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File: 1544171354124.jpeg (193.12 KB, 752x856, 1543353109259.jpeg)

No. 610871

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>601671

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own threads here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
and General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it done a million times by now.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun has proven to be a sexual predator, she has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refused to take responsibility for it, tried to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and ultimately simply made fun of the accusations with Vamp.

>Her Japan trip continued with awkward instastory videos
>She made a weird flex of stabbing and throwing out limited edition figure boxes (an act widely known to ruin the re-sale value), told people that she'd "wrap the figures in some clothing" to transport them back to the states. Eventually pissed off some of her Patrons because that's their money she's throwing down the drain.
>Made a really awkward foot fetish themed Chun Li shoot in which she tried to poorly emulate a hentai doujin cover
>Got ANOTHER new cat, apparently it's previously been an outdoors cat and it keeps escaping the house
>Planning multiple Fate cosplays she's probably never going to do, got into Re:Zero because Vamp did
>Got "Pet Play" gear (her words) for a shoot, another fetish group she's trying to pander to?
>Like a good little Netflix thot, suddenly showing signs of getting into NGE after its Netflix release despite hating it and declaring it as overrated no less than a year ago
>Puts on a ~totes bisexual~ kissing act in Holly's vlog with Vamp being really awkward about it and leaning back to avoid her

No. 610874

I feel like her signing up to Pornhub should have gone in the OP

No. 610877

Isnt this technically 89 since we had two 87

No. 610906

u don't have her subreddit in the OP cos she doesn't run it, however it can be funny. About 5 different guys wrote on her chun li "Why is her asscrack missing?", "What's the deal with her ass being so.. blurry?" They couldn't understand she was wearing leggings

No. 610918

>>610891 The most irritating part about Mariah's legion of neckbeards is that they don't care if she's fake, or a transient fan. They just want to see her photoshopped body and poorly made costumes. She knows this. None of her longtime fans are gonna call her out for her previous Evangelion hatred, because they don't care. They're probably just as fake as her, when it's all said and done.

No. 610981

File: 1544206306237.gif (2.54 MB, 337x600, 2DC9B3B3-E078-473A-BA3E-9FDBB0…)

two quick instastories showing parts of new house

No. 610982

File: 1544206370563.gif (3.09 MB, 337x600, 36D0B810-34D7-4F2D-A10E-64014D…)

second one, showing around the bathroom

No. 610986

it makes my blood boil to see a place look clean, knowing she keeps her house as clean as she keeps her body. she's going to destroy that place so fast. it's going to look disgusting.

No. 610995

Agreed. Still waiting to see what comes of that.

Asides from a few nitpicks though, I feel like the OP threads lately have had decent descriptions and pics. There was a while where they were just a hot mess

No. 611003

File: 1544212561817.jpeg (869.91 KB, 1125x1975, AB64E54F-1A9A-40B7-A2B3-F96D03…)

It’s unfortunate that she’s talked about looking for a clean house with lots of neutrals and white walls, yet once she moves in the place is sure to look as much as a dump as her last house.

No. 611005

It still weirds me out such a lazy person like this gets so many opportunities to basically do nothing and binge eat all day
I'm low key hoping she's being dumb and she's spending all her cash and is living month by month or somethin. That's just me

No. 611007

I'm curious… why is she moving exactly? I don't recall her saying why.

No. 611009

she’s been looking for a place since last year, I don’t think she’s given a real reason besides she wants to. it’s not for more space, she already said she’s going to need to downsize? I’m surprised that she showed this house, got it so quickly, and is already pretty much moving in

No. 611018


Makes me wonder if the "downsizing" is intentional really or her income being lesser. Either way wont take long to trash her smaller place.

No. 611030

Didn't her old place have 3 bedrooms that were being used for nothing except to trash later? That and no one wants to room with her either so I guess downsizing makes a little sense?

No. 611033

I don’t think she downsized, I think this place is bigger
It’s 2 stories and that bathroom is huge

From what we’ve seen so far it’s definrely bigger, just a smaller entry way

No. 611035


Call me bitter and salty but I hope I’m not the only one heated this cow is able to buy a nice, new house while others who work harder and more than she ever has in her life struggle just moving out. Fucking bullshit.

No. 611039

she said it was smaller. her current place is 2 stories too.

No. 611047

Same, but just remember that as lazy as she is, she’s a sex worker. That’s just life, sex workers are able to make bank.
Just remember her asshole is on display for the world to see just by googling her REAL name and once the neckbeard bucks dry up, that’s gonna haunt her forever

No. 611049

Don't be. 1) That's exactly how she wants you to feel and 2) she can't actually afford it. Homes are long-term investments that require a stable, sustained income. Mariah's income, though it was once quite high, is neither. Patterns indicate that her income will continue to drop until she can't afford the mortgage, utilities, and upkeep, forcing her to downsize again.

People who are shit with money like Mariah tend to only look at the financial effect of houses in the short term, and will also often overestimate their budget. For whatever reason, people always forget that your budget needs to account for [redacted] in addition to whatever the buying price of the home is.

Long story short, she can't afford this house long-term. It won't be long before she downsizes again.

No. 611051

She didn’t buy it. She’s renting. Such a terrible financial choice considering how much her patreon support is slipping.

No. 611068

Im not going to fucking lie, this is nice looking. I don't know how many bedrooms and baths it is, but she could probably shoot some pretty nice sets here.

No. 611071

it doesn't really look very nice to me. the layout and stuff is extremely wonky. and it has a ton of wasted floor space, as with most american homes. like the bathroom. it's big sure, but it doesn't have much wall space for anything other than what's in it now.

No. 611075

She isn't buying. She's renting. You don't find and buy a house in a couple of weeks and besides she doesn't have enough money and has bad credit.

No. 611080

It's an apartment. In Las Vegas. Living space downstairs. Bedroom upstairs. Lot's of places just like this in the area for no more than $1500 a month or even less.

No. 611085

yeah? that doesn't mean it's nice. it just looks really standard imo.

No. 611094

It's not nice really. Just a box you live in.

No. 611102

I wasn't saying it was nice. It's a scaled down version of McMansion hell. There are thousands of these vacant in Vegas just waiting for people with no taste to move into.

No. 611104

right, but my initial comment was to >>611068 who was saying it does look nice. i already said basically that.

No. 611112

just in general, property/rent is stupid cheap in vegas - it wouldn't even be that outrageous to think she had bought a house bc you can get a house that size for like 100-200k in certain parts of town, which wouldn't be a super large deposit. she definitely didn't buy and is only renting, and >>611080 is right about the price. i've seen 5 bedroom houses like her last one rent for 1000-1500.

No. 611114

Short sales they do. Its very common to rush sell and short sales. People tend to have to be out by the end of the month and move in pretty much right away during those.

No. 611121

She's moving so she doesn't have to clean her old place.

No. 611124

That's an apartment? You're fucking with me.

No. 611126

Its not an apartment. I don't know what anon is talking about either, but thats a small two-story, stand-alone house.

No. 611129

i think they mean to say that it's a rental

No. 611130

It isn't an apartment but it's likely a house she's renting
For perspective: I've known people that work as waiters that can get a house like that in Vegas

No. 611131

In anon's defense there ARE apartments that look similar to this. A girl I knew once had one. They're about 1-2K per month and vary in size.

They're Almost town homes but not quite. Without a full house tour it's hard to say, though. So nothing worth speculating or arguing over.

No. 611132

I hope she is buying it. That way the IRS can seize it when she finally gets busted for not paying her taxes.

No. 611136

don't start this #thotaudit bullshit, you have no proof of that and she's made at least a vain attempt to prove she's doing them.

No. 611137

NTA but
It's more of a safe assumption that moo isn't filing taxes properly.

Thanks for playing though?

No. 611139

I am just confused and salty because [blogpost redacted]. But I'm poor so idk maybe fancy apartments can be like that, I guess. But I'd be more inclined to call them condos.

No. 611142

Stop tinfoiling/assuming shit. Without proof its stupid to even talk about.

No. 611144

Patreon doesnt make it easy to skirt taxes, they file a W2 or W9 for you so you…kinda have to pay taxes on Patreon income. They keep track of earnings.

No. 611149

It's stupid to say something like this too. Assuming things is a part of what we do here and if it's within the cow's nature and fairly accurate, then what's the problem?

Anons assumed that she was getting lipo, other anons refused to believe it, infighting happened, voila! The truth comes out and it was lipo all along. Tinfoiling/assumptions is always going to happen. You can't stop that.

No. 611150

shut up

condos are cheap in vegas too, a 1bdr is like 5-600$/mo

No. 611152

condos and apartments in US are different things and have different agreements. condos have mortgages like a house but fees like an apartment. apartments are just paying rent forever. but you can rent out condos as an apartment.

also i had a 2 story apartment before, they are bit pricier, but i don't think this is an apartment because it looks like the door leads directly outside. it's probably a cheap house.

No. 611160

I'm pretty sure it's a 1099 (that way they don't classify you as an employee, just an independent contractor). They send you a paper with your earnings at the beginning of the year and you pay taxes based on that.

I'm going to side with those thinking she's not paying taxes… you end up paying almost 1/3 income on 1099's. There's no way she wouldn't be complaining about how much that would end up being. Even only making $1000/month she'd owe over 3k for taxes. Probably much more.

No. 611168

I don’t know why this is even an argument?? If she was buying a house she’d be bragging about it WAY MORE. It also wouldn’t have happened this fast. When she said fingers crossed she means her rental application.

No. 611169

File: 1544238785025.png (912.67 KB, 1272x678, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 7.10…)

She's definitely renting and probably paying around $2k amonth depending on the size of the house. it's easy to look up property prices in vegas and renting there is extremely cheap. Pic related, a 5 bedroom 3 bath house for $2,500. It's not a townhouse or condo moo has, it's definitely a house.

No. 611170

If she bought it she’d be flaunting like crazy the same way she was when she pretended to pay for her moms car when she actually just helped with the down payment.

No. 611178

Exactly. She would throw out words like realtor, big down payment and show paperwork. She would have shown off house hunting for sure.

She’s renting. And it’s not super nice but it’s not a total dive. Seems nicer than her other place. Some anons here sound salty.

No. 611179


Such a big house for someone who lives alone with no boyfriend, two cats? and a friend who probably secretly hates her. Sigh what a waste

No. 611180

i don't think anons are salty for saying it's objectively meh. not all of us are poorfags.

No. 611182

>she has bad credit
I don't doubt it but source anyway?

No. 611183

Uh, it's moo?

No. 611184

a many threads ago she was going on and on about how she was fixing her credit score and how eventually she got it to go up to whatever number I don’t remember. so it wasn’t good, and now it’s a couple hundred points better

No. 611185

This. Patreon sends a report to the IRS of what they paid you but they don't do withholding. They just send you an I9 form and it's up to you to file and pay. If moo was really making 120K a year she would owe around 30K at least. Not just file a tax return. Write a check for 30k. Not gonna happen people. I don't understand why so many anons get triggered by this tax thing unless you are moo lurking or a calf.

No. 611188

Sure it is. And she’s also a double major senior at UNLV and speaks fluent Japanese. You don’t get to pick and choose with moo. Just face the fact that it’s all bullshit.

No. 611190

are you the same anon? no one's triggered but you. it's completely baseless as of right now and there's no use tinfoiling this hard.

No. 611203

Can you PROVE she hasn't paid taxes? If not, shut up about it. This whole IRS thot thing is fucking stupid and unless you have milk to go with it, stop bringing it up.

No. 611213

what you mean like two threads ago where OP was wrong about moo wk'ing sssniperwolf and then naming the whole thread after it?

imaginary sage for somewhat OT

No. 611228

You're probably right. I mean it's not as if she has lied about virtually every detail, no matter how small, of her entire life. kek

No. 611230

It's not an argument, I think as >>611152 picked up on, non Americans are just confused. Well, I'm not arguing, anyway.

Also even if she said she bought it, I wouldn't trust her. She lies about everything.

As a poorfag, I guess it's nice, but I fear the idea of cleaning it. But she's not going to, so that's a non-issue ha.

Space is nice, but if it's just wasted… what's the point?

Looking forward to it filling up with garbage like her new "bedroom" and every other room in the damn house tho.

No. 611269

Truly, she has no need for a house this big. I know she talked about Tattoo-kun moving in with her for a while but it looks like it's just going to be her and her cats.
Honestly though, she has barely any actual belongings - she had trouble furnishing her last place, even when Vamp was living with her. Whenever they streamed the background was just empty rooms and broken down boxes. It took Mariah what, over a year to furnish the guest bedroom? And that's only because she needed a nice set to attempt camming in.
It makes me really think she's just doing it to seem more important/well-off than she really is, or simply because she still has the spoiled mindset that bigger is objectively better and must equal success.
She doesn't craft, she doesn't stream, and she keeps her costumes all over the floor anyway. She's used the same shitty Japanese screen backdrop for every other shoot so it's not like she needs a studio space. I'm not trying to sound jealous, it's genuinely ridiculous that she's convinced herself she needs this, and I can't wait to see this place trashed in three months by her and her animals.

No. 611292

why are people still going on about this. Get this through your head: space is not the premium everywhere. In a desert wasteland like the edge of Las Vegas, there's no space constraint. A bigger house just contains more air. There and in many cities, a tiny flat near the city costs way more than an airport style house in the newer suburbs. These newer suburbs are called 'new slums' because they're made to trash people's taste where there's no garden and they build the hollow house to fill the whole block. Working class people stay inside with A/c and five tvs. There's no shops or amenities around.

No. 611303

thank you. Whenever Momo wants to have fun she has to drive a bit to just stuff her face, she doesn't live on the strip. Or she was to go to another state. She is never at home

No. 611329

Moo will probably get bigger at this point. Having a huge house in the middle of nowhere will nothing to do? She'll get bored. Since she just joined pornhub and will stream there, who knows though

No. 611437

while you're right that space isn't at a premium, don't act like she's at the ass of the world or anything - you can drive totally across the city in like 45 min. summerlin, where she was last and probably still is, is full of expensive chain restaurants catering to middle class whites, she's not squatting on a rancho in searchlight or something. she's also on the side of town for chinatown, which is why she's at kbbq etc all the dang time. unless she really moved out crazy far, she's no more than 5 mins from stuffing her face.

No. 611468

It's time to stop arguing about space.

No. 611470

Still nothing on her Pornhub except that header photo with her dry, crusty lips.

I'm calling it that she posts a video of her new space as a "shoot location."

No. 611532


I’m betting she won’t actually do anything on there. It was just another ploy to get attention and sucker her neckbeards into thinking she might finally go nude. She knows she can’t pull any of that “I don’t do nudes so don’t disrespect me by asking” shit she did on Camversity and get away with it so she chickened out once she saw that she had to actually deliver the goods

No. 611646

File: 1544329220965.jpg (103.92 KB, 1080x1920, 1927856103404636029.jpg)

unless she thinks that her current "work" falls under the category of "art and photos"… lewds not nudes my dudes

No. 611650

Has she announced any plans for Christmas sets on Patreon? Other than buying a $500 fake fireplace and trinkets I don't see her planning for anything. I know it'll just be a random wig and bikini again in various pooping poses so it doesn't take much preparation, but she only just reposted her Xmas Pochaco and nothing else? And to top it off she's moving into a new place. 10 bucks it's another selfie set.

No. 611655

She said she was gonna do Mei and I forget what else.

No. 611675

Velma too. So she can use the same wig

No. 611679

File: 1544333675343.jpeg (546.92 KB, 750x1038, C81B2F14-F18F-4A26-B0ED-0F4627…)

No. 611680

File: 1544333772728.jpeg (495.54 KB, 750x1040, 1EFB1F9A-D0D4-4717-8342-200570…)

No. 611682

just make a pile, sweetie. it's where it's all going to end up.

No. 611683

File: 1544334479982.jpeg (692.79 KB, 750x1093, 220C5F09-6CEA-4669-9D2D-01B439…)

Shooting slaves incoming just in time for those last minute December sets

No. 611685

The first half drunken water bottle of many strewn about

No. 611686

>some insane patreon stuff

I don't think anyone's falling for that anymore, Mariah. We all know it'll be the same rehashed photoshoots with the same poses.

No. 611690

Can't even make eye contact with her.. shitty editing too, their hands look like a different skin color

No. 611696

Once again proof that Moo has absolutely no fucking clue how to actually care for her skin. Can't wait to see this place turn into an utter pigsty before her shoot in there.(nitpick)

No. 611708

>obvious couple's bathroom
poor moo.

No. 611709

All those skincare products…

and her skin still looks like shit. Amazing.

No. 611710

It's because more than half of it, I won't say which ones, actually make your skin worse

It's what she gets for just buying everything off the shelves and not doing research

No. 611711

it's just what happens when you buy drugstore brands. this is why so many thots have shit skin. pricy makeup cheap skincare. it's the opposite of what you should do.(derail)

No. 611718

these aren't drugstore brands, these are from spehora. i recognize most of the brands there and she got them just because they're crazy expensive, but it's just a mishmash of products lol(derail)

No. 611719

anon, she has a lot of biore and clean and clear.

No. 611720

>>611719 this.

You can clearly see the clean and clear morning burst and clean and clear foaming cleanser in the picture. Some of them may be sephora skincare products, but the bulk of them are drugstore and some lush crap.

No. 611726

Lol maybe shevthought she’d win over tattoo sensei and was looking at this place in advance

No. 611727

It doesn't matter what brand because she cakes them all on at once for a week then stops cold turkey because it melts her face off.
She wants her skin care to be glamorous looking and shit when real skin care is a medicinal, boring bottle that has not so great smelling cream in it.

No. 611736

What happened to buying La Mer? Can't flex anymore? Expensive brand or not nothing will work on her face anyway because she's a lazy cunt that expects immediate results and can't be arsed to be persevere.

No. 611755


More so she can recycle pic sets, which amazes me she still have a large amount of patreons that isn't catching onto that..or just don't care. If I want to see the same recycled videos/photos I'll go to "MY EX GF" websites.

No. 611770

Didn't she buy a lot of Tatcha stuff, too? Don't see that there, either.

No. 611802

I’d say she would benefit from reading r/skincareaddiction but like. That involves actual research.

No. 611804

>clean and clear

enjoy ruining your skin even more moo~.(nitpick)

No. 611807

most of them are probably at the $10 tier and just forgot.

No. 611825

There's no beauty gurus on skincareaddiction to tell her what to buy. I swear she's the blindest consumer I've ever seen

No. 611834

Why would she ever need advice about this or anything else? She's an expert on any subject you can name.

No. 611850

She actually minored in dermatology during her time in pharmacy school my dudes, it was a bop.

No. 611855

While at the same time taking Skype classes to become a certified facial esthetician.

No. 611858

I wish I could sage for this but Jeeze I hope this cow starts producing milk soon. I’m tired of people speeding over skin products and housing.

She has been awfully quiet though. I wonder if she actually learned anything and is taking a break from social media.

No. 611859

She's been quiet since Japan which Ive been surprised af about that. It's like she's become sentient but also because she's only got instagram and doesn't go to cons because she's been kicked out of the community she pretty much has nobody to spill the milk except herself or her cows and they won't

No. 611861

All that and she really isn't doing anything now. Reposting old sets is about it. Her social media presence is also not nearly what it used to be so when she's not interacting with people online the volume of lies is way down. Her pathological lies were a huge source of milk.

No. 611879

Be patient. Every time it looks like she's going to dry up, she shits the bed all over again because she can't help but lie or be a bully or sink to new lows.

I do think that cuck-sensei has been trying to rein her in, we can mostly thank him for the lack of real milk from Japan other than her usual autism, but it is only a matter of time.

No. 611933

We still have her going to Pornhub while using her real name. It's only going to be a matter of time where she flips up once senseis out of the picture. We just need to be paitient.

No. 611963

Has she announced any conventions lately?

No. 611965

She's planning on Katsucon. I forgot how long it's actually been since she's been to a con in cosplay.
I'm sure she thinks the hatred against her has died down, and I'm sure it has mildly, but I feel like not many people would want to publicly be around her.
And tbh I'm sure out of everyone who recognizes her, someone's sure to at least say something (not necessarily to her, but people shout shit at cons all the time.) She's hated in too many communities now.

Not to mention last Katsu was when she got called out for kicking CBCs cosplay. I'd be amazed if she's out on the floor at all tbh, she's chickenshit.

No. 611968

File: 1544424257437.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 9AB72EAA-271C-4656-8FEC-529F60…)

No. 611971

File: 1544424568034.jpeg (138.85 KB, 750x261, DFEA9E7A-5406-47E3-85B5-F9AFE3…)

I believe she’s going to this one with miso

No. 611976

This dumb bitch. ALA is going to have more people who openly loathe her than nearly any other con. This is absolutely Moo thinking she's in the clear with the community and can waddle back in. It is little wonder why she's considering skipping it, she has more places to hide at Katsu than ALA.

No. 611983

It is really awkward to have Chris Hansen from an episode of To Catch a Predator as the background image of this post. She totally knows what awaits her if she decides to go to ALA. But lol, going to Katsu as if the cosplay community there won’t know a lick about her.

No. 612052

Katsu is a huge con now and there's no way her name getting dragged through the mud that she'll be able to go there without drama or confrontation.

No. 612076

I'm so ready for it tbh. I really hope someone calls her out in public.

No. 612112

Hoping the backlash will make her run to her new pornhub account for ass pats and extra hypocrisy points. My popcorn is ready.

No. 612180

I don't know the time stamps of these but is she going to ALA? Because there will be alot of milk there
Almost everyone who hates her will be there

No. 612181

Plus with their new rules she can't ghost it. You have to have a badge to be anywhere now in an attempt to curb the overflow. The fuck is she gonna even bring anything recent has just been barely dressed. Darkstalkers? I can't wait for the lulzy pics people will snap of that if she does.

No. 612196

File: 1544476650033.jpg (629.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181210-151657_Ins…)

Bitching about youtubers that used to hate pewds, now supporting him. Saying they're spineless and choke on his balls. Saltyyy

No. 612205

wow it's almost as if people can't grow and mature and learn to move past their differences like adults do. guess that's just a foreign concept to moo

No. 612209


Exactly. This is her thinking that she is finally in the clear and can comfortably show her face in public without having to worry about someone catching her on camera. Newsflash Moo, you’ll never be in the clear. You’ll always having to be watching over your shoulder hoping that no one recognizes you. Hoping that word doesn’t get out that you decided to show your ugly mug at an event that clearly no one wants you there. But please, continue trying go on as if all is forgiven.


And even more evidence that she is an immature dipshit who needs to learn to keep her fat mouth shut when it comes to online drama. You would have thought she would have learned at this point but nope, she still always has to weigh in thinking anyone gives a flying fuck about her opinions. And she always manages to say something completely stupid and somehow makes herself look even worse than before.

No. 612236

Wow I love when trash defends trash!

No. 612334


Its just another page in her massive book of hypocrisy. Shes always mooing about how shes changed and people change and "wah stop hating her because shes always changing and growing" yet a youtuber cant change their minds about people?

Its just another small thing that proves she never learns and wont change for the better.

No. 612342

seriously. how can moo even expect people to change their opinions on her, she literally disagrees with other peoples' choices to do that.

No. 612343

she's just salty because she sees someone else get forgiven and no one wants to forgive her dumb ass.

No. 612370

Why does she always act like she's relevant to these people lol. Like she was always trying to involve herself with iDubbz drama or H3 and it's like
I promise Moo none of them know who you are and if they saw you they wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole

No. 612387

not to get ot but miss me with that pewdiepie hate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 612394

File: 1544512061653.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181211-010710_Ins…)

Code words for "I'm lazy and I'm not going to do anything for my neckbeards on time."

No. 612397

she probably didn't read the page on their site that says certain items (SKUs) have 1 week+ processing time.

>we will ship your item out in about 1-2 working Days (sku below edw1000),4- 7 working days (sku above edw1000),18- 25 working days (sku above edw2000) after payment received.

No. 612398

I just came here to post this. Basically all the wigs in their cosplay section take the 18-25 working days for processing before they ship. Again, moo drags another company through the mud because she's too lazy to read.

No. 612402

File: 1544514958944.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2688, CA6C4723-7258-43A6-92F3-9E226A…)

More proof her income is slipping - gonna try to sell her selfies on another shitty platform because no one trusts her patreon anymore

No. 612423

One of her favorite cons? didn't she talk mad shit on katsu, saying that east coast cons were stuck up and that she had a miserable time out there?

No. 612438


Not only that..but most people sub for onlyfans for ACTUAL nudes and such. Yes some "tame" stuff exists, but moo can't get away with that.

No. 612461

File: 1544534880022.png (258.76 KB, 1080x1435, IMG_20181211_142644.png)

Another one? And no mention of the new black cat on the page?

No. 612469

My eyes can't roll back any further. When she bought Guzma she was called out for buying from a backyard breeder and she clapped back so hard claiming it's all legit. Bitch was probably trying to adopt a month-old kitten again but got schooled by the breeder, and she can't bitch out about her because she's trying to mooch the ragdoll, so she has to act nice and innocent.

She's already so tired of it that she can't even spell his name right. Bets on when will the new ragdoll become a complete pest like Guzma?

The black cat Bern probably ran away which is why she didn't post a pic, hoping people would forget.

No. 612474

It sounds like another scam to make her neckbeards think they're getting more.

No. 612481


Exactly. The only people who really use Onlyfans are people who post actual porn like porn actors. Just like signing up for Pornhub this is her yet again desperate to trick her neckbeards into thinking she is finally going to do nudes since her patreon scam is running thin now. I hope this dumb bitch really does sing up on porn sites and tries to do her “I don’t do nude stuff so don’t disrespect me by asking for it” bullshit so she can get btfo’d. I don’t know why her dumb ass thinks she can get away with doing it. I get that she is scared to death of doing porn and not wanting to be seen as the trashy no talent whore that her parents would be ashamed of that she would constantly call other girls for doing the same. But she really thinks she can sanitize an entire industry just so she can feel comfortable actually telling people what she does since she can’t lie about being a cosplayer anymore.

No. 612483

You mean she'll actually be forced to buy a badge for a convention this time?

No. 612490

File: 1544545097443.png (46.56 KB, 517x157, local breeder.PNG)


remember when she said she purposely got Guzma so early so she can create a "bond"?
remember when she took a 6 week old unvaccinated kitten out on a shopping trip with her? so she could socialize it to take it to cons?
remember when she was going to fraudulently register him as a service animal so she could take him to cons?
remember when she bathed the 6 week old kitten on a semi-daily basis because it stank? like kittens do?
remember when she sent a 6 week old kitten who is too young to have all its shots to a pet hotel because going to conventions was more important?

she shouldn't be anywhere near animals, especially vulnerable baby animals.

No. 612493

Remember when she also didn't listen to advice from people saying to keep him isolated from the other cats in the beginning? And because she didn't listen, her elderly cat got hurt pretty bad and stressed out?

She really should not be allowed to have animals. She neglects them all as it is.

No. 612520

File: 1544549153446.png (31.58 KB, 896x432, momocunt.png)

Couldn't find this posted yet so putting up her pornhub post + comments for archival.

No. 612522


No. 612525


We all know what a crock of shit this is. “uncensored” takes on completely different meaning with her and it usually means still clothed but still too trashy looking and too close to porn for instagram’s standards. But of course her little army are all going to get worked up thinking she is finally going to show tits.

No. 612549

Mariah you should start a go fund me for people who specifically DONT want to see you naked. I’m sure you’ll find it profitable.

No. 612561

She should have people pay her to stay away, she'd make serious bank. "$400 and I stay out of your convention for a day, and don't fuck it up with my unwashed, unwanted self"

No. 612565

File: 1544556663275.jpg (44.79 KB, 500x375, AwnCJ5MCAAAhvks.jpg)

It'd be mad cash for her tbh

No. 612566

>4 days ago

Hows the pornstar life going for you, Moo?

No. 612570

That would mean her admitting she's disliked though, which she refuses to do.

No. 612578


She’s not really doing anything to build up any kind of following though. She hasn’t promoted this at all or even posted any reader images to entice people. So far it’s been complete radio silence from her, almost like she doesn’t want anyone to know and is just hoping fans of hers will just so happen to stumble upon it. Obvious signs that she is ashamed that her “career” has come to this and is hoping she doesn’t get roasted too hard once this story picks up legs on the internet.

No. 612586

File: 1544563900244.jpg (365.77 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20181211-153117_Ins…)

No. 612590

You do it all the time Mariah, shut the hell up.

No. 612591

The sweet sweet irony of this Netflix anime cosplayer

No. 612593


What a hypocritical cunt. Sure Moo, pretend like you didn’t absolutely benefit from that same mob mentality when you doxxed people or sent your followers after someone you didn’t like.

Fuck off.

No. 612595

should begin adding the pornhub link to op aswell

No. 612596

has she actually linked this account anywhere?

No. 612597

First of all dips shit you aren't "adopting" anything. You are buying a cat from a breeder. Secondly you just can never stop slipping in another little lie can you? Now you claim you had to bottle feed your other kitten with "kitten milk"??? You can never stop with the lies can you? They just pour out of you like rain.

No. 612599

She says whatever she can to make herself feel or look important or like “caring and nurturing uwu”. My guess is she sees how popular that instagramer thekittenlady is and wants to gain those kind of people who like kittens and kitten caregivers

No. 612601

(Apologies. Her name isn’t thekittenkady and I can’t locate her handle rn but is just this lady who fosters kittens and documents it )

No. 612603

I seriously suspect that the black cat ran away in the end and that's why she's "getting" another one. Fucking Hell.

No. 612611


She does this shit with literally everything she does. Every time she does something she has to act like she is a patron fucking saint providing to those less fortunate than her. It’s so fucking obnoxious and self-serving. Like with Camversity she tried to bill it as “I’m doing this for all the non-lewd models of the world because camgirl websites have have such a bad reputation and I want to help change that!” Or how she constantly throws in other cosplayers face how much she helped them out by paying for something for them or allowing them to do a shoot with her.

She knows her reputation is complete dogshit and consequently always has her motives questioned for why she does anything so she immediately always tries to preface it with “IM SUCH A GOOD PERSON FOR DOING THIS!!! SURELY YOU GUYS CANT HATE ON ME FOR DOING THIS!!!! SHOWER ME WITH COMPLIMENTS AND ASSPATS PLZ!!!!!”.

No. 612632


Nah, the cat's still there. Vamp posted an instastory with Bern earlier today.

No. 612635

It's just stupid of her that she's annoyed that certain YouTubers who hated Felix now don't when he asks them for help which is what Collette did. She hated Mariah then when she asked her for help with making cosplays that changed.

No. 612663

She'd be earning money doing the thing she loves most: absolutely nothing.

The novelty probably wore off for Moo already, Bern is only used to show that she's a ~true Umineko fan~

And speaking of being a Umineko fan, she's not really excited about a certain announcement.

No. 612673

File: 1544578651718.jpg (823.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181211-193740_Ins…)

No. 612675

Looks necrotic! So much for the foot worshipping content.

No. 612676

her nails are painted …. who had to paint that rotting toe??

No. 612692

Has enough money to buy Gucci but not go to the urgent care?

No. 612693

yeah being obese can really slow healing

No. 612694

exactly. She's already bored of the black cat because it isn't affectionate or a kitten. I had a feeling once Guzma was an adult she would get more cats because she's the type of owner to neglects pets once they are out of the baby phase.

No. 612699


You do not know what "necrotic" means.

That's just dried blood from a busted blood vessel. Can't be more than a few days old - the nail growing out over the last two months would've dragged dried blood along with it and by this point it would have faded completely.

She lies about the dumbest shit.

No. 612714

It happened to me once from wearing horribly stiff new boots and it took way longer than two months for it to grow out from the cuticle (unless you got weird superfast growing speed). But anyway, it's gross and who cares Mariah.
>help meeee
There's nothing to "heal" there anymore and it's definitely not painful either. She can just paint over it.

No. 612716

maybe she's trying to appeal to foot fetish fans after her failed chun li doujin cover cosplay

No. 612718

Yeah. That's a fresh one. She probably took off her bra and one of her boobs fell on it.

No. 612729

it's just dried blood stuck to the bottom of the nail. it'll grow out later. but ffs get the fucking entire thing painted if that kind of thing is there.

No. 612740

File: 1544587477411.gif (3.7 MB, 270x480, 1EE54CAC-CCB2-44B4-B2D7-95E97C…)

No. 612744

moo's landlord could kick her out for this shit.

No. 612747

…..that's a reach

No. 612748

No. 612749

Just got the place and already putting her nasty feet all over the doors.

I doubt she got her security deposit back on the last place she rented since she left the carpet and the walls so nasty.

No. 612750

I'm waiting for her fat ass to collapse the door lul.

No. 612752

File: 1544589086056.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 939D7AED-F2C5-40A2-97CA-C3FC62…)

I don’t know if her mom has been there the whole time but this is the face she makes as her talented daughter zooms in on her face while screaming

No. 612753

File: 1544589360829.gif (2.9 MB, 270x480, FF567202-396D-4A39-A324-148DF1…)

rolling around lip synching

No. 612758

My God .. she's massive. Seeing her in motion really something else.

No. 612762


That is the face of an exhausted mother who has had to put up with this shit all her life. You can literally see the pain in her face lol

No. 612765

File: 1544590658251.gif (1.42 MB, 486x600, D33482FD-03E7-41D1-BC20-EA19FC…)

No. 612766


Jesus Christ she looks like a fucking beached whale.

No. 612767

moved in and has already started trashing it

No. 612768

moved in and has already started trashing it

No. 612775

I'm beginning to think those cats inhaling toxic glues and fumes is not by accident. This may be tinfoiling here but think about it. If I was a cat and I had to see that thing prancing around the house naked or having even more gross habits behind closed doors when no one's around, I'd huff glue just to take the edge off too lol

One of these days she's going to wake up to find that one of her cats hung themselves with their own cat toy holding a sign up that says "You did this".

No. 612778

I hope we find out soon what drugs she's abusing to be manic and screaming like this all day every day

No. 612780

Not so much drugs as it is being very immature and a total attention whore. And being a dumbass doesn’t help either.

No. 612781

Also like most narc types - she thinks she's the most interesting piece of shit around. Which is of course the total opposite because the only way she's interesting is seeing how she's going to be an utter and total train wreck next. She has no personality beyond a bullying, unpleasant cunt except for what she pretends to be interested in. She's got no ambitions except to skinwalk another vapid, fake bitch who wants nothing to do with her now. If it weren't for the milk, we wouldn't have been here this long posting about her, she'd have gone to the cos-thot thread in /snow and just been the occasional running joke. Seriously, Mariah. You're nothing. You would be pitiable if you didn't bring it all on yourself.

No. 612784

You mean flat ass. She’s just air humping like a dog.

No. 612786

It's gifs like this that make me sideeye everyone who thinks she's either not abusing her meds or not on something.

No one acts like this unless they're either drunk, high, or otherwise mentally messed up.

No. 612787

Pretty sure at least 2 out of 3 in her case

No. 612794

How are her feet so dirty? Is her new home really already that filthy or does she not wear shoes outside or something?

No. 612806

She seldom bathes.

No. 612809

Like >>612806 said, she's a slob that seldom showers, and I'm sure she didn't bother to clean or hire someone to do so before she moved in, hence why her mom is there doing all the hard work.

No. 612829


Thanks anon I choked on my coffee. I bet the cats have encounter groups when shes out of town.

No. 612846

does this bitch even know the reason of the word "adoption"

No. 612871

and even when she does bathe she probably can't be bothered to wash the bottoms of her feet… she probably is still able to do it but i don't imagine it's as easy as it used to be bending that trunk of a body and hammy legs kek

No. 612881

Anyone got her PO box we can send her a dang foot scrubber for Christmas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 612902

They also need to send her:
- Another fake butt for her flat ass
- Makeup for Dummies
- "How To Do Your Taxes: A Step-By-Step Because You're An Idiot" book
- Dildo because she can't land a man
- Soap (because God knows she needs it)

No. 612904

We can call it the "So This Is What Your Life Has Become Now" care package.

No. 612915

oh man…oohhh man she's absolutely struggling to twerk or to at least jiggle whatever semblance of an ass that she has. nothing is moving but her backrolls and thigh fat… god this is so beautiful i love it

No. 613010

File: 1544641747493.gif (610.21 KB, 480x228, 099.gif)


No. 613047

This is just sad. I’m sorry to tell you Moo but no matter how much weight you gain you cannot escape the fact you have genetic flat white girl ass. And don’t give me that “poc” crock. Bitch you’re white.

No. 613056

Reminds me when she was parading around as a white Italian girl wearing Christian crosses
may have times have changed

No. 613101

She really is just a generic white fork just latching into anything she thinks will bring her attention. That’s why she comes off as such a fake fan. Because she is. She just adds different flavors to her plain mayonnaise of a personality.(racebait)

No. 613175

Don’t know if anyone has noticed yet but she’s switched off the “limited commenting” feature on IG. Anyone is able to post now.

No. 613187

File: 1544654525986.jpg (51.73 KB, 640x729, es2EOkJ.jpg)

So its all come full circle.

No. 613198


Wonder what made her change her mind

No. 613215


jesus christ not this again

No. 613217


anon, i want you to take a look at the description of this post. at the very least i want you to do a ctrl+f for "kik for fat" so you can find the part of the op that says "YES, WE KNOW ABOUT THE KIK FOR FAT AD"

No. 613218

File: 1544657541655.jpeg (671.53 KB, 1536x2048, E157FEF4-100F-4417-AABF-942786…)

is this momo

No. 613219

They said 'So its all come full circle' so I'm pretty sure they already know that. It was an ad on Pornhub and now she's going there for real.

No. 613220

I think what >>613187 meant was the irony of someone having made that Kik for Fat logo with her image on it only to have it displayed on Pornhub.

Now she IS on Pornhub.

No. 613224

Remember when her body was human and not a Donkey Kong mess

No. 613229


late but it's unreal she has ruined guzma so badly. ragdolls are a notoriously docile breed; a friend who got hers from a (legit) breeder had to sign a waver saying he wouldn't go outside because he doesn't have any instincts to defend himself from predators/etc. she's FUCKED that cat up for him to be so aggressive.

No. 613233

And she's about to ruin another ragdoll. Moo is incapable of seeing cats as beings with needs, she should not be raising any animals.

No. 613234

you can anonymously report someone to animal control right?

No. 613236


Wonder what made her change her mind

No. 613238

probably not getting enough comments (attention)

No. 613240

Based on what? That she annoys her pets and one of them is kinda aggressive for its breed but not causing any maulings??

Mariah is a shit pet owner and is irresponsible. Her cats are sometimes stressed because of her actions. But, the cats she owns are fed and kept warm and aren’t being beaten until they’re black and blue. Unless that is happening animal control or the law won’t care, because the cats aren’t being killed or treated inhumanely. As shitty as she is to them, they aren’t being treated cruely in the grand scheme of things. It just sucks for them.

Honestly some of you guys need to go outside, you look ridiculous when you make suggestions like this.

No. 613249

anon, I didn't mean do it, I just meant that's an option if you think someone has far too many animals that they can care for.

No. 613252

>some of you need to you outside
>you look ridiculous
>writes an entire paragraph based on their assumption

you're right about people needing to go outside…

No. 613253

Maybe testing the waters before Katsucon

No. 613254

If you play rough with them and you are always grabbing and restraining them so they can "love" you from the time they are kittens this is how they turn out.

No. 613257

File: 1544664724233.jpeg (561.16 KB, 750x1077, 8849AB95-14CA-43DE-93C2-71952C…)


No. 613258

File: 1544664836534.gif (804.8 KB, 337x600, 2D45EBDE-D1D8-4731-B670-266A70…)

No. 613259

File: 1544664986444.gif (3.9 MB, 270x480, 4CE08D30-A7CE-4865-B92B-E2D28A…)

No. 613267

So she's gone the full thot route , hadn't she? After her freaking out about her ig being banned for a but, I'm surprised she's posting this.

No. 613270


Fucking called this shit. Of course “uncensored” means pasties to her. I hope she posts this shit on Pornhub and gets her fat ass roasted to hell.

No. 613271

File: 1544665548708.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 9CDB6141-1AE7-4ABD-A1D9-18AC8C…)

No. 613275

Do we still have any patron anons?

No. 613278

Didn‘t this lady of the night complain about her nudes being posted on 4chan?

No. 613279

the new place is already a trash pile I see.

No. 613281

Tights-kun are back to hide her nasty thighs and ass.

No. 613283


Not like she is going to be doing nudes anyways. Get ready for pasties and handbras and bitching about how “I don’t do nude content so don’t disrespect me by asking me for it”.

No. 613285

File: 1544667060846.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3345x2509, E6189B51-5CA9-4B47-B1EE-B9B85A…)

another one, said in the caption she was inspired by a calf who we haven’t heard from in awhile (megamarines gf)

side by side because why not

No. 613299

lol what a depressing lack of jiggle. she's shaking her whole body and those saggy pancakes are barely moving at all.
it's only going to get worse the bigger she gets. she's going to rely on more and more shapewear to give her some semblance of a figure once she finally edges over 300 pounds.

No. 613301

Is full tits out even allowed on Patreon? I get that there are pasties, but still.

No. 613302

>what a depressing lack of jiggle.
Anon, don't be a fucking retard. You understand nothing of important flood barrier manufacturing. Those have been built to last. It's only a shame she's keeping those reserved to a desert wasteland when there's dams being made with far inferior products.

No. 613316

The stuff most of these cosplayers and lewd models do technically isn’t allowed on Patreon, but they don’t obey their own TOS since they make so much money off of those girls

Hell there are even hentai games getting funded on Patreon

No. 613318

Those are some sad tits.

No. 613323

Yeah. On pornhub. kek

No. 613324

File: 1544672944234.jpeg (417.27 KB, 750x1013, F28D5EB4-6A2B-4582-91EC-6128B6…)

turtle face is back

No. 613333

Nudity is allowed on patreon as long as it isn’t public.

No. 613336

terrible shoop and crappy higlights. She's got a fucking dorito chin here it looks awful. Why would she post this? LOL

No. 613338

Not defending her at all, but saggy tits are the best tits(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 613340

That editing made it look like her jaw collapsed in itself. Face it Moo, no amount of Photoshop can save you now. You’re too far gone.

No. 613350

This is reminding me of the mom from Matilda. not a good look.

No. 613351

her arms and shoulders just look… uncomfortable at this point? if that makes sense. even with her trying to disguise it here you can see how wide she is.

No. 613376

Pretty spot on, anon! Just a grossly fat version of her.

No. 613380

File: 1544680618651.jpeg (353.9 KB, 1194x1916, DE5A5D44-67E8-4982-A734-D87CEC…)

“IRL pochaco”

No. 613382

File: 1544680837855.jpg (241.83 KB, 1077x1019, Screenshot_20181212-235941_Ins…)

"She should work on being her best and her soul etc." Says the eldritch beast herself.

No. 613384


Not allowed, but the thots bring in a ton of money so Patreon looks the other way until they get enough reports.

No. 613385

She's more of a Solamith if you ask me.

No. 613386

So is she just not cosplaying anymore? She's just going to do shitty selfies? She doesn't need a 35 dollar level for that

No. 613388

did she really just put a wig on the outfit she was jiggling her titts to and called it a Pochacoo cosplay?

No. 613389

File: 1544683486776.jpg (485.76 KB, 1120x900, To moo.jpg)

No. 613390

what the fuck did she do to herself in meitu? she looks like michael jackson lmao. and that cupid's bow highlight looks like a milk moustache

No. 613396

Stop looking at yourself dumbass. Your narcissism is showing.

No. 613397


I'm thinking she got a new place because she couldn't fit in her old tub.

No. 613398

Damn girl. You are large. More like pochachubby.

No. 613399


isnt stuff like this not allowed on insta? suprised no one has reported her and she isnt banned AGAIN

No. 613406

give it time. She's soliciting porn at this point and insta has a zero tolerance on that. She can't claim it's art in any form anymore

No. 613408

ily anon.

No. 613411

Looks like the stories of her flopping her tits around were either removed by her or taken down by IG.

No. 613414

Might be a reach but is she posting her tits out because tenleid got implants recently and has been posting their process? Mooriah tends to latch onto random shit that other costhots do, especially if she has beef with them

No. 613418

Finally a cosplay in which that fugly bright pink eyeshadow would have looked ok since she's going for 80s look and she uses brown or something instead.

No. 613423

File: 1544692349914.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2034, E56A6F76-C09B-4233-AA7C-2545AC…)

No. 613424

File: 1544692426748.jpg (54.04 KB, 599x771, 12509230_471766483030802_68223…)

I dare the cow to do the chicken version. It's official unlike this 80's inspired bs

No. 613426

File: 1544693606755.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2138, 7F6D9556-CDE5-4025-BD63-F32EE8…)

What a lying cunt lmao. They’re all going to be pissed and leave when they realize it’s not nude.

She’s wearing tights again. How disgusting have her thighs become if she can’t even edit them anymore?

No. 613427

I’m wondering if she actually got chin lipo

No. 613428

She edited out her massive eyebags

No. 613429

why does the post say it's taken in Tokyo?

No. 613430

>Tokyo, Japan

Samefag but I completely missed this. I guess she’s trying to pretend she actually had this done early and shot it in Japan

No. 613431


> Tokyo, Japan

> her plain ass living room

No. 613436

Why does she do this dead fish stare? So unattractive

No. 613452



How is she so bad at being a thot on the most basic level

No. 613461

File: 1544702114770.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1785, 84634498-D5C3-47F3-BF27-8B62B6…)


Don’t correct someone’s spelling when you made the same mistake you uncultured cow

No. 613463

Plus, instagram has never allowed coochie shots on their platform.
She's just parroting what people have been saying lately with the Tumblr change and shit.

No. 613464


Oh so she's calling herself a sex worker now?

No. 613466

Maybe it's not her disgusting thighs she's trying to hide with the tights, it's her feet. We all know she panders to fetishes now. What if she's waiting for the patreon bux to go dry before she "reveals" them and cashes in

No. 613470

The couches are so tacky. Like you couldn’t take this anywhere else in your new house? Minimal effort. No original idea. Random (80s in December when everyone is doing xmas shoots?). I don’t understand her.

No. 613474

Trump has nothing to do with IG tos. rofl wtf is this bitch on?
Also, she just called herself a sex worker.

No. 613475

>irl pochaco

Is this her new thing? it's cringy

No. 613487

>>613461 It wouldn't be a Momokun photo without a cameo appearance from that damn folding screen yet again. That thing gets more camera time that Steve Harvey.

No. 613488


She really does just say the dumbest shit ever.

No. 613492

> I’m wondering if she actually got chin lipo
pretty sure it's just face tape …

> Why does she do this dead fish stare? So unattractive
again, I'm pretty sure she does this because of the face tape, she must put it on so tight she can't move her face

No. 613498

I know people often say she's both ugly inside and out, but cripes, her outward appearance has really caught up with how vile she is, personality-wise. Even if she wanted to try and better her appearance, she's got a lot going against her: her hair is absolutely fried, all the lipo and CoolSculpting work has absolutely fucked with her natural fat distribution (including making her boobs look like hard, dangly rocks), and her skin is in perpetually terrible condition because of all the trash food, energy drinks, and alcohol she consumes.

Granted, she probably has a slightly better chance of reversing some of the physical damage compared to, say, Amberlynn or Tess Holiday, since she's still so young. But man, when you look like a 40 year old try-hard mom from California in your early 20's like Momo does, well… good luck. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually has some kind of body dysmorphia issue going on. Then again… sometimes, a narc is a narc.

No. 613570

So her feet look like amputee stubs. How is everything she does so gross and stupid?

No. 613577

Looks like we're gonna be in for another episode of The Vanishin Asscrack with those horrible illfitted tights.

No. 613608

File: 1544731622598.jpeg (521.09 KB, 750x1020, 25ABD735-F6CD-41BC-8151-D74474…)

relate to what? Being a fat smushed figure always hovering around and behind a hotter girl?

No. 613609

File: 1544731718657.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, FF66EB1E-4AB0-4189-B5C1-0B284B…)

>December 13
> “just the start of holiday lewd shoots!”

No. 613614

Eh.. As long as they are 'sets'. Some girls aren't even releasing content until December 25th, Christmas. Surprised at the huge jump though.

No. 613618

File: 1544732555809.jpg (11 KB, 400x300, a1ec74db8729436a29d4c5e5860866…)

I really hope she meant the figure in the helicopter too.

Off topic but is that a TM.Revolution tribute outfit?

By now all she does is micro bikini outfits because even a normal bikini on her gets swallowed up.

No. 613623

The huge jump is because she made people believe she’s finally getting naked. She’ll hemorrhage them at the end of the month.

No. 613628


It’s going to plummet once people catch on that she isn’t doing nudes. She got them all worked up thinking they’ll finally see “uncensored” photos of her and that her signing up on Pornhub was actually going to amount to something. Once they hear her “I don’t do nude content so don’t be disrespectful by asking me for it” bullshit they are not only going to roast the fuck out of her but also pull out of her patreon.

No. 613629

How is a micro bikini shoot rewarding if she’s done it before? Probably just same shit different color if anything. Why not say what character she’ll be “cosplaying”? Most patrons are interested in lewd cosplay shoots rather than just lewd shoots right?

No. 613650

you can just check that shit out here https://thothub.tv/?s=momokun her stuff gets leaked enough

No. 613652

underrated post kek
Her posts are starting to look more and more like giantess fetish art with the pin head. I want to blow it back up to normal size in photoshop

No. 613655


Also off-topic but yep! It’s a series of figures in that outfit. The Sonico one is supposed to release this month, actually.

No. 613659

I think it's safe to say that she has officially progressed from thicc to fat fetish.

No. 613668

that's not what anon asked…

No. 613677

Seems like the photos are removed aswell, wont be displayed for me atleast.

No. 613678

File: 1544740689122.jpeg (442.28 KB, 750x830, 554590C6-5F68-494F-9214-6B1500…)

this is a new low

No. 613680

File: 1544740936323.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, A56DBE87-B001-4FA9-8221-494AFB…)

No. 613682

She always spends her money on the most useless shit. Momo, go buy some bed sheets instead.

Damn, I hate how self-absorbed she is for charging """"nudies"""" when there's pasties on her fucking tits. I see girls flashing their tits for just a dollar.

No. 613683

File: 1544741114334.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 0D5E69E5-D089-4ED2-937E-831D68…)

No. 613686

who the fuck would want seven pairs of that.

No. 613690

why is she even bothering with the pasties? you can see the side of her nipples anyways, and showing basically all of your breast isn't much different.

No. 613691

File: 1544741943404.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, DB49E4B6-70D3-4721-A474-0730EC…)

Patreon jump? new iPhone!

No. 613693

File: 1544741991361.jpg (197.12 KB, 905x1280, f9932cf8d36d448875214ca6bc8712…)

is she seriously wearing these outside?

she may not be a true fan of anything but she's certainly a disgusting weeb.

>no makeup

>stupid animal ears
>shit dye job with hay for hair
>greasy unwashed
>poor health (fat)
>illfitting clothes

she's even got a high dose of delusion and BDD. she looks in the mirror and sees pic related instead of the fat mess she actually is. she's a dime a dozen fat weeb with a big fragile, undeserved ego.

No. 613694


It’s because she believes actual nudity is somehow beneath someone of her “talent”. She’s always had a problem with sex workers and and porn actors in a big bad way. She believes nudity or sexual content is solely reserved for trashy, no talent whores who don’t have the capacity or skill for anything better and that she has always been better than that and would never resort to doing something so lowly and shameful.

No. 613695


It’s because she believes actual nudity is somehow beneath someone of her “talent”. She’s always had a problem with sex workers and and porn actors in a big bad way. She believes nudity or sexual content is solely reserved for trashy, no talent whores who don’t have the capacity or skill for anything better and that she has always been better than that and would never resort to doing something so lowly and shameful.

No. 613704

Wonder how long it'll take before we start seeing how badly she trashes that house…

No. 613705

ty anon for understanding the point

No. 613709

$35 for shit quality selfies, Huh?
Also her hair is fried to the core

No. 613713

Whenever I see her posting shit like this, I can't help but imagine how her highschool self would laugh hysterically at and bully the fuck out of her current self.
I wonder what does her old hs bullying clique think of her now.

No. 613717

She did get cool sculpting on her face months ago, which should be finally showing results, but i really just think its face tape tbh

No. 613719


Exactly. She’s become the exact kind of girl she used to spend all day bitching about on Twitter. Funny how she used to say “I don’t have to take my clothes off for money or attention”. Couldn’t have happened to a worse person.

I’m sure she was absolutely hated in school but she acted like she was everyone’s friend because she didn’t want to actually confront her own crippling loneliness. She was totally the tryhard who constantly wanted to be in on everyone’s jokes or acted like an obnoxious jackass whenever the attention wasn’t solely on her.

And even still that doesn’t speak to all the bullying she did and how she made everyone’s lives miserable just by being around. I’m sure everyone who went to school is having a huge laugh at how she turned out and low she has sunk since high school.

No. 613726

What is that weird blur on her left (our right) boob?

No. 613728

an attempt to shoop out vein-chan probably

No. 613775

Can a collector correct me if I'm wrong… but is it normal to own like 4 pairs of the same ears or ears that look so similar?

No. 613777


A lot of people tend to hoard gear in hopes of either "connecting" to them or trading them, so it isn't shocking that she's hoarding them

No. 613780

Not like this tbh. We HAVE seen moo try to trade things already though so the other anon is probably right. This doesnt make sense for Tamamo specific ears since They're not 'realistic' most other ear collectors are not going to be interested and good luck reselling them.

Legit question: if she's SUCH a tamamo fan why not actually buy tamamo merch? There are plenty of really nice Tamamo figures out there so why collect ears of all things as if that says that you like the character and not just collecting ears?

No. 613781

She's a child. She collects things on a whim with no real reasoning behind it. Like everything else though, once she has it she doesn't really care about it anymore except for flexing purposes.

No. 613800

File: 1544759056391.jpeg (24.02 KB, 224x224, BE16CC0A-3B91-47FE-9ECC-B06920…)

It’s okay for her to have seven pairs though guys because she’s obviously the biggest Tamamo fan, and the irl Tamamo my doods. Just like she’s the biggest Umineko fan.

No. 613826

This is the exact issue with her. She sees herself as this thicc anime girl with chub in all the right places yet she looks like well, yeah… I know tons of girls like this in my local comm. She's not really unique other than being (in)famous.

No. 613828

File: 1544763070970.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x2164, 19851700-B866-4E4E-9D87-E93C4C…)

I think moo might be using one of these instead of tape. They’re really popular in Japan and China among cosplayers and I’ve seen a few of those taobao resellers stocking them

No. 613831

she uses tape, she’s shown on steam how she applies her make up and tape

No. 613835

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613836

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613837

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613838

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613839

Roxy taught Moo the Ultimate Secret of Dorito Chin (because she sure as fuck didn't teach our cow how to sew or style wigs): Tape like you mean it and shoop/filter like it is going out of style.

Her jowls are going to be amazing once she gets a little older, they're already looking rough as fuck.

No. 613842

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613862

I've tried to Google but never came across, but does anyone know around what year's she lived in MI? The last time I looked at her mom's page I had mutual friends with her "friends". She's a bit younger then me but I found that bizarre.

No. 613921

She always looks like she has a few chromosomes missing

No. 613943

Anons kept telling her to wear dance tights now she'll probably never take them off. Farmer/managers what other useful advice needs to be constantly repeated to help our cow?

No. 613947

showering and washing your hair regularly is a good start. also with inculding brown rice in her diet since it’s filling but low in calories and carbs since its full of fiber.

No. 613960

anon, brown rice is not healthy and does not have low carbs. it has the same amount of carbs as white rice and a marginal amount of fiber. obviously you're trying to sabotage poor moo, who is counting on us for guidance.

No. 613963

She reached 1000 patrons. So far its bikini new years Mei and another bikini lucoa.

No. 613979

she probably bought some again lmao.

No. 613980

she likely did but the rest are most likely, as other anons have pointed out, dudes who are hoping she's finally going to get totally nude and/or do porn. the number will drop again once they realize she's just doing the same old shit yet again. I wonder how many more times she can continue to do this, tease that there will be more only to deliver the same tired old bikini shoots, before people recognize the pattern and completely lose interest.

No. 613982


She’s eventually going to run out of sites to scam them on. If she doesn’t finally do nudes on Pornhub then it might be the end. After that she’ll be lucky if anyone buys her scam shit ever again.

No. 613989

she's sucking out the last bit of money from clueless idiots.

No. 613996

File: 1544816527215.png (3.56 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_12-14-01.41.36.png)

Even more possible skin walking. She didnt show the whole thing so it might not be but shes always gotta copy.

No. 613997


She won't do shit on pornhub except hawk her patreon.

No. 613998

even if it's not it's the same bikini.

No. 614003

If the bottoms are that tiny on Jessica, Mariah is going to have her entire stubbly vulva out.

No. 614012


Can anyone provide me with basic receipts of when momo kun told someone to kill themselves and also tried to promote mental health or positivity?As well as her molesting someone at the convention and dismissing it as ADD?

I know some of the basic drama but I don't go in this thread a lot and NEED this for a video that is going to be guaranteed getting some attention. Thanks and sorry for the spoon feeding request of receipts but I am on a time limit and it would be helpful.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614016

Just go find threads from July. Stop being lazy and go through the threads like everyone else has to.

No. 614019

are you the same person who came asking to be spoon fed a few months ago? it was at the height of the controversy and there were similar claims of a video guaranteed to blow up, but time was "of the essence". either way, it's been all over multiple threads now, you don't have to dig very far so quit asking and go find it yourself if it's so important.

No. 614022

Go back through the threads yourself. It’s not hard. Each thread OP tells you exactly what happened during the previous one.

No. 614024


You’re probably better off looking for it yourself. Anytime someone tries to ask for something here the most you’ll get is a dick measuring contest in who can tell you in the most creative way to fuck off.

No. 614026

File: 1544826605185.gif (997.82 KB, 500x306, 1541943202785.gif)

Oh stop. We can get in trouble for spoonfeeding that much information. That's trudging up literally 3+ threads of information because that whole ADHD excuse blew up on multiple social media websites. She's told people to kill themselves many times over the past few years so there's no one incident of it, but multiple ones. Being a lazy, bitter bitch is less helpful than telling them to go look within a specific time frame.

No. 614031

ctrl + f
it's a twitter screenshot, you'll find it in no time, dont be so lazy

No. 614032

Just google search stuff like 'momokun death threats' or 'momokun sexual assault' or something like that if you want to narrow it down, but spoonfeeding isn't allowed as other anon said.
inb4 the inevitable drop in patrons in January when she doesn't do full nudes.

No. 614035

File: 1544829523098.png (5.49 MB, 1125x2436, B03B0212-0E91-4709-81B3-FCF812…)

Of course her favorite anime of the season is goblin slayer. Since it’s so eDgY. But ofc moo just has to make sure that everyone knows she’s the biggest Fate fan to have ever graced this green earth

No. 614051

Her skin is so bad! It looks like one of those fat suits you can buy at a store!!!! Now she has signed up for Pornhub. That is going to be….. something alright.

No. 614053

It's like she's an obese Dolly Mattel..

She's on her way to doing petplay porn and furry porn, isn't she?

No. 614055

File: 1544833851416.gif (965.7 KB, 480x362, 2E7E20C5-37BB-4FFE-BBB9-6938D1…)

She showed her feet on a story the other day and they are some of the nastiest, most bloated wrinkly things I’ve ever seen. Most foot fetishists won’t want to pay for that. I know I sure wouldn’t.

No. 614056

Goblin slayer is actual trash with lots of triggering footage (POV rape shots) for any rape survivor. Of course she'd be totally okay with it since her favorite VN is Euphoria. ugh

No. 614057

I think thats for New Years Mei but yeah, regardless she still stole the exact same bikini nigri is wearing

No. 614058

Nah she will just do what she did last time
Wear it backwards and hope no one notices (we did)

No. 614062

Oh come anon, I'm sure there's a niche part of the foot fetish community that beats their meat to bloated diabetic hooves.

No. 614074

File: 1544838566126.gif (5.17 MB, 396x600, 926AEFD8-84EF-4143-8E6A-5E07BF…)

No. 614076

It's so weird to stare at. It's like she isn't even naked and wearing a puffy flesh colored suit

No. 614077

File: 1544838766813.png (69.21 KB, 629x443, drink bleach.png)

I'm only giving you this because I saved it. Find the rest yourself.

>too stupid to find the ADD blaming for groping

tbh I shouldn't even give you this image.

No. 614078

File: 1544838883091.jpeg (537.89 KB, 750x1095, 04E6BC46-308E-47C4-A5E3-FD86DB…)

No. 614079

is she doing the pec dance thing??

No. 614080

>shaking to the point that it looks like an earthquake, get only barest bounce out of fat sacks
top kek

her right boob is nightmarish in this, holy

No. 614082

she does every trick in the book to look like she isn't obese and pushing 230 pounds

No. 614088

I don't why anons keep referencing this? We know moo is a p.o.s, but if someone shit talks you, can't you do it back? He started the bleach talk.

No. 614090

Anons just freaking out about her sudden rise in patrons but this happened last year at this time too. It's nothing new. Then she went right back down.

No. 614091

there is a zero tolerance thing when you're a public figure and you publicly try to say you are an advocate to mental health, say shit like "making fun of suicide is wrong", I use to cut so making fun of the subject is triggering to me, and tell all your followers you were a victim of rape and it's sensitive to you while re blogging rapey anime scenes.

No. 614095

Exactly this. It's also one of the last abusive tweets she made before being banned.

Thanks for proving your video will be shit. I'm glad no one else helped you.

No. 614097

I think you're confusing me with someone else

No. 614099

File: 1544844197873.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 5253D4A3-DBEC-41B8-B79D-9B6B08…)

another thing to never update, another place to sell lazy selfie sets

No. 614100

File: 1544844228801.gif (4.93 MB, 337x600, 148C3EC8-50EB-4951-B164-B2F2A3…)

trying to be sexy~

No. 614104

another thing to neglect when tax season rolls around LUL

No. 614105

File: 1544844483775.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 863CE2A0-8799-45CD-A8AE-75CBD4…)

last thing but…T W E L V E D O L L A R S

No. 614106

It looks like she's taking a dump…

Why is she taking all these shitty selfies constantly? Atleast buy a fucking tripod and get a backdrop or something.

No. 614107

her lucoa sets are her most palatable imo because the "im high" face is much better than the turtle or the face-taped grimace or the slack-jawed 'ahegao'

No. 614110

12 dollars? for nothing? for literally nothing that's any different than any of your other shitty content? mariah, surely you jest.

No. 614111


She passed 230 pounds at least 20 pounds ago, anon.

This bitch is massive.

No. 614112

File: 1544845920710.jpeg (182.6 KB, 750x473, AA2EFC7B-5A67-4E7A-A61A-CF18E3…)

Plus you get the same thing on her Patreon for two dollars cheaper? unless she plans to shoot “exclusive” selfies for onlyfans to milk her cucks for at least $20

No. 614113

I think these are supposed to be more lewd? We wont know unless another anon takes the dive.

No. 614115


>a onlyfans

Linguistics major, y'all


Well spotted anon. This is nothing but a straight up scam and I really hope no one lets her get away with it.

No. 614144

Her wig is still very wrong. All that time since she was last Lucoa and she didn't bother getting the gradient correct. Lazy slut

No. 614147

It's Mariah. They aren't getting any more lewd than her camversity streams.

No. 614148

File: 1544857297351.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, EA08778E-75F4-461E-80D6-228EBF…)

looks like this is from new porkchop set

No. 614149

File: 1544857460462.jpeg (219.58 KB, 750x833, 66527364-57D3-47CE-B79A-4409FF…)

she also has added a second onlyfans post

No. 614151

Still trying to pretend she’s doing nude content

No. 614156

File: 1544862295204.jpg (516.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181215-022438_Ins…)

Oh God no.

No. 614157

I think the big question is that how does she get it from 500 patrons to about 1000? I thought she was the most hated cosplayer right now.

No. 614158

Go watch all the videos youtubers made of her, they included her insta rants of blaming ADHD and posts her victims made

No. 614159

File: 1544862607918.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 3ECE04B5-9CBF-4EC0-9021-5CE231…)

No. 614163

That will be the most work she's ever done.

No. 614167

She couldn't even keep up with her gym videos

No. 614169

She's producing more tacky lewd shit which always sells and fuckboys really don't care if she's a cunt. If anything all the negative attention she gathered has made it more beneficial for her unfortunately.

No. 614172

>If we hit 1200 patrons, and starting into the next year.
What is she even saying? I know we make this linguistics major joke every other post but honestly what is being said here

No. 614178

Yuuuup. And how
I said earlier but deleted,she may be stupid and ugly as fuck but she knows how stupid her demographic is.
She relies on their stupidity and lack of reading comprehension to keep up her ruse of being “too good” for full nudity.
She did straight up say “uncensored with pasties” but a lot of the comments ask what are pasties or make it obvious the only word they understood was uncensored.
Her patreon only drops significantly when the current paypigs notice she’s selling them old content/the same poses over and over/not true nudes. Then she finds a way to dupe new subhumans into thinking she will do full nudes. This month joining pornhub trickied them i to thinking she was gonna actually show everything
I hope she runs out of avenues for cheating these subhuman shits for their money. They deserve to be swindled for being brainless shits but at the same time she doesn’t deserve her lifestyle because she’s a shit too so i am at an impass here….

No. 614182

>jingle all the way to your shotas

And this bitch was just throwing Vamps under the bus for having shota doujin?

No. 614198


Exactly. Her fans are just straight up morons who don’t give a shit about anything except getting photos of her to jack off to. They’ll keep falling for whatever new scam she comes up with and they absolutely deserve to get ripped off. The most we can do is just laugh and roast her for how terrible she is.

No. 614200

She does this thing where she chops up sentence fragments as if they’re full sentences, when they really should be separated by a comma. It drives me nuts.
>Starting next year, if we hit 1200 patrons, I’ll make a 30 minute video

More like 30 second video, if it happens at all.

No. 614207

No, she’s refering to a character named shota in dragon maid.

No. 614209

Never seen the series unfortunately so I didn't know.

No. 614211

That character is a little boy tho
The anime/manga has an unfortunate amount of straight shota

No. 614212

Not those anons but still strange "to your shotas" another linguistics error?

No. 614213

The characters name is shota and oddly enough he is one. It's more creepy considering she has underage fans too. She isn't a pedo, she's pandering to her creepy neck beards. But it's still creepy anyway

No. 614215

why are you wking moo?

No. 614217

why are you wking moo?

No. 614219

>she isn't a pedo

stop giving her the benefit of the doubt. she is already a sexual predator. she's taken videos and pictures of other peoples' kids because they were cute (her words) and she shouldn't get different treatment just because she's a woman. pandering or not, she's saying pedophilic statements and it's disgusting. don't give her a pass.

No. 614220


nta but we had this argument like two threads back. please don't bring it back up and cause more infighting. not believing every unsubstantiated claim against her isn't wking. you can always post hard proof of her being a pedo if you think it's true.

No. 614221

>we already had this argument don't bring it up
>but point out evidence

are you stupid or something. i'm just saying that there's literally no reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. anon had no reason to mention that. assuming that she is just pandering is the same kind of speculation as assuming she is a pedo.

also the last time this was brought up anons were defending her saying claims were taken out of context. i can go back and find the posts if you like but here are a few things that support the claim.

>moo was taking videos and pictures (which she posted to IG) of other peoples' children playing outside (no i'm not talking about the whiny kid in the store, i'm talking about kids playing at a park)

>moo confessed to liking porn tht contains middle and high schoolers being tortured
>moo made gross jokes about kanna, a character who is supposed to be an 8 year old human (those thighs aren't innocent)
>moo joked about vamp buying shotacon porn on their trip while in japan

all of this shit is red flags. if moo were a man, even a slutty cosplaying man, this would be much more of an issue. and even if she is just pandering, she's referencing parts of the anime where the character that she's cosplaying is sexually assaulting a young boy, which is sick.

her even feigning interest in dragon maid, a show that has multiple plot points of sexualized children, is fucking disgusting and a red flag for anyone. there are a lot of horror stories about disgusting weeb women who are pedos. so regardless, moo is catering to pedos, she is saying pedophilic statements, and she has some history of creepy interactions with children.

No. 614223

I disagree. I think we should be allowed to talk about stuff like this, especially since >>614219 has a lot of good points. Anons have been right about a lot of things before and given the same disregard. I also think that >>614213 mentioning "she's not a pedo" is a bit defensive for no reason. It's just odd on a site where we can all agree that men who indulge in shit like dragon maid are clearly pedos, we try to defend moo. Moo doesn't get a pass.

No. 614225

>>614200 Glad you brought up the possibility of a 30-second video, after announcing she would make a 30-minute video.

Brings me back to her Camversity days where she would reach her goal surprisingly early in the stream (usually pasties or a bikini), and then she wouldn't actually come through on her commitment until the last 5-10 minutes of the stream.

Seeing as how Moo knows how to hide some of her problem areas with tape, props, angles, and shop, I'd say a "stretching video" will probably consist of the camera being too far away to reveal her numerous flaws, or she'll bullshit her way through 25 minutes of the clip by Moosplaining anime, and only stretch for the last 5 minutes or so.

No. 614226

a stretching video in her 80s costume without tights (especially for 30 minutes lmao) would 100% end up in a lip slip or something else awkward along the way. it would take far too long for her to censor it and we know she isn’t going to show full on vagina so I agree it’ll probably never happen. we’ve said that before though and look where we are now

No. 614227

>It's just odd on a site where we can all agree that men who indulge in shit like dragon maid are clearly pedos
Except not really? Not everyone is going to agree with such an umbrella statement, specially related to something as serious as pedophilia.
I personally think she's just spouting memes that her fanbase likes.

No. 614229


Agreed, Moo is a supreme edgelord and a female incel so it’s no surprise she says edgy shit to get a rise out of people. It’s been her shtick since thread 1.

No. 614231


Knowing her, it’ll be 25 minutes of her goofing off making stupid faces into the camera and then the last five minutes will be her actually doing the thing she promised but shit far away to hide all her flaws. She is absolutely terrible at being even remotely sexy so she tries to defuse it by purposefully acting stupid and “quirky” and being all “I know this looks ridiculous u guize” as a distraction so that people aren’t cringing at how awake are she looks.

No. 614234

I know the character's name, it's the spelling/phrasing I'm talking about. That 's' at the end implies more than one and the "your" is also questionable (Shota's parents nor 'ownership' was ever mentioned/revelant in canon) I read it as "I'm bouncing my jiggly mess on the way to your kids" rather than "to Shotakun" all I'm saying but again maybe we/myself included are focusing too much on some stupid whore's dumbass caption

No. 614235

Who cares, she's making statements to cater to pedos, she's disgusting.

No. 614236

And her announcing to the world she has a mommy kink and wants to "mother" her partners and breastfeed them.

No. 614240

I really do think stuff like this is just for edgelord points. She thinks lewding young characters or liking anime with rape and gore or pretending to have a weird kink makes her more interesting and cool. I don't believe she ever stopped to think how else this might reflect on her, that people might read into it instead and come to the conclusion she's a creep and a pedophile. She doesn't have the capacity for forethought like that. She's just always on a quest to be edgy and quirky and "not like other girls huehue" because she's really a boring idiot. Remember how visibly uncomfortable she got during her camversity streams when she pretended to be into a breeding fetish? And then actually attracted a couple weirdos who were bombarding her with requests to chain her up and breed her like a good sow and blah blah. She obviously didn't actually like it at all but just says shit to get attention. I actually kind of miss the camversity streams because they were so often a good reflection of the immediate turn around with her. She'd say some shit and then get a ton of unwanted attention from fetishists saying what gross things they wanted to do to her and she would clam up and try to ignore them. She's just a dumb edgelord as others have said, she says and does things to get a rise out of people and get attention because she's a narcissistic brat.

No. 614241

So? She still needs to be called out for trying to normalize pedo shit, whether she's doing it for ~edgy desu attention~ points or not, it's not okay. Stop trying to brush it off.

No. 614243

No one is brushing anything off, calm down. People have been calling her out for shit like this forever, she has 80+ threads for multiple reasons.

No. 614245

everyone ITT is doing that tho.

No. 614246

>I don't believe she ever stopped to think how else this might reflect on her, that people might read into it instead and come to the conclusion she's a creep and a pedophile.

She's already been branded a molester and a creep. Only a matter of time before pedophile gets slapped on as well. Or at least pedophile sympathizer.

No. 614247

Can we stop arguing? Moo is being fucking nasty. She's nasty. Whether it's because she's being edgy or is a real pedo isn't important.

However, we should be able to mention it without anons thinking we are insane, because it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

No. 614248

She's definitely a sympathizer in some manner of she's okay with pandering to pedos.

No. 614275

Her OnlyFans so far


It would've taken too long to cap

No. 614276

Why is she talking about patreon in that platform? Is she just trying to redirect traffic back to patreon by only posting part of the stuff there? It seems counterproductive.
But who am I to doubt her amazing business prowess!

No. 614278

File: 1544912599781.png (Spoiler Image, 684.71 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2018-12-15-16-23-14.p…)

No. 614279


And surprising no one she is still posting the boring ass stuff. I give it maybe month until she starts getting blow back and completely abandons uploading there once the neckbeards get pissed she isn’t doing nudes.

It’s just the same honeymoon period she goes through when she finds a new site to scam people off. She immediately starts talking about “wanting to do more stuff for you guys” and how “this place is so much better than ____”. Then the negative comments start coming and then she turns tail and runs away when she can’t handle it anymore.

No. 614299

File: 1544922764463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.57 KB, 307x453, 217255-z119535965.jpg)

Yikes, she really calls this halloween?

No. 614301

File: 1544923572302.jpg (19.09 KB, 531x293, 2018-12-15_20-25-27.jpg)

Aka she wants to find girls who are doing mostly tame stuff on there and copy them cause she's an unoriginal, thieving 300lb shitbag.

No. 614303


Yup. She is looking for other girls she can point to say “See?! This place isn’t just for nude content! So don’t ask me for it anymore!!!!!” when the neckbeards inevitably get fed up with her.

No. 614311

>but a lot of the comments ask what are pasties

Ignorant men, or ESL saps? Flip a coin, in the end it's probably both.

She's so dishonest, but I guess I can't blame her too hard when it comes to taking advantage of dumb men.

No. 614312

Did she get another breast lift?

No. 614313

Maybe she's using her face tape to lift them up

No. 614315

File: 1544930533109.jpg (11.77 KB, 200x207, 409.jpg)

Thank you for your sacrifice, anon.

No. 614316

She could also be trying to find people who don't know she's a garbage pile to "collab" with

No. 614320


It is pretty horrifying.

No. 614326

She’s pushing her chest out and hoisting her tit up with her hand.
I think it’s pretty much been proven that all her pics are retouched

No. 614328

Breast lifts take months to heal from with very obvious scars, momo would never be able to get one due to her social media addiction. No surgeon would touch her until she lost weight as well.

It's sad that she's so young and she's just killing her body. Even if she stopped now she'd need work done to get her body back to how it used to be 3-4 years ago.

No. 614360

File: 1544939630172.png (Spoiler Image, 684.03 KB, 640x1136, F358E395-DC53-4B0A-B40D-C87893…)

This must be the most unflattering picture she has ever taken of herself … the wig doesnt sit right, her arm is as big as her face, her trying to imitate lucoa but ending up looking like she just blinked at the wrong moment ….moo pls are u really this self-unaware?

No. 614367

Oh trust me, this is bad, but she has taken much much worse

No. 614447

her tiddies look like saggy shaved nuts too kek(nitpicking)

No. 614541

File: 1544993627076.jpg (154.29 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20181216-145336_Ins…)

Further proof that she'll never go nude.

No. 614549


Which is exactly why I’m going to laugh when her fat ass gets roasted when they realize she isn’t going to give them nudes. If there is one thing neckbeards hate, it’s being teased. Either you show the tits, or they will absolutely dunk on you until you are nothing but a crying mess in the corner. They absolutely won’t give a shit how much she like “likes to tease” and will be relentless.

I can’t wait for the inevitable crying into the camera instastory essays

No. 614567

The "art of tease"? Oh lord. Mariah would think scamming people is art.

No. 614573


Inb4 she tries to say she loves Dita Vons book art ofthe tease and is totally gonna lewd even bigger on patreon!

No. 614574

She's good at teasing, making people want her to put her clothes back on

No. 614575

File: 1544997978784.png (22.42 KB, 1114x129, patreon taxes.png)

Just so you guys won't bring up Moo not paying taxes anymore. This is how Patreon works. Just so we don't have anons screaming about taxes without proof and not understanding how the IRS and shit works happens again.

No. 614577

moo isn't in EU, also we know how they do it for people in US, 1099 form. it's still moo's responsibility for declaring on her taxes, just like anyone else.

No. 614590

can we stop the thot audit tax sperging? we haven’t talked about it for days and it’s not even relevent anymore. just wait until around april 15 and see how she acts on instagram if she’s not already banned/dirt poor by then

No. 614591

i wasn't even sperging, just pointing out that anon is a moron and quoting EU VAT regulations. the only reason anyone can sperg is because taxes in US are all self-reported

No. 614599

No. 614611

I can't understand why some anons are so triggered by the discussion of her not paying her taxes. This is the thing that will bring her down in the end. She lies about everything but tells the truth about this one thing? I don't understand your reasoning. I do know for sure that moo does not want people talking about this at all.

No. 614615

no one is triggered, they're just tired of reading the same baseless tinfoil x100 because there is no proof. when proof comes up, the discussion will be welcomed. how is this hard?

No. 614617

She means the art of "I'm still too good to take my clothes off, even though you've basically seen everything!"

No. 614621

I beg your pardon. I must have been at my Skype theater class the day it was decided that this is the one thing about moo we could no longer talk about.

No. 614623

There's no reason to bring it up esp when it's referring to the fucking EU

No. 614625

bro, no one was tinfoiling, it was just facts.

No. 614628

Is it tinfoiling to say that moo is a lazy thot who lies about virtually everything? The proof that she gave that she was paying was about as believable as the proof she gave that she was still going to school.

No. 614663

File: 1545017028138.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, F34DEFE7-96AF-4C4E-A4B5-A1C7CC…)

Posted on vamps insta story I tried to screenshot but her camera was just as grainy

No. 614664

Y I k e s

No. 614668


. . . Fucking wow

No. 614673

File: 1545018613188.png (436.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181216-224815.png)

Remember her chin in her 80s Pochaco pic? Lmfao

No. 614674

File: 1545018734270.jpeg (44.64 KB, 574x574, B223699F-876F-4F5F-BDC0-E41032…)

No. 614675

>Accurate depiction of 45-year old single mother purchasing cigarettes and a 6 pack of weiners

No. 614676


. . . Fucking wow

No. 614677


. . . Fucking wow

No. 614678

>Accurate depiction of 45-year old single mother purchasing cigarettes and a 6 pack of weiners

No. 614679

Accurate depiction of 45-year old single mother purchasing cigarettes and a 6 pack of weiners

No. 614680

Her skin is sagging so bad after all that tape. She really does look like a 40 year old mom of 3

No. 614681

>Accurate depiction of 45-year old single mother purchasing cigarettes and a 6 pack of weiners

No. 614688

File: 1545049955320.jpg (10.29 KB, 235x214, 1012501_373385609431317_183782…)

>>614673 She literally looks like this.

No. 614708

How dare you disrespect that cat. It doesn’t deserve this

No. 614709

Oh Vamps, you lil rascal!!

No. 614710

she looks like gretchen from bob’s burgers now without the lips but she nailed the no chin

No. 614719

File: 1545064437463.jpeg (42.63 KB, 430x460, 139169EB-D2E9-4649-9F0B-B99F0A…)

She looks like George Fisher of cannibal corpse crossed with a 40 year old chain smoking mother of 6 on government aide.

No. 614723

File: 1545064804405.jpeg (749.25 KB, 750x1073, 72C80E61-A63D-41AF-92ED-37B5E2…)

While we were out…

No. 614724

File: 1545064857944.jpeg (765.2 KB, 750x1057, 421D49EC-63E8-427D-BB53-AABB5B…)

Commissioned but she didn’t say from where, also left in relevant comme t

No. 614725

File: 1545064915027.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 388604FD-7795-440A-AF5F-47C3E0…)

and a typical I LOVE EVERYTHING sperg 1/4

No. 614726

File: 1545064940583.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 27B7A2FB-F8A2-48C0-ADAA-C9CE28…)

No. 614727

File: 1545065042259.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, 9407F89D-6456-491C-ADB5-F5E6C2…)

No. 614728

File: 1545065151670.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, F4A966DD-18C2-4CEF-A5F8-4210DB…)

No. 614729


Holy fuck does she get so damn nauseating with these “omg I love everything and everyone so much and I’m so excited to be doing more stuff coming up” spergs. Honestly, this just reads as her jerking herself off yet again about how much money she can afford to throw away. This is her trying to flex cause she needs another self-esteem boost cause she is feeling down on herself. And what better way to cheer herself up than to try to remind everyone just how much money she was able to spend this year. And just to makes sure that she doesn’t look like a total cunt to her fans she of course tries to couch it in “Omg I’m so excited to do so much projects just for you guys and I love you all so much!!!!!” bullshit.

Bitch couldn’t be any more transparent

No. 614732

"This year has been so hectic! I did nothing at home, nothing in Cali, nothing in Japan, nothing at cons… Oh but I did do two short movies that no one asked for or wanted instead of making good on the 100+ promises that I made to my patrons! Whew, hard work this year!"

Eat shit, Mariah.

She only goes on these retarded sperges when she gets caught fucking up or trying to excuse herself for not doing what she's promised.

No. 614735

Yay more.. Overwatch lol. Fake gamer girls are so fucking obvious it's amazing.

No. 614736

she’s on her high right now too since she’s surrounded by her calves, in her new house, got her little Patreon jump because people want to see her hamgina, and getting that ~extra $2 off dudes in her only fans

No. 614740


Which means the depression spiral will be coming soon after. Guys will catch on to her scam and take their cash elsewhere. She’ll inevitably say or do something stupid or insensitive that will have the internet at her throat again. No one is going to watch her on twitch and she’ll get waves of comments either calling her out or demanding she show her tits and treat her as nothing more than a cock sleeve. And it will all come crashing down with a 3am meltdown Instagram rant with her crying into the camera.

This is the same song and dance as usual. She’ll get an emotional high and start thinking she’s on top of the world and that everything is going so well for her now. She’ll make all these proclamations about all the new stuff she is going to do. She’ll then start feeling herself too much thinking she is completely off the hook and untouchable again which will lead to her eventually doing something stupid that will land her in hot water again.

No. 614743

Keep an eye on her usual cons, she is going to try waddling back into the community again so she can stand outside in a bikini for an hour then party party party with the few calves she has left.

Can't wait for the lies/excuses and instalive tears when she finds out we're not the only ones who still hates her flat ass. God help her if she tries ALA or EVO again.

No. 614744

she’s supposed to do ALA as morrigan with miso

No. 614745



The walmart shakes when she starts to arrive,
She stood 5 foot six, weighed 245
kinda broad at the shoulder and fat at the hip
and she wont get nude its nasty lip slips
for big moo.
Nobody knew why she got a new home
she just trashed the old place and lived all alone
Never said much just screeched a lot
Just another poser- a useless thot
Big Moo.
Big Moo,
Big moooooo
Big fat moo.

No. 614748

She has said a few times that she might not go, but I'll keep my eye out for her

No. 614749


It’s scary how much she has deluded herself into thinking that she is in the clear and off the hook. She really seems to think that this was all one big misunderstanding between friends and that they are keeping up some sort of charade that is excommunicating her from the community for the public and that they are secretly behind closed doors waiting for her with open arms. That she simply has to wait some predetermined amount of time and then the internet will instantly forgive her for all transgressions. I absolutely want her to think she can confidently show her fat fuck face at another con. I want to see the internet absolutely dunk on her yet again and her waddling away with her tail between her hambeast legs crying to her hook nosed best friend. But we all know she’ll be on suicide watch for any cameras looking to get a shot of her sneaking in.

Before, she used to confidently stomp her hooves around every con to make sure everyone knew she was there. Since AX, she has had to practically sneak through the back door and hope no one gets any photos or video of her there and once word gets out on the internet she is on the premises, she practically runs for the exit and tries to find any excuse not to return for the whole weekend.

No. 614759

File: 1545073776316.jpg (489.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181217-130847_Ins…)

Vamps is going to ALA so the cow has to tag along. She cant let vamp go anywhere without her because she cant let vamps have any attention.

No. 614762

File: 1545074106560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 601.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181216-202220_Ins…)

Oh good we working now. Here is yesterday

No. 614763

File: 1545074129675.jpg (Spoiler Image, 902.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181216-202230_Ins…)

Onlyfans btw

No. 614765

Could have sworn she posted a similar "preview" image of what she's offering on Only Fans in her Instagram story. Definition of desperate.

No. 614766


>organized in my house

Can't wait to see all your Walmart furniture!


Yeah man getting hit with sexual assault proof is just sooooo hectic BUT IM SO GRATEFUL!!1

No. 614767

File: 1545074676165.gif (991.45 KB, 245x290, qE83X3J.gif)

No. 614768

what are you parodying so i can get the full experience

No. 614769

I know everything is bullshit but I really want to say something about this particular thing
>set design
Bitch where? The shitty sofa and skeleton at your home that you used as backdrop for Cat, the footage of which had never been used? They filmed in a studio, a garden, some mansion place of which they didn't have permission to do so, and the beach. And no, laying some shit on the table is not "set design".

As usual Moo tries to make herself seem so professional. You've been faking it for this long but you're not going to make it. Just go full pornstar already.

No. 614776


This is the post that got her temporarily kicked off of Instagram. She really is just scamming people.

No. 614780

I'm hearing CatDog in my head personally

No. 614781

The one she posted was more close up with big pink flowers covering up her tits and vag in the same micro swimsuit that got her banned. Can't see it anymore unless she's removed it now as it was a while ago to advertise her new Only Fans scam.

No. 614784


It's "Big Bad John" by Jimmy Dean.

No. 614790

How could this not be a cry for attention? Why else look like a chapped face fuck doll?

No. 614791

File: 1545078870597.gif (3.51 MB, 264x434, A7C4D2F8-D919-49B3-9FD5-47167E…)

I'm sorry for being a broken record but good lord how does anyone find this attractive unless they're into beastiality

No. 614793

The soulless face of someone who's only way to stay in the neckbeard good books is to be a degrading thot. Moo can preach about wanting to be a "tease" and act like some sort of hentai goddess irl but she's about as vanilla as they come. Forever alone, with no real genuine friends, earning wankbank bucks to fund her poor lifestyle and majority of the cosplay community despises her. She may think she's going to make 2019 the best year yet but she will fail massively, time is ticking.

No. 614800

This pictures so weird. Like why is her face so red. If she was going to post somthings like this couldn’t you afford to put in some effort into make up.

No. 614807

She looks like a two-hundred pound crackhead.

No. 614808

Big bad john by jimmy dean

No. 614816

She probably thinks she'll earn more money if she's makeup free and looks 'natural' because it makes her look obtainable when really she's just a female form of her fans.

No. 614818

People are literally paying $12 for shit she's already posted for free

No. 614819


I mean. It’s already been established that most of her fans are borderline retarded.

No. 614834

File: 1545090127006.png (139.53 KB, 500x502, moo.png)

can someone please come get their crackhead 56-year-old auntie

No. 614842

Well natural ain’t always better for this cow. She ages like fruit abandoned on a kitchen counter. Lol.

No. 614843

Can you imagine the smell

No. 614851

Week old musty sweat, grease and cheap perfume to mask it all. Her skin alone says it all how poor her hygiene is. Her 'friends' must be just as disgusting as her to be used to it.

No. 614897

Land O' Goshen!

No. 614912

File: 1545137253847.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 9B90C015-6D32-46AD-98C3-68CDC1…)

matching cosplay with her and aly

No. 614913

File: 1545137298726.jpg (208.55 KB, 800x450, homer.jpg)

All I can see

No. 614914

File: 1545137302368.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, E274E73E-FB64-40FC-AE47-28F641…)

complimented by weird and disgusting slurping and tongue clicking on her story

No. 614917

A few other highlights from her story:
Aly, Vamps, and Moo attempted to twerk to that lazy town lil jon cake mashup whilst Miso looked in horror
One of her cats pissed on her calves luggage and clothes

No. 614918

I'm almost impressed she found a way to make herself look even more obese

No. 614956


No. 614964

Face-tape kun is barely holding on

Not surprised, her cats pissing everywhere must be a normal occurrence.

No. 614967

if it was vamps it could just smell her cats

or if the other calves have pets, same thing

oddly in this case i dont blame moo

No. 614968

File: 1545142549385.jpg (9.38 KB, 182x268, MV5BNzljMDg5YmYtMjU5NC00ZjE5LT…)

No. 614976

god she likes like a giant fucking baby

No. 614977

*looks like

No. 614979

File: 1545145284451.gif (1.57 MB, 337x600, 8574D8A2-DA82-4A7E-8A2F-EDB223…)


No. 614980

File: 1545145317399.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 344.23 KB, 640x896, 76EE2BF1-2769-4D65-9D23-004804…)

No. 614981

File: 1545145327682.gif (1.76 MB, 337x600, 192834DC-6617-438C-8364-F6B9A9…)

“I ate so much bread today and I am BLOOOOATTEd” actual caption

No. 614982

File: 1545145388497.gif (3.13 MB, 337x600, 019AEFC8-0649-4496-B78F-3092C5…)

No. 614983

I hope she didn't pay her much for this trash

No. 614984

File: 1545145546558.jpeg (329.75 KB, 640x902, 2CB8264F-4F1B-4200-942F-36D24C…)

Did someone made a gif out of this weird episode already?

No. 614986

It’s nice to see Mariah pay homage to the Queen PT and create her own I’m Poopin poss.

No. 614988

This tacky shit where she puts emoji over her pasties and pretends she's actually showing nip is getting old fast. How much longer are the neckbeards going to fall for this?

People have been saying her faux "modesty" is because she hates sex workers and wants to be superior to them, but think it's also because she has weird nipples or something.

No. 614990

File: 1545146818499.gif (6.33 MB, 395x600, F8EE7D59-3AF6-4F94-997D-1E7E92…)

gotta do the cooking by the book

No. 614991

It seems like to me she likes to flip-flop on the matter. One second she's proclaiming herself not a sex worker when it comes to what she does and then the next she's calling what she does sex work. I'm thinking it's just one of her "You can't say things about me, I'm a POC bisexual sex worker!" excuses considering she made such a stink out of not doing nudes or even showing nipple like the other girls on Camversity.

God what I wouldn't give for 2019 to be the year she's reduced to Pornhub or Chaterbate as income for that sweet karma.

No. 614999

File: 1545147868155.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 6DA98361-DED4-4422-A0D8-45E3A3…)

she’s a string of drool away from looking handicapped

No. 615000

Nah anon she's wearing pasties cause she's insecure about her burnt salami nipples

No. 615003

Maybe I'm just lucky but I've had cats my entire life and literally none of them have ever pissed on anyone's things for any reason. And they've smelled lots of different animals on friends and other family members. Usually this kind of thing happens if there's issues with the cat. The only time I've ever seen this happen is with my ex-best friend, her place was trashed all the time and her cats peed on everything because she was dirty and never kept her place clean.

No. 615008

I don't know why but I find this photo of moo to be so fucking hilarious. Must be the dorito chin fighting the double chin

No. 615010

File: 1545149884691.jpeg (261.02 KB, 750x618, D23C9DCD-926D-4C09-A243-445960…)

No. 615012

Uhg she’s trying to do that weird butt twerk but failing so miserably. How delusional can one get.

No. 615014

Good god, she's using so much face tape that she can't even open her eyes properly.

No. 615018


It’s more that she doesn’t like having the fact that she has nothing going for her other than being a sexual worker thrown in her face. The only time she takes any sort of pride or acceptance of it is when she thinks someone is trying to belittle her for it. Look no further than >>615010. Someone throws what she said about sex workers back in her face and now she of course wants to pull her “I was a dumb angsty kid who said a bunch of stuff I didn’t mean back then! I’ve totally changed since then!!!” bullshit.

She has always had a problem with sex workers in a big bad way and always felt like she was above ever having to do what they do. She thinks porn is strictly reserved for trashy, no-talent whores with big fake boobs who are too stupid to be able to do anything else in life except for getting fucked on camera. Now that she is close to becoming one of those girls, she wants to act like she had some epiphany in the last couple of years and it is now a respectable line of work that she doesn’t have to feel ashamed of telling her parents that she does.

No. 615019

oh, so now that you can't deny being a sex worker anymore, it's something you said "years ago" and that it's "in the past" and you "grew from it", all the while on camversity you thought you were better than other camgirls because you weren't fully naked and you wanted to change a CAM SITE to cater to you not wanting to get fully naked…. ok mariah. your tweet still stands firm you dumb cow.

No. 615025


Exactly. Being a cam girl wasn’t a sanitary enough occupation for her that she could comfortably tell people that she did because she knows what they are going to automatically think when she tells them, so she tried to literally change the profession by refusing to get naked on camera and claim some bullshit about how “Cam sites are for more than just girls getting naked”. So she can absolutely fuck off with this “I’ve grown so much since then and doing sex work isn’t bad” when she absolutely refused to do any of that because she didn’t want anyone to think she was a trashy whore who takes her clothes off for strangers on the internet for money.

No. 615030


the devil is working hard but moo's face tape is working harder

No. 615032

Moo looks like that blobfish image here and Aly has no ass to twerk. That tranny-looking calf is literally just hopping backwards to try and get a jiggle.

No. 615035

I’ve experienced the same. Almost all of my friends and I have cats that are really good with using their litter box. I have one friend that has a cat that will piss in other places if it’s stressed out enough. That friend also has a messy af place and probably doesn’t clean the litter box often. I feel like Moo isn’t the type to clean the litter box and cats get get stressed from essentially having no clean place to do their business.

No. 615037

I’ve experienced the same. Almost all of my friends and I have cats that are really good with using their litter box. I have one friend that has a cat that will piss in other places if it’s stressed out enough. That friend also has a messy af place and probably doesn’t clean the litter box often. I feel like Moo isn’t the type to clean the litter box and cats get get stressed from essentially having no clean place to do their business.

No. 615053

Momo just moved so the cats are in a new place with new smells including a new feline in the mix. They are just not use to their new life and have not had time to adapt. But Momo doesn't really give her cats the time to adapt to new things

No. 615073

Might be kinda nitpicky, but one of her nipples looks noticeably more to the side than the other? Or she is just bad at applying pasties.

No. 615077

those flat breasts peeking out under her top are supposed to be sexy? I see she got lip again

No. 615079

No. 615083

Honesty cats fuckin hate loud noises like screeching which moo and friends love to do too, probably stressed them out.

No. 615086

Plus Moo's cats pissed everywhere in her old house too. I imagine she's just bad at cleaning boxes and being a pet owner so they're all awful
Her cosplays gotta smell like piss and hot dog water

No. 615094

Not even speaking about Moo specifically here, but I hate this stupid exaggerated frown white girls do when they're trying to be funny. It's not cute or funny. Like someone else said, it just makes you look like a tryhard lolrandum blobfish.

I think part of the reason I hate it is because grav3yardgirl does it a lot.

Lmao is this what Moo thinks twerking is?

Holy shit, she posted this literally right after an anon here mentioned her hatred of sex workers. How often does she refresh this page? Jfc this girl is transparent.

No. 615096

Udder touchdown on navel in 5,4,3,2…

No. 615101

Super OT, but I legit thought one of the farmers photoshopped her face

No. 615110

damn, costhots are the freakin worst.

lol!! Is she really trying to play dumb? Not to mention she legit called herself a sex worker not long ago by saying she couldn't post certain things on IG. Also, her passive aggressive comment is always funny since she never changes.

No. 615113


I find it funnier that she was just bitching about how people changed their opinion on Pewdiepie and were calling them fake for doing so. Funny how when it’s other people they are all just fake leeches looking for attention and clout, but when it’s her, it’s “I’ve learned so much since then” and “People can change my dude. It’s great, you should try it sometime”

Fucking hypocrite.

No. 615117

I think I had two females who did it, but they had issues and were probably fighting each other territoriality around the house.

And one of those sprayed my friends hoodie for seemingly no reason. So I dunno.

lol, you still do all of this. Stunned cunt.

Also I'm pretty sure she had her S E X P O S I T I V E Fb bio around that time.

No. 615118

it's probably because of her reduction
now shes fat so weird nips

No. 615125

File: 1545176897679.jpeg (285.23 KB, 750x767, 97B3FB61-B278-4460-88BE-16B034…)

No. 615131

The girl in blue ain't no beauty queen, but standing next to Moo makes her look so much better. Moo is really good at making her friends look prettier by comparison.

Like after looking at Moo, you look at this other girl and go, "Wow, she has actual lips! Her makeup actually flatters her! And no eyeginas! Wow!" Looking at Moo makes you forget what normal humans look like.

As an aside, you'd think that after getting all this cosmetic surgery done, Moo would have done something about her eyeginas and turtle lips. Instead she had them fuck up her chin. I literally never saw anybody comment on her chin before that!

No. 615150

>plastic surgery on chin

When did this happen? I think I missed it.

No. 615155

they probably mean the coolsculpting on her neck fat

No. 615156

Anon was referring to the coolsculpting she got done on her chin/neck, and no they didn't botch the surgery, Moo just didn't bother with aftercare so nothing happened, those are au naturale saggy jowls.

No. 615157

I'm annoyed that she can't even keep her costume tidy, the scarf piece is like trying to escape her fat neck.

No. 615196

No. 615200

Jesus christ, that was a nightmare to watch. How many times can she get away with reposting the same images to all of her platforms? Makes me feel the tiniest bit bad for the people who pay for her "content"

No. 615201

File: 1545194770226.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1866, CA10B1DA-6CDB-4F58-8C89-874019…)

Bitch what the fuck

No. 615204

File: 1545194856189.jpeg (61.97 KB, 579x323, A935E6A3-55DF-4264-9132-C72D23…)

No. 615207

Face taping is starting to make her face look fatter now. How does that even work?
Guess that's why she's taping it so tight nowadays but that's making it look like yellow face.
Stop taping your face, Moo, you're too fat now.

No. 615209


As long as these retards continue to pay her she’ll keep doing it. Hard to feel bad for them when it’s clear as day she’s scamming them.


Yup. The negative comments are about to start coming in. She is actually stupid if she thought she could get away with it.

No. 615210


Lmao it's not accurate at all

No. 615218

Who let the special needs adult out of their house

No. 615219

What is she doing with her legs? Is she trying to show off how 'thicc' she is? Cause it just looks like she's trying not to shit herself.

No. 615220

Taping her face constantly made it a bit more flabby I think? Like it stretches the skin slightly.

Also taping =/= yellow face

No. 615223

File: 1545200337161.png (Spoiler Image, 199.97 KB, 270x549, Capture _2018-12-18-23-59-48~2…)

Torn thigh highs (lightened image)

No. 615224

File: 1545200368228.png (Spoiler Image, 131.76 KB, 281x296, Capture _2018-12-18-23-59-53~2…)

No. 615225

File: 1545200407283.png (Spoiler Image, 333.71 KB, 395x617, Capture _2018-12-18-23-59-39~2…)

Peep those abs

No. 615226

maybe I don't understand the whole concept of the commercial selfie. But wouldn't you want to at least make an effort to look at your target audience once in a while instead of just looking at yourself all of the time?

No. 615228

moo is just a lazy shit. but tbh it looks like she's exhausting all of her brainpower trying to pose in a sexy way, though she obviously failed.

i'm dying at the fucking computer chair in the bathroom though.

No. 615232

File: 1545202694066.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 0C3767CC-04DF-491A-9DA0-E7FF9A…)

No. 615234

Only our dear moo would take 2 god damn weeks for most people's 1 day build

No. 615236

has she ever even played played metal gear?

she went on a freak out about raiden a while ago but that's not mgs.

No. 615239

when she is standing up she tries to spread her legs apart to try to make them look thinner "See gaiz, my thighs don't touch at all!"

No. 615248

this is going to be the worst cosplay yet. were going to get a full view of vein chan, forest kun, and beer gut san all in one cosplay. also when has she even talked about or played mgsv? I remember she said her playstation trophy level was 0 and mgsv is a long game so i cant imagine her actually watching a gameplay video other than just the cutscenes.

No. 615255

She’s gonna cosplay a character called quiet while she’s a fucking screeching skunk ape. Alexa, play Ironic by ironic by Alanis Morrisette

No. 615256

I think she was trying to do a part of the MeMeMe dance

No. 615262

Which costhot is she trying to outdo this time?

No. 615264

>working on
So buying a black bikini and cheap tights off amazon?

No. 615265

It's such a simple cosplay but I'm willing to bet it will be inaccurate as fuck

No. 615271

She's gonna have quiet doing ahegaos

No. 615273

Well who does she hate that has cosplayed quiet and/or likes metal gear?

No. 615274

wait is that the cat ear panties?

No. 615282

no those are some frilly ones, moo's cat ears were black.

No. 615284

I mean are any of her cosplays ever accurate tho

No. 615285

Her left tit (our right.) Is so saggy and big compared to the other. I've never gagged more in my life.(nitpicking)

No. 615293

i thought her dumb baby one at the air bnb, not the original

No. 615297

-Thinks about Quiet fucking obliterating an entire group while handcuffed

-Thinks about Moo huffing and puffing going up stairs


No. 615318


She looks like she's about to take a piss…

No. 615319


please don't Moo..just because you can, doesn't mean you should…

No. 615324


Didn't she fat shamed a Quiet Cosplayer a while ago?

No. 615328

File: 1545231067958.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, BB64A9A7-4947-4209-8C07-6BB8E1…)

“Logistics major” doesn’t know the difference between they’re, their, and there

No. 615331


She has to be literally retarded at this point.

Just admit you hate having to read, cow.

No. 615342

….anon, it was linguistics. Jesus christ don't make us all look so retarded.

And I can't believe this joke is still going when that dumb fake major doesn't even really have much to do with English spelling or grammar.

No. 615344

The joke is that MOO thought it was to do with languages and grammar

No. 615346

File: 1545235552166.jpg (76.97 KB, 960x960, 48395053_10217383030838034_599…)

No. 615347

File: 1545236044387.jpg (395.46 KB, 1080x1440, 20181219_110252.jpg)

I'm one of those sad fucks that follows her IG, only because I want to be balls deep in her. Not because of any kind of attraction. I just want to hate fuck her. She is everything i hate about cosplay and social media thots.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 615348

This should be great. i can't wait to see her over sexualize this character in true thot fashion.

No. 615349


She really does live completely up her own ass ignoring all her own faults. If anyone is an elitist cunt, it’s her. This is the same bitch who bitched about people cosplaying from a series they haven’t watched or read. The same bitch who acts like she the expert on all series and thinks she can dictate what people should and shouldn’t watch according to her own stupid opinion. The bitch that calls a series trash just because she doesn’t like it.

She really needs to shut her fat mouth and go sit the fuck down.

No. 615350

Well this is all the proof I need to prove she is into anal. You can clearly see how dark her butthole is. Which is a clear sign of getting her fudge packed on the regular.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 615351

that's not a thing, anon.

No. 615353

obvious troll is obvious

No. 615357

There's no "work" involved with this costume, she's just going to order everything from amazon. Really curious if she'll do Quiet's "mask" as part of her eye makeup or if she'll default to the pink eyeshadow she does for every character.

No. 615358

There's no "work" involved with this costume, she's just going to order everything from amazon. Really curious if she'll do Quiet's "mask" as part of her eye makeup or if she'll default to the pink eyeshadow she does for every character.

No. 615359

There's no "work" involved with this costume, she's just going to order everything from amazon. Really curious if she'll do Quiet's "mask" as part of her eye makeup or if she'll default to the pink eyeshadow she does for every character.

No. 615361

So genuine question.

What happened to her workout videos where she recorded herself being annoying with her uninterested trainer?

She was all in to losing weight and being healthy my dudes for a while there. Did she give up because she was lazy, or did she give up because she found more money in being full BBW fetish than going back to semi-chubby costhot?

Or was it both?

No. 615363


She is a lazy sack of shit and realized she was getting more criticism for her shit form than compliments and attention so she stopped. She has trouble commiting to anything long term and will usual give up at the first sign of struggle or when she sees no one is giving her asspats for it anymore.

Of course, now that you have mentioned it here she will now suddenly start talking about “Wanting to get back into the gym after being so lazy about it lately and wanting to be better going into next year”

No. 615364


A little of column A and a little of column B. Plus it wasn't getting her the attention she wanted, it mostly got her criticized because her form was so bad and she was obviously lying about stupid things like how much weight she was lifting. It wasn't a lie she could keep up with and once she saw that people would still throw money at her despite her increasing size she figured why bother? She's probably due for another mental breakdown about her weight though and will likely start posting about going to the gym again now that we've mentioned it.

No. 615367

You also gotta remember this was when she was thirsting over overtflow too. She had to prove she was a stronk animu babe and even commissioned that stupid lifting belt everyone forgot about

No. 615369


Yup. Like always, it all comes back to some guy’s dick she is after that she is trying to impress.

No. 615370

You're right anon, I'd almost completely forgotten about him. Things really did go tits up after her ~uwu such a special friend~ lovey dovey birthday post about him, huh? He shut her down and she's not mentioned him since lol

No. 615375


I’m sure his girlfriend didn’t appreciate some fat cow making some sappy, over the top “You mean so much to me and I’m so glad to have you in my life” post with her arms all over him. I wouldn’t be shocked if the girlfriend was the one who told Moo to go sit the fuck down and keep her greasy hands off her man.

Moo really is just a trashy homewrecker. She’s always all over some other girl’s guy and wants so desperately to be seen as a couple with him. I can just imagine all the crippling self loathing she feels whenever she sees a couple that is happy together and desperately wishes she could have something like that but knows she never can since nobody wants her and she refuses to do anything to change that.

No. 615382

I get the feeling that the wife of the Rojas guy that used to work at Funimation did the same. She probably told him to tell the whale to throw her ass back into the ocean without making a huge splash.

No. 615386


Even sadder is the she almost never takes the hint. It’s only after her desperation Hail Mary attempt to drag the guy away from his girlfriend with trashy, half naked “Look at what you’re missing out on” photos on Instagram doesn’t work is when she’ll finally throw her hands up and give up. Probably because in her fucked brain she thinks she still has a chance and that the girlfriend is being a jealous bitch that the guy can’t wait to leave/she witnessed a small argument between them and figured that their relationship is on the outs and all she has to do is swoop in and make her move.

No. 615391

File: 1545248142852.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 3DEEF68D-3535-4CD1-88E9-DD735C…)

>cross off which ones you relate to
>puts dots
of course momo is the type of person to insist on being gryffindor

No. 615393

um alcohol??

No. 615395

File: 1545248431328.jpg (25.94 KB, 600x375, cmonnow.jpg)



No. 615396

"Talks to friends during class"
also "Athletic" and "Lifting"
Maybe a reach because there are others but it's funny that she put a dot in those two considering what this anon said>>615363

No. 615398


"adrenaline junkie" fucking where? when was the last time she's done anything that would have gotten her adrenaline pumping? other than just being approached in public by anyone with a camera post sexual assault scandal?

No. 615399


>"adrenaline junkie" fucking where? when was the last time she's done anything that would have gotten her adrenaline pumping?

Running up the stairs during the Camversity stream lol

No. 615400


climbing trees? Orly? that would be truly hilarious to see. maybe with a princess under her arm and a supply of barrels to throw.

No. 615402

This has to be the stupidest and most pointless lie of them all. She’s been on camera MANY times drunk.
Why is she so against admitting she does it? To still pretend she’s muslim? Does she think only trashy girls get drunk?
Why is alcohol so bad but vaping isnt?
When I met her in person a year ago she had the same bullshit story that one drink gets her wasted and vamp just nodded and went along with the lie

No. 615404

LMFAO “Wins every argument” the delusion of this chunk.

No. 615405

Cosplaying Quiet? You sure it’s not going to be her new OC called “Loud as Shit” ?

No. 615408

No. 615418


That’s the nail on the head. According to her, only trashy irresponsible bimbos get drunk all the time. You know, the ones who won’t go near the type of neckbeard fans she has. It’s just another facet of the image she tries to sell to them. “Drink? Who? Me? Not at all. I-in fact, not only do I absolutely hate the stuff, I much prefer to do all sorts of nerdy stuff instead like playing board games and watching anime. All the other girls totally make fun of me for it and never invite me to their parties!!”

She might have actually been able to make that lie believable if she didn’t stupidly post online every time she gets completely sloshed partying it up with her leeches.


Not only is this most of this completely bullshit of course, I’m sure she is not a Potter fan in the slightest and this wreaks of some normie bimbo wanting to be in Gryffindor because that’s the one all the main characters and good guys were all in.

So I guess it’s time to ask the question again: Whose dick is she after this time that is a fan of the thing she is pretending to be a fan of?

No. 615422

She copied Gabby's Hermione set but uploaded everywhere with the name spelt wrong. Trying to poke at ex friends or just jumping on story bandwagons?

No. 615437

They could be ESL.

Men are retarded and I don't understand them.

You know she only did it to make it look like she wasn't the liar she is, right?

No. 615439

chugging energy drinks, maybe

No. 615444

>>615422 Even though I have no reason to believe Moo is a fan of the Potter series, I believe this happened back when the two were still on good terms, and would loan costumes and accessories to one another. One notable instance was when they both did Cindy from FFXV, and Moo ended up looking like a fat Cindy Brady.

>>615408 In Moo's case, she thinks that wearing the same Nike sweatshirts and pants, along with bragging about how New Balance shoes were the only shoes built for the task as she walked around Japan, is an automatic admission into the secret society of athletes. That annual gym membership that she uses twice a year is also very indicative of her self-discipline as an athlete.

No. 615454

File: 1545255539742.jpg (31.02 KB, 600x662, steve-ohoho.jpg)

bless you and this post

No. 615469

There's nothing wrong with preferring one over the other. Moo just sounds like a giant cunt for no reason.

>Am I the only one who likes the dub over the sub—?

No, you're not, bitch.

No. 615475

But I thought she spoke Japanese cause linguistics?

No. 615493

File: 1545259880359.jpg (9.61 KB, 480x360, moo vamp.jpg)

No. 615494

She only Netflix animes for flavour of the month ideas and because she has no friends or real hobbies to do.

aka just another couch potato

Also she cosplayed as a slutty Hermione once, didn't she?

No. 615511

Has she done any other "passion projects"? I respected that one photoshoot she did in California, because she turned the thot levels all the way down.

No. 615518

her two passion projects have been the tankano project from last year and the umineko thing from this year

No. 615520

File: 1545264061947.jpeg (383.7 KB, 750x1033, 156439FD-1C6C-4FDE-886D-138D01…)

special ed bake sale

No. 615524

File: 1545264649927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.73 KB, 1080x1500, received_364857094077380.jpeg)

She has the face of an morbidly obese woman. Her eyes are just sad and baggy. (In honestly a lot of peopl with downs. The makeup doesnt help her at all) Waiting for the surgery for them

No. 615526

Even with face tape her face fucking face has NO SHAPE, what the fuck

No. 615527

Those fucking Garfield looking eyes, Jesus. That's so bad.

No. 615529

File: 1545265897231.jpeg (704.12 KB, 2896x2896, D7EB5AB3-D3CA-47F4-BFB6-FB36D8…)

dropping this too for an easy comparison, like we need it

No. 615530

mariah has no neck

No. 615531

>>615520 This is so lazy and uninspired, even for Mariah.

I know she likes that plain pink background because it makes it easier to photoshop her flaws (it isn't the first time she has used it), but this is just so horrendously plain and unremarkable.

And why are these cupcake displays on the ground? Nothing about this makes sense, aside from the fact that Mariah is posing next to her dinner.

No. 615533

I hate this. She looks like a diaper baby

No. 615534

Her face is starting to look inhuman at this point. More akin to an animal…

No. 615536




No. 615543

All that photoshop and they still couldn’t fix her eyes
The face tape is stretching her eyes so much she’s starting to look like kids who pull their eyes taunt to make fun of Asians.

No. 615545

But anon, she grew up in a year! That excuse, that everyone uses only once they get shit for things they've said or done, piss me off. Yet no one has an issue with Moo's unwiped ass because shes a girl. It literally always comes down to her being more extreme, pasties in the past few months specifically, for people to forget shes done shit or so they dont care.

No. 615546

She has ALY OVER! How did she fucking look at this and think its accurate? Its simple ffs. No yellow stripes on the arms, no slits in the top.. Be accurate for your barely there shit!

No. 615547

AlyBrazil did Quiet. Thats why shes doing it. If it fits, Moo does whatever Miso or Aly does. Shes probably going to borrow some stuff from her.

No. 615548

Aly was the one that made it

No. 615551

Now someone compare her shopped waist to her actual waist

No. 615552

I know, anon. Thats why I said that. She has her slaves overto make shit in exchange for staying at her house, so wtf did Moo not be like, 'Accuracy'! Its a lazy fucking costume again.

No. 615567

>i hate sweets

No. 615568

File: 1545270793391.jpg (123.62 KB, 1080x1350, 28752192_196816377574516_49441…)

her eyes are genetic

No. 615571

She couldn't even be bothered to make a small piece of cloth and sew some circles om it?…

No. 615579

Can we stop nitpicking her eyes? She can't change them except with plastic surgery and like anon said, its genetic. The only milk we ever get from them is when we point out the obvious shop which she always does, so it's not milk anymore, and then when she posted about it on her Facebook wall.

No. 615580

She might be telling the truth, tbh. She eats some sweets but we see her gorge on beef and pho and other salty and fatty foods comparatively. A lot of obese fucks do that. Its not all from sugar food.

No. 615582


Jesus she's not even close.

No. 615589

She looks like Caucasian Madea with a dash of special needs.

No. 615591

She went on a bubble tea and coconut water binge, anon. If anything, she's a fan of sugary drinks.

No. 615595

Compared to soda I wouldn't consider those sugary. Sweet, yeah, but not like drinking a soda or downing large amount of lemonade on a daily basis. I get your argument, but we honestly don't see her binging out on sweets, specifically, a lot of the time. From time to time, yes, but she mostly shoves red meats and high salt foods with high cholesterol into her face.

No. 615599

And she drinks a ton of energy drinks

No. 615604

bubble tea generally contains 3x the amount of sugar that soda does.

No. 615618

I mean, she has def made them worse with weight gain etc, but she always had them. They're funny, but if that's all there is to say it ain't worth the post imo.

So basically she's a retard who thinks calories in drinks aren't real? I'd believe it.

I still think she's lying since her mom made Mariah her own cake for her sisters birthday???

No. 615624

File: 1545281700638.png (746.14 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2018-12-19-22-53-49.p…)

See the straight line edit of what should've been more waist. Compare right to left

No. 615625

File: 1545281744315.png (826.81 KB, 466x872, 1534316562000.png)

Gotta love those toned abs.

No. 615627

Wtf. She got like.. ab implants? Looks like the front of a turtle shell

No. 615631

nope, just botched lipo, half-hearted attempts at exercising, waist training, and a shitty diet

No. 615632

cool sculpt newfriend

No. 615635

nope, just botched lipo, half-hearted attempts at exercising, waist training, and a shitty diet

No. 615636

She went on another fate sperg in her IG stories. Such a true fan.

No. 615640

We all know she fell out of Fate hard when Overtflow finally ditched her ass, which boy toy is she trying to impress now? Is one of her big paypigs a sperg about it? Even she has to know at this point that she's completely fake when it comes to that property, retarded tattoo and all.

No. 615642

Is she pretending she's going to spend big bucks rolling for Merlin even though we know she hasn't gotten past Fuyuki?

No. 615648

Speaking of obsessing over boys. Has Sensei come back at all or did he dip after Japan?

No. 615652

he was with her a few weeks ago after the trip. they were doing a live stream together at a bakery icing cakes for some reason. other than that i dont remember

No. 615653

Minus the lineback shoulders, the photoshop on this makes her pretty similar to the figure
too bad her face is so atrocius

No. 615655

it's true, her proportions are fairly similar to the character, although moo is bigger in the arms, body, and legs kek

No. 615656

His sisters bakery iirc

No. 615664

I'm calling it right now. One of her patreon "lewds" is going to be her topples with the cupcakes stuck to her breasts like pastry pasties. Mark my words, I know how costhots think.

No. 615666

File: 1545292091957.png (4.21 MB, 1242x2208, E80FB429-2C5C-48FA-AE2C-9F3772…)

Her hair always looks so gross

No. 615679


But she’s such a huge Fate fan my dudes! That’s why she only recommends the condensed, shitty anime adaptions instead of the original visual novels!

No. 615681

File: 1545297886933.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, B1735F1F-1F17-4A38-911E-670495…)

Oh no… what’s Mariah got in store now? Sexy fem!Howl? I can only see her as the witch of the waste tbh

No. 615683

She’s trying to be all edgy by saying she wished that the Fate Zero anime adaption showed the graphic content of the manga (disembowled children’s corpses and their skinned tortured bodies) just to drive home the point of how evil two characters were, when it was already made really fucking clear how evil and messed up they were without it. This bitch must be high or something to even suggest some bullshit like that.

No. 615685

We are talking about the same cow who wanted to do a recreation of a character's suicide.

No. 615687

You’re right, anon. How could I forget? Nothing is off limits to, Moo.

No. 615691

Holy shit can she not do a Cosplay that Gabrielle has already done? Yikes.

No. 615693

Also, what happened to new years mei and her virgin killer she said she was gonna do in her IG stories a while ago?

No. 615694

She forgot, she'll probably throw them out now that you reminded her.

No. 615695

She forgot, she'll probably throw them out now that you reminded her.

No. 615712

File: 1545313181231.jpg (114.17 KB, 659x593, moos-bestcosplay.jpg)

Aw, Howl is legit one of my favorite characters ever from a great Miyazaki movie. This cow will be such a good Witch of the Waste though.

No. 615718

No. 615720


she might have to photoshop to look half as good as the witch of the waste. Otherwise now that I think of it it would totally fit her. fat nasty overbearing and thirsty for some guy to the point of stalking him? THIS shoulda been her "OC" lol

No. 615734

tbh at this point i'd rather she just make good on any one of her promises. she's always saying she will be doing this or that but only delivers on 10% of them.

No. 615740

File: 1545321728920.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 51B67565-307F-400F-AF0A-A50738…)

No. 615741

doesnt she normally do 3 costumes a month? mariah you are too much

No. 615743

She's making an extra $5k per month with this. Without a doubt her content isn't going to change. The only consistent thing with moo is that no matter how much she makes she still shells out for the same overpriced, inaccurate commissions and food. Maybe we'll see her go through more procedures though!

No. 615744


Nothing to see here really. This is how it usually goes when she tries to scam people from a new website. She’ll experience some middling success early for a few weeks. Then once her content starts getting regularly leaked and guys start catching on to her scam she completely bottoms out and gives up.

Unfortunately it will still be weeks of her flexing her numbers and making all sorts of false promises she will never follow through with that she only tossed out to entice guys thinking they will get more content from her.

No. 615772

If she has any sense she will be saving this money instead of flaunting it but I doubt that will actually happen.

No. 615795

"Let's do 3 a month!" Has continuously planned that amount a month for a long ass time, never delivers.

No. 615838

File: 1545336643543.jpg (804.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-120950_Chr…)

No. 615839

File: 1545336669255.jpg (514.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-120943_Chr…)

No. 615840

File: 1545336773644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 834.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-120957_Chr…)

No. 615842

File: 1545336844514.png (513.13 KB, 1280x718, 560EC911-8C5B-4396-B135-31721B…)


No. 615843

File: 1545336870525.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 601.1 KB, 750x1050, 903A77A6-F29B-498F-830D-809AFE…)

Jesus Christ. Mei set and micro lucoca are in here too for lazy anons

No. 615845

File: 1545337198909.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1016x938, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 22.1…)

this is what horrors are made of

No. 615859

File: 1545339348822.jpg (382.56 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20181220-145430_Chr…)

Maybe it's the pose or maybe its lip making all her fat gain above her waist but this is terrifying when you notice that's not collarbones. That's fat being pushed up. She let herself go in a lot of these.

No. 615860

Considering she was lighter when these leggings were first used, I can see why they're pulled down.

No. 615862

File: 1545339558589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 629.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-125901_Sam…)

Oooh boy

No. 615864

I cant tell where boob ends and stomach starts

No. 615866

File: 1545339892710.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.46 MB, 2879x3840, pinhead.jpg)

I can't get over how small her head is

No. 615869

File: 1545340032918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 2879x3840, 64565426542654264526524.jpeg)

I can't believe she let a majority of these photos through without being edited.

No. 615870

her blinds are open … at night … anyone passing by could see everything …

No. 615871

It’s like she was trying to take her tights off and gave up half way

No. 615872

>but that's not mgs
Anon, Rainden is the protagonist for MGS2. Not that Moo would have played that though lol

God, this is actually scary, she has the shoulders of an obese man.

No. 615874

Just so flabby. Doesnt count if you only look good shopped and humanish shaped when not sitting. There is so much hanging fat and lard. her backrolls have backrolls. Its diagusting. How and why do people pay for this shit when there are actually good looking girls with good bodies and face?

No. 615875

Anon dont reach. Shes far enough away from the windows.

No. 615877


The only reason she did this "pose" is because she realized she couldn't get the pants to go on all the way anymore lmao

No. 615882

Also. Rooms already starting to get messy and if shes pulling in so much dough why tf doesnt she have sheets? Is it cause shes too damn lazy to wash em or she literally doesnt know how to run a washer?

No. 615883


Not..really reaching. It's common sense if someone actually LOOKED they'd be able to see. I lived in a similar area, unless she's away from a street it's possible to see wtf she's doing and could potentially get complaints.

As I know she reads here, Moocow, close your damn blinds when you do photoshoots.

No. 615885

Dudes shes far enough away from the windows. Its second story too. No one looking can see far far from the street that deep into a room and shes not najed where shes standing, only sitting. Come on.

No. 615886

more like she was trying to pull them up and gave up. I doubt she's been able to fit into those for awhile now.

No. 615887

there are a lot of weird fetishist on the internet anon. Lets not pretend that real fans of any game or anime follow her. Momo is aware of that, why she's pandering to fetishists now.
Her last set was chef/food themed, the one before that was foot fetish and she hinted she's going to lewd another loli again

No. 615889

File: 1545340777007.jpg (623.71 KB, 4000x3000, Fakecow.jpg)

No. 615892

Now add the shopped to the moon and back Pochaco instagram set preview.

No. 615893

File: 1545341369523.jpg (770.15 KB, 4000x3000, fakehoe.jpg)

No. 615894

i wOnT pHoToShOp AnYmOrE

No. 615899

She already past the point where most people would find her grotesque. Now she's on that very thin line where not even photoshop will help her. She has only 50 more pounds, it's a lot for us but Momo is going to gain that amount in half a year

No. 615901

This is one of the most disgusting bodies I've ever seen. Vag is lookin like dolly mattels

No. 615902

>she hinted she's going to lewd another loli again

Can you translate that into english?

No. 615906

something is wrong with these boobs.

that's actually a good point. if she doesn't have sheets…she can't wash them…she can't wash her mattress…so she sleeps on her dirty sweaty oil covered mattress every single day. most people wash their sheets once a week or every two weeks, this bitch is literally using her mattress as sheets, it's extremely unhygienic.

No. 615910

She's going to make """"'sexual"""" (kek at Moo being sexy) cosplays of underaged characters.
How can you follow Moo and not understand that stupid lingo is the true question here.

No. 615911

probably why rumors of Momo smelling like hotdog water, BO and cheap perfume in irl surfaced.

No. 615912

>inb4 anon claims she's not a weeb

anyone who's not a weeb who follows moo needs to take hold of their life.

No. 615919

File: 1545342902184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.08 KB, 344x224, dolly mattel who..JPG)

It be like that sometimes.

No. 615921

It's my first time looking at this thread, the most recent picture made me stop and stare in fascinated horror. But I won't stay (ugh at the close-up)

No. 615922

File: 1545343113654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 575.65 KB, 1016x938, lifehasmanydoors.jpg)

the first thing I thought of when I saw this

No. 615924


It be like that when you don't wear breathable clothing… can't wear leggings 24/7, you gotta let that stuff breathe. Since moo lives alone you think she'd do that more often but I guess not, maybe she can't even stand her own body when it isn't making her money. It's sad.

No. 615926

Not trying to go to OT but I was trying to say it’s not really considered an mgs game by most because of the game play

No. 615927

She's always slept with no sheets, she even takes them off at hotels, and when she went to NYC she wore the same clothes the entire trip even after laying in a pile of garbage on the street, I'm convinced she has no sense of smell even with that gigantic pig nose

No. 615928

this quirk of hers REALLY bothers me … is there some armchair psych anon that can explain this??

No. 615937

yes its called being a sloppy bitch

No. 615938

>>615869 This is beyond disgusting. Not blaming you for sharing, of course.

I can't tell if she experienced chaffing, razor rash, or is suffering from a variety of food allergies.

No. 615939

File: 1545344536951.jpg (27.24 KB, 611x135, reddit.JPG)


when you google it, you will get this as one of the top results lol

No. 615944

I love how her only sponsor is a sex toy/items site.

No. 615951

Calm down compadre its just a meme moo used herself lmao we know why she has razor bumps

No. 615965

That aureola trying to escape.

No. 615969


At least she has a mattress cover. Hopefully a plastic lined one.

No. 615981

She has this nice new place and already it's a hovel. Shit piled everywhere. You think that place will get cleaned or the carpet will be vacuumed? No.

No. 615988

No, she's parroting the same wikipedia stuff that's only a google search away. About the order you should watch the Fate anime series in. I doubt she plays FGO anymore or ever really played it to begin with. She thought Gilgamesh's noble phantasm was gate of babylon for fucks sake. She probably didn't even actually try to get her old account back after she broke her phone and just bought a new one to flex the Jalter and Berserker!Cu.

I guess she saw the "gut instrument" page somewhere and decided that this is The One Thing she knows the manga has and the anime didn't and it's a perfect opportunity to show off her being a True Fan.

I simply can't imagine the mindset you need to look at this image, think it's all good and put it online.

No. 615990

Even Adam and Eve have standards, Anon. Taking bets, who thinks she just bought some for herself/some really sad neckbeard got it for her and she's claiming "sponsorship" because it's hidden behind a pay wall and they can't call her on it?

No. 615993

File: 1545350847054.jpeg (178.4 KB, 760x1009, 2EFA95D5-D516-4851-9693-11ADE7…)

Why the hell would you include this picture

No. 615995

Loving the cupcake wrapper on the floor, she couldn’t even be bothered to move her food trash? Is she trying to nail a feeder crowd?

No. 615997

It'd been such a better use of her cool sculpting money to just get ass implants. Instead of flaunting her folding chair of a flat ass

No. 615999

i'm willing to bet she paid for it.

No. 616004

File: 1545353415470.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1244x775, ss (2018-12-20 at 07.49.53).pn…)

No. 616008

imagine the fat friction she must get sweating at cons.

No. 616012

They really don’t. They sponsor everyone who asks as long as they’re moderately related to what they sell. Even small time podcasts get sponsored by them with free product.

No. 616016

She needs some lotion

No. 616018

Its a brush not a cupcake wrapper

No. 616020

I agree, A&E sponsor random story time youtubers too lol or plus sized haul YT.

No. 616021

Sponsorships don't really mean shit these days from sites where the products they sell are as cheap as A&E. Most of the time they don't pay you, just give you discounts and free shit.

No. 616025

Too bad Mariah has less chance of a redemption arc than the Witch got.

No. 616026

did she just steal from us again lol

I mean whatever if she did, it just amuses me

No. 616029

Bloody hell I was not ready for that. You made me drop my double chalupa. So how desperate is she if she isn't even taking the time to photoshop these anymore?

No. 616030

File: 1545359664093.jpeg (419.24 KB, 750x1100, AC7ACA7E-A46F-4E57-B183-825F87…)

I don’t know if she’d take the time to erase the bg so she probably just grabbed a different picture of google images. did think it was funny that she posted it again on her main account talking about how she loooooves doing side by sides though.

No. 616031


The dropoff must be/will be fairly huge…but then again her current patreons seem to be happy getting scammed out of money.

No. 616033

If she did then that means she is probably following this thread. If so she either has thick skin, or is super deep into "I don't give a fuck" mode, and actually posted pictures just to be mocked here.

No. 616034

Can someone explain patreon to me? Why do these guys waste so much money subscribing to girls on patreon when real porn is not only better, but it's free? I just don't get the appeal of paying some random chick 60 bucks for a few half naked photos, and a copy and pasted response.

No. 616035

So we can confirm she's has the happenings of Cushins syndrome with this purple streaks which Cushins is severe weight in gut, shoulder, neck, moon face, and thigh area that also has women develop a buffalo hump at the upper back. She's going to develop type 2 diabetes if she doesn't nip this in the bud or worse hypertension leading to stroke/hear attack. All the coconut water and sushi won't be able to save her.

No. 616036

the cucks who follow girls on patreon think they have a chance with them. that's the only reason. the girls usually have a stream or feign interactions with them. same reason guys go to camwhores instead of again, watching free porn of a girl masturbating.

No. 616037

File: 1545360559098.jpg (65.24 KB, 1280x720, ZNFuJZs.jpg)

why did i decide to read here while having supper…

>a bunch of thirsty ESL

No surprises.

She's doing a lot of "selfies" lately. Lazy or poor?

No. 616041

This is like the first time she has ever done a side by side

No. 616042

except she gained weight from binge eating

No. 616045

File: 1545361012794.jpg (243.82 KB, 1280x1238, tumblr_oysvjwiYY61wgdp08o1_128…)

>shit on the floor
>house barren as hell

Don't people usually look skinnier when they lay down?
What's going on with her neck fat?

>razor burn

She didn't even have sheets when she lived with her parents, I dunno what the fuck her problem is.

I know this is coming off as nitpicks but I'm legit confused about her body these days. Shitty shops or just nightmare body, I can't tell half the time.

No. 616052

Right but another medical reason for that is she's claimed to be bipolar which can affect someone's thyroid and adrenal glands to over or under produce cortisol which she makes worse by drinking a bunch of monsters. It's why she has these big jumps of energy then crashes her body can't properly produce it since it relies heavy on energy drinks. Also makes her crave sugary sweets, her coconut water, and carbs which sushi with its rice is. Cushings also develops eye someone's parents are tall and they're short. Her Dad is over 6 foot and her mom is taller than her. The purple streaks on her would be more noticeable if she didn't get lipo. And her sister Sydney is a vegan which with that diet deters the development of the syndrome which our lovable Cow hasn't stuck to one ever since dumping Eric,white with black hair in her IG stories, just about 3 years ago.

No. 616054

File: 1545362518630.png (250.69 KB, 500x574, flat-earth.png)

Nothing she does make sense.

I feel like we'll have enough to make a gif set in about a months time.

No. 616055

please seek help for your autism

No. 616056

She's been following this shit since thread 1.

I somehow missed the background change tho >>616030

No. 616057

Will do whenever Mooriah makes her Dad proud

No. 616058

nta but stop the armchair bullshit. you clearly are just going off of the stuff you read ITT.

No. 616059

I assumed the lines were just bad stretch marks tbh

No. 616062

>images you can smell

No. 616082

She's just really fat and short, anon.

No. 616084

It's the only thing that will love her now

No. 616091

I guess because patreon has more like cosplay and j-fashion related lewds/nudes rather than generic standard issue, maybe? It's a little more niche and familiar in a way, and sometimes girls make it a little more personal and guys can jack off to the idea of "its more special this way" Im guessing. That's how I'd interpret it anyways, but some of the girls people throw money at make me wonder "why this person in particular……"

No. 616167

Listen, I'm a fat piece of shit, but how in the fuck does she have such horrid stretch marks and varicose veins with 3 rounds of lipo under her belt?
In the Lucoa Ass pic her ass is covered in those veins.

No. 616172

File: 1545381650336.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2484x3888, 61E2C85B-CDCA-466C-9F01-EEAFD7…)

She’s always had a very unfortunate face but Jesus Christ there’s no going back huh Moo? Lipo can’t save you now

No. 616175

I can pretty much guarantee those arent varicose veins. My inner thighs right up near my bikini line was where i first developed stretch marks and those unfortunately look very similar to the ones i have. Also unfortunately, stretchmarks dont go away. Hers are just pink because shes gaining weight so her stretchmarks are getting worse.

No. 616179

The thigh ones are stretch marks for sure, but the ass ones look a lot like varicose veins. I could be wrong but either way shit is… Unfortunate.

No. 616182

I honestly can't believe she posted that Mei pic, her downstairs looks like one from those obese documentaries, it's baffling

No. 616231

varicose veins almost never happen on the ass. Usually calves/feet and sometimes thighs. It's probably just weird cellulite.

No. 616261

No offence but none of what Moo has qualifies as varicose. My mother has them, and while they are quite common in obese peoples, the key indicators are location (as >>616231 said) and thickness.
The majority of varicose veins occur on the lower legs. You never get spider veins (which her inner thighs could be seen as) without actual varicose veins, and varicose are thick veins, meaning they protrude and bulge out from beneath the skin, like you're pushing something out from underneath a pair of stockings.

Unfortunately, that would give Moo an easy out. No, her symptoms are rapid weight gain leading to dark and thick stretchmarks as the skin doesn't have enough time or elasticity to stretch alongside the amount of fat developing beneath.

Criminally underrated post

No. 616289

File: 1545400837373.gif (1.54 KB, 214x187, moo butt.gif)


Legit think her ass and thighs looks like a bent balloon

It's like all fat and no glutes

No. 616295

her mother is quite beautiful for her age, very sad that momo won't be the same.

No. 616323

Not sure if it's optimism or not but I'm seriously wondering if her going to Pornhub and OnlyFans means she'll resort to proper camwhoring or even straight up cosplay porn in 2019.

She tried Camversity despite not going nude/doing sexual stuff, she's doing more pasties now, she's doing fetish stuff, etc. I'm really expecting all this to be her easing her way into it.

No. 616329


She’ll eventually have to once she starts getting diminishing returns on the pasties and fetish shit. Eventually it’s not going to be enough and they’ll start demanding more or they’ll take their money and walk. And since I don’t see her ever conceding that to them since she has always felt that doing nudes is strictly reserved for talentless bimbos who can’t fo anything else, she’ll drop it and find some other site to scam some new suckers.

No. 616352

File: 1545413101722.jpeg (507.17 KB, 750x1074, D3B74D6D-3199-4848-9FB8-020B56…)

No. 616354

I can’t wait for her to finally go full hide. Don’t worry, it’s not because I’m thirsty. In fact, it will probably be the most disputing thing I ever did see — but it will mean things have finally come full circle for Moo and she sank to her lowest point because she squandered all her money and she can’t go back to living like a normal person on a normal income, and in a desperate attempt to keep her lifestyle she will suddenly become all ~~sex positive uwu~~ and say she respects sex workers. But the internet will always hold those comments from a year or two ago over her head and will never let her live it down.

I give it… three months. Tops.

No. 616355

Double post but full nude* not hide.

But on the topic of this >>616352
She really likes wasting her money on useless shit right? Even with the figures from japan — those are useless things but they could at least be resold later. What even is the point of having a huge canvas painting of two anime characters in your home? That will costs hundreds of dollars? It’s such an insane waste of money it’s actually aggravating.

No. 616363


It really just boils down to poor impulse control. She doesn’t have that voice in her head telling her not to spends hundreds or thousands on stupid shit she doesn’t actually need. The minute she sees something she absolutely has to to have it no matter what and doesn’t give a shit about anything after that. She’ll go broke, and I’ll be laughing.

No. 616365

It's actually pretty sad, once the neckbeards finally catch on and stop paying she's going to be completely screwed because she wont be able to budget or save money for things she needs. She'll end up back at her parents who will probably be none too happy about it and she'll whine and cry about it even though it's entirely her fault.

No. 616397

You would think. But the year we live in she can easily find some white knight with money from some random lucrative blog, youtube channel, or stream. He of course has always loved her no matter what she does or says. I can totally see her getting into a loveless relationship just to keep her lifestyle. She will be all hugs and kisses on social media with him, and chuck him in private. Give him enough sex to keep him happy while she thots it up online with his money just so she can continue to spend hers on BS and her friends.

No. 616410

File: 1545423145031.jpg (593.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181221-141014_Ins…)

I was wondering why her boobs looked semi normal in pochaco. She must be getting really uncomfortable with her sagginess.

No. 616420


Unfortunately you are right. There will always be some loser white knight desperate for female interaction who will pay out the nose for any girl to just talk to them. Especially if she pretends to be into all the nerdy shit that he likes. She’ll eventually dupe some sucker into paying for her lifestyle and bleed him dry only to move on to the next one. Don’t get it twisted, her day of any sort of independence of any semblance of self-sufficiency are done. Now her next move is to try to rope in any loser she can as her own personal bank.

No. 616421

Not to mention that one anon who kept swearing up and down (without proof mind you) awhile back that she has a bitchboi on call in California, dying to be her public boyfriend. She will find some gross fuck to pay for her, she just needs to seriously lower her standards. Bitch is delusional.

No. 616431

Sorry to get OT and be a huge sperg but I've never heard of MGS2 not being considered a Metal Gear game. I think second anon is confusing MGS2 with Metal Gear Rising. Raiden is the protagonist of both games but MGR is more of a spinoff game and considering Momo says it's her "favourite Metal Gear game", it's probably the only one she's actually played.

No. 616432

This is her future. All it will take is a couple of gullible old men to keep her going for many years.

No. 616439

Wait, I'm confused. Is she saying she put pasties on her nipples so they can edit out the sag by making the covered nipples look like underboobs?

No. 616440

File: 1545427607880.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.69 KB, 300x300, s-l300[1].jpg)

she's trying to say she's using them like pic related. basically the pasty is used to pull up the saggy boob.

No. 616448

File: 1545429728326.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 59A0F2DF-F2E2-4FA2-9E8C-A54C1E…)

“I’m such a sucker for the pink Gucci wallet”
showed off a balenciaga shopping bag as well but didn’t mention if it was hers or not.
onlyscams cash rollin in just in time for Christmas!

No. 616453

It's so ugly, it looks like a knockoff. Why is she desperately trying to be Jeffrey Star?

No. 616455

No. 616458

i wonder if she bought it on ebay


also fuck, she's not even willing to drop real cash on this shit.

No. 616464

File: 1545432559949.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 3EFF0DDF-89A8-4E95-8B25-A2BD26…)

Update: lmao it was for her, thanks for the $$$ boys! maybe with these will help her bust out those 3 shoots a month

No. 616483

Yeah, i give it to about March the latest. She does and says things very differently. She kept trying to do non-nude/book readings and makeup bullshit on Camversity and all that gathered her was hatred. She is going to be going the full nude or porn route soon because her patreon bucks are drying up.

Holyshit, how long until she gets implants? she's so gross

No. 616485

Either way, it's super expensive for something so ugly.

No. 616506

She probably only bought these because Shane Dawson has some. She doesn't give a single fuck about fashion, she just chases anything that'll make her seem cool and trendy

No. 616529

where'd her ankles go

No. 616547


These don't look like they fit at all

No. 616548

She’s clearly fishing for approval on the giant implant idea. I hope she does it. I hope she gets some back-alley surgeon and gets huge fucking implants.

Do it momo. Do it.

No. 616556


> merry xmas to me

>> is Muslim


No. 616559

She's probably doing this cause she knows she won't have gifts for Christmas. Only her thirsty neckbeards give a shit about her.

No. 616560


She does this shit every couple of weeks where after a cosplay she does, she’ll talk about wanting to get big anime titties. It’s obvious she sounds like a total bimbo fishing for compliments and disgusting comments from her neckbeards.

No. 616561

And Vamps is poor as fuck so Moo will expect the one gift to be shit

No. 616563


she's definitely fishing for compliments from dudes telling her her udders are huge and amazing enough as is, but I also think it would be hilarious of her to add some huge bolted on frankentitties to her already misshapen form lol

No. 616574


Exactly. I imagine she won’t be seeing many gifts from family or whatever leeches she has left she calls “friends” so she went ahead and splurged on herself. Because of course no one loves Moo more than Moo herself.

No. 616576

File: 1545447106136.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, 88E486C5-AAAF-4410-8B14-E39BEF…)

No. 616580

Everyone at Vamp's work be like "it's nice that Colette's mom visits her here"

No. 616582


No. 616583

Moos hair extensions have transformed her even more into white trash

No. 616584

Not to nitpick but moos breasts are sagging really low, do you notice the distance between her nipples to her collar bone area(nitpicking)

No. 616586


So she’s back to bothering her at work again?

No. 616589

Notice how we've barely seen them together since the Japan trip and now moo has to stalk her at her job again. it's a vicious cycle

No. 616590

She's too much of a dumbass to realize that she has crossed a line. Her days of claiming to be a cosplayer are basically over. She can still call herself that I guess but she's no longer welcome at cons and the community hates her so she's really not part of that scene anymore. She's just kind of stumbling around trying to figure out ways to scam neckbeards out of some money before she has to finally give in and go nude for money from fat fetishists.

No. 616591

She’s been at momos house pretty much every night playing smash. they still hang out constantly. Sensei on the other hand has pretty much dropped off since the bakery thing. i think she went to vamps job to yeah, see her probably but to also flex those purchases.

No. 616593

These extensions. Oh my God, I dont even know what to say

No. 616600

There is literally nothing redeeming, appearance-wise, about her in this pic. Shitty looking extensions, puffy face with no makeup, low hanging tits, weird crease in her stomach, and her general unit-ness. How did she think this was okay?

No. 616605

Thanks for the laugh anon lmao

No. 616606

she's mentioned wanting big hentai tits before

No. 616608

i thought she said her new balance were the best shoes she ever owned

No. 616609

she did, and she shamed someone for telling her to treat herself or some shit.

No. 616610

Her nips are placed odd due to breast reduction in hs.

lol at that greasy as fuck extension work tho y i k e s
So much for I love my hair so much I could never be a lesbian my dudes.

No. 616611

i know it's been said before, but it has to be KILLING her that she ever got that reduction at all. she'd prob have pochaco tits for real if she hadn't. if only she could have known the costhot she'd become…

No. 616613

File: 1545452455315.jpg (352.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181221-201643_Ins…)

This is hilarious, coming from a person who constantly downloads torrent files of everything she could possibly imagine, or visits hosting sites that have no affiliation with the companies whose products are being shared.

This selective memory shit that she repeatedly tries to pull has to be exhausting. It's no wonder why she's 23, yet looks 37. She's crushing herself under the weight of her own lies, and it's taking a toll on her health.

No. 616618

SHE'S 23? MY GOD!!! I seriously thought she was in her 30s. Shit I should have been a sellout costhot, instead of busting my ass working. If I did I could also "afford" to rent a few houses and keep a stable of paid for friends. Oh well, at least I know I have real world work experience and won't have to resort to camwhoring, or being a fetish in/out call just to keep the lie alive.

No. 616626

>doing a elf

No. 616628

these are like $20 ghibli movies, WHAT A FLEX

she almost literally just turned 23, lol maybe we should add that to op

if you quote that kind of fuck up youre going to die of old age before you finish listing all of hers

No. 616634

Yeah this is what I was saying, thank you anon.
Would sage if I could.

The probable reason it's the only one she's played is it's just mindless button mash hack and slash and doesn't require any thinking

No. 616635

Or the recent porn video called Breaking the Quiet that came out in September which has a female dom and horse fucking her. Wouldn't put it past Moo to hop on that after her decline into fetish content.

No. 616639

File: 1545461139558.jpg (874.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181222-004430_Ins…)

Why lmao "here let me show you the stuff you're paying for because lord knows she only knows like 3 poses."

No. 616640

She has to show her backside, bent over with angles because no one wants to see the monstrosity of her front side standing up.

No. 616645

12 photos of the same exact pose what the fuck

No. 616649

File: 1545464294901.jpeg (506.57 KB, 750x1090, 7439F480-33C8-4D78-AE24-D40435…)

bragging about the damn shoes on her back up account. I don’t really think spending roughly $1000 in a day (the $800ish wallet and these) is on a budget but okay

No. 616650

File: 1545464386894.jpeg (568.17 KB, 750x1050, 23E00394-B530-4DAB-8211-97A29F…)

Gucci brag, already has one comment asking why she’s flexing

No. 616651


OT because not the calves thread, but didn't Vamps start with the Only Fans page first, and because she was having money problems? Due to her fame, the second Mariah gets on it, she has hundreds more subscribers and thousands more dollars that she is flexing on Gucci and other pointless shit.

I can't see how this wouldn't make Vamps really resentful, like with the whole post about how Vamps originally introduced Moo to cosplay and helped her craft, only to get completely steamrolled (lol) by Moo.

No. 616652

File: 1545464816623.jpg (102.54 KB, 1059x535, Screenshot_20181222-014615_Ins…)

"Its just a wallet" THAT WAS 800$ BITCH HOE IS THST NOT FLEXING?

No. 616655

>amount of money a lot of people "live" on for a month

No. 616656

Lol she only buys accessories cause she can’t fit in the clothes.

No. 616659

>>616651 Mariah was also the second one to participate in the goofy Adam & Eve promo tie-in. They're both eternal lapdog lesbian lovers, my dude. Soulmates who read minds, or some shit Tattoo-kun used to say before Mariah and Japan turned him off once and for all.

No. 616662

It's what bitchlette deserves.

No. 616668

Why does she only buy the ugliest items from Gucci? The hideous green and black headband, the unflattering fanny pack, now this odiously colored thing. No one's wardrobe has anything that goes with eye-searing neon pink and gorilla snot green. The brand may say "$800", but the color says "clearance bin at Claire's".

She really does spend money like a redneck who won the lottery. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

No. 616670

File: 1545473497167.jpg (192.2 KB, 540x1320, 20181222_015910.jpg)

She's also bidding a ridiculous amount on some hella ugly cat ears?

No. 616673

Moo is like the Darksydephil of cosplay, in that she constantly gets rocked by scandal/set back but never goes down for the count. At this point she could probably follow in the footsteps of Alisa Noris (AlisaKiss) and start getting into fringe fetishy shit like girl/girl wrestling and tickle porn. It's probably her only option to stay "relevant" at this point.

No. 616681

File: 1545477193708.jpg (410.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181222-025626_Ins…)

I hate to beat a dead horse, so I'm just going to say this; I've never commented on the allegations that get thrown around on here, but I'm in the same camp as those who believe Mariah Mallad is a bonafide pedophile.

No. 616685

no she's not, the underboob thing >>616439
said was correct

No. 616693

aren't these also mentioned in a Cardi B song…I Like It I think she says she wants those ballenciagas the ones that look like socks. They're fucking ugly…I never see Nigri flexing like this…for someone who tries to skin walk her so much you'd think she'd pick up on her fashion style a bit more…

No. 616695

She's too stupid/basic to buy anything unless she's specifically told the name.

No. 616725

File: 1545493259061.jpg (386.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20181222-174024.jpg)

she speechless

No. 616728

So…. Is she becoming a hypebeast?

No. 616734

Yes, moo. It's gross and wrong to ship a 10 year old with legit anyone.

No. 616735

>an $800 wallet isn't flexing

also, that whiteknight is really pathetic.

No. 616736


Lol. Completely btfo’d

No. 616741

This bitch

No. 616742

Awwww, her little spoonie fangirl is trying to defend moocunt's flexing. Haven't seen her in a while on here. Trying to get in moo's good graces again?

No. 616744

Even better, the spoonie is now trying to be a degenerate costhot for beta bucks just like Mommy MooMoo. It is the circle of life in all of its pathetic glory!

It is all very simple: She only buys the ugliest shit because she's tacky as fuck. Well that and she can't actually fit into anything but their accessories, as other anons have pointed out.

No. 616745


Beeeecause shes the snookie of the costhot scene?

No. 616746

File: 1545500227356.jpg (42.92 KB, 560x577, c0d95ff51dcb8319e7e02c34d8cae5…)

You can't fix shit taste with a label slapped on anything. You could put together an outfit from walmart and look better than moo.
She sees people like Jeffery Star sharing their designer brand shit and thinks she will have the same effect on her audience. Well people don't care when Jeffery does it because they know he's worked for that and that's always been his persona. Moo also never does anything else fashion related. She's always in sweat pants. So it's obvious she just wants people to know she can spend a lot of money on stupid shit. People don't see what moo does as "work" so when she flexes she looks entitled and stupid. Nerds who like cosplay think this shit is pointless.

No. 616765

Freaking roasted, flawless victory

No. 616767

Ship and ten-year-old should not be in the same sentence you fucking creep. I bet she shills the edgy fan theory that the bathhouse is ~totally a brothel, my dudes~.

No. 616768

How dare you, moo could never touch snookie.

No. 616775

Snookie was a small garbage fire, that managed to get into the WWE record book by scoring a victory at wrestlemania. Moomoo being the landfill fire that she is, will soon be cosplaying underage characters while hungrily looking at a giant bad dragon dildo in the foreground.

No. 616779

dicklonelylious w/e? I think she's a wannabe calf

No. 616784

lol I was just thinking about this little spoonie the other day, couldn't remember her name. I was wondering where she fell on supporting moo after the sexual harassment scandal and it looks like she's still here. I hope she's happy that defending moo is the trashy hill she's going to die on.

No. 616785

This is nitpicking. The other characters in the movie literally say they're in love. His human form looks like a little boy her age, too.

I think the greater thing of note here is that the way Moo is reacting to this indicates that this is the first time she's seeing Spirited Away. This ~super huge anime fan my dudes~ had never seen Spirited Away before.

No. 616823

I mean, I think we're all more disturbed because with Moo, shes probably having degenerate sex fantasies about little kids when it's a really pure and innocent love in the movie.

No. 616825

nta but it's a cute kind of disney love, not a weird "read my chihiroxkohaku fanfics" kind of love. you see it and go aww, but using terminology that's heavy associated with creeps is NG.

i agree with anon that it's particularly creepy when coming from moo.

No. 616831

>"bougie on a budget" meme
you're not a "bougie on a budget" if you actually BUY the designer brand thing, moo. holy fucking christ

except Cardi B was referencing the Balenciaga sock heel lmao

No. 616836

>freshly moved into bigger house
>spend over 1K on two items, both not worth their price points, single purpose and will not last long

Tfw people think patreon thots have savings or even consider budgeting past vague numbers for social media.

No. 616843

yes. she saw moo in a con some time ago and acted like she saw god

No. 616851

Stop. Its a fucking cartoon and she said nothing of sex. Jfc. STOP peddling the pedophilia shit. Shes not a pedophile. You both sound dumb as hell for thinking shipping anime characters =/= pedophilia and dressing as a cartoon character who is young, regardless of saying you wont lewd them, is literally cringy.

No. 616883

pedo detected. who is shipping "fantasising about a (romantic/sexual) relationship" between children other than your kind?

No. 616884

Its a cartoon, sperg. Worry about her molesting real kids or catfishing them online and grooming them. She ISNT.

No. 616891

just stop

No. 616925

you make a lot of posts about voltron and mha on your tumblr i bet.

No. 616932

File: 1545556491247.png (366.23 KB, 494x501, 23-12-2018.PNG)

just leaving this here.

No. 616933

We nned new milk before the thread is completely consumed by autists whining about shipping

No. 616934

I'm waiting for her next fuckup so she finally has to hide for good/loses her Instagram permanently. We're due for floundering momocunt milk and it happened more regularly when she attended cons.

No. 616951

File: 1545564100084.jpg (323.73 KB, 966x966, mariahmallad_47105447_36703444…)

I was waiting for stuff to render and that's my usual "Lets see if we can make Mariah cute" time. It's also amazing what cleaning your bathroom can do for a selfie.

No. 616953

She took the “I’m a peaceful warrior. I love lewds.” Or whatever off her Instagram description. Now it just links to her backup account and patreon.

No. 616961

Both Quiet and Tifa have nice toned bodies. Not to mention, Tifa, really? People have both of those characters well already. I don't know what she thinks she'll gain from this.

No. 616978

Do you guys think she’s planning on more Lipo/some other procedure? I think she might be, just based on her planning two cosplays with their stomachs out. Of course those could just be a sign of her not caring anymore…

No. 616981

Is she talking about the scene where Quiet is almost raped?

No. 616983

!! I was about to say I fucking hope she doesnt use that instance especially when its a scene where she gets away but I bet shes gonna spin it as some "bad end" bullshit,
I sometimes cant restrain the sperging when it comes to her cause she really manages to shit in things with such nuance.
Inaccuracy to the lore?? Not enough!
Misogyny and fetishing abuse? More!!
Sexualising fictional children? With extra mayo plz
Shits wild

No. 616985


I can't take a screenshot right now, but what she posted was a still from when Quiet is getting interrogated.

No. 616988

She only does these characters because the costume/wig is readily available with no extra crafting needed. Plus neckbeards know these characters so it's just to attract to fat fetishists' with relevant fantasies.

No. 616999

You guys all say this, but we so know she's never played the games.

No. 617002

You guys all day this, but we so know she's never played the games.

No. 617004

File: 1545585435863.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 3DE9CA63-8C00-4E1F-BF73-4DBC96…)

No. 617005

File: 1545585516206.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, D2319E3B-B68C-42E9-9B58-F8954F…)

“A pair of pet play gear”

No. 617006

Sensei has disappeared lately, hasn’t he

No. 617008

sorry for rehashing, but people who get so triggered by the assumption that moo is a pedo need to stop. we are allowed to make assumptions and have discussions. anyone reeeing about "assuming this stuff will make the thread less legitimate" fails to understand how lolcow works. we're not here to give a PSA on moo, we're here to mock and laugh at all of her public fuck ups. if you want to sperg out over fake news, go to ED.

bawwing about misrepresenting moo and the thread makes you sound like a white knight or an autist at best.

No. 617009

When was the last time our cow actually attempted to make ANYTHING? Her shitty Lancer cosplay during AX/#momokuniscanceled? We all saw how she butchered that fake fur last time so if she does bother to make this (and not shove it onto her sweatshop,) we're in for a real treat.

No. 617012

Because she has absolutely no aesthetic eye or taste. Her cosplays look always terrible, she ALWAYS picks the wrong coloured wig (seriously what's up with that?), she wears ridiculous clothing and thinks a $800 price tag makes it work. I don't even understand why she would flex her Gucci shit on her insta like that, the neckbeards were mad enough she was wasting their money by wrecking the re-sale value of limited edition figurines.

>Why are you guys getting so mad over people derailing the thread with baseless rumors and making us all look like tinfoiling a-log spergs making shit up???
I mean the lipo thing started off as an assumption but it had solid proof behind it, she suddenly lost weight around her stomach area, wore compression clothing in her insta stream and had red dot scars around the places she had lost girth. The pedo bullshit is based on "she ships two kids in her instastory". Moo has a fucking laundry list of awful stuff she's done and keeps doing, you can have your pick without having to resort to false accusations.

No. 617017

File: 1545589326313.jpg (368.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181223-122201_Ins…)

No. 617019

She has a habit of picking characters that are rapists or have been/almost raped. I know she might not be familiar with everything she's cosplaying, but sometimes, I wonder if she ever picks them on purpose or if it's just an ironic coincidence

No. 617020

I hope she does some sort of "almost rape" scene. That will probably be enough to get her completely ousted from ever going to a con again.

No. 617025


She already talked about wanting to re-create a suicide. I feel like that was already enough to get her ousted from the community.

No. 617035

File: 1545593100611.png (965.45 KB, 1440x2791, Screenshot_20181223-112008.png)

Recent Etsy additions

No. 617036

File: 1545593157843.png (1.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181223-112016.png)

This bitch can't make anything as simple as Tifa's earrings? And lol I see Kda Ahri items. Whatever happened to Akali, Moo?

No. 617037

File: 1545593193647.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2559, Screenshot_20181223-112030.png)

No. 617039

File: 1545593354130.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2469, Screenshot_20181223-112037.png)

No. 617040

if she’s planning to actually do 002 she’s going to have to put those 00’s behind the 2

No. 617044

>gilgamesh wig

This bitch is high on drugs.

No. 617045

Hoo hoo hooooo, someone's looking to take a potshot at Usagi Kou again with that 002 shit. This is going to be great, I can't wait.

Do it Moo, I can't wait to see you in that stupid red bikini you just bought with those horns on.

No. 617048

Character reference, please? I have no clue.

No. 617049

The characters actual name is 002/zero two

No. 617054

the pedoshit is based on plenty of things that have been mentioned

>videotaping children

>liking hentai that has underage girls being raped
>lewding child characters
>gross comments about kanna
>weird comments about other characters
>freaking out over jokingly being called a pedo once on here

it would not be surprising.

also do you know what alogging means or are you a retard?

No. 617055

File: 1545599182830.png (81.99 KB, 750x616, IMG_1400.PNG.30c50b77e02b809ad…)

Lest we forget. She's just as bad as her neckbeard fans, maybe even more so.

No. 617056

Seriously. Pandering or not, this is disgusting for her or anyone to say about a character who's in elementary school.

If you pander to pedos you're either a pedo or a sympathizer. End of story.

No. 617058

File: 1545599652830.png (Spoiler Image, 610.04 KB, 676x1000, A0A4E162-241B-49C1-815A-1D5CAD…)

Lord… she’s going to look worse than the Pixyteri version when she was a fatty. Pic related

No. 617059

That's what I was thinking. This bitch is deranged, so who knows.

No. 617065

Dude hes working.

No. 617066

Its a dragon ffs.

No. 617068

He's the only one with a legitimate job tbh.

No. 617069

And tattoo places are busy during the holidays too. He just took what Id guess was his vacation. Not lkke he can fuck around Moo all the time.

No. 617071

you serious?

No. 617074

>literal pedo argument

yea and she's 1000 years old and just happens to look like and have the mental capacity of an 8 year old and is in elementary school.

No. 617076

She was also getting chummy with shadman for awhile too.

No. 617088

This is the argument I hate. Yes, moo has tons of bs she does every day, but anons are literally just simply pointing out weird pedo-tier shit she's been doing and get told they're overreacting. If she didn't do shit that raised red flags, no one would be thinking it or pointing it out. And I've seen threads with other cows that don't ave anon's sperging out about this shit. You don't see anon's arguing in onion's thread that "he's just a hebephile so it's not that bad!". Like the other anon said, the thread isn't some kind of sacred ground.

No. 617102

Correct me if I’m wrong but i heard there was a scene of Quiet basically molesting the main character???

No. 617105

guyz i will help you with how she picked these cosplays

>she bought advent children on bd yesterday

>she watched a mgs lp on youtube

No. 617106

This. If anons want to speculate that she is a pedo, let them. It's kind of like the tax thing. Who cares if you disagree. I personally don't thinks she is a pedo. But I do agree that she hasn't paid her taxes. She's very sexually immature, has poor impulse control, zero self awareness, and she is a dumbass. So when she does something that might look like a perverted sex thing, it's more than likely just a dumbass thing That she is just too stupid to have thought out to see if it might offend people.

No. 617107

She is the absolute epitome of fake gamer gurl and cosplay whore

No. 617109

nta but just stop being so autistic. why are you so tilted about this? do you also think that lolicons aren't pedos? do you think shad's not a pedo cause he hasn't physically hurt children? you seem super adamant on no one questioning her gross and creepy actions. i don't even have a stake in this argument and even i can see how someone who is a predator who assaulted people weaker than her who were essentially powerless might be someone who's into kids. just sayin.

No. 617110

actually, something even more pathetic – she might have just looked up the franchises cause of smash bros. i dunno, they might be assists or trophies or whatever? i havent played that garbage since gamecube so i dunno how it works anymore

No. 617117

The new smash game has a ton of random characters in it from the various franchises in it's new storymode.

No. 617172

>>617110 Vamp did a cosplay of Tifa quite some time ago. So there's a chance that she's thinking about doing this since she could borrow a wig and other costume components from Vamp, assuming Vamp still has everything lying around.

Otherwise, I'm with you on the belief that she knows Cloud is a FF character, which could have given her incentive for trying to do something with Tifa.

Pretty funny that she's probably plagiarizing Vamp because she knows her loyal dog can't bring herself to snap at Mariah's hands.

No. 617175

File: 1545610021435.jpg (304.29 KB, 720x895, 20181223_160452.jpg)

>>617172 Samefag. This photo is from roughly 6 months ago, so it's incredibly likely that Moo did too much flexing as of late, and is now reduced to borrowing shit from her totally legitimate love interest.

No. 617207

File: 1545621586105.png (706.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181223-221833.png)

Flopping around on instagram saying something about streaming at 8pm.

No. 617208

I forgot about this. But I guess it's worth mentioning Onion loved it.

No. 617214

How can her hair be so dry and greasy at the same time

No. 617228

remember she said she wouldnt support riot because whatever? what happened that now she wants to do ahri hmm

No. 617229

im sorry but what usagi kou has to do im confused with the reference

No. 617233

Usagi Kou is a batshit crazy cosplayer from the 2000s era whos infamous for her Sailor Moon cosplays and believed that she is the irl Sailor Moon. She is currently skinwalking as 02 from Darling in the Franxx since that's the hottest thing and now considers herself to be the irl 02.

Reason why Momo could be taking a potshot at Usagi is cause there was a huge argument about Usagi being a manipulative and abusive bitch to her guy friend at the time. You can read more about it in the Usagi Kou thread and in one of the past Momo threads.

No. 617234

File: 1545626996270.jpg (693.43 KB, 1920x1080, darling-in-the-franxx-1401.jpg)

Oh, you guys mean the pink girl, right?
idk why people just didn't say the name of the anime before.

You should also note that the cross over with Mariah was her publicly(?) posting the dudes self harm images to prove her point.

No. 617235

>>617207 So for those who missed it yesterday (December 22nd) she announced she would be building a gingerbread house on Twitch today (December 23rd). The screenshot provided by this anon is from her stupid IG story she made a few hours ago. She said she woke up late, and would probably have to push the stream back to 8:00 P.M. her time because she was going to shoot something first.

Low and behold, she's late. If you've been here during the Camversity days, you'll probably put two and two together here - Mariah hates streaming, and makes every excuse not to do it. She also doesn't care that some of her fans probably plan their entire day around catching her live footage, and then she does this. She's almost always late, and she's incredibly unpleasant during streams.

But those neckbeards will love her regardless, and will help facilitate her next Gucci purchase out of sheer stupidity.

No. 617236

Speaking of this, Onion also loved Quiet. Anything that harkens back to the Moo/Onion crossover days really brings a smile to my face.

No. 617244


Oooof I saw her there. She works with my boyfriend And girl looks crusty.

No. 617256

Did she do a stream or did she blow it off?

No. 617262

I wonder how Vamp feels about Moo showing up at her grocery store day job to show off her new purchases. I legit feel like she's low key rubbing it in.

No. 617263

She's been AWOL on instagram all day probably hiding. Usually she's always posting stories when doing her shoots as well but she hasn't posted shit because she most likely woke up, decided she wasn't going to stream, then posted those stories and lied and planned to just stay off the internet. She'll blame it on her shoot going on too long tomorrow and talk about how amazing it turned out.

No. 617264

She's been AWOL on instagram all day probably hiding. Usually she's always posting stories when doing her shoots as well but she hasn't posted shit because she most likely woke up, decided she wasn't going to stream, then posted those stories and lied and planned to just stay off the internet. She'll blame it on her shoot going on too long tomorrow and talk about how amazing it turned out.

No. 617265

KDA happened, everyone's going absolutely batshit over it so of course she has to jump on the bandwagon and cash in. Personally I can't wait to see leaguetards lose their minds over fat Ahri.

No. 617266

KDA happened, everyone's going absolutely batshit over it so of course she has to jump on the bandwagon and cash in. Personally I can't wait to see leaguetards lose their minds over fat Ahri.

No. 617268

She commented on vamp’s post saying she “wants to do this one” instead of calling Akali by her name. Posted on IG about not wanting to support riot, only to delete that and say she wanted to do prestige Akali instead. Maybe she’s changing it to Ahri since she can hide behind a corset whereas Akali is wearing a crop top?

No. 617278

>>617256 She blew it off. Probably ate all of the gingerbread house components after expending so much energy on those IG stories way earlier, and needed to abort from the stream.

No. 617285

she cosplayed ahri before

No. 617286

File: 1545648535486.jpg (112.13 KB, 1070x713, hunniecon-IMG_1452-Copy-1070x7…)

Pic related

No. 617304

Ghosts of Christmas past. God I forgot how awful her Ahri was.

No. 617310

File: 1545662723125.jpg (661 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181224-084514_Ins…)

No. 617311

File: 1545662747415.jpg (746.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181224-084543_Ins…)

No. 617314

File: 1545665222388.jpeg (194.71 KB, 750x1288, 63D509DE-B1AD-4900-AE70-17FA7F…)

No. 617317

Idk if it's just how she paints her lips but it looks like her upper lip went missing.

No. 617320


..her ass isn't up, that's nothing at all what Downward Facing Dog looks like, and that the fuck is she doing wearing those ridiculous tighs with fucking leg warmers?

It's like her actual goal is to fail everything on as many incomprehensible levels as possible.

Also, she's on some fucking new shit if she thinks anyone will believe she does Yoga or ANY of the exercises associated with those kinds of workout clothes.

No. 617322

She's always had chronic turtle mouth, but yes, she follows this horrible tutorial for giving you ~anime mouth~ that does her no favors. Much like the ~lolita gyaru~ pink eyeshadow tutorial she uses 99% of the time, costume colors be damned.

No. 617323

This bitch is high as fuck!! Jesus…

No. 617333

yeah but she said she would cosplay kda akali remember?

No. 617339

How horrible, was this last year?

No. 617340

File: 1545673047694.jpeg (382.42 KB, 1242x1565, A0767007-B07F-4B3B-8971-A8A2F6…)

Comments from >>617311

No. 617343

File: 1545673190102.jpeg (219.5 KB, 1242x796, 582C4CA6-A90E-4221-804B-589B3A…)

No. 617345

She gets dumber the harder she sped out

No. 617346

How did she go through school and, not know, how to use, commas correctly

No. 617348

>buy some jacket online and slap it over a bikini

It's refreshing to know that everyone has this same opinion on her cosplay now. Even other costhots actually try to be accurate and Momo's just reduced to bikinis with one piece of accurate clothing on top as an accessory.

No. 617349

It's hilarious she's trying to defend herself that hard when she proved to even non cosplay/thot fans that this is what she does with Bowsette. An alternate "serious" version never happened.

She argues that it's what she wants to do and people shouldn't care…but the only reason she is such a thot now is it gets her money. Nobody wants to see some middle aged looking loser waddling around as a female Howl, they want to see a middle aged looking loser barely dressed so that's what she will do. She learned from Saber and Beatrice that nobody gives a fuck about her likes.

No. 617351

“I hardly ever buy from a seller” dumbass cunt all your stuff is bought. Why is she always acting holier than thou

No. 617352

remember she went back on her word instantly (like 5-6 minutes later) and said she wanted to do prestige akali

No. 617353


Nothing funnier than seeing her sperg out to defend her garbage tier cosplay. I mean, I get why she keeps lying about building her own cosplays: Because she is an insecure dipshit who doesn’t like the fact that she is a no talent whore who takes her clothes off for money thrown back in her face.

I just would have figured that she would have realized that lying about it doesn’t do her any good.

No. 617355

I also love how yet again instead of spending time with her friends and family, she is arguing and sperging out on total no names and randos on the internet. She really is that much of a loser. For someone who constantly talks about how she doesn’t pay attention to what the “haters” say and that she is “far too successful and busy living her best life to worry about any of that” it seems that it’s what she always stuck doing. Getting in shouting matches on the internet to defend her garbage reputation.

No. 617361

I hope people are excited to see her video she wanted to make when she can’t even do downward dog correctly

No. 617362

Buying something from someone is the same as buying from a seller though

No. 617367

File: 1545680449774.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181225-033922.png)

Mariah with her new hair 1/2

No. 617368

File: 1545680505775.png (875.86 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181225-034000.png)

Then posting a video jiggling her animal ears 2/2

No. 617370

…Her most popular "cosplays" ARE of lewding nonlewd characters ie Wicke, Mei, Chun Li, Velma, ect. She literally just posted that grotesque uncooked chicken looking Chun Li set, and the I'm too fat for my old Mei pants set.

No. 617372

>>617343 A few things about the Tsunade jacket:

A) All she did was purchase green fabric, and ordered a patch to iron onto the back of the jacket once it was completed.

B) Moo was working on this during at least one Camversity stream. She had trouble with basic sewing, so she eventually pretended to get so caught up in the live chat, she couldn't possibly simultaneously focus on the sewing task.

C) Vamp was there doing most of the work off-camera for this wretched Tsunade jacket that made Moo look like The Incredible Hulk once it rested on those wide shoulders.

Her defense arguments are akin to a young boy or girl telling people they baked cookies, when their only contribution was pouring chocolate chips into the cookie dough.

No. 617373

Everytime she gets really passive aggressive , it's pathetic. We all know no matter what, her Howl will be garbage and ignored anyway.

No. 617376

The bright pink eyeshadow returns.

No. 617378

File: 1545681043004.jpg (20.93 KB, 258x322, 1402984129433.jpg)

How the fuck is she shocked over people being scared of her "lewding" Howl when she has a history of doing it to characters who aren't at all sexual, some even underage or coming from children's shows(Velma is totally "in itself lewd already" amright or how about Wario)?? Does she not remember when she was pandering the idea of "lewding" fucking cuphead? She's fucking insane pretending she has standards at this point jfc

No. 617380


Momo dont lie that is literally 78% of the cosplays you shit out. Lewd and implied.

No. 617381

god these extensions man. where's your money, moo?

No. 617382

She was mocking Vamp's ratty set in Japan and now she has extensions

No. 617388

It's a RP account

No. 617390

>Excited about Christmas

never change moo

No. 617392

I know I'm not the only one saving these to bring back up when she does exactly what this guy said she would do and throw a jacket over a bikini.

No. 617398

That fried hair sticking straight out is not a good look. I'm still wondering why she's suddenly buying $1000+ worth of "pet play" stuff though. I thought maybe she was going to get into that fetish but she's still on the feet people.

No. 617400

She's absolutely trying to see what fetish she can milk for cuckbucks next. Now that she has a fresh influx of suckers, look forward to the inglorious debut of her 'custom' fursuit she keeps threatening/teasing us with.

No. 617411


Except literally no one in the foot fetish community is into hoglike women who wear the least flattering tights/shoes/nail polish possible and NEVER clean their feet.

Mariah would literally appeal to more foot fetishists if she replaced them with hooves.

No. 617413

It's because everyone she hates is doing petplay/shibari shoots

No. 617415

>hey mah dudes, don't look at my fried hair
>look at my breasts
>fried hair are temporary
>but my breasts are a bop

No. 617419

File: 1545693026129.gif (5.8 MB, 449x600, CC9403E4-1571-460D-B390-37B8F7…)

merry Christmas Eve! this is what you get!

No. 617420

File: 1545693066088.gif (9.11 MB, 440x600, 5845C92A-81B8-4213-B28A-9AD7AA…)

muh variety

No. 617421

File: 1545693120813.gif (4.31 MB, 415x600, DBA77AEF-88BA-4889-B089-4B00F4…)

can you believe these are four different videos?

No. 617423

File: 1545693154024.gif (2.45 MB, 428x600, 12B5AB7D-5A0B-4049-9583-5F71FB…)

serious cosplayer

No. 617425

Looks like she’s trying to copy that bell delphine costhot. She really can’t ever come up w her own shit