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File: 1466480610054.png (499.92 KB, 586x553, Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.25…)

No. 283175

Margo is confirmed in Hamburg, Germany. She was briefly given houseroom by one of her InstaFriends, which fell apart quickly once the friend realized Mags was only out to use her (interview with the former friends starts here >>283073 and confirmed by instargam photo with tag for the farms).

According to said friend, Margo is now on a mission to move back to South Korea but she's short on cash, and suggestions of jobs tend to frustrate her.

Margo tried her hand at arranging a marriage for a Korean friend of hers; she guarantees his dick size and promises he'll cheat. Suspicion abounds that this is the dude she tried to get Venus drunk enough to sleep with, and that promises were made by Margo that she's been unable to fulfill due to Venus no longer being her pawn. >>282702

Meanwhile, NJM created a channel as "Venus Palermo" featuring Venus's videos marketed as CP.; she left links and pricing for sex acts all over the damn place. Margo, despite being informed that someone was hosting the videos she loudly claims ownership over, didn't do a thing about it and got angry when her stans tried to direct her to the channel. Anons reported the NJM comments and channel as CP, NJM watched it go down live and backtracked like woah. As soon as reports were posted, NJM closed the channel voluntarily; and shortly after that, Margo's videos about Venus's marriage - her top viewed ones - were made private.

Venus just got out of the hospital after a week with near septic shock. Margo showed her true face by insisting that Venus isn't human; that she faked her hospital pics for attention; and doesn't care about her. Oh, and Margo got disowned by Grandpa Ferenc officially, leaving Margo without her final lifeline.

Her callousness lost Margo support, so she's done an about face and solicited "sweet lyrics" for a loving hymn (?!) she's writing for her beloved Venoos, which will launch Wednesday >>283107 Perhaps she hopes her uplifting religious song will touch Grandpa Ferenc's heart.

In others words: it's been a hell of a week.

Last thread:

Link to the early drama:

* WE DON'T CARE IF VENUS EVER CHEATED (river kappa is a known liar)

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

No. 283179

File: 1466480970071.png (538.64 KB, 934x579, Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.46…)

Here' is Margo's promise of a #musicvideo for #venusangelic.

No. 283180

File: 1466481019876.jpg (151.26 KB, 1200x985, margo41.jpg)

Man I hate this particular pic of her, it triggers me.

Anyway, pic attached is Margo's search for a wife for that Korean guy.

No. 283181

File: 1466481165425.png (324.68 KB, 927x596, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.5…)

Here's the message Margo posted - she's also harassing a 7th grader who gave her some mild truth - less than 10 minutes after Venus made a post about being out of hospital. The attention V is getting was KILLING her.

We'll see how long this new "loving mama" act lasts if her #musicvideo doesn't gain her new stans.

No. 283182

I agree, it gives me the heebee jeebees. But that's why I chose it. Plus she's not doing too many selfies these days so we take what we can get.

No. 283183

I prefer the heavily facetuned stuff from the latest YT because it makes her look like a fool (like the hair dying stills). I don't like her 'sweet lady' selfies at all.

No. 283184

it give other people the heebie jeebies as well.

No. 283187

File: 1466483484457.png (457.65 KB, 568x562, 7bdf5579-6048-4c05-b12d-e18c12…)

This one is my fave. It's 3 years old but captures the unfiltered evil & pure crazy of the maggot, with those eyebags and deep facial lines in gruesome detail.

No. 283189

File: 1466485129686.png (15.24 KB, 256x256, latest.png)

No. 283195

Wonder if hater song v2 will fall under the new harassment/bullying rules YouTube put out.

No. 283197

Does anyone have any idea who this particular "friend" is? A host she stayed with before? Or that guy who was texting V?

No. 283198

There's no direct proof. Margo says he's 22, which would make him appropriately aged to Margo's ex boyfriend and his best friend (the guy Mag's claims Venus cheated on Mana with).

The fact that Margo is guaranteeing his dick size means she's fucked him. And since Margo took that "cheating" photo of her and the BFF, she's likely fucked them both (and probably why she got dumped.) So it could be one of those 2 guys, or some different guy she fucked in Korea.

No. 283200

I would say that given what she ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE (see >>283187 -and that was 3 years ago, just imagine her now) vs her heavily filtered current fantasy self, I kinda doubt she has hot 22 year old guys lining up to hit that. In other words, no. Only in her dreams, Anon.>>283198

No. 283201

Drunk dudes aren't super particular about which wet hole their dick falls into; whoever this dude is, he's apparently 22 and Mags knows his dick situation. I'm not arguing with you that she has Voldemort Face; but according to her she knows his dick (also, Margo's Seoul BF was clearly not older than 25. I mean, that shit's desperate on his part, and creepy on hers, but i guess it happened. There's no accounting for taste.)

No. 283202

Margo's the type to say that even if she hasn't personally sucked the thing.

There's only two guys to really choose from - the one she fucked or the one she tried to get to fuck Venus. Either way it's gross.

No. 283203

File: 1466491009998.png (67.43 KB, 622x362, Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.35…)

This is at the bottom on the bee and flower pic. Has it been discussed yet?

No. 283204

…maybe YT has told her to go fuck herself, again?

No. 283205

…how about option #3: she made the whole thing up.

No. 283206

Nope. But if Margo is turning into Cheerfull Loving Mama and being blithe about the channel return, I'd guess she's got zero options left on blocking the channel coming back and so has decided to do an about face. Pretend she's always wanted the best for Venus.

Or, Margo and Fullscreen came to some financial agreement that's put her in a good mood and gotten her to stop her 4 month temper tantrum.

No. 283207

KEK spot on

No. 283209

I'm just catching up on an in-depth read of the Jassy interview (damn timezones! damn sleep!). Margo is just as erratic in person as on Insta. Good questions were asked anons, good work.

Excuse if already discussed, but wouldn't it be funny if the "project" Jassy help Margo to write up in better English was the Cragslist ad anon found? >>282979

No. 283212

It'd be just like Margo to turn it around and pretend it was done with her blessing, or imply she got some money when she didn't.

No. 283213

ps. the Craislist ad is 4 days old.

No. 283215

File: 1466492636091.png (62.77 KB, 338x517, Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.0…)

Wow, Marge even like a cheesy poem about reconciliation. WTF.

No. 283216

File: 1466492647120.png (41.6 KB, 324x239, Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.0…)

No. 283218


The face goes on the pillow anon :^)

No. 283219

I doubt she likes it, she said it's "creative", she can't like something tha praises Venus. I'm sure she was boiling from jealousy while reading all the compliments to Venus she asked for.

No. 283220

Between Margo taking her "TRUTH!!1! re: Venus's marriage" videos down, and this public about face, and her making a whole video about how much she loves her kid - wtf happened??

Scared temporarily into submission by legal issues (defamation, copyright is against her, the CP channel getting reported, fullscreen will sue the shit out of her)? Or small settlement if she play mice mama? If it's a settlement, it would usually come with a stipulation that she NOT talk about Venus anymore, rather than crow about her. For that alone I doubt it's a settlement.

No. 283221

No. 283222

When she feels financially insecure she pops off. We know from Hamburg Jassy Margo is living on borrowed money (and Jassy says it's not as much as Margo wanted). Margo might want to see if playing nice gets her some money.

Also like any controlling abusive fuck, she'll try any behaviour on if it brings the child back under control.

No. 283224

why? it's not Margo. who cares.

No. 283225

Margo asked for submissions of sweet song lyrics for Venus. This other person wrote a poem about Venus for Margo. In the second photo >>283216 Margo applauds the writer.

No. 283226

I remember Margo telling one anon an idea for a video. Margo would talk about Venus in a nice way as if she had died. I think this might be hatersong 2.0

No. 283227

Yes I know. Margo almost always thanks people who write messages of support to her. If you have followed these threads for a long time you will know that. If you are recent to these threads I suggest you get a feel for how it works. We don't need endless caps of these interactions her. They are trivia. You can just mention it.

Also the second cap was already posted, just without the redundant thankyou line.

No. 283228

typos… but you get the gist.

Please let's not repeat the caps diarrhea and fanfics of the last thread.

No. 283229

Cons - Will Cheat

MAN What a catch, sign me the fuck up for that!

No. 283230

… I didn't post the cap; I was responding to a question someone posted. Can you shake the sand out of your vagina long enough to enjoy the spectacle? Theories may be floated. Caps may be re-hashed inadvertently. No one is doing to these things to needle you. Making posts every time you have an itchy vagina clutters the thread more than theories and images.

/ back to the saga of Margitka: The Hungarian Harpy.

No. 283231

That Craigslist ad was for looking for someone in Tokyo, anon. Specifically invited applicants to meet up for coffee..IN TOKYO. Maggot is not in Tokyo, has not been in Japan for quite some time and (probably) cannot get back into Japan even if she could afford to.

No. 283233

we are all anon here. if you don't want to be seen as being the same anon, just say so when you reply. thanks for your suggestions, I'll just report the trash and reposts instead of commenting on them.

No. 283235

Yes I know but… she might say that then 'oh, I'm out of town at the moment, let's skype instead of coffee'.

No. 283236

also that cap wasn't a theory about mags. it was her thanking a follower - something she does every day.

No. 283253

To be honest guys, I don't think Margaret will make a hater song against her daughter. I think it's really a hymn for her, like that Margaret wants to get along with Venus better (for sure to get again money)

No. 283254


Hamburg Jassy here. As far as I know Margaret, anon is right…but I don't think that Venus forgive her. At least I hope so.

No. 283255

Hi Jassy! Thanks for continuing to come here.
Do you know if Margo has lost any other supports lately? It seems to be just sock accounts supporting her for the most part now.

No. 283256

File: 1466516158186.jpg (26.18 KB, 291x290, cycle_of_abuse1.jpg)

It's just the start of the honeymoon period during which Margo will try to lure Venus back.
I hope Venus is smart enough to not forgive her, Margo will never let her get away again.

No. 283261

Thanks for coming back. Still wondering about about a question from the last thread:

>I have one more, if you have time: how did Margaret react when you asked her to leave?

No. 283262

Regarding the marriage search I wish I could have gotten more info but this is what I got from messaging her as an interested party.

I asked some basic questions like what does he do, the type of woman he's looking for, does he mind women that will try to be students in Korea (as opposed to housewives), etc.

>I think he looks for a model or something

>I think he wants too much but it worked for Trump, sooooo…
>Yeah, sorry, I think it's his problem finally…

The last remark is over him wanting a model tier woman instead of just any woman willing to marry him.

Again, sorry I didn't get much more but I don't usually get this involved and didn't want to push my luck. I told her to contact me if she ever needed anything though.

No. 283268

I wonder how much she's charging for a finders fee, plane ticket perhaps?

No. 283274

I wonder if Marshitka will try again to sing like her younger sister Noemi. So much ridicule, streets in Seoul will be littered with corpses.

No. 283277


well, she was a bit angry and was like "where should I go and everything?" but that wasn't my problem. I gave her an ultimatum for her to leave and she was like "oh my whole luggage" so I also drove her…I'm just wondering how she was able to change the flat (she had to change), when she had "sooooo much luggage"

No. 283278

Unfortunately I don't know but she told me that she gets a lots of nice messages through DM at Insta - I never asked her if these are sock accounts that are commenting

No. 283279

That was very smart, and very brave of you, considering her penchant for vengeance against people she feels have done her wrong! You're one tough lady =)

No. 283280

Thank you!

No. 283281

Good for you girl! It's like escaping a dragon.

No. 283283

How are you feeling about the possibility that Venus might forgive the River Monster?

No. 283284


No. 283287


Fuck me this is hilarious hahahahahaha

No. 283292

Grossed out. I hope Venus doesn't and stands firm. I remember she said in one of her videos (either her addressing those awful claims against Venus or how she ran away from home), she said "I believe in forgiveness… But there is a limit." I think she was at her limit when she made those videos months ago.

No. 283298

Hamburg Jassy FTW!

No. 283303

Jassy- how much luggage did she arrive with? LOLLL

What was the "project" she wanted your help with?

No. 283311

Also to Jassy, do you know what happened with her 18 boxes of crap in Tokyo, that she was looking for sommeone to pay storage costs for? (Please tell me you didn't do it)

No. 283345

Thank you hahaha

No. 283346

Two suitcases and she also bought a printer - yeah, seriously hahah

No. 283347

The project was the hymn, first it wasn't that good at all.

No. 283349

A printer? What the hell? LOL

No. 283350

I'm not 100% sure but I think she talked with a company which was taking the boxes for a year or so

No. 283351

Yeah for application. I told her that most applications are made by mail but she thought it's important - yeah, she always knows it better

No. 283352

So, latest "plan" is to stay in Europe and apply for jobs? Like actual JOBS?

No. 283353

Has she given up on grabbing $$ from Venus's channel/shutting it down as revenge?

No. 283354

What careers/positions does marge think she's qualified for? ('Celebrity Manager' we already know, Lol)

No. 283355

LOL like copy places aren't more logical and literally everywhere. What a fucking loon.

No. 283356

Yeah, jobs like those where she sells young virgins to rich well-proportioned dicks she knows so well. Because Marshitska is the hungarian Madame Claude, you know.

No. 283360

Margo seems the type to work within a dating agency. Hooking up wealthy Asian men with fresh, young & "pure" white girls. That previous post of hers about looking for a future wife for her little Korean buddy just goes to show where her mindset is at. She'd happily pimp out young women for cash since she failed doing the same with Venus.

No. 283361

Margaret has finally just realized that she can't make it on her own and she can't bend the situation to her will by sheer force, so her last resort is to suck up to Venus and hope she helps her get to SK/ pays her an allowance or something.

The thing is if she had just been nice from the beginning instead of acting like a fucking psycho, it probably would have worked and everyone involved would be better off.

No. 283362

Ok this is the comment of the day… a printer dragged across the world.

No. 283364

It's a job that would suit her sleazy world-view tbh. But Marg seems determined not to work because of "proofs" and whatnot.

No. 283365

Exactly. Venus, despite everything margo has put in through in life, had always seen her mom as her best friend (it was a lot of Stockholm syndromebut still.) If margo had just been chill and let her life her own life with her husband, venus probably would have continued to financially support her, gladly. Margo fucked up her own free ticket in life by going bezerker on her duaghter. Now Venus has a better picture of who margo truly is, and has rightly gone no contact.

No. 283366

It's for the best. In going bezerk Margo showed her true face.

No. 283367

She has to keep receipts on everyone: Venus, manaki, her dad, her sister, the haters, Spanish chef…

No. 283368

Agreed. Thanks to her going into rage berserker mode since January, Venus has all the more reason to never contact her mother ever again. She saw the horrible things that Margo is capable of from another perspective. If Margo can't physically abuse Venus, she'll destroy her life, try to ruin her marriage, take away her job, spread disgusting lies (like being a prostitute) and laugh at her being hospitalized. Any mother that actually loves her child would never do any of the shit that she has. I hope Margo's eggs are as shriveled as her black heart. She doesn't deserve to be a mother.

No. 283369

I'm sure this is because she's realized that she can't hassle Venus for money if she has none. Also, she can't keep claiming copyright forever.

No. 283371

Yeah and Margo won't tell us (until a later ragefest) but she may be getting letters from YT about the resolution of claim after claim. This >>283203
suggests she has some feedback from YT.

No. 283373


It's not too long ago margo said ''not gonna happen'' when someone mentioned that Venus said she was going to get her channel back.

All this sudden positivity makes me think that Venus gave in and agreed to give Margo money

No. 283374

I doubt she gave her money. Someone speculated this last time when her channel came back and it was down again a day later.

No. 283378

I actually think it's her final break down mode. She's gone full on delusional. I can't explain it, but I think in her head she is laughing at making this song, b/c she is fully trying to convince herself that Venus will die now, since there seems to be no accepted resolution for her. Now she has to mentally "kill her" & of course play up the dramatic points - with a hymn "tribute.". She's basically snapped off.

No. 283383

Nope. Marge hit Jassy up for $$ before Jas kicked her ass out, remember? Bitch is still broke. As for the sudden "positivity," hello MOODSWINGS

No. 283384

Her crazy ass is probably hanging around her latest bnb bumming cigs off random passersby, lol

No. 283385

she often talks about one of them dying.

No. 283386

Fark I would love to know how much Jassy loaned her. I'm sure with that printer (!) Margo will be raking it in in no time!

I can't be bothered scouring cheap Hamburg airbnbs hosted by gay couples.

No. 283389

Margo's a crazy narcissist, and drama is her mana. She likes to imagine that Venus will die at Manaki's hands, and has said as much; to Margo, it would prove her right about EVERYTHING and be a fitting punishment for her daughter leaving. The flip side of that is Margo wailing about Venus wanting her to DIE DIE DIE… somehow by having left to live with her husband? Anyway, it's a pretty common narc tactic - along with suicide threats they use for control - and a perfect example of black and white thinking.

I think the "hymn" is Margo's ham-handed attempt to get back into Venus's good graces, waaaay too late in the game. The fact that she's calling it a hymn might also be an overture to her religious dad, since she found out Grandpa Ferenc cut her off a couple days ago. Margo got all puffed up and indignant when she was told about Ferenc cutting her off. But after getting kicked out of what she thought was a free crashpad, and losing out on stans for laughing about her kid nearly dying, Margo is doing a 180 in the hopes that it will get her attention, and then money from either Ferenc or Venus.

As far as the channel, Margo is probably out of legal options to keep it down at this point. Even if she had the money to take V to court - which she doesn't - she's got jack and shit for evidence of her claims. The takedown period is probably almost over. If Venus had paid her off, the settlement would likely come with a nondisclosure agreement, and Margo wouldn't be able to say anything about Venus at all or risk her settlement not being sent, or recalled.

No. 283392

She truly is. Even Jassy said she's convinced that EVERYONE is evil and wants only the worst for her (Jassy's exact words.) She's accused Ferenc of being out to get her/having her followed by the police or some damn thing in the past, Manaki brainwashed Venus and of course Venus had an evil plan for her destruction (planned for MONTHS.) She's paranoid & delusional and plain old crazy.

No. 283395

Margo would not able to resist gloating by posting her new place, swarovskis, better airbnb etc if she got that free money, even with an NDA. Trust me, we will hear.

I wonder if Margo will get talking to Jassy2.0 in Hamburg, you know the model one? jasmin rose

No. 283396

It must feel lousy to be that paranoid all the time.

No. 283397

Oh, Margo would break and NDA for sure. I'd bank of it being during a rage, personally. And I agree, if she'd come into money, she'd be bragging about her jetsetter lifestyle left and right.

But I doubt something like that was even necessary, her claims can't last forever and Fullscreen knows it.

>>talking to Jassy2.0 in Hamburg, you know the model one? jasmin rose

I'm sure she's working down the list of supporters she thinks she can call upon. She's got to be furious that all her time spent buttering up HamburgJassy1.0 was thwarted by her shitty personality within days.

No. 283398

I think the new vid's gonna be (what she THINKS is) a hilariously funny, mocking ode to "Venus, the Kawaii Princess and her Adoring Fans."

No. 283400

File: 1466568795301.png (261.52 KB, 605x1024, f9707573-cef3-4891-ade7-f77bee…)

'That' Jasmin commented on mange's IG today.

No. 283402

Did Mags delete a ton of comments on her two bee photos?

No. 283404

Odd observation:
Margo posts about dead yt celeb, but nothing on the Orlando bombings, now she's staying with a gay couple?

I'm not sure if it makes her at least slightly homophobic or if posting about Christina was a really dark, twisted jab at Venus.

No. 283407

I am not looking forward to her upcoming whale song…

And why did she feel the need to mention that her hosts are gay?

No. 283408

>>why did she feel the need to mention that her hosts are gay?


Yep, she deleted the whole poem for Venus that someone wrote. But left up her own message applauding said poem. Margo logic: request sweet lyrics about Venus; get pissed off and rage delete if anyone leaves sweet lyrics about Venus.

No. 283409

File: 1466572796514.png (591.48 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Does anyone know what she's saying?

No. 283410

It looks like a sign for the Art Zurich festival. Maybe a Hamburg museum is hosting an exhibition from the festival? Any locals, feel free to elucidate.

No. 283411

sign reads "the art is back"? sorry my german is rusty

didn't bothered with the caption

No. 283414

Sign - the art is back
Caption - No, I'm here for the first time

No. 283415

Margo,it's says art not kappa

No. 283417

Don't mean to samefag

But she just edited the caption to the picture and it seems that she's uploading a video today

No. 283418

Zurück means "back" or "returned".

No. 283419

"Hope you will have a laugh…"

Oh we shall Margo, we shall.

No. 283420

All because she can't say kind things about her own daughter that come from her heart. It's really heartbreaking that strangers care more about Venus than she does.

No. 283421

sign: Art Is Back
mange:"no, I'm here for the first time"

HAHAHAHA look guys look at marge SO FUNNY o m g my sides!!!

No. 283423

File: 1466575866063.jpg (16.29 KB, 307x113, perra.JPG)

She just edited the caption

No. 283424

Wow, Margaret wants to show she's down with the gays, yet Manaki being a cross-dresser and Venus being asexual are terrible things?

No. 283426

File: 1466577527278.png (618.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-05-03-32-39…)

What a difference half a year makes.

No. 283427

It's fucking heartbreaking that Margo got away with that shit in full public view. Every one of their neighbors who never called the cops when they heard V scream should get a beating like the one they heard.

sage for irrational rage against random assholes

No. 283428

They said they were gay so she wouldnt hit on them.

No. 283429

because she's in touch with the people and doesn't just mourn some reality tv star she'd never heard of but also cares about the pulse nightclub massacre.

No. 283430

No. 283431


No. 283433

Awwww mange, why you baleet #sofunny pic??

No. 283434

Wtf why bother deleting that.

I can't stop chuckling when I think of her lugging that printer around.

No. 283435

not detected, my bad.

No. 283436

I laff so hard at #funny #caption und now is gone mak me #sad

No. 283439

File: 1466586689555.png (436.97 KB, 815x490, fb.png)

was looking through PULL and found this screenshot
>with 15 year young Venus' money

also that talk of suicide and the details, I can't imagine what Venus must have felt when Margo said these things to her while trying to manipulate her, it's disgusting for someone to be so selfish to say this to their kid of all people, especially since Margo was the only person Venus had at the time and living in a foreign country, she must have been very scared.

No. 283440


Why is it always 10k when she talks about lump sums? lol

No. 283441

This was years ago and her English is still shit and I hear her German is just as bad. I remember she talked about this friend stealing the amount of one of Marge's magical numbers. Didnt Marge lie and defame the shit out of this woman? The agency was called Lethal Models or something like that.

No. 283442

>I guess hanging from a bridge at night will be the best solution.

Let me guess: a bridge above a RIVER? A "Margaret Says" Generator could be created from her repetitive formula. There could be 10,000 combinations.

No. 283443

I don't know how many farmers have come across those fursona generators or tag generators since they are tumblr-related, but I think I could put one together for a marshit insult generator

No. 283444

She's not actually changed one bit. I really feel for Venus having to live with someone so wound up.

No. 283445

where's this fecking video Marge. get on with it.

No. 283448


She posted on her IG it won't be up until tomorrow

No. 283449

maybe because Venus said that Margo never will see a dollar or something so she has to rewrite it hahah. Or the gay couple threw her out.

Marge, there is a 24/7 McDonalds at the Central Station in Hamburg, which has free Wi-Fi - bet it would be as lovely as your mangakissa

No. 283451

can she even afford to linger in mcdonalds? doesn't her airbnb have internet? try a library Marge, it's free.

No. 283453

Or she will be like "but you will have to pay me $$$ when signing the deal" in order to afford a flight.

No. 283454

She didn't take a shower…

No. 283455

Yeah, it was Lethal Models and it was run by some Miss World contestant. They were also the ones that were in charge for all of Venus's professional shootings as well as media reports and paid everything, not Margo who often claims she did all of that. They went bankrupt later in the same year after Margo threw a temper tantrum over not getting paid in time which obviously was only a coverup by Margo in order to not pay them back, only a little amount was stolen by the owner's former bf from her company's money but nothing dramatic.

No. 283456


God, who does she think she's fooling saying that she was the one who worked on Venus's channel?

Venus was rarely late with her videos, but Margo can barely be fucked to make a new vid on her channel once every two or three weeks.

It can't be the moving around either, since Venus still kept up a schedule while being dragged from London to the Netherlands to Japan to SK.

No. 283457

ah yes good point. "if you are serious, you will need to invest x amount to start. we're partners you know"

No. 283459

I was reading Shitka's comment section of her yt channel:

I wonder if some of those who were defending Shitka have discovered the truth like Jassy Hamburg did.

There are many interesting comments too. I read some of this year and some before too, like 7 months ago. There is someone saying:

>>Someone's living vicariously through their daughter, lolzor faggots

Was the problem already known before that Palermo scandal begun?

Gitka only responded to one comment, from Hungarian people. And maybe I'm wrong but she seems to have deleted none of them unlike her ig.

Knowing that there are some comments who sound like a punch in the face and that she has NPD, I wonder why she hasn't deleted some comments.

Is she neglecting her yt channel comment section? Is it a weak spot? Could we exploit that?

No. 283462

I'm the one who posted that pic of her and I did laugh a bit when this all came out. My idea was shot down within minutes of that picture being up.

No. 283463


Everybody hits on maggot, no exceptions anon. Sure she will turn them straight hahahaha

No. 283465

the scandal p much started in december you walnut, and if you poke it it will probably just sperg out more with venus being the victim
just stop you fucking pecans, forced milk tastes like shit and has a risk of hurting innocent bystanders

No. 283466

why is this making me laugh, why do I think you calling people literal nuts is cute as hell (not sarcasm!)

I think she's just outright failed to post half the videos she says she will, tbh.

No. 283470

Same here, that shit is cute and awesome and >>283465 anon is awesome and I think I'm going to use it too from now on lol

No. 283474

Was this when she had those disgusting dreads? That shit was the stuff of nightmares

No. 283484

well shit, you're welcome I guess
it started from walnut cause I saw someone on ceeg using that one and it just kinda expanded from that
I think it's me compensating for my nut allergies

sorry for noncontrib, but I don't think this is worse than the people who used to write essays about their abusive mums on here

No. 283501

File: 1466629787281.png (40.61 KB, 311x273, Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.07…)

I thought you'd finished the video Monday, Mags? You live in a house with internet, so wtf is the upload problem?

It just becomes more and more obvious Venus was the one running the show - she kept on schedule no matter what, none of this "oh, tomorrow. No, the next tomorrow. No, next week" bullshit. And V can actually storyboard and edit.

who knows how long we'll have to wait for this "catchy!!" masterpiece.

No. 283518

Yeah, if she could get online to comment on IG, she "could" upload the vid, right? As in, just hit the Upload button..

My theory: the maggot doesn't WANT TO post her latest masterpiece right now bc she's on the move again. She'll be w/o internet access while in transit to wherever, therefore unable to delete/moderate/respond to comments.

I know I know, SPECULATION! but it fits

No. 283519

File: 1466638465440.png (87.5 KB, 806x704, ss (2016-06-22 at 03.33.41).pn…)

Mira's take on everything

No. 283520

going from talking about Venus and Marge to derailing about herself and hate forums, oh Mira.

No. 283523

Mira just got called out for selfposting in the jvlogger thread to smear Sharla with old screencaps/texts. She'll be feeling particularly dirty about lolcow today, lol.

No. 283524

go read the notsoangelic tumblr, the scandal started years ago anon. people suspected Margo of abusing Venus back then, the only diff is they were tearing Venus down too.

No. 283526

No. 283529

I used to be one of those who would tear Venus down, too. I thought she was so fake, pathetic and etc. But nowdays I've realized that all these years she's been Margo's puppet to get money, but she got tired. Now I see she's a simple girl who actually loves making videos and wants to be funny, and I feel sorry for her and all that she's been through. I feel that all the drama has been all Margaret's fault, from the very beggining many years ago. Now all Venus wants is to be herself without Margo and it's been so difficult.

No. 283532

I think Venus was very much on her mother's side and wanted, up till leaving, to protect her. After all Jassy has told us that Margaret feels the whole world is against her all of the time. Imagine this burden for a child, they will want to support the needy parent. And given that Margaret did so much in Venus' name it was hard to distinguish who was truly responsible for the worst actions. Now it's easy to see who did what… It must have been 24hr torture for Venus living with that witch.

No. 283536

I only posted about how her persona was really annoying and that she needed to stop frying her hair. Which seems to have at least partially been from Margo. Also made a few comics, but they were more about Margo being a creepy old coot who wanted to BE Venus and wouldn't let her play with other kids.


No. 283543

" people hate Venus because she's pretty"
"people hate me who the fuck knows why"

So glad Mira knows she's a sasquatch and no one jelly over those looks.

No. 283545

Did you make that amazing 'dance the kawaii' one? Turned out to be super accurate!!

Also Venus seems to be the one to fry her own hair? Or maybe she just doesn't know how to deal with it since her mother butchered it.

No. 283546

No way, Mags was the one who changed Venus's hair color as often as she changes her own, leaving it ruined. Once Venus escaped, she dyed it brown and has left it that way. Margo sees herself as knowing everything about everything - dying hair, doing manicures, makeup, medicine, train conducting, nuclear physics, etc. So in addition to never letting Venus go to a doctor, she also never let Venus go to a hairdresser - hence the fried out mess that changed color every month. Venus used to say all the time that it was her mom who did her hair color and shitty fake nails.

No. 283549

I guess Venus just needs time for it all to grow out. Those extensions look crap but I guess she's just dealing with the aftermath the best she knows how.

No. 283550

So the scheming river kappa has been MIA for 20 hours now. I'm calling it: the hag is on her way back to #Blessinghouse and the #littlewhitepuppy in Seoul, SK. She said it herself on IG and hamburg Jassy confirmed that was her goal.

I found airfares as low as $402 Hamburg-Seoul after a quick Google search (no wi-fi available)

Her last-ditch plan (lawsuit from EU with help from legal aid and free lodging with Jassy) blew up in her face, so no reason to stay there, right? Jassy told us about how she was conned with sad stories about this poor sweet lady "losing everything" - you better believe she has another kind, gullible mark lined up in SK.

It's a no-brainer.

No. 283551

If so, she's approaching her Final Stage of Narcissism Meltdown. She's always been extremely transient, but moving continents every 2-3 weeks is another level.

Narcs come to a fork in the road between ages 40-50. They either:
- learn a little bit how to control their rages and modify their behavior to avoid losing all sources of n-supply, and / or avoid punishment. They don't change their minds, and they don't learn empathy, but they can learn how to not epically blow their own lives up every few years as they start to run out of places to go, people to scam from, and employers who won't ignore the glaring holes in their resumes and lack of references. They dial it back enough to keep their scams and attention steady.

- or, they DON'T learn that they have to become more covert in their operations, and keep getting worse until their narcissistic rages basically become full psychotic breaks. Hallucinations, violence, the works. They end up getting hospitalized off and on due to psychotic episodes, and usually end up in jail off and on due to the violence of these episodes. They're still able to sucker in some kind souls to their aid, but because lives are so obviously unglamorous and unenviable they're enraged almost constantly.

Margo, why can't you just goint to the river?

No. 283553


Narcissism does not lead to psychosis.

No. 283554

Yes, they can have psychotic micro-episodes due to their "grandiosity gaps".

No. 283558

iirc there were some pic floating around of margs dyeing V's hair at home

No. 283562

dr, pls.

No. 283563

This narc is somewhat unique tho. Her one and only victim and n-supply is and always has been her daughter. That's it. And it was cut off suddenly and without warning 4 months ago, and she's been wildly flailing and raging and attacking ever since.

Now she's at the end of the line. Every attack, every plan has failed & she has nothing left. Now she's down to survival mode, running to what she sees as a safe sanctuary.

I don't think she's facing a choice of making her operations more covert, my point is that she has no 'operations' left.

All speculation of course, but based on observation since all this exploded. She's such a transparent, garden-variety pathological narcissist it's not even funny.

No. 283564

still has her trusty printer though!

No. 283568

Yep, 2 suitcases & a printer. Does she still have any of the crap she left behind in SK back in Feb, when she lit out of that apartment in pursuit of Venus? The desktop computer, etc. etc? I'm assuming the maniac left a whole apartment full of stuff that time, LOL. Fucking mange has storage rooms full of crap in the Netherlands Tokyo & who the F knows where else.

No. 283569

Narcs are usually magpies, even if they're transient. A bunch of storage units is pretty par for course. I'm assuming she got a friend to put the SK stuff in storage, and she's probably sold the big ticket items via acquaintances and internet over the past 5 months (like the mac desktop and HD video cam). What's left are magpie-like piles in various storage units worldwide, with piles of useless kipple that she's accumulated over 40 years. Stuff that might have been expensively priced and thus important to her as a status symbol, but with zero resale value because it's cheap tawdry crap that no one in their right mind would buy (like the hideous patchwork bag that retailed for like $800).

No. 283570

I have often wondered about that stuff. Sold? Also what about the glitter teddy bear scrunchies? Maybe she can sell them on the streets of Hamburg. I assume Venus' unwanted items are still in Margo's magic storage haul in Tokyo somewhere.

No. 283571

She had quite the system: live perpetually in airbnbs, stash stuff away in storages here and there, get child to work and pay for it all.

No. 283572

Also avoid taxes ubtil you are forced to move to a different country.

No. 283573

I'm watching that VA.com website/resale shop (still "down due to traveling.") If she doesn't start it back up once she's been 'settled' in SK for a bit I'm gonna assume she got a legal Cease & Desist and was forced to shut it down.

No. 283574

She was living the life there for awhile, wasn't she? Riding high on that Youtube ca$h..shopping sprees, Swarovsky-encrusted sparkly garish hooker loot, clothes, shoes, bags, designer makeup, daily Starbucks. All gone now, poor maggs.

No. 283575

File: 1466670396064.png (955.95 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160623-042422.png)

Awwww, Venus is cleaning house. Clear out that old crap, girl!

No. 283576

She looks so happyyy

No. 283577


hahaha maggoo, check out those IG likes…1000+ in 24 minutes boo! Ole Hungarian harpy can barely scrape up 200 these days & you know that chaps her ass, LOL. She lives for that shit.

No. 283579

the comments are all 100% nice now. i remember when every other comment used to be an insult to Venus lol i guess Margo was the one everyone really hated without even realizing it

No. 283580

I just DMed Margaret and she hasn't answered yet. So it could be really possible that she went back, although she said she want to begin a new life.

No. 283581

hamburg jassy1.0 = mod = god

No. 283582

with the shop maybe fullscreen sent her one? I can see that happening
but nothing has been done about the domain name itself, otherwise she wouldn't even have a message up there. fullscreen didn't even get Venus' twitter back for her despite their 'direct line'.

No. 283584

What do you mean, anon?

No. 283585

I'm amazed how much happier Venus looks these days, even with the crap Margo is still putting her through. Leaving was the best thing she ever did.

No. 283586

Jassy? Is this you? LOL

wtf is this supposed to mean?

No. 283587

File: 1466676395098.jpeg (116.77 KB, 640x898, image.jpeg)

Peanut is back!

No. 283588

Yes, its me :D

No. 283589

It's kinda cute but it also kind of makes her sound like she has DID

No. 283591

Jassyyy! Please keep us updated!

No. 283593

did is not a real thing

No. 283595

It is on the internets

No. 283598

She has read the message but isn't answering me…great.
Hope that she will at least reply me when I'm asking her for my money.
Btw, does any of you know which disease Margaret has? She said she needs important medicaments.

No. 283600


No. 283607

lol what a pussy

No. 283608

Margs has made a recent comment on her insta. Nothing of interesting just "sorry, things happen…" to someone asking where is the video.
Its only of note because she has broken her silence.

No. 283609

I'm curious what happened. Guess things haven't turned out like she wanted them (for example Venus didn't act like she wanted it or the gay couple threw her out).

No. 283611

must be something bad. being in Germany she can't really exploit differences in manners they way she could in Asia. a German's just gonna tell her to gtfo I guess, and at least one already has.

No. 283613

Did you guys know tinnitus can be a side effect of alcohol abuse?
Also, check this out, "personality of the tinnitus patient":
>Stress is intricately related to tinnitus: persons with severe tinnitus experience excessive stress. This has debilitating effects on their defences and coping can become very difficult. Patients may demonstrate a cluster of hysterical defences or a serious degree of depression. Many tinnitus patients focus on their problem, objectifying it and thus intensifying the disturbance. Most tinnitus patients can be helped by psychological intervention. A small percentage of tinnitus patients can be classified as disturbed, with borderline personalities. These patients are usually not suitable for therapy or biofeedback training. Tinnitus can be stress-related disorder. As a person is faced with conflict, physiological changes occur as a result of the "fight or flight" reaction. This state of stress can be responsible for the onset or exacerbation of a tinnitus episode.

No. 283615

It can be the after effect of prolonged exposure to noisy places like nightclubs.

No. 283616

And it's kinda stressful to have unless you can learn to tune it out.

No. 283619

hahah, hasn't she told Jassy that she doesn't like Europe?
Well, anyone's going to ask her "which things happened"? Bet Fullscreen or YT wrote here or something that fucked up her whole idea of taking revenge.

No. 283621

agreed, she'd be getting bad news and probably from all kinds of sources.

I think she told Jassy she doesn't like UK and Switzerland.

No. 283626

True, but I am focusing more on the excerpt from that article, which nails a lot of her behaviors. I hope people take it into consideration. It's popular to throw around the NPD label(which I do agree with, btw) when speaking of her behavior but her degree of tinnitus and she herself describing her medication as "life-saving" show she has a lot more going on than simply being a selfish asshole. Some people joked about her tinnitus, but it could really be driving her MORE insane.

No. 283630

re: tinnitus
I have zero sympathy for this bitch. I have it along with hearing loss and severe vertigo attacks due to an inner ear disease. I would give anything to only have tinnitus. Tinnitus is unpleasant but it's no excuse to be a raging cunt. Frankly she deserves it as a constant ringing reminder that she's a sociopathic life ruiner. Instant constant karma.

No. 283631

Margo didn't really use it as an excuse as she doesn't even acknowledge doing something wrong. But it's very much 'woe is me, I'm also dying'.

No. 283632

I have it too and I'd like to know what fucking medication she's on for it lmfao. As far as I know from being in and out of ENTs my whole life there is no approved drug treatment for the actual issue. Medication for other issues that kinda help tinnitus are antidepressants and meds like Xanax. So unless she knows about some ~next level drug treatment~ she's on something else.

No. 283633

Also asthma but bitch is a smoker so I don't believe that

didn't maggro somewhere stated she had a life threatening illness and needed meds for it? hahahahaha

No. 283634

A LOT of people have tinnitus, most of them don't have any major mental health issues and it's mostly an annoyance. But there's a small group of people that have a case that is severely impacting their lives, people that hear loud train brakes 24/7 and will sometimes choose suicide to make it stop since there's no real treatment other than trying to ignore it. So it's hard to say if it's impacting someone's life without knowing how severve their tinnitus is. Knowing Margo, she's probably exaggerating but she might actually have as severe case, which isn't somehing I would with on anybody.

No. 283636

Yep. There's a chance she could be in that severe group, which combined with previous personality disorder is a double whammy for miserable SOB. I don't have sympathy for what she has done at all, though. I just wonder how that could have additionaly impacted Venus, especially when she had normal childhood tantrums. But I honestly have no idea what Margaret's medication could be for, except seeing it discussed a long tine ago along with her tinnitus claim. Seeing how tinnitus anon wrote that there is no serious medication for that condition, it makes the real ailment more mysterious.

No. 283642

I'm the other tinnitus anon and I'm here to confirm there is no prescription treatment for it. Benzos possibly are prescribed, but most Dr's won't even do that because of the chance of dependance and addiction. Also, as a frequent traveler, it is nigh impossible to get a script filled in another country! Even in Canada you can't get a script from another province filled, and it's from the same damn country. Either she's lying or she's a fucking pill-head drug seeker that Dr shops from country to country.

No. 283643

Hamburg Jassy here. Margaret told me that she has to go to London for her medication because in Germany you need a prescription for it.
What the fuck? :D

No. 283645

She's so full of shit. When was the last time they were there? Are we to believe she's just been carrying massive quantities of restricted daily medication since then? That shit won't pass inspection when entering other countries.

No. 283657

I don't believe Jassy is still here.

No. 283659

Relax, it's just the kind of RP-character speak a lot of people use when talking about a fictional person they portray. She's being silly, which is pretty evident just by the character herself.

No. 283661

I have 2 friends that have asthma who smoke. Doesnt help the situation but they just use their inhalers when they have problems.
She of course could still be lying for sympathy who knows with her

No. 283662

HAMBURG JASSY HERE. I have some fresh milk for you. And I need your help - are you ready?

No. 283663

Of course.

No. 283664


No. 283665

let's go, let's go

No. 283666

Hopefully immigration gets her the minute she enters the country

She's wanted for tax evasion, right?

No. 283667


Spill the milk, jassy!!

No. 283668

Alright, I am already trembling.
So as you all know I was really generous to Margaret. She was in my flat, I bought her food and she even borrowed money from me.
So, I discovered her true self but nevertheless tried, when I liked her, to help her get a job. I know a HR Manager at a big company but they denied her application. Well, thats fine for me and I told her today. She didn't answered, but just a few minutes ago I got messages (I translate them to make it easier)

M: "Would you please take the mattress (the one she bought when she arrived in Hamburg) and the printer? Otherwise I couldn't pay you. (then she gave me the address).
And there are problems with Manaki and Venus wants to get together with me"

J: "No, I want my money! I don't need a mattress, neither a printer"

M:"Sorry, I can only give you this!"

J: "Maybe everything works out with Venus and you are back in the game. I want my money. Otherwise, the next month is fine. That has been the deal. I borrowed you money so I want money back!"

M: "You promised me so many things too (yeah, before I found out you are a bitch).
I felt very abused at your home."


J:"WTF? I wanted my money back from the very beginning. And abused? Are you fucking serious???"

M: "I cleaned up and gave food to your cat. You have been really cold and I had to be really careful. I will give you the printer and the mattress - that's more than the money you borrowed me." (I borrowed her 105 Euro and her printer was cheap as well as her fucking mattress - and like this ugly river monster)
M: "You didn't even wanted the money back in first place"

J: "What? Ive never told you to give food to my cat or to clean up. You did it by yourself. And I was cold? Says who?
I invited you to dinner, I bought you a tea at our way home because you froze. I bought you the ticket back home and also some food when you arrived at my home - this is what you are calling cold? And yes, the money was only borrowed. Me and cold, yeah, you didn't gave a shit about me.
You can also give me back my money in two parts, one part one month and the other one later on."

M: "I know such people…no thanks. I'm not taking anything bad from you anymore. You're negativity is poison. Pick up the stuff, they were more expensive plus your cat slobbered on it. I can't do anything more. Have a good life."

J: "What? Such people? I invited you! Oh and now its my cats fault? You could have threw her off your fucking mattress. Sure, now where you don't have nothing anymore, you try to get out. One last time, I want my money back. Thats it."

M: "When you don't take those things its like you threw them, the money away. I can't do anything for you. To much is wrong with you, its impossible to tell you everything. Im sorry, I can't answer you anymore"

The last part that I wrote was only repeat of what I former said but however I think she blocked me.
So I wrote Venus but I don't think that she will answer or even write it.

Well, however: first: why does Venus wants to get back together with her?

Second: What should I do about my money, this fucking ugly hoe and her ignorance?? Im nearly crying because she's not fair. I offered her so much help and everything and she stabs a fucking knive in my back. I drove her, I borrowed her money etc. etc.!!!
I mean, its not that much money, I earn enough to still be able to eat food but WTF? Do you have any advice what to do?? Write her again or spam her insta? I feel so helpless.

Sorry to bother you….

No. 283670

No. 283671

I'm so sorry but you're never going to get your money back. But there's a bright side to this - now you will probably be able to detect and avoid narcissists more easy, which will be really good for both your health and wealth.

(Also you're a really nice person and I like you. I wish there were more people like you in this world)

No. 283672


In which way wants mags to be back together with Venus and manaki? Like meeting or living together with them?? I can't imagine it after all these things that happened since the beginning of this year.

>correct me when I missed something because I had to catch up with everything after a week being gone

No. 283673

I think so too. Well, I learned from it but am really confused why she said I abused her and calls me a negative person…
And thank you! :-)

She said it like Venus wants to pair up again with the River Monster. Something like this.

Damn, I'm so pissed off. I just hope that one day she will get a job or whatever and I can have my money back.

No. 283674

Same reason she says these things about Venus.

No. 283675

You're never going to get your money back, just go on assuming that much. As for why she said you abused her and called you negative, it's what an abuser does. They turn your emotions against you, so now you're left wondering if you are negative for asking money from her or if you are abusive for telling her to live. The answer is no. you aren't abusive or negative , but the more you ruminate on it, the worst you'll feel about yourself and she's hoping that'll be when you'll either accept the mattress (so you can't ask for your money back) or you'll let her off the hook, so she could do it again.

No. 283676

Sorry, I have to write in german.
Kannst du sie nicht anzeigen? Dann würde sie am Flughafen auffliegen oder nicht?

No. 283677

She's making it up that Venus wants to get together with her, I'm sure.

Regarding your money, I don't think you'll get it back ever, and I'm sorry you had to experience being used by a narcissist. When you stood up for yourself, you experienced a narcissistic rage. Like what she's doing to Venus for months, she is imagining you are evil for not giving her whatever she wants and doing whatever she says. To her, that makes you abusive - just like Venus, her parents and her ex husband. She's crazy and will always be so, there's no helping someone like this.

I hope you will be safe, she stormed Venus's house and she's got a temper!

No. 283678

>>283673 forget about the money, dump the mattress and printer. Block her on all social media.

She called you negative because you are not kissing her butt. Anyone that doesn't worship her is an enemy in her mind.

Chalk the whole thing up as a life experience. You seem like a good person

No. 283680

I get mixed feelings from this :S Watch out Jassy, she might snap

No. 283681


I see, but I will only believe it when I see something about this from venus's side about getting together again since mags tend to imagine things in a way.

anyway, danke sehr for your answers here!

No. 283682

I hope Karma will strike back soon.

No. 283683

Ich wüsste nicht wie und glaube auch nicht, dass sich die Polizei ernsthaft damit auseinander setzt. Es sind ja "nur" 105 Euro. Und sie kann die Summe ja immerhin abstreiten. Meinst Du echt, das macht Sinn?

No. 283684

Well, yeah. Jesus, what a crazy woman. And seriously, I can't wait to have her at my house, she will have a nice surprise… :-P

No. 283685

What do you mean by snap? I mean what might she do? She only knows where I live and one friend of mine. Thats it.

No. 283686

Cheer up, girl! It costed you only 105 euro to get rid of a crazy person! That's a great thing, and I'm sure a lot of anons here envy you, because it's not always so cheap and simple c:

No. 283687

Don't milk the paranoia. Jassy is fine. Margo took all she needed from her. To Margo, Jassy's kindness is like money found on the ground. "It's mine. I found it." She only took advantage and feels entitled to it because she was able to take it.

No. 283688

Thank you and yes, thats a life experience. Well, in Germany we say something like "Ich hoffe sie erstickt an dem Geld" but Im not sure how to translate it properly. Anyway thank you. I just can't still believe that she turned everything around. Never met such a person

No. 283689

haha, yeah, thank you :-)

No. 283690

Right? It cost Venus her whole income.

Learn about narcissistic rage and gaslighting; she is actually abusing YOU and trying to convince you that you're the bad person. It's part of her personality disorder.



No. 283692

Did she booked you over airbnb?

No. 283693

Thank you, I read a bit - but why can't she see that she is wrong. I mean…damn, I just hope that she will get what she deserves.

No. 283694

nope, she lived at my home for free.

No. 283695

Oh man. -_- and she has the nerves to call you cold.

No. 283696

>And there are problems with Manaki and Venus wants to get together with me

I fucking called it >>283373

I hope Margo is lying though .. But I imagine Venus giving up for the sake of getting her channel (and her only source of income) back.

No. 283697

>why can't she see that she is wrong

The part of her brain responsible for empathy (?) is underdeveloped/damaged.

She's also a self-unaware cunt.

No. 283698

yup - now I just understand why her only friends are korean man - they don't understand what she is saying and she don't understand them, hahah

No. 283699

I suspect Margo is imagining things re: Venus wanting to get together with her. Venus doesn't have any money to give her, and Margo is still in Hamburg broke as fuck. And why would splitting income with Margo require an in person meeting? It's just another Margo wishful thinking thing, like when she thought she could storm into the US and immediately sue Venus for all the monies.

No. 283700

I also think she just misinterpreted things from Venus and thats why she is saying this to Jassy

No. 283701


Honestly I don't believe Margo will claim victory until she is living and controlling Venus again .. just giving her money won't cut it.

No. 283702

If this is really Jassy then she should post another proof pic.
Because she sounds like a farmer instead.

No. 283704

You really think that I imagine this whole bullshit because I'm a farmer and have nothing better to do???
DM me at Insta, I will confirm that its me.

No. 283705

Idk anon, whoever is posting sounds pretty esl to me

No. 283710


I'm with you. They are using farmer lingo which I don't remember Jassy using.

No. 283713

What? Hahaha, alright, listen. I will post flowers in a few minutes which I picked for my grandmother. Then you can believe this :)

No. 283714

If its her, and I think it is, the sudden farmer lingo doesn't surprise me. I imagine she's been lurking around after she found out lol cow was right about Margo and probably picked it up.

What say you Jassy, are you farmer now?

No. 283715

How is this farmer lingo? Its just my normal writing haha, when I want to tell lots of things, hahah.

Well, I don't know - am I? :-)

No. 283716

Why the fuck would she buy a mattress? And how was it less than 100eur? My mattress was like $2k and that was just like mid-range.

It had to have been some bed bug craigslist shit.

No. 283717

It was a simple Ikea thing, like really thin. She bought it because I had no extra mattress for her.

No. 283719


Well, she won't give you your money back so essentially you bought it for her. Sorry she's such a cunt.

No. 283720

I know, I know. She should give it to some homeless but I guess she is not that social

No. 283721

Calling her a river monster for example originated on lolcow

No. 283722

File: 1466712083976.jpeg (264.78 KB, 750x1152, image.jpeg)

She wasn't kidding.

No. 283724

Why does Margo know some many followers by the name of Jasmine? Which is which?

No. 283726

Adelaide Jassy is a freak that became really quite after we found out where she worked.

Hamburg Jassy was roommates with Margaret but discovered that she is a monster and turns out to be quite nice.

Jassy Rose from Hamburg claims to be a model but isn't really supporting Marge.

You're welcome.

No. 283728

okay tinfoil-chan.
it's not like ten thousand other celebs have ever made caricatures of themselves before.

No. 283729

okay tinfoil-chan.
it's not like ten thousand other celebs have ever made caricatures of themselves before.

No. 283731


not to be a whiteknight, but Marg hasn't actually said anything about needing medication publicly, it's all been through DMs. There's a chance she's actually prioritizing meds but is too proud to say so on insta (hence her DMs looking like such grabs)

I don't feel sorry for her, but I do have a feeling that she's frazzled over her meds (for tinitius, not like she's going to have a breakdown without them). You mentioned antidepressions and xanax so without them she's probably at her worst, assuming she has taken t hose all this time.

No. 283732

'I hope she chokes on the money' would be a good translation… and I agree with you about this.

No. 283733

Damn, what does Margo expect someone to do with a used (IKEA) mattress? It's not like it has any resell value. What a bitch.

No. 283734

I hope Mengele continues her cross continent bridge burning tour and burns all of her supporters similarly.

No. 283735

can we set up some go fund me bullshit for Hamburg Jassy to get her 105 eur back?

No. 283736

No. 283737

Who wants to buy a used mattress??? Margo is on thay bullshit.

No. 283738

File: 1466716159295.jpeg (244.24 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 283739

File: 1466716191829.png (222.08 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 283740

Jassy, can you take a picture of her mattress and printer? I'm super curious to see why she thinks they're worth more than the money you loaned her.

No. 283741


No offense but if you didn't see that coming I don't know what else to tell you. Just send her your bank details and hope she pays back some day.

And no, it's not worth going to the police or to court with this. Margot has no residence, she will pretty much avoid anything and opening a criminal case for this? At the moment she hasn't stolen anything, just not willing to pay back. I recommend to move on.

No. 283742


so mags is off to London now? Is she even allowed to enter the country?
And venus is still in danger?

>but thanks for the caps, jessy!

No. 283743

No. 283744

Translation is:
M: I am not in Germany, if you don't take those things, i cant do anything for you anymore.
J: I thought you are in Germany so I could pick those things up if I wanted?
M: I said the address is "….". They will move out soon. You could pick it up on friday.
(WHAT THE FUCK??? SHE LEFT THE FUCKING PRINTER - by the way - anyone in Hamburg interested in a printer?
J: Funny, that you have money to travel but not money to give me my money back. You know what Margaret. Choke on your fucking money. You are sick in your head and try to manipulate everyone. Your only friends are people that don't even speak your language. You are giving up so fast.
M: I think thats it, you are vicous. Venus is in danger and i drove with the cheapest bus to London to get my life saving medication. You are feeling to good! We are done. Good bye.
J: No, I wish you nothing good anymore but only that Karma will fuck you up, you piece of trash.

No. 283745

I don't even think I will pick them up. I just wonder why she left it there - anyone interested in free printer? I will give you the address.

No. 283746

>lebensrettende Medikamente
>lifesaving drugs

is she fucking serious? Drugs she cannot get anywhere else. oh lawd.

No. 283747

That is what I will do. She doesn't deserve to get direct attention for me (thats why I blocked her on kakaotalk)

No. 283748

This woman is not capable to live on her own.

But it felt good to tell her what I think about her.

No. 283749

Oh. But I won't give her my bank details.

No. 283750

Jassy, I just want to say; thank you.
You're fucking gold. I am also very proud that you were able to turn around after Marg was a cunt to you. That bitch deserves nothing.

No. 283751

I will give 10 Euros - is there a caption that one can also put up there? Mine will be "for the printer and the ugly mattress that literally the victim of river kappa monster paid" hahaha. Sorry Jassy, but this whole thing is just fucked up.

No. 283752

If venus is in danger, then what the fuck is she doing skipping from Seoul to Hamburg to London and buying mattresses and shit? She's just making shit up to try and score pity points with her "worried mama who is deathly ill and daughter in DANGER!" act. No one believes you, margi, so you can stop pretending.

No. 283753

Words like this is what let me forget my anger. Thank you!

Uhm, I guess thanks? Hahaha.

No. 283754

A slightly different translation:

M: I’m not in Germany. If you don’t accept the stuff, I can’t do anything for you. I’m sorry that I can’t give a better answer.

J: I thought you were in Germany, so you could bring it to me?

M: I have said that the address is:
<address omitted>
They will move out soon, on Friday night around 8-10.

J: Funny that you have money to travel around the world, but you do not have any money to produce for me. You know what, Margaret? Choke on the fucking money, you fucking narcissist. You’re sick in the head and manipulating everyone. Your only friends are people who don’t even understand your language. You give up so fast.
You really should go to a neurologist, because you are not right in the head.

M: I think you are nasty/vicious/evil. Venus is in danger. I picked the cheapest bus to London to pick up my life-saving meds. I hope all is well with you. We’re through. Goodbye.

J: No, I wish you nothing good anymore but only that Karma will fuck you up, you piece of trash.

No. 283756

Maybe she's talking about Venus' illness

No. 283758

She doesn't mean that everything is well for me. She means it more in a way like I have no problems and everything.

No. 283759

Venus had some problems with her "Blinddarm" and the operation after it, Margo wrote it to me. So its fine and Venus is fine (just some problems with Manaki as Margo says)

No. 283760


Oh, thank you for the clarification!

No. 283761

So Venus and Margo are talking again? Is it marital problems? Did she hint at anything?

No. 283763

Venus didn't have an operation,she said so herself. I think Margo is full of shit about Venus contacting her, but if you find different don't hesitate to share, new friend!

No. 283765

I'm so confused right now. I don't think venus would tell margo that she has some problems with manaki or in general. It must be just margo usual bs

No. 283766

And I'm so glad for you that you were able to stand up to Margo, narcs can be super scary.

No. 283767

This is too much.

I want to get off Miss River Monster's wild ride please.

No. 283768

Hamburg Jassy here. Margo just blocked me on Instagram hahaha.

No. 283769


Do you happen to have a screencap of that particular conversation?

No. 283770

Of fucking course she did. Welcome to the club! Now you are truly one of us.

No. 283771

Of course she did.

No. 283772

Hah! Same thinking.

Anyways - I think maybe Venus might have reached out to Margo if she's having problems with Manaki. There's no reason to believe he's a stand up guy. I'm not like GOMI where I believe he's some pedo, but we don't know anything about him and he did enter into a strange relationship with mother Margle attached to Venus. Who knows what he's really like. If the stress of Venus's illness created problems between Manaki and Venus there's really no one to reach out to except Margo. Margo already poisoned Venus against her extended family so I'm a bit worried that Venus may have contacted Marge. It would explain why Margo deleted everything negative about Venus and wanted to sing a get well lullaby. My best bet is that Venus may have reached out to Margo, but Margo interpreted that as Venus wanting to become her puppet again. The truth may lie in the middle. I really hope Venus stays away from Kappa.

No. 283773

File: 1466719713305.jpg (262.56 KB, 1365x517, Screenshot_20160623-150700.jpg)

Margo - oops, I mean "snakey420" - makes a return to instagram.

I can't with that fucking NAME! Mags is a 13 year old edgelord.

No. 283774

File: 1466719757172.jpeg (43.58 KB, 741x251, image.jpeg)


Here you are, but I don't have a proper English translation hahaha

No. 283775

Oh I looked up that word before, it said appendix, is that right german anons? So her appendix burst and she got blood poisoning or something.

No. 283776



God, I feel so fucking bad for Venus. :(

we all know from the way Margaret reacted on Instagram that she had no idea Venus was ill until she posted about it. I guess Venus must have informed Margo about the details of her illness after it was all done.

I really hope that was all Venus did though. I hope Venus didn't reach out to her for help, or try to make amends.

Also, wtf "life saving" meds does Margo need that can't be gotten in Germany? Germany isn't some third world country, and I assume Margo has an ehic card. If she really needs certain meds to live, they would be avaliable to her in Germany.

No. 283777

>>Venus first had an appendicitis, over her scar she got an abscess, then her abscess spread, then she got a septic choc.

No. 283778

Margo has an addiction to traveling. I'm sure Venus's funds were used mainly to support Margo's jet setting life style. Margo makes up excuses so she can travel so the meds are just some reason so she can tramp across Europe.

No. 283780

Hello! I started up a gofundme so Jasmine possibly can get the money Margaret stole back. Please donate if you can! https://www.gofundme.com/defeatthekappa

No. 283781


well that isn't very kawaii

No. 283782


Venus will be fine anon. She'll be back in a years time on YT like nothing ever happened.

No. 283783

the only life-saving meds you can get in the UK without prescription is asthma pumps, as far as I know.

I have no idea if they can be obtained over the counter in Germany.

No. 283784

If Venus is in contact with Merg I am fucking done supporting her. I'm so disgusted right now.

No. 283785

Ha, will defo do it later. Bet the River Monster will freak out when she finds out that Jassy gets money.
"This is campaign about me. She owe me. Like Weeeeenos"

No. 283786


I believe that the worst thing that can happen to Venus right now is having relationship problems with Manaki because that would absolutely leave her helpless and vulnerable, so it is obvious that in such situation she would contact again Margo. If she loses Manaki she loses everything since she basically has no income from YT videos and probably is not working right now in Japan. Manaki has been her only support since all this drama exploded.

if she's actually having problems with Mana, I understan her contacting Margo, but that would only be worse for he in the future. It's like going 34154654684 steps back. God, what is happening?

No. 283787

File: 1466722053704.jpeg (304.99 KB, 750x1077, 1466016236788.jpeg)

Aw how worried is the maggot… Just a little reminder of how worried she was when Venus posted about being at the hospital.

No. 283789

File: 1466722323260.jpg (1.88 MB, 2560x1920, 16-06-24-00-50-43-830_deco.jpg)

And lets not forget when Venus was not human.

No. 283791

>Giving someone money because they fucked with Margo
Nah I'm good. Its her mistake and she has to deal with it. Should have known not to make deals with river monsters.
And its not like people didn't say Margo was a leech.
This is a good life lesson.

No. 283792

late but yes, Mahnbescheid this bitch.

No. 283793

It's a 'no thanks' from me as well. There's a life lesson to be learned here about reaching out to person like this, defending them publicly (and aggressively) and giving them your money. I appreciate the info Jassy has brought here but that's as far as my appreciation goes.

No. 283795

She wouldn't be completely helpless though, since aunt Zsu has been following her situation pretty closely, always assuring support. So she does have others to turn to before Marge.

No. 283796

Same. The worst thing is to go back to Margo who would have even more over Venus now, & she'd probably never be able to escape again. She needs to try to branch out, make friends, & get a support system.

No. 283797


Yes, but as fas as we know she has no contact whatsoever with that part of her family, even if they actually care about her.

No. 283798

I dunno man, I'd feel really sorry for her and worried about her. I wouldn't write her off right away.

All she has known is Margo's control. Manaki is literally the first person she's interacted with outside of that… in the whole fucking world. Plus she is in a completely different culture and living with the effects of child abuse is not kawaii. If Venus drifts back to Margo's control as soon as she feels lost in the real world, it's so bad for her. But I can get how it could happen. If it does, everyone encourage her hard to get back out and let's keep dogging Margo regardless.

No. 283799

she has been raised not to trust them… it's so sad.

No. 283800

let me guess, couldn't get the dole in DE, now thinks she can get it in UK. 105 Euro isn't going to get you far in London.

No. 283801

Remember, our source for this "Venus and Manaki have trouble and she reached out to Margo for help!" narrative is coming from the river kappa's mouth. That alone makes it suspect to me.

Margo has a knack for taking the tiniest grain of truth and twisting it around so far it's not even remotely true anymore (like the "kills animals!!1!" story). My best guess: after Mana was sent god knows how many insane emails from Margo which was probably maddening, so Venus wrote Margo a short email to explain what happened, that she's fine now, and that it was really stressful for her and Mana. Margo's interpretation of such a message would be that their marriage is falling apart and Venus asked Margo to come to her immediately because she's in danger from Manaki being angry about her illness.

I will bet you cash money.

No. 283802

She can't get the dole there, not with a tax debt! They'd likely garnish her back taxes out of her benefits check.

No. 283803

Margo is likely to spin a polite message outlining what happened in hospital into Venus having relationship problems and wanting to reunite with her mother. Margo does have history in that regard- with the airport fiasco.

No. 283804

No. 283805

hahaha werk

No. 283806

Wow really! They don't do that in Aus. They just mount up the fines and any time you do your tax in future, you have to pay it first before any refund.

No. 283807

I hope this is so. I usually take everything she says with a pile of salt, but for some reason this one has me worried. Probably because it would be a horrid massive step back if true.

No. 283808

she's like Hitler or Charles Manson too.

No. 283809

That's how it works over here in FreedomLand; if you have any major unpaid debt like back taxes of child support, the courts will garnish a portion of all your income checks until the debt is paid. They'll garnish ANY kind of income: salary, welfare, unemployment, workers compensation for injury. The only way to avoid it is to only take cash payment for jobs or leave the country.

No. 283810

geez that's rough. here, the dole is something you need to survive so the only thing they'll garnish is money you owe direct to the dole system itself, and that has a cap.

No. 283813

you were right in a sense that she was traveling for a long time. a bus hamburg to london looks to take 19 hours on average.

No. 283815

File: 1466730934252.jpg (31.42 KB, 252x359, 14531911537.jpg)

I am torn between laugh my ass off or feel bad for jassy being another victim of that
fucking hoe


what operation? didn't Venus said she didn't went under sugery? or I missed something?

No. 283816

Oh, PLEASE. Anyone who believes what "Margo said…" needs to remember one simple fact: bitch is a PATHOLOGIC LIAR. Get a fucking grip, people.


^^This too.

No. 283817

>>what operation? didn't Venus said she didn't went under sugery? or I missed something?

You are correct: according to Venus, there was no surgery. The lying river kappa is saying she had surgery; it sounds like Venus had an abdominal abscess. But if she didn't have surgery, she probably just needed IV antibiotics, pain meds and monitoring for the week to make sure the infection hasn't spread.

Margo is just translating Venus's health update into marglish. "I had an abscess, and it was seriously life threatening but now I'm fine. It was very stressful for us and Manaki was upset" becomes "I had surgery and my life is in danger. Manaki was furious that I'd left my pedo dungeon full of plushies, come immediately to Japan and I will give you all my money."

No. 283818

File: 1466732337747.png (57.86 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_2016-06-23-18-32-22…)

I might just be new to Instagram, but if she had blocked you would this still show up? Does it take time or..

No. 283819

Different Jassy. That's the other hamburg Jassy.

No. 283820

I dunno why but, since Margo is apparently running out of money quickly, I strongly believe that there will be a moment in which we won't hear about her for a while, because she's gonna run out of money and become a hobo in another country.

Can you actually imagine her falling to that point guys? To the point in which she officially runs out of money and enters to poverty.

No. 283823

Dammit, my internet has been out and I missed EVERYTHING!! Now it's fucking 3AM in Germany & Jassy's asleep but Jassy, when you wake up:

You said this in your earlier post here (partial quote:)

(I borrowed her 105 Euro and her printer was cheap as well as her fucking mattress - and like this ugly river monster)
M: "You didn't even wanted the money back in first place"
J: "What? Ive never told you to give food to my cat or to clean up. You did it by yourself. And I was cold? Says who?
I invited you to dinner, I bought you a tea at our way home because you froze. I bought you the ticket back home and also some food when you arrived at my home - this is what you are calling cold?

^^ When you said "I bought you the ticket back home" does that mean you paid her airfare from Seoul to Hamburg? What ticket is this, and is it in addition to the 105 euro cash you gave her?

Also, O M G, girl!!

No. 283825

She must've been sitting on a mountain of Venus's money to have lived this long with no income, AND have purchased 5-6 international plane tickets.

She does still have some assets - she had something like 4-5 different high end smart phones in February (including 2 iPhones), a macbook air, and all her shit in various storage places. She can sell those things. Once she starts selling the electronics, I think that's the sign she's really at the end of the line.

My guess is that once she's officially flat broke, she'll pull her human mask on and find a sucker dude to shack up with for a while, but she'll have to hold her temper. Don't know if she can at this point.

No. 283826

Its obvious Margo and Venus are still in some sort of contact.
How else would Margo demand 3k from her non publicly.

No. 283827

Well she does have the pin number to Venus' bank account. I bet that's all gone now.

No. 283828

No, that's 'our' hamburg Jassy. She was @jasmin_phil first, then changed her name to @lebenstesterin for awhile, now it's back to @jasmin_phil again. Same acct.

Godspeed, hamburg jassy. and Danke!!

No. 283829

Margo's been sending messages to Venus and Manaki, which is how V knew about the extortion. Manaki has been responding to Margo on Venus's behalf, however. That's what pisses Margo off, she knows she'd be able to break Venus down - and I suspect Venus knows it too. Having Manaki be her spokesperson removes the control and manipulation for Margo's toolbox. Margo turned this into "Manaki holds my daughter hostage!!"

So we know Margo is contacting Venus, but up until this illness, only Manaki was giving responses.

No. 283830

The other Hamburg Jassy is not personally involved as far as we know. Anyway Margo's on the blag in London now.

No. 283831

This. She had it fucking squirreled away alright. She got the language school course refunded but that went to Venus - nice try Margo. You bet if she got any refund from the new Seoul apartment it went in her own pocket.

No. 283833

It reads like a ticket from the airport, like buying the tea for Margo as well - all on the way to Jassy's house. Germany isn't "home" for Margo.

No. 283834

But think about how suspicious it was this bitch had so many phones & for reasons someone might do that.

No. 283836

All this dramuu
Meanwhile Venus is on IG right now, happily posting pics and chatting with commenters. Like, interacting. A lot.

While the maggot has…gone MIA. Under a rock somewhere, who knows where. Hehee, it's all glorious!

No. 283837

B-b-but Margo said she was afraid for her life, Manaki is leaving her and she needs her mama!!


She did, they're on this thread.

No. 283838

Screencaps are here >>283738 and here >>283739

No. 283839

Sorry, just saw them. I scrolled through too fast

No. 283841

and we believe everything "Margo says"!

No. 283842

File: 1466735051153.png (621.13 KB, 920x580, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.22…)

Is this not the face and words of someone in DANGER??

(side note: I'm thinking V gets the channel back soon; she's in a crazy good mood and Margo's on a multi continent meltdown)

No. 283843

idk anon, it's confusing. "I bought you the ticket back home" sounds like airfare to me. And yeah, who knows what "home" even means to mange, she has no "home." Maybe home in this case means EU (as opposed to Asia??)

No. 283844


Did she delete that pic?

No. 283845

No? It's the very first pic on her insta

No. 283846


Forget it, I didn't reload her profile.

No. 283847

Yeah, something's happening. I haven't seen V interact w/people on IG like this, ever.
Whatever it is, it's good.

No. 283848

hopefully Jassy can clarify.

No. 283850

Marge did say the channel comes back soon so you gotta be right anon. Letters are flying around and deadlines are being reached.

No. 283852

what's with all these vegan autists? (on her toasted sandwich pic).

No. 283854

Man… Venus eats. Like, A LOT.
She doesn't have a size for such appetite.

No. 283855

Lol, good job, Mags, head to the UK just as they're about to break off from the EU and enter a recession. Then they'll DEFINITELY hand over some funbux and free prescriptions to a broke mentally ill Hungarian river kappa who owes them back taxes. What an amazing plan.

No. 283856

Brit anon? #Brexit! british pound plummeting, stock market bloodbath about to happen…didn't think it would happen. wow!

No. 283857

I predict return of The Channel in 3….2…

No. 283858

Not a brit, but watching closely. And marveling at how our resident "genius 152 IQ train engineer nuclear medicine doctor" failed to notice that this is a really shitty time to waltz her illegal immigrant ass back to Britain.

No. 283860

actually she might have raced back to try and get registered for some benefits / aid before Brexit (maybe) becomes official. or, life-saving medicine, you decide.

No. 283861


Oh, but don't you know she's got friends everywhere. I hope her new "friend" is a shady ass drug selling gangster that gives her "life saving meds" … happy pills. . .

No. 283864

Or some Romanian slumlord sleeping 8 to a room. London is not a place to live if you're poor.

Germany has Fitness First and so does the UK. Why tf did she not register to start training again. She seems determined not to work a fucking day.

No. 283865

I'm really really intriuged as to what medication is available in the UK without a prescription, but not in germany.

The over the counter selection of drugs in the UK is pretty paltry. Pretty sure it's basically paracetamol, NSAIDS and anti-histamines. Even our OTC sleeping pills are just anti-histamines.

No. 283866

Holy shit, some big press outlets are calling if for "leave". Good strategy Margo. /saged

No. 283867

As there's no specific med for tinnitus it could be anything - people even take herbals. I tend to think Margo sees some other advantage in being in the UK, like money somehow. But just like her trip to the US it's a waste of time. The anon upthread who said Margo has 'travel addiction' is right. As soon as something doesn't go her way, she travels.

No. 283869

I'm genuinely curious as to what this life saving treatment Maggot can get over the counter only in the UK when I can't even get Canestan cream without playing 20 questions with the pharmacist.

No. 283870

Just woke up hahah. And: it was the train ticket, not airplane.
And I invited her and everything and gave her this money additionally.

Oh and I don't know why some of you see that I still follow Marge. She blocked me because I can't see anything on her Insta anymore and everything

No. 283871

I don't think it's for her tinnitus at all. If she saw a doctor here about it she'd have been told to go away. And It's not as if you can't get herbal medicine online.

No. 283872

You're not missing anything at the moment; she's probably looking for place to stay and someone to hustle. Venus is posting away and interacting with fans; we suspect that Margo's come to end of her appeals process to keep the channel down due to Venus's evident happiness and Margo's meltdown and disappearance.

No. 283876

'hobo on the streets of london' edition.

No. 283881

Hahaha oh my - our editions sound like seasons of some reality show like KUWTK.

No. 283883

Just realized that Margo deleted the picture of the German museum. She just discovered she isn't art at all kek

No. 283884

File: 1466744087710.jpeg (534.15 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Just a shitty iphone shoop

No. 283885

She probably can't blame herself for any bad decisions. She just must be in the wrong country. It's everyone else's fault.

No. 283886

Yup! South Korea is much nicer and nobody here understands her!

No. 283887

Welp, UKIP won. Even if Margo made it over the boarder today, she's no longer eligible to work in the UK without an actual work visa, and not eligible for aid at all.

No. 283888

She probably never got an answer from Venus in the first place. More of her lies to try and justify her stalking Venus.

No. 283890

Train ticket from where to where? <3

No. 283891

File: 1466746972733.png (150.38 KB, 640x377, b3a66efe-504f-47e6-99a5-b586d9…)

Still working those marks, y'all. Always working..

No. 283892

Well, look who is "confused" now. Didn't Margo say yesterday that Venus was in danger, she and Manaki had trouble, and that Margo had to come to Japan asap? What part of that was confusing for her? The part where none of the words said what Margo thought they did?

If Margo gets booted at the UK border we are having a drinking party here, yes?

No. 283893

No. 283894

it's just a vote anon, and its not even legally binding. actual Brexit will take two years. but certainly it will change people's attitudes towards eastern europeans down at the dole office!

No. 283895

stating the obvious but if she got a fucking job instead of insisting on 5 months of international travel and nonstop airbnbs, life might be different.

No. 283898

I thought she was annoying too and I hated her for the lolita=living doll thing but then I watched the videos she made without her mother and found them oddly sweet. She's a completely different person and I like that person

No. 283899

It's her own fucking fault that she lost her home - didn't she pay for a whole month in Hamburg? Dumb river monster.

No. 283900

how'd you get that info anon (the month I mean)? and if so she must have been kicked out?

No. 283902

Read the thread anon. Hamburg Jassy let her stay in her home for free.

No. 283903

LOL, this bitch still working that "VENOOS made me homeless!" crap. Gee, I ran away from home at 19 also, and I don't recall my parents becoming homeless as a result- or blaming it on me.

Seems no one's buying her sad story anymore tho. womp womp

No. 283904

File: 1466756441772.jpg (21.06 KB, 615x326, icnNkN5.jpg)

Let's not forget:

No. 283906

I read the thread all the time anon. My question is for >>283899 who suggests Margo paid for a month of Airbnb in Hamburg. This would be after getting kicked out of Jassys place. I'm wondering whether I missed something, as I don't recall us knowing her Hamburg Airbnb specifically, or Jassy specifying which one or how long.

No. 283907

Margo needs this spammed at her around the clock tbh.

No. 283908

I love that she tweeted that at a joke account.

No. 283909


Wrong the can still work here without visas

No. 283910

She went to London and gave up the flat I think

No. 283911

Sorta off topic but is NJM still paying off a $3M lawsuit?

No. 283912

the mattress stank of pee and had stains on it before she moved out so I don't want it anyway

No. 283913

If only she took her own advice.

No. 283914

Damn, did she buy it used?

No. 283916

I bet she wets the bed.

No. 283917

But it's because of her life-threatening illness, anon!! She can't help it! Margo is the victim!

No. 283918

This wasn't me, Hamburg Jassy, so don't post things in my name!

No. 283919

She bought it at IKEA. It wasn't used

No. 283920

Thanks. Lol, the nature of the boards: who knows who anyone is =)

No. 283922

Jassy, it would be easier if you had a trip imo. At least we wouldn't have people constantly asking if the post is yours or not.

No. 283923

What is it? I will set it up, hahah. But don't know how.

No. 283924

In the name field put a # then a phrase or password or sort, it'll give you a number ID that will be unique to you password. I recommend using it only in this thread or when answering questions.

No. 283925

(Don't use an actual password that you use anywhere else Jassy!)

No. 283926

^ example

No. 283927

File: 1466763298552.png (83.85 KB, 614x436, Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.13…)

19 hour bus ride and she's frazzled.

No. 283928

Ah so we're back to "Weenoos is a bully". How long did that last stint of wanting to get into Venus' good books last? A week? Less?
Will she still be releasing that hymn now that she's cranky?

No. 283929

"I'm the most bullied person I'm telling you" !!

No. 283930

The only bully is Margaret. Why does she still think she is right?

No. 283931

The tl;dr for every Margo thread is "I'M THE VICTIM!! EVERYONE IS AN ABUSIVE BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

No. 283932

it's her life story really.

No. 283933

>why does she still think she is right?
(are you new here?)

No. 283934


I wish she would be able to start somewhere new, but her head is dead set on getting da venus money…

No. 283937

File: 1466770099537.jpg (905.3 KB, 1439x2048, 20160624_080629.jpg)

She really doesn't know how to smile…

No. 283938


That's because she's only pretending to be a human being.

No. 283939

Looks like a criminal record photo.

No. 283940

I'm sure, we don't really want to see smile of river monster, some people have really ugly and creepy smiles.

I do too…

No. 283941

and bullied bullied bullied is the only thing running through her mind.

No. 283942

has she applied some fake blush?

No. 283945

Think she uses YouCam Perfect and YouCam Make Up.
Where was she able to take a selfie btw?

No. 283946

I think she took it in my flat (Hamburg Jassy, haven't yet figured out how to put my name up here but will, as soon as I am home).

No. 283948

If I had my PC, I would love to create a wall of screenshots showing the insane amount of times she has used the word "bully" over the years.

No. 283950

File: 1466777696615.jpeg (76.88 KB, 750x728, image.jpeg)

This would be a decent smile. When used said app, she can also apply this.

But…I made a second one which I like more…wait!

No. 283951

File: 1466777728692.jpeg (74.13 KB, 750x720, image.jpeg)

Smiling river monster hahahah

No. 283952

She looks so fucking reptilian

No. 283953

Don't insult reptiles …

No. 283954

She has the exact same look that serial killer's mugshots have. I'm not speaking in hyperbole, she actually has that look. It's unsettling.

No. 283955

Thank god it was only a misinterpretation on Margo's part. Obvious margo move, but still disconcerting since Venus's only life line is in Manaki's hands.

Oh well, looks like Margo's rage ensures that Venus is safe.

No. 283957

File: 1466781499893.jpg (1.08 MB, 1439x2042, maggot mugshot.jpg)

Samefag, but had to do it.

No. 283959

Imo a grown ass woman saying 'wah he/she bullied me!!!' is fucking embarrassing, what grown person gets 'bullied'?

No. 283960

I wonder when we'll find out if Venus and Margo are cool now. If so, I will hate Venus for going back to her.

No. 283962

I won't hate her but will at least ask her again and again what's wrong with her

No. 283963

>venus's only lifeline
No. Auntie Zsu in Switzerland is there 100% for her and Venus knows this.

No. 283965

Doesn't she live in Hungary like the rest of the family?

No. 283966

why are people still believing margo?

She's a chronic fucking lier, she probably got a message from Venus and Manaki that said something to the effect of " please stop bothering us, it's stressful and we won't give you any money" and she twisted that to suit her "concerned momma" narrative.

I doubt Venus will be cool wih her after all the shit she's said, and manaki is keeping her strong.

No. 283967

No. 283968


agree with this so much.

No. 283971

Why are you believing anything Margo has said? It's clear from her return to "venoos is bully robber psychopath life ruined!!!" that margo's tale of Venoos reaching out to mama to save her life from evil manaki, mama is coming to venoos so she cannot pay debts you BULLY is at an end, because it didn't get Margo any benefit.

Venus is over the moon happy from the her posts and interactions today, and margo is hopping countries every week and paranoid as fuck. Imma put money on margo being out of options to stop the channel return.

No. 283972

>>283960 why would you hate her it still is her mothe, And yes it would be stupid of venus to return to her but i could understand why if she did.

No. 283973

The only reason i can think of for venus contacting her is that venus was in the hospital (for the first since marhoe never took her in the past)for several days and probably was scared, thinking she could've died and in those situations you tend to contact your parents for support.

No. 283975

So she went from, "Weenoos needs my help and is in danger because she and Manaki have a marriage problem" to "WEENOOS AND MANAKI BULLIED ME AND TOOK EVERYTHING!!!!" in less than a day. Classic Margo. No one should take anything she says seriously, we should know this by now.

No. 283977

File: 1466795289632.jpg (182.85 KB, 1422x459, Screenshot_20160624-120612.jpg)

Says the woman who has been using sock accounts to harass - I'm sorry, "manage venoos career" - since 2013.

She's been using her official account more than I've ever seen her do in the past 5 months, but thats.mostly because she can't hide behind venus's accounts.

No. 283985

File: 1466799283149.jpg (491.38 KB, 1375x966, Screenshot_20160624-131255.jpg)

Margo "no sock accounts, you BULLY" Palermo had a kind supporter stop in to defend her honor. Thanks, snakey420!

No. 283986

I don't know why you guys think Venus is 'drop dead bitch' to Margo. Its obvious Venus loves her mom but she just can't take living with and supporting her. Its a tough love situation.
'Your a mess and controlling but I still love you' its messed up but Margo was all Venus had for most of her life you don't just turn the switch off.

No. 283989

So she wets the bed? I'd say she should get it checked out. But it's hard to get consistent medical care when you hobo from country to country.

This makes me wonder how many other beds she's ruined. at least wear some kind of adult diaper or bladder control pad to bed.

No. 283990

this wasn't jasmine, read the damn thread

No. 283993

Read the thread. This was not Jasmin, it was some anon making a poor joke, or trying to mess with people.

Margo is many terrible things and all kinds of crazy; there's no need to invent wild bedwetting rumors to this shit.

No. 283995

File: 1466805229500.png (510.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-24-17-52-36…)

Somebody's dolled up.

No. 283996

1 hour?1!! (video will be posted in 2 days)

No. 283997


so this video is really going to happen???

No. 283998

Margo ist etwas bekloppt, aber iwie noch tausendmal erträglicher als dieses seltsame Venuskind x)

No. 283999


Hi mags!

No. 284000

Go start a Venus thread and see if anyone cares, or feel free to head over to GOMI. We've done an exhaustive survey and hours of fact finding over the past 5 months, and without a doubt, Margo is dangerously mentally ill, and while Venus is a bit of a shy weird nerd, she was abused her whole life until 5 months ago (and you could argue that the abuse hasn't stopped.) It takes a long ass time to come up to normal after that shit.

No. 284001

For a minute I thought that emoji was a toilet since her videos tend to be utter shit.

No. 284002

No. 284003

A "mess and controlling"? Seriously?? Give me a fucking break with this minimising shit, Anon. We're talking about someone at the extreme end of the narcissistic personality disordered, emotionally abusive spectrum here, pathologic almost to the point of psychosis at times. What are you gonna pull out of your ass next, the old "She IS her MOTHER, after all"?

Venus is doing exactly what the child of an abusive parent should be doing: 1)Separate, 2)Set boundaries and 3)Minimal contact.

No. 284004

Looking like a $2 hooker, LOL
This should be entertaining.

No. 284005

Now that you mention it… I wonder if this selfie is old and she put this look together to sing her horrible Venus song. OH LAWD!!

No. 284006

File: 1466807625699.gif (729.77 KB, 500x236, giphy (7).gif)

No. 284007

Note: it's currently either 12:43 AM (Germany) or 11:43 PM (UK) maggot time..

No. 284008


I'm >>283997 and a germanfag and that's why I'm so confused about the time because who the hell uploads a video at 1 am?

No. 284009

Another German farmer: Maybe she wants to reach the "audience" in the US… and that's why she uploads it this late

No. 284010

considering she's still in narcissist meltdown mode it's more likely she's trying to time it for venus to see it asap

No. 284011

One hour later…

I wonder what "one hour" means in CrazyTime?

No. 284012

File: 1466809614277.png (524.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-24-19-05-07…)


No. 284013

File: 1466809704972.jpg (103.86 KB, 298x403, margo will deliver.jpg)

No. 284014


hello, manic episode! Meltdown mode continued..
latest stop on the maggot PD crazytrain

No. 284015

Well, if anything will push Mags to launch her video for attention, this will.

No. 284017

That's what our Venus has been so busy with… MERCH
Countdown to epic maggot eruption commencing:
T minus 10…9…..

No. 284018

she changed the caption. lol

No. 284019

No, she didn't.

No. 284021

before the caption about the merchandise she wrote that soon she will take off her hair extensions

No. 284022

It says 'edited' so yes she did
Speaking of editing captions, mange edited hers too…the part about the gay couple she shares a flat with LOVING her "hymne to Venus" is gone.

No. 284023

Not that it matters, because no one got a cap, and it says the exact same thing it did before. It must've been up less than a minute. There is nothing about extensions on that caption.

No. 284024

So almost an hour past the launch time. Maybe Margo finally crashed after fleeing Germany for the UK.

No. 284025

She's not really MIA, she replied to me just this morning after the last reply was on Monday. I was really surprised since I thought she'd be in London getting her "life saving" meds right now. Will cap the convo if needed but it's basically more stuff from trying to find her 'friend' a bride.

I basically mentioned that it was a shame he wasn't looking for an older wife since Margo was very pretty, especially more pretty than me, and she seemed his type.

>Marg: He considered it, haha, but he was rude and somehow messed things up

I was just curious if the bride thing was legit and it seemed like no one else had asked so I did it on a whim but now even though I said "Okay thanks, bye" she's still messages me days later and it's making my skin crawl now just seeing her name pop up. Hopefully she won't contact me again since I have nothing to provide her in the way of cash or home.

No. 284027

… the fuck??

There's got to be something ($$$) in in for her to be so focused on it. There's no reason she does things if they don't benefit her (attention, money, or both).

No. 284028

please no

No. 284029

Are you the one who DM'd her about that bizarre mailorder bride thing she posted & deleted a few days back? And she's just now replying? LOLLL

No. 284030

plus every other sock she used in the past to bully teenage girls… oh dear Margo.

No. 284031

No. 284032

Yeah that's me. She replied within a few hours after I messaged her but we stopped talking Monday and then all of sudden this morning she messaged me again. Must have been bored and ran out of comments to delete so she went through her messages instead.

No. 284033

thankyou anon. the voice of reason.

No. 284035

she really needs money, and has had some interruptions due to travel and hobo activities. plus she gets wired sometimes and stays up all night online, screeching.

No. 284036

No surprise Margo first tried to offer herself for the wife. None at all.

But agree, there is acash for her if she can arrange it. Maybe one of her precious favourite amounts like 5K.

No. 284037

Maybe even 10k USD! That'll show that Venoos.

No. 284038

I can't believe he turned her down.

No. 284039

Oh my… VenusAngelic™ merchandise coming out. How bad do you think maggs wants a piece of that action? And how furious is she right now?? I can almost hear her shrieks from across the ocean —
"MY idea!"
"MY deal!"
"MY money! MINE! MIIIINNNE!!!!!!"

No. 284041

and there's no DCMA system she can abuse for that.

No. 284042

When V gets her channel back, I'm sure Margo will switch tactics to make copyright claims on the name brand VenusAngelic. Don't know where'd she'd file said claims, and they would fail, but it'll give her something to do down in her hobo camp.

No. 284043

lmao just thought then

Since UK is no longer in the EU that means Margo can't come over here anymore for a free handout. Oh this is a good day :)

No. 284044


If it's anything like her crappy t-shirt designs she made before then I'd just laugh. Remember how Dakota said she always wanted to be a designer? Remember the outcome with Babyfang? You'd had thought a girl with model experience, fame hungry and has seen the industry would have brought out something better than those pieces of turd on chains from Chinese job lots.

Can't say I think Venus will bring out anything better either.

No. 284045


But as you all keep saying in her defence "she needs the money!"

As if we all don't in this day and age lol

No. 284046

Her face in this picture kept bothering me. I could swear I've seen a similar face, then it hit me, she looks like Jeff Dunham's puppet Peanut. I feel only slightly guilty saying this.

No. 284047

Well, it'll be about 2 full years til it goes through, but I can't imagine the public opinion of jobless insane eastern europeans seeking benefits and NHS care is very high at the moment. And the economy hit a brick wall today.

No. 284048

Shitka's new vid.
My ears are vomiting…

No. 284049



No. 284050

"I'm aging, and insanely jealous of my adult daughter."

That's all you had to say, Margo.

And did she make a fucking venus/penis joke? YOU NAMED HER THAT, DUMBASS. YOU chose that stupid name, it's not something she picked out herself.

No. 284051

I don't have much to say about this, other than Jassy has a nice apartment and Margo really, can't sing, dance, or write.

No. 284052

File: 1466815191347.jpg (55.11 KB, 400x533, wut.jpg)

oh my god. i couldnt even watch it the whole way through.

No. 284053

That's not Jassy's place, that was the flat with the gay roommates. Who left town almost immediately after Margo came to stay with them.

No. 284054

also wtf is up with her little dance?? the fuck

No. 284055

I think you read that wrong anon this person just meant that if venus is weak for a second and contacts her mother we shouldnt instantly hate venus. She meant that venus might think like this—-'Your a mess and controlling but I still love you'. But yes venus should definetly stay away cause margo wont change

No. 284056

File: 1466815245864.jpg (33.68 KB, 1200x670, margo42.jpg)

The most important point !!!

No. 284057

literally the tl/dr for this mess

No. 284058

I thought they 'moved' or something. Like the Spanish chef who's place is going to get demolished aka "you can't come back!"

No. 284059

Look it's obvious guys, Margo was behind the success of Venus channel all along and we should all support her. Kek.

No. 284060

Is she:
- paroding her younger sister Noemi,
- making a sarcastic tribute to her daughter Venus,
- mocking her parents religion,

All in the same time?

No. 284061

Look it's obvious guys, Margo was behind the success of Venus channel all along and we should all support her. Kek.

No. 284062

File: 1466815532659.gif (1.38 MB, 250x184, 1429664454710.gif)

She is utterly batshit insane dear fucking lord if that was my mother I'd be ashamed.

I need gifs of that atrocious dancing

No. 284064

Sorry, i forgot to delete video url

No. 284065

Margo had Jassy's help with the hymn >>283347

No. 284066

File: 1466815732808.gif (785.23 KB, 720x404, 7HwAMiw.gif)

I got ya one but I don't think i can keep looking at this trash right now

No. 284067

Jassy gave her edits, and Margo scrapped all of them and told Jassy she was terrible and should never write for work.

This is all Margo.

No. 284068

File: 1466816000289.png (19.52 KB, 600x79, Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.52…)

Says at the top she's not mocking Venus; videos is filed under comedy.

Also: I'm not sure this is something to give yourself all the credits for.

No. 284069

You fucking legend!

No. 284070

"Princess of Bel Air." Im fucking ded.

No. 284071

I didn't say Jassy helped, I just thought it was her appt.

No. 284072

I didn't say Jassy helped, I just thought it was her appt.

No. 284073

She can't even lipsync…and was that supposed to be dancing? I'm embarassed for her haha

No. 284075

She should find a rich Arab guy so he'll hide her in a burqa. And we won't see/hear her again.

No. 284076

File: 1466817081468.gif (1.57 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 284078

I gone through this vid in Final Cut and it's obvious she doesn't know a single technical thing. how to set up a good shot, where to make a cut, what kind of shots to cut together.

No. 284079

Princess of Bel Air lel

No. 284080

File: 1466817501575.gif (2.01 MB, 276x274, god no margo.gif)

Nice catch from someone at kiwifarms.

Mother of fucking god.

No. 284082

File: 1466817687457.gif (2.92 MB, 480x365, Ek5ZngZ.gif)

No. 284083

so sensual.

No. 284084

that tongue, can't unsee. who sexualizes a song about their daughter.

No. 284085


When the river kappa is both horny and hungry, beware.

No. 284086

I don't want to have to listen to her caterwauling, can someone post the lyrics?

No. 284087


The somatic narcissist we've dedicated hours of scholarship to.

No. 284088

My lyrics:

Vanis Angelicus
Came from my uterus
Boticelli's jealous
You are a miracle
Build Your Empire
Most luminous rose
All the hearts melt
When you strike a pose

Vanis Angelicus
Your fans are numerous
You're a doll, beautiful
And you are a muse
Sweet as a chocolate
A strong girl and so cute
One real unicorn
You are beloved everywhere.

No. 284089

What is that red bit sticking out in the back? Is her dress not done up all the way or something?

No. 284090

azlabyrinth is fapping to this right now.

No. 284091

Price tag? She might have bought the dress to "perform" and then returned it.

No. 284092

Looks like she gave up on trying to rhyme halfway through

No. 284093

it's the crystal encrusted strap, a tab of it sticking out where it attaches to the dress. she might have it pinned funny or it might actually attach that way.

No. 284094

File: 1466818347347.jpg (101.23 KB, 630x420, Milk-Bath.jpg)

Every farmer in this thread right now

No. 284095


No. 284096

oh yeah, totally
panting & drooling too

No. 284097

o m f g
Not even gonna watch. This is enough.
So was this before or after she freaked the fuck out all over hamburg jassy's DMs?

No. 284098

someone's extra salty, LOL

No. 284099

what the actual fuck
I wonder how Venus is going to react to this

No. 284100

Filmed after, but the idea was conceived before. Jassy tried to help her with lyrics and Margo told her she was terrible at writing.

No. 284101

She's still up, at quarter to three (or four, depending) in the AM, lapping up praise from anonymous strangers on IG. Totally normal, guys. Not fucking insane, at ALL.

No. 284102

watch it! turn the sound low so you don't go deaf, she has subtitles anyway. revel in the cringe.

No. 284103

File: 1466819885186.gif (3.27 MB, 254x387, maggotritualdance.gif)

No. 284105

Damn her diction is really bad (her english is bad in general but still). If it weren't for the subtitles I wouldn't have known she was singing in English.

Those dance moves though. Quality stuff right there.

No. 284106

File: 1466820643713.jpeg (19.61 KB, 247x200, image.jpeg)

All of my wut. All of it. This shit has delivered. This woman is a cartoon villain come to life.

No. 284107

she's really trying to get the message across that she's ready, sexually. guys… cmon.

No. 284108

That's it. I love Margo now. Lmao

No. 284109

Love yourself anon.

No. 284110

The face of a narcissist: she's watching herself dance on the screen while filming and is just mesmerized with how amazing she is.

No. 284111

The dance moves really sell it. I feel like she's trying to hypnotize me. Lol

No. 284112

File: 1466821057631.gif (2.04 MB, 271x379, swag.gif)

No. 284113

Maybe this is her wife audition tape for Big Dick Cheating Korean Man Half Her Age. "See? You don't need bully thief psychopath Venoos - I am perfect wife. The most sexy, more than her!"

No. 284114

holy shit, yes.

No. 284115

File: 1466821916473.gif (1.88 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

Wow, such revolutionary filming techniques. Just like David Lynch.

No. 284116

The dancing reminds me of that one asmr video she made. It worked there because she was trying to be creepy.

No. 284117

Holy shit, I was right about that selfie being a prelude to this crap!!! I have to wait until I get home to watch this but telling by the gifs in this thread, it's oozing with milk.

No. 284118

So much milk it looks like it left her tits deflated and soggy like Waffle house's pancakes on a Saturday morning rush hour ..

No. 284119

File: 1466823702567.png (293.65 KB, 637x413, letmelickurpenoos.png)

No. 284120

File: 1466823834711.jpg (106.7 KB, 1267x711, dear lord.jpg)

I can't get any further than this.
Holy Jesus, this is some next level shit.

No. 284121

I quit

No. 284122

I think what makes this better is that the Latin word for Venus is like wenus (weenoos) or something similar (my Latin is kinda shit)

No. 284124

See this is why you don't rent a room out on Airbnb. A freak will do this on your sofa.

No. 284125

Her nostrils are huge. Kinda grossing me out tbh

No. 284126

All the better to snort cocaine with.

No. 284127

why is she still claiming new videos every wednesday

No. 284128

I'm fearful of hitting the play button

No. 284130


I'm just saying your life is okay without watching it.

No. 284131

10/10 banner material

No. 284133

This is hilarious but seriously imagine if that were YOUR mom right there. Especially speaking for those anons who do not have the best relationship with their mothers. The fucking cringe and shame, at least most people her age are more retarded than Maggot at using a computer.

No. 284134

Oh, I don't have to imagine much, but this isn't my blog. Venus must be mortified. And it's so par for the fucking course for a somatic narc mom. They just luuuuv to show of their SEXAY at any age, in any situation that's bound to horrify you ("Bet you can't tell who's the daughter and who's the mom, right? RIGHT?!")

No. 284135


she wants to fucking eat venus

No. 284136

Glad to see Venus is working on something else and keeping busy. I just hope none of the money from her merchandise will go to paying off her mother.

No. 284137

No. 284138

This is beautiful anon.

No. 284139

I just watched the whale song. HOLY SHIT! It's like watching some kind of bizarre reptilian octopus performing a mating ritual.

No. 284140

File: 1466832474268.jpg (41.18 KB, 489x643, snapshot.jpg)

No. 284141

I just woke up from a nap where I had a dream about Margo. I arrived home to find a female police officer waiting for me and it turns out that my mother somehow was on marg's side and invited her over, but at the airport she got picked up for possession and distribution of cp. There were some weirder things going on than that, but that's the general gist.

margo gtfo my head.

Also not underage b&, I'm a half-step up in still living with mum.

No. 284142

Dude, shut the fuck up. Can we ban these "I had a dream about Venus" posts? Fuck off.

No. 284143


No. 284144

There is "so bad it goes viral" and "just bad and creepy".

Yeah Margo guess which one you are.

No. 284145

How many other posts like that have there been? Chill. At least I can sage my bullshit.

No. 284146

it's a form of self-blogging so yes it's bannable.

No. 284147

I lost it at "yooteroos." God speed to anyone who can make it through this shit straight-faced.

No. 284148

No. 284149

I think this is the maggot entering a new phase. Maggot 2.0: the reboot of a malignant reptilian npd brain.
What happens when a crazy as fuck npd has it's n-supply cut off like that? Like, just up and LEAVE? That's an existential threat ("she wants me to disappear, to be DEAD") right there. Triggers narc brain into full-on rage attack mode.
Bitch let fly the entire narc playbook: smear campaigns, flying monkey attacks, guilt/playing the victim, gaslighting, intimidation, threats physical stalking, every fucking narc tactic in the book. Tried relentlessly to break her victim down by any means, ANYTHING to get that CONTROL back.

That was 1.0 and it failed. She's lost control and it's finally sunk in that she's not getting it back… so she's slunk off to reboot and launch maggot 2.0: get a NEW narc supply (via YT, I guess) while demeaning & ridiculing the enemy (venus.) It's not even about mother vs daughter any more, venus is simply a rival. Mange can't control or destroy her but she sure can demean the shit out of her, while building her own image up as a sexxy sexxy Youtuber, laughing at all those stupid little fangelics, hahaha VENOOS I'll show you!

No. 284150


Boticelli's jealous of Margo's magical uterus people.

No. 284151


No. 284152

I cant stop watching. What the fuck have you done, anon?

No. 284153

Right you are. And Margo is relishing this little time she has left while SHE is the only one of them with a YT channel.

But that won't last long, and her spiral down as she attempts to enter actual competition will be sad, and glorious.

No. 284154

Maybe she'll post more nude pics and talk about how she's in her 40's and being cyberbullied :( by her daughter's fans.

No. 284157

we can only hope

No. 284158

File: 1466843998283.gif (436.92 KB, 500x278, 7gJLb.gif)

that dancing

No. 284160

This milk is absolutely delicious, but I feel SO bad for Venus.
If someone had made a video like this one but directed at Magro she would be screaming "THIS IS BULLYING!!1!" non-stop.

No. 284161

would you guys believe this song actually got stuck in my head? "venooos angelicuuus, came from my uuuuteruuuuss"

No. 284162



No. 284163

Question: do we think Jassy's hundred euro paid for Margo's red prom dress?

No. 284164

My lip just lifted in the most involuntary sneer ever.
Do you think Margs would ever op-shop/thrift? That looks like a cheap thrift store dress, so I'm honestly hoping she didn't shell out 100eur for it, but I also wouldn't be surprised. Venoos makes 15k a week, so maggot should at least make 1k a week from her super unique and high quality music videos(!)

No. 284165


It looks like the strap is too long (dress too big?) and she's badly pinned up the extra length of it, so it's sticking out.

No. 284166


She has op shopped. She posted a selfie wearing a fur coat she claimed to have bought from an op shop. Some time during her Denny's days I think.

No. 284167

Oh right, of course. Ignore me. I'm betting on it being second hand and smelling vaguely of old people, since she sucks at washing clothes and probably has no idea how to wash a dress like that.

No. 284169


I was holding my tablet up to my ear since I couldn't properly hear the instrumental, and I turned it up a bit for good measure.

Pretty sure I destroyed my ear drums when she bellowed out the first "VEEEENOOOOS"

No. 284171

No It's still repeating in my head hours later please make it stop

No. 284172

>You are on lolcow? Ok.

Marg is lurking again. She sent me this overnight but at least it means she'll stop messaging me.

No. 284175

File: 1466857865723.jpg (19.53 KB, 379x364, Smug_191c79_5762907.jpg)

What's wrong Marge chan? Could it be you're…frustrated about something?

No. 284178

The more videos she makes the more I realize she had absolutely nothing to do with Venus' editing. These are pure shit as far as quality and editing goes.

No. 284179

Jassy. does she read here herself or just get others to do it (like you used to)?

No. 284180

Yep and it's not something better gear will fix. She just doesn't know what she's doing in the shoot nor in the edit. That's okay when you have the personality to make up for it but this is Margo, so.

No. 284182

She doesn't read it. I once asked her, she said she was reading it but not anymore

No. 284183

Thanks. I had a feeling she doesn't bother, because she couldn't resist joining in if she were here all the time.

No. 284187

Can't imagine who's reading for her then since it seems like she's running very low on supporters these days. Whoever it is, they're reporting to her pretty quick though because it wasn't even 24 hours later that she found out.
Stay safe, Jassy! Be wary of any new people trying to message you on Insta about Marg since it might be whoever it is reporting back to her.

No. 284188

File: 1466867724517.jpg (29.37 KB, 296x320, jh.JPG)

"You're a miracle"

>Says she was a mistake all prior to this video

No. 284190



No. 284192

What did she found out about?

No. 284193

Oh, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

No. 284195

No. 284198

No, you just embarrassed yourself.

No. 284199

I can perfectly imagine her dancing like this in a rave in the 90s.

No. 284201

Now why would you go and give a reason to derail a thread when you know how mentions about ethnicity tend to go on this website?
We have a race containment thread for a reason.

No. 284204


It's probably joltography she follows literally every cow.

No. 284208

I hope Venus shares her thoguhts on the hymm

No. 284209

How did nobody comment on how ill venus looked before she went into hospital?

(and how weird this video is)

No. 284210

File: 1466893620381.png (520.68 KB, 610x730, firefox_2016-06-26_01-25-32.pn…)

holy shit, she actually reads here
hey auntie zsu, we're big fans
sorry if this is already known but I haven't seen it mentioned earlier

No. 284211


some people comment about this and a lot agreed that it's pretty much just the lightning in this video.

No. 284212

BASED AUNT ZSU - we love you so much!! Outside of Margo, your family seems so nice - I hope you and you dad will be able to have a relationship with Venus and her husband in the future.

No. 284213

File: 1466894274625.gif (2.03 MB, 304x226, laugh021.GIF)

i had a feeling aunt zsu came on here. now how long until maggot deletes that comment kek

No. 284214

this is one of the mirror accounts, not margarine.

No. 284217

File: 1466896091087.jpg (160.19 KB, 720x1010, _20160626_010620.jpg)

Have these comments from aunt Zsu been posted? They are not really relevant, but I find them intesting.

No. 284218

File: 1466896127959.jpg (126.3 KB, 720x770, _20160626_010602.jpg)

They are from the same mirror account btw.

No. 284219

File: 1466896147224.jpg (184.48 KB, 720x1017, _20160626_010542.jpg)

No. 284220

Just got around to watching this and it freaked out my cat. Thanks Margo. Her ability to weird out animals continues.

No. 284221

Oh wow. I honestly would never have thought she reads here.

Aunt Zsu, the difference is partly because Margaret deletes a LOT of the hate comments she gets.

I really hope Venus gets in touch with you.

Sage for blog post, but by far the biggest regret of my life is letting my mom get in the way of the rest of my family. She isolated me and herself from everyone, and it wasn't till I was 23 that I met any of my extended family, ever.

I think there's still lots of hope for Venus. She's so much braver than I was when I was 19.

It's been less than six months since this all started, and poor Venus has had her life completely turned upside down by moving to Japan, had her channel taken away twice, and has been harassed non-stop. It's a lot to handle.

I suspect she will eventually want to get in touch with you, Aunt Zsu, if she hasn't already. It might just take some time. Just keep sending her your support on Instagram, and she'll come to you when she's ready. Even if she's too nervous/stressed/scared to reach out right now, I suspect just know that she has your support makes her feel a bit better.

No. 284223

Just say Ferenc's new photo - it looks like Ferenc Jr and his fam might be a lot more religious than the rest of the bunch; full on head scarf and ankle length modesty skirt for his wife(?). Anyway, maybe that's what Margo whines about when she says "cult" - but how does what her grown younger brother do religiously affect her, especially since she's been estranged from the whole family since around when Venus was born? It's clear the rest of the family doesn't adhere to that level of commitment, but she acts like she was shackled to a wall, forced to pray 24/7 and beaten if she didn't, etc. Way to adopt someone else's story and twist it up.

No. 284224

post a screen cap?

No. 284227


No. 284228

It's a personal family photo that has nothing to do with Margo in the pic, and has 2 school aged kids in it. You can go see if you want, but I don't particularly want to put their faces up here. Someone else can, or you can go look. Suffice to say there is a woman in an ankle length full skirt, long sleeved top, and head covering, and it's nearly July (the pic is in Canada, so it's hot and muggy right now.)

No. 284229

Some of the other supporters are stepping up their activity in her comments. It's always the way - the head crony disappears and the next cronies step up. mimiimori (is that a French chick?) is going nuts in Margo's comments. Wants to be the next Hamburg Jassy I expect.

No. 284232

raves were actually good, anon.

No. 284233

people commented she looked sick and pale before the hospital.

No. 284234

>that has nothing to do with Margo

then why post?

No. 284235

It's great to have confirmation. Hi Aunt Zsu! We know she's all over this stuff bc she used to be on stopmargaretpalermo.

No. 284237

It added context to Margo's story, but the people themselves don't deserve to be on the thread, IMO. They aren't evil river kappas, or lolcows.

No. 284238

interesting that she alludes to life not being 100% peachy. but she also confirms it wasn't devastatingly bad.

No. 284239

She knows Margaret deletes anon. She's been watching from the start just like us.

No. 284240

Sounds like a group in my country, the 'exclusive brethren'. They dress that way. I wonder are they also in Europe at all?

No. 284241

Maggot's dad said they're in Toronto on that one photo collage of the weddings. The photo >>284223 is talking about was taken in Canada.

No. 284243

Sorry I meant are they living in Europe but were holidaying in Canada? I didn't look at the pic. Just the description matches the Brethren (among other groups).

No. 284244

Some of the family from Europe are visiting some of the family on Toronto; not sure who all lives where in the pic but apparently some of the family live in Canada. Anyway, it looks like the Canadian family are more religiously inclined.

No. 284246

Very possibly Brethren then as they are in Canada… and they are a sect, some might say cult-like. But it seems to have been free choice for Aunt Zsu and for Margo how religious to become in adulthood.

No. 284249

(sorry, I'm late, I saw the video earlier on my phone earlier but without sound because there where other people in the same room)
jassy, was this your english writing project with margo? If yes, your own us an explanation for this awfull mess. I mean wtf was this and why?

No. 284251

Margaret refused(and insulted) Jassy's help in the end. She's not to blame.

No. 284252

because Margo, that's why.

No. 284253

File: 1466905133126.gif (658.36 KB, 480x270, ew1.gif)

Her fucking tongue is revolting.

No. 284255


No. 284257

I remember her video today and went to watch, the second it started I literally jumped from her horrible voice. LOLLL! Omg, I can't tell if this woman is serious or just mocking Venus. I forced myself through the cringe just to see how bad it got. LOL! Oh Mags, when will this all end?

No. 284259

The thing about Margs video… Is if you like it, then she is serious. Give her all the praise.
If you dont like it: lol, its a joke. Dont you get it?

No. 284261

Zsu follows all the 'support venus/stop margaret' accts and comments frequently, and has from the start. She's just as appalled by maggs as we all are, and trying to figure out W T F is going on in that twisted brain along with the rest of us too.

Didn't know she reads here until now though. HI ZSU!! We love youuu.

No. 284262

That @nekoragdoll person is very invested in all this from the Narcissistic abusive parent/NPD perspective as well. Her comment about Venus maintaining No-Contact shows that. She either has experience w/a NPD person or has been researching about it.

Speaking of how this might be affecting Venus (and No-Contact,) I hope that Venus has been ignoring/tuning out mange's antics, at least recently (since she's been banned from re entering Japan and failed at legally challenging ownership of the channel.)

No. 284263

Or if not ignoring, watching idly and shaking her head in amusement.

Have you all noticed that mange has gone from being scary to now just pathetic & ridiculous? I mean I was truly afraid of what she might do to Venus back when she was in Japan and started filing DMCA claims & shutting down the channel, and lurking outside V's apt(!) Now she just seems powerless and is back to being lol-worthy again..

No. 284264

Maggot is seriously mocking Venus here, anon. Trying to demean her & her fans while making herself look like she's above it all and DOESN'T CARE AT ALL that she's lost the battle to get V back under her control. She thinks she's HILARIOUS and clever and SO COOL oh and sexxy too, cause she's, you know..DELUSIONAL and crazy as fuck.

No. 284267

Is that you Jassy? (pls id yourself in the name field when you post so we know?)
Anyhoo, maggot prob. read something in her YT comments.. people have been commenting about her stealing a supporter's $$ and getting kicked out in Hamburg. Also someone commented in @mimiimori's IG advising her not to lend maggot any $$, lol

No. 284269

Mags is thristy for those view numbers; she changed her channel's landing page video to her "mom, stop embarrassing yourself" hymn (used to be her "morning routine" in the tokyo crack shack video).

No. 284270

Pretty sure it was the anon who sent Marge a message about the whole mail-order bride for Korean man thing.

No. 284273

Comment on maggot's IG:

I felt was like I was watching the Buffalo Bill dance scene from the movie Silence of the Lambs. It was so strange. The dancing was almost the exact feeling I had when I first watched this movie, unsettling & creepy. My daughter laughed throughout the entire video. She thought it was a joke.


No. 284275

File: 1466914261835.png (69.47 KB, 319x526, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.08…)

I was just pursuing the gaming_ks account; this is super old but I'm not sure we've ever seen this bit: Aunt Zsu said Maggot DID plan Venus - in order to trap her man. Damn.

No. 284276

Guess the Plan is to be a BIG YOUTUBE STAR! bigger than VEENOOS!

'cept for those pesky #'s tho, mange
IG likes: VENOOS 8,000-12,000 vs Mange 200 on her best day. womp womp

YT views for maggot in the past 2 months (non venus-related ones): 5 total, 78k 17k 29k 23k and 8k
Not impressive. No $$

Venus's as I recall got 200k each, in the short time they were up?

Then there's the #VenusAngelic merchandise coming up. Trademarked & everything, marge. No $$ 4u, all for VENOOS. Is that why you had to shut down your VenusAngelic.com online shop? Illegal use of trademarked VA name? hmmmm?

No. 284277

wow, hadn't seen that one. marge EXPOSED! lolll

No. 284279

I've been saying since the wedding photos with baby Venus popped up that Mags trapped her ex-husband into marriage lol. That's so awful for Venus :/

No. 284282

File: 1466918302104.gif (1.07 MB, 352x235, giphy (3).gif)

just looked at mange's YT comments and

No. 284289

>marge got pregnant to get married

we called i

No. 284292

Yeah. Video not going over well (to put it mildly.) Seems crazy marge misjudged her appeal and her audience, badly. Imagine that, a delusional crazy fuck with poor judgement skills! lol #bye marrrge

No. 284293

It happens everyday sadly. Margo is not that unusual.

No. 284294

*in that one respect.

No. 284295

That new banner as well. It hurts my eyes.

No. 284298

I know Aunt Zsu is hurt from being separated from her neice and then seeing that neice openly abused and harassed, but do you think Margaret also commited similar emotional abuse against her sisters, instead if just driving her parents crazy?

No. 284299

100% certain. Narcs are narcs their whole lives. Margo is the oldest, and so would have been able to hurt and manipulate the little ones. And Margo hates anyone prettier than her (and sad to say, but both her sisters got far better looks); I'm sure she let out her rage about that and other things often. Any compliment or kindness to the younger kids, Margo would see as something stolen from her, and she would have punished them accordingly.

(note: I obviously wasn't there but have a fair amount of experience with narcs; and the literature says their disorder shows up around the time other children begin to learn from their mistakes and develop both empathy and a sense responsibility - like, between ages 5-8).

No. 284300

I think Zsu maybe doesn't appreciate mange accusing their father of abusing her, for her ENTIRE LIFE. Or claiming the entire family is a religious cult.

No. 284302

File: 1466922831643.png (162.56 KB, 637x494, 52669fb4-2c09-4090-aa18-24f400…)

She's baaaack on IG… still thinks that video is SO FUNNY she laughs every time she watches it!(um, have you read the comments marge?)

Oh and VENOOS blocked her on IG for telling fans THE TRUTH!

No. 284303

Pffft. Margo was blocked months ago for haranguing her daughter on Venus's own instagram comments. You know, calling her names, telling her she was an accident who ruined her life, confusing the hell out of Venus's very young fans, using bad language. You know, generally behaving like a 13 year old edgelord on 9gag.

No. 284304

File: 1466923616694.png (359.78 KB, 990x272, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 11.4…)

God, narcs share one tiny brain, don't they? Act all the same, think all the same, and all the same tactics.

In this case, just like a narc could stare in a mirror forever, Margo just can't get enough of her own video. She's just so CLEVER, so beautiful, so WITTY! She's feeling smug about it.

Meanwhile: Venus is posting up a storm and giddy as a schoolgirl (these are from the past couple hours)

No. 284305

Exactly, anon. Wonder how many times she's rewatched it?

No. 284306

I think Venus blocked her for posting mean-ass shit like the birthday 'mistake' one. Of course Marge is above having to take responsibility, she's just a freedom fighter.

No. 284307

that's quite cute actually

No. 284311

So Venus is really into food, especially kawaii food/cooking. This is one of the IGs she follows (she 'liked' this pic which is pretty damn cute imo)


No. 284312

I think Venus has regressed back to the innocent little 13-year-old she was when she first started making YT videos, before she went viral as a 'living doll' & margo started pimping her out. Just a feeling I get, looking at her pink & white little girl's bedroom, plushies etc. Pretty understandable given all she's been through.

No. 284313

I don't think it's any sort of regression, remember she's trying to sell her persona. She's acting very mature, so there's no emotional regression going on, it's just an image regression if anything. Plenty of people I know who are married with kids love plushies and lolita fashion.

i just think she's about to release a clothing line and get her channel back, so she's keeping with her brand.

No. 284314

In that room, she gets to enjoy these things by herself, in privacy without her mother forcing herself into the things Venus likes. Besides filming, that extra room gives her a chance to just be herself without judgement or competition. It's probably like therapy for her and it's actually healthy for people in a relationship to have their own private space(study/office room, garage, craft/sewing room… ect.) They still have 2 other rooms in the apartment, so I don't find the "Venus Room" strange at all.

No. 284316


It is even less strange in the context of her childhood. Didn't they sleep in the same bed or something? This is probably the first time in her life that she's had privacy

No. 284319

Yeah. That's so fucking creepy and gross once you're no longer 6 years old.

No. 284321

Yes, right up till around when she ran away Venus shared a bed in a 9sqm apartment with Margo. Margo did her hair, probably highly influenced what she could / would wear, decided whether she was sick or not. Margo controlled Venus' body quite closely. appendicitis attacks can come and go for a while before a life-threatening crisis… did Margo dismiss any earlier attacks I wonder?

No. 284322

That's exactly what I was saying (or trying to say) in >>284312 -didn't mean to imply there's anything 'strange' about it at all. When I look at pics of that room, I see a little girl's room, her own space where she feels safe. Kind of like a sanctuary. As I said, totally understandable given what the girl has been through.

No. 284324

She acts so smart and can't even spell it. It's BOTTICELLI. Maybe she's the one that should google it!

No. 284326

I'll jump on Margo for anything but that's an easy slip to make.

No. 284327

File: 1466937172056.png (71.46 KB, 612x388, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.32…)

too little too late margo

No. 284329

Lol but she's not praising her, she's mocking her!

No. 284332

it's comedy!

No. 284333

File: 1466938159890.jpg (18.73 KB, 753x199, margo45.jpg)

excerpt. she's up and running.

No. 284334

This woman is insane, I can only imagine how terrifying it is too live someone who acts like this and thinks it's normal.

No. 284335

Now imagine that face hovering over yours as you're being shook awake to make a video, leg hairs dropping onto your pillow

No. 284336

Exactly. She's living the childhood she wasn't able to due to maggot.

No. 284339

didn't she say "she's not my daughter anymore" somewhere, or something along those lines?

No. 284344

even worse, imagine falling asleep to a lullaby being sang by that face in your own bed.

No. 284345

I went back and looked and I think Maggoo deleted all the captions on her IG pics that were talking shit about Venus? She had brazenly left them up for a long time, I assumed because she thought she had won or that it was THE TRUTH or whatever, but now they are gone? And she's changed her insta bio a little bit to be more generic (it had something about "behaaaaving" if you were going to comment before).

I can only assume she wants her account to look more professional for some reason, or perhaps that she's trying to get back in Venus' good graces as part of some nefarious plot? Especially with this creepy hymn she wrote.

No. 284347

File: 1466951619791.png (1000.46 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160626-103050.png)

Cooking in kawaii kitchen, looking CUTE asf!
and happyy!!

No. 284348


I would love to see her making kawaii cooking videos. And nice to see her in a good mood!

No. 284349

Oh yeah…not only "she's not my daughter anymore" but "she's not even HUMAN" –several times.

No. 284353

Thank you, that's what I was trying to get across.

No. 284354

bet she will. Like I said, she's super into cooking and food IG accts, especially kawaii food. Some of these accounts have like 50-75k followers btw, and they're nothing but pics of food that are arranged to look like bunnies & kitties. Interesting, kawaii-obsessed culture over there I must say.

No. 284356

Check out the kawaii decals on the walls, kawaii bowl & kawaii pink-and-white apron. She's having so much fun, I love it!

No. 284357

>leg hairs dropping onto your pillow

No. 284359

File: 1466953940084.jpg (98.33 KB, 720x1013, _20160626_170927.jpg)

She also posted this pic of Manaki. Didn't Margo say Venus and Manaki were "having problems" to Hamburg Jassy? Like implying they were going to split up or something. Keking at your face, maggot.

No. 284362

Yes, clearly Venus is IN DANGER

No. 284363

$100 says margo makes 98% of the views haha
The other 2% are us and her fans.

No. 284364

She looks like she is being held hostage and forced to pose for this pic >>284347 does she not? Look at her eyes, you can tell she's scared!

No. 284366


does that apron stick out a bit or is her tummy getting a bit bigger? not to start any rumors but she looks pregnant

No. 284367

also check the yt comments… a bunch of them appear to be margo raving about her own work under various empty accounts.

No. 284368

could just be fabric.

No. 284369

File: 1466956044597.png (47.87 KB, 560x230, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.45…)

make up your mind maggot. is Venus a hostess or not. and in what parallel yt universe is she earning this money.

No. 284370

Can we all stop using 'narc' as some sort of slang for 'narcissistic'? A narc is a snitch.

Sage for petty

No. 284371


It's common slang for narcissist. Get over it.

No. 284372

File: 1466957056982.png (159.06 KB, 631x436, 47bea329-a13a-477d-9f47-c3650a…)

expanding these comments a bit…
for all the ppl thinking venus gave margo some kind of a cash settlement to leave her alone, the answer to that seems to be a big NO.

No $$. No settlement.
Good for you, Venus.

No. 284374

her lack of self awareness is so unreal. She's an actual Disney villain

No. 284375

Or…. Narcotics…

No. 284376

She's mentioned a lot that she loves food, especially cute food. With mommy dearest gone I wonder if she'll incorporate it into her channel at some point aside from the cringe "eating entire giga pudding" style videos. Venoos the kawaii chef and her cooking show. Miggle Maggles would have a fit, it's clearly some kind of new cyberbullying scheme

No. 284377

I don't understand why she can't just let maggot have the channel and allow her to use it how she wishes or permanently delete it. That way she can legally make a new one and start fresh.

If she keeps this up she will end up not being popular anymore and people lose interest. If she gets her channel back in the future she will have to take time to rebuild what she lost anyway

No. 284378

Even if she started over she would have to build up and get a new contract with a network, gain all her followers back, lose all the videos she spent five years making. As stated in interviews, maggot did not create the channel and was not her manager. And there is proof out there that Venus filmed and edited her stuff herself. Margo has no right to V's channel.

No. 284379


Jesus Christ have you people never heard of a thing called context? We know exactly what is meant when someone writes narc. Pull it the fuck together you whiny cunts.

No. 284380


That's still a lot better than waiting for months on end, putting her own health at risk, losing money and people losing interest. say let her have it. She doesn't need a management anyway. Most of them are scams

No. 284381

I mean network not management

No. 284382

Nope. She just needs to have the copyrights sorted out. She's lucky Margo is incompetent because these type of things can take years, but this copyright battle will only last a year or so.

Venus will never regain the popularity she had. She got lucky riding a trend and used her youth as a selling point. She's older now and still does the kawaii stuff. Her name has the former trend and former fans attached to it. It's an "in" to fame and she's not really doing anything spectacular to gain notability again. Lightening probably won't hit twice anon so Venus is currently using her old fame to keep doing what she loves. It's far wiser to spend time fighting Margo's petty copyright claims because they have no basis. Sure it's stressful, but it's worth her name which is her only link to fame.

No. 284383


Yes but can she really wait that long? Maggot will only report it and have it taken down again, again and again. Letting her mother have the channle doesn't mean she wins. Her network can still manage her on a new channel. People are getting bored waiting so people are unfollowing her anyway. Her old channel has a lot of dead accounts so if people follow her new channel then the stats will be more trueful than before

No. 284387


No, you're missing the point. When the copyright is taken care of Maggles can't keep taking it down.

No. 284388

Anon, Maggot isn't out to get the channel back, she's out to ruin Venus' life. If Venus were to do that Maggot'd probably find some dumb reason to start it all over again.

No. 284389

File: 1466962964135.jpeg (24 KB, 750x150, image.jpeg)

I wonder if Venus has a chance of seeing that? Her DM box is probably full all the time.

No. 284390

it also would be cute to make cooking videos with her husbando but idk if his schedule would allow that.

No. 284391


I don't think age is an important matter here. There are several japanese youtubers doing cutesy stuff and majority of them are older than 20

No. 284392


I've been wondering this, too. Does Venus even know she has familial support?

No. 284399

zsu has said they've been in contact or that venus knows she has support so probably

No. 284400

File: 1466969466829.png (31.56 KB, 311x173, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.2…)

… does Mags not know how to spell "butcher" or something?

Just a hint, Mags - don't ever try to correct someones language / grammar skills. You will not come out looking superior.

No. 284416


I'm not going to keep argue with you anon. I'm intitled to an opinion.

No. 284418

This reminds me of Margendo.

No. 284419

I didn't think that video could have any context, and now it kinda does.

No. 284422

There's two of us, and your 'opinion' is dumb. As I said, it's not Venus' channel Maggot is after at all, she's just using it to hurt her because she knows how much Venus cares for it. Giving up her channel would, aside from as the other anon pointed out ruin her popularity, also not stop Maggot at all. She'd just aim her arrows at something else (her marriage, her new channel etc) and keep firing until Venus is destroyed or Margo herself stopped.

No. 284423

File: 1466980529922.png (552.58 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160626-153112.png)

Aunt zsu voicing my thoughts all well! Totally a hubby sneaking a photo face! And the resemblance to dogge made me laugh to. Venus should make Japanese house wife videos and probably blow Mira out of the water with views.

No. 284425


No "probably" about it.. She'd destroy Miranda

No. 284426

Can this be a new banner please?

No. 284428

No. 284429

this, exactly. even if maggot got her precious 3K a month tomorrow it would not be enough. she wants to see venus lose everything. saged bc late

No. 284433

just stop

No. 284435

submitted. we also need a 'sexy dance' one anons.

No. 284436

STFU with this "just let margaret have the channel and start over" garbage. First, those old videos still get views and generate $$, and will even more so now bc there'll be a lot of renewed interest in rewatching them once the channel goes back up. FUCK margo getting $$ from that. Nope.

No. 284441

Of course "letting margo have the channel" would be a win for her, dipshit. And no, people are not "getting bored" waiting for the channel to come back up, in fact ith interest in this is huge. 12,000+ likes on previous IG posts announcing new videos tells that story. Followers are very, very engaged and invested in this. I think her following will only grow.

No. 284442

No. 284443

You can be intitled to whatever you want.
Maggot is not entitled to Venus' channel.

No. 284444


You are entitled to an opinion, but that doesn't mean your opinion isn't stupid.

No. 284446

it's probably one of those tweens currently worshiping margo over on insta.

No. 284448

Yes, Venus decided to respect the no-contact, ugly bitch! Everything will be fine now!

No. 284449

Her new ig pictures reflect so much energy and health.

No. 284453

she blocked her months ago, after the birthday insults. catch up.

No. 284456

This needs to become a banner asap.

No. 284459

File: 1466999229842.png (1.14 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160626-234441.png)


No. 284460

File: 1466999280745.png (1.48 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160626-234413.png)


No. 284461

File: 1466999368168.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160626-234826.png)

She's on a rampage, LOL

No. 284462

this looks like some Masterchef bs, god I'm so glad she's happy and looking healthy.

No. 284464

File: 1467001965692.gif (1.06 MB, 197x275, 1466821057631_zpsln1dls7c.gif)

Dear Margo,

give up. admit defeat.
you are #done.



No. 284465

File: 1467002055066.png (367.47 KB, 597x606, 78d5bbba-b1c5-430b-8fd5-c1826b…)

No. 284466

File: 1467002084446.png (74.96 KB, 262x222, 90a2d760-5f41-4839-85bf-8d3aad…)

No. 284471

File: 1467006862718.png (51.46 KB, 304x316, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.5…)

Daaaw. Killin' 'em with kindness.

Venus is going to have great success with her channel doing kawaii housewife stuff and awkward hair and makeup care once she gets it back. Unlike Margo, she doesn't pretend to be the best at anything - she does what she can and can laugh at herself. THAT'S what people find charming, Margo. Not laughing at other people while making them laugh at you for being delusional.

No. 284472

That's what I thought! Her hair was so dry and damaged from back-to-back dye jobs, she has no choice but to constantly apply hair dressing while it grows out. The Japanese summer will also make her hair frizzy.

Housewife Venus is adorable and probably a better route than "living anime girl". I'm so glad that she enjoys cooking Japanese home-style meals and sharing them. She is getting a great response from her young fans too.

No. 284473

she looks happy and healthy here.

No. 284476

File: 1467018878489.png (13.88 KB, 337x48, 0c51c781-ebed-4a1f-81cf-21a650…)

her response to the doge comment

No. 284477

File: 1467018952993.png (43.9 KB, 337x219, be6653aa-6888-417e-b710-d3f7e7…)

No. 284479

File: 1467020210950.png (301.59 KB, 623x716, ae0bf55d-ff18-4703-88db-b14da1…)

…meanwhile on planet margo-

she seems a bit stunned by the reaction to (what she thought was) her brilliant and hilarious venus parody video! (it BOMBED)
As well as the total disappearance of her cadre of supporters & sympathisers.

Just a single feeble attempt at the old "I am BULLIED!" angle today, is all.

Time to regroup, maggs. What's next?

No. 284480

Her dad must have been a cute kid, because her mom certainly wasn't

No. 284484


Kill yourself ?

No. 284485

IDo us a favour and wrap a fucking rope from your neck and see if you can dangle of the ground for an 3 hours

Her phone number +44 7976 466845

No. 284486

Clearly the same person anon

No. 284488

As far as I know, this isn't her phone number. On the reservation thingy for her flight from Seoul to Hamburg was a different number

No. 284489

The fuck is happening in this thread…

No. 284499

Fyi, that's a comment in favour of Venus >>284448
Ugly bitch = marshit

No. 284500


why did i open this at work i am cry

No. 284517


It doesn't matter what you think of my appearance despite never seeing my face. This thread is about Venus so keep on topic

No. 284519


She's saying that she was calling Margo an ugly bitch, she just can't English.

No. 284520

>having them some how ringing your phone number at odd hours in the night
When did that happen? Summer sure hit hard this year.

No. 284527

trolls are fun!

No. 284531

wtf are you on about

No. 284532

I am not Venus' target audience, at all, but I would actually watch her youtube if it shifted to cooking and homemaking stuff. I wish someone could get word to her that there's a viable audience for that content.
It has the added bonus of shutting down the masturbatorial old man pervert content viewers Mags built up.

No. 284534

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but she really does look pregnant in those pics.

No. 284535

Venus is pronounced with a V. The Romans didn’t have a W pronounciation.

No. 284537

Have you even taken a single Latin class? Because the alphabet and pronunciation is literally the first thing you study
Jesus Christ I can't with these dumb Americant's

No. 284541

but Margs, I don't see Venus buying clothes from net a porter….

No. 284542

Her IG commenters are all over that, anon. She knows.

No. 284544

File: 1467060063718.png (61.94 KB, 1024x102, b3063e43-d10e-45db-9b8b-0d12ee…)


margo has not been "disowned" by Ferenc. He is sad that his egg has rolled away, but he loves ALL his eggs and any time she wants to roll back to the nest she will be welcomed with open arms. Because FAMILY.

No. 284546

I don't do the homemaker housewife stuff, but kawaii cooking is 100% subscribe for me.

No. 284555

Does maggot have another stan in London? Obviously she left Hamburg after her plan to have Jassy support her fell through. Margo's never had an issue hopping from one country to the next for no reason, but since she's bottom of the barrel on her cash resources, I don't think she'll travel anywhere she doesn't have a sucker lined up.

No. 284557

File: 1467066225492.jpg (150.76 KB, 720x1121, _20160628_002228.jpg)

Maybe she's staying with that weird "snakeman" again kek

No. 284562

Kinda looks like Bruce Jenner before done transitioning .. More feminine then the swamp monster, perhaps thats why she's so pissed looking ..

No. 284566

and younger too besides being 48 lol

No. 284567

She doesn't know how to smile… The lack of empathy shows in every picture where she tries.

No. 284577

She LOOKS like a fucking snake, with those cold reptilian beady little eyes.

No. 284585

Aaaaand further confirmation that snakey is her sock puppet account. Great job Margo.

No. 284587

Thank you for posting this!
It pissed me off when anons immediately started claiming he disowned her when the language obviously shows he is sad that she CHOSE to roll away. He has never posted anything harsh or vindictive. It must be devasting for Margaret's parents to know she is basically incurable(since she refuses help) and can never fully acknowledge her actions.

No. 284588

these two sleazebags look made for each other.

No. 284589

lol it's zsu making the correction though. looks like she is the peacemaker in the family.

No. 284590

Latin isn't taught all over the world. isn't it more of a British thing to learn it? /saged

No. 284591

don't. if it turns out to be the case, she will say.

No. 284592

the only place I know that actually teaches Latin in schools is Germany

yeah I mean fuck, her face is more of a 'not this shit again' expression than anythig positive

No. 284594


The low res version of this really looks like Marge is hanging out with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. I nearly had a heart attack. Thank god it's just some creep in a snake shirt.

No. 284595

What is the backstory with this guy? Who wants to take bets on whether Marge is fucking him?

No. 284602

based on this pic it looks to me like they were. or at least he was giving her 'back rubs' or something.

No. 284609

Do they realize this? I don't think so. The parents especially, I don't think have any idea what they are dealing with here. I get the feeling they think love and the Bible is all margaret needs to see the light and realize the error of her ways…and then she can reunite with Venus and they can all be a happy family again. And Venus will forgive her mother because the Bible teaches forgiveness and after all they ARE mother and daughter!

That's how families get sucked back in by these people, over and over again. Forgiveness and family obligations…how could a daughter turn her back on her own mother?? Everyone deserves a second chance! Etc. etc…

No. 284610

WAS, not is. That pic is old.

No. 284611

It makes sense she'd go running to a 'friend' like this. Margo only had 105 Euro from Jassy and it's approximately 40 for the bus Hamburg to London. In Hamburg she bought the mattress topper from Ikea and also paid for a little time in Airbnb after Jassy kicked her out. Margo referred to herself as 'homeless' during the frazzled trip to London so I think she exhausted her funds almost totally. She's gone to this guy (or someone similar) for shelter, no way can she afford the cost of living there. And new Youtube videos almost always go up when she needs cash. I guess her Swissbux kick in again soon. How the fuck does she pay for her various phones?

No. 284613


No. 284614

Yes, the desire to 'talk things out' or 'give the benefit of the doubt' causes a lot of heartache. Some people just need to be quarantined as they aren't going to change and will always cause destruction. (took me too long to learn this lesson) / saged

No. 284615

Yes I know. What I'm saying is she has a friend (at least one) in London. It makes sense she'd go BACK to one of these people for shelter given the crisis that happened with Jassy. Margo can't afford life in London on her own.

No. 284649

She posted this pic and some other pics with this guy when she went to London after staying in Paris in Venus right after she married Manaki.

No. 284652

*with Venus

No. 284660

Hope she soon spill some milk so we know where she is.

No. 284665

The children are running amok in her comments. Margery better get access to some wifi soon…

No. 284667

>>284369I quick look at venus's socialblade stats show she only makes a few hundred dollars a month doubt she has ever hit 15k at least not recently

No. 284670

if she'd ever been at 15K a month it would have shown in Margo's wardrobe as well as their accommodation quality. Marge herself says that figure is just this year since the Fullscreen signing. It's pure fantasy on her part. Venus is also "earning money as a hostess" too according to Marge.

No. 284671

Maybe Margo got a job finally ?

Quick ! London people, check the local Mc.Donald's ! I want a picture of that bitch scrubbing them toilets.

No. 284672

Hope she posts a photo which will tell her location-I want to see the monster river with my own eyes!

No. 284691

File: 1467123036647.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No comments yet, just a throwback

No. 284692

File: 1467123280396.jpeg (114.63 KB, 750x716, image.jpeg)

Nothing new, but look at her hilarious fake eyebrow that she obviously draw with YouCam Make Up or something because it's over her face. KEK!!!

No. 284694


so same, anon.

No. 284697


I wonder if she thinks that because she has a small chin she looks cute like Venus…

No. 284698


Your a tool box

No. 284701

I can't imagine being so delusional about my own appearance. I know I'm not attractive so I never post selfies, she should take the same road.

No. 284704

I think her delusion about her apperance is the least of her problems. lol

No. 284705

slap some digital brows on anon. you can do it!

No. 284710

It doesn't look like it's drawn on, just the angle of her face maybe, looks like the hair is sticking out? On the other hand, it looks like there's blurs above her brows.

No. 284711

I really want to know what the hell mags is doing right now. She should be in London? But what does wants to do now? She is too silent and I get the vibes she wants to fuck up some shit again.

No. 284712

Anon you need to get your eyes checked, I'm worried about you

No. 284714

hah maybe I do, I don't have much knowledge of beauty apps.

No. 284720

File: 1467131470533.png (191.68 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wondering why Margaret don't delete the hate this time?

No. 284740

Probably busy deleting comments on youtube.

No. 284742

File: 1467139057096.gif (2.28 MB, 275x154, 1466388069943.gif)

bwahahaha, those yt comments are gold. GOLD!

No. 284746

File: 1467139611648.png (1.17 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160628-144433.png)

So this has been up for 6 hours now and nobody posted it?

No. 284749


that last comment ugh

No. 284751

lol yeah. somebody should tell tumblrina over there that they're ~misappropriating~ mental health issues (or whatevs, I can't speak SJW lol)

No. 284757


uh oh

venus how dare u

No. 284758

I'd bang him.

No. 284767

Now imagine Margo doing it

No. 284771

I think we should leave that shit for NJM.

No. 284772

I haven't checked the venus/margo thread in weeks and I come back to this delicious milk this is too damn good

No. 284779

Isn't that the guy who injected himself snake venom to cure himself from a disease, he was on a documentary from vice I think

No. 284794

File: 1467152507591.jpg (66.51 KB, 710x408, iguana_banded.jpg)

Whenever Margo takes selfies, she always reminds me of some reptilian hybrid

No. 284803

I wish I was proficient in Photoshop. I would make marge animorph into this lizard kek

No. 284806

gtfo and study your 5th grade grammar, summerfag

No. 284809

stop capping absolute trash


No. 284812

File: 1467161867763.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.21 KB, 852x480, Kappa_2006.jpg)

This little guy is to beautiful to be compared to Margo kappa is close enough to a reptile monster anyway and Margo has the gross beak lips for it

No. 284851

File: 1467188371080.png (95.27 KB, 598x482, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.17…)

Margo's up and about and wearing her 'snakey' sock. On the bridge pic.

No. 284853

>make "friends"
>go to mall
>pat frightened dogs

So much projection

No. 284854

File: 1467195828697.jpg (168.94 KB, 720x1129, _20160629_122128.jpg)

Poor Venus… but I must say I like her sense of humor, she's going through a lot of shit but remaining strong (apparently). I'm not sure if I could handle all this crap at the same time.

No. 284855

Appendicitis scar? But I thought Venoos was never ill when she was under the care of The World's Number One Mother!

No. 284858


Evil face? She should name it after her mother

No. 284859

File: 1467198486869.png (343.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-29-13-04-37…)

The hack?

No. 284860

File: 1467198540349.png (208.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-29-13-08-38…)

No. 284861

I hate fat ppl.
Being fat means I failed.
The doctor removed my appendix and also 120 cm of my small intestines. The way all skinny chinese girls do it.

No. 284862

But I am build differently and I was stronger and could recover faster.
Dr kang said I had a high pain tolerance.
He also said that you have good intentions but the communication doesnt work.
Lets go to dr kang again when we are in korea

No. 284863

Her hashtags read like a 12 year old who broke up with their first boyfriend and posts it all over social media

No. 284864


The doctor is real and he already killed someone with that.

No. 284865

>I was that time in Japan

What time does she refers to? When she was lurking Venus & Manaki appartment? Weren't they on Manaki's parents home at that time? I'm lost.

No. 284866

File: 1467200131577.png (823.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-29-13-33-41…)

No. 284867

It doesn't say that she hates fat people, it says that she hates being fat - and that is a difference

No. 284869

It doesn't really look like it's written by Venus at all. At least I got another expression of how she speaks and writes in german. Just guessing ofc

No. 284870

Man I hope she really clears things up fast. Margs is on a spree posting her texts online. She's going to get a wave of hate by the time she says something about it. Margaret really needs to stay away from social media Jesus.

No. 284871

i hate how margo has no sense of keeping things confidential. i really wish venus would leak the horrible messages im sure she has sent her

No. 284872

I don't believe in Margo's "proof" at all. It doesn't prove anything, btw. This could have been written by herself. Does this bitch think we are all going to buy a couple of screenshots after all the horrible things she has said and done?

No. 284873

Ookkk it is fake. I think the acc from venus is venus.angelic@gmail.com and didnt she said that she doesnt has access to it? It smells so fishy. Also, why does margo has a profile pic and venus don't?

No. 284877

yes, it kinda sounds more like Maggots gibberish tbh I wouldn't put it past her

No. 284878

So Margaret finally blocked me. All I did was ask how this could be believable since she had faked the pijama picture before. No chill.

No. 284879

Getting 120 cm of your small intestine removed is a pretty operation. Cant believe she can stand already or walk.

No. 284880

I don't feel like typing a lot… But this post by Margo actually seems plausible. People can do the research if they want about this doctor and his foreign patient targeting practice following the singer's death scandal… Just noting that it is very plausible Venus did get her intestines partially removed for obesity and has complications.

No. 284881

I have to admit. Venus has all the symptoms the other patients had. I am believing margo on this one till it is proved otherwise :(

No. 284882

Plausible but we have no idea of whether Venus uses that email and we know that she told jessy it was her appendix so like I call bullshit. It's easy enough to look up some malpractice with infection results because that's what's likely to happen.

No. 284883

>when we are in Korea

What is going on? I wonder if this is real or not.

No. 284884

This is fake as fuck
Venus' business email will say Venus Angelic, not Palermo. Margo is just running off drama, and this didn't happen in Japan if it happened at all. It happened in Korea. She's full of shit and if she went under surgery she would have been 18 and with Margendo.

No. 284885

File: 1467203374958.jpg (447.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-29-13-51-21…)

anyone catch this. This was a couple hours before the hospital picture and deleted almost instantly

No. 284886

What hospital picture? The ones from days ago?

No. 284887

Sorry. Didnt say we. I read it wrong and it doesnt say we.

No. 284888


Is that Venus or not?

So confused what's happening. Please don't say she's getting on the loli nymphet bandwagon too…

No. 284890

This smells like another "bye guts" scandal.

No. 284893

1. Why was the pus filled area, probably the surgery opening area for whatever she got before, so large? 3cm deep… Hip to hip. Doesn't sound like an appendix surgical opening…
2. If Venus is embarassed to mention she got a botched intestine shortening surgery on instagram, most likely Margo too would feel some weird embarassment to mention her daughter got such a thing to a stranger.

No. 284894

Why would any of you believe anything that comes out of Margo's mouth? We all know that she's constantly lying or twisting the truth. Posting screenshots of fake emails is not above her.

No. 284895

I also wonder why she chose to post the conversation. Didn't she claim she wants contact with Venus again and all that blabla and then she directly posts it on her instagram,making any further conversation highly unlikely?

No. 284896

It all makes sense once we accept Margo is psychotic… And Venus is also pretty psychotic…

Ppl seem to be unwilling to accept that Venus is psychotic. But Venus being psychotic doesn't mean Margo is automatically sane. No. lol both are pretty fucked up and both lie or omit facts.

No. 284897

Why cross off the possibility that Venus has multiple email accounts? Do you talk to your mom, albeit crazy and distanced mom, on your work email?

No. 284898

fuck off marg

No. 284900

Yes, I would keep everything professional. Are you fucking stupid?

No. 284901

Hamburg Jassy here. Margaret now is completely insane and I really think there isn't much left for her for a total break down. Publishing those mails and talk in the comment section like a 16 years old and being so raging, I guess something will happen soon.

No. 284903

File: 1467206074050.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Good thing Margo, you described yourself!
Could someone please write it under her picture?

No. 284904

I've never seen someone project so hard.

No. 284905

No. 284906

File: 1467206344542.jpeg (177.14 KB, 750x696, image.jpeg)

Caption, plus one of her comments.

No. 284907

You fucktards need to learn not to just presume everything that goes against your simple logic ideas must be Margo or dumb. Explain your retardedness. Also, your bald allegations that people would just simply use the business email is baseless and dumb. If Venus is not as innocent as you fucktards think she is, (1) there is plenty of possibilities that she would still keep contact through a different personal email, and (2) Margo is psychotic and lies about the degree of contact she has with Venus. Good fucking lord.

No. 284909

>bald allegations
Oh boy, and I thought the stupid stans were gone.

No. 284910

File: 1467206612609.jpeg (220.3 KB, 750x850, image.jpeg)

Comments on the bridge picture.

>flipped tales of who was the victim and who was the abuser

>Manaki is a controlling pedo! No wait - Venus is a psychopath!

No. 284911

Don't be dumb. What part of >>284900 have any sort of reasoning? It doesn't. That is why it is a bald allegation. Don't make this bigger than it is and whine about stans and shit. Move along.

No. 284912

You all are being so dumb right now… Why would you believe Margo??

No. 284913

>>>BALD allegations
It's BOLD, not BALD. Go back to kindergarten, pls.

No. 284914

Could we all just stop talking about it and concentrate on the river monster? That's what we are here for

No. 284915

"Bald allegations." Go get some higher education beyond kindergarten, you fuck. "Bold" does not make sense here and is not what the writer implied.

No. 284916

Anyone interested in spamming Margos mail address?

No. 284917

Doubt anyone would really know but do they usually speak german to each other? Never considered what language they might use together since you normal hear them speak english in videos.

No. 284918

Someone post that news article again about the doctor, please.

No. 284919

Oh lord, I look away for a few hours and she's lost it again.

No. 284920

>believe Margo
So Venus is also a hostess by your logic. Stop trolling.

No. 284921

A few weeks ago, Margo posted a conversation of them in German, which apparently took place after Venus ran away to Japan. There should be screenshots of it a few threads back.

No. 284922

She does this often. She posts a bunch of hate and when she works off her hangover, she deletes it all. Expect flower pics soon like it never happened. In the words of margo herself "Its like shitting then flushing".

No. 284923

And what would that achieve? Don't interfere.

Margo says in one of the comments that they speak German with each other.

It's not even that far up the thread: >>284918

No. 284924

No, the article about how he targets foreigners…

No. 284925

File: 1467207652180.jpeg (200.86 KB, 750x860, image.jpeg)

She seems to have deleted the comment she's responding to.

No. 284926


Yes, because we want to be 12 years old again.

No. 284927

Why is anyone here believing a thing margo has said? Do we think margles or one of her stans is posting in the thread?

Recovery from the type of surgery it is being suggested Venus has had would be very long and would require a long period of not being active online. She also would not have been able to do any of the eating challenges or food videos she does.

No. 284928

You are, by constantly staying in a thread about a woman and her child, mdr

No. 284929

Look at the date of the email, people who believe Maggot. Around the time of the "surgery" Venus was happy and posting on Instagram everyday of her and Manaki out to eat and having fun. I don't think someone who had intestine surgery would be eating a 10 patty burger before or after it. And even if she did have that surgery who gives a flying fuck.

No. 284930

Yes they do write in German to each other. The older kakao messages are many threads back but all in swiss-german.

But this letter about Venus getting her intestine removed is constructed by Margaret… c'mon guys. She's fucking crazy. Just as NJM is sure Venus had an abortion or miscarriage, Margo just googles shit and throws enough of it to the wall in the hope some of it will stick. Why would Venus write two lines of straight-out Margo-speak about not being strong and fat is failure then the sentence with the FULL NAME of the supposed Dr… so the kids find it easier to google. Margo's time is running out with YT claims and her stress levels are high. Venus hasn't come crawling back so she attacks again.

No. 284931

Agree, Margo definitely faked this email.

No. 284932

K, go ahead and spam her email and achieve absolutely nothing.

No. 284933

She might be crazy enough that she took a screencap at some past time, kept it saved, and is only now posting it.

No. 284934

Jassy, has Margarete shown you them emails or told you that she writes with Venus?

No. 284935

File: 1467208157048.png (51.59 KB, 596x272, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.4…)

on the narcissm pic

No. 284936

Obviously Margs has sent her stans here after Venus' post about her surgery.


No. 284937

I am genuinely curious. Someone explain how big of a cut doctors have to make to get the appendix out, and why would that cause a scar or pus filled cut 3cm deep from one hip to another. Venus is the one that described the wound that way, not Margo.

No. 284938

not Jassy! sorry.

No. 284940


Appendectomy scars are quite small, ~2" as the appendix is a small organ. The scar can get that wide due to an infection.

No. 284941

anon please. this is an abusive parent who is also a malfunctioning unit. she's attacking her child and she's fucking certifiable. the fact that she can't go to japan now is a really good thing.

No. 284942

If Venus did have to have very deep removal of an extended abscess, then she may have had a large removal. I'm not sure what Japanese people consider the norm, but even my keyhole surgery has left a three inch scar, one inch scar and half inch scar. That's the smallest possible keyhole surgery for appendix removal (here), if keyhole wasn't an option on her insurance, then the scar may be much larger.

No. 284943

Here's Jassy (sorry, will set this name thingy up soon)
Margaret showed me a bit of the emails and it was a dialogue, so I think she definetely wrote with someone. Whether it was Venus or someone else, I'm not sure

No. 284944

It depends what kind of surgery she got. I'm going to assume it's open since she only said scar instead scars. Those generally are 2 to 4 inches long.

No. 284945

good catch anon, I wonder what it is. everything's getting a bit unhinged.

No. 284946

Yeah, if you scroll down on Venus IG you'll see that the day she supposedly sent this email (and the days before) she was at Manaki's parents home.And the days before going there you'll see selfies having lunch/dinner and some full-body outfit pics.
Mags is full of shit.

No. 284947

Margo's just raging because Venus posted this account of her surgery… and by Margo-logic therefore is attacking her for being a terrible mother. It's pretty fucking simple when you look at the timing of it all, as >>284929 and >>284946 are also pointing out.

No. 284948

Ugh guys, can we be skeptical and questioning about everything, and not just selectively??? This screencap may have been taken on another date. We don't know when the original email was sent. >>284866 This is in May…
>>284859 and this just says 7 days ago…

No. 284949

It's hard when one has a raging hate-boner for margo, but I'll try. Thanks for pointing that out anon.

No. 284950

No. It literally says: "To me 13 May" If you need anymore proof that that is the date and it doesn't fit up with the timeline I can take a picture of a spam email from my own gmail that looks identical to that.

No. 284951

just throwing it out there that 4 inches is quite a lot of space for someone as petite as Venus. Even three is quite a lot, I assume that would go from hip to hip (not from side to side, but her pelvic bump things, name escapes me)

No. 284952

Hip bone to hip bone on me is about 8 inches and Venus is a lot more petite than I am

No. 284953

If there is deep rooted infection, you must take out all of the infection plus a bit of healthy tissue to ensure you remove all traces. The scars can get pretty gnarly as a result, way worse than if it were just a normal removal.

No. 284954

So why would Venus send a letter like this to Margo in the first place?
Marg herself said they were barely speaking.
Margo has a record of posting private emails and messages. Is Venus dumb enough to give Margs this information?
Also,why would Mags hang onto this information for that long?

Doesnt add up.

No. 284955

rudimentary estimate but I'm fat and just measured with my fingers. From where the 'bikini bridge' would be on even my fat ass, it's only about 4-5 inches across.

Also, >>284953 this. Safe removal over all else.

She wouldn't. As soon as Venus posted publicly about going to hospital, Margo chimped out and said that she had never been to hospital under her guide (but is contradicting herself by saying Venus went under the knife in Korea). This is fishy. No idea how she got the may 13th date, but it's not right, and it's not Venus.

No. 284956

File: 1467209829735.png (883 KB, 1522x607, margodates.png)

If you look at her profile picture in the e-mail screenshots, this screenshot still has to be quite recent.

No. 284958

The picture changes when you change your profile picture there, even the old conversation.

No. 284959

Margaret has referenced her interpretation of this e-mail several times. I think she sent it to herself a while ago, as she has mentioned this "stretching reality to fit perceptions" or whatever margoese bullshit over and over as PROOFS that VENOOS AND EVIL PEDO TRANNY MANAKI intend to kill her

No. 284960

File: 1467210192876.jpg (37.29 KB, 559x512, margo46.jpg)

I sort of think she's fucking around with photoshop. I mean the concerned mother messages " how is it going?". Please.

No. 284961

"Even the landlord told me, it seems she threw me for money and to justify what she is doing. "

Always with the fucking landlord stories.

No. 284962

It's unsettling she thought that far ahead, but I'm sure that you're right.

No. 284963

Right, but another poster said that as it only says "7 days ago", Margo could have taken that screenshot in May or a long time ago, and it was sent 7 days before that that date and not a week before today. The recent picture in the screenshot shows that she took the screencap fairly recently.

No. 284964

>Margo chimped out and said that she had never been to hospital under her guide

Yes and also she said several times that she didn't know what was happening - believably. If Margo had been sitting on a secret she'd have hinted to knowing all about it.

No. 284965

File: 1467210568558.png (59.64 KB, 596x324, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.2…)

Very screechy right now.

No. 284967

Hey anons, could someone provide a decent translation of this?

No. 284968

I don't think that Margaret wrote the e-mail about the intestine thing, as she has translates it as "Oh I hate fat people are failure" (copied from her insta caption) when the e-mail clearly states "I will not be fat. Fat means failure for me". It doesn't imply any hatred of fat people anywhere and calls herself a failure, nobody else. If she wanted to show Venus as saying she hated fate people or whatever, and she truly sent this e-mail to herself or faked the e-mail, wouldn't she just write those words instead of mistranslating her own e-mail?

No. 284969

If Margo was smart enough to photoshop or send those emails to herself, she would be smart enough to not write things that Venus said. It could also be a stan sending her stuff.

Requesting info on whether Jassy knows any of Marg's other supporters and if anyone could do this, like perhaps over German Jasmine?

No. 284970

And a translation of this one too.

No. 284971

We never talked about the persons behind her support, so I'm sorry, I don't know.
Also the mail about reality has to be long time ago, so it has to be a supporter that was on her site for a long time

No. 284972

And she might not mean literally from hip to hip, but just that its a long scar that covers her tummy

No. 284973

I agree with the other German anons who said that it's NOT the writing style of Venus… she just writes completely different in German. So yeah, Margo facked this, no surprise at all.

No. 284974

based on jassy's anecdotes, margaret isn't very charming (in terms of building a team / cooperation). no-one's as good at anything as margo is. for this reason I think she either did it herself (most likely) or venus is really that brainwashed and trusting of her still (this seems less likely).

No. 284975

it's a very stepford-sounding venus. the kind of venus margo wishes her to be.

No. 284976

Venus also said that together with her appendix scar it's that long. So it's very possible and probable that it's that large.

No. 284977

Thank you so much for replying. You're a trooper.
Yes the mail seems to have been sent a long time ago, there have been a lot of people who jumped ship like you did, but none that came here. I know some people were in a group chat so I was wondering if you had been.

No. 284978

I don't like being fat
Being fat means failure to me
That's why Dr Kang Sehoon not only removed my appendix but also 120 cm of my small intestines, like many slim chinese girls do. But my physique is stronger so I recovered fast
Dr.Kang said that I have a really high tolerance for pain, which is unusual in young people (apparently the older you get the higher the tolerance)
Dr Kang said you had good intentions but something about the communication is wrong
When I get back to Seoul I'll go to Dr Kang again

No. 284979

we welcome all jassys here! come share your margo-related troubles.

No. 284980

If Margo was charming she'd be successful instead of riding on the coattails of Venus for years. Margo can be decent, but her Narcissism is too far gone to wear a decent human mask for long.

Well, perhaps we are misjudging the way she's describing the scars? Without visually seeing it, the scar might have been created from the spread of the abscess and how they drained it. The drainage scar might be the elongated one while meeting up with the much shorter appendix scar.

No. 284981

You're wonderful, anon!! Much appreciated.

No. 284982

>But my physique is stronger so I recovered fast
ah yes, that's an excuse from Margo about how Venus was up and travelling, posting on IG, etc. after her 'surgery'

No. 284983

I just looked at my gmail through my iphone, but it definitely has the date that the message was sent, not today's date. Makes no sense that an email would show today's date, and even little sense it would say "7 days ago" unless it meant the date it was sent.

So, yes, these "emails" were sent on May 13 and 7 days ago, which does not make sense for the timeline

No. 284984

>But my physique is stronger so I recovered fast

This sounds suspicious. Like something Margo (or her stan) would write to make all this story match the timing, since looking at Venus IG you'd say it's impossible for her to go under such surgery and recover so fast.

No. 284985

Thanks anon.

"When I get back to Seoul I'll go to Dr Kang again". I'm kind of confused, does this mean that (according to the e-mail) Venus had her surgery in Seoul?

No. 284987

File: 1467211937261.jpg (81.26 KB, 479x359, c9c9c7e96c[1].jpg)

Venus said herself that she "nearly had to get full surgery" but got better on her own? Or am I misunderstanding? But now she says she got the surgery?

No. 284988

Agree. I think she is in a narcistic rage again.

No. 284989

Many things you are saying in a short span of time are contradictory or ethically not correct.

Sometimes you can describe someone as a victim, but it's better to ask oneself: Am I really a victim? Reality is made of your thoughts after all. Thoughts are flexible, you can see things from different perspectives. Preferably a perspective which doesn't harm oneself and the people around.

No. 284990

A drainage tube is done while awake with local anesthetic. So just the area where they are working is numb. Very simple and minor.

No. 284991

Yes. Remember when margo went to their apt? She talked to the landlord and the police. The police told her Venus was on a "business trip". So this is the surgery trip … then this recent thing must be a complication … at least that's the best I can unravel it. I'm not suggesting it's fact at all.

No. 284992

You know, with the translations and the opinions/translations we're getting from German speakers, I'm wondering if Marg speaks anything fluent.

I think 'by itself' means with non-invasive procedures, such as antibiotics.
She also says 'I did get better', so many we all misinterpreted her 'I did get better' after 'by itself' as 'it did get better by itself' when she meant 'these are the options and it got better' without referencing one option

No. 284993

Wasn't this during the time she went to visit Manaki's parents? Also, how the eff would the police know if she was on a buisness trip or not.

No. 284994

Yes, Margo is suggesting that during these 5 months since Venus ran away she went back to Korea to have this surgery and recovered very fast. And at the same time she managed to go on road trips, visit Manaki's parents, film several videos, go outside to have lunch and dinner at restaurants, etc.

No. 284995

According to Margaret, Venus was never in the hospital under her care, but Venus talks about her appendix scar like its old. However, in the e-mail Mags sent to herself implies Venus recently got the appendix out along with some intestine during a trip to Seoul? Getting an appendix removed is definitely surgery, whether we believe she had guts removed too or not.

At some point recently she got the appendix removed then (possibly in Korea), and this is a complication? Or she lied about not getting surgery during this hospitalization? We can't really believe the e-mail, what kind of doctor removes some extra intestine to keep you slim when you have appendicitis? Honestly, this is not adding up.

No. 284996

File: 1467212530193.jpg (10.29 KB, 586x116, margo47.jpg)

It's like this conversation with the landlord that gets bigger and more detailed each time. I have noticed Margo screech about this "business trip" several times, but I never thought it would be relevant - till now. Venus was with Manaki at his parents' place, hiding from her mother…. Jesus.

Pic a repeat of already posted, but focussed on this police crap.

No. 284997

I don't think she lied intentionally, I think she just meant 'these were the three options I had, and it got better!' without specifying the option that got her better. which is probably better wording than my garbage here >>284992

No. 284998

you don't get your appendix removed for elective / cosmetic reasons though. margo's trying to say that Venus had the slimming surgery, then this latest issue was a complication from that… I think.

No. 284999

An appendicitis is a fucking medical emergency, you have to be operated on immediately because it's life threatening. On what fucking planet does one fly to a whole other fucking COUNTRY, go through customs, and then fuck-off to whatever hospital to get it removed just so they can take out some extra guts??? And getting an appendectomy while getting weight loss surgery would be absolutely mad, it would make no sense medically. It'd be like getting your gall bladder removed while getting your stomach stapled.
What kind of far reaching craziness?? Why does ANYONE believe this?

No. 285000

Now that I think about it, that is kind of weird. Margo is implying that Venus went to Korea to see a doctor about appendicitis and he offered (or she asked) for him to remove some of her intestines while he was in there? Who is well enough with appendicitis so bad they need surgery to get on a plane so they can get some bonus elective surgery?

The e-mail specifically mentions the doctor removing the appendix and also 120cm of her intestines.

No. 285001

Don't know but it's more likely she had her appendix removed years ago. The abscess could be from any kind of trauma to the abdomen, an infection, or for no reason.

No. 285002

Not that Mags the Mad is any kind of oracle of truth when it comes to Venus or her life, but according to her, Venus was never hospitalised while she cared for her. And her (possibly fake) e-mail suggests the appendectomy was recent.

No. 285003



Dr linked to the death of a foreigner from sepsis ("blood poisoning") just like the famous singer. And like Venus. Idk what to think.

No. 285004

Obviously we have to wait until Venus says something about it on her Instagram. Only she can reveal whether she wrote the mails

No. 285005

What I think is that when Margaret read what Venus posted (about almost having a septic shock) she started googling shit to make up this story.

Agree. I hope she adresses the matter to clarify everything.

No. 285006

Wouldnt this supposed surgery be around the same time she put out her first peanut video where (if i remember correctly) she was crazy flailing on her bed in those pjs. Wouldnt that be hard on a recent surgery?

Unless that was before.

No. 285007

Thanks for that detail anon.
>doctor removing the appendix and also 120cm of her intestines.
Okay, so no. You don't fly to another country for an emergency appendectomy and throw in some "cosmetic" work. Margo, fucking please.

No. 285008

File: 1467213642327.png (422.16 KB, 1200x708, 160629_171802.png)

How old is njm? Hasn't that old witch died yet?

No. 285010

According to her insta she filmed it around May 11th and uploaded it when her channel came back around May 29th. So that puts her flailing around in her apartment 2 days before "sending" the surgery email.

No. 285011

Eh, you give Margo too much credit. What does it matter if Venus had the surgery anyway? It doesn't mean that everything else Margo says is true. This is not a black and white situation.

No. 285012

Same. Venus' post was up for an hour-ish before Margo began this rage.

No. 285013

This is the same woman who set up that weird photo of Venus in bed, bedcovers pulled up to show her body. "Proof" or "insurance" ready in hand to blackmail her daughter… a plan thought up before she even ran away. If anyone thinks Margo couldn't spin this or outright fake it - she is more than capable.

No. 285014

Okay. Gunna let you know something about Japanese hospitals. They ALWAYS take extra. It is a Japanese doctor thing, they will cut everything out and then some more to make sure that whatever issue is gone. They did the same thing to me. What would have been a small wound in my home country ended up much bigger since they wanted to be very careful and to get rid of the infection.

Also, if she had some of her intestines removed we are taking about weeks in the hospital, not a few days. And if that crazy cunt is saying it happened in the past, that would mean there would be a massive hole in Venus's posting. I don't think that has ever happened.

No. 285015

Ok so what if Venus told Margaret this? That in the surgery they took extra and now Margo is fabricating this story to make it kinda match with reality?

No. 285017

The only fucking thing she says is 'I did get better'.

No. 285018

Already discussed, drainage for an abscess isn't considered invasive surgery

No. 285019

See Definition number 2:


1. having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair.

2. not having any extra detail or explanation; plain or blunt.

No. 285020

contextually, that would work in the case of an idiom like "bald faced lie" but "bald accusation" is way out of left field and "bold accusation" would be the commonly known and used form of the saying.

No. 285022

File: 1467218713209.jpeg (174.07 KB, 750x774, image.jpeg)

I can't even comment on this bullshit any more.

No. 285023

heroic margo rofl

No. 285024


Interesting.. Venus got sympathy for being in the hospital and now margo suddenly went to the hospital for "belly pain"..

No. 285025

Yeah, I assume it was recent because in the few old pics where she shows her tummy there's no scar. And I don't remember seeing any scar on her infamous belly button challenge video neither.

>belly pain
Probably flatulence.

No. 285026

IMO venus is not going to clarify any of that bullshit. Because basically the pic of the sad cat is already sort of a explanatory pic.

Regarding the dates of the emails, I believe that it makes it even more obvious that everything is fake.

No. 285027

OH MY GOD. Margo wanted the same sympathy as Venus for her "belly pain" and she ALSO went to the hospital, and even the doctors (not one doctor, no, multiple professionals!) were SO IMPRESSED by her being so "rational" while bearing the last of this horrible pain! Wow. No doctor ever would say that… I just love all of this so much. This is so insane.

No. 285037

Just catching up now…

This doctor is known for doing elective intestine shortening surgery for obesity. Seemingly he has been targetting foreigners and eager to get new patients because his rep with koreans is shot after a former patient, famous singer, died. He is also known for recommending appendix being removed at the time of the elective surgery even when no reason to remove it.

No. 285038

Kids, stop trying to argue that "bald allegations" is not a legit phrase. It is.

No. 285052


Dont forget her mentioning to Jassy that she needs "life-saving" drugs, which she only can get in the UK.

No. 285055

Regarding this "email from Venus" - Margo has control of Venus's original business email, remeber. Venus had to get a new email address when she left because Margo would return her venusangelic gmail. And you can change the name to read whatever you want through google plus. Margo could have used any email and titled the google plus name as "Venus Palermo".

No. 285061

File: 1467227756526.png (44.21 KB, 304x257, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.1…)

Now Margo has psychologist reports on Venus as "proof"? But I thought you had proof of the opposite before, that Venus was examined by doctors and just fine, and you did all you could?

No. 285062

File: 1467227827281.png (33.29 KB, 310x190, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.1…)

… and she's threatening to let this go on for YEARS. Just as soon as get gets that $5000 USD, yo.

No. 285063

$5,000 one of Margerie's magical numbers, folks!

No. 285064

File: 1467228405076.png (25.68 KB, 325x148, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.2…)

Margo is awfully well informed about their sex life for someone who has had no contact since January. Guess mama just KNOWS, yeah?

No. 285068

I thought Margo claimed she had assburgers but now she's a psychopath? Can someone be both?

No. 285069

And don't forget a narcissist!

No. 285070

I'm thinking they're both lying & being manipulative & I'm burnt out.

No. 285071

This is the second time today she's said Manaki is 'next or overnext', whatever that means…

No. 285072

I'm starting to think Venus and her mother are as bad as each other.

No. 285074

No1curr, fuck off. Read the OP.

Meanwhile, Margo sobs about the insane emails she's written to herself.

No. 285075

File: 1467229606533.png (29.02 KB, 305x148, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.4…)

dropped the pic

No. 285076

File: 1467229758923.jpeg (110.84 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

German speakers do us a favour.

No. 285077

File: 1467229789872.png (38.92 KB, 305x247, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.4…)

Eliminated to the point of DEATH, y'all! Venoos is killing her by not being Margo's puppet / attention machine / bank account / punching bag! Why does she not come back??

No. 285079

Agreed. Like mother, like daughter.

No. 285080

i think by saying 'overnext' Margo means 'second next'. In Dutch, and i guess something similar in German too, we have the word 'overmorgen' (overtomorrow) meaning the day after tomorrow. I think that's where overnext comes from.


No. 285081


Wow how surprising Margo, your child is psychologically unstable! I wonder why???

No. 285082

How sick is this girl? Cutting out 120 cm intestine because she doesn't want to be fat. She should just to sports.
She isn't alright. Had never thought that Venus is like this!

Margo: she left all her sports stuff. Back in the days, I trained her and told her that 700kcal aren't enough but what can I do when she is simply running away, stealing, lying and destroys her body.
When she leaves Manaki, she surely will say that he wanted it that way. He's the next victim.

No. 285083

Huh, thanks!

No. 285084



How is sick is this Girl … remove 120cm of an intestinal just because she doesn't want to be fat … She should do some sport … This isn't very smart, I never thought something like this about Venus.


She stopped doing any sports. I trained her and told her that 700kcal are not enough but should I do when she runs away, steals, lies and destroys her body. When she leaves Manaki she will say he wanted it this way. Next victim in the wait loop

sorry for that fast, half assed tranlation.

No. 285086

My bad, dude, I though you were the one making the comment, not translating!!

No. 285087

How sick is this girl … getting rid of 120 cm of intestines because she doesn't want to be fat … she should do sport … she really is crazy I would have never thought Venus is like that …

Marg: She left all her sport stuff behind, I used to train her and told her that 700 kcal are not enough per day but what can I do when she runs away steals lies and wrecks her body on top. When she finally leaves Manaki she'll say that's what he wanted. Next victim in line.

No. 285089

File: 1467230707541.png (52.31 KB, 310x324, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.04…)

Daily attacks on her photography, Margo MUST defend herself with 9 hour sperg outs

No. 285090

LOL !!!!!

Margoose will never sue because she will never get a fucking job, lazy cunt. So I guess she means she'll keep reporting Venus for false copyright.

No. 285091

>my photography
Cos that's all you ever post. Beautiful photos with no comment attached…

No. 285092

And who are these mysterious "others" Venus has destroyed? Will that be part of the lolsuit?

No. 285094

you all are a joke, venus is already pretty much underweight and knows it. she was making videos right after she left about it and how she really just has mad metabolism

did you even look at what you're 'translating'? this is the other email.
the other anon is a retard ignore them, I'll try to translate >>284866 but my german is shit
'many things that you say in a short time contradict themselves or are ethically incorrect.
in some cases, one can already label someone as a victim, but it's better to ask yourself beforehand: am I really a victim? reality, after all, consists of your own thoughts. thoughts are tensioned(???), so that one can see different perspectives. preferably [one?] takes a perspective that doesn't hurt themselves and also the surrounding people.'

basically sounds like a shit ton of margo talk to me from the second sentence on

No. 285095

I definitely think Margo planned this out.

No. 285096

Calm your tits, I translated both and mixed up the quotes, as everybody can clearly tell by reading the first sentence

No. 285098

This, it's übermorgen in German
t. German

No. 285100

"Übernächste" is a real German word, which would have "overnext" as a bad, literal translation.

No. 285101

It's incoherrent shit and riddled with mistakes but I gave it a shot as well, I hope you don't mind:

The things you say during a short period of time are contradictory or incorrect ehtically.

Sometimes one may label oneself as a victim, but isn't it better to ask yourself first: Am I really a victim? Reality soley consists of our thoughts, doesn't it? Thoughts are (she wrote spannbar here, but I think she means dehnbar,in this contet something like an elastic word) expandable, so you can see different perspectives. Preferably you should chose a perspective that, will neither hurt yourself, nor the people around you.

Sorry for my shitty Enlish

No. 285102

File: 1467233746186.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, RG0BS1U.gif)

And then everyone clapped, Right margo?

No. 285103

And also gave her 100$, of course!

No. 285105

And an eagle called wehrmacht flew overhead, and promised her $4900 more for her lawsuit

No. 285111

Sorry this is so late, Jassy, but I wanted to give you notice that Margo has controlled Venus's business email ever since Venus left to live with Manaki. Venus had to make an announcement not to send her business inquiries to that email any longer. This is Margo speaking to herself. She's totally insane.

No. 285112

File: 1467235424456.jpeg (270.24 KB, 750x966, image.jpeg)

Thanks for the past translations, German-speaking anons.

No. 285113

Shitty google translate from mags:
I do not see it that way. It never stops because they accused me terribly to divert attention from their stealing, and I continue to subtly harm through their manipulation . Every day more people ask me the most egregious things and tell me I should die because of Venus . Before their tall tales were most jealous : our relationship and to Venus that she has such a dear mother . Then she got from me everything and then actually want me dispose . People need to understand how it is , it comes to my name which she has connected to abuse , and I do not take . I give evidence because I have no choice . Look under every flower picture what's going on , or on YouTube . This is all caused by Venus while outputting all happy, the words please , thank you and sorry but not familiar .

No. 285114

Person mags is responding to (they ask why she posts this private stuff, and why not take an internet break):

I would now not insult or make ready , just something I still do not understand is why you do not stop to humiliate so ( although it's more than that ) ? No one knows well what now is the truth , which is why I do not put myself on a page . However, I must admit really that you're the one who makes them ever completed and published private conversations . In my opinion is not that simple. Why do not you let the Internet from the game ?

No. 285115

BTW, Aunt Zsu weighed in on the gaming_ks account and said she's absolutely certain these "emails from Venus" are fake.

No. 285117

My dad had colon cancer and had complications that led to him having to have large amounts of intestines removed.
He was in the hospital for several days after, and then at home recovering (because it was very painful for him to move at all, and very painful in general) for several weeks.
There is NO WAY Venus had this type of surgery. She would have been bedridden for at least a few weeks, which we haven't seen any evidence of. She definitely wouldn't have been able to travel back to Japan quickly, she would have had to stay in Korea to recover, probably for around a month.
Margo is nuts and thinks that people are dumb enough to believe that this is possible. Even if Venus was able to recover more quickly, it would have been a couple weeks at least.