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File: 1454876780963.png (979.75 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 232782

Previous thread: >>231331

No. 232783

File: 1454876829106.png (233.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 232784

I wanna kick that jackass that left that long demented comment on her photo in the face. I'm reporting him for bullying since that shit is out of hand.

Nice to see what GREAT help that dumb bitch was for tweeting a PULL thread to Keemstar of all people. Christ.

No. 232785

File: 1454876876305.png (230.64 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

How long does it take this guy to write these comments?

No. 232786

…I don't think this dumbass even knows what half the word he says even mean, wtf.

No. 232788

Isn't that just some copy-pasta everyone from 11-16 finds incredibly funny and witty?

No. 232789

No. 232791

An edgy ugly kid with an abnormally small head. That explains everything.

No. 232793

I'm so tempted to leave that kid some hate comments

No. 232794

I'd leave him his own copypasta if I wasn't so lazy

No. 232795

Well the do and stop clogging up the thread.

No. 232798

Just spent like 30s mins looking through her comments, reporting any 'kill yourself' comments.
I feel like some kind of wota.

Want to place bets on how much longer Margo will stay raging in Japan for?

No. 232800

Everyone just report that guys account.

No. 232801

i also reported all bad comments threatening her.

And honestly, I cant wait to see what shit her mother is about to post next tbh hah. I wonder, usually when you travel in Asia you got to fill out when you leave as well as where you're staying. So can she even get in without a return ticket?

No. 232804

My bet is probably another 3 days since security is probably already suspect of the homeless hag witch hanging around. By then she'll probably be even more unhinged.

No. 232812

Regarding people being worried about Margo wanting to delete her YouTube…couldn't Venus just go to YouTube Space Tokyo to get her knocked out of her account?

No. 232813

That's what I was thinking. It's night where she is now, but come Monday morning venus can go to the YouTube Tokyo space and see if she can't get the situation straightened out. Although that might not be how she wants to spend her birthday.

No. 232815


Can YouTube Tokyo space even do that?

No. 232816

Jesus christ she's just like my mother. I feel so bad for venus :( I used to not like her but now I wish I could reach out and talk to her. I've been in a similar situation to her. Is there anything I can do to help venus?

No. 232817

Maybe report the people who harass her on Insta/YouTube? IDK..

No. 232821

Report people harassing her is the only thing we can do right now,

No. 232836

No. 232837

File: 1454882808860.png (202.33 KB, 326x438, title21322436.png)

reposting my masteripinpiece

No. 232899

kawaii nightmare fuel

No. 232907

>naked Margo


No. 232911

off-topic, but Venus just looks SO much better in the Instagram pictures that look more un-edited.
The top and middle right ones.

No. 232913

File: 1454890047730.jpeg (37.16 KB, 640x480, hjh-73145020656.jpeg)

That's because if she showed even one flaw then it would make Margo look bad.
Without shop and caked on makeup she's quite cute. With shop she looks like a blurry flat-faced alien baby.

No. 232914

File: 1454890095180.jpg (24.62 KB, 623x590, 255267-venus-angelic.jpg)

sage 4 double post

No. 232917

that hair color is horrible on her but she does have a nice face. She looks cuter now then when she got popular imo.

No. 232926

File: 1454891215038.jpg (24.11 KB, 300x250, qt.jpg)

She looks adorable here. Excessive Photoshop and makeup ruin her kawaiiness indeed.

Also INB4 "Now suddenly everyone thinks she's pretty but y'all hated how she looked before."
I always thought she's cute, just didn't appreciate the overboard editing.

No. 232927


damn, that's venus? She's actually pretty cute. Her older pics and cake face had me fooled.

No. 232929

File: 1454891745510.png (1.3 MB, 1099x501, Penus-chan.png)

Yep, me too.

Found these two pictures. They are probably edited to some extent but she looks good on them, at least IMO. I really prefer her more natural look over the ~dolly~ one.

No. 232931

I was reporting comments on her YT and I hope she just ignores them. Just imagine you have an army of retarded 13yo morons telling you to kill yourself because your own mother made up shit to make you look like a psycopath…Seriously, margo is not just crazy, she's evil.

No. 232932

She is actually pretty cute. I hope everything works out for her. She has a gargoyle of a mother and I want Venus to escape her clutches and actually grow up into a young woman. She should drop the kawaii ugguu crap too.

No. 232933

I'm tempted to draw this whole thing as a Disney Movie cover, because this is like an exact Disney Love story.

No. 232934

I like the picture on the left, I think that style suits her better. She looks her age.

No. 232935

It is pretty save to say that Margo controlled most of what she wore. Remember how "she" suddenly wannounced she would change into "pinup fashion" when her CD fundraiser got made? Pretty sure that was Margo's work.

No. 232938

I actually think that she acts more mature in her last videos. Yeah, she still pulls a bit the kawaii act, but i don't feel so annoyed about the way she talks/acts. Idk, she kind of looks more like her true self, if that makes any sense.

No. 232939

I don't think anyone here thinks she's ugly. Everyone agrees she doesn't know how to do her makeup though.
Which is fine, IMO she doesn't need it.

No. 232940

Re: that so-called pic of "Venus" in bed with another man (conveniently taken from the back)

That is definitely Margot. Speaking from experience, I was raised by a crazy cunt like her, and it turns you into a prude out of necessity. I had no privacy, and was really repressed sexually. I didn't have sex until I was 23, and married the guy. I'm okay now, and with the support of my husband broke off all contact with my abusive mother.

There's no way Venus would have slept with on of Margot's Johns, that only happened in Margo's sick, twisted mind. It is quite possible that Margo's scummy boyfriends sexually harassed Venus from a young age, and that Margo either ignored it or told Venus to take it as a compliment. Or attacked her for "seducing" her BFs.

There isn't so low that sick NPD/BPD afflicted shitstain like Margo won't go.

No. 232941

I've always thought venus was a creepy anus mouthed runt.
But is that the most bizarre thing here?
What I cant wrap my mind around is the fact that her mother is airing out all their fucking dirty laundry over INSTAGRAM.

If this were to happen to me, this is something that happens behind closed doors. Through texts, phone calls; who in their right MIND would carry on a civil or non-civil conversation, about legal documents and marital status OVER A PUBLIC PLATFORM. It just blows my fucking mind to spaghetti. I can't believe it. The way Margo keeps hashtagging and calling out Venus, like the whole @venusangelic thing each time she mentions her name; does she really think Venus will see that? It's these little things that are starting to bother me a lot.

But seriously. I can't believe these people exist.

No. 232943


She actually looks beautiful in the left picture!

No. 232946

She really is very pretty, and I'm sorry to say this but the weight loss suits her features very well. She should gain because she's too skinny right now, but the "baby fat" on her cheeks before made her pretty doughy.

No. 232947

File: 1454897397432.png (75.47 KB, 1045x708, bbbrbbb.png)

top kek what a winner

No. 232948

Same. I like her face shape and features in the same way I like devon aoki and lily cole's features, but the reason why I and many people love their photos are because they're not overprocessed messes. Venus is going to gain a lot by letting manaki take pics.

No. 232949

Lol. Nice job, fam. We got him to apologize to her on Instagram, too.

No. 232954

No. 232955

But.. but… Margo HAS to post a nude on instagram. Don't you see? It's the only way she can get Venus to understand.


No. 232962

As an artist, I really want to rip into his art and tear him to shreds. I really, REALLY want to make him feel bad and insignificant and smash his little ego in two, just to show him how it feels when someone is mean for no reason.

I mean, the art he has drawn in that video made one of the characters look like a caricature of the lovechild of a xenomorph and the fucking joker.

No. 232963

File: 1454900215542.jpeg (65.59 KB, 1264x330, image.jpeg)

Here you go.

I did a copy pasta of his shitty hate filled essay to Venus on his YouTube video and he deleted it along with other people's comments. I think he understand how he made Venus feel. I take it he doesn't like to be on the receiving end.

No. 232964

This is good, but he won't copy-paste apology essays everywhere.

I fear the damage has been done permanently. If Venus were to appear in any other YTer's video even, there will be a stream of these fuckwits commenting… for how long?

No. 232965

>that chicken scratch
>that hand hiding
>that awful fanart for an awful fandom

I'm cautious about the sudden love for penus vaj but rofl. this kid could become a lolcow on his own

No. 232967

this isnt the same person with the army of 13 year old boys that posted the 'news' video. this is just some shithead kid that posted a bunch of essay comments.

No. 232969


I wish someone would goad this trollop into posting more nude pics, and repost them to a Korean prostitute board.

No. 232971

I fapped to the margo pic

Im sorry everyone

No. 232972

You should be.

No. 232973


No. 232976

File: 1454901752188.jpg (107.07 KB, 960x720, 3ft0Xjc.jpg)

No. 232979

File: 1454901846380.gif (989.51 KB, 500x335, ew.gif)

No. 232980


But you put a bag over her hairline and nose, right, farmer?

No. 232981

Can someone give me a recap of what's going on with Venus, Margi, and Manaki? Haven't been around in a while and last I heard Venus was and then wasn't married to Manaki?

No. 232982

I just wanna say this here that i'm proud of y'all.. i'm just gonna sound sappy and gross. But to see how a shitload of people who are called "haters" to be on forums like this all together stand up for Venus now, after all she's going through and go as far as protect her from further harm on the internet, that makes me feel like morals and humanity does in fact exists, also on this part of the internet.

No. 232984

I'm sorry guys, I broke the rules and went ham on that kid.
sage bc personal blog post

No. 232985

File: 1454902339539.jpg (6.88 KB, 140x140, heinikay_1418629584_140.jpg)

At least you can apologise. There won't be one coming from Heinikay for starting this whole shitstorm in the first place.

>#fatinfinland #recoverywin

No. 232987


1. Venus wants to stay married to Manaki in spite of Margo's emotional incest abuse

2. With Manaki's support, Venus smartly waits for Mayo to leave for school, and makes a run for it!

3. She and Manaki fly back to Japan, to live happily ever after.

4. Mayo isn't having it, chimps out, posts ugly slander about Venus to make sure people will post death threats.

5. Mayo flies to Japan, tries to abduct Venus, Venus tears loose and again makes a run for it with Manaki. Dem Romeo & Juliet vibes.

6. Mayo chimps out harder, bothers security, shop keepers, and even the police. Posts nude pic, because hey, why not?

7. Tries to find muh swarovski stones, but the police are having fun with her and give her the wrong address? Or she's just too retarded to find it.

8. Youtube manchild neckbeard basement dweller finds margo's slander, takes it at face value, sends his army of thirteen year old compulsive masturbaters to threaten her with death.

So far, so good.

No. 232988

she deleted every account under that name. except her youtube. coward.

No. 232989


to threaten Venus with death, due to Margot saying that because Venus' pets died/got injured while Venus was a tiny kid, Venus is a "pet abuser".

No. 232990


Forgot to add that Margo is still doing a Tom Hanks at the airport, but more inappropriately and perversely.

No. 232991

Do we know she's still there?

No. 232993

File: 1454902875566.jpg (6.26 KB, 221x228, download.jpg)

Can't get enough of this milk tbh

No. 232994

File: 1454902944567.gif (1.73 MB, 1000x625, 24e2acbd-d096-4103-9775-09ad06…)

No. 232995


No. It's noon in Japan, so who knows what she's up to. Frankly, I'm scared and worried, hope Venus & Manaki stay smart and classy as they've been so far, and have a good support system to protect them from this harpy.

If the Japanese media get a hold of Margo's nude pic it might turn into a shitstorm that gets her kicked out of the country. We can only hope. What are Venus' Japanese fans saying about all this?

No. 232996


I could write a Disney script based on this. Margo is such an ugly dragon.

No. 232997

Margo probably got into a gift-wrapped box and is waiting on Venus' doorstep since it's her birthday.

No. 232998

Im just surprised that margo can hold a grudge over what her 3 year old toddler did. Which was night terror crying. I barely remember anything from my childhood. But to be blamed over the death of a pet 16 years later… margo really never forgets huh?

That's just disturbing.

No. 232999

It's not unusual in some cultures. There are people whose parents expect to take a cut of their paycheck and live in their adult children's houses as "payment" for raising them. There are a lot of posts in r/relationships about it, actually.

No. 233000


anon is shocked that Margo is petty enough to hold a 3 year old venus accountable for killing a hamster, not about how she thinks she should live off venus

No. 233003

Is left seriously her? She looks gorgeous! I feel like left is how she actually wants to dress but Margo forces her to keep up the kawaii uguu act.

No. 233004

My point was more that there are parents who keep score and exact payment later (money, making kid feel ashamed, etc). Whatever, I'm not getting into an argument on an imageboard.

No. 233005


I think Venus will grow into a sensible young woman with decent fashion sense if she can develop away from margo. But she'll also need some downtime to emotionally digest this whole clusterfuck, Margo trying to guilt-trip her in this berserk way can't be easy.

No. 233006

I gotta say, I'm pretty proud, too. We're a good little group, you know that? I like that we're capable of sympathy and morals. Chans often lack that sort of thing.

No. 233020

File: 1454905251597.png (555.6 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Why are they so fucking dumb?

No. 233021

Pull isn't known for being smart and logical

No. 233023


Inhaling too much contouring powder?

If this was a coordinated thing, Margo would be writing Venus' posts. Venus has made only three since this whole thing started, and they were very calm and mature, not Margo's style at all. We can finally see they are two very different people. Margo is crazy, old, and over the hill. Venus, if she sticks to her guns, has her entire life before her.

No. 233024

I should be doing coursework but goddamn this is the most engaging story I've seen on lolcow in months.

No. 233025

Could we please start each thread with a quick summary of what's been happening lately like we used to? Things are moving super fast right now and I don't think I'm the only one having trouble keeping up

No. 233026

But even most people on PULL disagree on this one

No. 233029


Ya, we've kind of let them have their little dreams that all of this is fake even though it clearly is real.

No. 233030

>cant make threads anymore because im a wagecuck now

No. 233032

if she stuck with the style in the left photo, I could definitely see her breaking into modeling in Japan. Nothing overly cutesy, but more on the hip/stylish side.

No. 233033

I'm also having a little bit of trouble keeping up with the 3 1200 post threads that have happened in the past four days.

No. 233036

it's great when people say she has a nice body, because my body is nicer.

sage for ot

No. 233037

this whole drama is crazy, i don't think this was planned but i am sure we don't know EVERYTHING, some guys here sound so cringe worthy saying u want to send gifts and money to her… seriously?? we are humans and that's why feel empathy but don't overreact lol
acting lile Venus is almost an angel is r i d i c u l o u s

sorry i speak spanish*

No. 233038

Holy shit anon. Probably true which is scary.

No. 233040

They've been relatively quiet recently… I wonder what's going on.

No. 233041

The hamster could have died for any reason. Margo probably just told her this story.

No. 233042

Margo commented on Venus latest instagram post..I already thought she dead. But i guess not

No. 233043

File: 1454907008363.gif (975.31 KB, 447x285, cholo 2000.gif)


>sorry i speak spanish

That explains it. You haven't read everything that went down, have you?

No. 233044

What the fuck? Who in the hell is saying that here? Because I'm not finding them.

No. 233045

No. 233047

Also, Margo wouldn't not have been commenting so furiously.

What scares me is nothing from her today.

No. 233048

File: 1454907186274.png (45.19 KB, 302x172, margo.png)

No. 233050

Hamsters can be difficult to raise and are prone to just dropping dead randomly. they are rodents and can get a whole variety of different ailments. Dwarf hamsters are incredibly prone to cancerous tumors for example.

Unless Venus threw the thing out a highrise window, put it in the oven, or threw it in the toilet, etc. I would not blame her for it's death.

No. 233051

File: 1454907287030.png (27.23 KB, 282x333, margo.png)

This screenie is taken from Margo's Meikyu insta post. I can't find anything recent on Venus' latest insta picture like the other anon said.

No. 233052

File: 1454907331707.gif (935.99 KB, 245x201, kill tom.gif)


She is such a vile piece of shit. What is she trying to do? Make it seem as if Venus had the makings of a serial killer from a young age.

No. 233054

also, I cannot believe Margo is blaming her for accidentally dropping the dog. This is VERY common and happens all of the time. Small children and dogs can get into all sorts of accidents.

Even as an adult, I've almost dropped my dog on several occasions.

No. 233055


Ya, hamsters can be quite odd life wise. I remember I had a hamster when I was little that only lived a few months and it was taken care of very well and my sister had one when she was little and it lived 2 years. I guess it just depends how healthy the hamster was when you get it to begin with.

No. 233056

Jake is an idiot. He was accusing Venus of being an animal abuser on her Instagram and now he's asking Margo if it's true? Shouldn't her nude photo be proof that that bitch is insane and can't be taken seriously???

No. 233059


Absolutely true. I stopped going over to a friend to play when we were about ten. She was only ten but was about to have a nervous breakdown. She had lost three hamsters because someone kept leaving doors open, and if the hamsters caught a cold from a draft that close to the floor, they'd die within days.

I kept getting told to close doors even when I did, and got paranoid myself of being accused of killing her goddamn hamsters. I wonder why her parents kept getting her new ones too, instead of getting her a pet that doesn't die from a gentle cool breeze. I guess they were trying to teach her a lesson that living things die when not properly taken care off, but they were hammering it in a bit too hard and she was turning into a wee nutcase blaming herself.

No. 233060

File: 1454907549584.jpg (90.17 KB, 500x500, cute14.jpg)

dead animal stories general

No. 233062


No. 233063


I've dropped my kid on one occasion. Still a better mom than Margo.

No. 233064

Also Venus was a child, so it's a parental supervision issue actually.

No. 233065


This. Margo killed those pets by irresponsibly letting a small child handle them. The deviant cunt.

No. 233066


This reminds me of unfriending a drama queen because every few months she posted for a week about the life-altering tragedy of a rat dying.

Sage for OT.

No. 233067

I feel your rage, but only the hamster died. The dog got a broken leg but lives on.

No. 233068

Today being Venus' birthday scares the shit out of me, like Margo might go the extra mile to be a psycho cunt because of the special day. Hope Venus is in hiding.

No. 233069

I feel like all those with insta accounts should take a photo of cute or birthday related things and tag them #happybirthdayvenus and let her know of the tag via dm

No. 233071


I think that would be better, trying to drown out the hate comments on her video is too much and it's already taken over the top comments.

No. 233072


She's at "Japanese friends", some poor suckers who took pity on the aging weeb. She'll reveal her insanity and wear out her welcome soon enough.

No. 233073

I can't believe how stupid Keemstar's followers are to actually BELIEVE FUCKING MARGARET. If I wanted to raise an army to fight in a war to die, I'll get some 12 year old boys since they're dumb as fuck and don't question anything logical

No. 233074

File: 1454908559915.png (728.01 KB, 750x1334, Margareto Palermo porn star.pn…)

For everyone who just got here and has trouble keeping up with the earlier threads: Margaret's Airport Nude Selfie. One for the ages.

No. 233076

lol the gif
yeah i read the whole stuff since the begging ¿?

yeah in past posts ppl saying that kinda stuff i was like what ? someone saying she should have mm something like an address? or whatever to send her letter and gifs LOL… and someone saying wish i was rich so i could give her money LOL wtf

margo is fucking nuts but venus is NOT an angel, im not defending one or another just saying e.e some people need to calm down with the messianic feels meh

No. 233077

damn autocorrect

No. 233078

For fucks sake who does this shit! She doesn't know where her kid is, she's living in an airport and just decideds to post a nude selfie of herself. at an airport.

No. 233079

Seems like she doesn't plan on getting a job lol

No. 233080

Could you give a more in-depth summary? This raises more questions than it answers

No. 233081

She still plans on living off of Venus somehow, of course.

No. 233082


>venus is NOT an angel

No one said she is, and why should she have to be for us to pick her side? This is lolcow, not a catholic church. Besides, she doesn't seem to need help, she's probably fine with Manaki and his parents.

But if she needed help, why is it wrong for us to offer when we can clearly see Margo is a dangerous lunatic?

No. 233083

File: 1454909391862.gif (986.1 KB, 500x282, put on a bathing suit.gif)


We were all flabbergasted too, farmer. We saw this go down live and don't understand either why a mother looking for her daughter would post a nude selfie.

No. 233084

This is a case when it's worth reading the previous thread, maybe even the one before that. There's so much to see!

No. 233085

Basically, she lost her mind and thinks that by posting a nude selfie, Venus will want to get in touch with her. Lmao

No. 233086

I'll be sure to do this tomorrow. I hope she can still have a good birthday.

No. 233087

Did you read >>232987 ?
Before No.1, Margo and Venus had been staying in South Korea and attended a language school there. Only Venus finished the program and got a certificate right before the day she left for Japan.

No. 233088

" a friend" yeah right.

Margo probably payed a taxi driver to bring her to a hotel and decided for herself that he's her friend nau.

Margo: "Ur my tomodachi desu"
Taxi driver: 'that woman is crazy better just smile and nod so she won't do anything drastic.' smiles and nods

No. 233089


Yes, good for Venus. Were they in the same program? Did Venus finish before Margo?

No. 233090

anon, there is like…no justification. it literally is a nude.

but anyway: venus is in japan, margo was in korea. so margo goes to japan, to the japanese airport to meet with venus. venus meets margo but quickly escapes her. margo for some reason doesn't get a hotel, she just stays at the airport complaining that venus won't let her stay in her home with her and manaki. so margo posts a naked picture of herself to "prove" that she's living at the airport (for like 3 days) and that she even has to shower there. it's supposed to be like a "oh woe is me i'm so poor i shower at the airport :( they won't let me in their house and give me m-muh belongings so i stay at the airport :( "

No. 233091

this is starting to look like pull full of love and good intentions

No. 233096

File: 1454910586188.gif (897.76 KB, 400x392, margot.gif)

You're welcome, everybody.

No. 233097

the cigar. it fits perfectly.

No. 233098


Old, but this bitch is just as crazy as Margo telling by all her posts.

No. 233103

this is such a ridiculous theory. if this whole saga was fake why would margo be so willing to take on the role of an apparent abuser? she's made herself look like a complete lunatic, i honestly can't imagine someone doing that for funsies, but i'm not insane so there you go.

No. 233104

>tfw you found his mother and sent her screencaps of his comments
Probably why he apologised lel

No. 233105

File: 1454913881362.png (436.69 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Holy shit what a cunt

No. 233106

Holy crap no way. Are faggots gonna keep defending her after this???

No. 233107

Crap on a spatula that is fucking ruthless.

No. 233108

Holyfuck, she's having a legit mental breakdown

No. 233109

is she saying "stupid shit" about the situation or literally calling her daughter a "stupid shit"? either way wow holy shit what a way to go. i seriously hope one of margo's whiteknighting stans (if there even are any now) messages her and gets "adopted" by her and whored out for YT dollars. i wanna see how these people who think margo is normal would feel actually being in venus' position

No. 233110

nice job, anon.

No. 233111

Bitch knows what she's doing saying this on Venus's birthday too. Fucking terrible.

No. 233112

margo is disgusting.

No. 233113

File: 1454914445204.gif (990.06 KB, 500x279, reckless hiro.gif)


She went there, the nuclear option!

No. 233114

File: 1454914470078.jpg (16.39 KB, 720x130, IMG_20160208_075333.jpg)

This person told her to go to the river

No. 233115

I'm shocked she responded tbh

No. 233116

She belongs in the fucking river.

No. 233117

Remember that there have constantly been people in these threads fantasizing "I wish I could rescue venus from her mom and show her the world aaaaaa" so people putting her on a pedestal is nothing new. It's just that they're all rejoicing because someone finally did the great heroic rescue job and they get to live out their fantasy trough him. But people being so supportive of Venus - just not her mom - is definitely nothing new.

No. 233118

File: 1454914746775.gif (974.34 KB, 500x240, don't cry.gif)


My god, what a comedy of errors.

I hope Venus doesn't let it get to her.

No. 233119


Same here. Nobody deserves to hear that from a parent. I thought Margo was batshit before, but this is just upsetting.

No. 233120

Hallo Nederlandse boer!

No. 233121


Oh nee..

No. 233122

File: 1454915037187.jpg (42.67 KB, 564x845, 7ce4b13fe2a8f8328e127994d152e7…)


I was also an accident and my BPD mother reminded me all my life that I ruined her life by being born.

I am getting so much life from the likes of Margo getting her comeuppance.

No. 233123

>LOL wtf

Leave, PULLtard.

No. 233124


Ja hoor! Is Margo geld schuldig aan de overheid in Nederland?

No. 233125

Die economische crisis? Margo dus.

No. 233126

My mother (has BDP) said it once. I have tried not to worry about it too much but despite that I don't forget it. She's done worse.

saged for personal blog

No. 233129


Do you mean Tangled, anon?

No. 233130

File: 1454916006147.gif (4.39 MB, 550x309, oprah.gif)


We can only hope that this public cutting of the umbilical gives others in the same situation the courage to cut off their toxic mothers.

No. 233132


Something like that. Malificent came to mind, but in her newest incarnation she's just a misunderstood old lesbian betrayed by the patriarchy.

No. 233133

well that's true!

but wow saying that to her daughter.. shes completely nuts now

No. 233134

Oh my god… Ok, this went too far. This bitch is fucking crazy and needs to be stopped. Like seriously, poor Venus. I wish I could hug her.

No. 233135

This triggered me pretty deeply as I've heard it from my own mom. I knew it was coming. What a pathetic sack of shit Margo is.

Sage for another "my mom" post.

No. 233136

meh is there a dictionary of therms i can use on here?

No. 233137


Probably margo thought it was a poetic analogy of how naked and vulnerable she is now that her cash cow is gone

No. 233138


Venus didn't forced you to open your legs and get pregnant margo, stfu.

No. 233139

Ok so why is Margo "accidentally homeless?". Did she pack up and move out of her new Korea flat before this mission to Japan?

No. 233140


Everything that ever happened to Margo is Venus' fault, especially the things Margo does to herself, and including the stupid shit Margo did before Venus was born.

Pretty par for the course accusation coming from someone who is a narcissist/borderline. Normal people will just think, what the fuck? But for the kids of these crazy bitches this is all day, every day.

No. 233141

Hooooooly shit. Is there any way to get the authorities involved? Bitch needs to be committed/deported.

No. 233142

According to Margo herself she is not in any way shape or form homeless. She said that she has a few days off from school, and she was able to prolong her Visa in Korea, so everything there should still be OK. She also claimed a Japanese friend of hers picked her up and lets her stay at their place.
She's contradicting herself to get more pity. Either her super kawaii japaroo "friends" don't give a shit about her or she really does not have a place right now because of her own stupid impulse decisions. Either way Margo fails.

No. 233143


True, but there is not a single lie she won't tell in a moronic bid to try and make Venus look bad. And there will be idiots on IG who actually believe her vague, and completely wrong, accusations.

No. 233145

Yeah small kids holding animals when not supervised is a big no no. My cat was almost strangled to death by accident because my little sister was too small to hold it properly.

No. 233146


Shit… after seeing this I don't really want milk from Margo anymore. This is way too much, NOBODY should say that to their daughter. I feel terrible for Venus. I just want Margo to idk go back to Europe quietly or something.

No. 233147

Kek you're doing a good job anon.

No. 233148

Yesterday there was a pidgeon outside my house, it was alive when I left the house, but dead when I came back home. I kekked.

No. 233149

Yeah well it's the internet. Some people here believe you can be 600 lbs and still healthy, kek. Venus will probably need YouTube to keep herself afloat until she has her shit together and can get a normal job, but her best long-term plan would probably be disappearing from the internet or keeping a low profile. As long as she has such a strong online presence she will always be subjected to her mother's insanity.

No. 233150

I feel so sorry for Venus. Like, we all know Marg is crazy, but… like look what she just said to her, on INSTAGRAM. Could you imagine the other things she's said or done to her over time? Poor Venus, this makes it even better that she's finally escaped that hell. I truly, truly hope she puts herself in the river. I can't imagine why human filth like Marg is allowed to roam the earth.

No. 233151

fuck my mom said a similar thing once to me out of impulse anger years ago and it still hurts me. i hope venus don't read this, i really do.

No. 233152


Exactly, which is why it was Margo's responsibility to check if the hamster/dog would be safe with Venus. Someone almost strangled my cat by some kid and I quickly stopped it from happening, then never left my cat alone with him. If she was killed by the kid I would have fully blamed myself for not supervising them correctly.

No. 233153


Sorry for double post but I meant to put one time instead of someone.

No. 233154

Wow, I'm semi following this whole saga but christ almighty that woman is terrible. I hope Venus stays the fuck away and grows up normal.

No. 233155


Just ouch.

No. 233156

With this Keemstar garbage that has happened, any video she posts will get overrun by misinformed haters. Sure, there's still views in that so I guess she can still earn, but it also has the potential to fuck Venus' YT career up.

Look what you've done Margo - you've bitten the hand that feeds you.

No. 233157

For the first time in forever, I wish bad things would happen to someone and it's Maggot. She deserves it for saying this to her daughter ON PUBLIC alone, and more from isolating Venus and mooch off her popularity and money. It's just crossing the line ffs. Congratz Maggot, you just outed yourself as the most terrible mother to the world.

No. 233158

Venus clearly still loves her mother, she hasn't said anything to hurt her as she is probably hoping to rekindle some form of relationship with her eventually. You are ruining your relationship with your daughter to the point it is completely dead, Margret you fucking horrible, ugly, uneducated fretard.

Imagine what Margo has said to Venus behind closed doors? She probably tortured Venus with these stories about the hamster every time she was naughty. She probably mocked her to her crying face.

Don't ever see her again Venus. This is not a mother, this is an evil subhuman who will never change. No psychologist or medication or therapy can help her. Let her live her hate filled selfish life alone. Your success on your own is what is important now, Venus!

No. 233159

I have no need i am already a richfag and i can burn my money were i want to.
Why are so many bitches panicking over the fact people would donate to Venus?
It's not like otherwise we'd donate to you pulltards

No. 233160

Tbh even if Venus would loose her YouTube she sure could earn a shitton of money with writting a book about all of this.

No. 233161

Is today Venus' birthday?

No. 233162

Why would take somebody some newfag troll with only 20 posts serious anyways.

No. 233163

True, but she also has the potential to gain an insane amount of new subscribers just because so many people who used to think she was just an embarrassing weeb pity her and support her now, and because she is back in Japan/able to make videos with Mana-Tan. People used to love that shit. Look at how many views these videos have compared to her other ones made in the same time frame. The thirteen year-olds are dangerous because Venus is already going through hell and reading so much negative shit is not going to help all that much. At least Marg is doing a fine job pouring gasoline on the bridge she just set on fire, so they probably won't be able to guilt trip her into going back to her abuser.
Tl;dr: The 13 year-olds will get tired of Venus as soon as DJ Cuumstar fucks over someone else - just like the ones who came before them who used to spam TEAM SPRINGROLL or y u so shitty to Anastasya.

No. 233164

No. 233165


it is.

I know lolcow doesn't really have enough of a user base to get something to trend on twitter but should we start a hashtag for her?

#happybithdayvenus or something.

It might cheer her up.

No. 233166

Honestly, I hope she isnt on the internet today, I hope Manaki took her somewhere nice and fun. Maybe Disneyland.

No. 233168

Nice idea op. But margo has control over her twitter acc. She already deleted the bio and the last post. Maybe on ig?

No. 233169

And she unfollowed manaki on twitter. It is def margo

No. 233170

Omg… wow.

No. 233172

His acc isnt private. So she can still stalk him.

No. 233173

File: 1454922601524.jpg (17.3 KB, 650x365, Alltimelow.jpg)

Great going, margo. I hope you die.

No. 233175

I left a few positive comments on Venus's instagram, I urge everyone else to do the same as well. Let's drown out Margo and the retarded 13-yr olds with positivity. God know Venus needs it right now.

No. 233177

I want to stab Margo in the forehead right now. And burn the 13 year old mouth breathers too.

No. 233179

>you just looked emotionless
What the hell magro??? Are you implying that your kid is a psycopath since an early age just because she wasn't crying? Bitch, if a kid doesn't cry after something like this maybe is because she's shocked and doesn't know how to handke her feelings (probably bc handle your feelings with a mother like you is a fucking nightmare).
Fucking evil cunt.

No. 233180

it's working.

No. 233181


I don't have an IG yet but this is as good a time as any to make one.

No. 233183

Been doing this for a few days now. Also been shitting all over margo's ig. Really surprised she hasn't blocked my ass yet!

No. 233187

Maybe she's planning on using you as "evidence" that Venus has been sending people to bully her online.

No. 233188


at least we have evidence that Margo is bullying Venus online. And a nude…

No. 233189


Could be she cant block everyone and its hard to deal with internet drama when she's "homeless". Could be she likes the attention. Could be it gives her supporters a chance to go "Why are you beimg mean to Poor Margo? Poor Margo"

No. 233191

File: 1454927550602.jpg (124.43 KB, 1080x1080, 12135425_1638958023032075_3279…)


Pretty sure she's projecting her own personality an disorders onto Venus, Margo's the psycho one here.

No. 233192

She can go right ahead. I've been rather civil with my choice of words though.

No. 233193


I TAKE IT ALL BACK I'm no longer sympathetic about margo, she deserves this crap. Bitch your child shouldn't be making you homeless, grow up and get your own life.

No. 233194

Anon noooo

No. 233196

Is even really homeless?
She said she was only visiting Japan for a few days so she should still have her place in Korea. Yeah, she was living in the airport for a few days, but didnt she choose to do that?

No. 233197

She's not fucking homeless.
She originally said she has a few days off school to go give Venus her things and see her for her birthday.
Then she said she was living in the airport.
Then she said some 'friends' were coming to pick her up so she could stay with them.
Now she claims to be homeless.
Bitch no, you have a home back in KOREA.

No. 233198

Good he's a cunt.

No. 233199

Oh and she expected to stay with Venus and Manaki while in Japan. So no she didn't exactly 'choose' to live at the airport, but she should've had a backup plan after the things she said about Venus.. why would they let her stay with them.

She'd probably stab Manaki while he was sleeping.

No. 233200

She's homeless if she's making all her money off venus ya

No. 233202

Lol, maybe her friends let her stay with them but then when they found our how she's been acting the last few days; they kicked her ass out.

No. 233203

I think venus does like cute stuff, but margo wants her to do the living doll thing more

Also what if margo becomes a hostess in japan? With her bod she could

No. 233204

There was no argument? You're just talking about something anon wasn't talking about? R u ok?

No. 233205

I think it's because as much as we like to rip on venus she's OUR cow, who we followed for years, and now these people who don't know anything about her are making sweeping statements ugh.

I think venus might stop being a cow after this a la star ultranova (?)

No. 233206

yes lets all pat ourselves on the backs and jerk each other off :^)

No. 233207

Hmmmm what if they're right ? What if this is just a huge publicity stunt?

No. 233209

I agree lets do that.

No. 233210

Not with her face though.

No. 233211

Then why would Margo intentionally make herself look like the villain here though? If it was a publicity stunt I bet they would paint themselves as the victims and Manaki as the bad guy. After all, Margo believes she can do no wrong.

No. 233212

No way. Yes, Venus might get a lot of sympathy-followers out of this because she's the poor girl who left her abusive mother behind, but for this to work, Marg would have to be out of the picture/play the bad guy. She would never do that voluntarily because she's a narcissist, ergo she needs constant attention and never sees herself in the wrong.

Really PULLtards, is it so hard to believe Venus is done with this shit?

No. 233214

I hope one of the farmers picked her up

No. 233215


I hope you do know that the very large majority of PULL thinks that it's not a stunt. Only like 2-3 people on PULL thinks it's a stunt.

No. 233216

Agreed. If your three year old goddamn murders their baby sister you go to prison, not the three year old. It's your fault for not supervising a toddler and letting them use knives, microwaves or whatever else.

Same logic applies for hamsters, even if she put the goddam thing in a microwave. Is margo retarded ?

No. 233217


Who cares. If you think this is a stunt you're retarded. End of story.

No. 233218

Seriously guys, most of us were "accidents". I'm really sorry your mothers said this to you, I can't imagine what it feels like.

But try to think of this way: Not that many of us were probably on purpose either, it just depends on who decides to admit it or not.

I was the 3rd and last child, it's pretty safe to say based on my relationship with my mom that I felt like an accident/mistake.

Of course she never SAID it, but I know I was not on purpose.

Hang in there, anons.

No. 233219


And I agree, anyone who takes Margo's side and/or believes it's a stunt is an idiot.

No. 233220

Report keenstars video everyone! Let that attention whore have a taste of justice!

No. 233221


That's the problem. YouTube's system is broken and they're not going to take it down.

No. 233222

They will if you claim copyright.

No. 233223

How is sending her stuff treating her like an angel? People send ashley the skeleton stuff all the time

No. 233224


I thought Venus could only claim copyright for it?

No. 233225

This is Margaret's father, there are pics of her mother and half sister.

No. 233226

Holy shit anon, how did you even find this? Through Margos?

No. 233227

One of the pics even has them tacked on, I guess that's the family they don't talk to.

No. 233228

Wtf? Even if some people are "accidents" it's not ok from parents to tell this to their kids, it's selfish and vicious and those parents just do it with the intention of guiltrip, hurt and destroy emotionally their kids.

No. 233229

So that's the dude that wanted margo to delete venus youtube for religious reasons? Interdasting

No. 233230

Kind of makes me wonder how Venus would turn out if her grandparents and aunt were in her life

No. 233231

This led me to search for the names. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6B1TFcYuXA

No. 233232

Samefag, wanted to add currently

No. 233233

No. 233234

Lol wtf m8

No. 233235


Wow, she's actually really pretty in this. Question is whose account is that? It has Margit but it also has Ferenc.

No. 233236

It's one thing to be an accident but another thing to guilt trip your kid with it. I was an accident and my mum calls me her "happy little accident " kek

Ot sorry

No. 233237

I think that's Margo's younger sister anon.

No. 233238

My friend gets this shit from her mom, who's bipolar. As a middle child, she's not as successful as the first born, and wasn't planned like the youngest- it really sucks. She decided to pursue fashion because she loves it, and her mom only agreed while telling my friend "you HAVE to become successful and pay me back." My friend refused an allowance/gift money from her mom because she knew her mom would one day turn it against and tell her to pay it back even though it was money her mom originally said she didn't have to pay back. Some of the shit Margo pulls reminds me of her. Fucking witch.

No. 233239

"Koncz singing.
Venus Angelic aunt singing.
Margaret Palermo younger sisters sings."
wow so their relatives really know venus' yt stuff

No. 233240

anon that's really cute…

No. 233242

No. 233243

i don't know why but this made smile

No. 233244

I bet her "friend" is someone she found on Air BnB.

No. 233245

Yeah, she is a clear case of cognitive dissonance.

No. 233246

Agreed. It's her birthday, nobody deserves this crap on their birthday.

No. 233247

Weirdest thing about it is Venus' aunt is about the same age as her. She's 20.

No. 233248

Well maybe Margo was an 'accident'.

No. 233249

And apparently married last year too…

No. 233250

Lol. I wonder if they had her to replace Margo. Scary thing is, I can see Margo doing the same thing since Venus escaped her hell prison. Starting the cycle all over again… It's a fucking terrifying thought.

No. 233251


No. 233252

No. 233253

Oh god, let's hope Margo's ovaries are as shriveled as her heart.

No. 233256

File: 1454932397305.jpg (30.27 KB, 640x640, 12568178_933709966745872_85072…)

>19 today!

No. 233257

Is it me, or does she look slightly like pt in this?

No. 233258

Haha, holy fucking shit. What a mother.
I feel so sad for Venus, She should just block Margo already so she can't comment anymore.

No. 233259


I was just getting ready to say, the pose and face she's making kind of makes her look like PT.

No. 233260

I have had this scary thought before. Tonight, margo goes to the river to drink and find herself a man. Then she can have a cute halfu baby and start over.

No. 233261

I hope if this ever happens the man will be smart and run off with the child before Margo realizes what's going on

No. 233262

I thought the same!

No. 233263

What if Margo had a son?

No. 233264


With a homeless Japanese man? I hope she likes hep-C.

No. 233265


Then Bates Motel happens.

No. 233266

I'm not Hungarian but I have a huge boner for languages and dabbled into Hungarian briefly ages ago. No idea what that -tal means, but tündércsapat means something like "fairycrew" and boldog(an) means happy(ly).

Damn. Fairy crew. Little Venus. I don't know about you but this doesn't sound like a bad guy who left his family and would never speak to them again to me.

No. 233267

Venus probably has siblings. She could build herself a new family if she wanted

No. 233268

this is not Venus' dad, this is magro's dad

No. 233269


Knowing Mayo, the information Venus has about her father could very well be false.

No. 233270

Yeaaah I knoooowww. It was not based on the fb profiles we found but on the fact that venus dad probably married again and made new babies. Gosh

No. 233272

Woooooooooow that's savage. Hahaha she's homeless LOL. Karma is wonderful.

No. 233273

she's not homeless she's playing the victim.

Margo go home already

No. 233275

True, but who knows. It makes me kind of sad that Venus doesn't have any contact with her relatives, these people look pretty normal to me. Yeah, they're obviously religious, but that doesn't mean you have to cut all ties and deprive your daughter from having grandparents, aunts and cousins.

No. 233276

Is her real name venuzka? Or is it just the hungarian spelling?

No. 233277

is there a possibility that margo would actually kill herself on venus' birthday just to ruin this day for her forever and get attention? she is insane enough right now

No. 233278

Vénusz is how you'd spell Venus in Hungarian, the -ka is used for endearment

No. 233279

I'll pray her ass does become homeless.

No. 233280

Seriously, how would that ever work? >>233105 should be proof enough that it's not a stunt, no sane parent would say that to their child, acting or not.

No. 233281

Oh ok thanks.

No. 233282

she'll become a hungry ghost

No. 233283

Margots sister is… the opposite of margo. She studied, finished uni, married and was a missionary and sings like an angel

No. 233284

I'm 100% sure Magros family ditched her because she's crazy, or Magro left by herself

No. 233285

File: 1454934957336.jpg (149.46 KB, 945x613, venus.jpg)


No. 233286

File: 1454935017784.jpg (44.22 KB, 620x400, 9684136584798.jpg)

I just hope Venus stays strong and doesn't go back to her mother. I absolutely see Maggot capable of killing Venus and wearing her skin to make YT videos. Abusers don't easily "forgive" victims that try to escape.

No. 233287

So sad how it looks like they're currently having to hide inside, not showing anything identifying about where they are.

No. 233288


That is such a cute cake. Damn I'm hungry now…

No. 233289


That's adorable.

No. 233290

They could have went out during the day. It is almost 10pm in Tokyo.

No. 233291

You guys turned me into a stalker. So margos father has another yt channel. And apparently venus has atleast 1 cousin who was born in 97. Nobods cares but yeah I stalked alot in the last 12 min

No. 233292

File: 1454935219481.jpg (19.01 KB, 267x400, 21996514db23ec1d3b3fc230ea9313…)

Margo right now, somewhere under a bridge in 2choume.

No. 233293

Margo must be jealous as fuck! Good thing her sister lives in europe

No. 233294

I'm rooting so hard for these two.

No. 233295

And I saw on her facebook that magro's stepsister is having a baby in march, so Venus will have a baby cousin.

No. 233296

Just the tits are wrong. The nipples should show us the way to antarctica…

No. 233299

>Manaki: Bina-tan
>V's grandad: Vénuszka
>Magro: @venus_angelic, #venusangelic, #venuspalermo, weenus, #livingdoll, autistic, liar, animal abuser, stupid shit.

No. 233302

Did margo call Venus ;weenus?

No. 233304

it's the way she pronounced it

No. 233305

Wienus in german. That also sounds like a penis.

No. 233308

Well fuck, that's not what I was saying

No. 233312

Weenus is how you pronounce it in German. They're from Switzerland so her name is actually Weenus.

No. 233313

Oh, bless his heart. I really hope he treats her well. I really do.

No. 233315


What does it say? I sadly can't read Japanese.

No. 233316

Basically "Bina-tan, happy birthday!"

No. 233317

"binatan" (Cute nickname for Venus)
"Happy birthday"

No. 233318

"Happy Birthday, Bina-tan!"
Bina-tan is nickname for Venus.

No. 233319

Awww…it is cute. I'm rooting for them so hard right now. Be happy Venus! And I hope Manaki treats and takes care of her well :)

No. 233320


Aw, that's so sweet of him!

No. 233321

It really is just so so unfortunate that her name sounds so much like penis in Japanese. He seems to be a good guy despite the sketchy circumstances in which they met.

No. 233322

Does anybody remember her last cake? It said happy birthday venus angelic and it was really odd. Why did margo wrote venusangelic on it instead of venus palermo or just venus. She only cares for her online persona. And now, manaki bought her a nice cake with a cute nickname on it. Spot the difference

No. 233323

Margo just celebrated the anniversary of the brand she so lovingly built over the years through gentle coercion and isolation.

No. 233324


Cute but I still think he's a bit creepy.

No. 233325

I always knew something was up with their home life. Venus is being ridiculously strong. Manaki better not fuck this up, but luckily Venus has already proven herself strong enough to escape when shit goes down.

Can you just imagine? If this is the type of stuff she's willing to spew on a public forum just how bad the things she says behind closed doors must be. Her videos and persona creeped me out before but in retrospect it's horror level. The theories about her being a puppet for Margo were unfortunately true. Amazing how her English seemingly improved just like that.

No. 233327


Well her mother is a cunt, we all know that. Manaki likes her because she's a white dolly. Manaki is a jap and they both fetishize each other.

They're all fucking crazy.

No. 233330

File: 1454940670219.png (2.02 MB, 1440x2285, Screenshot_2016-02-08-15-09-42…)

No. 233331

To each their own. If they're happy, who gives a fuck if they're crazy.

No. 233332


Fetishizing Asians really is a no big deal nowadays, isn't it?

Everyone is so uptight in this thread if you slander Venus or Manaki.

I don't think it'll last though. I only hope Manaki just helps Venus get an actual life tbh.

No. 233333

I personally don't give a shit because the bigger issue here is Margo, not Manaki. Even if he doesnt end up being crazy in the future, I doubt he'll be as big of an issue than Margo is.

No. 233334


Yeah but he probably still DOES fetishize her regardless. The mother can just go and rot.

Venus needs life experience. Birthdays last a day. Girl needs to get actual help.

No. 233337

I'm no expert in Hungarian but I think it's like something along the lines of Venus-chan?

No. 233340

That cake is really cute! (The one from Manaki)! I really hope too see some pics with new friends soon.
Im gonna move to japan in April, and I would love to become friends with her, not for any fame, since Im totally private, but just to support her. My mum i schizophrenic and it all ended with the government taking me away from her when I was 8 y/o. I did still meet her sometimes tho, but she blamed everything on me and was just a huge dick. I was literally her little puppet. An cute accessory. (Its muuuuch better now though, cuz she is healthy now). So I really know what she is going through.

About the hamster and the dog. My foster sister had like 4 hamsters that died after just some mounts. They were sick and literally died like flies.

Amd when I was 5, I accidently killed my cousins hamster. I was visiting them and played with her hamster, while chewing a gum. Then I thought that the hamster also wanted some gum. The poor thing choked himself to death. I was so devastated.

Sorry for personal blog. magro is a dick

No. 233341

I fetishize guys with beards… some fetishies white people or asians. Nothing wrong with that…

No. 233342

I went on to Venus's latest video just for curiosity to see the comments and jesus christ…

C'mon though guys, it isn't as if she will loose her fan base. Too many people have lick and will continue to lick her ass anyway. It's just the mother who will loose out on this.

Again like I said 8 months from now and Venus will be in collab videos. I wouldn't even stress about this.

No. 233343


Meh, kinda gross.

No. 233344

She's not attractive for my personal standards and will never be, but I think that out of Margo's grasp she'll start following her own style, perhaps she won't be weebish anymore. I have a feeling that she's sick of the living doll thing and wants to grow up, and it will suit her better.
Also, I used to really dislike Venus because of all the nasty things she said, when she insulted Anastasiya Shpagina after they met, the bullying towards that chinese girl, her disdain towards charwomen etc…
…But after this drama I understood that truth is, 99% of chance, there was Margo behind all those mean things. It's always been Margo. Now I can't help but feeling sorry for Venus and hoping she'll be alright and happy. You're a monster, Margo

No. 233346


I think she only wanted to be a doll during her teens, now she's becoming a woman.

I said it before and I'll say it again.

Margo needs a 9-5 and if not that, sectioning.

Venus needs life experience, youtube can WAIT. The girl needs to get her life SORTED OUT. Manaki can HELP but I don't think he's the source of magic. Venus just needs a push, some guidance and smiles. She'll be fine. Finish school and basically get on with life. Thus Youtube on the side.

It's so messed up though. This is some A* reality tv shit right here. Maybe in 10 years Venus will be on some talk show "Dolls of an era".

"What was your mother like?"

"She was very abusive."

I can see it already.

No. 233348

I seriously want to kill her, it would be so satisfying.

No. 233349

File: 1454943277173.gif (1.02 MB, 245x158, December May.gif)

No. 233350

>comparing beard "fetish" to fetishes of entire races of people

No. 233351

I kept wondering what was triggering Margo to say more and more horrible things. It's like she's reacting to a stimulus, something recurring. I thought she just had a vivid imagination and kept "replaying" being betrayed in her mind and it got her angrier.

Then I thought it was all the hate she's getting on her account. But now I think, more than anything, it's the love and support Venus is getting on her's. Margo's there reading because she can't help but comment several times on every new pic. She can't stand people being on Venus's side. She also wants to destroy Venus's youtube fame because if Margo can't make money on it, no one can.

These will be the worst days or weeks of Venus's life.

No. 233353

>get your shit together
>love your child instead of a fantasy
>love the person instead of an idea

No. 233354

It seems so rehearsed…but the advice is relevant, so take your own adivce, Maggot.

No. 233357

This looks more like one of Margos demon summoning circles than a birthday cake.

No. 233360

I think she values herself too much, but if she had any idea where Venus was, she'd probably kill her instead.

No. 233362

my god, I never noticed until now how hideously simian Margo's face is

No. 233363

This thread has been hard to keep up with, so this is like a few days too late.

However, marg sent Venus a photo of a case to pick up, which had all her own stuff in instead of Venus'. This sounds suspicious as fuck to me. Like she hoped Venus took the case, so she could set her up to be arrested for theft/lose her visa? Even when Venus left the case there she accused her of stealing and kept rambling about sueing/grabbing people.

Venus really needs to stay away, marg is deffo plotting for awful ways to hurt/get her back.

No. 233366

Where does the Palermo surname come from? I mean, I know it's italian but can't remember if it was from margo's grandmother or what.

No. 233367

I thought it the surname belonged to Venus' dad?

No. 233369

Is this copypasta? I refuse to believe someone could be autistic enough to come up with all this just to target Venus lmao

No. 233370

Yeah i thought that too, but now I wasn't sure bc I assumed margo's wouldn't want to use Venus' dad last name since he (apparently) abandoned them… but maybe you're right.

No. 233371

tbh I've been saying all along that it was Margo who was behind most of those shitty things.
It's crappy that Venus got the blame for it. She was basically Margo's doll. It's true that Venus was the one who started the YT channel, but I get the feeling that initially it was just a fun hobby that her mother later decided to monetize.
All the girl wanted to do was make silly videos where she danced, made faces and wore closet cosplays, jfc.

No. 233374

Guys, why is Margo so silent today? I'm scared

No. 233375

It's funny, because all Margo's rage is doing is fucking up her reputation even more and making Venus into not only a victim, but a hero for escaping that shitty situation and running away with her kawaii Nipponese boyfriendo.
If Margo hadn't gone batshit insane and said all these disgusting things to/about her own daughter, she'd probably have thousands of whiteknights for that crying video alone.

No. 233376

I'm hoping she's just giving Venus some damn peace for the day and will continue once her birthday is over. Maybe she'll fake a suicide, maybe she's realised she needs to grow the fuck you. Shit who knows but it is strange. This'll be the first time she hasn't celebrated her daughter's birthday with her.

No. 233377

She isn't. >>233105

No. 233378

*Grow the fuck up, my bad.

No. 233380

Maybe she went to the rivah.

No. 233381

Optimistic: She's realized she didn't ruin Venus' birthday and she ain't coming back.

Realistic: Bitch is planning her new attack strategy.

No. 233382

I hope Venus didn't even read it and just carried on celebrating her birthday. If anything Margo is an accident.

No. 233383

Not sure how low she can get after telling Venus she was an accident.

No. 233384

Yeah, but that was 10 hours ago and there's nothing after that.

Let's hope so lol

I don't think she is able to do something normal, so she's probably planning something fucking crazy and awful. That's why I'm scared

No. 233385

She's probably trying to locate Venus and Manaki to show up on their door, ask for her fucking swarovski collection and rip them into pieces.

No. 233386

Can Margo and Sere team up and let barbie and himezawa join their club? I'd pay money to see that

No. 233387

>Manaki can HELP but I don't think he's the source of magic

Thiiis. Not going to judge their relationship because I don't know anything about it, but I hope she is able to grow and create a wonderful independent life for herself. Even if she is married, she doesn't have to depend solely on Manaki. My fear is if it doesn't work out with them she will just go back to Margo because Venus just can't function on her own.

No. 233388

After what I've witness in the last few days, I can see her taking a hospital selfie of a saline drip. Either insinuating she tried to commit suicide or out right claiming it.

No. 233389

I don't think anyone here thinks Venus should solely depend on Manaki? I think it's mostly been like, he's just someone to lean on until she can pick herself up and fend for herself (whether that working while her husband also is, or leaving his ass and getting a job and settling down by herself).

No. 233390

I reckon if she really wanted to, Venus could set up a Patreon like majority of Youtubers are all about now. More income for her directly and no mommy dearest to "manage" it either.

No. 233393


Im not sure who is more retarded PULL or Margo. But both should be taken outside and given a good beating. Like how can you think that this is publicity? Like wtf

No. 233394

Well. I'd say PULL is #stillBetterMomThanMaggie

No. 233396

I'd say PULL is saner then margo.. but barely

No. 233397


>please send me a kiss

ngl I fucking screamed when her lips rapidly approached the screen.

No. 233399

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Margot is a prostitute.

No. 233401

>hoping Venus is going to be independent
And how do you think would that work out? I doubt Venus wants to leave Japan. She'd have to stay married to Manaki for the visa until she received Permanent Residency at least. And most married couples in Japan still operate in a traditional way: Husband works. Wife depends on him. It's the same for Japanese-western/foreign couples.

No. 233402

>And most married couples in Japan still operate in a traditional way: Husband works. Wife depends on him.

No they do not, anon, most both work full time. It's expected in culture to both work now but the woman also is still expected to do traditional things.

No. 233404

I'm a bit late to the party but damn, this is savage. On her birthday and all. Margo truly has gone down the deep end.

No. 233405

File: 1454957047442.png (42.06 KB, 299x346, margo.png)


No. 233407

Ohoho, Margo is (rightly!) screwed.

No. 233408

Margo is dumb and lazy af. She could have secured herself and her future additionally by actually working a 9 to 5 job but she probably thinks it's below her and she also probably never imagined Venus to grow some balls and ditch her crazy ass. I do not pity her, sorry y'all.

No. 233409

Just because she's married doesn't mean she can't have some of her own independence. She could go to university, meet friends, go out and have fun separate from her husband. You don't need to spend every waking moment with your spouse, and it would be such a huge stepping stone for her. Manaki treats are a lot better than Margo (clearly) but I don't want to see the poor girl bouncing from people to people because she needs to depend on them for simple things. I'd like to see her grow into her own person.

No. 233410

Currently sat here reporting all of maggots Instagram posts for harassment and bullying

No. 233411

Even more proof that Margo used her daughter's YouTube 'career' and e-fame as a comfortable and easy way to live. Now that her cash cow is gone, she's screwed because she has no job, no savings (I assume) and no place to live. She depends on Venus 1005. Pathetic!

No. 233412

Don't. They're evidence. Venus could use them for legal purposes.

No. 233413

Meant to write 100%

No. 233414

I thought we DIDN'T want to risk margo's insta getting deleted because we wanted proof of her crazy? I mean we have caps here, but for all the people who don't come here to see the crazy she leaves up

No. 233416

the crazy thing to realize is that margot initially set out to spin this as if she was a victim. this was all initially an attempt to turn Venus into a villain and paint herself as a martyr.
the scary part is that, if margot were not so fucking batshit insane, she probably could have done it. esp. considering Venus's (comparative) silence in regard to addressing her accusations.

No. 233417

If Venus is smart, she would cap then herself. Plus we have a lot of evidence here that can be sent and I'm sure many of you have saved caps as well

No. 233418

We don't, but people just can't fucking help themselves.

No. 233419

Focus on reporting her whiteknights attacking Venus. It's better to have Margo show her crazy behavior online to have proof against her down the line.

No. 233420

It hasn't even been a week since she left her mother. Yes, it would be sweet if she became self-sufficient, but this is going to be an insanely tough, insanely long process.

No idea why everyone expects her to leave and be a 100% independent person the very next day. Have you seen how she looks like in her recent photos?

No idea why everyone's already shitting on the girl for being with her husband instead of being a strong independent womyn who don't need no man. Give her a chance to actually learn independence maybe?

No. 233421

christ fuck off, we want margo's IG to stay up so we can see the crazy

No. 233423

That's why she doesn't want to give Venus the pin code of her credit card, to have all the money just for her because she's totally insolvent. Hope Venus would be able to solve it with the bank, it's her fucking money.

Agree. Plus if it wasn't for Manaki Venus wouldn't have run away from Magro sos early, she would have kept stuck with that crazy bitch many years.

No. 233424

ffs she's a 19 year old girl who's been abused her entire life living with a batshit psycho cunt who's exploited her youth for cash. Her getting out alone is huge, let alone running off to another country. It's going to take a VERY long time for her to learn to lead an average life. There's a ton of things she can do to improve her life but damn, give her a while to shake off Mother Grothel first.

No. 233425

I'm not shitting on her at all? I want to see her succeed, thats my whole point, whether married or single. I know it'll take time, but I still hope she can grow and be the Free Peenus we know she can be.

No. 233426

Ugh I'm so anxious so see how this whole drama will pan out, really hope Margo will fuck off to Europe and leave Venus alone for good

No. 233428

>Not having a job and leeching off your teenage daughter
>"She left laughing"
As she fucking should.

No. 233429


Didn't you know anon? You can't say anything negative about Venus-chan atm cos she's fragile and must be babied by her audience.

No. 233430

File: 1454958812844.png (1.03 MB, 1023x580, rffYdTB.png)

never forget

No. 233431


I agree anon but she'll get over it eventually . Within time she'll be fine. She has plenty of fans, it isn't as if she doesn't have a back up. She'll be FINE. Quit being so damn defensive about the girl.

No. 233432


Again she'll be fine.

No. 233433

maggot looks like dobby the house elf + meitu

No. 233434

Yes, it's Italian. Since her father is Swiss and Switzerland is multiethnic (biggest part is German, then there is a smaller French and an Italian part) I'm guessing the name comes from his side. It's not uncommon from German speaking Swiss to have ancestors from the Italian or French side and vise versa - which means the surnames can seem kind of random in some cases. I'm pretty sure that's the case with her.

No. 233438

True. People always seem to forget that independence is something that has to be learned. Like nobody turns 18, moves out and magically knows how to adult.
Insano parents like Margo often don't teach you shit about life so that they can keep you close and dependent. Venus needs someone who can HELP her and teach her how to function on her own. If you throw her out there and let her fend for herself, she'll only become overwhelmed and go right back to her abusers because she'll feel like she can't do it. She needs small steps, it's a gradual process.

Wasn't talking to you specifically but everybody seems to be like durrrr she's living with her husband how, she'll always be dependent on others and never learn how 2 strong independent woman~
Like what else did you want her to do? She has no family, no cash and no education. Become a hooker in Korea?

No. 233441

File: 1454959338817.jpg (6.48 KB, 236x164, deab96790372c7330eac1167b0938a…)

Wtf? Why tag your daughter to say something about her virginity?
Here's your new room Maggot.

No. 233442


S'what I was saying hours ago. She needs to get life experience. Obviously not right away, just slowly do bits and pieces which will get her somewhere while doing Youtube. Would be nice to see Venus get a degree or something without her dick mother's help since the cunt pulled her daughter out of school (clevaaaa!).

No. 233443


Her mother srsly does need to be sectioned tho

No. 233444

Wow that just proves that Margo heavily relied on Venus's income instead of getting full time work. How disgusting to have your own perfectly able mother sponge off you this long…

No. 233447

I'm pretty sure it's Weh-nuss in German
Margo just sucks at speaking

No. 233449

in German, w sounds like English v

No. 233450

It doesn't come from /his side/, her father was adopted but his actual parents were a swiss guy and a austrian mom.

No. 233451

>Like what else did you want her to do? She has no family, no cash and no education. Become a hooker in Korea?
It's not that hard to get a simple job in Japan when being abel to speak basic japane+she could write a bestseller about her bastshit mom.

No. 233454

I'd buy it.

No. 233456

Moemo pls finally learn English bby.

No. 233457

>It's not that hard to get a simple job in Japan when being abel to speak basic japane+she cain write a bestseller about her bastshit mom.


No. 233458

She could probably work in a café or something since it seems like she's conversational… That, or retail. She could do these part time and maybe attend classes, if she wanted to.

No. 233462

wouldn't she need a working visa for that first?
honestly for starters her situation is fine as it is (except for marg pulling all this bs)

No. 233463

Isn't Venus married to Manaki now? if so, she already has a visa most likely.

No. 233464

ultimate 'revenge'
forever having her birthday associated as the day her mother killed herself

No. 233465


"now I think, more than anything, it's the love and support Venus is getting on her IG. Margo's there reading because she can't help but comment several times on every new pic. She can't stand people being on Venus's side. She also wants to destroy Venus's youtube fame because if Margo can't make money on it, no one can."

THIS ^^ I think Mags is seething with fury and would kill V if she could. Going on her IG on her birthday to say she was an ACCIDENT was twisted and vicious. She wants to inflict pain. She can't do it physically so she'll do it on SM, where V makes her living.

It's like the obsessed ex who murders the one who left them. She can't do it physically so she's trying to kill V's reputation & career instead. I really think she's dangerous.

No. 233466

Yes. Not to mention that she'd have to organise it all from Korea and behind the back of her insane mother. Totes easy to get a job in Nippon u guise, especially if you have no skills or qualifications.

No. 233469

That comment was the written equivalent of a stabbing.

No. 233471


you can work legally with a marriage visa

No. 233472

Margo is too narcist to kill herself..

No. 233476

Yes but no Manaki, no marriage visa. I pointed out that people were butthurt about Venus living with her husband instead of being ~independent~ and asked what else she should have done, and I was told that it is omg so easy to work in Japan.

So basically, she shouldn't have left her crazy mom and move in with her husband, and instead… leave her crazy mom, move in with her husband and get a job immediately? Holy shit, that provided so much insight. How do you know this is not what she is going to do as soon as she gets her crazy mother to back off and access her bank account??? Fucking genius.

No. 233477

Ut doesn't matter if you think they won't last. It's their life and their marriage.

No. 233478

Yes, speak it. It's so fucking pointless to go on, in circles mind you, about what she's going to do for money. I'm sure that's on her list. Right now she's sort of too busy hiding from her wackjob mother and trying to get access to her already existing bank account.

No. 233480

But what if someone only likes dark skin broad noses and fluffy hair? Or guys woth straight black hair and almond eyes? It's fone to have preferences sheesh

No. 233481

Tru. Like seriously give the girl some time to get her harpy mother off her back. First she needs her bank account and all that stuff sorted out. And preferably a place to stay where Marg won't find her. Then she'll have to get her hands on a high school diploma because she couldn't even fucking finish school… probably do some YouTube videos on the side because she has to live off something. Then go to university or maybe get a job. Or maybe just live, if Manaki is able to support them both. Maybe slowly disappear from the internet and be normal for once.

She'll need time to figure out her life because she has nothing. Staying with Manaki was the smartest decision she ever made. For now her number one priority should be being SAFE, then we can talk about employment.

No. 233487

File: 1454964604175.png (353.83 KB, 759x418, Screenshot 2016-02-06 at 12.54…)


This. But sadly imho she'll probably end up pregnant by next year and just be stuck raising babies and not really having a life outside of her new family. Let's just hope she's smart about all of this and at least tries to live a little with her new found freedom and have a normal life.

No. 233488


A few anons here don't seem to understand that while it would be a fucking idiotic idea for most 19 year olds to get married and run off to Japan, this is Venus we're talking about. Her mother is an abusive narcissist who never let her finish school and carts her off to a different country every time their visa starts to run out.

And yes, in a perfect world, she would be self-reliant and not have to depend on her husband or mother as much as she does, but where else could she have gone except with Manaki? There's no way Margo will have taught her the life skills required for her to get by on her own.
Hopefully in the future she can learn to stand on her own two feet a little better, but this is the first step.

No. 233489

File: 1454964756041.png (28.24 KB, 186x208, 1454100171054.png)

No. 233495

Maybe, but even then she might still be happier than she would have been with Margo. What's the alternative, moving to Algeria, studying her 53rd language at "university" and making kawaii videos until she's as busted as mommy?

As long as she doesn't emotionally fuck up her potential kids I'm down with it.

No. 233496

And yes, I'm aware that this is very optimistic, and I'm in no way encouraging her to have kids. She is anything but ready right now and really really needs to get her shit together.

No. 233497


That would be the best present Venus could ever get.

Wow, I wasn't too keen on Venus before, this whole ordeal she's going through is just heartbreaking.
I hope Margo never, ever sees her again.

No. 233499

It'd be good to us. But in my eyes that would absolutely destroy Venus and she would no doubt blame herself. She's very sweet and still mentally immature, so if that should happen she'd regret ever trying to leave in the first place and possibly even try to kill herself as well.
She still loves her mother and probably just hopes her running away will encourage Marge to get help. I mean it won't, she'll never get help. But projecting my own experience, having a mentally unstable wack as a parent, you feel just as helpless with them as you do without them.
It's a sad situation. Venus has to continue to distance herself for good.

No. 233500

I wish Venus's relatives that no doubt were cut out of her life thanks to Margo get in contact with her somehow, they seem reasonable and sane.

No. 233503


how many languages has she studied? japanese, korean, english, what else was there?

No. 233504

Dutch, Spanish and she dabbled into French for about 2 minutes.

No. 233505

Margo said that "their new YT company" was freaking out. After the FB drama I'm not surprised Fullscreen is worried. That being said, it could have been Fullscreen who deleted the website. Maybe they were gonna make a new one.

No. 233507

Welp. Add me to the list of having this experience.

You can try not to let it bother you, but that shit stays with you for a lifetime.

And although Margo said it publicly, at least there's commenters to flame her for it and give their support to Venus.

No. 233510

I'm also thinking Margo would be angry and crazy enough to kill Venus now.

No. 233516

Right now she's pissed, but she'll start with the narc version of the "I miss you please come back we can be a family again" bullshit soon enough. If it doesn't work, she'll go back to shitting on her publicly. It's a cycle with parents like Mayo. She's always going to think Venus will come back to her so the odds of her actually trying to kill Venus are pretty low.

No. 233523

That's just going into way creepy territory. You could make a movie about Margo's crazy.

No. 233528


No. 233531

honestly, I feel like the sharpest knife into Margo's back at this point, would be if Venus got into contact with her father and/or Margo's family for help.

Venus, if you are reading this and have the means/know how, then you should reach out to your family back home about this. They seem to be aware of just how batshit crazy your mom is, and that is why she has kept you from them all of these years.

No. 233534

File: 1454971642162.jpeg (189.08 KB, 750x1065, image.jpeg)

Kek, Margo is trying to fake accounts

No. 233536

"Me and her friends"

Way to reveal yourself

No. 233537

File: 1454971788490.jpeg (156.17 KB, 750x1053, image.jpeg)


Is she even TRYING to hide that it's her?

No. 233538

The sad thing is that it's not probably the first time she has said this.

No. 233541

File: 1454971882829.jpeg (44.82 KB, 750x250, image.jpeg)

Oh my god

No. 233543

One simple word. PATHETIC.

No. 233544

Bless she's made troll accounts to whiteknight herself with which is why she's been quiet on her main one.

No. 233545

Whoever is running this account is a genius. I can't stop laughing!

No. 233546

"eat sausage". 'kay.

No. 233548

I thought she was with a friend?

No. 233549

File: 1454972208154.gif (8.62 MB, 800x333, giphy.gif)

No. 233550

kek, that troll is gold

No. 233551

Is this not her tho?

No. 233552


No. 233553

No it's not her.

No. 233555

If that washer what the fuck does she have to gain by putting a nude pic out of herself NOBODY ask for?

No. 233556

What. A. Train wreck.

Can she be reported to someone? Or something? She is absolutely crazy and a complete crook.

No dumbass, people should not have to pay for your stupidity. Fuck.

No. 233557

File: 1454972492699.jpeg (10.24 KB, 275x92, fake.jpeg)


LOL, Master Troll with fake accounts… margaretp[o]lermo

No. 233558

I get notification from instagram anytime Venus posts. I got one a few min ago. But when I clicked on it, it was gone. Did anyone happen to see it?

No. 233559

>Venus was a mistake
Imagine your mother says this to you.

No. 233561

SO i guess margo was expected venus to fund her lifestyle forever… never considering that maybe venus would like to live her own life. Im glad that venus is on her own now. And she has her husband there to give her emotional support through the crazy.

No. 233562

File: 1454972721990.png (173.44 KB, 281x500, deleted.png)

She deleted her post almost immediately. I guess she still loves her mom, and doesn't want to rub it in…

No. 233563

Oh shit, ya got me.

But I hope this doesn't give her any idas, she just might make a GFM.

No. 233565

I'm pretty sure the fan account isn't Margs, but some troll too

No. 233566

She already told her she was an accident. Close enough!

No. 233567

I doubt this is about her mom.

No. 233570

I think anon meant Venus doesn't want to show her mother that she is happy without her. I think she is referring to Manaki in the caption

No. 233571

File: 1454973048998.jpg (113.75 KB, 915x529, jealousbitch.jpg)

Margo being OBVIOUS once again on that new fake account

No. 233572

This is so embarrassing omg, this woman knows no shame

No. 233573

you do know that's not her account though?

No. 233574

It's her sockpuppet account though

No. 233575

File: 1454973277792.jpg (71.37 KB, 595x589, lol.JPG)

The troll account put this on their ig..I checked and that comment is removed. Who really knows.

No. 233576

I know it anon. Is herself on a fake account pretending to be her fans and supporters. But is so obvious it's her with all the stupid sentences she writes.

No. 233577

INNOCENY. I don't get any of this

No. 233578

File: 1454973369871.png (86.27 KB, 1440x287, Screenshot_2016-02-09-00-14-12…)

No. 233579

File: 1454973472357.jpg (14.88 KB, 150x191, 11779783.jpg)

i thought so at first but now i'm not so sure. seems like a troll.

maybe it's princess doll

No. 233580

File: 1454973482001.jpg (155.34 KB, 908x512, WTF margopls.jpg)

I don't have words. This is SO OBVIOUS TO BE HER. Margo stop trying please.

No. 233581

I'm pretty sure the fan account isn't her. It is way too obvious with "I don't care" and "pretending to be me" in every comment. Margo is stupid, but not that stupid.

No. 233582


Did she log into the wrong account on accident? Is this a new picture or an old one?

No. 233584

this shit is confusing. are 2 trolls trolling each other or is margo sockpuppeting and dropping her cover to defend herself? my head is spinning

No. 233585

I think the 2nd option is the more valid one. She's so crazy

No. 233587

OR .. Margo deleted it immediately, doesn't she still have access to venus' account?

No. 233588

mte. but is she THAT batshit crazy? shit really hit the fan

No. 233589


"my money ran away"

Venus = Margos money

No. 233591

I don't think so, Venus probably changed her password.

No. 233592

Oh man, I hope not. But I'm pretty sure Venus changed her password on Instagram since the posts Margo made there are gone now. Margo is still in control of her Twitter and Gmail/YouTube accounts sadly tho

No. 233593

Yeah, she fucked up big time with this. It looks like she posted this to the wrong account. Lmao

No. 233595

she didn't have green hair before did she? good lord, if that's really her posting all that shit rn (and it really does seem like it), she's klaus kinski level crazy

No. 233596


You can seriously tell the fan account is her. Dat Engrish.

No. 233597

I would be confused too, both accounts have very similar names and the same picture.

They both started being active at the same time of day right? Further evidence of it being a sock puppet.

No. 233598

I've never seen someone with a more punch able face. Margo looks like she's learned about makeup through Michelle Phan.

No. 233599

I think if Margo had any access to her Instagram, she would've taken down anything clearing Venus' name and not just that one picture. I think Venus posted it then felt guilty and didn't want her mom to see and deleted it.

No. 233600

I'd say the green hair was lighting but it has a weird ring around it like she meitu'd it green for some reason.

No. 233601

It's way over the top though so I'm not really buying that its her. Just a really good troll.

No. 233602

It's a old picture, she died her hair green when they just moved to Korea.


No. 233603

Yeah, I think we got that but it's not 100% sure that the fan account isn't some troll. Still, that pic post is pretty damn incriminating. Hard to believe she's that insane for some reason

No. 233604

File: 1454974196796.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x501, tumblr_nq48uovHCB1rb9a6wo1_500…)

hey Magro, MENSA called, you're not a member anymore lol.

No. 233605

I agree. It would be more convincing, if the troll didn't imply being magro in every single comment. It must be a troll.

No. 233606

Her post about the blue hair dye turning green:

No. 233608

thanks for clearing that up! i had a hard time believing she was really that psychotic

No. 233610

So it really was two trolls. That shit is fucking stupid. Someone is craving the lolcow attention.

No. 233611

I'm a little confused as to why Margo is 'living' in the airport? why doesn't she go to a hotel?

No. 233612

or one extra special troll with two accounts

No. 233613

If the fan account is just a troll, they're pretty good at sounding exactly like her.

No. 233614

She is living in the airport's hotel, she only wants to make it sound more dramatic.

No. 233615


I thought she got picked up by a friend yesterday?

No. 233616

Not that good imho

No. 233617

>There are people whose parents expect to take a cut of their paycheck and live in their adult children's houses as "payment" for raising them.
holy shit that's my mom
sorry for OTT
man the milk in those venus's threads is insane

No. 233618

This is a great example why that dumbass needs to go to a salon.

No. 233619

File: 1454974666455.jpg (128.74 KB, 640x582, image.jpg)

Marge is loving the attention.

No. 233620

Ah, apologies. I'll delete my post, I was under the impression it was a sockpuppet.

No. 233621

Slightly off the current topic, but wow Venus looks adorable here

No. 233622

stop feeding the troll

No. 233623

What MBTI do you think Venus is? I think INFJ. I'd say margo is an ENxP of some sort.

No. 233624

I hope so, for Venus' sake
Sorry for OT but the reason I mentioned it was because my grandmother is very much like Margo. She once got pissed at my mom for leaving the house. Mom had to hide out from some other shit back with my grandmother, but she was still pissed at my mom for leaving so she chased her down a street with a knife. According to the rest of the family it wasn't the first time she tried to hurt/kill someone who got her angry. So I'm kind of scared that might happen to Venus.

No. 233625

fuck off with that neo-astrology bullshit

No. 233626

But are we sure we're not just experiencing some A level trollception? That margaretpalermofans account looks really suspicious, but she talks in the first person and then uses the third person in the next sentence. If it's her she's getting even crazier.

No. 233627

to be honest, mental illness truly fuck up people, especially bipolar disorder and BPD.

No. 233628

File: 1454974966210.jpg (88 KB, 640x384, image.jpg)

Are you implying the fan page is a troll? 100% sure it's Mergo. She has really gone off the deep end ever since this started. She's always been stupid, it's not inconceivable this is her.

No. 233629

we're being trolled, it's obvious. how dense are you guys? it's like princess doll all over again.

No. 233630

It's entirely plausible the fan account is her though?
Like have you all been keeping up with this shit, the woman's a mentalist

No. 233631

File: 1454975010010.png (203.88 KB, 518x549, margo.png)

It can't be margo's sockpuppet account for a simple reason. Margo always (!!) makes a grammar mistake and spells "than" wrong as "then"
It would read "stronger then you" if it were Margo

No. 233632

thx anon. i'm too tired to prove these dense bitches wrong

No. 233633

I'm starting to believe that the one who posts those fan account comments here is the one who's in charge of it. I can't believe anybody would believe it's actually margo.

No. 233636

Yes, that seems more plausible.

No. 233638

i hope so. this is some annoying bullshit. who wants to bet it's kenzie?

No. 233639

Before talking shit about the mom, do you know what she endured?
Can people not fucking insult people who copes with BPD or bipolar disorder because it's a fucking nightmare and most of the time they have it because of child abuse so stfu
people didnt choose to have bipolar disorder and hurt others you cunt

No. 233640

How can anyone fake being the exact Margo-level of insanity we've been witnessing for literally the last week? If someone is actually faking the fan page please reveal yourself anon, otherwise I'm gonna keep believing it's her. Even the margaretpolermo and margaretpaiermo accounts can't emulate her exactly like that.

No. 233641

Mental illness is a reason, but it's not an excuse.

No. 233642

Eh, I think the fan account is actually margo - she just left a rage quit message on the last picture. 30 minutes if being made fun of was too much for her narcissist ego. She likes attention, but not when there's a lack of praise mixed in somewhere. And narcissists think of themselves as fucking geniuses but their schemes are transparent to anyone else. It sounds like it's really her, and shes enraged that no one is playing along and following her "fans club' accounts lead.

No. 233643

Excuse me.
I have BPD. I am a parent. I wasn't abused as a child. Whilst I sometimes have episodes, I NEVER take it out on my child, I focused and got proper help as soon as I fell pregnant and I learned to manage it. Mental illness is a reason for someone acting a certain way but it is not a get out of jail free card. Regardless if someone has BPD, NPD or is mentally healthy, being manipulative and abusive is inexcusable.

No. 233647

This. If you're making your own daughter's life a living hell, it doesn't matter if you're mentally ill or not, you're a horrible person. She gives anyone trying to work through a mental illness a bad name.

No. 233650

i would love it to be her but i doubt it

No. 233651

Margo hates being Hungarian. People should refer to her with her dad's last names do see what she does

No. 233656

File: 1454976208197.jpg (21.73 KB, 442x486, CICT_s2UkAEfbdG.jpg)


I like this idea.

No. 233657

It's not Margo. But margaretpalermofans and margaretpolermo (< who's a troll account) are the same
some troll who must be really bored

No. 233658

I'm starting to think the fan account is Margo. It is written like Margo trying NOT to sound like Margo. Plus the intense hate for Venus. I'm almost thinking this is a way for Margo to spew shit, without using her own name. Plus the "real" Margo hasn't posted for days…idk I'm just throwing out theories

No. 233659

I don't think they are the same person

No. 233660

Has the fanpage blocked people or delete comments? If so it is probably her, if not it's a troll.

No. 233661

Not sure if they're the same account. Was on the PULL chat and someone admitted that they were margaretpolermo but was not margaretpalermofans. Not sure what to think anymore lol

No. 233662

Marge hasn't posted, but is still actively commenting on things.

No. 233663

The cute selfie is back on Venus's page.

No. 233664

Has she commented in the past hours?

No. 233665

No. 233666

I hope the fan troll won't start bothering Venus. It already had tagged Venus on one of it's pictures with some nasty stuff.

No. 233668

I don't know why, but I have the feeling the troll is one of those dumbass 11 year olds who are taking Margo's side after that CummStar video.

No. 233669

Because mentally ill people should be blamed for their mental illness. great.
I never said being manipulative was okay, but don't blame mental illness

No. 233671

Thank you. My mother has BPD, and whenever someone suggested she talk to a doctor, she would rage and cry that people wanted to get her locked up.

She preferred abusing her kids instead of getting treatment, and now I no longer talk to her. Thanks for doing the right thing.

Parenting isn't easy, but there is no excuse for indulging in insanity around vulnerable kids just because it's easier than to work hard in therapy. Margo doesn't have the right to see Venus, not after all the shit she pulled.

No. 233672

Uh why? Whoever is doing this, its obviously not a good look for margo

No. 233673

Tumblr pls go

No. 233674

OT but being raised by a NPD mother is HELL. Growing up with them, you are already broken before you reach adulthood. I would rather have NPD.

No. 233675

also not everyone can manage their mental illness and not everyone have their mental illness treated.
but what i'M saying have nothing to do with margo tho
Margo is a fucking psychopath and truly wants to hurt venus

No. 233676

i'm not from tumblr so fuck off
do you also accuse people with anxiety disorders for being anxious?

No. 233677


Eh, BPDs are notorious liars. Maybe half of them were abused as children, but so was I, and I don't use it as an excuse to torture other people. The rest of them just make it up as they go. Research proves that BPD is caused by part of the brain being too small to control emotions, and you can get it even with the best of parents. And you can get treatment, instead of rampaging all over the place when it's obvious you have a fucking problem and are making life hard for everyone around you.

No. 233679

If the anxious person lashes out on people and makes them miserable because of the anxiety, then yea

No. 233680

BPDs aren't liars. Seriously im sad you were abused but its no reason to bash people with BPD.
Do you also think people with anxiety disorders with losers too?
Good job on promoting stupid stereotypes btw
and since you dont have BPD you have no idea what's it's like so

No. 233681

No. 233682


I have an anxiety disorder and C-PTSD because my mother is a raving lunatic with BPD/NPD. You know what I did? I dealt with it and am better, instead of taking myself to tumblr and diagnosing myself with special snowflake syndrome and declaring I am fairy-kin with twelve head mates.

No. 233683

couldn't have said it better myself

No. 233684

No. 233685

Good job on being special.
you do realize not everyone can handle anxiety disorder like you, right?

No. 233686


Since I grew up with a mother with BPD I have an excellent idea of what it's like. People who don't get treatment and indulge in letting their symptoms get out of hand should not have custody of children, period.

No. 233688

Yes but no-one with any form of illness can get treated if they don't seek help

No. 233689

you do realize not everyone can get treatment you dumbass

No. 233690

BPD is not Bipolar Disorder. BPD means Borderline Personality Disorder. It is a very difficult disorder to live with (as a victim and as a relative of). BUT it can be treated and controlled. Margo probably was never diagnosted, so she probably thing acting/feeling the way she does is "normal"; hence, she doesn't understand why ever y one is calling her out. However, this doesn't justify her actions. She should go to a hospital and as for help, not because of Venus, but for her own health. Venus should try and think her mother is just overreacting, keep her distance and have herself talk with a professional so she can be able to cope with everything. Probably also leave the Internet for some time and be testes for BPD, as it can some times be "inherited".

No. 233691

that's true

No. 233693


You do realize there's a lot of help out there for people who realize they need help, right? First you have to acknowledge that you have a problem, which people like Margo are notoriously bad at.

Let's get back on topic, there's no point being butthurt because you identify with Venus' troll of a mother.

No. 233694

Dude, i'm defending mental illnesses but not margo.
Margo is fucking evil and whatever she has, she is inhuman

No. 233695

I wasnt defending margo but clearly you're too stupid to see that.

No. 233696

Whenever I'd sockpuppet to piss someone off, I'd always change up the grammar -and even dialect; just to make it less obvious.
..Not that she seems intelligent enough to think things through that far.

No. 233697

Honestly i doubt venus or margo would be able to leave the internet.
they both crave fame

No. 233698

>dumbass, stupid

Ad hominem attacks fit your BPD rage symptoms. Good job!

No. 233699

File: 1454977803249.png (653.1 KB, 883x540, cncncncn.PNG)

Re-uploaded and different caption

No. 233700

Does she realize even margo photoshops herself? wtf?

No. 233701

>implying you can diagnose someone with a mental illness because of some posts on an imageboard
you're very smart!

No. 233702


No. 233703

I wish venus would line her lips.
She would look cute with an upper lip

No. 233704


She cropped it more too. Maybe to hide where she actually is living at the moment?

No. 233705

farms from Japan, please, kill her

No. 233706


I am, thanks for playing!

No. 233707

File: 1454978028791.jpg (128.21 KB, 813x549, hereitis.jpg)

"THEN YOU", just saying

No. 233708

But what if Margo ~endured~ something that made her this way? She's clearly mentally ill but you call her inhuman. Doesn't that go against all the other bullshit you posted? Maybe she ~can't manage her illness~. I don't get how you can chimp out about other people's situations and then condemn Margo so harshly.

No. 233709

can both of you fuck off with your OT shit

No. 233711

Why are people even doubting it's her?

No. 233712

No. 233713

some people are naturally born evil and i think margo is one of them.
I always knew she was sick the moment she released CP of yukapon

No. 233715

is there a way to report margo's accounts?

No. 233716

Ok but if its a troll, they obviously lurk here and saw the comment.

No. 233717

It's clear the troll lurks lolcow, someone pointed out how margo always makes a mistake with then and than, and now the troll is making the same mistake on purpose. Farmers, you know better than this!

No. 233719

Don't. Venus can take screenshots and take them to the cops if things escalate more.

No. 233720

>Margo released CP of yukapon

please explain

No. 233721

Why would this be out of character for Margo? She's crazy and malicious.

No. 233724

Because it's so damn obvious. They are trying too hard with the mistakes, and obviously come here to see how we react. I'm sure the one who posts those screenshots here is behind the account and is just bored.

No. 233725

Margo is the one that released the video of yukapon's peeing video ( i think it was the full version which there was nudity was yuka was a teenager) to ruin yukapon to make venus shine.
she also lied about yuka's age because she knew yuka was a teenager

No. 233726

Agree, this someone probably saw this discussion.. or why is their grammar suddenly changing to the worse? that makes no sense

No. 233727

>Margo googling Venus's name 24h
>lands on a japanese bbs that uses Venus as meme
>right at this time, Nick posts slander with her pee video and so on to every japanese bbs
>Margo saves everything
>censores it and posted it to Tumblr claiming she is a 18 yo prostitute

No. 233728

margaretpalermofans account tries way too hard to make grammar mistakes and sound like Margo.
it definitely isn't her
don't be dumb guys

No. 233729


Yeah, there's no way Venus would be able to handle it if that happened, but at the same time, Margo being gone would be the best thing for her, if that makes any sense?

That's the saddest thing about this situation. Margo is a narcissistic, abusive piece of shit who's better off dead, but Venus still loves her because she's her mum, and I'm sure she has memories where Margo hasn't flipped her shit at her for nothing.

That's abuse for you, I guess. You always hope they'll get help and things can go back to the way they are when you're not being treated like shit, but it'll never happen.

No. 233732

according to some anon, she saved it from Nick who posted in on japanese websites

No. 233733

Margo needs to be in jail or a psych ward. I think it'll hurt Venus less knowing her mom can't hurt her anymore.

No. 233734

I understand, anon. I feel the same way from the outside.

No matter how shitty Marg has been there will always be a small feeling in Venus that only wants to help or try to repair what's broken. Not for their relationship, but so Marg can live a normal, happy life separate from Venus. But Marg will never be normal, it's not even an option, and Venus will have an empty spot in her for the rest of her life.

No. 233737

the only thing margo has done is call her stupid shit though?

No. 233739

File: 1454979596901.gif (528.84 KB, 625x626, AHHH.gif)

sorry anon, the only pic i have in repsonse for this is kinda overkill

No. 233740

Have you even read up on what Margo has done to Venus over the years?

No. 233743


>she can write a best seller about her batshit mom.

do you really think that many people care about her? She's some white weeb who made cute videos on YouTube, not an A-Lister.

Plus, since you're probably 12, it's not that easy to get a job especially in a different country. It's not as simple as walking into some maid cafe and asking to be a kawaii desu maiden.

I agree she should stand up on her own two feet, but how 'bout we wait until her mother finishes her temper tantrum to tell Venus to get her shit together?

No. 233745

I am far away from 12 and people have been buying "pity muh life" books from lesser known people than Venus.

No. 233746

funny how "mensa" in spanish means dumb

yeah, maybe she meant that kind of "mensa" test

No. 233748


>people have bought books from lesser known people than Venus

>That means Venus can make a best seller.

Like I said before, she's a white weeb famous for being a living doll on YouTube. If she made a book it'd probably end up being sold in the dollar store.

No. 233749


because the same adult woman bullying online her own daughter half of her age is totally fine

>venus doesnt deserve me

confirmed for magro sockpuppeting

No. 233750

So what? There have been worse things as bestsellers, like crappy "How To Draw Manga" books.

No. 233751


Look at every other fundraising thing Venus has ever tried. Sure, she has more drama now, but most of the people who care about her don't have disposable income, (or any income, because they're teens and pre-teens who don't work).

Manga books sold better because of NEETs buying them with tism bucks, "art students" buying them in order too improve their "art", and misguided parents buying them for their kids because they think it's good that Stacey has a hobby now.

tl;dr : Venus doesn't have the audience needed to make a lot of money of a book, if she chooses to write one.

No. 233752


That book with the melting eyes is a classic.

No. 233753

All of this makes me wonder how Dina Lohan would explode if she were sober enough to remember her IG and Twitter passwords.

No. 233754

File: 1454981668761.jpg (102.45 KB, 479x638, ariel wears her heart on her s…)


How To Draw Manga books generally make their money off of naive, weeby teens/preteens, which is why they sell. Manga is much less of a niche than being a living doll youtube celebrity.

Although, if Venus had someone decent enough with writing to help her, and she was very lucky, maybe she could sell a fair number of copies of a "pity me" biography. I've no idea.


Just for you, anon.

No. 233758

she actually has the most "dolly" lips. Dakota goes to great lengths to erase her own upper lip, lol.

No. 233759

File: 1454982423397.jpg (175.26 KB, 631x1046, image.jpg)

>guise I'm definitely not margo!!!

No. 233760

File: 1454982520261.jpg (176.86 KB, 640x999, image.jpg)

How can anyone say this account isn't her? Margo is a fucking crazy bitch.

No. 233761

go away margaretpalermofans, ur trying too hard

No. 233762

File: 1454982561526.jpg (198.19 KB, 640x1038, image.jpg)

No. 233763

File: 1454982579628.jpg (115.14 KB, 720x540, 182235_10150117261817356_75395…)

No. 233764

I wonder where Katy Coope is today…

No. 233765

This isn't my account, I just honestly believe it's her. If someone other than Margo is running this shitfest then please come clean.

No. 233766

What's that?

No. 233767

I doubt is someone from here or pull tbh… I believe it's Marg. If not, it's a very dumb person that likes to waste time

No. 233768

He placed the photos of family members that didn't attend into the photo.

No. 233770

I actually thought it was her up until this post. Ugh.

No. 233771

No. 233773

File: 1454983730236.jpg (108.51 KB, 640x534, image.jpg)

No. 233775

Okay, that is so over the top that I can believe it's a troll.

No. 233776




No. 233777

I wonder where the real margo is.

No. 233778


Trolling her own kid on dumbass accounts as it's so blatantly obvious.

No. 233779

obviously lurks here and saw that pic.
it's a troll.

No. 233780

yh no.
It doesn't sound like margo. They're both terrible at english but not in the same way.
Whoever made this account (you're trying way too hard).

No. 233783

I thought they were doing ok untill they dropped one to many "I am secretly margo" slips.

No. 233784

whats the hungarian last name?

No. 233785

No. 233786

This isn't margo because I can't see her using cliche phrases correctly ever lol. If she did it would be full of grammar errors too. Margo's english was barely understandable and it was disjointed.

No. 233792

I know but turtle lips arent pretty.
Her lips are thin it makes her look older

No. 233793

PULL pointed out that margaretpalermofans and margaretpolormo is the same person. They posted a screen shot on their insta where you can clearly see they forgot to log out first.

No. 233794

Margo started a thing with barbie - posted a photo they took together on the street then said it was a poor homeless person. Barbie right got stuck into her. It's a few months ago now I think, and all documented in barbie's thread. I hope I have the person right, as I'm no weeb-spert!

No. 233796

Err, I just checked, pretty sure that's a screenshot of margaretpOlermo's post.. go check out her page. I don't know what to think anymore

No. 233797

Holy shit, Margo's sister is beautiful.
Sucks for Margo being a witch and all lmao

No. 233798

Get your own job, Margo. Problem solved. Or go to the river, whichever.

No. 233799

If Margo is such a good YT manager, she should have built her portfolio of clients.

No, she was just a parasite, a momager if you will.

No. 233800

Yes she can meet friends, but I think university is just a fantasy.

She's had a very poor education. Also, academic level of Japanese will be different to weeb-level Japanese.

No. 233803


You wouldn't be able to see the delete buttons over margaretpolormos comments since the screenshot is uploaded by margaretpalermofans if they weren't the same person. Or am I just confused?

No. 233809

hey guys. I made the magaretpolermo account and I am def not in charge of that fan account.. I was 99% sure that whoever runs this was marge herself but I'm not sure anymore. seems farfetched, even for her crazy ass. That fan account posted a screenshot of my post, that's why you can see the X's

No. 233810

Does/has Venus had/have any reliable friends outside of Manaki?

from one shitty relationship with a family member to another it seems…

No. 233813

I'm kinda tired of playing margo when she herself is not doing anything so I'll lay off until she posts another photo of her fupa..

No. 233816

margaretpalermofans is gone. Guess it really was a troll after all? We will never know…

No. 233817

honestly these fake margo accounts are only annoying

No. 233822

And? 50 Shades of Grey is a bestseller, but that doesn't mean everyone who writes shitty fanfic can be a published author.
Just because one piece of crap sells, doesn't mean that something else will. Even genuinely good books don't sell sometimes because the author is unknown/the hype is not there.

No. 233823

what a faggot

No. 233824

File: 1454989277231.png (181.22 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Pls do go into river

No. 233825

Ugh nvm just realized it's another fake account.
Can people stop ..

No. 233826


No. 233827

Seriously, people are fucking sick. They don't realize the consequence of what will happen if Venus is swayed to go back. If they do though, fuck them.

No. 233828

File: 1454990428549.jpg (20.66 KB, 960x164, IMG_20160208_205845.jpg)

This person went so far as to post the same pics as margo, in the same order…

No. 233829

it's all the same thing.

>i am going into river

>i am going into river
>i am going into river
>i am going into river
>i am going into river
>i am going into river

No. 233830

These trolls are seriously agitating and unfunny. Whoever behind them needs to stop and realise this whole situation isn't a laughing matter.

No. 233831

Agree! If this is someone from here. please stop it is irritating

No. 233832

>BPDs are notorious liars
>BPDs aren't liars

Thank you doctors. Please take your home diagnosis kits and get lost.

No. 233833

No. 233835

Wow she's doubly proud of that nude, enough to comment again as a sockpuppet in support of it? She feels comfortable with the shit she's pulling and that's what's so disturbing about her.

No. 233840

I watched Tony's stream this morning (the 62 year old that got falsely accused of pedophilia) and he is a genuinely nice guy. A viewer asked him if he ever spoke to Keemstar and Tony said that they have only spoke twice, and one of the times being Keemstar asking if Tony was going to press charges. Tony told him no and Keemstar fucked off after that.

sage for ot

No. 233841

You know, the fake account shit isn't funny at all. The way things are going you guys might push her off the edge. I don't think anyone of us will want to be responsible for that, this is fucked up.

No. 233846

I very much highly doubt margeretpalermofan is her. The oldest picture is only an hour old and why would there be an e instead of an a?

No. 233847

I agree, especially since she thinks that Venus is "bullying" her. She's lost touch with reality and it's kind of frightening at this point.

No. 233848

why talked about this in public?? you were with her all the time, keep it behind the doors! Geez…Margo is more of the snowflake than Venus is

No. 233849

He should have.

polite OT sage

No. 233851

Seeing as you're constantly posting caps/are the troll account, please stop.

The only person who's enjoying this is you, it was funny the first time but you've run on with the joke for too long.

No. 233857

At this point of crazyness, I'll not be surprised if the sockpuppet turns to be Kenzie

No. 233859

This, there's a reason why there are more people dying in Japan than are being born now. A lot of women are making the choice to be independent and not have children, because they can do that.

No. 233863

File: 1454997609954.jpg (168.12 KB, 826x601, venus.jpg)

No. 233865

I take it she's doing this since she wants to distance herself from Youtube?

No. 233866

I think releasing a line of accessories or something would be a lot better than a calendar- if the stuff she can put out is cute, the market becomes larger. She's cute, especially if she goes in a different fashion direction, but not EVERYONE outside of her extreme fanbase gives a real shit enough to buy a calendar. I think anyone would be willing to buy cute things to wear though, just because they're cute.

No. 233868

I think she needs something she can do quickly, and i suppose that maybe she already has the pictures for a calendar..or Manaki has a good camera and can shoot does pictures so they can make it. Something like accessories would take a lot of work, and she would have to be able to design them and stuff.
I have the feeling that Venus might just need a way to support herself now, money-wise..i mean she's suddenly pretty much on her own (except for Manaki) so she needs an income of some sorts

No. 233869

Whether a calendar would be the best merch or not, I like that she's not asking for handouts.

No. 233870

File: 1454998531649.jpg (131.25 KB, 600x200, soexpensive.jpg)

venus please… so expensive… to eat sausage every day at airport…

No. 233871

As someone with BPD, I wish you fuckers would shut up and stop diagnosing people

No. 233873

I fucking laughed

No. 233874

I lost my heart
Under the bridge
To that little girl
So much to me
And now I'm old
And now I holler
She'll never know
Just what I found

That blue eyed girl
(that blue eyed girl)
She said "no more"
(she said "no more")
That blue eyed girl
(that blue eyed girl)
Became blue eyed whore
('came blue eyed whore)
Down by the water
(down by the water)
I took her hand
(I took her hand)
Just like my daughter
(just like my daughter)
Won't see her again
(see her again)

Oh help me jesus
Come through this storm
I had to lose her
To do her harm
I heard her holler
(I heard her holler)
I heard her moan
(I heard her moan)
My lovely daughter
(my lovely daughter)
I took her home
(I took her home)

Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.
Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.
Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter ….

No. 233876

Sorry, I just heard this song on the radio while browsing and it was too eerie not to post.

No. 233878

I agree that accessories would be a lot better but more work on her part. I table at conventions and I think acrylic keychains and buttons might be a viable merchandise line for her. They're relatively cheap and have super quick turnarounds. She can sell them as "pre-orders" too and ship them once they arrive to cut down initial production cost. She wouldn't even have to draw anything complicated. Maybe just make a cutesy "Venus Angelic" logo w/ a nice font(sort of like a lot of lolita brand logos like BTSSB or AP) and then maybe add like a :3 cat face or hearts on them. People would buy that shit up so fast. If she's willing to have someone who can draw help her out and draw a cute version of her to put on buttons/keychains/shirts that might work too.

No. 233879

Never apologise for posting PeeJ.

No. 233881

I know that this has been pointed out before that her English is pretty perfect all of a sudden, but I wonder if she'll ever reveal just how many of her weird weeb antics were actually administered by Margo using her account. She could probably do well as a regular beauty guru or JVlogger, but might have to start a new channel for that.

No. 233883

10/10 banner material

No. 233885

File: 1454999517816.jpg (149.77 KB, 936x603, margo.jpg)

No. 233886

Hypocrisy? I just see a girl trying to make an honest living for herself seeing as how you are holding her money/bank account hostage holy shit

No. 233887

I can't tell whats real anymore

No. 233889

I figured that the idea of "merch" wasnt new and was probably in the works before Venus posted.

Margos still homeless…. Go home margo!

No. 233890

So she has the agreement in place already, and she's acting on it. That suggests she is dealing direct with Fullscreen, no? There's no apparent hypocrisy here.

Margo gets to harp from the sidelines.

No. 233891

File: 1455000022848.jpg (116.8 KB, 824x609, margo.jpg)

No. 233892

what the?

No. 233893


No. 233894

File: 1455000308531.jpeg (40.42 KB, 290x242, image.jpeg)

That's an amazing catchphrase.

No. 233895

Well it kind of shows how irresponsible she is that she missed the appointed time.
>na na na na na
Is she 10 years old.

No. 233896


She full of them lately.

"go to the river"

No. 233897


I wonder if she'll get in trouble for posting what i'm assuming is a private business conversation. I would laugh so fucking hard.

No. 233898

This could actually be her theme song

No. 233901

I just love how margo blames her being homeless on venus
pls you are a grown ass woman.. it's pathetic that you claim your daughter is at fault for you being homeless now. It's you who fucked up

No. 233902

Huh, margo seems to have quite supporters in the comments.

No. 233903

This actually made me laugh out loud. 10/10

No. 233904

I just noticed, her contacts name hasnt been blurred or anything.

No. 233905

Actually the troll account isn't mine, I immediately commented after my screencap that I realised it wasn't actually Margo and told the trolls to stop.

No. 233906

What is she nananaaa-ing about anyway?? Is margo making her own calender? I don't understand the taunt lol

No. 233908


This is the "proof" that margo came up with the idea of the calendar first and did all the ground work (poorly because the text suggests she missed an appointment). Therfore Venus is a hypocrite because… Reasons?

No. 233909

I know, right? It's only proof that she took care of the communications, and badly. I wonder how breezy it is for them now that they are dealing with Venus direct?

No. 233911

Is it possible that venus and margo just set all this shit up for publicity and to push products?

No. 233913

I highly doubt it. It's already been mentioned several times. Regardless of what they're trying to push, this seems like an extreme measure

No. 233914

Now wait, is she calling Venus 'the abuser'? Or?
…boyfriend was forbidden? Hasn't she had many boyfriends? A personal trainer for example, or the Korean guy?
…and she's had a youtube. Like, for a long time. So? What the fuck is she talking about?
How embarrassing for her to be trying to cry 'she abused me!!!11' good lord woman you're an adult, fucking act like it.

No. 233915

I doubt Venus would think it's worth how belittled she's being, just for publicity.

And no way Margo would let herself look like such a fucking idiot (or maybe she would).

I'm pretty sure it's all real. I just don't see the point if not.

No. 233917

why does she put down "linked the channel to fullscreen" as work? shit takes 2 seconds to copy paste a link

No. 233918

Feeling a bit more giggly over this whole thing now it seems Venus isn't instantly going to welcome Margo back into her life. This calendar situation is hilarious - And Margo still living at the airport is even better! Popcorn material once again. Go Venus!

Hey, Margo, keep things fresh n' funny for us, would ya? Start posting screenshots of your personal messages to Venus! I know you have hundreds of them built up by now.

No. 233919

File: 1455003040846.jpg (171.02 KB, 480x384, homeless_jpg-thumb.jpg)

If this shit keeps going on this will be Margo in a few days

No. 233921

I love you anon

No. 233922

I don't think you know what a logical argument is anon

are you feeling ok?

No. 233923

when you go to the comments section for this accounts pic, in one comments on their own pics they say they know margo from RL in korea

No. 233928

>#hypocracy #lying
Kek. Takes one to know one, huh?

No. 233930

File: 1455004853744.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 1454031431998.gif)


No. 233932

No because Margo lost too much reputation and Venus gained too little. Even if Margo wanted the money, she never seemed particularly…charitable? to sacrifice her name (or what little was left of it) to appear like a psychotic bitch. I could understand this way of thinking at first, when she just announced Venus disappeared etc. cause that didn't seem too bad, but seriously, posting nudes and telling her daughter she was a mistake is really too over the top for a publicity stunt from those too. They don't have a PR team good enough to think of this stuff.

No. 233934

What the fuck is she talking about? Denied boyfriends? More like Margo denied Venus boyfriends. From what I can recall, Psycho Mom dated 2 dudes in the UK (one died from heart disease, the other was a drunk Jamacian guy), probably had a dude in the Netherlands and has a boyfriend in Korea.

She needs to be lobotomized.

No. 233936

she deleted this picture lol

No. 233937

I honestly think Margo is using Venus as an excuse not to get envolved in relationships. In her mind, her relationships fail not because of anything margo did, it was always because she had to think about what Venus wanted. Margo is a martyr you know…

No. 233941

Damn, I want to go to Haneda to for some Margo sighting..Too bad I'm busy with uni exams. I hope she stays there until next week lol.

No. 233942

If she's actually "homeless" she will be lol. But really though, she'll probably hop on a plane back to Korea once her funds are totally empty.

No. 233944

Although it's possible for a child to be the abuse, it's usually when the parent is elderly. Also, its pretty common for an abusive parent to project everything onto the child. I.e. running away from home, asbergers, alcoholism, abuse, ect

She's really only convincing me more that SHE'S the abusive one.

No. 233947

Do you know anyone you who would go? I would love to hear about some wild margo sightings.

No. 233948


A Margo Safari!?

No. 233949

File: 1455011465687.png (91.08 KB, 628x610, rich-experiences-to-share.png)

Some fun going on in her comments.

No. 233950

Oooh I get the na na na part now
…I read it like Batmans nanana

No. 233951

more like Venus funds

No. 233952

That's what fucking happens when you use your daughter as a cash cow

No. 233953


Yes, what will margo do if she runs out of money? Do you think she will try guilting Venus into sending her some? "Thanks to @Venus_angelic I am stuck in the airport and I dont have any money to go back to Korea. This is all your fault. #stillhomeless #toopoortotraveltoriver"

No. 233954

Margo's version of river-dancing would be standing by the water in the middle of the night, doing her fit's dance in the bikini

No. 233956

I wonder if that fullscreen guy actually knows how insane Marg is, he has an insta and everything… I refuse to believe they'd willingly crawl into bed with her if they saw her crazy antics

No. 233958

fuck off pull retard

No. 233959

I hope they're dealing with Venus directly now at least.

No. 233961

Does anyone know how long Margo plans to scare tourists at the airport? I remember her saying she had vacations/ took some days off but she can't stay there forever, right?

No. 233962

File: 1455014908760.jpg (141.06 KB, 834x603, venus.jpg)

No. 233963

Now I'm just waiting for marg to post something hateful about this.

No. 233964

Untill she runs out of money. Then Venus has to take her back.

No. 233965

Good that she's going about her business. It's sure to piss Margaret off that she's not getting the reaction from Venus that she was hoping for lol.

No. 233966

Margo: It was ME who made Venus dolly, she is now stealing my idea by wearing cute outfits, where's my mooooneeey, I am hooooooomeleeeeeeess #stealing #forbiddenboyfriend #japan #venusangelic #notsodolly #venuspalermo

No. 233967


No. 233968

Waiting for Margo to throw another tantrum

No. 233969

Shes probably not going to post just to mess with us.
I need Milk Dammit!

No. 233970

Genuinely wondering whether Margo can get any crazier than she is currently. I have a feeling the answer is probably yes.

No. 233971

Venus liked some #StayStrongVenus pictures. I assume she doesn't quite check her comments, so it's nice to see she's noticed in some way that people are supporting her.

No. 233973

Piggy backing on this, she had to have been linked to the hashtag through one picture to notice the other one. Which means she clicked on the tag itself and is no doubt aware of the StopMargaretPalermo account now.

No. 233974

This is absolutely insane and so cruel. I truly hope Venus will stay away from this woman and be able to live a happy and healthy life. She must have experienced so much manipulation and abuse.

No. 233975

you go girl

No. 233976

Does it mean she got her youtube account back? yessss

No. 233977


She got her YouTube back? Can any kind anon summarize? I can't watch the video right now without waking people. :(

No. 233979

6.36 she is thanking supporters!

No. 233980

I know and you see that cut, it gets darker. She spent ages making this.

No. 233981


She's basically going through her mum's claims about her, covering aspergers, eating disorder, pet abuse. She also said she used to scream so people would hear when her mum was hitting her.

She seems so much more articulate in this video. I'd definitely watch her more if her videos are more like this.

No. 233982

"I do not have screaming attacks- I did scream because I wanted other people to hear when my mom was hitting me"

oh my god

No. 233983

Margo is going to loose her mind…

Venus is being so mature about all of this. Its so sad, she shouldn't have to make a video like this.

No. 233984

>the hamster and dog stories. Both accidents before she was 11.
>she doesn't have an eating disorder
>no mental illness
>mom hit her
>appreciates the support
>plans to keep making videos

No. 233985


No. 233986

This makes me so happy :)

No. 233987

She sounds like she's about to cry.

No. 233989

Hopefully the Keemtards don't bash her on that video and they'll forget about her by the time he next video is uploaded. Haven't seen any hate so far in the comments.

No. 233990


No. 233991

basically 'Tangled' starring Venus, Margo and Manaki

No. 233992

No one should have to make a video saying the dont abuse animals. I dont like that she was put in this position but Im glad she spoke out. I hope everything goes well for her from now on.

No. 233993


Long story short, Venus escaped Margo to live in Japan with Manaki and Margo's showing her true colors of being completely insane.

No. 233994

Pls archive this shit, I'm at work

No. 233995

What the fuck, I sincerely hope she never goes back to her abusive mom. I've heard of people going back to their abuser but it appears she's very aware of what was happening to her which is such huge progress. To know that she was taken out of education and forced to make those YouTube vids is disgusting.

No. 233996

What anon said, Venus ran away to Manaki, Margo accused her of everything that is stated in the video and uploaded a nude pic, she flew to Japan, had a fight (?) with Venus at the airport, Venus escaped and now she lives homeless at the airport and wants to go to the river.

No. 233999

File: 1455019792739.jpg (67.18 KB, 634x466, milk.jpg)

Enough for you anon?

No. 234000

I audibly gasped when she mentioned her mother hitting her.
My god, this is so heartbreaking.

No. 234001


With everything that went on this month so far, that is quite an accurate representation of it. Maybe add a few more jugs.

No. 234002

I don't think she will. The fact that she's speaking up about everything is a huge sign that she's over it. I'm sure she would have escaped sooner if it were possible but it sounds like she didn't have access to funds so Manaki provided that route.

Really sad to hear she was physically abused as well.

No. 234003

Wow jeez, so Margo even hit her…
How can people seriously still believe this is staged? Nobody would tell such bad things about their parents just for publicity.

No. 234004


Plus, nobody would tell their child that they're an accident for everyone to read.

No. 234006


Its so sweet and creamy. Not the blow up from margo I was expecting, but hey, I love it.

No. 234007

I feel sorry for her but where is her dad? If I married some creep Asian my dad would drag me back home lol

No. 234008

My heart is broken.

No. 234010

Wait, so Margo hit her, she screamed and margo accused her of throwing tantrums because she fucking hit her? Yeah right, venus should just kept her mouth shut, you go margo….

No. 234011

On the description below the video it says that the only account not hacked by her mom is her Instagram, so I think Margo will delete this video sooner or later (I hope not but who knows)

No. 234012


If I remember correctly, he went out of the picture when Venus was little. I think a year or 2 ago, Margo divorced or finished divorcing him?

No. 234013

She's 5'4"?

No. 234014

That doesn't seem right..I thought she was like 5'8" or so.

No. 234015

Margo has been quiet. Doesnt the river get wifi?

No. 234016

Why are people still saying that it's a publicity stunt? What would both parties gain from this in the first place. I think it's pretty sick for Venus to be telling her side of the story after all of this has went down and people are posting the same stupid theories in the comments. Give me a break.

No. 234017

File: 1455020498057.gif (2.5 MB, 320x240, 225.gif)



No. 234018

There could be more to come anon. How can Margo stay silent? It's not her style.

No. 234019

That new video made me cry. No one should have to retaliate from bullshit such as this from a family member. I sincerely hope Venus kicks Maggot into touch and finds happiness.

No. 234020

this fuckin river shit has me in stitches lmao

No. 234021


Simple. They're fucking idiots.

No. 234022

Yeah, I could've sworn she was 5'7"-ish at least. In that pic of her and Michelle Phan she's towering over Michelle who I think is like 5'1" or something…?

No. 234023

Margo lies about everything, probably wanted Venus to be more likely to get modeling gigs.

No. 234024

Some pretty harsh stuff was covered in the video. But it makes me happy because it feels like a tipping point and things will get better from now on. :)

No. 234025

I'm so happy she's gotten away from her crazy mother, and maybe someday she can live in peace without having to deal with this.
Also I really want her to do more tell-all videos like this. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Maggro is like the ultimate stage mum, and I'm too curious about this sort of thing even though I also grew up with a stageparent.

No. 234026


This triggers me right into the feels. We lived on the 2nd floor, and people on the 5th floor could often hear me screaming when my crazy mom was having a go at me.

Also fuck those people people for never helping, and fuck those people who didn't get Venus away from Margo.

No. 234027

All this river talk with Margo keeps making me think of this.

No. 234028

I really hope so :( If this is just the tip of the iceberg, I dread to think of what else might have happened. Her best bet is to either rise above and become something without Margo, or try and disappear, knuckle down and try and resume a normal life.

No. 234029

Bahahahahaaaa! I forgot all about this. Nice.

No. 234030

No. 234031

File: 1455021060057.jpeg (54.75 KB, 590x590, ohYU5uXt.jpeg)

But guys, what if this is some elaborate, ingenious, ultra-crazy hoax? What if we're all being had?

No. 234032

The new video is so sad but it's frustrating that she won't drop that account since margo has access to it. Kinda hoped that a update video would be made on a new channel. watch this video get deleted by margo soon..

No. 234033

No. 234034

I love how she slyly gave it the clickbaity title "I killed my hamster". Nice job.

No. 234035

don't even make sarcastic posts about it

No. 234036

Yeeesssssssss! I'm in my workplace and went to the bathroom just to watch the video, and oh my god, I'm 1) very satified of the way Venus is handling all this, without playing the victim, just stating facts and explaining what happned; 2) extremely disgusted by Margaret, she's the worst scum of this world, a mother that exploits and lives off her daughter and abuses her emotionally and physically.

Hey Maggot, karma is a bitch, isn't it? Funny thing is that many people (me included) that weren't fans of Venus bc found her kind of annoying and weebish, always knew that there was something odd going on there, that Maggot was using her daughter for profit and that she was kind of crazy (now we have confirmed she's not only crazy, she's evil) and always had a felt kind of sad for Venus for having such a mother, no proper education, no stable home, etc.

Christ I'm happy for her.

No. 234037

I'm sorry. I'm insane and don't trust anyone because I had a Margo mom, too. But seriously good for Venus. Never go back.

No. 234039

She probably hopes Margo won't notice it because Venus hasn't mentioned it on Instagram yet. I wish she'd block her mum on Insta at least… to stop her leaving nasty comments on her daughters photos. She's trying to move on ffs.

What? Why are you supporting Margo? Did you even listen?
Venus said her mum would hit her when she pronounced words wrong or when she cried, and Venus screamed to let people know she was being hurt. I don't see anything wrong with that or how that is a 'tantrum', she was being physically abused by her mother.

No. 234040

File: 1455021436574.jpg (138.24 KB, 338x507, margointheriver.jpg)

Can't wait for Margo's response to the new video.

No. 234042

Sad. She's a girl who really needs a father figure.

No. 234043

File: 1455021589981.jpg (7.88 KB, 259x195, f5.jpg)

No. 234044

Such complete bullshit how she's been treated. You can tell all of this has really hurt her.

No. 234045

Am I the only one who though Venus is about to start crying on her new Yt video? She surely sounded really emotional over all this and it showed me that she can't hate her mother but is truely hurt by her. Another reason why I believe Venus more than Margo.

No. 234046

Same, anon, though my mom wasn't my abuser, hearing her say she screamed when her mom hit her reminded me of all the times I would scream when my ex beat me, wishing and hoping someone would hear me and help. No one did. Ever. Even when it happened in front of them, nobody stopped him or stood up for me.

I wish somebody helped Venus sooner, but it makes me so happy that she has Manaki, no matter if we have questions about their marriage or not, she's much safer with him than with Marg clearly. My heart goes out to V. She truly looked heart broken in this video, but she tried so hard to keep it together… she's so mature tbh.

No. 234047

She sounds like she's about to cry oh my god poor girl

No. 234049

anyone know where that skirt could be from? it's rly cute. sorry for ot

No. 234050

Even if she hadn't mentioned it on Instagram, wouldn't Margo still get notified with comments or something from Youtube?

No. 234051

Dont be too bothered, I thought the same thing. No idea.

No. 234052

I'm glad you are out of that but why did you date him.

No. 234053

Yeah her voice got really shaky a few times

No. 234054

Manaki is a creep

No. 234055

I'm still convinced that Venus has disordered eating (the obsession with food and binge-eating is pretty telling by itself), but so do half the world, whether they are sp00py skeletons or vegan exercise freaks. In any case it's hardly important or surprising considering that she has been making a living based on her looks since she was prepubescent.

No. 234056

Perhaps Venus has sole control of the YT now. She is obviously working with Fullscreen so maybe matters got sorted behind closed doors.

No. 234057

Yeah, still convinced she's bulimic

No. 234058

I understand why there is so much asskissing in these threads. Margot is a bad women and everyone wants to see her go down, but I can't help feeling like Venus is also a brat and is using Manaki, who genuinely likes her. Also that she is manipulating everyone to like her by up playing the fact that she is a victim. It's just really hard for me to imagine a person raised by the likes of Margo and brought up in an environment without a proper home and the internet singing praising her since a young age can grow up to be a good person. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I can see her becoming are real bitch later on, and then just blaming it on her abusive mother.

No. 234059

File: 1455022297273.png (22.16 KB, 724x162, ex.png)

was it always like this?

No. 234060

There was one point were she turned her head and then cut the footag, she looked like she was about to cry…

No. 234061


Ya, that's always been like that.

No. 234062

yes, she changed it when they first got married

No. 234064

That's usually the cycle. Plenty of NPD people fall out with their similarly NPD parents because both egos can't tolerate one another. I'm rooting for Venus but I also remember that she was effectively isolated from the world with only Margo to model after in her formative years. It will take a miracle for Venus to become well-adjusted

No. 234065

Its cliche I guess to say he wasn't like that in the beginning, and I was young, 16. And the only reason I didn't leave him was because he told me "if you ever leave me I'll kill you then myself", that coming from someone who beat/tried to kill me, really scared me.
Thank you though anon, life is great now. Happy ending is, he left me, felt like the world lifting off my shoulders, and I'm 23 now and pretty much 100% okay, with a loving boyfriend who'd rather die than lay a hand on me.
I'd like to think Venus is feeling the same kind of liberation I did, but I can't really compare..
…also I know my blog post here is way OT, sorry everyone, I'll fuck off now lol

Creep vs. Physical, mental, emotional abuse.
I'll take her straightening her life out with the creep over her being stuck with the river monster anyday.

No. 234066

Same boat here, anon. I absolutely don't judge anyone's reason for staying with their abuser because it's a crazy ride to be on. I gained so much respect for Venus and how she's handling this.

No. 234067

Her video description though
"follow my only social media that wasn't hacked by my mom"
lmao Venus being a little sassy. I like it

No. 234068

Me too anon, me too.

No. 234069

I feel so sorry for Venus. Margo is a fucking bitch that deserves the WORSE

No. 234070

Yeah but she's ON the YT. Margo is not (so far).

So I'm guessing she means, the only other social. Until Margo appears or deletes the vid this is my theory.

No. 234071

samefag here. oops I think I missed the point.

No. 234072


I dont know how youtube works but could Venus have changed the YT password to keep Merg out?

No. 234073

Someone should download the video just in case then.

No. 234076

Margo has complete access to her e-mail though, and could have changed the password to that so she could control all other social media.

No. 234077

Because he deserves some real praising for saving Venus, away from ol'Margo's fangs

No. 234079

^ This!

No. 234081

My boyfriend hits me occasionally, and uses prostitutes too. People like you are an inspiration.

No. 234082

Yeah the amount of bashing he gets despite the fact that he could just say fuck it.

No. 234083

I'll second that.

No. 234084

Anon! Don't be afraid, be bold! You can and will leave this man. No matter how alone you might feel, you are not! Life is waiting for you. Start planning your escape right now. Make sure he doesn't find out and if you have friends let them help you. Get out and start your life!

No. 234085

Some people have mentioned the video on margos instagram. But still nothing. Ok, maybe Im a little worried about her…

No. 234086

>My boyfriend hits me occasionally
leave him now. seriously NO MAN would hit you if he truly cares about you. stop this before it gets worse. and it'll believe me.

No. 234089

Margo changed it

No. 234090

The beatings aren't often but I know he uses prostitutes and then wants sex with me without a condom. Got into this relationship for stupid reasons and now he talks about marriage

No. 234092

then kill him and say he tried to rape you

No. 234094

I'm not encouraging harm towards Margo or anything, but if something does happen, I'd feel nothing for her.

When Venus was talking about the cries the puppy made, she was definitely about to cry before she cut off. It almost brought a tear to my eye too, you could see the distress in her face :/

No. 234095

don't do this to yourself. you deserve better and he's an asshole. take care and stay safe anon

No. 234096

Pull a Lorena Bobbit on him.

No. 234097

I don't feel sorry for abusers.
I don't care about what happens to her, really.

No. 234098

Even if it is "not often" it shouldn't even happen once!
This asshole doesn't deserve you.
You should leave him

Or cut off his dick and feed it to him..

No. 234099

or to Margo, she loves sausages

No. 234101

Yeah, pretty sure it was Maggot the one who changed (and the one who wrote comments using Venus yt profile to accuse Manaki of being an alcoholic).

No. 234104

File: 1455024533316.jpg (181 KB, 800x1000, shortpacked____whores___by_its…)


Yes, anon, all women are whores. Especially the successful ones.

No. 234106

I would actually pay for the Polaroids right about now

No. 234107

No. 234108

Meh. He's traditional Korean guy so it's hard.

No. 234110

This is the likeable Venus. She is so likeable when she's genuine, and free.

No. 234111

yeah, it's cool. it's ur life u r screwing up over a guy after all. good luck with the future beatings and I'm sorry u cant get out of an abusive relationship just because he's 'traditional Korean'

No. 234112

No. 234113

it's your choice.
A friend is in the same situation, he's a police man so it's difficult, he threatens her with suicide. But who cares, he doesnt love her. Hitting and then say sorry and I love you is crap - he's a liar. Run away from him, remember, if you end up dead -> it was your choice. I dont care if hes traditional.

No. 234115

I have to add that she ran away and told the bf's sister about the situation, so if he attempts to suicide, she will take him to a fucking psychiatrist

No. 234116

Meryl Streep's character in Into The Woods is exactly Margo

No. 234117

File: 1455025359299.png (185.37 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Margo's still around guys.

No. 234118

File: 1455025378237.gif (185.29 KB, 500x350, tumblr_inline_mfuua3wasL1roabj…)

Margo is so quiet i'm having a really bad feeling about this. She may be plotting something

No. 234119

she's unbelievable

No. 234120

No. 234121

The last comment

No. 234122

He isn't abusing you and you aren't having issues because he is a traditional korean. Being a traditional korean doesn't mean you are an abuser or get a pass at being cruel and abusive. Stop giving him excuses while insulting a whole culture. Do yourself and the world a favor and leave that shit.

No. 234123

the room venus filmed in is so cute looking, i'm glad she seems to be doing so well now

No. 234124

I'm a traditional Spanish woman and i don't kill bulls
So for me, those are also excuses

No. 234125

Could all of this explain why she never did an actual draw my life video? Because the lifr she grew up to know really wasn't…ideal?

No. 234126

Almost teared up at the end of the new video. Its the first time shes made a video without her mother glaring at her, without reading off a script her mother wrote. This is the genuine Venus and it makes me so happy

No. 234127


She's getting told, she's getting spanked, I'm loving it.

No. 234128

File: 1455025934012.png (455.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-00-48-00…)

I just came across this on magros insta. Pretty ironic. I'm pretty sure theres no draw my life vid because she just didn't want venus to.

No. 234130

File: 1455026017614.jpg (84.1 KB, 800x600, take_me_to_the_river_xlg_0.jpg)

No. 234133

Can you imagine Venus wanting to do a "Draw my Life" video but can't because such a huge amount of it would paint Margo in a bad light and Margo just won't have any of it? Shit, if Venus wrote a memoir of her life I'd buy it in a heart beat.

No. 234134

There are many more Korean boys that would treat you well. You have them most power to change your situation for the better and become happier. Best wishes anon.

Also, how do I sage?

No. 234135


Put sage in the email line.

No. 234136

Ahh, gotcha.
Ill save you all from another "my mom was abusive too" story, but it really is heartwarming to see that someone who shares similar struggles was able to get out. She got away similar to how I did. I packed my car as full as I could and ditched my mother as soon as I was of age.
Also, sorry for longish post;but to also add, i hate that she has to make a video clearing her name when you can tell by just looking at her, she's not the kind of person her mother tried to make her out to be. Again, my apologies for the long post!

No. 234138

No I'm not. I used to teach English there though. It's my fault. I got into this relationship for stupid childish reasons, wanting a Korean boyfriend, and I ended up with someone who took advantage of that. I'm planning to leave in a month but he controls my salary. I've lied to my dad and said everything is OK but if I told my dad what he was doing I'm pretty sure he'd come to our flat and beat my boyfriend to a pulp. I'm scared to do that though.

No. 234139

Damn, this looks great and made me laugh, 10/10

No. 234140

No. 234141

I like your idea, anon. Maybe stickers would be a good way to go, too, people fuckin love stickers.

No. 234143

File: 1455026878990.png (71.65 KB, 612x376, Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 14.0…)

Trying to archive Margo's replies

No. 234144

Except the witch has 10000000x more sense. And is a better person. And is way prettier.

No. 234146

I forgot, she also has talent.

No. 234147

Bob Ross mom. Kawaii.

No. 234148

File: 1455027004681.png (35.1 KB, 600x166, Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 14.0…)

Margo's got Venus' PIN held hostage?

No. 234150

No. 234151

File: 1455027161813.png (85.24 KB, 598x450, Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 14.1…)

Popeye? What?

No. 234152

Does that mean they've met each other? Sure sounds like what she's trying to say

No. 234153

they met in Japan at the airport because Margaret was bringing over some of Venus' belongings, Venus asked for the pin then.

No. 234154

File: 1455027754746.gif (715.43 KB, 350x344, tumblr_lyuda81KPX1r0txj2.gif)

Venus really hasn't been playing the victim doe. Margo has been on a rampage for almost a week now, and Venus has only made a couple posts on IG to set the lies straight, and the new video which does the same. Venus has actually shown a lot of maturity and grace throughout all of this tbh

No. 234155

It makes no sense because initially she posted that they had a "short but good chat", then a few posts later Margo was harping on about Venus standing her up at the airport

What's your story margaret!?!

No. 234158

No. 234159

>I worry myself to death

You mean you worried for yourself and for your source of $ right?

No. 234162

Oh fucking hell anon. There are plenty of people who've been raised by shitty, abusive parents and turn out just fine. Of course we'll have to wait and see how Venus will develop but it's dumb to generalise people who've been abused to become assholes too.

No. 234163

Wonder what margaret will do now that her cash cow has ran away

1. Return to Europe and be a benefits scrounger
2. Find some hapless man to trap and live off of
3. Sue Venus for a portion of her savings

place your bets now!!

No. 234164

The whole "btw i'm homeless now" thing came about because according to Mayo Venus stole her belongings when they met. Because Mayo packed HER OWN things into a suitcase that belonged to Venus and was supposed to contain her things. And then Mayo tried to physically stop her from leaving and caused a huge scene that involved security restraining her. And then she lived at the airport for 3 days, eating expensive sausage.

No. 234166

>I really like eating and munching
Bless her heart

No. 234167

This is what happens when girls and boys grow up without a dad.

No. 234168

File: 1455028522788.jpg (19.31 KB, 600x400, Nicki.jpg)

No. 234169

i see you baitin

No. 234170

File: 1455028542158.jpeg (51.34 KB, 625x626, image.jpeg)

No. 234171

I don't know anyone here who knows about Venus/Margo drama. But if any farmers are in Tokyo and nothing to do, visit Haneda airport and you might be able to sight a rare Margomon.

No. 234172

I spit out my coffee kek

No. 234173

And don't forget to take a photo for us!

No. 234174


Ass burgers

No. 234175

Or, even better, a video.

Make it like a wildlife documentary for bonus points.

No. 234177

I dont get it, where is venus living rn ? Why is her mother homeless (sleeping at the airport) ?

No. 234178

goddamnit learn to read anon

No. 234179

Venus ran away to Japan to live with Manaki.
Margo followed her, thinking Venus would let her stay with them, but she talked so much shit about Venus and ruined their relationship, so now she's apparently staying at the airport. Although she claimed that 'friends' were coming to get her. Who knows.

No. 234180


Venus posted a video answering her mom's outrageous allegations.

No. 234181


Margo has friends?

No. 234182


you are late to the party anon

No. 234183

Some of us here should DL it and if Morgo deletes, re-upload it just to fuck with her.

No. 234184


No. 234185

DL already.

No. 234186

that was really vague, meant I downloaded already, will upload if it disappears.

No. 234187

All done, anon.

No. 234188

She looked like she been crying

No. 234189

Also got it downloaded just in case.

No. 234190

> "i just wanted other people to hear when my mom was hitting me"

holy shit thats awful. poor venus. and the fact the way she says it like its not a really huge issue, just an explanation of why her mom said she had fits is the saddest thing.

No. 234194

super late to the party but telling your kid they were an accident says way more about YOU as a parent and person. jesus fuck margaret

No. 234197

File: 1455030270662.png (27.84 KB, 295x157, marge.png)

and whose fault is that, margo???
you dragged your daughter into this ridiculous lifestyle…. you're lucky SHE isnt homeless prostitute for what you've done to her. i know, why dont you go marry mr yan

No. 234198

File: 1455030272603.png (575.55 KB, 678x384, venn.PNG)

>"..she (margo) also called me a psychopath"

she looks so sad

Shit I feel so sorry for her, Margo was intentionally trying to damage Venus' mental health.

No. 234199

Is it just me or is her voice better here? She's no longer trying to sound and act cute every 10 seconds, no longer doing the anime voice, ahe sounds like herself and naturally cute.

No. 234200

I noticed that too. She still has a thick accent but it sounds more natural and coherent, not infantilized and uguu.

I'm sure her mother forced her to talk "kawaii" for the camera.

No. 234201

I feel like she is trying so hard not to cry. I hope Margo won't ever get her again. What a horrible monster.

No. 234202


That Manaki doesn't hit her, or tell her she's nothing without him, or forces her to wear things, or to say things, or to not move like that, not do this expression, is probably also helping her a lot. He's supporting her in the actual sense of the word, not controlling her every waking moment the way Margo did and wants to do again, as if there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 234203

agree…i feel towards the end her voice is starting to break, but she keeps on. poor girl…

No. 234204


You stay homeless, Margrot, you don't deserve any better.

No. 234205

her boo-byebye-boo wasn't nearly as cringey as i usually find it, though maybe it's because i sympathize with her more now

No. 234206

Do the people Margo bullied know about this? Like Xiaorishu? I wonder what they think now.

No. 234207

It's supposed to be things she supposedly did to venus, obviously.

No. 234208

I'm fed up of hearing other peoples sob story's.This thread is about Venus not you so please keep on topic

No. 234209

Yeah don't bring bpd into this just because you had a shit mother.
Bitch isn't bpd. Don't go diagnosing people pleb.

No. 234211

I think the fact that she cut out the parts where she got really emotional also shows that she didn't do the video to get sympathy ( seeing as so many youtubers cry infront of the camera to get some pity from their audience) but she really just wanted to get some things straight and wanted her fans to know the truth.

No. 234212

There is a bpd and npd thread in /b/ just saying.

No. 234214



You stay classy, crazy bitch syndrome.

No. 234216


She probably doesn't want to give Magot the satisfaction of seeing her cry, good for her!

No. 234217

-→ 0:38
After watching this, I dont believe for a second that Margo has some terrible mental illness.
She knows that what she did to Venus & how she treated her was wrong. She knows exactly how she was supposed to raise Venus,she intentionally did all of these things to benefit herself.

She is not sick. She is just a bitch.

No. 234218

Her face around 3:05 is breaking my heart

No. 234219

Same. It usually sends me into a rage but now i thought it was just sweet, she's trying to still be cheery in the middle of all this

No. 234220

Kek u thirsty for attention yo mamma never gave u?

Threads about Venus not your pathetic sob story and wild accusations.

No. 234221

I take it you have bpd? Quit being so defensive with your cringeworthy posts all throughout the thread. No one cares.

No. 234222


Take your bitch fights somewhere else thanks

No. 234223

No. 234224

File: 1455031955874.jpg (20.14 KB, 350x200, angry.jpg)


Hit a sensitive nerve, anon?

No. 234226

Most adults don't understand differences between cartoons, or which ones relate to one another. I think she's trying to show she's reading all the tangled comments on here.

No. 234227

You lack reading comprehension.
You make Ash look like a reasonable person

No. 234229

I needed some inspiration for margo art

No. 234230

Omg just shut up y'all

No. 234231

Look everyone's a psychiatrist!

No. 234232

File: 1455032284160.jpg (12.69 KB, 240x346, 毒になる親.jpg)

Just leaving this book rec for the two lovebirds here.

No. 234233

Imagine Margo dancing to that shit lmao

No. 234234

Whoever makes a new thread: remember to include a recap so it's not people asking what happened all over again

No. 234235

File: 1455032863218.jpg (374.95 KB, 1024x1365, magoo.jpg)

No. 234236

Glad to see that the dislikes in Venus new video aren't that many. Either keemstar's stupid ass followers got tired of spreading useless hate, or they actually took the time out of their day to listen to Venus's talking and the few of their remaining brain cells actually worked the right way

No. 234237


They probably forgot about her after Kumstar uploaded a new video for his fanboys to masturbate to, but hey, at least they moved on from Venus.

No. 234239

So is margo gunna post more nudes soon or what

No. 234240


We could ask her. Anything to distract her from trying to hurt Venus more.

No. 234242

This made me tear up a little :( Poor Venus…
Hope her future is bright

No. 234243

Of course they moved on. They always move on. Is anyone still giving Venus shit because of what happened between her and Xiaorishu? Kelsey? Anastasiya? No, no and no.

No. 234244

Does anyone else remember Margo's first youtube video where she did "kawaii" makeup? Its long since been deleted.

No. 234245

You guys really go easy on changing your mind on someone, the heavy black and white type even.

No. 234246

It it also pretty early. His younger viewers are most likely in school and don't have time to browse the internet until later in the afternoon,

No. 234247

Really Margo? It's YOUR skirt? You mean you bought it for venus, with her own money?

No. 234249

i am just waiting for margo's response to the video. know her, she'll make one of her own but in the airport bathroom to garner sympathy.

No. 234250

File: 1455035311818.png (424.92 KB, 511x378, cutecutecute.png)

Even though she looks really sad though a lot of the video can we talk about how GENUINELY happy she looks close to the end? I dont think she's ever looked THIS happy in a video before. It's really heart touching and I'm feeling emotions.

Or it was something where Margo forced her to do it. She eats a lot so Margo forces her to fake the mukbang videos (the 100 nuggest could have been recorded over days

Yeah and a psychopath has never been born into a normal family either. You're an idiot if you think kids are always like their parents. if Venus was like Margo she would have done nothing but call her mom a disgusting creep (like she has the right to) and completely tear down her mom in her latest vid.

Not even saying Venus is perfect but I doubt she's at a point of Margo (or she would have gone for a guy cuter and richer than Manaki)

No. 234252

I think it's important to note Venus' room background in her latest video.

It looks like new furniture picked out just for her and the room is just for her as well. Manaki really cares about her.

No. 234253

>( seeing as so many youtubers cry infront of the camera to get some pity from their audience)
See: Xiaorishu

No. 234255

Maybe some of the farmers are going a little bit overboard rn, but I don't think the majority here are now worshipping Venus and painting her as an innocent saint. Most of us, I assume, are simply very sympathetic and empathic at the moment because she was fucked over by her mother since she was born on an emotional, mental and according to her latest video even physical level. Of course this is gonna change people's perspectives on Venus. It doesn't mean we're kissing her ass. Personally I've never disliked her that much to begin with, I just didn't like the content she has been putting up on YouTube and of course the various scams and bullying sagas made me think very critically about her (I do think, however, most - if not all of it - was instigated my mommy dearest). I hope she will be able to show her true colors now like she has already begun to do in her most recent upload. She has already grown out of her ~kawaii dolly~ persona, but it's her mother who hasn't.

No. 234256

Venus looks like she's so happy she's finally got her own life to enjoy now here.

No. 234257

What is it with people coming on here and taking things personally?
when we call people fat, when we say someone has BPD, etc It is not a personal attack towards you, stop making this shit about you. This thread is not about you.

No. 234258

Could they be some of the things they left in japan, when they fled to korea?

No. 234259

No. 234260

I'm surprised Japanese security didn't send her back to Korea or whatever yet.
Why do they actually let her act like a homeless there? I don't get it.

No. 234261

The alpacas for sure, I remember Venus said that she had to leave them in Japan, unfortunately I don't remember where she said it though

No. 234262


Because she not staying at the air port really

No. 234263

Staying at an airport really isn't a big deal.
People get stranded, have layovers, have to wait a long time for flights, so they sleep there.
The staff probably change frequently that no one even notices her.

Or, y'know, she's just lying to make people feel sorry for her.

No. 234264


Imaginary ones. Right beside the voices in her head that tell her to go to the river.

No. 234265

I personally think she looks cute and has a nice bod for her age. Its her personality that makes her ugly to me. I hope she does go to therapy. Hardcore therapy. This is just sad.

No. 234266

Same, I still think she makes horrible videos and hell, I promise you that I'm gonna hate her next "normal" video she makes because of weeaboo-ness and cringy forced cuteness. BUT I still kinda fell for her on a emotional level atm because no one deserves to be fucking abused. Plus I fucking hate margo and seeing her suffering makes me happy

No. 234267

She probably took everything with her thinking that Venus would let her stay there LOL

No. 234268

Leaning towards the second option tbh. I don't put anything past her crazy ass!

No. 234269

My friend was stuck in a foreign country late last year. They where homeless for about a week. Security didn't really do anything however since she was in a sad state word spread fast through the staff and even the bus drivers for the air port.

After like 3 days people started asking her what happened and offered her help. And like every day tons of men asked if she wanted a place to stay. She managed not to find crazy rapists and stayed with three people before she decided she would rather be back in America.

She simply went to the embassy. They where rude to her of course because they deal with stupid foreigners all the time who manage to get stranded in their country. The situation was she had no money to go back home.

The embassy was able to send her back here to the states and a friend here picked them up. However they owe them about 5k.

The sad thing is if Margo is in a similar situation, she screwed herself over. She had enough money to go home. But now she spent all her money on sausages and buying stupid shit at the airport. Now if she goes to the embassy to send her ass back home she will now owe them a few thousand because she wanted to drag out this "homeless" at the airport BS.

Margret is so self destructive I swear.

No. 234270

Tbh You are right. I don't follow them and I only heard about Venus and her mother due to other internet drama but I feel really sorry for Venus that she had to endure this abusement for that long. I know some people are still suspicious about if Venus is honest in her video or if she "cries" on purpose to gain sympathy. I listened and watched this video now 3 times and I do believe that Venus is seriously hurt and I also believe she is actually sad and crying over this drama. Heck, we still talk about her mum her. I don't even want to imagine how much I would be hurt if my mum did this to me. Every child cries if their parents hurt them. That's natural and reasonable. So I doubt Venus "cried" on purpose, especially her voice is super shaky, she also struggles with wording everything. And yes, I am glad Venus addressed this issue. And she did it without even insulting her own mum and this shows me that she still does care about her mother but is simply… hurt. I hope that the Margo-supporters or general Venus-haters might change their mind after seeing this video and won't bully Venus that much. Yes, Venus is def not perfect but judging earlier Interviews with Venus and Margo and especially how Venus and Margo handle internet drama ( and I also take in regard previous drama) it has always been Margo so insults, acts childish and is also very irresponsible. Of course it is up to everyone who they believe but Venus is more trustworthy than Margo.

No. 234271

Part of me feels like Margo is planning something. She's unusually chill (well, for Margo) about Venus' new video…

No. 234272

I don't know if this has been stated yet, but yesterday Venus commented on Keemtard's video about her explaining the animal abuse claim (same explanation as the one on her IG).

No. 234273

That could be why his tween legion haven't been as antagonistic today.

No. 234274

My guess: She's making a YouTube video.

No. 234275


Because BPD is the cool new internet thing to diagnose people with and armchair diagnosing is so fucking old and boring at this point.

idgaf about fatties tho

No. 234276

Title is still clickbait but that is YT to you

No. 234278


Tbh I wouldn't mind her videos at all if they were more like this one for example. Generally I don't care about "beauty gurus" too much but I like her voice and mannerism here. She is calm, doesn't try to be totemo kawaii desu and looks cute too.

No. 234279

I kinda wanna see this just so I can see people rip Margo a new one in the comments section.

No. 234280

File: 1455038393078.png (131.17 KB, 1440x425, tmp_16462-Screenshot_2016-02-0…)

She just posted this on her instagram. Pathetic.

No. 234281


No. 234282


Troll account. marg"e"ret.

No. 234285

istg i'm going on a rampage soon if these troll accounts keep going on. So annoying, honestly.

No. 234290

Fuckkk I knew it was too good to be true. But Jesus, these troll accounts need to go.

I wonder what Margot is planning tho… She's too quiet.

No. 234294

File: 1455039084338.jpg (81.54 KB, 634x409, article-2105393-038B210C000004…)

As long as margo doesn't look like pic related probably they wouldn't consider her a homeless

No. 234295

if magro ask for help to get out Japan,would they send her back to hungary instead korea?

No. 234298

Did she cry in front of the camera?

No. 234300

Why is going into river such a funny phrase

No. 234303

Because it's grammatically incorrect?

No. 234307

As she only got her visa renewed recentl it still would be Korea.

No. 234309

I think it's just because of how casual it sounds, it's not like "I'm going to drown/kill myself" it's like "well time to go into river".

No. 234312

Makes it sound like she'll just stand there, with algae and a goldfish on her head, glaring at pedestrians until they either run away or appease her with more expensive sausage.

No. 234314

And she'll pray on ~kawaii~ looking teens to bring to the depths of the river with her and make bad underwater mukbang videos.

No. 234329

File: 1455041837612.jpg (115.03 KB, 970x919, Screenshot_2016-02-09-18-09-18…)

I made Margo into the river monster.

No. 234332

I don't think I've ever seen a ratio of likes to dislikes this positive on a Venus video. Adressing all these accusations really was necessary unfortunately.

No. 234333

I hope this like/dislike ratio will continue now that Venus can actually be herself in her videos.

No. 234334

I love how Venus is handling all this by being really nice and bubbly on Instagram with cute photos. Best way to defeat someone is with kindness. Keep on throwing that sugary shade V.

No. 234337

I laughed so hard when she brought out the different wands for the hair curler. It looks like a collection of dildos and butt plugs.

This was actually a good tutorial though, she's cute without being cringey. Her accent is adorable when she's being natural.

No. 234345

Has anyone considered reporting Margo to welfare for abuse? Not the whole thing Margo is doing on Instagram but how she use to physically hit Venus? I personally don't like Venus but she should be protected against someone like Margo as she is a threat to her safety at the moment. I am genuinely worried that Margo has done worse things towards her but Venus being too afraid to come out and say it. I wouldn't be shocked if that was the case since she was such a sheltered child.

No. 234347

i always wonder if she has a speech impediment or … ?

No. 234349

Would you guys like to see GradeAUnderA pick up on the drama? He'd probably do it better than Keemstar.

No. 234351

No, all YTers are trash, thye're not wanted or needed.

No. 234352

nah, probably just the weird mix of a heavy german/swiss accent, that sounds really awkward when combined with english
a few people in my class have a similar pronounciation

No. 234353

File: 1455044168754.png (566.13 KB, 809x578, comments.png)

These comments make me so happy

No. 234354

She sounds normal speaking Swiss German, so no. It's just the heavy accent. Say about Venus what you want but she is NOT good at pronouncing things.

No. 234356

Nah, I don't think this is his kind of thing

No. 234359

It's unfortunate that her pronunciation sucks because she is relatively eloquent tbh

No. 234360

Venus's latest video broke my heart as she sounds like she was about to cry with her voice cracking. I'm so happy she released this though.

No. 234362


Are there any videos of her speaking German btw? Sage for kind of OT

No. 234363

Somewhere in this video, yeah

No. 234364

Around 7:10, sage for double post

No. 234365

Whoa yeah when she speaks German its so natural. She doesn't have any sort of weird accent and its very fluid. You can clearly tell that's the language she's probably most comfortable with.

No. 234367

Accents honestly aren't that bad as long as you're still comprehensible. Having a posh pronounciation but not being able to say shit is way worse.

No. 234368

No. Stop fucking bringing these random YouTube shitstains into things. All they can do is sic their shitty 12 year old fans on people.

No. 234377


After the mistake that bitch made with Keemstar, I think it's best we not drag anymore people into this.

No. 234381

I'm a massive PJ Harvey fan, on the bus the other day I was listening to this and this situation sprang to mind; let's hope Magpie doesn't drown Venus lmao.

No. 234382

This is genius!

No. 234402

she always has this swiss dialect in her talking, it influences the way she speaks even more than the normal german accent

No. 234404

No, fuck off heyni or whatever you call yourself

No. 234405

Seeing Annchirisu suck up to Venus in the comments on her newest video is repulsive. Azn skank must need more followers.

No. 234411

I'm the anon who told you to be bold. You know in your heart what you need to do, because you are smart and capable. Leave this loser, gain a beautiful life!

No. 234412

Yes, Marge. Come to Las Vegas so I can rip your face off.

No. 234414


Is there a way you can manipulate him into giving you back control of your income or for you to start putting money away where he can't access it? Fuck this guy, Your dad beating the shit out of him is more than he deserves. I'm rooting for you anon. <3

No. 234416

You should definitely tell your dad and ask him to buy you a plane ticket back home so you can GTFO of this abusive relationship. Nobody deserves to be abused.

No. 234418

"I was screaming so people would know that my mom was hitting me." I lost it at that. Fucking floodgates.

You can tell Venus was trying her best not to break down while talking about her pets and that's just heartbreaking to hear. It's obvious she's traumatized after what happened to her pets by accident.

Margo, you're even more of a fucking monster that I thought and I didn't believe that was possible. You deserve every last bit of hate you can get.

No. 234421

Plus she was 3 when the hamster died. No one remembers what they did at age 3. Margo probably told her that's what happened and she believed it. Fucking hell if my kid killed their hamster that way I sure as hell wouldn't tell them cause it's just needless guilt-tripping

No. 234423

everyone fucking stop derailing about your personal shit and go to one of the other blog threads jesus christ

No. 234425


GUYS if you have your own personal story to tell go to the NPD parents thread in /b/

this thread is for venus

No. 234426

well it's swiss german which sounds quite different from german

No. 234430

Honestly, a friend of mine microwaved his hamster when he was 4. Kids can be fucked up; THAT was animal "cruelty", not a 3 year old scaring a hamster to death. Margo's gonna need better arguments if she wants to ruin her lol

No. 234432

I'm guessing Margo used the "killing" pets thing to accuse her of being a psychopath.

No. 234433

File: 1455051493196.png (592.53 KB, 926x504, datskirttho.png)

So about that skirt…I hope it actually is Margaret's and Venus is just being savage asf about wearing it in her latest OOTD to enrage her with.

No. 234435

Thanks for the digging, it's hilarious.

No. 234437

Seconded, I'm all for lowkey savage Venus. It suits her better anyway, Margie is too fat and old for it.

No. 234438

Holy shit Venus actually made the skirt look good. Either that or Margo made it unrecognizable; thanks for pointing out anon :|

No. 234442

OP of the great skirt mystery screenshot here, we can all agree Venus makes the skirt look far more cuter than Cuntface does. Welcome!

No. 234443

Venus appears to be so genuine, I imagine she will make many new friends now her mother isn't there to push them away. Venus seems to have a gentle and kind demeanor.

No. 234444

Chances are its legit Venus', Margo just wore it to pretend she's still 17.

No. 234445

Yaaas Venus! This is incredible

No. 234448

File: 1455052259836.jpg (163.47 KB, 755x922, MargaretPalermodress.jpg)

Yep. Never forget.

No. 234449


I do recall they said as a pair they swap clothes with one another, so who knows lol. Either way Margo is so salty and it's beautiful.

No. 234450

What is this makeup supposed to be

No. 234451

I sincerely hope she does jvlogging or something with Sharla.

Alternatively she joins with Kanadajin and shit ensues

No. 234452

Venus is not completely 100% nice & sweet tho, we don't know that.
Now that the old hag is gone, I hope she makes friends and…well, anything. Enemies too. Now she'll finally interact with more humans without constant vigilance.

No. 234453

slavic child prostitute

No. 234454

You had to bring the demon's child back didn't you.

No. 234455

She can keep trying to guilt Venus and the world but she's too narcissistic to actually do it.

No. 234456

File: 1455052550284.jpg (76.91 KB, 634x552, honeybooboo.jpg)


A failed pageant queen.

No. 234457

This reminds me of that old Ninja Turtles movie.

No. 234458

File: 1455052575910.jpg (49.79 KB, 461x665, A8mmc.jpg)

Marg on the bridge and us

No. 234459

I love you anon

No. 234460


on pull there was a another older pic with venus wearing the same skirt before. I believe that Margo and Venus kind of used to "share" a wardrobe, and now Margo is claiming that all of those clothes are hers. But who cares, she bought all of these with Venus money anyway so she should just stfu about how Venus stole her stuff.

No. 234461

Photoshop Margo's face on Hermes

No. 234462

Requesting a Who wore it better? shop.

No. 234464

Stage parents in charge of a child earner's income can lead to some pretty silly stuff like this. A 40 year old Hungarian woman dressed like a 12 year old cupcake. I mean…

No. 234465

fokken savage

No. 234466

The fact that they shared clothes is enough nightmare fuel by itself.
I don't want to see Margo in a Bodyline dress ever in my life, and I thank the lords for putting them apart.

No. 234467

File: 1455053412001.png (733.46 KB, 733x744, whoworeitbetter.png)


Good enough?

No. 234468

There's a few idiots that are still there. They keep going, "I don't believe you" calling her edgy names, and some are even doubting her because she was 3 when her hamster died as if it's impossible to remember anything at that age. Reminds me why I've always hated preteen boys.

No. 234469

File: 1455053551490.jpg (16.73 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Marg is suppah kawaiiii

No. 234471

You can feel the skirt's waistband screaming in agony in Margo's picture.

No. 234472


I lost my shit and heard this in Gwen Stefani's voice.


Definitely Venus's skirt then as she's far more petite than her mother and the skirt is snug as a rug on her waist.

No. 234473

File: 1455054221732.png (691.26 KB, 943x602, marg.PNG)

she tries so hard

No. 234474

File: 1455054229287.gif (863.69 KB, 245x200, 1454423125478.gif)

No. 234476

File: 1455054426192.png (494.29 KB, 625x470, disgusting.png)

No. 234477

File: 1455054669806.png (288.71 KB, 634x328, screen_shot_20140524_at_11_00_…)


Lolol I love how she's bragging about judgemental haters need to get their own 'burando'. It's a simple old skool & most likely secondhand BTSSB nightgown, not a full Lolita coord. Probably Venus's anyway. She's such a joy.

No. 234480

File: 1455055042899.png (498.29 KB, 768x420, https://40.media.tumblr.com/55…)

oh Margo I wanna take that btssb nightgown off you and throw you into the river

No. 234481

These made me laugh a little too hard

No. 234484


She's explaining about the things her mother accused her of and slandered her for but she didn't actually do.

No. 234485


No. 234486

Bitch telling people to buy burando when all she bought to her daughter back in the day was bodyline and cheap ass replicas. Her ego need to be bitch slapped.

No. 234487

File: 1455056115183.png (557.67 KB, 705x1034, 57eca108-8545-4f3d-a5a1-8f1967…)

Ask and you shall receive a half assed shoop

No. 234489

Where did Margo go tho? No updates today!
I miss her already :( </3

No. 234491

Now that she can't live vicariously through Venus will she play out her own living doll phase?


No. 234493

hopefully leaving the airport and her expensive sausage and going back home

No. 234495

God damn Margo's follower count on Instagram blew up tho. Bitch has 9K followers now, a couple days ago she barely had 8K.

No. 234496

File: 1455056989355.gif (467.22 KB, 500x303, marg.gif)

Yup she's a river monster alright.

No. 234497

File: 1455057256585.png (1.38 MB, 727x897, Unbenannt.PNG)

this was a few days before she ran away, right? no wonder she looks completely miserable and stressed out, she probably already had it planned and was just waiting for the right moment.

No. 234498

Right? I am so curious about what the final straw was. I wonder if she will ever answer the question "What finally prompted you to leave your mother?" Obviously Manaki's support helped, but I am really curious as to what the moment that made her decide to do it was. I wonder if it would be inspiring to others in similar situations.

No. 234499

Why are her hands so orange

No. 234500

it's a liz lisa skirt, i saw the same one on taobao 1 year+ ago. you can also try searching for liz lisa 格子 (this means plaid/tartan) on auctions.yahoo.co.jp (not currently seeing it there tho.)

No. 234501

File: 1455057881802.jpg (168.38 KB, 461x665, jumpintotheriver.jpg)

No. 234502

whoops didn't see this

No. 234503


No. 234504

Is she in Yokohama right now? She uploaded her instagram but I can't make a screencap now.

No. 234506

File: 1455058206496.png (914.61 KB, 923x596, Yokohama.png)

Uploaded it

No. 234508

Stop saying bad stuff to margret and she didnt deserve anything, just trying to protect her daughter BTW yes I read everything F* off

No. 234509

File: 1455058361580.jpg (46.14 KB, 495x708,