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File: 1465035740912.jpg (85.97 KB, 1122x1094, margo-flies-high.jpg)

No. 276516

Venus' channel has been terminated again only a day or so after coming back.

Margo contacted Venus asking for $3000 (euro? dollars?) per month for life in return for not touching the channel again. If Venus does not pay up Margo has explained she will continue a cycle of claiming copyright on Venus' vids to keep her channel down. Margo blackmailing her own daughter? Yes why not.

Since her trip to north America Margo has discovered a lawsuit will actually cost money.

Now claims to be in South Korea but could be posting her insta travel pics on a huge delay. Still chimping on the regular.

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

The early drama from Venus running away from home to her husband:

Last thread:

No. 276517

File: 1465035953576.jpg (181.87 KB, 970x628, 1464668868698.jpg)

the blackmail of Venus.

No. 276518

File: 1465036068696.png (215.47 KB, 750x1334, 1464832427602.png)

The most recent rant.

No. 276519

File: 1465036108672.jpg (294.91 KB, 1400x997, 1464848626588.jpg)

Venus owes Margo for the 5km walk!

No. 276520

Venus actually needs to report her, Margo is straight up blackmailing her. Not only is she trying to exort money out of Venus, but it would trouble Manaki and his family as well. She needs to file the evidence to YouTube and prosecute her disgusting excuse for a Mother.

No. 276521

I agree anon. It is better to speak to the police and file a statement each time this happens. It doesn't matter that they won't take action. The cases need to be registered… Margo isn't going to stop.

No. 276522

File: 1465036532523.png (31.97 KB, 315x187, 1464913405526.png)

from the same rant session:

No. 276524

How much does Venus actually earn? It can't be that much?

No. 276525

With her youtube channel down?
Probably nothing.

No. 276527

File: 1465037478432.jpg (125.39 KB, 735x720, n.jpg)

>and built it all of MY money

No. 276528

That's something only Venus and Fullscreen know. Margo's fantasising; she must know there wasn't $15K a month before or they would have been living in much more luxury. She may imagine Fullscreen are performing magic with Venus' earnings.

Here's some wide-ranging estimates: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/venusangelic

No. 276529

>paid $6000 for her private school in London

But I thought she didn't go to school until they moved to the Netherlands?
Because it was full?

So is Margog trying to find things that make Venus look bad, but tying herself up in lies(like usual)?
Did Venus go to school, but still asked for money from Fangelics? (This scam may or nay not have been plotted by Margogre.)

No. 276530

Venus has said Margo did any crowdfunding stuff without consultation. I assume that means any from the past.

I got the impression Venus didn't go to school in the UK. She was "homeschooled"?

No. 276531

Maybe she did go to school to get the authorities off margo's back. I dunno much about that time. The docu that exists is more about Margo fighting with little girls on the internet, than her abuse of her daughter.

No. 276532

Venus needs to lawyer up tbh

No. 276533

File: 1465038172973.jpg (129.37 KB, 720x1030, _20160604_130158.jpg)

Another terrified dog

No. 276534

File: 1465038240420.jpg (114.79 KB, 720x804, _20160604_130326.jpg)

And some margyole's logic

No. 276535

File: 1465038251027.jpg (59.45 KB, 1200x380, margo16.jpg)

Margo's definitely online. She's posting happy snaps and just deleted one of them plus a couple of articulate derogatory comments.

No. 276555

leave the doggos alone REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 276556

its actually amazing how all the dogs react to her. they look uncomfortable and tense, and it's so fitting that maggot doesnt even recognize that. she cant read their body language for shit, but that doesnt surprise me for some reason.

No. 276558

I think it's because she yanks their face close to hers, it's really poor form. All dogs hate being yanked about.

No. 276561

This is how people get bitten by dogs.

No. 276564

I would lahv if she tried this with my 85 pound pitbull <3

No. 276565

Even my corgi wouldn't have her shit

Also remember to sage this sorta stuff.

No. 276566

oh wonderful. Maggot now wander around Seoul streets assaulting poor doggies for ig points

>See? I'm not a murder like my ex-daughter! animals aren't afraid of meeee!!!1!

No. 276567

>that last comment

say whatever you want about the weebiness but I'm glad Venus has a backbone

No. 276568

She's still going on about the dog? She was a little kid who accidentally hurt her dog. It happens. She's never going to let this go.

Here's a suggestion Margendo, get a job if you want money. No one's going to pay a wandering hobo lady $3000 a month in blackmail money.

Ruining her relationship with her only child is going to come back to bite her in the ass someday.

No. 276569

Can't wait for her to get bit by a random dog. Maybe it's one of her crazy schemes were she thinks she can sue the owner for 10k$ if she actually does get bit, I wouldn't put that kind of retarded thinking behind her.

No. 276578

Yea, Korea doesn't pay out crazy tort claims like America. So Margo should just give up on trying to sue some owner for money.

No. 276591

i cant believe a mother would do this to her child… she aint nothin special. psh

No. 276599

Looking into the legal bullshit of Margo's claims, she never really owned Venus Angelic. To be exact, when they registered the company, they put it under "Venus Angelic LTD." which does make a difference in court. They started off as 50/50 owners/directors early 2013, but then Venus (probably due to age), gave Margo full control. Margo terminated the company later that year. So she never owned Venus Angelic and doesn't even own Venus Angelic LTD.

Unless Margo started another company, all rights are unclaimed.

No. 276606

Interesting! Where did you get this info from?

No. 276609

Why is this fucking bitch so evil

No. 276610


Their company and filing history online. Since they no longer live at that residence, it's okay to post (without doxing).


You can click on the pdfs and read the forms.

No. 276618

File: 1465068637473.jpg (16.44 KB, 281x106, useless.JPG)


>200 videos

quantity isn't quality, mags.

btw love these comments on her latest Insta post.

No. 276624

So is there any way Venus can but the rights or something to get everything in her name so Margo can't fuck with it?

No. 276706

yes sure, she can take control of the name as a business legally in Japan and elsewhere in the world. but she has to take action. I wonder whether fullscreen are actually giving her any advice at all…

No. 276708

starting a company as per the docs above is a different thing. the company is just to funnel money away.

No. 276709

but if you mean the domain name for the website… you can fight for that back but it's not really worth it. much cheaper to simply register a new one. and with YT, you can't protect yourself from copyright claims that way.

No. 276710

No. 276711

File: 1465084222297.jpg (34.25 KB, 364x360, 1464030060959.jpg)


No. 276715

No. 276716


Oh, filed in 2013? 3 years AFTER Venus started her channel?

No. 276717

I love comparing their statistics.

Venus, if your mother tells you again that she is smarter show her that:


Bam! In your face, mother gothel!

No. 276719

Pretty much when Margo started milking the media for money.

No. 276723

No. 276728

File: 1465086468371.jpeg (55.88 KB, 839x425, image.jpeg)

Does anyone know what happened to this movie v was suppose to be in?

No. 276729

No. 276730

Venus as kyabakura hostess ??

Hahaha nice try margendo

No. 276732

Why does margarine not the same. It is a job for her. She could even work for youporn. Look at her pictures with the blue dolly dress, her naked pictures, or the capture from her last vid with a tiny dildo in her hand, … she's good at it.

No. 276738

Yesterday: "She earns 15k a month"
Today: "I heard she's a hostess"

No. 276759


o hai njm

No. 276776

so? they lived there years ago.

No. 276778

there is a difference between registering a trade name and starting a company anon. don't get the two mixed up. the company will have been started for financial reasons.

No. 276779

No. 276788

File: 1465096699616.gif (1.68 MB, 371x209, tumblr_nmgfd5PJJw1uqb0jto1_400…)

That sounds terrifying as all hell. There's probably some dude who would wanna see that travesty but who???

If Margo does that tho…jfc imma laugh my ass off.

No. 276791

I'm sure we all would. She's trashy, slutty and desperate enough to do it. It wouldn't be much of a surprise since she keeps projecting prostitution onto Venus. We all know what it means when she projects.

No. 276808

File: 1465105666725.jpg (309.92 KB, 1200x1376, margo17.jpg)

Margo can't help herself and as usual she comes on insta to answer a few questions. In her opening caption she admits she'll pretty much attempt to use the hater comments as some kind of 'evidence' against Venus.

No. 276809

File: 1465105815112.jpg (262.61 KB, 1200x1559, margo18.jpg)

No. 276813


I'm dying of laughter. Did Margo really just basically call Venus Hitler? KEK

No. 276814

Fucking vagrant ass with those fake #southkoreatrip hashtags. Hashtag this bitch: #HoledUpinCheapHostel #kickedouttajapan #WanderingtheStreets #RatherBeInJapan #hobolife #vagrant

No. 276815

File: 1465107597027.jpg (198.82 KB, 1200x1017, margo19.jpg)

No. 276816

Pretty much, although in German Führer just means leader. A bit of both I reckon.

No. 276820

I have a legit question. Did Margo really think any man Venus got married too would let her leech off of them for the rest of her life. Did she think Manaki's folks would?

No. 276821

>she will say various things and when you get hooked…
>tricks people by crying
>teaching them how to disguise and exploit people better


SO fucking transparent

No. 276825


Something else in here that sticks out - Margo makes vague remarks about Venus trying to leave her when she was 11. So your horrible child who was tormenting you and attacking you every day, isolating you from friends and loved ones, made a plan to live somewhere else? What was the problem with that, Margo? If she was such a burden? No more school fees to pay, no more torture. No more SwissBux, either, though, I suppose.

Also, Margo stans blab on all the time about how "if Venus was so abused, why didn't she live with her dad, HUH? Why didn't she move out after he mom supposedly attacked her, HUH?" Well, it seems she tried to. Odd how Margo didn't jump at the opportunity to be freed from the child who supposedly abused her.

No. 276826


Remember when Manaki grabbed Venus at the airport? Or how he used to hang around areas that Venus might pass through just so he might just bump into her? Or the time he filed false copyright claims and the counter claim contained her adress so he turned up there and started filming?

No. 276827

Hmm … I wonder if Venus would benefit from permanently abandoning/deleting all of her online presence and simply try to work locally in Japan?

I'd never suggest this sort of idea to other YouTubers/internet celebs, but I can't imagine Venus is going to have a very pleasant future using an online presence as a sole means of income … Not with her whore of a mother constantly harassing/following/stalking Venus and her every move.

Unlike most internet trolls, I doubt Maggot will ever 'get bored' of bullying her daughter, so I simply can't imagine how Venus is going to handle this for many more weeks/months/years on end …

No. 276828

The problem with disappearing is her mother will still harass and stalk her. While Venus remains in the public sphere there are a lot of witnesses. paradoxically, it's safer.

Also I don't think Venus wants give up something she's worked hard on and feels a connection to. Nor should she have to.

No. 276829

File: 1465110548171.png (158.58 KB, 646x784, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.08…)

Venus is Manson now. Killing Margo by proxy.

No. 276830

File: 1465110874359.png (80.17 KB, 676x400, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.13…)

The children roasting Margo over her ineffective Manson comparison.

No. 276831

File: 1465111076178.png (107.91 KB, 666x492, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.17…)

Margo clarifies the 11 thing. Also has just deleted the Manson convo… there must be steam coming out her ears.

No. 276833

Stealing? At 11? What? Did she try to steal an extra piece of bread from the pantry?

No. 276834

>look up psychopathy. That's the only reason to cut off a child.

But you didn't cut off your child Margo, she cut off you.

No. 276835

A child in distress might show some signs like stealing. Margo thinks this reflects badly on Venus but it only reflects badly on Margo.

No. 276836


"NO! I, Margo, cut Venoos off! I never get dumped! I'll show you, leaving me with no money!!! (also I am afraid for my life but send $$$ to my address)"

No. 276837


Would Venus be getting Youtube money at this point?
Venus trying to claim her youtube money= stealing

No. 276839

File: 1465112109581.png (70.24 KB, 666x344, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.34…)

The follow up. At least one minion has appeared and I guess they have their chats behind the scenes.

No. 276840


… I don't think it's a minion.

No. 276841

Nope as the income is generated by people viewing the ads in her videos.

No. 276842

Sorry I didn't mean to run those two sentences together. I mean her statement " I have enough telling the things." the minions are lurking here and elsewhere and are probably advising her.

No. 276843

yeah if you look at social blade her present earnings are zero. https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/venusangelic

No. 276846

*projected as zero

No. 276849

File: 1465113276270.png (6.34 KB, 178x178, Cunt-Of-The-Year.png)


Now comparing V to Hitler? wow best mother ever

No. 276851

File: 1465113792894.jpg (36.61 KB, 960x626, 11822476_1226809287384159_6714…)


yes and yes, since she hilariously thinks that it's ok to be a third wheel, that Okadas were super rich, and Mana's father had a thing for her or something lmao. Probably saw a double juicy meal ticket waiting for her

No. 276852

Margo must've gone crying to her stans after her Manson and Hitler comparisons weren't a big hit. She's slunk away and left chu_face to say that Venus is evil for posting anything about her mother ever, but also evil for not posting anything right now. Makes good sense, chu. Glad to know Margo's case is in the hands of such a clear headed person.

No. 276853

Someone ask her if she was kicked out of Japan.

No. 276854

File: 1465115388269.jpg (64.48 KB, 1200x598, margo20.jpg)

chu is so irritating. "don't worry master, I'll take care of them for you". in the meantime lets enjoy this study in contrast:

No. 276865

Reading this makes apparent how trapped Venus must have felt in the past year. I had assumed she was semi oblivious to her situation. But reading this? My god.. Must have been hell.

No. 276867

File: 1465120202906.png (43.08 KB, 302x264, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.48…)


It's VENUS who totally took YouTube's auto email out of context as direct instructions to stalk and sue. Def not Margles.

No. 276868

File: 1465120354749.png (50.29 KB, 313x303, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.50…)

This is what Margo is referring to - she's outright denying that she's demanding $3k a month. It's all YouTube's doing: They took Venus's videos down; they gave Venus's address to Margo and told Margo to go "settle" things in person; they told Margo to demand a settlement; they told Margo to sue. Margo is just a leaf in the wind.

No. 276869

She's backpedaling. Don't like the word blackmail eh Margo?

No. 276870

It sounds like Youtube did tell them that they had the option to come to a settlement of their own. Of course Margo sees these options as 'commands'.

No. 276871


And it is indeed Venus who "twists things around some times." Fucking kek.

No. 276872


Well, yeah, when you scream at YouTube they send you a form email saying, "yeah, can't do anything over here. X (settlement with the copyright owner if you feel this denial of claim has been made in error) and Y (address this claim to your local legal magistrate) are things that can happen, but have nothing to do with us."

Neither of those are things out of your hands, Margo, you fucking dipshit. Just stahp. That's all you have to do. Stop moving. Stop making drama. Stop making your insanity public. But then you'd really feel alone, wouldn't you? Because you are, you just cause problems to pretend you aren't.

No. 276874


No. 276875


sounds like even the people of YouTube are tired of this BS and want to finally peace in this case.

But is it possible that they can ban or sue Mags if she continue to do this shit for this entire year and so on? I mean it's a lost of money for a lot parties.

No. 276876

No. 276877

yes you can get your account terminated for abusing the copyright claim process. but how many accounts does she have?

No. 276879

not to mention with the amount of travel she does, her ip address will be changing constantly.

No. 276880

it's horrifically difficult to actually enforce any sort of IP ban even if the person is staying in one place, because proxies and VPNs are so prevalent these days. I doubt Google has some sort of secret technology not shared with the rest of the world for it
.. though now I feel like I'd love to see what would happen if Google figured out a way to MAC ban computers from accessing any Google services whatsoever

No. 276882

your YT account being completely deleted is not exactly an IP ban, although they maybe also use an IP ban as an attempt to stop you making new accounts.

No. 276885

File: 1465125441382.png (879.81 KB, 953x904, JH8A3wM.png)

Venus is now hitler-chan. Kek

So why $3000??? Isn't Margo sending an awfully steep price for Venus? Talk about greedy like gitdamn.

No. 276886

yes, that's what I meant - just banning the account is beyond pointless considering how easy it is to just make another gmail so I skipped ahead a thought

No. 276887

Venus gives her $3000 monthly and Margo rents an apartment to live near Venus and Manaki.
Their lives turn into "Everybody loves Raymond" but worse

No. 276900

File: 1465135096666.jpg (226.62 KB, 1400x844, margo21.jpg)


No. 276901

No. 276902

>new lies
>new attack
>destructive will come

ironic, she's already compared her daughter to Hitler and Manson and has suggested she's a prostitute and a psychopath. is any of this libel?

No. 276903


mags is projecting again so she has some new shit planned against venus?
But I guess the management of V told her to be silent about this situation and mags can't shut her stupid mouth.
She is so far from reality.

No. 276904

File: 1465135485658.jpg (280.03 KB, 1200x1596, margo22.jpg)

here's the trauma psych quote.

No. 276905

at this point Venus must be even afraid to post simple food pics because mags will consider them as "bullying"

No. 276908

does anyone know where in seoul margo is staying? i would love to run into her

No. 276909


not 100% sure but this was posted in the last thread.

No. 276910

She gave and got a review for that place. Unless she went back there she's done with it. Margo likes to bop around from place to place.

No. 276912

File: 1465137220976.png (47.57 KB, 634x238, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.3…)


No. 276913

I hope Venus carries on. There's no other option, anything she does will be twisted by Margo and it'll probably never end. Venus just has to find the strength to continue.

No. 276917

File: 1465138836390.jpg (60.09 KB, 830x531, m.jpg)


No. 276920

She may have bought the skirt from a store in Shinchon, near Ewha University….

No. 276921

Why does the power outlet look so weird?

No. 276922

She gives me so much second hand embarrassment. I'm not much younger than her (I'm Aunty Zsusha's age) and seeing her trying to pose all coy and coquettish is just fucking sad. Grow the fuck up, you're a middle aged woman, leave kawaii rando bathroom shots for the 20 year olds.

No. 276924

And these butterfly garden pics appear to be of a special butterfly garden exhibit in Seoul Forest that is running till June 12.

No. 276926

Because countries have different electrical sockets than America, you weeb. The cords are wrapped at the part near the socket, and the socket has a large cover.

No. 276931

>religions brainwashing generations
>setting religions over family
>believe the weirdest things instead of love

says the one whose god is money and satan

No. 276951

>using the disabled bathroom

No. 276952

I had a god damn dream about Venus and Margot last night. I need to stop reading this shit.

She needs extra room for her ego.

No. 276962

Oh yeah, I remember the trailer. I wonder what happened too anon.

No. 276966

she's home now

No. 276967

Oh my god, Margo. She fails to remember she's like, 43 and not a teenager or in her 20s.

No. 276968


this thing turned into a comedy series ??? This is a "behind the scenes" with venus.

No. 276969

File: 1465149708692.jpg (20.41 KB, 712x163, episode3.JPG)


venus supposed to be in episode 3 but it wasn't/isn't allowed to upload it because the well known reasons.

No. 276970


was going to post this. first 2 eps are venus-less but she is still in the credits

No. 276971

>it wasn't/isn't allowed to upload it because the well known reasons.
Because of the copyright claims on Venus's channel? I wouldn't have thought it could effect other channels as well.

No. 276972


judging by the time when the comment was posted I guess "yes".
I mean the could have fear to get sued too because of psycho mags.

No. 276973


how could she though? she's credited as Venus Palermo which is her own name, and she is not using the name Venus Angelic at all. i guess margo would make up some contrived reason.

No. 276986

Margo can't sue shit but she could get their channel taken down too.

No. 276989

File: 1465154645886.png (70.85 KB, 323x539, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.0…)

Margo edited one of her captions from last night

No. 276990

>inb4 margo also claims intellectual property over it because she came up with that name

No. 277000

>it's always silence, attack, silence, attack
Margo, you're talking about yourself.

No. 277002


ok wait, maybe it's just the margo way of english but

>asks us to have an agreement or settle it legally

so everything mags is doing rn is illegally?

No. 277004


I know she's a narcissist, which means she's got low to no empathy and is unable to accept her own actions and must make them someone else's fault. But I'm astounded at how she's able to see the situation clearly - and then her mind just jerks to the left and totally mixes up what happened so it's someone else hurting Margo, and not the reality of Margo harming others. It's so fucking bizarre.

No. 277005

no this is just you being a retard and not understanding her
legally = through courts

this literally sounds like she's seeing her own messages and thinking they're by her, or thinking she's possessing her to write all these evil messages

No. 277006


When YouTube can't help you, or is sick of someone bothering them for nonsense, they send you a form letter saying we can't help you, if you feel you've reached this denial in error, you might consider working towards a settlement or addressing your local magistrate with this matter. Basically, it's a fuck off form letter and Margo is taking it as a list of instructions, then wailing that she HAAAAS to do this.

No. 277008

Oh, right. Venus posts the margbot's demand for $$ and that's an ATTACK and HARASSMENT. This freak's twisted thought processes never cease to amaze me.

>it's always silence, attack, silence, attack

Her projection is stunning too. And the VICTIM complex. EVERYONE is against her. EVERYONE in her life is an abuser. Now she's completely alone in the world but that's EVERYONE ELSE'S fault.

>she wants me to die

No cunt, she wants you to leave her the fuck ALONE.

No. 277009


I see, Thanks for the clarification.

No. 277010

So is there any kind of time frame included in this? i.e. 'you have X amount of time to either reach an agreement or begin legal proceedings'? Or 'if you reach an agreement by {date} the channel will be reinstated. If you begin legal proceedings it will remain down until they are completed'?

Or do they just leave it dangling indefinitely?

No. 277012

Upon rereading >>276989 and since we've pretty much come to the consensus that Margo projects like crazy:
>After getting… everything she wanted… I think she will continue to harass me to the point where my life becomes worthless. I am bullied by her to justify her actions afterwards. She will continue, it's always silence, attack, silence, attack.
I think it is very safe to say that even if Venus gives up her channel/"brand" and the $3k/mo (what Margo wants), Gitka is going to harass Venus until Gitka deems her daughter to be "worthless."

Zsu mentioned that Gitka was "difficult" (as a child?), it would make a lot of sense as to why Gitka thought the family was abusive if she's always projected like this.
>does something wrong in reality
>thinks someone else did it
>gets punished for it
>sees it as getting punished for what someone else did

No. 277014


YouTube will reinstate the channel if the complainant has not filed a follow up suit in court by such and such a date after the DMCA notice is filed with YouTube. That's what happened to Venus's channel the first time. Margo
s first set of claims expired, and the channel came back.

But Margo filed 20 claims, and Venus has 200 videos that were made while she was a minor and / or lived with her mother. Margo seems to be planning to file new claims every 8 weeks on other material Venus has published. She never has to file in court; she can just make more claims every 8 weeks. But obviously this is an abuse of the DMCA and YouTube's policy.

The best thing to come out of this would be a major change to the way google responds to third party claims with no connection or flimsy connections to the materials.

No. 277020

I think youtube is just telling Margo to drag Venus to court or to stfu

No. 277025

She should just hide her old videos so that Margo can't file 20+ claims.

The channel will be worthless soon as people lose interest and get frustrated. Margo (and her trolls) are so stupid.

No. 277029

File: 1465161600524.png (433.84 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160605-165722.png)

The kids are going INN on mangot. She won't like waking up to this, lol. DELETE/BLOCK/DELETE/BLOCK/DELETE/BLOCKKK

No. 277030

File: 1465161621189.png (445.66 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160605-165537.png)

No. 277031

File: 1465161640216.png (446.08 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160605-165405.png)

No. 277032

File: 1465161652573.png (431.45 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160605-165344.png)

No. 277033

File: 1465161724368.png (446.16 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160605-165315.png)

Landing some solid blows, too. Not just "die bitch"

No. 277038

The sad thing is that she's not going to read any of this.

No. 277041

We really should be archiving every single thing on Margot's Instagram. Don't let her erase any of her crazy claims.

No. 277043

You have to read at least the first sentence before you decide to delete tho. Maybe she has the fortitude to stop there, I know I wouldn't be able to.

No. 277044

There's an IG acct that's already doing this. They have all her oldies too:


No. 277047

Well not all, but a decent collection of highlights.

No. 277066

File: 1465167598206.jpg (164.34 KB, 720x1132, _20160606_005739.jpg)

The maggot is awake and paranoid as usual

No. 277067

File: 1465167642510.jpg (69.77 KB, 720x479, _20160606_005757.jpg)

No. 277068


>before she really does something to you.

lmfao wtf is Venus going to do?

No. 277069

File: 1465167778447.jpg (83.91 KB, 720x443, _20160606_005814.jpg)

>not doll

I thought Venus Angelic, the living doll was your creation, maggot.

No. 277070

wow, how many hundred times did she go back and re-read Venus' posts before she got mad enough to post a public reply 5 days later?

No. 277073

>if she managed to get rid of my life
lmao is she having delusions at this point? Venus is planning her murder now

or maybe this is what Venus was talking about in her video when she said Mayo manipulated her with suicide/death threats. She's talking about her own death and blaming Venus for it so she'll guilt trip her into contacting her or something

No. 277081

>> she did something similar with 11
What? Run away?
11 years old? Where did she live when she was 11 years old?

No. 277086

#airporthobo #leghairfurcloths #walkingdownthestreet #suckingformoney

No. 277087

File: 1465168794288.jpeg (29.43 KB, 748x897, image.jpeg)

So Venus's channel is down now. We can only assume the Maggot is behind this.

No. 277088

No, Margaret said she was talking about stealing, like Venus stole or tried to steal something when she was 11 because she wants to show how Venus was a "psycopath and a cheater" since she was a child.

No. 277089

No margoyle, you already said he is a pedo. That lie doesn't work anymore… Try again

No. 277092


Bro, it's been down. Get with the times.

No. 277094

did you just crawl out of a cave?

No. 277096

Marshit, you should have given her back to her daddy if she was such a burden!

No. 277098

File: 1465169300163.jpg (165.18 KB, 720x1002, _20160606_012701.jpg)

>she posts publicly for attention

Oh margoo please…

No. 277099

what the fuck is this thread then? I personally post shit from her insta here constantly, including the hitler / manson stuff that was only up for 15 min.

No. 277100

>kept her out of school
>achieve something, like a degree

sure, Margs.

No. 277101

My life is similar to Venus. Dealt with an abusive mother my entire life who used to sell me off to prostitution. I lost my virginity at eight years old. I remember it all too well, and just reading this thread makes me remember those times as a kid having my innocence stolen. Who knows, maybe Venus isn't an ~innocent virgin~ like we all believe her to be. As a kid, I loved girly stuff just like Venus. Infact I'm just like Venus, except my birth name was Veronica which I soon changed to Stacie since my abusive boyfriend forced me to. Hard times.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 277102

and this relates how

No. 277103

File: 1465169665600.png (10.44 KB, 200x200, Here take this _e256d24b601c4a…)

No. 277104

since you don't know already, it is against the rules of this site to 'personal blog'. while it's sad you had a bad life, you need to take your conversations about it to >>>/b/ or you risk getting banned.

No. 277107

She's so melodramatic. Does she actually believe that Venus wants her to die?

No. 277108

No, wait, I think >>276827 is right.

If Venus stops with her online career to start an private career (she studying), her mother who has NPD never can have any kind of control over her again.

The only informations Margaret has from Venus comes from her mom-free social media accounts (instagram, snapchat and rarely youtube).

By stopping posting things in her public accounts Venus turns invisible, and Margaret loses control over her (through blackmail, diffamation, etc).

M will eventually destroy herself on social media. The online troll with metaphoricly die.

If so Venus already won the game! #victory

No. 277109

you're naive if you think Margo doesn't want to destroy her daughter purely for leaving her. all social media aside, she will still stalk Venus.

No. 277111

It's not "personal blogging" if I'm saying how I can relate to Venus and suggesting she's possibly not a virgin and this may be a key as to why her channel has been deleted. Another last thing, I have indeed broken up with my boy friend so no worries, I am safe now.

No. 277114

File: 1465170538476.png (314.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-05-19-48-32…)

No. 277115

Semi-OT, but you know what pisses me off? The media being silent on this whole situation. I know they only need living dolls and all kinds of ecelebs for only entertainment, but I believe a wide public reaction could help to finally stop Marglot and prevent her from further poisoning her daughter's life and taking her channel down. Maybe I'm being naive but…

Russian media document every single fart of another living doll, Valeria Lukyanova, but they also wrote about how she got beaten up on the street, and if she didn't refuse to talk about it in interviews I believe it could become way more widely known.

Here we have a truly horrifying case of child abuse that needs to be told about and the only article I could find was this one, by Vice, and it was posted in April, so much more shit happened since then!

No. 277116

Her virginity has nothing to do with her channel being deleted, wtf.

No. 277117


Because the media isn't going to report about a Youtuber that has only 1M subscribers.

No. 277118

File: 1465170769366.jpg (149.03 KB, 1200x896, margo23.jpg)

Margo's quite active and she has a shit-ton of new "supporters" today.

No. 277119

Write an article then.

No. 277120

the "media" doesn't keep tabs on internet people like they do with real celebrities. No journalist is following Venus on instagram, and no one's gonna care enough about an article titled "remember that living doll girl from 3 years ago? her mom is extorting her!"

>Russian media document every single fart of another living doll, Valeria Lukyanova

false. despite the fact that Valeria has an entire website dedicated to documenting her every breath, the Russian media is mostly blissfully unaware of it and only report what comes out of Valeria's own mouth, like that fake "beaten up on the street" incident, which was just her cover up for surgical bruises. besides, she's a million times more popular and news worthy (b/c controversial) than Venus

No. 277121

>>This world is a hologram anyways
It's actually how psychopaths see the world. Everybody is a holo with no feeling, no pain and no understanding of marglish. She thinks she is the only one that suffers and that deserves respect.

No. 277122

I am in fact a freelance journalist and I've been following this story since she broke away. Most editors wouldn't touch this story with a long pole unless something more dramatic happens. Right now it's just bogged down in minutia and speculation.

No. 277123

I actually think the Daily Fail would write an article on this saga since they did write about Venus when she was a "living doll"

No. 277124

File: 1465171275473.jpg (14.71 KB, 614x143, plant.jpg)

plantfeelings is not getting the attention she craves from Margo.

No. 277125

File: 1465171305263.jpg (53.74 KB, 772x471, margo24.jpg)

margo and supporters

No. 277127

so far only Vice has written about it and it was early days.

No. 277128

I like that commenter! He/She just forgot to hashtag #hobo.

No. 277129

File: 1465171514566.jpg (184.93 KB, 1200x1410, margo25.jpg)

No. 277130

#publictoiletlover #ilovewcsmell #fuckinpublicyouporn #hungarianmilf

No. 277131

>she calls the husband a boyfriend
is this a crime?? why even include that lol

No. 277132

Is she in a wc for disabled people? She recognises herself as disabled? #miracle

No. 277133

No. 277139

>SOURCES: Pretty Ugly Little Liars, the Instagram hashtag “PrayforVenus,” and Encyclopaedia Dramatica.
ha ha ha

No. 277140

No. 277141

I don't work for the media so I doubt they need articles written by me.
Online media are pretty much useless. I think Venus needs to get to the talk show. Not like I'm unaware it's very unlikely to happen even if she wanted to make this story public.
And you don't need to be a celeb to get to a talk show with your problems seeking for help, you know.

I know Val's story was complete bullshit, just didn't think it needs to be mentioned because this was not related to what I was talking about.

No. 277144


I'm really disappointed in VICE for using 3 shitty sources of info.

No. 277146


VICE in general terms went downhill long time ago

No. 277147

They forgot to hashtag #EvenSatanHatesYou

No. 277155

That's not how it works anon because she can also file claims on her new videos.
Remember when Margo copyright claimed parody videos that didn't have any content from them included? Yeah.

No. 277157

So she just proved that she wants all the $15000 that the channel earns monthly according to her.

No. 277158

Evidence that Marge is spying V's account with sockpuppet accounts.

No. 277160


>I think Venus needs to get to the talk show

Dr Phil

No. 277162

File: 1465173520106.jpg (118.92 KB, 807x1200, margo26.jpg)

good point. or just pulling shit from here / pull etc. how many of these supporters are bitter little pull posters?

No. 277163

Contradictions and incoherences.

No. 277164

we talked about his earlier this year actually. it's not an american story; no-one speaks good enough english; too weeby.

No. 277165

We already now, anon.

No. 277166

No. 277167

The pull vendetta posts are getting old at this point and don't contribute anything than the thread besides shitposting. Nobody there likes Margo either besides trolls where we have plenty own ones too.

No. 277170

I post the ones where Margo comments. Here she says the marriage is a scam and Venus plans to leave Manaki when she's 21. I'm not interested in the general rabble and I don't post them unless Margo's in them or the person is of specific interest.

No. 277171

No. 277175

Everytime Margoyle tries to go to Japan she gets kicked back to SK. If Venus stops looking in her instagram, snapchat, yt, etc. everythings stops in V's point of view. No news = good news. She probably doesn't even answer to her mother.

That's called no-contact. And that's an effective way to never be affected again from psychic abusers like her mother.

No. 277176

>extremely kind hearted father.

What a flip flop in this statement.
Not long ago Mags was describing him as a psychopath.

No. 277178


I think that was her attempt at sarcasm.

No. 277180

Sure, but there are no neat and tidy solutions with situations like this. Margo will not ever drop it. Non-public people still get fucked over massively by fam members. You think she would not blackmail Venus anyway?

No. 277184


That could be it.

Still, it seems a little off…

No. 277185

File: 1465175920340.png (112.94 KB, 656x542, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.1…)

Margo pls, you erased your own laptop.

No. 277188

I think M is talking to a wall. The day she will realise it, she will start researches, in vain. She will shout to everyone how psychic and autistic is her manipulative daughter, and no one will listen. She will be kicked back from Japan to SK over and over again.

She already lost her family's trust. She has nowhere to go back. She is alone.

And then she will realise she has no way to reach her daughter. And what do psychopaths in this case? She will find another person to abuse. Like she did to her family, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, her daughter.

One to replace another. Sad but true.

No. 277190

yeah true.

No. 277192


Weren't you the one who shipped V with mana as soon as you noticed how much YT cash you could milk off their relationship? In those screenshots Manaki doesn't seemed eager to rush the marriage at all.

Good thing they turned out to be more functional than you margo.

No. 277193

I think anon meant a backup like Admin made a couple of years ago with Kiki's stalking folders, pics only

No. 277194

Losing Data sucks.
Did she still have remote access to the computer itself before she bricked it? Im not too sure how mac book security works.

No. 277196

someone tell this Christian that Margo is a satanist plz.

No. 277197

Correct me if I'm wrong, but since it was Margo's account on a Macbook with iCloud storage on (she saw the newer pictures of Venus after she ran away)… couldn't Margo have just gotten a new Macbook with the money she's been pissing away and download "her work" from iCloud?

No. 277198

Margo was initially able to see all the iCloud activity plus a map location, that's how she saw photos of the new place. Yes she could have tracked Venus indefinitely, but… Once you choose the 'Erase' option and or the 'Lock' you are shit out of luck. No tracking and you will see none of the hard drive data again. If you retrieve the Mac physically you can restore only what's in iCloud. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT204756

I don't know if they gave the bricked laptop to her when they let her have access to the Tokyo storage stuff? if so Margo would have had to take it to an Apple store to get it unlocked I think. There's no way Venus can unlock it.

No. 277199

yes margo could have downloaded that stuff, Venus pics etc. but not everything is in the cloud.

No. 277200

I still don't get how's that Margaret is getting so many new supporters. Doesn't make sense to me.

No. 277203

this triggers me
if venus isn't still paying for that shit, it would be gone by now, maggot.

No. 277205

Question for lawfags. Could Venus sue Maggot for loss of income or something after all the copyright claim shit is sorted out?

No. 277206


There are a LOT of stupid people in the world.

No. 277207


yeah but I mean, it's growing so rapidly that it makes me thing that there's something else.

No. 277208

I think a lot of them are trolls who are trying to get close to Margo.

No. 277209

it's to imply their marriage was only for a visa.
To be fair, that's how it seems, but I think it's just Venus attempting to be kawaii and emulating her younger viewers. She's only 19 and married, I think she's aware enough to know that it's not a wonderful image.

No. 277210

It's frightening! Can't we stop her? She should be in a mental institution!

No. 277212

Yeah fucking right. Margaret didn't want Venus to achieve anything but to be a doll and freak show that she could exploit for money. She didn't want her to have a proper education, kept her isolated from family and friends, physical and emotionally abused her and was just a grade A cunt. She probably wanted Venus to believe that being beat up was normal so whatever rich man Margaret sold her off to would be able to abuse her without question so long as Margo got that sweet dowry or was able to move in (lol) with them. Only dumbasses like gassy rose would stand up for this kind of filth, probably because her father constantly beat and raped her too.

No. 277215

agree there are definite trolls in there and not all of them are being obvious.

plus a few bitter kids whose accounts are full of depressing selfies. plus a few supporters who have more than one account.

No. 277216

It's not the 50's anon. Where are all these mental institutions you speak of?

No. 277218

also it proves her "lies" - it's the key to the lock that apparently proves she lies about everything.

No. 277224

How is South Korea in terms of enforcing immigration laws? Is it like Japan where a quick visa trip allows you to get around the spirit of the law?

No. 277228


It wouldn't surprise me, a lot of countries are like that.

No. 277230

Sue her for what? The maggot has 0 assets, there would be no point.

No. 277232

File: 1465183313838.jpg (139.25 KB, 748x1200, margo27.jpg)

No. 277233

EU has a lot of agreements. It's automatic 90 days for her just like many places.

No. 277234

Who cares? As long as she can't get into Japan I don't gaf where she lives. And I do think she got kicked out, she's not in Seoul bc she prefers it over Tokyo… she'd be back there in a heartbeat if she could.

No. 277235

agree, it would seem she got bounced this time.

No. 277236

>Is Venoos evil or is it Manaki who messed her up?
How about option 3 cuntface: they both just want you to leave them the fuck alone?

Also, LOL @"boohoo I no have fun no mooore"

No. 277237

Tomorrow it'll be "Venoos hasn't posted in a week!!!!! How do we know mananaaa hasn't keeled her wahwahah she's in danger!!!"

No. 277238

she's already said that once remember? when the car was missing for their place. so you are spot on.

No. 277239

No. 277241

>manaki live from my earnings

oh wow wonderful

No. 277242

WHAT THE FUCK kind of proof can there be in the god damn storage unit?! She already had access to the Japanese storage unit, stole Venus' belonging to sell and didn't show any of this "proofs" of Venus being some kind evil master mind behind the "evil plan planned for many months."

No. 277243

good point. the storage unit in tokyo is probably closed. I remember she said something about a stressful time getting the stuff, she probably had to move it all fast. any storage in south korea, marge has had access to recently.

the storage she talks about losing is in NL. the only "proof" Margo could have there is something about Venus tramping on a dog something something.

No. 277244

i don't understand why margo keeps pointing out that her escape was planned. like it makes sense that she'd have a plan to get out of there instead of just up and leaving with no idea of what to do or anything, whether it's to get away from her psycho mom or to spite her.

No. 277248

Margo sold a bunch of shit from their joint tokyo storage - so I don't know why she's yapping about this shit about Venus not paying the bill as part of her devious evil plan. Margo was freely given the key; what Margo was being denied was a face to face meeting with Venus at the storage place, which mags interpreted as venus stealing for some reason. It's clear as day that Margo had access to the storage because she not only sold her own stuff, but Venus's as well. Margo stole Venus's things for financial profit, and Venus didn't say a word about it. But somehow even that is something Margo needs to twist in her head as a cruelty on Venus's part.

No. 277250

it's all stealing to Margo.

No. 277255

File: 1465187964988.jpg (156.39 KB, 1200x765, margo28.jpg)

what timing.

No. 277258

Is Sharla one of the girls Margo wrote to with the business proposals?

No. 277259

oh also, it looks like proof (if we needed it) she's not allowed in japan right now.

No. 277261

Sharla references all deleted now.

No. 277262


Lol, she was having a garage sale out of that unit for like a month before she left Japan, obviously they told her to take what she wants and they'd close it down by whatever date. Margo even sold Venus's stuff, and they didn't say a word. But now the deadline is coming - one I'm sure she's known about for months - and she's making it seem like an attack.

No. 277263

One of the anons on this board who lives in Japan - now is your time to shine! Let's find out what Margo is hiding in her storage unit! (Probably just more tacky belts and purses.)

No. 277264

20 year Swarovski collection!!!

No. 277265

I live in Japan but don't want to take her crap to be honest. What if she leaves that here forever and never lets it get picked up? Or maybe I should and see what is sooooo important to her kek

No. 277266

I don't understand why she doesn't post the screencaps of these messages tbh. She had no problem with posting screencaps of conversations when she thought it'd show Venus/Manaki in a bad light. Quickest way of proving just what terrible liars they are to the haters, right?

No. 277269

she will pay you, and you get to rifle through it. on the other hand it's 18 boxes and has the Margo aura on it all.

No. 277270

bc the emails will prove manaki has been reasonable and that she's had tons of notice.

No. 277271

She doesn't post them because they don't exist.

No. 277272

There's probably leg hair stuck in the packing tape.

No. 277273

Depends on how much she is gonna pay… And 18 boxes is a lot! I don't even know if that all fits in to my apartment.

No. 277275

How on earth does she even have 18 boxes worth of stuff? How big are these boxes?

No. 277276

take one for the team anon

No. 277277

No idea how she manages everything. But I can ask her for details.

No. 277279

Not planning to brag about it anon.

No. 277280

I'm not accusing. Just being cautious.

No. 277282


Exactly. She just said on her insta "you wouldn't believe me anyway" (sorry for no screencap) so that's a dead end.

No. 277283

File: 1465191455813.png (124.02 KB, 666x584, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.36…)

"strange, cold, threatening or philosophical emails come"

No. 277285

Margo they are separating from you, forever. Of course they don't want to mind your stuff.

No. 277286

I want to believe that Manaki really did threaten to trash all her belongings. Of course, we know Margaret always twists the truth but it's a nice, satisfying image of him giving no fucks.

No. 277287

File: 1465192239660.png (822.03 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012456.png)

BWAHAHA yes! maggot emailed Sharla, Micaela and at least 3 other jvloggers back in March offering them "special secret deals" with Fullscreen, Lol.

Micaela retweeted hers and Sharla & the others jumped in to say 'omg I got one too!' Now magrot's deleting bc she doesn't want Sharla & the rest to get wind of this & end up being humiliated on Twitter again. LOLLLLL this is too much for me, I might die right now….

Sharla's attached:

No. 277288

File: 1465192364093.png (681.07 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012424.png)

Micaela's tweets:

No. 277289

File: 1465192415877.png (329.37 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012444.png)

No. 277290

File: 1465192444811.png (364.96 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012528.png)

No. 277291

File: 1465192478588.png (364.81 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012542.png)

No. 277292

File: 1465192507514.png (333.01 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012651.png)

No. 277294

File: 1465192526454.png (375.41 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012716.png)

No. 277295

File: 1465192651011.png (406.6 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012741.png)

Last one. Micaela & some of the others have been following the whole thing & already knew maggot was a crazy bitch.

No. 277298


Sorry, I don't know anything about what went down here, but were those emails sent after Venus made her escape? Because that would just be glorious.

No. 277299

Yes they are after Venus' escape. Margo theorised she could get rich from signing bonuses.

No. 277301

Yea they were. Margo tried to leech on other girls and it didn't work. That's why she doesn't just find another face for 'her' brand

No. 277302

Of course they want to separate from your crazy ass for good. Margo has crossed the point of no return and I don't think even a daughter's love can overcome all the horrible shit she's said and done–especially recently. Venus and Manaki want to be done with her shit for good. They tried to be nice but she pushed them way too far. Way to go, Midge.

No. 277303

And to add to what the other Anons said, she targeted them specifically because she stupidly thought that she could get a work visa by being their "manager" that takes 90% or more of their money like how she did to Venus. That crazy woman NJM must have put it into her head since she kept telling her to find a "new Venus" or have another child to replace her and be a YouTube star. They're both batshit.

No. 277306

Margo emailing these chicks to be their manager was known back in March, this is super old and stale dramu.

No. 277307

It was brought back up because ppl were telling Margo to ask a Jvlogger like Sharla and they are being rapidly deleted.

No. 277308

yes, only mentioned again because of >>277255

No. 277309

File: 1465194118514.jpg (1.01 MB, 1057x1775, Screenshot_20160605-232038.jpg)

Ooh,based aunt zsu bringing the fire

No. 277310

File: 1465194917275.png (58.67 KB, 317x351, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.3…)

What is mags trying to say here? She can't leave things at the chef's place because he's left house (broken down everything?)? Or because she thinks the house will get broken into? Marglish is a fucked language of crazy plus engrish.

No. 277311

File: 1465195014501.png (44.23 KB, 323x241, Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.3…)

Mags ain't gonna show the email - and she bets Venus calls her names to Mana! Yeah, that's why they won't let this crazy woman leave her things in their house.

No. 277312

I think she means the house will be demolished. But she could be lying of course.

No. 277313


Oh no, not…NAME CALLING!! Wow, the only thing worse than -that- could be something like, oh, I dunno, throwing a knife at somebo–

Oh. Wait.

No. 277314


Settling in Europe? Could it be that she's going back to Hungary?

No. 277315

So she's folding her tent and slinking back to Europe. Wonder where? Has she found someone to mooch off of or will she go back to daddy Ferenc and embrace jesus?

Has she finally admitted defeat in her multi-continent quest to ruin VENOOS? I know she won't quit no matter where she is but this seems like an tacit admission of.. something. It seems like her goal has been Japan for so long now and if not there then close by in Korea.

No. 277316


If Margo's settling in Europe, why is she looking for storage in Tokyo? Why isn't she trying to arrange shipping back to a stable address in Europe?

She's got zero plans to go back. She wants more Tokyo storage so her base for harassment is secure.

No. 277318

She has to save the Tokyo storage stuff in just a few days (10th June). It appears she can't go to Tokyo herself and doesn't want to pay the commercial storage rates. Why not just arrange with the storage place to get a smaller, more affordable cubicle and pay the cost for them to move the things there? I think she wants a real person so she can fiddle the payments a bit while she sorts herself out.

I wonder if she has any specific plans, or just speaks of Europe out of desperation.

No. 277319

I doubt she'd ever willingly go back to Hungary unless someone offered to foot every single bill. Margo thinks she's too famous for anything less than a cosmopolitan city.

No. 277320

>a cosmopolitan city.
that is her MO. I wonder if she qualifies for the dole in any other countries in europe.

No. 277321

Haha. She will never show any email or text that she claims is proof of Venus' psychopathy or Manaki's abusiveness/brainwashing. She is right and correct, but then it's not necessary to show the evidence that should be in her favor? Sure, Marge.

No. 277331

yes. i recently did it (was originally going to stay only my 90 days, but decided to stay longer) and had a friend who was here for about 2 years who never got a visa and did the same.

even if you have a long term visa, there have been people who have over stayed them and immigration has been pretty lenient about it.

No. 277334

File: 1465201836854.png (30 KB, 305x144, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.28…)

Oho! Margaret admits she made her estimates of Venus's earnings from socialblade - so this crazy bitch assumes Venoos rakes in the top estimate each and every month?? Yeah, you took all her cash for years Margo, you KNOW she doesn't make anywhere near that amount! But seeing someone else say it's possible V makes that is driving Margo MAD

No. 277335

I hope she won't find anyone to do this :/ I mean looking through margoyles stuff could be pretty lulzy but imo not worth the hassle: she probably won't have the money to send the stuff back to europe in a long time and expect you to store it for free forever, and once you want to get rid of it she will start harass you for "trying to steal her swarovskis" and bullying etc

No. 277336

If you overstay, you will usually get banned from entering for 5 years.

No. 277338

Margo isn't in Japan.

No. 277339

This is really looney even for Margaret. Until the start of this year Margo lived with Venus and lived off her Youtube income. She must know how much it really is, looking at Socialblade given her existing knowledge of the situation is a joke. Either Margo's unhinged enough to think Venus income has risen that far this year, or she's lying so as to make her $3K demand look reasonable.

No. 277340

I'm so intrigued. What happened here?? maggs was all cocky and smug for days, then BOOM! she turns into a raging spitting beast like literally overnight. 5/31 she posts the Yoda airplane pic captioned 'good things surely come' and 6/1 was was the first of her rants and she's been raging nonstop ever since. Now suddenly she's packing up & going back to Europe?

I noticed she's gone back & deleted a lot of her comments too, all the ones how expensive lawsuits are and she can't afford it.

This is so good. I can't wait to see where she goes.

No. 277341

yeah, i'm just basing it off of what some people have told me though all anecdotal of course.

yes, i'm aware. i'm answering the person who asked if korea's immigration was like japan's where you can just take a quick trip to get a new visa.

No. 277342

It's also interesting that all these new 'supporters' have suddenly turned up to push the 'Venus is RICH, I know a youtuber who really does make that much. She should totally give some to her poor mom, she can spare it!' along with 'Venus is such a liar, she lies about everything! She's totally lying about this too and just trying to get attention!'

Very convenient.

No. 277343

I'd guess it was being denied entry to Japan.

No. 277344

She is bullshitting again, she said she would go back to Europe after Japan but she didn't, she won't until she archived her goal.

No. 277345

Right now she seems pissed that she isn't getting any attention from Venus: she became quiet on instagram and is just responding with one liners to all of margs hatemail ( my guess:"get your stuff and leave me alone"). She tried to provoke Venus multiple times but it doesn't work anymore and she can't confront Venus directly (no money/visa to stalk her).

No. 277347

File: 1465207677287.jpg (68.79 KB, 309x198, 57b1bb6b-4827-4b3b-b7dc-597d2c…)

These are both part of it, definitely- but I think something happened with Youtube too. Some of her first comments on the first rant (now deleted) were about YT telling her she needed to file a lawsuit and she couldn't afford it.

No. 277348

File: 1465207704116.jpg (60.12 KB, 733x157, fd69b47e-4733-4a30-a833-0fa163…)

and here:

No. 277357

>It was a joint channel hacked by Venus, my name changed into hers.
>the first 200 videos are not her work
Let us never forget this interview.
At 1:45 mark:
>"When she began this, how did you react?"
>"I can tell you one thing, when she asked me to allow her to do a Youtube channel, I said 'no'."

Also, this:
>"And just in case you get attention, I was not sure I could handle it."

No. 277358

it was a stupid idea to quit your job and make your daughter your business so you could live off of her.

No. 277361

Here's what I think happened:

- margo tries to file more DMCA claims when the old ones expire. YT says no, that's not gonna work this time, if you want to pursue this further you have to file a lawsuit (or reach an agreement with Venus.)

According to YT's TOS, any legal actions must be pursued in Santa Clara county, CA:

"These Terms of Service shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of California, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Any claim or dispute between you and YouTube that arises in whole or in part from the Service shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in Santa Clara County, California."

- margo says okay bitches, it's ON. Flies to Vancouver & takes a bus to CA. Maybe has some online form she filled out, whatever. Thinks all she has to do is hand it to the clerk and DONE, Venoos channel down indefinitely.

(I checked the Santa Clara county court website and it sounds like a DIY civil lawsuit does need to be filed in person, i.e. hand the forms to the clerk personally.)

- margo flies back to Seoul thinking she's got this in the bag, then finds out/realizes/is notified that she won't be able to do it w/o a lawyer. Finds out what that will cost.

- emails Venus trying to 'reach an agreement.' Demands $3K/month. Venus says hell no & posts her demand on IG.

- marge goes off the deep end.

No. 277362


Exactly. This is the sanest thing Margo has done because (while being cheap) there's no way she's going to be back in Europe with a steady address by the due date.

No. 277363

Santa Clara county 'How do I file a civil lawsuit' page:


No. 277364

YT's TOS. Scroll all the way down to #14:


No. 277370


I think she never actually filed successfully (though perhaps she thought she did) and the reason the channel's down again is because she sent more DMCA's from sockpuppet accounts.

No. 277372

If Margo can't afford a lawyer then she needs to stop with the false claims. But she's so chilshish she would rather ban her daughter from the '15k' she supposedly makes and spend hundreds/thousands in multiple trips across the whole instead of settling the whole thing in a one time deal.

No. 277373

so I guess we just wait till the channel comes back and everything will be okay? I guess there's waiting… but it looks like magoo doesn't have the power to shut the channel down if she can't file a lawsuit.

No. 277374

there are no guarantees. either she has served venus a summons, or she's still claiming vids under whatever account. we can only theories until she spills it or venus tells us.

No. 277382


lol Anon I would just get the boxes and then never contact Margo again. What would she actually do?

No. 277385

take it and ask for 3k USD for the shipping and handling.

No. 277386

and a 10k handling bonus

No. 277392

Should probably do that lol. I asked her for more details but haven't heard anything from her since this afternoon when she replied.

No. 277400


And tell her how you walked 5 miles to get her 18 boxes of useless stuff

No. 277401

Filing false DCMA claims is perjury, which might make a lawyer reluctant to work with her. Tbh no attorney with a brain would take her case. She comes off as crazy, she has no money, it is a losing case, the defendant is in another country (just serving Venus would cost a lot of money)…

No. 277407


She couldn't do shit, especially not if she didn't know your name, address, number and wasn't even capable of entering the country legally, which it appears she isn't.
God Anon, if you can actually do this, oh my god it would be amazing.

No. 277411

No, that's Ciaela.

No. 277435

She wrote to Sharla too, and several others.
See >>277287 >>277289

No. 277440

Auntie Zsu was on the https://www.instagram.com/gaming_ks/ page asking if anyone knew where in Europe marge was headed, she didn't want any surprises. And if anyone heard anything to please let her know.

I wish V would contact her. She seems pretty cool from her IG, has a nice life in Switzerland, husband, kids, travels a lot and really seems to care about Venus. No pics of her house but the yard is gorgeous. Cmon Venus, reach out to your Auntie!

I'd love to hear Zsu's perspective on V's bio dad too. He was her bro-in-law for 7 years. Wonder if she's still in touch with him?

No. 277445

File: 1465236185076.jpg (103.03 KB, 904x583, zsui.JPG)


I really wonder if aunt Zsu wants to talk to mags IF she would return to europe at some point.

No. 277471

I want a kawaii video of Margos 18 boxes of belongings burning to ash while Venus and Manaki roast marshmallows over the flames.

No. 277479


No. 277509

I have contacted the journalist via Twitter. She is considering updating it. She hasn't been following the drama as of late and has asked about the first take down of Venus' channel. If she asks further questions I could report back here.

I can't believe those were her sources though lol.

This is extremely plausible, anon.

No. 277510

holy shit lmao, margarine BTFO by auntie Zsu
I really hope venus contacts her and gets in touch with dad, if dad is still in Switzerland it'd be much easier for him to report that Venus is no longer under margarine's care and cut her off from at least one source of money

No. 277513

File: 1465244328136.png (135.7 KB, 630x292, b1fe884a-6566-4fce-befa-e06225…)

More love for the marglemonster to wake up to..this will be the first one deleted. Makes way too much sense, must go.

No. 277514

File: 1465244358944.png (458.86 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-160222.png)

No. 277515

File: 1465244415530.png (478.66 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-155906.png)

No. 277518



damn ^^ Well done!

No. 277519

How many times? She cannot send more from sockpuppets, DMCA is filed through personal details, not YouTube accounts. Unless she is using someone else's details (extremely unlikely since she has ruined every single relationship she has ever had, she has no one to do this with) she can't file more DMCA's.
Venus' account is down again because margo chose to pursue the matter in court, not because she was convicted of more copyright infringement. It's clear that margo is giving up pursuing this venture because she said she's going back to Europe, hopefully Venus' channel will be back up soon. I think the anon's theory is pretty spot on as to what happened.

No. 277523

why do you are so hellbent on making things worse for Venus? even if you're doing it with good intentions, she doesn't need any more unwanted attention, she had enough of that with the keemstar twats and margo asskissers. If she decides to go to a journalist and spill the beans good for her, otherwise leave her alone.

No. 277540


Lol I'm pretty sure this bitch will just make up fake info or use AirBnB addresses to file claims for the rest of her life unless YouTube grows a pair and intervenes

No. 277546

Can someone translate the two German comments?

No. 277547

"You monster I hate you, leave Venus alone you monster, go die, you're one of the least needed people on this planet"

"You're so fucking wretched, can't do anything than laugh"

No. 277548

How is asking a simple question making things worse for Venus? Anyway, Venus is/was already in contact with the journalist. Asking the woman if she could elaborate/update/follow up on the subject won't make things worse.

No. 277550

Thanks anon.

No. 277552


maggot may not use a fake addresses since they most likely might ask for her documentation at some point of the process, but yeah giving the airbnb address is something this bitch totally could do


because that's totally not giving more reasons to maggot and her minions for attacking her daughter. If Venus wants an update on her story then directly will contact that journalist, sure she doesn't need someone else doing unwanted PR for her.

No. 277564

Psst anon, this is a secret but actually journalists aren't all pure hearted investigators that seek out truth and share it with the world.
If you get a journalist on this case they aren't going to spent a week reading through our pathetic chinese cartoon boards, they're going to do a Keemstar and do the least amount of research possible and post the most dramatic story they can make of it. Honesty, truth and what's best for Venus won't factor in on it.

No. 277571

Imo the story of a abused child who was a youtuber that finally escaped their wretched old hag of a mother trying to ruin her life is way more interesting than a "spoiled child who ran away"

No. 277580


Yeah, it's not like they still would pick that storyline for clicks rather than informing the truth hahaha.

Anyways, we don't even know if Fullscreen allows her to say anything about this during the legal dispute. Or Venus just wish to keep everything to herself until the channel is back and people should respect that.

No. 277591

Oooh, Margo's recent twitter ramblings are absolutely infuriating. There must be something legitimately mentally wrong with her to have all of these people telling her that she's being an abusive asshole and to somehow turn every criticism around as if it's something wrong with Venus and not her.
I don't understand how she can cross so many personal boundaries with her own daughter and not feel a tinge of guilt or responsibility. Like, she keeps using the picture that she faked of Venus cheating on Manaki as "proof" that Venus is evil when really it's the opposite! It's proof that Margo is a lying cunt willing to fuck over her own daughter on a whim. Is she just a manipulative bitch or has she legitimately convinced herself that she is the good guy in this situation?

And her extortion attempt is laughable. She thinks that she's entitled to Venus' revenue because she groomed her into a child star? Venus' videos succeeded DESPITE Margo's terrible judgement and influence, not because of them. All Margo ever did was bring down her channel with shit video ideas and editing. The only appeal to the Venus Angelic channel IS Venus Angelic. You'd think that much would be obvious.
Also, youtube is not Hollywood. People make youtube accounts for themselves, not for a "brand" made by their mothers. The supposed "brand" is her own name for god's sake! Why would she set up a youtube account for Venus in the first place if she was just trying to start a brand of her own? Maybe she thought all along that this could be how she keeps Venus on a short leash? I mean, if you want a business, you make that shit yourself. You don't name it after your underage daughter and make her the face of it unless it's hers.

Anyway, whether or not the persona was Margo's creation, it's clear that Venus has adopted it as her own personality. The fact that Margo's first thought upon Venus growing up and becoming independent is to get another girl to be the "face" of her name shows how replaceable her daughter is to her. It's not your brand, Margo. It's your daughter's personality. You don't own that, and you certainly don't deserve 3k a month for grooming her into the pedo-bait loli weeb that people like watching.

No. 277593

File: 1465259181001.jpeg (30.45 KB, 744x250, image.jpeg)

So I was talking to Margs about her stuff and holy moly… 2-3 months? That's crazy… I thought a few weeks, max 1 month or so. And prove she is short on money…

No. 277594

she obviously has some mental issue of some kind. I can't fathom how she's been with Venus since birth, most of the time it was just the two of them together living alone, she's been closer to her than probably 80% of mothers of teenage girls, literally breathing down her neck with no privacy whatsoever. And from morning to night suddenly start publicly calling her a psychopath, suggest she's a prostitute, compare her to Hitler and Manson, black mail her into financially supporting her, rentlessly take down her youtube channel, among other infuriating things, like say that her own daughter scared away her friends so she's glad she's gone

No. 277596


You can totally give completely bogus details. Youtube's DMCA strike system is automated. No one looks at it until a counterclaim is initiated.

No. 277597

2-3 months what?

No. 277598

Lol, 2 or 3 MONTHS she wants free storage from a stranger?? And then you're supposed to ship her 18 fucking boxes… somewhere in Europe TBD? You know she wants the shopping done "totally pay you back later!", too. For 18 fucking boxes and international shipping, with God knows what inside. Who moves country with 18 boxes, with zero home and no permanent visa??

God, narcissists are so fucking predictable with their identical playbooks. When I helped a friend clean house after he finally decided to divorce his narc wife, he showed me her fucking hoard that they'd been hiding out of view on the second floor. I've no doubt margos boxes are filled with nothing but crap on crap on crap that she buys mindlessly nonstop. All bought with venus's money.

No. 277599

Oh man, these are getting so deliciously succinct.

No. 277600


margaret expects some volunteer to store her shit for 2-3 months

No. 277601

I feel so bad for her having to grow up with that. It seems likes she isolated Venus from everyone, then went off the deep end when she was finally able to gain some independence.

>say that her own daughter scared away her friends so she's glad she's gone

And Margo told her that she was probably autistic at one point too. That's the kind of stuff that you just don't say to your family.

No. 277604

Yeah, and she "killed her hamster" when she was 3. Venus would have no memory of that so it's something Margo told her when she was older, now Venus believes it really happened now as an adult. Fucking margo has been messing with her head her whole life. Oh yeah don't forget they slept in the same bed too.

No. 277606


Wasn't the story that she killed the hamster by screaming? Haha I don't buy that one for a second.

No. 277607

Anon did you ask her where she's going & what her plans are? Share pls!

>2 or 3 months while I save $$ for shipping

^ Seems like pursuing a lawsuit against Venus is not part of the picture here.

No. 277609


being called autistic, murderer,psycho, thief, prostitute, abuser, cheater… V sure have a lovely mom

No. 277613

File: 1465264467941.jpeg (84.32 KB, 750x591, image.jpeg)

This is what I asked her but forgot to ask where she is planning to go in Europe…

Well, I can't take her stuff for that long. So let's see it burn lol

No. 277614

Message her back anon, damn. Pretend you're still interested in helping her. Strike up a conversation. Asking casually where she'll be would be the next logical step.


No. 277615

This was the first part when I contacted her yesterday and she then replied that she wants 2-3 months of storage until she saved up money for shipping. I already posted that other screenshot.

No. 277616

Dude she's online & feeling chatty right now. Pleeeease get some deets.

No. 277617


I don't get why she doesn't just renew the contract at the storage place? Is the only reason she wants some random to store it for her is that she's broke?

No. 277618

Yeah probably. She's going to abuse someone's kindness till the very end.

No. 277620

I already said I could take it no more than one month, she read it but haven't replied and I doubt she would spill anything from now. Sorry I was too fast in answering.

As far as I know you need to be a resident to have these storage rooms and I think these are under Manaki's name and if she is short on cash anyways how is she gonna keep that? I doubt Manaki would pay for her

No. 277622

File: 1465265940658.png (196.25 KB, 640x527, 1a882e84-db0e-4638-a54c-cf42ce…)

She's feelin feisty today
Keepin it real for the FANS
She posts what she wants when she wants and she DON'T PLAY NO GAMES, y'all

No. 277623

File: 1465266072365.png (138.78 KB, 640x307, 239a14cd-53af-4287-bd6f-0e71c6…)

She travels light and SMART and she knows how to organise things- THAT'S how she gets the $$ to travel bitches

>travels light

>with weights

No. 277626


yeah travel light and clever at mana's expense, I would love to see this bitch carrying 18 boxes of trinkets with her


No. 277628

File: 1465267111360.jpeg (205.31 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

I didn't expect that… She is really that desperate isn't she? What should I dooooo

No. 277629

if it's rubbish in the storage she could just leave it, right? always running in circles our margo. she seems to be making a lot of story adjustments as usual.

No. 277630

File: 1465267350053.jpg (19.16 KB, 718x214, Screenshot_2016-06-06-22-40-35…)


No. 277631


Anon you know exactly what to do.

No. 277632


you could offer to take her stuff for a month while she finds other arrangements. then sell her stuff or throw it out if she doesn't find arrangements in a month. either way milk for more info

No. 277633


ask why manaki won't store her stuff anymore, and ask about her plans for europe

No. 277634


Anon, like, Anon.
Seriously, like.
So, alright, plan is.
You steal her shit.
Like, fucking steal it.
Get the boxes, give Manakkers a sly wink on your way out, and then like, never contact Maggles again.
Don't give her your address, change all known contact points, no number, no nothing.
What could she actually do. She couldn't do fucking SHIT lel

No. 277635


nah that's theft, which is illegal. let's be above margo and keep all trolling legal

No. 277637


who fucking cares.
do it anon, do it for the lulz!

No. 277638


p. sure this entire website is illegal within most Western jurisdictions.

No. 277640

I will reply to her later as I'm already running late for work. More info to come but I'm not gonna steal anything… That's for sure.

No. 277641

File: 1465268285360.gif (423.77 KB, 500x278, summer.gif)


it must be summer

No. 277643

Sure, but where is the hard proof that YT told her to fuck off, permanently? This theory about the court case (while interesting) hinges on an unknown fact. We pretty much know YT sent them a both form letter at the conclusion of the previous set of claims and termination. The letter could have related purely to that set of actions; we don’t know for sure. Remember that the counter-notices expired on their own because there was no court case at that time, which is enough for automatic resolution of that particular dispute. Margo and Venus have taken their own interpretations away from the letter they received - both flawed interpretations it would seem.

Copyright claims are definitely tied to an individual’s YT account (even if you are claiming off-YT content) and you agree on the form to your own account being terminated if you are deemed to be abusing the process.

Margo also may have been the long term holder of several YT accounts, we don't know that for sure. She may be using one that won’t affect her current live channel. Or maybe she is.

For Margo to have been stopped from claiming again, she would have to be deemed by YT as abusing the copyright claims process. I suspect YT does not jump to that immediately because they need to see a pattern, not just one set of claims. Margo would have chimped the fuck out about YTs injustice to her if this had happened yet. So Margo may well be free to make more claims. We don’t know for sure.

I'm not disputing this >>277361
is plausible. It's very informative as well - clicking through to the court forms added at >>277363
finds there is an overwhelming amount of info you need to provide to start a case. It would not be easy to do without a lawyer - even picking the category for the case is hard. Reading through these docs is really interesting: once you notify the court of your intent, you don't have long to get the ball rolling and if you don't get your Summons and Complaint served in time you will lose your right to sue forever.

So there's a lot of stress points here that could be kicking Margo off: court deadlines, storage issues, money issues, issues about her future.

I'm not really interested in having a theory (interesting as it is) rammed down my throat as fact. And I'll keep arguing the point every time. Until we see a court record, there is no proof Margo has begun the case.

No. 277644

Margo's minions read here and report back to her all the time. You're being stupid.

No. 277645

WUT she's giving you shit bc you're only offering to store her 18 boxes of crap for a month? REALLY???

Oh this is gooood. She's working herself up into another manic fit, hahaha. Thank god she can't get back in to Japan.

I can't believe not a single person has asked her where she's going yet. These teenage trolls don't give a fuck about her, they're just there to fight & stir shit. btw her newest IG best friend potatowhatever just turned 13.

No. 277649



- she flew to Vancouver saying it was what YT "told me I had to do to pursue my claim." What else would she "need" to be in the US for?

- in her first IG rant she was raging about YT making her do things she "couldn't afford to do" and "lawsuits cost thousands of dollars to start." (later deleted) This after after being all happy & full of herself just the day before and for days prior to that.

So what changed? If she was planning on just filing DMCA claims forever and being able to keep the channel down that way, why the sudden ragefest? Why would she be so mad? She doesn't care THAT much about being banned from Japan or being broke. Her #1 goal is to get Venus back by killing the channel. She would consider that mission accomplished and be very pleased with herself, not furiously lashing out at Venus.

It all fits, anon.

No. 277651

File: 1465271062061.png (87.61 KB, 916x410, margo.PNG)


No. 277652

File: 1465271099403.jpg (155.92 KB, 1171x1205, margo29.jpg)

Margo's theory of the universe. Actually sounds a lot like Elon Musk's recent statements.

No. 277653


Because she can't afford the bus lol

No. 277654


'Cause she's soooooo original…

No. 277655


The holographic universe theory is widely known in the physics community so she didn't just pull it out of her butt, she just doesn't understand it and sounds like a complete fucking dolt when she tries to talk about it. Her lack of understanding is probably why she has "difficulty" explaining it.

I think she's trying to show off her ~~152IQ~~ but she just sounds stupider and stupider.

sage bc who cares

No. 277656

Ha, it's because someone told her they were worried for her mental health as feeling people and life are unreal or holograms is a sign of serious mental illness. Depression at best, and psychosis at worst. I'll let you pick which one we have here.

No. 277657

Yes, Margo obviously went to Santa Clara Court to get it rolling. She's so triggered about the court costs (which has basis in her real experience because she is being so specific) and she didn't go all that way for nothing.

But the part about her definitely filing- and this is what is keeping the channel down- is not proven (yet). It's important to note that for YT to terminate the channel someone has to make claims first, then the court action is what follows. It can follow immediately, or during the counter-notice time. We have no proof Margo has been outright banned from making YT copyright claims (yet).

The general movements of Margo are agreed. It's some of the fine points that are being stated as fact- when we don't quite know for sure yet. Other theories fit too but "fit" is not how we ascertain fact.

No. 277658

The hologram theory suits her too because it is empowering: she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

No. 277659

Lol. And she totally misquoted one of the most simple and direct quotes ever fucking spoken #ettubrutus

No. 277660

File: 1465271708984.jpg (663.66 KB, 1333x1203, Screenshot_20160606-205443.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 277661

Musk is a blatant sociopath. Probably one of mags' idols. She wishes she was that smart; she's just a run of the mill loser psychopath. She'd find lots of friends in prison. Well, not friends, exactly. But like minded folks.

No. 277664

People who are drawn to this theory in the Matrix-like sense (i.e. laymen outside of theoretical physics) are drawn to the idea that power would therefore be limitless. All that 'Secret' and manifesting shit is borne from the same desire for some power and control over one's life. When we don't have it, we crave it. Steve Jobs got taken down by cancer; Ray Kurzweil won't live forever; Elon Musk is just as mortal. Musk is going to change transport forever though and I actually look forward to what he'll do.

/saged for Margo-like musing.

No. 277675

File: 1465277696702.png (356.1 KB, 632x847, 3bce12fb-bdef-4002-a6d0-61d738…)

Okay this is downright creepy. She's on IG bonding and having a big ole hugfest with a little group of troubled teens with mommy issues. "Thank you for sharing your experience" type shit. Playing kind mommy, homing in on their vulnerabilities & exploiting them like the fucking sociopathic freak she is. And apparently she's been chatting with more than one offline and for quite awhile now. Oozing up to them like pedophiles grooom their victims.

I mean this potatoprincess girl just turned 13 for fucks sake. What 41-year-old woman does this??

No. 277676

File: 1465277729494.png (316.93 KB, 640x754, a385ba91-6a55-4f98-824f-28fedb…)

more creeping

No. 277678

File: 1465277852059.png (262.02 KB, 640x579, 478dc8c6-aa2f-4356-9298-490685…)

Poor margaret, people are so mean! She was just hurt and upset when she said those things!

No. 277681

"She's a very sweet lady once you talk with her!" GAHHHHHHH

No. 277685

I feel sad for these children. It's not unusual for a child to keep forgiving a fucked up parent because they crave that approval over everything. They are projecting so hard.

No. 277686

>I wish my mom was like margaret

hahahaha oh no dear, trust us, you wouldn't want that

Margo totes could start an Idol group a la Gloria Trevi with those dumb girls

(for the farmers who aren't hispanic, some famous singer and her manager recruited naive girls to launch them to the stardom but all of them ended kidnapped and abused emotionally and physically)

No. 277694

My mind is boggled at how this "potatoprincessrere" chick isn't a troll. Like, her name literally means "retard princess" in internet slang- "potato" and "rere" are both (admittedly unkind) terms for retarded people.

But she seems totally genuine. Either that or she's playing her part WELL.

No. 277695

File: 1465282875371.jpeg (241.58 KB, 1277x1464, image.jpeg)

This photo… Accurately says everything about how animals don't like her. That poor Golden Retriever looks like it's trying to help that poor puppy she has in her psychotic abusive clutches.

No. 277704

this is why one of the anons should grab the shit, leave false/slightly fucked contact details, and when margarine refuses to pay/doesn't contact her in a month, forward it to venus
half of that shit is probably hers anyway, which is why I have no moral qualms regarding this

lmao, wasn't margarine supposed to be a nuclear physicist according to herself
is this her original research stating that physics is incorrect

wow, that translation is not even trying

No. 277705

I thought the exact same thing when I saw this pic. Those dogs are NOT having fun. The little one looks like she's trying to get away and the big one is anxiously watching over her. Fucking margoblin, hanging around the hostel with a full face of makeup grabbing selfies with the poor dogs and sitting on IG trying to convince a bunch of 13-year-olds that VENOOS is the evil one. And still not a single one has asked her where she's going.

No. 277706

I doubt Venus would give out her address and even checks her DM's so anon would sit on that shit forever.

No. 277708

Venus and Manaki picked the storage stuff over before letting her have access. Even Margo agrees w. that. If Venus doesn't want it anymore why stress about that aspect?

No. 277709

little dog trying to get out of her arms. big dog worried about little dog. such fun times with Margo.

No. 277710

Are we even sure she was actually in Vancouver or the US? No Air B&B reviews yet, right?

No. 277711

File: 1465288451187.png (75.55 KB, 1388x244, Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.33…)

Vancouver confirmed. Nothing for the US but she might have stayed only a night, if at all.

No. 277713

oops, my bad. I keep thinking back to all the warped timeline photos, when people in VA were saying that it had been raining non-stop recently.

No. 277717

she posted roughly a week after, which is why we got caught up in the rain issue for a bit. there was a night skyline photo with a full-ish moon which dated her to May 21-ish, give or take. no-one knows how long she really stayed.

No. 277721

>For Margo to have been stopped from claiming again, she would have to be deemed by YT as abusing the copyright claims process. I suspect YT does not jump to that immediately because they need to see a pattern, not just one set of claims. Margo would have chimped the fuck out about YTs injustice to her if this had happened yet. So Margo may well be free to make more claims. We don’t know for sure.

For fucks sake. For the eleventh trillionth time. Youtube cannot rule on the validity of ANY DMCA CLAIM REGARDLESS OF PAST GREIFING OR FALSE OFFENSES. Youtube NEVER "Jumps to that" They are not allowed to!

No. 277728

I am that anon and that's what I was trying to say. YT doesn't just say "injustice, you're banned". Things just don't move that fast. And I'm disagreeing with the anon who says Marge has been banned from YT claiming at >>277519 and >>277361

No. 277730

File: 1465293541299.jpg (106.86 KB, 1000x974, margo30.jpg)

further musings on time and space. / saged for being a little OT

No. 277733


anon >>277361 here. I'm going by what the margcunt herself said: 'Youtube told me I need to go to US to pursue my rights' or some such shit. Someone from YT communicated that to her, she flew to Vancouver BC, back to SK and contacted Venus demanding $$ (her idea of 'trying to reach a settlement'?

Question: what would she 'need' to go to the US to do? Only answer I can think of is to initiate a DIY civil lawsuit.

Question: why would she feel the need to do that if she could just keep filing DMCA claims to keep the channel down indefinitely?

No. 277736

File: 1465294554010.png (417.46 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160607-055254.png)

So profound!

And she's STILL on IG chatting it up with her teenage bff's. "LOL lmfao bwuhaha!"

No. 277739

Guys instead of insulting Marge on instagram it is far more entertaining to troll her!

No. 277741

>Question: what would she 'need' to go to the US to do? Only answer I can think of is to initiate a DIY civil lawsuit.

Yes. She needs to be in the US to file a lawsuit.

>Question: why would she feel the need to do that if she could just keep filing DMCA claims to keep the channel down indefinitely?

She doesn't just want to cripple Venus financially, she wants the share of the pie she sees herself as being entitled to. Continually DMCAing will not make any of Venus' income hers, and she only did it in the first place because she was trying to blackmail Venus.

No. 277742

I think that helping Margo will be a bad experience. She will totally say the person who helped her stole or broke her stuff and she will want money back or something. Be careful with it

No. 277743

File: 1465295785144.jpg (96.2 KB, 1007x693, margo31.jpg)

Margo expands on her interactions with V & Ms landlord

No. 277744

I would not put it past Margo to go all that way assuming she could do it easily then find out otherwise on arrival. In her own words Margo cannot afford to proceed >>277348

No. 277745

don't brag about it here. she has followers who check here all the time and report it back to her.

No. 277746

bad juju. all kinds of shit could happen and probably will.

No. 277749

Margo knows about lolcow herself and checks her threads frequently, has been proven in the past few threads.

No. 277750

yes, but lebenstesterin (formerly jasmine_phil) is an example of someone looking here regularly too.

No. 277751

>she both complained about Manaki and was worried too
Who wants to bet the landlord was just being polite to get the crazy lady off her back? It's a similar delusion to Margo thinking all men are totally hitting on her.

No. 277752

How on earth did she get in touch with the landlord? Do they really have nothing else to do?

No. 277753

Ugly cunt needs locking away in an 1800's style asylum. She brings no good to anyone or anything like a damn parasite. I've been rooting for Venus to become her own person since escaping to Japan but this bitch keeps interfering from all around the world like what the fuck.

No. 277755


Probably fucking stalked him like she has with Venus and Manaki. Feel sorry for the guy. Having this crazy ass European woman all up in your life because that's her only way of reaching out to her living bank.

No. 277756

>the landlord was outside and helped me translating

I have no idea what the loon is trying to say. What did he translate and to whom was the translation? Shit probably did not happen at all but what are you on about?! That woman, i swear…

No. 277757

By stalking. This was the same day she had the encounter with Manaki outside I think.

No. 277759

Didn't this happen the day that she stalked the house? She rang Venus doorbell then encountered Manaki outside. She blathered about the landlord back then.

No. 277764

Saw this article about gaslighting

some quotes it says to 'look out for'

“You always make me out to be the bad guy.”
“I’m actually the one hurting.”
“You don’t know what abuse is. Saying that I’m abusive is hurtful to me.”
“Pretending I’m hurtful/abusive makes you the bully.”
“You don’t even know what abuse is.” (Or “You have never seen real abuse.”)

No. 277765

File: 1465300244642.jpg (88.94 KB, 758x717, margo32.jpg)

Of course it's not about copyright. It's about the pot of gold she sees Venus as.

No. 277766

Meh, anyone who is any good at it won't make such obvious statements. They'll just make you feel that way. Margo's not skilled at it at all. /saged for waffle

No. 277767

not saged just wishful thinking. sorry

No. 277768

>various legal reasons

Looks like marg cant be bothered even making up an excuse. Or is it she cant think of one on the fly?

No. 277770

she's getting so many questions… it's not relevant to post every single comment she makes here as she just repeats herself but she looks a bit tired, some of them are garbled.

No. 277787

Oh i would take those 18 boxes and sell her trinkets, and then block contact with mags. She is just asking to be screwed.

Oh anons, if only more people had as much spine as you do.

No. 277790

What if Venus doesn't want that shit anymore?


that's a weird way to spell "summer"

No. 277792

>this happened

No. 277793


it takes spine to come to a compromise with marge where if she doesn't find another home for her shit after a month you get rid of it? it's not like you're straight up stealing, you're making the terms clear and saying "hey since you're in a bind i'll watch your stuff for only a month, but you have to find someone else in that time, otherwise i toss it"
seems reasonable to me

No. 277796


Lol, to lazy to google. I just assumed the quote " this world is a hologram " was stolen from star wars or something …and was just Margo trying to sound hip again.

No. 277799

I tend more to believe that Margo is literally full of shit and wasn't even able to converse with the landlord because she doesn't speak one ounce of Japanse and the older japanese generation isn't very good at english.

No. 277801

There's a strict "hands off" approach when it comes to observing cows. Only summerfags/newfags try to actively get involved with a cow. That or they're a cow themselves.


You're retarded. Dealing with a bunch of shitty belongings and storing them in your house just to rummage through Margo's old clothes and garbage that even Venus and Manaki would throw out is not worth it.

Margo trying to get into pop science. She probably read this article:
And is attempting to impressed her 13 year old followers. Notice how she mentions a paraphrased quote from this specific article that says this theory might make up for "contradictions" obviously not explaining the contradictions she's referring to. Of course she doesn't explain how the theory would resolve these inconsistencies either because she doesn't understand a god damn thing about what she just read. I hate when people like Margo try to justify their made up IQ by paraphrasing popular physics theories. She probably doesn't know how to solve basic high school projectile problems much less discuss advanced theoretical physics that is in the beginning stages of testing and mathematical proofs.

No. 277802


No. 277805

can sell it, it's not like her main source of income is gone or anything
like, I could understand if she never wanted to see it again, but it's all bought off of her money anyway most likely so I'd consider her the owner

No. 277808

Venus and Manaki already went through that shit anon. They won't want some creeper trying to send it to them.

No. 277811

Right. Now the guy who interviewed them was BULLYING Margo by not posting the 'raw' footage. Even though when it came out, I don't recall that complaint. Also, he's a master manipulator! He can do jump cuts so smooth it seems like it was all done in go. Okay.

No. 277812

I really want to know where mags wants to go when she will return to europe.
I kinda hope she finds nobody who will take care of her 18 boxes of dirty clothes.

No. 277823

If she has a swiss passport I would say she will go back to Switzerland.

No. 277824

I wonder if she's going back to family to attempt to gain sympathy from them, and convince them them to pay for her Court fees to sue Venus. ( But lie and say that she's protecting Venus instead of suing her )

No. 277825

if she can get the dole there life will be a lot better than the dole in hungary.

No. 277827

like I'm not fucking saying they should forcibly send them to them if they don't want them, but it's not impossible that they didn't get everything they wanted from the storage and imo an offer should be made to venus regarding them

considering how heavily auntie zsu has been laying on the burns, I highly doubt that it would succeed
like even ferenz has been mostly taking venus' side, they're not blind to the world
I think she's more likely to try to make her own life in switzerland by pretending to be relevant somehow, and then most likely failing

No. 277828

Margaret Palermo: person who covers daughter's ears… but is herself the one who doesn't listen.


No. 277830

A medal for the anon (or one of her stupid fans) who convinced Marpoo to lose her time in North America… and to lose her money.


No. 277831

I hope that is not something you are literally planning to do. It's ridiculous.

No. 277832

it was youtube

No. 277833

UK laws?

No. 277834

I live in Europe and have not once mentioned me possibly taking them/doing it you walnut

No. 277835

Kek at walnut. sorry anon I thought you were one of the anons literally talking about getting the stuff.

I still think the idea of sending things Venus chose to leave behind back to her is dumb and potentially creepy.

No. 277836

are you seeing a localised version? from where I am (not US or EU) I see the jurisdiction as Santa Clara in item #14.

No. 277837

What goes around, comes around.


No. 277839

>> and not feel a tinge of guilt or responsability

Margaret has narcissistic personality disorder / psychopathy

No. 277842

> people talking about taking Margo stuff and selling it on lolcow, where she lurks.

>thinking this will work out

fucking hell, summer break came fast.

No. 277844

Ask directly Manaki if Venus still wants her stuff back. She could sell them to pay her studies if she doesn't want to keep'em.

No. 277851

I live in a small country in Europe and see in 14.6 a mention of UK laws.

No. 277855

Why is Margot so fixated on Venus's visa? Is she salty she couldn't get one? She doesn't seem like enough of a weeb for it to be a big deal.

No. 277857

Well, it also means that the is no one Margo can take on since it could be someone willing to scam her. I wonder what she'll do. Why can't Jazzy rose step up and offer since she's closer than most of margo's fans?

No. 277866


margo wants a breadwinner man tied to the visa. She's jealous of Venus having both.

No. 277867

File: 1465321896575.jpg (124.17 KB, 1400x487, Screen-Shot-2016-06-08-at-3.50…)

Ausfag and I see this:

No. 277868

oh my god just stop

No. 277869

it'd be expensive to ship 18 boxes Japan to Australia anon. Margo is looking for a very cheap solution while she works out what to do next.

No. 277870




how damn difficult is to understand that?

No. 277872


this so much.
They want to finally move on with this entire situation and I bet venus doesn't want her old weeb clothes back.

Leave them alone.

No. 277874

She implies that the landlord is a foreigner that translated things into japanese for her because Manaki's english being bad.

No. 277875

Can you send me the link again so I can make a cap of what I see, please.

No. 277876

Maybe Venus realised since then that she was too generous with her mother and wants it back and does not want to ask marshit because she is psychic.

No. 277893

File: 1465324898741.jpg (488.56 KB, 985x1193, Screenshot_2016-06-07-14-09-49…)

Princesspotato's response to my comment about telling her about Margothel's past drama with youtubers and the interviews.
Apparently despite all this shit we're supposed to protect Margothel's precious fee fees and not leave any "hateful" comments.

~~Guys let's all pretend none of that icky stuff happened in the past and that Margos a great person now and leave nice comments under her wonderful flower pics uwu~~

No. 277894

File: 1465325161189.jpg (116.99 KB, 720x833, _20160607_204421.jpg)

Not really relevant I guess? But I love aunt Zsuzsa last updates. Here's her new IG bio.

No. 277896

File: 1465325201214.jpg (199.37 KB, 720x1110, _20160607_204404.jpg)

And here's her las post. On your face, maggot.

No. 277900

File: 1465325948450.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 205594323.gif)

Can't imagine what it must have been like to grow up with margo, Aunt zsuzsa's seen some shit.

No. 277907

…it's the same woman from the article, dude. I'm not going around asking random journalists if they wanna follow this case. all I asked was, "could you possibly update this?" and she said she'll think about it since she hasn't followed it since her last interaction with Venus. idc if journalists aren't crusaders of truth lmao. besides, that woman used PULL, the instagram hash tag #prayforvenus, and ED as sources. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind sifting through lolcow.

you're right, it isn't. didn't affect things when it was first published, doubt it would if it was updated.

No. 277909

anon from >>277552

Uh, I was being sarcastic in my post

Seriously,why do you want to add more fuel to the fire? That stupid journalist can't be serious if she's using ED and PULL as sources lmao let alone taking lolcow as source too.


jeez we already discussed several times to not get others involved in the drama. Keemstar rings a bell for you?

No. 277912

>Margaret blabla


No. 277913



No. 277915

Of course! Margs is everything! train conductor, radiologist, personal trainer, manager….

No. 277917

Well there was that time she talked about astral travel…

No. 277922

Margo is the voice of our generation.
She has IQ 157 and is lawyer, manager and the original VENOOOSSSSS Angelic.

No. 277923

File: 1465331544391.png (401.32 KB, 533x940, 46e503bf-8d2b-4ce7-aa6e-6d8a00…)

Anon, what this says is that any legal disputes on YT are subject to the laws of Santa Clara County, CA and any legal proceedings must take place in the courts there. (That's why marglob 'had to' go to the US.)

The privacy link is a separate issue- that says 'these TOS together with the privacy policy at [link] constitute the entire agreement between you and Youtube.'

Are you in AUS? I'm in the US and this is what I see (attached pic) Maybe the privacy policy varies in different countries but all other legal issues fall under the jurisdiction of Santa Clara county, CA.

link to TOS: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms

No. 277925

Also Kind Mommy who will listen to your problems and give you wise advice. The mommy you WISH YOU HAD. All this plus famous Celebrity Manager and marketing genius behind VenusAngelic who would be NOTHING without her.

No. 277926

File: 1465333213214.jpg (229.4 KB, 640x1056, image.jpg)

Not the same anon but I am in the UK and it says under 14. General that the terms are governed by English law, pic related.
I guess Margo saw the U.S. version then.

No. 277927

or doesn't want to go back to the uk because she'll be caught for tax evasion..

No. 277928

File: 1465333961812.jpg (243.59 KB, 1798x1045, Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-03-34…)

Version seen by me:
>> 14.6
>> ruled by british law
>> UK

No. 277929

Sorry I haven't seen your post yet when I posted.

No. 277931

Lmao. I remember when this interview aired and it was on Venus' channel (or something), Maggot claimed that there is so much raw footage they didn't show like Venus saying, "I wish I could punch you in the face." Yeah fucking right. That doesn't sound like her character at all–it sounds exactly like a certain psychopathic mother.

No. 277949

Ohhh, okay. Interesting! So this pretty much confirms the marglob has no clue how to go about this (very complex) legal procedure. Nor does she have an atty or anyone with legal expertise advising her. All she has is Google & she's not even smart enough to do that properly.

Maybe that's what set her off.. she travelled all the way to the US only to be told that as an EU citizen her lawsuit had to be filed in the EU/Switzerland.


BWAHAHAHA margoooo

No. 277951


Do we have proof of her going to the US or is that just what we think she did?

No. 277956

Do we have proof that the bigbang existed?

No. 277960

Keep up, son.

No. 277961


I'm trying to get caught up but I'm just getting snark instead of answers lol. I read the thread and everything I'm just confused.

No. 277963

I think it's only been proven with evidence that she was in Vancouver, farmers deduced she was in the US to file a court case since it was the most plausible reason as to why she was overseas.

No. 277965


Gotcha. Thanks, anon.

No. 277969

>Yes, Margo obviously went to Santa Clara Court to get it rolling

Doesn't show as filed here: http://www.scscourt.org/online_services/case_info.shtml

It would have to be under "civil".


And the only one with a Margaret Palermo is this one:

Which is from 2002 and is something about someone's estate..

So, she never filed anything in Santa Clara..

No. 277974

File: 1465342452012.png (88.63 KB, 310x216, 435545334.png)

Babby's first foray into philosophy

No. 277981

File: 1465343990564.jpg (543.11 KB, 1416x954, Screenshot_20160607-165556.jpg)

Between the fucked up preteens, lonely babbies, and … things like this, mags really has a squad as fucked as she is. This person is on her side because they're a self admitted manipulative child, so there fire venus is like them obviously? And no, asshole, mist people don't assess any situation with an eye to how it will benefit them first and foremost.

No. 277983

Anon, I bet she tried but it was rejected bc wrong jurisdiction → ragefest & whining about 'it's sooo expensive/youtube tells me to do things I can't afford waaahhhh'

I mean it's all conjecture at this point.

No. 277989

"my evil daughter took everything from me take my case to the court I'll pay the lawsuit expenses later"

No. 277994

Okay but with this comment….
Does anyone remember when Mister Yan posted his statement about Venus? The exact same thing; her being able to cry when convenient then stop, and being manipulative in the exact same ways maggot it saying. I feel like since her mom is such a sociopath she adopted a lot of the issues, honestly.

No. 277998

Being abused, you get overwhelmed by others' emotions very quickly; don't understand how normal people operate; and when someone is angry at you, you stop crying on a dime so as not to make them more angry. I think he was misinterpreting Venus's overwhelm and fear as manipulation, because manipulation was what he was getting from margo via nonstop communications. Just a pet theory.

No. 278007

It's called fleas.

"Fleas - narcissistic-like behaviour traits displayed by a non-narcissist, generally learned behaviours from having been raised by a narcissist and not knowing what is normal for the situation."


No. 278029

Duh, that's why I said it probably won't make any difference if it was updated. Again:
>all I asked was, "could you possibly update this?"

There's literally no one getting involved in the drama. Keemstar is a different case as he associates with and supports abusers i.e Greg. That idiot who contacted him initially did it of her own accord against the wishes of the board (and with little info), if you will. I asked the question, and gave the anon an answer. Nothing bad is going to happen because an inquiry was made wtf. I don't even see how these situations are comparable if one is obviously on Venus' side.

No. 278038

>That idiot who contacted him initially did it of her own accord against the wishes of the board

and that's exactly what are you doing too. Actual relationship between maggot and venus is different, you know the old hag is accusing Venus of sending her fans against her, yet you want someone to bring more attention to this case. As I told you before, no matter what good intentions you may have, no one have control over how people is going to react. But yeah, sure, go ahead and make a fool of yourself. I'm done with you.

No. 278039

I wonder if one reached out to her, would Margo talk to a journalist.

On the one hand I think she would because she's such an attention whore and would love for someone to be telling "her side" but she would have to weigh the risk of being caught out in her lies.

It must be hard living inside such a fucked up head.

/sage for irrelevant

No. 278041


Forgot to add, quoting you from your previous posts:

>idc if journalists aren't crusaders of truth lmao.

>I believe a wide public reaction could help to finally stop Marglot and prevent her from further poisoning her daughter's life and taking her channel down

Then you don't fucking care about what they report, as long as you satisfy your stirring shit needs? nice! with that wide public reaction you crave so much the only thing you'll achieve is Margaret going full psycho on Venus.

No. 278043

>the only thing you'll achieve is Margaret going full psycho on Venus.

Preach, anon. You are 100% correct. Some anons here need to cool the fuck off and stop projecting.

No. 278044

A few months ago when I read the article, it said the journalist reached out to Maggot for her side of the story and she never responded. She probably knew the reporter would see her as a nut with her horrible incoherent Marglish.

No. 278045

As well as the Vancouver evidence, Margo herself said she was in the US during that time period.

No. 278046

Thank you anon. Sanity.

No. 278047

How about you go back to Margo's comment section, minion.

No. 278048

Does anyone actually read this thread? The same conversation was held three times with seemingly no awareness.

No. 278049


Saying that Venus may at some point have exhibited some strange behaviour doesn't make someone a "minion".

Quit reaching, you'll strain something.

No. 278051

Have you seen reading this thread though? No-one is entertaining that opinion here. Maybe you just don't read before you post and/or can't gauge the environment you are posting in. It's faster and more fun to quip 'minion': it doesn't have to be accurate, it just tells you how you are being received.

No. 278052

File: 1465361867715.png (850.33 KB, 926x589, margo.PNG)

The bitch's eating fine.

No. 278053

I wonder how many blowjobs that cost.

No. 278055

File: 1465362825175.png (796.45 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (8).png)


So, quite curious, but it seems Venus's channel is sort of up? Her channel says no content but i can access the videos through my recommendations bar. Date says two days ago too. Maybe Youtube is finally making up its mind.

No. 278056

File: 1465362845305.png (273.54 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (9).png)

No. 278057

Calm. Food like that is prob max $6 or 7 in Korea.

No. 278059

Just checked it out. It seems to be a new channel.

No. 278060


probably a mirror

No. 278062

File: 1465363469635.png (2.8 KB, 168x133, VenusPalermo.png)

No. 278063

That user icon is really Photoshopped to make her look like some koreaboo. Also, the videos were uploaded even 4 weeks ago…. Seems like it is some nonVenus individual uploading old videos.

No. 278064

I don't think that's her main channel.

No. 278066

most likely a reuploader

YT has verified account marks iirc

No. 278067

So Venus just 'liked' a kawaii food video on IG. First IG activity of any kind since her last post a week ago so yay!

Sounds stupid I know but I was getting worried.

No. 278071

Ironically, this person should have copyright claims made against them by Venus. This person's either being daft or being a thief.

Someone else has had a mirror up of the 'how I ran away from home' video but that's more of a public service.

No. 278081

That leberstein girl reminds me of that annoying kid who tells everything to the teacher. She's like desperate for Margo's love and approval. Since you read this: du bist pathetic.

No. 278088

genau, genau.

No. 278108

Probably a 100 if not more?

No. 278109

In Margoth's channel there isn't V's channel anymore. It got deleted from her associated channels.

No. 278115

Remember that video of Margo at a con in which she is being interviewed and she starts to answer by "singing". Sounds like she's trying to sing like her sister in this video. Do you guys think she may be jelly of her sister's talent?

No. 278118

Nice catch anon. Sis is a classically trained singer, while Maggo gives us de hatersong.

No. 278119

I thought that too. Margaret is jealous from all her sisters and brother who had sucess in their lifes. Even from her "cheating" ex-husband who dared to have other children in his second, and this time, happy marriage. And don't forget Venus who never talks to her again. Everyone who has succes in life is a psychopath while pathetic margo fears to work like a lambda person and is such a victim. Lol

No. 278123

She is very pretty, can't believe she's related to river monster

No. 278134


Do u mean this video?

The cringe is real, man.

No. 278136

Not sure if this is anything to point ot but remember when margs was saying how she named venus venus because she didn't want her daughter to have rhe name that people in her family always named their children. She might be even bitter because she got the Boeing old margaret name. Not sure if I'm reaching or not tho

No. 278139

File: 1465397360402.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 9e25c2da0b99b9a8a69b6c298046f7…)

>inb4 3rd impact

No. 278147

File: 1465398697869.jpeg (281.07 KB, 750x1128, image.jpeg)

She's such a shit photographer.

No. 278150


>when your next video

I have the same question. I want a new video of mags. Maybe an unboxing of her 18 boxes of trash in storage?

No. 278152

followed by her creating a suit of cardboard armour from said boxes

No. 278164


"Get in the fucking [cardboard] robot, Weenoos!"

No. 278167

File: 1465404140009.png (918.16 KB, 939x602, rivermargo.png)

Was I the only one who bursted into laughter after seeing this?

No. 278171

The fucking comments holy fuck
>"I didn't ask for this"
>"There is no god"
>"You musn't run away"

No. 278172

Bless the anons that just lurk, so people like me can see this bit.
This is hilarious.

No. 278197

And yet she has some dumb British dude all up in the comments sucking up to her because he's there for her "photography." She has no perspective, her angles such, light sources are awful and so are the color's and did I mention timing?

No. 278199

>don't get Keemstar involved, he's notorious for fudging information
>why isn't there media coverage?
Sure they're the same. Lmao, this wasn't done out of good intentions or whatever, it was literally to answer a question.

…I don't care if she updates it or not. Yeah, I don't give a fuck about your "insider info" in journalism. It was irrelevant to what I was saying so yes, I didn't and still don't care.

>I believe a wide public reaction could help to finally stop Marglot and prevent her from further poisoning her daughter's life and taking her channel down

This was in none of my posts. Dunno what you're trying to get at.
Again, >>278043 nothing happened when this article was published at the start of this, so what effect would it have now if it was updated?

No. 278203


Just leave the whole issue the fuck alone you tard.

No. 278208

mayo is that u

No. 278209

I smell a sperg.

No. 278210

Go back to sucking Margaret's clit, Jasmine.

No. 278211


Might wanna go to the doctor about that, anon.

No. 278217


Oh man it would be a dream come true for Morg to come here and sperg the fuck out.

No. 278218

File: 1465420663313.png (546.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

so looks like no court case just more claims? poor Venus, I wonder why they told her she was protected

No. 278221

Man, I'd be pissed as fuck at Youtube. Tell her not to worry, get her hopes up, and then Margo comes back with SEVENTY FUCKING CLAIMS? JESUS CHRIST.

She just needs to have Manaki create a channel or something. It took a month+ to get her channel back from 20ish videos being reported. She's going to be off of youtube for the whole summer at that rate :/

No. 278226


Do you think she's just going to do the full 200~ vids but stagger out the claims to maximize the time Venus can't make new content?

No. 278227

Just wait for your turn, Margaret. What goes around, comes around. Karma will fuck your life 'til nothing remains left.

No. 278228

Imagine, just for one second, that this is your mother…

No. 278231

She probably just kept reporting videos until the channel got taken down. So yes, I think eventually she will just cycle through each and every video everytime the channel comes back.

At 70+ claims, I feel like Youtube probably had to do something. They really can't ignore that staggering amount of DMCA take down notices.

No. 278234


iirc like that one anon said, Youtube's "protection" program isn't protection from any and all copyright claims, but against claims from a specific user account? Margo probably used another account (or several even) to submit the additional claims.


I feel like that's giving Margo too much credit. If she was smart about gaming the system she wouldn't have hit 70 all at once this time. That seems more like something done on impulse out of rage (probably after her failure to file a lawsuit).

Youtube's system is pretty broken so it's hard to say if they'll actually do anything about it. On the bright side, Margo isn't a large corporation with lots of money so they're probably less likely to give a shit about her at least.

No. 278235

someone tell her to let manaki open the channel! imagine how it will piss margo. she would get sooo mad

No. 278237

But what would stop Margo reporting Manaki's videos with some falsified proof anyway?
It's all hopeless.

No. 278238

She says 'I could make a new channel if I ask a third person to create a channel where I can appear in the videos'!!

Sounds like YT maybe just got around to notifying her this was allowed? (The YT wheels grind slooowlyyy) New (temporary) channel coming??

Go Venus! Slay with the cute! Hehe margoblin gonna be pissed

No. 278239

File: 1465423874160.jpg (31.58 KB, 612x612, 29e59677beab9b935d3e966046737e…)

No. 278240

i doubt it would be reportable if she appears in another video, maybe with just the name Venus, using copyrighted free music and stuff like that.
she could use it as backup channel, like bigger Youtubers and the Vlog channels or smth like that

No. 278243


Absolutely nothing.


Once again, the DMCA claim process is automated. Takedowns happen before anything is verified or even looked at by a human being. Yes, filing false DMCA claims illegal but I seriously doubt Margo cares especially considering how not worthwhile pursuing her for legal action would be.

No. 278244

that post was made 4 days ago, you have to scroll way up there to look for it, and you're THIS mad at it? lmao


No. 278245


Chill, samefag.

No. 278248

This method is what Keemstar uses, Venus can totally do it

No. 278250

I know you guys don't want any more shifty youtubers "reporting" on this, but I think it'd be good to get someone like Philip DeFranco on this. He made the giant campaign for H3H3 when they got shut down by someone abusing the DMCA system, and they raised 100k in a day. He and his team tend to do a lot of research, and he's very genuine and passionate about protecting youtubers. I genuinely think that he has the kind of approach and audience that should know about Margo's batshit actions and blackmail.

No. 278251

I think people were suggesting she go to H3H3 in the last thread too. Some people on her IG posted links for her but she probably never looked at her DMs.

No. 278252

File: 1465425848259.gif (4.48 MB, 500x281, umm.gif)


God damn .. every time she post pictures of flowers I get flashes of….

No. 278276

File: 1465429358129.png (502.05 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 278277

>zero followers
Literally just talking to herself right now.

No. 278278

Of course none of her "friends" that she dumped in Korea said Manaki was good for Venus. Know why? Because all she ever did was talk shit about him and they were dumb enough to believe it. Venus even talked about it in her how she ran away from home video. JFC I hope that person is a troll and isn't seriously that dumb.

No. 278286

nope, claims are submitted by the individual/company, not the account. has been repeated a few times now

No. 278288


No. 278290

Voices in Margo's head were that loud she had to make a new ig account

No. 278306

Remove the videos? Or the strikes against her account?

No. 278315


More than likely the strikes/claims themselves.

No. 278319

Didn't Venus say Youtube were aware of the situation and that her channel would be safe against Margot? Why have they gone back against their word? Or is it all done by some shitty automatic system.. because if so, that's ridiculous.

No. 278320


This has been said about a million times. the dmca takedown is automatic. "Shoot first, ask questions later"

No. 278321

No. 278324

my point has been proven. try not to imagine scenarios next time.

No. 278325

This is what you attract when you post reams of this irrelevant shit:

These fuckwits are talking about us constantly in comments and posting shit like this is not only a waste of time, it attracts them.

Stick to when Margo is actually involved.

No. 278326

Yes Venus did say that. She's either been told wrong, or understood wrong.

No. 278333

File: 1465441709391.jpg (141.95 KB, 1192x1117, margo33.jpg)

Margo goes right in on the level of stalking she did with the landlady, blabs about Manaki's wages and admits she is fantasising about Venus' new and higher income.

No. 278335

First of all, the landlord MIGHT know Manaki's salary (some rentals require pay stubs to prove you can get a lease.) The rest? Okay, Margles. You had a detailed conversation - in Japanese? - with your daughter's landlord, who happens to know a huge amount of detailed info about how much your daughter makes per month on YouTube? File this under "shit that has never and will never happen". Margo's one of those self centerd pricks who thinks if someone is silent while she scretches, they have agreed with her every word - and in Mags' case, she also seems to have imaginary interactions where the person not only agrees with her, they supply her with the imaginary shit Mags wants to hear.

Also, why does this dumb bitch think Venus is making any money at all right now? And why does she keep mentioning the bonus. Note to Margo: THAT MONEY IS GONE. You took away Venus's only income source months ago; they've had to use that money to live. You won't get it "back" (not that it was ever yours.)

No. 278336

File: 1465443057499.png (322.91 KB, 627x742, fe19ee55-7afa-4159-b3aa-f6909c…)

sitting on IG arguing her case with a 12-year-old.
>it's MY money!

and more proJECTION
>VEENOOS manipulating you little girls!

Keep digging, marggg. Lol

No. 278337

Could this Korean school money ($5000) be the money Venus paid so Mags could continue school when she left? Was that a thing?

No. 278338


Yep. Margo is bragging about how she heroically got a school refund for Venus. With Venus's money, that she paid for Margo to go to school. Which Margo promptly turned into her Stalk Venus Fun Times Fund. It makes Margo mad that she did this for Venus. Because MargoLogic.

No. 278339


margaret has a legit fetish for those numbers

No. 278340

When a 12-year-old has more sense than Maggot.

No. 278341


haha if Mothel misheard half of an interview held in english, now imagine her own interpretation of a conversation in Japanese. Probably landlord was talking about Venus staying at home or something and margo misheard it as "working as kyabajo" hah

No. 278345

Margo probably spoke and the landlord probably nodded in polite acknowledgment of Margo speaking (or in fear).

No. 278353

maggot's English both spoken and written is SO shitty compared to Venus's. #DumbAsaRock

No. 278377

I can't believe she is still going with that story. No Japanese landlord would ever discuss private details of their tenants with a stranger, or even close friends or family that frequently visit that complex! That is absolutely impossible and he could get sued. He certainly wouldn't gossip about his personal opinion of those tenants' daily activities. They don't give a shit as long as they get rent money. Only the police are given that information, but even they would not share information such as income with this random woman.

Of course, we all know she can't speak much Japanese, but if you're going to lie, at least make it somewhat believable. All the landlords I've rented from here in Japan lived separately from the complex and we would have to call them to come over. We saw them randomly when they did maintenance. More luxury apartments have on-site staff, but usually not your typical 3LDK.

No. 278379

Don't forget 5km. She has used that on multiple occasions. Lol

No. 278382

File: 1465454994663.png (485.03 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 278388


I start to think maybe landlord-san wasn't even at the scene to begin with

No. 278396

Margo mentioned before that the landlord a immigrant which is why he translated for her, just saying.

No. 278405

>calling me an abuser
>plays innocent while removing proof

Like what you've been doing these past months MMarf?

No. 278406

No. 278407

>manipulating little girls
well marg would be the expert on that.

No. 278408

It's gotten to a point now where if I were Venus I would just let Margo have her day in court.She would most likely not pay of any legal advice and talk herself into a hole. All venus would then have to prove is that the video ideas were her own and that she herself appeared in those videos. It is irrelevant that Margot may or may not have set up YouTube channel. It is Venus's content. And to cement "margo is a pysco" show proof of all the horrific nasty down right disgusting things this "mother" has said about her daughter online ih and the Stalking and harassment on margos part is enough to go against her

No. 278411

This azlabyrinth guy is some middle-aged American loser who made an IG account to suck up to maggot. Sounds like they've been DMing back & forth bc that's what she does to get sympathy & 'allies'

He's trying to sound like some kinda legal expert but is talking out his ass. Thinks YT is negotiating some kind of settlement or business deal w/maggot over how much she's owed for her part of the "business." LOL this is about copyright you tool, whether Venus's videos were copyrighted by Margaret Palermo or not. Yes or no. There's no 'negotiations' over earnings, moron. Unless maggot goes out & hires herself an attorney, and that would be a whole separate case (and long & complicated & very expensive.)

No. 278413

Is that the same guy who offered her a place to stay in Las Vegas quite a ways back? He keeps vying for Margo's attention, but I kind of think he is trolling her in some way. There seems to be something he wants from her.

No. 278414

Anon. This is strictly about COPYRIGHT. Are the videos copyrighted by Margaret Palermo exclusively or nof. It has nothing to do with who started the channel or whose idea it was or who did what on which videos. It's a COPYRIGHT CLAIM.

No. 278418

Uhhh it technically does, what your stating to be not the point is Margaret's argument. Marg said that because she made the channel, came up with the video ideas, and probably held the camera for some she has a right to copyright her videos (her words not mine).

If you're saying that the argument is whether or not the Marglodon was the one to copyright 70+ videos, it's kinda obvious she did (the first time), the second its technically is her since she decided to open a case.

No. 278422

Really? I never saw that. But it's still highly unusual and unprofessional for a long-term foreign resident, who should know and have adapted to Japanese culture, to spill the beans like that. He never met Margaret before. How could he just believe she is mother of a girl he supposedly never saw? What if she had been a crazed fan or an jealous ex-lover of Manaki? And then to have a meeting with her, going over personal documents and totally violating their privacy? That is just insanity.
In Margaret's Japanese stories, either everyone agrees with her, or they want her body.

No. 278424

I just think Margo reported all of her videos cause in her mind, Venus is her property so she should appear just in "her videos" so she could get all her money.

No. 278428

An obvious troll.

>venus has a job that earns her $3000
Bitch that job is her youtube channel, how is even Margo so dense as to think that Venus has another job at the moment? Uploading 3x a week when we know it takes her over an hour to film a simple lip tutorial and then the time it takes to edit an hour of footage? Bitch, she has no time to have another job if she's doing that more than three times a week.

No. 278429

No. 278432

Also, I do hate to play the devil's advocate, but I to believe that Margo was entitled to some sort of money.

There's no doubt that, when Venus blew up, Margo handled a lot of the press stuff initially. That's just the reality of it. However, if there was no written contract then she was just a helper and has no legal entitlement to any money.

Can she claim copyright?
If Venus filmed the videos (which she did, proof: period video), then she is the owner of all content. If she edited the videos (proof: multiple IG selfies) then she owns it.

If this hit the court, and Margo had a decent lawyer, they could argue that she has entitlement to some sort of pay settlement if there wasn't proof she hadn't spent the amount of money she was entitled to (here's a hint: she did)

Basically, whatever she was entitled to, Margo wasted and she's full of it, BUT she was entitled to something because I have no doubt that she had to play manager for a while.

No. 278433

Probably helped translating from Japanese to English, ie. not an immigrant.

No. 278436

I'm not talking about the point of maggot's fucking argument. I know what she's said. I'm talking about the reality of what she's trying to claim: namely that the videos were/are copyrighted by her.

And it's more than kinda obvious that she did NOT have a copyright for the first batch she claimed since she let the claims expire without taking legal action.

She has not 'opened a case' this time either- she's filed claims. Filing copyright claims does not = taking legal action nor does it = copyrighting anything.

No. 278438

Thank you!
But it's still very strange and that Marglish is killing me. If a tenant is troublesome or concerning, you either call the police or evict them. You don't passively gossip to random gaijin. Unless Manaki is using his cruel brainwashing techniques on them too. And Venus' psychopathy, of course.

No. 278446

Is there a full paste bin with the whole story? I'm thinking of asking for help to PhilipDeFranco and maybe h3h3 so they will run her story in their channel or maybe offer some help.

Maybe a few of us can do it as well.

No. 278447

The only pastebin is in op and the ig.

No. 278448

Yeah she's trying to sing "opera" and funny enough that's how her sister sings. Then she responds "not really just in my free time"


No. 278449

The paste bin only has the Margaret rant though

No. 278450

Hence why 'the ONLY pastebin is in op'
aka. no there's no full pastbin.

No. 278457

>Also, why does this dumb bitch think Venus is making any money at all right now? And why does she keep mentioning the bonus. Note to Margo: THAT MONEY IS GONE. You took away Venus's only income source months ago;

It baffles me how she does not seem to realize this. At all. Even for Margo that is 100% special olympics retarded, how can she not understand no clicks=no money?!

No. 278461

I'm sure Maggot kept records of how much money she spent from her daughter. Either way there is no excuse to make your daughter your full time job without her consent. Whatever "deal" she made when Venus was underage is naught and I think Venus has shown that she has no interest in staying in business with Maggot.

No. 278465


how much times does it have to be said to not involve people on behalf of Venus? She's a big girl, if she wants to ask for help, she can. I'm sure she's aware of what's going on with h3h3 and what FUPA is at this point.

No. 278466

No she isn't. She lived off venus' income for years, she never worked. She got more money than she was ever entitled to. You think if a teenager had that much money they wouldn't be blowing it on pointless shit? Why is it that Venus loved Lolita fashion but could only ever seem to buy bodyline (except for that tacky angelic pretty dress) despite making €3,000 a month as margo claimed? Margo had full control over all finances and probably only gave her a small portion of it (if any! she probably had to ask permission if she ever wanted to spend her money). Kinda like people who steal old people's pensions and pocket like €200 but give the old person €20. I definitely imagine this kind of a scenario taking place.
Not to mention, Venus paid for her entire living expenses (rent, food, bills, personal shopping) for how many years? Margo never contributed at all. She is entitled to nothing,

No. 278471

considering you didn't sage, I'm assuming you didn't read either.

No. 278481

File: 1465478261685.jpg (13.84 KB, 580x300, Inquisitive-Batman.jpg)


margs got told that V is currently working as hostess AND still earning 15 grand from YT…even when her channel has been down for months hahaha

No. 278483


even if landlord helped translating to english, margo can't understand/just understand what is convenient for her 60% of the time

No. 278485


margs seems to believe that they just give you money for being a youtube partner, not for people watching your content and clicking ads, therefore Weenus is still earning she same before getting her channel down even if Maggot's main info source about V's income (aka socialblade) stats otherwise kek

No. 278486

So Venus is making a fortune each month, yet she wears the same clothes she left in Japan from before, Manaki has a equally small wardrobe, she has the same old cell phone, they go to value family restaurants or the food court at the mall, they have a single nice car, and their house is sparsely decorated.

They look comfortable and can travel once in a while, but hardly a luxurious lifestyle. I wouldn't be surprised if they stay at his parents' house often so they can save money on utilities and food. They look like can't even go regularly to the salon for decent haircuts. What happened to all the extra money, Margaret? Are they hoarding it or is Manaki funneling it into a sex-reassignment surgery account? Where could that money have gone?

No. 278495

>she stole my computer
did Venus ever have ownership over ANYTHING? or was everything Margo's in her mind?

No. 278496

I thought it was illegal in the states to enter into a contract with a minor? That's what Judge Judy has taught me.

No. 278505

they were in Europe

No. 278506

File: 1465483707872.png (316.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Nuehle is a Venus supporter.

FYI is this youtuber a lolcow or a lurker here? I'm wondering where she's getting keeps getting her screenprints and information from. Maybe PULL

No. 278514

Sorry grammar mistakes. Blame my shit keyboard.

No. 278544

And do you think "European" laws allow a minor to give away their whole income in exchange for some half-assed "management"? Answer is no.

This will never go to court since venus mother has shit all but any judge would tear margot a new asshole.

No. 278555


Then I hope this does go to court then just to hear about said new asshole . Maybe Margo will look at it as a new hole to scrap bullshit out of.

No. 278556


And where did I say it's ok for anyone doing that?

anon was asking about if it is illegal for US laws, Margo and Venus aren't US citizens nor lived in there,US laws aren't universal.

Calm your tits.

No. 278581

I do wonder how they sort it out if she sues her in a US venue, like she tried to.

No. 278591

Roflmfao!!! Margaret is Margaret's bestfriends.

No. 278593

Her narcissism speaks very loud lol

No. 278595

A landlord would never reveal how many money people gain. That's confidential.

No. 278597

Margaret: covers her daughter's ears, but is the one not listening…

No. 278600

No, she didn't take the money for Venus. She took it for her self to eat and travel around while pretending have done something for her daughter and make V feel guilty. Like the computer that she pretends V stole from her, among other things.

No. 278601

Yes, it reminds her how many blowjobs she made to fill her filthy stomach.

No. 278603

Margo doesn't speak any japanese, there is no need to translate japanese to english when someone only speaks english and german.

No. 278605

It it wasn't legal there would be no pageant kids.

No. 278606

Does this mean the Margo v. Venus situation would be like if Mama June tried to sue Honey Boo Boo?

No. 278612


pagents sometimes have the money go to a trust if the amount is big enough.

No. 278618

Yeah, kind of.

No. 278621

File: 1465502824087.png (710.81 KB, 1188x1900, PjRQ3lT.png)

Yeah, maggot is fucking clueless. She thought in her garbled mind that jvlogger Micaela's YT channel was some kind of MCN, like Fullscreen. LOL

She's dumb as a rock and lazy too. Remember those emails with tha Fullscreen guy where she was like "oh sorry I'm late again, teehee. what was it you wanted to discuss again?"

No. 278625

Maggot is trying to recruit a new daughter. lolol

No. 278634

These emails are great. The way she wrote them is hilariously unprofessional, negative and complaining. Maggot doesn't know how to seek employment worth shit. Lmao

No. 278635

kills me every time

No. 278659

File: 1465508483706.png (512.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-09-17-40-02…)

Trouble will come.

No. 278669


Oh my god I love this man.

No. 278670

Grandpa always throwing shade.

No. 278674

It's gonna take another month to get the channel back up, and at that rate it'll be striked down again. She needs to contact youtube and do this with a legal team cause Margo is out of control. She actually might need to take her mother to court to stop this, or at least file a harassment claim with youtube

No. 278706

"I get for u sekrit Fullscreen deal"

No. 278721

I found magrots theme

No. 278743

If you look closely, the text color for Micaela is different. Bitch just copy and pasted this email LOL

No. 278756


No. 278757

Bless you anon

No. 278758

Let's hope that it stays up longer in this time..

No. 278760

hahaha suck it, maggot!

No. 278766

WOW. Ticker tape parade! I don't care about the vids it's just a matter of justice.

So Youtube didn't totally lie about the protection and they have instigated? Or did Venus make an agreement to pay Maggot money (less likely and I hope not)

No. 278768

Well at least it wasn't down as long as it was before.

Bring it hard, Venus-chan

No. 278769


I hope marge sperges the fuck out.

No. 278770

Margo-watch activate. Although last time she was silent for quite a while. When it comes it'll be fantastic.

No. 278771

Super happy for her. Hopefully it stays up for good this time.

No. 278772

where?? im trying to find it, I dont see it.

No. 278773

It isn't showing up in searches for me either

No. 278774

I see it at the usual place: https://www.youtube.com/user/venusangelic

Might be a caching thing that not every user can see it now. Try refreshing or try clicking through from her shortlink in insta.

No. 278775

hmm, I see it, but not all the videos are working. its like sections of them are still down

No. 278776

it was like that last time too. we have seen it even before she's announced it.

No. 278777

oh shit! never mind. if you actually click on them they play. They only look broken.

No. 278779

File: 1465523715538.png (160.74 KB, 845x492, 9490583.png)

I wonder if all the videos that look broken are those that had strikes put against them, or if it's just a generic glitch?

No. 278780

File: 1465523793855.png (842.33 KB, 1037x466, weird.PNG)

weird that you're seeing that

No. 278781

Probably just a glitch, they just don't have thumbnails. I think when vids are first uploaded it takes a while for thumbnails to be added.

No. 278782

just caching anon, it happened last time too but yeah, it's probably a good indicator of the ones that were claimed / auto deleted.

No. 278785

So would that mean that Maggot was filing claims against V's videos that she produced since she left home? How fucking ridiculous if so.

No. 278786

Margo furiously booking the Star Wars jet again.

No. 278787

can't be sure of that.

but in margo's mind she owns it all, even the new stuff.

No. 278788

it's probably irrelevant.

No. 278789


No. 278791

YES!!! I hope Maggot fucks off. We know she won't but I hope she won't be able to get Venus terminated anymore.

No. 278792

sadly this soap opera won't end. the stales seem to get higher with every move margo makes.

No. 278793


No. 278795

HA! Only took YT a week this time. VA channel must have been kicked into an expedited mode/category of some kind after the first go-round. Maybe that's what they told V was a 'protected category'?

Mange gotta be FURIOUS.


No. 278798

must be hey…

unless she gave margo a payout which would be foolish.

No. 278800

or I wonder if Venus got help from FUPA.

No. 278801

I'm sorry if this has been talked about/answered, but why doesn't Venus start over? Maybe wait awhile, reinvent herself, come back to social media under a slightly new name, new look. Cause either way they both won't make money because the channel is down, no point in fighting a battle with her batshit crazy mother. Least that way Margo can suffer being penniless and maybe Venus can have a new life. I doubt she will ever want to talk to her mother after this. Or just quit YouTube and have a normal life.

No. 278802


>they both won't make money because the channel is down

Jesus Christ anon catch the fuck up.

No. 278803

If the channel is still down she would be 'avoiding a ban' which would get her a permanent youtube ban.

Also 'reinventing' yourself isnt like this montage magical movie shit where you can just go out get a haircut and become a different person.

Also Venus has said making videos is something she enjoys doing. Especially after leaving Margo I've been liking her videos more and more so why should she drop that and then have to struggle to try and make a living in a country that she isnt fluent in the language.

I really dont understand what's so hard to get. Do you have no passion in your life that's worth fighting for? The amount of people who are just like 'omg isnt this too much trouble' sound like the laziest pieces of shit jfc.

No. 278805

File: 1465525815654.png (935.47 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Marg tried to copyright strike someone on YouTube for making a video about her

No. 278807

Lmao that woman is pathetic. Maybe if she weren't such an evil mother then no one would make videos exposing her shit.

No. 278808

Now that her channel is back up, Venus has this choice.

But when her channel came up briefly before this, Venus expressed how much joy the channel brings her. If she didn't enjoy the work, sure delete and hide. But it's her job, it's her business she has worked for and what she loves. Venus shouldn't have to abandon her work and life due to the actions of a clearly abusive parent. It would only fuck up her life more than it is. Should a student drop out of university for the same reason? No if they don't absolutely have to.

No. 278809

subscribed, b/c each sub is like a boot up maggot's ass

never was much of a Venus fan, but I watch some vids out of boredom and they were kinda…sad. Especially the one where she's defending accusations from her mother.

No. 278810

Meh. They're mostly leeches cashing in on the drama. Who cares if their videos stay up or not. I've only seen two good ones.

No. 278811

at this point she's just pulling a Cathy. she must have learned a thing or two from the tumblr days

No. 278817

File: 1465529290133.png (109.46 KB, 500x272, tumblr_nlolrwGsCZ1qfxtrlo1_500…)

>maggot's face when

No. 278824

For once, I'm actually clicking on a video's advertisements. Go venus!

No. 278825

V keeping a lowww profile this time, no BIG ANNOUNCEMENT YOU GUISE! on IG. Don't poke the bear?

mange knows though…..hehe

No. 278826

File: 1465532179049.jpg (988.17 KB, 1080x2230, Screenshot_20160609-211453.jpg)

Mags claims to be in Beijing. Just when venus's channel comes back. Likely story.

No. 278829

Were the videos that Margo copyrighted down?

No. 278830

Hopefully she gets as far away from Venus

No. 278831

Nope, doesnt look like any are missing.

No. 278832

File: 1465532443416.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160609-212015.png)

Not in china

No. 278833

So do we think she's trying her luck at Japanese immigration again, or en route to her next flophouse?

No. 278834

Jesus Margo just fucking go back to Europe. Stop teasing us

No. 278835


I don't understand this caption at all. Is she being sarcastic? Why would you need a VPN to post to instagram? Does she mean she went to China on the way to SK? God she needs to learn English.

No. 278836

She seems to be saying that she's not longer there, and was just there in transit. Whether that stop was in her way to Canada, on her way back from Canada, or a layover to a new place is what she's gloating over like a small child who is convinced no one will ever find their hiding spot.

No. 278837

More marglish- trying to say that it's venus's sock account that's telling her off. Or something.

Earth to margo: venus doesn't care enough about you to make another account and harass you. She's focused in her own life - something I suggest you look into.

No. 278838

it can't happen like that. if they are down, the channel has to stay down with them. it's either / or. for now, Margo has lost. for now…

No. 278839

File: 1465532970568.jpg (283.05 KB, 1302x691, Screenshot_20160609-212732.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 278840

those chinese flights with big layovers are the absolute cheapest way to fly long haul. my money's on somewhere far away this time.

No. 278842

the commenters are boring af.

No. 278843

Oh, and the girl Margo is accusing of being Venus is 11 years old, had hundreds of followers, and lives in Mexico. I reeealy don't think it's Venus, mags.

No. 278844

Nah she means alike the Hitler / Manson reference. getting others to do her bidding.

No. 278845

China ain't a free country.

No. 278846

well we won't? not until she gives it to us.

No. 278847

I think the VPN thing is Margo joking about Chinese Internet censorship

No. 278848


Oooooooh OK that makes sense.

No. 278849

getting back to her Commie roots must have felt good.

No. 278850

The point is that she's childlike in her inability to keep her mouth shut, she's an attention seeking bragged, i.e. "hah, you'll never guess where I hid my candy because you'll never look under my bed, it's too scary for you! Haha!" You know, retarded kid shit. She's never really evolved beyond that stage.

No. 278851


Gotcha. Thanks, anon.

No. 278853

File: 1465533533928.jpg (1.48 MB, 1425x1895, Screenshot_20160609-213658.jpg)

Koncz family bringing the fire. Something tells me mags hasn't been offered houseroom in Switzerland nor Hungary.

No. 278854

yeah I get what you mean.

but let's be real as well, she has had control of her location information since the tokyo airbnb debacle. we are always a week or so late.

No. 278855

File: 1465533552338.jpg (1003.22 KB, 1440x1595, Screenshot_20160609-213720.jpg)

No. 278856


OT but does anyone know what kind of dogs these are? They're so cute!

No. 278857

Wherever her flight was going, she's there now. could be any metro city in Europe is my guess. When she got on that plane she thought she had the upper hand with Venus' channel.

No. 278858

she says it on her insta. click back through to see nice dog pics.

No. 278859

Fuuuck I hope Venus didn't pay her.

No. 278860

What in the everloving FUCK does this caption even mean???

"I have no idea what I'm doing but duck and french fries will do and this drink is undefined but I will drink it"


No. 278862

I think it means she can only go by the pictures and doesn't understand or know what the drink she ordered is.

No. 278863

She has no idea what she is doing… With english.

I think she complaining because she cant understand Chinese and has no idea what she is ordering.

No. 278865

They're Borzoi (russian wolfhounds) Gorgeous dogs. There's a video of them running on her IG. It's an incredible breed, they run like the wind.

I wish V would get in touch w/Auntie Zsu. She seems like a really cool person with a great life, husband & kids, travels a lot, loves to hike and be outdoors. No pics of her house but the yard is beautiful, I think they have $$. Plus she knows the score about crazyfuck marggg.

Do it, venus!

No. 278870

hashtagged #yes #yesman
fucking loony bitch

No. 278873


Tbh the big announcement including the countdown till her channel returned that she made last time was idiotic considering Margaret was timing it like a hawk ready to swoop in for the kill all over again. Margaret is probably x2 as pissed now, so Venus better lay low and just carry on making content as usual instead of adding to the mass hype among her fans.

No. 278874

Very late to the Youtube banning news but didn't Venus say she was on a list that would prevent her from having bannings like this happen again??
Regardless this bitch is delusional if she thinks she can get away with charging her daughter 3k a month to prevent her from spam-banning her, that's so childish.

No. 278875

Doubtful. She knows that Marge would only keep demanding more if she did. With how angry her posts have been, the chances of her getting paid off are highly doubtful. The maggot probably never anticipated on her channel coming back so soon after the first take down.

No. 278877


I think Margo is under the impression that Youtube will cater to all of her false reports no matter what, instead of realising it's a lost cause now that Venus is officially on their list of channels that will not be affected by such reports as she stated in her recent video.

Bless, she's so dense and pathetic, with the only thing but money on her mind she can't see the light & notice that she has lost. She'll never get her own way now. Or that 3k a month. Wishful thinking bitch.

No. 278888

I think Venus is waiting to see if Margo is gonna copyright more videos before putting up a new video or announcement.

No. 278891

Does venus knows its up again or did it happen over night? Isnt it nighttime in japan right now?

No. 278892

It's late afternoon in Japan right now and not night.

No. 278894

She may be uploading a video now and it's processing

No. 278897

File: 1465544158230.jpg (28.05 KB, 365x259, channelback.jpg)

margs hasn't got a $ from Venus

No. 278899

Pay for your own legal aid cunt. You're the one starting the shit

No. 278901


I think she means she doesn't have the money to sue Venus for "lying", not that she expects Venus to pay for it for her.

No. 278904

Part of me is hopeful that her traversing in China is just part of a super long layover back to Europe. I hope it's not to the UK since the bitch is wanted for tax evasion. I want her to go back to Hungary. Lol

No. 278908

It's the most likely scenario. It's the world's cheapest long hauls to Europe on those cheap chinese airlines. Mega layovers too, like a day.

I'm impressed she still has any money, she's quite the hustler do not do a stitch of work for 5 months. YT must pay better than I thought.

No. 278910

this is juicy info.

isn't the point of 'legal aid' that you don't have to pay? maybe because she's a foreigner they ask a $5000 flat fee.

No. 278911

margo can't afford london. it will be somewhere cheaper, barcelona or something.

No. 278912

My guess is she was told no one would take the case without a minimum retainer of $5k. Or this could be the start of margo's career as a patreon cow.

No. 278915

She's on the run from the law in the UK (and the netherlands). She can't go back without back taxes or jail time.

No. 278916

they won't pull her up on that unless someone tells them (like us, kek). it's not an airport flagging thing as she hasn't got any open charges against her. I can see her sneaking around NL to get her precious 'proofs' in storage. and whatever other shit she has stashed there. bitch probably has safe deposit boxes around the place with Venus' money in them.

No. 278921

Yeah she's gonna leech off her family for a bit

No. 278922

Lol if she's sending these to everyone, someone is eventually going to accept.

No. 278923

Yeah you organised that 5k for her and then took it to pay for your trek across China

No. 278924

it's old (March this year). no-one accepted.

No. 278925

Wonder what happens to her stuff because I didn't take it.

No. 278926

she must have found a more gullible mark

No. 278928

Venus acted just perfectly during this whole debacle. She never once (ok maybe once or twice) stooped at her mom's level or attacked her. She kept quiet and worked behind the scenes to get her channel back twice.

I'm sure she won't fall for any of her mom shit and will stay away as much as she can.

Now I doubt Margo's battle is over as she'll soon face the prospect of having to /gasp/ settle for an entry-level job and she won't ever accept working long hours for a meager pay. She'll be lucky to get 1200€/month in Europe considering she hasn't worked in years.

Plus she could have some troubles if she tried to come back to the UK considering she tried to evade taxes and you don't really fuck with taxes (funny how she considers Venus videos and money HER money but as soon as taxes problems arises, she'll probably say it's all Venus fault and they should go after her)

Unfortunately Venus hasn't seen the end of this as Margaret probably won't ever stop harassing her and guilt-trip her if she ends up homeless.

No. 278929

margo will land herself in a country with a good social net. I don't believe she'll end up homeless. she can work as a personal trainer again if she still looks fit.

No. 278931


>$5000 Korean school money

>$5000 for legal aid

More fun w/random fantasy numbers.

Also- that Korean school refund she 'organised' was for what, one semester? What language school charges that?

And $5000 for "legal aid"– a retainer for a lawyer in the US is like $800 so I have no idea how she came up with that one. Oh yeah I do…the same place the YT income of $15,000/month came from. The dark recesses of maggot's twisted brain.

No. 278932

some language schools cost a ton and that was for two people. margo sounds salty about it, obviously she couldn't get her hands on that money. they probably would only refund right to venus credit card.

No. 278938

I would have sued Margo asking her to pay for the damage and money loss she caused with her false copyright claims.

No. 278940

do you expect Wenoos giving you $5000 to sue her and keep the channel down? hahahahahaha

No. 278950

probably best not to poke the bear. leave that option till later if needed.

unlike Maggot who has blown her load mass-reporting slabs of videos instead of just doing 5 at a time.

No. 278957

File: 1465557630405.jpeg (278.67 KB, 750x1096, image.jpeg)

More astounding photography. Margo is suspiciously calm.

No. 278958

As said before. Suing maggot is useless. For one she moves countries on a monthly basis and for another she has no job. She just spends other peoples money.

No. 278959

free stock photography-tier stuff

No. 278962

New video!

No. 278963

what the heck

No. 278966

Girl, sort out your hair…

No. 278969

It's nice that she has her channel back again, but yeah. Dem extensions.

No. 278970

pure cringe but got very funny by the end.

No. 278971

Video was actually amusing.

No. 278972

I know that it's a character but…It's difficult to understand what she says with that accent/fake voice (and yeah…her hair are awful. She really should try a bob haircut)

No. 278975

>Here I am pretending to not giving a shit about Ven…I mean,MY channel being back. BTW look at the fruits.

No. 278977

I've just watched this old marg/Venus video. It's from 2013 and kinda creepy (Venus with really pale make up and margo glaring at her all the time when she makes english mistakes or is getting too silly) but what's really interesting is Margo at 4:35: she said that Venus isn't managed by anyone and you should approach her directly if you want to do business with her. Proof that crazy margo wasn't even her manager before 2014.

No. 278978


Oh anon please, obviously psychopath Venus forced poor Gothel to say that!

No. 278979

and she has proof! it was all editing.

but seriously. margo would really waste her time in a court.

No. 278982

Yeah! It's obviously a puppet of Margothel and not Margothel herself. Venus is a bully/psychopat and talented ventriloquist.

No. 278983


LOL. Margo seems like the mom that gets you socks for Christmas ..

No. 278984

And the video about Marge getting a fugly tattoo. This one though, I am sure, was probably half made by her.

No. 278985

Well, everything Venus got for xmas didn't even look like stuff she would actually like (those bright pink gloves are way too tacky)

No. 278986

To be honest you can tell when her mum clearly helped (e.g. Take the Android video). It seems that Venus' first videos were very amateurs and when her mum found out the potential she may have clearly stepped in (look at the good editing, pictures). But now that she's back on her own the quality isn't extraordinary. If her mum wasn't such a b*tch sabotaging the work by behaving like a moron on social media (even back in the day when they were together), it could have grown into something even bigger.

No. 278987

I hope that tabasco drinking thing was a stab at the picture Margo posted once, the one with stuff Venus left behind, but knowing she likes spicy stuff I'm most likely reaching. But it would be kind of funny. Her sense of humor is pretty good to me, the video was funny

No. 278988

This is upsetting to watch. Venus obviously really loves her mom but Marg doesn't even hug her back. Also wtf is going on with Marg's hair and eyebrows?

No. 278990

Please leave or at least never post here again

No. 278991

Thinking about it, Venus goes on about how cute her presents are and how much she loves them but I have never seen a pic of her wearing/using them.

If I got a gift like shoes, gloves or a bag that I loved I would post pictures when I wore/used them

No. 278994

She probably just said that to please Margoth. Those presents obviously arent her style, they seem to be Margoth's style. The witch bought her what she herself likes instead of what Venus likes

No. 278995


have you seen Margo's channel? Like, take the time to watch them sober, and then come back.

No. 278996

For all the people commenting on her hair I'm pretty sure this is just an old video from the time her hair looked like this in selfies. She probably has enough videos to last her for months now

No. 278997

Yeah, she took a picture of herself in that onesie and posted on IG a while back, so this video is an old one she made for sure. I'm sure in more current videos her hair will look more balanced for you.

No. 278998

I think Venus has become aware of how cringeworthy some of her old videos are because it looks like she deleted some of them like the Wow Theyre Huge video and the one disgusting nail art tutorial

No. 278999


LMAO have you actually even watched Margot's channel? A quadriplegic could edit better than she does

No. 279000


I hate the voice that she gave her persona/character/whatever you wanna call it, because it reminds of Jimmy Fallon's Sara character and I can't unsee it.

No. 279001

This must be why I like the character Venus does because I also like Sara. LOL!

No. 279002


come back until you're 18 please

No. 279003


Maggot deathglare and speaking through her teeth when Venus say I love you mom it's unsettling

No. 279005

The video was funny.

im going to be slightly off topic now, that thing actually works?!? Her face does look slimer after. It's temporary I'm sure, but I was just as surprised as she was at the end

No. 279012

Didn't she leave her better camera in Korea? I have noticed some editing errors, but it was in the videos like "how I ran away from home" she was probably in a rush to upload the videos. You have to remember, she had her MacBook bricked, she probably doesn't have access to her old fonts, graphics, music etc.

No. 279016

I hate to say it but I'm sorting to believe Mags about Venus cheating.

Venus has always posted her story about the situation she is currently in and mentioned when Mags claims are wrong on Instagram. why not this?

No. 279018

Go back to pull plz

No. 279019

She deserves her own thread again. She's so annoying.

No. 279021


it is literally of no consequence to mags if she cheated on manaki. that is between venus and manaki and it sounds like they have dealt with it like adults. let's move on

No. 279022


Margo has already said that she staged it (whether it was sarcasm when said it or not is up to debate) and tbh, who gives a fuck? Venus and Manaki are obviously over it if Venus really did "cheat"

No. 279025

No, not everything. She just did damage control on shit about her mom's most insane claims (ass burgers attacks, stealing, killing animals, etc.)

No. 279026


Don't care just as long she doesn't come to wales. Then again to boring for her

No. 279031


yea but to me claiming your daughter cheated sounds alot worse because the others just sound silly

No. 279032


So if i'm not kissing Venuses ass then i'm automatically a PULL member?

No. 279035


Welcome to groupthink

No. 279037

No because it's only dumbfucks from PULL who even care if Venus cheated.

Which as >>279022 said she didnt because Margo admitted to staging it. If you give a shit enough to care if Venus cheated then keep the fuck up with the thread. I barely check it once a week and I know this shit.

No. 279039

how fucking dense are some of you? Margo never actually "admitted" to staging it, she was being very obviously sarcastic.

That being said maybe she did, who knows. I don't really believe the "Venus cheated" accusation anyways and even if she did, who cares honestly? her and Manaki moved on.

No. 279040

File: 1465579084780.jpg (62.73 KB, 625x475, ceaadf34c2ad2179d156c5acf96d4c…)

No. 279042

cheating = fucking someone else

According to the lizard beast herself, Weenus was an "asexual virgin" when she ran away to Japan, so the cheating accusation is null and void via her own fucking admission.

No. 279044


No. 279047

No. 279048


you are a bit late to this


No. 279050


EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd2_bYJ4dmo
ep 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2bzKnOe3NQ

She's only in Ep3 only but mags on't let them upload it.

No. 279051

lol so funny xDDDDDD so clever!!!1

No. 279052


The guy ask i only replied. Yes its late

No. 279053

File: 1465581300931.jpeg (192.82 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

How to English?

No. 279054


I think it's more along of lines of "lol i'm parodying Will It Blend, i'm so funny and clever"

No. 279055

I'm going to assume she means "Will they get along?"

No. 279058

That puppy is going to be someone's lunch :(

No. 279059


Driving Margo's face into a blender instead would be a fantastic video to film.

No. 279060

>she never had 15 minutes of fame x

No. 279062


I'm starting to think this Peanut persona of hers is a grab at her mother for all the comments she ever made on how Venus is naive, clumsy, childish etc. By turning it into a running gag for her fans who enjoy in the videos, it probably pisses Margo off lol.

No. 279064


def a good idea for her next video. I would love to see this.

No. 279065

Margo is the type to buy you presents that she's gonna permanently borrow; Venus's gifts are margo's style because she bought them for herself

No. 279066

Yes it works. It's similar to Wengie's spoon massage video. Wengie explains it. When your face is bloated it's because of water retention. So if you go to a massagist, or massage with a chinese spoon or use that tool Venus showed, the bloat will dissapear. I guess you'll have to do it 3 times per week, depends on how quickly your face gets bloated

No. 279069


uhm no. Her mom tried to claim she was a sociopath/psychopath .

killing animals, stealing, etc are traits that children with psychopathic tendencies do.

No. 279071


but as anon said it does't sound believable in comparison.

can e forget this?

No. 279073

Lord, I forgot that was ever a thing. Margo there with the up-to-date references once again.

No. 279075

Peanut is at least a month old conception.
She also sounds like fucking Jenna Marbles.

I like it.

No. 279082

Just noticed this, but if Margo posted a photo 4 hours ago and she doesn't normally post until the afternoon where she is, she's in a much earlier time zone than she has been. It's getting closer to Europe times.

No. 279089

Where in the world is Margo Mashed Potato?

No. 279090

I remember she wore the bag in a photo but I'll be damned if I know where that photo is now. I don't wanna shift through PULL. Never seen her wear the shoes though… Everything she got was Maggot's style, not hers.

No. 279093

>I love you mummy
>Margo rolls eyes and talks through teeth.

Laughing at margo but venus is so geniune with her. Margos only bit of excitement is when she's showing off her new gear. Quite painful to watch really its really quite sad for venus.

No. 279096


Watching her old videos makes me sad, as now we know what she went through that entire time and Margo was just there, filming her (well a portion of videos at least) and Venus had no choice but to follow her directions because tapped bitch would smack her one or pull the "you don't love me" card if she expressed to be more like her genuine self.

No. 279098

Venus has her channel back up

No. 279100


You're late. See >>278756

No. 279102

I don't want to be a pessimistic but I'm just wondering when will V's channel be down again, since I'm sure Margo is going to fuck things up with her channel again.

No. 279103

Does anybody read the fucking thread and catch up before commenting anymore? WE KNOW. Her new video has already been posted, too, so please don't shit up the thread with more posts.

No. 279104


I would give it till tomorrow before it's down again.

No. 279105

I don't think its pessimistic, its very clear that this is Marg's plan and she will probably keep doing it because she has nothing better to do

No. 279106

Plus, did you notice that Venus deleted the 2 pics she uploaded to her ig the day her channel went down?

No. 279108

Ir just causes me curiosity the fact that Venus didn't say a thing about her channel being back again. She just uploaded a new video and that's it.

At least I think she should clarify what the fuck is going on and if she made some deal with YT or some lawyer to prevent Margo from being Margo, again.

No. 279109

File: 1465589462826.jpg (20.18 KB, 236x235, b2a66372376c86321ff94ea74f054c…)


Venus looks so much like a small sister of Doe Deere here.

No. 279117

File: 1465590013306.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1536x1536, image.jpeg)

Went through her IG and found a photo of her wearing the bag only twice. It's definetly something that's not her style. I also found a photo of Mags looking an awful lot like the psycho mom from Carrie on there.

No. 279120

I think she is not trying to hype her fans only to have her channel be taken down again. She's probably waiting to see what her mother is doing

No. 279126

P much everyone at this point knows whats going on. She really doesn't owe anyone any deeper explanation

No. 279133

When Margo tried to turn her into the girl next door. I liked is so much more than her kawaii nonsense, but it's sad Margo tried to manufacture her.

No. 279144

File: 1465594981129.jpg (48.61 KB, 600x1000, margohookerstyle.jpg)

Margo tried to make her wear so many different styles over the years that only she thought suited her daughter. Eastern European Hooker seems to be the bitch's favorite. I'm so glad Venus has gone back to her kawaii fashion, the thought of her dressing like her mother is frightening.

No. 279146

We love grandpa Ferenc.

No. 279147

She's waiting for someone to invite her.

No. 279148

wow she really does only have the face for kawaii, she looks so weird and wrong in any mature/sexy style

No. 279149


God that's creepy

No. 279150

No. 279151

I wonder how much of the shit Margo 'bought' Venus left with Margo. Like the mature hooker wear that Margo likes for example.

No. 279152

why exactly is Margaret going to so many different countries, Korea, Japanese, Canada, China?

No. 279155

Holy shit she looks pretty here

No. 279161

it's an old dog.

No. 279162

File: 1465597650223.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2016-04-16-04-49-17…)

Looks like that one:

No. 279163


I guess he'll just be a snack then..?

No. 279167

File: 1465597807797.jpeg (278.23 KB, 1261x1261, image.jpeg)

Probably all of it. The only "mature" outfit that she bought with Venus' money that looked great on her is this blue one >>279117

Anyway, a photo of maggot ironically looking like Margaret White (aka the crazy mother from Carrie)

No. 279169

It was hardly an admission, she said it like a joke.

No. 279172

So .. what are the chances of Margo already having claimed copyright again on Venus

No. 279173


OMG fucking drop it.

No. 279175

The anon who dropped the screenshot said she was talking to Margo for awhile and Margo was serious about it. She didn't believe Margo meant it as a joke.

No. 279176

File: 1465598517604.png (1.14 MB, 1600x1000, Carrie-Piper-Laurie.png)


The storyline for Carrie is essentially Venus and Margaret's anyway eerily enough. Apeshit mother, trapped daughter and shit hit the fan eventually.

No. 279177

Not the anon you replied to but she didn't? Other people replied to them like "Oh shit an admission" and the anon was like I'm pretty sure she's being sarcastic.

No. 279179


You obviously can't read. I said it's debatable whether she was serious or not.

No. 279180

I thought it was the opposite…? A random anon said "SHE'S BEING SARCASTIC" and the one who posted the screen shot said Margo was serious. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow during some dead time I'll go wade through the thread.

No. 279181

File: 1465598794319.png (84.29 KB, 657x376, Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 23.4…)

oh for fuck sake

No. 279182


holy shit, how old was she in this? It's giving me prosititot vibes.

No. 279183


Fuck, I should've said that she was gonna be down today. I guess tomorrow was too generous of a prediction.

No. 279184

are you kidding me.

No. 279185

Terminated AGAIN.

No. 279186

Margo "strikes" again

No. 279187

what's the point any more lol

No. 279188


Margo do you seriously have nothing better to do?

No. 279189


What the actual fuck. I don't even like Venus's videos but omg I actually hate maggot.

No. 279190

Are Youtube that fucking dense? Didn't Venus say she was on a list so false claims wouldn't affect her? Now this is the 3rd time it's happened so quickly.

No. 279191


AGAIN. The dmca takedown is AUTOMATIC.

No. 279192


Well then they need to sort their shit out so the automatic termination isn't in place on protected accounts. They're still dumb as fuck. Youtube always have been, always will be.

No. 279193

Venus will be back again soon enough.

No. 279194

Holy fuck, I'm so sad for Venus.

No. 279195


Hopefully this one won't be long, I feel like the last time she came back faster than the first time she got taken down.

No. 279196


Me too. This must be so frustrating for her.

No. 279198


I think we should all team up and report maggots videos of copyright

No. 279199

wow, it's like she's doing for the sole purpose of making sure Venus isn't happy. It's 100% revenge for leaving her.

No. 279200

You just figured that out???

No. 279203

So I know anons probably answered this already, but are the automatic take downs from the videos Margo PREVIOUSLY reported?
So we're essentially seeing bans lifted after each copyright claim then another one is processed till we cycle through the 60 Margo claimed?

No. 279206

well.. I thought it was because she wanted money from her, and did this to get her to pay $3k monthly or she'll make sure her account is down. Just realized she's only interested in making Venus miserable, period.

No. 279207


Given how long the takedowns have been I'm assuming they go through them in bulk, meaning Marge did another round when the channel went back up.

No. 279213

I wonder if YouTube can do anything to prevent Margo from reporting Venus's vids - like warning her out even banning her. This has gotten ridiculous at this point.
But I guess margo needs to do this in other to pressure venus for that monthly paycheck she wants…

No. 279215


Would be helpful, but nothing would really stop her from creating a new account and just do it all over again.

No. 279216

Fucking obsessed demonbitch. She's like a venemous snake, striking relentlessly & mindlessly.

First time YT took 2 months to get the channel back. Second time took one week. (both times it was only up like 2 days before maggot struck again.)

Point is, I think this round will be dealt with more quickly as well. Takedowns are automatic but YT seems to have expedited the process of dealing w/them.

I think V expected this to happen and that is why she's been so lowkey on IG. She's dealing with this very calmly and intelligently.

(Hate Peanut character/voice tho. HATE. IT.)

No. 279217

I can't imagine Margo having a conversation in a date with a man:
+then… what are you doing? I mean, what's your job
-Blackmail my daughter and fill false copyright claims.

No. 279218

I can't imagine Margo having a conversation in a date with a man:
+then… what are you doing? I mean, what's your job
-Blackmail my daughter and fill false copyright claims.

No. 279221

How many times does it need to be said
You cannot make new accounts/sockpuppets to file DMCAs since DMCAs need to be filed with your actual details. So you also can't ban her from doing it, either. Once she has put a claim through though, she can't claim it again on that video (thank god).

No. 279227

This is just 100% bullying and harassment now. There's nothing genuine about these reports and Margo is hellbent on being a cunt for as long as it takes.

No. 279230

Well, we know the first round was 20 videos and the second was 60. Between those, margo had already reported 80/200 videos. If her current rage was on par with the last one, she could have covered as many as 140/200 already. She can't report a video more than once. She'll run out eventually.

No. 279231

And, the claims are clearly being expedited at this point; the channel was down 8 weeks the first time and less than a week the second. By this point, I doubt they'll do more investigation that confirm it's Margo reporting and get the channel back online asap.

No. 279232

I thought it was 70 reported the second time. I guess it depends. She might get downright diabolical and report just a few or even one each time…

No. 279234

Margo might have some of her minions report things, but they'd have to be at least 18 (which rules out the majority of them) and be willing to file counter counterclaims, which actually involves more legal stuff that's much more involved than hitting a button and filling out a form.

No. 279235


Ya, until Venus uploads new videos. At this point, it's just ammo for Margo to shoot Venus with.

No. 279236

I couldn't remember if it was 60 or 70 so I lowballed it. Either way, she's gone through almost half the videos she had any ability to report on, and the channel comes back faster each time.

My guess is that when margo went mega rage and report 60+ videos, she assumed that if reporting 20 videos took venus down for 8 weeks, tripling the reports would triple the down time. She's not very smart.

No. 279238

File: 1465603014775.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160610-165447.png)

Interesting. One of the 4 accounts followed by @margaretpalermofan; the others are either mags' socks or her pre teen minions'. Looks like Margo is seeking another weeaboo target further down the totem pole.

No. 279240

File: 1465603213694.jpg (1.17 MB, 1417x2050, Screenshot_20160610-165729.jpg)

And @flattened.flowers is using the word "wrongdoings" But the engrish isn't poor enough to be margo. (Photo from @margaretpalermofan

No. 279242

Ugh her philtrum is hideous.

No. 279243

Told you Venus was just waiting for her mother to fuck shit up again.
Does this walnut not understand if Venus isn't making videos than she ain't getting paid.
Thus no mil dollars Venus totes makes doing her channel.

No. 279244


She's probably thinking "if i'm not getting paid, you're not getting paid"

No. 279245

exactly. she's just being petty at this point to ruin venus' life the way venus ~ruined hers.

No. 279248

>DMCAs need to be filed with your actual details

No, they can be literally anything. Fake name/address/whatever. You can also (legitimately) submit a DMCA takedown request on behalf of another party. So while, yes, it's not tied to an account, it's also not really tied to anything in particular. The process is automated so false details and claims aren't dealt with until the user that got DMCA'd disputes the claim.

No. 279253

Margo is such a fucking bitch! By now there needs to be some protection for Venus and her channel. I'm sure if Venus put all her old videos on private, Margo would just claim her newest videos. There has to come a point where there is some protection for Youtuber. She's losing money, the network is losing money, and it's turning into such a stupid situation. And how is the network not kicking Margo to the curb for repeatedly doing this? This woman is pure evil and there is a special place in the bowels of hell for her.

No. 279255

Tourist Visa's don't last forever.

No. 279256

I'm not a Venus fan, I'm way too old for her target demographic, but I want to do everything I can to help the poor kid now. I hope there's more people like me to serve as a backlash to that awful bitch Margles.

No. 279263

'Wrongdoings' is a real English word and it was used properly..

No. 279264

I've never heard it used as a plural - wrongdoing is often used, sure. But using it as a plural verb sounds incredibly off to a native speaker.

No. 279265

And wrongdoing itself can refer to multiple acts; there's no need to add the 's'.

No. 279267

I'm always late to the party it seems…. But Margs has nothing better to do than taking down venus' channel all the time? And why is it not protected as she said before…

No. 279269


For about the second or third time today, the dmca takedown is automatic. Though last time, it was much quicker for Venus than the first time, so hopefully this time it'll be just as fast.

No. 279278

This is a fair point anon. let's say she reported them in blocks day after day. We know the first time she claimed the channel got locked for a day or so before termination. Each claim has to be processed on a cycle that takes the same amount of time, so the channel going up/down as they are processed makes some sense at least. YT cannot simply dismiss the claims, they have to accept them and act on them because of the DCMA.

But I am buoyed by the fact the termination was lifted so fast last time. That means YT are giving Venus' channel some special attention and lifting the bans fast. There's a finite limit to how long Margo can do this (I hope).

At least we know she wasn't paid off by Venus. Good one!!!

No. 279279

Margo hasn't "worked" since Venus dumped, so no she has nothing better to do.

About the protection thing, obviously it hasn't been true in Venus case. Due to the DCMA they can't really say a channel is free from the rules. Perhaps what they are doing is acting on lifting the terminations very quickly. The first time was 8 weeks which is normal, the last time was unusually short. Venus didn't announce the return so I guess YT told her more claims were coming in and would be processed.

No. 279280

*dumped her

No. 279281

>Due to the DCMA they can't really say a channel is free from the rules.

Okay, it's not that all websites have to follow the DMCA, it's that they have to follow it if they want to be granted safe harbour, that is not be held responsible for the content uploaded to their site.

They can ignore DMCA claims if they accept responsibility for the content they upload, which I believe is the protection granted to certain channels i.e. ones already monetized as the monetization rules would protect youtube by preventing the user uploading anything untoward.

No. 279282

I think those people are mostly separate individuals. A bunch of sick fucks who worship / miss their own abusive parents tbh. From time to time a user disappears and a new one appears so I think they just use a name- or account change. My guess is there'll be a hardcore troll in the mix there too, proving their allegiance to Margo as hard as they can. People are watching and I am sure they are fucking with her.

No. 279283

>They can ignore DMCA claims if they accept responsibility for the content they upload,

Sorry, that should be accept responsibility for the content users upload. Just to be clear.

No. 279284

Yeah but YT's not gonna throw safe harbour out on Venus' behalf. Emotions do not get to rule in this situation.

What's disappointing to see is the way YT terminates the channel after multiple strikes. Is that draconian measure really required by the DCMA I wonder or is purely YT internal policy (I can't find evidence). Surely that is the part they could exempt Venus from; leave her channel up with certain videos down while those ones are being disputed. The repeated terminations show YTs general policy on this to be… ass.

Anyway, no wonder Maggot was so calm. Satan-loving nutbag that she is. Rock on you evil bitch.

No. 279288

It would only be for the content the specific user that they've chosen to protect uploads, not the whole site. They already do forgo save harbour for a ton of channels, like I said, her being a monetised channel that's receiving fraudulent claims means she probably meets all of the criteria.

No. 279289

Bieber and Lady Gaga also had their channels taken down due to false DCMA claims. I think once youtube realizes this is an issue for a channel, they just expedite the process of restoring the channel. I'm sure that this tactic will not work forever.


No. 279290


No. 279291

I actually… Like that dress. Can someone tell me where to find something similar?

No. 279292

Mayo is posting on IG again. Looking forward to her trying to defend herself today.

No. 279300

What's Fullscreen do? I thought they was competent in these types of cases (protect the creator from excessive strikes, automatic terminations and DMCA stuff)
Yet there, Venus seems to be completely alone for tackling this problem.
Why she have given money after all? They seems to be completely useless.

(I know a French creator who has had many problems with his network too. They were taking 90% of his incomes and they didn't protect him from illegitimate strikes…Like 3-4 of his videos were down. He has ended up leave them.)

Sage for blogging and potato English

No. 279303

It's obvious that youtube is getting their shit together faster, it shouldn't be long before Venus is actually protected from Margo's strikes - she probably contacted someone at youtube to help her out which is why it came back. So if she contacts that person again, she should be fine and Margo is gonna start getting into shit

No. 279304

In the second takedown (that only lasted a week) YT obviously didn't go through the process of issuing a counter claim and waiting for 14 days after that to restore the channel. Bypassing that process shows they're not taking mange's claims seriously…the one week turnaround is probably just the time it took to go through YT's bureaucratic machinery.

No. 279305

agree this has to be what's happening.

No. 279306

I don't think 'defence' of a youtuber is in their business model at present. But it's something they need to think about. There will be more cases like Venus in the future.

No. 279307

File: 1465624284414.png (726.05 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160611-011525.png)

The mange rat got her nails did. Thinks she's stylin but her cuticles are crusty, those nails are sloppily done and her fingers look fucking dirty.

Try again, mange

No. 279309

What kind of channels do they forgo safe harbour for though - are there any small examples? That is a really big guarantee to be giving; okay for lady gaga but how do YT determine that Venus really does own all that shit? They can't just take a small Yters word for it.

No. 279312

I hope they will realize this and simply dismiss claims from margo that have already been rejected. this can't keep going on, it's ridiculous.

No. 279326

I saw a youtube video yesterday where one youtuber discussed how another youtuber had filed a copyright claim on one of his videos where he criticized that youtuber for various things.

All he got was a message from Youtube where it said that they had he received the copy-right claim but wouldn't take the video down as they believe that the video didn't break the copy-right laws.

I hope at some point youtube will do the same for Venus. Just notifying her, and then shit on Margo's claims.

No. 279335

There are only several videos where Margo could be dismissed that way (the running away from homes ones). She's claiming she contributed at least 50% of the making of 200+ vids. This doesn't really seem like a DCMA issue exactly, rather a matter for a court, but it's a messy issues and I guess it takes a while for YT to sort through and respond to Margo's insanity without ignoring her rights. I'm happy YT are moving through the claims fast now. This means that the situation cannot go on forever and in the meantime Margo can enjoy the death threats she's getting from 12 year olds and use up the last of the Chanel makeup that Venus paid for.

No. 279337

She says she's not in China anymore, so this is old now. Doesn't want to show us her new dorm-slash-hovel yet?

No. 279340

My cousin saw Margo in Amsterdam Schiphol.

No. 279342

No. 279343

she has storage in NL and knows it well, it wouldn't be super surprising.

No. 279344

And the girl kinda looks like Venus too. Really creepy shit.

No. 279345

these children want to be noticed / managed by Margo - some of them have said it outright.

No. 279349

Yes, for real my cousin said she is in Schiphol. Maybe she just was mistaken but she said it was a woman with luggage, looking like maggot

No. 279352

when did they see her? certainly it fits: it's a euro metropolis that she knows pretty well and she has things in storage there.

No. 279353

I know she's not allowed to make a new channel right now since her main one is down and that will be breaking the rules but soon as soon as it's back up again she should totally make a secret back up channel so she can continue uploading videos legally when her main is down next time.

Then again maggot might still find out about it and report that channel too.

No. 279354

So why haven't we filed BS DMCA claims against Margo and shut her down yet?

No. 279355

yes of course maggot will report it. only the 12-year olds commenting on Venus' insta think that idea will work. ffs.

No. 279356

because you agree to make yourself liable in a court; you agree to your own YT account being terminated; and you have no case. by all means go ahead - you'll be stooping to (actually going below) Margo's level.

No. 279358

There are plenty of farmers with VPNs, if you aren't fucking stupid you can hide. I'm on an extended vacation and my subscription to HMA ran out a few months ago, or else I'd do it myself.

No. 279360

so use a vpn, make up a fake account, and lodge a fake claim. you realise how far that will get you? thanks for the suggestion though.

No. 279361

This is against the law right? What's the punishment? Large fine, ban, block IP address, prison, brought to trial or is this just a law that isn't really enforced?

No. 279363

You are one dumb bitch. I'm not paying for a subscription to a VPN when I don't even have access to my desktop computer for the other reasons I have a VPN.
It won't get far at all, but it would be nice to give Maggot a dose of her own medicine. Fuck right back off to pull if you don't think she's deserving of that.

No. 279368

I'm not from Pull I'm from here and I'm not fucking off to anywhere. Cool your boots, you're blowing up. No-one truly cares what computer you are using or if you have a VPN or not. Claim against Margo or don't. We don't care.

No. 279370

As I already have said, Venus should make an account on another platform (like Dailymotion who have a monetization/partnership system or Twitch like anon said before)
I've the feeling that Marge will make false claims again and again..ad infinitum (unless that Venus planning to go in court)
Youtube don't seem to be efficient on this case (even though Venus have 1 million subscribers…I dread to imagine the way it should be for smaller channels) and Fullscreen even less.

She could change her name in "Venus" or "Venus Palermo", "Venaki" (therefore, Magroot couldn't make any claim about "her brand" )

No. 279375

If Fullscreen has the vision to support her, Twitch probably? Agree a multichannel approach will help. Also the name thing, Venus should be trademarking it as hard as she can all over the world. Or like you say finding another name (but that looks like an admission).

No. 279376

>Why hasn't anyone done this thing that I personally have a load of excuses as to why I haven't done it

It's almost like people could be in a similar situation…

No. 279377

File: 1465643433113.png (324.59 KB, 477x351, 1437867160324.png)

So tired of Maggot's shit.
I just want that bitch to gtfo the internet in general, it's not even funny anymore

No. 279381

I'm just saying, people have actually mentioned having VPNs in these threads before. I just don't understand why they haven't tried.

Does anyone know what happened here >>278805 though? Is this what a protected channel sees, or is it just what happens when an entirely unbased claim is made? In which case doing this would be pointless unless you can find the original ukelele player she used in hatersong.

No. 279382

Venus should be the one to do it - annoying how you think she's some crippled princess who can't do shit for herself. Whiteknights are fucking annoying, how about people defend themselves for once?

No. 279383

Why would Venus make fake copywright claims and actually give Margo proof, since she would probably go through her actual channel, use her real address etc.
I don't think V is devious enough to go the backwards route and, if she did, we wouldn't hear about it as V having done it, jut her 'fans'.

No. 279384


agree and I thought she should be busy saving her 18 boxes in storage and moving back to europe and find a place to stay jeeeez

No. 279385


Sage for OT, can we just ignore slowpoke retards asking same dumb questions in every fucking thread?

Black list:
- Why not create another channel?
- Wasn't V's channel protected?
- Didn't Marge admit she faked V's cheating? And everything related to this subject

I'm getting really fucking tired of scrolling down because of the retards who don't bother to read the thread and constantly shit it up with exact same questions. And those who kindly reply to them instead of telling those lazy fucks to bother to read the fucking thread.

Like, seriously, can we just ignore them?? It would be very appreciated.

No. 279386


Maybe the next Margo thread should have a disclaimer that says "read previous threads to find the answer to these frequently asked questions"

No. 279387

OP Should always say read the previous thread.
All that needs to be noted is that V cannot make a new channel and to stop asking.

No. 279388

Op is linked to the previous thread and also has a copy-paste of the YT rules. Next OP can/should make it even more clear. Problem is, people don't read.

Agree, it's time to start ignoring these questions.

No. 279391

I don't think margo is reporting venus videos alone. Prob her "supporters" are helping her while she travels too

No. 279398


We are talking about when her channel is back up so she can legally do it.

I don't see how asking why she can't make a back account ASAP once the claims are cleared is anyway similar to people asking why can she make one now when her channel is still down.

We are not retards becouse you got confused. Chill anon they are 2 completely different questions.

No. 279399


You're a retard for spelling and grammar mistakes

No. 279400

File: 1465649971174.png (388.47 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is the channel fully down?
Her channel still shows up if you search for it

No. 279405

They can't - they don't own any content in the videos.

You realise she's long gone from China right? She's not "travelling" anymore.

No. 279408

You don't have to own the content to make a vexatious complaint. People could still make a malicious claim with no basis - it would still trigger a takedown while it is verified. The investigation would find there was nothing in it and restore the videos but by then the damage is done.

No. 279410

In some comments she stated that she is in Germany now!!!

No. 279412

because they just don't want to get involved?

No. 279413

File: 1465653584185.png (38.63 KB, 604x220, Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.5…)

she definitely landed in germany anyway. pic for posterity.

No. 279415

No. 279421

I'm so curious what she's doing to do in Germany. Is she heading home to start trouble for her family or just actually starting her life over. Time will tell I guess.

No. 279422


of course she is going to germany. You get welfare here so she doesn't need hurry to get a job and it's so easy to stay here jeeeesus

No. 279424

As an EU citizen she can stay in Germany but don't get welfare so easy, idiot.

No. 279426

She will be straight on job allowance and other benfits within a week.

No. 279427


This is why she's back in the EU. She won't get a job in any other country after all. It's the only way she can get and and stay jobless. Unless she becomes a student again.

No. 279428

Can't she get Hartz IV pretty quick though?

No. 279429

and then just start bumming in Görlitzer Park.

No. 279430

with Margo's track record I doubt she'll stay there.

How much does this wart of a woman's channel bring in ? And would that affect how much welfare/financial aid they'd give her ?

No. 279432

File: 1465655686984.png (377.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-11-10-33-27…)

:( #youlovedher #weusedtohavegoodtimes

No. 279434

Sorry. Lolcow suck on the iPhone

Correction: This is why she's back in the EU. She refuses to get a job in any country after all. This is the only way she can get money and stay jobless at the same time.

No. 279436


I wonder when things finally settle if Venus will actually go to visit her family. Clearly they care for her and wan't to see her.

No. 279439

File: 1465656474695.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 279440

Who says Venus doesn't talk to them? Venus just doesn't address them publicly. They're clearly emphasizing with Venus so it might due to Venus pleading her case with them. Of course they know Margo best which is why they took V's side.

Anyways >>279385
Why doesn't someone create a decent summary in the next thread? No one is going to an old thread with old milk and scrolling through tons of "omg, my mom is so much like Margo" posts to get to some practical assessments of what's going on.

No. 279442

I'm working in an office, givin EU citizens welfare and it's NOT that easy. So if you have no idea, keep your mouth shut!

No. 279453

Good if she can't claim any benefits. Since she has no education she probably won't be able to get a high paying job but so what she could actually make herself useful by scrubbing some public toilets.

No. 279454


There is a difference between talking to someone online and actually seeing them in person. I dunno about you but sometimes I like to actually be able to hug my family and talk face to face.

I wasn't saying she wasn't communicating, just that maybe once things settle she might go visit them and get to know her family that Margo held her back from.

No. 279463

>Margo hasn't "worked" since Venus dumped
She actually did work for Fitness First in most countries they were living in before they went to Japan for Manaki the first time, she bragged about it on PULL.

No. 279464

No wonder she proclaim to be a satanist.

No. 279465

File: 1465662813919.jpg (85.08 KB, 736x588, a2140df49a3b516fe108fea286ffe9…)


Ferenc strikes again kek

No. 279468


This is not good. This will just make her Hungary for more money off Venus. I actually want her to get benfits.

No. 279469


She work there for like a few weeks while in London. That's it. They probably sacked her

No. 279471

She won't be happy until she gets what she wants from Venus because she feels that the money is hers and that her actions are justified. She doesn't want anyone's money, it has to be from Venus. Otherwise she would have moved onto another scheme by now.

No. 279477

Wrong and it's not hard to work for the same company when moving to other countries. They have locations all over the world after all.

No. 279478

Looks like Borzoi

No. 279479


Her channel's fully down (for now) since if you click on it, it'll say it's terminated.

No. 279490

It would have been illegal for her to work at the locations in Asia with a tourist visa. Who knows what happened. Margo is usually lying when her mouth is moving or when her fingers are typing.

No. 279492

File: 1465672108037.png (981.9 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160611-120744.png)

The maggot has landed? Who the fuck knows.

No. 279493

I know she's posting "old" flight oics, but someone on the comments said she's in Holland because it's a KLM flight.

No. 279495

File: 1465672328600.jpg (619.32 KB, 1346x1121, Screenshot_20160611-121108.jpg)

More from after her comment about being in Germany

No. 279496

It's a little after 9pm in Germany right now; I think her whole "lol there is old.pics, I'm totally not in China right now!!" storyline might be bullshit and shes been posting closer to realtime.

No. 279507

She won't get welfare easily anymore.
Due to the recent influx of refugees things have become a lot more strict and if you're not already a German citizen or an actual refugee it's not as easy anymore.
They might give her benefits she'll have to work for though but i am unsure how she'd like that.
Because that basically means you're doing a shitty service job for your benefits

No. 279508

But anon, she's totally a refugee too. A refugee of the bullying and psychopathy of her own daughter. She deserves all the benefits!

No. 279511


yes god forbid anyone post anything on insta after 9Pm

No. 279512

I've actually worked for the German welfare system and since Margot's from Hungary, tough luck for her. The only way she'd be able to get anything in Germany would be if she actually worked and didn't make enough money to support herself or worked a certain time and then lost that work.

But for that, she would actually need to get a job in the first place.

This also has nothing to do with the amount of refugees, it's been that way for years already.

No. 279513


Then hat is she going to do??
She has family there right?

No. 279514

I don't get why she couldn't of just went to Hungary. why Germany

No. 279515

No. 279516

… I was talking about it being sunset, anon. Sunset is usually over by 9pm. Hence, the photo was taken before 9pm.

No. 279520

the anon who was leeking margo chats said that she's paranoid and afraid her dad/family would do something to her (maybe put her in a mental hospital?). She also can't beg them for money anymore because they know that she will use it to harm Venus.

No. 279527