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File: 1542654196111.jpg (193.15 KB, 487x313, poorgma.jpg)

No. 601671

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>595764

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own threads here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>tries to whiteknight sssniperwolf, gets her wide-load featured on livestreamfails
>literally squeezed her fat into forest-kun with a bulging tummy cutout
>other terrible lewd sets published
>gets her IG temp banned bc of gross monokini shots instead of posting on her patreon
>acted tough and not-bother by haters, getting her lawyers to take down IG for banning her bc of "incorrect reporting"
>off now to Japan with Moochlette and dollar-keemstar and definitely not looking for Nigri to stalk

No. 601674

File: 1542654666052.png (1.22 MB, 1107x815, groce.png)

Recent from bts ig

Momo and her yellow fever looking for asian dick

No. 601683

Moo, have you seen yourself? You're a spectacle. Who goes out in full blown drag makeup in the daytime?
Also maybe the girl caught a whiff of your stench and is checking where that smell came from

No. 601687

looks like trashy tourists clashing to me.

No. 601700

To carry on from the previous thread I would think that any discussion of her that calls her a pedo is fairly off topic, incorrect, and wrong. The fact that most of us see the parallel in her actions and creepers should be enough without bullshit.
What Momo knows of Japan could be written on a piece of paper tiny enough to shove up a gnats ass. That said she acts like meeting the farmers is such a high honor. Um no bitch- that's so fucking easy- like Napa Sonoma wine tours where you meet the growers.

No. 601721

Probably a silly question but is she really on Tinder? Or was she joking? I couldn't really tell.

No. 601722

Why wouldn't she of all people? She's thirsty as fuck, is 100% looking for a new Asian boytoy to show off

No. 601724

what if she was actually scrolling through this thread

No. 601727

I was sort of hoping that she was looking at her own pictures. That'd explain the side eye of the stranger.

No. 601734

Please, she's marveling at the sheer size of her. I'm sure its a surprise seeing someone that hulking and greasy in person for tourists and natives.

No. 601747

That's the face of someone lurking lolcow.

You could have left it in the other thread if you wanted people to stop talking about it.

No. 601749

File: 1542664513940.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, DCB00FE3-6C86-49CB-ABD8-BD2701…)

not sure if I should throw this here or in the calves thread but apparently momo lent out…her kek collection of bdsm gear for a photo shoot

No. 601750

I bet those ropes stank.

No. 601754

File: 1542664819621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 394.79 KB, 750x1028, 62E70A61-5EFD-4027-8AC8-70C12B…)

I don’t know if any ropes were involved for sure but the only thing I see so far is a whip? so kinky!

Spoilered bc not moo

No. 601756


Any bets this was part of her pay for slaving away? "sure you do all my costumes and I give you 50 bucks and you can use my stuff. Also swing by, feed and water my cats, clean the box, maybe vacuum. Got all that Antares?"

No. 601765

>bdsm stuff
a few ropes and nothing else

No. 601826

File: 1542676971597.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 0E25DE0C-F83D-44D5-8AB2-4D7E97…)

chief showing momo and vamps phones and saying how the Japanese guys are wild aka insta asking for sex, momo clicks to the picture of her match and says she “wouldn’t mind because he’s cute”

No. 601828

Gaijin hunters will fuck any roundeye no matter how disgusting.

No. 601831

Mariah is “so good” at Japanese yet had to ask him to speak English??? I haven’t taken Japanese in ten years but I knew exactly what he said.

No. 601833

This is 100% just a gaijin hunter, she's gonna get an STD in Japan if she actually falls for this, men are wild. Sex education isn't prevalent and guys like this will fuck anything and beg not to use a condom.

No. 601834

I hope she does fuck some rando Japanese dude and get herpes or worse. She's an idiot and deserves it

No. 601835

File: 1542678404312.jpg (418.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181119-204452_Fac…)

Shes about to lose all her bought fans

No. 601840

File: 1542678821423.jpeg (171.22 KB, 750x1272, 437FC528-20B8-468D-A721-69FA9E…)

obligatory momo is fat joke

No. 601843

For those of us who don't speak Moon runes, what did he say?

No. 601846

>Are you in Osaka?
>Oh, hello!

And you know the rest.

No. 601848

It's going to be really interesting to see what happens with her numbers over the next few days. This is why she was locked out of her account for a while a few days ago. Instagram is making anyone with a suspicious account change their password to verify that their account hasn't been taken over by one of the paid likes/followers apps.

No. 601849


Something to the likes of, “Oh, hello! Are you in Osaka now?” but they’re flipped for some reason on her phone. Correct me if I’m wrong I’m still learning myself.

No. 601851

The only way this is true is if she's only out in the middle of the afternoon during peak transit hours. It's extremely easy to get around tokyo without being shoved in a full car.

You'd almost think she's doing it on purpose to try and get groped. Either way it's not even a funny joke because she just posted a picture of her sitting down on transit so what's the point?

No. 601852

He asks if she's in Osaka, and then says "ah, hello!" in a kind of polite way like he forgot. He's probably trying to seem personable even though he's just trying to get laid.

No. 601863

Or he's into barnyard animals. They do have some weird fetishes over there.

No. 601887

>swipes right on every asian

Same tbh. And if she does hook up she's disgusting anyways.

No. 601890

I mean why is she even on tinder if not to hook up? She’s in Japan for two weeks. Is she looking for long term true love on here lmao

Anyone who is breezing through a country on a visit either isn’t on tinder to enjoy their vacation or they’re on tinder looking for dick/pussy. Why else would vamps and moo be on there

No. 601894

Kek maybe she's trying to nab a Visa kun and start a cosplay career in Japan.

No. 601906

More likely to end up a strung out hooker in some crappy yakuza rip off joint.

No. 601912

I would not doubt it’s to find a connect for something.

No. 601914

moo's not the type of girl who can get a visa-kun. she's too loud, fat and obnoxious for even the most desperate japanese guys to want.

No. 601919

I bet she’s disappointed she wasn’t part of a Chikan.

No. 601923

Real question, but would anyone actually fuck her in Japan? I was under the impression that fat people were looked down upon?

No. 601924

File: 1542693614321.jpeg (652.47 KB, 750x1064, 6EBE56A2-A988-47AF-A820-65DB8A…)

No. 601925

I'm not too familiar but I think Gaijin Hunters aren't too fussed.

No. 601931

Suck that tummy in moo

No. 601933

Being fat is becoming more common and losing a bit of stigma, though its still not the "preferred" size. Just like every country, there are chubby chasers in Japan who like fat girls and fetishize that sort of thing. She's got bonus points for having huge boobs and blond hair. Those "exotic" features make her an attractive opportunity. Additionally, thanks to foreign porn, there's this assumption that foreign women are way more slutty than Japanese girls, so a lot of guys fantasize about having sex with them.

If Moo went to a club, she could easily have men all over her, trying to take her to a love hotel. Because of her size, her race, and because she's on vacation, she'd be viewed as an easy target + easy sex. I know we all like to bash her and a lot of people say no one would ever actually fuck her, but there are a LOT of men who would. Just being foreign and above a 3/10 can get you an endless supply of gaijin hunting dick.

tl;dr yeah, what other anon said. Gaijin Hunters aren't fussed.

No. 601937

moo doesn't have huge boobs.

No. 601941

“Blonde hair” D o you Think maybe she kept it blonde for this reason. If that’s the case why didn’t she get her nasty roots done.

No. 601946

lmao we have tons of pics showing otherwise. thry are tiny compared to the rest of her.

No. 601949

I think anon means they’re huge in a general sense. Like most of us know her boobs are pretty small compared to her body but they’re technically still big alone due to how much fat she had shoveled into them after she got lipo.

No. 601953

if you ever look through doujinshis, the girls are almost always plumped up quite a lot with bellies and shit, I was pretty surprised tbh because I always thought this too

No. 601958

She's probably trying to get tattookun's attention.

No. 601964

Naw he's her back up. Moo's always leaned for a Asian fuck boy. Sensei is a recent because he's there. If she gets even a little attention from a Gaijin Hunter she'll drop any interest in Sensei.

No. 601971

he didn't even use kanji and she still can't fucking read this …

No. 601985

The best part is Gaijin hunters are all sti riddled bastards so if shes dumb enough to sleep with one of those shitheads, shes in for a rainbow of issues all because she couldn't see past her vanity to jump on a micro dick (relative compared to her)

No. 601993

A lot of her stories lately have been going after vamps. Like jesus fuck, it's like this whole trip was to just make fun of her and cuck her. Not that I feel sorry, she's the one choosing to stay.

No. 602004

File: 1542712936466.png (4.5 MB, 1242x2208, 3C3022DC-626E-400C-8F35-21D68B…)

Bought $500 worth of “kimonos”.

Can’t wait to see her desecrate this shit in some lewd shoot. Bring it on mariah.

No. 602008

is she gonna start misusing this phrase like 100 times now

No. 602011

>mentions flexing at all
Yeah she's still reading here.

Watch her wear these once and then lose them in her disgusting unfurnished house.

No. 602023

I still believe she’s desperate for any attention. She wants to live groped in a subway hentai and get scouted for some kind of porny shoot because she thinks she’s that much of a Hentai goddess . This whole trip was some self validation hence why she’s on tinder. Any attention will due for this sad fat cow.

No. 602024


More like stupid flex.
If she wanted to splerg on a real kimono, they're more expensive then that. She probably bought a bunch of cheaper touristy yukatas (hence why she bought so many) and was convinced their high quality. Same with that shitty stainless steel katana she has in her house behind her couch, you can get the same one in Chinatown for like $25 but I bet she grossly over paid for it. Step your game up Moo, your shit's weak. You wanna flex? Show us some real flexing. Waste that money girl.

No. 602032

I can definitely see this. Heavens knows she's run out of guys here to chase down so she probably thinks Japan is a fresh playing field where the guys will just fall over themselves to fuck her.

No. 602038

I was just gonna say! A real.. real hand stitched kimono can range for 500 by itself. It sounds like she bought cheap tourist shit.

No. 602041

they're probably just yukata.

No. 602068

maybe the guys are paying more attention to snaggle tooth vamps and she's a little jealous

No. 602070

I'm pretty sure she's only after sensei as another way to attack Vamps

No. 602081

We have all those pics. Those guys scrolling through her bio with her cherry picked images certainly don't.

No. 602083

>>601924 Is this her new replacement for the hat pose? Gotta tilt her head back to hide that double chin.

No. 602092

yea but anon was claiming they're big regardless.

i don't doubt moo is catfishing right now with her shoop'd cosplay pics.

No. 602094

lol what fucking hentai have you been reading?

No. 602096

There is tons of bbw hentai.

No. 602097

no shit but anon said "almost" always which is entirely not true.

No. 602104

Not trying to argue, but "almost always" is definitely not the case. No shit there's BBW porn, but anon was talking about all indie manga. Anime girls barely have human proportions, let alone chubby proportions. And neither of those translate into wanting moo's lumpy caterpillar body.

No. 602124

I thought the same thing. Like…she said she speaks a little Japanese but she can’t read….that?

No. 602129

File: 1542731622092.jpeg (873.9 KB, 750x1100, 70A6FB07-46F0-4FA8-A2C1-2AA7B3…)

blah blah blah Japan has taught me so many lessons

No. 602134


Was she caught in the middle of a stride or did she really do the thot leg pose to try to pretend she has an ass.

No. 602135

I know she means this specific Inari shrine, but come on moo, if you claim to be a total japanophile and not just a weeb, atleast fucking act like it.

No. 602136


Lol I love this bullshit. She cannot read a single fucking thing written but its UWU SO INSPIRATIONAL…

Stfu Mookunt- you aren't enlightened, cannot read Kanji, spent 500 bucks on overpriced tourist shit and I would tell you how to get a real kimono inexpensive but REDACTED. >>602129

No. 602138

File: 1542732925260.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 5264F908-E0F2-41E9-AD69-6C1A60…)

No. 602143

well i guess this constitutes killing it if you're morbidly obese. weird flex but ok

No. 602146

File: 1542733647652.png (Spoiler Image, 613.9 KB, 568x1176, plump.png)

It's never even marked as bbw, I'm not talking about fucking obese here, just generally plump. Like this isn't your standard thin animu girl body but it's rampant in anything that isn't loli trash.(spoiler)

No. 602148

God, 20,000 steps means 20,000 times her fat thighs have rubbed up together creating enough friction to start a forest fire. I can only imagine the amount of chaffing going on down there.

No. 602151

if you think this is plump then i don't know what to tell you. now stop derailing.

No. 602153

File: 1542734144147.png (95.48 KB, 768x537, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.1…)

Very odd flex especially considering the average person can walk 8 miles in 2-3 hours. She's basically trying to make it seem like she ran a marathon when in reality she just stumbled around for a few hours.

No. 602158

eh, she's wearing leggings, won't be too bad.

No. 602161

File: 1542734994544.png (674.51 KB, 1069x593, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.2…)

>>When you walk on an approach to the shrine, walk to one side of the road, not in the middle. Visitors must not walk in the middle of the approach. This is the sacred path of the deity
I guess I can't fault her too much considering she's so wide she takes up the entire path but I'm certain she didn't follow ANY of the proper etiquette or customs of being respectful at a shrine or sacred place.
Then her leggings must be butchered. That's probably the most activity they've ever seen.

No. 602179

I was gonna say. I thought walking in the middle was taboo

No. 602181

It is. So much for learning SOOOOOO much and being SOOOOO into japanese culture. Took me 3 seconds to look up the customs and etiquette, Momo was far too lazy to even do that.

No. 602182

People have been taking middle diety images here for yeeeears.

No. 602195

File: 1542739597770.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181118-175325_Ins…)


Yeah yet she claims she can speak it a little bit. Real translator there right? Can't even understand grade school Japanese or hiragana but can somehow understand Kanji. I bet she's the type who learns her Japanese only from Anime instead of learning the language the right way.

No. 602198

I mean, learning via immersion is pretty good and once you have definitions and vocab down it's pretty useful, but not for learning it outright now.

No. 602211

Weird flex, but okay. 8 miles is nothing on vacation. 12 miles was a pretty average day for me when I went to NY.

Are you really supposed to be “running down the steps” with your friends in a sacred place? I just imagine some thot waddling down the middle of the shrine, huffing and puffing and making a scene.(blog)

No. 602215


Well..yes, and how many of those are native Japanese people? Guarantee none unless it's a mock/stock photo.

No. 602217

Those people are usually tourists though.

But I mean, who actually expected Mariah to be quiet and respectful at any kind of religious site, I'm sure she'd do a lewd shoot at a shrine if she got the chance.

No. 602220


>50$ worth of matcha powder

god this ignorant ogre. 50 quid's worth of matcha means ONE tin of like 30 grams of /barely/ mid range quality, if you're looking at a decent tea vendor.

a flex would have been a grand and upwards, a passionate spree like several hundreds.


No. 602221


Like every weeb the only Japanese she knows is shit she picked up watching anime.l and is otherwise completely unable to speak or read any of it. This is just her yet again blowing up smoke completely up her own flat non-existent ass.


Nothing pisses me off more than when she does these over the top, overly sappy “omg I learned so much” bullshit essays. She desperately wants be seen as deep and introspective and cultured.

No. 602234

This is the most she’s probably walked in a long time and she’s so darn proud, dumbass.

No. 602273

She's flexing HARD on this because she got made fun of on Insta for being wiped after 7 miles of walking the other day. So stronk, so fit!!!!

No. 602288


LOL, I was in Tokyo all last week. You literally need to no nothing about the language at all. Everyone basically speaks passable or understandable english.(blog)

No. 602292

Bragging about walking less than 10 miles just further confirms that she never gets any decent exercise.

No. 602298

The saddest thing. If she was honest about being out of shape we'd probably not give a shit. No one cares when someone tries to get in better shape.

No. 602301

The saddest part is she literally walked jusy over 1 mile more than that. It's not even that much more but here she is acting like it's way better lol

No. 602310

File: 1542757110364.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, 1536013765135.jpg)

She's going to pat herself on the back about this shit from now on since she was called out for being a fat fuck lmao

No. 602328

Well they'll find out of they go after her irl. Wonder if they can handle a girl with linebacker shoulders.

No. 602330

The cows been weirdly quiet all day. Hmmmm what’s she up to

No. 602331

Can't wait for you to be coked up and unhinged telling us all about it on insta

Look in to your heart anon. You know the answer. It's posed, like everything she posts.

No. 602332

She'll never be honest. I can't wait for the return to gym photos and hiking selfies.

jk she'll be driving around screaming and vaping to eat 5 days of calories at 1am just like before.

No. 602334

Maybe one of the lessons will be to actually try to find out something about another country's people and customs before you visit. Maybe at least read on of those simple "ten things you need to know before visiting …." type articles.

No. 602356

File: 1542766969578.jpg (103.96 KB, 960x720, HomerForeverNothing.jpg)

Image related to Moo's wall'o'text

No. 602386

She's been in Japan idiot. It was like 8AM there when you posted this. Bitch is asleep (not that she had any issue getting used to the time difference since she sleeps at 5am her time usually)

No. 602420



No. 602434

So are moo and her poseur posse going to be in Japan on thanksgiving? So much for her oh so loving family I guess. But what about the rest of the entourage? A bunch of sad pathetic misfit toys for sure.

No. 602462

Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal to every single person, anon. Plenty of people with loving families spend their holiday time off on vacation. It’s a reach a half to say that because they went on vacation for thanksgiving break their families don’t love them. I know we are all out for mariah’s blood but get a grip.

TL;DR: injapantheyllunderstandme.jpg

No. 602463

Mariah's mom is probably glad she doesn't have to make an extra pie all for Mariah.

No. 602464

she literally dont understand how this meme works

No. 602466

When has she ever understood how memes work?

No. 602476

>>602331 Funny you should make a "coked up" reference here.

I was just thinking about how there's such a contrast in styles between Moo's IG stories from Japan, and Moo's IG stories from Nevada. She probably has a few people convinced that her incoherent rants are fueled by cans of Monster, but it seems as though she really is abusing some kind of narcotic. If it isn't coke, then it's probably meth. And right now, Moo is probably going through the closest thing to a detox in ages, which is why we're not getting the usual influx of crazy cat lady hysterical fits.

And yes, there is such a thing as a fat tweaker, for those who don't already know.

No. 602477

I'm who you're replying to, and I think you need to keep in mind how she acted wherever her mommy had to take her (Perucon?). She acted like a little dipshit then too. It's more likely to believe she crushes energy drinks/weed in its various forms/liquor/who the fuck knows then that she's on meth. She loves food more than drugs, or else we'd just have a second Luna thread here instead.

No. 602481

…. you mean adderall? She’s not on meth, c’mon

No. 602512

Omg shes not on hard drugs. Shes a spergy weeb with ADHD who drinks, smokes, and goes in no sleep rants while high or on Monsters. Come on.

No. 602513

We all know noo went during thanks giving so she could binge on kfc and claim she was celebrating it traditionally.

No. 602535

File: 1542822304114.jpg (86.15 KB, 646x799, DsimdEoVAAANB83.jpg)

Someone found her on Tinder in Japan.


No. 602538

>Writes "I speak a little bit of Japanese :3" in her profile
>Tells the dude "English only"

What's the truth?

No. 602545

Omg the Japanese she wrote is SO. BAD. she wrote the kanji and then wrote the hiragana next to it again so it’s just… B A D.

No. 602552

>adderall isn't meth


No. 602555


Still pretending she’s in school then?

No. 602559

Won’t it be funny if she does meet up with a dude and he doubled takes her photo and then her MASSIVE GIRTH

No. 602567


she also said she speaks, rather than understands … that's just such an awkward way to phrase it …

No. 602569

>shoop'd cosplay pic
>tons of photos from far the fuck away
>close up is only upper body

everything about this is embarrassing also, she could just write "english only" in english, most japanese people know enough english to know that much.

No. 602573

not to nitpick but how do you get matched with someone 6000+ miles away isn’t there a limit?

No. 602576

"Can speak" (hanasemasu) is actually the usual way to phrase it, so that's okay, but the spelling mistake she makes that the other anon pointed out (ha-hanasemasu) is embarrassing, but shows she's just as much of a linguistics major in Japanese as she is in English. You'd think she would get the Japanese speaker in the group to check it, but I am guessing she's too proud and for whatever fucking reason think she has any language proficiency.

No. 602577

not with tinder gold, you can place yourself anywhere in the world for so much a month.

No. 602593


Obviously just looking for fuck meat to satisfy her yellow fever. I’m sure she’d love nothing more than to have an Asian fuckboi to parade around as a trophy.

So much for “I’m so much happier being by myself. I’m too busy for any kind of relationship”

No. 602598

Totally. She’s so fucking transparent and desperate. She needs sex to validate her existence. Too bad she didn’t take care of herself. Cuz news flash Moo men like kept women. None of this hotdog BO beast you parade around as.

No. 602599

Maybe. But maybe the fact that your family is wildly dis-functional and your father calls you a whore has something to do with it too.

No. 602615

She won't go through with it. She's got the maturity level of a ten year old and is too chickenshit to hook up irl. Like everything she does she just wants attention.

No. 602616

I know she's on there for dick, but what about her lesbian claims?

No. 602630

Pansexual asexual*

No. 602633

these gaijin hunters won't even want moo when they see her irl. they expect fat white girls to have like M-cup 1kg a piece Pochaco titties. moo is a lumpy mess even clothed.

No. 602636


Gaijin Hunters will fuck literally any roundeye, anon. There is no standard; it's a form of conquest.

Plus, Japan's culture is very deeply attached to the notion of harpooning whales.

No. 602653

What do you expect from a cow who has daddy issues

No. 602655

File: 1542844614411.jpg (507.8 KB, 1075x1186, Screenshot_20181121-185559_Ins…)

Already has plans to come back in 5 months…

No. 602658


She's gonna have the necessary funds in five months?

That's a bold statement, see how it plays out for her.

No. 602663

For someone who makes fun of virgin men all the time she sure wants to be fucked by one

No. 602664

they're the only people desperate enough to stick their dick in her at this point.

No. 602665


I’m calling it now she has stupid ass plan involving cherry blossoms.

No. 602668

There's a con in April, I'm not saying which (no one should) because it's Mariah "lurking is my exercise routine" Mallad, but maybe she plans on cosplaying there. If so then I welcome the inevitable trainwreck.

No. 602670

File: 1542848418906.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 1F80041A-A4D8-4031-8857-FC5AE0…)

No. 602672

For those of us not in the know, what is this referencing?

No. 602673

iirc the gist is, Riot games didn't credit the artists who did the KDA designs for the LOL characters.

No. 602674

Oh so only SHE can steal art… weird flex but ok

No. 602675

Or in our cow's case she realized she'd look worse than Morrigan and can't sneak a forest kun

No. 602676

You won't support a company that mistreats women but you'll continue supporting someone who sexually assaults people

No. 602677

Or that there have been other cosplayers working on it/already did their shoots and she can't outshine them like she wanted

No. 602678

>>602670 I think someone clarified that Riot teams and credit the engineer who created the character not the artist. But seriously though how could you spend all the money then all of a sudden you don't want to do it anymore because of what you found on the internet? At katsucon theres still gonna be a shit ton of K/DA cosplayers regardless. I think shes pulling out because nobody will pay attention to her compared to more prettier cosplayers whos doing the same thing as her.

No. 602679

>Somehow UNLV still shows up even though she's not alum (probably has no dates so the system assumes she still attends? Dunno, probably just spits out last known)
>here's pictures of me in Japan to prove I'm real
>Here's a list of when and where we can fuck while I'm here
>The States.

Also, all this carefully curated Instagram lately is extra flex to get weeb dick.

No. 602680

She said ENGLISH PREFERRED not only, gosh.

It's probably just Google translated anyway.

i started add meds and i already want to stop them, idk how people do this

No. 602681

No. 602682

fuck I don't think I linked to the original account. I saw it originally through twitter, so I just googled the post and that came up on a forum.

No. 602683

>so many awesome peeps!!!
>Literally just her usual group of fuck tards in a different country

She might as well be friends with Mira at this rate.

No. 602684

How can you go to Japan, make your tinder profile all cosplay pictures and weeb shit, throw in a sprinkle bad Japanese, and then throw that out there for all the Japanese people to see and not feel even the slightest bit of embarrassment about it? Sure, Japanese people like that westerners like their culture of whatever, but even this is embarrassing to them. I see girls on tinder all the time here in korea who make it no secret they’re nothing but kpop fetishists and it gives mortifying second hand embarrassment. Moo doesn’t even realize that she looks so stupid to the very people she wants dick from.

No. 602686

I thought it was the original person/team who rigged the entire character (and the character had the least bugs on release) was fired upon release of said character.

Anyway, wasn't she "already commissioning a jacket"?

No. 602688

File: 1542849922880.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, FC472E6D-F260-445C-B7E4-69D3C0…)

No. 602689

Aw did old man tattoo senpai finally lend you his mp3s?

No. 602691

File: 1542850285959.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 6BD5988A-EE73-4BF4-8D41-D19211…)

wait wait she takes it back she still wants to RIOT cosplay

No. 602694

Proof that she literally only wanted to be the only girl doing it not even that she gave a shot about riot at all

No. 602695

i wonder if that's what's playing in her head when she touches people without their consent

No. 602696

Typical moo. Whatever will give her those neckbeard bucks.

No. 602700

Oh, so she didn't actually give a shit after all. What a weird turn of events. Totally not like her.

No. 602702

yup and she’s even deleted >>602670 off her story

No. 602703

in before vamp changes to prestige kai'sa to match her

No. 602718

shes such a pathetic piece of shit. can’t even boycott or put off a cosplay like she always does anyways. i guess it makes sense because she doesn’t care about her female collueges too.

No. 602726

She already said she had commissioned the jacket for the original skin already anyway lmao. She was obviously upset that so many girls jumped on that train and were gonna be done with theirs far before her and look better.

No. 602730

File: 1542862205364.png (2.31 MB, 1125x2436, 288FBAF5-9226-4525-91E2-CAA3D3…)

Wonder if she will try and make her trip coincide with Jnigs again

No. 602733

imagine an alternate universe where moo tries to transition her content into j-vlogs when the lewds fail. is her devotion to stalking nigri really such that she's going to keep going to japan at the same times?

No. 602737

no, i think she is talking about a ex rioter who made a post saying how shit riot is and about how they worked 9 months into akali. but they worked with her rework, not the music video
either way, you realized that would look awful on you and backed down right moo? because if you can lewd children you can sure as hell make akali even with the current events

No. 602738


No. 602749

She had failed being a camgirl this year, failing at being j-vlogger doesn't seem like such a distant reality lol.

No. 602751

i can't imagine her moving/living there, but i can definitely imagining tokyo becoming the new california for her until the betabux truly dry up

No. 602752

File: 1542868492734.jpeg (33.46 KB, 480x360, 86FA0BE6-BCC5-4BDF-A594-4058D7…)

>harpooning whales
Beautiful anon.

No. 602778

File: 1542873915883.jpg (12.6 KB, 480x360, white whale.jpg)

No. 602792

>white whale.jpg

that's "arab/lebeanse/italian/whatever whale.jpg" to you, anon

No. 602829

File: 1542886681988.png (6.47 MB, 1125x2436, B2CDCFF6-69C6-4E54-8C5C-86B2A6…)

Still on that “throw vamp under the bus to thousands of people” kick
What a literal dog.
This is from her story 1 hour ago, Mariah is showing off her perverted doujins and vamps is shaking her head so Mariah points at her and says “you got yaoi!! You got little kid yaoi!!!”
And vamps just looks at her like bitch did you…really just out me as a pedophile lol

No. 602835

You can tell moo is getting bored with this trip now. All she does to entertain herself is just throwing vamp under the bus.

No. 602836

File: 1542888939641.png (4.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5EC92FF7-429F-4ABD-AD00-B96A85…)

I’m embarrassed for her

No. 602838

Imagine when they see her in person compared to that profile picture with pushed up boobs, corsetted waist and flattering photoshop.

No. 602839


I really doubt they would, as other anons have said, there is almost zero chance she is actually hooking up with anyone, she's sexless she's likely just doing it for attention and to feel like someone wants her.

She's gained too much weight anyway. No Asian dick is going to be able to get past her gunt to reach her vag.

No. 602847

was just thinking that, a lot of fat women do this I've seen so many fat family friend mums do this

No. 602851

>momo brags on her mommykink and probably likes doujin with shota and older women since she's already shameless about loli

Best trash friends forever. Momo wouldn't hesitate to throw Vamps into rush hour traffic if it meant she got to waddle away from an oncoming car.

No. 602852

that happened

No. 602855

I suck at IG so I don’t know how to get back to it to cap but she posted a story of her zooming in on a woman with a little child captioned
>I want a pair of these

Gaijin hunters pls wear condoms ok

No. 602856

Wtf is her deal with filming children without their consent? that shit is gross and if she were a man, she'd get into trouble hardcore for that.

No. 602857

File: 1542897865525.jpg (88.3 KB, 1280x720, 1480068666838.jpg)

There's two options:

1. She sees children like pets/animals so it doesn't bother her to film them.

2. Insert comment about her mommykink, willingness to lewd and defend lewding a child, her erotic set with a child character, etc and make of it what you will.

No. 602858

I didn't think Vamp would be into shota but also what a terrible thing to post on your story lmao, how much of a doormat is Vamp to put up with this shit?

No. 602859

anon did you forget that she's a delusional narcissist? Of course she sees them as animals.

No. 602866

File: 1542901974987.png (874.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-22-10-52-08…)

There you go.

No. 602868

She’s talking about the squeaky shoes the kid is wearing

No. 602870

I honestly bet that they said this to be polite. I've met very few Japanese people who will outright tell you something sucks to your face because it's considered rude.

No. 602878

Don't insult Queen you pig.

The only song that describes you is "Fat" by Weird Al.

No. 602880


This. Here it's also rude to say "no" especially outright. She knows absolutely ZERO about Japan aside what she sees in Anime and Hentai.

No. 602887


Can we all stop this autism calling Vamps and Mariah pedophiles when they just have shit taste in fiction aka shota/loli? That’s a serious term and accusation you don’t just throw around without solid evidence of them being predatory towards ACTUAL children and it makes all of us look retarded. It isn’t milk.

In regard to her IG stories, it feels like Mariah is shitting on Vamp more than usual on this trip. How much is she paying for her friendship again…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602888

eww wtf, you think people who like shota/loli aren't pedos? wtf?

No. 602890

Holy shit stop. Are you seriously trying to assert that drawn pedo shit isn't pedo shit? Get the fuck out, anon. Anyone who buys this shit is a pedo because they can easily buy stuff with similar characters that doesn't have literal children in it.

No. 602895


Yeah it's gross but drawn porn is totally different from actually liking real children, I think it's a reach saying someone is pedo if they like shota lol

No. 602896

File: 1542909098567.png (634.13 KB, 565x561, Capture.PNG)

No. 602898

>mentions only Momo

I wonder if the others even got a chance to tell their names

No. 602899

She's doing it because Vamp LITERALLY has nowhere to go to escape her. They're probably in the same hotel/airbnb room (hence the lack of bedroom pictures unless I just happened to miss them) even so it's not like vamp can go off and do her own thing in a foreign country because it's scary.

I would say that Vamp will probably magically be missing from Vamp's life after the trip but now that I've said it they'll cling even more because Vamp needs whatever moo is giving to her.

This is just cringey because you KNOW momo just went 'omg I have SO many IG followers uwu do u do US cons? omg ur so cool I'll shout you out cause I'm so famous'

No. 602900

Are we really going to get into this? It's not, and anyone who says so is a creepy pedo apologist.

No. 602901

File: 1542909861022.jpg (167.07 KB, 900x1200, DsnzjOVUcAAio5i.jpg)

From the same girl as >>602896

No. 602903

She makes inappropriate comments towards children's thighs, was obsessed with 'lolis',which is already gross enough, and takes videos of children without consent, considering all the nasty things she does, would it really surprise anyone if she was

No. 602905

Tbh I think the anon defending her is just trying to defend the idea that women can't be pedos.

No. 602906

Vamps is still reeling from being outed as a little boy liker

No. 602907

Her arm is the same width as her head. Any bets normal customers thought she was a monster girl too based on her face &size?

No. 602908


sorry to interrupt but quick question, just wondering if you guys can take your pointless morality sperg infighting to ot or something instead of clogging up the thread? I know Japan milk has been slow and all but if you gotta fight at least fight about milk that is happening right now and isn’t armchair speculation

On topic:

I absolutely love that mariah is hitting up all the tourist trap overpriced weeb shops and paying out the ass for bootleg shit made for pennies. And buying figures and porn. Of all things to blow your money on.

The doujin (“DO-JUN”) screams “I’m not like other girls, I LOVE porn!” narrative she loves so much. Let’s make a betting pool for how much she will blow on figures tomorrow. Do I hear $300? $400?

No. 602909

Just because she found a legal loophole to indulge in her nasty fetish doesn't make her any less of a pedo just sayin'.

No. 602910

At this point, I think her eye bags are an added cosmetic feature, like they do it in Korea. I mean, she didn't have them before and they are really huge and look kinda artificial? Maybe I'm reaching though.

No. 602911

I wonder if she bought extra baggage allowance with those eyebags

She's always had them, they just got worse

No. 602913

File: 1542911712633.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 9514EF54-F2C1-401C-9646-BFCF4F…)


This figure she’s eyeing alone is $300 so you’re spot on already.

No. 602916

oh goody it can join her 3k dress on the floor

No. 602917

File: 1542912538821.jpg (571.81 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oz28c7UAmg1wgdp08o1_128…)

She's always had massive eyebags like a bloated old Jersey housewife, even in her teens.

No. 602919


Same anon, but I just realized that this is made out of PVC and Polystone, the latter which is a material prone to [redacted]. Part of me hopes she buys it just because she’s a stupid fuck who has no idea how to properly take care of figures.

No. 602920

Those normal legs holy shit

No. 602921

This is insane compared the pics she posts

No. 602923

Poor Moo, she tried to be in her usual semi-flattering side pose and instead got caught in something that exposes how fucking W I D E she is IRL.

So all she's done for her drooling neckbeards this trip is that shitty 'onsen' shoot that Holly and Vamps also did in the same poses and everything eh? What happened to her planned 'kawaii' tiddy shoot with her stupid furry ears?

No. 602926

Japanese politeness aside, there are very few people who'd tell someone who made a fanvideo/fanart/anything of their stuff that it's trash.

Vamps looks empty behind the eyes

No. 602927

Lmao they look like they're 40.

Also Moo's nose looks different in this old picture. Did she get a nose job?

No. 602933

Nah, her nose is just bloated along with the rest of her tbh

No. 602937

While she had an actually human looking figure in this I love that you can see that she's still fat and trying to hide it because bodysuits dont hide waist cinchers

No. 602942

Man, she was barely bigger than Vamps here! If she had just kept her eating in check she probably could have been so much more successful with people who cared only about looks.
Unfortunately she would still be a garbage person.

No. 602953

File: 1542924911764.png (174.97 KB, 985x960, tumblr_ozbyalDe221wgdp08o3_128…)

You'd think after blowing up over 200lbs in the span of 2 years (after being fat in her childhood) she would have more humility and graciousness, but some people are pathological. It's straight up depressing looking at old pictures of her. She wasn't skinny when she first started cosplay, but she had a really cute and legitimately curvy figure. I guess her outside just matches her inside now.

Also somehow I missed that her and Vamps had been friends this long, I thought she only latched on after Mariah got a bit of fame.

No. 602964


That dreaded cosplay…
The laziness never left and never will

No. 602980

I see that she got away with taking pictures at an anime store. While I was down there the workers got very paranoid whenever I grabbed my phone even though I wasn't planning on using it but to check time. But this is Momo we're talkin here as rules don't apply to her.

No. 602982

Momo is a shit friend, you don’t see vamp making fun of her saying how wide or gross she is (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong ) buuuut momo is just such a good friend and has such a sense of humor
News flash honey real friends don’t do that to each other but oh well crash and burn bitches

No. 602984

Ah, the beauty of codependency.

No. 602988

Man if you told me that was Moo’s mom I’d believe you

No. 602989

Middle aged mother tries cosplay to relate more to her children

As for the Vamp thing, a lil before Momo was doing her Diane cosplay she hated Moo. But Vamp clang to momo because she too is a shitty person to be around. Momo was her only option for friendship.

No. 602992

She used to have a decent body shape then. How does she have more patreons looking the way she does now?

No. 602995

Because they see a slob of a woman willing to show them her floppy tits and flat ass, someone they think they have a chance of porking if they give her enough money or shower her with enough false praise.

No. 602997

Moo is literally doing this shit on a constant basis now, like when she purposely took a photo of vamps ugly uneven extensions.

I wonder why Moo is more abusive than normal,this is nothing but speculation but maybe Vamps has been caught by a few gaijin hunters and Moo is probably jealous of the attention, Same thing happened with Camversity.

No. 602998

She couldnt pull this off in the 2000s honestly lol

No. 603010

Seriously, the Queen was born 10 years too early, she would of been raking in the Patreon cuck bucks like Mooriah does if she was doing her thing today.

Vamps is absolutely bagging more Nippon dick than Moo in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if that video from cuck-sensei was actually someone hitting up the ol' Mooch instead of the Moo.

No. 603022

her smile and enthusiasm, gone

No. 603023

at least she didnt show their face this time

No. 603026

vamp has all these cute-ish outfits and moo has the same two pairs of leggings and like 3 tops. what a contrast.

No. 603027

I hope she gets searched coming back in to the country. Too bad she's just a white middle age housewife, so they won't.

Anon pls, her mom has the exact same trait.

>If she had just kept her eating in check

You mean if her mean daddy had been there to do so.

No. 603038

She mentioned buying porn, I’m curious as to what kind because customs will confiscate it if it’s [redacted] but she probably only bought doujin

No. 603042

I doubt customs will confiscate her doujins. What i don't understand is why she gushed over a wicke/guzma doujin when the cover clearly has lusamine on it.

No. 603046


My thought is she is trying to keep circleofcuck away from Vamps. by pushing her around and pointing out her "flaws but uwu just kidding!"…Moo has the jelly of Vamps, no fuckin doubt. This is her treatment of women she sees as a threat in concentrated form.

No. 603050

More like moo is just reverting to her natural obnoxious bully personality without her drugs to keep her in her usual manic fog. She might also be a little resentful now that she is semi sober and is starting to realize how much this super flex is costing her. I means she's got to pretty much be paying for everything right? Her band of hobos doesn't have any money.

No. 603053

She seems to have that mind set of
>"I gave you money now we HAVE to be friends and I get to treat you how I want"
>"I'm a good person cause I gave you money and you'd be worse off without me"
>"Did I hurt your feelings? I'll buy you this $$$ item and you'll hate me less"
Moo is hotdog in week old water that likes to rinse, recycle and repeat.

No. 603055

>inb4 shitty treatment of vamps attributed to "muh adhd"

Honestly, I dont feel bad for Vamps in the least because she chooses to stay around this bullshit and keeping being friends with Moo, even knowing the type of person she is. Moo bucks and Japan trips are worth more than her dignity and self-respect.

No. 603070

File: 1542953418630.jpg (173.48 KB, 1080x1350, 44774043_277845889584270_68346…)

gotta love how the version of this pic that moo posts she picks one where vamps looks kinda fat… guess she couldn't find any where she thought she looked thin enough so decided to drag ol moochlette yet again

No. 603072

That's a bit of a reach. Vamp is wearing a big jacket, that's not Momo's fault. Though you can compare Momo's legs to everyone else.

No. 603074

maybe you're right… maybe the jacket's throwing me off a bit lol but in tandem with that black shirt which is not doing her any favors at that particular angle and pose

No. 603076

File: 1542955215972.jpg (119.24 KB, 565x302, damn-thats-a-huge-bitch.jpg)

No. 603078

kek Anyone else notice she's so heavy she's leaning on that chair just to hold that pose?

No. 603079

100% she has to be in the front but appear as short as the kawaii desu she's standing next to

No. 603114

At least collette is standing somewhat normally. Besides the masked person why do the other two have to essentially crouch? It’s annoying as shit. Just stand as your normal height ffs

No. 603116

File: 1542969917324.png (4.59 MB, 1242x2208, 20F27AD0-504A-4195-BA84-6D6EBB…)

Stories updates since I’m the only one seemingly in her time zone:

>went to the square enix cafe looking rough

>said she was thankful for sexy boys and her patrons (because they funded this shit show and her splurges)
>vamps one some sort of coin machine prize (worth $1) for moo and moo made a whole story sarcastically going “collette is spoiling me! How can someone love me THIS much! Daaaaqmn gurrrlrlll I’m so sPOILED!!!” Basically implying vamps is broke and it’s all she can afford when moo drops $500 on fake kimono
>vamps is wearing a stupid weeby mask, not a real one Asians wear to prevent pollution or germs
>bought ¥17,280 worth of gay porn doujin after making fun of vamps for buying yaoi just yesterday (pic related)
>brought luggage for all the weeb porn they bought to carry around
>goes to a cafe that has the best burgers she’s ever eaten
>one hour later posts a story with more food (noodles this time) in front of her saying happy thanksgiving
>it’s not thanksgiving anymore in America
>story of her loudly whining and crying on the street as they walk home at night
>no sign of tattoo-kun

No. 603123

well, the Japanese celebrate thanksgiving on friday (today) so I guess she's wrong, technically

No. 603127

*not wrong jfc

No. 603131

It's so that fat cow can sort of hide her wide body frame and give off the illusion of being small

No. 603133

>story of her loudly whining and crying on the street as they walk home at night
>no sign of tattoo-kun
Probably getting some jap manko

No. 603135

File: 1542975854480.jpg (206.35 KB, 983x871, why.jpg)

Is she ok? Why is she stabbing those boxes?

No. 603139

>edge level 1000
I hope her luggage cases get lost at the airport

No. 603147

I wonder where Tattoo kun is.

No. 603150

She bought how much worth? Shit is usually like 7 up new and I've ordered stuff for 200y multiple times. Maybe she bought doujin art books

No. 603151

It's like roughly 170-180 right? I think my sleeping pill added an extra number so I read it as thousands of dollars not hundreds fml

No. 603153

Does she not realize theres extra content under that fucking label like? Why do this to begin with jesus, those boxes are great to keep when you need to pack them the fuck back down again for moving or just when the shame finally gets to you and you realize what degenerate weeb you've been. (Or to sell them when your thot career tanks)

No. 603158

Who gave the special needs child a knife

No. 603161

She's going to know it when she needs to pack it up when she leaves and loses stuff

No. 603170

Good riddance to the re-sale value, if the figure doesn't include the box or the box is ruined the price drops immediately. I can't fathom why she would do this, she' s just so stupid.

No. 603171


Of course she doesn't know that anon- She only buys the cheap ass knockoffs of any figurine!

I have to ask honestly if shes going to have to pay an assload of taxes on this shit when she lands back in the states. I'm sure she's spent enough to have to declare it. That might be fun watching her ass pay taxes for the first time ever.

Circleofcuck probably tied to the bed so he can't find someone better than moo while shes out flexing…Like a water buffalo or something.

No. 603172

Honestly vamp tends to put a lot of effort into her appearance and outfits (or at least compared to momo), I wonder how much luck she would have with gaijin hunters ?

No. 603173

To destroy the resale value of it being in the original box, i.e. being a huge edgelord for no fucking reason.

She can't even read Japanese, granted it's not entirely necessary for porn but what's the point?

No. 603174


Because she has to cultivate an image of being sexual because she herself has no sex appeal or sexual presence.

No. 603176

File: 1542988208069.jpeg (692.75 KB, 750x1091, E2E896AC-1FED-4F19-9FA9-A25917…)

No. 603177

I hope the figures break, fat cow

No. 603178

Considering what little care she puts into anything, I'm guaranteeing at least one or two break. Hopefully the most expensive ones lol.

No. 603179

She must be taking them out of the boxes so they fit in her luggage. But still, she could break them down and flatten them, so she could reassemble them after. Rather than, you know, stabbing them and destroying their collector's value.

I just imagine their airbnb host seeing all these expensive figurine boxes in the trash and thinking "dumb fucking weebs."

No. 603180

"throw away the boxes"
for a so-called weeb she's such a fucking normie it's almost painful to watch.

No. 603181

I doubt any of them know how to sort their trash either

No. 603182

File: 1542988928697.png (750.1 KB, 599x599, e3fb3384b31a9b678ea7a7e7b8c6c9…)

I love how she's trying to act like she bought more by having the some of the figures out of the boxes but some still in.

Also I know it's a weeb thing to buy figures in Japan but I cant help but see this as skin walking again because she keeps going the same places as Nigri either says she's going it's actually becoming terrifying. I honestly cant tell if she loves Nigri or if she's trying to flex on her at this point?

She's got several more days why does she have to go the same place and buy the same shit as Jess within 24 hours?

No. 603184

Anon alll she’s cultivating is mass

No. 603185

File: 1542988997760.jpeg (550.1 KB, 750x848, 36272573-ED93-41F7-9CEF-7AA05B…)

dropping a picture of some of the figures. the random miku throws me off

No. 603186

When’s this bitch ever watch one piece.

No. 603189

She probably picked the figures that she's either:
a)familiar with
c)looks hot

No. 603190

lmao at the backwards wrists on that lala - knuckle dragger edition
even in japan she cant resist the bootlegs huh

No. 603193

The person she responded to never said anything about reselling… in fact I don't think anyone did except for on here… lurk much?

No. 603194

Nb4 she starts sperging about one piece or about how that mermaid girl (forget her name) is her new “dweam cosplay uwu”

No. 603196

Kogitsunemaru doesn't deserve this … I hope she overpaid for a bootleg

No. 603197

File: 1542990174318.jpg (859.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181123-102124_Ins…)

Looking just oh so scrubby in the top she's worn most of the days here. You can almost smell the BO here. She can't even clean up in one of the most iconic countries.

No. 603198

Why the fuck are these figures so random? Why on earth did she buy a Kogitsunemaru figure? Because of the sword boys x saniwa porn? I don't get how random her flexing is.

No. 603200

Very possible, but keeping the box for potential resale is one of the most important and basic things about collectibles so it might be concidence.

None of these make sense kek, can't wait for all the small parts to snap off in transit because she threw the boxes away though.

No. 603202

Vamp loves it so I’m sure she’s seen some

No. 603204

I’m torn.

On the one hand, Mariah destroying those boxes has finally done what I thought was impossible. It has triggered me in some deep, horrifying way. The mere thought of her throwing away all the boxes and not even flattening them is making me agitated where I sit.

On the other hand, we know that shit is all bootlegs so it wouldn’t sell for much anyways.

On the other OTHER hand — if they were legit then I hope she does destroy the boxes because even though she claims she will never change and this isn’t a phase, one day she WILL grow out of animu and she’ll want to offload that shit and it’ll go for pennies for what it bought.

“But these were bought directly from Japan! They’re worth more!”

No. 603206

seconded. i actively WANT her to grow out of this weebshit phase only to watch her wail and throw an instagram temper tantrum about how she can't sell her Legit™ Japanimu Figures Bought In Japan™ because she was such an impulsive stupid piece of shit she stabbed the boxes and threw them away at the first chance she got.

No. 603210

I think she'll stay a weeb for a while longer – she's going to be doing full porn soon and that will be her gimmick.

No. 603212

moo seems the type who will throw all this stuff out when she gets bored of it and regret it later when she needs money.

No. 603214

they're probably all going to break. moo should just ship her shit over like a reasonable person or pay for extra luggage.

also i'm betting she already tossed out some extras, like stickers that are usually tucked away with the instructions.

No. 603216

the funny thing is (as most people know) figures are MUCH cheaper in Japan than buying them anywhere in the west. You can buy full 1/8 scale figures for the US equivalent of $5 because a piece of finger is broken off or it doesnt have the box.

No. 603223

It's not a bootleg. It is official. It's just a weirdly posed figure as its meant to be posed on something else

No. 603227

File: 1542997245164.jpg (20.93 KB, 501x879, 712RqLYzeJL._SY879_.jpg)

i stand by my opinion of its terrifying hilariousness and if it really was the official one the right arm should be straight

No. 603246

Why doesn't she just ship them home? Or buy a second suitcase (since you know she didn't bring enough clothes to require more than one)? Most people I know bring an empty suitcase with them if they know they're going to shop a lot.
Also, do you think she actually enjoys the porn or did she buy it to keep up the "I'm not like other girls, I get off to hentai!" persona?

No. 603250


Fuckingn lord. She looks like an actual sweaty fat neckbeard who spends all day jacking off to hentai. She is literally the female embodiment of her fans.

No. 603258

There's nothing sexy about a greasy, unwashed 23-year-old woman rifling through (most likely gross) hentai. If she put effort into her appearance and wore clothes that flattered her, she may get the attention from Japanese nerds that she wants. But instead she's just a fat slob who skinwalks someone thinner and more attractive than her.

No. 603267

File: 1543005894868.jpeg (53.83 KB, 598x457, F869ABA5-7252-4C56-AED2-32B0F2…)


>she’s such a fucking normie she just buys a ton of figures, most of which she doesn’t play/watch/read

>destroys the boxes instead of flattening them and immediately devalues their worth by 50%
>gets the Kogitsunemaru scale without ever mentioning a fucking inkling of Touken Ranbu
>really bought the Play Arts Sephiroth figure which is $150-200 depending where you get him so how the fuck is she going to pack his small parts without losing them if she’s just going to annihilate the fucking box
>I can spot that at least 3 of those figures are shitty bootlegs

As a collector, I am… beyond triggered.

No. 603271

Looks like she forgot to tape her face. And now shes got these gross bulldog jowls dangling everywhere. Her face looks like its melting off.

No. 603274

I'd bet money she won't declare any of it.

No. 603278

USA doesn't have customs fees really so there's no issue really.

No. 603284

do you think maybe she thought it was something else? like Inuyasha? she's dumb enough, I wouldn't put it past her …

No. 603287

Japan has very strict piracy laws, it's actually pretty rare to come across bootlegs there, even in weeb tourist traps like Akihabara. It's just official merch that looks shitty. Some of them are bottom of the barrel, inexpensive second hand figures. The Jeanne one for example is worth like 10 bucks and it's a prize figure, they always look like cheap crap because that's what they are.

The box thing especially triggers the fuck out of me. afaik that Heaven's feel Sakura figure is actually pretty expensive (runs for around $200 in a good condition) and she just goes and throws away the box absolutely destroying the reselling value, wraps it in clothing and stuffs it in the luggage. What the fuck? That one has fragile parts that snap in two when you cough at it a little too hard. For such a die-hard fan she has no respect for the stuff she buys. They're simply props for her.

>Also, do you think she actually enjoys the porn or did she buy it to keep up the "I'm not like other girls, I get off to hentai!" persona?
I have no trouble believing that she actually likes nasty porn due to her hypersexual nature and daddy issues but she definitely flaunts it to be a "cool girl" in the eyes of her neckbeard fans.

No. 603289

She bragged about reading manga that featured hardcore rape/torture of minors, and encouraged others to read it on illegal/pirated sites even though it made them uncomfortable (and then preached how you should support official sites)

No. 603293

It just goes to show she's not even a legitimate collector. Just copying everyone with the nerd girl persona once again- thinking if she spends big money she is legit as usual.

No. 603295

She fits right in with all the other unwashed neckbeards.

Why touken ranbu? Why miku? so much of this is so random

No. 603298

like all of these figures are going to break! i have the sakura and afaik you can't remove the branch she's holding.

No. 603303

Vamp shows in her story that sephiroth was a gift for her. Doesn't look like vamps was destroying the boxes.

No. 603314

That's how she is. Once she buys a thing she immediately stops caring about it. Acquiring it is what gets her off. After that, meh, move on to the next thing she wants.

No. 603317

So lemme get this straight within hours of us mentioning she's fucking over these figures for resale. She's bragging about not caring?

No. 603328

She lurks here godspeed anon, can't even stay away during a damn trip. She's such a dumbass though. "I just like them to like them. uwu" I'm rolling. She's such a poser.

No. 603332


"I just like them to like them" is such a dumb fucking thing to say, when the designers KNOW that collectors keep the boxes, and in many cases design the boxes AS A PART OF THE ITEM.

No. 603336

Moo is like a lot of spoiled brats from fucked up families. The only way her parents could control her even a little bit was buy giving her things and then taking them away. So her whole idea of self worth and control is based on getting things. She doesn't really care what it is. It has no value once she gets it. Getting it means she wins. She doesn't buy collectibles because she's a collector or a fan. She buys them because she WANTS THEM RIGHT NOW MOM YOU BITCH. They will end up neglected in the garbage bin she calls a home along with all her other things. Including her cats.

No. 603340

File: 1543019685490.jpeg (157.79 KB, 750x1010, ABFEF55A-43D2-4737-97D6-2839C8…)

No. 603342

>Moo is like a lot of spoiled brats from fucked up families.

she's not just like that, she is that.

No. 603343

literally everyone i know keeps the boxes, even people who buy multiple (to display and to keep mint) don't fucking toss the boxes. moo has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 603344

samefag, but they are all likely going to get ruined anyways. i've never heard of anyone telling you to wrap figs in clothes like this. stuff like cosmetics or non-delicate things sure, but things like the sakura or things with small points will be broken if you touch them wrong. ffs moo get your head out of your ass. imagine flexing this hard yet being too cheap to actually ship your expensive purchases over like a normal person.

No. 603346

File: 1543020464949.jpg (49.64 KB, 1080x262, 20181123_164644.jpg)

They're finally beginning to become aware. At long last.

No. 603361


Continuing to be a cunt as usual.

No. 603364

…. Does she not know how to open boxes?

No. 603368

Most people who buy boxed figures in japan ship them back to their address in boxes, but Moo just ruined all chances of that. they're worthless without the boxes.

No. 603370

Theory, but her current weeb phase may be an insult to herself.

She wasn't a nerd at all when she was athletic and attractive and seemed to resent and hate the "fat anime nerds."

Sometimes I wonder when she started gaining weight she decided she may as well be a fat nerd. Why she stopped caring about herself, because self care is saved for skinny people. The self hate is obvious remembering her past of fat shaming.

And yes I know, because being a nerd is giving her cash. But you know she resents what happened to her.

No. 603377

>>603370 I think you're on to something. If I may, I want to modify it a little.

I think she attempted to embrace geek culture because she lacks self control. She's an impulsive shopper, and a high volume eater. Many of us wonder how hard she goes whenever she decides to get inebriated.

Under the guise of geek culture, she can get away with wanting to try out numerous trendy restaurants. She can run up her credit cards by buying shit that doesn't directly impact her life in a meaningful way. And she can sit around pretending to love anime and video games because "I own it or know about it, therefore I must love it more than anyone else on the planet".

It's amazing how a person could constantly go through so many phases and changes, and not improve her shitty personality by one iota throughout the entire process.

No. 603379

Agree 100%, plus the geek fan base is largely antisocial men (nice guys, incels, neckbeards and those alike) and those type seem to be drawn to Momo like a moth to a flame. Easy target I guess. If Momo can get male attention AND stuff her face and be a slob then she's happy.
Plus not too sure what this anon >>603370 means by "you know she resents what happened to her". What happened to her besides being a selfish gluttonous cunt?

No. 603383

>"you know she resents what happened to her"

I'm interpreting anon to mean that she resents her weight gain. Not that Moo was ever skinny, but relatively speaking she used to be more shapely whereas now she's a frump even with access to liposuction.
While she lavishes in the fact that she can now binge and buy excessively while still receiving fat geek male attention/bux, she also hates that she's become the very person she used to hate. Due to the cognitive dissonance she makes tongue in cheek jabs and roasts about her appearance, but yet that's just a mask to hide the shame and guilt she feels deep down.

No. 603387

File: 1543027599824.jpg (337.52 KB, 1080x1440, 20181123_183947.jpg)

Someone else responded to that. Fuckin' BURN! Posting it before she takes it down lol

No. 603388

File: 1543027667252.jpg (311.35 KB, 1080x1366, 20181123_184008.jpg)

Part 2

No. 603389

File: 1543027669199.jpeg (42.97 KB, 500x300, CE9A8032-31F9-4B0C-B045-4AEE73…)

No. 603392

File: 1543027839958.jpg (59.82 KB, 1080x307, 20181123_183931.jpg)

Another guy saying something similar on her main account.

No. 603393

Man, if I were a patron I'd drop her, posting videos of her stabbing boxes to be edgy is like "hey this is what I think about all the money you donate to me gaiz!!!"

No. 603394

>all those crocodile tears from the weeb patreons
Oh well, give her more money! The state of these cucks I swear.
I don't feel sorry for people who had no problem stuffing money into her eye bags to use at her disposal up until she stabbed a precious waifu box.
It's fucking hilarious because her misuse of the patreon money was fine for some up until she ruined the packaging of literal toys.
I'm not sure who's more immature.
>bawwww people with money they didn't earn don't care about an item's value!!1!
Yeah, they fucking don't. Stop. giving. patreon. thots. money.

No. 603404

File: 1543029125588.jpg (600.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181123-191134_Ins…)

Is this one of us?

No. 603414

Your icon is showing, anon.

No. 603415

Fuck I remember when we were making fun of her for being fat back then and for wearing things that weren't her size. She looked like a totally normal human being compared to now.

Tbh I always thought that Vamp and Moo were tight since day 1. I remember seeing a picture of their shitty Mew and Mewtwo "kimono" cosplays in some cosplay feature and that was from 2 or 3 years ago.

No. 603423

Wonder if she's gonna take time to delete comments like this again lol

No. 603428

This whole Japan flex and all her other flex's always make me wonder what her real earnings are. We know her friends boost her paetron numbers in exchange she do the same. At her prime she was making 10k a month but we know that isn't the case anymore. She's either spending everything she makes every month, racking up some serious debt or most of her flexes are cheaper than she wants everyone to believe.
I'm sure some day we will know. Or perhaps this is why she hasn't been sucking the fat from her body or skin treatments lately.

No. 603451

As a figure collector, like other anons, the box shit triggers me thoroughly. Yes, keeping boxes let’s you keep the figures value high. But most collectors don’t buy figures they want with a PLAN to sell it down the road. I have figures of characters/series I LOVE and I STILL keep the boxes for moves/nostalgia/etc. the fact that she is willing to destroy the boxes in some weird, retarded “flex” proves she doesn’t legitimately give a fuck about the figures.

If anything it means she cares even LESS about them because now they’ll probably get absolutely destroyed on the trip home. I can’t wait to see those IG stories tbh.

No. 603452

File: 1543037513156.jpeg (371.49 KB, 750x858, 3BFA4757-2246-4364-8698-61E16B…)

No. 603454


No. 603456


>sets the bidet to "deep clean tsunami strength"

>still smells like hotdog water and poseur

No. 603458

File: 1543039206751.png (5.32 MB, 1242x2208, 10E3E818-3939-43D0-B252-A37414…)

I’m not even a collector, but yikes…

No. 603459

I understand not keeping the box perfect because sometimes shit happens. But still like, a knife? Really? Why risk any chance of damaging the figure and the contents? Like way to show how much you care for your shit that your fans paid for you

No. 603460

I'd say she's spent about $4k on this trip
Flights can get to as low as $600 round trip from Vegas but assuming she didnt shop THAT smart she paid $2100 (if she ACTUALLY paid for the total of all three of their flights but I'm willing to bet she told them she'd help them pay tbh) She was originally claiming to have gotten first class tickets which was proven to be false.
Between food, board, and the figures she's bought she's at MAX around 2k on that. She got a couple of 'nicer' figures but quite a few of them are 'big but cheap' (example being the Sakura Miku she got was pretty common and I've seen it going for as little as $40usd and the one piece one was only $85 on release so she was most likely able to get it for even cheaper since POPs dont seem to retain their selling price despite being large fairly well made figures)
I'm willing to bet their airbnb situation is really cheap (tbh most tokyo airbnbs are pretty inexpensive) and cramped hence why we only got pictures inside of the place after an anon brought it up and you can see it's small since they dont even seem to have a table for her to have posted her 'haul' on. Otherwise she would have flexed about how 'omg beautiful' her airbnb was.

No. 603463

She also has that "Onsen" shoot and she probably eats about $100 a day and probably paying for Vamps and tattoo kun too. And all those trips to places all over.
and probably gave money to Tattookun to go to Soapland

No. 603464

The tops of these boxes just flip open. Theyre sealed by a little sticker. Why flex with the knife like that????

No. 603467

Everyone knows moo just likes pissing everyone off. She lives to trigger. I personally feel no trigger cause I kind of hate tacky plastic figures, but I still rolled my eyes at why she did it.
“Durrr hurrr I have so much disposable income that I’m going to risk stabbing this overpriced piece of plastic I just bought cause it will upset people that actually like these things!”

No. 603468

But she's the first to call foul like a whiny cunt when people deliberately piss her off.

No. 603469

I feel like this is her version of a “Jeffree Star” flex. Since she can’t cut up a Chanel purse with a giant hot knife, she’s taking a kitchen knife to a plastic toy box.

I feel like this is another perfect opportunity for her to become a bad meme.

No. 603470

This, not only the boxes keep the figures in mint condition, some boxes have nice designs, even with just the logo a collector would keep the boxes for nostalgia reasons, if they display the figures they'd flatten the boxes.

Moo is a poser through and through, can't wait to see her display the figures with broken/missing parts to flex on IG.

No. 603471

If hey figures break, she's not even going to post them. Calling it now, we're only going to see a fraction of the figures she's posting now because they'll get damaged in transit and she wouldn't want to give us the satisfaction about being right on what should be plain common sense

No. 603474

Wasn't she supposed to do some lewd sushi shoot with the ears and tail she got while she was there?

No. 603505

Basically this. She's just showing off how much money she's making and how little she cares about the property, and also destroying things people like is a power trip for her. Throwback to her "I will lewd all your waifus lmaooo" instastories. Of course the figures are just "stupid overpriced plastic" but the original model is sculpted with extreme care and each figure is carefully handpainted, they're tributes to how much fans like the series. The Heaven's Feel Sakura especially is a pretty exclusive, detailed figurine that a lot of Fate fans would love to have and she just goes and stabs the fucking box to flex on social media. The anon who said she just buys stuff on an impulse and forgets about it the moment she posts photos on IG was spot on.

No. 603512

Not to mention, as another anon stated, she probably just left all that trash behind at the AirBNB.

Japan is super strict on their recycling, so the host of their apartment is probably going to have to go through all that trash and separate all the plastic pieces from the card board. I hope they get charged extra for leaving behind a mess or throwing stuff into the trash that doesn't belong. Japan recycles EVERYTHING almost.

No. 603514

yes, she was. unless the seller didn't give her the items for deleting her comments on the auction post

No. 603515

Pretty sure she posted a video of her actually receiving the items. Here’s to hoping she totally forgot about them and didn’t even pack them

No. 603519

Yikes, you're probably right. I doubt she took the time to take any trash with her or cared about what she left behind, when she could have easily flattened most of those boxes in her own luggage. Poor host.

She deserves to get dragged on IG

No. 603539

I don’t think she got around to shooting them but she did take them, vamp was wearing them in a story

No. 603566

She went on this trip with the promise of doing SEVERAL shoots finished and she got ONE very bland badly shooped one that she could have gotten done in America done where two of her friends did the same shoots. So either she's gonna rush a bunch of shoots when she gets home within the next few days WITH jetlag or she's gonna drop even more patreons

Also a bit of tinfoil: I think she dropped a bunch of patreons with her figure buying and is hiding it with her usual fake accounts. She went from 815 backers down to 810 the next day only to jump back up to 816 and she hasnt been posting or promoing anything about patreon.
You dont really see any other costhot's stuff jumping around like this from day to day ESPECIALLY if they're not posting patreon promos

No. 603587

If those guys who commented were patrons, it's likely they dropped. I think that stupid post was the straw that broke the camels back for many of them; she claimed that this trip was to do a bunch of shoots but she only did one and spent the rest of it spending their money while they got no content. She is truly stupid about this kind of thing. It doesn't even appear that she tried to do more shoots, I don't think she ever planned to.

No. 603615

File: 1543093667455.jpeg (1021.5 KB, 1242x2278, E203CF48-60F3-4564-95DE-43CD22…)

She got rid of the community tab on her patreon… guess she couldn’t keep up with deleting people’s complaints

No. 603622

Proves she was bleeding patrons again.

No. 603625

File: 1543096480558.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.02 KB, 417x412, 68C872D9-D4D6-4494-838C-0B8192…)

Stay classy, Moo.

I think this too. If (when) any figures are damaged in a way that can’t easily be disguised in pictures she’s going to act like they never existed. At some point we’ll probably see parts of them poking out from the many random garbage heaps strewn around her house.

No. 603631

Its there but only for patrons.

No. 603633

Now it makes sense why she pushed delivering rewards to the end of the month. Not just because other thots do it, but so she could rush sets by the time shes back from Japzn.

Scummy cunt.

No. 603634

File: 1543097945258.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 55CC75F9-0825-43CA-B0FF-080F06…)

No. 603645

She's got some nerve considering she was extremely loud and rude in Japan.

No. 603658

Its an airport what did you expect? Im sure the one in Japan wasn't magically silent.

No. 603673


Depends. The one I usually fly out of can be a bit noisy, but it's NOTHING compared to Seoul and LAX.

No. 603675

Compared to the clusterfuck that LAX is, it actually is, anon.

No. 603682


The audacity of this bitch complaining about anywhere being loud when she regularly posts videos of herself screeching, ree-ing, and throwing shit across stores. Shut the fuck up.

No. 603757

She doesn't even have to throw it out, her snagged trash can will be given it. Uwu such a great friend

No. 603798

If Japan ends up being her downfall I will kek all day long

No. 603800

File: 1543120285868.jpg (5.37 KB, 225x225, 1x9r18.jpg)

No. 603802

File: 1543120648479.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, 1542652084983.jpg)

This isn't even a flex, the hentai doujins are mostly dirt cheap and I recognize some of the stickers and packaging off the keychains and other figurines - she very likely went to bookoff where you can buy pre-owned figures and other fan goods.

Her going to bookoff may explain why everything seems so random.

No. 603863

File: 1543133539074.png (40.98 KB, 241x86, high.PNG)

No. 603865

Every clear bag item is second hand. If it's not bookoff, it's just some other shop(s).

No. 603880

The only way Moo can get fucked is a setting on a toilet tbf

No. 603892

I'm not sure if I'm the only one thinking this but the big trip was way less milky than I anticipated.

Yes, the figure thing is great since more neckbeards are catching on to her reckless spending and seeing her as a poser but otherwise not much came of it. When she travels somewhere shit hits the fan so I'm surprised by this unusually tame trip. Hell, I'd come here while she is at con and be an entire thread behind from all the posts. This time, not so much.

Back to business when she returns home no doubt though.

No. 603913

I feel like she was kept really tamed by tattoo kun, there was one story where he was like “Mariah what have we learned about traveling?” And she zipped her lips implying she’s learning to shut the fuck up.
With all the zen stuff the guy spouts I’m sure he’s trying to be a good influence on her.

I’m just waiting to see how little interaction she has with these people once they get back…being in close quarters for days can make even your favorite person annoying af to be around.

There’s a reason vamps moved out, if the past weeks of snaps are indication of what it was like then omg. Nobody can take THAT much scapegoating.

Also, not too many anons cared but I think the milkiest part was that she did EVERYTHING Nigri did within days or hours of her doing it, you can tell she was watching her story (probably hate-watching at this point. Being rejected by the person you’re obsessed with does a number on the psyche) every day trying to do everything she did but looking 10x cringier and more disgusting.
I’ve never really kept up with Jessica but the more I do, the more I see where every single facet of moo’s personality came from. It’s bizarre.

No. 603970

File: 1543157812991.jpeg (20.62 KB, 640x368, 55FBAF89-9515-44E5-85C9-E1B1F4…)

Moo has literally turned into a neckbearded skin walking stalker of Nigri.
Can you imagine having a greasy obese fat haggered woman literally trying to follow all around Japan and dressing up just like you.
A literal horror film.

No. 603976

Shes deleted the picture of her weeb purchases off her Instagram. I guess her fans were just as triggered by her treatment of figures.

No. 603994

She's still inept at public relations since there is a screenshot here and people will notice while she will make no statement as to why she did. Just incriminates her more at being insecure.

No. 603997


I bet some of the pieces got broken as many anons suggested, and she realized this when unpacking. If she deletes the photo with them, everyone will forget what a big deal she made about buying them, amirite

No. 604004

That and Mooriah didn't have access to her holy trifecta of Adderall, weed/edibles, and cases upon cases of Monster. So instead of her usual REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE manic self, we got to see her petty, bitchy core behind all of the stimulants she abuses.

No. 604018

File: 1543166447653.jpg (1.99 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181125-091832_Ins…)

It's been more than two weeks for unhealthy eating

No. 604025

can't wait for her to post a snap of her eating 3 people's worth of food and K BBQ place tonight.

No. 604030

>>604025 inb4 moo starts doing mukbang videos for her feeder cucks to make cash. She was already almost there on camversity.

No. 604032

Someone needs to shoop moomoo and Nigri's head onto these for the next thread pic. The similarities are too good to be true.

No. 604038

All she has are salad makings. This is the classic "I'm gonna eat better" cart in which the person just assumes salad is god and they'll totally eat salad all the time.
Of course the mushrooms are for her homemade KBBQ which is likely what she'll eat all the time

No. 604043

she also has TWO kinds of dairy alternative milks, and you know that shit is full of sugar … (also wtf are grass fed eggs? I grew up on a farm and chickens don't eat grass, COWS eat grass, chickens eat bugs and seed)

No. 604046

Yeah she needs to be buying the unsweetened versions otherwise it really defeats the purpose

No. 604054


Lol Anon I was wondering the same exact fucking thing. I really hate the whole hipster trend of labeling every single thing with trendy labels, But this dozen eggs is probably one of the best. Thanks Moo- you paid probably 5 times what its worth for trendy points that make no sense.

No. 604060

It just means the chickens were kept on a grass pasture. What a weird nitpick.

No. 604065

It's not a nitpick. It's calling out stupid hipster bullshit that is only designed to rip off consumers. Works best on dumbasses like moo so it's relevant.

No. 604067

She deleted more japan shit.

No. 604068

File: 1543175963759.jpg (585.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181125-135857_Ins…)

Or maybe it's because you finally got called out by actual patrons and couldnt handle it

No. 604072

File: 1543176369154.png (9.94 MB, 1242x2208, F2C07374-9A76-4853-85B4-25D189…)

If I was patron, I’d be so fucking pissed at this. Especially if I pledged since last year.

No. 604074

I didn't know "throwback" and "rehash" were synonyms.

No. 604075

Remember when she wore this wig with like, every single "costume" last year? I wonder how blonde wig-chan is doing now.

No. 604080


Could she be any more fucking lazy?

No. 604082

Sort of a nitpick but it’s also funny because usually eggs from such chickens would be labeled “pasture raised” not grass fed.

Peep that water on the bottom rack. In b4 she shows off her empty fridge full of bottled water and kale. So healthy my dudes.

No. 604083

So you take it down off your main page where you're called out to then post it on your backup with less followers? Again so bad at PR with a bullshit reason and how does it look blah if it's the same pic and what does messing with reach mean?

No. 604084

Makes you think how Moo actually thinks it’s a decent idea to reuse the exact SAME photos from an old set as paid rewards, instead of coming up with something new.
I feel a little sorry for her patrons who were looking forward to the ~amaze~ sets shot in Japan that Moo promised because this is just lazy as fuck.

No. 604087

i think she got scared because her patrons were leaving annoyed comments. something similar happened after she shat on patrons on camV and realized they were legit. she pisses on people until she realizes they're giving her $$ or they can be useful to her, and then she cleans up.

also, fuck she's lazy. she went to kyoto but didn't take advantage of their huge amount of kimono tourism. she could gotten a fitting and photoshoot in a cool japanese studio in if she brought a wig with her and it would have been a $50 quality shoot. those places stock kimono specifically made for foreigners so it's not as if her size mattered. as an anime cosplayer and self-confessed weeb, she missed her chance to weeb it up in traditional garb.

No. 604090


But anon she bought kimono herself so she can totally do her own shoot in her own studio with (guaranteed) all the Tsunade totes legit Japamanese accessories in the background!

And it will literally HAVE to be lewd because there is no way she will be able to dress herself in a kimono, so of course it will be hanging off her.

No. 604092

No lie, I was legit banking on Moo and Mooch doing a ~geisha~ makeover service in Kyoto, it is what every other thot cos- or regular does in Japan these days. Is it because Mama Nigri didn't go for it this time?

No. 604096

right? she didn't seem to do much of anything the entire trip tbh.

>rented a bath in a hotel

>got chinese style food
>walked around a shrine
>likely went to bookoff

she did even less than normies do, considering she's a weeb. and considering she claimed she was going to pack this trip with photoshoots she did fuckall.

No. 604103

Well remember Moo isn't actually that weeby. It's a front for her patreons. The only thing she actually likes is the worldly hated Umineko. She was probably banking on 'running' into Nigri and buying her dear cosmama back then actually doing anything of interest.

No. 604105

More like "I pigged out and did nothing I promised I'd do in Japan. So rebuy this garbage I did last year."

No. 604112

Probably lying on the floor covered in cat piss.

No. 604115

File: 1543182293883.jpg (47.35 KB, 640x960, 46791009_1494666170678327_2423…)

Well… Where are the totes japanese shoots, Moo-chan?

No. 604120

god both of their leotards are ill-fitting. moo with her fat hanging out the heart hole and the girl cosplaying lilith (i dont know who she is) there’s just a lot of empty space with her boobs inside the hole. not to mention the abysmal photoshop on moo’s recycled bulma wig.

No. 604121

the angle and the lighting are…bad…

No. 604123

Red's leotard has a cameltoe up to her belly button.

No. 604143

Where is moo's other wing? Did she eat it?

No. 604145

Its behind the Lilith but it doesnt matter because the placement of both is awful. Moo's look like they are coming out of her massive thighs and the Lilith cosplay looks like she is shitting hers out.

No. 604149

Uhh..Is it just me, or the background looks straight out of PS2

No. 604162

What a typically dumbass statement. Japan has one of the longest life expectancy figures in the world and a lot of it has to do with their normal diet. Eat garbage, be garbage, moo.

No. 604164

Watch one of her fans ask where are her professional Japan shoots she was planning (Cuz I don't think fans are going to accept those shitty bath pics that she could have done in America) and be bitchy and say Japan was actually a vacation for her and her friends, because basically that is what Japan was. The fact she lied to her neck beards and said she was going to a location trip is BS

No. 604166


This cunt has been spewing the location trips bullshit for months now. It was one of her first Patreon goals to be able to travel for fancy location shoots, when in fact she just wants to fuck off with her friends somewhere and enjoy a holiday paid in full thanks to her gullible neckbeards.

The Japan trip was nothing but her lazy ass fattening up with her calves while poorly flexing the entire time while looking like she hadn't bathed in days. Her fans got royally scammed into thinking she would actually do location shots in Japan.

No. 604168

We know it was BS because she didn't announce she reserved a spot and a time for photography, didn't invite any photographers and brought Vamps and tattoo kun for no reason. She missed her chance to get permission to do a shoot at one of Japans stunning parks. Also, she lied about the photo shoot she was going to do with those shushi neko ears in Japan. There was so many promises that were broken in this trip and that is lulz in itself.

Speaking of the ears, way to buy a bunch of nekomimi shit then get over the phase and leave the ears on the floor. I wonder if she's going to flake on the fur suit as well

No. 604170

Im sorry but literally they all dress the same. Compression oants, cropped or basic hoodie, tank shirts.. Saying she is purposely copying Nigri is like saying she copies any other basic girl. Especially ones who cosplay/game. Can we stop stretching it now and stop bringing up Nigri to attempt to say there is drama there?

No. 604176

There have been many cases where she dresses the exact same way as her, tries to copy her mannerisms, her cosplays, going to same locations she went. I remember Nigiri announced she was going to dye her hair pink and soon after she said she wanted to go pink. Jessica is not involved, but it's so obvious Momo wishes she had her skin and title as queen thot

No. 604177

File: 1543193058298.png (519.32 KB, 1194x517, Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.43…)

LOL she was at like 806 just this morning. Damn I hope they wising up.

No. 604178

it's near the end of the month. A lot of her fans remove their pledges and come back for the new month to see what other content will be available

No. 604182

I think it's unfair to single Mariah out when most white girls are guilty of the same thing. I see every other white girl wearing leggings, some brand name hoodie, and a messy bun with a full face of makeup on. Like if you can spend thirty minutes to put on generic, caked Instagram Face, you can spend two minutes to pick out a more tasteful outfit.

What happened to uniqueness being sexy? Now it seems like white girls all want to be clones of each other. Like frumpy, hoodie-wearing fembots.

No. 604183

Thats why Im saying its not just Nigri. Moo wants to be the messy hair, dont care athleisure skinny fat girl that almost every normie and costhot dresses up as. Its nothing special and not just trying ti copy Nig. Moo wishes she had that girl next door but down to earth skater girl look. She cant have it. Shes huge, hair fried, cant look good without photoshopping herself to hell and back.

No. 604184


See also:
>Moo specifically going on this trip at the same time as Nigri
>moo magically trying to go to japan again so soon right after Jess says she's planning her next trip
>Moo going to the same places that Jess went within 24hours and doing the same things
>Literally wearing a camo hoodie within 24 hours of Jess wearing the same thing >>600919
>Her almost specifically doing the same things that Jess did on this trip (with a few 'have to dos')
>didnt have any friends who could afford to go on her own so she literally had to PAY to have a 'travel crew' like Nigri does

Moo claiming to be such a weeb didnt do a TON of things that she had plenty of time to do. There were no gacha posts (being such a fan of FGO she could have easily made a 'omg this is just like FGO with those terrible pulls'), maid cafes, weeb cafes, she seemingly only went to the one figure store that jessica went to, She didnt even go to a single animal cafe (unless I missed that)

This entire trip was a flex of her attempting to skin walk Nigri.

No. 604186

this. it's not like cosplayers skinwalking eachother is a new thing anyway. and moo has literally always wanted to copy jnig. she even based her career around her but she sucks so she was never able to graduate to big builds like jess, instead she became the big build. the only similarity between the two of them is that they both look waaay older than they actually are.

No. 604191

I dont know what trip you saw, but clearly it was a different one.

>Jessica went after Moo and tons of other cosplayers, not just these two and who were in their groups, went about this time too. Its cheaper due to the season. Thousands of people go this time because of it.

>Jessica goes every year now. Nothing special about Moo planning it again and lots of people do that, not just these two.
>Moo went to the same places first. Jessica went to all those spots AFTER Moo's crew.
>Not the same hoodie, just camo, and Jnig landed in it while Moo had been wearing it all day before and she ALWAYS wears it.
>Again, Jess did the things MOO did AFTER Moo and her crew did it.
>She paid for a travel crew because they are friends

Im 100% fine with tearing Moo down but this is fucking nitpicking at its best. Jesus christ.

No. 604192

are you high?

No. 604194

No and it is true that Moo did everything before Jessica did. Jessica went to the onsen after Moo. Jess went to the red stair thing after Moo. Akihabara after Moo. Like come the fuck on. She used to skin walk, I totally agree with that, but they have had no interaction for almost over a year now. She is just dressing and dying her hair like every costhot out there. I don't know why its such a big deal to really try to hit it home that she's copying Nig still. She isn't and THATS okay? Its not an issue and because there is no milk that doesn't mean go around trying to start milk with tinfoil.

No. 604195

She really didn't "do" anything… they walked around and ate but didn't do anything interesting (Disneyland/Imperial Palace/ Maiko Henshin/ themed cafes/ Tokyo Tower etc). All we saw was her eating and shopping and bagging on Vamps.
The truth is that she doesn't care about Japan or weeb stuff, at least not more than a casual interest. She just wants to seem like she does to seem more relatable.
Either that or she realized that she didn't want to pay for everyone to do anything so they were stuck doing stuff that was free while she spent money on matcha powder and kimono that will rot in her house.

No. 604196

moo didn't go to an onsen and did jess post her plans online? jess got to japan before moo did jsyk.

can you provide caps that show moo doing this shit beforehand?

also, japan is cheapest in mid january just so everyone knows.

No. 604201

Jess went after Moo. You go check the stamps and stories yourself because clearly you just want to argue about it in order to claim skin walking as milk. Its in both stories and in both stories Jess is a day or two behind from where Moo just was. You're welcome.

PS, Jess left a few days after Moo was there. That Japan photo Jessica posted? Oh yeah, that's from LAST year.

No. 604202

Uh, I think you were looking for the moo snuggling page. This ain't it.

No. 604205

how tf did she copy everything moo did if she left early? your story is fucking full of holes.

No. 604207

Nigri got to Japan after Moo. What the hell is wrong with following that and no one is saying Jessica 'copied' Moo. just stop saying copied in general. Jessica came after Moo and crew landed. If you didn't follow Jessica's instastories thats no one's fault, but your own. Its not full of holes, its called paying attention and not only getting info from this board.

No. 604209

can confirm, been watching both stories and jess arrived to Japan after moo, she went to the onsen a day after momo, went to that one shrine after momo etc

No. 604211

See? All you have to do is not following only what is posted on this board. So many anons lately are quick to jump down and make fake milk through tinfoil where there is none. It's obnoxious at this point and literally ruining actual facts.

Thank you for following up, anon, since someone else actually bothered to follow both people and see how everything went down outside of the board.

No. 604214

Being confused doesnt equal faking milk.
Also the onsen is a nonpoint since Jessica's onsen was obviously a part of where she was staying so it would have been booked in advance.

For me personally I wouldnt even know if Moo is doing it intentionally or with any 'direct malice' at this point. Her entire cosplay 'career' has been trying to be Jessica so why would she stop now? She was copying Nigri long before they were friends and has been caught skinwalking since (the one that stands out was when she basically took the same picture in the same outfit during her cam days)

No. 604220

File: 1543200729844.png (4.15 MB, 2208x1242, CA9CF5C7-E552-4439-B493-846C29…)

Stumbled upon this video a couple of days ago, the girl looks just like mariah it’s crazy

No. 604223

File: 1543201836616.png (55.95 KB, 674x569, lazy bitch.png)

Have some skim milk.

No. 604224

I ws going to say, "don't insult someone like that", but she really does.

Although this lady has much nicer hair and eyebrows. She probably has the some white+middle eastern mix heritage Moo does, but I doubt they're related.

No. 604225

Excellent, can't wait to see her wear some sloppily styled wigs with the same too-small red and white bikini and lingerie for each and every single character. Maybe some white or striped rope for the inevitable shibari versions, what a lazy ho-ho-ho!

No. 604228

before i read post i thought it was some weird lost vid

No. 604234

She has softer eyes

No. 604235

she's twice moo's age too…

No. 604236

twice moo's age, and moo looks older. that's just sad.

No. 604237

She had same excuses in Oct, yawn.

No. 604238

So… she’s just doing the exact same cosplays just with shitty “Christmas” bikinis wow what creativity.

No. 604245

lol findoms put out more than this bitch. Her patrons are better off throwing their money at someone who will berate them for it because at least that's a part of the service a findom provides

No. 604249

These two cosplays are just impulsive attempts to clapback at other costhots. She probably lost motivation for these cosplays or ran out of money for shitty commissions. Patrons are promised Mai and Albedo content in, like, October? And she decided to push them to January/February, just to make more zero-effort Christmas shitty bikini sets. I doubt her patrons care about the characters but it's still really awful to swindle money like that.

And the kicker is that they'll probably end up being mismatched bikini cosplays anyway.

No. 604255

File: 1543210387744.png (335.14 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_2018-11-25-21-30-01…)

Sorry for the derail, browsing and noticed this hashtag. Looking further into it people are reporting girls with premium snaps, onlyfans, patreons, etc…to the IRS and its actually caused a few people to get audited. If what this guy says is true I wonder when the sob stories are gonna start rolling in. I wont cow tip but it seems like this person has.

No. 604258

Momokun doing taxes? There's no way she has unless her mom and dad do them for her.

No. 604260

anon she did them by hand in one night after it was posted here, try to keep up shes just so good

No. 604266

nah fam, she did them all two weeks early like with her homework!

No. 604298

This is actually not that easy to do. It’s possible though. If I was moo this would worry me. A lot.

No. 604444

File: 1543249648020.jpeg (612.33 KB, 750x1097, E0C2943E-64CC-4A2A-94CB-ADAB5D…)

Momo? Not organized for a shoot? Shocked! We called this

No. 604476

"Gotta post about being better so my neckbeards will forgive me and spend all their money again aha." If you post about being better, are you really trying to be better?

No. 604479

Feeling repentant again now that your paypigs are angry at you? Screw cuck-sensei for keeping her piggu ass in line during the trip, but also bless him for making her feel bad during it as well.

No. 604488

damn senpai mustve really put a nail in her forehead. not completely convinced she’s gonna change but this might be the first time she’s admitted to being a manchild and actually berates herself on things she needs to change. almost sounds sincere.

No. 604511

We’ll see if this is sincere when she actually follows through with anything she’s saying here. Advice to you moo: use that money to see a therapist to help you overcome these things if you really want to change.

No. 604517

Yea this isn't because of circleofcuck- this is most likely her getting sperged at by her Patreons, and we called it. We will never know how many dropped her ass for her repeated broken promises, or unoriginal, but I would bet things like this are tied to how many tiers she had to pay for herself to maintain the illusion

No. 604518

Nope, she always says that she needs to grow up. Rinse and repeating since the beginning.

No. 604521

I know an anon said people pull pledges and come back next month (which is a concept I don't understand I guess) on Patreon so it could be coincidence but I don't deny people are dropping as patrons because she's a lying piece of shit. Her numbers have been dipping for a while.

No. 604524


Calling bullshit on this. How many times has she made this same god damn tired speech about “Being better” and “Learning so much about how much I have to grow up”?

I give it a day until she is right back to being the same lazy, selfish cunt she has always been.

No. 604525

They pull their pledge and wait to see what is announced for the month to decide to rejoin or not…

…which is futile with Mariah since she never seems to keep promises or stick to her rewards anyways, but that's my guess why it happens.

No. 604527

That makes sense. I don't use Patreon so I didn't consider this to be a thing.

No. 604528

Saying "I need to change this" because people get mad at you and actually implementing those changes are vastly different things.

No. 604529

So more online school right? I can’t imagine she’s atrending a campus.

No. 604530


Oh she isn't attending anything. she believes if she can continue lying this lie, it will explain her "uwu so busy sorry I didn't do what I said I would do" scenario.

No. 604534

File: 1543254582336.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 3FA254E0-442A-4D9C-98BF-8AE097…)

>thinking about adopting another cat today
>didn’t plan, but the opportunity came up
>not sure if she wants a rag doll or another breed

busy day today!

No. 604535

>wants to rename him Bernkastel, call him Bernie

No. 604537

Why can't she just be honest and tell her neck beards she basically went on vacation on their dime and spent several k on crap she doesn't even want?

No. 604539

i guess you’re right, but she typically whines about this in her manic adderal driven insta story rants. i mean it is her backup account with considerably less followers, but time will tell. aka if this post get archived in a few weeks we’ll know for sure.

No. 604540

Pixielocks 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 604544


Calling bullshit on this. How many times has she made this same god damn tired speech about “Being better” and “Learning so much about how much I have to grow up”?

I give it a day until she is right back to being the same lazy, selfish cunt she has always been.

No. 604547

exactly. She has been planning this trip for months and didn't think about inviting Square noodles or a photographer. You know she's lying because she didn't bring ANY cosplays either.

She made this announcement because people are upset with her and she has to sedate them with some BS story.

No. 604549


A day? betcha she has copypasta scripts, just like her "apology". We could make an ad-lib book of moo and it would predict this accurately

No. 604551

File: 1543256092246.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 23765163.gif)

>anons falling for this despite her lying about school yet again, proving this isn't sincere

No. 604556

Exactly. I know a few months back she said she'd ""go back"" to school to finish her last semester but she's already planning on going to Japan in the spring so…

This is just like when she went on stream to cry about being fat and depressed and everyone felt sorry for her. Rinse and repeat.

No. 604560


I’m sure she is already reading all the “Yass queen slay” and “You don’t owe us anything and anyone who thinks so is an entitled jerk!” comments and thinking she is in the clear for now.


Exactly. The only reason she gave this statement is because she saw how pissed all her neckbeards were for her not delivering on her bullshit promises when she first announced this trip and didn’t immediately eat up all her bullshit excuses.

No. 604571

I must have missed it, what exactly did the tattoo guy do on the Japan trip?

No. 604572


I think he was just being like a normal person. Enjoying a vacation and posting some stuff online, but not sperging about his every waking thought like a lolcow. Although there may be some "mystic Japan" bullshit in the works seeing as he unironically calls himself "sensei," so maybe I'm too optimistic with the "normal" tag.

No. 604573

Patrons rarely start dropping around this time of the month. If you look at most of the other costhots' graphtreons they're actually going up at the moment. Momo is the only one who has been dropping.

The 'end of the month drop' is usually when payments are being processed and there are declines or people waiting til the very last minute to drop their backing.

Moo's drop is 100% people wising up to her bullshit NOT because of usual patreon trends

No. 604596

why it's funny some anons think she's still making over 10k a month. She's burning through her savings when she was in her glory days of thick samus and real life mei

No. 604604

the fat squishing out of the heart cutout is fucking nasty

No. 604607

Can she not? She already has two (? or were there more) cats she hardly looks after. She's bored of Guzma now that he's grown up, the same will happen to this cat.

No. 604609

> school starting soon
so when does school start in america? it starts in october and march in my country. even if it started in january in america (which kinda makes sense), that's nothing close to "soon"… i thought we were over this lie jfc nobody believes you go to college moo

No. 604611

There was an insta story of her about to be her usual manic cunty self but circleofcucks reminded her that you need to not be a screeching retard while traveling and she clammed right up. I'm thinking he had to tamp her down often during the trip.

No. 604612

She had two she was fostering but recently gave them back? Not sure if it’s because they were adopted or not.

No. 604613

usually end of august or september. spring semester starts in janurary technically but it's unlikely that she'd be able to start then. (especially since she didn't go to school ever)

No. 604614

Spring semester usually begins in January.

No. 604616

Not necessarily true. Depending on the school you could start whenever the classes you're required to take are available. I've known people who started in Spring because they couldn't start the previous Fall.

No. 604618

Is it possible for Moo to sort her shit personality out with the help of her top cuck? That'd be a sight to witness.

No. 604619

So tattoo sensei is her designated tard handler

No. 604620

she's claiming to go to pharmacy school though. which usually requires a lot of general courses as well as an entrance exam, which is only offered in the summer

No. 604624


If she claimed vegas was taken over by a 50 foot tall space elvis it would be more believable. Come on we all know this is bullshit. On another note I am wondering about that whole reporting patreons to IRS. not to get too far OT but what would this mean if Momo got in trouble with them? what would it mean as far as patreon?

No. 604627

Yes, yes he is. I wouldn't put it past him that aside from the free money and potential easy pussy, he's hanging around her because he sees her as a renovation project. Someone he can 'save' and make better. He's going to fix her up to be the cosmic spiritual warrior she and her paypigs' money was meant to be!!

No. 604629

She claims a lot of things. She could be going to a diploma mill for all we know. Lots of them have pharmacy programs.

No. 604634

The irs is honestly forgiving but they will get their money. They will figure out how much she should pay compared to her income. And if she can’t pay right up front they will work with her with a payment plan.
It really depends how much she lied to them about her earnings.

No. 604638

She went to @Home Cafe, a maid cafe and took videos of the staff, which they have a huge policy against

No. 604646

The bitch isn't even home enough to take care of her current ones, how the hell is she going to take care of another?

No. 604648

Check the very first thread, anon. It's the same song and dance as the one there.

No. 604653

"I want to be more mature for everyone. I know I have a lot of growing up to do and what I did was wrong. I love you guys and I want you to love me too!"
Proceeds to be a cunt right away. When she's a cunt and people call her out, make a crying video and hope people fall for the fake tears "I'm just depressed because I'm fat and my father abused me. Body image!!!!" be a cunt again. It's a cycle

No. 604663

Patreon sends a report to the IRS every year detailing exactly what they have paid out to each individual who has an account with them. She would then be responsible for all the taxes owed on that amount based on her tax bracket. If you don't pay there are also penalties and those can actually be pretty steep, based on whether you made a mistake and didn't pay enough or if you just blew it off and paid nothing. Like Moo. She has never paid a dime on any of her patreon income so the amount she owes is going to be fairly substantial. I mean we're probably talking well over 100k owed. Maybe even more. She's fucked.

No. 604666

File: 1543270799783.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181126-171923.png)

How many times is she going to use this folding screen?

No. 604669

Gross. And that eye makeup doesn't even go with Chun li. She usually have simple liner or that red wing (like from the animated movie in the 90s)

This is an old photoset that she's reusing for patreon?

No. 604671

i dont even care anymore if this is considered a nitpick, the laziness with her makeup drives me insane. even if she did the same style, if she just picked a coordinating colour instead of the same pink every time, it would be a massive improvement. i don't even understand why she doesn't, like, she could be hella flexing with super expensive palettes but no, just that same walmart hot pink every time. idgi.

No. 604673


that gold border between her legs from the preview made me think she was peeing. I know its just a bad shot, but I would think any photog woulda caught that shit too.

No. 604675

Moo's photogs are just as lazy as she is tbh.

No. 604676


The badly sewn gold bias tape is more offensive to me right now. Holy shit that costume is badly made.

No. 604677


you mean tripod-san

No. 604681

Moo is stupid but why do we act like it's a given she's never reported to the IRS or paid taxes? With what she used to make she probably would have been audited by now if patreon reports it as well.

No. 604683

File: 1543273861392.jpeg (538.81 KB, 750x1033, 6A864009-97B9-44B4-B172-5CDA1C…)

she Just Noticed but…

No. 604684

File: 1543273894190.jpeg (728.71 KB, 3999x1319, 48B74A6D-81A1-4CFE-8071-6B2183…)

it’s always had loose threads kek

No. 604685

You mean someone else noticed your shitty crafting job.

No. 604686

Her head looks like a peanut. She keeps rehashing all of this old shit like her patrons haven't seen it a dozen times already. If this image is anything to go by, they're also boring poses.

No. 604688

Hey. This is Mariah Mallad we're talking about. If she paid she'd be flexing about how much she paid. But more importantly she's a lazy spoiled brat who thinks that rules don't ever apply to her. She's also fucking greedy and comes from a family where shady financial shit is considered normal. You can be 100% certain that she has never paid taxes on any of her patreon money. No fucking doubt about it. And the IRS doesn't do random audits like that. They receive literally hundreds of millions of tax documents every year. They always catch up with people eventually though. Especially dweebs and thots who are all over the internet. Like most government agencies they are behind the curve on internet stuff but I think they are catching on fast. Look at the crackdown going on with states wanting their internet sales tax. With moo it's not a question of if. Only when.

No. 604689

She looks so old. She’s aging fast and terribly to boot

No. 604691

EXCUSE YOU, anon, her pink is a very specific shade from make up GODDESS Jeffree Star and is discontinued!!! Moo is going to honor Jeffree-sama and his swag by using it until it runs out!

Moo's desire to ape/skinwalk him has to be one of the more amusing developments since her ass got canceled.

No. 604696

Then fucking do it! I’m so tired of this big bitch being all talk and no action. She’s just trying to save face since she reuploaded that shitty scarecrow set and now has patreons on her ass about scamming them.

No. 604697

Anyone can report someone to the IRS for tax fraud. All you have to do is download and fill out a form and send it to them. Or they have a hotline you can call. It's not a good idea to not pay your taxes AND make a lot of enemies.

No. 604702

Stop spreading this propaganda, you need someone’s social security number and address to even file the report.

No. 604709

No. You don't. The true information is right on the irs.gov website for anyone to see.

No. 604716

Who the fuck would want to pay money for pics of someone wearing dance tights??? She’s so embarrassed by her body she can’t even show her skin anymore

No. 604717

File: 1543277868034.png (212.08 KB, 750x1334, 323906E9-DBA2-413D-964A-9569D5…)

Lmfao scrolling through comments made me realise all this gravzr15 guy ever posts is “Beautiful” on each post. If you dont believe it yourself go look, its so fucking funny and sad. When hes not saying beautiful hes calling people virgins and bullies

No. 604719

I don't think this qualifies as propaganda. But a linguistics major would know that wouldn't she?

No. 604720

He's shown up in these threads before I think. It's pathetic how mindlessly loyal he is to the lying hag.

No. 604736

File: 1543279695655.jpg (87.31 KB, 1080x373, 20181126_164738.jpg)

I actually laughed out loud.

No. 604740

She is for real though. She already looks way older than she actually is but on top of that, she cakes her face in makeup which makes her look older and doesnt really even hide any blemishes. She isnt doing herself any favors and it looks like her makeup gets thicker and thicker as she gets older, fatter, and more haggard.

No. 604742

bitch doesn't know how to do makeup at all. nothing she does suits her and as we've seen, she just cakes it on and leaves it on forever, it's destroying her skin.

No. 604743


She seriously needs to get foundation that matches her skintone already

No. 604746

but she wasted- i mean spent, so much money on her cake batter- i mean air whip foundation!

No. 604749

That was tight on her 30 pounds ago. I can't imagine it now. Kills me that the Queen was too soon for the world.

No. 604750

The queen had a man like face… then again Moo's face is just as busted. She just shops and uses tape.

No. 604753

there was a time she got that makeover from miyu that was pretty good. and she actually looked fine in classic lolita. moo on the other hand has never really looked good.

No. 604768

i feel like this is a fake humble post but also that she read anons post about her hating herself for becoming a fat cow.

No. 604772

she's not white, she's poc that's why she gets the faintest foundation

No. 604773

I'm sincerely wondering if she actually has feelings for tattoo kun that run deeper than just cucking Vamp and she's doing/saying all this shit in a desperate bid to keep him interested in her. If that's the case I absolutely cannot wait for the milk after the inevitable fallout.

No. 604776

Ok. You can ban if you want but I have no idea who the queen is here and where to find that out.(Disrespecting the queen)

No. 604777


People whose fetish includes tights, pantyhose, that kind of thing. It's pretty common, actually.

That being said, even as someone into that, I wouldn't pay to see this wreck. There's tons of better models, looks-wise, enthusiasm-wise, creativity-wise…

No. 604778

PixyTeri, if you don't know who she is Google the name and enjoy

No. 604789

She's white as white bread, anon.

No. 604793


Pretty sure they meant that mockingly. If they were serious… well. That's sad.

No. 604797

Oops my bad, should have known.

She's still afraid of comments it seems. It's been limited for a long while now.

No. 604803

maybe as white as middle eastern flatbread amirite?

No. 604817

Patreon sends out a 1099 unless you're a non profit organization so she most likely is paying taxes being that they report her income.

No. 604825

File: 1543293238167.jpg (709.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181126-223338_Ins…)

What a huge forehead

No. 604827

you still have to actually pay them. the IRS takes years to audit (look at onion) and we all know moo would bitch about taxes if she was paying them.

No. 604845

File: 1543297042831.jpeg (710.78 KB, 750x1090, 191A6304-6BDB-4292-A2A5-61344A…)

“I wish collette to be happy always”

she’s dumping Japan pics, nothing crazy socfar

No. 604848

File: 1543297751184.png (4.51 MB, 750x1334, 3AC02B00-EA03-4230-AAF9-9A5419…)

here she was “paying her taxes” this year

No. 604850

Lol pay taxes. Bitch can’t even shower daily.

No. 604851

And this was only after she lurked here and saw us talking about it a few days before the deadline.

No. 604874

Her stupid ass was so obvious making this post. With as much money she's dealing with she would've been absolutely retarded to not go to an accountant with it.

No. 604893

Really? After all this time she just now noticed it? Good to know even back then she didn't give a shit about quality.

No. 604908

Does anyone remember what her highest patreon following was?

No. 604916


Just look her up on Graphtreon and you can see her history.

No. 604957

Sorry but no. Her forehead is average on her small ass head and what a stupid thing to nitpick to begin with. Could have chosen the obvious whitewash or aging or literally anything else with her face but her forehead is normal, sorry to burst your bubble. Also, this pic was already posted. Please lurk more.

No. 604998

Do you guys think she will hop on the evangelion train now that it will come to netflix?

> omg my dudes… I never liked evangelion but now that i'm more mature i finally get how deep and amazing it is. I WILL DO A REI X SHINJI BREASTFEEDING SHOOT AND GENDO IS DADDY REEEEEEE but it's also so deep and complex uwu

No. 605003

no? they're not remaking it, that doesn't make sense.

No. 605004

File: 1543328068867.png (813.03 KB, 931x639, 1510830107819.png)

In response to Momo's post about Moochlette being a good friend that keeps her leveled just remember she's the one who made fun of Momokun canceled instastories and pic related this is Moochlette from the calves thread joking about rape

No. 605017

File: 1543330360373.jpg (436.42 KB, 1080x1080, 20181127_095218.jpg)

Been there, done that, with her shitty Misao cosplay once upon a time.

No. 605018

Misato* sorry for bad autocorrect

No. 605024

That fucking wig, was it from party City lmao. Reminds me of how hard Mariah tried to shit on Eva a while back to idk piss people off? That was a weird phase of hers. "I hate Eva, but um here's my Misato gimme moar money and know I'm too cool plz. Oh and I hate Eva don't forget!"

No. 605029

best part is that this shit is from her patreon tier were the patron chose the cosplay

No. 605030


She conveys nothing of Misato's character at all. At all.

No. 605032

Let it never be said that Momo gives a fuck about her pay pigs. Shitty cheap ratty wig and Sharpie on the leather jacket. What an udder trainwreck.

No. 605034

>>605024 I don't think Mariah wants to minimize her current chances of getting neckbeard bucks by continuing to say she hates, dislikes, or doesn't see the appeal in certain things.

Seeing as how she became a Star Wars fan for about 2 weeks (right around/during the time she and Vamp went to NY), she's keen on the idea of pretending to give something a fair shake with the hopes that it'll get certain neckbeards from INSERT FANDOM HERE to throw her Patreon bucks after she finally sees the light.

We've seen Moo and company try to ruin everything from Scooby-Doo, to Street Fighter, fucking sushi, and even Winnie The Pooh was/is on her radar.

She's only ruining herself. In her recent IG post, it seems like she no longer knows who she is at her core at this point. She spent so much time lying and plagiarizing others that she went completely into the void. Pretending to like Neon Genesis (or anything else, really) isn't going to help her in the grand scheme of things.

No. 605041

nah. she's bad at backpedaling and gets called out all the time for saying she hates stuff. if she pretends to like eva, she'll get called out, make up some excuse and never mention it again.

No. 605042

File: 1543333117085.png (544.26 KB, 1125x2436, 1EB02DB3-E190-43FB-9E95-F8335B…)

have you looked at the form? Clearly you haven’t. It requires all their personal info as well as your own.
Literally stop repeating this dumb shit it’s all over the internet rn and so damn asanine.
I’d love for moo to get audited as much as the next girl but this rly ain’t it lol.

No. 605045

>leave blank any lines you do not know

yes the form is complex but you don't need all the information. FFS anon, moo is already getting audited anyway, IRS has access to all income, including what's on 1099 forms.

now put this shit to rest.

No. 605057

Good lord that ratty wig.

No. 605061

File: 1543335180575.jpeg (123.73 KB, 768x1024, 9WQl6JUs.jpeg)

New selfies

No. 605062

No. 605063

File: 1543335255937.jpg (137.83 KB, 1920x1079, 158380-the-killers-how-did-it-…)

For gods sakes this needs something stronger than a spoiler.

No. 605064

I know she's running out of ideas but wow.

No. 605065

I wasnt sure if it needed one since shes fully clothed as nd gentiles arent exposed, just a very unfortunate pose.

If it needs one Ill repost though

No. 605067

No. 605068

File: 1543335593778.jpeg (126.55 KB, 500x331, FD0C6655-8929-4277-A851-389122…)

Literally all I see.

No. 605070

this is so bad. didnt she get a chun-li hentai book in japan? just because it looks cool drawn doesnt mean it'll look good irl

No. 605072

File: 1543335964965.jpeg (126.69 KB, 1024x1024, F8F424AF-EF00-4740-BB13-B26728…)

Jesus christ. This is quite possibly the worst picture she shat out yet. WHY couldn't she at least wear fucking shoes?

No. 605076

Yep, one of the selfies is the saddest attempt you'll ever see at recreating the cover. Its gold, tho. Seeing her try to be sexy and look like a raw chicken.

No. 605079

theres at least one person beating his meat to this and i dont think i can live with that fact. this isnt as bad as the fake cum cam stream or that prison school cosplay but it’s definitely pushing it

No. 605080

She's trying to cater to tights/foot fetishists now.

No. 605085

This can’t be real. This can’t be real.


It’s been a good run guys. Time to pack it up and go home because this is apex momokun right here. There is no where to go from here.

No. 605086

File: 1543337162125.jpg (6.25 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Nov 26, 1 48 04 PM.jpg)

I'm sorry this one NEEDED to be posted separately.
I have never been so repulsed by looking at a human body and I keep up with Amberlynn Reid

No. 605088

Oh my god, her entire lower body looks like she's holding up an inflatable toy. Kill me.

No. 605090

Sorry for the awful image I'm about to implant but her legs looks chunky and squishy like a cheap babydoll's.

No. 605091

File: 1543337277195.png (Spoiler Image, 485.05 KB, 820x495, dis be nasty.png)

Might be a nitpick, but what the fuck are those white specks?

Because she's wearing tights, it ended up looking like some DeviantART kid's first full body view of an OC.

Bitch don't got a cameltoe, she prolly got a moose hoof going on there.

No. 605093

Looks like lint fuzz she didn't bother ti pick off.

No. 605094

File: 1543337384651.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.64 KB, 750x1103, A762CB7A-4CAF-4D7B-83E5-05E00D…)

She really charged people for the same pose 7 times in a row

No. 605095

I made the mistake of zooming in and you can see the horrible "shadow" of either discoloration from being overweight or pubes. I may have recoiled.

No. 605097

Paula Deen needs to get out of cosplay, it's not working out for her anymore.

No. 605099

That's pretty much her whole scam.

No. 605102


No one could ever humiliate her as much as she has chosen to humiliate herself, under her real name, preserved on the internet forever.

No. 605103

File: 1543337770244.png (322.29 KB, 640x368, Perfect Moo.png)

Done and done!

No. 605105

File: 1543337813000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.75 KB, 670x888, 2018-11-27_11-53-31.jpg)

This one is the funniest out of them all.

No. 605106

Is that… the ass seam on the tights or did the tights move her thong to show her actual asscrack

No. 605107

Is that… the ass seam on the tights or did the tights move her thong to show her actual asscrack

No. 605108

Is that… the ass seam on the tights or did the tights move her thong to show her actual asscrack

No. 605109

Is that… the ass seam on the tights or did the tights move her thong to show her actual asscrack

No. 605110

why did she get tights with holes?

No. 605111

This is supposed to be attractive? Even with the "finger under butt check to make it look more shapely" trick just doesn't work. Just looks like a massive baby waiting for their ass to be wiped.

No. 605113


She looks like she's fallen over and she can't get up

No. 605114

File: 1543338631182.png (Spoiler Image, 354.23 KB, 801x629, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.0…)


No. 605119

File: 1543338949202.jpeg (119.62 KB, 768x1024, 79sOpFQ0.jpeg)

I like that she left on her ugly jewelery for this. Totes professional.

No. 605160

I've never been such a combination of horrified and turned off in my life.

No. 605162

File: 1543340514758.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 282.2 KB, 1078x1524, 697DCB3E-4EA0-494D-B3ED-24E927…)

I know you can’t really overlay a real person with a doujin cover but she’s trying to mimic what she bought in nippon

No. 605163

It's almost like she's this poor disabled kid being exploited. Maybe that's the remaining patreon fetish?

No. 605168

she did a terrible job at it. is she mentally challenged? those faces don't really look sexy at all. how does she look at this and think it's good?

No. 605176

File: 1543340936192.jpg (10.71 KB, 600x600, 6mxwtsI.jpg)


They're convertible dance tights. They're made with small holes with thin elastic bands where the soles are, so that they can be converted into footless tights if needed/preferred. They're probably too small on her because the holes aren't supposed to be big.

No. 605182

kek does anyone remember when she first cosplayed chunk li and she said she'd never lewd her/would only shoot sets with the utmost respect or smth

so much for that

No. 605186

that's not what i asked. there's no reason for her to choose to get tights with holes in them.

No. 605209


Bought them thinking convertible meant reversible? Didn't look at the description?

I've got no clue, your guess is as good as mine.

No. 605221

footfag cash

No. 605225


She doesn't. People pay for it. She's just doing her job and people KEEP paying her for it.

No. 605227

File: 1543342414718.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


Looks like she just pushed the stinkiest fart out of her and is about to vomit after smelling it.

But seriously: What the fuck is this? I would just kill myself at this point if I had such pictures of myself flying around the internet. Everybody you meet has seen this kind of crap from you. Everybody know that you do trash porn to earn some bucks wow But at the same time I feel like we haven't seen the lowest of the low yet.

No. 605230

This is just sad. Her ass is just so flat and unshaply. All that weight and it didn’t add anything to her ass.

No. 605232

Looks like a diaper change pose, emphasized by her baby proportioned legs. Is she pandering to pedos now too?

No. 605248

She couldn't do Eva because the main character was gay for one of the angels and thus couldn't do a lewd photo shoot as a female lead

No. 605262

Would be funny to see her try and fit her girth into a plugsuit

No. 605279

File: 1543345139638.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.17 KB, 2048x2048, 760E0A25-1672-4A34-8E91-9D25B8…)

These spot the differences are getting harder and harder

No. 605293

This is so embarrassing. I’m at a loss for words. I really wish I had more to say but I’m actually in shock.

No. 605296

why does she always do a shitty ahegao face? she's not cumming. ahegao literally means o-face.

No. 605304

Who the fuck even gets turned on by this, you can literally see skin flaking off the bottoms of her feet.

No. 605309

She’s not doing aheago, this is a candid pic of her panting after trying to sit herself upright for the last hour.

No. 605310

>forgetting the infamous [redacted] scene from End of Evangelion or Rei in general in the manga

Redacting because I don't want to see Moo doing Eva porn even if it's highly unlikely she ever does.

No. 605329

>I feel like we haven't seen the lowest of the low yet.

that's 'cause Moo always manages to set the bar lower with each set she does–from the Valentine's diarrhea, to the milking of her quote-unquote OC, to…this

No. 605336

File: 1543350557627.jpeg (906.14 KB, 750x1050, 6DF1AE6E-F064-47A4-B3CB-6AD3B5…)

she said she’s rewatching fate extra today so thats where all the nero is coming in. can’t wait for the wide bride

No. 605339

Kek, wide bride.
Her fat is going to push out in odd shapes like it did for Morrigan if she does Medusa (bottom right). I don't even want to picture Scathach (bottom middle).

No. 605340

Stop forcing your gay headcanon on Devilman Evangelion my dudes!

No. 605342

holy shit, that is the least sexy thing ever.

No. 605343

I think she's trying to imitate that pose from the Chun-li doujin she got in the right side of the screen. Of course she's failing miserably.

No. 605352

File: 1543353109259.jpeg (193.12 KB, 752x856, DFE4B9FB-8B15-4F8F-9148-929E61…)

No. 605359

Next thread pic right there. Once again Mariah cries then immediately goes back to her old ways, who is even surprised.

No. 605360

Perfection, anon. It's definitely thread worthy.

No. 605363

It looks like she's ready to give a home birth and her doula has instructed her to do some intensive deep breathing exercises to help with contractions.

No. 605369

File: 1543354715412.png (1.51 MB, 1280x960, 818130c.png)

Raikou is perfect for Mariah! This way she can show off her tits (in an ultra-ultra padded bra, naturally), wear her Forest-kun and she doesn't have to pretend like she has a big ass! Truly brilliant!

No. 605370

She already cosplayed a sheep and a cow, I want her to cosplay a pig since she already resembles one. And her road hog doesn't count either. Like I want one of her "Fans" to suggest it and her being dumb enough to do it.

No. 605385

Has she even released anything else other than lingere/closet selfies the past 2-3 months? She must have really pissed off photographers or neckbeards are so stupid they want to buy the exact same thing.

No. 605388

I know it's been said a million times before but NO ONE can do more damage to moo and her "brand" than she does to herself.

No. 605392

She hates it even tho she never watched it. With it on Netflix tho she might change her mind to shill, so Mariah you might as well just copy and paste what anon wrote.

No. 605398

lol can someone post the cover

i cant believe shes doing this shit for $10, surely it cant add up that much

No. 605407

wasnt that the same day she flashed her crotch in it tho

No. 605420

Her main photog is Square noodles. My guess is she currently can't afford to commission full cosplays and pay him at the same time. That and consider that for a while she blamed Noodles for her photos being overly edited or being of shit quality. So I can completely understand him saying "Sorry, I'm too busy"

No. 605423

Full cosplays are expensive and take time. But she knows the cucks will pay for bikini photos.

No. 605427

File: 1543361225199.png (398.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-11-27-17-26-03…)


No. 605430

Let’s not pretend surprise buttsex jokes weren’t normal as fuck back in 2010 anime conventions, anon.

No. 605431

File: 1543361329503.png (390.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-11-27-17-25-57…)

Contemplating her life choices? Or maybe just sad she can't get real d.

No. 605434

Will suck off a pickle to get those patron bucks back but won't talk to the patrons.

No. 605443

The fuck are those nails. Are they new? looking like talons. Also probably imagining all the things she 'totally' woulda done to the gajin hunter if Sensei wasn't reining her flat ass in all vacation.

No. 605449

>that extra long coke nail

No. 605464

I was going to say this, but I didn't want some idiot to come after me defending Mariah's dumbass "kill my mom" tweets from more recently.

No. 605469

Great attention to detail anon

No. 605470

I know it's already been said but it still baffles me how someone who does so many stimulants can still be so fucking fat.

No. 605472

i mean if you're still eating 4000 calories a day in takeout no amount of adderall will make you skinny

No. 605473

File: 1543365561556.png (4.3 MB, 1242x2208, FE2FDB3F-90F3-47CD-9E0A-2B20F0…)

Ugh got a new cat.

No. 605476

Alright who wants bets on the following
>Jaeda going to her parents for being to elderly for a new cat
>New cat being pawned off to Vamp when she gets bored
>Guzma not liking new cat resulting in the above
>New cat ceasing to be talked about/shown until brought up and we get some variation of above

No. 605477

same fag but last one got cut off
>New cat was totally just a foster my dudes

No. 605479

This is why animal screenings for whoever is adopting/purchasing them is so fucking important. This bitch is hardly home and she doesnt keep her home clean or safe enough for pets. This really pisses me off.

No. 605489

File: 1543367121485.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 18042359-957F-4BE6-A41D-EFCB22…)

No. 605492

Cats are not living creatures to her. They are just more objects to acquire on a whim.

No. 605493

Great, another cat to neglect and poison. Mariah is like an even fatter, middle eastern version of Raven Sparks.

No. 605501

None of these cosplays she had a hand in making. But she's still pretending they were her own builds

As for the cat thing, yuh like anon mentioned cats are just things. Just like her figures. She gets a rush from getting them, but gets bored when they are out of the kitten phase and just pays her friends to watch them

No. 605503

With how little time she actually spent into planning and the fact that most of the costumes were made for her - it's fuckin pathetic she only got 4 of them done lol

No. 605511

Remember back in the day when she said her bikini and porn shoots wouldn't count as cosplays and would do actually shoots in the full costume? Man it's funny how lazy she has gotten

No. 605532

ACTUALLY anon, she's done MANY big builds and she's more known for them!!!

Yeah, I was joking - she gets offended as fuck when you call her white.

No. 605610

Gonna assume she still isn't aware of how long it takes for cats to get used to other cats in the same house does she

No. 605622

File: 1543378962784.jpg (1.31 MB, 2316x3088, mommynigiri.jpg)

Lord forgive me for this, but it had to be done.


No. 605626

you'd think after all the cats she's gone through (like 3-4 at this point?) she'd figure out that she doesn't need more than 2 cats when she already has an elderly cat and a territorial little shit. but she is really determined to get more and prove the haters wrong huh

No. 605654

She has 2 cats, Vamp had 2 cats, the 2 "fosters", and now this new cat.

So this is 7th cat in the house.

No. 605655


For every 50 pounds she has to buy another cat or something? Poor thing is going to be thrown out once it gets older.

No. 605658

File: 1543380454943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.58 KB, 1004x1080, weird flex but okay.jpg)

big build

No. 605668

she looks like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon

No. 605677

I used quotes because she kept changing her story, and I know Vamp moved out. You think the house has been cleaned since and doesn't smell like a million cats?

No. 605694

Not thrown out, never. Just neglected like all the other cats, costumes and toys in her home. Maybe it will make a nice bed out of that 2k dress she will never wear again.

No. 605700

Did she post this on Instagram or Patreon? She looks SO BAD and I'm surprised she posted this anywhere

No. 605723

File: 1543384374852.jpg (31.76 KB, 414x621, 2018-11-28_00-51-45.jpg)

I have no idea why she insists on looking like a grotesque embodiment of a big fart while expecting for other people to pay her way through life with no effort on her part.

No. 605731

i like watching the destruction of this room too
how many empty rooms does she have left to pretend to live in

No. 605733

this is from one of her instastories, it's actually two screenshots from a video where she zooms in on herself, then her stomach, lol it's bizarre

No. 605738

Momo is the only person I know who keeps empty rooms in her home to be completely unused because she hates cleaning that much. Instead of fixing a room, she leaves it a wreck to destroy the next one. It's odd

Two guesses on the stomach zoom. She's delusional and she wants to show people her "tiny" waist and flat stomach. The other guess is she accepted her fans are into feeder porn and her fat is sexy.

No. 605742

And if the cats you already have are under stress, it makes it even harder.

No. 605745

This looks like something from that Interventions tv show.

No. 605748

so she's deleted the insta stories of her stomach zoom in, I just watched them all cause I wanted to cringe at them. And nada?

No. 605751

Here's another guess: she's fucking blitzed

No. 605752

Someone should add her alt to that Instagram archive site

No. 605756

dark circles instead of vagina eyebags like our moo

No. 605764

No. 605789

I hve to know from foot fetishists… is the foot stocking thing attractive at all? It just looks so stupid and half-assed. She can't even do low-tier fetish garbage right

No. 605809

She's just being weird and trying to copy poses from a hentai of Chun she bought in Japan. She bought a lot of hentai so prepare for more awkward poses like this

No. 605812

This is my theory as well tbh. Ugh, shit is gonna be cringe as hell.

No. 605826

File: 1543393203764.jpeg (169.64 KB, 750x1109, 08370E8F-6892-494B-A8D6-8115D8…)

I had to look at this and now you do too

No. 605828

Joke's on you, we already saw the whole set and it gets worse.

No. 605831


my aunt used to make scarecrows at Halloween by stuffing polyester filling into old nylons … and that's all I can see, the weird shapeless limbs of those scarecrows

No. 605837

File: 1543394140435.jpeg (34.29 KB, 600x589, 0511EAE9-D790-4720-BCAD-2C87B4…)

Lmao at Moo trying to pull off any of nero’s
forms. Can’t wait for that milk

No. 605838

not a foot fetishist, but I asked a friend who is and is heavy into it. He told me that what she's doing isn't really a thing. Most foot fetish people like it when girls curl their toes or show the 'wrinkles' when they curl their toes in. So I think she's mostly doing it because she thinks that's what they want, I doubt she actually talked to anyone seriously into it.

Either way, how she doesn't clean her feet EVER and disgusting she is in other things disgusts him and he says would probably disgust other people into it.
Though that's just one bloke's opinion. Unsure if that's the case for the majority.

No. 605840

File: 1543394514501.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 6A2D90DA-1AC7-42E9-82A3-98969E…)

Whoop there it is

No. 605842

Woop well
called it. Though Momo is really shooting herself in the foot with this (Pun intended)
She actually does have some serious fans into cosplay and they are going to be pissed that she's doing more gross fetish shit instead of cosplaying. Then has the audacity of calling it cosplay

No. 605845

Shit like this really doesn't work with stumpy midget legs

No. 605849

Dear lord this is tragic. Does she just.. have zero respect for herself? Poses and expressions like this simply don't work outside of drawings. It seriously looks like birthgiving breath exercises.

Calling it now, she's not gonna do any of these. Too much effort, she'll just resort to making shitty bikini versions.

sorry for nitpick autism but
>I've been super into Fate/Stay Night!
>All characters except Artoria are from Grand Order or Apocrypha
Doubt she'll ever make Mordred. Too much work and the armorless version requires a bared midriff. I don't even know why she's trying to milk the Fate fandom so bad, everyone there hates her and her cosplays are considered an universal joke.

No. 605850

But guys we gotta give her some props she actually washed her feet for it. That's a miracle and a half right there

No. 605851


it's a fucking worry ship alright

No. 605853

delet this, don't give her any advice lol

also most of her foot is covered im not convinced theyre clean tbh

No. 605860

File: 1543396785093.png (744.13 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181128-171706.png)

Yoooooo, this comment

No. 605866

File: 1543397528796.gif (541.28 KB, 220x223, tenor.gif)

This is funnier considering she's wearing a string black thong. So instead of Chun she looks like she's cosplaying this pig we keep comparing her to.

No. 605867

The whole point of a foot fetish is to see the actual foot, shit-for-brains

No. 605878

moo looks so fucking bored in this pic. clearly the ideal expression for jerking off to

No. 605879

File: 1543401344599.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.82 KB, 768x1024, yikes.jpg)

All I saw scrolling through.

No. 605895

Mommy and Daddy are just so proud of you, Moo!

totally depressing.

No. 605900

Her dad must feel the urge to shoot himself every time he has to see one of her "sexy" photos or think about how disappointing his daughter turned out to be.

Oh well, at least they have the other daughter.

No. 605903


Not really a foot fetish person so dunno if my opinion counts, but I do have a thing for tights/hosiery and if I had a dick, it would inverted itself out of existence at how turned off I am by these pictures.

She's not really doing these in a way that would be attractive to that sort of audience, though. From most of the pictures my partner and I collect for fucking around with, there's an emphasis or attention paid to the material (shinyness, sheerness, how it looks if it gets wet, for example), how it creases at the joints (like knees, ankles, toes), stuff like that.

You can barely tell her skin from the tights if it weren't for the obvious sheen of the material, but it's stretched so much that there's hardly any creases and her pose are really unsexy.

Sorry if TMI but thought I'd at least be more informative than "I have x fetish and I am turned off af"

No. 605905


Jesus christ anon, yikes is right.

No. 605910

I'm actually in awe of how bad and lazy these are. Every time I think Mariah can't get any lower she continues to surprise me.

This is a fucking Dark Souls boss lmao

No. 605911

File: 1543412041483.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

I'm actually glad she's wearing those weird tights, can you image her cottage cheese thighs spilling out if she didn't

No. 605912

Shit. I got it, everyone, I fucking got it after watching one of her vines with audio in it.

She's trying to impersonate that viner Liza Koshy. You know, the one that does really screechy vines and makes faces like a thumb because that's her shtick, and she's got that 'lulz so randum XD' attitude.

No. 605913

File: 1543412339782.png (358.6 KB, 430x474, upscale-243683274001212.png)


I'd rather not, those tights look fit to burst as it is.

No. 605917

i mean, how much more worse can they get…

No. 605927

Someone says that in every thread, and Moo continues to prove it wrong.

No. 605929

File: 1543415795777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 268.5 KB, 1920x1080, ceaselessdischarge.jpg)

No. 605932


this needs to be the new thread pic

No. 605941

File: 1543417420454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.21 KB, 499x744, Lazlovision0.jpg)

What is really underneath those leggings.

No. 605942

Knew she was trying to cater to the most basic of pervs. No one wants to see your flaking feet, Momo. You couldn't even keep your feeder fetishists, much less get feet people in that lose their lunch at the sight of you before they even notice your feet.

No. 605976

How is she not banned again for this shit

No. 605982

Wow I love Silent Hill!

No. 606006

So Moomoo has been made a "featured thread" on Kiwifarms based on the hilarity of her asscrack photo. Kek.

No. 606007


Because Instagram is a fucking joke.

No. 606009

Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one has seen a candid up close of her legs since her swim suit Mei, and she was 50 pounds lighter.
Her body must be haunting

No. 606011

We did when she was Chi-Chi.

No. 606014

You win, Anon.

No. 606028

File: 1543425322859.jpeg (102.77 KB, 750x717, 6BFEEBB4-072A-4913-9D4E-FA75EE…)

No. 606031

File: 1543425652596.png (Spoiler Image, 95.07 KB, 206x256, flaky feet make me wanna vomit…)

I hate this chun-li photoset so much, as a person who participates in that foot kink… she doesn't even KNOW how to do it! I am just appalled… makes me sad…

No. 606034

File: 1543425842016.jpeg (510.65 KB, 741x1057, 783CC322-4B53-4526-B775-E75D74…)

honestly this is a palete cleanser after all the chun li

No. 606046

Where's fupa-chan and pudgy heart?

No. 606055

Hidden with bad photoshop, too bad we all know the real mess that’s under that too tight corset. Cottage cheese-kun

No. 606057

This bitch doesn't believe in lip balm, so why would you think she would ever use lotion on her feet?

No. 606058

What is that wing doing

No. 606064


trying to escape.

No. 606084

Next thread pic.

No. 606091

This is the best publicity she'll get in a while.

No. 606101

the chicken leg emojis have more ass than she does

No. 606143

File: 1543440982158.jpg (35.07 KB, 248x237, 20181128_133451.jpg)

I'm confused. Did she edit a line through the heart fat? Also not to nitpick, but those boobs look like elbows…

No. 606150

Holy shit I think you're right, I'm pretty sure she edited a line through her pudge so it'd look like the edge of the corset if you didn't zoom in.

No. 606162

You can clearly see the lines where she edited it too. This is sooooo funny. I wonder if anyone will call her out on it.

No. 606165

The wig hair also bends at an extreme angle bc she just dragged it in to slim herself without actually trying

No. 606200

File: 1543445384325.jpg (28.65 KB, 400x400, 1Ca3ILkN_400x400.jpg)

I'm trying to think of anything this could be other than questionable editing. Gurl we have all seen you in this costume and people even commented on your shit leaking through that cut out. You really fooled us this time!

No. 606298

File: 1543450347630.jpg (55.11 KB, 270x252, 20181128_191157.jpg)

No. 606335

Its just the shadow from the piece of wig between her boobs. You can even see it continue down the corset.

No. 606442

it's the best because you can only see her hand and face, and her whole body is almost hidden. bless us.

No. 606445

These look like a pair of lips that are swollen, or her vagina eyes

No. 606529

File: 1543473318889.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 4EC9B305-EEC8-4664-9D83-504529…)

Anyone else notice she didn’t add Cat to her WCW? You’d think she’d have added her for basically being her cos-slave for the now forgotten passion project.

No. 606559

underrated post

No. 606570

She has no shame, my god.

You know a thot is washed up when she starts pandering to foot fetishists. Does Moo even have enough footfags in her fanbase to warrant this?

No. 606584

I thought this was a dog's paw

No. 606639

File: 1543496033954.png (296.95 KB, 655x653, a5f.png)

No. 606807

File: 1543511816999.png (8.57 MB, 1242x2208, C3D139BE-9530-4E65-A9BF-C677E0…)

Those jowls tho

No. 606857

So she did one shoot and because she's a cheap bitch she's separating it into two to try and scam people. what a fucking fraud

No. 606868


What's more fraud is she always pads out images set with shit from other ones ontop of it. Shame she gets away with all she does.

No. 606933

Her ass looks enormous in that, not in a good way at all.

She looks like the giant Australian steer called Knickers!

No. 606951

Never seen the show but does her character wear a different skirt to the other characters. Or just another Moo's amazing attention to detail?

No. 606963


I hope it's because she couldn't find the skirt in her size

No. 607015

File: 1543531552737.png (3.08 MB, 1242x2688, 8986475E-7EEE-406D-9A4E-AD6E14…)

She posted a story about “you be about who yous is” that’s just her hand waving around and she absolutely copied it from someone on Twitter. There was a viral tweet of a black girl outside with long orange or yellow nails, over expressing with her hands saying the EXACT same thing. I’ll try to hunt it down but this is absolutely a rip off

No. 607023

Well I guess screen record moo's story if you can if you think its sus

No. 607028

Character shows her ass sometimes, but character actually HAS an ass.

No. 607030

they asked about the skirt. and yes they all wear the same skirt. moo is dumb.

No. 607031

File: 1543533459934.jpeg (563.26 KB, 750x1168, FC5C9FB6-509F-4471-887C-443E36…)

she’s been copying her long nail ranting style for awhile

No. 607032

File: 1543533473845.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2224, Screenshot_20181129-151142.png)

No idea why Alive Alf continues to shoot her. Money and plane tickets must be so good I guess.

No. 607033

File: 1543533517713.png (392.15 KB, 1440x2252, Screenshot_20181129-151133.png)

No. 607034


Lol how tha fuck is her fat ass gonna recreate that? Her gut flipping out over the drapery isn't going to have the same effect..

No. 607035

can't wait to see her recreate this pose, I'm sure it will be a train wreck

No. 607043


God I can’t stand when she puts on that fake black girl voice, she thinks she sounds cute and funny or something. Makes me want to slap the shit out of her.

No. 607059

I wish more people would call out white girls for doing this.

No. 607060

File: 1543538722874.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.2 KB, 1024x682, 8I75C4CQ.jpeg)

No. 607063

File: 1543538997907.jpg (698.63 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20181129-164817_Pat…)

No. 607064

File: 1543539028953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 766.52 KB, 1079x1987, Screenshot_20181129-164834_Pat…)

No. 607065

File: 1543539053893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 925.08 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20181129-164802_Pat…)


No. 607069

File: 1543539132516.jpg (583.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181129-164731_Pat…)

No. 607070

File: 1543539414769.jpeg (66.52 KB, 323x530, 45E20F4C-7E6A-4C2B-ACC1-2A623C…)

good to know those little red riding hood boots are still putting in work

No. 607074

i can guarantee moo got this skirt cause they sell it in BIG size. it's MIA costumes brand and they sell it all over amazon.

No. 607090

what? for once her expression makes sense and they look like they're gonna laugh

No. 607096

she's so……. wide……..(non-contribution)

No. 607109

imagine telling her that this looks good, lord

No. 607119

What baffles me about Mariah is how ashamed she is of her body in real life yet she possesses the capacity to engage in… this sort of thing without any shame. Seriously this girl wanders 110 degree Las Vegas in track leggings and hoodies that hide her body. She looks completely demented half the time because she's dressed for winter in one of the hottest places on earth. Women fatter than her wear shorts, sundresses and tank tops but there's Mariah, clad like Nanook of the North, wandering the Strip. And then she makes an absolute spectacle of herself in her photo shoots.

She's posted pics like this without the flesh-colored dance leggings, pics wherein the girl detectives over on lolcow zoomed in and showed us all her butthole. She'll wear micro bikinis without thinking twice. She's had labia slips, ass hair, gut rolls, back rolls, thigh rolls, arm rolls, popped seams, panty stains and on and on absolutely wreck her pics, all the more wrecked when the photoshop is weak and you realize that weird bulge you can't figure out is a poorly shooped roll of fat. Her body is covered with those lipo scars, strange fat distribution caused by gorging after lipo and at times she barely looks female because of all the fat that her body was forced to store in her shoulders because she repeatedly removed the fat cells from her waist and hips. But she won't dress for the summer. Because someone might be able to see her cellulite or tell that she weighs more than she admits.

It's bizarre. Her shame is oddly selective.

No. 607127

I mean, Nero makes a lot more sense to lewd than most of the characters she does. But this is going to look horrible. She wont be able to wear forest-kun and is going to look more like an elegantly placed chicken to be roasted than Nero. And does she even have a Nero dress? Or is she just going to get one of her slaves to make it for her?

Also bets on her just wearing her Arturia wig because she doesn't realize there's a difference.

No. 607145

OT: but could some tell me what these leggings she’s wearing are or what they are called? My legs are red and fugly and this would help. Thanks(off-topic)

No. 607149

File: 1543547836030.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 06D7775F-A949-4D1E-AD77-98E0A1…)

she doesn’t have a nero dress yet BUT squarenoodles gf literally just finished making the big ribbon drapped over nero for her own December stuff. I can definitely see momo “borrowing” hers or using some ugly Christmas ribbon

No. 607151

File: 1543547981519.jpeg (291.7 KB, 750x1095, 504048D4-EE7A-4CC9-B201-0BD6CD…)

another $500 prop to rot! a whole electric fireplace!

No. 607152

I think they're some kind of dancer tights.

No. 607155

i mean, atleast she's furnishing i guess?

No. 607156

She couldn't just find a place with a fireplace? Bitch is obsessed with hoarding shit.

No. 607162

File: 1543548371487.jpg (509.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181129-184933_Ins…)

Love how one of her IG stories shows some decorative items on her kitchen countertop, and she says that this (picture included) is her favorite part of the house at the moment.

Could it be due to the fact that this is where she keeps all of her bottles of alcohol? Was this a Freudian slip?

No. 607164

Her hatred of her body really shows when she's outside her house and can't photoshop herself irl. Also shows on her IG when she preaches about loving her body, but next minute she's talking about how she's ashamed oh how she is.

Old news, but I guess the Camversity gig is actually over eh?

No. 607166

Bitch is obsessed with showing off how much of her patron's money she can waste.

No. 607168

She already has a fake fireplace under her TV.

No. 607171

File: 1543549296919.jpeg (803.77 KB, 750x1264, 922BD0F4-B092-4B41-AD7F-64495D…)

she’s deleted this post now and replaced it with a dumb chun li video

No. 607193

i guess she didnt learn a whole lot as usual

No. 607197

I'm not defending Moo. But I like this prop because it will count as a decoration other than garbage to fill her home and it doubles as a space heater. Plus she can put her figures on it instead of the floor

No. 607198

That face tape is doing the work of god

No. 607199

She only did 4/6 of her plans though? Why lie even about this? Even if she's doing Mordred within this year (doubt) it's not "nailed". Heck she nailed none of them they're all colossal fails.

Also Archer and Heracles? Lmao as if she'd cosplay them, not without genderbending anyway because she wouldn't want to be thought of as a dyke.

Your entire cosplay career is a blooper.

No. 607212

>I guess the Camversity gig is actually over eh?

Yep. We knew that she either got booted or got lazy again. It could have been like when she got booted from the booth when the sexual assault stuff came to light, or like her hundreds of broken promises (see merchandise, donations, Q&As, prints, patron rewards, etc.)

No. 607219

Her doing the camversity deal was weird anyway. There should be zero reason for her to do it other than them paying her several K if she stayed for the time agreed on.

The only explanation is she needed the money… which is fuckin weird considering her income. And with how much she throws money in the trash, she still seems okay unless she's running credit card debt.

No. 607220


So…ten bucks for ten shitty not at all creative pictures. wow. She really is phoning this shit in and scamming like mad now.

No. 607233

I thought she was sitting on something and then I realised those are her legs and I can't even grasp how much of a fucking unit she is. Good god how do you even get to that point

No. 607241

So I did a little math. If moo had 900 patreon supporters, given the current population of the US, that means that 0.00023 of Americans know and support her. Sorry moomoo but I don'think that qualifies as famous. And isn't the what really matters?

No. 607250

She is 10x more infamous than she is famous. Most of her fans are gross fetishist. Outside of the porn, no one likes her and is considered one of the worst cosplayers ever, why no one wants to feature her anymore. Not even sponsors want to go near her unless they want their brand to fail or be seen as a joke.

No. 607291

Dance tights, Capezio brand. Just don't be a dumbass and get the convertible ones like moo did.

No. 607322

File: 1543565451517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 807.92 KB, 4000x3000, Muhaccuracy.jpg)

No. 607323

this was never going to look good, moo's too fat and her tits are too proportionately small for her wide load.

No. 607345

You can see her fupa pushing against that coat pretty hard. She's not gonna 'work it off' with lipo anymore?

No. 607347

her parents are likely sick of her not maintaining the lipo results and won't shell out for it anymore so she's doing without

No. 607348

Wasn't she doing cheaper water based which is easily within her patron numbers?

No. 607359

Isn’t there a limit for how many times a certain area can be lipo’d?

It doesn’t seem very safe to get it done a few times and gain massive amounts of weight right after.

No. 607395

It's nice to see a reference. The character in the ref looks like she has a bun. Mariah looks like she has a I need a manager hairstyle.

No. 607414

convertible ones are a lot more comfortable, tbf

No. 607415

File: 1543583843367.jpg (381.91 KB, 1075x1683, Screenshot_20181130-071538_Ins…)

yet another lie from moo

No. 607422


i thought a farmer made this?

No. 607427

>doesnt block out price

She really trying to flex, hm?

Is she trying to protect her main ig from getting reported again?

No. 607476

Yep! The audacity of this bitch, part 268,789

No. 607503

File: 1543591477168.jpg (643.21 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20181130-172406.jpg)

No. 607536

I can't believe momokunt is so lazy when it comes to content she has to steal from lolcow.

No. 607540

please don’t let this turn into watermarkgate 2.0

No. 607541


this short of shit just makes me seethe, she is fighting hard to get all kinds of attention now

No. 607559

What an idiot. She posted that on her IG now her followers will realize she looks like a single mom.

No. 607605

I wish someone would comment that we all know she got the pic from here lol(cowtipping)

No. 607640

File: 1543606993425.jpg (653.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181130-134301_Ins…)

Back with tattoo sensei

No. 607643

he’s wearing her Francis drake cosplay to get reference shots for a pirate tattoo he’s doing. Please notice how this jacket looks on a normal human

No. 607650

That awkward moment when an advertisement says you look old AND single and you flex it. Fake or no, she can't even sense a backhanded compliment, and will continue to fight for attention even when she is literally looking at her future self. How spooky.

No. 607654

File: 1543608454145.jpg (600.16 KB, 1440x2316, Screenshot_20181130-120532.jpg)

As the farmer that made this, i am dying rn. You can easily find the og ads with a simple google search. Never change Moo.

No. 607656


Lol. Is she fucking for real? Did she really just out herself for stalking here? And her dumb ass thinks it’s something to flex about. The fact that she is only 23 yet she look like a worn out single mom of 3 kids who sells herself on singles websites.

Tell me I’m dreaming. This is just too damn good.

No. 607658

File: 1543609207710.jpeg (184.46 KB, 1170x1001, F69EE454-9721-43EE-8562-029E89…)

before I enlarged this I thought it was her casual Mei

No. 607848

File: 1543620791708.jpeg (646.46 KB, 750x1028, 7C37019E-51FB-46AB-9910-17C316…)

are the wings attached to her upper back?

No. 607867

File: 1543622112383.jpeg (170.75 KB, 750x1209, 8B0A1E11-287F-41BD-AB93-0AB248…)

The angle of the wing makes it look like her thighs going inwards making it look like bad shoop

No. 607869

we all know she lurks here, but the fact that she's clearly proud to be putting that up is rich.

No. 607870

Next she'll have it on a shirt like the last farmer's work.

No. 607871

It's just like the momocunt t-shirt thing. She thinks she can own it. But all it does is make her look bad. She's just too much of a dumbass to realize that.

No. 607872

Good Lord, she looks high as a kite.

No. 607876

File: 1543623942072.png (221.07 KB, 346x656, 1529868358289.png)

if it wasnt for the buttons, i dunno if i would have recognized it on him

No. 607880

Like a true artist Moo never checks dimensions

No. 607894

File: 1543627630337.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, C5E97AB1-8948-4712-A2A0-A802A0…)

>new cat bolted out door
>it’s across the street on a wall
>called friends, they said he’s a “street cat” so he “might just run out sometimes”

No. 607896

File: 1543627912950.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 483E6387-0A41-4DDF-A68E-E39810…)

>got the cat back after it ran into her neighbors back yard and tried to climb another tree
>didn’t know that cats “would just do that” if they were outside cats before

No. 607900

The new cat is already sick of Moo's bullshit and wants to get away.

No. 607901

This cat is going to get hit by a car and its corpse will be half decomposed by the time moo notices it's gone. Holy shit what a dumbass

No. 607902

For all we know she may have just snatched this cat off the street and it's trying to get the fuck away now.

No. 607908

Ahhh, there is the high, amped up, manic Moo that we all know and loathe. Welcome back, you horrible shitbeast!

Welcome to feline ownership, start realizing that cats are individuals and not kawaii objects to squeal at 3AM about.

No. 607913

This really puts in perspective how large she's gotten. This coat is really tight on her, but this grown ass man is almost swimming in it.

Looks like it. It looks like they had to attach them higher because they're so droopy, if they were positioned where they're supposed to be they'd be dragging on the ground. This whole costume is a fucking mess lol but that seems to be Moo's brand now.

No. 607914

moo's so full of shit, the cat wants to run away from you and your cats moo, outside cats don't automatically run outside.

No. 607924

I swear to god she is actually retarded. Cats love to go outside and any cat who has had a taste of freedom will go for it again and again. This is basic cat knowledge.

No. 607927

Finally a cat that will hell no right out of there when they see her pigpen.

No. 607942

Cats will run out the door dumbass. It doesnt have anything to do with having been an "outdoor cat". Maybe it just doesn't like you, your other cats, and your filthy house too. Ever think of that? If you have cats you have to be responsible and mindful of where they are and what they are doing. That's way beyond her capabilities. This poor thing will end up dead in the road and she'll just use it to get sympathy on insta. Then go get another one. Rinse and repeat. Just like everything else.

No. 607948

i dont understand how shes never experienced this before. ive never owned a cat that doesnt try to run outside

No. 607949

ya like it's really hard to keep a cat that has been able to go outside, inside. they just won't tolerate it unless they have something to do inside. luckily for this cat he can inhale dangerous chemicals (aw well I made myself sad now lol)

No. 607950

What makes me sad is that she is going to punish it now for being a cat. I hope it scratches her eyes out if she starts hitting it. And if you don't think she is going to do something to it for running out the door you don't really know mariah at all so spare me all your responses about how she would never do a thing like that.

No. 607951

This. My fat lazy cats love our family but if you don't watch them every once in a while they will try to get out the door.

No. 607972

The single mom has more of an ass than moo though

No. 607981

They can and do, anon. It happens. Moo should've been keeping on eye on him and he should've been in a locked room for a few days too to begin with. She's just a complete dumbass when it comes to cats.

No. 607987

It's because she thinks all of her flaws will be edited out by the photographer. You can edit photos, but you can't edit real life, so her only option is to dress like it's winter.

I would not be surprised if some pretty nasty cellulite was cropping up on her legs. Hence the need for constant shoop or leggings.

No. 608025

Honestly a cat that bolts out of the door wants out of the house and you can't just chase it back in. It will make it worse and if its new it might get lost or choose not to return
I've never had my cat bolt out, they simply know to ask to go outside but that clearly because it likes us and their food. A cat will choose to stay with people if they like them.

No. 608052

Not entirely. My brother has a cat who tries to get out all the time, will hide until the last second, then bolt with your back turned. She loves up, is a complete lap cat, wasn't feral. She just likes being outside, but she is an indoor cat.

Moo just has no idea what the hell she is doing. She didn't give it time to stay in a room to get used to smells. Introduced them immediately. Didn't even take into consideration that the friend of the friend she got the cat from clearly also has no idea what they are doing. Moo said in her story that the person she got it from said the cat 'MIGHT' have been feral at one point. When will she learn to fucking stop just taking any cat without getting to know them and so on? She's moron.

No. 608096

File: 1543668664917.png (947.63 KB, 750x1334, E71CA949-01BD-4285-A4D3-CEE66A…)

His view during all this

No. 608097

Moo is so stupid it hurts. Not all street cats come back so she's lucky. Honestly I'm placing bets on how long until it runs away for good. Baby gates don't help you fucking retard. She clearly doesn't know anything about cats either, she shouldn't be allowed to have animals.

No. 608100

She just keeps getting wider and wider. She's gonna have some serious health issues in the near future if she doesn't already.

No. 608108

she looks like shes close to barely fitting in a door frame idk….

No. 608110

I never realized how massive she is right now. All that photoshop really does hide the worst of it and it's no wonder she can't walk around without being out of breath.

Like I know we pick on her being fat to a ridiculous degree but she's seriously going to have some major health issues and wind up like Amberlynn at this rate. She needs to diet, exercise, or look less into lipo and more into a band.

No. 608113

dear god, not a band, she'd fuck that up so quickly and end up seriously ill from the complications
not to mention no (responsible) doctor would actually band her, it's obvious from 10 seconds of exposure to her that she has nowhere near enough self control to actually get her shit together with a band

she'll stay like this until she admits to herself that her life is completely fucked AND realises that she's the only person who can change that, and I don't know if she has the capability to do that.

No. 608115

>no (responsible) doctor would actually band her

I mean she does live in Vegas. She's had how many lipo appointments now? Plus coolsculpting.

No. 608122

hence the >(responsible)

No. 608133

File: 1543680357082.png (558.02 KB, 1080x1558, IMG_20181201_170514.png)

No. 608134

>Muh Triple D tits

Sure Jan. What are you getting, a 36 DDD? It would explain why your bras are always so ill-fitting.

Alternatively I totes believe those sad fat sacs are by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, with how often you eat out and pig out.

No. 608135

File: 1543680905265.jpeg (904.14 KB, 1242x1045, 9F3BFF9A-B698-4688-914D-9DEA3B…)

She had to leave the boot untied…

No. 608136

That's so fucking sloppy. She can't even be assed to buy a pair of boots that fits her fat ass tree stumps.

No. 608137

jesus, she's manic. did something happen?

No. 608138

she shoops at victoria's secret so she's not going to have the correct fit. she definitely has small boobs for a fat girl and they have no volume so probably C cup.

No. 608140

I mean, she looked like she was gonna have a full blown meltdown when the cat got out, maybe it triggered her lol.

No. 608141

it running away reminded her how all her friends do that.

No. 608143

yea but when she measured(cause they're so big guise!) in her pochaco set with that sonico girl the cup was 42. D or DD would have to be 38 or 36 so…

No. 608147

She's just posting manic about Christmas like jnig does every year.

No. 608170

Sensei had to try on her coat for a tattoo ref and now he’s taking pics of her back to do one for her…. who wants to bet she’s getting some god awful fgo tattoo that she’s gonna regret in 6 months when she doesn’t care about fate anymore

No. 608175

yep she should really be wearing a 40C most likely

No. 608178

She doesn't care about Fate now anon. She just pretends to once every few months.

No. 608179

she’s holding the wings in front of her lol..

No. 608202


I like the way she's turned so she can try and pretend like she and miso are close to the same size. plus that feather boa doing over time hiding the eruption of back fat she no doubt has in that corset. But it works, she continues to fool her neckbeards day after day into believing she's a thicc goddess instead of just a lumpy tub of lard.

No. 608206

I’m super excited to see the train wreck that will be tattooed on to her back tits. He doesn’t even seem like a great tattoo artist. Mediocre at best.

No. 608211

triple d cups arent even big for her size and are pretty average at best. she like what, 230+ lbs? I know people like half her size and under with bigger natural boobs. hell im only 130 lbs and have d cups. most fat people around her weight range with big boobs usually have j or h cups if were being generous

No. 608214

Keep in mind that her neckbeards have always been an extremely ignorant lot when it comes to womens' bodies. See: Thigh Freckles, and their continued delusion that she's curvy instead of a potato sack of lard.

No. 608215

you can still see her bumpy cellulite even when she's wearing tights. I've never seen that before. It makes me wonder what she looks like without the tights.

As for the talk about her sudden manic behavior it's simple. In her Japan trip she couldn't have her drugs or her energy drinks. Also tattoo kun was her moral teacher and told her to settle down whenever she acted out.

Now that she's home she's back on whatever drugs she was on, energy drinks, not sleeping and no tattoo guru breathing down her neck. She's free to be manic, being eat and be a general trash bag

No. 608217

she is only getting a tattoo to be near him, its so obvious. When his Japan vacation was over I'm sure he told her "Hey I have to get back to work" and she can't handle being ignored, even if her friends are working (Why she harasses Vamp at work) she she was like "HEY! Well… I WANT A RANDOM TATTOO! It will take WEEKS. You up for it?"

No. 608218

>she's free to eat
idk how she came back from japan looking even bigger when it was the most exercise she's gotten in a whole year combined + japanese food tends to be less calorie-dense and served in smaller portions than american food. i know most people will gain weight on vacation, but she had to really be pounding back food to counterbalance the calorie loss of (what is to her) so much walking.

No. 608229

File: 1543694748433.png (755.18 KB, 699x883, Capture _2018-12-01-12-04-21.p…)

Jesus christ, those eyebags.

No. 608232

File: 1543695226244.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 5E24C131-8E80-4395-8587-811751…)

odd flex but ok?

No. 608236

I believe they could be triple D, I was too back when I was her size. It doesn't look anywhere as impressive as it sounds simply because the rest of her is SO much larger. Then again she could be the type that puts side fat into the cups too

No. 608242

Bitch it's one of the only apps you haven't been banned from.

No. 608262

Her breast reduction when she was a teen is probably why her boobs are the way they are. I feel like people forget this?

No. 608263

nobody forgot, she's just always going on and on about how "huge" her breasts are when really they're not much bigger than average, are only as big as they are because she's fat, and for a fat girl are honestly quite small when compared to the rest of her girth.

No. 608267

To me it's funny because when she was younger she just had to work a bit harder and she could have had a body that rivaled Jessica. And instead of pushing her POC status she could have sounded more exotic by saying she is mixed. For someone who claims to be a business major she couldn't even sell herself

No. 608282

even if she wanted to stay on the chubby path, there was nothing stopping her from working out and toning up a bit and actually having a body that looks nice naked. but instead she let herself go because she's addicted to food/a depressive eater and apparently allergic to exercise. plus she figured people are still paying her so she can be as much of a slob as she wants and some gross fucker somewhere will still pay to see her saggy udders and cottage cheese thighs because he hates himself and moo is the best he can do.

No. 608284

which is pathetic in its own right. She's a slob because her pay pigs have no standards or are weird fetishist. She couldn't be healthy just for herself because she hates herself that much

No. 608304

lmfao good eye

it looks so fucking stupid holy shit

No. 608352

File: 1543714877748.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 42CEB50E-8834-483E-A7EE-5F0F43…)


baking cakes live on cam with some bakery? her and sensei

No. 608355

File: 1543715620341.jpeg (97.48 KB, 609x728, 05FC6934-4048-4C48-B739-DC2F53…)

She’s so damn wide

No. 608360

File: 1543716027465.jpeg (40.11 KB, 342x356, 99C24C74-E284-433D-A70E-0A9618…)

I think we often forget exactly how awful she looks without all the copious amounts of photoshop

No. 608363

>no beard net

No. 608364

its especially worse since those type LED industrial lights are horrible lighting and can really show off your wrinkles, creases, and makes your skin look really pale/grey

No. 608368

Only 10 viewers. Wow moo maybe your neckbeards don’t give a fuck about you when they can see the real cow

No. 608376

Someone is seriously salty about anons pointing out how small her tits are compared to MASSIVE body lol

No. 608378

That jaw procedure really paid off, Mariah!

No. 608379


or hairnets. gross.

No. 608381

File: 1543718617236.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, 0D820A1D-A16C-481C-9264-CBDF71…)

No. 608384

did she even make it, or just decorate it

moo's mouth in it's second natural state (first is eating obv)

No. 608389

File: 1543719885822.jpg (366.02 KB, 428x355, lSq19N9.jpg)

When you compare how small Sensei is to her it's hilarious

No. 608390

Is it nitpicking If I say that cake looks like trash

No. 608391

File: 1543720202673.jpeg (75.55 KB, 1080x1347, received_298334157469597.jpeg)

The photoshop on her thighs is bad. I mean really bad. Her stomach is laughable.

She got small tits for her frame. Wonder when she is getting the tit job done

No. 608393


No. 608398

i mean, no one is gonna disagree with you, but yeah, kind of.

did they show senseis cake

No. 608404

File: 1543722527799.jpg (288.04 KB, 1080x1152, 20181201_224654.jpg)

No. 608413

File: 1543724192450.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 3CE00D8B-8EEB-4606-8957-DC04DA…)

I’m pretty sure that this is his, I don’t know anything about cake decorating more than food network but it doesn’t look too awful, it is his sisters bakery though so he might have messed around with cakes before. also I don’t know how often this bakery livestreams they have a twitch but you know…did they think momo would bring in some views kek?

No. 608416

It's more impressive than four lopsided stars, anyway. And that's why they were on there?

No. 608419

it looks pretty bad to be from a real bakery.

No. 608420

He's not a decorator or baker, anon. Of course it looks bad.

No. 608422

Chun-Lee? more like Chin-Lee

No. 608453

So riding a snowman with antlers while wearing headphones. Someone want to explain this abomination to me.

No. 608457

File: 1543731647353.jpg (420.44 KB, 1200x630, pochaco_christmas.jpg)

She's trying to emulate this figure

No. 608458

All the Sonico characters wear headphones

No. 608461

Best part is you can keep calling her Chin Lee and just write it off as a mistype on your phone, thanks QWERTY!

No. 608462

She's got that My 600lb life chin.

She decorated this? It looks like shit, Mariah. And it's not making a cake if you only did the decorations.

No. 608463

Fuck me I can hear her wheezing in this pic, what a pig

No. 608468

Miss "I don't like sweets" taking a baking class. Watch her claim she's a professional baker pretty soon

No. 608479

i mean, shes better at making cakes professionally than playing chess

No. 608482


Or Sewing. Or Studying for classes. Or playing flute. Or showering. Or wigcutting…..

No. 608570

Speaking of webtoons, did she completely abandon the Lore Olympus cosplay? She hasn't spoken about it in forever and once again, it was a weird hype thing for her. She's probably going to do Xmas only shit now

No. 608582

>>608570 Yeah, she abandoned it. Possible reasons include:

>The creator never followed Moo back on IG.

>Moo went from wanting a relationship like Persephone and Hades, and contradicted herself about a month later by saying she wants to mommy and spoil a man.
>Vamp bought her a Persephone figure for her birthday, and coincidentally that was the last time Moo expressed any interest in the series.

The stuff in the green is based on real facts, even though I'm speculating to a degree. But she's definitely over it. And the only reason she's back into Fate is because she saw tons of Fate merchandise while in Japan, so she has to keep the lie about liking Fate alive.

No. 608586

And she probably couldn't get anyone to cosplay Hades to fondle her cottage cheese thighs.

Speaking of something Moo's abandoned, what happened to the Umineko bts docuseries she said she'll do? I was excited to see how the trainwreck came about, like watching Seconds from Disaster.

No. 608594

She Posted this pic on insta ( can’t screen shot rn) literally complaining about her stomach and boobs lol lurk much moo?

No. 608610

Cant see it. Did anyone grab before it was deleted?

No. 608617

scroll up unlike previous anon >>608133

No. 608710

Hey anon, she was probably just distracted by the World Chess Championship that just ended a couple of days ago. Because, you know, she is so into chess.

No. 608711

Or translating Japanese, or playing lacrosse, or lifting weights professionally. Or doing her taxes.

No. 608712

Why don't we go old school with her lies? She's obviously just promoting smaller creators with her patreon bucks.

No. 608774

You forgot about her professional flute skills

No. 608782

File: 1543805268146.jpg (108.22 KB, 960x960, 18342517_1073889556089326_4982…)

TBH because of her breast reduction when she was 14(?) she spent most of her life with little/average boobs
But now she got fat again and THINKS they're huge so she keeps bragging about it and using her reduction as some sort of "proof" of them being big
Having averagely "large" boobs, down to nothing and back to average probably makes her think they're huge

No. 608783

I know
Imagine if 2015 Momokun just worked out alot and got a butt lift, she couldve been living her dream
but no she's too retarded
im not complaining i've had 3 years of endless milk

No. 608786

Not only that but a bunch of ex-calves are getting a Fate group together for ALA so she might try to crash that

No. 608789

nah i mean cause they were getting instruction. this is like first time piping at home with no idea wtf you're doing.

No. 608796

Skype theater class. Let's never ever forget about the Skype theater class.

No. 608797

the best part is her saying fat ppl with boobs isnt real boobs and now its all her dumb ass has

No. 608804


She is a literal walking manifestation of karma. Incredible.

No. 608862

That breast reduction at a young age was such a stupid idea. Look how flat she is in that middle picture.
Seems like it was a quick fix to seem more sporty/less fat because in the first picture they don’t even seem large enough to cause any back provlems.
I wonder if Moo ever regrets her reduction. She could have actually had her huge hentai udders if she hadn’t been too lazy to lose weight at a younger age and avoided “needing” the reduction

No. 608897

i mean if that bitch is wearing illfitted VS bras, she probably did have some back pain. you're 100% right tho. also, a lot of people don't seem to realize that breast fat developed through puberty has smaller and more dense molecules, so with that and the reduction, she's never going to have boobs that look normal again.

No. 609000

Nah she's probably happy because in a reduction they reshape the breasts a bit (and relocate the nipple) so her tits would probably be way saggier and more lopsided than they are now

No. 609001

Mariah is not pretty at any weight

No. 609002

I dislike this cow, but when she was younger she was, tbh, a lot prettier because it seemed like she at least kept SOMEWHAT healthy.

She was like that one "scene" girl we all knew in highschool (if you went in the 2000s) that you could see yourself finding attractive in some way but would never honestly date.

No. 609007

Maybe that's the real reason she got it done. It would explain that"but what if she's fat with lopsided tits?" vague post

No. 609028

If she hadn't gotten lipo the evidence of her having cushin's syndrome would be more evident. Fat belly, shoulders, neck, and you get moon face like that picture if her looking like droopy the dog. Leads to diabetes type 2 possible heart attack or stroke if untreated. She's not doing herself any favors since its a cortozol abundance makes one crave sugar, her coconut water/monsters, and carbs that's in her sushi. Create a situation if left untreated will have irreversible consequences on her health all the while her "friends" who don't have medical history of extreme weight fluctuations egg her on.

No. 609032

that's doubtful. we don't know what her tits looked like before, but they definitely look so terrible now i doubt they could look any worse.

No. 609039

I dunno, maybe it's knowing that she was a complete shit and a bully all along makes me see her as a nasty goblin no matter what she looks like.

No. 609046


No doubt, when you learn about the personality and everything come to life, she's disgusting.

No. 609059

She looks okay in the middle picture except for the stupid face she's making. God, she blew up like a balloon, though.

No. 609126

File: 1543881427398.jpeg (509.4 KB, 1242x1811, 361EE325-1DEE-43C2-AC54-29BD1B…)


No. 609128

I had a friend in grade school who hit puberty way before the rest of us. She had her first period in like 4th grade. Her boobs were huge by junior high. Her parents got her a reduction surgery just because she got teased so much. She also had a lot of behavioral problems and ended up being only a little over 5 feet tall. We stopped being friends because she was a brat before all this started but turned into a complete psycho after. This early puberty thing is rare but not super rare and she shows all the signs. I think this is what happened to momo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 609129

this was already shared like twice.

No. 609132

Not what she said tho chill

No. 609134

sorry you're wrong, dumbass. >>608133

No. 609137

Ew , again, chill.(newfag)

No. 609138

>telling anon to chill cause you couldn't be fucked to read the thread
>leaving your clearly male icon in your shitty cap of something now 2 days old

Kill yourself out of /pt/

No. 609139

Everything she says is just so cringe.

No. 609142

>2 days old

And she still hasn't fixed the fact it says 'Merry Chrysler'?

No. 609145

Guess not, that's the only milk that anon provided with the repost. She probably doesn't even remember posting this.

No. 609146

Lmao that’s not even my icon?? So nice try. Not even male. You’re so triggered by something so dumb it’s sad

No. 609148

It was a Vine/Meme thing she's spouting. The girl in the Vine did say Merry Chrysler.

No. 609149

No. 609150

It was already posted, you're not providing new content and now you're fighting with anons about your mistake. Get over yourself.

No. 609151

Merry Chrysler was a vine, ya know how she always try’s to use vines and memes lol

No. 609153


are you retarded?

No. 609154

Holy shit can you both shut the fuck up? It's over, it was posted. Move along.

No. 609156

I’m surprised she’s not flooding her insta with older pics or anything since it has been 2 days. Usually she posts every day it seems like.

No. 609158

don't bitch at the anon trying to callout obvious newfags who can't even read the thread for 5 seconds.

No. 609163


Sorry. I didn't know and was unfamiliar with the source material. With Momo, it can be hard to tell when she's trying to be 'relatable' or if it was some autocorrect that she didn't catch despite her linguistics major.

No. 609174

i mean. moo is fucking retarded, makes more sense to assume it's just her being stupid rather than her copying a vine. if anyone's autistic it's the anons assuming we all remember some shit vine meme.

No. 609176

She spelled it right several times everywhere else in that post. It's from the vine, anon. She does that with everything, but apparently 'cutting back on vaping' has completely stopped her H3H3 coughing thing in videos. She'll do it now though after she reads this.

No. 609178

i get that, i just said that it honestly wouldn't be surprising if she was just dumb. and was pointing out that no one gives a shit about vines

No. 609189

i thought vine was dead, but this bitch keeps quoting shit from it that more than one of you understand

No. 609229

File: 1543905894217.jpeg (403.59 KB, 750x1058, 2264A29E-FC14-4421-86EA-71B519…)

vamp watched re:zero so now she’s watching re:zero. is it too soon to hope they’ll do a duo set of the twins and call it rem and ham?

No. 609244

cant wait to see those cool sclupted “abs” make an appearance again along with the added fat from the japan trip and in general

No. 609256

She won't be able to wear forest-kun with this cosplay, so her six-flab is going to be on full display. Also that cape isn't going to do her yaoi shoulders any favors.

No. 609259

She's probably banking on over boa-ing it.

No. 609263

god fucking damn it

i knew it was only a matter of time before she got to re: zero but i was hoping i'd have more time to grieve.

and of course she'd pick the skimpiest character… i guess she doesn't realize the huge mass appeal Rem has a "waifu material".

No. 609266

Delete this or you’ll give her more spite fodder anon

No. 609323

it doesn’t really matter mariah hates cosplaying short haired characters thats probably why she hasn’t done rem

No. 609362

Think of it this way: if Moo cosplays Rem, it'll be a chance for a throwback to the Kanna debacle AND new meme material for the normies.

No. 609369

If it makes you feel any better, Mariah thinks that she's "ruining" waifus, but all it's doing is making her look like a spiteful asshole and that's why her patreon money is rapidly declining. It's also making the community that she wants so very much to be loved by, despise her even more. At some point she's going to be wearing a bulletproof vest every time she goes outside like her male counterpart Onision. All because she wants to piss people off.

Let her continue self-sabotaging like this.

No. 609374

It really is funny that she tries to glom onto whatever she can that will pick up steam like Mei and Samus. She wore those into the ground and tries to attach herself as the new Artoria, etc. She tried becoming the Golden Witch and did all these costly commissions in an effort to link her name with the character and get some recognition as an actual weeb. Unfortunately all attempts were jokes and neckbeards were uninterested and actual fans were disgusted. Thing is that men just want a cute chick that will tolerate their nerd interests and pander to them so they can have weird attachments. Mariah is some former untalented jock that picks on people and doesn't have the hobbies for cosplay. She isn't looking for new anime, games and manga that are actually fun, but something that will bring in bucks. That's why we get these scattered interests and over promoted projects.

I'm guess she gave up on Lore Olympus because it would never, ever give her neckbeard cred. It's an American webtoon/comic that deals with relationships and normie problems.

No. 609385

I don’t k ow why she wants to be a character that only appears for such a short time in the anime.


The fact she chooses to get her fat girth into these skimpy cosplays for validation is beyond hilarious. It’s bosrderlinung sad now. With every lewd cosplay she basically going “A-am I good enough now? Do you love me? Do you think I’m sexy? If you do you must wanna fuck me, right? Asians only tho. No fatties”

No. 609405

rem isn't a child you fucking sperg.

No. 609413

Can we not assume every flat-chested girl in anime is a child please?

No. 609423

Rem isn’t flat, she has the biggest tits out of the main female characters. The one she posted she wants to cosplay is an antagonist.

No. 609436

Has she mentioned anything about the figures she brought over? You think they all broke

No. 609442

she showed them all set in her case with her other figures near the beginning of this month/end of last month when she was decorating for Christmas

No. 609444

nta but wtf is >>609362 talking about then?

No. 609448

File: 1543954339883.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, 8667FD33-0787-4CEA-BDB0-A87918…)

No. 609450

File: 1543954399993.png (3.69 MB, 750x1334, B16A7782-035D-47CC-A89D-ED097F…)

No. 609456

File: 1543954538517.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, 615AE836-D2A5-4F04-ADB0-923574…)

3/3 anyway you can see them mixed in

No. 609462

File: 1543954735552.jpg (63.32 KB, 913x702, IMG_20181128_224801.jpg)

They're so cluttered. Her whole collection is such a mess. Mariah, I know you're here: get yourself some acrylic risers. They're not expensive. I've seen bootleg shops show off their deformed anime girls better than this.

No. 609464

anons were def right about the sakura figurine, the branch is busted.

No. 609470

File: 1543955076017.jpeg (52.63 KB, 500x750, B42EFAD7-8D1C-4116-A616-CC8183…)

posting a ref picture for what it’s supposed to look like, kinda looks like it broke and then she just kinda slide it back into her hand by how it’s laying

No. 609557

How much does this retail for again?

No. 609568


No. 609621

it gets me kinda sad that someone would spend that much money into something they actually don't like… like woah mariah look how much you are spending just for people to accept you. and the catch is that they will never accept you anyway

No. 609624

>They're so cluttered.

Because she set them up like her photoshoots.

No. 609635

File: 1543961860069.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, BB79172B-822F-4A1A-8D9E-89DD60…)

momo acting like belle gives a shit about her promoting her insta

No. 609666


she probably doesn't appreciate being called that…

No. 609669


she probably doesn't appreciate being called that…

No. 609671

it's less Rem being a child than it is Rem just being super popular

No. 609677

File: 1543965690593.jpeg (444.18 KB, 750x907, AE542AC8-4C90-4A65-B70B-226E81…)

“harvest the winners”

No. 609679

Is that the same little red riding hood outfit? What is that description? "Who out here survived no nut november"… Sounds like she's making a joke out of Movember and testicular cancer.

No. 609680

It’s her barmaid shoot from last year

No. 609692

no nut november is a shitty 4chan meme.

No. 609693

i was more wondering wtf "kanna debacle" has to do with rem. it's not the first time moo has cosplayed a popular character.

No. 609696

Here's to hoping feminists and SJWs go after her ass for saying something like that.

She's long overdue for a sperg. I don't even care who causes it.

No. 609699

TBH its Semiramis all over again
She just picks them because of their aesthetic and sluttiness

No. 609702

Re:Zero is a dead hype train tho i dont understand

No. 609703

this. netflix costhots are some of the stupidest.

No. 609704

"No Nut November" aka an excuse for why she couldn't get laid in Japan

No. 609707

She is beyond abysmal when it comes to sounding erotic through text. No originality either, but that's no surprise. Come on Mariah, you're not that brain dead. Come up with your own shit like "Dicks Out For December" or something like that.

No. 609708


She has absolutely no idea how to sound sexy or enticing. She practically parrots everything she hears in hentai and thinks that’s what all guys find sexy. She is the true definition of an unwashed neckbeard. We saw as much while she was in that store in Japan.

No. 609711

Since she has so much of a mommy kink she could have went for Diaphram Denile December.

No. 609712

as her managers we should really help her out!

you guys are on the right track!

No. 609723

Lmfao, Dicks Out for Diaphram Denile December!

I pity the sad fool that knocks up Mariah one day.

No. 609724

OP here, should have clarified, it's not about lewding a child, it's more about doing disgusting lewds for a popular pure character.

Big oof for the branch, anons called it when they say it'll break in transit, then again anyone with a brain would know better.

Also are there more figures on that shelf or somewhere else? Where's the Kogitsunemaru and Miku figures?

No. 609744

Moo should offer her her team of top notch lawyers to get her account back.

No. 609755

i cant believe she reposted this embarrassing beer pic again

yeah it was made before the stolen red, right?

No. 609780

File: 1543982944567.gif (4.76 MB, 674x501, 1514049293_rem4.gif)

she's a netflix cosplayer, and not even a good one. i kind of wish shed do something else just to be less predictable

lol she's 17

No. 609783

File: 1543983258577.jpg (30.51 KB, 500x443, 537a42e9358877d41096fcb33f2571…)

>tfw this is the most head Mariah can get

No. 609794

File: 1543986812039.jpeg (789.86 KB, 1242x1678, E99EC00C-F11A-44A0-B383-35963F…)

No. 609799

>a child
>comparing 17 year old with someone who's in a class with 8 year olds

fuck off. also re:zero sucks.

No. 609805

What's this? The "vintage house" she bragged about moving into when Vamp moved out?

No. 609814

She probably can't afford the other house anymore. This one is probably smaller.

No. 609822

I’m assuming by “fingers crossed” she hasn’t yet gotten the house and is waiting for everything to be finalized. might be competing with others to get the house type thing.

No. 609824

With this bitch it could be anything. But I agree, it sounds like she's trying to get the place in the photo.

muh staircase

No. 609827


The amount of foam in this beer poured by someone cosplaying as a beer wench triggers me

No. 609836

so… is she just promo-ing this other minicow (who has almost DEFINITELY never spoken to Mariah) just so that she has someone to point to like "see!!! see!!! someone else does the loli thing and no one shits on HER for it!!"

No. 609868

>>609824 I don't understand why she insists on living in a house with two or more stories. I remember seeing her run up and down the steps during one of her insufferable Camversity streams, and she was completely exhausted.

On a related note, seeing her gassed after jogging up and down a small flight of stairs makes me giggle whenever I think about her heroic Peruvian phone thief story.

No. 609874

this looks weird. do most american 2 story houses have two sets of windows like that?

No. 609878

What’s interesting is that Halloween has gone by and we’re ankle deep in December and for being one of the biggest Patreon thots, there’s zero material for this holiday season. I mean this is just your career my dude. Nbd.

No. 609879

File: 1544019948004.jpg (184.46 KB, 1400x788, 5ERGU4GPHZGABM43BT6BETVQ2I.jpg)


Welcome to the Classic American McMansion, anon!

No. 609911


Seriously. For something that is supposed to be her “career” she certainly isn’t actling like it. She hasn’t announced any new projects and has resorted to re-selling older garbage tier sets. This might be the beginning of the end. Japan might have her one last hoorah before it all comes crashing down.

No. 609948

I was about to say that she didn't even do anything for Halloween but I remembered her small Blair shoot and the fucking golden witch dumpster fire
i dont count that tho

No. 609966

She also did ~shibari~ Velma, which was so rushed, half-assed and gross, I don't blame anyone for forgetting it, including her paypigs.