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File: 1455921067424.png (29.94 KB, 746x140, 1455917642786.png)

No. 239236

Last Onion thread reached the bump limit. The archive:


Things are fairly quiet post-'''''cuddles'''' in the Onision household aside from some typical crawwwwwwwwwlinnnngggggg innnnn my skinnnnnnnn from Taylor and some passive-aggressive tweets from Greg intending to humiliate Taylor. Both of them seem to be attacking Billie, who is lashing back and at this point might be ready to spill what really happened after the botched threesome.

No. 239244

The teat is ready. Someone go in for the milk.

No. 239248

Betting poll:
Gerg is cheating and dumping Lain within:

1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
Lain dumps him

Choose wisely.

No. 239251

3 months. I wish it was the last option but I have no faith in this scrub anymore…

No. 239252

I'm sorry if this was discussed before but have we talked about Laineys Video "a lesbian love story?"

No. 239253

File: 1455924516513.jpg (96.46 KB, 989x667, tumblr_o2q8hxc63D1s0umkzo2_r1_…)

No. 239255

I don't think I've even seen it. I rarely look her channel up. Link if you want to anon.

No. 239256


No. 239258

A month if that, I don't think he can last 3 entire months

No. 239260

I say 3 months is when it's going to start crumbling down.

No. 239270

File: 1455927598616.jpg (57.87 KB, 512x640, 12479485_1161100653907728_5908…)

"i think I look better than his last ex" wow little full of herself there, though Shiloh is a lot heavier, I think facially she's better looking than rainbowbrite billie over here, at least more interesting looking.

No. 239271

I think Shiloh was a stunner before getting involved with Gerg. That's when it all came crashing down.

No. 239273

"stunner" is kinda generous.

No. 239275

Well, looks aside, she definitely had more promise than any of Gergles other exes.

No. 239278

File: 1455928993584.png (149.96 KB, 690x953, edgyasfuck.png)


No. 239279

3 months tops. I can't see him holding out any longer than that.

No. 239283

I'm nearly the same age as him and seeing these kind of 'jokes' is embarrassing. It has been since late 2008. It's something most much younger people today don't joke about. It's 12 year old shit troll tier.

Anons, do you think he ever has mini momentary realizations that he's a shitty human being in general and that 90 % of his comedy was never genuinely funny or is he just living in a state of blissful ignorance?

( Whops, forgot to delete YT )

No. 239287

What's next, dead baby jokes? Let's do the Time Warp again!

His profile picture makes him look like an incredibly ugly girl. Is that supposed to make Lainey want to stick around?

No. 239294

I always thought Shiloh pre-gurg and right when they first started dating looked really beautiful. She has an interesting face type, its too bad she went to shit with Greg. Video unrelated, it always makes me laugh.

No. 239296

He makes his humor so unbearable to listen to. Sometimes it's not even the topic, it's how he approaches it. He has a few hits, but for the most part he comes across like he doesn't have a genuine comedy bone in his body. He just delivers a bad joke, wraps it in an unfunny paper and sprays it with his horse laughter that would make any sensible person want to pour cement down their ears.

Agreed. I really do think she looked beautiful back then. Couple of months into the relationship ( video related ). I don't know how bat shit she was before him, but Gergles just sucks the life out of people.
There are pic comparisons of Lain too and she looked much more happy back then.

No. 239301

Holy hell, that video was hard to watch. On both of their account. He's really really vile, flips the camera on when she is clearly having a breakdown. I like how he is talking calmly, making sure to film himself and how composed he is in comparison to the shaved blubbering mess of a woman in the room.
Very dramatic and not appropriate to film.

No. 239304

Yup, this whole Shiloh thing has been a true mess. I don't personally believe Shiloh would have turned out that way or done half of the things she did back then if it weren't for this cancerous pimple called Gergles.

Video related is what he recorded over his AJ relationship. There was another one even more disgusting, but I can't seem to find it.

This guy has a habit of painting his exes as the batshit ones ( he painted Skye as a liar/thief back then too ) and himself as a victim.
I do believe he made this kind of an attempt with Plank with the whole "it was just cuddling" ( yeah right ), but it blew up in his face because Plank spoke up and actually does seem to have some people liking her.

I can imagine their break-up is going to follow the same pattern, but is going to be a much bigger train wreck since there's a child involved.

No. 239310

File: 1455945339220.jpg (120.1 KB, 763x754, 1.jpg)

So, apparently Sarah still talks to Plank and is going to visit them in the summer?
>protip: she is only 15, but is going to turn 16 right around visiting
I can't see this ending well.

No. 239315

Grimple can't hook his fangs into this one without getting in trouble with the law though.

No. 239317

Thank fuck for that, although I wouldn't put it past Gergles to try something.
It's bizarre on it's own that a 15 year old is visiting a married couple with a small child who she met online.

No. 239318

Honestly, how does that even happen? I would never let my kid do that

No. 239319

Tbh, I have no idea. I don't know if Sarah's parents even know and if they do know I hope they're involved enough to talk her out of it.
Plank is her best friend, even though she's 15 and Plank is 21? 22? and married with a child.
Even if she weren't a married woman, there would be a weird dynamic to it because of the maturity level, this way it's just extra creepy.

I'm all for best friends online, but these usually are people you sometimes meet, bond with enough to actually get close to one another, confide problems with…& Sarah's just a young impressionable girl calling Plank best friend over some tweets and probably some superficial texts.

No. 239326

Lmao, really Billie? You may look 15 but its not meant as a compliment, you have disgusting skin and piggy features, your only gonna get uglier as you get older, dont take it as a comploment that gurglemodo wanted to fuck you because that pimple would stick his dick in anything under 20

No. 239327


No. 239347

Ikr? As far as I'm concerned, Grungle goes for ugly fuckers, and Billie Dawn Dindu Nuffin Cumdumpster is no different. I will say, however, that Shiloh seems to have had genuine talent and character, so that makes her infinitely more attractive than this vapid cunt is and ever will be. Shiloh also scrubbed up well, whereas her pig features still look like shit with her usual overdone makeup.

No. 239356


She has a good voice, it's such a terrible shame that her career got trashed over Onion!

No. 239357

I couldn't get past him discussing how many people his rebound had fucked. I would rather bed a someone with many fucks, than a notorious abusive jailbait chaser.
How can he consider himself superior? Fuck, who has free time and air milage? Can we ambush this fucker? He's really shitty and quite frankly too disturbing to just dish over at this point.
He's a life runier, it's a train wreck that isn't that entertaining anymore.
Dude is Hitler, or like Jim Jones.
He dies harm on the masses.

No. 239390

I'm trying to find the other one and I can't for the life of me find it. It's much more gross, fully describing ( and sort of demonstrating with his mouth/hand ) the blow job said ex gave him. His commentary was along the lines of that it felt gross and that it seemed like she was a "pro" ( aka politely, eh, saying she could have been a hooker ). It goes in to all sorts of personal details. It's not a fun watch but it does show exactly what kind of a guy he is.
If anyone can find it, please link it. It was grey-scale, probably about 8 minutes long.

If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you read The letter ( AJ wrote about Onision ) and watch the released voice mails on YT. They go from "normal", apologetic, pathetic, manipulative, threatening, all in a matter of few minutes.

His "shitting on exes routine" is so common that the new fans, or the younger fans ( well, that'd be the majority supposedly ) and the sheeple don't even know which ex supposedly did what.
I expect the Lain break up to be the biggest train wreck of them all.

No. 239459

His voice and the look on his face are fucking terrifying. He's a fucking psychopath, no matter how crazy Shiloh is and their relationship was, he's seriously insane. Why does he have to film fucking everything too? It's even more creepy.

No. 239474

Why don't people just click spam the ads on Greglesmacks videos so he gets adsense taken away if they hate him so much?

No. 239475

And not only did he actually film that he put it up on youtube and has left it there for years now. He is fucking disgusting!

No. 239478

File: 1455998620069.png (Spoiler Image,673.05 KB, 1011x648, frosty.png)

Dandruff is so sexy!

No. 239479

I'm kinda in love with Shiloh.

No. 239480

girl you need some higher standards, Shiloh is ugly and fat as fuck and also crazy as shit, she is the only gf Greg has had who was equally as batshit as he is

No. 239487

I liked that Shiloh was crazy lol. I hope Greg had an awful time dating her because thats what he deserves. He deserves a crazy bitch who makes him feel insecure and guilty at all times.

No. 239494

File: 1456003931798.jpg (65.09 KB, 930x598, black.silk.gothmodel.jpg)

>Probably the cutest troll ever lol

No. 239496

I hate that when he's all posed nice like that (the light in his eyes even suggests a ring light or mirror in front of him) I know I would actually be attracted to him if it was my first sighting of him.
We've all seen his true form. It's scary we know his eyes are usually really creepy but he's able to pose himself to look almost endearing with just some fluffy hair and angling, I wish my selfie game was that strong.

I hope he never figures out how to fix his skin and that it gets worse, and that he goes bald real soon.

No. 239497

Like I agree that he did some really fucked up shit to Shiloh and whatnot, but she's no angle… Faking seizures and faking mental illness (memory loss?), and pretending to be pregnant/lose the baby. Like that is almost gurg levels of crazy right there. They're both bad people.

No. 239500

Acting cray cray is different than going out of your way to manipulate multiple teen girls into toxic relationships with you, though. I usually classify acting crazy with whether or not it directly harms the people around you. Being driven crazy and faking illness and pregnancy because your 30 year old husband is being emotionally abusive to you isn't as bad as seeing someones breakdown and exploiting it while accepting no blame in the situation, imo. With the right people, Shiloh is pretty normal, it was gerg who drove her crazy.

No. 239512

File: 1456011502677.png (56.4 KB, 584x565, yikes.png)

Over a dozen tweets of pure victim blaming. What a great feminist.

No. 239515

File: 1456012022226.png (40.07 KB, 596x413, Untitled.png)

Could this be the end?

No. 239516

Their marriage is pretty fragile right now. It would be hilarious if it came to an end because of differing opinions on Kesha.

No. 239519

Nah, he tweets not-so-subtle disagreements with Lainey aaaaaall the time. Sometimes they have a public argument over it, but I don't know if he'd risk that right now. He's too busy trying to maintain this honeymoon stage for long enough to get her back to sucking his crusty butthole.

No. 239521

File: 1456012497427.png (40.16 KB, 584x413, Untitled.png)

He specifically chose to respond to the only argument Lainey retweeted. I think he's trying to push her away so he can move on to the next underage fan.

No. 239523

let's start taking bets on how young his next jailbait will be

No. 239525

I think he's gonna go to 16 to be quite honest, then he has more time before they age out

No. 239526

With a younger girl he's more likely to be brainwash her too probably

No. 239527

That's how old Sarah will be when her dumbass parents let her visit them this summer.

No. 239528

Gee I wonder who's idea it was to have her visit though, Greg or Lain.

No. 239529

File: 1456013893077.png (456.44 KB, 926x650, spa.png)

I wonder how many spa days Taylor is going to milk out of Greg. I hope she bleeds him dry when they divorce.

No. 239570

File: 1456035255049.jpg (43 KB, 492x427, Racist lugi_8e293d_5827294.jpg)

i love how the guy buttered her up with how photogenic she was and she was all "lol yep that's me"

No. 239572

someone send him a rape joke and watch him do a fucking 180 and say that its an awful thing that ruins lives
seriously, i know a guy who's brother died in 911 and his father committed suicide shortly after, this was when he was a kid BTW. he had to go to therapy because he was so scared to go into high buildings.
making a joke just to smite people who have gone through shit is just wrong

No. 239575

not to get off topic but kesha was given another producer so she wouldnt have to work or see or talk to the rapist anymore and still said no because it wouldn't make enough money.
not victim blaming but that sounds sketchy as hell that she seemed more upset about having an unpopular new producer than getting raped by the old one..

No. 239580

I'm now officially all caught up on this psycho.
I have BPD, it's no joke fucking horrible at times. I have to be put in my fucking place or I'll walk over anyone.
This dude figured out how to not have that happen, by dating children.
I'm disgusted that he is so open publicly about having it, like it's a fucking excuse for his behavior.
"I wish I would have known I had it before getting involved with you, so I could have warned you."
The women he dates are fucking brain dead retards, perfect target.
I'm just like, in shock right now. Reading that letter and listening to those voicemails.

No. 239581

It wouldn't be the first time something similar has happened with Sony. Sony did it to Mariah after she divorced her abusive husband and worked under him (he was the head of Sony). http://www.foxnews.com/story/2002/04/04/mariah-ripped-off-twice-on-same-record.html

Kesha would still have to work on Dr. Luke's vanity label (Kemosabe, which is owned by Sony). There is no way she would be able to avoid him even if she worked with a different producer.

No. 239599

I can't be bothered to make screenshots of it, but Onision has gone on a massive wall of tweets about this whole "if you don't report your rape you are pro rape" thing, responding to fans with the utmost condescension when they try and disagree with him. Lainey has been retweeting people who agree with her and posted the attached and then went quiet on it.

Seems like she's implying that she's been raped/molested in the past? I wonder if she's told Onision she was and that she didn't report it and this 500 tweet rampage was just an attempt to make Plainey feel like shit.

No. 239600

File: 1456049513629.png (95.5 KB, 1321x414, lainey.png)

Forgot pic like a retard

No. 239602

File: 1456049655740.png (46.24 KB, 580x371, stfu gurgle.png)

He also went on to brag about how many views he got thanks to his being an absolute cuntwhistle.

No. 239604

But … so what? Even if it makes him money, so what? It's like all his "I win" stuff: "win" what? At the end of the day, he's a mentally ill paedo who has left a trail of damaged people in his wake, and presumably will fuck up his son, who will also fuck up other people. You could even argue he's fucking up his fans, if they're so weak-minded that he can influence them to that level. So I ask again, what does he win? Even if he uses that "at least if you hate me I've evoked strong feelings in you, so I win at making you feel things!!11!1!!" I don't see how that means anything. Being a cunt who people find irritating for a few minutes then forget about doesn't seem like winning to me.

No. 239605

I find his latest rants a little unsettling because in the past a lot of the stuff he's been very "against", i.e cheating, he's been engaging in himself. I mean, we all know gerg is capable of rape, I just wonder if he's sitting back smugly now like WITH THE WAY I JUST SHAT UP TWITTER THEY WILL NEVER SUSPECT ME.

>"How could I be a cheater, didn't you see my tweet? I want them to die!"

>"How could I be a rapist, didn't you see my tweet? I want them all be castrated!"

No. 239609

I'm afraid that's just the tip of the ice berg. I once said there could have been a 400 page book written about the things this guy said/did. I still can't find the video I was talking about in any of the deleted archives, sadly.
Here's one that always makes me laugh to compensate.

If you're new to this drama I also suggest reading his Sicesca page. You're going to find it through the WayBack Machine, Onision drama ( Tumblr ) or by watching some of older Someguy827 videos. There's also his old ghost hunting page where he claimed to have special superpower abilities, sections he wrote about his exes, I could just go on and on about this guy and all the shit he has done in the past.

What we're witnessing with Lain right now is very tame in compassion to what's been happening since 2008ish.

No. 239610

>a lot of the stuff he's been very "against", i.e cheating, he's been engaging in himself.
Yup, that's Gergles alright. A lot of the things he's "against" he has done himself.
>I hate cheaters!
Cheats, multiple times.
>I hate liars!
Lies, multiple times.
>Bisexual people are more prone to cheating, rants about bi's, etc
Hey, my wife's bi and I want a threesome
etc, etc.

No. 239694

File: 1456095502864.png (197.23 KB, 496x853, 1.png)

Pic related is the very meaningful conversations Lain and Sarah have.

No. 239708

>Daddy Lain


No. 239722

mama onision?

No. 239723

Nah, cuckision.

No. 239724

Onisi-mom ;)

No. 239730

mama cuck

No. 239733

Am I the only one who's super uncomfortable with 20 something year olds being friends with teens, not some pedo shit but like on tumblr EVERY 19-23 year old sjw has a harem of 13-15 year olds surrounding them and it's so weird to me, Lainey being best buds with a 15 year old is fucking weird

No. 239744

File: 1456112381072.png (482.15 KB, 1726x1500, E D G Y.png)

Made this little collage of Onion's recent edgy tweets.

No. 239745

File: 1456112567512.png (1.67 MB, 1076x1218, ew.png)


- From his twitter

No. 239746

File: 1456112812105.gif (1.55 MB, 200x128, 200w.gif)

Imagine the smell

No. 239747

He seems very frustrated

No. 239748


>that disgusting greasy hair

>that nauseating skin that looks like the surface of the moon mixed with pizza sauce and dead skin

>those cold dead emotionless eyes

No. 239749

File: 1456113027858.jpg (73.94 KB, 300x339, 12229707.jpg)

God dammit, anon, i'm triggered

No. 239750


He's a 30 year old manchild. Mid life crisis was bound to happen. (Oh wait its been happening for his whole life, whoops!)

No. 239752

File: 1456113610546.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, 1442056404152.gif)

No. 239755


No. 239757

Look at Plank's smile disappear as soon as he forces their arm down

No. 239758

This GIF is terrifying, you can see the change in demeanor in both of them pretty clearly. I'd ask why they wouldn't edit that out, but their both rock stupid enough to think no one sees it.

No. 239759

It starts out a bit playful but you can plainly see when Gurgles is about to lose his shit because he's not in control and the alpha in the situation. Just adds to the fact that he actively seeks out younger girls to manipulate them. He can't handle a grown ass woman with her own identity and independence from him. It's really fucking disturbing.

No. 239762

wait so what actually happened with onision and adrienne? I didn't care about him when it went down. was shiloh involved?

No. 239763

This gif is legitimately scary. You can see when Onion's entire body shift into psycho mode. I wonder how hard he grabbed Lainey's hand.

I just wish she would leave. You are so much more than him, girl.

No. 239766

>their arm
why not say she

No. 239768

File: 1456119453694.png (154.25 KB, 812x1027, backpedal.PNG)

it was just brutal honesty guise if lainey leaves me then she just cant handle it

No. 239769

File: 1456119544956.png (22.54 KB, 587x466, kot7.png)

wew lad

I like how his eyes visibly darken as he throws down her hand.

No. 239771

right? Like that scene in American Psycho where that blonde chick tries to defend herself. 'NOT THE FACE YOU FUCKING BITCH!!'

No. 239772

No. 239773

File: 1456120355457.gif (1.52 MB, 500x245, tumblr_ncdln0dVdY1qbwsdco2_500…)

whoops dwopped my gif

No. 239774

He's saying that people should support Taylor if they do split up on twitter. Signs of what is to come?

No. 239776

File: 1456122039379.png (279.75 KB, 1754x1114, YESSSSSS.png)



No. 239777

He is trying so hard to split from Lainey while making it look like it's not his fault at all.

No. 239778


sighs deeply

we'll see. if she does decide to, I hope she sticks with it. it would definitely be the best for her and her son.

No. 239779

It's disgusting how he is trying to manipulate the situation.

>I am a good guy and I think my wife is the best person ever, but she just can't handle my honesty :(

>Please leave me Lainey. I will totally understand. (COUGH that you can't handle my superior opinions COUGH). You will do the same thing my exes did. And I will be left all alone.

>Son? What son?

No. 239780


crosses fingers

No. 239781

I think his plan is to divorce his wife and then fuck jailbaits in secret.

No. 239782

He never mentions his son. Ever. Asshole.

No. 239783


And if that happens (I think it will soon enough) I hope he loses even more fans, and also many of his fans are fans of lainey too. Of course some are pure sheep but they're plain brainwashed. As they grow older they'll move on soon.

No. 239794

I'm genuinely surprised that no-one has tried to catfish him already, to be hinest. (Although that would require spending extended periods of time talking to him and no-one needs that in their life.)

No. 239795


No. 239796

Yup, exactly what's happening. "Poor" dude's desperately searching for ways to end it. If they do end it, the 'forever alone' is going to last for a month then he'll hook up with another impressionable dweeb.

No. 239798

This is the closes someone got to catfishing him. He managed to come up with an excuse because they didn't do it long-term.

No. 239803

File: 1456132317052.jpeg (74.61 KB, 519x537, image.jpeg)

The manipulation is strong in this one.

No. 239811


>The truth hurts a lot of people

>It's not good enough to be honest
>I've learned honestly on my level leads to pain
and my fav
>I say whatever I think is true despite knowing it might hurt feelings
>Whatever I think is true

I love how he's saying everything he has said is the truth. It's obvious he doesn't truly believe he's done something wrong, but the real problem is that people just can't handle 'the truth'.

But then
>Fact is a lot of people I've been with have said I'm emotionally abusive

Just seems like more evidence that he is aware of what he's doing and is calculated. It's pretty obvious if 4 partners have said the same thing that the common factor is him and his abusive behavior. Yet he never changes, just changes girls.

He's an abuser to the last letter in the book.

>Support Lainey if we break up, she deserves it

Saving face. He just wants people to think he actually cares about her.

>I want to die alone

Wants sympathy so people feel sorry for him in stead of blaming him for his wrong doings. He's trying to make people think he's sorry and feels bad and is really, really sad guys :( (what a joke)

>Everything I've said is the truth. People just get hurt by it

Minimizing the things he has done and deflecting the blame to the victim.

I could go on but fucking hell, it's so clear he's an abusing asshat who is aware of the damage he's doing to people and doesn't feel bad about it at all. I Just cannot fathom how his fans can't see this shit. It's like he has 'PREDATOR' tattoo'd on his forehead.

No. 239814

I got 29 seconds into that and wanted to fucking punch him. You are a sick, sick person to be following this asshole. Even worse to be married and have children with this freak.

No. 239816

Oh help my fuck, that skin. That's just repulsive. How anyone had ever thought this greasy troll was attractive is beyond me. He's a predator. A very ugly nasty predator.

No. 239820

Lainey will never leave him. She didn't leave when he banged Billie, and this isn't the first time he's publicly shamed her. She's an eternal doormat for that egomaniac.

No. 239827

What he calls truth just comes off as a bratty 12 year old lashing out. And it's not even a good look at That age. Can you imagine what it would be like if he were with someone less "sensitive", someone more like him? Poor little Gregs ego would get bruised within a day!

Hasn't he done this forever alone routine before? I swear he just eats it up when his little fans tell him there, there baby it'll be ok. As soon as finds his next barely legal victim he'll gush about finding twoo wuv for real this time!

No. 239829

isn't one of lainey's close relatives a lawyer? sucks for gregoria if they do divorce. you know he'll be crying about having to pay child support and what not on his twitter for months

No. 239830

you're right she most likely won't leave him. i'm pretty sure gags will break up with her and say it's for "her own good" and that he doesn't deserve to be with someone who loves him or some sappy manipulative shit like that

No. 239846

he literally looks like the infected from "the crossed"…jesus christ

No. 239872

Maybe this happened because Lainey really did confess to Onion that she was sexually assaulted before and she didn't press charges? He is really a fucking moron if he knowingly implied to his wife that she was pro-rape on twitter. But of course, it's because she can't handle "the truth".

No. 239876

Bingo!! He thinks he's oh so clever, when he's really just egocentric and predictable. If he had an ounce of decency he'd kill himself.

No. 239909

Omg, I think you're right! Please let this argument be the straw that broke the camels back.

No. 239912

I hope it is anon, I hope it is.

No. 239913

Spoiler this

No. 239934

I thought that whole blow up has to do with Kesha, but I can't remember if that was before or after her court ruling came in.

No. 239967

https://web.archive.org/web/20041211115743/http://www.rapeprevention.info/how-can-i-stop-rape/ Greg made a rape prevention site years ago. He tells women to shit themselves and speak in tongues if they're being assaulted. Not to mention he admits to fantasizing about being a rapist.

No. 239968

Btw I think Lainey is really cute, she could let her hair grow and cosplay Chloe Price and leave that jerk and marry me instead <3

No. 239970

Jesus christ, what's with that rash? He's so fucking gross looking, I can almost smell the grease.

No. 239973

It's like watching a child throw a temper tantrum and trying to offend as many people as possible.

No. 239976

Would be 0% surprised if he coerced or straight-up raped some underage girl before. Just waiting for the day someone comes forward.

No. 239979

Didn't he fuck one of his exes while she was saying "no no no no no no" or something? I remember her saying that it wasn't rape because she gave in eventually but I'm sure as hell gonna side eye any guy who doesn't at least check his girl is into it, especially while she's saying no on a loop.

No. 239980

Yes, that was Adrienne. Onision's excuse was that before they met they talked about fucking, and that she eventually did say yes.

No. 239981

This seriously makes me want to vomit. The pure hatred he has for the victims is astonishing. I know we joke about tumblerinas and all that, but is such a perfect example of 100% victim blaming.

No. 239982

Still so fucking self righteous and egotistical. The truth is not the problem, his problem is that most of what he considers "truth" is actually his hypocritical and often hateful opinion saturated in needing a party to blame.
It's not about finding someone that isn't sensitive, it's about coming back to reality and learning when the truth needs to be said, what is truth, and what is just an opinion you're forcing on someone you care about.

No. 239984

Wasn't that far off then. Kek, I guess it's fine if you just get consent after the fact.

No. 239987

He's a perfect example of someone who thinks that they're "telling it like it is", when they're just being an inconsiderate piece of shit.

No. 239995

Fuck fuck fuck. This gif made me really uncomfortable.

No. 240010

The change in his facial expression is absolutely terrifying.

No. 240012

>a lot of people I've been with said I'm emotionally abusive
>but it's not a fault with me, they just can't handle my ~honesty~

No. 240020

In an earlier tweet someone posted he said something like "if people who are raped don't report it, they are to blame for rapists" and she said "I guess I'm to blame" which implies she was raped.

No. 240022

Kinda hoping that I'll wake up one day to find that Lainey and the kid did a runner. The milk will be like Margo in the the Venus thread, only even more psycho.

No. 240023

I saw that and thought it was sick. I don't even know how this happens in their home. Let's see how a conversation must go.

>L : Greg, this is something very painful for me to talk about. I was raped [ … ]

>G: Whh–aat? HAVE YOU REPORTED IT? NO? Then you're not better than the rapist, you're both guilty. You enable rape! YOU'E TO BLAME!
fails to 'understand' anything that actual victims go through mentally, physically and fails to even consider other psycho-social factors


>sad face, dies a little on the inside
>posts: I guess I'm the one to blame

No. 240024

Wow. Onion's voice is super annoying in that video ; I've somehow avoided hearing it up until now. I have to get earbleach, ugh.

No. 240026

Assuming it happened prior to Greg she would've been under aged at the time too. There's only so much you can do to help yourself when you're a scared kid. Way to go Onion caring husband of the century!

No. 240027

Onion reminds me of Dennis from Its Always Sunny.

No. 240031

Jesus, why did I never put that together? I just assumed she said that as a general statement of all women. Thats really fucked up.

No. 240035

I wonder how much victim blaming he would do if he got raped himself.

No. 240036

Didn't he say his father may have molested him when he was a child?

No. 240046

2:40 on

Lain mentions sexual abuse involving her ex. ( Not sure if that's the only time it happened to her, but here's how his tweets could have really hurt her because I doubt she reported it considering what she posted )

No. 240048

Also, to fuck with your "telling it how it is which may hurt other people", Gergles. You're the guy who was laying down on your bed, curled up in a ball and crying after your ex AJ only asked 'What?' with a slightly raised voice.

No. 240056

To be fair he says a lot of shit. His mother is a pretty alarming figure on top of this.

No. 240072

I personally always thought it may have been the mother, but just going by what he said.

No. 240075

Thanks for posting this, I didn't watch it because people commented at the time that Gurglez made it all about himself.

So he knowingly publicly blamed Lainey for not being able to report sexual abuse she endured as a minor. Greg you are a fucking unfeeling imbecile.

No. 240086

You're welcome, anon. I remembered it after I typed this >>240023 out.
So, yeah, this whole thing is a mess.

No. 240114

>This GIF is terrifying
>You can see when Onion's entire body shift into psycho mode
>his eyes visibly darken as he throws down her hand
>Like that scene in American Psycho

no need to post more onion videos, lolcow posters are full of enough cringe for us all

No. 240128

To be fair to those anons, he does behave like a major psycho.

No. 240136

>If my marriage doesn't work out, I feel I belong alone.
jfc how manipulative is this tho? ugh.

No. 240138

haha, oh he does. not disagreeing there.

No. 240141

This is a casting call.
He will going through the comments and writing down names.
Bye Lainey.

No. 240143

How is any of that cringe? Honest question.

No. 240145

Probably something that happened before she met Gross, although I bet he rapes her on the regular as well, fucking her when she's not interested, and she probably doesn't think it's rape because they're married and she's just so brainwashed.

No. 240147

He's not posting anything new on Twitter yet. He probably spent the day crying and masturbating under the shower trying to think of ways to get out of this relationship and still come out on top.
Although, I wouldn't put it past him to come up with a tweet tomorrow saying GOT YOU GUYS WE'RE STILL IN LURVE, HAHAHA. Yes, he is that immature and attention thirsty.

No. 240151

As soon as Gergzilla finds new jailbait that'll actually fuck him he'll be out as fast as possible, I reckon.

No. 240153

Eh, I think he already has like 5 of them picked out.

No. 240157

Where is that one farmer who wanted to audition to be his next conquest? She better get in fast, the audition stage will be over soon.

No. 240159

File: 1456205856206.png (28.71 KB, 818x201, twitter.PNG)

first tweet in 23hrs

No. 240160

File: 1456205905859.gif (1.82 MB, 500x200, giphy.gif)

No. 240161

No. 240163

I think he's either gonna fuck jailbait behind everyones back or he's gonna make a sobbing video like "I don't deserv her(new jailbait) because i hurt so many people" and his fans are gonna be like "It's not your fault gerg! All of them were psycho's! You deserv love!" and then he's gonna have a new gf on camera..

No. 240164

Looks like it was a ruse. This doesn't seem legit.

No. 240165

So, they broke up?

No. 240166

I wonder if Billie is still thirsty for e-fame.

No. 240167

I just wish one of these two privileged sacks of shit would think of their child over their crumbling relationship. Poor Troy.

No. 240168

Gregles, grabbing attention yet again.

No. 240170

I can only hope this is serious, but knowing him it's probably another "joke."

Like >>240147 said he's thirsty for that pre-teen attention.

No. 240171

Whatever it is, it's in poor taste.
Legit - poor taste
Joke - even poorer taste.
But this is Gregles we're talking about, so to expect anything decent from him would be like expecting the sun to explode tomorrow.

No. 240173

He is probably just trying to stir shit and will later admit he is talking about his haters or fans or something stupid and irrelevant.

No. 240176

>his haters or fans or something stupid and irrelevant.
Good idea, anon. That's probably what's he's going to say.

No. 240196

File: 1456210476008.png (13.53 KB, 578x127, attn whore more.png)

Onision: Attention Whore Vagueblogging Edition

Hopefully he's the one who needs medical attention and he hasn't shaken his son or beat his wife.

No. 240199

He probably gave himself some papercuts with a knife to convince Taylor that he'll off himself if she leaves.

No. 240202

>papercuts with a knife

No. 240204

It's probably nothing serious since he's still active on Twitter.

No. 240205

Superficial if you want to nitpick.

No. 240206

No, this is Gergles. If there were any papercuts involved he would spin it as "I'm unstable right now, it's best for you to leave. I love you but this is for the best."

No. 240208

Maybe what he's trying to convince people right now is: we broke up, Lain has had a panic attack, we're at the emergency room, I'm also kinda not giving a fuck.
Tomorrow: The break up tweet was about my haters and I sprained a toe.

No. 240231

> One of the worst things my ex has done, probably getting pregnant with someone else's baby
Great making fun of Shiloh's dead baby again.

No. 240234

To be fair, Shiloh used a picture of a premie baby as a fake dead baby photo for her and Greg's apparent kid named Rogue. The mother of that baby called her out. I don't like Greg, but Shiloh was just as crazy and attention whoring as him.

I don't get why people are saying she is so much better now when her nudes have been leaked. Her backpage profile has been linked. She has been fucking sugar daddies.

Maybe she'll drop a new cd and prove us all wrong, but in the mean time I'm going to think that she's a crazy bitch who got with a crazy cunt.

No. 240238

Wasn't the nudes/sugar daddy thing 3 years ago? Is it still going on?

No. 240242

File: 1456220650850.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 424x3288, sh.png)

idk when it was from, I just know that a jilted lover posted the pics because Sh was whoring herself out.

No. 240243

Shiloh was very publicly degraded and constantly emotionally abused by Gurple, the dead baby picture is inexcusable but that aside I think she may have had some minor preexisting personality disorder that got a lot stronger after the trauma of her abusive relationship. All those horrible videos of her are still up, he's still publicly slandering her to his hundreds of thousands of followers, and he took away her career. Her going through a crazy patch is pretty understandable, and since she has no marketable skill and a fucked up self image after Gerg I can see why she might have briefly turned to sex work.

It's exactly what Gerg wants when people don't have empathy for Shiloh, so a lot of people defend her so excessively now to undermine his influence and narcissism.

No. 240245

She has marketable skills, she's a very good musician. It's sad that her career got derailed by a fuckboi.

No. 240272

Shiloh's songs are catchy af. Bet she could've become a popular singer if she choose another path.
On another note, it's ironic listening to this kind of positive music from someone who's life is the most fucked up it can be

No. 240300

The dead baby picture? Did she take a picture of her baby when she died?

No. 240302

nah, she used a pic of the ultrasound if I remember correctly

No. 240345

No she used a picture of someone else's premature baby and claimed it was her baby that died (the baby lived and was a big news story)

No. 240357

Shiloh wound up losing her own baby later, though, didn't she? I feel so awful for her. I know the whole fake pregnancy thing was wrong but I feel like she was probably totally manipulated by Greg into doing it…she was only 18-19 at the time, wasn't she?

No. 240383

File: 1456248935199.jpg (254.87 KB, 373x847, gurrgugreugugrgug.jpg)


No. 240399

I can't even figure out what the hell he is going on about. Did he attempt suicide? Beat Plainey?

No. 240406

maybe he said something edgy and the dr tried to hold him

No. 240433

Love the filename

No. 240436

His tweets are getting weirder and weirder.

No. 240437

File: 1456252526856.jpg (26.68 KB, 567x133, 1.jpg)

Plain's tweet.

No. 240438

Kinda wanna hug that doctor for jot putting up with Onisions shit, to be honest.

No. 240441

With how vague they are both being, I smell bait. They are probably just trying to stir up shit yet again for attention.

No. 240443

I agree. Right now they're being the equivalent of that one typical annoying person who posts "Fuck this shit, feeling so bad :("
What's wrong?
"Please don't ask, don't wanna talk about it."

No. 240445

If it was a suicide attempt he would have been held for 48(maybe longer can't remember) hours and sent to a psych ward. They wouldn't have let him go to another hospital by himself.

Chances are Doc#1 diagnosed him with something, an illness of some sort, and Greg was persistent as hell that its not that. And he was probably being belligerent as fuck, and the hospital finally told him to leave and Doc#2 just happened to tell Gerg what he wanted to hear. Ego +1 for gregkes

No. 240451

Anytime Greg has something "bad" happen to him, it just makes me cackle. The way that he deals with negative shit just makes me imagine him whining about how it's not fair cause he knows better and it shouldn't be like this, whaaaaa.
I love when he's forced into the real world that doesn't care who he is and knows he's full of shit.

No. 240456

Maybe it's karma for the way he was behaving online for the past few days, kekeke.

No. 240485

She did, I believe it was SIDS. I think the baby was called Zelda? Onion must know this yet he constantly brings her "getting pregnant with another man's baby" and drawing attention to it.

No. 240506

It's safe to say the emergency wasn't anything serious since he's back to making his usual shitty videos.

No. 240507

He probably shot it a day or two ago and just edited it today. The ER thing was him trying to get Taylor to stay.

No. 240508

Is this an attempt to kissing up to Plank?

No. 240511

You may be right, anon, although I still personally believe he wants her gone rather than going to extremes to make her stay. Who knows with this nutbag.

No. 240516

DSSCTM posted this:
(the first tweet is on the bottom of the image)
I’m guessing (could be wrong) that Onision and Lainey had another fight and breakup and he started having chest pains similar to the time he broke up with SH.

So he went to the emergency room where they found nothing wrong with his heart.

It’s just him overreacting to another breakup again to the point of causing himself to go to the emergency room.

I used to think Lainey could easily just leave him but when someone causes their own self to go to the emergency room over what could be a final breakup, it’s easier said then done regarding leaving someone.

It’s almost like someone threatening to kill themselves if you leave them. Looks like Onision has self-induced chest pains if they try to leave him.

TWEET #1: The waiting rooms are for the visitors and for those with less of an emergency than others. If someone comes in 10 minutes after you who just had a heart attack, who are they going to take first?

And if you look at TWEET #9, Onision himself is boasting about how right he was all along about nothing being too seriously wrong with him. That’s probably why they made you wait in the first place, you moron!

TWEET #2: Just like when Onision said, “No play for pity, just the truth, as usual.” What Onision means is “ I’m full of shit, I need your pity”

TWEET #3: No one can force you to stay in the hospital, dumbass! What happened to your backbone? You claim how easy it is to report rapists but it’s too hard for you to do something as easy as leaving the hospital?

You also said in your “Why Don’t Women Report Rape?” video at 3:09 that if someone violated you, you WILL report them. Well smart ass, that doctor you said blackmailed and threatened you, let’s see the police report.

TWEET #4: Still says he can’t leave, besides being blackmailed and threatened, weren’t you being kidnapped too? You were being violated. This shit is almost as bad as rape. Can’t wait to see that police report or a video about how you put this guy in jail.

Also, whines about how bad the doctor is. If you look at TWEET #9, where he says, “You’re a doctor of 15 years…”. Well, if he is talking about the bad doctor, I wonder how he made it that far if he is so bad. The problem was with Onision’s attitude while there at the hospital. He was already upset right from the beginning because he didn’t like the fact that he had to wait. And this was before he even saw a doctor. I know that whenever Onision can’t stay at home to edit a video or have sex, he feels he’s being oppressed.

TWEET #5: Onision says the doctor smirked and laughed at his situation. If that were true then maybe his situation wasn’t an emergency after all. In fact it wasn’t because if you look at TWEET #8, he says the second doctor confirmed he was fine.

Onision also says the doctor threatened to call security. There would be no reason for anyone especially a doctor to call security unless someone was being a big ass. We all know Onision was being one the minute he walked in the door because he had to wait.

TWEET #6: Onision says the doctor still threatens to call security even though he was not being physical or threatening. The key word is “still.” This means the doctor had repeatedly told him he was going to call security. Apparently Onision was doing something that he shouldn’t be doing, over and over again. He was being confrontational. And guess what Onision? Being confrontational is the same thing as being threatening.

TWEET #7: Onision says he got transferred to a different hospital. That’s funny because I thought he had an emergency that could not wait. Now he has time to go to another hospital?

He also said he was right. Right about what? About nothing being too seriously wrong with you? Then why did you go to the emergency room in the first place?

TWEET #8: Onision says the second doctor confirmed he was fine and calls the first doctor an asshole. Maybe the actual asshole was Onision himself.

TWEET #9: Finally, now that Onision was CONFIRMED RIGHT, he feels much better about himself.

So what have we learned about this? Nothing that we didn’t already know. It’s all about who is right, Onision of course. (*cough)

No. 240526

Just starting to read this, but
>chest pains
Haha, do any of you remember that video he posted where he was ( fake ) crying and holding his chest area over Shiloh? Oh, Gregles.

No. 240569

This is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

So, can we finally celebrate? Did they split up for good?

No. 240631

No, he made Taylor drag him to two ERs. She's still at his house. He's manipulating her. He realized his fans will turn on him if he breaks up with her. He's trying to push her away but she enjoys the free ride too much.

No. 240773

File: 1456270844905.jpg (149.19 KB, 610x801, 1.jpg)

No. 240776

The first doctor was right. There is something seriously fucked up in his head.

No. 240784

I feel the second doctor didn't want the trouble of putting up with him because he probably saw he's not all there.

No. 240798

Oh Gurgles you ARE crazy, never doubt that!

No. 240813

Thanks anon.

I know Lainey doesn't have any perspective here but honey, wise up. Right now you are a dumb shit for staying.

No. 240817

File: 1456273986106.jpg (20.12 KB, 556x138, 1 .jpg)

No. 240821

God, he didn't …

No. 240823

are you serious

No. 240825

Yup, it's definitely the doctor who's crazy.

No. 240826

Is he trying to doxx them or some shit? What a tryhard.

No. 240827

File: 1456274662698.jpg (16.34 KB, 606x119, 1 .jpg)

Yes, this person is serious.

No. 240828

I'm pretty sure his twitter could get deleted and he can be banned for trying to rally up a (super weak) doxx/promoting harassment. We should report this shit.

No. 240829

When he can't bitch about his wife, he bitches about customer service.

No. 240830

I don't have Twitter, but I hope the anons who do report it.

No. 240831

Just did.

No. 240832

I reported it on some socks, doubt they'll do shit.

No. 240833

Can someone tweet brookstone with the attempt at doxing so they know who is harassing their employee?

No. 240835

File: 1456275446511.jpg (21.8 KB, 592x102, 1.jpg)

No. 240836

File: 1456275531528.jpg (21.1 KB, 589x104, 1 .jpg)

Gregles: full psycho mode

No. 240839


GOD he's an asshole.

No. 240841

I wonder if there are any stories about him over at https://notalwaysright.com/

No. 240843

File: 1456275864428.jpg (23.08 KB, 571x113, 1 .jpg)

No. 240846

He's so tragically batshit there should be at least a few.

No. 240849

File: 1456276256126.jpg (20.33 KB, 587x105, 1 .jpg)

Lol, oh my god.
Narcissistic supply: unlocked

No. 240852

Griddle and Margo are perfect for each other, holy shit.

No. 240868

Whatever sent him to the ER must've not been that serious then if he's able to deal with Brookstone customer service, doxx some poor call centre employee, and get back to his "job" a day later…

No. 240873

The world could end if they teamed up.

No. 240875

I'm pretty sure he threatened to kill himself and dr. 1 wanted to Baker act him.

No. 240876

lainey tweeted at cyr and onision saying "otp"

lol man she really will never leave huh? unless shes just playing nice but i doubt it

No. 240885

File: 1456284851337.jpg (25.43 KB, 542x183, 1.jpg)

No. 240889

He got in a fight with cyr recently, right?

Of course he is giving Lainey shit about it.

No. 240891

I'm pretty sure their kid was the one in the hospital.

No. 240893

Why would Onion say he was free to go then?

No. 240907

It's so weird to see a 30 year old dude go from whining about his marriage in one day, the next being at the er arguing with doctors & nearly getting security called on him, then in just a few hours everything's fine and he's back home slamming the doctor, slamming Brookstone as a company, slamming an employee, back to dissing the doctor, casually throwing in a joke about not being gay, slamming politics, thinking he's conquered the concept of reality…
All this within just a day. Holy hell, what a marriage that must be.

No. 240910

>Explaining my situation to this doctor, he just keeps smirking & laughing. Then threatens calling security? Really? I want a different doc.

I really wanna know what doctor was smirking and laughing about.

No. 240944

File: 1456299960028.jpg (142.78 KB, 526x786, 1.jpg)

Argh. There.
Comments - priceless.

No. 240946

Hopefully that Brennan Sturman kid is writing from behind the safe walls of an institution. Or is a troll.

No. 240947

Notice the Grog? Not sure if typo or intentional, haha.

No. 240950


Sorry but this is hilarious. I can imagine her trying to leave after a fight and then Onision being like "UHG…..MY…..HEART…. I'M……. DYYYYYYYING" and then both going to the hospital, waiting forever while Gorg kept whining about everything and then Taylor having to hide her face when her precious husband was dissing all the hospital's staff.

If that's what happened I don't blame her for being tired af lmao

No. 240951

It makes me laugh, bc of all the names he gets here.

Also it's aussie for booze.

No. 240981

File: 1456313379649.jpg (23.52 KB, 616x123, omfg.jpg)

Neither can we believe you have mentioned this for like the 5th time in a few hours.

No. 240983

He really needs to go masturbate in the shower or something.

No. 240986

good god, can he just die already.

No. 240988

File: 1456314751317.gif (995.19 KB, 500x208, let it the fuck go.gif)

Holy shit, Gargoyle, we get it.
How many fucking times.

No. 240989

So basically, he is saying that he believe someone should hand him a diploma for his expertise, since he "proved" a doctor wrong.
His ego has really no limits.

No. 241002

Probable scenarios:
1. His doctor didn't tell him what he wanted to hear so he found a new one that would.
2. He's a complete cunt that is hard to diagnose because of his cuntish behaviour, lack of common sense and inability to listen to anybody but himself. He wouldn't meet his doctor halfway and got a bad diagnosis because of it.
3. The doctor never made a mistake and said something like "we'll test you for this, just to be on the safe side" and gargoyle interpreted this as "YOU'RE DEFINITELY ILL AND HAVE THIS."

No. 241005

Hopefully he ignored some advice from his doctor and ends up suffering because of it. Having to shave his head for some kind of minor surgery would be amazing and would really add to his Frankenstein's monster brow.

No. 241012

I wish he has something. I want to see him interact with the real world, not have his way and throw a tantrum.

No. 241029

I vote for all three options.

No. 241059

To top that off, when they got home, she'll have had to endure several hours of ranting about how the doctor is a cunt, how he's cleverer than all doctors, how the medical system is fucked, why he should run it, why he should run the country, probably something passive aggressive about her not supporting him when he was suffering so badly, why he's right and a genius and no one understands him, etc…

source: personal experience with a dickhole like Gargles

No. 241061

What I want to know is what is going on with that poor little baby in all this. I don;t much give a crap about Lainey except to the extent that she is exposing her baby to someone as unstable and horrible as Gerg. That is shitty parenting on the face of it. (I leave Gerg out of this because well, Gerg was never going to be parent of the year, but Lainey I thought might have some potential there.) It seems to me (as a parent) that there are times when you have to make a choice (although with Gerg I don't get AT ALL why it is even a difficult choice), and that you don't choose your sociopath husband over your helpless and innocent baby. This whole prolonged hospital thing makes me wonder what the hell the baby was doing all night while they were doctor shopping at two different emergency rooms.

No. 241080

That kid is gonna need some seriously large amounts of therapy in the future if Lainey doesn't leave. I feel kinda bad for them.

No. 241116

File: 1456338958019.png (35.11 KB, 631x392, idiot.png)

No. 241118



So not only was he ridiculously irate and out of line, bitching numerous times on twitter, but he also posted her name and phone extension for a weak ass doxx to encourage his followers to harass her, but he did all of that when he wasn't even 100% sure he was right?

He is… beyond stupid. He is in a category of his own.

inb4 he says the fact he owned up to being wrong publicly means he did no wrong jfc

No. 241137

He is a magnificent faggot.

No. 241148

He's such a whiny little shit!! Instead of doing the normal, adult thing and posting something like "I'd like to extend my deepest apologies to brookside for the way I behaved the other day", but instead he uses dramatic words like "humiliated" and phrases like "wasting their time" to basically make it sound like he's sorry when in reality he's just embarrassed and angry he got caught being a dumbass.
But I also think hes using this sudden apologetic/self reflective attitude to win him brownie points while never truly accepting blame. He's always saying things like "sorry I'm a failure" rather than "I'm sorry for hurting you", once again trying to drive home that he's a victim and look how bbbaaaaddd he feels. Such a manipulative little fuck. He's probably never given a real apology in his life.

No. 241169

That Brookstone tweet with the extension is gone. I bet that asshole got banned until he deleted it.

No. 241208

Referring to his entire tantrum at Brookstone as wasting their time is an awful lot like calling everything he did with Billie just cuddling. He loves to minimize when he fucks up, when it's someone else doing wrong he will exaggerate until they seem like a monster.

No. 241213

I'm legit confused because yesterday he said he was billed from a card he never used for the store. How do you not know you never used that card before? How many cards do you have that you just forget what you have and haven't used? Not to mention he rants about how he was billed twice, but the CS said there is no record of shipping it, so how was he wrong that he was billed twice? And he said they even shipped to the wrong address…

No. 241266

identity theft?

No. 241275

ew look at his recent pic https://www.instagram.com/onision/

No. 241281

Even if it was his kid (and there's like no evidence that it was unless you're gonna show us something) it's still weird af to go from taking your kid to the ER to complaining about fucking brookstone like 2h later. If your kid was at the ER, you'd spend the time after being discharged just looking after him, right?

No. 241284

>/telling/ you you're crazy
>/prove/ that the first doctor is actually crazy

Yeah, sure, it was the doctor that was definitely crazy.

No. 241311

Why is his instagram creepily ONLY his face? WHY isn't there anything else? Lain? Food? Kid? House? Hobbies? Like what the fuck

No. 241325

Oh my fucking god, when grown ass men use passive aggressive smilies

i want to fire a fucking crossbow into his chest

No. 241333

Occasionaly he posts a picture together with Taylor to show off what a ~tru luv~ looks like, but otherwise it's just his face.
He is obsessed with himself.

No. 241334

File: 1456374440519.jpg (178.97 KB, 1633x931, Screenshot_2016-02-25-04-25-19…)

He looks like a serial killer.

No. 241335

>Oh my god adopt me already

gurl love yourself

No. 241337

I don't get his fans' doublethink. When someone criticizes Onion they say
>You shouldn't be offensive towards him, he is just being honest! If you don't like it theb don't watch his videos.

But when Onion is being offensive towards someone, they are like
>It's okay if he is offensive, sometimes the truth is brutal :P

No. 241344

File: 1456378002728.png (108.28 KB, 1024x600, Screenshot_2016-02-25-02-25-32…)


No. 241356

File: 1456382042921.jpg (33.01 KB, 450x394, pattilabelle.jpg)

No kidding. I never expected Billie to get a job.

No. 241367

wait, who is Taylor?

No. 241369

LOL. Oh yeah, didn't you know? She works in a gas station, and brags on her twitter about all the guys trying to fuck her.

No. 241370

I'm pretty sure her job is a cashier at something like 7/11

No. 241373

File: 1456385400792.jpg (20.76 KB, 620x178, IMG_20160225_042908.jpg)

No. 241374

It was Lainey's name before Gargle decided he didn't like it.

No. 241375

no 1 curr, post in her thread, shes boring

No. 241382

Can someone please befriend this bitch and get her to spill some dirt on what actually happened during "cuddles"? They obviously fucked and are not on good terms so it shouldn't be difficult with social engineering.

No. 241395

I could try. I'm a 19 year old mental case, so she might take the bait.

Will come back with more details if it works.e

No. 241399

Did anyone watch the show Flesh and Bone? Onision kinda looks like rapey incest brother.

No. 241495

File: 1456424536896.jpg (98.37 KB, 400x480, onion-san.jpg)

What more could you expect from a narcissist like him?

No. 241499

Needs more edgy colours.

No. 241506

I think Billie is happy that she dodged a relationship with Greg.

No. 241515

I thought Gurgles was friends with that clown?

No. 241519

Pretty sure that Richie just used him for views.

No. 241521

they're just milking this until the end of days aren't they

No. 241527

WHAT the hell is that thing, and this time I mean the creature NEXT to Billie…

No. 241531

Richie aka Social Repose aka 'Alternative' youtube who thinks wearing headdresses is okay because the ones he wears are black not colourful

No. 241556

File: 1456432356597.png (52.33 KB, 627x239, misandry.png)

If I ran the world, I would castrate this cuck and send him to work deep in the coal mines.

No. 241571

This thumbnail flatters absolutely no one and Social Repose is going to make a striking trans Tori Spelling in a few years.

No. 241575

He only wants women to rule since he can't get anywhere without sleeping with someone so he hopes it will further him in society.

No. 241577

Go back to Tumblr

No. 241588

File: 1456436085228.jpg (940.15 KB, 1500x973, pb-130610-vietnam-photo-jsa-06…)

If women ran the entirety of all the world's governments he'd reenact the Buddhist monk who soaked himself in gasoline and light himself on fire to protest the Vietnam war. He hates women with a uh…fiery…passion.

No. 241598

Billie has no personality.

No. 241669

File: 1456443744315.png (821.42 KB, 918x584, disgusting.png)

Fucking disgusting degenerates. I feel no pity for this crazy bitch.

No. 241671


That looks just like that camgirl Megan.

No. 241678

Fucking shit He's so ugly

No. 241679


Two ugly crazy fucks

No. 241686


I feel so sorry for their kid. WTF

No. 241690

Surprise, surprise, he's wearing makeup.

No. 241692


He's such a cuck

No. 241693

"Why are doctors dangerous"

lol onion is still butthurt

No. 241698


thanks anon, I was rly confused. but omg of fucking course. he's such a monster.

No. 241701

he looks like stefonknee

No. 241716

i have absolutely no sympathy for her, she is insane, she is as crazy as he is, honestly, her son was born into the worst situation possible.
If onision cheats on her ass, i wont have an ounce of pity for her. She doesnt' deserve any sympathy the way Shiloh did, I don't care what anyone says either.

The day they break up is the day Lainey plays the 'pity' card and gets her hoard of sheeple to feel bad for her being in a transphobic marriage. And the fucked up part will be that she will be on good terms with onision, but to the internet she will be a fucking victim to benefit both of them.

This is nothing like a shiloh situation at all. She did return to him, but she was weak and an actual victim of his abuse, this girl is just a victim of tumblr attention whoring at this point.

No. 241739

>fiery passion

Anon you are too much, topkek

No. 241741

That's an insult to stephonknee.

No. 241742

I personally prefer the phrase "fire of a thousand burning suns" to be honest.

No. 241751


Why does Billy have yellow and fucking sea green eyeshadow on.
Why is THAT MAN wearing black lipstick with his literally yellow teeth
Neither of these people are goth are you kidding. They're like anti ghouls.
Billy kind of narrowed her eyes when Plank came on, looked still upset…

What cool people.

No. 241766

I agree.
The rage, oh the rage.
I hope Billy puts on the wrong forehead jewels and gets a nasty rash one day.

No. 241767

I'm not sure which is stupider, how that guy refers to himself as "Social Response" or whatever the fuck he is wearing. (And always wears, in every video… it must smell.)

No. 241768

Lol oh you.

I'm telling you, first he is going to ride out the (fake) statement that he is bi and wants it up the butt, next women's clothing, then finally trans. I'm placing my bets now as he becomes more and more desperate.

No. 241769

I hate how right you probably are.

No. 241771

Lel is that some sort of totally goff Amerindian headdress?

No. 241780

Haha I hope I won't be, but what an amazing train wreck it will be to watch.

No. 241789

Oh, she does. She's just covering up her lame self with an embarrassingly poor attitude. Considering her age I'm sure she'll grow out of it, I really think she's just a painfully self conscious girl who is too afraid to be herself so she emulates what she perceives as edgy.

It really sucks because she's really cute, I hope she gets off the internet and realizes she surrounds herself with people beneath her and works on a better future. I don't think she's stupid, she just clearly has low self esteem.

No. 241815

I'm ready for it.

No. 241824

LOL I just watched this and holy shit if their goal was to look better than Onision they failed miserably. They ate popcorn in silence the entire time and freaky clown made 2 harmless comments. Way to make Onision look better than you, retards. (Which is really hard to do but you succeeded.)

No. 241855

Lol yep. And depending how tumblr/actually native you are, that shit is super offensive to wear as a suburban white emo.

No. 241857

File: 1456469343032.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-25-22-47-48…)

No. 241866

Replace the nose ring with a bone and you'd have a great shrunken head.

No. 241872

No. 241881

Damn anon.

No. 241940

yeah…. No

No. 241983

I thought Social Repose burned that headdress in a video to keep the SJW happy? He must have had another made, what a dumb move.

Anon goths can wear a lot of coloured eye shadow, things have changed since the crushed velvet years. They're both total clowns, but you're nitpicking in the wrong place.

No. 242040

File: 1456511179908.png (39.42 KB, 617x241, manipulation.png)

I wonder how many of his fans think him and his wife are still goals.

No. 242190

That's why you told her to pack her stuff when she caught you with Billy, eh Gurg?

No. 242224

"Look at me! I r gud husband! I luv my wife"

I gave up talking shit about other girls for Lent, but I'm making an exception for Onion, because dear god what an awful excuse for a person.

No. 242227

This motherfucker knows that the handwriting is on the wall!

No. 242246

File: 1456540446339.png (276.47 KB, 540x548, tumblr_o3636uGUWQ1utgytfo1_540…)

Lainey got into a fight with someone from her past

No. 242247

Everything that other person is saying is 100% right.

No. 242248

File: 1456540804906.gif (476.49 KB, 325x335, The HBiC.gif)

>My life doesn't revolve around the Internet.

No. 242249

The part that made me the saddest was when she said she surrounds herself with "friends and family" but later only lists Greg, her two year old child, her dogs (I'm assuming this is what she meant by "children"), and her friend Greg hired to be a full time live in nanny.

No. 242253

Stockholm syndrome must suck

No. 242275

This reminds me it was never disproven or proven they have more than one child but whenever lainey mentions her kid(s) she says children. never child, never singular. It seems odd to refer to your dogs as your child as well.

No. 242279

Is it odd? My parents do the same thing.

No. 242280

She's been on tumblr too long and doesn't want to gender her son. There is no way she could have two kids. Not with all the selfies she posts.

No. 242284

Child is general neutral though.

Maybe I am just not familiar with it. When talking about your family is it really a normal thing to group your pets and children together and call them your all children? That seems like it would make for very confusing conversation.

No. 242285

second reply was to you my bad

No. 242300


I don't think she's talking about dogs. I remember some of the dramatic things she tweeted when she was "leaving" the last time, telling Billie "You made innocent children to have to leave their home, you took them away from their father" or somee shit like that. I don't think she would go that nuts over dogs missing Gorg and their home.

No. 242327


don't worry anon, gurg is a man if only because he has a penis

No. 242362

Mam, I'm so tired of tumblrinas using transphobic for things they don't like. That wasn't in any way transphobic, you whiny brat. That person seemed really genuine, too.

I've lost all sympathy for her at this point.

No. 242363

I've never given a shit about they/them/it. They have no personality and they're boring. It's an extreme doormat and won't hire a lawyer to take its spouse to court for child support. There, I used pronouns properly and it looks retarded.

No. 242453

Its kind of telling that she's focused on the idea that her friend hates her because of her agender BS, and just ignoring the fact its about how her personality has changed

No. 242480

omg this is actually hilarious, I love the little jab at Onision's shitty reaction videos to Google searches. Kinda have new found respect for the two now.

No. 242490


Well, at least she isn't telling people to use the even more retarded made up pronouns like xie/xhey/xhem. Although I agree with your statement.

I think HER problem is that Gerg got her when SHE was very young and impressionable, and he's essentially stunted HER adolescence, so SHE's stuck at 17 and never mentally and emotionally grew past that. It is unfortunate, for HER and especially for HER kid(s).

No. 242532

Reminds me of: 'it puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again'
It really seems as if those people with 'it' as their preferred pronoun are deliberately taking their own personhood away, so people have more difficulty relating to them, which in turn makes them more of a special snowflake.

No. 242533

Typical co-dependent bs. He made her into a co-dependent perfect host, and he's a counter-dependent perfect parasite.
The only way she's ever going to get out of this, is if Greg finds another host to latch onto.

No. 242534

Yeah, because that reaction was a comment away from, "you're l just jealous!" Type of juvenile response. She's seriously stI'll a teenager in maturity, she sees nothing wrong with her lifestyle. No wonder Grunk gets then young and dumb, this bitch is seriously defending her isolation and grooming.

No. 242537

Somebody should hire Buffalo Bill to get Greg into a skincare routine

No. 242581

Are you kidding? Their attempt was pathetic and they look like even bigger losers than grog.

This so much. People who nitpick pronouns that much are basically advertising themselves as really pathetic, lonely, and desperate with nothing better to worry about. Also she sounds insufferable to be friends with, like you can never disagree with her or out you go. (Except in grog's case, since she got knocked up by him and wants the ez lief.)

No. 242618

and instead of the hose threaten him with scalding coffee grounds.

No. 242640

Hops are pretty hot at certain stages in the process of brewing beer. Hops might work too.

No. 242668

Or a lit cigarette, or all 3!

No. 242799


Social Repose and Billie are kind of hating on Onision in this video, usually he kisses Onion's ass. I wonder if this rustled Onion's jimmies at all? Billie looks really bored the whole time.
"He's not funny."

No. 242805

No. 243130

She's says after worming her way into his marriage and cheating with him lmao

No. 243150

New cringe forced-love Lainey and Gerg video

No. 243155

File: 1456708749189.png (269.15 KB, 850x471, puking.png)

No. 243163



No. 243164

lol onision made a video about nicole arbor and dissed her and then she commented saying he was as hypocrite and mad because she took the new positon as controversial youtuber… oh man. what a time to be alive.

No. 243172


No. 243173

Nicole is a shitty person, but the fact that he chose to focus on her ursurping of his edgelord throne is fucking hilarious.

No. 243177

haha, you're right, anon.

No. 243183

Is it just me or does gurg look fat in the face… Maybe it's just his massive head… I really wish they wouldn't keep saying "blessed" so much in that video goddamn I hate them both so much.

No. 243196

on makeup… "how does this make you feel better about yourself"
like he totally doesn't wear makeup to make him feel better about himself lol.

"would you fuck me?
I'd fuck me.
i'd fuck me hard."
It's like worse than the chrischan tomgirl saga tbh. creepier af because he brings a wife and child into his bullshit when he does this.

No. 243211


Lainey is always spouting off annoying tumblr-teen slang and Greg awkwardly starts saying it around her. Dude really wishes he was 18

No. 243214

File: 1456726513698.png (53.93 KB, 835x206, Nicole Arbour.png)


Had to scroll to the bottom of the comment son his recent Speaks video talking about why she's famous. She also replied to a few comments, thanking a fan and saying she "loves him making up points for satire and that they love each other" or something and she's been subbed to him a while…lol

No. 243250

HAHAHAHA!! Thanks, anon!

No. 243288

They're disgusting, greasy losers but their attempt at comedy is better than Groog's. I think a lot of people missed the point of the video.

No. 243312

ohhhh god, he looks like he smells like month old cheese

I'm triggered

No. 243370

lmao i love Nicole

No. 243384

This bitch fights over the internet like a 12 year old. She's been arguing with freelee the banana bitch too.

No. 243393

File: 1456779912110.jpg (24.78 KB, 573x581, 1441336795488.jpg)

Do you think he wore makeup when he supposedly asked Lainey to peg him?

No. 243394

What was the point? To sneer and look like out of place edgy weirdos while they silently shove popcorn into their faces to… Prove how much they don't care? Such humor.

No. 243420

Biggest attention whore in the world t b h

No. 243424

Why is this fucktard so obsessed with Hannah Minx? Is he jealous that she got married and had a kid with a normal seeming dude while he's in a loveless relationship with a fakeboi and an unwanted kid?

No. 243447

(Sorry, it's an Italian curse and is untranslatable, just think of an expression of intense doom and disgust)

No. 243452

Sometimes he really dresses like a Mormon going to a casual mixer.

No. 243480

I love it when he brings up the cuck comments.

Onion's a control freak who can't stand it when he's not the one ending a relationship.

No. 243483

How fucking dare he call pewdiepie ugly though.
Glass houses, man…

No. 243504

File: 1456801707358.png (412.32 KB, 652x599, tumblr_inline_o388kmpFeE1qmuq7…)

No. 243505

Did Hannah Minx and Gerg date?

No. 243508

>that meez account
Oh ahahaha.

No. 243511

It hasn't been confirmed but he's talked about a secret relationship with a 23 year old youtuber. He said that she just wanted sex so they decided just to be friends. He talks about her as much as his other exes and even got that one chick to be Annah Minx.

No. 243514

I don't think they even met in person. He seemed to like her a lot more than she liked him.

No. 243520

Is the tweet recent? Ugh, that is chilling. He's going through the motions and saying what he thinks he's supposed to say like a robot.

Reminds me of how Scott Peterson used to quote romantic movie lines to his partners.

No. 243570

How does he become more annoying in each video? I don't get how he even has fans when he bashes them so much in that video. Lol

No. 243661

It's from 2008. So that's either foreshadowing a divorce or he says that kind of crap to project the image of a sweet, caring husband. Probably both.

No. 243668

The MySpace post is from 2008 but the tweet looks like it's recent?

No. 243678

He divorced his first wife in 2010
Yes that tweet was recent

No. 243699

This is chilling. This guy says the same thing about every relationship, doesn't even matter who's he with.
He has a few of these few "deep" lines rehearsed and spews them at anyone he's dating.

No. 243708


>calls pewdiepie ugly

>is ugly as fuck


No. 243710


They collabed actually in the past

No. 243711


Because his fans are 12 year old emo masochist girls with daddy issues

No. 243719

Can someone shoop a different haircut on grog?

No. 243738

File: 1456884477278.png (205.08 KB, 400x389, onion.png)


will work on something

also remember when he had short hair? he looked so old lmao

like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wAP3l_Yxu0

No. 243741

File: 1456884865677.jpg (73.56 KB, 1200x675, ramsay.jpg)

Maybe they have the same stylist?

No. 243743

Oh my fucking god, I have not seen this cut on him.
Dude looks ancient, his swoop hairs is his only teen bait looks wise.

No. 243745

File: 1456885811765.png (208.82 KB, 289x383, 1.png)


Yup. Hence why he's only cut it that short a few times throughout all the years. He thought it'd make him look cool and like a band member but infact it just made him look old and disgusting… LMAO

But his emo teen hair is creepy too. It's a lose-lose. But yeah, take away his makeup, filters and wig and you get this old psycho.

No. 243746

File: 1456886018203.jpg (44.73 KB, 720x531, IMG_20160301_203230.jpg)

I'm sure this has been done before, but this is all I see when I look at grug.

No. 243750

holy shit im disgusted

No. 243756

Does Greg currently wear a wig?

No. 243772

Wigs don't look that greasy

No. 243802

Unless you wear it while sitting in your basement sweating all day and never wash it.

No. 243804

Anon, that is not fair to The Mask. Grugles is way more unattractive, sexist, and disgusting.

No. 243805

I KNOW. I take it back!

No. 243845

oh shit. speaking of which, i had a customer yesterday that kinda looked like Gurg and even though he was nice and all i felt immensely disgusted by him

is it a universal psycho thing
maybe i have a sixth sense

No. 243848

This photo should be spoilered, Jesus Christ, talk about nightmare-inducing.

No. 243900

File: 1456937099474.png (18.54 KB, 630x158, wtf.png)

Did you guys know that when you write shitty fan-fiction about yourself, it's not all about you. Especially if you make the main characters a Gary Stu.

No. 243913

What is that tweet even supposed to me. No shit fuckface, you DID write them…is this implication that writers just have other people do all their work and then just take the credit? Lmao.

No. 243923


Wow, just like… everyone else! Just goes to show that Greg will stop at no lengths to compliment himself. And he gets hundreds of favs everytime. Why.

No. 243927

A dig at Zoella maybe?

No. 243984

Onion really, really should have let other people who know about writing assist with his book. It still would have been terrible though.

No. 244012

Yeah, no shit you wrote them, that's why they're so fucking horrible.

No. 244096

Sorry for OT, but they're similar Youtube attention whore boys:
Is there not a Sam Pepper thread here?

Isn't old Sam Pepper kind of like Onision with his rampant female fanbase that turned on him, hates his sexual exploits, but then he doesn't acknowledge them and is constantly trying to sweep his past sins under the rug? He has arguably even worse drama than Onision.

No. 244138

Idk but I think Sam recently made a "I fucked up I was a retard Id like to start again" video so idk if hes very lolworthy these days

No. 244145

File: 1456995693044.png (601.13 KB, 1012x618, disgusting.png)

>no muscle structure
>armpit folds
>neanderthal brows
>paler than toilet paper
>can't match foundation to skin color
>30 year old edgelord
>can't get a threesome
>married to a fakeboi

Ya dude, I bet those 2008 bloggers give a shit 8 years later.

No. 244146

Sorry, I forgot to spoiler that pic.

No. 244148

>can't match foundation

I get this is probably sexist as fuck but the thought of guy wearing foundation is a big turn-off. Fix your fucking acne Gargoyle

No. 244149

That diet obviously isn't doing shit for him, but then again, he probably doesn't eat right and doesn't do shit to exercise. Eat some fucking beans and work out, Greg.

No. 244151

For real, PewDiePie is completely unfunny and cringe-inducing but I'd fuck the hell out of his hot Scandinavian ass.
Gargamel, on the other hand, I wouldn't go near with a fucking barge-pole.

Which makes me wonder, how much money would it take for you guys to fuck Glug?
Taking his gross, aggressive habits and preferences during sex into consideration.

No. 244152

I'd go with 300k but I'd be willing to negotiate because I'm kinda a whore.

No. 244153

There's not enough money, castles, jewelry, luxury cars or unicorns in the world to convince me to fuck Greg. Skin is gross, personality is vile, his sexual preferences are appalling and just the thought of letting him inside of me makes me die inside.

No. 244164


You left out his crocodile teeth. Those are the REAL deal-breaker.

No. 244166

He just looks so flabby. Not like soft but as if he has loose skin hanging on his body. How he can think that he's in good shape is beyond me.

No. 244167

I mean, if he'd let me use a strap-on and bury it so deep in his almost certainly greasy and acne ridden ass that he hemorrhaged a bit, I'd cut him a good deal.

I wonder if he's as lazy about his genital cleaning as he is his hair and face..?

No. 244168

Don't forget the Neanderthal brow!

No. 244178

Wasn't his hypocritical lying ass exposed as attacking people with the average diet and yet, he still eats Burger King burgers? Lol

No. 244184

I don't fucking buy it. Also h3h3 made a video kissing his ass, I suspect he slipped them some money since they're always so desperate for it.

No. 244185

I would sooner fuck chrischan than onion. And no amount of money would get me to fuck either of them, but yeah that's how disgusting i think onion is. grosser than chrischan.

No. 244186

Anon, that is a deep disgust for grug. Damn.

No. 244189

Yeah well it's his shite attitude and the fact that he's abused multiple girlfriends/wives that really does it for me tbh. i mean we'll never know if chris would do that since chris ain't never getting a gf, but at least chris is just gross and autistic. gurg is gross and a sociopath and an abusive gross sociopath.

No. 244190


Well, at least Chris-chan is sort of likeable. I confess to a mild affection for him. (I still wouldn't do him, but I guess I kind of think of him as like a weirdo, messed-up younger brother.)

No. 244199

At least Chris-chan would make some autistic attempt at actually caring about me, something Gurgle is literally incapable of. Not in a rush to bang either of them myself, but if absolutely had to choose between them… Chris-chan would rest easier on my morals.

No. 244215

I'm an unemployed sloot so my lowest would be pretty low. Like maybe a couple grand if he's a 2-pump chump and I don't have to hate myself for longer than a few minutes. The price would increase depending on how crazy he gets after.

No. 244220

I totally get it, just the initial thought made me a little queasy.
I think Chris is genuinely sweet, just a little gross and delusional.
Grog is extremely gross, delusional, and sociopathic (also harmful to the general public).

No. 244221

Same, anon. Even now that he's in his 'tomgirl' phase. He's probably cleaner than grudge is.

No. 244235

Flabby and not toned.

No. 244240

agreed on PewDiepie

I'm not broke but would fuck him for about 5,000GBP. I mean, as long as he showered first..

No. 244279

I'd say $100k but I'd do it for half that. But that is my fantasy rate for any normal guy just because I have a well paying job and my parents are rich so I'd only whore myself out for a good chunk of change.

I follow Greg drama but I don't have any personal investment in hating him. I just hope he showers and doesn't rub his acne on me. And I'm into degrading sex and uncut guys so I'd probably like it tbh.

No. 244300

There's a difference between degrading and disgusting, anon. I'd need cash and a lot of drugs to get past all the zits popping.

No. 244303

H3h3 said they dont think hes a rapist but still a sleazy piece of shit and a potential predator. By no means kissing his ass

No. 244375

When Greg cums his zits burst in ecstasy.

No. 244377

Wow that's a disgusting thought

No. 244386

plot twist: Greg's cum is actually acne pus

No. 244402

File: 1457071993475.gif (487.43 KB, 464x272, gag001.gif)

No. 244563

No. 244572

File: 1457123979421.jpg (134.19 KB, 960x1225, 960.jpg)

I can't believe this guy is 30.

No. 244581

File: 1457125207685.jpg (88.73 KB, 590x544, oniontears.jpg)

No. 244584

File: 1457126136040.jpg (63.82 KB, 658x505, laintears.jpg)

No. 244591

Onision's attempt to get out of marriage part…

No. 244592

File: 1457128244113.jpg (116.78 KB, 810x732, IMG_20160305_065000.jpg)

No. 244610

legit hate myself for knowing this but i think two of those are actually old taking back sunday lyrics……………..

No. 244675

Oh shit you're right, no shame there anon.
I guess when they post dramatic lyrics they can just turn around and go "lol it was just lyrics".

No. 244676

you mean she.

No. 244680

File: 1457151160298.jpg (78.63 KB, 597x489, 1.jpg)

No. 244713

>Gave a full body massage to an 18yo
>Admit that Mommy gave full body massages
>Is 30yo
>Posting angst about the end of marriage for 12 yo to read
>Is fucking 30!
Oh how they've fallen.

No. 244782

But he was born disfigured. Mentally.

No. 244827

Actually I think I may have finally figured what is legitimately wrong with him.

No. 244828

Actually I think I may have finally figured what is legitimately wrong with him.

No. 244830


No. 244904

They were clearly trying to promote his new channel and they've this view lately that even scumbags deserve respect because they're trying to appeal to reddit neckbeards.

No. 244963

Please share.

No. 244964

Nice cold sore, Taylor. Why does she have fans again? Is it her stellar personality?

No. 245023

god, she's so fucking boring
her voice makes me want to punch her in the fucking face

No. 245036

>shoutout to your diet where you don't eat food
Yo idk if he's being ~ironic~ and making fun of haters that say she doesn't eat while showing her milkshake, but knowing him he could be easily making fun of her.

fucking OT but this was worth mentioning bc an abusive ex would constantly make fun of me for "not eating" and I still want to punch him in the throat.

No. 245053

Wow grug, thanks for the close ups of your wife's cold sore.
I'm betting he is hoping people mention it so he can make 10 tweets educating the masses on how it's "not herpes, it's a cold sore."

No. 245060

When he said that I kind of freaked out, like panic inducing. I have an abusive ex who used to do the same shit, constantly and was a super dick, (I had GI issues/anxiety that messed with my appetite). Fuck Greg he's such an asshole. It makes me wonder the kind of shit he says to her off camera, if he does this stuff on camera and on Twitter publicly.
Bitch needs to fucking GTFO and get away from him

No. 245062

Fucking hell, I know. Every single video she does is nothing but blank expressions and that irritating monotone voice.

No. 245063

So Lamey's channel is actually just another channel for Gurgles y/y?

No. 245069

whats wrong with him, hes like a 12 years old fuckboy

No. 245136

File: 1457248980969.jpg (97.95 KB, 720x1011, IMG_20160306_012158.jpg)

Leaves stray hairs to distract from body acne, nice try grog.

No. 245141

Oh Greg! You aren't supposed to put your foundation on your lips.

His lips match his hair line.

No. 245142

His "serious" face is just as creepy as his "grinning so my face hurts" smile.

No. 245152

Actually I was just reminded because they went to deadpool of the movie making fun of nuclear warhead teenage xmen for acting like a sullen monotone silent teenager that takes long pauses before saying anything.

I hope she just acts like this in videos because it's so cringey.

No. 245157

File: 1457253288758.jpeg (30.43 KB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

I just threw up.

No. 245166

Does he have a third nipple or is he just that disgusting?

No. 245189

I think he's trying to do Blue Steel here but the American psycho is oozing out.

No. 245214


My life was significantly better until I saw this.

No. 245241

Yes…I could not help but notice that either. From his cheating video, her giving him full body massages as a kid really stood out to me given how okay he seems to be with that. Thus, I made this video address that and some other things about his bizarre mother. So, enjoy.

No. 245242

God he tries so hard to look buff, but you can yell his anus is about to prolapse from all the flexing he's doing.

No. 245244

That was beautiful. Did you ever go through any of her other videos?

No. 245255

What's wrong with the body massage stuff? I mean, I know we're talking about fucked up Onision and his fucked up mother so chances are the massage itself was also fucked up too, but by itself it's kinda normal.

No. 245276

I have come to the conclusion that all of his views on everything came from this woman initially. I have had my eye on her content for quite a while. He was never raised to think being nude massaged by his mother in his teens (when she owned such a business) was wrong or the very least, very unconventional and bizarre on her part. Hence why he does not even question it and can say such a thing with a completely straight as if it was normal and everyone elses parents did it.

Even in his debate with Someguy he expressed that when his mother physically abused him by hitting him with a flashlight, he did not think that was child abuse. Christ knows what else had to have happened in his household as he was growing we do not know about yet that he was raised into thinking was normal.

He accepts, near religiously, the ideas he spouts as fact and does not question them at all in the same manner his mother does in that video about being a psychic. She made a two part video series about how she was raised in a church which treated its younger followers in the same manner she appears to have treated her son, and her son blatantly treats women in front the entire internet.

His body massage comment, that video of hers(among others) opened my eyes to the idea that she ended up torturing and ruining one of her children the same way she was tortured and ruined as a child. Abuse…unfortunately spawns abuse, it gets passed down in some cases. She is convinced she did nothing wrong, her son grew up to think nothing wrong was done to him, and thus he now thinks nothing he does to the women in his life is wrong either. I think I figured out why he is…the way he is. Remember, he was nearly solely raised by this lady. He had no significant parent outside of his mother to counter the kind of stuff she filled his mind with.

No. 245277

It's because he used it as a way to try and excuse the fact he gave Billy Bob dongle a naked massage, with oil, including massaging her butt and chest by saying his mom did the same thing, there for it was totally platonic.

Ignoring of course that in a regular massage you dont have your chest massaged (except maybe your upper pectorals), and you don't massage someone's ass, you massage the side and top to work out the hip and glutes.

No. 245297

>not victim blaming
nope, that's what you just did

No. 245301

>debate with Someguy

Is this on youtube? I'd love to see it.

No. 245309

Couldn't even watch the whole video I was cringing. Firstly, the origin of his assholery probably comes from the fact that his father left at a young age (he probably had to witness his parents fighting and now thinks that's normal) and he has gone on to create more dysfunctional relationships himself.

There's nothing wrong with giving or receiving a massage. There's nothing sexual about it, if there was why would people pay professionals to massage them in a spa? His mother created a business around it which makes it less suspicious. What he did with Billie was probably sexual and definitely wrong but it doesn't mean that -all- massages are sexual.

Next, you're not a professional so please don't diagnose people. When people actually socialise often, they subconsciously pick up on the body language of others. Not to mention she's obviously talking to them, asking them how their day is etc. That's literally all she's doing here, she's just convincing herself that it's something magical or whatever.

No. 245310

>Abuse spawns abuse
With more and more research coming out about this, people are slowly realizing this is true. Children who grew up with abusive mothers or fathers (or other abusers) are more likely to become abusers themselves without help. They have no way to process what they've gone through, no one to tell them or teach them how to recover and how to love others.
It's especially scary considering even if they started trying to treat child victims now, those with abusive mothers have a higher chance of never getting help because of the Duluth model (men = abusers, women = victims; only arrest the man even if he's the one who called for help, etc) that's still being taught.
You can look at the CDC, or 300+ other studies that show women are just as abusive as men are (though most people in the population aren't abusive).
That doesn't excuse his behavior/actions, but the fact that those with cluster B personality disorders are usually abused as children: it fits.
I think he definitely was abused, grew up without a father figure, and is incredibly messed up because of it.
However, I think he still knows what he's doing is wrong, he's just too weak and arrogant to seek help.

No. 245314

It's first, not firstly.
http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/childmaltreatment-facts-at-a-glance.pdf Women are the majority of child abusers. I think his mom abused him physically and sexually and told him his father did it.

No. 245316

Wouldn't be surprised if his dad left because Gerg's mother was abusive towards him as well. In that case, I don't know why he wouldn't take onion with him - perhaps onion's mother told him if he tried to get custody she'd do something (hurt him, file a false claim to get custody anyway, get him put in jail?).
That's entirely baseless speculation, though, but usually if a parent is abusive towards a child they're abusive towards their spouse as well.

No. 245329

>Being this dismissive

I don't care, I think it is really weird for someone's mom to do that to them, especially if their mom thinks by doing so she's reading their mind and shit. That's not super easy for me to excuse either, I don't know why it is for you.

Secondly, you don't really need to a professional to start seeing patterns in people's behavior. I can easily see where this person's coming from. I think they honestly have a pretty point here.

No. 245357

But it's her business, it's nothing sexual for her. She was likely just practising. She's weird and her son is an asshole but the video is making ridiculous claims that she sexually assaulted Grig with no solid evidence.

No. 245358

Greg has said himself that his dad is in prison for sexually abusing some female kids, I don't think he "left" the family, I'm fairly sure he was sent to jail.

No. 245359

tami jackson plz go

No. 245361

Oh, shit, I've been lurking onion threads for a while but never heard that.
My mistake.

No. 245365

If that were true, he would still already be out of prison. Unless he was running a ring, he would've only gotten around 10 years, and Greg has claimed that this occurred when he was just a young kid and he is now 30 years old. Pedophiles are notorious for receiving unbelievably short sentences for crimes against children.

No. 245367

That is not true. His dad was only accused. Never charged or arrested with anything. He has a new family and is some kind of pastor now. There were videos of him from his church's website floating around a few years ago on tumblr.

No. 245377

So Greg and his mom are just as bad as a rapist, since they knew that he was an accused child molester and didn't report it to the police?

No. 245399

I think what they mean is that he wasn't and she just made it up, probably during a shitty divorce or whatever. People sometimes do fucked up things like that, it's terrible but not unheard of.

No. 245731

b i t t e r






No. 245768

Why is he using a stereotypical Chinese voice for Sleeping Dogs? The main character has an American accent. It's not funny or edgy, it's just retarded. He's trying to act like his lack of collabs is because he doesn't live in LA when the truth is that the LA crowd wants nothing to do with him.

No. 246005

>Nirvana shirt
>Obvious doesn't listen to them.

Oh fuck, does this mean the era of creepy beard undercut mcplaid shirt hipster greg is about to begin?

No. 246009

He's beyond bitter… He's a fucking lemon.

No. 246296

Because onision is soooooooo famous and gets so many views lol. What were we saying about glass houses earlier again? Sad thing is onion is actuslly still trying and not getting super famous out of it.
P.S. Fred is 10x the man you'll ever be, onion.

No. 246438


So true, only reason he gets any views/subs near where he does nowadays compared to his shit before is because now he uses major clickbait titles/thumbnails with boobs for views. So yet another reason he's a sad, sad hypocritical loser.


He's terribly unfunny and racist as always and thinks being edgy = instant comedy classic. Unfortunately nobody told him it's 2016 and nobody gives a fuck.


kek, yeah he's never once mentioned listening to Nirvana. I think he's trying to look hip now with his shitty new haircut that makes him look older and weirder.

No. 246742

Real quality content, gergles

No. 246744

m a n c h i l d

No. 246749

This is what happens when you cut your hair with safety scissors.

No. 246753

No. 246754

File: 1457507391350.png (1.67 MB, 1265x651, Gerg.png)

No. 246758

I wouldn't trust this dumbass with regular scissors.
He looks like he has hepatitis.

No. 246759

Jaundice isn't always caused by hepatitis.
Wouldn't surprise me if he has Gilbert's syndrome, like why not? Why not another faulty gene on top of all the other fucked up things about him.

No. 246764

He seems like he low-key thinks he's just as good as a hairdresser bc "not a real profession" or some faceass comment like that. Every single one of those sections were directed unevenly.

I love he has it all slicked back which is better because he has ugly fucking hair, and then just shoves it in front of his face and he looks like Benjamin Button in his safe-rebellious middle school stage. He's looking fucking weathered.

better than the chubby college drop out look he had previously.

No. 246766

Is it even jaundice or just a grown man can't properly match his foundation?

No. 246767

File: 1457512922406.png (79.01 KB, 281x258, mole.png)

He's hiding his mole.

No. 246769

While that shaggy, greasy looking hair had to go this isn't much of an improvement. You just see more of that unfortunate forehead he has now.

No. 246775

the more I look at his face, the more I think he's an actual murderer

No. 246785

I can't shake the idea that Onision is an autogynephile/wants to be a woman but knows he can never be a biological woman, so he abuses women because they have what he doesn't. And he hates them for it. Can't decide whether he wants to 'fuck them, kill them, or be them', as a blog says. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/fuck-you-kill-you-or-be-you/

Anyone else get that sort of vibe from him?

My ex was like that and something about Onision reminds me of him.

No. 246799

He went on an atni-make up rampage on Twitter again, saying if you wear it your self esteem is non-existent. Does he even care that Lain is wearing make up? S/he must be feeling like shit reading such tweets.
Then again, of course he doesn't care/enjoys doing it, it's Greggles after all.
Needless to say all of this is coming from a stinking greasy hypocrite who has used make up himself combined with 1000 of filters.

Going to read that blog. I have never thought about him possibly wanting to be a woman, though.

No. 246806

File: 1457519918350.png (52.12 KB, 600x470, indeed, gurgs.png)

Gurgs is just trying to tell the world he's obviously not proud of his face, have low self-esteem/no confidence, and that he's ugly.

No. 246807

>Gurgs is just trying to tell the world he's obviously not proud of his face, have low self-esteem/no confidence, and that he's ugly.
Oh how I love you for posting that, anon!

No. 246808

That blog isn't about onision it just snarkily responds to the actions of transpeople (and their allies). It's run by a radical feminist, I think, so the content and comments are from a radical feminist perspective so if that isn't your bag then you'd be better off finding a right-wing blog that mocks genderists (Steven Crowder on youtube has a few funny videos and I believe he is conservative).

The blog published article about Stefonknee a while ago exposing him as a fetishist and revealing that he was in a sexual relationship with his 'adopted dad'.

Basically it's filled with articles transwomen would rather people not pay attention to.

No. 246815

Haha, I read it. It's fairly interesting - I'm sure there's going to be a lot I don't agree with and things I do agree with, so a fun read. Thanks for sharing, anon!
Gosh, I remember reading about the "6 year old wanna-be" but I never knew this came out of it!

But back to Greggles, I am trying to picture him as female. Same attitude, same features, just more female. It's such a cringeworthy thought, kek. But you never know what truly goes on in that screwed up head of his, it wouldn't surprise me if that were one of his thoughts. Through the years of following his trainwreck of a life I've pretty much learned that there's nothing that could really come as a surprise anymore when it comes to him.

No. 246848

oh I'm sure he knows that this shit upsets his wife. They have twitter fights all the time.
Funny thing though is onion also wears a fuckton of makeup. So he mustn't like his face either, and obviously hasn't got any natural beauty. lol.

No. 246867

…Wearing makeup is a form of expression to a lot of people and rarely has to do with self-esteem. What.

No. 246897

I'm still sure the anti-make up post are so he can talk shit about Billie while trying to control Taylor.

No. 246983

u mean liver spots

No. 247229

File: 1457596662550.png (132.42 KB, 367x600, ZtT0Dyb.png)

lol this was posted on /r/cringeanarchy with the title 'Onision in a nutshell"

No. 247231

This is golden!

No. 247282

lol how'd he make it to the first post on the front page of r/cringeanarchy? Most of the comments are who the fuck is this guy?

No. 247295

My assumption would just be that his weird girlfetish is somewhat a consequence of his narcissism.

It's not really that uncommon for narcissists to fixate on weird things - it's a defense mechanism cause they have shit self-esteem, and so they attribute their personal feelings of worthless to characteristics. Essentially "being male" isn't something he could ever be personally responsible for, so he can use it as a way to cope with a damaged ego while maintaining a superiority complex.

I mean, he probably has other issues too. But narcissism seems to be at the root of his personality, and beyond that there's just a laundry list of other ways he's fucked up.

No. 247652


he's been posted before, some know him i guess

No. 247660

Gerg I know you're anti-intellectual and knowing things triggers you.

But please learn what accentuating means. It might just put a grey in your black and white.

No. 247667

File: 1457684398947.jpg (32.85 KB, 623x178, 1.jpg)

If one wears nail polish they also must not be proud of their finger nails since that's covering it up, riiiight?

No. 247702

Haha, oh wow, what I just found. For those who aren't familiar with TVC, he's pretty much a conspiracy nut and a really passionate Christian to put it mildly.
I just wanted to share since it's very recent and Gergles related, but I haven't watched it yet. If it's complete nonsense I apologize to you fellow anons in advance. At least one of them is much more easy on the eyes if nothing else.

No. 247705

That explains why he hates condoms. He can't be truly proud of his dick if it's covered.

No. 247706

Excellent point; you'd think he'd be for circumcision, as it would reveal more of his magnificent dick at all times.

No. 247707

Anons…You're killing me. I thought about circumcision as soon as I read >>247705
This is also why he's pro shaving. It reveals more thus making the penetration deeper.
I still can't believe he said that in a serious manner.

No. 247731

Lmao, how much more penetration do you get from just shaving?!

No. 247741

Onion needs all the help he can get.

No. 247765

Guess Onison must be downright disgusted with his own body since he constantly covers it up with clothes!

Because nobody ever uses makeup or fashion as a manner of positive self-expression, that'd be just ridiculous.

No. 247788

I'd be disgusted too if I were him tbh. Untoned and pasty, not to mention the condition of his skin.

No. 247843

>This is also why he's pro shaving. It reveals more thus making the penetration deeper.

but it doesn't…

No. 247849

but the foreskin is part of the dick
removing part of the dick would reveal less of the dick, since there would be less dick

No. 247887

removing the foreskin causes the penis to actually not have as much "room," to become erect, so it "shortens," the penis.

Just an fyi. I get where you're coming from, though.

No. 247903

Of course it doesn't. It's just what he said.

No. 247906

I don't know which was funnier, the time he said this or the time he said that Europe wasn't a part of western civilization.

No. 247913

Here he talks about his acne and body acne. This is the only video where onion seems like an actual human being with feelings.

As someone who suffered from severe body acne in my early teens, you can tell on his face that he is not confident or OKAY with it. He's a psychotic hypocrite who projects his own insecurities upon others because of how insecure he is.

No. 247916

Wow, I could understand what he's saying in this video and yes anon I agree, he seems human here.

No. 247919

That seemed pretty sincere. Too bad this related video was the complete opposite and ruined whatever truth he said in the other video.

No. 247920

This is one of the few videos where he's being just a normal human being for the most part.

No. 247921

fuck gurg, chill out damn.

No. 247925

No. 247926

If anyone can find the video where he said that please post it because that was hilarious.

No. 247927

>i dont attack other people for the way they look


No. 247929

Found it. Thousand keks. Right at the beginning.

No. 247930

With pubic hair trimming you increase the depth of penetration, that's just how it is.
- Plato

No. 247939

Proof that with age does not come wisdom. He's not even a virgin so he has no excuse for being this stupid.

No. 247942

This is the most delusional video I've seen of him yet. What is this shit?

No. 247953


He put on the "normal" act for a bit a while ago but it obviously didn't last…

No. 247985


lmfao he can't be this stuuuuuuupid

No. 247993

THIIIIIIIIIIIS ISSSSSS MY VEGETAAAAAARIAN BOOOOOOOOOOOOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God this video gets posted every thread and it's still hilarious.

No. 247997

Do you think he says this stuff to manipulate the women he's with? Like he says it makes sex better so shiloh would feel bad into shaving?

No. 247998

Whenever I see this video

No. 248087


Almost definitely, and to groom any other potential young fan who might be naive enough to want to adhere to his standards, get a shot at becoming his next abuse victim.

No. 248116

The sheer cringe in that video inspired me to make this from his older content.

No. 248118

Hahaha, nooo. You didn't not just make this. Can't stop laughing.

No. 248120

FUCK. Bless you genius anon.
I just spit out my coffee from laughter, this is perfect.

No. 248122

Can you link the videos used btw?

No. 248129

Hooooly shit anon bless you

No. 248135

I snorted so hard that I'm in pain. I love you, anon.

No. 248145

When the angle shifts to the side, he looks like an uglier Christian Bale

No. 248182

Thank you : ) I will make more of these if you would like; his older content is a gold mine of cringe. I personally feel that videos from the divorce/Shiloh era are going to be the best.




No. 248186

hahaha that was awesome!

agreed. love that video too, describes my reaction to most of onion's content

No. 248206

Anon, you'd make my week if you made more!

No. 248209

Also, his description of how sex -should- be for most people is so fucking creepy.

No. 248214

He hates make-up right?
Don't tell me he's not wearing a pound of foundation. In the wrong shade for his skin tone, mind you.

No. 248217

such pandering

No. 248238

This is so creepy.

No. 248244

geez Lainey have some self-dignity…but then tbh I'm surprised she's still with Gurg. She's so passive and boring, how is he still with her? I know he's a cheater, but at least I'd expect even his main woman to be more…fun.

No. 248254

lmao at how it's called spanking "my wife". another indication that it's just another one of onision's channels, filmed, scripted and edited by the moron himself.

No. 248257

Yup. His slow-mo face is fucking terribly cringeworthy too. Well, but then again, so is the whole idea for this video and Greggles himself.

No. 248262


Holy shit I'm so uncomfortable. Especially since she calls him 'daddy' too, ughhh

No. 248270

my eyes just rolled so far back into my head that i think i saw my brain. fuck i hate this guy so much, he absolutely reeks of insecurity and it's painful to watch.

No. 248275

File: 1457843602372.png (329.64 KB, 854x440, kek.png)


No. 248305

I always thought she was like that because gregory sucks the life out of her tbh

No. 248306

File: 1457853948378.jpg (38.48 KB, 600x539, CPH39chUkAAt1eo.jpg)

Why doesn't he use Taylor's foundation? They're about the same skin tone is necks are any indicator.

No. 248312

true, hers is higher coverage too

No. 248314

men need better coverage.

'covergirl don't cover boy'

No. 248322

Who really knows. He's been sporting foundation from carrot orange to brownish, but always completely off for his skin tone. ( All while making negative comments about make up none the less ). Oh Gregless.

No. 248402

He's such a cunt.

No. 248410

he's so boring. hasn't he done this video like 150 times already?

No. 248411


Yup. And his annoying ass gay sarcastic voice is so grating. And that wig makes him look like a fucking male stripper.

Also he's such a hypocrite in so many ways.

Kek @ him calling shane fake

Shane is an interesting case these days but Onision can't call anyone fake

No. 248412

File: 1457890594556.png (751.63 KB, 931x594, mid life crisis t b h.png)


No. 248413

The most fucked up thing about this is that his camera settings and instagram filter should hide bad skin but you can still tell how gross his is.

No. 248416

He doesn't even try to orange up his neck to make it even, so it's not even like he's trying to look tanned. I don't understand how he can stop caking on orange-brown foundation at his jawline and think, "yeah, this is great, I look great." He takes so many selfies and films so many shitty videos, how can he not notice throughout the editing process? For someone who goes after makeup so much, you'd think hiding the fact he wore it would be a priority.

No. 248417

He's such a fucking loser.

No. 248418

File: 1457891111037.jpg (66.33 KB, 540x675, tumblr_o3wfh3eWIa1v3jf9lo1_540…)

No. 248512

I really wanted this shirt too, but now that I've seen it on onion, I think I can go without. Thanks onion for curbing my clothes addiction.

lol this needs to be spread around like the plague. what an awful person.

No. 248629

he's mocking billie in that pic, she recently dyed her hair full blonde & the eye makeup is similar

No. 248640

This needs to be posted everywhere. He's so fucking mental and hypocritical.

No. 248648

Does this moron not realize that makeup isn't all full-coverage? Obviously his is, but not everybody's trying to layer their face up like a damn cake. Go cry about it, acne boy.

No. 248660

Yeah it's the old "Buffalo Bill your Ex" trick where you let your ex know if only they had stayed with you they would have been wearing your skin as a suit by now.

Poor Billie. Mourning must be so real.

No. 248718

Can anyone get this bitch to reply. She is posting about how she is a fraud while looking like a poor guido.

No. 248749

Apparently Lainy is set to graduate this year. Has it really been 4 years? She hasnt talked about school in a while so im surprised that she is going to graduate by the fall.

No. 248767

File: 1457961133894.jpg (49.03 KB, 651x334, 1 .jpg)

They're so right for each other.

No. 248797

why does he keep putting hannah minx in the thumbnails

No. 248802

Because she's another one he'll never get over.

No. 248819

laineybutt is uggo leaf a like if you agree

No. 248909

File: 1457986833642.png (744.22 KB, 1214x407, huh.png)

Interesting screen from mom's twitter, considering how much he shits on Shane. I have been digging more into her background as of late, even asked for a redpilling by DSSCTM on that subject. Digging around produced this, which is damn interesting since it appears she is just as insecure as her kid about relationships. https://web.archive.org/web/20120716063625/http://psychicsuntiger.blogspot.com/

No. 248921

Holy shit. I finally realized where Greg got his poor grasp on sentence structure.

No. 248942

File: 1457990816228.png (64.1 KB, 563x571, 2.png)

Dude, her twitter is fucking goldmine of lulz and embarrassment. Read this from bottom to top for full keks: http://www.tweettunnel.com/tamijjackson

Who the fucks mother has a relationship with their son like this? Even the weirdest people I know are still on normal terms with their parents and don't have this bizarre, hyper protective, quasi-romance with them. She'll fucking go apeshit on even fans of his if they say something she perceives as negative, and the apologize afterward. Pic related. Passive aggressive much? She'll even say publicly he's a disappointment, and then later go on to praise his stupid ass when he says he'll buy her a house if he "gets rich"…what a fucking materialistic cunt. I cannot believe that I'm subtly defending this asshole but Jesus FUCKING christ…30 and he still puts up with this…man oh man.

No. 248949

I know this is old, but this fucking filename kills me everytime I stumble into this thread

No. 248951

File: 1457991865890.png (336.62 KB, 567x633, 1.png)

This is just too fucking rich. I got a few more screen grabs I'll post.

No. 248956

File: 1457992427365.png (117.59 KB, 720x828, AllAboutDatCashMoneyNigga.png)

top kek

No. 248959

Why does she have two twitters? https://twitter.com/vamchoir

No. 248963

and why in that one does she act like a fucking vampire when shes like 50 or something?

speaking of, i would love to see someone do a reading of her stupid vampire books the way gines did one of her sons insipid 'novel'.

No. 248970

I would love to see that. It's really terrible. I only read the sample.. my god…


No. 248971

File: 1457994395092.png (119 KB, 456x600, trash.png)

I'm reading it now and I think most of the book is just going to be lusting after vampire dick. Her main character is named Ravena Doomlah ffs.

No. 248974

File: 1457994993645.jpg (57.75 KB, 495x700, 06339f5907d05a8783abc652a81414…)

>blue green eyes
>goth, muscular, masculine
>pretty much an irl vampire

She is literally trying to describe this guy kek. A shame because I love Type O and the last thing I want is stupid Twilight tier shit associated with their music.

No. 248975

This needs to be a banner.

Shit, at least she can correctly punctuate, unlike her brain dead fartnugget of a son.

No. 248982

File: 1457995684204.png (165.44 KB, 535x557, shillbabyshill.png)

HAHAHA fucking shilling her blog and screen names in her own book i really buy this laughable shit oh my god

No. 248985

If she does her blog and twitter as her Mary Sue persona, that makes the Moira character a Mary Sue done by a Mary Sue.

No. 248988


No. 248993

With a mother this nuts and him still being in contact with her, it's no wonder he's so fucking nuts. I remember one of his high schoolmates spilling the dregs but nice to see they're still insane. They both have mental issues. I can only wonder if Venus would've continued to be a trainwreck if she didn't develop her own will and escape Maggot.

No. 249075

File: 1458009377239.jpg (23.38 KB, 588x135, 1.jpg)

Trouble in the sack, Gerggles?

No. 249088

eww that must be so humiliating for Lainey to have your own bf post that kinda shit, even if he's not talking about Lainey specifically, it still kinda points toward her so idk how she goes along with it.


No. 249094

He hates women so much lmao.

No. 249109

The level of delusion is unreal.

No. 249111

This is 100% about plank. I cant imagine her doing anything just from seeing the relationship dynamic and her "personality"

But Adrienne was a pro at sucking dick and he hated that too. He really is a piece of shit.

No. 249120

Remember how Onion made 500 videos saying he's a feminist and that women are superior?

No. 249129

Here's Greg ranting about how terrible Shiloh was even though he's abused everyone who has been in a relationship with him.

No. 249134

You know what's the most hilarious ( and sad ) thing about this video? He says "I hate you" so many times ( he even wrote two "books" filled with hate where the main characters were basically himself ), he spews hateful shit on Twitter constantly…while having a tattoo REMEMBER LOVE ON HIS FUCKING WRISTS.

No. 249195

Right now I hate lainey so much. At first i thought she was manipulated by this piece of shit but now seeing her twitter, shes completely aware that her husband is shit. She says that "EVERYONE CAN WEAR MAKE UP AND LOVE URSELF SHOW UR HAIRY ARMPIT BE URSELF" but how can u support such a piece of shit as your husband and still being a liberal little flower…? I feel like shes just faking all of this "self love" and shares the same belief as grog.

No. 249240

What if he's the one telling her to post it to just stir more drama? At first when I thought about it I said to myself, well well, look at Plank, at least one of his partners is standing up to him while still being in the relationship…but the the more I thought about how passive she is…Like she barely has the willpower to look alive in their videos…The more I thought maybe this is Gergarmel's doing.
I can buy it.
immature horse Onion laughter Let's do this Lainey, it's going to look so dramatic huehrhrhr

The again, why would he want that, right. They're going to get divorced, we all know it's only a matter of time and in his typical fashion he's going to probably slander her and want as many fanbots on his side as possible.
So, I guess regardless of how you spin it, Plan's a moron.

No. 249246

File: 1458063223595.jpg (39.91 KB, 595x232, 1.jpg)

Remember when Onision wasn't an insufferable narcissistic cheating lying deluded cunt? Nope, me neither.

No. 249249

I don't even watch gaming channels but this just screams of "I'm so jealous because you're more popular than me."

No. 249250

I can't even watch all that crap. He is so jealous. He used to be friends with all the cool kids and invited to all the youtube events, now he's just a bitter middle age man who can't get over that the height of his career was him acting out in a banana suit.

No. 249251

Why he's imitating hispanic gamers? he doesnt even know how to speak spanish.

No. 249255

wtf hes wearing weird makeup on his instagram again what a fag

No. 249256


j e a l o u s y

No. 249261

He tries to make all the groups that don't include him look bad - women, gay people, non vegans, whatever - and it's so transparent and embarrassing. He will kick off about the dumbest of things as long as they can never be applied to him.

If he was in the gaming crowd, he would have posted a dumbass video about people who make fun of games or something. When something he is included in gets dragged, he's the first to whine and cry and go on twitter rants.

No. 249262

I honestly want the opportunity to just sit opposite him for half an hour and do my best to make him comprehend that he isn't clever, funny or unique.

He's so stupid that he doesn't even realise it. He's one of those people that think they're actually really smart and enlightened and have discovered secrets to life that normal people haven't.

No. 249264


Oh no, Anon – you're wrong! You don't know anything about him! You only see what he lets you see!!

And Lainey hates you. Looks smug

No. 249276

he looks like a retard. i bet hes a sissy that loves to take it in the ass

No. 249283

Maybe that's why Taylor is a fakeboi? He probably keeps begging her to peg him.

No. 249287

Given all the legitimately shitty but also real and proven things we can insult gerg over, that's pretty childish and weak anon.

How brain wouldn't even register it, it's out of his comprehension.

No. 249339


Well, maybe there's something else going on. Lainey hasn't promoted their latest video that is clearly titled by Greg ("with my wife"). So I don't think she has control over her YouTube anymore which would mean she's also not getting money from it.

No. 249340

File: 1458087927294.png (76.85 KB, 639x389, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.24…)

No. 249341

I would become Lainey's biggest fan if she just went in on their sex life and revealed him to be a shitty partner

No. 249366

I can tell you that Lainey has 0 control over their money, even the stuff she gets from her social media pages. It was obvious as fuck during the Billie Debacle when gerg made his video and said "I even gave my wife money so she could give her [Billie] a Christmas gift." Why the fuck would she need Gerg's money if she had her own income from Youtube?

No. 249432

Aren't these tards living in the same house? Why do they communicate through Twitter?
I get the YouTube videos (sort of) displaying their dysfunctional marriage, but this communication or miscommunication through Twitter is very confusing to me.

No. 249434

Greg has two confirmed houses, there are rumors that there is a third house.

No. 249470

that's what annoys me the most about him. he's so dumb he doesn't know how dumb he is.

No. 249481

I realise one of the houses is largely unfurnished but his YouTube income can't be that immense. His Jocasta of a mom could be wealthy and helping him out but that seems unlikely too.

No. 249495



No. 249508

I hate him so fucking much

No. 249511

No. 249533

His mom actually seems to have trouble ever holding down a job. She appears to have only been employed in either writing or massage therapy. She also used to offer "house clearings" for ghosts and shit, and psychic readings for $100 to $300 a pop just to even show up to the clients home. Not exactly salary pay, I would have to say.

No. 249536

Oh look it's Hannah Minx in the thumbnail again. The one that got away, I guess.

No. 249559

>I accidentally killed one animal ( turtle )
I mean, never mind that time I killed a deer speeding in a snow storm on my way to Shiloh while I was still technically married.

No. 249562

"There's some deer back there in billion pieces"

No. 249645

Barf. Onion is so fucking stupid.

No. 249648

The milk is dry

I wonder what would happen if Gurdle found this threat. He's always so defensive and argumentative, we'd probably get a video out of it

No. 249649

Oops, thread*

No. 249654

Don't worry, it's an election year. He's going to sperg about how much he hates Republicans and Christians all year. There's also a good chance he'll fuck up badly again this year. His idiot fans are going to continue turning on him for calling his wife a bitch and not using her "correct pronouns". That and we should really be starting a pool for when his marriage collapses.

No. 249662

I'm genuinely starting to believe he's a parody of himself

No. 249669

This video explains so fucking much.
It's basically the exact storyline of stones to abbigale, just without a school shooting. Fuck me, he's messed up.

No. 249671

I always start hysterically laughing when it comes to the "Onision editing" part. Such an attention whore he is.
The only good thing about this video is that he looks real. No caked make up, no 1000 of filters.

No. 249708

this makes me think of pt's SHOUT IT OUT

No. 249718


He spelled "fought" as "faught". Almost as embarrassing as the rest.

No. 249727

>the hen i never understood
>sad music playing in the background

oh come on

No. 249729

File: 1458190150238.jpg (34.43 KB, 597x229, grag.jpg)

Is this his black/white thinking at work again? The dog still needed to be saved. I hate when people do something good and there's that one douchebag screaming "BUT WHAT ABOUT". & for all he knows,people saving that dog were vegan themselves.
( the clip attached is two people saving a dog from a dumpster )

No. 249737

I wasn't sure what you were talking about until I saw it, this whole video is just cringe

No. 249768

Funny how he's always bitched about this sort of thing but never once has ever done ANYTHING in the name of animal rights. Aside from a diet but I personally don't feel that counts.

No. 249769


Nah, if anything he's the opposite. He did murder his turtle after all.

No. 249771

I remember that incident. Didn't he kill other pets prior to that out of comparable stupidity as well?

No. 249773

He killed a deer in a car crash and he starved his pet chicken to death when he was younger.

No. 249776

…Jesus. What a guy. How does a person suck so badly at being around living creatures that they let a chicken starve to death?

No. 249780

They just forget to feed it until it dies.
They also put a turtle under a plastic container on an already warm day and when it dies, they post a sad picture gazing at the now empty terrarium of the lost soul Reptar. Then they post the container too.
They kill a deer while speeding to their ( now ) ex while still being married and make remarks about the deer flying around in thousand pieces.
If someone saves a dog, however, they cry about all those cows.
If you think all of this is vile and disgusting you're the problem, not them.
- Gergless logic

No. 249811

he is so fucking vile, i kind of hope he gets hit by a truck.
>muh foreskin!!!

No. 249863

Shiloh got a puppy with him and she was going to take it back to Canada with her. Instead of letting her have the puppy, Greg let another family adopt it. Probably not a bad idea because there were rumors that she'd gotten the puppy to eat her out.

No. 249870

he made lainy pregnant in the sims. really shows his fetish.

No. 249872

Why did he make Taylor fat on the sims? I thought she was pretty slim irl…

No. 249875

Are we sure that kind of rumour was not just something also made up by Gurg?

No. 249884

File: 1458242160035.jpg (152.96 KB, 946x650, garf.jpg)

We can tell Gergles, we can tell.

Not the same anon as >>249863, but who knows what went on in that house. I think a lot of us would prefer it to be just a rumour, but who really knows with this guy.

No. 249885

File: 1458242242407.jpg (16.1 KB, 600x108, gerf.jpg)

No. 249887

girls, choose the right shade for your foundation or else this mess will happen.

No. 249889

The kicker is he probably spent well over an hour on it irl.

No. 249893

File: 1458244357498.jpg (24.19 KB, 396x471, e2b4f68e.jpg)

Is he trying to pretend he's Jay Gordon now?

No. 249900

he confuses me so much

is he wearing make up no to somehow make fun of the people that got on his ass about what he was saying about girls wearing make up? its so convoluted

No. 249914

this girl has no self worth.

No. 249965

Aw he mad that Lamey took more time to get ready than he did when they had some important place to be…
Iunno tho maybe if he spent a bit more time on his makeup and getting a foundation that matches he wouldn't look like shite. maybe. you know what they say about putting lipstick on pigs.

No. 249968

he wishes.

No. 249969

His mom made up the rumor about Shiloh and the dog. He even confirmed this in a video

No. 249970

He has no joy in life. I guess that's what happens when you're a 30 year old edgelord stuck with a boring wife. Happy St. Patrick's Day, anon!

No. 249981

Cheers, anon!

No. 250015

Gotta show off your edge-lord tendencies to show nothing gives you joy anymore, not even your hotwife

No. 250105

Last three pictures of him, all wearing full makeup. Middle one caption "I'm losing my mind."

Yet on Twitter, he shits all over people who wear make up. I guess he is trying to paint himself being "ironic" while he probably secretly wishes to wear makeup like a woman to hide his age and "enhance" his looks.

Which, to him, is also another reason to hate women, since it's acceptable for women to wear makeup.

No. 250106

File: 1458288832635.jpg (54.38 KB, 962x310, 999.JPG)

Forgot pic

No. 250110

He's just love sick over Billie. She went on tour with Social Repose so already a more interesting life than Greg. He's coming slowly to understand that he's with his gender neutral wife and a child he doesn't give a shit about. All he can do is post hate against republicans and meat eaters. Default argument there, when he forgets that he doesn't know shit about politics or how basic humanity works.

No. 250158

to me lainey looks like apebottom
sorry if i offended any apes im sorry didn't mean to

No. 250216

Greg is a fucking idiot. I could slap some bullshit on my face in 2-5 minutes and it could be good enough for shitty filtered instagross selfies, but when I'm going out and I want to look decent I can take up to an hour on makeup because I'm a perfectionist. I bet he looks like an unblended mess behind the screen.

No. 250220

File: 1458326344120.jpg (59.7 KB, 750x1167, tumblr_o48sdtLvBp1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Taylor on Billie's younow.

No. 250269


Something about his lips make me shudder. They're so creepy looking, even without makeup. With makeup, they're even creepier.

I don't know why.

No. 250278


Shiiit. Did either of them say anything about the other?

No. 250310

so melodramatic

No. 250316

They're an ugly shape. It might look okay if he had fuller lips but he has a very pronounced cupid's bow on a very thin top lip, so it looks kinda fucked up. Plus there isn't enough difference between the colour and texture of his lips and face. I don't know how to explain but there's not enough contrast, I guess.

No. 250318

I'm actually glad she's lurking. It shows it bothers her. Hopefully she'll channel that resentment into dumping gurgles

No. 250394


"My makeup took me at most 12 minutes." It really shows.

No. 250551

File: 1458349974062.gif (490.9 KB, 300x192, PassTheEyeBleach.gif)

No. 250668

Some people don't drink though. Some people go to mass instead. Or eat corned beef. Oh right he has problems with those things too.
Onion is just allergic to fun.

No. 250720

I think he does not understand who St. Patrick was, or what the holiday is about for the Irish whatsoever. Speaking of heritage, where does Gurgonion hail from anyway? I have tried to place it for a while now, but the only thing I come back to is "Uglyndia".

No. 250753

He's from trashy redneck land. His mom got prosecuted for having chickens, he starved a chicken to death, his dad may have molested him but since he was raised as an indigo child, he is super special.

He's so fucking ignorant that he thinks that Europe isn't a part of the western world and thinks evolution is racist. I might be projecting cause I'm Murican and I think this asshole is the most ignorant motherfucker that has been produced.

Is he slowly becoming trans? When will he become the next Chris-Chan? What will his medallions consist of?

No. 250754

File: 1458376160546.jpeg (81.44 KB, 400x280, image.jpeg)

>evolution is racist

No. 250771

File: 1458383041880.jpg (98.24 KB, 585x643, 1 1.jpg)


No. 250775

I hate this guys name. To me "Onision" sounds as disgusting as the word "moist"

No. 250818

Onision sneakily impying she is his dog.

No. 250819

Well what to expect from someone who boasts about not reading a book since high school.

No. 250832

This shitty app is becoming a drama llama red flag, I swear.

No. 250868


Is no one gonna talk about those eyebrows?

No. 250869

I thought his name was ok when I thought it was pronounced like vision, turns out it's Onee-zyon…yeah that is gross

No. 250872

its a play on Onii-san which is just weird

No. 250882

File: 1458414407609.png (26.36 KB, 724x274, hejusthadtogotowikipedia.png)

My favourite thing about the "Europe isn't in the west" debacle was that all he had to do was google "why is the west called the west" and he would have gotten a comprehensive explanation of why both America and Europe are included despite their geographical distance. It's not like it's one of those topics where you need a PHD and seven years study to understand. He's constantly online, why can't he just google shit before he talks?

No. 250883

Judging by his caveman bone structure, I think they probably just cloned him from bog body DNA.

No. 250889

>women meaning my wife take too long doing their make up
>women meaning my wife are too placid in bed
>women meaning my wife are bitches
>i love my wife

Lainey's gargling garg's marbles even though he regularly shits on her, jesus how can she bear it? The guy's not even attractive or witty…

No. 250902

$$$$$$$$$ she's a lazy bitch whose never had a job.

No. 250923

She probably feels stuck there since she's got a kid and a ring on her finger. He's a manipulator too, so we don't know how fucked up he made her.

No. 250937

Agreed, he's got her cornered and he's spent God knows how long manipulating and emotionally abusing her.

No. 250938

Its supposed to be based on oniisan? GROSS but unsurprising

Go suck a dick Greg

No. 250939

File: 1458426569652.png (99.63 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 250940

Not that this isn't happening, it clearly is. Lainey is too wrapped up in the internets fame that came with Onion. She can be a special snowflake with a wide audience and for right now that's all she seems to want.

No. 250941

God, I took an afternoon nap and I dreamt that Lainey had gone on full lesbian (and dropped the fakeboy act), was going to runaway with her new girlfriend and me (i was just their friend), and we were sneaking on Grease, who was sleeping. He woke up and everyone froze when he noticed what was going on, so Lainey tried to hit him with a baseball bat. It didn't work, so she tricked him into thinking she was going to stay, and when they went to the pool, she drowned him.
It was pretty graphic and creepy, but lord, I kinda wish this could happen.

Sage for OT.

No. 250942

Oh shit! He's appropriating Jewish culture! Someone better tell the SJWs.

No. 250944


Greg runs a cult confirmed.

No. 250947

nah son, in one of the pages on his website one of the names he used to go by on the internet was Oniisan. this is probably something he made up afterwards

No. 250949

divine onion community of onion people

No. 250953

File: 1458427915991.jpg (91.38 KB, 960x960, fuck.jpg)

I just found this in a popular JoJo Facebook group.

What an insult to Johnny.

No. 250954

Honestly, I think if she was lazy she would have flunked out of college by now and used the kid as an excuse. I think her staying in school shows more initiative than typically expected from her.

No. 250955

How do we know she's still in school?

No. 250959

File: 1458429692173.png (102.11 KB, 256x256, 1458292765899.png)

No. 250976

Somewhere earlier in the thread someone posted about how she's graduating. >>248749

No. 250977

No. 250978

what a cunt, mocking the dead

also anyone notice all his recent uhohbro/speaks videos are about youtubers? the dude is obsessed. and still is jealous of shane dawson lol

No. 250983

Ugh he's so butthurt

also we all know hes talking about repzion at the end, what a cunt

No. 250984

love how this chicks 5 year old video that he sort of mentioned indirectly is still true


No. 250988

Lainey has been acting creepy as fuck with Billie since the massage incident. She keeps stalking her, posting shit about how she misses her and still "loves" her and can't stop thinking about her all over Tumblr and Twitter with vague posts.

They met a total of two times in person, not spending longer than a few days together at most… yet Lainey can't stop thinking about her, she's the female version of Gergles in all honesty when it comes to fawning over teenage girls. I'm honestly not surprised she's turned out this way considering Greg has been the only person influencing her since she was a teenager herself.

No. 250989

Looks like Billy Bob is now following DONTSTANDS0CL0SETOME (owns one of the most prominant anti-onision blogs on Tumblr and contributes a lot on eoliveson) on Twitter, I'm hoping she will finally succumb to the urge to spill the beans about Gergles and Lamey.

No. 250990

Onion is obviously starting a cycle where he preys on teenage girls who eventually become pervy gross femboys like him and then they will start to prey on younger teenage girls and so on and so forth

No. 250995

File: 1458438832063.jpeg (41.49 KB, 160x160, image.jpeg)

No. 250999

I think Onision may be telling Lainey to post that shit to lure Billie to them again and then Onision is gonna get ""revenge"" or w/e on Billie

No. 251025

File: 1458461274572.gif (1.79 MB, 500x282, 12224958.gif)

No. 251027

tbf I think Onision might have access to her accounts and he's the one posting creepy stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

No. 251028

Stopping by before bed to see how sour the milk's gotten for this dickhead, and wow. Gotta love that slight at the end directed right the fuck at me. I will say this, at least I never stooped to such a level of indignity as to literally debate a fucking filthy SOCK out sheer butthurt. It's amazing too because after those insipid "debates" he actually had the balls to say he had some bizarre ass respect for me because I actually went ahead with it and debated him…that shit goes right on the pile of "things I still can't seem to get about this guy".

People all over wanted me to do videos still after I said I've stopped with video responses when he announced he cheated on his wife with that horrendous scene girl. I watched it because no one would pay much attention and I got about 30+ messages a day on the subject. Not shocked from what I saw to be frank, I called something like that happening the moment he married Laineyboy. It's so fucking vindicating to be that god damn right it's almost boner inducing, kek.

For the sake of this forum and thread, I'll bite and give a couple cents worth on it since I'm tired and hungover on medication after a shitty fucking asthma attack because fuck pollen. All I can really say about that video is it's fucking mental that he went in front of one million subscribers to tell his bullshit tale of infidelity knowing that his wife couldn't argue with those numbers. He did it solely because she'd automatically be in a losing position with his fanbase if she said anything about it, which is beyond fucked up to do to a person you claim you "love". That would be like me taking the videos of a fight I had over skype with my partner almost four years ago and uploading them with a biased story of what happened, simply to spin the narrative in my favor and away from being in hers when in truth it was ME being the fucking asshole the entire time. If a relationship gets to that point, you can rest assured it is totally devoid of anything anywhere close to "love", and is just two people going through the motions biding their time until an inevitable divorce, or just a flat out murder/suicide. That sort of shit is just fucking insane. Someone really needs to smash all of his electronic devices that he can access the internet with and chain him to a fucking basement wall or something because my God does he just abuse the fucking shit out of his platform for this crap. All this dumbass kids who watch his videos are starting to think this is an okay way to behave. When I was going to therapist for my bipolar disorder I was amazed to find out that a HUGE portion of the psychology community is totally aware of this fuck and the effect his content has on shaping the views of, mostly, depressed teens completely to the negative.

It's also funny that his major digs at people are coming now AFTER my 'retirement' of sorts, like he's just testing the waters to see if it's safe to come out and be a completely uneducated motherfucking cunt again. Everything he does himself, he hates in others like he's the only one allowed to be doing whatever the fuck it is he's currently crying about…lol. Anyway, I'll probably drop by again later and shoot the shit or whatever. I need sleep.

No. 251061

…out of the blue but okay. Maybe incoming drama later today, fun.

No. 251079

I wonder if Onion has found this thread.

No. 251080

Not really just up way too late when I posted that and bored online.

No. 251081

god I wish I could fucking za warudo onion's ugly ass

No. 251084

File: 1458488996479.png (45.58 KB, 385x330, 1395011414136.png)

I'm calling the fucking police.

No. 251085

Do you still think that Greg is gay for you?

No. 251087

File: 1458490182494.jpg (5.57 KB, 99x131, 11133808_823326371095708_91031…)



No. 251089

I don't believe so. I think he'd have lost his shit over it already if he had.

What do you think? He couldn't resist giving me a shoutout in that Youtubers I Hate video lol.

No. 251092

That last part was pretty vague. It could be about you, mrrepzion, or DSSCTM.

No. 251094

I'll agree with you there, it was pretty vague.

No. 251097

It's hilarious how he thinks he's morally superior to meat-eaters even though he's only a vegetarian and still supports the egg and dairy industries which are worse.

No. 251098

Don't you know anon? The rape rack they put cows on to keep them knocked up and producing milk is totally okay because it's one of his fetishes.

No. 251101

…that would actually explain a lot hahahah

No. 251110

Yup, it was. I automatically thought of Repzion, though. Could be any of the three, really.

No. 251142

Does he eat dairy and shit tho? I remember a few years back he said the only reason he doesn't consider himself a vegan is because he still eats honey.

No. 251157

Are you still going on about that sock?

No. 251177

File: 1458516808257.jpg (23.36 KB, 540x354, IMG_20160320_182223.jpg)

Do you guys think Lainey is pregnant and that's why she's staying with him? Most people don't want to eat while nauseous unless it's morning sickness

No. 251196

Atleast screenshot that shit or else im not gonna take your word for it and take it as you trying to make milk, sorry hun, it turned into butter

No. 251197

What made you think it was about you? Any reasoning behind that theory?

No. 251199

Look under Billiedawnwebb's Twitter likes and you will see it.

No. 251260

No, look it all up yourself you lazy shit. You have all the links to all three of their social media accounts, or do you need help clicking a fucking link as well?

No. 251265

I honestly think he's not attracted to her anymore. Short hair isn't doing her any favours, she doesn't suit it, if anything, it just emphasises her miserable features.

As for him, I can't look at a photo of him without feeling completely creeped out.

It's really no surprise that either of them want Billie, she's hot in comparison and that's saying something.

No. 251269

I think billie and lainey are equally as unattractive.
and then onision is even more unattractive than both of them. Beyond unattractive. We all know that though.

No. 251270

LOL she never laughs at his lame jokes, and he looks so creepy next to her. Like her father. She looks so bored.

No. 251271

File: 1458534295066.png (309.42 KB, 467x426, 1mQeWan.png)

No. 251272

She looks dead inside.

Also going on "dates" with him looks absolutely miserable.

No. 251276

I'm genuinely worried for that guinea pig's life

No. 251280

File: 1458536866032.jpg (393.72 KB, 3707x2780, abercrombie-strips-ceo-mike-je…)


He has such a weird cuntface, he'll end up looking like this, I guarantee it.

No. 251283

At least it's not a turtle.

No. 251287

He looks like he's pushing 50 rather than being 30.

No. 251288

File: 1458538942550.jpg (45.9 KB, 914x398, Gurg.jpg)

No. 251289

After that "memories" video you can tell just how badly he aged now

No. 251314

Oh look, she's buying a 2nd guinea pig after everyone told it that guinea pigs die of lonlinesss,

No. 251316

BS give us some actual examples or STFU. I looked the Billie's and Taylor's twitter and I don't see this shit.

No. 251322

No. 251324

>>251260 you made the claim fuckface, provide screenshots

No. 251344

Take screenshots because lolcows delete shit all the time to save face, especially overly dramatic teenage lolcows like Lamey and Billie. That is a reason to take screenshots when you see something. And also because other ppl on here are having trouble finding whatever you're referencing (maybe it did get deleted already). Ok?

No. 251351


You couldn't follow simple directions. It's still there. You don't need to be such a angry butt muncher. Billie liked it.

Billie also started to follow dontstandsoclosetome.

Lainey saying she had to open it to "unfan" Billie. Thing is from what people said she was there the whole thing.

Screenshots are in the thread still. So now you can stfu and bitching.

No. 251353

You don't have to open the broadcast to unfan someone. Plainey full of shit just like her husband.

No. 251363

File: 1458575186297.jpg (27.37 KB, 843x474, 1962878_846900188702747_365157…)



No. 251379

Right? And he's off to the races buying it from Petco (animal abuse rampant), and buying only one (guinea pigs need partners, they get unbelievably lonely and depressed without one). So like, fuck this guy's vegetarianism right up his asshole. You won't support an industry that kills and consumes animals but you'll personally get one, torture it slowly and then kill it for no food? OKBBY you're the clear superstar. Fuck I'm mad, I need to hug my pets.

No. 251388

Yep, you're definitely retarded.

Cheers anon, I didn't feel like dignifying their lazy ass with shit that's still on their accounts.

No. 251391

No, and I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck if you didn't want to take my word for it. Even with the instructions from other anons how to find them, you failed to execute them.

You do know you have to be over 18 to post on this site, right? So you're either retarded and don't know how to use a computer or you're a whiny brat who thinks everyone else should serve on them hand and foot.

No. 251395

Stop it. %99 of the time links to twitter or blogs is only needed in the OP post. After that it's highly recommended to screen cap because, as others have said, people delete shit.

Put in the effort to prnt+scrn it (literally one button) or just shut the fuck up. You make it sound like we're fucking crucifying you for asking you to do the same thing everyone else on this board does.

No. 251401

its not about me you defensive shit, its so everyone else who drops in and sees this thread in a few months are also able to see it.

No. 251404

it also helps for people on mobile, so they don't have to open a brand new link

No. 251414

If your on mobile replying it's hard to post pictures because the site isn't 100% mobile friendly. Chill the fuck out people.

If you can't find it asap then either scroll the thread of go to the Anti-O blogs. If your that freaking pissed you don't want to open a link then learn to live without and don't comment. The thread is too long to scroll through… Oh well it's a thread.

Get back on topic.

No. 251551

Not original anon, but this bullshit seems to be pretty on point for a Gorg thread, just trying to figure out which anon he would agree with more…

No. 251763


We're not the only people out there covering this shit already, the anti-o blogs are much more on top of this than we all are or could ever be.

Stop making a fucking joke out of yourselves for stumbling into a random Onision thread and thinking that it's the same as every other lolcow's thread on here, he's probably the most scrutinized of them all.

No. 251768


Masterpost for fucking idiots:


Other accounts of hers can be found through them by… GASP! … clicking the links she's publically provided.


Other accounts of his can be found through them by… DOUBLE GASP! … clicking the links he's provided publically.


Other accounts of hers can be found through them by… TRIPLE GASP! … clicking the links she's provided publically.

Anti-Onision Blogs:


No. 251769

Next time you wanna complain about how it's more "helpful to YOU" being on mobile, all those sites listed here >>251768 are mobile-friendly.

This site is NOT mobile-friendly.

You all have no excuses whatsoever to check them out for yourselves, next time you want to see a screenshot or need some help finding something - don't respond to someone in a fucking disrespectful manner.

We're here to shit on Onison, not on each other… if you can't control yourselves GTFO.

No. 251817

File: 1458715485621.png (757.74 KB, 927x528, no.png)

m i d l i f e c r i s i s

No. 251819

Tranny when?

No. 251824

Uh…anyone have any idea why he's doing this?

No. 251826


This nigga is turning into vid related.

No. 251833

"Nghhhhhhhhhhh!" Chris screamed as Greg pushed his uncircumcised peen into his butthole. This is what it means, I have to go fast! I might not be a woman but I can take a cock like one!

Greg thrusted in and out of Chris' asshole. He was wearing a pair of fake tits and more makeup than a two dollar hooker. He justified it because his wife left him so now he could reinvent himself. As Gigi the two dollar truck stop whore.

Chris paused and came in a wave of excitement. Not remembering where he was he just exclaimed, “JULAY!” Greg chuckled and smacked him about on his face. He smiled with his makeup ridden face and looked Chris in the eye.

“Bitch, you're circumcised, don't you dare get off before I use the lotion!” Greg taunted as he choked Chris. Chris laid back and took it because he didn't know how Greg felt about Sonic's arms. Those guns were suppose to be blue, but a popular youtuber was raping him while he didn't have access to mace.

No. 251834

He secretly wants to be a woman.
But he also hates actual women.

He is trying to play it off as ironic, but he enjoys putting makeup on his face.

No. 251839

File: 1458723058372.jpg (14.63 KB, 430x77, hup.JPG)

Pander to 12 year olds harder, Onion

No. 251841

I feel so bad for their child(ren)?
I'm so confused by the number of kids they have, I remember reading something or watching something where Lainey says she has "the kids" but I thought her and onion only had one?? Did she have a child in her previous relationship??
Either way onion and Lainey are immature, unstable, and childish, and their children will have to deal with that and I feel so sorry for them.

No. 251863

Holy shit you and the tantrum you've been throwing are absolutely insufferable, please an hero asap

No. 251872

fuck you, you made the claims, i'm not gonna stalk around the internet just to find out if its true, i'm just not gonna belive you, stop being such a oozing vagina

No. 251884

both of you are fucking stupid, everyone else posts caps of things and it's a normal thing to expect of someone but you can fucking look yourself and post yourself if no one will post for you. grow up.

No. 251895

He's gonna homeschool his kids, isn't he?
oh dear.

No. 251926

Oh my god, stop shitting up the thread you fucking child.

No. 251928

No its not the fact that you didnt provide proof its that you had such a bitchfit just because i didnt belive you without proof, eat a dick

No. 251931

I can't wait for teacher Greg.
In Geography, the kid can learn about how Europe is not part of the western world. In English, he can learn how to write shitty stories with Mary Sue characters. In Science, he can refute evolution because "chimps still exist, guys!!" and learn about how desert-dry vaginas are. It'll be great. That kid is gonna be SO educated.

No. 251932

Is this thread about you or Onision?

No. 251933

Shut the fuck up or learn how to sage.

No. 251934

Gurg's English Lesson 1:
Remember kids, use 'LITERALLY' in every fucking sentence

No. 251935

Can Onion even be classed as a 'comedian' at all? He hasn't had any new material for years, he just repeats the same old shit.

It'd be awesome if someone knew how to make an Onion Twitterbot, that would really enrage him.

No. 251950

I want to see him do standup and completely bomb. I don't think anyone over 12 is going to like I'm so loud and random type humor.

No. 251959

Calling Shane desperate, 1:35 on.

No. 251974

File: 1458765965465.jpeg (235.91 KB, 749x1160, image.jpeg)

Dude buddy has lost his mind he is dressing like a woman. I can hear Filthy Frank yelling about the cancer this guy is made up of. vomits from so much cancer in the image

No. 251982


Pot meet kettle. Also, he's only butthurt because he wanted to get views from working with Shane and Shane realized Onion was crazy and dipped out. Kek.


He wants attention in any way possible as per usual. Shock value has always been Onion's shtick. I mean there's a video of him making out with a toilet for fucks sake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mUU_LS7kII

No. 251989

I almost feel like he's indirectly mocking Lamey with all these shitty drag queen makeup looks. Like he's going "See? look how dumb and silly I look? don't you realize you're dumb? Now do what I say"

No. 252029

His Instagram bio always gets me so mad. Like, how full of yourself can you get?!

No. 252037

Will maths class be about how to buy houses he can't afford to furnish? Like if you have X houses you can't buy Y furniture because both cost money. And also about what percentage of youtube earnings have to go to alimony that has to be paid for begrudgingly. And how about babby's first maths lesson of counting all the other youtubers his father hates.

No. 252038

Was his appearance on Comedy Central actually on tosh.0 or something? Because uh that's not something to be proud of.

No. 252069

He was on Tosh.0 twice.

No. 252107

He laughs at himself near the end of the video because he called Lainey a dirty whore.

No. 252108

*delusional whore


No. 252199

These looks started out as drag but the pink hair and beanie one seriously makes him look female. He looks like he's going beyond the 'guy fucking around with makeup for shits and giggles' territory . I wonder if he's gonna come out as trans or genderqueer at some point

No. 252207

>>252038 looked it up and his 'appearance' is him dancing and shouting whilst dressed as a banana

No. 252228

He laughs at himself much more than anyone else.

No. 252231

His narcissm really shows up on that one.
Also his own jokes that he laughs at are: Cuddling referred as cheating (reference to what he did with Billie and it was way more than that) and calling Lainey a delusional whore "joke".

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 252276

File: 1458836311756.png (271.92 KB, 831x533, draggingyourfaves.png)

No. 252357


No. 252361

File: 1458847889048.gif (1 MB, 300x168, 000000.gif)

>I'm doing a project on being married to trash
Fucking savage

No. 252367


No. 252399

>calls vsauce ugly

oh greg, always calling others ugly when you look like a fucking testicle with warts.

Not to mention, the dude looks fine.

No. 252401

File: 1458858231349.jpeg (107.19 KB, 750x1112, image.jpeg)

Who is he suppose to be? Besides stupid.

No. 252402

Dude looks like a beige dorito with eyes

No. 252405

No. 252406

So this is what a 30 year old mall goth looks like…

No. 252408

social repose

No. 252412

>Comedian known to tens of millions around the world

No. 252423

He's so fucking US-centric; Greg, you don't know more than one language, english.. stfu now.

No. 252426

I love it because it reads as a clear and desperate attempt to convince people to care.

No. 252427

oh my god he's SOOOO desperate for Billie to care

what the fuck is he still doing married to his wife, if all he wants to do is fuck wouldn't it be so much easier to just do that and save face from fucking around while still married??

No. 252430

They put up the facade so they can prove the haters wrong. Everyone knew this marriage wouldn't last.

No. 252432

>comedian known to tens around the world

No. 252450

He is so bitter that his channel is losing popularity.
He is growing more salty every day…and the best thing…all these youtubers ignore him like the trash he is.

No. 252514

Does he want to fuck a teenage girl or be a teenage girl?

No. 252518

File: 1458896863443.png (43.23 KB, 400x228, 1439624888687.png)

funny and accurate~

No. 252715

File: 1458946564737.jpg (16.42 KB, 500x268, megshadesface.jpg)

Both, anon. Both.

No. 252744

Gargoyle is going to come out as either transsexual or some sort of genderqueer this year. Calling it now.

No. 252784

my fucking cheeks hurt from laughing at this post, I don't even know why it's so funny

No. 252941

File: 1459065317127.png (14.59 KB, 514x94, shit.png)

Onion teaches us all about how the digestive system works. Since he's going to spend all day editing videos, happy Easter anon!

No. 252944

Okay tbh though I was vegetarian for years and when I started eating meat again I realized that for so long my poops weren't too stinky and I could fart anywhere without a noticeable smell. Now everything that comes out of my butt smells like, well, dead things.
Or maybe just being vegetarian really does make you think that your shit don't stink.

No. 252993

I bet when he shits his ass zits pop and help lubricate everything coming out.

No. 252998



No. 253075

>Or maybe just being vegetarian really does make you think that your shit don't stink.

I think it's probably just Onion being Onion.

No. 253078


He eats a lot of dairy to make up for not eating meat though, doesn't he? He probably smells like cheese farts all the time.

No. 253080

File: 1459112460614.png (308.57 KB, 450x450, 1183647.png)

I don't want this image in my head.

No. 253139

Ot and I know you're joking but protein makes smells in general whether it's in meat or just animal products. People that live on only fruit, rice /pasta and bland vegetables smell nicest (ie the old 'vanilla cum' thing) but I reckon gurg smells bad no matter what he eat. He could bathe for weeks and still look greasy.

No. 253148

He definitely eats junk food.

No. 253177

my farts were the absolute worst when i was vegetarian, but hey, different body chemistries etc.
onion just thinks his shit doesn't stink. like ever.

No. 253185

No. 253199

god lainey just seems like she totally hates him

No. 253202

Yo Greg is a nauseating creep, but I think Lainey also has some fetishes relating to submission and since she has never navigated an adult relationship before she has no clue how to negotiate it and set healthy boundaries. Similar to Greg, only he has no interest in respecting his partner and probably gets off on her frustration of having to submit even when she's not interested or aroused in any way.

No judgement on Lainey but it's obvious she was abused as a kid and that's how she may feel "love" or comfort now, and it why she's cool with being in a relationship with him when he does that shit.

No. 253205

You fucked me up
You messed me up
Get away from me
Why do you enjoy my suffering
Shut the fuck up
I hate you
No one likes you
Shut the fuck up
Playing board games is probably plank's only chance to express her feelings.

No. 253224

inb4 he claims he's trans to get away from lainey, it's a sure fire way out. "I can't be with her cause my sexuality has changed she wouln't dare cite me for that would she"

meanwhile he is cheating with his remaining fans

No. 253228

I had the most disturbing dream yesterday - Greg had fled to England and came in to Sainsbury's where I work. He was looking at poly filler and then asked me if he had anything he could take a cast of his anus with to send to his wife. Fucking strange.

No. 253240

normality dream posts are boring but what the actual fuck anon that's insane
Well done for keeping it brief

No. 253248


Not to worry, Gerg – you will ALWAYS stink.

No. 253269

Taylor has that covered. She's agendered or some shit. She can be either a boy or a girl depending on how she's feeling for the day.

No. 253787

I don't know what else I expected when I klicked on that video but goddamn this is sick

No. 253806

That's very low even for Gergless. Fuck.

No. 254152

File: 1459412027378.jpg (11.86 KB, 211x212, kotwat.jpg)

No. 254323

File: 1459455939485.jpg (42.07 KB, 629x257, 1.jpg)

I'm not sure if any anons remember, or were there, but this happened a few years ago.
It has to do with Onions "everything's funny", iz le joke attitude. Gergless is very quick to make fun out of everything or anyone using his 'comedy's comedy' argument.

However, a few years back there was a bit of a bigger move from his forums to the anti-O side,people realizing he was full of shit and such.
There was this one guy who was a long time member of his forums and was on good terms with a lot of posters there, etc. He decided to test this claim of Onion. He made a video where he was basically mocking Gerg and his relationship with Shiloh.
It was a very funny video. He also posted that it's purely for comedic reasons and not at all meant to be offensive.
Guess what happened the next day? He got perma- banned from his forums and the video he made was removed.
Once again proving how two faced he really is. Trichotillomania is a joke, yes, medical conditions in general are a joke…As long as he doesn't have to personally deal with it, then it's funny.
Git fuck'd Gergless.

No. 254339

File: 1459460087923.png (75.84 KB, 624x578, Untitled.png)

From this tweet's replies it seems like he used photos of a woman with trichotillomania without her permission. His idiot fans are saying it's her fault for watching his videos.

No. 254342

File: 1459460222022.png (92.27 KB, 622x613, Untitled.png)

No. 254343

..What a fucking asshole. & fuck his braindead fans.

No. 254398

$100 says Lainey is pregnant again

No. 254403

His fans make my blood boil. I mean, it's bad enough that he exists, but the fact that he has a bunch of teenage girls acting like cunts because of him is terrible. It's a shame these kids are thinking this kinda stuff is funny/OK because of his influence.

No. 254405

File: 1459468351306.png (73.83 KB, 572x591, 2016-03-31_19-52-05.png)

I skimmed through the thread so my apologies if this was already talked about.

This kinda shit is just so terrible, and what's even worse is that there's a ton of replies from 13 year olds thinking it's the funniest thing ever.

No. 254430

He does that shit all the time. Hell, it's been like four years and he's still going on about Amanda Todd.

No. 254438

Cunty McFuccboi. I wish it would do live stand-up in front of actual adults and get publicly shamed.

Though, it doesn't leave the house much, so that's probably already happened, haha.

No. 254445

He literally has no friends. Every time he tries to show off hos "friends", it's actually youtubers he paid hahahah

No. 254456

I wonder how much they shit talk him behind his back? That must be a good time right there.

No. 254494

Yup, these are all examples of his general two faced cunt-iness.
If any of these things happened to people he supposedly cares about he would lose his shit much like he did when that guy I mentioned made a very innocent video "mocking" him.

No. 254495

Oh, without a doubt. I'm sure they talk about his back a lot,making fun of him. Who could really resent them.

No. 254499

Onision and Peter Coffin both share the same non humor humor.

No. 254500

Behind his back, sorry fellow anons, half asleep.
Although with all of that severe bacne he's sporting I'm sure they talked about his back too at one point, kek.

No. 254837

File: 1459553248797.jpg (19.65 KB, 597x118, 1.jpg)

fucking stubby goddamn fattychan.

No. 254845

File: 1459553715968.jpeg (173.84 KB, 638x815, image.jpeg)


No. 254849

File: 1459554077862.jpg (45.82 KB, 641x396, 1.jpg)


Go away ember

No. 254850


lol ok fatass.

ageplayer. fucking snaggletoothed scum

No. 254853

I could bake a baguette in your yeasty vagina shameless fucking fatty-chan

No. 254857


cool FAS you catty weeb.

bitchy fucking faggot.

No. 254859


You're such a fucking fuckboy.

No. 254880


You're a grimey hunchback

No. 254895


holy shit cool blog. hoe. u tumblrtard.

No. 254901


Yeah ok newfag

revolting ugly pitiful summerfag fucking hideous wrinkled wrinkly bitch.

No. 254911

fall down a flight of stairs you bitch, you grimey two faced whore.

No. 254948

blatantly shooped, u childish revolting tryhard fucking pulltard.


No. 255104

Deluded pitiful twat cancer fucking ana chan.

No. 255105

Omfg look at the nasolabial folds

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No. 255110



so cute, hunty.

No. 255132

Narcissistic fucking brain damaged amerifat.

No. 255168

Nah I'll admit, I was 20 when I became a dad. My daughter's going to be eight years old this June. Yes I should've exercised more caution and responsibility but at the same time I don't regret it. The experience forced me to grow up, and grow up fast and it's one of the reasons why I used to a-log about Gurg's parenting skills so badly. You have to mature as person to raise another and YOU MUST be willing to set aside some of the things on the inside that were childish to hold on to. I may dress like, and come of as, a total weirdo online, but outside of the screen I am a totally different person. I don't take shit from people, and I don't fuck around with responsibilities. You honestly wouldn't recognize me if it weren't for the goofy 'goth' shit lol.

My ex and I are separated and we do have personal issues with each other from time to time yes, but even then we still have more observable care for our kid that he does for his. It fucking blows my mind that a guy can be so willing to just give away his child to the point he thinks its a good thing to do so by prenuptial agreement with his wife. That implies he never wanted Troy which shows he has no CLUE how to be a man.

I fought for better custody for a long time and always wound up getting fucked by family courts, and there are THOUSANDS of dad's in my position that know this struggle. Anyone can blow a load and quickly become a father, but it takes years real work to be a DAD. Gurg just wants to give up Troy eventually because Troy is an obstacle to him and it's blatantly obvious. That poor kid is going to grow up as mal-adjusted as his father and it hurts to watch because he didn't deserve a single second of it. His father might be a complete fucking waste of a human being but his son is just a baby, and look at all the shit that has gone on in his world he's not even aware of yet. His childhood is going to be a nightmare :( I wish I could say I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, but they've taken the liberty of doing that for me and I don't even know what to say about that…

No. 255268

New cringey song

Onion is trying to relive his shitty song days

No. 255269


Holy shit. Everything about this is cringeworthy.

>The forced product placement for his wife's clothes

>The awful forced-enthusiastic weird sing/rap thing he does
>The cringeworthy beat he made on FL studio that sounds like it's from a mall PA system
>Those awkward looks into the camera and flexing

American Psycho vibes/10

No. 255286

music onisison is best onision

No. 255287

Also goddamn their kid's room has NOTHING in it. Where are his toys? And why are their clothes in his closet?

No. 255316

File: 1459727125953.jpg (25.98 KB, 670x127, 1.jpg)

No shit.

No. 255325

Can he just…you know, die?

No. 255340

It could be their room but with the kid's stuff in it. When you have a kid their toys get everywhere in the house.

>an archer poster in a kid's room

No. 255342

>"tapped" for the first time

are u fuckin serious

No. 255343

This makes me so unreasonably sad.

No. 255357

yes anon archer is the worst thing you could show a child.

No. 255385

I only remember Onision from back when he was obsessed with Miss Hannah Minx; does he know anything about what happened to her?

No. 255387

He's still obsessed with her. He brings her up whenever he talks about other youtubers. He can't believe that she could step away from youtube and get married and have a kid all while cutting contact away from him.

No. 255401

right? That kid's seen greg. He's immune.

No. 255404

File: 1459759540158.png (318.41 KB, 632x371, masochist.png)

It's safe to say that I really despise her at this point, she enjoys his abuse - she uses it to fuel her emo appetite for attention. She's seriously as bad as he is and is a really fucking bad role-model for her fans.

Yes, believe it or not - there are women out there that enjoy being abused, it's a rare occurrence but it's still a thing.

No. 255405

File: 1459759854742.png (493.22 KB, 405x508, crone.png)

Dammmmnnn, she is aging rapidly for a woman in her early 20's.

I guess their bragging rights for vegetarianism is working out well for both of them, eh?

No. 255408

>Yes, believe it or not - there are women out there that enjoy being abused, it's a rare occurrence but it's still a thing

I don't know, dude (since you're probably a guy.) I've been in an abusive relationship before. I was 16, he was much older, and I constantly blamed myself and no matter what my friends and family told me, I was convinced we were ~perfect~ and ~meant to be.~

I didn't enjoy being abused, but I let it happen because I truly didn't know any better. I may be naive for hoping that Lainey is in the same boat, because I want to believe one day she will wake up and walk out of his life, like I did.

But she's already in her twenties and with a kid. I know a woman who had three children with her extremely abusive (now ex) husband and was still able to walk away and escape, but I'm scared for Lainey– I'm scared she's going to be with Gergles for the rest of her miserable life.

Sorry for blogging, I just don't know any women that I truly believe enjoy being abused. Maybe I haven't met them yet. Rather, I think it's the only thing they know and they don't have the courage to leave. They eventually believe they deserve abuse. But I don't think they enjoy it, and I hope Lainey will one day drop the tumblr enabling bullshit, take the kid, and leave Onion behind.

No. 255410

Yeah looks like a total hag doesn't she?
Ffs she looks her age, I don't know what the fuck you are taking to see otherwise.

No. 255411

I'm sorry you suffered, anon. I'd like to post more about this. I've been in shitty relationships but at some point in time you realize you're in a shitty relationship and are just embarassed by that shit.

He "naked body massaged," her girlfriend. Kicked her out of the house and according to her, "threw her away." She took him back and now goes to date nights which he records and uploads to his speaks channel.

Buy his wife's poshmark shit so she can hire a lawyer and get away from him.

No. 255412

Doubt it's straight up enjoyment of the mental abuse on Lamey's part, but I personally know three, maybe four girls who stick with mentally abusive boyfriends. They're all are very strong/independent women with friends and family (srs), but they also enjoy the dominance and the feeling of being controlled. It's almost like a sub/dom lifestyle but they're unaware of it. They could very easily break up with these guys at any point, I know they're capable of it, but they continue to stay with them.

No. 255422

I'm scared for Lainey too. In a previous thread it was discussed that she had an abusive relationship prior to onion so that had to be in highschool. Has she ever had a healthy relationship? I doubt it, maybe she doesn't realize she is worth better than this. Does she even realize this shit isn't just normal bickering/arguments yet? I'm still holding out hope for her though, she's really young still. Also she's getting her degree soon, I'm wondering if she is trying to hang in there until then.

No. 255440

She knew what he was like when she got with him, she's been advised by her family and Onision's exes NOT to get with him.

She does not care.

She is still obsessed with him, that's never changed - she's still technically his fanatic mail-order child bride.

No. 255448


I was told not to get into a relationship with my abusive ex. Everyone told me how messed up he was and how horrible a person he was. I didn't believe them because of how nice he was to me. He wasn't horrible. When he was abusive he twisted it around in such a way that made me feel like the abusive one for even standing up for myself. It's not as simple for a victim of abuse to turn around and say "Yeah, my husband domestically abuses me." It's certainly not likely in the slightest for a person to turn around and say "Yeah, my husband domestically abuses me. AND I LIKE IT"

Remember she's been in this relationship since she was like 17 (?) That's 4 years of being moulded into the perfect little punching bag. 17 is definitely not old enough to understand that someone you look up to and find funny on the internet is actually abusive and toxic.

She also has a child with him, think of how much he probably used the "think about the baby" card when he was sucking up her ass to get her to stay with him.

No. 255450

She's no fucking saint either.

No. 255465

You also forget she got him to stupidly sign a witnessed paper that her and Selena have a house he pays for and other things so that she doesn't loose out the prenup. I personally don't think she is all that stupid.

As far as her las ex whom she dated and plan to marry after college. She posted comments of him being "abusive." From what he said she basically got obsessed with him and eventually just left him for onion out of the blue.

The guy has some right to be bitter and angry.

He also mentioned in high school she liked to mess with other girls then dump them quickly.

She was bi before the relationship. Claimed to be straight pre marriage/ during. Then magically bi again.

I don't think she is stupid or hasn't learned to maniplulate back like he does. I think she knows what to do to get sympathy and is very manipulative as much as he is. If anything Onision taught her his own tactics and she uses them better.

No. 255466

File: 1459778918411.jpeg (75.84 KB, 750x659, image.jpeg)

No. 255477

Why the fuck would they have a race car bed in their room then?

No. 255503

In an old video they put it together before their kid was old enough and doing stupid stuff on it.

Also, doesn't anyone find it weird Lainey wants to be referred as to them/they? I try to wrap my head around that since those are plural terms you use them for multiple people. Isn't that a round about way of saying you have multiple identities?

Just my opinion but proper term for non bias term would be it. Because it has no gender context. Then again agender and non-bionary don't make a whole lot of sense to me. You aren't fluid you are just a girly guy or a tomboy girl. Doesn't make you a guy or girl to like certain things. Humans created masculine and feminine context to things.

No. 255514

They/them are also gender neutral singular pronouns ffs. Learn to google before you spout dumb shit.

No. 255536

they/them can be used singularly in regular english.

ex. "my friend is coming over, they will be here soon." vs. "bob is coming over, he will be here soon."

friend replaces bob but doesn't express if bob is a girl or a boy, therefore you use they to express that it's a person.

No. 255545

>I'm scared she's going to be with Gergles for the rest of her miserable life.

Anon, this is Gergles we're talking about. She's not going to be with him for the rest of her life simply because he's going to eventually dump her for someone younger. It's in his nature.

No. 255569

The point is they/them along with making her child to children means it's not singular in context. You are right you can use as a singular but is it with her singular.

Child is with out gender so why is it children when in reference to a singular child? Is she placing gender roles as a plural.

I'm talking about the context in which she uses her words too. No one answered where she gets children from. Unless she is categorizing her son as both male and female through a multiple identity hence using plural words.

When figuring out means you use the context of how they are used. That's what the fuck I was saying.

No. 255596

Who do you think Onion's Youtube dream wife would be? We all know he's a fame & a money whore, so what Youtube personality do you think he'd want to stick his pimply hooks in the most?

No. 255598

File: 1459817451921.jpg (11.41 KB, 480x360, minxy-wiki-id.jpg)

Who do you think…

Also, why can't he ever get over this chick? They never even dated and he's more butthurt over her than he was over Shiloh.

No. 255599

I meant from the pool of still active Youtubers, Minx has been off the radar for quite a while.

I'm not sure what his fascination with her is. Big tits, popular cash cow, got away from him = must be it? I bet he still angrily faps over her in his hours long daily showers.

No. 255600

Thaaaats an image I didn't need :)

But I guess you're right. I don't know about active YouTubers but if he's still into the goth thing there are people like ReeRee Phillips and ToxicTears he'd go after just because they're into that subculture I guess. He's only into it for the looks anyway.

No. 255606

Hehe, sorry ( but it's true, he's probably doing it right now ).
I had Lilly Singh in mind for some reason. Little older than his "target demographic", but she is: extremely popular, vegetarian, a virgin.
I do think he fantasises about being with someone who's really popular as that would draw in more attention and feed his narcissism. Plainbud's going to get old fast.

No. 255634

Are you retarded?

No. 255645

Onion faps to hentai and HannahMinx looks just like his hentais

No. 255690

Onion & Kiki 4evar

No. 255702

is there an onision master post somewhere that contains all the dramu so I can spare having to summarize this douche?

No. 255767

I guarantee you that he's obsessed with Hannah because she WASN'T interested in him. She was immune to his awesomeness (in his mind) and he is stunned and confused.

No. 255771

I'm pretty sure he has an ED, though i don't know how well updated it is.

No. 255801

They update pretty frequently, or they used to

No. 255908

"Who is the most boring YouTuber?"

AKA let me obsess over other youtubers who are more famous than me and i'll whine even though im just jealous and a massive hypocrite piece of shit Episode #3434

No. 255913

Some people have speculated they actually did hook up at some point, and then she fucked off with her current husband. But I feel like if he ever fucked her he would have said something about it by now, so I tend to agree that he did have a thing for her but she told him no.

No. 255944

He reminds me of Durian Rider in this video; so irritating.

No. 256004

Sooo, he wanted to show off his projector?

No. 256013

I love how he's using a projector, since he's fucking projecting his own insecurities.
Also, he can't let Dawson go.
JUST. LET. IT. GO. Fuck.

No. 256026


shane dawson doesnt even give a fuck about him too, thats funny

No. 256066

How the fuck does he have fans?? My nine year old niece watched a few seconds of this video and said: "Wow, he's annoying."

No. 257026

File: 1460088920726.jpg (19.18 KB, 665x209, 1.jpg)

No. 257033

Yeah man good on you, you say that while you apply even more layers of foundation with a spatula you school shooter looking fucktard

No. 257073

>school shooter looking fucktard


No. 257116

File: 1460105980893.png (193.5 KB, 513x544, creepyuncle.png)

Let's edgelord and cosplay until a fan gives him an animu that might relate to him being retarded.

No. 257124

haha what is with that mustache

No. 257212

the fuck? is that supposed to be dante?

No. 257213

My first thoughts as well.
He is really trying to play up to young girls to seem cool and younger. Unfortunately, he forgot that he's not attractive.

No. 257223

Even with half of his face covered up with that moustache (classic comedy) it's still hideous. His eyes are terrifying, there's so much hate buried in there it just… yuck.

No. 257225

File: 1460135066482.jpg (134.34 KB, 1092x578, straightouttacolumbine.jpg)

Nailed it

No. 257228

God no, not even this Dante deserves something like this. Good thing he didn't go for the original one

No. 257234

it was sarcasm anon

No. 257243

anon that file name killed me.

No. 257267

File: 1460147443623.png (17.76 KB, 577x104, hhhhh.PNG)

Inb4 Onision is going trans

No. 257342

Where's the line between meme magic and 'called it'?

No. 257407

File: 1460175919157.jpg (756.74 KB, 1926x2382, 68853f_5495160.jpg)

no idea but it sure is fun

sage for ot

No. 257660

sage'd for non-contribution. sorry just ranting.

but fuck man, why do these youtubers always have to have issues? The biggest ones are always hella greedy, pandering, and all that bullshit drama. Why do we give horrible people fame they don't deserve?

meanwhile smaller channels with good people running them are small.(cr1tikal is a saint, look up his donation thing)
fuck man.

No. 257668

No. 257704

File: 1460255123096.png (16.92 KB, 582x149, Untitled.png)

Onision gets my vote for most pathetic lolcow.

No. 257706

Fucking brilliant!

Because that's how the world works, in black and white. You either like me 100 % or you don't like me at all. Usually people are capable of not liking something while still being a fan. If anything, that's a healthy pov.
Greggles, at 30 y of age, doesn't understand that and because he doesn't, he's spreading that close minded destructive mentality to his 12 year old impressionable lolcattle.

No. 257707


No. 257709

Oh my fucking god, I can't believe he's still milking that 'kiss' and using it in such a ridiculous context.

No. 257716

File: 1460258137771.jpg (117.84 KB, 709x762, 1 .jpg)

Adding: I went to read the comments and thank fuck there's some of these.
There's lolcattle agreeing with him too, but far more seem to get it.
I especially love the 'Manipulation at it's finest', because that's exactly what it is.

No. 257726

File: 1460259796099.png (720.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-09-17-41-56…)

Oh the irony.

No. 257737

Greg trying to sing Creep by Radiohead with a photo montage of himself in the background…seems appropriate.

No. 257746

He's losing it.

No. 257762

File: 1460270269523.jpg (159.54 KB, 810x1196, IMG_20160410_153708.jpg)


No. 257811

As if anyone would want to buy clothes worn by a sweaty, greasy man who probably ripped a few stitches during the process of making this video.

No. 257814

>Greg pretends to be Luffy from One Piece.
>Taylor pretends to be sexually interested in him.
>They're both really weird.

No. 257815

Ugh he thinks he's Freelee.

I guess he's seen her success as a controversial youtuber and wants a bit of that again. But the difference being that Freelee actually has a message, it won't work if you're just randomly laughing at youtubers who don't even give a shit about you, Onion-san.

No. 257821

File: 1460280736427.jpg (833.48 KB, 1926x2048, dante.jpg)

>Good thing he didn't go for the original one

true, that would have been weird

No. 257822

I'm fuckin g ugly laughing so hard right now

No. 257873

It is fascinating how he has not aged mentally a day after he turned 13.

No. 257891

Alex Kek anon

No. 257908

>>They're both really weird.

Yes, thank you for being the most observant person in this whole thread so far.

I'm really fucking sick and tired of anons in here defending Lainey like she's some weak, never-do-wrong martyr of Onision's abusive nature.

She's a fucking freak, she's honestly fucked up in the head. She is practically obsessed with Onision to the point of it being a huge mental health issue and they've both been nurturing those mental health issues for what… 3 years now?

He basically picked up a random obsessed fan off the internet without knowing anything about her, and married it in less than six months.

She knows exactly what she got into, she knew everything regarding his past-relationship record, she was also a verbally abusive cunt to every one of his exes.

Is it because she's a young woman that some anons here feel the need to defend her and be all up her ass?

The only smart partners he had were Skye and Adrienne, and they got the fuck out of there as soon as they got the chance. Otherwise, Shiloh and Taylor are just as much of lunatics as Greg is.

No. 257912

i want to vomit what the fuck is this

No. 257936

He's trying so hard to be controversial and gain views it's pathetic. Don't get me wrong - being pathetic is how Gregless spends most of his days, but this is just extra pathetic.

I'm joining this anon >>257912 in vomiting, big bucket needed.

There's a few of us who dislike Plank for the way she behaves. They are both fucked up.


No. 257940

Actually, every anon here who has a yt account should flag this shit, I just did.

No. 257969

Forgot about his own livid meltdown, didn't he?

No. 257988

Not to mention crying over Shiloh in multiple videos.

No. 257990

& the meltdown he had over AJ. It's like he's projecting so hard & trying to make himself feel better over his own failures. Like the ghost shit, if anyone remembers.
He used to be hardcore into ghosts and believed he had special powers and a few years later he made a video mocking the subject to vent his own frustrations.

No. 257991

My favorite one was when he broke up with Shiloh and went to a motel because she told him that the Canadian mafia was after him.

No. 257994

This sounds hilarious, got a link?

No. 257995

good plan anon. What exactly did you flag, since I know you have to give a reason and like a timestamp and stuff.

No. 257996

good plan anon. What exactly did you flag, since I know you have to give a reason and like a timestamp and stuff.

No. 258003

Sexual content, suggestive but without nudity and around 1:19.
In the comment box I wrote how this isn't appropriate for his impressionable demographic.

No. 258008

File: 1460313618794.png (470.49 KB, 709x485, 1436339356298.png)

No. 258042

Why is he obsessing over Shane much more than usual?He must have mentioned him five times over the past few days in a negative context.
This video alone is aimed at him and as if that wasn't obvious enough he flashed Dawson's pic for a quick second two times just to make it clear.

No. 258048

File: 1460322750969.png (Spoiler Image,788.43 KB, 1256x698, retard.png)

Was Greg such a special little boy that his mom never taught him to chew with his mouth shut? Disgusting.

No. 258142

Fucking christ he's so annoying.

No. 258155

This is so disgusting I want to kill myself.

No. 258156

I reported it for harassment and abusive content since he is bullying people wi his videos. It's a lot easier to do on mobile.

No. 258193

So how long until Greg starts harping on Twitter about how awful Tobuscus is??

No. 258198

File: 1460346908600.jpg (24.08 KB, 595x126, 1.jpg)

Yeah, okay. This was definitely not posted for attention. Nope, couldn't have been. Riiiiiiiiight.

No. 258199

File: 1460347018736.jpg (17.95 KB, 597x87, 1 .jpg)

This one of course takes the cake.

No. 258201

File: 1460347152290.jpg (113.86 KB, 627x818, 1.jpg)

No. 258236

When did he turn into a wannabe Internet troll, the last time I checked this thread he tried his hardest to be seen as "emotional emo woe is me" and now he's passive aggressive as fuck

No. 258241

No. 258242

File: 1460358368730.png (469.06 KB, 601x1024, shi.png)

Shiloh posted this a day later. I think she's the only person he's ever dated that was just as deceptive as he was.

No. 258251

There's something really sinister about her post. Yikes.

No. 258252


Not to excuse any of what she did, but she was pretty young, and the main way he could get a young girl would be going after someone unstable and unsupervised like Shiloh or sneaking behind her parent's back like with Lainey. Seriously, I know Shiloh had a career but where the hell was her family when everything was falling apart? I think it was pretty obvious from the start she had some serious problems. Again, that doesn't make her behaviour any more acceptable–but it also makes Greg creepy for enabling her so much as a grown man.

Clearly he learned his lesson from that, though. His relationship with Lainey isn't a happy one, but there aren't any rainbows and stolen images of miscarriages and the like.

No. 258253

All I've heard about is Shiloh's mom. She became friends with Adrienne in order to get her away from his ass. Shiloh's mom took away her daughter's passport so she couldn't go back to him. I don't excuse the shitty parenting that allowed a pedo to get with a rising teenage rock star, but she did try.

No. 258273

>>Seriously, I know Shiloh had a career but where the hell was her family when everything was falling apart?

Yanno, it should start to become mandatory for anons who know nothing about Onion's fucking circus to start reading previous threads and use the ctrl+f function to find the answer to what they're looking for.

That question has been asked like half a dozen times now, and because some anons can't be fucking bothered to do their own research (especially when it's presented for them in plain sight on this board anyway) it leads to them pussying out, relying on their own assumptions and defending the actions of his exes and attacking other anons who declare they feel his exes are just as much of a lolcow as Gurg is.

No. 258274

Shiloh was a pathological liar, she would make up shit after arguments with Gurgles in desperate attempts to get him to stay with her, which is why it was so difficult to restrain her from going back to him every time.

Lainey seeks attention from Onion in more passive ways, appealing to his desires and accepting of his fantasies (even if they don't include her) in an attempt to keep him.

They're both fucked up, insane and obsessive fans who will believe anything he says or tells them. He walked all over Shiloh and he's walked all over Lainey, the only thing that seperates them both is their personalities.

It's basically the equivalent of Justin Bieber picking out a random Belieber off the internet to fuck and enjoying the extra factor that they will be utterly devoted to him no matter how badly he treats them, and no matter what shitty things he's done in general.

No. 258317


It's obvious why. He's incredibly jealous that Shane gets way more views/is generally liked more by people. And it's clear why, Shane stopped making edgy content and grew up somewhat and makes food videos because he knows it makes money. Onision is a pretentious douche who thinks he's above Shane when nearly the entire internet hates Onision and even if his videos aren't all challenge videos it doesn't matter because he's a huge cunt.

No. 258345

LMAO!! He is right at the top of the crazy internet personality shit pile!

No. 258358

He's laying the bait down thick lately, isn't he? What kind of manic shitposting spree is this?

No. 258435

Taylor said that Greg can mess around with guys if he wants. I wouldn't be surprised if he found a teenage boy to fall in love with. Then he'll give Taylor and the kid the boot and come out as trans so no one can blame him without being called transphobic.

No. 258437

>What kind of manic shitposting spree is this?

At least he's guaranteed to make and upload a video right as he cracks for good. Doesn't seem like that's too far off now.

No. 258450

>I don't excuse the shitty parenting that allowed a pedo to get with a rising teenage rock star

honestly you can be a great mother but as long as you raise a kid in a normal social environment, and not idk isolate them completely in bumfuck nowhere homeschooling banned tv etc, there's always a possibility of this happening. we live in a culture where people like gurgoyle are glorified. guy literally tells fans to fuck themselves in >>258201 and they love it. i don't care for shiloh and i think she's fucked too in her own way and there are no good guys in this story, but sad as it is i can't blame her for falling for gurg. this nasty piece of shit is presented like some kind of internet hero and who knows, any random lonely "outsider" teen could find his videos (before finding lolcow) and see all these people worshipping him as an honest, noble non-PC no-nonsense guy and think "oh yeah these ppl must be right this guy is really worth his salt!" and it just goes on like an evil cycle. people love him because everyone else does. parents can't do shit, at least not without alienating a kid and if your kid identifies with gurg in any way chances are he or she is already difficult to deal with

only way this stops is if this guy takes a PR hit so large everyone will hate him on sight. i'm talking like…proper pedo scandal, ian watkins style.

No. 258458

whats really strange is that Onision has had quite a few 'scandals' much like the recent ones that have blacklisted certain you tubers..and yet no one pays any attention.
Alex Day? Tom Milsom? Edd Plant? Toby Turner? Why is Gerg not on the list

No. 258469

I bet he gets a some young, cute, fem boyfriend sometime in the future. Then he can come out as bi like Shane did and get 16 yr old girls to want him, the kind that love bi/gay boys.

No. 258475

he's already a joke; no one takes him seriously. he posts self-scandalizing videos & tweets already. he doesn't have a youtube channel based off of people who are 'endeared' to him like some of the other Youtubers who have fallen from grace.

No. 258487

You know, that is a really good question and for years I've wondered that myself. Back in the day the anti-o groups stirred up an F5 tornado of a shit storm about Grunk and relatively nothing came of it. Always bugged me, and still does even now. He was getting these accusations before Sam Pepper or all of those other assholes.

No. 258499

Not trying to defend the guy, but this isn't a meltdown. Like at all. When I read your comment.., I was expecting some stuff being thrown around, and yelling. You know, actual acts that count as meltdowns.

No. 258508

Nothing happened because AJ said she wasn't raped. She was pressured into it which is still a shitty thing to do. Screaming someone is a rapist when the victim just wants to be left alone and stated otherwise isn't going to work.

If anything, I would think people should just report him like >>258003 If his video gets a mature rating, he can't monetize on the video? I'd like to see Greg being forced to back to saying fluck just so he can get money.

No. 258520

So him shitting his pants like that over a situation he imposed on himself isn't a meltdown? Lel.

True, but I think what was even worse is he tried to justify it the way rape apologists do, as well as tried to justify absolutely shitting on her publicly through all of his major social media. He's a fucking baby when it comes to handling breakups, he always has to "win" them e_e

No. 258534

As I stated, a meltdown would include yelling, throwing objects, and just being all around belligerent. You really must not understand what an actual meltdown is, jesus.

No. 258572

In all fairness, he titled his video biggest meltdowns too and almost no one in the video was screaming or throwing shit around, just crying.

The biggest thing ( the only one that actually had an impact? ) that I personality remember happening was when we were sending e-mails to get him b& from vidcon. Too bad it wasn't enough for anything major to come out of it.

No. 258576

File: 1460424