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File: 1480185079651.png (1.62 MB, 456x2240, 1480144538588.png)

No. 338376

Old thread

Ash has gone full coo-coo.
She lies about having a seizure, having spirits inside of her.
Says she knows other people who are the same as her, but actually are just shitting with her by saying oh yeah us too lol
Scares the absolute fuck out of her therapist and lies that the therapist is also one of these weird as "seer" thing.

No. 338377

File: 1480185176080.png (1.6 MB, 456x2240, 1480144572185.png)

Going to post all the caps from last night's crazy adventure.

No. 338378

File: 1480185223599.png (1.65 MB, 456x2240, 1480146496571.png)

No. 338379

File: 1480186099947.png (1.62 MB, 456x2240, 1480147396509.png)

No. 338380

File: 1480186769915.png (1.65 MB, 456x2240, 1480148612444.png)

No. 338381

File: 1480192185235.png (792.9 KB, 456x1060, 1480149272534.png)

No. 338382

Probably should've picked a picture of her for the OP.

No. 338383

How do you fuck up such a simple design?? That tasle is waaaay too short as well. Ugh

No. 338384

Ummmm… I don't think a therapist would do that. And if they did, they shouldn't be a therapist.

That was all just super weird and I don't even know if i understand it.

No. 338385

When your therapist needs a therapist…

No. 338386

File: 1480215551482.jpeg (27.99 KB, 613x533, 9f9.jpeg)

No. 338387

>In spirit terms, "The Unspeakable" is considered as evil and as bad as rape in our terms

This sounds like a line straight out of a weeb's fiction lmao!! How odd that something like that in the "spirit realm" is termed something so intentionally vague…

Gawrsh I sure wonder why this journal was deleted :^) You're so full of shit Ash, who were you trying to fool here??

No. 338388

File: 1480217283704.jpg (238.41 KB, 779x722, sewmean.jpg)

how can you be so mean anon

No. 338389

File: 1480217454778.jpg (118.37 KB, 779x722, promangaka.jpg)

No. 338390

9/10 not enough anatomical contortion + needs tears of blud

No. 338391

Turns out she's doing a lot of random videos on instagram. Was anyone brave enough to click on them and see what they're about.

No. 338392

Bitch thinks she's the main character in some shitty anime series lol

No. 338393


> So this is an outfit I'm working on

> It shows off my amazing figure!!
> And YES, I'm going to Katsucon.
> Join my groooop
> Huehuehue lame joke time

No. 338394

Omg you brave soul. Did you watch all of them??

No. 338395

what's her instagram?

No. 338396

It's axel_gears

No. 338397

My question is… Has anyone actually tried to HELP her instead of just talking? It sounds like this girl needs some serious help from the outside since her family seems to be useless.

No. 338398

Many of the people here have tried and failed at that. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink

No. 338399

She only became a cow in the first place because years ago anons tried to help her with advice on her props and sewing (that she was trying to sell) and she threw a complete shitfit that has only gotten worse.

If you say something she doesn't want to hear she shuts down and comes up with an excuse for why she's right and doesn't have to listen to anything otherwise.

No. 338400

File: 1480316615990.png (118.27 KB, 750x655, IMG_3192.PNG)

No. 338401

Clearly this FAM she's talking about doesn't know Asherbee very well. One thing's for sure, she's got the chub thing right.

No. 338402

>I was turning 18
I keep thinking she's in some sort of stasis and is perpetually 15, but she was even older than that when the /cgl/ threads started.

It's pretty fucked up that she's been completely lost in this whole chuuni-like state for so long. Is she actually going through episodes of psychosis/mania or is it really all just made up? Her entire saga is basically rehashes of the same shitty cosplay/makeup attempts and whiny Facebook posts, but there's still something engrossing about it all.

No. 338403

Yeah….it really doesn't work. You think you're helping and you think you did well, then she regresses five steps backward.

No. 338404

Is this her magic dragon soul buddy talking to her?

No. 338405

That's what I'm assuming cause anyone who thinks like this would have to be crazy.

No. 338406

>adorable chub

Well 1 thing's right I guess…

No. 338407


No. 338408

gdi ashley
I read her posts and get so angry when her friends try to help her then she makes up excuses and says their advice is shit and then deletes the status with all that helpful information. it drives me up a fucking wall jfc

No. 338409

God right! She needs to learn to grow the fuck up and think life is not an anime and she's not a fucking bishounen feminine male character.

No. 338410

More like 1 and a half right:

No. 338411

I've literally completely checked out, I no longer bother trying to help her or reading half of what she posts because there is literally no point. It's sad how many gullible people still try though.

No. 338412

She doesn't actually see these things. She might believe in it, but she's never seen it. It is pretend. She does have some days of mania however, she doesn't fit criteria for bipolar 1 or 2.
Her family is useless when it comes to her mental health.
Her mother buys into it and says they have witches in the family and Ash is just a witch or something.
Her dad gives no shits.
Many people have genuinely tried to hell Ash. Not just tough love or shit talking. I mean genuinely gotten close to her as a person to help her and she does not want the help because she doesn't think there is a problem.

No. 338413

>I'm Queer as fuck to the point I'm about to own a shirt that says "Queer Bait" on it
What the absolute fuck?

No. 338414

Yeeeeeah everytime I see her tumblr description, I loose brain cells. God, she's nasty.

No. 338415

This girl needs a serious reality check. She's lost so much over all this and she STILL doesn't see it. Her parents are fucking useless and anyone who tries to help her gives up.
Is there no saving this girl?

No. 338416

We don't give up on her, trust us. But she will start to threaten people.
She doesn't want help. She thinks she's perfectly fine. If you tell her to her face she freaks out.
If you try to ease into the conversation of help she'll start saying how you're like the others or you're double crossing me. Then her mom comes and will spout about witches and psychics in the family.
Her mother fuels her insanity.
Ash has been bullied in school. Her dad has been abusive. She lies for attention.

No. 338417

She got triggered over someone politely telling her she mistakenly drew a qipao(?) and called it a kimono, so whoever tries helping her out must have tons of patience to not rip their hair out from basically talking to a wall.

No. 338418


No. 338419

File: 1480485523132.png (219.34 KB, 750x1130, IMG_3211.PNG)

No. 338420

I'm so mad because she has so much potential. She genuinely looks nice in the first picture. I'm so frustrated. She could be a great make up artist. She could be a great cosplayer. I'm just so upset because the potential is right there.
Her jaw and chin are so nice. She could look so great if she fixed her teeth.

No. 338421

File: 1480486689128.png (167.42 KB, 516x434, how do you do this ash.png)

So I saw she mentioned she used a pose study for this picture, I found it… I'm amazed how she made it so bad. It's like a skill to be so off while using a REFERENCE…

No. 338422

File: 1480487957258.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1080, PhotoGrid_1480487894529.png)

I'm sorry but how is that wig even Kagome styled at all?? Where are the fucking bangs, I swear she is horrible when it comes to characters that have bangs and doesn't style them. Then again, this is Ashley we're talking about so I'm not surprised in the least.

No. 338423

Wait, THAT Kagome? The wig is brown, not black! At least, it looks that way…

No. 338424

File: 1480489709308.png (81.53 KB, 750x742, IMG_3212.PNG)

10/10 reason not to cosplay with this cow…

No. 338425

File: 1480489888631.jpg (409.48 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_3213.JPG)

Can't even keep makeup/dirt off places (smudge under your nose you couldn't even take care of before shooting you messy slob)

No. 338426

Well it's black but it's not even Kagome styled at all. It honestly looks more Kikyo styled if she cut the bangs right.

No. 338427

Cosfam? COSFAM??? She literally needs to stop calling everyone fam cause posting that in her lingo is weird and gross.

No. 338428


No. 338429

File: 1480501046428.png (48.22 KB, 1007x418, capture.png)

Didn't check my deviantart for a while and came back to be greeted by this. I feel like I've been blessed by the poop queen herself.

No. 338430

File: 1480505081073.png (56.96 KB, 750x409, IMG_3215.PNG)

No. 338431

I want to make a reaction image out of that second photo with that smug smile of hers.

Why is she constantly so thirsty?

This is actually pretty sad that she's got nothing better to do than trigger warning your art, then come back days later to do it again and again, waiting for a reaction.

No. 338432

File: 1480507639942.jpg (401.59 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_3218.JPG)

No. 338433


Lol what was so triggering to her?

No. 338434

Gee, which art was this and she has the gawl to tell you what's right and wrong when she can't even fix herself.

No. 338435

Maybe I'm too old or something but anyone who talks like this needs to be punched.

No. 338436

No. 338437

I hate people who tell others how to tag their shit. fuck you and fuck triggered sjws who hate everything.

No. 338438

which art is this? I want to see what caused her to be so trigger lol

No. 338439

You know you lyin'

No. 338440

No. 338441

File: 1480534036587.png (174.75 KB, 754x1060, helping_hand_by_axelash-daq7od…)

new art and it looks like the fox girls legs are broken

No. 338442

Jesus Christ what a bitch. That girl is probably 12-15. Leave children alone you little monster.
First of all, who did she steal that background image from?
Second, holy shit, what happened to dudes face? So many things are fucked up in this picture also why is dude trying to look like Inuyasha?! Aaarg! She doesn't have one original idea in her head!

No. 338443


No. 338444


The fox, wolf, whatever guy's ears are transparent, that's what annoyed me the most.

No. 338445

No. 338446

>fox girl
According to Ashley, it's a boy…Ya know, so she can still self-insert as a tsundere yaoi boy in her rape-fetish stories.

No. 338447

but it has a pink kimono and everything. more like a trap

No. 338448

theres no way that id ever look at that and say boy

No. 338449

>your OC is a Sue and bait for horny illiterate teenage boys
And yet your own OCs are Stans and bait for horny illiterate and artistically challenged teenage girls.

No. 338450

File: 1480541507866.jpg (24.57 KB, 343x382, IMG_4202.JPG)

And so the bullied becomes a bully themselves. Oh wait, Ash has always been a two-faced cunt who will kiss your ass when she wants something and then bash your existence to anyone who will listen. She loves pretending to be "smol and innocent" for attention, but I dare say she's almost bad as, if not worse than, OC/Somersby. They're both vile, but clearly they were a great match for each other when it comes to being shitty friends with inflated egos and a habit of lying for attention. Wonder if any of the Facebook anons here will ever call her out publicly…That'd be fun to watch.

No. 338451

Meh, I don't think she goes for the tsundere archetype. More like, moe too innocent for their own good, someone is gonna take advantage of them.
But you're spot on about the rape-fetish story part. She's so sexually frustrated, I get second hand embarrassment.

No. 338452

If she DOES believe these things, like that she's seeing/talking to dragon spirits and has "others" inside her, she needs serious help, and whatever therapist she claims she's seeing needs to have their license revoked if they're just fueling her delusions.
Has anyone considered calling her local police and asking they do a wellness check on her, like those seagulls did back when she was threatening suicide? If her own mother is feeding into her insanity, I feel like that qualifies as child abuse/endangerment and warrants a check. Or maybe claim she's hallucinating and possibly on drugs idk something to either try to get her to grow the fuck up or actually get her psychological help.

No. 338453

"You're not willing to take the constructive criticism I'm giving you to improve yourself."

Look who's talking…

No. 338454

Ashley is 22. It isn't child abuse or endangerment at this point because she is a legal adult. The police would tell her to leave her parents house if she was being abused.
We can't do a wellness check unless she makes threats to her life or to someone else.

No. 338455

I can't believe she's acting like this at 22, holy shit.
If not child abuse, she's clearly a threat to herself and others if she believes these dragon spirits exist, she's threatened at least 2 people (that I know of) by saying one of her dragons wants to kill them. Doesn't that qualify for "hey, this person threatened someone and claims a spirit told her to" sort of call? Sorry, I'm not sure how these things work in the States, but I feel like that'd be something worth following up on just in case she's a threat due to mental instability.

No. 338456

Hi. US anon certified in mental health.

Stating that a dragon in her head wants to kill someone is not enough to warrant a wellness check. People have intrusive thoughts all the time that do not act upon them. Unless she is making an active threat, saying that she is going to kill them or kill herself, calling the police won't do much good. They won't be able to do anything. There would need to be more evidence than just "the dragon in my head wants you dead".

No. 338457

whats her deviantart?

No. 338458

File: 1480548675510.png (83.44 KB, 750x410, IMG_3220.PNG)

No. 338459


Certified anon again. Reviewed the text in the screenshots again. Specifically, this one, where she says that one of the "dragons" says "Make him pay for it":

Such a statement is incredibly vague and would not be binding according to Virginia state law. This is what Virginia state law requires for any sort of mandated involuntary civil commitment or mandatory outpatient treatment (bold by me for emphasis):

>C. After observing the person and considering (i) the recommendations of any treating or examining physician or psychologist licensed in Virginia, if available, (ii) any past actions of the person, (iii) any past mental health treatment of the person, (iv) any examiner's certification, (v) any health records available, (vi) the preadmission screening report, and (vii) any other relevant evidence that may have been admitted, including whether the person recently has been found unrestorably incompetent to stand trial after a hearing held pursuant to subsection E of § 19.2-169.1, if the judge or special justice finds by clear and convincing evidence that (a) the person has a mental illness and there is a substantial likelihood that, as a result of mental illness, the person will, in the near future, (1) cause serious physical harm to himself or others as evidenced by recent behavior causing, attempting, or threatening harm and other relevant information, if any, or (2) suffer serious harm due to his lack of capacity to protect himself from harm or to provide for his basic human needs, and (b) all available less restrictive treatment alternatives to involuntary inpatient treatment, pursuant to subsection D, that would offer an opportunity for the improvement of the person's condition have been investigated and determined to be inappropriate, the judge or special justice shall by written order and specific findings so certify and order that the person be admitted involuntarily to a facility for a period of treatment not to exceed 30 days from the date of the court order.

Source: http://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title37.2/chapter8/section37.2-817/

So basically, there would need to be clear evidence that she actually plans to or has made an effort to hurt someone outside of a single vague DeviantArt post, such threats would have to be determined to be a result of mental illness as determined by a treating or examining licensed professional, and other options that are less extreme are not feasible. If a less extreme option is available and feasible (such as mandatory outpatient therapy, and she already claims to have a "therapist" though I doubt they exist, let alone actually treat her the way she claims), that option is used instead of actual commitment. But as it stands, the comment of "make him pay for it" could mean anything from bodily harm to disconnecting his cable. She'd have to be doing a lot more than vague comments on the internet before anyone could legally intervene, and even then, these laws are written in a way so as to specifically minimize the risk of people getting forced into treatment for minor things. The law will not enforce mandatory treatment for just anything because people on the internet consider her to be nuts.

No. 338460

Or, er, italics by me. Not bold. I thought that was going to bold it but w/e.

No. 338461


i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's a fucking lie

No. 338462

I like how she has the nerve to call a young girl's oc cringeworthy and pretends nothing she has written or made in her teenage life cringeworthy… lol

No. 338463

It's axelash.deviantart.com

No. 338464

WHY! That whole secret shit couldn't be anymore than a flat out lie. And for the love of god bitch, YOU ARE NOT YURI! You DO NOT have the motivation like him nor do you have any dreams cause you keep changing your whatever the fuck plans you wanna do with your life. So stop saying you are like Yuri. Also, from what I heard she ships Yuri and Chris and quite possibly JJ. NO JUST GTFO YOU BITCH!

No. 338465

I've known Ash since grade school and never once has she mentioned doing any sort of dance at a young age, however, it isn't impossible. Many daycares and preschools offer tap, ballet, gymnastics.
She very well may have done some type of dance, however…
I highly doubt she danced to a song in an anime. This is more of her fairy tale life of trying to be a main character in an anime.

No. 338466

I figured as much.

No. 338467

Not to mention all the music in the snow is originally composed

No. 338468

Unless she has a time machine, it'd be impossible for her to have danced to a Yurio song in childhood or adolescence. The show only started airing in Oct 2016.

No. 338469

I don't watch the show so after reading her post I assumed it was probably some random classical piece but wow lmao

No. 338470

Because I don't watch the show or know anything about it, I couldn't find the scene she's referring to.
But I did look up the sound track, and they are all original songs, written for the show.
She's absolutely lying.
Maybe she thinks she's Yuri-kin? Like, she could be having false memories that she genuienly believes to have happened. Or she's lying through her teeth and knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 338471

…how is she affording to go to Katsucon? My group and I are paying out the ass for a room now, and it's still in three months.

No. 338472

Remember how she's bumming off of her parents money? Plus she might have some money left from that delta check.

No. 338473

File: 1480564916372.png (292.36 KB, 1532x1070, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.0…)


No. 338474

No. 338475

The burn tool shading is so nostalgic! There's no way she could've illustrated that tree though.

No. 338476

Yeah, that right there pissed me the hell off. She obviously needs to be taught a lesson. I feel so bad for that girl.

No. 338477

It reminds me of a tree from Inuyasha.

No. 338478

Oh my god. You're right. She fucking ripped off the background from Inuyasha. That's what dude guy is. He's a knock off Inuyasha and her dumb as is trying to be Kagome.

No. 338479

Not to mention she's in an Inuyasha kick with her unimprovement costests of Kagome

No. 338480

Funny she should say that last bit as it's basically what most people who were trying to help her decide after she ignores advice again and again.

No. 338481

The song Yurio skates to is wht seems to be a modernized edited version of the original al classical one. So it's plausible she had danced to a version of this song. But let's be honest ash, floundering around the rink to music is not "competitive ice skating". Can u imagine how aweful a cow on blades would be?

Quick YouTube search yielded this:

No. 338482


I did a little snooping around on the girl's DA profile and it seems like she's either mentally disabled or got a DA account really young since she's had it for like 2 years.

…Way to fucking go, Ash. You either bullied a kid or a disabled person.

No. 338483

Yurio and Yuri aren't the same people and from what I can tell, she's not much interested in Yurio aka Russian Yuri since she can't ship him with Japanese Yuri.
Still an outright lie though since it's all original music.

No. 338484

File: 1480615838541.jpg (165.98 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5699.JPG)

No. 338485

File: 1480616006723.png (153.7 KB, 636x822, IMG_5701.PNG)


lol this anon knows what's up.

No. 338486

My favorite part about her "that totally happened" post was that she said her favorite character is Mink from DMMD. Mink, the guy who literally raped the MC into submission.
Same girl who said she can't stand being in the same room as a man because idk sexual assault victim???

No. 338487

That's just showing her rape-fetish kink even more. She likes it. She's into it.
I know actual people into it, and what Ash doesn't know, is it's all role play. She doesn't get that it's consensual. She's incredibly hypocritical.
She writes rape kink stories. You can't tell me she's just pandering.

No. 338488


Not able to take screencaps rn but holy shit Ash is a bigger asshole than I thought! She's so pretentious. (Preface:thread began with girl asking to do some kind of anime roleplay, but Ash declined and said she only RPs with 18 years and over with OCs, which the girl said she was. Thus leading to the chain)

No. 338489

Samefagging to add some of Ash's replies regarding the content she RPs… yikes!

No. 338490

Wait, where's this comment located at??

No. 338491


I got it to display all the parent comments so nobody has to suffer scrolling down her profile for miles. It should show everything now from the beginning. This user posted on Ash's profile first in terms of this conversation (so the encounter doesn't seem as random but I'm not sure)

No. 338492

A friend on FB sent it to me to post for them. I think the chick ash mentally abused a while back wrote it a short a status. >>338491
This chick needs to block ash. She doesn't deserve that kind of verbal backlash.

No. 338493

I can't read the whole thing at the moment since on mobile but holy. She's being an ass and taking an easy jab at someone who's possibly young. I kind of want to coddle the girl. I read her character description and it sounded like something I would have made when I was 13.

No. 338494

File: 1480637414115.png (68.2 KB, 541x294, f511b80b-fa77-45da-9a8d-862b59…)

Ash's deviantart signature:
>Warning. Beware of Bitch.

>If I say you're indifferent to me, it means one of the following

>A. I don't know you enough to care
>B. I don't feel like wasting the energy to care
>C. Means I don't think enough about you to care
>D. All of the above.

Pic related: the onision level of better-than-thou vibes from this sig triggered me

No. 338495

Thing is, she always cares, and everyone knows it.

No. 338496

It's funny (not really) how she's tearing into this poor girl for her bad grammar when she abuses apostrophes like no other. What a cunt.

No. 338497

File: 1480690294653.png (21.41 KB, 569x122, IMG_5704.PNG)

No. 338498

File: 1480691402332.png (1016.31 KB, 898x938, Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.06…)

she has the chance of doing a decent male makeup because she seems to kind of have the shape but her makeup does not do her any justice

No. 338499

>I want to fix up my makeup for this one character but was too lazy to actually do anything for the character
Then what was the point for this?

No. 338500

Well I can't think of anything less masculine than winged eyeliner so gj.

No. 338501

She looks like an angry potato.

No. 338502

From a distance, I really do like her look right now. But when you zoom in you change your mind a little

No. 338503

You gotta have nice cheekbones and a defined jaw in order to pull off shaved sides

No. 338504

the bottom right image isn't that bad when you don't zoom in. I dare say she looks like a model there. but dont tell her itll inflate her ego

No. 338505

She could be so good if she just tried to do stuff properly.

No. 338506

If she wants to go for a more masculine look, she needs to stop feminizing male characters and think about contouring. Males don't have that much of a wing, eyeliner wise. Also yes what was the point of this If she's trying to look like Aoba. You have to put on the wig and you have to use blue shading for the eyebrows. So in other words, this doesn't improve her Aoba at all.

No. 338507

looks like someone is giving ash advice and shes ignoring it per usual about her masculine makeup. anyone getting shots I cant take screenshots. Only a matter of time before she delets the whole thing

No. 338508

Get rid of the god damn eyeliner. Jesus Christ, we know she reads here.
She fucked up her nose and made it look terrible. She's caked on so much foundation, causing the eye brows to look like they've been drawn on with Sharpie.
She's obsessed over making males look feminine.

No. 338509

File: 1480705746088.png (1.21 MB, 936x820, Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.08…)

oh no ashley oh no

No. 338510


No. 338511

Oh my god. She legitimately looks like a pig???
She also needs to stop raising her brows when she takes pictures. Her brow bone is pronounced enough to the point that raising them causes an unflattering shadow. Plus she's going to give her forehead hell's wrinkles.

No. 338512

File: 1480708131420.jpg (28.79 KB, 663x579, prPorjA.jpg)

No. 338513

File: 1480709224904.png (1012.43 KB, 774x856, Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 2.06…)


No. 338514

There is nothing manly about teal eyebrows that are obviously drawn on top of foundation covered eyebrows and smudged eyeliner. Even the guys I know into makeup wouldn't fuck up that badly.

No. 338515

JFC! Who is she kidding with this type of style? STOP FEMINIZING MALE CHARACTERS YOU BITCH!

No. 338516

I dont know, guys. I think she looks nice. She is improving and I can see Aoba inspiration.

No. 338517

lol Hello Ashley

No. 338518

She's not improving if all she's doing is smudging her eyeliner and caking her face. She needs to learn to look up tutorials on masculine make-up in general. Contour and try shaping the eyes better. That's my two cents right there.

No. 338519

according to her post, she 'took the advice' given by friends on her previous post. Did the advice help at all?

No. 338520

I'm not even sure what advice anyone gave her. Did anyone screencap it?

No. 338521

This is some Starrprincess-level tier shit.

Huh. I never realized she's had hip problems. I've followed her for a while, but that's interesting.

Took me a while to figure out she was censoring rape.

STYLE YOUR DAMNED WIG, ASH. Nobody would know who you were cosplaying if you didn't say who it was.

No. 338522

I want caps to see if it was actual advice or not because there is 0 improvement

No. 338523

I can't fucking believe that she is posting these, inadvertently manifesting as one of the FUCKING OOMPA-LOOMPAS from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.

(Oompa loompa doompety doo,
I've got another bad costest for you)

No. 338524

Why is her cheek contour so low? That kinda defeats the whole purpose, no?

No. 338525

The bottom picture makes me so uncomfortable.
She's completely cake faced. Did nothing to get lashes. Can't stop doing winged eyeliner on male characters despite tons of constructive criticism.
Yeah, it looks like she rubbed dirt on her face.

No. 338526

File: 1480715424658.png (173.62 KB, 750x983, IMG_3032.PNG)

No. 338527

File: 1480715577261.png (180.87 KB, 750x1007, IMG_3033.PNG)

That's kind of basic advice?

No. 338528

File: 1480715796096.png (68.86 KB, 750x333, IMG_3036.PNG)

Sound advice that Ashley crashed and burned with

No. 338529

File: 1480715877237.jpg (73.36 KB, 800x600, aoba___dmmd_cosplay_by_hikuja-…)

Female cosplaying Aoba, using her androgynous features to her advantage.
Ashley, take notes. Please stop using concealer on your lips.

No. 338530

File: 1480716231265.png (149.9 KB, 652x941, IMG_3034.PNG)

ashley vs ashley
second ashley seems done with her shit

No. 338531

For that matter, Aoba's eyebrows aren't even teal. They're blue. Like his hair is. So another good point to start with would be not using teal for makeup. Pretty basic stuff to get wrong…

No. 338532

Why DOES Ash cover her lips in concealer/nude shades anyway? It looks very unnatural. It doesn't seem to even look like a darker shade of her skintone, she looks like Voldemort instead of a masculine person.

No. 338533

I can vouch for Ashley Span. She does an amazing person just as she's equally gorgeous AND talented. (I've seen her in both and let me tell you, I question my sexuality with her)
It's all using your face and your materials to your advantage.
Ash could be so much better if she actually TRIED.

No. 338534

File: 1480737860311.jpeg (230.97 KB, 1152x2048, 15272070_1645142992178065_6832…)


No. 338535

File: 1480738001711.jpeg (260.83 KB, 1152x2048, 15259603_1645142995511398_3170…)

No. 338536

SHE MADE THEM SO FUCKING SHORT! She's trying to look like those cosplayers that have to shave half their eyebrows to make them. For some people, it works, but not for Ashley.

No. 338537

File: 1480738773748.png (58.87 KB, 750x483, IMG_3052.PNG)


No. 338538

Has she never heard of nasal strips?

No. 338539

Goddamn she looks like lordvader25/ Jason Genova!

No. 338540

File: 1480739365823.png (116.81 KB, 500x382, tumblr_inline_o6mo8yFmIo1tuus3…)


No. 338541

I saw high definition zit and made the mistake of scrolling down before I clicked out. All those blackheads, holy crap.

No. 338542

File: 1480745572286.jpg (44.39 KB, 405x720, IMG_3226.JPG)

No. 338543

anons late to the party its already up there

No. 338544

File: 1480746762351.png (51.57 KB, 737x305, IMG_3227.PNG)

Guys she heard you lol

No. 338545

Or you could wash your face every day

No. 338546

Where the hell did she get the idea that washing your face everyday as a teenager means you won't have blackheads as an adult?? Like, if you don't wash your face properly and use skin care you're still gonna get blackheads and stuff even if you washed your face multiple times a day as a teenager

No. 338547

This is the person who thought buttholes actually self lubricate if you're not a virgin, so what can you expect?

No. 338548

File: 1480748226829.gif (44.65 KB, 378x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 338549

What the fuck! Omg did she realy say that?

No. 338550


No. 338551

File: 1480812247030.png (108.01 KB, 750x920, IMG_3230.PNG)

No. 338552

Wrong person, you're thinking of another cow from around the same time called neo-classicneko.

That was a great time in cgl history

No. 338553

Looks slightly better.

No. 338554

File: 1480815112340.png (160.27 KB, 750x1196, IMG_3231.PNG)

No. 338555

Oh god what has she done to her hair?
Also, those are still drag queen brows.
Ah! No! No no no! Oh my god you can see the purple glue!

No. 338556

You can just go on YouTube and watch drag queens and how they do their brows.

For some reason, that blue looks like crayola.

No. 338557


No. 338558

Why did she shave the front of her hairline? Like, I get the whole shaving the sides of your head, but what the fuck?

No. 338559

jfc, what is this cunt's problem?? Ash is the most unlikeable cow yet. Someone needs to put her in her place.

No. 338560

I don't know, but it makes me really uncomfortable.
But she's a make up guru!

No. 338561

This is disgusting. What makes her think she can pull off a hot thing like Aoba? Improving eyebrows is not gonna get anywhere cosplaying him. WHY IS SHE GOING OUT OF HER TO COSPLAY THIS GUY?! He is waaaaaay out of her league. Shit, like look at her!

No. 338562

File: 1480843043811.png (159.44 KB, 750x928, IMG_3235.PNG)

No. 338563

New Years LQ thing? All I'm finding is a club in NYC… please tell me it is something else?

No. 338564

maybe she has a cowlick or something? only reason I can think of for her doing that shit

No. 338565

It's an event at the laser tag place she works at.

No. 338566

Sooooo apparently that shows she didn't get the table at Ichi. Honestly I'm not surprised.

No. 338567

File: 1480855757342.png (73.15 KB, 633x456, IMG_5710.PNG)

Anon is late to the party. Still finds this relevant

No. 338568

i asked in one of the previous threads and someone suggested it might make wearing wigs easier? looks fucking grim af whatever reason it is

No. 338569

That's fine if you plan on wearing a wig ALL the time but when you're only wearing wigs for cosplay, then this looks like shit out of cosplay.

No. 338570

oh yeah i don't support it, i was just offering up what i'd been told. tbh every bad hair day i have i look at Ash and i'm like nvm you're fine, she looks like an 80's reject or something

No. 338571

Also I can understand that for people who have small foreheads but when you already have all the real estate she does it doesnt make any sense.

No. 338572

She needs to stop watching drag queen make up tutorials.

No. 338573

She wears wigs pretty regularly from what I've seen. Note her "unicorn" outfit from previous thread when she went out to eat with the fam.

No. 338574

File: 1480894143812.png (33.62 KB, 747x188, IMG_3246.PNG)

I think the word you're looking for is desperate….

No. 338575

Please for the love of God, research what that means before you post it on public media.

No. 338576

File: 1480896832641.jpg (40.27 KB, 547x393, IMG_0267.JPG)

>hates men
>try's to seduce the men of girls she's jealous of
>but like has been totally sexually assalted by men so she's scared of them
>after becoming desperate turns out to be attracted towards men

Sure ash. First you were bi, then lesbian, then you were trans, Now you are pan. Sure. This isn't attention seeking behavior at all

No. 338577

File: 1480907501772.png (128.36 KB, 749x775, IMG_3248.PNG)

No. 338578

Someone knows what they're talking about and it's not the cow.

No. 338579

Please do not have a long conversation with her on sexuality. She'll get ideas and then assume she's everything under the sun.

No. 338580

whats complicated? is said man a hermaphrodite or something?

No. 338581

or maybe anon is just jumping to conclusions and it something simple like a tran friend. Im sure she has one or two.

No. 338582

She certainly hasn't convinced me she's into girls more than boys (unless her fetish for overly feminized males is part of that, but I doubt that's the case). Not that it particularly matters anyway, she looks straight out of a drag queen show when I see her do these makeup tests.

No. 338583

File: 1480929516970.png (266.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3895.PNG)

No. 338584

File: 1480929865473.png (243.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0258.PNG)

No. 338585

FFS Ash, do some research besides fantasizing all day! You are just making yourself look more idiotic

No. 338586

Doesn't she have a job? Every time I check FB she's posted within the past two hours so when does she actually go to work?

No. 338587

As a pagan I want to slap her. Gets your facts straight seriously. Yes Christmas is the Christian version of a pagan holiday knows as Yule. However that in itself wasn't made to convert pages to Christianity. Christianity was made to turn pagans towards Christianity. Christmas and Easter was made to say "hey pagan we have a Yule and Ostara/Belthane to!" Basically taking the idea the earth dying and giving birth to new life and basically a holiday about sex and making them about their god. Just adaptations to role everything into one. Like main stream lore mixing up the holly king and santas lore. Do. Some. Research. Before. You. Talk. Ash.

No. 338588

But she's totes an oppressed and misunderstood pagan too, Anon! It's why she can see demons and dragons and spirits! Haven't you seen her alter?! (Spoiler alert: it's a fucking disaster)

No. 338589

Who is that Micah guy talking about? Not only do I wanna smack asherbee but also him. He literally only butts in just to make asherbee good and makes the people who are giving asherbee advice sound bad. Like wtf are both those kids on? It makes me sick.

No. 338590


Cough cough

if you can even call that an alter

No. 338591

what is this alter you speak of anon?

No. 338592

If you guys got pictures of an altar I'd love to see it

No. 338593


oh jesus, now this i have to see. pls come through, anon

No. 338594

File: 1480966492308.jpeg (143.66 KB, 730x1095, make_up_improvement_by_asherbe…)

DA Title: "Make Up Improvement"
Description: "Looking back, I'm EMBARRASSED at that piece of shit I came out with in 2012. I was such a snotty child who thought they knew everything, wasn't I? ANYWAY! I re did my "smile" make up tonight with scar wax and I'll be posting more photos shortly."

No. 338595

It still looks terrible, jesus fucking christ.
Oh my god, how dare you talk badly about Zavik the Russian dragon who totally has an English accent.

No. 338596

$5 that's the friend she likes.

No. 338597

I'm betting you're right.

No. 338598

File: 1480986894015.png (288.78 KB, 625x489, pasghetti.png)

No. 338599


slightly ot, i just noticed the imaged is flipped because of selfie mode or whatever so it looks like she just wrote "slime" on her forehead

which tbh is a good word to describe her


No. 338600

File: 1481014272116.png (269 KB, 1500x599, 12616 StatusUpdate.png)

No. 338601

File: 1481022037028.png (114.58 KB, 746x804, IMG_3250.PNG)

Yes bitch because the world revolves around you.

No. 338602

She's so ungrateful for even being invited.
Her self esteem is so bad. I mean, I get it, but she also thinks she's hot shit? But then she posts thing like this and expects people to start cooing at her when she's trying to have this persona of she knows exactly what she's doing and she's so talented.

She is never going to be happy. She's putting her happiness on everyone but herself. She can't take responsibility for her own emotions. And you simply can't trust other people to be there 24/7 to make sure she's happy.

I mean, jeez. She's tired of people telling her she's doing a good job? Because it puts her on a pedestal? Are you for real? Why not, thank you mom? And, she absolutely freaks out if you don't praise her. And form of criticism, she takes as a personal attack.

And who gets mad at their grandad for trying to be apart of their life? I feel like she's lying about him trying to find a date for her though. If he is, she's right that he shouldn't be.

She says she's tired of being a last resort, but does she know what she does to people? Someone doesn't show up for something, she will go up and down her friends list to find the quickest replacement.
If her "friends" ignore her all the time, they're probably not worth keeping or holding to her standard so why harp on it? Remove them and move on to people who will want to be active with you.
She makes herself miserable by trying to cast this wide net, and she just ends up exhausting herself.

If people think they can get free art, set boundaries. But also, like, understand that people don't want to pay for bad art. Maybe take some classes and watch some art tutorials, don't trace. People want to pay for good art.

Lastly. The things Ash wants out of friends will only be achieved if she also puts that out to friends.

No. 338603

Ash is the only one responsible for her feelings and happiness.

No. 338604

>my family
You mean the family she whines doesn't respect her or understand her and abuses her?

>my sister

You mean the actual good cosplayer who Ash copies and tries to outdo?

Surprised she didn't bring up her brother as well. The one she wished would get cancer.

No. 338605

Samefag but I just realized her whining about being used for her costume commissioning is the biggest load of crap.

Last I knew she bugged her friends to get them to commission her and then shoved crappily sewn stuff at them in return and they had to accept it and pay her or she'd get mad and get her mother to stand up for her.

No. 338606

This is a whine party. If you're unhappy you have to reach out. People aren't obligated to MAKE you happy. I know she's got some issues but people are fighting their own battles as well. She should break out of her bubble if she feels she's being ignored and try to see herself in a different light. Why are 'people ignoring me?' Self evaluate. But she won't do that.

It also pisses me off she's angry about her grandfather sending her jobs. My own dad does that because he knows I'm looking. He'll send me jobs every other day that he thinks I'm qualified for but I know I'm not. Sometimes it's bothersome but I know he means well for actually helping me out. I don't know her relationship with her granddad but that's what her grandfathers doing too. He cares (or seems to) about his grand daughter enough to help her find costuming or art jobs. That shit's hard to find depending on your location too. It also means he's thinking about her so that should be uplifting that there's someone who ISN'T ignoring you and is actively helping you in some aspect of your life.

Anyway she says she isn't ready for the work force. She's 22 (?) when will she be ready? At 30? At that point you're expected to have at least 3-10 years experience in whatever you're doing (provided it isn't retail or something basic). Chop chop.

No. 338607

You took the words right out of my mouth anon. I can't believe she would get pissed over her grandfather who is actively searching for jobs that are in her line of light. Ashley has been sewing since what, middle or high school and she believes she's still not ready? I'm sorry but I call that laziness. If you really wanna shoot for something you love, then take classes, watch tutorials, improve yourself cause honestly over the years, her shit still looks the same.

And the friends reaching out to her shit, please just stop. Nobody is gonna make you feel better. If anything, she needs to do something other than cosplaying cause it's only making her ego worse and worse every year. Read a book, talk a walk outside, play video games, fool around with the kitties, but for the love of God, don't blame your emotions on us or anyone. You put yourself there, so you should grow the fuck up and face life. She's may be 22 years old but what is she gonna do once she moves out? She's never gonna face reality what with this attitude of hers. Also, here's a little advice from a full timer. Find a job that has benefits. Trust me, it will make your a lot easier but cons and cosplays are always her number 1 in her life. I shouldn't expect much of her to grow up.

No. 338608

Isnt that the guy who dresses up as Celtic Guardian and Flame Swordsman? I can't believe she would treat him so poorly. He's got a bit of a disability, way worse than Ashley's condition and she thinks the world evolves around her. For the love God, GTFO Ashley. This is why nobody wants to stay friends with you.

No. 338609

>People need to get their nose out of my business and focus on others in their lives
>People need to stop ignoring me and focus on me more

Bitch which is it?

No. 338610

Don't forget, Ashley sarcastically called her mother loving, a glory hog, and that she gets off to having a mentally ill child.
But also, omg mom keeps putting me on a pedestal, so exhausting.
She's mad jealous of her sister. End of story.
When it comes to jobs, here in Virginia is it very difficult to find jobs right now. And Ashley is mentally ill, so working will be even more difficult for her.
When it comes to people with mental disorders, they usually can easily do things that are selfish and have a positive outcome for them. They can do the things they want.
But not the things they need to. Because that's in the unknown territory.
Don't misunderstand me here. I am by no means defending Ashley. I do however understand why she does what she does.

No. 338611

Yeah. He's a nice guy too

No. 338612

File: 1481056804930.png (257.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3984.PNG)

No. 338613

Cosplays held together by hot glue and the collective prayers of everyone around her?

No. 338614

File: 1481063488066.jpg (35.57 KB, 960x540, 10653479_1249999408350343_4676…)

Harshly criticizes people for their work all the while doing a worse job on something and crying people are too mean.

Pregnant Aoba?

Body odor?

Jipping people?

Horrible living conditions?

Letting your pets die?

Believing that people are out to get you?

Spending other peoples money and never returning it?

A poor excuse for a trans person?

A poor excuse for a Lesbian?

A poor excuse?

I could go on.

No. 338615


no one uses your shitty photography. No one wants your shitty costumes. And I'm sorry the last time I remembered ASH you couldn't stop gloating about how you were Face off ready and should be working on site at movies. So fuck off with your pitty party no one cares!!!!!

No. 338616

Oh god help us, she's discovered Facebook live…

No. 338617

>Body odor?
I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but irl she doesn't smell bad or anything. But I've never been to cons with her or anything so I don't know about then.

No. 338618

File: 1481072876715.png (138.57 KB, 750x972, IMG_3253.PNG)

No. 338619

No, no you don't. You honestly look like a creeper.

No. 338620


No. 338621

File: 1481075137532.jpg (34.55 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1481075045575.jpg)

Hur hur! I'm off to steal yo Mink's+Trip and Virus's virginities, fam!

I can never get used to those teeth. JFC!

No. 338622


What are the black lines under the eyes…wtf?

No. 338623

Haha. She even got advice to use brown as her contour and she used pink. Hahahahaha why?
And the eyebrows are still the wrong colour.

No. 338624

Ironically enough, I see some cosplayers put lines under their eyes like that but you have to make it work. For Aoba, it doesn't work.

No. 338625

File: 1481086931864.jpeg (92.06 KB, 843x847, 15370034_1651747254850972_3856…)

ngl this shot isn't too bad
but its probably one of those 1 rare good ones out of 100 selfies

No. 338626

These Katsu plans though! I'm pretty sure the guy she thinks she's pansexual for is Micah. I don't see who else it could be at this point. I am not thrilled to see any of these photos. It was bad enough seeing her disgusting pregnant Aoba all over the fucking Katsu floor from this past years.


No. 338627

fuck someone from my katsu group is cosplaying dramatical murder. I hope I can take one for the team and observe her irl guys.

No. 338628

Oh shit! Take pics of her shitty group.

No. 338629

So I much for Mikasa

No. 338630

Oh ash when will you learn that you aren't welcome at katsu anymore. Seriously that bitch has caused the staff, con goers, and cosplayers way to much trouble. Everyone who's anyone knows her rep already and is tired of it.

No. 338631

What do you mean anon?

No. 338632

Haha yeah. She's all about that "take me" and "let me play the victim" part.

No. 338633

pretty sure people just take photos of her at cons because they know her infamy on 4chan. She then thinks shes good and popular and doesnt know the meaning behind it.

No. 338634


Ash and conventions always mean drama. Weather she's stalking cosplayers she's hot for or arguing with staff it's always something with her. She cussed out a friend with special needs because she was tired of "baby sitting" her at a convention that she was supposed to be having fun at even though she told that kids parents she could totally be the adult supervision. I was there when that friend came crying into one of my friends room looking for shelter cuz she didn't feel safe being alone. We shortly left after that cuz it was none of my business but I felt so bad for my friend who had to deal with both the friend and ash. And after hearing the story.. Katsucon is a huge convention. It's intimidating being alone there. But to be special needs, young, and inexperienced in cons. To be yelled at and dumped in the middle of the convention. Not cool ash.

No. 338635

File: 1481136557781.jpg (49.03 KB, 405x720, IMG_3265.JPG)

No. 338636

Wow what a bitch! She should be banned from Katsu all together.

No. 338637

I wish I was going to Katsu. Not because I want to see the train wreck in person because I really want to go anyway, but seeing Ash inserting herself into every group for fanservice photos would be a nice bonus.

No. 338638

Someone better post some of the photos she posts of her nasty ass groups.

No. 338639

God fucking dammit.

No. 338640

File: 1481151204423.png (132.01 KB, 407x286, 5840c02d-acc6-47d4-9469-316483…)

What character is this supposed to be?

No. 338641

Did anyone see her Katsucon lineup? Every single one of those costumes are worse than a train wreck!!

No. 338642



oh yeah she's infimous at katsu. Infamous for sexually asulting people in the name of fan service.

heard she won't be bringing her crappy Sarah dress back to Katsu cuz that friend the anon above was talking about who had to deal with that ash drama Cosplays the same thing but 100% better and ash basically showed up to her group and was kicked out for trying to grope that Cosplayers husband for fan service reasons.

No. 338643

I heard she hounded another cosplayer who did Sarah before her about how she made it. While the other girl was doing her best, Ash was boasting hers was amazing and that all Jareth cosplayers should love her.

No. 338644


No. 338645


Because she'll cry that no one is her friend and people start whiteknighting her.

As for the Sarah cosplayer, word is is that Ash was claiming she was better. This cosplayer had been nice enough to tell her how she was making hers… And Ash fucked her over at Katsucon (since they both wore it to the same con)

No. 338646


Not only that but this is the same cosplayers she later mentally abused. That cosplayer was nice enough to accept ash in to a cosplay skit group of Inside out and totally went ape shit on her. Using her for more than just cosplay tips and commissions. But forcing her to do things to keep ash in that cosplay group. Quote: she would make me compliment her and beg her to stay. We didn't want her to stay but we needed her to stay to be able to do the masquerade at Katsu. Its one month away and I've worked so hard. But she just kept demanding I should give her reasons to stay."

After that cosplayers friends helped her out of ashes clutches ash tried to ruin her image and bully her via 4-chan and deviant art. Akane Reaper is that cosplayers name.

No. 338647


Omfg ash seriously needs to be banned!

Akane Reaper? Wait I know that cosplayer. As in Noblesse Oblige Cosplays Akane Reaper? THAT POOR GIRL!

She's got like PTSD and anxiety issues or something. The last thing she needs is Ash pulling her around. Let alone sexually adulting her partner or bullying her.

Seriously you want to see real cosplay check this poor soul out on FB. No wonder ash tried to piggy back on her success. Shit biscuits.

No. 338648

This is what I've been trying to say. Someone needs to tell Katsu staff about this and have people keep an eye on her. She will come off as strong if you cosplay Mink or Trip and Virus, I wouldn't be surprised if she starts groping either one of them as bad ending Aoba.

No. 338649


She's used more than one cosplayer to harrass and mooch ideas off of.

I'm one of them and I regret every fucking second of it.

No. 338650

Now I'm curious. What happened?

No. 338651

-Makes super hard cosplay that took months to plan and map out. Posts a couple of progress shots.

-Ash creeps in asking for me to give her help on cosplay

-Tells her I was frankenstining the shit out of patterns for said cosplay.

-She proceeds to bother for DAYS about this.

-Makes her own then rumor had it she shat on mine the whole time, claiming hers superior.

(Keeping cosplay anon bc she most likely stalks this form)

No. 338652

Same. I'd say what she's trying to mooch off for but that would expose me.

No. 338653

I have a feeling I know which cosplay it is but just watch how she will brag about her pregnant Aoba being superior. Look bitch, can you not?

No. 338654

I am willing to bet money she's gonna try shitting out a FFXV cosplay soon.

No. 338655

File: 1481177675101.png (65.77 KB, 629x278, well played.png)

No. 338656

The bird from Dramatical Murder.

I didn't hear about the hounding but even as far out of the loop with updates on her as I was a while ago, I still heard about her cosplaying Sarah because she disliked a girl who did and Ash's top tactics for that sort of situation are: 1. Whine vaguely about the person. 2. Cosplay whatever they're cosplaying but BETTER (in her mind at least).
It's hardly the first time she's stolen someone else's idea after seeing how popular they get from it.

No. 338657

I wonder if she posted anything about the new episode of Yuri on Ice. I can already see her trying to do more than just disgustingly gay it up at katsu.

No. 338658

File: 1481216913977.png (28.26 KB, 740x232, IMG_3267.PNG)

Just this anon.

No. 338659

I bet she going to try to pole dance or attempt to poke dance at katsu

No. 338660


No. 338661

>new episode of Yuri on Ice
And now I know not to check her FB before I watch it.

No. 338662

File: 1481232017444.png (253.85 KB, 500x313, tumblr_inline_ohucul5laa1qhnr9…)

No. 338663

File: 1481234546255.png (645.46 KB, 796x444, katsu.png)

No. 338664

File: 1481235509290.png (259.15 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-12-08-17-16-22…)

No. 338665


No. 338666


No. 338667

'U assume rolf'

People are going to if you don't describe shit out. Also, tiny… tiny hand.

No. 338668

>I'm going for a unisex feel and design.

Maybe…I don't know…give them short hair or…an Adam's apple…or any indication that they might be male? Maybe face structure? No?
Then don't be a bitch when people can't tell what gender your shitty art is.

No. 338669

That tiny hand with fuckd up fingers lmao

No. 338670

File: 1481271933885.jpg (119.77 KB, 509x720, IMG_3268.JPG)

More shitty comic guys

No. 338671

She needs to go to a fucking English class.

No. 338672

File: 1481318664505.png (353.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4078.PNG)

No. 338673

>I was alerted to the s tatus of the war.

How do you make such a mistake?

No. 338674

top middle cloaked dude was my face looking at this

sticking barely filtered real life photos where she's too lazy to draw backgrounds just makes her shitty art look worse on top of it kek

No. 338675

File: 1481342293090.jpg (75.41 KB, 528x960, IMG_3271.JPG)

Trying to show off new boots? All I can see is mess…

No. 338676

Are these supposed to be for a cosplay or for normal wear?

No. 338677

Ummm what is that fucking blood on the carpet

No. 338678

I can't tell even a quarter of what's on the floor. Imagine how awful that room smells…

No. 338679

Omg her floor still looks like shit.
No, blood would be darker. Looks like poorly cleaned fake blood or some type of liquid.

No. 338680

It just blows my mind when people can't take even two seconds to push their crap aside to be out of frame at least, jfc

No. 338681


The faces on the Cloakettes are giving me fits right now, holy fuck. I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe.

>that one guy with three bananas for facial features

No. 338682

It's like looking at a hoarder's house. Her carpet has probably never been hoovered much less steam cleaned so it likely reeks of animal.

Also I'm pretty sure that's a pair of panties to the left and definitely a bra to the right.

No. 338683

File: 1481389033793.gif (4.84 MB, 512x288, S T O P.gif)

She does come on the forum. She ratted about OrangeCitrus a while back.

Absolutely disgusting. Why is the concept of cleanliness so hard to understand by many cow cosplayers

No. 338684

Her room is a representation of both her personality and her costumes

A shitty mess.

No. 338685

File: 1481487578048.png (33.14 KB, 540x185, Screenshot_2016-12-11-15-16-46…)

I actually feel sad for her. If I lived close I'd probably go out to eat with her and try to be the voice of reason in her life if I could. Wasted effort but I feel like she could do better in her life if she just had help.

No. 338686

File: 1481489047233.jpg (39.74 KB, 720x383, IMG_5782.JPG)


Jesus ash when will you realize no one wants to be around you because of you.

And anon don't bother. Many have tried and failed. She blasts anyone who tried to legitimently help or reason with her.

No. 338687

OC tried to help her. You saw how well that worked out for Ashley.
She will turn on anyone. On a dime. And, she won't buy the food. Trust me on that.

No. 338688

All of this. She doesn't even give gas money when she gets a ride to a con, she will not pay for food and she will not react well to any help.

No. 338689

File: 1481499547960.png (2.37 MB, 1100x1500, demonsangel_by_axelash-daim9rl…)

I'm fucking screaming
Ffs she's trying to sell art? Look at that fucking hand! Look at that anatomy! Little guys eye is melting off and he lost the back of his head.
Please tell me that isn't pale dudes penis….

No. 338690

The right arm on the pale guy.

Where'd it go

No. 338691

>being so scared of men you don't even know what their anatomy looks like
I thought she was just having a bad day with her 'anal beads coming out a dick' art but now I realize she literally has no idea what men look like from the waist down.

No. 338692

File: 1481521021346.jpeg (186.92 KB, 1365x2048, ohno.jpeg)

apparently bad ending aoba

No. 338693

You mention anal beads coming out of dicks and now I need to see this art of hers

No. 338694

I feel sorry for whoever she is going to hump and spazz over at the con.

No. 338695


I didn't realise DMMD had another route where Aoba runs afoul of a jar of marinara sauce…

No. 338696

It really bugs me, you can see how impatient she is while making her art. She takes no time to make clean lines, to tidy things up. How can you claim to love art if you just rush it like you hate it?

No. 338697

somebody post this on /ic/

No. 338698

File: 1481534668057.png (154.02 KB, 746x763, IMG_3282.PNG)

No. 338699

File: 1481535439507.png (59.26 KB, 750x314, IMG_3283.PNG)

No. 338700

Did she give herself a black eye?? Bad ending Aoba never had one to begin with. If she thinks she looks attractive as a person who looks their covered in marinara sauce then she's crazy. Can you imagine how disgusting that bathroom looks? I feel so bad for anyone that's rooming with her. Take my advice:

DON'T cause shit like this will happen.

No. 338701

She has close and long time friends?

No. 338702

File: 1481541386078.jpeg (62.03 KB, 644x1024, image.jpeg)

You're welcome.

No. 338703

File: 1481541750193.jpg (57.99 KB, 516x236, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 6.08…)

lmao that was me. i sent a polite message last night, I didn't want to send it through my real account, cause you know. funny that she only sent me the last sentence of that fb post. i saw her horrible demon/angel yaoi that was posted here, and wanted to entertain myself by blowing her little mind with a good digital work of her OC while I got some funny shit in return. I'm an art student geared towards professional concept art, so i thought it'd be lulzy.

No. 338704

I would love to see you anonymously gift her real art of her oc with that "I only do art trades with close friends" in it somewhere just to troll her.

No. 338705

I forgot how malformed that back leg was. It's sad when I have no art experience but can draw better legs in MS Paint in 30 seconds than she has with access to actual drawing tools.

Is any one going to the cons she is in early 2017 that can snap a photo of her in the wild with her group she's been hyping?

No. 338706

Those chains are so fucking lazy

No. 338707

File: 1481582292107.jpeg (39.07 KB, 540x960, 15391076_1662309353794762_2725…)

See! She doesn't look half bad here. just wish her hair line wasn't so far back. But my head would turn if I saw her walking down the street ngl

No. 338708

File: 1481582353280.jpeg (41.43 KB, 480x853, 15390744_1662312443794453_8615…)

… and a bad angle proves me wrong

No. 338709

It's like she's wearing a mask. Why does she just do that curved line at the top of her makeup and make it so obvious where it ends?

No. 338710

Her fucking eyebrows! WHY?!

No. 338711


Why does she shave the front and sides of her hairline?

No. 338712

I know that eyebrows are more like sisters than twins, but I'm not sure if these could even be considered cousins.

No. 338713

She needs to line her lips so none of that lipstick spillage that's going on happens

No. 338714

Decent angle. Hairline looks fucked up. Too much eye shadow, it spread to her nose. Lip colour is nice. Contour looks terrible. Too much blur tool. Can't tell what she's wearing, probably doesn't match.
Completely agree. That's what happens when you shave them off without knowing their natural shape.

No. 338715

Shaving your hairline like that makes it easier to wear wigs over really short hair - you can't pull the front and sides right back into a wig cap like you can with longer hair so they tend to poke out.

No. 338716

File: 1481600873720.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, yqEJrWUM.jpg)

Not a good enough reason to shave your fucking hair line.
Plenty of people wear wigs just fine without shaving their fucking baby hairs.
Tons of cosplayers and actors. It comes down to not being lazy af.

No. 338717

Not to mention, she didn't even just shave the baby hairs. She straight up shaved an inch or more up her forehead and let's it semi grow out. Like, wtf even is that shit.

No. 338718

That would have been golden and win-win for everyone. I'm actually bummed. We could have had her draw farmer-tan!

No. 338719

You know she comes here, right?

No. 338720

i wouldnt have assumed her to be that involved to recognize it tbh

No. 338721

File: 1481613432523.png (37.1 KB, 750x321, IMG_3285.PNG)

No. 338722

Is this because she thinks she's a feminine boy cause that's a stupid reason for retiring a cosplay.

No. 338723

File: 1481647642982.jpg (64.77 KB, 552x780, FB_IMG_1481647527211.jpg)

Hot off the presses.

No. 338724


Also, cannot read this page properly. Paneling is wonk.

No. 338725

This is disgusting. It's not even paneled out properly, the english is completely off, the art style is sloppy as hell. and what kind of a shitty plot is this? His wife?? Plz stop before you regret you've made this comic cause all of it is terrible.

No. 338726

I swear she makes these super feminine uke boys to try to pretend she doesn't have a rape fetish, because if the characters were straight/cis it'd be "problematic." Everything about this comic so far reads like a shitty hentai that tries to have a plot to deny it's just porn.

No. 338727

Her art/comics are to her what Twilight was to Meyers. Self-insert fantasies to the max, including the 'wife' part.

No. 338728

The crazy thing is, like, having a fetish isn't necessarily a bad thing. She has a fetish of being raped and forced, not being the rapist. So it isn't like she's going to go out and start raping people. She can even watch fake rape porn and as long as it isn't real, it's no big deal.
But she's just a big sexually frustrated liar. Having consensual role-play sex isn't wrong.

Making comics romanticizing rape is wrong. The same way 50 shades of grey showed an abusive relationship as BDSM, she's trying to romanticize rape without clearly stating that it's pandering or fantasy.

I wouldn't have the problems with her I have if she didn't claim to be scared of men.

She's showing this image that men are power hungry sex war lords who have no self control and are rapist monsters. She's seriously warped.

She's still stuck in the impression that it's all real, romantic, wanted. Rather than consensual role play.

No. 338729

ewww shes gonna fuck up seven from mystic messenger too. Is no husbando sacred for this bitch.

No. 338730

dude thats such a good idea
i'd do it too

No. 338731

File: 1481689484678.jpg (41.71 KB, 476x595, c.jpg)

no, i don't so. whether she knows it or not, I think Ash has a very specific fetish for traps. boys that look like complete girls until you see a dick. it doesn't mean that she's into straight rape.

No. 338732

File: 1481689699568.jpg (360.79 KB, 880x1112, fb.jpg)

went ahead and commissioned her instead through another account. i'm disappoint. she literally just traced the reference image I gave her, and then weirdly elongated/thinned out the image, I guess so it wouldn't match up. I sent her a PM 7 hours ago saying that it looks almost identical to the pose in the ref, and that he doesn't have a left arm. dA shows me that she read it, but hasn't replied.

No. 338733

the elongating is all kinds of wrong to my senses. Did she really just alt+t and stretch it up?

I'd demand money back or take it up with paypal and knowing her she'd throw a huge bitch fit.

No. 338734

Omg, I hate the face so much. It makes me want to sob it's so bad.

No. 338735

lol don't worry i didn't pay her money, i paid her 450 with deviantart points. besides, i was hoping she'd fuck up much worse for the lulz, i wasn't expecting something good.

No. 338736

I think it's pretty good!

No. 338737

Are you retarded?

No. 338738

Rude. But I do like her work more than ops

No. 338739

Did she use a gradient to color/shade the bottom part of the shirt?

No. 338740

File: 1481697901466.jpg (580.09 KB, 1365x1991, fb.jpg)

here's the head in full size. it's messy as fuck, she didn't even bother to color in the lines

No. 338741

You are really retarded

No. 338742

No it's just ash stalking the page again.

How the fuck tho. Is that commission quality art.

No. 338743

nah, it's pretty obvious she wishes she was a kawaii uke girly boy who gets dominated by a handsome manly seme. it's a self-insert fantasy.

No. 338744

Honestly I kinda want her to continue because it's so bad it's funny

No. 338745

So when is the GoFundMe page or emergency commission post going to start up?

No. 338746

For what?

No. 338747

File: 1481758456327.png (162.14 KB, 750x772, IMG_3291.PNG)

Ow your kitchen matches your room

No. 338748

File: 1481758572305.jpg (342.3 KB, 1296x864, IMG_3292.JPG)

No. 338749

File: 1481758896228.jpg (417.92 KB, 1296x864, IMG_3294.JPG)

No. 338750

What the fuck?! Was there a nasty storm in her area recently or did that tree just fall because of age?

No. 338751

Probably age, all we've had up here is cold.

No. 338752

She should save her money by not cosplaying and not going to cons to help rebuild since she's still living at home

No. 338753

apparently it a was their neighbors/lumber company's fault so.

No. 338754

Yikes. That is super terrible. Not funny at all, just devastating.
There's no way to spin this into being Ashley's fault. Like, her being a good or bad person couldn't make this happen. Just unfortunate. I really hope no one was hurt or any of her animals.

No. 338755

It really isn't, especially since it's winter too. It might be a good idea for them to get temporary housing (like a motel or staying with family friends) until it gets fixed.

No. 338756

Jesus, that first and second photo makes it look like her house walls are made of cardboard and foam.

No. 338757

I don't actually think they have any close relatives, at least in Chesterfield. So unless they travel outside the county, a motel would be their best bet.
Who knows, maybe they'll move house.
It would not be safe for them to remain there with the state its in.

No. 338758

Damn, that's really unfortunate. Hopefully they find an alternative place to stay. Hopefully they're compensated for the damages.

No. 338759

I'm glad you guys are at least showing some sympathy. I know Ash can be a… Difficult person but no one deserves this.

No. 338760

We're not monsters. We do feel bad for her at times until she finds a way to fuck it all up like when she had illness in her family but then turned around and said "Well I hope my brother has cancer because it'll be a good lesson for him."

We'll feel bad for her until she manages to turn the situation into a main focus for something shitty.. likely doing a fundraiser to help pay for the repairs but then using the money herself.

No. 338761

She says her parents don't want to move or something in her videos but tbh TL;DW

No. 338762


Karma is a bitch to the bitch.

No. 338763

File: 1481822000721.png (535.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-12-15-12-07-05…)

I just want to clean her room so bad. I'd even do it for free.

No. 338764


how do people live in this filth? how does it not drive them literally insane?
sure i let some pants lay on the floor and definetely a sweater or two but living in a hoard of random objects is so? wrong to me.
how can someone be so nasty and live with it? i know mental illness is a thing but even at my lowest point in my depression i would wear the same 2 outfits for a month and still have a relatively clean room. i know it's blogposty, but cows always have this filthy gross room

No. 338765

Nah I agree anon. It's really gross and is confusing to me. Like how can you justify going out of your way to get around in your room just because you've left everything on the floor? yes depression and mental illness can cause people to not care about their surroundings and I get that but does her entire family and friends suffer it too to where they are blind to the mess? Most of our cows are in filthy environments too.
The easiest way for a cleaner place is, put shit back where it goes once you're done using it and throw away trash.

I'm surprised their house didn't go up in flames instead of a tree smashing into it. Look at all those electrical cables on the floor next to trash.

No. 338766

In other news, WTF kind of wig is that?? If that's supposed to be a Mink wig well my god, it looks terrible.

No. 338767

Literally, shut the fuck up.
If this happened to anyone it would be unfortunate. But her and her family already have money issues and this is just more stress. I really hope they had some sort of home's insurance or that the neighbors (who she said the tree belonged to idk if that's true) can help too.

No. 338768

Just seeing this in a larger size since I posted it via mobile but is that her Sarah wig in front of the window? It looks like a rats nest now and I think that's it because it has the ornaments still in it.

No. 338769


lol I'm with the karma anon. With all she's done and how much people here have complained about her and made fun of her antics/cosplay/personality here (not to mention repeatedly hope something bad happens to her for it said by many of you) it's not uncommon to be slightly "well yeah karmaric debt."

Don't act so holier than thou now that something actually happened.

No. 338770

Ash legitimately has very nice skin, for someone who's constantly bloated and eats like shit. And maybe avoid smiling, because it seems to make her chin grow. Compare the first picture here to >>338432. If she wasn't such an ungrateful cunt, she could have be madeover into a decent crossplayer, with weightloss and manners.

No. 338771

Yeah, but that has literally nothing to do with her family's livelihood, you edgy tryhard.

No. 338772

The sad thing is she's 22. She should be old enough to clean this shit up but every time she takes a screenshot of something in her room, the background of her room looks horrid. Dear God woman, I feel sorry for anyone that had to endure her at con hotel rooms and who ever paid her a visit cause this is disgusting. Can you imagine what her apartment would look like if she lived alone?? -shutters-

No. 338773

File: 1481894161450.png (165.29 KB, 540x832, Screenshot_2016-12-16-08-13-15…)

Micah is so fucking petty. Them and Ash are perfect for each other if that's Ash's "I have a crush" friend. I'd be shocked if it wasn't them.

No. 338774

Who the fuck is this kid? Is he even making coherent comments anymore? What is he referring to?

No. 338775

He blocked Ashley Span for god knows what petty reason so every time she posts he says that. I kinda noticed it only happens when she posts. Probably butthurt that she actually gives Ash advice instead of coddling her normally.

No. 338776

Probably thinks she's trying to cozy up to his crush since she's so ~~~~not straight~~~~

No. 338777

If Micah is coddleing Ash for doing all the wrong things, then they both need to stfu. Reality is NOT an anime and relationships is not sunshine and rainbows. Go back to fucking high school cause they clearly did not learn shit. I literally cannot wait to see how Ash can cope on her own without mommy and daddy helping her.

No. 338778

Jesus Christ what an asshole. Admittedly, I've blocked people too only to see someone talking to what looks like themselves and deducted it down but I've never gone out of my way to tell that person.
Petty is the perfect word.
I've heard she's relatively clean in hotels. At least with her stuff. I don't know about herself in general.

I have personally been to Ashley's house many times. Only once was her bedroom clean.
I get it to a degree, my bedroom looked similar when I was a lot younger. And every once in awhile when my depression kicks my ass it might get bad, but not like hers.
I think her mental state is cluttered, so her surroundings become cluttered.

No. 338779

I know there was a hotel pic of her posted in the last thread and her shit was strewn everywhere so I'm wondering if her being clean only applies when she didn't buy the room.

No. 338780

This is why I will NEVER room with her. I don't room with overly trashy cows.

No. 338781

File: 1481946119122.png (97.3 KB, 749x1146, IMG_3301.PNG)

No. 338782

File: 1481946415783.jpg (234.97 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_3304.JPG)

No. 338783


her crusty ass lips are triggering me

No. 338784

Terrible eye brows. Just terrible. Drag queen arch is back.

Eye lashes are white….? For some reason?

Eyeliner is major fuck up. Wing is too long. Bottom is way messy. Lines too thick. Needs to stop using pencil and look into gel or thin tipped liquid/marker.

She put white speckles on blush to…make it look sparkly? I don't know. But it didn't work.

Wig is messy, unstyled. Looks waxy/shiny.

Eyebrow colour doesn't match wig.

Needs to learn how to use chapstick and lip scrub.

No. 338785

File: 1481948785608.png (115.95 KB, 749x1180, IMG_3305.PNG)

No. 338786

File: 1481948809392.jpg (256.7 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_3303.JPG)

No. 338787

Why are all these ugly girls trying to say they're boys now? The only ugly girl who would be a pretty attractive guy, Starprincess whatever, hasn't gotten the tumblr sickness yet?

No. 338788

Except that definitely didn't happen nor is it impossible to tell you have a vagina? I've seen truly androgynous features and she doesn't have them…

No. 338789

Sorry double post but she went to Cracker Barrel again?! She went there last time she decided to go out in costume. Here >>199857

Cracker Barrel isn't exactly healthy.

No. 338790

why the fuck would some one think this looks good, let alone go in public like this wtf is she even GOING for

No. 338791

It's two minutes from their house and cheap. Of course they'd go often. Which I'm not defending. Glad I never go there.

No. 338792

I'll say good on her for not eating out too often (at least that she shows). Mostly because she can't afford to, which is why we're never quite sure when she's actually going to pay.
I don't know how often her family goes out to eat. They don't have much income.

But besides her eating unhealthy, I'm concerned that she's still at home whilst there is a gaping hole in her house? I'd be terrified, and cold! They can put plastic over it but that won't do much.

No. 338793

She said in a luve FB video the other day her say hs it plywooded up and backed by insulation and that the heat was staying in pretty well. But did say they were going to have to relocate while they fixed the kitchen and that they were getting all upgraded stuff and marble or granite countertops…

No. 338794

She said in a luve FB video the other day her say hs it plywooded up and backed by insulation and that the heat was staying in pretty well. But did say they were going to have to relocate while they fixed the kitchen and that they were getting all upgraded stuff and marble or granite countertops…

No. 338795

I'm pretty sure all her home meals are quick fixes like the mac and cheese, as far as I remember. She also went to Applebee's quite often when I knew her, but I've no idea if she still does that.

Her neighborhood isn't really that great, either. And keeping that tiny house warm… impossible. There's a decent inn just down the road, why don't they go there or SOMETHING…

No. 338796

I'm pretty sure all her home meals are quick fixes like the mac and cheese, as far as I remember. She also went to Applebee's quite often when I knew her, but I've no idea if she still does that.

Her neighborhood isn't really that great, either. And keeping that tiny house warm… impossible. There's a decent inn just down the road, why don't they go there or SOMETHING…

No. 338797


WTF?! Why would she think she looks good like this?? And that whole don't know your gender thing is a flat out lie. Clearly I can tell she's a girl. Her shitty ass wig and make-up is just fucking ratty. My parents would've told me to change and take care of your make-up again. I would be so embarrassed if my child looked like this. JFC!

No. 338798


WTF?! Why would she think she looks good like this?? And that whole don't know your gender thing is a flat out lie. Clearly I can tell she's a girl. Her shitty ass wig and make-up is just fucking ratty. My parents would've told me to change and take care of your make-up again. I would be so embarrassed if my child looked like this. JFC!

No. 338799

I'm pretty sure all her home meals are quick fixes like the mac and cheese, as far as I remember. She also went to Applebee's quite often when I knew her, but I've no idea if she still does that.

Her neighborhood isn't really that great, either. And keeping that tiny house warm… impossible. There's a decent inn just down the road, why don't they go there or SOMETHING…

No. 338800

As much as she complains about her dad not letting her do ANYTHING including swearing.. how does she manage to be seen with them at a restaurant looking like this? She's wearing elf ears now and wore a freaking unicorn horn last time. I'd be ashamed to even sit near her.

No. 338801

>"HOW big?!"

No. 338802

Does anyone know why she doesn't wear mascara? Makes the whole look appear even sloppier and half-assed.

No. 338803


No. 338804

I know what she's trying to pull. She stalks this transgender man who wears elf ears and whatnot. I think his name is Kaine. She comments on his statuses all the time and now she's trying to turn into him. Plz don't!

No. 338805

She just Fucking forgets it's a thing some how! I hate it so much oh my god. But she only recently even realized eye brows were a thing.

No. 338806

File: 1482062262325.jpg (436.45 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_3307.JPG)

No. 338807

File: 1482062432810.png (76.47 KB, 194x191, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.59…)


No. 338808

Next page: the Uke is going to whine, be put in a cell/bedroom, mull over the situation some more, then the seme will do generic shit then they fuck (or it will be heavily implied)

I'm hoping I'm right. Her plots pretty predictable.

No. 338809

Okay but where did she trace that horse from?

No. 338810

Deviantart references. Same place she traces everything from.

No. 338811

No. 338812

According to her DA, she had two friends on DA who helped her line that horse. She didn't do any of it.

No. 338813

File: 1482150485090.png (588.58 KB, 540x895, Screenshot_2016-12-19-07-24-21…)

Said she found some photos on her dad's camera from 2009. I actually remember that second one but I'm not sure if it was a Halloween party or a birthday party.

No. 338814

Fucking dying.
She used to tell me she was a natural blonde.

No. 338815

Omg wat?! I'm not surprised she tried to go for that Goth look.

No. 338816


I believe at least part of it is a fib, because under the list of groups she's under, one is called "Horse Lineart" or something to that effect. It just seems that one of these submissions is her "dA friends helping with the lineart". I don't really feel like wading through pictures of horse lineart though to really check.

No. 338817

File: 1482201459732.png (63.53 KB, 750x755, IMG_3310.PNG)

No. 338818

…this isn't new? Ash, stop. We know. You want to be an uke boy.

No. 338819

Oh boy, here we go. She's finally has become self-aware of her desire to be a raped-into-love uke boy.

No. 338820

This is so attentive. She wants to be a trans boy just so she can get some attention. Fucking stop. You're giving all the trans genders a bad name. You will not nor will EVER be called a boy in my eyes. She has never once thought of wanting to be a boy til she saw Dramatical Murder. That's when this whole shit started.

No. 338821

Uhhhh not quite.
It started with one of Ashley's friend, who I won't be naming, coming out as ftm trans.
That's when she became vocal about it.
However I do think it's influence by her looking at yaoi at a young age.
Like, she thinks she wants to be a guy, but I know this girl would never gave gender reassignment surgery. She's so dumb though because even if she did, it wouldn't give her a prostate. Like analyzing sex would just be analyzed sex. Unless she's super into putting things in her butt, she'd end up more sexually frustrated than before.

No. 338822


JFC I just imagined that shit and was that around the time when she started changing her name and telling everyone to call her "he" instead of "her." But I do believe you're right about the yaoi fact. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't try that shit cause she'd be too scared and ukeish to do it. Like girl, can you not?? Be your own person and not be somebody else.

No. 338823

Woops. My phone corrected anal sex to analyze.

But to answer your question, this was back when they were in highschool. Maybe 11th grade year (I don't know what it would be)

No. 338824

File: 1482214620994.jpg (339.38 KB, 1381x983, Screenshot_20161220-011327.jpg)

She's literally sticking 6 people into her Katsu hotel room and she's still adding more people to the room. WTF?!

Btw, she's staying from Thurs-Mon so if you bump into her easily near the beginning and the end of Katsu, now you know how long she's staying.

No. 338825

And she's NOW thinking about doing all this gender neutral shit? Wow, she must be bored for attention cause no one gives a crap about her.

No. 338826

That would be around 2009 if I'm remembering correctly, so around the time of those old photos she posted.

No. 338827

No, it would be closer to 2011/2012.
Ashley is 22, if she graduated at 18, was in 11th at 17, so it would have been one of those years.

The ftm friend still actively looked feminine, long hair, wore "girl's clothes," stuff like that.

That was when Ashley started to copy them.

It's really annoying because she has actual issues and things she could be fighting for but instead she's pretending to be trans.

No. 338828

Oh right, I got thrown off by remembering she dropped out of school (at 16) and wanted to get her GED when I knew her, I thought she was older then.

No. 338829

File: 1482331916668.png (70.12 KB, 540x348, Screenshot_2016-12-21-09-46-43…)

Her throwing a shitfit over what some guy said about her OCs. Too bad it's true.

No. 338830

I'm sorry but wat?

No. 338831

So after all this she's still going to katsu? Wouldn't using that money to help fix the fucking house she lives in be a smarter choice?

No. 338832



>smarter choice

No. 338833

I think she said something about the insurance covering it? But I'm not completely sure. But come on, this is Asherbee we're talking about. You know she won't think of anything to help the family she despises.

No. 338834


Despises until they do something for her and then she praises them for one post before going back to despising them.


You haven't been here long have you? Ashes only goal is to become cosplay queen and have all the uke rape sex with hot cosplayers and the partners of people he hates. She wouldn't life a finger to help anyone but herself let alone when it means missing a precious convention. No see life comes before cosplay only when it suits her needs and drama. Not when it's the smart choice.

No. 338835

File: 1482358565330.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1300044776986.jpg)

i hate when people think making this dumbass face makes them look masculine all i see is this:

No. 338836

File: 1482359317131.gif (997.32 KB, 470x290, gs49u3j.gif)

dying because she acts exactly like him

>'i was trying to lead the way!!'

No. 338837

File: 1482378127916.png (267.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4460.PNG)

No. 338838

I have a feeling if she does get the job she's going to be very bored. That department is basically backup cashier and stocking/display facing with added bonus of being the guard of the locked perfume case.

No. 338839

Jesus please no. I go there all the time fuuuuck.

No. 338840


>can't do makeup to save her life

>will be giving real world makeup advice

This is like asking a Plummer to do a rectal exam on your cat instead of a vet it doesn't end well

No. 338841

I love you anon!

No. 338842

This is assuming she gets it

No. 338843

File: 1482404860261.png (916.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4480.PNG)

No. 338844

Has she actually seen freckles before? Because they don't look like you've face planted into a dirt pile.

Also what is it about every short wig that makes it look like it's levitating just above her head? I noticed this with her Yuri wig as well. The top two photos look fine but the middle-bottom one looks like it's just been dropped onto her head.

No. 338845

File: 1482407148989.jpg (16.42 KB, 300x255, Pigpen.jpg)

bitch be looking like pigpen

No. 338846

Ash since when are freckles naturally clumped in the nice, neat shape of an inverted T? I have never seen anyone with rectangular freckles like that.

No. 338847


Why is it that ugly chicks take more pictures of themselves then the ones who actually don't make you puke when you look at them? Seriously. Stahp ash. You look like you slammed your face in Old cinnamon

No. 338848

Stop trying to look like a transman. You will never be or look like one. Dear God, someone stop her.

No. 338849

Kind of a weird complaint but I hate the way she purses her lips, like in the bottom left picture. It just really irritating

No. 338850

to be fair, you don't actually /need/ make up experience to work as a beauty advisor, you are supposed to learn on the job.

but you're supposed to have people around you who know what they're doing.

No. 338851

Wait did she lose her last job or get fired? Last I knew she was working at some laser tag place.

No. 338852

I think she still works there but I believe she's trying to go towards what she wants to so which is make-up stuff but applying there isn't gonna get her very far.

No. 338853

File: 1482527879627.jpg (40.89 KB, 405x720, IMG_3319.JPG)

No. 338854

WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THIS HOLY SHIT. i'm the anon from >>338850, and i'm not the best at make up but if i showed up with a base like this they would make me take it off and do it over

No. 338855

She needs to leave her face alone. Just stop. Stop touching it. Stop putting make up on it.
Stop raising your fucking brow for pictures, you're going to give yourself wrinkles for fucks sake.

But more than ever, if you're going to do makeup for the love of all that is holy, PUT FUCKING MASCARA ON OR KEEP FOUNDATION OFF YOUR EYE LASHES!

No. 338856

File: 1482533599923.jpg (66.7 KB, 1024x767, cb2.jpg)

No. 338857

File: 1482545535523.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3329.PNG)

No. 338858

God she's so gross. Your Aoba does not make you attractive at all Ashley. Just stop!

No. 338859

File: 1482554488859.jpg (1010.6 KB, 1440x1609, Screenshot_20161223-233914.jpg)

Her eyebrows don't even match her wig! Plus damn her lips,just stop concealing them! Omg, can anyone imagine kissing those thick things?

No. 338860

All that wig fiber on her shirt..

No. 338861

She never brushes her wigs, let alone takes care of them. I mean, you can clearly tell she put so much Got2B Gel or spray in that wig.

No. 338862

File: 1482555719750.png (156.94 KB, 370x580, AS.png)

I don't know guys. She makes a pretty spot on Aoba.

No. 338863

File: 1482556073571.jpg (383.43 KB, 1280x960, classique.jpg)

She does, but it really depends on where you're getting your basis for comparison.

No. 338864

Perfect comparison tbh

No. 338865

She's eating in a restaurant in cosplay again… I'm trying to figure out where…

No. 338866

Ruby Tuesdays

No. 338867

File: 1482561488360.png (139 KB, 750x933, IMG_3332.PNG)

What horrors will we see next…

No. 338868

Lmao she's at cici's pizza.
Her eyelashes trigger me
And she needs to learn what chat stick is. Eyebrows aren't quite drag queen, but they are the wrong fucking colour.
This is going to be bad.
Also these totally play into her rape fetish. Notice how peach guy looks to always be in pain.

No. 338869

Man I almost wish it was Cici's, I was there tonight for a while, we would have taken photos.

No. 338870

Gross! She's gonna use these references for her dumb comic. Watch out guys!

No. 338871

Besides her family, does she go with anyone when she goes out to eat in cosplay? Or does she go by herself cause man,if I went out to eat by myself in a wig like that,do you know how many weird looks people would give?? She's pathetic

No. 338872

File: 1482622424046.jpg (41.32 KB, 405x720, IMG_3333.JPG)

No. 338873

Why out of all her cosplays does she latch onto this one so much? At this rate she'll start wearing the wig as her natural hair and make him one of those fictionkins.

No. 338874

So she can be an uke fuck boy and then be like "stop, don't touch me, this is rape." I don't understand either. I don't know what the reason was why she stuck with Katniss awhile ago. But God, fucking Aoba. WHY?!

No. 338875

The stuff spilling over in the plastic containers is giving me anxiety.

No. 338876


No. 338877

Looks like she's back to hating her family again for the holidays.

No. 338878

File: 1482719004305.png (757.76 KB, 939x607, 5BPywt6.png)

old post from her instagram, but idk what's funnier. the fact that her dad padlocked the icecream, or the fact that she didn't just use her brain to slide it off because padlocking a carton of icecream does nothing

No. 338879

The fact that she claims padlocking the ice cream is abuse.

No. 338880

It could be psychologial abuse actualy. While i doubt it is it could be a way of making fun of her or something. I dont know her family so i dont know but i know a person whos family was humiliating them in similar ways and it was seriously fucking them up.

No. 338881


I personally don't think it's a use. My mother would lock the pantry for a few years because my brother couldn't control his snacking. It only makes sense to leave out fruit and healthier stuff like yogurt in the fridge and leave the snacks until a better time. Idk why fatties are affected so badly, their parents just want to save their fucking food or stop her from balloooning further

No. 338882

It's because it's your dads ice-cream and he doesn't want you to eat it without his permission. You're old enough to buy your own ice-cream.

No. 338883

everyone in this thread trying to say padlocking fucking ice cream is fine and dandy lmao. thats some next level shit right there

although i somehow doubt her dad even did it considering what anon said, that you simply have to slide it off to open the ice cream. ash probably just looking for attention

No. 338884


How is it not fine? If my fat roommate ate all my food I would lock it up so they couldn't get to it, simple. I'm sure if she asked after not stuffing her face all day her dad might allow her, unless he doesn't feel like sharing because he paid. Are you spoiled ?

No. 338885

Post screenshot plz

No. 338886

after posting that she probably she slid the ice cream out and ate it

No. 338887

I don't know how they divide the food in home but if that icecream was bought by his father to himself to eat, she has no right to whine not being allowed to eat other peoples snacks.
Get your ass up and go buy icecream with your own money.
>waah I'm over 20 and dad won't let me eat his snacks for free

Also it looks like Ash has just put that chain on on it by herself to get pitypoints.

No. 338888

Its way too late and I failed to sage, forgive me

No. 338889

File: 1482727271813.gif (5.19 MB, 398x296, 1456.gif)

No. 338890


oh ffs, this is just her dad being funny. he bought the ice cream for himself and doesn't want to share with anybody so he put a lock on it to make a joke about how it's his. that's why it's not seriously locked. i got my bro-in-law a lock for christmas for his beers in the same vein of humour.

No. 338891

Its one thing to lock your food up in another room or something, but to tie it with a fucking chain and padlock it? thats not normal, go away.

No. 338892

She posted about it on Facebook ages ago that she slid the lock off, then put it on top of the carton with a note that said "I didn't eat any" or something like that, don't remember 100% but something to that effect, and put it back in the freezer.

No. 338893

Padlocking ice cream is fine and fucking dandy.

No. 338894


My mom has to lock our pantry because her 16 year old step son would eat every. single. thing. out of it in the middle of the night. He would eat entire boxes of cereal, and on more than one occasion, entire cans of ice cream. My mom's definitely not abusing him. She's probably just an ungrateful fatass though, or maybe she really does uncontrollably eat everything, i mean, she's clearly not psychologically healthy. Either way, this looks like a corny dad joke.

sage for blog-post

No. 338895

To clarify, he completely believes she will eat his food. He's also protective of his drinks as well.

Truth being is she will eat the food in the house because she doesn't buy her own groceries.

No. 338896

File: 1482758323904.png (43.66 KB, 487x473, axelbro.PNG)

Sorry it's super late but I was traveling when I posted that.

No. 338897

Sounds like PW syndrome

No. 338898

Agree, Prader–Willi syndrome is linked with autism too. Locking the cupboards is a good way to try limit binges actually.

No. 338899

She needs to act like a fucking adult and stop posting things like this about her family. It's bad enough she wished her brother to have cancer.

No. 338900

Omg anon you hit the nail on the head. I wasn't aware of this condition and my mom might not be either. I'll have to ask her about it. He looks just like the kid in the pictures and is deffo kind of autistic.

Sage for continuing this but I never knew that existed.

No. 338901

She doesn't give a shot about being a better person. She thinks everyone else around her needs to change in stead.

We all have family conflicts. But we don't all wish cancer on our family members. We don't all fantasize about literally bashing people's teeth in like what the fuck.

There's no way she's actually in therapy. Like I don't believe her for a minute. Absolutely not. She isn't getting better.

No. 338902

File: 1482821303673.jpg (1.37 MB, 1402x1940, Screenshot_20161227-014641.jpg)

Her Katsucon cosplays. Who's ready to see her Yuri cosplay cause I'm gonna be crying bullets to see that train wreck. XD

No. 338903

Please don't do this to yourself, anon.

And we've seen photos of her Yuri already unless she's found a way to make it worse.

No. 338904


Litterally everything on this line up tell me exactly what she's going to be doing this convention

>plz don't rape me

>such uke don't you love me
>rubs yo against people inapropriately
>don't touch me that's rape!
>if you don't say I'm Kawaii when I'm finishing for compliments I'm going to report you for harassment
>tries to seduce people who are already married/with someone
>will smell like rotten potatoes and junk food.

No. 338905

I've only seen headshots, anon. I'm talking full body shots.

No. 338906

Pretty freaking much.

No. 338907


That and who brings that many Cosplays to. Convention?! Not even professionals stretch themselves out so thin!

No. 338908

I've seen one person bring like 11-12 to a convention before.? I honestly don't know how they do it.

No. 338909


I bring one for each day I'm coming, maybe one for Saturday evening if something's going on. I honestly don't want to spend every 3rd hour of my convention changing. Like this seems a bit much to me. And I'm a professional cosplayer.

No. 338910

Does she bring so many so she can change into X cosplay after harassing/annoying people as Y cosplay?

No. 338911

File: 1482952471299.jpg (54.82 KB, 540x960, 15747849_1692051980820499_7754…)

How did she or her family afford these for Christmas? They're like $100 and they just got a huge chunk taken out of their house.

No. 338912

It's possible that her family bought them way before that happened, some people start Christmas shopping many many months in advance. Or it could just be her being grossly careless with money like usual.

No. 338913

Yeah, they probably did get them ahead of time but it still burns my biscuits that she's all smug about her Christmas gift a few days after she said she hated her parents and wanted to punch her brother's face in.

No. 338914

God she just keeps getting worse in every picture she post. She looks like she smells of corn chips and body odor.

No. 338915

File: 1482985115273.jpg (55.14 KB, 405x720, IMG_3344.JPG)

No. 338916

She actually looks kinda cute here, especially with how prominent her cheekbones are. She just needs to get a more natural looking wig, develop a cute natural makeup look and she would look decent. Dark hair doesn't suit her at all.

No. 338917

those headphones are so cringy.

No. 338918

Neither does blue.

No. 338919

She looks waaay more weeabooish than before with those on. XD

No. 338920

File: 1482995748311.png (72.94 KB, 750x774, IMG_3345.PNG)

No. 338921


No. 338922

her fucking eyebrows kill me everytime

No. 338923

File: 1483003815836.jpg (51.79 KB, 576x472, 1482905137798.jpg)

i thought she said she was a trans man? wouldnt that trigger her with dysphoria?

No. 338924

I really don't want to see her squeezed into a tiny pair of sequin shorts.

No. 338925


Oh God kill me now. I know she is going to butcher both of those cosplays.

No. 338926

From my resources, she only wantsbto do Harley cause that Akane Reaper chick is doing it.

Also, she only says shes a transman for attention.

No. 338927

>she only says shes a transman for attention
Yes, we know. She's mentioned how many times? Once in the past few weeks?
She bounces between that, her animus, her OCs, and her costumes every other day. She doesn't know who or what she is because it changes every single day.

No. 338928

she also claims to be a lesbian and afraid of men, despite never showing attraction to women and exclusively cosplaying uke boys and reverse harem protagonists

No. 338929

Honestly the idea of her in a cosplay of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad sounds pretty lolworthy. Hope someone uploads that to here

No. 338930

Sadly not everyone knows she does. There are some folks who actually takes that shit real serious. It's so stupid that some of these people fess up to that bs.

No. 338931

File: 1483079054012.png (55.06 KB, 730x404, IMG_3348.PNG)

No. 338932

Suddenly glad I'm not anywhere near Ichi.

No. 338933

She promised several people she would get her shit together instead of going to Ichi…things will not go well for her if she shows up there.

No. 338934

Well she isn't going so that's a plus. Why is she in NC to begin with?

No. 338935

Just noticed some new banners going up and I don't think we have any for Asherbee? I'm up for making a few if anyone has any memorable quotes to put on them.

No. 338936

File: 1483226102163.png (102.86 KB, 750x1081, IMG_3353.PNG)

No. 338937

WHY? YOU ARE NOT CUTE ASHLEY. AND WHY THE FUCK IS SHE IN WASHINGTON? WASNT SHE JUST IN NC?? That makes no since to go down and then back up again if she's visiting family. I'm so confused right now. Someone fill me in.

No. 338938

But she'll never wear her makeup this toned down because she gotta make sure she uke and pink enough.

No. 338939

Wilmington, anon. It's a beach town in NC.

No. 338940

File: 1483231715837.png (106.43 KB, 750x1084, IMG_3352.PNG)

No. 338941

So she's wearing this wig on a daily basis now? One step away from thinking she's really Aoba.

No. 338942

Nope, more dumpster trash. You stay the fuck away from Morphine fans. Stop cosplaying Aoba you piece of dumpster diaper trash.

No. 338943

Jesus! Why does her parents fess up to this?? What does she think she's actually Aoba now?? Bitch plz! Aoba has a penis and I don't think you want that.

No. 338944

Is she on any dating/fetlife type of sites considering she's so desperate for someone? Morbid curiousity but I really wonder how she'd try to sell herself on them to get dates.
>I'm a costumer, special fx, upcoming comic artist who's lesbian but I figure handsome guys are alright but just don't sit too close to me at Cracker Barrel.

No. 338945

File: 1483313380152.png (38.47 KB, 734x239, IMG_3364.PNG)

No. 338946


No. 338947

She gets these rooms without having the people to fill them or money to pay for them, which is how she suckers people into rooming with her. Always people who aren't experienced and really want to go.

No. 338948

If she just got the room I'm surprised because she asked me a month ago if I wanted room with her but I told her I had already gotten space with a friend.

No. 338949

File: 1483317443019.png (108.75 KB, 640x1094, IMG_1546.PNG)

Stop. Please stop.

No. 338950

File: 1483317566844.png (123.62 KB, 640x1090, IMG_1545.PNG)

I caaaaant with her expressions, its like her whole jaw got kicked outta centre.

No. 338951

You know she's never washed that wig or probably even the hat after all this time.

No. 338952

File: 1483330340403.jpg (49.2 KB, 320x480, IMG_3366.JPG)

She put glue on her eyebrows…

No. 338953

Looking at the thumbnail, her eyebrows look like they were finger painted on with shit.

No. 338954


No. 338955

I was gonna say, I mean she puts so much spray and gel in that wig, can you imagine it smelling like rotten corn chips and sweat?? EWWWWWW

No. 338956


It looks like she has dirt between her eyebrows and forehead…wtf.

No. 338957

she'll put latex ears on and glue and a wig and brown shadow in the center of her forehead but not? mascara?????????

No. 338958

She couldn't have possibly gotten a hotel room in the Marriot. The rooms sold out within minutes of going live months ago, and you have to pay a non-refundable deposit of two nights stay up front.

No. 338959

Why not just go complitely bald at that point. Nothing can look worse than that unevenly shaved dead rat on her head.

No. 338960

Let's say she did get a room, how much would just two nights for dragoncon be? (I've never been so I have no idea)

No. 338961

I wish she would use some fucking chap stick.
She's also trying put…freckles? on her face? It just looks dirty and not like freckles. It looks like she took inspiration from anime pictures.

No. 338962

File: 1483393593719.jpg (90.24 KB, 1280x960, http://40.media.tumblr.com/5b5…)

What the fuck is with that hairline?!

No. 338963

Omg she looks like an orc?

No. 338964

I like this eye makeup look tbh. Or the look she was going for, rather. Like if it weren't so poorly executed and the eyebrows didn't look like literal shit. The eyeshadow placement and color is nice.

No. 338965

I saw a tutorial for freckles like this today. She used a stipple sponge(?) Or whatever they're called to place brown creme makeup on the face. I figured this would be about how wearable it was irl. Looks like dirt, just as I'd suspected

No. 338966

If she did, me and my friend was debating on taking her up on that offer. 180 is a pretty sweet deal, but knowing her it would be cramp with 15+ people

No. 338967

Oh she don't care who she rooms with as long as they aren't male.

No. 338968

yo don't insult the orcs, man

No. 338969

IT'S NOT WORTH IT, please spare yourself, anon.

No. 338970

what the worst that can happen?

No. 338971

No space to sleep, even on the floor, getting caught up in hers and other people's drama, the constant begging. Trying to borrow your cosplay so she can join you, and then proceeding to stretch it and stink it up. I heard other's have seen worse than I did…

No. 338972


She wasn't even rooming with us but she found us and dragged her drama with her. I keep my head low at cons she's at now so she doesn't find me. Run anon. Run far away and never look back

No. 338973

She did the exact same thing to me too, dragging her stupidity drama when it's not any of my business. Like can you not? No one fucking cares but herself.

No. 338974

File: 1483621635714.png (100.18 KB, 540x525, Screenshot_2017-01-05-07-59-31…)

Multiple posts coming since I'm on mobile and can't edit the caps all together.

In the past 24 hours she's been on a massive FB post fest including this gem. With as much as she posts about spending and her bills, why does she think no one is going to comment?

No. 338975

File: 1483621765510.png (43.89 KB, 540x233, Screenshot_2017-01-05-07-59-45…)

And then just a while ago she's suddenly deciding to spare the world her awful Eros because the fans on scares her. She probably was lurking on cgl again and saw her cosplay being trashed there.

No. 338976

File: 1483621830062.png (74.26 KB, 540x432, Screenshot_2017-01-05-08-00-19…)

This is from her Eros post suddenly going pity party on herself.

No. 338977

File: 1483621905657.png (79.64 KB, 540x479, Screenshot_2017-01-05-08-00-34…)

And final cap is the most incredible to me. She honestly considers herself to be cute so clearly something else must be wrong with her to make people avoid her.

No. 338978

File: 1483622254202.png (109.28 KB, 540x602, Screenshot_2017-01-05-08-14-46…)

Okay I lied one more cap. Found out who Ash is ranting about over her money issues… a kid. Her niece is suddenly a spoiled Trump supporter micromanaging her because as a kid she has no concept of money. Even $20 is a lot to kids.

No. 338979

The most delicious part of this is this isn't hard earned cash, is it?

This is probably christmas gift money or bennies, isn't it?

It's too good!

No. 338980

Yep she said it was Christmas money. She claimed she spent half for cosplay stuff then saved half. I doubt she saved at all considering she bought herself those cat headphones for $100.

No. 338981

The only thing that's scary in the random is her. Thank God she ain't bringing that piece of trash. I wonder how her DMMD group is going considering she said she had a Ren, Trip and Virus…

No. 338982

You know when her spending is bad when a kid tells her this. Honestly that is just pathetic on her part.

No. 338983

Well maybe they wouldn't fall apart if you didn't scare people away with your drama. Plus you come off way too strong to some people.

No. 338984

If she's planning on living on her own soon, she better finance her money better. Cosplays/hobbies are a want, not a need.

No. 338985

So who else survived her latest purge? I feel so bad for all those poor suckers who honestly try and help her and she throws them away anyway.

No. 338986

At this point she might as well not have any friends cause
friends who help < hobbies that causes more harm than good

No. 338987

Still got someone on the inside.

No. 338988

I didn't even notice she purged considering she's still friends with over 250 people.

No. 338989

so apparently she is reading killingstalking and want to cosplay the guy who is being abuse by another man.

No. 338990

it's clear she needs to watch toddler shows only.

Her constantly playing characters that are victims of some sort feed into her mental illness.

No. 338991

I just learned what the hell KillingStalking even is and I'm ashamed to say it didn't even cross my mind to immediately wonder if she was into it. This is going to fuel her fantasies for months to come and it's just in time from her jump ship from YoI

No. 338992

File: 1483761391918.jpg (82.05 KB, 960x528, 15941235_1716717358353961_6241…)

And she just splurged on more makeup to add to her collection. What happened to her putting half her money into savings?

No. 338993

She needs to throw away that fucking glue stick. It's obvious she watches drag tutorials because the average make up artist doesn't have A ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GLUE STICK in their make up! Switch that shit out for some god damn chap stick!

No. 338994

Oh god, it was only a matter of time she was gonna get into that comic. I bet she doesn't read any other gay comics unless it's uber popular. I wouldn't be surprised if she's also part of that 12 year olds fantasy that wants to be part of an abusive relationship.

inb4 she posts a Yoonbum costest

No. 338995

From the looks of that picture, the last thing she needs is more shit.

No. 338996


Didn't she write a long drawn out journal post about how she was almost kidnapped by her ex? Why would she want to cosplay the same character who is kidnapped and held hostage?

No. 338997


I don't think she has the ability to understand how deeply troubling that manhwa is. The two characters aren't meant to be portrayed as ~uwu kawaii boys~ because they're fucked up and I can see her portraying them as that. Or her just doing really bad make up and pretending to be an asshole. Either way, it's an awful idea she shouldn't pursue.

sage because I read/watch a lot of stuff on serial killers and sangwoo reminds me of Ted bundy which is why I'm butthurt about people cosplaying it (it's a good manhwa, it's just hard to stomach)

No. 338998

File: 1483772463213.jpg (649.26 KB, 1413x1793, Screenshot_20170107-015722.jpg)


WHOOP! THERE IT IS! Apparently someone on her instagram said that her eyebrows are on point….

No. 338999

Uh… at least the heavy grudge eyeshadow look kind of balances out her facial proportions? If her eyebrows and lips weren't so gross here maybe she'd look decent.

No. 339000

They're hardly on point when there's patches missing. All it does is make it obvious that they're painted on instead of having a more natural shape or look.

No. 339001

You're right, she did do that. If she's so triggered by men being abusive towards her.. why would she want to cosplay a victim of male abuse??

Hell I like yaoi and I like horror but even I looked at this one and decided it was too much for me. I don't know why it's suddenly THE thing. God help us all if Ash ever finds Hoshi no Yakata with her love of BDSM yaoi. She'll be doing HnY/DMM crossovers for fucking days.

No. 339002

You know she lurks here, why give her any ideas?!?!?

No. 339003

I doubt she lurks here. I really believe she lurks on /cgl/ though since her Eros got posted on the YoI thread right before she suddenly decided the YoI fandom was scary and talked about how people said she was too fat for it and how bad she looked.

No. 339004

She does lurk here

No. 339005

she made a post asking people to posting her on lolcow and did another friend purge kek

No. 339006

Really? Not sure how in the world I missed that. My mistake then but if she wants to suffer through three days of binge reading 90s hardcore S&M porn manga then more power to her. At least it would be a good way to see just how influenced she is by what she sees here.

No. 339007

And didn't even get the ones posting her crap either, just those honest poor suckers who tried to earnestly help her. Smh

No. 339008

She most definitely lurks here, despite advice from friends.

Like, I was one of those people who told her to just block this site and ignore it because it'll just bring her down or make her feel bad. Like if you don't see it, read it, it can't hurt you.

But she decided to come here to shit on Somersby, everyone licked her ass for a while and she thought she was was safe. But that's not how things work.

No. 339009

Ash is no stranger to lolcow. She came into the OrangeCitrus thread for retribution several months ago.

Also lol about being posted on /cgl/. She's been posted in the bad makeup threads and bad cosplay threads lately too. She's never going to escape ridicule if she doesn't just walk away.

No. 339010



No. 339011

I had to poke around her Instagram and saw she did a tour of her make up box. Half the make up in that box is shit and it scares me when she picks up an eye shadow saying 'I've had this for a really long time.' Eye shadows have a shelf life of 6-12 months and I feel like she's maybe kept some stuff for 3+ years. Would not want that on my eyes. Half surprised she has a Kay von D pallet though.

No. 339012

She just got some new Nyx stuff too.

I looked into the OrangeCitrus thing maybe twice but didn't pay much mind so that's probably how I missed it. She must be pretty awful at pruning if she keeps cutting out everyone but the farmers on her list.

No. 339013

File: 1483820844166.jpg (98.5 KB, 750x750, IMG_1820.JPG)

Ngl the most expensive shit ash has is from Sugarpill and KVD and its not alot she has of it, the rest is just shit you can get at walmart (not saying its all bad) but 90% of her shit is 2-10$range and shes a hoarder so i get how quick she could fill up space…
Shes still retarded for constantly spending money on make up she doesnt need nor will ever use well, invest in a lip scrub and some good balms

>how she continues to sport that hair line is beyond me

No. 339014

She said she got those cat ears at Macy's for $89. Apparently they were on sale there. Who would've thought.

No. 339015

I believe that. I saw them on display there after Christmas but couldn't find any nondisplay ones to get myself.

Her shirt's from Walmart's Halloween shit, though.

(saged for useless store knowledge)

No. 339016

She's been wearing that shirt way too much. I bet it smells all musty and gross. God!

No. 339017

Her hair in general triggers the fuck out of me.
Her hair line is a mess, her hair itself is a mess. It's been bleached and dyed that awful red colour more than I can count. She fucking cuts it herself, but claimed OC tried to make her into a clone by getting her a decent hair cut. A real hair cut. At an actual hair salon. And she didn't pay for that.

Her eyebrows annoy the fuck out of me. She needs to stop shaving them and let them grow normal. Seriously. Pluck the strays, but stop Fucking shaving your brows because you have no fucking idea how to draw them on.

Her eyelashes, oh my god, her eye lashes. Bitch has all this crusty old makeup but can't buy mascara.

She has facial hair too, but you know what I can let that slide because that is hormonal.

No. 339018

There is no style that would save that hair anymore, shave it off and let it grow normally, jeesus.

No. 339019

File: 1483856141960.jpg (895.97 KB, 1413x1647, Screenshot_20170108-011219.jpg)

Oh God, her eyebrows and her new dirty ass shirt.

No. 339020

Is this 'wiped shit across my brows' a new look she's going for?

No. 339021

Foundation is caked, shows more imperfections and impurities. Is streaky.
Shaves off 2/3 of her eyebrows but doesn't get rid of the baby hairs and coats them in foundation.
Coats remaining brows in foundation because…? Drag tutorial said so?
Messy eye liner. Looks like it was done by a 12 year old.
No mascara AGAIN.
Loaded blush. Please stop watching drag tutorials.
Put blush on nose for cutesy effect but it looks like an accident.
Coated lips in foundation.
Lips look chapped as fuck.
Messy lip colour. Goes off of her lips and around them.
Dirty, makeup covered hands.
Unstyled wig.

No. 339022

Did she start the yuri on ice cosplay? I must have missed it.

No. 339023

we have eyes, spergo

No. 339024

>dried shit eyebrows
>foundation caked to hell and back
>eyeliner drawn on with crayola
>lipstick smeared like the Joker
>fingers stained??
>shirt is stained and dirty

And she just made a FB post saying her problem was caked makeup but here she goes again.
I just want to sit her down and do her makeup so damned bad. I'm not even good at it but I can do better than this.

No. 339025

File: 1483887440905.png (15.88 KB, 488x138, cokelips.PNG)

I'm cackling. Who wrote this?

No. 339026

File: 1483890190116.png (149.73 KB, 540x815, Screenshot_2017-01-08-10-34-47…)

No. 339027

And the helping commences and then she blows them off. Girl, why do you ever just take the advice and move the hell on.

No. 339028

How do you openly know you have a problem and not try to fix it? Like she knows her lips look bad, but it's "the look." Clearly not hahaha caked in foundation and lipstick smeared over is not a good look. And she gets mad when people tell her.

No. 339029


So is this supposed to be one of her abused yet kawaii uke fetish pieces? Who/what is YooBum?

No. 339030

he's the victim of stalking/abuse in a korean webcomic called killing stalking. the theme is psychological horror

it's the new tumblr flavor of the month, because it's yaoi and there are people arguing about it, whether romanticizing it is wrong since it's literally about someone who has stalked, kidnapped, and abused someone but you know since it's two guys, the fujoshits are going absolutely wild for it

naturally, ash is all about the one who is abused, kidnapped, and has had his legs broken by the stalker (yoonbum), because he's so kawaii and weak and shit like that

No. 339031

Nah that's one of her rare female cosplays. This >>338998 is the abused uke fetish cosplay.

No. 339032

This is a pretty confusing synopsis,
(Mine wont be better but clears some shit up)

Yoonbum was never stalked nor kidnapped (if anything held hostage really)
He is the stalker and even has a creepy track record stalking others before that incl restraining orders.
>Yoonbum breaks into the apartment of Sangwoo? Or whatever the killers name is called and is like jerking off this his clothes etc then finds an abused chick in the basement and thats when the killer comes home.
>The only reason he keeps YB around was because YB was so in love with him but he breaks YB's legs so he cant run away (like he did with the abused girl inb4 killing her)

It got boring quick but for once the uke is also a creepy fuck and p much an underweight, unhygienic, stalker neet like Incel tier,

Sage for sperging and youre still right about Ash being a tard for cosplaying it considering all her 'trauma' and 'experience' regarding the subject of abuse

No. 339033


I agree. I don't understand why she has to cosplay characters that involve abuse, rape, torture when she said she "delt" with it before.

IE: Aoba(DMMD. especially her bad end one), Konoe(Lamento), Yoonbum(Killing Stalking), and any other heroin characters from otome games: Yui(Diabolic Lovers) and Chi(Brother's Conflict).

She might actually get rapped down the line if she's not careful. Shes likes this kind of kink but doesn't want to admit it when it actually happens.

No. 339034

Worst part is based on the 'cosplay' of StalkingKilling shes clearly making him just another poor helpless uke even tho like i mentioned hes just as fucked up and creepy…
But she seems to really romaticize being taken advantage of and Raped/abuses, one thing is being a fujoshit and all that with mangas etc by yourself/on boards/friends but holy fuck youre literally bringing a rape story to life, i thought the concept of cosplay was having fun and being creative and indulging in fandoms you like not putting on a wig and playing abuse victim lmfao

>kek at Yoobum being underweight

>dead at the fact that hes an unhygienic, jobless neet like a certain someone

No. 339035

She's basically cosplaying a nightmare. Both characters shouldn't be romanticized because they have real world problems that make it more horrifying. It's meant to scare, not 'uguuuu uwu kawaii boys just being cute!!!' Shit like what happens in killing stalking happens in real life (ex; the kidnapped woman found alive on thanksgiving last year) which is why I don't think she understands how dark and heavy the story actually is.

It's one thing to have a fantasy but sometimes those things should be kept behind closed doors.

Also wondering if she would take it to her next con at this point.

No. 339036

Agreed, I don't get how anyone could read 'romance' from that comic. It's clearly psychological horror, it is literally even labeled as psychological horror. There is nothing cute about it.

No. 339037

File: 1483923037131.png (17.51 KB, 470x147, dramaqueen.PNG)

>Help! I wasn't expecting anyone I don't acknowledge to have a life outside of meeeee!

No. 339038

>shes clearly making him just another poor helpless uke
That's exactly how he acts in the comic though. It turns to standard otome/shoujo stockholm syndrome shit as soon as he gets to leave the basement.

No. 339039

It can't be Stockholm syndrome because Yoonbum was already in love and obsessed to begin with before being held hostage.
Why the fuck does she need to be coddled because a person has an instagram? Loads of people she downright hates have facebook. Block them and move the fuck on? Or it's someone she knows who knows her past or lies (like her stealing attempted suicide stories from friends) and she's scared that it will get out.
Kind of off topic, but not. In /ot/ there's a topic about rape fetishes and what a lot of people were saying is they more have a ravishing fetish rather than rape. But when it comes to Ash, I genuinely believe she has a rape fetish. Or at least thinks she does until it's someone equally as disgusting as her. Like she wants a stranger to molest and rape her and she wants to cry and wants to be the victim.
Well damn, maybe it isn't so much as a rape fetish as a fetish to have had horrible things done to her. Like those people who fake having had cancer. She's got a sympathy fetish.

No. 339040

Honestly, HOW IS SHE SURPRISED BY THIS?? I have a shit ton of friends who have an instagram. It's really not that big of a deal. Lots of people I know use it for a better following cause FB pages just sucks these days.

No. 339041


It's prob that Akane Reaper chick. From what I know her IG is pretty much a mixture of her life/cosplay wip/ and random stuff so she keeps it unlocked from her professional FB Account. Seeing as though ash can't stop stalking her I wouldn't be surprised if she came across it in her hunt for uke rape boy fan pics

No. 339042

>letting her pets die

wait what did I miss when did this happen?

No. 339043

>she has a rape fetish
I agree with this part but I disagree with the rest about her wanting to be the victim and having a sympathy fetish tied in to it.

On one hand, yes, she definitely has to be the center of attention and have people feel bad for her. She'd be a munchie if she could what with her past of faking self harm helping her out there.
However, I don't think that ties into her rape fetish at all. If you look at just about every single one of her stories/art pieces, the rape and abuse ends up a love story. She even takes DMM bad endings and twists them into uguu love even if it's wildly unhealthy. In her twisted little mind I like to think this is her big loophole to making her little fantasies a reality without having to be judged on them.
I mean just look at us. We know she has a fetish for this and can talk bad about her because of it but for her she thinks "If I frame it as something bad happening to me I didn't want then I'm fine!" even if she enjoyed every damn minute of it and you know she gets off on it just by what she writes/draws. Everyone knows she's a twisted pervert but she's still under the delusion that no one knows. That's why when she breaks up with someone she immediately has to paint them as ABUSER STALKER KIDNAPPER like that guy she dated what, once? It's all damage control.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just have a lot of annoyance for people who do this shit to make themselves look so naive/innocent and that's what she's trying to do.

I wouldn't doubt it if it was. Her and her would-be BFF/loverboygirl both like to bond by dissing Akane for some reason.

Hadn't heard about the pet actually dying but back when she was drama on /cgl/ one of her cats got sick and she wouldn't take it to the vet because she was spending her money on other things. I think maybe some anons called ASPCA on her? I might be remembering that wrong and confusing it for when anons called the police on her a few times for welfare/suicide threats.

No. 339044

my mistake. i only briefly looked over it via the tumblr tag

No. 339045


Dissing her. Lol from what I've seen she's an angel

With what ash did to her I'm surprised she doesn't dis ash all the time.

One could only imagine what lies they are coming up about this poor abused cosplayer. It's seems to be ashes favorite pass time to put people down who don't deserve it just because they are better than them/don't take shit from her

No. 339046

File: 1484001281882.png (119.61 KB, 633x865, IMG_6128.PNG)


As a friend and follower of Akane I sometimes send her stuff to keep her up to date on Ash's movements.

Akane Reaper was mentally abused by ash a while back. Ash used her and then dumped her but not before making out to be a huge "but I'm the victim" scene and trying to/successfully send her friends to bully her and talk bad about her via FB and 4chan.

This was almost a year ago. Akane handled whatever Ash through at her very well. But told me specifically that she wasn't perfect. That she made a huge mistake trusting ash and whatever followed was her fault.

Ash kept stalking her via Skype, FB and at conventions. Making it out to be like she was sorry and wanted a second chance. She had to leave mid discussion on skype when ash started giving her more bull shit excuses on her behavior than actually apologizing.

Ash to this day still talks bad about her. At a convention she Akane was Vending at (with her own mother) Ash tried to get them kicked out by spreading a rumor that she was under aged and fucking her boy friend who was of a much older age. After the con chair who was a friend of Akane's came to her to get the details she had to explain that her and her boyfriend met when she was of legal age in her state and wasn't involved in sexual activity until she was age 19. And then has to explain the person spreading this lie was just out to get her and would not leave her alone. She was then guarded by con security incase ash and her friend Caramia Capone (an sjw who stood up for Ashes abusive acts) who was also out to get Akane tried anything further.

The fact that ash is still trying to ruin the reputation of a cosplayer who stands for equality. Who does more to help her cosplay community than help herself. And who even before ash got a hold of her, openly admits to having PTSD, depression and anxiety (from being in a genuinely abusive household, I'm sure ash used that knowledge to guilt trip Akane into doing whatever she wanted) and said that she is to easily to trust people who seek her out (yes ash sout her out for help) and she knew that with her past she would be sucked into Doing whatever ash wanted. It was actually her best friend that pulled her out of ashes gript and ensued the wrath that came from the epic breaking off she did from ash.

I just got a response from Akane. She is very upset to hear that ash is still talking bad about her and hopes that if anyone on here truly has any problem with her that they please come to her and get all the information before assuming she is a horrible person.

No. 339047

That's me in the cap and I had no idea Akane and Ash dated. I took a few years hiatus from Ash drama because she fell out of my social circle for a while.

That explains why Ash's would-be new relationship gets such a giddy thrill out of commenting on every post with comments on "Who are you talking to? I don't see anything so it must be an ignorant ass teehee" like >>338584
Micah and Ash seem made for each other and that's just going off Micah's comments and nothing else. They suck up to each other so much.

No. 339048

If Akane and ash dated it was news to me. I don't think they did, unless she's spreading lies about them dating. I think they were just cosplay partners for a while.

But damn holy hell poor Akane.

No. 339049

Okay I definitely misread my bad! I saw "used her and dumped her" and took that as literal dump as in broke up with her.

No. 339050

Anon from >>339046

No they didn't date just cosplay partners. She "dumped" her meaning that she quit the cosplay group she was a part of last minute and then made it out to be that she was "bullied out of the group"

My bad for not explaining that.

No. 339051

I do believe there are caps in the old thread about this whole situation and if you give me a minute I'll repost them here.

No. 339052

File: 1484007359635.jpg (214.19 KB, 814x728, 1459410806614.jpg)

Pretty sure this is her complaining about the cosplay group.

No. 339053

File: 1484007513754.png (49.38 KB, 507x755, 1459410857083.png)

One of the cos group members responding to Ashley's post.

No. 339054

File: 1484008012557.png (108.12 KB, 500x1563, 1459410949982.png)

This post is most likely Akane? She refers to Ashley stealing her cosplay ideas or past cosplay.
Re-reading this and I feel awful for this person. 4 people they knew died in a short span of time. That's fucking rough. And you know Ashley was probably like, "b-b-but my cousin had a seizure" then proceeds to never talk about such cousin ever again! Also love the call out about how Ashley claims to be afraid of men but worked closely with the men in the cosplay group. Ah I love it.

No. 339055

File: 1484008685733.png (152.4 KB, 526x2084, 1459411197649.png)

Sounds like Akane again, feat. Ash's inability to admit any wrong doing and stealing people's cosplay ideas to out do them as revenge.

No. 339056


This was written after ash sent Caramia Capone to bully Akane.

No. 339057

File: 1484009434705.jpg (205.47 KB, 2048x1014, 1459411363838.jpg)

Ashley being a flake about the Sadness cosplay.

No. 339058

File: 1484009546012.jpg (556.3 KB, 1848x1010, 1459411497157.jpg)

Ashley blaming Maggie's death as a reason for her to not do the cosplay instead of just saying she changed her mind.

No. 339059

File: 1484009694200.jpg (231.99 KB, 960x691, 1459411515642.jpg)

Cosplay group member, possibly Akane, trying to be kind by including Ashley in the group has the whole thing blow up in their face for literally trying to be a decent person.

No. 339060

And Ash wonders why VA and even NC comms don't want anything to do with her.

No. 339061

This, marked with her bullying of the 11 year old (???) on DA, she's just a bully herself and I don't think she realizes this. She needs to learn and understand how her actions and attitude affect others and not just stay within her bubble of 'LOOK AT MEEE'. I would suggest therapy and talking to a psychologist to further understand but we know where she is with that.

No. 339062

I don't think she actually sees a therapist. She once claimed she talks to one via Skype, but then her (obviously fake) story in the OP makes no sense if THAT has any truth to it. And by truth I mean just her seeing a therapist in person at all, not the whole "she can see my dragons too!" bullshit.

No. 339063

File: 1484025038330.png (558.46 KB, 844x2990, 1431534357464.png)

She hates doctors, counselors, and psychiatrists.
Probably because they make her think about her actions. Doubt she has one.
(Also she had personally came to me crying and wishing she was on antidepressants, then got super excited when she was prescribed 5mg of one, but in this text here acts like she hates medication, too.)

Lmao because she straight up lies about seeing shit, and she'd be on antipyschotics, medication and does not actually need, yeah I wouldn't want to take it either.

No. 339064

And she wonders why people called the police and CPS on her. If she was still pulling all this shit now she'd be in a ward again (if she ever went in the first place).

No. 339065

she did go to Tucker's. Not hard to get in. Just say you're suicidal, you're in. Say you're hearing voices, you're in. Say you're seeing things, you're in.

No. 339066

That was around the time she faked slitting her wrists, right? When she was telling everyone not to call a certain hospital but the nice hospital because she liked it better.
It's honestly amazing that she hasn't ditched cosplay for being a spoonie/munchie yet.

No. 339067

she didn't fake it per se, they were just really superficial cuts. There is only two psychiatric wards in our area, poppler's (sp?) And Tucker's. Never been to poppler's myself, but I've been to Tucker's a few times.
The teen ward sucks and the staff was abusive in my experience. Adult ward is a lot better but still has its issues.
She's never been to poppler's.

No. 339068

So she really did cut herself. Wow.
From what I remembered she only posted a picture of one wrist that looked make-upped on and posted another picture a few days later where her wrist had nothing at all so I assumed the entire time she had just faked it.

No. 339069

File: 1484055952946.jpg (33.93 KB, 800x533, 800px-Ashleyproveshercutting.j…)

Found the picture I was looking for.

No. 339070

File: 1484059120022.png (46.13 KB, 540x277, Screenshot_2017-01-10-09-37-10…)

Speaking of

No. 339071

Lmao oh yeah those are fake for sure. That looks like failed burn makeup.
She posted pictures at another time on her dA of her superficial cuts. They looked like scraps. Nothing major.
She makes a lot of threats (towards herself and others) so this doesn't surprise me.

No. 339072

It's hard to be sure because she's a dumbass who can't focus a camera on what she's trying to take a picture of, and instead it's focused on her hand, but it literally looks like she swiped some brown eyeshadow or bronzer on her arm lol. Cuts nor scars look like that.

No. 339073

I remember this. And then the three day radio silence from her while the board (I think it was back on /cgl/) stood by with baited breath, debating on if she was at home playing vidya or really at the hospital. On the 3rd or 4th day she came back with a raging rant about how some one called the cops on the grounds of an attempted suicide and she got sent to the hospital and put under watch for 'no reason'. Or something like that.

No. 339074

that just looks like a scratch if anything, if she's cutting herself with a blade it would look different even if its a thin cut

No. 339075

Is there something in her brain that makes her unable to see how awful her makeup is? I understand not being able to tell if your own art is truly horrendous, but makeup… it's literally flaking off your eyebrows and is all over your cheeks, and yet you take a picture of it. What?? How????

No. 339076

It's probably the same blindness you get when you live in a messy home and just stop seeing it. Her house is filthy from all the photos she posts but she never acknowledges it because it's just normal for her.

No. 339077

I feel sorry for a lot of the Virus+Trip, Mink, and any of the vampire boys from Diabolik Lovers. If you take a look on instagram at whosoever bringing anyone from these two series to katsu(except for whoever Ashley cosplays) she freaks out "OMG I NEED TO GET A PICTURE WITH YOU!" Watch your back DMMD and DL folk who are going to Katsu. I will tell you this, she will stalk you until she gets a picture. It's creepy af! Call the con staff if she does that.

No. 339078

File: 1484114701679.jpg (1.17 MB, 1434x2045, Screenshot_20170111-010011.jpg)

Oh God! Look how shitty this looks. Stop making Aoba look bad. JFC

No. 339079

This looks awful.

No. 339080

Can someone PLEASE introduce this girl to painter's tape?

No. 339081

Primer, thinning paints, and sealant would be good to introduce too.

No. 339082

Even if she had these things, I assume her coordination and dexterity is that of a toddler.

No. 339083

If someone offered her tips on instagram would she flip her shit and get completely pissed off?

No. 339084

This is Ashley, so absofuckinglutely.

No. 339085

True. I'm guessing she's also very impatient and wouldn't give anything the right amount of drying/curing time between coats.

No. 339086

It's like you guys don't realize she's been doing this same shit for YEARS and countless people have tried to help/befriend her etc

She's not lacking in available resources for improvement, she simply does not want to improve

No. 339087

Drying on a can of soda. Classy.
Also this looks like it was painted with nail polish.

No. 339088

She really doesn't. Some one helped her recently and she some how made it worse despite their instructions.

No. 339089

I take it she's never heard of gesso

No. 339090

File: 1484144432300.jpg (1002.8 KB, 1390x2033, Screenshot_20170111-091913.jpg)

Look, now I can act like a fuck boy and drink like one too.

No. 339091

This dumb cunt…

No. 339092

I don't understand why she needs to have Aoba's cup. What a waste of her god damn money. Watch that thing get shattered to pieces at Katsu.

No. 339093

I'm cackling at that remark.

Honestly though where is she getting all this cash all of a sudden?

No. 339094

Christmas is my guess

No. 339095

Cunt coulda just used tape and spray paint but fuck even layers and quick cure time when u can use watered down acrylics and spend way too much time painting something that will come out looking like the dump of a 5yr old who ate blue and yellow crayons together with his dads watch.

No. 339096

She swore up and down she split her Christmas money 50/50 for craft store stuff and then put the other half into savings.

No. 339097

I guess since she didn't spend it instantly, it counts as saving in her world.

No. 339098


Depending if she got it on Ebay, the price range for it is between $14-$25.00 with free shipping. Not sure how much she spent on it or saves up but when you think about it, it's not too expensive for her to buy.

No. 339099

File: 1484176282185.png (30.73 KB, 490x356, whine.PNG)

Oh yeh she's definitely lurking.

No. 339100

File: 1484176331264.png (42.2 KB, 483x392, thirst.PNG)

That thirst

No. 339101

Not for nothing but there are SOOOOOO many people who cosplays the same things as her. So whoever she is talking about is completely vague. She needs to understand that not everything is about her. She must be lurking on that other person's page just to make herself feel like crap.

It is JUST cosplay. OMG GET A LIFE!

No. 339102

Anthony no stay the fuck away from her!
(Anthony is trans, ftm and I bet this dumb bitch has no idea.) Scared of men, clearly!
"Let's be gay fuck boys!" Yeah Ashley okay Ashley
There is so much karma in the things Ashley has done and how her life is coming out to be. I wish she would just disconnect.
"Her doing the same cospway as me, but better, hurts my fee-fees. Waaah."
God. If she actually but real effort into her cosplay, would she have as many? No. But would they be falling apart by the end of the day? Maybe not!

No. 339103


"About a situation"

Hmmm, there are so many things she was hurt by. Which one would be the worse for her??

No. 339104


Wait wait wait, this person stole one of her friends from her??

Ummmmmmm did she ever take into consideration that maybe THAT FRIEND got fed up with her bs??

No. 339105


lol she's prob crying over Akane's public post calling her out.

No. 339106

I'm iffy on Anthony solely because they seem to be obsessed with "being" Tony Stark. They even cosplayed him to a serious political rally.

No. 339107

What did she get called out on?

No. 339108

Which post??

No. 339109


This was her fb post that that friend shared: >>339046

No. 339110


Antony has some issues. That's for sure. Poor thing… I could tell stories.

But honestly he's prone to #trigger and go ape shit on people. I'm honestly surprised he can tolerate ash's bull shit.

No. 339111

File: 1484187123488.jpg (791.13 KB, 1377x1674, Screenshot_20170111-210744.jpg)

Okay is she that insane to think that an instrument like that is going to be cheap? Bitch plz!

And you are not a BIG nitro+chiral fan unless you at least know most of their past games except the popular ones. I bet she doesn't even know the ones that are just recently debuted.

No. 339112


Ash surrounds herself with SJW's because they think she's a precious little snow flake that can do no wrong. So not surprised by Anthony and her getting along.

No. 339113

File: 1484188079558.png (110.44 KB, 640x1001, IMG_6152.PNG)


so I'm one of the anon's that feeds Akane info on ash sometimes. And I sent her >>339099

This was her response. I asked permission to share.

No. 339114

I like this girl more and more.

No. 339115


Fucking gold

We got 24 hours till ash says she's cosplaying Beetlejuice to "out do her competition"

No. 339116

ohohohoho man i can't wait to see how awful this turns out

No. 339117

Reeeeeeeee i love this fucking hell

No. 339118

hahaha holy shit. how can she thinks she looks good?? She is actually retarded.

No. 339119

No, she needs to fuck off and stay away from lamento! I actually really love that game.

No. 339120

Ashley will make up some lie claiming she feels threatened or something.

No. 339121

I adore her response so much lmao

No. 339122


Is the beetlejuice thing a reference to something that's previously happened, or is it 'le epic meme humour' im just not understanding.

No. 339123


It's a response to something Ashley posted. Akane is on a real Beetlejuice kick cuz it's her headline cosplay for Katsucon so I think she's just trying to be funny for the people following her and this BS.

No. 339124

Anon from a previous post about Anthony and yea. Either he's an asshole or too committed to the role.

No. 339125


Sadly, she's been in Lamento since the middle of last year. She's also been into DMMD since last year too but trying to improve her pregnant Aoba til now but it ain't getting any better since everything she does to cosplay him looks like shit.

No. 339126

File: 1484204674843.png (403.68 KB, 608x648, what is this.png)

what even the fuck is going on

No. 339127

Is that a fox tail? I had to brighten my screen and I'm still scratching my head.

No. 339128

One thing I just have been wondering a while, why was Ash moved to /snow/? Isn't she a /pt/-tier cow?

No. 339129

File: 1484212320558.jpg (5.25 MB, 3443x5000, Shui.full.1594471.jpg)

This is the character she wants to cosplay asking about the lute prop, so I can only imagine…


No. 339130

She dipped the tails in Fucking white paint! Fucking what!!!! What what what! Who the fuck
Oh my god I can't I fucking can't. She dipped the fox tail in white paint you dumb fucking whale
It's going to dry and be hard and cracked and paint is going to chip everywhere and you've ruined perfectly good fox tails. You dumb mother fucker.
I literally screamed. I audibly screamed when I saw this.

No. 339131

Sorry double post
Yeah I agree she needs to be moved to /pt/

No. 339132

I would carve the body out of foam and use a sturdy but light wood for the neck, maybe have it diverge at the tip made of foam too just so it wasn't so heavy, then I'd scout out thrift shops and goodwill/eBay for guitar parts.there is no such thing as cheap when it comes to that thing…unless you want a poop broach….

No. 339133

The tips of those look like they've been shoved up somewhere nasty.

No. 339134

I'm almost giddy with anticipation for the shit lute wew

No. 339135

Thirding this. It'd be nice to see her crazy on the front page every morning instead of having to dig through traced art artists, 'rexics, and which youtuber took a bad selfie today. Even Snoozy's worst doesn't compare to Asher's.

No. 339136

I was thinking the same. the foam would be easy to work wth if you're careful and mindful about it. You'd be able to get the desired shape really quick and for $7.
Is that characters tail a cat tail? It looks like a cat. Regardless, it looks like she has the wrong tail (it's also way too short) all together so she ruined a perfectly good tail for no reason.

No. 339137

Wasn't ash moved to snow during that short lull in her drama where people were asskissing her mistakenly thinking she was turning her life around etc etc? At least I'd assume that's why princess shit brooch isn't in pt

Yeah, he's a cat. Lamento has a cast of half cat boys, half horned devil type bishounens. It's str8 up yaoi, as to be expected of the makers, and her interests, of course.

No. 339138

Don't give her any ideas. Remember, she lurks

No. 339139

File: 1484246841425.png (48.53 KB, 540x265, Screenshot_2017-01-12-13-44-15…)

Next update on this will be her slicing her fingers off. She can't even use paint correctly so no chance with power tools.

No. 339140


No. 339141

Please do NOT
oh man the idea of her using a power tool like that is scary

No. 339142


No no

Use the power tool

Then you have something besides your family/other better cosplayers to blaim for your costumes being so bad.

>horrifying prop and costume


No. 339143

File: 1484255718311.png (62.9 KB, 640x597, IMG_6154.PNG)

So I want to break down the latest video ash posted on her cosplay page.

1: "we've got a big problem in the cosplay community, cosplay bullying."

Says the biggest bully I know in the cosplay community.

2: "im seeing people being made fun of their weight and the people they cosplay"

Says the church who skinny shames and says that some people just shouldn't cosplay some things and basically type casted her own body type saying "so because you think im would be good as Rose quarts means I'm a "bigger" Cosplayer?! How dare you call me fat"

3: "I'm tempted to quit"


4: "spread this video around"

Because I'm so narcissistic that my face should be the face of cosplay and what I say goes even though I'm just a hypocrite looking for attention.

5: "if you would not say it to your mother father family"


6: "I've had people shut me down from making friends because they didn't like how I handled a situation."

Why because people warn people about how you bully, cause drama, scream rape, are overly touchy, are over clingy, lie, and be a bitch. So basically you're mad people tell the truth about your personality and actions and you don't like that? Wow.

7: "can you not make other people's opinions for them"

I don't think earning people, presenting evidence and stuff YOU WROTE. Is making people's opinions for them. It's showing proof you are a bigot.

8:" there's no reason for us to start attacking each other"

Again says the bully!

9: "trump will build a wall around anime"

Oh honey if you really believe trump is going to do half the things his twitter says you really are a dumb cunt.

10: "it's childish this is schoolyard shit

Again says the girl who can't let go and keeps bashing cosplayers who are better than her that didn't take her shit.

11:" I'm not doing yuri on ice cuz the community is so bad"

Omg thank the gods my eyes will. E sparred. But the community isn't bad. You just can't handle other people trying to help you fix your cosplay cuz it's bad.

12: "when did my appearance become an issue"

Because any cosplayer worth their salt understands that cosplay means becoming the character as best you can. Cosplay for fun is different but when you label yourself a professional, as she has done, you have to hold yourself to a standard in body type and look. You can't say you're a professional cosplayer if you don't strive to look exactly like a character in both look and costume which yes does mean weight to! Reasons I work out and eat healthy.

13:"we decide to attack people who's a little bit worse than you"

I think you are mixing up attacking with attempting to help you understand what you did wrong and how you can fix it. Lol but ash we all know you can't handle critic's and help.

(On a side note can I bring up the fact again that you attack anyone better than you whenever you get the chance)

So yeah honestly just fuck you ash. Stop trying to play the saint when you are what's wrong with the cosplay community.

No. 339144

>trump will build a wall around anime

I need that on a bumper sticker or something

Is that video on her private Facebook? Or is it viewable elsewhere?

No. 339145

On her axel ash cosplay page

No. 339146

How is anyone going to take her seriously with those teeny tiny eyebrows

No. 339147


I found out the reasoning behind them.

Japanese gods are often depicted with small eyebrows like that.

She thinks she's a god

No. 339148

File: 1484258950746.gif (494.01 KB, 200x200, kanye-west-i-am-a-god1.gif)

This bitch…

No. 339149

Omg she's wearing those stupid cat ear things just to be a show off.

No. 339150

File: 1484260062272.png (225.61 KB, 494x1048, 1.PNG)

I take what I said back about Anthony. They're cringey but they've finally hit their breaking point.

No. 339151

Her damn Aoba cup! You really had to pause for 5 seconds just so you can take big sip from your damn aoba cup?? How thickheaded can this bitch be. And thank God she's not cosplaying from YOI anymore. No, the community isn't shit, you're shit because you bring yourself down after looking at other YOI people. DO YOUR OWN THING! STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE. I mean Jesus Christ, just look at yourself. You got teeny tiny eyebrows, your hairs shit(dye and cut), and now you're making yourself seem trans. CAN YOU NOT? AGAIN! YOU'RE BEING SOMEBODY YOU'RE NOT JUST TO MAKE YOURSELF SEEM POPULAR. IT'S DISGRACEFUL AND DISGUSTING.

No. 339152

HOLYSHIT! About time Anthony said something to her. I mean, this is a person who wanted to cosplay with her before but god damn! This is one side of Anthony I haven't seen in awhile.

No. 339153

>wanted to cosplay with her before
I didn't think such a thing was possible. She's tried to couple cosplay with me twice in the past year.

No. 339154

File: 1484260888769.jpg (28.32 KB, 583x166, IMG_6156.JPG)

Ash's video in a nut shell.

No. 339155


There's the Antony I know.

God I'm so late to this party. If ash is a god then Satanism sounds rly good to me right now… damn

No. 339156

Oh gross! Yeah, awhile back Ashley wanted some people to recruit for one of her groups and Anthony stepped up to plate to cosplay with her but god, I'm sorry you had to deal with that anon.

No. 339157

Careful anon, her inner demons might be betrothed to Satan.

No. 339158

Any other comments on this subject?? I wanna see what she says to them.

No. 339159

As far as I saw she never replied to anyone.

No. 339160

Did more people comment?

No. 339161

File: 1484263424539.png (45.17 KB, 494x360, 3.PNG)

Here's all the caps.

And just so I don't have to double post:
>Axel Ash Bailey
>42 mins
>Im not a nice person. Sorry

No. 339162

I wonder if she'll block Anthony. Or delete his comment, or her post altogether. Which is what she normally does when she's called out or given good advice or criticize.

No. 339163

yeah I don't see some of the people who used to give her advice posting on her shit lately. she Probably blocked them

No. 339164

I love how she can't decide if she mad at him or still thirsty for him. xD

No. 339165

If you look at Akane's page you'll see a lot of those old friends are on her side now

No. 339166

Or just unfriended them. She's getting to the point where if anyone offers her advice, she basically throws them under the bus. She'll only keep the "friends" that doesn't know her constant bullying and harassment. Sad really

No. 339167

Oh she has. Because she can't stand to be told she's wrong or that people are trying to help her.

No. 339168


Trying to help her is like running in a hampster wheel. You can try all you want but you aren't going to get anywhere with her.

No. 339169

Yeah, pretty sure no one who was actually trying to help her or actually bothered to give her good, sound advice survived that last purge.

No. 339170

Do her purges even do anything? All the farmers end up staying and she still has hundreds of friends no matter how many times I hear from here that she's purged the list.

No. 339171

That's because the only people who end up in her crosshairs are people who try to help her. To her help=unwanted critique so she assumes anyone who tries to help her posts here.

No. 339172


In all fairness though most of the people she yell at/unfriends does end up here.

No. 339173

True enough, but really at a certain point of zero improvement and rejecting help all you can do is sit back and laugh.

No. 339174

Honestly Anthony seems like a cunt as well

No. 339175

Not denying that a bit but it's still nice to see one of her asskissers finally lose their cool.

No. 339176

File: 1484329300488.png (8.42 KB, 386x110, incoming.PNG)

No. 339177


I'm pretty sure a lot of people have many legit reasons not to like you ask. Regardless of your "hulk don't make me angry" like outbursts you are planning to unleash on the masses.

No. 339178

What possessed someone to want to be a bitch so badly? I mean really? Who brags about making their own mom cry? Why is that a good thing? Why is that something you'd want people to know?

She is a damn liar about going to therapy. I don't believe her for a fucking minute because she's making no progress. But don't forget guys she's borderline genius.

No. 339179


I make my own mother cry

Yes ash this is such an accomplishment. Please tell me more about how horrible of a person you are.

Did she say in her video "if yo wouldn't say it to your mother don't say it to someone else"

Where did that holier than thou logic go ash?!?

No. 339180

>if you won't say it to your own mother […]

Apparently that's inapplicable to her as she WOULD say it to her own mother, kek

No. 339181

File: 1484344743936.png (21.54 KB, 491x195, asskiss.PNG)

She finally replied to Anthony and has a new asskisser.

No. 339182

File: 1484344900098.png (70.15 KB, 424x647, replies.PNG)

Posted the wrong one first. This is the first part of it.

No. 339183

>>339181 >>232616 >>339176

What a fucking spoiled brat. Its one thing to be involved in a drama with somebody but actually have the balls to brag about something that you're not even in and make this all about you really say something.

No. 339184

"Trying to value everyone's opinion"

Accept when they don't 100% agree with you.

That entire post was her lighting lamp to draw in the drama flies and give her a reason to try and make herself look like the perfect example of this community.

Bruh my head hurts this bitch needs to quit and move on.

No. 339185

I just hate how she's blaming other people for how she acts and feels. Yes words hurt.
But she is in control of herself. She's the only one who lets her lose control and be mean enough to her mom to make her cry.
No one does it. No one pushes her. She let's herself get there. But she will never take responsibility for her emotions.

No. 339186

jesus christ no one should purposely make their mother cry.

For how horrible Ash is though, I would assume she got that from the people she was raised by. Or maybe she is one of those people with good parents but she still ended up a rotten egg.

No. 339187

Her mom loves her and gives her every thing she wants. Her mom also puts her on a pedestal and fuels Ashley's delusions that she can see dragons and move things with her mind and whatever, by saying they've had witches in the family.
Her dad resents her though. I've personally been there when he's blown up at her and she cried and said sorry and how embarrassed she was. It shook me, too. Feels like mom isn't tough enough, but dad is abusive.
Last time I was there he was a lot nicer though. He's had a gambling and cheating problem.

No. 339188

Her dad sounds like a piece of work. Guess that kinda explains her a bit.

No. 339189

What was Anthony's whole comment? I can see someone rightly telling him to chill based on the beginning on it

No. 339190

Have you met her brother? Is he as bad as she says?

No. 339191


Different person but she always seems to flip-flop between whether her brother is alright (if he's giving her something) and her brother is the devil. This is the one she wished had cancer right, so he'd learn to be nicer?

No. 339192

Oh, I wish I knew but alas, I've never met her brother. He doesn't live at home and whenever he does come I've never been there. I do believe he's only her half brother though. I've never met her sister either but I hear she's really nice.
Yes she hoped her brother had cancer when he had a cancer scare because to her it would be karma plus it made him nicer to her somehow? Those were her words, anyways.

No. 339193

>nicer to her
This seems to be a theme. Everything bad Ashley wishes on people is because they didn't treat her like the special princess she thinks she is. Daddy didn't let her use his expensive tools? HE'S THE WORST I WISH HE'D DIE. Mommy didn't take her somewhere to shop? SHE'S HORRIBLE, I WISH SHE'D GO AWAY! Brother doesn't put up with her bullshit? I HOPE HE GETS CANCER, THEN HE'D BE NICER TO ME!

No. 339194

File: 1484451917857.jpg (407.3 KB, 1258x951, Screenshot_20170114-224233.jpg)

No. 339195

File: 1484452000962.jpg (490.22 KB, 1251x1351, Screenshot_20170114-224308.jpg)

No. 339196

File: 1484452091006.jpg (888.01 KB, 1258x2152, Screenshot_20170114-224333.jpg)

No. 339197

File: 1484452347597.jpg (826.52 KB, 1267x2171, Screenshot_20170114-224402.jpg)

No. 339198

Girl is paranoid as shit.

No. 339199

Can you blame her? Any and every move is posted here.

No. 339200

She's using Lolcow as an excuse to shit on "Span" here, so yes, I can blame her.

No. 339201

So you've already gotten mo sky from people, you're hosting a room so it's in your name and you don't know if you are going to go? You would screw those people out of a place to stay? As I assume she'll need to be the one to check it to secure this room, and would she be that fucking stupid enough to pocket their money and ditch the room?

I have a friend who she blocked/unfriended who honestly did nothing but try to help her for the longest time. They'd message me
About cosplay prop ideas to see f it was actually a feasible solution before posting it to her, figuring if it's a sound idea and simple she'd have no problem with it, and poof, just like that thrown away. She keeps adding friends to her list (after the purge it was 262 now up to 269) so seriously, she's only adding people who will worship the ground she walks on and kiss her ass.

No. 339202

Gotten money* stupid thumbs…

No. 339203

I've seen her friends list. It's mostly trans genders and famous looking cosplayers. She only adds them just so she can be like them. Girl, you are nothing like them. You need to fix your god damn attitude towards people. This is why you're loosing friends. She needs a break from the whole cosplay community in general cause it's only making her worse. She needs to go back to wherever she was before cause when she did, her attitude was a lot better than this.

No. 339204

Poor span, I remember the good old days of
Cgl when you defended her so valiently. And not even you were spared?

No. 339205

>I'm considering not going to Katsu anymore
>I have people in the room who've already sent money to me

I got no further than that before I started raging.

1. That's a fucking shit thing to do because you want to be a little pissbaby.
2. $10 says she's already spent their money on herself or something.

Well when all she posts is shit-tier stuff and "MEMEMEME" statuses, it's hard not to post everything she says here. She's perpetually stuck in her whiny 13-year-old stage back when she was making journals about wanting to shoot her up school and making hot glue monstrosities as commissions she got her mother to force people to pay for.

No. 339206

She's dropped out of rooms she hosted before. She's dropped out on cosplay groups shes Volentered to be in. She's untrustworthy with money. Unreliable with actions. And even worse when it comes to real life. I'm not surprised if she oops out of katsu last minute, in fact for my friends on the east coast going I hope she does. And I hope she quits cosplay.

She needs to work on being a better person, cuz after all this time she's worse as a person and shit as a cosplayer.

No. 339207

>She's dropped out of rooms she hosted before.
Seriously? Did she at least refund everyone immediately after? (Probably not)

No. 339208


>>dropping out of rooms she hosted

Nah Knowing her personality.. think she ran with it, probubly because she spent the money already. She's know to jam her rooms full cuz she can't control herself when she gets money. A shared room needs only about 3-4 people to properly share the cost. But she's known for doing 6-9 people and spending it most of the money at the con.

No. 339209

So if she is stuck in a 13 year old mind set why keep going after her? Wouldn't that just be like going after a retard? I'm all good for the drama, it just seems almost like kicking a retarded puppy at this point.

No. 339210

Kicking a retarded puppy would be going after an innocent creature who does nothing other than exist and wet the floor. Ash is forever stuck in her edgy 13 year old mindset in the way everything is about her and she makes up shit to get attention or make herself seem edgier or have an excuse for acting like a total shit to people. That's not a retarded puppy. She's more a retarded incel flipped round where every failed relationship is "MEN ARE EVIL RAPISTS, MY DATE TRIED TO KIDNAP ME" and the entire world is out to get her because it doesn't understand her and her brilliance.

No. 339211

Literally the best thing I've heard all day.

No. 339212

That's fucked up. And she's doing it again for Katsu. I feel sorry for a those people who room with her. Plus I also heard she's going to Dragon*con again, can you imagine how many people are gonna be in that messy room??

No. 339213

Real question, I don't know if this has been addressed before but I'm now wondering.
How can she afford to go to multiple large cons a year + new cosplays for each? Is her mom throwing money at her whenever she asks? Or does she work but not have to pay rent, food, utilities, etc, allowing her to spend all her money on weeb shit?

No. 339214

She lives with her parents that spoil her, and has a small part-time job. So, a little of each.

No. 339215

as the other anon said, it's a bit of both.
Ashley does have a part time but she doesn't buy her own food or pay rent or anything.
And if she does need money, her mom bails her out every time.
All her money goes to cosplay and make up.
She was supposed to save up for a car. She was supposed to take her pets to the vet. But cosplay is more important than life apparently.

No. 339216

Pretty sure she also hella spent the money she got for throwing a huge bitchfit about her luggage being lost by Delta and going to the News, practically bullying Delta in to giving her refunds for her shitty makeups and wigs.

Part of me thinks she lied about her luggage cause the Aoba wig she's using still looks like her shitty one she lost.

No. 339217

Yeah she took the money Delta gave her for losing 3/4 of her luggage and bought an even bigger luggage that's pretty much identical to her last because reasons no one can understand. She can't drive, she has to get to the con somehow, and something that big takes up pretty much an entire trunk so you can tell she didn't think it through at all and just wanted to look "professional".

No. 339218

File: 1484663593139.png (114.35 KB, 750x624, IMG_4407.PNG)

> I want to get my parents a gift
> How about pictures of me! MEMEMEME!
Christ, she can't even do something nice for her parents without it being all about her. They had a tree fall in their kitchen, maybe get your parents some nice tableware to replace what was broken? Or a useful kitchen gadget? No, pictures of yourself are obviously the perfect gift to the parents who constantly wish you'd get your shit together.

No. 339219


Your parents have to see you everyday why do you think getting them pictures of you is a good present.

How about you stop treating them like you do. Or maybe stop being a parasite and get your own place and a car and a divers licesnce and maybe a life?

No. 339220

lmao or buy your own food and stop eating your parents food Jesus Christ hahahaha she is too much for me.
Or clean your room, that's a nice gift. Or take them out for a nice dinner. Maybe buy your mom some nice makeup and dad a nice watch?

No. 339221

Agreed, she spends most of her money on cosplay, what's stopping her to get her parents some nice expensive gifts since you know, she has the money to do it.

No. 339222

Oh my god. She is all about herself.

No. 339223


Yeah she's pretty much convinced the world revolves around her

No. 339224

File: 1484723722235.jpg (1.09 MB, 1411x2202, Screenshot_20170118-021408.jpg)


No. 339225



No. 339226

>implying any of that money will go to fixing her teeth
Nah, it'll go to cosplay, cons, and whatever shiny new thing she must have. I hope that nobody donates to her.

No. 339227

How DARE her mother lose her job and inconvenience her.

I'm also partly deaf but I'm more quiet than loud so idk I guess it's different for everyone but I always talk really quietly because I feel like I'm too loud.

If she starts a fundraiser 100% of that money will absolutely not go towards what the fund was intended for.

No. 339228

Dental insurance isn't all that expensive. My plan is like 37 a month. There's a wait period for expensive procedures of a
Year but, there are other plans she could get on…

No. 339229

>I have bills
>saving up for a car

You know I've never seen proof of either of these. If anyone even thought about donating it'd get shut down so fast for misuse of funds.

No. 339230


I just. Can't even.

No one in their right mind knowing her rep is going to donate to her. The little shit will just spend that money on conventions and Cosplays. She doesn't have bills she lives Scott free with her parents and omg so her teeth are crooked (just like her soul) spending money to fix teeth is a luxury. A car is a necessity. Something she's been saying she's been saving for, for about 4 years. And haven't actually put a cent towards it. Omfg ash why.

No. 339231

Braces are cosmetic. She's stupid. Your insurance wouldn't cover it anyways. 5,000 is the typical price of braces, you pay it over time, not all at once.
She's stupid and would be lying about needing the money. If she saved up on her own without buying cosplay shit, she would easily have the money she needs.

No. 339232


But she'll yell at anyone who tries to tell her that. I think she's come up with these go fund me scemes before. They never work

No. 339233

File: 1484767674765.png (268.51 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-18-14-24-02…)

Oh yeah she's definitely spending the money she got for the hotel room.

No. 339234


This is fucking disgusting. To the people who knows who she's rooming with, please for the love of god message them and tell them she's spending their money for the room.

No. 339235



No. 339236

Hahaha, this is awesome. maybe she'll have an accident and learn her lesson?

No. 339237

I'm a big lamento fan and made this costume in the past. It's difficult because of all the dip dying and gradient dying. There's no way she has any skills to tackle this. It's going to be one big hobo mess. jfc

No. 339251

She's in-fucking-sane.
That's why. And she's scummy as fuck. OC literally spent like 300 bucks on this girl and repayed her by threatening to call the police because she asked for 20 dollars back.

No. 339253

File: 1484776357175.png (222.08 KB, 483x492, fhp.PNG)

Ash made it back to /pt/? I'm so proud of little poop-broach!

It already is. She took a cos shot of it and said she looked like a fat hobo. Just found it on her FB again. Looks like she's purged again too but still hasn't gotten the right people.

No. 339902

That hood wouldn't be quite so bad if she turned it inside out. Basic sewing 101: don't put your fuckin seams, hems or edging facing the outside.

God, how fuckin stupid can you be?

No. 339944

The hem fluctuates so badly. She must never use any guiding pens. That's the only way I can figure out how it would look so bad.

No. 339945

File: 1484830905271.png (23.96 KB, 541x486, kek.PNG)

No. 339968


Ash I a level of stupid on its own yet to be recorded by the Genus book of world stupid.


So I'm guessing no one actually did inform her room mates that she's spending their room money. (Bbff=Akane and the Noblesse Oblige Cosplay group she damn near "tried to ruin the reputation of" most likely since she's always pester them about doing groups with them)

No. 339987

i don't understand how you could sew a hem this badly! I DONT! UNDERSTAND! JESUS CHRIST!

i feel like no one is going to recognize her costume because it will be too bad.

No. 340222

File: 1484860568342.jpg (806.67 KB, 1390x1634, Screenshot_20170119-154935.jpg)


No. 340238

We should keep a running collage of what new items she's gotten recently.

No. 340261

She feels zero shame for spending other peoples money.

No. 340560


Beautiful as. Now just move that wig hair a little bit more center to cover up your ugly no shame for your actions face and it would be perfect.

Seriously she doesn't have a single ounce of remorse. Wigs aren't fucking cheep. Costume stuff isn't fucking cheep. She has got to be scamming her room mates

No. 340698

File: 1484882558386.png (394.89 KB, 498x498, longoverdue.PNG)

There's no way she isn't. Let's look at the facts:

>claims she spent half her Christmas money on cosplay fabrics at one shop

>claims she put the other half into savings

>doesn't earn much at her job

>says she has a few bills plus groceries
>tax returns aren't in

>bought cat headphones ($90)

>bought Aoba mug ($15 going by Redbubble similar design)
>bought new leg covers for Aoba (leg covers $20 on ebay)
>bought new gloves for Aoba ($8 on ebay)
>bought new wig ($16 on ebay)
>bought wig for Shui ($15 on ebay)
>bought geta for Beni ($18 on ebay)
>bought four Nyx products ($25 roughly)
>bought Aradani ears ($30)
>misc makeup ($25 at least)
>shipping for everything (????)

>wants to buy new colored contacts

>wants to buy Katsu pre-reg
>is still waiting for purchases due by the end of the month

Total scammed so far: $262 more or less.

No. 340762


Wasn't this video also made on Jan 1st too? Who knows when she bought all of those things. Plus, I don't believe even for a second she has any bills. Maybe her phone one from time to time but for anything else, I call BS.

Also let's not forget the blue watch for Aoba as well, which could be between $10-15.

I so wanna watch this video to hear her rants.

No. 340764

Timestamp says Jan 1.

Given most of her items probably came from China and the "end of the month" estimate, she had to have bought them mid-December through early January. So before Christmas or during Christmas for most of them which means no using her Christmas money so logic says she used money she had on hand aka room payments.

No. 340768



No. 340772

Probably to stay in the loop because she's already threatening a more in depth purge and no one wants to lose access to the milk.

No. 340780


Apparently she already bought her Katsu badge unless she's saving up for the walk-in one but I highly doubt it.

No. 340797

So that's another $70. She kept putting it off making it seem like she didn't have the money and asked someone when was the latest she could get it (earlier this month) and that was after she got additional roomies for the hotel.

No. 340803

>Well….not final per say. I've actually gone along and purchased a new wig with my ebay points.

From her DA. Either she got enough ebay points (ebay bucks?) to buy a wig or she partially paid for it with ebay bucks. Either way she had to buy a LOT of stuff over the past three months to even have $5 minimum.

No. 340830


Why does she look like a druggie house wife red queen in this screen cap. Like damn honey. Lighting. showers. It does wonders.

I'm waiting for her katsu room to fall aparent or for her to start begging for more money out of her participants.


No. 341340

But guys, don't forget she totally needs help to pay for her braces guys. She totes can't spend other peoples money on them.

No. 341352

If getting her teeth fixed were such a big priority she would have done something about it long ago instead of suddenly out of the blue having the idea to ask donations for it. Especially adding in the part "Well I would save up for it but I want a car."
Well clearly if you want a car more than fixing your teeth then it's not a big enough priority for you and you shouldn't expect people to pay for your teeth while you waste your car money on more cosplay shit.

No. 342194

File: 1484968486763.png (58.29 KB, 750x437, IMG_4437.PNG)

Gee, it's almost like you're an impulsive buyer who can't finance for shit…

No. 342215

She shouldn't have a debit card, she doesn't think money is real

No. 342228

You are 100% correct. If it isn't in her hands as cash, it isn't real.

No. 342274

I mean, someone technically could if they get another friend (who ISNT connected to their FB, or an entirely new account) to contact their roommates. It'll leave who ever is directly her friend safe and the roomies will know from a mostly anonymous source.

No. 342327

Which I really never understood. Maybe because I went ages without using a debit card but now I'm anxious every time I use it fearing it won't work or I won't have enough money (even if I do) and I'd much rather use cash.
To just use your debit card all the time not even phased is just so foreign to me. I wonder how many times she's emptied her account like that.

Who wants to bet the money she deposited is more hotel money?

No. 342361

Oh absolutely. it's hot like she's sitting here buying necessities or anything. She's spending money she's claiming to be saving. But there's no way she's saving based on the amount she's spending, even suggesting she's spending money she doesn't have.

No. 342362

Does she have any credit cards at all? I vaguely remember something about debt collectors coming after her or her mother?

No. 342386

Yeah because her dad gambled their money away.
And with everything she buys online, I'd have to assume she has a debit card.

No. 342388


Bank Teller anon here. There might a few reasons why the money isn't available right away. If she deposited checks they probably had to go on a hold because she didn't have enough in her bank account to cover it. Also I wonder if there is a lien on her account for unpaud debts. Just a few theories. Sage for OT

No. 342392

I was just wondering if she'd be dumb enough to get a credit card or even Paypal Credit because that'd fuck her over even worse.

Jeez, her dad sounds awful then. I wonder why the mother doesn't leave him but maybe they're just as bad considering what a little toxic shit they produced.

No. 342760

Why did this girl make a shitty patreon with the most vauge reward tiers

No. 342850


Wait, she made a patreon?? Are you kidding me??

No. 342854




No. 342857


And a god damn tablet……

No. 342860


Btw, the dental teeth info is on her fucking cosplay page. It's the first post. I am so disgusted right now.

No. 342866


And what the fuck with the tablet…

>My friend deserves a tablet

Okay so buy her one…
>I need money
To buy her one?
>…so I can buy myself a new tablet and give her my old one

No. 342871

File: 1485074226600.png (149.49 KB, 640x820, IMG_6290.PNG)

Well look at that.

Looks like >>340830
Called it. "Someone dropped from the room" more like realized you scammed them and ran.

No. 342872


Wait all her room people dropped?! Did someone actually let them know they were being scammed? I bet they didn't get their money back either.

No. 342897

File: 1485091819412.png (90.54 KB, 750x855, IMG_4442.PNG)

Oh woe is Ash, no one wants to pay to see her anatomically incorrect, self-insert porn! Seriously? Brothel Boys? Fucking disgusting.

No. 342913

Yo sup fellow bank teller anon! Also want to mention that she could have been in the negative before the deposit (wouldn't surprise me) or that the deposit as well as that payment that isn't showing up is probably all still in "pending" status. Ash being too retarded to understand the concept of "pending" is a certainty. Its amazing how many people can't wrap their heads around the fact that a payment/charge won't show on your statement until its hard posted.

No. 342936


I'm so fucking glad this happened. I don't trust her for a second to be in charge of a room with 7-8 people. I always wonder how she's able to spend so much money at a con and why she needs more than 5 in a room.

No. 342938

Where's this post at? In one the of the Katsucon groups?

No. 342939

>all my room people dropped

So what, seven people dropped on her out of nowhere and she doesn't even have an excuse for why? You know that's a gigantic red flag for anyone looking for a room.

I wonder if they demanded their money back or just cut their losses figuring she'd spent it all.

No. 342942

File: 1485108120969.jpg (707.89 KB, 1390x2059, Screenshot_20170122-130030.jpg)

It's sad how some people don't know her yet here she is getting more people for the room.

No. 342945

Those poor people have no idea what they're in for.

Just imagine the smells that'll come out of her luggage when she unpacks. They have carpet that's never been cleaned, animal fur and unwashed pets, and then who knows what else.

No. 342960

File: 1485109192467.jpg (321.7 KB, 1408x653, Screenshot_20170122-131806.jpg)


No. 342965

Is this going to be another case of where she lost her ride to her last convention and then got two friends (presumably) chip in to help buy her an airline ticket with them?

No. 342968

I would probably message those people to ensure they have the reciept of their transaction AND they have confirmation from her that the money will be used for their hotel stay. If something happens at the hotel and suddenly they have to dish out MORE money, it would be beneficial for them to have documentation saying 'I gave you enough money for this. I owe nothing else. Period.'

No. 342971

File: 1485112413946.png (129.35 KB, 703x249, Capture.PNG)

No. 342974

Doublepost but she's also claiming NONE of her former roomies had paid up front for the room or put a deposit, nothing. Just 6-8 people cancelled on her out of thin air with no money being sent to her before that.

No. 342975

> pledge $150 and get hardbacks of muh comics when they're released
i mean, that's a rip off if ever i saw one, how are they worth $50~, as that's essentially what they're valued at

No. 342983


HA! Good! Cause if I'll be damn to trust her with my money.

No. 342999

>where will I stay

If you have no transportation or people rooming and are struggling for cash, this is one of those times you adult and either cancel the room give it to someone else and skip the con entirely. There's always next year.

No. 343007

Being adult is a foreign concept to her.

No. 343019

Looks like it's time to save up for a car, learn how to drive, and be an adult.
Lmao I'm just kidding as if that'll ever happen.

No. 343021


And this has been told to her millions of times but she STILL doesn't get it.

No. 343030

And having known her for years, it all boils down to the fact Ash is an absolutely spoiled brat who only cares about getting what she wants and can't accept not going to cons. Far as I know, she hasn't even paid for her badge yet, so if her roommates AND ride have cancelled on her, why not sell the room to someone else, get your money back, and go next year, or even put the money towards another con?! Nope, Ash is someone who wants instant gratification. It shows in her rushed cosplays and crafts and her entire attitude. I've no doubt she'll never move out of her parent's house, much less get a car.

No. 343035

Will her parents pay for her to travel? Because she said she's not flying again and with asking strangers to room with her she can't get a rid from them.

No. 343050

It wouldn't surprise me if they did and then bitched at her for it. Honestly, taking the train or a bus isn't that pricey. I also wouldn't be surprised if she begged a friend in the area to pick her up or something either, but I think she's burned every bridge with the local com and no one wants anything to do with her at this point. She's infamous at Katsu and I've met people actively avoiding her, I don't know why she bothers going if she's so willing to throw money at going to out of state cons like Dragon*Con and such.

No. 343052

I really hope they don't. She needs to pay for it herself and her parents have to fix their broken kitchen. That's what, an easy 10k or so right there. Even if they have house insurance, they may have to wait for it to kick in before getting their money back (not exactly sure how it works). Money may or may not be tight for her parents but sending their daughter to Katsu should honestly not even be on their radar since they have to deal with house repairs.

No. 343243


The only reason she's going to Momocon, Dragon*Con, AWA, or any other con that is not associated with the east coast is due to this reason. Also same for any other California cons she wants to attend. She thinks she won't deal with any of those issues at those cons but the thing is, I know A LOT of people on the east coast who go to those three specifically. She dug her own grave for all those people she knew who were "friends" after acting like asshat to them specifically to those who go to east coast cons: AMA, Nekocon, Katsucon, etc.

No. 343277


She will never be the uber famous cosplayer she wants to be for 3 reasons

1: her costume quality sucks ass and never gets any better.

2: she isn't an adult and there for will never grow in life so growing to have a business mindset which is needed for professional cosplay will never be a thing. She will continue to be a bratty selfish diva wannabe.

3: she already has a reputation. A bad one. That is laced on the walls and hallways of every east coast convention. It's as obvious as shit smeared on a white bathroom wall. Everyone she comes across eventually finds out what she's like and half the people, especially influential people at anime conventions try to hide from her. Her getting close to a famous cosplayer would be like that one christian bitch who denied marriage licenses to a gay couple getting close to the Pope by accident. Even if they don't know her before hand They always regret it in the end

No. 343285

It really doesn't help she makes herself stand out SO much. When I make new cosplay friends, eventually I'll bring her up, show them screenshots posted to this thread of her cosplays and actions (deviantart/fb posts), then show a photo of her, and usually they recognize her. Then they make mental notes to avoid her, and pass along the info to THEIR friends. As long as she lives in the east coast, there is no way she can have a good rep. Girl needs to move and seriously look at herself and reinvent her personality.

But this is Ash, she'll never do that.

No. 343344

For wanting to avoid people from East Coast she's pissed off, she sure picks the worst conventions to go to. A lot of NC/VA people I know go to Dragon*Con and AWA.

Never thought of giving people an Ash 101 course but she is pretty much up there with other word-of-mouth notorious East Coast regulars like that creepy male Kuzco from Canada, the shitty Kuzco/Deadpool chick that got posted on /cgl/ last Animazement, that creeper Kirby/GIR guy, etc. The list goes on for a while.

No. 343356

Any place I can read about these people? I love reading about cringey cosplayers.

No. 343394

I want to be on the look out for other creepy local cosplayers. I can only think of JasperTiger and Ash off the top of my head

No. 343439

Hope it's alright to link to the cgl archive but that's where they've been posted about before.

I forgot about Ashley Roberts as well.
Ashley: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S9006812#p9021565
and Montaya Chandler is in the same topic (aka shitty Kuzco/Deadpool who hot glues everything)

Creeper Kuzco aka JF Bibeau (who was photographed with Ash once during her Hetalia days):

Just imagine a group cosplay with these four.

No. 343497

Other people have said it before,but it's true that Ashley seeks instant gratification. She doesn't put time into anything because she wants instant results. Which, in turn, results in her never learning to drive (because you have to learn) never improving her art, never improving her sewing or cosplay skills. She thinks she's perfect the way she is.

No. 343511

Is there a reason she doesn't want to pay for a single room? Seems like an easy solution to all of her problems even if it costs more money. Or perhaps I'm missing something and she's willingly hosting rooms time and time again because she intends to scam people all along?

No. 343533

Considering she regularly room stuffs (and then some) she either wants to stay completely for free or she's overcharging to make extra cash.
I actually haven't looked at how much a Katsu room where hers is costs as compared to how much she's charging roomies.

No. 343617

Oh wow, didn't even consider the possibility that she could actually stay in hotels for free that way. It really explains why she wants to room with as many people as possible, doesn't it? It would be harder for strangers to pick up on the fact that the room itself might be ridiculously expensive to begin with or that the individual payments don't add up.

But more than anything it's baffling that some people are willing to share a room with a total stranger without asking to see a booking confirmation or some sort of receipts to make sure everything is OK. I mean she's not even using her real name on Facebook which should be a huge red flag lol.

No. 343631

I got bored and figured some calculations based on her posts and found something interesting.

>I've already made a desposit for I'm still out money if I cancel!

Incorrect. Katsu's hotel page even states themselves that "The Customer will be charged, at the time of pre-booking of any hotel sleeping room accommodations, the first nights room rate, resort fee and taxes.

In the event that the guest wishes to cancel the reservation (s)
To receive your refund of your first nights deposit you MUST cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to the booked arrival date. Any time later you forfeit your deposit."

I'm not sure if there was a Katsucon discount on room prices but since all the rooms are booked for that weekend I used the Thurs-Mon the week before Katsucon for my info:

>Atrium View Room Reg Rate Thurs - Mon

>$389 a night
>$22 x night resort fee (Katsu site says $18, Marriott says $22)
>$66 estimated taxes
>TOTAL: $1,728

>$146 Ash room rate

>7 person cap / 8 if needed
>TOTAL: $1,022 / $1,168 max

So unless Katsu has different rates when they went up on reservation, none of this makes sense because this means Ash is paying $700 or so out of pocket and there's no way she has that amount of money to burn.

No. 343642

Okay sorry for double posting but I actually googled around and found the information I needed.

>Atrium View Room: $245 per night (assuming she got regular rate and not early bird)

>18 xday resort fee
>$66 estimated taxes (too lazy to work out the actual taxes)
>Total: $1,136 (less if she got early bird)

So with the fixed calculations, she's definitely trying to room stuff to stay for free and/or make money off it.

No. 343649

I stayed at the Gaylord for another convention and for a regular room for 3 nights came out to be $600. It becomes inexpensive quick when that's divided amongst multiple people.

No. 343721

She lost her roommates again. karma

No. 343727

No. 343728

File: 1485243107684.png (74.15 KB, 508x918, kaarma.png)

No. 343733

I would change your Facebook profile pic buddy, seeing as she can now figure out who you are…

No. 343735

File: 1485246066976.jpg (80.99 KB, 1280x720, feel the despair.jpg)

I have no pity.

No. 343737


Is it sad that I actually know who's backing up this cow?? ROFL

No. 343738

Time to either pay 1k for the hotel alone or just cancel your reservations.

No. 343739


Or save your money for your god damn teeth or a car and cancel going to Katsu all together. I tell you, this girl doesn't understand english.

No. 343740

File: 1485247228839.jpg (834.58 KB, 1241x2360, Screenshot_20170124-033805.jpg)

No. 343741

File: 1485247285486.jpg (526.94 KB, 1239x1503, Screenshot_20170124-033820.jpg)

Even her dad is telling her to stop.

No. 343742

I hope she keeps at it forever. It's my favorite thing about her. Makes her so easy to spot. The reactions from people seeing her hair for the first time is the best.

No. 343744

Maybe if she didn't have that retarded shaved hairline on front too it would be salvageable.

No. 343747

Calling bullshit on the ringlet curls she claims to get, her hair has always been a limp, boring mess.

No. 343756

The common denominator in all this is clearly her because she lost 7 people and then gained 4 people from the Katsu group and then suddenly lost them all again. She must be spooking them off during the 'interviews' she does.

She should really do this but considering all the money she's spent on cosplay stuff this month alone you know she won't.

No. 343762

She's absolutely lying! I have known her for YEARS! YEARS! Her hair has never ever never ever never fucking ever Benn tight ringlet curls! They've been loose, weak, frizzy ones if anything!
What would cause a person to lie about such trivial things?

No. 343769


At what point do you think she'll give up on katsucon? No ride. No room mates. No ticket. And I thought she pulled dragon con out of her ass. This is a new lvl of delusional. Even if she gets a ride. Even if she gets a ticket. She's got what, 2 weeks before the con. I always have my rooms set up months in advance with plenty of time to save up incase of a drop out or emergency. But then again I don't randomly do 50 cons a year only to get more bad rep and complain about them after. I hope she shows up at the hotel just to realize she's fucked. Maybe that will teach her to pay for her own conventions and prioritize

No. 343788

Do you need anything special for Katsu or could you ghost the con? I know one year they gave special hotel key cards to those staying at the Gaylord for the con but if you're there, couldn't you just walk onto the floor? Or do they have people checking for badges before you enter?

sage cuz never been to Katsu and this may be a dumb question

No. 343803

You'll need a badge to get into anything on the convention center side. but they don't check on the hotel side. I guess you could just go but it wouldn't be very fun if you can't get into anything.

No. 343832

In before she goes the Convention Wisdom route and uses her Patreon to fund her conventions. At least CW offers something in return.

She should just cancel Katsu and get some of her money back.

No. 343834

File: 1485285856721.png (53.58 KB, 540x383, Screenshot_2017-01-24-14-16-14…)

We're a satire forum now. Caps incoming of her sending the FBI after us.

No. 343835

File: 1485285890146.png (145.93 KB, 540x832, Screenshot_2017-01-24-14-17-59…)

No. 343836

In a way, you can attend Katsu without a badge. The hotel is massive with lots of open space that people just hang around, especially cosplayers to be seen. You can always borrow a friend's badge if you want to slip into panels or the vendor room (frowned upon). People will also forgo getting a room and take it upon themselves to sleep in the public areas (also frowned upon, especially by hotel staff), or at least that's a thing that happens at Magfest.

No. 343839

File: 1485286072444.png (146.53 KB, 540x828, Screenshot_2017-01-24-14-17-50…)

She's becomin self-aware. She is a pathological liar and a piece of shit.

No. 343840

It'll be so funny when/if she blocks that person, only to find her screenshots still posted here……

No. 343842

She gets so smug every single time but yet here we are.

No. 343844

File: 1485286773080.png (65.78 KB, 540x368, Screenshot_2017-01-24-14-36-48…)

She gets neither so why ask?

No. 343852

Yet there still screenshot?? So who are you deleting next ash??

No. 343854

File: 1485289919717.jpg (44.73 KB, 405x363, IMG_3410.JPG)

>implying the FBI has any jurisdiction over what's posted here
Discussing your bullshit isn't illegal, Ashley, you're not scaring anyone with that empty threat.

No. 343856

Isn't this site from another country and not under US laws? The FBI wouldn't be investigating this. She has no idea how the internet even works. Even so the FBI wouldn't looking over a screen cap site. They have actual work to do. Everything posted here she posted publicly people are just sharing it. Since ash lurks here. Hi ash. You will always have people screencapping you. Your BS will always be public since you post it first. And honestly I wish you would start taking some of these rational peoples advise and stop believing the people who ass kiss you. Cuz guess what, all the people who used to support you are here now. And that's your fault.

No. 343862

Lol she not going to do shit. She say this every time. What happen to the famous internet lawyer who was going to bring down cgl?

No. 343867

File: 1485294981675.png (65.2 KB, 296x287, 1485285890146.png)

Was trying to make a banner but couldn't make it fit the size constraints without making the text illegible. Wanted to share it anyway though.

No. 343874

File: 1485297339204.png (94.32 KB, 1057x755, fb.png)

>$30 for a "detailed commissions"
lel Ash, there are people selling commissions like this on DA for $30, your scratchy deformed drawings aren't even worth real money.

No. 343882

holy shit, anon

No. 343906


seriously I love this

No. 343920

MS Paint skills 0/10 but if anyone can make a workable banner from the concept, have at it. I submitted two but one came out sort of wonky.

No. 343925

I'd prefer that other artists NOT underestimate (especially at that price point and estimated time, in your example), but Ash really needs to think realistically about the sellability of her art.

No. 343993

File: 1485324747232.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170125-010809.png)

Dear lord what is in that wig???? it looks….crusty and yellow..

No. 343995

This thing looks like it just emerged out of a swamp that dried out several times.

No. 343998

Apparently she's supposed to look like Shiroba. Is she fucking kidding me??

No. 344018

File: 1485332016706.jpg (813.05 KB, 1395x1978, Screenshot_20170125-031129.jpg)

No, no you don't. That wig is fucking crusty af plus that whitish paint you're using is shit.

No. 344034

She looks like Orochimaru's dirty sewer sister.

No. 344038

…so now /pt/ has two swamp monsters?

But seriously, this is terrifying.

No. 344047

File: 1485346826893.png (248.08 KB, 500x620, tumblr_static_elueqkb3qlss04sk…)

I had to google the character because I didn't know what she meant. There are no words to describe how I feel

No. 344068




No. 344139

Holy fuck, I like dramatical murder and I didn't put two and two together to realize who the fuck she meant til you posted this

Wew lasses. The ride never ends

No. 344175

She's one good sneeze in Katsu's atrium from doing more damage to others costumes than all of the Homestuck fandom combined.

No. 344189

Okay, I get why MoMo does terrible cosplay - her end goals are to make lots of money off dudes who like fat chicks and to force them to pay to look at her butthole in groping boudoir shots. Why pour money and time into it if she gets money and attention at her current level of effort.

But what's this girl's game? Is she too cognitively special to understand that she looks insane to anyone who isn't themselves too daft to run in the other direct the moment she comes into view? She's clearly broke as hell. She seems to have no romantic partners. She's dirty-looking and lives with her parents, whom she evidently loathes. She seems universally loathed herself in cosplay circles. Does it really just boil down to her being too stupid to improve or to understand that she's sort of a joke? Can someone explain why this Ash person sucks so much?

No. 344192

File: 1485381493379.jpeg (205.06 KB, 750x1108, 1466498534148.jpeg)

Welcome to Ash's wild ride, friend.

Ash thinks she's amazing, point blank. She can waltz into a convention with stray threads, crusty makeup, and no eyebrows but still think she's going to get asked for photos and get invited to photoshoots.

She spends ALL her cash on this and then when she's done running a new trend (or a friend's popular costume she mimicked) into the ground she tosses it into a bin or on the floor and goes on to the next thing.

If something goes out of favor before she gets it done? She quits it outright. Something comes back into style after she's quit? "Omg new thing I'm gonna cosplay!"

Ash wants to be popular. That's her number one goal, followed only by living out her yaoi uke dreams. She's like Pixyteri in the way she literally has NO idea how she looks.

About her recycling stuff based on popularity? She tried her latest makeup test a year ago and never got it done but yet here she is again.

No. 344194

excuse u pt looks flawless….

in all honesty, pixy in a too small, stained cosplay is 10x better than anything ash poops out

No. 344195

so who wants to bed she used actual flour on her face for that makeup

No. 344202

Ok sage for off topic but I thought this thread was going to be about ash(ley) the anachan. Is there a thread on that that's current?

No. 344203

File: 1485386229143.jpg (15.93 KB, 263x219, image.jpg)

No. 344206

But she will never be popular because she can't communicate to anybody without being passive aggressive and later blocking them. Legit people who liked her cosplay can't even message her without her freaking out on them. So getting invite to cosplay group is not possible with a shitty personality. I was going to donate to her because her video made me feel bad, but being treated like nothing but a praise magnet changed my mind

No. 344264

Snow has one but I don't think it's active right now.

She's getting a reputation for being a group stalker as well.

No. 344275

All that eyeliner and eyeshadow and still no mascara…

No. 344277

Guys I figured it out

Ash is the Donald trump of cosplay. Think about it.

No. 344283

What in crusty hell…

No. 344285

Because no one wants her around but somehow she shows up anyway and tries to make everything about her? Because all she can ever talk about in any social situation is how great she is or how terrible her parents are and woe is me bullshit no one asked about? Because she has horrible hair and her face never matches the rest of her skin? Feel free to add anything I forgot.

No. 344289

Innapropriate sexual advances towards women?

No. 344290

Holy shit, really?

No. 344322

File: 1485412652194.jpg (884.96 KB, 1395x1979, Screenshot_20170126-013446.jpg)

Does this mean she's gonna end up bringing Shiroba to Katsucon instead of Yuri now?? Dear God, is there no end to this girls DMMD obsession?? I'm really glad I left the fandom cause of weeaboos like her.

No. 344371

You ever see her trying to get fanservice photos? If you're dressed up as the other half to her OTP she'll never leave you alone. Well, unless you're male. She's scared to death of males (supposedly) but has dated them and then claimed they tried to kidnap her after.

Yuri from YoI? She claimed the fandom terrified her and that people told her she was too fat/ugly for Yuri so she dropped the costume for Katsu.
1. That's a lie because she camerawhores ALL her costumes but there's barely any photos of her Eros Yuri which means she probably got zero attention for that hot mess and ditched it like she always does.
2. There's a big DMMD group going to Katsu and she made a stink about how no one wanted doubles (aka her Aoba) and everyone else was taken so she's scrambling to finish as many alt designs as possible to get in with them while still being able to 'steal the show' by being the main character/focus of fanservice.

There's always a method to Ash's madness when you look and it's always as petty as you think it'll be.

No. 344380


Actually sadly yes I have. I had a friend who was truly terrified of her cause she came off as strong cause she was fucking crazy. Now mind you she was under enough anxiety and ashley made her anxiety worse when she started screaming and yelling at her cause she cosplayed one of her favorite OTP's. I don't know what made her change her attitude of being miss pregnant Aoba and thinking she's the best Aoba, but who is she trying to prove?? No matter how many outfits she makes of him, she's STILL gonna be called the God awful pregnant Aoba/Shiroba/Beni/etc.

No. 344381


Yup, yuri on ice yuri, now that she made an excuse on dropping, and that includes all of her shitty gay ships she was gonna do with this so called best friend, hence why she's obviously starting on last minute shitty cosplays of Shiroba and whatever that Lamento cosplay she's doing. And OMG DOUBLES ARE SO HORRIBLE!! OMG, DID SHE EVER THINK THAT THE REASON THEY SAID THAT IS CAUSE THEY DONT WANT HER IN THEIR GROUP? GOD DAMN THIS BITCH.

No. 344387

File: 1485435656093.png (440.47 KB, 540x911, Screenshot_2017-01-26-07-57-53…)

It amazes me how sometimes she'll look pretty in a costume/makeup. She'll get a bunch of compliments on it too but then she thinks this is the look makes her really attractive.

No. 344388

Funny thing is they didn't even care about doubles. She's the one who made a stink about it. I wish I could find the post because her reasons basically summed up to not getting enough photos and it looking weird with two Aobas aka her having competition.

No. 344389


Her art. Have there been any new pages of her hot yaoi manga?

No. 344395

File: 1485439830166.jpg (79.49 KB, 480x720, IMG_1061.JPG)


It's funny that she made a stink about doubles when it was her who doubled in a Labyrinth group run but Akane Reaper and her team. Showed up as her shitty as far Sarah and tried to seduce Akane's fiancé who was doing an amazing Jareth. Literally pushed Akane out of pictures. Groped her fiancé and tried to take all the attention, then afterwords complained that "well she knew I was doing Sarah so she should have done something else" when ash was never invited to the group nor did they know she tosses together a Sarah and was going to be bamboozled buy her crazy. The more I learn about these two the more they become my cosplay OTP. Litterally everything they do is magical.

No. 344417


Holy shit, why does she think with her fat features and shitty makeup skills that she can pull off all of these bishounen characters? She can't even contour her face to look more delicate.

She'd be lucky if she could pull off fat! Yuuri, honestly.


Ash is only OK with doubles if it means she gets a spot. Already another Aoba? Well then doubles should be allowed so she can show off her magnificent self and attempt (poorly) to steal the spotlight.

She's the only Aoba? Time to be the best damn Aoba at the con because she knows the only way she can win is if she competes against no one.

No. 344423


Wow really. I didn't even know that. Then she needs to get her foot out of her ass cause jfc it's only cosplay. I've cosplayed with people who did the same character as me, if anything it's actually a lot of fun. This bitch always wants to think "I should be the main character, me me me!!"

No. 344451

Jesus. This is my first time hearing about this. I knew she was thirsty as fuck but that's just on a whole other level. If I ever ran into Akane at a con I'd buy them a drink for having to deal with that.

No. 344471

This and her "fear of men" bullshit are why she's stuck at her parent's, because no one will roommate with her. Some of us have SOs she'd likely either try to flirt with to feel better about herself or (if they're male) accuse of trying to molest her if they're ever left alone. Her roommate requirements are just as ridiculous as her con room ones. Are you in a heterosexual relationship? Nope. Would she not be allowed to bring everything she wants, including pets? Nope. She's on her way to being the next PT.

No. 344477


What's she got against people in a het relationship? Is this the kind of question she asks in her room interviews? Because LOL if so. No wonder everyone has moved on.

No. 344486

She's so ~afraid of men~ that she's not comfortable living with someone who may have a straight man coming over or living with them. Unless that straight man is a cosplayer she can use for fan service photos, as seen with the Akane Reaper incident.

No. 344493

File: 1485464752736.png (38.14 KB, 540x246, Screenshot_2017-01-26-16-01-13…)

Went from this to "Doctors full of shit. Getting second opinion." to "I was worried over nothing lol" in the span of 30 minutes.

No. 344497

What I imagine probably happened:
"You may develop diabetes unless you eat better"
"I'm being BLIND SIDED"

No. 344504


In other words, she doesn't like "straight" men. She needs to realize that not EVERY straight guy is out to get her. She's way overreacting. This "hard to get" shit is fucking retarded on her end. She's such a sexist pig.

No. 344505

Only 30 minutes?! So it was literally "waaaaah! I might have a serious medical condition, someone pay attention to meeeee!" and then "lol I'm okay" when no one took the bait…One of these days she's going to need actual help and no one is going to take her seriously. You can't get a legitimate second medical opinion in half an hour. I'm completely convinced she doesn't actually see a therapist either.

No. 344508


Oh yeah, she did this one time when she said she was having problems with her hip. AWA was around the corner and everyone told to go get it checked out and not worry about the con that's gonna be around for years. Then 30 minutes later, she said she was fine…..just so she can convince people that she's okay to go to this fucking convention!

No. 344515

She just has that need for attention. Last five stasis didn't get attention? Time for a crisis!

No. 344518


No. 344563

File: 1485471358790.jpg (826.47 KB, 1316x1621, Screenshot_20170126-175054.jpg)

Is it bad that I can't wait to see how this will unfold??

No. 344566

OMFG they look like meat balls! I'm laughing so hard I'm gonna cry!!

No. 344569


Well she will be easy to spot with that outfit God!

No. 344571

Why the fuck did she use STYROFOAM?

I mean, maybe if she used them as a base and coated them properly to make them smooth, but that looks like shit.

The image makes them look like they are supposed to be like jewels, and should be flat-backed.

No. 344587


Poor Shiroba, he didn't do anything to to deserve this.

No. 344595


This child needs to stay away from DMMD in general. She's scaring a lot of people out there who have been cosplaying from it for years.

No. 344624

Why can't she hem properly???

No. 344633

I don't know about you lot, but I'm excited to see this trainwreck of a Shiroba cosplay!

I like how she always picks designs that are the most technically complicated, like the bishie dude with the fancy gradient tails and stuff… and she dipped the tail she bought in fucking paint. Lmaooooo
(Well, these cosplays probably aren't as difficult as I'm thinking they are… she just makes her process needlessly complicated. Can you call dipping things in paint a process?)

No. 344634

>that super shiny fabric
>straight up painted Styrofoam
>the eyebrows

Poor DMMD cosplayers at Katsu.

No. 344644

File: 1485483755012.jpg (61.86 KB, 600x516, SE24iAP.jpg)

>using black thread on white fabric

No. 344651

Between Ash and Momo I am going to have a great fucking time people watching at Katsu

No. 344820

File: 1485521554067.gif (51.84 KB, 403x325, anigif_enhanced-17198-13959553…)

No. 344822

You'll be a hero if you manage to snap a