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File: 1454496083642.png (712.39 KB, 661x867, holy hell.png)

No. 229267

Can we talk about how crazy Venus's mother is?
She has access to all of her daughters social media accounts?
she's saying she's going to kill herself by going into the river. Venus is 18 now and is probably old enough to realize that her mother is nuts and just uses her for money. I find Margaret's relationship with her daughter to be almost abusive so I'm not surprised Venus has run away

No. 229287

Jesus Christ.
Poor Venus. I hope she's finally going to be free of Margo.

No. 229303

She threatens to kill herself when Venus goes? What a manipulative bitch. I hope Venus is strong enough to not go back.

No. 229333

I have waited for this day.

No. 229334

I just really hope she gets out of Margo's grasp. It just seems like things could go wrong so easily, like Margo still getting money from her if they have every social media connected etc. Like will she actually get rid of her?

No. 229335


The old thread has reached limit

I don't their accounts ever were private, I've never followed them and I could always see their profiles

No. 229336

If Manaki supports her well, she'll probably start buying some fun things in Tokyo. Right now she looks very Korean Style, maybe she could shift to larme or something in Japan?
I hope she does blog and stuff, I can understand wanting some time to herself after this but she should strike whilst the iron is hot.

No. 229337


iirc her entire wardrobe was left in Japan before she went to Korea.

No. 229338

University? What a joke. Perpetual language study for visa purposes is not university, Margo. Venus has no study to abandon.

No. 229340

Venus can change her passwords now without her mother's vulture presence over her shoulder. I hope she does it soon

No. 229342

I think Venus did it temporarily to filter out all the comments she was getting on the posts her mother made on her IG account.

No. 229343

I seriously hope Venus changed her passwords and email address.

No. 229344

File: 1454501823184.png (789.3 KB, 649x889, holy hell1.png)

Margo threatened to ruin her

No. 229345

Whats good about getting from one manipulative relationship to another? What Venus needs is to learn to be by herself, not supported by anyone else.
Now what is she supposed to do in Japan? Just be someone's wife and be trapped forever again. She needs to grow up.

No. 229346

My own mum had a mother exactly like this and I told her about this story. She said well done to Venus and good luck to her in Japan. People need to understand their relationship was toxic asf.

No. 229347

This was posted in the last thread.

No. 229348

How is her and Manaki's relationship abusive?

No. 229349

18 is so young to be married. When you think about it, Venus has never been independent.

No. 229350

She needs to experience life somehow. If Manaki never got involved I highly doubt she would have run away before as she's always been too scared.

No. 229351

At least she made this move now. It shows she is capable of doing it in the future.

No. 229352

Exactly. Plus anyone who has dealt with a parent like this should know how difficult it is to even take that step of running away. That's some brave shit on Vs part.

No. 229354

This means Venus will celebrate her birthday in Japan with Manaki instead of being all alone with Margo. That's quite cute…I hope Margo doesn't pull some devious shit to ruin it for her.

No. 229356

Venus deleted Margo's posts. Good for her.

No. 229357

"Manaki told her: It's only scary in the beginning."

So true. I'm really curious as to what is going through Venus' head right now and how she is handling this new chapter in her life.

No. 229358

I am so happy for Venus. I hope her life will finally go uphill!

No. 229359

The sad looking funeral face photo of her posted recently in some cafe was her probably deciding on that moment. She's prob been planning it since Manaki visited her.

No. 229362

I guess this means Margo is going back to Europe then.

No. 229363

Holy shit. It's actually happening.

No. 229364

Wow…this is so surreal. I really hope things turn out all right for Venus. This is nuts.

No. 229365

I think we all agree that the real lolcow is Margo. Venus is (was?) just a manipulated teen with no real personality of her own. Well at least now well see how Venus without mom turns out and if mom without Venus will keep the lulz coming.

No. 229366

I kind of think it's not going to be that easy.

No. 229367

Thats like the best chance for venus. She can be whoever she wants. She just has to say thatball the bad things came from her mother and boom venus will be seen as a strong woman. She can build her character totally new

No. 229368

File: 1454506829015.jpg (12 KB, 275x159, 1454496679446.jpg)

Venus is saying that she was planing on leaving margo a cake, some flowers and a handwritten note before she left. Does that mean venus snuck out before margo even got home us venus in japan already?

No. 229369

File: 1454506858912.jpg (24.38 KB, 312x276, lewd.JPG)

They changed this thumbnail, right? Pretty sure Margo did. That shit just gives me the creeps.

No. 229371

Margo posted a video to Venus' instagram, which is now deleted. She said that when she got back from school all of Venus' things were gone, so I'm asusming that's when Venus decided to leave.

No. 229372

H-o-l-y shiiit.

Venus, if you're reading this (though I'd guess she's way too busy right now) don't listen to your mother's manipulation. Don't go back. Ever.

No. 229373

I am kinda ridiculously proud of venus now for some reason.

I hope she'll be happy and i am interested in seeing what she'll do from here on out.

I don't know anything about manaki and i am simply hoping he's not the stalker guy margo makes him out to be.

No. 229374

Wait, so is Venus married or not married to Manaki? first she said she was, then she said she wasn't, now she says she is??

No. 229375

File: 1454508334205.jpg (8.6 KB, 163x310, insane.jpg)

This is wild, I feel for you, Venus. My mom is a crazy, jealous manipulative cunt as well and used to threaten to kill herself if I ever left the house. She ruined every single relationship and friendship I had and if I hadn't left the house I would still be in her grasp.

Sage for blogpost, but crazy mothers can ruin your fucking life. If you have one, stay as far away as you can.

No. 229376

File: 1454508488295.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, 1433095234853.jpg)

this is amazing

No. 229377

" I didnt go away without telling my mom. I told her before, that I dont want to divorce to which she responded by threatening to delete my YouTube account and "ruining me". And, I decided to leave because my mom frequently says horrible things about Manaki, even to her friends. In turn they start talking mean about him too. It hurts a lot.
The main reason is, however, that my mom urged me to divorce, and of course no matter how I love my mom I also know that I will never ever find someone like Mana-Tan"

It's kind of unclear by her post. Her mother ruins everything. But it's clear Venus wants to be with Manaki.

No. 229378

Earlier she talked about how they never went through with the rest of the paperwork when Margo shipped her off to Korea. So I'm assuming she means that she wants to finalize the paperwork without her psycho mom there to stop her. From what it sounds like she never quite cut off comtact with Manaki like her mom was claiming.

Maybe that last breakdown from when she posted a photo of him was a wake up call to her that her mother doesn't give a shit what she wants as long as she gets to keep her and play celebrity mommy.

No. 229381

Omg did u guys see the video lmao.

No. 229382

Yes yes yes! Stay strong Venus!

No. 229383

Hope Venus can find a peaceful life in Japan with her boyfriend. I don't pay much attention to her threads but her mom's controlling behavior was something very easy to notice. Honestly I didn't believe it when you all were speculating that Venus left. So yeah, good for her.

No. 229386

Which video? Please post it.

No. 229387


I know right?!? We've all been saying for years "she needs to get away from her crazy mom" and now it's actually happening!!! It's like Tangled IRL.

No. 229388

It's interesting to me how different their posts are.
Venus says how she didn't leave without telling her mother, and how she explained how she didn't want to break everything off with Manaki.

Margo says how Venus ran away and left her with nothing.

It's clear with her wording that Venus still cares about her mother, so I doubt she left without telling her and I highly doubt Manaki has actually taken all Margo's things and left her with nothing.

Poor little Margo finally realising her daughter is a seperate person and has a mind of her own. No easy money for you anymore Margo. Time to get a real job.

Venus should definitely take a break from the Internet (or at least just youtube) to sort herself out and settle into a life without her mother and with Manaki.
Then I think she could gain a decent fan base by vlogging about married life in Japan at such a young age. Imagine how many weebs will be desperate for her videos if she talked about this stuff. Their kawaii ticket to Glorious Nippon is to get married at a young age and with Venus' videos they can see they can be a kawaii dolly house waifu!

Or something. Either way it will be interesting to see where both Venus and Margo go from here

No. 229389

"Margo says how Venus ran away and left her with nothing. "

Margo is so childish, like it's pretty clear that she's lying to try and get pity.

No. 229390

I recorded it. Margo prob gonna stalk my ass now lol. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBU84QQtPnS/

No. 229391


Alan Rickman is alive

No. 229392

bless u anon

margo's a real piece of work ugh

No. 229393

>If you have any questions ask because I'm going into the river

none, bye, bon voyage.

No. 229394

I can imagine she's going to feel guilted by Margo and send her money monthly or something. I can already picture Margo saying "venus i raised you, you owe me". Hope she doesn't let her mother ruin her life from afar.

Doesn't Manaki live with his parents though? I can't imagine her making kawaii videos without her own set up

No. 229395

I knew the video would get removed so captured it in time when Margo went on a GONNA GO IN DA RIVUH now mode. Welcome!

No. 229396

L'Inconnue de la Seine, she is not…

No. 229397

I'm really rooting for Venus. I don't think she was ever a lolcow, her mom was the one controlling her accounts, blocking people and being nasty. What she did is very brave.

No. 229399

Eh, I'm divided. I think she's a little bit weebish, but mostly because her mom pushed her into it.

No. 229400

Did she have a choice to be anything else with Margo controlling everything she did?? Maybe she'll have friends now. I hope the Japan vlogger scene reaches out and helps he even a little bit. just like with getting friends.

No. 229401

Yes! I'm so proud of Venus right now!

No. 229402

Ever since I saw this interview featuring Venus I thought she needed to escape her. Now she can finally speak for herself. https://youtu.be/0bL_vEiARY8

No. 229403

luv u, anon

No. 229404

She sounds fake as fuck. This woman has issues.

No. 229407

How rude. Alan rickman was too fucking cool to be this bitch.

No. 229408

We're really not so bad here, we just want to see these crazy people succeed and better themselves. This thread makes me happy. Go Venus!

No. 229410


i hope someone reports her as suicidal

No. 229414

yesssssssssssssssssssss i want venus to cut all ties with her mom, marry manaki, and have an easy life while taking japanese lessons and being a house wife. Maybe even outdo Mira as the 'housewaifu guru' on youtube.

No. 229415

I'd honestly start watching Venus' stuff just to give her views/money just to spite Margo. Venus deserves it for finally escaping the clutches of mother gothel

No. 229419

Did the old thread reach limit

No. 229420

No. 229425

Venus is finally freed! I hope Manaki isn't a manipulative cunt!

No. 229428

>You did to me what your father did to you.

Wtf man.

No. 229429

Yes, that was really low. What a bitch.

No. 229430

Tbh I wish her father took her along with him. Maybe she would have been better off…

No. 229431

Most definitely.
Either way, Venus has massive balls for doing this. Never would have expected this tbh.

No. 229433

I'm also proud of Manaki for giving the boost Venus needed. He saw what her relationship was like with her mother first hand and chose to help Venus leave that negativity once and for all.

No. 229434

I REALLY hope she doesn't pull a Lainey and let all of us down by returning to Margo…

Escaping the cycle of abuse must be hard, Venus needs to stick to her guns and realize Margo isnt worth shit in her life

No. 229435

This. It would be awful if Margo managed to guilt-trip her into coming back.

No. 229436

I know we're only meant to observe and not intervene in the lives of our cattle, but would it be so bad to spam Venus's social media with positive messages? Reinforce that she's doing the right thing so that her mother's manipulative words don't so easily make her second guess her choices?

Margo will likely try to delete these things, but maybe it'll help remind this delusional, disordered cow of her place.

No. 229437

True, I didn't expect him to care so much for Venus. Always thought he was more of an obsessed fanboy but helping her out was really sweet.

No. 229438

I really like this idea!

No. 229441

I think in this case it would be good, it's not like we're trying to troll her or anything. I really would hate for her to go back to her Margo.

No. 229442

I think it's okay to send positive comments to cows if they actually do something positive. The not intervening thing seems to mostly be to prevent a cow from flipping out, hiding from the internet, etc.

No. 229443

Definitely, Venus deserves to hear positive things. Like others have said on here, Margo was mostly the lolcow and not Venus as she had no choice but to deal with her mom's bullshit affect her life. Sure she's a typical Weeb but shit, the girl has been isolated for years.

No. 229444

This. Not intervening = watching a cow do dumb things rather than making lame attempts to troll and scare them away. Bombs away. Send her all the positivity you can.

No. 229445

We don't really know him though. He could still be an obsessed fanboy who just wanted to be together with Venus which in turn gave her the perfect opportunity to break off from her mother.

No. 229446


No. 229448

Even if that's the case, as long as he doesn't actually treat her like shit she's definitely better off with him than with her mother.

No. 229449

Manaki is her only shot at living a semi-decent life. End of story. She has no money, no degrees, no friends, no family, no work history and no life skills. Her only other option is stay with mother dearest and make increasingly shitty kawaii videos until the end of time.

No. 229450

Good point, but he makes Venus happy and she seems more herself, so we'll have to wait and see.

No. 229451

Worst case scenario is she trades a shitty abusive mom for a shitty abusive husband(?), but in that case at least she won't have to move and learn a new language every 6 months.

No. 229452

He seems more apt to be a little weird and kinda creepy than abusive. Then again she's also socially awkward and weird herself.
I truly hope everything works out for her.

No. 229453

Oddly enough Margo looks genuinely upset here… but how much is it true hurt over losing her daughter, to upset because her money maker ran away.

She says it's her life… does that mean she isn't going to interfere with Venus' online presence and allow her to gain full access to her accounts?

I am fully expecting the manipulation to start despite the whole "it's her life"… especially if she truly is threatening suicide

No. 229454

File: 1454519351276.jpg (28.64 KB, 400x256, image.jpg)

this is all so surreal like anon said above but i'm proud of her, i really am. this makes my week. her trajectory was going only downhill, glad she worked up the courage to leave or it would be another decade of kawaii bulimia makeup vids. my mom is very controlling as well and i left home day after graduating high school, it was overwhlming but i moved in with my girlfriend, got a job and went to college a year later. it's not easy but i think she can push through this and lead a better life. her boyfriend does seem awkward but hopefully he is nice and they will be just weirdly perfect for each other

No. 229457

I know everyone on the internet is obsessed with diagnosing assholes, but Marg appears to be genuinely crazy and probably thinks she never did anything to deserve being abandoned.

No. 229460

And she loves Japan, so staying there will be much more beneficial than constantly moving.

No. 229461

Painfully true.
I just hope he provides a safe space for her to become a stronger person and to find a way to support herself. Pray to God she doesn't just immediately become pregnant.
I can see the kawaii baby videos now, leading her into becoming another Margo, a never ending cycle of horror.

>"easy life"
Do we even know if manaki has his own place?

No. 229462

I agree. She's an S Rank Weeb (if I may borrow that expression) but at least she knows a little bit about the language and culture.

No. 229465

I hope we get some kind of update soon. I'm eager to see/hear what Venus has to say without any kind of influence from Margaret. Poor thing… Eighteen years under the tyranical rule of a person whos supposed to love you unconditionally. Eighteen years of isolation, no consistent friendships, no consistent education. This breaks my heart. I hope Manaki supports her well.

No. 229468

If venus is smart, she continues with the youtube thing but turns in into a Japanese housewife thing. She clearly does not have enough skills (and Manaki presumably does not make enough money) to do the whole "i do fuck all all day except video" thing she's been doing, but there are a few "married to a japanese husband!" housewife youtubers that are very cute and have a pretty solid following.

Ruthi san is a great example (Spanish vlogger), where she lives in bumfuck nowhere but still does cute videos with her kids and her (and creatively her husband even though he doesn't show his face which makes for entertaining videos with him), and she has 200k subs.

No. 229472

Or Texan in Tokyo, another housewife who writes articles, comics and small stories about her married life in Japan. Venus has potential to make something of herself with this sort of stuff.

No. 229473

Funny how Margo worries about "not being able to handle the situation" in case Venus got famous. The change from talking about Venus to talking about Margo is freakishly drastic. Also not giving a shit if pervs watch your daughter? What a repugnant woman. She reminds me of my own mother.

No. 229475

Whilst I am so proud of Venus and hope this is true, I cannot help but wonder if this is all a clever ploy. I mean it's already been said that we should bombard Venus with positive messages or watch her videos in order to support her now… All those hits and popularity. It would be an incredibly smart marketing move by the Palermo's

Vile but clever

No. 229479

It would be anything but clever. The only thing this would accomplish is nuking what's left of their reputation.

No. 229481

Fuck i'm so happy

No. 229482

I wouldn't put it past them. They've done plenty of down right dirty things and still garnered affection from viewers and fangelics who are completely clueless

No. 229485

Sure, they'll get a lot of attention but what is turning against each other supposed to accomplish? In the past they started shit with others because they would try to present themselves as victims. How is that supposed to work here?
Is it really so hard to believe that Venus is done with Marg's shit? She's 18, didn't finish school and has like no life. She's not even allowed to have a boyfriend. Venus has been steadily losing weight and looks incredibly exhausted a lot of her recent pictures and videos. I don't doubt for a second that she has been suffering and wanted out.

No. 229486

This seems to be quite real judging by margo's crazy reaction

No. 229487

well, they are not like onision and co, so I'd say it's real.

No. 229488

This. Also, this all makes you wonder what kind of shit Margo said to Venus behind closed doors. I don't believe for a minute that was the first time Margo said that father line to Venus.

No. 229490

Good for Venus. She's 18 ffs, she still have time to learn a skill and actually have the life she wants to.

No. 229498

im so happy for venus but also scared i hope margo doesnt manage to manipulate venus into coming back

No. 229501

After watching this again, I just feel like Venus, now she's away from her mother, will be so level-headed and a great person!

If you read this Venus, please keep going, you're doing the right thing!!

No. 229502

For some reason I have a really happy mental image of Venus working in a Japanese nail salon, married to Manaki, with actual friends and a life that doesn't consist solely of kawaii makeup videos and stuffing her face with an excessive amount of chicken nuggets for views.

No. 229504

Could we possibly start a hashtag as well, I really want her to know that she's got support from everyone here.

No. 229505


No. 229507

Let's do it.

No. 229508

What's she even saying, her pronounce is shit.
Btw, I've been out for a week and now I'm drinking all this delicious milk. Feels good man.
The situation was getting more and more creepy, like the picture in which Venus looked like she was going to cry. I'm really really glad she managed to escape.
And Margo, jfc. Could this woman get any lower?

No. 229510

Do we have to use Instagram? I don't have Instagram.

No. 229511

Use it where ever she'll be able to see it I guess, so facebook and tumblr as well

No. 229513

Meant to reply to >>229510

No. 229515

I made a Tumblr post that mentioned her with the hashtag #staystrongvenus

You should all join in too!

No. 229517

"I shust wont to tell you guiz dat Wenus run away from huuum, and wen I came back from skool den hurr stuff and luggage wus gon, and I wus kind of devastated, but it's hurr lyf."

No. 229518

It's not uncommon for the whole family + next generation + children to live together in a house and they were living with them before, didn't stop her from making vids.

No. 229524

Picture looks like she's been crying :/ her face is just void and sad.

Manaki… pfft I feel as though he likes her for the living doll and white girl fetish mostly.

But… I hope Venus gets away from her nutty mum.

Plus anyone else feel as though this may take a BAD turn? As if her mum might try doing something awful to her? :/

Also if Venus does get off… where will she go? Aside from Manaki's arms obviously. What does she do now?

No. 229525

I kinda hope Sharla or someone (other than Mira) becomes her friend. I mean the proof in the pudding will be if she makes friends and starts actually having a life.

No. 229527


Exactly my thoughts too. I have a feeling Venus will either run to some Japanese modelling agency OR she gets buddy buddy with some Jvlogger where they collab.

No. 229532


Same here. But we can only see.

No. 229533

File: 1454527057686.gif (499.48 KB, 500x235, tumblr_ltewk7CiN31qm6oc3o1_500…)

I bet Margo is all:

No. 229535

File: 1454527096566.gif (497.08 KB, 450x261, tumblr_ltewk7CiN31qm6oc3o1_500…)

"And I'm never going to let you use me for my kawaii AGAIN!"

No. 229537

File: 1454527338204.jpg (24.51 KB, 499x287, large.jpg)


Lets just hope she doesn't do anything to Manaki either

No. 229539

File: 1454527822184.jpg (75.41 KB, 529x684, Dorothy Kilgallen1.jpg)

Margo has always reminded me of the exceptionally unattractive Dorothy Kilgallen.

No. 229541

Thought that was Margo at first, then realised she was too attractive to be her.

No. 229542

I think Marg is sad as a mother, but then I mostly think she's devastated because, now where does this leave her? Venus made the money. Venus was her excuse to jump country to country. Venus will get her spouse visa, but then what about Marg? This has always been why I assumed she talked Venus out of the marriage. Venus would be happy living in Japan, that's been her dream, but Marg can't stay, so what would she do? We know she's been involved in evasion among other things so can she even return to her home country? (Don't even remember where that is tbh) but either way I think that's why she's so upset over this all.

Good for Venus. Now Marg is going to be hit with reality, Venus just paid for 'university' (language school) says Marg, I believe this was done to help Marg have a reason to stay in Korea for a while longer without having the need to get a job yet. But then what? She isn't there on a work visa, so what's next for Margo?

(Sorry for blog, just what I've been thinking about since this all blew up.)

No. 229545

God, I hate that this stuff started just after I went to bed and I missed it all!

Anyway, I hope Venus gets to a point where she can stand on her own two legs soon. Being dependent on anyone is not good for her, and there's a chance that her and Manaki won't work out even if she thinks that they will now. It's great that she got away from Margo, but she needs to get to a point where she can look after herself. This has probably already been posted, but just my two cents

No. 229548

I want to be immortal and witness the never ending cycle of horror.

No. 229549


If I were Venus I would take a step back away from living doll shit and just focus on trying to became, well, human? I mean as in going back to school, getting some qualifications, finding work experience and actually getting a part time job inbetween Youtube where I am engaging with people and making new friends. Then going out more, having fun and growing as a person.

She could still do all of that in Japan. But if anything I don't think this living doll thing has done her any good. I think yeah it's opened her eyes by her viewers telling her "ya mother is a crazy fuck". Still it's just sucked away her childhood in a way.

I think Venus just needs to go live a normal life.

No. 229550


Also fuck her mother off too. I get she loves her mum cos yh mum but she's not healthy for her at all. It's no life. This hopping to country to country, dodging tax, weird scams and "no friendz, no bf" crack isn't a life. It's a chore and a bore.

It won't be her forever though. Few years time I think maybe she'll be a new person.

No. 229551

Don't think that Venus would do that to her children. Let's hope not.

No. 229553


it looks like Rachel is in that weird short film Venus been promoing so if anyone, she might be able to reach out to her for a friend

No. 229555

>so what's next for Margo?

International celebrity Margaret Palermo will need a way to support herself. Hopefully the Starbucks she haunts like a ghoul is hiring.

I don't know how much of the truth we're getting right now and Manaki seems sketchy as hell to me, but I'm a little proud of Venus for taking this step. It's a strange feeling.

No. 229559

It's uncommon in Germany/Switzerland, though. After all that's where they're from, even though they moved around a lot.

No. 229560

Yeah, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Manaki. He's all that Venus has at the moment, so I hope he's trustworthy. You have to remember she's 18, (almost 19) and in love with her first boyfriend - a Prince Charming who has saved her from the clutches of her evil mother, no less; it's easy for her to see him through rose tinted glasses

No. 229561


I was thinking about that myself, it really shows that Venus obviously still cares about and loves her mom.

She could have just left her with nothing but she seems to have deliberately waited untill Margo had her visa extended and then paid for her school. It was actually pretty kind of her.

No. 229562

It's easy to forget that they actually are mother and daughter, and up until Manaki came into the picture, all they had was each other. We've painted Margo as this evil person, but I do really think she was doing what she thought was best for Venus, even if she was misguided. And yeah, I do think Venus did, and still does, care about Margo too. Very few people could abandon their mother, one of only two people they have, like that completely.

In the end, we're only seeing this whole thing superficially and selectively through what they choose to put on instagram and online. There's a lot more going on than we know and realise, we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg

No. 229571

Sorry for blogpost but one thing people don't realize about mothers like Marg is that they're not 100% shit. Far from it.
75% of the time they'll be the sweetest person ever. They'll bend over backwards to help you however they can. After all, they really are protective. It's only in 25% of all cases that they'll bitch about all of your friends and boyfriend trying to ruin your relationships with them, tell horror stories about you to friends and family to make them abandon you and pull the all-time classic "I did/bought all of this for you and this is how you thank me?!"
That's exactly what makes them so hard to abandon. Unlike mothers who are 100% shitty at all times, the Margos of this world can actually be sweet, and you'll likely share many good memories together. And since you only have that one mother, you'll most likely think twice before cutting her off.

I'm pretty sure at this very minute Venus is thinking about her mother being all alone in a foreign country threatening suicide, and she'll probably recall every single nice thing Marg ever did for her, feeling incredibly guilty.

No. 229575

Unrelated to any of this drama but a himekaji blog I follow on Tumblr has suddenly stopped posting Liz Lisa stuff and now is flooded with a bunch of photos and gifs of Venus with captions like "omg she's so kawaii and perfect". No #staystrongVenus either. Very weird.

No. 229582


That's really tough..
NGL, although I know every bullshit Margo pulled throughout the years, seeing that video of her looking truly upset (even with the manipulative bullshit ~jumping into duh rivurr~), I felt really bad for her, probably because I thought of my own mother (she's not abusive or anything, but I just made the involuntary connection). So I can not imagine what Venus is going through, honestly. I hope she doesn't come back, though.

No. 229583

She does sound genuinely upset like she had been crying, but who in the fuck can feel sorry for her at this point? After all she has said and done to people, the way she brainwashed her daughter and all the stuff she deprived her from all her life, it's hard to emphasize with someone as disgusting as Margo. If she does drown herself, she won't be missed.

I do feel bad for Venus though. Having a crazy mother that's threatening to kill herself just because you decided to move out and live your own life? I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone. Now that Venus is finally free, maybe we'll get to see what kind of person she really is. I hated her because she always came off as conceited and stuck up but for all I know that was Margo's brainwashing. Hopefully now Venus can grow a personality. I remember after seeing that interview they did on that Canadian TV show, it was pretty clear that Venus realized how embarrassing and fucked up her life is. I'm proud of her for leaving a toxic life behind her.

No. 229588

Part of the problem is that people like margo truly feel like the victim. They don't always understand or recognize how toxic and manipulative they are being.

This is why it's so hard to treat cluster B pds. Some people genuinely lack that kind of self awareness, or do Olympic tier mental gymnastics to avoid feeling bad/to blame/like the bad guy.

Margo needs some extensive fucking therapy to deal with all these underlying issues before she can ever have a healthy relationship with Venus. No matter how well she means or thinks she cares about venus, their relationship is parasitic. It would be better for both of them to keep this newfound distance.

No. 229600

I wish this was a "crazy helicopter mom" general thread. I have so much I want to know about Jillian's mom, too.

No. 229605

I am 100% convinced that Margaret genuinely feels like shit right now, but due to all the things she has done to her daughter, it's impossible to really feel sorry for her.
Nevertheless, she is most likely incapable of understanding that what she's doing is abusive. From her perspective she did all these things to protect her child and give her the best life imaginable.

The tragedy is that in most cases, people like her can't be helped. If you as much as politely suggest that they should probably seek help, they will lash out at you and interpret it as a personal attack. They always think every hint of criticism is a personal attack. I remember Margo mentioned on PULL that she blocked the entire country of Hungary on their Facebook pages because she was worried about her family possibly contacting them and telling them she's a shitty parent. If people on the internet tell her to get a job, she calls it bullying. That's the kind of overreaction we're talking about. The only thing you can do is run for the hills/encourage others to gtfo and hope the only life they end up ruining is their own.

It is an insanely painful decision to make (for everyone involved), but leaving is the only sensible thing to do. Venus made the right choice. Margo is mentally ill and most likely cannot be "fixed", because people like her are literally incapable to understand what they did wrong.

No. 229606

which interview was this?

No. 229608

Hope I didn't fuck up the link, kek.

No. 229609


I'm sure nobody would criticize you if you asked in Jillian's /snow/ thread, anon. I'd like to know about her, too.

No. 229610

Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini and Stalin weren't 100% bad either. Not sure what your point is.

No. 229611

The annoying thing is how well Venus actually answers the questions, but Margo skews up everything.

No. 229612

Holy shit. I'm so proud of Venus. I haven't been a fan or anything, but just hearing about this makes me happy. Even if it was difficult, she definitely made the right decision, as anything is better than living with her mentally ill mother. I hope that even if things don't go well with Maneki she'll keep moving on with her life and never go back to Margo. I also hope that Margo will realize how abusive she's been towards Venus and perhaps see a psychiatrist.

No. 229613

This anon knows what's up.

No. 229614

My point is that it is harder to leave a mother like Margaret because they're being a genuinely good parent most of the time. In fact, that's a very important part of their manipulation strategy. They might buy you gifts for no reason or do something nice for you without being asked, but the very moment you do something they do not 100% approve of, they will pull the "I did X and this is how you thank me?!" card.

If you have a parent who beats the shit out of you every other day it's easy to tell that there's something seriously wrong, but emotional abuse is often so subtle that it might take the victim years to even realize what's going on.

No. 229615

that thumbnail alone makes me cringe so hard. couldn't bear to rewatch that shit

No. 229616

File: 1454537000654.png (1.81 MB, 1477x886, when will she learn.PNG)

No. 229620

This also surprised me. The interviewer is a genuine shithead, but Venus kept her composure and tried her best to answer professionally.
Sometimes I wonder if Venus actually could have succeeded for at least a year or two if it weren't for Margo. She doesn't have any talents associated with the entertainment industry, but I could have seen her secure a few modeling jobs here and there.

No. 229621

This looks like it was taken the same day as >>228717 and >>228465, if that means anything. I guess it means that Margo couldn't see how miserable her own daughter was and that Venus isn't a good liar?

No. 229623

Margo, please drown in the fucking river already. You're a piece of shit.

No. 229627


Margo is such a child. She decides to complain on public when she could just try to settle things more privately? Clearly she's trying to make more drama so people sympathize with her.

No. 229628

pls hurry up and drown already

No. 229629

File: 1454537701309.png (361.55 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

It makes me sick knowing that people out there are so fucking dumb that they think Margaret has done NOTHING wrong and it's Venus who's at fault.

No. 229630

File: 1454537742348.jpeg (80.16 KB, 1242x277, image.jpeg)

No. 229631


Poor Venus. Jesus christ, I knew Margo was unhinged, but I didn't realize she was this fucked up until Venus left. I hope she can live a somewhat normal life now.

No. 229632

Omg. I've never seen this interview before! Margo is so fucking rude and annoying. I do really feel bad for Venus!

No. 229633

We should get some more positivity in the Tumblr tag.

No. 229634

I'm still sitting here with my mouth agape. I can hardly believe what I'm seeing holy shit.

No. 229635

So first she uses Venus' account to post shit without her consent, then she tries to make Venus feel like shit for "abandon" her insinuating she's going to commit suicide, and now she tries to blame on Venus and says she's a manipulative daughter and a liar.
Wow, stop trying to publicly humiliate your daughter Margo, that's horrible.

No. 229636

Oh god this delicious milk. I hope she sheds more light on the Manaki situation. It is /indeed/ creepy as hell and even weirder that he stalked her to Disney.
That said, good on Venus for escaping an emotionally abusive situation. Leaving your own mother and fucking off to another country takes some serious guts to do.

No. 229637

That's exactlt what she's doing, throwing her own daughter under the bus to look like the victim. Calling her OWN DAUGHTER a liar? That SHE was bullying Margo and ordering her around?? And the sad thing is that there's so many people commenting on her ig's that 100% are on Margo's side. Someone said that she should call the cops and sue Manaki for taking her property and that Venus is an ungreatful child. Venus is a goddamn adult.

Margo is disgusting and anyone who sides with her is equally disgusting. I am so mad.

No. 229638

Omg so now she's saying Venus is bullying her?? This woman has serious issues.

No. 229640

I'm guessing that Venus had the audace to take her own clothes and things. The things payed by her work. What a robbery.

No. 229641

Same, I'm pretty damn pissed. Venus is an adult and MARRIED. Psycho Margo can go fuck off, she's no longer her problem. It kind of happens when people get married–their spouse is considered their next of kin. She's just angry that she no longer has her money making marionette at her disposal. It happened very slowly (the embarrassment from that interview is so clear) but I'm glad she finally came to a realization. I hope now Venus can do what she wants with life and become a nail tech (if Margo wasn't making that up) to be her own person. I'm going to start watching her videos soon just to help her out.

No. 229642

File: 1454538780948.jpg (192.26 KB, 640x822, image.jpg)

No. 229643

File: 1454538832282.jpeg (70.63 KB, 1242x245, image.jpeg)

Does she not realize this is a normal thing that moms are suppose to do and she doesn't deserve a god damn award for it

No. 229644

Oh my god, eventhough Venus finally escaped, she's still intent on tarnishing Manaki's name and making her own fucking daughter out to be a monster. Margo's too dumb to realize that she's only speeding up the process of Venus cutting ties completely. I'd never ever go back to someone like this!!!

No. 229645

I am so proud of Venus right now. It seems like she was always a puppet for her mother. I hope that things go well for her.

No. 229646

>dat guilt trip

No. 229649


Im sorry I just cant make heads or tails of this fucking gobbledygook

No. 229650

File: 1454539126050.png (104.26 KB, 275x249, 1454163322190.png)

Isn't it the tendency of an abuser to victimize themselves?

>manaki is now her manager

why…can't…somebody just fucking love venus and care about her without it being fucking related to money and venus's 'job' margo? ffs she's acting like she just lost a business partner, not her own flesh and blood DAUGHTER.

No. 229651


"I preformed the basic functions of a parent, I'm such a good person"

also, is 2016 the year of the milk? Greg cheating on his girl, Venus finally leaving, hell, what's next? Ashley kicking the bucket?

No. 229652

The return of Kiki and Taco. It has to be the next milk motherload

No. 229653

File: 1454539426317.jpeg (111.74 KB, 1276x509, image.jpeg)

No Margo, he just helped Venus see that YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY. We all know the reason why you denied her friendships for so long if because an outsider can easily undo all your brainwashing.

No. 229654


Agreed! Possibly kaka has either gotten married, preggers already to taco or some other jap OR big shining nippon visa for modelling

No. 229655

I think Manaki is just as creepy tbh. Venus is fucked either ways.

No. 229656

File: 1454539662344.png (676.06 KB, 936x540, dat milk.png)


No. 229657

Or her lack of online activity is because she's been committed.. Or kicked out!

No. 229658

Lol. Dumb Margo supporters are trying to "diffuse" the situation when shit is already public. Nothing can be done now about their feud and I'm glad that Venus seems to be taking the higher road by not bashing her mom.

No. 229660


this bitch was willing to marry her daughter off to a guy she thought was a creep, up until she realized there'd be nothing in it for her.

anyone who thinks Margo has any good in her should also drown in a river.

No. 229661

File: 1454539838881.jpg (279.92 KB, 1829x1267, _20160203_234918.jpg)

No. 229662

Or PT finally goes to Japan

No. 229663

Give it a few months from now guys. Venus will be back in Japan and doing dumb vlogs about pikachu icecream and black burgers from Mcdonalds with Sharla and Rachel in no time!

Because all weebs of the internet stick together when in Japan on Youtube!

Margo will prob have a meltdown and die off hopefully.

No. 229665

this woman is disgusting

No. 229666

File: 1454540192553.png (689.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-03-23-55-38…)

No. 229667

Have any of you seen Gone Girl? I get hella Margo vibes from that movie.

No. 229668

Margo, did you forget you ruined all her friendships with claiming everyone only wants to be friends with her for fame?

No. 229669

File: 1454540452757.jpg (154.28 KB, 632x894, image.jpg)

Some people commented that Margo didn't allowed Venus to have friends.

Now she's trying to prove something. Hahahaha, yeah, I bet that they were BFF's

No. 229670

The comments from that c_dm_k person are so cringeworthy. Fucking whiteknignting up Margaret's asshole.

No. 229671

File: 1454540548712.jpg (45.97 KB, 720x241, _20160204_000158.jpg)

No. 229672

Oh snap, did it finally happen?! Venus broke free?!?!

No. 229673

Margo has this uncanny ability to twist everything that everyone says. The commenter said Venus looks "young", as in she looks her age compared to how she looks like an old woman when she's caked in makeup. Margo has somehow twisted that to mean that she's dressing like a child for Manaki's pleasure. She's so broken and malicious and she has no ability to care about anyone other than her horrid self.

No. 229674

Wow this nut is waging an all-out smear campaign against her daughter/meal ticket. She's fighting dirty too. Scary!

Why doesn't V just block her? I hope one of them (v or m) has some internet/legal savvy to protect thamselves against this raging bitch.

No. 229675

Nobody gave a flying fuck about Venus when she was 13, she went viral in 2012 and there she was already 15.

Margo, do you even math?

No. 229676

It is so PAINFULLY obvious that she gave birth to fame ticket project and not a daughter. Venus has always been her "avatar" to live through. Make her interests weeby and Japan-centric. Dress her in cute clothes, tell her she's going to be a living doll, tell her she's to take pictures and make videos. Venus is a product of child grooming. Margo is only upset because her robot doll starting forming her own opinions.

Margo isn't upset about her daughter leaving. She's jealous that she doesn't get to live through her "avatar" anymore.

No. 229677

File: 1454540667317.png (308.53 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Margo won't stop.

No. 229678

It's so funny watching her play the victim. Trying to act as if she were abused by an adolescent girl for 3 years. Funny she never had a problem keeping her mouth shut whenever it came to her daughter's new friends. Oh Margo, you're such a humble hero

No. 229679

>I'm only saying the truth after keeping my mouth shot for years

Is she trying to make everyone believe that Venus was some kind of tyrant forcing her, an adult woman, to move from country to country and do things she didn't want to do?

No. 229681

yes, she is.

No. 229682

Sure sounds that way. This woman needs a straitjacket. Holy hell, just seeing all this go down makes me feel even worse for Venus. Having to live with someone this crazy for years?!

No. 229683


>he'll quit work and live off of venus

you mean, like you do?

No. 229685

I highly doubt he's going to quit his job and live off her YouTube income. I don't know much about him but I don't see him as that kind of guy. He's not fame hungry, unlike Margo.

No. 229687

File: 1454541453510.gif (119.54 KB, 200x200, RegularShoooooohhhhhh.gif)

No. 229688

It's not even if their life living from her YouTube income was great, I doubt he wants to only consume starbucks all day.

No. 229689

File: 1454541713689.jpeg (260.54 KB, 1283x1220, image.jpeg)

All of Margo's supporting white knights seem to forget that her daughter is almost fucking 19, not 14.

No. 229691


She is literally a pageant mother. They're the fucking worst. All they want to do is live through their children and control every aspect of them.

No. 229692

Margo desperately needs to be sat down with a counselor to be set straight. Of course she'd get up and leave the second they said something she didn't want hear.

But she NEEDS some sort of intervention to get it into her head that she has some serious problems and is first and foremost an ABUSER.

No. 229693

I hope so bad that when venus settles in japan she makes a video of all the crazy shit margo did/said to her that drove her to this point.

No. 229694

>you been a good for venus

this made me throw up in my mouth

No. 229696


More like
>I was happy that she found a boyfriend but then I saw she was going to star a new life and have kids and she would leave me alone. Then I started to freak and be against it but he already told her about my intentions and I tried to manipulate her, but I failed

No. 229697

Yes, so in Margo's mind, Venus abandoned her when in reality, Margo is an abusive, controlling parent ala Mommy Dearest.

No. 229710

My heart breaks for Venus. Imagine being treated like that for years and when you finally had enough and try to save yourself, there are all these people who side with your abuser instead and are calling for you to be dragged back into that hell jail. I would be crushed.

No. 229711

God damnit, I'm so fucking happy. SICK OUT MARGO. Best of luck Venus. It's unlikely, but I kinda hope that they can repair their relationship down the road. But please Venus if you happen to see our messages, never go back, sometimes you have to hurt those closest to you. You didn't betray your mom, she betrayed you and used you first.

No. 229713

*Fuck off

No. 229714


She's not even worried about venus, just her youtube check.

No. 229715

File: 1454543970607.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, pullbanner.png)

Could someone edit Venus in PULL banner to signify this recent event?

Also pls make Mira's skin black.

No. 229718

Honestly it should just be Margo in the banner by now, she has proven to be a much uglier little liar and lolcow than Venus.

No. 229719

File: 1454544161688.jpeg (64.63 KB, 480x600, image.jpeg)

The end/beginning of the year is always good for milk.

No. 229720

sorry farmers, i just started following this shit so i don't speak margaret, so …..wtf is she trying to say????

No. 229722

holy shit, she makes it sound like its a feud over who is her manager and not who is potentially taking advantage of her kid. what a money hungry bitch. so many feels to venus, she reminds me of my own mum.

No. 229723

File: 1454544322136.jpeg (368.65 KB, 1270x1830, image.jpeg)

I really want to punch these people. They don't know what it's like to have an emotionally abusive mom and they're defending this trash. I hope these people never breed of they think this shit is okay.

No. 229724

Part of me feels bad about Margo because she's her mother and well, she's now alone after spending lots of years together. But her mother is crazy and manipulated her. So the other part of me feels happy for Venus and says 'fuck off Margo'

No. 229725

lol weren't they Venus' fans? Now are Margo's?

No. 229727

So you didn't 'goint into the river' then? How convenient.
Margaret is an awful, toxic manipulator and I really hope Venus stays away for a good.

No. 229728


I'd like to think of those people as encouraging the milking process.
after all, if Margo thinks she has supporters, then she's much more likely to be candid with her true thoughts and feelings than if she feels like everyone hates her and she has to go on the defensive.
at least, I hope that's the case. I can't imagine anyone can be so blind as to the situation that they'd actually encourage Margo.

>who never studied anything
like you studied entertainment management, Margo? lolno wait, you were busy being a ~fitness trainer~ and fucking your boytoy from Brazil or w/e

No. 229732

Yep. The whole thing is sickening. I don't get why they're all taking Margo's side. Some of the nut jobs are even saying, "You don't know them personally! We can't judge people we don't know!" people do it. All. The. Fucking. TIME.

The Margo supporters are sickening, hoping Venus and Manaki breakup so she'll go running back to her. That is disgusting. Some claim to be mothers and I bet $30 they're emotionally abusive fucks like Margaret.

No. 229733

OT but a classmate has an abusive relationship with his father, her mother knows but they are divorced, she cares about his son and is the one who's sending money (he lives in Madrid and his parents in Andalusia). But his father is as crazy as Margo, the other day he called my classmate, he was drunk. I don't know what his father told him, but he ended up trowhing his phone to the wall… I was very scared, but as he saw me I went and hugged him. I can imagine Venus being like my classmate. She doesn't look happy in her recent posts, maybe she cried every day. So this people doesn't know what being in an abusive relationship is, and what is when it's with your parents. They should stfu

No. 229734

his mother knows*

No. 229735

throwing* Sorry I'm sleepy af

No. 229738

Margo is fucking incoherent in any language. It won't be long before she becomes more overtly threatening and unhinged.

Don't want to give her any credit, but Venus rarely ever interacts with peasants. Margo lives through social media fame and her daughter's followers so idiots like these thing she must be in the right.

No. 229739


No. 229742

you shpuld delete it, dont give her ideas

No. 229743


You should delete this… As you said, she is crazy.

No. 229744

Don't worry, anon. She is an adult since international law states people become of age according to their nationality. Plus, she probably won't have to deal with the Japanese government, just with her national embassy.

No. 229746

She will though, she gotta go to the immigration office for visa renewals and stuff.
But if what you say is true, then I suppose it's fine, with regards to safely avoiding her mother.

No. 229760

File: 1454548060438.png (1.7 MB, 1440x791, Screenshot_2016-02-03-19-54-45…)

>Literally me this year already

No. 229761

File: 1454548119207.jpeg (212.85 KB, 1270x991, image.jpeg)

Thanks for proving for the nth time that the only thing you're concerned about it money!

No. 229762

i thought it was just the venus thread

No. 229763

How does she know if Venus will Youtube with him?

Seems fishy..

No. 229765

Imagine having a mum like her. I'd be so fucked up.

No. 229767

Oh no! She'll YOUTUBE WITH HIM! How terrible of her!

No. 229768

it's basically minor cows milking the major cow

No. 229769

I think it's her trying to fuck Venus' YouTube channel up by trying to get more people to turn against Manaki. She's already fabricated a ton of lies about him already. We don't know much about him but Margo's stories are too wild to be believable.

No. 229774

Life's work? Wtf has she done other than skip countries and bum off her daughter? She probably paid for that tv! Margo is nothing but a scam artist and it's all catching to her finally. And holy shit, she's so dramatic it's exhausting. She must be foaming at the mouth. I can understand being in shock and sad, bit this lashing out is crazy af! She's just furious her little puppet got away from her.

No. 229775

exactly this

No. 229777

File: 1454549297057.jpeg (145.64 KB, 1269x582, image.jpeg)

Professional victim's unit.

No. 229778

File: 1454549546903.jpeg (173.24 KB, 1270x701, image.jpeg)

And WHO imprinted this Japanese obsession on her, hmm???

No. 229779

File: 1454549603645.jpeg (262.47 KB, 1274x887, image.jpeg)

She really is a textbook abuser, holy shit. "LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE FOR YOU!!"

No. 229780

It's so weird that she keeps bringing up that she is no longer a mother and Venus is no longer her daughter. She's probably just upset that her easy life and easy income just flew the coop to live her own life.
Hopefully Venus actually stays away and doesn't go back to this batshit mess of a mother.

No. 229781

File: 1454549967190.jpeg (184.83 KB, 1268x865, image.jpeg)

No. 229782

More like, she started realizing that Venus is her own person with own dreams and opinions, and got scared Venus would leave her to live her own life.

No. 229784

>without finishing education

Because you were soooooo supportive with your daughter finishing school

Why does she keep calling her language school a uni? Anybody can just pay and attend Margo.

No. 229785

she probably hear manaki say "your mom is weird" and went batshit. Man, I really hope Manaki is at least a decent guy. Venus is still a kid, she just needs someone stable to help her. Get her on her feet, hopefully in an actual school, where she can learn something useful. (like maybe a translator, so she can put all those language schools to good use)

No. 229786

so, i'm reading from this that basically she's trained venus to be manipulated her whole life and can recognize the manipulative behavior in this other guy…

No. 229787

She wants things to seem more "upscale" than they really are. Remember, Margo deserves nothing but the best with all her "degrees!"

Really, though. Venus doesn't really loses anything from dropping out of a Korean language school but some money. She's going to probably live in Japan for the rest of her life so why would she need Korean? Margo makes no sense.

No. 229788

No real mother would think they are childless because their kids is about doing stuff.
Hell, this is nothing, her daughter is an adult, able to earn her life even with her mom leeching off, going to someone she likes, in a country she knows. It's not like she's starting doing meth or prostituting herself, ffs.
Really shows her character.

No. 229789

I remember when Margo once mentioned that Manaki told her he wants to sleep with her.
Why do I feel like it was Margo who proposed sex to Manaki.

No. 229790

really sad that a 19 year old has to 'run away' just to live her own life. Adults don't run away, they move on.

No. 229791

It was probably all a lie. Margo likes making up bullshit to make others look bad/make her look good.

No. 229793

stop reaching so hard. When they were together before Venus made a BUNCH of videos so it's a semi logical conclusion.

No. 229801

Most mothers when their daughter runs away will most likely be apologetic, asking them to come home safely… Margo on the other hand, goes completely batshit and dashes to the internet to ruin her daughter's reputation. She is completely insane!

Also, anyone else notice the arrival of Princess Doll?

No. 229802

File: 1454553361670.jpg (9.28 KB, 272x185, images (1).jpg)

all dis glorious milk I can't wait to see what else is in store for today

No. 229806

Yup. She's always trying to make herself known through bigger snowflakes than herself.

No. 229807

I loved you anon. I am eternally in love with l'inconnue

No. 229808

File: 1454554297444.jpeg (93.76 KB, 1273x445, image.jpeg)

Everyone supporting Margo's abuse are "kind and understanding people" and everyone else are just "bullies."

Margo, you use the word bully and yet you don't know what it means.

No. 229810

I'm so proud of Venus, and I really hope that things will go with Maneki. I know he does seem a little creep-ish but for him to get involved this much must mean he does love her - I want to believe so, anyway.

No. 229813

full text

You guys can stop bullying me. I'm going to state facts. We don't know where Venus is but she left in the middle of the school week after being smooth talked by a (in my opinion abusive and uneducated) guy.
@venus_angelic is not my daughter anymore. She constantly lied to me, stole from me, bullied me, had asperger attacks where she broke things/screamed/hit me/she tried to bit my finger off, drinks sometimes until she vomits, and photoshops her jaw line. She has ED and is obsessed with food. She says she is asexual but wants to live only in Japan so she goes to that guy.
She also broke her puppy's leg and killed her hamster.
I absolutely lost my trust in her and I am sure she will backfire and many things will be said. But I know how much she lied to me. Many times i had to move because of ger screaming attacks so that the police took her in custody. But I never filed against her. I felt responsible and sorry for her bad father. So I basically gave up my life to raise her.
But she left without communication but pretended a different Venus to me, lied all the way along played a role.
Venus is from yesterday not my daughter anymore.

No. 229814

File: 1454555160746.jpg (280.84 KB, 938x601, margo.jpg)

shit forgot to include picture

No. 229815

this woman is insane.
I can't believe what I am reading right now.
How can one not feel sick writing this about their own daughter.

No. 229816

File: 1454555383910.jpg (77.62 KB, 625x625, f67334bc58f2468bad15312669d5ed…)

No. 229817

I'm speechless, hope Venus is ok. Abusive relationships really take a toll on the victim and V is clearly the victim in this one.

No. 229819


What a psycho. Who talks about her daughter like that?

No. 229820


>constantly lied to me, stole from me, bullied me

>had asperger attacks
>broke things/screamed/hit me
>she tried to bit my finger off
>drinks sometimes until she vomits >has ED and is obsessed with food >is asexual
>broke her puppy's leg and killed her hamster

WHAT in god's name am i supposed to focus on here??? jesus fucking christ

No. 229823


What a sad, pitiful woman.

No. 229824

i cant fucking believe what i just read? holy SHIT how could a mother write that about their DAUGHTER?

No. 229826

The flying fuck Margo. If any bit of that is true of a product of her being abused for years and not having a healthy outlet. Venus needed to live in a stable environment and be on medication if that were the case. Stupid cunt, it's no ones business anyway. Why won't she go to bed? Is she seriously just online for hours to slander her daughter?

No. 229827

Sooo, shit kids and teenagers do? What a revelation.

No. 229829

>I felt responsible and sorry for her bad father. So I basically gave up my life to raise her.

As opposed to… not raising your kid? You seriously think raising your own kid is something uncommon and should be applauded? She makes it sound like raising her own fucking child was her putting herself out and going out of her way to do.

No. 229830

LOL OKAY! So she is deleting comments against her. I made one saying that SHE is acting the ABUSER by BULLYING her daughter online, and that SHAMING her daughter is only making dissenters LIKE VENUS MORE. Woooow.

No. 229831

File: 1454556045882.jpg (75.87 KB, 554x426, Susanthesethings.jpg)

>She constantly lied to me
>stole from me
>bullied me
>had asperger attacks where she broke things/screamed/hit me/she tried to bit my finger off
>drinks sometimes until she vomits
>photoshops her jaw line.

One of these things is not like the others…

No. 229832

Not the anon you were replying to but I sort of think Margo pushed her to do videos with him.

No. 229834

File: 1454556189512.jpeg (262.11 KB, 1272x1386, image.jpeg)

What the fuck did I just read…

And why in the FUCK would anyone move all the way around the world just because their daughter broke a door??? Margo, your story has more holes than Swiss cheese!

No. 229835

I highly doubt most of this is true. Or it's at least highly exaggerated.

No. 229837

File: 1454556333197.png (26.92 KB, 271x394, margo.png)

she will not have a role player in her home!

No. 229838

yakusoku8 needs to drink bleach

No. 229840

It's probably like :
- had asperger attacks where she broke things/screamed/hit me/she tried to bit my finger off
> when she was 5-10 yo
- drinks sometimes until she vomits
>like dumb teenagers partying
- She also broke her puppy's leg
>by falling on it by accident

I mean, I could totally see her pulling that sort of shit.

No. 229842

She's disgusting and rotten to the core. Seriously needs to see a counselor asap.

No. 229843

File: 1454556437159.jpg (139.42 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yeah, Roleplayers SUCK. /sarcasm

No. 229844

File: 1454556482540.png (26.35 KB, 277x398, kek.png)

No. 229845

File: 1454556550102.png (4.31 KB, 269x45, Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 12.28…)


No. 229846

File: 1454556559341.png (27.06 KB, 279x367, qscwdv.png)

No. 229847

Notice how she is using words like pedophile and stalker…words that 'haters' always used on manaki back when margo backed up the relationship. Bet she thinks she can get them all on her side with all this nonsense.

No. 229849

>having a kid
>"losing out on your life"
Man. That sort of parent is the worst. They choose to have a fucking kid, act like it's a hardship and blame it on the kid. That's fucked up.

No. 229850

i'm going to say margo probably let her drink once or twice and it made her sick, sounds more accurate.

but i don't believe the animal thing for a second. we're supposed to believe venus is violent towards little animals?? i bet her puppy never had a broken leg even.

No. 229851

File: 1454556817596.png (1.02 MB, 957x623, DESK.PNG)

Aaaand she blocked me.

No. 229852

"I lost out on my life because of you"
Bitch, you're her mother! You chose to have and keep a child and that means you raise that child…

All this manic slandering screams crazy to me.

No. 229853

What a psycho. She wouldn't abandon her daughter for "not being pretty" and then earlier on trashes her for shooping her jaw line. Holy shit I'm glad Venus got away from this mess

No. 229854

File: 1454556895595.png (2.89 KB, 283x36, whoops.png)

Ahah I saw that! Here is her response.

No. 229855

File: 1454556896598.png (7 KB, 255x55, Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 12.34…)

No. 229856

Don't hamsters die really easily too? I could see her falling on a hamster (instead of a puppy's leg) and accidentally killing it.

No. 229857

i would pay cash money to see them on dr. phil and have him call margo out on tv

No. 229858

Didnt a therapist determine venus was pretty much normal. Read it on venus's old blog

No. 229859

She sounds just like my abusive mom when she's not happy with me. "You're not my daughter anymore! I'll delete you from facebook!!!!" Basically an overgrown toddler.

No. 229860

Can you imagine the shit V had to deal with? If Margo freaks like this after shit hits the fan you know there were probably crazy fights over nothing when she had poor V with her. ):

No. 229862

and even if it did small animals break shit easily.
my kitten broke her leg by being an over excited kitten… same things happen with hyper puppies

No. 229863

Hahahahah. I didn't get that notifcation. Thank you.

So she bullies her daughter but cannot take criticism. I'm literally the peachiest girl when it comes to kindness but damn this crazy lady has pissed me off.

No. 229864

What a dumbass. She could have kept her meal ticket by giving her just a little. But no, she wanted it all.
Happy she's sperging and hoping Venus sees it at a confirmation she was right about leaving.

No. 229865


>She has ED and is obsessed with food

>photoshops her jaw line

Are any of these reasons to say something as harsh as "Venus isn't my daughter anymore"? …and half of those other things probably never even happened. smh

No. 229866

File: 1454557038113.png (24.95 KB, 287x334, waow.png)

These comments though.

No. 229867

File: 1454557053667.png (274.3 KB, 371x422, sfkbaeo;a.PNG)

Dr Phil: This woman is b@tsh!t crazy…

No. 229869

dat deflection.
She's not even sad, she's just flat out insulting her.

No. 229870

gonna say these are real, but her ed probably stemmed from her trauma from her mom constantly pushing the "doll" shtick

No. 229871


Ah, yeah I meant the quoted parts are probably true, but not reasons to suddenly lash out against your daughter for.

No. 229872

Most mothers would be worried sick about their daughters.
Margo is just mad.
Says a lot.

No. 229873

just because you push a kid out your vagina and their your "blood" doesn't mean you own them, fuck. i hope this lady's kids leave her stone cold the second they hit 18.

No. 229874

don't worry, anon, i understand ya, i agree

No. 229875

Margo, you decided to have a child. Raising the child is the responsibility of a parent. THAT IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO.

I fucking hate parents like this. They resent their children just for being born.

No. 229876

Margo trying to cover her own ass with lies and exaggerations because she knows if/when V tells the truth of her experience people are gonna be horrified.

No. 229877

It actually infuriates me that her followers see her behavior and think that she could even remotely be in the right. The way that she is treating her daughter right now is not okay.

No. 229878

Well Margo it's your fault you brought your crotch demon into this world. Nobody forced you to be a mother and give up your life. You're just a shit parent with shit morals and a shit personality. You're totally roaming this board so do please provide more entertainment as it's fucking hilarious.

No. 229879

Who the fuck would even support or be a fan of Margo in the first place? She's never done anything to deserve fans. She just an ugly old bitch. Some real thirsty people out there I guess…

No. 229880

File: 1454557773592.png (217.55 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_2016-02-03-22-47-54…)

No. 229881

>it's okay to disown your kids at the drop of a hat! it's normal!

No. 229882

Well that explains why she's a controlling cunt. Thanks Mother Gothel for that info.

No. 229883

Sounds like you could use a little a Jesus actually

No. 229885


Well…that explains a lot.

No. 229886

anyone else think venus looks happier in her vids with manaki? i mean, sure, they're both awkward as hell, but she seems to be enjoying herself genuinely in them.

No. 229887

Jesus would probably rather be tortured on the cross again with double the pain than try to save her ass.

No. 229889

Venus is going to wake up to this soon and it makes me sad

No. 229891

File: 1454558495664.jpeg (127.41 KB, 1257x575, image.jpeg)

She's trying to compare them to ISIL now lol

No. 229892

yeah, it kind of just hit me that she's going to have to read that huge list margo wrote about her and she's probably going to cry. breaks my heart for her.

No. 229893


forgive me for not knowing how to embed videos
but they seem happy together? it made me laugh when she was talking about him being a stalker

No. 229894

At least it will give her concrete evidence that her mom is off the deep end and that she's lucky she got away.

No. 229895

It's only 1pm in Japan atm. Kr is about the same.

No. 229896

Venus is not asexual. That was a label Margot forced on her since Mr.Yan wanted Venus as a wife. Margot is obsessed with Venus's virginity. It's fucked up and abusive.

No. 229897

Did she…did she just fucking reference the secretive brainwashed marriages that happen within ISIS?

No. 229898


Maybe they were just awkward in front of the camera or Margo.

No. 229899

What the fuck is wrong with her, seriously.

No. 229901


I think they're just awkward and the fact that they stated that they're both introverts. Plus, they could be each others first girlfriend/boyfriend. Sometimes there's a bit of awkwardness there when someone's not very experienced in relationships.

No. 229902

I imagine Margo filmed it. Remember that TLC shit? She was acting like a director of a Oscar nominated drama with how she was with the camera.

No. 229903

Margo needs help. Her relationship with Venus is toxic.

I don't know how to feel about Manaki. Venus got married to him so quickly and if the allegations about him being a stalker/predator are true, then I hope that Venus' safety will not be threatened.

Margo is incredibly unstable rn. These venomous outbursts on social media aren't appropriate, but part of me feels like she might be doing it because she's on her own in Korea and has no one to turn to/has nothing left to lose. That doesn't mean that her behaviour is acceptable, however.

None of us knows what truly goes on behind closed doors. Even if everything that she's claiming about Venus is 100% true, she shouldn't have spoken about it on the internet.

All I hope is that both Venus and Margo are safe (physically and mentally) and will be able to recover from this. I know I'd be so fucking scared about being alone/with a virtual stranger in a foreign country not known to be good at taking care of their own citizens who are mentally unwell, let alone foreigners who are not fluent in the language.

No. 229904


Yeah, seriously. She keeps crediting herself as the 'manager' of Venus, like it's her official job.

No. 229905

She's comparing Venus and Manaki's marriage to those brainwashed forced marriages that happen with ISIS. What isn't wrong with it?

No. 229906

OH i thought you replied to the video, sorry anon
bitch is 100% crazy

No. 229908

">None of us knows what truly goes on behind closed doors"
but isn't it fucked up to be saying such vile things about your daughter on social media? because she left? i would rather take a gamble of manaki being some magical pedophile abuser than how fucked in the head her mother is.

> but part of me feels like she might be doing it because she's on her own in Korea and has no one to turn to/has nothing left to lose

that's not a justification for treating your child like shit and a walking meal ticket lmao

No. 229909

I wonder what V's dad thinks about the situation. They don't talk to each other anymore at all?

No. 229910

>>I don't know how to feel about Manaki

No matter how sketchy he seemed for tweeting so much at her when she was way younger + showing up at Disneyland… He isn't even half of the crazy Margo is.

The only thing that would worry me is that Manaki is all she has now, so if they don't work out.. Well I hope he's nice enough to not just kick her out.

No. 229911

Mother dearest probably made sure he never saw or got in contact with his daughter again…

No. 229912

File: 1454559423974.png (39.12 KB, 305x358, io.PNG)

these drastically opposite responses sum up her entire comment section

No. 229913

If Venus did see what Margo wrote, then I hope she ignores her and takes a break from social media. Or maybe shed more light onto what has been going on since Manaki came to visit her in Korea.

No. 229914

If her dad left when she was very young, I wouldn't think that he would even know that she's a Youtuber.

No. 229915

Venus living of her own youtube earnings will be easier then venus and margo

No. 229916

>>@venus_angelic is not my daughter anymore.

What a fucking cunt.

No. 229917

So true. I hope she goes to a language school to get better at Japanese, attend a beauty school to get a job or something. Just so she has a backup when her videos don't get anymore hits, you know?

No. 229918

It is fucked up, yeah. I'm not trying to defend Margo's behaviour because I don't agree with what she's doing. I dunno, I'm just trying to understand why she's doing this because it's just incomprehensible to me.

I don't really agree w/ the Manaki comment. I'm worried for Venus because it's really messed up that her two lines of support are her mother (who needs to get psychological help ASAP) and a dude who's allegedly stalked/been obsessed with her since she was a minor. Either way, she's ending up being dependant on people who are not suitable fits for that kind of role. This is why I wish Margo had not isolated Venus from being able to make friends.

>that's not a justification for treating your child like shit and a walking meal ticket lmao

I know. I'm sorry if my post suggested that it was because it isn't. The whole mothers managing their kids is something that never seems to work well for the child. There's no distinction or break between home and work.

Yeah, I agree. I just hope that she'll be okay and that Manaki won't harm her or throw her out.

No. 229919

I swear Margaret is bipolar. She's calmly asking for her shit in storage back on Venus's latest IG photo.

No. 229920

Lol she's giving up any opportunity for Venus to come back. As soon as you harshly reject a kid, they'll fucking back off. If she wanted her back she should've kept up her suicidal ideation.

No. 229921

Jesus Christ, this woman is a fucking monster.
I hope Venus doesn't regret her decision because of all the shit margo is putting out there. Poor girl.

No. 229922


I hope Venus doesn't do it. I would've told her she can go suck a dick for all the shit that she said on IG.

No. 229924

you can't really justify or understand what this type of crazy fucking mother does. it's hard to even grasp it or know what it's like. i think most of us here agree that she's batshit.

i don't think manaki is as awful as people say tbh. but that's my personal opinion. even if she IS Dependant, she has more of a chance to live and learn to support himself with him vs her mother looming over her.

No. 229925

She sounds like a bitter ex-roommate after a big fight

No. 229926

Even better, sell it on for extra spending money on kawaii shit in Japan.

No. 229927

File: 1454560025980.jpeg (20.14 KB, 443x332, image.jpeg)

God bless this thread.

No. 229928


I just burst out laughing, thank you for that pic, Anon.

No. 229929

File: 1454560264099.png (10.35 KB, 285x105, christ.png)

Damn, this was so cold.

No. 229930

File: 1454560370330.gif (402.9 KB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_n0mdkdOKmb1s848z…)

I sincerely hope that Venus stays strong through this, and sues Margaret's skeezy ass for slander, among other things. Actually, it is probably good she is with Manaki since his family has money and can probably help. Hell, she could even contact her birth father for backup if it comes to that.

She also needs to change her passwords on all of her accounts ASAP.

No. 229931

I'm worried about this too, Venus should seek therapy after all of this but I'm not sure if she can get those resources in Japan? Like you mentioned, a "save face" society like Japan kinda sweeps that sort of thing under the rug…I wonder if she can even properly communicate to Manaki what is going on. I imagine she'll be super emotional and sad. I hope Manaki really loves her and has patience for her. It must be sup frustrating for Venus, things will never be the same for her YouTube. I hope she'll be alright.

No. 229932

God, she doesn't sound like a mother at all, not in any of those posts. This sounds like a bitter ex or former roommate. Holy shit

No. 229933

lol. She's doing the whole "you are not my daughter anymore, I will treat you with unfamiliarity as if you are a stranger."

No. 229934

God, I want Venus to sharpen her claws on this selfish old whore. Tell her to do it herself, she's a grown woman. Oh, she can't afford it? Then she can get a job, like an adult. Margo acts like a spoilt trophy wife except it was Venus she was sponging off of instead of a man.

Margo, go fuck yourself. Get a job, stop being a psychotic twat and let Venus live her own life. You don't own her, she doesn't owe you anything, and in fact you owe her a childhood fr ruining hers by being a selfish, greedy, lazy old whore. Fuck you, Margo. I hope you end up homeless and broke because God knows you deserve it.

No. 229935

She probably will end up homeless and she deserves it. After all, she thinks that having a job is beneath her. Her little marionette won't be her cash cow anymore and thank god for that. I'm glad she set up her own bank account before she left so she can't have any of her hard earned money.

No. 229937

Marg is so salty and keeps posting her pity me lines on Venus's pics like fucking stop woman you're like a broken record.

No. 229938

File: 1454561242670.jpeg (430.07 KB, 2048x1017, image.jpeg)

I can't even imagine what Venus' life is like right now. I tried to think about how I would feel if my mother did this to me and said these things about me. I can barely understand how broken she must feel. (And I'm sure that I've acted out more and caused more headaches for my own wonderful mother than Venus has ever done for her Mother Gothel.)

The anon who brought up Venus being unable to communicate with Manaki about this has a good point. I sincerely wonder if she has anyone to talk to about this. I wonder if she is dealing with this all alone.

I've never really followed Venus much until I saw her on lolcow about a year ago, but wow; what a wild ride this has been since then. I genuinely hope that Venus can have a happy and stable life. I think she deserves that.

No. 229939

now that she has cut ties with her toxic mother, I am hoping she is able to befriend some other Jvloggers. Hell, it would be fucking fantastic if Dakota secretly reached out to her, since she knows first hand what it is like to have a batshit crazy mother.

No. 229940

totally don't doubt the ed thing, people have been questioning that for awhile. Though it could have sprung from mommy issues just like some other lolcows have.

No. 229941

that would be better for her. i just hope mira doesn't catch wind of what's going on and try to befriend venus.

No. 229943

ngl I would be pretty excited if Venus got a modeling job with Baby or some other burando.

No. 229945

This needs to fucking happen, but I worry Venus still has too much empathy for her mother

No. 229947

Anyone else think Venus has been gone for weeks?

No. 229948

File: 1454562516274.jpg (29.55 KB, 452x604, manaki what.jpg)

Now that she's free, I hope she teaches Manaki how to blend his makeup.

No. 229949

I don't think so. Margo is too crazy to have been keeping it on the down low for so long.

No. 229950

The girl can barely do her own makeup, I wouldn't count on it lol

No. 229951

On one hand I love seeing Margo going crazy and spilling dirt on the other hand WTF that's your daughter. You never rat on your family jeeessuss. If someone with a reputation like Yuka can make it in glorious Nippon I have no doubt Venus will do well for herself. She needs to be realistic about her skills though. I remember her boasting about knowing 6 languages Spanish included and it was basically just Google translate. Like another anon said, she has no real life skills or decent education. Hopefully she is realistic about what she can actually do and she probably should accept that she'll be relying on people a lot at first

No. 229952

O shit, Margo deleted the picture with the list.

No. 229953

> Margo. Margaret. Mayoman.
Holy shit, my sides

No. 229954

Lmao she deleted this photo. I think she only did it because she saw a comment saying that it's illegal to slander someone in Korea and Japan.

Good thing we have a record of her crazy ass comments and dumbass white knights for the lolcow archive.

No. 229955

Margaret you are the most disgusting cunt I've ever met on the internet.

If ANYONE thinks bad about Venus now, just go.
These are obviously things she either can't do anything about and/or result from her mother's "parenting"

No. 229956

this whole thing is fuckin fucked

No. 229957


Words of wisdom, anon.

No. 229959

>One of these things

I would say more than one. I mean, in the western world, I can't imagine "drinking sometimes until she vomits" being something to have against your family. Once I drank until I vomited, I went to and slept in my mom's bed and when I woke up she just asked me if I was ok, and when my mom drank until she puked, I cleaned after her and made sure she was ok the next morning. I could at least understand if Venus had an alcohol problem, but drinking "sometimes" seems fine, only reason Margo is bringing it up is to make herself seem more victimized.

No. 229960

She probably never even had a hamster knowing margo..

No. 229961

Just got back to the thread to find that Margo has somehow managed to become 10x more batshit than she was yesterday morning. Holy shit I'm glad that Venus is far away from her.

No. 229962

the hamster was probably Margo's
I believe he was called 'lemmywinks'

No. 229963

I feel.bad for Venus she left her crazy mom to be with a pedophile..and she has no one..I hope she makes some connections and maybe manaki won't be so bad..but idk..he gives me the creeps.. she should get an education so she won't have to rely on others.

No. 229965

And one day a puppy with a broken paw told lemmywinks that he must get out of there for he would surely die

No. 229966

Manaki is a pedophile? I never heard of him engaging in sexual acts with underage kids.

No. 229968

How is he a pedophile again? We don't know anything about him other than Margo's lies and slander. I can't believe a thing that comes out of her mouth.

No. 229970

Well I don't know if Manaki is a pedophile, but I hope Venus learns how to be independent and not just rely on him just in case things go sour between the two of them.

No. 229971

Venus posted a new pic on her IG. It seems like she's still going to make videos.

No. 229972

I hope none of you are bothered by the late response to this.

I actually don't doubt she has outbursts, but it has less to do with Aspergers and more with Margaret's fail parenting.

I don't have any caps unfortunately, but I remember on PULL 1.0 someone showed up who lived in the same house as Venus and Margo. She posted a pic of their kitchen as proof and commented that Venus and 'Mana-Tan' were still together (which was later confirmed when they announced their marriage), and that Venus has really weird and childish outbursts sometimes.

You know how 3 year-olds sometimes throw a tantrum in stores because they don't get exactly what they want? It's because they haven't learned how to deal with frustration yet. If they realize after a while that throwing a fit does not actually get them anywhere, they'll stop and accept that you can't always have it your way. Of course this process is somewhat tiresome for the parents and some decide it's easier to instead give their kids exactly what they want every single time to avoid the chimpout altogether. The downside is that your kids never learn how to deal with frustration and express it like any 3 year-old would. If at one point you end up with an 18 year-old 3 year-old, it's probably your fault. If not, it's still your fault because you probably should have fucking done something about that and sent your kid to a psychologist.

I guess Starbucks was more important, tho.

No. 229974

Honestly if Venus could get herself a job bagging groceries working at a 7-11 in Japan it would be the first step toward living a more normal life than what she's had in the last 5 years.

I am in so much awe over all of the milk that's flowing right now. I can't believe what a shitty abuser Margo has been. I hope she does follow through and commit suicide so Venus can start moving on with her life.

No. 229975

File: 1454565021284.jpg (173.15 KB, 943x602, 1234.jpg)

No. 229976

How do we know this isn't Margo pretending to be Venus?

No. 229977

Nobody has to even prove manaki is a pedophile like it's obvious lol. I think him looking young makes you guys more forgiving of it.

No. 229978

It looks like Venus wrested control of her accounts from her mum. Margo wouldn't have allowed the post where Venus talked about getting away to stay up for this long.

No. 229979

This is so vile. Poor Venus.

No. 229980

prove it if it's so obvious "lol"

No. 229981

you know when you say this it seems more like you're a bitter hag who wants cute jap knobs to slob on.

No. 229982

margo is busy heading to the river

No. 229983

check out the nails in the reflection on the screen. Venus's nails are hardly painted and Margo's are always looking like a preteen in their emo-punk phase. Also the reflected body looks pretty skinny.

No. 229984

Woops >>229983 is in reply to >>229976

No. 229986


Aw, I'm glad she's still going to be active. I was kind of indifferent to her before this, even found her kind of annoying, but I'm interested to see where she'll go on from here. I'll give giving her my support!

No. 229989

I'm just concerned bc it looks like the outfit she was wearing in the photos posted when Margo might've been in control of the account.

No. 229990


wow wow wow margo wtf you ackonowledge your daughter has an ED yet you milked every cent of the candy tasting and mukbang videos?

No. 229991

Manaki is not a pedophile. People like throwing that word around because they're dumb shits who don't know what it means. Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to PRE-PUBESCENT CHILDREN. I'm talking 8 year-olds.
Manaki started following Venus when she was 14 years old. That sounds kind of weird because he was like 20 at the time. Yes, it would be morally wrong for a 20 year-old to go after a 14 year-old, but one should also consider that

A) 14 year-old Venus already had tits, so if 20 year-old Manaki was attracted to her he is most definitely not a pedophile. Ephebophile is the word you're looking for here. I know it doesn't make nearly as good of an insult, but that's a fact. So no, there is no proof that suggests Manaki is a pedo.

B) He never did anything creepy, at least not publicly. Yes, he followed her, but he did not obsessively tweet her or send her any sexual shit. The only weird thing he did was follow her to Disneyland, and if I remember correctly by that time she was already 17ish. Following someone younger than you is not necessarily predatory. Anyone remember that girl with cancer who did makeup?

Not even whiteknighting this guy, just stating facts. Maybe he's an asshole, maybe he's not.

No. 229992

Welcome to Japan. They love young looking people and youth. Look at all the lolicon shit, how they drool over idol groups and school girls. Is it really that surprising? Pedo or not, he's less cray than Margo at this point it seems. At least he'll probably be kissing her feet and putting her on a pedestal (not healthy either, but lesser of two evils potentially) than worrying about Margo standing over her bed with a knife in the night.

No. 229993

I thought the lolicon/idol obsession was limited to areas like Akihabara and otherwise shamed by the rest of Japan.

No. 229994

Is it possible to report Marg's insta for this constant shit? Isn't there some kind of anti-cyberbullying rule in the site's terms about singling people out maliciously?

I mean come on Margo, this is your fucking daughter. Get over yourself, slander isn't going to bring her crawling back to you, it's going to make her hate you.

No. 229995

File: 1454566374300.png (74.31 KB, 1724x576, wiki.png)

Was her wiki page always this empty? I thought it had more.

No. 229996

I'm not sure why everyone thinks going to meet a youtuber at Disneyland is so stalkery. I mean, if I heard someone I was a fan of was coming to visit a location near me, I'd probably try to meet them too. Sure he might be a full-blown creeper but let's keep an open mind until he actually does something to proove he's creepy. It's not like he's been making "I WANT TO WEAR YOUR SKIN" comments on every video or something, he literally tweeted her/about her a handful of times.

No. 229997


It did before mayo squad took over and someone fixed it but didn't bother putting anymore info.

No. 229998

Lolicon, yes, perhaps. But Idol groups and the whole school girl fetishizing is way more accepted than out should be over there imo. They're in commercials and stuff.

No. 230000

Well he wasn't following her to disneyland she was having a meetup. she was there with bodyline and i remember venus saying that mr.yan was complaining and didnt want her to talk with her fans or something.

No. 230001


That's what's so unnerving.
If Venus did 'run away' without letting Margo know, any loving mother would be worried sick, trying to get into contact with their daughter to make sure she's safe. Instead, Margo takes to Instagram to demonize her.

No. 230002

I wonder what was going through Venus's mind when she was packing all her stuff. Must've been so scary…What if Margo had come home early or something? Gives me the chills…

No. 230003

this shit is lit

>asperger attacks
she makes them sound like asthma attacks or something

No. 230004

Yeah, it's funny how someone like her waffles about Manaki being uneducated. Bitch doesn't even know Aspergers is not like toothache; you either have it or you don't have it.

No. 230005

File: 1454567716453.jpg (14.49 KB, 320x320, 145456727895634.jpg)

Imagine taking the elevator all the way downstairs with all your luggage and as soon as those doors open seeing Margo's face. I'd pay to see that in a thriller film

No. 230007

I really do hope that Manaki treats Venus better. Margo is obviously crazy and all, but it's no good if Venus goes from one crazy person to another. I think she'll be alright, but we just don't know enough about Manaki and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

No. 230008

My heart breaks for Venus every time she says "She chose not to be my daughter". Who would say that to their own blood outside of inhuman garbage? She's your daughter, Margo, no matter how cold and heartless you are. Poor Venus even made sure she had enough money leftover before she ran off.

She also uses things like Aspergers and eating disorders to paint her as a wild monster. Even if Venus was as bad as these lies, who was the one who raised her and probably caused these outlashes?

No. 230011

ive only just followed this thread but why do some of you think minaki could potentially be manipulative?

No. 230012

For Venus'sake: I hope not.

For my entertainment value: I really hope so!

No. 230014

Do you think Margo keeps saying that because she wants to hurt Venus until she caves in and comes back? We know Marg is manipulative as fuck, maybe this is one of her ways; hurt V til she feels lowest and comes back because her mother was the only ever comfort she knew.

I hope Venus realizes she doesn't need her mother anymore and gives the real world a try, she's worth more than Marg has 'given' her.

No. 230015

man i hope not. having a mother like that is so toxic.
how old is he anyway?

No. 230016

23 or something close to that.

No. 230017


Actually, he's about 26 or 27.

No. 230018


I thought he was 24 or 25? didn't they say that there's a 6 year age gap between them in their Q&A?

No. 230020

Manaki doesn't seem like a pedo if he is still attracted to Venus despite her being 18 now, and is with her now. So eh

No. 230023

True. Maybe now the idiots screaming, "Pedophile!!!!111!!" will shut the hell up now. She's an adult and looks the part.

No. 230024

Eh, there's a point where it stops being funny and I think we're way past that point now.
Laughing at the stupid shit they post online is one thing, but there is nothing funny about watching someone be abused.

No. 230025

He was 23 when they got married and she was 18 so he should be around 24 now

No. 230026

Yeah, they did say that.
So he's either 24-25 depending on the month he was born on.

No. 230028

I kekked

No. 230029

lol the age difference is not that intense. is it the fact that she has not cognitively matured as a regular adolescence that grinds people's gears?
sorry guys, im a newfag to this thread so i'm just jumping in.

No. 230030

People saying "pedo!!" because she's at 18 is just stupid. I've seen much bigger age gaps work and some people just marry young because they find the people they like early on. She probably needs someone slightly older with a bit of life experience to help her out anyway.

No. 230031

It says "last week's video", so it was probably a pre-recorded one done before she ran away. I assume after this last one all of her videos will be post-Margo.

No. 230033

She would've never been able to grow, and mature properly with Margo. I'm glad she decided to leave. She'll hopefully finally start to learn the true struggles/experiences of the world and finally learn to think for herself.

I don't know if moving out with her first boyfriend, now husband(?), will turn out as everything she hopes for… but anything at this point to get away from her narcissist of a mother is a good step.

No. 230034

I agree the problem is not the age gap, but the fact that Venus will be incredibly dependent on Manaki, which might give him ample opportunity to abuse and manipulate her if he wanted to.

There is no reason to assume he would want to harm her though, so we'll have to wait and see. If Venus would have stayed with Margaret things never would have changed for the better; at least now she has a chance at a semi-normal life.

No. 230036

File: 1454573369248.jpg (221.05 KB, 805x1101, IMG_20160204_170845.jpg)

Some of Venus' "fans" are really retarded.

No. 230039


>your mom would be there in a heartbeat to help you!

>I want nothing to do with her anymore


No. 230040

Why do you type like that, it's giving me cancer.

No. 230041

File: 1454573927159.jpeg (334.08 KB, 1268x1478, image.jpeg)

This guy can go choke on a fucking dick. Or dildo since his name sounds like one.

Do these people not realize that being a mother is all about fucking sacrafices?!

No. 230042

Your story changes every time I see it. Time to stop pretending, me thinks.

No. 230044

>>he did not obsessively tweet her
But that's exactly what he did.

No. 230045

No. 230046

File: 1454575624133.gif (1.96 MB, 300x225, U12FiWQ.gif)

This is so unreal. We all predicted this a while ago. All the clues, every step of the way, and the timing. It's just too perfect…

What if they read everything we say as inspiration for thier lives, and this is just a really elaborate soap opera.

If that is the case then… WE ARE THE COW…

No. 230047

She seems off.
also this looks like it was taken the same day as the pic on Margo's insta, and the sad pictures on her own.

No. 230049

File: 1454575905343.png (266 KB, 598x562, margaretsassburger.png)

Remember when Margo claimed SHE had aspergers, and now she's using it to slander Venus? Kek

No. 230050

it's like she's drunk and talking with peanut butter on the roof of her mouth

???? wtf is going on in the palermo household fam

No. 230051

File: 1454576237532.png (50.63 KB, 1074x168, Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.5…)

I'm crying this comment is hilarious!

No. 230053

i can't sympathize with either one of them.
margo is crazy, without question, but i don't think she wanted to hurt her daughter. Maybe Margo really thought her actions are the best for Venus, I guess she has some kind of psychic problem….or various problems

regarding venus: i dont think she is sweet and innocent, but spoiled and full of herself. she got famous at a young age, constantely being told how kawaiiiii and cuute she is, she never learned that not only looks/ the outside is important, but also the inside, education and being honest with people etc.

There are always two sides of a coin, I'm sure Venus enjoys being a youtube "personality", acting like a cute retarded toddler. nobody can force you to record that kind of videos against your will. i just guess margo was supporting this shit because she loves her daughter (in a not so healthy way, maybe too much, she is all over venus), but venus herself likes her online persona.

otherwise she wouldn't upload a cheerful video one day after all this drama, away from margo suddenly in japan.
if she would have been forced she would now be resting and staying away from the internet for at least a few days.

both are to blame for the whole escalation.

and lots of people are saying that venus is an adult. but: what sane adult would "run away from home" with some man into another country. doesn't sound like a full grown adult to me.

No. 230054

Normal moms would just keep it private or say something along the lines of "My daughter fled to Japan with her husband. I'm worried sick and first of all I want to know if she's safe and in a good place, if anyone has any information please forward it to me"

Knowing Magro it's probably even simpler.
> Attacked her : Probably regular kids/tweens outbursts like srsly.
> Killed her hamster : Maybe owned a small animal once and it died. Could have been a virtual hamster or a tamagotchi considering Margaret level of insanity.
> Broke her puppy leg : Maybe a puppy hurt his leg by himself in the general vicinity of Venus.

Anyway what kind of sibling, let alone a parent, would drag their family through the dirt ?? She's not even waiting to calm down.
My heart goes to Venus, she can't even have a sane mom and that's her only parent. Poor girl. I always thought she was obnoxious but now I want her to succeed just because life gave her a crappy abusive parent and she deserve some happiness.

No. 230055

We have proof of margo's craziness. Your inability to sympathize with venus is based purely on speculation that you are making up. We don't know if she's spoiled or full of herself because we really never experienced her without Margo. I see her uploading the video and working on it for several reasons..it's mindnumbing to do video work so it probably kept her busy most the day and she didn't have to look online. Also, she needs to make money somehow , especially if she's going to be on her own so , this is what she knows for now.

If an adult is in an abusive relationship usually they run away from it. Manaki at this point was a means to do it. It sounds adult to me, to take your life into your own hand. What are you on anon?

No. 230056

what a bitch

No. 230057

to me she sounds like she has a cold or smth

No. 230058

Not siding with anyone here but you sound like a fucking retard. You should be grateful and not take the fact that moms make sacrifices for granted and it is not a norm. Dumb cunt

No. 230059

File: 1454578586686.jpg (57.9 KB, 500x364, putinmilk.jpg)

I can't even believe this is happening right now, Margo is so crazy

No. 230060


You do realise that it was all margos influence that made her this way. Margo used to basically whore her out with taking suggestive picture of her then 14 year old daughter and post it online for fame and easy money. So no she wasnt supporting venus ways she was using it and made sure she would stay this way by taking her out of school and letting her have no friends. And if you ever been trapped with a psycho before and get a way to escape you take it. Manaki was her only and first real escape from this abusive relationship and she does love him and he basically is trying to save her. But who knows

No. 230061

Japan makes shota-butthole-scented lubricant and fucked up hentai and it's still somehow a "save-face" society?

No. 230062

I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if venus is actually asexual. I'd probably be pretty disgusted by sex if my mom said creepy sexual shit to me.

No. 230064

I wish Venus would at least mention she made it to Japan safely, is working on backed up videos in the mean time and explain what happened at a later date when she gets more settled. It's not that difficult, her fans at least deserve to get some reassurance.

No. 230065

that puppy actually was theirs?? and they had a cat? this really pisses me off. so they just get a pet like somenew furniture and give it back (?) when they move again?

No. 230066


I'm 99% sure that the dog isn't theirs. Margo was probably talking about a dog they use to have years ago.

No. 230071

asperger attacks. i can't fucking breathe. this is hilarious

No. 230072

holy fucking shit, waking up to this insanity is glorious. venus, never go back. fucking hell

No. 230073

Speaking of Margo whoring Venus out at a young age and suggestive photographs, anyone remember when she photoshopped Vanus' face onto a models body in a bikini or something to that effect? Or was it someone else did that, and Marg made some kinda comment about V's Tits being bigger? I might be confused but I remember something fucking disgusting like that going down once. Made my skin crawl. And people wonder why Venus would run away (legally) and snap and/or have outbursts. People put under mental strain from a young age tend to do that.

No. 230074

I don't really know much about Venus, but I'm glad she's getting away from that fucked-up home life :) I'm just worried that even if Manaki won't necessarily take advantage of her (since he seems really awkward and shut in) she'll probably still be super dependent on him since she never got to be a normal teenage girl and has probably never had normal interactions with guys before. It is a bit fucked that she literally marries her first boyfriend who is older than her and stalked her for a while so he could get his dream white waifu :3 I just hope she loses all that "hello sugarplums im a kawaii living doll here is some arabic makeup!111 whoa they're HUGE teehee i wasnt talking about my boobs get your mind out of the gutter :)" shit her mother forced on her.

No. 230075

yeah, her outbursts might have been real but they were definitely caused by Margo's abuse and constant pressure on her to be childish

No. 230078

yes some random photoshopped venus' face onto a model wearing lingerie or something, then Margo found it, uploaded the picture to her own social media and photoshopped the tits bigger saying something akin to "if you're going to photoshop at least make it accurate"

No. 230079

Lol, Margo was Gastarbeiter. My sides

No. 230080


Despite Manaki looking like an Asian girl, he seems just as weird. But idk. Even WITHOUT Manaki Venus needs to get on with her life.

No. 230081

this is gold

No. 230084

you're aware that not all pedos are exclusively attracted to young children? and that many will settle for someone older simply because they can't live out their true fantasy? not claiming manaki is one, just stating it as it is. you think you're some kind of pedo expert?

No. 230085

oh my god

No. 230086

It's pretty clear that Margo is uploading that shit, right? Whoever uploaded it, they're deleting comments.

No. 230087

or that super creepy sleepy bunny video? imagining a mother filming her young daughter like that gives me the creeps big time

No. 230091

File: 1454588768533.gif (480.92 KB, 450x391, -WHAT-S-THE-PROBLEM-.gif)

not the anon you were replying to.

but, do you realize youre both saying the same thing? and that youre both right?

No. 230095

alright then, let's get back on topic. who uploaded the new vid?

No. 230096

I don't know if any of you other anons are moms but if you were it would put into perspective what an evil, selfish, psychotic cunt Margot is

Unless your kid literally grew up to be Hitler you would never, ever, ever say shit like that about your own flesh and blood. Not even privately, let alone all over social media. The way she is acting is a perfect example of why venus ran away into the arms of the first guy that tried to get close to her. If she's doing this shit publicly, imagine how she treated Venus when no one could see or hear her?

No. 230098

And despite all the evil shit Margot is saying, and all the fucked up shit YOU KNOW Venus could tell everyone about margot, she's still not said one bad thing about her mom. Idk how anyone could possibly shit talk her in this situation, she's done everything right at this point

No. 230099


Margo is fucking psycho. Threatening to kill herself because Venus had the guts to leave.. and she accuses Manaki of being manipulative. yeah ok. She didn't have to give up her life for Venus ffs, she chose to do that. I don't think Venus has ever been famous enough to need a full time 'manager'?

No. 230108

I never cared much for Venus or her batshit mother because the sheer amount of drama made me go cross-eyed (plus Venus' voice is like nails on chalkboard to me), but reading this thread made me very happy. Go, Venus, go!

She never needed a 'manager'. What she would have needed was a mother to guide her in the right direction, especially when she started that whole Youtube doll act at age, what, twelve? Instead, she got a narcissistic control freak who never got over the fact that the spotlight wasn't on her. Even now, it's all about her feelings, her money, her belongings, her being the victim in this situation.

As much as I'd like her to spill more milk, I don't think she owes anybody anything in this situation. It's probably safer for her to lay low about her whereabouts until Margo has calmed down a bit. If she told people she was in Japan, her stalker mother would probably phone every police station in the country and claim her virgin daughter was kidnapped by her evil manipulator husband. I'm surprised she hasn't hopped on the first plane to Tokyo and kicked Manaki's door down and teeth in.

Sorry for wall of text.

No. 230111


My mother is a crazy bitch too, and it took me much longer to get the fuck away from her.

No. 230113


In the UK you have giant rape pimp gangs with thousands of little girl victims and no one does anything because that's be racist.

Your move, anglos.

No. 230114


Margo doesn't have asspergers, she has BPD, NPD, and HPD. The trifecta of crazy bitch syndrome. She's not fit to be a mother. In fact, she's not fit to be outside of a mental hospital.

No. 230115

File: 1454595828487.jpg (210.18 KB, 752x1130, tumblr_m8kder9Phf1rdp2jwo1_128…)

> They love young looking people and youth. Look at all the lolicon shit

No. 230116

Talia Joy?

No. 230117

[citation needed]
Stop reading the daily mail you twat

No. 230118

Um. Regardless of the fact it was in the daily mail (and numerous other newspapers but I guess you have to ignore that to prove your point.) it still happened. You realise they can't just fabricate arrests, right?

Literally last week a gang of Somalian child raping drug dealers was arrested in my city.

No. 230119

Holy hell. Her mother just made her seem like an idiot through this whole thing, when Venus seems to actually understand a lot of what the interviewer is saying. Poor girl. I'm really glad she got away from her mother. I just hope she can finally live a life where she focuses on her happiness.

No. 230121

>a gang of Somalian child raping drug dealers

They sound busy.

No. 230122


>mfw Fahr is the voice of reason

Even Fahr thinks Margo is shit.

Venus, if you're reading this, don't feel guilty, don't worry about your mom! She can go back to Switzerland, where she can suck that sweet benefits tit until she dies. She won't be out on the street, she won't be homeless.

And she won't kill herself, because she's a narcissistic piece of shit.

No. 230126

I can understand Margo is hurt, I don't think any mother wants to see their child leave home, but the way she is acting is only going to push Venus further and further away and make her resent her. No mother should be trying to ruin their daughter publicly, if Venus is really having "aspergers attacks" and does have autism at this age, it's all because her mother didn't raise her correctly, jumping country to country, not allowing her to have a proper education, and not socialising her properly from a young age.

She was sleeping in the same bed as her for a long time (as far as I remember it being stated) and raised that her mother isn't only her best friend but her manager that controls her life, allowing the uploads of videos such as her in bloomers with cream on her nose, pictures of her breasts exclaiming "wow they're so big", she was 14 back then, wasn't she? To some it's a dream that they can travel the world, have their mother land them gigs at modelling, interviews and being able to go to ~glorious nippon~, but there didn't seem to be a sense of discipline or normalising her life, she didn't separate her daughter's life from fame and allow her to get an education and some good friends.

I'm glad Venus has gotten out of that toxic relationship with her mother, but I believe it will take a long time and the means of therapy to actually undo the damage it has done. It's sad because as much as I feel she shouldn't be in the spotlight for a little with videos, I'm guessing she should keep at them as a source of income and milking being in the spotlight to earn some new fans, if she suddenly lost the money, she wouldn't be able to live the same lifestyle she was before and maybe run back to her mother crying.

No. 230127


They literally think of nothing else. At the moment Venus is a hell of a lot safer in glorious nippon than in rapefugee territory.

No. 230128

This makes me so happy! Go Venus! Hopefully she will get some type of normal life. Kind of OT but it makes me cringe to read how many people have problems with their narcisstic parents…I moved to a different country last year and cut contact with my "mother"

Anyway, let's hope Venus won't let Margo guilt trip her!

Does anyway know what is Manaki's twitter account? Has he posted anything yet?

No. 230129


You could be my sister (from another crazy bitch mother). Reading about Margo almost triggers me because she uses the same guilt trip lines my own mama beast used to. So happy for Venus that she got away while she could.

No. 230130

Bless this thread! Good night, farmers, and don't let the crazy moms bite.

No. 230131

Poor Venus. I am really close to my mom, so this makes me so her relationship with her mom is fucked up. I'm sure they had their genuine, fun, mother-daughter moments. Getting to travel around with my mom would be a dream for me. Venus had to escape and know that it might even be the last time she sees her mom. Even though Margo definitely has issues, she's still Venus's only family and her mom and they experienced a lot together. I think Venus did the right thing, but I hope they can both work on themselves and maybe reconcile down the road and can forgive each other.

No. 230135

Margo is a crazy narcissist, for a lack of a proper diagnosis. She has no empathy for her daughter or anyone other than herself. Margo's always been like this and will never change. She's only "hurt" because this means SHE'S screwed.

Anyone with similar mothers can see how undeserving of sympathy Margo is, especially now. Venus should never, ever go back to this crazy cunt. I do not believe for one second Margo ever cared properly for Venus as a normal mother would have, she shouldn't be held to these standards

No. 230138

Your optimism both warms my heart and infuriates me. People like Margo don't and can't change, they have something pathologically wrong with them. Ask any victim of abusive or neglectful parents and they'll tell you the same. Reconciliation stories live in TV land, they're fiction. The best most people with parents like this can do is keep them at arms length.

No. 230141

i'm curious as to how much access margo has to venus' youtube pay. even if she were safe from margo now, her mother literally has her on a leash down to the penny since the past few years of her life have been all about trying to stay relevant for the rent. idk how smart fleeing to a country without money or an education is unless manaki is rich and patient. not a fangelic but i feel bad for her situation.

No. 230144

I actually did get triggered (although mine was a crazy father). Early this morning I was crying while reading the Margo updates. Even if Venus is a brat she needs to stay far away from her mother. I just hope she gets her life together instead of ending up trading one manipulative person for another.

No. 230147

I keep reporting Margo's posts to/about Venus for harrassment, I hope the bitch gets taken down. You don't treat your own fucking daughter this way. You just don't. She's trying to make herself the victim of her big bad evil 18 year old girl's wicked schemes with her evil stalker husband that MARGO once encouraged for free visa. Because Margo is pure and perfect and the outside world is evil.

Everyone with an insta should report Margo for harrassment, contact instagram with screencaps, etc. She shouldn't get away with dragging her own daughter's name through the dirt. She's the real lolcow here and she's way out of line.

No. 230149

RE: Manaki

I think it's important to put things into perspective. Venus had her share of followers and her gig with Bodyline was no secret. From my understanding, Manaki was not the only one who showed up to Disneyland because Mr. Yan refered to being annoyed by fanS, plural.

Honestly, I think Manaki never actually thought he had a chance with her. That he has helped her this far is a good sign, he didn't bail at the first obstacle.

No. 230152

I had to make a decision a few years ago to leave my abusive husband and it was definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. All the good memories we had together were all I could think of. Even having experienced that, I can't imagine how much strength it took her to just up and leave to another country away from her single mom who she spent practically every waking moment with. That said, I don't think it's the best idea for them to reconnect. Her mom has some major issues that don't really seem to be the type that can be ironed out.

No. 230153

File: 1454598741017.jpg (20.68 KB, 400x300, Putin_cane_xin--400x300.jpg)



I'm going to go to the shops, buy some popcorn and diet coke, and then read this thread. Maybe some chill music in the background. Oh man this is based.

No. 230155


Yeah, this is pretty much the correct summary of her mother. Usually people like this have their own fucked up childhood that made them that way.

My mother is exactly like Margo. I "ran away" from her at the age of 19 too, but I caved in after 6 months. My mother did exactly what Margo did as well - slandered me online/to my friends/family, said all this stupid shit about me and even got me to pay her money (that was technically hers, I didn't even remember it). Point is, she was grabbing onto every superficial little thing to vent out her anger and how upset she was.

She calmed down after a couple of months and the waves of anger and hurt subsided. Then she tried to get in contact with me and twist me back to her.

I have a horrible feeling Margo will follow this path and poor Venus will cave in too, since she probably understands what >>229605 described about her mother, except she will feel guilty because it's been indoctrinated into her that she belongs to her mother and she has to make her mother happy.

Honestly, leaving my mother WAS an insanely painful decision to make - even though she abused me physically and emotionally since I was a baby, I know she can't help being that way and nothing will ever change her.

No. 230163

Weighing in on Manaki, you guys really need to let up on him. I don't think he is as bad as everyone thinks. He was basically a smitten fan and he probably really loves her. I doubt he ever did anything to hurt her.

Her mother just doesn't like him because he's poor/non-celebrity, therefore not worthy of her prize possession. So she tagged words like "pedophile" to describe him since he was attracted to a heavily sexualised 14 year old who did not seem her age at all.

No. 230166

I know, you're right. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sympathizing with Margo and Venus should not trust Margo. I guess I just have a soft spot for mother daughter-relationships that clouds me that I wish for a glimmer of hope. But it's better this way.

No. 230167

RUN venus RUN and don't look back! It's a tough time, and even tougher for you since you're an e celeb with every detail of your life scrutinised but…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, margo is not a good influence on you!

No. 230169

anon, not everything is a conspiracy theory. get educated

No. 230171

to me the straw on the camel's back is her mother's interest in Venus's virginity. 1-wtf 2- wtf 3- wtf why is she treating her daughter's virginity as a commodity she should base her self worth on? Not her ability to learn different languages, not her personality, not her video making skills, not her baking skills, but her genitalia. That's super inappropriate for a parent to say.

No. 230173

To be quite honest, it could be a little difficult to get back to Switzerland now. Do they even have Swiss citizenship? With the floods of refugees and rent prices going through the roof I'm not so sure it's going to be that easy. She could try Germany tho, we unfortunately let everyone in

No. 230175

just stop. ffs

No. 230179

File: 1454600474892.png (79.84 KB, 272x199, 1419319244818.png)

>"if Venus is really having "aspergers attacks" and does have autism at this age, it's all because her mother didn't raise her correctly"
>implying that you can 'catch' autism

No. 230183

I'd watch it. At least she's more creative than Mira.

No. 230184

Manipulative bullshit 101. Venus needs to start frequenting /r/eddit raisedbynarcissists because her mum sounds so immature and emotionally bancrupt. She needs to start surrounding herself with good and chill people.

No. 230187

or worse, what if margo tries to pull some kidnapping nonsense or gets th police involved?

No. 230188

Then show us the tweets you moron. Manaki didnt tweet at her daily or anything like that.
EVEN IF HE DID there are Markiplier fans who tweet at or about him several times a day and ACTUALLY type creepy shit.

No. 230189

I think it is possible that Manaki has a crazy parent too. Usually people don't support you when you want to run away from your parents, saying all kinds of crap like "BUT SHE'S YOUR MOTHER!". And maybe it's just me but this "It's only scary in the beginning" sounds like someone who knows about cutting contact with a crazy person.
Sorry if i sound retarded lol

No. 230190

She would have issues in Germany too.

She left The Netherlands for tax evasion or however it's called.
Infact i think she'd have issues in most European countries at the moment.

No. 230193

>Tries to argue Japan arent weird about age
>'MILF' figure has the face of a young girl

Try harder next time

No. 230194

right? also denying she has one before

No. 230195

Being stuck with Margo for an extended period could cause anyone to drown themselves in drink.

But I'm not buying this. I think Margo is nuts. She wants to turn everyone against Venus for sympathy points. If Venus has any emotional problems or addictions it's because of the way she was raised and that's on Margo. She should have gotten Venus some help when she was still underaged if that was the case. But I guess that would look bad if it were leaked online.

No. 230196

File: 1454602407135.png (182.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Anyone know if this Manaki x Isabella thing is true?

No. 230197

Venus should save all the screenshots so in case something happens she can prove her mom is slandering her online and would possibly harm her. It's a good thing it's posted here.

No. 230198

I'd take that with a grain of salt. These are people defending Margo after all.

No. 230200


>my 18 year old has a drinking problem

doesn't Margo see how bad that looks on her though?

No. 230201

I think Venus full name is Venus Isabelle Palermo? lol

No. 230202

File: 1454602963402.jpg (55.67 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nk4kqsPHrP1qlkpdmo1_128…)

The only reason people dislike manaki and think he's a creepy stalker pedo is because Margo said so….

The same batshit insane Margo that atm is having a sperg attack over her 18 year old daughter moving out acting like a jealous ex instead of a concerned mother.

And the only reason she seems to dislike Manaki is because he isn't rich.
If the guy had money she would have been crawling up his ass.
It's hilarious Margo acts like Manaki is beneath her…..while Manaki has a job…
Sure it's not a great one but he's working nonetheless.
Personally i respect someone working as a Toilet lady more then a bum leeching of her daughter doing nothing and sitting at home.

What do we know about Manaki?
-He was a fan of her videos when she was young.
he said so himself.
Her videos consisted of her acting cutesy.. like the Japanese seem to like in general.

-He tweeted her like a fan a few times.
there is proof of this
but not obsessively or to the extend the majority of fans do with idols they like.

-He showed up at Disneyland to see her.
But judging by what Venus said so did a bunch of other fans.
basically she did a meet.
He was nice to Venus and she thought he was cute This is said by herself in their video.
She teases him innocently about it and she genuinely looks as if she likes him.
Although that last bit is just my opinion.

-The guy is awkward as fuck and shy in videos.
But so is Venus.
They both act like 2 giddy awkward teenagers in love i really did not see any harm or creepiness in this.

-He asked Venus to marry him.
Rather quick in my western opinion but from what i know this isn't uncommon in Japan so i won't judge on that

-When everything seemed to go batshit and Margo completely dragged him through the mud he didn't act out in a full on flame war.
But apparently kept contact with Venus secretly.
He did not abandon her in a situation in which i think most guys (and girls) would have backed off.

-He came to get Venus.
He didn't tell her to get on a plane on her own.
He didn't sit back and just waited.
Venus was scared and he came to get her.
judging by Venus saying he told her ''It's only scary in the beginning''

Now i do not know this guy.
None of us do and we'll have to wait and see what he truly is like.
Maybe he's a creep maybe he is not.
Reality is we know very little about him that didn't come out of Margo's insane mouth.

Meanwhile Margo is showing she is actually deranged.
Even is Venus and Manaki do not work out i think she probably made a good choice.

tldr; Margo is proven creepy, Manaki is rumored to be creepy.
Manaki is the better gamble.
and yes i just googled that picture

No. 230203

If it is true then there is nothing about it on the internet. Manaki and Venus said they're each other's first relationship.

No. 230211

File: 1454603540255.jpg (54.99 KB, 960x607, ff.jpg)

Here you go

No. 230214

>The only reason people dislike manaki and think he's a creepy stalker pedo is because Margo said so….

Nah, I remember people talking about the big age gap and him being a creep because of that when their relationship got public first.

That was way before Margo turned around and talked shit about him.

It's not hard to see why people would criticize an adult guy who got interested in a girl when she was underage, and later even pursued her.

No. 230215

File: 1454604088026.jpg (110.98 KB, 634x703, article-2136332-12C58310000005…)

Margo is angry Weenus escaped
good for venus

No. 230217

Yeah but even if that's so, Venus isn't Danish. I don't think there's any truth to it tbh, there are some crazy stans out there who will say/do anything.

No. 230218

Manaki is chill in my opinion, just seems like an awkward guy.

No. 230219

I thought that too, but if you read the context anon seemed to mean "aspergers-like attacks."

No. 230221

Meh, age gaps aren't too big of a deal most of the time. I wish people would just let that go.

No. 230223

100% agree. There are caps where she's basically shitting on him because he's poor.

"He has no money HE'S ALSO A PEDOPHILE STALKER CREEP also he has no money"

No. 230224

-He came to get Venus.
He didn't tell her to get on a plane on her own.
He didn't sit back and just waited.
Venus was scared and he came to get her.
judging by Venus saying he told her ''It's only scary in the beginning''

It's this part that shows he truly does love her.

No. 230226

I would say a lot of that stemmed from how suddenly they started dating and talking about engagement. And just general being catty bitches. But I am not going to deny that a 20 year old having an interest in a 14 year old, however sexualized, is not totally ok.

When given a choice between staying with Margo and going with Manaki, it is 100% clear which one is the best choice. Venus being out on her own with no one would just drove her back to mom for protection. I can't believe people are even suggesting there is a problem here.

Even if Manaki was interested in her when she was younger, this isn't a situation where he groomed her to be a certain way. He didn't pursue her til she was 18 or maybe almost-18. Margo on the other hand DID groom her to be a perfect sexualized dolly. Night and day. People suggesting she's running from one abuser to another are nuts. You have no proof that he's an abuser, just what Margo has said.

No. 230228

Lel I hate you anon

No. 230230

>Venus has really weird and childish outbursts sometimes.

I wanna hear more about this, I imagine her to be like some possessed doll with creepy mood swings.

No. 230231

good for Venus. I hope she can find some peace. Margot is just insane…

No. 230233

Also who says he was "intrested" in her then he might have just been a casual fan or something and then when they actually met and spend time together he fell in love?

No. 230234

>she has done some pretty bad stuff and I didn't tell anyone

WTF how is that you being high and mighty margo? that's the basic least a mother would do. Stop treating her like your friend or cat, and start being an actual mother.

No. 230235

Nigga are you okay?

No. 230236

She was probably looking to sell it or some shit.

No. 230237

How the heck is peenus bullying her? By living in a different country? By being a legal adult? By daring to maybe gasp lose her virginity? Margo really needs to take her nose out of penuuses ass, and concentrate on her own life. Sounds like she's living vicariously through her daughter.

No. 230239

Typical abusive/narcissist mother shenanigans. They often don't let you have your stuff, especially stuff from your childhood that meant a lot to you. They may hold it hostage or even throw it away, while making a point. It's painful stuff.

No. 230241

Manaki is now her manager? So she doesn't even give her daughter enough credit to think she could manage her own insta/youtube? Prove her wrong Venus! I'm looking forward to a more mature/less real doll cringe venus! Margo was out of touch and pushing her videos in the wrong direction. Venus needs to find her own direction, things SHE enjoys doing. Maybe language or fashion videos? Maybe drawing? She can finally be herself, and that's pretty exciting.

No. 230242

This shit reminds me of my mother "Uhhh, I gave you food and kept a roof over your heads! Best mother 4evar! And I didn't even do drugs! I'm a hero!" that's basic shit if you don't want CPS to take your kids away

No. 230243

When you have a kid you have to give up certain things to make sure you rear a well adjusted individual. Having a kid shouldn't be considered a right. Are you going to continue to go out clubbing/bar hopping when you have a kid? If you don't understand what it takes to be a parent then you shouldn't have kids.

No. 230244

I can't speak for others but I personally am a little worried for her. I don't think we have any proof that Manaki is a creep but when someone who has been in a long relationship with an abuser it's common for them to subconsciously look for those traits in other people. It's comfortable and familier. It's how people get locked into a pattern of bad relationships.

Seeing as Venus has zero life experience, I don't think most people are being out of line showing concern for her. The "pedo" shit however is fucking stupid.

No. 230245

and how many languages do you know anon?

No. 230247

Her saying ''Manaki is now her manager '' Strikes me as so odd.

Venus has said nothing about this in public.
And according to Margo's rant Venus ran away without a word and she cannot get contact with Venus now.
I mean she's even asking Venus to send her stuff Japan to Margo's address in Korea.

So when did she find out about Manaki now being Venus her manager?
To me that sounds like biggest thing Margo is jealous/afraid off so she's making a big deal out of it already.

She doesn't hate losing her daughter.
She's having a hissy fit because she lost her meal ticket.

No. 230250

You do realize we don't know shit about autism right? Whether it's aactually a developmental or genetic disorder or both is beyond our scope of knowledge right now. Still waiting on some groundbreaking research to give the official word.

Source: work with autistic kids

No. 230251

Concern is absolutely understandable and fine.
Like i said in my long ass rant we don't really know him.
he might be a creep who knows.

What annoys me is the people acting as if it's a fact simply because Margo said so.

No. 230252

wowowoWOW now she's blaming her daughter for moving around

it's like those parents who divorce and then blame their bad marriage on their kids. "Oh, my kid was angry/depressed/whatever and that put a strain on our relationship". Bullshit, you wanted to move around. You said so long ago, you said you had a nomad travelling life because of drama and taxes.

No. 230253


No. 230254

Holy shit, I didn't know Margo was THIS evil wtf

also trips speak the truth

No. 230256

Anyone want to start a NPD parent general in /b/?

No. 230257

It's quite obviously completely made up. She is seeing it that way because she can only see a twisted reality.

Reality = an abused girl escaping from a narcissistic mother with her boyfriend helping her.

Twisted reality = slut whore ungrateful daughter running away with a poor man who will make money from her

No. 230258

To Margo, whoever "owns" Venus must be her manager. Margo can't even fathom that Venus can manage her own shit. And thinks that Manaki instantly becomes her manager and is his property because that's all she sees Venus as, a thing.

No. 230259

I think it would be good. Honestly I didn't even know that was a thing until someone posted the reddit link here. I find reddit hard on the eyes so it would be great to read other people's experiences on here.

No. 230260

Does anyone know how much Venus's YouTube makes? Mayo keeps going on that Manaki is a poor factory worker and all, but I don't think money is the motivation for him like it is for Margo. I hope he's not stupid enough to put all good eggs in one basket and try to quit his job live off her money. Surely he must know that Venus can't keep doing YouTube forever. He doesn't seem money grubbing to me.

No. 230262

WTF what makes her think he's going to quit his job?

No. 230263

Because that is what she did.

No. 230264

Venus is not an individual with her own thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires to her. She's just a pet, an object she can parade around and show off, in this case make money off of. And that's absolutely disgusting. Then she throws a huge tantrum like a 3 year old because she left and she can't have control over her anymore. I hope Venus never speaks to her again. Mayo reminds me too much of my own mom.

No. 230265

yep. I mean margo literally filmed weird 'star' videos of venus as a kid, does anyone have a link to these vids? You know what I mean

No. 230266

I think he's in it for the girl not the money.
maybe just me but in the videos he sees to be really into Venus.

No. 230267

Margo needs to join scientology. She's the kind of person that needs to be obsessed with something and feel superior. That would be perfect for her as they'd also pay for her food and shelter.

No. 230272

Agreed. First chrischan and his tomgirl/pepperspray shenanigans, then coffin and his realdoll wife,rosee gets a snapchat, then nick bates going to prison, PT losing weight and now this.

We had a milk drought the past few years, but this is epic.

No. 230275

>so I'm not a mother anymore either

what a bitch. Poor venus. RUN VENUS RUN!

No. 230276

File: 1454607377396.jpg (51.32 KB, 600x430, putin-019.jpg)

No, milk has been plentiful across the board. I think it might be related to the blood moon. Made everyone more crazy.

No. 230277

>just because japan obsession

yeah, it's not like she's friggin MARRIED to the guy or anything right margo?

No. 230278

So what is she if not swiss? I thought she's swiss german?…

No. 230279

I was never implying someone can catch autism, I just meant that if her mother raised her properly, kept her in a stable environment, I'd imagine her apparent "aspergers attacks" wouldn't be as severe as she's making out. I know at the end of the day someone cannot get rid of their autism, but they can learn how to handle and manage it. I only really pointed this out as I'm dating someone with aspergers and ADHD, but their parents raised them in a way that taught them how to manage these things.

Looking back on it, I think I worded it pretty badly and it might've came across as insensitive, but it's more feeling irate at Margo for blaming Venus for having these attacks and labelling it as "aspergers attacks", when (assuming Margo isn't lying about Venus having aspergers) she looks like she hasn't raised her correctly, only enabled her.

No. 230280


No. 230281

Margo's Hungarian, the dad is Swiss and Austrian, I think.

No. 230283

This. If he just wanted a white waifu he would have realized after round one of Margo slandering him online that they're batshit insane and not worth the trouble, and would have abandoned ship. I mean ffs, all the dude would have to do is make a WorldFriends account and hook up with a desperate weeb.
He stayed with Venus even though he must have been well aware of how vicious Margaret would be towards him, so Venus must mean at least something to him.

No. 230284

why does she mention that he's "uneducated"? You can be the sweetest kindest person and work manual labour all your life. Maybe he's more of an apprenticeship kinda guy, and how is that a problem if he brings home money and is a good guy? Not everyone has to be a brainiac.

No. 230285

I'm pretty sure she's probably lying about the "aspergers attacks" anyway. I mean Venus may be on the spectrum, but honestly, I assume it must have been Venus getting angry over her mother forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do/not letting her do something she wanted to do.

I have a narcissistic mother and when my mother behaved like that to me, sometimes I just lost it and raged. There's only so much a person can take.

No. 230286

>telling the whole world that your daughter has an ED and hurt her pets

WTF margo, I see clearly why Venus left. You're a messed up cunt for telling everyone things like this. Does your daughter do the same to you? No, and she damn well could because lord knows where your nasty crab infested vag has been.

No. 230288

File: 1454607870615.jpg (341.5 KB, 2000x1000, o-PUTIN-facebook.jpg)

>telling the world extremely private things about your daughter you only know because you're her mother
>not slandering

wow margo, just wow.

No. 230290

Someone who posted on the old PULL and claimed to live with them (posted a pic of their kitchen as proof) said that Venus really was prone to weird and childish outbursts, but I think it's more likely to be a byproduct of being raised like a spoiled brat rather than legit Asperger's. People who have a very low tolerance for frustration because they always get what they want and rarely experience it often throw fits like that.

No. 230291

TBH EDs are pretty common in teen girls, and who has never shooped may only throw the first stone when it comes to the jawline accusation. It's not like margo has any say, this old bitch shoops her face baby ass smooth.

No. 230292

Adding to that, I got angry when my mother did really horrible things, like lying to my teachers at school.

Then she told my teachers that I randomly have fits of anger for no reason whatsoever

Yeaaaaah pretty sure Margo is doing the same thing.

No. 230294

Prove her wrong Venus. What sort of a mother wants to see her daughter suffer? WTF

No. 230296

Yeah that is also a point. Not really her fault that she comes off a childish either, what with being a puppet that wasn't allowed outdoors, in case she mixes with other people and thinks for herself.

No. 230298

Legitimately disabled people do it for that reason too. It's so, so common for parents of disabled kids to hear shit like "They're so well behaved and well mannered!" From their teachers about a kid that regularly has outbursts at home; because they understand that at school it wont be tolerated. Or vice versa.

Even if Venus does have aspergers, her alleged rage fits would still be because of Margie's poor parenting.

No. 230299

these are regular teenager things. I bet margo is no saint. Everyone does stupid shit when they're young, I don't see why margo is randomly bringing them up as if they make venus a bad person.
>I spoiled her
How? Be more concrete margo, if you want us to sympathise.

No. 230300

She spoiled her by keeping a roof over her head and putting food on the plate. And yes, SHE did it, because Venus would be nothing without her.

No. 230301

>to leave your mother over a boy

does she not realise that's what you're SUPPOSED to do? You're not supposed to live with your mother well into spinsterhood.
Bitch, you CHOSE to reproduce, you CHOSE to have a child. Raising your child is the bare minimum, you don't get to say you chose to sacrifice your life for her and she needs to be grateful by living only for you.

No. 230302

Or maybe when she was a kid. My niece who when she was 5 accidentally killed her hamster by cuddling it too hard, she didn't mean to, they're just very fragile. We got her a new hamster and he bites a lot, which has served him well as he's still alive today after 2 years.

No. 230304

>MFW venus joins ISIS, ISIS gets a kawaii makeover

No. 230305

I'm convinced that all the positive comments are fellow farmers feeding the cow. I might go to that too actually.

No. 230310

Margo said on PULL that she lets Venus do whatever the fuck she wants as long as it's not obviously harmful, because her own parents were oppressive Christians who didn't allow her anything, and she's a cool mom damn. Venus also seemed to have a lot of material goods (wigs, circle lenses, lolita dresses etc.) most teenagers do not grow up with, so in a way she really was spoiled.
Marg probably was one of those parents who gave her kid everything she wanted to avoid the chimpout that follows when you say no to a child, so it probably bit her in the ass eventually.

No. 230311

Yeah, Margo claims to have all these degrees and look where it got her. I don't know about in Japan, but if he is going for a trade, tradespeople are actually in demand and get paid pretty good in some areas because fewer people will work with their hands these days. School isn't for everyone and also can have the consequence of massive debt anyway. And not going to school spent mean you're uneducated. My older brother never went to college and is now a vice president of a bank branch and it's one of the smartest people I know.

No. 230315

I'm not sure why users on PULL think that Margo and Venus made this whole thing up. Is it actually so hard to believe that their relationship is a total mess and Venus actually wants to get away? What teenager doesn't rebel at some point?

No. 230318

It's a hundred times more embarrassing being 40 and living off your teenaged daughter's clingy YouTube videos than being a productive member of society and doing unskilled labor. Oh, and for someone who has travelled so much she sure is ignorant about not everyone having equal opportunities. Not everyone can afford being 41 and still studying useless shit at ~university~ Why bother studying every language under the sun if you move every 6 months and never use them again anyways?

No. 230320

That was so they could get student visas to all these countries. And maybe try to make themselves appear more cultured.

No. 230321

Why is she so blurry? Come on venus, step up with the video shooper

No. 230322

Ummm so I just discovered margo's youtube and all I can say is WTF

No. 230324


If Margot had full access to it she wouldn't be sperging out like she is now.

I also wonder wtf she was thinking threatening to shit down her YT account since that was Margots main source of income.

No. 230326

nice going trying to take down the milk retard. at least this way her crazy shit is in public and we can keep an eye on her shenanigans, she's more deadly when being a ninja

No. 230328

Their age gap isn't that extreme anyway. I swear some people don't live in the real world, 10year and more age gaps are doable, I know plenty of people with such age gaps and as long as the guy makes you happy, and you don't make a huge deal out of it, it's no biggie.

It's only a biggie if you try and make it one, acting like two consenting adults = pedophillia

What next? Men who date skinny young looking flat chested women are pedos? Madonna is a pedophile?

No. 230329

I agree. It's like these people don't get out much.

No. 230330

What if Margo's projecting her own fucked up actions on Venus. What if it was HER who broke the puppy's leg etc.
Anyway I can't believe this shit, it's like we've always known it was going to happen but somehow now that's real it's so weird

No. 230335

Come on now, that's a six year difference. And it's not like he had an "interest" in her when she was 14, he just knew of her and liked her videos. Didn't stalk her and fap furiously to them like margo makes it out to be.

No. 230337

what if that anon is right tho

No. 230340

>To Margo, whoever "owns" Venus must be her manager.
Exactly. She treats venus as a dog that she feeds, dresses up, takes pictures of. Makes her do cool tricks. But once the dog pees on the carpet because its scared, she beats its face in (or rather posts about its ED on instagram and threatens to take down its youtube)

No. 230342

lol margo is the projection master

No. 230345

Does anyone have info on the dad? I could contact him if you'd like or have any ideas.

No. 230346

I'm pretty sure you can catch autism by watching chrischan videos anon.

No. 230349

Agreed. Margot is just punching at his (arguable) misdeeds to make herself look more favourable. It's very hypocritical since even though she's "educated" there are other areas in her life where she has failed and he (so far at least) has not, such as relationships.

It's how she measure her self worth, and it's a n1 narcissist trait. Using 'positive' attributes to define yourself and others, but labelling your negative characteristics as unimportant or negligible.

No. 230354

It's likely he doesn't care and has moved on with his life. I don't think it would be all that hard for him to find her. And Venus could probably contact her family if she really wanted to. Her dad would have intervened earlier if she meant something to him. She's legally an adult anyway, so what can he do for her? I don't think anyone knows any info about him anyway. Best to leave him and her other extended family out of this, that's Venus's choice if she wants to seek that out.

No. 230358

Some anons here said the same even before PULL found out about this happening so it's not only them.

No. 230361

Yeah, not to mention that there are also a shitton of relatives on Margo's side too but funny thing is that Margo abadoned them (she mentioned it in childhood pics of her) just like Venus does with her now too.

No. 230364

As someone who only follows venus and margo through lolcow, can someone tell me how long it's been since venus last updated?

She's not done any videos or major updates since fleeing korea yet has she?

No. 230369

Either way dude, I'm too sober to think about that shit

No. 230370

Venus never even had pets to begin with, we would have been flooded with photos and she said once that she was never allowed to have pets as they moved a lot.

No. 230375

Lel who gives s shit about education if you don't apply it to s career or anything period

No. 230380

Japan is shit when it comes to treating mental health problems, google "Mental Health Japan".

No. 230384


By having an interest in her at 14, I think he meant that he thought she was interesting and liked her videos? In that perspective, it isn't strange. Japanese people like cute things and Venus was one of the first to be publicly known as a "living doll". Some people would have gotten curious about her/gain an interest in her for sure.

No. 230386

Oh, good. Perfect nightmare fuel for bedtime.

(Wtf is this even? I can't understand a word of it.)

No. 230387

That's what it means to sweep it under the rug, they'd rather pretend it's not happening or isn't that bad rather than fix it. Japan saves face by trying to look good on the outside.

No. 230390

But all the "cool" stuff came mostly from Venus's youtube income as Margo hardly ever worked since Venus went viral.

No. 230395

I think one of them said that Venus opened up a bank account, so I'm assuming she's directing all her Youtube pay to there which was a really smart move.

No. 230402

She must've stopped when she realised she's too old for people to want to see.

No. 230404

or worse, I can totally imagine margo getting her a cat or puppy and then giving it up to the shelter because they have to move

No. 230421

Her videos are so creepy and uncomfortable to watch!! I can't even get through a whole one.

No. 230423

jesus fucking christ. i must say i'm like, legitimately rooting for venus to not be such a lolcow now that she's escaped margo. one can hope. she's young and hopefully will learn from this horrible experience.

No. 230425

Not believing this shit one bit. "Isabelle" is very close to Venus' last name. These are crazy people defending Margo and crazies that want to get in Venus' pants.

No. 230426


I remember during her sudden efame increase on Youtube, according to the little statistics beneath her videos, a huge chunk of her audience were men twice her age or older. Not sure what it is now though.

No. 230427

This. If people don't understand that when you have kids, you're going to have a bloody lifestyle change. You can't keep blowing every paycheck on makeup, clothes and booze for yourself. You can't go out clubbing every night and come home at 2AM. If people can't understand that basic concept, I hope they never breed.

No. 230428

>He came to get Venus.
>He didn't tell her to get on a plane of her own.
>He didn't sit back and just waited.

cute (////)

No. 230430

After watching this whole mess unfold, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Margo made him move on with his life.

As in,
> "No, Venus, you can't call your father, he doesn't want to hear from you because you decided to stay with me."
> "No, (whatever the father is called), you can't call Venus, she won't pick up the phone because she's mad at you for leaving us."

That's not to say there aren't any deadbeat parents who just leave their children hanging, but considering the current situation and how Margo tries to spin it to her favor, I wouldn't put it past her.

Simple speculation on my part, though.

No. 230432

I think it's pretty obvious that Venus was an accident though. It's not as if Margo planned to have her and then fucked it up. It's still bad, don't get me wrong, I just don't think she actually decided to have Venus.

No. 230434

Having the Japan vlogger scene sink their claws into her would be the (second) worst thing ever for Venus.

No. 230436

Her demonic ASMR vid is even creepier. Did she delete it? It was, what, over an hour long? Her just swaying around in a circle of candles or sth. Batshit insane.

No. 230438

definitely. no idea how she's going to keep up living like that. can't see her working a real job at this point tbh

No. 230439

No I hope Venus keeps going strong and ignores her fully. She should continue to post what she wants wherever and make what ever types of videos make her happy. I hope Venus doesn't publicly address her mother further. She's already eloquently explained the situation through instagram and that should be enough.
Venus's best bet is to continue on with her life and grow on her own, separate from Marg.

No. 230440

holy shit i hadn't seen that before. did she legit post that? good lord

No. 230442

I can't help but compare Venus and Manaki to Lainey and Gerg tbh. Don't know how they're private life is, and I'm not saying Manaki is as fucked up as Gerg, but the fact he has been following Venus' online life since she was 14 and as soon as he could he married her is strange. It honestly screams of grooming, much like with Lainey. The biggest difference is Margo, obviously. Venus needed to get away from her, and I am happy she finally did and do hope for the best. But Venus hasn't had a chance to grow, to be a young woman. Depending on her mother and now her husband isn't going to build any sort of confidence, and just because she did leave Margo doesn't mean she's "strong." Remember when it comes to manipulators/ abusers the first step is isolating them from family/ friends (coughMargo*cough)

No. 230443

I'm thinking that too with the way Margo is ripping into her own daughter. If Margo never wanted to be a parent, she could have just put Venus up for adoption when she was an infant. But nope, she decided she'd make the best of it and live through her. It's really depressing as hell.

No. 230445

no it's still up on her channel but it was only 30min long

No. 230446

People are giving way too much credit to the shit Margo has been posting about Manaki.
If he were a pedo, wouldn't he have just given up on Venus and moved onto someone new once she got older? If he really wanted to marry some white chick, as others have said there are plenty of desperate weebs with rich parents who ship them off to language schools or are lurking around on penpal websites. He could've picked some no bullshit white chick with raging yellow fever and profited way more than sticking with venus.
Hell, just the fact that he stuck with her after seeing how crazy Margo was says a lot.
I don't know if others are the same, but as someone with abusive family, once shallow people see outbursts they gtfo as soon as they can. No one wants to get mixed up in that if they don't truly give a fuck about the person who is being abused.
I really feel like people are grasping at straws to make Manaki out to be some abusive asshole when the only real one is Mother Gothel over here chimping out on social media about her adult daughter leaving her.

No. 230447

You're stupid to compare them tbh. The MOST Manaki did was tweet at her a couple of times and with her level of popularity she probably didnt even really pay them any mind. Let's be real Manaki hasnt shown a SINGLE sign of being negative for Venus at all. With his day job etc she'd have lots of free time and he's got a pretty sub personality from what we've seen. If anything in my opinion he's done nothing but show that he's a pretty good person. He saw that Margo was terrible to her, stayed with her and now helped her get out of that toxic situation.

If he was just some creeper it would have been EASY to find someone else BEFORE now whereas he (according to what we know) has never dated anyone before and it BLATANTLY looks like it from every ACTUAL source we have.

Like how about we actually wait and see what happens rather than condemning some dude we barely know.

No. 230448

It's more like Margo is Gerg, Venus is Lainey and Manaki is Billie

No. 230449

Thanks to you i now have the image of Margo giving Manaki a full body massage.

No. 230451

What Manaki was doing (being a fan in a different country and occasionally tweeting her/about her is not grooming. You guys need to really read about what that is.

No. 230452

…Are you insane?

No. 230453

Kek, well Margo apparently did say Manaki tried to hit on her

No. 230461

A barista giving her her coffee so their hands brush constitutes heavy flirting for Margo.

No. 230463


Margo please go

No. 230467

I feel like Manaki also caught on that her mother was crazy long ago like we did, and wanted to protect her. Not that I think he loves her any less, but would give him extra incentive to stick around.

No. 230476

I can imagine Margo giving dirty looks to that barista…poor barista.

No. 230479

Margo wouldn't insult herself like that and her English is worse than that

No. 230481

I don't think it's Margo, just someone reaching way too hard.

No. 230488

it looks photoshopped as hell, i don't think it's legit at all, and venus doesn't shoop her face in that style anymore.

No. 230489

Look at the comment it was a response to.
it's not recent and it's a creepy thing Margo posted not Venus

No. 230495

Watch this. Just… watch.

No. 230498

anon asked if that was something venus had legit posted (ie the original photo), i was like nah man.

No. 230503

Oh my JESUS, I'm glad that she stopped trying to do ASMR. Her accent is ugly, her voice is ugly, her bastardized English is ugly EVERYTHING about Margo is ugly–especially that personality.

No. 230506

I dunno if it's the filter or what, but her teeth look disgusting. I can't understand wtf she's saying either. I enjoy some ASMR videos (mainly opening packages), but I've always found whispering ASMR to be creepy and Margo trying to sound soft and relaxing makes it even creepier.

No. 230507

File: 1454633685934.png (256 KB, 416x300, so soothing.png)

No. 230511

Her mouth and lips look so weird

No. 230512

…..why did mayo make a video about shaving your ass with a literal bird's nest on her head?

No. 230513


Because it's kawaii.

No. 230531

HOLY CRAP. I nearly spit cranberry juice all over my laptop as soon as she started talking. I should have known better than to start the video in mid-sip.

No. 230532

are you fucked in the head? manaki was not grooming her and didn't stalk her, just knew of her when she was 14 because her videos were popular in japan. You're falling for margos trap of making him look like a pedo. The poor guy is just older than her, he's not a pedophile wtf. A pedophile is someone attracted to prepubescent characteristics. Venus is over 18, has boobs, meat, a brain, periods and is not an 8 year old girl.

No. 230533

knowing margo, she'd be up for it

oh god now I want to puke ,thanks anon

No. 230534


Her How To Be Polite In England video is just fucking confusing.

Yes, say please and thank you. Great… there is more to it than that you know Margo.
Can anyone actually understand what the hell she is going an about with not saying please and thank you when in shops?

No. 230536


No. 230537


No. 230538

Margo has NPD and this shit is classic NPD. She loves Venus and gives her the world when she can control her, when the control stops she will split and hate her daughter.

NPD parents give their child an inaccurate world view, they tell them the world is scary and they can trust no one but them. Not letting your child grow up is part of the control because it keeps them dependant. Not letting girls wear a bra, have a bf, have friends (and turning potential friends against the child, or the child against the friends), denying them the ability to learn to drive, homeschooling or allowing an incomplete education, showering them with undeserved gifts to show the girl what a "good mother" they are, competing with the girl by dressing the same/stealing bfs attention. It's all NPD and Venus is the product of emotional control, emotional abuse and sheltering.

It's so sick and Venus can unfortunately never ever have a relationship with her mother. These people don't get better and they don't change. She will continue to manipulate until the day she dies. Even email communication will be dangerous as Margo will manipulate her:

Oh Venus I am SO sad since you left me. I'm sorry that YOU feel that way about me after all I have done for you.

NPD's ignore the feelings of others. Venus would of had her emotions gaslighted for years.

Don't go back! Even if Manaki doesn't work out STAY AWAY and don't look back.

No. 230539

Also: everyone in a Narcassist's life is there for their own narcissistic supply. They don't see or care about the feelings or wellbeing of others, they just care about puppeting them about to feed their narcassistic supply.

No. 230541

I agree, but based on her insane behavior in the past decade, I suspect she has one or more other serious mental disorders as well. Perhaps bipolar or borderline, or both.

No. 230547

It's one thing to say "this person acts really npd" but I am sick to death of these walls of text.
Here, with the waif and Queen shit, in the Gerg thread, in the Kiki thread… Cut it down or cut it out.

No. 230548


Isn't splitting and throwing tantrums more a BPD thing? Most narcissists don't seem to be retarded the way Margo is.

No. 230549

anons pls

Margo is fucked, that's all we need to know.

No. 230557


>the crone says

rotfl. margo, with her botched English, doesn't grasp the difference between the German Krohne (Crown) and crone (old hag).

CREEPY! Couldn't watch 30 seconds of this, jfc.


Helping PT lose weight is one of the best things we ever did. I hope we also helped Venus escape Margo. We're a self-help board, let's just face it.

I agree. Manaki being a creepity creep creep is just hearsay. We have thousands of exhibits of proof that Margo is a batshit, emotionally incestual, piece of shit excuse for a mother.

No. 230566

Then simply scroll past it, holy fuck.

No. 230569

something tell me you're one of the people who writes paragraphs of regurgitated information you found on wikipedia or mayoclinic to prove ur totes a doctor and can disect the hooman psyche cos i smart (:

No. 230572

You are about 80x more annoying than a wall of text post. Stop.

No. 230573

d'aw, what are your feefees hurt over now?

No. 230575

File: 1454646822845.gif (1021.47 KB, 500x250, honey no.gif)

gtfo ur both annoying

No. 230576

Don't worry I just happen to be an exorcist.

I'll need:

1 liter of goat's blood
3.5 crosses
3 cups of Jesus Juice
1 Robert Downey Jr. (sober)
And the conversions of 3 Muslims to Christianity.

oh and a protein bar. This is going to take all night.

No. 230578

I made a thread where everyone can derail about their NPD experiences.


No. 230579

thank you blessed anon

No. 230595

I think you're onto something.

No. 230596

It's absolutely crazy how many anons have said that Margo reminds them of their mothers since this whole shitstorm started, ESPECIALLY since this absolute freakshow began. My heart goes out to anyone who had to deal with mothers like this. I know it fucking sucks. I hope Venus can make it.

No. 230598

File: 1454655654328.png (758.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-05-07-59-28…)

Umm so manaki said this

No. 230599

Oh… shit?
So wait, where is Venus actually?

No. 230600

This was posted 2 weeks ago?

No. 230602


Is this his real account?

No. 230603

This is old. This was when Manaki first went to visit Venus in Korea.

No. 230604

Seems written by a 12 year old. Or maybe he just is a deranged non-punctuator.

No. 230605

I'm 100% sure it's fake. They don't even speak English to each other, why the heck would he write "love you" with an x at the end? Plus, his original account was deleted.

No. 230606

Someone already said that this is a fake account. And I doubt he would say "mum".

No. 230607

More like written by that annoying 14year old(i think?) who insists on calling Margo "Mayo"

No. 230608

I think this account is fake.

No. 230609

Did you use the DSM V to make sure she meets the minimal amount of criterion out of the listed criterion to diagnose her based on your anecdotal knowledge of Margo or are you just googling shit?

No. 230611

File: 1454657671668.gif (27.01 KB, 268x200, 200_s.gif)

lol manaki could barely speak english in venus's vids, yet suddenly knows phrases like 'take legal action against me'

No. 230618

>>230380 Jap here, can confirm the mental healthcare in "glorious nippon" is really bad. I've been living in Japan for my entire life because my dad is Japanese and I stayed when my mother left him, but I was diagnosed as schizophrenic a few years ago, and I've never gotten any real treatment for it. I've had medication at one point, but that was about it and even then it didn't do too much for me. I know some people that have serious eating disorders and have never gotten treatment, some that have even worse mental conditions than mine that had their problems ignored, etcetera. We've also got a high depression and suicide rate here, likely because of the fact that many people don't seek out help and would rather hope for their problems to just go away.

There's a heavy stigma in Japan against all kinds of mental illness, people see it as a character flaw over here rather than something that is biological. It's less severe towards foreigners, so if Venus did choose to get therapy in Japan she might be able to because she's not a native. It's to a point where it took me years to find a job just because even though I was qualified I got turned down because I'm mentally ill. They see that you have the diagnosis, and next thing you know you're denied. You can also be denied renting an apartment for being mentally ill, and things like that.

Tldr Japan has a very bad stigma against mental illnesses where you basically have two options; be institutionalized or just try to deal with it. Venus' chance of getting decent therapy is only slightly possible because she's foreign.

No. 230619

You guys don't have confidentiality laws? That's terrible.

No. 230621

I don't really know what you mean by confidentiality laws, but I'm going to assume you mean what I said about being denied things for being mentally ill. I'm not sure if it would qualify as a law or not, but if a potential landlord or employer finds out you have a serious mental illness you could be rejected. We do actually have confidentially laws, but even then, they're a little vague.

No. 230623

zombiebunnygirl can go fuck herself. Sometimes scumbags have kids. Having a kid doesn't magically turn you into a good person. For most people, cutting their parent out of their life, even if that parent is a total piece of shit, is extremely difficult and heart-wrenching. Fucktards like zombiebunnygirl make it so much harder, because they tell you that all those things you want to believe - that your parent is capable of being a good person, that they'd be there for you, that they love you. Imagine trying to break up with your abusive spouse, and people keep coming out of the woodwork to tell you that he simply made "mistakes" and they hope "you can get past this and be even closer in the end." Now multiply that by 100.


No. 230628

File: 1454664158627.jpg (217.93 KB, 939x602, okthen.jpg)

No. 230629

That's so awful and stupid. It must feel so isolating.

How do potential landlords/employers find out about your mental health?

No. 230630

holy fuck i hope venus stays there and her mother fucks off holy shiiit

No. 230631

>Ave Satanas!

luk et mi, i'm so quirky and edgy!

…that said, it's weird to see her go from 100 to 0. she was just talking absolute shit about venus and now she's acting all kind and understanding. manipulative bitch

No. 230632

i know, that's what worries me. i hope poor venus doesn't fall for her manipulation, she'll probably twist her words and force her back to korea. or by some miracle, worm her way into staying in japan with venus. cos muh caring mother.

…anyone have a clue why she said hail satan?

No. 230634

>I'm going to the river! Please assume I mean I'm killing myself
>I'm visiting Venus! Please don't make assumptions.

Anyhoo, Margo will have to make her own visa arrangements in order to stay in Japan, so as long as Venus stays there, she's safe enough. Margo will always have to leave between visas and she can only study the language for a few years at best methinks.

No. 230635

File: 1454665008392.gif (319 KB, 500x303, image.gif)

No. 230636

Margo's only hope of keeping her hooks in Venus is to go to her.

For all her awfulness, they spent everyday together so it must have been a wrench for both. This could be the start of a new and less dependant relationship between them.

No. 230637

>>230629 it could either be on a record of yours, or it could be by drama or slip of the tongue.

No. 230640

File: 1454665779479.gif (1.79 MB, 240x196, no.gif)

No. 230641

She probably doesn't have a grasp on how abnormal Margo is. I mean, in general, what zombiebunnygirl is saying is right but just that in this context she's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

No. 230643

File: 1454666566945.jpg (1.9 MB, 255x191, noman.jpg)

No. 230644

I knew it. I'm disappointed and I feel a little bit sick, but scrolling through this thread, I knew it.

A lifelong abusive relationship with your own mother/groomer is not something Venus will ever be able to fully escape. She's likely writhing in guilt and shame right now, and is willing to do anything to alleviate these feelings.

Bets on how long it is until Margo and Venus are living together again and things are back to 'normal' …? I give it a month or so at most. You guys saw what Margo was posting publicly. Just imagine what sort of messages she's been sending Venus.

Poor girl, for real. This just makes me so fucking sick.

No. 230645

Can't make a screenshot now, but Margo says in the comments they had a short but good chat, and that she WILL be back to Korea. Meaning she stays in Japan a bit.

I really hope Venus hangs on.

No. 230646


She'll end up fucking living there with her daughter just as she had planned. A civil conversation will lead to Venus feeling guilty & heartbroken, feeling sorry for her mother having to be all alone in Korea.

For fuck sake. I'll pray for this child.

No. 230647

File: 1454668777975.jpg (31.08 KB, 638x172, margo.jpg)

here it is

No. 230648

Noooo venus, nooooo….! get away from her before she manipulates you again!

No. 230649

File: 1454669099371.gif (974.47 KB, 500x281, fuckoffmargoyouslycunt.gif)


"Of course". No she won't. DON'T LET HER IN VENUS FUCK.

No. 230651

File: 1454669197166.gif (510.67 KB, 300x188, fuckingno.gif)

Well h'okay then

No. 230652

No. 230653

File: 1454670449034.gif (165.69 KB, 500x378, bugscry.gif)


Looks like something crazy Margo would actually do.

No. 230654

Can't someone just contact Venus? Send her all the screenshots of what Margo have written about her? Warn her and really make sure that she understan that its better for her being away from Margo?

No. 230656


I reckon everyone here who's actually concerned about Venus round up as many screenshots taken and send them to her. No doubt her mother has been playing the sweet caring yet mistakened mother so Venus gets sucked right back in. It can't happen again.

No. 230657

make an instagram with the screenshots of all margo's bullsihttery, tag venus in it & start the hashtag #emancipateVenus2016

No. 230658

No. 230659

As if Margo would ever let Venus peacefully live separately from her as long as she knows her location. I honestly don't doubt she would just kill her before that happened.
People like Margo never change and hoping for a saner, less dependant relationship is futile. We've already seen how batshit she went when her daughter slipped out of her grasp. Venus should have no contact with this woman.

No. 230661

I am 100% sure Margo used the excuse of "bringing Venus the things she left behind" as a ploy to find out her location so she could take her back. Very suspicious how nice she is suddenly being, she must have something up her sleeve…

No. 230662

I wished I lived in Japan to contact the local authorities and warn them of how much of a twisted bitch Margo is so they can be like nah you're not visiting your daughter or giving her shit.

No. 230663

She no doubt knows where Venus is. She lived there with them herself.

No. 230664

I find it strange that she's taking Venus' stuff to her instead of mailing it. I'd find it hilarious if Margo arrives at the airport, Venus grabs her shit and then just ditches her.

No. 230665


Or she's there with Manaki and his family on defense mode as she goes to confront her. I'd fucking die if that happened.

No. 230666

Oh god please let this happen.

No. 230667

Is this going to be the year of lolcows disappointing us? First Lainey, now Venus.

No. 230668

File: 1454675926870.jpg (50.39 KB, 500x600, 7e9afde1ca249e68a9e3e6d20439b4…)


Kickstarted it with one screenshot at least.


If anyone else wants to join in please do. Hashtag away and message Venus directly.

No. 230671


she's doesn't know the difference between genuine friends and fans and classmates.

No. 230673

Are they still following each other though on IG?

No. 230674

So no she claiming Venus has Asperger syndrome?

No. 230678

Yeah. I guess we know when shit gets real, cause they'd unfollow eachother.

No. 230679

these days everyone who doesn't function well in society has asperger syndrome

No. 230681

> yuzujaamu91 likes this
> #prayforvenus

No. 230682


1) she as 15 hen they met
2) what does this have to do with talia?

No. 230683

I would not be surprised if she convinces Venus to come back to Korea.

No. 230684

Ikr, Margo whispering words of love is so priceless. Just imagine to be her lover

No. 230685

Please Venus, don't!!! If they have to meet, I'd tell Margo to get a hotel and only have them meet in public. Fuck this noise. I hope Margo doesn't know something that could get Venus back…Reading this after all that happened and she's clutching that rabbit feels ominous to me.

No. 230686


speak english

No. 230688

File: 1454683357423.jpg (163.5 KB, 720x994, IMG_20160205_154135.jpg)

What does this even mean

No. 230689

Looks like Venus isn't having none of her shit, lmao. I'm proud

No. 230690

she sounds like a business owner whose employees made a no-show lmfao

No. 230691

Thank god!

No. 230692

>I then lost conscience on Haneda aiport
Does she mean she lost consciousness at the airport or what? Goddamn, I wish she could speak properly.
Either way, it's great if Venus is turning her down.

No. 230693

is she saying she fainted? what a fucking drama queen

No. 230694

Fat fucking chance

No. 230695

Maargo a victim yet again, how surprising.

No. 230696


Venus is becoming my idol tbh holy shit SAVAGE.

No. 230697

Good job venus i'm so proud troll the troll. Anyway wouldnt someone have called an ambulance if she passed out in the middle of an airport. Wouldn't she have woken up in a hospital?

No. 230698



kekking at margo's typo tho. Can't lose your conscience when youve got none to begin with

No. 230699

The best part about Venus up and going to Japan is if Margo was to get the authorities involved because "hurr manaki kidnapped my daughter" they can't do shit as she's not a child. Haha she's so fucked. This is amazing.

No. 230700

File: 1454684264243.jpg (130.92 KB, 999x351, image.jpg)

I remember when this comic was first posted years ago and thinking it was hilarious, but didn't think Maggro would actually turn out to be this psycho.

No. 230701

Not even 5 minutes in Japan and she's jumping to conclusions, being dramatic (fainting? really?) and showing her true colors, she even ends the post with her concern about FUCKING YOUTUBE again over her daughter. How does it feel to be tugged around Margo? A taste of your own medicine. Dumbass should have enough money to have a back up plan to leave or be able to stay somewhere on her own. She's a grown ass woman and can't even take care of herself. Don't be a fool Venus, Margo will probably try to stab you or something.

No. 230702

who ever made this should draw more. i want an entire series that gets more and more insane as it goes along

No. 230703

I kind of feel like Margo just showed up in Japan and her and Venus never actually had a talk or anything. She is kind of freaking me out a bit.

No. 230705

This is most likely what happened. This is what narcissists do. Her thinking is probably "When Venus sees that I'm here with nowhere t stay, she'll feel guilty and take me in. Then I can manipulate her into coming back with me."

No. 230706

Ausfag here, we're only an hour off from Japan or something and it's 1am? Margo needs to cool her fucking jets, most people would be asleep at this time :/

No. 230707

Why is she posting this to social media? If she has so many friends, why isn't she talking to them about this situation? She's so drama hungry to get a bunch of online strangers in her and her daughter's business, it's sad. But it's milk, so I'll take it.

No. 230708

this shit is getting into horrorcow territory. i'm on the edge of my seat.

No. 230710

12:08AM atm.

I doubt venus even knew she was coming.

Or maybe she is being smart and is trying to get her mom to go back to Europe by draining her financially (leaving after paying for language school, getting her to buy a last minute ticket to Japan and not showing up, etc.)

No. 230711

>Basically Manaki holds her in some hopefully nice apartment
>Manaki holds her in some apartment

No. 230712

Not only that, but trying to turn internet strangers against her own daughter. Who does that?

No. 230713

File: 1454685232739.png (628.72 KB, 913x529, Mayo2K16.png)

Mayo just edited her latest post!

No. 230714

Its like that expression, something like when your prized dog jumps over the fence, you get it back and build the fence higher.

This is a controller tactic and I'm willing to believe that Margo is going to try and find/stalk her without Venus actually talking to her.

I was in a similar abusive relationship and when I finally escaped the abuser chimped out, slandered me to anyone that would listen, then kept coming after me and trying to find me.

No. 230715

File: 1454685465621.jpg (16.98 KB, 261x247, 1447222939428.jpg)


Jesus christ she acts like he forcefully took her and is keeping her hostage.

No. 230716

And here we have the drama queen of the year

No. 230718

classic projection on her part lol

No. 230719

funny how the pic is taken in front of an office used for parents to go have 'family counseling' of sorts. Looks like she could have used a few sessions herself

No. 230721

I don't know what she expects when just yesterday and the day before she was shit talking her daughter all over her Instagram and using "Asperger's" as a way to mock her. Even if she has it, it shouldn't matter. The bitch is salty asf because her precious daughter has finally seen the light.

No. 230722

File: 1454685904552.jpg (40.45 KB, 454x500, margo.jpg)

Found on PULL

No. 230723

the cold dead eyes of a killer

No. 230724

Doesnt look like she fainted..

No. 230725

File: 1454686097608.jpg (203.9 KB, 942x605, margo.jpg)

She updated again lol

No. 230726

File: 1454686126370.png (36.93 KB, 276x325, densebitch.png)

her whiteknights are fucking annoying holy shit…

No. 230727

>travelling to Japan

That's a weird way to spell 'river', margo

No. 230728

Maybe it was taken while she as waiting for to flight? Notice the hastga "travelingtojapan"

No. 230729


lmao at her one woman pity party.

VENUS, GIRL, if you're reading this: do not give in! Your mother is batshit and malicious.

Trust me. Leaving mine was the best thing I ever did for myself.

No. 230730

An immigration officer? Oh ffs.


She's so toxic even her hair wants away from her kek

No. 230731

If you can't talk, your hair falls off?
That's top notch abuser psychology, right here. "I had to say shit about Venus or it's like cancer!!!'

No. 230732

"some japanese friend" … does she have friends all over the world? omg Margo, just leave Venus and search a real job. And btw, is she saying she is going to stay in Japan? REALLY? that woman is insane, Venus should call the police

No. 230733

It looks like Margaret is reading this thread or something…

No. 230734

File: 1454686508501.jpg (56.95 KB, 468x465, MILK.jpg)

top kek

No. 230735

How can she has friends everywhere???? I have like 4… she doesnt know whta friends are

No. 230736

I call BS on the fact that she even talked with Venus. She would have given the convo in full if she had something.

No. 230737

It is possible for Manaki, being a japanese citizen, call the cops on Magro and get her ass deported for harassment?

No. 230738

File: 1454686706478.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x276, Daisy-Girl-Interrupted-girl-in…)

Margaret losing her mind and transforming into the most vindictive & manipulative hag she's ever been is making this drama even more satisfying to read about and keep updated on. At last she reveals her true self now that Venus is no longer under her control.

No. 230739

File: 1454686730836.jpg (64.4 KB, 500x384, 089a5547589d16178dc77757ca65fa…)

She's absolutely fucking insane. Part of me is horrified, but a bigger part of me can't stop laughing.

No. 230740

Yes, they surely can do that if Margo keeps harassing them. Venus, call the police asap.

No. 230741

File: 1454686803289.jpg (192.84 KB, 911x594, AnotherEdit.jpg)

another edit

No. 230742

File: 1454686875502.png (24.6 KB, 291x278, the real mvp.PNG)

Whoever this is deserves a medal.

No. 230744

yes, she has to go home. HER new home without YOU, creppy drama queen

No. 230746

Is there any possibility to check Maragaret's IP so we really know if she's in Japan or not? One of her photos is from Korea and the other two are from the airport, but is she really there? Maybe she's just writing all of this from Korea and pretends to be in Japan and Venus not meeting her…

No. 230747

If I were Venus, I would try to run Margo dry for all the money she's got. I mean think about it, what she has in her bank account atm is all that she has now that her cash cow is gone.

"Oh mom, I'm hiding out in Fukuoka please take the super expensive shinkansen to get here quickly! Oops, I made a mistake, I'm actually in Osaka hurry! Did I say Osaka? I mean Hokkaido! Sign me up for a year of korean lessons while your at it, then book me a seat on the next direct flight to Seoul! I'll meet you at the airport! Woops, sorry I couldn't make the flight I was busy!"

No. 230748

Can't talk? Are you having a stroke Margo? I feel bad for her "friend" having to wake up to Margo's crazy ramblings in the middle of the night.

No. 230749

File: 1454687277215.png (11.45 KB, 285x150, manaki.PNG)


No. 230751

No way it's google translate, this doesn't seem to be him

No. 230752

File: 1454687435412.jpg (219.92 KB, 935x603, margo.jpg)

No. 230753

Oh god scary! She looks like some sterotypical evil stepmom ready to stab a bitch. Also what mother takes the time to put on perfect makeup, fix her hair, put on fancy clothing and update their social media when they are reuniting with their lost daughter. Most mothers would be too worried sick to even think of this

No. 230754

File: 1454687508005.png (5.04 KB, 284x64, margo.png)

Even Margo called that person out lol

No. 230755

Yeah it's a fake account. can people just ignore this user?

No. 230756

Or… she's just making excuses to not keep in contact with you.

But obviously Manaki is the evil, abusive one in this situation!

No. 230759

But…didn't Margo once say (on PULL, I believe) that Manaki's English sucks?

No. 230760

File: 1454687787218.png (179.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Sure, post his email for everyone to see..

No. 230761

File: 1454687808969.jpg (131.76 KB, 940x603, Kek.jpg)

No. 230762

LOLOLOL she thinks manaki is holding her hostage

No. 230764

loool already deleted

No. 230765

umm…did she just reveal his private e-mail address? wtf

No. 230766

well i guess we have a way to contact him now

No. 230767

LOL And she uploaded the same picture but this time she blurred out his e-mail . GG Margo

No. 230768

I think it is indeed a troll, but it's really weird…Who would make an account like this and WHY?

No. 230769

Let's not fuck this up though. If people are going to contact him, don't scare him off with stupid shit.

No. 230770

File: 1454688110742.jpeg (164.35 KB, 750x1105, image.jpeg)

Her comment lol

No. 230772

based manaki

No. 230773

I wonder if she is projecting her own abuse towards venus onto manaki. Wouldn't doubt it one bit

No. 230774

what baffles me is how much more elaborate Margo has become (at least in comparison to the way she wrote before)…

No. 230775

What should we send him? Maybe a link to the vid of margo dancing in a bikini? Some stuff to help him have dirt on margo just in case she tries to pull some legal shit on him?


No. 230776

lmfao calm down <3

No. 230777

Bitch no this is the best thing that has happened to me all day.

No. 230779

File: 1454688572773.jpg (23.18 KB, 300x169, moaaar.jpg)

me right now

No. 230780

If we do, we maybe should write it in Japanese and in English, so Venus can also read it if she needs to.

I think we should include screenshots of EVERYTHING and explain that we only have the best intentions of heart.

No. 230781

The flame icon seems out of character maybe.

No. 230782

Does anyone else find it strange that she's just arrived in Japan, it's late at night, she's all 'distressed' but still has access to the internet and time to edit and post screenshots on Insta.

No. 230783

You're the only bitch here Margo. I doubt Mana said such a thing, and if so give context. Was he making a joke? Or calling YOU a bitch? So far he's the only one acting like an adult. Him and Venus.

No. 230784

we can help her guys!

No. 230785

File: 1454688773870.png (5.96 KB, 277x109, margo.png)

No. 230786

yeah, I think it's weird too…she probably loves all the attention she is getting right now tho and that's why she keeps going…damn I wish Venus would come forward right now, I hate to rely on Margo's stupid ass posts :(

No. 230787

File: 1454688816007.gif (1.1 MB, 260x146, c63f9890-f4f0-0132-44e0-0a2ca3…)


No. 230788

which photo?

No. 230790

the "I love my family" korean photo

No. 230791

File: 1454688963477.png (482.71 KB, 591x529, pic.png)

I guess this one?

No. 230792

File: 1454688985782.jpg (38.01 KB, 357x480, funnyinterestinghumorouscoolRu…)

That's a good idea. We have some anons who know moonspeak. If some anon wants to type up a draft letter (in english at first) then post it here first.

I think it might be beneficial to make manaki aware of just how nuts her mother is and of her shenanigans so he can protect himself and venus better. The more informed he is about the situation, the better for him.

No. 230793

File: 1454689058591.jpg (132.6 KB, 940x607, margo.jpg)

No. 230794

I doubt she has any friends at all lol

No. 230797

>She's so toxic even her hair wants away from her kek
Lmao anon, good one

Anyway I have a theory: Margo wants to absolutely keep Venus around for money because that's what she wanted for herself… I mean, Venus is young and prettier than her, so she's projecting her fame dreams over her daughter.
So, I think that if Margo had the chance to get surgery (like a nose job, lip fillers…) and feel more confident with her looks, she maybe would stop pushing her dreams up Venus' throat…? I know she's not young anymore, but maybe she would loose the grip on her daughter a bit? Am I wrong?

No. 230798

File: 1454689447688.png (376.58 KB, 1094x594, intermission.png)

lol just saw this on margos facebook

No. 230799

Conflicted as fuck right now. On the one hand, this milk couldn't be more delicious…on the other hand, I wish that Margo would just get professional help because she is obviously a lunatic and leave Venus and Manaki alone…

No. 230801


Ah..Ridzal. Wonder how he's doing taking all this in and Manaki stealing his waifu.

No. 230804

Ridzaaaal haha. He has an ig fanclub now. Indoniasienfangelics or sth like that

No. 230805

Nah, I think a major factor is also the fact that she gets money from Venus' work. Projecting onto her daughter, while basically getting paid to do nothing

No. 230807

>You gotta call me man, I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose
>Sincerely yours, Stan
>P.S. We should be together too

No. 230808

well I guess he is crying into his life size animu pillow at night thinking about his waifu

No. 230810

So, what do you guys think will happen next??

No. 230812

File: 1454689861619.png (1.13 MB, 1443x656, myprecious.png)

Why is he so nuts about peenus? Is it a robot thing? Don't they have women where he lives?

No. 230813


Hopefully, Venus doesn't get in contact with Margo and Margo goes back to Seoul.

No. 230814

File: 1454689866239.jpg (7.17 KB, 290x200, somuchmilkithurts.jpg)

I love how she is digging her own grave.
"Look at that perfectly civil email, it's the pedphile who kidnapped my daughter!"

No. 230815

Margo will go to japan and try to kidnap venus, but Pixyteri will step in and save the day, beat up margo and live together with venus and manaki.

No. 230816

venus is not an object, she's acting like manaki has stolen something from her. he's not a theif, venus has her own willpower in life margo get over it.

No. 230817

OMG spoiler this shit anon. Horrifying

No. 230818

But what if she got to look attractive and got money from that? I don't want to say modeling, because uhh, but managing to marry a rich man perhaps? So she will get paid to do nothing like she did with Venus

No. 230819

The queen will return in all her glory and use her kawaii superpowers to save Penus and Manaki~~~

No. 230821

its not even venus shes upset about, its all the lost revenue. Margo pretty much just lost her only income source.

No. 230823

File: 1454690277624.png (225.82 KB, 440x570, location.png)

ummmm her twitter says she's in tokyo…is that a recent development?…

No. 230824

This whole situation doesn't even make sense anymore to me. I hope Venus will eventually clarify some things, although I kinda doubt it. It seems like she either has been taking a break from Social Media or she simply tries to stay out of the drama. Can't blame her either way.

No. 230825

I believe it's always said that. It doesn't look like she's active on Twitter much and she probably forgot to change it.

No. 230826

Nope, this has been her for quite a while now anon

No. 230827


No. 230828

her most recent tweet is 7hrs old tho

No. 230830

Gotta be honest, anons, unless she actually posts a pic from Japan I'm not buying that she went there at all. She's probably writing that insane shit from home to vilify Venus some more

No. 230831

I think she's just too lazy to change it tbh.

No. 230832

Well with Margo, you never know! At this point it wouldn't surprise me

No. 230833

Not as active as Venus* mah bad

No. 230835

File: 1454690833397.png (160.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She had a shock? Wtf is she talking about?
These updates are hilarious. She just keeps coming up with new shit to add.

No. 230836

Hm, maybe! I don't understand the minds of abusers very well though, but maybe something like that would make her drop Venus since she would no longer need her if she got to marry a rich dude.

Korea's like the plastic surgery capital of the world or some shit, maybe Margo should really consider it haha (then again I don't think any amount of plastic surgery could save her face)

No. 230837

Don't really think she has any sort of money to spend on that now ;)

No. 230838

File: 1454691065442.jpg (66.02 KB, 715x480, 1401798_593727970662657_179040…)

Visited Venus' website for the first time ("designed by Margaret" - yeah, right) and found this picture of them lol

Venus looks about the same but I'm not sure about what to say about Marg. She still looks kinda crazy lol

No. 230840

Idk anon, I think Margo looks nice. Not necessarily 'pretty', but less bitchy and hostile for sure. The 'chubbiness' kind of fits her face, now she just looks like a saggy crazed bitch lol

No. 230841

The way Margo is clinging to Venus' hand tho

No. 230842

Hopefully Margo will come here soon to lurk and will read this.
Do it, Margo. I heard that plastic surgery in Korea is even cheaper than other countries. Do it and leave your daughter be.

No. 230843

hm, maybe my opinion is just colored by what's been happening today…But hasn't Marg always been kinda crazy? I could imagine her being this way with Venus ever since she was born…
Also, the arm clinging really does remind me of what's going on today lolol

No. 230844

not sure if plastic surgery will help her with her improving her mental health though

No. 230847

Uh oh Margo's about to go Britney on us.

No. 230849

Thank you Margaret (because we all know you roam this board 24/7) for informing us of what Manaki's email is, we really didn't have any great ways of contacting him, but now we do! You can blur it all you want on IG but it's too late now.

No. 230853

She's responding to someone in IG saying Venus changed or that Manaki changed. I wonder why she won't say what the change was. Maybe it was Venus finally standing up to Margo?

No. 230854

My precious

No. 230856

File: 1454694020282.jpg (177.81 KB, 936x605, Manaki.jpg)

No. 230857

he looks like a cross between margo and venus

No. 230858

File: 1454694212254.jpg (217.93 KB, 947x611, Manaki.jpg)

and she updated already

No. 230859

With some megan marie thrown in

No. 230860

people are catching on quick kek

my guess is that shes trying to cover her ass and play up the "sympathic and worried mom" since people pointed out how she was slandering her daughter instead of actually being concerned like a real mother (or maybe that concern is genuine- only because she needs her money maker kek)

No. 230861

File: 1454694448275.png (15.49 KB, 262x336, Üter.png)

I see a Japanese Üter from the Simpsons.

No. 230863

omg what the heck is going on now? isn't the bitch supposed to sleep now? go to bed margo pls

No. 230864

I just picture a sassy black woman responding to Margo in that comment.

No. 230865

How does she even know that Venus isn't allowed to leave the apartment? She didn't seem to mention any of it before.

No. 230866

looks like the pic is deleted now lol

No. 230867

She claims that in Japan it's noon. She stated it somewhere on her IG. But it's apparently 3 am. Shouldn't she be sleeping? And not spreading lies about the time???

No. 230869

bless her heart, she's deluded herself into thinking she controls time

No. 230870

He's kind of cute. He looks sweet.

No. 230871

yeah, it's about 3 a.m. right now in Japan. Is she seriously trying to convince people it's noon over there when one quick search reveals it's definitely not? She is fucking bananas at this point. Get help ffs

No. 230872

I can't take it. All this back peddling and shit has me in stiches!!

No. 230873

I really hope that Venus finds this blog and knows that her mother is really crazy.
I also love how Margo keeps uploading new stuff and then deletes it right away. And apparently even her white knights seem to notice how weird her acting is. Maybe now her white knights admit that margo is lying, manipulative and needs some help asap.

About the time thing: I sadly didn't took a cap but I believed she stated it on the manaki-picture she deleted a few moments ago.

No. 230874

Venus could have done worse lol. But I think his teeth are kinda fucked up, at least in the videos she posted of the two together they do not look nice at all :/

No. 230875

it's wild how technology has come so far that we can watch a woman's psychotic break from the other side of the world in real time.

No. 230876

That would be fucking savage as hell for her to do, but unfortunately Venus isn't that resentful or her mom yet. I would love if she drained Margo's funds on purpose though.

No. 230877

That's not uncommon in Japan to have bad teeth. They actually think fucked up teeth are cute in some cases. There is actually a cosmetic surgery where can girls make their teeth crooked. Apparently it looks more youthful? (like a little kid with funky teeth growing in I guess)

No. 230878

I didn't know that. Thank you anon!

No. 230879


this guy?? who is he?

No. 230880

Someone report Margo for drugs. They'll boot you out of Japan forever if you have drugs on you.
I think Margo must be on something because she's trippin'.

No. 230881

Is it bad I'm laughing like a maniac reading these updates?

No. 230882

Is it possible to ban Margo from IG with all the stuff she did?

No. 230883

File: 1454695578143.jpg (12.65 KB, 329x413, delicious.jpg)

this thread is giving me life

No. 230884

Kind of a butterface, but he looks pleasant enough.

No. 230885

maybe it is possible if enough people report her

No. 230886


No. 230887

So it sounds like Margo hasn't been in contact with Venus and she's there to try stalking her down. And more lies about Manaki to try getting people to stalk him for her. Yes, I think Margo is just that low.

No. 230888

maybe its just me but i think hes actually quite cute compared to most japanese guys

No. 230889

But why would you want to cease the flow of milk? I think after it's confirmed that Venus is ok, maybe try to take her down. But I assume she'd find a way to make a new account anyway.

No. 230890

Agreed. She herself said that Venus apparently doesn't have a phone number in Japan (I call BS on that though but whatever), has to go to Starbucks to access the internet but is now oh so desperate that she isn't able to contact Venus? Is it just me or doesn't this make any fucking sense at all?

No. 230891

So, Venus didn't contact her at all and Margo just went there in crazy stalker mode. I hope she runs out of Starbucks money fast.

No. 230892

I think his crooked teeth and braces are cute actually. He's a cutie.

No. 230893

Well, Margo has her other accounts. And honestly I feel sorry for Venus. I am not a fan of hers but Margo needs a lesson and a banned acc on IG could maybe make her realize what kind of horrible things she did.
But on the other side, you are right. The milk is really delicious.

No. 230894

In my experience most Japanese guys are either handsome/cute/attractive or hideous. Not much in-between

No. 230895

What proof can you provided from IG caps that she's edited the original? If you provided an image of all the changes on her IG it would show the whiteknight show crazy Mayo is.
But only if you can prove they're edits (with time stamps?) because her fans will say it's edited.

No. 230896

File: 1454696244401.jpg (375.12 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1454696154581.jpg)

Margot is sad she can't get Venuses shekels anymore. Anybody has that photoshop of Margots face over the goyim jew?

No. 230897

manaki_okada on instagram apparently reposted the photo Margo uploaded of Manaki a few minutes ago. Margo has no chance to delete her evidence. I wonder what Venus will say to this?

No. 230899

I'm pretty sure Venus and Manaki are currently sleeping and have absolutely no clue what's going on right now. I feel so bad for them.

No. 230900

Honesty I don't think Margo would learn a damn thing anon. Her head's so far up her own ass, she'd just be like "omg teh bullies got my account or maybe haxxed my manaki?!11! :(( "
or some shit. But I agree that she should eventually be taken down if she has Venus account access too.

No. 230901

File: 1454696438083.jpg (100.01 KB, 750x500, chris_farley.jpg)

My fucking sides because this is so damn true.

theres a lot more ugly guys than cute guys in japan because japanese men's fashion sucks dick

No. 230902

Can't someone actually contact him?
It would be funny

No. 230903



No. 230905

well the original screenshots are all over the place on here and on PULL too so it's not too much of a problem to put them together and make a collage or something i think. i don't think it will convince the whiteknights though, they will defend her saggy ass no matter what

No. 230906

there is this amazing IG user called "stopmargaretpalermo" and this person is posting all the edits Margo did on her instagram. This person deserves a medal.

No. 230907

Well, if you check Margo's instagram, you will notice how people who tried to defend Margo hours ago saw Margo's true face and are now telling her to stop.

No. 230909

right? i pointed that out in another thread. this pic gives me the creeps

No. 230911

He's kinda cute

No. 230912

Wow, I've only ever seen in under a thousand washed out filters and makeup, but he looks worlds better here. He not gorgeous but at least he looks more human and less like Happy Mask Salesman.

No. 230914

Privatised healthcare means it's in the interests of the dentist to convince people that cosmetic problems are actual problems that need money spent on them.

No. 230915

File: 1454698392594.png (435.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-05-19-51-10…)

And here she goes with the education piss contest again. Hon, why does it matter that you're "better" than manaki? Are you trying to date venus? Are you in competition with this young man for her affection? If so, eww.

No. 230916

Keking about the fact that Margo thinks this guy wants to be a youtube star.
He looks like a hard-working introvert. Guessing she thinks that because she is a money grubbing bitch that can't think that anybody would love Venus for an other reasons than schekels.

No. 230917


>I wanted to warn her (after i found out I couldn't stay in japan too)

No. 230918

File: 1454698598622.png (414.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-05-19-55-00…)

Guys, what if margo is right about all this? What if venus did really leave her stone cold and then didn't show up at the airport?

No. 230919

Well, I'd say she deserve it. She's been talking shit about Venus since she's been gone. I would be livid if my bitchy mom had be doing this after having been sequestrating me for years.

No. 230920

Then good..?

No. 230921

if venus actually did that, then I'm subbing to her channel because that's hilarious and I applaud her.

No. 230922

But come on why say you're gonna be at the airport and not show up? She spent time and money getting there for nothing

No. 230923

Unless she bought the tickets and was like "I found your bunny, and I've bought a ticket to Japan. Just come to the airport and I'll give it back to you, and we can have a chat" sorta thing.

No. 230925

What benefit would it have for Venus to strand Margo in Japan? Sure, run her put of money, but why would she bring her closer? Margo has a better chance of finding Venus in Japan than in Korea.

No. 230926

File: 1454699640720.png (825.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-05-20-12-47…)

Quick question, wtf is this pic about?

No. 230927


Looks like Manaki and Venus

No. 230928

Who is this? Venus or Margo?

No. 230929


Margo claimed that this was Venus and a friend of Margo's I believe?

No. 230930

Ewww why would she take this picture? To blackmail venus with it?

No. 230931

You must be crazy to take this kind of picture of your own daughter. I feel sorry for Venus.

No. 230932


I have the theory that this is actually Margo wearing Venus's wig trying to show everyone that she's either moved on/cheated on Manaki/or just straight up being a hoe. Something along those lines.

No. 230934


*Margo pretending to be Venus I should say.

No. 230938

You know what, it sounds weird but I think you may be right. Her body looks the wrong dimensions to be venus.

No. 230939

And those are venus's ponytail hair extensions, so it's possible margo wore them

No. 230940


Anyone think that's even Manaki? It could just be Margo in pjs like Venus, with a wig on and webcam set up.

No. 230943

Some people speculate that it's either Margo in Venus's pjs that she took with a timer or something or a dressed up sex doll. Margo said it was New year's Eve I think and it was a friend of some guy she was seeing. She was trying to frame Venus to look slutty or was trying to put a wedge between her an Manaki by showing her with another man. Apparently her hair hadn't been dyed by this point so some people think it's not Venus and it's a wig.

No. 230944


Some random ass korean man

No. 230945

This. It sounds like she decided to go to Japan on her own to find a way to manipulate her to leave and now she is trying to guilt Venus to talk/meet with her by saying she fainted and shit.

She has no shame. What a horrible excuse for a mother, let alone a human being.

No. 230946


Ya, pretty sure Margo specifically said that that's not Manaki, but one of her friends.

No. 230947


Anon explained it much better than I did.

No. 230948

And to add, no matter if it could be any of those possibilities, Margo is crazy af for sneaking that pic or setting it up. Who the fuck does that?

No. 230949

File: 1454700601906.png (723.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-05-20-27-41…)

Yes this was the caption for it, written by venus supposedly, but it's so obvious margo wrote it

No. 230950

Venus was blonde around that time (new years) soooooo wtf

No. 230953

>put my whole shit online

No. 230958

This is so fucked

No. 230960

That's definitely Margos type of writing. She tries to sound hardcore and edgy like the keyboard warrior she is.

No. 230963

This is insane. Margo has really gone off the deep end.

No. 230964

Yes, and the fact that it's barely understandable should make it obvious Margaret wrote it. Sperging about her education but barely literate, kek.

No. 230965

maybe Margo can adopt PT

No. 230966

seriously, she threw that in the end for no reason.

No. 230968

I love you anon

No. 230969

I'm really starting to lean towards the arm chair diagnosises of pseudo npd

crazy margo is literally doing anything to save face, and her idea of saving face changes rapidly to get the crowd to like her

I can't wait for Venus to have Internet I hope she says some shiiit

No. 230970


No. 230973

Venus has been keeping it classy. It says a lot about her as an individual.

No. 230974


I burst out laughing when she talked about her hair, lol, what a drama queen.

No. 230976

She shouldn't and she doesn't have to. She already explained on Instagram that she wants to live with her husband, which she is perfectly justified in doing because she is a legal adult.
If she is smart she keeps her mouth shut about her mother and does not get involved in any more drama ever again. Then she should apologize to all the people they screwed over the years to make it clear Margaret was the dramacow all along.

No. 230978

I really hope Venus eventually creates a new account if she ever wants to tell her side of the story, since Margo apparently has regulated all of her accounts and e-mails (which explains how margo is able tof pretend to be rude her even though she's failing hard at it.)

Though I understand completely if Venus would want to stay low for a while though. Margo is really trying hard to get a reaction out of her.

Also, I don't get Margo's logic at all right now. She's moved on from trying to garner sympathy from Venus to posting incriminating photos and defaming her. If I were Venus, hell, if it were me in her situation and my mother did that shit? It'd heavily reinforce my resolve to stay away. Having her e-fame defaced with lies is worth more than losing her life to an emotional manipulator.

No. 230979

Chances are Margo never actually talked to Venus and she just showed up anyway. Or Venus told her not to come and she flew out there anyway under the delusion that Venus didn't mean it or some shit. Don't take Margo's word for anything.

No. 230980

Venus never was much of a lolcow, only a weeb getting forced into some persona by her batshit mom.

No. 230981


Honestly, it doesn't look like Manaki to me. And from this picture alone, it's hard to tell if it's Venus.

No. 230982

The anons "w" didn't function but Venus was 15 when they met for the 15 and the anon also asked what it has to do with the cancer girl.

No. 230983


Lmao try harder next time Margo, it's obvious that it's you who typed this shit up.

No. 230984


or Venus could simply change her password and email address for her accounts. its not hard

No. 230985


No. 230986

Yeah that too.

No. 230987

I know. It's obvious by all the crappy posts you're making.

No. 230988

But what if she's telling the truth? Iono

No. 230989

File: 1454704058962.jpg (78.81 KB, 640x480, durrdurr.jpg)


No. 230990

No fun allowed


No. 230991

Margo can help PT become the idol she really is inside

No. 230992

Wouldn't be surprised if Margo locks Venus out of her own accounts tbh

No. 230993

What if she lied about going to Japan so that Venus would feel bad and send her money?

No. 230994

you seriously think its all the same person? are you drunk or incredibly stupid?

No. 230995

who knows? venus made a really big decision. she's really naive anyways so this was probably very hard, her following her heart is what caused her to do this, ultimately, but that's still just as naive. even so, this was for the best, now she can grow up.

No. 230996

I'm not one for conspiracy theories.
But this time i actually think i want to see some proof she was in japan
to me it sounds like she's just trying to make venus feel like shit

No. 230997

The hair and face look nothing like Manaki.

No. 230998


This could be true. There isn't any solid evidence of her actually being in Japan.

No. 230999

it's like reverse norman bates

No. 231001

Which posts do you think are theirs?

No. 231003

Most people know that you don't need to type in an email to post.

No. 231004

they're just bawwing about the milk-based reaction images, probably a pulltard babby's first time here.

No. 231007

File: 1454704617823.jpeg (29.69 KB, 403x389, image.jpeg)

Anon, who cares about how they dress is their face is fine? I personally think some of their fashion is cute. I hate most of the shit at that shibuya men's mall.

No. 231010

No. 231011

File: 1454705199543.jpg (60.81 KB, 425x563, freshmilk.jpg)

this thread rn

No. 231014

For real. I never followed Venus but hopped on this thread. So much regret for not starting sooner. This shit is wild.

No. 231030

A friend of mine who is also 19 just had her mom pass away. Her mom was lovely and it's so unfair a toxic, piece of shit mother like Margo is here in the world.

No. 231032

nice blog, tard.

No. 231034


Sup Margo.

No. 231035

This was mine! But it's exactly how I've pictured this mess of a relationship, and I'm not surprised it was true.

At this point I think Margo is legitimately starting to lose it, and may do something violent in the future.

No. 231036

File: 1454707455309.jpg (63.26 KB, 710x500, carrie3-710x500.jpg)


This is turning into some Carrie shit.

No. 231037

I'm sorry about your autism.

No. 231038


Mooooarrrr comics please

No. 231039

seriously, her post has legit nothing to do with anything. you can just call margo out for being a crazed soul sucking harpy without bawwing about death no1cuur

No. 231041

no kidding, and it's technology in the 1st place that made this woman relevant (like, famous thru youtube) kinda crazy to think about. i love it

No. 231043

I wonder if Margo would have still been this crazy and clingy if Venus hadn't gotten a YouTube and efame.

No. 231044

she probably never even went to japan, just posted that she did and venus wouldn't see her (because venus didn't even know)

No. 231045

I feel like she would have tried to get Venus famous through some other means and obsess over that. Didn't she used to put Venus in pageants or something?

No. 231049

That's such an evil thing to wish for our Queen! D:

No. 231050

Guys this seriously needs to happen. Like Margo could take PT to Japan and make her lose weight and take care of herself and they could both make weird videos….

Is there any way to make Margo and PT get acquainted first?

No. 231054

Pt and Margo together? The world would collapse into a singularity of weaboo insanity.

No. 231055

yeah i think so, it's just we wouldn't know about it. she would probably just control all aspects of venus' life anyway

No. 231056

PT's been tainted. Margo only accepts pure virgins remember?

No. 231057


your vag is overflowing with salt, clean it up sometime anon <3

No. 231058

I reckon Margo could adopt all of the fallen wannabe idols and living dolls who failed to make it in Japan. Form an academy, teach them how to be pure and angelic, improve their Japanese and more.

No. 231061

sign me up

I just wanna get cute and get Margo to buy me shit

No. 231062

File: 1454709504692.png (46.69 KB, 1920x1024, website.png)

Guys, Venus' website is gone.

No. 231063



No. 231064

I find it interesting how Venus has kept her cool this entire time. No disrespecting her mother, no immature comments; hardly anything unlike what Margo has done in comparison. Well done on V's part.

No. 231065

Well, margo has said Venus doesn't have Internet so we don't yet know how much credit to give her

No. 231066

Bet marge deleted it

No. 231067

But she'd try to get a 100% cut because she cray

No. 231068


I'm concerned for her Youtube account right now and everything else…

No. 231070

Well I think the website is gone because Margo "created" it and therefore has sole access to it. But I hope that Venus has already changes her password for YouTube!

No. 231071

I'm sure they can argue with Youtube over it, now that she's 18, if something happens. It is Venus Angelic's channel, not Margo Mommy's.

No. 231077

I don't think it's like that. If Margo opened the channel, then she owns it. The law is shitty and apparently you don't own videos or pictures you are in - the person who took that picture/video owns it. So Margo can say it's all her content on the channel too.

Is the domain up for sale too?

No. 231078

nope, according to domainmonster.com it's unavailable

No. 231079

Unfortunately, this all seems like the beginning of the end for Penus' public career. Either she makes a video addressing cray Margo, ignores everything, or disappears from YouTube and sweeps floors at Mitsukoshi. She's had horrible PR before, but this is all public and screenshotted…..

No. 231085

shit there should at least be a non-discrimination law.
in america, you sue if you even have a vague feeling that you were discriminated against based on gender/sexual orientation/race/mental health etc

No. 231087


If she plays her cards right, she can pick up a lot of new subs. She can make about one or two videos discussing her crazy ass mom to start off her new channel or whatever. Then she can address manaki, her magical Japanese husbando, and do a jun and Rachel ,only with more drama since she's so young.

I think people would watch her, it can be like a YouTube docu-series.

(of course, she'd be a kawaii white dolly while doing everything, I hope she can get whatever shit she left with Margo back.)

No. 231088

Not necessarily. If Marg is holding her YT account hostage that's obviously a big problem since she might lose the 1 million subs she already has, but this whole fiasco might really work in her favor if she plays it smart.

So far she kept her mouth shut about Margaret while her mother is all over the place slandering her and publicly posting insanely hurtful things about her only daughter. She also admitted she's always had access to Venus' accounts. If she continues to stay quiet about the issue people will assume Venus has always been the poor victim of a shitty mother and most of the things that happened were never really her fault (which may very well be true). As far as her reputation is concerned this is the best thing that could have happened to her because now it'll be incredibly easy for her to pull the "it was all my crazy mom, it's not my fault" card.

Now she also has a pity bonus because she's become the brave inspirational young woman who escaped an abusive mother and is trying to build a life for herself. Even here most people are supportive and sympathetic (#staystrongvenus). Additionally, she is back with Manaki and can whore out their relationship a little bit on YT. Videos with Manaki/about Japan are among her most popular ones. Weaboo love that shit.

Tl;dr: She's likely not going to become incredibly famous but if she milks the Japanese housewife gimmick and manages to stay out of future drama she might be able to make a decent amount of cash while she gets her life in order.

No. 231089

How? Most of her fanbase is aware of her mom being crazy so if anything she's going to have an even stronger fanbase now. It's Margo who's dead you idiot.

Actually I'm rather confident that Venus made the channel by herself because in the oldest video on her channel she's recording herself as well as margo says in interviews that venus started doing videos on her own. There would be no other real way for margo to proove that she made the account and youtube has hacking preventiong stuff so even if someone got in and deleted the account it's still recoverable.

Most places like instagram, twitter, all of that have ways that if you turn in proof to regain accounts and the such.

No. 231090

she looks so disheveled and ill

No. 231091

I really, really don't think they are going to give the account to margo.
Venus makes money for youtube so it would be bad for them to give her account away.