Now she has no one left apart from some insta kiddies who will never really help her if the crisis is hitting. And the crisis is imo getting closer each day. I'm getting really worried tbh.

No. 759366

Something seems very off about the arms in the after picture… They look like little twigs

No. 759367

File: 1582324454691.png (6.6 KB, 637x233, fr.png)

Did she delete her instagram??

No. 759368

>How is it possible that she looked more masculine when she was younger and Lolita?
I think she has the opposite physiology to Tess Holliday, she's somebody who gets a round puffy face the instant she gets overweight.

No. 759369


Seems to be gone. Makes me wonder if anything Fahr's posted the last few days has broken any ToS?

No. 759370

File: 1582325430522.jpg (632.72 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20200221-234848_Ins…)

nah not gone… just changed the name

No. 759389

Because she doesn't work and has waaay too much time, so her craziness could evolve. But even back then she was already online 24/7 and tried to get involved in every drama possible and make it her own problem.

No. 759404

this is some sad bullshit

No. 759407

File: 1582341135664.jpg (98.4 KB, 1080x422, Screenshot_20200221-221109_Chr…)

This is seriously her. She us so fucked in the head

No. 759455

File: 1582374900727.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 32DDFC27-13A3-48C8-AD57-A2FB22…)

No. 759460

Her ~masculinity~ is pretty performative, like a lot of troons, I see.

No. 759466

File: 1582382557956.jpg (Spoiler Image,657.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200222-222910.jpg)

She is fucking disgusting.

No. 759468

All this…. For just a crumb of fucking clout….

No. 759476

File: 1582388811282.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 0BD4D6AD-EE98-4954-9F26-230DA1…)

She was the one who said she was being reborn on Tom’s birthday

No. 759477

File: 1582388972444.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, C603C33C-F9FA-4095-B19B-2D97D2…)

No. 759485

the amount of shoop on that face is hilarious

No. 759494

She still… didn't answer the fucking question??

No. 759505

>Detransitioners are under 5%. They aren't an issue, it's not something we need to talk about.
This cunt

No. 759508

File: 1582405820020.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 8097B039-4431-40E8-A1CD-BAD729…)

There’s a page 2

No. 759509

This bitch thinking her being fake trans is like postpartum depression.

No. 759518

File: 1582407299464.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, B3284924-3E59-426E-99E6-ED96CD…)

No. 759519

File: 1582407374127.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 5B34DC3F-1345-4B90-9B1C-38DC2C…)

Oh her body is fine, it’s society who has a problem. Meanwhile a few days ago she had “severe dysphoria.”

No. 759522

>people ignore that i'm intersex >why?
oh, i don't know, maybe it's because you didn't make that up until recently and everyone knows it's shit?

No. 759536

File: 1582413347944.jpeg (18.03 KB, 250x228, 48BE5CFF-F569-4C4D-9C15-035A08…)

What is she implying? That her vagina is kinda like a penis ?

No. 759537

She probably just has a big clit, anon

No. 759544

File: 1582418641475.jpg (678.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200222-145823_Ins…)

"anyone who has differing opinions than me give me bad vibes"

Yes because believing there should be a medical reason[gender dysphoria] to transition is such a bad thing lmao.

If a person doesn't have gender dysphoria why would you want them to transition just to end up getting it anyway? Please

No. 759546

File: 1582418787194.jpg (836.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200222-145624_Ins…)

Also this makes me laugh

Tuey actually haven't and there's not nearly enough studies involving transpeople brains to show one way or another
If we're talking people who aren't trans male and female brains do actually have some differences to them and you're outright lying to your audience by saying this

Also what is this energy bullshit being spouted

No. 759576

Most people are trans nowadays because it looks cool and they can claim oppression…..

I can’t stand Fahr.

No. 759582

"I wasn't born in the wrong body, I just need to completely change it in order to fit what I want it to be"
What a load of shit lol. If the 'problem' was just being assigned the wrong gender as she puts it then wouldn't the solution be to just say she's man?

No. 759589

File: 1582431948497.jpg (687.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200223-122141.jpg)

But she dressed up as a lolita.

No. 759644

I thought those brain studies actually showed similarities between the brain structure of homosexuals and the opposite sex? Like gay men’s and HSTS‘ brains being more similar to female brains, but the same studies did not repeat results for “transbians” and “gay trans men”?

Whatever the case, her answers to these questions don’t make any sense at all! She constantly contradicts herself, usually by the next sentence.

No. 759664

what about being intersex??

No. 759674

File: 1582473374207.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 7FE98CDC-D36F-444C-9AA3-0127AB…)

No. 759685

She's a hermaphrodite…dont forget.
a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics
>no. She is just fucked in the head

No. 759688

Every single last cell in this idiot's brain has female dna. I can't believe this smolfat lopped her breasts off, and is still attention seeking when she's going into middle age.

No. 759718

I came here to say that. she's so disgusting. a mentally ill person wanting to larp as the other sex is not the same as a mother having depression after child birth. stupid bitch.

No. 759745

does she mean cis people like boy george, annie lennox, grace jones etc etc ad nauseam

No. 759806

File: 1582506941067.jpg (638.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200223-170307_Ins…)

"tender aren't real its cringe to say otherwise"

Because taking into account people fake having a medical condition to look special is cringe, ya hear?

It's like people want transsexuality to be some open door to anyone and not what it is, a medical condition which has symptoms that need to be properly addressed.
Stop treating it like an inclusive party fahr

No. 759808

File: 1582507389158.jpg (843.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200223-170330_Ins…)

Also I don't get this

They took them out when you left?
I'll speak by anecdote but they waited a week to take mine out simply to make sure the bleeding had gone down completely

I mean it's not like fahr didn't go through with it, its just odd, like the doc rushed removing them for little to no gain?

No. 759843

Is it possible her boobs are actually small and the pictures of them are altered so she's claiming surgery when really she just went extra with faking?

No. 759865

probably not but maybe? a lot of her pics in lolita show her with fluctuation boob size actually…

my first thought was why would someone stuff their bra to the point that their lolita is ill fitting, but look at who we're talking about here, not that fahr fetched(sorry).

No. 760099

Lol she's just saying this because she herself is a trender, of course she would defend her people, and knowing she's just there for the validation there's no doubt she is just posting this so people can validate her surgery because she's probably already regretting what she's done to herself, this is what happens when your life decisions are 100% made for clout/attention.

No. 760176

File: 1582613223517.jpg (273.34 KB, 720x1005, 20200225_074633.jpg)

No. 760183

If she’s so dysphoric, why does she keep shoving her old girls in our face?
We get it.
You cut your tits off

No. 760189

never seen a transman showing off his boobs that often

No. 760198

File: 1582629541022.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.09 KB, 960x960, 20431326_1602843503122768_4643…)

I knew i wasn't a girl!!!!

No. 760255

File: 1582653037539.jpg (161.76 KB, 452x700, 1434805776890.jpg)

I still remember when she claimed that in this picture that few girls were laughing at her and calling her a "tranny" and she commented how she is a girl not a boy.

No. 760402

God what a shame. This is so fucked up and nightmareish. How someone can just chop off their boobs like that it’s insane, makes my skin crawl

No. 760413

Her face may have been unflatteringly proportioned but she was ultimately a attractive/hot woman that most men would have wanted to date, to now being a unattractive doughy soyboy bodied fakeboi that 99% of gay man will never touch. I really think this one of saddest things I’ve ever seen on lolcow. I hope for her sake, she locked down a simp of some kind before she did this shit.

No. 760430

It’s still so ridiculous to me that she tried to pass this series of photos off as unstaged. Sure, these random women who came up to laugh at you are just going to stand there and pose like stock photo mean girls while your photographer moves around taking several carefully composed photos in which their faces are clearly visible, without at any point looking annoyed or upset that they’re being photographed. Of course that happened, Fahr.

No. 760455

Also, she does in fact look like a tranny there, so.

No. 760479

she did that with every obviously staged photo. mcdonalds one too.

No. 760824

Had to stop watching bc she wouldnt stop droning on about her food allergies, but Fahr is live rn explaining that she's not going to be cosplaying for at least 3 months bc now that's shes had the top surgery she'd like to get in shape so props to her for the self awareness about her newfound shapelessness I guess, would be nice if the self awareness extended elsewhere tho

No. 760888

File: 1582857784330.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 0D100FF9-9991-43FA-ABAB-1DA0D5…)

No. 760942

File: 1582889326170.jpg (95.95 KB, 1080x401, Screenshot_20200228-122534_Fac…)


No. 760978

So, I don't know or follow Fahr and I just discovered her because of her involvement in the Eurocosplay drama.

I was just reading this thread out of curiosity and I have to say, oh boy…

(S)he(?) has never looked more fragile and feminine than on her recent photos, especially >>760888

I didn't think she looked manly or even remotely like Tom Hiddleston in her pre-op pics (could definitely see she wore heavy contouring and shoop) but she definitely had an androgynous look going on. Now, with the post-op pics, her feminine features are coming out even more, as we can see her body is clearly not suited to be a man's bod. Maybe with some further efforts, I hope.

I know this isn't the place but I definitely felt sad reading this new thread. I came in thinking Fahr was just a just a delusional cosplayer, but it goes beyond that now, I see a person who needs immediate medical and psychological support and I do hope it is duly provided and (s)he has true friends (and not just dick sucking followers or haters) around who will be there for the dysphoria realness (s)he's about to experience. It's especially worrying if that person has been on hormones for a while now, as they keep looking (even more?) feminine despite the efforts.

I'm also concerned that medical doctors can, nowadays. allow such people to mutilate their body without probably having received the necessary psychological assessment and support they should have had (that's how it seems anyway).

The saddest thing is - and from what I've read, a lot of folks here had the same underlying feeling - is that (s)he doesn't seem to be able to be honest with anyone about how (s)he feels right now. It is OK to feel unsure about a body mutilation that just occurred, and it is OK to tell their close friends/therapist about it. It won't undermine the whole procedure. Being trans and owning it doesn't mean you can't be human and have regrets/doubts in the first hours.

No. 760984

Anon, that wasn’t self awareness….. she actively lurks sites like this. She saw that we said she looks like a mushy fridge.
She won’t work out, I promise you that.

No. 760992

Any friends she had (and her family too) walked away from her after she lied to, exploited or mistreaded them. Her internet fame is more important to her than the people around her. So don't waste your pity on her, she doesn't want it anyway.

No. 760994

File: 1582910199996.jpg (429.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200229-011413.jpg)

You're just getting fat. You don't have ED. lol

No. 761003


Someone posted before somewhere that she has delusions that she and Tom should date/where went to be together, does she understand he would probably be creeped the out as fuck by her at this point?

No. 761068

I definitely agree with you, reading this thread and seeing all the recent events in Fahr's life makes me just feel really sad for him for some reason. He might be a bad person, definitely tends to seem like it from the stuff mentioned in the threads here, but something about this all transition, struggle to present masculine and so feels just upsetting at this point. At the same time, I assume one wouldn't be able to just get the hormone therapy and top surgery without a full and in-depth psychological evaluation, right? So maybe, despite to how it seems to us on the surface, he really needed it and really is happier now. No idea.

No. 761086

LOL no, these doctors do not give full in depth psychiatric evaluations. Some people can go to a gender doctor once and get the prescription needed. And plenty have told the story of how they learned online exactly what to say to get the prescription.

No. 761106

File: 1582952864331.jpg (486.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200229-130612.jpg)

No. 761161

There's no reason to feel bad for her. She's an old school attention whore who realized that she needed to up her game, so like every other munchie she did something stupid and irreversible by cutting her tits off. She looks like an idiot. Hope she really loves being a z-grade Tom Hiddleston.

This picture is hilarious. She's so pudgy, there's no bicep to show off. Her torso looks like a potato, no muscle definition in her abs, no pecs (not any more) she's showing off…what? Being flabby?

No. 761192


She has abdominal fat, just like a normal busted 5/10 man who doesn’t take if themselves would. Im kind of laughing that this is what being on T did for her in lie of actual masculinization, she needs to get a gym membership ASAP.

No. 761198

Outstanding, you look like a flabby incel who uses the word “sportsball” unironically. The wonders of modern medicine.

No. 761289

>>760992 >>761068

IDK, in my book, no doctor in their right mind would allow a delusional person who think they are a Marvel character (and who previously identified as a non-binary lolita?! Sorry, I don't quite get the whole character, too many changes over time) to transition without thorough psychological investigation, as they seem to have serious psychological issues to start with (and probably not all caused by gender dysphoria). And from what I've read about this person (who shares every bit of their life online), it doesn't look like they're getting any kind of therapeutic help, like, AT ALL. That's worrying.

Maybe the docs were just like fuck it, that person is 40 years old, they can handle getting their tits getting chopped off and we'll just walk with the cash, who knows… That's very scary though.

Hoping that person's happier now and gets the adequate psychological help though.

No. 761290

Doctors, psychologists and all those people aren't difficult to lie to if you somewhat know what to say. They aren't mind readers.

No. 761291

Also following their patients' instagram and online exploits really isn't in a doctor's job description.

No. 761292

File: 1583076902620.jpg (553.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200301-233416.jpg)

No. 761304

Fahr isn’t her real name so there’s a good chance they had no idea about any of this.

No. 761332

File: 1583094751691.jpg (488.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200301-123059_Ins…)

Baby me any time you post anything

You're fucking 40. Stop saying everything triggers you and get a hold of your fucking emotions like a good damned adult.

Like holy shit

No. 761343

Please don't tell me this dumbass claims Jewish heritage on top of everything else

No. 761392

That was the first thing she claimed. But after a while it wasnt special enough to be a german jew so she had to add new identities

No. 761393

Wasn’t it Astaru paganism or something like that?
How the fuck can you be a pagan Jew?

No. 761406

You can be Jewish by ancestry anon

No. 761409


Is she faking it or is there any proof she really is? And by is, I mean like one grandma max lol. I know that a few German Jews returned to Germany post WWII but the number was so, so small I really have a hard time believing this on any level lol

No. 761474

Jews exist in Germany but Fahr has added so many items to her list of identities it's hard to believe any of it.

This fucking baby is just fishing for reasons to boss people around.

No. 761477

Ik, but the vast majority are not descendants of German Jews, to insinuate that is also to insinuate her family is from somewhere else. The only two places I can think of with a recent Jewish to Germany immigration of any kind is the former USSR and isreal, and she clearly isn’t from either.

No. 761482

File: 1583179583214.png (226.57 KB, 750x1334, C689AB9F-6BBE-43DB-BD40-47DE4D…)

No. 761559

>“Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”

No. 761601

I can kind of see where she’s coming from with this. Sometimes people ask me stuff and demand my full attention (heavy advice or something) without asking me. It gets draining.
But Fahr acts like she’s God’s gift to man, and she thrives off attention so…..

No. 761661

But everything triggers her. She once said asking about travel is triggering.

No. 761718

File: 1583305141084.jpg (833.53 KB, 1080x1782, 20200303_235508.jpg)

Which is it, Fahr?

No. 761729

File: 1583325460346.jpg (475.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200304-203629.jpg)

lol TEDx

No. 761840

Worse yet, she acts like someone is scum and intentionally insulting her for even asking. It's like she's so narcissistic that she can't believe some rando on the internet isn't meticulously keeping track of every little minutiae of her life in order to ask her an appropriate question. Why even have people ask you questions if you're just going to act like a whiny bitch about half of them? Fahr just loves being offended and persecuted which is why she parades these cringey interactions around as if they don't make her look terrible.

No. 761910

On a board with Dasha, Greg, Lillie Jean, and TND among its chief denizens, somehow Fahr contrives to be more insufferable than any of them. She doesn't seem malicious though, which is more than I can say about the rest. She's just a posturing, performative asshole.

No. 761947

Watching her slip from
"Its fun being different people - cosplay/lolita are fun"

To "I am Loki. Tom Hiddleson is me." Has been kind of a wild ride. It's so clear that obviously something deteriorated her sense of reality. She doesnt even want to be a "man" she wants to be Tom Hiddleson or even worse a fictional marvel character Tom Hiddleson plays. Im not against people getting top surgery if that's what they want but It's really sad people crowd funded to help her slowly sink more into her delusions that shes somehow Loki. It's not pretend anymore and the lines are so blurred between cosplay and reality its concerning she was given the a okay by doctors to go through an intensive surgery like that. I feel like any therapist would clearly see shes not a FTM, she purely just wants to live a fantasy that's not possible or real to anyone but herself.

Wish I could say I hope she gets better because like anon above me said, shes clearly not malicious. Maybe at most selfish for always asking for donations but if shes already almost middle aged I dont see her ever shaking her obsession with this character without severe intensive treatment which she would 100% refuse.

No. 762095

Trust me.. She is malicious. Source : I knew her for years before it all started and she would intentionally hurt people emotionally and even sabotage friendships and relationships

No. 762100

>>762095 can we get some examples anon?

No. 762101

I obv won't give out names. It was back in Kiel within the Lolita community, she hit pretty hard on one of the girls and told her made up stuff about her boyfriend. Then did the same to her boyfriend. Caused a big scene, ended up pretty bad, involved crying, shouting and blocking people. Second thing I witnessed was when she befriended people who where friends t/ea and hang with only one of them. Then told shit about the other person until both confronted her when they realise what she tried. Played the victim card and basically threatened to kill herself. Another time she started a fight with some Loki cospalyer and involved her mum. (girl was underaged) ended up in the psych ward. I think I heard some more stories after she moved from Kiel to Berlin but I didn't follow up and also quit contact back then. It was messed up

No. 762112

I don't know how people can think she is not malicious when she grabs every opportunity to belittle other people and even her own fans. It's only harmless because she has no power to do anything beyond being a bitch on social media. Imagine having someone with her attitude in your life though.

No. 762136

Fahr is absolutely malicious. She just hasn’t physically touched anyone. I’ve personally been in the receiving end of her bullshit and I’ve seen her go out of her way to utterly destroy lolitas who could have been bigger than her and cosplayers who do Loki better than her.
She’s mean, and for no reason other than she’s bitter that her cosplay, manga and Lolita never made her famous.

No. 762153

What did you experience with her? Similar to the previous mentioned things?

No. 762493

She talked a lot of shit about me to a good friend of mine. This now ex friend believed every word, then Fahr went out of her way to set up a huge argument between us, just to make sure.

Fahr is a bitch and if you aren’t worshipping her, you mean nothing to her.

No. 762512

New here: why do people follow Fahr? She seems like a malicious uninteresting person who’s acting like a dick…

No. 762514

Lmao I watched the exact same happen to some girl she dragged along to some meetups years ago. No idea what happened to her tho.
She even was a bitch to the girl she labeled as her bff but then pushed her deeper into Ed on purpose.

No. 762633

The ones I know started following her for her oversaturated sweet lolita aesthetic and stuck around because they want to be seen as trans allies. They’ll occasionally defend her because they’ve bought into her eternal victim shtick but don’t seem all that interested otherwise.

Fahr is definitely alienating the followers she picked up from both the lolita and cosplay communities and unless she manages to attract a dedicated TRA following she’ll end up e-begging into the void.

No. 762868

File: 1583836544109.jpg (398.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200310-033155_Ins…)

"y'all are making it so hard for people to question and explore their identity"

Lmao okay yeah no. That's not how it works. Calling people out for using a medical condition to "explore themselves" is not making it hard for anyone to explore their identity. People can explore their identities without making a joke out of a medical condition.

Do not use something I suffer with everyday to "explore" yourself.

No. 762869

File: 1583836596559.png (627.87 KB, 750x1334, 50D7CC82-18F2-42C6-B895-1A3A02…)

Yes, there are real trans people
Being attacked… which is why the people being trans for a trend is so bad.

No. 762875

Can they at least admit that transgender is trendy with the tumblr crowd. Hard to buy any of their other points when they deny something so obvious. I remember the internet before this fad caught on in fangirl centric communities. There were always fangirls roleplaying as yaoi boys. Since mental illness abounds in fandom, some take their fetish way too far.

No. 762887

File: 1583845452804.jpg (252.14 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20200310-210327__01…)

She only wants to be a frictional character.

No. 763235

I’m thinking Fahr will claim she has corona virus by next week.

No. 763242

I'm taking bets on this lamo

No. 763263

File: 1583979223686.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200312-100849.jpg)

another self diagnosis

No. 763281

It's truly a shame for her that therapy is a total joke in 2020. She has led a messed up life with terrible priorities for years, so of course she's going to feel shitty all the time. The first step to feeling better would be to reasses all her choices and get in 30 minutes of cardio outside every day.

No. 763306

Correct me if I’m wrong (ESL), but that ask sounds to me like they’re complaining about CFS and doctors not acknowledging it. Like someone’s trying to commiserate with Fahr but she immediately assumes she’s being attacked and becomes angry and defensive instead.
Why do people even try to talk to her anymore? All she does is lash out, at everyone, all the time.

No. 763316

Chronic fatigue IS real and I have it myself…but I work 8hours every day 6 days a week, that's NOT an excuse. Just precluded for certain jobs.

No. 763321

Well did they ask for permission before trying to commiserate with Fahr? What if she gets triggered? No wonder she lashes out at them, bet you didn't think about that anon.

No. 763323

Maybe she should just list the syndromes and diseases she doesn't suffer from, it would save everyone a lot of time.

No. 763474


I still find it funny that when she moved to the UK, and was about to join the lolita coms, people were pre-warned about her presence, she's that awful a person.

No. 763493

I wish I had listened. Would have saved some stress.
Live and learn. Not everyone can be lying about a single person.

No. 763495

File: 1584076053097.jpg (453.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-110005.jpg)

No. 763511

This is gross and should be spoilered. Those are tits not a mans chest.

No. 763525

File: 1584105513574.jpg (642.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-211310.jpg)

Getting butthurt again.

No. 763530

How on Earth was somebody with such an extensive list of health(and mental) problems approved for HRT and top surgery?! Going on body-altering drugs and having major surgery isn’t some walk in the park for even healthy people. You do that to someone with constant ailments and you are just asking for a nightmare of complications.

No. 763532

Yes, yes. Very manly, much Hiddleston.

No. 763536

crispin glover Charlie’s angels

No. 763558

might as well say she's dying from vertigo smh

No. 763638

No. 763654

on the plus she can throw all her frilly girly things up on depop or ebay and maybe stop ebegging for a while. Since they’re so triggering.

No. 763671

File: 1584144693852.jpeg (180.86 KB, 750x1041, 19EE5829-3429-448F-A2D2-597197…)

No. 763694

Her chest looks so disgusting. she is gonna keep telling herself she loves it, but that shit looks BAD. and she's gonna feel the regret real soon

No. 763727

File: 1584184075238.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, BC6A0462-DBFA-40BF-9298-F56E62…)

No. 763763

why wouldn't they get corrective surgery to fix her nose instead of lopping off her tits? y'unno..something actualling useful?

No. 763799

Sounds like she's subconsciously realizing how bad she just fucked up. The human brain/body KNOWS it's wrong to lop off a huge chunk on it. No matter how bad your delusion is, you cant rewrite the laws of nature and just say "I'm going to self inflict huge amounts of physical trauma" with the expectation you will be fine.

No. 763866

Ugh whoever asked her this is such a faggot, now she will probably engage in cringy armchair psycology, trying to larp Tom Hiddleston not only phisically but mentally (Which is impossible and fucked up), anyways, not to engage in armchair psychology myself but, Fahr, if you're reading this, Tom's type is infp which is impossible for you to be since you're an attention-seeking weirdo who has an history of manipulating her cult of followers into paying her surgeries and believing her lies, you're an obvious enfj but you're too oblivious (Or delusional) to face it.

No. 763870

File: 1584246615103.jpg (696.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200315-122835.jpg)


No. 763872

File: 1584246731623.jpg (430.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200315-123142.jpg)

said pic.

No. 763877

Already regretting this stupid decision, I see. I can’t count how many women I’ve met that regretted chopping their tits off because some people on the internet convinced them that they were trans after a few months or couple of years. How long until she says she’s NB and not male then wants to get implants like every other woman that does this shit?

No. 763891

As much as I think Fahr isn't actually trans, like Chris Chan, and that she an embarrassment to the people that actually are, let's not use her to paint every trans person the same way.

She's just an overall idiot.

What I am surprised about that I don't think has been mentioned in this thread or the previous one is her vast collection of elephant trunk dildos. (Not kidding.)

No. 763893

Pics or it didn’t happen

No. 763920

i am interested in the uh trunks

No. 763933

trannies are an embarrassment by default, fahr is just another fakeboi, one that's apparently ~dysphoric~ but not dysphoric enough to prevent her from shoving dildos in her vagina.

No. 763941

Isn’t her belief system that Loki is actual trans man or some shit because he gave birth/did drag to hide out in the original Icelandic/Norse belief? Nvrmind that he literally is the most despised figure in the original Norse religious cosmology and everything associated with him is framed in a negative context but who cares… avengers ftw

No. 763950

>Fahr isn't actually trans … she an embarrassment to the people that actually are
All trans people are an embarrassment

No. 763953

I don't think I took any photos, also wouldn't post if I did as I know she lurks and I know she'd know who I was. Cba with having her mob on me.

I'm sure she's showed others them that went to her place, surely?

I think there was a dragon themed one too?

No. 763956

Yea sure honey. Also sage if u can’t provide milk

No. 763957

I often think she is asking the questions herself… So every day, she has something to complain about

No. 763977

I think this is probably a hard reality at this point, in fact, I feel it sounds too much like her sometimes, like, there have been some questions that genuinely had me wondering "Who the fuck would ask such overly specific shit??"

No. 764004

File: 1584335706563.jpg (762.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-131334.jpg)

No. 764013

Does she not know the word “simply” exists?

No. 764039

if she lurks and you let on with that information, she'll know who it was that said that. whats the point of saying something like that, exposing yourself then not following up with proof if it werent fake or something?

No. 764111

Loki being a trans man wouldn’t really cover how he managed to give birth to a giant six-legged horse and impregnate a giantess. But of course Fahr doesn’t care about actual Norse mythology, she just wants to be Tom Hiddleston.

She calls herself trans because she wants the untouchability that goes with that label but she also wants to be Hiddleston who’s a real man, so she flip-flops between being trans and being an intersex man who’s been male the entire time and just dressed in drag for a while.

No. 764118

There are lots of cases where the gender/sex of intersex born children is decided by a doctor/ the parents. I believe that’s happened to her. Didn’t she say sth about not needing/wanting SRS?

No. 764169

She has also said she menstruates, which means she’s female and unlikely to have an intersex condition.

No. 764200

Her story was that she has XXY chromosomes. It’s extremely rare for someone to be born with xxy and a female body (phenotype), but those who are born with xxy/female don’t have developed female sex organs (ovaries/uterus) so they don’t menstruate. Fahr often talks about the fact that she does menstruate so this means she is lying about being xxy.
She also claimed that she had no idea she was intersex until she had a gyno exam in her 30s, and she claims the doctor felt a prostate during that exam, immediately recognized it as a prostate from that simple exam, and never followed that up with any scans or tests or anything, which is just complete bullshit on so many levels. I mean just the basic fact that no doctor could feel a lump through a vaginal wall and just know it was a prostate just by touching it.

No. 764259

Fahr never had any gender issues and happily lived a 100%-female life. Uusally if you are intersex and your doctor/parents decide for one gender, but you identify with the opposite, you know this from early childhood. You don't suddenly get gender issues with 30-something only after your doctor tells you, 'Oh btw you have testicals'.

No. 764264

File: 1584445972796.jpeg (63.95 KB, 552x685, 317F2530-6838-4217-8662-3CBA8E…)

She doesn’t… identify… with…..


No. 764293

Okey after reading this I’m 100% convinced she’s just a huge shithead. Who tf cuts off their tiddies out of a ~mood~

No. 764598

don’t know this cow but
>claiming to have a prostate
sounds like the weird fetish of a woman who grew up with yaoi fanfics. faking something like that is so embarrassing.

No. 764612

You're right on the money. She used to be an artist who drew shotacon manga.

No. 764670

File: 1584646729018.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 029F46AC-EA54-4ED9-9A46-00578A…)

“I don’t identify with my scars! I have to edit them out because of my dysphoria!”
“I’m totally happy wearing a bra!”

No. 764675

File: 1584650396423.jpg (514.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200319-133721_Ins…)

Yes, because taking note that bat's have transferred diseases to humans before that have cause epidemic and noting that the DNA of the virus is similar to that of sars, which is also thought to have originated from bat's makes you a moron.

Bravo, moron

No. 764740

File: 1584681461535.jpg (234.78 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20200320-131455__01…)

Already regret of cutting her boobs.

No. 764755


oh god why

No. 764762

Trans people aren't mentally ill, they said.

No. 764766

i was gonna say something.. until I read more up this thread and realized it's full of blatant transphobes. nvm. but for the record Fahr isn't trans. she did this over a fantasy to self-insert herself irl as a fictional character that she fetishizes.

No. 764770

thanks for this blistering hot take that no one had ever articulated until you rolled up.

No. 764775

go take your meds

No. 764796

Leave this website and go dilate, this place isn't for you.

No. 764807

Jesus - she looked more masculine with her boobs than she does without ‘em!

No. 764811

If a person was truly a manly man stuck in a woman's body, why would that person also own a frilly polka dot bra? There are people who aren't even butch and buy less feminine underwear.

No. 764815

Someone who truly wants to be a man would be happy to never have to wear a bra again, and throw them out instead of taking cute bra pictures.

No. 764818

File: 1584731730098.png (1.34 MB, 1000x1000, I AM A MAN.png)

No. 764820

RIP these cute tiddies

No. 764839

File: 1584740647501.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 2A9BB36D-91A4-4772-8C98-80DD7A…)

No. 764842

sell your old clothes maybe. set up a depop. and get rid of those horrible triggering girly clothes.

tits are only off five minutes and she’s bloody ebegging again

No. 764850

How poor is she that she can't affort 20€ for a duvet?! And doesn't she have a washing machine. No need to pay for professional cleaning.

No. 764899

I know these are shooped/filtered, but her body was actually one of the best things she had going for her. A damn shame.

No. 764923

File: 1584788225549.jpg (862.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-185140.jpg)

I thought her "boyfriend" was at her place? They are both handicap?

No. 764926

Shouldn’t she be recovered enough now to do things on her own?

No. 764931

File: 1584792635683.jpg (609.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200321-130139_Ins…)

Is she her own everything…?
good for her I guess?

No. 764932

WHAT so she did not change her bed for A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH?
I remember another anon saying her apartment was full of dirt and mess, not surprised at this point

No. 764934

I am afraid to ask but what exactly happened to her duvet?

No. 764936

File: 1584793940396.jpg (577.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-203138.jpg)

Her cat pissed on it.

No. 764980


So she’s been lying in a bed full of cat piss because she ‘had surgery last month’?

Dude, I had abdominal surgery and I was doing normal shit the week after…

No. 764984

Yes, they all live together, plus the sister lives there too.

No. 764990

File: 1584814581241.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, 32DCF376-803E-4EF9-88D3-AE66E3…)

>my feet hurt
>tfw missing my tits
>sleeping in cat piss
>is not wearing Tom Hiddlestons skin yet
Woe is meeee

No. 764991

Fahr has complained about every single "invisible" illness in the tumblr handbook to get sympathy and donations for merely existing. A stomach ache to her is probably "crippling fibromyalgia" while a headache is "chronic unbearable migraines"

Do you think now that she actually has a visible and valid reason (even if it was self inflicted) to complain and cry about she wouldnt milk it for months on end? I honestly wouldn't put it past her to use her surgery as a springboard to complain how there were "complications" or that "my body just has been reacting so poorly to the procedure uwu most days I'm still in so much pain but have no idea why" once the honeymoon phase of her flat chest wears off and stops garning her attention.

No. 764998

Countdown to her having the most serious case of COVID-19 in the entire world

No. 765000

This is so much bullshit. No doctor would tell somebody her age to lay around atrophying after surgery. They want you to immediately get back up and start doing things again. And washing a duvet is not heavy lifting.

No. 765002

Or lifting a delicate finger to click "order" on Amazon

If she needs a blanket asap then there are a million ways she can get one for 20 dollars without even having to get out of her bed. She wants people to donate to the bottomless Fahr funds so shes making even bigger issues for herself. Its gross she plays on the sympathy of others thinking she went through a surgery and is in pain and cant even sleep with a blanket even though she had it a month ago and lives with people that could easily clean her fucking blanket for her. But I guess randos on the internet are easier to swindle into doing things than people who live with you and actually know what kind of BS you spout.

No. 765014

File: 1584823468885.png (8.1 MB, 1242x2208, 97B0B657-877B-434D-9F22-84AF29…)

Are on to buy a new one. Doesn’t seem be so lazy to get one.

No. 765041

I think the cat just peed on it yesterday, and she’s saying she can’t clean it because she had surgery last month. So it’s not month-old pee.

No. 765045

if she’s so high risk she should he self isolating and either ordering online or having someone shop.

but honestly it’s not even a huge deal. any asda or tesco sells duvets.

oh also a scarf around the mouth won’t protect from corona if you’re breathing through your fucking nose.

No. 765049


I just remember this from a live stream I saw the reason for wear scarfs cus their apartment is cold I. Could be maybe they just get cold easily, but yea.

No. 765169

File: 1584907672766.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, A2F41BFF-B586-4746-9477-DCB0FD…)

Too high risk, too weak and too sick to go duvet shopping but totally fine to go out here?

No. 765191

god she literally takes the worst selfies.

No. 765256

I guess she wanted to low-key e-beg a duvet and when it didn't worked, she suddenly got healthy again

No. 765316

Okey but where does she live that she can travel to new asgard?

No. 765327

St Abbs is about an hour and a half hour away from Edinburgh, where she lives.

No. 765341

So she’s one of the people who treated the self isolation sunday like a free bank holiday as well? fuck corona, just travel out one of the city into a wee town. what could go wrong.

this is why we’re under lockdown now.

No. 765382

Way to be selfish, Fahr.
People like her are why we're going into a global lockdown and why this shit is spreading.

No. 765419

>ahh this virus terrifies me, my health won't handle it if I get it
>doesn't wear a mask

Really makes ya think

No. 765458

File: 1585067374807.jpg (550.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200325-002826.jpg)

"or bought sth from me lately" lol

No. 765481

Bought what? Her ol bras?

No. 765578

File: 1585142076092.jpeg (27.99 KB, 742x279, D389E6E1-7C15-4454-B431-D471DA…)

Stumbled upon this totally real trans man in YT comments under a video about marvel’s new woke superheroes. Nice projection, Fahr.

No. 765591

But Fahr, you said there’s no such thing as a fake trans person!?!

No. 765630

I feel like Fahr has been out in public more in the past few days than in a long, long time. Her actions really don't look like any responsible adult in the UK right now, let alone an at-risk person's actions. Doesn't she normally send her flatmates out on errands on her behalf, so why venture outside now?

No. 765647

the same reason half the country is going out. cause The Man said not to.

No. 765669

File: 1585193127527.jpg (868.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200326-112435.jpg)

I am vulnerable. Let's go out to shop for nothing.

No. 765757

It’s a pity with a long line when you get there, so you may not get anything.

No. 765760

That's a Sainsburys, they make you queue outside to make sure the store isn't too full at any one time. There's also times where nhs workers, the vulnerable etc get to go in and browse away from the general public so at those times you would be turned away. As usual Fahr is totally self absorbed and amazingly unconcerned about measures put in place to supposedly protect her oh so fragile self.

No. 765765


People like her are the reason we needed a lockdown. Fucking moron.

No. 765820

Pretty sure it’s le art and clothes.

No. 765915


If she is so vulnerable she could do her groceries online and have them delivered to her door or have someone else go shopping fo her.

No. 766268

File: 1585495003278.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 357F6767-C59D-40B7-B106-F9F7AC…)

No. 766271

Oh my lord, I think I just puked in my mouth

No. 766273

she looks like one of those eunuch drawings those weird sisters draw

No. 766278

Dont flatter her, shes way too fat and witchy/horsey looking

No. 766286

I like how she clearly still looks like she has breasts

No. 766287

File: 1585504650493.jpg (573.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200330-015704.jpg)

No. 766292

She looks like the child catcher from ChittyChitty BangBang

No. 766298

whoa what’s happened to her right nipple? is that normal?

No. 766303

None of this is normal. So with that in mind, yes, it is normal. A symptom of mutilation.

No. 766317

I know you wont see the final results of top surgery for at least a year but, something clearly doesn't look right with their chest. Or is it the weird body?

No. 766323

File: 1585530785730.png (138.99 KB, 235x275, 1533106142034.png)

It kinda looks like the dr tried to give her fake pecs by moving some tisue near/under her armpits topkek.

No. 766330

Photoshop, that why it looks like there isn’t any scars lol.

No. 766340

You’re right!

No. 766343

dog ears? this image looks shopped.

No. 766344

Her right nipple looks bad.

No. 766346

File: 1585544681632.jpg (60.34 KB, 450x405, 26642_c_zm-450x405.jpg)

It does. It's a disaster. A guy with that high a body fat % would still have moobs. Sculpting square pecs into fat was a bad decision.

No. 766750

That lack of definition isn't helping her. She just looks soft all around.

No. 766871

>nearly no dysphoria left

i’m thinking she’s in this honeymoon period where she finally got what she wanted. it’ll hit her later.

No. 767221

Just a curious question for those who know this person for years, or a period of time…what rumors aside form them ask want money from strangers are true…? Are they like abusive or let others do they work for them?

No. 767304

File: 1585909407007.jpg (1.81 MB, 2400x1920, yeah.jpg)

My cheekbones are…. back?

No. 767348

Looking more feminine then ever with that makeup. Is she regretting lopping off her tits yet?

No. 767508

Yes and yes. She’s fully admitted to having other people do work for her and she’s emotionally manipulative, which in my eyes is a form of abuse. Almost everything here is true.

No. 767605

>is it just me or does her hair look really greasy. at least use dry shampoo.

No. 767618

File: 1586047888059.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, F1ABC660-720A-473B-AFD4-4EE789…)

No. 767620

Not a bad look.

No. 767631

For the first time ever I think she looks really good in cosplay XD(XD)

No. 767708

the only thing that’s real in this photo is her tits.

No. 767711

So this person doesn’t even feel bad or have a conscience when manipulate others?

No. 767725

Oh the nipples look like they're placed too high on the pecs

No. 767773

File: 1586140052121.jpeg (381.58 KB, 750x732, DD9DFBE8-D6B5-4602-BEA1-B6E5E0…)

All that editing and photoshop to end up looking like twink robbie rotten.

and his trailer park boys boyfriend.

No. 767778

holy fuck, this is disgusting.

No. 767784

Twink Robbie rotten… Anon, my sides. That's exactly what she looks like. I think its mainly the disastrous brows.

No. 767804

I havent been lurking the thread before but I can already guess that this person became so obsessed with Loki that she had to change her gender to become him?…thats so fucking creepy.

No. 767911

Does anyone have scans of her old comic Losing Neverland? I remember that I used to see it everywhere when I was younger. Allegedly it was meant to be anti-sex trafficking but the trained eye recognizes it as well, salacious crossdresser yaoi.

No. 767922

The only thing I can think of is "Poor Tom Hiddleston."
He had to meet this fan girl. She says she didn't transition cuz she's a fan of Tom but this seems like the case. Especially considering her claims her new "birthday" is the same as Tom's

No. 767958

I still have both volumes at home, Haven't touched them for years but I really thought it was "against" child abuse/porn back then

I can scan some pages later

No. 767983

Very common among those who do top surgery have that date of thier surgery as thier new birthday.

No. 767997

File: 1586277838492.jpg (827.31 KB, 1080x1920, 8004228.jpg)

No. 767998

She got it done on Hiddleston's birthday. That's what that anon is talking about because anon reads the thread.


No. 768001

"I identify as gay because that's the only demographic I've ever been attracted to." Jesus that sounds like one of those yaoi fangirls fetishizing gay men. She's such a fucking mess

No. 768058

>Jesus that sounds like one of those yaoi fangirls fetishizing gay men
This is because that's exactly what she is.

No. 768089

Not even a little bit. She shit talks them if anything. Like me, like a few others. It’s sad.

No. 768090

Then you’re aromantic Fahr, you dumb durian.

Her oppression olympics are so damn annoying.

No. 768094

What are you talking about? Her entire post is about being in a romantic relationship but having no desire for sex. Thus, asexual. Lrn2read.

No. 768097

File: 1586335812242.jpg (2.4 MB, 2400x1920, 164737068.jpg)

No. 768098


Wait, she's in her 40s? I only lurk sometimes so I didn't know.

No. 768115

So she is pansexual and gay, asexual and demisexual, trans and intersex? She lies so much about her genders that she confused herself.

No. 768246

File: 1586436783346.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, F2BDBEC1-4822-4D55-A0E3-FCE7A2…)

No. 768249

HARD 'NO‘ PN to that one.

What a great.

No. 768250


Damn autocorrect.(emoji)

No. 768266

What is she doing?? She is a female who wants to be a male to dress feminin?? There is a fetish for everything right?

No. 768289

I think she's realising she isn't turning out to be the male-passing masculine Hiddleston dream she thought she'd be and is now trying to pull some edgy androgynous cross dressing shit.
She's like Those troons on Tumblr. They 'transition' only to end up looking like in between tranny wannabe pretty boys.

It's also her cringey way of performing loki fanservice that literally no-one asked for.
In b4 she starts an only fans where she pushes 'naughty Loki pics'

No. 768305

except there's no emoji?

Feels like I'm missing something here

No. 768320

there was an emoji.
it gets removed.

No. 768337

I’ve never seen an emoji get removed before on here and I’ve been lurking this website for years. Is this something new the mods are doing?(newfag)

No. 768363

That's a ladies corset being worn upside-down. That little black fabric tab near the middle is one of those tabs you attach garters to, and you can see towards the bottom the bunching of excess fabric where the cups are.

No. 768399

I think she is claiming to be asexual so people would stop saying she wants to bang Hiddleston.

No. 768448

I've got both volumes as well and might scan them some time. One of them in English and the translation is so bad it's hilarious.

No. 768551

she looks like a fever dream version of alan cumming in cabaret but okay

No. 768580

Not arguing that she's inconsistent about her sexuality, just correcting anon on their reading mistake from her post.
> I don't experience sexual attraction to anyone.
> Then you’re aromantic Fahr, you dumb durian.
> No desire for sex. Thus, asexual.

Fahr's true sexuality is Fahrsexual and Fahrromantic. She's too obsessed with herself and what she wants to care about anything else.

No. 768667

File: 1586656444398.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, C4F8F760-A786-46AF-8554-8D8AC5…)

She went through both puberties!

No. 768699

Bitch is crazy and she is over 40.

No. 768711

I’d say she’s Fahrromantic and an autoHiddlephiliac.

No. 768942

File: 1586796670874.png (3.81 MB, 750x1334, 84D4F2EC-6EDE-45D0-AB7C-A5E008…)

No. 768944

File: 1586796981641.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 6A63B25A-18CF-4915-8B5D-B01E03…)

Didn’t she just say she went through male puberty already?

No. 769012

File: 1586827944770.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 9516DE51-F522-4A42-BEC0-317B1A…)

She can do 100 Q&As but is too depressed to deal with the stuff people paid her for.

No. 769028

File: 1586848581574.jpg (360.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200414-091407_Ins…)

any bets how long this will take until she starts to whine again?

No. 769041


I only lurk this thread occasionally so I know jack shit about her and I didn't realize that she's German until I saw "it's so hard to blend words like "fake" and "trender" out" (ausblenden) kek

No. 769193

But she has sex with her boyfriend?

I even asked about it when talking to them as Will was talking about having sex as trans. And that they do that, a lot.

Why has she pretended to be every everything under the sun?

It's embarrassing.

No. 769205

Those stickers pioss me off so much. Wtf is Asexual pride? asexuals have never faced discrimination. You are not disowned for being asexual. you are not killed for it. what a fucking cunt

No. 769211

everyone i've ever seen defending it claim asexual(women) were "historically victims of spousal rape" as if that has anything to do with being asexual or not.

No. 769215

Crazy enough during a time when being too sexual as a woman got you locked in an asylum. Being chaste and frigid was considered the norm. A lot of people still think that way today.

At this point, I expect nothing less than glaring contradictions only words apart in a Fahr post. Some how both gay male attracted and not attracted to anyone ever at all. So embarrassing to be making posts like a confused 15-year-old tumblr girl in your 40s.

No. 769244

When they mean ace they meant their fall under the ace umbrella but still enjoy sex

No. 769253

File: 1587011256889.jpg (Spoiler Image,557.8 KB, 979x637, laurie_pin_up_by_fahrsindram_d…)

It just baffles me how she claims to be against shotacon and yet draws this shit under the guise of "spreading awareness". I think she just wanted an excuse to justify this kinda shit, she could of at least been honest.

No. 769255

File: 1587011666325.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.71 KB, 842x651, hypocrisy.JPG)

No. 769279

File: 1587035811053.jpg (2.82 MB, 1920x3414, 202_16120.jpg)

cringed af.

No. 769280

But she is not Loki guys!! Remember, she only cosplays Loki

No. 769288

How would the public know that child prostitution is a bad thing if it weren’t for Fahr literally illustrating it for them, prepubescent dick bulge and all? I’m sure she added the sparkles for emphasis. Emphasis of evil.

What gets me is that she apparently won some kind of award for it. I don’t know the details but even if it was just a sticker given out by some local underpaid librarian who’d been bribed by her parents, it means an unrelated adult looked at this and thought “yeah sure, I’d like to be associated with this”.

No. 769294

As fucked up as it is, it was 15 years ago. If you were alive by that time you know levels of acceptance in manga/anime fandom were very different. A LOT of things that would be completely unacceptable now people wouldn't even bat an eye at then.

No. 769306

I was an adult 15 yrs ago and I can tell you that kiddie porn has never been acceptable. But that’s not even the point. The point is that she drew kiddie porn and declared it anti kiddie porn like it makes any difference how you label it.

No. 769307

File: 1587047521618.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 8DE729E1-05A6-4140-AE53-4FD6AD…)

I know we keep saying this over and over but it remains relevant: She asks people to ask her questions and then she gives them rude answers. And they keep coming back for more! Here’s another.

No. 769317

I lurk this thread for a while now and holy moly.
As a German I kinda feel the urge to apologize for this…thing.

No. 769456

The funny thing is, the price she won for her manga wasn't even a comic price. It was from 'The council for sustainable development' and (quote from Fahr itself) Angela Merkel handed the price to Fahr.
The reason was (also a Fahr quote) 'to protect the future youth by thinking about the youth today'.

The only thing i don't know if money was involved with the price, but if it were Fahr would've probably told everyone about that.

I'm very curious about the translation. I only know the german ones.

No. 769488

File: 1587140372925.jpeg (4.39 MB, 2675x4030, 92F0916C-30F4-422A-8BA0-3BED3B…)

I have both volumes as well. I can’t scan, but I took some pictures.
Here’s the protagonist offering himself to some rando.

No. 769489

File: 1587140521544.jpeg (Spoiler Image,4.7 MB, 2674x3858, 09155299-23D1-412E-9811-D865BD…)

Protagonist changes his mind about the transaction and whacks rando in the head with a stone.
Dead fox he wears around his neck tells him to rob the unconscious guy (yeah, really).

No. 769490

File: 1587140567705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.82 MB, 2309x3775, 17E6A3D4-4AAD-481E-8B60-332A1B…)

Illustration between chapters.
Lusting after children is bad, guys.

No. 769492

File: 1587140645767.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2461x3671, 9276A35E-D9A9-4E1C-BEE3-B8F339…)

Bonus: crazy cat lady

No. 769497

That's creepy af.

No. 769498

what I find most offensive about this is that she felt the need to point out in writing that the rock fell to the ground. why?

No. 769551

The rando reminds me of an old picture of her lmao

No. 769595

File: 1587179655089.jpeg (123.48 KB, 720x709, 0A9C4DDD-80A0-41F5-8D2F-D3B65D…)

This is the creepiest fucking thing ever and I don’t even speak German. This won a prize??? Another adult saw this and thought “genius!”?????

No. 769617

My god anon all these are repulsive ! Thank you for sharing them. What's the actual storyline, has the kid been forced into sex work (and those weird outfits?) Fahr really was out there drawing fetish art of kids and preaching against it. The audacity is amazing.

No. 769625


Omg, if someone is bored enough to scan the whole thing… I'd be very interested.

No. 769626

Found a blurb online, obviously written by Fahr:

For the young boy Laurie life has run bad. Forced by his cruel father to walk the streets for money, he has given up any hope for a change in his life. From time to time the ghost of his crying mother appears in front of him and even more amplyfies his feelings of guilt and lonelyness. But fortunatly he meets Tim a little boy of four years. He got lost and asks Laurie to help him find his sister Colline. While searching for his sister, Tim forces Laurie to tell a story. Laurie who wants to please the little boy, and who loves fairytales tries it . Tim is not very fond of the fatalistic undertone of the story and Laurie starts to understand that there is more than one way to react on what fate offers you. A sensitive and innocent friendship begins. Fahr Sindram, born 1981 tells a drama about loss of childhood and rebirth of self-consiousness . The manga shall make the reader think, not only amuse him like many shojo mangas. And it is a manga against the brutalization of feelings and a statement against child porn. Laurie is a broken child who gets into contact with something like normal life through Tim (the young boy).The telling of stories, the total different reaction of Tim on problems confuses Laurie. It will make him fight against his situation. But like in a Charles Dickens story, there are several sidekicks which add a good piece of humor to the seriousness. This creates a tridimensional effect and makes sure that the story is not getting boring or too advising. Of course the story has no voyoristic sexual interactions in the drawings but since the subject of childabuse is part of the story, the content deals with the theme. Fahr Sindram was honoured by the German Ferderal Governement for her fight against child-abuse and was established in the travelling exhibition together with for example Bono of U2 and Thom York of Radiohead ect She has founded a campaign called "Artists against Childporn")"

No. 769651

Kind of genius in an autistic savant way that she labeled her kiddie porn "anti-kiddie porn" and the German government lapped it up hook, line, and sinker, complete clown world. Reminds me of how one of the unicef bigwigs supposedly fighting childporn was caught with some of the worst kind, and the guy advocating for trannies to use women's bathrooms is a convicted child molester. Degenerates have no shame.

No. 769758

may I remind you that in the second volume his father actually rapes him?

No. 769759

File: 1587233167885.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.43 MB, 4032x3024, 20200418_200216.jpg)

The protagonist says here that his father already sold him for money when he was eight

No. 769761

File: 1587233305515.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20200418_200400.jpg)

protagonist gets in an argument with his stephmother, threatens to kill her the next time she says something bad about his mother and the father punishes him for this with… rape

No. 769762

File: 1587233333077.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.47 MB, 4032x3024, 20200418_200407.jpg)

No. 769883

WTF. I thought she was just a delusional pathetic joke but she is really sick.

No. 769889

So even FTMs can be absolute degenerate trash. Lovely.

No. 770037

Christ in heaven, what the fuck Fahr!?
It’s like the more I want to know, the more I really don’t want to know….

No. 770076


Fahr had 3 of those BDSM gear strap photos on insta. The last one was had a clear blush filter with Fahr's eyes closed and head looking up, as if someone just touched them sexually. It's deleted now. Fahr claimed it was Loki having a blissful thought. Someone in the comments asked Fahr to have a warning for sexual content like this, it triggered them, as they were trans and this wasn't what they wanted on their timeline. Fahr responded saying it was not sexual at all and took offense to being sexualized. The commenter apologized and there was some back and forth with Fahr just gaslighting the fuck out of the commenter and being very upset at everything the commenter said. Fahr didn't like being sexualized when it was "clearly not sexual", and they're trans themselves, so they understand blah blah blah, and not to talk to them again (threw some loving words out there, saying she was saying it in love or whatever and understanding). I couldn't take screenshots because the computer I was using wasn't taking screenshots normally. I'm surprised no one caught this exchange. Does anyone have screenshots of the exchange?

No. 770106

It doesn’t surprise me. Fahr bitches about how people trigger her and shit, yet the minute someone calls her out and asks her to stop, she gaslights the fuck out of them to the point where the actual victim apologizes. It’s gross and I wish more people would call her out on it.
I have her blocked because she harassed me, otherwise I’d gladly do it

No. 770135

Wtf she can't be?

No. 770213


is that a… cock belt…?

No. 770284

I just think people just lap those kinds of things up fully knowing what it is, but just keeping up the masquerade of "it's anti-pedophilia" or "it's just a metaphor for sth".
Look at Melanie Martinez, for all the obvious pedo imagery in her songs and image, it took actual rape accusations to finally cancel her.

Or the works of Balthus, the pedo undertones in his art are glaring, yet critics still act as if it holds some deeper meaning (maybe it does, but it still looks predatory).

No. 770306

ew wtf i didn't see that until you pointed it out lmao

No. 770640

File: 1587541888776.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200422-003211_Ins…)


"never put yourself outside your comfort zone for something you're not sure you're completely into"

Is she really telling her followers to never go outside their comfort zone?? Actually wtf

No. 770784

File: 1587610887821.jpg (719.07 KB, 1080x1920, 55214186.jpg)

Because everyone knows it IS a phase, 40 years old transtrender.

No. 770828

File: 1587645261276.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, 22B93345-B422-4698-B36A-CAC5B7…)

In the past, someone said she didn’t look like Hiddleston and she said she does. Now someone says she looks like him and she says she doesn’t. She just has to disagree with everyone even if she contradicts herself.

No. 770851

Cosplay isn’t always comfortable to begin with anyway….. don’t you have to step out of a comfort zone in order to cosplay ANYWAY?
Someone please make it make sense…

Fahr, we all know you lopped your tits off to be closer to hiddleston, cut the shit…

No. 770865

File: 1587666226201.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 4FBBF43C-6D69-4AF0-95B1-D6BFC5…)

Always trying to find a way to passively beg for money.

No. 771007

Doesn't she live from welfare? So her rent should be secure every month

No. 771012

I havent been reading much about welfare but the Arbeitsamt and/or government is giving basically everyone i know 60% of their wages if their company has closed, shortened hours or staff. So it could be that welfare has also been cut, paused, delayed etc.

No. 771049

She lives in Edinburgh

No. 771128

Yepp. She gets welfare and also some muneyz for some disabilities where she was able to trick a doctor into signing it off. So she has enough money.
Also she is slightly klepto so sometimes she just takes what she wants. Stole on several occasions when I met her a couple years ago, don't know if she still does it tho

No. 771287

Apparently her cat just got attacked by a stray dog in a fully fenced off garden and … wait for it … yep, please donate money.

In Edinburgh there isn’t really an issue with stray dogs and considering it is a fenced garden, how the heck did that happen?

On a side note: if true and the cat is hurt then I hope it isn’t too badly. And he’ll recover.

No. 771291

File: 1587907598801.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, 12434.jpg)

You are absolutely right. Time to e-begging.

No. 771346

If her fans are still stupid enough to donate to her, let them be scammed then.

No. 771390

Not to be morbid nor do I want to see pictures of an injured cat but dont usually people show the animal that their asking for donations for and their current condition? I see a lot of donation posts for sick animals but it's weird to me she just posted a picture of her backyard? And not even where the dog apparently broke through?

Tinfoil but I think the cat might be hurt but not as badly injured as she claims. Shes so vague about its injuries I wouldn't put it past her to just try and accumulate as many donations as she can from her fans who assume her animal is gravely injured when it might just need some wound treatment at the worst. Honestly who says "a dog got to my cat and it's so badly injured please donate directly to my… ko-fi?" How people dont see through this baffles me. This is the worst trait shes learned she can get away with. Preying on the stupidity and kindness of strangers who enjoy her content online.

No. 771449

There was a picture of the cat in his basket.
The claim was that he stank of dog saliva and was dragged by his front paw.
Yet the cat was looking rather ‘chilled’ showing showing his belly while on its side and no signs of wet fur, injury at all.
When cats are scared, injured etc. They do not casually lie down in a basket. Most likely they are curled up, ears back and hidden. The body language of that cat did not display any signs of distress.
I don’t want to to see images of injured animals either. Also, the vets in the UK are really clear on fees upfront, the whole process and procedures that are supposed to be done sound really off.

No. 771452

File: 1587979905996.jpg (66.76 KB, 750x803, 94977713_3724254400981657_1622…)

Amazed by how fast this e-begging got completed…

No. 771454

Why do you even assume the cat was hurt at all.
Fahr posted before that her neighbors tried to kill her. Now dogs are breaking into her garden to kill her cat. If you are constantly in mortal peril in fucking Edinburgh you must be comically bad at life.

How does anybody believe her bs…

No. 771461

She posted gross pictures of her sick cat before, so it's really suspicious. And also from where does she suddenly have so many friends donating money, when otherwise she ebegges all the time.

No. 771466

Those are lies. She got all of it via e begging. Even her psudo friends are onto her bullshit laziness.

No. 771492

File: 1588006524791.png (432.79 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_2020-04-27-17-51-59…)

How long do you think it will take for the ebegging to start again?

No. 771623

File: 1588052900718.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x1920, 2004289933.jpg)

Right away.

No. 771625

Wow, didn’t remember the vet was so expensive in Scotland… My cat had to have stitches & shots after a fight with another cat and we paid like 70 bucks top (was in Glasgow).

No. 771636

Cat still does not look injured, just random pics/video inside the cage
Also if you really NEED TO beg for money at least show your fucking receipt

No. 771663

And not even a selfie of her in her mask or in the car like she usually posts when she goes out- just zero proof she even left the house.

No. 772066

hello first time posting on this site.

As a person who is currently friends with Keyes/Fahr and Himezawa/Q/Sabrina/N i am quite surprised to see this thread.

I think most people that are or have been friends with keyes/fahr are aware that he is delusional and just lazy using his "chronic" illnesses as an excuse to not get a job.

The last job Keyes/fahr had was at star bucks and he was complaining that he couldn't write up orders due to his dyslexia although i think he put it up in his story that he was working in some sort of hotel?

Will is a genuinely nice guy and very soft spoken he has a form of autism which does limit him but before the pandemic started he was working.

stumbled upon this thanks to a friend who was concerned about my friendship with them.

No. 772072


She, anon

No. 772125


Please understand im used to calling fahr a he. I dont know if keyes and N are aware of this site?

So i've read through this and the old thread and im shocked since i wasnt aware of just how much e begging keyes does, especially since both keyes and will are eligible for free vet care for merlin and dream (the cats). I have confronted them about this before so i guess i shouldnt be too surprised as for photoshopping thats no secret.

No. 772126


And i just realised i replied to mgself instead of you… Sorry

No. 772133

Do you have any other stories of times you caught her in a lie?

No. 772134

how tf are you used to it? she wasn't claiming to be he until pretty recently.

No. 772135


I know a bunch of stuff about keyes, will and himezawa.

The only thing i can think of at the moment is not being able to afford new bed sheets and those being the only one he has… He has other bed sheets… And he also has a really bad addiction to eating whip cream… He will buy cans of that stuff.

If i remember correctly the price for the "go fund me" was a bit higher than it should have been. The price he payed for the top surgery is correct but he included the prices of other stuff like skin oils and so on that when added up didnt amount to the full price that he put up.

Im not sure if that made too much sense, he kept changing the price for the surgery going as far as saying it was £8000 at one point.

The cats are starting to get health problems due to age, he could go on a waiting list to get then free care but he doesnt listen or wait so he ends up paying for them to be seen quickly.

He definitely over dramatises things and he can come off rude although he doesnt mean to SOMETIMES.

Keyes likes to talk behind others backs like the other day he was telling me that the girl by the insta name "blooming into a flower wall" was really bitchy and acted like she was the best scarlet witch cosplayer blah blah blah wasnt really paying attention tbh

And damn this is really long…

No. 772139


Oh i just remembered! They said that will controlls/monitors their account now or something like that

He doesnt. keyes still controlls her own account but i think thats kinda obvious

No. 772150

What does N stand for?

No. 772171


N stands for Himezawas name, i dont think its public yet (she legally changed his name from subrina to somethung else)

No. 772175


Isn't her new name Quinn?

No. 772177

Who? I understood Fahr and Will were the Loki and Thor cosplayers but Sabrina/Quinn/Himezawa? I’m lost newfag

No. 772178

Himezawa is a German cosplay cow who went to Japan with delusions of becoming an idol.
I'm guessing the whole German weeb scene makes a small world microscopic so there's a lot of crossover.

No. 772183


Doesnt matter its just one of their friends who also has a lolcow thing dedicated to them

Sorry ive never really spoken in these forums before but if anyone has questions i guess i can try and answer as many as i can? I dont know what else to add on Keyes and Will

No. 772194

She has her own thread in /w/.

No. 772195

One thing that's always been confusing: will must know about making her life seem worse to fund her e begging, has Fahr got Will so under her thumb that she can make up stuff that will knows not to be true unchallenged?

No. 772196

She's manipulative and an asshole, you probably have to feel sorry for will. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts guilt-tripping him every time he tries to say something.

No. 772205

Apart from lying and ebegging did she change much compared to oh let's say when she was living in Berlin and Kiel? I visited her once when she moved but I realized that I didn't want to put up with her anymore so I never visited her again. I know someone mentioned that she is strealing stuff. Is that true?

No. 772214


The thing about will is that he is handicapped. He is not always able to make choices himself as hes got autism and he used to actually get money from the government up until recently where they took that awaye cause he could touch his nose.

^Will actually needs that money and the scottish system is kinda fucked when it comes to that

No. 772217


Will kinda does his own thing tbh like yeah he sometimes depends on keyes for certain things but other than that he is perfectly capable of just going on his own if he wanted to.

Will is mostly happy i feel bad for him having to be the taxi man for whenever keyes wants to go somewhere.

I dont know much about keyes life in germany only that his mum was "supportive" until the time came to actually transition and she pulled out of the whole thing

No. 772219


I didnt know you could tag 2 people at the same time, im dumb uhhh

Ok so stealing. For the few years ive known keyes she has not stole anything. When i saw them at the convention i noticed that some people just gave her stuff, he was with Himezawa and some other girl?

He basically goes up to stands talks to them and sometimes they give him stuff.

No. 772247

Too bad. I've read that someone claimed she did steal mostly stuff like clothes and jewelry from people back in Germany. But I do not know how reliable those claims are

No. 772257


He definitely gets enough stuff… He also promises people things and never does them.

He used to ask me and others if they wanted to do lolita/cosplay shoots and would then try find some excuse to get out of it

Dont know why he bothered suggesting it in the first place tbh

No. 772271

File: 1588358103625.jpeg (38.34 KB, 720x405, 997B34BD-CAF5-4C40-AABE-23F045…)

Damn just dropping info like that, I like it lol

You’re better than I am anon, she and two other lolitas tried to come after me. I had to dump all three of them. I’m surprised you didn’t see the level of ebegging she does. I think it’s shitty that she has free pet healthcare but isn’t willing to wait and would rather scam other people.

Also how many of you called it when you said she charged way more for the surgery than it really was lol

No. 772331

>I dont know if keyes and N are aware of this site?
They are. Himezawa has her own thread over here, if you want to post more: >>>/w/39353

She has even posted before to refute some rumors: >>>/w/13589

Keep the milk flowing, Anon! Even better if you have some proof.

No. 772406


Ill be completely honest, i cba scrolling through convos but if he mentions anything new ill post it.

i don't want to post anything too personal about either of them cause theres only a hand full of people that know about certain things and they would be able to narrow it down.

No. 772415

Get what u mean. I got a message from her somewhere last year and she asked me directly if I was behind lolcow posting about her. Didn't even know this existed until she basically directed me to it. Thanks for that Fahr lol.
Anyway I love the current milk. Keep it up.

No. 772431

Last time I spoke to them they actually told me about lolcow and their whole thread and what you guys are writing here. They said they don't check that often anymore, because it's always the same shit.

Ever since they started to talk/post about Will more I am asking myself, too.

Speaking of Will, are they really legally married as Fahr stated not so long ago? Can you tell us about that without telling too much about yourself?

No. 772443


Will is a realky nice guy, quite and all, has autism, has gone missing several times, i think everyone here knows he is trans and he has hurt himself in the past.

He knows how to knit he made himself thor gloves and he makes a bunch of other stuff like scarfs

Hes the one that drives keyes everywhere and helps get him in costume.

Last i checked they werent married… Although i do know that Keyes wanted to have children at one point.

No. 772445

i was going to say, is it really that expensive there. Weve needed to take our kitten in multiple times to the vet for medication and non vaccination shots and most times its costed maximum 60 euros a visit in Germany, even when it was taking him a few days in a row the following trips costed around 20 euros each time and that was including both liquid and pill medications to take home.

I do know some american vets can be 200+ a visit though…

Starbucks is generally pretty good with being accepting to disabilties. Sure customers suck when you missspell their names but most of the codes on the cup could still be figured out if the orders were messed up, many stores globally have stickers now so they dont have to write cup anymore. While it sucks if youre full time, if youre part time and youre bad at writing cups theyd likely just make you make drinks or restock and clean during your shifts. We have a colorblind partner who has to read lables because he cant tell things by looking at them and another one whos physically unable to make drinks or move around too much so she just does the cash register/writes cups.

No. 772456

oh lord.
too bad fahr's main disability is her debilitating excuses for everything.

No. 772515


hopefully she will never have kids… if she can't take care of her cats, how the hell is she supposed to take care of kids…? ebeg if they need medicine?

No. 772582


I dont think it would ever happen unlesd he adopted and that requires money.

No. 772650

well that would be a good excuse for a massive ebegging campaign!

No. 772681


Lol true but he would need a constant flow of income and i doubt the government would allow him considering where he lives.

His house is quite small when i went in and i think you need to have certain living requirements (like a job!) to adopt a child.

No. 772767

there's one thing that I wonder about. She made a lot of photos in her Loki cosplay with a selection of different cosplayer right? Some over a long time and then they suddenly vanished. Was there some drama behind it oder did they simply stop having contact / stopped with cospalying altogether?

No. 772768


Im not sure to be honest he used to talk to me a lot a while back when we did lolita, now he doesnt talk to me as much. Maybe he just forgets to talk to people?

I noticed that the person that made those vampire costumes and Victorian dresses did race face for a voltron character though. Keyes is so against race face yet he is friends with her? I wonder…

No. 772780

I heard of some Drama but it has been back in the good ol Tumblr times so I don't really recall. Anyone?

No. 772834


Doesnt he also have a dsrk tumbler or something?

No. 772837


Sorry meant to say dark tumbler, its got a password or something

No. 773126

Just came from the Himezawa thread where I got accused of doxing him (if you go there there’s a nice video of Himezawa sent me)

Keyes has blocked me and I’m assuming it’s because he thought I posted the stuff that anon posted on both threads

So uh yeah Just like anon’s friends warned them my friends warned me about the fact that I’m friends with a near 40 year old and uh a 25 ish year old (idk how old himezawa is) while I’m under 18

So theres some nice proof of incest support that my friend managed to get

No. 773128

File: 1588728160822.jpeg (128.77 KB, 750x1625, 4A7E4C2F-3A61-4826-8C59-4B7D6A…)

Apologies for the late pictures

No. 773129

File: 1588728224561.jpeg (60.54 KB, 750x1334, 7E9F2125-41EA-48F2-A5E4-4C0A7D…)

More proof I guess if you need it? That the conversation actually happened or something

No. 773131

File: 1588728554903.jpeg (63.49 KB, 750x1572, EC9FAFD8-E7A0-4BC9-8AA7-156C82…)

Oh and the free vet thing? That’s true because even I told him that he can get free vet care

No. 773157

File: 1588737975884.png (1.31 MB, 1680x1144, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 04.5…)


about that euro cosplay drama the she involved herself in. i did some digging and i found the person you were talking about

No. 773158

File: 1588738103699.png (1.9 MB, 1804x1238, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 05.0…)


i guess to fahr there are some exceptions as to who can race face and who can't

No. 773213

Holy shit i thought that was Emzotic for a hot second there

No. 773228

stop bringing this tumblr shit in here.

No. 773338

File: 1588810270782.gif (705.53 KB, 275x155, 5306D7D4-3564-4ADE-8D31-6028E4…)

No. 773444


This was a reply to when my friend asked (oh his ask me a question thing) why he contradicted himself when he says he supports thorki but doesn’t support step brothers/sisters or adoptive kids to have a relationship with their sibling

Instead of replying on his story he answered in private

No. 773551

It can be pricey, even if it's for little things. I have experience with vets in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Depends on the place, what insurance you have. I imagine Fahr has no insurance because he's selfish.

I also KNEW he would beg for money for his cats AGAIN. Sorry but, the amount of times his cats have got sit and he's begged online for help is a clear indication he should not have pets. Get insurance, set aside an account for money for when you need vet visits. Can't afford that? Don't have a cat.

I badly want to rehome a second cat but I know I can't budget that in, so I'm waiting.

No. 773553

Missing the vital fact that Will makes all Fahr's cosplays, and Fahr always takes credit.

No. 773572


Will doesn’t make his cosplays Keyes commissions cosplays from people… like he’s spent a grand on one costume I’m pretty sure the only thing will does is knit like the other anon said

No. 773575


This is the thing that always bothered me

My cat had to get an EMERGENCY OPERATION on the day we brought her and the cost for the operation was £300 plus £50 for the pain medication she also had to stay over night and they didn’t charge us anything for that due to the amount we earn not being a lot.

Keyes on the other hand

Lives in benefits meaning they don’t charge him as much and even if Will worked he still wouldn’t have to pay as much because he doesn’t earn enough to pay the full price

His cat got attacked by a dog, fair enough but if the only thing he did was give the cat a check up, make it stay overnight and get medication then it wouldn’t amount to £300+

No. 773746


Wasn’t Fahr claiming to be Jewish during the Eurocosplay drama? Now she’s been raised in a family that just happens to worship Norse gods (yeah, right)?

The amount of bullshit…

No. 773768

I am pretty sure he isn’t friends with her anymore and it’s common fact? I remember he telling me about this cosplayer while I knew him that she was jealous about that he wanted cosplay Crimson peak with others and she didn’t like it, so he couldnt be friends with her anymore.

No. 773769

Did he block you everywhere without a given a explanation?

No. 773771

Thats how literally how our friendship started. He just slide into my inbox and ask, didn’t mind though, always ready when others ask me for collab. But it was good while it lasted, although I am pretty meh how it all ended.

No. 773780

Yes, once in a while she claims she’s Jewish and then moments later she claims she was raised entirely as a pagan. Also, she claims her mother raised her as gender-neutral but now she claims that her mother made her dress as a girl and the mother is presently totally against her transition… why would someone who raised their child gender neutral be against a transition later?? And also, why would the mother be against her transition now that she knows that she is biologically intersex? Her bullshit is so contradictory, how does anyone believe it?

No. 773785

Did Thor and Loki have an incestuous relationship though? I am no expert but I can’t find anything suggesting it… there is incest in the Edda, but not this relationship between these 2 so her excuse is just nonsense… Are Thor and Loki even related in the myths anyway? They’re definitely not brothers… If you’re going to use the Edda as your excuse, why not mention that they’re not brothers in there? Oh right because she actually has no idea what she’s talking about.

No. 773786

they're only brothers in the capshit cinematic universe and fans tend to ship them

No. 773835


Yes, yes he did… Why? Because himezawa accused me of doxing him.
I suggest looking at the himezawa thread for that story


In the edda loki and thor are not related. Loki is odins adopted brother of sorts and is like a crazy uncle to thor but they never had a relationship.

Keyes once told me himself that he likes to think that they're together.

Basically he just likes the ship and uses the edda as an excuse since most of norse myths were destroyed

No. 773870


She could be just ethnically Jewish. There are a lot of ethnic Jews that don't follow Judaism. (Not to say I believe she's actually an ethnic Jew, she could have made that up for oppression points.)

No. 773918

I think it’s much more likely that she is Jewish than that she was raised by parents who believe in Norse mythology as their religion.

No. 774520

LOL nah she ain't either

No. 774536

According to my research the German Jewish population in the 1980s when she was born was only estimated at like 40,000 in the entire country. Since she loves attenshuns for being special, it seems very very unlikely that this is real and much more likely it’s bs lol

No. 774685


She said her dad was Christian idk about her mum

No. 774699

Knew her mum, she isn't religious.

No. 774768

Keyes explained in a live ages ago that his mom was Jewish but he grew up in with choice any religion he wanted to and they just happend to every book of different religion in thier household.

No. 774788

So “the pagan heritage I was born into” = they had a book about Norse mythology laying around.

No. 774793

Yup. Also her mum named her after a comic book character from elfquest. That's her i was raised pagan-story. And no, her mum isn't Jewish. At all. Knew her for some time. She's an atheist.

No. 774821

But this goes back to Anon’s valid point above- you can be ethnically Jewish and not religiously Jewish. Being an atheist doesn’t mean she’s not ethnically Jewish. So we still can’t be sure.

No. 774822

I just looked it up and Fahr is a character in Elfquest. But I thought Fahr wasn’t even her real name?

No. 774838


Her name is Geraldine. Never heard Hans calling her anything else.

No. 774870

Well she claimed that her mum named her like that after her father passed away. So no idea how solid that is but yeah she was given the name Geraldine on her certificate.

No. 774871

True. Yet her mum is not of Jewish heritage. The only Jewish contact she ever had was that a friend of her was Jewish. But that was back in the 90s and early 00s.

No. 774965

She used "Fahr" before her father passed. So I'd call that another sad excuse to justify her complete bs she wants people to believe.

No. 774974

Maybe she started to use fahr when she got obsessed with those elfquest comics? I recall that she was gushing over that white haired dude in her teens.

No. 775043

anon that knows her, is she related to sybille schmid-sindram?

No. 775067

Her aunt, afaik.

No. 775079

She bragged quite publically about her aunt owning the brewing company Asgaard.
That family is a mess. They enabled her in the worst way and supported her dillusional thinking. Except her father. I think he had just given up. At least it sounded like that.
I wonder why nobody ever talked about her wild idea that she was the reason Rowling wrote Harry Potter? Can't be the only persin who had to suffer through their bragging.

No. 775107


>her wild idea that she was the reason Rowling wrote Harry Potter

first time I'm hearing this! sounds hilarious, more details please

No. 775120

I tried to follow farh yesterday :/ and they immediately blocked me, lmao they don't even know me but like
I don't see the point of being a cosplayer of you're just gonna block new followers yanno. It's kinda a shitty move(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 775121


Oh boy those two idiots still dont suspect a thing and are blocking random people.

Are you the anon that got accused of doxing? He's probably paranoid

No. 775128

They said they stayed at a house for vacay where another woman was as well and she used a different name "but it was possibly maybe we think so Rowling" and Geraldine bumped her head and loved to hide under the stairs so SHE MUST BE HARRY POTTER because her head looked the same (sans scar) and the stranger HAD TO BE Rowling. But no receipts… just the sheer will power to become (for once) important. It was as cringy and strange as it sounds written down. The worst part was that her sister supported this. Cray people. I have more tea but since she is too self absorbed to not stalk this thread I'd rather not tell the rest.

No. 775131


I doubt he will find out since im still friends with him lol

Still quite surprised about some of the things ive heard here

Did you know hes got a bunch of BDSM gear? Hes been posting about it recently on his story too so i guess its not too much of a surprise

No. 775137


Nah, I'm not them. I know anon though, I'm just surprised that farh would do that though.

I have no idea how he made the connection between me, anon and him. Since I've not had anything to do with him. I wonder though if he's just blocking everyone new that follows him?

I've been reading the stuff here and tbh I was right when I first heard about him to not like him.

No. 775139


:/ Even then he blocked all of my main accounts which I really don't get.(:/)

No. 775140

I remember that story. She told me the same. Yep, she's definetly the reason that woman wrote Harry Potter lel

No. 775141


Hold on I might be wrong but doesn't farh bash jk Rowling now? Might be wrong but I swear I've seen him post about it on his story.

No. 775170

she does, but only because the majority of sj retards claim thar JKR is the epitome of evil rn

No. 775171


I don’t see a problem in liking something (even though the creator might be a shitty person) yet he tries to act like he hates all these things now (movies with Johnny depp, Harry Potter franchise, marvel, etc)

Yet when I talk to him about these things he has no problem with them

This just leads to him contradicting himself and he loves marvel too much to not buy marvel merchandise so I don’t know why he bothers posting about how he hates these bad people…

No. 775692

I've had contact with Fahr only for a short amount of time but that was enough. Back then she never mentioned anything in regards of being unhappy about being female. Never.
We cosplayed the same character and she would ask me non stop for help regarding the hair. Fahr told me constantly I need to Photoshop my pictures way more, acted like we're bEzT fReNz and shit talked others like crazy.

But she only noticed I kicked her off my friend list like a month later.
Glad I dodged that bullet.

No. 775717

Curious. Who / what did she shit

No. 775768

Can't recall any particular names (I'm not in the German cosplay community thank goodness). That one Loki cosplayer participating against her in an online competition where she submitted her half photoshopped armor to was definitely one of them. But basically every other Loki cosplayer was unworthy.

No. 776057


He shit talks everyone he knows apart from maybe 4 of his friends… Hes talked shit about me too yet im still his "best friend" hes very two faced

No. 776093

Interesting. What kind of stuff does it say? Im curious and need some distraction lel

No. 776644


Mostly complains about how we are "bitchy", "annoying" or that we have "big egos" because we are proud of something we made/done.

Anyone hes spoken to and is proud of a cosplay or they think they look like the character apparently has a "big ego". Its just petty stuff really

He can be a smart ass too, i once told him my friend said she watched a movie that was based off some other series and he said "your friend is an idiot".

Its not the first time either, any time someone got something wrong he would start lecturing them or telling others how they are idiots.

No. 776807

Do exact what?
I was also blocked everywhere when he decided not to be friends anymore and I got a msg exactly why but it was something was extravagant too by him and situation didn’t even happend, I wanted to explain but he already labeled as someone I am not so it’s wasn’t worth it, he should just take my word for who I am not think anything else when a person is just genuine.

No. 776844


When she claimed me as their bestie she mostly looked down on everyone else. How their costumes are shit, how they don't look exactly like the characters but she does.

No. 776845

I’d say deep down he is paranoid/have paranoid thoughts if he doesn’t know a persons true intentions?
This happens and he did misjudged me and I as ex-friend never really care for his popularity or explode him after we started talking, I was disappointed.

And just my observation whenever he befriend individuals and they have done nothing wrong but he still think somebody is after him and blame them partly something they didn’t really do, this happens to me. I didn’t Keyes for long either but I am good judge of character and at pick up on others emotions, he is somewhat intuitive too, partly reason is he block new people like that is he feel frightened to be abused or harm by people/someone who knows those people and in the past folks done that cus he popular? And I can relate to that too, not pity him.
Funny thing his personality is exactly like Howls.

No. 776879


He thinks everyone that befriends him is a huge fan of his or something of the sort and ive seen many people suddenly disappear from his life with no explanations.

Honestly you're better dropping him if youre still frirnds with him.

I'm starting to notice that he mixes reality with fantasy.

He's got a lolita instagram where he posts his lolita photos (ribbon plague) and hes posting/talking more about what he used to look like.

Like he himself said before, he doesnt want to transition and i think he's unconsciously regretting the surgery but has lied to himself so much that he believes that, that is what he really wanted.

Fahr has claimed to be in a past abusive relationship and if what he said is true then it might be one of the reasons why hes like this

No. 776989

Might be but that's no excuse to be abusive towards others. Or is it?

No. 777013


Not at all. No abuse is right.

Im not sure whether what he said about the sexual abuse is true since he likes to think of loki as someone who is abused and needs his brothers love or some shit like that.

But if it is true it might be why he thinks he needs to change his body? Idk… Just some speculation.

Or theres obviously the fact that hes obssesed with loki

No. 777143

>Or theres obviously the fact that hes obssesed with loki

What is kind of intersting to me is that she is obsessed with the cartoon/ movie version of Loki, not the actual deity. Like, the actual pagan god was friends with Odin far more than Thor. So she's basically exactly the same as one of those people who believe they are spiritkin with cat aliens from the Avatar movie.

No. 777162

Not entirely true. Thor was Odins son. While Loki was Odins blood brother. So their relationship (Odin and Thor) was a very complicated one since thir was known for being stubborn and easily to upset while Loki basically just did his own thing and then helped the gods out of some shit that he partly provoked. Also he basically jumped everyone and everything that didn't get away within seconds lol
But that also goes for many roher gods. Also Loki wasn't very fond of the females in general and often accused them of whoring around.

No. 777196


Actually Loki wasnt related to odin… He's half fire gaint in the myths and odin is half frost gaint or something… Loki is thors adopted uncle basically and one of his loves is a gaintess who he had 3 children with.

Theres also sygin who was his wife. Its true he had no preference and that he slept around with a lot of people but keyes is right about one thing and that is the fact that the Christians did destroy and change a lot of norse myth.


And yeah hes more obssesed with the comic/movie loki the whole pagan thing came after. He said that he needs to believe in a religion and theres nothing wrong with that the problem comes in when he suddenly believes in a religion that suits whatever hes into at that moment(nobody cares)

No. 777469

And all that would be fine, if she just said that she liked the religion and was trying it out. Instead she claims she was raised as that religion. Claims her parents raised her as a pagan who believed in Odin as their god. And then she shits on anyone else who is interested in paganism because they’re not as much of a pagan as her since she was RAISED that way.

No. 777484

Her chuunibyou phase has lasted almost 30 years at this point. It's almost impressive.

No. 778716

File: 1591290655512.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 6D4A9A80-6CA3-456F-8ADB-0C3C46…)

No. 778717

File: 1591290714988.jpeg (186.15 KB, 750x997, 37CC9E36-E823-492F-92B3-027CF6…)

No. 778724

The world is on fire and people are upset about oppression based on how they were born. But me, a self hating woman, only oppressed by my own brain damage and misogyny? Well they chopped my tits, and I'm doing great here in my Ivory Tower. Wish those brown folk weren't stopping me from getting my attention

No. 778743

>very at home in body
>photoshops all imperfections including mastectomy scars away
I know how it feels to hate your scars and sag but does she really need to pretend and fake how self-accepting she is 24/7 while looking like the cover of Click?

No. 778745

she should do some posing for develv. same aesthetic. good job fahr! you look like a badly drawn eunuch.

No. 779190

So we are back to the old instagram name now and put a lock on it?

No. 779217

Her name is currently lordamalthean… was that her name before? Or did she change it a few times today?

No. 779453

"pain account"?!

No. 779582

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s a typo.

No. 779597

for what?

No. 779598

main account…

No. 781708

She’s never going to have a functioning dick to live out her yaoi fetish IRL. What is her endgame? She’s 40 years old with no job, no kids, no achievements, nothing meaningful to anchor middle age to and her main goal is living out some ~bishi~ sexual fantasy you usually see only in teenage girls with zero life experience and no developed personal identity.

No. 783651

File: 1593867327728.jpeg (179.95 KB, 750x1284, C2EC1574-5660-4E85-AF35-ED53B4…)

No. 783652

File: 1593867363036.jpeg (226.55 KB, 750x966, FE58547E-EF2E-42CF-B026-AE46AE…)

No. 783656

File: 1593868446292.jpeg (160.39 KB, 750x1216, A19D4A0E-9794-4FE4-8B67-64E433…)

No. 783678

I‘ll never be able to fathom this logic of ‘oh this made me so uncomfortable that I’ll continue reminding everyone of what it looked like’. Especially to this degree. Like, they’ll jump at your throat if you dare deadnaming or misgendering them but voluntarily post almost-nude pictures of themselves, flaunting what supposedly makes or made them soOo dysphoric. Wtf.

No. 783681

This takes humble-bragging to a whole new level.

No. 783682

This picture looks like a man with boobs, and the new picture looks like a woman without boobs. Weird fail at being any gender.

No. 783901

File: 1593938922956.jpg (384.35 KB, 1079x1611, Screenshot_20200705-104606_Fac…)

three words…

No. 783904

>Go back to how you used to be before puberty
Yet another TIF proving that, just like restrictive eating disorders, FTM transition is all about wanting to return to the idyllic time of their childhood, before they were constantly sexualized by society due to having tits. Internalizing misogyny is a trip.

No. 784749

I'm the happiest I've been because now my face is filtered into oblivion and my eyebrows have been dyed black.

No. 784978

File: 1594320503226.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 7F7AA845-BD3F-4C19-9CE3-6B6C34…)

Is this really without a filter?

No. 784997

Her skin looks blurry, but some cameras/apps do that automatically. The default snapchat quality is very "blurred" in selfies, for example.

The "no filter" debate is pointless since there's a million other ways to change the lighting/smooth skin.

No. 785120

Unless all her moles magically vanished.. no. That's filtered. The skin is way too smooth.
The naso labial fold also doesn't magically vanish and it was already very present 13 years ago.

No. 785121

File: 1594389178946.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, C7FB7F4F-DA8E-4A15-9FE7-7F1A40…)

No. 785155

lmao still shaving her hairline I see. Won’t be so uwu once she starts going bald from T

No. 785169

i don't follow this cow why the fuck does she shave her forehead? she doesn't look like a dude she looks like a shitty wax figure

No. 785171

For her Tom Hiddleston/Loki cosplay. No, really.

No. 785285

Damn, that hairline. She’s look better if she shaved her whole head at this point.

No. 785585

is she pushing her bottom teeth to make her jaw seem more defined or is her top lip just that thin?

No. 785868

He uses the filter option on his Huawei phone to make his face smoother also he made his nose look straight with no bumb or anything

No. 786298

She's trying to imitate Hiddleston's receding hairline.

No. 786317

i had to google Tom Hiddleston to see how he looked these days and damn he is not aging well.

No. 787226

File: 1595450273920.jpeg (212.73 KB, 2000x1270, D96E006B-C42A-426F-913D-F6DD4E…)

Jeesus is this all worth it?? Also she is only into looking like loki in the movie no? TH doesn’t look like anything close or vice versa

No. 787236

This hair looks so absurd. It looks like a buzzcut that somebody has either stitched a wig over or just did a virtual hair style change.

No. 787311

OT but I was scrolling and saw this pic and wondered who shooped ProJared to actually look like a human male. Kek.

No. 787547

File: 1595587518535.jpg (397.91 KB, 1080x1763, imvampirenow.jpg)

so, she's a vampire now.

No. 787576

Back to wearing corsets and dresses I see?

No. 787600

Why does she have two brows? Is the make up a filter or is it that bad?

No. 787609


That's the Meitu Makeup Filter going ham on her face lmao

No. 787636

The face is so blurred it doesn't even look human.

No. 787820

LMAO, if you watch carefully her makeup included blood dripping from her mouth but the pic is so heavily filtered that you can barely notice it

No. 788691

is the left eye having a really pronounced fold and the right eye having none also a meitu thing?? once i noticed it that's hands down the weirdest thing about it

No. 788944

File: 1596282874460.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 6DA414CC-BC2F-469C-B470-A92BAF…)

Why what? Why does your hairline look like that? Because you shave it… so why are you asking why?

No. 789063

„Whyyy“ = omg I’m suffering and my life is so hard but please don’t dare to ask or I’ll be offended

No. 789066

that hairline just looks like she has that compulsive hair pulling thing.

No. 789134

that’d be the testosterone, dumbass

No. 789678

File: 1596809674055.png (927.57 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200807-071418.png)

She honestly thinks her followers are dumb.,

No. 790052

Nah hormone related thinning wouldn't look like that, a naturally receding hairline will have some wispy strands and follow a v shaped pattern toward the back of the head. It'd also be thinning at the crown. Notice the difference between the natural hairline above the ears and the hairline across the forehead. She shaves it to look more masculine.

No. 790053

Samefag but also compare it to this
You don't get regrowth when you're balding.

No. 790204

Actually it’s to replicate Tom hiddlestons Loki hairline lmaooo

No. 790440

File: 1597418841911.jpeg (158.2 KB, 750x1069, 18BA72AC-E146-4DC4-8AE3-E85976…)

No. 790441

What a complete non-event, thanks for sharing, Fahr! Boo hoo, your stomach is going to be upset for a week, how will you even LIVE

No. 790442

File: 1597421422676.jpg (354.81 KB, 1080x1984, vampirephase.jpg)

She really thinks she is a vampire now. Not Tom Hiddleston anymore.

No. 790443

being a snowflake even as a vampire I see

No. 790444

"He loves drinking human blood"

Vampire Potter energy

No. 790445

Fahr has the amazing ability to look too feminine when dressed/made up as a man, and too masculine when dressed/made up as a woman.

No. 790472

File: 1597448923161.jpeg (39.78 KB, 246x250, BE1FD04F-008E-47A4-A5E7-77B63E…)

this is so fucking funny, this reminds me of the shit my friends and i would RP on gaiaonline with. except we were 12 lol

No. 790776

File: 1597622064403.jpeg (233.5 KB, 750x1061, 756F2A79-965A-414A-8407-37F962…)

She’s so excited to have a new “problem” to complain about.

No. 790783

why is this an event

did she keep it as a pet

No. 790786

Holyshit. What the fuck… This is some cringy 15 year old fanfiction dot net shit.

I'm dead

No. 790817

There is zero danger from tick bites if you get on antibiotics right away.

No. 790820

File: 1597639572756.png (2.02 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200816-214643.png)

Well ain't this somehow a first.

No. 790825

Your icon is showing.

No. 790895

File: 1597681909667.jpeg (49.79 KB, 614x586, 3160B0BA-2EB9-4E47-A2A4-7228CC…)

>tries to post about Fahr
>profile icon clear as day

No. 791169

File: 1597801773299.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, DD074C6E-B877-45BC-BA7E-645CC5…)

Nah I think she thinks she’s Tom too.

No. 791508

File: 1597952329369.jpg (310.45 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20200820_203621.jpg)

Found this

No. 791516

She's getting chunky

No. 791520

she updated her story and showed "her voice" that somehow suddenly dropped. like few days ago nothing and suddenly a voice drop by several octaves. not faked at all, jupp

No. 791610

File: 1598016884192.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 0C03920C-6FE8-4CBB-BCE9-C52496…)

For someone who is so broke she sure has a lot of collections of crap.

No. 791611

lol e-begging again

No. 791634

What is this photoshop she looks like Mary from Selling Sunset dressed up as Christine

No. 791745

I will say Fahr looks believably male in this picture — although not the least bit attractive. Just like a doughy mall goth.

No. 792041

File: 1598283678666.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 116F8FA8-4932-419D-B50A-C2588F…)

Yes I’m sure that happened.

No. 792046

it's 2020 and people still use "literally shaking" unironically

No. 792073

I follow her in Twitter and its even more unbelievable.

No. 792081

File: 1598296969076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,182.31 KB, 1124x783, 7085B032-AF84-4A2C-86B9-4C662C…)

Just went to her twitter and mate nah

No. 792096

I don't care about porn, but using actual people for art like this is absolutely disgusting - same goes for liking this kind of stuff

No. 792175

File: 1598333093641.jpeg (170.32 KB, 750x975, 1D02C425-9B78-4A86-9507-9EC795…)


Filing this under “a fanfic too far”. She really expects us to believe that a neighbour chased them down in the street demanding to see her vagina?

No. 792187

She can’t list them because they didn’t exist.

No. 792199

Why does she always has crazy neighbours? Seems like she needs money again so she starts spreading that story and soon she will back to e-begging for moving to a new apartment

No. 792270

This is such bait.. She's lying

No. 792325

Usually neighbors harass you if you’d posted them off. This is why it’s best to just shut the fuck up and keep to yourself…..
I just keep wondering what SHE did to provoke them.

No. 792369

And her last neighbours tried to literally murder her, how can she be so unlucky? I wonder if this is all purely made up for attention or if she's such a shitty neighbour that the other neighbours eventually tell her off, and inventing horror stories about them is her way of getting back at them.

No. 792455

She lives in Edinburgh which is more expensive to live in than Glasgow. He used to complain about not being able to afford living there yet he doesn't want to leave cause it looks all pretty and magical… When I was last there neighbours didn't say anything

No. 792669

I am not friends with him anymore and Ive move on. He remove me everywhere. He or his partner reach out and told him he was concerned about out conversations and ttly misread it all, saying I was a predator or acted like I took his “innocent”. I never like him more than a friend and was direct with him when talking about cosplay. He ttly thought it was flirting - funny how someone who is also in the spectrum can’t even see the difference with flirting or directness. I think it’s really strange to believe that someone who just trying to be a supportive friend and been sexually abuse would act predator towards them, I am not capable of that, I could be intense when I care but don’t think make me the bad guy not everyone who likes your work and wanna cosplay is in love with you! I think he def has paranoia, I do believe in some way he was been abused. Was even more stranger is that Keyes actually removed all his msgs form our conversation on Instagram as he decided to cut me out and manipulate the situation, tell his partner and one of our common friends maybe even more people - one of them who just followed me on social media blocked me out of the blue. And I don’t think he kept what happens between us as a friend had say to me before. It’s ttly ok to vent to friends but like don’t make things up/lie when nothing happened. I’ve a hard time believing he wanted this be private and he makes a post that was direct towards me and decided to make me look bad instead let me explain and he told some I apparently acted as a predator when I “vented” to one of them by mistake about what happens, and an other mutual friend isn’t even talking to me anymore, this is just crazy. I hope I don’t run into him cus I would cuss him out

No. 792740

What the fuck is this esl jibberish?

No. 792794

Already stopped reading

No. 793040

File: 1598891142101.jpeg (49.96 KB, 478x701, 50475B3C-D638-4DBB-987A-09C2D5…)

You…. English isn’t your native language is it?

No. 793281

anon I'm gonna assume your native language is german so just post the whole thing in german and I'll gladly translate it for the non-german speaking people here

No. 793517

Ebegging for her pets again
They really need to take her animals away, how come they are always sick and injured??? She's either not capable to take care of them or a utter liar as always

No. 793525

Now she’s selling her toys. Maybe she should have been an adult and saved her money instead of wasting it all away on toys and costumes.

No. 793532

Look at the date on the bill guys , it’s from 3/9/2020 isn’t that the last time he ebegged???

No. 793539

That says Sept 3. In Scotland they do the day/month/year.

No. 793540

File: 1599143357920.png (229.32 KB, 750x1334, 0A02727A-4D49-4CA3-9B45-43AFFB…)

This is her kofi. She says she has issues with her health because of the testosterone. Then maybe you should stop taking it?

No. 793546

Wtaf, if your T is making you sick, stop fucking taking it dumbass….

She needs her pets taken away yesterday. I can’t imagine this being at this level of irresponsibility

No. 793547

There was also some “mod” that posted on her page. Saying that they’re a team of mods and not one person running the page. Which i find really hard to believe. Theres no mention of the page being run by people anywhere. Its all just keyes

No. 793585

Or even better, she could get a job! But why go working if you can just e-beg

No. 793586

The last time her cat was sick it also couldn't pee. Like she can't even come up with new stories

Also if her cats were really that sick that often as she claims, they would already be dead

No. 793695

File: 1599246963823.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 47B4E151-289E-42F1-97EB-74AD89…)

Her story right now is a video of her talking about her cat. Her voice sounds lower… so after talking about how her cat is doing, she adds something like “I have no beard to speak of, my voice hasn’t dropped, I had top surgery and I have pimples.” Why did that need to be added? she truly can’t talk about anything without bringing it back to her gender.

No. 793703

She looks like a thumb here

No. 793705

>that one inch of shaved hairline
she really believes she’s going to transform into Tom Hiddleston doesn’t she

No. 793947

of course she does. She's in regret mode because having top surgery didn't magically turn her into 2012 Hiddleston

No. 794418

Gonna apologise in advance since I still talk to him and refer to him as he.

He had no problems with T he had even told me before checked to make sure nothing in it would harm him and his many problems (he takes T once a month)

As for his cats well… Hate to say it but dream is pretty old he most likely will have to put him down that cat won't survive long after surgery or he's just lying about it. Idk I think he caught on im here oops

No. 794510

File: 1599654163630.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 1F9C44DD-673A-4AAF-B1C2-18C04C…)

Another pic of that shaved hairline.

No. 794513

I thought she was wearing a beanie… what is this Gary Oldman 5th element ass shit

No. 794537

File: 1599662308664.jpg (77.85 KB, 673x715, nzwubg9w6f751.jpg)

The hairline… I… Why does she…

No. 794547

I see that hair shave pattern, and all I can think of is lobotomy patient.

No. 794622

She’d be better off just lopping it off and trying to regrow it all at once….

No. 794735

File: 1599742850480.jpg (683.46 KB, 1080x1920, no.jpg)

oh no. please don't.

No. 794740

File: 1599744314595.jpg (49.03 KB, 960x960, 1596397054440.jpg)

No. 794751

is she finally over tom? is loki no longer the love of her life? i’m feeling this lol good thing that timothee has the same sort of look, wouldn’t want fahr to get TOO dysphoric or anything

No. 794759

You mean her Munchausen’s.

No. 794851

What does this cosplay plan even mean. She never goes to conventions or does photoshoots. All she ever does is arranging her hair, taking off her shirt and make shitty selfies with tons of filters

No. 795865

File: 1600208190852.jpeg (238.78 KB, 750x1049, 6882FFF3-1B8C-4A84-A3AC-CA2782…)

She definitely knows her way around photoshop.

No. 795867

File: 1600211431903.jpeg (263.8 KB, 828x857, 246236C9-655C-4A14-B164-A1636B…)

Leaving out the caption on this was a crime on your part, anon

No. 795890

File: 1600220816798.jpg (72.85 KB, 1221x1118, 41660bbaea604cf4c82cae29a63148…)

No. 795948

Her muscles and her chin are so badly photoshopped, how can anyone believe it's real

No. 795949


No. 795954

Handsome Squidward with Loki's hairline, truly an abomination.

No. 795976

The fist isn't even clenched. Her hand's just hanging there limp.
Does she not know what flexing means?

No. 796025

gotta start growing out that hairline.

No. 796123

File: 1600367621669.jpg (21.43 KB, 275x252, 74b0b973-0cae-430f-99c4-6d4fe1…)

No. 796501

So the sexism is already appearing.
What's up with these stupid bitches and wanting to fight women for their own rights? i dont get it.

No. 797082

The funny part is that Slytherin is where the nobility of the wizarding world tends to send their children and in the UK where they have (or had? not up to date) that ridiculous self ID law the aristocrats made sure to draw the line at the inheritance of gendered titles because pretending you can change sex is for the plebs.

No. 797958

File: 1601381472310.jpeg (390.12 KB, 1717x1518, 9001.jpeg)

No. 798112

She is beyond delusional.

No. 798113

LOL Imagine actually lopping off your tits so you can cosplay. Should have spent that money on a shrink.

No. 798146

She thinks that every male character with black hair looks like her

No. 798232

she doesn't even realize that the faceapp filter manipulates your face a bit so of course she shows a few similarities to those chatacters.
but thinking she can cosplay a 20-something Peter Parker when she is in her 40s is pretty delusional. Or were her "fans" suggesting Tobey Maguire?

No. 799584

Now she has ADHD.(imageboard)

No. 800353

File: 1602946607458.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, E33B962C-352A-418F-A8F6-454232…)

No. 800374

She didn't passed, she was mistaken

No. 801286

File: 1603285345093.jpeg (246.93 KB, 750x1187, A31D24BB-066B-4945-ACCC-DE3DB2…)


No. 801287

File: 1603285424466.jpeg (230.07 KB, 750x1212, E17ED8F9-1290-4174-A3A6-F6B215…)

Sure she accidentally found herself looking like this. Don’t you hate it when you accidentally put makeup / photoshopped facial hair on?

No. 801288

File: 1603285467703.jpeg (1011.15 KB, 3464x3464, 4E762551-782E-41D2-89AC-9A46DE…)

Ok when one person says it but offensive when someone else says it.

No. 801324

Doesn't look anything like Hozier though..

No. 801349

Wants attention, wants people to think she looks like whatever man she wants to soul suck that week, then mad that people are blind enough to see her as another character, and bitches because it’s not who SHE wanted that week.

Stay classy Fahr.

No. 801351

Samefagging, but how is it that in >>801288
person on the left can’t say she looks like Hozier, but person on the right, she’s like “omg yaaaas I’ll take it”

Make it make sense.

No. 801366

How can someone be this annoying all of the time

No. 801401

What a weird thing to sperg about. If you just "wore whatever," who cares if someone says you look like another character?

No. 801558

Just had a friend that follows this psycho get blocked because they dared to question why this lunatic wasn’t allowing people to say he looked like someone else. My guess is he only has followers because he deletes and blocks anyone and everyone who ever questions his motives. He needs some mental help for sure good grief .

No. 801608

Apparently there is currently nothing for her to complain about so she just invents a new thing to feel offended.

She's constantly asking people "Do I look like character xy" or posting "My friend said I look like xy OMG so true", but now her followers aren't allowed to say that.

Does she fear that someone will compare her to a female character?

No. 801673

No. 801833

File: 1603592097630.png (3.14 MB, 828x1792, BD45CEF6-5383-47BF-8E49-A672AA…)

No. 801865

Oh my god tom hiddleston, i love your work

No. 801924

Her hairline makes me angry

No. 802199

File: 1603848135123.jpeg (166.15 KB, 750x1121, E9245DB3-E958-4B63-B6F3-C777F3…)

No. 802219

She'll never hide the soft body or mutilated pepperoni nipples.

No. 802277

I think her nipples look even worse because she tried to fotoshop herself a man's chest and a flat belly

No. 802915

And yet these aren’t even the worst case of top surgery.

No. 803423

Not fair I have seen some great top surgery(no1curr)

No. 803702

File: 1604631939015.png (1009.7 KB, 750x1334, F239D381-A451-402D-8A21-FE1452…)

No. 803738

Migraines can be like that I get it right behind my eyes and nose it does suck but I wouldn’t post online during it unless I was an internet addict(no1curr)

No. 804109

File: 1604874108939.jpg (673.04 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20201108_221902.jpg)

Lmao i this is sad… His voice in live streams is the same as they always have been and he obviously uses a voice changer

No. 804113

Voice hasn't changed? You think that after top surgery they just stopped taking hormones? I heard it's a common thing, where some don't want to be too manly and wanna have that androgynous bishie thing going

No. 804158

Being on T is a requirement for top surgery still in most places, so it was always a thing for some FTM fakebois to stop taking T and go back to being femmy after top surgery because T is a prereq for top surgery. Although sometimes it's like they only go through all the motions to get their tits lopped off just so they can go back to being tomboys/girls.

No. 804226

Never heard her speak and BITCH this is fucking edited or a speak over, it looks a like goddamn tiktok

No. 804741

File: 1605284176680.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, BD859FE8-00EE-4DFB-95ED-A88FAE…)

No. 804768

What is this supposed to be a picture of? The pathetic beginnings of a neckbeard?

No. 804999

It's a jawline check. FtMs do this a lot

No. 805002

The hair on the throat look so shopped in lmao

No. 805033

It’s almost MS Paint level!

I’m so confused by this transition. Is she on a normal dosage of T or only taking micro doses to be a soft yaoi boy? The only physical changes besides the top surgery seemed to be edits.

No. 805066


She takes one shot a month I'm pretty sure, she said it had something to do with some "problem" she had

I dont know how that's possible since last I checked everyone who transitions has to take a shot daily

No. 805118

No I am not German! I speak a language that close related to it. English is my second language, but I expressed myself pretty well, my grammar that sucks alittle and I made spell too fast, it’s a disability I’ve. But don’t wanna say which language its my native is as I prefer be anon here, and as some say Keyes usually check this place?

But yea I felt backstabbed and they told a false story/picture about me to friends who weren’t involved when they ended the friendship, and I was assure they would. I told a mutual friend and did the mistake of telling Keyes close friends as he must made sure they blocked me for no reason. And this mutual friend aren’t talk to me as they seem took his side and didn’t to believe me when I said I did move on, I did.

I just have hard time to let go, cus I only like Keyes platonically.

No. 805120

That’s literally what I am saying, we’re friends before but they like made some things up weren’t true about me and what was said and deleting a whole ass Instagram conversations ( their respond) and made seem like I only send them a lot msgs, they even screenshot it and send to whoever they wanted turn against me, I didn’t do anything wrong! And yet the mutual friend don’t believe me, like we spoke a lot instagram, just not comments.

It’s just misunderstanding here and there while talking about cosplay, I do believe it was true that this person was sexually harassed in thier past and used but they didn’t take my word that I wouldn’t use them and made me look like I was a obsessed groupie.
I just hope I never met this person irl for almost destroying a friendship.(emoji)

No. 805121

Sorry I mean I was assured that they wouldn’t tell another soul why we stopped being friends*

No. 805183

Ok you’re Austrian. Not surprised you can’t spell

No. 805419

Strange blog post just DM the person rather than crying about it online.

No. 805623

as an Austrian who offered bad-english-blogpost-chan to post in German so I could translate it for them I feel mildly offended

But also: I fear I'll have to agree kek. Even though saying Austrian is "closely related to German" is a bit of a reach, it's literally just German with a dialect, nothing they don't have in Germany. I just wish people wouln't attempt to blogpost when their English is literally Middle school level.

No. 806187

File: 1606272619487.png (5.3 MB, 828x1792, F92B4939-9547-4A97-9E67-4500B9…)

Of course she doesn’t bother to say why she went to the hospital. It gets her more attention… but also because she probably didn’t even go.

No. 806277

if it's migraine related, it's so dumb to even announce because they just give you steroids to break a strong migraine episode and send you home. and i'm sure that's what it is.

No. 807381

File: 1607016491243.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, 1C4BE719-A5F6-4C20-B1BA-3F115D…)

Does anyone know what this job is?

No. 807416

This is a computer aided design software, so I am guessing some kind of manufacturing job?

No. 807418

Rendering/3D Job? Working from an iPad? I call it bs
See the black bar at the bottom? It's a newer/pro iPad model (the one w/o home button)

No. 807505

I posted that, and the black bar is from my iPhone 11. It’s how it looks when I do a screenshot of a story from Instagram. It wasn’t on the original story.

But doesn’t it look like she’s doing rendering of Thor’s hammer? What job could she have that involves that? I call BS because of that.

No. 807531

She considers her heavily filtered IG cosplay a job.

No. 807552

No, look under her question stickers
It's the same bar of your iphone

No. 807624

Oh ok, I thought you meant the big black space at the bottom of the screen cap. Now I see what you’re talking about.

So she is claiming to be doing 3D rendering of what appears to be Thor’s hammer on an ipad, as a job, after only having enough experience to barely get a job at Claire’s last year.

No. 807628

If she really would have a job then she would already have complained several times that she gets discriminated etc. And no such job requires a Thor hammer

No. 808081

File: 1607375897173.jpeg (160.27 KB, 828x1366, C8EDD740-97EC-4E96-9579-2D528F…)


No. 808089

But this is the witch from Narnia what does it have to do with her sick obsession?

No. 808135

How does this person look like a man in drag whenever they wear women’s clothes, and a woman in drag whenever they wear men’s clothes? Every fucking time.

No. 808172

why does she look like she has no teeth in this faceapp stuff?

No. 808174

Because she constantly searches for other characters that she looks like.

Another proof that she thinks she is Loki

No. 808175

File: 1607414682397.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20201208-084224~2.p…)

Any girl can "pass" like this

No. 808179

Omg quick glance and I thought this was Dennis in a wig from Its always sunny

No. 808523


>interesting stuff like this !

displays a model which would take a 15 year old graphics student a minute and a half to create

No. 808524

soz replied to wrong person, meant to reply to >>807381

No. 808735

File: 1607654642375.png (3.3 MB, 828x1792, 6FBB68EA-E92C-4F85-98C4-3B510C…)

Planting the e begging seeds…

No. 808793

Maybe if she hadn't cut off her tits she'd have money to buy bits.

No. 809037

That can’t be it as she’s paid for it with money she ebegged for.

No. 810403

File: 1608567718976.png (9.41 MB, 1242x2688, D62F1EFC-8E92-4ED8-A127-6EF526…)

What is up with those cheeks!! And this photo in general

No. 810409

Ew, those wrinkly jowls, how is that even possible?

No. 810410

She looks like Micheal Jackson now in her edits was irl larping really worth it.

No. 810641

File: 1608698384943.png (316.77 KB, 409x341, 6562665.png)

No. 811651

File: 1609337469891.jpeg (273.06 KB, 750x1334, 7A149307-F93A-417C-97CF-384529…)

She just built it at 2 in the morning but it’s daylight outside.

No. 811652

File: 1609337545199.jpeg (239.74 KB, 750x1334, C198746C-69E0-4C9A-92E2-A726B5…)

Snowman theft is a serious crime. She’s such a victim. So sad.

No. 811829

That ain’t even the same area as >>811652. Not only is she a narcissist, she’s a bad liar.

No. 811927

It could be from a different angle, just sayin.

No. 813149

File: 1609770521970.jpeg (62.77 KB, 575x554, BA17A93A-CC45-449C-9E4E-6164AA…)

This photoshopped picture…

No. 813194

That pic also gives an idea of how Lurch looks to Luna

No. 813316

the fuckin delusion

No. 816277

File: 1610820648981.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, E0D8ED77-EBF0-4A29-981A-2A4D6A…)

No. 816278

File: 1610820675967.png (368.69 KB, 828x1792, 15263B19-5062-4391-A5C1-E78AB5…)

No. 816307

File: 1610844042786.jpeg (19.79 KB, 272x275, 722E667B-ADB4-4726-8C3F-FAE408…)

Literally reborn as Tom Hiddleston, not a coincidence at all. Amazing.
>and then everyone clapped

No. 816834

It's true, I was there (I was all the clapping hands)

No. 818521

File: 1611681903627.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2688, AE36BD30-C672-470B-B91A-CD15E7…)

When was this done????? It doesn’t even look like them.

No. 818968

Fahr is claiming that’s her? Did she photoshop someone else’s face on hers?

No. 819076

File: 1611943810313.png (3.71 MB, 828x1792, 6196090B-BD48-4026-BCDD-280CFD…)

She also says she dresses non-binary and she kept her long hair. If she really wanted to pass as a man, she would try to look more stereotypically masculine. Further proof that she just did this to have something new to be victimized by.

No. 819089

File: 1611951709327.png (2.27 MB, 828x1792, 96A7A5F8-ACE4-49A0-B1C2-372C0F…)

No. 819090

File: 1611951879700.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, 26A3A8C0-CB7A-4B61-8B3E-671709…)

So many new stories that contradict her old stories! Before she said she appeared fully female below, but had a secret prostate inside that a doctor magically found during a pap smear and never brought up again. Now she has mixed anatomy down below that requires professional input? Oh ok.

No. 819108

how do you dress nonbinary when clothing has no gender?

No. 819114

File: 1611975775588.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, 08F539BC-4489-4E47-BA29-1FFCFC…)

Wait is she raven now? What happened to Keyes is that not her name anymore?

No. 819717

My god… I just stumbled over this thread by accident and had no idea Fahrlight was such a … troublesome case.

I remember back during the tumblr days when they were the best Loki cosplayer around. It's sad to see what's become of them. Whether or not they are trans, I fully believe they need some medical and mental assistance.(stop)

No. 820913

File: 1612837337644.png (550.61 KB, 828x1792, B93FCBC9-C57D-4F65-9160-EB2F14…)

It was not a long waiting list. She did it through that private doctor. The long waiting list was the NHS that she didn’t want to wait for. It’s just lies upon lies.

No. 821154

File: 1612964267729.png (2.39 MB, 828x1792, D604241C-BE59-4468-AB65-11F292…)

Ok so now it’s the day she woke up after surgery and she felt the date suited her. Uh huh.

No. 821155

File: 1612964308062.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, 65DD3DDE-3E2E-4D77-BAE5-38CCBD…)

No. 821156

File: 1612964348617.png (1.76 MB, 828x1792, 0CD063DE-BA41-46A8-965A-3E44C2…)

No. 821172

"I could care less" lol
She’s trying so hard but at the same time post Loki/Tom stuff all the time

No. 821179

She sounds like a child.

'Ew icky sex gross'

Literally what a five year old acts like.

No. 821190

Hates sex yet has a picture of herself as Elsa with a vibrator on the floor floating around facebook.
I‘d go look for it but no way I‘m making a new account just for that. If anyone want‘s to look for it, it‘s Spring Elsa, the caption saying something along the lines that her mum got the dress for her.

No. 821256

tried to look for it, I found the spring elsa photos but couldn't spot anything that looked like a vibrator…
but jfc for someone who hated her boobs that much she sure posted them a lot, in a lot of lingerie

No. 821362

File: 1613026250618.png (927.41 KB, 960x960, they are man nipples.png)

"…I’m not gender neutral.
They are on a guy , so they are masculine…" kek

No. 821394

And she had those removed? Just why. Healthy tissue just removed for mental illness. I just don't get it.

No. 822218


At the risk of doing a slight blogpost and tmi I was born with CAH and in the past year required surgical intervention. This has made me very involved in intersex matters, including the variety of conditions. Unless this is a language barrier thing a "male" prostate and "female" prostate are just the g-spots. So is she trying to say she has two g-spots? Or is her g-spot in her ass? What absolute fucking non sense is this? I hate when people think it isn't special enough to just be trans.

No. 822292

The male prostate is a gland that produces seminal fluid. She’s claiming she has this. And that it was found by a doctor during a gyno exam, by feeling it through the vaginal wall. The doctor declared it was a prostate and then nothing ever happened with it again.

No. 822296

looking this up, I don’t think there’s any way she’s telling the truth. women don’t technically have a prostate but we do have glands at the opening of the vagina that is considered the female equivalent to the prostate. i think a doctor felt something through her vaginal wall and told her it was probably an inflamed or blocked anal gland which she later looked up and decided that the doctor meant she had a prostate.

No. 822318

I theorize that none of the story is true, no doctor felt anything, and she randomly chose to have a prostate and made up an entirely fictional story to go with it. She also added that a while later she tested her dna and found she had xxy chromosomes. But xxy chromosomes cause a lot of problems including undeveloped/ non functioning internal sex organs. And she often talked about how she had a period so that means she didn’t have xxy. It’s all lies.

No. 822427

This. If anything she’s claiming to have a prostrate because of how heavily it features in all the Thor/Loki buttsex fanfiction that occupies a significant portion of her brain.

No. 822656

Hates sex but also last I was friends with them they had sex frequently? And would talk about it a lot to us.

Including the time when they had cum on their leg and their cat licked it.

Now that's fucking gross.

No. 822894

>Including the time when they had cum on their leg and their cat licked it.

Fucking wHAT? Brb gonna barf.

No. 822950

File: 1613836634464.jpeg (293.51 KB, 750x950, 51AE83B6-5161-4BA7-838B-8EAB1D…)

Chronic fatigue syndrome and hyperactivity? Also I looked up POTS and it’s a heart problem that makes you lightheaded when you stand up.

No. 822988

POTS is the #1 munchie claim. Next she'll be trying for saline infusions.

No. 823544

lightheaded when standing up is also a symptom of not drinking enough and not moving enough.

maybe stop sitting around airbrushing out your chest scars and shooping yourself to look like whatever twink actor is hot right now.

No. 825714

No. 825983

Wow that was a lot of words written about Fahr! I skipped to the part that was specifically about her writing.
So to summarize for those who don’t want to sacrifice time to read this, it’s basically about how Fahr draws child porn that should be illegal but by saying she does it as anti-child porn she gets away with it.

No. 825984

File: 1615390062849.png (405.85 KB, 828x1792, 8953BE3D-6AB9-4BFF-927E-088D7C…)

An excerpt:

No. 825985

File: 1615390104893.png (429.52 KB, 828x1792, 216D265F-991F-44E5-8B33-286D87…)

Another excerpt:

No. 828912

File: 1616884097928.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, 4746812F-1489-4E1C-8043-BC65DC…)

ADHD makes her an HP fan.

No. 829177

File: 1617032700933.png (1.89 MB, 828x1792, 5B082FA9-4A45-4D06-8E2F-9E808E…)

She’s 40 and posting this shit.

No. 829299

are we surprised. she’s already butchered her looks all she has to go on now is trying to be uwu quirky twans boy.

autism in action

No. 829871

fuck outta here with this gatekeeping shit

No. 830976

File: 1618177276089.jpg (471.73 KB, 713x853, Screenshot 2021-04-12 00.39.jp…)

this ugly ass man on tiktok ( https://www.tiktok.com/@tomhiddlestwin ) is basically what she's trying to be

No. 831202

He’s a quite good looking man though. iI guess what’s making him attractive to the audience is that he just happens to look like Hiddleston, he seems cool, well-balanced, healthy, … While Fahr is 40 yo whiney weeb who chopped off their tits to look like an actor…

No. 831675

Imagine being Hiddleston, autistic womenchildren transitioning into you to act out their yaoi fantasies, and slimy weirdos larping as you to get that teenage tiktok pussy, copycats in general are creepy.

No. 831829

File: 1618576062889.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, BAE3FF99-70CF-4BF6-8125-79C1A1…)

No. 831830

File: 1618576103959.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, E3E5A9A0-E65B-4C00-B298-6DB905…)

No. 831831

File: 1618576137539.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, A688A827-B63E-4F24-9564-DF24BE…)

No. 831844

kek, I love how "they don't support lgbtq" is a very easy cope for "they know I'm utterly fucking insane". Willing to bet her siblings have no issue with completely normal and well adjusted gays or lesbians. I can't imagine being related to this level of performative retardation and attention seeking

No. 831854

She’s probably not in speaking terms with her family because of her toxicity.
You’d have to be immensely immature to not love your family regardless of their support.

No. 834526

File: 1620305985458.png (2.05 MB, 828x1792, 9EB1128C-1392-46BB-AE93-C067E6…)

I’m betting she is the one writing these questions.

No. 835774

this is one of the most tragic instances of troonery i've ever seen. what a beautiful girl with an amazing body, all gone to waste. this is what yaoi does to a mf

No. 836109

Does anyone know if she’s still dating Will?

No. 840121

File: 1623414434721.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, 1E416629-1197-4A94-ADAC-E89D09…)

No. 840344

So photoshopped they look like a bad Michael Jackson wax figure. Wonder what they look like IRL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840667

File: 1623859851485.jpeg (200.58 KB, 828x1654, 5F222D25-52C3-45DE-8767-2405E5…)

She linked an interview in which he is asked about times he met people dressed as him and he lists a few times and includes “One time I went to Berlin and there were some good costumes there.” And they show footage of several fans dressed as him and Fahr is one of them.

No. 840937

File: 1624034384935.png (3.01 MB, 1170x2532, A6ACD0B1-B9B2-4E09-8D21-0883C8…)


No. 841000

Remember not too long ago when she swore she could never dress as a woman because it gave her such bad dysphoria she had to quit jobs? And yelled at anyone who suggested a female cosplay?

Although now that Loki has been officially labeled “gender fluid” she will also be gender fluid now, and act like she never claimed to be trans.

No. 841009

Congrats, you actually do look like a man in unconvincing drag! What a victory?

No. 841426

File: 1624373805449.png (584.67 KB, 669x1418, screenshot-twitter.com-2021-06…)

Disney has supposedly been going on a bit of a copyright striking spree, taking down fanmade merchandise vaguely related to Loki. Fahr predictably saw controversy that involves Loki and pounced on it. Gotta let everybody know even Disney thinks she's the real life Loki for reals.
Wouldn't be surprised if she took down the prints herself for the asspats.

No. 841434

File: 1624376939375.jpg (24.84 KB, 960x559, FB_IMG_1623510281554.jpg)

I knew this bitch would do this. First she was too dysmorphic to dress even in lolita, now she's using toilet paper to recreate what she cut off?

No. 841481

Bro have you even read this fucking thread? She was never a looker(sage)

No. 842037

When I heard about the gender fluid shit I had to come check on this thread. The irony is off the charts, what a surprise!

No. 842108

she was cute and had a nice body which makes >>840937 even more ghoulish

No. 842940

Is she really pretending she didn't rip off Hiddleston Loki's make-up and hairstyle? Come on.

No. 844433

How is she dealing with new Loki series and him going after Sylkie?

No. 848558

Cosplayed Sylvie and posted it on twitter, tagged the actress. So much for "I can't cosplay women or I'll die of dysphoria" lmao

No. 848560

Screenshots newfag?

No. 848617

File: 1628379051119.png (866.78 KB, 1475x855, no.png)

had to figure out how to add photos lmao here

No. 849452

totally no photoshop

No. 849453

File: 1629093931718.jpg (209.63 KB, 1080x1590, 20210816_080411.jpg)

No. 849465

What the fuck is that chin?? Is this a shop or an implant? Looks uncanny valley either way.

No. 849489

What work though haha

No. 849515

it would be hilarious if this was the headshot submitted for an employee badge in a drugstore or whatever

No. 849523

File: 1629143245624.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, E816AE60-BED0-46D9-A072-04647A…)

She’s all condescending to this person, acting like they don’t know what drag is. We’re just supposed to forget how she used to say wearing women’s clothes gave her crippling dysphoria that made her unable to hold down a job.

No. 849524

File: 1629145430499.png (2.4 MB, 828x1792, 8728BB0A-E2E3-451D-9F24-3474FD…)

No. 849526

Not to wk but the example used here is Gottmik, an ftm that works in drag and as a makeup artist.

No. 849529

Okay and? No one is attacking the person they used as a photo they are saying SHES being a hypocritical idiot considering she screamed about dressing as a woman triggered her

No. 849534


Chill with the sperg aggro, I'm not a rufag and not defending anybody. I was pointing out Fahr used an example of another ftm practicing makeup and drag after transitioning likely as a way to validate herself.

No. 849549

kek wtf

No. 849588

jfc whose face did she steal?

No. 849642

File: 1629244741503.png (1.67 MB, 1626x1202, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 7.58…)

she's definitely shooping someone else's face over her own, but whose?

No. 849836

File: 1629372504050.jpeg (418.64 KB, 1168x2039, 4F15C3AF-46B6-4E82-BDA3-A9233E…)

She said it was drag.

No. 849990

File: 1629445296613.jpg (749.86 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20210820-083929_Sam…)

This person came to mind when I saw your post. Scarlett Envy from drag race.

No. 850502

File: 1629812144720.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2095, F4101F64-47E8-4209-92FB-5C6F6D…)

No. 850506

It must be hard to have no personality. This girl looks so milky.

No. 850592

Wow it must've been so hard for her to dress in lolita completely by choice and look for attention online while doing so

No. 850631

Right? No one would even know who the fuck she is if it weren't for her lolita years, also I like the imply that she totally doesn't photoshop anymore while telling someone else to just be okay with themselves, lmao the audacity.

No. 850662

The message is do half assed though how is she so touched by it

No. 850667

File: 1629881345796.jpg (81.68 KB, 474x722, 93113e39c95ac995c881b87054becb…)

She was literally one of the most recognisable OTT sweet lolitas of that era, she took loads of fairly iconic pictures that are probably still being circulated and she did this of her own free will.
I still remember when she started cosplaying Loki and started shaving her hairline back, it was so uncomfortable how quickly she spiralled. But one thing never changed, she photoshopped HEAVILY then and still photoshops heavily now.

No. 850945

Yet she looks absolutely miserable on the 2021 picture compared to before

No. 851408

File: 1630450448892.png (814.51 KB, 828x1792, C742228F-6C48-4824-8C1B-378392…)

I guess she posted the picture of Sylvie again, then deleted it and wrote these stories about it:

No. 851409

File: 1630450484287.png (761.77 KB, 828x1792, 7F460585-F8E5-40AD-B8C6-C4B141…)

No. 851544

“Sylvie is not trending anymore let’s go back to my usual charade”

No. 851551

I thought it's drag anyway and just "a man dressing up as a woman for art"?

No. 851679

she probably really just needs to be the only widdle-Hiddleston and anything else causes dysphoria.

No. 852302

File: 1631111800214.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 0C5F4C03-116F-4D73-9FC2-FE4D1A…)

No. 852356

My main concern is Will. I hope he’s ok and would love to be able to speak with him again. But Keyes admitted to me that he will not let Will on social media because “it’s dangerous to his mental health“. He drug this poor guy from his home and friends and family to another country and from reading a bit of this he still has Will on a tight leash. I hope Will can escape and get the help he needs. He’s a beautiful person inside and out and doesn’t deserve to be drug through this.

No. 852358

Wait what she doesn’t allow her boyfriend to be on social media but this bitch is asking for a shopping service to get a fugly sweater from the US??

No. 852392


No. 852584

Clothes don’t have a gender, y’know…(emoji)

No. 852588

learn to sage and don't use emojis, you dumb newfag. gender doesn't exist.

No. 852618

clothes are gendered, not sexed
learn English

No. 852621

You must be new here

No. 852630

>>852584 sage your autism
>>852588 >>852618 >>852621 Calm down nonnies, both of you are retarded. NTA but >>852392 was just pointing out the irony of Fahr, who has previously made a big deal about feeling dysphoric wearing womens clothing – ebegging for a shirt that literally says "girls" in the description pictured here: >>852302

Anyway, that shirt is ugly as fuck, and I love tacky Halloween shit. The Mickey Mouse ruins any potential redeeming qualities, but it fits because Fahr has no redeeming qualities, either.

No. 852662

only living beings have sexes
this is not complicated

No. 852670

Why do you even want a Halloween sweater for Christmas? Yeah okay, it's Fahr and that's a stupid reason enough.

Has she already sold all of her Lolita clothes yet?

No. 852783

People no longer have a sex when they die?

No. 852845

People no longer have sex when they die?????????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852900

File: 1631550496232.png (2.03 MB, 1480x1086, twinkletwinklelittletard.png)

>>852845 Sage your autism. I think we can all agree (except for this unsaged retard >>852584) that clothes are usually designed for either men or women. The point is that Fahr, despite talking nonstop about how dysphoric women's clothes made her feel, is now asking for women's clothes, as was already explained here >>852630

Can you all please shut the fuck up until something milky actually happens, or at least sage your shit until then so you don't bump this near-dead thread with your retarded infighting? Thanks.

In other news, Fahr's new tattoo somehow manages to be uglier than her previous ones. Saged b/c this isn't really milk.

No. 852922

Continues to bump the thread with retarded infighting and non-milk. Okay then, you had your sperg, bed time for you lil whippersnapper.

No. 852924

I think the little star thing near her thumb is cute, but it’s going to look like shit very soon. don’t get delicate tattoos on your hands, kids

No. 852960

I'm a former tattoo artist and it's always the uneducated idiots that get dainty hand tattoos, especially on the fingers. They fade incredibly quickly and end up looking like you drew on your hand in biro and smudged it. It's a good way to juice morons though, they have to come in frequently to get the tattoos freshened up and special snowflakes like Fahr always think of something "super meaningful" that they'd like to add to their collection of shitty hand tatts. I've only ever seen women get those generic star and moon designs though, KEK.

No. 854280

File: 1632513592480.png (2.12 MB, 828x1792, 02B7B119-A338-408D-92E1-100700…)

She thinks that Marvel had loki stand like this in What If because of her.

No. 854281

File: 1632513622759.png (751.4 KB, 828x1792, 14895241-F4B3-4E83-84E3-725D76…)

No. 854378

File: 1632568929398.png (1.14 MB, 828x1792, 8C545DB4-B4B2-476E-BB2C-CF9FF6…)

It was her self-diagnosed ADHD that made her think her opinion was important! Not her horrible personality!

No. 854550

lol, ADHD has nothing to do with the feeling of your opinion being overly important and blurting it out. The hell?

No. 854666

40 years old and blaming everything but herself for pretty much anything including her behaviour
Imagine how cringy must be talking to her irl, she sounds like she doesn't talk about anything else

No. 854770

Not medfag just personal experience, but ADHD girls are usually the exact opposite of this, hyper aware of being too loud, making mistakes and being rejected by peers since it happens so often in their early years. Oh shit I guess this is proof she has a scrote soul after all!

No. 854778

People with add have poor impulse control, putting your foot in your mouth is part of that. It doesn‘t make you think your opinion is more important than other peoples though. And socially anxious people too can be outspoken once they‘ve warmed up to people.

No. 854779

Samefag just wanted to add of course add doesn‘t present in the same way for everyone.

No. 855149

No milk from her with tom and sophia going to mcm london? thought she’d be all over it since she’s “the” loki cosplayer.

sage cause no milk

No. 857290

File: 1634834076651.jpeg (305.73 KB, 1818x1818, 97906991-FD9B-4416-8147-894563…)

So Fahr did an IG story yesterday how the pronouns “he” goes by are him/his (as stated on the IG profile) and that anyone who is aware of the preferred uses other pronouns is misgendering on purpose, which is so rude/disrespectful/blalblabla..
Today, Fahr shares a “friend’s” GoFundMe and ask to take a moment to help “them” out

Great to see how respectful Fahr is of other people’s pronouns.(emoji)

No. 857356

> Great to see how respectful Fahr is of other people’s pronouns.
No1curr. Do you know where you are?

No. 857575

File: 1635086536738.jpeg (471.76 KB, 1169x2153, F869426E-2E74-4423-BF79-A4F488…)


No. 857623

File: 1635125326809.png (1.87 MB, 828x1792, 4606D5B8-2A3F-436F-91FB-4D73E1…)

Seeing your post made me go to her account, and I found this terrifying sight.

No. 857795


mf looks like Onision there

No. 857915

File: 1635313163161.jpeg (587.52 KB, 2048x2048, A4568DE8-2485-41C7-9DB2-B4A231…)

But you did posted it on your story to ask your followers to harass those girls.

No. 857917

Always make me laugh how easy it is to spot women who only ever hangs with internet queers and other pseudo gays.

Gay men are men first and foremost, and they won’t be offended and traumatised by someone putting their hand up and acting “fruity” (which is not even mentioned in the post). They’ll call each other fags and the nastiest slurs. Go hang with real people for once fahr.

No. 857925

File: 1635322573865.png (5.52 MB, 1170x2532, 0210C3C4-8661-48EB-B80E-B66FBE…)

Yes, Fahr, you‘re the victim. We get it.

No. 857934

File: 1635330951692.png (1.97 MB, 1170x2532, CBF3321F-1F3B-48BE-BB4F-1E673B…)

Good for the girl who posted the pic. I hope she isn’t bullied by Fahr‘s minions to take it down.

No. 857936

File: 1635331700265.jpeg (432.41 KB, 1169x2066, D243FAEA-AEFF-4033-899A-52544B…)

No. 857937

What a self-centred, manipulative a**hole Fahr is.

No. 857939

She’s calling upon people to mass report a photo- which can get someone’s account deleted- and implying that the person said fruity when she didn’t, and then pulling the “Neurodivergent LGBTQ” card. Oh come on. You have self diagnosed ADHD. These people don’t know that or care.

I just feel sorry for the girls who paid a lot of money to meet Tom and then inadvertently had him recreate a picture of a massive freaks show attention whore. They’re the real victims here.

No. 857940

File: 1635337516328.jpeg (426.84 KB, 2048x1804, 67DF131F-F913-45F6-9019-6A5110…)

Oh, please.

No. 857943

She will be offline to get help for the emotional state she’s in. Are you fucking kidding me.

No. 857945

File: 1635338894655.png (2.77 MB, 1170x2532, 125622AE-8EAE-4441-84AC-B28A6A…)


No. 857947

I thought they blocked Fahr first?

No. 857949

That's a 40 years old woman bullying kids online.

No. 857954

…currently playing the “i can’t take it anymore. I’ll leave the fandom” spiel on twitter.
I’m more than sure there are many people out there who will happily show her the door.

No. 857957


The account is locked, do you have screenshots?

No. 857958

Okay, to sum it up: other people using the "limp wrist" is homophobic, but Fahr doing it in the original photo is absolutely okay. Anyone in the fandom doing it is automatically homophobic, even if they are LGBT+. Except when it appears in What If. Then it is a homage to non other than Fahr. Check. Tom was clearly forced in the picture and is not a grown ass man who can make his own decision. Got it.
Did I miss anything??

Let's be real, no one would even know the original photo is Fahr, or give a f* about it if it wasn't constantly brought up as a massive "homophobic attack". Imagine your biggest problem in life is some teenagers recreating a picture smh… Nevermind ACTUAL issues LGBTQ+ people face. You know, like in the real world. Outside of the internet.

No. 857971

File: 1635357784962.jpeg (350.37 KB, 1170x1879, 4383709C-0E60-4496-9A36-3AEEFF…)

No. 857972


I think you summed that up pretty nicely.

No. 857976

The people who posted this picture with Tom didn’t even use the word fruity. She is freaking out over something that didn’t even happen. Amazing.

No. 857980


Thanks, it's some kind of perverse joy to see this insanity in its original form.

No. 857988

File: 1635368086614.jpeg (266.24 KB, 820x546, 0E401D10-5410-47CC-8124-80E12D…)

My gay mate got the shit beaten out if him at Burger King but I guess the limp wrist meme is the real matter at hand. The absolute state.

No. 858057

Silly Tom Hiddleston doesn‘t realize only Fahr‘s allowed to get attention for being in pictures with him. How would you deal if you were betrayed like this? I hope Fahr recovers from this.

No. 858072

File: 1635437135601.jpeg (309.34 KB, 1170x1856, 6F088829-3428-494F-A558-FF2171…)

So, basically, Fahr just delivered a pretty spot-on self-description.

No. 858351

File: 1635611534918.jpg (133.05 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20211026_173003.jpg)

This was his reply under a comment of a picture of Will five days ago, which is wired cause it looks like they've never been together? but we all know that's not what he previously said

No. 858393

>Choosing an unusual and still not clearly gendered male name to help pass as male


No. 858394


This is the biggest nonissue, how the fuck is this even 1% offensive. People in fandoms are always the most unhinged.

No. 858526

which poor model is getting their face stolen by her this time?

No. 858822

File: 1636120780533.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2688, 69A1D479-8A40-43A9-887A-BF2439…)

The photoshop is unreal.

No. 858825

we love to see that male pattern baldness.

No. 858836

Serving Daniel Preda after he botched his face from the nose down

No. 858856

That ain't mpb. mpb happens in a pattern. which is why it's called male pattern baldness. Some thinning maybe but most likely down to poor diet or lack of vit d

No. 859195


No. 861400

File: 1638971202036.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, AB798222-BF7F-4E86-BA44-327458…)

She acts like someone was forcing her to wear that stuff.

No. 861415

What, so… happy? Having a fun time?

No. 861417

File: 1638984456794.png (319.41 KB, 362x451, ewwww.png)

Ya beat me to it. The fucking delusion.

Also uploaded this photo of her and her girlfriend looking "old", as if she's gonna have that much hair left if she's not leading up to be the happy 41% few (let alone of it once again hinting to incest, implying this would be an old loki and thor "reconnecting"… never a boring day with a troon).

No. 861426

File: 1638996008965.jpg (39.3 KB, 247x500, 51mR4mq49wL.jpg)

i miss this era

No. 861450

File: 1639010762499.png (3.38 MB, 828x1792, 8EDB036F-0B2E-40A0-9F73-9DD221…)

No. 861456

man that really might be the most damning accessory I've ever seen

No. 861477

Sells blatent loli/shota porn comic that she wrote herself while holding "no child porn" sign

Shaves hairline, cut and dyes hair to look like Tom Hiddleston as Loki, skinwalks Loki and Tom, super defensive of her status as 'the Loki cosplayer'
>0/10 HaTe bEiNg CallEd LoKi

This cow really thinks she's smooth huh?

No. 861884

That loki skinwalk is truly unsettling. It just looks wrong. Like a half-melted Chinese bootleg

No. 862294

what does it say about your sense of identity (or lack thereof) when you've legally changed your name multiple times lol

No. 862908

File: 1640563727345.png (2.33 MB, 828x1792, 4EDFD3E2-B5AB-41FF-A0CB-980899…)

Fahr posted this… guess what happens next…

No. 862909

File: 1640563820308.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, 220493B3-73DA-4CB3-8FFF-34748F…)

“Ask me anything no matter how private!”
“Only polite questions! How dare you be intrusive!”

No. 862912

File: 1640568067519.jpeg (352.15 KB, 750x1123, 1B9A791A-4493-4AC8-8041-D291F2…)


No. 862913

File: 1640568110620.jpeg (193.08 KB, 750x793, 526CC3C0-4111-4C48-A3EB-679ABD…)

“Pre diagnosed”

No. 862916

The comedy with these mentally ill people really writes themselves. Just needs an Ashe.

No. 863556

File: 1641273965358.png (22.6 KB, 596x233, Screenshot 2022-01-04 062522.p…)

You don't say….

No. 863766

File: 1641471704294.png (974.21 KB, 828x1792, 9D9023C2-85A3-46CE-BAA7-5D6A7E…)

So is she autistic now too? The list continues to grow!

No. 863815

File: 1641526811267.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, 75EA8231-BD41-4AE5-8CCE-0CD312…)

“It’s not trans or Covid related.”

No. 863953


It's probably "pre-diagnosed" like the ADHD. Aka, some symptoms sound vaguely familiar but rather than seeking out medical help and treatment, we'll post a screenshot of it on social media to get some much needed attention.

No. 864030

File: 1641725217467.jpeg (562.13 KB, 1170x1992, 36FC91D9-679B-461B-8CCF-86A3D4…)

And continues to vagueposting.

No. 864215

File: 1641926872643.png (3.81 MB, 828x1792, A430422D-9676-465A-8E4A-FE387B…)

A face so airbrushed it doesn’t even look human anymore.

No. 864231

god no wonder her self esteem is in the shitter. she’ll never look like how she paints herself.

No. 864246

Wow - this is Vicky Shingles-level bad shoop; even has the tacky leaf-like window dressing.

No. 864252

I don't read this thread but this cow is doing a horrible robbie rotten cosplay

No. 864253

File: 1641950489990.jpg (7.41 KB, 197x256, images.jpg)

looking a bit like Kryten from Red Dwarf.

No. 864275

File: 1642000570072.png (1.61 MB, 1170x2532, D56ADEE8-3ED6-4213-BA8B-EC4A11…)

New ebegging incoming, I assume.

No. 864331

go outside and touch some grass you fuckin leech. i s2g so many people sit inside and boo hoo themselves into “depression” when really they just need to do basic self care.

No. 864352

No budget to paint the ceiling? How much does she thinks a can of paint costs? Get off your ass and do it yourself.

No. 864402

get ready for the Munchhausen by internet arc. Gotta grab some efame somehow. Loki stuff isn't pulling people in, the transition isn't getting clicks, gotta try a UwU chronic illness arc.

Perhaps it is time to just admit you peaked during your sweet lolita phase and start living a normal life for once.

No. 864545

File: 1642272206484.png (2.73 MB, 1170x2532, CB58E485-E185-444E-A39F-FD7DCB…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 864546

File: 1642272409389.png (1.08 MB, 1170x2532, 5ADEF5F7-52F2-487F-9641-015CA9…)

Making herself sound relevant and in demand.
Those two "hidden" folders….they‘re right there. One has to be blind or really stupid to miss them

No. 864618

pics or didn't happen. 5000? Maybe 50…

No. 865538

I mean TBF I’m a nobody and I get a bunch of spam messages in my hidden mailbox on Instagram. A lot “business offers” that are obvious scams included. I totally believe she got a bunch of these as well and thinks they’re actually offering her a collaboration.

No. 865773

Maybe don't try to build yourself up as an internet personality if you don't know how to operate the websites/apps you post on?

Damn, Fahr, sweetie, please just try to be competent at one thing.

No. 865992

File: 1643492344291.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, 98F639E5-9C8A-44BA-8B7B-B3080F…)

No. 866053

What an insufferable asshole

No. 866058

a healthy body part "doesn't belong there". i hate trans cult sm. she's so on the defense there that it's almost like she's writing it to convince herself.

No. 866102

File: 1643616814385.jpg (92.47 KB, 1080x1080, 26232838_1796211580452625_3343…)

Sure, Jan. You really hated those boobs on you.

No. 866118

i mean her entire post is saying she how loved them and bragging about how amazing she thinks they looked(they just look like any other tits in a push up bra)but they weren't "necessary". she can't hide how unhinged she is. atleast she could pretend.

No. 866183

File: 1643718854133.jpeg (88.47 KB, 828x912, BD1F6B21-79DA-4E55-9E29-100670…)

Found this in my explore page randomly, this was a part of one of those tik tok cosplay make up challenges
I mean I already knew she photoshopped but seeing this still kinda surprised me

No. 866188

Is this a recent picture of her?

No. 866190

File: 1643730014737.jpeg (150.2 KB, 828x1011, 236D4943-8A4B-4BEF-BC5E-AD3F9D…)

Yes it’s fairly recent, this was shot around 4/5 months ago. I just checked and she actually posted this on her profile aswell, which just blows my mind. It’s the same period as pic rel

No. 866254

If you can't handle me at my q-tip with titties you don't deserve me at my Gaston wax statue

No. 866421

File: 1643946494342.png (1.19 MB, 828x1792, F487E06F-475C-46D4-9A24-6A1A18…)

She is a talented photo editor.

No. 866428

I thought this was William control till I expanded the image. That is not a compliment

No. 866514

File: 1644029635990.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, BA01DB51-E5AE-473D-8641-FE5976…)

Now she comes from an abusive home.

No. 866678

File: 1644101163546.jpg (12.62 KB, 266x400, Shell shock.jpg)

No. 867047

File: 1644455614598.png (2.73 MB, 828x1792, 160C2543-56CD-4153-8EA4-1F0A77…)

No. 867267

Ah yes, the yearly coincidental reminder about the total spontaneous larp and entirely fluke overlap with Hiddlestons birthday

No. 867343

General statement but shame she looks very masculine than how she behaves and craves for attention. I wonder about the bottom 99% of fakebois because they don't pass.

No. 867344

Late but first impression that got me, thought was the side effects of T

No. 867587

File: 1645026367273.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, 0126E4B6-452C-408B-A7FC-5A6DF7…)

No. 867588

File: 1645026429433.png (2.73 MB, 828x1792, 5C9AD9E5-C3AA-4B9D-8376-7F8DC2…)

No. 867589

File: 1645026460185.png (1.75 MB, 828x1792, A0815FD9-A960-41B2-B90F-8D73F0…)

No. 867718

>>867343 She only looks somewhat masculine in the pictures she's filtered and shooped to death, though lmao.

No. 868197

She has passoid potential if it weren't for the internet and her attention seeking. The attention whoring feels so uncanny i rather not associate her current face with that because it's just really hard to. I mean i can't see her "male" self. Truly the first and yet last place of genetic lottery.

No. 871339

File: 1648298460971.jpeg (282.51 KB, 828x978, 077F4669-8FC7-4FDC-BC09-B78CCF…)

No. 871340

File: 1648298617998.jpeg (366.2 KB, 828x768, D58184D6-F68B-47E0-8B59-E1D478…)

This sounds made up but this made Fahr want a large dog. Just waiting for the next money begging post for a dog she wants to buy
Wants a large dog to take on walks for “protection” but also has a crippling illness that prevents her from walking and doing normal day to day activities

No. 871377

I find it really hard to believe. She lives in Edinburgh but calling gay men "bean munchers" in Scotland is not a thing at all (is it anywhere?). Also, are we supposed to believe that some teenagers bought cans of beans just to harass her? And said cans of beans and large rocks didnt break her windows?
And finally - Scotland (and I think Edinburgh in particular) is really progressive and homophobic abuse like this would make the news. It just doesnt happen. She is so pathetic.

No. 871388

She wishes she was being called a faggot. It would mean someone actual thinks of her as male

No. 871393

Maybe they're using it as a slur for lesbians?

No. 871426

File: 1648337648621.jpeg (157.17 KB, 828x462, D415019A-9309-4225-AD4D-A0F4D0…)

Just waiting for the next gofundme to pay for her “protection”

No. 871434

The shit she comes out with. Embarrassing

No. 871440

File: 1648339709001.jpeg (541.15 KB, 828x679, 6C1B3E4D-0834-40A1-A17B-848188…)

No. 871514

How did that happen? A bunch of older teens? How did they know where Fahr lives and Fahr's circumstances? Unless you actively interact with your community, how do a bunch of teenagers know exactly where to go and target you? According to Fahr, the chronic illness (whatever that is) makes it pretty much impossible to leave the house and do anything for a longer period of time, so how does this all make sense? It seems like the neighbourhood constantly targets her specifically, this is not the first time. But it seems so strange. According to FB it was because of a pride shopping bag left on the door step. Hmmm…

Fahr also has a dog from somewhere now. Seems borrowed from a friend. Where is Fahr's cat you ask? Easy! "My sister keeps my kitty until we sorted it all."
I'm calling it now, she'll try to get a service dog for her various illnesses and as an "emotional support dog"

No. 871519

This all sounds very fictional and seems to be some kind of strange plot leading up to something. She really seems to think she’s that relevant and important for people to target and harass her, as she’s JUST come out of hospital too

She seems to get everything handed to her on a plate so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of a scheme to either get a service dog or if that fails, perhaps a gofundme puppy fund, I doubt any dog rehomers would allow a dog to go with her, seeing as she’s so fragile and weak and incapable of doing anything as she always likes to say.

Also I find it slightly strange she hasn’t posted any of this on Instagram

No. 871586

File: 1648411045399.jpeg (208.12 KB, 828x607, 668961DE-5BE5-442D-89C8-F29716…)

She seems to think she’s famous

No. 871777

File: 1648550365830.jpeg (866.07 KB, 828x1110, B4D412C9-1546-460F-9437-E48AC9…)

Ah yes. The real reason she wants a dog - to fit in with her little Loki fantasy

No. 871787

I don’t follow her on Facebook- what did she go to the hospital and need stitches for?

No. 871788

File: 1648561382409.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 5D5C5893-7AFA-42AE-A82F-D05348…)

What in the fuck…?

No. 871807

probably hysterectomy? Idk what harvest is supposed to mean im assuming thats a joke

No. 871819

Horrorcow territory. Turned into the next Kelly Chompurrs.

No. 871825

there's nothing horrific about a hysterectomy

No. 871830


No. 871896

File: 1648630799961.jpg (1.83 MB, 1671x3264, pt2022_03_30_07_58_26.jpg)

Oh my god she shooped out one of her nostrils

No. 871900

File: 1648636141442.jpeg (590.37 KB, 828x1389, BD87AE0C-970E-4476-8336-2AEFD2…)

These comments, do they not realise that all she does is sit around all day and rest

No. 871901

She always says she hates her nose, I’m honestly surprised that she hasn’t started a rhinoplasty gofundme yet

No. 871911

In one of her posts she’s says she had “major surgery on the upper part of her body.”
I’m thinking she had a dent or something from her top surgery and had to get a fat transfer to fill it in. That’s what they do to fill in dents and gaps from mastectomies for cancer and so they probably do the same for top surgeries with dents left behind… They take fat from the abdomen or thighs via liposuction and inject it into the dent to smooth it out.
They would “harvest” the fat from her abdomen so that would be a reason to write it there… if that actually was true.
A fat transfer is definitely not major surgery but this is the same person who said she had “the most extreme case of anemia ever” but could treat it with OTC vitamins.
The stitches that she repeatedly mentions would be from where they went in for the liposuction.

No. 871914

Where did this dog come from?? Who just lends someone their dog like this? She’s probably just dog-sitting and made up all the other stuff for attention.

No. 871938

She’s so dramatic and all kinds of crazy
She never tells her followers what’s wrong and posts selfies looking like she’s on the brink of death

No. 872124

File: 1648721615439.jpeg (417.1 KB, 828x797, 9A2FADEE-A7A0-4A83-93EA-A146B5…)

What a little wimp

No. 872245

File: 1648806975596.jpeg (386.78 KB, 828x614, 01CA6684-8C1A-4AFA-9430-8DD7D1…)

This is all hilarious

No. 872282


And a while ago she didn't even have 10 quid to get a new blanket from primark or a charity shop but now she wants to get a dog. K.

No. 872410

No. 872411

Ah of course - a gofundme has started
What a sponge. Imagine making such stupid stories up to secure some MORE free money. pathetic. Such a little rat(learn2sage)

No. 872412

I wonder what will be next on the list for her to receive donations for . I’m betting on either masculinisation body surgery as she’s obviously far too weak to work out, or a penis to be stitched on

No. 872437

POS e-begging again.

No. 872464

How much does this leech expect for free? It’s absolutely disgusting. Comes here and gets everything handed to her (flat/house, benefits) and still wants more. God knows how many gofundme’s she’s made, and she will just keep on doing it, these people stupid enough to fall for it
Do these “attacks” actually happen? They all sound so far fetched

No. 872474

This is absolutely sickening

No. 872475