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File: 1467262152086.jpg (146.4 KB, 875x875, youtube channel mp photo.jpg)

No. 285276

Margo was in Hamburg for roughly one week; she stayed several days with Hamburg Jassy before Jassy realized margo is a mooching, insane piece of shit. Jassy loaned Mags 105 euro and drove her to a new air bnb, and joined the fucking party over here (Hi, J!). Margo filmed her now epic Vanis Angelicus video in her temp apartment in a lounge singer dress with pinned straps, gifting us with many gifs >>284060. Mysteriously, Margo’s gay roommates told her they were leaving town asap and she had to go. Margo hopped on a cheap bus for a 19 hour drive to London, where she is now. Jassy tried to get her money back from Margo; Margo said J was “abusive” to her and that Jassy needed to accept used hobo goods instead of money, and then claimed the money was a gift anyway. Margo still claims her ultimate goal is a return to Seoul.

Venus made a post explaining her infection, and what needed to happen it fix it. Not an hour later, Margo posted that Venus was sick from having her intestines removed by a sketchy doc in Seoul because Venus hates fat people >>284859 >>284860 and that Venus is a narcissist >>284903 . Her “proof” are emails sent from “Venus” - Margo has been emailing herself from the old Venus business account or just changed the google+ name to make it look like Venus wrote Marglish paragraphs about how evil she is. While that isn’t shocking in and of itself, Margo has been sending these emails to herself for months as “Venus”. Anons suspect Margo has been preparing these as the blackmail she threatened Venus with when Mags demanded $3000 / month for life, “or else”.

What will she come up with next? The sky is the limit, and the milk is endless.

Last thread:

Early drama of Venus leaving Margo:

* WE DON'T CARE IF VENUS EVER CHEATED (river kappa is a known liar)
*VENUS DID NOT HAVE ANY FUCKING SURGERY (again - river kappa is a known liar)

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

No. 285277

File: 1467262617473.png (308.64 KB, 852x184, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.55…)

Recap of Margo's epic photoshop and graphic design skills in her YT banner (skills also illustrated in the lovely OP photo - she made it herself for her google + account. Not in kindergarten.)

No. 285278

Oh, this also describes a schedule she could never keep up with in a million years; it's currently taking her 3-4 weeks to poorly edit a 3 min video.

Venus should be getting her channel back any time now - Margo herself said it will - and because Venus will have videos 2x / weeks, Margo must also. Why not 3x / week, Margo?

No. 285279

I've complained about the last two OP selfies but this one is a fine, fine choice. Galactic Margles.

No. 285283

Maggo moon

No. 285284

File: 1467267439404.png (59.35 KB, 616x298, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.16…)

she's back and screeching again. on the narcissist pic:

No. 285285

Have any lawfags contacted her for probono work depending on the weight of her accusations and her amount of proof for a slice of the payout?

We're going through a similar situation with a lawyer right now who will take 20% of our payout.

No. 285286

Will someone please ask her where the $5000 figure comes from? lolll

No. 285287

that's because they believe you can / will get a payout. a lawfag explained well here >>281478 why margo won't get one.

No. 285288

Suing venus will cost wayyyyy more than $5,000 with all the legal fees and months it'll take to get to court. Venus will have an income by then and Margo will be scrapping by, so it'll be hilarious if she does sue

No. 285289

I guess she could pay the same way Casey Anthony did.

No. 285290

I know, but she keeps talking about $5000 like that's a lump sum that she needs upfront to enen start a lawsuit. It's way too high to be a retainer for an attorney (in the US that would be $800 or so) or a filing fee and it's wayyy to low to be the total amt. it would cost to see a case through to the end- that would be thousands and besides, no one gives a figure upfront for the total $$ a lawsuit would cost anyway. I just want to see her try to explain where that arbitrary figure came from, it would be fun.

No. 285291

File: 1467270111964.png (41.87 KB, 610x212, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.59…)

No. 285292

I know, but she keeps talking about $5000 like that's a lump sum that she needs upfront to enen start a lawsuit. It's way too high to be a retainer for an attorney (in the US that would be $800 or so) or a filing fee and it's wayyy to low to be the total amt. it would cost to see a case through to the end- that would be thousands and besides, no one gives a figure upfront for the total $$ a lawsuit would cost anyway. I just want to see her try to explain where that arbitrary figure came from, it would be fun.

No. 285293

Ikr, it's always $5, $10 or $15K

No. 285294

This is honestly a good question. Liars tend to distance themselves from their lies so she speaks in the third person.

No. 285295

I live for amateur statement analysis myself.

No. 285296

File: 1467270929546.png (64.11 KB, 602x348, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.14…)

more garbled marg-isms

No. 285297

Can they still look at her 'proof' to determine it? I'm just curious. When we approached our lawyer she took it on for an initial consultation fee ($600) but has since stopped charging because she's aiming at about 80k (plus the money health insurance will take back) in damages.
obviously 16k is a much better payout for her.

Out of curiosity, if there's that lawfag here still, what would be the amount awarded to margo? Would it be a calculated sum of the money Venus made since leaving margs? Because that's going to be very low, considering she hasn't had videos up for long at all. Is she just digging her own grave by halting Venus' income if she did sue?

oh boy it sounds like she's started drinking

No. 285298

>the amount awarded to margo
would be NOTHING, since she has NO CASE.

No. 285299

Oh my god, I meant theoretically.
Like, if she had a case would there be anything TO award, given that Venus has zero income?

No. 285300

It's so mange can play the MOTHER card, yet again. As in, how could a daughter just turn her back on her MOTHER like that? FAMILYYY!

No. 285301

She's going to have a hard time even articulating her case to a lawyer in the first instance. Sure if she just wants a permanent injunction against the videos being up then Santa Clara is the place (if she has unlimited money to fight) but what about the rest, there are issues of jurisdiction. Margo wants to have a case on the level of Blurred Lines or Hulk Hogan vs Gawker but those had huge funding behind them. Plus Venus being a minor for much of it. Plus there is so much evidence in interviews etc about the channel's creation by Venus and defining Margo's role. Then there's the counter argument that Venus will be able to prove, that she supported her mother solely for several years. And once they pull out the blackmail threat it's all over.

No. 285304

I like the way it accentuates both her jowls and double chin although she's not fat, while leaving a hint of "Ukrainian bride #36g260" meets 90s elementary school photo.

No. 285305

Wait - if Venus wasn't sick, then wtf was that email "Venus" sent you about??

MAKE UP YOU MIND. Either Venoos faked being sick to worry poor Margo, or Venoos was deathly ill from having a "Korean doctor remove her intestines". It can't be both, Margo.

Or, or: it could be that V had an abscess, no surgery, and no one told you anything at all Mags, which is why you make shit up.

No. 285306

I wonder if Venus' father was worried about her being in hospital. Does he give a shit about her or did he lose sight of her? Sorry if I am offtopic.

No. 285307

And who is he?

No. 285308

It's sad isn't it. Even though Margo alienated venus against him, it's as if he gave up and pretends not to exist. Who here talks to Aunt Zsu? I wonder what she says about him or has contact.

No. 285309

He has a farm in Switzerland I think?

No. 285310

He probably has no idea where V is. He's a farming tech/engineer in Switzerland. Margo got knocked up to force him to marry her; they were married for less than 2 years. Margo dragged the divorce case out for 10 years, no joke. She's not new to the art of having a decade long temper tantrum, or using Venus as collateral. From what Ferenc has said, V's dad is a very nice man. Margo seems to have driven him into the ground so hard that he's just grateful she's leaving him alone; he was finally able to re-marry and have more children after 12 years of Margo torture. I don't think he knows anything about Venus at all, and Venus has been told only terrible things about him (like all of her other family). And after Margo, would you really go looking for a parent?

No. 285311

Still he is her father, not a sperm donor. It is his responsibility not to look away. I know Margo made it almost impossible for him to know Venus through the years (by her own words) but still you shouldn't give up on your child.

No. 285312

my triggered is showing^

No. 285313

File: 1467275493802.png (451.35 KB, 916x470, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.29…)

Pink wig Venus says: "Mom, you look old and stressed out. Why is that?"

No. 285314

>Still he is her father, not a sperm donor.
a sperm donor is a biological father you have no contact with and is basically a stranger to you. where's the difference here?

No. 285315


>> "Margaret has also publicly admitted to banning the word 'father' from ever leaving Venus's mouth. Although Venus's father is unidentified, Margaret had admitted to their divorce after a 10 year marriage, and claimed he resembled Robin Williams (rest his soul). Venus is forbidden to have any and all contact with him" (https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Venusangelic)

https://www.instagram.com/p/BCBm2nGsd0h/ (blurred picture of Venus' father in grandpa's ig)

I made some research, his name was said in a previous post about an ig revelation margles mase: Hans Neuenschwander >>242365

Could it be?

Marguerita married her boss and worked in a hospital. It could be him.

No. 285316

margles made*

No. 285317

Margaret once told me that Venus father was something like a farmer.
you all know that Margaret would never ever dump a doctor (Doctor=money)

No. 285318

I think he was maybe not so notorious at that time

No. 285319

Sorry again. The post where his name was revealed: >>>/pt/242365

No. 285320

Although Margo also had some story about "working in nuclear medicine". Like, at receptionist level, I'm sure, but she does like to transmute the skills of more successful family members into her own story (husband, nuclear medicine; sister, opera; Venus, entertainment).

But who the fuck knows, Margo is a hot mess and anything she says is suspect.

No. 285321

He lives not in Bözberg, but the pictures seem to match with the one grandpa Ferenc has in his ig. He works in nuclear medecine. And (it's maybe my imagination but) he seems to have the same nose and chin as Venus.

No. 285322

the difference is in the intention. and he was a father in her life for several years.

No. 285323

Margaret had to work 70hours / week on the farm!! Also she had to walk 5km while in labour!!

Anyway, some "farmers" are actually quite well-off landowners.

No. 285324

We don't know if he abandonned her.
Maybe at that time in Switzerland, when there was a divorce the mothers have the custody rights of children. Is there a swiss anon who can enlight us?

No. 285325

And the divorce took 10 f years!

No. 285326

>>285315 i don't think that's him, Margoat posted a picture of him once (and he did look like Robin Williams). What I don't get is why isn't instagram deleting her virtual toilet paper account? Well it's entertaining like garbage gossip paper but at the end of the day it's really damaging for Venus

No. 285327

It could be him. And if it's really her father she could feel less isolated.

No. 285328

Has he any fb, ig, twitter, yt channel or else?

No. 285330

why does any of this matter though…? Venus is an adult with every possibility on contacting him if she wanted to (it's not like she doesn't know his full name, family's names and places he's lived at the least. She mentions all the time how she's Swiss/Austrian from his side). If she hasn't by now it's because she has no interest in contacting long lost relatives just to feel less "isolated".

No. 285332

dude literally everyone knows that margarine simply cut contact off and moved away, I'm pretty sure the dad didn't exactly have a say in that

first, can we not with the doxxing of random dudes we don't even have certain proof of being related to venus, and second, how many 40+ people do you know with social media besides facebook

No. 285333

Thats not V's father. He is a farmer and he has a fb acc that is linked to his phone number. Margo also posted a map where she pointed out that he still lives there. Looked into the address book and I found him there. But I think we should leave him out of this, so I will not post a link.

No. 285334

Marglob raised Venus to believe her father was abusive, remember? Margloo has referred to how he "abused" her several times in the past.
Abusive narc tactic #56462 - isolate victim from other family members.

No. 285335

I have to say though…I would looove to hear his side of life with margo. I also wonder if Auntie Zsu has stayed in contact w/him..he was her brother-in-law for a good while after all, and you know how she & Ferenc are about FAMILY.

No. 285336


I don't see anything about a first name in that post, anon (Hans)

No. 285337

No. 285338

Yes and this shit is potentially lifelong harm that gets done. But if he isn't bothering to look her up, it's not anyone's job to interfere.

No she didn't just cut off. The divorce went 5 or 10 years depending which version she tells. They lived close by in the Thai place for a while.

No. 285339

I really want to know what the hell is really going on with the surgery thing. Here is hoping Venus makes a statement soon about it. I wonder why she hasnt yet specially since she has posted about the other things her mom has accused her of before.

No. 285340

She doesn't usually publish corrections or replies to Margo? She did put the blackmail requests, some facts and figures out about the channel terminations, and the 'ran away from home / hacked' videos. But none of these were in reply really. The closest they came was the first stalking incident, where they each published a version of the story.

No. 285341

She did talk about the procedure she had done. She had an abdominal abcess, was hospitalized with sepsis and almost needed surgery but luckily responded to antibiotics and only needed tubes placed to drain the abcess. The tubes came out yesterday and she doesn't like the scars they left.

What else does she need to explain? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

No. 285342

She has no case….

No. 285343

I was wondering when Marglemore would have a proper delusional chimp out again.
Sage for blog posting but a relative with advanced Chrohns had most of her intestine removed and rerouted to a stohma on her side. She was about 30 and otherwise healthy/a fitness freak. She was in hospital for at least a fortnight due to the risks of peritonitis any form of bowel surgery poses and then in recovery and off work for at least a month after. Bowel surgery is not a procedure you can just hop on a plane the next day and continue your kawaii life.
An anon in the previous thread posted a link to the NHS website in a bid to prove how quick recovery is and I'd like to point out it says "routine abdominal surgery" with a recovery time of less than a week. Routine would be a C-section, gallbladder/appendix removal. Having 2 metres of a major organ removed is not routine surgery anon.

No. 285344

Well Margo just posted texts saying that is all a lie. This is defaming her. Specially since she's also talking about fatness in a negative way and we all know how triggered that makes people.

No. 285345

It wasn't listing recovery time, just how long until ok to be on a plane, although airlines may have their own rules.

No. 285346

Man. I'm not sure what they gave Margo at the hospital but..

>I guess not the one who run off with money and planned it, taking all phones and hacking them.

What exactly did Venus hack?

>And exactly when I made all her dreams come true: negotiatiated her merchandise, shop, extra cash, spouse visa arrived. It was time to run off with all!

Translated: When I finally got a good deal for myself, she got away from my clutches! GET BACK VENUS!

No. 285347

File: 1467287527680.jpeg (258.37 KB, 750x1132, image.jpeg)

Some milk.

German part: can you imagine what it is like, when your own child calls you an abuser? If you were one, ok maybe not nice but at least true. But if you weren't? And people wishing for your death under your normal pictures? What for? That she justifies the stealing? That hurts and is below the belt and hasnt stopped. Thats why.

No. 285348

Lol Venus just changed her instagram password so the maggot couldn't have access to it anymore (and post more shit pretending to be Venus). So hacker!

No. 285349

Social hacking is still hacking. She took her mum's phone to separate their accounts. That part is true.

No. 285350

> margaretpalermo@bellamunique She could have leave in peace, but she chose to make up and even publish a fake runaway story, and I will fight the injustice even if it takes years

yeah lol so much for this:


No. 285351

This woman. Before Venus made her videos addressing all the drama her mother called her animal abuser, autistic and anorexic. Can you imagine how it is like, magoo?
Yeah, but wouldn't you do the same if only a few days ago your mother was posting shit in your name in your own account?

No. 285352

German farmer translation (her German is super weird sometimes):

Can you imagine what it's like when your child calls you an abuser? If you were an abuser, ok, that's not nice but at least it's true. But what if you're not an abuser? And people are wishing you death every day under your photos? And for what? Because she is justifying her stealing? That hurts and that's absolutely over the line and it has not stopped. That's why

No. 285353

Never said anything to the contrary? Just explaining that is is still hacking. Whitehat/blackhat, it's all 'hacking' the word has no positive or negative meaning.

No. 285354

true but margo did it to venus all of the time. margo just got it turned against her when her money ran away.

No. 285355

imagine if they held her for 24 hrs becuase she was so crazy. I would love to know.

No. 285356

wow she really gets carried away with that babbling about threat and harm. venus publishing an update is not an act of harm… but margo chooses to twist it that way. I believe her, this will go on for years. I hope venus stays safe and keeps one eye on what country margo is in.

No. 285357

So what are Margos central themes?

1) It's about money. She was a major contributer to Venus' channel and should be paid accordingly = At least 3000 a month.

2) Venus defamed her and she will fight to clear her name.

3) Venus is psychotic and needs help.

4) Maneki is poor and is using Venus to get her youtube money. Venus doesn't really love Maneki just for the Visa.

What did I miss?

No. 285358


5) Venus is having crazy surgery to stay thin and almost died from it.

6) Venus is healthy and making up stories to make her mother worry.

7) Venus is rich and spending all of "Margaret's Money"

8) Venus is broke and working as a hostess

No. 285361

Venoos is bully!!!!!!1!

No. 285362

ha you beat me to it.

also she is like Hitler or Charles Manson.

No. 285363

Her hair actually looks really cute like this.

No. 285364

uhm… does he think or just wishes she's pregnant? https://www.instagram.com/p/BFzVnnksd1j/?taken-by=koncz_ferenc

No. 285365

It's not uncommon for grandparents to wish for grandchildren. That's what I think it is at least.

No. 285366

yeah that's what I think too. also he may have the that view marriage means a baby coming asap.

No. 285367

Wishful thinking or not, it's a little creepy since Venus hasn't had any contact with those people (as far as we know.)

No. 285368

Lawfag late to the party. As I've said before let me add the disclaimer that I'm involved in employment law and deal with different State and Federal (murifat) agencies that do not apply to copyright matters. This would make my procedural knowledge of this type of suit really off, but I'll add a small amount of general knowledge.

Well, I think the closest I know about copyright law is that you protect yourself before a lawsuit. I know in film, you sometimes want representation through a European Film Union (not sure if correct) in addition to an attorney.

To answer your questions anon is … difficult to answer. Anons are correct when they say none.

If through the impossible, lengthy process of discovery, Margo is able to prove intellectual property she would have to prove exactly what specific piece of writing belongs to her. Remember that editing isn't a right to intellectual property to a video. Margo would have to show that she wasn't compensated for the services she provided then the court would either have Venus and Margo agree to a particular amount. Rights to an entire video would have to be proven by two things:

Previous license agreement in which Venus agreed that Margo is providing production and ownership under contract OR
Margo is responsible for the writing.

Awards given by the court are all over the place. Usually the court will award attorney fees for Plaintiff, actual compensation based off of Plaintiff's (margo's) specific claims to what Venus had already earned using Margo's copyright and in extreme cases pain and suffering if it's proven Venus did anything for malicious or negligent reasons.

Through the discovery process, it will show that Margo was living on the income created by the VenusAngelic channel. This will also factor into Margo's monetary compensation. Plus let's not forget that Margo and Venus's arrangement have implied contracts that Margo has no idea about. Many laws assign implied contracts in case there is no actual one in place which might give Margo zero claim even if she CAN prove some type of intellectual rights to Venus videos.

Essentially it's pointless to decide an award for Margo because Venus wouldn't make the type of money that could possibly pay for a drawn out copyright lawsuit. No lawyer would take it. It's a small claims case and there is no way something convoluted with multiple international districts could handle.

No. 285369

Venus was a minor for most of this as well…

No. 285370

The doctor that Margo says Venus went to was a butcher though. So yeah, a normal doctor would take precautions. Idk what to think about all of this since it all seems so crazy but most of this saga is pretty unbelievable.

No. 285371

File: 1467296406883.jpeg (43.58 KB, 741x251, 1466719757172.jpeg)

Just reposting this to remind everyone that Venus did contact Margo about the appendix supposedly, and Margo made no mention of the 120cm of intestine when she talked about it to Jassy.

First Venus had appendicitis, then an abscess on the scar, then the abscess spread, then she got septic shock.

This lines up exactly with what Venus has said on the matter before this crazy bullshit about the Dr. Korean Nick taking out her guts as well.

Image posted originally by Hambury Jassy >>283774

No. 285372

Thanks anon! Didn't remember this conversation! That's another indication that shows how she has been fabricating this story about removing intestines.

No. 285373

thanks for your wisdom as always law anon.

No. 285374

brilliant anon

No. 285375

Someone who is easy to read about in the news while she was in SK because there's a death / a scandal associated with him. Margo didn't have to dig too far to concoct this story. Hell she may even beleive it in her most far out moments.

No. 285376

Essentially….. This shit will fall out via 12(b)(6).

No. 285377

>I will fight the injustice even if it takes years
This is what makes me feel bad for Venus. There truly is no end in sight, even if Venus ends up with a super-protected channel somehow. Margo dragged that divorce out for 10 years, she'll be even worse with Venus.
I wonder what made Margo finally stop the divorce battle and start 'just' calling her ex-husband abusive.

No. 285378

they probably just reached the final settlement and it ended. but there won't be a settlement with venus. margo really won't stop this, probably for the rest of her life.

No. 285379

There's only so much legal recourse Margo can attempt until she is soon hit with a cease and desist letter. The legal system is flooded with garbage so Margo particularly abusing the system for harassment will definitely lead to Venus being able to file criminal charges.

Who knows if Venus already went to immigration regarding Margo's harassment and that's why our kappa ran back to Europe.

No. 285380

We should put the legal info in the FAQs on the next OP since it's a recurring issue And it has been reiterated again and again that Margo has no case

No. 285381

yes but the personal recourse is what will go on. it's okay for us, we can see margo is lying but people out there believe the poison she spreads. people will forever say venus had some intestine removed. it's toxic. not to mention the in-person stalking, which is very frightening given margo's state of mind and view of it as 'destroy or be destroyed'. margo never really had control over her husband - they were peers in a sense. but she had complete control over venus' existence, her body, her finances. this won't play out like the divorce. margo will lose audience over time but she won't lose interest.

No. 285382

good idea, we can even replace the YT info as everyone gets it now.

No. 285383

Good idea.

But to be fair, I think anon above wanted to speculate on what kind of fees Margo would be entitled to if in some imaginary circumstance she could win or obtain settlement fees.

The answer is that it's impossible to tell because we don't know how much Venus really makes, what these type of cases are worth and if Margo would be entitled to what specific videos and what exact income it generates. Margo's deductions for already living off of the channel's income for years, whatever Venus left her, etc. I could type up paragraphs on what Margo could possibly prove, but courts and settlements are really all over the place with awards and settlements. The answer is if Margo's delusions were true (they are not), she still wouldn't get much and would be in debt paying off legal fees even if she proved she owned 100% of Venus's old channel. The best Margo could get is the VenusAngelic name, but this is also has zero percent of happening. Real answer: none; theoretical answer: none.

Yup. Margo will definitely find ways to fuck with Venus for decades even if charges are brought against her. The copyright garbage will die down, but Margo's crazy ranting about how Venus's money is hers will not.

No. 285384

I can't believe any of you guys even thought that story MIGHT be credible. Magoo is fucking crazy, nothing she ever says, related to Venus, should be taken seriously.

No. 285385

I've never believed for a moment what Margo has said. I was just thanking that anon for reposting the screenshot. I actually feel as amazed as you about how some anons yesterday said they believe Margo's bs, so I hope the screenshot open their eyes.

No. 285389

Venus changed her YT and IG passwords on Marg's phone before she left. It isn't 'hacking' because both accounts are hers, but she had to use maggot's phone to do so. Hence, hacking. Technicality.

No. 285390

accessing your own account, no matter what/whose device it is from, should not be hacking.

No. 285391

TY Lawfag!
Margo claims she 'filmed' the videos as well which we know isn't true, Venus did it on a fixed point webcam), but does filming follow the same laws as photographs? Aka. if you take the photograph you have ownership of it?

My main question was what amount she could be awarded if all her BS was true (it isn't) given that she took down her own daughter's site? Say Venus WAS the guilty party, would Margo even be able to get anything from her given that Venus has basically been castrated by her insane mother?

Or would it turn to some state issue?

No. 285392

>I think anon above wanted to speculate on what kind of fees Margo would be entitled to if in some imaginary circumstance she could win or obtain settlement fees.

Sorry yes that was me, and that was what I was asking. Sorry for double posting. Not a margo stan, just very curious as to what she thinks she could earn after shutting down V's channel for so long

No. 285393

you forgot

>maneki is a tranny kidnapper

No. 285404

About Venus dad, no he is not the one on the links provided, I did some research and I found out that he is a farmer in bozberg, he doesn't have any active social media but only an unused Facebook account, he seems the type of person that only uses Internet for profesional contact, I found his contact information and also some photos of who I believe is Venus half sister, not releasing it because I don't think his family knows about that, I think if someone shoud contact him, it should be auntie Zsusa.

No. 285410

File: 1467313785490.jpeg (125.65 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

Maggot is ready for round 2, sigh. I just ate. Won't be able to check it out so soon with a full stomache.

No. 285411

Pigtails, and impressed with her own "beauty". She also learned how to make a black and white video this week.

No. 285412

Its okay anon, two hours = 2 weeks in margo lingo

No. 285413

Is she shooting in b&w to mask her discoloured communist teeth?

No. 285414

File: 1467314128247.gif (727.7 KB, 245x165, laugh008.gif)

> #myfacethough

does she have little pigtails??

No. 285415

How is it possible for a human being to have such empty eyes?

No. 285416

Well, yeah. She is sexy girl japan venusangelic rich fun, after all. Reputation and all that.

No. 285421

File: 1467317592390.png (33.58 KB, 289x235, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 21.1…)

Margo double promises we'll get a vid today.

No. 285422

Bitch's mood swings are like, WOAH. She's back on some kinda high right now after her rage. She's also put together a lil group of German-speaking 'supporters,' i.e. proxies/flying monkeys. Must be super busy in DMs..they're spewing all her slander practically word for word. "Venus is lying. Manipulating fans for $$. Venus is disgusting for having intestines removed just to be thin. Venus is crazy and needs to stop posting personal details to incite drama, she is as bad as margaret. Venus is ungrateful, greedy and spoiled..' etc. etc.

Mangoo's IG comments are like some alternate reality fantasy world where delusions are truth and the inhabitants all echo the lies. It's also yet another classic narc abuse tactic- recruit proxies to spread rumors. Her old ones fade away but she finds new ones to suck in. Sick, sick, sick.

No. 285423


She better hurry the fuck up with it because it's getting late here at my place.

No. 285424

File: 1467320730342.jpg (54.93 KB, 500x481, kekus.jpg)

I think that pic related is a legit Venus mail.
As you can see there is a little bit extra text Margo wrote over Venus reply. Lazy screencaping? I don't think so. Margo showed on purpose a line where she used a "Umlaut". Venus don't use them (jap keyboard) and write ue instead of ü etc it's to point out that she write differently than Venus ("look! if I had falsify the mail I would have made a mistake and used Umlaut!but I'm not!")and to confuse us by showing a legit and a false mail (pic related aka legit mail isn't even really defaming Margo or puting Venus in a bad light, so why then showing us this?).
Also the false doc kang bullshit mail is lacking punctuation compared to pic related mail.

Sorry if I'm late with this but I wanted to point it out just in case if there are people still doubting the authenticity of the mails.

No. 285425

in my experience, narcissists/abusers who take it to the internet after their target escapes will escalate, escalate, escalate, with the goal of getting their target to publicly respond to the allegations. she will make weirder and weirder claims about Venus because she thinks this will surely provoke Venus into engaging her.

expect more bizarreness to follow, and to keep following for as long as people give Margs attention while Venus ignores her.

No. 285427

File: 1467321467778.png (62.47 KB, 207x334, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 22.1…)

No video in sight, what a surprise.

No. 285428

Now that you mention this I was already wondering if Margo want Venus to publish her medical reports or something?. The way this whole hospital thing has triggered her is way too creepy.

No. 285433

It's funny that the red arrow is pointing at the German word for compassion

No. 285434

3 hours later… no video. No pigtails. No black and white. Margo, y u mess with us??

No. 285435

Is there any 'fixing' these sorts of people? Can a person like Margo ever be rehabilitated? Given how she has used Venus, her husband, and Jassy it sure seems like she contributes very little happiness to the world but sure takes a whole lot from others. I'm generally a pretty even-keeled temperament but people like Margo seriously make me think that some portion of the populace are chaff. Unfortunately, the world would likely be a better place if she went into the river.

No. 285438

No. They stop being destructive to the outside world when they go to jail (because they're confined to a smaller group), or when they die. Best you can hope for is that one of those 2 things happens, or they find a new plaything to fuck with.

No. 285439

Why won't you say a "prostitute" instead of "hostess"?
We know asians use english words inapropriately most of the time.
These people may blend into society only if there's a person of strong influence on them, who is abble to keep their insanity at bay.

No. 285444

Yep, this ^^
PLUS, the only way the swampcreature can get ANY attention on IG/YT is to fuck with Venus. Her posts that don't involve Venus were getting fewer & fewer likes (bc by herself she's, you know, BORING) so she had to step it up! Attention! N-supply! Look at me me ME!!

No. 285445

People like this (severe NPD) can't be fixed. Their brains are permanently broken.

There are no meds for NPD (or any of the PDs) unlike say, schizophrenia or bipolar. There might be some (very limited) improvement with intensive psychotherapy but it takes YEARS. Plus very few narcs will seek out or accept therapy because they don't think there's anything wrong with them! (see: margaretpalermo)

That's why psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors hate this type of patient. They don't. get. better.

No. 285447

>(severe NPD)
it's just regular NPD anon. this mental issue is bad enough on its own

No. 285448

File: 1467326615407.png (78.39 KB, 544x378, 986321a2-8730-4143-8d4f-72c169…)

Maybe, maybe not.
I made a fake Venus Palermo email account and it looks exactly the same.

No. 285452

Because they're not the same thing. Prostitutes sell sex. Not all hosts/hostesses do - in fact many would lose their jobs if they did. They're not synonymous.

Sage for not being relevant to Mags

No. 285457

It's a wonder her regular commentators haven't gotten suspicious as to how snakey replies either right before or right after Marg on most comments.

No. 285458

I reallly don't gaf if this is a marge sock or just a random troll. Seriously, it's NOT THAT INTERESTING.

No. 285459

>In two hours. I promise.
>posted 5 hours ago

Best part is, no one cares! (ouch, marge!)

No. 285460

But that doesn't make sense as Venus's Mac doesn't have a japanese keyboard.

No. 285461

She bought a new computer in japan cause margo locked the old one

No. 285462

regardless of the country of keyboard, you can just use unicode characters. it doesn't prove anything either way, really.

No. 285463

File: 1467335960185.jpg (57.01 KB, 491x600, 491px-MargaretPalermodress.jpg)


No. 285465

my eyeballs.

No. 285466


No. 285467

Fucking two toned, damn.
She claims to have helped Venus with her make up? Yeesh

No. 285468


No. 285469

I'm surprised Margaret is leaving those "email" screenshots up. There surely is some small risk to her legally. I guess she knows there's not much Venus could do from Japan, and at least one of them is fake so not a breach of anyone's privacy. It certainly makes her look like she's breaching privacy. She must really want to poison the well by letting the 12 year olds all see the intestines thing. The irony is, they'll probably all start looking up how to get that operation themselves.

No. 285470

File: 1467339786674.png (132.45 KB, 640x411, d587ef81-3984-49f9-9b7c-e9138f…)

She's back online at 3am to inform her fans that the video is "converting."

Anyone have a clue wtf that might mean?

No. 285472

Maybe she means exporting?

No. 285473

After you upload there's some time you have to wait before it is 'converted' by YT I guess? I've only used Vimeo and they definitely do that.

No. 285474

Or maybe she's exported the file once from editing it and is changing it to MP4 before even uploading to YT. These things can take a lot of time depending how you approach them. I'm sure it will be another masterpiece though.

No. 285475

literally looks like she's wearing venus' skin.

No. 285476

"Hi I’m Margaret Palermo and I’m going to teach you about life. THE Japan expert answers very important questions."

No. 285479

Yeah, marge plans on becoming the next Big Youtuber. Bigger and better than VEENOOS! She apparently follows a bunch of youtubers on IG, and kpop bands too (cause she's really a 14-year-old weeb in her mind- aka Venus when she hit it big on YT.)

No. 285480

She even can't speak japanese properly but …she's an "Japan expert".
Yeah. Fuck off.

No. 285481

is she in a fucking McCafe or something? this is almost as hobo as the mangakissa "truth" vid.

No. 285483

Can we watch this here w/o giving her views?

No. 285484

Not by streaming but only if you click 'DL' to save your own copy. Or else adblock yourself to the nines before watching.

No. 285485

File: 1467342464800.jpg (120.09 KB, 800x1400, margo49.jpg)

I know she trying "comedy" here but it's still quite telling. See the pleasure she gets from praising herself.

No. 285486

Imbeds don't count for views

No. 285487

It's like seeing the inside of Margo's mind: Margo, actress, star, writer, director, hard hitting reporter, director, editor, boss, etc etc. Like her margaretpalermofan insta account, which is insane, but apparently how she sees herself. Super ka-wa-ii.

No. 285488

360p, lol

Also is this video making fun of Mira calling herself Japanese?

No. 285489

"You cannot become japanese, VENOOS" Boom, right out the gate. This thing is a salt mine.

No. 285490

Can you imagine seeing an insane hungarian filming herself having a conversation with herself in the middle of a food court with free wifi?

No. 285491

File: 1467342928718.png (181.18 KB, 847x463, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.14…)

Marglish. I take no responsibility for formatting, because this is what the original looks like. "In conclusion for my book report on japan, Japan is stupid and anyone who wants to live there is a brainwashed abuser. Thank you."

No. 285492

sorry for double video post, forgot to empty the yt link field.

No. 285494

File: 1467343109415.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160630-231053.png)

OK, so… she's interviewing herself…to explain why all the Japanese ppl who disliked her SK vs Japan video were racists?

No. 285495

File: 1467343150427.jpg (117.75 KB, 1200x886, margo50.jpg)

Margo's lack of insight is absolutely astounding.

No. 285496

File: 1467343155772.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160630-231209.png)

bc Japanese are rigid and racist?

No. 285497

File: 1467343224735.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160630-231406.png)

It's their fault for not liking her video, because Racist

No. 285498

I really want to see Mira respond to this.

No. 285499

File: 1467343324867.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160630-231422.png)

Totally not her fault, guys. Japanese=racist! SK so much better! Who needs Japan anyway? Not me!

No. 285500

Is her english getting worse? Her pronunciation was always poor, but it seems to be regressing. Hearing her try to say "corrupted on a political level" is actually painful.

Remember in Venus's christmas presents video when Margo gave Venus a death glare for lightly stumbling over an english word, and snapped at her about it?

No. 285501


No. 285502


Greasy dishevelled hair, caked-on makeup that doesn't begin to hide the eyebags & deep lines..

and what is she wearing, a housedress? And where TF is she filming, a fast-food joint somewhere? Imagine how that looked to the customers, crazy old lady talking to an imaginary person and filming it.

She's 100% losing whatever shred of sanity she had left.

No. 285503

this is, by far, the most unflattering cap of Margo yet.
Crazy hairdye pics don't count because she was trying to look 'goofy'

No. 285504

Also, don't forget…it's like 4am where she is and she's downloading a video to YT?

No. 285505

Looks and sounds like a mall food court with free wifi. And yep, she was up until 4am trying to post this.

Margo: the technical expert in everything who did all the work of Venus's well edited, well scripted, well shot, on time videos.

No. 285506

Is it really about that? It seems the major point is a takedown of every weeaboo out there, including Venus.

No. 285507

File: 1467344087991.png (81.78 KB, 266x153, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.34…)

"Japan didn't let me come back into their country. I'm having cognitive dissonance because of it."

No. 285508

File: 1467344239624.png (71.52 KB, 238x151, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.35…)

… like when you make vids about how salty you are that your daughter is better looking, nicer, smarter, more successful and more well-liked than you in a 24 hour McDonalds using their free wifi?

No. 285509

Soooo crazy. Soooooo crazy. Dripping with crazy. In Japan religion is more like a service, fit to the TPO, time, place, occasion. Shinto at birth, christian ceremony for weddings, buddhist funeral, there's very few deep believers. Those who do are regarded as cuckoos by the rest of the population, but they're too polite/reserved to say it.

No. 285510

File: 1467344365854.png (81.28 KB, 263x153, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.38…)

No. 285511

Yeah, I don't get it…
she starts out like trying to be comedic(?) with the pigtails & all but goes on to ramble about
>cognitive dissonance
>religion-myth mix

bla bla blaaaa not even making sense

No. 285512

File: 1467344414681.png (81.84 KB, 266x152, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.39…)

Like the septic wound your daughter has? You wish you could do it IRL, so you're attempting to do so in video form. She's not gonna watch this, mags.

No. 285513

Yes, and about her hair: it's too thin and has always been too thin to look flattering in a little girls hairdo. With her unfortunate, prematurely aged face (even that crazy coot Sheats woman looks better), no chin, huge potato nose, thin lips, and undereye bags, it looks creepy and insane to put it in two mangy tails.

No. 285514

File: 1467344565764.png (76.02 KB, 254x152, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.41…)

HE'LL LEAVE YOU AND YOU WILL BE SORRY, VENOOS!! - "worried mother" Margaret Palermo

No. 285516

File: 1467344806336.png (70.61 KB, 219x155, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.45…)

"It's no use Venoos - NO ONE WANTS YOU except for mama. I always told you so. If you beg I might take you back. Send $$"

No. 285517

Bitch has lost her damn mind.

No. 285518

File: 1467344950489.png (394.54 KB, 419x417, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.47…)

"The anime conventions are for brainwashed religious people who can never be Japanese. Why would you want something that doesn't want you?"

No. 285519

>Japanese try to avoid mental illness, and when they have it are usually too ashamed to broadcast their craziness for all the world to see

>while I, maggot, queen of the 1 euro coffee and 24 McDonalds am happy to share my continued adventures as a batshit insane, flailing lunatic with everyone!

I haven't been here for a while and have been meaning to ask Hamburg Jassy: why in heaven's name would a globetrotting, global citizen like maggoo, always on the move, travel with weights for one. Did she ever talk about that? And why buy her own bloody printer? If she needed to print something, couldn't she go to kinko's? Or was she trying to print money? I know she's crazy, but this is some deep level of crazy I don't understand.

No. 285520

Was there anyone there who wanted a picture with her? She is such a social outcast, and completely blind to the fact that the problem is always her, projects like a mofo onto everyone else.

No. 285521

Fuck if I know. Seems to be a bitter disjointed attempt to say FU to Japan (for kicking her ass out,) Japanese, weaboos, anyone who didn't like her Japan vs SK video and especially VEENOOS. With a lot of big words thrown cause she's intellectually superior to YOU.

No. 285522

Venus was also in the photo - I'm assuming this girl wanted a photo with V and got margo thrown into the deal unexpectedly.

No. 285523

File: 1467345877578.png (26.29 KB, 571x76, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.03…)

Margo cracks herself up. Other people laugh, too, but her "comedy" isn't the reason.

No. 285524

"Hilarious". Jesus, still praising herself.

No. 285525

>What is a Japan?

What is a severe and untreated personality disorder, with several mental illnesses as comorbidities?

With her rambling here it's like she's trying to get revenge on 1) her religious family, 2) Manaki, the greatest fiend ever to come out of Japan, 3) Japanese customs, for saying nope to her re-entry.

And Jesus, if I ever wanted to know whether Chanel make-up is worth the price: if you don't have a good face/bone structure to start with, don't even bother obviously. Even her eyes have jowls.

They could be freakishly weird looking together.

No. 285526

File: 1467346119306.png (2.18 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160701-000542.png)

…meanwhile, VEENOOS is on a posting spree

No. 285527

>Manaki, the greatest fiend ever to come out of Japan

Kek. Also a reminder to Venus that even her spawn will never be Japanese.

No. 285528

File: 1467346196933.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160701-000601.png)

Of course, it's midday in Japan, not four o'clock in the fucking morning.

No. 285529

That's another thing. The possibility that they might have a child drives maggot nuts because if they do, it will give Venus permanent resident status as someone raising a Japanese child, even if she and Manaki split up as Maggot hopes they will.

But they don't seem to be in any hurry at all to become parents. As far as we know they're just enjoying each other's time together, going on dates and trying to commit to their careers, even with all the crazy maggot puts them through and recovering from sepsis.

Maggot can probably not even imagine that unlike her, Venus isn't a crazy malicious cunt who thinks it's a good idea to try and trap a man by getting pregnant. Besides, V is not ugly enough, inside and out, to have to resort to an underhanded measure like that: someone she liked was willing to marry her without being forced to, and that is something the maggot will never have.

No. 285530

Agree, and every success Venus has in her life is going to enrage Margo more. Margo also cannot accept that two people might just enjoy each others company and do simple things to be happy. For Margo there's always a hidden exploitation involved, because that's the way she sees and treats others.

Also her ass is obviously burning about not being allowed in Japan right now.

No. 285531

File: 1467347642835.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160701-002427.png)

She's comparing "being Japanese" to a religion, I think. Not really talking about actual religions.

No. 285532

File: 1467347699562.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160701-002532.png)

like a religious cult that doesn't accept outsiders.

No. 285533

File: 1467347720747.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160701-002320.png)


No. 285534

yes that's clear to anyone who watches it, she talks about it the whole way through. we don't need every frame of the vid posted here.

also the text is at >>285491

No. 285535

File: 1467348052484.png (359.75 KB, 681x430, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.40…)

Margaret Palermo Productions, everyone. New banner, or just the next OP pic?

No. 285536

File: 1467348265613.png (656.92 KB, 925x585, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.41…)

Hah, Margo makes a salty video where she looks like a crack smoking 60 year old; Venus does't care and posts mind blowing fan art. I fucking love it.

No. 285538

File: 1467348952924.png (80.44 KB, 266x155, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.55…)

Margo's entire life summed up

No. 285539

I'm so confused. Like what is her target audience here? Who is this little lecture supposed to appeal to? It's not funny,cute, informative or even interesting.

No. 285540

And subtle! Perhaps you did not catch it - not many people are as quick witted as Margo! - but this satire. Because Margo is playing a joke! It's SUBTLE.

Margo, your saltiness IS hilarious. You're being laughed at.

No. 285541

File: 1467349784953.png (32.19 KB, 321x223, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.0…)

2 hours, 30 likes (and was hyped up beforehand)

No. 285542

File: 1467349885552.png (23.11 KB, 330x175, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.0…)

3 hours, 3800+ likes. Cold opening.

Margo did not manage this photo launch by Venus… but Margo IS VenusAngelic, and all the attention was because Margo.

No. 285543

Me too.

Someone commented on her cosplay post that they liked seeing someone with so many interests and she replied:

"Well too many interests leave me confused and exhausted though" with a laughing emoji.

she seems so happy!

No. 285544

make a banner anytime you want.
the OPs only just started.

No. 285545

No. 285546

fucking laughed. thankyou anon, I had missed it.

No. 285547

two of V's recent posts have hit 10,000+ likes, too.
seeeethe, mangoo..

No. 285550

So, this WAS supposed to be funny, I guess? oops, I mean HILARIOUS. Guess it's just wayyy too advanced for a lowly plebe like me…

No. 285552

Wonder if she would be making such butthurt statements about Nipponland if mana and venus had let her mooch them haha

No. 285554

I love how she states shes uploading every wednesday at the end….even though her new banner says otherwise.
So consistant~

No. 285555

We're not mensa members and will never understand the subtle humorous message, farmer. Might just as well stick to low level stuff that the 95% of people who are not mental enjoy.

No. 285556

Well at least she's not fucking with Venus in this one. Let's see how many view$ she gets without leeching off Venus's name.
(prediction: very few.)

No. 285558

Yes, she's trying to pass this off as 152 IQ, too-subtle-for-you comedy. Just like the hymn was supposed a "joke". But this crazy bitch has no comedic timing or understanding of proper setup or execution. I swear, Margaret must be the one with Asperger's. She projects all her other conditions on Venus. Every time, her attempts are humor are flat, uncomfortable or weirdly aggressive.

No. 285559

So true, anon. As her lapdog @azlabyrinth points out on IG and in YT comments, "this will go over a lot of people's heads."

No. 285561

Did she forget the beauty filters this time? Because OUCH.

No. 285562

>It was hard to catch up with you in a cafe
>You're so busy, wow
>your schedule must be incredible
>you can only spare me 10 minutes so let's get to it

No. 285563

trashing weaboos probably isn't Margo's best business move to date.

No. 285564

This video shows how Margo lives in her own world… Broad generalization, sweeping statements and some crazy sprinkled on top of it.

I wouldnt be suprised it took her so long to upload her video because she was using free wifis which drastically limit upload rates haha.

No. 285566

She is not even trashing weeabos. It's a racist rant from a disgrunted expat because she wasn't welcome with open arms and showered with gold. Fucking hell. The video is digusting.

Also she portrays herself as a martyr for speaking the truth as THE expert. LOL.

No. 285568

This. Margo is upset the real world has come back for her and welcomed Venus with open arms and out of her arms.
Did Margo seriously think she could mother Grothel Venus and her channel for the rest of Venus's life?! Most likely yes. On top of even being willing to sell her daughter for leeching privileges. Margo is fuclong nuts.

No. 285569

I think she expected to have complete control over Venus in very respect and for the rest of her life.

True I guess. She's not allowed to go there right now, it's obvious.

No. 285570

Reading those caps makes me feel like I walked into a Robot's Asian hate thread in /b.

No. 285571

So bitter. So fucking bitter. There she goes with her splitting. How quickly Japan became her enemy when it represents Venus's freedom and independence from her. Yet pretty conservative and large Christian population South Korea will be Margaret's haven? Where does she even fit in that society?

No. 285572

File: 1467359276941.jpeg (192.2 KB, 1242x1742, image.jpeg)

No. 285573

she must think she has a chance to marry a rich guy there, surely. also it's the closest comparison to japan… she can keep saying it's better but what's the point.

No. 285575

OT but is it really that hard to shower before making a youtube video?

No. 285577

SK>>>>>Japan because:
- SK cheaper
- SK don't care if ur English is bad
- SK don't care if u smoke in public

^^ her main reasons for preferring SK as I recall, from that other video she put out

No. 285578


When you're homeless? Yes.

I shudder to think how she is washing her clothes now.
Here I thought it was because Korea has a larger coffee culture and Magoo is an addict.

No. 285579

they were referring to the guy in the screencap.

No. 285580

It must be hard to live in a world where you're so much smarter and more special than everyone else.

No. 285581

Applies to both of them tho.

No. 285582

Yeah but I mean the real reason/s. Not Margo's pretend reasons.

I'd love to get some insight into Margo's shitty life in London right now. She usually uses her accommodation as the backdrop for her video so making one in a fast food type place points to a new low in Margo's circumstances.

No. 285583

Margo in London:

White Londoner, upon hearing her horrible English: GO HOME
Margo: Well, you see, I have no home, my daughter Venoos Angelic on YouTube bullies me. It all started when…

No. 285594

File: 1467382365529.jpg (27.17 KB, 445x334, tmp_7513-tradingspouses2035069…)

The milk just continues to flow from this one. How long do you think Mags is going to keep it up before she decides to get her n-supply elsewhere other than random internet trolls?

No. 285595

As long as she can i have friends whose crazy npd mother still messes with them even though its been more than 5 years. Venus needs to get a proper restraining order to protect herself at least from her mothers creepy "visits"

No. 285597

It's not proven but it is very likely that margot wont be allowed to enter Japan before next year. She has stayed this year for nearly 90 days. Not sure how long she stayed the past year but with her frequently bouncing to Korea and back and not having a job she most likely got/will be rejected from entering.

Also a restraining order is hard to get when your mother bounces between countries and cant be served a court order.

No. 285599

Japan immigration counts the year in the last 365 days, not calendar year. And margo was in japan on back to back 90 day visas (180 days) in 2015, then another at the beginning of 2016. So she spent 3/4 of the last year in japan, which is why they won't let her back in for now. She abused the tourist visa for EU citizens.

No. 285602

Imagining her perspective on this situation is so sad and pathetic. She really can't see how crazy she looks.. and now she's actually out in public putting it on display.

No. 285603

No. 285611

>I shudder to think how she is washing her clothes now
probably using sinks of public places. i've seen it before

No. 285618

He's a comedian. The disheveled look is part of his act. /sage

No. 285619

If you never watched this guy before then you've missed out on a necessary chunk of your life

No. 285621

I really wonder if she's like, literally homeless right now. Her greasy hair in the video, just pulled back into those raggedy pigtails..looks like she hasn't had a shower in awhile. She actually LOOKS like a homeless person here. A crazy homeless lady wandering the streets, hanging around public food malls during the day and sleeping in shelters.

Her posting is infrequent & sporadic like she has limited internet access, plus no new pics of her surroundings for days. Now she hasn't been heard from since she posted that video. I have a feeling that karma has caught up w/marge.

No. 285622

yes, she is truly homeless right now

No. 285624

Absolutely correct anon.

There seems to be mixed information out there about what they do once they turn you back like this. I've read of them giving a 'departure notice' valid for one year, for example. I sincerely hope she got something like this.

If margo's really bathing in sinks and doing it tough, she has brought it on herself. Five months of refusing to work (beyond the korean socks hustle and a couple of yt vids and a pissweak effort at selling the storage things) and five months of jet-setting international travel and airbnbs. Ending up in London ffs, one of the world's most expensive and hardest cities to live. I'm not usually down on someone going through bad times but she's completely controlled this descent.

No. 285626


Refusing to work? How insulting anon, she was working very hard to ruin her daughter's life and steal all her income.

No. 285627

lol well I guess in that sense she has had a full-time gig.

anyway how bad does her life have to be that she hardly has access to internet at all.

No. 285628

File: 1467426708428.jpeg (167.8 KB, 750x1157, image.jpeg)

winoos' shop is now open. What will Magoo do? How will she stop EVOL WINOOS from stealing her rightfully earned money at her merch shop?

No. 285629

I am actually impressed, the stuff looks cute and its at least it shows a little imagination and it isn't just her name on a t-shirt. Gotta admit I really like the unicorn t-shirt and the one shes wearing in this pic

No. 285630

I wouldn't mind buying the mug and one of the shirts is fairly cute but I'm probably not going to get it.

No. 285631

File: 1467427788256.png (499.67 KB, 640x948, e80b71a7-53f1-4944-915e-c1decc…)

Hee, note the 'About' section: Hi, I'm the REAL VENUS ANGELIC (caps added by me) lol

Also note at bottom: Copyright© 2016 Venus Angelic

bwahahaha, marge

No. 285632

Explains why mangoo's VA.com shop is "down due to traveling" LOLLLL suck it mange

No. 285633

Some troglodytes asking in comments "are all the rumors true? you had your intestine removed?? idc why but how??"
Venus replies: no O.o

No. 285634

File: 1467430388235.png (38.31 KB, 640x155, d816deca-0c0b-40a7-a9f8-898500…)

What was it you were saying about copyrights again, marge?

No. 285635

Venus' stuff is kinda cute, I wonder if she would had this kind of stuff if Margo got off her ass to open the shop when she said would.

No. 285636

Not a big fan of her current selection but she's just getting started. I thought many of her ideas from before were super cute though, hope they pan out!

No. 285637

The T she's wearing is adorable

No. 285638

Does this mean Venus has copyrighted 'Venus Angelic' legally? Because this whole thing can be squashed if she did it legally.

No. 285639


If it goes to court - which it never will, because maggot is homeless, stateless, dirt poor, not to mention a completely lunatic, and there's not a single lawyer out there idiotic enough to take her case - Venus can prove that 1) it was her name to start with, maggot is on record as saying V started the channel/brand by herself as a thirteen year old, and 2) that her mother exploited her for years, living on the income of an underage dependent. Stop worrying, farmer. Maggot is too crazy to get anywhere. She can exploit youtube's asinine abuse system because she's a crazy malicious cuntwaffle, but the buck stops there.

No. 285641

Im not really worrying but is Margo up? Because I doubt she'll be okay with Venus finding a nothing way to make her 15k.
Which is bullshit, Venus had less than 1.5 mil subscribers she's makes 1k at best with that.

No. 285643

Thats unrelated. She took it quickly down after people started questioning the legalty of setting up a shop in japan on a tourist visa.

No. 285645

exactly and that's why the very specific message up there. she obviously still has control of the domain… if she were vindictive she'd sell it to some one nefarious but she can't let go of her precious.

No. 285646

margo has to hustle her ass to somewhere where she'll get free internet for her to find this out. given she's in rage-mode already my prediction is another explosion when she does. depends how long she can stay in mccafe or whatever.

No. 285648

The unicorn mug is pretty cute. I'd buy it.

No. 285649

Maybe, maybe not. It was up for quite awhile while she was living in Japan selling Venus's old clothes and after she went crawling back to SK trying to sell a bunch of cheap jewelry she got from some vendor in Seoul.

If she could put it back up she would, is all I'm saying. She could easily carry around a stash of crappy jewelry and keep selling it online to make a few extra bucks from wherever she's crashing, so the 'down due to traveling' is b.s. It's down due to a cease & desist letter from Fullscreen.

No. 285650

I bought a t-shirt, the one with the wings in grey. The site works smoothly. Shipping to the US is $8. She needs more colors & a bigger selection but that'll come in time.

No. 285651

I guess it does, since it says Copyright © 2016, Venus Angelic right there at the bottom of the page.

No. 285652

it could well be a sprinkle of one and a sprinkle of the other. she pulled it down right when her spies told here everyone was reporting her to immigration - then it went back up in SK - then down again. but you are most likely right about her getting a c&d letter at some stage as well. running a shop with venus' name on it directly overlaps with fullscreen's business plans for venus, so it makes sense they would act.

margo should just sell her shit at one of those hobo street markets… spread out some cardboard and voilà!

No. 285654

Itll be hella funny that Margo went around screaming it was her brand/copyright and she couldnt do the sinple thing as getting it legally under her name. And Venus went out and done it just like that if she did.

No. 285655

not to mention margrot landed in the same freaking country where she had commited tax evasion right? hahaha

No. 285658

oh god… well she probably won't be catching up on her tax returns anytime soon.

No. 285659

I've never heard of shopify, but most of her stuff is actually pretty cute. I'm not sure if I would get any clothing, but I might purchase that mug to show Venus some support and stick it to Maggot that Venus can run a successful business better than she can.

Here's to waiting for the kappa to explode about this and deliver some milk in the meantime over Venus' clothing & shop launch.

No. 285662

Shopify is just a platform people use to open online shops. You pay them a monthly fee for your website, rather than designing & coding your own.

No. 285663

and a lot more straightforward than that japanese shop system margs tried to use.

No. 285664

She's baaack Lol
Arguing in German, on IG
2 other commenters had been going back & forth in German, one saying the usual "poor margaret, so bullied, why can't they just come to an agreement" and the other one all "are you kidding, have you seen what she has posted & deleted? a real mother does not try to kill their child on SM!" Marge just jumped in with her usual "but VENOOS lies on videos calling me an abuser! I am just defending myself! Bullied!"

No. 285665


I'd buy that printed on a tshirt lol.
Suck it Marge.

No. 285666

File: 1467447891850.jpg (37.87 KB, 600x300, breakingbad_saul.jpg)


Margo needs a criminal lawyer.

No. 285668

I'm super late to the party but holy shit, this video is racist as fuck and makes very little sense. I feel bad for all those families passing by to see a crazy old woman talking to herself about racist shit. The majority of what she talks about makes absolutely zero sense. She's looking more and more haggard these days. Bitch needs to get a job to actually take care of herself. Her Swiss bucks didn't get her too far since she's homeless.

No. 285670



No. 285671

File: 1467453193035.jpg (160.24 KB, 808x1400, margo51.jpg)

Not the same anon but there's some shit going down on the pic of Venus' email (not the intestine one). Now it's a pregnancy, guys.

I wasted money on my German lessons obviously because I can't follow the DE comments or work out if they are valuable.

No. 285672

I'm glad Venus opened her shop and judging by fan reactions she'll make good profit from the merchandise. Meanwhile Margo desperately tries to remain relevant and is still homeless and broke. Bitch should give up already she's lost a long time ago.

No. 285673

File: 1467453478252.png (623.72 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160702-055410.png)

They're under the fake "intestine surgery" post. Maybe someone here can translate? googke translate is shit, lol

No. 285674

idk who the fuck uses YTMND anymore but I love you and I love this

This entire fucking is so fuckin' colossal, man. Wow. Margo is an entire agriculture for long-term production of milk all on her own. She's the whole fuckin' dairy farm!

No. 285675

File: 1467453613276.png (1.4 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160702-055922.png)


No. 285676

File: 1467453700657.jpg (87.25 KB, 584x718, margo52.jpg)

these are from slightly upstream in the same comments but I haven't been watching close enough to see if they are new.

No. 285677

The fact this is a triple six post makes it even funnier.

nice anon nice nice

No. 285678

Almost 10k 'likes' on the IG post already, yep.
And despite being alone, broke & homeless mangot is still slugging away- "VENOOS LIES! I AM BULLIED!" jfc, woman

No. 285679

Literally rolling my eyes irl

No. 285680


I'm so here for the video with the documents of the police and psychologists.
I know she has nothing but it would be still so funny to watch it lmao.

No. 285681


mags part says:

>Venus lies about abuse, she made several videos against me even when she just wanted to run away with the money. I need to fight back.

No. 285682

These are old, from yesterday just before she dropped her video.
>>285673 is from a couple hours ago (9am-ish her time.)
They're all the same basically, just mange spewing her usual b.s.

No. 285683

Not my best shot, but some of German used was as bad as Margos

@margaretpalermo I don't understand…. many young girls do sports and eat healthy… but I do understand that you're not able to do anything…. and that's why I hope that she'll arrive at this conclusion by herself…. but the other problem is that her fans think this is great… even if it hasn't been fun for quite some time…. and as long as she has that many fans who think it's great what she does, there will be no change…. and you're getting the hate and I think it's wrong.
Because you know her best…. I really hope she regains her senses.

@sankarea666 I don't think that this woman has any credibility left. Did you see her videos? Her posts, which were mostly deleted shortly afterwards? A real, good mother doesn't do that to her daughter publicly.

@chevalabascule I'm sure you must know how this is do you have kids… do you know how this is like… I think not… Sure, some things were unneccessary, but she inly worries and that is her right to do she raised her and not all those ludricrous fans (? Not sure, her German is atrocious)… and it doesn't matter what she says about Venus, there is some truth in everything

@chevalabascule Venus is lying publicly about abusive behaviour, she did several videos against me though she only wanted to leave with the money, it's only because of this. I have to defend myself, that's why.

@margaretpalermo yes, you have to defend yourself against this, it's not right that she claims this….

@sankarea66 I'm a teacher, I'm sure this many kids are enough ;)

@margaretpalermo But there are enough other possibilties do defend oneself. Posting nudes or composing songs aren't mature at all and only undermine your credibility. I'm not on anyone's side but they are both dealing with this extremely unprofessional.

No. 285684


good work anon <3

No. 285685

>make a video with documents of the police and psychologists
Ie: super boring video where Margo reads out blogs about psychopathy word for word.

No. 285686

TY anon
Just that one half hearted attempt by mange, then back under her rock..while V & M are off to the beach, V on a bicycle & M running behind. Lol
I hope they post pics.

No. 285688

It will be incredible, I can't wait.

No. 285689

thanks anon. I lost track as she is so repetitive at the moment.

No. 285690

I'd honestly grab that wing one so quick if it wasn't for the $18 shipping to the uk…

No. 285692

Is it $18 shipping to the UK, really? whew, that's a lot. It's $8 to the US.

No. 285693


Shoulda listened to Onision and stayed in the EU kek

No. 285694

not too impressed with her merch atm. (i wanted that strawberry tank top)
But seeing maggro dig herself to the centre of the earth while venus soldiers on… feels good.

No. 285696

I am way out of her target audience, but it's nice to see the line actually launched. Anything to keep her positive and busy. I think the style is great for her average teen fan. It would be cute if a chibi Venus character was created so she doesn't have to plaster her face directly on the merchandise, but still makes it more personalized and identifiable. Maybe Manaki could contribute to the design.

No. 285697

that's a nice idea anon

No. 285698

Marglish is hardly intelligible. First Venoos never answers Margoo. And now she pretends that Venoos messages her non-stop. But I surely am too stupid to understand. I'll go look at the river hoping to see the kappa monster swimming in it.

No. 285700

File: 1467462573138.jpg (19.29 KB, 720x156, _20160702_142841.jpg)


No. 285702


This is really sweet actually. It warms my heart to see there are relatives out there that care for Venus and want to support her unlike her own mother.

No. 285703

this will be a cool thing when it happens and of course will needle margo immensely.

No. 285705

the sugar now shirt is actually pretty cute, but i'm too old for cutesy shit and it looks like its almost a crop top kind of cut? otherwise i probably would have bought it.

No. 285710

File: 1467470555533.jpg (157.52 KB, 720x1126, _20160702_163919.jpg)

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the caption and the hashtags (specially this one, #notinmyhouse) make me think that Margo asked Zsu to stay at her home.

No. 285711

because absolutely no one can forge documents, riiiiight margo?

No. 285715

whether margo asked yet or not, for sure this is about her.

No. 285717

many times already.

No. 285720

Nope. I'm pretty sure the copyright refers to the site design. copyright protects creative works. I think that the name "Vemus Angelic" would have to be a trademark. I searched the Japanese, US and EU trademark sites. No one has trademarked " Venus Angelic" as far as I can tell.

Trademark protect unique names, terms and symbols that are used to ID and distinguish where products and services originate. Think of logos and brand names.

I searched here. Found no trademark for "Venus Angelic."



No. 285721

it's interesting that she uses 'venus angelic' in that copyright line. as that's not her legal name, she should get busy registering and or trademarking it all over.

No. 285722

it's interesting that she uses 'venus angelic' in that copyright line. as that's not her legal name, she should get busy registering and or trademarking it all over.

No. 285723


if you want you can always buy the mug.

No. 285724

Yeah, I agree. Made me think that Venue is doing a lot of this on her on. She should trademark her shit and set up an LLC or some kind of other protective corporate structure for herself. She needs an attorney.

No. 285726

I agree, Trademarking her name would be a very good first step in the right direction

No. 285727

File: 1467476820103.jpg (44.54 KB, 1154x744, yy.JPG)

Her shop is down?

No. 285728

Still up for me. Maybe you copied/typed it wrong?

No. 285729

Works fine for me, check your url?

No. 285730

Still up for me.

No. 285731

I may have but is her channel gone again?
I can't find it

No. 285732

Read the freaking thread.

No. 285733

It's been gone for weeks, dude.

No. 285734

It's hard to keep track of a 24/7 goings on when I can't keep coming here

Last time I checked it was back and I was beyond happy, thas'all

No. 285736


No. 285737

Well, sounds to me that Margaret is asking to be reported thanks to the TOS.

No. 285741


No. 285745


No. 285746

and botticelli is jeeeealous

No. 285747

File: 1467486539804.gif (2 MB, 275x274, image.gif)

No. 285748

looks.like a mole rat

No. 285749

She has fucking GIANT nostrils. Venus is lucky she didn't get her incubation unit's nose or ugly face.

No. 285750

fuck off

No. 285757

File: 1467492512439.gif (Spoiler Image,662.02 KB, 635x465, trLPHtj.gif)

was the tongue thing really necessary, margrot?

No. 285760

when will v's channel return from war? Isn't already a month since it's down? I would love to watch her videos to support her in a way ….

No. 285761

File: 1467495058929.gif (1.96 MB, 275x274, nice-cock.gif)

No. 285762

No. 285763

I'm wondering that, surely Youtube know about Margos shit by now?

No. 285765

Actually, it would be incredible if she did this. Releasing someone's private medical records (not that they actually exist, but in theory) without their consent is super illegal. If Venus hypothetically ever did go to a psychiatrist and Margret discussed the findings of those appointments in a youtube video, she'd be incriminating herself to hell and back.

No. 285766

Such DEVASTATING wit and subtle, HILARIOUS humor!!

No. 285767


'Incubation unit' kek. I was about to say about the nostrils myself. It's hypnotising watching those two huge black dots swaying around on her face. Of course, all the blurry skin filters going on don't help.

No. 285768

File: 1467497812777.jpg (71.79 KB, 1023x556, kek1.jpg)

No. 285771

File: 1467498456942.png (334.49 KB, 640x652, 9489bd02-9339-43a3-a71a-88b639…)

marglob oozes out from under her rock to explain why she CAN'T "just move on"…
it's because VENOOS won't leave her alone!

No. 285772

Oh, and she needs to expose how DANGEROUS venus is. As a public service.

No. 285773


but didn't she said in on of the earlier screenshots which has been posted here today(?) that Venus isn't talking to her? What the hell?

No. 285774

File: 1467499547216.png (47.37 KB, 622x111, 75411d6b-676e-4db2-a025-2a7fc1…)

She knows about venus's shop. Of course it was all HER idea.
And don't forget, she is BULLIED stolen from and manipulated!

No. 285776

How the fuck do you abuse someone with food? Letting her cook what she wants and taking her out sometimes is more than Margo did.

No. 285779

I'm not entirely sure since it's Margurgle's mind but she and NJM both have commented on pics of Manaki feeding Venus food for cute couples photos as being some kind of 'feeder' fetish or things along that vein.

No. 285781

Guys, Marnuts opened her website again

No. 285782

And it seems worthless. Just links to her ig, fb, tw and fb.
>> Venooos opened a shop so I will open something too. Everyone will remember me and not her.

No. 285783

mana-tan looks so young, i really can't believe he's 25ih

No. 285784

File: 1467505392593.jpg (141.16 KB, 1416x848, maggo.JPG)

All it is is one big re-direction site. What a waste of space.
Though I just checked out her IG for the first time in a while and HAHAHAHA! Thanks OP

No. 285785

She's been saying the shop/ merchandise was her doing since the day Venus left.

No. 285786

File: 1467505599367.jpg (21.03 KB, 700x431, 0.JPG)

as empty as her soul

No. 285788


The only people that would buy her "music" are her thirsty ass fans like that one labyrinth dude lusting after her from the nude photos.

No. 285789

The website/company is based in the US.

No. 285790

this guy…omg
he's alll over mange's IG and YT comments like a fucking fungal rash. So pleased with himself for one-upping 12-year-old commenters…"HA! I showed YOU!"
Fucking guy looks about 40, with his fat wifey on her IG. Follows Mira and mange on IG and that's about it.

No. 285793

File: 1467506782341.jpg (124.05 KB, 500x500, nkAaU8P.jpg)

No. 285794

"Design by margaretpalermo.com"

"DESIGN" - it's a fucking empty space.
Your comment is spot on. There's NOTHING THERE, inside margaretpalermo. It's a void. Like all NPDs.

No. 285797

Yeah, that was the idea behind NJM's fake YT channel with Venus's old videos on it. She was promoting it as food fetish porn.

No. 285800

it wasn't ever closed anons. she's only updated it is all. it had that 'summoning' video on it as the whole background for a while.

it's cute that she's added "official" though. maybe she can turn that Margo "official" crazy into a brand. coffee mugs with slogans about bullies!! and proofs!!

No. 285801

anon check the last thread: >>284903

No. 285803

the usual margo response: "yes yes I understand BUT … bullied bla bla …"

No. 285804

It's amazing to me that she can post something like this with absolutely NO insight that it describes what she is and what she's been doing to Venus to a T.

She's like a monkey, taking in what people say about her and flinging it at Venus claiming that's what VENOOS is! Like early on when people were saying she was a psycho…that's when she started googling 'psychopathy' and posting all that shit from Psychopathy Awareness saying VENOOS is psychopath! No empathy! blablahhh

Now she's been taking in all the talk about her having NPD so she's googling 'narcissism' and now VENOOS is a Narcissist!

No. 285805

All these poor commenters, wasting their time trying to reason with a crazy person and help her see the light. GUYS SHE'S FUCKING DELUSIONAL Give up. Just give. up.

No. 285807

It's pretty tiresome reading all the speeches they give about how to sort it out… it's just pollution. But the truly interesting specimens are the ones who become totally committed to Margo, like azlabyrinth or chu_face.

Hamburg Jassy has turned from a Margaret supporter to being one of us (!!) and she talked about feeling sympathy for someone who lost everything. But she's still not really unpacked what motivated her to spend her days on insta vigorously defending Margo.

No. 285813

Don't forget elizabethmc2323 aka "beautiful photo, margaret!" Hardcore supporter #3, still hanging in there.

No. 285816

oh yeah, I knew there was someone else.

No. 285819

No touristy pics from London… nor even a walk by the river or a flower. Life must be fucking grim.

No. 285823

Yep. It's been almost 3 weeks since she posted her last #travel pic (that wasn't a #tb.) And that was from Hamburg, right before Jassy kicked her ass out… that's when the mangotrain went off the track & everything fell apart. LOL

No. 285824

File: 1467526793547.jpg (19.16 KB, 320x320, 13525464_366453373478678_23970…)

V's new IG profile pic. She really is, to quote one of her followers "a beautiful majestic rainbow pink princess puffy cotton candy unicorn" and I kind of love it.

No. 285826

File: 1467527440348.png (221.36 KB, 446x431, 657c7590-f9a4-4dc5-b29c-9c7eac…)

Then there's the old greasy-haired homeless kappa, circling the drain but still spitting venom at every turn.

No. 285827

Its the start of the month. Shouldnt Marg have gone on a Swiss-bux spending spree by now?

No. 285828

This shit really is a Disney movie. Where's the happy ending?

No. 285829

She actually knows her aesthetic.
Yet while she was being managed my morgle, she was constantly forced to wear tacky shit or dress like an eastern european whore.

No. 285831

god, those awful attempts to make her over into #sexxyvenus…looking back over her IG at that shit is nauseating. blerghh

No. 285832

She probably has to wait for it to go through at her bank, on a weekday. That's the only reason I can think of why she isn't posting brunch pics or whatever.

it isn't really coming. The best hope is Margo finds another focus or extinguishes herself (unlikely, sadly).

No. 285833

those hamburg pics looked depressing af too.

No. 285834

whats the bet she'll hop on another bus as soon as the bux come? maybe to zurich this time to terrorise zsu? or to another supporter?

No. 285835

Venus should get her fans to post selfies on IG wearing her merch for maximum Margo rage kek

No. 285836

idk about that Swiss govt. bennies thing. Wouldn't she have to be a Swiss citizen to get those? Would she have lost her Swiss citizenship when the divorce was finalized, since she was a citizen by marriage? hamburg Jassy was very adamant that her citizenship was ONLY Hungarian, not Swiss or German back when that debacle happened & she was commenting on mange's IG.

She probably wrangled some kind of child support from V's father in the divorce but that might have ended when V became a legal adult (or maybe ending soon.)?

No. 285837


sage but that wig is too cute

No. 285838


Maybe Mags is done pretending she's living the jetset globetrotter high life, like she might legit be a leg hair away from a nervous breakdown.

No. 285840

File: 1467530883215.jpeg (44.56 KB, 313x286, image.jpeg)

Remember beautyblogger Airi? She has a thread on snow. Margoyle bought her domain so it redirects to her website.

No. 285843

She needs some botox or to actually dress age appropriate. How's she gonna keep reeling in those desperate for waifu Asian guys in their 20's?

No. 285844

Zsu said she was gonna post a pic of her wearing one when it comes. I'm thinking of taking a selfie wearing mine too, maybe DMing it to V? I think it would be great idea to invite all her supporters to do it, really good interaction/engagement.

She's been hashtagging #angelicarmy recently which is new. Wonder if that came from Fullscreen or something she came up with herself? Fullscreen has NOT seemed to do much of anything but take her $$ up to now so I kind of think it might be her. She seems to have a pretty good instinct for this kind of thing.

No. 285845


Agreed, it should be same as woth fanart, fans post selfies wearing Venus merch on IG as a "sempai notice me" chance of getting noticed by Venus, and she could post their pics on her IG. That would be a great reminder for Venus that she's loved and never alone + Margo would seethe.

No. 285846

No. 285848

>Venoos keeps lying!!
>but also her emails reveal the truth!!

Oh, Margo.

No. 285849

it's surprisingly generous from what I've read. I don't think you need to be a citizen (which is hard to do) just there longterm working etc to get started. I read on an expat forum about people getting it for kids who lived with an ex in another country- the child only has to be a 'dependant'. once past a certain age you have to show proof the child is studying or an apprentice.

No. 285850

imagine if Margo knocks on Zsu's door and Zsu is wearing the tshirt…

No. 285854

File: 1467533631966.png (39.01 KB, 1210x126, Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 6.13…)

if this is what you're referring to, it's not even possible. Margo does not own the rights to the blogspot domain. Besides, this girl's blogspot is working normally. is there another domain you're looking at?

No. 285857

File: 1467534412578.png (181.33 KB, 640x457, 4ec2db7f-7144-4953-a6e3-781cb1…)

the kappa awakes
9am EU time. Oversleeping or earliest it could get wifi?

>didn't give me nothing

god her ENGLISH argghhhkfxchjkg!!!

No. 285858



No. 285859

But was mange there longterm? She sure as hell wasn't there working! Far as I can tell she was only a Swiss citizen by marriage. What happens to that after a divorce?

No. 285861

Plus is Venus now past "a certain age"? She's no longer a minor, I don't think.

No. 285862

How can she live off the videos if the channel isnt up Margo.

No. 285863

it goes to age 26 or something.

yes she fucking lived there anon. venus was born there and they lived there even after the divorce.

put simply, she will still get the dough unless the authorities ask her for an update on venus student status.

No. 285864

my personal fave

No. 285865

File: 1467535682534.png (64.91 KB, 400x318, pageant.png)

They were there for a long time. I don't know margo's Swiss residency status post-divorce but obviously she had the right to stay and they did so. Pic from notsoangelic tumblr.

No. 285866

>She is living from my income
Margo pls

No. 285868

Wasnt Venus with a child modeling agency?

No. 285869

File: 1467537498636.jpg (93.68 KB, 500x493, pageant2.jpg)

I don't know their history so well, having only started following since they moved to Korea the very last time. There's a pageant / modelling pic on notsoangelic from when she was younger, but it has no context.

No. 285871

This either be from the time Venus was in Tenerife(Background kinda reminds me of their old house) or when Maggot was in college(Don't remember where she attended college, either Spain or Switzerland). I believe Margo had to make a video and Venus was put in the video because she studied with her there.

Take this with a grain of salt though, it's been years since I read up on their drama. I could be wrong and that's from a pageant I've forgotten about. Kek

I believe she was with a modeling agency in England, but the woman in charge flaked, stole their money, and moved to America.

No. 285873

oh yeah, the background looks like it could well be spanish

I'm not suggesting she was a 'pageant kid', there was the thai one of course but it did have some context.

No. 285875


>the woman in charge flaked, stole their money, and moved to America.

^ Was it $10,000 USD that was stolen by any chance?

No. 285879

why yes of course

No. 285880

So I'll take that story with several grains of salt then. Like all her other stories.

No. 285881

File: 1467550225676.png (179.03 KB, 599x304, graphic_design_is_my_passion.p…)

No. 285882

she's rather unlucky to have this happen to her multiple times.

No. 285883

File: 1467551922874.jpeg (231.17 KB, 750x1083, image.jpeg)

Political Margo.

No. 285884


>All her dreams made true by me

Ugh. Venus taught herself Japanese for fucks sake! Maragret fucking needed random people online to translate Venus's messages to Manaki.

If Venus is capable of teaching herself a completely different language and writing system, she was more than capable of everything else.

No. 285885

I hope she got the life-saving medication she needs.

No. 285886

Huh, this sounds to me like she's no longer in London.

No. 285887

There have protests about brexit happening in London for the last week or so, so she has to be there for this pic. Unless you think she's moved again and is posting this to bamboozle us.

No. 285888

Margo's since posted a couple more pics from the protest, nothing too interesting though. Let's see if she's in the mood to sperg in the comments.

No. 285889

Her UK misdirects and lack of pictures (and that hint from our goddess Aunty Zsu that Margo was lowkey asking to stay with her) makes me think that maybe the bitch is languishing in Hungary and doesn't want to admit defeat.

No. 285890

File: 1467556192542.jpeg (146.65 KB, 750x1077, image.jpeg)

After a quick look, it appears it was yesterday's protest as this guy's sign matches the one in Margo's most recent pic. Of course, she could have left London since then.

No. 285891

Nearly positive this pic is from when she lived in London as a teen. The pageant pics have Venus in traditional Thai dress as a child and it was a one time thing.

No. 285893

That pic is from Venus when she was 9, she posted about it on her FB page many years ago.

No. 285894

And to add:
Her attending pageants wasn't a "one time thing", Margo did everything to leech off of her since a young age which is why she also had a background role in that one swiss movie.

No. 285895

>I believe she was with a modeling agency in England, but the woman in charge flaked, stole their money, and moved to America.
She didn't, that was Margo bullshitting because they didn't pay her whenever she wanted to get paid.

No. 285896

seems like margo thinks YT just hands out a bunch of money to each partner every month no matter if people is watching your videos or not haha

No. 285898

Which is funny considering she was the one getting the money when Venus was underage.

No. 285902

>and they lived there even after the divorce.
They didn't, you forgot the part that Margo only got disvorced last year.

No. 285904

File: 1467559364768.jpeg (84.56 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

Venoos planned all this for years! I am perfect mom!

I'm not sure what 'get rid of a YouTuber' is referring to though?

No. 285906

I believe the real story is the company went bankrupt but the owners did flee to the US without refunding them

No. 285907

I would assume? To cover customs fees. I know senders can cover them as well as buyers. She's also sending from Japan and, well, Japan the the UK don't have the best rate atm.

No. 285908

What does the movie have to do with being in pageants and when have we seen pics from other pageants? I only remember the Thai one and pageants aren't a thing in Europe the way they are in the southern US

No. 285909

i hate two-toned wigs, but Venus is making me doubt myself. I think it's just her ~~~aesthetic~~~ though.

No. 285910

File: 1467560867286.jpg (79.72 KB, 480x477, Zk3Yyai.jpg)

Looks like this era? Found it here: http://ask.fm/Velic_

There is a pic on the same site from when she was 9 years old if you scroll down a bit. She has natural, dark hair.

No. 285911

she's up and on facebook, trying to get more $$$VEEWZ

When will she learn she isn't funny, creative or likable?

No. 285913

Oh you, there are plenty of beauty pageants in Europe but they don't get much of a media coverage as in the US, Venus posted plenty of that kind of photos as "throwback" posts on her FB even with some being deleted, the one of the post IS from her pageant days.

No. 285914

The owners didn't go anywhere, the owner's ex stole some little amount of money from the company and fleed but that didn't make them go bankrupt and it didn't go bankrupt until two years after the Margo drama anyways and that was because it was run by a miss universe contestant who had no clue about finances.

No. 285916

That Margo got money, duh.

No. 285919

That pic was posted many years before this one.

No. 285923

File: 1467567020143.png (814.18 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Venus seems to be in a good mood.

No. 285924

File: 1467567086506.jpeg (109.64 KB, 750x646, image.jpeg)

Based Aunt Zsu commented pretty quickly too.

No. 285928


I wonder when we'll get bored of Venus

her life is peaceful now and her mother is more of the cow

No. 285933

That's why the threads have been named Margo threads for a while already.

No. 285934

I hope she'll take some down time to recover from all the shit going on her life, she looks really thin here.

No. 285945

This a margo thread now. We found out Margo was the real cow, venus was just her milkmaid

No. 285948

She has a tan and her eyebrows are strongly drawn. Probably Tenerife.

No. 285951

File: 1467573515532.png (183.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 285952

I'm surprised Venus knows how to ride a bike. I alway imagined Venus never having the opportunity to do anything like what other kids do growing up because her mother wouldn't allow it.

No. 285954

File: 1467573699643.png (715.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 285957

I had the same thought then immediately had a very cute thought that maybe Manaki is going to teach her how to ride a bike hence the running after her comment

No. 285959

finally got rid of those awful extensions

No. 285960

Her hair looks shorter and lighter or is that just the way it's been edited

No. 285962

She took off the extensions and the dye probably got lighter and is already matching her natural color.

No. 285963

Filters made her hair darker

No. 285964

Her hair looks so much better like that

No. 285966

I'm going trough mags facebook because nothing special is happening rn and I think it's funny to see that she used to post about going shopping, eating nice food, starbucks, nice places and just living on the bright side of life last year around this time and now she is begging people for money and being a homeless hobo.

I really wonder how her life will look like in around a year.

No. 285967

Pageants are a pretty big thing in central and eastern Europe.

No. 285971

Probably still selling her fake sob story to anyone willing to lend an ear for a couch she can sleep on. No job search in sight and more YouTube videos of her either singing horrible songs or talking to herself in inappropriate locations.

No. 285975

For how long has she been living like this now .. 6 months?

And her it seems like her hobo-lifestyle has no end in sights

No. 285980

I think she might end up like Lena Dunham, convinced that everyone she meets is stalking her because Venus bullied her.

No. 285981

She's not one of the Indiana Mole Woman, she just had a controlling mom.

No. 285982


kek nice reference

No. 285997

Venus is living happily with her husband and Margo is hoboing it arcoss the world. If she was smart she'll start a travel blog or something. They are popular and she could have leeched off of Venus's name.

No. 285998

File: 1467582335251.jpeg (81.84 KB, 750x466, image.jpeg)

Margo once again failing to understand when she's being trolled and also being down with the kids.

No. 285999

Woah, she looks so much older here! I can't figure out what it is though. Can some makeup-knowledgable anons help me out?
Or maybe it's the 80s hair?

No. 286000

Considering that she told Venus when she was younger that everyone that wants to be friends with her wants to either kidnap her or gain money due to her publicity, it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 286001

It's not only make up. First, she's thinner now and that can seriously alter features. Second, she's still using shit ton of filters, making her look whiter, cuter, and so on. And thirs, that was just a horribly unflattering photo taken under the bad lightning conditions.

No. 286002

She doesn't have a tan but her hair is overbleached and she is standing in the shadow and she had eyebrows like this at other pageant photos too, it's how Margo did her brows for a long time too.

No. 286006

Poor girl. Her mother had her looking like Trailer Park Bill's fiancee

No. 286008

What other pageant photos? Pics?

No. 286010

Venus looks so much better out from under the Eastern European post-communism tackiness of her mother's iron fist. She's come into her style and it suits her.

No. 286013

It's that unfashionable poofy hair, calm demeanor and harsh, too dark eyebrows combination that put years on her. Surprisingly, shape and color of eyebrows can greatly alter your appearance. Dark, thin, angular brows age you most.

Daaaaawwwww… This is fricken adorable. Manaki looking kind of gentle, baby butch lesbian.

No. 286022

No. 286029

Yep!! Someone here said it was in Vice but I looked and that was a different guy. I like to imagine Margo dossing on his couch till she gets some Swissbux (today maybe?).

No. 286030

I've seen one of her winning the Thai monastery one… I'm sure I can't be imagining that! But I can't locate it. I think Margo was styling Venus from a very young age and this was Margo's ideal "look" at the time.

No. 286031

Yeah, pretty sure that's the only one. I don't know where the anon gets the idea that there were multiple ones.

No. 286034

Yeah this is one thing where I do believe Margo. Venus came up with her own entertainment career and Margo eventually realised she could latch on… probably around the time child support from her ex was looking to dry up is my guess.

I posted Margo's FB about the pageant purely to show that they lived in Switzerland a long time.

No. 286043

File: 1467610901780.png (787.49 KB, 640x899, 4079641a-96d4-4f15-a01e-fcbfd7…)

looks like Venus got her groove back
bike rides on the beach, cooking and celebrating life!
love it.

No. 286044

She seems to have so much energy. I guess the appendix thing really knocked her around.

No. 286045

File: 1467612303219.jpg (47.7 KB, 629x356, nosferatu.jpg)

Who's the homeless prostitute now

No. 286046

homeless confirmed. prostitution would be ideal but I doubt she's done it. she could make a buck in domination though.

No. 286047

Im glad Venus is okay but is the 4th of July celebrated outside the US.

No. 286048


No, she's pandering to her Amerifans.

No. 286049

This one was from when they lived in the netherlands. >>285869 this one is either from late tenerife or early london time

No. 286050

File: 1467614131325.jpg (51.05 KB, 588x1000, 160626-christy-sheats-jsw-411p…)

slightly off-topic, but everytime I see the OP image it makes me think of that crazy Texas woman who recently shot both of her daughters just to spite her husband. They look so eerily similar, similar faces and that batshit crazy look in their eyes.


No. 286052

this bitch used some crazy filters and airbrush

No. 286071

File: 1467623415952.jpg (185.22 KB, 1156x1200, margo53.jpg)

Nothing new, just some lustful comments.

No. 286072

Now with the notifications of when people post it's fairly easy to be one of the firsts to comment and like

No. 286077

I only just noticed that line about getting rid of a Youtuber. Wtf does Margo mean by that? Herself? Someone else?

No. 286081


No. 286089

I literally have the worst time trying to understand Maggot's writing. She's seemingly gotten worse as time goes on. Either it's the traveling or the downward spiral into madness having lost her only source of income which was her daughter's earnings.
Either way, I can't make heads nor tails out of this. I wish I knew what the hell she's on about.

No. 286101

I THINK THAT EVERY TIME and then horribly I think (isn't this slightly appropriate}

No. 286103

I thought the same thing when I read about this news story. Can't imagine the hell that family went through over the years.

No. 286121

File: 1467662333188.jpeg (233.08 KB, 750x1033, image.jpeg)

Apparently Margo has at least a little money again. Swissbux at the start of the month?

And goddamn how is it possible to take such a boring shot from the Eye?

No. 286132

nice, just ordered one of the t-shirts, freaking expensive though because of the shipping but i guess worth it if it helps venus

No. 286134

I was in central London today…I could've seen the Marge in person.

No. 286187

Honestly even though I kind of like Venus I I find her designs unimaginative and plain, I'll rather spend my money helping someone with real needs, Venus should better find a real job and experience real life…

No. 286189

Haha wow, this photo is shit. Maggot doesn't know a thing about perspective and angles.

No. 286205

>that mangled typing style

not sure if margo or troll trying to be margo

No. 286206

reads like the speeches Margo supporters write in her comments about 'venus should bla bla get a job bla bla'… even if it isn't one of them, it just sounds like them.

No. 286211

Hurrah for Swissbux! £21 for the London Eye. Another airbnb Margels? A parfait perchance?

No. 286214

Yeah, she's splurging. Other times she's gotten a lil ca$h infusion she bought that trans-Japan train ticket and went to that robot nightclub place in Harajiku or however it's spelled. WOOHOO!

No. 286217

>ulterior motive to rob me and get rid of a Youtuber
Just a wild guess…the Youtuber marge is referring to here is herself. She doesn't see Venus as her daughter, she's a rival…"that little bitch who stole MY channel." You can get into a bunch of psychobabble about narc mothers competing with their daughters but that's basically it.

No. 286218

I think mange is looking into some moneymaking schemes in London. This IG account
left a comment on Venus's IG saying she's trying to get in touch with mange but lost her #, and could Venus please help?

It's one of those 'make $$ from home in your spare time-call me!' deals. Mange is scrambling.

No. 286219

"earn extra income from the comfort of your living room whilst you are getting paid only for using your Mobile Phone.."

Why would this woman lose Margo's number if they just got in touch? It sounds more like she wants to reach Margo. Probably wants to sell her some pyramid scheme thing, lol.

No. 286220

Yeah you are right. There's no mystery I guess. Remember the emails to jvloggers where she says "I signed my channel and all channels managed by me" or something like it.

No. 286223

File: 1467690307377.png (258.56 KB, 373x523, margo image.png)

have a thing i made

No. 286228

i love you for this

No. 286231

No. 286235

So Midge wants to get work for doing basically nothing. No surprise she'd find a scam lol

No. 286237


No. 286238

File: 1467702227424.jpg (76.83 KB, 930x490, margo54.jpg)

Fresh bla bla from Margo. She seems not to understand others might do things because they feel them.

No. 286240

idk if Marge spoke this way to Venus when she was with her, but if not then I hope this unbelievable bullshit she keeps piling on her will cement her not coming back. I know it's more eye opening to realize what a piece of shit someone is when you're finally away from them than when you're next to them.

No. 286241

Hopefully Venus is not following morge's every shitty comment as closely as we are.

No. 286242

File: 1467705430152.png (229.18 KB, 640x590, deaa00da-b4c6-4356-b760-e87e57…)

It's basically just munge and azlabyrinth against the world at this point, lol.

No. 286243

File: 1467705459702.png (93.51 KB, 640x204, 8dbd9524-f71f-4296-961b-fc0668…)

No. 286244

File: 1467705517220.png (24.3 KB, 640x67, 1038ee37-283d-4516-bcfd-ac1b50…)


No. 286246


Shit's old & tired, margoob. Even the trolls have gotten bored & wandered off. You're BORING.

No. 286247

she fantasises about having a spare 5K to sue with. bitch you're homeless.

No. 286252

Oh my fucking god

I love you anon

No. 286254

i hope she does recipe videos when she gets her channel back

No. 286255

File: 1467721936773.jpeg (141.21 KB, 750x530, image.jpeg)

More likely:
1) Trying to find out whether her crazy mother is likely to turn up at her door again.
2) Tryna negotiate an agreement over the YouTube channel.
3) Talking about her life and future plans but Margo doesn't have a shred of empathy.

No. 286256

Maggie, stop.

No. 286257

Anon don't you know she's entitled to ghetto speak, she once dated a black man!

No. 286258

lol I remember she accused him of being a horrible alcoholic, but knowing Margo I wonder if it was true (it wouldn't be far off to think she'd reel in trash like that) or if she was making it up to get herself pity points.

No. 286259

I wonder how Margoat can say one day Venus is spamming her with msg how Manaki is "horrible" and how she "got her intestine removed" and the other day say that "DM her is impossible that's why she posts it publicly" and that without fearing looking contradictory like an idiot.

No. 286261

>>paranoia paranoia everybody's coming to get me

No. 286263

This is getting so boring, always the same old "she stole my monnies" stuff…

No. 286264


yeah, I want finally the return of V's channel so bad!

No. 286265

it's so fucking dissonant.

No. 286270

Where's the Monday video marge?

No. 286275

File: 1467739522679.jpg (480.36 KB, 638x495, esrhfdrh.jpg)

I was watching a YT video called 5 YouTubers Who Got Themselves Banned (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR6exd-C0jE). Venus was on the list.

Guess who is lurking in the comments already.

No. 286277


>who r u

No. 286279

where do people get their information from? I won't lie, it tempts me to make a video explaining everything because everyone sides with Margo when one look at her social media can show she's fucking loca

No. 286283

I'm honestly wondering the same as well. All the YTbers that covered the Venus drama all seem to want to be "neutral" and claim both Margo and Venus are "insane" because ~*there is no right and wrong*~, while Margo is the only one sperging and calling Venus names on the internet. I wish there was at least a one good video about it.

No. 286284

It probably wouldn't attract as much views if they did that. Anyone with a brain though would know Margo changes her stories and whatnot but people don't really wanna do the research on it i guess.

No. 286285

>leaving me with 1,000usd
wut. but that's no where near enough for like 4-5 plane tickets she took a short time after. plus her phone bill and food and all. from SK to Canada is already nearly a thousand alone

No. 286286

Is it an hallucination or is there someone stupid enough to provoque Margoo in the comments? Are people not tired of hearing margoat answering almost everytime:
>>look! u see? I'm bullied!!! HELP

Please just stop!

No. 286289

>breaking the heart of the best friend of my bf
That just sounds so creepy that Marg would even let her boyfriend's best friend flirt with her underaged daughter, much less let the two of them get close enough to sleep together in her own home. Then again, she did take 'photo proof' of it and crowed about it for ages instead of being mad that her daughter was sleeping with her boyfriend's bestie.

No. 286291

This person sounds severely brain damaged and doesn't know shit about what's going on. Venus married early in her teenage years??? Fucking please.

No. 286292

I agree. and they always say something along the lines of, "this shouldn't be public anyway," well no shit, but seeing as Venus is basically a public figure….what would you expect? it's so obviously one sided; Venus rarely acknowledges Margo anymore, it's just Margo feeding the fire. I'm so tempted but I don't know how to make those slideshow videos with pictures (like those fan videos).

it's always gonna be like that regardless, so it really doesn't matter. no one believes her.

No. 286294

When will we finally see Venus being broke and homeless - like literally. I can't stand how she always seem to have luck in what she is doing. How can she afford London? How can she afford anything. I just want her to dissapear in a river or something.

No. 286296

File: 1467748602257.jpeg (71.94 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

Margo once again sticking to her schedule! Clearly she was the key to Venus' success.
… Does she think it's Thursday tomorrow?

No. 286298

…is that you Mags?

No. 286299

chill, clearly just someone who can't into names

No. 286300

You mean Margaret, right?
Anyway, she basically IS broke & homeless, or one small step from it. She's banned from Japan and losing supporters fast. Her non Venus-related YT videos get very few views and overwhelmingly negative feedback. She's getting her just rewards, don't worry.

No. 286301


>banned from Japan

Where did you get that from?

No. 286302

Oh sorry, yes of course I mean Margaret. I don't even know why she has all this luck at the moment…I hope she gets back to Hungary and will be the homeless prostitute that she said her daughter will be…
Also, what will she even talk about in her videos? There is nothing left in her life that is minimum interesting. No dramas anymore that we don't know aboht

No. 286306

London anon here, still hoping for a wild Margo siting.. Any way I can get her to appear with parfait?

No. 286309

File: 1467753125018.jpeg (179.57 KB, 750x1145, image.jpeg)

Gorgeous new selfie. Margo's either got money to burn or is picking up her host's belongings.

>first comment
Give me a break.

No. 286310

Just email her some sycophantic shit and say you'll pay. Easy.

No. 286316

Why is she always wearing this tacky and cheap necklace? This picture is so fucking creepy for some reason, her crazy bitch eyes, having half of her face covered with a teddy, wearing overalls…

No. 286317

read the thread buddy, margarine was most likely denied re-entry for a year since otherwise she'd stillbe sperging in japan

because angry venus took all her swarovski and now she has to wear this instead!!!!

No. 286319


Educated deduction based on her posts, timeline and what I and other anons have ferreted out:

- pics of Tokyo airport, says "Manaki where is your car?" and something about "black-suited investigators" - while V & M are away at M's parents'

- immediately followed by Vancouver BC trip , saying she's "doing what Youtube told me I had to do", followed by

- Selfie from Star Wars Japanese airline flight, captioned "Japan" and "Good things come" but:

- next pics are back in Seoul accompanied by multi-day rageful rant. Followed by

- Sudden decision to "settle in Europe" and urgently needs someone in Tokyo to store her 18 boxes of crap.

Conclusion: sudden changes in plans that mangoo is NOT HAPPY about, coming immediately after trip to Japan where she lurked outside V's apartment and called the cops (AGAIN) + unable to return to Japan to arrange storage of her crap + butthurt videos about Korea>>>>Japan and JAPAN SUCKS = Banned and butthurt.

No. 286320

She looks like a goddamned evil serial killer here. Seriously.

No. 286321


No. 286322

I think she tries to seduce Venus again. She hopes so hard that Venus will see and remember the secret message behind the plush toys.

At the same time, if she shows us a picture of an event that happened more than 1 month ago that means she isn't in London anymore.

What could be her next move?

No. 286324

She could have bought that stupid souvenir bear anywhere, any time. I'm sure that crap is on sale at convenience stores all over London.

No. 286325

probably the guy just drank a beer or two on weekends and that was enough to be called an alcoholic by margs hah

No. 286330

Ironically Margo has gone on enough drunken rants recently to qualify as ':/' given that she's clearly only drinking to drown her sorrows.

No. 286338

>always seems to have luck in what she is doing
>How can she afford London?
>must have money to burn
Afford what? What "luck"?
The hag slapped on a full face of clown makeup and took a selfie with a cheap souvenir she picked up somewhere. I don't know what you're seeing, I see a broke crazy middle-aged woman living like a hobo, dragging her two suitcases behind her.

No. 286354

The souvenir bears and other tacky crap is on sale all over the UK in crappy shops. £9.99.


Selling it off cheap atm.

No. 286380

It's more accurate to say Margo was turned away from Japan. We know she flew there from Vancouver because the routes for the Star Wars jets are very specific. But suddenly she appeared in Seoul instead of Tokyo - then planned to go to Europe and couldn't get to Tokyo to deal with her storage crap in person. It's fair to say she she tried one too many entries in Japan and was refused.

Now if there is more (like a one year departure notice), we won't know until Margo chimps about it sometime. Hamburg Jassy may or may not know, but she hasn't passed that info here if she has it.

No. 286381

why the fuck is she wasting her money on bears and the eye and shit? that's a lot of pounds to waste on garbage when you have very little money coming in. she's very impulsive.

No. 286383

She's always been and will always be impulsive. It's one of the outcomes of having a combo of NPD and being a sociopath; they don't have the emotional capacity for delayed gratification. Even her nomad lifestyle is textbook sociopath shit; they burn bridges left and right and blame everyone around them, and break all ties regularly for "a fresh start" (i.e. fresh victims and new scams.)

No. 286397

Still think she made one too many crazed calls to the cops, Lol

No. 286400

Classic NPD. Like right out of a textbook.
I thought she was totally gonna go off the rails there for awhile but she seems to be hunkered down & brooding/seething quietly for now.
I'm here in the front row for the next round.

No. 286428

I think that may be a farmer because of the last bit. "If you really abused her then she would be a psycho, not a wonderful little girl!"
Simultaneously getting on Margo's good side while sneaking in a compliment to Venus and implying that if Venus was a psycho like Margunt likes to say she is then that would paint her as an abusive parent.

No. 286439

File: 1467779178972.png (50.36 KB, 708x208, fd16b3a0-a168-4016-8087-9cb33a…)

So, mange is online at 4:45am, blowing kisses to @snakytroll for this comment under her latest #serialkiller selfie:

Um, "adorable" and "happy"? hahahahahaNO

No. 286471

File: 1467779613541.png (40.96 KB, 666x130, 9f525f6a-8311-437a-bc29-7397b1…)

desperate much, mangey?

No. 286489

Margo's lone compliment stan azlabrynth isn't nearly enough for her; chu_face is just a thread warrior. She's all she's got left.

No. 286516

Get a life you fucking cunt.

No. 286523

File: 1467780598318.jpg (12.83 KB, 200x200, 1455494950140.jpg)

>tfw you jump on IG at 4'45 in the morning DESPERATELY looking for a compliment and there's only…ONE.

No. 286535

>the admin hasnt banned this clown

No. 286536

Good. Hopefully, they can clean up the shitposts out of the threads, too.

No. 286537

Why'd Mags delete the pic of the hairy dude with the chest wax, the one she raved about being handsome? Did she get shot down or something?

No. 286545

Lol. No one cares, dude. Nothing will be deleted except for your posts.

No. 286576


No. 286578


spoony quit drugs plz

No. 286585

Some nut is spamming every thread bc Taylor's thread was locked & they're NOT GONNA STOP until Kiki's and Felice'e are locked TOO!

No. 286596

can you like fucking not, do that in another thread

No. 286607

File: 1467785382655.gif (528.65 KB, 598x473, giphy (1).gif)

No. 286634

The youtuber who made the video told Margaret he's going to make another one just on their drama, and has asked for Margit's help. I'm hoping he's just going to stitch her up, but I doubt it.

No. 286637

File: 1467787673918.png (68.14 KB, 645x565, whyvexxedwhy.png)


No. 286648

mods plz
I thought some drama had gone down but it's just an idiot with sperg levels to match margo.

No. 286649

What a piece of garbage excuse for a human being. "Venus has failed as a daughter" what the actual fuck. That's something that you just don't say about your children PERIOD. Ever. Everything that comes out of this woman's mouth is a so unbelievably ugly that it would change the dynamic of any normal parent-child relationship in an instant. If my mother said something like that about me or vice-versa, I would never be able to look at her the same way again. But for Margo this is just a warm-up to another one-sided catfight with her daughter.
I'm just utterly flabbergasted that she can send such disgusting words and thoughts at her own daughter, and then claim to love her and be a victim the next second.

No. 286650

File: 1467790910221.png (149.57 KB, 640x401, 3d051f98-8f2f-40f9-aa20-a02ce8…)

Here's more:
She's working up to another narc rage meltdown.
She's just a vile, blighted excuse for a human being. An empty husk. I really don't think there's any hope for her at this point.

No. 286652


also: SATAN

No. 286654

Selfie been up for 12 hours now… where's the love? Where's the "beautiful pic, margaret!" and "Stop picking on margaret omg!" brigade? Has it really come to this, only @snakeypuppet left?

No. 286655

File: 1467791760882.jpg (115.07 KB, 1276x715, oyahmargie.jpg)

From her Q&A 2 years ago:

"What kind of advice would you give mothers to support their daughters wearing lolita and being interested in Japan?"

"I think that your child has an own personality and if you break it then you will break you child, and that means you have an idea, a fantasy about your child who this child should be and if you love this idea more than your child so get your shit together, love your child instead of a fantasy. Love the person instead of an idea."

Also kek at the "how old are you" question, which she answers with a fucking math problem instead "I was 22 when Venoos was 1 month old and now she's 17." next question.

No. 286656

File: 1467791925547.jpeg (206.1 KB, 750x1065, image.jpeg)


No. 286657

nope, she's a malfunctioning unit. there will be no change with this one unless she takes it on herself in her 40s. after that people generally are not open to changing and just settle in. her present lack of insight is mindblowing.

No. 286658


Devil is love. Devil is life.

No. 286659

I legit live in London.

Shall I reach out to Margo and milk her for you guys

No. 286660

these moments of clarity only happen when she's in complete control.

No. 286661

Wow. She really is losing it. She would rather dream up some sort of cosmic reversal of morality than admit her own mistakes. It's like she is literally incapable of even the slightest bit of humility or introspection.
If ever you start to feel bad about something you did wrong, just pull a Margoo and claim that good is really evil and God is really Satan. Now you've got yourself a fail-proof guilt escape plan! She may be evil incarnate, but it's opposite day, don't you see?

No. 286662

Yes, be our new Hamburg Jassy!

No. 286663


True. In her old video she looks real serene and happy.

No. 286664


Shine on you crazy diamond!

No. 286667

Fucking Satanist

No. 286668

Look at the short video she posted…

No. 286669

>God is misleading people
Lmao, so now Margo's moved to projecting herself onto God instead of Venus, which is hilarious since he's supposed to be the embodiment of good.
What's next, is Margo going to call God a psychopath? Did God leave her stranded in an airport after he stole $5000 from her bank account and hacked her laptop? Stay tuned.

No. 286670

File: 1467794461765.jpeg (189.47 KB, 1274x1646, image.jpeg)

I can't understand shit she's saying in that clip. Her English keeps degrading. The bitch can't speak Swiss German or English worth a damn. It makes me wonder if Venus' German is bad too (as I don't speak it) since Maggot is all she had to talk to most of her life.

No. 286671

Hey it's not like we're happy to have her either.

No. 286672

anons said Venus' German was pretty good after that language vid she made.

No. 286673

look, she can afford a hotel now.

No. 286674

both her regular German and Swiss German seemed totally fine to me, girl clearly has a talent for languages since she speaks English, German, SwiGerman, Italian(?), Japanese and Korean, probably something I forgot or fucked up
the same can't be said for margarine, and I doubt she's been having regular practice with any of her languages apart from English and broken Japanese/Korean

No. 286675

File: 1467795449520.png (2.26 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2016-07-06_06-50-55_PM.p…)

Anyone else finding the copying of Venus in Maggot's new insta profile pic kinda obvious

No. 286677

>another hate video incoming

oh for fuck's sake

No. 286678

This is not the first time either. Fucking deranged cunt.

No. 286679

>I have your bonny veenoos

No. 286680

Looks like a motel 6 (that's a low-end budget motel chain in the US for all you non 'muricans)
She must be so sick of living like this. hehee

No. 286681

It's heeeere.

No. 286682

Margo has been dwelling in satanist shit for awhile now.

No. 286683

>those trendy overalls
>thinking that is dressing her age

No. 286684

Nice screenshot! Captures her sweet sunny nature perfectly *shudder

No. 286685


No. 286686

jesus christ, I'm already afraid to click because of the horrifying preview pic
the constant jumpcuts and the fucking instant pity party made me successfully nope out within the first 2 minutes, well done margo it's just as bad as the last ones

No. 286687

I'm waiting for you all to summarise bc I don't have the stomach to watch this shit.

No. 286688

As much as she acts tough, Margo actually does seem quite stressed and upset in this.

No. 286689

margo whines about her sad, sad life of being abused by internet and religious people, while successfully butchering every word over a 3rd grade reading level and ruining analogies forever
it's honestly pretty softcore, just quite boring

No. 286690

Summary please

No. 286691

>people only do things out of greed and jealousy
It's a sad world in Margo's head.

No. 286692

Question: how do you guys feel about reposting her videos and we all watch it there? I don't wanna give this bitch ad revenue

No. 286693

embeds don't give views

No. 286694

Oh really? Are you sure about that?

No. 286695

Her speak is deteriorating so much. I don't understand a fucking single thing of her gibberish anymore

No. 286696

I am ublocked to the nines plus privacy badger (although I don't know if that matters for YT). And I have a quick YT downloader if I really want to look at something in depth.

No. 286698

also when you repost you can get DCMA takedowns. we all know why NJM didn't get them.

No. 286699

where am i
was this supposed to make sense

No. 286700

What I see is a woman trying to be her daughter. The funny voice, everything.

No. 286701

Her speech has seriously deteriorated. Along with her ability to hold a coherent train of thought.

>something something Cain and Abel


>Noah's Ark zebras lions blah


No. 286702

I think she's trying to be a bit like Venus doing Peanut. That's why she's speaking that way.

No. 286703

I meant on a site other than youtube, like dropbox or something.

No. 286704

Just use adblock
No ads = no add revenue for margo

I hope most people on lolcow are smart enough to know that.

No. 286705

>those jumpcuts
>that outfit
>"mazil-kiss"? oh, masochist
there's also something up with her mouth. it's like it slants to one side when she's talking and her cheeks barely move and it sounds like they're filled with cotton balls.

No. 286706

File: 1467800386560.gif (4.24 MB, 400x225, jUhm81b.gif)

the masochism dance

No. 286707

No. 286708

so… it's all the haters' fault. that's what I take from this.

No. 286709

Is she staying in a hotel?

No. 286710

must be. no airbnb has decor like that (although she might have found the listing there).

No. 286711

I'm flagging this little shit's video for abusive content (saying Venus is "as crazy as her mom" and "got herself banned from YT.) She did not "get herself banned," her batshit obsessed mother got it taken down w/false DMCA claims.

Fuck this guy. The last thing Venus needs right now is a fresh wave of attacks by a pack of rabid teenage keemstar-esque goons.

No. 286712

> "I am an expert, yeah? I am real, I am the chosen one…"

This bit killed me. Such blatant narcissism…

No. 286713

lmao it sounds like she's trying to copy Venus' new humor now. fuck damn

No. 286714

>See you next Wednesday!

Why even add that banner saying Monday and Thursday?

No. 286715

this kind of blows my mind as london's not a cheap place to find a hotel room. maybe she transited through there one night on the way to a new airbnb.

No. 286716

So she's paying through the nose to stay in a crappy no-frills motel room, probably in a seedy part of London. All alone. What kind of a life is this? (answer: the one she deserves.)

No. 286719

Ah… she's under drugs again? She has a weird grandma voice while trying to imitate Peanut's accent and wordflow. So weird…

No. 286720

Haha what r the chances? It looks exactly like a hotel I stayed in when I was in germany. Some christian hotel for young adults.

No. 286722

Didn't Margaret state multiple times that she always had friends and boyfriends all over the place while Venus was supposedly the autistic asexual loser who wished she was Margaret? Of course, she is a liar, but how does she explain having only stayed in airbnbs and hotels? Normal people crash at the homes of friends and family during travel or rough times. She has absolutely no one.

No. 286723

Is grandpa Ferenc in Japan?

Could it be? I'll open a bottle of my best champagne if it is what I think.

No. 286724

Its bothering the shit out of me that her overall strap is twisted…

I wish she hadn't stopped with the captions i really have trouble understanding her especially with all the cuts she does. Guess it suits her craziness though.

No. 286725

Weird that he would post it in japanese. I wonder if he just google translated it or maybe got someone else to write it? (Unless he randomly knows Japanese???)

No. 286726

File: 1467808629553.png (210.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 286727

Knowing margles she would probably take pride in hearing that we can't understand her bizarre narrative of ovens, shoes and mazokissimmm
>haha I'm such clever linguist, over level 5000, venoos fans too dumb to understand my intellectual discourse

Hearing her even mention victim blaming in relation to herself makes my skin crawl. She really is a female onision, I hope she doesn't catch on.

No. 286728


No. 286729

That room is expensive enough anon. Even though it's outdated, it's a private room vs. a dorm room full of bunks. Margo's pretty fussy for someone with no money, and even a basic room like this will be expensive in London. I know she has no impulse control but that's a crazy use of her money. Maybe her YT money came in as well?

No. 286730

Get that champagne ready!

Crude google translate for anyone who hasn't done it yet:

"Tanabata tomorrow!
Limited seven at lunch time in the Royal Garden Cafe Nagoya,
It provides "Milkyway jelly".
Milky Way the image of a, coffee jelly, orange jelly,
We finished with three layers of lemon jelly.
Please enjoy all means you a sense of the season full of lunch dessert. ?"

No. 286731

>>286710 just saying, you can get hotels in zone 2 for £25 a night if you're not fussy

No. 286732

Fair enough. I'm projecting bc I paid 37 pound a night for a room in someone's flat. Maybe she's somewhere grim bc she only shows pics of the inner city. If she were in a nice neighbourhood I think we'd be seeing it.

No. 286733

Such a nice fiance he leaves you in a hotel room on your own, sure Margo.

Unless she's meeting azlabyrinth there for a tryst in which case I say: don't lend her any money!!

She has said before she has a 'nice bf' even though she's obviously single.

No. 286734

No problem anon.
I don't know for sure but I think that place is somewhere in Bayswater (where margo is)

No. 286735

do you recognise it?

No. 286736

Looks a lot like what I booked for a tight arse friend, from her photos anyway.
I'll have a look for the name

No. 286737


Literally lists everything she's being hated on for except the REAL reason everyone hates her. Go fuck yourself Margo. Yeah, it's your fucking nails.

No. 286738


dank bible memes

No. 286739

Hamburg Jassy here - Margo wasn't engaged when she stayed at my place so I don't think she is now - unless fucking with azlabyrinth.
But there are (as she said) a few guys in SK that want to marry her (yeah, rly desperate guys) - so no official engagement.

No. 286740

Damn whaaaaat!

I really hope he's there, and the "awful, abusive, oppressively religious" family that Margo forced out of Venus' life reconnects with her in person. It would be reassuring for her if she knows she has relatives to support her, and that the isolation she faced was truly her crazy mom's fault.

No. 286741

oooh thanks, as always.

No. 286742


Now, replace the word Oven with Vagina ~

No. 286743

I wonder if Margo knew Grandpa Ferenc was going to visit Venoos and that's why she's been particularly obsessed with religious imagery recently. Just a thought.

No. 286745

I'm going to guess he's on a tour of some kind, even a self-directed one (he's in Nagoya per that) and asked someone to type it out for him. He looks to be enjoying himself.

No. 286746

Oh, I hope Venus can meet her family! The sudden Japanese is too odd.

Thanks, Jassy!
The timeline just wouldn't make sense, especially since she broke up with SK bf at New Year and was soon trailing Venus. At her age, she has no special or redeeming qualities for a man to risk everything and settle with her unless he was reeeally old or something.

No. 286747

Nice catch, anon. Fiance, lol.

No. 286749

Isn't there alot of fuck boys in Korea ? You know, the ones that make fake promises of love and marriage … But they only want to ride the white horse .. Or well swamp monster in this case, so they can brag about how the tamed the beast.

No. 286750

Seeing the side by side like this, it really does look like the cover of some Tangled-tier Disney movie.

No. 286752

Well, well, well… I was wondering why she said she was 'invited' in a comment under one of the London Eye pics.

No. 286753


Margs talk about Venus as if she were her lover or something like that.
How does someone fails as a daughter anyways? you chose to birth her (FROM YOUR YOOTEROS), you chose to put her through the e-famous shit since a young age isolating her from actual friends and exploiting her for money, how can someone be a "functional daughter" under those circumstances?

No. 286754

Huh. She actually had a plan that spanned the course of a couple months and was interested in recurring revenue, not a one-time payment.

Good for her for being a low-time-preference sociopath.

No. 286755

shit anon, this just made me realize how uncanny the resemblance is

No. 286756

also margo always speaking through her teeth makes me want to fucking punch her

No. 286757

airbnb hosts and hotel staff are her friends and lovers, anon~

No. 286760

I'm a mother, and even though my kid is still a baby, I can NEVER imagine acting like Margo towards him. Her behavior is fucking gross, but through it all, Venus isn't putting up a (public) fight. She's only stating the facts once in a while for her fan's sakes. Clearly, V's the better person, and I don't see how people can be fooled by Mags…

No. 286761

What… the… fuck is she talking about? All I hear is incoherent rambling in broken as fuck English.

No. 286762

Didn't they teach you about the zeybruhs in school?

No. 286764


Fiance? More like "Financee", amiright??

Thank you, I'll be here all week..

No. 286766

Is that a Hungarian thing?

No. 286769

"Even if you explain really really really really smart, people don't have logic!"

Oh Margo. You are not smart. Your stories make no sense. Your "logic" is delusion. People refusing to participate in your delusion is not evidence of them being illogical.

No. 286770

File: 1467824801717.png (30.66 KB, 303x196, Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.0…)

Oh Margo, you sad, old, crazy hag.

No. 286771

i just hope he's not pulling a margo and visiting japan uninvited in an attempt to find Venus or force some sort of interaction.

No. 286772

Fiancée is just the feminine of fiancé.

No. 286774

I died at "put your shoes back on"

Soon as I thought I knew what she was talking about she changed subjects….
>thought she was going to argue that the bible is like kids books where the importance is just the moral

No. 286775

Anon… It was a pun. FINANCE-e. Lol.

No. 286776

OH DAMN I CAN'T READ. Fianc€€€€€.

No. 286777

Also as an update Venus has a dnapchat now. I just subscribed, hopefully we see her happy daily live style

No. 286778


But…. But it was never Venus that was Famous ! Remember Margo ? It was your skill and lousy picture that was famous. It was all you …

No. 286786

she's had it for awhile, hopefully her putting it on insta means she'll use it more often now

No. 286787

She's had it on her insta for months, and hasn't really done anything with it.

No. 286788

has she? I thought she took it off for awhile oop

No. 286791

Just noticed Margo is saying "ducking" instead of "fucking" like 25 times in this video.

Also, in regards to Ferenc being in Nagoya - Venus has been off the radar again for 2 days. Let's hope there's been some positive family rapprochement happening.

No. 286803

I hope so. Maybe a little too Jesus-y, but from what I can gather from social media, the "love thy neighbor" type. Not bad at all. It would be nice if Venus gets a nice relationship going so she won't rely on Manaki in case things go sour one day. Venus needs to be grounded with family and friends.

No. 286804

File: 1467840450029.jpeg (60.03 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

This made me laugh. Also if anyone feels generous. Can you transcribe the last video?

No. 286805

Some more youtube comments

No. 286806

File: 1467840765592.jpeg (84.73 KB, 640x598, image.jpeg)

No. 286807

File: 1467840777670.jpeg (83.81 KB, 746x481, image.jpeg)

No. 286808

File: 1467840793774.jpeg (117.92 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

No. 286809

File: 1467841052760.jpeg (211.66 KB, 711x1050, image.jpeg)

And her latest instagram showing how she saves money by eating cheap food. lol

No. 286810

Someone's putting her up, then. Guess she finally got on that hoe game.

No. 286811

I got time to kill so sure, give me a couple minutes

No. 286812

She apparently has a fiance. Maybe she'll get knocked up again if she hasn't gone through menopause.

No. 286813

How long until fiance becomes an abusive alcoholic psychopath aka gets tired of margo's shit?

No. 286814


The guy is probably double her age, has a bit of cash and desperate for female company. Let's hope she doesn't have another child, it'll be Living Doll 2.0.

No. 286815

or just there's not fiancé, just the monthly swissbux splurging hah

No. 286816

Does she have some sort of income? Where is she getting money from like why isn't she sleeping under a bridge yet

No. 286817

Her sole form of income right now is her monthly "child support" from the Swiss government. Venus is a Swiss citizen, and as such, as long as Venus lived with Margo and was unmarried, Margo qualified for support until V is 25.

Obviously, V no longer lives with her mother AND is married, so the support is now being collected illegally. Margo has failed to report that her daughter is married and no longer lives with her, so Margo receives a stipend on the first of each month. However, it's not much, because before Venus started making $30-$40k / year via YouTube and interviews, Margo was working as a personal trainer to supplement this income. But now it's all she has, because Mags thinks she's too good / famous to work and should get Venus's money for life.

No. 286818

sorry if this has being explained countless times before but… if V is a swiss citizen why marriage paperwork went through Hungarian embassy? or does she have double nationality?

No. 286819

Duel nationality (father = Swiss, Mags = Hungarian), but that whole paperwork thing reeked of Marglish to me. Margo was the one posting about Venus and Manaki breaking up, an the marriage papers being invalid on Venus's accounts; while Venus was trying to figure out how to move back to Japan with her husband without her mom losing her shit (in the text "proofs" Margo claims is an evil plan of Venus's to bully Mags, steal "Margo's" money, and kill her).

No. 286820

Venus has a Hungarian passport

No. 286823

Do we have proof that Venus actually has a Swiss passport, as well as a Hungarian one? It's possible that even though she is legally a Swiss citizen, that she has no Swiss ID.

Blogging now, but that happened to me. I have two nationalities but my parents never reported my birth to Germany. Took about two years from start to finish to sort out the paperwork and get Germany to give me a passport. Before that I only had documents from my birth country.

But then, Venus did live in Switzerland for quite a long time. She was born there, wasn't she? So she should at least have a Swiss birth certificate then.

No. 286824

She was born in Switzerland, so if anything it would be her Hungarian citizenship that had to be affirmed.

No. 286825

File: 1467845091524.jpeg (106.79 KB, 750x484, image.jpeg)

Margo just makes no sense. So she got Venus a new manager, but still wants to be paid for a channel she's no longer managing?

Can I call all my old employers and ask them to put me back on payroll? Work once, get paid forever?

No. 286826


Alright, transcript of McMaggot's latest video for anyone who'd rather read it than watch it. Any comments of my own are italicized for clarification:

Hi, I'm Margaret Palermo and I'm going to teach you about life.

Today we are learning about critisiz [sic]. I get criticized a lot and… I don't know, it actually really gets my heart (not) to get criticized that much. I don't think that I can take it anymore (not) you know. That I criticizing my age - 41 - people are a criticizing everything. Like "why don't you dress your age"? Like, I mean stands up to show outfit is not, is that not my age? Pants, and tshirt? Necklace, hair, and makeup, and nails - I've done them myself, I'm a humble person.

People are criticizing literally everything. I know, I know, the internet, get a thick skin [I think?]. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, right? Or just stay there and burn yourself. And touch the hot plate and touch the oven. Crawl in the oven.

Being a youtuber is kind of going to the hottest kitchen of the world, crawling into the oven, asking for turning the heat on to thousand two hundred degrees - whatever Fahrenheit says, it doesn't matter anymore - then just let yourself roast. Don't even care, don't even feel anything.

Ah, no, better! Feel! Feel the heat!
Mazokeest! [= Masochist]
Live in that oven!
Suck eet all een!
Or absolutely [indistinguishable].
My oven is one of the hottest on the entire internet! I'm an expert, yea? I am real! I am the chosen one! I am the number one, my oven is the hottest in the entire internet! I must be absolutely [indistinguishable] or, the biggest
Mazokeest, mazokist, mazokist -does a weird dance-
Because I'm standing the biggest ducking heat! -smiles-

You guys fire the internet over like a locomotive a hundred years ago, more wood, more charcoal, more coal - anyways, it doesn't matter to me, because, it matters the why, you know? When you, you start to think like "What the hell?". Even if you explain like really really really really smart, people don't have to mm [?] logic.

People are religious. That's a really big problem, by the way, and I really hope internet will draw turn the religious out by inspiring people to use their brains. Because if you are used to toil at school, a really really strange story, or many many really strange stories - let's say bible, ok. Because bible is something you still miiiiight be able to criticize, not everyone will be happy, but I just really really want to make you clear why things don't work out in this world.

Have you ever heard the shortest horror story of the world? You know, where there is only one person left in the entire world, and someone knocks on the door? That's how the bible works.

There are only four people in the entire world - mother, father, son #1, son #2. One of the sons kills the other one - because of jealousy. First, before, you could already say "But he must have had a reason!". "Ha, I don't buy it, that Able was just really really nice, and Cain was just so ducking jealous that he killed his own brother! He must have had a reason!". Noooo! No no no no no. People don't have reasons other than greed and jealousy. That happens! Kids finish up? off?? [idk?] their parents, Cain kills Abel, that exist. If you get robbed, is it always your fault? Nooo. Someone just ducking wanted to rob you! That's also the same victim shaming with rape! Tells us to take advantage of anyone at the very first moment - that's victim blaming!
"You've been alone there!" "No one could see!" "There were no cameras!" "Of coooourse you've been killed!"
That's victim blaming!

But let's move on to our story. So there are four people. Then after that there are only three people, because the one killed the other. After that this obviously absolutely psychopathic son Cain went away and married. There've been no women. Other than the mother. So either Cain married the own mother, or some animals. Other very funny funny funny funny thing is, Noah's Ark. Now imagine that from all animals, one couple gets into the Ark. Not only that only a family, incest, so after that we are also all children of a family - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in Noah's Ark stays in Noah's Ark. And what happens in nice(?) family stays in nice(?) family. It's even worse. Two lions get out of the ark. Two zebras get out of the ark. After that the lions want to eat, obviously, so they are going to eat the zebras. So how can the zebra parents now have little zebra kids if the lions are hungry? Because two of them survives the biggest rain in this world, but then one got hit by a car ….. or anything else. If it wasn't eaten by lions or tigers, or whatever snake, or even birds. If you get only two of each insects on the ark, birds eat insects. Just doesn't add up.

The most important thing in the entiiiire bla bla bla bla bla I'm doing right now is - you people are used to absolutely unlogical things. That's why scams and bullying still exists. Someone presents you a really simple but absolutely unlogical story, very convincing, very calm, like "Mmm, yea yea, yea". "Press this button, you will live happily ever after" and you believe it, and you press that button and it actually blows your head. You can't say after that -assumes stupid sounding voice- "Ah well bu, buh, buh she said, da-da-tha, they said, they said it will be fun".

But most of the time it's not fun, they just want you to do something because it's good for them. And you believe because you are used to it. You believe it will be fun but then it isn't. Whoa it HURTS, man.

When you realize that it wasn't exactly like they said it will be, nevermind, you already signed, stamped, did, said, hated, criticized, whatever - what you've done, done. You can't ever make it un– [something?? she cut it off]. All you can do is to forgive yourself because you believed something, and maybe not forgive and forget, better you remember because otherwise I don't know. Somehow you have to learn things, right? So don't forget but forgive yourself, and move on, but learn from it.

And then the other thing I really really really really really really really don't understand, how it's possible that people think something - everyone thinks something which is our right - but we all can speak our mind to certain extent, which is quite a big extent on the internet. What comes to that when everyone starts to have an opinion, but these opinions are presented as facts. Like "I know, that she blrblrlblrblrblrlblrblrlbr".

How can you know because the next person reads it and believes and has no logic. You just believe, right? So that's how really horrible things can happen on the internet. Everyone seems to know everything, but no one ever walked a mile in the person's shoes. And 99% of the time, they didn't even try the shoes on. You will very very quickly put your own shoes own when you tried on the other people's shoes, I'm telling you.

That's how I feel about you guys sometimes. Not for everyone! Not everyone! Not everyone! There are very very smart very kind people. The only problem is, they mostly shut up. Because they are kind, and smart! So they don't waste their time for lalalalalala. And if they do, they get anyways so much hate and such ridiculous assumptions that they just think "Ah yea, ok, Pfffft. Who cares, right? So, why bother." So the smart and kind people shut up, because they are kind and smart.

I really hope you learned a lot today, and next week on Wednesday we see each other again.

[Pointless rambling outro dialogue that I don't feel like transcribing in which she called herself a mazokeest again].

The end.

No. 286827

IKR? When you get fired from your job, you don't keep collecting paychecks. Mags didn't just get fired, she made herself obsolete. Dumb cunt. She heard that signing bonus number and lost sight of anything else but one of her magic numbers becoming real.

Margo's clinging to the brand being her personal intellectual property, but since there's zero proof of that - and I expect Venus's name was on all paperwork and income forms, especially since Margo has a thing about not paying taxes - there's no way.

No. 286829

Wow, thanks for doing this! Hopefully your brain is still intact and unmelted from the barely filtered crazy you just experienced.

No. 286832

Swiss anon here. Just to clear a few things up:

1) You can't be Swiss just by being born in Switzerland, one of your parent must be Swiss (but I'm pretty sure Venus is Swiss since her father is)

2) Margo has to provide proofs that Venus is still a student to get any money from the government.
I don't remember how long Venus was supposed to study in South Korea, but I guess Margo will soon lost that help

No. 286833

you're a hero, I hope you don't need therapy now after listening to Margo's rambling for so long…

No. 286834

Venus's dad is Swiss, so that part hold us. Venus paid in advance for the Spring 2016 semester of language school in Seoul so that part should hold up; from what you're saying it sounds like Margo would need proof of Venus's enrollment for the upcoming Fall semester to keep collecting.

No. 286835

Yes, exactly! And since Venus isn't a student anymore AND isn't in her custody, Margo should be out of Swiss money soon (and I'm quite happy about it)

No. 286836

THANK YOU anon! You are a good person for doing this as I am not able to stand the sound of her voice for longer than 5 seconds at a time.

So…basically, a manic jumbled incoherent rambling mess. She's "UP" right now: inventing a "fiance" and an edgy new YT persona (in her delusional mind) to replace the old one of 'World traveler & Photographer' since she seems to be too broke for travel atm. (she's probably run through all the $$ in V's bank account, Korean school refund etc. on plane tickets & Denny's parfaits.)

To all of you believing there is an actual "fiance"– I have some oceanfront property in Kansas I'd love to sell you. LOL
This "fiance" = her Spanish chef "friend" in Tokyo = the "friends" who "bought her gifts" in Japan. i.e. 100% fantasy.

No. 286837

>Or absolutely [indistinguishable].
>I must be absolutely [indistinguishable]

She's saying "thermoresistant."

Did she just turn the camera on and spew out basically anything that came to her mind? This is some next level word vomit and I don't remember her being this tangential and incoherent when she wanted to talk about something in particular.

No. 286838

Guys. There is no "fiance." Get a grip.
Also, she deleted this "invited by my FIANCE" comment. >>286726

No. 286839

Look up 'flight of ideas' It's a hallmark of mania.

No. 286840

Wow, bravo anon. I listened to it a dozen times and could not figure out what she was saying.

Plus, lets be real, if anyone proposed to Margaret she would be posting pictures of the ring everywhere nonstop. And she'd never accept a proposal without a ring.

No. 286841

>>she'd never accept a proposal without a ring

Right? It's one of her biggest gripes with Venus's marriage - NO RING?!11?! PEDO STALKER!

No. 286842

But, other anons have been saying that the monthly payments keep coming until the parent notifies the agency of a change in status.
While you say the parent has to provide ongoing proof for them to continue.

Which one is it??

No. 286843

What IS this? A pile of lettuce, half a tomato, a dry hunk of meat and an…unidentified beige blob of something…on what looks to be a tabletop (it doesn't look like a plate)?
Is this her idea of what an Expensive Dinner Out looks like? Because it doesn't ~quite~ hold up. LOL

No. 286844

"dinner and drinks with the FIANCE?" uh huh. Riiight. hahahahaha

No. 286846

Pssst…margarat…your IG 'likes' are still going downnnn

No. 286848

I know she's the evil evil witch but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her when I watching that newest video. She looked crazy and sad

No. 286849


flight of ideas: a rapid shifting of ideas with only superficial associative connections between them that is expressed as a disconnected rambling from subject to subject and occurs especially in the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

No. 286851

You have to notify if there is a change yes (for exemple if the child decides to stop his/her studies or starts a full-time job).

It would be really great otherwise, just getting money without doing anything until you're 25!

No. 286852

She sounds like every other unaware consummate liar. Zero sense, and almost all meaningless filler that she desperately hopes will provide a smokescreen to hide the fact that she's insane.

It's having the opposite effect, margendo!

No. 286853

File: 1467852475158.jpg (30.93 KB, 478x500, a.JPG)


No. 286854

You're the hero of /pt/ anon. Not everybody would be willing to sit through a margo's video and make a transcript for us. Thank you!

No. 286857

She dresses like a 12 year old in the 90s, her hairstyle is that 'do that every 16 year old girl in 99-2001 had, and her makeup looks like something a 13 year old girl experiments with for the big 8th grade dance (those wings?? LMAO). Bitch is like 42 and can't even dress or act her age.

At the 2:37 mark I couldn't take it anymore. Bitch is clearly insane (as if we needed more clarification).

No. 286861

>all my money
margo pls

No. 286862

Prepare for an invasion of Pulltards … Apparently their site is shutting down in 2 weeks. LOL


"nice" …. Is that referring to her looks ? I wonder what it would say if you used a non filtered picture of Margoose.

No. 286863

it's possible to get the swissbux if the child doesn't live with you. but at venus' age, margo has to show she is still dependant by being in a course of study. for that reason, the marriage would likely end the bux too. margo's not going to volunteer either fact to them and end her own bux.

No. 286864

>Prepare for an invasion of Pulltards
Oh fuck, we already have that rabid Taylor stan. I hope this site survives the onslaught.

No. 286865

>>Prepare for an invasion of Pulltards … Apparently their site is shutting down in 2 weeks

Oh no, was it announced over there? And with the new admin here, too. After last night's debacle, I'm not sure this place can handle it.

The admin here is looking for janitors and mods, if anyone here has the time and inclination, and wants to stem the tide of incoming shitposts.

No. 286866

if she had a fiancé he'd be in the photos. there's no fiancé.

and educate yourself about what menopause and periomenopause are and how they work. you'll experience both of them personally one day so don't be so ignorant. she'll be close to periomenopause now, or starting to experience it… if she doesn't get hormone therapy I guarantee the crazy will escalate. although with margo that's guaranteed anyway. menopause is usually during ones 50s.

No. 286867

Why is this such a common tactic? People who are insulted just accentuating the point that they're insulted on? Is it a form of guilt tripping or is Marg seriously not getting that she's being made fun of?

Most common example 'yeah I know I'm ugly (and fat, and I have bad skin, hair etc.)'

No. 286868

>>what menopause and periomenopause are and how they work

I agree that Margo's crazy will escalate with her hormones changing, but middle age fucks with somatic narcs' level of crazy anyway due to their most prized asset - they way they perceive they look - decreasing.

Also agreed that she's waaay too early for actual menopause. It's likely she's able to have a child at age 41 without resorting to treatments, sadly. Let's hope for the sake of humanity that Margo is one of the women who does have fertility issues on the early side (if anyone is stupid enough to stick their dick in her while she's in full narc rage.)

No. 286869

I hope she doesn't get hormone treatment and grows a fucking beard. Then she can be famous and work as a freak in a circus …. Or King Kong's stunt double.


It was announced. I'm not Margo, I don't pull magical numbers out of my ass. 2 weeks till invasion.

No. 286870

File: 1467856102850.jpg (75.75 KB, 601x601, don't do it.jpg)

May the Queen have mercy on our fucking souls after the next 14 days then.

No. 286871

Missed a couple of days of drama but seen Venus channel is back. When did that happen? And i wonder how long it will be til margo files copyright claims now. Youtube should really sort that out if all the claims are only coming from her and are false.

No. 286872

Somehow I missed the return of her channel too, any idea when this happened?

No. 286873

File: 1467856509336.jpg (30.92 KB, 502x523, ab.JPG)

This result was far more accurate imho

No. 286874


Uh, I think it JUST happened now! No wonder Margo is freaking out.

Venus is back!

No. 286875

Her channel came back a while ago, went then came back again. I enquired about it not long ago but people missed it coming back so I don't know what happened exactly

No. 286876

It was down 2 or 3 times, but it's back up as of right now. Even Margo said it would be happening soon.

Man, Venus got a visit from her grandpa, a store with merchandise for income, and now her channel back. It's a good day for her, and she deserves it.

No. 286877

Uh, Mags keeps getting it shut down with copyright claims. She's done it three times now.

No. 286879

I think she realized that if Venus wasn't making youtube money that there wouldn't be a chance for her to weasel a dime out of her.

No. 286880


Didn't Margoose suggest that she wouldn't be taking it down, but rather saving up until she can sue…


Nope, still not accurate … Margo is off the charts ..

No. 286881

Yes, she deserves more now than ever after what Maggot put her through thus far and I'm delighted she's pulling through it all. I'm not sure someone else in her shoes would have held it all together as well as Venus has.

The face that her grandpa visited makes my heart sing as well as previously she was isolated from absolutely everyone by a narcissistic, exploitative and abusive mother.

I'm actually legitimately happy for someone for the first time in a long while now. Mainly because I've seen too many undeserving people have what they shouldn't have been given.
Faith restored partially to put a long story short. Venus makes me happy for her.

No. 286883

It's her new YT shtick- "Hi! I'm the edgy chick everyone hates! hahaha!"
bc she has nothing else to offer right now.
Aside from milking Venus for drama/attention, mange is nothing.

No. 286885


Margo taking the Onision route, I see.

No. 286888

File: 1467859196064.png (457.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160706-213902.png)

Screen shot of the PULL shut down anouncement for reference.

No. 286889

Wow! I checked earlier today & it was still down so it did just happen!
It took YT a LOT longer to restore it this time…last time it was only down for a week. Wonder if it was just more videos involved this time or something else?
We'll see how long it stays up.

And this thing w/grandpa Ferenc is intriguing. That post does sound like he's in Japan and he doesn't seem like the type that travels unless it's to see family. I'd love it if they had a reunion w/V (and met manaki)!

OT: does Venus speak Hungarian? I know ferenc doesn't english…if they did meet communication might be challenging.

No. 286892

>>does Venus speak Hungarian

Yes she does, and Ferenc does know some English. So communication should be fine if they're meeting. Venus has been off insta for almost 3 days, and she had to know the channel was back today - so I suspect she's having a quiet family visit that she'd like to keep private. Good for them.

No. 286893

>unidentified beige blob
that's a baked potato anon.

No. 286895

Well, wherever Kiki is hiding, I suspect she's screeching with joy right now. Thank god we don't have to listen to that noise any more - don't take this as an invite to come back to the internet, Ostrenga.

No. 286898

No she doesn't. She said so in her video about the abuse.

No. 286901

but didn't maggot got Venus's part of the payment refunded?

No. 286904

what is the food sitting on? I've been trying to figure it out…seems to be some kind of rough, porous surface, you can see where the food had been & the moisture or whatever had soaked in. Not like any plate I've ever seen, lol

I know it's dumb but this intrigues me for some reason. The pile of raw spinach(?) and the half tomato just sitting there too, it's just so odd.

No. 286906

Yes, but she was still initially registered for the semester. I'm sure Margo had an email confirming payment to show the dole board, she wouldn't need to send them another saying she got a refund.

It's a piece of slate, some restaurants use stone or trays or cast iron skillets to serve, because they want to charge extra for presentation. Like Margo's expensive, incredibly ugly "designer" handbag, Margo is fond of overpaying for low quality items. The fact that someone charged a lot of money for the item makes her feel important.

No. 286907

File: 1467860608106.png (338.55 KB, 640x826, 52a6bef7-e770-4b89-911c-eee743…)

Can any German speakers translate?
from the garbled Google translate it sounds like marge is threatening to take the commenter to court "when she can afford it" but surely that is too bizarre even for her.

No. 286908

have you never been to an even vaguely nice restaurant, or watched Masterchef? It's a way of presentation you wallnut.

No. 286909

okay…so would an "upscale" restaurant really serve half a tomato and a handful of raw spinach like that tho?

No. 286910

It's not upscale, it looks like a low level hotel restaurant - like I said, someplace that aspires to be nice, but the food is terrible and overpriced. Exactly the kind of thing that appeals to Margo. They probably charge $50 for the plate, steak is the most expensive item on the menu, so it MUST be good / high class / fancy / prove she's hot shit in her mind.

No. 286914

Pretty sure that's arugala/rocket.

No. 286918

So…what was the "nature of what they did" at PULL, originally? just curious.

No. 286921

Discuss living dolls / idols, I think. Anastasya Shipanga, Kiki, Kota, Felice Fawn, Venus.

I think the only active thread now is the Venus one - which means this thread in particular is about to get bombarded with PULLtards. Let's hope the new farmhands are in place before the next 2 weeks are up.

No. 286954

seriously tho, who finds spamming this board fun? what do they even get out of it?

No. 286965

>but they said NOOOO NOOOO NOOOO
is she talking about the voices in her head?

No. 286972

Apparently some crazy person likes it. Let's just report that shit and hope that one day they will run out of IPs.

No. 286973

the same type of person who would obsess over Taylor. a malfunctioning unit, basically, and a teenager.

No. 286989

nahh bitch probably was making fun of amy whinehouse song rehab or whatever

No. 286991

The board also needs a char limit on posts, clearly

No. 287003

Looks like the PULLtards are already here.

No. 287007

>not knowing what an IP is

No. 287008

"computers"? Not "IPs"?

No. 287009

apparently this autist is spamming because a thread was locked.

No. 287011

I wanted to kek but then I realised that they really don't know. Now I'm sad.

No. 287023

did anyone say Kawaii Desu?

No. 287027


Thanks a lot for your work!

No. 287028

you see how she does it - she simply hasn't told them it changed.

No. 287030

Margo's not bipolar. A reference for bipolar is PT, who currently thinks she's growing a cock. Margo is NPD. She swings back and forth in moods, sure, but someone better informed than me can explain the NPD swings between rage and kindness. Bipolar people stay in their state for a while, and afaik they aren't going to spend a lifetime trying to destroy someone who just injured their pride. saged for armchair shit, which I hate.

No. 287031

Peanut is fucking adorable.

No. 287033

Where is the visit from grandpa confirmed?? I see only his post from Nagoya.

This may be yet to happen.

No. 287034


fuck off you miserable cunt. Where the fuck is admin.

No. 287035

File: 1467867290611.jpg (67.86 KB, 696x475, image.jpg)

Off-Topix, but what the fuck's going on with all of the spam? I'm so confused.

No. 287037

Don't believe Margo. 90 videos so far out of 200+. She will do it again if she's allowed, trust.

No. 287044


No. 287047

Someone's autism got out of control when a thread got locked, I guess.

No. 287051


Read the meta newfag. Some loon is salty Taylor R's thread got locked for being dead so they're trying to ban other threads by shitposting.

No. 287057

lmfao how much of an assblasted cunt this anon can be (and with a miserable life) that is spamming all the threads because no Taylor thread?

No. 287063

is peanut like a character or something? I just caught up a couple of days ago but I guess I missed this?

No. 287064

No. 287065

Yes, Peanut is a character.

No. 287068

Yeah, Peanut is an alter-ego she cooked up recently. Margo's trying to sound and act like Peanut in the video.

No. 287070

How many times has this spam happened?

No. 287071

Good lord, they've shitposted pt in general.

No. 287072

many, this spam anon is assblasted because the thread of Taylor was locked, so this autist spams until it gets the thread back?? which the new admin said they would make a new one, but never happened, anyways Taylor is fucking boring, idk why they are so obsessed over her.

No. 287073

File: 1467867928718.jpg (85.53 KB, 1276x674, image.jpg)


How cool would it be if V had Peanut review crappy Japanese infomercial products like this one kek

No. 287075

Too many times, wouldn't scroll down the rest of PT if I were you.

No. 287077

Hm. I wonder if lolcow posters are really in the postition laugh at other people.

No. 287078

If she's devious (and hey, it's Margo) she'll just Photoshop a new course enrolment. Swiss authorities aren't going to question a Korean document, especially that fits the pattern of Venus' past study.

No. 287082

File: 1467867991387.jpg (15.24 KB, 275x275, 1467684256606.jpg)


How fuckinf miserable do you have to be to be this hung up about someone literally no one gives a shit about. What a fucking autist.

No. 287083

I thought it said it wanted threads deleted?

No. 287085

Gore doesn't faze me. I've personally spammed it on 4chan before.

No. 287087

I hope her youtube stays up and it like.. skyrockets. So she can shed the light of being some weirdo living doll that her mom made her do. Back in the day I thought she was the most annoying person on Youtube but watching her recent videos is like a breath of fresh air

No. 287092

Did you read any of those threads that were locked… they were just girls bickering about looks. They all had that in common - even Aly's had descended to talking about her hair. Old admin should have just left instead of locking any threads. With this 12 year old spamming threads and the incoming pulltards… fuck.

No. 287098

not really to be honest, we arent exactly saints, or good people, but I think this anon is extremely immature for throwing a fit / tantrum over a thread of someone that has nothing lulzy or lolcow -ish happening lately in their life! I don't care about Taylor but even Sharla is more snowflake than her now

No. 287099


ikr scrolling past this idiocy and eating breakfast. this idiot posting gored cocks to a den of savage bitches kek

No. 287105


wake up admin-sama

No. 287109

kek, 12-15 years old beign edgy and autists

No. 287116

Venus's channel is back up!

No. 287118

shemenga KEK

No. 287125


we know.

No. 287139

It's just salty-chan throwing another hissy fit. They're pissed the Taylor thread got locked and other threads they don't like didn't. Report them all, note it's the spammer, ignore.

No. 287175

Alright. We're back in business!

No. 287176

So either

1) the channel gets taken down AGAIN


2) Margo will drown us in Milk!

No. 287177

I hope its 2 lol

No. 287179

fuck I hope she majorly chimps out again and loses the rest of her little asskissers

No. 287180


Or 3) Both.

No. 287181


From what I understand, the outgoing admin locked a bunch of threads he said were "unworthy" or something, despite some of them being fairly popular & active - including Taylor's and Aly's… then announced he was quitting and turned the site over to a new admin.

It all seems fishy bc admin has threatened to ban anyone who starts a new Taylor thread so people are asking why she is being 'protected' by admin. Admin says the threads were locked bc the subjects "weren't producing new milk" but Taylor is an active jvlogger. Also, there are threads that are still open about people who are way less active online than Taylor so I can kind of see why a Taylor-hater would be upset that 'her' thread was locked.

But spamming the site like this is ridiculous.

No. 287182

Yeah, that's marge showing off how hip & cool she is, again. "hey I know amy winehouse lyrics, I'm down with you kids!"

No. 287184

Not sure why people keep saying that admin would specifically ban people for posting about Taylor. The admin said people would be banned for recreating ANY of the locked threads, not just Taylor’s.

No. 287185

You can have comorbidities with NPD, anon:

"Persons with NPD present with many interpersonal problems and comorbid disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder."

In fact that's frequently the case. It's not cut-and-dried, either/or. There's a spectrum of severity also, with margoo being at the extreme end- malignant NPD.

No. 287186

Even if Taylor is an active Jvloggler. Shes not a lolcow. She has never been interesting outside her fillers. Even on PULL the people obessed with her were reaching to produce anything.
Shes just another model in asia.

No. 287187

For some reason, I see that peanut character also as a parody of her past while still living with margs

No. 287188

Margoon said on her IG that "200 videos were claimed" for copyright.

No. 287189

File: 1467874309499.png (650.63 KB, 640x890, ee0e6e7f-4d59-4fb7-8179-2714ae…)

It's not 100% confirmed, just seems likely.
Here's his post, with caption google translated from Japanese:

No. 287190

And this is what wi!ipedia says about the Tanabata Festival, which really iz going on right now in Japan:

"Tanabata (七夕?, meaning "Evening of the seventh"), also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival.

It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar."

So, it seems like he really iz in Japan, and pretty immersed in learning about the culture. And why would he travel all that way if not to meet Venus? The guy doesn't seem like someone who travels much, unless it involves seeing family.

No. 287191


This melts my little black heart omfg

No. 287193

I'm a bit confused. Why is he writing in Japanese? Did he learn the language or did he just google translated it himself?

No. 287194

He's done it before - he seems to have some knowledge of multiple languages, as do all of his children. He's posted in Japanese before and regularly posts in English.

No. 287195

At some fucking point Youtube have to fucking stop taking Margo's claims seriously

No. 287202

He posted one caption in Japanese before this, in early April while madge was marauding across Japan by train "looking for manaki's parents" - a pic of cherry blossoms captioned in Japanese "cherry blossom viewing. time to relax."

This time seems different, more deeply involved in Japanese culture. Or maybe just copypasted from somewhere, who knows?

Anyways other than these 2, it's only been Hungarian and (limited) English, so it doesn't really seem like he was some multilingual guy or anything prior to this.

No. 287203

>tfw disabled adblock and have venus' youtube running on a playlist in the bg

I know it won't be up for very long so I wanna give her as much money as possible :(

No. 287204

I went to check the fallout damage and a lot of PULLtards are saying lolcow is heading the same direction soon? I know the admin left but the site is the same as ever. Are they delusional?

No. 287205

Is there a reason why her food videos that were taken while she's been separated from her mom are taken down? That giant pudding one is missing.

No. 287206

I clicked on it just now coincidentally because there was no thumbnail so I thought it was taken down, but it's still watchable? I'm watching it right now. Maybe all the thumbnails just aren't restored right now. If you click on her videos, her other videos aren't even showing up in the related.

No. 287207

I see. Thanks.

No. 287209

So there are 210 videos up on the channel, the earliest one from 2010. I don't see the ones where she was dancing to jpop or whatever though.
So if mango has 'struck' 200 for copyright like she said on IG, she's just about run out of videos to claim… and Venus might be safe. Mange seemed like she was kind of resigned to the channel being back earlier.

I think the one thing that's giving her life atm is her fantasy that all she has to do is come up with $5000 to sue, and VENOOS will be THROUGH!(lol) Well that and she's about to be the next big Youtube star, bigger than VENOOS and way cooler.

No. 287210

Great. That's all we need. Maybe if we don't reply to them they'll fuck off somewhere else.

She almost looks like a normal mom taking a fun candid photo there. Almost.

No. 287212

File: 1467881957319.png (407.03 KB, 640x799, 70b876d2-37a3-410d-a501-604564…)

from Zsu's IG:
Order #1013… seems like the shop is doing a pretty brisk business, esp. considering how limited the selection is. (I mean seriously, black white or gray as color choices? No pink?? NOT KAWAII.)

No. 287214

All I want for Christmas is:

1) maggot getting her 5000$$$ by going the desperate prostitute road, and suing Venus
2) the case getting thrown/laughed out of court before Venus ever hears of it
3) the 5000 bucks being unrefundable

No. 287216


even if she scrapes together the 5000 (god knows where she got that sum from) any lawyer worth his/her salt will tell her to not file a claim. It's so freaking ridiculous, any judge will give her a stern lecture and show her the door.

No. 287217


you're a good guy anon, I'm gonna do the same to support her.

No. 287218

'do you really have to do this? can't you see that she (sic, think she meant 'you') have made mistakes? I was abused myself and similarly also left. you say that you love your daughter, but a mother who loves her daughter doesn't make it harder for her than it already is. your daughter has been mistreated by you and that's all there is to it(??). my parents only did bad things for 18 years and had to take it out in court. you should be ashamed and think about it. do you want to keep your arrogant style [of acting] and lose your daughter finally/completely? wouldn't you rather support her and be happy, because a daughter's happiness should be her mother's happiness? please take your controversial cultural confusions to page/site[??], go to a psychiatrist and let yorself be helped. your daughter is doing fine, but you make her suffer. please think about this seriously for once, and if you still had a small piece of self-respect, then you'd take this into heart.'

'she will also answer to the court as soon as I can pay for it, no problem.'

this is honestly one of the scarier responses I've seen from her, literally 0 attempt at pretending to be remorseful

now time to watch her videos with adblock off(no1curr)

No. 287220


In German, Sie can mean both "she" and the formal "you" if you dont know the person well, and/or want to address them respectfully.

No. 287221

I'm watching on both my pc and iPad, i hope it helps

No. 287222


who u callin wallnut ya dip

No. 287224

yeah, my point was that she probably fucked up and forgot to capitalise the sie there

No. 287225

so deep

No. 287226

TY, Germanspeaker anon.

p.s. I don't recall margool even pretetending to be remorseful, ever - so this is nothing new for her. Or did I miss something?

No. 287227

That forlorn half tomato on its own tiny plate next to the naked little handful of arugula/spinach/whatever still cracks me up tho.

No. 287228

Maggot at least usually disguises her crap with "my daughter abuse me" but this was just bluntly malicious

No. 287230

Shut up about the salad already, this is a Taylor thread tier of obsessing over boring details

YouTube can't legally ignore DMCA claims, it's not their call. There's talk of a special circle of YouTubers that get special treatment but nothing's ever really come of it in relation to Venus.

No. 287231

There IS a protected youtube group. People like CinemaSins, Honest Trailers, Poketubers, Gamers, etc. have all been claimed against copyright. However, it's a 50% rule. If you own 51%, you win. That's why LPers have frames and voice overs to reduce the ability to copyright.

No. 287236

as >>287228 said, usually she's at least slightly remorseful along the lines of 'yes it is very sad that I have to do this but she abused me so much :['
this is just outright admitting that she wants to see venus burn

No. 287237

LPers regularly get banned from YouTube while they're growing and have their income taken by YouTube. They're not a particularly guarded group unless you're Markiplier or Pewdiepie

No. 287238

Well, I did mean famous LPers. A lot of baby LPers don't abide by the 50% rule.

No. 287240

Hmmm, I guess I've viewed that as more justification than remorse. Like "it's something I HAVE TO DO bc Venoos is a lying manipulating psychopathic BULLY." I dont recall her ever being sad about it though, and never remorseful. Remorse would mean acknowledging she has done something wrong, which her lizard brain is incapable of.

No. 287242

Thank you for the translation! So that really is her deal, "I get $5000 and Venoos will PAY in court." Whatever, marge. If she's clinging to that fantasy as a last resort to keep from going over the edge, let her I guess.

I just wish someone that hasn't been blocked on IG would ask her where she got that $5000 figure from. I'm kind of dying to know.

No. 287243

when's mayo going to have her own ED article?

No. 287244


write it urself anon

No. 287245

the reason i want it is to learn stuff i don't know lol

No. 287246

I really think we should, no, we must…
…i mean it's our DUTY to put our effort into margo's very own ED article.

No. 287249

I'm just wondering how she plans to save up to pay for court when she's literally homeless, paying to live in air bnb's, can't/doesn't cook so she eats out every meal it seems, and can't seem seem to stop fucking moving and splurging her little money she gets monthly. How does she honestly think she can pay for it? Unless of course her "fiance" is gonna pay for it lololol

No. 287250

When she becomes the next big youtube STAR, silly anon. Which will be any day now. Then she will be living rich (better than VENOOS!) and have the $5000 she needs to sue and VENOOS WILL PAY in court, and marge will finally have the justice she deserves after suffering so much abuse and VENOOS will be ruined, destitute and alone while she, marge, continues to live RICH as a big YT star.

No. 287253

There's too many newfags in this thread, probably fucking pulltards.

No. 287254


there should be some special hellweek for the upcoming time just to ban the shit out of all pull-users tbh.

No. 287256

Maybe she deleted them because she obviously wasn't proud of those videos. They were something Margo probably forced her into doing.

No. 287257


No, by that time Venus was already away from Margo, and soon after her channel was taken down. No chance that she was persuade by her into making that video, at least.

No. 287258


Just finished reading the meta threads, the majority is for captchas and +2 mins waiting time between posting again to filter out spammers. I am sure the crazy cunt will post again same time tomorrow.

No. 287259


Shit, forgot to sage. sorry my dudes.

No. 287267

It's one of her magic numbers

everything is either 3000, 5000 or 10000

No. 287269

I suspect Margo is an edgy 666/inverted cross kind of Satanist, just in it for the edgy snowflake points when it's a valid a religion as the rest. kek do u guys remember when her "ave satanas" comment caused one of her biggest stans to do a 180?

No. 287275

Reminds me of Lolly from OITNB

No. 287287

TBH that also looks like a grilled portobello mushroom under the tomato. Not that it really makes it all the more quality.

No. 287288

I remember that. One of her biggest stans got scared and fled telling her to "die die die!!!" then about two weeks later, guess who came back sucking Maggot's dick nose? Lol

No. 287294


The post doesn't read like google translate. It sounds like he either copied it from somewhere or someone wrote the caption for him.

No. 287298

File: 1467920653742.jpg (123.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Sage for not contributing but shouldn't mayo realize that she is nothing without Venus at this point!

No. 287327

Ugh, when just you people learn, she's DELUSIONAL psycho, that's the main reason she's a lolcow.

No. 287330


Lol, what makes you think she doesn't know ? Fuck, the woman wouldn't being losing her shit if it was really her they wanted and not her daughter.

Its like this: I'd buy any book with Stephen Kings name on it because I love his writing and work, but if one of his editors left… I wouldn't give two shits because they're nothing, but a fucking editor.

Except Margo's fucking nothing … and knows it .. And thats why she's throwing fits. Wouldn't matter if she did win the channel as it'd die pretty damn fast without Venus, and she'd probably figure some other story to sell once that channel stops making money. This is also why she's only going for half because then she can still earn off of Venus and pretend that she's important … When in general she's only the twat Venus came from …

No. 287369

So grandpa ferenc revealed on IG that Hong Kong is ONE OF the places he has visited with his wife- between 2000 and July 7, 2016 (Japan is not on that map.)

AND, they have "only gone where they were INVITED." (I guess that's for anyone questioning if they just showed up at V's house one day, like marge.)

Why all the mystery tho? You're not some undercover spy or secret agent, dude.

No. 287405

She is talking about that one YouTube network.

No. 287410

PULL's chat will stay online tho and that's more active than anything else.

No. 287515

At first, I thought Grandpa Ferenc maybe awkwardly reposted a restaurant's photo in honor of Tanabata and anons were too hopeful. But Venus has been inactive for days and has not jumped at the chance to uploaded anything. A reunion with her relatives and introducing them to Manaki's family seems very possible! I hope so.

No. 287534


Maybe the bit about being invited was a jab at Margo, he probably knows about her showing up at Venus and Manaki's.

The secrecy could be also because of Margo, maybe? He might not want to let her know in case it makes her even more bent on harassing Venus, or causes her to come to Hungary and bother her own family members.

No. 287543

I could see maggot posting that V meeting up with her grandparents is the ultimate betrayal and warrants another $$$$10,000 for intentional infliction of emotional abuse.

No. 287557

Around their one year (legal marriage)anniversary, Venus and Manaki were said to plan their wedding ceremony. Imagine them having a happy wedding with their newly-reunited Hungarian relatives flying over to celebrate with them, but Margaret being completely left out. When Venus has her first child, her mother-in-law or aunt will be there for her. But it seems Margaret will not be part of that future. How tragic that she chose this way.

No. 287596


See, I don't think it's a mystery on purpose. I think gpa Ferenc uses instagram to contact Venus and nothing else. I don't recall him making any posts that weren't relevant to his family in some way, and since he's allegedly with Venus rn, he's doesn't need to use IG.

No. 287598

When I look at the divergence between Margo and Venus' channels, I see that Margo was really holding Venus back through her 'creative input'. Every new video margo makes just digs the hole deeper - can you imagine this being brought up in Margo's imaginary court case.

No. 287599

Phew, just checking back in and I'm so glad that fucker is gone (at least for now).

No. 287616

Hahaha, I could totally see that- "they are heavily BULLYING me! It never stops!"

No. 287617

It would fit with how extra euphoric she's been on IG since she came home from the hospital too.

No. 287661

Being physically healed will do that too.
I am cautiously awaiting a reunion pic nevertheless!

No. 287663

Gramps' post about going to places because he's invited seems like a big fat hint.

No. 287667

I can't wait for happy Venus wedding photos :) Margo is gonna be edgy and keep spouting her Satanism. She's still a homeless fuck wasting the resources of civilized countries.

No. 287673

oh wow, yesssss.

No. 287676

I wonder if we'll see a video from venus soon. In about 4 hours it'll be time for her friday upload. But considering shes been quiet maybe shes busy (although she rarely seems to miss her upload schedule despite being busy)

No. 287677

Uh…you guys might be getting just a lil bit ahead of yourselves here.

No. 287678

If I remember right, Venus mentioned in the running away video how difficult it was to suggest new ideas without Margo getting offended/depressed and making threats to suicide herself.

No. 287679

yeah, I know. but it's fun to imagine for a minute.

No. 287680

wow what a great team member Margo was.

No. 287682

After the constant verbal abuse and poison Margaret has been spewing for months, it's so much nicer to hold out hope of a happy ending for poor Venus.

Anticipating Kawaii Dolly wedding and SJWs screaming "cultural appropriation!" if the couple have traditional Shinto ceremony!

No. 287701

File: 1467968281621.gif (2.42 MB, 300x225, giphy (15).gif)

Man, poor old marge. Her IG is like a damn ghost town & so's her IG …no views, no comments, no likes. She can't even keep the trolls interested, lol
You can practically hear the wind whistling through the empty streets..

No. 287710

Lol and just the faint fap fap fap sound coming from azlabyrinth's direction. I wonder how he's taking Margo's "fiancé".

No. 287713

when she (unfortunately) reports venus' vids again the hordes will be back to rail at her. she might even do it to get the attention.

No. 287752

update from Venus youtube

No. 287764

she looks so cute with the lighter and shorter hair!!

No. 287773

Im so glad she is talking normally now
nice vid and I agree with >>287764

No. 287775

damn, she looks really good in this discreet make-up and natural looking hair.

No. 287776

The reason Venus talks funny sometimes is because of her character Peanut. how are people still not understanding this?

No. 287777

Looks wise, she kind of reminds me of Rachael(sp?). Maybe it's the hair?

No. 287779

I'm glad she's actually out and vlogging instead of being cooped up inside like she used to be. I hope she can do more vlogs but actually be more original and interesting than other Jvloggers

No. 287783

We know. Doesn't mean everyone likes it.

No. 287804



No. 287805

She should make a Squidballs t-shirt

No. 287819

not related to the discussion but does anyone still have any funny videos of margarine hanging about? i'm after the one where she is jamming in the kitchen in that kinky santa costume

No. 287825

That would be pretty funny. Especially with a girly font and color.
It's cute when she gets tongue-tied and just leaves it in her recent videos. I like the natural, slight awkwardness. Are the subtitles a new thing she is doing?

No. 287843

The subs are there because we cant hear over the train i like that she paid attention to that and even apoligized for it at the start of the video

No. 287845

There is something different with venus in thus vid she just looks so content with life or something, very calm. In previous vids she always looked a bit stressed or a bit sad even when she smiled.

No. 287847

I really like her shirt!

No. 287848

and she knows Margaret is not going to creep up at any moment. it must feel liberating.

No. 287862

I think her awkwardness is cute too, I'm so glad she can make mistakes in videos without fear of Margo punishing her for not being perfect in every video.

No. 287867

>Mom, how about a video about the different types of korean candy?~*


No. 287868

Sorry, I missed that and had Margaret on the brain(since many people couldn't understand her in the last rant video and asked for subtitles).

Venus does indeed look much better! She also seems to be out and about by herself and enjoying her new life. So much for being Manaki's prisoner!

No. 287871


the strong wind is generated from azlabyrinth's furious fapping. Otherwise that damn grass ball wouldn't even move

No. 287886


greasy dick tornado

No. 287906


I really liked this video. She finally looks like she has fun and agree that she doesn't look so stressed.

Now I hope her channel will be up for a bit longer time lol because I want to see all her other videos she made.

No. 287911

Dear Fans,

I'm bullied again. Veenoos is hurting me with her new video.

Look how she's dressed. How scandalous! I never teached her to dress like that. And she's wearing Jeans! She promised me to never wear vulgarity clothes. And on top of that look at her shirt! Is she assemblying an army against me??? Venoos?

How you dare?!

And stop bullying me with your food! You know I don't like to watch you nourish yourself with food I can't eat. Bc 1 drop of fat makes me gain 8 pounds.

It's not fair! Stop stealing my thinness and my youth and my subscribers and MY MONEY!!!

Help me my zombie army, I bullied!

#imbulliedagain #mymoney #scandalous #avesatan

No. 287931

Some cunt is suggesting she visits my city. Fucking nope, she'll get stabbed if she makes a crazy ass video in McDonald's lmao.

No. 287958

Is it just me, or is her English improving while Margo's is just disintegrating?

No. 287959

It's not just you. Maggit's English is shit, both spoken AND written. Bitch is a fail in every way.

No. 287960

I'm not surprised her english is improving now that she doesn't have expert linguist Margaret Palermo correcting it.

>"no Veenoos, you say it wrong. Try it like how mama does Veenoos! If you get incorrect again I go into RIVER!"

No. 287961

She did it! Cut off the fried hair, finally! AND she's outside, doing normal stuff, wearing normal cute teenage clothes and speaking in a normal voice and she's so effing cute and looks happy and healthy yayyy Venus!

No. 287965

File: 1468011124134.png (41.01 KB, 310x230, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.49…)

Well, wherever she is - with Ferenc and Margit, or just out and about - Venus is able to leave the house again for errands and coffee like a normal person.

Stay far away forever, Margo. (comment from a fan on V's insta)

No. 287966


>is her English improving while Margo is disintegrating?


No. 287968

Good one and that's exactly what's happening.

No. 287982

This means only one thing: VENOOS is sucking out Margo's youth and abilities!

No. 287985

File: 1468021643941.gif (997.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o30xw8AhgR1qj4315o1_500…)

So marge has ghosted, basically. LOL

No. 287997

I love her hair color in this wtf

No. 288010

Venus has some of the best-looking fans ever istg

No. 288011

Venus is kinda relatable because she's cute but not a classic beauty. She's fortunate not to have inherited maggot's penis nose, and all the other things that make the maggot look like a complete dog, like her giant persecution complex, retarded sense of entitlement, terminal mental illness and personality disorder, and inability to ever learn English (with an IQ of 152, that's kind of impressive).

No. 288015

>look like a complete dog
excuse you don't offend dogs

No. 288016

That's an American BDU blouse, she must have bought it second hand because it still has a nametape on it. You can find them really cheap at surplus stores, then roll the sleeves up.

No. 288018

File: 1468044700513.png (146.09 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Damn Margo
Didn't know you and Manaki were close

No. 288019

May wanna delete post and re screenshot. It's got your name

No. 288020

File: 1468045635937.png (11.94 KB, 292x170, ss (2016-07-09 at 08.25.19).pn…)

No. 288021

File: 1468045658227.png (9.07 KB, 277x104, ss (2016-07-09 at 08.25.41).pn…)

No. 288022

Not my account,Anon. I liked the post then unliked
But thanks!

I wonder what earnings when she herself had Venoos's channel taken down

No. 288023

>You are in same danger as me Manaki! Lets turn against your wife, she is a psychopath!!

great plan midge

No. 288024


margo pls
You basically had been publicly called manaki a pedo and venus a murderer on a daily basis for attention

No. 288025

And the only chance that you both had to "talk" what you did marge? took pics of his car plates then shoved your phone on manaki's face then pretended to being pushed and beaten by him? no wonder why he told you to fuck off

No. 288028

File: 1468049327738.png (72.16 KB, 314x408, Skærmbillede 2016-07-09 kl. 09…)

No. 288030

Now she is really grasping for straws here.

No. 288031

File: 1468050753117.jpeg (206.69 KB, 750x1115, image.jpeg)

No. 288032

I think it could potentially be really him since she didn't even censor his email and probably she didn't realise he was like "ye, whatever! Leave me alone now!"
She read "Venus" and "bad" and ignored the rest LOL

No. 288033

Yeah I thought maybe her "thanks for the reply" might be sarcastic but your line of thought is probably more likely.

No. 288034

Marge: Manaki you are in danger from VENOOS! PSYCHOPATH!
>Manaki: She's going off again, Venus. What should I do?
>Venus: just agree with her. Placate.That usually works. Let's not push her over the edge, she's close.
>Manaki: Okay…

Manaki: Whatever, Margaret. Don't worry, everything is fine.

Marge: Look, Manaki agree that VENOOS is bad person! Here is proofs!

No. 288036

A while ago Manaki was a psycho who ''physically attacked'' her, but now she's worried for him?

Good one margo

No. 288037

- Desperate
- Agitated
- Out of touch with reality
- Paranoid
- Obsessive

Watch out guys, she's getting ready to blow. lol

No. 288040

File: 1468054037893.png (73.12 KB, 640x203, 6db80b43-e1a1-4c2e-ac81-037a9d…)

Edited the caption. She's mad. LOL

No. 288041

$15k/ month! VENOOS lives rich with MY MONEY
$5000 and I sue. She will PAY

*paces floor muttering angrily

No. 288042

While I doubt margo knows anything about venus's life, I do hope they move. But note that everything is about YT to mags, and not about the fact that the Okadas have experienced a crazed stalker who puts them in physical danger.

No. 288043


lmao mags is so salty right now - I love it.

No. 288044

How come no one have never told her that it's pretty easy to see how she has never done anything on any of Venus' videos when you compare her videos to Venus'.

No. 288045

>>zero minutes ago
>>shows the address publicly

It's either an email to herself, or margo just went ahead and published manaki's email for the second time. And IF it's manaki- and that's an if - he's just giving her a a pat on the head. I wonder she hates him, he's great at handling her crazy. "Ok, thank you for the information." "But venoos will keel us both, mana! With the evil plan! Come to margo who is much sexy." "No, but thank you for the information."

No. 288046

You forgot to add that she will also send her hordes of fans with death threats, Maggoo. I wouldn't go near any steep stairs if I were her.

No. 288047

I agree, I think it's exasperation. Like 'Oh okay well even if Venus is the devil, we're still happy'

No. 288048

It's such a typical narcissist/sociopath cluster B whatever to do. She actually thinks she can influence how he sees the world.

It's almost like… the rest of the world population aren't as easily manipulated as Venus when she was still underage and at maggot's mercy! Oh no!

No. 288049

Since they've been called a pedo and the devil, among many other nice things, they make a great couple.

No. 288051

File: 1468055821591.jpg (183.65 KB, 1340x318, Screenshot_20160709-021552.jpg)

Wow, what would we do without margo's sock account analysis. Of words that don't exist in the email.

No. 288052

Didn't maggot already imply that she just gets her estimations off a website and that she picked the max number? And fucking GOOD that she's moving! Why does Maggot not see that she's the problem when she needs youtube to send her her own daughter's address?

The violent pedo and the narc, evil, psychopathic daughter.
>mfw literally thinking of writing a screen play horror movie about M&M&V ala Unfriended

No. 288053

That's the thing, lol. Maggot's manipulation game is WEAK bc up until now she's only used it on her kid and a handful of teenage girl youtubers/jvloggers. Look how fast hamburg Jassy saw through her shit after they met irl… she's a little older and wiser than marge's previous targets.

tldr: marge got no game.

No. 288054

that troll thought margo's message was Manaki.

No. 288055

I know, I love it. He's always so calm and respectful too. Even when margorrhoid showed up at the apartment he was calm and matter-of-fact in dealing with her crazy ass.

No. 288057

He probably learned his lesson the first time Magoo leaked it and is using throwaways now, judging by the name at least.

No. 288058

I used to hate Venus's videos, but this is the first that doesn't make me want to throw up. She has a fun subject, interesting clothes and background, and seems more happy. Perky venus is more fun.

Also the camerawork seems better, is it just me or did anyone else also notice this?

No. 288059

File: 1468061144228.png (101.51 KB, 600x514, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.44…)

More bog-standard chimping.

No. 288060

Margo is highly triggered by the 'how I ran away from home and 'hacked by my mom' videos being up. IMO she will not rest until they are deleted.

No. 288061

well, she'll never rest anyway but you know what I mean.

No. 288062

Yes, improvements all round and meantime Margo's get worse and worse.

No. 288071

And now Venoos is "contacting" her again and bullies her with chicken nuggets, steals her soul, her body, her money and youth.

Wow so much tinitus in her head. I wonder if her failing conscience hurts as much as a migraine. Is that why she smokes so much drugs?

No. 288073

I was blocked but I could flag her post… and block her, so she can't access my account.

No. 288078

Daaamn, how dares Manaki to inconditionally love a psycho scheming gutless serial killer Venoos!?

Hahaha just imagine magoo expecting a response like "Arigato Marugareto-Okasama! I'll divorce Binasu right now and jump in the first flight to London to marry you instead!"

No. 288079

She actually thinks he's completely retarded. But it's not personal I guess, her racist ass things everyone who's Japanese is retarded.

No. 288080

I'm so tired of this fucking loon… Can someone just fucking hack her accounts already so she can move the fuck on..

No. 288083

Does anyone knows in which city in Hungary Margaret is born?

No. 288088

File: 1468077408379.jpg (39.54 KB, 373x232, 743243260954131.jpg)

No. 288090


she is talking so much to her fans on the latest video's comment section and yes I'm here for a Q&A video.

No. 288093

First Venus outfit I genuinely like. Suits her.

No. 288094

>Kain and Abel
>killed out of jealousy

As hard as I try to decipher the Marglish I can't work out what the connection is supposed to be?

No. 288096


No she'll end up being the same as most Jvloggers tbh

No. 288097


She still comes across as grating and annoying to me. She's out and about in public away from her evil ass mother- well done Venus.

I dunno I know y'all white knighting the shit out of her but I still think her videos will suck ass.

No. 288098


in b4 I'm considered a jelly h8er

No. 288102

You're entitled to your opinion??

Different strokes for different folks

No. 288104

I agree, I'm happy that she is no longer being abused by kappamama. I still don't like her videos or merchandise or overall personality, I guess I have higher standarts for Internet content…

No. 288105

I'm a Weenoos supporter, but those videos are not my demographic at all. Her latest ones are something I'd let my 4 year old watch tho, colourful and mindless cute stuff. She knows her lane and she stays in it, big ups for that.

No. 288106

The only thing is now she'll basically become a Jvlogger and it won't be long until she mingles with the rest of those toxic cunts. C'mon we KNOW it is bound to happen.

It'll be the same thing… Venus pairs up with Sharla, taylor, kim ect ect cherry blossoms, sailor moon hauls, pokemon, food- food and more food.

Them sucking up to her for views. Then in probably a years time she'll be either up the duff or her mother comes back causing drama within the community then emails every Jvlogger on the internet for "help n support".

I can kinda see how it'll spiral

Not trying to be a bitch but I don't see how Venus is worth 1M subs. I really, really don't.

No. 288107

Still I guess its good she's out and happy though (don't worry I'm not that evil i wish her all the best)

just don't see the big roar with her

No. 288110

I don't think that many people here see the 'big roar' with Venoos. Everyone just wants to see her succeed, even mildly, to spite Margo.

No. 288117

>The only thing is now she'll basically become a Jvlogger
So? Why do you care? Venus has never been able to enjoy what she wants to do and if she wants to run around all of japan fangirling about every touristy thing so be it. I understand being annoyed with people like Sharla who have lived in Japan for years still trying to make quirky generic jvlog videos but Venus has never been able to enjoy her time in Japan until now. Let her enjoy herself for fuck's sake.

>and it won't be long until she mingles with the rest of those toxic cunts. C'mon we KNOW it is bound to happen.

How and why? From what we know through this entire situation it doesnt seem like Venus has tried to talk to any of them? Not without several of them trying mind you. If she was going to pair up with them she could have easily been in their videos while her channel was down etc etc etc. I think we have a while of Venus just trying to make her own videos before any partnerships show up and I think that 'partnership' will be with Manaki.

>It'll be the same thing… Venus pairs up with Sharla, taylor, kim ect ect cherry blossoms, sailor moon hauls, pokemon, food- food and more food.

Yes and that's what we call 'branding'you actual moron. For the most part no one really wants to watch a youtube for the person they want it because the videos interest them. You need to stick to some kind of theming or your channel will fail. That's like complaining about makeup channels that always do makeup videos. Also congrats, you dont like Venus' videos? Cool. She's not obligated to make videos that YOU enjoy. Dont watch em.

>I can kinda see how it'll spiral

You really need to calm yourself. Venus has obviously been trying to distance herself from the drama in her life and just make fun videos that she enjoys.

>Not trying to be a bitch but I don't see how Venus is worth 1M subs. I really, really don't.

Oh trust me you dont need to try but once again: That's not up to you. People who dont care about makeup dont see why makeup artists are worth subs. If you're not her market why WOULD you? When she has access to her youtube she updates frequently and within the realm of stuff she likes she tries to make videos that HER FANS like.

No. 288118

venus strikes me as way to shy to actually make friends with any of the jvloggers out there. she's never had any close personal friends, except for manaki. margrot has stunted her social abilities that i just can't see her handling collaborations/hanging out with other people.

No. 288119

>I don't see how Venus is worth 1M subs

It's because she's isn't really worth 1M subs. Her content is decent, but if she was starting fresh, I don't think she would've reach a million.
She's been on YT for a while, so she has dead(sorta dead) accounts still following her, people who are subscribed to her who don't bother to check for her videos since the dolly ages, and others who actually watch her videos….
Oh and Anti-Margo Venus supporters.

No. 288122

Probably the one where her parents have been living ever since they married?

No. 288123

Budapest than, I presume.

No. 288124

Said the person that called Venus's a murderer because of a hamster.

No. 288125

File: 1468090301355.png (45.75 KB, 310x272, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.4…)

Margo having more fantasy about how much money she's missing out on that could be converted into ugly purses, starbucks, and tickets out of this one horse town.

That one week where Venus had a featured video that hit 1 million views in a few days is what she's basing Venus's entire income on. Margo, you KNOW how much Venus makes per year, and with her usual posting schedule if it comes out to $40k I'd be shocked it was that much. And that's gone down drastically with 5 months off YT.

No. 288126


Don't forget that when her subs were significantly plummeting because her viewers were pissed off with the gross constant food challenges " 100 chicken nuggets". This was before she reach 1 mil and everyone speculated that Margo was buying followers because in a matter of minutes it'd shoot up a weird even number. A lot of those followers are probably bought by Margy poo as well as dead accounts.

I'm a supporter of Venus, but those food videos were fucking awful and gross !!! She ate like a two year old and constantly got the food everywhere … I'd much rather Vlogs from her then that gross ass shit any day.

No. 288127


Venus hasn't earn a fucking penny since Margo took her channel down..

I wanna know what happy fantasy pills this bitch be taking …

No. 288128

>extras from companies
Margo, so far all things from "companies" was you stealing their goods which were only sent for reviews that never happens.

No. 288129

Those videos were 100% pure Margo. Mags was always eager to jump on nearly dead trends - remember the ASMR videos? - sure that this would be thing thing to turn her into an instant millionaire.

Margo was always trying to tap into weird ass sexual markets that Venus was not down with - when Margo and NJM made that fake Venus channel, it was all eating videos marketed as child porn; it was the only time Margo broke cover and was blatant about using Venus as pedobait for internet fun bucks.

Venus did the one pudding challenge after she left, but I think she's done with all that now.

No. 288130

File: 1468091029011.png (64.54 KB, 615x304, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.0…)

God fucking damnit. DO NOT give this psycho bitch airtime.

This is the result of Margo's frantic campaign of leaving messages with YT drama channels in the last week, as the date of Venus's channel re-launch approached.

No. 288131

Wait. Is chu_face actually trying to say that Venus – during the 18 years she was a MINOR and under MorgueRot's thumb – could have just blithely waltzed away and into a new life? And just how could she have done that? The kappa kept her isolated and completely dependent. What the hell?

Or is this one of Morgue's socks?

No. 288132

What's fucking mindboggling is that he is going through with this when he got a lot of hate/calling out on his video.
Unless he is going to expose margaret, but I don't think he has to balls to fuck with her.
What a prick.

No. 288133


this will be a mess omg

No. 288134

chu_face is an actual person, sadly. One of her most long standing and committed stans.

And yes, Margo's stans insist that Venus could have walked out at any time "IF she was SOOO ABUSED". With no friends, no family, no money or bank account to her name, in strange countries, often where she didn't yet speak the language, in her minority.

No. 288135

Oh, and with no work experience other than YT and no education beyond age 13. While Margo held all her account passwords.

No. 288137

Exactly! It's like they are inferring a dependent minor could function as an adult…, to walk away from their birth mother for fuck's sake!

There is so much obviously wrong with this on so many levels, I'm no not even going to waste my breath. Morgue clearly has no soul, and chu_face has no brain.

No. 288138

Hate and name calling still translates into views/revenue, which he's clearly more interested in than the truth.

Fuck this opportunistic prick.

No. 288143

He's going to fucking regret this shit so much once Margaret shows him just how insane she is. What a dumbass.

No. 288144

I pray to whatever that NONE of Maggot's stand ever have children. They all seem to think that Venus could have safely walked away when she was like 13 from her abuse. Even when I was clearly trolling them on one of my accounts weeks ago about it, they were psycho enough to believe me. Venus was stuck in fucking prison for 19 years with no way to escape. Who in their right mind condones a minor with no access to their own money, little to no knowledge of a language in a foreign country, no family, no friends and no safe haven to run away?!

Mentally ill idiots, that's who.

No. 288145

The same idiots who live on welfare, claim all the immigrants who are unqualified for welfare are using up all the welfare and stealing their tax dollars, and request less money for welfare. They're also fond of calling for people to pull up their proverbial bootstraps when they're in trouble, but expect bailouts whenever trouble comes their way. It's a miraculous doublethink.

No. 288147

Little gamerboy thinks this will be his ticket to the bigtime. Millions of subs! View$$!! It's the YT version of a tabloid like the Enquirer.

Little shit needs to retract his halfassed video lumping Venus in with fucking Keemstar and the animal crushing creep as "people who GOT THEMSELVES BANNED from Youtube and saying Venus is just as insane as margaret.

Report, report, REPORT.

No. 288148

Fuck home dude for using Venus's situation for his gain. And Margo probably thinks shes getting paid too.
Fuck the both of them.
Im proud of Venus for not being as public about this. She clearly has the brains her mother doesnt have.

No. 288150

Yeah, plus "I never saw any bruises!" and "Why didn't she report it to the police if she was so abused? Because she's LYING, is why!"

No. 288151

IKR? Even if you're in your home country - and the police def don't are about tourists / illegal immigrant kids - 99/100 times the police just send you right back home after filling out a report, and then the kids get beat worse for making trouble for the parent/s ("you told family business! You're a little liar! I'll show you abuse!")

No. 288154

I asked vexxed to ask her something in his twitter. I wonder if he understands the context of the questions and if she's gonna rage to death in his video.

No. 288160

File: 1468102699273.jpeg (166.25 KB, 750x701, image.jpeg)

So I guess Venus does have a Swiss passport then?

No. 288162

Margo changes that story all the time. I think Venus might have both Swiss and Hungarian passports. However, Venus has had no contact with her father since before she could talk, and Margo didn't tell her his name, nor his location, until she moved in with Manaki.

But sure, Margo, your underage daughter could have just left with a frozen bank account, no education and no income, to find a dude she doesn't know the name of, whom she's always been told is an abusive monster, in a country she hasn't lived in since she was 9, and turn up on a doorstep she doesn't know the location of. Sound reasoning.

No. 288165

File: 1468105186239.png (41.43 KB, 306x255, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.58…)

When you're a paid contractor, you don't own the house you build. When you are an employee of a company, and they fire you, you aren't owed any of the company ownership.

Margo, y u dum?

No. 288169