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File: 1463092413170.jpg (33.8 KB, 310x347, Margo - filtered made up and t…)

No. 269456

Margo has left glorious nippon for the inferior land of South Korea due to her visa expiration - just in time, because she tracked Venus's location down less than week before she had to leave Japan. Margo claims YouTube told her to go to Venus's house to "make an agreement" about the channel, and that Manaki hit her when she waved a camera in his face when he got home from work.

Margo is currently living in a 7'x10' room in a women's student hostel in Seoul with her kawaii peers, since she's 20 years old you know. Also, VenusAngelic is Margo's creation, a brand only, there is no such person - MARGO is now the face of VenusAngelic, just like she's always dreamed!

Mags' current scam is the equivalent of a Chinese reseller on etsy using Venus's website, marking up 1000< items for 5x to 30 x the wholesale price. She is insulted that people think her trinkets are cheap, and totally doesn't care about her cruel bitch abusive daughter any more. Except for when she does.

The early drama from Venus running away from home to her husband:

Last thread:

No. 269458

File: 1463092503095.png (586.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160511-205319.png)

I took a bunch of screencaps of Mags being a cunt last night and never got around to posting them, so here

"criminal energy"

No. 269460

File: 1463092547010.png (574.43 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160511-205300.png)

Venoos is shamed because the backstabbing of the mother is bad in Japan

No. 269461

File: 1463092634149.png (573.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160511-205550.png)

I think some of this was posted on the last thread(about how Mags had big plans to make Manaki famous, too) - but the golden bit is where Margo tells someone to grow up and get a job, but also that if you get a real job you get screwed over? Is that what she tells herself about not working?

No. 269462

File: 1463092676444.png (2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160511-205635.png)

The original "quality" rant, before she edited it down

No. 269464

Here Margo basically says that Venus left her to go to Japan and be rich without her and to show her in a bad light. Now Margo has to start at 0.
She also believes that Venusangelic us not her name and if she was in Venus' place she would have never abandoned her.

No. 269465

*is it's the German text that I mean

No. 269466


Thanks, anon!

No. 269467

All she ever cares about is money. How she worked more and harder than Venus for the channel and that Venus is going to be rich without her. Ugh.

No. 269468

what's margo's conditions for the south korean visa? her japan tourist visa ended, and if she's not studying in south korea then her student sk visa should end too?

No. 269469

File: 1463093356147.png (21.14 KB, 310x120, Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.47…)

"How can you say I just picked up a bunch of swap meet crap? Why do you lie about me, poor Margo?"

No. 269470

File: 1463093607552.jpg (92.28 KB, 1920x1150, mags.jpg)

Her Instagram page appears to be down..

No. 269472

Checking just now, it's still up and plastered with pictures of cheap shit to sell.

No. 269480


Are you logged in? You're probably blocked if you're logged in and have left any comment.

No. 269481

Can you imagine being raised by this crazy bitch? She's abolutely fucking insane and I'm saying that as someone who has been following this trainwreck for way too long.

No. 269483

This is what I was talking about, maggs ranting about her genius marketing and branding skills and her ideas. Veenoos is NOTHING it was all MEE!!! My brand my name my website MY MONEY!!

No. 269487

Thanks to Korean speaking anon! Don't forget to add the $5.99 shipping to those ridic prices.
LOL @ this loony bitch..

No. 269489

File: 1463096155464.png (146.79 KB, 640x338, 466e3ed6-4d6a-47c2-a30b-8bf546…)

She was on a roll last night. Some more deleted comments, where she lays out her demands for Venus getting her channel back. Bc she, Margot, has ALL THE POWER.

No. 269490

File: 1463096197454.jpg (312.16 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160512_142859.jpg)

I made this to share what korean anon said in the last thread. Thanks for translating!

No. 269491

File: 1463096232195.png (304.45 KB, 630x782, 4b12eb89-a7a5-40f8-91ab-83cef6…)

And VEENOOS needs to come to Seoul and personally apologize!

No. 269493

Oh crazy Margo she wouldn't talk to you face to face when you showed up at her house. Why do think there's any chance of her going to Korea to talk to you? She keeps pushing for in person communication and won't settle for anything less, I'd be scared for Venus if they were ever in the same room together.

No. 269509

File: 1463102231438.jpg (109.83 KB, 674x960, IMG_20160512_191351.jpg)

Good finally. This should shut up the idiots who said Venus was to dumb to know anything about copyrights.

No. 269512

I fucking love it. I can't wait for Margo's reaction once the channel's back.

No. 269515

probably just a new tourist visa

No. 269517

File: 1463104222349.jpg (21.71 KB, 1000x132, margo.jpg)

These are my favourite Margo moments, when she sees behind the veil.

No. 269518

File: 1463104238698.jpg (56.8 KB, 807x572, MANAKII.jpg)

No. 269519


Margo is probably livid asf. The evil plan to shut down Venus forever has successfully failed. I can't wait for the channel to return.

No. 269521

LOVING the casual image of Venus' Hello Kitty bunny – may that be a black arrow through the river monster's heart!

No. 269522

Venus posted on IG that the channel will be up within 10 days and a shop within the month. Go Venus!

No. 269523

The question is, could Margo try this whole thing again?

No. 269524

I absolutely can't WAIT to see how Marge takes the news about Venus' channel.

No. 269525


She wouldn't dare now that her ass is a bum back in South Korea with nothing going for her. It's taken Youtube this long to finally sift through all of her bullshit and realise Venus is in the clear.

No. 269526

I like how she announces this while holding a bigger, better stuffed bunny than the one her mother holds hostage.

No. 269530

She can try but I doubt she would be taken seriously the second time around.

No. 269533


I can almost hear the shrieks of joy from 12 year old girls all over the world right now. Me, I just feel a deep satisfaction seeing Madge foiled.

(No reaction from the hag so far tho.)

So much for all her "apologize or it goes to court" blustering yesterday, hahahahehee

No. 269534

Praise jesus I need some cute.

Would she even be allowed to? YT must have some sort of system set up for people who put in false claims like this.

No. 269549

somebody please ask margo about her "dream" lol

No. 269551


>"There's no need to mention such a person"

>mentions her anyway and gives a recap everyone is already familiar with while still playing victim

okay Margo

No. 269553

I'm surprised at how resilient Venus is. I would've lost my mind years ago.

No. 269558

I assume she totally could. My husband has a small channel and constantly gets false claims from the same company and YouTube seems to give no shits, so if Mags wants to keep at it she just needs to put in the time.
Sage for slight personal blogging.

No. 269560

In Venus' case, it would probably be more difficult for Gendo to try her master plan a second time since Venus has a pretty big audience. I guess we'll wait to find out, but Margo's claim that Youtube acknowledge her copyright is moot now that Venus has her channel back. It's at least a big dent in Margo's ego. She has been practically bragging that YouTube cut Venus's channel due to Margo owning the rights, instead of Margo acknowledging that any claim would get a channel taken down. I can't wait for the melt down. See you tomorrow morn after the Seoul wake up call!

No. 269561

>Youtube seems to give no shits
Okay. For the seventh trillion time. It's not youtube. The DMCA is a piece of legislature that they have to obey to the letter if they want to stay as an operational website. It's the law. It's not youtube.

Websites do not get to rule on the validity of DMCA claims, regardless of how bullshit they know they are. Even when they know that a claim is one hundred percent a complete piece of bullshit from a repeat bullshit offender, they cannot ignore it. This is because responding to the claims in this way grants websites "Safe harbour" That is; immunity from legal action because of content they have hosted. Youtube deciding themselves who's DMCA claims they respond to = youtube taking legal responsibility over the content its users upload.

No. 269565

File: 1463113485618.png (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Caption: Looking through the window. Having brown hair again,

Copying everything Benus does. Again.

No. 269567

I bet while taking selfies, Magoo thinks
>I totally look more hotter than my daughter

No. 269569

>tfw ur evil daughter still thinks she is the real venus angelic

No. 269570

YouTube has a protected program where their higher earning channels are exempt from auto takedown; trolls, crazies and copyright scanners take advantage of the auto takedown policy, and that behavior increases the more well known you are. Since YouTube is working with venus, and venus's management reps a lot of YouTube stars, my guess is they cleared margos bogus legal claims and will now add venus to the group of channels that can't be taken down automatically.

No. 269593


Such a perfect fit hahahahah

No. 269606


No. 269607

Is cara_de_la_luna a troll egging Maggot on, or just a dumb cunt?

No. 269608


No. 269609


she looks much less haggard with dark hair.

No. 269610

I hope venus will age like this

No. 269611

She looks so much younger with dark hair. I realise this pic is photoshopped to hell, but straight dark hair is just a much younger style than her nasty blonde birdsnest she was rocking before.

No. 269612

I'm glad she's getting her channel back! Margo will be soooo mad!i can't wait to see her reaction

No. 269618

She's definitely going to look better than the maggot. Less filthy and crazy, at least.

No. 269620

I wonder how long it'll be before she dyes it yet again.

No. 269628

I'm betting on half an hour

No. 269634

Shouldnt she be starting to cut off her hair? Seems like the margo thing to do now since everything is going down the shitter.

No. 269641

File: 1463149317323.jpeg (579.06 KB, 702x1085, image.jpeg)

V and manaki were at his parents. I bet v feels safer now that maggots gone.

No. 269642

She looks 8 in this.

No. 269644


I'm glad that she has finally the chance to experience a normal family life now. She looks happy.

No. 269646

>my dig takes pictures like that too
But it's good that Venus has the support of her husband's family but I wonder if Manaki's dad mention he missed her sexy mom

No. 269647

that looks like a nice house, i cannot wait for the screams of rage coming from the river

No. 269650

Imagine the impotent rage Margendo feels. She can't control anything anymore, not the Youtube channel, not Wenoos, not even her own image. I'm flooded with the most delicious schadenfreude right now.

No. 269655

no one in japan miss her, that's for sure

well, probably just the spanish chef

No. 269660

Please drop the fucking river thing, it's giving me cancer.

No. 269664

File: 1463159457880.jpeg (109.43 KB, 488x516, image.jpeg)

No. 269665

She's right though

No. 269666

join maggro in the river

No. 269667

but that's the best maymay

No. 269668


I'm hoping for a 2007 Britney-esque episode

No. 269673

Margo looks so thin here, what happened

No. 269674

Aspect ratio

No. 269682

>in the middle of the pudding

What kind of phrase is that, you fucking moron? Never heard it in german nor english. Also, pure delusion that the youtube thing will ever go to court, Venoos will get her channel back eventually and that's that, I doubt Midge has any money to blow on lawyers anyways.

No. 269686

I think she meant "the proof is in the pudding"

No. 269688


but what pudding is she talking about?

No. 269689

Nothing, she's still retarded. Funny, considering she apparently used to come down on Venus for making mistakes when speaking English.

No. 269690

idk if you were really asking, but the hair dye she used is supposed to be like pudding. its pictured on the box. Maggot was trying to be funny, but shes an idiot.

No. 269691


yes I really wondered what she is talking about and even I watched her glorious pudding hair dye video, I didn't thought about it but whatever she makes no sense at all omg what an idiot.

No. 269706

What in the heck? Anyways I'm glad she'll get the channel back yes!

(not because I like her vids, they suck, but I'd love to make her piss margo off, not because I'm a vendetta having pulltard, but simply because I know she'll supply milk as we know unstable margo will)

No. 269712

Venus doesn't seem like a bad person. So it's nice if she has something in her life that makes her happy and that she can make a meager living on.

I think her videos are garbage, but I'm not a weaboo so it's not necessarily marketed to me anyways. Some people enjoy it. We all agree whatever makes Venus happy thus making Margo rage is delicious.

No. 269743

haha wwooow I cringed so hard here

How old is she in this vid?

No. 269747

She was 13/14. That's when maggot still wasn't involved in Venus'channel right? Then why the fuck is the maggot repeating all the time that she has been working on Venus' channel for 6 years?

No. 269753

Mags didn't get involved until Venus was 15. That's when all the random TV interviews, article and show appearances started - making venus a freak show was 100% margo. And margo considers that to be good management. Destroying venus's hair every other week and forcing her to remain childish loli- bait was brand cancer, and since people have now chided margo for it mags claims that she was the one to steer venus AWAY from that shit. Mags is so full of it.

No. 269789

I haven't followed venus a lot, but the first time I saw her was in this "My strange addiction" episode and even then Margo oozed obsessive stage mom vibes all over the place. Venus is also extremely obnoxious in the documentary kek

No. 269790


Well, that's what happens when you got TLC and your crazy mom telling you to ham it up for the camera.

No. 269797

File: 1463197579633.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

this is the face of a woman who's long gone

No. 269798

Mags has been a gross perv all her life…ugh

No. 269799

File: 1463198508367.png (Spoiler Image,755.09 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 269800

Her skin texture - even with filters and makeup - is just awful. I guess scrubbing your face with a filthy leg hair washcloth doesn't give you glowing, youthful skin. Who knew.

No. 269804

File: 1463200009459.jpg (290.12 KB, 1369x664, Screenshot_20160513-210135.jpg)

Someone tells margo about venus's channel coming back. She remains adamant that her daughter can do nothing without her permission. Because crazy.

No. 269806

Wonder what insane bullshit she'll spew when it goes back up regardless of what she wants.

No. 269808

File: 1463201549194.jpg (99.45 KB, 540x918, _20160513_235036.JPG)

Venus and Manaki put together a Gundam.

No. 269809

Go back to pull

No. 269817

Having the channel taken down was Margos only way to legally fuck up Venus' life. When that tactic fails she could go completely unhinged. I'm glad she's not in Japan rn.

No. 269820

If Margo got run over by a giant truck tomorrow, I'd be the smuggest bitch on the continent.

I am way too invested in this drama.

No. 269822

File: 1463205446288.jpg (1.19 MB, 1417x1943, Screenshot_20160513-225634.jpg)

Margo is hip, fellow kids

No. 269826

VENOOS posts strawberry ice cream pic, maggott posts BIGGER ONE.
Is this swamp hag even capable of smiling? She looks fucking evil in EVERY pic. And the makeup she trowels on does NOT help.

No. 269833

You don't want to see her smile, anon. That shit is fucking creepy.
Psychopaths can't smile like normal people, their emotionless eyes always give them away.

No. 269835

Shouldn't Margo go fuck off to whatever country she came from and get a job? It's sad that she's hanging out in South Korea for no reason but being a stage mom who can't control her child anymore. It's even worse that she's 41 and doesn't have a 401k and thinks that bulk buying socks in South Korea can replace an actual income and people taxing her.

No. 269836

If she is living in South Korea and believes herself to be the real living doll, she should take advantage of their plastic surgery masters. Even just taking care of that penis nose would do wonders.

No. 269839

Can't wait to see Margo trying to become the new face of the 'venusangelic' brand

No. 269851

Anon unless she hurt you personally there is no need to cut yourself on that sharp unnecessary edge.

No. 269853


mags looks like a character from a junji ito manga.

No. 269854


Kek so true

No. 269856

This crazy bitch is in the land of low cost high quality skincare (there is literally a Nature Republic store in the background of that video) and her skin still looked like a powdered asshole.

No. 269861

If margs wants to sell stuff in her little store, Korean skincare might be a good idea.
But thats probably not what VenusAngelic stands for.

No. 269863

I don't understand. Marge is always going on about how she created venusangelic etc but in interviews she would say "Venus was making videos and then I started to help her out" but if Margo didn't even know she was making videos at first then how would she has come up with the VA "brand"? Was Venus using a different name online?

No. 269864

She is talking about the peak of her succes.
And no VenusAngelic was always the name of her channel. There was this one bunny video Margo filmed but idk if Venus decided to make this video since both of them are … the same kind if eccentric. But likely she is talking about "quality" videos like vid related.

t. I can speak, write and understand fluently Margese

No. 269865

I get that but she is saying Venus angelic is not venuses online persona or alias and only a brand name, but if she was using the name before Margo's interference then it is indeed a persona, right? (Sorry if I'm not making much sense, I like to read lolcow like its the morning paper)

No. 269869

>>269864 That is so awful.

No. 269876

Can hardly wait for the delicious meltdown she will have that day.

No. 269888

She really should but this is her excuse for not getting a job from the last thread. It's an extremely poor excuse at that >>269265

It will be glorious.

No. 269891

It's so awful that it actually becomes somewhat adorable to me. It's so unnecessary

No. 269897

This aidoru shit is really bizarre to me. When I was 13-14, this sort of shit was not on my mind, but nowadays, fans of japan do this.. thing?


No. 269898

She is really out of touch with her "fanbase"

No. 269902


this video is pretty cute in that cringy as fuck way. Thank god she isn't an ugly girl though…

No. 269912

Its all good and well saying its amazing shes back on Youtube. But i am dreading the female clan of jvloggers who are going to flock to her for subs and boost in popularity. Its bound to happen. Remember the hanami video? That was for views without a doubt. Plus more cringey Asian husband get together videos and eating stupid childrens puddings on camera. Sorru to sound salty… I get this is an income for her but her videos really are shit.

Venus could do with deleting most of them keep only her languages and runaway vidro then explain about deleting most of them in a new video. New fresh slate to start on.

No. 269917


this shit is priceless, thank you anon

No. 269918

Which video is the hanami video? I don't recall that

No. 269919


Venus collabing with Sharla, rach and taylor… Such a genuine friendship that will be.

"We have Japanese boyfriends and husbands!" And the comment section full of young girls pining over the kawaii life in Japan and mediocre Japanes men.

Cannot wait

No. 269922

Sharla, taylor, kim and some other jvlogger made a video of them all weebing out under the cherry blossom trees and eating kawaii foods

It was all for views

No. 269924

I'd agree if it wasn't for the fact that she still gets views and money off her old videos, especially the ones that went "viral".

No. 269926

I know anon but it would be better to start a new. Especially if she plans on staying in Japan till god knows how long or forever.

I cannot see Venus being an idol there though. Plus shes married and thats outed. I see her just being an online fad till whenever. I know people on here think she will become a tv personality but whenever she tried either Japan wasnt interested when she was in her dolly peak or her mother got in the way.

I think the next step will be jvlogging. Its a thing and people follow her and the others so I assume they will want a clash at some point. Even then I can imagine a video happening, everyone backing Venus in this thread and slating Taylor or Sharla over something. It would be hilarious if Mira meshed in somehow but I do not think Venus would get involved after the Rachel shit.

But just expect to see future " EATING _____ with Sharla, Taytay and Rachel" videos.

No. 269967

Isn't everything on youtube "for the views"? It's kind of the point of putting videos online, isn't it?

No. 269971

>Rachel, Taylor and Venus in the same room
Ugh I want to see this trainwreck so bad

No. 269989

Yeah anon ^

Views matter but Venus should start a new.

Not being funny but how has she made it to 1M subs anyway? I think she is cute but not that cute. I find her less annoying now but still annoying and yeah its nice will have some kind of normal life now but the ass kissers annoy me. Shes alright, thats it. Videos are meh.

No. 269990

Dreading the day all of them get together for a video. Sorry for the salt but the jvlogging community is poision anyway (mostly the girls in it).

Still tho… Cant wait for the drama cos we all know someone is going to fuck something up.

No. 269994

>aidoru shit
>fans of japan do this
They wouldn't do it if it wasn't for Japan creating it in the first place.

No. 269997

Venus probablu could have been an idol back in the dolly era of 2010

But her bitch mother would have ruined it and caged her even more.

No. 269998

File: 1463275722809.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

If margo would have been her managet it wouldve ended up like the sp ep of mickey mouse managing the jonas brothers

No. 270005

Ok, nice story. Can you please stop spamming the thread like an obvious newfag.

No. 270009

There's a scary amount of weeaboos around the world who think it's okay to act "Japanese-like" (makes me wanna die) as they put it. That's most likely how and that segment on My Strange Addiction.

I don't think it'll happen. With how horrible Margo was and prevented her from making friends, isolating her and with the mindless drones Margo has? She probably won't trust any of them enough to even make a video with them.

No. 270044

Same. It won't happen. Venus' whole existence has been isolation while being completely dependant on one person. It will take a lot for her to change that pattern. She'll end up in some Fullscreen collabs but that's different.

No. 270071

File: 1463292970349.jpeg (189.6 KB, 741x1109, image.jpeg)


No. 270072

she gets along well with fellow crackpots.

No. 270073

File: 1463293366535.jpg (23.6 KB, 1000x316, vicky.jpg)

ha ha it gets weirder.

No. 270075

''Manaki threatened me to give her back the channel, he was going to kill me'' - something like that probably.

No. 270076

lol why
do people this fucking sad live in the world or is this person fucking around?

No. 270086

I hope they are a troll, because that sadness of someone like this existing is unbearable.

No. 270131

File: 1463324049093.jpg (151.74 KB, 936x569, 1463320801238.jpg)

No. 270137

Yikes! That made me jump.

No. 270138

Alright I'm never gonna sleep again.

No. 270140

New banner

No. 270143

still more disgusted by the OP pic.

No. 270147

It has been proven in the past that a high amount of her followers is arab men tho.(thanks for the input)

No. 270163

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

No. 270175

No. 270181

This site is really going down the drain.

No. 270199

I chuckled.

No. 270229

must be

No. 270230

I know you're bored but this is childish garbage.

No. 270387

It's too quiet

No. 270394

Venus' Channel when

No. 270396

T minus 8 business days or something. There's nothing else to really report on until Mags does something insane or dumb again.

No. 270485

Looking at margos instagram it seems like she is doing nothing else but wandering around Shinchon all day.

Where are all these friends she used to speak about?

No. 270520

Don't you remember anon? They left her because evul weenoos ran them off with her lies and bullying, back before she ever ran away. They fell for her micromimics I'm sure

No. 270523

While we're waiting for Margo to freak out again…do we believe she's in Korea specifically to have easy access to Japan when she's able to get her vistor's Visa renewed? It's not like she has anywhere else to go.

No. 270525

I'd assume so, since she said she wanted to return to the EU once she "finished my old life". That "finishing" seems to be ruining Venus so mags can be victorious.

She goes quiet like this every time Venus comes up tall, then returns with a crazy bang. So never fear: margo can't keep her crazy under wraps for long.

I'd also assume that mags is still plotting with that Insta Friends Advice Group. Do we still have a man on the inside?

No. 270544

I still don't understand how Venus "cheating" with the best friend that night would cause Margaret's bf to break up with HER. First, why would he get so upset and blame Margaret for something Venus did, especially when it was no more than (as far as we know)drunken making out. Being mad at Venus or the friend is understandable, but why Margaret? I'm just trying to imagine a fantasy scenario where what Margaret says is true and that man would act in such a way.
Of course, it should have been Margaret did/said before that that scared him away. The rumor that Margaret was encouraging the friend to persue Venus the whole time so marriage to Manaki was destroyed is the most likely answer, and the bf must have been shocked and disgusted when he found out the plot.

No. 270576

Dunno if it's been brought up before butjust a curious thought that came over me. Do you guys even think venus and her husband have a normal husband/wife sexual relationship ?
For some reason looking at them and imagining them as a married couple I just can't see them doing anything sexual and if so I picture it so forced and both being so unsure of what's supposed to be going on
It's just such a weird vibe I get by seeing them knowing they're a married couple but looking so innocent like children being married

No. 270577

Considering they don't sleep in the same bed together, probably nothing.

No. 270584

Manaki is either a typical, low sex drive herbivore that doesn't mind just cuddling, or, he likes to cross-dress and have Venus peg him. I honestly can't envision something in-between.

No. 270595

I hear this is becoming more and more common in Japanese married couples. Some even go years without having their first time as husband and wife. Venus and Manaki are most likely still virgins.

No. 270602

I heard that even when Japanese couples are dating, 6 months has to pass between sex. So the first sex is 6 months into dating, second one is one year into dating.

No. 270606

I have no idea where these kinds of people are. Between personal experience and stories from Japanese friends they're a pretty damn quick bunch. At least the modern generation.

Manaki seems like a pretty weird little dude though. I can't really imagine them doing anything more lewd than holding hands.

No. 270614

I think that Venus does her husband when she wants and Margo goes nuts because she wants to sell virginal Venus to the top buyer.

No. 270615

They clearly don't fuck.

No. 270623

It's because of Venus' cutesy image. You don't actually know anything about her, she said 'clearly I am not asexual' which implies she and Manaki are having sex, unless she misinterpreted it as aromantic. Honestly, though, I think she just would never post anything lewd and they are both babyfaced kawaii ne people.

This is bullshit.
Also bullshit.

No. 270632

Where on Earth you guys getting your information? None of this happens regularly.
There's a problem with shy, socially awkward singles and sexually frustrated married couples, but no crazy chastity pacts and rituals. Japanese are DTF once they can snag someone. The only bit of truth is that there are a large percentage of couples that stop having sex after kids or when they get to middle age, but not average newlyweds.

No. 270633

>that there are a large percentage of couples that stop having sex after kids or when they get to middle age

and this is true for all couples all around the world, not just Japanese couples. its so weird how this site perceives Japanese culture.

No. 270639

Why are people obsessed over venus and manaki's sex life? (If there is one)

This isnt pull

No. 270645

File: 1463486520367.jpeg (243.87 KB, 750x1159, image.jpeg)

Anyway, back on the topic of Margaret… she appears to still be in Korea and trying to show off about fairly average food.

No. 270658

She must have sold some socks or teddy bear glitter scrunchies.

No. 270664


that's maybe her first real meal in like weeks lmao.
I really wonder how much money is left for her to live.

No. 270671

Where did I say it was unique to Japan? They're talking about a false rumor of intentional sexual deprivation. I'm merely giving an example of when sexless relationships DO commonly occur.
What's your issue?

No. 270685

She probably got some sort of early bird special. I can't see her having much money. Lol

No. 270691

Food in korea is cheap as fuck. She should be eating OK there if she's not shitting through all her money spending it on crap.

No. 270692

The meal looks cheap as hell, she wouldn't need much money to get this anywhere in Korea.

No. 270710

Kalbitang is usually between 8-15 dollars depending on the quality (and if it's filled with msg or not, so it isn't that cheap compared to most other (traditional) korean food.

But since Margo lives in a student neighbourhood with restaurants catering to students, she probably got a cheap version.

No. 270711

Ain't nothin wrong with a little MSG for flavour. That both looks watery and thin tho, it does not look like good tang

No. 270713

Please use the post numbers to reply properly. Your newfag is showing and nobody except you has any clue what post you're talking about

No. 270714

I am the oldest of elderly fags, hence why I was still clicked on the post I was going to reply to before I got sidetracked and wanted to reply to the newer one. This board reads linear only the most retarded would have trouble knowing what I was talking about. Oop, that's you I guess.

No. 270721

That's just how boards work, learn it or fuck off, grandma.

No. 270751

Your rigidity via autism is showing.

No. 270758

Just fucking link and get over it.

No. 270759

Both of you shut the fuck up and sit tight until the milk is back.

No. 270790

Margaret was given more than enough money and equipment to sell to survive during the entire 90days she was fucking around and not looking for a job. There is no indication Venus cleaned out the previous shared account before getting her own. There must have been thousands left. I'm sure Margaret also had her own private account that she funneled Venus' earnings into. Venus even paid off Margaret's school fees so she wasn't stuck with debt. She was never left anywhere near destitute.

No. 270796

File: 1463533700838.jpg (241.33 KB, 1280x900, image.jpg)

Hey Farmers,
Guess what the postman just dropped off?

No. 270797

File: 1463533774930.jpg (733.85 KB, 1761x1841, image.jpg)

You marked down my parcel!
For shame, Margo

No. 270798

File: 1463533891071.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, what011.gif)

she actually shipped shit out

No. 270799

File: 1463534006324.jpg (618.33 KB, 1784x1455, image.jpg)

The parcel is wrapped up with tape, secured well and the item is protected by a bag and bubble wrap.

No thank you note or cute Daiso candy, just got what I paid for and nothing else.

There is a distinct lack of leg hair and soap scum and it smells freshly laundered. It is in excellent condition too.

>fuck me surprised

No. 270800

open it open it open it open it open it

No. 270801

so, you felt compelled to wear something that either Venus or Margo wore…

No. 270802

1. Cheap brand
2. I wanted to shout Margo a parfait for the entertainment so far provided me
3. Did Venus really smell as bad as Mr Yan alleged??

This has been covered a few threads ago. It's my money and I can waste it on Margo if I so choose.

No. 270803

Well fuck me to the moon and back. What'd you get, anon?

No. 270804

File: 1463534973801.gif (553.68 KB, 300x169, michelle-visage.gif)

No. 270806

Goddamn. Which item did you get? I guess mags' dinner is on you, anon.

No. 270807

tbh i was really wishing she'd scam you or the item would be shit condition, merely for the drama

No. 270809

>Did Venus really smell as bad as Mr Yan alleged
Oh my, I never caught that part of the Bodyline debacle. When did Yan say this?

No. 270814

Yep. Yan said this: "After the photoshoot was over we went to put the dresses back in the bags, but we found that they all had the distinct smell of body odor. We tried to air them out for a week, but the smell didn't go away."

No. 270815

And it was in 2013 (in a statement to talk about Venus vs Bodyline drama)

No. 270818

Why the fuck wouldn't they just wash the dresses? How many people had to wear the unwashed samples?

No. 270820

To me, it's sound like a vendetta :)
They just wanted to be mean after all the Palermo's drama stuff.

No. 270825

File: 1463544226870.jpg (48.33 KB, 300x400, trash.jpg)


mr yan said the odor was so strong they had to toss all of them to the trash bin

given the poor hygiene practices they (margo and venus) seemed to have before, I'm 50/50 about this claim

No. 270829



No. 270834

what did you order?

No. 270837

There was anthrax in the package ya'll. Anon is kill.

No. 270838

Fuck off back to PULL. No one has body odour so bad that the clothing they wear will still retain it after proper washing.

No. 270842

No. 270843


except bodyline staff didn't even tried to wash the clothes? according to yan they just left them out the bags and then threw them after a week or so

I don't get why you're that mad anon but whatever.

No. 270849

Because it's peenus and they must protect the princess of kawaii.

No. 270863

I wonder what kind of videos is Venus going to make now

No. 270867

File: 1463563189386.gif (71.67 KB, 480x270, uGHoi7H.gif)


No. 270871

Believe me, some people do.
I had a bad experience with someone like that in college. Not going into details because offtopic.

No. 270872

Actually I have that with my tshirts when I sweet a lot. Like the armpits still faintly smell, so I throw them in a second time.

No. 270873

sweat not sweet -_-(-_-)

No. 270874

Peenus isn't a kawaii ugu hime who don't poop or smell…calm down anon!
It could be a vendetta or not. I'm somewhat divided over that.
But then, it's true that Venus never given the impression that she take good care of herself (crappy makeup and skin, awful extensions…)
It would be possible…

Ok, can we get back to the Margendo subject now?

No. 270886

File: 1463569939225.png (613.66 KB, 931x596, Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.1…)

I'm surprised Margo didn't try to claim one of her many friends gave her the bouquet.

No. 270895

Mte, I saw the thumbnail and thought "What 'friend' gave her flowers this time.."

So 5 days until Venus' Youtube is restored. We making bets on a Margo meltdown? Will she just try file for copyright again? I wonder if Venus explained the whole situation and if Youtube are aware of her mothers crazy.

No. 270902


I'm sorry to be a party pooper. I read Yan's story too and I believe him, but I think the reason is that Japanese people just aren't used to smell our sweat.

"East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, and the lack of these glands make East Asians less prone to body odor"

Additionally, flop sweat smells a bit worse than normal sweat, so that might be just what Venus smelled like, considering she was nervous during her first big photoshoot.

No. 270907

Does anyone have a link to the Mr Yan vs. Weenus stuff? Googling isn't giving me anything useful.

No. 270922

No. 270928

kek if you actually think East Asians smell less than anyone else and as if "Japanese aren't used to smelling our sweat" has anything to do with whether Venus smelled or not.

Also keeping in mind that Japanese don't wear deodorant anyway combined with a country that has a general reluctance to run aircon.

No. 270930

You obviously have no personal experience with East Asians then. In particular Japanese and Koreans. They simply do not produce the kind of sweat the rest of the races do, it's a biological fact. I used to date a Korean UFC fighter who worked out 5 hours a day and we would leave the gym with him sweaty as hell but with absolutely no detectable smell. It was mind blowing. I also had a Japanese roomie during university who was similarly athletic (long distance runner) who never ever stank unless you counted her nasty running shoes her body never smelled.

No. 270933

This is completely off topic, but considering the length of time I lived in Japan and dated a Japanese man I would say I do have quite a bit of experience with East Asians.

And sorry but your personal experience with Asian body odor is really quite irrelevant to whether Venus stank up some cheap lolita outfits or not

No. 270935

mags is too quite - I hope she works on a new video or something because I'm dying for new milk and I don't want to wait until v's channel is back to see if maggot has a breakdown or nah.

No. 270941

Same. I want to see what kind of new crazy video she comes up with next.

No. 270951

I can't wait to see the mental hoops she jumps through to justify why Ween's channel got restored after dying on the hill of "It's up to ME if she gets it back".

No. 270953

She's most likely just going to talk about how venooos lied to youtube and got her channel back OR how she was threatened by an abusive Manaki

No. 270957

Thank you so much. Wow, this is all very telling given the hindsight we now have.

No. 270961

Yeah this was such a trip. I wonder why Margo doesn't try to pursue a relationship with a Japanese man to stay in Japan or something?

No. 270963

Because that might mean that she would have to do something "degrading" and from her view she is the boss/queen/whatever. She has no problem pushing venus around but actually doing something herself? Naaaaaah.

No. 270968

does anyone have this Venus dream fallen video???

No. 270972

No. 270994

This is giving me an acid nightmare

No. 271001

Maybe because Bodyline's prints run unless you put them into cold wash.

No. 271020

File: 1463613986790.png (598.57 KB, 922x590, Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.24…)

Mags is re-visiting the Etude House store she went to with Venus? Or was that back in Japan? Anyway, she's showing off the bustling nightlife of the student neighborhood like she's a part of it, not some creep old lady.

No. 271021

lol she would, Etude is such a teen brand.

No. 271027

Anyone else notice how $10,000 is a magical number for Marge…?

No. 271049

Of course she would. Marge is mentally/emotionally/developmentally a 14-year-old. An edgy dark satanist rebellious 14-year-old aka the polar opposite of syrupy-sweet Venus the kawaii princess.

No. 271050

File: 1463624996216.png (226.9 KB, 407x292, 0.png)

No. 271051

File: 1463625116772.jpg (36.09 KB, 736x545, 5a58f2134e5468f91bbb921970eada…)

Margo lurking the streets out to get Beenos.

No. 271086

god damn margo has been sketchily filming shit forever. Actually, though, I can't blame her. Even Mr Yan's side seems super shady in his publicist's words. Unfortunately you know she was doing it just to sue down the line, but if it were me, I'd have my phone face-down recording everything said.

No. 271096

at first glance actually I didn't noticed it was maggot's face on it. Damn

No. 271148

Clearly, she's run out of "master plans." You know what that means, Margo! Time to get a job, you lazy bitch. Like, it's inevitable that she'll have to get one eventually. I'm not sure why she's fighting it so hard. Being employed is an admirable thing. I thought there was a stigma to being jobless?

No. 271152

File: 1463672650576.jpg (911.02 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20160518-130237.jpg)

"the abyss" is the perfect name for Margendo!

No. 271175

I wonder if Venus still loves her mom after all she's been through..

No. 271176

In some way, she might. It's common to still love your abuser even after you start realizing the wrong they're doing. I'm so glad she decided it was right to be away from her and was open about it. Venus is very brave.

No. 271177

Probably not. and she probably feels pretty guilty about it because the general narrative in society is Family Above Everything. Especially, especially mothers. But no one is truly capable of unconditional love, I don't even think mothers feel it towards their children once they reach toddlerhood.

No. 271178


Meh idk I think my kid would have to be literally Hitler for me to stop loving him. Even then I'd probably still love him through my disgust.

I think that why Margot makes me so fucking sick, I don't understand how someone can look at their kid and only see a dollar sign.

No. 271181

Looks like Venus is dressing up Manaki in her outfits again on IG, kek.

No. 271185


No one cares

No. 271186


Yeah I agree, she probably does love mongy margo but just needs to be away from her ass.

No. 271207

I like to think they did it to intensify maggot's paranoia.

No. 271211

Well obviously you care.

Exactly lol. Imagine what's going through her mind seeing Manaki cross dressing. Anything to drive her insane is a win. Plus that outfit is cute as hell.

No. 271214


She's not gonna say shit she's just counting on being able to file another takedown

No. 271218

File: 1463706182706.jpg (121.15 KB, 640x764, image.jpg)

No. 271219

>wtf is going on
My thoughts exactly.

No. 271220

Damn she's crazy.

No. 271223

I'm going to sound like a tin foil hat right now, but part of me agrees that Venus put her husband in that dress to make Maggot go nuts. If she did, it seems to be working.

No. 271224

What are these 'black suited investigators' she's babbling about? Did she call the cops on Manaki (again)? Is she hallucinating? wtfff marge

No. 271228

she's in Korean and she doesn't speak Japanese, how could she contact cops? lmao

No. 271231

Most likely more real life fan fiction that she's making up. I doubt the MIB would show up to their residence because of some crazy foreigner that barely speaks Japanese gave them a crackpot story.

No. 271234

File: 1463709131287.jpeg (348.12 KB, 1277x1611, image.jpeg)

Penis nose is so convinced that she has control over wether Venus' channel comes back or not lmao

No. 271235

I think that's a reasonable theory. She was raised by Maggot after all, and probably doesn't see that kind of thing as unethical to do. It's hilarious while Maggot's in Seoul but won't be quite so funny when she returns to their doorstep.

No. 271236

she's called them before, remember?

although I think this 'black suit' thing is just the unhinging of margo again.

No. 271239

Margit don't pay taxes, that's why

No. 271242

Is she trying to refer back to when Venus was AWOL for a while after Maggot blew up during new years and people were asking for proof videos, etc to prove she was still alive? She might be claiming manaki has her insta hostage just like she did to venus back then. That or she has officially lost it

No. 271243

Why would she want to make Marge crazier than she already is? Especially since she knows her channel going back up next week is going to blow marge's mind.. why pile on now?

No. 271245

To put her in Absolute Meltdown Apacolypse mode? Idk, it's just weird how dick nose kept accusing Manaki's parents of raising him as a girl because they didn't want a boy and the timing of those photo, same with the Hello Kitty photos to try and make Venus jealous after she posted some delicious fugu that Manaki took her out for. This probably all sounds dumb as fuck, but the whole dynamic between them is weird as hell at this point. I really don't want to think that Venus is being malicious but it's weird.

No. 271248

Nah I think Venus is just being Venus and posting whatever the fuck she wants. She's dressed Manaki up before. I really don't see any of what she's posted to be egging Margo on.

No. 271267

Haha, Marge deleted the manakiinadress pic.

No. 271273

Look at the flower.

When she posts a flower pic we know she
;s feeling especially nuts.

No. 271275

She is always posting flowers.

No. 271277


I think this is why Mags hasn't gone full meltdown yet - she truly thinks the channel could never go live again without her involvement. I expect her to unleash the second Venus posts the first posthiatus video.

No. 271279

File: 1463722474365.png (55.35 KB, 304x345, Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.3…)

Mags on her comments

No. 271280

File: 1463722485679.png (54 KB, 322x363, Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.3…)

No. 271282

Yes, Maggot, I'm sure the police told you that your daughter doesn't give a shit about you.

No. 271285

Dude, she actually did call the police ("black suited investigators") on Venus and they told her that she's fine and does not give a shit about her kek

No. 271288

Manaki is 男の娘 (Otoko no ko), and weeby Venus just likes it. She also knows a sizeable amount of her otaku followers love traps, BL, etc. It's a pretty simple, and predictable, explanation. Manaki already had his cross-dressing hobby before Venus.

No. 271289

How do you know he cross-dressed before knowing her?

No. 271293


<insert lol, ok, mags.>

No but seriously, how on earth would you come to each of those conclusions on their own, let alone simultaneously? The milk is good enough on its own, no need to make it up. Margo is in denial about the channel re-launch, but in 3 days she'll make a milk bath to drown the world.

No. 271294

No. 271295

File: 1463725412876.png (710.81 KB, 930x598, Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.2…)

"Venoos post dog? I, Margo, make better dog posts!"

No. 271296


Wait - what's the language on the bottles? Is she back in Japan? The tag says it's a japanese dog, but that makes no sense, that's not a japanese breed.

No. 271298

She's coming for VENOOS

No. 271300

She has a job to finish, remember.
Maybe that's why she's so sure the channel WILL NOT COME BACK

No. 271301

The labels are in Japanese. It may have just been a Japanese store? That's a poodle I think?

No. 271302


Yeah, it's a poodle, which is why it being '#japanesedog' doesn't make sense. But then again, Margo rarely does. It could be a Japanese shop in Seoul. Or Margo could have turned back around to Japan.

I hope Venus stays at her in-laws' house for a few more days.

No. 271304

Why would there be a japanese shop in Seoul?

I bet she's baaaack. And she's letting VENOOS know it. I think she's been lurking around their apartment again too. Why else would she ask what happened to their car? How would she know anything about their car?

No. 271305


There are Mexican grocery stores all over Freedom Land; I assumed other countries also have immigrants who like to purchase goods from their home countries.

Yeah, I'm starting to think you're right, though. The question about the car, and her smug attitude about how Venoos will absolutely NOT get her channel back. I hope they stay at Mana's parents' house a few more days at least.

No. 271307

There are places like that.saw plenty of places that were in other languages depending on the owner.

But honestly, it could be an old pic or just some random bottles from a pass trip.
If Margo was in Japan we would have seen Denny's stock go back up

No. 271311

This woman is terrifying. Anyone look into her old Airbnb houses to see if she is stinking them up yet? This time don't be a dick and contact them.

No. 271314

Hopefully there's no car because Venus and Manaki aren't there.

No. 271315

Aww, this reminds me of a cooking youtube channel starring a dog named Francis. It makes me sad because the last I heard Francis was old and probably really close to death.

If anyone wants to take a break from Marghoul these videos can be really relaxing.

No. 271316


They've been at Mana's parent's place for 4-5 days.

No. 271318

I was starting to miss crazy margot. Not sure if I should be excited or scared for when Venus channel comes back.

No. 271326

男の娘 is just cross-dressing subculture for otaku. It's for fun and indulging in cute things ir fashion, not necessarily transgender or even sexual. It's not an insult. I like Venaki a lot.

I actually don't have concrete proof, but a feeling he enjoys it innocently. Especially since Margaret claimed he was raised as a girl, etc. She is insane, but where would she get that idea in the first place? I think she is totally mistaken about the truth and doesn't understand it, though.

No. 271346

Yes and no. Don't forget that Margit checks very often Venus' ig. She knows that they are at Manaki's parents, she knows that they live far away from each other and everybody knows that when you go far away for a few days you take your car with you.

And yes, Margit could be in a japanese shop in Seoul and just want to intimidate her daughter.

No. 271354

And now Margit is posting old photos from Japan with flowers and bicycles…

No. 271355

How do we know it's old? She could be back there now.

No. 271357

So is Magbag back in Japan or is she just posting old Japan pictures
How annoying

No. 271361

File: 1463741636070.jpg (154.65 KB, 934x602, margendonippon.JPG)

Margaret is back in Japan.

No. 271365

Nah, I don't think she's back in Japan, she's pulling a Kiki and posting old pictures.

No. 271366

But…. Why?

No. 271367

She's trying to keep appearance. If she's really there, I'll be surprised. But I would expect a but more from Margo because Venus is having a real family experience.

No. 271368

Maybe to scare her still-oh-so-beloved daughter.

No. 271369

I don't like the idea of Venus and Manaki's place being empty while a crazed Margo is building up as we get closer to the Youtube channel retuning. She'd probably fucking break in.

No. 271373

Exactly what I said >>271346

She could be back or she just wants to intimidate Venus.
But I think she just wants to scare her bc her channel will be back in 3 days and Margit doesn't know what to do to stop Venus from getting her chanel back.

Whatever it's true or not, mummy crazy's trying to put pressure on her hoping she will come back to her and work for her and give her money. The old witch's playing her last cards, she's very angry and desperate.

No. 271378

Margit, you should go find a job instead of stalking and sucking on other people.

Even people without legs or missing an eye work. Get a live loser.

What a pain in the @$$!

No. 271381


No. 271383

Do you think Manaki is commuting to work right now, or just using his vacation days? I hope Margaret's harassment doesn't affect his job. I really hope Manaki's parents are keeping a close eye on this situation and help them with legal action if Margaret came back.

No. 271384


jfc margo you act like boko haram or cartels kidnapped your daughter



No. 271385


for the same reason there are chinese or arab shops in other countries

No. 271390

If she's even telling the truth, I doubt Venus said all that. She most likely said that she wants nothing to do with her mother and that's it.

No. 271395

there are japanese shops in Tenerife

No. 271398

Margo is being a cranky bitch and Venus is vacationing in a lovely area of Japan, spending time with Manaki's family who care for her alot more than Margo ever has and is about to get her channel back. Things are looking up.

No. 271404

File: 1463766757937.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_8905-Screenshot_20160520-1…)

But, do not you think it seems fishy that manaki is posing as Benis wearing a dress, or that Peenus' face in her last picture looks Asian and edited? The eyes look fake… it is as I Manaki… actually shooped himself to look like Beenos

No. 271405

File: 1463766871638.jpg (25.42 KB, 308x424, tin foil hat.jpg)

No. 271406

That's enough aluminum for you.

No. 271407

Can you provide arguments as to why the picture is not shooped, or why the Instagram picture of the dress is not manaki posing instead of peniska? The latter is obviously a man and not Beeknoose.

No. 271408

Margo pls

No. 271409

remember how Tupac wanted to leave Death Row records, so Suge Knight had him killed and then reaped the rewards and surge in popularity post-mortem?
This is exactly Margit's plan I bet.

No. 271410

File: 1463767285808.gif (677.56 KB, 480x320, tmp_16669-anons_salt88018467.g…)

not an argument, try harder

No. 271411

Can you provide arguments as to why are you trolling like this? Aren't Margo lovers the latest trend in crappy trolling?

No. 271412

File: 1463767493246.jpg (13.38 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

No. 271415

File: 1463767783801.png (168.26 KB, 450x290, tmp_17529-1362181286eb3305_l-1…)

Damn, I have been btfo. How could I ever recover? I guess I am a #kotexPromotex now.

But seriously. Look at the picture of the dress. No hair (although it could be in a bun), elongated neck, flat chest, tanner skin color. That person is obviously not Penis-desu… and I think I can also catch a glimpse og an Adam's apple there.(derailing)

No. 271416


please remove yourself from the planet.

No. 271417

File: 1463768429701.jpg (19.52 KB, 720x533, tmp_18334-1463352027402-151875…)

Not an argument.

Cmon, if that picture is of Beenos, then it should be easy for you to prove it's not manaki.

No. 271418


where are the mods?

No. 271419

Pls take ur shit else wer.

No. 271421

Dogs always seem terrified when Margo is around.

No. 271422

File: 1463768858465.jpg (169.57 KB, 484x484, r0LdCIZ.jpg)

No. 271423

You're 100% special olympics retarded.

No. 271430


put your jenkem down already

No. 271434

I'm kind of with tinfoil hat anon on the dress picture definitely not being Venus, she isn't anywhere close to that flat or broad chested and she always likes to put her ratty ass extensions in every pic. Idk why Manaki would be in the dress or why she'd upload it to instagram? But it really really doesn't look like her.

No. 271445

ofc it's Manaki. Venus has a nice sense of humor.

No. 271451

But the fact that we haven't really seen anything about Venus, that according to margo, manaki's car is missing, investigators went there, and that manaki took the picture wearing that dress kinda makes you think:

Is Venus pulling a prank? Did venus run away from manaki and took his car, or what?

No. 271452

you guys ive been thinking, i mean if you go to venus ig and look at the actual photo the body in the dress doesnt match her body. if you look at her other photos in comparison her neck isnt that long and her bust should be visible in that dress but its not its flat but venus has a lot of photos of her wearing dresses in various forms but her body structure including her neck doesn't match. i mean for all we know venus likes seeing manaki dress up and that could be the case but this is not venus in the dress.

No. 271453

i kinda agree with you because if you look at he chest area in the picture you can clearly see its more of a mans chest in a dress than a girls its just flat

No. 271455

I feel foolish for asking but have we confirmed that there were truly investigators or police or whatever involved or is just Margo making up stories again ??

No. 271456

Who fucking cares if it's manaki? Margo makes plenty of milk on her own; you don't need to spin paranoid theories based on mags' ranting. She's likely back in japan, she probably saw the car gone BECAUSE VENUS AND MANAKI ARE ON HOLIDAY. You've seen venus post about being at her in laws' house with Manaki for a week. That's it. That's the whole "conspiracy".

No. 271457

File: 1463779126871.png (604.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-05-20-15-55-11…)

There's no way this is Venus look at how high that neck is and that chest is flatter than a pancake

No. 271458

Did a couple of paranoid idiots run away from pull or something?

No. 271460

I think the fact that mags is mostly likely back in japan more interesting than this >>271457 . What will she do now? Where will she go? What's her next big plan??

No. 271465

Not basing this on what Margo said. I think that is manaki in that dress. And it's obviously a selfie. So idk, maybe Venus made him take a selfie wearing her dress? Or he did it all by himself? Either way its slightly strange.

No. 271467

That is my point. Margo twists shit, but in the end what she says is the general overview of facts shaded by her fucked up interpretation of the world.

She may be a fucked up mother, but I think she may actually feel that Venus (whether it's as her daughter or her source of revenue) is threatened.

The fact that manaki crosdressed like a faggot and took a selfie while Venus is nowhere to be seen just adds to that.

Part of me wants to think that Venus got a serious makeover, and is asking Manaki to pose for her updates until the day when she feels ready to reveal the makeover.

No. 271470

Maybe this is a "goofy" teaser of a new video? (cause Penus channel will be back soon)

No. 271475

Maybe Venus has a thing for her guy in a dress.
Won't judge her we all have our kinks

No. 271478

File: 1463783952582.gif (497.06 KB, 350x278, giphy.gif)

No. 271479

That, or Mags sent some of her "Insta Friends Advice Group" teen stans here to derail; or the school semester ended and all the kidlets came to cry "but mana is in dress??? venus no posts today??? venus is disappear?? margo is concern? guys??"


No. 271482

Oh shit thank you anon!
So THATS where I've seen Maggot before!

No. 271487

I really just don't think it's Venus in that dress, I'm not saying there's some huge conspiracy or she's tied up in a basement or anything, she made a whole video/insta posts before where Manaki was a "girl" if you recall, maybe he just likes it. You don't have to be a Margo stan to question a picture.

No. 271488

No one ever said it WAS venus.
You dont have to be raised as a girl to wear a dress.
Hasnt Venus dressed him up in dresses before?
Maybe Venus is redoing her 'I do my boyfriends makeup' video?
Does it even matter?

No. 271489

Do you realize that you seem kind of retarded just because you are trying to point out and prove the obvious thing?
Maybe it's for their new video, maybe it's just for fun, and maybe Venus likes to dress Manaki in her clothes and then fuck the hell out of him with a 20" strapon. Whatever it is, it's their private business and we may never know. Now calm down please.

No. 271492

It is pretty obvious that his car is not infront of their home when they drove to his parents's place.

No. 271499

That conspiracy stuff is stupid (like…Since when we give credits to Margendodo statements?)
But maybe Venus should have kept this pic for her instead of publishing on IG…

No. 271513

File: 1463793878804.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, ven.png)

Like someone else said it might be a sneak peak for an upcoming video,
It's not like we haven't seen him dressed up as a girl before and in fact the video where she dressed him up as a girl she had a lot of happy fans in the comment section
Who knows she might want to make it a common thing on her channel considering she appeared to like it a lot herself too.
The only ones freaking out about it is Margo and tinfoil hat-chan

No. 271514

Love it. I'm happy if they're happy, and they've guaranteed maximum marge chimp out.

No. 271515

Phones are horrible for IG screenshots but here's Venus' latest post and I can't stop laughing at her caption. She has a sense of humor, people need to calm down about Manaki in the dress.

No. 271517

No. 271518

File: 1463794406014.jpg (1.11 MB, 1072x2277, Screenshot_20160520-183133.jpg)

NOW they're doing stuff for likes. I'm sure Fullscreen worked with them to find the best way to make a splash upon her comeback. This is adorable and clearly will pissed if mags. All around win.

No. 271522

"I wish you were a lesbian venus!" Lmao, same. My gay ass has a soft spot for her.

No. 271524

She grew on me especially with the snarky humour she's been displaying lately.
I'm still not a fan of her videos but i cannot help but find her endearing lately.
It also helps that she looks like Lily Cole in certain ways.

And i love to see Margo suffer.
I wonder how it's possible Margo got back into Japan so easily after the amount of times she contacted police for no good reason.
I had always assumed it would be much more difficult to get into Japan

No. 271527

h-holy shit… Venus got makeup skills? This is amazing if it is manaki

No. 271528

Manaki with makeup? Impossible…

No. 271530

How did you miss the joke so hard?

No. 271531


>I had to use an entire stick of concealer because his face is so wide


No. 271533

this is the stupidest thing i have read all day

No. 271535

I honestly wish the best for Venus. She is a victim of child abuse, whose life has been documented for years on youtube. I just want her to be happy. Call me a faggot, but I don't know, fam.

No. 271537

Yeah, me too, Also I feel like shes really nice in person? I dont know how shes margos daughter, they are literally polar opposites.

No. 271538

Looking at Margo's post again after some hours, it sounds like she was stalking their apartment again expecting them to be back from his parents again. No wonder they are still there!

No. 271544

That's some creepy shit. I don't get why the hell immigration granted her re-entry after everything she's done with the police and false reports. I bet she used Venus' address when she got her new visa.

No. 271546

This might not be true and if it where any other person it would be hard to believe.

But since Margs is such a shitty person it sounds completely plausable.

No. 271548

Immigration is only going to hear about it if Marge gets charged with something or the police literally bring her to immigration authorities to deal with.

Skipping from country to country and living a life on the fringes of society where airbnb hosts are your only friends, Margo is pretty good at slipping through the cracks.

No. 271589

Okay, now I'm sure that the Mana-in-dress pic was a video preview (same Anon here^^)…Marge will be crazy. Wait and see my friends…milk will be great for sure!

No. 271590

File: 1463853378283.jpeg (237.88 KB, 750x924, image.jpeg)

Margo repeated the same old "I'm the victim!!!!" crap again, but has since deleted it.

No. 271592

And now Mana and Venus are both guilty. They're the evil couple that kills animals and makes Marge voodoo doll!

No. 271595

Marge is never going to get over the fact that she's been exposed for the evil bitch she is instead of apologizing to Venus. She keeps digging the hole deeper and only her blind stans (namely Elizabeth) will defend her shit. There's even some still attacking Venus' Instagram saying, "You should apologize to your mother after all she's done for you." Makes me sick.

No. 271616

Wow, she's come full circle to venus being an animal abuser again? I'll have to go through my screenshots, I swear she recanted and claimed she never said venus abused animals at one point in this saga.

No. 271621

>to justify that she stole my life
Does anyone else think that's just super fucking creepy? To me it sounds like she's confirming all those "Venus Angelic is not her, it's me! I created it!" ramblings. Mags thinks she should've been the star all along and if Venus has just fucked off and left everything behind, Mags wouldn't have even looked for her.

No. 271622

>stole my life
What fucking life? Margo constantly dragged Venus all over Europe because she can't pay taxes and shit, tried to pimp her out to older men.
If anything Margo fucked Venus's childhood in the ass and I may not like Venus but I'm glad she took a step into a decent life away from her psycho mother.
Even if it doesn't work out, she at least has the experience to make her stronger.

No. 271627


agree. With this point of view I see mags doing some fucked up shit to venus because she clearly thinks she is the poor soul in this whole situation and it would justify any action against her own daughter in her opinion.

No. 271633

I hope to God the latest Japan pics on Margos Instagram are old ones.

No. 271635

I hope so too but i have a feeling she's really back in Japan
The way she asked Manaki where his car is is creepy

No. 271638

This cheeky son of a gun. She's so damn charming. Free Venus is definitely best Venus but now the only thing I wish would happen is for her to make some friends.

No. 271640

That's what has me worried the most. This shit is all thanks to Youtube's super flawed copyright counterclaim method.

No. 271641

It's so fucking dangerous how they hand over the personal details. On about safety and shit when they can legally just drop your details like it's no big deal. Location fine, but nor your entire damn address. Bunch of twats. This is why Margo is stalking them. They have no idea their shitty system has caused more of an issue than when it first began.

No. 271643

>stole MY LIFE
That ^ is scary and shows how fucked up she is mentally. Obsessive and disordered thoughts. No perspective and totally disconnected from reality. It worries me, especially given the timing (Venus's channel about to be restored) and how chipper marge seems lately… like she has a new plan she's about to execute.

No. 271646

File: 1463868959138.jpg (119.92 KB, 909x601, mags.JPG)

maggot dropped some new pics

No. 271648

File: 1463869032004.jpg (161.67 KB, 934x595, mags2.JPG)

No. 271651

What exactly does it mean about Haneda?

No. 271653

Margo somehow also reminds me of Asuka's mother, giving all her attention to a puppet (aka the 'venusangelic' character) while emotionally rejecting their real daughters

sage for weeb sperging

No. 271656

how thirsty you must be to find suggestive some building, margo?

No. 271662

Boobs, I guess? Margo really is a perv. No wonder she's convinced that everyone's hitting on her, she probably interprets someone smiling at her as 'I want to fuck you'.

No. 271666

>stole my life

Is she fucking kidding me?! She is the one that stole Venus' life! This monster robbed her of a childhood, friendships and deprived her of any sense of normalcy. Time and time again, she proves that she only wants Venus back as a means of living off of her and not having to find a job. Just fucking sick… I can't believe YouTube stupidly gave Venus' address out to her like that. Shit like this is how people can potentially get murdered. I wish they'd get hit with a huge class action lawsuit or some shit.

No. 271667


If someone is caused bodily harm, or stalked, and the cause is youtube giving someone their home address, someone is going to sue the shit out of google and win. I mean, it'll never go to trial; but google will settle case for a very tidy sum to keep it quiet, while changing their policy.

Of course, a load of cash doesn't bring back your loved one/s after they're murdered due to google's shoddy policies. They have to comply with DMCA; they do not have to hand the personal address of the channel owner to the claimant.

No. 271668

Different ethnicities may have different odor of sweat.

I live in Russia, we do have many different ethnicities living here, but we are not multicultural as America or Europe. When i moved to moscow one of the first things i noticed is that sweat of armenians is really stinky and smells like wet dog, however they don't notice this at all. Caucasians also smell like animals, well, those who don't use deodorants, but even caucasians among themselves smell different, like Chechens and Dags.

So, japaneese may have noticed odor of different kind of human, and ofcourse they did not like it, however it wouldn't be even noticable to us, unless Veenus had really bad hygiene.

Pardon my autism.

Sometimes from bad Parents come very nice and kind children who grow up completely opposite of their parents, human mutations for the sake of evolution.

No. 271670

>I can't believe YouTube stupidly gave Venus' address out to her like that. Shit like this is how people can potentially get murdered.
>class action lawsuit

I don't see how it's Youtube's fault. What remedy would Venus seek? Money? For what?
Social media can't be responsible for personal affairs.
This shit needs to be sorted out through a court or police entity, not through IG, Twitter, and Youtube.

No. 271676

It is, if I'm not mistaken Youtube needs your real address, name, phone number etc to proceed a dmca counterclaim AND they give that info to the person making the claim.

It happened before to a couple of persons receiving threatening calls from the Ostrengas, Youtube gave them their doxx.

No. 271677

It's not your ethnicity, it's your diet and hygiene habits doofus. There is no gene for making you smell like a wet dog.

No. 271679

Why are her threads still so popular? I mean I admit I used to be really interested in this dramu but it eventually gets boring because there is now nothing new tbh. Does anyone feel the same?

No. 271682

Seems like that kind of information collection would be covered under their ToS though. So I mean, Venus could try to just not have a social media account if it weren't her only viable source of income.

No. 271683

File: 1463876134856.jpeg (170.54 KB, 750x1032, image.jpeg)

NJM is up and about again, kek. I don't even know what the fuck she means this time.

No. 271686

Two sides of the ceiling make a Ladys legs. The hole in between them? I think you get the picture.

No. 271689

I really wish this creepy old woman would step off. All she wants to do is sell Venus to gross old men via porn, similar to what Margaret did but different.

No. 271691

lol yeah, someone should point out to Margo that Venus wasn't the one who got her knocked up.

No. 271693

I want her to go back after margo again. But it seems mags is too vile for NJM.

No. 271694

Oh my god. Again. It's not fucking youtube. Please see

No. 271697


yeah youtube may try their best to keep the info secured for the dmca claim purposes but they have no control over irl malicious usage, specially when one of the parties is some deranged sicko. They just abide to the law and that's all

No. 271698

Hasn't anybody noticed the fact that Maggot is lately posting too many #japantrip pics and those two last ones in her instagram are very suggestive about her whereabouts? I believe she's back in Japan.

I mean, I know that bitch is crazy but c'mon. She's got to stop at some point, I'm not sure of what the fuck the pretends spending so much time there. Venus is not coming back.

No. 271700

You guys would be surprised with the ridiculous amount of class action lawsuits there are for lesser things and get settlements. There's even a website dedicated to it.

Psychopaths like cock nose never learn. She's still clinging onto the dumb notion that she can get Venus back. If that's her end game, she might as well fly back to Hungary where she belongs.

No. 271701

File: 1463882514205.jpg (37.66 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

margo to venus after she landed back in japan

No. 271702

She's been already 90 days in Japan. Does someone know how many days she can stay this time before she rans out of chances to be there because of Visa reasons?

No. 271703


If you leave and come back, you get another 90 day visa. Margo went to Korea and returned so she's got another 3 months to fuck with V.

However, immigration starts giving you the side eye if you've been in the country for 180+ days on tourist visas; they suspect you of working under the table, which is a no-no. This is Margo's 4th return in a little over a year. I'd be very surprised if she wasn't warned on entry that she'd be denied if she tries to come back again in the near future, after the current visa is up. If that's the case, she'll be extra motivated to do maximum damage to V, because it's her last shot for a while.

No. 271704


So correct me if I'm wrong: someone can enter Japan as many times as he wants as long as he leaves after 90 days, to later comeback and get another 90 days?

And, besides, do u think it's likely that inmigration notices her and her regular (and suspicious) schedules of traveling? I mean, it would suck in so many ways if she keeps doing it every single time while inmigration pays no attention to her.

No. 271705


If margo is using the "visiting married daughter" excuse to enter the country, wouldn't they contact V or ask where is margo going to stay, or prove her income means or something? sorry i have no overseas relatives so idk how it works

No. 271706


They stamp your passport upon entry and exit, with the date. So each time she's arrived, they see the other visa stamps.

From the travel and expat blogs I've read, the general rule of thumb with Japan is that you get 180 in a year's time on a tourist visa (2 three month visas) with no issues. People who work under the table basically take 4 longish vacations per year to stay on the right side of immigration, if they have no work visa. So if you leave for 4 weeks and come back, they're ok with it in theory - but you run the risk of getting rejected with more than 2 tourist visas per year. Immigration in Japan also has a "warning" stamp that they can use upon entry - if you've been taking back to back visas, they can mark the passport so that it's clear that this is the last entry you're allowed. You can stay on that last visa, but you have to wait a long time before coming back after that's up.

No. 271707


Thanks man.

I'm starting to think that Venus and Manaki will have to move to some other country eventually, not telling anybody their location, since Margo is likely to NEVER leaver V alone. Is disgusting how can someone can be such a leech in life, pretending to live forever on her daughter's income and success.

No. 271711

V's other family members know what's going on, that Margot has mental issues and is stalking again, but they do nothing to help her. They pray, they post that they love every family members on their ig but they don't seam to give a shit. They could at least try to make diversion, seek Marge's attention. Idk

No. 271713


Can you post those ig account? No idea of the other Venus' family.

No. 271715

Search for Ferenc koncz, he is her grandpa I think. The others you can find them easily.

No. 271720

>If I don't like it nobody else can
fuck off and stop lurking her threads then?

No. 271726

Venus seems to have a nice, caring, heartwarming family that worries about her and Maggot (in spite of being the toxic being she is). Its heartbreaking to see the damage Margo has donde putting V away from her family all this time. I mean it's amazing how Margo's mental state has done so much wrong separating the family. Man, that's upsetting. I'm not fan of V but I do believe that everybody deserves a caring family. I fucking got emotional. That bitch

No. 271727

Japan is so densely populated around larger cities that I think them simply moving to a new area would be enough.

No. 271730


yeah Im thinking that once their contract is up wherever they are staying.. they should think of moving to another location. It just sucks that unless they do - they will have margo stalking them for who knows how long.

No. 271739

I mean, what can they realistically do. It's not like they can forcibly get her institutionalized, and she's in a completely different country from them. And they reach out to Venus, and she doesn't answer them (publicly anyway).

No. 271743

File: 1463903718039.png (606.17 KB, 870x537, Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.5…)

Anyone know if / where there are aquariums in Tokyo?

No. 271744

File: 1463903778621.png (34.05 KB, 321x192, Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.5…)

mags is down with it, guys

No. 271749

There is one in Ikebukuro sunshine city

No. 271752

There's one in Shinagawa and near the Tokyo Skytree, and Ikebukuro like another anon said.

No. 271756

Not exatly Tokyo but Yokohama Sea Paradise also jellyfish exhibition.

No. 271759


so pretty much the area where venus lives?

No. 271770

Yes. fucking hell Margo.

No. 271771

You just write the address you are going to on the immigration card. Then it is stamp on passport, go through. If they want to ask you questions, they will pull you aside and then you can say 'my daughter married' blah blah. She'd still be fine - that's a good reason to visit and if she says she stays with them, kind of alleviates suspicions about her working.

No. 271772

Margaret returns, just as Venus is supposed to get her channel back?! Dicknose is determined to cause a scene and do anything she can to distrupt those videos from being released. I'm really afraid of what will happen if Venus comes back too soon.

No. 271775

Tomorrow her channel comes back.

And so we wait…

No. 271785

Where is she getting the money to travel from? Did she pawn all her shit?

No. 271788

Maybe she's blowing old dudes for money.

No. 271789

No. 271800

Excited to see Venus' return video

No. 271809


Why? It'll just be her saying about how she will team up with jvloggers, manaki in girls clothing or eating some child's pudding

Get it's an income for her but I couldn't give a crap if she came back or not. Her videos suck. It isn't Venus it's just her videos are literally shit.

No. 271810


How is this even exciting though? Sorry white knight lovers. But I thought Venus's new content would be better.

No. 271811

Honestly, what would you expect her to churn out?
>she's been robbed of her childhood, she can't adult, but she's super responsible and catty
Stop having high expectations of her, she's only 19!!!!!!!

No. 271813


Well if she's going to make a "comeback" she could at least update the content a bit and make things more interesting. I'm surprised she has even hit 1M subs tbh and I know she went on TV shows with her nutcase mother to gain more views/popularity. But it is surprising. She seems okay but false in my opinion sorry to upset the ass lickers.

No. 271814

With how cautious she's being of other people, what makes you think she's going to team up with J-bloggers so soon?

No. 271816


Trust me anon. Maybe not this year or the next, it'll happen. TRUST ME.

No. 271817


Also I feel bad for Venus in a way if she did team with with other Jvloggers. I wonder how many of those bitches would try to use her…. Oh the drama.

I'm evil. I hope it happens :^)

No. 271823

File: 1463940871652.jpg (28.53 KB, 400x366, 2Yni481.jpg)

No. 271826

Why are you some of you guys getting so buttblasted about people supporting Venus? Not even a "fan" I just want to see her do well since she seems like a level-headed girl who had a difficult life, even more so than that I just want to see her monster of a mother get whats coming to her but I digress. Venus's content isn't very interesting or even good but it does appeal well to the 13 year old weeb girl crowd. The reaction MArgendo is going to have to the channel being up and new video is gonna be something else

No. 271827


Some people seem to be under the illusion that this site is for mindless vitriol and only that. No compassion allowed.

No. 271828

Venus' videos sucks, margo is crazy, we don't care who of them provides milk we'll gladly drink it have compassion in /b/ or /g/ hypocrites etcetcetc

No. 271833

As mentioned before, she very likely is still getting benefits from Switzerland for Venus being under 25 as she likely didn't report that Venus isn't studying in language school anymore.

No. 271834

Not caring and shitposting are two different things tho.

No. 271835

Some ppl here turn very aggressive when we make negative opinion about her work (like some creepy fangelic teens)
Let's be honest: Venus video are sh*t , even after she left Maggot (remember the pudding video?)
You can feel compassion about her tragic story but keep an objective stance.
It doesn't make you a cold-heart/abuser.

I can make the difference between Venus "the person" and Venus "the content creator" :)

No. 271836

I don't think her videos are great but I still want her to have her channel back. Venus should be free to make stupid videos all she likes without living with the abuse from MargeBarge AND the fallout from MargeBarge going crazy should be pretty funny.

No. 271844

If anything she is still getting alimony from her exhusband who is Swiss. If he would know that Venus is no longer living with margot he wouldnt have to pay any more.

No. 271850

I don't get why she couldn't just make a new channel in the meantime, if I was dealing with a mom like Margo I'd just cut my losses and stop all communication and mobilize trying to make the entirety of my online presence to be controlled by myself only. Venus is what is popular, not her channel, so moving fans to a new channel that will eventually be monetized just seems easier/faster than trying to get a channel back from your psycho mom.

No. 271852

Literally against youtube's ToS.

No. 271857

I've never seen anyone here becoming overly aggressive about how much they love Venus' channel.
Most people here agree her channel is boring, but it makes Margo crazy, so that's a good thing. Wich is why I think people are excited about its return.

No. 271865

Tbh it is not her fault that she has to do that kind of videos. She tried to get away from the weeb persona before but it only caused her to lose subs (when Margo tried to sell her as pinup vintage style something).

No. 271866


Well shes her own person now anon shes old enough to change the kawaii shit and do something else

No. 271867

All i wish is that Venus doesnt suck up to the rest of those jvloggers because I have a feeling it wont end well.

I know everyone on here adores the kawaii princess but there is nothing wrong with a change if content. The doll shit is boring.

No. 271868

But that would mean losing her source of income and nobody wants to lose a FREE source of income that doesn't take much efford.

No. 271870

>The doll shit is boring.
I haven't seen anything new related to being a "living doll" since…2014, I think? Most of her recent videos were about strange japanese food.

No. 271875


Venus has way more subs than most of the jvloggers. What's more likely - and what's already been happening with small jvloggers - is that they will suck up to her rather than the other way around.

No. 271876


The doll thing has run its course anon, she can still be cute and change things up a bit. Even dakota doesnt stick with the doll niche as much these days. Also there is no such thing as a living doll anyway. I remember venus made that video about being a doll and it was ridiculous. Either you have the tupicaly "doll features" and thats it. Its just a bit ridiculous to drag out.

Hence why i think she will turn into a jvlogger and end up getting used.

Whats annoying though is that Venus's videos walking around sucking on Sakura fraps will be considered cute and lovely while e.g Sharla doing it is "weeby" and awful.

No. 271877


Like I said anon, she will probably get used due to having more subs.

No. 271879

No. 271880

I hope the channel comes back online soon. The suspense is killing me.

No. 271881


Me too anon

Cant wait for seifuku videos and "hai gaiz!" waves "i got mai channnnell back! Mai evial momm cannot stop meh and manaki anehmoar!"

Remember when she used to say "HELLO MAI JELLY BEAN MARSHAMELLOW GUMMEH BEAR DROPS!" and shit?

How people ever thought that was cute is beyond me

No. 271884

I think the only person who ever thought that was cute is Margo.

No. 271885

Every youtuber that's popular has a sign off, usually. Think about Bunny 'become a member of the swamp family and give an alligator its wangz', Jenna with her 'make new videos every wednesday-slash-thursday byeeee', markiplier 'my name is markiplier and I will see you… in the next video! Bye bye!', Matthew Santarwhatever with his knowledge whale thing, etc.

Okay, obviously I don't watch that many jvlogger videos, but they all have sign offs or sign ons that are memorable.

It's quotable, but her 'byebyebooooo' is so cute, I really enjoy it.

No. 271887


Its not cute anon.

No. 271888

I wonder what new low Margendo will stoop to in her inevitable meltdown this time? She's nearly at cornered animal tier and it's kinda scary…

No. 271889


When venus used to pull that she reminded me of that one with the pink hair? Pinkie pie was it? Messes

No. 271890


I don't think Margo will come back tbh anon

No. 271891

I think it suits her and sounds cute in her voice. I sound like a 13 year-old boy, so I could never pull it off. But to each their own. I'm not saying that sugarbear cupcake gumdrop kawaii neko ne is cute, just the bye-bye boo.

No. 271894

No. 271898


The thing with venus and now knowing it was all due to her mother is that venus is cute without the kawaii. She is naturally cute. But i always felt it was too forced? Even now? Idk if my view of that can change.

No. 271899

… Margo is in Japan right now, what do you mean "I don't think Margo will come back"? She did come back. She's back in Venus's neighborhood. Venus's channel re-launches tomorrow, and Margo is adamant that it cannot happen. She's gonna freak.

Did you mean that she's never returned to sanity, so she has nothing to stoop too?

No. 271901



Ah jesus.

Venus ur doomed

I thought mother gothel and her ashes had long gone

No. 271902

Margo is so creepy

Shes the type to over stay her welcome. I can imagine her… Venturing in Venus's underwear draw and sniffing them. Then slowly pulling them away with a frown and beginning to sob saying hoe unpure her Venoos has become.

Then she would go schitz like the mother in Carrie.

No. 271903

What is Manaki and Margo were in on it? Secretly they are lovers and they are keeping Venus as their prized dolly for subs and cash?

the horror

The possibilities of these three are endless

No. 271905

File: 1463954889461.png (16.94 KB, 263x115, Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.07…)

So is Venus supposed to get the channel back on Monday her time, or Tuesday?

No. 271907

I'm not sure. Does the section of YouTube that restores her channel not open until 9am or something?

No. 271909

nah, she'd probably pocket them and try to sell them to whatever creepy old guy she can find.

"i sell the panties of venoos angelic, here is picture of venoos, kawaii no?"

No. 271910


I hope Margot does overstay her welcome and Venus reports her to immigration
My justice boner could probably reach all the way to Japan to hi five her

No. 271911


more like she'd steal venoos panties to wear them 24/7 and manaki's boxers to wrap a sacrificed black hen with them and bury it somewhere in hopes they divorce

>tfw wannabe witch lunatic grandma's sister actually did it

No. 271912

Hahahaa dyingggg

No. 271914

Could be based on Youtube's main location timezone instead of Japan.

No. 271917


It's 4:30 pm Sunday in Silicon Valley right now. If the channel restoration is going by x number of business days and on California time, it'll be 29 hours from now.

No. 271930


what if venus has mind control powers and she's using Margo as a pawn to get more views. it was all a clever ploy by venoos animal abuser sadist sociopath chan

No. 271940

also a shapeshifter who appears in the form of Venus or Manaki as desired.

No. 271942

People thought that Manaki was into Venus for creepy pedo reasons. All along, he just wanted her clothes.

No. 271984


True guys

Maybe Manami is one of these genderless boys that were featured on Kawaii International. Maybe he's just trans secretly? It's okay Mana-chan. We support u!

No. 271985


It's a shame we can't just report all the visa merchant and overstayers off here tbh. Get them the fuck out

No. 271986


Eager aren't we anon? Do you miss the "hai mai babeh bunnies! Me and manakeh are out in da gardan drinkin stwarberreh merkshaku! YAY bai bai buuuuh!" so much?

No. 271987


I think Margo should go to Spain and live there. She could replace Sticky Vicky over in Benidorm. Margo would make a killing pulling flags, silly string and balloons out of her pussy on stage. She's so grimey it would suit her well!

She'd probably save the Japanese flag for last

No. 271991

No thanks we don't need more leeches here.

No. 271992

pls not my España

No. 271993

File: 1464005801176.gif (1.32 MB, 500x246, acid-betty-drag-race.gif)

I can totally see something like that. But replace the hen with Venoos rabbit so it's a bit more kawaii, all while instagramming it with a wall of text rant

No. 271997

Not that anon but Im looking forward to Venus' chanel coming back just to see what Margs will do.

No. 272008


When manaki is out running errands margo might tie venus up and take her place on the camera.

Dye her hair the same colour, put on a thrill dress and say "hai mai bootiful bunneh chubbies! It is me! Venoos! I am back!"

Then we hear muffling in the closet and venus falls out on a chair with a hello kity gag in her mouth

No. 272010

Considering margo's craziness this might happen.

No. 272012


Sadly it might

No. 272027

I think it's Tuesday in Japan now. The tension is killing me D:

No. 272030

I wish she hadn't announced the time frame it would happen in tbh, just incase Margo did some more devious shit to make sure it never came back, not to mention YouTube always screw up somehow. Let's hope the channel return is actually happening at least tomorrow or Wednesday.

No. 272039

File: 1464024813194.gif (624.73 KB, 500x230, tension.gif)

No. 272045

File: 1464025519612.jpg (410.36 KB, 1600x1600, CES-05334-1.jpg)


I really get the vibe that mags also only waits until the channel is back to do some shit again. She probably camps in front of the flat of venus.

No. 272061

This, I didn't watch Venus' videos in the first place, apart from the shit that gets posted here.

No. 272062

Marge's VA.com shop is 'down due to traveling' again. Anyone know how long it's been down?

No. 272067

File: 1464028737778.png (38.81 KB, 909x512, Whereintheworldismarge.png)

Must have been recently

No. 272071

Checked it yesterday night. She probably has her "shop" set up in Korea and was using the cheap used goods to give her pocket cash when she returns to Japan.

Can't wait till Venus gets her channel back. We all know it's garbage, but hey, some weebs like it. More power to them and good for Venus. Let's watch as Margo has to eat shit after saying the channel belongs to her.


No. 272076

I'm just wating for her to get her channel back, and she can finally remove Maggot from her recommended channels. Will she get her twitter account back? Because crazy Magoo will go apeshit in every account she has in her hands.

No. 272080

Agreed. Venus' channel is 95% garbage with very very very few watchable videos, but I want Marge to scream and for Venus to be happy. God knows Venus has been through enough.

No. 272084

Okay samefaggers we know you have a boner for venus and her crappy videos

Calm down

No. 272093

Ohhh Canadaaaaa. Margot is in canada folks

No. 272094

File: 1464033708752.png (601.6 KB, 918x595, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.01…)


No. 272095

Could be a ruse - she and V went all over North American around 1.5 years ago. Canada included.

No. 272096


I don't believe this. Why should she go there??

No. 272097

Lets hope it's not a trap for Venus

No. 272100


Like I said above - she was in Canada not too long ago. It's possible that this is a photo from that trip. But it's equally possible that she's there - it's like 4 am in Tokyo right now, and the early afternoon on the West Coast of the Americas. Don't know why she'd post at this time in Tokyo (unless she's shit faced)

No. 272103

If she is there I wonder what made her decide Canada.

No. 272104


She found a benefactor / sucker. She wouldn't go anywhere she didn't have some scam up her sleeve; it would have to be a good one, too, to get her to stop hounding Venus.

No. 272105


should have clarified: my GUESS is she found a benefactor / sucker

No. 272106

I hope someone tricked her into thinking that they are going to let her leech off of them and then made her spend money on a ticket to Canada

No. 272109


Well, at least she's on the other side of the world and away from them.

No. 272110


Theoretically, yes. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is for real.

I'm also scared that Margo killed Venus yesterday, skinned her, and took her new kawaii skinsuit to Canada to make a new life.

No. 272111

File: 1464035058968.jpg (173.47 KB, 750x1112, QyWIZdG.jpg)

da fuck is she doing in Canada?

No. 272112

File: 1464035062034.png (563.4 KB, 933x594, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.23…)

More Canada. She seems to be selling this hard.

No. 272113


this one was already posted, fyi

No. 272115

My page stopped auto updating and i didn't notice.
I feel like it's a ruse. The tokyo pictures and now this, she's just in Korea pretending to be everywhere.

No. 272116

… I wonder if Margo got turned down at immigration at the Tokyo airport? Like, she tried to come back in, they said no fucking way, you've been her too much in the last year, and she had to find a plan B.

No. 272118


No. 272119

Considering what happend in the past, maybe some canadian anime convention invited "Venus" as guest via her contact mail (which is linked to the domain only Margo controlls now) and Margo took the chance as she sees Venus as her own creation?

No. 272120

So I was looking at Margo's pictures, and it was uploaded 12 minutes ago. It's currently 5:30 in the morning in Korea, but it's still daylight in Canada. I'm starting to wonder, could this be true. Is she that "smart" to figure out when to post pictures so it looks believable? I'm so curious.

No. 272122


Well, the place to start looking for something like that is Vancouver. There's only one mountain range in Canada.

No. 272123

File: 1464035846420.png (50.86 KB, 553x267, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.37…)

ding ding ding

No. 272124


Wait, fuck. Sorry, the one right now is in Toronto. That's hella far away.

No. 272126

I'm not believing this one bit. These are probably old photos she took years ago when she and Venus went to a convention in Vancouver. Why the fuck would she got to Canada? From what I hear, their immigration system isn't exactly lax. She's putting on a front.

No. 272128


Oh, so it WAS Vancouver? I wasn't sure they made it all the way across the country on their trip.

Well, then it's very possible these are pics from the trip they took. Unless she's on a layover on her way to the Toronto con, but that's a stretch.

No. 272129

This is all a ruse to get Venus to go back home from Manaki's family house so she can kidnap her and steal her youth.

No. 272130


What fucking business does she have with with Anime North?

No. 272131

How else will she find the new face of venusangelic?

No. 272132


An anon mused about whether a con invite could have been sent to the old VA email, without them realizing that Venus was no longer connected to the email or website. I saw the dates matched up with her arrival; but then realized the photo is Vancouver and the con is in Toronto.

No. 272133

File: 1464036676226.png (72.2 KB, 329x536, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.51…)

No. 272134


I didn't think of that. Anime North might get interesting once every sees it's not Venus. Assuming the schedule is already made that said Venus was gonna be there.

No. 272135


She is not in Vancouver unless those are old pics. It's been raining here.

No. 272136

Lol I was about to post that. Wtf does Maggot mean by "No one has money"???

No. 272137


Nice. Thanks, anon!

No. 272138

I'm cristy_ella and I think she is being elusive. She always does this.

No. 272139

This is all too random, I can't help but wonder if she's lurking in front of venus' house right now, trying to lure them out of hiding by making it look like she's halfway across the globe…

No. 272140


Doesn't look like it's raining now, though? Supposed to start back up in a couple days.

No. 272141

She hasn't posted a selfie in a week.

No. 272142

Interesting. Only a few days ago, Maggot was riling up dumb teenagers into believing that Manaki did something to Venus which is why she hadn't posted a selfie in 3 days. How easy would it be to provoke Maggot into posting one to prove her whereabouts?

No. 272149

does she ever do OOTD posts? that might be a way to provoke

No. 272150

File: 1464039867083.png (436.27 KB, 931x592, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.44…)

Where dis at, canooks?

No. 272151

Guess Korea and Japan had enough of her shit.

No. 272153

File: 1464040267363.png (64.19 KB, 320x585, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.50…)

Something to consider; is this the same anon who said it's raining in Vancouver rn?

No. 272154

tbf, its possible she had layover in vanc and is going towards Toronto. Vancouver is on the west coast and probably in some sort of flight path from Korea/ east asia

No. 272155


I checked the con schedule; neither Margo or Venus are slated to be there in any capacity. That doesn't mean Margo can't go; but it does mean her trip wouldn't be paid for by the con organizers.

No. 272157

File: 1464041175846.png (642.76 KB, 931x589, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.05…)

No. 272158

She's clearly living the fucking life

No. 272159


Riverwalk, Vancouver BC.

No. 272160

omg she's hitchhiking LOL and hashtagged #freedom. Freedom from what, marge?

No. 272161

File: 1464042142924.png (40.54 KB, 343x230, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.21…)

caption change

bitch is walking with suitcases in the bike land of the open road.

No. 272162

God I hope she's actually in Canada. Probably a lot more canucks on here

No. 272163

That's the same purse she had in Japan, but her suitcase in Japan was black with different colored flowers on it. I don't image she changed suitcases when she went back to Korea. I'm still on the fence if she's there or not. And is she walking to town from the airport? Oh Margo please tell us more.

No. 272165


I went back to look, but she deleted the photo of her suitcase on the road in Japan

No. 272166

Lmao this is top entertainment.

No. 272167

I think she's just trolling us

No. 272168

File: 1464042775486.jpg (2.25 MB, 4128x2322, 20160523_152630.jpg)

maybe it's sunnier in some parts. in my area it's been cloudy and rainy for 2 days. pic related just a min ago


not me

No. 272169


she's in calgary. in like 80% sure of it

No. 272170

I live near the airport and it's been cloudy and rainy for days, and currently completely cloudy. Pretty sure it's bs.

No. 272171


If the photos are from Calgary, she's full of shit, because it's definitely cloudy / raining there.

No. 272172

No way, I live in Calgary. It's been raining for three days straight.

No. 272173

File: 1464043245882.png (32.01 KB, 305x201, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.40…)

Wtf is the shoutout to the alt right about? Part of the Trump joke?

No. 272174

It's the picture on the right of the Science Museum in Japan. The picture has purple flowers, and you can see the corner of her suitcase. It's black with different colored flowers or some kind of shape on them.

No. 272175

You are painfully unfunny.

No. 272176

Plus, those aren't our mountains. She's in Vancouver most likely.

No. 272177

File: 1464043506510.png (615.98 KB, 649x477, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.44…)


Aha. Thanks! As a refresher for everyone:

No. 272178


I hope it's van. I would love to bump into her on the street.

No. 272179

She never does but someone just might suggest it,

No. 272180

That's what I thought when I saw the comment about Calgary. I'd love to run into her and witness her crazy in person.

No. 272181

File: 1464043967856.png (75.41 KB, 329x500, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.52…)


No. 272182

Someone just asked her if she was hitchhiking and she said 'no, never hitchhiked. Like I said I'm driving my luggage.'

No. 272183

More like,
>Because the police threatened to charge me if I didn't leave my daughter alone.

No. 272187

Well there's usually a grain of truth in her crazy so what if she really did call the cops on Venus (again) and Venus informed them about marge's stalking & harrassment, and the cops got in touch w/immigration & she got deported for real? And she randomly chose Canada because why not?

No. 272188

Otherwise she's been up since 5am trolling

No. 272190

I hope this is Marglish for "Japan wouldn't let me come back because I kept harassing my daughter and her husband and they have it documented."

No. 272194

File: 1464046962706.png (28.02 KB, 287x393, Margeret.png)

I just pointed out how odd it was that she is claiming poor and yet can travel all over the place.

No. 272195

I didnt see anything else so I'll take a look

No. 272196

File: 1464047096570.png (31.24 KB, 279x267, margeret part 2.png)

There you go.

No. 272197

She is trying to lure Venus to come back. She is still in Japan.

Venus please be careful.

No. 272198

If instagramm doesn't delete geodata and other meta data from photos, it's possible to look at time when the photo was made and its location.

No. 272201


instagram deletes exif data

No. 272212


Fuck that's where I live

No. 272218

If she comes to Toronto I'll try and find her

No. 272225

That's such a pricey ticket though, you can't raise that selling scrunchies?? If she'd gone to Vietnam or something…

No. 272227

wow she's too broke to afford transport from the airport? what part of Canada is this anons?

No. 272229

I really think that she is trying to set a trap for Venus after her mention about not seeing Manaki's car in their parking space. She's super unhinged and is probably still stalking and waiting for them to come back from his parents house.

No. 272230

No matter what luggage she had in japan, she has the correct luggage in Korea, so she's really in Canada. She would have left shit behind there in SK which she picked up on arrival I bet.

No. 272231


She's in Vancouver, it looks like. She walked across the Vancouver Riverwalk earlier today (or at least posted a photo of it.)

No. 272232

No matter what luggage she had in japan, she has the correct luggage in Korea, so she's really in Canada. She would have left shit behind there in SK which she picked up on arrival I bet.

No. 272233

File: 1464052111606.jpg (323.91 KB, 2128x1188, margos-beautiful-luggage.jpg)

pic should have been attached

No. 272234

I'm starting to get worried that Margo did something to Venus before hightailing it out of Japan. V hasn't posted to instagram in 2 days - in what's supposed to be the runup to her channel relaunch. Which also didn't happen today.

No. 272235


Cool, thanks. The grey cases where probably in either their Tokyo or Seoul storage units; and Mags probably left the spare behind.

No. 272236

It makes sense because that is the cheapest ticket / closest destination.

I wonder if she went to Japan at all - it sure did look like the pictures were sunnier. Maybe immigration caught up with her, but why Canada? Why not SK again? Why the 'full hobo' walk?

Margo you are full of mysteries.

No. 272238


The only thing I can think of as to "why canada??" is that she found a con to run / a sucker to leach from in Vancouver.

And she was pretty set on returning to the EU "as soon as my old life is finished". So the fact that she didn't go back to Europe is also weird.

No. 272239

I'll go to Canada next month,and I had to save and budget for everything (especially for flight and health insurance) →sage for blogging
And she's complaining for being so poor and miserable?! Fuck that crazy chick!

No. 272240

To be fair the channel relaunch timing might not be exactly to the minute as calculated here.

Traveling so far all of a sudden does suggest Margo did something bad, but she's capable of hiding when she wants (like on the Japan road trip) so I expect maybe she got in a little trouble but not as bad as you are suggesting. Fuck, I hope not!!

Maybe she just can't get back to Europe and will walk across Canada on her way, selling scrunchies!!

No. 272241

But said person has not picked her up, so they must be a real peach.

No. 272244

margo killed venus, is on the run in canada

No. 272245

I Pitty her. What a hobo. Imagine how she's going to end in near future.

No. 272246


Shit, man, I might start a prayer circle. Light candles and shit. Venus is a cringey weeb, but that doesn't mean she deserves death.

No. 272248

I had the same thing on my mind. Could be anything though.

Also I might be stupid but it looks here like flights from Japan to Canada are cheaper than Japan to Hungary. Maybe it was a cost issue. I don't know though, I'm no travel expert and all I did was google search flights. Or maybe she didn't want to get caught in Europe and lose her swiss government bux because her kid isn't with her.

No. 272252

chill; maybe the police got a bit pissed off with her and gave her a scare.

No. 272253

my heart actually sank knowing shes in van…
but good fucking luck trying to live here its one of the most expensive cities in the world. a million can get you an apartment maybe… depending on where
there is no way she could last

No. 272254

Are the Swissbux paid on the first? It will be fun to watch her hobo around for a few days until then. Cardboard box hotel for Margo!

No. 272255

There'd be pretty good Travellers Aid though right? We have that kind of thing in Australia - a place for a shower and some advice, maybe welfare if you need.

No. 272256


It looks that way; it's been the first when she's splurged or moved in the past couple months.

That ticket had to be a big expense, though. I wonder if she got some sort of settlement from Fullscreen to abandon her claim?

No. 272257

I think she may have chose Canada as her last resort since she is no longer welcome in Europe nor Asia. I guess if you are going to be banished, Canada would be one of the best places to end up. How easy is it for foreigners to get a work visa over there?

No. 272258

actually not quite too sure. I googled it and didnt get a ton of hits. We already have a big homeless problem in the downtown east side
boarder security seems to be on top of their shit here from what ive heard/seen

No. 272260

>Margo working

No. 272263

that depends… she needs to prove that no canadian can do the job she can do (aka special skill ) + be backed by a company
secondly she cant apply for a working visa while on a tourist visa? i think? i think she has to go back to her home country and apply correct me if im wrong

No. 272264

So in other words, Canada is on top of their shit and even if Maggot wanted to work, which we all know won't happen, she wouldn't be able to do it. She'll just end up leeching off some idiot and staying illegally for who knows how long. I'm still fucking shocked that she's in Canada.

No. 272265

If i was margo i'd fall before venus saying sorry and hoping she'll forgive, give her media accaunts back, so that i could at least have some portion of venus' dollar cake.

No. 272266

Or a master troll conned her into thinking she had a mark.

No. 272267

I've got a 2 years Working Holidays visa for Canada.
On my arrival at the airport's customs office, I should have 2500 CAD on my bank account (and enough money to buy a return ticket), a local adress and an health insurance coverage for the next 2 years.
I think that Maggot is on a toursit visa again.

No. 272269

tourist visa sorry

No. 272270

The light is looking dim for Venus's channel returning and her fans are getting impatient now that it's past the within 10 days as she said. No doubt Margo is finding this too satisfying.

No. 272272

Oh god, I hope that's the case. It would be sweet justice that she gets fucking stranded in a foreign country far away from Venus.

No. 272275

>Asia is only Japan / SK

There are lots of cheaper destinations nearby: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. She is not 'no longer welcome in Asia' ffs. probably she just got a scare from the Japanese Police who (probably) finally turned it around onto Margo and asked a few hard questions.

No. 272276


"Working holiday" visas (if you mean that) usually have an age limit on them though. Margo will be too old.

No. 272277

it's probably just working days, and just approximate. don't overblow it.

No. 272279

actually yeah what I'm thinking of is for Aus nationals traveling by rail. but she is through the border now and might make her way to a local hub for some charity.

or maybe she'll end up on someone's farm… a commune…

No. 272280

True, I had not thought about that^^

No. 272287

please… dear fucking god don't be in Vancouver

No. 272290


isn't canada plenty of rivers? she should try a dive in Niagara falls

No. 272291


The Falls are on the opposite side of Canada - but she can drive her suitcase all the way there, because it has wheels and she has a drivers license (*~just Margo things!~*)

No. 272292

Canada has lots and lots of rivers. I really hope she ends up in one.

No. 272295


To talk about her surviving as hobo and how abusive psycho daughters can ruin lives, while wearing Venus's lolita clothes and holding stuffed bunny-san kek

No. 272298

She's there anon - there's no doubt.

No. 272299

really anon. that's such a reach.

she has to walk from the airport but can pay for and hang at a con across the other side of a very large country. yeah maybe, but not likely.

No. 272300

she can get a booth to sell Venus' old clothes as well as her glitter bear scrunchies (handmade in Korea! wink!). plus charge for selfies.

No. 272311

Is the anon who was on Margo's Insta Friends Advice Group still here? I fee like we'd get a better handle on where the river kappa is and why if someone still has an in.

No. 272320

How does she have WiFi/Internet connection?

No. 272322

There is a lot of places in Canada with free wifi, like Tim Hortons, McDonalds, etc.

No. 272323

My stomach just dropped… This is literally 5 minutes away from my house.

It wasn't very sunny today. Grey clouds, and little bit of drizzle as well. So… don't know what this means.

No. 272327

i really dont think she is in canada guys.

No. 272329


Hoooollly fuck shes in Vancouver? I live near here. I could literally meet maggot or see her in the streets.

No. 272330

Someone check the Vancouver Denny's and see if she is there.

No. 272331

this, you bitches really so gullible? she hasn't posted any identifiable picture or any sort of 'timestamp'
something something if this were /b/

No. 272332

was it sunny in the last two days, even for a while? she won't be posting in real time.

No. 272333

Oh if only they had a live feed.

No. 272334

the weather thing is key to knowing if the pics are really now, or if she made Venus march along the freeway with her when they last visited.

No. 272335

Get your tinfoil hat off anon, she never posted any actual proof when she was in Korea either and we didn't question that.

She's probably in Canada .. why .. who knows

No. 272336

She could at least post something on Snapchat like she did with the Hairdye to prove she was in Korea (or was it Japan? Can't remember)

No. 272337

yes she did, she posted pics from an airbnb, people contacted the host there who confirmed she stayed, she made a video, etc.


No. 272338


So we're just gonna forget about the Hello Kitty room?

No. 272340

Oh Gods, why did you have to remind me?

No. 272345

File: 1464089358335.jpg (241.72 KB, 1488x1114, kawaii.jpg)

enjoy your nightmare, anon.

No. 272346

File: 1464090315720.png (623.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-24-13-43-12…)

I really wonder who's that "friend"

No. 272348

My air bnb host got me a drink.
I'm sure he has a kink on me…cause, you know, I'm so young and sexy.

Damn, she's pathetif af.

No. 272349


ahah she's making kokanee sound super fancy. her "friend" has poor taste in beer.

No. 272350

This is getting ridiculous. She sounds like a friendless teen who wants us to believe she's cool and popular.

No. 272357

Margo's been on the run so long and living this airbnb life full time. I really think these brief business relationships are 'friendships' in her world.

No. 272359

Wow…actually it's sad.

No. 272372

It's terrible to take your child through that life. But some abusers move a lot because they know how isolating it is.

No. 272376

i'm starting to wonder maybe youtube meant 10 buisness days and venus got confused and thougt just 10 days (with weekends)

No. 272378

that's likely

No. 272379

then it won't be back until about 26th right?

No. 272381

maggot is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

No. 272384

File: 1464101756367.jpg (423.47 KB, 1380x1600, bingo.jpg)

I like reading about people's parent drama online, and one person made this bingo card. I mentally ticked off boxes from what I could remember of Margo's twitter outbursts. She covers the field quite well.

No. 272385

Errr I mean instagram, I think. I don't know how to social media.

No. 272397

I think Margo is actually in Canada. The real question is why? What made her suddenly shoot off across the world? I wonder if she finally got told off by the Japanese authorities. If she kept contacting them it's certainly possible that they finally asked Margo some questions about her situation. I doubt she was actually deported somehow, but I can see her getting warned and then freaking out. All of the above is speculation though.

Yeah. You'd be surprised how many people don't notice or don't understand the business part.
Source: run a business, every so often I get a customer complain an order is 'late' because they can't fucking read.

No. 272416

Anyone who's her Air BnB host is her "friend." She's so fucking pathetic. Bitch has no real friends.

No. 272428

As somebody who frequently gets asian beauty items sent from Asian countries to Canada, Canada post is currently fucked with package times. They're like 30-50 days backed up. Good luck running a webship from there

No. 272429

This. I ran an eBay shop for a while, and watching the tracking was painful. It took forever to get out of Canada, and once it actually arrived in the destination country it was lightning-fast. Canada Post is absolute shit. Enjoy your irrationally angry customers, Maggot.

No. 272432

File: 1464123926194.png (1.24 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160524-170159.png)

So Venoos is still MIA and granddad Ferenc is on IG hinting she's preggo

No. 272433

I guess "juhuu" is Hungarian for woohoo?

No. 272434

Ah, thanks anon for filling us in. I totally forgot she made a video. Keen eye.

No. 272436


As if a baby is the last thing Venus needs. After the shit shes been through i think Venus needs a bit of life experience, friends and to get out there before shes hidden away in the apartment as a house wife.

No. 272438

Her Grandfather is fucking bizarre.

No. 272442

It's german.

No. 272443

A baby?!? Based off of a picture of Venus's face on her hubby's body? Ok…

No. 272444


I don't know if having kids young is a thing in Hungary, but Venus's aunt Naomi - who's like 1-2 years older than Venus - just had a baby. I think the family just has babies on the mind right now, and are projecting their wishes onto her. Venus doesn't talk to them, so how would they have any idea whether or not shes pregnant.

No. 272445

No. 272449

I'm pretty sold on Mags being in America's Hat from the suitcase photo. The only things that make me hesitant in believing it are the bright sun in the photos (Vancouver anons all said it was dark, cloudy and rainy yesterday); and the fact that she's still posting on Japan time. She's leaving up comments on her pictures that she'd normally delete one she wakes up, and it's the middle of the afternoon Pacific time. She'd have been up by now, even with jet lag.

No. 272450

Her grandfather is a classic case of "old person on the Internet who doesn't know how weird they're being"

No. 272452

…no wonder Venus wants no contact with her family. Grandpa sounds hella bizarre. The last thing Venus needs right now is a baby. She deserves to live her own life the way she wants and she seems to be doing just that right now. With how little life experience she has, they need to step off and let her be.

No. 272455

Auntie Zsu deleted her 'juhuu' comment. Are you reading here, zsu?
I know she follows the StopMargaret IG pages & comments there a lot.

No. 272456

File: 1464127524781.png (35.42 KB, 369x239, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.01…)

Oops, accidently posted homework! Let's try this again:

11 hours ago was 4 am west coast / pacific time. Margo posts a bright, sunny outdoor photo. Is she up at 4 am posting daytime photos? Or is she in Japan posting old photos?

No. 272458


I'm just going to believe that this is him trying to make a joke about venus photoshopping her head on manaki.

The whole family seems to have this weird sense of humor, and the language barrier probably would make his sarcasm way harder to detect.

No. 272460

She's probably hiding in Japan or Korea, trying to place a trap for Venus then. It's not too far fetched considering how batshit insane she is. I'm still having the hardest time believing she's in Canada. These have got to be old photos of when she and Venus went to Vancouver 2 years ago.

No. 272461

like wtf is she doing in canada i know people speculated on her goin on a con in place of venus but that's so bizarre even for margo

No. 272462


And, Venus's channel was supposed to come back yesterday - but she's nowhere to be found. I hate to get all paranoid like V's teenybopper fans. But Margo putting on this huge #incanada #canadian #canadabeer #canadacanada act in conjuction with Venus stepping back from what should have been her big relaunch is freaking me the fuck out.

No. 272470

Me too annon lol

No. 272471

What if margo really wants to kill Venus and she builds up her alibi

No. 272472

there's no doubt that Mags literally wants to wear Venus's skin

No. 272475

File: 1464131237640.png (444.75 KB, 1007x674, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.06…)

Margo, or another psycho stan? YOU decide!

No. 272476

That can't be serious….haha

No. 272477


Margo DID make her own fan group right after she chased Venus to Japan; it was called margaretpalermofanS then. Same engrish as Mags, claimed to know Margo and Venus personally, but she'd slip up and start talking in the first person (because she's Margo) all the time. She used the account to say the nastier things she didn't want traced back to her. It got either banned or deleted pretty quickly, though

No. 272480


Oh, and right before Mags left for Korea, she had her teenybopper 'friends' from that private insta group try to flood the #venusangelic tag with the "cheating" photos and convo between Venus and her guy friend from Seoul.

Anyway, could be mag, could be teenybopper stan, could be farmer.

No. 272481


screen prints?

No. 272486

They're posted a couple threads back. I probably still have them somewhere but I posted them as well.

No. 272487

I think the tag, in addition to #venusangelic, was #venusweneedanswers.

No. 272488

No. 272490

No. 272492

Okay that's pretty interesting. I am the anon who posted the youtube luggage confirmation. But this time and weather stuff goes against that. That luggage would have to be the same after what, two years? It's certainly possible that she is faking. Her behaviour is getting really strange (stranger than normal I mean).

No. 272493


I beleive that's manaki's old or personal account. Those are the photos Margo sent him.

No. 272494


Margo sent these photos to Manaki along with a story of cheating so he'd divorce Venus. What that didn't work, she posted the photos herself. When that didn't work, she tried to get her minions to get the pics trending. Because she's a psycho.

No. 272495

well that dear zachary bitch and jodi arias both did it. mind you, immigration records will show where she really is but this is the mind of margo we are talking about.

No. 272499

File: 1464136221203.jpg (187.64 KB, 1200x770, margo.jpg)

Anons, when did they visit Canada before? I've been all the way back through Margo's insta (3.5+ years), and a similar time back through Venus' insta. Fuck, Margo traveled a ton on Venus' dime. Neither of them mention Canada at all, (although they probably don't mention every place they went). That recent Canada road luggage pic shows the cases are very used. There is no way, given how much of Venus' money she blew through and the amount of travel they did, that Margo kept the same two dinged-up cases for four or more years.

Option 1: Margo is in Tokyo or hiding out in Seoul. Margo may have picked up the old camera Venus left her and got a shitload of SDs / old pics which she is playing out now. Margo's older pics were a lot happier and full of people / herself though.

Option 2: Margo is in Vancouver and arrived at a briefly sunny time in the lsat couple of days, she's really badly jetlagged thus the sleep / posting patterns. She took all the pics on her one walk into town from the airport (except the beer). She's enjoying the confusion about where she is.

I still tend towards thinking she's really in Vancouver (because of the recent suitcase match) but who the fuck really knows.

Pic is Margo's first insta from 3.5+ years ago and coincidentally, her suitcase at that time.

No. 272500


Maybe summer before last? 2014? Venus had photos on her instagram of the trip to North America. I don't know if she posted any Vancouver photos specifically.

No. 272501

>>There is no way, given how much of Venus' money she blew through and the amount of travel they did, that Margo kept the same two dinged-up cases for four or more years.

Venus and Margo had a bunch of different suitcases between the two of them, and they travel almost nonstop. Margo also keeps shit in different storage units all over the place. It's quite possible that she moved from the Netherlands to Korea with those 2 grey cases, and picked them up before she left for Japan last week (replacing the black one with bright flowers on it.)

But who knows at this point. We'll have to wait for Margo to post proof she's currently in Vancouver or something; she'll probably make another video soon.

No. 272505

She and Venus attended an anime convention in Montreal, Quebec as guests.


No. 272506

This fake IG account showed up at the end of April and left comments all over Manaki's IG saying "Venus cheated/we need answers" etc. It has all marge's pics of Venus & that guy. Another attempt at a smear campaign by the psychomom from hell.


No. 272508

Is that Santino??

No. 272510

Lmao I wouldn't be surprised if this is Marge behind this account. She's too old for this kawaii shit. If she were sane and had some taste instead of being a 42 year old woman with the mind of an edgy 13 year old Satanist, she'd be into classy styles but nope… Elder trash.

No. 272517

I live in MTL and Otakuthon is the most embarrassing low rent piece of shit con you could imagine. It's a bunch of rank French weebs and sperg cases and furries.

No. 272527

No it's Acid Betty from Season 8. Santino got fired or something. /saged

No. 272530

Thanks anon. So it really was two years ago, they just didn't document it on insta that I could see.

No. 272533

That makes sense. I saw all the USA ones and that would be the time to visit Canada as well. Did they go to Vancouver or just visit Quebec?

No. 272534

Your storage point is a good one. Stick the suitcase in storage even if it's a bit thrashed. Then pull it out a long time later. I notice Margo's not really into expensive suitcases and that's probably why.

Is she in Vancouver or no?? We need a better sign.

No. 272535

File: 1464145177105.png (13.67 KB, 325x87, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.57…)

Anyone else concur with this commenter? Just trying ti figure out exactly where the photos are from. If she's there now, we'll know. If we can prove she'd been in that area before, we'll know she' could be posting old pics.

No. 272540


The Vancouver airport is in Richmond. The bridge picture earlier looked like the bridge to Marine Drive. The only problem is the weather doesn't match. It's possible she was here last week, but this isn't the past day or two.

I'm pretty sure this is where she was on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/RF254bDRMto

Compare with instagram post in >>272150

No. 272545


Looks like she was walking along Service Road from the Airport.


You can see where the train tracks go from left to right and curve up under a tunnel. Airport is to the left. Confirmed there is a bike path there by zooming in. Street view isn't set up for this street though.

No. 272548

File: 1464148711879.png (529.63 KB, 818x485, c72c2abe-3926-4b71-b282-a81eec…)

Sure looks like that's where she was. Good detective work!

I checked the map & that spot is about 2 mi. from the airport. Then there's >>272157 where she's by the side of the road w/her suitcases, lol. Did she hoof it from the airport into town? She really is just a hobo at this point.
Instagram pic: >>272150

No. 272549


The mountains and the shape of the taller buildings confirm this too. Nice find, anon! So that puts her in Richmond at that time.

No. 272550


The bizarre thing is that she is following the train line and it doesn't cost much to just take the train. I guess she'd just rather drive her suitcase into town??


Not necessarily. The Greater Vancouver Area is made up of many cities, it looks like she was making her way into Vancouver itself. The bridge she crossed in >>272540 is basically heading into Vancouver from Richmond.

No. 272551

If she is actually there, she's probably exhausting her funds fast. I'm wondering what would even make her go there, why would she use what little money she has to hop around and head towards Canada? I'm assuming there might be someone there she is planning to stay with or use in some way as that is her nature.

No. 272553


I got the bridge wrong. Still nearby, but this is the bridge she is on:


This looks closer to her instagram pic plus her most recent instagram pic.

No. 272555

File: 1464150614429.png (115.35 KB, 733x259, margo route.PNG)

She's taking a weird route. Almost like she is wandering aimlessly with no direction.

>>272157 is the red x on the left
>>272150 is the red x on the right

There's no direct route from one x to the other.

No. 272558

File: 1464151416800.jpg (48.5 KB, 538x400, 7690127[1].jpg)


I think this is at the Vancouver Aquarium judging by the reflection. Last time I was at the Aquarium a few months ago they had this type of Jellyfish hidden out of site in the right hand side of pic attached. This pic is at night time, but during the day it could make that type of reflection in Margo's picture which would mean she's been in Van a few days at least which explains the weather meaning these are old pics.

If you want to see these jellyfish at the vancouver aquarium they have a live cam here: http://www.vanaqua.org/learn/see-and-learn/live-cams/jelly-cam

This time of jelly fish is a pacific sea nettle which I think is also in Japan though.

No. 272566


Actually now that I think about it, the international flight portion of the airport has a small aquarium which seems more likely than her taking a visit to the actual Aquarium. Confirmed with official website that the vancouver airport as pacific sea nettles. I am 99% sure the Jellyfish picture is taken at the vancouver airport.

No. 272571

File: 1464155635471.jpg (77.51 KB, 640x480, DSCN5281-640x480.jpg)

Haha that's it! from their website:

"Passengers arriving in this zone of international gates enjoy their own aquarium, in the corridor leading to customs. It’s much smaller at only 1,800 litres (475 gallons) and is home to twelve Pacific Sea Nettle jellies that were raised at the Vancouver Aquarium by its resident “Jelly” expert."

And a pic from the website attached:

No. 272575

Yeah still there but unfortunately no activity in the group at all. Informing you guys everytime when something has happend in there but it hasn't in a while..

No. 272576

Oh well, thanks for the heads up!

No. 272584

File: 1464158034498.png (638.1 KB, 929x599, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.3…)

Maggot has a painter friend? Anyone in the Vancouver area in the art scene there?

No. 272585


Also: she posted this around 10:30 pm pacific time. I'm still weirded out by her posting schedule.

No. 272587


I can imagine river monster sobbing and talking nonstop to her new "friend" about how her evil daughter and son in law left her for die in Nipponland .

No. 272588

I can't believe this bitch is in my city, I need to find her and drown her, what the fuck.

sage for my murderous rage

No. 272590

The art scene here isn't small, even if you're involved with it there's no way you'll find some random artist unless you coincidentally already know them, I think. The current exhibit at VanArt is all about modern art anyway.

No. 272591


It's super craft level stuff, anyway - I doubt they're in the art scene so much as they smoke weed and paint rainbows and shit.

No. 272592


Time to speculate. Maybe this one?

Wall colour matches, frame on wall is similar to a frame in one of the pictures, it's blocked off until this weekend, owner says "I'm a friendly person who enjoys a quiet peaceful life.
I enjoy painting, reading, music, gardening."

No. 272593

Her "friend lady" must be another middle aged woman like her. This "paintings" are really childish, actually look worse than a child's painting. Reminds me of that painting maggot did.

No. 272594

Wow it could be, the sea painting on the wall and the one on the tv shelves look the same style as the ones in >>272584

No. 272596

It has potential.
Balcony with table and chairs to have coffee on.
Homemade "art" over the TV.
Lots of indoor plants.

My only issue is this house has plain wooden floors where the one Margles is in has herringbone pattern floors.

No. 272598


Where did you get the floor pattern from? Did not see flooring in her instagram pics.

No. 272599

The flower painting on the tv stand in pic related looks verrrry similar to the one in the picture Margo painted (to me anyways).

Also, "Major bus routes as close as one block away, skytrain a 5 minute ride away as well as the airport approximately 10 minute drive"

It's close to the airport.

No. 272600


It has more than "potential", good find anon. The paintings are for sure from the same person as Marg's insta post, how many people are painting mediocre wavey looking acrylic flowers coming in awkwardly from the side of the canvas in the EXACT same style c'mon

No. 272601

Woops. I was looking at the picture from her last trip to Canada. How embarrassing.

Looks like a match from the other(correct) pics.

No. 272603

File: 1464162275587.png (846.03 KB, 890x572, 0.png)

Agreed! It's definitely the same artist. Low-quality technique, lack of blending, lots of primary colors, not a lot of detail, etc. I guess it is semi-confirmed she's actually there. I wonder what she is planning?

No. 272605

I'm fantasizing here, but she lives near my boyfriend. If I somehow bumped into her is there anything I should say or ask?

No. 272606

ask her if she has health insurance before smashing a bottle over her head.

No. 272613

The Airbnb listing says it's on W 67th St. in Marpole.. that's just about 2 1/2 miles from the airport and right on the route that was posted earlier. She really did walk there from the airport dragging her 2 suitcases behind her, stopping along the way to take pics. LOL

So she's just hoboing aimlessly around Canada now, alone, going from one bnb room to the next? Does she ever have an inkling of insight that this is a fucked-up life for a 41-year-old woman?

No. 272620

late of me, but it's still not the right bridge - the insta one has some suspension cable design up top and the walkway is dropped lower. prolly does'nt matter too much - it will be another one in the area?

No. 272621

doubly late of me… it was the 'bikeway' she took.

No. 272623

that's not an 'art scene' person, but some hobbyist.

No. 272624

Marge has been hobo-ing for years now though. i doubt it feels too different except her old life had a lot of free (Venus-provided) restaurant meals in it.

Great sleuthing on the jellyfish timing, and finding the airbnb so fast!

No. 272625

It's really blowing my mind how many VenusBux she has left over.

I'll sound like a moralfag but I feel a bit bad about everyone taking a shit on her paintings. Just an innocent bystander with a hobby in the comedy that is Margo's life.

No. 272631

I didn't take a shit on her work; I think it's sweet. Another anon upthread thought this person might be known through the art scene but there's no way. I am an artist, I can tell this person is a hobbyist so I said that. I can also guess middle-aged woman just by looking at the work. Is there any shame in her being those things?

No. 272634

File: 1464171497999.png (200.16 KB, 1011x658, margo route.png)


Here's margo's route to her bnb host from Airport.

No. 272637


If I may throw in another theory about the paintings matching that air bnb listing. That kind of art is the exact same style they use in those drinking and painting classes you can go to for one night. Like on a date or with a group of friends. Its popular in the US, IDK about Canada or the rest of the world though. Everyone drinks and paints the same thing in the same style. So it could be the same person, but it could also be 2 different people who both went to a class. Doesnt even have to be the same class, that style is consistent across all classes. Almost everyone I know has at least one hanging in their house.

Idk just throwing that out there

No. 272638

oh good it's near a starbucks, margo will like that.

No. 272640

Also a Denny's.
Margs has got her priorities in order.

No. 272642


that's her husband body?

No. 272643

Can't wait to see these paintings for sale on venusangelic.com
If they were on there Margo could put the trip down as a tax write off, only we all know she doesn't pay tax.

No. 272644


they didn't divorce and she did't cheat

No. 272646

That anon didn't say they did divorce…? And we all know the cheating was likely just an exaggerated Margo fantasy.

No. 272647

File: 1464176882352.png (523.54 KB, 1440x2560, fOnHJZ7.png)

Margo faked the photo of 'Venus' in bed with the guy from this picture. It was all an elaborate set up from Margo

No. 272648

its like kiki all over again

No. 272649

Yeah, we all know this and I'm not sure why it's being rehashed. No-one is saying they got divorced or that Venus cheated.

No. 272650

This was brought up in the other thread. She's more likely just joking and laughing at the idea given what she said before "it was me".

No. 272651


>>272494 though they did chill

No. 272652


No. 272653

Don't get mad at someone for correcting someone else. someone in the tread thought they divorce due the cheating but they didn't.

They photo of her in bed and the photo of them eating together look like completely different people to me anyway.

Did't they separate straight after the marriage? Seeing of people during a break is't class as cheating but I can understand him being jealous or upset over it.

No. 272660

File: 1464179138151.jpg (74.56 KB, 1200x665, bridge.jpg)


No. 272666

File: 1464179598022.jpg (113.11 KB, 1011x658, 1464171497999.jpg)

While it's quite far out of the way of the route you posted, the shot is definitely from this foot/bike/train bridge. It's also the way goole maps routes it if you just enter airport to vancouver.

No. 272667

tbf she is probably jet lagged still, still on Korea time

No. 272669

Stop with the river monster shit already you fucking annoying asshole.

No. 272671

>so he'd divorce Venus. What that didn't work
Assuming anon meant 'when' rather than 'what', then they were saying that Margo's plan to get Manaki to divorce Venus didn't work.
And I'm not mad? Not sure where you've got that from, I'm just explaining.

No. 272674

File: 1464184097862.png (145.96 KB, 724x333, margo route 2.PNG)


I did a bit of sleuthing and found it's the Canada Line North Arm Bridge, which doesn't show up on google maps streetview. It follows the train line though, which would be the grey line on the far right of the map, as pointed out in >>272666
This is what google maps gives as walking directions and takes over an hour and a half (which does not take into account stopping to take pictures while carrying a bunch of luggage)!!

So time line of events:
It's likely that the Jellyfish picture was taken at the Vancouver Airport, which was posted on the 22nd. This means she has been here since at least Sunday, however the weather matches more of what we saw on May 20th (confirmed with http://www.vancam.ca/timelapse.html). I think Margo landed on Friday and is giving old pics to throw off the scent.

No. 272675


I also reiterate that this is along the train line, so she could have dropped a couple bucks to take the train and it would have cut an hour off her trip.

No. 272678


do you want us to put a trigger warning before "river monster" or something?

No. 272681

Maybe there's no need for margo to go to Starbucks for internet everyday, her airbnb host offers free WiFi

No. 272682

And her posted pictures are at daytime…

No. 272684

It was never funny to begin with. All the rivers jokes are just cringey. It was funny the first time when she said it, but the jokes that came after it aren't.

This website seems like it's being raided by 16 year old tumblr users.

No. 272691

File: 1464187888521.jpg (42.84 KB, 400x400, to-much-salt-400x400.jpg)

No. 272693

In such cases, we must ban all the other jokes/silly nicknames like Maggot, Kooter, Penus, Weenoos…etc…etc
Relax anon :)

No. 272701

River monsters can't live in salt water.

No. 272703


Who hurt you

No. 272707

File: 1464190246092.jpg (89.43 KB, 488x516, f3f297896da14b32587a8ffe6bbb21…)

>Look how mature I am while posting on a imageboard devoted to making fun of stupid people, cringey shit and gossip~

Unless Admin-sama says otherwise, we'll call margo river monster all we want. Chill

No. 272708


People get hate and butt hurt for explaining things on here so don't bother

No. 272709


Its the same person anon. Being on a break is still cheating in my book

No. 272712

I have a hypothesis as to why Maggro is in Canada:

Venus is still at Manaki's parents' house right now (I think?). We know from Mags' wandering around Japan that she doesn't know where they live, therefore being in Japan right now would not be useful to her since she can't effectively stalk Venus. If she goes to Canada before heading back to Japan, that's more time between tourist visas, and she perhaps means to use it as some type of "reasoning" somehow if questioned about why she's coming back to Japan so soon.

/wild speculation

No. 272713

It makes sense to me.

No. 272714

Do you think Venus has gone radio silent because she somehow isn't getting her channel back & doesn't know how to spin it?

No. 272715


yes. I think she wants that her next Insta post is about the return of her channel. And since it's not happening she waits.

No. 272716

Does that mean crazy Marge escalated the claim?

No. 272717

Only work days do count, we may see her chanel back this or next week.

No. 272718

impossible, margarine has no valid claim on her daughter's channel and image. the absolute most she can do is demand removal of any videos she's visible in

No. 272720

Venus posted the 10 day timeline on the 12th, we will probably see her channel back on the 26th/27th

No. 272721

She may take advantage of that.

No. 272724

awh shit she's in my town, I'll report if I happen to see her

No. 272725

Jfc, don't give her any ideas, anon.

No. 272726

This might possibly be the lady near my house, but it's hard to say because the art scene here is gigantic

No. 272727

File: 1464195652861.gif (988.42 KB, 500x297, 75dd17b0-ee90-0131-c072-0eb233…)

No. 272728

plz go visit her and ask for art advice and seeing if you can find out, if you actually speak to her regularly.

No. 272729

yeah ok but how many videos is that out of all her videos ever. not so many

do you honestly think she doesn't know that already? she's an expert in manipulating copyright claims and other rules and laws

No. 272734


I though Margot admitted that it was her wearing Venus's pjs in that pic

No. 272736

Soooooo…where the fuck is Venus's channel?

No. 272737

People have speculated that youtube meant ten working days, which means there's about two days to go.

No. 272739

Hopefully, I don't want to see a happy Margo celebrating on it never coming back. Which is probably what she's thinking right now lol.

No. 272744

I read this and instantly thought of Beenus and Margo http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/101807621.html

No. 272746


damn that's awful.

No. 272756

File: 1464205045707.png (1006.07 KB, 1094x664, Screenshot_2.png)

Looking back at marg's jelly fish photo you can see in the reflection. I live in Vancouver and where the jellyfish are in the aquarium it doesn't have the windows like in the photo. So she more likely took the photo in the airport IF shes even in Van..

No. 272757

No. 272758


Also just found this, pretty sure shes in van

No. 272761


A couple months ago they moved some of the jellyfish across from the Pacific canada pavilion which has a lot of windows but it is more likely she took the pic at the airport.

No. 272805

Nope, there's always been at least a little bit of cloud cover, and none of the pretty blue skies. It's been super grey drizzly

No. 272814

I already posted it here anon:

No. 272816


yes, that is why I referenced your post in mine. I came up with my conclusion before realizing you had posted it and then referenced yours when we had came to the same conclusion

No. 272819

don't we already know this?? she's in Vancouver, she's just being shady about when she went there.

let's find the street address of this place instead of debating about obvious airport jellyfish. she hasn't been at the airport in days if not a week.

No. 272821

no wuckas. I mention because you wrote you 'did some sleuthing'. I had posted the pic and map an hour before.

Let's find her current address though. It could be useful.

No. 272835


yes, I did some sleuthing before noticing your post and came to the same conclusion.

No. 272838

File: 1464226898703.png (75.09 KB, 779x941, heretherebemaggot.png)

If you search for properties you can get a little marker for where they are, not just the general circle on the listing page. The gray flag is the one anon listed earlier.
A word of warning though… these are not completely accurate. There's an airbnb but on their site it's a block off.

No. 272839

*there's an airbnb next door to me

No. 272840

yeah but it's harder going around a country where you can't speak the language and don't blend in physically…..not that her english is any good

No. 272850

ok fuck this is my area… i dont want to see her around but if i do i'll try my best to snap a candid for y'all

No. 272876

If we can get a location on which house it is I can definitely take a look-see, all 3 of those are literally right next to my place. Either way I'll keep a look out

yo girl wazzup
time to go margo hunting

No. 272882

Your inability to check the thread is evidence of what a poor sleuth you are.

I really want to see >>272839 >>272850
& >>272876 team up and do a grid search for this cow.

I also had no idea how much salt could be contained in one area. For a supposedly chill place, there seems to be a hilarious number of Farmers.

No. 272885

File: 1464234741305.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160525-225457.png)

Actually >>272674 had marge's route right. Her IG pic of the bridge was taken from the North Arm bridge, not the Arthur Laing bridge on your route.

You can tell her pic >>272150 was taken from the bike/pedestrian walkway which is just below the bridge, the Arthur Laing bridge on your route has a bike lane but it's not below the bridge like in marge's pic, it's all on the same level: >>272548

Another pic of the North Arm bridge bike/ped path attached:

No. 272887

File: 1464234921236.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160525-235405.png)

And marge's pic:

No. 272895

File: 1464236150572.png (942.04 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160526-001312.png)


As >>272666 posted, the Airbnb listing specifically says it's on W 67th Ave.

No. 272898

So >>272674 is the superior sleuth here.

No. 272901

ah so the $28 one?
than it's not the lady by my house.
she'd be the $35 one if anything

No. 272908

They do this for some anonymity right? I wish it were as easy as the Tokyo one.

No. 272909

File: 1464239408751.png (170.45 KB, 1440x441, Screenshot_2016-05-26-01-07-36…)

Just dropping by to say Venus is still doing things on her IG, even if just a little, so she's okay, for the most part.

Maybe Margoyle ended up countering or something and now Venus can't get her channel back for longer? Idk how any of that works, but every time here was negative stuff with her channel she went silent for a while. At least she's alive.

No. 272910

File: 1464239508768.jpg (122.95 KB, 1400x700, margo-bc.jpg)

as close as I can get via airbnb. does anyone know this area personally?

No. 272920

So comforting to know. Thanks for the update on Venus. I've been checking in to her Instagram and was beginning to wonder what was up. She must just be waiting for the return of her channel to make another post.

No. 272923

File: 1464242815834.jpg (53.99 KB, 881x761, margo-bcA.jpg)

There's no reason to do this other than for fun, but I found her: 1106 W67th. Coupla extra pics to follow

No. 272924

File: 1464242993845.jpg (365.45 KB, 2520x1304, margo-bcB.jpg)

Balcony closeup. Balcony matches the airbnb pic: it's on the right-hand side of the house, square shape, same railings. Has the green planters as per airbnb pic.

No. 272925

File: 1464243086075.jpg (228.83 KB, 830x1126, margo-bcC.jpg)

Original balcony pic for comparison. Same furniture and planters, same railings, looks out across the street at a house and fence.

No. 272929

File: 1464243432608.jpg (168.05 KB, 1200x852, margo-bcD.jpg)

The house and fence the balcony looks to across the street. Street view won't give me a good angle but it's the same view across the street as in the airbnb pic.

No. 272930

It's good to hear there is activity from Venus. I wonder what sent Margo running?

No. 272931

fuck I'm slow, you had the street already. I didn't think to just read the listing. but I guess I found the house number…

No. 272936


oh vancouver is super salty

No. 272938


She used to post a new video every Friday before the channel was taken down so maybe she'll go back to her normal schedule and return tomorrow?

No. 272940


Also, to add on to this, I think it might be a brand new channel. She said on one of her ig posts that she couldn't make a new one because YouTube's rules say if you're banned you're not allowed to just go and create another. But if she worked something out with YouTube it might be OK.
Would make sense as Marge wouldn't be able to stop her or claim anything and it would cut all ties.

No. 272945

It would actually be a good idea and it would piss Marge off so much.
Venus would get back followers in no time is she plays on the vlogger in Japan with Japanese husband thing.
It's the Wapanese dream

No. 272948

It would be so good if Venus made a new start, but I suspect it'll be the old channel back (complete with creepy stocking vid).That will be what Fullscreen wants from her. Shitty tank tops with strawberries on them.

No. 272951


Ugh please dont

There is enough cringe in the jvlogger world already. Venus added to the mix is just another nusiance. Sadly i know it will happen.

No. 272952


Ugh please dont

There is enough cringe in the jvlogger world already. Venus added to the mix is just another nusiance. Sadly i know it will happen.

No. 272953


I said that before in this thread but anon said she should keep her old doll shit cos views and $$$ otherwise venus cant make enough monies to stay in cosy Japan

Pfft she should just go for a new look.

No. 272957

she should but sadly I think she won't.

No. 272958

I agree with you I was just dodging being rude tbh lol

I mean metro Vancouver is full of bitchy false eyelashes/eyelid tape/circle lens wearing Asians and ~gaijin gyaru~ so I'm really not surprised.

No. 272964

Just wanna say shout out to all the Vancouver people, hopefully one of us will stumble upon Margo and document it's behavior.

No. 272989

Sometimes in the past I've wondered if some girls I used to know are farmers, especially since someone posted a girl I knew in the thinspo thread on /g/ - now I'm wondering even more.

Sage for OT.

No. 273016

File: 1464282407062.png (22.54 KB, 717x244, Screenshot_3.png)

Guys I think marg is on the move to somewhere else?

No. 273019


back to japan?

No. 273022


This is margs feedback for the Vancouver Airb&b. I assume you leave feedback once your done at the house and have left.

No. 273023


I understand but now I wonder where she will go. That's the reason why I asked >>273019
because I have no idea what her plan is at this point.

No. 273024

Venus' YT channel will be deblocked tomorrow. Marshit probably wants to do shit again, or at least try. How will end that Venus vs Margit finale?

No. 273030

Eurofag here, a lot of my friends go to Canada for holidays and told me they needed to prove that they were able to go back home and have enough money before entering the country, because they don't want anyone entering and planning on bumming off there.

Is this true ? Because that'd mean this isn't Margo last destination and she probably plans on coming back to Japan to harass Venus. I don't think she'll go back to her home country and she evaded taxes in the UK.

I hope the cunt goes poor and stop feeding from Venus bank account like a goddamned leech.

No. 273031

Some anon mentioned something about it here

No. 273035


Yeah airbnb won't even let you leave a review until your check out date. Mine always took a few days to show up on the listing as well.

No. 273042

Coming back to the Venus-possibly-pregnant issue, do you guys think that she even started to have sex with Manaki already? dunno, I find it hardly possible. I rememeber the post she made months ago on IG saying that she has her own room, which to me was a dead giveaway that they don't even share the same bed to sleep.

No. 273043

I have a feeling Venus and Manaki are more (sexually) normal than this board assumes.

No. 273045

Not so sure man. I mean, it's possible, why not, but IMO she's still too inmature (and cringe-worthy) for that, I mean we all know that Margo kept her away from anything that could be sex triggering in an attempt to mantain her virginal angelic looks. Keep a virgin without lustful thoughts was mandatory. She may be unfamiliar with what a normal sexual life and can't be easy for her to approach to a normal lovers sexlife with Manaki. That's how I see that.

No. 273046


yeah, anyways, whether venoos & manaki just kiss on the forehead and say goodnight before going to sleep on their respective beds or she furiously fucks him with a strap-on all night long, they're legal adults and free to do whatever they want.

No. 273048

Since V hasn gained noticeable weight and her practically inexistent boobs haven't grown a little, the only way I imagine for her grandpa to believe she's pregnant is that V told him something. Which would imply that she has indeed some contact with that family.

No. 273049

It actually was a joke due to Venus shooping herself on Manaki's body (aka becoming one) but the translation went wrong due to the shit english skills.

No. 273050

No. 273052

No. 273056


Why do we care about what they do? A part of me still thinks their marriage won't last. Idk why. But whatever.

No. 273057

>implying people only have sex on the bed during the night
Anon, no

No. 273060

I see thanks for poiting this, I missed it ! Although I believe there also might be some strict rules for tourist visa meaning Margo still has some money to burn.

I hope she won't take any loans under Venus name.

I think we have a skewed vision of Venus because of the way Margo tried to market her. Since she broke free, she showed us a much more mature version of herself and a different humor. She was playing dumb for her fans because that's what Margo wanted her to do, but she seems like a bright kid despites her crazy upbringing.

No. 273062

Well if she still doesn't have enough confidence or doesn't feel it's time already to share a bed and sleep (that in most cases means a lt of intimacy) with manaki, I highly doubt they are having (in bed ot anywhere else).

No. 273063


Didn't she explain why she has her own room? I remember her saying something about with his work hours sometimes it was better for her to sleep in a different room so she wouldn't wake him/he wouldn't wake her.

No. 273067

Confidence to share a bed and sleep with him? Being woken up in the middle of the night because your partner works late has nothing at all to do with confidence. That's not how a full night's sleep works.

No. 273068


Okay. I admit it might be the reason, I mean why not! But let's analyze this so you can see my point:

She has a room for herself because of Manaki's schedule of working. That's fine, but if it is just sometimes (in her post, she wrote: "p.s: I sleep in my own bed because 1) mana sometimes has to work at night so our sleeping schedule doesn't match (…) than why would she decorate and customize that room as if she actually spends a lot of time there, as if it was just hers? IMO, because she does spend most of her time and night there, probably even the days that Manaki does not work during the night. Also, It is pretty noticeable that she's not very interested in sharing a room. Like, she still has that individuality sense that makes her uncomfortable to share such a personal space even if its a room with her HUSBAND (remember that Margo kept her kind of isolated the chances that she has ever shared a room or a bed with someone else besides of her mother, are small) so she needs one for her. Which leads me to think that if that's so, then it is hardly that they have further intimacy. Besides, as some Anon up there said, it is Japan and maybe Manaki isn't particularly interested in having sex just yet with V. Maybe they're taking things slowly.

Or it could actually be just because Manaki's schedule and I could be totally wrong here. It's only a way to interpret it, yours is very possible too :)

No. 273069

ITT: autistic virgins project their own weird ideas of married life onto Weebus and husbando

No. 273071

Or you know, her husband respects she's never had her own settled room that she's not scared to be ripped from because her mother has a new get rich scheme.
Seriously anons, she probably does have a sex life but just because she's not trashy "a man looked at me he want to marry me! I am sexy with body of 25" like her mum she's not gonna post it it all online.

No. 273072

Also samefag BUT. My boyfriend works nights.. I wish I had my own room sometimes!

No. 273074

Idk what the fascination is with their sex life. She also said having her own room was so she could have a cute backdrop for her videos and a place for her plushies. Didn't Venus also have some suggestive figurines? Or were those just Margs? I think I also saw that she liked some dark anime or manga on her tumblr so she's not ignorant to sex. Either way who's to judge on someone else's sex life? I sure would like to have my own room for when my boyfriend comes home at 3 am some nights after working.

No. 273077

Agreed anon.
I think we're all drinking mags kool aid too much

No. 273080

Having figures of mostly lesbian characters (like Yuru Yuri which is one of her fav animes according to her Tumblr) doesn't say much about one's sex life or Japan wouldn't be rated the country with the lowest amount of sex yearly per person while having a giant sex industry.

No. 273091

Lets now talk about Margit's next move anons. Where's she going? Why are her posts more evasive lastly? Is she trying again anything to stop Veenoos from getting her channel back? Why that silence from both, Venus and Marshit? What's going on?

No. 273099

If she wanted to do something she would have done it already but with her not existing japanese skills it isn't possible. I mean, when they first where in Japan they stayed with Manaki's parents and yet she doesn't know where they live anymore because she probably can't read adresses.

No. 273108

Even if she's not going to Japan the questions stay the same and Margit has narcissistic personality disorder and nobody to stop her. So, IMO we should look at every move she does instead of debating if angels have sex or not…

No. 273109


Well, it is kind of unpredictable. I mean, she's mad as a goat, next time she could be posting pictures from Singapur with some "friend".

No. 273111

Anon, we are so thirsty. We need facts and that f* old goat is nowhere to find.

No. 273112

Oh wait! The goat is chatting in her ig

No. 273113

File: 1464302855596.png (583.06 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160526-184531.png)

She speaks and yes, she was stalking V & M's apt. in Japan.

No. 273114

File: 1464302870887.jpg (17.78 KB, 288x103, 2.JPG)

That bitch

No. 273115

File: 1464302930285.jpg (225.73 KB, 640x1054, image.jpg)

She's suing…

No. 273116

>Margo implying she had the money to go to court, more so with her constant moving
So delusional.

No. 273118

In her dreams.

No. 273121

She's playing victim, trying to justify herself and giving the fault to yt. She never feels responsable for anything… psychopath

No. 273122

Oh c'mon Margo is so delutional that even if that's where Venus actually is, Margo would just say something like Manaki took her forcefully there to hide her from Mags.

No. 273123


No. 273126

Lol "court proceedings" she's really delusional…
"Venooos plays with fan's feelings" who made false copyright claims in the first place?
"Worried"??? What? After doing shit to her daughter and badmouth her she really thinks that isn't discredit herself in playing the worried mother to justify her invasion in V's privacy?

No. 273128

There's more on her ig.

She says "The police confirmed me that she is playing with my feelings but she is ok."

Wtf? Is she pretending that the police has enough psychology skills to know that she plays with her mother? That joke made my day!!

Margoat really has good pathetic skill for sure xD

No. 273129

Wow anons predicted correctly, she's really going to chat with youtube head office.

No. 273130

Porn chat?

No. 273131

If lawyers are getting involved Venus might have been advised to not discuss anything relating to the case anymore.

No. 273132

Then why go to Canada? Pretty sure the youtube head offices are in San Francisco or thereabouts.

No. 273134

>youtube terminated it


No. 273135

Then everything Margaret says can be used against her.

No. 273136

Against margaret herself*

No. 273137


She's not yet in the US and I'm already sorry for the person who have to listen her complaint

>mah ivol daughter destroyed 6 years of my work!! I took the pic that made her famous and recorded all the videos!! I'm the real venusangelic!

No. 273139

well spotted anon

No. 273140

Gramps is old. He probably just thinks if you are married then for sure a baby is next.

No. 273141

because of youtube you flaming idiot. she shoots videos there or did you not notice? also if she wants a pile of llamas in her room, fine. mana's room is not automatically 'the main bedroom'.

No. 273142

fuck, she admits spying on their house for days.

No. 273144

This is terrible, because all she needs to do is find some slimy lawyer who will work on a promise or in exchange for sex. Then this can be tied up forever.

Margo must've got hold of some real money from something she had in South Korea.

No. 273145

File: 1464305833892.jpg (130.41 KB, 1200x808, margo.jpg)

No. 273146

File: 1464305858471.jpg (230.82 KB, 863x752, THE_RIDE_NEVER_ENDS.jpg)

No. 273147

You know, I think that Margo lacks of sex SO BAD that this is actually totally possible. And disgusting. And besides, we don't know for sure yet the reason why V's channel isn't back yet. What if Margaret started some twisted strategy and conctacted YT at the very moment when Venus announced her channel coming back and managed to screw up that?

No. 273152

"Venus already agreed on having proceedings"

If only that was true, it could explain her being MIA. But how to trust in her words.

No. 273153

Ok let's use some Margo logic here. Is it a money thing that she landed in Vancouver? Surely she couldn't fear US immigration, or maybe she's trying to set up for the future to go back and forth for a visa reset.

Where is the cheapest logical connection (rail? bus?) to a US city? Because that's where she'll be.

No. 273154


Vancouver is right by the US border, closest city would be Bellingham Washington. California is on the same coast, it's possible that she is going to hitch hike along the coast? idk

No. 273157

No. 273158

It's the picture on the right of the Science Museum in Japan. The picture has purple flowers, and you can see the corner of her suitcase. It's black with different colored flowers or some kind of shape on them.>>273154

I was thinking this too, but why not fly right into the US. Actually when she first mentioned being in Canada, I wondered if it was to try to get legal help, but thought that was foolish because she is broke. She doesn't have any money, no one here would be foolish to work for a piss-poor blowjob, so how is she going to pay? Maggot is mental. Someone in Korea or online must have put this thought in her head to go to Youtube and talk to them directly. People all over the world use Youtube and don't have to fly in to settle copyright claims. Maggot's such a lying asshole.

No. 273159


yes it would only take 2 weeks to drive her suitcase there from vancouver

No. 273160


my guess is its cheaper to fly to vancouver, travel by foot or bus across the US border since it's right there, then fly to California. I live in vancouvet and i know if we need to fly to somewhere in the states we hop over the border to an airport there instead of flying out of vancouver. reduces the price a lot

No. 273161

I just wanted to be positive… the river monster made thousands of miles swimming through the ocean until Vancouver, one more thousand miles will not kill her.

No. 273163

Margo in my city, too spooky. She'll probably take the bolt bus down to portland then take a train to California. I'm assuming she's heading to Youtube headquarters ?

No. 273165

Can psycho river monster even file a lawsuit in the US when neither of them are US citizens?

No. 273166

She needs to make up her mind about whether "she's worried for Venus' safety with a pedo" or "she's a bully so I'm gonna sue my own child"

No. 273168

I'm confused, is she suing Venus or Youtube itself? What the shit is going on?

No. 273169

Yes because people paid by YouTube count as their employees.

No. 273170

She wants to sue Venus for the theft of "her" channel.

No. 273173

>Youtube wrote me I had to go to US to sue


Is the loon talking about establishing US residency before she can sue? Because I very much doubt that's the case.

Or she thinks she has to file legal papers from a location physically within the US? I dohbt that one too. This is the electronic age, you can file whatever docs you need to from anywhere in the world.

In short, marglebargle is crazier than ever.

No. 273174


Nah, not establishg residency in the US, she rather wants us to believe that YT told her to go there to sue personally or something like that. Which es kind of bullshit.

No. 273175

Yeah Im sure she misunderstood something again or she is traveling for another reason. You dont have to file a claim in person. You can do that by mail.

No. 273177

I mean, I new the old hag was crazy, but holy shit. At least now, she will probably run out of money for good and not be able to afford another plane ticket back to Japan. Then, Trump is going to deport her with the Muslims or Mexicans. Kek Or maybe just send her on a cargo plane back to dirty Hungary.

No. 273178

Narcissists don't understand what court actually is. They have this vision of themselves ru Paul stomping into the court room, where they persuade everyone with their brilliance, and they WIN and everyone clamps! She could have filed from anywhere and has no need to appear. Someone might need to file in person, and shes too poor to hire a lawyer. But this will go badly for mags, because she's in the wrong and a drama queen. Any judge or lawyer will tear her apart for wasting court time.

No. 273179

So she literally spent around $1k to travel to the US because her Marglish made her misinterpret actual English? Beautiful.

No. 273180

Well no. I think it was not a misunderstanding, she's just travelling around to gain some time so when she's back to Japan it won't look suspicious and get another 90 days there. Again, it is not necessary to be there for the YT thing, but of course she'll never admit that and rathers to make us believe she's there for some important deal.

No. 273181

This delusional bitch… all she's going to do is end up living here in the US illegally because that is not how things work. It's not her fucking channel. LMAO! I really do hope she gets stuck in the US. She'd be so fucked.

No. 273182

>the police confirmed she's playing with my feelings

can you not maggot

No. 273183

Ikr? She hysterically / angrily asked for a welfare check - mire then once, and on multiple family members. They report back that everyone is fine but they have no wish to be in contact with her? The Okadas are confirmed tranny kidnappers, and venus told police about her evil plan, and then they all laughed at her!! But she will win the Supreme Court over with her beauty and wit, and then the Swiss government will helicopter in to search venus, before they deliver her to margo with a suitcase full of Internet bucks, and tell her SHE is the fairest one of all, not like that ungrateful meth head venus.

And then she woke up.

How'd I do?

No. 273184

If margo is actually going to attempt to get involved in the courts - which she can attempt, but it's at best going to be ignored, and at worst she'll get herself arrested for chimping out- she has to come to San Francisco. Google is located in Santa Clara or Menlo park. She'll have to come through san francisco. I can't believe I'll get a possible river kappa sighting.

No. 273185

File: 1464310502673.gif (995.34 KB, 250x250, 1462070035975.gif)

kek'd at the supreme court bit, thank you anon

No. 273186

Really Margo just needs to launch her case on US soil because that's where Youtube is located.

But I would not put it past Margo to start harassing Fullscreen and Youtube in person, and soon. Margo goes to LA? Place your bets.

No. 273187

Keep your eyes peeled, SF anon!

No. 273188

what I would give to be a fly on the wall when security drags her out, screeching.

then to LA to watch it happen all over again at Fullscreen.

No. 273189


I bet she's going to try to represent herself and it's going to be the milkiest, most hilarious thing ever

No. 273190

holy shit you are right. ted bundy style.

No. 273193

So how does this proceed? She files a lolsuit against Venus and Youtube in SF, then waits for a court date? Who shows up for the defence? Does it even go to actual court?

No. 273194

File: 1464311986614.jpg (172.63 KB, 1110x1349, margo.jpg)

a little more

No. 273196


Yeah, it would imply that Venus must go there. It's just stupid that's not how law works.

No. 273197

I don't want to basically publish instructions for Margo and her minions here, but the account termination could be a year or some years if Margo does what I think she will do. She doesn't have to be in the US the whole time to achieve it either. It could be the end of Venus as a youtuber for a long time.

No. 273198

But that is how it works because the whole thing is a matter of US law, not Japanese or any other country.

No. 273199

File: 1464312848034.jpg (24.28 KB, 240x180, 00-240x180.jpg)

>tranny kidnappers

No. 273206

Samefag here. Fuck, the more I think this over the more I think Venus' YT is toast. Margo must know here dates and if she gets the suit underway in time, forget the YT channel.

No. 273207

I've grown fond of the little twerp after this Mommy Dearest fiasco so I hope that there's some way for her to salvage this. I'm not YT savvy by any means, but is there a way to create a new channel if she rebrands herself? Maybe under a new name? Like the Japanese name she took? Or is the concern more of the fact that all of her past videos would be inaccessible and she would lose out on viewers and sponsors because of it?

No. 273209

File: 1464315608663.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160526-221754.png)

No. 273211


Her english is getting worse.

No. 273213

If you got your channel deleted for copyright violation you are pretty much banned from YouTube and all your future accounts will get deleted as soon as someone reports it and we all know Margo.

No. 273214

LOL at her now implying Venus is paying Manaki for the spousal visa

No. 273215

>giving my earnings to Manaki for visa
Margo, you missed "in exchange" and yeah, she totally can give earnings (that don't even exist anymore because of you) to Manaki.

No. 273216

Lawsuits and legal docs, etc. must be filed by an ATTORNEY. It's not a DIY like filing a copyright claim w/Youtube where anyone can do it. I wonder if psychomarge realizes this. She is sounding increasingly unhinged btw- "driving my suitcase"?

No. 273217

Venus needs to get offline and move. She needs to disconnect for a long time. Margo is never going to go away, and I feel like Venus will eventually be physically harmed. Maybe in 90 days, maybe in 5 years, but Margo will have her revenge.

No. 273221

Please, Margo is in MENSA (dont be jealous). She is smart enough to do anything sge wants. Radiation, Trains, Mother, Manager, Travel Agent, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Youtube Star and now Attorney. Margo is like Barbie except twice as sexy.

No. 273222

File: 1464316734617.png (862.67 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160526-223807.png)


No. 273223


might not as popular as youtube, but why not move to vimeo or some other platform? do they have partnerships?

No. 273225

This is what I don't get, how the eff is she going to get the money to pull this off?

No. 273226

perhaps she can collab here and there by appearing on other people's channels - but it will have to be a legit guest appearance and not just a cover.

No. 273228

This chu-face person is fucked in the head.

chu_face@piggle_box Venus was a model use on a channel called "Venus Angelic" . Just like models are used on other TV shows but they are not considered the creators or the rightful owners of that channel just because they are starting on the network. It's the same with Venus. Margret even though she is Venus mother, did the majority of the work while Venus was just the face used for each episode. Meaning if Margret was coming up with the episodes ideas, paying for expenses , plus filming and editing that means she does have a right to fight for her rights over the channel.

No. 273230

File: 1464318690055.png (383.28 KB, 640x720, f48d5840-4bf0-45b5-968e-a4a038…)


No. 273231

venus-chan fights back. Go Venus!

No. 273232

Could manaki make a channel with venus? Or would that get banned as well?

No. 273233

Good idea anon!

No. 273234

Looks like Venus is finally at her wit's end. Props to her for standing up to Margle's bullshit a little.

Now we wait for the riverbeast's impending response about thievery, animal abuse, cyberbullying etc.

No. 273235

File: 1464319722930.gif (1.89 MB, 268x246, 4535.gif)

get ha Venus

No. 273236

Manaki can make his own channel. But if they make one together Venus could probably still get in trouble, it depends how they go about it.

No. 273237

File: 1464319943489.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, CoWZ05t.gif)

Venus is sick of your shit Margo. It's time to stop.
For real though, how will Margo react? I wanna know.

No. 273238

Wasn't keemstar banned from youtube or something like that? He got around it so I think Venus should be able to. Just say she has no access to the account or something and that Manaki owns everything I guess?

No. 273239

Good for Venus. Looks like she's finally frustrated at Margo's chain of lies and ownership. Margo just saw a fucking money scheme and head butted her way into a young girl's hobby.

Margo can represent herself, i.e. pro se. Legal-fag here and I've once dealt with a case where an individual tried to represent himself pro se. It was absolutely hilarious. I think we were able to find grounds for dismissal based off of the individual filing out-of-date statutes and tried to apply shit that didn't even apply to the lawsuit whatsoever. Trust me, Margo representing herself with her barely passable English will be gold. I can fish some documents if it ever does go to court.

No. 273240


"hat is why I have a sorted database of materials on a 2TB hard drive and an Evernote with enough video ideas for 2016/17."

Wait, does that last part mean that it is actually possible that it takes up to next year to solve the YT channel issue???

No. 273241


She's just saying she has enough ideas to fill this and the next year, anon.

No. 273242

No Venus means she has material and notes for enough videos to cover the next year or so.

However, what Marge is doing could block the channel for a very long time. It's a bit late to clap back on instagram. Hire a US attorney, Venus. And prepare to testify against your own mother.

No. 273243

Venus posts annoyed rant Maggot: Teehee! New video in three hours! ~insert pathetic attempts at being like her daughter here~

Can she get any more vindictive and crazy

No. 273244

This person is downright stupid. This is fucking YOUTUBE, not some contract with a company. Venus created VenusAngelic. I don't get why these idiots keeps defending Maggot.

Anyway, I can't wait for the festering Maggot to crash and burn in "court." With her barely intelligible English combined with her ranting about how evil her daughter is, how she was bullied and goes on about the "evil plan planned for many months", she'll be lucky if she doesn't get sent to a mental hospital. No lawyer or judge will take her bullshit seriously.

No. 273245

Is there a way you can keep an eye out for the filing of the initial lawsuit? It's either been done in the last few days or will be filed very soon, and she could probably only be in Washington or California?

No. 273246

A lawyer would just have to google her name to see how much of a psycho she is. Boo bye bye boo lawyer for you, Mags!

No. 273247

I'm not sure about every state but I know where I live court records are free to search in their databases online. You can print everything out and read all of it. Anyone here could get them.

No. 273248

I can't wait. She'll go into even more hysterics that'll hurt her case even more. With all the evidence online, she'll instantly lose. There's no way this bitch can afford a lawyer, I don't think even a probate one would be willing to waste their time on her. Marge will end up defending herself in court and make an ass of herself by talking over the judge, leading them to become annoyed as fuck (ex. that Canadian TV interview) and she'll have her ass kicked out of the courtroom.

You know it'll happen.

No. 273249

what wording would you search for? Ausfag here and I've only learned today that a 'lawsuit' is equivalent to our 'civil suit'.

No. 273250

It would most likely be in civil court. I think if you know the county it's filed in you can just search their names and it'll come up. My mom found her sisters divorce papers this way recently.

No. 273251

File: 1464321693432.jpg (1.08 MB, 1411x2026, Screenshot_20160526-210039.jpg)

Grandpa ferenc dropping the knowledge as usual

No. 273253

IMO Margaret has still some aces under her sleeve. That woman still has money to pay for Airbnbs, plane tickets and eating in places, and I don't doubt she has $ for a lawyer, I mean she can be a psycho and all that, but she's not THAT stupid. I'm pretty sure she knows what she's facing if she's planning to actually take things to court for real, so she definetely must have it figured out about getting a lawyer.

She has demonstrated to be ridiculous, to be a narcissistic and delusional person putting herself to shame, but if there's something she has managed to do quite successfully is to get away with screwing Venus' channel, and she's done pretty well. I'm sure she'll fight till the end for that, 'cause that fucking bitch just wants to see V humiliated and not able to work on YT anymore as a revenge.

No. 273254

>if you know the county it's filed in

Okay I'll leave it to the US anons. I would not have a clue about that stuff.

No. 273255

Regarding Maggot's mysterious cash flow, you guys don't suppose maybe Venus sent her some ¥¥¥ in the hopes she might use it to leave the country right? I can't understand where she's getting all this money from.

No. 273257

When Margo locked the laptop, Venus wrote on insta that she left Marge with a desktop mac and $5K value camera back in Seoul. I have been wondering when (or if) she sold these things. Let's say for example she just sold them when she went back to SK. That will explain the $$. But it's just a guess. You have to be a special kind of broke to walk from the airport to town but maybe she is being ultra-ultra-frugal with what she has left.

We know (or think) she has had a trickle from the webstore, a trickle from YT, and the Swissbux each month.

No. 273258

File: 1464324005118.jpg (157.45 KB, 932x946, margo.jpg)

In the meantime let's play "where's Margo"? It's a new house. I'm sure more will be revealed in the vid.

No. 273259

No, they don't unless she goes onto some camgirl site.

No. 273260


Is that a Crucifix in the background?

Its weird because Margs is a Satanist and all….

No. 273261

Sure looks like it. I can only imagine how enraged she felt when she saw that at her Air Bnb place. "GOD IS A BULLY!!!"

No. 273262


Does anyone else think Marg looks extra puffy-face in this pic?
Like… Maybe she's sick or put on weight (all in the face).

No. 273264

YouTube HQ is in Mountain View which is about an hour south of SF.

Not that anon but I'm close to YT headquarters so I'll let y'all know if I see the river monster herself.
Perhaps she'll take up residence in Google's lake.

No. 273265

I think her face just looks chunky because she's painted it white.

No. 273266

Okay so, I was just reading about the Ethan&Hila (H3H3) drama, where they got their channel taken down because of false copyright claims, just like Venus. Apparently, there is a specific law firm out there that handles this exact fucking thing: http://morrisonlee.com/ Also known as Video Game Attorney: https://twitter.com/MrRyanMorrison

Not even sure if they could take on Venus' case since she's in Japan, but IF YOU'RE READING THIS VENUS AND YOU NEED HELP, TRY CONTACTING THESE GUYS. Apparently they're working on Ethan and Hila's case for free. They seem like a good team and a good group of people that want to help content creators.

No. 273267

I don't think Mags would be adverse to sucking dick for $$$. I'm sure she'll have income wherever she goes.

No. 273270

"People who believe that their copyrights have been infringed often have no idea how complicated copyright infringement lawsuits are. The U. S. judicial system is so complex that a lawsuit can leave you as bloodied as a fistfight; even if you win you are bruised by the experience.

Lawyers’ fees run from a low of around $125 per hour to $500 per hour or more in some cities. What your lawsuit will cost, in attorneys’ fees and costs such as court filing fees, costs of court reporters for depositions, expert witness fees, etc., depends mostly on how complicated the issues in your case are, how many people are involved, how well-financed they are, how vigorously they defend against your claims, and whether the suit must be brought in another city or can be filed where you live. However, even a relatively uncomplicated suit can cost you several thousand dollars to bring to the point of trial."

to add: This would be an especially complex case to litigate given that marge is not a US citizen, is technically homeless at this point and Venus lives in Japan. She'll need a highly specialized attorney with experience in international copyright law. The costs would be astronomical and marge the hobo ain't got that kind of $$. And Venus will have lawyers from Fullscreen and/or Youtube working for her.

Get real marge you fucking psycho.

No. 273271

Lmao Midge has no idea how bad she fucked up. Venus is all the way on the other side of the world, Midge can't afford a lawyer's fees and she can't make a good case. I hope she's unable to afford to go back to Japan. This was probably her final gambit.

No. 273273


they must think Venus is maggot's intellectual property just because she was born from her

No. 273276

>international copyright law.

nah it'll just be US. and she may find someone sleazy enough or foolish enough to work based on a cut of any settlement. this is not yet beyond her. it's a matter of timing though, has she made the deadline? Venus' channel is still down so methinks yes.

No. 273278

Nope, marge is an EU citizen and the videos were made in Europe. Who knows if her homeless ass even went through the steps needed to register a copyright in the first place. She'll need expert legal help and that ain't cheap.

No. 273279

I mean the YT part of the battle though. You have to fight YT copyright claims in the US afaik?

A broader claim would be pretty hard, as you say where will she bring it? EU? UK? Japan? All?

No. 273280

No. 273283

File: 1464330122062.jpg (48.03 KB, 1200x662, for-the-haters.jpg)

"and dats for de haters"

No. 273284

OK I just watched the first 39 seconds and I can't go on…the sound of her voice, that fucking accent, the # of times she says "shit" and her excruciating efforts to be funny are too much to bear. TOO MUCH

No. 273286

oh god she's vile

No. 273287

I just scrubbed a bit with the sound down tbh. I can't listen to her voice too much.

No. 273288

Oh shit my bf lives in Menlo Park. Let's go.
Lawyers aren't cheap, Marge. What the hell is going on with her financial situation?

No. 273289

That's what I'm talking about. Multiple countries involved. Complicated.

No. 273292


even kiki looked way more classier when talking about poop huh

No. 273294

I get it. she's only pursuing the youtube thing. of course it involves a lot of countries but that's not how she is seeing it. I don't really think the claim she's bringing is really what youtube dcma's are for. ultimately she'll lose I think (or mostly) but in the process Venus will not be able to youtube at all.

No. 273295

I like to believe that Margo is so delusional that she thinks she doesn't need a lawyer - she can just do everything herself.

No. 273296

Venus should really watch this.

No. 273297

I still don't understand how youtube can think Maggot has any claim to venusangelic's old videos. Let alone her new ones, in which she had zero involvement with. Is Venus seriously unable to open a new channel, if so then for what fucking reason? Is it just about the venusangelic name or what…
Can someone ELI5 to me I don't understand this bullshit.

No. 273298

It's considered to be evading YTs ban.

No. 273299

As for Margo's claim, it's more that it's actually her channel and her videos on it, with Venus more of an employee. I think she's abusing the DCMA rules but let her go to court - it's going to get real complicated real fast.

No. 273300

also, Margo only put claims on three old ones.

but yeah, it is shit that the channel as a whole is down including newer videos.

No. 273301

I see. Then what are other anons going on about, about her being possibly unable to open a new channel?

No. 273303

lol someone should ask margo why is she evading YT ban then, I mean, she's so hellbent to claim venusangelic as 'her' channel, not Venus's, right?

>banned youtubers can't use an alternative channel

>she has been uploading stuff to margaret palermo channel

sage for silly rants

No. 273304

This is not the kind of video a sane woman makes…

No. 273305

While all this is in play, Venus can't open a new channel. It's the rules. Now imagine Margo keeping her case slowly moving over say, a year. No reinstatement of the channel, no creation of a new channel. Youtube career over or at least significantly dented.

Venus could have made a new channel from as soon as she ran away. But she didn't and now she's stuck.

No. 273306

The issue is that she's claiming to have a copyright on the content of ths videos. The question is, did she register for a copyright or not, and if so, where? She is an EU citizen and the videos were made in Europe. She would have to register the copyright (IF she did) in the country of her citizenship (Switzerland.) And if she did, is it valid on Japan (where Venus is) and the US (where Youtube is)?

No. 273307

File: 1464334119242.jpg (40.77 KB, 1176x452, yt-rules.jpg)

No. 273309

Ah, I see. Fucking Margo, cant believe she is saying its still not her fault and so on.
Thanks all anons for your explanations.

No. 273310

In some places the copyright is yours without any effort of registration.

Margo did operate several companies in different places, under the name Venus Angelic. No one knows how many of these are still running or where.

No. 273311


Like >>273298 said.
It's evading the ban.

No. 273312

It will never be Margo's fault. Those who conspire against her force her to be a complete arse.

No. 273313

Even if those were made by the same person? That and the fact that there is no proof at all… Fucking hell.

No. 273314

Aside from the DCMA, Youtube's way of applying their own rules is really open to abuse. We see it here with a parent using it to abuse their (adult) child.

No. 273315

She really tries to be whacky but when she does it, it just comes across as disturbed person.

No. 273316

File: 1464336004609.png (Spoiler Image,245.4 KB, 842x526, 160527_095707.png)

I like that guy!

No. 273317

Nobody loves her video haha

No. 273318

Nobody loves HER, anon.

No. 273319

>"I totally made the whole VA content like writing script & editing while Venoos was just a model in my skillful manager arms"

>Venus keeps making decent cute vids after her escape from Margles

>Margles does extra cringy "what the color of your poop means" along with infamous "how to shave your ass", "washing your clothes in your leg hair" and "haters song"

You totally did all the shit for VA channel all alone Marge

No. 273320

Even most of V's older vids have more quality content than Marshit's new ones. Then that monster dares to pretend to have worked hard on V's videos and claims copyright on VA. Why people are still believe that shitgoat!

No. 273327

File: 1464340386643.jpg (82.87 KB, 678x646, margo.jpg)

margo seems to be deleting again, so here's one for posterity.

No. 273328

Oh yeah, in her face! Take that b*tch!

No. 273329

Has someone noticed that when Margoat isn't deleting comments there's that chu_face defending her? I've noticed it a few weeks ago, too. Am I wrong, anons?

No. 273331

the thought crossed my mind today anon. but does chu speak like margo at all? or would chu be, say, jassy in disguise. jassy's on Aus time.

No. 273332

sorry I should have checked chu's profile before saying that. chu's some minion - the new jassy but not jassy.

No. 273335

God, imagine how mortified you'd be if that was your mum.

No. 273341

YouTube's copyright system is so shitty and flawed, gets me riled up every time.

No. 273344

>I didn't delete her account! YouTube did!
This cunt. Anyone who knows a bit about the YouTube claim system knows that three strikes = banned forever. Claiming multiple videos and escalating into a strike is pretty much a sure-fire way to get a channel deleted.

No. 273345

This whole situation is a mess jfc
Also, I have never really been a fan of Venus' content but I was actually kind of excited for her to get her channel back.

No. 273355


Not more bullshit videos anon pls

No. 273362


>Lawsuits and legal docs, etc. must be filed by an ATTORNEY

That's not true (in the U.S.) you can file Pro Se.

Now, it's not really a good idea to do that as a good attorney can get cases thrown out do to improper filing (which happens a lot when you file pro se because non-attorneys don't know all of the little details, etc)

No. 273363

Maybe Venus would make a new channel on "Dailymotion" (I know it's less well than Youtube but this might be a replacement solution…far far away from Marge's claws)
There's a monetization system and partnership too->http://www.dailymotion.com/monetization
I know a French critic/video maker (Karim Debbache) who had migrated on it cause "Daily" is less painful about claims and DMCA stuff.
And his fanbase had followed him without any problems.

No. 273365


An addendum to my previous response. If Margo actually had an attorney, she would have no need to be in the U.S. until the actual trail (if it ever got that far.)

The U.S. based attorney could do all of the filing, etc.

And depending on where in the U.S. you are filing, some courts will let you submit the forms and pay the fees online and you never have to be there physically.

Way too much crap to get in to details, But I live in Florida, I was sued by a person who lives in Arizona and the case was filed in Delaware. He never physically left Arizona.

He lost (he filed Pro Se..)

No. 273366

Also she could make a "tipeee" account in parallel (like many video makers do)
https://www.tipeee.com/ (sorry it's a French link) or something of that nature.

No. 273368

There's always Twitch, she could take up gaming.

No. 273369

If it's Venus's only option then she'd probably find an alternative, but all this drama has only really started. Getting her youtube channel back is viable so she might as well wait. Venus never seemed like a money grubbing whore like her mother so it doesn't seem like she's interested in the money which is why she's been waiting so patiently. I think Venus might be genuine when she says that she loves her channel because it's a way to communicate and connect with people socially. It probably does give her great joy and purpose.

I'm guessing Venus's recent outburst was her finally getting frustrated enough with Margo claiming more work on the channel than she deserved.

I mean in the last three months, Venus had her mother make a fake picture trying to sabotage her marriage, threatened her Visa, accused her of animal abuse (which only point to Margo's negligence as a parent), call Venus autistic without any diagnosis, take her only source of income away from her, stalk her and her in-laws, video tape her husband and claim assault, and drive Venus to her in-laws. Absolutely nuts what Margo has put Venus through and meanwhile Venus only defends herself, waits patiently for legal proceedings and causes the least amount of conflict available. Never really liked Venus's dumb videos or persona, but the kid is a saint. No wonder we have a surge of Venus-stans. How can you not appreciate that amount of dignity in the face of bloated Margo harassment.

No. 273371

I wonder has venus finally blocked margo from her ig since she keep on calling venus trip to her in-laws a buisness trip

No. 273372

I can't stop looking at her terrible eyebrows.

No. 273375

Totally agree! To date, Venus was very mature and worthy.
But as you said, drama has only really started. As we can see, it gets worse and worse.

I feel that Maggot will never give up. That's why I was thinking about some "fallback solutions" which would out of her immediate reach :)

No. 273378

We've been over this again and again. It would count as evading a ban.

No. 273379

Whatever Venus makes, Margo will puull a Kiki and copyright claim shit.

No. 273385

lmao same. it makes it look like she's had a stroke and one side of her face is paralyzed.

No. 273386

Maybe Venus should look into Twich, as someone mentioned before, it's not just gaming there. There is a creative section now where you can do anything creative. Cook, craft, web design, etc. Maybe this thing with her channel is a sign that she's meant to try something new. It's an option for her, and a lot of people make a living from it. She'd just need to drop the Angelic and come up with a new name so her mom can't make any claims on her whatsoever. I really feel bad for Venus and can't believe what and effing whore her mother is.

No. 273387

Did you guys see what Maggot's sister posted on IG? She reposted a recent picture Venus put up, and her comment was awesome.

No. 273388

I would kind of love to see V streaming cooking/ baking tbh

No. 273389


mags going full cray again and making videos about shit. What a great start into this weekend!

No. 273392

I have a feeling that Venus has been in contact with one or more relatives for a while(though cautious and sparingly), but does not publicly interact with them due to Margaret's instability.

No. 273396

So she went from stalking Venus in Japan, back to Seol Korea, then to Japan making a stop in the airport to take pictures again, then on to Canada? If Venus stole so much from her and her money they how the HECK is she able to do THIS much traveling all at once? That and she has a lot of "friends"

No. 273408

I'm guessing that she may have some savings that she is using. In the past both she and Venus lived fruggaly from what I can tell as they shared the same room/bed(?) When they lived together. She may have also gotten money from family, or the things she sold.

No. 273411

The events leading to the cause of action took place in Europe and Asia. Margo and Venus are foreigners. US courts don't want to be a litigation magnet for people with no connection to the country.

Forum non conveniens.

Margot lawsuit will no nowhere. To say nothing of the cost. This is