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File: 1464422793924.jpg (48.03 KB, 1200x662, for-the-haters.jpg)

No. 273715

Margo now claims to be in the US, where she plans to launch a lawsuit to reclaim "her" channel from Venus. Having missed the cutoff date for the counter-notices, Venus' channel has been reinstated and right now Margo looks to be shit out of luck. Here's to more Margo milk.

The early drama from Venus running away from home to her husband:

Last thread:

No. 273716

last thread reached limit.

No. 273717


No. 273718

Margo's most recent.

No. 273719

File: 1464423737816.jpg (225.73 KB, 640x1054, 1464302930285.jpg)

Some pertinent grabs from the end of the last thread:

No. 273720

File: 1464423859927.jpg (130.41 KB, 1200x808, 1464305833892 (1).jpg)


No. 273721

File: 1464423913220.jpg (1.08 MB, 1411x2026, 1464321693432.jpg)

grandpa knows

No. 273722

File: 1464424195114.png (729.4 KB, 1080x1840, IMG_20160528_102901.png)


I almost cannot believe this. Good for Venus! I hope it stays up, and Margo goes into the river.

No. 273725

File: 1464425209160.jpg (656.15 KB, 1418x1473, Screenshot_20160528-014459.jpg)

Maggots teenage stans are hard at work. The gaslighting is unbelievable.

No. 273728


I just woke up and saw this omg yesss this is great! So happy for venus!

No. 273730

Margo is literally so vile. All her jokes are toilet humor or sex jokes.

No. 273731


Some lines are gold, but the way she deliver them is cringy af kek

At least she prooved she doesn't need her mother to write anything for her, looking at how Maggot fails miserably at making any funny joke in her own videos.

No. 273733

File: 1464427677476.jpg (108.34 KB, 1200x692, margo.jpg)

Would Margo dream of sockpuppeting? Never.

No. 273736

Is Venus making fun of her mum in white skin video? I dunno I just feel like it's something Margo would do.

No. 273737

File: 1464428632108.jpeg (63.69 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

No. 273738


gramps knows what's up.

No. 273739

Daww. I think ferenc has finally seen that margo is unredeemable. He had hopes at the beginning, but mags has broken her last family bonds with this bullshit. I don't think they'd take her back if she begged.

No. 273741

Where the fuck does Margo go now. Where does she even belong.

No. 273742

The English is still too good to be Margo. I also imagine she can't speak that calmly about the situation even if she was pretending to be someone else.

A lot of these are trolls trying to get milk from Margo or just stir the pot, I really don't think they're all her.

No. 273743

Yeah true I guess. She knows by now, and she's no doubt raging in private. But she also knows there's a ton of people waiting for her to show up and start raging on insta.

No. 273747

Does anyone have an idea as to what state Margs is in?

No. 273749

She has given no clue. But for money reasons maybe the NW?

No. 273755

File: 1464437232843.png (235.85 KB, 393x700, ss_23.png)

oh margo, can you at least be honest for once?

No. 273757

well she's blocked so in a sense, not lying.

No. 273762

File: 1464439937914.jpg (206.27 KB, 1318x1316, margo.jpg)

staying with a religious, Korean-American oldie?

No. 273763


she looks so much better without harsh lipstick colours.

No. 273765

But Margs u r satanic, right?

No. 273766

I didnt watch the video.
Marg says in her comment with this pic that watchers of the video found it #funny and #relaxing.

Did she try to pull some more of that asmr shit again?

And the camera flash adds a twinkle to her eyes.

No. 273767

>Most viewers said, it was both #funny and #relaxing.
Delusional to the max.

No. 273768

Her eyes look like she was crying

No. 273769


tears of joy because venus's channel is back.

No. 273771

More like tears on anguish now that her meal ticket has gone off and started a career of her own.

No. 273772

But what did she expect? Did she think Venus would want to stay with her forever? More importantly, even if Venus never left, what was her plan when her little lolita gets too old to be VenusAngelic? Like, she can't be kawaii desu~ when she's 30/40/50. Margs lacks forethought, clearly.

No. 273775

Her voice is sooo deep in this. I like it, but its nice to see her mannerisms move outside the dolly thing.

No. 273778

She reminds me of Penelope Taynt from the Amanda show

No. 273780

she was probably planning to sell her to a millionaire long before that.

No. 273781


she wasn't going to sell her, because that would mean giving up ownership! She was going to have Venus marry rich then move in.

No. 273782

As irritating as Venus sounds sometimes, I honestly prefer her attitude from the newest video. I went back and watched a couple from before and it honestly looked and sounded like she was reading cue cards from Margo.

No. 273791

I'm going to call it now and say Venus is satiring herself. Or, rather, her old image. She's got a sense of humor.

No. 273796


Didn't she have a video from when she was younger on how to get pale skin?

No. 273798

Oops, *satirising

No. 273799

I think it was more like a video of how she does her make up for her pale face maybe? I don't remember, I've never really kept up with her that much until probably a few months before she ran away from Margothel. Whenever the marriage drama happened.

No. 273800

Maybe Maggoo got an idea from that girl who decided to put her virginity to an auction on eBay, which got bought for huge amounts of money by some Arab.

After Benoos loses popularity and doesn't bring money anymore, sell her to a rich Arabs for millions and enjoy unlimited Denny's.

No. 273801

Holy shit, this is hilarious. Plus, the last minute or so is basically just "I don't have a regime for my skin tone- you can do the things I do no matter what color your skin is!"
I'm so glad her channel's back under her control.

No. 273813

Guys! Do you think that Venus will now go after her website venusangelic.com to retrieve from Margo's control? I've noticed that Venus' struggles have been about her channel only, like she hasn't been so interested on the website.

No. 273821

Doesn't seem like she's really worried about it, tbh. Of course, she probably could try to claim copyright infringement ala Maggot on the domain name?

No. 273822


I guess it would be more a thing for Fullscreen to do since they plan a shop with shirts and stuff so it would be better to remove the fake one.

No. 273825


I would just create a new website like VenusAngelicOfficial.com or VenusPalermo.com so Margo can stay with her stolen shit, but being unofficial.

No. 273831

Very strange. I just find some dumb weeb guy defending Margo.

No. 273832

Venus spoofing her older videos? Videos that were probably her moms ideas? Cos if yes then she is a cheeky bitch and I love her humor. Hopefully she continues in the same vein.

No. 273834

He sounds like a neckbeard basement dweller. How many piss bottles do you suppose he currently has spread about under the piles of empty Doritos bags in his room?

No. 273838

Him talking about being "very entertained" by Venus eating candy made him sound suspicious as fuck.
He sounds so fucking weird.
>Venus needs a Margaret behind her life to make her successful
What the fuck? This guy is a piece of shit.
>She didn't make a new YouTube channel, obviously she's not business-minded
Or maybe she's been so stressed from her insane mother's smear campaign + other shit that the first thing on her mind isn't fucking YouTube? Holy shit.

No. 273839

Holy shit that's the guy who seemed to latch to Yukapon and then to that Sage girl

No. 273840



>text says Toru Takanuru

No. 273843

I am forever creeped out that this grown ass man who is replaying dancing clips seems to care so much

No. 273845

>korean christian

From some personal experience and a lot of reading online they are absolutely batshit for the most part. I know we shouldn't fuck with the cows and let the milk flow naturally but I'd really like to see how that person would react to Margo's satanism and related posts on social media.

No. 273847

Margo never showed any aptitude in foresight, ever.

No. 273848

Maybe the host really needs the money. It sometimes seems like Airbnb hosts hardly ever check into their guests at all. A stranger coming into your home for however many days but whatever, they're paying.

No. 273850

Is it me or is Venus imitating Margo at the beginning of her newest video? Telling us what Margo probably told her, since it was Margo pushing the "pale skin dolly" thing in the first place.

No. 273863

She had a video about her skin care routine for archiving pale skin which involved rubbing citrus acid all over her face (not healthy).

No. 273864


Yeah, it's just you.

I know people here desperately want to believe Venus is this pure innocent victim, but you're fooling yourselves if you're honestly still trying to say that every bad thing she's doing even up to this point is still Margaret's fault.

No. 273866

What an idiot and a nice way to ruin your skin and age you faster. No wonder Venus looks like shit for her age.

No. 273867

Keep that faggotry away from this board.

No. 273868

I'm loving how it's all peace and light over on Margo's insta.
>so pretty
>Please let's stop calling Margaret names

There is no way she can contain herself and act nice for the long term. A Satan post or similar is coming.

No. 273871

I doubt it was her real daily regime. It sounds a bit like something you find in the those old beauty books from the Victorian era.

No. 273876

File: 1464478749917.jpg (14.29 KB, 275x154, rpXPhBS.jpg)

To me this is another annoying comment from ol' bible verse spouting "I love ALL my kids" grandpa ferenc. He's pushing for Venus to kiss & make up w/margrut so they can all be a big happy familyyy. He's a naive old man & needs to butt out and stay off V's page w/this shit.

I can totally see maggs conning the old guy out of $$ w/fake stories about how she's seen the light and accepted Jesus into her life and how much she loves Venus and only wants the best for her, blah blah fucking blah. Sociopaths are expert manipulators & con artists.

No. 273877

She looks crazy and evil as fuck, makeup or no makeup.

No. 273878

I have the strongest feeling that this is that Chu face or whatever that fucker's Instagram is. He's the only guy on there that keeps a boner for Margaret.

No. 273879

Excellent choice of pic, OP. Sums this bitch up perfectly!

No. 273883

why thank you

No. 273885

I just saw this guy in a cringe thread on /cgl. I guess if his mom is fucked up like margo, that's why he's a fucking basement dwelling weeb.

No. 273891

But what "bad things" did she do besides being a Weeb?

No. 273892

Have you even been paying attention? Venoos is evil, psychopath, alcoholic, asexual, careless bratty child. Margo has proof!!

No. 273893

I'm the original anon who had to keep explaining that the way youtube responds is because of the DMCA. They can't discount anyone's claims regardless of past history of greifing. There is however, a protected program for certain youtubers that Venus may now be in. As I understand it, youtube basically forgo safe harbour granted by the DMCA, which works out well because adsense backed channels have to follow a set of rules that would keep youtube safe anyway.

No. 273894

thanks for your sane contributions anon.

No. 273897

go to gomi and see them screeching about how they don't care because she's a racist who dresses like a child to placate her pedo boyfriend. some have tried to explain the story but it's no use with some people.

No. 273899

No. 273900

Are we denying her boyfriend isn't some sort of gross pedo? I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 273903

Pedos like actual children, not adult women who dress in bad j-fashion. Venus does not look like a child, she has obviously gone through puberty.

No. 273906

gomi is such a weird place tbh. everyone there is a marathon-running business-owning mother-of-five with perfect makeup and six different degrees from world-class universities, who homecooks a nutritious meal every night for their superhot husband but still has time to bitch about youtubers and bloggers for 5 hours a day lmao

i'm surprised they aren't on venus's side tho. they're always going on about how the kids of bloggers are gonna hate their parents when they grow up and realise they've been used as a prop to make £$€.

No. 273908

Partypants hates that she missed a story, so she shits on Venus the most of all of them. Imagine if Admin-sama did that here. There's a lot of bored housewives on there basically.

No. 273909

oh ffs. where are your facts? and don't give us margo-facts, give us fact-facts.

No. 273910

are you triggered by mention of gomi anon? too close to home? go bitch about freckled fox.

No. 273911

File: 1464486016104.jpg (95.76 KB, 1400x890, venus.jpg)

Venus changed the title of her video. I guess because there's a lot of triggered commenters on her insta?

No. 273912

I saw Venus posting about her YT being back up before I fell asleep last night and had a horrible nightmare about her and Maggot. For some reason, Maggot had burned down Venus/her husbands house which led them both to run to different countries, and Venus came to live with me. Her mom followed her here and I had to keep recording her with my phone to send to the cops while she snuck around trying to break in, waving a butter knife screaming "you kidnapped my venoos! Give me back my venoooooosss!!" Fucking terrifying.

No. 273913

you can probably sue Margo for mental anguish.

No. 273916

but would nightmare anon have to fly to canada and then walk across the border to file that lawsuit?

No. 273921

File: 1464487245199.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160528-185957.png)

Venus is so happy to be back; another video incoming

No. 273923

hilariously, yes.

No. 273924

this is going to be one gut punch to margo after another.

No. 273925

No. 273927

even though the video is a bit of fluff, she looks genuinely happy to be making it.

No. 273936

I wonder if these are just videos she had already recorded and edited while her channel was done, and now she's just unloading them all

No. 273939

Venus' latest Instagram post says she'll be uploading 3x a week. Just shows how estatic she is to be back.

No. 273940

it really shows doesn't it.

and maggot's silence says it all. for now she is toast.

No. 273944

File: 1464493360315.png (189.38 KB, 621x624, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.41…)

… the fuck is this? Venus's channel is listed under MARGOS channel??

No. 273945

…the fuck? Why in the hell is she doing this? To try and claim that it's "her life's work" again in the court of lawl?

No. 273947


I looked again, and it's a "featured channel"; I think Margo either never took Venus's channel off of her featured channel section. Or, now that the channel is back up, Margo wants to promote it heavily to boost views while at the same time suing for control. Mama Palermo wants that channel nice and plump and full of cash that she can claim. It's not gonna happen, but Margo's brain is a weird and terrifying place.

No. 273948

well in margo's mind it's all hers. maybe it was always a featured channel too.

No. 273951

That's what I thought too when I saw that korean christian sons book in the bg. she is probably brown-nosing her daddy for mooore money.

No. 273956


venus should get a restraining order against maggot's ass asap

No. 273957

Maggot really is sick in the head. All she sees Venus' channel as a way for her to live a life of "luxury" by doing jack shit while Venus sees it as something fun to do, making money from it being a bonus. It's fucking unsettling how crazy she is.

No. 273958

He isn't

No. 273961

God, there is SUCH a stark difference in all around quality between Venus and Margaret's videos. Venus's have good sound levels, fluid cuts, animation, great storyboarding, and look polished and on brand. Margos are a hot mess made by a crazy woman with the built in video editor on a mac. I don't know how that crazy bitch thinks anyone would believe she did the bulk of the work when the videos are makes are so insane and poorly done. And venus's videos have gotten better (tighter, less off message weird stuff, no nonsensical crossovers, no creepy pedo bait) since she left. Margo was holding her back, not making her career.

No. 273962

File: 1464498084947.png (929.87 KB, 937x601, vvvvv.png)

No. 273964

looking good, looking happy.

No. 273965

I'm pretty disappointed with v's new videos, I thought she would at least touch briefly on the subject of her absence…So boring…

No. 273968

Chill. They probably were prerecorded before her channel got taken down. She may touch upon the subject or she may not. imo I hope she doesn't talk about it and give margo anymore recognition.

No. 273970

woah venus looks happy and full of life now

No. 273971

they definitely are. That's why she's putting them out hard and fast, but high quality. She wasn't lying when she said that she plans in advanced (evernote thing for 2016/17 vids), she's actually sensible and she needs to come back strong after being down for so long.

No. 273972

Sage for double, because I can't read a whole thread apparently, but Margo is probably salty enough seeing these cute af videos. Even if they aren't to most farmer's taste, I can see how they are appealing and sweet. Venus is taking back her image, making acceptance videos, but keeping it cute.

No. 273977

I think that making videos, for Venus, is sort of therapy. She's looking better and more hopeful.

No. 273978

Well, Venus had more insider knowledge than us, but she was probably worried that Margo would take it to court before her channel was restored. She really does look better, though, I was so surprised to see the drastic change in her tone and appearance after she knew her channel was going to be returned for sure.

Do you guys think that she has disowned Margendo completely?

No. 273979

Pretty sure it was always featured and Margo just forgot to change it. I wouldn't read too much into it.

No. 273985


I'm getting serious deja vu from this. Hasn't she already done this kit? Or is this one of the videos that got taken down by Margo and she's just reuploading it?

No. 273987

(ot but you mean imovie and it isn't crap at all.)

I'm not sure marge has a mac, just her phone and whatever computer she can borrow the use of.

No. 273988

nothing got deleted.

No. 273990

Doesn't matter what program she uses, Margo is totally shit at editing. Even if it's something good like iMovie or Adobe Premier, it'll still be a shit video because it's her work.

No. 273992

On Magrot's Instagram, it's getting really hard to tell which people are just that delusional and sick enough to defend her and blame Venus and which ones are trolls trying to get Intel. It's horrifying.

No. 273995

I think that just-posted Vancouver pic is old. I wonder what US city she's holed up in?

No. 274000

File: 1464514939646.png (59.9 KB, 748x268, Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.4…)

Well it certainly looks like she's not staying with the 'artist' any more if you can't leave reviews until the booking is over.

Shitty Google Translate of the Korean comment:
>Margaret has a quiet, gentle nature. As consideration for the other party guests to concentrate on their work. Enjoy everything as is, rather than excessive demands and interference, it is believed that know how to use the guest. Awesome Marget.

Never underestimate how charming and manipulative narcissists can be when they want to.

No. 274002

File: 1464515119248.png (543.08 KB, 921x612, Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.4…)

Wait, so she's back in Korea? Or at least was? Or is it an old pic?

No. 274004

hey you found the place! wow so back in SK hey? Unless she's posting old pics.

No. 274005

File: 1464515882958.jpg (229.15 KB, 1400x964, margo.jpg)

The kraken is slowly awakening. Prepare for some rambling to come.

No. 274006

No you can't leave reviews till you leave. But it seems like Margo left there anytime up to a week ago. The Vancouver at night pics look old; the SK 'blessing house' also seems to be old as she's left. Margo is playing us. Where's Margo? Come on, give us a clue you crazy bitch.

No. 274007

Still sees herself as the good mother. lol

No. 274008

Okay so the review from Hyun is posted after the review from Tracey. This is not hard proof that Margo is in SK now - but it does imply it?

No. 274009

And describes how she'd apply herself to murdering someone.

No. 274010

She's acting like she didn't try to turn Venus' fans against her to begin with lmao.

No. 274013

File: 1464517698021.png (685.89 KB, 798x558, fb.png)

>even make an idiot of myself for her
you did that all by yourself

No. 274014


Yeah Margaret, my mother used to help me do my hair and nails too. That's pretty normal mother daughter behavior, not something she should worship and pay you for.

And the thing is, yes, Margaret obviously took over Venus' social media but in doing so she made Venus look like a mean spoiled brat when really it was Margaret behaving that way.

Venus' fans don't like her because of you Margaret.

No. 274015

File: 1464518637479.jpg (267.82 KB, 581x581, mfw.jpg)

>Venus Angelic's boyfriend is a pedo
>marries an adult

What is logic?

No. 274018

Venus' fans don't like her because of Margaret? That doesn't make sense at all. Most people who don't like Venus are because of her "how to look korean/japanese" videos. They think Venus is racist.

No. 274023

How about the comments Margaret made in Venus' name though. Those counted against her too.

No. 274033


As in, her fans don't 'like' her 'because' of Margaret. Meaning Margaret thinks everyone who likes Venus likes her because margaret did her hair and posted on Venus' Instagram etc.
But if anything Margaret just made Venus look like a brat.

Margaret keeps talking about all the hard work she did to make Venus famous as if Venus would have been nothing without her, but now Venus is free she's 100% more likeable

No. 274036

What was the point of Margo's Vancouver trip? Why go from Korea then possibly to Japan (still unconfirmed if she was actually there) then to Canada then to Korea?

If it was about the lawsuit why not just fly straight into the US?

I don't know why I'm trying to make sense of her behaviour really.

No. 274037

You should know by now that Margo's favourite hobby is wasting money on pointless shit.

No. 274041

Margo did say she was in the US though. I think the Vancouver pics are on about a week delay. She missed the date to lodge a suit and keep Venus' channel terminated. She could still launch a suit but who would it be directed to if not about those three videos she notified on? Fuck knows how she thinks- has she found out she has few options and really gone back to SK? Or maybe she's gonna get arrested at Google HQ tomorrow.

No. 274042

Margaret fucked up many opportunities for venus. she would probably be more well known and liked if it wasnt for margarets meddling.

No. 274048

Do you think it's too late for Vee to hit it big in Japan? I mean, I couldn't imagine anything on like Dakota's level or whatever (which really isn't anything spectacular, but its admittedly better than most cows that aim for JP.), but do you think if she tried catering to a Japanese audience she'd be popular? I wonder if they even know she exists.

No. 274051

Margo on suicide watch

No. 274053

>I wonder if they even know she exists.
The average person obviously doesn't but they don't even know those "famous" in their own local kawaii fashion scene either because it's still quite niche. BTSSB's designer loves her tho or else she wouldn't have had her model for her like two years ago.

No. 274054

sure, it she goes 100% Japanese on everything like Dakota did and fuck English, she might

No. 274055

BTSSB's designer loves anyone whos white

No. 274056

If she wanted any bit of fame with Japanese, she might have luck getting into Nico Nico Douga as well.

No. 274060

>hankadaffy doesn't mention an age
>Margo says 13 year old.

Is that the age you tried margo?

No. 274062

She tried that already when she was going weeaby idol route, she could try again, but I'm not sure if it would catch on as quickly

No. 274070

I see where venus got her talent from

No. 274071

VA online shop is still offline. I think she is still in SK but she posts photos from Canada so that nobody knows where she is and she can flee from taxes more easily. It's just a thought that crossed my mind.

No. 274072

Jokes on her man, Google security doesn't play. I had a meeting on campus once and thought I'd go grab a water bottle from the kitchenette just beyond the lobby; someone swiped in and held the door for me. Suddenly some woman comes stomping in my face, asking if I have my pass yet, and when I said I was still waiting before my meeting and wanted water, she was furious and said no one comes without a pass. She was terrifying, and insanely pissed off. They take that shit super cereal. Margo won't get anything but arrested if she tries to stomp her way into the offices. Alsi, good luck finding it, the campus is absolutely monstrous.

No. 274073

File: 1464533531425.jpeg (120.24 KB, 750x819, image.jpeg)

Looks like Venus has made a whole persona for parodying her old videos. I can appreciate that she has a sense of humor. Wonder if Margs will take it as evil cyberbullying call outs?

No. 274075

Lastly she's being very evasive and gives informations about her (true or false?) drop by drop. We don't have any date references in her photos. And we know she knows what we, farmers, know about her so IMO she's leading us to a red-herring. Why? Probably because she wants to take Venus by surprise.

No. 274077


Lol really? I like this. Good Venus, please make parody videos taking the piss out of the dolly shit. That I'll defo watch and find amusing.

No. 274078

This…..is….margo humor….dont do this venus….

No. 274080


I think she's funny. I actually snorted into my water when she backed up against the wall in an attempt to blend in.

No. 274083

I guess pretty girls dont need to be funny then

No. 274086


Definitely not margo humor. If anything I feel like Venus is mocking Margo.

No. 274088

Margo "humor" is sex related, raunchy and funny to no one except margo. Have you ever seen margo attempt humor? Remember the pedo bait shit she forced venus into? Venus is making fun of the kind of person her mother wanted her to be. It's awesome.

No. 274090

I like the way she breaks her doll image. She clearly doesn't want to be a puppet anymore.

No. 274092


>>super cereal

Life is Strange player detected <3

Sage for OT

No. 274104

File: 1464539340628.jpg (54.6 KB, 480x360, 444c2b24f5c06c5203b1a77443fb29…)

More likely South Park.

I am enjoying this satirical Venus.
Maggots attempts at humour remind me of that one Cards Against Humanity player we all know who sit and piss themselves at the card they played and you're awaiting the hysterics and it turns out to be the same shite humour they always use that only they 'get'.

No. 274105

A lot of her "fans" are older. Pretty sure some are from gomi. The admin of that site hates Venus.

No. 274109


Interesting. Is gomi team mayo, or team chaos? That site is a mess of too many posts, so I've never checked what they think.

No. 274115

I just skimmed her thread when it was mentioned above. Mostly team Margo but I didn't read the whole thing.

No. 274117

Oddly enough I had a really really similar dream to that except margo stabbed me and said I was taking venus away from her

No. 274120

So I'm wondering if I should put my spare room in [unnamed near Google major city] on air bnb SUPER cheap and see if I can't snag me a margo. I don't want houseguests but I do want to know what this crazy bitch is planning.

No. 274137

I decided to look up what gomi is. What a bunch of psychotic middle aged hags.

No. 274148

Careful anon, that could be disastrous.

No. 274149

Oh, I just want her to send the intro email. No way I'd let that crazy anywhere me. It's just customary to up sell yourself on the site, especially if you're not renting the whole.place and rooming with the landlord. You have to say how long you're staying and usually offer why. I want to know what story she's spinning, and what grains of truth lie within.

No. 274151

Please do this anon.

No. 274155

Margo has invaded our dreams, anon. I feel your pain.

No. 274161

This SK Airbnb she's in charges $116/week for a room with bunkbeds. She's living like a broke teenage student, at 41 fucking years old. BUNKBEDS.

No. 274168

That's gotta feel pretty damn degrading. I'd rather have a shitty job.

No. 274172

File: 1464560263028.png (717.18 KB, 1366x653, screenshot-www.google.com.mx 2…)

Well one thing is to travel around the world with just one suitcase, eating frugal and sleeping in bunkbeds because budgeting, but actually having a fun, exciting experience, nothing degrading at all imo.

Other thing is… being Margo kek

>mfw this showed up when searching travel pics for my post

No. 274174



No. 274177

I would b do the same if i weren't in Colorado.

No. 274193

someone actually did a Margo version in one of the recent threads.

No. 274195

Gomi is team Venus is a racist and team Manaki is a pedo. Some have tried to spread the real word about what's happening using info from here, and some have come around to understanding. That thread is useless though, forget it. Kiwifarmers are supportive of Venus of course, but we are their news source basically.

No. 274196

well remember the night she spent in the convenience store. she's gone lower.

No. 274199

or you can read reddit blogsnark if you want to see more hags bitching about the gomi hags. go into a mommy blogger thread anon, you'll be disgusted. /sage bc gomi hate

No. 274201

I see a full-ish moon in that first Vancouver pic. It places her there approximately one week ago.

No. 274203

Agree. It's one thing to travel on a budget to see the world, quite another if it's a permanent way of life tho.

No. 274204

File: 1464566197845.jpg (203.06 KB, 1400x1094, mimiimori.jpg)

this person repeats margo right down to the plans and delusions, just more politely than margo is known to.

No. 274223

>She was her mom AND her manager! That's a job!!!

No, it fucking isn't. Maggot took the majority of Venus' money and did fuck all to deserve any of it. Venus did all the filming and editing on her videos. We can see after she escaped the Maggot, her editing style is still the same. What, did Maggot magically edit and film those videos too? All she ever did was act like a madam and treat Venus like a prostitute. What she did to her was similar to what human traffickers do (ex. Isolate, constantly move around, deny relationships with other people, etc.)

>you don't leave home 6 years after that happened, right?

It's dangerous as fuck for 13 year olds to run away from home when they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Who in their right mind would encourage this???

>Her mom already paid her university in Korea

Language schools are far from being universities and again, that was Venus' dime.

>First TALK with your family so they know your plans

So she could get chained to a pole while Maggot is out so she can't escape or killed? You don't fucking MAKE DEALS WITH PSYCHOPATHS.

Jesus CHRIST, this bitch is dumb. She reeks of gomi.

No. 274224

yup, that's why I found it hilarious. If only the random banner were that one when I took the screenshot, it would be even more funnier

how come that mimiimori can't realize how shitty margo's videos are
no one would hire her as manager, not even for free

>she realized margo paid her university

venus was the one paying everything ffs

>don't cuss her mom! moms are sacred!!!1!


No. 274226

I feel so triggered

No. 274232

still autistic as ever

No. 274234

Omg. Omg. The satanic / pentagram overlay near the end. That is EPIC. I like this new venus.

No. 274235

That video is from 2013.

No. 274236


this video is 3 years old

No. 274237

Jfc that's some retarded shit. Not gonna lie tho I busted out laughing. I'll take this over any of Margo's videos. Except that hater song kek

No. 274239

it's creepy how you can see Maggot in every move. i wouldn't be surprised if she was on the other side of the camera having Venus mimic her.

No. 274243

File: 1464582145444.gif (984.66 KB, 500x307, image.gif)

No. 274246

except Margo probably "directed" it.

No. 274253

File: 1464587228035.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160529-224602.png)

So this is the mimimori account that's pulling for mags. Hello, sock.

No. 274257

File: 1464589254307.jpg (37.7 KB, 480x360, cringe.jpg)

Please no. I've always found alt youtube personalities/characters to be so cringeworthy. All they ever amount to is the character being 'lol so randumb' with weird voices/mannerisms. I was hoping she'd ditch it after this, damn. And is this really parodying her old videos? I feel like you guys are giving her too much credit.

No. 274267

File: 1464591759355.jpg (170.83 KB, 1400x903, mimiimori.jpg)

More from mimiimori.

No. 274291

File: 1464595875750.jpg (33.25 KB, 345x342, margo.jpg)

Theory: Margo's trying to look like a nice old lady who is being harassed online by terrible children, when all she wants is a sincere resolution with her daughter. This is why the change of look, the avatar change, and the (so far) well-behaved posting. Maybe she's still in the US where she considers herself to be preparing the lawsuit of the century. Such a nice, harmless old day… such terrible trolls sent by her daughter.

No. 274292

Such a nice, harmless old lady

No. 274295

This pic just makes me think she's trying to look like manaki lmao

No. 274309

yikes anon

No. 274313

>like this venoos

Better than looking at Margo's face tho but you're probably right.

If she's being "harassed" idk why she doesn't just turn off the computer for awhile and look for a job. Margo…you should show those 12 year olds something and really get on their level.

No. 274314

Venus uploaded a new video talking about her ban from youtube.
She mentioned that she is studying at the moment and showed a piece of merchandise.
I feel proud of her, it's great that she's getting her life back on track!

No. 274315

The top actually looks pretty damn cute.
And yeah she's studying currently so that's fantastic news, I wonder if she's trying to improve her Japanese.

No. 274317

She seems so excited I am really happy for her.

I'm assuming she's taking Japanese to enter into university at some point or maybe some kind of Japanese equivalent to the GED?

No. 274318

File: 1464611339820.jpg (177.91 KB, 1352x828, 111.JPG)

I'm so happy
3 videos per week as well to make Maggot mad

No. 274321

new video up!

No. 274322

VENUS. Fucking hell the thumbnail is so terrifying. Also there's a total Bubsbeauty vibe to her right now

No. 274323

I feel like Margo is gonna shat herself and talk about how wrong it is for Venus to be making videos without her. Cause ya know…Margo made Venus what she is or something.

No. 274325

that thumbnail isnt the one showing for me in my sub box

No. 274326

I was never a big Venus fan but hell, I really am rooting for her. She looks so happy in this.

Margo is gonna shit herself too - bonus.

No. 274327

I'm so fucking glad she's studying. Hopefully its something somewhat practical, so she can fall back on it later in life.

She looks so happy and excited.

Suck it Margendo.

No. 274330

Yikes! I hope that thumbnail is for comical effect.

But yes! Hearing about her continuing studies is such a relief. It's good to know she has goals outside of Youtube and understands the importance of an education, even if it's just language study or media-related. At least she still wants to better herself and stay busy.

Her shirt design, considering her average fan demographic, is also pretty cute.

No. 274331

She seems so much happier, positive and natural. I'm honestly really happy for her

No. 274332

Wow, so Margo claimed 20 videos.

And now Venus' channel is protected; great news.

No. 274334

Shit, margendo ended up claiming. 20 videos, no wonder it took them so long to get her channel back. I'm very happy for V, she seems more lively than ever before!
I wouldn't even mind buying some of her merch when it comes out if it means it'll help with her studies.

No. 274335


I still think it's creepy how she does try to look somewhat Asian sometimes. Don't say she doesn't because she does and other weebs do. It's weird. Also weird how Japanese try looking white too tho tbh.

But thank fuck at least she's going back to damn school and educating herself. Thank fucking GOD.

Still think her videos are overrated tho and Venus herself

No. 274336

She's probably just learning Japanese better anons. Don't get too excited just yet

No. 274338

I know it seems like 'just' but once her Japanese is at a level where she can apply for 'real' jobs she'll be able to move forward in her life. It'll be tough for her to get any job(that isn't just waitressing lol Mira) without her kanji/grammar better.

No. 274339


Probably. Still it's somewhat of an achievement? But how many weebs and people are in Japan studying the damn language. Its nothing new. But at least Venus is… getting out there?


Yeah but anon she could just as well end up as a waitress though? I know people keep saying she'll go on to becoming a tv star and shit. But are the Japanese interested? Look at Dakota.

No. 274341


Venus will probably end up either doing a few shows at the most because kawaii princessu with 1M subs under her belt or just being a translator with a beauty channel. Unless she actually goes into studying Japanese then actual subjects? Didn't she say ages ago she wanted to work with science in that interview with Margo (the one where Margo argued with the interviewer back when she had red hair).

No. 274342

Where did I say a TV star? wtf? I said 'real' jobs meaning ordinary but above minimum pay not flounce around on TV for some agency and fail to make a clothing brand.

No. 274343


Not you anon previously on this board people have said she may end up as a TV star in Japan with a brand.

No. 274344

Ah my bad. Also, thinking on it, she knows a lot of languages she could do real translation work if she wanted to. If she's interested in science like anon said then maybe one day(like 10 years of experience time) she could translate technical documents.

No. 274345

She's so cute in this video!
And I'll definitely buy some merchandise from her. Not a very big fan of most of her old content, but I want to support Venus and piss off Margo.

More effort than most weebs make. Right now without proper language skills, a degree or any experience in the real job world she wouldn't have a chance for any okay kind of job anyway. Manaki seems to be doing fine with his job, so I think for now it's easier for her to conentrate on her Japanese skills and make profit again from her YT-videos.

That's what I'm tinking, once she has her language skills and a degree/BA/similar kind of thing she could consider doing translations.

No. 274346


Yeah but some weebs have made an effort to learn the language? Lesser known ones. The popular ones just seem to prostitute and fuck around. Dakota is probably the only kawaii weed so fair with good language skills but she's been living there longer due to working and obviously having put in effort learning the language because she works there.

Venus should go in for translating tbh since she's decent at it.

But I still think Venus needs to work on her video content. I fear she will end up in the Jvlogger path and it'll be the same old shit we've seen the rest of the Jvloggers do. She'll gang up with Sharla, Taylor ect and we get the story. Very kawaii, very cute. Yes.

Either way only time will tell. Let's just be glad she's going back into education.

No. 274348

Yeah thinking back to every jvlogger I know I can only think of two who are comfortable in their Japanese, Dakota and Sharla. Even the guys aren't good at it.

Depending on how good she gets with her Japanese she could go the Kooter route. Not modeling but being on shows as the 'foreign talent' and adding the westerner perspective. She's cute enough to easily get on it I think.

If she wants to stay out of the limelight it might be a bit difficult for her and take some time. Most companies won't hire a foreigner without a degree, so she'd have to first finish whatever she is studying and then either pay up the ass for a private University degree (I'm assuming an American uni has a campus somewhere near Tokyo with degrees in English) or she will have to do a degree in Japanese which would be quite difficult.

No. 274350

She once studied psychology at the university. But not as a real student, just a “Gasthörer“ meaning she could get access to all the material and the library. But she couldnt actually finish it with a degree, because she wasnt allowed to take the exams. How do I know that? I was also studying psychology at the time at the very same uni and margot and venus made a video for a competition. But she cant study at a uni now. She didnt finished high school

No. 274353


Depends who picks up on her anon. I wouldn't say Venus is model savvy… maybe for cutesy brands? But that's it. She has enough subs but again the Japanese never paid much attention to her back in her dolly era. They focused on Dakota instead. I do think Venus would have done well in the idol route and could have made it in Japan back then.

To be honest… I kind of hope Venus makes some friends. Im not keen on her or her mother, dunno just not a fan. I don't wish the worst on her though. But I hope Venus makes a few pals there in Japan apart from Manaki. Sometimes from the videos I've seen of Venus she seems… a little lonely? She comes across nice too which is a shame. She deserves to have a best friend or a couple of friends while she's getting back on track. I hope she picks them wisely and they're not leeching off her for views and shit.

No. 274354

Its not "just learning japanese." If she is going to a language school then that means she's serious about living in Japan. When she becomes more fluent she'll be able to do higher education/ work. Its a good step to assimilating into Japan tbh.

No. 274356

Margendo has been just too damn quiet about V's return to YT, aside of a few comments on her ig. I'M THIRSTY. What do u think is going on with her?

No. 274359


Venus drops way too much new videos and photos that maggot has like no time to make huge ramblings about something. She sees that her plan failed and venus is doing great in so many ways - she is mad and salty to the max.


I really loved the location in this video! And the T-shirt design looks so much better than expected and her teen weep fans will love it.

No. 274360

Typical with Margo's pattern. In fact, it's pretty much her MO.

Venus gains a small victory, Margo stays quiet plotting, then comes goes full retard. She'll come back to a rant proceeded with an attempt to harass her daughter. Remember when Margo went quiet with her roaming hobo train hopping until she finally admitted that she was looking for Manaki's parents? She'll do something shocking for sure.

No. 274365

For someone who has basically been a kawaii YouTube prostitute for 6 years Venus seems to have a lot of sense about her. She doesn't seem like she's relying on her channel to support her for the rest of her life, seems like she's using it to support herself while her and Manaki settle down and further her studies so she can get a "real job." Even if it's "just" language studies she can turn that into a pretty good career if she knows what she's doing.

No. 274366


I wana see that, fo real. I mean, she can no longer fuck V with her YT channel since, as she already established in her latest video, if Margo ever tries to make false copyright claims or whatever her channel won't be even touched. She can't make a living out of V anymore. So what else can she possibly do to fuck V? Keep stalking her at her house in Japan?

No. 274375

The fact that she still owns the venusangelic website and seems to think venusangelic isn't a person but a brand I imagine she's going to do some spin from that angle. The silence might mean she actually spoke to a lawyer as they'd tell her to shut up.

No. 274379

Sorry for replying to old posts. I just want to comment on this "looking Japanese" thing. Sometimes its simply a matter of assimilation with the country you live in. If I moved to Asia, or wherever really, I would do my best to fit in. Learn the language, learn what the manners/customs are, understand my place. Just bc I'm American I can't go around acting or speaking the same as I do in America while living in Japan.

The same happenes to people who move to America, they get accused of trying to be American by their native country. But, honestly, I would expect you to speak English, and know what the manners/customs are, if you want to live here.

Anyway, very happy for Venus, makes me happy to see good hearted people win against evil.

No. 274382

Well, the reason why she supposedly went to North America is because she thinks that she needs to be there in order to sue Venus.

No. 274390

At least she has been doing something and not just wait for her youtube to come back. Besides we don't know what she is studying but good for her and i like her background and overall look in this vid. Also 20 fucking videos! margo tried to lay claim to margo been working hard

No. 274401


If Venus already fixed that with YouTube then it is clearly useless. In order to sue someone you need an actual, realistic and plaussible cause, and the issue with YT is already settled.

Margo definetely loves wasting money for nothing.

No. 274402


That's lame. Ok she still owns venusangelic.com BUT Venus apparently doesn't care about it. It is more likely that she'll just open a new online shop for her upcoming merchandising, and will of course make clear that that'll be her official shop, so Margo can stuck venusangelic.com up her ass and keep it if she wants to continue selling shitty items. I don't see how Margo could screw Venus with that.

No. 274405

File: 1464627982951.jpg (31.66 KB, 962x523, margaret.JPG)

I dunno if someone already noticed but Margendo is reconstructing her website, again.


No. 274406

She had a website? Why? She's nobody but a mother of someone efamous. What does she even put on it?

No. 274407

Maybe she got told off and had to change the name. Venus finally laid claim to her brand name?

No. 274408

>>274407 >>274407

Or is this another site not the venusangelic one

No. 274412


It's her own website, not the venusangelic one. She's had it from a long time I remember.

U guys srsly don't remember she had this same website but with a creepy layout displaying a video of a woman surrounded by candles? Now appears under construction.

No. 274413

I'm new to the drama, started following when Venus ran away. I only knew a little bit about her before.

No. 274414


Well, margaretpalermo.com displayed, until very recently, a cringe-worthy video of a woman who I HIGHLY suspect was Margo, moving weirdly in a dark room sightly lighted by candles. Looked like a ritual. So today I decided to check it up again and found that under construction thing.

Oh Margo, what are you up to

No. 274415


laughing hard

oh for fuck sake marge

No. 274416

Was it her weird ASMR video? It actually is supposed to be ritual, haha.

No. 274417


oooh I've seen pictures of that before

No. 274418


Uh-huh. Yes, it was the video displayed. The website had no audio and only had a few links to an iTunes thing. Pretty much a useless page.

No. 274419

That feels like a really narcissists sort of page.

No. 274420


Anyways, I didn't want to sleep tonight. Fuck that man.

No. 274422

File: 1464629447645.jpg (59.04 KB, 500x500, aWUdkxnO8v.jpg)

I had to look up ASMR on urban dictionary. I didn't get any tingly sensations but I had a good chuckle watching Margo put her leg behind her neck.

No. 274425

File: 1464629927099.gif (775.1 KB, 250x200, tumblr_m7zfvcN2iS1ru0vy2.gif)

where can i find this video?

No. 274426

No. 274471


In my restless dreams, there she is, haunting my soul.

No. 274472

You'd promised you'd meet me there some day, but you never did.

No. 274476

I'm a bit out of the loop so can somebody confirm for me.
After Venus published that she was going to be regaining control of her channel again within 10 (business) days, Maggot contacted Youtube who informed her she'd have to lodge a further proceedings in person at the Google offices in California.
Maggot proceeded to make a mad dash to California, however only managing to make it as far as Canada before the limit on her claims ran out.
Upon failure she retreated back to South Korea down thousands of $/£/₩/¥ in airfare and lodging costs, with absolutely nothing to show for it all?

No. 274478

Oh how I desperately want Venus to start selling her merch on a site called venus-angelic.com. God that would rattle Margendo like no tomorrow.

No. 274480

Well I'm alone there now….

No. 274481

Are we positive she's back in SK now?

No. 274484

I have a friend from korea and she says koreans hate white people trying to look asian. But i have a cousin in japan and they seem to embrace her trying to look Asian. Sage for ot

No. 274486

Well, Korea is Korea and Japan is Japan. They're different countries with different attitudes.

No. 274488

I remember how Venus mentioned that Maggot would hit her whenever she messed up her English or mispronounced something, and I'm noticing now that in her more recent videos she's allowing herself to make more mistakes and get tongue tied.
It's actually really sweet seeing her blossom like this away from the goblin's grasp.

No. 274489


A lot Dakota's younger asian fans loved it when she had black hair. It made her seem more relatable.

No. 274495

I think she's back in SK.
According to the chronology of her IG it was:
1) student hostel/broom closet sized room in Seoul for quite awhile, where she got a bunch of cheap crap & set up her VA.com online shop and shot that awful "Peenk Poooding hair dye" YT video, then

2)unknown place in Japan where she lurked outside V & M's apartment and called the "black-suited men" to investigate, and posted & deleted some rant asking Manaki what happened to their car. I think she was kicked out of Japan after this. Then it was

3) Haneda airport → Vancouver airport (aquarium) and the "artist lady friend" Airbnb, saying YT told her she needed to do something in the US. then Venus's channel came back, and boom:

4) the Christian Airbnb in Seoul, where she shot the 'poop' video and posted a selfie with a new haircut (done after the video.)

Now? Who knows

No. 274509

Marshit wants to look christian enough to be worth of her family's help or help from very catholic american people who don't know who she is.

"Help me, gimme moneyy. My dowter Veenoos disowned mee. She has aspergers and manipoolated me and cyberboolies me in the internet with her troll army. Have pity of me, nourish me, american people."

No. 274511

Her hair is such a lovely plum colour in the light, I'm super envious. Mainly because my hair is shitty, but yep. I actually adore her new hair, has she had it long?

Margendo claimed 20 fucking videos? Poor fucking Venus. That is so brutal.

No. 274513

File: 1464641150228.png (424.58 KB, 1194x546, posessed margo.PNG)

this is what it looked like before, its a video so sorry for shitty screenshot


No. 274517

Venus isn't the stupid ome, Margo is. The sad thing is that Venus clearly wanted to study and was delayed for so long (no hs edu) by margo.)

People who are saying that is' 'weeb' to learn Japanese obviously don't understand that Venus has married a Japanese Man and that, in order to take affordable higher-education classe, she needs to know Japanese.

No. 274518

Or better: www.venus_angelic.com
Like her ig username.

No. 274527

Underscores are not permitted in domain names.

No. 274536

Omg that is nightmare fuel. Thought I'd forgotten about it but noooooope.

No. 274541

Idk where you are getting this from but at Fernuni you can't be a Hasthörer because it's an online university where you only can make degrees

No. 274542

File: 1464644637622.jpg (200.11 KB, 500x457, tumblr_m543bavi9h1rul2mio1_500…)

>She has enough subs but again the Japanese never paid much attention to her back in her dolly era.
They actually did but not female ones.

No. 274545

>Marshit wants to look christian enough to be worth of her family's help

Probably onto something, but most of V's family is against her. They may buy the 'I've seen the light!' but I just think she was after the cheapest place.

No. 274556

But why posting it in her instagram then?

IMO she wants to reach her family. I know that they're not buying it, but in Marshit's NPD delusionary mind there's a "big probability" that they will forgive her and give her pocket money and reject that "ungrateful fruit of hers and her unfidel ex-boss'" marriage.

No. 274561

Are we still waiting on Margo's crazy to emerge? Venus mentioned her in a video, so I'm surprised she hasn't responded tenfold yet.

Repost bcuz forgot 2 sage

No. 274564

Interesting statistics. What year is this from?

ew @ all the middle-aged Japanese men who followed her. Wonder if marge specifically targeted that demographic with the 'sexxy' IG pics she posted?

No. 274567

Grandpa Ferenc would totally buy that routine, are you kidding? He's always been all "I love ALL my kids" and all about familyyy! and 'margit is lost and needs Jesus.' He wants a big happy reunited family and Venus to have babies. pfffttt

No. 274568

It'll happen soon enough. She's probably trying to calm down at least 2% of her rage before she goes full on retard on an Instagram post slandering Venus with more ridiculous lies that only her fellow psychotics and idiots will believe. "IT IS MY CHANNEL! YOUTUBE BLACKMAILED ME!"

No. 274569

Late 2012 was when she published it to her Tumblr.

No. 274579

File: 1464649150818.png (468.88 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160530-160646.png)

Thanks, anon. Speaking of Tumblr, does anyone recall her ranting about being investigated by UK child protective svcs and that being the reason she ran from the UK? This commenter on her IG claims to have screenshots of it.

No. 274580

>slandering Venus

I know Venus wouldn't want to drag out this shit any longer, but do you think FS may try to take Maggot to court if she continues this? Her IG posts and their responses are proof her slander has had a negative impact on Venus' image.

No. 274582

I don't think she did any of that or else it would have been all over the web considering how active truth blogs calling her out were back then.

No. 274587

To get a verdict it would take several months and is useless since margot keeps moving around.

No. 274588

Seems like the best thing for venus do is to ignore Margo since she craves attention and recognition. Venus' videos talking about the situation only seem to provoke Margo and feed her delusions. I hope she's gone to the police at some point and is documenting all of Margo's behavior.

No. 274590

Her aunt Zsu hasn't the same point of view as V's grandpa. She calls her sis Marshit an egoist in one of V's ig post. She isn't as naive as grandpa Ferenc. A good thing that he has a good shepherd, else, without Zsu, he would open his door to every sheepy wolf.

No. 274594


Fugg the neighbours made complaints? You think they heard Venus screaming through the walls?

No. 274595

File: 1464653188573.jpg (156.5 KB, 700x400, TheWalkingDead0414-1.jpg)

It would be funny if someone hacks www.margaretpalermo.com and posts all the shit she have done/writen in it (copyscreens, videos, posts) and that Marshit thought were forever deleted from the internet. Add the sarcastic title "Let Margaret alooone!!! She's done nothing wrong…" or "We love your picture Margaret" or even "look at the flowers…" lol

No. 274596



No. 274597


Venus did say in one of her videos soon after she left Margo, that she would scream as loudly as possible when Margo was hitting her in hopes that someone would hear.

Shit, man… That poor kid.

No. 274598

I would if a knew the magic informatic spells to do it. Fml

No. 274599

I was talking about Fullscreen, not Venus herself.

No. 274600

Probably. I know I sure as hell would if I were FS. This counts as a loss of revenue.

No. 274601

Lots of people cry slander, but this is a detriment of character (thanks margo stans) and a documented loss of revenue. Even if Margo has nothing to give, if FS sues it goes down as a documented court case.

No. 274603

File: 1464654737315.gif (9.66 MB, 800x450, ezgif.com-gif-maker(1).gif)

>ew @ all the middle-aged Japanese men who followed her.

YouTube statistics aren't exactly accurate. A lot of kids lie about their age just to watch restricted videos. I know I did.

No. 274610

I guess, but it's only Japan that had the large % of males age 40-40 tho. Every other country was consistently tween & teen girls.

No. 274620

Also, her old videos had keywords along the lines of "junior idol", "gravure", etc and idol otaku are usually around that age.

No. 274621

>a degree/BA/similar

You don't get that until you finish highschool anon, or go through some mature-age program. venus needs to catch up first. Saged because I'm late.

No. 274624

You're all so triggered by me using the word 'just'. Given that she is married to a national and living in Japan full-time, studying Japanese is the minimum to expect. Yes I know some weebs don't bother but idgaf about them.

Studying anything is good for her - of course it is. But stop spinning fantasies about how it will lead to all these amazing jobs and uni degrees any minute. Venus' education is a mess right now, and that takes years to sort out - and patience.

No. 274626

wasn't this something about Venus not being in school?

No. 274628

Samefag. And Margo posted that Venus didn't get a school place and that's the real reason she was not in school (yeah right Margo). I think I read that on not-so-angelic but I don't recall there being too many facts around the story.

No. 274633

Her youtube is gone again?? I went to watch her new video, it says terminated

No. 274636

File: 1464664098393.png (68.03 KB, 311x272, venus ban.PNG)


oh fug

No. 274637

what the fuck?! Thought her account was protected now?

No. 274638

might be a glitch

No. 274640

Magoo selling her soul to Satan just to take down Veenos' channel again

No. 274642

Never heard of a glitch that gets your youtube account copyright terminated right after it gets put back up.

I wonder if the riverbeast found the crooked american lawyer she needed to pitch a fit to youtube.

No. 274643

I was just about to watch another one of her videos to give her that Adsense money and saw that. WHAT THE FUCK?!

No. 274644

Gonna same fag but why do I get the feeling that Margo wasn't alone on getting her channel terminated again? This is some serious bullshit.

No. 274645

File: 1464664815983.jpg (22.3 KB, 1314x274, well shit.jpg)

It's not really Fullscreen's department, but that said whatever percentage of Venus' revenue they're taking for their services is too much.

No. 274646

Saw people mention her channel was gone in her IG and came running here. Two things I think might have happened:
1) Margo was waiting to do the lawsuit and he lawyer was finally able to file it in time.
2) Margo had some of her army go and flag a bunch of her videos which git Venus channel deleted AGAIN

Either way, poor fucking Venus. She just wants to do something she loves to do.

No. 274647

File: 1464665182608.png (63.04 KB, 1920x795, asdsad.png)


No. 274648

IIRC US channels after wrongful takedowns or strikes get advanced protection so that they can't be taken down as easily. I guess JP and venoos aren't covered by it.

No. 274649

I feel like the anons that said that YT couldn't discriminate on reports from people were 100% right. If Margo flooded them with reports they have to listen because if the DMCS

No. 274652

If that were the case wouldn't a fuckton more channels be down on the regular?

No. 274658

Not really, i think you need to provide some type of "proof" you "own" the material. Which is why you can't just go to a random video and report it for using copyright music.

No. 274659

I'm so fucking sick of Margo at this point. How can someone hate their own daughter so much?! This cunt is nothing short of the most evil mother on the Internet.

No. 274663

I'm worried for Venus. She took it badly when her channel went down and was so fucking happy to have it back. Fuck Margo.

No. 274665

But what kind of "proof" can the maggot provide? This whole take down isn't making any sense.

No. 274666

I wish Maggot would just entertain us with naked selfies and wild accusations again. This isn't fun anymore

No. 274668

I'm wondering this as well. Did Venus keep any of the videos with Margo in them? Idc so I didn't look but surely she wasn't stupid enough…

No. 274669

Last time I checked her channel, I didn't see them. She seems to have deleted them after she got her channel back.

No. 274670

I remember seeing earlier that the MSA episode was "blocked on copyright grounds" by Discovery, but I figured it'd been like that for a while. but remember how we speculated before about Maggot's hands showing up in videos, etc? Maybe she claimed all of those.

No. 274671

Poor Venus, this is just not fair. She didn't attack Margaret or anything. She was just excited to have her channel back.

No. 274675

>She didn't attack Margaret or anything.

Magoo: Veenoos happy without me? That means she is a psychopath and a bully!

No. 274676

K' so I was already toying with the idea of buying some Venus merch when it got released, but this fucking cements it for me. Venus can take my £££, whatever it takes to further support her estrangement from this piece of shit and further fuck Maggot off.

Anybody else thinking of buying anything?
At the time I first watched her latest vid I was actually thinking about how the quality of the fabric of the shirt she was wearing looked pretty good, not just basic stiff cotton.

No. 274677

I kind of want to give her my money just to watch Miggle Maggles scream with every sale she gets. Also that shirt looked kind of cute.

No. 274678

So what was this bs where Venus says YT told her her channel was safe no matter what? She must feel pretty burned this minute.

I stick to my guess that Maggot is still in the US and is scheming to look like a nice old lady.

No. 274680

File: 1464667576455.jpg (167.65 KB, 706x483, 1350778340337.jpg)


>miggle maggles

No. 274681

man, wouldn't it be easier for Venus to just make a new channel? She would miss out on having all her old videos and views, but it seems like maggot is never going to give up. She still has all her Instagram followers who would watch her new channel and she'd probably quickly pick up a big following again…at least she'd be making money instead of being in limbo thanks to her mom.

No. 274683


It has been answered so many times before as to why she can't do this. It's against Youtube's T&C's. Stop asking.

No. 274685

I have never wanted to pound somebody's face into the concrete so much as I have the face of Maggot Palermo. I despise this woman.

No. 274686

It would be easier, yes, but she would have to clean this mess up once again before abandoning the current channel and all those old videos with decent revenue. Like others and >>274683 say, YouTube wouldn't stand for it right now.

No. 274687


No. 274688

File: 1464668192805.jpg (42.61 KB, 1200x465, yt-rules.jpg)

I'll repost the rules again so we have them here in this thread. Starting a new account is considered evading your ban.

No. 274689


No. 274690

Maybe this one won't take as long?

No. 274691

File: 1464668321285.png (515.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8127.PNG)

shits going down

No. 274693

That's awful. It's like they're going through a divorce and Margo's demanding alimony because she's accustomed to a certain lifestyle. What a fucking foul woman.

No. 274694


3000$ A MONTH??

I can't even

No. 274695

File: 1464668483595.jpg (80.1 KB, 680x907, 1458508494583.jpg)

>$3000 a month
I want to get off Margendo's wild ride

No. 274696

File: 1464668491434.png (446.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8128.PNG)

A least she's still trying

No. 274697

Holy shit. Psychotic as always, Margaret. This is literally extortion and Venus should be pressing charges.

No. 274699

File: 1464668533077.jpg (78.05 KB, 1200x388, yt-rules-more.jpg)

nope, because of rules in pic related. also blackmail it seems.

No. 274702

Margo you blackmailing bitch. May you die in a gutter somewhere one day… that's where your life choices are leading you.

No. 274703

Okay guys help me get this right. Does this mean that if Margaret keeps repeatedly reporting V's videos and channel, every single time this will happen? What about what YT just said to her about her videos being protected against Margo's future false claims?

No. 274704

Has the new claim been made from the same account? Or does river monster have sockpuppet accounts?

No. 274705

Let the bitch sue and finally put this to bed.

No. 274706

File: 1464668868698.jpg (181.87 KB, 970x628, asdasd.jpg)


She updated her comment, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time Venus has verbally struck back at Maggot?
I'm really loving this new stronk tonk Venus. I want to see Maggot go DOWN.

No. 274707


It's the end of a 3 day weekend here; they may not have set her channel to avoid auto takedown before everyone left work last week (most people take 4 days off, so people have ben out of the office since thursday or friday). Margo can't have gotten anywhere legally in the last several days because the courts are closed; my only guess is that she keep sending notices, and it'll get fixed tomorrow morning.

The blatant blackmail is gonna be Mag's undoing, though: that crazy botch signed her own prison sentence. She's in the US, suing someone, and blackmailing them??? MARGO YOU ARE SO DUMB.

No. 274708


No. 274709

Again the mensa shit. If she tricked her daughter into believing she was autistic, she surely made her swallow the Geeneeous mama bullshit.

No. 274710


Oh Venus, baby. Your mom does not have an IQ of 150. It's just another one of her many, many lies.

But FUCK YEAH for righteous anger Venus! Mags is gonna get her ass handed to her in court for this.

No. 274711

Okay Venus saying that makes me think that it was actually true that shit about Margo having a super high IQ

No. 274712

File: 1464669002803.png (341.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-31-00-29-21…)

Another edit ~

No. 274713

I hope you are trolling.

No. 274714

Boyfriend? Isn't manaki her husband? Sorry for the newfag question just a simple yes/no would suffice

No. 274715


Legally this shouldn't be happening, but this is the fruits that are finally being borne as a result of the shitshow that is the DMCA legislation and procedure being put into action.

I think now Venus really is fully within her rights to sue. This is extortion.

No. 274716

No. 274717

Dude. Venus is boiling.

No. 274718

Legally married, possibly for visa and doesn't feel comfortable calling him her husband yet.

No. 274719

They're married but it's not unusual to call manaki her boyfriend, I still call my husband my bf, it's just weird to say sometimes.

No. 274720

wow yes Margo bragging about how smart she is is central to the issue. sure.

No. 274721


GOOD. It'll keep her from forgiving Maggot. It's a great stage for her to be at.

No. 274722

Bro, I'm very upset at this. Like, I can't believe the useless shitty peron Margaret is. A real woman, no, a real adult person goes out and WORKS to make a living. Only that bitch expects her daughter to maintain her.

No. 274723

File: 1464669451566.png (16.41 KB, 298x73, Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.36…)

Aunt Zsu steps in (responding to someone who says Margo needs a mental health intervention)

No. 274724

I remember Mags once bragged about being in MENSA on twitter.
Mags probably didnt let Venus forget about it.
You scored better than me in language school? Well I have a 152 IQ.

No. 274725


Not her but you may well be surprised. Not all people who have a high IQ are good people Anon, although it's easy to assume that high intelligence more often equates to goodness.
It may well be that Maggot does indeed have a high level of technical IQ that allows for mathematical problem solving, but that doesn't make up for her rotten character and garbage social skills.

I'm assuming maybe Maggot has some kind of Mensa certification which Venus has seen, which is probably why she mentions it with any sense of certainty.

Even so, being in Mensa really isn't that big of a deal, I know plenty of people who're in it and ones carved up her face with needles from mental illness, another has a shopping addiction and is and hoards cats, and another is still living with and financially supporting her 32 year old KV son who can't move out because he spends all his money on vidya and has a Steam library of 3,607 games. Yeah, you heard that number right. Mensa ain't shit.

No. 274726

and yet her emotional intelligence remains abysmally low.

No. 274727


Speaking of this, if Margo is in California: we have the 5150 hold here. A legally mandatory minimum 72 hour mental health hold for observation if you are a danger to yourself of others. And if you are legit nuts, you don't get out until they say you do. If we can figure out where she's staying, I'll gladly report a weird Hungarian woman making threats to people on the street.

It's the help you need, Margo. We're just doing what's right.

No. 274728

I love the milk, but this is rotten, spoiled milk. This is just super unfair for Venus, I can't enjoy this. It's just vile.

No. 274729

I think it's time to bring in the FUPA: https://mobile.twitter.com/fupaforfreedom

No. 274730

cmon anon, she seems to genuinely like being with him. if anything he is her escape hatch. if it was just a visa thing her mother would still be in the picture.

No. 274731

Smart thinking, anon!

No. 274732

I wish we could just pool some board funds together and pay to have this bitch whacked already.

No. 274734

No. 274735

Does Venus typically refer to Manaki as her boyfriend?

I'm wondering if it was just a slip-up. Lots of women accidentally refer to their husband as their boyfriend for a while after getting married.

No. 274736

Should we start gathering together screenshots and compiling everything? Might be good to have it all in one place in case this starts going any further

No. 274737

Like in 'To Die For' where the fam pays the hitman to knock her of: justice served.

No. 274738


no1cur. other shit is happening.

No. 274739

Btw, Margaret started to delete comments on her IG (since there's a riot of people insulting her)

No. 274741

where's her little friends? chu_face, mimiimori, jassy?

No. 274742


That bitch is active

No. 274743

the person who runs/ran https://www.instagram.com/stopmargaretp/ has a lot in their arsenal. plus the threads here are full of them. I doubt they would help in an actual court though.

No. 274745


dude, if she has already the emails/whatsapps/text messages or whatever media through which Margo told her to give her 3k per month, that's enough evidence to sue her for extortion.

No. 274746

But don't sob stories help with legal cases?
I don't know where would the trial take place, but I bet it can help lawyers strenghthen their cases.

No. 274747

Yes for sure! What Venus has in her possession will be legit. Even so, screenshots are not as good as actual data, and Margaret has a habit of deleting.

I'm talking about the anon who thinks that screenshots we've collected here will be admissible in court.

No. 274748

This isn't going to be a trial, there's no jury to appeal to with margos fee fees. She sent her daughter blackmail and hasn't taken legal action yet - she's threatening to sue if venus doesn't give her a lifetime income. That is blackmail pure and simple. If margo brings this to court, her blackmail will eliminate any chance she had at winning a settlement.

No. 274749

Also Venus could fuck her up in Japan by taking this to the police there. That might be a good idea for Venus' future peace of mind, if Margo doesn't feel like she can return.

No. 274752

Aren't the Japanese police kinda lax on anything of this nature involving foreigners like Margo, or however Venus would be perceived for that matter? Not to mention the stupidly expensive cost of international lawsuits if Venus would try to get her demonmother on perfectly valid blackmail charges.

This whole thing seems so grim.

No. 274756

They're all the same and one person: Margaret.

No. 274757

Japanese Police is useless in this case, they are hardly gonna do anything especially since Venus is a foreigner and Magoo is out of country anyway.

I think the best option is for Venus to contact FUPAforFreedom, tell them her story, other people, like her fans or lolcow anons can back her up with evidence and make the case go viral.

Magoo has like few crazy old hags from GOMI on her side and so many shit she posted (now deleted but screenshoted by anons) show how crazy she is.

No. 274760

that seems kinda reasonable. perhaps those who follow venus can say this to her?

No. 274761

also, sure jp police will be useless, but still it's better to lodge the report and make the statement, even understanding ti will just be filed, than do nothing. it's self-protection.

No. 274763

Why not msg Grandpa Ferenc in his ig and ask him to do something? He created that monster, HE should take responsability and find a way to stop her and put her in an mental institution.

No. 274764

About Venus unable to make a new channel.
I heard that Keemstar is banned indefinitely from owning a YT account, so he had his manger create one. That way, he is technically hired by his manager and thus making it possible to continue whatever he does on YT.
Could Venus do the same thing with Manaki?

No. 274765

Instead of taking pictures of flowers, of throwing bible verses at Margit and saying that he loves all his creatures?

No, he prefers cover his eyes to see nothing else than babies and flowers everywhere.

That's an hungarian thing, you cannot understand…

No. 274766

I've never commented in these threads, but have been following since Venus left Maggot. I've finally become so angry about this that I have to say something, and wish there was something I could do. How can someone be so horrible.

No. 274767

I was thinking about doing the same thing. Partially to piss Midge off and secondly because I really liked that shirt that she was wearing in that one video.

$3,000 a month?! That's fucking ridiculous!!! Even more proof that she took the majority of Venus' money when she was her cash slave.

I'm so fucking fed up with her shit. I'm going to pretend to be Team Psycho Cunt on Instagram and YouTube to try and get into her private friends chat shit. I'll go NJM levels of batshit if I have to but nothing super obvious. Probably something stupid like those two Jasmine swamp hags that are already riding her dick. I want to fucking ruin Margaret.

No. 274769

I love how such a considerable percentage of this board has united as one in our vitriolic hatred for this woman.

No. 274771

How about contact hungarian and swiss government and tell them that Venus doesn't live with her mother anymore???

No. 274772

She's just so damn hateable. Like at least kaka had some redeeming qualities, such as being laughably bad. This woman just goes out of her way to fuck with her kid for a minuscule paycheck that isn't even worth all the effort. If she dedicated as much of her energy to a lasting career as she did to ruining her kid's then she could be making plenty of money right now.

No. 274773

Yes this is extortion and it is a crime. Venus could show these emails to the police and have the psychocunt from hell arrested. (Except she's gone underground prob. in SK like the criminally insane pos she is.)

Gahhh this is like watching a bunny get stomped on. A fucking criminal psychopath at work, in real time.

No. 274774

Yeah let's give that cunt some occupation.

No. 274775

yes it's a good time for that. are there any swiss anons here? often there is an anonymous tip line for things like this.

No. 274776

Maggot has crossed the line from obsessed asshole to criminal behavior with this shit.

No. 274777

>Duty to report - You must contact your employer or the relevant family compensation fund to report any change in personal, financial and professional circumstances (including your children’s education) that may have an effect on your right to an allowance or the level of the allowance.

I think we'd need to know the correct canton or whatever it is.

No. 274778

Does Venus have an email account that's not controlled by her mother?

No. 274780

Ask grandpa Ferenc Koncz.

No. 274781

Not that she has told us; try DM on insta?

Margo definitely has the old one so no-one send her shit to there.

No. 274783

I trust she does or else our resident reptoid would have locked her out of her yt and ig long ago.

No. 274784

does anyone have a mirror for this video? I was planning to watch it but it's removed now

No. 274785

I'm not sure. It was writen in her youtube.
Something like:

No. 274787

>I think the best option is for Venus to contact FUPAforFreedom, tell them her story, other people, like her fans or lolcow anons can back her up with evidence and make the case go viral.

Should we contact Venus about this too?

No. 274788

my god, this evil rancid cunt. Extorting her own daughter?? NO WORDS

No. 274790


If anyone wants to tell her about the law firm (FUPA) the anon above has the correct email: venusangelic.biz@gmail.com

No. 274791

I left a comment in her comment section to check it out

No. 274792

I'm not sure how twitch works but it might not be a bad idea for Venus to migrate there for a time.

No. 274794

lawl her law firm is fat upper pussy area?

No. 274797

Hey guys, remember the VA logo 'invented' by Margaret? You find the same in that 4-years-old video
Hope that it helps to keep Marge occupied lol

No. 274798

In this case it stands for Fair Use Protection Account. It was created with H3H3 due to their own lawsuit. The laywers are actually Morrison and Lee. http://morrisonlee.com/
If you're not familiar with H3H3, they like to mention FUPAs all the time in their reaction videos, so it's not surprising they went with that acronym.

No. 274800

I tweeted at them about Venus and her abusive mother, I'll donate as well. I hope it catches their attn

No. 274801


You're a good person Anon.

No. 274802

I truly fear this could be the end of Venus making YT videos.

No. 274803

Rivers aren't good enough for this bitch, I hope she drowns in a sewer

No. 274804

She doesn't sound like she'll give up. Even if she had to take a year off, I think she would still be back based on how much it seems to mean to her. But l do fear it will be a while this time. It has to go to court, to be thrown out of court. With fresh videos reported Margo has many weeks on her side before she even needs to sue (the last termination was around 8 weeks long).

No. 274806

you mean rivers are too good for her anon. but I understand. we are all blinded by rage here right now.

No. 274809

Yes whoops, that's what I meant. I just can't even believe maggot's real at this point, this is ridiculous.

No. 274810

I don't think any of us can. Her $3,000 a month blackmail is fucking unbelievable. That'd be her entire YouTube check if she even makes that much a month (which she probably doesn't). The evil cunt can't accept that the days of her taking 99% of what Venus earned is over.

No. 274811

So, why don't we ask Venus to sue her mother for child abuse since Marshit was investigated in UK by child protective services.

That's more administrative work for Margaret and if she get researched by interpol that would be nice.

Let's give Venus ideas to get back her channel and her dignity.

No. 274813

3000 a month? no wonder why venus's dad divorced that turbocunt

No. 274815

Marge wants a new swarovski diamond dildo, that's why she needs 3000$. It cannot be silicone or plastic bc of her virginal pussy's acidity rate.

No. 274816

He lost his dick in her >>274815
Poor man…

No. 274817

Lol, like the lake in yellowstone.

No. 274819

If Margo sues, it's going to take for-fucking-ever for Venus to get her channel back, because Margo's going to drag this for as long as she possibly can.

No. 274821

Correct. I called it when she landed in the US but then Venus got her channel back for a minute. Now my pessimism has returned.

No. 274822

How many videos did Venus have I wonder? Margo reported 20 already - surely she can't report the same ones twice?

No. 274823

And Margo's too dumb to realize that she won't get any money at all during that time and lawyer fees will leave her in even more debt. We all know she's going to lose anyway because her case has zero grounds and no evidence. I'm still wondering how in the HELL is YouTube taking Margo's claims (and possibly her psychotic army) seriously? What kind of "proof" could she possibly have? Shit makes no sense. At all.

No. 274824

I usually don't do this but i seriously hope maggot fucking die. This is not about the channel ownership anymore. She's acting worse that those jealous bitches wrecking their exe's property, thinking she´s entitled to the other person life.

No. 274826

That's the thing. From what I understand, dmca is "shoot first, ask questions later"

No. 274827

I do too honestly. She needs to stumble into the wrong bnb or something

No. 274829

Margo's probably meeting the basic grounds for the DCMA claims (on paper anyway). When you notify under DCMA you leave yourself open to legal action so no way are minions doing this with (or for) her. What she's doing is saying it's her content, and that's enough for Youtube to follow procedures.

But the sad part is that someone at Youtube told Venus her channel was protected. That's so shitty.

No. 274830

agreed she will lose 100%. now that her blackmail attempt has been made she cannot make it very far into a court case. but still a lot of time can be wasted.

No. 274831

We should troll Marge's accounts (twitter, fb, yt, ig, tumblr, google+, etc) and spam her email account. That will keep her busy.

No. 274832

File: 1464678658718.png (34.37 KB, 640x152, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 5.10…)

the children are going nuts on margo's insta. my current fave:

No. 274834

It would be good to make a real change in her life, like reporting her to the Swiss authority that pays Margo's allowance for Venus. It's only a few months of overpayment but still, she will owe them. I am in Aus and can't find the right info.

No. 274835

It wouldn't do much, unless we really need a follow up to her chart topping hit.

This is a better idea, if a Swiss anon could find the proper info. I feel like they'd take complaints more seriously from an actual citizen.

No. 274836

Is it possible to block the paypal account of someone? Bc that's M's paypal account:


No. 274837

It's true though, what she's doing is extortion in the US anyway, and YT is in the US.) It's a criminal act and she could (should) be arrested. Unfortunately, no one knows where she is bc she's hiding out like a fucking psycho.

No. 274838

From a quick search it seems someone has to find the area / canton / whatever that she is collecting it from (ie. what places did she live while in Switz), and then work out how to notify them that Venus is married; no longer attending the Korean language school Margo last had her in; and alienated from her mother - since Feb / whenever. The child doesn't have to live with the parent so this doesn't matter but they must be in school or apprenticeship etc. While Venus does now study Margo won't be able to provide proof. I hear that the child being married cuts it off but I don't know where to fact-check that.

No. 274839

like here maybe: http://www.ausgleichskasse.ch/portal/index.asp

it will take some research and we need either a swiss anon or someone familiar with the country. a german-speaker perhaps.

No. 274840

Margo's in the US and her victim is in Japan. The crime is probably a Japanese one?

No. 274843

That's because YouTube is fucking bullshit and no real person will ever look at these claims.
Yes, DMCA is involved, yes, they need to follow claims. But as we can all see, you can make some bullshit claim, and can fuck up channels for months, and that's twice in a row now. This is some big stuff, Venus and the network are losing tons of money here, this isn't something that should happen without real proof.

Imagine if someone accused you of theft, and then the police arrested you for thirty days - you are not able to contact anyone, there's nothing you can do anyomore (srsly, YouTube is very hard to contact and you cannot do anything with or on your channel), and Police patiently waits until your accuser maybe provides some actual proof instead of investigating themselves. And after thirty days they let you off, but not without a ick in the ass and a warning even when you're innocent. And then the next day, the same person could do all the same things again.

YouTube is a bullshit platform, and not only Venus' dilemma has shown this. Plenty of smaller and bigger YouTubers have had similar problems, countless times. Even bigger channels like Channel Awesome or IHE got (false) strikes, and were fucked over multiple times despite not doing anything wrong. Only difference is that huge channels like CA or IHE who was supported by big YouTubers mysteriously get their claims resolved a lot faster (withing a few days) after they called out TouTube to their fans.
Linking both their videos because I think they're worth a watch.

TL;DR YouTube is a money-grabbing whore who doesn't give two fucks about their user, can't wait until one days there's a good platform to replace them.

No. 274844

Swiss allowance service:


No. 274845

Everything you said is true, especially the part about being married. Margo needs to pay all the money back she received after the time Venus got married. We could look for an email to snitch to even if we don't know where Margo gets her money from but we do know her full name. Or we could ask Venus casually in which canton they used to live.

No. 274846

What a fucking vile bitch. I never wanted to see someone suffer so badly. I hope karma hits that lowlife right in the cunt.

No. 274847

if someone knows the city, that makes it easier. Didn't they live in a Thai monastery there for a while?

No. 274849

No. 274850

Just take it to court .. There is no way Margo would win

No. 274851

No. 274853

That really gives me the feels the way Margo is mocking her daughter here. And that Venus likely does not even have this info about him until Margo posts it her.

Anyway, now we need a Swiss anon, or for someone to find an anonymous tipline or form to submit this. We have these in Aus, do they have them in Switzerland?

No. 274854

File: 1464683794749.png (859.76 KB, 1150x1840, xCtCJUG.png)

Sneaky cunt is selectively deleting IG comments as we speak, from whatever rock she's crawled under. Last one in attached pic is deleted:

No. 274855

Margaret said once Venus' father family name: Neuenschwander
She posted his place too: Bözberg
Could it be that his first name is Hans?

No. 274857

Yes probably but he shouldn't be harassed. Whatever is between him and Venus stays between them.

It's the authority that is paying Margo Swissbux that is more interesting.

No. 274859

The autority paying margo's swissbux was already posted, anon.

No. 274861

Dick-nose has posted a bathroom selfie. She thinks she's beautiful. Or she's playing with her poop again… idk


No. 274862

No. 274866

Yeah I've seen it and also another page on that site about how you have to contact either your employer, or the specific area authority that pays it out to you (it seems it can vary who pays it out). The info is too general at the mo' for me to consider acting.

I'm only willing to do it if there's a truly legit anon pathway to do it, like in Aus where we have https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Gen/Report-a-concern/ and also https://www.centrelink.gov.au/wps/portal/clk_common/TORS#stay

If googling from afar is the only tool we have, I say let it go for now.

No. 274867

Facetuned to the gods yet still ugly as ever. Hint: it comes from your soul, Margo.

Looks like the same shitty Korean dorm place she has already left. I thinking she's been fucking around with her insta posting since Korea. I wonder now if she even went back to Japan at all but instead went to this place.

No. 274868

No. 274869

we tend to be more expert in slagging off.

No. 274870

So many accounts…

No. 274871

also she holds Venus' twitter and old gmail… but anyways…

No. 274872

And her old facebook, tumble, google+, online shop

No. 274873

The beast will loose all its limbs of madness.


No. 274874

I'm starting to suspect this whole thing is a conspiracy. What if Margo and Venus planed this whole thing so we can donate to them?

No. 274875

oh god you're a fucking idiot. please.

No. 274876

and go back to gomi

No. 274877

Does someone really have to say this in every thread? That, 'why doesn't Venus just open a new channel???' and 'I think all of Margo's supporters are her sockpuppets!'. Every single thread.

No. 274878


Yes, because it TOTALLY makes sense to terminate your own account and lose money. Kindly fuck off, please. Thanks.

No. 274879

Swiss anon here.
I think Venus should be the one reporting that she is not leaving with her mother and married to the governement. Or maybe her aunt (she seems to be living in Zürich if I remember well, so she must speak Swiss-german)

No. 274881

I think Anons can report as much as they want, unless Venus herself is providing actual documents the government most likely can't or won't do anything.

No. 274882

The 'new channel' thing I have a touch of patience for bc not everyone understands the YT rules on this.

But the 'Hey guys, I think it's a conspiracy' is just bullshit. Say it in week one or two, sure. Don't say it months later when it is obvious to anyone who takes the time to read the threads that what we see is a parent abusing their (now adult) child.

No. 274883

that sounds good.

No. 274884

Actually thy might ask Margo for proof of Venus' current schooling, at which point she will be shit out of luck.

No. 274886

So, should we ask Venoos about our brilliant idea to calm down maggot or should we do it ourselves???

No. 274887

I mean, the swiss bucks thing.

No. 274888

She seems like the type of person to use the same password everywhere, and those who do usually use birthdays and other simple shit.

No. 274889

i'm trying to find where venus is selling merch - anyone have a link or a site name?

No. 274890

Why did she edit that post only to add text in favor of her mom? "YES MOM @margaretpalermo YOU HAVE 152IQ BUT THAT DOESNT JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS"

That's really weird.

No. 274892

What are you gonna do?

"Excuse me, this crazy lady said some insane shit on the internet. Can you detain her pls?"

No. 274893

It's not up yet. Who knows when the store will be opened with this new debacle, presumably Venus was planning to post a video about it.

No. 274894

half of the state will be detained then, lol.

why do people persist in thinking crazy = locked up?

No. 274896

no don't do that!

you can't do shit like that based on vague info.

and you will freak venus out - it's not to do with her.

No. 274897

It's not in favour of Margo? It's Venus insulting her, even if lightly.

Margo just probably bragged about how smart she was all the time. Venus probably does think Margo is quite smart after hearing about it for a lifetime.

No. 274899


ahh makes sense. thanks!

No. 274901

I thought maybe Marge bragged about it in her black mail e-mail or something, like "and don't forget I have an IQ of 152, so DON'T THINK that you…", and Venus was just replying to that.

No. 274903

ha ha, that's more than possible though. imagine the madness that is in that letter.

No. 274904

Yandere just made up that 152IQ thing to look smart. She doesn't even know how to edit videos, she has low-minded ideas in her videos and they're all low quality content. How can you believe that she is intelligent? Unscrupulous, certainly, but intelligent… b please!

No. 274906

maybe she self-assessed.

No. 274907

She just wants to look bright when her brain is as dull as rotting flesh.

No. 274911

That's sooo 10 threads ago

No. 274914

yes! I thought Manaki had a youtube channel as well, but with nothing in it.
Maybe Venus could upload some stuff there. It's not her channel, so it's not evading the ban. And Manaki can be in the vids if it's necessary.

No. 274918

Maggot would probably just take down that one too seeing as Youtube's copyright policies are fucked.

No. 274919

File: 1464695566865.jpg (62.37 KB, 931x599, Captura.JPG)


No. 274924

Should Venus try to contact Ethan and Hila about her claim?

No. 274925

some people have been commenting about that on her insta.

No. 274926

gotta love aunty zsu, having a conversation with a bot. she's cool with me regardless.

No. 274933

Why the fuck is someone telling margo that venus killed herself?

No. 274934

Trying to stir up shit probably. Kinda like with the fake Manaki and Margo accounts.

No. 274935

File: 1464697562326.png (19.23 KB, 656x90, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.2…)

just a cry for attention? the comments are the craziest I've ever seen on Margo's insta. everyone's telling her to die so it's hard to stand out.

No. 274938


maybe because venus mentioned the word 'suicide' in her instagram post. she said "…no one in my boyfriends family can hand you out that sum monthly unless this is a new form of suicide."

i don't really understand what she means but she's clearly not gonna off herself, it's probably a figure of speech that's a little lost in translation.

No. 274939

I think she means "suicide" in a "financial suicide" way. Like she and mana would'nt clearly have enough money to pay their rent + living fees if they pay Margo this much.

No. 274940

Why does Margo need so much money anyways? Time to get a real job.

No. 274941

she's mensa-level anon, and used to having expensive things like swarovski.

No. 274942

sorry if it's be answered before, but how does Margo support herself right now? especially to have enough money to be plane traveling and buying useless shit like play doh? It's obvious her income was 100% Venus, so did she have some savings with like $10k or something before all this?

No. 274943

If anyone wants to contact the people running FUPA directly, here is their email.

No. 274944

No-one really knows but here's some ideas:

She maybe gets 200CH Swissbux per month for having Venus. Maybe she sold some stuff - extra phone, camera, imac? A couple of things she sold of Venus' through the webstore. Some Korean tat sold through the webstore. A trickle of Youtube money from her own channel.

Like all good thieves she will have stored things and money away in various places, invested for later.

No. 274945

Only Venus can do it. Really they can't force her to become a client - she has to ask them for help. I'm sure someone will have sent them this story at least.

No. 274946

>selling swarovskis and tacky handbags + Venus stuff from the storage in Japan.
>maybe selling the expensive stuff Venus left for her in Korea (camera, mac)
>Money from her ex-husband (pretty sure he's paying something or else she would harass the hell out of him)
>Money from swiss child support
>Money from her dad maybe ("for the storage…")

No. 274947

Also Margo once mentioned she was maxing out credit cards. I'm assuming that 3k will keep up with payments and support Margo's jet setting life style.

No. 274951

File: 1464704148638.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)

here we go again

No. 274952

File: 1464704317741.png (162.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Mira showing support(?)
I'm hoping a legal case is made, Margo milk may have been delicious but now it's really expiring

No. 274957

File: 1464704965336.jpg (95.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


yeah, most likely she took one of those "what's your IQ" quizzes

No. 274959


for once Mira says something sane

No. 274963

File: 1464706117926.jpg (35.65 KB, 364x225, margo.JPG)

Haha, zsarolás means "blackmail" in Hungarian.

No. 274970

File: 1464707431852.jpg (46.95 KB, 500x395, tmp_24968-tumblr_mjzkb3qRfA1r2…)

Holy shit, I woke up to Venus' insta post so I instantly came here, of course. What an evil, insane woman Maggot is. I think Venus didn't fully see the evil in her before, but I'm sure she does now. The only solace I've got is knowing there's no way maggles can win, no matter how long she stalls. Venus and Manaki will be just fine, but Mag's got nothing in a court of law.

No. 274976

At least the pull retards have to believe now that this wasnt all a publicity stunt. Time for margot to leave.

No. 274978

How is Margo able to constantly claim copyright on the videos? I recently had a claim against a video on my channel due to game music in the video. I fought it because I had permission to have the music in the game, and before you send off the form it informs you that you can lose your account if you file a false claim, basically trying to keep someone from their money, I would image it goes the opposite way as well. She should have lost her account when the 20 copyright claims were shot down. She must have still had a small window to fight Venus, for her channel to be down again like that. I know Google in general is all about themselves and fuck the little guy, but they have to see this is just family drama and not a legit legal issue. I so hope Margo gets the karma headed her way.

No. 274981

kanadajin3 supporting her? Good news!

No. 274982

Ha! In your face, marshit!

No. 274984

>inb4 pulltards say margo told venus to "insult her" to make it look real

No. 274989

Stop sucking at your daughter's money! Go find a job your laziness! Even people without legs work. Even one eyed Beckii has a job. So grow up and try to work not just sucking on people.

No. 274993

No. 274995

>Even one eyed Beckii
sage & sorry for OT but…what?

No. 274997

Oh, the irony of it all… This is everything that Midge did. Leeching off benefits, spending money on dumb shit, harassing people, etc.

Margo definetly needs her own ED page since she's the prime lolcow here, but at this point she's a horror cow.

No. 275000

she probably meant Kelsey, she has a prosthetic eye and is friends w Beckii / was involved in the drama back then

No. 275003

The post you responded to is a parody of one of Marg's old blog posts. It was originally directed at Kelsey/Kimonotime. Marg accused her of trying to leach off of Venus' popularity and told her to get a job instead, stating "Even people without legs work, you're only missing an eye". That is because Kelsey has lost an eye to cancer or some shit. Looks like some anons can't tell their anglo-weebs apart and confused her with Beckii, lol.

No. 275005

Marge has a shitty karma…
And the one eyed girl is Kelsey Ellison not Becki Cruel

No. 275010

File: 1464713892575.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, tumblr_inline_o7kaiu6MZj1r403x…)

FUCK MAGGOT calm your old lady tits for real now this just so fucked up.
I got so stressed when I saw the 200+ comments on her most recent Insta post.
This is just so annoying jesus christ and I was looking forward for venus's videos this week since she looked so happy about everything.

No. 275013

>Still believing in Karma

You must have been retarded in your past life

No. 275020

I know she will not win and it will just get worse for marge.

No. 275022

Go home karma, you're drunk…

No. 275024

Same anon, same. This shit has pissed me right off. Venus was finally getting somewhere and Youtube, like the dumb cunts they are, have done it again. Useless fucking company.

No. 275026

I'm just saying that as much as I love the milk, this one is spoiled. It is not enjoyable anymore because it is just sick. Margo needs to be stoped, she need a life of her own and let her daughter live. All this issue has reached a point in which it's very upseting to see Margo being the bitch she's being.

No. 275029

File: 1464715376938.jpg (7.37 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I'm just saying, karma is BS and most people only know that half of it. People like to think it's good because it says that bad people will be punished, but it also says that if people have a shitty life they must have been a terrible person in their past life. This fuels the caste system and a lot of victim blaming in India.

No. 275030


Not really. If Venus is smart she'll stay the hell away from that sloth-lookin' psycho. Bitch is just looking for another e-personality to latch onto after she blew it with Rachel and Jun.

No. 275031

*the half of it

No. 275032

Not the anon you're replying to but no1curr, this isn't your personal blog, no one wants to hear your opinion on karma. This is so off topic.

No. 275033

> no one wants to hear your opinion on karma. This is so off topic.


No. 275035


Wtf bro no. Margo is a crazy bitch from hell, that's it. Has nothing to do with past life and karma shit. it's just margo being margo, some people are pieces of crap.

No. 275037

3edgy5me vs ~triggered

No. 275042

are you fucking retarded?
this will only give her material to claim harassment from venus' fans
this site is full of 13 yr olds smh

No. 275043

To be fair we also have Aussie weeaboo prostitutes in their mid 20s self posting in their own threads. It balances out.

No. 275044


This person is right.

That's not going to help Venus and it could blow in her face, so calm the fuck down.

No. 275047


I don't agree. I mean, all that social media is placed public by Margo. Every single person on the internet that puts their social networks publicly must be aware that harassment can occur, because it's an open window to your life and people can do shit. No one is forcing her to have such a public life. Whatever other people do it's obvious that are not sent by Venus, she has never said "go harass/hack my mother". So…

I mean I get what u guys are saying but claiming harassment out of those reasons it's useless.

No. 275054

Let's have less extreme ideas. I prefer we use extremist ideas as last resort. Someone an idea? Oh come on!

No. 275061

Have you seen Sailorshit's new video?

And she dares to pretend that she edited Beenoos' video? The person who made/edited/scripted V's videos is obviously not the same as M's ones, IMO.

No. 275062

I'd say just report her for tax fraud. She admitted it on camera.

No. 275063


lurk harder newfag

No. 275064


No. 275065

Yes, we have already seen it but I like her new nickname

Lol, sailorshit

No. 275066

I thought it might be in the interview she did with the French Canadian guy but I may have confused that with stuff Mr. Yan said.

No. 275069

We will need evidence of tax fraud or at least a witness

No. 275070


dear anon you're like 3 or 4 days late

No. 275071

it was Yan

No. 275073

I agree with the anons who say that Venus should move to a different site, at least temporarily. Since, DailyMotion has a monetization feature, so she would probably move there. DailyMotion or Vimeo. Marta won't be able to do shit then, and Venus will still be able to upload videos (while waiting for her channel to return).

No. 275077

does ANYONE even care to go to places like DailyMotion or Vimeo? I only go there to look for videos that are copyrighted or muted on youtube cause I know no one would care to do it there lol. I doubt she'd get anywhere near as many views on those places than on youtube.

No. 275078

Would her contract with fullscreen allow this though? Sometimes companies make contracts that require you are exclusive to one website, just like how promoters will make a console exclusive contract for a video game. She may be contractually obligated to post on Youtube.

No. 275079


The problem is that Dailymotion/Vimeo as video platforms are not as popular/known as Youtube. Even though you are right guys when you say that it would prevent Margo from claiming false copyrights, she wouldn't earn as much anyways. People would forget about her. I would, not because I don't like her but because I KNOW I wouldn't ever remember those websites… Sad but true. She can't take that risk.

No. 275080

She should post videos on manaki's youtube (even if they are just videos of manaki and venus instead of her usual stuff, otherwise her fanbase will disappear if this goes on for a long time). Seems like the best thing to do while circumventing the youtube ban evasion policy.

No. 275082

jfc how many times do we have to tell people that that is against youtube's rules because it's ban evasion

No. 275083

This really isn't a bad idea, but again the Fullscreen bullshit might prevent her from doing this. But hey, for 30% of your revenue we can recommend that you totally sell some plain t-shirts that would be great.

No. 275084

Except it's not? Calm your autism, she is not evading any bans since "Manaki" is the uploader. Keemstar does the same shit.

No. 275085


Correct me if I'm wrong (please!) but I think that it would be against YT policies. Because V's channel is under investigation for the copyright stuff, if she starts making videos on Mana's channel and monetizing, Margo can easily sue/report that because V would be earning money out of making videos, even if she's not the owner of the channel.

No. 275086

Considering the circumstances she may be able to work out a deal with fullscreen through this method? She makes them money so I don't see why they would turn her away.

Nah it's allowed because she is only banned from owning an account, she can appear in videos all she wants. If manaki is the uploader/owner of the account, venus can still make videos for it provided she is not the owner of the channel. This is also how keemstar evades his bans, his "company" uploads his videos for him.

No. 275088

I think she did go to Japan briefly, based on the "what happened to Manaki's car?" question she posted. Lurking outside their apartment. Where she gets the $$ for all these plane tickets I have no idea. (Montreal was confirmed also.)

No. 275089

Dude is it me or it seems that FullScreen is literally cleaning their asses about all this situacion? I mean, they should somehow interfere in favor of Venus, since she's been afected by Margo's claims, and that somehow represents a loss of money for them. But it's like they don't even care.

No. 275091

How do we know they aren't lawyering the fuck up? They aren't going to disclose any details so it's impossible to know.

No. 275092


if they were, I believe all this would've been solven a while ago and not happening again. Margo has no chance against professional lawyers hired by FS, and she doesn't have enough to afford a lawyer, that's for sure. She's so poor right know that in a final act of desperation she's extorting Venus.

No. 275093


I guess YouTube has more power about this situation - sure, Fullscreen can and will hopefully help in such moments but they are not the one who decide what will happen next.

No. 275094

Right now, neither is YouTube. Margaret has made a movement to sue Venus, it's now a matter for the courts.

No. 275095


You've obviously didn't read the thread. This video is like the 3rd post in here, anon.

No. 275096

I see where you're coming from but again, because this is all behind the scenes, it's so hard to know what's going on. But fullscreen can also only do so much. It's up to venus to provide evidence to youtube to dispute the copyright claims, but if margo goes through with the claim then fullscreen will most likely represent her in court (or try to settle it outside of court, which might happen now that margo has initiated all this court shit, they might counter sue).
I think because you think they aren't acting immediately that they aren't doing anything, infact they're more likely building ammunition to use to build a stronger case so margo fucks off for good and might even be able to sue her for loss of profits.

No. 275097


We still don't know that for sure. All we know for sure is that again she reported Venus' videos and that's it. All that rambling about suing and court and bla bla can be just bullshit because, again, she has no way to afford a lawyer in case that Venus countersues.

Yeah, it makes sense. I do believe they should be quicker on that, though

No. 275100

Lawfag reporting in! Nothing impressive, I know nothing of copyright law, but if you anons could answer some questions maybe I can pull something up. What district would Margo have filed her lawlsuit? If I know the district name I can look some shit up via public records and see what Margo filed.

Not true. Any attorney would tell you that there's nothing to do until an initial complaint is filed. It's a waiting game for defense. Depending on statutes, it's 30 to 90 days for a response to be issued and even longer for enough information to be gathered to file a Motion to Dismiss. If Venus has representation then Motion to Dismiss would be the next step after initial complaints, responses and replies. After a Motion to Dismiss is competently filed, it's in Margo's ballpark and without representation she'll surely fuck up and it'll easily get dismissed. Unfortunately, this process takes a few months if you're lucky and if Venus is able to retain counsel. Remember Margo could potentially lawyer up. Doubtful she has the money, but some down on his luck attorney could take the case if Margo pays month fees which could be as low as 250 per month. She spends more at Starbucks. Venus really isn't big enough, nor is the case valid, but I've seen worse cases pursued. Not many…

No. 275105

And if just temporary or working on both. How can it get worse?

No. 275108

Margo doesn't actually want money though, she just doesn't want venus to have any either, and that's the whole reason why she will 100% pursue the case. She knows she won't win, she just wants to kill her popularity by dragging this shit out. Evil cunt.

No. 275109

Well, there's no way we can be sure if it was true or lies, but she flew to Vancouver supposedly because YouTube told her she had to be in North America to start he lawsuit.

Venus said herself in her most recent video that YouTube had extended the protection they offer to other big YouTubers to her, so that DMCA takedown claims won't bring their entire account down anymore while they are being processed. That changes when the complainant takes out a lawsuit though, the entire account has to stay down until the case is resolved. It doesn't cost very much to file the complaint and it will take months and months more for it to resolve itself, so she'll do the damage she wants even if she represents herself and doesn't hire a lawyer.

No. 275111

I think this is a good question…If she's suing Venus wouldn't it be dismissed (forum non conveniens)?

If its YouTube, is there a choice of forum clause in the adhesion contact that content generators agree to? Where is Google/YouTube/alphabet incorporated?

Margo has no domicile so I guess she works be treated as an alien for jurisdiction purposes

No. 275113

Margo wants money. A lot of this vengeance, but just going through Margo's instagram and her incessant traveling despite having no money is telling about what type of life she wishes to have. She's materialistic and that's why she wanted Venus to pay 3k per month. She constantly talks about Manaki living off of Venus's money and from what Venus posted about the situation, it seems like Margo thinks that Manaki's family can help pay the 3k. The stupid fund raisers and money schemes tells you that Margo cares about money. She wants to destroy Venus because if she can't have that money neither can Venus.

No. 275115

Oh well yes she definitely wants money but realistically she knows she wont get it, which is why she either kills venus' popularity, or she "lets" venus have a youtube but gets all the salary from it. Either way venus is not allowed the money, and since venus wont co-operate she is going to court so venus can't have any money, that is the only reason she is definitely pursuing it, she knows she's not gonna get a dime out of this whole court business.

No. 275117

Forum non conveniens…only time I've seen this in the area of law my boss specializes is when cases are automatically bumped into a lower court to avoid overflow into the higher courts. If this applies to Venus's case then she'll have to wait even longer to get the whole ordeal resolved.

Thing is Margo has enough cause to file a lawsuit. I'm itching to read that initial complaint!

No. 275119

Margo is the kind of person who sits on her ass all day, having an empty resumes for years and still expect a very upper-middle class (for an european household) life. That's not how it works but I'm pretty sure she's convinced she deserves this.

3000€ a month is what scientists, pharmacists or senior web developpers earns.

However I think it's a good thing Margo is now threatening Venus for money which means her account is probably drying up very fast. She sees the end coming and is panicking like a trapped vermine.
I'm still worried for poor Peanuts because Margaret is the kind of horrible insect that would drag her down, if she gets in troubles like for taxes evasion. She'd throw Venus under the bus without a second thought.

No. 275122

But Venus said that she was protected?? Or was that only from her mom (therefore Margo found a third party to copyright her videos instead?)?

No. 275125

>>275109 just explained it very clearly.
>Venus said herself in her most recent video that YouTube had extended the protection they offer to other big YouTubers to her, so that DMCA takedown claims won't bring their entire account down anymore while they are being processed. That changes when the complainant takes out a lawsuit though, the entire account has to stay down until the case is resolved. It doesn't cost very much to file the complaint and it will take months and months more for it to resolve itself, so she'll do the damage she wants even if she represents herself and doesn't hire a lawyer.

Margo's lawlsuit has complicated things in simplespeak.

No. 275126

Protected from automatic youtube take downs, doesn't protect her from lawsuits filed with the court. Margo filed and now, youtube HAS to take it down. Remember anyone can file copyright complaints, but not many people are going to file official written complaints and pay the 300 filing fee.

God damn it, just checked a data base for court docs using Margo's name and found nothing. Got some stuff from Ohio, but seems like it's a different Margo.

No. 275127

Protected from DMCA takedown claims but not from account suspensions due to lawsuits. Margo has probably filed a lawsuit.

No. 275128


but how does she has the damn money for everything? I mean she needs a lawyer for this? She can't do it for herself?

This is such a fuckery

No. 275131

You don't need a lawyer to file a claim, it's just much easier that way. Besides, she could be blowing the guy or have convinced him with some crying victim act.

No. 275133

She may have convinced a lawyer to give their time by offering some % of any damages awarded or whatever.

No. 275135

US laws allow you to represent yourself. Margo, if going it pro se, probably got a skeleton copyright complaint and edited the information to suit her situation. It's probably full of errors and sloppy citation, but enough to file with the court to pull Venus's videos. When Venus's issues her response, she will have around 30 days. Even if Venus's response points out errors to Margo's initial complaint, she can draft up and file an amended complaint. The whole process is tedious and I'm not sure how much Margo knows, but she can definitely do it by herself. A few mistakes can be grounds for dismissal, but Venus needs to lawyer up. If neither of them have counsel or representation the Judge would push for an arbitration.

I think there's a fucking plethora of circumstances involving this "case" and the proceedings depend on a lot of shit. If anyone can find where she filed (even if it's just the state) I can do some hunting and have actual informative milk.

No. 275136

I'd love to watch Margo represent herself in a court of law. Is she allowed to go over to Venus and put her hands over her ears?

No. 275137

She was in Vancouver in Canada, so whatever US state is nearest to it is the most likely one, I suppose.

No. 275138

She may have also filed it as a company rather than as an individual, she may have re-registered the company VenusAngelic or registered it in a different country, so maybe check if any complains were filed by a company with that name?

No. 275141

Yeah I can see margo pulling lolsuits a la kikikannibal corporation, but if she sue as company, it wouldn't make more obvious the tax evasion thing?

No. 275142

Did anyone make a mirror for Venus' newest video before her termination?

Or a transcript??

No. 275145

If Margot actually filed a lawsuit she would not be blackmailing Venus. She just made more copyright claims and YouTube is full of shit and didn't protect her channel.

No. 275146

She can't because she already put out something like 30 claims which is why her channel was shut down for so long, she can never claim them again.
She probably tried to make a deal with venus to settle out of court immediately and venus isn't going to agree to those terms.

No. 275147


>implying Margot doesn't have sockpuppet YouTube accounts

Venus has like a zillion videos and unless YouTube actually protected her channel then it will just get taken down again by their system. No one is reviewing those claims before the system automatically takes the channel down.

No. 275148

DMCA has to be filed by a person, not a youtube account. She would have to give all her personal details so she can't reuse them. She can't sockpuppet.
It is true there is a special system for super popular youtubers where their channel is not taken down automatically by false copyright claims, otherwise channels like nostalgia critic and the like would never be up. Venus is part of that, I think that IHE guy also got access to this after the same thing happened to him and they deleted him 1 time.
Margo is definitely filing a lawsuit, anon. Why else do you think she went all the way to the US?

No. 275149

>multiple third-party notifications
So Margo was pretty much spamming YouTube when she was silent.

No. 275150

One thing I don't understand about mags is the fact that when venus won't get money so she can't have money as well.

So what's her plan after that? Where does she want to get money to live for the next years? This is so dumb?

No. 275151

She probably claimed all her videos in the first place to be honest.

No. 275152

Margo has shown time and time again that she never plans for the future, she lives in the now and doesn't care. That's why her life is so shitty and chaotic.

No. 275153

This applies to all YouTube channels but the channel only gets protected from the person/company that filed it. That's also how the Ostrengas were abel to get channels taken down multiple times, they only changed the name they filed the claims under and done.

No. 275155

It's that old phrase, cutting off your nose to spite your face. If Margo can't spend Venus' money, Venus sure as hell isn't going to be earning it.

No. 275157

Yeah, I think Margo did the same thing as before and Venus' channel was taken down automatically until her case can be reviewed. Not convinced she filled suit yet.

No. 275160

Did you try California yet? Anons upthread guessed she might go to Google's main hq in Mountainview, ca. You could also try Washington since its closest to Vancouver and has 2 Google hq's

No. 275162

So, anon lawperson- do you have to be in the US physically to file a copyright claim by yourself if you don't have a lawyer? Does that claim of maggot's ring true to you?

No. 275167

Reminds me that someone whould update her ED, all of Margo's adventures are missing.

No. 275170

wow the amount of troll regret in this thread is amazing.

just admit margo has won.

No. 275172

How is everyone hating Margo troll regret? People in here want to get revenge.

No. 275175

Why not doing the same to her?

No. 275183

doesn't Maggie deserve her own article now?

No. 275184

I think that would get deleted and all of Venus's drama was caused by her in the first place.

No. 275185

Nope. Pretty much everything is filed electronically and you only need to select that you're filing it pro se, at least in my state. We had a few districts that required fax filing (embarrassing I know) a few years ago, but currently everything is filed online and fees are paid via credit/debit cards. My best guess for Margo deciding she needed to go to the US is that she's an idiot and needed additional guidance in person or that the court advised she come in person because she is not a US citizen. She'd have to show proper documentation and depending on the district, needs certain paperwork to file suit. Thinking a bit harder on this, I bet Margo needed notarized documents which require a certified notary and witness in the US to stamp and sign. This would be true if Margo attached an affidavit to her complaint.

I'll work on individual states when I get to work on Thursday if no new info comes up. I did a "search all" and only found two court cases under Margaret Palermo. An Ohio civil suit that got dismissed for non-appearance and listed five billion plaintiffs and a bankruptcy in Florida. I might just be looking too broadly. I'll read up more on filing civil copyright suits and see if I can track down viable search routes to get those docs. I probably won't post them here since I'm using my boss's resources to navigate around, but it's all public record and I'll drop the case number. Anons will be able to find the case docket in 0-10 seconds.

No. 275186

>I think that would get deleted
you mean by Marge herself? because every single person with an article tries to get it deleted, and it never works lol. if you mean by people not finding it interesting enough to deserve its own page, I disagree. this is a mom who is trying to blackmail her 19 year old daughter into financially supporting her

No. 275187

I think Palermo is a fake name she adopted

No. 275189

If it is, it'll be impossible for me to track. You file under your legal name sometimes citing aliases, so if it's just her legal name and we have no idea what it is then, it's a needle in a hay stack. I could narrow it down if I had the district and use filing dates to filter results, but I'd be SOL.

Does Venus go by Venus Palermo or …what's her new surname?

No. 275190

I'd be SOL without some sort of filter/s.

No. 275191

Venus's new surname is Okada. Palermo is the legal name Venus used previously, and Margo claimed it was her married name. But then she later said Venus's dad had a totally different last name so who knows.

No. 275192

Margo registered her company back in 2013 with the name Margaret Palermo, and she previously posted her student visa card from South Korea which also had that name on it.

No. 275193


God bless you Lawfag.

No. 275194

Hmmmm. Well from reading whatever is available via google, looks like Margo would have filed in District Court. I did a search of all District Courts, but didn't turn anything up.

Here is the link to the skeleton form Margo probably downloaded from US Courts website. It's really as easy as this to file junk lawsuits.


No. 275195


It's a shame women have to take the men's family name in Japan… Okada… that's just argh.

No. 275198

I could swear there was a picture, possibly from Margo's dad's IG in a previous thread, featuring Venus' dad and a surname that wasn't Koncz or Palermo. It was in one of his Old Hungarian Man Learns the Internet posts about his family when this whole drama broke.

No. 275199

File: 1464736042743.jpg (66.9 KB, 665x500, sh3cj5d.jpg)

What's wrong with odaka?

Also, someone posted this on kiwi.

No. 275200

What grounds does Margo even have to sue Venus? Does she have any solid proof that she was the one behind the entire channel, shooting videos and editing videos? Was there a contract drawn up between her and Venus stating that any money made off the channel would be split any kind of way?

Her demanding $3000 a month simply because her legal age daughter moved out so she can't mooch off her anymore isn't a good enough reason. Would that even hold up in court?

I think if Venus wanted to or had to she could counter sue for defamation of character, stalking/harassment and damages caused by Margo filing false copyright claims and have her own mother pay her back for money lost while her channel was down and for emotional damage caused by this whole mess.

No. 275201

Mira logic:
>block and ignore

Venus already did that some months ago Mira. You forgot the part where Margo came to the house more than once. But hey, just "block and ignore". Sage bc late.

No. 275202

Wow, Venus, you can't be so naive to still believe your mom is some kind of genius, what the hell? This shit makes me mad.

No. 275203

File: 1464736723506.jpg (56.31 KB, 953x425, give us a name.jpg)

Samefagging but it's not currently on Papa Ferenc's IG. I thought it was this picture but now there are no names under Margo's wedding picture.

No. 275205

Hey that's right, she did go to Japan. Thanks for reminding me; I was beginning to question everything.

It was not Montreal confirmed but rather Vancouver. When you look at the map you'll see why: it's the cheapest place for her to land in North America. There has been speculation about various places she might go but for money reasons we will assume WA or CA right now as they're close.

No. 275207

Did you ever watch Venus' 'how I ran away from home vid'? She is naive about a lot of things. Like she thought Margo hitting her was normal until other people explained that it's not. There's a lot for Venus to learn in life but don't blame her; it's not her fault she is the way she is. It's 100% Margo's abuse.

Mirror of the vid if you haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-vuD4I1vHw

No. 275208

I think Maggot kept telling Venus this to a point where she believed it. There's no way in hell she's smart enough to have an IQ that high with all the idiotic things she has done. She's as dumb as a box of rocks. I'm betting that somewhere in that email she sent Venus, she was screaming some shit about, "I HAVE A 152 IQ AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO FORGET IT. YOU ARE STUPID!!!"

No. 275209

Try with Margaret Koncz or Margit Koncz, anon.

No. 275210

I Google'd the name Okada.

Okada Name Meaning Japanese: ‘rice paddy on the hill’; variously written. This is a common place name throughout Japan, but the surname is mostly found in western Japan.

sage because dumb

No. 275211

It's not uncommon to have high iq people completely lack common sense.

No. 275212

Try with Okada

No. 275213

I just took one of those free iq tests and scored 147 without trying. I'm thinking she did the same thing.

No. 275214

Is it possible that margo wanted to delete the channel because of venus videos about her?

No. 275216

Venus' dad: Neuenschander

No. 275218

It's probably a combination of that and she has the mentality of, "I DESERVE THIS!!! If I can't have Venus money, then no one can! She's ungrateful for all I've done for her!" when we all know all she did was fucking tarnish her own daughter's image, chances at better opportunities and the like. Imagine how much further her weeaboo kawaii career could have gotten her if it weren't for Maggot meddling so much and making everyone hate her?

This wouldn't surprise me at all. It really does sound like the most logical explanation aside from Magrot always being full of shit.

No. 275221

>>275077 (I did not realize there were so many typos; sorry about that.)
OP, and yeah I'm not sure. I go there for the same reason you do, or I've been there to watch people's indie films.

I didn't even think of this. Momentarily forgot all about Fullscreen.


My only qualm with this is that Margo might try to spin this as Manali stealing her intellectual property or something and spam report his channel too.

No. 275223

>Is it possible that margo wanted to delete the channel because of venus videos about her?

Obviously. Why would she let Venus incriminate her?

No. 275226

Sure she'll tell judges bs like ~taking that pic that went viral~

Hope Venus and her lawyer turn the tables and say V was forced to perform those creepy, borderline fetish videos such as pantyhose or mukbang ones and Margo is indeed the one behind them, so they can sue the bitch for child abuse.

No. 275229

Are you sure about the spelling? (Neuenschander) I thought there was a 'w' in there somewhere.

No. 275230

It won't be a broader lawsuit covering these issues, but rather a 'takedown' lawsuit aimed at keeping the videos down. She will simply keep repeating they are her work. How far will this get her? Not very, as she has clearly blackmailed Venus. But still a case has to start in order to be thrown out, and a lot of time can pass.

No. 275231

If you are thinking of contacting him, don't! You have no right to intervene in Venus' family relationships, no matter how shitty they may be.

No. 275233

That's fine except in doing so they acknowledge it's Margo's work. So then they need to prove that she got paid already bc Venus paid every living and travel expense for both of them for those years. It's doable.

No. 275234

Legal anon: What about maggot demanding $3000/month or she'll sue? That's extortion and witness tampering, right? Both are felonies here in the US. I know the maggot isn't a US citizen but she's filing her bs case in the US. Can she be arrested and prosecuted for this?

I know no one knows where she is right now but she had to leave contact information when she filed the complaint. It seems like a warrant for her arrest could be issued to her via email/whatever?

No. 275235

IIRC, technically the rule is that members in each household must have the same last name. manaki could have taken venus's surname

No. 275236

Not to contact him but as a possible surname the maggot might be using to file the complaint, to help find it online.

No. 275238

phew, I get it now.

No. 275239

Venus Isabelle Okada (nee Palermo*)

Marge's Hungarian name: Margaret Koncz or Margit Koncz, as per >>275209

Venus' dads surname/locale: Neuenschwander of Bözberg, Switzerland as per >>242365

*was Palermo a legal name change - we don't know.

No. 275243


Not lawfag but could Venus and lawyers play Margo's game as in "Yes, that's Margo's work BUT the woman exploited her underage daughter isolating her from society, forcing her to perform degrading, unhealthy activities. recorded and broadcasted them for her financial gain without giving V her share or earnings" or something like that?

I would do that without a second thought but idk Venus, maybe deep inside she still loves her mother that much

No. 275247

She might still respect her mother, as in want her to go away and get on with her own life. Venus also seems to have only an inkling that what she experienced with her mother was not normal.

No. 275255

File: 1464744445674.png (770.06 KB, 936x596, marghobo.png)

Looks like she's on her way back to Japan…

No. 275256

File: 1464744461129.jpg (84.51 KB, 476x341, tmp_3351-20160531_202623142013…)

No. 275257

File: 1464744480200.jpg (84.83 KB, 476x339, tmp_3351-20160531_202635189398…)

No. 275258

Jesus, Her fucking face just screams "I'm coming for you venoos"

No. 275259

>Venus also seems to have only an inkling that what she experienced with her mother was not normal.

Well, child abuse was only made illegal recently, so there's that.

No. 275262

The more she becomes conscious about the abuse she went through, the more she will become angry at her mother. That's a healing phase, completly normal.

No. 275266

she smooths the fuck out of their faces and still leaves the awful eyebags and the pimple above hey eyebrow…fuck

sage bc pissed

No. 275267

Can't tell you for sure without reading the email in which she tries to ransom off the channel, but chances are no. It all lies in Margo's intent and the language (god imagine a jury having to dissect that). Seems like Margo could easily pass off the 3k per month as conditions to relinquish her "rights" which would be Margo negotiating rather than extorting money from Venus.

Usually extortion is more high profile and has larger consequences to get a prosecutor to convict. Margo essentially is dancing around extortion, but as long as she claims copyright as hers and doesn't acknowledge that she knows the videos aren't it wouldn't be extortion. I work in civil law, but I took a lot of criminal law courses in college. For the most part, a lot of criminal prosecution lies in intent. Margo may have a get out of jail card in this arena because she's so fucking nuts.

I'll try these.

No. 275268

"#japanesegirl" lol it's a stewardess exactly said.

Margyoda is implying that that person is a random fangirl that ran towards her to get a photo with her. While in reality it's the opposite and the stewardess accepted to be photographed to be polite with her.

No. 275270

"Look, I have friends everywhere, Venoos! Everybody knows ma channel."


No. 275272

Lmfao she liked her own photo?? Pathetic.

No. 275274

What about we lure her to a troll page posting it as a comment in her ig saying that she can get 3000 followers if she clicks on the link?

No. 275275

uh whatever

No. 275276

it's yoda who is the fan. celebs gotta stick together.

No. 275277


Does she pretend to look for Venus' house again?

No. 275278

idk legal anon…"give me $3000/month or I sue" sounds like extortion to me, plus witness tampering since Venus is involved in civil litigation and maggot is the plaintiff.

I say this bc a batshit blogger I know of threatened her stepmother with releasing a sex tape her father secretly made of them if the stepmom went to court over the blogger stealing her SS# to open credit card accounts. Stepmom called the police and batshit blogger was charged with felony extortion and felony witness tampering (in Orlando, FL.) She goes to trial in July.

Venus's situation sounds pretty identical to that case, to me.

No. 275279

wtf can she even do in japan? she must really think she's about to sign a contract to receive $3000 a month, forever.

as usual she probably made the flight already but posts this on a delay.

No. 275281

If she's returning to Japan it's no doubt with the intent to place further stress on Venus and bully her into a compromise.
I just hope Venus can remain firm through all this. I'm worried she might crack.

No. 275282

Eating popcorn, reading her ig comments.
I love watching verbal WWE in the internets…

No. 275284

Maggot mentioned that Venus' legal name is now Minako Okada. She could have been lying but that's in case nothing shows up for Venus.

No. 275285

It would probably be heavily complicated by the international aspect of this. Margo as a citizen of Crazymomestonia or wherever the fuck.

The case you describe sounds really interesting though.

No. 275286

I'm worried too. Oh, how I wish they'd just deny this bitch re-entry or something. She's psycho and evil and knows no boundaries.

No. 275287

Margo's fave tokyo airbnb is no longer listed. It wouldn't stop her staying there by private arrangement though.

No. 275288

If Venus doesn't report anything to the police, there's nothing to stop Margo coming back in as a tourist. First I thought Margo ran away from Japan but it seems in fact she went to the US for an intentional reason. So nothing will stop her re-entry. After all she is a nice old lady just in Japan to visit her daughter, who also supports her.

No. 275289


Yo dawg, she must be already in Japan by now, there's nothing to do already.

No. 275290

It seems like she's been making these IG posts on a delay lately. Chances are she's already strolled back through Japanese customs with no problem.

No. 275295

I'm worried, too. V is not ready to see her mother. She's still vulnerable, and doesn't know yet how to deal with a NPD person. She barely realises what happened during all her childhood with her mother.

And Margaret knows how easily she can manipulate her…

No. 275299

Oooooh that verbal push in her face!!!

Look at haruganja's comment:

No. 275303

Fucking maggot thinks she's on a roll right now, all full of herself taunting Venus and her followers on IG and jetsetting around with a face full of makeup like a rockstar.

Must have just gotten that monthly Swiss check too, so she's flush.

No. 275306

Spending almost a year on tourist visa with visa runs to Korea in between wouldn't raise a huge red flag for japanese customs?

No. 275308

yes of course she is. but I'm replying to the anon who believes people can just be stopped at borders.

No. 275309

Her daughter just got married to a national anon, and if they ask her she will tell them. Margo can also show good reason to have been in SK with Venus at least (the study). It's really not that strict if she doesn't get their attention. Of course how much longer she can do it - is the question. In the meantime she has another 90 days and (presumably) more swissbux.

No. 275317

How you stop her swissbux? The airport hobo style suits Margendo so much more with butthair on her clothes.

No. 275319

File: 1464751197876.jpg (106.5 KB, 2000x669, margo4.jpg)

Margo's insta selfies posted (from left to right):

- four days ago, longer hair, korean dorm;
- three days ago, shorter hair, korean dorm; and
- today, longer hair.

She's bullshitting about all of it. This selfie will be from one of her flights earlier. By the time she left the Korean dorm place she had short hair.

No. 275320

we had discussion about this but really it's for someone closer to the situation to do. there is no obvious way to make a successful anon report.

No. 275321


No anon, the first pic on the left was in the canadian airbnb

No. 275322

Vickispets hashtagged #getajob looool

No. 275324

nope it's the 'blessing house'. check the pic: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/12988992

same place as pic #2.

No. 275325

You got blocked, don't you?

No. 275326

I agree.

No. 275338

File: 1464753590996.jpg (335.35 KB, 2283x1363, margo5.jpg)

adding pic. both selfies in this same room (for what it's worth).

No. 275341

File: 1464754341290.png (641.21 KB, 931x534, preach haruganja.png)

No. 275342

Seems like a Korean stewardess…

No. 275343

Good point. That doesn't seem to be the JAL uniform.

No. 275347

No. 275351

Manaki deleted the last drawing he posted on his IG. I wonder why. He barely uses IG.

No. 275352

ANA does have a Star Wars theme jet.

No. 275356

No. 275380

I am super salty that that fucking river monster gets to fly in the Star Wars plane

No. 275384

themed planes costs more than regular planes right?

No. 275390

damn son, does she have a thread in /snow/?

No. 275393

Probably wants to keep his media presence as low as possible as long as Margo is around. I imagine her to be the type who stalks his workplace, and emails all his superiors with the things he post on instagram to proove he is a true criminal and art theft or whatever.

No. 275399

Imo she's still getting some money from Venus. Maybe margo actually got some money from her by blackmailing, but she raised the price to 3000$

No. 275402

Zsusna was really pretty

No. 275403

You're nuts.

No. 275405

>blaming njm
How much tinfoil do you use?

Also everyone should stfu about njm

No. 275406

File: 1464772290904.png (109.63 KB, 983x128, 52222f1f-e86f-4a4f-84b9-cbcf44…)

So NJM aka Glenda Miskin, batshit 60-year-old p0rn talent scout is on Venus's IG workin' for her bff magrot.

I think she's helping maggs with this legal bullshit. She was sued for stalking & harrassment for obsessively stalking a professor at the college she was at. She sent the guy hundreds of phone messages & emails and got kicked out of the college over it, then she set up a website where she posted fake 'news stories' about the guy and the school accusing him of being a pedophile who raped kids and had all sorts of deviant sex fetishes. She wrote a whole fake 'book' about him titled 'the kinky life of a randy physics professor' or something, going into great detail about his fetishes and pedophilia.

Anyway the poor guy took her to court for internet stalking and harassment and she 'represented' herself. He won & got a big settlement, it made the news and everything. Of course he never saw a dime bc Glenda is a broke-ass obsessive nutcase just like maggot.

I bet $10000000 she's helping maggot with this fuckery. (She's not a lawyer or even a paralegal btw… she does have a law degree from Google U tho.)

No. 275410

t i n f o i l h a t

No. 275411

I don't know if njm is indeed involved with margs lawsuit but I it's weird that she has changed her mind again (she became pro-venus/anti-margo when the channel went down). but who knows, she's loony af…

No. 275413

She is still pro-venus. But she is kind of right, she should just make a new channel.

No. 275414

If I remember correctly manaki got a comment from one of his japanese followers suggesting that giving margo money would be the easiest solution. I wouldn't be surprised if this is how most japanese people would deal in this kind of situations (no open conflict). If he or Venus gave her money it was big mistake imo (it was already a mistake that Venus gave her all that stuff from the storage)

No. 275429

File: 1464779326770.jpg (76.77 KB, 640x800, 13129767_626822827464683_80611…)

She's not pro-Venus. She's sucking up to Venus trying to gain her trust. Now she's trying to talk her into turning over the channel, the name VenusAngelic and the 'living doll' brand to maggot so maggot can get herself a brand new VenusAngelic and be a #CelebrityManager again. Some 13-year-old she can dress up & put makeup on & parade around and make $$ on like she did with Venus, only I bet this one will be a naughty/sexxy Venus, a la hotpinky. Remember hotpinky?

Fucking maggot is salivating at the prospect. That's why she's so sassy these days.

No. 275432

Oh god! That shoop is hilarious!

No. 275434


I don't think so. Reasons why she should fight for her old channel:
1. She needs the money to build up her new life and pay for her studies. With a new channel she won't get even 1/2 of her current followers back.

2. It's a matter of justice now. If she won't get her channel back it would just mean that crappy people like margo can have their way if they just act crappy enough.

3. I believe the channel is more precious to her than we may think. She hasn't anything left from her past life, no family album, no childhood room, no old friends… nothing thanks to margmonster. The channel may be full of cringy and controversial stuff but it's still a memorial to her past, it shows the way she went and who she has become now. A lot of your farmers may think it would be better to delete the embarassing videos, change her name, channel logo, start from zero etc but that's not what Venus decided to do. From what we seen recently her way of dealing is more to accept the past and move on(just like how she recently started to make fun of her older self with her peanut persona).

No. 275435

Wtf so much wrong in this pic

No. 275436

all this chicks pics look as bad. half surgery half shoop.

No. 275437

good points anon

No. 275441

Hell no anon. The maggot must NOT WIN.

No. 275446

152 IQ isn't even that much. I got 160+ for example, and i'm not some genius with exclusive abbilities.

No. 275449

Muh humblebrag

No. 275450


No. 275452


Go write in your diary, anon.

No. 275454

I'm not bragging, i mean all this IQ is bullshit, it doesn't represent actuall intelligence.

No. 275455

True true. My boyfriend has mensa level IQ(though I don't know the number) and just seems above average to me. He also said the mensa magazine is just full of people ego stroking their IQ level and not accomplishing anything with their lives.

No. 275457

I think it's more an estimate of capacity than an actual measurement of intelligence. There are people with a high IQ, who just don't put any work into it, and there are people with an average IQ who despite everything shine through via hard work.

No. 275458

Margo is stupid enough to try to serve Venus herself. Although, can't see it being valid given her harassment of Venus. She's a dangerous person. I hope Venus moves at least.

No. 275459

If Manki didn't have a job, I would suggest they move in with his folks or let Venus til her mom stops her shit.
But Venus has a pretty good case against her. The fucking twat is trying to blackmail her and Venus has the proof of whatever email or text she sent if Margo contacted her that way.
Venus can do like anons say and have full screen make her a YouTube if YouTube doesn't just block Margo.

No. 275471

in our special place. . .

No. 275474

ave satanas. do it margles

No. 275479

I was watching the whole h3h3 lawsuit drama videos and I agree with other anons from previous threads saying that Venus should contact FUPA. FUPA was made for the shit that Margo is pulling right now and it's so recent that she would almost definitely get help if she contacted them.

No. 275480


And I think it would be such a good promotion for them if they would solve this problem since Venus isn't just a small YouTuber. I really wish somebody will help venus is this never-ending fight.

No. 275481

This dumb cunt

how V can walk away from her OWN name?

If margo decides to put some other unfortunate girl as the new star of the channel she's the one who should rename it as jane angelic or something.

No. 275483

This is not a fair use issue. Venus is not using excerpts of other copyrighted material in her videos.

No. 275484


so the next time when her channel is back she should delete all maggot videos? I mean the ones which she was to see?

No. 275486

File: 1464794818825.png (13.23 KB, 295x114, lol.PNG)

This twat is so far up margo's ass

No. 275487

That's true but it still feels like it can fall under the same category since it's copyright issues. I think it would be worth Venus trying since all they can really say is no and she is right back where she started. Plus, Venus has a pretty solid story that would make a lot of people sympathetic. Like the another anon said it feels like Venus needs help, she's a 19 year old girl caught up in all this legal shit and getting stalked and harassed by her own mother. The whole situation is so angering.

No. 275488

File: 1464795751138.png (59.76 KB, 642x378, 4984516857841321.PNG)


I'll just leave this here.

No. 275489

Seriously? This person thinks that V's fans want to pay Margo money every month with their hard earned money so she can sit on her ass doing nothing? I'm all for buying Venus merch to support Venus but never Margo. If she wants money so badly, Margo needs to hit the streets and do what she does best, screw people.

No. 275491

fucking kek. I feel sorry for Venus but I am not going to mantain her mother, she's not my trophy wife lmao Even if I had the money, that's a problem between Venus and Margo. Doing a gofundme? Okay but what will she do when the money is gone because she's given everything to her mother? Will she create another gofund me? That's stupid. Margo needs to start looking for a fucking real job, she's behaving like a fucking child. Doesn't she have a high IQ? Why doesn't she start studying something and then work? Oh well, she's lazy as fuck and prefers to continue being a gold digger. She can't come to Spain again, we are too fucked right now and I think she is in debt here too? Go back to your country Margo, stop this shit. Your daughter isn't going to pay your toilet paper till your last day in this world.

No. 275493

fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Fixed mindset + 152 IQ < growth mindset + hard work

Venus is MAYBE not as much intelligent as her psycho mom but she works hard to get what she wants and needs. So she has much more capacity than she thinks.

While Marge is so proud of her 152 IQ that she thinks people owe him everything, that she has no efforts to do bc she thinks she's superior. And she has NPD that's why her IQ will never grow more than that, while V might one day surpass her mother… if it's not already the case.

I'm reassured.


No. 275495

OMG another "Motherhood is holy. If your mom wants to kill you bc you're unobedient than you must respect yo mother's choice. I Venus was innocent she would accept it like Isaac in da bible."-fag!
As if NJM and chu_face were not enough idiots…

No. 275496

File: 1464797520200.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320, 1442096523070.gif)


This is the stupidest comment ever made

No. 275498

This is Maggot's dumbest follower, even dumber than Gassyrose Chu-shit and Jasminefuck. These levels of stupidity cannot be a troll holy fuck, I want to stab them in the face. WHY WOULD VENUS'S FOLLOWERS HAVE TO PAY TO LET MAGGOT BE A LAZY FUCK? Stupid people know no bounds.

No. 275499

I wonder if these people are Motherhoodholiness fanatics of if they are sockpuppet accounts.

Bc stupidity level really hurt!

No. 275500

Let's spam comment Marshit's ig with #findajob #notdisabled #stopbegging #airporthobo #beggarshame

No. 275501

really hurts*

No. 275502

I so badly want to ask "so in what ways?"

No. 275504

>**in what ways had Venus abused Margaret

No. 275512

So, Maggot is going back to Japan? I hope Venus goes back to her inlaws with Manaki.

No. 275516

>IQ of 190+
>can't spell abilities

No. 275518

>nitpicking spelling
>can't even read numbers correctly

No. 275525

>inb4 margo start claiming she has some secret disability

but seriously, Margo being a MENSA member, qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, optician,manager, PR spokeperson,entrepreneur, radiologist and astronaut…dude, how many corporations would kill for have an employee with such capabilities? How come no one is throwing job contracts at her?

No. 275527

I still can't believe any of these, but bet she can't even pass a job interview because of her crazy and mean spirited aura.

My bet is that she got pregnant to tie her ex husband to her, because she likes to be pampered and hates the idea of working because she can't deal with authorities well, or admit to mistakes, and now expects her daughter to take her ex husbands sustainer role, because in her head, she is the responsible one.

No. 275528


Mensa qualification is 134. It's full of ego-stroking, but there are some really nice programs depending on your location. And really IQ isn't that big of a deal if you don't use it for anything productive. It's just a measure of your learning potential, nothing else.

Anyway, I don't think Mags sued or even plans on suing Venus. It's likely that YT told Mags to gtfo, so now her last bet is trying to get money from Venus under the threat of a lawsuit. She's bluffing, but V & Manaki may be tired enough to give in to her demands.

No. 275530

Not likely. Considering no matter how tired you are, if you don't have $3K a month to spare, then you don't have $3K a month to spare. Maggot would absolutely expect that arrangement to continue for life too, and I'm quite sure she's the type that if you give her an inch, she'll take a mile. She'd probably start demanding $5K or $10K if Venus's popularity increased. Giving in to her would be the worst thing they could do.

No. 275532

Pretty much, maggot strikes me as that kind of mother who blame her offspring of her bad life choices

>"If I didn't open my legs to some random dude and YOU weren't born, I could have a happy life reeeeeeeeeee"

No. 275535

I can see them offering up money to get her to leave them alone. Obviously they don't have it, but sure a lump sum is starting to look like a nice alternative to being stalked. Venus is naive and Manaki seems passive enough to do it.

No. 275538

I don't think Venus is as naive as you guys seem to think. And I'm sure she knows that her mother would not accept a lump sum, but would demand frequent payments to keep the cash flowing.

No. 275539

There's no way in hell Midge would accept a lump sum to fuck off. She's evil and wants control and a constant stream of effortless money more than anything. If V and M gave her any sort of payment, monthly, a lump sum or anything of the sort, she'd just keep harassing them and screaming "MORE!!!" or whatever the equivalent to more is in lizard tongue.

No. 275541

Can some take notes of when she's going online, where (ig, yt, fb, …), what she's doing (responing, deleting, posting, …), and potential sockpuppet accounts?

That will give us more information than you think if you ask why.

Any volonteer?

No. 275542

Can someone*

No. 275546

Can't V just put the videos that Margot 'worked so hard on' on private and the problem would be solved? I mean, a lot of them were clearly just V sitting in front of a webcam/camera filming herself. How many did Marg actually film? It's crazy that shes asking for $3k a month. The videos Marg worked on wouldn't be raking in that sorr of revenue, and up until now she was living on the money from it. But, if V hides the videos, will she be safe?

No. 275547

I'm trying to get on the inside since she's doing so many batshit insane things. It may take a while though. There's only so far you can go when it comes to this psychopathic bitch.

No. 275548


What would the purpose be?

No. 275549

Purpose? More milk of course. Why are we in here?

No. 275551

You don't understand. Margret is claiming ownership of the entire Venus Angelic "brand", and everything Venus ever put out over the course of those six years she operated her channel before leaving Maggot's grasp. She claims that she is the copyright holder because, according to her (which we all know means it's bullshit), she did everything from planning the videos to creating the makeup looks, instructing Venus on how to perform the videos, filming them, doing lighting, outfit styling, etc. She thinks she owns literally every video Venus put out from the time she started her channel, up until she left Mags in Korea, and furthermore, owns the rights to the name Venus Angelic more than Venus herself does. According to her, VenusAngelic isn't a person, but an idea, a brand, a concept, which SHE created, and Venus was just the face of that brand. But the brand is owned by Maggot (bullshit, obviously, but this is her perspective). So as long as Venus owns the youtube channel and continues to make videos under that name, Midge thinks she has the right to file these claims and shut down her channel. And Venus can't make a new channel because of youtube's policy on account termination. So she has really fucked her over in the most efficient way possible, unfortunately.

No. 275552

No. 275553

Petitions don't do anything, anon. 500 signatures will not draw youtube's attention, considering they generally can't be assed to even help youtubers with 5+ million subscribers in similar situations. And it certainly won't have any impact on Miggles. It's a waste of time.

No. 275555

No. 275556

Everyone does what he thinks it's the best. N Nobody is forced to sign, anon.

No. 275557

It won't help but signing this just cost you 2 seconds and it may piss marggle off, so why not?

No. 275558


No. 275559

and funny how in that interview where margo puts her hands over V's ears, they say VenusAngelic isn't a character, but Venus herself (or at least that's what I could understand from his margoese lizard language)

No. 275560

>IQ of 200+
>doesn't understand hyperbole

No. 275580

There's a photo of Venus at her parents' wedding. Maggles trapped him into pregnancy and prob tried to pass it off as an accident.

No. 275582

File: 1464819853541.jpg (630.13 KB, 1920x1080, 608038-falcon-close-up.jpg)

Oh shit, Venus's account is gone again.

No. 275583


Now I fucking hate Margot but this line of thinking is so retarded, you can't trap anyone into a pregnancy unless you rape them. No one forced Venus's dad to skeet in the crazy bitch. He made a conscious decision to blow his load inside that heiffer knowing what the consequences could be. I'd be mad as fuck at my dad if he just stuck his dick in the crazy and then left me to deal with it.

No. 275586

Venus explained the Palermo thing before, it is the name of her father which was swiss-austrian but got adopted by italian immigrants.

No. 275587

Palermo was the name he grewup with after getting adopted as child, you can change your name later as adult again.

No. 275588

What if someone reported her videos? Give her a taste of her own medicine. Bahaha.

No. 275592

There are quite a few ways to do just that. From tampering with birth control (condoms; pills if you're a man), denying the right to birth control (both; this is considered abuse), to digging a used condom out of the trash and shoving it up inside you (yes people have done this), and similarly giving a blowjob and keeping the sperm in your mouth and then going to the bathroom to… insert it.
You can also lie that you're on birth control/are sterile/had a vasectomy.
This is stuff that happens, although I have no idea if Maggot did any of these things. There's no way to know, but I wouldn't be surprised.
It usually goes hand in hand with other abusive/manipulative behavior.

No. 275593


Maggot being a scheming bitch, most likely acted nice and sweet/didn't went full turbocunt on him before pregnancy and marriage. You don't really get to know someone until you live with them. A cousin's wife did the same thing to him, everything was fine and dandy until their kid was born, bitch sued him and took everything from him plus alimony

On a side note, Venus always has been a cute girl, margo saw the opportunity to project her failed pageant mom dreams on her and milk some more extra cash. Probably if V were born as a boy, Margo would be another random single mother no one would ever heard about.

tl;dr: Basically she sees her ex-husband and ex-daughter as living ATMs, entitled to every cent they earn.

No. 275595

No offense anon, but you sound naive. People can and do tamper with their contraceptives and then lie about using them. >>275592 said exactly what I was thinking when I said that she probably trapped her ex-husband by getting pregnant with Venus.

No. 275606

File: 1464826962188.png (31.92 KB, 847x473, Venus.png)

As >>275559 said, Venus' youtube channel is gone again
I tried to play a video I had in a playlist and it says

"The youtube channel connected to this video was terminated because of several copyright infringement claims of third parties."

No. 275608

Hun, you guys are a few days behind. It's because Margaret is in the process of suing Venus, which automatically terminates the Youtube account regardless of previous protection.

No. 275628

New thread soon anyway.

I request mentioning in the OP why Venus can't make a new channel because it would seem that some of the idiots who come here don't bother to read the thread before posting.

No. 275629

read the damn thread.

No. 275636

>It's because Margaret is in the process of suing Venus, which automatically terminates the Youtube account regardless of previous protection.
That's not how it works.

No. 275637

File: 1464832427602.png (215.47 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Random image so who cares about that since the text is what's interesting. Letting the bad engrish out or drunk? I'm leaning towards drunk atm

No. 275639

Girl. Read further up the thread. Her account is gone because it's the subject of a legal dispute, wjich is why Youtube can't protect it until this shit is over.

No. 275640

Ohhhhhh yeah, that's drunk typing. Wow.

No. 275642

Very, very drunk.

No. 275643

kids, getting pregnant is the easiest thing in the world. all you have to do is not think about it and bam, pregnant. especially when you first fall in love and are having sex a lot. sure there are women scheming on babies but the reality is almost no-one actually uses foresight in these situations.

this thread became 10x more dumb overnight for some reason. / saged

No. 275644

"but she left back all her school documents and printed herself a US high school diplom to get into some course in Japan "

Bitch, that's a serious accusation. God.

No. 275646

More like Margot printed her a diploma.

No. 275647

>I was abused

>but I never would say publicly anything against my parents.

Margo ffs.

No. 275648

Guys… what if actually, Margaret is the one who's right about Venus being super liar and manipulative to the point of making us believe all the drama that has been woing on and we're all supporting the wrong person?

No. 275649


>bite my finger off


No. 275650

File: 1464833390542.jpg (132.71 KB, 1400x774, margo6.jpg)

rambles continue.

No. 275652

Guys… what if actually, you are one of Margo's minions? Fuck off, you are wasting your time.

No. 275653


dude there's proof of margo being a psycho pageant mom since forever

No. 275655

No man, not at all. I', just impressed by how can she (Margo) be so delusional and keep saying unbelieavable things even though no one, or almost no one supports her. Like she's so persistant with "her truth", like she's actually convinced that what she says is the pure truth. That's what it made me think, but I of course believe she needs professional help and is delusional as fuck.

No. 275656

We've seen proof of every single one of Maggots lies and her contradictions. There is nothing to show for Venus because she's been telling the truth and not hiding from her moms lies. It's easier to tell the truth than to lie.

No. 275657

>venus will live rich in Japan

soooo margaret, can you decide for once if they're rich or not?

No. 275658

It worries me that Venus hasn't updated since her channel incident. I have a question; if Margaret actually sued her, does that mean that she has to go to USA because of it or can she handle that situacion while being in Japan?

No. 275659

I love everyone in the comments telling her to get a job because that's what a lawyer would say too so it looks good in front of a judge. Judges don't want to see jobless moms in divorces taking all their ex husbands money. Would work the same way in a partnership.

No. 275661

Also funny how margret says V is blinded for money, while she's the one asking $3k per month. But yea, this is not about the moniez right?

No. 275663

do we have actual proof she has sued yet? she maybe prepared all the documents (notarising etc) but right now all we know is she is blackmail-ing for money before actually suing. right now the channel will be down due to new copyright claims and she has weeks before she'll need to sue.

No. 275664

I wish venus could just make a new channel.
I know she can't right now as it is considered evading your ban and i know she probably won't even when she can later on simply because the already existing videos are bringing in some money.
Also… she shouldn't have to do so to begin with as it is HER channel..
But still i'd love to see margo flip out about Venus having a new channel and margo being able to lay no claim at all.
I'm so curious what else margo will then try to get a grip on venus her life

No. 275665

I wish she'd just move to a different platform.

No. 275666

"her cheating 4 days after marriage […] to mess up my relationship"
I reminds me those women with children who begin a relationship with a man who is a pedophile, then they discover the truth and instead of blaming their boyfriend they blame their children.

I always wondered why V looked so strange in the photo where she is with that guy that M pretends to be her lover. There was some discomfort in her eyes. Idk how to explain.

Maybe I'm wrong but just in case I'm not the only one who thought that.

No. 275668

Everyday, there's families that experience traumatic natural disasters, accidents or sudden layoffs, and the parents and older family members will immediately seek any work they can to survive. Cleaning toilets, working in fast food despite preciously having an office job, working in the fields, housekeeping, etc. Simultaneously, these people seek government help and go to the employment office. They don't sit around blaming their kids or post bathroom selfies for teenagers.

Then we have Margaret. With nobody to support but herself. Who, with her genius level IQ and phenomenal talents(jk)had months to find a even a part-time job. Yet she refuses. And we all know why that leech didn't contact government services to help her in her time of need.

No. 275669

File: 1464835346386.jpg (149.56 KB, 1400x668, margo7.jpg)

we know a deletion spree is coming, so more:

No. 275670

Dude, M said contradictory and uncoherent things, while V did not. We have seen lots of shitty comments and posts from M deleted by herself while V not.

Any other stupid question?

No. 275671

File: 1464835510966.jpg (151.83 KB, 1400x708, margo8.jpg)

No. 275673

I really hope they will be rich… and without her.

No. 275674

interesting change in story from the channel being 100% Margo's to a joint channel and a statement that it was 50/50 split of work.

No. 275675

File: 1464835805362.jpg (140.51 KB, 845x977, margo9.jpg)

No. 275676

I still don't understand how Venus cheating messed up Margo's relationship unless its true that Margo pushed her daughter on her boytoy's friend. And when he found out what Margo was doing and told his friend to stay away.

And its funny we have possible video of Venus having brusies and Margo being an controlling cunt from fan accounts but nothing on Margo's claim of her being the victim.
Every account says Margo wore the pants; hers and Venus'.

No. 275677

Margaret has reacted and negatively. I think that maybe she lost and is bitter then ever and that's why she posted that amount shit.

I hope that I'm right bc V will have her account deblocked again.

No. 275678

>if the injured party can't sue bc starting legal actions costs thousands of dollars
WUT I thought that was what she flew to the US to do. So now she says she can't afford to?? What did she do to get the channel shut down again??

So confused

No. 275680

just new copyright claims anon. she only claimed 20 last time so there are plenty left to claim on. three fresh claims = channel termination.

No. 275681


Given the way Mags takes the truth and twists it, one can imagine that she did indeed put her fingers in Venus' mouth forcefully at one point… I really hope those jokes about her making Venus puke during the mukbang videos don't turn out to be the truth. :/

No. 275683

and then when she gets the counter-notices, she has about another 14 days on each one to get the lawsuit running. once the lawsuit is running, the channel is terminated until the lawsuit is done.

No. 275684

Samefag- to clarify, I don't mean that Venus would have bitten on Margo's fingers, but just that she may have (understandably) struggled against some kappa talons being shoved into her mouth.

No. 275685

That doesn't make sense tho. YT told her the channel was 'protected' which means the same person filing repeated claims shouldn't be able to take it down..the only way would be to file a lawsuit.

No. 275686

lawsuits are not instant. from Margo's fresh comments on insta it sounds like she can't afford to start one. down the track, if she does sue, yes Venus should go to the court in the US and testify against her mother.

No. 275688

Wow, y so angry marge? Seems like "someone" got some bad news. Now we're back in batshit rant mode, hahaha go marge go!

No. 275689

I know anon, but someone at Youtube has misled Venus. Given the DCMA, it seems dubious they can 'protect' any channel really so why did someone tell her that her would be okay? I'd like to give that person my 2c.

No. 275690

Why did she fly to fucking Vancouver then??

No. 275692

Idk, maybe bc prostitution is legal while in the US not… or I maybe wrong.

No. 275693

File: 1464836668765.jpg (150.82 KB, 1400x923, margo10.jpg)

She's going to claim Venus sent all those commenters to tell her to die. Good luck finding that evidence Margo because Venus' behaviour on her public accounts has been exemplary.

No. 275694


No. 275695

the flights are cheaper that way apparently. certainly she arrived in vancouver broke - you don't walk from the airport if you have any money.

but then she's flown back on the star wars jet which costs actual money, and flies out from places like chicago, houston, washington dc. all places you need money to get to and to stay in.

No. 275696

Margo just doesn't see that it was Venus' money she spent on 'fancy schooling'.

No. 275697


No. 275698

Knowing it is Margo, she probably will make fake accounts harassing herself as evidence.

No. 275699

#getajob #airporthobo

No. 275700

Of course not anon, because she believes that is was HER money since she claims to be the mastermind and author of those videos. So she thinks it is money she earned by herself. That's how delusional she is.

No. 275701

I can't believe Margo went all the way to the US then discovered she can't afford to sue?? Has she not heard of the telephone? Hey Margo, that thing is for more than just commenting on insta or interpersonal-drama-messaging.

No. 275702

Anon, that has nothing to do with anyone sueing anybody, that's what YouTube does automatic when somebody gets reported and a person can file claims under another name when a channel got protected from claims of the first name, the Ostrenga's did this all the time.

No. 275704

Her claim doesn't even make sense considering how quickly they left London for the Netharlands for tax evasion, Venus wasn't in Japan at any point from that until the thing with Manaki.

No. 275705

And could joltography please fuck off back to the ana cunts of IG and their comment sections. The autistic herpes are spreading.

No. 275706

Guys, I have 3 questions:

1. If Venus' channel is permanently terminated, will she be able to create a new one? If so, wouldn't it be better then? Since all the videos she'll upload in that new channel will be 100% hers without even the presence of Margo, so she would not be able to claim any copyrights since she wouldn't be involved at all. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

2. If Margendo is again claiming copyright BUT has no money for an actual sue, does that mean that the false claiming will be dismissed in a while since she has no way to stand by the claim? and

3. if she has no money and or actual income to afford a lawyer and all the process of the sue, but she keeps repeteadly reporting Venus' videos and channel, won't YT eventually realize this attitude of her and banning her from V's channel or even from her own account? (or at least protecting Venus' channel against HER claims in particular)

No. 275707

Haha! joltography is completely ignored.

No. 275708

Lurk harder newfag

No. 275709

Shes changed this.
Could someone please cap it?

No. 275710


you can't make a new youtube channel if they terminate you. but you can be featured in someone elses youtube channel (like keemstar)

No. 275711

File: 1464837917761.png (85.18 KB, 338x567, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.24…)

Margo would never publicly say her parents abused her! Except right now.

No. 275712

So her actual parents are different from the abusive Jesus people she sometimes bangs on about?

No. 275713


No, her parents are normal people. Margo considers every single person she's known long term to be abusive, because they won't let her abuse them after a while. Her ex, her parents, and Venus: alll abusive, according to her.

No. 275714


She gets SO close, and then takes a sudden left turn in her mind. Realizes that children are sometimes exploited by their parents - but it is MARGO who has suffered, not Venoos! MArgo's parents have bad abuse genes that skipped innocent Margo completely, but blossomed into the terrible psycho, Venoos!

No. 275717

thanks for adding this anon bc it was not part of the original at >>275637

my favourite part is the grandparental chromosomes dividing when the baby is created.

No. 275718

It's bewildering that Margo thinks paying for Venus' schooling is being "taken advantage of". It's called parenting Margo. Paying for your daughter's clothes, schooling, food, and housing is kind of a part of parenting.

No. 275719

File: 1464838322222.png (72.88 KB, 333x541, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.31…)

Now MANAKI is after a visa? How does that even make sense?

No. 275722

Wow Im actually surprised that venus makes 15k a month. I didnt know that she was making that much as a youtuber.

No. 275723

fuck, that is so what is happening.

No. 275724


Why on earth would you believe Margo? V makes an estimated $40k a year. Nowhere near $15k / month. And she hasn't been paid in months now.

No. 275726


Oh c'mon you bitch, Manaki is very much an honorable person who works his ass off. Not like you. He does not need to live out of "your" money. GOSH.

No. 275728

I think she's implying that Venus pays him for the "fake visa marriage". I don't think Margo can accept the idea that Venus and Manaki might enjoy each others company and might not be exploiting each other. Margo thinks only of exploitation bc that is her way of relating to everyone around her.

No. 275729

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Maggot was doing something very illegal to make this money, like walking into a café, grabbing a handbag and sliding back out the door again. Wouldn't be hard to make her escape either with the amount she's hopping countries.

No. 275730

That's Margo's money too though, you see she once let him talk to Venus and all future earnings are a finders fee for the pimp.

No. 275731

File: 1464838710743.jpg (80.17 KB, 869x255, IMG_20160601_213715.jpg)

Margaret the Genius.

No. 275732

>>275706 is everyone here this naive? Venus gets her revenue from ppl also watching her old videos everyday. It is like business, if she starts over god knows when she will make any money from new few videos or any contract since new channel would be so much smaller than current one. Ppl like to think YT is jus a hobby, it's her source of income as well. (Yes omg ppl make money online) Plus I think she would not like to see her years of hard work disappear.

No. 275733

Given how she systematically milked Venus, it wouldn't surprise me if she put money away in places / things / investments. Maybe she sold some fucking bonds or something- bought with Venus' money.

No. 275735

File: 1464838785842.gif (496.84 KB, 500x269, giphy (13).gif)

hehee Batshit Margo is baaack!

No. 275736


Narcissists think everyone thinks just like them. So all the innocent narc is doing is protecting themselves before others do bad things to them (their minds are terrifying).

No. 275737

No anon it's only a few people here who think the channel is hobby first, money last. Most of us realise it's Venus' job and her income. Most of doubt the $15K a week that Margo cites though. They would have been living in far more luxury if Margo had access to that type of income to spend.

No. 275739

He has a fucking job, he's providing for him and Venus because she can't help out.
How is Venus making any money if she doesn't have her YouTube.

No. 275741


Even though what you say it's very true, because of Margaret being such a pain in the ass MAYBE it would be nice to start from scratch in a way that she won't be able to fuck her again. Plus, if she continues making videos regularly, eventually she would grow again (plus all the attention this drama has caught). It would take time, yes, won't be easy for her (and it's not being easy right now), but it could work, even better than moving to another platform because, let's be honest, no one ever cares about Vimeo/Dailymotion/whatever.

No. 275742

She blocked me, so can anyone ask her "if these 6 years of succes are the work of your life, what where you before? Unemployed? A housewife? Or nobody? … "

No. 275744

But Venus can't. The only way for her to make any money with videos is a new platform.
She can't make a new channal unless a company makes her one.

No. 275746

File: 1464839334297.png (33.17 KB, 309x182, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.47…)

Lol, good point, random person. But you don't understand how important it is that Margo take endless vacations - vital! She can't stop!

No. 275747

Venus can't do anything like that (even if she wants to) until this new channel termination is over.

It sounds like Margo is upset because she can't afford the lawsuit, so maybe it'll just be another 6-8 week normal counter-notice process.

In the ned probably both Fullscreen and Venus want it to stay the way it is, because more $$.

No. 275748

yeah honestly I do too anon, but that's hilarious how margo conveniently switch her version either mana being a piss poor pedo factory worker who can't afford a real stove to them being rich and not wanting to share their zillion yens with mommy kek


I also noticed that anon. Also V politely rejected that guy. IIRC she even told him she was married?

No. 275749

>>Also V politely rejected that guy. IIRC she even told him she was married?

Yep. It sounded like he had a crush, and she was letting him down gently. She said she was married, and was offering to still be just friends. Margo is making a drama out of nothing - her specialty.

No. 275750

go make a sock account. it's not our job to ask your random questions.

No. 275751



No. 275753

I'm pretty sure she told him the truth and he and his friend booked it.
From why Venus has said her mom tried to pimp her out to any dudes Margo thought would provide for her and maybe Venus could get the scraps.
I'll be hella surprised if Manaki was Venus's first if Margo used Venus's virginity as a selling point. Which I think Venus said she tried too.

No. 275754

No, I'm not Marge! No sockpuppet. And I force nobody.

No. 275755


The dude was Margo's "boyfriend"'s best friend, apparently. Margo invited them over and was trying to force the dude on her so fucking hard - everybody had drinks, and Margo took that fucking picture as planned blackmail. And later blamed Venus when Margo's guy dumped Mags for causing the whole drama.

No. 275756


Was that guy (the one who pursued her) the one in the ice cream mukbang video? The one who wore the mask?

No. 275757

How old was that guy even? It's so creepy that Margo was trying to pimp her barely legal daughter out to obviously much older men. Especially if it was her own boyfriend's bf.

No. 275758

File: 1464840185932.png (34.93 KB, 317x237, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.01…)

Lol, mags is embarrassed and going back to fix the typos. I don't think the typos are the embarrassing part of this, Mags.

No. 275761

I think the "boyfriend" was much younger than Margo. I'd guess both guys were in their mid 20s

No clue, I'd have to go back and see the video. I wouldn't be surprised, though. Margo's always been convinced she can play matchmaker and that Venus will just do whatever she says. I can't imagine the rage Margo had when Venus told the guy she didn't want to be with him. That's probably what's driving this "CHEATER!!12546!!" rage: Venus didn't do what Margo wanted (divorce Manaki and fuck her boyfriend's friend.)

No. 275762

Even the rule of "not sticking your dick in crazy" reached Korea.
I'm pretty sure they weren't dating and Margo just forced herself on him because she pimped her daughter out.
"You can have my daughter but you have to get me a man too" on top of one of them being a possible forgiven hunter. Because I doubt Margo could get a man on her own..

No. 275763

How can someone put a heart and a hate speech in the same post?
It feels like "Oh I love Seoul. Aaaarg I hate my daughter."

It sounds just wrong and insane.

No. 275764

eh margo,what fancy school? didn't you held V hostage aka "homeschooled"? Also those travels were you fleeing from the tax office

No. 275765


I'd guess it was something like that, too. Like, Margo promised they could have a 3 way with her daughter so he'd stick around. She's exactly the kind of mother who'd gladly let a pedo dick her child, ironically enough. Just so long as the pedo treated her like a queen and the kid like shit.

No. 275766

I thought she said $7500 which is literally half that

No. 275767

File: 1464840712524.png (47.32 KB, 311x284, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.10…)

Edits. Venus made a fake US high school diploma to move to Japan (lol, ok Mags), and Venus had it too good, that's why she's such a brat and wont just give Margo everything.

No. 275768

No edit anon, she did said that already.

No. 275769

that last sentence doesn't even make sense

margaret confirmed for being drunk or on drugs

No. 275770


My bad re: diploma bit.

No. 275771


NVMD, I just went back to look. it is indeed new edits.

No. 275772

>Margo thinks only of exploitation bc that is her way of relating to everyone around her.

words of wisdom anon

No. 275773

You are talking about a mother that let her 16yo daughter fly to Japan alone in order to model for Bodyline's owner who is very well known for wanting to marry all the caucasian models, go figure.

No. 275774

File: 1464841262637.jpg (191.2 KB, 1600x804, mimiimori.jpg)

As Margo goes quiet for a minute, let's see some mimiimori highlights.

No. 275775

>15k a month
that's fucking bullshit and she knows it. Maybe more like 1500 a month and even that is reaching. If she made that much fucking money Margo would have blown it all on fancy shit instead of looking trashy and living in 1bedroom apartments sharing a bed.

What's with her and these ridiculous sums like 10k, 15k, etc. She has an obsession with those numbers. Particularly 10k. Bitch probably thinks that's a lot of money, kek

No. 275776


The $15k is a come up for Mags; she was stuck on "$10.000 usd" since at least 2011, when she accused Venus's modeling agency of stealing $10k from her.

No. 275777

Here >>275711 and here >>275637 already anon. Not edits.

No. 275778

Right? With all the stalkers Venus has supposedly had they could get a nice hotel rather than bunking in some cheap air bnb with strangers. $15k is fucking insane. If she was making that she wouldn't have to worry about ~marrying for a visa~, "stealing" Margo's MacBook, and whatever other ridiculous claims she's made.

No. 275780

It's been over two hours since the post, and more than an hour since Margo responded. Flower picture incoming #fleurbecausefrenchisclassyandsoami

No. 275781

lmao the reason all those clothes 'sold' is because Margo had to leave them behind in Japan because her dumbbells were taking up too much space in her suitcase for her to bring them to sk.

No. 275783

M is making revelations with her sockpuppet account. She's very bitter. Like a psychopath falling in disgrace. That makes me smile!

No. 275784


Eh, it looks very much like a sock - but the English isn't engrish enough. And Margo usually reveals herself within a few sentences - she's too self centered to not use "I".

No. 275786


Even if she did start a new channel, there's nothing stopping Margo from sending more bullshit copyright claims. Literally any one of you could take down a channel temporarily with bogus claims. Youtube does not investigate the legitimacy of a claim before a takedown happens. It's automated.

No. 275787

Then why don't we go and do the same to Margo so she nows how it feels?

No. 275788

Plenty of Venus's fans said they already did, YouTube gives no fucks.

No. 275789


… you want to give that crazy bitch your home address?

No. 275790

Probably a PULLtard since a lot of the criticism is directed toward PULL.

Boyfriend's videos get around 10k views on a new video plus old views and gets around 200 per month. Venus's most viral videos could have only gotten her around 2k - 3k per month. Margo you lying whore. Venus implied that Margo suggested that Manaki's parents help provide the rest of the 3k per month to get her channel back so it's obvious Margo is lying about 15k to create more sympathy on how her demands for money are reasonable.

No. 275792

>Probably a PULLtard since a lot of the criticism is directed toward PULL.
This doesn't even make sense and PULL is pretty much dead anyways besides chitchat.

No. 275794

specific criticism. User kept mentioning PULL and specific shit that they discuss. Seems triggered and a point of annoyance that results from arguing with other PULLtards. Anyways, who cares. Margo's chimp out is way more fascinating then Margoyle stans.

No. 275795

So… she's back in SK and NOT HAPPY. Wonder what triggered this meltdown? She's been so pleased w/herself lately, flying around like a boss on the starwars plane, smug selfies, on top of the world & now this. Something happened to make her go off.

Did she maybe run into some "customs trouble" trying to get back into Japan? Because that was her plan apparently, and now suddenly she's in SK instead.

Oh and let me see if I got this straight.. she writes to Venus demanding $3000/month or she'll sue, Venus posts about it and that's VENUS BULLYING her? okayyy marge

No. 275797

Considering that her meltdown is money related, maybe she is out of money as you get your swissbucks at the middle of the month usually.

No. 275798

Different anon but $40K sounds far more believable than $180K a year. When you add up Maggot's extortion demands, that adds up to $36K a year. She expects Venus to fork over 90% of her money to do fuck all but sit on her wrinkled old ass all day. Maggot is beyond delusional. She may have been able to get away with taking 90% of her money when she was her money making slave but she can't accept that those days are fucking over.

No. 275799

There is a settlement process before the actual legal process in court, Margo may be demanding money as a settlement, but it's an extremely ludicrous amount and she could easily demand more by pulling the same stunt again

No. 275801

File: 1464844362724.png (576.55 KB, 925x592, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.1…)

And Maggot is happy tourist again!

No. 275803


not that anon but I wouldn't mind her camping outside my home in the worst part of mexico city. After all bitch would learn a thing or two about what it is to being abused and robbed for real, not what supposedly V did to her.

sage for edges

No. 275804

LOL so predictable. Like clockwork.

No. 275805


I also believe this, a bitter pulltard indeed

No. 275807

anon who posted that and yeah I agree it's a bitter pulltard. probably wanted to buy the very same dress lol. it's good to dispel the notion this sock might be margo.

No. 275808

Has to be more than that. This is too sudden. She's been out of money before, sleeping in manga cafes & convenience stores plus walking from the Vancouver airport to her Airbnb, that doesn't faze this bitch. Something happened regarding her quest to destroy Venus's YT career, a setback of some sort.

No. 275809

anon to make a YT copyright claim you have to agree to possible future court action. it's totally different to reporting a video for its content.

No. 275810

she says a few times in her comments just now that the court case will cost thousands and she can't afford it. this seems to be her trigger.

No. 275811


Being the delusional bitch she is, the moment she filed copyclaims probably thought she just needed to show up at the court room and YT would hire a lawyer for her and take care of everything else hah.

No. 275812

This woman is so far fucking gone that sometimes this gets a little hard to take in.

No. 275814

Sure sounds like it. She's the type of idiot who thinks that just by imagining something it'll come true. I think she's raging because she realized she wasted tons of money over nothing in her quest for her daughter's money.

No. 275820

File: 1464848626588.jpg (294.91 KB, 1400x997, margo12.jpg)

I gave birth to you Venoos, you owe me!

No. 275821

star wars jets don't come cheap, anon!

No. 275822

Venooooos!!! Come see mama! I shit in my pants. Come and clean my poo!!

No. 275823

but you're the lunchtime bullying child margo

No. 275824

I want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride

No. 275825


Margo walked 5 miles both ways in the snow to give birth you guys.

No. 275826

File: 1464849591022.jpeg (217.88 KB, 1238x1457, image.jpeg)

>and generally doing the cooking too

Then how in the hell does that sick fuck explain this picture? She treated Venus more like a roommate than a daughter but in the end, its probably the only good thing Maggot did since it taught her a little bit about independence.

And walking 5km while in labor to give birth? Fucking please. There's no way in hell anyone would allow a pregnant woman about the deliver do that.

No. 275827

Yeah, you met Venus's dead totally at a farm and not while being in uni in Switzerland as you stated in all interviews so far, righto.

No. 275829

Mags is only being a Bitch because THE WORLD OWES HER!

No. 275830


probably that's the only and one time she went an extra mile for someone

No. 275831

hahahahahha ikr?

hope someone reminds her that

No. 275832

File: 1464850005832.png (473.88 KB, 1006x401, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.4…)

Margo's being a busy bee - but still hasn't deleted her rant

No. 275833

File: 1464850125033.png (42.59 KB, 320x280, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.4…)

"I have proofs! I do!" Put up or shut up, bitch. She claims to have video proof of Venus trying to bite off her finger, and V stamping on a dog.

No. 275834


Kek, more like "generally doing [my own] cooking". She's such a piece of shit.

No. 275835

File: 1464850174292.png (47.99 KB, 312x278, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.4…)

Margo doesn't understand the word "free". She only understands the word "mine".

No. 275836

File: 1464850249810.png (30.58 KB, 313x172, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.5…)

"I don't have to ask. She should respect and GIVE" Ah, the cry of every abusive parent.

No. 275838

crazy bitch is trotting out every fucking thing in the book tonight, lol

>Veenoos is BULLY

>I sacrifice EVERYTHING
>it's all MINE

she oozes poisonous malignant narcissism from every pore

No. 275839

Her lists of sacrifices and hardships, like working manual labor and paying for special schooling: all things that normal mothers and fathers do! What the fuck does she think being a mom is supposed to be like? It's damn hard, often stressful work, with a goal of raising successful, happy children that would not suffer or go without like we did. This woman has no concept of a healthy family or personal responsibilty. She really did want a doll, not a human child.

No. 275840

File: 1464850772364.png (31.66 KB, 305x175, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.5…)

"I correct her behavior of not giving me money! She is PSYCHOPATH!"

No. 275841

Its funny. The psychopathy awareness blog mags directed us to a while ago described Margo's behaviour more than Venus'.

No. 275843

and walking 5 miles to give birth

No. 275844

For a self-proclaimed "Satanist" she seems so upset over ~evil~ and hatred. Isn't she supposed to embrace the evil?

No. 275845


AFAIK not at all, sane satanists believe more in self preservation, natural laws, respect others as long as they respect you, not letting anyone harm children and such. They supposedly took Satan as a symbol to despise hypocritical christian values.

Edgy jerks are the ones who does the whole "666 satan mah master I listen marilyn manson while burn tha churches xD" thing

No. 275847

Aaaaand this just reminds me. 5km also seems to be one of Maggot's favorite numbers. Remember the time when she said she was "walking 5km at night for fun"? Who the fuck does that shit? Why not do it during the day when you're not likely to get killed? 5km is her favorite unit for distance, 10K and 15K are her favorite amounts of money… There's probably even more patterns we've overlooked.

More like "take care of me" like the lazy cunt she is. Bitch needs to get a job. Even people that hate their job work because they know they need money to live.

Haha yeah. I'm sure if we had that bingo card handy, we'd fill up a few rows with all she's giving us. I remember there was even a dumbass farmer here that believed you don't need to make sacrifices as a mother and that it was optional. Fucking lol

She's not a human, she's a projector.

No. 275855

guys, marge knows Venus makes $15k/week cause… she just KNOWS and that's it. a-and Sociablade and she knows how to calculate these things.

No. 275869

Up hill, both ways!!!

No. 275871

Does this bitch not realise all she did was the bare minimum? Fuck I think the government would have done a better job raising venus than this putrid harpy.

No. 275874

that's why she's buying on net-a-porter right? Oh wait, she doesn't.

No. 275877

Gendo himself would have made a better parent

No. 275878

some of the kids misunderstand and think Margo is just mooching off "friends". they don't understand that friend = paid airbnb host.

No. 275881

Margot is really losing it now. Good show.

No. 275883


I told ya'll she didn't actually sue. That's why the takedown message on her channel says "third party claims" instead of "Margaret Palermo." >>275145

No. 275884

This bitch, the only thing a child owes a parent for easing them RIGHT is to live a happy life.
Venus wasn't rasied well and doesn't owe Margo shit especially money because guess what you don't pay parents back for shit a good parent is supposed to do.

No. 275886


Well, in theory. It's an automated system so you could always fill it with bullshit information. Of course they might try to hunt you down if you abuse the system, but still there's no human or system that checks the legitimacy of claims or their associated info before initiating a takedown.

No. 275887

I remember being told once that the various fairytales with evil stepmothers are that way because it's a way to exorcise the feelings that mothers and daughters have once the daughter grows up - stuff like the mother not being in her prime any more and envying the daughter's beauty and youth.

She makes me think of that sort of stuff, just in the extreme. Mothers and parents in general do sometimes make their offspring feel like they're owed something but she brings it to an entire new level. Has she ever brought any sort of evidence to her claims of Venus bullying her? Mails of her being abusive? Or is the bullying just Venus deciding that she wants her own life and that she doesn't want to stick around a woman who abuses her verbally and psychologically? Is it because she withdrew her affection in the face of that kind of treatment?

No. 275888

Same anon here. I'm suprised at it being so easy; a lot of people have been yelling about it in insta comments but no-one's done it. Margo's videos and channel stay up thus far.

No. 275891

It's all the latter, anon. By getting on with her own life, Venus clearly wishes Margo to die. #Margologic.

No. 275894

Hmph. I knew she didn't sue. Marg's still in pity party mode but even if V opened a new channel, she'll still report her for copyright violations bc she really thinks she owns V just for birthing her. Gah what a nutjob.

No. 275898


Delusional: a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

No. 275900

Methinks Margo has mommy/daddy issues based on her grandparent comment at the end of her IG rant.

No. 275906

I think Margo used a bunch of sock puppets or got her trolls to work for her. I don't at why her YouTube channel hasn't been banned because of the false dcma claims

No. 275907


Strictly speaking it is illegal to file false DMCA claims, so it's not really something I'd encourage anyone to do. My point was mostly that the process itself is ludicrously easy to abuse and when it comes to people like Margo the risk is rather trivial compared to how badly she wants her revenge. Every time Venus' channel goes back up, Margo just has to ding 3 more videos to take it down again.

No. 275911

they haven't been proven false claims anon, they've just elapsed. margo can make dcam claims whether she is a youtuber or not - the two are not connected. youtube can't take margo's right to claim away from her just because she's acting like an ass.

No. 275912

Honestly, she's totally right here. PULL did nothing but shit on penis angelic for minuscule shit, even though she was a teenager with an abusive mom. Now, all this happens, and they're playing white knight.

No. 275913

No. 275917

It was the same with lolcow and other parts of the internet though. Most of those early videos were cringy af. Now we know what was influencing them, but at the time she wasn't widely known as a teenager with an openly psychotic momager.

No. 275919

Pretty much all of the old Venus threads were filled with people gossiping about how crazy her mom is, do you not remember that shit? They were also shitting all over Venus when she was only, like, 13-16 years old at the time and spreading rumors about eating disorders. I don't know how anyone can look at her situation and think to themselves that her mother was anything other than an insane abusive cunt. Go to previous Venus threads on lolcow to see what I mean. Everyone knew her mom was nuts, but no one had any sympathy until shit hit the fan.

No. 275921

Another thing, leaving comments on Margos page about what a horrible mother she is is not helping the situation, all you're doing is making Margo seem like the victim of harassment. She's a terrible person, but we don't need you here to show us that, it speaks for itself.

No. 275923

File: 1464879960343.png (375.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-02-10-52-58…)

So here is what the page looks like to copyright claim a video. Im really tempted to go through with it, Ive already created a fake account with a throwaway email and phone number although >>275907 is giving me doubts. But I doubt Youtube would really pursue a false claim. Also this wont work if a few other anons don't join in.
I really want to do it though even if Maggots channel is down for a only few weeks. She deserves that small annoyance after what she's put Venus though. Plus the milk would be delicious

No. 275924

I do remember the gossip but it was just that until Margo's crazy star really began to burn. Things were clearly sketchy in their relationship but there wasn't a lot of open evidence until somewhat recently.

Mind you this isn't a defense of PULL, what you're describing is how they approached almost every situation. And mimiimori would probably know from being a member from the sound of it.

No. 275926

Her channel is already down. Hope someone saved those vids…

No. 275928

Maggro's channel is still up for me.
If >>275923 wants to copyright claim for another party, Marg's Hatersong video uses unauthorized clips from The Simpsons and other things.

No. 275929

I mean for Marge's channel, not Venus

No. 275932

Tried that but you cant claim for a third party

No. 275934

Then even with a sockpuppet don't open yourself up to potential counteraction. I would imagine the chances are slim but you wouldn't want to fund Margo's globetrotting lifestyle for a few more months.

No. 275938

um so "Another copyright owner" option is useless

No. 275939

That will delay Marge from doing shit again. And maybe break her.

No. 275944

What interests me most on this form is they'll terminate the channel of the claimant if they abuse the process. So far they must not be deeming Margo to have abused the process. If you want to legitimately report Margo, reporting her for abusing the process (if possible) seems interesting. Although I kinda prefer to see her shitty videos when she makes them.

No. 275945

But what could she do if I use a fake address?(im not dumb enough to use my real one). Do you actually think she could find me? Would Youtube or a lawyer go to the length to track down my ip address, if possible?
Im geneuinely curious because I wont do it if I can be tracked down some sort of way

No. 275946

if you live in the US do not touch this anon.

No. 275947


She probably isn't using her actual account. I guess arguably she has a paper thin claim to the videos (highly doubtful it'd hold up in court, but it's not completely groundless).

Anyway, yeah while the risk is probably pretty minimal, sending false takedown claims is still something you could get nailed for unless you live in like Russia or something.

No. 275948

If you don't know how to mask your IP then don't do it.

No. 275951

Didn't margo fucking admit it was her in the photo with a wig on sleeping next to the guy and not Venus?

No. 275952


Indeed she did.

No. 275953

oh so you mean she's using an account she's not worried about losing. I get it now. but also she has to provide details about herself right? do you have to provide personal info like in a counter-claim?

No. 275954

I think she was admitting it sarcastically. don't take that as a factual confession. (but then sometimes sarcasm has a little truth to it)

No. 275955

It's debated whether her admission was sincere or sarcastic actually, so we don't know for sure.

No. 275956

I think at some point margo had to provide a fake address too, unless she doesn't care about her bnb friends and put their addresses instead

No. 275957

as she hasn't lived anywhere other than airbnb for a few years, I'm sure she gives these out as home addresses on the regular.

No. 275958

fuck what a sad life margo dragged them through… between the cracks.

No. 275959


yeah what a shitty person

Just imagine one of those hosts gladly left a good review, and a couple of days after maggot is gone there are a bunch of legal notices in their mailbox/answer machine

No. 275962

File: 1464883678316.png (29.71 KB, 274x194, 1303540485168.png)

I want to tie margo up and hatefuck her while I'm dressed up as Venus.


No. 275964


Jesus, anon. Turn it down a bit.

No. 275966

can you not

No. 275967

damn girl lol

No. 275971

Edgy, but I still laughed.

No. 275974

Disgusting, yet hilarious.

Hopefully, no tumblrinas cry about TRIGGERING

No. 275979

The Star Wars planes don't fly to Korea. They do have flights from from Vancouver to Tokyo though. Do you think Margo was denied entry to Japan and that's why she ended up back in Seoul?

On Instagram she's trying to pretend she was in Vancouver for ages (and that the ~Blessing House~ was there) and only just flew to Seoul on the Star Wars jet. She seems to have switched to posting very old photos to create a different timeline.

No. 275983

File: 1464887132171.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, tumblr_nesxmkxM4v1ttma2yo1_250…)

No. 275990


No. 275996

You're right. I wonder if she was turned away by Japanese immigration officials or if she's just lying about where she is. http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/14/travel/ana-star-wars-planes-september-2015/

No. 275997

List of flight histories for all of the SW jets for further confirmation. The first is the one Margo probably flew on.


But yeah, it is also possible that she did get into Japan and is posting old Seoul photos.

No. 275998

i love u anon

No. 276000


ngl I feel kinda smug about how all this came out.
I've been saying that Venus was being abused by Margaret for years now, and even on here I had people telling me to gtfo and how Venus was "an adult that can think for herself" and "needs to take responsibility for her actions, she's not her mom's puppet".

Y'all that said that can suck a dick.

No. 276001

File: 1464892593895.gif (3.04 MB, 600x338, 1463882898859.gif)

No. 276008

>no we don't want her

because as people have explained to you all repeatedly, the channel was claim protected and could not have gone down because of a simple claim. the only options for that to have happened would be 1) margarine filed under a fake name, which can get her in a lot of shit, or 2) someone theorised youtube might not have turned the protection on yet, but it's been down for three days now and hasn't shown any signs of coming back up so it's highly unlikely that they really fucked up so bad and then don't even fix it.

1. no
2. all information points to her having already filed the lawsuit, as people mentioned above it's not very expensive
3. she can 'represent herself', which costs no money, or find a shitty cheap lawyer. youtube already said they blocked Margarine's claims, and I'm pretty sure they can't just 'ban her account' but fuck knows

what the fuck lmao

No. 276011

File: 1464894803751.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2508, Screenshot_20160602-121016.jpg)

Rant gone, nearly 300 comments deleted. Must've been a bust night for our resident genius.

No. 276012

File: 1464895173433.jpg (1.13 MB, 1047x2032, Screenshot_20160602-121636.jpg)

And I don't think margo-san understood what was being said - she heard that she right to claim the channel, to chastise Venus, and should definitely not stop "trying to communicate". I don't think she was the bit about apologizing or being responsible for raising a shitty kid if Venus is indeed shitty.

No. 276014

*don't think was understanding the bit

No. 276017

Last comment. "You should start working instead of living your life like a damaged teenager" lmaoo.

No. 276029

Would Manaki be able to make a channel for Venus as her manager for her to upload new vids on while keeping the old channel on the side for views on the old vids coming in?

No. 276030

Lawfag reporting in. Looks like copyright lawsuits would need to be filed in federal district court since copyright is under federal jurisdiction. I searched Margo and Venus under different aliases and I turned up nada. Not sure a case was filed at all. If filed, federal court is an automatic process so a docket should pop up immediately after Margo processed it. Unless more info comes up, I'm assuming there are no court proceedings or lawsuit.

No. 276031

Thank you so much lawfag! Interesting. So maybe she really did run out of money/steam with the lawlsuit thing

No. 276032

I think her contact with fullscreen probably prohibits that.

No. 276033

You don't have to wait until the person is served for it to show up?

No. 276034

File: 1464899176445.jpg (950.45 KB, 295x221, AZkjdcF.jpg)

I wonder if fullscreen is getting to the point of being like "nope, not worth the hassle to rep you" with Venus since dealing with her means dealing with the crazy bitch who is keeping them from earning their money.

No. 276038

From a little bit of hearsay that probably isn't worth much, Fullscreen is only properly representing their huge clients with high subscriber and view figures. They're quite happy to take a cut of almost anyone's revenue though. There's a reason some of those mid-tier jvloggers and let's players were all "nope" when Fullscreen became a larger entity.

No. 276039

Probably has no idea how. Just filing is a pain in the ass, then to deal with foreign status would need expertise she can't afford. And I forgot to share this because I wasn't sure how strict the courts are with this, but failure to have a permanent address is grounds for dismissal alone in civil suits.

A dismissal could result for any misstep in the tedious legal process in civil proceedings.

Now don't take my word for it because I've been working in defense work for years, but I helped out another office with a few plaintiff cases. When filing a civil suit I only needed two documents. One was an initial complaint, that included parties involved and statutes that apply etc, then a Civil Cover Sheet. Summons can be filed after initiating documents.

No. 276047

Thanks. Realized my question was kind of dumb because improper service can be raised as a reason to dismiss during summary judgment

No. 276057


I was wondering if they would maybe sue Margo for loss of income but they're probably not making enough off of Venus for it to be worth it

No. 276059

Fullscreen doesn't even approach you in the first place if you don't make at least a few thousand bucks a month.

No. 276060

They share the same IP, his account would just count as her making another account.

No. 276066

As mentioned before, assuming you would actually get a verdict, enforcing it would still be near impossible. Margo is moving every couple of months.

No. 276068

File: 1464904200341.gif (1.3 MB, 320x236, WHAT.gif)

No. 276069

File: 1464904352822.jpg (103.03 KB, 960x889, 13346699.jpg)

Hm, sounds very familiar.

No. 276070


Margo doesn't have any money to take. Suing her would be pointless.