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File: 1550520988400.png (711.26 KB, 1300x1600, 1550372863278.png)

No. 641472

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>638627

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad (currently disabled), btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>Soju-fueled shenanigans continue at Moo's house, where she forces Aly Brazil/tenderbroembrace to make her shitty Howl jacket. Later, antares/Kat to finish her Cattleya dress
>suddenly cares about Clannad and School Days, claiming she's played the VNs
>As the Michael Benedict scandal continues, Moo posts information about how to severely fuck up your case. This includes making recommendations towards photographers into deleting their evidence if they take non-consensual photos and not filing a police report
>forgets she sexually assaulted multiple people, gets mad when people call her out on "exposing a creeper" so she warns she'll "rip pigs apart today"
>Tamamo no Mae commission is revealed. Evidence points out to it being Designer Daddy, since Moo claimed the commissioner did not want to be named.
>got extensions. Again. Hid her sexual assault apology posts. Again.
>claimed a leggings company was "fat shaming" because they produced limited sizing and the leggings were "shit quality" for 90 bucks
>someone brought up the Gucci "blackface sweater" controversy to Moo. While Moo did say it was insensitive of them, she reveals that she thought the sweater looked like Mr. Popo (DBZ) rather than a "dig at blackface". Mr Popo is the pinnacle of blackface.
>talked to a girl who had a "cosplay is not consent" sticker on the back of a cast iron pan, forgets again that she's a sexual offender and asks the girl if she's ever used it. Girl looks to the side and says "yes"
>Main account is disabled for the third or fourth time. It has not revived.
>Anons snap photos of our dear bovine at Katsucon, and no one can tell if her front is her back due to her back tiddies being pushed up by a corset.
>Moo got so self conscious that she egged on Vamp sperging out on "some girls" who apparently were taking secret photos and flipping Moo off. The hypocrite took footage of another cosplayer without consent later that day
>Moo posts a photo of she, Jessica Nigri and Jenna Lynn Meowri together, insinuating they still talk

Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 641475

yeah this thread in particular has slowly become infested with tinfoilers and people with the logical range of a toddler, i wish others would call out the troglodytes and help keep some semblance of DIGNITY within these threads. no one is going to believe ANYTHING about moo anymore if some tards constantly feel the need to pitch in their ridiculous theories or ideas that are in no way connected to reality.

No. 641477

Idk it’s fun chill the fuck out lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 641478

I can't actually tell if katsucon would be considered a win for her. She got to talk to nigri again, people were talking about her incessantly during the con (doesn't matter if it was positive or not, but largely it wasn't) and she got to hang out with her idiot calves. The only thing we got was her ghosting again and looking like hot trash in tamamo

No. 641481


was outside when they both were and Moo was definitely giving CBC the stink eye. it's possible she stalks her and saw a convenient excuse with the test run thing

No. 641483

From her own personal view if she considers hanging out with more than 2 people, taking a half-ass picture with her cosmom, and wearing a semblance of a cosplay (basically just a step up from a halloween costume or bikini set), a win, then yeah I guess she's got one.

But for her "buisness" its still a loss. She lost her main instagram (for good hopefully), only did 2/3 planned cosplays, the shoes on both cosplays she actually did fell apart (heck the Tamamo cosplay in general was falling apart), was still hated by many in attendance, didn't even actually ATTEND the con, and got sloppy drunk and probably unknowingly embarrassed herself in front of plenty people.

Her life isn't completely in shambles but any buiness/branding that she wanted outside of posting half baked nudes to pateron sure is. She's got no where to go from here except entertaining the last few neckbeards she has left before fading into obscurity.

No. 641485

Dude, you need to chill. You’ve been sperging out the hardest in the previous thread so knock it off.

I honestly don’t know why she even labels it as her “Katsucon trip” when it was pretty much a glorified meetup with friends and she happened to “cosplay” for a couple hours on two days outside of the con. She didn’t spend any time doing actual con activities or things involving her so-called career. It was pretty much another vacation for her.

I think she spent more time drinking and eating than she was in costume.

No. 641486

I've kind of always suspected that Mariah and Jessica still talk on the downlow, its just Jessica knows not to be public about it because she has some business sense. Its really clear as day since the only picture posted of them in the same room together was of just some legs. She probably allowed it since its not of her face, but Moo being Moo, had to tag her. She was having a shitty weekend, especially if its true that people were literally yelling to crowds that she's a sexual predator. She needed to tell all those nasty haters off, so she tagged Jessica in the one picture they took together.


No. 641487

Laughing at the fact her lawyers had the entire weekend to get her main account back but nothing has happened. Its obvious she couldn't just furiously email IG about it since she's been too busy getting shit faced.

Watch, as soon as she gets home her account will be back. "Thanks so much to my amazing lawyers!!"

No. 641488

File: 1550523346884.png (858.26 KB, 1242x2208, D0A11BC4-B0AC-4BA3-9B39-0717E1…)

No. 641490

File: 1550523612475.png (354.08 KB, 307x537, pjpqkx4.png)

No. 641492

Such a big fate fan yet she can’t even have any accurate poses

No. 641503

>>641483 I don't see how Mariah could interpret this as a win. Maybe a pyrrhic victory at best, but that's probably as much credit as I'll give her.

She bought two round trip tickets, booked a hotel for several days, spent an estimate of 2k-3k on the world's worst commissioned pieces, looked like absolutely amateur shit in those costumes, splurged on drinks and food, avoided wearing Howl for her fans after a night of heavy drinking…

What did she get in return? A picture with her, Nigri, and Meowri forming their own Tripod-san Voltron by sticking their legs in a photo?

I don't know, guys. I think Mariah realized this was a failure. I think that's why she went hard on the drinks, and used Vamps as her alibi. A test run cosplay at a reputable con (which she ghosted the entire time, by the way)… Givr me a break with this shoe-breaking smelly bitch.

Now it's back to pretending celery juice is life, GOTMP is real, and everyone wants to work with Mariah because she takes the craft so seriously, mates.

No. 641505

I think Mariah definitely considers it a win. We all know that she probably asked Nigri about the confrontational stuff that she hasn't spoken up on and is trying to get back in her good graces.

Moo probably thinks that if Nigri accepts her back, then everyone else will too and she'll be right back on top. What we know that she doesn't is that that will never fucking happen and Nigri couldn't give a single shit about Moo.

…All because of a courtesy leg photo.

No. 641506


There’s a lot of tinfoiling of how she got back into Jessica’s graces and I’m sure she’s loving it, so I’d just stop. If Nigri is or isn’t associating herself with Mariah, what matters is that Mariah’s first big con back from when she got called out over 7 months ago was a complete and total train wreck like she is.

And I’ll drink to that my dudes. Celery juice anyone? lmao

No. 641510

File: 1550527616692.jpg (491.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190218-160705_Ins…)

No. 641511

I didn't say that she did, I said that she tried and failed. I agree with you though, there's a ton of tinfoil going on in this thread and honestly, it's not nearly as big of a deal as people are making it. We already know that Nigri isn't going to throw herself in the line of fire for Moo.

We know for a fact that Moo isn't accepted and that nobody wanted her around. Someone threw teeth at her (lmao) and people were shouting shit at her and taking candids. I'm surprised that that isn't the focus anymore.

Where's sensei when you need some celery juice.

No. 641512

Really Mariah? The wig was the only thing you weren’t happy with? It wasn’t the ill-fitting mess of an outfit from DD that most likely bruised your back tits?

No. 641513

Dream cosplay this, dream cosplay that, whatever Moo. I expect that we'll never see this costume again along with Bowsette, and thank god for that.

No. 641516

>>641510 Translation:

"I was largely ignored on Friday and Saturday, and everyone noticed I didn't have a badge to actually attend Katsucon, so I stayed up late, got shitfaced, and decided to blow off the Howl idea because my confidence took a drastic hit".

No. 641520

Everything is a dream cosplay to this fat bitch. And work some more on Howl? She didn't work on him, her slaves did. She cant even call herself a cosplayer. She's just a sad cow who managed to scrap the bottom of the barrel for beta bucks.

No. 641523

Moo's weekend in a nutshell. Her ego took a huge blow and the alcohol was there to keep her sane. That was the only part of Katsu she probably enjoyed most. Whenever she rambles about wanting to improve a costume or fix things up, it was just shit and we'll never see it again.

No. 641526

File: 1550529554205.png (1.22 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-18-13-44-09…)

Sure you rushed it Moo. We've all seen Pochaco and Moo Moo's wigs you've styled. Its just normal, not rushed

No. 641527

File: 1550529620913.png (1002.85 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-18-13-43-45…)

No. 641528

It'll be the equivalent of her video with Sabrina, where she looks completely unattracted to girls and more attracted to the camera and herself.

No. 641529

File: 1550529762312.png (762.72 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-18-13-43-52…)

No. 641530

Didn't she say the same thing after the con when she got outed for sexually assaulting people? She's so predictable.

No. 641531

>I should take time on things I literally did no work on.

Uhhh, sure girl.

No. 641532

Did the njig hand photo get go invisible on njigs tagged photos? I see the tag on momos photos but when you click the name it doesn't show up on the lineup anymore

No. 641533

File: 1550530028457.png (757.67 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-18-14-44-42…)

No. 641534

So she's finally accepting her double chin, I guess.

No. 641536

she will get so much shit if she ever cosplay something from school days. i want.

No. 641537


Fucking Christ literally everything is a “dream cosplay” to her. She can’t just admit that she is too boring and unoriginal to come up with her own ideas so she has to steam others. It’s always “Omg that’s literally my dream cosplay that I have never previously mentioned until you literally said it”.


This how you know when a con is a complete shitfest for her, when we she gives this canned, generic “Omg I had such a good time and it was so nice to meet you all” bullshit.

No. 641538

i too enjoy cosplaying the oldest memes ever.

No. 641541

>add more details to the shirt

I can't wait til when/if she actually does this cos, we see the shirt and it's just a plain white blouse she ordered from Amazon or some shit. How much "detail" can you add to his shirt anyway? Just say you were too trashed from the night before lmao.

No. 641542

She probably thought this Katsu was a Win since she didn't get her ass beat. So far we have seen no proof anyone yelled anything at her at all. I don't understand the teeth reference (As in "is this a thing"?) But I can believe she heard people ignoring her or throwing shade. I hope some of the vids from Katsu prove more milky. Lol Moo nobody showed you any love, That much can be seen by the pictures we HAVE seen- you being mostly ignored, trying to wedge into groups, or just standing there like you are waiting for anyone to notice you.

No. 641545


She might be also feeling herself a bit because some desperate clout chasers actually posed for pics with her. What would have really sunk her mood is if no one wanted photos and she was stuck standing around waiting for photos and no one approached her or she was told to fuck off whenever she tried to weasel her way into a shoot.

No. 641546

The only character in that show that would work with her size is the boat

No. 641547


met somebody at the bar who confirmed their friend was the one throwing teeth at moo. showed me the extra teeth (they were fake). so she definitely got shit thrown at her.

No. 641551


So how did Moo react then? I’m sure she would have sperged out on Instagram if people were throwing shit at her. She chimped out at what was supposedly people flipping her off behind her back. Why no mention of the teeth throwing?

No. 641554

She, Vamps and crew just thought it was ~totes funny~

No. 641555


don't know, like I said it was friend of the person

No. 641559

File: 1550533422492.jpeg (94.76 KB, 828x520, 6112E397-F142-4A69-AB67-559427…)

Reposted to censor the names better. Apparently this was the deal with the teeth

No. 641560

Wonder if she's gonna claim this as people "falsely reporting her" again

No. 641564


She already has. She blamed “trolls” and “false flagging” and mentioned her crack team of lawyers who are so good that she recommends other girls use them as well.

No. 641565

File: 1550533919761.jpg (106.97 KB, 1080x1920, 1980306630587373395.jpg)

Vamps posted this about the teeth on Saturday I think

No. 641570

You would cry too if this happened to you.

No. 641573

why doesn't she just get other people to style her wigs? it's not like she's adverse to not doing any work on her own cosplays lol

No. 641575

Yikes she's rocking that 'stache

No. 641576

it's not like she wouldn't ruin them instantly in her bag.

No. 641580

File: 1550535787984.png (639.51 KB, 491x536, moolester.png)

No. 641581

even that poor 2000s era weeb with the 5 chins in the back looks better than moo. wtf she doin?

No. 641582

If no collaborations, special invites, significant social media clout, or promotion opportunities come out of her Katsucon ghosting/stalking experience, then this is going to get tallied in the loss column.

Whether Moo or anyone else wants to believe it or not, she's just a camgirl who thinks she's a cosplayer at the end of the day.

These brief interactions at the hotel won't amount to a successful YouTube series about evaluating real and fake figurines. She won't return to Twitch because she doesn't possess the skill to create costumes or convincingly play video games. And people are still going to ask her when she plans on returning to CamV, all while holding on to the dream that she gets desperate enough to do actual nudes.

This whole weekend was a joke at Moo's expense. I'm not going to put too much stake in the Nigri encounter, even though it would have been nice had it never happened. But the cosplay scene in general is such an irreconcilable mess at this point that it's only fitting a walking dumpster fire like Moo feels like she still has a place within the community.

No. 641590

She did her half ass ahegao in public and I can't stop cringing. It doesnt look good on camera, at the "right angle." Why would you think it looks good here. Looks like shes gonna hurl.

No. 641598

File: 1550538701339.jpeg (261.44 KB, 1240x1592, D360BE35-343D-4D72-85C9-06C4E1…)

No animosity with the teeth, though I know the people passing them out are ofc aware of who Momo is and don't think highly of her. Idk, it's not impossible they were being thrown but I think Vamp or Moo would have said something if they were.

I'd hide my face like that girl too

No. 641611

File: 1550541275250.jpg (290.85 KB, 832x726, trialrun.jpg)


Make space in the hat. Cowbuttcrunchies posted today about using Katsucon as a trial run for Helga (the cosplay she was in when she and Jnig took a photo together) and Moo posted about Tamamo's trial run at the exact same time. Coincidence, convenient excuse, or trying to make fun of CBC?

No. 641612

This reminds me of that bit in Gone With The Wind where Scarlet O'Hara makes a dress out of some old drapes.

No. 641613

thats exactly what i said before in last thread, i agree 100%

No. 641614

Doesn't matter if Moo is attempting to throw shade. CWC's Helga looks freakin insane. Moo will never get to that level because she doesnt care about craftsmanship and sewing/cosplay at all. She just buys her shit, and doesnt even take care of her body. It's a hilarious comparison.

No. 641616

File: 1550541719856.jpg (84.88 KB, 720x558, e6016fb319df31308dcff3b754cba7…)

Except Momokun is the Carol Burnett version.

No. 641634

Has she even made any connections with photographers? She would've flaunted any connections made with selfies and a million ig stories. She's still stuck with squarenoodles and tripod san as her only options as a "professional" cosplayer and content creator, and only a handful of friends she bought with betabucks to collab with. Maybe a new calf or two joined the herd, but as far as her cosplaying career goes, nothing has changed, there's nowhere to go but down.

Cheers anon! For more milk to come.

No. 641640

>>641611 This side-by-side between Mariah and a real cosplayer who respects the artistry of the craft just goes to show how infantile Mariah's efforts are. It's so insulting that there are a number of quality cosplayers out there who don't have soiled reputations, and are only getting a small fraction of the support and income Mariah gets. I'm glad I never took up any interest in becoming a cosplayer, because this is disheartening.

No. 641642

Cowbuttcrunchies definitely deserves the shower of praise more than Moo. Moo doesn't make a single fucking part of her cosplay except the small bits and she gets even those wrong. She doesn't look nearly as clean and professional in her cosplays either, so it's completely understandable why it's disheartening, anon.

On the bright side, CBC is getting the affection that Moo wishes she had, but will never get again. Not that she got very far in getting it in the first place.

No. 641644

Remember when vamp was posting a long those lines about moo on 4chan? Good times, goes to show how much of a mooch vamp is

No. 641653

People shouldn't cosplay for 'fame' and recognition anyway, but that's a whole nother story. Moo is just lucky that she got a herd following of fat, ugly women and fat ugly neckbeards to support her. It's all luck with her.

No. 641655


This is an excellent point. All the girls out there booked multiple shoots, including Patreon ones, and with other girls too. That was Mariah’s opportunity. Especially since this is a “job” for her. She could have shot with east coast photographers. Made connections to shoot with other girls. Created new sets for Patreon. She didn’t do shit. It was a shit vacation from a shit job.

No. 641664

File: 1550549356164.jpg (210.89 KB, 1080x1549, IMG_20190218_144140_176.jpg)

No. 641689

This was already posted and I thought

>Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her

No. 641690

The level of craftsmanship Moo wishes she could achieve without any form of help. In the years she's been cosplaying she could have easily improved her skills, learned about different techniques practiced everyday as she literally has nothing else to. Yet here we are, the ultimate mess that is Moo looking tragic as ever next to someone who clearly has amazing work. Fucking hilarious.

No. 641693

That brings up another pathetic point about Moo. She had and still has lots of people to help her, but she refuses to learn. Back when she pretended to give a damn about making her own stuff, she scared them mostly away by attempting to be an expert in a profession that she knows nothing about. She also claimed the work that they did do in the guise of "thanks for teaching me!" Now she doesn't bother to learn because she's completely lazy. She does fuck all, all day long, seven days a week, but wants people to trip over themselves to be near her because of how "hard-working" she is when it comes to cosplays and photoshoots.

No. 641696

Exactly. Her cosplay making slaves are the ones that lose sleep over making costumes and accessories while she sits back with her glass of celery Monster energy juice & phone glued to one hand documenting her hard working cosplay life. She has the most carefree schedule there is, with no real job, children or school to focus on, but somehow, she manages to be the shittiest cosplayer possible who resorts to commissioning last minute costumes that she could have worked on herself with the freedom she has. Then has the nerve to claim she wants to "improve" on them when things don't go to plan like she was the sole seamstress on these projects.

Moo really just wants the easy ride, no effort cosplay lifestyle. No work to show for it but wants to keep her title. I mean fucking hell she thinks working on a lazy lewd photoshoot for a few hours is back breaking with how she carries on. She's absolutely useless.

No. 641727

File: 1550561667325.jpg (123.59 KB, 1071x876, newish..JPG)

is this a new update?

No. 641729

File: 1550561846371.png (426.05 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-02-18-23-36-38…)

She got it back

No. 641730

>>641727 Nah. It's been there for a good while now.

If she somehow doesn't get her old account back, expect this bio to change significantly.

No. 641731


Doublepost (I replied to the IG bio).

So much for the possibility of her old account not getting restored.

No. 641733


Tinfoil, but I think she disabled it so she wouldn't get swarmed with con comments about how she's a danger to the community. The people who follow her side account are all in her hugbox.

No. 641735

yeah huge tinfoil but considering how many times she’s randomly been “suspended” like this during times when it legitimately conveniences her, i could see it being the case

No. 641736

People saying Momo wishes she had the craft of other cosplayers, lets be real. No she fucking doesn't. She literally said from day one she's only in it for attention and money. Why would she waste her time learning a craft when she plans on "retiring" before she's 30?

Cosplay in her mind isn't a real hobby, just a means to support her lazy life style. She just plans on becoming morbidly obese and snagging a hot boyfriend from this part in her life.

No. 641737

Moo thrives off attention. She will never "retire". Who knows what will happen but I imagine she'll try to make money off herself somehow.

No. 641739

Gross fetish porn is her future. She's already basically there. I bet you she will say how it was her secret dream all along to fully express her sexuality through porn and she's truly blessed

No. 641740

>>641733 It's believable tinfoil. I mean, if her "lawyers" are that good, it would have been restored while she was staying at the hotel. But I'm pretty sure the pilot got on the loudspeaker to inform everyone on the plane that Mariah's main IG account was active once again.

And everyone clapped.

No. 641741

I believe it.

It’s always conveniently “disabled” at a time where she is out in public for an event and suddenly back the moment she’s home. It’s really fishy.

No. 641745

Oof. This is a degeneration fetishist's dream

No. 641748


As much as I would like to agree with this it's probably not true. Typically what I've noticed when ppl deactivate and reactive their accounts, their photos they tagged friends in floats to the top of the friends tagged photo page (if that makes sense). I checked vamp's page because I would assume she'd have a lot of tags, but everything looks the same. It really looks like her account keeps getting taken out and re-instated.

Unless theres some new Instagram feature that I don't know about that doesn't do this.

No. 641755

Her account magically reappears everytime she's doing something that involves a big photoshoot project, a con…just happens to get "banned" at these perfect times just after she sperges over something pathetic just moments before she's up to something she can benefit from. Yeah sure Moo.

No. 641756

Lol she really acts like people are worrying about being "blocked"?

No. 641762

File: 1550581556443.jpg (987.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190219-070402_Ins…)

No. 641764

File: 1550583022300.jpg (205.17 KB, 914x619, Screenshot_20190219-082834_Chr…)

Going through the past few threads. She is so predictable

No. 641765

Sounds like harem/isekai trash. Right up her ally.

No. 641766

I know you stalk here moo, no one told you to cosplay from this series. You don't even know what it is.

No. 641771

She's going to cosplay the big-boobed girl in green, isn't she?

No. 641776

File: 1550587330525.png (1.08 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-19-06-39-58…)

Not posting Moo's because its hardly of her hand but she wanted Holly to hang out with her and "get some of dat Momo lovin'"(calves OT)

No. 641787

I always forget she's one of Moo's distant calves who's attitude is similar to Vamp's. What a strange collection of "friends".

No. 641809

Of course she is. The outfit is simple enough and it will cover her huge ham arms.

Why does she still pretend she does anything but throw around money?

No. 641811

No. 641819

File: 1550603975829.jpg (325.79 KB, 1080x1544, _20190219_191812.JPG)

Moo narc sperging over Vamp because it's her birthday. This sounds like the cringe TL;DR waffle she posted about her past fuckboi OverTFlow on his birthday ages ago.

No. 641821

>You complete me in ways no one else ever could

>You fetch and bring back things that people say about me on lolcow when I can't lurk.

>You never complain when I forget to feed you but remember to feed my other dogs playing doormat right next to you.
>You bark and bare your tooth at people who are simply walking by me
>You're vocal whenever I say "Speak"
>You're such a good girl!

Vamp is utterly pathetic for falling for every piece of bullshit that comes out of Moo's mouth without questioning it. It's not love if she's using you, Beaklette.

Moo says almost the exact same paragraphed bullshit for everyone. She just changes up a few words here and there, but they always sound the same.

No. 641826

Most likely because HMMMMM Shera, the elf, has a near rape scene where she’s tied up. You know this fucking sick whore is going to try and recreate that.

There’s also a loli character so it’s up up on air who she’s going to try and lewd.

Either way my anger is immeasurable since I quite enjoy this series.

No. 641827

File: 1550605160224.png (357.5 KB, 927x442, 1528208664709.png)

Lmao too right. The words are switched up and she recycled the same soppy bullshit which is very similar on her birthday post to OverT. Vamp if you're reading this like the nosey lapdog you are, sorry you're not that special.

No. 641829


Exactly. It’s practically word for word what she does when she is drooling over some fuckboi that she is trying to drag away from their girlfriend. It’s like she is incapable of genuine human emotion and just copy pastes the same generic stuff she thinks people want to hear. You hear that Vamp? You aren’t special.

No. 641833


Why does every costhot make this typo when they mean “a part”.

No. 641835

She's only really sucking up to Vamp because she now realizes she's her only friend she's got as her other calves aren't that loyal.

No. 641836

Because intelligent people don't make careers out of showing their asses to neckbeards on the internet.

No. 641848


Aw back in the days when Moo had a booth, was somewhat a "cosplayer" and wasn't as big a joke. good times man. I am sure this triggers the fuck outta her.

No. 641856

And that was only just last year. How the mighty have fallen. Moo has hit such a low and it's glorious.

No. 641857

File: 1550615077771.jpeg (235.91 KB, 1071x1370, Screenshot_20190219-142308-01.…)

Looks like she's still being a brat

No. 641859

More context?

No. 641860

IDK what else there is to explain. Moo flips out when ppl take selfies or pics and she happens to be in them but she'll turn around and ruin an actual paid shoot deliberately. Apparently it's in her stories? I don't know who it was she photobombed, but later in the thread it's confirmed to be moo

No. 641863


Then posts the caps confirming its Moo and not just someone asking if it is. This cap is useless.

No. 641866

File: 1550615688299.png (342.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190219-143445.png)

No. 641867

I don’t understand why people are so hesitant to call her out on her shit. Bitch doesn’t use twitter anymore, people need to stop skirting around her name. Just fucking say it and call her out on her crap if she’s guilty of it.

No. 641868

At the height of her bovine influence, talking shit about Moo got you a flood of butthurt neckbeards harassing and threatening you.

These days people are using the pussy excuse of wanting Moo to just fade away, which Moo herself sure as fuck isn't going to let happen so might as well expose her properly.

No. 641871


Because of the retarded notion of “if you publicly call out bad people doing bad things then it means you are just looking to start a witch hunt and it makes you just as bad and it is a form of bullying” that her and her fellow fatties and neckbeards love to use. The people who still refuse to name her at this point are quiet frankly just pussies who are afraid of any blowback they might get from her fans. Maybe they are afraid of the hypothetical one crazed fan who might take this shit too far and physically attack them for going after Moo, but that shit is seriously unlikely.

No. 641872

Wow, Moo really got fucked up over us sniping pics of her, huh?

also, I looked at this chick's instagram to see if she was doing a Team Epic cosplay (cause anon raised a good point) and I don't see her in any.

No. 641873

>>641871 This is exactly why I hate the people on social media who make excuses and live in fear, as if they repeated Bloody Mary's name in front of a mirror or something.

Mariah isn't going to come after anyone. Neither are her fans. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a single YouTube video in existence which addressed Mariah by name, because those people clearly would've have been the victims of a neckbeard's wrath by now.

Honestly, these people claim they don't want to mention Mariah's name because she doesn't deserve the attention, but all they're really doing is giving her more power and mystique.

No. 641874


I thought it was Vamp who was the one running her snaggletooth mouth off threatingbto beat people up. Wondering if Moo said it was her because she knows that if word got out she was the one threatening to beat people up she’d get even more shit.

Although I do find it ridiculous that she is throwing a shitfit about being caught in someone else’s photo by accident despite the numerous times she has filmed people without their consent, most of the time to make fun of them behind their back.

No. 641877

Is this something she did at katsu? or is this a prior offense of Moo's that's getting brought up because of her pet dog being unmuzzled in public?

No. 641878


I hate it when they try to be purposefully obtuse or think they are being coy by not mentioning her by name. It doesn’t help anyone in the community when you not only refuse to name her but also make vague allusions to what she has done because you are too much of a chickenshit or because you think you are being clever.

No. 641879

>as if they repeated Bloody Mary's name in front of a mirror or something.

Saying her name three times will cause the lights to flicker and the ground to shake as she waddles closer to copy your cosplay ideas.

Seriously though, they need to stop being afraid of this cunt. There's literally nothing to be afraid of. What is she going to do? Throw a tantrum on Instagram? Let her! She'll make herself look like an utter ass and be even more shunned. How are people not getting that? Just call her out by her fucking name.

No. 641887

"Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself," in the immortal words of Dumbledore.

No. 641890

Not naming Moo but being lowkey about her just boosts her ego. She likes the idea of thinking people are below her and are fearful of her, like she's the biggest baddest cosplayer around. The bitch ain't Lord Voldemort, either say her name and don't be a pussy or don't say it at all.

No. 641909

you all really get mad about the weirdest shit. Who cares if people name her or not, it's always obvious who they are talking about and they try to avoid being in her tag. no one wants to be in the momokun tag on twitter lmao. y'all are so werid. Y'all so fucking ballsy, then share your own calling out screenshots with your face and names lolololololol.

No. 641917

>>641909 Are you brand new, or just a complete moron?

Self-posting and cowtipping as a result is against the rules.

No. 641918

Your reply is so cringy and it's odd how offended you are about anons telling people to stop being cowards. If it's obvious that they're referring to Moo, then why bother hiding it? They may as well call her out by name.

No. 641921

Exactly. It's so fucking stupid and childish. She should have been called out years ago, but this whole not naming her and 'm*mokun' is shit. She isn't even on twitter and everyone should know what kinda crazy cunt gets mad at being in a background photo at a giant public con like katsu. Esp when she is notorious when filming people and children without their consent.

No. 641933

File: 1550637435723.jpeg (478.27 KB, 1183x2103, 5906E44A-3D8A-4572-B888-C12AE4…)

Designer Daddy live on IG. He ignored the question and answered with “yes I take anime commissions.”

No. 641943

File: 1550639929011.png (374.14 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_2019-02-19-21-13-46…)

Searched through her eBay. She bought suede for what I assumed was Cattleya's boots but never used it? Also she bought a pink flip phone for 369 dollars and this.

No. 641944

File: 1550640200974.png (934.98 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-19-21-19-47…)

Eating with Holly and CJSparxx

No. 641945

File: 1550640222015.png (1.17 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-19-21-19-54…)

No. 641948

File: 1550641248138.png (898.99 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-19-21-38-23…)

Was panning around the table until she finally got to Moo, who was "convulsing" then smiled cuz she got attention

No. 641951

File: 1550641776793.png (1.05 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-19-21-47-33…)

No. 641952

Imagine not being able to act like a normal fucking human being lol

No. 641953

File: 1550642010620.jpeg (29.82 KB, 360x270, E39BBB88-E9E0-4FA4-8550-22FC08…)


Is the amount of sushi she’s eating to cope with how Katsu went?

No. 641960

File: 1550643499742.png (907.13 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-19-22-15-17…)

Apparently Moo ordered this herself, didnt know how big it was and even coined in her own instastory that "we didnt finish it all" like she bought it for everyone else plus herself.

No. 641961

How does one look at the menu and not know how big it is?? I know money is apparently not an issue for her but the price is usually telling.

No. 641963

How can atleast two people not eat like 18 pieces of sushi

No. 641965

There's at least 6 people there: Moo, Holly, CJ, a purplehaired girl, Vamps, Brandon (Moo's cousin)

No. 641967

Just as we expected, her hair is a ratty mess anyways. Looks like she hasn't washed it since she got it done

No. 641969

>>641960 What's the meaning behind the "wow Women" text? Is someone implying Mariah is a World Of Warcraft fan?

No. 641970

"We" didn't finish it because Moo finished it herself

No. 641971

Sushi is pretty high calorie. I've often seen ten-piece rolls listed on menus as having a thousand calories.

Moo's order has got to be around 3,000 calories. That's 1,000 over the recommended daily intake… in one fucking meal.

Even if we ignore the weight issue, that's not good for your heart or digestion. Not to mention the fact that she's supposed to be on a diet. It's not a diet if every day is a cheat day, Moo.

Also idk about you guys but if I ate sushi this often, I'd be sick of it.

No. 641972

She's a real life anime so she has to eat it everyday.
Her time away from Sensei has fucked her diet. Good run while it lasted, folks

No. 641973

Moo made a slight comment but I didn't understand. The "wow women" thing wasn't like mentioned thoroughly so we'll see

No. 641985

File: 1550653027353.jpeg (92.45 KB, 750x713, B68E1906-4D78-4113-9A75-6BA882…)

vamplette and aly liked this comment but moo didn’t

No. 641986

Now that you mentioned it here, she probably will lol

No. 641990

File: 1550659682288.jpg (304.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190220-034549_Ins…)

She went on a lengthy IG rant complaining about a pair of pants that she's been wearing every day for nearly a week now.

I can't tell if she secretly liked the pants all along, or if she feels like the pants are keeping the memory of the Jessica Nigri encounter alive.

No. 641991


Kinda hoping she at least washed her clothes upon returning home from Katsu, but that's wishful thinking for someone who looks like she's bathed in a fry oil on a daily basis. She's definitely keeping the memory alive.

No. 641994

File: 1550664422548.png (7.67 MB, 1242x2208, 1550394829655.png)


I think it might have been sailor thanos

No. 641998

I've been following this cow since thread 1 and what confuses me the most is that she has 94 threads full of criticism, Facebook and Instagram comments telling her how to improve and she hasn't taken any of it on in the slightest. I know if i had 94 threads about me specifically calling me fat and lazy i'd do something about it. I'm really surprised she hasn't at least tried to improve to "prove us wrong" and "be the better person" since she loves thinking she has a 1-up on people.
A truly baffling cow.

No. 642000

Giving advice to a narcissist is like talking to a concrete wall. They never consider anything that could be improved on because they love themselves too much and aren't willing to change any of it. Moo only progressively gets worse with time and her narc personality just keeps revealing more about herself. In her mind she is truly perfect and everyone wants to be her.

No. 642006

Well to be fair to moo and considering I have been here sine thread 1 too, She did peak at one point. Personally I feel it was during the KKBQ era, she finally had another staple that wasnt Samus (mei,wicke), she actually made (some) of her cosplays by hand even if she still had her peasant possey to help her. It was lil pre-lipo so she wasnt completely deformed and just naturally chub to fat depending on the timeline, the milk was fresh/enganging and less autistic vendetta-y due to the flood of cosplayers who actively post here now thats shes a notorious cow and all the gross photoshoots with gnarly male hands etc involved was a good time. She actively tried to show us how much better she was and constantly vague posted on twitter, it was heavenly (Vamps growth from silent friend to audible wk was fun but ofc shes been now scared back into silence)
She just is a very stale subject now that shes commercial and pretty much cornered considering every move she makes gets reported/flagged/etc and genuinely messes with the natural production of milk.
Its just her ugly thot pics and bland friends left repeating the same pattern for the last 20 threads.

No. 642010

I agree with you to an extent. Her Twitter days were the best cause it's where she had no filter at all. The reports were annoying sure, but it led to amazing tantrums from Moo and she spiraled faster by her own hand than anyone else's.

You can't blame people for getting fed up with her when it's easy to see why and she caused her own downfall. She's the one who acted like a crazy cunt and scared KBBQ and friends away, threatened people, lied about everything with literally thousands of people watching her do it and beginning to have doubts about her, bullied the shit out of innocent people, and threw her friends under buses as a hobby. If you have to blame anyone, blame Moo for that. The same goes for her cosplays. No one stopped her from making cosplays or coming up with a new staple, she just got really fucking lazy. She's had many months of doing absolutely nothing to make costumes and didn't bother to make a single one.

No. 642016

“ThEsE lEgGiNgS aRe SUCH pOoR qUaLiTy” proceeds to wear them literally every single day

It would be one thing if she had just said they weren’t worth the money, but she stated multiple times that the quality was very low and they were uncomfortable and didn’t fit her, so why tf would she continue wearing them? She is literally such a hypocrite that she can’t even review a pair of leggings with any amount of sincerity.

No. 642017

Only because dearest Nigri who she would happily stalk wears them alot and she wants to be part of that "cool" squad again desperately. Really desperately. She wants to be acknowledged so bad even if it means being even more of a hypocritical idiot. It's pretty obvious she's missing the cosplay life she once had because Katsu was such a wreck and she spent it with nobodies as that's all she has left to her name.

No. 642028

Meh. If it’s her she has no room to talk since she willingly put her head in Moo’s hand.
That was the most disappointing thing about Katsu for me tbh. Everyone talking mad shit about her and how someone should confront her yet she was freely asking randos to do the stupid hand thing and everyone was obliging.
Maybe they were all people who had never heard of her, but if they did know who she was they shouldn’t bother complaining since they are enabling her.

No. 642030

Oh yah lmao sorry if anything i said came off as her downfall being anything but her own doing, truly not at all a sentiment i was holding there. Its just her cow days peaked alittle after what would be considered her best cosplays days is all and I got sentimental kek!

No. 642031

I've seen plenty of cosplayers I follow ended up having selfies taken with her during that weekend with captions similar to 'OMG I met Momokun!', but just weeks or months before have spoken about how she should be "cancelled" out of the cosplay community. People will do anything for a bit of recognition. Will talk shit but use her face to boost their own cred online. Unbelievable.

No. 642044

Moo has openly said anyone direspecting her at cons will get their ass beat by her, so Im thinking some of them had to go along with it out of fear of her and her fanbase. This goes double for cosplayers who are new or underage or people who don't even follow the community drama which is a lot of them. So while your friends may have talked shit then did this for clout, you might want to take into consideration their past instances with her as a public figure vs them secretly liking Moo.

No. 642045

File: 1550690029093.png (94.27 KB, 260x303, cat lady.png)

Those extensions didn't last long, did they? She's got that crazy cat lady hair now.

No. 642046

I seriously doubt Moo would beat anyone’s ass for not letting her touch their face, especially with a camera rolling.
As for her entourage harassing them, how would her neckbeards find the name of some rando cosplayer that declined to be touched? We don’t even know who sailor thanos was, not to mention one guy DID stick to his guns and did not let her touch him, he’s not facing repercussions.
Moo lives on because too many pussies bring out these type of excuses.

No. 642047

Eh, they seem fake as fuck and just as bad as Moo's calves who enable her.

Oh then yeah, I can see what you mean. Her best cow days were her Twitter ones when she was teetering on the brink of a meltdown every day.

No. 642048

It baffles me the hypocrisy in the cosplay community. People who wanna talk shit about Moo, but when they're able to see her in person, pretend they're civil. Good for the person who stuck to their guns.

No. 642049

It's because not enough of them have learned the skill of telling The Thing That Will Not Leave to fuck right off and do it in any sort of way that she can't twist into "OMG soooooo many people were big meanies to me when I just wanted to spread love and peace, you guize, waaaaaaaaah!" Like she does pretty much every time people don't let the bitch do whatever she wants.

No. 642053

Seriously. Im not doubting Moo can't beat someone up, but a lot of people, especially the autistic as fuck people in this community, don't know how to tell unwelcomed people "NO". Like did you see how uncomfortable the guy who didn't want to rest his head in Moo's hand looked? You can see him double take because he's not sure if saying no wouldve ended with Moo being all "AAAAH DONT BE SHYYY COME OOOON" and basically get the people around him to peer pressure him to do it. moo does that shit in public all the time. She tries to egg people on and its fucked up. In convention scenes you get idiots doing stupid shit all the time and they get away with it because people are too scared of the peer pressure culture to be LOLRANDOM at conventions to say no.

No. 642055

Found this gem on youtube.

No. 642057

File: 1550694023794.gif (3.13 MB, 444x250, freegifmaker.me_2erfD.gif)

No. 642058

I can't unsee her looking like genderbent Gaston.

No. 642060

File: 1550694495914.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2688, C8424617-BFE0-462F-9E0D-6DB75A…)

“I’m gonna make a lewd of a 15 year old”

No. 642061

Anon. It's fictional. Stop trying to complain about Moo cosplaying underage characters. Its not milk aside from she's just going to be cosplaying the character in general.

No. 642063


It’s why Moo’s sexual assault victims had such a hard time speaking up in the first place. They didn’t want to be seen as “rocking the boat” or “ruining the fun mood of being at an anime convention with other weebs” by taking time out to tell her they didn’t appreciate her grabbing their ass or fondling their tits or private parts. They were expected to simply go along with it because the mood is supposed to be fun at a convention and they simply need to let loose and stop being so uptight and acknowledging all the creeps and abusers that are around preying on the community brings the mood down.

No. 642070

jesus christ you can tell that the corset is pinching up all her back fat to her shoulders just by how arms hang.

No. 642071

Like Look at Vic's coworker who he straddled but the dude didn't say shit because it was in front of hundreds of people and even afterwards everyone was laughing like it was okay. Why speak up when everyone else is going along with it? Thats why anyone has issues speaking up. Thats literally why I think Jessica went along with the photo too, but she's probably the one who suggested the leggings photo vs a face photo because she doesn't want to be associated with Moo, but with people around you gotta just fucking go with it. Its shitty, but THIS is how conventions work. Its not as easy as saying no.

No. 642073

Here we go again. She's got an obsesseion with the rape victims (Sakura) and nearly raped victims.

Moo looks nasty in straight cut bangs too, Saber and Beatrice, so this will be awful. Guaranteed.

No. 642076

“I’m gonna recreate her rape scene with her brother. It’s ajways been a dream cosplay uwu”

No. 642079

She seriously can’t put her arms straight down at her side because of how wide she is..

No. 642080

She can't even walk normal. Her legs are out too even though she can still sweep them to the front of her. That corset is not cinched in safely. There is a limit on how much you can corset before its dargerous. Moo doesn't corset train so this sets a huge, bad example for young girls, who we know tons follow because they defend the fuck out of Moo, who think that is this obese fuck can use a corset to cinch her waist smaller than someone 50lbs lighter than her, then its a good idea.

No. No it's a bad idea and Moo can't even handle it.

No. 642084

File: 1550699772197.png (630.35 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-20-13-55-23…)

God left me unfinished

No. 642086

I'm guess a butt plug of some description and no underwear…christ.

No. 642088

File: 1550700289849.png (51.78 KB, 506x348, Screenshot_20190220-161200.png)

Someone had asked about the tooth incident 1/3

No. 642090

File: 1550700333635.png (108.26 KB, 586x717, Screenshot_20190220-161303.png)


No. 642091

File: 1550700398209.png (168.42 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_20190220-161326.png)

These are all under her new post on her main account. 3/3

No. 642093


Lmao Moo is weak as shit that's why Vamp took up the role of barking at the two girls who she felt intimidated by when they were "supposedly" taking photos of her.

Also how embarrassing and cringy for Twin, this is just bad.

No. 642094

yeah I was just thinking that the tail isn't matching up to where it would sit if someone pretended they had a tail. So might be that buttplug an anon posted that was on her etsy and yeah, no underwear, or they literally told her to bend over and they put it on top of her ass. That looks like it could be the case too.

No. 642098

Ouch. I hope twincosplay doesn't realize the drama in the states because I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but this is sad.

No. 642099

>>642086 No buttplug.

And I hope this helps explain why there's a constant supply of new neckbeards who sign up for her Patreon. If you can be fooled into thinking she would actually penetrate herself with an object in a photo set, then others can fall for the same trap.

No. 642100

Anon she did have a bunny buttplug on her wishlist on etsy, but her asshole is too low, so it wouldn't make sense for placement.

No. 642101

You can see the dirt on her feet through the tights. Disgusting.

No. 642103

>>642100 I'm not denying that she had a buttplug. She was showing off a metallic-looking buttplug (?) when Tokki, Aly, Vamps, and Square were at her house.

All I was trying to say is that Mariah strategically uses censoring tactics to create a facade of sorts. There are probably a ton of people who think "Maybe, just maybe, this is the month where she's making that pose without a bikini, and possibly with a buttplug".

I'm just trying to remind everyone of a thing called Buyer Beware!

No. 642107

Cucks with money don't care. She wouldn't have the funds she does if people were actually smart.

No. 642109

no costhots would have any money if people were smart.

No. 642110

no costhots would have any money if people were smart.

No. 642111

Depends on the costhot but thats getting ot. Moo baits and switches with these censored images. The thirsty neckbeards expect something theyre not going to get because of them.

No. 642117


True. Most would still be working shitty dead end retail jobs if there weren’t literally hordes of stupid lonely losers on the internet willing to throw cash at them hoping to make them their girlfriend. They are all the same strand of generic “lol titties butts and anime” bullshit that pander to every basic guy in the internet.

No. 642124

I wonder if anyone has said anything to him about it? I feel like its unlikely that he wouldn't know. Her shitty behavior is pretty well known in the community.

Twin either lives under a huge rock, or he's a sexual harassment apologist.

No. 642128

please tell me I’m not the only one who burst out laughing at her awkward hand motion. I know cosplayers aren’t actresses but damn girl practice some poses every once in a while!

No. 642131


Seems like some still choose to look the other way on her bullshit. All because for some retarded reason or another they actually like her or feel her name still carries any kind of clout. Anyone who still chooses to support her at this point with all the evidence out there is just as much of a sack of shit as she is.

No. 642132

Camera dude: Hey, do a pose like your character!

Mariah: Slow motion gay man hand

No. 642133

i can HEAR her stomping the ground

No. 642135

All these people are giving moo false praise, before you know it her ego is going to swell even more than before and she’s going to go and harass more talented cosplayers out of the scene.

No. 642137


his english is pretty bad, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't keep up with the english cosplay gossip world

No. 642142

File: 1550710843265.png (862.53 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-20-16-55-07…)

>talking in a "black lady accent"
>rants about people being positive and she appreciates the outpour of support in her DMs
>said she wishes the best for even the haters, said they are just having a bad time in their life (basically)
I feel like she got boolied again and she's ranting for the sake of it

No. 642143

File: 1550710879005.png (567.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-16-57-04…)

No. 642146

>She hates bathing alone and will take any excuse to barge in on Rem or Diablo to bathe with either or both of them, and she doesn't take "no" for an answer
>she loves to play with Rem's ears, not to mention the rest of her body
>she doesn't take "no" for an answer
From the Wiki. Character sounds right up Moo's ally.

No. 642154

why is she clinging on to pochaco so hard? is she actually did the character justice with her offical costumes and not this lazy shit she'd be decent, but mariah only has three braincells

No. 642156

Tbh, depending on the edit, she doesnt make a terribly bad Pochaco. She needs something now that Mei is out of her weight limit and MooMoo no one gives a shit about.

No. 642158

Because it is a fat character used for lewd shit. She can do hilariously lazy cosplay for this character and still have betas tripping all over themselves to praise her for it.

She originally did it to try and the Pochaco to Nigri's Sonico, but when that didn't pan out, she kept milking it anyway because putting in minimal effort for money and asspats is what Mariah loves best.

No. 642161

File: 1550717790602.jpeg (329.32 KB, 1242x1928, 4E59F446-9265-4B0E-A60D-BC7055…)

So much cringe, even aside from moo >>642154
To her fan base of paypigs, “character” doesn’t matter in the least. As long as she’s near nude with heavy makeup and face filters, she can keep getting by on pochaco “cosplays.” Just look at the top comments on a post Mariah made asking her subreddit which photoshoots they wanted to see next. There’s no real respect for cosplay there and she exploits it.

No. 642170

No room up her ass for a plug. Her head occupies all the available space.

No. 642171

File: 1550726541544.png (689.1 KB, 720x888, Screenshot_2019-02-20-21-20-50…)

No. 642172

God, look at that elbow dimple. I'm worried that, if she doesn't get her weight under control, it'll take less than six months before she's got fat folds on her forearm.

No. 642173

Maybe the reason people are ignoring her at cons is that they don't know who she is. Don't know anything about her drama. And her cosplays are amateur with some money to spend on costumes but no taste level and simply dont attract any attention.

No. 642175

Is this the new go-to pose? The invisible backpack?

No. 642176

Nice dress M'lady!

No. 642177

It's like King K. Rool cosplaying as Gaston

No. 642178

I know we all make fun of the cow but i legitimately thought this was meant to be a genderbent Gaston….

No. 642181

Thanks to people not editing out the avvies on Instagram, I've seen what some of our anons look like- and there are plenty of girls here prettier than Moo.

I'm also going to venture that most of the anons here aren't sexual assaulters, and don't take foot fetish and breast-pump pictures of themselves. Based on the threads in /g/, a lot of anons have S/Os, unlike Mariah.

Moo, seems like you're the one having "a bad time in her life", at least by comparison.

Holy SHIT anon. I think I got splash damage from that burn.

No. 642182

File: 1550732162210.gif (4.86 MB, 333x187, gmagik.gif)

this cosplay is so horrifically terrible. how is this someone who has been "well-known" in the community for 3 years? that bra looks like something my grandma would wear. and look at how crooked the jewelry is.

she still likes to pretend she tries though.

No. 642197

Her head just gets smaller and smaller each month

No. 642198

It's super odd considering how big her ego is

No. 642199

The funny thing is if you compare in pictures? Her head is huge, it's just that her body is that much bigger. a yoga ball on an elephant.

No. 642203

File: 1550742684887.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, D7F8B95C-B069-4CD9-A866-6D778B…)

Late night bacon

No. 642204

I thought she didn’t sleep until the hours of 4-6am. Why she gotta lie like this (with obligatory cropped nude teaser image) for attention?

No. 642207

Maybe she's clapping back at the no shower comments.

No. 642211

File: 1550752460277.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 1220x1510, screenshotmomokun.png)

No. 642214

Go take a shower Moo prove us all wrong

No. 642219

(I regret nothing)

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Mariah
Looking so down in the dumps
Every calf here'd love to be you, Mariah
Even when taking your humps

There's no cow in town as amusing as you
You're everyone's favourite cow
Everyone's awed and inspired by you
And it's not very hard to see how

No one's fat as Mariah
An asshat like Mariah
Yet no one's butt’s as incredibly flat as Mariah’s
For there's no girl in town as thirsty for money
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask any Jess, Susu or Bunny
And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

No one’s shit like Mariah
Ought to quit like Mariah
No one’s got a swell vein on her tit like Mariah
As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating
My what a cow, that Mariah

No one mopes like Mariah
Dashes hopes like Mariah
At an anime con nobody gropes like Mariah

For there’s no one as sloppy and trashy
And she blocks anyone who complains
Not a bit of her’s creative or classy
That’s right! And each one of my costumes is covered in stains!

No one’s vain like Mariah
Causes pain like Mariah
Uses others around her for gain like Mariah
I'm especially bad at decision making! snort
No points for Mariah!

When I was a kid I ate four bowls of pho
Every morning to help me get large
And now that I'm grown I eat five bowls of pho
So I'm roughly the size of a barge!

No one fumes like Mariah
Trashes rooms like Mariah
Then goes tromping on others’ costumes like Mariah
I don’t use furniture in any of my decorating!

Say it right now
Who's a cow among cows
And then say it once more
Who’s the bovine next door
Who's the has-been success
Don't you know, can't you guess?
Ask her neckbeards and her three hangers-on
There's just one cow in town who's got all of it down
And her name's G-A-S-T… Mariah!

No. 642228

Haha holy shit anon that actually works pretty perfectly, would love to have some anons put it to song tbh

No. 642231

File: 1550762639994.gif (2.47 MB, 480x270, 558633D1-7D72-4C4D-9574-4E25C0…)

Beautiful anon.

No. 642238

File: 1550764467401.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

I'm losing it. You're a lyrical genius

No. 642250

If only this could be the next thread pic…

No. 642251

File: 1550766413078.gif (3.03 MB, 480x448, tenor-1.gif)


Goddamnit anon.. this is perfect.

No. 642252

File: 1550767335534.png (551.22 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_2019-02-21-08-41-40…)

Nice lurk

No. 642257

surprised momo wasn't involved with the katsu cake humping over the past weekend

No. 642268

I can die happy after seeing this. I want someone to record it, some singer anon pls come through.

No. 642272

OT but Uhg. Seeing someone I’m kinda friends with actually like Moos pictures is a little disheartening. Especially since all the harassment scandal.

No. 642277

I used to be on the same discord with that "o_ryusei4". He "didn't like to think bad of people", which included Amouranth after her "boyfriend application" milk got spilled. Some people just can't accept the truth that just because you might like how X Person looks, doesnt mean X Person might not really be a piece of shit.

No. 642287

>>642219 Someone should be vamp and the other like Mariah to sing the song

No. 642288

Why did this post require her to be shirtless?

No. 642289

I had a chance to talk to one of the twins at Katsu and it’s clear they are oblivious to her drama. They were struggling to speak English and clearly don’t read up on American drama.

No. 642290

Is one or both of them gay? I get serious gay vibes from them.

No. 642292

Thots do this then complain in the same breath "people only want our nudes/lewds blah blah."

It didn't require her to be topless, but gotta 'show what you're paying for!"

No. 642294

Moo must be desperate for someone's attention again. She does this when something has rustled her jimmies and she needs to show off. "Look at me I'm totally topless!"

No. 642296

they are gay partners yeah

No. 642297

File: 1550788917137.png (975.39 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-21-14-34-41…)

>reviewing other brands of leggings to COMBAT FAT SHAMING COMPANIES

No. 642298

File: 1550789302820.png (654.33 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-02-21-16-45-35.p…)

Someone I follow on ig used her pic as a background for their story- not really milk and can't sage but I think it's funny her ugly face is meme worthy

No. 642299

>going to Heaven's Feel premiere tomorrow
>has a weird infatuation with the only sex scene in the movie between Shiro and Sakura, said they left out another major sex scene in the first movie and this is a big deal for UFOtable as they are animating a mature scene for this feature
>her predictions include: the staff will follow the VN closely and match the plot, Shiro will have nothing good going for him
>In addition, she said Shiro didn't even want to have sex with Sakura due to their childhood relationship
>Says Archer will have a significant part and "if you've played the Heaven's Feel VN you'll know"

No. 642300

File: 1550789671901.png (827.96 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-21-14-37-21…)

No. 642301

File: 1550789812204.png (952.76 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-02-21-14-35-21…)

I find it weird she's obsessed with fictional characters fucking, outside of a fantasy. She hasn't even talked about anything of substance relating to the franchise aside from what she dug up from Wikipedia

No. 642304

The damn glasses have returned…

It’s really disturbing how into the sex scenes she is. Like, that’s not normal for anyone to be that obsessed.

No. 642305

She has to prove to her nasty neckbeards that she's just as horny and immature as they are.

No. 642306

imagine bitching about leggings instead of losing weight to fit them. i honestly am sick of this fat shaming shit. it's become a meme at this point.

Surprised she took them off since katsu

No. 642308

I find it especially moronic that she's "calling out" a fitness brand that offers limited sizing. A FITNESS BRAND.

No. 642313


>What a normal person would do, prior to purchasing these pants:

Hmmm… It doesn't appear that this company has a style that I like in my size. Perhaps there's a reasonable alternative out there for me?

>What Mariah does after not taking the "normal person" approach:

Oh, my God. I'm tired of being fat shamed and pants shamed. These were $80, and I've gone to the gym once or twice in my life, so there's no reason why these shouldn't fit. How else am I supposed to pay homage to my favorite cosplayer of all time if your company won't accommodate us THICC girls, mate?

No. 642314

Yeah i mentioned them last thread, that the celery juice bullshit was going to dissapear as did her glasses…

Hello moo, you despicable piece of shit

No. 642315

Gotta be the irl hentai waifu her cucks believe her to be when really she is vanilla as all hell.

No. 642316

She straight up looks like lakitu from super mario

No. 642317

Of course she took them off anon. There's no way those pants weren't cutting off her circulation.

No. 642326

File: 1550795713844.jpg (657.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190221-183503_Ins…)

No. 642331

She must have accidentally kicked over a pile of moldy dirty clothes and her fake glasses reappeared.

No. 642336

ugh… her glasses look so smudged and greasy. its triggering

No. 642340

Since when pills are natural, eat the damn fruits. God she's dumb.

Did she excavate her totes legit prescription glasses just to look "smarter" as she recite stuff from the wiki? They only enhance her turtle features, it never did her any favours then, and didn't look any better now.

No. 642343

File: 1550799652115.png (724.34 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-02-21-17-32-27…)

So funny tidbit, Moo, the video was a joke. He was comparing fan photos of other VA's with those of Vic's that were used to build a case against him. This guy was JOKING. You got sensitive because your face and "assault" were together in one image.

No. 642344

Lmao this is so hypocritical. We must remember Moo is nothing of the sort, she's no sexual predator at all! So glad her picture is being strung along in this Vic Mignogna saga still.

No. 642345

It wasn't even about her. The video was longer than I wanted to wait for but I watched the first half and skipped to where the photo was presented. It was more about Chris Sabat and the VA for Krillin posing with fans.

Basically his stance was that it was hypocritical. It was a double standard to punish because these fan photos being used as evidence of his touchy-feely demeanor. He didn't mention Moo by name (or any of the fans, for that matter)

No. 642347

Moo as usual takes things very personally. Time and time again she does this, learning nothing from it. The fact she's broadcasted about it and made herself look like she's a victim, she's just making things progressively worse for herself whenever she links anything about sexual harassment to it. We're just meant to forget she's ever been and still is a creep herself. Expecting a cuck army to be by her side soon despite this being petty as shit.

No. 642348

I know. I found it kind of surprising that as someone who says she stays "in her own corner and doesn't do drama" is reacting to a drama video. But then again she reads us almost daily.
It's frustrating because she could just be done with this. It's obvious she's a shitty person but undoing your mistakes is apologizing for them then performing accordingly. She hasn't done that.

No. 642349

This is going to open up a huge can of worms cause she's whining about giving consent but she didn't have the consent of the people who she sexually assaulted/molested. What a fucking cunt.

No. 642350

She is so far up her ass that it's actually nauseating. Moo really doesn't think she's done any harm at all does she? Everyone else is problematic but not her, never her, she's the innocent one here. Absolutely vile.

No. 642355

She deleted this.

No. 642365

No. 642370

I thought the exactly same thing as well. I guess she women she molested without their consent thought it was also funny? she needs to be dragged and cancelled already.

No. 642372

File: 1550807205619.png (1.06 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-21-19-45-43…)

Making fun of Vamps love life again

No. 642376

Excess vitamins don't fight colds/flu. You just need fluids/water. Moo is a fucking dumbass.

No. 642378

This wasn't even it. Her mom gave her garlic pills, vitamin C pills, oregano oil, elderberry flavored Sambucol gummies, another elderberry supplement and POM juice.

No. 642380

File: 1550808955911.jpeg (383.38 KB, 750x1087, 67D1FEB7-6D59-4B14-AE6F-460CF6…)

doing one of these giveaways like everyone else

No. 642382

But like everything else. She’s conveniently forget

No. 642383

All those visible photoshop lines

No. 642387

File: 1550810779044.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190221-224554_Ins…)

No. 642408

She reminds me of my virgin friends who sperge over sex or give me 5 paragraphs on how a guy at collage "throat fucked" them with his tongue. Anything remotely sexual seems to set people off who hardly get any(no1curr)

No. 642417


Oh please Moo Instagram doesn't do this shit. You're the one blocking people and pretending it's a "glitch" to bring more attention to yourself. What a twat lol.

No. 642423

>>642326 Mariah isn't going to take vitamins and supplements for more than a day, unless they come in the form of sushi.

Also, it's hard to feel sorry for someone who drank like a backstage groupie all weekend after putting in sooooo much hard work on those Katuscon costumes.

No. 642427

Stop with the autism, instagram actually does post block people for a short period of time when you post many comments very quickly.

No. 642430

File: 1550840979098.jpg (306.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190222-070807_Ins…)

No. 642432

File: 1550841128128.jpg (829.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190222-070813_Ins…)

No. 642433

File: 1550841273961.jpg (912.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190222-070816_Ins…)

No. 642434

File: 1550841368382.jpg (703.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190222-070819_Ins…)

No. 642437

take a shot everytime she mentions a ~dream cosplay~

No. 642442

I bet she thinks that is Bulma in the swimsuit picture she's posted.

Hint-it's not.

No. 642445

don't wanna die.

>inb4 it just looks like this anyway

No. 642447

Saiyan OC? that's… really autistic.

No. 642450

I have a conv between me and Moo on IG the other day, she was claiming that she is not banned or cancelled from anything…

seriously? lol what a retard.

No. 642455

Then post the caps, this is an image board

No. 642456

If you're going to claim you had a convo with her at least provide a screenshot of it.

No. 642459

File: 1550844644961.jpeg (203.13 KB, 1125x2031, 87EDE371-2325-4ABB-96AC-6322D1…)

>>642456(5c. Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 642460

I hate that she literally never credits artists when she nabs shit off google like this

No. 642461

In a way she's right, she's not banned or cancelled from most things depending on what is being specified in this convo. In the cosplay scene that is anyway. It's been noted here many times to get her kicked out of what she loves but it probably won't happen either. The only ones to cancel her are Creator's Guild that we know of, not 100% on Anime Expo however after when all the shit hit the fan about her sexual harassment last summer.

No. 642462

This is the second time you’ve posted this and it makes you look just as retarded as the first

No. 642463

This is so cringy to look at. Stop. Cowtipping is against the rules anyway.

You don't even need to contact Moo to get dirt on her. She airs all her dirty laundry through Instagram stories daily.

No. 642465

ok sorry

No. 642475

File: 1550852823919.png (1.02 MB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-02-22-08-23-24…)


No. 642478

So she's taking a bunch of fanart, not crediting the artists who did them, and badly recreating it?

…Yep that's Moo.

No. 642481

>saiyan pod chair

this is just a regular pod chair, it's a joke picture. also i cannot wait until she gets it because she's not going to fit in it.

No. 642486


Lmao the subpar gohan that she threw together in a day shouldn't count as a successful cosplay

No. 642490

File: 1550855879246.jpg (1008.25 KB, 1152x2048, 33288724908_80611a8f4e_k.jpg)

Katsucon photos

No. 642491

File: 1550855979458.jpg (1.17 MB, 1152x2048, 33288724798_3ee8916391_k.jpg)

No. 642492

File: 1550856104866.jpg (915.45 KB, 1152x2048, 33288724578_39fcf92948_k.jpg)

No. 642493

File: 1550856195084.jpg (1000.94 KB, 1152x2048, 33288724338_148f35e122_k.jpg)

No. 642495

File: 1550856320874.jpg (1.01 MB, 1152x2048, 33288724188_7a57510c11_k.jpg)

No. 642496

File: 1550856490331.jpg (1 MB, 1152x2048, 33288724108_d690070f62_k.jpg)

No. 642498

File: 1550857017788.jpg (1.14 MB, 1152x2048, 33288723928_db9f694af9_k.jpg)

No. 642501

Black really suits her but doesn't change the fact that the wig looks ratty and that the whole costume is unrecognizable. I wouldn't recognize her as Cattleya if she wouldn't already have stated it.

Also why Cattleya? I doubt any of her neckbeards have watched Violet Evergarden, this costume is not monetizable for her.

No. 642503

Aly was going to do Violet but I don't think she wanted to go to Katsu in the first place? I dunno

No. 642506

On top of being an unrecognizable cosplay, it makes her look wide as fuck.
These shots really break the tiny waist illusion she's desperately trying to keep.

No. 642508

Pink City also cancelled their collab with her during the call out, she lost a lot of sponsors/collabs and tried to push off a "never having a sponsor before" sperg

No. 642517

The more I look at this, the more it looks like someone just photoshopped her into a random picture of the con. Doesn't help that she looks blurry and out of focus compared to the two guys behind her.

No. 642520

it could just be the focus of the camera. they focused on the dudes and not her upfront

No. 642526

Cause her tits hang out

No. 642530

She looks just as wide as the obese man in the background.( Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 642532

Exactly. She no longer cares about whether the character is recognizable or not. Just how much she can get away with letting her udders hang out.

No. 642554

nothing from her should be counted as a sucessful cosplay anyway

No. 642560

I'm so confused by how her body is bigger from this angle than from the front at the waist. Don't corsets usually pull in equally all around? Is it a weird optical illusion?

No. 642561

She probably is posing badly and it makes her look wider, she tends to hunch over-if she stood up straight she would look better but I imagine that corset is far too tight which makes her look worse

No. 642562

File: 1550885629499.png (626.35 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-02-22-17-30-13…)

Sean is Goku's VA. Apparently Sean fabricated a story about being swatted or someone being swatted or whatever. His Twitter is currently private.

No. 642563

File: 1550885650604.png (272.17 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-22-17-30-17…)

No. 642564

File: 1550886466655.png (656.97 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-22-17-45-47…)

No. 642566


She QUICKLY deleted those posts.

No. 642567

Why is she reading lolcow while she's driving? Or in the car? This is twice today she decided to delete shit.

No. 642568


if anything this information would just make them call more. This doesn't even sound real

No. 642569

Moo must be feeling down today. Time for another one of her patented dumbass sympathy moves.

No. 642570

How does Sean, a VA with no media or social connections to Moo aside from a handful of conventions, have her mom's phone number?

No. 642571

>>642568 Right? I would think that something this important, which somehow involves her mom, would have been a big enough deal to make a real informative post about.

Instead, it seems like she's pulling more cards from the victim deck, and she has proven over time that she isn't shy about using her mom as an accessory.

She's trying to manufacture buzz, because she evidently didn't get the right type or amount of attention while ghosting Katsucon.

No. 642572

Moreover, why would someone/people use Moo's mom's number to harass Sean?
Also wouldn't Sean have his lawyers/agent call her instead of he himself?

No. 642573

I find this fishy. It might be worth asking about but I just think Justin Rojas would've provided her Sean's number… but on the other hand how unprofessional is it dishing out people's phone number like that?

No. 642574

Gonna go with things that never happened. It doesn't make it any better that she immediately deleted these, it makes things look really sketch on her end.

No. 642575

And who even knows moos moms #? I know we’re obviously not allowed to share that stuff here but I’ve never seen anyone ever claim they have her moms #, not even on KF. What a weird thing to lie about.

No. 642576

>>642574 This shit seems vaguely similar to the Etika incident, when he hit a rough patch, and Mariah felt the need to spread shit around all over social media, because apparently she felt like she deserved to be his publicist since they went to The Forum Shops together. And as we eventually learned, she was exaggerating and misinforming those who were curious to know what exactly hapoened, and people weren't happy about how she announced everything without consent (surprise - Mariah doesn't understand consent). Wonder what this voice actor might have to say about it, assuming he weighs in?

No. 642578

His twitter is public right now and I’m not seeing anything regarding her mom’s number being used. Because I’m sure he would have made a post stating that people are calling the wrong number to harass him. Why does Moo feel the need to insert herself into any drama to make her somewhat relevant for five minutes.

No. 642579

You guys are not comphrending what’s being said…
Someone used a phone app to make their number APPEAR as moo’s moms number, likely found on white pages or spokeo, it’s incredibly easy to get anyone’s address and phone number from these websites by simply knowing their name.
They then proceeded to harass Sean on the phone call, he calls back, it’s moo’s mom, then I guess her mom told her?
It doesn’t sound that far fetched considering how openly she spergs about dragon ball, and that she posted up that kids video trying to drag him for using her photo.
It was probably one of his fan boys.
Amusing nonetheless, I’m sure her family hates being dragged into her dumbass drama.

No. 642581

>>642579 I can't speak for everyone, but I understood what she was trying to pass off.

My thing is that something that directly involved her mom would probably be important enough to make a post about, telling everyone that it's not cool or appreciated. Instead, she stuck in an IG story that would've disappeared in 24 hours, had she not already deleted it.

So that's where the red flags come into play here. What's really happening?

No. 642583

We absolutely understand what she's trying to say.
We also absolutely understand that she lies, exaggerates, and shoves herself into drama that has nothing to do with her.
There also seems to be no evidence that her posts are true- I don't see anything on Sean Schemmel's twitter about him being harrassed and she quickly deleted these posts.

No. 642585


I just can't see moo's mom knowing who Sean schemmel is. Like how did this all play out??

No. 642586

Even if there was a infiltration and someone paid for Moo's mom's number like >>642579 said, why would Moo's mom know who Sean Schemmel is? If some dude called my mom at least, she'd hang up like the dude was crazy.

No. 642587

Maybe it happened while her mom was over cleaning house lol

But yeah. Calling bull on this whole thing, she knew it was going to backfire as soon as she posted it since her story makes no sense.

No. 642589

Clearly they called from Peru on moo’s imaginary stolen phone.

No. 642591

There are so manyy things wrong with this, its so many kinds of flattering. Moo. Hon. I know you think you look good but short bell sleeves are NOT your friend. You look so unbelievably big, and the corset just accentuates the fact that you aren't big boned or "thicc", you're just so unhealthily fat.
Honey. No.

That's my issue. If one of my VA heroes called my mum, there's no doubt she'd think he was a pervert and hang up on him right away. No matter how supportive a parent is - and my mum is hella supportive, helping me with cosplays n shit - they aren't going to know the details of a fandom unless they're actively involved in it. Which moos mum definitely aint.
"Hi this is Sean, I've been getting inappropriate phonecalls from this number" okay, how many billion Seans are out there? Why assume its a famous one
Clout? Sympathy? Sounds about right.

Top kek anon

No. 642648


OMG Naomi why? She's a rather decent and quiet sort.(No1curr about your waifu)

No. 642676

File: 1550943486901.png (926.47 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-02-23-09-37-04…)

No. 642686

File: 1550947432734.png (3.43 MB, 1800x1497, FDBD5995-D677-4888-AF84-67A832…)

I honestly thought she’d blow apart the seams in the leggings if she squatted.
Imagine being so obnoxious you post three separate IG stories of yourself with your tongue hanging out.

No. 642687

Dear god, in which universe is this seen as attractive? She looks more like she's coughing out a hella amount of mucous.

No. 642690

Pretty and popular costhots, IG models, Snapchat premium thots does these poses, so of course she feels the need to.

It's attractive, though cringy, when the girl is actually attractive. It's a common thirst trap photo.

No. 642705

i thought she hated those leggings?

No. 642708

she bought the same look in several different brands because now she wants to “review” them

No. 642709

as if any of her neckbeards even care about that. jesus she always has a new stupid way to spend money lol

No. 642712

The stripes really arent flattering. That pose is so cringe

No. 642715


It honestly looks like ant is holding her nose to escape Moos foul crotchrot

No. 642719

File: 1550959354403.jpg (826.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190223-160056_Ins…)

No. 642720

File: 1550959454185.jpg (625.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190223-160416_Ins…)

No. 642735

So is she going to see this film a dozen times like the Broly one, too?

No. 642740

File: 1550969135345.png (1.2 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-23-16-44-16…)

No. 642742

Not even how triggering works, moo, but go off I guess

No. 642743

File: 1550971764512.png (472 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2019-02-23-17-09-13…)

No. 642748


Let's not pretend for one second that Moo will have an accurate wig.

No. 642754

I think >>642687 was referring to her facial expression, not her pose … my cat makes that same face when she hoarks up a hairball

No. 642761

is this trying to pass off as HEY I HAD VIP PRIVILEGES TO WATCH THIS or something?

No. 642777

>stop harassing these VOICE ACTORS
they're people before they're voice actors, moo

No. 642778

Are those cartier rings something she's had for a while? Either way, they perfectly symbolise how she only spends money on useless shit

No. 642781

File: 1550999672004.png (624.29 KB, 985x505, 2019-02-24 20_14_29-little kid…)

No. 642784

Yeah she's acting as if she had something elite. You can purchase VIP fan event tickets for an early opening showing for a lot of films, anyone can do it. All you have to do is snag them before they're sold out. Pretty easy to do. Sorry Moo. You're not special.

No. 642791

There's no vip, it's just the premiere

No. 642793

She actually wore those ears in public…

Also the outfit is terrible because of how black and white 'function'
White makes things look wider because it tends to stand out more and black makes things look slimmer so she's making her already wide shoulders and hammy calves lok huge while from her boobs and hips are melted into a blob of nebulous black.
It really doesnt help that her leggings look like she's trying to wear thigh high socks and they dont fit.

Also because they're leggings and not tights her choice to wear black shoes/socks make her cankles even more pronounced and in this >>642686 picture it almost looks like her feet are backwards(nitpick)

No. 642825

File: 1551037766231.jpg (628.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-144806_Ins…)

No. 642839

Wasn’t she going to wear Saber for the movie premiere??? Like school girl saber or something right?

No. 642841

File: 1551041197935.jpg (688.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-144546_Ins…)

No. 642844

God damn, her hair looks even WORSE than her wigs!

No. 642845

Dumb ass bitch needs to stop doing aheago. She can’t even do it correctly it’s jusr making her look mentally stunted.

Also irl aheago just plain ol’ looks retarded.

No. 642847

>The artwork for Babylonia
>First full canon appearance of Merlin besides Apocrypha

I swear to fuck I am going to beat the shit out of this giant bitch…Jesus…

No. 642848

File: 1551042949553.jpg (958.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-151457_Ins…)

No. 642849

Ugh, antares looks full ladyboy in this photo.

What's going on with her hair? It looks like it got caught in a fan on her way there. She also looks high as a kite.

Notice how she goes on and on about how great the movie was but can't name anything specific. She's just listing shit to sound smart.

No. 642850

her hair is so uneven… and why does she think it's ok to go outside of cons with those damn ears? no shit people film her, she a walking freak show

No. 642851


But you haven't read the VN tho???

No. 642855

antares looks like a man in a wig. holyshit

No. 642856

File: 1551044250167.png (997.79 KB, 665x706, 7b4e2b06c21116aac1d02375165939…)

As we now know that she is true Shinji Matou hater, why the heck did she cosplay as Francis Drake, if she is Shinji servant in Fate/Extra? Isn't Mariah fate expert?

No. 642858

Because tits

No. 642859


Thats ANT?!? I seriously thought it was a guy. the hell!(Take it to the calves thread)

No. 642860

because they were two different characters? Thats like saying you can't like Rukia because of Byakuya. Probably came down to tits, you can still Like Drake without Shinji.

No. 642865

File: 1551045968102.jpg (865.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-155441_Ins…)

No. 642867


No. 642876

File: 1551048291674.png (4.75 MB, 1125x2436, 5E956ECB-336F-4397-B7EF-BCA623…)

Wow so edgy, Moo.

No. 642878

File: 1551048966959.jpeg (963.57 KB, 1125x1421, 1DCDD6E6-0FE7-4A56-B21F-BC311B…)

No. 642879

Complain complain complain

These leggings suck!

Moo, those knockoffs don't help much either. They are printed on and made of a material more stretchy than the other pair for a reason. They are thin. You squat, people going to see and they can already see your legs. Jesus. Those don't fit either. Its OKAY to buy XXL pants, Moo.

No. 642887

Why do you do this in every thread?

No. 642890

Dear god, she looks mentally challenged.

No. 642898

She's wearing $750 Balenciaga sneakers.

With cat ears, too-small leggings, and a rats nest for hair.

No. 642899

its funny that she can only flex outfit wise on shoes or a bag cus there's nothing she can fit into

No. 642900

File: 1551053004233.png (837.84 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-02-24-16-01-43…)

She has a whole UHaul box of ears (it seems) and she doesn't already own a grey pair????

No. 642901

>>642878 Remember when the anon sent her a direct message on IG, wanting to know why she deleted the apology post, and her excuse was that she wanted to use her main IG account specifically for cosplay purposes?

What the hell is all of this shit then?

Caught in another fucking lie. I hope she gets crop dusted by every single person in attendance.

No. 642903

They’re probably all avoiding moo since she smells like hot dog water and is drooling all over the place with her mouth agape like an idiot while she does that shitty ahego face.

No. 642904

so… if she hates these leggings and made a few call out posts about thin privilege… why has she been wearing them every day for the past few weeks?

It seems to me she wears the same clothes every day until they are too rank or ripped and then buys one outfit for the next month

No. 642906

funny how she flexes and still looks homeless. Brand doesn't mean shit when you don't bathe and coordinate your outfits like a 5 year old or a tired mom

No. 642908

With all the money she blows on stupid shit you'd think she could afford a personal stylist. Moo, you seriously need a fashion and hygiene intervention. This hobo-chic look is getting more disastrous each month.

No. 642910

She's wearing them because Jessica wears them. She's gone back to wearing the same clothes every single day just because Jessica gave her a little attention.

No. 642922

Honestly. It's really creepy that she likely wore those leggings all weekend so on the off-chance she sayw Nigiri she could be like "Omg same pants!!"
It would make sense with why she bought them days before Katsucon and bought them despite being 100lbs too heavy for their biggest size

No. 642925

Why is her shirt hiked up? Like showing how high-waisted her leggings "that were totes poor quality my dudes" are but yet the compression does Jack all for her. Her hair is janky looking af and her shirt looks like its covered in hair and who knows what and pilling like crazy. But by all means, moo, wear your 750$ speedrunners that you only run to the fridge in. What a mess. Wasnt she going to cosplay to this event? Did it not fit?

No. 642926

She said she was going to wear casual saber to heavens feel.shes probably to big for it now or something so didnt wear it.

No. 642927

Considering it was too small back when Cat first made it for her, even with Forest-Kun 1.0's steel bones doing werk, of course Moo is way too big for it now.

Girl was being seriously delusional about the miracle powers of celery juice and 3 AM instagram-surfing workouts.

No. 642930

I saw her there. Her extensions looked ragged and she seemed like she was trying to blend in except for the cat ears. She wasn't super loud or anything, surprisingly enough.
I think this officially puts to rest the idea that she's a huge Fate fan. She obviously got there too late to get any merch (people were lining up at 6 am so it was likely sold out when she got there… I saw her as we were leaving around 1 pm and she was towards the entrance). I also would expect her to cosplay since she lovessssss Fate so much. And Sakura's voice actress was there as well. I can't decide if she's too lazy or trying to hide.

No. 642936

She’s lazy. It’s obvious. She doesn’t know Jack shit about fate other than ones on the wiki or whatever you can see on your first two hours playing FGO. She doesn’t care about fate. And she’ll forget about it again in a week when she can waddle her way into the next flavor of the month anime/game. Nice try moo~ we see right through you ~

No. 642937

She’s just not as big of a fan as she claims to be, but she has to make it seem like she is or that shes “the number one fan” of whatever she’s into sperging out over at the moment. I mean we all know she gets most of her info from Wikipedia.

No. 642938

You said it perfectly. I mean just look at her stories. She can’t even pronounce most servants names right. When she zoomed in on the cardboard cut out of Medb she goes “There’s like a real life Mehb cutout.” Bitch it’s pronounced Maeve. If you’re gonna try to act like “the biggest fan uwu” at least do your fucking research.

No. 642939

It's part of her major "special snowflake" syndrome, she has to act like GFate is THE MOST DEEP THING EVER, YOU GUIZE and NO ONE but her is clever enough to get all the REALLY DEEP AND HIDDEN MESSAGES. It's because at the end of the day, she's just a stupid basic bitch with nothing to make her stand out at all, and she's trying to deny this reality. She can't stand the fact that "Mariah: the movie" that she has running in her head isn't the blockbuster drama she wishes it was.

No. 642941

Definitely, but you'd think she'd try to put up more of an act (at least by wearing one of her Fate cosplays). I wonder if she was afraid of looking like trash next to other cosplayers (since everyone was cosplaying Fate so there was bound to be someone in the same costume) or just couldn't be bothered to pack something. She didn't go to Pre Show night either based on her stories, probably because that sold out faster than today and she probably didn't bother getting them in a timely manner.

No. 642943

File: 1551068671098.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2880x3840, AA417501-93EA-4773-A298-55A787…)

Sorry for more Fate sperg but this right here told me she doesn't pay attention to FGO at all lol. For people who don't play - the character's full name is Miyamoto Musashi, but she's referred to just as Musashi cause Japanese. Her appearance in the NA game was super highly anticipated and you can tell she was just trying to figure out who the fuck they are. Splurging on a game you're ever going to touch just for the clout is… Embarrassing.

No. 642944

Its just typical moo shes done this with so many things its so cringe. She jumps on bandwagon and has to pretend she knows everything about it dispite being a casual fan at most.

No. 642945

Wonder how far she's progressed with that eBay FGO account from last summer.

No. 642948

>>642945 She bought an account where most of the work was done. It's no different than when she buys cosplays.

Not that what I'm about to say is really a big deal, but I always found it odd that she didn't own a Fate game on her PS4. Kinda figured something like anime fandom and gaming would go hand in hand, but I'm only not surprised because it's Mariah who repeatedly invalidates her authenticity.

No. 642953

File: 1551070862773.jpeg (489.19 KB, 870x981, 317040EF-89BE-45CB-9A05-A63E85…)

I saw this and thought the same thing. I was wondering when she was gonna latch on to Musashi since she has relatively big tits. I’m disappointed but not surprised. I look forward to when she sperges about how much she looooooves musashi and how her character really resonates with her. And hell she’ll probably do the same thing with Merlin when the Babylon anime comes out and go on and on about he’s her husbando like every other character she ever encounters.

No. 642955

now that you mention it, she will probably post about it in her story or something

No. 642956

File: 1551072195575.png (Spoiler Image, 458.99 KB, 750x500, post_file (20).png)

Feb 24 at 3:50pm

Few more days left !
Really excited about these sets! Cannot wait for the release of them in a few days!!!!

I’m currently over looking some other cosplays and lewd shoots I wanna do, and moving plans all around @.@ I’m so indecisive ~ help meeeee

No. 642958

>sell these sets for 40 plus dollars but cant crop out the fucking backdrop
g r e a t

No. 642959

>Calling Musashi only Miyamoto
Jesus why, it's like someone calling Ash Ketchum just "Ketchum".

I actually wished she did so we could see that she hasn't advanced her servants at all or done any work on Babylon. For someone who's a ~massive Fate fan ohmygod~ she sure doesn't post anything about playing FGO or even her pulls. It's telling enough that she wasn't joining the hype when the Babylon singularity was released or didn't even try to roll for Merlin but now that the anime is coming she's suddenly ~really exited~ about it.

No. 642960

Let's be real, she probably hasn't gotten to Orelans, let alone Babylonia.

No. 642962

File: 1551073400040.png (779.41 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-24-21-41-08…)

Mouse met up with the Moo

No. 642963

why does the bow on the tail look shopped on? lol

No. 642968

File: 1551076733634.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 20CB11C4-F04F-4FD5-AF66-7093F4…)

She gonna break the machine

No. 642969

File: 1551076778823.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 313AA858-EA69-4885-AF92-4FB438…)

Truffle shuffle

No. 642971

She isn't even looking at the screen and her feet aren't even on the arrows on both pics… is she seriously pretending to play DDR? I guess asking her to do a song on easy mode is too much of a work out for her, gotta pretend to bounce around

No. 642972

She did gloat about whaling Lancer Artoria which is locked until you complete Camelot. However her team on the bought account were the servants most known for easy mode overpowering (AlterCu, Tamamo, Jalter, Raikou etc) so she was able to bruteforce through the story without much effort and probably used quartz to make it because her team was massively underleveled for Camelot. I highly doubt she has touched the game since.

No. 642973

Servants on rate up aren't locked. Did she even say anything about this years valentine event? The guys got scenes this year so why wasn't she talking about the guys she's got the hots for giving her presents.

No. 642975

Get the fuck off the ddr stupid cunt

No. 642976

Completely forgot about Lancer Artoria being on rateup in September on the NA servers (I'm a JPFag), I was wondering why she took so long to roll her despite claiming to grind through Camelot in July. Figures. When she was gloating about getting Lancer Artoria she had a team full of lvl40 SSRs and I just couldn't wrap my head around how she had such underleveled, neglected party. This explains a lot.

So in conclusion yeah, she probably never made it further than Fuyuki and hasn't posted anything about playing the events despite ~loving the game so much~. She bought the account for like $250 and never went anywhere with it.

No. 642989

When resting you go to the middle empty space. You dont remain standing on the arrows you dont need to hit and knowing Moo she has this song memorized

No. 642991

File: 1551092518730.jpg (319.55 KB, 1079x1683, Screenshot_20190225-030210_Ema…)

No. 642992

is this the first time we've ever seen her hammy arms being shopped?! truly does make such a difference.

No. 642997

It's a well packaged sausage, you're giving her photoshop skills too much merit

No. 643001


No guize I have a ass really! (proceeds to kneed one out of dough and hold it there for the pic)

No. 643002

what was this even supposed to be? is even meant to be something?

No. 643006

Still wearing those pants. She's worn them nonstop since before Katsucon so imagine how many washes she's NOT done to them.

I know this pose for her probably was sexy to show off her ass but all it does it make her look like she's about to fart one out. She's already catered to mommydom and feet people so sure, why not this too?

No. 643019

I wonder when this heifer will get ass implants.

No. 643023

She looks like she got a wedgie and the negative space with the way her feet are posed look fucking ridiculous. She can never ever get photos right. And the skin on her back we do see is so shopped in, her bat fat wings are making an appearance. Everything is so mediocre with her.

No. 643032

Look at her weird ass, pigeon toed baby feet. Lol. Also, gotta love the solid color background. Easy for shoop.

I gotta ask though, what is this…. “ensemble” supposed to cater to?

No. 643044

Can someone explain the weird pixels around her head, waist, butt and thighs? Are they really editing pixels from liquifying? it's a white background too. Whoever edited these for Moo either hates her or they are stupid as fuck
"I don't edit my photos gaiz"

No. 643045

moo likely edited it. funny isn't it.

No. 643046

Very. On a closer look she even edited her tit. She liquified nearly everything in this pic

No. 643047

All that photoshop and not one single ankle in this photo

No. 643059

I feel like she truly thinks she looks like this all the time and I find that hilarious.

No. 643064

Just remember anon, she did rebuy some more pants from other non-fat shaming labels like the super stretched ones that still don't fit >>642878 The white is PRINTED on the fabric vs it actually being a different material like the $90 ones. This means she can't even size herself right with Walmart material printed leggings.

No. 643066

This looks to be what most of the girls are doing now. Buying up petplay ears like Kaybear had been doing for a long ass time now, and creating OCs and themed anthropomorphic [cat/dog/fox/chinchilla] girls and taking photos.

No. 643067

File: 1551128422315.png (190.71 KB, 500x750, aaa.png)

Hopefully this helps with quality

No. 643070

Omg.. Sign up for her onlyfans and you literally have only 2 posts when the month is almost up. Both from the 19th and most likely both what I shared from patreon. You're spending more than the $5 tier on Patreon for LESS content.

No. 643074

>>643070 I suspected something along these lines, but thanks for using the Patreon tier comparison to help paint a better picture.

There's an expression that goes like this:

"When you try too hard to please everyone, you usually end up not pleasing anyone".

This is where Mariah's lack of business knowledge really comes to light. She isn't really a cosplayer, and she isn't really a cam girl or a sex worker. She's a hybrid of things, and doesn't excel in any particular area (other than milking neckbeards for cuck bucks). Seeing her attempt to bullshit her way into being an entrepreneur is amusing, since all of her previous ideas never came into fruition (laziness and a lack of skill are to blame, as she certainly has the time and resources).

I just don't get it. And I'm under the impression that Katsucon didn't provide her with any answers or solutions to her questions and problems, which is why she seems more aimless than ever. She obviously didn't kiss enough asses to repair her cosplay career, and she doesn't have what it takes to be a cam girl or a loveable social media personality, so I don't know where she could possibly go from here.

No. 643078

She always does this pose to give the impression she actually has a firm ass when really it's just droopy and feeling sorry for itself, Moo just stop it's embarrassing.

No. 643084

Lord those leggings are BEGGING for mercy. I'm surprised Balenciaga speed trainers even fit her fat ass ankles, they're snug af.

No. 643085

File: 1551135678585.jpg (704.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190225-165937_Ins…)

I thought she said she was going to have Cheeseburgerchampion give her a Broly sleeve tattoo?

No. 643086

The hype is basically over now (and more focused on that vic situation), so if you know moo, she dickrides any hype for clout and to be "I've been so in love with blahblah my dudes" if it can get her paypigs.

Now that hype is over she's moved on.

No. 643090

I can't wait to see this dumpster fire. I imagine that it's not done yet, but that's such a bad design as it is, and I would be embarrassed to share it.

No. 643092

File: 1551137128178.png (655.59 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-25-15-24-03…)

Oh no baby wat is you doin

No. 643093

God, I love when cows design their own tattoos, they're always hilarious trash fires. This is Onision all over again, I can't wait lol

No. 643094

File: 1551137371772.png (778.49 KB, 720x1015, Screenshot_2019-02-25-15-28-14…)

I can't stop laughing. The wing looks like a got em/ok sign like HOW BAD

No. 643095

After looking at his instagram, I wouldn't let him tattoo a nice piece of fruit, let alone my entire forearm. Love seeing her make bad decisions.

No. 643096


Is it just a flower with a stupid wing on it? Like, what am I looking at here? Does it have some pretend deep meaning from one of her precious animus?

No. 643097

Umineko my dude because everyone needs to know

No. 643098

File: 1551137633801.png (66.21 KB, 380x261, Umineko_One-Winged_Eagle.png)

It's an Umineko thing. The crest looks like shit.

No. 643100

File: 1551137861547.jpg (90 KB, 1503x532, angel_wings_by_almaxaquotal.jp…)

I honestly thought it was a Sakura card captor wing or something like that

No. 643103

Just a friendly reminder that the colors red and yellow trigger hunger in the mind so these McDonald color tattoos on her forearms will be GREAT lol

No. 643105

That's it moo. Keep getting tatted up. It totally makes up for all that's wrong.

No. 643106

Isn’t yellow the worse color to use when getting a tattoo?

No. 643107

If she wants something really symbolic and meaningful she might as well tattoo her slave's lips onto her ass.

No. 643108

if it's >>643098 it's the family crest from umineko, no deep meaning other than moo admitting her megalomania.

No. 643110

this is one of the most stupid tattoo ideas I have ever seen, I am cringing so hard it physically hurts to see her do this…

No. 643111

For someone who got a tattoo that ~means so much to her~ she sure picked shitty placement/design last minute

No. 643112

I'm still wondering which the orientation of the tattoo is supossed to be, like the flower goes in one way and the crest in another?

and the location in the forearm is like… What?!

No. 643121


So you cut a picture of a random yellow rose out from a magazine and voila masterpiece? Yea this just seems like a 2am idea while stoned gone horribly wrong. And the anon who mentioned cheeseburgers tattoo skills is right- I would put this guy up there with Vicky in talent levels. this is gonna be a great shitshow, AND give us another reference point for her shooping

No. 643122

So she always gets these impulse tattoos because something triggered her. Either a girl she hates has tattoos or a boy she likes has a thing for alt girls

No. 643130

What an awful place for her to get a tattoo, I hope she realises as she continues to gain weight it's going to distort into a nasty blobby mess

No. 643133

I’m not against tattoos or anything. But she can’t even bother photoshopping them out of her cosplay.

She’s going to look like a Walmart tier suicide girl

No. 643134

at her rate anywhere she places it will become a nasty mess

No. 643135


Thanks for enlightening me anons! I figured it was something stupid like that. It looks like utter dogshit already. I think yellow is supposed to be one of the hardest pigments to apply as well and fades super fast, so it's guaranteed to look even worse in a couple months time lol I'm so glad she continues to do stupid shit like this to herself.

No. 643136

File: 1551147252980.jpg (350.86 KB, 708x1135, 20190225_181407.jpg)

Here we go

No. 643137

I'm going to try not to judge til it's done, but that looks terrible so far.

No. 643138

fucking y i k e s

No. 643139

this is worse than anything i could have imagined and i'm not even kidding

No. 643140

WTF are those red dots?
Is that a piece of cheese?

No. 643141

the fucking leaf

No. 643143

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it looked like cheese.

No. 643144

God this look absolutely terrible! All I can see is the fucking leaf.

No. 643145

Same here wtf
What is it really?

No. 643146

Now i only see nacho cheese, doritos and some basil to decorate the bowl

No. 643147


I think its supposed to be water droplets. If you look at his page you can see hes done it on other tattoos.

I also love "He's doing an ~original~ piece", its literally all of his other tattoos this one with the anime wing but OK.

No. 643148

They're drops of blood

No. 643149

>>643136 Nothing says "serious Fate fan and cosplay extraordinaire" like a tattoo of a holiday cheese tray on your forearm. Like many others, I also thought I was looking at a block of swiss.

No. 643150


I think they're supposed to be droplets of blood… but it mostly just looks like she has scabies.

No. 643151

I like she’s getting these tattoos on her fattiest parts so she feels littke pain. She’s gonna end up looking like those trashy trailer park moms with awful sleeve tattoos

No. 643152

This is the worst color they could have picked for her skin color honestly. Even if it was done well, yellow is going to look like a disease on her.

No. 643155

this rose and blood/water drops have literally nothing to do with umineko like >>643147 said it's just that this guy thinks he's good at roses and put the crest in as an after thought.

No. 643157


Really it just needs more white….

No. 643159

So let me get this straight:

>Mariah lives with a tattoo artist who has experience doing floral pieces.

>He can point her in the right direction if she had interest in getting a good floral tattoo in Vegas, assuming he didn't have the skill to bring her idea to life.

>Originally planned on getting a Broly tattoo from this Cheeseburger patty, because that's what he's known for, and Broly was her number one thing in the world for a whole week.

>Decides on getting a rose tattoo from an artist who overcharges because he's more renowned for anime pieces.

Fuck me, this bitch is stupid. I would not pay Martha Stewart to coach me in a basketball camp. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

No. 643161

She wears $700 sneakers, you really think she has any sense? It's just a name drop on her arm when people ask about it or when she posts about it on instagram.

No. 643162

If it's an Umineko themed tattoo then that explains the rose, since golden roses are a motif in the series…but honestly why the rose? Just the wing would be enough, and tattooing a realistic rose of such proportions just makes it tackier. Even a stencil rose art with gold ink would make it better. And of course add blood because to Moo the only attractive aspect of Umineko other than the powerplay is the violence.

I think Moo booked the session but the Broly hype died down before it, so she wanted to get a normie tattoo instead, but since the tattoo artist is anime oriented she has to get some anime stuff in there for the clout, hence the afterthought crest, it's in a position easy to cover up later with a leaf or something.

No. 643164

Droplets in anime opening on roses

No. 643165

File: 1551150185303.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x1546, 1A98180A-DEC7-45BD-8159-A1C480…)

Fresh from tagged photos, oof.

Just the crest would have made more sense and would have looked more coherent with the giant ass Fate symbol on her other arm. She's got this large, bright red symbol on one forearm and a giant, "realistic" rose on the other? It's so obvious when people don't think through tattoos. Just when you think she couldn't wreck her body anymore.

No. 643166

ngl i liked his roses but they are all the fucking same. it gets pretty boring. and it has nothing to do with umineko anyways

No. 643168

I think its more like she got this instead to avoiding bringing kickvic to her page because the tattoo would wind up showing support for him and not victims. Makes sense tbh, but that crest "stem" looks dumb as fuck. Why not implement a piece from chess ith roses around it and one with a ribbon or butterflies??

No. 643169

File: 1551150401666.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1934, 2C932432-4CA6-4592-A3C8-FFECF4…)

I don’t think the roses this guy does are bad though? But sure, anything umineko, including that symbol, is really tacky looking to me personally as an outsider.

No. 643171

Given any possible situation you can always count on moo to make the absolute worst decision out of all the available options. Never change Mariah.

No. 643173

OOF Mariah, wear a damn bra. Designer Daddy is clearly too lazy/unskilled to put in the proper support to go without one and your tits are sagging down into the obi.
I thought this hot piece of trash couldn't get worse but here we are.

No. 643175

idk this looks pretty bad. It looks like someone painted it with tempera paint

No. 643176

That looks so two dimensional and bad. Who pays this scrub?

No. 643177

Mariah's specifications are always to show off her ugly tits as much as possible cuz that's what people want..clearly.

I'm sure he's skilled enough to make proper support, but this is mariah we're talking about.

No. 643178

It looks ok, is freshly made, but i'm wondering how moo tattoo's gonna look after a month, if the solid color saber one had to be retouched after not taking care of it.
We know how bad is her hygiene.

No. 643179

this already looks dangerously on the edge of blowout, the guy really likes getting the ink down to the bone apparently. also like anon said that yellow is one of the worst choices.
cant wait to see how long until it fades & bleeds and also how fucked she is if she ever wants it covered ahahaha. knowing how grubby maraiah is this healing process is going to be a ride, get ready for weeping and scabbing my dudes. also "free touchups because _____ is my fave!!" when the artist is going to have to scramble to fix it

No. 643180

i was the one who said that liked his roses and i take it back. this one is atrocious

No. 643181

That rose is pretty bad. All I can see is the nose at the top.

I can't wait to see how shit Moo's will be

No. 643182

File: 1551153219672.png (933.94 KB, 676x740, Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 2.53…)

holy fuck that aint goooood ahahahha shit I almost feel bad for her
this is a fucking trainwreck already

No. 643183

What a huge mistake. The crest on its own looks fine, she should've kept it simple and stopped there. Mariah has no eye for aesthetic.

No. 643185

I pray that isn’t the colour she’s leaving it. Looks infected

No. 643186

This guy is literally stabbing her to get the color in, she's gonna scratch the shit outta this

No. 643188

I, too, want baby diarrhea roses on my forearm.

No. 643189

Why'd she pick a spongebob flower?
Is that red ink on the petal or did her skin get ripped open

No. 643190

I know that it's not finished but the state of it rn looks like a really bad burn that's full of pus

uh this really sucks lol

No. 643191


that's what i thought it was too. This is gonna look horrible

No. 643193

I have a tat right where she is getting hers and it didn’t look anything like this when I was getting it done. This guy is pressing way too hard and it must be insanely painful.

No. 643194

File: 1551154281658.jpg (99.84 KB, 626x720, FIC0YFNGMG2IIW4.LARGE.jpg)

honestly looks like a bacon rose with some drops of BBQ

No. 643195

I cannot unsee the damn cheese

No. 643196


Maybe shes annoyed the fuck outta him, or is rushing him to get it done. Or he could just suck

No. 643198

Between this shitty tattoo, her shitty commissions for Katsucon, her pants that she's too fat for, and her rat nest fucking hair, it has been an absolute delight watching Mariah spend a shit ton of money for a change.

No. 643200

Her skin atm looks the same texture too.

Was she high and alone when deciding to do this? You’d think one of the people still left hanging on to her would intervene to tell her how bad this looks.

No. 643203

Is it infected?

No. 643204

I am so fucking confused, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is it actually swelling this much already? I know tattoos induce trauma to the skin and results in inflammation, but this looks like it's on another level.

No. 643205

It looks like burnt cheese. If I were her, I'd stop him and let someone else finish it.

No. 643208

her skin is literally cut open on the top of the rose. you can even see the fat 'cells' there. this is wo badly done

No. 643210

nah anon that's just the yellow tattoo ink on an open wound so it looks like fat. The fat cells would only appear if it was much MUCH deeper. It'd be very obvious.
It still looks like complete shit, and the guy clearly is doing a bad job. I can't tell if it's done shitty on purpose or what though…

No. 643211

The more I look at this, the more I actually begin to worry for Mariah. This has to hurt like a motherfucker

No. 643212

File: 1551156616223.jpg (114.65 KB, 666x730, 8485.jpg)

i meant this part. it looks exactly like this when i cut myself somewhere that has fat

No. 643213


I see what you mean but I think the other anon is right, it's just the yellow peeking through the blood. Still fucked up how deep he's pushing that needle though, this no doubt hurts like hell and it's not even worth the pain, it looks fucking terrible.

No. 643214

>I actually begin to worry for Mariah

No one forced her to do it, it was her own decision. She can easily stop the whole thing.

No. 643215

File: 1551157133532.jpg (307.11 KB, 885x540, oQq641Z.jpg)

I'm sorry but only TRUE AND HONEST UMINEKO FANS would understand the significance of Moo's tattoo! Unless you've read the 20 visual novels and 170 mangos, you need to get off my fandom

No. 643217

He's definitely working in the color way too deep. It's a little hard to tell because of the color but it definitely looks irritated beyond what you would expect from a normal tattoo, almost raised.

One artist who did a colored piece for me pushed the color in pretty deep and it was a bitch to heal, it makes you scab so much more than normal and I had to get the color touched up pretty soon after it was done healing because of it, and I'm pretty careful with my stuff. Luckily my artist wasn't a moron and because the piece was outlined there were no blowouts.

Can't say the same for this guy - I'm predicting that with the combination of Moo's disgusting hygiene and lack of proper tattoo aftercare (which this is gonna require a ton of), and this shoddy needlework plus the fact that it's not outlined in black - this is gonna look like shit almost immediately after healing.

No. 643219

File: 1551157415370.png (1.01 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-25-21-01-47…)

No. 643220

Jesus, this looks like it was drawn by a high schooler.

No. 643221

File: 1551157498699.png (1.08 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-25-21-02-02…)

No. 643222

File: 1551157695368.png (184.48 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-02-25-21-06-33…)

Moo is upset her ~biggest fans~ here don't get her tattoo so she sperged, showing just caps of the rose

No. 643223

The wing looks so out of place, why bother even adding it
Enjoy your jaundice flower, Moo

No. 643224

This dorito chip is not gonna age well

No. 643225


holy shit i didnt have my glasses on i thought this was a burnt loaf of bread

No. 643227

I love how no one is seeing a flower but various food items on Moo's arm

No. 643228

His flower style looks like a flowery old vinyl wallpaper it also reminds me of my grandparent's house and the tacky plastic flowers they used to have

No. 643229

File: 1551157964513.png (871.98 KB, 1155x756, uminacho.png)

lol we aren't the only ones thinking it looks like fucking cheese

No. 643230

What disturbs me is that it doesn't just look two dimensional, some petals look 3-D. It's a cluster fuck and Moo's looks just like it. The droplets look like water drops with red in the middle…

No. 643231

It's more noticeable here >>643221 from afar looks like nachos with cheese and chili on top

No. 643232


Every update just looks worse than the last. This really just looks like a bunch of rolled up Kraft singles lol

No. 643234

File: 1551158529426.png (879.29 KB, 1154x756, 20190225_222058.png)

This is like a scavenger hunt.

Am I the only one who sees a Cabbage Patch Kid wearing a green baseball cap?

No. 643235

I do now. Wow, this is a whole new game for us. I can't wait to play I Spy on her next photoshoot.

No. 643236

you cant even SEE the wing, its barely there. good job moo.

No. 643238


The placement of the leaf petals bothers me so much they hardly look like theyre part of the rose

No. 643239

it's so ugly looking, this is glorious

No. 643240

How much you wanna bet Sensei is going to "touch up" when she gets back?

No. 643241

Why couldn't she get a small modest tattoo? It took up her whole forearm

No. 643242

is she really getting a fucking clipart tattoo like onision did

No. 643246

Cause she's the biggest fan anon, remember?

No. 643248


I see Powdered Toast Man

No. 643249

lmao I see it too anon

No. 643251

I see a peep, or the Cheat from homestarrunner

No. 643252

How dare you. This is an 'original' art piece by Cheeseburger. Can you even technically call it original when you took a printed out rose from the internet, threw a symbol that you didn't create on there, and then just add your own leaves? Thats like Moo calling the MyOppa dress HER design. Like bitch, this isn't original. It's not like he reached out to you to work on you which is what you are hoping this vagueness of 'original' talk makes people think.

No. 643254

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw the Cheat!

No. 643259

File: 1551165033431.png (800.48 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-25-23-07-34…)

These leggings are too tight
>Kelly Eden paintings

No. 643262

WHERE is she?

No. 643263

Miss Trunchbull + Beetlejuice

No. 643264

Lookin' like she's waddling on two turkey legs smdh.
For someone who complains about those leggings constantly, she sure is busting those poor seams out.

No. 643265

Black Anchor Collective

No. 643266

File: 1551168166654.png (634.6 KB, 1314x604, leaves.png)

gardener anon here, apologies for the sperg… but these leaves look more like common gardenia leaves than what is assumed to be a Helmut Schmidt rose leaf. You'd think cheeseburgerchampion would do a little research on basic rose leaves, not to mention the awful placement of the m in regards to the actual rose.

No. 643268

Oh wow that tattoo is just gloriously bad, I'm in tears. She always makes the worst decisions but tattoos are forever so it's even better.


No. 643269

Is it…. is it done? It looks so unfinished. I guess he left negative space or I can't tell what her real arm color is but that was just such a horrible horrible choice of color for that rose. Fuck the symbolism, it looks sooo bad. like the worst out of all his roses.

She doesn't seem to be as spergy like her fate tattoo, I wonder if she knows deep inside she fucked up. And now she'll have to look at forever all the time cause its on her arm.

But cue the insta stories of her in her onsen bubble bath with some dumb "so in love" caption trying to aesthetically show it off!!

No. 643272

>>643269 You're not wrong. February was an absolute disaster for Moo. She took so many L's, and this tattoo to compensate for her questionable Fate love is the icing on the cake. Or nachos on the forearm. However you want to phrase it.

No. 643274

I can’t believe Zonbi is liking her photos, how disappointing

No. 643277

this is gonna look so bad when she balloons up even more, and even shittier when she tries to lipo it all away

enjoy your shitty rolled up cheese slices, moo

No. 643281

Same here AND it's coincidentally 2 flowers. I had super limited bleeding and it looks fantastic still. He must be tearing the fuck out of her skin! What a bummer it must be for the tattoo you're getting to look like diseased garbage the day you're getting it. Imagine it after a month with limited/shitty aftercare.

No. 643282

File: 1551178041486.jpg (399.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190226-034450_Ins…)

>>643281 Is this bruising above the elbow (on her arm near the very bottom of the screenshot) normal? Or is this a sign that she could possibly be anemic?

Sorry if I sound stupid or misinformed. This didn't look right to me.

No. 643284

That honestly just looks like remnants of the color ink the tattoo artist was using. It's either that or skin pigmentation from her weight gain or possibly pre-diabetes, which really wouldn't surprise me.

No. 643285

File: 1551180651629.jpeg (208.46 KB, 731x1236, 55985C6B-55BD-479D-8A5C-6D6FE8…)

Idk I think it looks nice in these photos

No. 643286

looks much better now that it's finished, still a crappy tat though

No. 643287

The placement of the symbol, or rather the fact it’s between 2 leaves makes it look like the rose has got a chub.

No. 643288

at a glance, I thought it was a cheese rose, the droplets are too dark imo. I hope she keeps up with the tattoo and doesn't let it scab and scar and fade.

No. 643289


I wouldn't go so far as to say "nice," it looks like a rose made of Kraft cheese slices lmao

No. 643291

File: 1551183134740.jpg (79.77 KB, 890x213, 20190226_071149.jpg)

No. 643292

I'd like to think I'm a bit of an artist, so to me, the colours on this whole thing are bad choices.
The droplets are either too dark to look like regular water droplets on rose petals, or they are too pale and transparent to be blood drops. Genuinely speaking, they look like watery food colouring, because if your blood is that thin and runny you need a fucking doctor.
Also a personal peeve but using grey to accent your orange shading makes it look so cheap ugh.
And using the same orange as the high shadows for the negative space around the symbol makes it look like.. wet flower juice running out from beneath the flower?
The blend between the dark and the light of the leaves is imbalanced so each leaf looks like two differently coloured leaves on top of one another rather than one leaf.

God there are just
so many weird artistic choices in this that make me believe the artist is amateur, which explains why Moo chose them. Low skill begets low skill, i suppose.(Autism)

No. 643294


So it is a nice rose but the coloring is just awkward. I agree with the anon who said that the dew is too dark. Paired with the yellow rose, it really does look like Swiss cheese. It's only going to get worse when the ink fades. Yellow fades fast. Since the crest has no lineart, that'll be the first to disappear and she'll only be left with her cheese flower.

No. 643295

The blood drops look suspended in mid air rather than resting on the flower. Like other Anon said it looks more like water. And idk about those leaves, the placement sucks, should have just went without them if she wasn't including the stem. Atleast her cheese flower looks nice for now but all the other elements make it feel disjointed and thrown together

No. 643296

my main issue is that most of the linework is too light. even when searching up other similar realistic yellow rose tattoos on google, the artists used a dark color as the negative space to prevent it from looking like a yellow blob later on.

No. 643297

haha, this is great. I just don't get why she didn't get the stupid bird symbol and call it a day. That tattoo looks awful and will look worse after its healed.

No. 643298

She got a yellow rose without outlines? that color is gonna bleed within weeks

No. 643299

you cant touch up tattoos for quite a while after its healed, so she's stuck with that cheesy abomination for a while.

No. 643301

I dont have tats and the few i plan on getting are colour blocks so I wouldn't know; if it's supposed to be realistic, should there be "linework"?
The petals kinda blending into one another since there's no real distinction between some of them, is that part of the linework?

No. 643303


Different ink colors fade at different speeds. Yellow fades fast. Usually other colors are ok. The rose has linework so when it fades it'll still look like a rose, but the Umineko crest is just yellow lining with negative space, so that part is just going to look like weird skin discoloration when it fades out until she touches it up.

No. 643307

The artist took this and edited the shit out of the lighting and contrast to make it look so much more dimensional than it actually is, as we saw from moos in process pics lmao. Can’t wait to see it in all of her shitty badly coloured patreon pics where it’ll look like distorted cheese even more.

No. 643308

File: 1551192511008.jpg (994.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190226-084524_Ins…)

No. 643309

File: 1551192672219.jpg (738.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190226-084530_Ins…)

No. 643310

File: 1551192724790.jpg (796 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190226-084534_Ins…)

No. 643311

You can tell how insecure she feels about this tattoo by how hard she's trying to explain and justify it.

No. 643312

I see a ball of yarn next to some Swiss cheese.
Sometimes the ball of yarn can look like a watermelon, too.

No. 643318

the wing alone looks like someone scattered a bunch of cheetos dust and traced into it with a finger or something

No. 643321

I didn’t realize her tattoo was done. That symbol looks unfinished.

No. 643322

File: 1551197956350.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4725.PNG)

In her video the wing really looks like a burn that's blistering. We'll see how it looks once the redness goes

No. 643323

The placement of the leaves is just awful. They should look like they're coming from the center of the rose, instead they look like they're growing from the edge of the petals. Not to mention that cramped symbol between them. This is such an awkward design.

No. 643324

File: 1551198454045.jpg (103.56 KB, 1300x1300, 86314275-cheese-and-basil-leav…)

Sure moo. Keep telling that to yourself. In the meantime this is what we all see.

No. 643325

>>643308 Remember when we were supposed to be treated to her struggles in an exclusive behind the scenes documentary?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

No. 643326


Well Moo, then it's now the right moment to finally show the BTS videos of this train wreck that you promised lol



No. 643327

Yknow what represents last years Umineko project?
Last years Umineko project.
Do you really need a tattoo to remind you of a cosshoot you did that was bad?
Like if you want a tacky tattoo for your fave animu, at least have the balls to own up to it, not try to play it off as some representation of your OWN hard work, which, haha hard work.

This seems so strange to me?
Just say i like umineko i get tattoo
why she gotta make everything so spergy

No. 643329

The damage control

It looks so, so unbelievably bad

No. 643330

Uminacho looks horrible when it's finished. Her skin is yellow toned so the emblem is sure to disappear eventually. I kinda wish the artist not only saved his ass but hers by sitting down further and reconstructing the placement of the tattoo so it doesn't look like nachos but here we are.

No. 643331

Looks like a rose made out of cheese slices. This is terrible.

No. 643332

I love how in every selfie she has to start doing the splits or go into linebacker position to fake a thigh gap

No. 643337

This is some Shingles level of color correcting on the artist's part.

No. 643345

Every pic she uploads with this cheese monstrosity visible is guaranteed to get comments about cheese on it. This bitch did it to herself.

No. 643353

File: 1551208332877.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 4A393BEC-5BFD-477A-A661-515FCB…)

No. 643354

File: 1551208365366.png (1.81 MB, 1242x2208, FF298110-B817-4E32-93EE-87886B…)

No. 643355

File: 1551208548460.jpeg (44.65 KB, 479x595, FED467B4-4EAE-4B32-B7A1-3D7626…)

With lewd cosplay as your “career” you think you’d take into consideration your body since that’s literally what you’re selling with costumes on it. Something more subtle still would’ve paid homage to her favorite anime. Could’ve even incorporated the wing into to the stem and leaves for a clever twist.

But now we have one blaringly red tattoo and one yellow on both arms that clashes very badly.

No. 643356

more like golden bitch

No. 643357

>>643354 This Umineko project, much like her cheese tattoo, are symbolic of regret.

You can tell she's trying to seek out validation and approval for the stupid tattoo and her stupid project that was a colossal waste of time and money.

She isn't fooling anyone with this nonsense, just like when she picked up her "beautiful" Katsucon dress from Doucheigner Daddy. She has the worst poker face in all of Vegas.

No. 643358

Moo has never been known for subtlety… A tattoo like the one you posted would have worked perfectly fine unlike the giant cheese fiasco she has taking up the majority of her forearm. It’s going to look horrendous in future shoots with her shit tier shoop job.

No. 643359

Love how she ignores the part where the guy says she is more fit to wear the crest compared to some of his kids. Cause some of the family were harassing her over the fact she can't wear it. Momokun doesn't want to admit this scene doesn't apply to her.

Also the only ones who have tattoos of the crest are the servants right? Nice Job implying you're at the same level as the people who are called furniture.

No. 643360

If she wanted validation, she shouldn’t have disabled comments and likes/dislikes on her video when she posted it. She was so afraid of the possibility of being shredded in comments (and let’s face it, she would have) that she didn’t even give her few fans another place to kiss her ass. That’s probably why everyone forgot about the stupid video so quickly, I don’t even remember her posting it to IG either. Is it even on her FB page? It seemed to me like she wanted to bury it immediately because deep down she knew it was a mess.

No. 643363

All Ushiromiya family members directly decended from Ginzo and trusted servants of the family get to wear the crest, but anyhow the yellow ink is going to fade soon enough and it'll just be an unrecognizable murky mess, that Ushiromiya family fantasy isn't going to last long lmao.

No. 643364

If it isn’t big and obnoxious how will it prove what a huge fan she is?

No. 643365

The BTS was just that dropbox she had. Its been posted in another thread. Its all photos.

No. 643367

Lmao stop. Yellow is the messiest color ive ever experienced and my artist had to excessively wipe it down because the excess spread to my whole thigh while cleaning up. It was even a yellow rose as well, WITH outlines, like this dumbass artist shouldve done. Bet you Moo will come back after its healed and ask for a black outline because it'll just look like a bad yellowed bruise without it.

No. 643376

is that supposed to be drops of blood? jesus they look like holes

No. 643377

yes only the servants get tattoos of it. good job moo

No. 643379

Where is the light source supposed to be in this drawing? How can the leaves have perfectly symmetrical highlights like that if the light is coming from the supper right? Also, the leaves don't look at all like they're coming from a stem- they look like they were stapled onto the bottom petals. The ridges in the leaves are also exaggerated way too much, to the point that they look like a high schooler drew them. Why the fuck did they artist have Moo bring a photo reference if he was just going to ignore it when it cane to the leaves?

The weird texture on the petals makes it look like the flower is made of felt. The crest is too cartoony and it doesn't gel stylistically with the rest of the drawing. For some reason, only one of the droplets has a red cast-shadow (more cast shadows would have helped the drops look less like holes).

I mean, it could be a lot worse, but if I were Moo I would feel a little dissatisfied. Then again, I am an artist so I'm going to have a higher standard for this sort of thing than she would.

No. 643380

The lightsource looks like it is from above and to the right a little bit. The texture is Moo's dry ass skin. The leaves are totally not attached like you said.

I actually don't hate this that much. I am down with the type of coloring and shading. The only issues I think are the leaves which aren't even rose leaves, using the symbol as the 'stem', and too much blood that is makes it looks like it's made out of cheddar. If all she did was one droplet or a splatter even on just the side wouldve been way more effective.

Shouldve honestly had a red rose for Beatrice and then had a petal with the symbol stapled out, maybe yellow in the center or butterflies flying out around the rose. Like shit. Moo has no creativity.

No. 643381

So she's beyond impressed by herself. Who says shit like that?

No. 643382

OMG I Can't UNSEE!!!

No. 643383

File: 1551219152836.png (807.14 KB, 692x569, 2019-02-27 09_09_49-fungi that…)

the wing looks like such an afterthought and pic related is all i can see when looking at it. i don't think it's a technically bad tattoo, but it was extremely poorly thought out.

No. 643384

And she's impressed with HERSELF for commissioning someone?

No. 643387

I can’t wait to see her future photo sets with both ugly tattoos on display and not photoshopped out.

No. 643390

I'm beyond impressed with myself too. Just yesterday I went to McDonald's and commissioned a hamburger.

No. 643400

Notice she really only talks about herself first and then just calls the people who actually put in the work talented…
Your money that you shoved into this useless project was provided to you by horny bottom feeders that just want to see you covered in fake cum and think you have abs. They actually couldn't give 2 shits about this?

No. 643403

Sage for Umineko sperg, but isn't this scene the one that Natsuhi made up in her mind? Fits Mariah just right.

No. 643420

Eva also has the tattoo. The servants only have it because spoiler reasons.

No. 643422

File: 1551244852295.png (796.48 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-26-21-14-36…)

No. 643424

there's so much cooler shit in gucci right now. moo has such bad taste.

No. 643427

Of course Moo supports a racist company that sold blackface clothing

No. 643428

>>643422 What a redundant purchase. Seems like most people would choose between the handbag or the fanny pack. Not this bitch. She has to flex so hard, her stomach muscles are coming out of her asshole.

No. 643429

>buying multiple small bags from luxury brands
>never buying actual clothes for yourself

No. 643430

Is she trying to mask her pussy stank with new fanny pack smell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 643432

File: 1551248244165.jpg (742.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190227-001718_Ins…)

No. 643433

Mariah's attempts to be funny are always so limp.

No. 643437

File: 1551252657956.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, 05F328CD-D7C0-47A7-BF04-7309EA…)

She’s live on IG right now. Broke the figure unboxing it says she can just “buy another one”.

How about you put that money into your “cosplays”…

No. 643438

File: 1551253038489.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 4360A616-450E-4CE7-AFC8-203426…)

Grandma in the kitchen with tiddy figurines.

No. 643439

File: 1551253223893.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3840x2880, 5332BE36-544F-41C8-AE4F-E13CB2…)

I didn't realize how much her face has changed without the face tape she had at Katsu, god damn. She really has ballooned, she looks twice her age.
Side note I always wondered how someone could break so many figures, but she's so fucking rough with them. She acts like a chunky, spoiled toddler who doesn't understand the value of nice things.

No. 643440

File: 1551253412322.png (3.63 MB, 1242x2208, 2DF5146D-7BF3-41B9-A8CF-A89FD7…)

Oof” is right.

No. 643442

File: 1551253544804.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2208, B074816F-9B67-4E0F-AAFE-00BB3D…)

>mfw people say Moo is "conventionally attractive"

No. 643443

Name brands are all fatphobic towards her and what’s the point of owning more than one outfit at a time if it’s not brand my dude

Is this the start of her figure review series?

No. 643444

did she just break three figures in a row?


I think its just the angle, she could be leaning into it which might explain why looks like theres some spillage though

No. 643445


How does she expect anyone to take her seriously as a collector and an authenticator, when she can't even remove a figurine from a box properly?

She'll be back on CamV in no time.

No. 643447

File: 1551254681443.png (3.94 MB, 1413x1800, C72293EA-2084-447F-972C-D40FB9…)

I couldn’t capture at the right moments but there was definitely spillage. Those leggings are not doing her any favors.

No. 643448

Exactly. Moo is useless and reckless at everything hat she does, but always especially so at the things that she's "serious" about.

No. 643460

File: 1551261348090.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 04E9224D-C355-4EB6-A5F3-91877C…)

This walking baconator says she spent 500 real human dollars on a garakei I could get for 3000-5000yen at BOOKOFF. What a genius.

No. 643463

What is she even gonna use this thing for? Weebpoints?

No. 643468

Maybe she wants to slip a SIM card into it for the next JP visit? It’s docomo-locked tho so idk.

No. 643473

To be fair, that Lucoa figure is made by FOTS which is a garbage company. Many people have had problems with getting broken figures from them due to poor packaging and how fragile the figures are. I'm not sure about the other figures she reviewed though. That's what Moo gets for not properly researching each figure. What a fan.

No. 643475

she looks like a fat judd nelson from the breakfast club. Didnt she spend about $300 on these figures to review them?


>people bringing up camversity

When was the last time she was on?

No. 643481

File: 1551276976235.png (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 1242x2208, momoupinsmoke.png)

forgive me anons, it was too easy

No. 643491

Jesus christ, no. Not more fire emblem cosplay please.

No. 643492

she doesn't need to play any of the games to be a fan my dude! Even though she specifically said it's "lame" and "doesn't do the character justice" when she called out a guy for doing it

No. 643494

You forgot the best part. She wanted it in English and begged her followers to help. Squarecuck actually changed it to English so she could use it

No. 643495

File: 1551284701311.png (84.84 KB, 285x374, Lucina_official_art.png)


That's supposed to be the Falchion from FE: Awakening. I really, REALLY hope she doesn't plan to ruin Lucina via "cosplaying" her.

No. 643502

it's so random and it would make no fucking sense since a) it's a regular gag that lucina's chest is flat and b) she's only ever played fates
then again i wouldn't put it past mariah to cosplay yet another overhyped waifu

No. 643506

Not even a gag, like, its CANON that Lucina can pass as "Marth", a male.
I didn't wanna reply initially coz I was silently hoping Moo didn't know the swords origin.
If she tries to cosplay this premo waifu I'll kill myself, no questions.

No. 643508

Lucina has a ton of fans.
Mooriah wants a ton of new cucks.
She'll cosplay Lucina and show off her tits.

No. 643521

I’m bringing my Lucina cosplay to AX, and it would be a hoot to see moo waddle around as my precious daughter and hear her sperg on and on about how much she loves Lucina my doods and totally played awakening my guiz. But more than likely this pic is just moo trying to be an edgy meme lord for relevancy

No. 643523

File: 1551298245244.gif (5.72 MB, 480x270, momonomae.gif)

This just looks sad. I hope we never see her wearing it again.

No. 643524

What a mess… I mean, the pictures were bad but seeing clips of her in motion highlights how terrible this looks. That wig is begging to be taken out back and put out of its misery.

No. 643525

The fans are the only good part of this cosplay. The wig being the worst, the only part she had a hand in

No. 643526


I never want to stop seeing this. It's so fuckin ugly and she knew it, she needs to be reminded as often as possible.

I only just noticed that the tail and ears are completely different colors.

No. 643527

>>643494 This is a great point. I thought she knew how to read characters, since she translated manga? I'm going on the assumption the language was Japanese, obviously.

No. 643529

Didn’t she plan to do Olivia at one point?

No. 643530

>500 real human dollars

that can't be right, no way. what the hell would be so special about that phone?

No. 643531

its an old photo from a con, obviously
its someone else's sword

No. 643535

File: 1551304504925.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.97 KB, 1013x1024, EF0FE818-B39D-47E8-A3A1-03D88F…)

She just posted this and it must have immediately gotten taken down or she took it down lmaoooo.

No. 643536

no way, that has to be shopped

No. 643537

It’s not! I wish I hadn’t cropped all the IG stuff out, but it was for a group chat I’m in. I never expected her to immediately take it down.

No. 643542

Am I missing something? Isn’t this an older set? I though it was already released.

No. 643543

It was but she must have posted it again and regretted it because that shit is disgusting

No. 643546

File: 1551306079527.jpg (739.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190227-161901_Ins…)

She still sick surprise surprise and now she has the stomach flu. I guess her "natural" remedies aren't working surprise surprise.

No. 643559

Displaying herself 99% naked to the world, milking her nipples with farm equipment=
Just showing her nipples= OMG NO, JUST LEWDS, NOT NUDES!

she tries so hard to feel like she’s superior to girls who get naked, but she doesn’t understand the things she does are actually more vulgar and disgusting than run of the mill nudity.

Milking machines? That’s straight up fetish porn. And the idiot wonders why her instagram keeps getting banned…..

No. 643560


She doesn't fit in any designer clothing lmao.

No. 643563

>>643481 Potential early favorite for the next thread pic. The look of defeat on her face. The coping method in the form of a bong. The booger comment. It's like being treated to garlic pills and celery juice all at once.

No. 643564

excuse my dumb ass but what is a garakei? a jap flip phone or something?

No. 643565

and she doesn't even know HOW to handle them. amazing

No. 643566

We're not Google, anon.

No. 643626

This pic and chunky,spoiled toddler. Should be the next header for the new thread(emoji)

No. 643637

It's kinda funny but this looks exactly like the OP pic in this thread

No. 643696

Pretty sure they were originally Antares fans honestly.

No. 643711

If it’s nice looking than it’s definitely not moos work

No. 643725

Always looking old and fat. Nah she couldn’t have been something, stop lying to yourself.(nitpick)

No. 643727

Read old threads, she was booted for leaking nudes to all the members and wasn't that good at playing

No. 643730

>>643546 I know she wasn't feeling well shortly after Katsucon on account of her reckless behavior, but now I'm starting to wonder if her tattoo is infected, and/or she has blood poisoning.

During yesterday's IG stories, she mentioned covering up with 4 comforters at once to combat chills. Her other flu-like symptoms may not actually have anything to do with influenza at all. Her artist carved her up pretty bad, and Mariah isn't a clean or healthy person, which could only make matters worse.

No. 643735

that's an interesting theory. I never seen anyone suffering from a tattoo infection before, but considering her unhygienic habits…

No. 643736

Symptoms of tattoo infection include:
fever, especially over 102°F.
prolonged or severe pain, redness, and swelling.
sores that contain or release thick, white or yellow fluid.
muscle aches and pain affecting the whole body.
extreme or unquenchable thirst.
hard, red, raised bumps or wounds.
nausea and vomiting.

No. 643737

File: 1551404106503.jpg (734.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190228-193516_Ins…)

No. 643738

I just went and rechecked her stories, she complains of:

a migraine
the chills
"food poisoning" (nausea/diarrhea?)

No. 643739

Might just be the material, but does the pattern of those stockings look dirty to anyone else? Also, what's going on with the pigtail/wig styling? The pigtail looks like it's just sprouting out of the side of the wig.

No. 643743

That's really quick for it to be infested enough for blood poisoning. The flu has been really bad this year and she just went to 2 cons in a row, so it's likely she caught it there. It's also an excuse for her to lay around in bed watching anime instead of pretending to do anything.

No. 643745

anon the flu is different than "stomach flu" it's weird she has ""food poisoning"".


reading this article it seems more likely this. in any case, it's not too soon for that, it happens basically as soon as it enters the bloodstream.

No. 643746

File: 1551408449032.jpg (587.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190228-204712_Ins…)

No. 643748

File: 1551408644083.jpg (828.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190228-204701_Ins…)

No. 643750

Just another lame play for sympathy. Always the child this one.

No. 643752

Good lord, this is going to be an amazing trainwreck. I have no doubt it won't be allowed on instrgram because no amount of shapewear under that spandex is going to help her hide her lumps this time.

No. 643753

Bitch you probably dont even know where Mai is from. But hey FGC already hates her, hopefully she gets a lot of roasting and we get some funny milk.

No. 643754

sure she does, she's from the picture she referenced to have someone steal for her 2nd stolen OC design.

No. 643755

Or maybe she just realized that she has this ugly ass tattoo now and its permanent. All her other impulse buys just end up ignored in a pile of garbage in the self made shit hole she calls a home. This is different. It's a bitch when your latest bad decision is not only permanent, it's also highly visible.

No. 643756

File: 1551411481302.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

You're the best, anon

Either way, she'll look awful as either character.

No. 643757

Kek she probably think shes the girl from that hentai

No. 643758

File: 1551412885492.jpg (486.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190228-220049_Ins…)

She was thirsty for erika in the top comment because he commented. And then this. Shes gonna try so hard for him even though shes racist af

No. 643759

File: 1551412913070.jpg (501.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190228-220220_Ins…)

No. 643760

>>643748 Who wants to bet that she purposely chose these two pictures to use as a "inspiration", since both characters happen to be sitting down?

Looks like we're going to be treated to the return of Tripod-San, AKA girlonthemoonpro.

No. 643761


It’s obviously the same pattern as always with her.
She will thirst for anybody and despite that anon, if anyone were to call her out on her pass racist remarks, she’ll just say how she was a child back then and didn’t know any better and how she’s changed blah blah

Also you might want to repost these, your picture is showing

If there’s still a patreon anon, I hope we get pics of her supposed “new” Samus suit

No. 643765

File: 1551417182318.jpg (500.09 KB, 1080x2220, 20190228_231310.jpg)

No. 643766

File: 1551417215605.jpg (487.79 KB, 1080x2220, 20190228_231259.jpg)

No. 643768


This is the funniest thing I've seen in terms of an anon trying to cover their tracks.

On a related note, I'm not buying the idea that she's interested in Etika. There was a big shitstorm not long ago when Etika was depressed, and Mariah blurted out his personal business for no good reason. She made it sound like they were closer than people realize, but there's nothing there. In fact, Mariah probably only said she was into black dudes because it's good for business. After all, basement dwelling slobs like GodOfKnockers are into nasty looking unfit women like Mariah, so she's just marketing to a niche demographic.

No. 643773

File: 1551423046537.png (939.81 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-28-22-41-54…)

>thanks new patrons
>said it's been a boring past two days and is ready to go back to the gym/work on stuff

No. 643774

File: 1551423080051.png (876.31 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-28-22-42-50…)

No. 643775

File: 1551423220362.png (946.3 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-28-22-42-54…)

No. 643776

File: 1551423402285.png (793.38 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-28-22-42-58…)

No. 643777

All this fanart and no credit to the artists whose poses and ideas she's going to rip off.

No. 643780

The Wicke art in >>643776 is by raspbeary and she already tried to steal the Cow Maid cosplay done by his sister, which he also did the design for.

No. 643781

Has this bitch not realized that no one wants her around at conventions?

No. 643783

>>643780 Gotta love the audacity of this cunt for continuing to steal from the Raspbeary/Cookiekabuki siblings without owning up to it or crediting anyone.

No. 643784

Not surprised by that fact that she just doesn’t seem to learn her lesson. Hey Mariah, just because you found it on Google doesn’t mean you can use whatever fanart you want without credit. She’s just as bad as the IG accounts that repost art without crediting the artists.

No. 643791

File: 1551434291516.png (140.8 KB, 540x454, 638.png)

How hard would it have been for Moo to just use official art of the characters? Did the official art not have enough boobage?

Also, I know literally zero about Guilty Gear, so every time I read "Baiken" I hear it in my head as "bacon".

No. 643792

i just know she is going to use her tamamo wig for baiken

No. 643796


Sooo Howl has been forgotten already even though she sperged over the jacket for like a week

No. 643800

File: 1551446076740.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190301-071048_Ins…)

No. 643802

Since when has she EVER shown interest in Guilty Gear? Much less Baiken until very recently? That community is going to tear her apart.

At least we know who she's sunk her new manic obsession into, inb4 she decides to get her face tattooed like her 'sweet baby'to show how much of a diehard she is for her.

No. 643803

gross and gross. Nasty foot fetishists. No bitch, do not come to anime NYC. No one in NYC wants your stank ass here.

No. 643804

>>643800 Christ. I remember the last time she had eye makeup like this. It was during her pirate themed shoot, and then she claimed she had something wrong with her eye, so she wore a makeshift eyepatch that looked like a pair of torn panties wrapped around her forehead.

I wish this bitch would stop with her fake fandoms already. I'm starting to experience secondhand embarrassment for her.

No. 643809

Since she seen a chance to show off her boobs.

No. 643813

She made the eyepatch out of a bra insert I had thought.

No. 643815

How are you returning to a con that kicked you out?? lmao bitch take the L like a champ and stay in Vegas thanks! Can we get her to stay out of AX? It’s alresdy swampy without her

No. 643816

Sweet five second baby.

I think it was out of a beauty mask that she had.

She should go. Looking forward to seeing her ass booed out and attacked for being an inconsiderate fat bag of asshole.

No. 643817

Didn't learn your lesson from Katsu, huh? Bitch, the West Coast hates you even more than the East does and even you know this as a stone cold fact. Enjoy your cowardly room party with your calves since you had such a great time of that last year.

Mooriah, never, ever change.

Meanwhile I'm surprised she hasn't been sperging out over JAPAN yet considering she's supposed to be shuttling her flat ass over there again soon. No sensei this time around if she does go so I'm looking forward to the milk we missed out on last time due to his tard wrangling.

No. 643818

File: 1551467837167.png (719.19 KB, 750x1334, E2791C1E-8286-42DC-A44C-2D144C…)

Like she is really going to cosplay something from monster hunter. She couldn’t even do saber and that was commissioned by an ex slave

No. 643820


I don't see a bra panties swimsuit here, so I doubt she'll cosplay this

No. 643821


"my sweet baby" L M A O, she probably just knows her name, that she had big tits, and nothing else. She won't be able to pull Baiken's rough, no-nosense and tough persona either, so this will definitely be a trainwreck.

No. 643822

File: 1551469796006.png (949.76 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-01-11-47-57…)

Her lurking is so ridiculous. Moo dont you have leggings to bitch about

No. 643824

File: 1551469933611.png (879.02 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-01-11-48-11…)

No. 643826

File: 1551470391074.png (Spoiler Image, 484.06 KB, 750x500, post_file (21).png)

No. 643827

watch her try to manhandle the big cats like she does house cats and get fucking mauled lol

No. 643828

Alright so is it for a Saber shoot? Or who else has a lion/represented by one?

No. 643829


Is it actually in her ass?

No. 643831

Well on the bright side, she does have a lot of fat to offer to them. They'll be fed for a week on her arms and legs alone.

Honestly, she has what, five cats now? Aren't two of them kittens or something? She should be more focused on them.

No. 643832

Please for the love of God, cosplay this Moo.
The MH fandom is so vicious and will rip her apart. She wants to be Kamui cosplay so bad

No. 643834

that lion looks like it just caught the scent of hotdog water.

No. 643835

File: 1551474239727.jpeg (633.77 KB, 750x1065, 2A9F6D2F-59CE-4E10-9E76-1A5A4C…)

lumpy dumpy pochaco bunny

No. 643836

Are the bra and panties the same one she wore for her Christmas set?

No. 643840

the face on the left looks so fucking fake and plastic

No. 643841

This outfit, wth. Black and white ears (which look nothing like rabbit ears lmao), nude lace socks (complete with filthy feet), a red micro bikini that's cutting her tits in half, and her usual ugly pink eye makeup. Also, it took me a couple minutes to realize that the weird lumpy thing next to her is supposed to be a carrot, and I can only imagine how repulsive it smells now.

Wear a white or black bikini or white socks if you're going to use black and white ears. Or get blonde ears that match the hair. And nude lace with a trashy micro bikini? Nude-colored ANYTHING for a sexy shoot? Why would you wear lace socks with a bikini instead of lace lingerie? Who the fuck wears socks with a swimsuit?

Also it's fucking Valentine's day, why is she doing an Easter-y shoot? This bitch is inscrutable.

>>643826 In particular is shooped so hard. What the hell did she do to her face here?

No. 643843

After all these years as a cosplayer/influencer and she still can't coordinate

No. 643853

>>643826 Looks like she's sexually assaulting a giant Cheeto in this photo.

This is probably the only time Moo would ever touch a carrot.

No. 643855

too bad they don't even fucking use garakei anymore. sumafo master race!

No. 643856

File: 1551481198930.jpg (864.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190301-161639_Ins…)

No. 643857

>>643856 You know, I almost hope she ghosts a con while wearing this. The milk will be glorious. Each photo of her in something like this is going to be nauseating and unflattering, and if she was legitimately prohibited from getting a badge last year due to her "muh ADHD", she'll be loitering around without a badge, pretending she's a welcome addition to the cosplay scene.

No. 643858

>asks people on her ig for votes
>doesnt like the voting results

wtf is wrong with her

No. 643859

I think this was originally her lucky cat shoot, but her friends told her it would be offensive so she changed it to some weird bunny thing.

No. 643861


Because it just proves the fact that no one cares about her "big builds" and her fans only care about whatever shows the most cleavage. Which is shocking to no one, except for her.

Also 10k responses? Divided by all her followers (608k) that's only about 2% of them even /passively/ interacting with her. Of course there's people who vote and aren't follower, etc. but still. Seems pretty dismal.

No. 643865

File: 1551488932659.jpg (807.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190301-190823_Ins…)

No. 643866

File: 1551489662547.jpg (37.31 KB, 1081x720, FB_IMG_1551489686890.jpg)

No. 643869

File: 1551492613737.png (1.07 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-01-18-05-25…)

No. 643870

>>643866 Nothing about this looks even remotely natural, from the bad photoshop, to the ridiculous pose where her right arm probably fell asleep after being pinned underneath her body like that.

And you know this was done at her request. Squarecuck could have easily said "this looks like dog shit", but Moo has to hide those massive shoulders and ham arms to the best of her ability.

No. 643871

without blowing up the thumbnail you can see the shoop lines around her body like lmao

No. 643872

File: 1551492876127.png (943.4 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-01-18-06-44…)

>antares is going to AX with Moo
>betting she is making Baiken last minute as well
Also she is begging people for the script on the sleeves of the in game sprite, because she doesn't know what it says. I expect she and Moo having a shit time trying to defend their ~GG WAIFUS~

No. 643874

"Smash Zelda"
She doesn't even know what game that Zelda is from. Good job fake fan moo.

No. 643876

The Smash version of Zelda? That's what she is saying anon. That makes sense. It's not that she didnt know what she's from. Its just that version.

No. 643877

I think they were just being autistic about which Zelda game title this design associates with originally, not that the character is playable in the Smash game.
Knowing Moo, she wouldn't know anyways.

No. 643878

I don't see why anyone would hope for some milky callouts or anything at AX. Moo not getting totally scrubbed from Katsu sorta proved to her that at best she gets ignored. But one can hope. I'd like to believe that her irrelevance bothers her because she isn't the center of attention in a good way but well…

No. 643879


She's definitely lurking. For those who didn't catch it earlier, she conveniently changed the Wicke picture after we called her out on her thieving ways, but kept the stolen photos of the other characters because we didn't identify those particular artists by name.

What a bitch. Receipts:


No. 643881

>>643871 Oh, shit! You're right! Squarecuck literally made her leg half the original size. Guess that plain red background didn't do her any favors after all.

No. 643882


No. 643883

File: 1551499363926.jpg (897.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190301-220248_Ins…)

No. 643884

Anyone got them Patreon links? I want to see the shops in HD. I wonder if because she saw everyone calling her out on the shops with Tifa, she knew she had to do a plain background.

No. 643885

Will she be ordering a new dress? I don’t think she can fit in this anymore

No. 643886

File: 1551504167574.png (356.85 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-01-21-17-22…)

>says she was checking out with a 100 dollar order at Smiths and forgot a 2 dollar bottle of water in the bottom of her cart
>says a lady "got crazy with [her]" for walking out with it
>actually ranting about some poor lady doing her job at self check out

No. 643887

At least not with that back fat of hers and how it was spilling over even when she first wore that dress.

I've never worn corsets before or body slimmers but I can't imagine how it would feel to have my skin drooping over something that tight.

No. 643888

File: 1551504519003.png (460.72 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-03-01-21-24-05…)

>now says she was about to check out not that she was walking out
>says it was a pack of water on the bottom rack of the cart

No. 643889

As an addition: The Pochako there is by tsuji santa, a guy who works with Nitroplus.

Baiken is drawn by ce- -3

The gall of this entitled cow not even crediting or even asking the artist if she can use their art still baffles me.

No. 643891

>Best girl SMASH ZELDA

Holy shit., how can anyone be so basic and fake

No. 643892

I will never get over those upside down ears. Girl really doesn't give a shit.

No. 643893


Oh Moo, just stick to Albertsons where your only friend can checkout your items for you.

No. 643894

File: 1551505602437.png (80.43 KB, 720x561, Screenshot_2019-03-01-21-40-15…)

Couldnt find the original price but its a UK seller selling their sets for 40-100 dollars. The most expensive bunny ears are currently 75 dollars USD

No. 643896

File: 1551506767885.png (1.68 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-01-22-05-18…)

No. 643897

>the lady just doing her job “got crazy”
Meanwhile Moo gets assblasted mad and rants on Instagram about it and can’t even keep her story straight… who really “got crazy”? Everyone is in the wrong but you. Never change, Moo.

No. 643899


the fuck she trying to master this crazy eyes thing all the sudden? If shes been doing it a minute this is the first I noticed, but of course she got caught out trying to slide with shit from a store. yea you didnt just forget the water moo

No. 643900

She’s just mad she got caught stealing water from smiths.
Thieving art and now stealing from stores.
She’s like a cosplay crack head

No. 643902

"Pat Funimation on the back for retweeting POC cosplayers 1 time out of the year!"

No. 643903

She looks like goth Smeagol in a ballgown.

She really shouldn't enlarge her eyes like that out of makeup. She straight up looks like Uncle Fester with hair. It sounds like the bitch was stealing (she was) but it sounds more like she's changing her story to not seem like one and to play up the dramatics. You were always a thief Mariah, you've just escalated.

And to rant about a woman just doing her job shows her lack of work ethics. I guess that one brief job at Starbucks taught this entitled shitbag nothing.

No. 643926

>>643888 Freudian slip. Always changing her stories once she accidentally blurts the truth out.

Maybe she'll rip another novelty light fixture off of the wall in the coming days.

No. 643932


Ahh yes, Smash Zelda. Just like Smash Samas Aran kek

Also can't wait for the furious Zelda fans when their royal waifu gets disrespected, which we all know is going to happen.

No. 643935

File: 1551534984428.png (845.78 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-02-05-53-44…)

No. 643936

File: 1551535076578.png (609.48 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-03-02-05-53-40…)

No. 643937

File: 1551535191841.png (556.53 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-02-05-54-02…)

No. 643938

File: 1551535301484.png (399.35 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-03-02-05-54-10…)

No. 643939

God does ever not sperg on her flavour of the month anime. Its so annoying seeing her act like she knows everything about it and that shes better than you for it

No. 643948

>why aren't more people talking about this!!
>literally doesn't say shit about it until the month is over

fuck off moo

No. 643951

File: 1551539882305.jpeg (370.52 KB, 1242x2208, 5A152D77-03AF-455A-AF9E-011765…)

Saw this on FB and couldn’t help but kek

No. 643952

But anon, that's just an ordinary picture of her

No. 643954

Thanks anon, I'm never sleeping again.

No. 643956

super OT, but that Hunter x Hunter cosplayer is so freakin good. damn!!

Also, who's ass is Moo trying to kiss? It's march and this is incredibly out of nowhere. She's trying to save face again?

No. 643958

first of all, nice job posting spoilers once again Moo. Second, why is she so obsessed with Sakura being a rape victim? calling her 'wormy girl' is gross imo since Fate fans know the worms raped her as a child. Moo is really vile , cuz it seems like she's glorifying it. Isn't she a Shinji fan too?

No. 643959

Cause she's an insensitive idiot who's never been raped no matter what her lying ass claims.

No. 643960

File: 1551545417637.png (401.38 KB, 500x750, post_file (22).png)

No. 643961

Looks like she got one of her slaves to fix that wig.

No. 643962

This was before Katsucon when she was sharing bikinis with that one chick. This is their 'onsen' which Moo is trying to pass off as a 'location shoot' as this month's $50 tier. THIS IS IN HER HOUSE. IT'S A BATHTUB.

No. 643966

maybe she was inspired to say something when she was asked does she like black guys? gotta get those last minute brownie points in

No. 643969

The knocked over glitter heart really sells the "professional shoot" feel

No. 643971


please tell me the patreons aren't falling for this shit. wait nvm most of them are so thirsty they wouldn't care if she was wearing this stradling garbage in NYC

No. 643972

Wait what? This is the location shoot? You've got to be shitting me, it's just another typical Moo brand lazy lewd set. I thought when she said location shoot she meant wearing the frumpy mess DD made somewhere that isn't her house or garage. This is so pathetic lmao.

No. 643973

>wormy girl

No. 643974

who the fuck are these people on the east coast calling her to come to their conventions? I thought all of America hated her?

No. 643975

Her degenerate fans and calves. America is not a hive mind.

No. 643976

>favorite girl from the SN VN
Cut the crap Moo, we know you didn't read the VN.
Also, I thought Saber was your favorite?
If she does Dark Sakura I can't wait to see what a hot mess it is. I've never seen it done well and she sure as hell isn't going to pay someone to do it right.

No. 643977

This is what I was thinking too, and the fact that Edikunt or whatever his name was, gave her attention.

No. 643978

I for one am excited about her upcoming Zelda cosplay. It's going to be fucking awful, like CDI Zelda in real life.

Zelda's shoulder armor is going to make Moo look even more like a fridge. Her wrist cuffs will make Moo's arms look like piping bags. There's no doubt in my mind that Moo will make the neckline way lower than it actually is, and that she'll hike the belt way up high in an attempt to hide her fupa. Zelda's short sleeves will put Moo's hideous tattoos on full display.

People will ask her to pose for photos and she'll have no idea what to do. Maybe she'll even get one of her male calves to dress up as a dumpy, middle-age-looking Link with five o' clock shadow and a cheap looking wig.

It will be glorious.

No. 643981

Moo isn't doing Zelda, Reagan is. Moo was just trying to score points with her.

No. 643982

No, moo planned to do 'smash zelda' that many just forgot about when the smash hype died down a bit (so of course moo moved on a bit) but she did indeed say 'smash zelda' is on one of her plans.

No. 643986

File: 1551556522238.png (857.63 KB, 750x750, april.png)


No. 643990

God, if she does zelda, she is gonna be ripped apart by the zelda fandom. Zelda is elegant, not an elephant

No. 644003

May be tinfoil but I think the only reason she's doing Ms. Joke is bc GajucaCos recently did her & was in that meme shared here comparing their Morrigans & bc of a "cosplay isn't consent" video filmed at the last con mokunt went to. Petty shit cuz she had all those other my hero costumes but never did any of them besides a few "tests" &bc there's way more lewd characters but she's choosing mj?

No. 644008

>>643990 Possibly doing it to antagonize Gabby C. in all seriousness.

No. 644010

To be honest I think she is just picking these because they're the basic bitch cosplays that were flavor of the month over the last couple years. We could say shes also doing Raven to antagonize Susu and Bunny but honestly I think they're just cosplays based off of popularity.
Most cosplayers who dont play video games or actually watch anime just use the same recycled characters. Granted she throws in some dumb shit no one likes to make her look "cultured" (like umineko and random fire emblem cosplays) but its been argued over and over again that shes just doing it for the money and these cosplays are the most main stream acceptable.
At this point anything Moo does is a personal attack on somebody.

No. 644011

Samefag but I also think she cosplays non popular characters from popular animes because of what I said. She doesnt want to seem like shes jumping on a bandwagon so she pretends shes into the non popular characters so it looks like shes a fan of the series.
Every tactic she has is so basic. She wants validation so badly.

No. 644013

>>644010 The Raven cosplay doesn't seem like a surprise. Vamps just did Raven within the past few months, which means that Mariah can borrow a bunch of shit directly from her number one lapdog, and not have to worry about paying for anything.

No. 644018

A fan in Mexico made her Raven's belt and it fit Vamps perfectly. I wonder what it'll look like on Moo since Moo is easily 3 times bigger than Vamps.

No. 644021

File: 1551576815011.jpg (498.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190302-193234_Ins…)

No. 644025

…any dipshit can order from taobao. Why not privately ask a calf rather than publicly admit how retarded you are?

No. 644026


What can you order tho? Asian sizes won't even fit in your arm

No. 644027

>thinking anything on taobao would even make it past one misshapen thigh

No. 644030

File: 1551582693961.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 312BEB79-9DAA-49BD-A63F-6E84F0…)

She’s going to go surprise Nick at his shop and wants to get him and/or the staff there a present, like buying everyone there Subway? Also she has an eye doctor appointment and isn’t wearing a shirt.

No. 644031

File: 1551583651043.png (455.2 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-03-02-19-15-21…)

Remember when Moo said she'd tone down the shoop?

No. 644038

File: 1551587519324.jpg (628.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190302-223033_Ins…)

No. 644039

Gotta let the world know that you're pretending to be a good person despite how absolutely fucking terrible you are.

No. 644040

>>644031 Good Lord. This is worse than when she shopped her beach Tamamo down so that she could be the same size as Colette, except she couldn't fix her massive arms.

And the funny thing is that Aly is kinda pudgy too, and yet she's still only half of Moo's size. So while the photoshop on Aly isn't as glaringly obvious as the work done on Moo, it's pretty embarrassing that Moo is trying to convince everyone that she has a perfect hourglass figure, and happens to be the same size as Aly in this pic.

No. 644041

That hourglass figure really emphasizes her baby arms.

No. 644042

couldn't shoop her arms without making Aly's bigger

No. 644045

At this point honestly I think she is just kind of playing whack a mole. Flailing around trying to keep her paypigs paying while at the same time trying to appear like she really knows anime (she doesn't), while also always reacting to lolcow. All this is so much above her ability that I would almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't such an insufferable poser bitch.

No. 644046

File: 1551590770704.png (396.92 KB, 720x1048, 20190302_222310.png)

Forgive the hard-to-find purple lines, but I wanted to draw attention to two things that I noticed right away.

First, the narrowing of her forearm. It's so poorly done, there are literally pink lines drawn down each side of her arm to make it look slimmer, and the pink completely overlaps the cupcake tray in the background.

Second, what is going on with her left (our right) breast? The editing is so severe, it looks like her titty is a scoop of mashed potatoes.

No. 644047

>>644046 Samefag.

What the fuck is going on with her right leg (left from our perspective)? Did somebody remove a triangle for cancer research? Holy fuck, this is bad.

No. 644052

I've been looking for Katsucon photos and I haven't seen one for Moo that isn't from a fan. I find it weird she protects herself as much, since she claims she'd beat someone's ass if they confront her negatively.

No. 644056

Did CC finally drop her ass realizing it was bad business?

No. 644068

She made Morrigan. Not even close. Shes one if two designers who doesnt want Moo throwing their name around too much. We only know about DD too now because the Tanamo work is 100% his.

No. 644072

File: 1551628615714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 356.04 KB, 1079x1404, Screenshot_20190303-075559_Ema…)

No. 644073

File: 1551628827698.jpg (310.95 KB, 1078x1276, Screenshot_20190303-075910_Ema…)

She had time, but instead fucked around at a tattoo shop last night and slept all day. She sent these emails out on the 1st. She KNEW everyone was done with processed payments in one day yet neglected to do anything until yesterday evening when the second DELAY email was sent. Moo. Fucking just dont be lazy?

No. 644074

File: 1551628947722.jpg (244.39 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190303_080223385.jpg)

Just to show what time everything was sent.

No. 644075

Also want to add that Moo has a max of like 13 photos per set. Even for slow internent, 3mb images would still not take a day if that 3 sets. Not to mention 100 tier is already sets that have existing dropbox folders. She doesnt even have to upload those. Shes now padding her shoots with other ones . Location shoot is MIA this month, at least one supplementary set makes up for laziness, right?

No. 644081

IIRC Smash Zelda's design is based off of her appearance in A Link Between Worlds. That Zelda is a young teenager. Nice one Mariah.

No. 644083

She over uses emotes to be so quirky, but to me it just seems unprofessional. She should know this as a linguistics major.

No. 644086

She only picked that zelda because of the hype around smash and its inclusion in competitive sports no one wants her at.

She's trying to wiggle her way into more fandoms for more cuck bucks.

No. 644088

More like she only has two or three legit interests, so she steals ideas from everyone around her. Even the people she calls friends and probably tells them after they've cosplayed a character, "Omg you were AWESOME as [character here]. I've always wanted to do them, but IDONTKNOW"

So then they are in that awkward, no no no you can totally pull off this character, Mariah! Aaaand her lackies proceed to help her copycat their interests. Not to mention what Bishoujo said before about having to block her to keep her from stealing ideas.

No. 644101


if this bitch showed up at my Starbucks I'd actually kick her out tbh

No. 644127

Sure, Jan. Like everyone else at AX. People are so pussy, just like Mariah.

No. 644151

File: 1551663358813.jpg (929.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190303-192756_Ins…)

No. 644152

>I want it all

What happened to her repetitive I ACTUALLY HATE SWEETS SO MUCH MY DUDES sperg?

No. 644153

But she doesn't like sweets my duuuudes.

No. 644165

i'm late but i just wanna say it's amazing how mariah always manages to look like a complete psycho
be it instagram, videos, photoshoots or candid pics she without fail will look like she's about to snap into a maniac episode

No. 644171

She even had her friends spy on other girls like Thorne, she'd post to her private Fb page about cosplans and all of a sudden Mariah would update her Etsy wishlist and try to pump it out first to make her look like a copycat, and even telling others that they need permission to cosplay a character she did

No. 644196

File: 1551676356649.png (799.91 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-03-03-21-10-46…)

Weebking came to visit Moo. I wonder if Moo will try fucking him

No. 644197

Depends is her thirst for Sensei still strong?

No. 644198

Her thirst for all dick is pretty strong but I think it's weird she invited a dude out to her house.

No. 644208

File: 1551685468704.png (65.91 KB, 720x548, Screenshot_2019-03-03-23-43-21…)

Donating to Jason's sister's cat

No. 644219

Tinfoil but Thorne and Gabby are doing LBW Zelda and Hilda so maybe she is still creeping on them

No. 644220

She's not gonna do any of these. Swimsuit Nero maybe because it's ridiculously easy to pull off, but something like Zelda? Nah, that's too much effort and not nearly enough waifu material for her fans. It's the quintessential costhot tactic, release a boatload of plans of characters that cause hype and are well known, but never end up doing them. You already got the instagram likes and ran away with them, no need to actually work on the costumes anymore. She's probably included Raven there just out of spite to piss certain people off because there's literally no other reason to make the hottest basic bitch cosplay of 2015. The same goes for Zelda, she's sending out a signal to Thorne and Gabby. She's done this exact same thing so many times it's a routine.

No. 644221

File: 1551700531684.jpeg (142.49 KB, 750x694, 9C35E1E5-D3AF-4500-A625-304B46…)

I guess now we know why Moo is doing that character

No. 644238

Momo is nothing if not predictable.

No. 644242

File: 1551713846938.jpg (92.43 KB, 640x960, 2 better.jpg)


No. 644244

stop posting these, if bringing back an ancient meme wasn’t funny the first time it’ll be even less funny now.

No. 644254

Imagine how empty these thots' lives would be if humans didn't have boobs. Like their entire lives seem to revolve around bags of fat attached to their chests.

No. 644256

File: 1551719358177.png (438.22 KB, 720x904, Screenshot_2019-03-04-09-08-03…)

No. 644261

crazy how much moo looks like a special needs kid. From the ill-fitting top to the expression. She is the shortbus

No. 644262

Late to the discussion about Katsu but to clear something up, you didn’t have to have a badge to get in the hotel/atrium, just at least a room key; she probably just hung out outside because that’s where most of the big impressive cosplayers were (I.e CBC). Doesn’t excuse her ghosting and refusing to support the cons she supposedly loves.

This photo honestly just super accentuates how low her boobs hang. Shopping her waist so small just makes her entire torso look completely disproportionate, especially with how long and flat the top is until it hits the swell of her chest. One of my extreme nitpicks in cosplay is proportions and she always manages to fuck them up; makes her body look even more strange.

No. 644264

I noticed she cut herself a new waist out to "match" Aly's.
She did this same thing with Vamps on their FATE beach shoot. It's so weird

No. 644270

It's just basic insecurity. She didn't shop this much in her milking cow sets. But with another girl it's obvious she can't handle being seen as "bigger"
As much as she says she loves being obese we all know she hates it and wants her old body back

No. 644273

File: 1551727049317.jpg (2.81 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1545.jpg)

No. 644275

File: 1551727977173.jpg (306.2 KB, 716x1120, 20190304_122944.jpg)

I'm not a Patreon anon, so I have no idea what tier Moo stuck her bakery Pocacho crap in. Aly is offering their collab set for only a dollar. Anyone know what Moo is scamming people for with this set?

No. 644277

>Real life pochaco

Jesus, the cringe. Why does she have this undying need to feel like she is the IRL everything? Will she do this until one just sticks?

No. 644278

I am kinda surprised that Momokun hasn't tried to use the exposure of the Momo Challenge for some kind of marketing purpose yet.

No. 644279

that crotch editing looks so weird, it's too clear

No. 644280

I mean if Momo posted this before Gab then isn’t she copying Momo ? No shade, but they seem to go back and forth with copying each other lol using her as an example is not fair.

But I know for sure she’s spying on a few other big cosplayers, so that’s why characters like Raven are in there when she hasn’t talked about it.

No. 644281

File: 1551729478336.png (879 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-03-04-13-25-51.p…)

No. 644284

What's going on with her feet? I'm on mobile and hardly ever see the shops everyone points out but I can definitely see something wrong with those toes.

No. 644286

Ok you just made me realize, how the hell do her boobs look like they're hanging so low? Is it the unfortunate shirt or unfortunate body?

No. 644287


It's because people used to call her the real life Seamus then the real life wicke and she is trying to regain the type of fame she had during that brief time

No. 644288

In all honesty I thought the text memes of people expressing their disgust for Momo were about Momokun. It took a while to realize the creepy Momo came back and no one in the real world really cares about Momokun but I feel the memes can apply to both people.

No. 644289

Really hard to say who is copying who. The original Gabby post was in September. So thats a long time to have lurked and then made a post about it. But Moo never lets shit go. So who knows. We never will.

No. 644292

File: 1551733772480.png (659.21 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2019-03-04-13-08-00…)

Those ears look horrible and now I know who to avoid

No. 644293

File: 1551734034841.png (91.06 KB, 720x537, Screenshot_2019-03-04-13-12-13…)

For her Pochaco ears/tail

No. 644295


I'm pretty sure she put pasties on her nips and shooped them out to give the appereance of huge animu boobs.

No. 644296

Jesus, that shoop makes her tits look so saggy. These pics do nothing positive for either of these girls. Aly looks crazy man-faced

No. 644300

why do her eyes always look super tiny in every image she has? she obviously can have big eyes in some pictures
you can even see it in >>644031

No. 644308

I'm not even trying to be nit-picky, but it's actually the eyebags that cause that. Her eyebags have become so severe that it's overshadowing her actual eyeballs, making them look smaller.

No. 644309

File: 1551741166739.png (962.28 KB, 750x1334, 4FD52A1C-4C54-4F1C-9C57-DFD7C8…)

They’re hitting each other with sticks now.

No. 644312

File: 1551743398804.png (1.32 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-04-15-46-33…)

She did disinfect this wound she placed on him but promptly smacked it again

No. 644313

two dumbass white kids. wow mariah never grew up past high school, huh?

No. 644314

….that bikini is 10$ on Amazon, why is she pretending the “top and bottoms” were expensive??

No. 644315

Elementary School more like. You know, if you like a boy you have to punch him?

No. 644316

File: 1551744597572.jpeg (497.63 KB, 1242x1164, 3CEBAF93-7266-4453-8198-4C7BED…)

I almost guarantee she’s trying to get with weebking. He dumped nicoletters around AX time and we didn’t see any pics of her with nicoletters, despite how clingy she was. And nicoletters posted this during katsu.

No. 644317

Well, if that was in fact about moo, weebking clearly doesn’t care…

No. 644318

This happens the day after those two were hanging at Katsucon. Way to burn bridges momo.

No. 644321

Gabby might have posted ideas or progress for cosplays on her personal twitter/facebook, and Moo has a record of getting friends to spy on personal social media accounts to steal their plans faster, this might be the case again, seeing as in >>644221 Gabby mentioned that it's ready soon, she might've posted more about it somewhere else that triggered Moo to announce the same cosplan.

Or Moo just had too much time on her hands and scrolled that far back to stalk the cosplans of other costhots.

Tripod-san…I mean, girlonthemoonpro, brings us another masterpiece.

Wtf, if it was a man doing that to a woman he'd be ass blasted on the internet. Moo is a literal womanchild.

No. 644322

wow it’s like everyone tried to tell nicoletters that this would happen to her too…oh well, another calf bites the dust.

No. 644326

File: 1551748624372.jpg (1001.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190304-201500_Ins…)

No. 644330

These cunts don't listen. They're high and mighty when it counts. I'm almost positive she has said nothing to Moo directly

No. 644332

I hate the way she highlighted her nose. Why did she think drawing white lines on the tip of her nose would look good?

No. 644335

>>644330 True. Otherwise momo would spread a hate campaign against her and plays the victim

No. 644342

If weebking actually feels like that, why would he go to visit her? Seems a little weird. I don't know if what she's saying is exaggerated and if he's just putting on a show or something, but is there anyone else this could be about?

Ideal tinfoil would be that he's hanging out with her to collect evidence to out her for being herself but that would be too good to be true.

No. 644353

She has such a weird … like special needs or mentally stunned.. stoned out of her fuvking mind smile. There’s somthing very off about it.

No. 644354

why is she so weirdly aggressive, she's like a violent toddler. does she think this makes guys want to fuck?

No. 644355

this doesn't even look real. It looks almost looks like a shitty 3d render with how much photoshop has been pumped into this travesty. Literal uncanny valley. She looks NOTHING LIKE THIS in ANY candid photos, hell, not even any her mildly photoshopped photos. Almost every single thing has been smoothed, reduced, dodged, shrunk, cloned, and filtered into oblivion.

No. 644359

File: 1551760122309.png (623.7 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-04-20-27-39…)

No. 644360

I honestly wouldn't put it past him since he and nicoletters were roasting Mariah before they buddied up. Also their friend friends are full of people who hate Mariah
and I don't really know if she's paying enough for them to want to lose all those connections. Something about the whole thing seems off.

No. 644361


is i just me or did the tub just shrink and become shorter? this angle is really fucking weird

No. 644364

Because she's not like the OTHER girls, mate! She's one of the bros, my dude!!! Mariah is seriously stunted in more ways than one but she's too far up her own ass to try and change that.

No. 644365

File: 1551762271322.png (813.06 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-04-21-02-48…)

They're at a casino doing this

No. 644366

File: 1551762302290.png (799 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-03-04-21-03-06…)

No. 644367

>>644359 Now compare her waist to >>644275 and >>644273. Astonishing difference.

No. 644369

Ew, they’re at Red Rock Casino. Surprised they haven’t been confronted by security yet for acting like a bunch of jackasses.

No. 644372

Imagine all those gamblers looking at those two and assume that they are drunk tards who are high out of their minds. Just wait until they get arrested at one point.

No. 644373

File: 1551765761811.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, FA68C33B-C43A-4073-AAEB-86B7F8…)

No. 644374

Samefag, dropped my comment. Someone pls introduce this girl to the concept of dry shampoo.

No. 644375

Her giving Weebking that wound isn't the first time she gave her friends bruises. We keep saying how she needs a hard handler so she doesn't molest and harm her friends but god damn.

No. 644376

anon are you stupid? no one but her stylist touches her hair! she can't even touch it.
sarcasm to the max
But her hair only looks somewhat decent for 24 hours after she goes to the salon before it looks like a greasy mop

No. 644378

She's loving this. The only way she can get men to touch her is play fighting or paying them for huge ugly tattoos

No. 644382

I notice every time these play fights happen it's because Momo is too aggressive with the guy and the guy either has to restrain her in a "playful" manner or she brings them down with her weight. It always seems forced or only happens when the guys loose patience and HAS to do something before she does some damage.

She really is like a toddler. If you don't give her the attention she wants she throws a fit and hurts/sexually assaults you. But because she's a chick she gets a pass

No. 644383

File: 1551768929885.png (885.99 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-04-22-54-20…)

No. 644384


Oh man getting those pt pooping pose vibes

No. 644389

No. 644390

Reminds me of the time during a con (can’t remember which one) when she would throw herself on her friend’s air mattresses in the hotel room unexpectedly and catch them off guard. Most likely because she was getting annoyed at not being the center of attention.

Just watching those IG stories today were unsettling because you can see how giddy she gets when she hurts people. Even though she thinks she’s being playful. What kind of dumbass gets their kicks by whipping people with branches, drawing blood and then smacking the cut after disinfecting it. She didn’t hold back with it either, at least to me that didn’t look playful.
This must be the same glee she got when she was pulling cosplayer’s tops down, grabbing the breasts of others and shoving items near their genitals.

No. 644391

File: 1551771851792.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1753, DF57E0FD-0946-4C62-9B54-D60EE2…)

What even is this expression??

No. 644392

File: 1551771898042.jpg (3.18 MB, 2320x1547, IMG_9905.JPG.jpg)

Talk about stunted looking

No. 644393

File: 1551772061601.png (3.87 MB, 1800x900, 3EAA5365-D0BC-42C5-98B2-14E58D…)

I can’t unsee it

No. 644395

Must be them narcotics making cupcakes look like the cock she desperately craves.(constant autism)

No. 644397


Her tits are soo saggy look at the sonico and where her boobs are.
I mean yeah she is supporting hers but Mariahs are almost at her belly button(nitpicking)

No. 644399

its the down syndrome face(nitpicking)

No. 644403

I want this as the next thread pic lmao

No. 644404

Aly (?) at least looks normal even if awkward, and doesnt charge insane prices for the same 2 poses and special need expression.

No. 644405

Funny how she doesn’t reply with so much hostility anymore. She has ~*grown~* so much much

No. 644406

Grown wider, yep.( Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 644407

Can the anon who made the thread pic for the last thread work their magic on this set too? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

No. 644416

I second this

No. 644419

This was stupid shit that me and my friends used to do after school.. in middle school. Here Momo is a grown woman with other adult friends acting like dumb teens, right down to wearing her furry ears out to dinner and the grocery store.

It's a wonder she's not been asked to leave places for this. Momo acts exceptional on a normal day but the moment you involve someone with a dick she turns into an aggressive child who yells, smacks, and kicks trying to get their attention. She has no idea how to get attention like a normal person who wants to date (she can't even get friend attention normally, she just flings cash).
It's just bizarre how she functioned like a somewhat normal (if not bullyish) person under her parents and now that she's living alone she's fully reverted back into some sort of special needs weeaboo 13 year old.

No. 644420

I think it was made by someone on KF.

They probably were asked to leave, but Mariah doesn't record her being told to stop acting like a childish asshole. The only time her getting kicked out was ever recorded was when someone else was recording it during her "big" Umineko fan shoot.

No. 644423


She almost always makes a huge stink about being asked to leave places and always accuses the staff of being “so rude and unprofessional”. It’s usually because she is trying to film somewhere that she doesn’t have permission to like at the hotel or at that pirate ship museum. But yes, she doesn’t pull that “so rude and unprofessional” bs when she is obviously doing shit like acting like a stupid teenager and obviously being a public nuisance

No. 644426

Its a good thing Aly is charging only $1 for these, because these are fucking garbage. 7 pictures, two being duplicate poses. I'm sure Mariah is charging $20 for these

No. 644433

File: 1551802347112.png (7.56 MB, 5760x3840, analysis.php.png)

The ELA for this is just beautiful.

No. 644437

File: 1551804131721.gif (623.98 KB, 1000x667, IMG_9877.gif)

Some guesses based on the ELA for the second photo.

No. 644454

anon said last thread, not this one.

No. 644470

I’m glad you liked my art in the last thread to request something like it again lol.
I’ll take a look at the set but it was a muse that hit me and I don’t know if I can capture that magic again.

No. 644476

the thing is that she never functioned as a somewhat normal person as a kid. She was a nightmare. Even close relatives could not stand to be around her.

No. 644490

Can we shut this down before it becomes as overdone as the Onision HDR pics?

No. 644494

File: 1551834153375.jpg (543.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190305-175815_Ins…)

Currently in Red Rock, rolling around on the rocks like some drunk caterpillar, while her more physically fit friends Vamp and Weebking shout at her from atop a small mesa.

You have to assume this outdoorsy shit isn't Mariah's bag. But she needs to chase after that dick, especially since I'm pretty sure Weebking was the one who went to the Muse concert with Vamp a couple of days ago.

No. 644495

she must think these guys are after her but she's just that fat friend who can't see they're the fat friend lol like imagine someone choosing vamps over you…

No. 644496

Shit like this is why it's so funny that she continues to describe herself as "athletic"

No. 644499

>>644495 It must really fuck with Mariah's ego, knowing Vamps was able to get the pipe from Tattoo-kun, and now it appears that Weebking is only around Mariah while Vamps happens to be hanging out with her.

Mariah is the third wheel. Not trying to defend Vamps too much here, but I don't think Vamps is beyond redemption. Mariah, on the other hand, is doomed for eternity, because she's always going to be a disgusting bitch.

No. 644503

Why are we only seeing stuff from vamps' ig? Is Mariah not obsessively documenting her pathetic life anymore?

No. 644504

Vamps out having fun with a guy with Momo in tow is like when you had that one friend as kids whose younger sibling had no friends.
If you asked your friend to come out and play their mom would always say "You can't go unless you take them with you" just to force them to get some interaction because no one wanted to hang out with them.

For Vamps it's "I can't go unless Momo comes with us"

No. 644506

He's probably thinking "well at least she'll buy dinner"

No. 644518

File: 1551847483203.jpeg (120.57 KB, 960x1280, 1cpNqzOk.jpeg)

No. 644519

If he came out to go to a concert, that makes more sense if he doesn't like Moo. He could pretend to come visit her and get a place to stay and free meals

No. 644520

This is straight nightmare fuel

No. 644521

File: 1551847755752.png (222.8 KB, 295x346, vjvjjkvjgj.PNG)


No. 644522

File: 1551848222681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1006.38 KB, 2316x3088, 5FAA0669-5168-4DA1-BE1E-9F1C79…)

yikes that photoshop is atrocious

No. 644523

She has no heart, you think she's gonna know what one looks like?

No. 644524

Why does one eye look bigger than the other?

No. 644528

the terrible blurring on her one nip to try and hide it…. girl we have the screenshots of your whole ass titties and vag for free, no need to be shy for the people who PAY you

No. 644529

File: 1551849029190.png (Spoiler Image, 812 KB, 1102x786, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.1…)

also wtf is going on here

No. 644530


Fupa is what's going on.

No. 644531

File: 1551849288594.jpeg (694.93 KB, 983x1314, A7ABD191-696E-4B5B-812A-3DEA54…)

People paid for this? Seriously?

No. 644532

File: 1551849435086.png (5.62 MB, 1800x1443, BE8771DA-C91E-4ECC-907A-775659…)

This is pretty abysmal even for her.

No. 644539

she couldnt have been bothered to at least fix her stockings, unroll the hem? they could have smoothed some of the cellulite away too

No. 644540

File: 1551850525821.png (622.55 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-05-21-29-11…)

Why am I not surprised she tagged Ricegum? A dude who recorded himself asking a girl if her rape "felt good"

No. 644541

File: 1551850611466.png (580.97 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-03-05-21-30-15…)

>horsing around inside a vape store
>making pig snorting sounds while walking into SushiMon

No. 644544

File: 1551851277240.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 3072x3072, 6F32AF5F-88B6-4F05-ACEA-02C919…)

Yikes. No amount of beauty cam filters could fix her mangled crotch. This really shows how much she photoshops her sets.

No. 644545


This is vile

No. 644548

Daaaaaamn. I remember an anon not too long wondering how she didn't have stretch marks. Well here they are! Some fresh purple ones and deep pits from older ones. Her body is fucked from all the rapid weight gain.

No. 644549

I was going to post these but god knows I didn’t want to crop them close enough. why does a bunny pochaco need the armband? why the nude stockings? why do these pictures look like they need to be attached to an ad on backpages?

No. 644550

File: 1551852719338.jpeg (336.29 KB, 934x1008, FC69EB51-3B7E-416F-A1BC-F2726B…)

Seems to have a fatter eyebag on that side somehow lol

Hot damn, it’s getting to the point where super hard shooping can’t erase them. She seriously looks terrifying here.

No. 644552

Those contacts really fucking creep me out. I can't stand them.

No. 644554

The vertical stretching she did on her eyes doesn't help. She's a textbook example on how not to photoshop/facetune a picture.

No. 644555


Are those fresh stretch marks? Jesus Christ Momo…

No. 644556

File: 1551854546540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.71 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


this is literally the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I saw this image

Moomoo really out here looking like a Silent Hill/PT character with these terrifying shoops

No. 644557

>>644518 Such an unfortunate selection of photos. I guess this is going to be the norm going forward, since the only photographers she has left happen to be an inept cuck, and a tripod that has its own Instagram account. The lack of creative direction is astounding, especially when considering Mariah has been milking neckbeards for about 3 solid years via Patreon.

No. 644559

The r/momokunbutwithoutwk is getting striked for copyright because they're posting her leaked shit. Only a matter of time before she comes here.

Adds fuel to the fact that she must be realizing people dont want to pay for her shit anymore. Must be losing money.

No. 644560

LMAO I had to STUDY this to figure out what you were talking about

how the fuck could she mess up the heart so bad it's two fucking fingers

No. 644562

Samefag her Patreon took a big hit this month too. Shes down from 1070 to 850. Then again she will post some big teaser like "this is my lewdest ever" and it will go up again. How long until people start catching on that she will never go nude? People just keep taking the bait lol.

No. 644563

Lmfaoooooo she included hotel room shots of the Carmen San Diego costume

No. 644564

File: 1551858868128.png (522.63 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-03-05-23-50-10…)

No. 644565

File: 1551859167371.png (544.37 KB, 720x923, Screenshot_2019-03-05-23-58-46…)

No. 644566

What is going on with the bottom of the left (our right) ear? Does she have mange?

No. 644567

It's so obvious she doesn't EVER know the things she's referencing. How can you be so unaware that you fuck up finger hearts.

Actual cat lovers don't say things like "they aren't my children" because they are. Like, at least pretend to be an animal lover well.

No. 644568

Yeesh that's gonna be an interesting set of her trying unsuccessfully to sit in it. It even looks small?

No. 644592

No one paid for this. It's what she GIVES people who pay though lol. Not even the thirstiest of cucks would pay for a photoset like this.

No. 644594


Momo, you don't need this big of a bowl of ramen and unstrained grease. Just get a normal size bowl…

No. 644597

Guys. Shes a fatass, we get it. Stop debating if shes too fat for the chair or not. Thats still nitpicking.

No. 644598

Your response is nitpicking, get over it. If the purpose of her photoset involves the props in question, especially to look sexy, people will point it out.

No. 644600

People complain whether she shops or when she doesn’t. Y’all are hard to please in here LOL

But, those stretch marks are newer. I have stretch marks and they don’t look anywhere near that because those are def new.

No. 644606

tbh, I dont think its the fact that she overshoops or not, its the audacity of this cow.
She screams body positivity muh dudes and then proceeds to give herself hourglass shaped waist when with other costhots in collabs and she clearly is shaped more like a cilinder.

No. 644610

all her cattleya pics are the SAME PIC with a slightly variation. i'm baffled.

No. 644611

>Actual cat lovers don't say things like "they aren't my children" because they are

That's dumb. You can love cats and still recognize that there's a difference between having cats and having human children.

No. 644615

Like her cosplays, she spouts a bunch of fake love bullshit about "her precious babies". She couldn't give a single shit about those cats. We see her acting like an ass more than we see her giving any attention to her cats. She documents everything, but not once has she shown that she plays with them beyond the rare forced affection and wrestling.

No. 644616

So like is saying "I can't wait to shoot x!" code for "y'all won't see this costume again"? Shes said this about 5 costumes this past year and we never see them again lol

No. 644620

File: 1551901999334.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2316x3088, 9B2F6EC7-E556-46DB-8393-2888E0…)

Can't believe idiots really pay money for this. A shitty phone picture of her standing there in her hotel room with her vape and dirty shoes and clothes on the floor. Then this bitch has the audacity to talk about how hard she works for her fans lmao

No. 644630

File: 1551904383376.png (1.22 MB, 971x591, 5C28CF38-3F45-459F-AD87-34896D…)

How did I not notice before that this accessory was being held up with safety pins? Such class…

No. 644634

File: 1551906029358.jpeg (716.78 KB, 750x1068, 540A8CB4-F155-446F-B80D-389B1F…)

she never stopped to catch her breath you guys she was just focusing on her meditation

No. 644635

>sells porn to neckbeards

No. 644638

Every time she tries to sound smart, she sounds dumber than before. Does she even know what an organism is? She makes it obvious that she looked this stuff up and mashed it all together.

No. 644643

>ThErE's So MuCh bEaUtY aRoUnD Us
>buys fast fashion and eats out all the time
>horses around in public places, destroying other people's property
>doesn't care when she hurts other people

No. 644644

File: 1551907449212.png (568.3 KB, 750x1334, BC6013DC-50BA-4AD7-A530-AC6370…)

planning and booking a trip to the uk. does anyone know any of the notable uk costhots she might work with?

No. 644646


great. it's already "mate" this and "mate" that with her in that obnoxious fake accent, it's gonna be so much worse after a trip to merry old england.

No. 644647

Belle Delphine.

No. 644650

File: 1551909272602.png (664.36 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-51-06…)

Is happy Sensei brought home the loudspeaker she used to make fun of Dangrrrdoll.

No. 644651


God this would be so milky if true. Would Belle even work with her or is she finding a new target to skin walk/stalk?

No. 644652

File: 1551909496948.png (1.35 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-57-20…)

No. 644653

I was about to post that. It comes to show you that Mariah is a really shitty person for stealing ideas. I still don’t think it should hold gabby back on who she wants to cosplay though.

No. 644654

File: 1551910933898.png (63.94 KB, 1080x316, 1551395769931.png)

Taken from the Belle thread, they seem to be on quite friendly terms

No. 644656

Whatever drugs she's on, they seem to be doing the trick.

No. 644663

File: 1551914566356.png (127.98 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_2019-03-06-15-22-22…)

Lvlup is in April

No. 644665

I thought she was going to Sakura-con? It's the weekend before Lvlup.

No. 644677

I guess she didn’t learn anything from EVO. The Vegas con community wants nothing to do with her. I seriously doubt anyone will confront her despite plenty of people she burned being there, but for sure there will be a lot of talking behind her back and plenty of candid shots.

No. 644687

File: 1551921028065.png (677.15 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-06-17-07-57…)

The mice are returning

No. 644688

File: 1551921063161.png (959.46 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-03-06-17-08-10…)

No. 644689

File: 1551921221196.png (887 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-06-17-08-29…)

No. 644690

>>644687 It's a new month, therefore she's going to put the slaves to work on whatever garbage she plans on wearing.

>>644663 I wonder how much these travel expenses are setting her back? Japan and the United Kingdom within a span of three months seems a little extravagant. I know this bitch likes to flex, but I can't possibly imagine she's as financially comfortable as she claims to be. Especially if she's paying for her dumbass pals to tag along.

>>644634 It hurts my brain whenever I read something as preten