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File: 1547168728804.gif (1.97 MB, 275x275, 1546803775143.gif)

No. 624352

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>617802

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

Last thread:
>Sakuracon fat!Saber pictures are finally released, Moo was able to shoop her undereye bags but not her obvious gut
>is it kawaii to shoop your asshole out of your Lucoa cosplay pictures?
>takes to Facebook and Reddit while her Instagram is bahleeted, is dragged by salty ex-patrons and charged ~haturs~. Decides it's a great idea to avoid her phone ban by charging her older phone to ban evade and TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT in instastories
>Onlyfans and Pornhub accounts are currently being ghosted
>is selling charms again. Tags Will-o-wisps, who apparently was distancing herself from Moo after the sexual assault debacle, but Will-o decides it's a great chance to clout chase.
>charms are being sold at a expensive price and no one is shocked
>despite previously using pasties to deter her whiteknight's thirst, she accidentally revealed her pizza nips on Camversity during a "wet tshirt" goal
>anons speculate after Moo made a couple stories detailing the mysterious breaking of various decor in her home
Edit: Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 624354

File: 1547168945141.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2869x3449, C1474007-BB01-4F36-B575-AA3E16…)

dropping things we missed between threads. here we have momokun of all people telling people to credit

No. 624356

File: 1547168985541.jpeg (1.02 MB, 4000x3000, 93F8BF89-8CC5-45F5-8B89-CE074E…)

“Too early in the year for these oopsies!”

No. 624358

File: 1547169175801.jpeg (233.7 KB, 750x814, 6F426AC3-6B0D-4ADA-9379-4EEDF4…)

the shop (spicyshrimp) has deleted these comments and a couple posts too I believe

No. 624361

File: 1547169291233.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, C6676116-5556-463D-854A-B6EEEA…)

momos totally legit Japanese onsen style bathroom. On stream she said she has an addiction to buying “nice furniture” aka pottery barn now

No. 624364

File: 1547169638399.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, FAFD72B3-4EF4-4E20-9FAF-5F546D…)

annnd we’re almost all caught up.

possible confirmation that sensei is moved in. The full story shows a shot of a bunch of table and snacks and the wall definitely looks like her bannister/staircase. she’s watching him play video games, zoomed in on the screen, you can see him.

No. 624367

She also went back and removed these callouts from her story within the last couple hours

No. 624369

Not surprised. She knows she did other people dirty doing the same exact shit. Also, car decal sellers do this all the fucking time it's not a secret

No. 624370

File: 1547170138150.jpeg (729.44 KB, 4096x2048, 8FA60749-04EE-41A8-BF43-6321E3…)

lastly she has dedicated a whole post on her main IG to promoting whoever this is. I’m assuming this was some sort of s4s deal considering how this girl looks, her followers, and the fact that along with promoting Mariah in her own story she has other girls who commonly pay for promos.

No. 624371


Surprising no one. Jesus fucking christ what a chicken shit coward.

No. 624372

Alot of costhots are sharing her and people are annoyed. She is everywhere. I suspect the s4s is a paid deal. This chick used to be a porn star or something? Probably trying to cash in on nerd money.

No. 624373


I remember seeing Susu shilling for her as well and people getting pissed at her for doing so. I guess she gets passed around by all the lazy patreon thots.

No. 624376

I didn’t even notice she deleted them, at least screenshots are forever? we can toss them in the never ending Mariah hippo-cracy pile. We all know how she likes to buck up when she thinks it’ll make her look good to someone else.

if an ex calf does it then of course she has to too! I saw people in her comments talking about the other girls but didn’t check any of them out to see. I wonder how much she’s paying or if she’s just offering the exposure of her 12mil followers.

No. 624377

File: 1547170841490.webm (18.53 MB, 1920x824, Momokungrope.webm)

For anybody who hasn't seen this from the first stream

No. 624379

This comes off as both flippant and mature, but we all know how she actually acts so meh.

No. 624381

Love how she talks about it like she's having coffee with a friend
"oh yeah TOTALLY groped people"

No. 624383

Wow! Amazing! It's like I was transported to Nippon just looking at it.

No. 624385

The bathtub she'll only use for photo shoots.

I think that + her mom being a on duty maid is why her other bathroom wasn't a nightmare.

No. 624389

She has done this to a TON of cosplayers and artists, she better shut the fuck up.

No. 624390

File: 1547171618922.jpeg (186.7 KB, 750x1198, 5A553747-171D-4FF9-8F54-3D3B8A…)

it’s the authentic bonsai really doing it. she’s open to more suggestions on how to make it more totemo nihongo too!

No. 624399

File: 1547172842673.jpg (375.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190110-181223_Ins…)

>>624364 I think she's actually at his place while he's playing. I could be wrong, but that's definitely not the same staircase.

Exhibit A:

No. 624400

File: 1547172988469.jpeg (789.86 KB, 1242x1678, 1543986812039.jpeg)


Exhibit B, from thread 87 (No Weed, No Speed Edition, since there are 2 labeled as 87).

Looks like she's trying to butter him up in an effort to get him back in the picture more often.

No. 624401

Are those Sun chips? Those don't need hummus. Explains a lot.

No. 624402

>>624401 She probably puts Crisco in the cum lube container, on that note.

No. 624406


Vamp is at ALA this weekend so its time for Moo to make her moves on him

No. 624407

File: 1547173760306.jpg (471.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190110_182829.jpg)

>>624370 Such good friends.

No. 624409

That Brittanya girl was on that Bret Michaels reality show Rock of Love back in the day.

No. 624418

>more grout


No. 624419

There's regular chips in the salsa or whatever.

I'm more triggered by just leaving chips sitting in the dip tbh. Sorry for my autism.

No. 624421

Also sells nudes and bate videos basically amuture porn

No. 624423

File: 1547175835829.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, 4206FAA5-6258-4DC0-8F14-62F071…)

No. 624424

File: 1547175921309.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 7189FFCA-1462-4080-AB6B-E56952…)

the adult video awards?

No. 624432

Best bet is she's going to either go there as and attendee, or guest which I highly doubt she'd be there as an award nominee. But if this is her intent then she has thrown in the towel at being a cosplayer, and completely invalidated her family since her Mom and Sister have posted that she isn't a sex woker or porn actress. Which the writings on the wall then for her beat friend who is at ALA not with her and the spiritual "guru" she's hanging out with who in fact is just pulling a David Taylor the Apostle scam on her.

No. 624434

I'm betting Camversity is rubbing together a few cuckbucks to have some meager booth at AVN and our cow is going to be their 'booth' "babe" as she's their biggest draw due to all of the hate views.

They don't have to fly her out for it and she'll do anything for some clout, what a pairing.

No. 624436

Shes live

Stream thread >>624348

No. 624441

it's probably 10 mins from her house and anyone can get in, she's just framing it like a special invite the same way she's done in the past so many times

No. 624555

She admitted on stream tonight that she is doing a event at a bar for a hentai and is still working a contract out. She might dress as a hentai character. It's not a guest job, per se

Also, she flashed her hairy cooch on cam tonight

No. 624558

Sure, totally not a jacuzzi. Just because you throw in a bonsai, bamboo table, stool and a container doesn't make a jacuzzi "Japanese" and "onsen".

I bet she bought this because she can't fit in her regular tub and needs a bigger container of hot dog water.

No. 624584

File: 1547187373222.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 44EDA5EA-F2AB-4653-8253-36E8B6…)

advertising her wet t shirt camversity goal on her main instagram account

No. 624587

File: 1547187474543.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, CDFB1AD0-AEE3-43A7-8C51-452C47…)

No. 624590

Adding to cross post. Chat is begging her to put on a more white tee so they can see something because she wore a shirt that would intentionally cover her nips/not show anything. They asked her again to change the shirt and they showed Smash memes on her phone/changed music. Still hasn't changed shit.

No. 624629

She's just saying what everyone wanted her to say in the first place. I give her no credit to her "growth" as a person and I won't fall for it.

No. 624654

>>>/pt/624438 It's only a jacuzzi when she cammin' I guess!

No. 624658

Her cooch is officially on Reddit. Avert your eyes, young children, as you may go blind.
She flashed her cooch like 3 times on cam tonight and still didn't want to expose herself/got really nervous. Maybe don't walk the line if you don't want to fall?

No. 624661


And her boobshot too. Wow….we knew this was coming but this? this "accidental" is starting to seem not so much.

No. 624666

File: 1547196686842.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, thereitis.gif)

lol did recordanon happen to be around tonight? I missed the stream and I kinda want to see her reaction to this "mishap"

No. 624669


I'm with you… it's hard to think some of this isn't her testing the waters. But who knows, maybe she just got careless and overconfident in her ability to contain the "goods".

No. 624670

>>624424 For clarification, was the big AVN weekend announcement made (this question goes out to anyone who watched a good chunk of the stream)?

Or was her big announcement that silly hentai gig?

No. 624672

It sounded like that one gig she did at AX or whatever. The "photo op"

No. 624675

I think we just watched Moo cross the rubicon. In three streams she has gotten progressively worse- tonight we got not just one but a LOT of "oops moments, including a "forgot the mirror was there" pic on reddit. There won't be anymore "weeb with a sewing machine" or lewd cosplayer bullshit- the people in her cam shows got blood and now they will expect more and more. I think the next shows are gonna get ugly in the chat. And since tonight happened I am thinking unless she gets full nude on Patreon those numbers are gonna tank. Schadenfreude at its finest.

No. 624682

Especially since she promised then denied so many goal rewards, including Thrall's private show. Who knows if he'll pay up knowing she's a scammer. Now the internet has her cooch and nips on display you might be right about some patrons dropping

No. 624683

>>624682 If her Patreon numbers take a big hit, she'll have no choice but to resort to cam shows, since attending real courses or getting a garden variety job is out of the question. And she can't pretend she's going to get by like Kelly Eden, who vlogs on YouTube.

Tonight was definitely a crossing point in her career, as she likes to call it. And she'll probably dive a little deeper into the porn scene, unless something severe were to happen. Something along the lines of an intervention from her parents.

This whole experience has been a wild one, watching her plummet to such depths. And as another anon pointed out, there's blood in the water, and the neckbeard sharks aren't going to be settle for modesty and teasing any longer.

No. 624684

File: 1547201153981.png (51.57 KB, 720x249, Screenshot_2019-01-11-02-04-22…)

The bitch is still up and its 2 am. Shes also following Amberlynn???

No. 624687

File: 1547201297318.jpeg (109.73 KB, 750x661, D498468B-C5D9-4178-AE60-959972…)

She has come a long way since her Beatrice aka I wanna do more big build things hasn’t she

No. 624693

This is definitely an attempt to hone in on the old pewdiepie setup, especially with the you slav you lose. She's very original

No. 624695

The best part is her stupid tattoo proves it's her, even though her face isn't visible.

No. 624696


I think she did more than she wanted to because like most people who "experiment" with camming, she likes the immediate gratification of attention, money, and immediate feedback of being saying they want to see more of her.

Unfortunately for her (and her family), screencaps are forever and the internet never forgets.

No. 624697

She's peeping in to her future options.

No. 624702

i doubt it'll amount to porn in the end. probably teases on cam and they'll she'll open up to "full" nudity in the same way that Katyuska has with her cosplays. nips guaranteed in every set and a flash or two of vag but never a full spread pussy.

No. 624719


everytime i hear her voice i'm surprised how "pleasant" it is because it's just normal. from all of her posts and her faces and her general demeanor i'm expecting this ogre-like throaty shriek, kinda like Melissa McCarthy but in Shrek.

No. 624720

You haven't heard when she tries to do stupid accents and act like it's her real voice

No. 624728

Katyuska is probably making a killing if all her patreons are atleast on the nude tier, tbh she seems somewhat smart and not wasting it all and has an eduction. Tbh i can see moo going down this path the problem is will burn though the money and has no back up an education wise.

This downfall has been a wild ride

No. 624741

>AVN weekend
Part of me wants her to go just to be humiliated. Knowing her she'll claim she's a GUEST which depending on your camsite, anyone can be. All you have to do is contact whoever is in charge of events and get a free pass and a room in the model block.

Oh this'll be interesting. If it even happens knowing Momo's habit of getting herself fired before her job even starts.

No. 624751

This isn't how she normally talks.

No. 624755

File: 1547222506542.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.19 KB, 640x385, 724C3DC9-6867-4F4E-B933-30B995…)

I’m surprised no one has posted the actual image here.
WARNING: Moos vag
(Repost bc I accidentally didn’t spoiler)

No. 624756

File: 1547222533699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.65 KB, 543x820, C8ADC465-7B6B-46FC-B542-AECFBD…)

Plus the forgot about the mirror picture

No. 624761

Im curious as to whats next in her career. Her cam shows will have to result in her getting naked at some point, they wont want to keep getting the same wet t shirt over and over

No. 624768

if people are actually willing to spend money on this hideous monstrosity that she calls a body she really should just go for it and do a bunch of nasty dolly mattel style stuff to herself lmao and like the diabetes/heart disease is gonna hit her soon, she's gotta make the most out of getting money for those future medical bills while she can

No. 624772

File: 1547225368275.jpg (Spoiler Image, 409.92 KB, 4000x3000, Backtits&tinyass.jpg)

Compiled backside of this hoe

No. 624773

that backfat one can't be real. i refuse to believe it. not even 600lb people's backs look like that.

No. 624774

Is that fat going over her bikini?

No. 624775

Mallad's Monster.

No. 624777

Her back boobs are bigger than my front boobs.

No. 624779

File: 1547225840163.png (Spoiler Image, 303.08 KB, 720x424, Capture _2019-01-11-10-54-02~2…)

No. 624781

she can add hairy pussy to her camv profile

No. 624782

File: 1547226001064.gif (1.91 MB, 440x440, 9A98831F-21DA-40D9-B926-E5778E…)

reposting from livestream thread but yes

No. 624786

Where do I find the recording broadcast

No. 624788

I know it's been said before many times but gosh, all that back fat combined with her ass is just tragic.

No. 624789

She moves like such an oaf.

In any case, nips and vag…looks like she's move far past just lewds my dudes. The descent continues.

No. 624790

our little whore has more oopsies.

No. 624791

Her body and the way she moves is like a person wearing a fat suit

No. 624794


Maybe because the weight gain was so rapid, she's not used to carrying around all that weight yet?

Typical fat girl coochie

No. 624795

File: 1547228357787.jpeg (27.22 KB, 184x184, 1545977303417.jpeg)

No. 624796

I cannot believe she flashed her cooch on stream last night. She tried to hide it and failed over and over again. If you’re trying so hard not to show stuff like that on s camsite then why even bother?!

No. 624797

I'm waiting for when she wakes up today, when her high is competely gone, and she sees all the screenshots compiled of her from last night. They will make their rounds soon and I'm curious if a meltdown will happen when the patrons take a nosedive.

No. 624798

File: 1547228553923.gif (1.5 MB, 440x440, 3CE8E929-C432-4C8D-8C89-C0D9BE…)

inb4 momokun was a social experiment of a much nicer cuter girl and she unzips the fat suit on final stream to reveal herself

No. 624799


You could already see her getting fed up towards the end of the stream. Guys were still tipping and she was completely ignoring them and getting pissy with commenters in the chat. She knows she fucked up and can’t go back. The chat was getting pissed at her every time she tried to weasel her way out of doing or showing anything. She can’t keep pulling that same shot and expect to keep getting paid.

No. 624800

I honestly just think she was stoned af and had no idea what she was doing. Most of her older streams had always just been her either fully clothed or with a bikini top. Sometimes there would be a nip flash with pasties but she’s never do anything to expose the cooter. I think camV told her she needed to do a little more this time around, and it’s clear Mariah has no idea what she’s doing. So there were s lot of oops.

No. 624801


I wouldn’t be shocked if she got an order from upstairs to actually start showing stuff and knock off the reading bullshit. You could tell she was trying to do as little as she could but still technically do nude. Which hilarious to hear her still try to push her “This is a non-nude site as well guys. Go watch the other girls here if that’s what you’re here looking for”.

Hey Moo, if you were able to comfortably do non-nude content, you wouldn’t have done any of the shit you did last night. You know damn well what is expected of you on an a camsite and your little “art of the tease” bullshit is something no one wants.

No. 624802

File: 1547229542464.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, B5378852-D38C-4D86-9113-3C4EF5…)

she’s reposting a lot of old pictures today (moomoo, rin) like we haven’t been watching her for 3 days streaming and seeing how she really looks

No. 624804


Which is she stiffed the guy that gave her those huge tips. At first I thought it was because she already felt enough like a cheap whore. But it’s more likely because she was completely spent as far as non-nude teasing ideas and didn’t want to get reported for taking the guys’ money without doing anything in return. Which was why she was so desperate for him to just take it back and made up whatever excuse she could to not take it.

She should have just given him a private show like he asked for, but of course because she is such a paranoid mess she probably was afraid of it making its way into the internet so she just said flat out no to it.

Wouldn’t be shocked if she woke up to a lengthy email from Camversity telling her how fucked she is for what she did last night.

No. 624808

Alright I wanted to say one thing- I doubt very highly that Moo was so high she didn't know the fuck she was doing. That's never really going to be a thing. She can still type and look up memes on her phone, pretty sure she knows enough to not get naked on cam at that rate. No, I am in the "CamV told her knock that shit off" camp. And they are a lesser site- It doesn't surprise me they would pick someone whose real fame anymore is all negative. Any publicity right? So with all this out there, wonder what her next "Big Build Guize!" is gonna be. lol

No. 624810

Man, we are only 11 days into 2019 and yupp, here we are, full nude MooMoo in her full horror. I knew that this bitch was desperate for the easy money but I never thought that we will witness this downfall so quick. Shit like makes the very first thread even funnier, seeing this girl just having her 15 minutes of fame and being praised with the chance to make it big but now we are here lol.


weird question, I know that she mentions that she waxes but could it be that she only can get waxed because shaving would impossible with her bodyshape? And therefore the reason why she isn't full blank down there … idk this just so weird to witness.

No. 624812

My cooch is similar in shape/size as in it holds fat down there (no shame). It's possible to shave but it's very difficult to get a smooth finish. Plus with extra fat in the tits and legs it's just an overall fight with your body to move parts out of the way. It's do able but requires alot of effort which is probably why she exclusively waxes.

No. 624813

File: 1547232661936.jpeg (155.55 KB, 721x366, 627A9FDD-F065-4A97-8DCC-49AB2A…)

she always brags about her waxes before her shoot sprees so no upcoming shoots = no real incentive. also general waxing rules say you need growth so she probably just builds up and rips it all off when it counts

No. 624816


Same here. I’m sure they told her if they were going to bring her back then she couldn’t do any of the shit she did last time like dressing head to toe in sweats or spending the whole time reading or ignoring tip requests and to actually show some skin. You know, despite according to her “this is a non-nude site as well you guys”. Seems like there is an awful lot of pressure for her to go nude and not even the staff has any patience for her bullshit.

No. 624820

Somewhere in Vegas her sister is shouting, "my sister would never do that cause she's not a whore!"

No. 624824


Cannot wait for her family to see this

No. 624825

600 pound people also didn't get lipo and ruin their fat distribution. It had to go somewhere so the fat made pockets on her back

No. 624843

Holy shit. One of my predictions for 2019 was a Momokun nip slip, and vagina shot in 2020. Not even a week later, here we are. I'm speechless. She has irreversibly fucked any chance to ever get a good, normal job. Rip Mariah, enjoy the horrors of the camming/porn industry. Karma at its finest.

No. 624848

I honestly don't think it was an 'accident'. I think Moo is about to finally just throw in the towel and become a camgirl. She obviously enjoys the attention

No. 624849

Well she was only doing cosplay for the attention and money. Now that no one is giving her the attention she wanted anymore may as well go into camming. Instant validation and money.

By next year she wont have to pretend to love anime and look up wiki facts about shows/manga she knows nothing about

No. 624859

>>624849 Another key difference in Moo's approach as of late is how she's actively promoting other cam whores on her Instagram account. Seems like she's making the transition by kissing the right asses (in her mind), with the intention of getting some of their traffic and numbers. The women she's promoting have more than a million followers, which is roughly double what Moo has.

And I know Moo isn't the brightest bulb, but as the saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day. She may not do things in a normal manner, but every once in a while she manages to stumble upon an easy cash grab. That's why the train hasn't fully derailed as of yet. She does just enough to maintain a steady cash flow and keep her name in people's mouths, but I highly doubt she prefers this route. It's much easier to throw on a bikini and call it a cosplay, but she's quickly losing favor within the community. More so than before, to clarify.

No. 624860

I friggin love this thread picture.
God bless that poor cat.

No. 624884

record anon get the stream? I tuned in for about two minutes but had to go to bed.

No. 624892


I recorded the stream, its currently re-encoding right now to a more reasonable size

No. 624902


Bless you, anon.

No. 625002

File: 1547256665568.jpeg (715.11 KB, 1242x1964, 1772C243-530E-42E3-9BEB-47F90E…)

Mariah tried to buy a pair of ears silently before an auction went up. Seller is new to auctioning and she convinced them to sell it to her. Same shop she tried to spend 400$ on a pair of ears in.

No. 625004

File: 1547256715480.jpeg (725.56 KB, 1242x2055, FA5A9255-8E7F-42E5-AEDC-4016B8…)

The comments were an absolute shit show of people losing it over the fact that momo tried to snake her way in without waiting for the bidding to start fairly

No. 625005

File: 1547256753406.jpeg (750.53 KB, 1242x1951, 62D716E9-F532-499D-B7EF-675241…)

Ended up with the shop owner apologizing. Moo also left a “can’t wait for the auction!” Comment

No. 625010

i never buy from people who sell like this, there are so many other sites to sell your stuff on. moo fits in with this cringe community though.

No. 625015

File: 1547257324982.jpeg (51.77 KB, 750x240, 7F42D678-2A44-4729-827F-601FD2…)

chants cow fight cow fight

No. 625019

File: 1547257817256.jpeg (74.66 KB, 750x236, B0A41F00-8A02-430C-9278-BF9B5A…)

another comment she left on the apology post

No. 625021

File: 1547257872415.jpeg (184.57 KB, 749x964, E7062446-97F3-4C41-B388-E68B84…)


No. 625023

Cuz Momo is too good to do bidding with the commoners. She HAS to have those ears so she can throw them on the floor after wearing them once for a picture

No. 625026

I don’t understand why her dumbass would even out herself in this?? The seller didnt even mention who they sold it to, moo could have completely avoided another drama fest but she really can’t help herself.

No. 625038

File: 1547260315834.jpeg (529.75 KB, 750x1205, F9FBEBAD-4429-4BF6-AC2E-EEA644…)

some very generic fan art she reposted

No. 625041

I think she only waxes before photo shoots. Reasons why wax vs shave:
- she was mocked for stubble during a bikini shoot (a mei outfit? idk it's kind of old)
- she is lazy af, waxing requires no effort on her part - just an exchange of money and laying down

I don't fault the girl for her bush, but her income is her appearance so I also don't find fault in dragging her for it.

No. 625042

In some way I kind of feel bad for her she doesn't want to get nude or do camwork and has to get high to get through it. But her money management is so poor she could have avoided this if she'd just built up a safety cushion to get her through an otherwise rocky transition. Or she could have invested in a personal trainer or meal plan delivery because her weight is working against her.

It's probably gonna take her family to redirect her trajectory. Everyone saying her patreon is gonna crater is likely correct, the only way 'forward' in this industry is full nudity/canwork. I think it's technically possible to continue just teasing but she doesn't have the creativity or skill for that.

No. 625046

File: 1547260889347.png (33.18 KB, 517x683, 20520630755ed536bda9bf26d20a40…)

She asked her reddit what type of photoshoots they would like to see and the replies are hilarious

No. 625048

Her family doesn't work that way. She burned that bridge when she flashed her coochie for the whole world to see. There's no going back.

No. 625051

Man I don't even care if this bitch becomes a full camgirl, but it's weirdly infuriating to me that she won't even own it? She accidentally had nip and vag slips this stream, but she can't even use that to her advantage or as part of the show. Like try to be coy and sexy about trying to stay covered up, maybe, if you don't want to go full nude?Instead this bitch just looks uncomfortable and it's just so clear she's just enduring this for the money. She's never genuinely tried at anything. APPLY YOURSELF, MOO

No. 625056

I'd honestly have more respect for her if she just ditched the "cosplayer" act and went to being a camgirl. Of course, that will never happen because she'll never give up any stream of income.

And non-nude camgirls can be fairly successful, but you have to be engaging, have some sort of niche (like some play a lot of games and stuff), and generally they take care of their looks (i.e. not wearing sweats with greasy hair). She wouldn't be making as much as she is now though. She should just go full nude and get it over with. It's not like it would taint her name anymore than it already is.

No. 625060

right? like I always feel, idk like, second hand degradation from her. I don't know how to explain this but I almost feel sorry for her on a really basic level (not for her specifically cus she's just so awful) when all people ask her for is to get naked, and you know these guys would like to see some really nasty degrading shit be done to her. It's depressing…bitch dug herself a hole

No. 625063

File: 1547261757122.png (16.17 KB, 817x128, 3dd2f810ca4a0c9fd46bb782a35d2d…)

she truly fucked up last night when she showed her pussy

No. 625066

Lastnight's stream is up


Part 2 starts around when she gets into the Jacuzzi
41 minutes is when her bikini "falls" off

No. 625079

she spent her cam money on fucking furry ears

should've just spent it on sushi dinner tbh

No. 625080


She made almost $1500 lastnight if none of the tips were cancelled or refunded.

No. 625083

no she didn't anon lmao. can someone who knows what % she keeps give a rundown.

No. 625089


Models get 0.05 per token. She had 2 3500 goals and 3 4000 goals. So around $950

Plus after goals she got a ton more tokens, there was no count but it was well over 5000 more

No. 625090

Wow, that's still a lot. That's my rent. How many views did she have?

No. 625092

that's around how much a full-time paycheck would be anyway, unless she does it often and keeps up those numbers, it's not really impressive. this was the first time she showed snatch, all those dumb boys really thought they'd get more, that she did it on purpose. once they realize that's not happening again (unless she does sink that low, or until she does sink that low), she won't pull those numbers. consider that a record high, tbh.

No. 625094

At the height of the stream she had over 1000 viewers and was in second place on the front page.

After streaming for only 3 days is currently #10 of their Top 25 for January. That rank is based on how much their were tipped.

No. 625098

the tips are disproportional to the views though because she had that one Thrall guy tipping mad beta bux only to get totally cucked when he asked for a private show for his $$$. looked at first like he was a plant from the site to boost her numbers, but he's probably just that much of a sad neckbeard. if he taps out after this, she won't get anywhere near that much next time.

No. 625103

I'm still convinced he was a plant from the site because with each of his big tips she would ask what he wanted and he would say 'oh whatever' or nothing. The asking for a private show was probably supposed to be to convince other people to throw major bucks for a private shows in the future but she was too stupid to catch on.

around $1k of that was the one guy.

No. 625106

i really think he was a patreon cuck who got way too excited once he got a whiff that she might really go nude and do it, but either way, him not showing up brings her earnings down by two-thirds even if she pulls the same numbers otherwise tomorrow. which she def wont, unless she has a few more 'oopsies'.


No. 625108

She's new to camming and lots of people just tipping because of that. She's not nearly engaging or attractive enough for this to last past the initial high of her being on cam. Her fanbase doesn't have the income (the amount of people saying how expensive tokens are prove that) for this to be a constant thing. I personally and loving this. Watching her get all excited about this awesome new stream of income and going further down the degradation hole or watch it start to dry up when she just does the same shit over and over is going to be great. I give it 6 months tops before she's either full nude and masturbating on cam like the rest or the funds aren't enough for her to bother anymore. Enjoy this, a lot of us never thought it would actually get here.

No. 625111

it's really amazing to see such a clear rise and fall, isn't it? that cheap spandex suit truly ruined her. there's no way in my mind that she'll go back to working a real job after this, she wont be able to make nearly as much money and will have to stop flexing for the internet and get humble. she'll become an actual whore before she goes back to min wage at starbucks.

No. 625114

I remember him dropping money on her back in her first round of streaming too. all of the big tippers I can think of off the top of my head (zealotwolf, thrall, twobigblackguys there’s a couple more) have stuck around since the start. twobigblackguys even managed to get the only private I can remember her doing.

maybe they just love her and don’t have anything better to do with their money. maybe they like that she seems “down to earth” and “approachable” I don’t get it either. whatever it is I’m just thankful that these guys are willing to drop HUNDREDS of dollars to nourish us all.

No. 625116

lonely weirdos with a specific fetish, most likely. maybe thrall wanted her to break out the milking machine, kek. either way, he wont keep donating that much now that she's outright told him no.

No. 625123

Her best hope is to find a nice fan to marry. Sex work ends up being rough on people, the money can be really good but only for a short amount of time and lots of people have a hard time adjusting to the labor:income ratio of regular jobs after.

Haven't read all of these threads, has she ever dated anyone seriously or long term?

No. 625128

File: 1547270011535.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1278x674, tit.png)


No. 625130

To elaborate on last night:
Thrall, zealot wolf and some others I recognized from ~the first cam sessions~ were dropping mad bux on her and the one time Thrall asked for a private show, she denied him saying "you did enough tonight buddy".
People in the chat were pissed at that too and once people started up the scammer talk, she decided to "refund" Thrall. She frantically typed out messages to him and was telling the chat she didn't feel comfortable with her taking the money because a. she didn't know if he needed the money, b. doesn't know anyone who would have that type of money lying around (ironic, a clout chaser worried about another person's income and where the money comes from lol), c. mentioned earlier in the stream that she refunds people who tip high because she has a goal she sets for herself each stream and doesn't need the money. She also freaked out and acted weird when responding to a joke a chatter said about someone paying her rent. She mentioned point c after that joke but she took it too seriously. I remember a long time ago she reacted the same way when someone else mentioned someone paying her rent so I think it might be true.

If any anons can give any insight on who "Mr. Beast" was/is and why she acted so dismissive over him, it would be appreciated. The chat joked Mr Beast had a crush on her, he might be Thrall in disguise and he also paid a pretty penny for her flat ass during cam sessions before.

No. 625132

Her best hope is to find a nice fan to marry. Sex work ends up being rough on people, the money can be really good but only for a short amount of time and lots of people have a hard time adjusting to the labor:income ratio of regular jobs after.

Haven't read all of these threads, has she ever dated anyone seriously or long term?

No. 625134

Mr Beast is a youtuber who drops tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on dumb shit - often on streamers

No. 625136


It felt like she was afraid of getting reported for taking his money without doing anything. She clearly exhausted every non-nude option she had and was hoping to end the stream before people start asking for more and getting pissed at her telling them no. I think that’s where the whole “I only want to earn a set amount each night” bullshit came from. She’ll meet all her goals and then end the stream before people start demanding more from her. Which is why she was so desperate to take his money back, that way their are no expectations from her to do anything for it.

If I were another cam girl, I’d be fucking pissed at her. Unlike Moo, this happens to be their livelihoods and they don’t have the luxury of turning down tips because they think they are too good to have to resort to nude content. It’s the difference of whether or not they have food on the table or a roof over their head so they don’t get to act like they have some sort of moral high ground.

No. 625140

Thrall was better off probably not getting the private show, I can’t imagine how awkward and possibly bitchy she’d be. i also really really wonder how far she’ll go in a private because we know she won’t do any more work than she does already. last night she mentioned had a limit for them but didn’t say what it was. I’m pretty sure bigblackguys show was just more of her pouring cum on her tits? I know we’ll never know.

No. 625144

I'd be pretty pissed for my buddy Thrall, as well, if she did a shit private show. The man dropped rent money on her and she won't even show titty on a cam site. She never specified what a private show was either. Despite veteran chat goers asking her valid questions before they spent the money, she pretty much ignored them and clapped back saying they weren't tipping so they have 0 say in their requests of her.
I've never known or seen a cam girl who was NOT shit act like this. They would flirt about the idea of a great private show but never outright be a prude (for lack of a better word) over the content of a private show towards paying patrons. Shit, some dude tipped her wanting her to mommydom him and our great MOMMY DOM MOO DENIED HIM.

No. 625148

I wonder if she's doing the long blond hair thing again because Vamp's man lives with her now. I remember that she wore it to a wedding with him once.

No. 625153

When did this happen?
Her cam shows are usuay so boring im glad she finally slip up

No. 625158

what is this from? it's posted with no context.

No. 625159

what is this from? it's posted with no context.

No. 625165


It's from the last stream. I'm not the anon that posted it.

Her vag slips seemed accidental, because she misjudged her towel/bikini etc, but from the stream thread (I didn't watch the stream itself), it seems that this was deliberate.

No. 625167

their site is suuuuper small though atm

No. 625168

Learn to read you dumb bitch. It says you're a scammer, not trying to sneak your way in to buy the item pre auction is scamming. But sure, clap those chicken wings - maybe some day you'll fly.

No. 625171

Did you reply to the wrong post? I wasn't referring at all to her family, just her crotch. Her family isn't my concern so idc lol (I'd be ashamed to be related to her too)

No. 625172

File: 1547288025103.jpg (485.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190111-231845_Ins…)

Faked a headache, so that she could spend her entire evening shouting at a television like some senior citizen with dementia.

Vamp and Miso Tokki are at ALA having a great time and networking, while Moo is recovering from Pussygate, anxiously awaiting a notification regarding a sold keychain. No roommate. No friends. No frequent visits from her closest family, who live in the same part of town as her…

This is poetic.

No. 625174

She dumped her last bf to be a coswhore, and that's it.

Oh, and she fucked her photog. Then got mad when he ended it.

So since starting cosplay, no. At all, probably also no.

No. 625177

Proof of that aside from her saying so?

No. 625178

Let's not forget all the times in high school (and since entering the cosplay community) when she'd try to go after everyone else's boyfriends because she can't get her own and was known as the jock-wannabe boyfriend stealing bitch, must suck knowing that you look like a boneless ham and can't even get a single guy

No. 625179

>>625148 He doesn't live with her. Scroll up in this thread. He's playing RDR2 at the same house he's been staying at while Mariah filmed it.

She claims he's moving in. I've seen nothing to validate her claims thus far, however. And I don't think it's going to actually happen either.

No. 625234

She only posted Rin today because Vamplette saw Rin today at con

No. 625238

I think she's finally coming to terms that the anime, cosplay and video game communities want nothing to do with her and is accepting her fate as a camgirl making her way into porn. But knowing Momo she is going to piss off the cam girls by saying she's better than them or something.

No. 625241

Same really, he obviously spaces out his time with her. Vamp he's far more comfortable with. Moo I think he managed the Japan trip because it was Japan and he had expenses paid. But I think in reality he can manage maybe a day or two of being around her before needing week long breaks.

No. 625253

>>625241 It's just the idea that Mariah would treat him like a live-in accessory, much like she does with the cats. He would be asked to watch anime on Netflix with her during his downtime, and I don't think she's mature enough to handle the rejection.

At the beginning of her most recent stream, Mariah said she was playing a video game with Nick and someone else. So think about this for a second. He sent her home by tricking her into going back to her house so that they could do some gaming. In other words, he doesn't mind being engaged or involved, but he can only stand to do it from a distance after the Japan trip. Can't say I blame the guy for getting sick of Mariah's behavior and antics after spending a couple of weeks with her. There's no way in hell he would want to do that to himself 365 days a year.

No. 625256

File: 1547324233997.png (4.15 MB, 750x1334, CAB273F7-CC4E-452D-96D6-CF18E9…)

gonna do “big titty Nero shoots”

No. 625257

File: 1547324262791.png (360.79 KB, 512x724, C44EF7ED-7FCC-43C1-87B4-A71FF0…)

reference for non fatefags

No. 625258

File: 1547324326213.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 000470E4-C77D-441E-A01D-E1992E…)

bought a hat which I thought was hinting at a white blood cell (cells at work!) Cosplay but the moon runes don’t match up if someone wants to translate

No. 625259

File: 1547324349157.jpeg (592.97 KB, 750x1088, CADC4A2A-4EC0-4978-834D-7FF741…)

“Post phones”

No. 625260

It's the platelets (loli looking characters)

No. 625261


>'skip Katsucon'

Do you guys think that she will ever attend a con again? Not only this year, but like ever in the near future?

No. 625263

File: 1547324762066.jpeg (181.24 KB, 1400x753, 32D7251F-B5BE-4B18-9556-EF0064…)

thanks! I knew it was something from the show!

for anyone who hasn’t seen they literally treat these characters as if they are elementary school aged kids

No. 625264

>>625261 I think she's done going to cons while wearing cosplay. She's been relegated to the role of a shopping bag whore, limited to spending money on things she claims to have interest in.

As for appearing as a guest, or even loitering around outside while dressed up, I believe she's done. It wouldn't benefit her at this point to do this anyhow. The neckbeards revealed they don't care about the cosplay aspect. They want titties and dildos with fake cum.

No. 625266

She'll look for any excuse not to attend a con again. They used to be her safe space but since I think lvl up (correct me if I'm wrong) in plains clothing she couldn't get any attention and had to flee once people knew she was there. She's terrified of the same reaction. So will go with any lame ass excuse as to why she couldn't attend mates! also OT but wasn't Vamp leaving cosplay this year? Or has Moo's fall made her reconsider since she can play both lives. BFF with Moo out of sight and live it up at cons outside of that?

No. 625267

Thrall dropping rent money on Momo sounds like Thrall's problem tbh, fucked up priorities.

No. 625268

Bet she's gonna be that blonde one on the left so she can wear her shitty natural/extensions instead of a wig. Kanna all over I assume, on purpose to kick up dust & make her name known again. Clout from lewding kids/lolis

No. 625270

>>625266 Vamp was supposed to quit after attending a con or two in early 2019, because the original story is that she was going to attend school for a job in the pharmaceutical field.

Of course, Mariah chimed in during her first tenure with Camversity, saying she (Mariah) already took a course like the one Vamp was planning on taking, much to Vamp's surprise. So maybe that could have deterred her a bit? Maybe she was under the impression that Mariah would help finance this endeavor? Who knows?

Mariah was also supposed to resume taking classes right around this time, according to Mariah herself. But we're still waiting on the apology video with the cat on her lap, the behind the scenes documentary of the Beatrice garbage, the 30 minute aerobics video… You get the idea.

No. 625271

Proof of what? I said that I wonder if she's doing it for that reason. It wouldn't be out of character for Moo to change her appearance for a guy.

No. 625275

Double-posting, you're right. I assumed that he did because of that post (thought it was Mariah's new place). She claimed that he was, but that doesn't mean that he will.

No. 625276

>>625275 Easy mistake to make. They both have a very similar entertainment center, and they both live like slobs, as evidenced by the footage we've been treated to.

No. 625281

Cmv? Cosplay Music Video? Or am I missing another abbreviation?

No. 625283

Ybh, if we are going to complain about Moo doing fictional characters, old or young, then people really can't be nitpicking who gets harassed about it. Already some people have leweded these guys, so its not like Moo is going to be the only one. She jus DOESNT look like one and a damn tent shirt will make her look like a balloon and fatter than she already is. It must be a lot of work for Cucknoodles to edit out the back fat that swallows cosplays from the behind. Easy to edit out in bikinis though. Hm..

No. 625284

And then the only girls who look up to her and insecure as hell and think she's some beacon of positivity and body acceptance when they should be looking at models like Envy, Susu, or even Stephanie for that shit. There are way better role models, cosplayers, real models who actually represent shit unlike Moo. She doesn't even make anything aside from 10% of an outfit and you have these girls screaming about how they wish they could craft like her. Wtf? This must be why she's back to zero credit for every post she makes. Its an attempt at gaining cred for shit she hasn't done to boost her reputation.

No. 625285

Momo will never release a proper apology video personally addressing to the victims. She settled for just BS and victim blaming. Even if she released it it's far to late.

As for the Beatrice shit she's never releasing that shit show. We all know she's upset that wasn't the career saving project she was hoping for and everyone just made fun of her for it. It was just a blatant narcissistic piece of crap.

finally, 30 minute aerobics video? I'm not sure she can stand for that long anon. She couldn't even do 5 halfed assed squats

No. 625286

Vamp said she's finishing off a few core cons. Even if she stopped, she's allowed to go. She probably wasn't sure it if would affect her real job plus studies. Unlike Moo, I believe Vamp is going to go to school. She old enough where she has to or work at that groccery store forever and once she caps out, good lukc on making more of the ceiling minimum wage.

No. 625287

A lot of that is behind a Patreon wall. we need someone to get in again.

No. 625290

But anon, she said she doesn't care if everyone else hates it because a maid in the cafe Moo went to, the Monster Cafe, said that she personally showed the author of Umineko the footage and he said he loved it.

Like wtf are the chances this waitress in a cyclops mask KNOWS the original author or Umineko and he told her to tell Moo that he loved it. What?

No. 625291

obviously Moo lying or the maid making fun of Moo and Moo being too dense to realize it

No. 625295

Hey moo, where your glasses at? You NEVER wear them since they are prescription. I just got a pair which got me thinking about those again. She has so much bs she really, really can't remember the details of what she said about what.

No. 625296

It was mentioned before but its vile how she gets so excited about this character for the sexual themes of the movie. Its a very deapair filled movie because "her girl" Sakura is a rape victim. Sexualizing a raped youth is beyond disgusting…

No. 625298

Moo has a weird taste in hentai. She usually likes the girls to be embarrassed, raped, mentally broken, under aged or humiliated. Once again, she's the female version of her gross fans

No. 625300


Am I being dumb or did she delete this post on her Inta..?

No. 625308

lmao already preemptively creating a reason to skip out of Katsu so she can avoid backlash, how very moo of her

No. 625309

the sad thing is everyone would over look most of her shit if she wasn't such a horrid cunt. That and she digs herself in these dumb holes by saying stuff like "Rape triggers me because I'm a rape victim!"

No. 625311

Youre right. Its gone.

No. 625313

sorry I can't sage for retardation, but I tried googling what these looked like and… how the are these things worth hundreds of dollars?/multiple people willing to pay/auction that… I mean, I get that moo has no sense of money, but, nani the fuck

No. 625314

they aren't. the furry community is just batshit and once people get popular they can outright charge ridiculous amounts.

No. 625315

>role model
sure Jan

No. 625317

>skip Katsucon
She's already spooked by how many people that hate her are going.

No. 625319

You missed the part where I said two OTHER things too. You totally missed the point because you have bad blood. Its not about Su ffs. Its about girls who actually cosplay, make their stuff, can model and don't need copious amounts of photoshop like Moo does. Thats the point. And I dont mean those 3 examples all make their stuff or dont use photoshop. Nitpick elsewhere.

No. 625338

File: 1547338724095.png (147.48 KB, 633x622, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 4.32…)

These are the rules of Camversity. The only thing she would be reported for is smoking. I am still confused why she refunded the money. The only things I can think of is that Thrall asked for something creepy in PM, or she has a Rich Neckbeard already providing for her.

No. 625357

oh my god, she's probably gonna do a bikini cosplay of another child character. What is up with her need of sexualising anime children all the time?

No. 625366

File: 1547342545585.jpeg (59.33 KB, 1198x507, 015DEE7B-B214-42C7-8178-BE9B24…)

momokun was outbid for the ears right near the end. serves her right

No. 625368

I bet all the people she bullied in high school are feeling great right now. I know I would.

No. 625375

Checked out that insta post and people are fighting with the creator about selling ears to an sexual abuser. Everywhere Momocunt goes she always leaves trouble for said shop owner/artist. People are gonna get tired of working with her and ruining their reputation

No. 625376

>>625375 Sometimes I wonder if she purposely tries to sabotage other companies, creators, people, etc.

Aside from causing a ruckus in various comment sections, she also feels the need to throw tags around whenever she obtains something. I'm sure people are taking note and purposely not supporting whomever she tags. It's the Momokun blacklist, created mostly in part to her abrasive nature.

No. 625387

Another person bid between moo and the winner so even if he’s a troll like last time, moo won’t get them.

No. 625392

Imagine being a hambeast like mariah and seeing this stick thin petite character and thinking "people will definitely think my body is appropriate for cosplaying this for profit and it will definitely be accurate and good".

No. 625404

Comments do appear for me, maybe she did a clean up?

No. 625406

Not to mention she didn't get an invite back to Wizard World Portland as a guest. Guess they didnt want cam thots and cosplayers who don't even show up to their booth.

No. 625412

It's true, you can commission nice quality custom pairs of these for like $60. But the kittenplay and furry communities are kind of freaky about them and see them as collectors items.

Not to mention she just loves to stir as much shit as possible, even after everything. All her ":3 <3 can't wait for the auction" comments when she thought she had pulled a fast one on everything. She does absolutely everything to ensure that she is the least likable person.

Related to that, but it's shit like that that just makes me remember those posts anon uncovered from her like, DeviantArt or Livejournal blog or whatever it was. Where she's like, fourteen and has the most snobby, entitled, literally "I'm going to be the BEST" attitude in the world… and how she still hasn't changed one bit. It's fascinating.

No. 625493

File: 1547359633258.png (639.31 KB, 573x730, a921dfab35ef3824efc7aa0332c656…)


No. 625495

I dont normally act like a waifufag but the fact she's doing Nero makes me sick

No. 625504

File: 1547360405026.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 95C35BC8-142A-45E2-BC11-7863CC…)

Aaand she’s letting her cat drag her brand new cosplay around

No. 625564

Even the cats realize this is disgusting

No. 625575

>>625504 Guzma looks cuter with the thong in his mouth than Moo could possibly ever look in an upcoming photo set.

I think the cats are sentient. They're just as disgusted with her cosplay aspirations as we are.

No. 625576

Her kitty is so cute

No. 625593

File: 1547367088488.jpg (97.67 KB, 838x1080, fgoa-004-10[1].jpg)

Same, especially after the whole "I want to recreate Nero's suicide" debacle. I try not to sperg too much about Fate when she acts like she's the biggest and best fan out there, but it's nauseating.

Not to mention that she only thinks she suits Nero because "BIG BOOBS MEANS SHE'S JUST LIKE ME!!!!" disregarding that Nero is super petite with a cute face, the antithesis to Moo.

If she wants to cosplay Fate so bad, she wouldn't make an awful Caesar.

No. 625596

File: 1547367812365.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 1FA1FA8D-AC6F-4514-A2D7-7084EF…)

IF this even ends up happening do you guys think that it means her camversity contract is up soon? last time it didn’t seem like they were letting her stream anywhere else and showing the controller builds “hype” for the streams.

No. 625599

>>625596 Imagine being one of the schmucks that dropped tons of tokens on her tonight, getting a disappointing show in return, and seeing her gloat about this purchase afterwards.

Mariah will shit down your throat and tell you it's dinner.

No. 625600

Lol, that's a fucking bootleg controller.

No. 625603

How can you tell? (Not WKing, just curious)

No. 625621

cant wait to see this cum box mess, esp the wig

No. 625634

File: 1547377355898.jpg (27.64 KB, 530x210, gc.JPG)

$145 on a gamecube controller rather than just getting a standard black one for $30. She has the worst priorities with her money as soon as she can get something exclusive to ~Japan~

No. 625644

For real, this is what her cucks have wanted for ages, and now they've seen her completely nude on cam, she can't backpedal on that and think mediocre lewds will earn her money.

No. 625645

File: 1547379963723.png (Spoiler Image, 596.32 KB, 1490x355, fskammk.png)

Sorry if not allowed or something but I noticed she's popping up more and more on porn sites now to the point of guys uploading videos of themselves jerking off on pictures to her as she's livestreaming (those were on pornhub, probably eagerly awaiting her to use that account she made there). Wonder how her familys taking it.

No. 625650


>Fat slob known as Momokun


No. 625656

>It's the platelets (loli looking characters)
Dizus fuck, Mariah!!

No. 625660

Even if he did see it, why would he shit on a fan work that isn't hateful? It's such an empty brag, it doesn't even matter if it's true or false lol.

No. 625664


No Japanese person (and most people of any nationality) would be anything but polite in this situation. A foreigner shows you fan art of your work. You smile and say "That's nice."

No. 625668

This. There's only a handful of shops that can pull this sort of money. Moo also just participates in their auctions instead of the releases which cost significantly less. She's gotta flex those beta bux on the furries.

No. 625673

Momo doesn’t even give a fuck about ears or furries. She just wants to show off her money. And she’s only pretending to be interested because she wants to copy Kay Bear who actually wears ears and is into the pet kink.

No. 625678

It's so stupid that she bought this. There is a reason people pay that much for the controller but she'll never be at the technical level to really utilize those features. That and she'll likely use it for smash ultimate when those controllers features are only really beneficial for melee.
It's just a case of her wanting to buy something so she looks up the absolute best and most expensive thing of it to flex. I can't wait for the smash community to shit on her even more than they already have

No. 625680


This. It's so weird that she wants to act like a "serious" smash player when she's a fucking joke in the FGC.

I wonder if Vamp's ALA experience is helping her realize that she can be part of the cosplay community without Moo, and that people like her a lot more without her. The true milk will flow when Vamp turns her back on her.

No. 625688

Are the controllers region locked at all?

No. 625689

>The true milk will flow when Vamp turns her back on her.

I wonder if she would go back to secretly shitting on her on 4chan again are be crazy overt and spill the beans.

No. 625691

I don’t think the controllers are region locked, but it is mighty stupid of her to buy this kind of controller when it’s doubtful that she’s even into smash like that.

No. 625693


It's the same thing she did with God of War. Buying it for the uwu gamergurl points, flex, and never mention it ever again.

No. 625699

They probably have a ton of dirt on each other , it would turn into an all out war if one of them turned on the other. Both are shitty people so it’d be a tsunami of milk

No. 625701

I just saw a whole bunch of white ones on ebay for under $20 each. wtf is she doing. She must love throwing her money away

No. 625709

Did Moo ever say why she didn't go to ALA? The obvious answer is that she's scared to show her face, but I'm wondering if she was banned and that's why she didn't even bother to pretend to show up. She says she's going to Katsucon and AX etc. so she hasn't fully given up on cons supposedly.

No. 625711

the creator is too fucking autistic about umineko to actually like moo's shit.

No. 625733

Plus, she could still go but not spend all 3/4 days there or not spend a bunch of time and money making new cosplays. Just like casually going instead of revolving her life around them like most con-going weebs do

No. 625743

File: 1547413336344.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.83 MB, 864x368, thot_malfunction_404error.gif)

Guy gives her 3000 tokens. She says "I don't know what else to do" so she jiggles her boobs, then gets up to hike up her nasty bikini bottom and undoes the strings. She cooch flashed on accident but tried to play it off.

That stream is so boring. She just wiggled in the tub, jiggled boobs and sometimes ass, then burped and smoked weed like white trash. It was like watching a documentary of a fat thot in it's natural habit and equally as boring.

No. 625746

File: 1547413432653.jpeg (570.04 KB, 750x1103, F7DDA326-6730-4EA7-BFDD-FF164A…)

No. 625749

I hadn't seen it in motion, it definitely doesn't look like it was an accident

No. 625752

It's a shame, she was really pretty once (second pic). And now she's just a blob

No. 625753

>>625746 Looks like she's trying to do some damage control by bringing this up for pity points. I understand how many people struggle with their image, but there's a major contradiction here. She's the heaviest she's ever been, even after 2 rounds of liposuction. So if she's at her happiest being a fat pig (and let's be honest - she isn't happy), then why did she get liposuction and try to bullshit everyone into thinking she was a fitness enthusiast?

No. 625757

Bitch needs to work on a lot more than just her cardio lul

No. 625763


She doesn't even look like the far right anymore

No. 625774

File: 1547415323518.jpeg (40.43 KB, 480x480, 1458317234736.jpeg)

>It's a shame, she was really pretty once (second pic). And now she's just a blob

Oh yeah, she was really pretty once…(pic related from very first Momokun thread)

Stop with this. She was never pretty. She always had the eye bags, the turtle lips, the huge nose, the shitty attitude, and the complete lack of understanding of how to pose or look appealing.

She was skinny in high school, but so was everybody who played sports. Big deal.

By the time she started cosplaying she had already gained a lot of weight, but was still at a size where angles and shoop could hide a lot of problems. The only difference now is she's too fat for those tricks to work except on neckbeards and insecure body positive girls who want to believe the lie.

But she was never pretty or cute or decent at any weight and there's pics to prove it.

No. 625776

Its funny. She posted this RIGHT after Stephany just did a body change one and not loving herself. Jfc. Has she started following her? Called her a bimbo-fetishist the other day and Im not kidding when I say this is basically Stephanie's post too. Jfc Moo.

No. 625783

She used a picture from 6+ months ago when she was at least 15-20lbs lighter than she is now lol

No. 625793


lol talks about loving her body now so much but still uses a picture from like 30 pounds ago. What a joke. I really think she's going to start pushing 300 this year. She gained like 50 pounds over the course of 2018.

No. 625815

It looks like an accident to me. She's just got ham hands. Notice she tries to pick up the string bottoms and picks up only one string so the other one slides down as the other is being pulled up. She has zero grace and no sense of consequences so she didn't understand playing around like that could cause a slip up.

No. 625859

It's hard to believe her when she's always using her middle school photo to represent her "lowest". Like if she really moved forward, she wouldn't constantly use her pre-teen self, the one where her father also really mistreated and ruined her self esteem with, as her negative example. Not to mention she's probably the same weight if not heavier today. Just sorta shows she still loathes the same 'Mariah' she hated back then too.

No. 625872

I know we have to constantly remind ourselves that Vamp is not a good person and has made some really shitty choices when it comes to handling things, specially Moo, so I'm not trying to sound like I've forgotten that.
But she's seriously so much more tolerable when she's not hanging out with her. When she did the couple Camversity streams after she went on Moo's, she was genuinely interesting and funny and pleasant to watch. I wish she'd see how much she's dragged down by being associated with her.

No. 625874

It really is something seeing Moo reach literal camgirl level of "work". The cosplay aspect of everything she does is gone, she's entering full blown sex worker territory thanks to Camversity obviously licking her ass once more and wanting her back under contract.

No. 625877

"I'm happy, I finally love my own body." Continues to shoop, face tape, waist train and have cosmetic surgeries. Lol k.

No. 625878

short 1 hour stream yesterday, anything good?

No. 625901

File: 1547431847672.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.88 KB, 983x675, 84BA5A95-22CF-4F6E-BF16-59BF85…)

See through lingerie from her stream

No. 625915

Hey, you have a chat icon showing.

No. 625919

File: 1547432683667.jpg (538.22 KB, 1080x1888, 20190113_201239.jpg)

Sorry wrong screenshot with chat head. Here ya go.

No. 625920

That doughy face…

So it looks like anons were on the money of how this escalates. She seemed like she wasn't good with showing nips but now she's freely doing it. She'll move on from sheer to nude soon enough.

No. 625924

Tbh Im thinking she likes the attention its getting her. Shes 'oopsy'd a few TOO many times to have this be an accident.

No. 625931

I seriously thought this was a current picture of her mother.

No. 625938

Yeah unless its good lighting, tbh, Moo is fucking ugly down to genetics. Not her fault, but damn her parents passed down some shitty genes. Shes doesnt have BD like she claims. She just hates her luck of the draw compared to other models.

No. 625939

>body dysmorphia

bitch where? you are the biggest, most vain attention whore on the planet. you LOVE being seen, caught on camera and video, no matter how shitty you look. that is not BDD behavior.

No. 625941

>tfw the entirety of the chest section barely holds half the boob.

holy fuck moo, BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT
also, is that a rip on her right (our left) boob where the lace meets the other fabric?

No. 625946

ONLY buys stuff for less than $10 on Amazon.

No. 625954

Did you ever notice how she always has to be looking at herself? Like always. When she's camming she is always looking at the live feed, not her neckbeard fans. She does the same thing with her selfies. Never looks away from the phone. JFC moo, at least try to pretend that you care about anything other than yourself for a tiny fraction of a second. And for someone who spends her whole life looking at herself she still can't see that she looks like shit most of the time?

No. 625956

>>625954 It's a weird mix of both narcissism and insecurity. She has to make sure she's hitting the right angles in order to trick the gullible neckbeards, but she also manages to trick herself into thinking she's one of the sexiest women on the planet.

No. 625973

TBH thats kind of a dumb argument about her as male streamers and almost all cam girls and most people who make vids look at the camera view. You gotta check that you look okay, nothing in the background happening that could get you banned or taken off the site you are streaming on, overall checking other things happening on screen/ Most of these people who do anything streaming wise does this and Moo doesn't do it more often than them either.

No. 625992

i think anon's trying to say she's not really engaging. camgirls/guys tend to look at the camera to make their viewers think they are looking at them that's different from steamers who are busy with streaming looking at the game etc. obviously you need to pay attention to the chat, but there are simple ways to move the preview and chat around and make it easier to look near/at the camera.

No. 625995

I mean I don't entirely disagree, but I think most people hate what they looked liked in middle school.

Also, the center picture really drives home how unflattering the bleached hair looks compared to her natural color.

No. 626018

I was going to ask if this was the one with the sex scene she jerked off over and tried to recreate. Ugh, she's so fucking gross.

No. 626135

This. It makes it worse that she had assaulted women irl and she basically is sexualizing rape in Fate. She has no shame. if she were a dude, she'd be torn down

No. 626147

She totally does, but I think that's not the case when she's trying to flaunt her cuck bucks.

No. 626162

File: 1547498618557.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, DCA58E80-4B16-46F3-B2F1-975DA4…)

No. 626164

These fucking titles lmao

No. 626169

Because they're totally going to take your money, Moo. Funny how she had to ask for this in a story, not a post…

No. 626174

I thought they had made an unofficial statement or something about her after

No. 626177

Smash is the only game she plays, but I doubt she'll stream. Every one will tell her how much she sucks.

No. 626178

Liar. She's doing that old pic vs current pic shit, and doing it wrong.
Plus, with that tl;dr I bet daddy is disappointed in her recent cam adventures.

No. 626180

She's only "loving herself so much" because
- she's burning through other peoples money
- she lives alone so her parents cant tell her what to do
- she can eat and smoke whenever/whatever she wants


No. 626182

"Hi, I'm such a good person so I wanted to let everyone know that I want to totally donate, but I'm so busy being a good person, I can't even read or figure out who was affected and will probably never mention it again, but people will remember I at least posted about it because DON'T FORGET… I'm suuuch a good person."

No. 626184

This reeks of "Please let me buy my way back cosplay community! I don't wanna be a nasty cam girl anymore!!"

No. 626186

This. She just buys Chinese shit in the biggest size off Amazon. I don't get it.

The only time she looks at someone else in photos is when she wants their dick for real.
Also, I don't think she has a photog anymore tbh.

No. 626187

>I'm a good person but I'm too lazy to click a link on my Fb feed right now

No. 626188

That would explain the “selfie” shoots and tripod photo shoots. Has she done any shoots this month?

No. 626199

she said a couple of relevant things on livestream last night to this:
she’s supposed to be shooting soon (I forgot this week or next? She’s doing more selfie stuff too ofc)

she still shoots with squarenoodles aka Marvin and she recently started working with a new photographer too, it’s the girl who shot her Christmas sets and a recent pachaco set. The female photographer has a different style than noodles and apprently does more beauty stuff.

No. 626200

Hey moo, we know you buy stupid expensive shit, why not put your neckbeard bucks to good use?

No. 626201

She’s posting all the gofundmes and kofis on her story but no proof of donating. yeah yeah you shouldn’t have to post proof of your good deeds but this is momokun we’re taking about

No. 626205

She couldn’t bother logging on to Facebook and looking at all the shared posts herself? Plenty of my cosplayer friends, even those that didn’t attend ALA, have shared the link from Julia. This was such an unfortunate event and she can’t help but try to show off how “helpful” she is. Pro tip moo: not everything is about money. Instead of showing off how you’re donating to those affected, maybe talk about how what happened was not okay, and that those who have experienced/are still experiencing similar issues of stalking are not alone or some bullshit like that

No. 626229

Moo would rather make it a joke by saying 'gg stay safe weebs' instead of 'this is a tragedy and the poor girl was being stalked by the person who started this fire'. She fucking knew NOTHING about this until it started popping up everywhere and don't worry Moo. Twitter knows about you fucking around by saying 'GG'. Ffs.. this isn't a God damn video game where you die. What a fucking horrible bitch. Like seriously. She acts like anything that doesn't involve her tragedy wise is a joke or a means to make herself look good. She doesn't actually care.

No. 626263

No amount of tradgedy is worth taking that pig's money

No. 626275

She just wants to use it as an excuse to pat herself on the back for being such a good person and show all the haterz in the cosplay comm she's grown. so. Much.

No. 626284

Wow, the posturing here is so obvious. Just googling it wouldn't have gotten her brownie points, so she had to post about it.

I'd bet money that she's just posting this to look good and doesn't actually plan on donating. Why spend money productively when you can blow it on shitty cat ears, the gucci clearence section, and anus bleach?

No. 626286

She'll probably end up murdered by some scorned neck beard at the rate she's going; I'd be more paranoid if I were her.

Anything to be famous, I guess… Yikes.

No. 626288

She used the slur "mongoloid" in a recent IG story, how did no one catch that and drag her yet??

No. 626294

In the US it isn't really considered a slur. It's an insult but it's not like dropping the N word. Hell it's considered less insulting then cunt.

No. 626300

Many people in the US don't know what that word means. They tend to think it means "idiot." So that's probably why.

No. 626306

Oh she'll passive-aggressively screech about what a GOOD PERSON with a LARGE HEART she is and quickly flash some payment screenshots on the next stream or insta story, mark my words.

No. 626307

I always thought it was a slur for someone who looked disfigured but also was mentally retarded or slow. Like the Hartley Hooligans.

Is she supposed to cam tonight? She's slightly entertaining in the same sense of watching my 600 pound life in between commercial breaks.

No. 626311

Vamp is in her story on ig rn so who knows. I would think yes because she can get tips without working, but I feel like she may come down with another "headache"

Also they're watching Fate/Stay to prove that she's a "
"real fan".

No. 626314

No. 626318

As of right now, unless she donated anonymously (which we all know she would never do) she's not on the list of donors for said GoFundMe.

No. 626340

File: 1547538179768.jpeg (220.17 KB, 750x1210, 4140EEAE-B07D-4B31-91EB-AED4CF…)

She’s here and she’s body positive 1/3

No. 626343

File: 1547538269354.jpeg (331.12 KB, 750x1145, 2D8C21D9-0253-46BE-B2A2-304797…)

Body positive 2/3

No. 626344

File: 1547538341877.jpeg (295.28 KB, 750x1020, FEE95139-0E93-4EAB-BB00-3D2FFF…)


No. 626345

File: 1547538403453.png (920.22 KB, 750x1334, E7CBEB68-CFD2-4E77-8E8E-36DFB0…)

And then she puts this on her stories. I am honestly confusion.

No. 626347

>Stop being negative

How will you live your life then, Mariah?

No. 626350

I don't know what's triggering me more, the unsealed bathtub or the commenters who think you should seal the base of a tub with GROUT. Holy fuck … At least she'll apparently get to be epically relatable to her followers on one front because when her subfloor rots through and that tub falls into the next story literally all of her followers' bath fixtures will be right behind it.

No. 626353

Bitch you don't even look like that anymore. That was like a lipo and cold sculpt away ago. Dumb turtle neck bitch.

No. 626354

You’re right. She used a 20 lbs ago pic for her other body acceptance post too.
I think she’s doing this to feel better about herself for finally showing her tits to the world.
“I love my body because now I have fat chick tits men are paying to see, and I can pretend all the extra weight on my thighs is an ass!”
She’s just happy that she can pig out and get money from fat admirers for being a slob. If she weren’t making money off her size she wouldn’t be happy. Hell, I don’t think she actually likes what’s in the mirro. She just likes the money each gained pound represents

No. 626355

if she likes being thick better then why'd she get lipo? if she liked being thick better she would have just embraced what she was becoming, right?

No. 626356

She can't be that deluded, can she?

Moo the only people you have left are the ones who fap to your fat

No. 626359

Maybe it's just my shitty sight, but I honestly can't tell if that is her on the left. Like I know she put on weight and gave up on the Sun, but the girl on the left looks like her skull is a different size and shape. I feel this is just a bullshit troll on her part to see how many people kiss her ass and tell her they like the way she looks now. Stroke that ego, pat that ass.

No. 626361

Nah that's her, she has other photos to go with that timeline
She just looks a lot more like her mom without the extra fat to hide it

No. 626364

tinfoil but do any of you think she’s gonna get another lipo soon? she’s getting a good amount of cuck bucks from the streams and unless she doesn’t blow it all on some cat ears i think she would probably do it. not confident that she’s actually going to save her money for her quarterly taxes and her japan 2019 trip and she’s been talking about her body a lot

No. 626365


Mariah, literally no one hatss you cause you're fat. They hate you because you're a crazy, manipulative, egotistic abuser. You've sexually harassed people, bullied people out of communities, and pushed every single friend you ever had out of you're life. Being fat is legit the LEAST of your fucking problems. I'm so over her hiding behind this "I love my body, all the haters just don't like thicc girls!" Making fun of your weight is what people do not because they don't like fat people, but its because its like living proof of your lazy, sad, and pathetic life. Go buy some REAL clothes (not from amazon), let your hair grow out to be semi healthy , and actually go out and socialize once in a while. If you want to be a cam girl, actually invest in things that will make you a better cam girl. Don't just say "you love yourself now!" Cause if you did, you wouldn't be the human version of a pile of shit with half glued on eyelashes. REALLY love yourself. Get your life together, and maybe just MAYBE you won't be such an embarrassment. This shit is so damn transparent, she's is deep denial.

Sorry for the sperg, I can't stand when she does this shit because there's so many reasons to dislike her and the fact that she thinks being fat is at the top of the list is…. mind boggling.

No. 626370

mmkay mariah if you're so proud of that current body, why didn't you use a CURRENT and unedited photo? huh?

No. 626371

>>626340 The more I look at the "before" photo on the left, the more apparent it becomes that this is the happiest I've ever seen Mariah look in a photo. She went from basic bitch confidence to absolutely no confidences before she even turned 24.

No. 626403

I cant get over how small her head is in this mei pic. You know it's bad when your massive body makes it look like you got your head shrunk.

No. 626417


I was thinking the same thing, its like someone photoshoped her head in…

No. 626443

I know this has been said so many times but I'm so mad she's back on her body positivy crap when it's been confirmed she fat shamed and lipo all across her body. Also way to choose a pic from 40 pounds ago Moo.

No. 626445

God, you'd think English was her second language. Whenever she rants like this it emphasizes how uneducated she really is.

No. 626449

But she is an adult now. I'm honestly tired of that fucking excuse. It works for some stuff like how you said shitty things in high school, Ill give Moo that because she was clearly an edgy teen who thought she could emulate anime villains into her mentality to seem cool and 'not bothered' by anything.

But when you touch people at your age, its got nothing to do with your body. When just last year you fat shamed someone and you are 23? That's not something you can take back and blame it on YOU being insecure. That's literally just you being a fucking bitch. Making fun of people's hair when you have shitty hair and extensions yourself? Girl, you can take back shit from long ago, but not shit that is recent passed the age of 20. That shit is how you actually feel. Her bullshit body positivity stuff is infuriating and I'm honestly pissed to see many cosplayers that I follow liking this shit, PR covered, post.

No. 626479

She desperately wants back into the cos community kek. She is doing everything to try and get it out that she's a 'positive changed person' so she's not reduced to cam fodder. Too late Moo you burned every bridge possible.

No. 626483

If she wants back in the cos community it's too late now. She's a cam girl now. She needs to appease her horny fans now and shake her titts. No one is following her for her amazing cosplays.

No. 626492

File: 1547584692951.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, C371E5B0-2469-4D78-8AC7-A28E37…)

No. 626500

Imagine being a cuck that payed to find out the video is going free for whoever watches her cam show

No. 626522

File: 1547588832776.jpg (58.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190115-154718_Ins…)

Cant tell if blocked or taken down.

No. 626524

File: 1547589029354.jpeg (247.82 KB, 750x953, 1735856C-B072-45E6-8E1A-21C02A…)

blocked, her account is up

No. 626562

it's a bug with instagram. pages will appear as blank wether youre blocked or not just refresh it a few times

not that there's anything worth seeing on there anyway

No. 626578

All this body positivity bullcrap is just her way of once again trying to control the narrative. You can't make fun of me for being obese and living an unhealthy lifestyle because I am body positive muh dudez. Sorry Mariah. Not gonna work. At this point you only have neckbeard fans BECAUSE you are so fat.

No. 626592

Nothing is more infuriating than a stupid person who thinks they are intelligent. She had this whole body positivity blast worked out in her mind and then she used an old shooped picture to try to sell it. This bitch really did need a manager all along because she has completely destroyed herself, and her so called career, with one bad decision after another.

No. 626601

I find it so funny how this bitch has been actively and obviously lying to all the men who watch her, and yet they either don’t realize or don’t give a shit. When she streamed in her pink lingerie, she claimed that she was doing a photo shoot with the same lingerie the very next day. Next day, no mention of a shoot or insta stories like she always has to. In the same stream someone asked when she would next update her onlyfans and she claimed the next day as well. Unless the onlyfans anon isn’t paying for it anymore there’s been no news of an update.

No. 626605

Tbh it comes down to what she shoops. If the dude can get off to a shoop they don't care what the actual chick looks like. Same for why people jack it to 2D. As long as the final product looks good to them, it'll sell. Thats why they don't care what Moo looks like IRL and when she does do stuff not where she shows how really hideous she is [her melting back in the stream] not enough of them see it or blame it on the 'angle' because they are idiots.

No. 626607

File: 1547602805214.jpg (471.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190115-193834_Chr…)

Still no posts since the 4th. She might've seen how much she got on camversity and blew it off. The onlyfans was probably just because vamps was semi successful on only fans and momo wanted to try and one up her. But now she makes camgirl money and doesnt care.

No. 626608

a lot of her stream is full of fat fetishists and hardcore fans who want to bang her. most of her regular patreons shit on her looks on the regular.

No. 626610

Also nothing since the 4th when she was hinting at stealing another cosplayer's Bridgette idea in that same exact lingerie.

No. 626614

I think she's more likely to try another procedure.

No. 626616

Probably on the way to the litter box to bury it.

No. 626617

Someone did shop that pic to make her look even more ridiculous, but I can tell that's not it (and I don't have it saved).

Part of me wishes she fucked up and had the edit saved for some weird reason and posted it in stead tho.

No. 626625

She was hinting about looking into getting her lips done not too long ago because she was unhappy with how people kept pointing her lack of upper lip and I hope she goes through with it because lord knows she won't follow aftercare instructions and end up with something terrible.

No. 626629

She always seems to skip breast reduction AND lift

No. 626639

File: 1547612163366.jpg (919.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190115-221519_Ins…)

Isnt she supposed to be shooting for patreon rn? Not streaming either, just showing off that shes fucking off.

No. 626640

but who knows~

No. 626642

She said she was gonna stream tonight but it's Mariah we're talking about. I bet she's gonna make some dumb excuse as to why she can't be on cam.

No. 626647

She deleted the pic of her saying she’s gonna stream tonight so probably not

No. 626648


I hope she does it lol

No. 626651

So she's watching Re: Zero

No. 626652

She's fucking pathetic. Lazy excuse for a human being. I don't know why Camversity took her flaky ass back. No wonder she fails at everything.

No. 626653

She has also mentioned getting her massive eyebags removed and getting crazy fake anime tiddy implants. Said if she could lipo her arms she would. Maybe more coolsculpting too? With her list of insecurities there's so many possibilities

No. 626677

I can't believe Moo, the number one Fate fan, hasn't mentioned anything about all the events that have been announced in the past few days.

I'm sure now she will post and try to act like she's a guest or something. Hi Moo! I hope you don't go so we don't have to see you waddle around screeching

No. 626679

116 tokens in 40 minutes. I thought you guys said she made money of this

No. 626684

some anons get excited when they see the occasional idiot throwing money at her every once in a while and like to act like she actually makes thousands every stream. It's really sad cause half of the other costhots like kaybear can dance on twitch fully clothed and get more on a nearly daily basis.

Didnt she specifically buy a new streaming set up to go back to twitch? She really shot herself in the foot too because now the people who go to her camversity streams will never go to her if she tries to twitch again cause they know it will be even more boring.

No. 626692

She admitted on stream tonight she was going back to Twitch but she "had to check first". Items are coming in. She made a poll when her nipslips/cooch slip happened and asked her CamV patrons if they'd go to Twitch. They said no.

No. 626702


No. 626745

Whatever she does is gonna be a laugh, so I'm all for it.

No. 626746

Probably because she did it before cosplay or whatever

Didn't Aniplex on Twitter say she wasn't affiliated with them during molestation scandal?
Eh, scandal implies it wasn't legit.

No. 626768

They literally just ask people even if they dont have a big following to stand around at their booths. Cosplayers are usually eager to do shit like that.

No. 626781

Your hearsay is mixed up. Mariah tried to vaguely try to say she'll be at the booth, implying to be a volunteer, but wouldn't admit it was just to go to the gathering.
People asked aniplex if she was working for them at ax and they said no. It's not that deep.

No. 626784

I was being facetious since she acts like such a big Fate fan but hadn't mentioned anything about FGO Fest or Heaven's Feel. All the Fate fans I know were posting about it, but radio silence from miss number one fan. Since we know she lurks here, I figured she'd make something up to cover up not saying anything.

No. 626788

She said she's going to LA to watch Heaven's Feel during a livestream >>626678

No. 626805

Has she even posted about FGO in ages? She hyped it up when Camelot was released for the NA servers last summer and she was flexing her Cu&Jeanne alters from the bought account and the Lancer Artoria she whaled back then, but other than that her servants seemed shit and she hasn't mentioned anything about playing it since. She didn't even know you could ascend servants until after months of playing it which is one of the very very basic game mechanics you need to know in order to progress the story. When she got the bought account she even posted screenshots of herself taking an all lancer party to a saber fight so there's your massive FGO nerd for you

No. 626812


Looking at her arms when she was ana, those things are always going to be lunchlady.
I knew a girl who went ana and no matter what her upper arms looked like ham. Had the crease from being big on top and the rest of her arm a bone.

If lipo is really her thing she should look at reducing those flaps. Cutting a couple inches off maybe.

No. 626826

She was never "ana", she just uses that as an excuse to be a lard ass.

No. 626855


She wasn't ana, she was just healthy and active.

No. 626877


I think her arms look fine. She was really healthy and even somewhat toned for a minute there. She only claims she was "starving" because she's so used to stuffing her face now at every turn whenever she's even the tiniest bit peckish.

No. 626883

File: 1547674024581.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, 3EC923D9-48F5-4FC8-B762-FE99FA…)

Seriously, so much has happened in the game since then, like Babylon and Merlin's NA release. The CA kickoff event for the tour just got announced too, there's a ton of stuff happening in the community but miss "I THINK THE SERVANTS CHOOSE YOU" makes it clear she doesn't actually give a shit about something she has to put any actual effort into besides reading Wiki pages.

Also she posted this. She was never a stunner, but… god, to look like you've aged fifteen years instead of four.

No. 626889

File: 1547674441406.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 09766FB8-5D70-4315-AD86-6DD16A…)

from her main story
>talking about anything being toxic

No. 626917

For such a huge ~Fate nurrd~ she sure didn't mention anything about Babylon (except the anime trailer… of course) despite it being a HUGE, anticipated event for the NA servers, especially Merlin's release. Every time she mentions something about Fate it's always the casual dated memes and gushing about Sakura being a sex devil because it's the only motherfucking thing she knows about the visual novels. She just watches the anime selection of Netflix and never devotes herself to anything more than that.

No. 626926

Aged like milk. I bet she still thinks she looks like this.

No. 626927

She paid all that money for an acocount on eBay only to ditch it lmao

No. 626928

File: 1547678352817.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 4A451721-0840-45A9-B883-7B11D9…)

no shoots today because she has period cramps

No. 626934

Tbh she does have until the end of the month and many thots bail on their shoots when they plan them. Sucks for the photogs and I know we like picking Moo out for being a lazy shit because of stuff like this and her excuses are lame for it when normal people still have to go to work for this shit, but she has 30 days to do how many shoots? As long as fucking idiots keep paying for whatever low quality she puts out and she can call them 'sets', she honestly can take all the time she wants.

No. 626935

Why does she need so many screens lmao, how fucking weeby. They're privacy screens, or room dividers. Using one as a decoration is one thing, but to decorate?? Your living room with them?? Is this her idea of ~authentic Japanese decor~?
Sorry to sound nitpicky but god I just don't get her

No. 626939

>her eyes follow you around the room

No. 626940

it's the middle of the month anon. she doesn't really have 30 days anymore. she has done 0 shoots this entire month.

No. 626944

With all of these headaches/period cramps youd think she would realize medicine exists. Not like her ailments are actually real tho. Just excuses.

No. 626953

I'm that anon who called she would use ALL the "girlfriend" excuses
First she said she had a headache. Next she used the excuse she had to wake up early, and now she said she's on her period. She is confirmed trolling her neck beards at this point.

No. 626995

Regardless of what she does, even if she goes an entire month without a single shoot being posted on Patreon. I imagine people would continue to give her money cause they feel the need to be validated by her, but they never will.

No. 627000

this is the same woman who buys a bench and bonsai then calls her tub an "onsen"

No. 627010

The fact they addressed her at all is hilarious to me. That's why I brought it up.

No. 627011

I'm not up to date on the stream thread, but has she made any more money? I'm guessing not, since on purpose or no, her pussy has a price point now.

I think by looking at what she gorges on now, we can get a good idea of how dad "controlled" her food and made her "anorexic".

No. 627096

File: 1547778728190.png (1.24 MB, 720x1176, Screenshot_2019-01-17-17-20-23…)

More stories from "muh dad was mean" series (dump ahead)

No. 627097

File: 1547778755585.png (853.65 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-17-17-20-36…)

No. 627101

What you're looking for is Creator's Guild. That's the only booth that was going to host Mariah at AX. Dumped her as soon as people sent in their stories when they asked for them.

No. 627102

File: 1547778945652.png (907.1 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-01-17-17-20-44…)

There was a extra story in between about how she saved and paid 10 dollars for "Mirror Wall"

No. 627103

File: 1547779019557.png (126.15 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_2019-01-17-17-28-57…)

Puzzling, as you can literally click the notification and it changes to that account when responding

No. 627105

Funny how she has talked about her dad hating her boy stuff alot and always mentioned dbz and maybe wolverine but lmfao this bitch has NEVER mentioned yugioh

No. 627110

Yet another thing she was the best ever at. the list appears to be endless. How can someone who was so gifted end up smearing fake cum on her tits on the internet for money??

No. 627113

When you're raised by a roid head, I suppose you have to act shitty as a adult too lol We all know that if she was such an intellect she'd use her money to go to school right now.

Can you imagine living in that house.

No. 627118


Are we betting on whether shes gonna do Mai Valentine from yugioh?

No. 627123

This story is so bullshit, it's just another "waaahhh my family hates my nerdy boyish passion" yarn she pulled for anime nerd points to pander to neckbeards. And if her dad was that strict she wouldn't have gotten a cake when she threw a temper tantrum on her sister's birthday.

So is she going to shove her way in the tcg scene to net in more neckbeards? Appearance and odour-wise she'll fit right in, but she's too dumb to know how to play. Come on Mariah, do play, show us your skillz.

No. 627124

I want her to explain to me how her dad was so mean and aggressive then but 'is so supportive and my family is happy i'm doing what I love' now

Also if her dad was so bad to her about these things why is she 'totally paying their bills because neither of them have a job'

No. 627143

I am starting to think that the craziest and most disruptive thing in that house was moo.

No. 627148


Oh shit, so mooriah is a big YGO player now and 'destroyed' all the guys on her block? sure… So who does she wanna fuck now that is into YGO?

No. 627153


Of fucking course. When it comes to Moo, it can’t be that she simply likes something. Nope, that’s not enough. It has to be a damn Lifetime movie with her. Where she was completely destroying all the little bitch bois at their favorite card game and her dad was an abusive fuck who practically tore up all her cards in front of her and made her watch.

I would bet money she doesn’t know jack shit about even the basics of Yugioh and this is just another ploy to get some fuckbois attention and the only interest she has in the.series is that she wanted to fuck the main character at one time.

No. 627158


Exactly. She has to make up her mindnor st least keep her lies straight. Either it’s her dad was an abusive fuckhead who hates everything she did and sought to make her miserable. Or it “Img my parents have always been super supportive of everything I do and I wouldn’t be where I am without them uwu”.

Seems like she always goes for the later anytime when someone mentions her parents might be ashamed of what she has become. And when she’s looking for pity/sympathy she always pulls the “My
dad was super abusive and hated everything I did, especially all the nerdy stuff you guys think I actually like!!!”

No. 627169

She's mentioned in early streams on CamV that her dad was so aggressive towards her that he would go into her room and tear down the art she made from her wall. He would destroy all of her "nerdy things" and treat her sister with more respect basically.
I wonder if he put her in sports and the like to keep her from sperging. I wonder if that's why she stayed home and her mom, dad and sister all went to California for a day trip. She probably hates her sister.

No. 627170

you made me realize, moo NEVER talks about her sister. Not even hbd posts like she does for her folks

No. 627173

She featured her in a bit of her instastories but never like a tight bond type thing like you'd see with Taylor R and her family.

I think she thinks her sister got special treatment and she was stuck in the mud.

No. 627174

Speaking of her art, she showed (a traced) goku on one of her streams claiming it as hers. Based on all of the other drawings signed &posted by her (all available in past threads) that goku does NOT match in skill or level- before she claims she just improved- why the fuck hasn't she tried to brag about that too? Post her art &sell it maybe? Also top KEK at this sudden ygo &beyblade shit. Bitch is so fucking mainstream and basic with the few shows she may actually be a fan of. Both btw like pokemon &dbz easy to and often fake interest in just bc of simplicity &popularity "one of the guys" heh

No. 627175

That's because it's true. Second was probs her dad tbh

No. 627177

TBH who DIDN'T trace shit like that starting out. I understand what you mean though..if she was as ~artistically inclined~ as she lets on why didn't she come up with concepts for her charms and merch by herself? We know she has a history of sticky fingers so half of this shit doesn't make sense when she mentions it as a passion of hers.

No. 627187

only pieces of shit trace. lmao.

No. 627199

Really sad that she keeps bringing up these "this was my prime" stories. She's like the highschool football star who hasnt done jack shit with their life and just constantly retells the same old stories.
Its like when she keeps bringing up her weight loss, or lacrosse. That was ten years ago and five years ago respectively. Girl.
Thats the one tell that shows people she hasnt done anything that she is actually proud of. Most likely because in the real world no one actually gives a shit about her cosplay fame. Normies dont care about that shit and her family seems like a bunch of normal people lol.
Most likely she thought that cosplay fame was going to be a big stick it to anyone whoever made fun of her or hurt her feefees. But again, outside of the internet and cons no one fucking cares lol.

No. 627201

*traced weeb art

No. 627205

NOPE. Dirty lie. She’s doing it to try and boost the engagement on her pic- comments you leave on your own pics aren’t worth very much to the algorithm, it’s all about other accounts commenting on your pic.

No. 627208


Yep. It’s obvious she is the jock bitch who peaked in high school. Back then she thought she was the big bitch on campus who thought she was hot shit and bullied all the nerds who like geeky stuff like anime and video games. And she was so sure that she was destined for greatness after high school and would be taking the world by storm.

Cut to five years later and she is now stuck doing cam shows on the internet smearing fake cum on her tits and face while flashing her tits and pussy to complete strangers on the internet after a failed cosplay career attempt.

I’m sure all the people she bullied are just loving how far she has fallen since her “glory days”.

No. 627217

File: 1547793378328.png (1.36 MB, 1333x1000, say-goodbye.png)

No. 627218

Top kek this is amazing

No. 627220

Needs papa moo’s face

No. 627223

Mai or Dark Magician Girl

No. 627231

File: 1547794799210.png (171.83 KB, 960x1280, joCco1R.png)

If you find me one, I'll do it.

A lazy Google only pulled mom drama, but also attached

No. 627234

File: 1547795495206.png (102.88 KB, 384x319, Bobasa.png)

Looking forward to Moo cosplaying from Yu-Gi-Oh.

No. 627240

Does no one remember her old Dark Magician Girl cosplan?

No. 627246

I'll take "shit that never happened" for 500.

She's too young to have been part of the Yu Gi Oh craze, and even if she wasn't, if she was into it as a kid, why has she never mentioned it before?

Also, cringe at the "triggered" line. Even ironically, that phrase is already dated.

No. 627251

She’s posted that roided-out photo of her dad a couple times (usually on Father’s Day) and she posted photos from when he joined her at a con, looking miserable. I’m sure a bored anon could dig it up from threads past.

No. 627261

File: 1547803238109.jpg (88.97 KB, 960x960, 50007536_10212566717339068_267…)

I saw this on a random cosplayers Facebook page and I felt I had to share it, because Moomoo the Molester is seen by others in the same light as a murderer, a pedophile, a terrorist, a rapist, and an arsonist.

No. 627265

Moo did a little text sperge on her insta story saying people who didn't watch Boruto because they heard it was shit were weak minded. Then she proceeded to call Darling and the Franxx shit and people who like the anime just have bad taste. Anyone out of the loop on Darling and the Franxx, it was a pretty popular anime last year that was favored by alot of the cosplay community (despite reviews being mixed). This seems even more fucking hostile than normal. She can't let people just like what they like? Like calling it bad is one thing but to just make large blanket statements, now that's "yikes" you cow. Only her taste is the best taste obviously

No. 627268

Out of curiosity, who are these people?

No. 627276

she was going to cosplay the pink main bitch from that show

who aside from usagi kou is in to it?

>don't gatekeep


thats our moo!

>not picking the murderer, terrorist, or arsonist

No. 627281

I’m thinking Kevin/weebking? They still hang out and he recently posted about going to japan and moo was up in the comments if he’s planned when

No. 627282

No. 627283

In order left to right top to bottom, don’t remember his name but he murdered his parents then went to a con few days later, then Richard bui, then Lonzo, then King Lin, and last is Matt Toyotome the recent ALA arsonist/stalker

No. 627288

Wasn't she going to do a 002 cosplay?

No. 627292


I mean you can watch yugioh on netflix or hulu so im really not suprised. She probally just saw it

No. 627312


My first thought: “did any of her victims / enemies cosplay from Darling in the Franxx, LOL?!”

But yea, iirc she said she’d cosplay Zero Two. Double LOL, then.

No. 627332

Im not even surprised tbh. Isnt Sarada oversexualised so bad?

No. 627333

lmao i mean franxx is an easy target now that the series is finished, but it sounds like moo doesn't know why it's bad. also imagine being so autistic you call people weak minded for not watching certain anime.

No. 627340

Weebking is a YGO fanatic. He even had ygo tattoos. She’s trying to impress him

No. 627347

I think Gabby or Sierra did 02?

No. 627350


Now she's going to buy a Duel Links account on ebay with a bunch of decks that she won't know how to use and get extremely mad realizing that she can beat anyone who's not an AI on low level.

No. 627354

If they did, that would explain so fucking much. Remember when she said she wanted to cosplay Rangiku Mastsumoto from Bleach less than six hours after her ex-cow Sabrina said she was costesting a Rangiku cosplay?

No. 627361

I have caps on my phone but it won't let me upload. I'll put them up later. It's still up on her story too.

No. 627362

Both of what she said sounds like she's a god damn "I'm better than you" 10th grader when she's trying to be edgy like this.

No. 627366

File: 1547838596523.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, 21C9A844-6DE1-4F7B-86A3-6E43CF…)


No. 627367

File: 1547838696525.png (847.6 KB, 1242x2208, 732A63F6-1556-4B7E-9D02-7E6D07…)


No. 627373

The only "hard to swallow pill" here is that moo posts this shit without realizing her "fans" could care less about anything she posts that doesn't have tits tacked on.

No. 627375

Imagine saying people can cosplay what they want to cosplay, but saying that people can’t like certain animes because you deem them shit

Big yikes

No. 627384

This is coming from the girl who also thinks Evangelion is shit, so does her opinion actually have any merit?

No. 627387

Doesn't she jump into game/anime series because she sees a titty monster she can cosplay for horny incel bucks? Mariah, you're the one with bad taste. You're the big yikes here.

No. 627394

Why is a fat person talking about being weak minded?

No. 627399

A lot of her figures are ones from shit she doesn't watch but bought anyway because they were pink and/or had big boobs.

Also lmao @ her thinking Evangelion is bad but Boruto is good. She's either extremely stupid, or being contrarian to get a rise out of people.

No. 627409

File: 1547843527015.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, 94905E5E-E6DC-4891-A506-DFF964…)

When has this cunt EVER talked about Warcraft??????

No. 627418

File: 1547846052931.jpeg (276.2 KB, 1242x1644, 9DBF8615-3D6E-4BC6-926D-8E716A…)

No. 627419

File: 1547846263030.jpg (722.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190118-151644_Ins…)

Bitching about Starbucks and recycling, will be shooting tifa and quiet today, possibly wearing tifa during stream tonight.

No. 627420

To be fair, Sylvanas and/or her sisters are a Costhot right of passage at this point along with the dragons.

No. 627425

The latter. She's always been like that - "I' lewd everyone you love", etc. She's like an edgy seventh grader in a grown woman's body.

That hurts my heart but you ain't wrong.

No. 627454

I would love to see her try and cosplay Sylvanas just to see how much neckbeard outrage she'd invoke.

No. 627458

File: 1547851790151.jpg (861.36 KB, 1440x1463, Photo Editor-20190118_174906.j…)

Wtf even is this shit?

No. 627460


Overly smoothed walrus?

No. 627462


I gagged and yelled
she has gained SO MUCH WEIGHT

No. 627467


the tights don't even close to fit so she's just ass half out, tights eating into her side like that's cute. the blurry pulled in waist is hilarious and the smoothed stomach looks zombie green.

No. 627468


jfc. weight gain aside, this looks fucking awful. wig is terrible, gloves are on the wrong side, and like… the make up is the same old shit she always does even though quiet has canon eye make up she could have done. and what is that pose just showing off her butt crack??

No. 627469

she has "trailer trash mom" face now lmfao.

No. 627471

Can you imagine being so salty that you like a trash Naruto sequel (naruto was already trash anyways but this is so much worse) so she has to drag an old show that nobody is even talking about anymore lmfao

No. 627472

the smoothing on her stomach and breasts is so obvious in these too, like she's really not even trying anymore.

No. 627475

File: 1547852491955.jpg (150.5 KB, 683x1024, 37589340502_d4a8074d83_b.jpg)

What the fuck is with the wig? Holy shit it couldn't be any more off

No. 627476

File: 1547852431276.jpg (150.5 KB, 683x1024, 37589340502_d4a8074d83_b.jpg)

What the fuck is with the wig? Holy shit it couldn't be any more off

No. 627478

Right after Thorne's WoW sperge and World of Warcraft Mei cosplans

No. 627480

samefag but from an older thread she posted a Lich King thing on her Etsy after Sierra made a big post about wanting to do Lich Queen Mei but didn't want Moo to copy it since she knew mariah didnt play wow

No. 627482

Her entire mouth looks small in this. Not just her upper lip.

No. 627485

If it wasnt posted this is ment to be Quiet never would have guessed. The wig is so off

No. 627487


It looks like she forgot to take the earrings out from Tifa as well. She likely used this wig for both of them and it's completely inaccurate for both characters.

No. 627501

She slimmed her face down so much that her lips are smooshed and she is deluded

No. 627503

I bet she didnt even utilize the fact that theres desert all around Vegas. This is going to be another room shoot.

No. 627504

It looks like a 3d representation of terrible Quiet gut expansion fetish material from deviantart.

No. 627517

File: 1547855207065.jpeg (166.81 KB, 747x1228, 2DD41A44-28E6-4F9D-AB66-596BC4…)

Oh lawd she comin

No. 627519

File: 1547855274935.jpeg (181.39 KB, 750x1191, BFDD5762-4D45-44EB-A477-910A15…)

She makes me wanna hit the gym.

No. 627520

She can't cover her face tape with a shorter wig, so she just has it long and greasy
Very professional

No. 627523

File: 1547855511978.gif (2.95 MB, 337x600, 6FEF9DCA-DF96-4450-8D4C-454B88…)

oh lawd she comin

No. 627525

File: 1547855737536.jpg (45.86 KB, 540x960, Bclvg_9CUAELuaO.jpg)

iM DYING she's wearing pantyhose way too small for her. I bet she waddles

No. 627527

Calling it, she's gonna cosplay Mai in the near future.

Her ass looks like those dA fetish pics where they enlarge the thighs and shit.

No. 627530

Do you think she noticed that her gut jiggled the same as her udders?

No. 627531

What is up with her constantly doing this fucking bounce, she has to wind up so much just to make her tits bounce it’s so sad, also lol at her trying to make a mgs pun for a snake that’s not relevant to 5

No. 627541

I hope the MGS Fandom tears her apart. There is already a negative like to the character Quiet.

No. 627542

>also lol at her trying to make a mgs pun for a snake that’s not relevant to 5

I laughed at that shit too. Stupid bitch has never played the games, including the 5th one.

No. 627560

File: 1547858009440.jpeg (185.67 KB, 1036x1511, A5FC5D2A-01D8-4826-AAA1-C69758…)

I can’t stop screaming about that tiny ass mouth. Oh my god.

No. 627561

The udder bounce has replaced holding the invisible hat as her go to move.

No. 627562

Seriously, you can tell how much she shrinked her face by the nose and mouth and the blurriness of her cheeks, also notice the line in her neck, at first glance looks like its the lighting, but she just shrunk everything

No. 627564


She looks like a downsy pixyteri

No. 627567

looks like she inflated her ass via photo editing too. the way her thong goes versus the shape of her ass = they dont look good

No. 627569

Good god that completely off-character wig and makeup style. Also did she pull the thongs up to her back in attempt to make her ass look bigger? It looks absolutely ridiculous.

No. 627582

I like how the earring is swinging inward where she shrunk her jaw.
Do you think she makes her wigs so messy so it's less obvious when she manipulates her face in photoshop?

No. 627599

That expression sure is…. something. Anyone that pays for this set deserves to lose their money. There should be NO ONE that thinks these images are worth anything other than ridicule.

No. 627607

File: 1547861950299.jpg (21.91 KB, 400x400, HTvh6m0D_400x400.jpg)

what is happening to her face in this pic? she looks like kirby.

No. 627608

File: 1547862242602.jpeg (24.79 KB, 620x350, 1 CUWPgktSnGXJerusyzKaBw.jpeg)

She should be the flaming blue whale that appears at the beginning of the game.

No. 627612

File: 1547862856793.png (93.57 KB, 500x300, fronds-33723716.png)


I can't, she looks like this fucking meme

No. 627622

I think she might be trying to low key make herself look like Hitomi Tanaka

No. 627625

File: 1547863852462.jpeg (643.92 KB, 750x1110, 3661DC1A-0A3C-420B-B85B-803D29…)

truly read this as “I’ve been threatening to do quiet for awhile”

No. 627628

She told Alive Alf on his Facebook page that she's going to the FGO LA event "as casual Saber with Lander hair"

I think she just doesn't have the Saber wig anymore and used it for Beato

No. 627629




No. 627631

She always uses her arms or pulls up her underwear to hide her fat spilling out

No. 627632

caps plz

No. 627634

It's amusing how she made fun of that one Quiet cosplayers in her Samus prime but now she's one of those cosplayers the actual good cosplayers frown down upon. Can anybody repost those Twitters recaps of that one Quiet cosplayer being bullied by Mariah?

Funny how now she's the Quiet cosplayer that gets laughed at. Karma is a bitch, Mariah.

No. 627638


Quiet Cosplayer that Mariah bullied here!

I'm wanna be pissed at her for cosplaying Quiet but it's pretty laughable. She's such a blob that its humorous that she made fun of me for being fat. Karma is a bitch, and Mariah is a bigger bitch.

No. 627639

This is seriously the worst thing I think she has ever done to pretend to be a cosplayer. I've been here a long time, this…this sums up everything she ever did wrong. bad clothes, execution,shooping,posing,location. all of it.

No. 627640

Says the girl who called fucking Sakura her "best fate girl" and whose stupid husbando list includes the absolute worst Fire Emblem lord.

No. 627641

File: 1547865909186.png (347.56 KB, 2048x890, Screenshot_20190118-184400.png)

No. 627642


she stands like she just sharted herself

No. 627644

She's salty because of Usagikou having beef with her.

No. 627645

File: 1547866073482.jpeg (410.35 KB, 1818x1818, B538A6A3-2C2D-45C5-AA5B-1A2766…)

She posted the same pic on fb and Yikes

No. 627646


I still love the left picture of all our art here the most. I laugh every time.

No. 627647

File: 1547866278603.jpg (124.18 KB, 720x540, 03d7b0e6-bea0-4bab-9790-2ea2fd…)

the tights are supposed to sit low on her hips but not halfway down her ass

No. 627649

She is trying so hard to get some semblance of an ass in that mass of lard, to the point that I'm feeling sorry for those stockings.

No. 627650

Does she not fit into any other costumes anymore? I thought she'd show up trying to be a big dick cosplayer in her legit Saber or Lancer Arturia costume or Sakura because of Heaven's Feel.
Either way, gross. No one in the Fate community wants to see her fake sperg about it when she really doesn't care.
Did she ever even get out of Fuyuki in FGO?

No. 627655

I’m shocked she still posts to FB. She gets absolutely roasted in the comments. Always a great laugh though.

No. 627674

>This is not Quiet this is Loud
I'm fucking dying.

No. 627676

god I hate that fucking character design

No. 627678

Did camversity block me or did their Instagram account get deleted?

No. 627679

File: 1547870747314.jpeg (140.96 KB, 750x934, 30174B45-7FEC-459C-AF98-EADA75…)

Using hate comments as captions to prove THE HATURZ DONT GET TO HURR!!!

No. 627681


Their instagram account got deleted it looks like

Also looks like Moo deleted the story about streaming tonight and the Tifa cosplay

No. 627682

Is she going to turn into Fat Misty soon?

No. 627687

we all expected this camv thing not to pan out but man this is the twist i did not expect if they get taken down

No. 627689

No, she does not fit into any of her old costumes anymore. Which makes it even better that she's planning on being Simple Jack Saber again because that damn thing didn't even fit her in the first place, even with Forest-Kun cinching in all of that blubber.

No. 627690


Well we can pour one out for those tights. No way it lasted past 2 hours if even that. Rip tights-kun you will be missed.

No. 627701

It’s funny she uses that caption after she deleted most of the comments from >>627645

No. 627705

File: 1547874003224.jpg (146.17 KB, 1024x1820, 49933584_2208156395871677_4208…)

No. 627706

Oh God that wig is so ratty its hilarious

No. 627708

File: 1547874215491.webm (17.23 MB, 640x1138, 1960030366597162481_217175041.…)

Its not a pretty sight

No. 627711

File: 1547874556128.gif (2.04 MB, 484x600, 6FF4DADE-FF74-4777-9C43-206C4C…)

tifa cloggedheart

No. 627713

Awww… sounds like someone Mariah hates is getting a lot of attention for cosplay from Darlifra. Wonder how long before she eats crow and cosplays from it as well. (Claiming she's "uwu such a big fan of the series!")

No. 627714

Did she… put fake nipples in there? You can see the bra through the shirt but there are still nipples?

No. 627715


It might just be a seam from where the lace of the bra is sewn together.

No. 627719

Tifa is suppose to be busty? is her only understanding of the character Vamp?

No. 627722

shes live on camversity

No. 627725

I’m gonna move over to the stream thread but she just said
“I don’t have sex ever because I’m terrified of men”


No. 627727


lol busty Tifa Lockhart, as if the character isn't canonically buxom. What a retard.

No. 627730

File: 1547876569921.png (692.84 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-01-18-21-34-45…)

No. 627731

You guys dont have to agree but when she only blocks out her tits and face she's tolerable to look at. Otherwise the whole package looks bad as fuck. Probably why she hasn't posted anything of her in full Tifa yet.

No. 627732

Is she going to pull an Asherbee or something? Claiming to be a lesbian who's terrified of men while getting off to the idea of men sexually.

No. 627733

How can someone be such a self loving narcissist AND self loathing? She obviously hates her self and her body, but she seems to go through these delusions she looks exactly like the anime characters she's cosplaying. Like no wonder she's always drunk and high

No. 627735

File: 1547876685681.png (778.78 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-18-21-36-15…)


No. 627736

File: 1547876796029.png (94.2 KB, 182x268, 211BDF81-CA69-4E05-BDC3-F4DCBE…)

she looks a little bit like steve from blue's clues here. i think it's the eyebags.

No. 627739

Will she even have people to go with? Imagine her wandering the event in her shitty saber wig alone. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 627741

In an ideal world, she'd actually go to a con and someone would bring two classic decks and ask her to play, while someone films it to see what she actually knows about the game. But that will never happen, just a dream that will live on in my heart

No. 627744

she already did that for beta bucks when she first started to claim her and Vamps were girlfriends and that is why Vamp lives with her.

nitpick but oh my god she has no upper lip

No. 627752

Momo's dream con is her being the center of attention, good or bad and then celebrating by getting wasted, molesting a few girls as a power move and getting fucked by a popular male cosplayer

As an after thought I don't think Moo is scared of men seeing as how she walks up and gropes/dry humps them at every chance can gets. She just thinks she's "too good" for anyone who can't further her career. The guy better be a pro at making costumes or have a huge social following she can leech off of. Bonus if he's asian cuz it proves you're the alpha weeb.

No. 627757

She’s super thirsty for dick but can’t get any because men are terrified of her.

No. 627777

Jesus Christ, did she pull that wig out of the shower drain?

Don't insult Steve.

No. 627778

She did. In old thrreads she had posted about "just bought fake nipples dunno why" or whatever. She's trying to pass off the padding as natural. For sure see her getting implants next, the whole "other ppl get work done too but they do it slow i see you" shit. She thinks if good angles &editting combined with stupid tricks will be enough to transition to another unnecessary lie claiming them to be real

No. 627788

Quiet ate too many of Kaz's burgers.

No. 627813


Tifa must have eaten Quiet. That gut is the envy of bowlers around the world.

No. 627832

File: 1547892027015.jpeg (534.14 KB, 750x1018, BF8B7B18-7017-40F7-94D2-A87FF7…)

No. 627840

>get breast reduction
>gain weight but none of it goes to boobs
>get breast enlargement
?????? why

No. 627892

it's the worst. and i'm glad people called kojima out on it because he was being a piece of shit man child about it.

>"I'm not even bothered, you guys!!1"

It's sad and hilarious to see Tifa (a fit and athletic character) cosplayed by this obese cow

No. 627908

According to the stream she wants big fake anime titties. I don't think she wants them bigger but them not to sag or move.

No. 627916

She looks like she's about to fucking eat the poor thing

No. 627943

To think moo is going to katsucon. I wonder if she’s going to hide in her room or if the cosplayers on the east coast will just forget what she did.

No. 627951

I'm pretty sure she just gets ebay wigs.

No. 627953

that'll never fail to be the most hilarious thing to me. if she never got that reduction, she'd be a penny underbust by now. R I P.

isn't she supposed to be going back to japan soon, or was that all a flex to pretend she was going with nigri? im surprised she's been so quiet about it

No. 627957

they weren't that big back then. anon. and of course it's a flex, this idiot's whole life is a fucking flex.

No. 627960

they weren't that big back then, but she has some admittedly hefty milk bags (tho saggy, veiny etc) thanks to the weight gain, and she would obviously be bigger if they hadn't done the reduction. anything larger than she has now would look comical in addition to her pushups and padding. she really could have faked her way to anime meme tits.

and as far as the flex, i wonder if she'd suddenly have to recommit to doing the trip if people started bringing it up - tho it being discussion here will definitely bring it back into her mind with how much she reads here.

No. 627965

She’d have to get a lift to get fake boobs at this rate, and lift scars ain’t pretty and can’t be hidden outside of a bra. Who’d want to fap to something like that?

No. 628030

File: 1547940217548.png (609.77 KB, 744x600, spot the difference.png)

No. 628036

File: 1547941022918.png (246.42 KB, 232x532, 2 ish years ago.png)


Her gaining is going well, feeder fans will be happy

No. 628053

Has anyone thought of posting her nudes (the recent ones) to her fb?
Been thinking about doing it, for shits and gigs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628056

File: 1547942787981.jpg (795.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190119-180539_Ins…)

She's supposedly doing raven from TT. Her she is doing the only pose she knows.

No. 628059

File: 1547943061285.png (3.01 MB, 1403x2237, Capture _2019-01-19-19-10-08.p…)

For the anon who asked if she was still doing Japan.

Apparently, she posted this three days ago.

No. 628063

wonder if she'll learn from her mistakes last time and actually film some content while there? prob not.

No. 628065

If circleofcucks isn't going as her tard wrangler this time, we'll finally get some proper Moozilla milk. Can't wait!

No. 628073

File: 1547945615981.jpg (283.41 KB, 1080x1401, 20190119_164743.jpg)

LMAO this comment to that pic really pissed her off.

No. 628075


This is the most misleading angle of her, especially with her face covered like that, and especially when the next post under is a much more uncanny photo.

No. 628076

File: 1547945669867.jpg (248.4 KB, 1080x1024, 20190119_164900.jpg)

No. 628077

File: 1547945767803.jpg (192.21 KB, 1080x856, 20190119_164916.jpg)

No. 628079

File: 1547946107043.jpg (97.5 KB, 1280x720, Fultoned Hvy. Cow x 1.jpg)

What are you doing, Snake!? We don't have a cage strong enough to handle that thing's weight.

No. 628085

Just fucking salty. She's really not doing well nowadays

No. 628089

She's going to crash soon and realize that by being "friends" with Moochlette and CircleofCucks she's alienated friends, fans, business partners, and her own family all the while those two have isolated her to syphon money from her. They've also got her doing the " I'm scared of men because all my exes were crazy." which is a known as I made them that way by treating them like shit which they couldn't in a healthy way talk to her about it until they exploded.

No. 628092

Way to get triggered when people call you out moo

No. 628093

Ah yes, it looks like the thong she wore for her Camilla POV shoot has returned. You would think if your livelihood was based on taking pics in your undies you would diversify a little.
A+ work!

No. 628095

File: 1547948793982.jpeg (86.11 KB, 718x393, 139ED557-E0A2-4025-9F67-06D354…)

Thank you for making this

No. 628097


man, she is triggered. her positive just keep smiling facade is cracking.


lmao I love this anon.

No. 628115

She honestly had a really cute body here. This was before lipo too.

No. 628118

how 'bout no.

No. 628119

It's honestly not that bad. She's chubby and not toned but still looks like a human. I wouldn't call it a great body or anything but compared to now, it's 1000 times better.

No. 628120

the average american woman is 5'4" and 166, and that's about what she looks like here >>628036
. Not spectacular by any means, she's still chubby but at least proportional and not a hamplanet.

She's at least 240 now and the lipo fucked up her fat distribution so she looks bizarre and deformed. So yeah, i thnk her old body was decently cute and it's sad how much she's fucked it up.

No. 628128

Supposedly she was initially on the list before getting taken off it?

I can't fucking find the list though, anyone else have any luck?

No. 628129

wow she big mad, huh?

she isn't even trying to pretend she's "SO NOT BOTHERED GUIZ" here.

No. 628135

what on earth has this thread become

No. 628140

Don't know why everyone's getting salty about this. Yeah, she was chubby, but her proportions are a lot more normal. If she had just maintained this weight, and not gotten lazy and tried to hide weight gain with lipo, I think she would have been a lot more successful as a plus-sized/chubby model. They can have very devoted fanbases of the people who love this body type.

That of course, would have still required her to have a decent personality and have not fucked up literally every opportunity given to her, but in an alternate timeline Moo could have been fairly cute and wouldn't be the meme of the cosplay community and known for her absolutely disfigured body.

No. 628142

File: 1547959710570.png (1.12 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-01-19-20-43-07…)

No. 628143

File: 1547959740337.png (898.68 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-01-19-20-45-22…)

No. 628162

File: 1547962449581.png (1.18 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-01-19-21-30-50…)

She posted this everywhere. She looks horrible

No. 628163

File: 1547962483594.png (585.39 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-01-19-21-32-02…)

No. 628164


No. 628166

this girl is so manic. every single show/book/movie/media she consumes suddenly becomes her most FAVORITE THING EVER and she has to make cosplay plans for it 3 minutes after getting out of the theater. If she was an average person with an average income she would be in massive debt. After her income dries up she will racking up debt because she never grew up properly and learned money management.

No. 628174

Man she's so upset. Maybe if you didn't screw over so many paetrons they wouldn't be upset. Maybe she should be honest and that if you follow her insta you're basically getting her paetron sets for free since it's the same pose 15 times

No. 628200

whos that chick next to mariah?

No. 628210


No. 628215

Really? She's actually alright looking in that, for once

No. 628220

it's her good side

No. 628221

Are you saying she’s alienating everyone around her and shitting on her exes because vamp and tattoo-sensei manipulated her into it? Tattoo guy wasn’t even in the picture when she was dragging KBBQ all over social media and calling him abusive. Did vamp make her do that? I think she’s perfectly capable of fucking people over all by herself.

No. 628224

I'm saying that she would have been better off never knowing Moochlette since if you compare their lives 4 years ago you'll notice that Moochers is the exact same beside being a manager at a grocery store while Moo has plummeted. If it wasn't for her "crazy" ex she wouldn't have been in the shape she was for Samus. Moochlette and CircleofCucks are covert narcissists who are using Moo until the girl dies.

No. 628225

File: 1547975358173.jpg (501.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190120-030858_Ins…)

The saga continues

No. 628226

Even if those two are covert narcissists, Mariah is a malignant overt narcissist who’s been a piece of shit before she ever met vamp and whose downward spiral was only a matter of time. You might as well blame Onion’s downward spiral on Lainey while you’re at it. The most they did was enable her and thereby maybe speed it up a little.

No. 628228

I think that if she had actually genuine people in her life and listened we wouldn't be on 90+ threads but here we are. A couple times people said that Moochlette was innocent but she's worse

No. 628229

She had a lot of genuine people in her life. She fucked up every opportunity life has given her. She even had Jessica's attention for five minutes before she turned her head away from that dumpster fire.

No. 628230

of course she's worse! she's way older than moo and moo is immature for her age. her being her age and being friends with moo is a huge red flag by itself, but they are like best friends, and probably vamps only friend. there's a reason vamps doesn't mention other friends.

vamp is just that person you see at a con by themselves that looks unhappy to be by themselves and when you talk to them they seem innocent enough, but deep down you know to run.

No. 628231

Sis it's been 6-8 hours since that whole thing started, you really think 'clapping back' over it is going to change anyones impression of you now that you've made an ass of yourself? lol

No. 628232

She’s a “one woman army” what happened to her “manager”???

No. 628233

She "fired" them as stated in her most recent stream

No. 628235

hasn't there been a lot of talk about the eng dub brody voice actor sexually harassing kids and being a nuisance at conventions? it would be fitting to cosplay him.

No. 628236

>>628225 So, so much to analyze and provide commentary on after seeing her response. Thanks for the screenshot.

>Patreon error / Wrong tier BS

- She can't take accountability for her own laziness, nor will she acknowledge how she purposely uses manipulative phrasing to mislead neckbeards whose first or second language may not be English. And when Mariah writes, it seldom resembles English. The constantly moving goal posts makes it hard to gauge exactly what Patreon and Onlyfans subscribers are actually getting per month.

>"I spoil the fuck out of my patrons"

- To recap, she used to offer physical prints for tiers that were around $30 or $40 (can't remember the exact number). Then she completely neglected to send out prints. If I recall, it took her anywhere from 3 to 9 months to get around to sending stuff out, and God only knows if everyone actually received their rewards. She got so lazy, she switched to digital media to counteract her incompetence.

>"I'm a one woman team when it comes to Patreon"

- So does this mean you've been a one woman team this entire time, Mariah? Because you can't have it both ways here. You can't blame your former manager(s) for several months of complaints and reports about patrons not getting what they paid for, and then have the nerve to say that the only single instance where things went wrong was due to a glitch. Which is it? Like I said, it can't be both!

>"I correct shit if there's an issue"

- Right. We have an issue with your attitude, your lack of evidence, your lack of credibility, your lack of self control, your lack of composure, your lack of personal hygiene, your lack of honesty… So where are these corrections? What Patreon tier should I join to ensure these aforementioned corrections are made?

No. 628237

Yeah Vic Mignogna's past creepiness has sprouted up again since recently someone got caught with kiddy porn

No. 628242

File: 1547980333944.jpeg (130.88 KB, 1080x854, C04D9AF6-3A93-436B-9481-687E20…)

Momokun fuck off challenge

No. 628243

File: 1547980356818.jpeg (510.9 KB, 1080x2220, 764DF885-BA13-493E-921F-8E92F2…)

No. 628246

File: 1547982158395.jpg (566.46 KB, 1530x1437, moofb.jpg)

Sorry for the shitty edit but a few examples of totally NOT BEING BOTHERED!!!1 on facebook. Also says that another $3k+ cosplay is in the making.

No. 628247

File: 1547982458506.jpg (55.92 KB, 610x498, moo5.JPG)


like to add this gem

No. 628251

File: 1547985179020.png (117.86 KB, 596x893, Screenshot_20190120-063830.png)


No. 628252

File: 1547985272008.png (86.61 KB, 595x592, Screenshot_20190120-063841.png)


No. 628254

why do i get the feeling that if someone cosplayed a shitty lewd version of a fate character she covets and proudly admits they have never played/read/seen any fate material at all but just wanted to cosplay something popular for likes and money she would chimp out

No. 628256

Didn't she actually DO that not too long ago? I swear I remember her going on one of her stupid rants about how you need to know what you're cosplaying from if you're going to cosplay it, only to completely contradict herself a few days later. Classic moo!

No. 628259

File: 1547986575309.png (286.44 KB, 439x530, 1511839688123.png)


Hey moo, remember when you posted in November 2017 about finally prepping & sending out May & June's rewards?
Lolcow farms remembers.

No. 628260

File: 1547986963561.jpeg (111.87 KB, 750x514, 69E1A857-E41D-4AB4-9545-0C182E…)

She’s a fucking hypocrite

No. 628262

File: 1547987157462.jpeg (88.48 KB, 750x505, 57592392-38B8-4744-8224-768B4C…)

No. 628263

But she didn't even play Fate/Extra iirc so she has no right saying this. She probably just watched the anime instead of investing time playing the game even though she loves Fate SOOOOO much.

No. 628267

>there are characters like tifa where i love the design and haven't played the game

>I get so excited about it and then it's like "I just cosplayed her cause I like her design"

fuck lmao. murdered by your own words mariah

No. 628269


soon we will see another "I grew as a person and it's okay to change your opinion. I wish people would be more open-minded uwu"

No. 628272

holyshit, she's unprofessional. How do people pledge to her at all? There are mountains of evidence that she doesnt send out rewards on time or at all.

No. 628273

We called it. She never even played the game. the game that has been out for 20 years now and remastered nicely on the PC as well. she's sucha fake fan, holyshit…

No. 628274

I don't feel like it's gatekeeping if a shitty thot cosplays tifa and does her injustice. she really is more than a pair of tits. Not to mention, Yoshitaka Amano's original design, she was average, but it was tetsuya nomura who gave her huge tits. she's still a great character in spite of that and Moo is a piece of trash honestly.

No. 628275

Anon, please splice this shit with her talking about gatekeeping in FF7. rofl. she always ends up eating her own words

No. 628283

How the fuck does it rack up to 3k lmao. 3k is like a magic number for her, 3k for this commission, 3k for that commission. She's so proud of not crafting anything, just dropping big bucks and flex the numbers. People will remember how you claimed to be a bodysuit senpai and "a weeb with a sewing machine", Moo.

No. 628321

Is she standing next to Mad Thad himself?

No. 628322

I have seen mechanical wings that move sell for over 3k. But it isn't fluid movements, more like a fan opening up. It's cheaper to just get a pair of 1k non moving wings and they look more anatomically correct

There is really no point in getting the wings to move unless she plans on showing them off a lot this year "Look I'm an amazing cosplayer! I made this cosplay!" while dodging the fact she bought it.

No. 628323

Momo must be really bored to be commenting in threadds that obviously don't like her. I guess any attention is good attention? Like some kind of weird advertisement

No. 628327

>“It means a lot to the community”

I for one wouldn’t be caught DEAD lewding around as Mei for all the weebs to jerk it to until I was at LEAST silver in ranked and could recite ALL her in canon voice lines

I mean I don’t make the rules guys, everyone knows how much the hentai/anime community cares about where it’s fap material is sourced(nobody cares)

No. 628330

she sure does change her narrative when it's convenient for her. Another person is cosplaying a character she is? "that other person makes me sad because they don't know anything about the character."
when she does it she shamelessly admits she's doing it for the thot points
She also can't say "I'm just a nerd with a sewing machine" if she doesn't make any of her cosplays nor can she call herself a business woman. She can't claim to do porn but call it cosplays. She's been trying to change the definition of things since she started out

No. 628331

>"I totally make dope Nero references and nobody gets them because they're not a ~true fan~ like I am!!!"
>Hasn't ever played or mentioned the Fate/Extra series and highly doubt she even read through Septem in FGO
>posts this later >>628252

I'll give her that I honestly DO think that she really does consider herself a huge fan of a property whereas most costhots acknowledge they don't actually give a shit, but in reality she's only using it to put herself over other people. She took a massive Fate tattoo on her arm and a DBZ tattoo on her neck and I genuinely think she "likes" both series, but only as an aesthetic she can exploit. Like she's admitting to doing with Tifa here. She "likes" Fate because in actuality she likes the attention she gets from the waifufags, and she "likes" DBZ because it's attractive to the casualfag dudebros. To be frank I think Umineko/Higurashi are the only franchises she's truly into because her forum posts from her pre-cosplay days were all over that shit. And even that series she seems to be simply for the edgelord points.

No. 628333

Moo likes to talk shit about how she's the biggest Fate fan, but she's never played the VN

No. 628339

You guys reminded me that a lot of schools don't allow teachers to have visible tattoos unless they cover them up, and Moo's too lazy for that. So what was her back up career after cosplay again?

No. 628344

Her tattoo is on her forearm. You can wear long sleeves. A quarter sleeve might even cover it. Moo is a lazy sloth but she isn’t that stupid.

No. 628347

being that she lives in vegas + that one camv stream full of "oopsies" likely being the seed for a snowball to come, i wouldnt be surprised if she moved into straight-up escorting. there's legal brothels a short drive from the city - wasn't there an efagz poster who was ragging on some cow being a hooker only to be found out as working in pahrump as a cosplay hooker herself? that's the path moo will likely follow too. tbh, dudes like thrall have shown that she could be making even more money doing that than she ever did at peak 'spandex suit' fame, it's just a matter of her desire to keep up her flexing lifestyle grinding down her morals enough.

or maybe she's already started doing that on the hella dl and that's why she's able to afford moving into a bigger house etc despite consistently dwindling numbers. it's gotta be that, parents' money (they're middle class, it's possible but only to an extent), or credit card debt.

No. 628350


Chillout with that tinfoil. I really dont think Moo would go that far. Topless camming, showing her ass, no vag.. Thats about it probably before she attempts to wipe her internet catalog clean. She's shitty but you have to really like being naked and fucking people which we know Moo is all thirst, no action and with no experience from what limited she has had.

No. 628353

The thing is, most people in the Fate community don't care that much if you haven't read the VN (they will recommend it, but you're not shunned if you didn't) because there's no official translation so it's hard to get. But most people also don't act like they are the "biggest fan evarrrr" because they got a huge ridiculous command seal tattoo.
The Saber Nero complaint is stupid though, she never played Extra, I'm pretty sure she said that before the anime was out in the US, and we all know she doesn't actually play Fate GO. I don't know anyone in the Fate comm who likes her. Although they aren't big on costhots in general.
Mariah, find something you ACTUALLY like. You don't have to pretend to like things that are popular, it just makes you look stupid.

No. 628354

>no vag
she flashed it like thrice in one stream, cmon. she's not going to suddenly mature overnight and become a hardworking wage-slave for 1/10th of what she's used to. she's not gonna sell her gucci and downsize to a shared 2bdr in a less expensive part of town. the same way she got hooked on the attention, she's hooked on the money.

No. 628356

that's not gatekeeping? all he said was she should play the og?

No. 628358

Here's a little tidbit for you from a mallad mole. She's related to Vic Mignogna.

No. 628359

Nobody is going to spend money to date this dumpster fire irl

No. 628361

because they're both sexual predators? Or actually blood related

No. 628377

that bitch uses her real name. she can't "wipe the internet clean" of her.

No. 628385

Thats why I said when she attempts to do that.

No. 628389

I thought her most expensive cosplay was Beato/golden witch whatever from Umineko? or she also forget about that shit?

No. 628391

provide proof or get out of here.

No. 628396

literally wat? you think she wouldnt have bragged about that all day and night long already if that was true?

yeah definitely not the guy who threw 1k down on her just in hopes of getting a private cam show, nor any of the other patreon cucks. even a couple haters have admitted they low key wanna hate-fuck her. how can you say people wouldnt pay to date (shoulda said fuck) her when people pay to see her half-naked?

No. 628407

She's too stupid and self centered to know anything about even her own family. malladmole says check the last name of the italian part of her family. It's mignogna. Don't doubt the words of malladmole farmer. Actually that should be plural. There is more than one.

No. 628412

Anon that's such a damn reach. Thats like saying everyone with the last name Pena are 'technically' related.

No. 628414

because those guys want her to be their pump and dump. moo hasn't collected any good neckbeards who will toss money at her for nothing.

No. 628417

>a malladmole farmer

also, you're aware that even if she does have relatives with the surname mignona, that doesn't mean they're directly related. how many people with your last name exist in your city/country who are strangers to you?

No. 628419

While that may be "technically" true. It's not as common a name as pena and they all come from the same area both in Italy and the US. You anons kill me. You all want milk and when someone serves you some right from the cow you bitch and want it to be fat free lactaid. Malladmole will now go silent.

No. 628422

Good, stay silent. You come in here expecting everyone to praise you for some shitty info that means nothing and you just look like a retard. My bus driver in the third grade’s last name was Mignogna. Come back with some good milk to don’t come back at all.

No. 628423

>"she's totally related to vic mignona even though she's never milked this connection like she totally would have"

mariah are you just bored and high rn or something? are we being distracted from some kind of milk with this weak trolling?

"mole" i work with her parents, you're not the only asshole in vegas, fuck off lol

No. 628425

that is hands down the worst flex to have.

No. 628459

Anons want people close to momo to spill. Then look what happens when someone tries.

No. 628460


Proof or get out. Simple as thar.

No. 628461

why are you so insistent that this is milk in the first place? this is such bizarre information to not only know, but make such a big deal out of. she obviously has no connections to vic or she'd have used them. what's your point?

No. 628465

we want anons to provide proof lmfao.

No. 628466

File: 1548039746560.png (1.05 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-01-20-19-00-02…)

No. 628469

Gosh moo, trying to trade for bunny gear? Why don't you just flex all that money you've got and order a $200+ dollar set? lol

No. 628504

The surname of her Italian family members is Esse.

No. 628516

File: 1548055043478.png (143.29 KB, 598x919, Screenshot_20190121-020411.png)


No. 628517

File: 1548055140758.png (100.14 KB, 596x677, Screenshot_20190121-020421.png)


No. 628518

File: 1548055245526.png (85.05 KB, 587x517, Screenshot_20190121-020655.png)


No. 628519

File: 1548055340977.png (90.3 KB, 596x592, Screenshot_20190121-020648.png)


No. 628522

Maybe she can address all the times she’s dodged people who asked where there rewards were or outright deleted their comments and blocked anyone who tried to confront her about it. She can scream all she wants about people criticizing her but at the end of the day she still pulled a shit ton of shady crap so it’s no surprise people are sick of her scamming. Don’t scam people if you don’t want to be called out for it Mariah. It literally wasn’t even that long ago either jfc….

No. 628523

just like clockwork

No. 628525

It’s easy to be a “one woman team” when she literally puts no effort into anything she does. Simply throws undeserved cash at commissioners/Etsy/Amazon Prime. Plus, if she’s doing it “all by herself” then why enlist Colette and the other guy to help her package overdue shit for patrons? Otherwise it’d never have been shipped.

No. 628526

"As a one woman business" is going to replace "She works out. She even uploads her exercise videos" as the next big Mariah meme.

It cracks me up to see this bitch rant about maturity and learning from mistakes, only to throw around as many vulgar insults as possible while addressing some IG user. The stock value continues to plummet.

No. 628532

Doesn’t care about numbers but puts an emphasis on how she’s the top whatever on the sites she’s on
>>sounds fake but ok

No. 628541

File: 1548062509522.jpg (46.43 KB, 717x210, 1458577963753.jpg)

She even made a post on Twitter a long time ago to beware of people who only seek fame or care about numbers but posted on DeviantArt that she wanted to be famous like Jnigri and emphasizes how much money and followers she has now lol

No. 628547

Why don’t the people criticizing her call her out about the “one woman team” and remind her how she kept using an imaginary manager as a scapegoat? Or point out how she continuously makes horrible mistakes and refuses to own up to them until months after the issie has been basically forgotten

No. 628548

File: 1548064402369.png (192.6 KB, 720x756, 1472587069178.png)

Took a trip down memory lane, had to laugh because people she used to be friends with posted about how she ditched them for others with way more followers

No. 628572

>@PAX 2016
Was this before or after JNig started ignoring her? She’s the earliest ~cosfamous~ person I can think of who people repeatedly asked Mariah about why they weren’t hanging out anymore. Probably mostly to rub it in, because Mariah was making it sound like they were ultraBBFs.

No. 628573

File: 1548079500537.jpg (200.62 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20190121-060351_Gal…)

What a fucking load of shit. This was a week ago when the last message was sent. No reply. She DOES NOT care about her 'customers'.

No. 628576

She's a one man team, anon! She can't sit on her ass doing nothing all day and reply to messages. That's asking for too much!

No. 628579

Why are you posting here if you follow her for jerk off material

I hate the direction this thread goes in every time she starts camming

No. 628581

Eh, let them be here as long as they're not WKing, 'Male here,' or thirstposting about her. Our previous Patreon anons were dudes she burned with her lazy behavior, scorned dudes provide milk just fine, maybe someday we'll finally get the tea from KBBQ or castlecosplay.

No. 628582

I was feeding you guys milk but go off

No. 628584

Castle cosplay still follows her though. Idk why but yeah. Actually a couple cosplayers I know follow her and I wonder if it’s to lolfollow or they actually support her work.

No. 628585


God after seeing these tweets again she was never meant to have fame. She's the most unhumble, conceded and narcissistic person ive ever seen. Glad to see she got booted from the cosplay community. She went from being on the top with 'top tier' companies to nothing

No. 628594

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you anon. They didn’t say anything about jerking off to her. Someone’s gotta take one for the lolcow team and be our mole.

No. 628599


They're giving us evidence she doesn't respond back to her fans as much as she claims to. Chill the fuck out anon.


Bitch was never meant to have fame. Literally went from the top to the bottom

No. 628600

Exactly considering Patreon-Anon, who as far as we knew was a chick, says they arent going to be giving out sets anymore. She waits until the end of the month now to deliver them anyway due to them being shared so much. Finally caught on. Only took a year and a half and probably mostly because she doesn't want to give out the sets due to how fat she's gotten, so she wants to make super sure they won't be shared.

No. 628602

File: 1548097395477.jpeg (403.14 KB, 2048x2048, 21F00A95-2074-4882-8559-17055B…)

Uh ok

No. 628604

Moo doesn't understand that when people hold grudges and bring up shit from ages ago, IT STILL BOTHERS THEM. Her initial response was SHITTY and it's still shitty. No wonder her dad threw her shit away.

No. 628633

File: 1548107507958.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 745A0FED-1E68-431B-BD75-5A4702…)

she never announced these having a limited window did she? I know she had 60 or whatever but that wouldn’t make it the “last day”

No. 628635

File: 1548107857573.jpg (98.53 KB, 1242x1190, 9ptd23mrqnb21.jpg)

Didn't utilize her desert surroundings. Just a chair in her garage. First 3 poses are the same.

No. 628636

she just makes the chair look so small.

No. 628639

"Legit cosplayer"

No. 628641

okay i know the location is valid criticism, but really, picture driving down the highway heading out to california or something and seeing THAT on the side of the rode with a rickety chair and a tripod-san.

No. 628643

Considering Mooriah has already laid in garbage, you'd think she'd have no problem being screen accurate and bend over into a actual large garbage bin. So much for accuracy my dude. But >>628641 does bring up a valid point. No way I'd want to see that unintentionally.

No. 628646

Now imagine seeing the fake cum splattered all over the highway

No. 628648

and moo's been pretty terrified of people seeing her nasty body recently. during her tamamo shoot she posted some IG rant about how people kept staring at her. she just can't own anything she does.

No. 628651

File: 1548109654774.jpeg (285.69 KB, 750x1054, B81542D3-6154-4326-AFAB-7CCBBC…)

watermarking her photos now? proper ethottery, gotta let them know where to go

No. 628654

imagine watermarking your lewds with your realass name. platinum retarded.

No. 628659

So, like, is she doing the interrogation scene?

No. 628660

She could go on any hiking trail to not be seen but I guess that wouldn't work out either since she doesnt exercise

No. 628662

Just realized her range of motion is limited due to those illfitting tights. Hiking would be impossible for get compared to the best saggers. Probably why she is only in a chair and why did skin show image files but not share the folder?

No. 628664

yeah I believe she said this was some sort of kidnapping interrogation thing

No. 628667

Friend of Castle and his group her: what happened between them was he was friends with her and nothing more than that but she kept trying to hit on him, flirt, and ended up just really pushing it so he told her to cut that shit out cause he has a girlfriend and she did so he decided to remain social media friendly with her. Its nothing too milky or exciting

No. 628668

He doesnt associate with her at cons and in person really though if they end up at the same one. They might say hi but thats about it

No. 628675

File: 1548111818943.jpeg (52.11 KB, 1064x296, A998A4F1-0BEE-48BE-A6AE-1FE677…)

Here’s the screen shot I was trying to find, I still think about it every time she flashes how much money and followers she has

No. 628679

File: 1548112485482.jpeg (74.24 KB, 236x275, 1545779266412.jpeg)

>>628602 How does one manage to be a gatekeeper and a doormat at the same time? Why isn't she jumping on this person's ass for the unforgivable sin of not seeing DBZ in the theaters? Oh, that's right. Mariah uses torrents and other streaming or download services that don't result in the creators getting paid for their contributions. But if people leak her photo sets, she has an aneurism.

>>628633 These keychains started selling almost 3 weeks ago, right? People are paying over $21 for measly keychains, and they still haven't been shipped? And then she has the nerve to flap her turtle lips about learning from her mistakes, like she claims she did in >>628519.

>>628573 This proves she doesn't listen to customers. She also ignored a ton of complaints that were publicly posted on Patreon for the longest time. This milk is more valid than the Vic milk.

And finally, can we all unanimously agree that the IG user Girlonthemoonpro is really just an alias for Mariah's tripod? The account barely follows anybody (about 7), but conveniently follows
Aly, Vamp, Mariah, and Miso Tokki, and has only worked with Vamp and Mariah thus far (old pic included to reveal the tag if any anons want to investigate, as I'm not home at the moment).

No. 628682

I can get behind that. Cucknoodles might of finally decided her money wasn't worth the extra he was losing out on by association. And some may agree to work with her to save face in public. Not with community but to avoid her autistic screeching, but decline with excuses when she asks.

No. 628685

>>628682 To give credit where it's due, SquareCuck does solid work with other models who are fat less problematic, demanding, and hideous than Moo. Women who require modest touch ups with photoshop, as opposed to creating a new body for Frankenmoo.

Imagine being so vile, the only photographer that'll work with you is Tripod-san.

No. 628686

Roxy and Colette were over the night she did a 30 min or so stream on CamV. She audibly said their names but no Violet. While they did not go on stream, Roxy made a joke about Violet wanting to beat up Moo. It might actually be a tripod.

No. 628687

>>628685 Doublepost. Meant to say far, not fat. My phone has become sentient to Moo's body.

No. 628692

File: 1548114596171.jpg (220.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190121-174850_Ins…)

Also if you pay attention to the bio
"Inquires DM" is phrased and spelt like how the linguistics major phrases and spells shit

No. 628694

Bets on the account suddenly spamming images and we get some stock photo girl as 'totally the photographer'?

No. 628695

Until we see some selfies, this is either a account made by Moo, Colette, Roxy or a girl named Violet Tojo on FB. This Violet girl also goes by Otter_queen, Queenofotters, Violetwitchcos etc., is friends with yanderejane, tashalej AND Colette on FB.
I'm betting it's Moo, however, because that sentence seems like something she'd write.

No. 628702

It's probably Roxy taking the Lucoa photos and runs the photographer account and a tripod for her recent quiet garage bs. Big yikes Roxy. Thought she finally left those cows.

No. 628704

It's a good way to mask that she probably didn't sell many.

No. 628705

Lol this reminds me of when Vic credited "Frankie" as her photog for a while. It's amusing to see how cows credit tripod san. This is hilarious, she didn't even try to make the account believable.

No. 628713

File: 1548120477269.png (700.13 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190122-092732.png)

No. 628742

File: 1548124478632.jpg (822.01 KB, 1080x2220, thrall01.jpg)

Crosspost but Thrall, the paypig who dropped a ton of money on her the other night, confronted Moo on stream tonight

No. 628743

File: 1548124502081.png (5.4 KB, 305x75, thrall02.PNG)

also thanks for other anon for the first cap.

No. 628744

She'll likely get booted for that. They'd rather keep the guys who pay than her. She doesn't bring in enough money.

No. 628751

This is reaching

Violet lives nowhere close enough to do photos for them, nor does she take photos at all

Agree that the account is just Mariah posting tripod pics

No. 628753

Sorry if I haven't scrolled down to the bottom, but I'm sure she's trying to mimic that porn that just came out where quiet gets fucked by a horse.

No. 628755

Speculation is not a reach. Calm down.

No. 628756


Ruh-roh looks like she is going to be in deep shit now lol.

No. 628762

I'm so tired of this shit "I'm a one person team!11!!!!" Okay??? Fucking and? Its your job. The only damn job you have. If you weren't such a terrible person maybe it wouldn't have to be that way, but even if it is so? There are several other creators out there (pateron, etsy, etc.) That are one man shows but they still get their products to their customers in a timely fashion. So this is bulllllshit. Theres 13 year olds that sell slime on the internet better than this full grown adult selling digital photos, wtf. So many excuses.

And this whole "what Im not allowed to grow and change?!?!" Yeah bitch, when you're doing something for going on 3 years, there's no reason you shouldn't be on top of your shit at this point.

>>628633 She's only doing this cause she only wants to take 1 trip to the post office. How damn lazy, lol. I bet you she only sold like 10. Can't wait for the mousepads!!

No. 628763

Funny because she swore up and down she has a manager for Patreon or just for general shenanigans and now she doesn't. She HAD a team. Doesn't she see how stupid it is to keep on using this excuse?

No. 628770

>pronounced Junji Ito "Gingy Eetoh"
>says she and her cousin are the only weebs in the family and get along

No. 628775

File: 1548130034681.jpg (695.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190121-220308_Chr…)

Cross posting but she got big

No. 628777

No. 628784

>putting your watermark in such an easily croppable area

Mariah Mallad, you gotta put the text in so its warped along your boob or something and not easy to crop out. Go ahead.


No. 628789

>>628775 If you look at the bottom section of her breast, you can follow the line and see that it morphs into her back boobs. I didn't even know this was scientifically achievable.

No. 628792

File: 1548133572140.png (856.52 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-01-21-21-00-54…)

This clip, if you can hear it, seems cropped. Anyone recognize this chick?

No. 628793

VioletWitchCos is dating a dude cosplayer who fucking HATES momokun. If I rememer correctly they spent their whole ALA with Jane so I highly doubt

No. 628794

Wait..is this Mariahs younger cousin?

No. 628797

Funny how this gets posted after the speculation about the actual person behind the account. Very convenient.

No. 628800


Anon >>628694 came pretty damn close to calling it.

I'm starting to think the reason Mariah doesn't have time to take a shower or follow through on her business as a one woman team is because she's more obsessed with the threads than every farmer combined.

No. 628805

And she’s watching that Broly movie for the fourth time today. So productive

No. 628810

Betting on its her cousin Alia.

No. 628814

>>628810 Just how old is this girl? She looks and sounds like she's 16 tops, or at least the girl who Mariah spliced the footage from does.

Either way, why would a 23-year-old enlist an underage photographer for lewd shoots?

No. 628815

Close to 17 if this is correct. One of her Instagram profiles says "ths'21" in which I assume THS is her high school. Anyways this cousin tried to defend Moo on Twitter when people debated whether or not she went to EVO with her cousins. Itd make sense to keep it in the family I guess? If we're correct why would you let your cousin see your unblurred asshole LOL

No. 628817

the cousin she took to EVO was a dude

No. 628818

Alia came to visit from Troy MI and they all went to EVO, Brandon included. Later on, after she was found out defending and seen in the "after EVO stream" (where Moo said they had a great time, Alia was sitting in front of Brandon hunched behind the couch) Alia got upset and said she wanted to leave. Moo cut the stream short and left.

No. 628822

File: 1548140695449.jpg (289.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190121-230221_Chr…)

Nice booger.

No. 628827

I'm starting to think this beanie came with a weft of extensions sewn into it.

No. 628831

File: 1548143105535.jpg (205.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190122-014350_Chr…)

Nope. She just doesnt wear it without her shit hair extensions/wig. I'm sure with how much she wears it, it smells disgusting.

No. 628833

This is so lazy. 6 pictures, 5 of which are the same pose, 3 at one angle, 2 at another angle, and a final 6th photo in a new position

No. 628835

File: 1548145223607.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, DABAC4B3-B325-4120-AF53-CB161A…)

She’s seeing it for the 5th time tomorrow…

No. 628838

What’s the fucking point? Especially announcing it? Just be ‘Look you guys I am such a fan! I am willing to spend $50+ bucks to see the same movie over and over again just cause I don’t have anything else to do! REEEEE!’ I am a fan of the movie and the overall series since it first even came out, even have a shenron tattoo but I am not going to be so cringe as to see it like that multiple times in a short span and telling everyone like an attention seeking child…hunny all you are proving is that you aren’t doing jack shit for your neck beard fans but spending their money on movies and large order of snacks. You keep putting things back like as if you don’t have time for anything but CLEARLY you are willing to spend 2 1/2 hours at the theater….stay classy Moo.

No. 628839

Just about to say this. She's doing that weird Quiet bestiality porno where she's interrogated and fucked by a horse. Good show moo

No. 628840

>>628838 I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's preemptively trying to create an excuse so that she could blow off another Camversity stream.

No. 628841

5th time?? She really is an overgrown toddler isnt she. Literally like a child that you plop in front of a spongebob marathon all day. She doesn't have any hobbies? Why can't she use that time to work on making things for cosplay? She completely gave that all up for camming now? She doesnt seem to have much of a real personality aside from taking her clothes off for money these days

No. 628842

She is saving her real life version of "Breaking the Quiet" for when she is truly desperate. When her IG gets the permanent ban hammer, and her fans start to wise up, she will break out the Bad Dragon and fully submit to her ultimate destiny.

No. 628843

Miso is selling prints taken by the photographer.

No. 628847

Share the actual folder link?

No. 628852

File: 1548155590922.jpg (250.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190122-035952_Chr…)

If I can go back to the Girlonthemoonpro possibly being Mariah or Mariah's tripod for a moment, I noticed something else that's rather odd.

Check these photos out. As of right now, there are 4 photos which feature Girlonthemoon. Mariah tagged her in three of them, and the fourth photo is the one of Vamp that Girlonthemoonpro has on that account.

Look at the hands in each photo. Notice how all 4 Girlonthemoonpro photos don't actually show the full hand? That's because they're hiding the remote device that takes photos.

Now compare what I just said to the Christmas Sonico photo from earlier, or even the Quiet photos that were taken in the garage. Again, take notice of the way the hands are either hidden, or hiding something. Also worth mentioning that these are all taken from the same side (camera on our left, "model" on our right), and usually from an unusual angle that's either too low to the ground, or directly above one's head. Tripod angles, to put it differently.

>>628843 I just browsed through Miso Tokki's Storenvy and about 3 dozen of her most recent IG uploads, and found nothing that validates your claim. Can you please provide proof, since it's relevant to Mariah's lies, my evidence, and the sudden appearance of Girlonthemoonpro in an IG story?

No. 628853

File: 1548155698929.jpg (150.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190122-040006_Chr…)

>>628852 Here's the other photo. The hands aren't fully exposed. The only people taking photos under the Girlonthemoonpro moniker are the people who actually appear in the photos.

No. 628854

>>628852 Samefag. That's not Sonico. I had Sonico on the brain.

No. 628856

Aa far as hands go, moo has always reached or stretched in photos because shes huge. Not saying its not a possibility but unless the camera is behind here where she throws her hammy arms in front of her body to look 'skinny', shes always kind of did what she can to minimize her arms in photos.

No. 628858

doesn't care about numbers? so why are you bragging using them? jesus this dumb bitch

No. 628860

and you really think miso wouldn't lie for mariah$$$?

No. 628863

I thought Vamp called these selfies though?

No. 628885

File: 1548173314173.jpeg (365.12 KB, 1242x2071, 3B8B32BB-A728-43F2-AE34-323D07…)

Saw this pop up on my feed, Im not friends with this guy but I’m guessing he has a business of selling merch or making stuff? Idk if he’s a big deal or not,
And momo sent this message asking about his items and he screenshot this lol
All his friends were pretty much saying” stay away !! Don’t collab!!”
I find it hilarious that the community just hates her and wants nothing to do with her, he’s aware of the back lash if he does work with her but who knows if the money is good enough ?

No. 628895

File: 1548176925061.png (752.27 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-01-22-09-05-12…)

She was begging people to find it

No. 628896

File: 1548176962699.png (377.78 KB, 720x1165, Screenshot_2019-01-22-09-05-18…)

No. 628903

Moomoocunt is desperate for some of that sweet Belledelphine e-fame and tries to upload a video of herself blinking innocently. instead she ends up looking like a retarded moose

No. 628913

File: 1548180386034.jpg (471.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190122-105550_Chr…)

>>628863 She did call these selfies at first. This is a screenshot of her very first Konan upload to Instagram. No photo credit to the fictitious photographer. Then, out out of nowhere, she started claiming the photos from this set were done by Girlonthemoonpro.

And the anon who made claims that Miso Tokki was selling prints of her strawberry bikini shoot which were shot by Girlonthemoonpro was full of shit, as Miso tagged a completely different photographer in an Instagram post on the strawberry bikini pic. That anon has since deleted the post from here.

Mariah can't get actual photographers these days. So in typical Mariah fashion, she has to pretend that she's "helping smaller members of the community" by giving them work, but all she's doing is lying. Vamp is complicit in this. Miso and Aly might be as well.

As seen in >>628885, no self-respecting individual wants to work with Mariah.

No. 628918

Anon you're coming off really freaking aggressive for some reason as if you have a personal vendetta against Moo or anyone related to her. I think the anon probably got mixed up and wasn't just spewing shit and if it is Moo she will mess up eventually or this is all part of a 'plan' she has to reveal her breakout into photography, but I don't think it's Moo personally.

Every other time she has shot anyone she makes sure to have them credit her or Moo would comment herself that she shot the photos. If it's her, she'd be gloating.

No. 628920

Forgot to add she would gloat about it just as much as she spams about when things are also edited by her. She was throwing it all over, even having Vamp tag her in the stories, not just posts, when moo shot her first twerking video of Vamp's and when she shot a bunch of Vamps sets last year.

No. 628921

I don't see it that way at all. She's just trying to sleuth moo and her shit crew out.

Also, moo did say she was doing photos before. I wouldn't put it past her to fake a photog though since she clearly lost cucknoodles.

No. 628923

She was just shooting with him like 3 weeks ago. Every time someone freaks out about her losing someone then they show up just like Tattoo guy did. Unless they aren't acquainted for more than 2 months I wouldn't say they aren't still shooting together. He doesn't live in Las Vegas, right? he has to travel to shoot with her. Besides, even though Holly disappeared for a few months she still spent days on end with Moo in Japan. These people are still working with her. It's been 3 weeks.

No. 628925


I don't like Mariah as a businesswoman, and I won't deny that. I don't know her outside of what she chooses to reveal on social media, but I certainly don't see the appeal, nor do I believe she's somebody I'd invest my time on.

The point that I was trying to make is that we have too many anons in here who inexplicably give Mariah the benefit of the doubt, in spite of the fact that we have over 90 threads worth of evidence as to why it's not worth it. The anon who claimed Tokki shot with Girlonthemoonpro is no better than the anon who popped in with the claims that Vic was related to Mariah.

Ultimately, people need to bring evidence to the table, or at least make a solid argument when presenting a case or a theory. Otherwise, it gives Mariah an excuse to say that her witch hunt belief was legitimate all along. Hopefully that makes more sense. I don't have time for vendettas (or vendetta's, as Mariah would say). I'm just puzzled by the weird claims certain farmers make from time to time without a shred of evidence. It makes us look worse, and makes Mariah look like a victim of a conspiracy.

No. 628926

Dude it really seems the anon was mistaken though. No need to be really cunty about it. That compared to anons claiming she does coke, smells SPECIALLY like hotdog water which Im sure is just the Cartman cosplayer trying to make it a thing, and saying she isn't working with certain people without proof is more of an issue. Its not that big of a deal, holy.

No. 628928

>>628926 I'm guessing you're the anon who made the claim that Tokki "worked" with Girlonthemoonpro?

If you want forgiveness, go to church. If you want to mod because you don't like the way people phrase things, apply for a farmhand position.




I hope you're not the hot dog water anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628930

Anon stfu already. You're being so austistic about this. Its a fucking gossip forum. No one gives a shit about you demanding on FACTS.

No. 628932

nta but you're the one who sounds fucking new.

No. 628933


From >>628925:

Ultimately, people need to bring evidence to the table, or at least make a solid argument when presenting a case or a theory. Otherwise, it gives Mariah an excuse to say that her witch hunt belief was legitimate all along. Hopefully that makes more sense.

Speculation is fine, because anons can explain their reasoning behind the tinfoil. Gossip isn't productive, however.

No. 628940

imagine cosplaying the main character of (probably) your only and bestest favourite manga and looking like a divorced woman in her 40's.

Its so sad how she feels like its okay to parade that whole fiasco.

No. 628941

It seems to me that while we think its awful, she has the mindset of a toddler who drew some awful doodles attempting to look like a family. The family being Vamps, Miso, Aly.. Whoever else was in that mess. Gotta just smile and praise the adult baby, Moo.

No. 628943

I doubt it's the actual Mr.Beast, he only tips those huge amounts when he can make a video and get paid/ get a sponsorship from it. A video tipping camgirls would probably get demonetised

No. 628944

but anon, when she went to japan she totes met someone who happened to personally know the creator, and that person also happened to somehow show the creator and then relay to mariah that the creator liked it!

No. 628945

Exactly. Gotta praise the delusional and sad American otaku, which is awful to be called an otaku in Japan, for her appreciation of something you made. Creators in Japan are so nice they don't even care about doujinshi being sold of their own art. He wouldve said he liked anything than was fan based like how that cow girl OC creator for Milk Party was polite and said they didn't care. They feel sorry for her and probably think her fat American ass is special needs or something.

No. 628989

File: 1548202471630.png (891.53 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-01-22-16-04-18…)

>store being kept open longer because people were bitching they don't get paid til Friday
>105 sold, ordered more

No. 628990

File: 1548202513337.png (1.01 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-01-22-16-04-28…)

Dey scratchproof fam

No. 628991

File: 1548202559306.png (546.81 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-01-22-16-05-02…)

She also namedropped will-o in this as well

No. 628993

Note: on storenvy you can edit the sold amount for people who need to change their stock if they sell any off site. Unless I see people who arent her friends posting pictures of them I wont believe she sold that many.

No. 628996

I know. Also, why buy more if it's open for a limited amount of time?

No. 629014

File: 1548206174932.png (911.9 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-01-22-17-08-34…)

>has been meal prepping and dieting "for a few days now"
>wants to get ripped for Broly then gain her weight back
>wants to be 175-190 lbs, is currently 220
>feels she needs to call herself out otherwise she wont get her shit together
>has a huge problem with binge eating and attributes it to being a ex-lacrosse player where she needed to eat a lot to accommodate the exercise she was doing

No. 629023


wow all of this bullshit.. was this all in one post cause thats just…amazing.

No. 629025

>is planning to get lipo soon
>is planning to get cool sculpting soon
>is planning to get lipo soon
>is saying this to try and cover her ass like always
>has watched amberlynn reid videos

All I could see

No. 629026

>>629014 Why is she so insistent on using the magic number 220 for her weight? She claimed she was 220 around the time she first ventured into Camversity territory. This is as bad as her magic number for high end commissions, which is always $3,000.

No. 629033

see, i used to do fucking weight training and once i stopped for a while i did gain a bit but only like 30lbs…and that's all. moo has gained twice or more of her body weight from back when she did lacrosse. it also sounds ridiculous that she wants to get swole then get fat again.

No. 629036

She needs to jump on a scale and post it on instagram for anyone to believe she's even close to 220. Go ahead, Mariah. I know you read here.

No. 629038

File: 1548209517111.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 1516747568109.png)

Yeah sure you're 220lbs now moo please tell me more. She really should keep all her bullshit on file so she can look it up so it's not obvious she's full of shit. I know she's sucking it in here but she cant even fake that flat of a stomach nowadays without extreme shoop

No. 629039

samefagging to add this is from >>483535 which was literally a year ago almost to the day (jan 23rd)

No. 629045

I want her to prove it in with a video of her stepping on the scale. She cant be less than 250 rn

No. 629046

Because even stupid ass Mooriah knows that her only chance at longevity is to appeal to gross feeder fetishists. That is her only audience now, that and autistic foreign dudes who are so hard up they want to see 'whole ass hole'.

No. 629047

Lipo has fucked her stomach up so much….

No. 629049

Her body itself might be 194 but those arms are about 20 pounds each on top of that.

No. 629053

As usual just a bunch of lies and bullshit. If this bitch ever told the truth I think it would cause her to have a stroke.

No. 629060

then she can cosplay chubroly and get the best of both worlds

No. 629062

File: 1548212513184.png (1.79 MB, 2150x690, momowaitweight.png)

I tried to compile some images where she mentioned her weight and some applicable candid shots although outside of streams recently she really hasnt gone out to have any really revealing pictures of her like she used to. I think the only time she was telling the truth is when she was 195 or as she puts it '194.8' cept of course she's sucking her stomach in.
there's no way she's only 220

No. 629067

So on average she gains like 50 pounds a year if you don't believe her BS

No. 629069

She's def close to 260 270 right now let's not forget how bowlegged she is. I can't help but wonder if it's painful to walk tbh all that front facing fat.

No. 629071

she already knows the lipo won't save her for much time so she 'plans' to get her weight back. hilarious.

No. 629073

can anyone tell me when and why cuck noodles ditched her?

No. 629079

File: 1548215648204.png (104.88 KB, 1398x816, bellylovers.png)

oh boy…

No. 629081

Anything for that sweet sweet cash I guess. There’s literally nothing she won’t do for it at this point since she has a “lifestyle” she wants to maintain.

No. 629082

No tbh 220 looks about right. Don't bother using that emulator that looks like shit. I have friends in that region and granted not the floppy tits, yet, but two of them look like Moo if Moo actually had a stomach at 220lbs.

No. 629083

HE DIDNT. He doesn't live in Las Vegas. Its been about 3 weeks. Not everyone who disappears suddenly loses contact with Moo. People thought that about Holly too until Japan. Same with Tattoo cuck.

No. 629085

File: 1548216883792.png (58.44 KB, 720x369, Screenshot_2019-01-22-20-09-19…)

>anon predicts Mooriah following a "weight loss surgeon" soon after, news at 11

No. 629088

Ugh the fat flaps on her back. How could you let yourself get that bad?

I legitimately think she might have binge eating disorder bu she needs to get that shit under control with proper psychiatric care rather than lipo.

No. 629089

I can't wait to see her "belly dance". As someone who grew up in the (admittedly western) belly dance community, this is like christmas.

No. 629092

please remember that momo's upper back is VERY fat her waist and thighs are deceivingly small because she got lipo in those places.

if you look at the pictures where her back fat is literally flopping over her bikini top she is easily 250 also to claim that she's only 25lbs heavier than her 195lbs pic (because she would never claim to be heavier than she is) you're sorely mistaken.

No. 629093

fat chicks getting particular about their exact poundage is like telling the average hetero male your bra size; 34c or 1080p, everyone can see what you actually look like. Saying "but I'm only ###" when she's clearly gained weight only fools idiots who believe that her tits in a pushup bra are representative of their actual size.

also, no fucking way there's 20 lbs difference between those 177 and 195 pics.

No. 629097

Moo looks twice as big as Vamp in the majority of photos where they appear together. And Vamp is probably around 150 pounds give or take 5 pounds.

Moo easily looks like she has 90 pounds on Vamp, even after her previous liposuction appointments. I had Moo pegged for about 230 during AEX weekend, where she really started putting on weight at a rapid pace. Then she did her shibari cow shoot, where she clearly didn't look like she was anything less than 220 pounds, and I'm being generous.

She has to weigh about 255 at the very least right now. Aly is slightly big (probably 175), and she looks massive compared to her, really.

No. 629106

File: 1548221988878.png (36.7 KB, 500x303, howtowasteyourmoney.png)

Didn't she say not too long ago that she only had around 60/limited number for sale?? Unless she got more in suddenly those numbers seem way off…

No. 629107

Eh, I'm the same height as her and 220, I'm smaller than she is. We have the same body type, too.
The thing is women with our body shapes look smaller when you see us from the front, but you give up the ghost when looked at from the side.
Judging from pictures of her from the side I'm putting her at 240-245.
I'm not saying she isn't 220, maybe she just distributes fat poorly but I'm not convinced she is.

No. 629113

didn't she just say a couple days ago that when she was thinner and more active she was literally "starving". which is it mariah? do you have a binge eating problem because you got used to eating a lot when you were an athlete or were you soOoOo miserable when you were thin because you were starving yourself to stay that way?

No. 629116

It's funny how much she's been talking about Ryoma being her "husbando" lately, and yet he just got a outfit in the mobile game that she would be drooling over. Camilla did too, which is one of her favorite ships. Now that I've mentioned it I'm expecting her to suddenly post about it, since that's what she always does.

No. 629117


It's not unheard of for one type of eating disorder to turn into another type later down the line.

No. 629120

3 weeks? wait what was her last shoot with him? i thought it was on the beggining of december

No. 629121

>>629120 Morrigan was the last one Square did with Moo. That was in November, and probably only happened largely in part to MisoTokki being involved.

No. 629122


Correction - he shot the Super Pocacho bakery set. Coincidentally, MisoTokki was around for that.

He also did the most recent Velma shoot. I don't remember if MisoTokki was around during that time. But it seems like he's less involved than before. Could be location based. Could be dissatisfaction.

No. 629123

The Velma shoot was when antares, miso and aly all were over for their cosplay weekend. They all traveled down and did the shoots with Eric

No. 629126

>>629123 That's right. Thanks for jogging my memory.

No. 629128

No problem. It seems like now Square is on a leash because Miso might've gotten the hint Moo has yellow fever.

No. 629132


same here- grew up in bellydance and though I have seen some big women do it, they could move like crazy. Moo? yea we see her idea of work ethic and creative. and energy. She'd look like that dancer from return of the jedi.

No. 629172

File: 1548242990108.jpg (255.83 KB, 720x1002, 20190123_042339.jpg)

>>629062 Don't let the photoshop deceive you on the picture that I'm sharing, but I wanted to add a more recent photo of Mariah's where she's wearing the same denim shorts that she used during her Cindy shoot, when she allegedly weighed 209 lbs.

If she really was 209 at the time of Cindy, then she must have really blown up if she wasn't able to button, or even zip up the same shorts she used for both characters, several months apart.

The collage you made is pretty telling, especially with that excess back fat. I'd go as far as to say she could be 260 these days. Contrast and compare.

No. 629175

As someone who is touching 200lb's and is SHORTER, I really don't think she can see 200 anymore. I'd guess closer to 265?? You can really tell by the amount of sag in her back fat

No. 629179

The stuff she says in >>629014 sure does seem to contradict how happy she claims she is in >>626340 >>626343 >>626344

No. 629186

File: 1548245162195.jpg (72.6 KB, 960x960, 32954248_1324347504376862_1901…)


That shoop is hilarious

No. 629187

if he posts before and afters she could be following it for inspo? Giving her the benefit of the doubt which is probably a mistake, but tbh that's a lot of the reason why I read this thread. It's good motivation to hit the gym and put down that burger.

No. 629211

that would hold a lot more weight (kek) if she hadn't already gotten multiple procedures and lied about them every time. if she's looking for "inspo", its a pic to take to her next surgeon lol

No. 629213

I'm looking at that IG right now and there aren't many of those before/after pics. Aren't there dedicated blogs for those kinds of pics anyway?

No. 629214

Highly doubt she even knows about FEH. I'll be pissed if she suddenly starts sperging about it.

No. 629228

File: 1548260790685.png (828.05 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2019-01-23-08-25-12…)

They ate out. That didn't last long

No. 629243

>year of the pig
damn right

No. 629246

she mentioned wanting to do spring camilla when it was announced but it was like the first seasonal banner

mobile games are too much upkeep for pretending you like it which is why she doesn't talk about FGO or FEH, there is CONSTANTLY new content

No. 629250

They'll all be years of the pig, until her inevitable fatal heart attack.

No. 629258

She's really willing to go to the Palazzo like that?? She looks so scrubby compared to literally everyone else. Maybe being disgusting is the only way she gets to be the center of attention now.

No. 629262

it's not CNY yet idiot. more like pig of the year.

No. 629282

Woah calm down bitch. It’s just a misunderstanding lol. Y’all girls get worked up for anything to avoid getting banned.

No. 629292

You'd think with how much drama SSSniper has she'd avoid chancing her fanbase. Moo is a household name in 'nerdy' circles.

No. 629316

"Household name" is a far too kind way of putting "laughing stock" or "pariah".

No. 629319

If she only wanted inspo she could just follow the hastag, not a specific surgeon

No. 629354

File: 1548284866659.jpg (278.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190123-160228_Chr…)

Apparently plans on streaming in a few hours. Based on her recent self pity party, I'm under the impression that she's mostly going to talk about anime in her dirty ass clothes. Figured I'd share the news here before heading over to the live stream thread later.

No. 629360


I guess I’ve been out of the loop. What self pity party? Is she bummed that another guy rejected her again?

No. 629372

Any posts solely commenting on moo's weight will be considered no contribution nitpicking with a minimum ban length of 1 day.

No. 629384

But it’s not pointless conversation out of nowhere - no one here disagrees it’s not a colossal lie, they’re just discussing what the truth is. How is it nitpicking to keep track of her discrepancies considering how long she’s been lying about this??(Other farmers too, if you have any questions, please take them to /meta/.)

No. 629385

Thank you. The weight comments are so repetitive and no one fucking cares.

No. 629387

This is the only thing Ill say about it as to not derail too much, but that's exactly it. We DONT know so its just derailing to keep arguing with each other about their friends, their personal bodytypes. It has nothing to do with Moo because its literally just gossip and not going anywhere until we all agree on a weight which is stupid. Nothing we can do but take what Moo says at face value and just make a collage with the different weights she's said. 2 days worth of discussion is ridiculous.

On another note, is Moo going to wear that shitty DBZ tube top thing on the stream tonight? looks like she gave up on bath streams like a novice she is. >>629384

No. 629401

This is a real depression outing, yikes. She didn't even bother to shower or TRY to not look greasy.

No. 629402

File: 1548291157043.png (Spoiler Image, 816.08 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2019-01-23-16-48-54…)

Picsart is her new shop tool lmao

No. 629403

File: 1548291230958.png (54.16 KB, 720x396, Screenshot_2019-01-23-16-49-49…)

>guy:obvious joke
"DiD U NoT pLaY?????"

No. 629413

File: 1548292801244.jpg (2.11 MB, 1872x3264, momokunt2.0.jpg)

sorry for major tinfoil but I was on twitter today and saw Thronechan posted a video that was nearly identical to that kik for fat video moo posted
caps for comparison(no1curr)

No. 629415

Anon I just checked it out. Don't mislead on here. It is nothing like the video and is only 13 seconds long. There is no music, she barely dancing except a little wiggle. You can tell she's just trying to show off how much weight she's lost which, according to her other tweets, has been a substantial amount for her.

This has nothing to do with Moo.

No. 629416

The resemblance is uncanny and she throws shade at moo in the comments

No. 629418

NOBODY mentions Moo and there is no shade at all being thrown anywhere in there by Throne herself. There is zero milk here.

No. 629419

>Didn't utilize her desert surroundings. Just a chair in her garage.
Maybe she wanted the 'Breaking the Quiet' look?(do not post beastiality)

No. 629429

you wanna post evidence of this that I'm not seeing? because I just scrolled that whole post and saw zero mention of moo anywhere. stop trying to start shit, it's got nothing to do with mariah and isn't milk.

No. 629443

File: 1548296823589.png (238.87 KB, 626x620, Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 6.23.…)

No. 629446

I dont think this was intentional
She probably only made that comment because jasmin is obviously refering to moo
This is a major reach. Id sooner believe that this is a self-post or moo/calf being jealous than believe that she purposefully replicated a 2 year old video after she has blocked and mooved on from moo

No. 629448

This has NOTHING to do with the post of her in her underwear. Thats not related at all. Jfc anon. Stop trying to turn other things she's posted into also Thorne isn't even the person who posted that. Why are you trying to so hard to start shit. Get the hell out of here.

No. 629449

Jas is the one that said something. Anon is just trying to start shit online through us by giving unrelated stuff as milk.

No. 629455

Looking at this though Moo is probably seething that a chick she walked all over on a panel and made fun of now looks better than Moo ever did WITH lipo being fresh. Moo never, ever had that smooth stomach because she got, what, fake abs contoured in there? Working out can even give you an ass, Moo. Stop with the fucking plastic surgery.

No. 629456

File: 1548297583399.jpg (70.64 KB, 1080x1920, mariahmallad_49690937_75057218…)

Stream cancelled

No. 629461

This is almost nostalgic. I feel like it's been years since her last cosplay, even though her "Quiet" came out the other day.

No. 629464

The art of the tease at work, fellow farmers. How long does she think she can sustain baiting and switching her paypigs?

No. 629466

>>629456 Not buying this. She used to do streams whenever she was working on that Tsunade jacket, and I'm willing to bet that a few of her fans would actually enjoy live shows of Mariah on cosplays, even if that means seeing her have to incorporate a sexual theme into the mix due to Camversity likely wanting it that way.

No. 629482

She didn't even play wtf is she on about.

No. 629483

antares was with her earlier so welp

No. 629484

The tag on her tights too, like how hard is it to put the minimum effort in when your ass is supposed to be the focus

No. 629487

pornhub is way ahead of you(Don't post beastiality.)

No. 629490

you know, we've had a sudden influx of "inaccurate" anons lately. this, the bold claim that misotokki was selling prints by the mystery instagram photographer who is probably just tripod-san in a wig, before that the "mallad mole" screeching about her being related to vic mignona as if that was milk at all.

this isnt at all saying "hi mariah", but it's only been the past few days and it's always an unverifiable claim in this same vein. last time, we got posts like >>628926 seeming way too desperate to defend another anon who never came back to defend themselves…

No. 629492

Dude the miso thing was an accident. You brought it up twice. Just let it go. Stop trying to instigate infighting.

No. 629500

File: 1548304491007.png (18.62 KB, 512x512, 1f914.png)

i wasn't one of the anons who replied originally during that fiasco, but funny how as soon as i mention other anons seeming way too desperate to defend another anon and call it a mistake, you pop up. i'm not gonna keep derailing about this but it's a big think, hmm?

so what's bets on if she actually films content in japan this time, if she actually goes? think she'll pose at a shrine in those overpriced cat ears?(derail)

No. 629506

File: 1548305974973.png (Spoiler Image, 183.93 KB, 438x388, Capture _2019-01-23-22-50-54~2…)

Will her next lipo session remove her back tits?

No. 629510

For our sakes, I hope so

No. 629511

Ew her mom liked the pic? That’s sick

No. 629514

She mentioned in her second to last (?) livestream on CamV that her family knows about what she does because she pays their bills.

No. 629530

Please. Why would she have to pay her parents' bills and wouldn't both of them be disgusted to learn that she made said money by showing her bits to a bunch of fat incels? I can't imagine her dad taking to this news at all, let alone being so lame that he would meekly accept the cash from those long, ahegao filled nights.

No. 629531

>>629514 This isn't a knock on you, but I can't help myself from feeling like her family has to know what she does, and what she's been accused of at this point, regardless of whether or not she really pays their bills.

The more concerning thing to me is what anon >>629511 pointed out. Her parents are advocates of her questionable lifestyle. At least her mom is, anyhow. I know her dad accompanied her to a con in Oregon once, but he hardly seemed enthused it, and I'm guessing there's quite a bit of commentary being made behind his back by his colleagues at work.

It's just bizarre that her parents haven't made a more direct effort to intervene, for all we know. Mariah really let herself go over the years. I can't help but wonder if things would be different with a little parental guidance. I mean, we've all seen the lacrosse photos by now.

No. 629535

I would be livid if my child went aprons claiming they paid my bills through their porn, regardless of if I accepted their job or not. Her parents managed to raise kids and stick together and have a nice looking house and don’t seem to be living with their daughter or in need of essentials or rent money. “Pays their bills”?? That sounds fucking insulting.

No. 629539

File: 1548310956234.jpg (27.54 KB, 640x640, b49a3483a77bc4445c30f0d54d0e84…)

lmao she can try. That area is very hard to treat with lipo, and has very shitty results. It'd be like her getting lipo on her arms– expensive, leaves a bad scar, and rarely has good results.

Plus if she does that, when she gains again, she'll look extra ditto like.

No. 629541

You also have to remember that he family are Muslim, not extreme, yet still. She's essentially the Mia Khalifa of cosplay where she has no real connection to the ones she once knew or the know now. Looking for a dude to validate her or company to and adopting their habits. BardockObama back in 16 she tried to be black internet, KBBQ was big builds with her Moana commission, Overtflow was his martial arts/vlogs and Eric her last real relationship was actually going to the gym/ batgirl since he did Red Hood.

No. 629543

that makes no sense retard.

No. 629547

You rambled the other half of your post. What are you trying to say?

No. 629554

That she's gotten the money she's always wanted that she thought she could use to finally get Daddy or some dude to love her yet in the way she got it she's further away from that very thing she's always wanted. I'm just giving examples of her taking up habits or interests from each dude she's tried to or wanted to get with. She copies her love interests interests much like how she copies other cosplayers work just phony. Plus, the only people that are happy in this are us, waiting for this to finally collapse, and her 2 "friends" who have what they want at someone else's expense. They can go home to their parents with their heads held up high after this, she can't.

No. 629559

If those stories of her being a bully in high school are to be believed, her parents don't seem to give a fuck. Maybe her dad pressured her in athletics, but kids who bully other kids don't come from mindful, conscientious parents.

No. 629570

I like how she didn’t stream because she was ~so busy on her cosplays but has time to go to the movies AGAIN.

No. 629580

How many times has she gone in the span of one week? 5-6? Jesus that’s excessive. Wonder when her paypigs will get fed up of her ditiching them with lame excuses just so she can fuck about at the Regal in Red Rock Casino. I won’t hold my breath though…

No. 629595


Considering the way Moo conducts herself in public, it’s clear her parents were the type of spineless simps who let her act up in public and just made her everyone else’s problem to deal with. I imagine Moo as a child screaming and breaking stuff demanding attention and her parents just ignoring all the fed up looks everyone is giving them for not even attempting to control their child.

It’s obvious why Moo became such a bully in high school. She obviously had the type of shit parents who just let her get away with everything with zero accountability whatsoever. And attempt to do so, Moo of course thinks was them being “abusive”.

No. 629631

Hey, maybe the paypigs like that she has four tits instead of two. Put some pasties on the back ones and you can't even tell the difference.

Seriously though, I've never even heard of someone getting lipo on their back.At that point, I think most people would give up the ghost and just excercise.

No. 629685

>>629631 There are also skin tightening procedures, but Moo would be venturing into dangerous territory, as something like that could result in some very obvious scarring or other epidermal inconsistencies. Also, Moo would have to control her intake levels, and avoid certain vices before and after lipo and/or skin tightening.

Obviously, she's not very good at self control, or else a handful of fellow costhots wouldn't have come forward with the sexual assault allegations.

No. 629755

File: 1548331584728.jpg (564.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-060418_Ins…)

Totally "working on cosplay". Her need to flex is more powerful than her need to follow through with a lie.

No. 629767

Can’t get on stream for an hour because she has soooooooooo much work to do you guys, but she has time to see a movie she’s already seen 7 times. Classic moo.

No. 629796

Is she manic? Even a big DBZ fan wouldnt see the same movie 3-4 times in one week. Wtf.. Not to mention she is posting evidence of her ghosting CamVersity. She isnt working on shit. Being lazy as usual

No. 629800

Truly a master of the art of the tease.

No. 629801

File: 1548337446584.jpg (152.82 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20190124-063927_Ins…)

Jesus Christ how many times is this now?

No. 629825

Mariah is devastatingly self-conscious. When she discovers something - especially something niche that isn't mainstream popular (look at stuff like Fate, Broly, etc. things that have a loyal following but aren't as mainstream as say Attack on Titan or something) or when she sees a chance to be a hipster about it (suddenly liking Eva because it's coming back in vogue when she said she used to hate it)

when she gets hooked on something, she must let everyone know that SHE IS THE #1 FAN OF IT, AND NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. She knows seeing the movie for the fourth time in a week looks fucking nuts. I see people on my feed who loved Spiderverse or Avengers SO much they saw it twice or three times in theaters and already admit they're being a bit crazy. Mariah knows it makes her look insane, but it's all in her quest to prove she is the BIGGEST baddest fan out there of this one thing. She has the money to prove it, to buy movie tickets and commission quick turn around wigs. She has the following to get validation on it – hundreds of thousands of neckbeards who will fawn over the fact that she likes DBZ, Fate, eva, hentai… She wants to feel like she's special or has a special role in the anime community. She uses her money and follow count to create an echo chamber where people tell her she is definitely fan #1 of any of these IPs.

If people don't really bite, or the title goes out of vogue (that webtoon she was on about a few months ago, etc) then she quietly lets it die until it's her new main squeeze. She just likes the attention it nets her, and likes feeling like for the first time ever she is #1 at something.

No. 629854

File: 1548346510236.png (778.88 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-01-24-07-57-26…)

No. 629855

File: 1548346536108.png (1.03 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-01-24-07-57-46…)

No. 629856

File: 1548346562434.png (1.28 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-01-24-07-57-58…)

No. 629858

File: 1548346649715.png (527.01 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_2019-01-24-08-12-53…)

>broke her depression
>clearly still depressed

No. 629861

LMFAO I vote as next thread pic

this shit is so foreign to me, I just forget that lolcows exist in the real world and farmers actually may have connections to them.>>628930

No. 629879

Holy shit I know anons joke about her being manic but she just saw the same movie 5 times in less than a week, is up at 2am saying she’s working out, and suddenly getting a (most likely large) Dbz tattoo on impulse

No. 629886

Good news is she doesn't have to work that hard as she already has the linebacker shoulders for it

No. 629919

Poor poor sensei, his sugar momma/rehabilitation project is going to other artists for her regrettable animu tattoos now. Is this cheeseburger guy someone with a large following or some shit?

No. 629935

That is not how depression works, jfc. Didn’t she get shit on once because she claimed something similar? If you’re depressed, something you really love may bring you joy, but that doesn’t mean your depression is cured. That’s not how that works.

No. 629949

If she got negative attention for liking DBZ she wouldn't be getting tattooes. But the fact it's the go to shitty bro anime she has to like it.

Like it's weird, for me as someone who doesn't hate her, or is a fan…. she doesn't seem to enjoy it, more like she's manic on the idea that "If I pretend to be crazy about this one thing, people will love me"

It reminds me during her fate phase and how her obsession went WAY down after her 13k project didn't give her the love she wanted.

No. 629951

at this point she's just fit to be his sugar granny

No. 630036


Her claim was that people who have depression need to “get over it” and that “other people have it way worse than you so you need to learn some perspective”. The internet took a collective dump on her and told her to go fuck off for that.

No. 630065

Wtf she's actually insane. I wonder if she kept well her stubs to photograph later?

No. 630088

>>629858 If DBZ served as a placebo of sorts for depression, then why didn't she resort to it a lot sooner? Why didn't she tell Tattoo-kun that she didn't really need to purchase any self help books, because she could eliminate her worries by watching Freiza take everybody on?

This is the part that makes me question her DBZ passion, on that note. Any asshole can get a tattoo and pretend it represents their favorite thing in the world. But when you really think about it, Mariah doesn't really own a lot of DBZ memorabilia or decor. I believe she's a fan. I just don't believe her whenever she tries to make it out like it's been as impactful on her life as she claims it has. She doesn't play the games. She probably doesn't own physical copies of the movies or season box sets. Everything she does seems so… transient.

No. 630157


I am ashamed at how unreasonably angry I am that she ditched her stream to watch this movie for the 6th time in one week. No wonder she couldn't hold down a normal job before this. She has no accountability or time management skills.

No. 630195


If her neckbeards weren’t such spineless cucks who are desperate to friendship their way into her finally showing tits, she might have actually faced consequences for constantly ditching them and spending all their money on useless flexing and expensive trips. But until they actually grow a pair and take their money elsewhere, they’ll continue to get ripped off.

Honestly instead of camming, Moo should make the career move to financial dominatrix. That’s pretty much what she does at this point. Loser pay pigs give her money only for her to tease and humiliate them. Reminds me of an uglier, fatter Gcupbitch.

No. 630210

File: 1548363209582.png (977.72 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-01-24-12-50-06…)


No. 630219

You mean see the damn DBZ movie again for the billionth time? Sure Mariah.

No. 630228

>>630210 Translation:

>Record IG stories featuring talking hands and close ups of her eyes as she looks side to side.

>Plates of food on Boomerang that disprove she's really trying to lose weight.
>Potentially instructing cosplay slave Kat on costume ideas, since they picked up material last night.
>Watching anime at home, assuming she doesn't go see DBZ in a theater again.
>Random Mattress Firm footage for old time's sake.

No. 630232


Incoming stream cancelling announcement

No. 630269

File: 1548368572053.jpeg (204.41 KB, 750x1194, 43C939FA-2F2D-440E-94AD-1CDB63…)

She’s posting cosplay from years back as if she still could fit into that suit.

No. 630291

I’ll never forget seeing that terrible bodysuit and mangled jacket in person at ALVCC. The added contouring that made it look like she shit herself was just too perfect.

No. 630301

Dizus…I can't.

No. 630324

File: 1548372540402.jpg (693.77 KB, 1080x2220, Theonlyoptionismurder.jpg)

Annoying the fuck out of her cats on bts…~so much to do today~

No. 630341

Do you have pics? I could use a good laugh

No. 630352

File: 1548376307169.jpg (769.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-183116_Ins…)

They even contoured a belly button.

No. 630353

File: 1548376347952.jpg (706.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-183218_Ins…)

No. 630356

I was running an errand at the time and left my phone with a friend so I wasn’t able to get pics but she was by the Maximum Comics booth being interviewed by the LV Squirrel Girl when I saw her.

No. 630364

not even instagram filter can save her gross face and vagina eyes gdi

No. 630371


At least this is an okay artist. Circleofcucks is a borderline bad tattoo artist with bad taste in color palettes. The only good thing I can say about his tattoos is that they’re readable, for the most part. I’m not sure if Moo woke up to the fact that he’s mediocre at best or what.

No. 630389

File: 1548381281518.jpg (68.77 KB, 1024x1820, 49858667_383979339091323_48369…)

Shes actually going to stream tonight it seems, can't wait for this trainwreck

No. 630395

inb4 she bails last minute because she's 'exhausted from shoots' or needs more time to work on cosplay

No. 630409


Same. Betting she is going to give some bullshit excuse about how she is “so exhausted from being busy all day” and will fuck off to go watch Broly again.

No. 630415

Not to show my noob re: CV, but could she not stream working on cosplay and stop to do the pandering shit she gets paid to do when she actually gets the requests/dollas? Or is CV literally just, girls sitting and staring at the screen til you pay them to move like some weird skinner box.

No. 630417

Not sure about CV having any rules against it. Issue is that she doesn't make any of her own cosplays. You cant stream yourself pretending to do something you haven't done in years for two hours. Plus no way they'll tip her without the chance of getting her top off or wet.

No. 630432


The issue is that she knows she won’t get any tips building cosplay. People are there for only one thing and one thing only, which is hoping for the slightest flash of a nipple or her pussy. They only barely tolerate her sitting on her fat ass doing nothing and yammering uselessly about anime. One of the big reasons she got dumped from the site before was her trying to do boring, non-sexual shit like reading books and largely ignoring the chat.

Also because she doesn’t actually make her own cosplay so she can’t stream herself doing something she doesn’t actually do.

No. 630544

File: 1548387667650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683.74 KB, 1080x2220, 20190124_211330.jpg)

Cross post but does she honestly think shes out of the would by just getting lipo or "working out"? Even if she managed to lose weight, shes gonna have wings. He arm fat is drooping over her elbow.

No. 630561

How much do you think someone would have to tip to measure herself live on cam?

No. 630564

>>630544 Might be hard to convince everyone from this angle and screenshot alone, but it appears she's developing cankles, too.

No. 630593

File: 1548390492107.png (1 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-01-24-20-22-48…)

No. 630596

File: 1548390624996.png (853.36 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-01-24-20-23-54…)

She was soOo busy my dudes

No. 630598

File: 1548390664991.png (526.51 KB, 718x1028, Screenshot_2019-01-24-20-25-17…)

No. 630600

i feel like every single friend she has left has been dragged with her to see it at this point.

ohhh no, that isn't a great tattoo. is she intending to get a tattoo OF broly like that? that's going to look awful in every shoot she does, because you know she won't shop it out. damn, we thought she couldn't do much more to ruin her body so now she gotta get tacky, awful tattoos to prove us wrong?

god i could have gone without ever seeing that again. hands down her worst 'cosplay' in terms of how it suits her (pun intended)

it feels just as surreal every time, lol

No. 630650

I know we always call her fat but I think this is definitely the fattest she's ever let herself look on camera. You can be really overweight and not have your fucking fat hang off of your arm like that. Really makes me sad that since she's done lipo we will never really know how big she could have been since she's badly distorted herself

No. 630683

>>630650 I think she overlooked a key element after her first round of lipo. She may have assumed that her smaller body would have automatically provided her with improved metabolism and stamina, which it didn't, thus resulting in round two of lipo.

Then, as luck would have it, she repeated her mistakes. Figured she'd rectify the situation with her second lipo procedure, and take her dietary intake and exercise more seriously, but she clearly failed in her mission.

If she has aspirations for a third procedure that turns out to be moderately successful on the outside, she's still going to be in rough shape on the inside. And her lack of proper conditioning and impulse control is bound to lead to a continuation of bad habits and bad results.

No. 630689

The thing is, no doctor is going to do this for her. It'll be on her medical records that this is her third session and she's gotten even fatter. They would refuse to take anything to her body because at this point, she's just at such an unhealthy weight that it would be dangerous. You need to be under 200lbs iirc for lipo.

…Which would explain why she's working out so hard now, to scrape under the 200 limit and get lipo and probably contouring.

No. 630690

File: 1548400462730.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.14 KB, 1078x613, Screenshot_20190124-231148_Red…)

I saw this on reddit and I was not ready for it. This is from her most recent stream.


No. 630698

File: 1548401642080.png (58.94 KB, 1744x188, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 09.3…)

even her neckbeards are disappointed

No. 630706

File: 1548402878519.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 198B2C21-2217-4751-A900-7764D8…)

That’s a mom bod if I’ve ever seen one. Fuck. So young to let herself go to this degree.

No. 630707

File: 1548402962580.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, A6EBD899-EE92-4D2C-AA4F-684965…)

“This is what happens when you have ‘fuck it!’ money.” - Mariah Mallad, as she plays with a flame thrower.

No. 630709

File: 1548403323703.png (939.6 KB, 750x1334, CB7AC9A6-17A4-4DC4-8CEF-B1019C…)

While harassing adorable puppy.

No. 630710

Wow she actually looks like a middle aged 40-something mom here.

No. 630712

Good god! Where’s the anon that photoshops??? Put zoidbergs face on this!!! She actually looks like zoidberg now

No. 630715


Jokes on you. I can't grow facial hair.

But in all honesty I'm more shocked than anything. With her shitty angles and closeups she can give the illusion of huge tits and a bigger than average butt. But I guess when you focus only on the parts of a whole they can look bigger. Like if i had a close up of a T-rex's arm it would look big and scary. Show the whole thing and it looks like a stubby arm dipshit.(man)

No. 630716

Or you’re just being extremely salty. There’s nothing bad about his tattoo work or the tattoo artist she’s suggesting. It’s an extremely bad idea to get the broly tattoo but you’re just nitpicking, come on.

No. 630734

File: 1548408795165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.23 KB, 923x649, 1548400462730.jpg)


The fish is not happy to be used as a censor.

No. 630736

Fucking kek. Next threat image please

No. 630745

File: 1548412633924.png (Spoiler Image, 892.08 KB, 1362x768, woopwoopwoop.png)

No. 630749

real talk….. why is her left breast so…. square?

No. 630750

I've been wondering that myself. I thought at first it might be the pasty, but those just adhere to the shape of your breast, so I'm really not sure. Might just be a weird shift of her weight while she was moving? Regardless it's super unflattering, you can see how much of her boob is just flab and how small they really are compared to the rest of her.

No. 630787

Finally a cosplay made just for her.

No. 630800

Looks like she's made out of clay


No. 630805

jeffree star used this flamethrower in one of his videos so i'm sure mariah saw that and bought it on an uncontrollable impulse. i think they're only sold on ebay now and they can go up to 2k so … nice way to splurge, moo

No. 630820

Scar tissue from her breast reduction?

No. 630821

kinda looks like the pasty was pulled too tightly up for a bit of lift and it flattened out the skin that way

No. 630829

So this idiot who has historically shown serious impulse control problems is now armed with a flamethrower. JFC, pray for Vegas, because it's going to be maybe a week, tops, before she starts some fires, fuck.

No. 630831

File: 1548432740840.jpg (582.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190125-101132_Fac…)

I cant tell if Facebook is fucking up but I cant comment. Is she limiting them?

No. 630834

I second tho idea!

No. 630851

What a sad life to literally sit on facebook all day trying to keyword yourself all day just to surprise force yourself into a group to show how NOT BOTHERED of shit posts you are.

My god shes so pathetic. Let people be assholes Moo. You cant stop the internet. Welcome to immense digital age.

No. 630869

File: 1548437270251.png (668.65 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-01-25-09-18-54…)

Can someone cap this as a webmd from Vamp's instastory? The puppy is struggling and she won't let it go. Sssniperwolf, evansausage, Vamps, and Moo went to Digitalnex's house to shoot the shit. When this instance happened Sssniper and evansausage especially give her the side eye. Usually when a animal like this struggles, you put it down right? Well she let's the puppy noodle around (less than accurate word to describe the struggle) and she held it like this. The instastory ends with Evan telling her something, probably to set it down. I know we sperge too much about pets on here but this made me gasp

No. 630870

File: 1548437323026.png (742.24 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-01-25-09-19-53…)

How she was probably told to hold the dog.

No. 630872

File: 1548437660398.png (1.02 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-01-25-09-29-35…)

No. 630885

File: 1548439554303.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2207, 7F20C1FC-97D7-4511-A032-3AD9CC…)

It’s crazy to me how much bigger and worse Moo looks on Vamp’s stories. You’d think Mariah would ask her to at least put a filter or something on her stories because Mariah CONSTANTLY looks abysmal in them. Maybe Vamp is still doing it on purpose, idk. If Mariah really didn’t care, she’d made her own stories unfiltered, too.

Of corpse, maybe Moo doesn’t mind because she knows Vamp is irrelevant and her follower count is too pitiful to be noticed.

Also, I knew Mariah and SSSniper were friendly already but it’s amazing seeing them willingly hang out together. Mariah has her own controversies but Sssniperwolf’s are broadcasted on a much larger scale. That girl is garbage. Trash truly does hang with other trash.

No. 630887

With as much as Moo zooms in on Vamps' nose and teeth in her stories, it is absolutely intentional.

Moo will flock to anyone with a bigger following no matter what and Sssniper loves cuck money, so I'm not too shocked by their budding 'friendship'.

No. 630900

none of these people should have any sort of fucking animals i swear to god

No. 630976

God Momo is like a retarded kid when it comes to animals. It reminds me of the story of her screaming and running towards a corgi puppy and holding it too tightly and swinging it around and the owner telling her to fuck off.

No. 631054

File: 1548447324631.png (758.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-151415.png)

She thinks she looks like this? We saw you on your stream last night, honey!

No. 631064

It doesn't matter if she claims this is non nude from the pasties or whatever thong she is wearing… this looks nude. I hope this picture makes its rounds, even with censors added, on Instagram so all the clueless fans and patreon supporters can get their free fix already.

No. 631072

Is she actually making cosplays anymore? All the recent ones are just bras and swimsuits with bought items, or straight out commissioned. I haven't seen her actually MAKE any costumes in maybe a year now. She used to post shitty WIPs all the time but they seem to have completely stopped coming around.

Okay I chuckled hard at this one.

No. 631078

maybe shes confident in her own skin

No. 631117

Ya'll ain't from 'round these parts, are ya?

No. 631146

File: 1548451407377.png (491.21 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-01-25-13-19-45…)

>bought more
>sale ended today

No. 631147

File: 1548451459366.png (728.81 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-01-25-13-20-43…)

Can't wait to see Moo be annoying

No. 631166

File: 1548452491033.webm (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 1964455088663714758_3861180.we…)


Poor dog

No. 631167

Lord knows there's plenty of it.

No. 631169

Poor puppo

Moo looks like she's wrangling the poor thing like a five-year old

No. 631178

"She bites because she's teething." Or she bites because a behemoth is currently holding her hostage

No. 631236

>>631146 I think she's pulling the keychains because she doesn't want the added responsibility of shipping them out.

Knowing her track record when it comes to shipping items out in a timely manner, it's astonishing that she would elect to buy even more keychains. Now she's sitting on dead stock, and it's not like she's going to have a booth at some con anytime soon.

No. 631253

Even with that contour, she has zero ass.

i'm sorry, but what— another kitten?! someone needs to fucking saves those cats because what the fuck

No. 631258

wtf, that dog is clearly struggling. what if that dumb cow dropped him too??

No. 631267


I'm sorry, I feel like this is getting slept on. This is horrific.

No. 631276

>>631267 It's been getting plenty of attention and criticism.

By the way, did you know that if you were to break Mariah open, there's a chance that Rick Moranis or Sigourney Weaver would come crawling out of the carcass?

No. 631296

File: 1548463757347.png (1007.82 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-01-25-16-47-10…)

I know this was before your comment but shes so predictable

No. 631299

why is she holding it like she's about to take a bite out of a subway sandwich?

No. 631330


She deleted that from her story so it looks like stream might be cancelled

No. 631333

Because it's 13 minutes passed and she isn't on

No. 631343

File: 1548469837084.png (55.61 KB, 465x681, cancel.png)


neckbeards aren't happy. seems she cancelled and literally didn't say anything? I wonder how many more times she can keep doing this, just cancelling last minute with some lame excuse (or no excuse at all) and then obviously fucking off to do something else. surely some of them are getting a little miffed.

No. 631344

She deleted the post on her story about being on Cam V

No. 631350

File: 1548470814180.png (60.52 KB, 363x724, Screenshot_95.png)


One of them is very miffed about it and ofcourse one of her worst WKs

No. 631361

GodofKnockers is so annoying, he's one of her worst fucking stans. I don't think he'll ever give it up no matter how much she declines. Glad to see a couple of them seem to be waking up though, I hope they go through with dropping their pledge. I hope more of them follow suit after realizing how lazy she is, how much of their money she wastes, how much she doesn't respect them, and how much she lets herself go. See her brag about how her "numbers don't lie" then.

No. 631367

File: 1548471585210.png (63.86 KB, 465x681, overit.png)

No. 631381

Last costume I remember her "making" is the green Tsunade haori which she struggled with for 4 hours on a camv stream (hilarious since a haori is just straight lines), later Vamp came by to finish it along with the rest of the costume.

In her old house Moo had set up a craft room with fabrics and foam lying around as part of her act as a crafting cosplayer, now she doesn't even bother to keep up appearances lol.

No. 631420