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File: 1465793548188.png (279.72 KB, 460x463, Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.49…)

No. 280063

Margo skipped from Vancouver to maybe the Tokyo airport to Seoul to Beijing to Someplace, Germany in the last 3 weeks. But somehow really needs a kind soul in Toyko to pick up her 17 boxes from storage and keep them for a few months and probs ship them to her in the EU and she'll pay you later, OK? She doesn't have any money right now.

Venus's channel is on it's third hiatus due to Margles sperging out and making multiple copyright claims. She's also told Venus that all this will stop for a simple monthly payment of $3k USD for life. Venus told her no, and Margo ran away to the EU; we surmise she's unable to breach the shores of Glorious Nippon for now and has slunk back to a land where she can join the dole.

* WE DON'T CARE IF VENUS EVER CHEATED (river kappa is a known liar)

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

The early drama from Venus running away from home to her husband:

Last thread:
>> 276516

No. 280064

Last thread link fail, second try:

Margo tries to convince us dogs love her, for some reason. I hope she didn't eat them.

No. 280065

File: 1465793856839.jpeg (102.87 KB, 750x388, image (32).jpeg)

From near the close of the last thread: Margo changes her story once again. Before Margo was at school and Venus at home, and she ran away. Now Venus was at school, Margo was elsewhere, and she planned her evil plan for months and plans and evil. Again.

No. 280066

File: 1465793922230.png (86.9 KB, 584x444, Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.1…)

More fodder for our Marglish Simulator next April 1st: "opposite proof"

No. 280067

I feel so triggered by the dogs face, whyyy.

No. 280068

Last recap: Margo claims all unplanned kids in German are called accidents and it's cultural and totally normal. Germans say naw. Linked.

No. 280069

BECAUSE DOGS LOVE MARGO, can't you see, you psychopath?? Venoos kills the dogs, but clearly Margo is no dog killer, they do not ever look hunted or in fear when MARGO is there.

No. 280072

File: 1465794478752.png (27.9 KB, 302x152, Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.0…)

Forgot this in the OP: Margo claims to have a written "promise" from Venus for… a thing. Verbal contracts, written anything from a minor, and coerced contracts ain't shit, Mags. Try again. If you bring it court, it will be in the US. A US court won't accept anything written by your minor daughter when she was isolated from everyone but you and had no outside counsel. Stage parents have been onto your scam for 100 years, that's why there's laws to prevent what you're attempting . That is, if you can chill on your travel fund for a hot minute, long enough to grace us with court record of your insanity.

No. 280073


I don't know how much of an asshole would grandpa Ferenc be, but I'd love to see a post calling Margo an accident too

or at least sharing some of his sassy wisdom about Gothel using that term

No. 280075


Margo called him abusive in a rant in the last thread, while saying SHE would never call her parents abusive in public, unlike that Venoos.

He's been as forthright as he can be about his deep sadness and disappointment in Margo, but bible verse burns are his main method of letting it be known.

No. 280076

loving these thread gudelines / banned questions.

No. 280077

poor dog does not deserve to be the pic for this thread.

No. 280078

The fear in the dogs eyes speaks more than the flat filtered face of a monster. Also, margo has stopped posting selfies as of late, so we're running out of current ones to put in OPS. I would have used one from her @margaretpalermofan sock account, but I hesitate to promote the photos where margo thinks she looks kawaii as fuck (even if they're creepy to us.)

No. 280081

good points anon.

No. 280092

Margo thinks all the trolls asking her questions non stop on insta are sent by Venus.

No. 280105

>written promise

let me guess… it's some old self made mother's day card from Venus "I love you mommy. I'll always be there for you <3"

No. 280128

File: 1465815034874.png (30.46 KB, 554x152, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.49…)

Lol imagine if Maggot stays with her dear little friend Jasmine in Hamburg. She probably still lives with her mum though and would have to ask for permission.

No. 280132

File: 1465815894410.png (903.79 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2016-06-13-12-54-15…)

No. 280133

File: 1465815953322.png (869.46 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2016-06-13-12-54-32…)

No. 280134

File: 1465815971031.png (898.23 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2016-06-13-12-55-23…)

No. 280138


God the mum is a weirdo and Venus tries so hard to look Asian it's painful. Please don't say it's cute cos it isn't.

No. 280139

To the last thread, where people claim that Margo can get Hartz 4. It's not possible.
It's very complicated to get welfare here

No. 280141

>Venus tries so hard to look Asian it's painful
She just like how she always looks without the odd "big eye" makeup, nothing asian about it.

No. 280144

thanks gomi.

No. 280145

it's not fully impossible for her though right? she could look very credible if she wants.

No. 280146

Holy shit is NJM running the pirate Venus YT channel?

No. 280149

Looks like it.

No. 280150

Bitch should be copyright claimed. What the fuck do Fullscreen do for their cut?

No. 280152

File: 1465824349444.jpg (76.11 KB, 1200x1044, margo36.jpg)

Can we talk about this channel. Who the fuck?

No. 280153

>dark peoeple have the same dark circles, they just don't show

no…they do. they show and it's awful. sage for me complaining

No. 280155

>♥ shhhh its a secret! i can't reveal much until later ♥

totally creepy.

No. 280163

Yes, probably.

No. 280164

It's described in an ambiguous way. It doesn't say explicitly of it's Venus Isabelle Palermo herself or if it's a Venus fan yt account.

I have a bad feeling about this. Someone could have made that account to promote the idea that Venus does ban evasion.

We maybe should report it.

No. 280165

Its very likely made by NJM because he promotes it on Venus's IG >>280134

No. 280166

I also have a bad feeling. Something's up here.

No. 280167

NJM is a woman.

No. 280168

Wouldn't Venus say if it was her or not? It seems really sketchy..

No. 280169

It's not her. Something sketchy is happening.

No. 280171

No. 280172

How to even report it though? There's no pathway for this. Venus and/or Fullscreen have to get them taken down with copyright claims. If someone has insta Venus needs to hear about this in a specific way.

No. 280173

I just flipped through the options and there is no pathway for reporting this via YT.

No. 280174

File: 1465830804531.png (64.21 KB, 1308x647, report.png)

We should report it to @venus_angelic in ig. Maybe she will see it and report it herself.

No. 280175

Do you even read? You are just parroting >>280172

No. 280176

we don't need a screen cap for this.

No. 280194

looking credible is not enough, Germany is about the papers.

No. 280221

This isn't Venus's. She doesn't tpye this way and she wouldn't bother with the old videos if they are the ones that keep getting copyrighted.
Plus look at the related channels, I don't think Venus's real one had those. Its a fan account and they should take down that channel or indicate they are a fan.

No. 280223

Does Margo still have control of Venus' email? Could she has trying to make it look like venus is attempting to "evade the ban"?

No. 280235

If margo is in Berlin, i will absolutely offer to host her. I would love to get dirt on her

No. 280236

As far as I know you can't make another account using the same email even if Margo did have her email.
This was made by a fan. Idk if Margo supporter or a well intention Venus fan.

No. 280237

In triplicate, if possible and sealed with your own blood!

Too bad I stopped working for the Jobcenter last year, I could have tried to look her up in the system otherwise…

No. 280243

Venus has a new email. Something like venusangelic.biz@gmail.com
It was in the contact section of her yt channel before takedown. It think it's the one she uses now.

No. 280245

You are correct, that's her new email.

No. 280247

Regarding the fake channel, sending Venus a DM is one option, but she's pretty withdrawn right now and is probably inundated with messages. Emailing fullscreen to let them know someone is hosting all the videos is probably a better option. They can initiate the takedown on Venus's behalf. Also, this channel is now the first or second Google result to Venus, so it's going to be snagging a lot of views.

No. 280271

Sign and share that petition please:

And let's make an airport hobo from Margaret!

No. 280272

ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING PETITIONS. They do NOTHING. They are pointless. I'm adding this into the next OP because I'm sick of this bullshit.

No. 280273


200 people isn't gonna do shit.

No. 280276

File: 1465848779279.jpg (308.7 KB, 1358x591, Screenshot_20160613-131048.jpg)

Back to the topic at hand, margo gets on her high horse about people lacking empathy if they dare criticize her under a photo of a dead girl she posted to gain some of those sweet, sweet likes. Have some respect for the dead girl and like it, or? Countdown until everyone who criticizes her is a psychopath in 3, 2 ,1.

No. 280280

It cannot be worse. Do it or don't do it but don't get mad because of a petition. Everyone has the right to contribute in Marge's defeat.

No. 280282

This, also anons trying to get FUPA or other random people involved

No. 280283


Why not do something effective rather than something that makes you feel better?

Anyway, I sent a message to fullscreen via their website, with links to the fake "Venus Palermo" account and another account posting one of Venus's videos that has over 100k views. These people may have been well intentioned, but they're collecting revenue that belongs to both fullscreen and Venus. Telling her management that they're being screwed out of income right now will probably get swifter action than a petition to nowhere.

No. 280315


so what's a petition going to do in this case? 500 people on the Internet want to stop a crazy bitch from showing us how she cleans her clothes in leg hair?

Yeah, because youtube totally cares about that. Besides YouTube isn't Margo's main income so all you'd be doing is making her think Venus sent her cyberbully hate squad out for blood.

No. 280319

File: 1465855501191.png (59.29 KB, 319x358, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.59…)

Oh for fuck' sake, NJM, get off of grandpa Ferenc's instagram. Based Aunt Zsu, don't respond to this crazy.

Honestly, knowing this woman's background, she's just as dangerous to Venus as Margo is - because she's the crazy Venus doesn't know yet.

And I will bet you anything that NJM is indeed the one behind the fake "Venus Palermo" YouTube account, with Venus's videos and with the title bar fashioned to looks exactly like Venus's channel, down to the hearts on the "about" section. She's an SEO scammer from way back, on top of her obsession with getting a cut from weird sex work scams. Being ignored by both Venus and Margo is starting to get to her, and I think she may have decided to "manage" Venus by starting this channel since Venus is ignoring her.

The account has been reported to fullscreen, but come on. Venus has enough problems, and the Koncz fam is crazy enough.

No. 280324


Wtf does #sprayforvenus mean?

No. 280325

Probably something NJM came up with thinking it sounds "witty", seeing as NJM has been trying to convince both Venus and Margo to get in on her porn scams.

No. 280326

It's a p0rny reference, just like the million or so internet domains she bought.

You can flag those videos for violating YT community standards, 1)scam and 2)posting another user's content. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right of each video, select report then select scam.

No. 280337

I thought maybe it had to do with the false animal abuse claims but yours sounds more plausible.

No. 280363

File: 1465866637150.png (975.82 KB, 640x773, b38e49e3-50fd-4354-a99a-393bc1…)

So is she sleeping under this #tree? (you know, "camping?")
Did she ever find some sucker in Tokyo to store her #18boxes of crap?
So many questions. Come on mange, spill! Funny how none of her remaining 'supporters' have shown ANY interest in where she is, where she's going or what her plans are. They're only there to fight with other commenters/HATERS. And even the haters are losing interest, bc she's a broke-ass middle aged loser. Not to mention BORING.

Poor marge.

No. 280367

I feel like she chats behind the scenes, probably with her dear little Hamburger friend Jasmine. Speaking of Jasmines, what happened to our crazy Adelaidian?

No. 280369

Is that per video? I had been looking at the whole channel. If so I'll start some in a few hours when I get some time.

No. 280370

people found out where she worked, her full name, her facebook etc. and she came to post her, then bawwwwleeted. There's speculation about her new account, but nothing solid.

No. 280371

I reported 3 of them myself; if we send enough reports we should be able to keep Venus's internet bux from NJM's pockets.

Margo has her rabid personal supporters, and then separately, supporters of her "travel" stuff. While Margo does underground for a few days and manages to stop tard raging about Venus in posts and comments, everything dies down except the few randoms who ask what happened to Venus's channel, and the people who encourage her to keep showing travel stuff.

But Margo doesn't get nearly enough attention from that kind of thing. I think we're in another calm before a new storm. Margo only lays low when she's cooking up some new scheme or rant; the possibilities right now are limitless as to what's going to piss her off: germans? Her family, for not immediately handing cash? Being poor? Not being in Japan? It'll all be Venoos' fault whatever it is, but Margo lives to rage and won't stay quiet for long.

No. 280373

Its hilarious how Margo doesn't care to claim copyright on people using those videos to make money that aren't Venus. This truly proves she's only doing it to harass Venus and not because those videos are her property.

No. 280377

Yes, you have to go to the channel, hit 'videos' then flag each one separately. I hit 'pause' the second each one starts to play so they don't get a view, then hit the 3 dots in the upper right corner, hit 'report' then you can choose the reason. I chose 'violates my rights' (for posting stolen videos) but 'scam' would prob. be a better choice bc it's monetizing another user's videos.

Not like it's making anyone big $$ tho since each one only has 100-200 views. hahaha mange, try again bitch.

No. 280378

She totally DMs with people, sucking up & trying to get their support and sending some of them to V's page to try to start rumors like "cheating!" and " venus lies!" They never get traction like she hopes though.

That @Animefreak loser has said she's 'talked to' margaret and she's a VERY NICE PERSON. And there's a little fangelic on her IG today saying venus's mom messaged her to say it wasn't her (margaret) on the 'cheating' pic and btw venus is a psychopath.

No. 280379

Yer I know, I was here baiting her too; she called the internet police on us. I know she started another 'jassy' account then I'm pretty sure I've seen her with another sock since then but can't remember what name (I'm born in Adelaide and recognise bogan when I see it). My point is she's not there much anymore - a new crew have taken over with chu face, jasmine phil and this obsessed guy azlabyrinth.

No. 280380

wow so she's messaging random kids??

No. 280381

thanks, I'll put some serious reporting time in later.

No. 280382

Screenshot of the kid's comment, please

No. 280384

File: 1465870731220.png (19.81 KB, 295x99, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.17…)

Maggot thinks she'll live to be 90. Oh, mags, can't accept that your life at more than half over, can you? Nothing to show for it either. Hmm. Wonder whose fault it is that they're all alone, that every person they've come into close contact with has run for the hills: parents, siblings, kid, husband, boyfriends.

No. 280385

I wouldn't be surprised - she loves a rapt audience and kids are the most gullible - but I'd like a screenshot for proof.

No. 280386

90's not an unusual age to live to.

also this comment is days old.

No. 280390

File: 1465871002288.png (831.12 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160609-204227.png)

The @lebenwhatever is a chick who lives in Hamburg and is into AC/DC. I'm sure mange has been all up in her DMs feeding her sad stories about how #abused she is. Remember the anon a few threads back who got mange to DM with her? She said marge was talking about some life-threatening medical condition that she has to take life-saving medication for. Who knows what all she tells these gullible morons.

@azwhatever and wifey attached

No. 280394

lebenstesterin's insta (formerly jasmine_phil) is open anon. We can all see she's a basic bitch, German style. She knows what we can see and she reads here often. I am more interested to know if Margo goes to Hamburg.

Goodness at that guy and his girl. Does she understand he's hot for / obsessed with Margo since the nude airport selfie?

No. 280396

Isn't the Hamburg Jassy a kid? If she's not, she could be giving Mags houseroom, but most of Margo's pretend friends are under the age of 15, or else as broke as she is. I don't think Mags will find her financial savior via instagram, and that's not for lack of trying as far as we've seen.

No. 280398

File: 1465872282400.png (62.54 KB, 996x138, cd285c9d-36d3-4155-847c-f915ee…)

from today:

No. 280399

File: 1465872417281.png (46.38 KB, 751x122, 6bb4f18d-6cfc-45e0-926e-066c92…)

and 2 days ago:

Actually this one is a different lie that mange is trying to push via DM, I can't keep em straight. But she's a busy busy bee in DMs

No. 280401

What makes this even creepier is this account @minteekawaii isn't even a real person, it's some scam account from the Phillipines selling skin whitening cream and kawaii crap with no website, no telephone# no contact information at all, just send me ur $$ no refunds. And it's following hundreds of other accounts just like it.

Just what you'd expect from mange the sewer rat.

No. 280402

Not a kid, seems like a single 20-something who lives with her cat

No. 280403

File: 1465873291297.png (109.34 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160613-225645.png)

Oh and guess what? It's private now. LOL
Yesterday I could see it. It was all pics of vials of cream & bottles of capsules all saying GENUINE and REAL NOT COUNTERFEIT, and screenshots of DMs saying "thank you so much, great seller so prompt very pleased!"

No. 280404

Oops that's right, I forget she's older. She has teen-sounding interests but an adult job. I'm not convinced she lives out of home though. Pandora… cringe.

No. 280418

File: 1465876838494.png (19.97 KB, 379x172, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.57…)

Went to visit Mana's instagram. He's now got more followers than Margo, with an account that's 5 months old, and without all the self promotion and drama. Mana-senpai is more popular for staying out of the shitstorm than Mags is for creating it. I'll bet that burns he right up. Not even with nudes, shit stirring, and time can Margo gain the fame she wishes for.

And, he's been deleting comments from Marge's rabid followers - he left a few innocuous one's that tag people that no longer have comments up, including the one and only NJM.

No. 280420

This somehow made me remember fitveganginger, she barelly got 1k of genuine users and she had to use bots to inflate her count up to 5k

No. 280422

Wakey wakey, Margles. It's 6:30 am in krautsburg and you always get up between 6:15-6:20 with no alarm needed, per your own insane boasting. We want to be entertained.

No. 280426

She'll show up eventually with pics of "my yard/my FRIEND'S garden/my neighbor's doggie" etc. etc. along with random pics "from walking" as she roams the streets of wherever she's shacked up. My guess is she'll rent a cheap room by the month in a University area since she likes to hang with THE KIDS.

No. 280427

Probably too jetlagged to do much "sightseeing" right now tho.

No. 280429

Going from east to west is easier, though. You're usually over it within a day or two. And since she's been delaying her posts, she's probably been back in the EU for almost a week.

I think the posts slowed down because she's busy DMing little kids. God, if I found out a 42 year old river kappa child abuser was contacting my child in private messages, I'd call the cops (soliciting a minor). Get this bitch on an international watch list.

No. 280431

I'm wondering if the California Child Actors Law is pertinent to Venus's situation since YouTube is her employer, and based in CA. If so, by law Margo has to set aside a minimum of 15% of Venus's gross (before tax) earnings for her in a special bank account that could only be accessed by Venus, and only after she came of age.

We know Margo didn't give Venus anything, and begrudges the very clothes on her back that were purchased with Venus's money. But if Margo ever manages to scrape together the shekels for a court case, it'll become apparent that all of her "proofs" and "opposite proofs" are hand waving and insanity, AND that she didn't set aside Venus's mandated portion of the funds, and that she never paid taxes although that would fall under her responsibility as a manager.

No. 280434

Venus is a user of YT, not their employee. And she's a client of Fullscreen which doesn't seem to be doing much of anything for her. Even if someone could sue mange, what's the point? Bitch has 0 assets.

No. 280436


idk anon, poor dear had a long and grueling super low-budget trip that included extended layovers where she probably slept in airports for days in between long flights crammed into overcrowded coach seats. That on top of living out of suitcases & sleeping in bunkbeds in shared Airbnb rooms for months. And as mentioned before the adrenaline high she's been running on is fading along with her dream of ruining VEENOOS, her IG fame and her fund$. Ole girl is probably feeling pretty ragged these days.

No. 280437

Oh, no one could get anything from a homeless crazy like Mags, but it would get her laughed out of court even faster when the court figures out that Margo owes Venus money, not the other way around. Doesn't mean Venus would get it (she's never even asked), just that it would negate Margo's claims even faster.

No. 280471

File: 1465902837984.png (18.07 KB, 516x170, Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.35…)


Okay I just took 15 mins to report every single video in that shady YT channel (pic related plus a copy-paste text about the issue). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLi00gq6r44s0njf9d_IEg/videos

I have no idea if YT can actually compare the vid data while Venus is terminated. In the meantime this channel's growing like cancer and commenters there really think it's Venus. The channel is monetized and very title matches so this is no simple fan effort.

I think this channel is something sinister and while not guaranteed, there is always the possibility that Margo is involved. As anon >>280164 said, this could be a plan to get Venus permabanned or some other attempt to fuck up her life/livelihood.

Venus and Fullscreen also need to be made aware of this if you can as they're the only ones who can copyright claim - we can only report the scam. I only lurk social media so I can't @ either of them, but I sent a generic email contact form to Fullscreen- likely won't help but I tried.

No. 280472

Hmm… I'm actually thinking NJM is promoting the channel because it was originally her idea, but possibly it is Marge's herself pulling it off to permanently take down Venus (making it look like it's her breaking the rules). Which means NJM is trying to suck up to V while being a two faced meddler.

No. 280474


No. 280478

Any of these could be possible… plus more fucked up options. Anyway you slice it the channel is dodgy. It's monetized so it's not being put up as a public service. The titles are exact copies so they do want people to think these are legit videos. Report report report. Do the same again the next time Venus' channel comes back, as it may be easier for YT to act when they have the matching videos.

No. 280481

I think that anon is right, too >>280164

Someone wants Venus to get blamed for ban evasion. And NJM was the first one to promote the channel.

How many days or hours will it take until Marge decides to make a scandal about it?

No. 280553

Her English is fine, why "für" and "oder"?

No. 280587

that is weird. reminds me of the way weebs inject random Japanese into their sentences.

No. 280614

File: 1465940035827.jpg (1.07 MB, 1330x1934, Screenshot_20160614-143125.jpg)

Huh, so @margaretpalermofan isn't marg? But Margo's main account replies to a question tagged for @margaretpalermofan? Someone forgot to switch accounts before replying. Caught ya, mags! You are shitty at using sock accounts.

No. 280624

I love watching her slip up.

No. 280635

probably just a German-speaking person typing with auto correct. Source: happens to me all the time

No. 280636

File: 1465943016893.jpg (70.86 KB, 540x613, internet-to-the-rescue2.jpg)

Along with reporting videos we must wrtie down in comment sections it's not Venus' channel.

No. 280656

File: 1465949439190.png (128.68 KB, 1273x860, report.png)

I could be wrong but if you click this you can link the entire channel and comment at the bottom. I don't know which option is better.

(I don't think anyones mentioned this???)

No. 280677

You can't report the whole channel unless you are Venus or her legal representative; there's an option for being a friend or acquaintance, but it leads to a popup saying that only a the person themselves or their legal rep can claim it.

No. 280711

File: 1465958596480.png (45.01 KB, 306x325, Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.40…)

Goddamn. Since Margles is being eerily silent, I wanted to check up on NJM (I have a feeling she might be the one behind the fake Venus channel). We know she's a skeezy stalking pr0n recruiter, but I had NO idea she worked at the Mustang Ranch. Margo, your crazy friend is a literal whore.

No. 280716

You can only choose 5 videos to report from the channel if you go that way. Do it if you want - I chose to do every single video and it took <15 minutes.

No. 280720

I'll have to make another account to do that as I don't want my real name in there with those freaks. If that works out I'll put some serious time in on it later today.

No. 280723

What is the source of this, anon? If it's written by her I doubt it's all true i.e. the Mustang Ranch thing. But she's claimed to be a 'Talent Scout for the Adult Industry' under her NJM name, in YT comments so that part at least is true.

This was all discussed a few threads back. Her real name is Glenda Miskin, google it just for fun. She doesn't live in Minneapolis MN, she lives in a small town in MN, in the middle of fucking nowhere right next to North Dakota. She's 60 years old and 100% certifiably crazy and obsessed, just like marge. She's commented all over the internet under her NJM name, mostly creepy comments about p0rn which she knows ALL about.

She stalked a professor at the University of ND like 20 years ago, when she was 44. Like obsessively online stalked the guy with pervy sexual demands to the point that she got kicked out of the University. She continued her online stalking by making a fake website called UND News where she published fake "news stories" about the University being racist and the professor being a pedophile who lured children from his church, all kinds of vile slander.

The guy sued her for stalking & slander and won a $3 million settlement from the jury, it made the news at the time bc it was such a huge settlement (I have links to articles about it.) Glenda 'represented' herself at the trial. She's not an attorney or even a paralegal, just a nut with a lot of spare time to google shit (just like marge.)

No. 280725

It's from her "Cara Cohen" facebook page, which is linked to the page for her nonexistent blog as Nice Jewish Mama. She also started using the name Cara Cohen on her instagram.

The reason I started dredging up her stuff again - and thanks for reposting, I saw it posted in real time but couldn't find it again - is because I strongly suspect her of being the owner of the false Venus youtube account. From communication I've received from Margo (sorry to be cloak and dagger, protecting my info), she wants to know how to find this YouTube account. She didn't know about previously, and the thought of someone else making $$ off Venus's videos makes her pimp hand itchy.

No. 280736

>didn't know about it previously
>wants to know how to find it

LOL right… like it's so hard to find, by typing 'Venus Angelic' into YT's search function. uh huh

No. 280740

That fake channel and sly promo efforts via V's comments has NJM's fingerprints ALL over it. And why would she do it without mange being in on it too? They're teamed up on this shit, totally. It's just one more way to fuck w/venus by two obsessed crazy old bitches.

No. 280743

Actually the channel is kinda hidden somehow. I didn't find it so easily and the front page is blank. I had to bookmark it to keep track. BTW here it is again: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLi00gq6r44s0njf9d_IEg/videos

So Margo's looking for it hey? Thanks for that. This points to NJM at the moment. Someone obsessive and thorough enough, who's enjoying sitting on their little secret.

No. 280744

Ultimately Marge couldn't bring herself to post the 'How I ran away from home' video even if it were to throw people off. Even though this thing smells very 'wicked witch' I currently lean towards NJM as the instigator; she probably wants Marge on board as a partner, but on NJMs terms.

No. 280751

Yeah, you need to search for Venus Palermo sometimes to get there, but they're also showing up in searches for videos by Venus.

Agreed. NGM has be pelting both Margo and Venus with asinine "business advice" (mostly related to how she can manage their porn careers) for months, and since she's a stalker not getting attention, she's escalating.

Margo probably made this worse by interacting with NJM near the beginning of all this, before Margo realized she couldn't manipulate or leach off NJM, because NJM was trying the same thing on Margo. Two scammers can't meet, it just doesn't work. After Margo started ignoring NJM, NJM went over and started spamming Venus with her ideas. Since Venus has always ignored her, NJM recently began spamming Margo's family and Manaki with her crazy.

If it is indeed NJM behind the channel, her reason for doing so is a twisted combo of her being a domain squatter and SEO scammer from way back when, and her wanting validating attention.

No. 280760

File: 1465971380679.png (1.51 MB, 707x743, capture_004_14062016_231409.pn…)

she has a ton of domains registered under her name, so I'm agreeing it's her. cap for lols

No. 280768


No. 280770

Proof, pls

No. 280771

File: 1465973794044.png (681.76 KB, 923x587, Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.5…)

No. 280772

… so is she couch surfing with German Jassy?

No. 280774

File: 1465974216541.png (80.84 KB, 319x539, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.0…)

Here's some convo from Margo's fantasy sock account (fantasy in that she shoops photos more than Dakota, in order to appear dolly to all dah vooorld!)

No. 280775

File: 1465974229505.png (60.26 KB, 315x416, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.0…)

No. 280776

File: 1465974418721.png (643.17 KB, 927x573, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.0…)

Jesus christ, who ARE these people, salivating over Margo's saggy eyebags covered in meitu? This pic is from a few weeks back, but the comments are recent. Maybe this account is part of Margo's preteen bait, to use to DM people?

No. 280777


One comment in German: Why awake so early? Where you already at the job center to get your social benefits?

No. 280778

Can you translate lebenwhatever's indignant response anon?

hättest Du auch nur einen minimalen Funken Intelligenz in dem Vakuum, was Du Deinen Kopf nennst, wüsstest Du, das Margaret keine Deutsche ist und somit auch nicht easy going überhaupt irgendwas beantragen kann. Aber ja, Hauptsache man kann in der Anonymität des Internets haten

No. 280779

Hahaha, Hamburg! Got to have something to do with her internet bff @lebenmoron.. why else would mange pick Hamburg of all places? Bc really, that's not #kawaii or cool or #glamorous at all.

No. 280781

Well well well, look who's paranoid and accusing others of being agent of Margo? Not a single person has mentioned her by name while discussing the channel on Venus's photo, yet there she is, in all her paranoia.

No. 280782

File: 1465975972683.png (18.71 KB, 293x91, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.3…)

dropped photo

No. 280783

Maybe she wants to sell her ass in Reeperbahn
And she will find oh so edgy satanist 14-year-old shit in the tourist shops of Sankt Pauli

No. 280784

File: 1465977483155.png (343.36 KB, 640x796, 59087002-0586-4ed5-91f9-e76478…)

Actually, NJM was triggered a few days ago. She came riding in to this kid's #savevenus IG acct with guns blazing, spewing her expert legal advice comp!ete with specific CA statutes to threaten the kid with legal repercussions from his HATER ACCOUNT.

Then someone outed her b.s. in the comments, and that's when she sperged out all over Manaki's, Zsu's and ferenc's IGs… just like mange does. They're twinsies in their mental pathologies, seriously.

1/3 attached:

No. 280786

File: 1465977515150.png (385.06 KB, 640x834, 3ad08f35-1940-4531-9dab-3d3d73…)

No. 280788

File: 1465977662096.png (123.21 KB, 632x319, 4c843a83-c3c6-4b72-b6e4-b62aab…)


Zsu and the IG kid both blocked her crazy ass. She was VILE on Zsu's and Manaki's IGs. V I L E

No. 280791

how could she not. lebenstesterin posted a parfait pic to insta.

No. 280792

I don't really believe this is Margo at all. It's nothing like her. It reads a lot like Jassy Rose tbh due to sounding like a bogan. Who knows who it really is but it's not Margo.

No. 280793

Why would Pull do this? Or have they've gotten crazier since I left.

No. 280794

Oh hang on… "her new channel". Thanks NJM, because of your slip I now swing back to thinking you have direct knowledge of this fraud.

And lebenstesterin should be embarrassed of the company she's keeping. A child abuser… really.

No. 280795

Nah forget it, I am just catching up on the NJM rage above and now am 100% convinced it is her.

No. 280796

Bernie Sanders wut? She's a mess.

No. 280798

Possible scene: NJM the creeper working with Marge to help her get the court case rolling in Cali. Maybe even loans her airfare to Vancouver? Due to NJM being crazy, Margo goes all that way to find she can't easily do the case for free / by herself. Marge then tries the blackmail attempt and flees to the arms of lebenstesterin in Hamburg, maybe again on a borrowed airfare. Meantime NJM hatches Plan B (or C, D through Z) which is to hijack the whole channel. She can't be downloading them right now as Venus' channel is terminated. Maybe they are working slowly together via Dropbox with a mix of what NJM has already downloaded before (channel started a month ago) and ones Margo has in her possession.

No. 280800

Well, look at me getting paranoid.

No. 280804

In addition to being an obsessive stalker and a perv, NJM is also a demented sjw

She's been living on disability benefits in this little town in bumfuck Minn. for at least 20 years (since she got kicked outta UND in 1998,) I'm guessing for a mental condition of some kind.

No. 280805

I hope they're very happy together. LOL

No. 280806

Yes I remember her info from when she first got profiled here. Her college professor got a 3mil suit awarded against her. She defended herself. Loco.

No. 280807

Something tells me this girl will regret this.

No. 280808

They can go to heavy metal concerts together. marge likes death metal as I recall. AC/DC foreverr ROCK ON

No. 280809

ACDC are fucking senior citizens. This little lady knows nothing about life.

No. 280810

They're still touring apparently, and @liebchenschnitzel went to their recent concert in Hamburg. ROCK ON

No. 280811

This comment from @lebenwurst has been DELETED. Translation please??

hättest Du auch nur einen minimalen Funken Intelligenz in dem Vakuum, was Du Deinen Kopf nennst, wüsstest Du, das Margaret keine Deutsche ist und somit auch nicht easy going überhaupt irgendwas beantragen kann. Aber ja, Hauptsache man kann in der Anonymität des Internets haten

No. 280812

hättest Du auch nur einen minimalen Funken Intelligenz in dem Vakuum, was Du Deinen Kopf nennst, wüsstest Du, das Margaret keine Deutsche ist und somit auch nicht easy going überhaupt irgendwas beantragen kann. Aber ja, Hauptsache man kann in der Anonymität des Internets haten.

Translation: if you had only a minimum of intelligence in the vacuum you are calling your head, you would know that Margaret isn't German and therefore she can't get easy peasy social benefits.
But yeah - hate in the anonymity you have because of the Internet

(That's it, more or less)

No. 280813

@lebendoofus is arguing vigorously w/other Germans saying maggu is there to collect benefits: She is NOT A GERMAN CITIZEN! Not Swiss either ONLY HUNGARIAN and she CAN'T GET GERMAN CITIZENSHIP or benefits! It's not that easy!!

No. 280814

hehe, wonder why mangoo deleted it? Someone is not pleased with @leben's commentary apparently..

No. 280815

THANKS germanon!

No. 280817

Not citizenship, no. But as an EU citizen she can get some financial help if she can jump through the hoops. Especially when she's using liebchen not just for a free place to stay, but a very legit address to register herself at. Also there is Fitness First in DE; she can say she is a PT. Just back from managing her daughter's Youtube career for several years in Asia but now daughter is married in Japan, etc. It's not like Margo's a freshly-arrived Romanian with no local language skills. Liebchen might not like to believe it but then Margo's not going to tell her everything she does. She's using you, pet.

No. 280818

What I find hilarious is that she picked one of the most expensive cities in Germany. She has to be couch surfing, otherwise she wouldn't be able to afford a flat at all (even if she worked for Fitness First again), if she didn't want to get a mold-infested place in a questionable neighborhood or a shoebox-sized room.

I really can't see her staying in Hamburg for more than a few weeks at most.

No. 280819

It's not going to be sweet with Liebchen forever, I agree with you no more than a few weeks. But Margo can use her for registration purposes in the meantime - it looks a shit ton better than a backpackers.

No. 280820

File: 1465985959236.png (1023.48 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 280821

She did look kind of sick in her last post. I wonder what's up. (Maybe stress related)

No. 280822


I wonder if she's the same as Dakota where she gets an IV every now and then. I know everyone may assume it's her mother but isn't her mother elsewhere? For all we know Venus could have fell down a flight of stairs. Just saying btw.

or maybe her ED she keeps denying

No. 280823

File: 1465986849806.png (19.24 KB, 606x80, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.33…)

She did say it a few days ago on the fries eating insta.

No. 280824

They're pretty generous with IVs in Japanese hospitals. She might've gotten a stomach problem or whatever.

No. 280825

She said in the comments that she'd been sick (responding to someone saying she looked pale)

No, people don't "just get an IV every now and then" (let alone get hospitalized dor 3 days) unless they're actually pretty ill, anon. Not in the US anyway.

No. 280826

Cmon don't kick her while she's down. You'll have plenty of time to rag on her for a potential ED later.

She may have bad dehydration or something - I wonder why they are keeping her in for days though.

No. 280827

Hopefully it's the flu or gastroenteritis or something..

No. 280828

Could be stress related. It's not as if she has had an easy time recently with her bitch of a mother.
Stress can be a huge factor in health

No. 280829

Am I the only one, who finds Venus much more annoying than margo?

No. 280830

No. 280831

go somewhere else pls. you'll get no sympathisers here.

No. 280835

Got to say though, it's not cool to drop this bombshell & just disappear w/no explanation. Not cool. She's done this too many times now, drop a bombshell then disappear for days, leaving her fangelics to worry and fret and wonder WHAT IS HAPPENING.

I mean I know she doesn't owe anyone anything, BUT she has decided to make this her career and her fans are very invested in her. Her choice. Either do it right or don't do it at all. This is getting fucking OLD.

No. 280839

i think she doesnt have the best health– based on her skintone and eye bags she looks nutrient deficient to me, and combined eith all the strese i just dont think shes taking care of herself enough. shes thin, and if she eats as much sugary crap as she posts that would make up a significant portion of her diet

i hope she gets better soon.

No. 280840

Margo is well on her way if she wants to see her daughter six feet under. There's only so much stress a person can take and this cunt is making it worse. I hope Venus recovers soon. This is taking a sad turn.

No. 280841

Jesus, ease off. She's going through the biggest upheaval of her life. In terms of her online stuff, she's not falling apart that much considering the circumstances. She could be ranting and deleting as much as her mother is, but she doesn't. Right now she needs to survive.

No. 280842

File: 1465988722607.jpg (29.71 KB, 762x574, 1325504758102.jpg)

YEAH, how dare she to not post on social media when she's sick in the hospital, what a bitch

No. 280843

She did post on SM though. She made the effort to take a pic, upload it and announce she's been in the hospital for 3 fucking days, but saying WHY was just too much trouble? Seriously?

I've been 100% team venus this whole time but sorry, I'm over this shit.

No. 280846

You are griping about nothing. If you feel it's a "bombshell" I question your interests. Stop fucking white-anting.

No. 280849


she probably didn't want her mother to find out

No. 280850

her mother will use this against her. i bet she will say manki is making her ill

No. 280856


Nah, I find Venus annoying too. They're both weird. From the get go but Venus is considered the kawaii princessu and only because of being on camera does she get sympathy as we've witnessed her cunty mother. In general her and her mothers videos suck. I just wish Venus would bugger off and live a normal life.

No. 280857


Simple anon, don't follow her. I don't because I don't care. Sound harsh but I don't find Venus all that interesting or feel the need to big her up like everyone else has started doing. Just ignore her.

No. 280858


She'll be ite in a year time anon.

No. 280860


Anon you're not allowed to be against Venus, you have to support her and love her cos she's kawaii. How dare you. HOW VERY DARE YOU.

No. 280861

maybe she's pregnant


No. 280863

agreed, both should just stop
she's not talented and her mother is crazy and just craving money

No. 280864

File: 1465995680892.png (236.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-14-58-09…)

Maggot wants to sue Venus as soon as she gets her channel back. Question is: where will she find the money to afford a lawyer? But if she can afford living in Hamburg I guess she does have money now

No. 280866


So basically she'll always attack Venus even if Venus starts fresh and new because " she owes me" … for what ? being born ?

No. 280868

>Then Google bans her forever for breaking the contract and she still owes me

I cant help imagining Margo saying this with steepled fingers and then laughing maniaclly after.
Margo has the evil plots now.

No. 280869

File: 1465996236414.jpeg (191.31 KB, 750x696, image.jpeg)

Ding ding ding!

No. 280870

File: 1465996351352.jpeg (198.46 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

She's really going off right now.
Who wants to bet Margo wouldn't take Venus to the doctor even if she was ill, because mother knows best?

No. 280872

File: 1465996749031.png (203.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-09-17-39…)

I cannot believe a man would feed his cute anorexic wife fries! Fucking pedophile feeder!

No. 280873

Lord, if Venus was still with Margo this would probably still have happened and Margo would be starting up another gofunme scam page.

No. 280874

Oop, sorry for the almost duplicate screencap.

No. 280875

But Margo walked 5km while in labour!

No. 280876

you don't stay in hospital because you're pregnant. but maybe if there's a pregnancy complication like Hyperemesis gravidarum it's possible.

No. 280877

I'm one anon defending her but I don't find her kawaii at all. I'm not a fan. The story is something different from that.

No. 280880

Well, Venus was on IG and liked a pic, a fanart drawing someone made of her.. 2 hours ago (one hour after her post from the hospital.) Meanwhile there are 300+ comments on her page from distraught little girls begging to know WHAT'S WRONG OMG!!

I really can't with this girl any more. This is FUCKED UP.

No. 280882

>toilet slave academy

dude wtf margo, leave that shit for 20 yr olds, not wrinkled hags like you

hope that stupid bitch is prepared for being called a theft slut abuser on a daily basis online too hahaha lebenmyass deserves everything bad she could get for it

says the one who keeps changing versions about how V ran away

okay, so now manaki is a pedo otaku tranny food fetishist manipulator, nice!

No. 280883

File: 1465998788999.png (244.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-09-51-50…)

Marge the psychic pt 1

No. 280884

File: 1465998863907.png (235.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-09-53-28…)

Pt 2
Mystic Mag

Is she implying Venus dies or something?

No. 280885

I'm partial to clitty.city and dialapuss.com myself. Oh and kissmyfeetslave.com

fucking old perv.

No. 280886

>Venus got grumpy because her mother punished her

For what? Besides, you can't really punish an adult lmfao

>manaki is supporting Venus financially

Well yes.. she's a student who just lost her source of income. Venus herself says she believes that in a relationship, the person owns the money they earn.

No. 280888

She's been fantasizing about Venus dying for months now. Usually it's Manaki who kills her in margg's twisted lizardbrained visions

No. 280890


satanic powers lets her foresee the future

No. 280892

Those little girls will go back to fangirling about Justin Beiber or the latest anime or whatever kids do these days. STFU already, you moron. Venus is being a typical instagram teen who posts dramatic updates.

No. 280894

Some of them maybe. Others take this very seriously, enough to make IG accounts to post screenshots of everything that happens every step of the way. And Venus is 19, not some overly dramatic 13-year-old.

No. 280897

What did she say on Manaki and Zsu's IGs? Are her comments still up to read or did anyone get caps?

No. 280902


her update wasn't even that dramatic.

if she's truly sick she probably doesn't have the time to go through instagram and answer comments from 13 year old girls. She can't even make a YouTube video update right now.

No. 280903

I don't remember her commenting on zsu's but here's a comment on grandpa's ig. I could have sworn zsu answered this with something along the lines of "we followed her on facebook for updates and when they stopped updating facebook we made instagrams to follow their lives" zsu blocked njm so IDK if that deleted the comments or what.

No. 280904

File: 1466006047819.png (207.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-11-22-34…)

Dropped pic

No. 280910

Well I totally agree with you that Margo deserves just the worst and hope she gets a reeperbahn/hamburg/hobo or whatever for what she has done to Venus. This woman is pure cancer - but I don't think Liebchen or whatever deserves everything bad - we don't know what Maggot told her.
Anyone gonna ask her? Maybe we can get to know more about the Marge.

No. 280911

File: 1466007892284.png (243.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-12-21-22…)

Can't wait for Margo to see this.
I can see it now.

>it was never a real marriage!!

>the channel was my idea!!
>every interview was edited!!
>everything is mine, money, venoos, channel, fame!! Minemineminemine.

No. 280912

File: 1466007954111.png (222.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-12-22-05…)

No. 280922


she's probably just going to delete the comment.

Margo can't argue against logic.

No. 280923


but honestly I don't think marge will ever bother to reply, just delete and block. Too many truth to handle.

No. 280929

Fucking bitch is now claiming SHE was the person who made the YouTube channel

What a cunt.

No. 280931

File: 1466012176178.png (257.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-13-35-08…)

Aunt zsu <3

No. 280934

Still looking for anyone to milk Liebchen about Maggot. I have no insta neither Facebook.

No. 280935

File: 1466012728683.png (173.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280936

File: 1466012745956.png (175.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280937

File: 1466012761681.png (202.57 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280938

File: 1466012775708.png (169.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280939

File: 1466012797363.png (171.09 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280940

File: 1466012811282.png (166.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280941

File: 1466012827742.png (174.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280942

File: 1466012840689.png (172.61 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280943

File: 1466012851341.png (179.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280944

File: 1466012862286.png (183.24 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 280945

Put your phone on low power mode, you numpty.

No. 280946

Aunt zsu is awesome ;_;

No. 280948

Thank you - but I can stalk the insta but don't write Mags or Venus or Liebchen or anyone

No. 280951

>>280935 etc.
Thanks for reposting a lot of stuff that's already in the thread in a shittier format.

No. 280963

She says she never took Venus to the hospital, but normal parents take their children to the hospital at least a few times. Makes me wonder if Venus never received proper Healthcare?

No. 280966

Probably depression.

No. 280968

File: 1466016236788.jpeg (304.99 KB, 750x1077, image.jpeg)

Some extra long rambling from Margo tonight.

No. 280972

funny how you tried to leech that same sick otaku for youtubebux haha

No. 280974

Margo is in panic. No, not because of Venus's hospitalisation but bc she sees people reacting in her ig and she can't understand empathy. She's very reactive and defensive. And that makes people freak out and realise there is something wrong with Marge.

No. 280976

oh no anon, she actually called the ambulance for v ONCE! >>280943

that's more than she needed and therefore V owes that too!

I'm actually impressed this time Maggot didn't bring her magical 5k and 10k numbers

>hospital was 5 miles away and they charged me 10,000 euros for a single stitch

No. 280979

>>I walked 15 miles / km under the rain and transported her on my back while Veeenooos was dying from a stitch. That ungrateful child got so much punches in her face and I had to go to hospital with her just because of a stitch!!! She's so manipoolative!

No. 280981

Someone who's not at work right now please make a NJM thread. She's even more ripe for milking than Margot is.

No. 280982

What kind of a parent brags about never having once taken their child to hospital? Oh, that's right: margo. I know that tactic - abusive parents find their children's illnesses annoying and bothersome.

Margo has changed her story over the last hour - first manaki made her ill because eating disorder, but now it's part of venus's evil plan to be ill to make margo look bad and have people tell her she's uncaring. Damn that venoos!

Don't even care your kid is sick, and has to make it all about her. Mother of the year, margo.

No. 280983

>Merkst du nicht, dass sie zum ersten mal in ihrem ganzen Leben im Krankenhaus ist, und das es passiert seitdem sie gegangen ist? Wenn schon hat Manaki oder sie selbst es verursacht"

Means: Don't you understand that it's the first time in her whole life that she's in a hospital and that it did happen after she went?
If at all, Manaki or herself did cause it.

Classy Margo, now you're saying she did whatever hospitalized her by herself.

No. 280984

Abusive parent never takes her child to hospital bc of obviousness of abuse.
#motheroftheyear #givememoneyandstfu

No. 280985

I was thinking the same thing.

Under Margo's thinking Venus had and eating disorder and aspergers, but she never felt like checking in with a doctor or hospital. Why? In case it was true? If Venus really was anorexic or whatever, the doc might decide to keep her in a hospital to recover, which of course means no venusbux for Margo.

No. 280994

No Venusbux and Venus would have been the centre of attention, not Margo. Unthinkable.

No. 280997

>veenoos hospitalized herself to bully me

god, she's such a sick degusting being.

No. 281000

Margaret and Ash could have a lovely mother and daughter hah. Neither of them would worry about each other needing to go to the hospital

No. 281007

File: 1466020877347.png (206.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-15-16-00-44…)


No. 281016

holy shit what a sick bitch

No. 281021

Well duh, of course she's not a human, she's Margo's pet! That's why Margo never took her to the hospital. Venus only ever went to the vet, as is befitting. ?

No. 281023

Please go on, bitch, you're opening everyone's eyes to who is the real apathic monster of both of you.

No. 281028

But you don't understand!! Margo was forced to occasionally do things like set food down in front of a toddler, or listen to Venus cry while being hit! Do you not understand her sacrifices? And now Venus won't even support Margo for life, even after Margo pulled her from school to kindly force her to make IRL lolicon for internetbux. Well, Margo cannot care about Venus even enough to throw knives at her any longer. Now it's war.

No. 281029

File: 1466023165628.jpeg (246.91 KB, 750x918, image.jpeg)

No. 281032

She inverts things so well.

No. 281033

Any psychopath is suprised to not be liked or trusted? Kind of like you were shocked when your daughter wanted to move in with her husband and keep her own wages after becoming an adult? Like when you were shocked that you couldn't just physically maul your kid at the airport and still move in with her?

No. 281034

I think Margo de-humanizes Venus as much as possible so that Margo doesn't have to realize how horrible she is treating her. It's a technique the military employs as well (referring to people as"targets" for example)

No. 281035

Alright, Margo is officially describing herself now. What an awful, awful woman. I cannot imagine having to grow up under this monster. If these comments don't show people how rotten she is on the inside, I really don't know what will. She's talking about her fucking daughter like she's a piece of garbage.

No. 281036


No. 281038

LOL how can someone gossip about their own child?

And she is even saying Venus is staging the whole thing. Pretty sure the doctors would just kick her out of the hospital if that were true.

No. 281039

She said herself:
>>and doesn't have feelings like most people.

That describes very well how psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissistic think.

>>It's not me. It's the rest of the world. All those holos that want to get/kill me.

No. 281043

File: 1466024130430.png (245.34 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This bitch is fucking crazy.

No. 281044

"I planned to ruin her relationship and thus keep her as my toy, by convincing my boyfriend that Venus was really into his friend. When my boyfriend and his friend found out what I'd done and the kind of person I am, they cut me off, and IT CANT BE MY FAULT!!"

No. 281045

That's rich coming from margs

No. 281047

File: 1466024635404.png (267.66 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

"Finally I'm allowed to have a boyfriend"
No one wants you Margo, you are fucking crazy..

No. 281049

If I would know her exact whereabout I would call the guys in white coats for her. She's clearly insane.

No. 281050

Uh, I remember that chat, you published it, Margo. Venus was telling you how much she loves you, and that you always said she dragged you down, so wasn't she doing you a favor by leaving? That chat makes Margo look absolutely ruthless and cruel, and shows how Venus was told she ruined Margo's life on the daily.

It shows Venus with a lot of empathy, and Margo with zero. Try again, Margo!

No. 281051

File: 1466024838530.png (51.28 KB, 313x335, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.06…)


No. 281052

File: 1466024897561.png (77.95 KB, 312x532, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.07…)

Margo gave her YOUTH everyone!

No. 281053

Marge's so ill she even doesn't see it. #psychopathysucks #poorvenus

No. 281054

File: 1466025193867.png (24.19 KB, 317x136, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.12…)

Dead, all documents gone!! But what about your proofs, Margo?

No. 281056

File: 1466025409424.png (62.93 KB, 308x412, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.16…)

"She wants to disguise me!!" - Marglish, 2016

No. 281058

>>That's not my idea, it's written in psychobooks. I read it so I'm not a psychopathen. I feel so much empathy with myself I can't understand why nobody understands me. Venoooos is a holo, it's not human, it's a monster psychopathen!!!

No. 281059

Her language skills are deteriorating fast.

Yeah, I'm still amazed at how she can't tell she's the problem. I mean, obviously she's incapable, but you'd think some modicum of clarity would surface at some point. At least enough for her to shut her mouth and stop incriminating herself.

No. 281060

She's so f* sick!

No. 281064

God, I can just imagine Margo screaming and banging her head against the keyboard as she made that last comment. Her roommates must be terrified; if she's this unhinged online she's got to be throwing a massive tantrum IRL.

No. 281066

Marge suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/basics/definition/con-20025568). She hasn't the capacity to understand. Period. And it's pointless to confront her, unless you're trying to show to the world how sick she is. But if you think she will feel empathy by confronting her to reality, she simply can't. Don't lose your time.

No. 281068

This woman is absolutely disgusting.
When she left, Venus said she loved and will always love her mother, but she had to leave because of the reasons we all know. She just said she didn't like how maggot badmouthed her and Manaki and that she wanted to go with him. She didn't call her an abuser, it came after that fucking cunt started to slander her publicly.

No. 281069

File: 1466026138575.png (238.07 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

New sock account for Margo? Snakey's English sounds exactly like Margo's, and it's a brand new account only following Margo.

No. 281070

Oh, we know she's NPD. A lot of folks poke her with a stick just for shits and giggles, because she's so reliably crazy. I was more just marveling at the depth of her illness. I know what's happening to her, but still end up drop jawed.

No. 281072

I suspect so also. Margo was fighting tooth and nail with sajazoabi, then suddenly went silent and now this new account is championing for Margo? Yeah, it be mags.

No. 281073

Hi Margaret looool

No. 281074

File: 1466026349868.png (39.13 KB, 305x237, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.31…)

Make that Margo and friends; she's got to be coordinating with her friend group.

No. 281077

Hi Margaret 2 and 3
#lmao #monologue

No. 281079

lulawhateverthefuck looks like an actual account; there's a bunch of followers. But funny how she showed up simultaneously with a sock, Margo probably phoned a friend for help via her instafriend group

No. 281080

But Margo, you said that Venus never answered you again after she fled but suddensly she wrote you mean massages? lol k.

No. 281082

Which is weird, because Margo actually published the chats thinking they made her (Margo) look good. Even edited as Margo arranged them, Mags STILL sounded insane and cruel, and Venus came off as very loving and concerned for her mom's well being (albeit terrified of her.)

No. 281083

I wonder what exactly she would answer if someone asks her what she would change in herself if she could. I'm blocked. Any volonteers for science?

No. 281084

Jfc I feel so bad for Venus. Imagine Maggot being like this to Venus all her life? This is sickening. I almost do hope she goes to court and her psycho and abuse is fully exposed.

No. 281088

Where does Marge crazyness comes from considering her family seem so level headed ?

I really admire Venus for having lived with such a psycopath and had the balls to run away from her abuser.

This disgusts me so much. Narcissitic shouldn't be allowed to have kids. You don't reproduce to get something back from your kids.

No. 281089

A narc would never change anything about themselves; it's others who should change, according to them.

A more pertinent question would be, what is Margo's ideal outcome from all of this? What exactly does she want, money-wise, with the channel, with Venus herself? Margo already said - and I believe her -that she doesn't give two shits about Venus and is done pretending to like her own kid. Margo has also said that if Venus relinquished the channel and began fresh, Margo would harass and shut down that one, too. I'm not sure even Margo knows what her end game is, because it seems to be anger for anger's sake.

No. 281090


Right? It's fun watching others cows go about their crazy lives, but this is honestly pretty dark. If this is what Margo is like in public, online spaces, then what must she have been like behind closed doors?

No. 281093

I know, but her answer would be interesting anyways because she wouldn't talk about her but about others.

No. 281094


I doubt eve Margo knows what she wants, deep down.

I guess she wants money, partly, but she's not going about it in a very smart way. If she keeps Venus's channel down forever, Venus is going to run out of money. At that point even if Venus wanted to give her money, she couldn't.

What did Margo even fill her time with, before this happened?

First Margo spent a year or two in Switzerland with her husband, then they broke up. But they stayed in Switzerland. When Venus was ~10 they went to Tenerife. That was the last time Venus was in school.

Then it was off to London. An early interview says Margo worked in an opticians in London.

It was sometime in the middle of this that Margo quit working and Venus was bringing home 100% of the bacon, at the tender age of ~15

In London, after quitting work, Margo had a brief thing for fitness, making exercise videos and shit. She also tried to do a copy of "Humans of NY" that she called "The London People".

But all that went straight out the window as soon as she got in trouble for tax evasion, and off they went to the Netherlands. They stayed there for a few months, and then it was Japan, and then SK wasn't it?

Anyways, my point is Margo's had literally no clear goals in life for a solid decade. Not since they left Switzerland, as far as I can see. And it's only gotten worse. She managed to stay for a few years in Tenerife and then London, but each time she moves it's for a shorter and shorter time period before she's off on to the next thing.

No. 281095

how she sees the world?

No. 281098

It's pretty typical of the lower empathy narcs to start burning through workplaces, social circles, and jobs faster and faster as time goes on. Not all narcs have zero empathy; excepting the ones much closer to the psychopathic scale, they CAN learn some modicum of self control (NOT empathy - just some amount of self control) as time goes on, just enough to keep their n supply steady.

The ones who are too low empathy and low impulse control to protect their n-supply just get worse over time, and this is where Margo is.

No. 281105

You know you're allowed to swear here, dear.

No. 281121

Come on margo, stop insulting our intelligence with these lousy sockpuppets. Step up your game gurl.

No. 281125

Those distraught little fangirls need lives.

No. 281128

right now Liebchen is a strong ally to Margles. remember the Spanish chef?

No. 281130

A birth certificate is not a legally binding contract, margo

No. 281133

> I miss her
> have to fight for my rights
Margo, FFS.

No. 281136

I don't think Margo will ever have that perspective. It's like a form of brain damage.

No. 281138

Can you link to the screencaps she published? Sorry, I must have missed them in the previous thread & I'm having trouble finding 'em now.

No. 281145

Of the top of my head: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCq_FS8PyIY/ which gives you a time guide (14w) for which old thread to look for. The convos are multilingual.

No. 281147

You should be able to find them on the @stopmargaretp instagram account. That person stopped updating a while back, but they archived a bunch of stuff right after Venus moved, including the text "proofs" Margo posted. Based Aunt Zsu even provided translations.

No. 281171

This thread >>245119

No. 281174

File: 1466036164271.jpg (15.95 KB, 480x236, 1456591648369.jpg)

Maggot is so close to completely snapping, I can practically taste it.

No. 281179

I have a severe panic disorder and have been tested for everything from epilepsy to cancer. She might v be having panic attacks from margendo. Sage for blog post

No. 281193

A panic attack doesn't get you 3 days in hospital - you get an iv with fluids and maybe anti anxiety meds, and sent home.

3 days makes me think something like a flu or infection. Something she'd need iv antibiotics and fluids for.

No. 281195

* need for an extended period, that is. They won't send you home if you can't eat or keep fluids down.

No. 281196

I've seen idols from Japan kept in hospital for exhaustion and stuff. I also remember from Micaela's yt channel that in Japan they kind of go to hospital for everything.

No. 281201

it can depend a bit on the culture whether they keep you in hospital or not.

No. 281203

Dunno man. This hospital thing is provocative but she's also got a friend to stay with right now. They can look at all of Leibchen's Pandora charms and talk about stuff basic bitches talk about, Swarovski and such. Closest I saw to Mags snapping was when she hobo-ed around Japan and slept in the convenience store, then on the 'frikken sofa'.

No. 281213

At this point I don't even think it's a matter of 'what she wants' from life or from venus or anything. She's blindly and furiously striking out like a venemous demented snake. Her entire being is focused on one thing: destroying venus, hurting her, making her PAY. Inflicting maximum pain, however she can. No plan. Her narc lizardbrain can not process what has happened and it's MELTDOWN TIME

No. 281215

Really good comment from V's IG:

bubbles2366 @misfeuer this whole thing is creeping me out the more I think about it. Her mom gets her channel terminated and then, mysteriously, a new channel (Venus Palermo) pops up with more and more videos being uploaded onto it daily. I tried asking Margaret straight out if she created the channel but she didn't reply. Who has access to all the videos? Why hasn't her mother filed copyright claims on this new channel? If it's her mother's handiwork, she essentially destroyed Venus's ability to use her own channel, constantly bitching about losing money and then took over Venus's work to profit off her carcass. She's over there turning Venus's stay in the hospital as being all about her-everything with Venus is always all about her-like she's unable to see anything with her child as being someone separate from herself. She's definitely NPD.

No. 281217

So interesting how these 'supporters' all show up en masse like this. Some are real, others fake/socks but it's definitely coordinated. mange must have IG notifications set up or something.

What does she think these IG campaigns are going to accomplish anyway? Oh yeah.. I keep forgetting she has the mind of a 14-year-old.

No. 281230

I didn't get a screenshot but it was something about how most of Venus's fans are middle-aged men who masturbate to her videos, she knows this bc margo posted the stats. Also something about margo doing scat videos and how she caters to the scat fetish crowd, blah blah etc. It was the same night she popped off on ferenc and Zsu's IG too.

idk if Manaki deleted it or if IG did. I reported it.

No. 281234

I think some of it got posted here, probably the previous thread. creepy af.

No. 281239

So Margo is reposting Venus's old pictures..

No. 281242

Someone commented that these pictures are "proof" of the good relationship they had. But…. Most people who are in abusive situations hide it very well. So it's not really proof at all.

No. 281243


So how many of these pictures had captions of Magoo pretending to be Venus at the time?
How many are of Venus showing that she is properly greatful for things her mother does? You know she would get shit if she doesnt act thankfull enough.
Some of them might even be genuine.

No. 281254

File: 1466049970032.jpg (526.38 KB, 1344x900, Screenshot_20160615-210536.jpg)

From the margo apologist tour

No. 281256

And that geisha video - margo DID plan that one. It was a disaster from start to finish, people hated it, it was culturally insensitive, and margo tried to start a go fund me for it, even though venus had managed to make hundreds of videos on her own without a fancy studio previously. Like that stupid Korean film she arranged, margo made a lot of shit decisions, and you can tell from the get go when it was all venus verses all margo, from the themes to the clothing choices.

No. 281259

File: 1466050252171.jpg (1.35 MB, 1399x2205, Screenshot_20160615-210930.jpg)

Wow look at this photo clearly taken, posted and captioned by margo herself, now reposted on margo's account to prove how happy and grateful venus was. Does her face not show joy at being with her mother?

No. 281260

File: 1466050420121.jpg (877.58 KB, 1079x1738, Screenshot_20160615-211211.jpg)

Damn, margo used to write such obvious self praising captions on Venus's account. Also, kudos to whoever made that comment.

No. 281262

the face of NPD right there.

No. 281263

File: 1466050634660.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20160615-211435.jpg)

Margo is just speaking word salad at this point. Did she even sleep last night?

Hey margo: you don't get a fucking medal for cooking dinner for your child. Particularly when it's obvious you wrote the majority of those captions and would terrorize venus if she was anything less than gushingly grateful to you 24/7 for fucking up her life.

No. 281266

well I'm sorry anons for saying earlier I didn't think Margo would really have a meltdown right now. It's happening…

No. 281267

If this is the "proof" margo has held as her trump card, she's just as stupid as we've always surmised. These photos are from venus's public account, and margo was the crypt keeper for all of her accounts. Margo started the ad wars and left nasty comments as venus for YEARS. I have no idea how margo thinks finding 6 whole photos where "venus" said nice things to her in the last 19 years proves that she's in the right.

No. 281268

File: 1466050969663.jpg (188.17 KB, 1198x1200, margo37.jpg)

An overview of Margo's mental state right now. Calm, calm, calm, snap.

No. 281269

after making it sound like she was glad Venus left, doesn't give a shit about her and all she wants is her money, she goes scrolling down her instagram to screenshot shit from over 2 years ago to add passive aggressive comments to them.

this is some transparent and fucked up behavior of an obsessed stalker

No. 281270

File: 1466051280412.jpg (926.74 KB, 1400x1721, Screenshot_20160615-212605.jpg)

More comment fun. Snakey should also be margo; note how "fun" She thinks it would be to live and work a trois with venus and her husband. Just what mama wanted all along.

No. 281271

LMAO that caption holy shit, she's lost it

No. 281272

snakey's gotta be her. so invested and so unhinged. the fake use of 'mom' but the english is bad. I'm normally skeptical but we know Margo's used socks badly before…

No. 281273



o hai margo

No. 281275

I was thinking that too. It has to be her.

No. 281277

Snakey appeared for the first time earlier today when margo was furiously responding to someone. Margo disappeared for a few minutes, and then snakey appeared and jumped right in to the argument in support of mags. It's definitely her or one of her lackeys working on her instruction (the positivity of snakey wanting venus, manaki and margo to make videos together doesn't match margos uber rage right now, but she may be testing the waters for that idea).

No. 281279

While Margo didn't talk openly about that idea, snakey is able to articulate the creepier side of her thinking. Margo's followers tend to crusade about other shit like how many sides there are to the story, or Margo's mindblowingly great photography. We are watching the Unhinging of Margo, part 275.

No. 281285

File: 1466054339869.jpg (609.39 KB, 1340x1079, Screenshot_20160615-221429.jpg)

Truly astounding how margo describes her own actions each time… Venus's "greed and lies" are the problem, eh mags?

You're a foul, old, ugly, insane, washed up, and unwanted thing, Margaret. Everyone leaves you because you are toxic.

No. 281289

>to ruin me
every time she says this it just reminds me of Venus' "how I ran away from home" video where she mentions how Margaret used to threatened to ruin her.

if she does this publicly, I wonder what she says to Venus via e-mails or other private messages. imagine how much manipulation, false accusations and threats it's riddled with.

No. 281290

always with the "proof". just fucking show it already.

No. 281291

Apparently, these photos that have been publicly available for years ARE her "proof", along with the chat pigs margo published months ago that make everyone except margo her look good, kind and normal. She's never had anything but a head full of rage and out of control emotions on her side.

No. 281292

*chat pics

No. 281293

File: 1466055256538.jpg (555.44 KB, 1434x959, Screenshot_20160615-223135.jpg)

MEEEEE. Me. meeeee.

No. 281294

"just forgive and forget"
Smear campaigns
Playing the victim while vilifying the true victim
Flying monkeys
Guilting the target child

..Are prevalent maneuvers of the narcissistic mother.**

^^ from an online resource for adult children of malignant narcissist mothers.

She started this barrage at 5AM her time.
It's a full on malignant narcissist ragefest. Classic. She's fucking out of control.
How scary to see this play out in real time. I hope to God Venus knows better than to follow this psychopath's IG. And thank goodness mange can't get into Japan anymore.

No. 281295

File: 1466055700758.jpg (1.41 MB, 1079x2418, Screenshot_20160615-223905.jpg)

"Not go crazy on the internet? Maybe you didn't hear me: she planned to THROW ME and LIVE RICH."

No. 281297

And recall that she was raging until after midnight her time. I don't know if she ever went to bed. At this point, I suspect she just sat and fumed until she came upon the "brilliant" idea of reporting years' old photos to prove… something?

No. 281298

theoretically, if everyone stopped bringing up Venus on her IG, what would happen?

No. 281299

>I try to have a normal insta
Thanks Margo, I laughed out loud.

No. 281300

She brings it up herself, she can't help it. She posts tourist shit for days and then goes epic chimp outs for no reason. It doesn't matter whether commenter never mention v.

No. 281301

File: 1466056079481.png (313.44 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I wasn't sure if she's complaining about Venoos not caring and how she has insurance and while Margo doesn't or flaunting (I think that's the word..?) the fact that people tell her to die already without her mentioning it

No. 281303

Margo would keep mentioning her anyway.

No. 281304

She'd still do this shit. She's triggered by Venus being in hospital as it's really fucking vivid to her she has no privileged control over V right now.

Marg also WANTS the critical comments because they are another "proof" of V's bullying.

No. 281305

Well I wrote a short email to Fullscreen and basically they don't give a fuck. They replied with a form email with a link to make a generic copyright claim. I have written back one final time being really clear that someone is taking their revenue with that shady channel. There is a 1% chance that might ping their interest… oh who am I kidding, those emails probably don't even reach human eyes at FS.

No. 281306

can someone please tell her it looks like she's gained weight? kek

No. 281307

And there you have it, the reason for this 12 hour chimp out: margo is jealous that venus received sympathy for being sick and in hospital. That's the whole reason.

Margo, grow up.

No. 281308

Dude, writing once is sufficient. Don't be annoying to them, and give them more than a day to respond. Their client can't be reached right now as she's sick, and plenty of people have emailed fullscreen and reported the channel. They don't need to give you a personalized response.

No. 281309

you did such a good job capturing this anon. she's already deleted that rant section, everything after the rain capes.

No. 281310

I think you have misunderstood or I was not clear. I wrote to them one time. I got a reply, and I wrote back one more time to that person. It's all very calm.

I'm just venting about it here which seems to be an okay thing to do.

No. 281311

I love this.

Get a fucking job Margo, then you will have insurance all you want.

No. 281313

Anon I really wouldn't worry too much about the fake channel, it's not getting enough views to generate any income. And I really don't think YT will see it as V trying to evade the ban, I'm sure they can tell where the vids are uploaded from.

No. 281314

File: 1466056803602.jpg (513.61 KB, 1332x965, Screenshot_20160615-225837.jpg)

No. 281315

Yeah, 7000+ likes and 600+ comments to venus while mange can barely get to 200 likes on a good day has got to be chapping her ass. She lives for that shit. hahahaha marrrge no1CURR

No. 281317

>I hope you get it now ~
she's turning into an edgy teen. That's what I used to do when I was being elitest on neopets, hun ~

No. 281318

I guess you're right. It shits me that YT is so draconian in one sense and so lax in another, and that disparity has really been pushing my buttons. But it's not like there's anything more to do: I reported each vid once and I wrote to Fullscreen. Done.

No. 281320

She's done a clean sweep of the comments on this post too. Just innocent little Margo, sharing her travel adventures.

No. 281322

There she goes with the CHRONIC ILLNESSES I TAKE LIFESAVING MEDS story. She's been spinning that one in DMs for awhile now. god what a fucking mess, total meltdown mode

No. 281324

Here I was thinking Margo might feel a shred of worry. Bu I re-read this and no, just jealous is all. Venus has the things that Margo feels entitled to have.

No. 281331

File: 1466058849679.png (652.73 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160616-023024.png)

LOL @ this comment and the IG acct name hehee
and the second comment too..I don't think I have ever seen a pic of this evil bitch where she's smiling, ever.

No. 281334

This! Every trait is margo all over https://youtu.be/W0tPWm3vNQ4

No. 281335

that last comment tho

No. 281337

Didn't magoo posted a pic of Venus cooking and captioned it as each one made their own food?

No. 281338

Someone on kiwi farms said manaki should light all of margo's 17 boxes in the shared storage on fire, because one of them is bound to be her horcrux.

No. 281339

Yep. I'm sure the dinner photo is a margo self post to brag on how great she is; doubt venus got any dinner that night.

No. 281344

Surprised mange would repost such an…unflattering (nofilters) pic of herself, w/those eyebags and deep facial lines on full display. Bitch looks OLD. And that was nearly 3 years ago too. eek

No. 281349

File: 1466062000478.jpg (545.05 KB, 1181x978, Fig-2-1-Fortune-teller.jpg)


b-but that's a rare margo anon

No. 281350

File: 1466062180130.jpg (1.23 MB, 1075x1645, Screenshot_20160616-002648.jpg)

Damn, grandpa ferenc.

Also: based aunt zsu said that venus doesn't need to worry about being sued by margo, because she herself and her father would help her out. Blessed, based aunt zsu 4eva.

No. 281352

Okay, time to speculate-

What was her trigger this time? Has to be more than V posting a hospital pic and a few dumb teenagers posting #diebitch on her IG, that's been happening for months now. Is it

- bff @lebendoofus bailing? She showed up on marge's first #Hamburg post but only to argue that magrut did NOT have German citizenship and would NOT be able to get it OR BENEFITS dammit. No love & support for marge at all. And @leben's been conspicuously MIA since then…maybe not the warm welcome marge was expecting? Has the swampmonster been jilted?

- Maybe margles showed up somewhere to apply for legal aid for her "case" and was laughed out of the office? I do think her latest plan involved applying for aid as an EU citizen living in Germany (you don't have to be a German citizen, just have your domicile there.) Judging from her previous screwball attempt to file something in the US(lol) she probably thought she could just walk in, fill out a few forms and get immediate assistance. But I looked into German legal aid and you have to have a legit case and documentation, and it must be seen as credible and winnable, so haha guess what? NO SOUP FOR YOU mergggles

just a couple of thoughts.

No. 281353

She said Venus "knows" that Zsu & ferenc will help her out if need be. Does that mean she's been in touch w/venus?

No. 281355

Yeah, I saw that. I figured I'd leave that bit be, I don't want to fuck up a reconciliation for venus with the only support she's got besides her husband and in laws. It's just good to know it's a possibility for v.

No. 281356

The hospital thing did really seem to throw mags for a loop; venus getting attention coupled with margo not getting something she wants is probably enough, honestly. And margo not getting something, it doesn't even need to be a big thing for her to flip - someone might have left pickles off her sammy, and that would be injustice to margo.

No. 281359

In the past Margo said she never took Venus to the doctor when she was sick and instead used "home remedies." That is the shittiest thing you can do to your child. Only PULLtards sided with Maggot on that one when it came to light because, "sometimes they're a lot better than modern medicine!"

No. 281360

Let's discuss:

Liebchen posted a multi-person parfait spread on her insta a day ago with the hashtag 'friendship'. She hasn't bailed on Margo yet. I reckon her comments were more in naiveté. Margo will want benefits if she can get them no matter what liebchen thinks about it. Talk of citizenship makes no sense as Margo already has freedom of movement in the EU; it's just a red herring IMO.

The court case has to happen in Santa Clara so I don't think a German legal aid scenario fits either. There is no case to fight in Germany.

But what does fit maybe is going to the appointment to apply for benefits and finding out it's getting really hard these days. Maybe she got told she's not eligible right now.

Or, just the fact she has no money at all, probably owes liebchen for the airfare to Hamburg, owes to upkeep the various storages, and Venus is living it up in fucking hospital to rub it right in her face.

Also this hospital thing throws in to light that Margo is a shit of a mother. She hates it when others can see that.

No. 281361

don't ask me how I know, but that is boilerplate abusive mothering.

No. 281362

File: 1466064285145.jpg (683 KB, 1385x1191, Screenshot_20160616-010312.jpg)

… since when had margo cried about Venus leaving? She's been a ball of pure fury the entire time. She can't even manage crocodile tears.

No. 281363

He must be a really lively conversationalist. God this, god that.

I'm team Aunty Zsu though.

No. 281365

She has ranted several times about the 'breakdown' she had. And did say about the river thing that she drank and she cried for hours. It's sad when your money runs away.

No. 281366

As others have said, the case can only be brought in Santa Clara county, California. Margo might be looking to spend benefits cash on her useless legal case. She may have run into issues getting aid, and anyone who spends any time with her - including her new roomier- knows she's insane. Margo only lasted 3 months with the chef dude because restaurant workers have insane hours, and margo was usually going to bed by the time he'd been at work for only a few hours. He wasn't around enough to see her crazy.

No. 281368

>couldn't eat
Two words: Airport sausage.

Does anyone have any idea what Margo's mystery super serious illness is? Is it a chronic case of being a bitch?

No. 281369

her nose is a tumor

No. 281370


I'm not joking.

No. 281376

also Dennys

No. 281377

oh boo hoo Margo. it can't be that bad with the lifestyle she leads, the plane travel etc.

No. 281378

He did take the apartment off the market after she left though. She had quite an impact.

No. 281379


Man, Margo has really gone off the deep end. I cant see how she will ever live a normal life without Venus. Like I literally cant imagine her getting a job, friends or anything else without going on about her evil daughter. I wish she would find some peace but from the looks she probably will burn herself with her own hatred.

No. 281381

Well well. Either margo convinced him hoardes of anons would come to murder him in his bed, or living with her was more exhausting than we could possibly imagine.

Spanish chef dude: let it all out. We're here to listen. Show us on the tapas where margo said her daughter is a thieving pedo psychopath whore.

No. 281382

Where can she go with this though, what's the end game? She's not gonna hurt her precious self. She might hurt V or M if she gets back into Japan (then end up in prison). Or she could just get a fucking job (sadly the least likely of these options).

No. 281383

I know… she can become liebchen's manager!! Perfect.

No. 281384

Liebchen is dumpy, frumpy and has an actual job from what I can tell. What's more likely is that margo siphons off of her new friend's largese until said friend loses patience.

No. 281385

File: 1466066154378.png (35.4 KB, 592x182, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.34…)

Hope I'm not doubling up.

Margo she's never going to come back to you.

No. 281389

She'll be expecting Margo to get a job / want a job. Margo hasn't worked a day in 2016. I don't see her changing that unless she really finds herself in a corner with miss liebchen.

No. 281390

Margo hasn't worked since 2013 at least. I don't count arguing with teenagers on the internet daily and calling cheazy weekly magazines and desperate reality show runners every month or two as "work".

No. 281392

File: 1466067195444.gif (338.28 KB, 275x185, 1454901846380.gif)

No. 281393

She posted that weepy video when Venus first left. I imagine Margo thought she would be able to guilt Venus into coming back.

No. 281397

Shiiit, I forgot that! Now those were some grade a crocodile tears! Too bad mags made the rookie mistake of posting it to the general public instead of directing them at venus alone. And God know margo can't go without raging more than 30 seconds at a stretch when she's pissed - kind of ruins the crying effect. Works ok in short videos, though!

No. 281398


"It's her life"


No. 281399

"Mama just want you to be happy"

Followed by 4 months and counting of epic rage and destruction.

No. 281401

I thought that too, at first. YT's TOS does say that any legal procedures must take place in Santa Clara Co, CA…but I'm in the US. The TOS in different countries say that legal disputes must take place in whatsver country the person bringing the lawsuit is a resident of.

Several euro anons posted screenshots of the TOS that they saw on their YT website. An EU citizen must bring proceedings in the EU.

This was talked about in a prev. thread. Apparently the marglob misunderstood what YT told her she had to do, because she's a crazy fuck who barely understands English. She ran off to Vancouver & down to CA to file her "case," got back to SK thinking she was a badass and VENOOS would finally PAY, then realized (or was notified) that as an EU citizen she had to go thru EU courts. Hence, massive multiday ragefest, followed by the sudden announcement that she'd be "settling in Europe."

So now she's in Germany having another meltdown after a several day lull.

She's so transparent and predictable at this point.. the current episode of Margopalypse 5.0 to me says she's had another setback in her mission. Every meltdown she's had in the past has been associated with her plan being thwarted. Operation DESTROY VENOOS is her life's work and all consuming burning obsession right now. I think something happened w/that.

No. 281408

Interesting, she might try it on at least. An 'EU court' would be in Brussels though. We'll need a German anon to show us where the jurisdiction shows up for them in their YT terms. Margo's only arrived in DE a few days (guessing based on the parfait pic). I tend to think an attempt to get benefits is her #1 priority. Germany's very pre-scheduled-appointment oriented if I understand correctly, so far she probably just got registered at liebchen's address, and has her attempt-to-get-benefits appointment.

No. 281409

she could be getting clusters of emails from YT as well about her claims.

No. 281410

>Several euro anons posted screenshots of the TOS
That was just one UK anon by the way. We'll need a German anon to truly confirm.

No. 281414

Main page, scroll down to look for 'terms' or similar. For example, mine is https://www.youtube.com/t/terms

It will say where the business is based and what jurisdiction, approximately item 14.

No. 281415

Or an anon with a vpn.

No. 281416

File: 1466071780191.jpg (722.02 KB, 1103x794, Untitled-1.jpg)

I can't find a clear jurisdiction, there's only a mention of "english courts" in my TOS.

The highlighted sentence means "You and youtube are agreeing to a exclusive jurisdiction of english courts for the settlement of all legal affairs […]."

No. 281419

Yes I just pulled up Youtube.de and saw the same. I guess it means she's not trying this case in Germany.

I personally think Margo only went to SK because she was turned back from Japan and knows she has to take a break from trying to re-enter there. Then felt desperate as she couldn't sustain a holiday in SK forever. Liebchen has thrown her a lifeline in EU and Margo has a lot of freedom there.

No. 281420


No. 281421

#annoyingmother #oppression

No. 281422

I feel like this only applies to suits against Youtube, rather than their content creators.

No. 281423

#venusyouwereblind #psychomarge

No. 281424

Yeah, look at those psychoeyes. Is there any space for love in there? It's like looking in the void… scary!

No. 281425

Good point. I can only paste a google translate as I can't get it to appear in English anymore but it was pretty much the same:

"16.6 The provisions and your relationship with YouTube under the provisions are to be judged by English law. You and YouTube agree on the exclusive competence of English courts for the settlement of all legal disputes arising from or in connection with the regulations . Notwithstanding you agree that YouTube may make an injunction directed remedies (or similar types of remedies piece) in any jurisdiction asserted."

No. 281426

A 13 years old girl can better cook than you, Marge. All food pictures you do are food cooked by "friends", restaurants or premade. Never food cooked by yourself. So instead of pretending that your daughter is a "dependent retarded person" learn to cook and find a job, begging hobomom!

No. 281428

Is in Hamburg an english embassy?

No. 281430

"If your video was removed by a DMCA takedown notice, you can submit a "counter-notice". In order to be valid, however, the counter-notice must include your contact information, a signature, a statement under penalty of perjury that the "material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification," and your consent to the jurisdiction of your local federal court (if the rightsholder elects to sue you)." https://www.eff.org/issues/intellectual-property/guide-to-youtube-removals#contractual-obligations

Makes it sound like Japan is the place? But Marge went to CA for a reason, perhaps it was stated on the YT letter she received.

No. 281431

Doesn't matter - you can't get legal aid in one country to do something in the courts of another country. You can't sue someone by going to an embassy.

No. 281433

ok, thx anon

No. 281434

I tend to think she's gone to Hamburg only for the material support offered by her "friend" lebenstesterin.

No. 281435

She probably misinterpreted the yt thing, like many farmers did.

No. 281449

I've found a DCMA case tried in Los Angeles and one in New York City. So you are correct, they are not tied to Santa Clara exclusively.

The DCMA is a US law affecting only US-based hosts. Margo won't be able to sue for both compensation and for an injunction to keep the videos down while she's outside the US (an alternative is to pursue something in the British courts but that won't be a DCMA case).

The DCMA dictates that for international peeps, it all must happen in the jurisdiction where the host is found. Whether Margo went to Santa Clara or not, she went to a Federal Court somewhere in the US of A and at least found out she couldn't afford to proceed.

"a statement that the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if the subscriber’s address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found" http://digital-law-online.info/lpdi1.0/treatise34.html

So nah, she's not likely to be doing anything legal in EU (at this point in time anyway).

No. 281452

Also to add, if Margo took action in the EU (under whatever DCMA equivalent there is) it would only affect the videos being visible in the EU. She can't achieve a rest-of-world YT injunction from there. She has no choice but to return to the US for that and with a stack of $$ in hand.

No. 281458

Informative vid about the issues of jurisdiction, the risks with counter-notices and a pertinent YT case. Relevant info starts 2:37min.

No. 281478

Good video. Goes to show how impossible Margo's chances of getting rights over Venus's videos are. Lawfag again and I remember our office doing some contract work for some guy (in the US) who scored a German tv series. I did some research around international copyright and jurisdiction and truthfully it's incredibly convoluted, even for the legal field. To keep this short, no lawyer would take this case. It's too convoluted and doesn't have enough claims. Remember that these cases are difficult to prove when there is clear license by big networks. Things that make this case impossible are:

>Venus's status as a minor

>What specifically can be copyright claimed by Margo if she proves intellectual property.
>Low payout
>Muddled precedent
>Margo's ethical representation of Venus

Frankly, copyright law is only to be used by networks and clear license wielding agents of media. Copyright Law is not meant for pro se cases like some civil matters. It's not feasible and fees are obviously going to outweigh any award Margo could hope to get.

Margo's idea of suing is based on her low intelligence and only uses it to stall Venus and use it as a bargaining chip. There will be no lawsuit. As Margo's money runs out, as she irresponsibly spent whatever Venus left her, she'll find herself shit out of luck. There is no legal recourse and Margo has nothing but empty threats. Her lawsuit dreams are only fueled by emotion, passive-aggressive, her Narc fantasies and to cause Venus emotional distress. The idea that this lolsuit has any legal merits should be put to rest.

No. 281482

File: 1466087700921.png (468.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-16-10-16-10…)

Pretty sure Venus blocked Margo on ig (seen here, she is using the website, note the search and log in button. The mobile site ig is a lot clunkier than the app, it probably took her a while to find those pics.) Margo is 100% going out of her way to find bullshit proof she's a good mama. Cause you totally never used her social media, right Margo?

No. 281484

Those mothers in general make my blood boil. One thing is using home remedies for small things like a bruised knee, a cut finger, etc. but if your kid is paper white,has a lump somewhere, is shitting or vomiting nonstop it's time to rush to the doctor's.

No. 281486

I'm on the train to the Vancouver airport and I'm fucking dying at how visible the path Margo was walking on is from the train. I wonder what the passengers thought when they saw this crazy hobo lady on all black walking by the train. I just don't understand why she chose to walk for an hour and a half instead of taking the train.

No. 281488

Thanks law anon. Your post now, along with having watched the vid confirms it. The lawsuit isn't gonna be a real thing.

No. 281490

I get migraines and have forever. Dr recently said to me 'you must have been in emergency rooms a lot as a child'. Uh, no actually.


No. 281493


It only feeds into Margo's victim complex. She's intentionally sabotaging herself so she can just be delusional and blame Venus for everything.

No. 281494

>I haaaad to walk 5/10 miles carrying my suicases waah!

No. 281496

File: 1466090162805.png (16.81 KB, 546x70, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.14…)

I normally don't care about commenters, but IMO this one has a very good question. where indeed is the proof margo?

No. 281497

It was on Venus's mac that Margo bricked apparently.

No. 281498

Ah yes of course, and Venus forced Margo to do that. Also there's proof in the storage, don't forget that.

No. 281499

and all those adoring instas which are clearly a written contract.

No. 281507

I bet that in a few days Margo will post something in ig like:
>>Oh misery, I broke my leg/arm/skull/penis/whatever. You are so horrible kids. It's all Venooooos' fault!! And she's laughing right now knowing that I, her mother, am in pain. She doesn't give a shit about poor me in hospital and I'm alone with my bills!

No. 281508


No. 281523

File: 1466099701132.png (239.91 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Another sock, Margo? Do you really not have anything else to do with your time?

No. 281527


bitch doesn't even make an effort anymore with sock name accounts

No. 281532

It's time to stop. Margaret is just making herself look dumber and dumber with these sock puppets. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that Venus took that selfie quite some time before she was hospitalized. I don't understand how a mother can be this fucking evil. Why would you want your own daughter, who didn't do anything to you but want to live her own life as a legal adult to suffer? Claiming she's faking her illness is fucking demented. Venus is probably under so much stress thanks to her shit mother than her hair is falling out at this point.

No. 281535

Odd how venus has an iv in her hand, then, would that you say, key mashing "friend" of margo?

No. 281551

See, this is what I've been saying…this shit is so incredibly complex, even the first step of figuring out which jurisdiction to go to is impossible. I think that's what the marglob has been trying to do and the impossibility of it is driving her off the edge. While VENOOS lives rich in Japan and gets 8000 likes per pic. RAGE RAGE RAGE

No. 281553

Just determining jurisdiction is probably a matter for the courts given how much they moved over the years and Margo's homelessness. Meh, let her waste her money.

No. 281563

No, that's up to the person bringing the suit. I looked at a webpage for German legal aid- step 1 is determining which jurisdiction you need to go through.

No. 281570


except that's not even her money

No. 281573

So the swampcreature was up & still slugging it out on IG till almost 2AM. Her latest:

>VEENOOS is not really in hospital. Lying again.

>$3000/month was YOUTUBE'S idea. VENOOS called it blackmail
>I should't have to ask. Normal child would want to give
>VENOOS keeps putting stuff out there. Attacking. I'm only defending myself
>I am hurt and disappointed
>She shits on me like a Mammoth

No. 281576

File: 1466108248164.jpeg (143.88 KB, 750x1139, image.jpeg)


I'm really late here, but I was just looking at this and noticed the "38" part. All this time I assumed Aunt Zsu was at least 10 years younger than Mags, but she's actually only 2 or 3 years younger.

Anyways, even if you account for the fairly heavy filter and/or some shooping in this pic, she's looking a hell of a lot better than Margo is. No papery skin, no crows feet around the eyes or mouth.

Its like the evil is eating away what's left of Margo's youth.

Sage because I don't really have a point here, it's just an observation.

No. 281580

There are tons of court cases regarding jurisdiction and venue. The plaintiff can determine that the case should be brought in a court located in X but then the court in X will say that it should have been brought in Y.

No. 281585

File: 1466109130847.jpg (408.54 KB, 1398x811, Screenshot_20160616-133057.jpg)

Oooh, snippy snippy, mags. Maybe you should take a nap, you've been up for at least 30 hours.

No. 281586

File: 1466109274337.jpg (684.93 KB, 1398x1257, Screenshot_20160616-133321.jpg)

"I suspect venus bought manaki a present! I want a present, it's not faaaair!!"

No. 281590

File: 1466109427664.jpg (1.76 MB, 1080x3293, Screenshot_20160616-133545.jpg)

Here's that bit in a cap

No. 281593

File: 1466109618008.jpg (1.17 MB, 1070x2232, Screenshot_20160616-133915.jpg)

The banner is correct: the party never stops.

No. 281594

>I miss her!

your Mac? Starbucks? your bank account? your makeup? your tacky bags?

No. 281597

Oh yeah, I forgot that part:
>I threw up and couldn't eat FOR WEEKS
>posted pics of Denny's breakfasts & parfaits EVERY FUCKING DAY

No. 281601

It's a malignant narcissistic rage.
I know, armchair dx but this bitch fits the profile so fucking perfectly it's uncanny. Patterns, tactics, behavior, EVERYTHING.

No. 281608

Liebchen is very very silent at the moment - guess she has enough of Marge?

No. 281609

Determining the correct jurisdiction is up to the person bringing a suit, according to the European e-justice website:

If your court case has an international or crossborder dimension, *you have to define both: which Member State and which court are competent (has jurisdiction). *The answer to these questions might have significant consequences. If you have to litigate abroad you may have to face additional inconveniences and costs, for example because of the necessity to translate your statements, to hire a lawyer in the Member State where proceedings take place or to travel to court hearings.

It's hellaciously complicated and confusing. Even the website is hard to navigate, and I'm reasonably intelligent and not batshit crazy & delusional. Mange must be tearing her hair out.

No. 281611

Mags has been up for 30+ hours in a towering rage. And there had to be a build up to it. I'm sure her minion is sorely regretting inviting a homeless river kappa stay with her.

No. 281613

Once you figure out the correct jurisdiction, then you must find which LAW applies:

As international trade and travel expand, so too does the risk that a company or an individual might be involved in a dispute having an international element. The international element could be because the parties are of different nationality or that they reside in different countries or that they have entered into a contract concerning a transaction taking place abroad.

In the event of a dispute, *it is not enough to determine which court has international jurisdiction to hear and determine the case; it also has to be established which law will be applicable* to determine the substance of the matter.

No. 281614

link to website: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_in_which_member_state-33-en.do

Short story: she's screwed & she knows it. RAGE RAGE RAAAAGGE

No. 281618

File: 1466113798849.gif (312.28 KB, 267x199, giphy.gif)

No. 281619

Also, it looks like legal aid is only offered if you are the defendant; they won't give you money to sue someone.

No. 281628

Im having trouble loading the site but it should be for either party.

No. 281630

Imo Marge is becoming more intellectual and less impulsive these last hours. That means problems are coming soon.
We should put her in impulsive ragemode again before she has control over herself again.

Anybody knows how to provoke an old bitch with NPD? Any psychologist anon? An idea?

No. 281631

Uh, where do you see her becoming more balanced? Can you screenshot?

Also, she stopped posting an hour or two ago; it's after midnight in Germany and she was posting for almost 30 hours straight. I think if anything she's finally worn herself down enough to nap.

No. 281636

Yeah either party can APPLY for legal aid.
But the claim will be scrutinized by the court and must meet some requirements for aid to be granted:

Anyone not able to finance their own court action may apply for legal aid. The court checks whether the action has any prospect of success, that it is not malicious, and whether the financial requirements are met.

It must be VALID and have a chance of winning. LOLLLLL

No. 281638

She's napping…? Let's prepare some "breakfast" in ig for her.

The question is what should I prepare for her meanwhile? She's getting immune to last reproaches made. We must get original.

Marshit is so demanding, it's hard to make good surprises to her…

No. 281639

Mags makes her own drama; she's too unpredictable to goad into a rage, because you never know what'll bother her from day to day. Who could have predicted Venus being in hospital would make her angry, instead of smug?

Narcs hate not getting attention, and they hate not getting things they feel they deserve. Venus is covering those things.

No. 281641

Don't egg her on. You don't need to force the milk.

It would be funny if someone tried to profit from her drama, though. I've considered making "Team Margo" and "Team Venus" shirts and "selling" them on a platform like Redbubble, since there would be literally nothing she could do about it.

No. 281643

summerfags gtfo

No. 281650

Are you talking about your William Johnson, son?

No. 281652

What deluded fucking world does she live in that she thinks wigs aren't allowed in hospitals? What even?

No. 281658

Do a cover of the hater song. Get more views than Margo.

Like what people have said here: Margo will blow up when she is ready. Ive seen fairly innocuous comments set her off.

No. 281659

Can you fucking stop? She's already destroying herself without us sending tons of messages on Insta. If you want milk just wait for it. If you feel bored, just make a video about her or something. GTFO and shut up

No. 281660

Sorry, quoted the wrong message.

No. 281661

File: 1466123288068.png (71.88 KB, 316x403, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.26…)

I can't tell whether NJM is trolling for attention of not, but she's advertising Venus's videos are child pornography and has a link to the fake Venus Palermo channel on her instagram:

I don't want to make this about this loon - Margo is loony enough - but reporting this channel as child porn might get it taken down faster.

Report, report, report.

No. 281662

Venus's videos aren't child pornography, though. What is NJM even claiming? I can't understand batshit.

No. 281666

She's claiming that all of the eating videos were marketed as kiddie porn; and that Margo had Venus doing cam shows at age 14, and that this is how she met Manaki.

It doesn't matter that its not true; NJM is still marketing underage videos of Venus eating as porn, and she's claiming to know about child porn being created without reporting it to the authorities. This makes her an accessory to the crime.

If she'd like to retract all this, fine. If not, she needs to be reported for having knowledge of production of child pornography without alterting authorities, and for distributing said child pron.

No. 281667

Oh, and she mentions lolcow by name above. So wave hi. Hi, Glinda! Let us know if you'd like to take that bit back about all the videos you're hosting being child porn.

No. 281671

File: 1466125760351.png (669.83 KB, 638x808, f1b9837e-8060-414f-8919-edfe95…)



This sick pervert is on IG spreading lies that Venus is a p0rn actress & has been since she was 14??!! This must be what you see when the gates of Hell look swing open. >>281662

This is exactly what she was spewing on Manaki's IG the other night.

And yes she is using IG to promote child p0rn. She's trying to steer her fetish "customers" to that channel claiming the vids are p0rn and advertising Venus as a child p0rn actress.

Okay, this is it. Her full name, address and email address are on that Whoisology site that was posted here: >>280760

I can't access it now, she must have blocked me somehow the other day when I doxed her on that kid's #prayforvenus IG. I'm 100% sure that YT channel is hers now, probably with Margaret's help to access the old videos.

I'm off to Google right now to get her address, etc. This needs to be reported to the police, not IG or YT. Maybe the FBI too. She's trafficking in child p0rn. Monetizing stolen videos on YT, advertised as fetish videos.

It's GO TIME, Glenda.

No. 281673

A-yup. I reported the channel as being advertised as child porn; and reported the specific videos where Venus was super underaged.

Let un know what you find; she's admitted to being as accessory to the crime of child porn at a minimum; and is a producer and distributor otherwise.

No. 281679

File: 1466127146150.png (168.78 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Yes. Because a Mother who truly does care about her daughter and is trying to remember the good times,also makes a rant about having illnesses,asking if people cared,whining about how her daughter totally has insurance while she doesn't and then acts edgy with her ~ and shit.

Also,'sup Glenda. You and Soren might become best cp buds. Jfc Margo is a cow but I didn't know she was bringing in a herd of them

No. 281680

why are you typing like that

No. 281681

link to her info via one of her domain names:


don't know if typing her address etc. here will get me banned so I won't, but it's all there. Or just google one of the domain names shown here: >>280760

Who did you report her to? Because I'm going to the cops with this

No. 281683

Instagram and YT for promoting child porn.

No. 281685


Oh and guess who's on Glenda's IG, liking pics as of 3 days ago? None other than MARGARETPALERMO'S #1 fan and champion, @elizabethmc2323

No. 281687

it's a rage-sock.

No. 281688

good analysis. her impotency in this matter (in the long term at least) is driving her off the edge.

No. 281692

Agree mostly but figuring out where to file is not hard at all. As Margo wishes to keep using the DCMA against Venus the place she'd start is California- the 'service provider' is there, per >>281449 and >>281458. It's winning (or even completing) the case that is stupidly impossible for Margo. And her chances of getting damages from Venus are nil- she'd have to take the US court decision to Japan for another case to rule on validity. Imagine a person with Margo's issue's getting that far. Gina Rinehart did it to her children but she's incredibly rich.

NJM might dream of helping Margo win the case, using her shadowy "Venus" channel as the legal fund. What a bunch of weirdoes Margo is attracting. Jackals, even.

No. 281693

call a specialised sex crimes unit nearest to you, or if you are in the US, the FBI might have an open line you can call. don't hesitate, report.

No. 281696

you're a fucking idiot.

No. 281697

Stop and think for a minute. Margo is in Germany, Venus is in Japan, the case must happen in a Federal Court of the USA. There's no legal aid for that.

STFU about legal aid please.

No. 281699

Fark I'd love to be a fly on that wall, as liebchen goes off to work every day and Margo just bludges on the couch.

No. 281704

Yeah, that plus (probably) being shut off from entering Japan.

No. 281705

That's exactly what the post you linked to is saying, anon: she ain't getting legal aid. idk why you're telling them to STFU about it.

No. 281709

She's not likely staying with @leben, judging from liebchen's sudden disappearance from maggot's IG. She was on there when maggs first showed up in Hamburg, insisting maggs was NOT a German citizen and would NOT be able to get benefits in Germany… but there's been absolute radiosilence from her ever since. I think the liebchen saw maggot's crazy and RAN.

No. 281716

I think NJM has some insider info from tacking with Margo in private chats that she is leaking b/c she is insane & can't keep anything secret. I believe what she is saying is clear insights into how Margo saw she was marketing Venus. It explains the creepiness of some of the content & V looking very angry at her mom as she took her picture, the psycho controlling nature, the idea to sell V off to some rich guy for her virginity, & so on. I think as some people have felt & mentioned before that she was purposefully pushing a done low pedo vibe for V to attract an audience that way & who knows what she conversed in private to these guys that wanted to video chat with Venus. (NJM seems to have insights into that) Somehow everything this crazy bitch is spewing right now is ringing so many bells with what I have always picked up on in Venus's story. I have felt there is some nasty shit going down & there is still hidden parts to the truth of the story.

No. 281721

File: 1466134508827.png (69.95 KB, 308x521, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.33…)

Oh yeah, Mags is in on it. From NJM:

She's threatening that if anyone reports her channel, ALL of Venus's vids will be considered CP and she'll never get back online. Margo has GOT to be a contributor.

No. 281722

Yep, see this is their plan & tells you Margos true perspective on things. I really think NJM is dropping the bombshells now thanks to her uncontrollable mouth. She can't keep anything in.

No. 281723

dunno man, she says she considers margo an actual friend. she only posts to her own account maybe once a week so se's not always on, even when defending margo. she may be operating a sock right now as I am guessing she sometimes does - she doesn't want all that heat on herself 24/7.

but also just as likely (and as you say) is she is watching margo have this rage-stroke in person and online and is just wtf-ing at it all. either way it's a bad choice of friend, liebchen.

No. 281724

shit linked to wrong post in my rage. thanks and sorry anons.

No. 281725

hang on, what? I am having trouble breaking down NJM-speak into your associated comment. can you explain it more?

No. 281726

let's talk about the irony of that Gandhi comment about winning given NJM's 3mil loss in the defamation case.

No. 281728

- brags about how many hits one of the videos received (because she was told the channel didn't have many views)
- claims she wouldn't pay someone to host another person's videos (some how she thinks this proves it can't be her, although we're talking about videos hosted on youtube, for free)
- claims that she got the videos fair and square from "the venus angelic site" and that if anyone reported the videos as CP, then "the venus angelic site" would be gone permanently.

No. 281729

fuck, I've never been so happy to have my creeping pay off. fuck Glenda, I hope she rots.

No. 281731

To report Glenda Miskin, AKA NiceJewishMama, AKA Cara Cohen online:


No. 281733

File: 1466136357602.png (79.92 KB, 321x568, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.03…)

Well, if this isn't a backpedal, I don't know what is.

She's just helping us be more aware of child exploitation, guise. She totally didn't have a link above to a video of Venus in the context of it being CP.

The internet is forever, "Cara".

No. 281734

File: 1466136557494.png (72.18 KB, 316x500, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.07…)

See, she's just exposing Margo, guys! She would never steal someone's content and call it CP and promote it around.

Christ, this bitch is batty.

sage for off topic person

No. 281735

Because she's currently reading here.

No. 281738

Oh yeah, she and both Jassys (the Jassii?) read here all the time.

Is Margo going to pay your legal fees, Glenda? Since you're such good friends and all.

No. 281739

I feel like she should get her own thread

No. 281740

Please report NJM to the police. I'm not an amerifag, but if she's working in the sex industry and promoting Venus' videos as fetish cp at the same time, there's a chance that the two fields will cross over. This isn't a matter of her being a cow, this is a matter of the safety of children and the law.

No. 281741

We've debated that. The thing is, she doesn't have any drama not related to the Margo / Venus drama. She's not particularly interesting; she just intersects here from time to time.

And in this case, she's trying to get V banned from YT, possibly with Margo involved.

No. 281742

If her family was rich she would have been committed a long time ago and never to be seen again. Just imagine what she masturbates to (shudder). Yes she reads here, who cares. We can just fuck with her head with zero effort purely by talking about her as we normally do. She's poking around on kiwifarms too but play with fire….

No. 281744

"other parts I am privy to", way to tell us you have communicated with Margo (at least a little), Glinda/Glenda/Cara.

No. 281745

Agree she'll need to do something more dramatic but at such time she'll get threads here and given her history, kiwifarms no doubt.

No. 281747

That, or she's admitting to knowledge of the child sex trade, which is only going to make things worse for her.

No. 281748

I think it's both, & like a lot of pedophiles they tend to become untouchable in their own minds & a braggart.

No. 281752

How are Venus's video CP that's,like my main question. Some of them have some sexual inndeudos but not all and even then Venus would not get in trouble since Margo's dumb ass went around for the past couple months saying she made the videos. So she's the culprit not Venus.
Why is Margo listening to this looney anyway?

No. 281754

Presenting or providing videos of minor children as fetish or pornography is the illegal thing about them. If pedos trade pics of little kids in swimsuits swiped from facebook, they're trading in CP even if they're family photos not intended to be porn.

No. 281756

And, NJM is saying overtly that Margo was providing content for the child sex trade, and admits to being familiar with that trade herself.

The videos aren't the problem - the way there are being described and presented are.

No. 281758

Which of Venus's videos are CP? Her make up videos aren't. Most of her eating videos like the ones in korea she was 18. Unless NJM is talking about the candy videos but tgey were being presented as a fetish.And again Margo would be the one getting in trouble since she's going around claiming the videos are hers. They won't punish Venus at all.
But only that looney is saying they are that way. Its more on her crazy ass then Venus or even Margo. The feds are gonna knock on her for not their's.

No. 281762

Yeah, there's something very, very creepy and fucking vile going on with this fake channel, Glenda and margaret.

When I looked at it a few days ago, each video had maybe 100-200 views. Then Glenda starts spouting off about Venus's viewers being mostly middle aged Japanese men masturbating to them and she KNOWS THIS FROM MARGARET, and boom! Something changed, radically:

I just checked again and guess what?? the Japanese food-eating vids have suddenly had huge jumps in views! But only the ones of her eating Jap food (and a few makeup ones.) NJM hit the jackpot, overnight!

- Japanese Rice Balls: added 5 days ago- 800+ views
- Weird Japanese Sweets: 6 days- 1,000 views
- Cute Japanese Candy: 6 days- 700+ views
- Crazy Japanese Ice Cream: 1 week- 3,000 views
- Japanese Candy: 1 week- 15,000 views

Hey Glenda, 15K views in 1 week- pretty impressive. Is that the one with the sexy slurping sounds you were bragging about? Those Japanese fetish pedos really go for that, right?

Oh yeah, baby. Between Glenda's fetish pedo customer base, marketing expertise & mad SEO skills and Maggot's pipeline of old VA vids it's a dynamite team for sure. Maggot gets to smear her daughter's reputation AND profit from stealing her videos at the same time. Now that's what you call a WIN/WIN for the evil batshit narcissist from hell

No. 281763

The candy videos are the ones she's promoting the hardest. If you don't feel like checking it out, let me assure you that the majority, if not all, of the videos are Venus's early ones. She's like 14-15 in most of them. These are the videos she's presenting as fetish vids.

And yes, the feds take that shit seriously. I'm sure others have, but I know I reported it (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children).

This bitch is not just stealing money from and impersonating Venus - she's literally using it as pedo bait. The internet has a lot of fucked up shit, but I draw the line at being complacent about someone providing CP. Whether or not the material was crated for that purpose, that's what it's being used for now.

No. 281764

File: 1466141378828.png (45.61 KB, 544x218, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.2…)


Enjoy this, Glenda.

No. 281766

bless you anon

No. 281767

Off to that website to report, brb
I'll be sure to include links to the vids as well, plus screenshots of Glenda's IG posts describing specifically the fetish pedo p0rn clientele they are aimed at (in such loving and proud detail)

And of course, Glenda's full name, adddress, phone# and email, all of which are oh so readily available online.

Kisses, Glenda! XXXOOO

No. 281768

link to report? Do you have to be an amerifag?

No. 281769

They were in no way explicit, just creepy considering it was her mother behind the camera and scripting. Videos like that "Sleepy Bunny" one, or the ones where Venus is made to show off her figure (A diet video I think?) and all the ones where she is parading around in tiny skirts and heels. All the live streams etc were pretty odd.

Obviously none of these are CP, it's just that given the family dynamic Margo was exploiting her daughters sexuality for views and adsense.

No. 281770

No. 281771

You can be anywhere! The important bit is that both Glenda and the host site are US based.


No. 281772

Obviously NOT THE POINT, glendafag

No. 281773


Like >>281754 said, it's all about intent. You may see a picture of a girl in a swimsuit at the beach and think it's sweet, but some people see the same image and think it's sexy.

No. 281774

So NJM just shat her own bed? Fucking dumbass.
She's gonna go to jail for CP and Margo might as well since their 'her videos and money'

That's what that cunt gets.

No. 281775

Oh, remeber to include links to Glenda's instagram - particularly the photo where she links to the video - and the fake youtube account.

Also include her personal info. You can tell them her occupation is owning porno domains!

No. 281776

Lol, I am too amused at Glenda in panic mode. "But the videos are CP, right?? She won't get in trouble at all, HAHAHahahaa… but seriously, the feds don't care about this stuff, right?"

No. 281777

…and promoting and distributing said "innocent" pics to a specific fetish CP clientele, as FETISH CP…is a big ole crime.

No. 281778

*aren't CP

No. 281779

Yes. She's in big trouble. Hopefully she does a Jasmine and fucks right off the internet, but given her history, I doubt it.

No. 281780

Glenda deserves a thread of her own,no?

No. 281781


I would say with this: >>281671

Abso-fucking-lutely. She is disgusting.

No. 281782

Oh, shit, I forgot something in my report - can others reporting please bring up Glenda's threat about having Venus's channel taken down permanently if anyone reported what she was doing? That threat is gonna fuck her world up, too.

No. 281783

Yeah like the stocking fetish video & that one with the boob candy that ended up looking like a used condom, which seemed to have some purposefully pushed subtext. (Many ppl stated that seemed like Margos idea) And there are various other weird little things that did not seem like Venus' idea, but that she was coerced. This is why Mags thinks she created her true fame.

No. 281784

idk, this cunt is not lulzy or amusing, like even a tiny bit. Just old and creepy and obsessively stalky and batshit crazy. But do it if you want..

No. 281785

We've discussed this several times, even in this thread. You're welcome to do whatever, but Glenda isn't all that interesting, honestly. She only intersects with this drama, she doesn't really do anything beyond it.

And in addition to her being boring, I think it would make her happy to have a thread, and fuck CP providers being happy.

No. 281787

Hey guys, guess which comments have been DELETED from NJM's IG? ALL OF THESE

LOLLLLL Glenda, too late.

No. 281788


Ah, that is true.

No. 281789

File: 1466142973301.png (113.89 KB, 330x570, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.5…)

Lol, she deleted my comments, but LEFT UP all of her incriminating shit. How fucking stupid is this hag?

No. 281790


Inb4 she claims that we've edited the pictures to make it look like she said it.

No. 281791

There are hundreds of thousands of active child pornography websites out there, the FBI isn't going to waste their time on a YouTube channel because some old women rambled on about the nonsexual videos she uploaded possibly being constructed as sexual.

The best you might be able to do is get YouTube to delete the videos by spamming them with reports, but even then considering the fact that they have no problem hosting u15 gravure idol videos it probably won't do much either.

No. 281792

>>281787 You can run, but you can't hide!

No. 281793

Dumbass. Her old ass should have stuck to watching soaps and being a normal old lady.

No. 281794

Yeah, but it obviously goes deeper than that, she seems to keep implying she already has a built in audience for this type of thing, so she can market to them.

No. 281795

Uh, she explicitly detailed in what way she would use them as fetish content; and brags about the monthly income, and crowed about her insider knowledge in what CP clientele want. AND she's got a record.

I mean, she's not going to prison for ten to twenty, but she's not going to be ignored.

No. 281796

Even the slightest chance at her getting caught might get her to get the fuck on and Margo to stop letting other people fight her own battle.
Because honestly NJM ses like an easy catch for any law enforcement.

No. 281797

Here's a lil added creep factor: Aura Alexander is a variation of her daughter's name. Said daughter is 29 and lives with Glenda in the shack she purchased in 2007, in Bumfuck, MN.

No. 281798

Someone make a thread on njm. I wonder what she looks like

No. 281799

And what's this? Oh, is it an archive of the way her page looked before I sent a report? It is! Is it also one of the links I sent in the report? YES!


The channel is archived, too, BTW, Glenda. The delete button won't save you from big daddy gubbmit.

No. 281800

SUPER easy catch. She's got priors, owns a bunch of porn domains, and is very vocal of her past sex work. And we have her direct contact info to provide the helpful police officers.

No. 281801


Lol, there went her "it's edited" defense.

No. 281802

Au contraire, glendafag. LE takes anything related to CP, no matter how remotely, VERY seriously. get over yourself, freak

No. 281803

And her dumbass fucked over her clients as well.

No. 281804

That is a good point,Anon..
I can't believe I didn't think that-

No. 281805

hahaha serves both of them right

in no time Margo will wish to never claimed those as her work.

No. 281806

A guy just got done for sending an ultrasound to a fellow pedo, bc the context made it sexual.

That said, I am still trying to understand the NJM-speak and decode what I could even report her for? She's obviously triggered anons here and I wonder if someone could spell it out to me really simply. I am not picking up on the pertinent info from those screenshots. I'm 100% ready to report if I can understand the crime.

No. 281807

Anon, lots of CP websites are hosted in countries where CP is legal, like motherless is now hosted in Mexico though I don't know what the legal age there is and have no care to investigate, but there are also hosts in Thailand, Idonesia etc and if it's legal in the place that the content is hosted, then it's legal cp. Of course, being in possession of it in the US or a country with higher age laws is still illegal, and if it was made in the US then it's still illegal, but that's how a lot of sites circumnavigate the law. It's also why 'sexual tourism' is an offence and handled with the same sort of force as rape is with high jail time.

this is an easy takedown for the police and everything counts. Considering she's working in the AE business, it's very very fishy and warrants further investigation because she could have a hand in actual child pornography.

Tl;dr there are places that can't be touched, but this is worth their time.

Sage for ot garbage

No. 281808

I have ss's of NJM bragging about being a Talent Scout for the Adult Industry in maggit's YT comments. Also bragging about how many girls she's recruited.

Other incriminating crap too. Crazy old perv can't keep her mouth shut for 5 minutes, between giving Maggot expert advice on how to market herself as an Ice Queen Dom and serving it up all over the fucking internet as well, for YEARS.

No. 281809

Basically: Look at these videos where a kawaii young girl is making gratified sounds and slurping noises, isn't it sexy? watch these vids ;) it's not cp because she's legal, and if you report me then all her videos should be banned forever!

No. 281810

How old is this bitch anyways?

No. 281811

That person's just being realistic anon, it's not a child abuse denial post. Calm down for a sec. Anon is not Glenda-fagging.

Glenda's a creep alright but from personal experience I can tell you there has to be a crime, not just a professed knowledge / interest / talking about it. The police can look at an act reported to them and determine if it's a crime. I personally need to know what the act is we are talking about before I am contacting police. But if I know what it is and it looks dodgy, I will not hesitate to report.

No. 281812

She's marketing V's videos as cp, implies a built in audience, implies insider info & that Margs has also a hand in this sort of thing (read between the lines - "Now you know why there were so many views" to paraphrase) Also bragging that there are things that people don't know exist & are a "bigger community."

No. 281813

64 I think; she was 44 when she got popped for stalking and defamation in 1996.

No. 281814

The situation you are describing is the sexual assault of a minor; that does indeed require a lot of testimony and details from the persons involved and witnesses, if there are any.

Reporting a CP cyber crime simply involves sending the names of the parties, links to the materials, and maybe some context, They do the rest, and it's actually a lot easier because the details are concrete.

Anyway, you're not obligated to make a report; if reading the facts doesn't move you or make sense, it's ok. Otherwise, everything you'd need is on this thread.

No. 281817

We ourselves broached the fact that many of Venus' vids have bad tone to them or look like Margo was trying to sell Venus, "they're so huge" etc. It doesn't make us pedophiles. It's just a creepy dimension that we have realised with hindsight. It's no coincidence that NJM republished one of the worst offenders - the stocking vid - on her new channel. She's a creep.

Possible thing to report here is NJM claiming she has knowledge of bigger networks for this "type of thing".

Yes true, that is what I'm describing. But CP cases still involve things like possession, credit cards, transmissions of images.

TBH I'm still trying to work out what the fuck she's even saying.

No. 281818

Nice, put it in the file!

No. 281820

"we at NJM have the same clientele" immediately after the word pedophile and the 14 yo camming comment.

This was the info I was looking for anons. When I read this bitch my head spins.

No. 281822

mexfag here, child sex trade is HUGE here, no wonder why they chose mex servers to host their shit. Unless some big outrage occurs, police doesn't even bother to do something.
There were a few months ago a video of some dude confronting a foreigner for french kissing and touching a couple of young girls in broad daylight while the stupid parents and police were happily watching them.The old fart arged in broken spanish that he did that for years and girl's parents were ok with that. Fucking revolting

sage for ot blog

No. 281824

Starting to agree about that Wall shit. Jk
But that's really fucked up.

No. 281827

Yup, not implying anyone here is a pedo, just pointing out that NJM seems to imply she actually has confirmation from Marges that she was purposefully doing those things for a certain audience. As we have suspected.

No. 281828

That's fucking horrible to hear anon, damn.

No. 281830

Don't forget Margo edited her own underage's daughter photo to have bigger tits.

And even posting non sexaul photos as CP is illegal. You look as Venus putting on Make up as normal but you damn well know NJM has some pedo who will fap to it.
That's why Venus's old videos went up in views. NJM is advertising them as CP and since Venus is underage in most of them it still counts regardless of Venus's current age.

No. 281831

File: 1466145607652.png (66.9 KB, 331x428, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.3…)

As a reminder to all those reporting: Glenda made a threat that Venus would never be able to share her content again if anyone reported what she was doing. She was aware of committing a crime, and made threats in order to continue to profit.

I didn't broach this in my report - we have no proof beyond circumstantial that Margo is involved - but it sounds like someone convinced NJM she was in the legal clear. Enough so that she made that specific threat, the one that Margo always made to Venus if she got out of line. I think that even if this was NJMs brainchild, Margo gave her blessing - they could split the ad income, ruin Venus's "guru of cute" brand, and get Venus kicked off youtube for ban evasion. Frankly, this all helps Margo more than it helps NJM.

(This image is from the archived page, and accessible to the investigators. )

No. 281832

Absolutely disgusting. Sorry for your shitty laws.

No. 281833

I know anons were reporting NJM, but if anyone still have those creepy tweets mayo made about her daughter's body, could those give even more context of the undertone of the videos?

No. 281834

To refresh your memory, a c&p of Glenda's IG rambling:

the Venus Angelic fanbase is largely older males looking to masturbate.

Watch this vid and see what most adults do. Men must keep their penis under the table. It must not show.

Venus live one on one cam in the adult sexual fetish community since she was 14 with adult males like Manaki? THAT is why Margaret refers to him as a pedophile.

We at NJM have the same clientele. As Venus has aged out of Lolita, she is now what is known in Korea as a BJ girl. She simulates oral sex on food complete with slurpy sounds. She DOES earn $15K a month or more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVQAAL9kmQ0

nicejewishmama Oh yes. And Isabella is brilliant at her role! She uses fetish jargon in her vids and while jesting with custies. She is hilarous and we in the Adult Fetish business love her delightful sense of humor! It is horrible that Maggie took her customers and gave them to Venus.

nicejewishmama p.s. venus palermo youtube is not my account. I would suspect it is Venus' due to large number of hits on eating vid. They do not just happen, you put up a post that tells them that you are back. Poor Isabella. Maybe she could go to University and do Mukbang part time?

^^ Are you clear yet, anon?

No. 281835

I'm convinced Margo told NJM that they wouldn't get in trouble because they aren't on screen Venus is. But since Margo's dumbass sent the last months saying its her channel/videos then she's the distributor as well as NJM since she's linking Venus's videos to her clients.

Especially since Venus did not announce anything about this channel nor upload any NEW shit to it. It's on her and Margo.

No. 281836

If Margo actually end up suing Venus, I think venus might be able to get funding from FUPA.

h3h3 or whatever their name is got unfairly sued and philip defranco started a gofundme to help them and it was hugely successful. All the leftover money will go to FUPA who will use them to help youtubers being suied in the future.

No. 281837

Margo should have been happy with just reporting Venus's old channel.

No. 281838

Margo doesn't have the means to file a lawsuit, and even if she did it would be dismissed out of hand. It was discussed up the thread, she's got no recourse legally. Hence: making the fake YT channel made in the hopes of getting Venus permabanned, and possibly in trouble for CP (which was idiotic, but it's margo, so…)

No. 281839

File: 1466146582000.png (80.36 KB, 317x536, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.5…)

Margo's awake again. Get your popcorn, while NJM runs off to report to her mistress. Note Margo is back to being super loving mama who is so worried.

No. 281840

Oh my god, if the cops contact NJM and she flips on Margo… Glorious.

No. 281841

>large number of hits on eating vid
Yeah, 15k in one week Glenda

>they do not just happen. you put up a post to tell them you are back.

Like Glenda did, many times, on VA's IG (lots of followers! many hits!) complete with links to vids. Marketing! Use Venus's IG to promote your stolen vids! Genius!

>older males looking to masturbate

>we at NJM have the same clientele
>simulates oral sex on food complete with slurping sounds
>Venus is what is known in Korea as a BJ girl

No. 281842

Lol, flips? She'll incriminate them both the second she opens her mouth. I don't think she's smart enough to flip - she'll just spill.

No. 281843

Deemed out of hand? Some guy won a million dollars because he sued a guy who sold him a printer, claiming it was faulty.

No. 281844

That's false advertising and having one hell of a lawyer.

And most people can look at Margo's own words during interviews to see her saying Venus started the whole thing and she helped out later.

No. 281846

Thanks… it did finally become clear to me and as a result I just filed a report about her to the missing and exploited children link posted here. I stand by what I reported, which is that she implies she is 'in the business'. My name and address is on it too. This bitch needs to be on someone's radar. She has no fucking morals at all. Fuck you Glenda.

No. 281847

File: 1466147198698.png (49.63 KB, 326x367, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.0…)

OOh mah gawd.

Now NJM is pretending to be a hassidic collective from New York state, and anyone who days bad things about her is an anti-semite.

Hey NJM! You have no idea how far off you are. zee why says HI! Also: we take people stealing content and releasing it as CP pretty seriously. The internet is serious business.

No. 281848

Armchair psychiatrist question: Is she schizophrenic?

She flip flops from "venus its your life just be happy" to "venus is not a human, she uses everyone and is a psycho".

Her mood changes seem really stark.

No. 281849

A narcissist or a sociopath wears many faces; they change to suit the purpose at hand.

No. 281850

Go maggot! Up til 1AM on IG, now back just 6 hours later. lol

No. 281852


Oh, and just a little clue, Glenda - I'm Jewish.

No. 281853

Sorry, it was 30k and the guy who sued represented himself, it was thrown out on appeal, but he was still initially meant to pay 30k in damages.


No. 281854

What fucking brand outside of porn would go with the name Nice Jewish Mama.

No. 281855

What an idiot. "We are legion" lol Yeah, not going to help.

No. 281856

Doesn't tat just mean more people are going to jail and being Jewish doesn't save you from charges of CP.

No. 281857

Yeah that sounds fucking ridiculous, my god.

But a DCMA suit is a huge step up from that. It's like 'Blurred Lines' level shit that she wants to do. There is nothing stopping Margo from starting the case (thus getting a temporary injunction against the vids being up) except money of course, but she won't win it, and she'll never see damages.

No. 281858

You have no friends NJM, just be real. And Zy ain't some guy name Yosef.

No. 281859

fucking love your work anon.

No. 281861

Oh, and if Glenda tries to change anything about her claims of anti-Semitic DMs - because why you gotta do a member of the tribe like that, Glenda? We can refer here:



No. 281863

File: 1466148257787.png (55.89 KB, 314x339, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.2…)

Somehow I imagine Margo puts on chunky glasses when she types as snakey420; like, its her nerdy human disguise. Probably sounds like Peanut.

No. 281864

Snakey and Peanut are perfect for each other

No. 281865

File: 1466148430579.png (69.65 KB, 322x465, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.2…)

Wait, is this one of the Jasmins who used to be up Margo ass? This one also lives in Hamburg, and she doesn't sound happy with Margo.

There are way too many jasmins. Had no idea the name was so popular.

No. 281866

Nah anon she's NPD, to the point of acting a bit brain damaged. She can't decide what she's more angry about and also wants to lure Venus back sometimes (in between raging).

Schizophrenia is an actual illness and only in the movies is it about flip-flopping personalities.

BTW I don't believe Margo's a psychopath or sociopath. They are truly weird people and when you meet a real one (not just someone with low empathy) you'll understand that they're different. Margo doesn't steal for a thrill, play people off against each other or charm anybody just for a few examples. She's a just a defective unit.


No. 281869


Already posted here:

No. 281871

I actually thought they were the same person. Didn't lebenstesterin used to be jasmine_phil or something. That makes three Jasmines already, all blonde, vain and dumb. This one used to be a fan of Margo maybe? I can't recall.

No. 281872

And what an idiot, she has her last name up there along with her city. Bint.

No. 281873

thanks - too many windows open and things to read.

No. 281876

Jasmin was a really popular girls name in Germany in the late 80's, so it would be possible that there are several girls named Jasmin from Hamburg involved in this.

No. 281879

File: 1466151086120.png (53.64 KB, 328x406, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.07…)

Obviously something is deleted here, but cutiemami87 has been haunting Venus and Manaki's instagrams with implications that she's sick, dead or abused. Once Venus posted the hospital photo, mami ran to Manaki to "demand answers."

Between cutimami and elizabethmc2323, it looks like Glenda has been hosting little Margo Support Parties on her page for a while. Wonder how many are in on the fake channel.

No. 281883

Thanks anon. We know Jasmine from Adelaide is 30-ish and that fits with when it was popular here. In Aus that was a pretty bogan (rough) girl's name at that time.

God knows about the blonde, basic bitch aesthetic the three of them share though. Poor Jasmine Rose thinks she can actually make it as a model.

No. 281884

There were some comments I saw on that channel that seemed like the kids guffawing about some shit. It made me wonder who else is in one the channel and that's where I thought for a minute a bunch of kids had done it. God what a creeper she is. I guess they're all targets to her.

No. 281888

File: 1466153221950.png (975.43 KB, 915x589, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.45…)

DAMN. Grandpa Ferenc is DONE with Margo. You lost your last lifeline, Mags.

No. 281893

slavic vagueblogging

No. 281896

I wonder if her family are part of the reason Margo is chimping out so badly. Perhaps Margo still assumed they'd take her in when she ended up back in Europe, but instead they told her to get lost.

No. 281897

I think if that were the case Margo would rage about them a bit. Go on about how they are abusive psychotic Jesus people.
Im going with the theory that Mags is just jealous that people care about Wenoos and not her.
It would hurt Margo's pride to go back to her family. Can you really imagine hertrying to suck up to them?

No. 281900

Goddamn I'm sick of coming to this thread and scrolling through countless posts about NJM and people here thinking they know how copyright laws work. Can y'all shut the fuck up and discuss that shit elsewhere in a new thread? I come here to see what fuckery Margot is up to.

No. 281901

New pic on MadMag's instagram. Shes making a new video.

No. 281902

She has asked for help in the past few months; so she may well be upset when she figures out they're done with her. But I don't think she's even realized where they are right now - her sole focus is "fuck Venus up by any means necessary"

Normally I'd agree, but tonight there was an intersect. It wasn't just abt NJM being crazy; she's behind the fake channel with Margo to market V's old vids as CP. They get ad $$, venus gets perma banned for ban evasion, and Venus's rep is in tatters - if they got their way.

I agree that NJM is not at all interesting as a person, or even a worthy cow. The only time she comes into play is in the Margo / Venus dramu, and she was here in spades today.

No. 281903

File: 1466156698837.png (417.79 KB, 924x586, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.44…)

No. 281904

File: 1466156860121.png (51.77 KB, 319x322, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.47…)


No. 281906


This comment from that shady @cutiemami account is GONE now. That screenshot was up for all of one hour and now it's deleted? okay, this @cutiemami87 is now on my watchlist (lol) along with @elizabethmc2323.

They're both way too dedicated to being maggot's flying monkeys in venus's comments, like it's their fucking JOB. Like taking whatever lie maggs is spewing that day and running straight to VA's account to pimp it. Plus the elizabeth23 one stays camped out on maggot's IG and is (almost) always the FIRST one to leave an adoring comment. And now they both just happen to be hanging with NJM? Really??

Something is rotten here.

No. 281907

I wonder what's so terrifying to them - if the truth is on your side, why all the cloak and dagger? Surely if you were in the right, you would stand up for the truth.

Nope, you all just run away like roaches when someone opens the door. Makes me suspect there's something worse than the fake channel, honestly.

No. 281908

> you personally
> marriage

That az guy is a grade a creeper.

No. 281910

Yeah my gut also says there's something up. Satan's little helpers.

No. 281911

Maggot will never go crawling back to fucking Hungary, lol. Way too uncool for maggot the cosmopolitan jetsetter/professional pbotographer/famous artist/Celebrity Manager.

No. 281912

So many people surmise about copyright and think the lawsuit is real that I personally think it was timely to put some real info here (which I did do). I don't believe I was wasting time by doing that. People need to staop talking about shit that doesn't work.

No. 281913

And as a follow up: why has NJM left up her super incriminating screed on her page? Clearly she wants to be caught for CP; but are these tricks really dumb enough to think Venus will get in trouble, or be unable to host her materials after they promoted it?

I mean, Margo attracts idiots. But this is epically stupid territory.

No. 281914


Agree, intl. copyright law and NJM are both very relevant right now.

No. 281916


Already posted. PLEASE read the threads before posting.

No. 281917

>>281896 Margo asked daddy for ten grand (magic number) and he posted it on ig for teh lulz

No. 281918

LOL so boring peekchur maggot. so sad u look like beeg loserrr

No. 281919

Don't assume anon. I DO read the thread. I DO select what I post. I make contributions here all the fucking time. I just did not see this here in the mess of stuff today so I decided to post it.

There's a ton of overlap with shit being posted today. Posters should make posts and grabs clearer too so the thread is readable and the same comments aren't doubled up in parts here and there - as they are right now.

No. 281920

dude it was like 800 euro or something.

No. 281921

I wonder if she's on the move again, this looks more rural than Hamburg to me.

No. 281922

Possibly. Looked like there was possible trouble in paradise with her instagram friend / couch surfing host lebenstesterin, which would leave Mags SOL with both a place to stay and her benefits (she needs a permanent address while she waits for possible welfare funds.)

No. 281927

File: 1466161300966.png (104.19 KB, 619x294, 4f25d747-2c30-4e46-b2fb-0befae…)

maggot asked for suggestions…

No. 281928

File: 1466161507575.jpeg (74 KB, 750x523, image.jpeg)

See, who has trouble in paradise? Or finally Liebchen became normal and human

No. 281929



No. 281931

Topkek, Margo the expert bridgeburner strikes again.

No. 281933

what do you think Margo did to offend lebenstesterin?

No. 281934

I wonder what she said. Maybe she admitted to having a hand in the second channel and marketing it toward men? What could she have said to these people that's so much worse than her usual IG spouts of diarrhea

No. 281935


anyone's going to ask liebchen what happened? kek

No. 281936

lebenstesterin's wording implies Margo did something bad rather than said something bad

No. 281937

Having a hand in the new cp channel is doing something bad, though

No. 281938

yeah, but having a hand in that fake channel isn't exactly a behavior

No. 281939


I agree - wonder what happened? Or maybe she meant behavior in general?
But however, I think she discovered the Maggots insanity

No. 281940

Well yeah, I do think Venus getting attention for being hospitalised is the main issue, hence
>part of the reason

I couldn't see her sucking up to them necessarily, more just expecting they'd take her in because everyone in life owes poor Margo. All just a theory, of course.

No. 281941

Marshit made a new video and seems to have good mood. I hate that…

No. 281942


Poor liebchen got a look at the dark maelstrom of crazy that is maggotpalermo irl and got the HELL outta there as fast as her chubby lil legs could run. Good move, liebenchen!

Now doesn't she read here? Or is that another maggotfan I'm thinking of? @lebensteren if it's you come here and SPILL. You know you want to

No. 281943

I'm going to watch the video to see if there's something interesting. Wish me luck..

No. 281944

DO IT. I can't deal with it at the moment. That face, that VOICE.. NOPE

No. 281945

Maybe she finally got sick of margos behaviour. I mean the margaret seems happy about the fact that venus is in the hospital

No. 281946

File: 1466164597108.png (1005.63 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Nothing interesting.. Just heavily filtered and awkward…
She seems to prefer SK and gooks.

No. 281948


Margot probably asked her to help file false copyright claims or used her info to do it herself.

That or Margot sperged out when this girl refused to send her money or something

No. 281949

Just watches the Video. It was pretty dull. Margs says there will be a new video every Wednesday.I wonder if she will follow through this time.
At the time I watched it there where 24 likes to 44 dislikes.

No. 281951

OT: But I totally watch Bart and Geo/JKnews too.

No. 281954

Are you a JK fan? I love them, they're mudda awesome.

Sorry OT

No. 281955

I'm quite glad Meatloaf is becoming more comfortable…

No. 281957

the video is quite boring
>venoos you should have stayed in korea with mommy it's so much better than japan

No. 281958

Did she really make that video in favor of Seoul because the Japs kicked her out? Lmao

No. 281970

what if venus told immigration she was stalking her?

No. 281974

I think that one is Jassyrose, the crazy bint in Adelide, Australia's trash capital.

No. 281975

I only clicked through it, but goddamnit sit still for two seconds. And definitely don't lean so close to the screen with your witch face.

No. 281976

The way she said it's much easier to get a studying visa in Korea I chuckled a little. She obviously tried for one in Japan and got denied.

No. 281977

Sure sounds like it. Anyone here remember the time the dick nosed cunt went on bashing the UK after she had to flee for tax evasion? She was saying all this shit but it was her who chose to live in fucking Brixton for the sake of saying she lives in London. Lol

Then after that, she went on with , "THE NETHERLANDS ARE SO AWESOME!!! AND THE TAXES ARE SO LOW!!!"

No. 281980

Wasn't she not really wild about Seoul during her time there before Venus fled? I remember an IG post implying that she found the city a bit trashy, with commenters wondering why.

No. 282005

File: 1466188387666.jpg (474.14 KB, 1400x987, Screenshot_20160617-113100.jpg)

Oh margo, you are correcting the Grammer of a comment you already deleted (also, holy shit, are you correcting others' English?) And way to sneak in a compliment to yourself!

How much you wanna bet she's already made a "walking around" video?

No. 282006

File: 1466188671917.jpeg (93.42 KB, 500x359, image.jpeg)

At the Dailey bases.

No. 282007

File: 1466188768488.jpg (234.68 KB, 1383x470, Screenshot_20160617-113808.jpg)

And margo is the one who always gets huffy if you call her margo instead of margaret.

No. 282014

File: 1466190024980.jpg (932.4 KB, 1400x1630, Screenshot_20160617-115941.jpg)

Can anyone translate kraut?

No. 282015

File: 1466190148019.jpg (425.43 KB, 1395x761, Screenshot_20160617-120110.jpg)

Oh wooow margo has a minion on that voldemort photo who's telling her she looks a decade younger than she is

No. 282030

Wow, she beckoned them to come validate her & stroke her ego. Wth.

No. 282032


Ugh is that the same retarded Candice who fucked up the Kadee thread? Not saying she's wrong about Margo's eyebags or anything I just don't get why she's so hellbent on getting herself involved in all the cow's lives. So smug and egotistical. Maybe she dreams of becoming a cow herself one day.

sage for ot

No. 282037

File: 1466191317569.png (1.41 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20160617-151925.png)


I like how google translate makes it look like a serial killer note.

No. 282040

You are so horrible that your daughter has to go to the hospital because of you. Seriously, what kind of mother are you? You should love anc accept her the way she is. Try to accept that she is just a human and needs to live her own life and can't stay with you forever. I don't understand how you can treat her like that - you got her Channel deleted two times because you are such an egoist who only thinks of himself, It's a pity that you don't support your daugther, I'll never understand people like you.

No. 282043

I liked the google translate version better lol.

But thanks anon for the actual translation.

No. 282047


Farmers, I tried to stay true to the original grammar, it's really written that way:

hyliansteddy: You're so horrible that your daughter had to go to the hospital what kind of a mother are you you should love your daughter and respect her they way she is just try to accept that she is also a human being and that she leads her own life and can't stay forever with you i don't understand why you are attacking her and i really don't understand why you were attacking and deleting her youtube channel for the whole 2 times because you are such an egoistic human being and then you're thinking of yourself and not helping or supporting your daughter that's a pity seriously i will never understand such a human being…

Margo: @hyliansteddy I knew that something will come up on Insta again that will give (people) a reason to hate me

hyliansteddy: i'm not against you but look at your daughter she's in the hospital that's horrible I love Venus I always liked her but to hear something like this is just shocking

Margo: @hyliansteddy Yes that's terrible. She was never in a hospital before. I hope she'll get all the help she needs.

hyliansteddy: Yes that's what we all hope

No. 282050

Fucking margo implying that venus is under psychiatric care: "yes, she so sick in the head, but this is for the best"

No. 282056


The fact Margo had to post negative bullshit as soon as Venus put up a picture about being in hospital is enough to show she really does not give a fuck about her daughter or her well being. In her mind, Venus probably deserves to be hospitalized and she's no doubt happy about it happening too. I don't want to post about cliche karma but fucking hell she's one person that deserves some major shit to knock her down off her pedestal.

No. 282067

Britfags who are near a telly right now: Eurotrash on channel 4 just showed a clip of Venus in the intro. I think she might feature in the show somehow, will update if she does.

No. 282077

Holy shit, I wonder if Margo went back to selling stories about Venus to low level British media outlets?

Keep us posted.

No. 282081

Fyi, kawaii.vampire is another minion. 1 followers and is spreading misinformation about the fake channel.

No. 282083

File: 1466194708813.jpg (471.42 KB, 1414x996, Screenshot_20160617-131751.jpg)

No. 282084

File: 1466194803317.jpg (270.88 KB, 1391x587, Screenshot_20160617-131911.jpg)

She mad? She mad.

No. 282085

So it was about 10 seconds of the same video clip from the intro re-used later in the show to open a segment about living dolls and Valeria Lukyanova. It was from one of her very old videos (would go back and find the exact clip but can't, for obvious reasons).

Considering the clip was used for a segment on the topic of living dolls, I suspect margendo was responsible for selling it. Idk how she would have got them the clip unless she has copies of it, as the channel has been down for ages. How long ago would the show have sourced the clip?

No. 282088

File: 1466194934209.jpg (518.4 KB, 1365x862, Screenshot_20160617-132109.jpg)

Aww, she is just a caring mother.

No. 282090

Should have been when venus was 15, I think. They were on a show together way back when, but I don't know what media outlet shot it. The clip should belong to the media outlet and not margo, but I would not put it past her AT ALL to be flailing for extra cash since her buddy jassy peaced out.

No. 282122

a mother who cares about all the attention she is getting.

nobody paid Margo much attention until she began behaving like a lunatic. i suspect her ill treatment of V is partially driven by the reactions she gets.

she has to have noticed that the more she misuses her daughter, the more attention and interaction she gets. she can try to twist it to suit her image of a poor, abused mother, but her pattern of blowing up and hiding it just tells me she is LOOKING for these angry responses, that she gets high off them. this behavior indicates she is getting a huge ego trip out of shocking and angering people.

now that her sadism toward Venus has been exposed, she is having her cake and eating it too: revelling in publicly acting out what she probably used to fear people would know about her. she gets to abuse Venus, AND keep the spotlight on herself, while denying she has sadistic intentions at all.

silencing V's channel isn't just about claiming credit for the videos. i think she loves how much attention she's getting from making her daughter suffer.

No. 282123

and further, i think she loves that she can finally abuse Venus out in the open without sacrificing this attention. what a relief, after 19 years of hiding, to finally let it all out and bask in the reactions.

No. 282124

She's always been after a slice of the pie. That's why she shoved her fat nose into every interview or media appearance Venus ever had. She does know that without venus, shes not special or notorious anymore, and shes always known that. But simultaneously she hates Venus for this very same reason.

No. 282128

and now she thinks she has found a way to get the whole pie for herself: just be as big of a bully as she wants. no one can stop her, she has the power, and she has all of Venus's fans hanging on to her every move. i fear in her twisted mind, this is a good outcome.

No. 282149

File: 1466204141234.jpg (503.13 KB, 1421x987, Screenshot_20160617-155435.jpg)

Jesus, what drugs did mags get her hands on between these comments?

No. 282151

ooh, Marge has moustache.

No. 282153

Try with marshit

No. 282157

File: 1466204987101.png (235.13 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 282162

Can anyone translate?

No. 282164

>>enough of hiding, here my true self, whatcha gonna do? Haha!
Good analyse. It's apparently another symptome of NPD.

No. 282166

She's claiming margo and venus have some database of their sex customers; and that the point of the venus candy and mukbang videos are CP and we were "duped" into thinking otherwise. Also, note that she's promoting the fuck out of that one video; I wonder what search terms shes got it under.

The political shit, who the fuck knows.

No. 282167

File: 1466206338167.jpg (12.79 KB, 237x232, tumblr_nd1prbAIxd1qirlvao1_250…)

No. 282168

I think she's saying V & Marge are truly fighting over a database of private customers that these things were sometimes tailored to & for private chats. She's also implying that YouTube is just the platform (for "advertising") & front for other hidden things money was received for like the chats.

No. 282171

I was looking through the Venus Palermo channel and found this video. They must've took it off her real channel a long time ago cuz I don't remember seeing it. That guy she's talking to is so creepy. It's even more proof that Margoth was exploiting Venus when she was 14.

No. 282172

Yeah, Marge is an angry pimp who lost her source of income.

No. 282174


The shit Venus got up to on NicoNico when she was younger was weird…unfortunately many of the videos are gone now. Anyone remember that one creepy asf video when she was dressed in one of those Japanese school gym outfits with pigtails & prancing around her kitchen talking like a lolicon while licking cream off of her fingers? JFC.

No. 282178

THAT'S the one NJM posted a link to on her IG…you know, the post where she splains all about Venus doing p0rn since she was 14/simulating oral sex on food etc. etc

No. 282181

she looks older in this video than she does now. Shows that she has always had her eye bags. She looks healthier now, hospital and all.

No. 282183

Oh, I didnt know that. I only looked at the screencaps on here and not her insta.

Glad I missed that part of her online history. I gonna assume that was innocent on her part (if not, then its Mags fault for not watching her online activities)

No. 282184

also damn her japanese has been good for a while. the way that s he shoots back her replies without having to think about it shows that she's quite skilled. I know that the subtitles are over-complicating the spoken words, but at 14 she's holding quite a decent conversation with conviction.

No. 282208

Guys seriously, NJM is every bit as fucking deranged as mange. Same incoherent ramblings, bizarro fantasies and obsessive e-stalking.

Only here's the difference: What NJM is doing to Venus right now is EXACTLY the same thing she did to that professor back in 1998. The thing that got her sued and convicted and fined $3M for.

She made an entire website called UND news, devoted to trashing & slandering the prof and the University after she got kicked out for stalking. Fake "news" articles about the University being racist and the professor being a child rapist with kinks and fetishes that were described in GREAT detail. "News articles" about him luring children from his church to participate in kinky sex acts IN the church. Long "interviews" with p0rn actresses claiming the University covered up sexual assaults on students, on & on & on.

Now she's doing the EXACT SAME THING to Venus. And I'm positive marge is involved too: how else would NJM get her filthy paws on all those video? Not to mention…no copyright claims from mange, and she can't claim she doesn't know about the channel since there are multiple comments about it on her IG.

She's left the comments up too, which is interesting. Hasn't addressed or denied them either, in fact she's kinda disappeared altogether since posting that video.

But NJM is on her IG, crowing & gloating all over the place. So what's happening here? Is mange having a collapse/breakdown of some kind? Arrested, hospitalized, in a psych ward? And why TF is YT so quick to shut down Venus's channel while ignoring NJM's fake-ass exploitive channel full of stolen videos??

No. 282212

wtf the channel's been closed.

No. 282213

No. 282216


Now we can get back to exploring Margo's insanity.

No. 282217

File: 1466210988107.png (204.44 KB, 400x224, laugh019.png)

good job farmers

No. 282219

File: 1466211196599.gif (482.96 KB, 256x192, 1311515514571.gif)

Someone give me bullet points of whats been happening lately. I've been away and don't want to scroll them dumbass banter that is irrelevant

No. 282220

where did you leave off, I'm feeling generous

No. 282221

Up until about Venus got her channel back for the second time and then Mayo took got it taken down again in a few hours.

No. 282223

- margo moved to Hambug to stay with one of the Jassys; Margo did something that made Hambug Jassy run for the hills within 2-3 days. She's no longer speaking to margo, and DM'd with an anon

- NJM was behind the fake Venus channel, and presenting it as CP. We just ran that bitch off YT after doxxing and reporting her to the authorities.

- Venus is sick in the hospital

- margo went on a 30 hour nonstop ragefest because Venus was getting attention for being sick

No. 282224


Oh, and grandpa ferenc has official cut Margo off - he made a post saying from here on out, he's only got 3 kids instead of 4.

No. 282225

omg what, thank you kind anon! i should probably read what i missed because this seems juicy as fuuuck

No. 282227

Mag's current travel plan is something like Japan to SK, an attempt back to Japan, rejection, a trip to Canada via China, a more than likely trip to CA to look into filing suits against Venoos, and now she's resting in Germany with a possible pause in the Netherlands.

Venus went dark for ages, posts on IG that she's in hospital, gets tons of worried fans wishing her the best. Margo chimps out 'I COULDN'T EAT FOR DAYS' and goes on a rage fest.

Daddy disowns her and one of her major stans gave up and went dead on IG.

NJM re-hosted venus' videos and marketed them as pornographic, claiming she had 'insider knowledge' of the child sex trade. When anons found out what she was doing, they reported her to the police, channel was just taken down within the last 30 mins or so. Speculating Margs has something to do with it due to the fact that she didn't file five million copyright claims against it.

Auntie Zsu has said that she and grandpa will help Venus fend off a lawsuit

Margo also created snakey420, her edgelord sockpuppet

No. 282228

Oh my god, NJM is STILL claiming I sent her anti Semetic DMs and is "reporting" my burner account.

But if everything I said is a lie, Glenda, why is the channel suddenly gone? That's pretty strange, don't you think?

No. 282230

Hahahahaha Screenshot? link?
We got that fucking channel shut down!!!

No. 282232

Calm your sperg.

No. 282233

File: 1466213080093.png (80.15 KB, 305x550, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.23…)

Unfortunately, she deleted most of my messages right after she shut down the channel and blocked me. But here's her ebuttel - apparently, although we can all see right through her, I'm "too stupid to be Jewish", a "psychopath", and have sent her invisible messages of hate.

No. 282235

Meanwhile, Margo is either all worn out from her epic rage fest yesterday; looking for a place to crash; or trying to come up w/ her next Evil Plan to get that Venoos and her little Mana, too since the fake channel is kaput. She was fairly quiet all day despite posting a video.

No. 282259

File: 1466221790575.png (83.23 KB, 325x554, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 8.45…)

Well, she took the channel down, but is still claiming insider knowledge on CP cam shows. Specifically, she's saying Venus's live cam sessions were ads for a service Mags was running. While I would not put it past Margo to sell Venus's ass online, this woman is incriminating the fuck out of herself.

Saved for posterity; and if anyone hasn't made a report yet, you can add this in.



No. 282265

This is so fucking unsettling.

No. 282266

File: 1466224540865.png (50.77 KB, 309x337, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.34…)

It's rise and shine time for Margles in Hamburg; where do we think she slept? Another convenience store?

Also, someone told her that she's been disowned.

No. 282268


I can't see any of these comments on her IG now, is she posting & deleting? I see them in your link though.

I don't see anything reportable in these, it's just more toothless rambling like she always does. Sounds like she's talking about "her" camgirls in general and her genius marketing skillz. Anyway her fake channel got squashed and that's all I care about. NJM can keep doing her thing as long as she doesn't fuck w/Venus (or other underage girls.)

Glenda does run a phone sex biz called D.A.M.E.S. (dial a model entertainment services, lol) which might include camgirls as well but she claims to only hire girls age 26 and up. She's said this more than once in her online ramblings before any of this came up, in YT comments plus I saw a movie review last year on IMDB where she goes into it in detail (only hiring 26 & over.)

If I ever see her make another reference to cp though, EVER, I'ma be on her a$$.

No. 282269

Just an FYI: It looks like SHE removed the channel; it hasn't been removed by YouTube. People reported her for CP and child exploitation on YT and to the feds, but I don't think any agency took action as of yet. The reports and her dox scared her enough to take the channel offline, but if she thinks it's safe to come out from hiding, and she's not gotten in trouble, I'm sure she'll go right back to pimping out Venus's old vids.

No. 282270

Says that user should stop commenting on family members, yet Margo herself does the same and that's considered ok? Searching for logic….

No. 282271

This is a cool outcome. She couldn't make it any more obvious that it was her channel. Careful though, needling someone won't always go the way you want even though it worked this time.

Anyway I'm fucking sick of this bitch and want some more Margo.

No. 282274

Can we not have OT screen grabs of people arguing (like they always are). Posting them here clutters the thread and attracts rodents.

No. 282276

This. Make a tumblr for that shit.

No. 282277

Reading back through the notsoangelic tumblr, Margo has been on this rage cycle for years. Her behavior has always been pretty bad as it turns out. It surprised me a little to see that… but then it sort of doesn't surprise me at all.

No. 282280

File: 1466228315813.png (453.9 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Forgive me if I post this in the wrong thread but here's an update from Venoos
Can't wait to see Margo's response ((if she even tries to do one))

No. 282282

Damn, she must've been putting off some kind of illness for a while; way to train your daughter to never complain, and never go to a doctor, Margo.

It's surprisingly easy to have something like this happen; a friend of mine was waiting out a UTI a couple weeks ago, then thought she had food poisoning or the flu. When she finally went to hospital, they told her she'd had a heart attack from the septic shock of her UTI.

from what Margo's said about Venus never being in hospital, I'm sure Venus was expected to wait out illnesses without complaint, or risk Margo's wrath.

No. 282284


Jeeeezus, that poor kid. I figured that's why she didn't say why she was in the hospital at first, that it was something somewhat…not too pretty.

Seriously, fuck Margo for training her to "just suck it up" when she's ill.

No. 282285

YIKES! Still in hospital too, she must have been pretty sick. Japanese anons: What's the health system like there? Is it like the US where if you don't have insurance & get sick you'll go bankrupt or do they have national healthcare like Europe & Canada? Manaki should have insurance through his employer though, yes?

Glad she's doing better anyway…she's allowed to eat so that's a good sign.

No. 282286

File: 1466229656423.png (60.27 KB, 331x372, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.5…)

Sweet message from Aunt Zsu, but is that another teenybopper above who's been getting messages from Marge? Or some other troll acct?

No. 282287

Zsu is following all this like a hawk!

No. 282288

There is national health insurance which covers 70% and the rest you have to pay yourself. But staying in a hospital for such a long time can be very expensive even if the insurance covers 70% of the costs.

No. 282291

God, Margo is going to shit bricks. Not only did Venoos anger her by needing a hospital and having insurance, now even MORE people are being kind to her while she LIVES RICH IN JAPAN (on one income. In tokyo. While her mother and some nutcase from MN pawn her videos to creepers and steal her money.)

No. 282295

>septic shock
She should focus less about getting her youtube back and maybe pay more attention to her body. Can't make uguu videos to piss off your mom when you're dead.

No. 282296

Uh, we are talking about a person who was trained from birth to not ask for help, and to never bother people with her troubles.

It's pretty common for abused children to avoid doctors and authority out of training and habit, long after they've gotten free. They don't want to be a bother or cause problems for fear of anger or punishment. It takes a long time to feel safe enough to speak up.

No. 282297

Venus edited the caption to omit the part about having to go to the emergency dept. Wonder why?

No. 282298

Anon, septic shock is easy to miss. My mum went into septic shock and had three seizures in ten minutes before the ambo came. No signs of it until the morning.

No. 282299

Red herring argument.

People don't get septic shock within an hour just because. It's a blood infection. There were symptoms that went unnoticed until the seizures.

No. 282300

>>There were symptoms that went unnoticed until the seizures.
Yes. That's the point. The symptoms can go unnoticed, until it's suddenly very serious.

No. 282301


>trained from birth not to ask for help

>trained to just suck it up when she's ill

You all are extrapolating a lot here, just saying. I don't doubt any of it but posting speculation as if it were fact is a bit much.

No. 282302

They were there. Your mom didn't notice them. I'd sooner believe she was mentally disoriented from the infection to notice rather than she had no signs or symptoms up until that point.

No. 282303

Agreed. Not to mention the feeling that all adults & authority are the same.

No. 282304

Duh anon. She'd had a bone graft that didn't take. That morning she'd just called a taxi to take her into the hospital because orange pus was leaking into her mouth from the site of the insert. She's a trained nurse and headed several departments and didn't notice anything abnormal until that morning.

My point was that septic shock is very sneaky, and Venus is actually lucky she went in when she did, given that Margo kept her from seeing doctors and going into hospital as a child.

Sage for half a blog

No. 282306

In a situation that is so blatantly obvious & in the open, I don't think you can say that anons statement is "a bit much."

No. 282308

wasn't me anon. And there probably were other signs, but given she'd just had her face cut open and a bone implanted into her cheek, she was told to expect headaches/head pain etc. Even after the removal and a second surgery she was similar in terms of mentality and the effects that healing after such an operation had taken place. There was no way anyone would have been able to tell earlier than when the wound started to leak. It was nasty, in any case.

No. 282313

File: 1466233191446.png (70.25 KB, 310x513, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.5…)

Guess whose back? And who made a bet on her calling her father a cult member so she doesn't care if she's ousted? You win!

No. 282314

And whatever happened to Margo being so superior to Venoos because although Margo suffered 'abuse' (i.e. she did't get a ballerina barbie when she was 10) she would NEVER speak against her parents in public?

No. 282315

I hope she tells us more how much she doesn't care!

No. 282316

Oh shit, and she won't answer as to why she deleted kevinsonn_244 's comment informing her that "her" videos were up on a rouge channel.


No. 282317

I personally just find it hard to believe that someone who's willing to confess to an entire public about her personal familial problems would somehow have trouble seeing a doctor if they felt as sick as how sepsis leading up to shock can make a person feel.

No. 282318

File: 1466233929089.png (34.17 KB, 313x206, Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.1…)

Sock account with 1 follower azlabyrinth can assure us, Margo had nothing to do with that rouge channel; and who cares it's gone now SHUT UP.

No. 282319

>rolled away from church

Why? Was she drunk?

Margo has some weird english.

No. 282320

The photo he used showed a nest with 3 eggs in it; he said "the fourth [egg] rolled away; now it's only zsu, ferenc jr, and naomi". Margo went to look at the pic and responded.

No. 282322

Ah, my mistake.


No. 282323

It was also a rather twist, making Mags the bad egg.

No. 282324

thread cancer again.

and can we not with reposting every. single. thing here? we all can read margo and venuses instas.

No. 282325

ya know he's a bible basher right? I wouldn't want to have every statement made to me to be a fucking bible verse either. of course margo takes it to extremes with the cult and abuse claims but still he sounds like a pain in the ass to be around.

No. 282326

Oh and who writes shit on insta about disowning their child? Margo does, and coincidentally, her dad does too. That mean streak appears to run in the fam.

No. 282327

>we all can read margo and venuses instas
There's absolutely nothing wrong with posting caps, especially considering Margo has a history of deleting shit. Stop.

No. 282328

Oh ok, I guess if he's religious, and MARGO says he's mean, then let's just pack it all in and go home! Why post anything at all?

>>reposting every. single. thing here? we all can read margo and venuses instas.


Did maggies minions let loose after Mags just freaked out about being in on the channel? Because it's in the screencap you find so annoying.

No. 282335


Margo deletes fucking everything though.

No. 282346

Get a grip on yourself anon. It's not an all-or-nothing proposition, Grandpa will still be talked about here.

Idgaf what that az guy or any of her minions say for the most part. Very few of them are interesting. When they become interesting like liebchen or NJM did, post away.

As you say it's an imageboard. It's not a personal scrapbook and some here could benefit from using some discretion at this moment. It seems like there are people who can’t look away even for an hour and that ain’t healthy. I’m personally home all the time due to illness and sometimes I just wanna hit refresh on Margo-drama all day. But I also understand that we don't need to see an actual cap every single time someone Margo-adjacent farts out a comment. The benchmark to consider is, if Margo deletes it will it matter. I cap a shit ton of stuff that I elect not to post. The runway / raincape rant about her health and insurance - great example of an anon capturing something that should be preserved. There are a number of us (including you no doubt) who watch for these moments and we do post them when we capture them.

Several anons have professed irritation at the increasing clutter here and I myself have said it twice: once yesterday once today. No-one is telling you not to fucking post. Step down a touch from the high horse and pay attention to what anons are saying to you (or to whoever tf has the current posting diarrhea).

No. 282348

Don't you know that in the beginning, symptoms leading to sepsis can resemble a typical flu and common viruses? Many people don't realize they have it until the later stages, like that one anon's mom. In fact, influenza can later develop into sepsis. Venus probably had type A influenza(or thought she did), which is the worst strain, but she just figured it would pass in a few days. Nothing bizarre about that. Yet with all the stress she has been through, her immunity is compromised and she had a terrible outcome for what she(probably) thought was a common illness. Cut her some slack.

No. 282349

Speaking of maggot deleting shit she's at it again- all the rageposts of Venus's old pics are gone.

Agree about some of the unnecessary screencaps though. I don't think we need to see every single teenage troll's dumb trolling on mange's IG.

No. 282350

I did see that VP channel but never said anything. It was only the desc that creeped me out.
Glad it's gone.

No. 282352

The related caps have been because margo has sock accouns, and has also been on a DM campaign with various tweens. And due to her penchant for deleting at random, we never know what's going to be important, when.

Anyway, weird that she's deleting those photos from Venus's channel - she's been leaving all her rage up for a week or two. She got super spooked when someone asked why she deleted their comment telling her about the "new" VA channel, plus with ferenc's shunning.

No. 282361

What if all suddenly Margot gets bible verses from many people in ig?
>>Help my sectary family and their minions are harassing me. Help me! It's all Venoos' fault! And her stupid hospitalisation…

No. 282372

File: 1466254891913.jpeg (101.7 KB, 718x736, image.jpeg)

Seems like Margo and Venus started to talk again. I hope that she stops as soon as possible. Venus has to be saved !!!

No. 282373

She could also have just called the front desk and said she was her mother, and they'd tell her what she wanted to know. I don't think Venus ever had it in her mind to tell the hospital to disallow her mother being given any information, especially since her mom isn't in Japan anymore.

No. 282374


She's talking like everything is alright…stupid cunt. Anyone's going to ask Liebchen or Mimmiewhatever if they know something?

No. 282375

>Septic shock

Ah. She left in a tampon probably, pretty mundane and usual.

No. 282376

Are they cleaning the river so yo can go live in it, Margo?

No. 282377


That's toxic shock syndrome. Idiot

No. 282378

That's toxic shock - slightly different.

No. 282380


More like completely different.

Septic shock is a serious medical condition that occurs when sepsis, which is organ injury or damage in response to infection, leads to dangerously low blood pressure and abnormalities in cellular metabolism.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a potentially fatal illness caused by a bacterial toxin. Different bacterial toxins may cause toxic shock syndrome, depending on the situation.

No. 282390

How can any mother be smug about something like that?!
I hope any contact between them was just Venus letting her know that she would be fine and not opening the door any further.
Margaret seems like she would be the type to kidnap Venus' future baby.

No. 282391

Wtf - people on lolcow have criticized Venus for not updating her fans enough on social media while she's in the hospital and now you're criticizing her for doing too much on social media while she's in the hospital? Can everybody please chill? I'm sure V and M are doing what's best for V's health amd they'll worry about the YouTube stuff when she's not at risk of dying.

No. 282392

Venus' unhealthy eating and weight are probably huge contributors to her septic shock. You need proper nutrition and health to fight off such bacterias. Plus the stress Margo put on this poor girl probably lowered her immune even more.

Poor girl, I don't like her but this is honestly saddening.

No. 282393

'V and M' bullshit. Margo just knows that she cant say shit about Venus at this point without EVERYONE thinking she's a psychopath bully cause there's no way she can twist laughing at Venus in the hospital to being 'weenoos iz bullying ME'

No. 282395

I meant Venus and Manaki, I should have clarified that.

No. 282397

woop my bad. my jimmies just got rustled real fast

No. 282400

I know. I was being generous when I said "slightly different."

No. 282405

No. 282408

We know nothing about Venus's health or eating habits. Don't make assumptions because illness can strike anyone out of no where.

No. 282413

File: 1466263584961.jpg (396.38 KB, 1570x1536, 1453747214553.jpg)

>Love and self responsibility

The motherfucking irony!

No. 282438

It sounds more like Margo knows when she will leave because Venus had septic shocks before when she was still under her care.

No. 282440

Sorry but I have to disagree with you guys here. We have no reason to believe her dad is bad other than "Margo says so". I don't believe her for one second, and everyone else in the family all seem to be close and love each other. Margo is the common factor here, I think it's a bit nuts to assume he is also bad. The other kids seem fine also, Margo just has a few screws loose.
In regards to him "disowning her publicly", I really think that is more of a message to Venus than anything else since he seems eager to talk to her. I took it as more of a "we are here for you" kind of thing, not looking for attention. I bet he doesn't give a shit about getting some rando's attention on instagram.
We have no reason to believe he is a bad person at all other than the rantings of some lunatic so I don't think it's very fair to judge him like this.

No. 282451


he's an old religious guy on the Internet, not the westboro baptist church for fuckssake. His other kids seem fine and if he really wa a militant fucking Christian I doubt he'd ever even consider helping out a self proclaimed satainists spawn.

hell, he even held the olive branch out for Margo all this time.

No. 282456

Why don't you fall into the river Margot?

No. 282459

File: 1466276663440.png (674.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-18-15-03-27…)

Grandpa seems like a great guy.

No. 282461

Tampons are very rare to find in Japan. I don't think it could be that.

No. 282464

Yea, her other family members seems okay and want to help Venus out. Margo is the odd one out. This probably the only way they could check on Venus before she left Margo. I doubt they could influence her when she's happy with her husband in Japan.

No. 282468

File: 1466278820503.png (52.4 KB, 303x299, Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.3…)

Oh, Margo. By the time Venus was using props and better equipment, they were paid for out of Venus's income. And like you'd ever have allowed Venus to take babysitting job - cash in her hand, instead of a check straight to mama's bank account? The very idea!

No. 282471

Snakey doesn't know how yt works and got easily manipulated by Morgue or is it a sock again?

No. 282473

It's one of Margo's socks; it turned up in the middle of an argument Mags was in to defend Margo around 3-4 days ago. Same engrish; corrects people if they call her Margo instead of Margaret (a big pet peeve of Margo's for some reason); floats insane theories like Venus faking being in hospital and then Margo immediately jumps in to agree.

No. 282476

I meant granddad, not dad.

It's really nice to see venus' family reach out to her like this. I wonder if she ever replies to them.

No. 282478

>>I meant granddad, not dad.

Not the OP you're replying to, but that OP was referring to Margo's dad, not Venus's.

No. 282482


SS and TSS are different anon move on

No. 282492

I wrote that actually, I was just clarifying because I felt it was unclear.

No. 282496

Fucking bullshit, Maggot. We all know she took ALL of Venus' money except for maybe 2% of it. She doesn't deserve shit else. Venus' life is way more stressful than it should be and she's in the hospital for septic shock probably caused by her mom refusing to take her daughter to a doctor a day in her life aside from when she was born.

No. 282498

>>refusing to take her daughter to a doctor a day in her life aside from when she was born.

And even then, that was for Margo's benefit, not Venus's.

No. 282500

>inb4 margocunt says "when she's dead lolololol xD "

I don't think they started to talk to each other yet, just marge trying to be funny and edgy

No. 282501

Margo doesn't even believe she was in hospital in the first place; she said it over and over. And when Venus posted the tiny hamburger pic, Margo and her minions were cackling to themselves how that bed could be anywhere, the Venoos just looooves the attention, what a liar, etc.

I agree, she's had zero direct contact with V since she saw her at the airport. She's just being weird,

No. 282504

File: 1466288542838.png (649.91 KB, 1024x554, 5b150bb2-38d2-44b0-9e69-118fc9…)

So, latest veedeo: Korea>>>>Japan cuz…

#1 cheaper
#2 can smoke in public
#3 koreans don't laugh if ur English bad

Summary: easier 2b homeless hobo in korea!

No. 282507

File: 1466289047214.png (509.3 KB, 924x560, c0f9d568-a5ca-4989-808e-e8f890…)


and those editing skillz! VENOOS videos were ME, ALL MEEE MINE GIVE ME MY MONEYYYY

(I try to smile but it hurt face oww)

No. 282508

… did she soft filter her face? Even her hair is blurry. Still got those ballsack level eyebags, tho.

No. 282510

This looks like a communal kitchen in a YWCA type boarding house/hostel. Not "staying with friends"

No. 282512

She likely filmed this in a cheap hostel back in Korea; she doesn't have friends. Did she say she was staying with a friend? (don't want to watch the video, seeing her in motion makes my eye twitch)

No. 282517

>that Sharing food together sticker

welp there's the answer

No. 282526

File: 1466293726852.png (66.11 KB, 216x164, odo.png)

seriously, that blur on her face. it looks like she's tried but not quite succeeded at assuming human form.

No. 282527

File: 1466294192931.jpg (11.34 KB, 332x113, Xt0x3ho.jpg)

I also think it was filmed in Korea since that fridge looks like it's an olddr Samsung model based on what I can see of the logo. Idk when/if Samsung started selling fridges in Germany.

No. 282531

Her eyes… Are extremely lopsided. Why is this so common in psychopaths?

No. 282532

File: 1466295690590.png (473.9 KB, 840x441, 152IQ.png)

>"both have 4 seasons: spring, summer autumn, winter"
>holds up 3 fingers.

No. 282538

>my jimmies are rustled.
>Talk out ur ass harder
Maybe ten years ago it was this way….
Im having a way harder time finding tampons here in a major city in Germany than when living on the outskirts of Tokyo a few years ago. My grocery store in Japan carried applicators and non applicators and multiple sizes and a few brands. Meanwhile all the DMs around me dont fucking have applicators and only have two brands.
>sage because butthurt spam

No. 282542

File: 1466298530398.png (1.16 MB, 1009x669, koreahostel.png)


This was indeed filmed in Korea. Fount the hostel she stayed in around May. She even left a review on it.

Notice the fridge and the exact curtains?
Plus the rest of the house.


No. 282545

Nice find, anon

No. 282546

why even ask for video suggestions if she filmed it weeks before? lmao

unless shes in korea again (doubt)

No. 282549


She's still probably trying to find a good spot to film in whatever homeless shelter or unfortunate AirBnB host's place she's fount this time for her next exciting video. She's trying so hard to make money from her Youtube. Nobody gives a shit about the differences between Korea & Japan, especially when it features her ugly mug. Milking the Asian culture theme isn't going to get her anywhere.

No. 282556


Looks 100x cleaner than spanish chef roach burrow

No. 282557

Love the feedback left for her:
Margaret은 조용하고, 온화한 성격을 가지고 있다. 상대방을 배려하면서 자신의 일에 집중하는 게스트이다. 지나친 요구나 간섭보다는 모든것을 있는 그대로 누리고, 사용할줄 아는 게스트라고 생각된다. Marget 멋져요.

Google Translate: "Margaret has a quiet, gentle nature. As consideration for the other party guests to concentrate on their work. Enjoy everything as is, rather than excessive demands and interference , it is believed that know how to use the guest. Awesome Marget."

She must save all her rage for Instagram. Keeping to herself to make a list of 50 things and thinking up comebacks to her detractors must have kept her quiet for the owner.

No. 282561

She was "quite" because she was too fucking busy stalking Venus' IG and memorizing her next rant of gibberish …

No. 282564

Ha ha wow, well spotted. Margo got a bit of YT mileage out of Blessing House.

No. 282565

Oh Margo this is so transparent.

No. 282568

I am overly-sensitive about that stuff for sure. I do tend to fly off the handle quick and tend to consider it brainwashing. At any rate, Aunt Zsu posts good and sane stuff.

No. 282572

File: 1466308714645.png (353.67 KB, 725x684, 1386264027752.png)


NJM merely wants to cash in on whatever the Venus scandal has to offer, and if it wasn't for all those linked porn websites NJM has I would have assumed that this Insta account of NJM's was actually Maggot herself

No. 282575

File: 1466308962786.gif (980.75 KB, 280x218, 1464350107738.gif)


Yes, she used a softening filter over the video hence the smoothness. Sony Vegas Pro is a good editing program but it doesn't work miracles, Margo.

No. 282576

From the way Margo was furiously deleting any comment where someone alerted her to the fake channel, and the total lack of copyright claims from Margo on that channel, and from the channel disappearing directly after NJM watched herself get reported to the authorities - I'm gonna have to call that channel a joint operation. There's no way Margo would let someone else scoop up her ad dollars - but NJM was the only one promoting it. And god knows what SEO terms they used on those vids, because some of them were on pace for 15k+ views per week on a brand new channel.

Anyway, I agree that NJM just wants in on attention, particularly if she can be the "Sexpert" she thinks she is. Margo only has her fellow loons to help her, and when crazy meets crazy it never lasts for long.

No. 282581

Then in terms of the Anons above reporting this account to authorities over CP, it would be plausible to include Margo in those reports as a possible tie-in as well perhaps?

No. 282583

Unfortunately, there's no evidence on the surface of Margo being involved. Unlike NJM who will incriminate the fuck out of herself by promoting the links, describing the CP trade, naming prices, and claiming that she caters to the same clientele, Margo hasn't said anything at all. It's the absence of action that is telling, but that's not really enough to send in a report.

If NJM is investigated and the investigators go through her communications on instagram, and check up on who owned the channel and provided the videos, then Margo's involvement would likely come to light.

But I don't think there's enough to present a credible report on Margo's involvement. If the reports are to be taken seriously, there must be clear evidence, otherwise they write it off as a conspiracy theory and chuck it in the bin.

No. 282585

actually, compared to American hospitals the prices are waaaaay lower even with insurance. Overnight stays can run UNDER 10,000 Yen. That is what one Tylenol would cost you in an American hospital, even with insurance.

No. 282587

since she is a legal adult, they cannot do that, even in Japan.

No. 282588

I concur that Margo was involved in it in some way with NJM. There can be no other explanation for why she didn't claim against it.

No. 282594

File: 1466314794351.png (432.1 KB, 640x824, 32941fbc-7a9a-426d-a38f-08ebca…)


Def. a joint venture. How else would NJM get hold of all those old videos? Plus as noted before, no comment from maggot when channel brought up on her IG AND no copyright claims eithet, when when the crazy cunt has copyright claimed every little fangelic with a single old VA video on YT.

Speaking of which, look who's back in action on her IG, claiming it was venus's channel and venus was promoting it (over margaret's objections OF COURSE)

Now I know NJM has all on 192 IG followers but it pisses me the hell off that this filthy creature is still sniffing around venus. I can't report the account to IG or comment cause bitch blocked me, so posting here as a public service-

No. 282595

Oh, and obviously Margo was selflessly pushing Venus to attend "university" in Korea - when Venus was pulled from proper school at age 14-15, and has no academic standing to attend university in a language she speaks, let alone one she was just starting to learn. But VENUS just wouldn't give up doing her mukbangs for pedo feeders.

Keep archiving that page, so all the comments are saved as is, with NJM unable to stop incriminating herself (whether fantasy or reality.) And keep a lookout for another "Secret REAL $100%$! Venus super sexy preteen lolita FETISH 4u!" channel to surface, or for NJM feel like it's safe to re-activate the closed channel.

No. 282596

Even poor Venus caught the brainwashing and talked about wanting to study more in Seoul and so delay the marriage (in the 'ran away from home' vid). Margo really simplified her world for her… ugh.

NJM is a sewer-dweller who feeds off bad energy. She should be perpetually watched.

No. 282597

>re-activate the closed channel.

ugh I forgot that was a possibility.

No. 282618


This dumb cunt mistaking Lolita fashion for whatever sick definition of lolita of hers

No. 282622

File: 1466322056102.png (593.35 KB, 853x590, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.4…)

Venus is out! And she didn't end up needed surgery.

No. 282626

File: 1466322805338.png (324.68 KB, 927x596, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.5…)

… and right on cue, Margo is furious.

No. 282628

jesus christ, im sure he means well but she really needs to be eating healthy nutrient packed foods right now.

No. 282629

I've never wanted to smash someone's face into the pavement this much since Marijan. How can a mother fucking wish illness onto their own daughter like this?! Venus never did anything wrong to her. Bitches like this don't deserve to be mothers. I'm glad that Venus is okay now. I still think her septic shock was caused by her mother refusing her medical care (those "home remedies" aren't shit) for 19 years and her immune system being compromised due to stress.

No. 282630

Oh, for sure. I can empathize with her, though - I had a similar food-deprived long hospitalization. The second you feel better you're hungry as a horse. It's a good sign.

No. 282631

Oh, I'm positive Venus has had some longstanding illness. My guess is an ulcer that went septic finally; she's probably had it for years. And these last few months would easily have tipped the balance.

No. 282632

Liebchen deleted the parfait pic. Just asking why? Because she broke with Margo or wasn't it even with Margo?

No. 282633

File: 1466323873046.jpg (76 KB, 1200x771, margo40.jpg)

Margo has upset her somehow so I'm betting that's why. Pic for posterity.

No. 282634


Did she confirmed that it was with Margo?
Just askin

No. 282635

Oh, and the person who made the comments she deleted, and then so kindly exposed the user name of? Is a 7th grader. Who is about to be inundated with furious crazies because Mags pointed them in her direction.

But it's VENOOS who send leagues of "haters" at Margo. Definitely not Margo who stirs up drama and does shitty things and then is confronted for being a shitty person.

No. 282636

She only confirmed that Margo has done something that really upset her. The timelines match up however, and the more obvious photos of them together were deleted 2 days ago. Then Jasmin DM'd with an anon, and just a few hours ago she deleted that last parfait pic. It seems pretty related.

No. 282637

If that's so, I'd bet on it being a stress induced ulcer.

No. 282638

File: 1466324390659.png (61.49 KB, 308x357, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.18…)

"He won't bow to my demands, and I had a months long temper tantrum!! Who cares if Venus was near death with a real illness??"

No. 282639

That's a bingo.

No. 282640


Any volunteers to get the truth? I'm curious what happened

No. 282642

You can try to DM her; as long as you're polite, she was very polite to the last anon who sent her a message. But for her sake, I'll remind you that Margo likely knows her address and given Margo's penchant for calling the police on people and stalking, she's be well within rights to keep quiet for her safety.

No. 282643



No. 282645

And if you'll note, the thing that pissed her off the most was being called a loving mother. That's what made her rage hit full boil.

No. 282646


Countdown to padded cell 3… 2…..??

No. 282647


What will Margo calling the police for? But yeah, she's masterstalker aka hobo aka weeenooos momager

No. 282648

A+ Margospeak

No. 282649

That has never held her back before.

No. 282650

File: 1466325261295.png (85.4 KB, 590x436, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.33…)

argle barlge…

No. 282651

So… Margo's internet-bullying a kid right now. Never change, crazy Marge!

No. 282652

"I'm in SHOCK I tell you, it's not my fault, none of this is my fault!"

I wonder if she got hold of herself for a minute because she remembered the fake channel; she started pulling this loving mother who only wants the best crap after NJM shut the channel down.

No. 282653

Can't keep her stories straight, ever.

No. 282654

>manaki hit me


No. 282655

Oh yeah. from her caption:

60% possibility of having to undergo full surgery 20% of having to look for other ways to better my condition or 20% that it will get better by itself.

^^1st thing that leaps out to me is ulcer or other gastro issue- surgery vs "other means of tx" vs hope it gets better? plus 'almost in septic shock?' idk what else would fit here.


No. 282656

V's love for spicy food may also contributed to it

No. 282657

Her tinnitus is way more life threatening, don't forget it

No. 282658

They can just happen anyway. But even if spicy food caused it, stress will exacerbate it 100 fold, especially if it's left untreated for years. As Margo likes to tell us, she never got Venus medical attention.

It's extremely common for abused children to come into adulthood with gastrointestinal distress; the fear and stress causes imbalance with both bacteria and bile, plus the tensing of all the smooth muscle of the intestines. I'm sue Venus has had stomach problems for years, whether or not her septic issue was GI related (and I'm pretty sure it was.)

No. 282659

I'd say leave lebswhatever alone. She wiggled out gendo's control.

No. 282660

File: 1466326150078.png (79.3 KB, 326x557, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.47…)

Do we have a new sock? 2 posts from 4 weeks ago, eating Japanese food in korea? Agreeing with Margo's every idea?

No. 282661

O M G when this cunt starts in with the "left at the airport/no place to go/BREAKDOWN caused by VENOOS I swear to god…

Bitch you've been hoboing your fucking way all over Europe dragging your kid with you then all the way across fucking Japan and Korea for 4+ months on your own and done JUST FINE. shut. the. fuck. UP

No. 282662


What do you mean? Like she's out of the drama?

No. 282663

Oh for fuck's sake. We all know Maggot is a heavy drinker. How else would one explain all those drunken rants she'd go on in the middle of the night? I remember seeing a few alcohol bottles in her photos too. So much projection, Midge.

Agreed. She learned the hard way but at least she cut ties.

No. 282664

B-b-but what about money?? She is too brilliant and beautiful and wonderful to lower herself to jobs, and she is Celebrity Manager!

No. 282665


Well ok. I'll leave her alone.

No. 282666

I smell a dirty corn chip sock.

She's getting desperate for validation since even some of her most blind supporters see who she really is now and left.

No. 282667

File: 1466326648556.png (29.13 KB, 313x163, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.50…)

Then enjoy part 2!

No. 282668

File: 1466326677696.png (49.01 KB, 322x302, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.47…)

Oh, sorry, that was an earlier comment.

No. 282670

Can we stop with the "is this a margo sock guys??!?" shit? Who cares if it's a sock or a troll or whatthefuckever? It's not that fucking interesting!

Screenshot that crap & keep it in a file for safekeeping if you want but PLEASE stop posting this shit here.

No. 282671

Please stop

No. 282676

It can be a bacteria (h pylori) that actually eats the hole. Spicy food doesn't really cause it, but it makes the symptoms show up.

No. 282677

Agree, she's already spilled that Margo upset her which is sufficient, and they aren't really friends anymore. If she were still a friend and supporter I'd say go for it. Who knows, she might join us here sometime.

No. 282678

me three. just keep it if you want, and if it's relevant later bring it out.

No. 282680

Who wants to bet she performs dine and dash to get all her meals lmfao

No. 282684

Margo deleted a couple of comments calling out jakey917 and snakey420 as her sock accounts; I guess we should add jakey's comments to the WatchList.

No. 282685

Yeah, H. Pylori is nasty as heck and it's REALLY difficult to get rid of (some people have had it long enough to cause stomach cancer, unable to get rid of it). That thing can cause gallstones in the end since the bacteria migrate to the gallbladder.

No. 282687

So here is what's REALLY chapping maggot's ass right now-

VENOOS has 3300+ likes in 2 hours
maggot can barely break 150 on her best days, no matter how hard she flails

She's lost what she craves most: control over Venus, her little performing puppet. Control and power is what twisted fuckers like this feed on. Venus cut her supply and that's like death to a pathological narcissist like maggot.

Her control is gone, her power is almost gone and the attention & fame & admiration she craves like a drug are going fast. Without these things she's nothing. There's literally nothing inside these people, just a dark void. Without Venus to feed off, not just financially but literally FEED OFF like a tick or any other parasite… idk what's gonna happen to her. She's about 1 step away from being homeless and circling the drain mentally right now. I don't see where she goes from here, really.

No. 282688

Venus was her avatar; a way of drawing attention that she couldn't get otherwise. No amount of money will change that loss. That's why snakey420 dreams of them all teaming back up again.

No. 282694

Maggot is keeping a tight lid on those comments; she seems torn between full rage and knowing how bad it'll make her look.

Oh, for sure. Margo thought she had a soft landing and possible new victim in Hamburg Jasmin, but it turns out its' harder to convert a new victim than it is to raise one from birth to abuse and leach from. Now her - seemingly, VERY forgiving - family has finally had the last straw, and none of Mags' interim scams have paid off like she expected.

This happens to a lot of narcs once they hit middle age. Even the ones who have found success up until that point, if they're on the very end of the low empathy scale, it's very common for them to start falling apart between the ages of 40 and 50. The ones who can learn don't learn they've been WRONG, because that's impossible to them; but they learn that they don't want to be caught or get into trouble. If they can't even learn that, their lives turn into an ever tighter spiral of anger, violence, and trouble with the law.

We're not at the bottom yet, but it's coming around the bend.

No. 282695

Ugh well, that IS quite an amount of gross junk food…

No. 282696

Marge doesn't have the sense to play the girl a bit but instead must have gone full rage or something. It's happened so fast, proving Marge really has 0 people management skills.

No. 282699

Oh noes! maggot's newest white knights are failing her! (and the old faithfuls are long gone)
Best she can get from the new batch is "time to move on, dear margaret. get on with your life and let venus get on with hers" and one of them actually said "I love watching Venus's videos(?!!) and hope you can reconcile(boooo!)" Noooooo

Girls this is NOT WHAT MAGGOT WANTS TO HEAR. She wants "Venus lies! cheater! bully! give margaret what she deserves you little bitch she sacrificed everything for you and this is how you thank her?? BULLY!"

Lollll maggot

No. 282701

eh, they come and go in flocks. if you look in there later there'll likely be more maggot supporters on the case.

No. 282702

File: 1466334438851.png (506.97 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160619-070547.png)


No. 282703

I wonder if this is a paid gig, like she gets a commission? And is it the same guy she tried to get Venus involved with??

No. 282704

File: 1466334750763.png (16.04 KB, 602x82, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.12…)

lies, maggot.

No. 282706

File: 1466335279347.png (434.19 KB, 640x592, a2c1b9b0-6579-45fd-a7c7-aa792e…)


LOL sorry, can't fit the whole caption in 1 pic
here's part II

WTF she's trying to be a… pimp? madam? "matchmaker"?

No. 282707


???? SERIOUSLY?????
"good sized… you know"??

No. 282708

what I love about margo - she'll come up with shit like this all on her own. and where do you build your contacts with rich Korean men who want to buy white wives? by shopping your own daughter around of course.

No. 282709


Bitch is using IG to so!icit women (actually probably young girls since she's TARGETING TEENAGE FANGELICS

This has to be illegal

No. 282710

It's deleted already.

I doubt this guy wants to marry a teen though.

No. 282711

This sounds like she promised this guy he would be allowed to marry Venus and now that Venus is gone she needs a replacement

No. 282713

>good sized you know
>will cheat

How the fuck does she know this? Is this that ex-bf's best friend?

No. 282715

she might be spinning into a new job / way to make some cash.

No. 282716


Post was deleted then? I'm not seeing it anymore

No. 282717

Haha wow, this is weird even by Margo's standards. I can actually see some dumb Koreaboo going in for it though.

No. 282718

necro as fuck, but why is NJM relevant here though or in general
is she considered a cow? is there any proper write-up about who the fuck she is somewhere online? the recent writeups about her here have helped, but…

No. 282720

>will cheat
>but you should fall in love with him
>it's all for love, no payment!
This kills me. Why in the world would she think anyone will apply to be a bride for her mystery man who wants basically a white woman to make a baby with then go back to seeing other women. Either Marg owes some money to this guy or she's going to claim the would be mail order bride as a relative to make sure she has a way to avoid being properly homeless.

Imagine how damn creepy she'd be if some naive fool ends up having Marg as their only friend and support in a foreign country and they're trapped in a marriage with a kid and their husband controls all the money. It's like Marg's dream come true having someone be dependent on her again.

No. 282726


Hold the fuck up ….

Is this the same persons place she stayed at that had the dogs ? You know the dogs she forced to take selfies with her …

No. 282731

File: 1466339601809.jpg (26.81 KB, 494x156, fetish.JPG)

Yes, you are, you sick freak.

No. 282734

See?! It's in light now exactly how she thinks. I told you guys she was basically a pimp. It's obvious these kind of dealings are not new to her. She has no Venus to present this proposition to & now she has to turn to the mass audience of the Internet hoping to find a new girl to pimp. Unbelievable.

No. 282739

yeah up 10 mins max

No. 282741

first thing I thought too. but she did say they were neighbours dogs

No. 282742

I guess in her case her tinnitus is something like
>>Margitka, listen to mommy and daddy and stop that shit for Jesooos Christ sake!!!
She hears sounds in her head but doesn't listen to them.

No. 282743

I can't be arsed to tell her whole history. Essentially she was behind the shadowy Venus YT channel, apparently with the permission of Margo. An anon from here needled her till she pulled the channel (for now). She's doing shit behind the scenes in this story. She's a 60 year old American nutjob who latched onto Margo at some point in this saga and has now hassled every member of the Palermo clan via socail media, trying to sell her porno schemes. Scum.

No. 282745

okay but now she has posted a pic of little Chuby (from OP) inside on a bed. so maybe she did crash with that guy.

No. 282746

I do know her involvement here, I've backread, but I was just wondering about the whole history part and why the fuck she's involved with this whole thing
thanks anyway though

No. 282748

Yeah I agree. Probably the guy promised her virginity. Now that she can't get Venus back, she's desperately looking for a replacement.

No. 282749

Ah sorry, I had no way to know what you had read. She just turned up in Margo's insta comments at some point. I don't know if she'd been hanging around earlier. She might follow hashtags - the nude airport selfie did attract a new flock of followers.

No. 282751

While reading I hoped so much that pamipami would say in the end of his comment something like:
>>everyone believes Venus bc young, beautiful, dolly while you Margaret look old, ugly, hoboish. What an injustice! Superficial people tss!
but she just looks like a thief lol

No. 282752

if you don't know her court case history from a while back, google glenda miskin defamation.

No. 282753

Margo must be approaching hard up for cash again. First a new YT vid now this bride-procuring service.

No. 282755

File: 1466341500532.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.81 KB, 860x862, NJMFB.JPG)


Not only that but she's "liked" the Venus Angelic page where this NJM individual is posting adult content on her Facebook

No. 282756

It took me a minute to get the colon thing.

No. 282757

File: 1466341818625.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.33 KB, 827x882, NJMFBB.JPG)


Not sure if this is applicable to future reporting, but if it helps anyone then it helps.

No. 282758

Marshitka's plan B: prostitution to get rich through rich men
>>good sized you know

Didn't work.
>>no religious freaks and no moms

She's trying to make it look like she is doing a favor to her ex-client but she leaves negative things about him in the description to make us think he is a bad guy
>>will cheat


Which one of you isn't blocked and has the guts to ask her if she's into prostitution and screen capture?

No. 282759

>was hospitalized for Sepsis
>eats a metric ton of junk food right after being released
>vague af posts
>doesn't really elaborate on what happened but feels comfortable dropping bombshells and then disappearing for a few days

Eeehhh… I don't know. I'm getting SERIOUS Erika "bye guts" feels.
Anyone else get what I'm saying?

No. 282760


>>She's trying to make it look like she is doing a favor to her ex-client but she leaves negative things about him in the description to make us think he is a bad guy

That's what narcissistics do. Make it look like they are helping you while pushing your name into the mud.

No. 282761

File: 1466343300754.jpeg (153.09 KB, 750x1159, image.jpeg)

Cap for posterity. Dogs always look so happy around Margo!

No. 282762

File: 1466343319995.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.88 KB, 1600x902, 2012-06-23_18-32-31_832.jpg)

This seems to be NJM's Craft blog considering her eBay account also uses the same image in her listings (though please correct me if I'm wrong here).


And the blog conveniently has links to a photo of her (so is claimed/possible) with her two daughters (blurring them out, they don't need to be seen here).

No. 282764

P.S (possibly) NJM has two adoptive Korean daughters.
Margo confirmed then for trying to hitch NJM's friend with her followers.

No. 282765

Oh bitter Marshitska! She is showing her ex-client's doggy to get him back, while pushing that into the mud. Typical narcissistic.

Hey Marshit! What's going on? Prostitution went wrong? Don't worry. There are more rich men to suck on.

No. 282766

while pushing that guy*

No. 282768

huh, what do you mean?

btw margo also had some korean male contacts already.

No. 282769


Please go the fuck away as quickly as possible

No. 282770

Thanks for reminding of that, I hastily made an assumption there

No. 282771

I know we had some images of the sleepover / bed pic guy. I would love to know if it's him.

No. 282772

god she's like a creepy octopus. how would it being raised by this mess. /saged

No. 282773

Shit, I'd ask her if she had been prostituting all this time if I hadn't already been blocked for previous needling.

No. 282774

Maybe margo is following this guy on instagram

No. 282776

She follows a few Korean bodybuilders for some reason. Also a few Korean models (or just pretty girls with nice photography?), imagine if she was trying to 'manage' them too, kek.

Nothing that points to the guy in question really.

No. 282778

That's exactly what I thought too. I'm pretty sure she tried to force Venus into that guy (maggot's boyfriend best friend, the one that appears wearing a cap in a selfie with Venus) when she knew he was rich. No wonder why Venus escaped…

No. 282781

I don't think it's him. She said the guy is 22. The closer in age that I noticed is 25. She just follow random bodybuilders.

No. 282784

File: 1466347193813.jpeg (381.76 KB, 2000x3558, image.jpeg)

Sorry if it has been already posted in other thread about Margo but… She is following some weird as shit

No. 282785

nigga she's been publicly calling herself satanist since ages ago, how is any of this still news to you

can we all maybe adjust our tinfoil hats a bit and calm down with the prostitution conspiracy theories, we really don't have any proof for this besides that one (admittedly creepy af) ig post. bitches sounding worse than pull atm

No. 282788

No one said there was definitive proof that she has been prostituting - that's the point. When you heavily suspect these things, it doesn't hurt to prod & get them to pop out with it.

No. 282789

Mags has been a satanist since before Venoos left.

No. 282790

the guy is looking for a pretty white wife though. it's a leap to prostitution. we often joke about it but no facts have ever supported it. prod her all you want but that's your private thing.

No. 282791

even before that right?

No. 282792


wow margs now you're working as a marriage agency?

No. 282793

She looks like a fatter Edith Bunker.

No. 282794

>since before Venoos left
Yes, anon.

No. 282796

Anything anyone does is a revelation of their thought process. What she is posting there with the bride thing seems to be direct insight into her true self that she tries to veil & keep hidden. It's not a leap to say this reveals the way she has always dealt with some underhanded sexual things. She even got self conscious about posting it & had to deflect it/ play it off by saying "yeah this is probably my weirdest post" aka "nothing to see here." It definitely something worth pursuing & getting deeper into. That's a whole can of words waiting to explode.

No. 282797


No. 282798

I never said it was when Venus left. I'm sure she has been a satanist since the day she was born.

No. 282800

If you knew she was one, why would you think she wouldn't follow satanist blogs?
I'm not following. Your post isn't revolutionary or special.

No. 282803

I'm wondering if it's the guy who sent Venus those texts that Margo posted…?

No. 282805

If you're talking about Margo, I don't think she was born as a Satanist. I think she's mentioned that her family was religious (possibly even cult, I don't remember the specific wording) and that she wanted to escape it. I think if you were born into a cult, you wouldn't want to escape just to go back to it again.

No. 282809


I never seen the texts. Anyone still got them

No. 282815

True, maybe not since she was born, I exaggerated. But I've seen many cases where religion is very important in some families, and since kids feel repressed then end up doing crazy things. Also, knowing Margo always twisting the reality to the max, it might just be a regular religious family, not a cult (?)

No. 282819

when will peopen stop taking anything Margo says seriously?

bitch wasn't raised in a cult, just had particularly religious parents. If she was raised in a cult I doubt they'd let her go to college when she was younger, choose her own husband, and divorce him of her own free will. And besides, the rest of her siblings (from what we can see) aren't fucking insane.

No. 282821

they are back in the threads for sure

No. 282822

There's a limit to how much of margo's mind I want to see tbh. If margo prostitutes herself that is merely funny to me. It's not the same as say, the shadow YT scheme, or the stalking, which were actually to harm venus.

No. 282830

Yeah but I have a feeling that her prostituting herself is pertinent to some of Venus' situation, because I think it is deeply involved in some of what was going on when V was still chained to her. It's part of what Margo's been hiding.

No. 282831

It's so creepy to me that it's probably the dude she tried to sell Venus to.

I mean from the emails to manaki we could see she was the one that pushed manaki to marry Venus.. he turned out not to be as rich as she first assumed so marg wanted to move on only to find out Manaki and venus really did start to like eachother

No. 282844

Any to translate that shit? Saw this in my recommendation "I'm Venus Angelic's brother". It's not the first time I saw this guy, he's fucking weird

No. 282846

File: 1466360948021.jpeg (80.91 KB, 750x389, image.jpeg)

More from the mouth. I think the bottom one is just her conjecture on the hospital visit.

No. 282847

>looking for a white wife
>will cheat

Basically, this guy sounds like he has a racial fetish and will cheat, but think of how much money he has! …Good god, this must really be the guy she tried to set Venus up with. He fits all of Margaret's marks. Fucking sickening that she truly is a madam.

No. 282848

Madame Claude again…

No. 282849

He's apparently from Bochum, Germany.

No. 282850

- Talks about his snapchat
- says that there are many people who compare him to Venus (they think he's her brother)
- says that he does not think so and he's annoyed by the fact that people compare him to other people

- assumes that people compare him to Venus bc of his big eyes and small mouth (lol)

- in the end he explains who Venus is

No. 282851

His snapchat is kawaii_god so add him bitches.

Many people supposedly think he's VA's brother but he thinks that's bullshit even though they both have big eyes and a small mouth. Says he finds it annoying because he does not want to be compared to others.

He then claimed that many of his viewers probably don't know who VA even is. Then the only thing he even explains about her is that she's famous on YouTube. And that her channel got nuked by her mom, which he finds sick, because she ran away with a Japanese dude.

He also talks like he's medicated as fuck.

Tl;dr the weaboo sperg made a clickbait video that has nothing to do with anything.

No. 282852

https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1456244313430.png <-This guy

Who could possibly be this guy from the ice cream mukbang video?

No. 282853

>middle-eastern-looking fella claims to be the brother of a girl who's whiter than sliced bread
i believe it

No. 282854

No. 282858

I wonder if what scared Hamburg Jassy off was Margo trying to convince her to be this white wife with no kids. Margo must've thought she'd found a replacement Venus - someone to sponge from, and to fulfill her dream of being supported for life as the MIL from hell.

No. 282860

If Jassy is reading here she really should spill. Unburden yourself.

No. 282861

File: 1466365089994.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.28 KB, 572x600, full.jpg)

no clue who that woman is, but definitely not glenda miskin/njm.

also found her old myspace kek https://myspace.com/glendathegoode/photos

No. 282862

File: 1466366305880.jpg (18.03 KB, 220x329, RandyPan_220w.jpg)

All I see is this

No. 282866

Said the woman who got her daughter into mukbang.

No. 282870

Thank you!

is NOT glenda/NJM

glenda/NJM has NO adoptive Korean daughters
no craft blogs. no craft listings
wrong person, anon.

No. 282871

WHY do we need to know all about (yet another) sick freak who follows Venus around? If they don't affect/target or interact with her, I don't GIVE A FUCK.

No. 282872

File: 1466372723962.jpg (38.16 KB, 791x666, skittlesboy.jpg)


Her face seems so off and unsettling jfc.

No. 282873

I wonder if Margo has a minion or two monitoring her instagram while she sleeps - there's a total lack of negative comments during that time, and you'd think a few would be left, right?

Either that or she's sleeping with one eye open to deleted comments as they come in, and she's not only crazy but in sleep psychosis.

No. 282874

Mags is recycling old pics again, mixing up her timeline. That pink rose flower she posted last night to cover up her mail order bride service was probably taken the same day as the rose pic from 3 weeks ago in Korea.

No. 282875

File: 1466374143725.png (14.86 KB, 307x65, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.06…)

Ha, so this is what got me blocked! Took her weeks, this is on the cover photo of this thread. I went looking to see if there was anything more to this mystery "big dicked" Korean dude with the dogs. I told her the dog didn't look happy and that certain kinds of people make dogs nervous.

She must be combing back through each photo's comments, because I got blocked maybe 2 days ago and this photo is 4 weeks old.

And lol at MARGO accusing someone of gaslighting.

No. 282877

File: 1466374499534.png (17.3 KB, 294x84, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.11…)

How did Margo get exploited by Venus, again?

This is another newer comment Margo left on a 2 week old pic. She's curating comments all the way back for weeks.

No. 282879

NVM this was old

No. 282880

Guys, what if the guy Venus was in bed with in that pic Margo posted was the same creep she's now trying to find a wife for?

No. 282881

I'm assuming it is.

What I'm trying to figure out is if Margo took cash for her - in which case, dude probably wants his $$ back or someone to marry him (Margo's add said he wants to marry this summer, which only another 2 months) And we know Mags