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File: 1426282558407.jpg (40.71 KB, 500x333, 1426035278289.jpg)

No. 61702


I hear there are so many lulz to be made about Haku, that it warrants a thread dedicated to them.

No. 61711

File: 1426285337302.png (222.06 KB, 500x375, 1391641345371.png)

so just from seeing all the baseless bs you all are posting in the other thread, I just wanna let yall know that haku has posted topless pictures before.
as much as i like lolcow, it's a bit sad when you see people straight up lying just to try and talk shit about someone. carry on tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 61714

this is shopped tho

No. 61715

File: 1426285810805.jpg (15.37 KB, 236x352, 870be0cd1d93a3dabb7f5768f65171…)

This nigger trying so hard to look like Kyo its ridiculous.

No. 61718

She was born as Arianna Dreury.

She had a non biological Japanese grandfather, which is where her obsession with Japan comes from. She was Arianna for 12 years before changing her name.

No. 61719

File: 1426286584726.png (337 KB, 450x600, tumblr_lfevd9J5Vf1qbjzj5o1_500…)

No. 61722

File: 1426287016623.jpg (276.28 KB, 500x727, haku3.jpg)

No. 61725

File: 1426287466356.jpg (357.88 KB, 1280x960, you can't sit with us.jpg)

Haku and her little gang are pretty infamous in the cosplay scene because it's basically her and a handful of other Tumblr queens who all happen to be trans or have some problem or another and all have eating disorders and if you're not Tumblr famous/trans/have an ED then it's a total "you can't sit with us" situation.

Last I checked the members are:

Krhaku/ Haku

+ some others who's names I can't remember.

Shmegeh was also previously a member until her ED got legit and she went mental and they annexed her.

Idk if Mena / Fleshmechanics was ever part of their little group. I know they know each other but she seemed kind of distant from them and I think their only connection was through Shmegeh.

No. 61730

File: 1426287626887.png (424.86 KB, 500x657, tumblr_mneac98e8n1qzt48xo1_500…)

Haku and Shmegeh before the fall out.

No. 61733

File: 1426287879294.jpg (220.89 KB, 1172x735, tumblr_n2e5xqe0bQ1s7mwd3o1_500…)

Also they all shoop the everloving shit out of their photos in particular V0nvamp / Cain who claims to be "agender" whatever the fuck that means and shoops herself to look like a burly, mysterious vampire when in reality she looks like a saggy, pissed off, Russian dawrf.

No. 61737

that's two different people. the one on the left is von, the other is cain

No. 61739


uhhhh, that's not photoshop. those are actually 2 diff people

the guy on the left is von, an american cosplayer; the guy on the right is cain, a canadian art school instagram/tumblr famous person

von is a chill dude tho, no need to drag him up into this

No. 61741

I can see the bra/tits in this one kek

No. 61743

File: 1426288531166.jpg (78.89 KB, 804x536, Haku-Aoki-poses-for-pictures-a…)

yeah. and you can easily see that they need to bind in this pic, and still it's pretty obvious

No. 61744

File: 1426288563006.jpg (150.5 KB, 1275x998, sdsadasd.jpg)

No. 61749

File: 1426288782318.png (767.4 KB, 987x853, von.PNG)

No. 61751


Aw man I got the pictures mixed up.
Why can't they pick different snowflake names.

Anyway I retain what I said earlier, V0n needs to cut back on the fucking shoop.

No. 61757

If that's who I think it is, it's not all shoop, motherfucker abuses bronzer and contouring like mad.

No. 61763

Their jawline looks so narrow and small from the lack of fat in their cheeks it looks weird, like someone just grabbed their face and smooshed it together to make it thinner and longer

No. 61774

>you don't have to donate much, because it is the holiday season

wow. I will never understand how people can be so shameless and lazy. "I can't get a job bc my program of study is too intensive" thwn bitch you don't need to be cosplaying or going to conventions, jfc.

No. 61795

Why do they all have Amazon Wishlist links and donate buttons on their profiles?

No. 61811

Because they're all lazy entitled fucks who believe they should be given gifts and money simply for existing.

No. 61845

File: 1426293609209.jpg (19.97 KB, 615x237, notanED.jpg)

Obligatory response to this.

No. 61846

I am fucking jealous about Haku's body tho i am such a fucking hamplanet what kind of workout does he do tho?

No. 61849

they had a falling out?


All of haku's friends have eating disorders, dont they? At least their close ones it seems.

No. 61850

Wait, I swore Vonvamp and vongeist were two diff people?? Haku is dating vongeist atm.

No. 61852

how much do you weight anon?

his life seems so sad, eating disorders everywhere, friends with sad eating disorders,…

No. 61854


She doesn't eat.

No. 61855

The not eating and smoking cigarettes work out. They also drink a lot of tea.

No. 61856


Yeah after Shmegeh got drunk beat the shit out of Mena.

No. 61857

nah, they broke up.

No. 61858

about 122lbs for 5"3 i am a fucking landwhale it's disgusting but i am trying to eat as less as possible,doing small home workout to move my gross ass and drinking fucking ton of water.

No. 61860

Circuitbird (Marissa?) doesn't have an eating disorder, she has IBS, I think. Or some other digestive issues that means if she eats certain things she gets really sick. I don't know about the rest of the people.

No. 61862


>BMI 21.6


Shut the fuck up you attention seeker.

No. 61863


Yeah, IBS is the excuse Ashe Maree uses too….

No. 61865

Proof? I noticed less pics and interaction w each other, and Haku also shitting on Uta's character which made me think so too

No. 61866

I don't know who Ashe Maree is (I don't really follow Haku and others). But Marissa seems pretty legit about it. She gives advice to people who suffer with IBS/other digestive issues advice and talks about her experience with it in detail sometimes.

No. 61867

Nah anon i seek a 20 BMI or below, more than that or 108lbs and i'm disgusted about myself and feel like a fatty chan

No. 61869

No. 61872

rofl that title.
And yeah, haku only hangs with 1 or 2 people and then plasters them all over tumblr. I'm sick of her creepy ass Eren cos photos.

No. 61874

Oh shit! I had no idea. I guess it makes sense that they never bring up Von anymore. What are they gonna do without their Levi/Uta?

No. 61876

He's thin but he doesnt work out at all. Still mad envy for his body though.

No. 61879

File: 1426296044462.jpg (123.12 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mreew3S5sK1qc00wjo1_500…)

They def shoop themselves thinner in other photos or maybe it's this angle??

No. 61881

shit i look the same(?) with clothes on.
I feel so much better now you made my sad self-pitying night a bit better anon, all my love, may the customs never hit you and your packages never get lost (if you are a lolita?)

No. 61888

Holy shit, bitch looks so busted without shoop.

No. 61891

Mang he still looks nice but that's a con pic we all have shit faces in those mostly.
Or maybe that's just me?
>that guy in the red shirt wishing he was kawaii animu too

No. 61893

Nah, she looks busted irl. Agreed with other anon. Check her out at work if you are able to. They say all the time they never wanna post non filter or non make up pics because they got bad skin. Probably from their ed. She uses super yellow foundation too. wtf

No. 61896

File: 1426297910258.jpg (996.44 KB, 1366x2048, 88904-40e71406eb7a58b67cdbb663…)

holy shit, her foundation is yellow.

No. 61905

Maybe it makes her feel more azn

No. 61910

Hey isnt cunt bag smog from FL or something?

No. 61914

Ashe does get crazy bloated and gross if she eats bad shit though, so I'm inclined to believe she has it (even though literally everyone with IBS has a normal body), and she just starves to get tiny

No. 61924

holy shit this pic look so sad.
Asuka has a skeletton dull face like she's on crack oh god Shmegeh stop

No. 61926

She glorifies the scene of Asuka naked in a bathtub, emaciated after being missing for a week after running away from Nerv on her Tumblr, she even tagged it "my face". She identifies heavily with Asuka, and yet like so many attentionwhore Asuka cosplayers she cant even style the wig properly.

No. 61931

It seriously bugs me when people who say Asuka is their favorite cannot style her wig properly. And her hair clips are always put on wrong too. Whyy always this?

Anyway, I think Marrisa still talks to Shmegeh, but haku hasn't mentioned her since last otakon.

No. 61932

Yeah, she's from florida.

No. 61934

>tagging anime pics as yourself

This shit is so cringeworthy and the people doing it are fully grown too.

No. 61939

Yeah, she's older than haku too. They're all a bunch of loser weebs.

No. 61945

Because 4 out of 5 Asuka cosplayers since the Rebuild came out do it only for attention. Asuka is the token EVA waifu since, and every girl who idolizes her is a raging narcissistic bitch.

No. 61947

That makes me sad. I really like all the eva characters. I watched it back in 2001 and I really hate the rebuilds. I see a lot of the younger crowd do cosplay Asuka for the attention and dont even get the core of her character.

No. 61949

Always was more of a Rei fan.

No. 61955

Rei is best. Asuka appeals to more attentionwhores though because of her bitchy, self centered holier-than-thou "I don't need anybody!!!" personality. In Rebuild 2.0 there's even a scene where Asuka is laying in bed, talking to herself via her puppet, saying "I'm different than anyone! I'm special! And that's why…" then she herself says "you'll always be alone, Asuka."

I hate Shikinami's personality, Soryu Asuka is best Asuka, but I loooove the Rebuild animation and Shikinami's more realistic hair color, ugh.

No. 61961

so i'm not seeing the lolcow in them, like, whats the drama surrounding them other then the fact that they only hanging out with starving weebs and they shopping the shit out of themself?

No. 61964


Claims to be half Asian, legally changed her white girl name to a Japanese boy name, rich spoiled bitch begging people online to buy her cleaning suoplies so she can spend her bookstore paycheck on figures, etc.

No. 61967

I don't know this person either and it's more like an outpouring of how you want to be skinny like this person.

It's a girl right? Why are you calling her "he"? Seems like a pretentious nob, but idk about this whole world. Don't think I wanoo.

No. 61969

Ehhh I think Asuka is a bit more complicated than that, at least in the orginal series. Asuka's narcissism is a product of her fear of abandonment after her mothers suicide. If she acts like she is hot shit and that she doesn't "need" anyone, there's no fear of anyone leaving her. I think this also manifests itself in her relationship with Kaji. She wants to prove her adulthood, that she's mature and sewwww smartttt and adult, so his rejection of her letting her know it's because she's still a child hits her hard.

Idk, I'm an Asuka fan. I can relate to her a LOT because my dad killed himself when I was a kid so I went through a lot of similar behaviors as a young kid, so some of it really hits home and becomes relatable to me.

/OT armchair psychology of a fictional character haha

No. 61975

I agree completely. Both Soryu and Shikinami have the same drive, but for Soryu it manifested more in her drive to be the best EVA pilot over Shinji and Rei with the best scores, and not having to depend on anone and be self reliant and adultlike. She works hard and follows orders, and her pursuit of Kaji is her way of trying to be an adult.

Shikinami however is more bitter, and her competition with Rei is over Shinji instead of being the top pilot and she has no romantic interest in Kaji. She's also more of a loner, despite Hikari being in the Rebuild they don't seem as close compared to Soryu and Hikari in the original. I think Gainax borrowed some aspects of Soryu's original personality to make Mari, like her desire and connection to piloting the EVAs.

Tl;DR Shikinami is depressing

No. 61976

She's one of those skinny girls with small tits whose faces aren't cute or pretty so they pretend to be edgy gay Japanese trannyboys.

No. 62000

Yo I love evangelion and I would actually love to talk about it with y'all if you wanted to take this to /b/

No. 62004

Feel free. Make sure you come back and link the thread for us.

No. 62013

I don't understand why these people want to be half japanese? I'm half and it's given me more problems than it should, it sucks. They should be happy that they don't have all the weird skin and body proportions that come with it.

No. 62015

Why do they jump on every shitty overhyped anime bandwagon like attack on titan, Tokyo ghoul etc. Aot cosplayers make me want to commit mass murder.

No. 62020

Because they're obviously not passable as Asian so they use makeup and photoshop and claim they're half Japanese so they can be better than all the other weebs.

No. 62026

This. I know this sounds awfully "tumblr," but people pretending to be asian bothers me. Growing up sucked, and I know I am not the only one carrying identity issues into adulthood. I just wonder how so many white girls want to be mixed. I get hating your race, but I can't understand how they are so obsessed with a different one

No. 62038

I think it's because they're just massive weebs, the ones who have cushy lives with minimal responsibilities who insist America is stupid and boring and has no culture, so they latch onto Pockyland and their geisha heritage and pretend to be mixed so they can claim to be a part of it.

No. 62062

Idk why weebs fawn over Kyo so hard. Hands down the most batshit fans I have ever seen have been Kyo fams and Yoshiki (X Japan) fangirls.

No. 62072


It's because Dir En Grey and X-Japan have some of the oldest Western fanbases. Although people used to obsess over Hide rather than Yoshiki.

Even Marilyn Manson had a short Visual Kei period in the 90s and apparently wanted to tour with Hide (remember that Hide was pretty involved with a lot of the NIN / Nothing Records crowd).

tl;dr Kyo and Yoshiki fanbases predate weabooism as they come from 90s metalheads and industrial fans.

No. 62075

Obviously it's because being (half-)Japanese is considered cool amongst anime and J-music fans. The land where kawaii culture and mangos come from? Look at the other lolcows on here, pretending to be Japanese or haafus and earning praise and loads of attention from their weeb followers. They obviously don't know the struggles people like you face and think being JPN in any way is all fun and games.

No. 62079

Actually Yoshiki dropped hints a while ago about a possible Manson collab, they're actually friends too.

>they come from 90s metalheads and industrial fans.

Not really though. The majority of Yoshiki and Kyo fangirls are in their early 20s (and younger for Kyo) And don't really listen to older 90s rock. It's so odd, In Yoshiki's case the fangirls mostly just focus on him like he's the only X member, and only buy X merch because of Yoshiki. In Kyo's case he bitches are sometimes literally insane, some even claiming to be his soul mate and that he visits them in dreams and encodes his song with secret messages just for them and shit. Still, Kyo fangirls often do the same as some Yoshiki fangirls- act like he IS the band and the others may as well not even exist, and only buy merch and tickets to support and see him alone.

No. 62087


What I mean is that the DEG and X fanbases in the West are 15-20 years old at this point, so anyone new coming in is very late and has to go crazy to prove themselves as the "number 1 fan".

DEG in particular aren't anything special and I've even heard them on the radio in the UK. So just being a normal DEG fan wouldn't be enough for a weaboo snowflake.

No. 62090

It's not just the new fans, the long time fans are crazy as hell too, if not crazier than the newbies. TBH the only reason I stick around either fandom is to watch the fangirls be crazy.

No. 62091

>mean is that the DEG and X fanbases in the West are 15-20 years old at this point

Ehh but they aren't though. Dir en grey and X Japan got most of their western fans when the big Jrock boom hit between 2006-2008, back when IMF and Fuse were stillvaround and started playing them and other Japanese bands like Miyavi, Gazette, L'arc, Moix and other big VK bands.

No. 62109


I don't remember anything special about Jrock in 2006-2008. Are you sure that's not just when you discovered the music and started noticing it everywhere?

DEG were known by metalheads and receiving radio play in the UK by the time Vulgar came out in 2003.

X-Japan is different in that not many people liked them because they were so 80s and campy, but Hide in particular worked with a lot of Western artists and was known to people seriously into industrial and the like.

(I bet the reason people these days focus so much on Yoshiki is because Hide is dead and thus has no social media presence while X itself is still too cheesy for most people.)

There was a big "Cool Japan" wave in the UK in the late 90s / early 00s, which was followed by a very quick Korean Wave in like 02-03. Both were mostly fuelled by movies (Ringu, Spirited Away, Old Boy, etc) but they brought in a lot of music as well.

No. 62110

Well I should probably mention I'm talking about America, which largely had no idea about any Japanese music until the aforementioned Jrock boom.

No. 62118

Yeah I'm in the states and 2005 was when I first started hearing about Dir en grey. Saw them live in 2007.

I'm surprised they're still around.

No. 62120


Actually I do remember 2006-8 being about the time J and Kpop started to become popular which I never really understood.

People had always known about Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc but I feel like 2006-8 is about the time people started listening to any old crap of the moment just because it was Japanese or Korean.

No. 62163

Some tumblr popped up maybe half a year ago outing haku as trans, but before that point i always assumed they were a he. On another note his facial hair has been mentioned, and not to go full tumblr, but a person who identifies as male, who is on hormones and has had at least top surgery is a guy. I get the irritation with the ~omg so opressed tumblr trans ace whatever else, but haku is a dude

No. 62164

p much this

No. 62173

Yes please. I'm stuck at work for 5 hours more. I need more eva talk. Heading over to b.

No. 62175

I have never seen haku with facial hair. Pics and proof

No. 62177

I don't get it either. Haku us definitely obsessed with being part Japanese though. They're always hinting at it.

No. 62178

its not vonvamp, its vongeist

No. 62180

these are different people
left is vongeist, a nearly 30yr old girl that apparently met haku when haku was underage - vongeist waited for haku to be legal and they were a couple for a bit

the right is a different person

No. 62182

haku is most certainly not a biological man.
1) that topless pic proves nothing. haku claims to have been around the same size/weight since a teenager. and since she obviously has an ED, i'm sure the low body fat would eventually flatten her chest area.
2) its not there anymore, but on her old tumblr she did have posts mentioning how shitty menstruation is.
3) i live in nyc and have met her at her job. her voice is really high pitched and basically she just looks like a really nervous quiet girl dresed like a man (btw her face is CAKED in white powder. thats not ur real skin dude.)

No. 62185

She's been smoking more. Maybe trying to achieve a lower voice?

No. 62187

I live in nyc too, anon. I work near by Bryant park, so on Saturdays I tend to see her behind the register. She definitely has been trying to talk in a lower voice every time I'm checked out.

No. 62188

I am thinking as eating as less as possible but then won't my body store everything as fat???

No. 62190

I wonder why they broke up? I saw them together at Katsucon.

No. 62191

Shut the fuck up and go to some pro Ana forum. This isn't an ED tips site.

No. 62193

Have fun staying fat

No. 62196

The topless pic is more likely flat from photoshop over ed. I am that level of flat chested but there is still a slight area of breast tissue visible beneath the nipple (though I could pose in a way that hides it, any girls nipple will still be visibly female without surgery or shoop).

I'm also a de transitioned ftm (I took mones n all that just no surgery). I can safely say this person was born a girl and if they have been on T its been very minimal (ie not far into their transition at all). You'd be crazy surprised how much it changes you, look at skylarkeleven for example on youtube.

I don't understand how people can be fooled so easily

No. 62197

lrn2 fucking metabolism and nutritional values instead

are u like 13 lol

No. 62201

lol wat

Not even that anon, but c'mon this isn't the place for that.

No. 62204


I think you're looking for the Ashley thread.

No. 62210

v0nvamp is fucking ridiculous and shoops the ever living shit out of herself/her thighs to appear as a cis guy and then begs people for money lol. she'll probably identify as agender for as long as she can milk her tumblr attention and then grow up. same with her best friend phenrirr or whatever her name is.

No. 62211

Their face is always caked in make up. In photos, it's just filter magic.

No. 62212

File: 1426362701756.png (166.5 KB, 480x605, Screenshot_2015-03-14-15-44-08…)

No. 62214

yeah but haku definitely admits that themselves lol

No. 62215

I never implied haku was born male? How far into transitioning is your personal definition of "actually" being male? Come on, if you are trans yourself, how come you are so adamant about haku not being male?

No. 62218

Damn, lately ive been seeing a lot of other kids on tumblr jumping on the same visual bandwagon as haku, some people look 99% alike to them. I'll try find some of the people who outright copy haku

No. 62220

Haku admits its tons of makeup BUT still claims thats their real skin color
Hint: its not
Look at the kaneki cosplay where they wear the cutoff shorts. Yea theyre still pale but not fhost white like their face implies

No. 62221

omg I know

that's the one thing i'll give them–they pretended to be a japanese pretty boy before all the tumblr weebs followed suit

at least now they realize how stupid it was to pretend to be japanese but they're trying to do like, gentle damage control and not full on say "hey yeah i have a severe psychological issue that has caused me to dissociate from myself and i really did want to be japanese sorry i know i know embarrassing"

instead they're just like "haku was a nickname~ sorry~"

No. 62222


No. 62224

*samefag but also if Haku was just a nickname why the fuck would you also change your last name to something japanese….red flag bish

No. 62227

Some people coughFeliceFawncough associate their former names with past trauma so they change their names to become someone new i guess
Really haku aoki. I believe she showed her paasport once. I cant believe it. Its hilarious just because she had japanese friends in boarding school

No. 62228

I think in some ask they admitted that them/von look ridiculous without the cakeup and that haku has a lot of redness and skin issues and skin discoloration? sorry I don't trawl for receipts lol but I definitely recall it

the whole yellow-based foundation thing is super weird tho like you clap emoji are clap emoji not clap emoji asian

No. 62230

clap emoji?

No. 62231

File: 1426365595964.jpg (347.6 KB, 1227x1271, image.jpg)

Haku'so friend horseface Ashley sure has an eating disorder. Always complaining about how fat she is when she looks like this. Lol k

No. 62232

both of these people still look better than haku though even if they copied them lol. both of them look like they havent eaten in weeks though

No. 62233

OMG those wobbly walls give me life hahahaha.

No. 62234

what the actual fuck is even going on in this picture oh my god how could she not notice that

No. 62235

Surely that chin can't be real…

No. 62236

Fucking dying at that obvious shoop.

No. 62237

it is. its horse ashley (inuashley on IG)

No. 62238

File: 1426367219871.jpg (284.01 KB, 1273x1258, image.jpg)

No. 62239

File: 1426367335283.jpg (261.07 KB, 1245x1272, image.jpg)

Haku looks more feminine here.

No. 62240

is ashley's hairline…. thinning? i've noticed it in a lot of her recent pics too.
in any case, i dont think she is a straight-on copy of haku. ashley goes way harder on the Vkei. haku is just edgy nugoth desu

No. 62241


Because they're a female.

No. 62242

File: 1426367488841.png (106.86 KB, 362x626, Screenshot_2015-03-14-17-00-22…)

Still wants to be called haku

No. 62243

File: 1426367528107.png (141.71 KB, 419x592, Screenshot_2015-03-14-17-00-30…)

I logged onto a friend's fb

No. 62244

It actually seems like she's starting to go bald in some areas

No. 62245

Holy shit, Ashley's face is massive. She's another spoiled rich kid.

No. 62246

Yeah, I see it.

No. 62247

Is she….Russian?

No. 62252

even a few years ago, people have asked her ethnicity and she has said a mix of slavic. it's not like she has ever changed her story there so its probably true. no one cares anyway if you are 50 shades of white

No. 62259

Not sure if you're the person I was quoting but I was agreeing with that person, on haku clearly being female.

I do not consider myself trans any more. Though I do support trans peoples rights to their body choices, believe it is a legitimate issue for them, etc, transitioning still does not make you the opposite sex. Haku was still born female, regardless of desired pronouns, etc, and has clearly not taken physical (medical) steps in transitioning. This all started over someone thinking haku was born biologically male. They were clearly not. This has nothing to do with whether I consider them male or female.

No. 62262

Oh geeze she hangs out w/Barbie. That ought to give a sign that she has to be a bit insane.

No. 62269

idk why you ppl are talking shit about Haku but he was really nice to me and all this shitstorm you're all doing is pointless and extremely rude. go get a life

No. 62313

File: 1426376069608.png (18.69 KB, 294x297, nice.png)

Thanks for the information, no one was aware of how amazing Haku was until you came along anon. The shitstorm will cease now. Man Haku would be so grateful at knowing that you stopped a bunch of anons from discussing trivial shit that doesn't affect him or anyone at all. Especially because you invested the time in telling people who have no lives that. Good going.

No. 62316

saw that they didn't like prince-kel from their twitter a while back, and i think it's over their new name or somethin. anyone know more??

No. 62317


saw on my newsfeed that once she declared she was now agender or whatever, haku was close to calling them out on it and suspicious of it. iirc they were hinting at it on their twitter, probably over it. are they defensive over losing their position of being the ~*~*speshul vk snowflake*~*~ of tumblr?

No. 62318

File: 1426376764470.png (204.75 KB, 421x351, boobies.PNG)

totes bewbs

No. 62320

File: 1426376812303.png (361.49 KB, 711x663, Capture.PNG)

totes bewbs part 2

No. 62332

Twitter's protected. Within a few hours too.

No. 62334

one of their followers found the thread and told them. ofc.

No. 62346

Agender is such a load of shit. It's Tumblrese for "ai don't want to be a girl but I don't have the balls to pretend to be a FTM so I'll just be nothing and bind my tits".

No. 62348

what do you think of gender fluidity?

No. 62354

While I agree that it's misused on tumblr, I do believe "agender" can be possible. I'd say it's occurrence is probably similar to asexuality.

No. 62365

tokyo barbie? that one?
oh yes there are so many lovely special snowflakes in japan land
haku was just there in january. maybe he will move there after graduating super duper hard fashun school

No. 62366

File: 1426381475511.png (9.44 KB, 547x174, kek.png)

No. 62373

I think they're both retarded because they both refer almost exclusively to how you dress and style your hair with neutral pronouns that nobody offline actually uses tacked on. People need to stop giving clothes so much power over their identities, jfc wearing unisex clothes doesn't negate your gender.

No. 62379

Not to mention the fact that they're both exclusive to online and small close knit offline communities and don't exist in the real world. The reason the only atypical genders accepted by modern society are male, and female is because they describe your physical body. They don't define how you have to style yourself, being female and having a preference for wearing guy's clothes doesnt make you any less female than the average Victoria's Secret tracksuit wearing bottle blond bitch. You just have a different style.

style =/= gender identity

If your entire identity is defined by your closet and how you style your hair you are retarded. FTM transpeople who truly do wish to alter their gender understand it takes way more than that to be seen as their preferred gender.

No. 62380

>The reason the only atypical genders accepted by modern society are male, and female

Derp, that was one thought bleeding into another. Should be "the only atypical genders accepted by society are the cases of FTM and MTF transpeople, otherwise there's only F and M.

No. 62394

This shit right here. For all of their crying "There is no box that you need to fit into~" and "Let's demolish gender roles because they are a societal construct of teh patriarchy!" Tumblr really likes to dub people "Trans/wtf-gendered" if someone so much puts a toe outside of their narrow definition of what makes a man or a woman. You're a man but enjoy things like fashion and flower arranging - you're trans! You're a woman but don't bother wearing makeup and like to watch sports - you're trans!

I'll give Haku credit where it's due however; they have said that they don't expect people irl to understand and that the weird reactions of others come with the territory. In that regard, they seem to have some part of themself grounded in reality.

I do believe that they have some sort of ED. If you compare older pics to current ones, they seemed to have lost weight.

No. 62395

>If your entire identity is defined by your closet and how you style your hair you are retarded.
I completely agree with you in this regard.

However, I was always under the impression that FTM/MTF don't want to change their gender, as they are already mentally female/male - they want to change their biological sex. Hence, the dysphoria.

This is why I think agender is a possibility - complete dysphoria from the physical form.

No. 62419

Mikhail is a guy's name…did they legally change their name twice?

Also, she has Russian tattoos and was obsessed with the language, etc. If they really are Russian, why would they hide it? I think this is more bullshit, tbh

No. 62420

yeah they talked about it recently. i think they were getting a lot of shit about their name or w/e on tumblr and they said they decided to still go by haku bc lots of people already know them by it/a lot of their accounts are already under that name, but their mother recently gave them a new name so yes, they did change their name again. i don't think getting shit about their name goes hand in hand with the name change, idk what prompted them to change their name again tbh

No. 62422

Haku is coming in here
Someone linked him on twitter

No. 62423


I'm literally willing to bet my life on the fact that
A) she's 0% Russian and 0% Japanese
B) her mom had nothing to do with this name change besides money (if that)

She's a faker in every aspect, bitch is white bread as hell and is probably one of those 25% Polish 25% German 25% Italian 25% English mutts

And I don't think she has an ED in the sense that she looks at herself now and thinks she's fat. She just has like, stupid self-discipline to starve to look fakeboi on purpose.

Her fanbase has eaten her shit up for years, and they'll eat up her lies to cover the tracks, too

No. 62424

Because being russian is cool too apparently
I believe he has a huge russian fanbase as well. So did shmegeh… Ah russians have a taste for the wanton and derelict…
Maybe haku will pull a dakota and be famous in russia

No. 62427


90% of people in Russia have no idea that Photoshop is a thing that tons of people do so that bullshit passes more easily there

source: I'm Ukrainian and most of my family still lives there and in Russia. Also, Lolita richi, Valeria, anastaysia, etc.

No. 62429

I knew this would happen

No. 62431

im surprised they arent rly talking about it on tumblr/talking about it more on twitter. but i guess it's better that way so we dont have a swarm of their shitty white knights in here

No. 62432

This is why we cant have nice things.

No. 62437

Are you on their twitter, anon?

No. 62440

No. 62443

>complete dysphoria from the physical form.

That is called a sign of mental unwellness and needs to be discussed with a therapist to resolve the underlying issues.

Because she knows her facade is flimsy as fuck and tryinf to send her fans in here to prove anything is gonna end up biting her in the ass.

No. 62449

you'd be surprised at how dense they are. there was a person a while back who gave them shit and called them out and answered questions/hate mail from their whiteknights explaining haku's facade/telling people their real name and w/e but lots of people still believe haku. i think their url was thisisren or something.

they never provided proof about the haku's "real name" and no one here really has either. even though apparently people know it, i'd really like to know how they know it.

No. 62462

are horse ashley and haku still friends? they don't seem to talk. ashley has so many horror stories surrounding her.

No. 62463

can we make a separate thread for her? i wanna hear more of her without clogging up this thread

No. 62464

Woah what kind of horror stories?

No. 62466

she's formerly a cgl lolcow that was on par with pt with hate threads. mostly cosplay and weeaboo dramu but i heard stories of abuse and forcing herself on girls.

No. 62482

Haku sent her whiteknights to report thisisren blog on tumblr though. It got taken down a week or so ago.

No. 62505

>That is called a sign of mental unwellness and needs to be discussed with a therapist to resolve the underlying issues.

Just like being trans.

No. 62511

Possibly true but at least in the case of straight up MTF or FTM people, transition actually helps them more than just therapy and medication because we just dont understand the conditon that well as a society.

No. 62622

File: 1426440052989.jpg (123.54 KB, 1000x750, tumblr_nbp8v5L99K1s96bh2o1_128…)

have you SEEN the wannabes though

No. 62624


No. 62625

who is this

No. 62627

File: 1426440728773.jpg (287.28 KB, 971x1280, tumblr_nc08p5Moc61s96bh2o1_128…)


No. 62648

I just looked at their recent photos they don't look like that anymore?

No. 62651

File: 1426442760579.jpg (104.97 KB, 640x768, image.jpg)

Ayyy haku answered some shit
Twitters public again

No. 62659

"im sorry for being purposely vague abt my racial background for the years that i wz going by my previous alias before comin 2 terms w myself"
"when you hit your teen years and all you wanna do is destroy ur body for what it is and just become a new person it fucks with your head"

No. 62677

"my mother works a lot of jobs and i am buried under loans and made a wish list because im poor at budgeting money and it was prompted of me"

No. 62691

i know them irl and they dont look like this anymore like another anon mentioned. ari's hair is black now, i think they do want white hair again though. They did definitely used to copy haku a lot but theyre not a lolcow

No. 62698

Why is Haku so whiny

No. 62707

why are uyo all so salty lmao

No. 62714


Cause I like high blood pressure

No. 62816

Because their followers will give them free shit.

No. 62872

Why does every single fakeboi think shitty posture + baggy shirt makes them look flat chested? It just looks like you're trying to hide your tits.

No. 62887

looking at their twitter they dont hide their tits anymore it looks like. idk maybe theyre a girl now who even knows with these kids on tumblr

No. 62892

So has haku said she's a chick now or what?

No. 62896

She got a boyfriend and changed completely it's kind of weird.

No. 62913

It's amazing how quickly this ~transboi~ shit evaporates once the girls who do it start getting actual dick.

No. 62929

she never identified as a boy anyway

No. 62936


He clearly stated he is FtM
Why are you arguing about this?

No. 62937

Not haku

No. 62939

theyre obviously talking about dirukari

No. 62955

Ari is probably the nicest out of that tumblr group so don't judge her

No. 62968

This is lolcow girl. You have just stepped into the world of irrational hate. They're gonna shit on anyone on the war path.

No. 62984

that's probably just an act for tumblr

No. 63605

i met them a few times at mcm and theyre so nice lol and not even a fake transboi they just like emo/goth shit and had a period of like a few months where she copied haku too much

No. 63619

I've noticed though, Haku was one of the first fake transboi's on tumblr and over time so many have copied them and their image… Have you seen vongrei and raspberry-corpse? They want so badly to be in the "cool" group with Haku and Cain and their clone friends.

No. 63659

No, post pics of vongrei and rapsberry. Haku has been in 'transition' for at least 7 or so years. Still no hormones though.

No. 63721

Hng those perfect thighs and calves i wish i had those legs.
Thanks for motivating me to not eat today and work out lolcow

No. 63751

u fuckin idiot

No. 63753

GTFO w UR ed this thread isn't about you

No. 63754

oh my god what is with the influx of whiny wannorexics on this entire site recently

No. 63759

File: 1426543700870.jpg (44.42 KB, 640x297, image.jpg)

I know right? No need to be a self centered fuck and talk about how thin you wanna be. Take that shit to /b/ about how much you wish you didn't eat today. It's annoying as fuck. Back to haku. What does he mean by "figuring out" his name in this tweet? Did he change his weeb name to another appropriate male sounding name?

No. 63760

I know right? Why the fuck would we want to spend our time talkin you off a ledge a couple of us have been on? Fuck you, you fucked up proana wannorexics. Gtfo.

No. 63763

Changed it to Mikhail Svetov. See >>62243 . I think this name change brought up recent tensions w prince-kel, does anyone know anything about that?

No. 63789


Tell me how you transition without actually transitioning.

No. 63805

Yo it takes a lot of work to transition before like taking hormones and ultimately getting surgery. They gotta go through the therapy and like go door to door to their family members/friends about it, name change, etc.

No. 63807

We were told in psych a few years back that they make you wait like six years before actually allowing you to have the operation and all of those years are full of therapy. How true is that?

No. 63822

It was then, but now you have teenagers with name changes and on hormones, some even geting chest surgery before they're even 18.

That's not transitioning, then. Transitioning is where you begin the mostly irreversible phsical changes and shit gets real, you begin changing your body to transition from female to male.

Pretending to be a boy and having an edgy boy name =/= transitioning

No. 63854

File: 1426549055742.jpg (58.72 KB, 411x653, hm.jpg)

Looking for any info on that. For now, I found this shitstorm on their tumblr. I can understand at least the idea of not being with a trans person. I'm a lesbian and I definitely can't see myself with a MTF because I really love women. I'm sorry, but i really like sex too and genitals kind of play a role in that. I don't think it makes someone transphobic, however that's a hard side to play for a trans person and try not to offend them.

No. 63884

How did Haku got famous on tumblr anyway? Not wanting to but I am legit wondering and interested about what do people like Haru do to suddenly get people interested in them and shit

No. 63888

File: 1426552447360.png (44.74 KB, 500x477, tumblr_static_esej73lun6ok8w4s…)

>what do people like Haru do to suddenly get people interested in them and shit
seconding this i need to know

No. 63891

Tagwhoring, fanservice, bandwaggoning, shoutouts and giveaways. And regular selfies. Slowly but surely.

No. 63893

Makes sense now that you said it…
but what is a shoutout?

No. 63907

Hmmm. Do they consider themselves female if they don't have the matchig genitals yet? I don't think it's ignorant, especially if a MTF tells you they are female but still have their original equipment.

No. 63910

An honorable mention. It's like if your fave said happy bday to you or just pretty much acknowledged your existence.

No. 63915

Posting selfies with extreme filters and angles. Being REALLY thin so they can look more boyish. Having a small to flat chest helps a lot. They comment and respond a lot of people and so people feel they are more approachable. I think mostly just name dropping , selfies and whoring themselves as a mysterious boi creature for years. Also claiming to be half japanese helps a lot.

No. 63916

Namedropping so people can feel special online.

No. 63950

ty anon may the world send you cake (or whatever favorite food of yours) every day for the rest of your life

I personally found them because one of my old crushes used to have a crush on them and then they appeared on my dash. I think it's also a lot of people are attracted by their looks.

No. 63957

If haku was a straight up girl and didnt identify as male, she'd be my exact type. But fuck. guess girls dont exist anymore because everyone is trans.

No. 63958

I find this fascinating. Maybe we should start a /b/ topic about it, since I have so many questions.

No. 63960

You were just a few years too late anon! :( Haku's older look is rly some of my fav looks from them.

No. 63984

yeah? Are those photos still findable online or did they delete them all?

No. 63999


you can see haku's old photos on this vk page (that he's trying to have taken down because its unofficially run)


No. 64023

You're too kind, anon. Thank you.
>biography is all in Russian
So, haku is Russian then? Guess so.

No. 64065


No, vk is a russian site with a 99% russian speaking fanbase

No. 64078

Ok, makes sense. Thank you.

haku looks 1,000x better with black hair and make eye make up. They def looked better a few years ago when they were 19/20.

No. 64186

Haku does look better with black hair.

No. 64202

I can't be the only person who's noticing that this guy is doing the exact same shit he previously did re: "Japanese" ancestry, except now it's with Russian? and isn't it just a little weird that this sudden Russian obsession happens to coincide with his giant explosion in popularity over in Russia?

now he's vaguely answering questions about his suddenly "predominantly slavic" heritage which was literally never mentioned before (though apparently it's not clear what percentage is actually Russian because of "migration" and "post-soviet clusterfucking")

then he's changing his name to something so ridiculously Russian it might as well be Boris Smirnov

like, look, I'm an American of mostly German ancestry, but my first and last name don't sound German at all. I'm proud of my German background, but that doesn't mean I need to go change my name to Hans-Jürgen Hasenpfeffer…

this person was born with a last name. I think it was actually mentioned at the beginning of this thread. why isn't he just keeping that last name and changing his first name like the majority of people do, unless they're writers or actors with stage names? overhauling your identity every few years makes you seem phony and deceitful, and I don't see how this new Mikhail Svetov business is a step in the right direction… just looks like more of the same old shit to me.

he keeps trying to validate this change by saying his mother gave him the name. like, yeah, maybe, but your mother also let you go around calling yourself Kohaku Aoki for years. so, who knows, maybe she's batshit insane too.

No. 64209

Yeah. Convinent timing considering they cosplay Mello from deathnote and their real name is similar.

No. 64210

Yeah, I noticed that immediately.
"Hi, sorry for being a weeb–let me steal this name instead so that I can continue to try to make myself sound exotic and interesting but it's okay now because my cracker jack ass has "slavic roots" somewhere down the line generations ago. Doesn't matter that it has no pertinence to me or my life whatsoever–it makes me sound cooler.

No offense but if they wanted to pull that shit, doing so with an internet following is fucking stupid. They could've fucked off the face of america and moved to japan with that kohaku bullshit and pretended to be a hafu like they always dreamed by now had they not chose to record the embarrassment.

No. 64215

I feel bad for haku in a way. You must hate yourself to have this much of an identity crisis before you're 25.

No. 64220

I wonder if haku's whiteknights are still lurking?

No. 64308

basically. and I don't like feeling like I'm dragging the poor guy – I mean, the whole reason I know anything about him in the first place is because I initially thought he was a pretty cool person, I followed him on Tumblr and Instagram and thought he was quite interesting and very eloquent in response to his (uncalled-for, as I thought at the time) critics. but the more I followed him, the more I noticed the patterns of evasiveness and deception, and how blindly these stans of his would accept these really thin explanations for his dishonesty. got a little tired of the lies and the painstaking attempts to recreate an identity over and over again, then backpedal and cover tracks re: previous lies. not that he owes anyone an explanation for it all, but for god's sake just get off the internet and go incognito for a while instead of concocting even more bullshit to cover up your previous bullshit and digging yourself an even deeper hole. it's painful to watch.

anyway, I think he knows the Russian facade is safer for him because none of his Russian drone fans are going to call him out for it – in fact, they're eating this bullshit up already, calling him Misha and Milachka as pet names. and at least nobody's going to call you racist or culturally appropriative for pretending to be Russian.

I don't know why he has such an aversion to just accepting assorted cracker mutt ancestry like almost everyone else in the U.S. and acknowledging that, yeah, even if you have a lot of Slavic ancestry, your name might end up sounding pretty bland and uninteresting and WASP-y anyway. and who gives a fuck? that's why the Russian name change strikes me as very, "my birth-surname isn't interesting enough so I need to change it AGAIN to ensure maximum special snowflakeage," AKA more of the same bullshit re-packaged and presented as "I'm changing for the better, guys!" uh, what are you doing that's any different?

funny how all the Russian and Polish immigrants who came to the US from the old country wanted to make their names more bland and American, and now you've got people like this fool doing the exact opposite to look more exotic.

No. 64313

Probably. I expect more bullshit later today as usual. Whoever it is runs around with bad grammar and obnoxious emotes.

No. 64323

I think it's sad when immigrants do change their name to fit into the American cookie cutter bullshit stereotype. If haku really is Russian or has a Russian background, then that's fine. If not, it seems weird to choose Mikhail instead of just Michael or another name. I mean, whatever - his choice. It's still much better than haku aoki or whatever.

No. 64331


tbh sometimes immigrants have no choice but to change their names.

literally nobody could pronounce my legal name, so I put a 'white sounding' first name on my resume and I got way more calls back for interviews (I'm a girl in the STEM field with very turkish first name)

that's why I don't understand this special snowflake name trend like, you're only making life harder for yourself

No. 64343

I mean, it's pretty shitty to have that attitude though. If you want to respect someone, you should learn how to pronounce their names. Their parents obvious thing their kid's name is meaningful. Most have connections to their grandparents or other families through their names, so I never got the being forced to change it when you live in America. I really don't like that shit.

No. 64345

Mikhail is a really, really common Russian name. It's basically Michael in Russian. I dont think anyone is going to have an issue with saying it correctly.

No. 64356

The true Russian pronunciation is something like mee (as in tree) - hile (as in mile). I don't know many Americans who are willing to pronounce it correctly to that extent, especially since the "kh" sound doesn't exist in English.

No. 64371

Yeah. Maybe since I took language and know a little Russian, I can pronounce that name easily. At least people can attempt to say it right. Either way, not a big deal. I just hope haku is happy with his new name and doesn't get too much shit for it.

No. 64374

Crap. I'm happy that my fiance has a normal, "white" surname. Teachers, other classmates, employers, like just about everyone butchered the fuck out of my last name for years and it isn't even long yet they make such pained expressions when trying to say it.

No. 64445

God fucking damnit, all these NGE spoilers. That's what I get for being years late to the series.

No. 64475

It looks like he's been keeping vigil over this page for the last 24 hours. Judging by his Twitter the posts are really affecting him pretty badly. I don't know why you'd keep looking at a long thread of people criticizing you when you know it's going to be ugly.

No. 64485

That would explain in the influx of shitposters and emote whores.

No. 64489

What's all the shit on VK that haku's complaining about on her Twitter?

No. 64607

Spoilers only count for things that have came out recently. People who call spoilers on shit that has been out for a like year are douchebags.

No. 64616

I found a video where you can see them better. http://youtu.be/y-UhkyfK0gQ

No. 64633

Slighty OT: but I can't find the other fakeboi thread? Ive slowly scrolled through like every page looking for it, and I cant find it. Can anyone else see it? Glitching out maybe? I know it exists but I feel like I'm losing my mind looking for it…

No. 64861

It's around if you look in catalog

No. 64995

Baku and their white knights still lurk here. Dying laughing

No. 65043

Who's all in his main fakeboi/ed/depression friend group??

No. 65365

**her, come on anon you know she isn't a boy, so no point in calling her one

No. 65387

From what I can gather, there's Marrisa/circuitbird, but they're not too bad. I dont think they an ED - just IBS, which is really hard to manage since you're on a strict diet.

Vongeist of course. I think he has an ED too.

Shmegeh; but do they even talk anymore?

Someone named Yujin, but no details on them personally. Anyone else have more info?

No. 65415

Slightly OT but IIRC shmegeh had a phase where she as going on about wanting to look more like a boy and hating her already flat tits. She made a few posts about it and then never mentioned it again, maybe Haku was trying to recruit more anorexic alt bitches for her fakeboi crew.

No. 65426

I think it's more likely that Haku or Shmegeh "recruited" one another because of their eating disorders.

I could be wrong about Haku having and eating disorder though.

I've noticed that on Tumblr almost everyone that has an eating disorder or is extremely underweight follows/reblogs from each other.

When you have an eating disorder you get really lonely because your disorder usually isolates you so tend to cling to people and websites that can help make you feel less lonely and further your eating disorder. It's horrible, but it's the truth.

No. 65434

no idea if haku has an ED or they just forget to eat because they're busy with work or school. Could have a form of ED but not in the way someone purposes starves themselves to be super thin. they might just be too busy to eat? i dunno

I agree Shmegeh and haku probably were attracted to each other because of their thiness. Usually people with eds find other friends with eds because you dont have to hide it.

No. 65440

There are cases of people not realizing they have anorexia or other eating disorders, but if Haku is just too busy to eat than they don't have an eating disorder. They could also have disordered eating which is basically just a fancy term for irregular/weird eating habits.

No. 65443

They said before that they've been the same weight since 13/14, but i think haku is a bit obsessed with weight because it helps their pretty boy look to keep it low.

No. 65448

Ehh, I don't know i'm not a doctor, but they've made statuses (I think someone posted tweets about it) about how they were happy they lost weight, so it's a bit sketchy. Especially when you follow/have friends who have eating disorders themselves or are easily influenced by what you do. But to be honest, that type of behavior is extremely common in people with ed's just because of the loneliness and nature of the illness.

I have bulimia myself, but that's a whole other ball game and I don't talk about it anymore, I actually got rid of all my social media because I was scared that I was influencing/triggering people. And if I ever did talk about it was heavy on the trigger warnings.

I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but I think if people have eating disorders / have a fan base with easily influenced people they should stay away from making statements about food and weight. Sometimes you just have to restrain yourself and think about what your about to post before clicking submit. Sorry for the mini rant.

No. 65459


OT as fuck but thank you so much for not saying "a whole nother".

No. 65464

You have a point, anon.

rofl. yes. Agreed.

No. 65472

I know my English and grammar is bad, but I try my best to not make silly mistakes. I read my messages over at least 3 times.

The worst past is that I'm from North America. It's horrible when international students have a better grasp of the language than I do.

Sorry for the off-topic banter.

No. 65499

File: 1426801950839.jpg (34.44 KB, 544x569, trash.jpg)

Your English is fine anon.

So something is going down on twitter between vonvamp and haku. I think haku is seriously pissed that vonvamp said Arima from tokyo ghoul was ugly?? Either one, they blocked vonvamp. It's seriously wtf. Are they are 15?

I actually wouldn't be surprised considering haku is really obsessed with the character Kaneki. They thinks theyre him. They want to perfect the character design of him and gets offended when people say other Kanekis are better. like srsly?

No. 65504

File: 1426802137780.jpg (57.32 KB, 583x617, hmm.jpg)

No. 65505

I think it might've been a joke?

No. 65506


i think theyre just joking really

No. 65507

Yeah, i think it's a joke too, though I def understand what you mean about haku being obsessed with Kaneki. (Big TG fan here.) I was at the TG meet at Katsu and it was a bit awkward.

No. 65509

Haku lurks here like mad. We should watch what we say. lol

No. 65515

There's not much more to say about haku now, is there?

No. 65518

File: 1426803035273.jpg (39.19 KB, 500x603, lkNN0vzYfj8.jpg)

They used to look so cute as a girl~
Also re: ED, they're very evasive when it comes to questions about food/their diet, even innocuous ones like "what's your favorite food"

No. 65521

Yeah. haku never posts what their fav food is. I saw an old post before that they enjoy royal milk tea brand, but no idea what they like to eat.

No. 65526

I want some anons who know haku in person to come here and tell me if they've eaten lunch or whatever with them. what do they seriously eat?

No. 65536

this nigga is seriously just staked out in front of the computer and live-tweeting this thread

No. 65540


No. 65542

haku is so bothered by his thread, can't they just stop lurking? I mean, shit, I've been posted on 4chan once and ignored it and it went away. I dont understand why some people cant do that.

No. 65544

there's some tumblr user named m1kahel that the whole gang loves talking shit about. they seem convinced that this person is copying them, because apparently they have a patent on stupid asymmetrical haircuts fried with bleach and dye, pale makeup, black eyeliner, and cosplay

No. 65545

That's kahel or whatever, right? Yeah, it's hilarious how these people under 25 think they invented goth fashion and subculture. Keeps me laughing every time.

No. 65547

it's funny to me that they'll tear this one guy apart, regardless of what his transgressions are, and then turn around and get upset when the criticism falls on them. like weren't you just making fun of how someone else had inferior cosplaying skills and couldn't apply makeup correctly?

No. 65549

Hypocrites. If you don't want that shit, don't dish it out, esp publicly.

No. 65551

have you guys seen that m1kahel person though?

No. 65553

they're the ugliest kid i have ever seen my entire life. their part in their hair is like when moses parted the red sea, they always look so greasy like get hit by a bus already for christs sakes lmfao theyre so hideous and their personality is shit too. we should make a thread just for them and fuck off about haku we wont get anything new outta them they just keep apologizing for the same shit . kellys a whole different story we could tear that kid a new one

No. 65554

To be honest, there never was much to talk about to begin with. They haven't done anything bad really. They just have some identity issues.

Also, I don't think it's in good taste to make judgement calls on their transition status and whether they pass or not or are real/fake.

And don't give the excuse that you can say that stuff because your trans yourself. Because I'm sure that if you had all your pictures plastered over this thread and had people make harsh comments you would feel pretty shitty too.

I'm not even a fan of Haku, its just shit like this rubs me the wrong way.

Y'all can be bitchy and catty as hell, but don't talk about things that could seriously make someone kill themselves.

There's a difference between embarrassing someone and causing serious harm.

No. 65555

agreed. you guys need to step off and get laid or something, i know the entire purpose of this site is to drag people but you're all so fucking pathetic about it

No. 65556

yeah, they're a joke. A hard core fake boi.

No. 65557

We're invaded by these fucking newfags.

No. 65558

sry but faekbois like haku will always be funny. she's always re-inventing herself, who is to say one day she won't go back to being a girl when fakeboi isn't trendy?

No. 65559

m1kahel so fucking pathetic, how about the people of lolcow go spam their ask box with death and rape threats(Violation of global rule 1)

No. 65561

lmao for real. I think they're more deserving of a thread considering how much drama follows them. Haku is just insecure as hell, whereas M1kahel gets into online fights every other day over the stupidest shit.

No. 65564

agreed, how about we turn this thread into a m1kahel thread because theyre the actual piece of shit here holy fuck

No. 65568

Is it just me or does this sound like the same tumblerina person?

Also top kek at asking us to send rape threats. U know we're not guys right?

No. 65569

i am not the same people as the other posters, the fuck is wrong with u faggot. just got a hateboner for haku and it goes soft for anyone else? weak ass

No. 65570

You're really trying too hard.

No. 65573

sooo what are we just fighting with the newfag now

No. 65574

you take shit waaay too seriously its lolcow untwist your panties little girl

No. 65577

No. 65579

haku stahp it

No. 65581

Thank u

No. 65582

Lol it's hilarious how stupid tumblr retards are. They couldn't pretend to be someone else in an online anonymous comment even if their life depended on it

No. 65584

It's haku or some other tumblr tard

No. 65588

I bet my bottom dollar it's haku, kek. you know for someone who went to such a nice school, she ain't very smart.

No. 65649

haku wants to stop this thread by any means. They're spamming their social media I bet. If they can't even handle an anon board full of opinions, how will they handle being trans in the real world? Come on haku. Step it up.

No. 65677

If it isn't haku, it's definitely one of their friends. I saw one of them recently make a huge post about it and they were definitely making it in reference to this thread. I don't think it's haku doing the posting though. Why do it themselves when they know their legion of friends will do it for them?

No. 65695

Literally no one who posts here regularly actually types like that. We're catty bitches but we're at least witty catty bitches with better insults and often valid points. I'm also betting that if it's not Haku, it's one of their friends just trying to pad the post count and make us seem like a HATE SITE FULL OF EVIL CYBER BULLIEZ!!!

No. 65749

All hakus cosplay look like shit though with that dry white makeup caked face and shitty costume and long ass face. Just like shemgeh always fucking up Asuka and giving people nightmares. Not only do they cosplay them, they try to act like they have a connection with the character and they are them or some fake deep shit.

Plus she's such a bandwagon jumper jumping from one shitty anime to the next.

No. 65758

As a Suzuya cosplayer, I'm freaking annoyed she did a costest for him. Why is she trying to cosplay every character in Tokyo ghoul anyway? For attention, of course.

No. 65766

Oh god. I don't even watch tokyo ghoul so I looked up the character and just no. She seems to think all white/grey haired characters are her or something. R.I.P my eyes and soul after the kaworu cosplay with those stupid black giant platform boots. gawd.

No. 65782

I honestly don't even think they even try to pass irl. I'm talking about haku and all the fake bois.

I just think that they separate their online personas from how they actually behave irl in order to keep an image.

No. 65785

Yeah it reminds me of sarkeesians fake death threats, that she made to herself

No. 65809

ngl i think Haku/Mikhail/Arianna is really fucking hot.
i'd nail them whenever.
I just wanted more information about the birthname and all tho, no one screencaped that tumblr?

No. 65827

she said she was getting her "tits lopped off" too

like last May

but that never happened

No. 65829

they're definitely joking around lmao

learn 2 internet

No. 65911

Eminem - Stan.mp3

No. 65977


vongeist, circuitbird, hiwamu, shmegeh, takohai, v0nvamp, rizes, dirukari, daulizm, nelum, phenrirr, arahiroyazi, sanator1um Are people I see Haku interact with/interact with Haku the most on Tumblr/Twitter

No. 66025

Thank you, anon!

No. 66027

Yeah, they wanna cosplay all the white haired men. Now they're doing Decim from death parade. Ugh, I've only seen one pic of their kaworu so far with the anorexia nervosa Asuka.

No. 66029

Haku can't make a kickstarter for her top surgery or else her fans would find out she's a girl and bawww

No. 66150

Top kek

No. 66165

File: 1426920101463.png (9.38 MB, 3929x2209, sdfsf.png)


here's a collage of all the people listed in order

oh my god they all really do look like clones

No. 66166

Circuitbird and Nelum are pretty great. They seem like relatively well-adjusted people that don't try to put up much of a facade.

As for the rest, they range from nobodies to photoshop-abusing lunatic attention whores, all ""trans"". I honestly think Haku is the worst of the lot.

No. 66176

File: 1426927408190.jpg (56.27 KB, 500x500, yu.jpg)

doesnt yujin look different now

No. 66186

Tokyo Ghoul isn't even good. It's so generic and casual it hurts tbh.

Now Parasyte, that's a good, new anime.

No. 66208

lmao you think nelum is great? they're photoshopped within an inch of their life to look asian

nobody has seen an actual photo of nelum

No. 66213

File: 1426941472138.jpg (183.23 KB, 1280x1280, snowflakes.jpg)

don't forget these two snowflakes: poetbastard and n0cturnalprince, AKA Xia and Haru (I'm not even kidding), who are in something like a relationship with one another despite literally looking exactly alike.

poetbastard is Swiss German but speaks English with the most ridiculous affected British accent I've ever heard, and their face seems like it's permanently frozen into Derek Zoolander's "magnum" look.

No. 66216

its basically like "scene kid plus" edition
like these were all the scene kids on myspace, now all grown up into tumblr whores

No. 66313

half of them are too young to even know what MySpace is

No. 66314

Yeah, I like circuitbird. They aren't trans or have an ED. They seem pretty genuine too.

No. 66320

A lot of them are under 21 though. Never went through a scene phase. this is mostly goth looking too.

No. 66364


all dat tryhard red eyeshadow and black/grey teased hair

No. 66390

does anyone know why they broke up besides the fact haku had a piss fit over von not wanting to cos any characters besides uta lol

No. 66399

saw them both at katsu, they were together for a little bit on friday but other than that they seemed to be cosplaying mostly with two other girls and a few other people the entire weekend

No. 66400

Didn't Haku imply that Von paid for her top surgery

No. 66401


I don't think so???

No. 66416

i feel like von was starting to get tired of hakus shit tbh i mean haku was always fawning over tsukiyama cosplayers sending them weird pics/tweets i mean if i was von i would have broken up with her a long time ago

No. 66431

No. Why would they do that when they would just get it for themselves? Von seems like he works a good paying job, so probably had it done a while back. He's a lot older than haku too.

No. 66434

Von is my age, so I can't imagine trying to go out with someone 7 years younger who is still in their try hard teen phase of life. haku cosplays all the popular shit and (like you mentioned) fawned over a lot of cosplayers from TG, esp in Japan. Von seems to be trans for real and haku is just a kawaii fake boi. I'm sure haku not really being trans like Von is had a lot to do with their split.

No. 66436

von said that he's waited 7 years to be with haku so maybe he did it out of pity

No. 66438

I saw them at Katsu too and Von was on his own as Uta while haku was hamming it up in Kaneki with a million tsukiyamas adoring them.

No. 66441

Damn. You seem to know more than me, anon. Von waited for haku to be legal before they dated, right?

No. 66443

Von never said why he waited he was probably waiting for haku to get out of her weeb phase but that never happened

No. 66445

they must have broken up at katsu then?

No. 66450

Damn, that's kind of sad actually. You can still be a weeb, but act like a human. haku must be insufferable and so obsessed with anime and manga characters.

I figured they broke up at katsu or after katsu.

No. 66454

I feel like it's beforehand. I remember seeing on my newsfeed Haku talking about how they didn't like Uta. They also didn't seem to hang out together when they were in Japan, but that could just be because they wanted to go around and do their own thing by themselves rather than together.

No. 66456

yeah they looked good together but i guess they weren't a good match personality wise

No. 66459

It looked like right before their breakup that they weren't even spending much time together after they got back from japan Von was making posts on his tumblr how he missed haku etc

No. 66464

Damn, that's sad. I like Von. I follow his tumblr too. I suppose haku was just too immature for Von. And I do remember all the posts about haku hating on Uta's character and other shit before hand.

No. 66471

File: 1426975193485.jpg (904 KB, 1030x1168, um.jpg)

am i the only one who thinks this

No. 66474

nah son

No. 66476

same though von seems like a nice guy but i don't see what he saw in haku
haku would somewhat vague tweet about him too like about his sense of humor being annoying/how he was also annoying when he was drunk etc

No. 66479

I thought this tbh.

No. 66482

Pahahaha, that was my first thought too when I found out she changed her name to 'Mikhail.' It's so transparently weeby.

She also looks busted as fuck in that Mello pic, jesus christ.

No. 66497

Very similar sounding, but Mikhail is not the same name as Mihael.

No. 66500

Von said on his tumblr a while back that they made the decision in either Dec or Jan to break up. haku and Von keep saying it's mutual, but there's no such thing. Von definitely broke up with haku.

No. 66510

In Russian, Mikhael and Mihael are the same name: Михаил. X is like a combination of the English 'h' the soft 'ch' in German words like ich. It's romanised as 'kh.'

By the way, 'Mihael' isn't a real romanisation of the name. The only reason Mello is 'Mihael' in Death Note is because the authors were bloody terrible at picking realistic foreign names.

No. 66515

i know right!
Von answers asks directly and thoughtfully (not vapidly or evasively)

No. 66522

I'm really ignorant when it comes to russia and russian names, so thanks for that.

No. 66524

Do you have caps or anything? I'm curious to see! Before the breakup became apparent to me, when I saw Haku tweeting stuff about Uta, I thought that either a) Von was really chill and realized he was not the characters who he cosplayed or b) something was up because why would you post really angry sounding tweets at a character your significant other cosplays?? I know they definitely love Tsukiyama but did they really ever show hatred towards Uta's character before those tweets? Seems like a vague jab at Von rather than Uta.

No. 66527

i can try and find the tweets/posts its been a while so don't get your hopes up

No. 66540

Man, Von seems like such a chill guy. I would love to drink coffee and make shit jokes with him at 9a.m.

No. 66541

You are awesome, anon!

No. 66578

File: 1426984396704.png (192.9 KB, 614x2239, tweets.png)

It's been like 2 or 3 times that Haku's tried to explain themselves on twitter. There's more above this if you guys want to check or screencap it yourselves.

Haku, it's obvious that you check this thread, whether frequently or not just get off this thread if it's bothering you this bad. There is no way you could possible stop any of us from talking about you or your friends. No matter how much you try to explain yourself, it's futile and everything you do will be analyzed by people on here. Trying to clear up things and defend yourself is honestly hopeless. You want to better yourself despite all the shit you've done in the past? Ok good, go do that. I'm rooting for you, honestly. Go be a better, happier person like you want to be.

This is obviously affecting you, and you need to get off this board and focus on your schoolwork and own life. You should know by now that you can't change people's opinions about you. Is it because you're afraid that some anons on here may be your friends? I don't even know what else to tell you. You aren't as shitty a person as many other people on this board, and the things we talk about are honestly petty compared to the other shitty people discussed on here.

I still enjoy taking part in this thread, but I don't actually hate you. I'm just bored, and curious. Maybe some people here really do hate you, for whatever reason. What can you do? Nothing, honestly. Just close out of this thread already.

No. 66579

I think it's about 50/50 I don't hate Haku I'm more so curious about everything but after reading his tweets I think I'll back off for a while.

No. 66586

I don't think anyone here hates haku, but are more interested in their life because they're so vague about it. Either way, I think it's really sad haku cant get off this board or stop lurking here. They're obviously extremely self conscious. If you're going to put yourself out there, you'd better prepare for some opinions that arent your friends kissing your ass for your hair and cosplay. I'm sure they're a nice person, but they need to calm down.

No. 66588

I don't know haku is trying to please at this point. It's actually kind of sad watching them tweet like that. People are gonna talk no matter what you do in life. Even if you're the nicest person, they'll shit talk you and think you're fake. Just gotta roll with the punches sometimes. haku wants to do fashion for a career, doesn't he? How can he not learn to take shit so personally? Fashion is a dog eat dog world like none other.

No. 66589

Doe haku still got boobs and does she still have a vag?

No. 66590

File: 1426985852271.jpg (91.46 KB, 1012x532, stan.jpg)

I like haku's cosplays. I think that they're pretty okay, but it sucks that they attract some retarded stans like this one.

No. 66591

This all comes down to that Tumblr mentality of letting people shit all over you and sobbing out these pitiful keysmashing apologies whenever anyone accuses them of the slightest offence. As if if they degrade themselves by saying they're sorry over and over again, people will stop criticising them. Well, no. It just makes you look like a snivelling child.

We see this all the time with people bending over backwards to accommodate the most retarded queer/trans/race activists, going 'so sorry uwu uwu i'll change so sorry for offending u.' It's the most pathetic, unaggressive, unassertive approach to living, and it really pisses me off.

No. 66592

File: 1426985867441.jpg (39.42 KB, 410x418, stan2.jpg)

No. 66594

Its a she.

No. 66595

Dont be a shitlord.

No. 66597

get over yourself

No. 66598

Yeah, after the first few times you try to 'explain yourself' you should know you cant please everyone. It seems pitiful to keep saying you're sorry over and over and think it will have an effect now. This board nor this thread isn't just one or two anons. It's very. Some are probably people who do like them and some are people who don't.

No. 66599

Nah. Just think they've pretty much come out as trans, so it's at least okay to call them him.

No. 66600

Is she on hornones? Transitiong? No. Shes playing sugoi fakeboi fortumblr creds.

No. 66601

Ok, didnt know if she came out. Always been so deceptive and quiet. Thanks

No. 66602

I think he is in the process of taking steps to transition though. tbh I don't see haku as a lolcow at all.

No. 66603

They were a tumblr attention whore for a while, but it seems that haku is taking steps to transition. Yeah, np anon :)

No. 66604

They come off sad and needy, like changing your entire identity so often doesnt imply a healthy well adjusted person.imo i hope she waits to transition, with all the changing identities…scary

No. 66610

File: 1426986654995.jpg (86.41 KB, 1041x622, stan3.jpg)

Oh man, this person is such a stan, it's not even funny. Who even does this?

No. 66611

So kinda related… How do you refer to a non passing trans? I mean in public, i dont want to draw bad attention to them. I hate asking people pronoun shit because it feels super offensive like 'hey there idk wtf you are so how should i refer to you?' Gross also i dont want to bring it up in a 'btw its totally obvious' seems equally offensive

No. 66612

Going through their IG now. So much lulz

No. 66614

Sometimes it's not a trans person's fault if they are not passing, esp if they are actually on hormones, etc. I just respect the person and if they correct me for using wrong pronouns, I suppose I will call them what they wish to be called. I just wouldn't want someone disrespecting me.

No. 66617

Haku is definitely in transition. So he's trans.

No. 66633

The funniest thing to me is that one of their friend used to be extremely malicious behind their back before their current state of asskissing and being friends with Haku. Honestly, they were probably more malicious than our little gossip circle here.

Their current tweets show that they either read the thread and have decided to get off, or maybe people on twitter told them to get off too and they're listening. Either way, I hope they won't stress themselves out by coming on here.
I stumbled onto their IG earlier because I saw the comment they left… I don't even know how to feel about them.

No. 66635

I know a few trans male to females over the age of 50. One is in her mid 60s and being brutally honest looks fuck all like a woman apart from breasts and vagina. She dresses like a slut which doesn't help. I find it difficult to refer to her as "she". I do though.

Whatever gender a person identifies with I respect their wanting to be referred to as he or she. I fucking hate all these younger trans people who make it all so complicated and bolshy. Also, YOU'RE TRANS - DON'T KEEP BANGING ON ABOUT IT.

but she in love and it hurt :(

No. 66645

How so? Because "in transition" means being on hirmones and having surgery, in other words making real physical changes to the body and not just cosmetic adjustments with makeup and clothes.

No. 66671

You have deets on who said friend is, anon ?

No. 66677

Holy shit why are so many of his friends so fucking ugly

They almost all scream "I'm a fakeboi and I have no friends irl I spend all my time online" with the exception of circuitbird

They all look so fucking busted.

No. 66680

I literally hate to be the one to say something and not give more, because man, I fucking would love to, but they've seen this thread already and it's honestly not hard to figure out who I am. I don't know how many other people know, maybe a handful others in that friend circle.

No. 66682

Right? Explains why they're all friends with Haku. All of his friendships seem vain and vapid.

No. 66684

I'm pretty sure I know the one too

No. 66687

Spill the beans! Come on. What did they say about him

No. 66696

Oh anon, I really hate to disappoint but it isn't like any super, special juicy deets or anything! They were just very negative about Haku in general, calling them fake and making baseless negative comments on Haku as a person out of their own anger. It really gets me that now they're close. This person extremely fake, and it's hilarious how they would make those comments while it shows on them right now. Maybe they're reading this thread right now, they DID make a very long post on facebook when they found out they were mentioned, trying to justify themselves like Haku did on twitter.

I'm only talking about one of them, I don't know if Haku's other friends have done this. I do think a lot of Haku's friends do just genuinely like them and they became friends by normal means.

No. 66697


No. 66698

I know a different person that did this to Haku too lol

No. 66700

Please do tell anon!

No. 66704

Can you screen cap their Facebook post? You can block their name out if it will somehow give you away. I just love reading fake desperate apologies/justifications for shitty behavior when you know they are doing it for pity points or whatever

No. 66708

One of the people mentioned in the post naming his friends. I won't namedrop but it's the same situation.

No. 66712

I feel a bit sad for Haku. I know I'm not any better since I'm contributing to this thread, but at least I'm not their friend while contributing.

I guess if more than one person knows, oops, it's out of the bag for me. I wonder how you know anon.

No. 66715

You're right anon.

No. 66724

any pics of her before the fakeboi stuff? I just want to shave her head, wipe all that shit off her face, and see what she looks like underneath the 50lbs of photoshops, make up, etc.

No. 66726

File: 1426999288728.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mhnmgpBlA21qbjzj5o1_128…)

I was sure I had another picture of Haku without make-up where they also aren't covering their face, but I can't find it.

No. 66729

File: 1427000178190.png (263.33 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m8xthcs6Su1qbjzj5o1_500…)

No. 66736

I fuckIng hate this bitch's entirw fucking face. That awful makeup makes me so mad, her face doesn't even NEED that much shit on it, she could be pretty without icing her whole face, but noooo. What the fuck.


No. 66737

I'm sure haku looks a lot better without make up. Sounds like they rosecea? (sp sorry) My mom had that it made her cheeks red all the time, but nothing disfiguring really. Just a bit of redness and dry skin.

No. 66763


Mutual friends of mine are friends with them both, when Ash posted their "WOE IS ME" status on FB it came up on my feed since several of my mutuals liked/commented on it.

No. 66764

Can you drop any other hints? Wow didn't know so many two faced bitches were in Haku's company, though it's not surprising.

No. 66765

Is there a single one of Haku's friends who isn't fucking shooped or makeup'd to high fucking hell? Jesus. No wonder they're all friends with him.

No. 66769

She said she had bad skin

No. 66773

No. 66813

I'm sure they're exaggerating and are just a bit self conscious, which is normal. Their skin is going to go through a lot of changes during hormone therapy anyway, so I hope it actually gets better for haku.

No. 66814

Now I'm really curious.

No. 66842

He used the always bitch about havingn chubby cheeks but I thought what are you even talking about man!!?

I guess I didn't go far enough back in time to see pics like this. Aww those lil chubby cheeks…

No. 66843

OMy it's so strange seeing them compiled altogether

Imo the grossest is Lizzie (hiwamu)

No. 66844

Sorry for slowpoke but isnt this the girl charms dated that she said was abusive?

No. 66852

You got it

No. 66853

No, that's Prince Aoi or something. I know they look the same though

No. 66856


How so?

No. 66869

and im sorry but is their friendship based solely on being trans and obsession with Eva, Attack on titan, and Tokyo ghoul ??
like half them all cosplay THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS. it confused me. like are these people friends or jealous clones ??? hiwamu has literally copied everything haku has done. and i get it, you like the same characters so you become friends, but it just strikes me as weird. i mean im sure friends wouldnt dictate who you can or cannot cosplay but i would feel a little weird publicly cosplaying the exact same things as a friend. also if these people identify so strongly with characters. its like, "wow i love eren. i should dress as eren. i am eren" but when everyone does it, isnt that creepy?

No. 66873

holy shit i went to college with the chick in the middle

lolcow is a small world

No. 66876


There's some old recordings of Ashee Maree when she started camming and she was a healthy weight. So if IBS is her excuse it didn't bother her until recently.

In like two years or so she's turned from an average cam girl into a Tumblr famous tattooed anorexic with thick eyebrows. She could be genuine but she's such a stereotype it's hard to take her seriously.

No. 66893


Deets! What has this person done that's grosser than all the others? What makes them worse than haku?

No. 66895

hiwamu is a crazy bitch who also jumped onto the trans train. They're actually trans trendy and it's like what the hell are you even doing? you're such a girl, it's not even funny.

No. 66896

I wanna know more

No. 66897


Tell us more. I know nothing about this person. What kind of crazy shit does she do

No. 66899

Is dirukari actually in this crew? I thought they were just a copycat

No. 66901

yes she is very girly. she lives or is from an upper class town in connecticut. i saw her getting on or off the train there with her dad.

No. 66903

Which one?

No. 66905

lizzie is so goddamn annoying, all she does is complain constantly. she's like what, 20? she still lives with BOTH of her parents, idk if she even has a job, but she literally copies everything haku does. how are you agender? you wear make up and then get all depressed someone calls you a chick for wearing lipstck and having long hair. wearing a binder and calling yourself nico like you're a kawaii desu animu character doesn't make you trans. she's just a sheltered brat that wants everyone's attention for being totes unique

No. 66906

yep. she seems to be quite good friends with v0nvamp

No. 66914

Third one in the second row. Don't remember her name but she was in one of speech classes a few years back, though I dropped that class due to scheduling. Think she was a Criminology or Sociology major/minor? They had black hair back then but still had the whole ~*~*~~**~goffik*~*~*~ vibe to them.

No. 66918

Yup. I didn't know she was doing the whole trendy trans thing because I met her in Asuka cosplay and complimented her wig and she was like "Oh, please call me he or they" like wth

No. 66919

So she's a literal privileged rich girl? lovely

No. 66922

if i had some irl tell me to call them they i would laugh as hard i could in their face, the world isn't build to character around your ~non-binary tranness~

No. 66923

File: 1427064678273.jpg (113.16 KB, 960x960, 10846083_1705915616302093_9384…)

hiwamu always tweets about how fat she is and how she's gaining weight girl have you seen yourself?

I think she was supposed to go to a ED recovery program or whatever and was talking about how proud she was for throwing a shitfit there on the first day and then just didn't come back

No. 66924

my parents have monies ): i don't ): but still well off enough to where i don't have to work a job ):

No. 66930

it's just for attention I'm guessing.

No. 66940

OT, but what character is she cosplaying as? I gotta say, I'm jelly of her stomach.

No. 66942

her twitter is private. damn

No. 66944

File: 1427067475377.png (56.22 KB, 632x603, 0f5fafb2baa4628ba112ac7f52f7e6…)

on her twitter she just posted

No. 66948

File: 1427068849400.png (8.35 MB, 3581x1689, 1fghdg.png)

Here's a more updated list of pictures of people listed from the collage since some of those pictures were pretty old. they're all mostly from Instagram but for a few I had to search through their blogs/friends blogs

No. 66949

Thanks for sharing, anon. It seems she's just going to post a cacophony of bullshit posts for a while.

No. 66951

Von is a really straight forward person and I see nothing wrong with him. Marrissa seems cool too. Everyone else, I have no idea about aside from hiwamu who is insane and is basically haku's puppy.

No. 66952

girl with black hair on the 2nd row looks like she has downs. Her face is unique, I suppose.

No. 66957

Not really true. Haku was just hanging out with von according to instagram, and Marisa and her still hang.

No. 66959

Yeah, Von and Marrisa are still friends. I dont know where you got your info from.

No. 66969

File: 1427075277582.png (12.03 KB, 586x119, sure.png)


It's funny because Haku and Lyzzi seemed to have a bit of a falling out a while back where Haku didn't like them because whatever Haku cosplayed, Lyzzi seemed to cosplay as well (Eren, Hakutaku, maybe one other one or something). Takohai assumed this too (Makishima) and saw that it was their chance to really bond with Haku- by shit talking Lyzzi.

This entire friend group has got some serious issues going on.

Haku still seems to be on this thread and I'm laughing about this tweet.

No. 66973

lyzzie was pretty public about shit talking haku a while back
even I heard it

No. 66980

What did they say about haku? How long ago were they shit talking each other? Way to pick "friends"

No. 66983

i don't know the details unfortunately
i'm not friends with her
but i remember haku being confronted about the things lyzzie was saying about them a few months ago

No. 67025


No. 67026

Aw man, i wanna know details.

No. 67028

Are they an annoying eddgy tumblr fake boi irl too like the rest of Haku's crew?

No. 67041

sounds like kahel

No. 67092

wonder what von looks like irl tho. i feel like they look really different…..

No. 67094

Why do all these little fakebois think they can pull off cosplaying grown men characters that look like growm men while they look like little girls? There's tons of weak jawed short skinny chars to pick from.

Tokyo ghoul is a complete piece of shit.

No. 67097

No. 67107

File: 1427104666752.jpg (64.51 KB, 320x400, tumblr_nlnknimkan1qjizbno1_400…)

..nelum needa stop with the shoop wtf is this? doe people really think that;s her actual face? LMAO. THE CHIN.

No. 67124

I'm glad someone has finally said something!
I've noticed from the get go. There isn't a single candid photo of her in existence–just a whole bunch over extremely shooped fuck ups. That's why i think it's weird that they just interact with her without questioning it, i think it'd be really weird to pretend that this is normal even though it's painfully obvious that this weeb won't look a damn thing like this.

No. 67173

That chin looks like a fucking dorito chip

No. 67194

omfg cannot unsee

No. 67202

she's running. from food.

No. 67239

Ayyyy lmao

No. 67240

I laughed so hard, anon. thanks.

No. 67241

I don't know, she looks really similar to me. I don't think she shoops that much from her natural features. What indications do you have that it's photoshop rather than just her having a weird face?

No. 67242

No, they pretty much look the same. Just taken back by how short he is. Other than that, no cake face or anything.

No. 67244

Hope you're joking. No one looks like that irl. it's obvious photoshop.

No. 67265

We don't hate people. We laugh at them.

No. 67317

She sat in the back of the class all the time with their laptop and didn't really say much of anything unless she had to. She tried to wear skeleton tights a few times to class and it was so embarrassing to see someone try so hard to dress like something from Tumblr in fucking Texas of all places. I saw them smoking a few times after class too, though if it was to curb hunger it didn't work because she definitely had hambeast thighs. From the looks of it she's gained weight since then too.

No. 67322

Sorry for the double reply but I went to her blog to see what she's like now and while I can't remember for the life of me what she went by back then, it definitely wasn't Spica. This bitch is straight up a dirty beaner. Can any of Haku's friends just use their real names instead of some try had edgy fake shit? This has to be the most try hard group of girls I've ever encountered in my life.

No. 67356

You're a fucking retard

No. 67358


I laughed so hard at the dorito chip comment I almost fell out of my chair

Thank you anon

No. 67371

I just realized her nickname is Spica and she's mexcian? Some kind of hispanic. That seems like a joke waiting to happen.

No. 67376

Haku STILL lurks in this thread. Still apologizing on twitter and making reference to recent posts here.

No. 67380

I feel bad. Should we just stop?

No. 67392

Why? They can stop coming on here at any time, but still choose to do so. We're doing nothing but discussing things we've heard about Haku and their friend group. None of us are directly attacking them on their tumblrs/twitters/etc. They're coming here on their own, and they're going to obviously see stuff they don't like.

Ashley saw her own thread and knows of it, but that doesn't stop anyone from posting on her thread/making new ones of it.

No. 67395

Do you lowlifes have nothing better to do with your time than to talk shit about people online on some shitty thread. Are your lives THAT boring? Are you all just overly hormonal 12 year-olds who like to make fun of peoples' bodies to make yourselves feel what? Better than them? Because it sure as hell isn't. Making fun of peoples' bodies, saying shitty things about their identities which mind you- They have full control over and is frankly nobody else's business, and misgendering them is grossly immature. Oh and no matter what, when a person says they feel they are a certain gender- They ARE that gender regardless of genitals or whatever else. Here's a little tip for the future: GROW UP.

No. 67399


Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, go back to tumblr with your sjw shit.

No. 67402

oh look it's this argument again
yes i have nothing better to do, after all making a couple of posts on here literally takes up most of my day

No. 67403

>Oh and no matter what, when a person says they feel they are a certain gender- They ARE that gender regardless of genitals or whatever else.
Why? That same kind of ridiculously lax standard is not used for anything else, so why should it apply to gender?

No. 67404


For the most part we aren't "making fun" of Haku because he's trans. We're just laughing at how shitty he's been about the whole situation.

No. 67405


Don't you think it's shitty to say such horrible things about a person to the point where they will end up hating themselves more? How the hell would you all feel if someone did that to you?

No. 67408

I wouldn't actually give a shit. If there are people who don't like me that I don't know, why should I even care? Haku gets so caught up giving a shit about what we say when all they really have to do is stop coming on here. You coming on here with your shitty argument doesn't make me feel bad or want to stop.

No. 67409


He wouldn't even know what we were saying id he wasn't so obsessed with coming back and checking up on us. We aren't posting this shit anywhere else, we aren't directly talking to him or any of his friends. The internet isn't some safe happy tumblr-bubble filled with love and acceptance. A lot of people are dumbasses. And we love to laugh at dumbasses.

No. 67412

I'm not going to say anymore but I sincerely hope none of you bring these awful online personalities of yours into real life. Good Luck.

No. 67415


Before you talk about awful online personalities you might want to think about the people you're defending, lol.

No. 67429

Ohh my fucking god

This group gets funnier and funnier with them trying so hard

No. 67430

Whatever anon

Anyways, back to the important things. I.E Haku and her fakeboi crew

No. 67432

This. they keep updating their twitter with the same
"I'm sorry ! Im sorry! What can I do to make up for my past self?"
It's almost pathetic.

No. 67433

tbh this is my outlet after work. It's kind of hilarious haku can't let it go and continues to tweet non stop for days about this thread. That mad butthurt.

No. 67481

Seriously. I hate to sound like some ignorant old fart, but I don't believe you can choose your gender.

No. 67509


nigger you dont need an email to post lol

I swear the only reason those fields are there is to make the nonlurker whiteknight faggots more obvious hahah

No. 67510

I don't.see how saying you're trans makes you trans when you make no effort to change your secondary sexual characteristics. It's lIke a white girl saying "I'm half Japanese" and everyone calling her by her made up Japanese nickname. Shit makes no sense at all.

Real transpeople get on hormones and save money/research surgeons for their surgeries. Fakebois uodate their blog with a new photoshop drenched selfie.

No. 67515

I can't believe they're seriously now like 'should i stop using haku and use my real name?'
well yeah. No one is going to take a white person calling themselves haku seriously. That's embarrassing.

No. 67524

Honestly you guys who fuck cares it's not like they did anything to you personally

No. 67528

Shut the fuck up Haku, go see a goddamn therapist. You need to work on this identity issue you seem to have.

No. 67529

I don't take anyone witha weird, foreign name seriously unless they or their parents immigrated. I know being American is 'boring' but you can be interesting despite that without having to hijack another culture.

No. 67667

Pahaha, that latest post about using the name 'Haku.'

It's so pathetic to just cave to whatever anyone else tells you to do.

No. 67677

I think that's what is at the base of her issues though. She has an identity issue and the need to please others. She's gonna be whatever garners the most attention/approval, and that's what's sad.

No. 67729

She's changed her tumblr description to "Mikhail" now and made a post about it. Does she think that makes everything okay now? "I'm sorry I was a shitlord but now I'm different here's my new name, love me forever!"

Bitch should have just stayed as Arianna Dreury and avoided all drama.

No. 67731

No one's every given any proof as to her being 'Arianna Dreury,' though. I'm not saying you're lying, but I don't see any source for this rumour.

No. 67736


It seems likely tbh. When that "thisisren" blog was around, Haku never denied being called Arianna, she just told people to believe what they want. Then posted the "Haku Aoki" passport as though we were meant to believe that she was born with that name lmao.

No. 67755

can we at least respect haku as a human being and not misgender him

No. 67761


kek no

No. 67762

Playing alone with someone's delusions isn't 'respecting them as a human being,' it's 'humouring the retard.'

No. 67765

Oh come on. Inb4 shut up haku, they are on hormones, and that latest rant hinted at sex change op. Idk, I've been on this board for a while now and the last week has been so full of "retard!!!" And the atrocities over in the Amor thread "they deserve to get raped"
I mean i love coming here for the latest edramu scoops, but this kind of mindless shitspewing… Age limits to these boards would have been great tbh.

No. 67766

He's said that he's actually transitioning though, if that's the case then I see no need to maliciously misgender the guy. You can talk shit about his personality as much as you want, be my guest, but if the entire reasoning behind misgendering someone is that they're not "real" trans, then by now it's kind of a moot point.

No. 67768


She always says she's transitioning.

No. 67769

I suppose we'll see in 6 months to a year. How effective are hormones in the first year ?

No. 67770

I'm not 'maliciously misgendering' anyone, I just think it's absolutely ridiculous to think you can choose your gender, and just as ridiculous that if you express thoughts like that you're immediately declared to be 'mindlessly shitspewing.' Is third wave feminism really so far integrated into the youth to be unquestioned, even on places like this?

No. 67771


To "these people" their idea of transitioning is putting on a pair of boxers in the morning instead of knickers.

That isn't how it works, you can't just wake up one day and say "Okay I'm a man now :^)" and then do shit fuck all to back that statement.

It's people like Haku that are damaging as fuck to legitimate trans people and what make it so hard for them to progress into actual transition i.e. voice coaching, HRT and maybe eventually surgery. Haku annoys me because I know for a fucking fact that once she gets a bit older, a bit uglier and the whole "pale, frail, fragile , mysterious qt Tumblr boi ;)" schtick no longer works for her she gets slide right back into being female.

No. 67772

Is anyone, who puts content online, actually respected as a human online? I highly doubt it. People are judged by the quality they put out, by the value they bring, ON THE INTERNET that is. And that's the way it should be. 

What does this person bring to the table?

No. 67775

he said he only wants to live to a certain age. there's obviously deeper psych issues going on

No. 67776

for transmen, testosterone is a hell of a thing (saying that as someone who is ~really~ trans and not some fucking fakeboi qt). unlike MTFs, who after need voice coaching since estrogen can't shrink your enlarged vocal chords, within 3 months you can notice your voice dropping/deepening significantly, and pretty much by 6 months you've got a deep voice, and it only gets more significant as time goes on. T makes your vocal chords enlarge, which is why transmen's voice deepen.

imo i'm bothered by how haku used the word "sex change" because that's NOT what a transition is, and it's hard for me, actually being self respecting, to use that word. it seems a bit like a cover, but at the same time, i kinda give up on guessing what stage haku is ~on his transition~

No. 67777


>there's obviously deeper psych issues going on

Yeah, like unbridled vanity and narcissism.

She wants the titles of "male" whilst still retaining a pretty, un-masculine, feminine physique and that's not the way transgenderism works.

No. 67778

>that's not the way transgenderism works

lmao that's not even a word, but i agree, i think if haku was extremely serious, he would try to pass better

No. 67781

No. 67783

no iirc he used to post a lot about like, why does dressing a certain way make someone a boy or girl.
tbh when i first saw him a few years ago, i thought it was a girly dressing boy.

No. 67785

i still think it isn't a word, it's awkward sounding, you wouldn't walk up to a transwoman and be like 'EY GURL HOW UR TRANSGENDERISM DOING???'


No. 67786

woops my formatting is butchered, so i'm gonna stop, but i honestly think this thread is why haku "owned up" to a lot of stuff since he realised he can't hide his shit forever

No. 67787


So true. It was all gonna come out sooner or later, so he owned up now before it got too extreme and his blind beloved fans decided to desert him.

No. 67794

When did haku say that?

No. 67797

Haku wants the perks of being a male: worshipped online. This and that. While still looking like a kawaii pretty boy. Haku should cut their freaking mop hair if they want to be taken semi seriously. Not saying boys can't have long hair. I love long haired boys. Just, for haku, who is already so small looking. Longer hair makes him seem way more girly.

No. 67799

Nah, the long moppish hair helps to cover her facial features that are clearly feminine.

No. 67803

I've seen them answer questions saying things like they've already lived out half of their life. I suspect they don't see the idea of growing old as an option.

No. 67818

Not just the voice changes, but also body hair, weight gain, thinning hair, body odor, and fat distribution changes as well. Biological females taking testosterone wreaks havoc on the body, which is why you have to be monitored by a physician and have regular blood tests.

No. 67841

Thisvis why Haku, Gutterface, and other fakebois won't ever actually get on T, that shit changes you from a girly little tomboy to a hairy, smelly version of yourself that more closely resembles your male relatives. And your appetite? Forget about it. Dysfunctional shits like Haku and GF wouldn't be able to handle it since they have nothing to keep them busy other than the internet. GF would become even more of a fatass and Haku would either cease to be a skinny waif or plunge right down the anorexia hole headfirst. You don't know hungry until you've been on HRT and the T starts taking hold of you.

No. 67859

no shit because that isn't how you would use it

No. 67868

I bet haku will get top surgery but won't go on T

No. 67870

>i still think it isn't a word

I literally, LITERALLY just linked you to the Dictionary definition for the word.

If it's in the dictionary, it's a word.

No. 67879

LOL good luck to her then. To get your letter for surgery (because mastectomies aren't something surgeons just do unless it's to,save lives, like cancer or skin eating diseases) you have to be on T, have your name changed and be living as an out FTM/male presenting for a significant amount of time. It's not something shrinks just hand out, and they don't give them to people who are obvious shut ins whose lives revolve around social media (a red flag) and present as ambiguous at best with very mInimal effort to appear traditionally masculine.

No. 67881

>and be living as an out FTM/male presenting for a significant amount of time.

And I should add, living as a male in real life, not just online.

No. 67885

File: 1427240122792.jpg (23.03 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mulejqpvBp1qfup3…)

>It's people like Haku that are damaging as fuck to legitimate trans people

ye must have it real hard if "fakebois" are the most damaging thing to you, bud

No. 67887

It's not that, it's that their idea of trans is a mockery to real trans people.

No. 67894

Just because you don't think it's a word doesn't make it any less of a legit word you idiot.

No. 67896

apologies for OT, but

if taking T makes you bald, hairy, fat, sweaty, greasy, a neckbeard, etc., how come some cis guys manage to not look like that at all (except for hair and stuff)? genetics? hormone inbalance?

I'm not saying you're wrong! I actually just really want an in-depth explanation.
aren't there different dosages of T too? I've never really deeply researched this kinda stuff, to be honest.

No. 67898

People's bodies respond to hormones differently.

No. 67900

There are also very slightly different hormone compositions.

Taking testosterone has a lot of the same effects on biological men as well, look up the side effects for anabolic steroids.

No. 67903

Those are possible and relatively common side effects, not things that will definitely happen for sure. It depends on the person's genes, diet, and other factors, from what I've read on it.
And yeah there are different dosages of T that people can go on, some very low, some more moderate. Also there are different ways to take it. People who take injections generally show results faster compared to people who are on the patch/pill/gel.

No. 67906

holy shit, there's definitely a lot I don't know about lol. guess that's what I get for only looking at tumblr bullshitted info.
thanks for the answers. (and sorry if I have bad english)

No. 67918

File: 1427246572819.png (1.54 MB, 1073x717, gjkgjkgj.png)

Pretty sure Haku and Von broke up before Katsucon considering they were both taking pictures like this with other people at the con instead of being attached at the hip doing couple cosplays like they usually do. Does anyone know if they even roomed together? That seems like it would of been so awkward.

Got pictures from Facebook.

No. 67941

I want to know more too. from some of their tumblr entries, it seems they broke up around Jan, maybe early feb, so before Katsu.

I guess Von got tired of haku's obsession with every tsukiyama cosplayer that waltzed by.

No. 67986

lol are we really going to go over this again

No. 68049

Ok, so I don't understand how Haku I being misgendered. Haku hasn't taken the medical steps to transition as far as the eye can see. She still has her vag right? What makes it valid for her to say she's a he and have everyone accept it as a fact? Like, if I said I identified as a XYZ, is that acceptable just cause I claim it? I'm not trying to be an asshole, just frankly pretty dim about the topic?

No. 68061

A pre-T trans man is still a man jfc i get that he's fucked up and his constantly changing his name is quit funny and all, but this is just bs

No. 68063

no. A pre-T "trans man" is not a fucking man, especially if they look like a 15-year old gaffik hot topic girl. Spewing shit like that is making light of real trans people's problems which start all the way from birth and cause emotional distress since early childhood. Unless you actually live as a man for years, get treated as a man, your biology (e.g. hormones) work like a male, you're not a fucking man. Staying in your comfortable echo chamber roleplaying as a beautiful animu j-rawk guy while still living the life of a basic middle-class girl's life doesn't fucking make you a man. I won't call ANYONE with the opposite pronouns if they make no effort towards passing because that is an insult to the whole trans community. Even actual trans people understand this and that's why they fucking transition because they have body dysmorphia.

And cutting your hair short, getting piercings and changing your about me does not count as a fucking transition. Get the shit out of here.

No. 68067

Err no, not when they make no effort to look, act, or present like men. Just accept you'll never be a real boy because you're too scared to permanently mangle your body and potentially lose the support and respect of friends and family members just because deep down you know you're not pretty enough to be a popular girl. Get off the internet, get some dick and stop fetishizing cartoon adolescents.

No. 68068

Cry harder, Haku.

No. 68071

Literally nothing. It's just a chick whining on Tumblr, saying "Im a man because I feel like a man!" despite the fact that all the "men" they base their fake adopted genders on are fictional and highly exaggerated or dramatised stereotypes, almost always Japanese and without a doubt always "gay" but only having interest in other internet girls pretending to be gay boys. It's pretty much awkward, antisocial girls hardcore roleplaying underaged gay Japs with other awkward, antisocial girls.

No. 68076

Ok, so if your trans your ultimate goal should be to transition into a stereotypical male/female? What if their goal was to look like a waify twink? Or is that not a thing in the legit trans community?

I totally agree with your assessment of these tumblr turds. It's like they try to emulate characters in anime or j-rock as opposed to actually trans individuals.

No. 68088

>What if their goal was to look like a waify twink?

It is. Just not real ones.

>Or is that not a thing in the legit trans community?

It is not.

No. 68090

TL;DR yaoi obsessed weebs are using the FTM trans flag to LARP their favorite gay Japanese boy OCs in a desperate attempt to make their fantasies a reality.

No. 68091


basically being trans is the want/need to remove or add the body parts of the gender you wish to be. If you wanna be a girl, you don't want your penis and you wish to have breast. Some tran girls keep it in porno however since they make bank like that.
If you wanna be a boy, you hate your breasts and look down at your lack of a penis and get depressed (buying a stand to pee device is the most common thing ever)

However there are some trans who don't go by the standard gender roles. It is understandable, they are trans. Some wish to walk on that line of being androgynous.

However I don't trust those who seem to into anime or yaoi. There are easy signs that tells people "Oh this is just a chick who read one too many yaoi online"
Going to anime cons, obsessing over an anime boy you dress up as, having a weeby fake Japanese name, needs the approval of other weebs, no desire for REAL help with transitioning, seems waaaaaay to fucking girly

No. 68093

Also on an added note, these girls only date other fake boys because gay men have no interest in fucking girls

However gay men will date and have sex with a trans man. They are just known as cunt boys. Plenty of my friends admitted to having a relationship with them because some are indeed fucking hot. But they all agree they can't stand it when a nerdy yaoi girl attempts to hit on them.

No. 68094

No. Nobody except dumb shits on the internet wants to be a tranny. The entire point of transition is to alleviate the dysphoria caused by Gender Identity Disorder, where the person feels that they are in the wrong body and are so deeply disturbed by it that they are willing to risk being disowned and ostracized by their families, friends, and coworkers and spend thousands of dollars on major surgery that is still largely experimental, just trying to chase away some of that dysphoria for a chance at happiness. They don't do it because they want to be different, they do it because they are different and they want a chance ro live a normal as possible life.

No. 68095

>seems waaaaaay to fucking girly

It's isolated to females who spend a lot of time online and obsess over anime/cosplay/Japan/jrock/yaoi. The only time males pull the "IM A LESBIAN TRANSOMAN RESPECT MY PRONOUNS!!" shit are obviously severely mentally retarded like Chris Chan and Ahuviya Harel.

No. 68097


I didn't say they want to be trans. I said they wanted the surgery to change into the sex they see themselves as. Maybe I worded it wrong?

Yeah you hardly see men pulling this shit. However there are more attention whore females than there are men. That and yaoi is way more popular than yuri is. Lets not forget that these girls are cosplaying guys they are wet for. So it was like anon said, it is like an extreme sexual LARPing session with their OC's

No. 68100

Ok thanks for all the answers guys.

So, so you guys consider this to be a mental illness(say for ex. Like BDD, where you aren't perceiving something correctly) or a birth defect(crossed wires?)? Or something else?

No. 68102

Do you think Von is a fakeboi? Some have mentioned in this thread that they believed von was legit and therefore dumped Haku.

No. 68103


Honestly no one quite knows why people are born trans. It is still somewhat of a mystery. However it isn't classed as a mental illness and should never be treated as such even though you must go to a therapist to confirm it.
It somewhat is and at the same time isn't. It's not like they are crazy… can someone explain this better than I can?

No. 68105

I mean, I don't think they're crazy, but maybe I'm thinking of it in the simplest way I can wrap my head around it. Humans have the advantage of consciousness over other animals. With the addition of our social constructs, this type of condition that is exclusive to humans doesn't occur in nature, like homosexuality does.

No. 68106

Von is legit trans, he was talking about tucking and binding earlier.

I think u're going for "being trans is not a mental illness in itself, but it causes a lot a psychological damage that needs to be taken care of"?

No. 68108

I'm the one who posted >>68103
thaaaank you

No. 68109

>However it isn't classed as a mental illness

Yes, it is, according to the DSM. Problem is that so little is known about the cause that for now transition is the only ethical treatment option.

also mentally ill =/= crazy jsyk

No. 68111

It is a mental illness technically, since there's no evident physical cause as of yet. Untreated mental illness can cause more mental problems if left alone for too long.

No. 68112

Ok but what about ppl who don't want to "fully transition" so to speak?
Like, one of my classmates is a transgirl and she's said she doesn't want to remove her dick. No one ever calls her a "he" causa that shit would be disrespectful.

No. 68113

There's a theory that transness is caused by hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, but idk how that research's going.

No. 68117

Agreed. Dumblr and pop culture seem to have eroded a lot of peoples understanding of things like transsexualism, mpd (which probably doesn't exist) and autism.

Nowadays everyone claims to have it, but I doubt there are so many people who truly have aspergers or are truly trans, it's just the trendy thing to do. There's also a LOT of men and women out there who end up idealising life as the other gender, making it seem like transition will solve all their life problems, will make them love themselves etc.

No. 68119

Does she dress and act female? Train her voice? Then fine. It's not unusual for transpeople to hold off on SRS either permanently or just until better surgical methods become available. Idk why, but a lot of them do it.

No. 68120

That would still be classified as a mental disorder.

No. 68121


It's been proven by numerous studies that individuals with gender dysmorphia have different neurological patterns and brain structure than usually shown by representatives of their birth sex. It's a biological disorder like autism or dyslexia. That's why transgenders with strong dysmorphia usually show behavioral problems during adolescence because they're distressed by something without realizing what it is.

However, a deep trauma can also cause body dysmorphia, such as being molested at a young age which shifts the blame to an individual's gender. But that is more related to PTSD than transgenderism.

No. 68123

>However, a deep trauma can also cause body dysmorphia, such as being molested at a young age which shifts the blame to an individual's gender. But that is more related to PTSD than transgenderism.

This is exactly why long term therapy with a gender specialist is key to transitioning. If someone transitions who isn't trans but thinks they are because of some other unresolved issue, it can seriously fuck their life up.

No. 68127

Her voice is higher than mine and I'm a cis girl, so yeah she trains her voice. She also acts and dresses female, but like, not very steryotipical??
I'm a fashion major, we all dress as freaks.
So do you think Haku/Mikhail/wtvr the female name was has bdd? Cause there's clearly a problem.

No. 68128


I feel like Haku probably has something like this rather than actually being trans.

No. 68178

I can understand wanting to look like a waify twink, actually, because I believe that gender dysphoria can revolve mostly around your body rather than your whole "gender" presentation necessarily–kind of like how there are men who like feminine things and women who like masculine things. But it's just not something realistic for a trans person–everything revolves around passing whether you want it to or not. In the same way cis men that present as very feminine have to deal with a lot of bullshit (and a lot of "she" "her" "that thing" "tranny") you are going to as a trans man only tenfold. Unlike tumblr, in the real world you don't have teenage girls stomping their feet and shrieking at anyone who ~misgenders you~. They are going to make fun of you. That is what happens. You have to live it. You can't cry into a keyboard your whole life and expect progress.

No. 68181

um no offense but being trans comes from gender dysphoria so. yeah

No. 68237

being trans is from body dysphoria, not dysmoprhia. dysphoria is a general depression and disgust because you realise something isn't right biologically with your sex/gender. dysmorphia is just an obsession basically with the size (i think? i could be wrong) or how a part of your body is. dysphoria is a lot deeper, and serious, the only thing that relieves it is transition.

No. 68269

Dysmorphia is arguably more serious because it's a delusional disorder and completely alters your perception. Dysphoria also typically accompanies the dysmorphia.

No. 68274

No. Pretty sure out of anyone haku knows, Von is actually legit.

No. 68277

A lot of transwomen/men get top surgery, but not bottom. Like >>68119 says, it's mainly due to our medical technology not being the best when making a penis or vagina. that part is still scary for a lot of trans people because botched stuff has happened.

No. 68323

cains legit too. he goes to my uni and he presents very masculinely offline. I think he may be on hormones because his voice is really deep, or he was born a guy I don't know. phenrirr also isn't trans she identifies as a girl on and offline. As for the rest of them, probably fakebois.

No. 68342

ummmm i hope this isn't v0nvamp

cus I've heard cain's voice and it…isn't masculine? Also they identify as agender not male. And they present masculine via short hair and contour, and their body is extremely female/shooped to high hell in the thighs.

No. 68345

yeah, cain is the only one that actually looks masculine. he has a strong jaw line. but is cain his real name? otherwise he wins the award for the most pretentious name of them all.

No. 68346

I saw a video of her petting a cat and she was short, stout, sounded feminine, had a regular face shape–the whole glass-cutting cheekbones thing is angles and lots of contour. she looks masculine in her selfies due to angles, filters, editing, and makeup. otherwise she looks different.

No. 68348

No. 68349

Whoa Cain is considered girly? They seem pretty damn manly to me. If you consider them girly/feminine I would like to see what you define as manly. Haha maybe the hulk with a full on beard ha! I did nit pick with the other fake boys, but Cain really seems legit and I wouldn't be surprised if they were born male.

No. 68350

who comes "out of the shower" with fucking eyeliner on….

No. 68351

yeah she doesn't do a bad job. i first started noticing her shoddy editing job on her thighs (because it's really obvious) and i saw a couple videos of her with phenrirr that em tagged her in i think (?) where she looked and sounded like a teenage girl. and somewhere in her self tag or w/e at one point she had a video of her petting a cat outside, might still be there, but she's like an entirely different person.

No. 68355

I would have thought the same thing with only selfies. But like I said–watch her in movement. She's just a short girl lol. I was actually shocked. The difference is shocking.

No. 68361

but why do they do this? I would be terriyfied of meeting people IRL if I'd photoshopped my pictures that much. It's a farce.

No. 68376

No. 68382

That's because those videos and images were before he transitioned probably. Cain is legitimately trans I don't know what the fuck you guys are on about :/

No. 68385

you're full of shit but okay boo boo

No. 68387

Do you just call everyone on the internet she by default? Even when talking about guys?

No. 68388

I actually met him at a con he was really nice I don't thin he's a bad person at all really

No. 68390

I just said I go to school with the guy dumbass

No. 68391

Von and Cain are cool people can we go back to tearing at haku he's the one that actually cares about this thread

No. 68394

However THEIR (to humor your tumblr mentality) bio says THEY are agender. Are they out as trans?

No. 68395

Haku's nice too.
I can talk about Cain's shitty photoshopping and failure to look like their photographs all I want btw. Who was talking about von????

No. 68396

LMAO wanna bet you're Cain?

No. 68397

does haku have an Ed??? Was that ever confirmed

No. 68401

I haven't seen Cain even mention this thread I don't think he even knows about it

No. 68402

Ok Cain

No. 68404

at least cain doesn't have an ed and bitch and moan about his problems all the time

No. 68405

Ok Cain

No. 68407

I think it might be an ED brought about by gender dysphoria. The fear of having a body shape that threatens the very tiny thread of sanity you are desperately clinging to is probably the best and worst diet there is.

No. 68409

So like a really strict diet…? has he ever said he likes any type of food?

No. 68413

Well I've picked up on certain things that Haku has mentioned in the past that were very vague but definitely appeared to allude at having severe dysphoria.

(+++personal tl;dr here no1curr warning+++) But I think I've picked up on those things from my own behaviors. I'm not really one to talk about my ~gender identity issues~ but I was always extremely effeminate as a boy and had an intense discomfort with gaining weight as a result of having a more "masculine" build. So I guess you could say I've always had a really, really bad ED and superhuman self discipline but only because of dysphoria. It makes you terrified of your own body and the unknown of what more weight could make you appear. The same can happen with any trans person because of various factors revolving around genetic predispositions and weight distribution. I highly doubt you'd ever get one of us to explain in depth why we do this because it revolves more around…specifics..of our shape rather than food per se.

No. 68414

jesus christ im willing to bet it's the same anon over and over asking about Haku's diet. Give it up, it's weird.

No. 68416

Probably a desperate pro ana

No. 68417

*or a russian

No. 68424

All though haku does not ever specifically say what food he likes, I've seen photos where he is eating crepes or cakes/desserts. Never any savory food

No. 68426

that's most likely the case.

(another no1curr warning - ) I'm trans and I've had anorexia-subtype EDNOS since I was fourteen (early 20s now), because my body type is prone to storing fat around my face, lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. I always thought I'd rather be rail thin than have a body that suggests a feminine silhouette. I know men can have fat in these areas too, but combined with my genetics any extra fat would almost certainly send my passing rate plummeting to the negatives. this mentality persists even now that I've had top surgery, since I'm not on hormones which would otherwise make my figure more "masculine." right now I might be significantly underweight but I also pass as male far more and I like having a more straight-up-and-down shape. my period has also stopped. and it's nice being able to feel like you have control over your body despite having no control over your birth sex. but god is it unhealthy and a struggle every damn day.

anyway, yeah, I can confirm that E.D. and gender dysphoria are often a package deal. I'm as tired of some of Haku's shit as the next person on here but I kind of have to sympathize with him on this one.

No. 68428

doesn't Lyzzi have an ed too?

No. 68435


No person that spends their entire time taking selfies and calls themselves "Cain" is "cool". He might be nice but he’s also vain as fuck. I don’t get how people can be so obsessed with themselves that they have 1000 selfies on their blog. I mean, if you are into photography go and take pictures of your friends, the landscape or what ever. But photographing solely your own stupid face all the time? bwah. Same goes for Haku… back to topic I guess.

No. 68441

haku takes sooooo many selfies it's fucking ridiculous!! like three posts on instagram a damn slow down

No. 68443

That doesn't bother me. What bothers me about Haku is the fake ethnicity thing lol that's about it.
Cain bothers me just for the fact that they edit themselves into a different person.

No. 68444

cain has a vine account where he have posted a few vines where you can see his face and hear him talk

No. 68448

No offense but anyone can look or sound a certain way in 7 second videos in controlled environments with the brightness X100. Kooter is proof of this. Dunno why you're a Cain stan but I definitely trust all the candids I've seen+the proof of Cain and Em's shitty shoop skills more than a vine accnt.

No. 68453

But this whole selfie thing really gets to me. It's not something, that makes Haku or Cain stand out, it's a general problem among Tumblr and Instagram kids. Maybe that because I'm older…
I know people who have legitimate dysmorphia. They won't post a single picture of themselves because they hate their body so much. I had very low self esteem as a teenager and I had online friends whom I've know for years and I didn't show them a single photograph of me because I was so ashamed. And then there are those fake bois who claim to have mental disorders, dysmorphia and what not and who plaster their blog with pictures of their pretty faces.
sorry for that essay : /

No. 68455

actually wanted to respond to this and say that you're right about the ethnicity thing. it's worse.

No. 68458

You guys should check out tumblr user m1kahel, she says she has an ed and dysphoria but every picture is her in a bathing suit or some kinda underwear. She's even posted censored nudes and she's only 16. It's disgusting , coming from someone who actually has dysphoria this special snowflake pity party attracts all kind of weird fucks. thing is no one questions her reasoning it's such bullshit

No. 68461

wtf is this shit?

No. 68464

Probably. She's a stick. Not saying people don't have stick bodies naturally, but she seems to be in the ED squad with haku. Always cosplaying boys and such, you get scared of having hips and tits to make you curvy.

No. 68465

I'm envious. Saw those pics too. How do you eat crepes and other pastries and stay so little? oh well… Guess maybe it's his genetics after all.

No. 68467

if you don't eat much else it's pretty easy. I've done it as well. It's mostly calories in, calories out. WHAT you eat only matters if you want a lean body.

No. 68470

eh I mean muscular, not lean. not a native speaker, sorry.

No. 68472

I see. I just thought laying around doing nothing makes you soft. Some pics her arms arent soft looking and even a bit toned.

No. 68479

>>68472 If you look toned when you're skinny is indeed genetics because it's genetically determined how much muscular mass your body has without training ( there are even specific types: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm)

No. 68480

so does everyone in haku's 'squad' have an ED? then they all must have unhealthy relationships with each other, right?

No. 68481

Y do white girls find these body types attractive?idgi

No. 68484

super thin? because it's non-threatening. child-like. they don't want to grow up.

No. 68488

But the irony is when they try to be this thin they actually look closer to an 80 year old than a child

No. 68490

Why are you bringing race into this? A lot of people find these body types attractive.

No. 68491

Thanks for the info

I dunno because maybe people are attracted to different things? just maybe.

No. 68493

The way they've all grouped together is unhealthy yes, this way they can avoid people questioning their diet and such, and avoid recovery also.

No. 68497

I dont think they all do, but I want to guess at least 4 of them do. At least most have body dysmorphia. ED just comes with the obsession not to have feminine curves when you're trying to be trans.

No. 68502

in the weeb-scene you HAVE to have some disorder anyway to be cool. I've lost a friend to these kind of people and within a year she developed an ED, self-harm, suicide, depression and suddenly didn't get along with her parents anymore.


nope. dysmorphia and showcasing your body on the internet doesn't go together. it's all fake. i mean maybe they fake it so long until they really are sick but for that I don't have any pity at all.

No. 68527

which of them have an ED?

No. 68581

>anyway, yeah, I can confirm that E.D. and gender dysphoria are often a package deal.

(citation needed)

If this were true we would have a lot more underweight trannies, where most of them are normal or sometimes even overweight.

No. 68582


People who hate heir bodies don't post them online for attention in such a casual way. Haku&co aren't "trans" because they have vody dysmorphia, that is a completely unrelated disorder. Transpeople have gender dysphoria, thfeling eof being in the wrong body, this is literally the one thing that makes them trans. Dysmorphia happens when a person fixates on a small, barely noticable feature, imperfection, measurement, whatever to the point where it causes them psychological turmoil. Even so, body dysmorphia =/= gender dysphoria, not even close.

And to the anon trying to imply you can be trans if you have body dysmorphia instead of gender dysphoria, no, that's ot how it works. If your problem with your body isn't gender based then you aren't ransgender.

It's getting really irritating how loose you guys ITT are getting with clearly defined and categorized disorders, swapping them about as though they were interchangable. Read the DSM before you start dropping disorders and saying what counts as this or that. This isn't Tumblr where actual science doesn't apply because feelings.

No. 68584


Wow, sorry for all the typos. Shitty, glitchy, laggy tablet fucking hates me.

No. 68598

File: 1427322155595.jpg (26.78 KB, 480x474, IMG_20150111_153324.jpg)

>ur only tru trans if u hate yourself, want to be a fat sweaty neckbeard and NEVER post selfies! Also… I'm the most trans here pls secretly pity me too lolcowchans? pity pls???? :(

Man this thread is top KEK m8
it ain't even bout mx haku anymore is it

No. 68603

Okay I am just butting in to say that you don't necessarily have to have SRS to be considered fully trans.
A lot of people don't go through the surgery because of the possible complications that may derive from it, so yeah.

No. 68606

I will agree i hate the stereotype that you have to an extreme hairy bear type man to be considered trans. If someone wants to be a twink, let them.

No. 68613

well, maybe "often" isn't necessarily the right word, but it definitely is a phenomenon present among trans people. you could probably find quite a few medical studies and papers on Google related to the correlation between gender dysphoria and eating disorders.

No. 68621

We already established that, slowpoke.

Hi Haku. Sorry you get so mad over people telling you you can't be speshul just because you love homoerotic cartoons too much.

>if someone wants to be a twink, let them.

Try that logic on a gender therapist, I dare you.

No. 68622

If a girl wants to be a twinky gay boy it is only because they want all the cutesy girly priviledges of being a girl at the attention frOm guys, but without having to actually be a yucky, stupid, slutty, ditzy, bitchy real girl.

They don't want to be boys. They just don't want to be like other girls.

No. 68643

I think it's a character from Adekan, the series seems to draw the attention of a few cosplayers with eds

No. 68657

hey how about everyone admits that the concept of "gender" as something separate from sex is a terrible concept and people should stop treating people differently based on the genitals they have (or want to have) outside of sexual contexts

No. 68661

I think most anti-tumblr people around here acknowledge sex and gender are different. The problem is teenagers claiming to be a different gender solely because it's trendy or because they want to feel special. It's the 2015 version of teen werewolves. They're ruining it for the actual transgendered people with actual gender dysphoria.

No. 68671

i think that you may be misunderstanding me. "sex", as in the dimorphic traits attributed to egg producers and sperm producers as a result of chromosomes and prenatal and postnatal hormone exposure, is a thing that exits. "gender", which is either the social significance attributed to that sexual dimorphism or some sort of innate preference for desiring a female/male body while coincidentally preferring to behave in a way stereotypical for males or females, exists as a cultural construct but really shouldn't. in the case of those with sexual dysphoria, they should be evaluated along the lines of any patient with a dysmorphic disorder with an added focus on sexual/gender-enforcement trauma, instead of just told that the only thing to do is irreversibly change their body and assimilate them into society as the opposite sex.

No. 68672

Yeah I misread your post, sorry. I agree with you.

No. 68676

Alright please school me. What separates the two? Because it's something I don't think/struggle with: I have a pussy, I know I'm a girl, I like cock but I think guys are morons, I'm not feminine, I dont feel feminine, I feel like a "tomboy" but maybe I'm too ok for that label….

So I what I'm asking is, where does gender play in all of this? I'm not uncomfortable being called a she—so? (Man this thread is eye opening to say the least)

No. 68678

no problem! if you're interested in more diverse perspectives on transsexuality treatment, i highly reccomend http://thirdwaytrans.com . for a more direct focus on transsexuality in females, detransitioned ftm bloggers like redressalert, crashchaoscats and twentythreetimes have a lot of interesting things to say.

No. 68687

basically, i'm coming at this from a "radical" (kind of a trickily label because i don't agree with the central tenets of "radical feminism", with which this line of thought is usually associated) perspective, as opposed to the "liberal" perspective more commonly seen in mainstream lgbt activism. i'll outline the latter first in order to compare it to the radical approach.

liberals believe that sex and gender are different in that sex is a result of natural physical dimorphism between males and females, and gender is the personal/social identity that people adopt in response to feelings about their body and social role. there is an assumption that "male brains" and "female brains" exist and a mismatch between brain and body is responsible for the development of transsexuality. "male brains" are hardcoded not only for feeling comfortable in male bodies but behaving in stereotypically masculine ways and having masculine interests, and the same for "female brains". this allows people to assert that because there two different kinds of sexed brains, treating people based on their genitals is a reasonable thing to do.

radicals believe that whether or not a "sexed brain" exists is irrelevant, because 1) cultural gender roles are so diverse that it's hard to tell what behavior and interests is naturally derived from being female/male and which is socially conditioned 2) upbringing and human life experience in general influences humans to the point where it's hard to tell what is naturally ingrained and what is socially conditioned 3) there are enough people that deviate from ideal femininity/masculinity to keep enforcing these divisions as pointless. they believe that people should just live their lives without being constantly classified by their sex and expectations based on it

No. 68694

this was a bit long winded, so basically;

the conservative sees a little boy playing with dolls. she says "hey, boys shouldn't be doing that! he needs to change his mind to match his body!"

the liberal sees the same boy and says "no, you bigot, obviously this child is a little girl on the inside! he needs to change his body to match his mind!"

the radical sees the child and says "the kid's fine, it's the expectations you people place on him that're a mess."

No. 68700

Thanks anons. I think I'm closer to understanding….?

No. 68705

if you want to dig deeper, the stuff mentioned in >>68678 is good, along with john stoltenberg's "refusing to be a man" if you're interested in how this philosophy applies to males.

otherwise; there's nothing wrong with being a female that doesn't behave in the ways expected of females. you do you, sister.

No. 68714

sorry but i dont understand how someone can develop psychological issues just to fit in ??? like she must already be predisposed - people dont just 'get' an ED.

No. 68764

>We already established that, slowpoke.
Chill goddamn.

No. 68788

wtf are you blind cain no way looks masculine without 10 filters

No. 68809

Haku's rant on his blog tho

No. 68813

Yeah, EDs and mental issues develop over time. No idea with haku since it's a very individual basis.

Oh? which blog? tumblr?

No. 68814

I just went through Cain's tumblr and without the angles, make up and filters they look VERY female. One video they were dancing against a wall and their hips are bigger. They edit them small or wear oversized shirts. They still got a nice androgynous face, but still very female body, esp the bottom part. I wouldn't mind if they weren't trans since Cain is my type of woman. Too bad though

No. 68816

Yup. He made a really long post about being trans and etc. He only started transitioning recently because he was going through a LOT of therapy and all. He seems to be wayyyyy more mature than when I started following him 4~5 years ago

No. 68824

Just read it. It's really genuine. I wish haku the best in his transitioning.

No. 68825

I've only known haku for 3 years now and yeah, he definitely seems to have matured a lot. I hope his life gets a little better now that he's more honest and less dodgy about questions in regards to his sex/gender.

No. 68829

Yeah me too, I'm deadly curious to see how the hormonal therapy is going to change his facial structure and body in general.
Also, can you all imagine Haku with a stubble?

No. 68831

That's kinda hot. not gonna lie

No. 68856

Now everyone's pro-haku kek

No. 68860

And isn't it interesting how they all tpe like Haku? top kek
That poor girl can't do anything wihout Tumblr can she? She really needs a therapist.

No. 68863

"ermagehd kek they all type liek haku amirite kekekekekekek"
Dude, I just write as properly as I can, not being a native speaker.

No. 68864


Because it's probably Haku & Co. posting.

No. 68871

Naah, son, I'm just a very dedicated stalker from latin america. Did Haku coming clean and all made you so angry that you couldn't nitpick anymore? lol

No. 68873

idg why every time someone says something nice about Haku, people jump to the conclusion that it's them self posting. I mean in Dakota and Taylor's threads there are people who like them/find them cute or whatever but don't get hounded for doing so. Haku is a relatively attractive individual who seems nice. I'm not one of the anons who think Haku shouldn't have a thread considering a lot of stuff they've done in the past and now (ie. their 1328532 live tweets about this very thread) along with the stories and info about their ragtag crew of anorexic goth transexual vampires, but I can also comfortably say that they're not Kiki or Onision levels of awful or crazy so I don't see why it's so hard to accept that people may like Haku for whatever reason
inb4 someone claims that I too am totally Haku or one of their friends selfposting

No. 68874

But I think that's kinda sad. Why should anyone be forced to answer those questions about themselves to total strangers?

No. 68875

During the whole time I was reading that post, I thought "man, he doesn't owe people shit, he doesn't have to explain himself online wtf"
But at the same time, I was really delighted to have my curiosity finally meeting it's closure.

No. 68876

" ragtag crew of anorexic goth transexual vampires "

This just made my day

No. 68877

I get the feeling that this is the same person being like "no!!! >:c I dislike her so evryun!!! has to disslike her toooooo!!"
It's just childish tbh.

No. 68883


People forget they're on fucking lolcow.

"Awww, she came clean? She got me feelin' emosshuunns now"

Just stay on tumblr jfc

No. 68884


Two different anons, retard

No. 68885


It's obviously not because I'm the one that posted >>68864

>b'aaaaaaaw I like somebody so the person that dislikes said person must all be one person!

No. 68886

This isn't even… Making any fucking sense anymore.
There's more than one person who still dislikes Haku and there's more than one person who now (or idk, has always) liked Haku or at least felt sympathy for him.
Jeeeez y'all sound like preschoolers

No. 68887

Correct. This is lolcow, not 8chan. Fuck off over there then.

No. 68888

Nobody forced Haku to put all her shit on blast on Tumblr, pretending to be a half Japanese boy and now a Russian FTM. Some people just need to step away from the internet.

No. 68889

ANYWAYS, does anyone know when exactly Haku started their e-presence? Were they ever part of the insane visual kei community on LJ or something? I remember reading a tweet by Haku about regretting being part of that scene, wonder what happened there

No. 68891

I found his tumblr in 2010 through a pro-ana account I was repporting. Saw his picture, went to his blog, followed him ever since.
Now I really want to know about Haku and LJ

No. 68892

I was just wondering this, Haku has had Tumblr since the site began, but what about before that?

No. 68894

He's been cosplaying since he was 13, that we know for sure. Where do you think he used to post those cosplays, though?

No. 68899

Deviantart or LJ would be the obvious guesses.

No. 68901

Yeah but has anyone actually stalked them this heavily?

No. 68906

When someone is as popular as Haku it doesn't require much effort to keep up with them since they treat their blogs like a combination hugbox/diary.

No. 68946

No. 68947

Um I'm not pro nor anti haku and I think you probs just need to get your head out of your ass 4chan san kek kek kek kek kek kek kek

No. 68963

No one forced her to come clean and admit she isn't really a Japanese fairy-boy. She just immediately caved to the pressure to 'put herself out there.' The funny thing is that none of us give a shit about these parts of herself, we're just shitting on anything we can find because we can. But she broke down as soon as she saw us posting here, like by snivelling and writing out apologetic textwalls everyone will be nice to her now!

Considering she likes NGE so much, I bet she's one of those people that horribly misinterprets Shinji Ikari's character.

No. 68965

>Considering she likes NGE so much, I bet she's one of those people that horribly misinterprets Shinji Ikari's character.
What do you mean?

No. 69165


Sounds like your butthole's burnin' with rage lol

No. 69173

File: 1427394999349.png (354.33 KB, 550x550, Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.32…)

Damn, she looks like shit

No. 69174


She looks like she hasn't slept in 90 years.

No. 69182

Nope. From Virginia. I think we realized haku isn't a lolcow like they used to he.

No. 69183

Used to be^

No. 69186

Caking her face with pounds of makeup every day is aging her really fast. Just look at her skin around her mouth area. Not even counting the herpes, it's covered in ridges. Her hair is also waaaay greasier than I thought it would be looking at the carefully-posed pictures she posts on Tumblr.

Her neck and chest look really weird here too, where the fuck are her collarbones? It's like her face is just sinking into her body.

No. 69187

He's doing graduation and thesis shit. Probably mega stressed.

No. 69245

lmfao is that a cold sore

No. 69289

that's interesting, I didn't know there was a difference between dysmorphia and dysphoria.My native language doesn't have literal translations for these terms. however you could be less judgemental and explain this without implying that we don't want to learn or this muh science bullshit.

so Haku doesn't say negative things about their body and is self-confident?
because if not, that's what annoys me - people who pretend to hate themselves but spam the internet with their body + face.

No. 69291

I think they actually do dislike themselves.

No. 69293

and how come there are like one million selfies on their blog? I'm trying to give them the benefit of doubt. Lets assume they do dislike themselves. What makes them put a photograph of themselves online for the world to see? Why aren't they afraid people will mock and judge them?

No. 69294

Could it be that with every photo they post they recieve thousands of compliments as well? That kind of thing tends to make you feel good about yourself, when you hate yourself you want to do all you can to feel good about yourself.

No. 69296


yeah I get that part. But at some point they were a tumblr nobody and they must have had the confidence to keep going and post pictures of themselves that didn't get much attention until people started to notice them. And I don't get how you get trough this part without self-confidence.

No. 69298

Maybe they were alright before, or more so that they could post photos, started receiving compliments and felt the more need for validation? I don't know it can happen sometimes, it gets to your head and you feel the need to impress which can end up with you feeling not good enough. And I think someone said before that they will do whatever is most appealing to everyone else (or something like that)

No. 69425

Look at the way haku reacted to this thread. For almost a week all they did was apologize profusely on twitter and tumblr. They made a huge public post about details in their life they never wanted to share because they wanted people to like them. I think haku is very insecure, but maybe this thread actually did help him a bit? I dunno

He seemed to have obvious self esteem issues. wearing make up every single day and using lots of filters for photos. Also creating a persona for themselves as a young teen to try to fit in with whatever image they couldn't achieve. I hope haku does get better through therapy or some other method.

No. 69657

I'm sorry I just can't believe how "mega stressed" they can be over thesis when they aren't even doing most of the hard work themselves and begging friends to sew it all for them.

No. 69664


I mean they changed their name AGAIN so their aesthetic is literally the romanticization of another ethnicity and culture and to hide being just "white and American" so I'd say Haku is still a lolcow. I don't even care about the trans thing like whatever good for you but Haku is still a joke due to this need to hide behind an exaggerated ethnicity and also how they latch onto fictional anime characters in order to give themselves a personality and define who they are dating.

No. 69673

Lots of people see Shinji as a poor little victim of a neglectful father and a careless guardian who everyone hates for no reason. The reality of it is, he's a massive pussy coward who shuts people out and runs away from conflict because he's scared.

Actual Shinji quotes:
>But you're not me! You don't know what I have to go through! You don't understand!
>Nobody wants me, so they can all just die.
>It would be better if I never existed. I should just die too.
>What's wrong with running away from relity if it sucks?!

No. 69743

o totez u sure got me 4chan san kek kek kek kek 2edgy4me

No. 69746

I'm pretty at least one of Haku's ~super kawaii speshul~ internet friends have been making really negative posts about them here to take any and all attention off of themselves. I wonder if Haku realizes this because lol

No. 69753

yeah. their about: "What is your racial background?" Who even asks that? As an actual polish person with russian background I don't know if I should be offended by this : D What is „slavic countries" even supposed to mean? My father would punch them in the face for using this supranational umbrella term. Poles, Czechs Ukrainians etc. are super proud of NOT being Russian (their long-term oppressors). Slavic is the term used by Russia trying to control all these regions. Pan-Slavism etc. …
I love Dostojevski and Russian culture but there’s nothing romantic about the a country that created Stalinism.

No. 69755

same anon. also: in Europe "slavic" isn't even considered a race (except maybe by Hitler r : D). It just means being as white as the average white amrican.

No. 69763

yeah "slavic" is just super pretentious slang for cracker

No. 69784

Cracker originated from 'the one who cracks the whip at a slave plantation' so I don't see how it's offensive.

Why are americans so offended at being called a cracker? They're literally reminding you that your people used to whip their hide, nothing shameful about that, unless you're a liberal.

No. 69788

How old is haku? maybe this weeb phase will pass? a lot of people go through it at some point

No. 69798

If you have a problem with Shinji, you actually hate yourself. It's literally that simple. People force him into shit he doesn't even understand and expect him to be some kind of Guts-tier hero, but he's literally a preteen with mental issues and no parental guidance whatsoever (and no, a low-key drunkard pedophile with issues of her own does not count). Fuck, he STILL gets in the robot and saves everyone despite his own fears. He does a lot better than you or I would in that sort of situation.
>dem quotes
He's 14, what the fuck do you expect? Asuka is much worse in attitude, but everyone fucking loves her for some reason.
>It would be better if I never existed. I should just die too.
I hope you realize you are literally shitting on him for having suicidal thoughts.
I know this isn't an Eva thread, but I'm a huge Shinji whiteknight and I'm not sorry

No. 69837

Got any deets, anon?

No. 69847


Slave owners in antebellum USA (whip "crackers") were usually Anglo Saxon as fuck and not Slavic? "Slavic" also isn't slang, it's a legitimate ethnic term for people from a certain region in eastern/Central Europe and some parts of Asia…

No. 69862


whoa who are they asking to sew for them?

No. 69864


I believe Haku is 22-23?

No. 69869

lmao you can remove the stick out of your ass and realize I was making a joke about how every white person who has never been out of their english-speaking country talk about being "nordic" or "slavic"

No. 69870

I do, but I'm not sure if I want to bring this to their attention privately or just post all the Dramu here yet. Be the devil's advocate or play nice for like once in my life lol. For now, I can just say that Haku doesn't even realize that one of the people they communicate with the most on social media is a giant fucking twat but it's not like that's a surprise.

No. 69871

damn, they sure act childish for someone that's 23

No. 69872


No. 69874

Damn, is it anyone who was already posted in the picture of his crew or whatever? I know an earlier anon claimed someone named Ash was also a likely suspect on the thread too.

No. 69876

One of haku's friends is definitely here. Wonder which?

No. 69877

Cain's up in here cracking their knuckles and refreshing this thread every time they get the chance while pretending they have nfi what this is so they can comment under the radar+simultaneously not draw attention to the fact that they're a photoshopped fabricated mess

No. 69879

what is a "legitimate ethnic term". haku claimed it's a „raceal background“. also: it's not legitimate, it's a term made up by russian nationalist to push their idea of "pan-slavism". the only case in which its use is „legitimate" is when you refer to slavic languages. but calling people slavic is like calling people "roman" or "germanic" and claiming Brits and Germans are basically one big tribe. Using such terms for western Europe would be out-dated but when it comes to Central and Eastern Europe its suddenly ok because, you know, they drag behind in history anyway so we can use outdated terms to describe them. sorry for the rant. my grammar is probably awful.

No. 69883

Cain is monitoring this thread? Woo boy

No. 69899

Who keeps linking haku to this thread??

No. 69900

From what I've heard it's probably Lyzzi (hiwamu).

No. 69902

I bet you're right.

No. 69904

why shouldn't they be able to find it themselves? it's not like this is some secret place.

No. 69914

They stated on tumblr or Twitter that they wanted to move away from the thread here and move on with their lives. They even stopped mentioning it. Someone from their Facebook is stirring the pot.

No. 70247

File: 1427524206973.jpg (192.58 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_mg1qobwaRp1qzt48xo1_128…)

does anyone know if shmegeh and haku ever dated they were pretty close for a while

No. 70257

Lol no

Lol yes

No. 70272

what does cain look like irl there has to be a pic somewhere

No. 70273

I fucking hate Asuka. Ever notice how everyone who loves that character are fucking dumbasses or pieces of shit with no taste?

No. 70335

Monitoring this thread+making extra vague passive-aggressive twitter posts about it while twiddling their thumbs and pretending they don't have a clue so most people will still think they look like their selfies

No. 70349

No. 70360

No. 70362

Take this OT shit to b and make an Eva thread there. No one cares about your opinions on anime characters.

No. 70380


>if you have a problem with Shinji, you actually hate yourself.

lol Shinji is a pussy ass bitch what the fuck is this armchair psychology bullshit?


Fucking kek

No. 70381

>Fucking kek
Wow, great rebuttal. You sure proved that idea wrong.
Spoiler: you're a pussy ass bitch, like most other people living on planet earth, and it makes you upset when you're reminded of that in your chinese cartoons

No. 70389


Nigger just because you trudge through life laden with overbearing insecurity and a latent, repressed messiah complex doesn't mean we all do.

My life is boss because I'm amazing and I choose to make it this way. Take control of your own destiny you pleb.

No. 70395

>falling into delusion this hard
Asuka pls

No. 70404




No. 70408


If this is your attempt at appearing deep and of possessing great intellect you've served only to look pretentious, arrogant and self-serving.

You're not fucking Shinji. Stop comparing your life to a fictional anime you sad fuck.

No. 70415

Take this OT SHIT to b!

No. 70416

>muh life is terrible because I'm Shinji


No. 70420

>literal samefag can't accept that she's actually a neurotic pussy bitch and cries about it, denying it left and right and claiming everyone else thinks they're Shinji

No. 70426


Well it can't be samefag because I'm only >>70416 but I don't even remember the last time I cried.

Maybe you are just over emotional?

No. 70449

Both posters have been temporarily banned from /pt/. Please keep off-topic arguments in /b/.

No. 70452


no they were just close friends they didnt date but theyre not friends any longer

No. 70460

I wonder how long Michelle stayed with haku? His room is incredibly small and he sleeps on a futon on the floor.

No. 70476

I think she visited for like a week or two when they were still friends?

No. 70489

mustve smelled bad tbh
michelle says she shows 2-3x/week max and haku has had hate mail from classmates, regarding his smell

No. 70490

>haku has had hate mail from classmates, regarding his smell
hahahha oh my god
please source this, that's absolutely hilarious
wonder how she fits that in with her ~qt gay fakeboi waif~ image?

No. 70497


i wonder if it's because of her chainsmoking tho? or maybe she barely showers bc water $0 expen$ive

No. 70508

Spill the drama. Maybe he needs a wake up call about who his friends are

No. 70510


No. 70558

File: 1427585970028.png (557.99 KB, 680x681, tumblr_mlfs2iRrBo1qzt48xo1_128…)

jesus chirst does haku just smear bird shit on his face to make it ~pasty white~

No. 70572

I agree with >>70508
haku needs to know who is backstabbing him.

No. 70573

Holyshit anon. I love you. I had no idea.

No. 70578


shironuri dessssss =^__^===

No. 70586

I'm more disturbed by his stick arms.

No. 70834

so far we have takohai and hiwamu listed as people who've backstabbed haku, christ how many more people are there?

No. 70909

I'm pretty sure it just comes with the territory of making your ~internet squad~ a group of delusional people that spend all their time on tumblr photoshopping their selfies to try to look like cis men/asian/both. You can't expect people like that to actually care about you if they believe you're some kawaii hafuu boy but then find out IRL things about you that destroy their image of you. They'll gladly throw Haku under the bus if they can do so behind anon and if it takes the attention off of themselves being shitty.

No. 71050

Wonder what would happen if the whole little group started to turn against each other and tearing each other apart

No. 71068

Yep. There's an even bigger lolcow here throwing Haku under the bus trying to take attention off themselves. Two-faced (of course), and this person isn't expecting to get called out either. This is someone who would have a much more vicious thread here and knows it which is why they're so desperate to take attention away from themself, it's kind of funny.
I'll sit back and wait to see if there's any squirming, I kind of want to spill the beans but also kind of want to watch them get antsy over it. This person has revealed who they are in multiple ways already to anyone who knows them and they haven't been brought up once here which is also telling. Not time to do it yet but it's going to be a fucking a huge shit show if/when it does happen lol, they better watch their fucking step.
I’m not sure how close this person is to Haku but if Haku really wants to “become a better person” then they’ve got to seriously watch who they're calling their friends.

No. 71077


Oh boy you need to reveal this at sine point.
Please say you will oh please.

No. 71086

pls anon
at least give a hint

No. 71087

anon, anon PLEASE
give us at least like. part of a hint

No. 71094

You should have made this like a blind item and scattered subliminal hints throughout without being totally overt. I wonder if "they haven't been brought up once here" means that they're not in the group picture and thus haven't been mentioned at all or that they haven't been mentioned to the extent of someone like Cain for example

No. 71109

Nope, they aren't in the picture at all, nor have they been mentioned. The person in question takes the ugliest selfies lol can't believe they aren't on there but they're "friends" or ex-friends with a few people mentioned here or shown in the photo collage.

No. 71112

pls anon hint pls

No. 71132

Could you be talking about rnjay?

No. 71154

I feel like this is most likely. Other people that are in/were Haku's circle and haven't been mentioned yet:

…but none of these people seem to fit the rest of that posts description as well as rnyjay, especially the ugly selfies part lmao

No. 71159

come on anon I've been crying and squirming for hours you sadist little shit. Deets or gtfo. At least a decent hint?

No. 71160


How exactly do you know this person is posting here, or do you just suspect?

No. 71164

I suspect berskur has been in this thread defending Haku. Someone earlier types exactly like her.

Then again, I suppose they all type like they're in the midst of an epileptic seizure.

No. 71166


This. No point in saying you got the deets if you won't give them.

No. 71173

Rnyjay sounds exactly like the description given, in fact that's who a lot of us are thinking. He's got a lot of baggage and shit he's talked about to me and others about haku. Pretty much all the same criticisms that were brought up in this thread earlier are things he's shit talked to others beforehand. It's so obviously him and his partner taryn. Could you guys not tell? The signs are all there. Coddling Marisa, mentioning hakus bandwagon shit, how hakus a fakeboi, most importantly he hasn't been brought up or mentioned at all and he's had countless selfies with haku. Honestly could you be any worse as masking your identity. All of this stuff he's talked about with me or mutual friends of ours has been brought up here at the same time he's active on other social media.

That's just my two cents. Carry on.

No. 71192

Speaking of all the stuff that got brought up here about Haku that Rnyjay WASN'T called out on until now: Rnyjay also can't seem to settle on one fucking name. He does NOT live in NYC but he writes that he does probably to sound cool and with the "in crowd" of the tumblr and instagram famous people. His entire life is the internet. Look at all his share for shares on instagram.
And this is all just stuff observable from what he puts out there to the public. I've heard through the grapevine though that he constantly shit talks Haku behind his back while feigning being his friend on Twitter. I actually don't think Haku cares that much for him. Maybe that's why he's so butthurt.

No. 71194

Looks like the details revealed themselves, apparently Rnyjay pissed off a lot of people. No need for me to say anything else.

No. 71197

They also seem close to takohai irl (at least from what I can tell from instagram posts), who we've confirmed is as sketchy as hiwamu

No. 71202

My point exactly. He shit talks haku and then pretends that they're friends for the public for the status of it. He's a classic example of someone with nothing trying to be something. We know he's going to see these thread since he started it. Buddy, get a fucking life and leave haku the fuck alone you nobody and move on with your shit life. Stop clinging to a city and a friend group that doesn't want anything to do with you.

No. 71207

So you were the one hinting toward rnyjay and they were revealed anyway? Lol thanks man I'm knew I wasn't the only one who saw the clear as day signals

No. 71211

Rnyjay says he doesn't accept his gfs gender as agender because it's trans erasure. Meanwhile he says that haku isn't really trans yet hakus actually on hormones and rnyjay won't actually get around to going through the necessary steps of transitioning. he's the real fakeboi not the mentioned a two faced piece of dogshit

No. 71220

No majishi is just a partner with them for a comic they're not too fond of him personally Rnyjay had another artist for his comic and then majishi liked the comic and Reece literally threw his old artist under the bus because they weren't as good. What an asshole huh? At least that's what it seems like from having watched his shitty webcomic advertised. I feel bad for majishi personally

No. 71221

Isn't majishi just some artist from Russia? Like they don't post selfies or anything, so the attention whore factor isn't there (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). I always viewed Majishi as like…one of Haku's vk fans who just so happened to actually befriend Haku because of their art

No. 71224

Damn, all the shit that rnyjay was trying to keep hidden is just pouring out all at once lmao

No. 71228

Oh shit man I was 71213 and realized I was talking about the wrong person oops

Nvm nvm haha sorry for the confusion

No. 71229

He's a huge lolcow there's so much to talk about!! Lol

No. 71240


KEK, I thought it it was suspicious that someone who suddenly came out as "trans" kissed ass into Haku's "friend" group, started mooching off of people for followers and money like crazy.

Additionally is also dating a big person stuck between some of their other friends problems wasn't being mentioned.

Every detail regarding other drama that's been brought up here that also involves him hasn't been getting posted either.

Kaden tries so hard to mention every waking moment he can that he's friends with Haku and he's friends with so many other Tummblr/Instagram famous people it's downright hilarious. He's desperate.

No. 71243

Can you elaborate on the second sentence because it was confusing?

No. 71244

I meant Kaden is dating someone else within Haku's friend group who has also had some problems

No. 71245

Haku and this rnjay person sound equally bad.

It's like a circle of drama, I love it

No. 71248

File: 1427682429954.png (34.35 KB, 516x508, rnyjay tweet.png)

rnyjay even copied Haku's haphazard tweets, but the thing is at least Haku's were a response to this thread. No one was checking for this person on March 26th lolllll

No. 71253

kek haku doesnt even follow Rnyjay on twitter

No. 71264

Can we talk about how Kaden supposedly knows Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Swedish when it all sounds like he put it through google translate?

No. 71267

File: 1427685544799.png (560.27 KB, 344x613, dfgsd.PNG)

Went to check out his Instagram and holy shit, his Mello is fucking horrendous. The wig looks like electrocuted dog shit.

No. 71268

you mean matt, right?

No. 71269

Yeah, sorry. Haven't been into DN in years.

No. 71271

Doesn't Kaden constantly ask for money and shit from his followers? IIRC that's how he got some of his tattoos paid for.

No. 71279

Yeah he does actually and the money goes toward cigarettes and tattoos. He also still owes over $1000 rent to someone he fucked over for rent while in NYC. the kids a fucking mess and expects everyone to just gobble up his shit and think he's a decent person. He also keeps making posts that he's close to 15k followers on tumblr or something but there's a website that shows you a rough estimate of followers and he barely has 4k. Too funny, he's such a shoddy little try hard, kid needs a fucking reality check.

No. 71280

I laughed so hard when I saw this the wig looks like one of those thrift store halloween 3 dollar wigs I have no idea what he was going for, I feel like he should write the DN artist a formal apology for bastardizing this cosplay so horrendously. Matt didn't get much screen time but this is just disrespectful ahahahah,I mean really. do better.

No. 71282

Whats the website name?

No. 71283

His URL is rnyjay.tumvblr.com

No. 71284

Ignore the v in my first reply sorry

No. 71287


what problems? also is rnjays gf hiwamus ex gf or no? i remember seeing lots of pictures of them kissing b4

No. 71289

i think they meant the site used to estimate followers

No. 71292

"He also still owes over $1000 rent to someone he fucked over for rent while in NYC."

Holy shit. Dude, fuck whatever shit Haku's done. This is eighty times more interesting and shit worthy.

Drop the deetz, anon.

No. 71293


No. 71295

What's funny is that circuitbird mentioned 'kaden' several times… but only within the timeframe of one month:
It's so funny, 'kaden' is tagging along with her in these pictures like a really tacky punk wannabe. It's like circuitbird was just letting her hang around her out of pity before getting up the guts to break off contact, lel.

No. 71296


No. 71297

Yeah I noticed that too. She must have wised up to what kind of person he really was.

No. 71298

Circuitbird seems to be the type of person who gives pretty much everyone a chance until they're proven to be an absolute unredeemable shithead. Like this asshole.

No. 71300

File: 1427688976205.png (1.2 MB, 1032x1086, sgdga.png)

They were actually together in some Evangelion cosplay shoot a week ago

No. 71303

it was 3 months ago not a week

No. 71304

It seems like that second picture is also from three months ago, though.

No. 71306

Yeah these are both old pictures. Who the fuck is rnyjay supposed to be in either of those photos though? I guess that's Rei in the first one but who the fuck in the second? Mari and Asuka are clear as day but what the fuck is this guy doing?

No. 71307

Oops, I'm an idiot who can't read, sorry about that. So lol, I guess circuitbird really did give her the sack.

No. 71308

I don't even know. All rnyjays cosplays are absolute shit. Their daily style leaves much to be desires as well. The guys a back stabber, two faced and a hypocrite. Human embodiment of shit

No. 71310



you mean these?

iirc they didn't date, but I could be wrong

No. 71320

Can we please get back on fucking topic.

If you want to talk about some other fakeboi lolcow, then make a thread for them.

No. 71322

I wouldn't even actually call what he does cosplay, it's closet cosplay at absolute BEST

No. 71323

Kaden / Reece is here! :) got anything to say for yourself now that everyone knows you're the back stabbing bitch who started this entire thing over someone you call "your good irl friend"?

No. 71324

Whoa, seriously? this is some crazy shit

No. 71325

I'll give you that, anon.

If we want to keep talking about this fakeboi, what are the deets on what he's done to Haku specifically? Like a lot of people have said he's talked shit about him but what exactly has he said?

Anything else about other people can be taken to a new thread.

No. 71326

How do you know he's here?

No. 71327

Yeah it's ironic since people here are saying he started this thread or at least is contributing to it. So it's funny how this insecure little fakeboi is calling haku one when he's such a fake he has to shit on others to feel better about himself.

No. 71330

They look like an obnoxious hispanic try hard.

No. 71331

Is that supposed to be Kaworu on the bottom right? Because it's really awful.

No. 71332

He's said to a number of people "I don't want to grow my hair long otherwise I'll look like a girl like Haku" and it got around.
Kaden looks like a girl and is clearly insecure so he thinks it's cool to invalidate other ppl's gender identity. Like his own girlfriend's.

No. 71336


I'm a lolcow regular tired of the off-topic shit, tumblrtard.

No. 71337

I like to view this thread as a "Haku and associates" type of deal because Haku alone doesn't produce enough lols by themselves now, and it's still somewhat related to Haku as it is their circle of friends. Maybe if this thread ever hits autosage and there is a need to start a new one someone can just make it so that the topic is about everyone in that NYC goth cosplay group instead of just Haku.

No. 71339


Here's a Kaden thread for all of you whinny mother fuckers.

No. 71340

That's a good idea. Haku and co is enough lulz in themselves.

No. 71341


Read the first post. What does it say? "Haku Aoki" not "Haku Aoki and the fellowship of the ring". Everything in the last few hours aren't even about Haku, the lolcow.

No. 71343

Not much more to say about Haku, we've gone over the same shit again and again.

No. 71344


Then the thread will die like other boring lolcows.

No. 71351

Nah sorry poor English. I meant Kadens current girl and hiwamu used to have a lot of instagram pictures together with kissing and the like

No. 71353

Hoo boy, SOMEONE seems desperate to get the attention back to Haku… kekeke
If you complain so much, have ye got anything about Haku to add yourself?

If it's boring, it's not really a lolcow, is it? Isn't it just a regular cow?

No. 71363

The fellowship comes with Haku, young hobbit.

No. 71371


Got me there.

No. 71436

File: 1427706671097.png (269.65 KB, 360x480, tumblr_njjhgeBeT51qbjzj5o7_400…)

I have insomnia and I have nothing better to do right now at 4:44am and people were complaining about this thread going off topic, so I decided to go through Haku's tumblr archive and compile a bunch of text posts that may interest some of you and answer some questions that were previously asked in this thread. Some of the posts highlight Haku at the peak of their assholery, in case there's still people who think Haku shouldn't be considered a lolcow. I used archive.today just in case Haku clears their post history like how they deleted their twitter.

Eating disorder posts

No. 71437

File: 1427706713967.jpg (61.37 KB, 500x599, tumblr_inline_mir62niqM41qz4rg…)

No. 71438

File: 1427706844851.jpg (59.78 KB, 500x373, tumblr_mh74xth4i31qbjzj5o1_500…)

Shmegeh shit
https://archive.today/a4aFe (pretty sure that the other friend referenced here is sadgh0sts)

It's interesting seeing them going from a typical edgy pro-ana gore tumblr to now just posting anime junk. They barely ever posted anime stuff before and didn't mention they cosplayed or show their cosplays until a year or two after their tumblr started. PS Hopefully this picture of Haku with Juria Nakagawa can transport you guys back to 2012 the way it did for me

No. 71441

File: 1427706942904.png (7.07 KB, 456x236, sgdga.png)

One last final gem. I hope someone here knows something about this

No. 71442

yoooo i saw that a while back too! haha i should have capped it damn. classmates were sending anon messages saying she smelled like shit and they're tired of it or something like that AHAh.

No. 71445

the "I'm not sexual ugh sex freaks me out" is a telltale sign of a heterosexual tumblrite who's too afraid and insecure to date guys but not lesbian enough to be sexually attracted to girls so they kind of linger on this "asexual pansexual" state.

No. 71446

*asexual panromantic fuck I can't keep up with the tumblr terms

No. 71447

how is that fucking cosplay they're just wearing shitty wigs and didn't even bother to take off their fucking piercings

No. 71449

My goodness. Helluva insomnia, >>71436 .

Haku has changed quite a bit, though. Not gonna lie. Whether it's good, bad, neutral, I'm not sure. But they have.

No. 71451

……orrrr it really does make them feel uncomfortable? there are people like that for various reasons and i don't see why that would bother you.

No. 71456

that one with the possible reference to sadgh0sts is REALLY fucked up. holy shit. guess it really is the ED goth club

No. 71459

File: 1427711070298.jpg (2.72 KB, 126x126, 1411261885457.jpg)

Thank you and your insomnia so much for your service.

No. 71461

Kadens reaching so hard to bring the attention back on haku loooook

No. 71462

Dunno if this has been post or not, but here's a video of haku talking. top kek.


On shmegehs blog since haku has since deleted it.

No. 71466

File: 1427712171994.jpg (23.32 KB, 640x356, image.jpg)

Kaden must have checked on his precious hate thread for haku, saw we were talking about him and there's now even a hate thread for him, panicked and deleted his twitter.

This is so funny, look at him digging up old shit and scraping the bottom of the can for anything we can talk about that isn't him. I don't know why you guys are discussing shit haku did like three years ago when kaden is the delusional one pulling this kind of batshit stuff now. Look at the lil fakeboi go! Try harder :) we all know it's you for certain now. Thanks for giving yourself away

No. 71468

wow so whatever he had in mind completely backfired on him didn't it? karma is a bitch kekek

No. 71482

I'm p sure it's more revolved around the fact that Haku is incredible insecure about their body because that's what gender dysphoria does. You hate your body so much that you can't have intimacy. It's not uncommon.

No. 71560

""Haku Aoki and the fellowship of the ring""

Thank you for making my morning

No. 71590

He just proved he was guilty of everything we accused him of.

rofl. that's perfect.

No. 71591

I think someone long ago asked if he and Von were having sex on their tumblr and they dodged the question like mad.

No. 71593

You are a beautiful anon. I just woke up to this. Thank you so much for the links.

No. 71596

>Anonymous said: hi haku, I was wondering what foods do you like besides milk tea/tea/coffee?
>i dont

Welp, there it is.

No. 71615

Even though I don't like Haku, that's weird as shit to fucking ask someone.

No. 71643

Anyone would, why would someone openly talk about their sex life. I know I wouldn't. That's nothing.

No. 71644

Rnyjay is such a piece of shit I've been laughing all evening. She's a spineless little bitch, not to mention ugly and all her friends hate her. And now she's done this too ?? It's like the cherry on top

No. 71664

>(pretty sure that the other friend referenced here is sadgh0sts)
I'm mutuals with sadgh0sts and she always seems really nice.

No. 71689

I remember seeing the post at the time it was posted and given the situation it wasn't about sadgh0sts it was just an open statement.

No. 71694

Oh wow. Someone wrote a fanfic about haku? Who else? I'm not surprised.

No. 71698

Weird. Never heard haku speak before.

No. 71704

I know for a fact that Haku has been flirting and just generally basking into the attention he got from people hitting on him since, at least, he was in Japan last time. Aside from the flirty pictures with Tsukiyama cosplayers, he kept reblogging tweets from Japanese fans of his where they went on about how much they loved him, etc.

It's interesting though that he's been consistently hanging around the girl that did white dress Touka with his white uniform Kaneki. Iirc she's an underclassman of his but they sure seem more than that in pictures.

No. 71711

I think he has two Toukas? The one who did white dress Touka and the one who did regular Touka. The later seems like there might be something more going on between them.

No. 71712

Sadgh0sts has posted a few times about having an ED and is currently in recovery if I'm not mistaken?

Haku should be careful with what he posts, doesn't he care about triggering his friends?

No. 71730

Haku has a lot of underclassmen that he allows to worship. I remember once I thought I saw haku in the street, but it ended up being one of his underclassmen who was basically just mimicking their entire look. It was eerie.
I know he's all into that mang0es girl. She is cute though. ngl

No. 71734

regular Touka might be mang0es, right? That's also the person who did their Mikasa.

No. 71820


Yeah, she's super cute. At least Haku has taste.

No. 71824


im not saying people are capable of change, but before von, haku screamed and shouted how icky sexuality is (i dont blame him, considering the gender dysphoria thing) but suddenly it all changed when von came around? maybe it was just for ereri fanservice

No. 71833

I'm the anon who posted all those links and lmao, someone thinks I'm Kaden? I'm a cis girl who pays her rent on time, excuse you >:(
Haku deleted every single post and proof of them ever dating Von so I never found anything about them having sex, just that they met when Haku was 15

No. 71862

So now we have screencaps that show when Haku was being a vague shithead and had an ED. Might be more lol worthy if it was a few years ago and they didn't admit all that already. Most of the pics with shitty makeup here are old too, and you can hear their voice after starting hormones (I'm guessing) on Instagram posts here and there. Hell Hakus about page even says they're white now.

By the time they got with Von that's already on the therapy timeline. Maybe they mellowed out from dating another trans guy, who knows. I've been following Haku since before Von showed up and it seems like they didn't start dating or even talking until Haku was 20 or so.

No. 71951

I love you, link anon.

No. 71952


I guess Von did change haku a bit. Kinda weird that Von met haku when they were really underaged though.

No. 72022


I love you and your insomnia. People seem to think everyone's Kaden lmao


I was thinking this too. The whole "omg sex is icky" is retarded tumblr pandering.

No. 72049

>I'm a cis girl who pays her rent on time, excuse you >:(

No. 72078

Oh yes, I got them mixed up, I did mean Mang0es!

No. 72090

For all the tumblrina shit he does, at LEAST he doesnt constantly go 'ur triggering me!!! So hurtful :( '
THAT is some tumblr shit i cant stand beyond all else

No. 72092

Yeah. I'm glad he doesn't pull that shit.

No. 72115

>maybe it was just for ereri fanservice
Or Uta and Kaneki

No. 72856

File: 1427848758088.png (273.9 KB, 575x405, Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.35…)

easy breezy beautiful covergirl

No. 72857

so is he on T or what?
he recently said his cheek fat disappeared and his chin looks more pointy lately

No. 72862

he said in his tumblr post that he's been on HRT for "a while"

No. 72865

idk, but starving will do that too

No. 72872

No one said that it did, Haku.

No. 72894

File: 1427852282424.png (36.98 KB, 535x521, haku.png)

i just saw this on my dash. i don't like haku for a lot of reasons, but after reading this, i gained a lot of respect from him.

but i wonder if this confession-type-thing is stemming from him reading this thread? idk

No. 72908


I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Lolcows do that.

No. 72913

Said he's going HRT and this will be his first year on T.

No. 72917

Yeah, since this thread went up, he's basically put a lot of vague things on public display now about being trans. In the past, he kind of admitted he was trans, but never ever went into detail. I think it's good he's being truthful now.

No. 72982

File: 1427859455030.png (26.9 KB, 412x436, huh.png)

Post from Cain
tl;dr: "i want to be a trans man irl but an agender person online"

No. 73014

It's a weird pickle. I can see what he means by 'in a perfect world, we'd be genderless' because social construct makes it a man does this and a woman does this.

However, he is trans and probably should pick his game: trans or agender. I don't think he can really be both.

No. 73047

Haku's posted a video.

When they came out that they were actually in the process of transitioning, a tiny part of me really doubted it, but I guess from the voice change in this video that it shows that they definitely are.

I wonder if any of Haku's other friends will actually work up the balls to transition or if they'll stay their precious little fakeboii agender/genderfluid selves.

No. 73051

that's not true. as long as you're going to a private surgeon and not trying to transition through the NHS or whatever your country's equivalent is, all you really need is the money. and to have a reasonably reliable semblance of sanity, I'd think.

I had top surgery when I was 18 with the most sought-after plastic surgeon in the country for FtMs (for top surgery) without having gone on hormones or going through significant gender-related counseling. I live in a rural area not far outside of a big city, and both of my parents work full time. while I was in high school, chauffeuring me back and forth to the city for regular hormone injections and psychological evaluations was not possible. but I'd already been out and "socially" transitioned since I was 14, and I did need letters from my therapist (not specifically a gender therapist; she mostly counseled me for anxiety and depression issues) and my primary-care physician. they both knew I was serious about transitioning and had no problem with letting me take a non-traditional route by having surgery first.

TL;DR you don't necessarily need to be on T to have top surgery, even with the best surgeons in the business.

(in fact some say it's better that way, because pre-T surgery means you're removing as much of the fat and breast tissue possible before hormone therapy redistributes some of that body fat away from your chest) (which could be a problem if you ever have to stop hormones and that fatty tissue tries to migrate back to your chest).

No. 73059

i really hate that this video makes me like him? or like, really makes me feel for him. i feel like since this threads been around that maybe they've seen their problems and had to address some of their issues? MAYBE IM JUST GOING SOFT.

No. 73061

File: 1427866327258.png (35.81 KB, 652x397, Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.28…)

Am I the only one amused by Tumblr's automated choice for Haku's blog title?

No. 73064

I felt the same way watching the video. None of my issues with him ever had to do with the trans stuff, anyway. I was mostly irritated by the "oh I'm Japanese no wait now I'm Russian I'm Slavic I'm also part Native American guys this new name is legit because my mom gave it to me" shit. I still don't really see the connection between the gender issue and the pretending-to-be-Asian-and-Russian issue but I think it was a very genuine video for what it was.

I think it's easier to be a H8ER when you can at least acknowledge that even some people (but only some) you're extremely critical of can also have their redeeming moments.

No. 73077

I think the vibe that I got from all this was that for whatever reason, Haku stuck to an agender name that was Japanese and tried too hard to live by it/a fake persona instead of addressing their ~issues~
Their story never changed about the slavic thing and from what their posts all say it just sounds like theyre mostly 50 shades of Eastern European/Russian. That's nothing impressive to lie about to begin with. Plus if that part of the family decided to immigrate to the U.S. there were probably political issues that made them leave wherever they were, maybe war/conflicts/border problems. I don't know, just my two cents from history class a million years ago, plus every Russian person/family I've met in the states has a different definition of what rely constitutes "Russian." It sounds like some of their family lived in Slavic/Russian communes and Haku didn't know how to describe it PC. It makes sense what made them interested in Russian for so long.
The Native American bit doesnt surprise me either, a ton of white people usually are.

No. 73078

You had top surgery at 18? I didn't even think you can do that since you're still not technically done growing.

No. 73112

I had double incision - except in probably extremely rare cases (that I haven't even heard of) the chances of breast tissue growing back are pretty much nonexistent, no matter how young you are when you get operated on. If I remember correctly you're born with all the breast tissue you have, and it just expands as you get older (if that's wrong someone please tell me I'm retarded). During double-incision top surgery pretty much all of that breast tissue and fat is removed, except for a small amount, left to make the chest seem as masculine as it possibly can (since cis males have breast tissue too).

Still have plenty of dreams where my tits grow back though. But I'm into my 20s and have noticed nothing like that. I know quite a few people who had it even younger than I did, too, the youngest being 15 I think. They might be a little more strict on you if you're a minor, and you definitely would need your parents to back you on it 100%.

No. 73150

what's haku gonna do if he becomes too manry and not bishie enough

No. 73168

I think my reason for being dubious of the Russian thing is that it seemed to suspiciously coincide with his huge spike in popularity in Russia as a cosplayer. Him and Michelle were always a weird obsession on sites like Vk but it seems like recently it's reached a new level. Russian, Filipino, Indonesian, and Brazilian fans always seem to be the most psycho in any kind of fandom or following though tbh.

No. 73183

judging by the video haku is a) really beautiful (so it's not just photoshop or angles) b) has a really nice voice and c) a great way of expressing himself. His voice and facial expression is so chilled, I could listen to him all day : D
I can see why he’s the leader of the fellowship.

Cain's still annoying as fuck though.

No. 73189

just for the sake of lolcow, he's sitting in front of a window which helps neutralize anything on the skin, but i agree. he's very well-spoken, i like his hair.

honestly, i didn't like him AT ALL, but after i watched his video and read his most recent posts, i can honestly say i like him. i think being a bit more transparent could be very beneficial to him.

No. 73191

yeah, I also thought about the lightning but to be honest, I don't look half as good even with such lightening so…

if he gives up the race-bullshit and just admits being an average white american he really isn't a lolcow anymore.

No. 73195

Fair enough. But they've had their Russian tattoos 4+ years ago? Thats before Haku knew who Michelle was, or any of the popularity in Russia - I found them through fuckyeahtattoos back in the day. Having a Russian background does make things convenient for them when dealing with their fan base though.

No. 73202

its not even about the question whether he has a russian background or not. it just doesn't mean anything. it's not an identity. sure, it's nice learning something about your roots but it doesn't make you special. He is just as mixed as every other us-american. Having russian origins isn't a "racial background” that should have an extra section on his about me. that just make it look like a weird race-fetish. And I'm saying this as a person whos parents come from different countries than the one I'm born in. still, it's not something that comes up when I introduce myself.

And those people, for whom it really does come up all the time because they look different even though their family is living here for ages, usually hate it and don't want their racial background to be a topic. It's just spoiled white kids who want to be special who make a big thing out of it.
(hope my grammar is understandable)

No. 73210

Nahhh I get you. An anon earlier pointed out, he does say he's white and american though. He still has the details up but that's probably just for clarification? This one is just a personal thing, but if his family name was made up when they immigrated then I can kinda understand wanting to change it back to be more relevant, or match his first name. Iunno I guess I'm just not feeling the race so much, compared to how he was before this feels like nothing.

No. 73214

honestly, I also don't care that much. I posted >>73183 so I'm just trying to make up for my previous niceness. I feel like a dirty hippie.
it's just the last thing one could criticize.

has any other lolcow made such a transition?

No. 73234

> Russian, Filipino, Indonesian, and Brazilian are weirdly obsessive
this haha
and they're awkward creepy broken english comments on haku's pics
this one brown chic keeps calling him senpai

No. 73336


This. His race bullcrap is worse than his other drama.

No. 73449

Did you guys see the huge personal post rnyjay made?? Go to their tumblr to check it out

No. 73452

God that's way too long to read it. Also, Caden has got his own thread.

No. 79266

But how can you tell if she's cute? Her photos are so lightened up with that contrast.

No. 80542

Damn he's cute.
It think he isn't a fakeboi but a real trans person.
And i kinda appreciate him now…

No. 80552

File: 1428855258709.jpg (54.72 KB, 347x750, tumblr_nmocmtIfuE1qbjzj5o1_r1_…)

k didn't want to dig out this thread but since you've done it … does anyone know what the pants he's wearing are called?

nice try, kaden.

No. 80554

aren't those harem pant jogger things?

No. 80559

File: 1428855836944.jpg (10.95 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

nah, not really. harem pants don't cross in the front. the one he's wearing doesn't look as trashy as the average harem pant. looks like part of the sport goth style to me but I'd like to know the exact name so I can imitate haku and become the next kaden or smth.

No. 80562

No. 80563

goff ninja

No. 80565

no these look awful :< maybe it's just the photo that makes them look decent.

No. 80571

How come the more I read about Haku, the more endearing I find him to be? It just kinda sucks a lot of his friends and Kaden are just aweful

No. 80582

vongeist seems to be pretty cool as well… otherwise… most people are awful so there's not much to chose from. especially not in the weeb scene. haku could be a really good fashion designer if he wouldn’t waste his time and money doing shitty cosplays and reading manga. do people never grow out of that? I had a couple of weeb friends at school and 10 years later they’re still doing the same shit. at 23.

No. 80592

Eh, adults dressing up for conventions can sound a lot worse than it really is, and it just depends on the person and how they balance their life.

My mom and dad who are in their 50's actually still enjoy going to comic/sci fi/book conventions in full costume (he did Ned Stark at the last SDCC, my mom was going to do Catelyn but she got sick). However, they both have good paying jobs, put my two brothers and I through college without any debt and have a strong relationship with each other, their hobby is just a bit "cooky", but in the grand scheme of things it's okay.

However, I do know a couple of comic nerds/weebs who are in their late 20s/early 30s who live in roach infested apartments because they'd rather get a figure of their new waifu than save for a place that isn't total shit.

No. 80595

File: 1428859345202.jpg (32.98 KB, 313x317, Pants-Mens-Camo-Joggers-Men-Ha…)

That's why I added the 'jogger' part. It tightens in the leg and junk.

No. 80600

yes, I was a little too judgmental there. I meant when your identity is practically based on your hobby and all your friends are part of the scene and you don't know anyone with other interests. basically what you described in the second part.

No. 80618

IIRC Haku has been talking about wanting to save up and work extra to go to whatever cons he can/cosplay as much as he can asap because he doesn't see himself cosplaying as often as he does now for much longer. He's getting serious about finding work once he graduates and expects to get too busy and has loans to worry about. Tbh from a publicity standpoint I think it'd be a bad move for him to drop cosplay altogether, he has a decent sized following for it. If you ask me he should slowly start toning it down and sell his own image. I don't see a problem with it as long as he can exist outside of cosplay, and it seems like he has a lot more friends than just the fellowship, too.

No. 80628

That sounds reasonable. I suppose he can transfer some of his cosplay aesthetics into high fashion, just not all of it. He has developed an interesting style by now. The old pics from conventions are horrible but in his normal selfies he looks good and not like an obvious weeb. Suppose he's the only person on the planet who can pull this haircut off.

No. 80645

Yeah, some people here were complimenting his earlier styles but I honestly like him a lot more that he's dropped the ~vk~ weeb aesthetic. His cosplay now is really different than the ones in these old con pictures too. A ton of people drop out of fashion school so it's kind of impressive to me that he actually made it, maybe that's part of what changed him so much.

No. 80647

Do you have an example for his newer cosplays?

No. 80650

I just look at his cosplay tag on tumblr and his facebook cosplay page. He usually posts them to instagram too.

No. 80659

Basically most of his stuff from Eren on has been a big jump in improvement from the past. Personally, his Eren is still my favorite one.

It's good Haku had a plan for the rest of his life post college though.

No. 80680

The hair looks 80s glam metal to me, like poison

No. 87525

Glad haku is on T and doing well and all, but he's still such an insufferable person sometimes. His entire twitter is still in full weeb mode. And suddenly he's into Berserk. Sounds to me like he just started the manga and watched the horrible reboot movies. It kind of annoys me that haku wants to identify with every single white haired anime/manga character for some reason. Haku's no where near as bad as his kiss ass followers though.

No. 87530

File: 1429813789281.jpg (44.56 KB, 582x468, youcosplayformassiveattention.…)

Gotta please his fans. He knows all this would do would get him massive attention online.

No. 87531

File: 1429813863463.jpg (7.26 KB, 579x81, ofcourseyouwould.jpg)

No. 87557

If he cosplays for massive attention though, he wouldn't be toning it down and doing it less and less. Definitely seen much bigger attention whores in the cosplay community than this one.
Let's be real though, anyone who cosplays wants attention.

No. 87564

His tweets are amusing. He still thinks he is Kaneki and posts constantly about Tsukiyama. Guess he's mad Von couldnt be his Tsukiyama. I wonder if he's going to make the next person he dates into his dream cosplay boyfriendo?

It almost reminds me of Usagi Kou with her search for the perfect Mamoru.

No. 87567

I agree with you there. I guess in haku's case it's a "I have a fanclub" type of thing. He has fans that will hang onto his every word and talk shit about anyone else who tries to do the same cosplays as him, even if they did it before him. I think he's gonna stop cosplaying for a while to focus on school which makes sense. He's just an annoying weeb imo who is always asking his friends favors to do photoshoots with him. I wonder if he ever even pays them?

No. 87590

He's still hardcore into this stuff? How old is he? And unless he's really good at the artsy stuff and can get a job in that field, his harsh look might make it hard for him to get a job outside of retail.

No. 87591

This reminds me of Shmegeh and her Young Adults/Evangelion obsession

No. 87594

Yeah. It's one thing if you associate with a character as a teenager because some teens are just like that. But haku is what? 23 years old now and still fangirling over how "Kaneki is so perfect like just me!!" ?

It's pathetic.

No. 87595

He's either 22 or 23. I just know his bday is coming up in the summer from that tweet where he was asking people to send him plane tickets to go to AX this year because it landed on his birthday.

No. 87599

He wants his "fans" to finance his anime obsession?

No. 87629

Yes. He's posted on both tumblr and twitter a few times 'joking' about wanting his friends to send him money to go to AX (which I assume is in California?) because only his true friends do his photoshoots and send him money for a con trip. And he's posted before pictures of gifts his fans have given him.

No. 87634

he's in school for fashion design. he'll be ok

No. 87643

Eh. Haku doesn't bother me much. He's eccentric, and if people want to send him money and gifts then good for him. He's not a mean person. He could actually stand to be more assertive when it comes to toxic people in his life. When Shemegeh made that A Million Little Pieces-themed rehab post, I think that he commented on that. Like…Haku doesn't need Shemegeh in his life. He's too much of a nice guy.

No. 87660

Eh, he's a little bit of a weeb but I feel like most people in the cosplay community are a little weebish in one category or another. I remember the AX thing was a joke though. He's also mentioned a few times on Twitter/FB that he's planning on selling a bunch of his old stuff to be able to afford stuff this year so it actually looks like he's doing stuff himself anyways.

No. 87662

I remember those posts. But he deleted and apologized for joking about that right? Now he's trying to save up for AX himself IIRC he denied some people that were offering him money.
About taking pictures of gifts, if I was a fan who sent him something and got no thank you I'd feel underappreciated lol

No. 87668

I don't think his Tsukiyama tweets are serious..look at how all his friends like Cain talk about anime characters on there. From the looks of it he's chill with Von too, they still hang out.

No. 87686

They're not friends anymore, right? Havent seen Michelle commenting on haku's IG or anything else in a long time.

No. 87688

I wonder if he sells stuff that his fans got him?

No. 87691

No, they're not. He doesn't follow her IG either. If did comment that I bet it was out of courtesy. He's too nice sometimes.

No. 87693

Ok, we get it. You wanna suck haku's non existent cock.

No. 87694

I don't think so?

No. 87698

Ew no thank you. I just thought he was too nice to smegma for his own good.

No. 87704

That's true. Haku, Marisa and what's her face? Mena were all really kind to Michelle and defended her insane, drunken actions. I'm glad Mena is away from that person now.

No. 87719

Anons, I don't know anything about Berserk so I don't understand any of these references but are you just upset Haku's reading your precious mango and cosplays white haired dudes? I really didn't like Haku before so I don't like whiteknighting him now but your comments read "angry weeb" and I hate that shit more. Reading those tweets he sounds kind of introspective compared to half the people who cosplay and type that "precious cinnamon roll" bullshit.

Idgaf personally, at least he actually has a life outside of cosplay.

No. 87724

Yeah, it's good to see they all distanced themselves from her. It looks like Haku probably actually wanted to recover and it's good knowing Mena is doing her own thing after that abuse mess.

No. 87749

Hopefully haku will actually gain weight and muscle after being on T long enough.

No. 87777

How is it possible for anyone to be that pale and flawless

No. 87785

damn that T is doing him good.

No. 87787


No. 87802

aw, he's got a really cute smile.

No. 87817

Lots of make up.

No. 87818

Probably become depressed. Wonder if he's going to get awkward facial hair? I also wonder how long he can keep up being really thin without working out?

No. 87819

I hope everything going well for you, anon. It sounds like you had a good surgeon, which is great.

No. 87821

File: 1429851969325.jpg (18.12 KB, 584x177, oh-snap.jpg)

Something went down.

No. 87822

…aaaaaand ofc m1kahel decided to put their twitter on private. Does anyone have them added, and if so does it say what she said?

No. 87823

I think he started working out. Von made a post indicating was getting more muscular.

m1kahel apparently said that haku liked a "transphobic" post that tvgore made. Aka going through a posts likes and trying to call out people who liked it. Dunno what post they're talking about though, but I do know m1kahel is obsessed with tvgore and starting shit.

No. 87825

A fakeboi accusing an actual trans person of being transphobic, that's fucking rich and pretty much indicative of everything that's wrong with tumblr's idea of social justice

No. 87835

Prince-kel is top tier level drama whore. I'm honestly surprised he doesn't have a thread on here yet.

No. 87852

I don't see anything wrong with that. Why would you want to hang around a bunch of randos who don't like what you like when you can be with people of similar interests?

No. 87856

I can't see him cosplaying anyone from bereserk successfully. Just stick to dressing up as short big headed bishies.

No. 87860

haku shared a post on tumblr saying gender identity is not a game and you can't make up new identities every day. is that what it's about? because I thought it was pretty fucking reasonable.

No. 87868

I would like to know more about Prince-kel. Maybe someone will make a thread? I'm laughing so hard at how fakeboi threads keep spawning from haku like his unwanted love child.

No. 87869

This. Please don't touch berserk, haku. and i dont want his idiotic followers getting into one of my fav manga series.

No. 87877

File: 1429864918210.png (213.2 KB, 500x608, tumblr_inline_nna0z5J6KU1t92tf…)

It's because Haku liked/reblogged the pictured post, but only felinekin's post, not Mayokahel's addition. Tbh felinekin's post could literally be about so many people in the art world/tumblr, so lol@mikahel assuming it's a dig at them.

No. 87878

Does Haku even read Berserk? Because Griffith is the last character who I would assume a sjw type like Haku would cosplay and ~relate~ to. It seems like they're cosplaying him solely because he's a pretty boy with white hair

No. 87879

Said they started to read the manga, but I assume he just watched the god awful reboot movies like everyone else who got into Berserk in the last two years did. Anyway, $10 that he's only doing it for attention and because Griffith has white hair. ugh…

No. 87886

He would look fuckin horrible as Griffith. Gonna need hella makeup or plastic surgery to pull this shit off. Every character they do ends up looking like a creepy high potato head on a lil stick body…..

No. 87888

To be fair even with the past few months of T it's done some pretty good things for him so he shouldn't have a weird stick body for much longer

No. 87890

The first part of the post is literally half the damn site that claims they're trans to begin with lol

No. 87895

Still short and potato head though won't fix that creepy stoned look

No. 87905

File: 1429874913915.png (728.82 KB, 828x618, aaaaaaaaa.png)


i think it's safe to say he's been working out. his arms look 100x better than they did before. he's still thin but actually looks healthy. i don't know what T does to your body so i'm not going to talk out of my ass, but i see a lot of difference in his shoulders, arms, and chest.

No. 87914

If his tweets are talking about Griffith then maybe that's why he said "despicably." He could be referring to his pride or when he was still human or something, there's no rule out there saying someone has to think a character is a good guy to cosplay them. Someone pointed out earlier, at least he doesn't talk like a fucking moron about the characters he cosplays and I have to agree.

Anyways if you're worried about your fav manga getting ~defiled~ it's too late because v0nvamp has been talking about it too and their tumblr following is even more insane. I gave up on Berserk fans a long time ago.

No. 87967

>dem veins
Yeah, it looks like he's been lifting a bit or at least the T is shaping him nicely. I don't know a thing about T or hormones either, but I suppose it does change the not only the shape of your face, but upper body too. Can any anon confirm?

No. 87969

Gross. Well, I still tend to speak to the older fans about the manga. It's easier enough to tell the manga fags apart from the reboot movie only fags.

No. 87971

Haku will always have that obnoxious blank stare in pretty much all his selfies though.

No. 87981

Yeah, hormones do change your body on the whole.

Damn, nothing is ever good enough for you, huh?

No. 87982

fuck off kaden.

what are you bitches even talking about. liking stuff before it was cool? being a true fan? lol.

No. 87983

Not Kaden. calm the fuck down just because someone disagrees with you.

No. 87986

how about you calm the fuck down, kaden <3

No. 87988

not everyone has to love haku, not everyone is kaden. that's fine. drop it

No. 87991

the fact that you don't get that calling everyone who hates on haku kaden is a fucking joke shows that you're the one taking things way too seriously, dear.

No. 87992

My best friend I've known for nine years has been on T for about three at this point and it's really helped fill out and change his body. He's had top surgery too and when we go to the beach, no one can even tell. I predict Haku is going to look really great the more he progresses on T.

No. 88009

That's awesome. Glad it worked out well for your friend, anon.

No. 88010

When was it a joke tho? You need to chill out man. There are still a bunch of people who don't like haku even after his whole YT confession. He's still an annoying twat imo.

No. 88138

The fact that yout thought it was joke is fucking sad. Also thinking every anon is the same anon. Pls stop.

No. 88143

Still don't understand why everyone all of the sudden wants to like him. This is turning into the kota pull thread.

No. 88201

He turned a few people here sure but even with the things we can criticize him over he just isn't much of a lolcow anymore

No. 88203

I don't get it either. I don't care if people like haku though, but it gets on my nerves when anyone who isn't in total agreement about him is suddenly Kaden. You know who you are, anon. Now kindly shut the fuck up.

No. 88354

we fixed an lolcow

No. 88373


I mean getting your tits lopped off takes a fair amount of cash.

Which I have been saving up on the side while the rest of my paycheck goes towards normal bills and living expenses.

So the whole tits lopped off thing isn't really like, an overnight goal.

More like something to happen within the next five months.

Like come on dude it's a surgery that doesn't really get to happen until the rest of your life is stable.

No. 88375

yeah a friend of mine went to thailand to get it done because it's so fucking expensive in GB and the US. getting the rest done costs probably a fortune.

No. 88385

no wonder michelle never got it done then, that and she definitely only posted that when she was latched onto haku

No. 88401

True. Though Kaden is a lot worse, I still think Haku's a weeb and his style is horrible. It's mostly Haku's followers just hijacking the thread.

No. 88432

I don't think Michelle was ever trans. I think she had body dystrophic disorder and a lot of self-loathing. Besides,she has no boobs. Or had no boobs. Who knows what she looks like now since she just posts old pictures

No. 88470

It makes me sad to think it's so expensive in the U.S when it's not cosmetic surgery to trans people and people who just can't deal with their breasts.

No. 88471

Yeah, haku's followers are worse than haku himself. I can't wait to see the lulzy cherry blossom photos.

No. 88474

yep, in a lot of european countries (germany, netherlands) you get your hormones and surgery paid.

will you guys shut up? you are doing the same shit I’ve done . me: Everyone who hates on haku is kaden, you: everyone who defends haku is his follower. the only difference is that I was joking while you’re apparently dead serious. I was here from the beginning, I have no problem with people laughing at haku - let it go…

No. 88479

That's really cool. I mean, it should be a thing here, but sadly they probably don't see people with body dysmorphic issues as life threatening when they really are. It's difficult to be in your early to mid 20s and drop 10k for a top surgery you really need when you're getting paid shit min wage and paying other bills.

No. 88483

>will you guys shut up? you are doing the same shit I’ve done . me: Everyone who hates on haku is kaden, you: everyone who defends haku is his follower. the only difference is that I was joking while you’re apparently dead serious. I was here from the beginning, I have no problem with people laughing at haku - let it go…
Um, no? I was literally talking about his fanbase on IG, twitter and tumblr. Fuck off. You're not funny.

No. 88490

ok so I got you wrong then, sorry. it happens on an anon board, chill. was referring to the anons you were referring to.

ot, but why is everyone talking only about top surgery. is it a normal thing for ftm not to go all the way? because when talking about mtf surgery usually includes both, boobs and vaginoplasty. both gets paid in said countries.

No. 88494


"It's easier to dig a hole than it is to build a pole."

No. 88524

You sound really young and immature. I know this is lolcow, but maybe this isn't the place for you, anon.

No. 88526

Yes, it's very common to get top, but not bottom surgery. Thought this was common knowledge considering how invasive bottom surgery is and how it is no where near perfected yet.

No. 88548


no I don't think this is common knowledge. it might be because ftm issues get less talked about. there are a few celebrities (cox, carrera) to promote the informations and lately there has also been some movies (with cis-actors but whatever). but ftm transition is rarely talked about. can’t think of one ftm celebrities known in Europe. do you have any links with information on this issue? I googled but couldn’t find any data on how common bottom-surgery is.


I might be immature but I'm probably older than all of you. I'm not a native speaker though so not everything I say translates into the right tone, take that into consideration. anyway I'll stop answering to these kind of posts now.

No. 88552

Top surgery is very common but most people don't get bottom because as far as I know, science hasn't been able to go as far as to replicate it being able to function the same way as someone who was already born with that genetalia. It's also even more astronomically expensive than top surgery and that's already a hefty fine. You'd essentially be paying tens of thousands of dollars for something that's subpar.

No. 88620


Is nobody gonna acknowledge that michelle just posted in this thread?

No. 88635

No. 88638


Google what the results of FTM bottom surgery look like and you'll have your answer.

No. 88651

No. 88699

Holy shit how did I miss this
It's her exact typing style

No. 88711

File: 1430023810959.jpg (61.76 KB, 504x608, kenshin-is-not-korean.jpg)

Why does haku's Kenshin cosplay have eyebags?? Like those aegyo sal type shit.

No. 88719


Maybe that is how his eyes look in natural light? And he seems to be squinting.

No. 88726

Haku's eyes are like that when you aren't distracted by eye bags. Looking at his friend, I'd say the sun is in their eyes.

No. 88727

When you aren't distracted by dark circles, I mean.

No. 88737

Looks like the male gelfling from the dark crystal…..

No. 88783

Shouldn't Haku have used more of a brown eyebrow pencil instead of that gray one for the red wig? It stands out in a bed way.

No. 88785

It's a tough call because Kenshin has thick black brows in the original series. It doesn't seem so bad in his other photos imo

No. 88788

I understand that, however brown goes with red hair better and is just overall a better choice than the weird gray color he used.

No. 88790

googled, don't think it looks too bad but I'm probably not the person to judge. well, anyway, that sucks. I don't get why problems of ftm transition aren't talked more about. Except for the fakeboi scene ftms really don't have it easy. Even tumblr fems are rambling about how they're buying male privilege and don't belong into queer/feminist spaces. Wtfsocial justice has a nice collection of this idiocy on her blog.

No. 88797

A lot of fakeboi do use male privilege though. They live their life as a man when it's convenient for them.

No. 89282

bye michelle

No. 89359


Michelle lives in Richmond, Virginia. I'm in an entirely different country, admin can check my IP. I was just pointing it out cause nobody else mentioned it and I found it mildly interesting that she actually addressed something in person on lolcow.

No. 89361

>>89282 >>89359

Oops, samefag. I thought you were replying to me. The post yo were replying to actually was Michelle and I'm retarded.

No. 89369

Also straight women who go "I'm sorry but I think they're disgusting like they don't even have a dick sorry but I need a REAL MAN XDD" and gay men who throw the "EWW THEY'RE NOT REAL MEN GAAACK" tantrum which is completely understandable that they want a biological male instead but when it's brought up like FTM transgenders are disgusting freaks it really pisses me off. Most legitimate FTMs I know go out with either other FTMs or MTFs because the absence of the amazing pee-pee is an unbearable disability to many. MTF trannies are a fetish for many people and glorified a lot but just how many people think of FTMs as anything else than sad manlets missing their junk?

Mini-rant because even tumblr sjws focus only on MTF transgenders on their ~trans pride~ shit because FTMs are just gender traitors trying to get their hands on that delicious male privilege and that's why most tumblr fakebois classify themselves as "genderqueer" and "genderfluid" and "non-binary".

No. 89370

HA! I see it.

No. 89371

He;s a shit halfassed cosplayer. It will always be like this.

No. 89430

Yup. Only reason he's known online is because he does shit to please his fanbase. Shitty cosplay + taking deadpan selfies on tumblr.

No. 91394

i think hakus cosplays are very nice but there is something with him thats really odd. idk what it is

No. 91396

idk for most his characters, he makes it seem like the character is his spirit animal that he connects with on the deepest levels and with such force that resounds within the cosmos
i can never see it. except his eren i could tell he really liked eren. everything else? meh.

No. 91398

but like he isnt BAD at cosplaying tho.

No. 91423

tbh i love his cosplays

No. 91430

his eren is my favorite, i really wish he would still do eren from time to time.

No. 91431


No. 91455

do you guys hate haku or do you just want to find out more about him?

No. 91456

File: 1430424963354.jpg (65.16 KB, 604x604, haku.jpg)

and btw this is a old picture of hakus fridge

No. 91457

Why bump this thread just to asskiss? go somewhere else.

No. 91459

i found lots of old pictures of haku. should i post some of them so you guys can see how he looked like before? sorry if my english is bad

No. 91462

eh. he's not really that interesting anymore even with old pics. he's not really lolcow worthy anymore.

No. 91465

ah ok i understand

No. 91467

you can buy egg whites in a carton in the us? wow. just wow.

yep. I personally find it inappropriate to post old pictures of him since he's transitioning but this is lolcow so do whatever you want. just came here for the egg whites.

No. 91470

A lot of us have seen these already and there are tons more on Michelle's blog. It's not worth bumping.

No. 91471

ive read somewhere that he finds old pictures of himself depressing or something

No. 91473

No shit, he's transitioning.

No. 91476

well i wish him the best of luck

No. 91479

I live in the US and I love egg whites in a carton. Some egg whites, greek yogurt and a high protein power bar for after the gym is my go to meal.

No. 91480

and why exactly are us-americans complaining that dieting is so hard over there? I was to the us once and I was amazed by the amount of food you could choose from. granted, it was a lot of crap but also much easy and healthy stuff. in croatia you basically have to hunt the chicken yourself.

No. 91494

A lot of the good stuff is overpriced here though. It sucks especially for lower income people where fast food is the cheapest option.
Someone else already said it but we already know what he looked like before and it's not really lolcow worthy if you're just looking at pictures of him pre-transitioning. You'll just see a sad kid who obviously hated his body. He seems a lot happier now, more stable than before too.

No. 91496

That sounds delicious. I need to buy more greek yogurt.

No. 91498

i totally agree, i hope he gets even happier in the future

No. 91514

really hope he's eating more. he looks 100% better these days, and i think it's partly because of the T and partly because he looks like he's gained a tiny bit of weight. seriously, he looks good. those stick arms really freaked me the fuck out

No. 91519

same, he looks really good now and his hair is also very nice

No. 91522

if you really mean well with him stop commenting on his weight and just say he looks better.

No. 91525

he looks better.

No. 91535


>and just say he looks better.

that's exactly what i just fucking said lol

No. 91537


The eating disorder isn't just related to the gender dysphoria? I was hoping that after being on T he wouldn't stress about it as much. That sucks.

No. 91539

he did bad stuff in his past and he clearly regrets it. We shouldn't discuss him anymore. or at least dont talk about his weight because it makes him uncomfortable?

No. 91554

No one here knows haku 100% and how he will react to compliments people tell him. /sorry if my english is bad/

No. 91555

I don't know him at all I was just speaking from my point of view (as a recovering anorexic). You should never make assumptions about a person's weight because you don't know if they take it as a compliment or not. Maybe he's cool with it but he may also be not.

Also, I don't believe that an eating disorder is just related to gender dysphoria or whatever. The gender dyphoria might have triggered it but once you had it it doesn't go away. It's pretty similar to a drug addiction. You never fully recover and there's always a risk of relapse.

you're right.

No. 91589

It must suck though. I can see how a trans guy would develop an ED if any extra weight would manifest itself into a feminine figure that he obviously doesn't want.

The T has been doing him a lot of good though. Hopefully he feels more at peace with his body.

No. 91805

wow this entire thread is just a bunch of cis people being transphobic amazing

No. 91816

It's disgusting how people can be so transphobic.

No. 91843

It's not being "transphobic". People will always have objectionable opinions about this matter. Deal with it. Some people don't agree with this life style while others embrace it. And if you want to debate about it you can take it somewhere else. But don't shove your views down everyones throat. It's utter hypocrisy.

No. 91845

oh come on there have been a lot of transphobic things said on here. for example by me. Even though I don't want to be transphobic I am when I start gossiping about a transperson, making assumptions about their body etc.. just be hones with yourself. almost nobody wants to be transphobic/racist/sexist but most people are.

what really baffles me is that people are seriously complaining about this on lolcow. like come on… what's next. racism? or maybe lookism?

No. 91859

Do you realize where you ARE? Also, this entire thread was calling out haku being a fakeboi, which they were for a while. On top of that, he's an annoying ass weeb that lies about his ethnicity for brownie points.

No. 91861

Sure, go ahead.