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File: 1454752176032.png (939.14 KB, 1019x870, margoisatitagain.png)

No. 231331

Previous thread: >>229267

No. 231332

File: 1454752373149.jpg (73.97 KB, 504x403, TheQueenSaves.jpg)

from the last thread

>The queen will return in all her glory and use her kawaii superpowers to save Penus and Manaki~~~

No. 231333

I really hope Margo's just lying and doesn't actually have contact information on Venus and Manaki …

No. 231335

Someone in PULL suggested that the contact information was for the storage unit. I really hope it's the storage unit.

Please be safe, Venus and Manaki.

No. 231336

I think Margo is just pretending to be in Japan at this point!

No. 231337


True. She has yet to post a picture of her actually in Japan.

No. 231338

I wouldn't put it past her, but what kind of advantage would that give her, other than get random people online to kiss her ass in Instagram comments?

Unless, of course, that IS all she cares about. Attention by any means possible? Perhaps a bit of fun while she waits for Venus to crack and give away her location? idk.

No. 231339

That's what I think too. That hag loves posting selfies and yet, she hasn't posted a single one of her in Japan since this whole thing went down.

No. 231340


Ok, this is creepy.

Let me get this straight…
Margo goes to Japan with excuse of "reuniting bunny with venus" and probably venus' other posessions she left behind.
Are these bags margo keeps banging on about her lagguage that probably has Venus' stuff in it?
So they grab the bags, maybe while margo is getting off the plane (yeah they probably shouldnt have done that).
Margo is all where's my stuff then when she figures it out "hold(s) Venus" wtf? Was this a physical assault?
Security shows up because of all the drama and Venus escapes.

She then goes to the cops and we are left waiting for the next installment of "WTF will margo do next?"

No. 231342

This has gone past milk a while ago and is now kind of scary. Margo really seems like she's having a breakdown and knowing that she may have their contact info is freaky.

No. 231343

Yeah, I'm pretty worried, honestly. It all feels so surreal.

No. 231344

Samefagging here, but did anyone ever send anything to Manaki via email?
Is there anything we can do as a collective group to alert some sort of authorities, just to be safe?

No. 231345


If Manaki plays his cards right when talking to the police, he can have her crazy ass deported. The sooner the better. If Mayo gets arrested and detained, we won't have any milk for a while though.

No. 231348


Have to say, farmers, Manaki may not be handsome like Masaki Koh, but he and Venus both have this awkward cuteness and they look good together. I'm rooting for them. It's like Romeo & Juliet fighting Umbridge.

No. 231350


It's probably the storage unit. Any farmers in Tokyo willing to give the young couple shelter?

No. 231352


No. 231353

Or maybe none of that is true. Margo may be making this up to get the police to visit Manaki and Venus. News on the hour.

No. 231354

Oh, but the Milk we will get from Margo throwing a tantrum about being deported will be glorious.

Besides, Venus has yet to say much. Maybe she will find an internet connection and fill in some of the details.

No. 231355

There's no point where they could've taken her stuff without her noticing. It's an international flight, you cannot get to the bags as they are unloaded onto the conveyor belt from the outside.
Pretty sure they have an appartment, if she knows his address, this is the perfect time to move.

No. 231357

But coudnt she come up with something less… psychotic?

No. 231358

The only thing I don't understand is why hasn't Venus blocked Margo from Instagram yet?

Any theories, farmers?

No. 231359

It's hard to cut the abuser out of your life like that. My guess is that she is just trying to avoid anything and everything relating to her mother right now.
I'm also starting to think Margo isn't in Japan at all, but creating dramatic stories now that she's realized slandering her daughter all over instagram was a bad move. She's still in Korea trying to save face, I assume, and Venus is taking a few days to avoid her mother like the plague so she can mentally rest for a few days.

No. 231360

It's especially difficult if the abuse is all you've ever known. This woman has been controlling Venus all her life.

No. 231364

Margo stated that venus has to go to starbucks for internet. And she probably cant go anywhere near a starbucks because margot would find her

No. 231365

For God's sake… that's harassement! Venus should call the police for real asap like some anons said before

No. 231366

There are so many Starbucks in Tokyo, Margo can't be at all of them. Also super weird if they don't have internet at home or on their phones… I don't buy it.

No. 231367

Yeah, I still reckon it's a ploy so that Venus can keep out of contact for a while.

No. 231368

Does anyone else think that Marg will get so desperate that she'll end up showing them a picture of Manaki, say that he's stalked her since she was 15, that he's a paedophile, that he's a kidnapper and he could possibly harm or stab Venus. Then when he's in custody, (since she has the details which I'm guessing is V and M's), go to where they live and give Venus the ultimatum of leaving quietly with her or she kills them both on the spot?

Some SVU shit.

No. 231369

Don't worry. The Japanese police won't do anything about stalking cases unless something bad really happens. In most cases they won't do anything unless the victim is already dead.
And since margo is a foreigner she will be ignored for sure. The police here suck.

No. 231370

Yes! She is going to stab someone. I feel it in my piss

No. 231371

So they wont be able to get any help if Margo figures out where they live?


No. 231373

What I think has happened (Margo is so fucking hard to understand)

Margo flew to Japan
She arranged to meet Venus somewhere to give Venus her belongings left in Korea and to get her things they left in storage when they moved.

Venus arrived to get her bags, Margo tried to grab her (to resuce her?) and Venus panicked, grabbed the bags and left.

Margo is saying Manaki stole her things - she definitely means the stuff in storage but possibly also Venus accidentally took one of Margos bags as she has escaping?

Margo contacts security or police because her stuff has been stolen (maybe said Venus assulted her too?) and they give her the address of the storage.

I seriously doubt anyone would give out someones personal address, I know privacy is a big thing in Japan.

I guess we'll have to wait now to see if Margo manages to get her things back and leaves Venus alone.

No. 231374


what if venus and manaki show their marriage paperwork? i think the police would dismiss the case

No. 231375


All the police would really have to do is interview Venus and have her say "Yeah, my mom is fucking crazy."

No. 231376

What ended up happening with that?
On her instegram she wrote that she told her mum "I dont want to divorce". Wasnt there was a paper work issue so they didnt technically get married?

No. 231377

Exactly. They're married, mum is crazy and Manaki is and speaks Japanese making the police here a lot more likely to listen to him.

No. 231378

Margo might have told Venus to say that in order to uphold her pure virgin image while pushing for the two to divorce.

No. 231379

I'd bet that it was completed, maybe Venus even did it behind her mom's back.
All the stuff about it not being finished was probably just damage limitation on Margos part so everyone would still think that Venus was a single virgin, pure as snow desu.

No. 231380

File: 1454760960340.png (1.83 MB, 931x2691, margocomments.png)

I think these comments from Margo weren't posted yet.
Margo is guilt-tripping like a master.

No. 231381


She's married according to the Japanese embassy but never signed some piece of paper from the Hungarian embassy (or whatever country it was)

No. 231382

Am I alone thinking that Margo didnt want the marriage because it only meant a citezenship for Venus and not Margo as well? And that when she figured it out, then, he was a terrible person not worthy of her daughter?

No. 231383

Obviously. She kept bouncing back and forth from him being a saint to him being Satan. When he made popular videos with Venus he was the best thing ever, after their first breakup he was an uneducated creepy pedophile, after their marriage she was suddenly proud of him again and now he's back to being an abuser.

At this point I also believe they have always been legally married and the faulty paperwork story was something they made up to do damage control. I mean, why would Marg announce they got married before all the paperwork was finalized? That's bizarre.

No. 231384


You are not alone. Most of us think like this.

Venus and margo must have moved to Korea to wait for Venus' spouse visa process to complete at first.
Venus Thought from the beginning she will live in Japan with Manaki after getting married but maybe didn't tell margo that her getting a visa won't save Margo's ass.
Venus probably kept it a secret from Margo that she is going to live in Japan with Manaki when she gets her visa.

I think she kept her plans a secret from Margo because she didn't want to hurt her feelings.

She must have been planning this for a long time.

Margo probably thought Venus will just stay with her in Korea like a good girl. In Margo's ming Being married isn't a good enough of a reason for her to leave her like this.

No. 231385

The more she talks about Manaki, the greater he seems.
He was perfectly civil when sending her mail even though Margo was in the way, has a job, put on with the bullshit, was ready to come to Korea to help Venus, has a car, found a place for him and Venus, is not egging on Venus to respond to Margo on social media…

No. 231386

Alright, so here is the thing: If you get married in Japan and want to get a spouse visa, you need to prove that you registered your marriage to the authorities in your country. So before that you're only married in one country, Japan. There might've been a problem they only noticed when they saw the Japanese paperwork (faulty info taken from the faulty Hungarian info) so they couldn't register the marriage in Hungary (or Switzerland or wherever).
What was the problem anyways?

No. 231388


No. 231390

Yeah manaki seems like a hero to me. This is starting to sound like a romance movie.

No. 231392

same here! he must really, really care about penus-chan if he is willing to put up with margo's shenanigans and even getting his beloved animu waifu out of her demented claws. if he was just some random gaijin hunter he could have had any white weeaboo girlie, as some other anon pointed out in the last thread. he's cute, young and has a job. he's every weeaboo's wet dream. but he remained on penus-chan's side.

better than any lifetime movie haha

No. 231396

I don't know about anyone else, but this whole thing has me thinking back to when she did that stream and someone made a comment something along the lines of Margo is super controlling and how Venus needs to get away and Margo's response to that person was "no one's stopping her from leaving!"
Not really relevant, but thinking back on that and then seeing all this crazy shit go down is kinda… Crazy

No. 231397


This site is backwards, one minute he's a peado and now he's Flynn Ryder

No. 231398

Fucking choked on my juice.

No. 231401

Honoured to see that my shitpost inspired this flawless piece of art, so kawaii desu ne~

No. 231402


>lolcow is just one person posting

the dumbasses screaming pedophile either left or realized that Margo is a lying liar who lies all the time.

No. 231403

They also don't understand what the word pedo means, kek.
Different people posting have different opinions on certain subjects. Shocking relegation.

No. 231404

what if he's known margo was a psycho from the beginning, and has a big saviour complex? maybe his goal has been to save her all along. maybe the love came incidentally. still, they make a cute couple and I wish them all the best.

No. 231405

uhm… isnt it really rare and a FAIRLY big luxury to have a car in Japan? Why would Manaki have a car if he's a factory worker???

Also even with a picture and a full name the police wouldnt just have Manaki's number on file? There could be several Manaki Okadas and unless he had priors and Margo had fingerprints or some shit how would they pin down the right Manaki. Especially since I'm 100000% sure Margo doesnt know the kanji for his name.

Also if Margo had actually met up with Venus wouldnt she have taken some form of picture? I feel like Margo would have taken a picture of Venus at some point during the exchange. She's just abusing the fact that Venus hasnt updated anything online.

No. 231406

I really hope Venus will update any of her social media soon, maybe even telling us what exactly is going on over there. It's like 11 p.m. in Japan right now, so I assume that she must have seen her mother's updates on Instagram…I cannot trust anything her mom says or writes. I'd much rather prefer to hear the story from Venus.

No. 231407

I didn't mean to tag post No. 231403, sorry

No. 231408


you don't need to put a email address in the email field, you know.

if you want to sage, just type sage in the email spot.

No. 231410

Thank you kind anon, newfag here. Lesson learned.

No. 231411

Wait.. Now I'm confused. She's deleted and reposted pictures or edited their captions so many times. So at first she's in Japan flipping shit because Venus stood her up and now all of a sudden Venus is there but then she runs away?? What?

No. 231412

I think Margo is just living out her delusions on Instagram, none of this is making any sense. Until she posts proof, she's probably just being insane in Korea.

No. 231413

File: 1454770319206.jpg (111.67 KB, 720x836, 2016-02-06_15.51.17.jpg)

No. 231414

File: 1454770349658.jpg (55.67 KB, 716x442, 2016-02-06_15.50.40.jpg)

No. 231415


omg how does she not know her pin? poor girl..

No. 231416

What the fuck…Margo you stupid cunt, give Venus her fucking e-mail address back! I'm so mad right now. What an entitled bitch this crazy old hag is

No. 231417

Holy fucking shit.

No. 231418

Margo is a freak. Poor Venus.
Well, at least she realised how crazy her mum is!

No. 231419

As an aside… she is much better at writing than her mother.

No. 231420

i'd more concerned about the fact that Venus can't access her bank account anon…

No. 231421

Just as we thought.

I cannot wait to see Margo's response to this. This drama is too good.
I just hope no one is in harm's way.

No. 231422


Holy shit, man, this is beyond crazy now. What's Margo going to do next, turn up under Venus's bed with a machete?

No. 231423

I don't even know what the fuck to say. Do you guys think that there's any way Venus could contact her bank and sort of explain her situation and ask them to change her pin? At least we know Margo might not be able to use the money in the account as long as Venus has the cash card (unless Margo transfers all the money from that bank account into a separate one for herself).

Can't Venus change the password too though? Just by going through that security question stuff and then changing the security questions and answers afterwards to lock out Margo from pulling the same garbage (assuming Margo hasn't already done that)

No. 231424

can't she just contact the bank and change her pin code?

No. 231425

She should email/call her bank. If it's her bank account, with her name on it, no way her mum can keep it!
I guess it would take lots of time anyway…

No. 231426


Unless Margo changed (don't know if you can, never used gmail) the security questions.

No. 231427

What I hope is that when she escaped, Venus took with her all off her official papers. It could really be a pain to be a foreigner without them. :/

No. 231428


I dunno if it's different in other countries but in the US you need your SSN, bank account number, and to give the address associated with the account to change shit.

No. 231429

sorry, meant to reply to >>231424

No. 231430

We don't know if it's a korean account or a japanese one (or even a european one?). Could be difficult for Venus to reach the bank depending on that.

No. 231431

Wow…I don't even know what to say anymore. This drama is taking a scary turn. I'm feeling sorry for Venus, I hope she can sort this situation out. If I was her, I'd be so mad and frustrated. Can't believe how downright evil her mother is. Fucking bitch.

No. 231432

At least this entire saga has many witnesses. You can't lie anymore Margo.

No. 231433

Yeah, a youtube star without an internet connection? Doesn't sound right, but it might be Venus trying to cut contact with her mom. If so, smart move.

No. 231434

why do some of these these dumbasses at pull still think this all staged? their elaborate conspiracy theories are almost scarier than this saga itself

No. 231435


If it's a bank account in Japan Manaki & Venus need to immediately contact the bank, and then contact the police to charge Mayo with identity theft.

Venus also needs to contact google, send them copies of her identity papers to proof she's the owner of the gmail account. Google does not fuck around with identity theft, and they're likely to shut down all of Mayo's accounts.

No. 231436

I would assume it's most likely a European one. If it's the only one she has and it's the one linked to her Youtube, I would assume they made it way back before leaving Europe.

They were never on a long term visa in Japan I think, so I don't think they even opened a Japanese bank account/would have been able to open one.

No. 231437

I just want to hug Venus.

No. 231438


Ya, they're really stupid. I just ignore them and let them have their crazy Margo moment.

No. 231439


Just more proof that Margo doesn't give a crap about Venus' wellbeing, it's all about the money for her. Sad.

No. 231441


I thought this was for views or something at first, but this has been going on for waay too long. Margo has said entirely too much shit. This is her going fucking insane.

No. 231442

"Yeah, gotta get that pin code under false pretenses, just live off your husband, I need the money you made more you"

No. 231443

I think that maybe Youtube could help her, since (I guess) the money she gets are from her YT account

No. 231444

File: 1454771990076.png (730.06 KB, 948x612, why are you so dumb.png)

I want to reply to this person so bad but I don't feel like getting into an argument with someone with their head so far up their ass because I know it'll be redundant but ugh…

Your mother wasn't a crazy toxic bitch living vicariously through you and using you for money so of course you don't understand. You probably had a sane mother who does care for your wellbeing because she's NOT A CRAZY WITCH. If for some reason Manaki is just as unhealthy and toxic, it's LOADS better than being with Margo. Mother does not know best here.

Some of these people act like parents can't be emotionally abusive.

No. 231445

Margo is so fucked up

No. 231446

But isn't your YouTube account connected to your Google account, including your e-mail? If so, Venus might be screwed since she won't be able to access her channel anymore.

No. 231447


YouTube has nothing to do with her bank though. She needs to solve that first, and then deal with Google to get control of her email and YouTube account.

No. 231448


her face breaks my heart. she looks so sad and lost. Fuck Margo, hope she rots in hell.

No. 231449


People that are supporting Margo are the most sickening people I've seen in a while.

No. 231451

European here, when I moved from France to Belgium, still having my account in France, I couldn't do anything to it. The only way to change anything was to go inside the fucking bank.
I think it's the same for most bank to avoid fraud if someone steal your infos but it's a freaking pain when you travel/change countries in a hurry.

No. 231452


If it's a Hungarian one, Venus needs to contact the Hungarian embassy first thing in the morning. And with their help, get things sorted with the bank in Hungary.

No. 231453

I'm glad to see an overwhelming majority of the comments are supporting Venus- I went to go check Margo's most recent picture and even people there have started commenting things like "Give Venus the pin/her email back!" and shit like that.

No. 231454

OT but is it only banks in France that are such a pain in the ass to deal with?

My french roommate's cash card is expiring soon and they refuse to send her a new one (we're abroad right now)

No. 231455

It was a fucking nightmare, I had my card and the pin but couldn't transfer any money because they had a bullshit security system that would send me another security code. To my french number. The one I didn't even remember giving them and deactivated ages ago. Couldn't phone them either, number unreachable from my new country.
Finally I had to send them a letter en recommandé (cost me like 10€) with all my infos to close the account and transfer the money on my new account. Took month.
It was La Banque Postale.

I don't know if it's the same everywhere in Europe, but here in Belgium, my card don't have to be renewed as much (but it's not VISA, which in itself is another pain when I want to order things on the web)

No. 231456

File: 1454773044878.png (847.6 KB, 648x999, sperglord.png)


>wanted, dead or alive

No. 231457

it's really annoying how hard they try to 'debunk' the drama surrounding venus and her crazy ass mother, but just stay away from PULL, anon. you're wasting your time there.

also sage for OT, kinda.

No. 231458

ffs this picture is gonna give me nightmares, thx ano - what kind of pose is that even??? looks like she's getting ready to fart

No. 231459

If I were Venus, I would firstly make a new Bank Account and then I would search for a good lawyer and take legal actions against her. What she does is illegal and needs to be reported.

No. 231460

This all is enough to get the police going. Margo will DEFINITELY try to lie to them seeing how delusional she is, and even the cheapest lawyer will proove that she is a liar. She could get a restraining order. Or in the best case scenario get sent to the cuckoos.

No. 231461


In Mayo's mind, she's a sexay milf, farmer!

No. 231462

Part of me is so excited for all the new milk that's going to burst through once Margo reads and responds to Venus' new post, but the other part feels so fucking bad for this girl. She looks so sad and exhausted in that picture. I'm so glad she's far away from that hag and has Manaki for support right now.

No. 231463

Also, the tax evasion thing could also bite her ass at the same time. Im sure there would be shitloads of stuff venus could tell on her besides that.

No. 231464

Margo posted on her IG, can't post pics atm.

No. 231465

File: 1454773548164.png (280.42 KB, 640x504, w5Oif6u.png)


Even btb has her back. WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU, VENUS!

No. 231466

Yeah, no. Lawyer are pricy. Depending on how much is on that account and where the bank is, I'd say Venus is probably screwed.
Let's just hope it's not too much money.

No. 231467

File: 1454773577753.png (497.54 KB, 929x593, margotalks1.png)

No. 231468

File: 1454773587998.png (498.62 KB, 929x593, margotalks2.png)

No. 231469


What kind of idiot hauls a collection of Swarovski around the world? She is such a cunt.

No. 231470

You didnt get a word I said didnt you.

No. 231471

I wish I could punch that shit eating smirk.

No. 231472


She's nuts. Fucking hell, she is really going insane.

No. 231473

Cheap lawyer don't exist.

No. 231476

>there's still much diarrhea in the air
holy shit i lost it

No. 231477

So much milk i might drown soon

No. 231478

I don't even want this milk anymore. All this drama is giving me a headache.

No. 231479

File: 1454773972166.gif (1.46 MB, 268x246, QLkjW.gif)

That last line, I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.

No. 231480


Margo ain't shit.

No. 231481

Yeah, but you can still call police on her ass right?

No. 231482


I have a feeling that she thinks she's the Nicki in this situation. No Margo, pretty sure you're the Miley.

No. 231483

File: 1454774068555.png (532.24 KB, 928x597, margocomments1.png)

No. 231484

File: 1454774079016.png (528.56 KB, 928x597, margocomments2.png)

No. 231485

>i know the word abusive is sexy and psycho

No. 231486

File: 1454774118646.jpg (146.06 KB, 917x597, Untitled.jpg)

This bitch tho. She should just crawl up Margo's ass and never come back.

No. 231487

Do Manaki and Venus have any kind of support system in Tokyo? Are his parents on board/well-off?

Worst case scenario: Venus cuts her losses, gets new email & youtube accounts while she waits for the current ones to get shut down because of identity theft, and opens a new bank account of whatever in Japan.

And then she never speaks to Mayo again. Unbelievable that Mayo thinks it's okay to fuck over her own child like this.

No. 231488

Police don't care much when it's about foreigner (not only in Japan but pretty much everywhere) because it's hard to reach for people when they go outside the country. They won't care for arm grabbing and internet craziness.

No. 231489

>She asks me for the codes and pin
Just fucking give them to her for christ's sake

>I'm a mother-in-law so it's my job to hate the guy

What is this? A Korean soap opera? Mother-in-laws who have a good relationship with their kid's spouse exist you know… but I guess you've never had a good relationship with anyone since you're such a crazy, psycho bitch.

>I want my things back!

Venus' income probably paid for all of it, so shove off already

>Venus had it way too good with me, I spoiled her

I didn't know basically emotionally stunting and abusing your child while using them for your own gain was spoiling them. Material items don't mean shit.

No. 231490

lol Venus is having an "insta tantrum"? Margo you were the one going on and on on your insta the last couple of days pointing fingers at her and Manaki, talking shit about them and painting yourself to be the victim. Venus is handling this situation A LOT better than you, you dumb bitch.

No. 231491

File: 1454774253667.jpg (69.47 KB, 640x391, image.jpg)

No. 231492


Excellent point. Mayo isn't a mother, she's nothing but a parasite. A cancer. Venus is right cutting her out.

No. 231493

As if. She assaulted poor Venus and they told her to stop and go to police if she has a problem to make her calm down, I'm guessing.
>full on assault someone
>"stop throwing tantrums!!!"

No. 231494

I actually think that would be the best solution right now…

No. 231495


Par for the course for a mother with crazy bitch syndrome. My mother accused me of hitting her when I defended myself when she was trying to kill me.

No. 231496

lol, yeah " i could call the police on you but I lied- I mean I dont want you to lose your visa!!"

No. 231497

Does… Margo not realize what she's been doing for the past few days? Venus speaks out ONCE in the midst of all the sladner she's been getting and suddenly it's Venus is the one throwing a tantrum. What the fuck has Margo been doing all this time then?

Sure you wanna spend that last bit of cash you have on a lawyer Margo?

No. 231499

I can't believe the people telling Venus to give in to Margaret's demands on Venus' IG. How can they not see through Margaret's psychotic bullshit?

No. 231500

I'm happy for all this milk but I'm shocked other than pull and cow no one else is reporting on this. You'd think react you tubers like keemstar would be reporting on this. I think that will help Venus the most.

No. 231501

Oh my god I wanna punch her in the face so bad right now…it amazes me how calm Venus is, at least on her social media, I couldn't keep my cool anymore

No. 231502

File: 1454774734253.png (33.48 KB, 299x288, tfhg.png)

Could someone please translate?

No. 231503

File: 1454774769598.png (653.98 KB, 888x588, margo.png)

Can someone translate please?

No. 231504

I wish I had the balls to go to Margo (assuming she's still at Haneda) and sock her in the face

No. 231505

Using my faulty german, she seems to say that 5 people saw what happened at the airport.

No. 231506

Trans: read the text on kakao. And when u write stupid things on insta I can sue you because u wont give me my stuff that costs xxxx. I brought your belonging. It would have been nice if u had told u me u were going. Be more mature than that. You will loose ur spouse visa when i sue u. I have 5 witnesses who saw that u run away when the security came. 3 of them from the bagagge shop?? Security and one from the information stand. 5 people. Write me AND write sth nice then we can talk nicely

No. 231507

I'm on it anon.

No. 231508


read the text on kakao. And when u write stupid things on insta I can sue you because u wont give me my stuff that costs xxxx. I brought your belonging. It would have been nice if u had told u me u were going. Be more mature than that. You will loose ur spouse visa when i sue u. I have 5 witnesses who saw that u run away when the security came. 3 of them from the bagagge shop?? Security and one from the information stand. 5 people. Write me AND write sth nice then we can talk nicely

No. 231509

File: 1454774945360.png (8.73 KB, 289x138, morecrazyshitiguess.png)

There's more in German already

No. 231510

Never mind then, someone else was quicker. Sorry.

No. 231511

#fake #givememystuff #uletyourmothersleepintheairport

Stop lying

No. 231512

#fake #givememythings # youletyourmothersleepintheairport

stop telling such evil lies, okay?

No. 231513

Like the internet didn't cap the shit you wrote on Venus… Who does this bitch think she's fooling?

Sleeping in the airport was too good for her. Bitch should've gone and slept in the river.

No. 231514

File: 1454775066646.png (11.38 KB, 278x150, margopls.png)

Bitch is on a roll right now…

No. 231515

KEK, she really thought Venus would let her sleep at her new place after all the slandering?
Such entitlement.

No. 231516

Sorry, but margot is going to stab someone…

No. 231517

Jesus fucking christ, she's unbearable

No. 231518

File: 1454775175486.png (10.84 KB, 285x172, lmao.png)

Bear with me guys!

No. 231519

not if venus stole her knife too :( lol

No. 231521


Been thinking that ever since Margo set foot in Japan.

No. 231522

While she herself has been making a ruckus for two fucking days? That's rich.

No. 231523

>I could never sleep if you had to sleep at the airport pls notice how much of a caring mother I am.
>But calling you a psycho online is totes okay.

No. 231524

File: 1454775348858.png (25.98 KB, 274x390, somuchdramu.png)

Aaaaand more.

No. 231525

File: 1454775350244.jpg (13.86 KB, 295x128, 676.jpg)

No. 231526

Hoping she's really going. They are going to laugh at her so hard if they even understand her "english";

No. 231528

File: 1454775499655.png (637.89 KB, 875x593, wtf.png)

Wtf does that even mean???

No. 231529

File: 1454775537396.jpg (42.13 KB, 390x597, image.jpg)

Margo, basically

No. 231530

Surely some lawyers are cheaper than others, therefore cheap lawyers do exist.

No. 231531


down to either sue/or to the police. I'm assuming.

No. 231532

down to the cops

probably attempting to go down on the cops too, it wouldn't surprise me

No. 231533

File: 1454775629827.jpg (24.98 KB, 292x150, 346.jpg)

Apparently Venus is the abusive one now

No. 231534

Is it true that Venus could lose her spouse visa over this? That would be horrible.
Magro needs to be sectioned in a mental hospital before it's too late.

No. 231536

Wow. My hands are sweating, all this drama is making me anxious jesus christ. Margo is terrifying. Venus, please be careful!

No. 231537

Classic abuser tactic, making yourself the victim.

No. 231538

Is this another trick to make people beliebe that venus is retarded?

No. 231539

Sure Margo, just keep telling yourself that you are the victim. This is just getting more and more pathetic now…

No. 231540

I hope she really does go. There is no way she will achieve anything apart from proving how much of a nutcase she is. They'll probably ship her ass right back to Korea.

No. 231541


No. 231542

Oooooohhh her website venusangelic.com is gone

No. 231543

I feel anger alright! But I think Margo should go to the police… That'd be funny, her having the consequences of false accusations. But oh wait, shes to dumb to be able to figure how to contact Korean or Japanese police.

No. 231544

File: 1454775840671.png (8.62 KB, 278x134, LIAR.png)

No. 231545


Ya, it's been gone for a while from what I understand.

No. 231546

File: 1454775853541.jpg (28.48 KB, 293x225, 635.jpg)

No. 231547

Yeah, it was established in the last thread already.

No. 231548

Even if she legit couldn't remember, why does she refuse to tell her the PIN if she is 100% okay with her daughter having access to her account?
Marg sucks so bad at lying it's painful.

No. 231550

She's blocking people left and right from replying to her lol

No. 231552


Venus probably isn't talking about/to margo because this is probably happening irl for her right now

No. 231553

Venus probably isn't talking about/to margo because this is probably happening irl for her right now

No. 231554

Margaret I mean

No. 231555

File: 1454776138354.jpg (164.25 KB, 630x397, 2016-02-06 17.28.23.jpg)

Yanliya asked: didnt u go to the police yet?

No. 231556

That was always a funny scene for me, but now it just makes me feel worse about Venus' situation

No. 231557

File: 1454776175548.png (12.63 KB, 286x196, german.png)

German farmers, please translate?

No. 231558

File: 1454776201233.gif (1023.87 KB, 386x172, smashed-computer.gif)

"Show some respect!" Are you fucking kidding, margo? I wish i could kick her in the head so fucking hard rn. She should definitely take thar trip to the river now. Poor Venus.

No. 231559

File: 1454776237017.jpg (760.14 KB, 1920x1920, 16-02-06-11-29-40-402_deco-1.j…)

No. 231560

tbh this was probably her when she went out with Manaki in Korea.

No. 231561

Margo, just go to bed. It's late as fuck in Nipponland.

No. 231562

Should I? I didn't want to harm her because I went to them, but they told me careful, or else Venus loses her Visa. In Japan you are not allowed to forcefully hold 1) thieves and 2) relatives, and I have been told this. I said multiple times: No, stop, no stop. It's quite stupid. I already wrote about it on my Instagram.

No. 231563

Should I? I didnt wanted to harm u. I was there with them and they told me to be careful. Otherwise venus will loose her visa. In japan u are not allowed to 1. Burglary 2. Holding relatives violantly. They also told me that. I said more than once stop stop no. It is stupid. I already wrote on my ig about it

No. 231564


does this bitch ever sleep tho

No. 231565

Should I? I didn't want to harm her because I went there but they said I should watch out or Venus loses her visa. In Japan you're not allowed to violently hold on to 1. thiefs and 2. relatives, that's what I got told. Multiple times I said: No, stop. Stop. No. It's really dumb. I talked about it on insta already

No. 231566

File: 1454776428043.jpg (19.51 KB, 289x134, 235.jpg)

god she's so desperate to meet up with venus

No. 231567

I think her lack of sleep is making her behave even worse. I thought this whole drama was quite funny at first but now it's just freaking me out.

No. 231568

So now she is changing her story? SHE TOLD HERSELF THAT SHE GRABBED VENUS FFS.

No. 231570

I tried looking up things that would cause a revocation of spousal visa in Japan, but most results (obviously) are related to divorce. When I went on Japan's immigration site (http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/tetuduki/zairyuu/torikeshi.html) there's nothing said about what will happen to your visa if you commit a crime. Considering how this could just be considered theft and has no relation to Venus' spousal status with Manaki, I highly doubt they'll revoke her visa (but I'm really no expert on this). It wasn't even theft of a Japanese citizen's property, giving the Japanese less reason to give a shit.

No. 231572

lmaoo how the fuck is venus supposed to get out there? I think the trains have already stopped running by now

No. 231573


Also, even if this was escalated beyond idol threats these things take time to work. I think any reasonable lawyer would see this as a spat. Margo is just grasping at straws.

No. 231574

It's not like they are cheap places EVERYWHERE in Tokyo where she could stay the night instead of harassing Venus about it.

No. 231575

File: 1454776802286.jpg (16.01 KB, 280x99, moo.jpg)

Margo thinks that Manaki is a bad influence for Venus lol

No. 231576

File: 1454776838793.jpg (8.54 KB, 281x67, 956.jpg)

someone needs to take their own advice

No. 231578

and talks about how she herself could NEVER do that to her own mother. Jesus, Margo, stfu

No. 231579

margo you're a hypocrite

No. 231580

She's gotta save what little money she has left!

No. 231581

Ah, the lovely BPD method of threatening, calling names, harrassing people to make them love you.
It's weird Venus don't want to talk after all this display of motherly affection.

No. 231582

Did anyone call her out on that? The whole you write in public stop it thing? I mean I know she wont ge tit but i wonder what is her response.

No. 231583

"write private because I dont want you to debunk my lies!"

No. 231584

It seems from her description of the suitcase that she's essentially holding Venus's clothes etc. hostage by having it with hers in one bag until Venus agrees to let her spend the night with her. She is horrific honestly

No. 231585

I've always wondered about chronic liars/abusers…. If one, say, claims he didnt hit someone, they show him the video that yes he did, what would they do? Be caught in an infinite loop of "I didn't say I did", and when proven they did claim another thing like this? Or would their head just boil?

No. 231586

There are quite a few people in the comments who have been pointing out Margo's overall hypocrisy, but she doesn't respond to them, at least I didn't see it

No. 231587

There are a few people replying to her but apparently she's blocking them now

No. 231588

Trying to hide proof and if it doesn't work, lie relentlessly until you doubt your own memory.

No. 231589

Yeah, but saying, hypothetially of course, you record the whole conversation?

No. 231590

I wish Venus would just chuck the suitcase at Margo's head. She can replace those clothes, but once she lets Margo back in… that's the end.

No. 231591

they would justify why they did it and call the person showing them the video the real abuser

No. 231593


I'm translating this based on how I understand what she wrote, but this is Margo tier writing here, so keep in mind, I might make mistakes based on what she wrote.

Read it right Kakao (Kakao used as a petname here) and if you want to write stupid stuff here I'll report you because you didn't return my stuff worth XXXXX. I did bring you your stuff. If you would have discussed wanting to leave, it would have been fine and normal. Be more mature. The report would cancel the spouse visa. I have five things [I wanted] before you ran off as security showed up. [I have witnesses], 3 from the luggage shop, security and a lady at the info. 5 people. Write me and write me something nice, everyone can write something nice…

WELP, Margo threatening Venus for the full money.

No. 231594


No. 231595

I hope Manaki contacts the police!

Could anyone please maybe email him just a simple warning or something? I'd do it but my moonspeak is basically on par with margo's grasp on english…

No. 231596

Margo types in the same autistic way my father does and it makes me hate her even more.

Im really fucking mad she's threatening to get Venus' spouse visa taken away, and still wants to play the loving mother role.

No. 231599

Well, I have a feeling that's it for now (regarding Margo's frantic comments on Venus' Insta). My head is aching…I need a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate now.

No. 231600


Sorry, I didn't know Kakao was a messenger service, so I assumed it was a petname. My mistake.

No. 231601

Kakao = Kakaotalk
It's not a nickname.

No. 231602

Ok, thank you. I don't think Margo would have success with this anyway. But it's good to know that even in the worst case Venus wouldn't be deported.

No. 231603


You're right.

I hope someone can reassure Venus and Manaki, but it's like this: to get her visa revoked, Venus would have to be convicted of a crime.

Which means the case would have to go to court, which means a prosecutor would have to assume there's a 99% chance Margo wins the case.

Can I just say: HAHA, NO!

There's a reason why conviction rates in Japan are high; it's because prosecutors go to court ONLY with cases that are clear. There's no way they're going to rely on the hysterics of Margo to build a case. 100% no way.

Margo can go and fuck herself. I hope she drowns or meets whatever horrible fate. When you think she can't get any lower, she goes there. She's a piece of shit and probably smells like it too.

No. 231604

she could go to the sudoku forest

No. 231605

Also they really dgaf about foreigners unless it obstructs a citizen, but since the citizen is on Venus' side, they will be even more inclined not to do shit.

No. 231607


But Venus doesn't technically have the stuff? Margo left it in Japan in storage, she can't prove anyone took it. She probably doesn't have any documentation whatsoever on the value, so it's just hearsay.

At least the coppers she's bothering will have something to laugh over.

No. 231609


Margo planned it so it looks on security cameras and to other people like Venus stole her stuff. But Margo still sent Venus the pic where she could get her stuff so it's useless.
Margo is such a vile cunt but she is too stupid to set something like this up properly.

No. 231612

That doesn't make sense, when you marry someone your parents don't get a citizenship too.

No. 231613

Why is she describing the stuff in Venus' suitcase? Like, mentioning panties and high heels… creepy

No. 231615

"Vinooss I have your pantiss"

ew ew ew

No. 231616


Margot can sell them and live forever at the airport

No. 231617

I bet she sniffs her daughter's panties yikes

No. 231618

That's only for online tho, it's quite easy irl with your ID.

No. 231619

That's only very few users tho and the same happend here, stop derailing with OT.

No. 231620


Say no more.

No. 231621

Holy shit. Will KEEMSTAR pick up the story lol ?


No. 231622

Oops. Failed to sage. sorry.

No. 231623

Nothing will happen, it only applies to ACTUAL crime and not your daugther having some of your shit.

No. 231624

File: 1454780470789.png (586.24 KB, 1111x604, jaaBGHt.png)

Even if it was a lie, it would be smart for Venus to keep all communication with Maggot public so that people can see who is really causing the trouble. Plus, witnesses and caps.
In the end, though, you know what would make Maggs go absolutely crazy? If Venus just ignored her. NPD people HATE being ignored, because everything has to be about them! I know Venus needs shit from her mother at this point, so she needs to communicate with her, but once she gets everything she needs, I pray she goes no-contact with this waste of oxygen "mother".

This new thing with Venus finally breaking free has had me so happy for her!! She honestly must be scared out of her mind.. I mean, what direction will her life go next once she breaks free of this disgusting subhuman garbage of a "mother"?

After all is said and done, the bare bones of it is that Venus is just a scared girl trying to have her own life, and it she was probably always violently denied and lied to.

Honestly, I have a Borderline (BPD = NOT Bipolar) partner, and Maggs seems more like a Narcissist (NPD) to me.
But y'all have a love-hate for the armchair diagnosis thing, and it's been discussed already. so.

But, honestly? I think you Farmers have been amazing through all of this. Venus is just an emotionally abused girl trying to get away, and it's awesome that you all are calling out the bullshit.
I pray to all deities above and below that Venus STAYS AWAY AND DOES NOT GO BACK NO MATTER WHAT.

Anyone else getting some Frollo vibes off Maggot?
"The world is cruel out there.." "I am your only friend!" "How can I protect you if you don't stay in here?"

No. 231625

>you should apply to a lunatic asylum, being this much after your adult daughter and obviously her money

No. 231626


Margo will end up putting herself in a hospital for some bullshit reason and guilt Venus into coming to see her.
I imagine if Venus doesn't show up, the Margo will screech on Twatter/Insta saying "see??? My daughter is a heartless monster who won't come see her ailing mother in the hospital!!! She is the one who did this to me and the reason I am here in the first place! BAWWWWW!!"

Just you fucking wait. It's bound to happen.

No. 231627

I really hope so, I wish the person who linked him spoonfed him more though, I don't know if keemstar would do his own research. God bless him if he actually reports on it, it's what Venus needs.

No. 231628

nahh, she doesn't even have an insurance in Japan, with or without, it would be extremely expensive … I don't think she'll put herself in a hospital right now, she has no income, right?

No. 231629


I'm sure someone here would spoonfeed him.

No. 231630

I hate Keemstar, he ruins people's lives and is all around a huge dick, but if you guys really want this to happen you guys need to tweet him all the information and caps you have.

No. 231632

The thing that struck me is…these are probably things Venus doesn't give a shit about. She can buy new panties and high heels. She just needs access to her bank account and email. That's the only reason she showed up, and it's obvious. When Margo wouldn't give them to her, she walked.

No. 231633

I don't think she's in Japan, anon.
In any case, in whatever country she would be in, I don't think a medical facility would ask someone if they had cash in there was a situation deemed an "emergency". Margo would probably make a call for an ambulance because she was in "distress" or something. idk.
I'm just saying, it will probably be a desperate plea for Venus' attention once Margo runs out of ways to manipulate her.

No. 231634

There's a point today where the drama tipped from amusing to horrible. Margo is so clearly losing it with zero self-awareness, but instead of laughing I really want to smack the cunt in the face.

I really hope Venus finds a way out of this situation, but it's going to be difficult. Legal advice would be a good idea for her.

No. 231635

And Manaki is Esmeralda

No. 231636


Let's hope down to the river

No. 231637

Keemstar is a douchebag. Didn't he side with Onision when the drama with Billie and Lainey went down?

-sage for OT-

No. 231638

Wouldn't surprise me if he sides with Margo if he covers this then…

No. 231640

Honestly, I'm still suspicious of Manaki.. I mean, I'm happy he's helping Venus get away, but I wonder about how this will go long-term. Will it be too much trouble for him? Will he get sick of dealing with a emotional Venus? Will Venus actually be able to adapt into a more normal human being capable of dealing with the world around her in a healthy way?

I'm rooting for her, but it still makes me sad a bit. The future is in her hands, though. I hope she takes charge and makes wise decisions. I also hope she doesn't revert back to Margo-trained manipulation tactics to get what she wants in life. But she's still young. I'm rooting for her to make good choices.

No. 231641

File: 1454783393858.png (418.45 KB, 900x400, 9bb5Adp.png)

jesus christ

No. 231643


No. 231644

you guys should lay off manaki for now. like yeah i get this is a place for discussing everyone and whatever, but he's really not the issue.

No. 231646

Anon that post is about Margo.
Also fuck off. There isn't much bad being said about Manaki anyhow, and he is part of what's going on and involved in the situation as is.

No. 231648

>Honestly, I'm still suspicious of Manaki..
This. but even if manaki ends up abusing Venus, it's margos fault for crippling her all her life and making her a dependent. It makes me mad imagining Margo doing an I told you so when she caused it.

No. 231649

Fucking hell Margo is such a cunt. Refusing pin code to Vs bank and changing her email address password put of spite. She's a fucking adult IT'S HER SHIT.

No. 231653


top tier banner material

No. 231654


No. 231655

No. 231656

I don't even think it's about abuse. He may just be like "Shit, I took on way more than I can handle" and then what?

No use speculating about it, though. Honestly, I don't think the lot of us know that much about Manaki and the whole situation between him & Venus aside from what Margo has been vomiting out to make any accurate predictions about her future regarding Manaki.

No. 231657

he might not care. in the end japanese culture will mean that he's at work most of the time and won't have to deal with the drama much anyway.

No. 231658

oh christ Don't put my shit tier abortion of art as a banner. this is a QUALITY website, thank you.

sage for ot.

No. 231659

I mean, maybe, but I would assume with no friends or connections (that we know of) Venus would need the listening ear and shoulder to cry on. Manaki seems to be the ones she's closest to in this situation, so she will probably need to heavily lean on him for support while she recovers and picks her life back up.

What does Manaki even do for work, anyhow?

No. 231660

Margo mentioned he is a factory worker. Of course I don't know how reliable this info is coming from her.

No. 231661

Angry Margo said he worked in a factory or some shit? Hell long as he's employed and not a NEET.

No. 231662

hellow dis is weenus mom here. pls stop talking about mi thx

No. 231663

Better working in a factory than a crazy narcissist eternal student desperately grasping at her youth

at least he can ACTUALLY support his kids in the future, instead of leeching off them like she does

No. 231664

I seriously think Margo needs to be institutionalized. For everyone's (including her) safety. She's fucking insane.

No. 231665

old post, I know, but I couldn't resist


what experience lolol.

No. 231666


No. 231667

I might hear it from some of you, but if Venus set up a gofundme for a lawyer or even just to kinda help with the money she (most likely) lost, I'd throw some money to it. The idea of Venus setting one up and it being successful and how salty it'd make Margo cracks me up.

No. 231668

I think like 1% of the posters are saying anything negative about him. We mostly agree he's making the best of a bad situation, but it's not fair to ask everyone to hold an identical opinion.

No. 231669

She needs to go into a fucking asylum asap. A proper American Horror Story one.

No. 231670

I think whatever ends up happening, she made a huge step by cutting off the umbillical cord, and now the world is her oyster. Her japanese is pretty good, right? She could perhaps make this japan thing work, maybe get a job teaching english, maybe even have kids. I'll be rooting for them.

No. 231671

what if during all this, venus got pregnant

No. 231672

It wouldn't be the best timing in the world.

No. 231673

whatever he does his job or his parents make money. Having a car in Japan is really uncommon. He must have at least a steady mode of income.

No. 231674

i legit would also donate to this lol

No. 231675

Go for it. Margo will make sure she ends up on the streets somehow with nothing and she's getting more concerning to read about to the point it's sickening. Venus needs all the help she can gets.

No. 231676

So is she counting this as one of Venus's 'asperger tantrums' like she mentioned before, because now it makes sense. Venus stands up for herself and all of a sudden to Margo she's throwing a tantrum, crying about things, and having an episode. jesus christ.

No. 231677

she would need a bank account that margo doesnt have access to, though.

No. 231678


I keep going to the river to pray
'Cause I need something that can wash out the kawaii
And at most I'm making ASMR videos of demons anyway
But your insta, that instagram
It keeps me awake

My boyfriends had you figured out
Yeah, they saw what's inside of you
You tried hiding and running
But your aspergers was coming through

These plushies sitting on the wall
They watch every move I make
Bright light and photoshop living in the shade
Your totemo unkawaii heart makes my spirit shake

I had to go through hell to prove I'm not insane
Had to meet the devil just to know his name (it's Manaki)

Give up the bags
Give up the bags
Give up the bags
Storage unit baby

Give up the bags
Give up the bags
Give up the bags
Storage unit baby

No. 231679

According to Venus' IG didn't she set up her own bank account before leaving for Japan? It's getting hard to keep track of details in all this milk.

No. 231681

I think Venus needs to do like Grace Helbig did and just make a new channel and make it very known what is going on with her old one. She should obviously try to wrestle control of her bank account and email and whatever other accounts back, but she should also try setting up ways to fund her and support her. The only people buying Margo's story are idiots and people who have never dealt with an abusive parent.

No. 231683

even the maj of really well off guys use subways,buses, and taxis.

No. 231684

I'm sure he does use those, but they need a getaway car!

No. 231685

She deliberately packed their stuff together, if this is true. That way, she had to travel with her back to their place.

No. 231687

File: 1454787530085.gif (1.43 MB, 381x216, 1438288723577.gif)

marry me anon

No. 231688

Ah…. never thought I'd see the day Venus leaves her money grubbing mother.

I'm still new and have no idea how to quote but to anon who said Marg probably never wanted V, I disagree a bit. Marg had a strict upbringing in which she had no freedom. I'm sure once she realized she was pregnant, she would have been happy to provide a life for her kid she didnt have. That all probably changed when her man "left" her (or whatever) leading Marg to view Venus as a burden. She harps on the sacrifices she's made and seems oddly jealous that Venus is young and in love with a man who "saved" her. Over time I'm sure she resolved to make lemonade out of a "lemon" and tried to milk that girl for as much money as she could.

I feel badly for Marg in a way. She's obviously crazy, but that's mostly the fault of her upbringing and perceived disappointments in life. Good on Venus for breaking the cycle, tho. It's tough to let go of all you've ever known.

I hope she and Manaki try their best to be happy even if the relationship isn't forver~

No. 231689

hellow dis is weenus mom i will tell u somesing about weenus she is jeelus of mi

No. 231690

the anon who predicted this in the other thread was right

venus just mixed up bags and took one of her mums by accident, and when margo started grabbing at her chaos took over and they made a break for it

No. 231692

PFFFT yeah sure try suing margo, with what money and what lawyers? and you're hungarian trying to sue someone (your own daughter in fact, which courts take into consideration) in japan. That's a beaurocratic clusterfuck right there, you're safe as houses venus, even if she TRIES to sue

No. 231693


No. 231695

My mother always tells me that, seeing all of this stuff with venus really brings me flashbacks.
I wish Venus can be finally free

No. 231696

File: 1454788093075.png (684.23 KB, 1139x627, as.png)

Here's a picture of me looking hot. Remember guys, I'm educated, and manaki is not. Also venus is asexual, with an ED and ass burgers and manaki is a pedophile.

No. 231697

I hate her guts but she does have a nice body tbh

No. 231698

Yeah… Too bad her face matches her personality.

No. 231699

File: 1454788454985.jpg (106.27 KB, 720x593, IMG_20160206_205157.jpg)

No. 231700

File: 1454788534101.jpg (27.9 KB, 720x219, IMG_20160206_205210.jpg)


No. 231701

Honestly I think her hair is even worse, at least in this picture. Dreads do not suit you, Margo-chan!

No. 231702

This sounds like Margo's writting style.
Why the ???, it's a fact that the japanese police gives a shit about foreigners.

No. 231703

If you look at the commenter's IG they aren't Japanese.

No. 231704

Just curious if anyone heard more about this, it might help Venus. Hope it happens!

No. 231706


I also thought he was studying something? Is he working and studying at the same time?

No. 231708

No. 231709

well that's weird then….

No. 231710

File: 1454789172494.jpg (41.45 KB, 630x250, DriveSTSHeader.jpg)

Manaki is a real human bean

No. 231711

File: 1454789462326.jpg (87.28 KB, 893x804, margaret_palermo.jpg)

Margo is in some deep shit with all this. I hope she gets reported, then deported and lands in an asylum.

No. 231712

Dude, stop this shit. You have no idea what manaki is like, but you've seen firsthand what Margo is like. And she is a heavily abusive woman, in the middle of an extended (narcissistic) rage.

Sorry to personal blag, but when you've lived with parents like Margo this shit is a little clearer than to someone with positive family experiences. Venus has been told her entire life that she's not capable of being away from her mother, because she's too stupid to be trusted with money, and no one loves her but margo, etc.

Here's what we do know about manaki: he married venus. When she asked him to come to korea, he came, even though margo was going to lose her shit. When she needed help and support to leave her abusive mother, he was there.

Does this mean they live happily ever after? Who knows, life is long and they're young. But he is standing by venus in her greatest hour of need right now.

Sorry to rant, I've lived this experience and any time someone here speculates that one iota of what Margo is saying is true, I want to scream. That's the point of the rants: throw infinity shit to the wall, because at least some of it might stick.

No. 231713

File: 1454789702446.jpg (543.9 KB, 1369x805, mumsieknowsbest.jpg)

This comment though

No. 231714

She can't keep her story straight. Guessing she NEEDS that swaroski shit RIGHT NOW. Even though she was the one leaving it in Japan.

No. 231716

jesus, she looks like some loli fetishist

No. 231718

File: 1454790114901.jpg (2 MB, 260x195, 4xoHs6b.jpg)

yee haw slow down there and calm your tits, white knight-chan.
If you are capable of reading more than one sentence, I also posted >>231656.

Being with Manaki is 1000% better than being with batshit Margo, I'm not even arguing that.
However, his actions could just be based on his obsession with this uguu~ kawaii gaijin. I'm not saying he is a bad person at all. What I'm saying is this:
"How will he hold up now that shit got real? And how will he hold up long-term based on all the damage that has been done?"

No. 231719

Can someone give me context on this video? I'm a newfag to this thread

No. 231720

it's eyebleach margo uploaded on the japanese equivalent of youtube, in it she prances about acting totemo kawaii

No. 231721

my eyes

No. 231723

That's not what eyebleach means anon. Eyebleach is videos of kittens playing, good things. This is like acid. Why did she do it in the bathroom tho?

No. 231724


OT, but: you do realize that eyebleach is something positive, like something cute that you look at after you've seen something like Margo. This is not eyebleach.

No. 231725

I'm going to spam the report button on Margos Instagram as this cunt needs to disappear off social media and leave Venus alone.

No. 231726

I'm hoping that now that she doesn't have Wenus to do the dirty job, she will try again to do videos.
Would be hilarious.

No. 231727

cause where else would she do it?

No. 231728

No. 231729

No. 231730

File: 1454791078499.png (1.21 MB, 1257x570, ggg.png)

oh shit, I didn't know. I always thought it's something bad, since pouring bleach on your eyes would be painful

learn something new erry day

No. 231732

Yeah destroy the lulz and milk, and make it difficult for Venus to protect herself by knowing what her mother is up to. Nice.

No. 231733

You know, just because she goes off social media does not mean she will leave venus alone. In fact, she can be more ninja with her harassment if she's off media, so don't do it please!

No. 231734

In her room? I always assumed this was supposed to be private because she was hiding in the bathroom.

No. 231735


No anon we need the milk
Besides, the social media backlash from Venus is not what's hurting her it's Margo herself. Cutting her Insta won't do anything.

No. 231736

Good point anon, I take that back then. This doesn't stop her daughter's fans from doing it, the ones who care alot about Venus. They've been commenting to the extreme lately.

No. 231737

no, it's more like u need eyebleach after something gross to wash out the image of the disgusting thing you saw first

No. 231738

File: 1454791743692.png (410.93 KB, 1253x594, dssdds.png)

True, venus fans have been storming margos insta, it's insane. And I've noticed margos follower count has been going up like crazy too. This drama will have ramifications for margo, that's for sure.

No. 231740

I wouldn't be surprised if they band together to take Margo down. Fangelics can be a crazy bunch.

No. 231741

> based on his obsession
You maybe should take Margo's shit serious because what he does has nothing to do with an obsession. Gtfo plz.

No. 231742


No. 231744

File: 1454792633609.jpg (285.98 KB, 1404x913, Fotor_145479257524413.jpg)

At haneda like

No. 231745

This is how I imagine her right now, head deep in her own ass

No. 231746

So Margo definitely uploaded that last vid on Venus' channel. She's really desperate to milk even the last bit of money out of this, isn't she? I mean, it was uploaded when Venus had already run away, wasn't it? Wonder how much old footage Margo still has…

No. 231747

No. 231748

No. 231749

I think Venus should contanct youtube ASAP. Maybe threaten Margo a bit so gives back her pin? I mean SURE, she won't but Margo is a dumbass piece of shit and she for sure in the end would give it back, just make up more drama later because that is the only thing she can do.

No. 231750

>Amputation! lol

No. 231751

Was t this bitch hardcore white knighting up Maggot's ass a while ago? WTF!!!

No. 231752

The latest comments on Margo's post are killing me. So many people calling her evil. lol

No. 231754

>Amputation! Lol

No. 231755


The amount of white knights seems to have dropped by like 70% in past 24h. cray. at least thats how it seems to mee at a first glance

No. 231756

If I didn't know she was talking to her daughter, I wouldn't be able to guess. Bitch is fucking nuts

No. 231757

She's so immature, she sounds more like an angry ex friend instead of Venus's mother.

No. 231758

File: 1454793982071.gif (1.45 MB, 249x249, lol.gif)

No. 231759

File: 1454794103335.png (546.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Latest photo caption

No. 231760

Wow, her mom is so fucking crazy that Venus had to escape from a window in a bathroom?

No. 231761

STFU Margo and get your dusty ass back to Seoul

No. 231762

Seriously, this is not delicious milk any more. This is crazy and is getting out of hand. And Margo really needs a psychiatrist asap.

No. 231763

>you badmouthed me to manaki until I stopped being on his side, and then you ran off and badmouthed him to me

Margo plz stop posting and go to bed.

No. 231764

Ok, if she really gets it, then why doesnt she go home?

No. 231765

I don't believe anything shes saying, I feel like she's just trying to make Venus look bad.

No. 231766

Didn't she say that she was at work when Venus left? If Venus really had to leave through the toilet window and couldnt use the door Margo might´ve locked her into the house.. That´s fucked up

No. 231768

This stopped being funny long ago.
as a richfag i want Venus to open something i can donate to.

and i hope she realizes her mom cannot take her spouse visa away

No. 231771

I don't really speak Margo, but it seems to me that she's just trying to be witty. She's not saying Venus actually crawled out a window, but basically what I think she means is "why did you have to run away when I was gone, instead of just telling me you wanted to leave?"
If that makes sense. It's basically a shitty metaphor

No. 231773

no she said she was at school

No. 231775

That's what I got out of it too

No. 231776

>btw, why did you leave through the toilet window when there was a door??
>being this mentally ill

No. 231777

If you want to see bad stuff you've done to her, maybe go back and read some shit you've posted over the past few days ya nut. I'd say public defamation and black mail for staters, is pretty bad.

No. 231778

Imagine being a mother so horrible that your own daughter escapes through a bathroom window from you

No. 231779

Just throwing this in as an option: Shouldn't we finally report Margo on Instagram? She made enough comments and uploads which lead to a ban. And honestly, I am tired of watching how she lashes at venus and is even gaining more fame for it.

No. 231780

and vlog it

No. 231781


how much times do we have to tell y'all that this is a bad idea?

No. 231782

She's already edited
>Let me know when you graspes clear thoughts and are ready to communicate at all, but especially privately.
No comment…

No. 231783

> nothing to run from

No. 231784

We already spoke about this. Shell harras venus in an other way.

No. 231785

Margo serving you dayshift stripper.

No. 231786

Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me!

No. 231787

Margo will chimp out regardless.
This way people can screenshot and her spazz attacks are in the public eye for later evidence.

Having her banned from Instagram might result in her stabbing Venus for real

No. 231788

1. it will stop the milk
2. having margo on IG at least gives us (and, obv, venus and manaki) an idea of what she's up to. there's a better chance of predicting what margo will do if she keeps talking. if she goes radio silent, we'll have no idea what her plans are (and so venus will be in far more a dangerous spot cause she won't know what's gonna happen)

No. 231789

We shouldn't. Margo is seriously unhinged and Venus and her husband may need to use it as evidence of her stalking, defamation (highly illegal in Japan and Korea) and other things. It's a bad idea.

No. 231790

Better it be public so Venus can make a case against her. She's not getting famous or gaining anything from it. At this point, aside from few wackjob whiteknights, her fans are turning against her. It's not making her money and not pushing her closer to Venus. It's better Margo makes an ass out of herself than have everyone sit in the dark. Not that we could do much, but you never know if screenshots could count for something. And people mentioned it's also possible that it's helping Venus keep track of Margo as well.

No. 231791

I lowkey hope that this whole ordeal doesn't end in Margaret killing herself

No. 231792

Do you think maybe that's why she REALLY seems to want Venus to speak with her privately? On one hand saying 'talk to me privately' makes her look like she's being mature and on the other hand , it's a way for her to manipulate Venus without people reinforcing that Venus should stay away.

No. 231793

I agree with your second point but tbh the milk isn't really delicious anymore…

No. 231794

Never. She lives for attention. I highly doubt she would kill herself.

No. 231795

Then stop watching and don't touch. Do not report.
Her instagram is evidence.

No. 231796

File: 1454795252776.jpg (39.36 KB, 853x480, The-Terminal-tom-hanks-1391715…)

Margo's situation reminds me so much of this right now kek

No. 231797

Okay guys, you are right. But I stil believe we should maybe do something more to help Venus. I am not a fan of Venus but Margo is slandering Venus in a really bad way and Venus really needs some assistance to solve this situation. And Margo needs some help since she really is a bit crazy - and I am really worried that Margo might do something even more illegal and brutal since she doesn't seem to be sane any more.

No. 231799

I think she just says so to make everyone think she is the victim. Also V shouldnt talk to her privately too much since she is a victim of a narcisstic parent, wich might be used against her and result in margo coming back to her. There is no way venus didnt talk to her. im 99% sure there must have been at least a short exchange of words.

No. 231801

Besides - what would they talk about? Margo would only tell lies anyway. She isnt capable of holding any meaningful exchange of words. Shed just make her feel guilty.

No. 231802


Personally what i think helps venus right now is if we google and find out if Margo's threats hold any claims.
Like the ''will ruin your spouse visa etc''

I don't think venus reads this place but if people keep responding to margo and exposing her claims are lies etc venus may pick up on it and will worry less.

No. 231803

File: 1454795421037.png (176.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Yeah, Venus always looked so free with all those friends she went out with… also I have no idea what she's even trying to say in the second half of the comment.

No. 231805

File: 1454795451742.gif (903.1 KB, 425x239, Venus reading margos comments.…)

So many lulz at Margo's expense, wow imagine having her as a mother.

No. 231806

Narcissists threaten to kill themselves to get their way. They'll never actually go through with it. They value and love themselves too much.

And even if margo realizes how bad all this makes her look, she loves the attention and that, in the balance, makes it worth it to her. And if it makes venus look bad, even better.

There's also usually a good amount of truth hidden in their rants, too - it's just that what they accuse another if doing, the narc is probably doing themselves. And I believe her that venus left via window. It's just that mayo thinks this reflects badly on venus, rather than herself

No. 231807

No. 231808

Like I wonder… how would she try to utilise ME? What kind of a cash machine Id be?

No. 231809

Narcissists think too highly of themselves to actually kill themselves most of the time

No. 231811

I cannot imagine how Venus must feel like. Constant harassment from her mother via Instagram, lies after lies and a bitchy ass attitude, I'd go nuts

No. 231812

love it

No. 231813

did anyone else think this was an elaborate publicity stunt?

No. 231814

can she cancel it and open a new one?

No. 231815


PULL go home.

No. 231816

No fuck off

No. 231819

omfg take your tinfoil hat to pull bitch

No. 231820

no…. eyebleach/brain bleach is for bad things. as in 'i need extreme cleaning measures to get this shit out of my brain'

No. 231821

wut no

No. 231822

Honestly, if Venus doesn't have intentions of leaving Japan, defamation won't really hurt her. Most people have no idea or give a fuck who she is. Especially in Japan. She may have to give up YouTube, but it's better she start looking at more realistic job options anyway. Teaching, nail salon (according to Margo), whatever. Maybe come back to jvlogging when ins have died down. She's doing the right thing and is laying low for the time being. The best thing we can do is hope Margo gets the fuck out of Japan soon. She's running low on money and doesn't seem to have any friends to help her, so she's fucked. She doesn't have a leg to stand on legally about her stupid belongings because how can she even communicate with Japanese authorities about it? And the amount of money she'd need to get a lawyer, translate yadda yadda is not happening for her on what I assume is tourist visa. The best thing we can do is try to give Venus advice about a lawyer or embassy etc that can help her with her bank accounts, etc. But Venus is an adult, legally married and doesn't owe her mom shit at this point.

No. 231823

anyone been watching the subscriber count on venus yt channel?

No. 231824

This is confirmed for Margo. This is the same idiot that was getting dumb supporters like >>231700 defending Margo's right to Venus' money. Both were saying that being her manager was legitimate "work" and she deserved her portion. Margo is fucking shitty at making sock puppet accounts.

No. 231825

I was looking for this video and the dancing Margo one featured in a banner… Are they still online? It would make my day

No. 231826

>dat meitu makeup and fake lashes

No. 231827

File: 1454795971764.png (6.61 KB, 273x87, margo.png)

How about you just go back to Seoul then? Why bother staying in Japan?

No. 231828

Kek. I love you fellow farmers.

No. 231829

The fucktards calling Venus ungrateful for leaving Margo literally look like people talking to an abuse victim and calling them ungrateful for leaving this abusers. Holy shit, these people are dense because they think mothers can't be abusers.

No. 231830

>Most people have no idea or give a fuck who she is.
>but it's better she start looking at more realistic job options anyway. Teaching, nail salon (according to Margo), whatever.


No. 231831

So Margo is just sitting on her phone in the airport right now… How utterly pathetic.

No. 231832

She's living at the airport?!!! Damn I feel bad for her :( hope she's ok, don't care what you guys say, she doesn't deserve this

No. 231835

Yeah, what's the santa outfit (?) one in the banner?

No. 231836

>I am a mother in law so it's my job to hate that guy
emh lol if my father tells me this, I'd freak out. He's the first in asking if I have a bf… lmao no Margo, being a mother in law doesnt mean hating you daughter's partner.
And wtf with the swarovski bag? Fucking liar, Venus didnt stole you your disgusting things. And yeah, expensive books, good clothes, shoes, bags and shit bought with your daughter's monnnneh

No. 231837

It is like in this movie with tom hanks.

No. 231838

Lmao, her ass chose to stay at that airport and to be there.

No. 231839

Anon no, just no. Pls stop.

No. 231840

gr8 b8, etc

No. 231841

No. 231842

We all know you don't have any friends, Margo.

No. 231843

>doesn't understand obvious sarcasm
>fills out the e-mail box

kill you are self

No. 231845

File: 1454796390209.png (19.91 KB, 273x299, savages.png)

People that are calling Margo out make me so happy rn

No. 231846

love u too bb

No. 231847

>Material items don't mean shit.

especially when they are bought by money you make sponging off of the person who is apparently 'spoiled'

No. 231850

how dare oyu

No. 231852

She's so obviously trying to guilt Venus into going back. So fucking transparent. I really hope Venus isn't checking instagram anymore because it would be really difficult for her to say no.

No. 231853

Why in the hell didn't she go to her so called "friends" place in the first place? She could have asked for a ride to the airport if Venus supposedly changed her mind.

Lol, I bet her "friend" isn't even real.

No. 231855

Everything that has been happening with Venus and her mom reminds me so much of this comic

No. 231856


No. 231857

Venus could pay a hacker to get all of her sns back

No. 231858

File: 1454797232322.jpeg (173.17 KB, 640x763, image.jpeg)

I guess since we believe V's version of things we know Margo IS in Japan but isn't it suspicious? Like there can't be that many airports she could be in lol

No. 231859

Just noticed now, that photo of Manaki that her mother posted, has Korean writing in the background.
I wonder if they met whilst he was in Korea (unless it's near a Korean area in Japan).

No. 231860

Considering how he looks it was a photo made by Venus, I guess she still got her mobile phone?

No. 231861

I dont get it…

No. 231862

Margo propably thinks Instagram followers that leave a comment and aquaintances are friends. It would make sense because it justifies her claim that venus had friends.

Those people are scum. Perhaps the type of person that thinks emotional abuse doesn't exist and everything is fine as it's not physical abuse.

No. 231863

I like how she didn't even tag the right person.

No. 231864

no it's a metaphor she says

No. 231865

she's trying to create a rift between him and venus

No. 231867

If I were rich, I'd pay for a hacker to get Venus' codes and then I'd give her money to live. lol
Idk I feel bad for venus, she doesn't deserve this. Her mother is fucking crazy

No. 231868

Hmm nah I think Margo took this picture. If you look near the bottom right you can see a bit of brown hair. Margo cropped the photo to only show Manaki.

No. 231869

I don't doubt margo KNOWS a couple people in Japan. But knowing someone doesn't make you their friend, and with Margot's level of crazy, anyone she's contacted wouldn't spit on her if she was on fire - let alone go get her from the airport, let her stay at their house, and deal with a narcissist mid meltdown.

I knew a narc married to my friend for a couple years, and she would walk to our house to "hide" when her husband didn't do something she wanted, and she just expected us to pamper her and get embroiled in her dramu. We eventually stopped answering the door, and we ended up having to call the cops to get her to leave when she started screaming at us through the mail slot (and once the cops came she insisted that SHE had actually called him, because she was "so worried" when we didn't answer the door.)

Basically, the shit margo is up to is textbook narc behavior, and anyone who knows her won't come near. Doesn't stop margo from insisting she's got friends who can help and just doesn't want to be a bother, but the truth is that she has no friends. Just people who haven't been outright repulsed by her yet.

No. 231871

So basically Margo is just running around using Venus' money? I bet that breakfast was out of her card too what a fucking nightmare. And I don't blame Venus she has never done anything on her own so she's clueless. She needs people next to her that help her to act fast. She needs to cancel those cards and get all her stuff back. I wish there were anons in Japan that could help.

No. 231873

If I weren't a poorfag, I'd fly up to Tokyo (I'm just south of Nagasaki) to help, but I doubt Venus would respond to my messages to meet up, I'm sure she's stressed and very untrusting right now. But if I had the disposable income, I'd totally lurk the airport just to watch Margo furiously tapping away at her phone and live update the farmers on her deteriorating sanity.

No. 231874

if i were venus i would just report the card as stolen. perhaps she could get a new one sent in the mail?

No. 231875

I'd do the same.
Let's look for a sugar daddy to scam and help Venus (jk)

No. 231876

Aw dang, Margo blocked me.
I was just giving her the proper definition of abusive, she fits the bill of course.

No. 231877

What if Margo IS right though? What if venus is pretending to be a victim in all this for pity from manaki and his family and to get back at her mother? What if Margo truly IS the victim?

No. 231878

If I were Venus I'd report the card as stolen, I'd ask the bank to freeze my account and tell them to get me a new card and a new pin. Then, I'd pay a hacker to get my gmail back and I'd change all the passwords.

No. 231879

Chances are the account is in both of their names. It would have been opened by Margo when Venus was a minor. Not as simple as reporting a card stolen.

No. 231880

better that she lashes out at venus in public than in private anon, at least this way the world (and potentially police) is informed about her crazy antics

No. 231881

Margo isn't the victim even if Manaki turns out to be an ass. Because Venus is an adult and can make all the mistakes she wants. Her mother can only give her advice not force her or manipulate her into doing anything.

No. 231882

Margo has been exploiting Venus' image since she was a child, she's hungry for money, I'm sorry but I can't trust a gold digger that doesn't allow her daughter to lose her virginity

No. 231883

and how about opening a new one and give the new account to Youtube?

No. 231884

>especially privately

to those keen to report margo, this is WHY you shouldn't. Even venus doesn't want to speak to her mother much in private, she wants the worl to see her twisted nature, and she wants her to at least try and be civil

No. 231885

File: 1454799082983.png (777.69 KB, 1232x596, wunderbar.png)

Oh yeah, I wonder if margo's visa is in any way reliant on venus being in korea

No. 231886

The only thing that bitch is a victim of is her own insanity.

No. 231887

Isn't there anything the fans can do to bring this into attention of someone that can take action?

The past hashtag didn't work much but isn't there somehere we can send this stuff to?

No. 231888

Does anyone know if there's anyway Venus can report to YouTube about her account being compromised? It really is at this point since Margo is draining her bank account.

No. 231889

the only thing we can do for now i sprobably just spread the word or something and hope shes ruined. Unfortunately.

No. 231890

File: 1454799446660.png (170 KB, 500x426, tumblr_m3har4rJQk1rul2mio1_500…)

Same. I don't think she's going to the river to pray.

No. 231891

The though crosses my mind sometimes, but then I remember all the creepy fucked up shit she daid about her own daughter these past days… so No.

No. 231892

The way I see it, Venus is in danger, if Margo is indeed evil. If she isn't then Venus manipulated her.

No. 231893

Indeed, it's more scary than anything, but we owe it to Venus to let her make her own moves. Taking down Margos insta would reduce the amount of options/moves venus would have in terms of communicating with margo, and that could mess things up for her.

No. 231894

How are you going to say that this stunted girl manipulated Margo? In what way did she?

No. 231895

File: 1454799662674.png (195.71 KB, 500x418, tumblr_m39947dH571rul2mio1_500…)

Can someone even live at an airport terminal? Wouldn't she stand out as a foreigner and get caught? SOMEONE EXPLAIN

No. 231896

File: 1454799741485.jpg (56.22 KB, 736x490, 05eb97ed8da8da7ce3da0a3bc87af8…)

All we can do is document, expose and if there are any anons in japan, they can potentially help if she reaches out, or once she settles down.

If venus wants help she will let us know…Or at least I hope she will!

No. 231897

also thanks to insta shit more people faster know shes full of shit

No. 231900

OH I WISH theyd catch her and make her go to the nut house seeing how crazy it is for a hag just living on airport and scream "victim!!"

No. 231902

She means that sometimes teens rebel, and it's necessary. Kind of like forging things in fire, or plants growing in adverse conditions. Sometimes it makes you a stronger person in the end.

Am I the ONLY SANE PERSON HERE who thinks potentially margaret is right? I mean, is it inconceivable that venus would lie to her mother and leave her stranded at an airport?

No. 231903

Bring it to the media's attention? Afterall they loved it when Venus went through the living doll phase.

No. 231904

Perhaps…Someone should ask Margo on insta, I want her to answer this.

No. 231905


Doubt it, Venus isn't that relevant anymore and her viral days are over.

No. 231906

well margo says so much bullshit, people's natural reaction is to second guess everything she says.

No. 231907

Thing is, nobody would care about some B-list youtube celeb

No. 231908

go back to margo's insta and kiss her ass you dumb shit

No. 231909

File: 1454800207407.jpg (239.69 KB, 483x525, tumblr_mab0b14baV1r76gowo1_500…)

any anons in japan willing to take margo in? On the flipside you can film her rants and upload them to lolcow

No. 231911

lol id totally consider this shit

No. 231912

that would be the plot twist of the year lol

No. 231913

Unless it's the Daily Mail that will write shit about anything. Which is the main news Venus was featured in.

No. 231914

Did you miss the part where Venus went to the airport and Margo grabbed her and refused to let her go?

No. 231915

It shouldn't affect it,since the drama didn't spread there

No. 231916

File: 1454800459836.jpg (246.15 KB, 1004x1004, tumblr_nsxsuls3Gd1qlkpdmo1_128…)

duuuUUUUDE the other day I saw this person's comments on venuss instagram, went to the things they followed (amongst other things switzerland…something margo would think of) and the comments that person was making stunk of margo

let's dig up this margo's 2.0 comments! I'mma go do it once I run my bath lol

No. 231917

Weird but I love the colours on this picture, like Venus' eyes and hair color + the pale skin looks really nice together. Idk if it's just lenses though

No. 231920

sure, but now she has a more stable fanbase. Before she was just a gimmick, now even though she's a bit all over the place with her videos (no clear direction, sometimes cooking, sometimes singing, sometimes fashion, hair, makeup) I think she should go towards beauty videos more and stick to them. Collab with beauty bloggers and brands in japan. Work on her dream. Maybe start her own makeup line one day a la limecrime, who knows!

No. 231921

same, she has that creepy doll vibe going on there. it looks great because for once someone else is taking her picture, margo's photography skills really don't do venus justice. She has a lot of natural beauty that's hidden by filters and the blur tool. To some extent shoops are ok, but she's actually losing her beauty by overprocessing her stuff.

No. 231922

>like limecrime
its funny because both are scammers

No. 231923

Do you think these threads ought to be stickied? This shit is pretty hot at the moment so I think it would make sense.

No. 231924

you dont have to put an imagen everytime you're replying

No. 231926

what if she finds out and kill them

No. 231927

nah, /pt/ is still small enough that it's easy to find threads you're interested in. it's only hot threads that get a lot of movement, so there isn't a constant worry that some random, less relevant thread from a long time ago will be bumped with a shitpost (like it might be on bigger boards)

No. 231928


Meh, she'll probably end up latching on to other jvloggers for the next year or so. I can see it now "SHARLA X VENUS X TAY X RACHEL SLEEPOVER" and how cringey it'll be.

No. 231929


Same thoughts kek

No. 231930

hmmm, if you dont give her the access to wifi she wont find out lol

No. 231931

Omg, what if you're an idiot, and standing up for an abuser, lol! Can you imagine?

No. 231932

but she can go to a starbucks and get free wifi

No. 231933

Thank you anon. This person seems dumb.

No. 231934

File: 1454801564861.png (402.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-07-00-31-20…)

Another conspiracy theorist!

No. 231936

But I don't ? Why does seeing venus in a venus thread trigger u lol

No. 231937

because the pics are old? lol

No. 231938

Oh deffo, they should be stickied

No. 231939

File: 1454801806336.jpg (261.54 KB, 1000x1333, tumblr_m95bufgMGu1qlkpdmo1_128…)

No. 231940

Someone should ask Margo how much Venus makes from YouTube since she seems hung up on Manaki getting Venus' YouTube income.

No. 231941

Somewhere around here Margo is lurking and reading everything, probably posting as well. She's like a damn parasite.

No. 231942

Dreepy! there is something weirdly sexual about this,she reminds me of those tumblr camsex girls. Sorry D:

No. 231943

File: 1454802029940.jpg (14.77 KB, 480x360, ok then.jpg)

No. 231945


She's just plain creepy looking anon.

No. 231946

Her fucked English would give her away, but I would LOVE if that psycho bitch showed up here.

No. 231947

I feel bad for venus. Even if they locked up her mother and all will be alright, she'll see her face every day in the mirror. That's fucking tragic

No. 231948

For those who think it's a conspiracy- Marg would NEVER no matter how much money thatd mean would make herself look bad.

No. 231949

Remember when Margo said she wanted to kill herself because of a Vietnamese bully? Now is the time /ok no/

No. 231950

File: 1454802282929.png (356.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-07-00-43-38…)

Well margo thinks venus is bullying HER according to this comment

No. 231951

Shit I laughed and now feel bad…she's cursed with looking exactly like her.

No. 231952

that's why I remembered it haha

No. 231953

Very true. I'd believe it was fake is all the bad shit was on Venus, but it's Margo looking like shit right now.

No. 231954

Same. Someone should invite her over.

No. 231955

She looks like Margo-lite. Similar color and shape hair, thin brows, big nose tip, thin lips

No. 231956

Man, she reminds of Yumi King here.

No. 231957

I feel like to Margo, a tantrum is just venus being upset or annoyed in general.
like Venus isn't allowed to display emotions or something.

No. 231963

I have a question about the stuff margi claims venus stole…jewelry, weights and books…why bring that stuff along for a quick few day stay in japan?

No. 231964

Because she thought she could bribe Venus with her sympathy and live with her happily all over again.

No. 231965

Just imagine how Venus must have felt when Margo was saying Manaki tried to hit on her. On instagram, for everyone to see. Ugh, knowing what we know now and looking back to all the things Margo did only makes it obvious that she's the crazy one.

No. 231966

said and maybe she expected to stay there? Did she buy a return ticket even?? or did she sperged and go one way ticket hoping penus will let her stay?

No. 231968

It's obvious she's pissed because Venus nor Manaki would allow her to stay where they're at. If she had done, she'd make that trip a few more days, a week, a few more weeks, months then years, worming her way back in all over again. But it backfired thank goodness, so now she's a airport hobo.

No. 231969

Margo reminds me of my ex step mother, following her daughter wherever she goes. She's now living with her daughter and grandson. Pathetic. I hope Venus doesn't end up like this.

No. 231972


If Venus did leave her stranded, the bitch had it coming to her. But she didn't, so both you and Margo are retarded and need to take a walk to the river.

No. 231977

Would be cool to see the security camera footage of the whole thing at the airport.

No. 231981


Oh shit never thought about that, more proof to show in court if it ever gets to that stage that she needs to kindly fuck off.

No. 231982

Is it possible to ask the airport for the footage?

No. 231983

Top kek.
Even in German she can't express herself elegantly. She phrases like a 15 year old. That truly sheds light on her general mental state.

No. 231985

Only if Venus contacts the police (or Manaki)

No. 231987

Remember when earlier in the week maggot said that venus had asperger attacks with tantrums etc?

And now after venus has been silent for days and made a very polite post today explaining a few thing maggot is screaming ''omg tantrum!''?

I guess we now know what Maggot understands as a tantrum attack.. so the whole Venus has asperger thing is a bunch of poppycock

No. 231988

File: 1454805423918.png (379.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-07-01-36-07…)

Lol margo follows kanadajin

Cows overlap

No. 231989

Aren't there any webcam IP websites where we can lurk for it?

No. 231990

Right now I wish I was a hacker

No. 231993

Isn't admin sama a hacker? He is computer savvy so who knows

No. 231995

Do we know which airport this happened at? Maybe getting it out of Margo?

No. 231996


das ill-eagle

No. 231997

File: 1454805997801.jpg (84.66 KB, 425x450, tumblr_inline_nszlq4Z2FF1qawtf…)

No. 231999

Apparently Hanaeda or whatever it's called.

No. 232000

Margo is in control on venus' twitter; she changed the Instagram link to hers (margo 's) and posted to get people to watch "venus's" latest video upload - more proof that margo posted the latest video for that sweet ad income while she's still in control of the money.

God, margo is a crazy bitch. I kind of want to spam her insta with a bunch of Mother Gothel quotes / links / videos, or treat her like she treats venus? "Who's the old witch bitch? Why, it's YOU, margo! So old, can't get a man, has no friends, has no talent, no beauty, no wonder you're stuck in an airport all by yourself. Sigh. I always knew you'd be a sad, destitute woman. Such a disappointment to your own mother, no wonder your daughter left you!"

No. 232001


She also removed the instagram post linked on twitter about her decision to go to Japan with Manaki.

No. 232002

Auuuugh… Why didn't Venus change the passwords and email before she left?! Unless Margo is lying (as always) about Benus having access to her account in addition to her own.

I think we should stop watching Venus' videos since she's not in control of her own finances right now. We shouldn't let that bitch ass cunt Margo have anymore of our views. I'm so pissed.

No. 232003


Then Venus needs to report this to twitter, and get control of her account back and get it verified. It's a hassle, but dealing with twitter, Youtube, gmail and the bank and even the police is going to be easier than dealing with that crazy twisting lunatic Margo.

No. 232004

he is also older and hopefully wiser and will take good care of her.

No. 232005

>believe me I am 19 speaking from experience!!!

No. 232007

File: 1454807712877.png (9.51 KB, 285x134, margofake.png)

Almost thought thought this was margo but did a double take at the username lol

No. 232008

No. 232009

File: 1454807895454.png (24.85 KB, 284x339, margofake.png)

A bit too try hard but the sausage bit did make me laugh

No. 232010

I think it's Margo with a fake account

No. 232011


No. 232012

Normally I stay out of cow's business and lurk behind the lines but this is ridiculous.
Margo is being a mentally abusive dick and I hope Venus gets away too. Even if Manaki isn't there for longer than a month, I hope Venus gets enough being by herself with new friends, a fulfilling job and overall life experience. Being smothered by your parent is only good when you're a child and not 18+. It doesn't teach you shit if your mom has her hand in your bank account, is always with you/moves you around to different countries monthly and your parent can't seem to keep a job herself. I always thought it was weird Margo would move from Europe from a seemingly good banking job, drag Venus from public school for homeschooling instead and keep her cooped up until Margo felt like leaving the house. It's creepy. Like Venus is doomed to be a ~real doll~ kept in a box??? Grossss

No. 232013

I hope this trends. This is gold. Hahahhahaha

No. 232016

File: 1454808426353.png (28.83 KB, 280x378, margofake.png)

No. 232017

No. 232018

Lol, it looked like Margo got off insta for half a minute but now she's replying to the fake margo account ?

No. 232019

This guy can go kill himself. Of course he's going to fucking take Margo's side.

No. 232020

If I had never heard of Venus Angelic before and watched this video, I wouldn't be interested. What a boring delivery.

No. 232021

File: 1454808927065.png (451.36 KB, 598x426, Sem título.png)

He've been in Korea, this was deleted but that's why in Margo's instagram he is in Korea as seen from the scenery.

No. 232023

Probably because people don't post all the pictures they take?

No. 232024


No. 232025

She broke her puppies leg? Wtf hahaha Margo go home u r drunk

No. 232026

File: 1454809087994.png (10.25 KB, 276x134, margofake.png)

No. 232027

File: 1454809101412.png (728.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I have….no words

No. 232028

File: 1454809141864.png (394.96 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 232029

oh my god shes out of control

No. 232033

to me it didn't seem like he was taking her side…

No. 232034

File: 1454809211006.jpg (52.29 KB, 640x636, ewmean.jpg)


holy shit im dying over here fuck

No. 232035


No. 232036

File: 1454809238226.png (10.9 KB, 294x175, margo.png)

No. 232037

I'm fucking screaming

No. 232038

Yeah, this guy isn't interested in knowing facts. He said margo got rid of her insta account after the post he read? Wrong. Said venus was talking shit about her mom? Wrong. Hes uninterested in this story, and it shows.

No. 232039

she has completely lost it

No. 232040

So it's Sunday morning in japan; my hope is that venus takes it easy today in preparation for all the shit she has to deal with when the bank, YouTube Japan, etc open for the business day tomorrow. I doubt margo is leaving the airport any time soon, she doesn't have anything else to do and shes thrilled by the attention she's getting from her behavior.

I wonder if venus even wants to be a YouTube personality any more. The attention whore was clearly margo all along.

No. 232041

>if Manaki lives @venus_angelic and is a respectable person, why can I not stay there
Because you're a bitch? You badmouthed him all day? Even your friends did? lol

No. 232042

>people that don't know shit about the story defending margo in the comments
oh well
He actually makes fun of her crazy ass long post.

No. 232043

I just hope she leaves the pic up long enough on her feed so all her supporters see how batshit crazy she is

No. 232044

File: 1454809319633.jpg (25.43 KB, 470x328, ebichu.jpg)


holy fuck im crying at that comment holy shit this is gold

No. 232045

it's a fake account.

No. 232046

Holy shit.
I'm crying lmao. Such an npd thing to do, victimizing herself but actually just being embarrassing and so very oblivious to it. Ahahhahaha oh man this shit cant be staged or explained away, margo is a crazy fuck

No. 232047

I'd feel very ashamed if I were her daughter

No. 232048

my bad whoops

No. 232049


No. 232050

File: 1454809444801.png (257.4 KB, 708x394, MayoWhite.png)

Jesus christ, with her continuous obsession about one thing (money), forbidding Venus from having a man and clinging onto Venus' sacred virginity, she's like Carrie's mom without the religion.

"Go to your closet and make youtube videos Venus, I need the money"

No. 232051

Also i agreed with the previous commenter about her having a nice body. I take it back. It's not horrible for her age I guess but lol

No. 232052

Most left are probably some arab men fapping over it.

No. 232053

Holy shit anon this needs to be a banner

No. 232054

Be careful. There is a troll account acting like Margo. Check the spelling.

No. 232055

So he did make the video after all. Probably after a 5 minute glance at the info.

Margo has gone absolutely fucking nuts. What sane person is going to genuinely listen to your reasons when you post such a horrid photo?

No. 232056

Oh my fucking god, how much deeper can she go down the rabbit hole?! "If Manaki is decent person, how come I can not stay there?" Posting photos like this answer your fucking question.

No. 232057


They're all gonna laugh at you!

No. 232058

anon, probably not, if she doesnt know her own pin number or have access to that, she most likely doesnt even know her other vital information like her social security number or any other methods of identification. she probably only has her passport on her currently and im not sure if thats enough.

No. 232060

do they even have SS numbers in Hungary? I thought that was a purely American thing. She should be able to put a hold/freeze on the account until she is able to gather proper documents. It will definitely take some work, but she should be able to get control of the account again.

No. 232062

Somebody should update her ED with all the recent events.

No. 232063

It's common in Europe

No. 232064

File: 1454810050061.jpg (31.4 KB, 499x366, Moshi-moshi-Jesus-desu-oboe_pl…)

We're literally witnessing Margaret have a meltdown through Instagram. She should have listened to her religious family growing up as she certainly needs Jesus now.

No. 232065


No. 232067

File: 1454810209776.jpg (22.28 KB, 469x371, 18-memes-jesus-blasfemos-inter…)

No. 232068

>Why can I not stay there, why does he grab in my luggage whithout meeting me, why does he keeps my belongings?
Venus said so herself. She wasn't comfortable with you staying with them because of the shit you posted online about her. She's lost trust in you. I don't blame her.

>A good person would not disturb our good relationship.

A good person, let alone a MOTHER, wouldn't be publicly slandering her own child over the internet, posting such idiotic nude photos in front of an audience that is a majority of young teens. THAT's how you ruin a relationship with someone. YOU ruined your mother-daughter relationship you fucking dense cunt.

No. 232069

I can't even imagine what Venus had to endure from this woman her entire life. I have a mother with NPD and they have no shame and no concept of reality most of the time. But she would never go this far, she's not stupid. This is so messed up and wrong and unfunny.

No. 232070

At first glance I thought it was Venus posting on her mums account to embarrass her.
Nope, just Margo embarrassing herself.

Manaki's the only mature one in this situation, keeping quiet. Goddamn. She's losing it.

No. 232071

File: 1454810336435.gif (361.33 KB, 410x206, 1448319556667.gif)


No. 232072

I'm sure those cameras are protected and secure. Even if we could access it, it'd probably only be in a live-mode format, not something we can rewind at will.

Sage for slowpoke and non-contribution.

No. 232073

Oh good I almost threw up in my mouth a little ew god!! Is she in the airport? Looks like a hotel room to me. But if she's in the airport, can't she be arrested for public indecency or something?? I was enjoying this milk, but now I'm seriously afraid Margo might try to stab someone next. She's got nothing left to lose soon.

No. 232076


pretty sure it's one of those hotels that's onsite of an airport.

No. 232077

It's that a belly button ring? HORK

No. 232078

I also have an NPD mom, and she had a similar style breakdown when I got to be 16 (hanging out with my friends, stealing them, sleeping with them etc.) Half of it is losing control of what they see as their possession (child), and half of it's a meltdown regarding aging and needing any and all sexual attention. So since the daughter is younger - and god help her if she's attractive - the mother needs to "prove" she's the more attractive one.

That's margo's mindset in all this - its' not FAIR to her that Venus has a husband, and gets attention, and has fans. Margo made her, so all those things should be MARGO's in her her mind.

I wish Japan had something like California's 5150 hold - you can report someone who has threatened harm to themselves or others and they get dragged to a mental hospital for a 72 hour hold to determine whether they're safe for society. I think Marge is a candidate right now.

No. 232079


Venus is acting very mature for such a young girl too. She's only posted about what really went down at the airport, and that's it.

Margo needs to be curb stomped at the earliest opportunity, before she posts her bush.

No. 232080

Shit it could be far worse looking, but Margo's body actually looks pretty good for her age, but she's still a cunt regardless. Incoming MILF comments from her "fans".

No. 232081

File: 1454810809446.png (584.45 KB, 853x480, moreshittycarrieshoops.png)

samefag with more shitty Carrie shoops

No. 232082

Can someone please offer her a place to stay. Claim to be sympathetic. Get her to catch a train to some far off suburb and then not pick her up?
Pics are a bonus.

I cant beleive that this woman is still at the Airport. Are you even allowed to stay there for an extended period?
Actually, what I cant beleive is that picture. Her words say "feel sorry for me" but that picture says "I think I'm hot".

No. 232083

File: 1454810847726.png (51.44 KB, 766x629, untitled.png)

So here's her Youtube stats while all of this has been going down. No drastic change in numbers or anything I guess.

Does anyone know if the estimated earnings is anywhere near accurate? Does she really make that much from her videos in a month?

No. 232084


Omg this is beautiful anon.

No. 232085

With >>232027 in mind, spare a thought for the various host families they've stayed with over the years. Imagine the shit they've seen.

The locals forced to hang around Margo in Seoul are probably grateful for this little break.

No. 232088

File: 1454811053522.jpeg (299.86 KB, 1271x1483, image.jpeg)

She's still got some dumbass white knights on this photo, wtf!!! One girl sounds like that dumb psycho slut you knew in school that got ignored by the guy she likes so she sends him nudes. Then said nudes backfire all around school.

No. 232089

Thank god! Imagine going into the airport shower and seeing that!

No. 232090

What is up with Margo's weight though? Please no ana chan accusations.
She was very, very skinny for a while. When Venus was a child she was somewhat chubby. And now she appears to have gained weight. Meanwhile, Venus used to be at a healthy/somewhat "chubbier" weight and now she is very skinny too. Even though she was pushed into doing those binge-eating videos basically.
I'm assuming her mother had something to do with that. I wouldn't be shocked if that was one of the major reasons she left.

No. 232091

File: 1454811196957.jpeg (39.18 KB, 443x332, image.jpeg)

It actually looks like the Haneda shower rooms

No. 232092

What is her age?

No. 232093

I'm thinking Venus purges but Margo legit works out

No. 232094

File: 1454811327014.jpg (51.44 KB, 500x300, gettingkindachubby.jpg)


Margo seems like a fitness nut and how she has a very negative view of being overweight, she probably nitpicked at Venus's weight, eating habits and so on 24/7 which is why she got drastically skinnier.

No. 232095

Who cares? She's a sad sack old woman who's pissed because her daughter has the nerve to be younger, happy and married.

Margo controlled everything in Venus; life; eating disorders are about control. I'm guessing that the only thing Venus has any control over was whether she put food in her mouth or not.

Christ, Margo's an abusive bitch. The whole naked pic thing is emotional incest.

No. 232099

Yeah that made me lol too

No. 232100

Gonna be honest, they're all fucking weird.

No. 232101


I literally just choked

No. 232102


Manaki looks like that korean woman who injected herself with cooking oil, his face bothers me.

No. 232103


Keeping Up With The Palermos I guess.

No. 232104

Hahaha perfect troll

No. 232105

I died at the sausage bit omfg

No. 232106

In her big shit post, Margo accused Venus with being "Obsessed with food" which is a bit worrying.

No. 232107

True but I just don't see it with venus.
I think the "control" thing isn't that accurate either. I mean even on this website, most ana cows are basically relient on their "mommies" and have a meltdown if they stop treating them like toddlers. With Venus it's the opposite.

No. 232108

File: 1454812237928.jpg (44.39 KB, 634x313, article-2320679-19A8F90E000005…)


You need to come up with something else to slander Manaki, trollkins. Even "omg he's a pedophile!" holds more water than that shit.

No. 232109

this bitch posted herself online naked in an attempt to get pity and attention.

holy shit this milk is delicious.

No. 232110


lol. My BPD/NPD mother would also regularly not feed me when she had outbursts.

If Venus asks, "Mom, when are we going to eat?" at 10PM when they've skipped both lunch and dinner, Crazy Mayo will accuse her of being obsessed with food.

Instead of paying attention to Mayo. It's always about Mayo.

No. 232111

They're reliant because they sometimes are stunted to be that way, yet they want something for themselves to control ergo, eating disorders. A lot are also perfectionists so there's a need to be the best in general as well.

No. 232112

File: 1454812502111.gif (1.17 MB, 500x344, 5edbb41726b37c765a3228ba71cbb2…)

this milk is de-diddly-licious-a-liddly

No. 232113

Not everyone has the same cause for an eating disorder. Not everyone with disordered eating even has an actual eating disorder.
Hers is most likely control. Proana girls are self-obsessed delusional girls that exploit their own problems for instagram likes and further encouragement.

No. 232114

I think the "reasons" can be extremely varied, plus the whole brain chemistry and addiction thing.

No. 232115

What addiction?

No. 232116

leave off the last -a-liddly and you're good. Sorry, small peeve. haha

No. 232117

He's basically attention whoring off popular topics

No. 232118

Addiction to weight loss and/or starving ones self?

No. 232119



No. 232120

File: 1454813105992.png (70.67 KB, 466x315, morecarrieshit.png)

samefag once more

No. 232123

Yeah, we would have still read her post without the nudie pic. Mebbe she was hoping for some complements on her "hot bod".

No. 232124

toppest kek

No. 232125

Oh god imagine what venus is gonna think when she sees Margos naked picture

No. 232126


No. 232127

She prolly is already used to her mom doing things like this, her bikini dancing video and all that.

No. 232128

Keep on keeping quiet manaki. If you wrestle with a pig you'll both get muddy and the pig might like it.

No. 232129

Margo has had a complete meltdown. Can't say I predicted this from the beginning. jesus

No. 232130

That would be really mean. This woman has lost her daughter, mind and valuables, you want her to suffer more? Thats sick

No. 232131

File: 1454813648203.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x261, deliverence.jpg)


I'd love to see him lose his cool in Japanese though. That'd be savage asf.

No. 232132

you're either margo or terrible bait…again.

No. 232133


I love you, farmer, never stop! We're the Venus Defense Front!

No. 232134

File: 1454813825353.png (1.13 MB, 1443x656, margaret palermo.png)

Exactly. Case in point.

No. 232135


Kindly walk off the cliffs at Dover, or visit the Jungle Camp in Calais on your own.

No. 232136


No. 232137

that thumbnail legitimately scared me

No. 232138


The Japanese way of shading someone is to ignore they exist. He's doing a pretty good job.

24 is a bit young to lay down the law, I hope he has family or friends in law enforcement.

No. 232139


Probably why Margo is salty, she's not getting the reaction she wants, which is for them to go completely batshit. Hopefully Venus doesn't have to meet with her again unless with security by her side, it won't be her arm she'll be grabbing for next.

No. 232140

I'm worried what Margaret is capable of at this point. She's proven she will resort to getting physical (airport grab) and now she's posting nudes on her insta. I didn't think she could get any crazier than slandering her daughter publicly. She's gotten completely desperate, and I'm worried what she'll do to hurt Venus now. It's like witnessing an adult tantrum.

No. 232141

I mean am I the only sane person here??? What makes you guys think Venus isn't lying? What if margo is right on this one? We dont know

No. 232142

No. 232143

how can anyone read the insane non stop word vomit and crazy pictures she's been posting and still believe she could be telling the truth? if anyone is insane here its you, holy shit.

No. 232144

File: 1454814308762.jpg (127.66 KB, 941x606, venus.jpg)

No. 232145

What if the crazy rants are because she loves venus and is really worried about her? That would make sense, she's literally crazed with worry

No. 232146


Are you a retard or just playing one online?

No. 232147


No, she's crazy because she's an abusive cunt with a personality disorder.

No. 232148

She sounds child like but the way she writes shows she isn't dumb

No. 232149

She doesn't seem like she has aspergers, just an overbearing mum

No. 232150


Good for you, Venus chan!

Can everyone see how incredibly classy this kid is? It is plain as day that Margaret is full on insane, with a range of comorbid personality disorders, and Venus doesn't even hint at all the things that are wrong with her sick piece of shit of a mother. Very smart!

No. 232151


Awww…I feel so much for her. Margaret is a fucking grade A cunt. She probably used Asperger's as a way of making her feel "dumb" this entire time.

No. 232152

It's a troll

No. 232153

Remember her post about how she thought being "retarded" was cute? Really disgusting to think about rn. Margo really fucked Venus over.

No. 232154

I am guessing that Margo was trying to convince Venus that she was the "crazy one" whenever she questioned her parenting.

No. 232155

File: 1454814788190.gif (528.84 KB, 625x626, AHHH.gif)

No. 232156


Back on her blog right? I remember that. Usually I enjoy laughing at the cows up in this place but this whole story is actually breaking my heart a little…nobody deserves this shit.

No. 232157

Margo is a bully and a notorious liar, she has openly admitted to depending on Venus financially.
Even if Venus up and split, as a mother she should be worried and trying reconcile privately. NOT slandering her daughter, claiming she killed/hurt her pets, claiming she has mental illness/eating disorder/alcoholism. Even if Venus has all these things, Venus is basically a freaking kid, because she has spent her entire life being controlled by her mother. That's why it is obvious that Margo is a liar.

No. 232158

File: 1454814918204.png (12.92 KB, 283x181, venus.png)

She added a bit more to the description. Sad that she actually has to defend herself against her own mother.

No. 232159

No. 232160

Margo probably was writting about herself when she made those claims.

No. 232161


Projecting is a huge part of NPD/BPD, definitely!

No. 232162

Is she even capable of leaving the airport?

No. 232163

Because Venus hasn't said anything? She's not spewing toxic crap about anyone. She's just stating what happened without a twist

No. 232164

File: 1454815436024.png (18.96 KB, 277x292, venus.png)

Added more, this time at the top.

No. 232165

I get that she wants to tell her side of the story, but why would she post this photo in particular? It makes it look like she's in Korea. Or does she think this achievement means she can't possibly have Aspies?

No. 232166

I almost wish Venus wouldn't resound because that is what Margo wants hence the escalating crazy behavior. Venus should focus on getting her bank/identity theft issues sorted (unless she's working on that behind the scenes). If she really wants to annoy Margo, Venus will just post her normal content and get on with her life. This is so sad.

No. 232167

What if youre an idiot?!! Can you imagine?!?!

Admin sama can you block this troll?

No. 232168

Her mom said she left in the middle of a school day.

No. 232169

File: 1454815700840.png (442.69 KB, 951x562, o.png)

Nvm she just answered my question with an edit.

No. 232170

She updated her post, as seen above yours. She didn't know what picture fit with what she wanted to say so it looks like she picked a random one.

No. 232171


So she pretty much finished the intensive course and gained a certificate. Margo made it seem she up and left without gaining anything…nothing new.

No. 232172

I thought the pic fit well with what she was saying.
It was a better choice of pics than what her mother used…

No. 232173

Damn, you go Venus! She is handling this with such grace and maturity. I have such a high opinion of her now. Shame her Mom is batshit

No. 232174


And Margo is still attending school, right? We already knew Venus is smarter than Margo. It's a nice, subtle way of throwing shade.

Language certificate vs. nude airport shower pic?

Venus wins!

No. 232175

File: 1454815941565.gif (960.35 KB, 312x213, ron-paul-its-happening-animate…)


No. 232176

i think itd be difficult for anyone to hold back from explaining/defending themselves when someone is repeatedly talking shit publicly about them. can you imagine if it was your own mother doing it? i actually admire venus for being so quiet and sounding so reasonable in her few responses.

No. 232177

Wow someone's triggered. Deal with the fact that we don't know the whole story yet. Margo is nuts sure, but that doesn't make her evil.

No. 232178

File: 1454816026015.jpg (121.99 KB, 960x618, IMG_20160206_203153.jpg)

Wrong address?? So, her stuff wasn't stolen? Or what?

No. 232179


Which Venus paid for. Lexis Korea are quite reasonable in price for the amount of weeks + added modules you want to learn. Shit I wish she'd get a refund on it so Margo doesn't have have a placement any longer.

No. 232180

I know i fucking love it!!

No. 232181

i like how she clears the accusations very nicely and mature, otherwise it would remain hanging in the air

No. 232182

Please kill me I didn't want to see this
why the hell would she do this

No. 232183

Manaki is probably afraid that she'll try to fucking stalk and/or him. He's smart for declining.

No. 232184

Because she wants attention.

No. 232185

There's probably a really simple answer for this: does anyone know why Venus would need the help of the Hungarian embassy during her marriage weirdness? I know Margo is the hangry Hungarian but wasn't Venus born in Switzerland?

No. 232186


The police sent her on a merry goose chase? lol! And Mayo, if Manaki's parents met you, they probably immediately noticed there is something VERY, VERY WRONG with you. Glad Manaki & Venus have their support.

No. 232187

and/or kill*

No. 232188

File: 1454816313359.jpg (23.5 KB, 305x198, ur nothing without me benus.jp…)

it's so easy to see

No. 232189


Abusing Venus her entire life, and being a parasite living of her underage daughter's youtube income is evil. This isn't hard to understand. What are you, a stage mom who pimps her two year old out in pageants?

No. 232190


10/10 anon

No. 232191

Margo needs to go the spa or something because she is stressing herself out.
I wonder where she is now?

No. 232192

I am wondering that too but Venus' passport says Switzerland. I'm guessing Hungary and Switzerland don't allow dual citizenship.

No. 232193

Says Hungary*

Jesus Christ, starvation is getting to me.

No. 232194

hurry and go eat something, I can hear the chairgrave coming closer, ana-chan!

No. 232195

You're fuckig retardedly beyond belief. You don't know shit either, but what's obvious is that this girl has been suppressed her entire life and only had one opportunity to escape her oppression. An adolescent is supposed to separate from their parents once they end adolescence. If Venus doesn't want to continue contact with her, that's up to her.

No. 232196

She has a Hungarian passport

No. 232197


I'm just guessing she doesn't have the wrong address, she's just too stupid to find it. Getting directions can be tricky in Japan, especially if you can't moonspeak.

The reality is that Margo is 100% emotionally and financially dependent on Venus, which is wrong in every possible way. Venus is a "parentified child", and it's only right that she torpedoed her insane piece of shit mother as soon as she became of age.


No. 232198

>maybe get a job teaching english

Have you heard her English?

Continuing on her Youtube career might be a better bet.

No. 232199

How do you KNOW she's livong off venus? Youtube doesn't make enough to live off it

No. 232200

If kanadjin can do it…

No. 232201

Dunno about hungary but switzerland allows for dual citizenship

No. 232202

tinfoil hat-chan pls kill yourse;f

No. 232203

When will you stop posting emails here? It's been said before.

No. 232204


Hungary permits dual citizenship, it's on their embassy website.

No. 232205

But if margo put her stuff in storage when she left Japan, why the fuck would she need the address to the storage place? So no, margo, it doesn't make any sense.

Margo is conflating two separate things: margo tried to bribe venus with margo bringing her stuff to japan, and margo wants her own belongings from storage. But somehow margo thinks she can't go to her own storage facility so venus needs to stay with her? And margo didnt bring any of venus shit with her, and tried to hold her daugher hostage for a storage address that margo left het own stuff in.

Biiiish that shit makes zero sense, crazy mama!

No. 232206

I thought she got a job a couple months ago?

No. 232207

Don't try to understand that e-mail-posting cretin

No. 232208

You will all see I'm right in the end. Remember the crazy tinfoil anon who said venus was at fault.

No. 232209

Man, I feel bad for Venus. Thanks to this dumbass, people are calling her a psychopath. I get that she's a weeb and not a lot of people like her because of that, but she doesn't deserve this at all.

No. 232210

dumb question but how can you tell when someone posts their email to reply?

No. 232211

are you using mobile? Idk how it is on mobile, but on the PC, if there is no e-mail the name "Anonymous" is green, if there is some e-mail the name is dark blue. If it's dark blue, hover your mouse over it and the e-mail will show up

No. 232212

File: 1454818028136.gif (729.41 KB, 500x225, gtfo.gif)

ur a mess, leave

No. 232213

Has anyone else noticed how Venus' way of speaking has started to sound more natural and less scripted?

I swear, Margo's behavior is horrifying. It's too bad she can't be reported to the airport for posting that picture… Like you realize you have a psychopath hanging out at your airport stalking her daughter?

No. 232214

So I don't get it (Marglish language is incomprehensible), but what the fuck is going on? Margo is still at the airport? Where did she "travel 5 hours for nothing" and why?

No. 232215

Retard alert! Holy shit, go back to PULL. If she really loves Venus and is crazy with worry wouldn't she worry about saying shit like "I should have left you with your father," "fucked up personality inherited from father," "I give up/I can't trust her," she's "spoiled, has an ED, kills pets, has mental disorders, bullies/abuses me, here's a pic of her in bed with a guy." The love ended when Venus decided not to be an extension of her mother. She wants her daughter publicly shamed and ruined.

She wants to sue her own daughter for theft. If my daughter ran off with a guy and took some rocks I would just forget the rocks, that shit would be last on my mind. She's thinking of possessions and withholding a PIN during a crisis where a "pedo" made off with her daughter. She only cares about herself.

You're retarded, go back to your containment website.

No. 232216

That is exactly what I was wondering when I posted it. Plus Her bags went somewhere else? but she's accusing venus of theft?? …this bitch… idk what the fuck…

No. 232217

My theory.
-V&M take things out of storage, leave an adress
- Margo goes to cops, gets adress
-Marg travels to adress (5 hours!) V&M arent there
-Margo rages

No. 232218


Right, because a loving mother says "she's not my daughter anymore" Best Mother of 2016 right there.

No. 232219

Ewww sassy tumblr gif for illiterates

No. 232220

Does anyone think Venus blocked Margo from commenting? It's weird she hasn't already on her new picture.

No. 232221

Yeah I don't fucking get it. Like, if someone sent her bags (I guess that means Venus sending Margo's stuff to Margo?) to the wrong address, Margo could show up to the address to wherever it is and be like "Hi, sorry, my bags arrived here by mistake. This is proof, etc. and I will now take these bags and leave. Thanks"

Besides, if Margo's stuff was in storage, why does she need Venus to go get it for her? Why doesn't she just go to the storage herself and get it? What the fuck.

So at this point Margo doesn't want her stuff from the Japanese storage, she just wants to know where V&M are?

No. 232222

Kind of hilarious to look at the comments in her latest videos and EASILY pick out everyone that came form Keemstar's video.

No. 232223

If they took stuff from storage, it was probably venus' since she seems to have left with very few, if any, ofor her belongings. But since margo is a fucking psycho, anything that was ever bought for venus (with venus' own goddamn money) she thinks it belongs to her, because her daughter belongs to her and isn't a person /s

No. 232224


Exactly. That old whore Mayo has zero proof that anything anywhere in storage in Japan belongs to her, the police are not going to give a rat's ass.

No. 232226

She wants to know where V&M are so she can her stuff back. Or at least, I think thats what she wants people to beleive.

No. 232227

Venus cannot teach English in Japan. You need to have English as your native language and have grown up in an English speaking country. She may be able to reach German.. But that would be on a very casual basis

No. 232228

I kinda wish someone like Taylor would extend a helping hand and friendship to Venus at a time like this. Someone who up and moved alone to Japan and has made something of herself somewhat. That would be beautiful

No. 232231

Sounds about right, I think. It's more than likely she just wanted V&M to show up so she can try kidnapping Venus (she's cray) or try stalking them back to their home or stupidest of all, try to get them to let her live with them for who knows how long to ruin their relationship. Anything goes with Margaret!

No. 232232

File: 1454820204731.jpg (158.57 KB, 412x700, when marg gets tired of haneda…)

No. 232233


That's not true. Even the large chains will let you teach if you "look native" (white, or black). That's why native speakers of Asian descent have trouble getting jobs, they don't look the part in Japan.

No. 232234

Where in that post does it say teaching English? But point taken. Regardless, she needs a backup job from YouTube.

No. 232235

That's not true but ok

No. 232237

Christ, weenus' fans are idiots. They're bleeting for her to answer each and every one of crazy margos accusations. She'd never do anything else for the rest of her life if she sat and countered whatever margos crazy flavor of the day is.

No. 232238

Venus is being attacked by Keemstar's minions now. Just what she needs when she already has Margo to deal with.

No. 232239

I would like to thank the PULLtards for contacting him with the drama. I remember reading the locked thread and some were talking about contacting him about it, stupidly thinking he'd take Venus' side. Idiots.

No. 232240

I fucking hate that guy so much, he only makes money off of other youtubers who actually do shit. And there are so many people who won't stop talking about her fucking dog and hamster….when the FUCK did she have those? because let's be real if she did, she and Margo would have posted pictures of it.

No. 232242


Probably when she was younger before she started Youtube.

No. 232243

That pisses me off so much.
Hopefully they'll get bored in a few days. I never knew about Keemstar until today, but the guy looks like a massive fuckboi. I hope he chokes on that protein powder.

No. 232244

I just searched and the only thing about Keemstar in the locked thread is the screenshots of whoever tweeted to him about the drama. So if it was one of them, they didn't mention contacting him in the thread.

That being said, I feel so sorry for Venus. She has to deal with those retards along with her psychopathic mother. She just can't seem to catch a break.

No. 232245

ok it was funny the first time and even the second but you guys need to just let this meme end. it's old now.

No. 232246

If venus ever had a pet, I'd bet you good miney that either: a) the pet (s) died of natural causes and margo told venus it was her fault; or b) margo got jealous of the affection venus gave to the pet(s), killed them, and told venus it was her fault.

Or, venus never had any goddamn pets and margo is insane. No one's ever seen one; venus never spoke of one.

God, are that dudes followers all 10 years old? "But is hamster kill? Venus you must tell if dog is kil, and y u do it???"

No. 232247

margo can live off her korean boyfriend or get another fat oppa

No. 232248

He's a huge dick that likes to spread misinformation. He falsely accused a streamer of being a pedophile once. He also said he didn't care about his fans and he laughed at someone whose mom died of cancer and said he wished all his viewers died of cancer. He's like a 40 year old dude that likes to tell people to kill themselves. I don't know how people still follow that dumbass. He's just as bad as Margaret in my opinion.

But enough about that dick. I really hope Venus isn't looking at her youtube right now. Hopefully things get better from here on out.

No. 232250

yeah. she really just needs to leave youtube or start a new one. her life really sucks right now. i feel so bad for her.

No. 232251

Holy shit. Pets die, pets get hurt, pets have accidents. Especially around kids. My brother's dog jumped off the fucking couch weird and broke it's leg before, it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if Margo twisted that Venus wasn't watching the dog every second and it hurt itself and therefore "her" fault. Small animals like hampsters are very fragile and can show no symptoms when ill and it could have gotten a URI or something. If these stupid fucks are so concerned about animals, go after REAL animal abusers instead of eating up this unconfirmed bullshit from Margo. If Venus was a chronic animal abuser, I'm sure Margo would have harped on it more.

No. 232252

File: 1454823060468.jpg (73.24 KB, 620x400, drinking-milk2-620x400.jpg)

This is all just too good it's like some Bold & The Beautiful shit.

In all seriousness though, I feel so happy for Venus. I've never been a fan and her videos shit me to tears, but I feel like under her ~showbiz~ exterior there's just a sad, normal girl who's been deprived of so many things. Margo can't seem to grasp that her daughter is an adult now, and when your kid grows up the inevitably leave you to go and do adult things and in a way it's sad, but it's mostly completely fucking insane.

No. 232253

That's gross. Makes me question why there are so many people that watch and support him…He obviously doesn't seem to research that hard and didn't seem to have any real credibly. But anyway, fuck this guy.

No. 232254


What, no. I know a girl from Chile, who lived since 2008 in fucking brazil and studied japanese in a language school and pt/english in a uni and works just fine in japan as a pre school teacher (it was a lil tough getting the job since, as she said, japanese ppl are a bit racist towards gaijin tho)
But Venus has no education and her english is not the finest, so german could do the trick.

No. 232255

No. 232256

File: 1454823568276.jpg (137.61 KB, 775x960, IMG_20160206_223537.jpg)

She's really really getting to me… I. Cant. Stop. Reading…

No. 232257

I thought margo had control of the youtube. If anything she's probably gleaming because of the views AND people hating on Venus.

No. 232258

could one of us make a rebuttal video with all the screencaps we've acquired? there's more than enough evidence of margo's crazy, but people are lazy and video is a good delivery method.

No. 232259


What? I thought Margo said that her family shut her out because something about how she didn't want to go to church?

No. 232260

Margo thinks her ace in the hole is deleting venus' YouTube channel - but that would leave her, margo, broke. So margo's threatening venus with something that really can only hurt margo at this point. Genius move, marge.

No. 232261

This guy talks about some of the shit he's done with video and audio proof.

Keemstar also made a video on twitter saying Venus is an animal abuser. He's pretty much sent his fans to her.

Hoping Manaki is being a good system of support for her right now, because she really needs it after all she's been through.

No. 232262

Make one. There are already a couple ppl talking about doing exactly that, on her instagram right now.

No. 232263

nice job, you fucking idiots…now venus is dealing with even more shit

No. 232264


All we can really hope for is that Keemstar makes another video correcting his info.

No. 232265

Sounds about right, as she is only 18 and has been earning for longer.

Venus may have to write that money off, but contacting the bank, even if in Switzerland, is the right thing to to. They should at least know there is a dispute between the account holders.

For now, they have a roof over their head and her husband's job.

Venus should be able to reclaim her gmail by communicating with Google.

I think if Margo had the YT account she'd be posting 'truth' videos day and night.

No. 232266

What the fuck is she talking about? I thought she wasn't in contact with her family at all?

No. 232267

inb4 Venus becomes an hero. Thanks you fucking fat ugly bitch.

No. 232268

Stop arguing with retards.

No. 232269

I don't think one of us did it, PULL is full of retards so let's just hope this stupid bitch that tweeted that brobible meathead in the first place doesn't come here.

Not a chance, that dude doesn't actually care about his viewers, the people he makes videos about, fact checking, or repercussions. Just the money his gossip videos make.

No. 232270

>why does he keep my belongings
>belongings = venus

No. 232271

Do you really think this guy has the decency to do that? He's probably jerking off to fueling this fire.

No. 232272

I tried commenting on the YouTube video, but it was deleted immediately. Sooooooo..ya.

No. 232273

he made a video correcting himself when he accused a guy of being a pedophile. that is the only example i can think of though.

No. 232274


That's the only one I can think of too, and I think he even fired the person who gave him that info too. I have a feeling if he did the research himself, he's not going to correct it.

No. 232275

No. 232276

I bet he gets off to this shit.

I made a rather lengthy comment about how he got the information wrong and summed up as much of what I was up to with this whole thing and it's still up.

No. 232277

Reported Fuckwad's youtube video for harmful dangerous acts.
It can also be reported for defaming/bullying/harassment, if you don't want to write a paragraph about how mentally unstable Muggle is and how Venus is currently in danger.

No. 232278

His Twitter account is also reportable for targeted harassment.

No. 232279


What a dumbass, he doesn't even spend the time to understand the whole picture.

No. 232280

fucking narcissists I stg

No. 232281

File: 1454825542536.png (662.17 KB, 926x553, vvvv.png)

No. 232282

File: 1454825587408.jpg (181.57 KB, 949x604, venus.jpg)

No. 232283

he never does though, he's notorious for making clickbait shit and then letting his retarded fans harass the people. I am surprised he caught wind of Venus usually he harasses gamers.

No. 232284

Maybe it's just because this is such a horrible situation, but the fact that they're trying their best to be optimistic makes this picture so cute. I really wish them the best.

No. 232285

I've never rooted more for a weebs romance in my life than today

No. 232286


God speed, Venus! I really admire how she's handling this so far.

No. 232287

Reported for bullying! Venus doesn't deserve this.

No. 232288

File: 1454825876826.jpg (90.5 KB, 600x613, aww.jpg)

this is so heartwarming

No. 232289

Ok, thats kinda cute.
Glad she isnt being dragged down by all this.

No. 232290

This. Is. Adorkable. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

No. 232291


No. 232292

Even if the account was opened when she was a minor she should be able to take control of it now that she's an adult. I live in Australia and that's what I did when I turned 18; though my mother isn't a complete nutcase.

No. 232293

does manaki have braces by any chance?
he would be cute if he got a different haircut, but he looks genuinely happy and venus doesn't look distraught, so a+

No. 232294

I was just thinking the same thing. A different haircut might make him look better compared to the current look hes sporting.

No. 232295

the fuck is wrong with you? Get out of here, Tracy

No. 232296


I do believe he does. I think he had braces in the videos that Venus made with him too.

No. 232298

Looks like braces to me. I think a hair cut and filling in his brows would help his look.

No. 232299

i think a fade cut or something shorter on the sides and that get his bangs out of his face would be alright.

No. 232300

File: 1454826513379.png (185.74 KB, 500x468, stop trying to help.png)

He caught wind of Venus because of this.

No. 232301

They look so weird, but I will support them lol.

No. 232302


I 100% believe this shit is real now and not a publicity stunt. (inb4 go back to PULL, but come on, could you really put it past Margo to do something like this?)

No. 232303

Man the topics about these 2 are fuckin lit and they ain't even that entertaining to watch.

No. 232304


The person who introduced the drama to him should have explained it better, providing more links and screenshots… Hell, looking at Margo's insta alone is enough to convince people that she's insane.

No. 232305

What the flamming fuck is she talking about??? I thought she had nothing to do with her family so why would Venus' grandfather have access to her Youtube channel? This makes NO sense. Margo's brain is really fried.

No. 232306

I just checked and she actually did it. Finally. Hope she blocked her too.

No. 232307

Margo is getting more desperate so her lies are getting more crazy.

Thank fcuk Tokyo is a huge city so the crazy witch can't locate them easily.

No. 232308


Lmao, I wonder how mad Margo will get when she finds out, since she has NPD

No. 232309

So what's the next step of Margo's master plan?

How long is she gonna stay at the airport?

No. 232310


How long do you think it will take her?
More importantly, Is bunny-chan safe?

No. 232311

This guy is so actually unintelligent that it wouldn't even matter. This is getting him more views anyway. All we can do is report him.
Also if you go on that ugly bitch Heini's twitter, she linked him Venus's youtube channel and her PULL thread, so he, ofc got only the most useful information.

No. 232312

you must be autistic

No. 232313

She left the airport to chase up the adress the police gave her. She was complaining about travelling 5 hours for nothing. But where would she go then?

No. 232314

Margo is pathetic. Trash talking your daughter won't get anyone sane to side with you. Moreover, she can't get her story straight and keep adding unnecessary shit, thinking it will make her look like the victim, when it obviously backfired.

I'm glad she did. Margo must be soooo mad when she finds out, hahahaaah…we better sit back, relax and enjoy the show *grabs popcorn

No. 232316

Shit that means she definitely wants to appear on their doorstep. No good will come of that.

No. 232317

I reported the fat fuck for bullying. I advise everyone to do the same.

No. 232318

Samefag to say, I still don't understand Margo's storage locker gambit. It seems to have had some strategic purpose, maybe because they had to supply an address to access the bag. It's not like she had anything else to do but meet them, and she did meet them as far as the story goes. First she made them get the bag elsewhere. Weird stuff.

No. 232319

I'm not the only one who lets out a sigh of relief and says, "Oh, thank god" when she updates now, am I?

No. 232320


Shit, now I do.

No. 232321

Aaaand margo is on Venus' instagram asking for her stuff.

Also; she has a photo of a robot on her instagram?

No. 232322

File: 1454828202029.png (1.36 MB, 1400x866, marg.PNG)

So now she's just an average tourist chilling in Japan?


No. 232323

No, pretty sure that robot is at the airport, so she's still there.

No. 232324

God damnit, I was hoping she had blocked her after unfollowing.

No. 232325

File: 1454828343531.png (574.08 KB, 856x519, Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.5…)


No. 232326

File: 1454828348969.png (271.11 KB, 562x699, 19481.PNG)


Yes, Venus.
Now, I wonder when this will change?

No. 232327

It won't happen because >>232000

No. 232328

does she even have control of this account?

No. 232329

Margo has control of that account (you can see that the insta address goes to margo's account)

No. 232330

Maybe she is trying to prove she is in Japan?

No. 232331

File: 1454828555376.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, laughingcheetah.jpg)

You know she's boiling with jealousy from seeing this picture too.

No. 232332

Oh, seriously? I guess I missed that. Thanks for the info.

No. 232333

I'm sorry, but during all of this all I could think of is Margo being like "I'll get you my pretty. And your little Mana-tan too!" when she found out that Venus was gone and then flying over to Japan on her broomstick.

No. 232334

If they have some of Margos stuff, I hope they give it to a third party to give back to her.

No. 232335

God, what IS it with narcissists and demanding things that they already have, or aren't theirs, or that don't exist? It's like they all share one, slow lizard brain. And then they use it as "If only you'd give me this one, tiny thing, all this would stop! But you HAD to make it DIFFICULT!" But you can't give someone something that you don't have, or isn't theirs, or doesn't exist. So the shit never stops.

No. 232336

Precisely, these people have a very fragile grasp on reality and will invent nearly anything to gain sympathy points. My mom is no where near as bad as her but she has fabricated worse things than this.

No. 232338

File: 1454829808769.png (55.82 KB, 646x623, ss (2016-02-07 at 02.21.28).pn…)

damn look at all these edgy 13 year old sheep.
"haha ur dead dog haha"
"good 1, h-here's mine, uhhh…. fuck u weeb! was that good enough??"
"yeah that was gr8 dude, savage!!"

No. 232339

Is there a way we can do… I dunno, anything for her? Besides report people for harassment?

No. 232340

Crazy how one individual, 2 with that second tweet, could cause all this commotion.

This wasn't needed… Congratulations.

No. 232341

I guess just report people? We can def report margo for harassment.

No. 232342

It's hilarious because these are the type of people who would see the Bill Cosby case and say "He's innocent, there's no proof" but some fuckwad on the internet says that she killed her hamster/broke her dog's leg (which we still have no proof from margo that she had either or not) and it's like "Let's spam her". People who follow these types of youtubes are fucking sheep.

No. 232343

I don't think YT is letting me report a comment when I say that it's harassing someone else. What's the 2nd best thing to report them on?

No. 232344

We already covered why reporting Margo is a bad idea, didn't we? But yeah, report all these 13 year olds.

No. 232345

File: 1454830568421.png (10.25 KB, 777x101, ss (2016-02-07 at 02.22.02).pn…)

this is what trolling people on the internet in 2016 looks like

No. 232346

Sooo looked at Keem's Twitter to see if he's addressed anything about fixing info and he's streaming right now.

No. 232347

Link to the stream?

No. 232348

No. 232349

we need to start spamming him until he relents

No. 232350

File: 1454830815538.jpg (1.37 KB, 48x48, photo.jpg)

thumb up if keems sent u here

No. 232351


lol that comment is just oozing with raging jealous weeb who'll never make it to Japan feelz. How the fuck is Venus going to be muhrican when she's Hungarian?

No. 232352

oh dear lord. How funny would this be if this made legit news. "And today's news, abused internet youtube star runs away from her psychotic mother who was her manager and abusive parent."

No. 232353

Isnt spamming what he wants?

No. 232354

Ugh, he's ignoring oddling.

No. 232355

File: 1454831525407.png (1.84 MB, 2073x1378, margowantsvenusback.png)

No. 232356


no wonder why venus, manaki and his family rejected her

No. 232357

I don't know if my messages are getting through in the chat…

No. 232358

agreed. No self respecting Japanese family would want her in their home if she posts things like this and makes such a scene all over the place. That's like the opposite of what they do here. Japan is very private. Everything behind closed doors.

No. 232359


Only person I saw that was talking about Venus was oddling.

No. 232360

Who the fuck would donate to this piece of shit?

No. 232361

Do I need to have an account? I keep sending stuff but not seeing it on the chat.

No. 232362


You might need to, i've never used stream.me.

No. 232363


Poor Manaki. Imagine having to tell your parents your mother in law is posting nude selfies on Instagram.

If Manaki's parents are traditional, props to them for standing by him and Manaki.

No. 232364


Samefag, but I can't even type on the chatbox, says I need to log in to chat.

No. 232365


There's a sucker born every minute. I mean, people used to steal money from their parents to send money to that fat fuck Cassandra Cla(i)re. As if she needs to eat more.

No. 232366

so true.

No. 232367

It would have been to do with the marriage, say for example proving there was no other marriage in the home country. I don't know what Japan asks for, but I know of other countries who require this.

No. 232368

File: 1454832130052.png (306.77 KB, 384x505, bitchrusrs.png)

I asked Margo when did her daughter own a hamster and a puppy and she blocked me

No. 232370

I bet there's going to be an anime based on this story if Japan catches on

No. 232371

Oh well I think he blocked me

No. 232372

Her "friends" in Korea had a puppy, and yet sometimes Margo would say "my puppy" but it was the person they were staying with's dog….And like Venus was the first child to ever have a hamster die on her because its not like they can't die from being so skittish to start with. I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose.

No. 232374

True I had several freaking goldfish that died all the time but no one would call me an animal abuser, hamsters are the worst pets, they're ridiculous, they die easy, the eat each other, and they're not even smart or affectionate like rats are.

No. 232375

You know what, I'm taking solace in the fact that Muggrup has exclusive access to Venus's account and that's the only thing making me happy that this Keemstar shit is happening now.
Because even though Mug is probably masturbating over all the hate Venus is receiving right now, at least Venus isn't getting a million notifications firsthand.

No. 232376

Yeah… I really don't want Venus to see that shit. All of this is thanks to a loser 40 year old manchild and the idiot that linked him to fucking PULL of all places for information.

No. 232377

Can someone post the picture of Margo first insulting venus?

The one that apparently led to venus not wanting margo around

No. 232380

it is the Taco fiasco all over again

No. 232381

Who's this? cannot read her timeline

No. 232382


Someone told Keemstar to do a video on Venus.

No. 232383

psh. taco fiasco just ruined the milk. this is potentially ruining someone's life.

i think that she will stay strong through it all. it isn't like this is the first time she's had to deal with people saying mean things to and about her on the internet.

No. 232384


It's sad, but I don't think he cares enough to do that. I just hope that Venus doesn't let it get to her. Well, she has been enduring her insane mother so she could probably handle this, haha.

No. 232385


She made her twitter private sometime after the video, lol

No. 232386

Margo just admitted the pet thing was pretty much BS , stating that Venus wasn't cautious around a small dog. That could still only be a half-truth, regardless it was followed by a complete onslaught of her victimizing herself.

No. 232387


No. 232388

File: 1454834232098.jpg (51.68 KB, 475x357, Fotor_145483415464324.jpg)

No. 232389

the more real this shit becomes the less funny these are.

No. 232390

File: 1454834513544.png (454.09 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-07-04-41-03…)

No. 232391

File: 1454834539600.png (408.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-07-04-41-06…)

No. 232392

No. 232393

'Our new YouTube management'? What? WTF? That's not how YT works? Hence the YOU? As in YOU upload your own material and generally you manage yourself?

Sorry, that's the only thing I could bother picking out to comment on, since the rest of that wordsalad is just too gross to bother with.

No. 232394

Can someone ask her where she is and if she is ok?

No. 232395

No. 232396

I think some people work under managing companies (IIRC, someone like pewdiepie does too)

No. 232397

I think that's a bit far, plus it'll give her more shit to say so people think that she's the victim, and it could actually push her over the edge.

Her body is snatched tho. Women who work out always have the nicest figures (minus body builders).

Dual means 2, adding Japan would make 3

Animal abuse.. What about fucking child abuse? What about a child being whored out for fame her whole life? What about the fucking isolation. Ergh, I regret clicking on the link.

>>232393 I'm sure there are. Plus didn't she say that she was Venus's manager, and now manaki is/

No. 232398

Not anymore, almost every (successful) youtuber runs through a network and earns money using sponsorships etc

No. 232399

Lol, sorry I was unclear, I meant Margo.

I thought she might more forthcoming with a bit of honey. Her last message seems to be a bit more mellow since she isnt demanding her stuff.

No. 232400

Meant to respond to

No. 232401

Are you sure they didn't freak about your nude selfie and numerous unhinged rants, Margo?

No. 232402


No. 232403


sage for ot. Keemstar is actually such cancerous trash and he beat his wife/girlfriend. I feel like he can have no grasp on being the victim of abuse considering he is an abuser himself.

No. 232405

File: 1454836192288.png (47.58 KB, 588x275, fuckoffhag.png)

Such a caring mother.

No. 232406

Just thought something: If Venus has internet only in Starbucks why Margo won't look for here in there? I know in Tokyo must have more than one, but since she used to go there with her she must know which one Venus used to go the most.

No. 232407

The more I think about it the more ridiculous it becomes. What kind of parent, in the midst of an argument with their child, posts a nude photo where they know the child will see it? What the fucking fuck.

No. 232410

File: 1454837042262.png (111.07 KB, 460x474, boohoo.png)

Not one mention of being concerned for Venus when confronted with the fact that she is getting death threats.

No. 232411

someone should just pick up margo and make a sex tape

No. 232412

File: 1454837071794.png (187.88 KB, 509x568, poorme.png)

No. 232413

There are hundreds of Starbucks in Tokyo. I'm sure Venus is smart enough to not go to one where Margo could easily find her.

No. 232414

The correct paper? Is she referring to the marriage paperwork?
So Venus and Manaki are officially married?
Why wasn't this announced lol.

No. 232415


I think Margo said that it was official on Christmas like a couple of days after Venus was gone.

No. 232416

so, basically a-logging

No. 232418


Good god, he's the last person I'd want involved with this. I hate to say it but I think reddit may be the only way to remedy this shit storm now that he's involved.

No. 232419

Dont you think its strange that both of them post around the same time (venus 6h ago and 3h ago and Margo 8h ago and 3h) and also yesterday and the days before it was nearly the same time and amount of pics (always one but today they both postet 2…) maybe im just paranoid but its strange…

(Sry for re-post, first time posting in this forum)

No. 232420


They are pretty much in the same time zone, do it would make sense for them to post during similar times. I'm not really sure what you're getting at.

No. 232421

File: 1454838778404.png (304.87 KB, 1440x1013, Screenshot_2016-02-07-10-49-56…)

I don't think that this was posted here.

No. 232422

Margo starts to admit a little here she has put Venus to work with the makeup vids.

No. 232424


>I had to kindly force the idea on her

She really has a way with words.

No. 232425

>I was bullied since she went viral

No, that was Venus and you made it worse by pretending to be her online and bullying other Youtubers that tried to befriend her.

>I had to kindly force the idea upon her

You forced her to do a lot of shit she didn't want to do just so your lazy ass wouldn't have to work at an actual job. I remember several years ago someone said they were friends with Venus before she became a YouTube "star" and she said that she was super stressed out from having to make YouTube videos.

With all the bullshit Venus is getting thanks to her psycho mom, Keemstar's shitty fan base of 10 year old retards and shit, I will not be surprised if Venus just quits YouTube and starts a new life. She could go to a language school to get better at Japanese, go to a school to learn a trade or something. I just want the poor thing to have a normal life and to be happy.

No. 232426

And there you have it, Margo admitting to what we've all been saying.
She was too old to get popular doing makeup videos, so she forced her child into it.
Living through her daughter for Youtube hits. Sad.

No. 232427

>I had to force the idea on her
The funny thing is Venus always looked far cuter and more "doll like" when she was like 11-14 and didn't wear any makeup in her videos.
Way to go, Marge.

No. 232429

OT but: why do pulltards believe Margaret lurks there and does things they suggest?

No. 232430



You answered your own question anon.

No. 232433

She has posted there in the past. Not trying to defend those easily triggered idiots or anything.

No. 232434

>So, what's good?


No. 232435

She's very aware. 1. Margo used to post there, and 2. margo bought the domain and had it redirect to Venus's site.

No. 232438

File: 1454841165601.jpg (71.34 KB, 387x244, test-sehr-gut.jpg)


>I could have just kept her passports and cards

That's illegal, Mayo. God, please let someone, anyone, cuntpunt her. Not Manaki or Venus of course, they are much better off if they never see her again.

There's thousands of places in Tokyo besides starbucks that have free wiki, Manaki must be savvy enough to know where to go.


Margo posting more nudes to prove what an unhinged trollop she is would be good. That's she's stated that she has no problem with this Keem dude's shitfans threatening her child with death is also sehr gut. As if we needed more evidence that Venus has to stay away from this hangry harpy at all cost.

No. 232439

File: 1454841301702.png (602.58 KB, 931x595, anothermargocomment.png)

Margo guilt trips again.

No. 232440

File: 1454841626582.png (578.44 KB, 931x601, anothermargocomment2.png)

Just found something even better.
I smell jealousy.

No. 232442

Really? Didn't Margo had a boytoy? So boytoy doesn't need Venus's permission?

No. 232443

File: 1454841961649.jpg (19.29 KB, 250x376, Bane_TDKR3.jpg)

>master plan

Crashing this world with no survivors

No. 232444

Didn't she have a boyfriend, the one who had a friend with whom Venus slept according to Margo?

No. 232445

That’s not even the same thing, Margo. You had your turn, Venus just wanted to have some independence for once in her life without her mother on her back 24/7.

No. 232447

haHA! So Margo IS the one who gets crunk and pukey, then makes Venus take care of her. Self admitted and everything. And your daughter moved in with her husband, then told you you'd be allowed to visit sometimes to calm your insane ass down, and your crazy brain heard Venus say, "Margo, get on the next plane and I'll pick you up at the airport! Leave right now! Move in with us!" This bitch. SO CRAZY.

No. 232448

Can someone stab my fucking eyes. This photo of margot cant be unseen :(

No. 232449

"I took lot from her" What the fuck does that mean? Her money? Her innocence? Her childhood? Is Margo trying to say that she put up with a lot from Venus? And "I could have just kept her passport"? No, bitch, that's ILLEGAL. Venus is an adult. Not allowing someone to leave your premises and confiscating their passport is kidnapping.

No. 232451

This guy is fucking stupid and only wants to barely scrape drama for $$$ hits.

No. 232453

Try looking at the happy photo of Venus and Manaki together. It might help.

No. 232455

No. 232456

Yeah, That's pretty cute. And I totally like venus cheeks on the other photo. She looks much better without photoshop

No. 232461


lol wow she really did go to the river.

No. 232462

go to the river is my new favourite phrase

No. 232463

Why is there no lolcow thread for him? He needs one.

No. 232464

I went to the river, what did I see?

No. 232466

Black-eyed Venus's swam with me

No. 232467

Does it bother anyone else that Margo has gained 500 followers in less than a day?
She wants attention and she's getting it. ugh.

No. 232468

People are bullying Venus on her videos over that misinformed Drama Alert video where he took Margo's lies at face value.

This is why social media is dangerous. A lot of people go batshit over animal abuse, so I'm concerned about Venus' safety because I've seen death threats and shit.

Margo should be ashamed.

No. 232469

Margo's already backpedaled on it, but it's too late now. I doubt she cares what happens. The dreadful shit who made this video will profit nicely.

No. 232470

yeah, but they're probably just following to laugh at her

No. 232472


It's because of that retarded nude she posted. All dem thirsty guys.

No. 232475

margo really thinks she is venus' whole world doesnt she?

No. 232476

>I don't think one of us did it
Did you even read the thread or? Nobody on PULL cares about this fuckhead.

No. 232477

Margo will not feel guilty and take back all the slander. I'm pretty sure she's happy and satisfied that Venus is getting so much hate and death threats. It's a classic NPD dear tactic. She wants Venus to be scared and run back to her; only then she'll "protect" Venus from all the unjustly hate she's getting (totally not Margo's fault, she will backpedal all bad things she said - it's the haters fault for believing it!!) and have a smug attitude like "see? Life is better when you have me to protect you."

No. 232478

>I-am-a-human. I'm-not-a-robot.

No. 232479

How does margo not understand that they do not have an equal relationship? Venus is the child, you should be taking care of her, not the other way around.
Take a page from Venus' book and get a life.

No. 232480

You know that she is a frequent user there doing shitstorms once a while in the thread about her, right?

No. 232481

I am in a similar situation as venus. But I could never escape :( everything margo does reminds me of my own mother. Manipulativ bitch >:I know exactly what she is trying to do. Hopefully it doesnt work on venus

No. 232482

Why can't she freaking go back to Korea?
She is acting like a poor when she has first of all Venus' card, then she shares a pic where she has (not considering the naked selfie LOL) the latest iphone.
What a drama queen lol

No. 232483

File: 1454852291698.jpg (84.4 KB, 942x598, 123.JPG)

No. 232484

My condolences anon. I didn't get away early from my mother (she is not a Margo but a different kind of problematic). Looking back I wish I had run… but I probably would have turned to parent-substitutes, like joining a cult or something.

I hope you are able to make some personal space for yourself away from her.

No. 232485

It's so sad that she even had to address this. Her mum is a wicked, vindictive bitch and take back any pity I had for her.

No. 232486


I know rabbit's can die from too much stress, but what about a hamster?

No. 232487

I have admiration for the measured, clear and calm way Venus is countering all these attacks.

No. 232488

Hopefully Keemtard's fans will shut up a little now.

No. 232489

Hamsters can die of stress too.

No. 232490

Did anyone else notice that Venus' grammar and spelling has been pretty much perfect since she got away from her mom? It freaks me out thinking how many of her other posts were actually written by Margaret.

No. 232491

the hamster story seems a bit of a stretch. even if she purposely killed a hamster at the age of 3year old, who cares, she was a fucking toddler.

No. 232493

It's actually terrifying.

No. 232494

If the story is true, and the hamster died from stress because of 3-year-old Venus's crying, it isn't Venus who is responsible, it is Maggro for giving a small animal to a fucking toddler. Jesus.

No. 232495

File: 1454853126599.jpg (24.5 KB, 372x364, mpal.JPG)

>Have I started the fire?

No. 232496

This is kind of heartbreaking… having to clarify something your own mother used to slander you publicly online must be really hard…
I'd punch magro in the face right now. How can a mother use these events, that clearly where traumatic for young Venus, to slader her? This woman is batshit crazy and evil.
What the hell wants this woman? Traumatize her daughter even more? Magro is just scum.
I noticed too! It's sacry…

No. 232497

Yeah why the hell would a 3 year old even have a pet?

No. 232498


No. 232499

I wonder why she had screaming nightmares

No. 232500

If I had Margo for a mother I'd have them too, anon.

No. 232501

Shit, this made me cry. Poor Venus…

No. 232502

>One of us told Keemstar
Seriously, if the person who contacted Keemstar is in this thread, they need to contact him again with the screencap of Margo saying she made up the animal abuse. You made this mess, go fix it.

lol at people who reply to margo's comments on here as if they're talking to her

Maybe the combined force of Venus and Manaki makes for a wider cover of English skills? Since Margret and Venus probably would make the same mistakes and so not pick up on them, Manaki might actually be useful at reading her posts over for her.

No. 232503

I would have screaming nightmares too if this >>232134 and this >>232495 was my mother.

No. 232504

Margo probably told her the fucking story and let her feel guilty about something she probably had nothing to do with.

No. 232505

I feel so sorry for Venus. Poor girl. Good to see a lot of people are supporting her…too bad Keemstar's army of 13 year old fucktards have been unleashed onto her tho. Whoever approached him with this drama should really contact him again and send him all these Screenshots from V's insta feed. It's bad enough her mother keeps on shittalking her own daughter.

No. 232506

I've been binging Dr.Phil and all I'm thinking of is how wonderful it would be if Venus and Margo got on it…Only me? Ok.

No. 232507

That girl is actually very smart, and now if she is strong enough to not surrender to Margo she will be able to have a great life.

No. 232509

File: 1454853827697.png (544.65 KB, 407x584, image.png.a5ffb954a12efa3db983…)

The fire rises

No. 232510


Venus and her ape boyfriend tho


No. 232511

Really impressed with how Venus is handling this difficult situation on her social media. I hope the people who've been doubting her sincerity and/or are siding with Margo are reevaluating their (stupid) choice rn. Admittedly, I've never been a huge fan of Venus and her videos to begin with, but I'm rooting for her (and Manaki to some extent). I don't believe a word Margo says!

No. 232512


Oh shush, they're happy together.

No. 232513

tbh I think the only reason Venus is handling this so well though is that she's still got mixed feelings about Margo (probably feeling guilty from Margo's tactics) so she's scared to go hard on her mom

No. 232514

No. 232515

don't be jelly anon, you'll fulfill your weeb dream one day too :)

No. 232516



No. 232518


No anon, he actually does look like a monkey tho. Five mins ago y'all said he was a peado and now he's a saviour. Tbh Venus would be better remaking her accounts, getting herself packed and fucking the lot of them off tbh.

No. 232520

File: 1454854381346.jpg (104.44 KB, 450x470, tumblr_niqum9aW7c1s0ow94o2_128…)

No. 232521


Fuckin' loon

No. 232522

Lame. Try harder.

No. 232523


Lol the boyfriend police. I thought everyone didn't like Manaki?

No. 232524


How? Asian and blacks look like monkeys the most.

No. 232525

Bitch no. People have different opinions, ya know? Shocking!!!

No. 232526

Margo was her only support system (though extremely fucked up support system). Whether Manaki is a pedo/ape/savior or whatever, she NEEDS someone that can provide for her and give her a shoulder to cry on during this time. She made the very difficult decision to leave all that she's ever known, and just going out on her own would probably fuck her up. She can ditch Manaki later once she actually settles down herself, but right now if she went without him, she'd probably be more fucked than she already is.

No. 232527

File: 1454854623501.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, bait.jpg)

No. 232528


Maybe some people on lolcow did, but I had absolutely no issue with Manaki.

No. 232529


If I was Venus I would literally just start a new. New passwords, new everything. Fuck the mother off. Just a new slate. New name bla bla.

It's sad how her mother latches on though. Venus is almost 19 for godsake. Most mother's leave their daughters be.

No. 232530


big sigh

No. 232531


Going to be honest but even though it is a difficult time right now. Venus and her mother need 9-5s. The pair of them. Find some experience, do SOMETHING. Come back to Youtube later after a break and just do videos while working. I know she earns money from Youtube but god though people need to be realistic. Life experience and shit is what Venus needs. I'm sorry but she does. Go back to school, finish and get some qualifications. She can still do Youtube. She'd have her own place and everything. It can be done.

I think people just baby Venus. I know her mother has kept her under her wing for years and she's a bit… you know. Lost? But she is almost nineteen.

No. 232532

whatever others say about Manaki, the death threats and comments from Cuumstars fans are awful, I hope Manaki supports Venus in these hard times

No. 232533

I've never been a fan of venus, but she looks so sad in tired in all of her recent pictures that I can't help but feel sorry for her. Getting away from an abusive parent is hard as it is, nevermind if that parent is fucking insane and starts posting nudes and slinging shit all over social media for everyone to see.

No. 232534


I'd take the bitch to the authorities. But then again… she's in the East. Pfft.

No. 232535

It's awful. Girl has her crazy mother already on her back and now his uneducated and gullible 'fanbase' is after her too. I wish the bitch on twitter who brought the situation to Keemstar's attention would have kept her twinkie hole shut.

No. 232537

I sent to that email that's supposed to be Manaki's a link to the /r/raisedbynarcissists/
Let's hope it really is his email and that he reads it.

No. 232538

There's definitely no doubt that she needs proper life experience. Margo can fuck right off into that river, but Venus can still probably salvage herself. Maybe she should just give up youtube altogether honestly, find a nice life out of the lime light for once and settle down in the suburbs without having to move every few months/years for once in her life.

No. 232540

Margarets guilt tripping Venus on her own instagram… reminds me exactly of my own mum

No. 232541

Also IIRC he beat his wife or some shit like that. He's the scum of the earth.

No. 232543

I've never heard of that guy before and didn't want to watch the video, so I just googled his photos. My first tought was "oh shit, that's a very bad person". I guess I was right?

No. 232544


Yep. He didn't even bother doing actual research, he just saw Margo's post about Venus having aspergers, killed her hamster, and breaking her dog's leg and immediately took her side. It was pretty disgusting to watch.

No. 232545

The airport probably doesn't care, recently I missed my flight and had to stay in Narita airport overnight and they even had a special overnight room with tons of people sleeping there. if airport staff or something saw her they would probably just assume she missed her flight.

No. 232546

I knew he would take her side. I mean, this douchebag even tweeted Onision a while that he's supporting him when he admitted to cheating on Lainey. He's uninformed and an asshole overall. Not a good combination…

No. 232547

I was in the same boat until I watched the video. He painted Venus in a bad light and made the whole situation appear humorous. Within the first few minutes of watching the video (he saved the story about Venus for last) it felt very boring. But maybe that was because he was talking about Pewdiepie.

No. 232548

Wait, is it the same guy who sided with Onision on the recent drama? I've read something like that in Onision thread, but again i didn't want to watch the video..

No. 232549

No. 232550

>sides with abusers
Well he beat his girlfriend during a stream so I'm not surprised.

No. 232551

what, seriously? link?

No. 232552

Didn't see that post when i was sending mine, sorry
Yup, definitely a very bad person then.

No. 232553

It's all good, don't worry!

No. 232554

Could be "night terrors", but maybe Venus doesn't know the English word for it.
It's pretty scary, but young kids can grow out of it as they get older.

No. 232555

Not really. She got sick and I take care of her for the rest of her life :/ But thanks anon :)

No. 232556

No. 232557

Fucking hell, that's scary man

No. 232558

Maybe you can hire someone to take care of her while you live happily?

No. 232559

jesus christ, what was he even asking her anyway? he's like "answer the question" anyone know what that's about?

No. 232561

Make a thread of this piece of shit

No. 232562


No. 232563

oh god this guy needs his own /pt/ thread

seriously fuck him

No. 232564

They're both weird looking in a cute way, she looks a little more cheerful here. Go, Venus!

No. 232565

Not possible anon. Because of religion and culture. Everybody would blame me if I did it.

No. 232566

At 1:40 is he saying "hobophobic" instead of "homophobic"? Lmao

No. 232567

What kind religion/culture is it if I may ask? Feeling sorry for you anon :(

sage for OT

No. 232568

I think Manaki should get a haircut that lays on his upper head less and shows more forehead (does this make sense?) His cheekbones look large as fuck cause his hair covers up the top of the head and throws them out of proportion. If his hair was out of the way more, it would balance his head and he'd look fine.

No. 232569


"Go Venus!"

What are we 12?

No. 232570


Longer hair would cover more of that monkey face

No. 232571

Where are you from anon? Isn't it possible to tell everyone that hired person is a professional and can take a better care of your mother than you can?

No. 232572


I doubt it'll happen guys. 5 months Venus will be fine and Margo will keep her distance elsewhere… or maybe she'll marry some sad twat jap and stalk her. Either way Venus can just get the police on Margo's ass.

No. 232573

This website is 18+. Come back in 4-5years.

No. 232574

Bunny-chan's been boiled long ago, anon

No. 232575

we're on a website dedicated to nitpicking and drama from (mostly) youtubers and other dumb internet personalities we don't even know. yeah, we practically are 12. besides, venus' story lately has been absolutely insane and definitely elicited some emotions from people here, so go easy on that anon for expressing some happiness

No. 232576

Thanks for the emphaty anon. Islam and old fashioned turkish culture. Wasnt allowed to do anything when I was a young girl. Not saying that all turkish people are like this, but I had an extreme case of religious parents and narcisstistic mum. Well, I am stuck here, but I hope that others find a way out :)

No. 232578

I'll do it. Thanks to Keemtard, a 62 year old man was falsely accused of being a pedophile and his retarded fans raided the poor old man's twitch stream telling himself to kill himself and made him cry.

No. 232579

Where can I unsubscribe from your self-post blog? Thanks

No. 232580

Yes, I could. But I was manipulated to the extreme and I dont have a degree yet. So I have to wait atleast 2-3 years till I can do that.

No. 232581

But but but maybe you can move to another country, if you want to, ofc? I'm feeling sorry for you too :c

No. 232582

Sorry, just wanted to make clear that venus was manipulated from her mother and that I know alot about narcissistic parents :/ I will shut up

No. 232583

Edgelord spotted. Show some sympathy you prick.

No. 232584

pay weenstar no attention venus, he's a wifebeater anyway

No. 232586

It's kinda clear we all hate Margo here and we know she's manipulative, no need to make 100 posts about your shitty situation.

One or two posts, ok, but no need for more. This is a thread for Venus updates. Hit her up over e-mail if you want to show your empathy that much.

No. 232587

Oh, that's not that bad then! 2-3 years is long, but it's worth waiting. Good luck to you anon c:

No. 232588

How many pets did she got from margo? Hamster, dog and a cat? Isnt that too much for one kid?

No. 232589


Ya, screaming when you wake up is one of the classic signs of someone who just had a night terror. I vividly remember having those when I was a kid. Not fun at all.

No. 232590

Oh come on. If someone needs to get something out of their chest - why not try to help them? There's nothing going on with Venus and Margo anyway atm.

No. 232593

Also all the "I was never a fan of venus but since she left her mom blah blah", we get it. Everyone who posts here is not a fan of venus, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here. Unless to whiteknight.

No. 232594

It would be okay if Margo was a good person or at least liked pets. So far as I can tell only Venus liked animals there, and now she's traumatized for life.

No. 232596


Hamsters can die from a gentle breeze. They're really not suitable pets for kids.

No. 232597

I thought one of the animals belonged to someone they lived in Korea with, but not sure on that. Anyway, that doesn't seem like much. Despite the animals being 'for' Venus, wouldn't Margo have enjoyed having them about somewhat as well? Like if animals live in a family, they usually become a family pet instead of one person's pet.

No. 232598


Me either. Venus looks really happy with him, and not browbeaten like she did when her crazy bitch mother was the monkey on her back.

No. 232599


No, the dog that they were talking about is one that they had when Venus was 11.

No. 232601

No. 232603

Probably won't hear from both of them for a while since it's midnight in Japan right now, unless Margo is getting her late night ramble fever on again

No. 232605

He seems like a nice person. His face looks a bit weird to me, but it's probably because I'm too used to slavic faces.

No. 232606


He's also old as ass. A forty year old on YouTube getting tweens to fight his battles? His picture should be in the dictionary with the loser entry. He's about Mayo's age I guess? They'd make a fine couple.

As for jobs, Venus will be fine eventually. She, ironically, already knows how to follow orders and keep her cool around difficult people. Mayo is completely unemployable. No one wants an ugly, old, unskilled, insane bitch as an employee.

No. 232607

Margo doesn't give a shit about anyone else, I'd be more surprised if she actually became attached to any pets they supposedly had.

No. 232609

File: 1454858688238.gif (904.8 KB, 500x282, BcDzJKD.gif)

Margo is the fucking whore of Babylon.

Poor Venus feeling guilty about what happened to her pets. Venus' mother should have taught Venus how to properly handle a dog and maybe avoid picking them up. It's always the parents fault when it involved a minor so Margo admitted she killed a hamster and negligently let that poor dog's leg get broken.

And I love how she, an adult responsible for a child blames Venus for her "indulgent" parenting. Controlling your child and not giving into their whims is also a parental responsibility Margo. She's incredibly fucking stupid. I can't handle it.

No. 232610

Agreed. On top of that, she can always make a new channel and then explain the circumstances behind the first one's deletion. She's still Venus.
Margo would have nothing.

No. 232612

I didn't know that you can break a dog's leg by dropping it. Is it really possible? I've never had small dogs, only medium sized ones and they were stronger than I was.

No. 232613


On mobile you can just click on the dark blue anonymous and it will either take you to the address, or say there's none (If you sage correctly.

No. 232614

Idk, I feel like Margo's not stupid. She's just manipulative and self-absorbed to the max, but even though her moves now are backfiring, she still manages to get a lot of attention and even surprisingly keep some fans and whiteknights. She posts a nude and gets talked about, creeps follow her and give her attention because she's near naked, and more innocent fans think she did it cause she's so distraught from ~living at the airport~. She would honestly make a great Kardashian-type celebrity, she'd like never leave the public eye.

No. 232615


Absolutely. She still has tons of fans in Japan that would support her, and with Manaki's help, her Japanese will be totally okay soon too.

If someone's linking her here and she's reading: YOU CAN DO IT, VENUS! NEVER LOOK BACK!

I was never a fan, but as a fellow daughter of a crazy bitch mother that I cut off contact with, I'll absolutely subscribe to Venus' new channel.

No. 232616

Did anyone heard of covert incest? It is exactly what happened between v and her mum

No. 232618


>She would honestly make a great Kardashian-type celebrity

But she doesn't know how to contour. She's honestly more like that Austrian Fritzl dude.

No. 232620

He did publicly apologise and sent that old guy to a convention and all sorts.
There's a bunch of other actual recent/relevant stuff you could cover though, go do your research and take it out of this thread.
Keemstar is only worth talking about if someone's trying to tell him he reported wrong

No. 232621

Margo gained like 500 followers in the last couple days. She's definitely getting a lot more attention than before, yeah. It's a shame, but unfortunately, she does know how to play her cards. I guess she just likes whatever attention she can get and she delivers.

No. 232622

can you explain what covert incest is?

No. 232623

File: 1454859295066.jpg (26.92 KB, 316x475, 207164.jpg)


It really is. Margo is a textbook example of people that should not be allowed to keep their children in a divorce. I wish Venus' dad had fought harder for her.

No. 232624

Is there any way to confirm her new followers are legit people and not bots? I know on twitter you can order bots to follow you, but one look and it's really obvious they're fake accounts. Maybe Margoyle bought herself followers? (sorry idk much about how IG works)

No. 232625

Literally another word for emotional incest
"s a style of parenting in which a parent looks to their child for the emotional support that would be normally provided by another adult. The effects of covert incest on a child when they become adults are thought to mimic actual incest, although to a lesser degree."

Do you even read these threads? People have been saying that for a while.
Ctrl+f "emotional incest"

No. 232626


From wikipedia:
Covert incest was defined in the 1980s[3] as an emotionally abusive[4] relationship between a parent (or stepparent) and child that does not involve incest or sexual intercourse, though it involves similar interpersonal dynamics as a relationship between sexual partners.[3][5][6] Covert incest occurs when a parent is unable or unwilling to maintain a relationship with another adult and forces the emotional role of a spouse onto their child instead.[4] The child's needs are ignored and instead the relationship exists solely to meet the needs of the parent[1][7] and the adult may not be aware of the issues created by their actions.[8]

Problems between parents often facilitate covert incest; as the parents distance themselves from each other both physically and emotionally, one parent may begin focusing on their child. The child becomes the surrogate partner and source of emotional support for the parent.[9]

The effects of covert incest are thought to mimic actual incest though to a lesser degree,[2] and Kenneth Adams, who originated the concept, describes the victims as having anger or guilt towards parents and issues with self-esteem, addiction and sexual and emotional intimacy.[10]

Emotional incest from either parent is devastating to the child's ability to be able to set boundaries and take care of getting their own needs met when they become an adult. This type of abuse, when inflicted by the opposite sex parent, can have a devastating effect on the adult/child's relationship with his/her own sexuality and gender, and their ability to have successful intimate relationships as an adult.[1]

No. 232627

Yes, especially for a small dog. But really, it could have just been a dislocation or had a small fracture.

No. 232628

Probably all farmers wanting fresh milk from the udder.

No. 232630

This picture made me tear up a bit. shine on venus!

No. 232631


Thanks to her naked ass pic Mayo now has a legion of neckbeard followers, including that loser Keem dude.

No. 232633

Kinda off topic but I've read a story on le reddit of some guy accidentally stepping on a small chihuahua dog (he didn't see it)which killed it. Made me feel bad for the guy because obviously he didn't intend it and was super upset over it, but also scared of just how fragile small dogs really are. Margo using Venus' accident with the dog as a guilt trip is just horrible, especially since Venus didn't kill it and the dog recovered.

No. 232636


Venus is completely blameless, she was a child, and a tiny child in one case. Margo was the adult in that household and responsible for the animals' welfare. Someone should set the record straight and set that neckbeard wanker and his army of fucktards on Margo.

No. 232637

It's laughable when really the worst that she can say about Venus is that shit. I mean she could have really gone for it and invent something believable and disturbing.
But nope. I don't get it.

No. 232638

Oh shit. Thank you, gonna be more careful around dogs now. Do you know by any chance if it is also possible with cats? Im fucking terrified now cuz my cats always get to high places and then jump down.