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File: 1552182205707.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 4E5AD599-9D24-440B-A356-F6B478…)

No. 645271

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>638627

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad (currently disabled), btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.
> got get main Instagram disabled for a brief time yet again, likely due to violating terms of service with her near-nudity
> said she didn’t wear Howl to Katsucon because she didn’t want to rush the costume and will shoot in SF or Vegas
> was on a brief legging-reviewing crusade accusing companies of fat-shaming for not offering larger sizes and using low quality materials
> claimed on IG Goku’a VA Sean Schemmel called her mother because people used software to fake her mother’s number on caller ID on calls harassing him. These IG stories were swiftly deleted.
> silver extensions already gone
> got an enormous tattoo of a yellow rose for Umineko
> bought a weird pod chair to do a new version of Android 18 in
> has taken to hitting her crush with sticks until he bleeds
> posted about a bunch of fictional characters for Intl Women’s Day using photos of her own cosplay
> going to London in May for a collab and Japan this month.

Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 645273

File: 1552182851332.jpg (524.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190309-195252_Ins…)

No. 645279

In general, I refuse to trust any piece of literature that can't spell "Common".

No. 645280

Samefag, but book description from Amazon:

>>An even handed and humorous approach to incorporating ancient zen principles into modern societies. Is your head up your ass? Either you know it is, you think it isn't, or it's not. This volume was designed to condense over a decade of complicated and painful spiritual growth into a 30 minute easy to read book, which will provide you with ample information to find that breath of fresh air you may not have realized is so important. Not everyone is self centered and unaware of the power a loving heart holds. If you are already a conscious creator, this work will compliment your journey by inspiring and encouraging you to delve deeper into your unearthed potential. Expand your capacity to love, laugh, and let go of everything, you never had it to begin with. Whether you are rich or poor, your spirit will always be starving for growth. Feed your soul and read on.

$7.50 for 26 pages.

No. 645287

At first I thought it was a play on words to try to make it about being a mom, but no, looks like it's just misspelled.
Is she trying to get on sensei's dick again?

No. 645290

This is literally a book written by Sensei I'm ROLLING

No. 645293

File: 1552188983169.gif (602.45 KB, 250x243, tumblr_nf264jGqCP1s0l435o4_250…)

Wow. Its never been more yikes and cringe.
I see Moo was the model for the cover

No. 645296

Are you kidding? That's insane. He's as deluded as she is.

No. 645298

File: 1552189606997.png (768.17 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2019-03-09-19-45-10…)

Nope. Its him. Shes mentioned his name before on her social so

No. 645301

File: 1552190924194.png (1006.21 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2019-03-09-20-07-57…)

This looks horrible tight. I hope she returns it

No. 645303

The purpose is to show off her saggy tits, she won't return it because its doing its job.

No. 645305

God, it’s so wrinkled and everything too. Like she wore it straight from the package. It also just looks impossibly wide, wider than she already is. I know she’s deluded, but at what point will she stop and think “maybe this doesn’t look right”.

No. 645306

Op you got the wrong previous thread.

No. 645307

If you told me that you had found this on a deviantart fetish page, I would've believed you 100%.

C'mon Mariah. No one looks like this.

No. 645311

These sorts of ruffled tops are - generally - used by gals with smaller busts to create the illusion of a larger chest. It looks… BIZARRE to say the least.

Also, curios, what about this is sushi? Other than the colouring of the ears, nothing in particular screams Sushi?? Could she not have gotten some considering it seems to be one of her favourite foods? She could have done a tacky faux BJ shot with a roll?
Maybe I just dont understand the art of the lewd.

No. 645312

She's just lazy. I wouldnt think too much into it

No. 645313

File: 1552192981724.png (784.84 KB, 712x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-09-20-37-42…)

Fupachan came home

No. 645314

Yeah sorry my bad. Like I said first time doing it. No one else seemed keen so I tried it — if I do it again I’ll be more careful.

No. 645325

File: 1552197557827.png (1.31 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-09-21-53-24…)

Update on Mai commission

No. 645326

File: 1552197714737.png (557.27 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-09-21-53-55…)

No. 645327

File: 1552197852919.png (1.09 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-09-21-54-07…)

No. 645328

Quadrupling down on the sakura motif I see

No. 645329

File: 1552197964792.png (963.05 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-09-21-54-12…)

No. 645330

Jesus, that looks bad. You can even see the cardboard lines inside the loop

No. 645332

no one wants to look like this either. she looks fucking weird. her body here looks like those gross fetish hentai moms with the tiny heads.

No. 645337

the rhinestones are killing me, thats so tacky

No. 645339

I actually didn’t even notice the tail at first. So many miss matched oranges and stripes. Not to mention the white comforter drowns out the tail more than her outfit. I feel like a “seaweed” outfit would have been more clever. Like a deep green tube dress or something.

But whatever. Shrimp cat is cute too I guess.

No. 645340

File: 1552205004389.png (201.06 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-03-10-03-02-06.p…)

Found the size chart that striped mess

No. 645342

File: 1552205744332.jpg (668.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190310-031558_Ins…)

No. 645347

I find it hard to believe that anyone can be happy in a friendship that involves one party constantly asking for last minute costume pieces. Even if Antares is getting paid a pretty penny for the costumes no way this isn't taking a toll.

No. 645351

>>645347 It's just the idea that Moo has the nerve to say she works so hard on a monthly basis, when in reality she only spends about 3 days per month doing anything which would be considered "work" in her book, and all that consists of are a few uninspired photo sets.

Moo is completely inept at making cosplays, and yet she manages to keep this charade alive because people refuse to see things for how they are. She's a fraud, but fools and their money are soon parted.

No. 645353

File: 1552214805282.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, D8CC6ED4-67AC-4507-80C8-16CB04…)

No. 645355

I hope he changes that terrible shoop job too 'cause yikes!! That's unfortunate.

Is it just me or did she attempt to smooth out her chest crease too??

No. 645358

All these rhinestones make it look like a cheap Taobao costume. Great job!

No. 645363

>>645353 Changed the lighting to what, exactly? A bug zapper? She doesn't even look human in this picture due to the excessive photoshop.

No. 645364

File: 1552219684132.jpeg (181.87 KB, 750x1227, F3B3FB27-F45D-4E3E-9411-58BA76…)

No. 645366

File: 1552219744795.jpeg (224.15 KB, 750x1009, EBA2892D-9C23-4E7B-9F3A-DCFBD6…)

No. 645367

>>645366 It's been said, but she doesn't talk like someone who was the victim of any form of sexual assault. In fact, she doesn't speak like someone who has actually had sex at all.

No. 645369

Could you imagine being such a retard that you sexualise the action of somebody tying rope around you?
The same way cuffs can be used in bed, just the action of being cuffed isnt inherently sexual or "erotic" to say the least and the way she talks about it would have made me so fucking uncomfortable if i were Antares?
You're not relinquishing controll or anything of such means, i mean i hate degenerate bdsm shit but she really doesnt understand context and shes talking about it like shes tied naked abt to get fingerbanged by her seamstress but "totes not a predator my dudes!"

No. 645370

It's supposed to look like that? Jfc Moo stretched it out skin tight.

I wondered that too, especially after the Umineko shitfest. I guess Moo lovebombing her like in >>645366 is convincing enough for her to stay being friends, other than for the money.

No. 645371

I would be creeped tf out if a 'friend' posted about me in this manner. She's WORKING, moo. No one is feeling sensual and relaxed while trussing up your hog body.

No. 645378

Could you imagine being such a retard that you equate "relaxing" and "meditation" with sexualisation? Of course it would have made you uncomfortable, because you inferred a sexual connotation where none is mentioned… then you go on to claim that you hate "degenerate bdsm shit" (lolwut?) but you are the one who read that post and conjured up an image of someone "about to get fingerbanged by her seamstress"

Are you OK? Do you need someone to talk to about the confusing feelings you're clearly repressing?

No. 645379

Momokun is going to smash that Christmas bauble in record time. All that bare minimum work for nothing.

No. 645384

File: 1552235062700.png (910.82 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_2019-03-10-09-19-24…)

>number one guys
>not posting her actual catchphrase

No. 645385

so how did she manage to cinch like that? any opinions?

No. 645387

File: 1552235347379.jpg (19.7 KB, 629x304, CyDuUi-XcAA6TfM.jpg)

she shouldn't mirror the pic because folding her 'kimono' to that side is something only do for dead people

No. 645388

File: 1552235593028.png (473.55 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2019-03-10-09-30-48…)

The obi is laced my dude

No. 645389

File: 1552235618441.png (803.72 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_2019-03-10-09-30-58…)

No. 645390

File: 1552235734383.png (868.52 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-03-10-09-31-10…)

No. 645391

Skinwalking jessica again. Nigel always posts selfies like that. What a copy cat.

No. 645394

File: 1552237930121.png (725.62 KB, 562x750, post_file (25).png)

No. 645395

File: 1552237983666.png (659.18 KB, 563x750, post_file (24).png)

>Mar 10 at 5:21am

>Messy bathroom lol

No. 645396


It’s a rope she tied so you can make money off more fetish bullshit you don’t even partake in correctly. Heavy fucking eye roll

No. 645398

Man I can’t imagine being that close to Moo’s crotch

No. 645401

I really hope Moo is basically supporting this girl with her commissions because she's not going to get other ones due to her connection with Moo. But I have a sinking feeling she's not paying her super well.

No. 645402

Cat always looks angry when she's with Moo. I second this opinion. Honestly, it seems like they're both undereducated trying to show off their knowledge when they're both baby birds learning to fly. Cat has already been deemed a scammer.

No. 645403

All that airbrush, yet she couldn't slim down her ham arm. It breaks the illusion of thin and fit

No. 645406

She didn't pay Will-O-Wisps with one of the commissions, then AX happened so it was scrapped

No. 645410

I'm crying wtf it looks like she mirrored them all besides the bts post. Whyyy

No. 645411

She does in some versions (KOF 14, SNK Heroines) but its the wrong type of flower. The rhinestones are cheap looking and too excessive.

No. 645414

that pic is obviously shoop'd to shit. compare it with >>645394 and it looks like shit.

No. 645415

Chubby toddler legs.

No. 645416

File: 1552245685196.jpg (35.1 KB, 640x960, mei.jpg)

I wonder how long before she will want to do this version of Mei.

No. 645417


Silly anon, moo doesn't think cool tones suit Mei

No. 645418

She will now, it ticks all of mooriah's boxes:
1. Potential to show tits.
2. Shows off (Mooriah's) flat ass.
3. Mei.
4. See's potential to crawl her way back into a fandom.

No. 645420

true, i have been fooled like one of her neckbeards. i didn't think about shop because the lines of the obi aren't all fucked up

No. 645422

plus one side of her obi is flat where the other has a deep dig into it

No. 645426

still, they shoop'd out alot of her fat. if you look again, you'll see that the bottom half of the obi just kind of disappears in >>645384 it just looks like it's floating over her gut.

No. 645429


These supposed lighting techniques that were suggested by Squarecuck probably make it a hell of a lot easier to photoshop everything. The brightness is so intense, it smoothes everything out.

That being said, I've never seen Mai as a dirty blonde before,as evidenced in these two photos. Way too much rendering. And the red background might make shopping less of a hassle, but it doesn't make the costume pop at all. This just looks like more basic bitch shit.

No. 645430

File: 1552250333723.jpg (267.1 KB, 698x1691, 849489489.jpg)

also with her mirroring it the flowers end up at the wrong side. dumb bitch.

No. 645432

How does this girl not get embarrassed about the outfit being too short and no panties?

No. 645435

I see shes not even doin the top around the arms. This whole this is hilariously inaccurate.

No. 645436

The ability to feel shame generally requires being able to think about others. As we've seen repeatedly, this cow only thinks about others in terms of what she can get from them. She doesn't care about anything but getting asspats so of course she has no ability to feel shame. She's such a broken wreck of a person.

No. 645440

Having a complete and total lack of self awareness helps.

No. 645441

Did she just buy, like, red and black knit socks? Uhm, what? Also, what is her leg doing in the back, behind antares. It looks like its bending out of shape

No. 645443

nice sperg but antares does shibari, she has a section for it on her insta. Shibari IS sexual. She has "rope bunnies" (a word for rope submissives/those who are tied by that rope master) If I were her, and ignoring how I felt about Moo, this would be nothing but complimentary had I known the photos were going public.

No. 645444

Cat has started doing shibari this past year, she hasn't "been doing" shit.

No. 645451

no anon you are wrong, she didn't do the ropes around the arms because she is doing amazing lewd shibari instead

No. 645455

File: 1552260807466.png (2.82 MB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_03-10-06.31.45.png)

It's pretty funny how the skirt doesn't line up with the top imo

No. 645456

File: 1552261008203.jpg (41.58 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1552260853847.jpg)

Is that her areola completely on show?
Keeping it classy Mariah, keeping it classy.

No. 645457

No white hair bow
No arm rope
Wig too light
Fan way too small
Red disappearing into red background
The whole anatomy of the dress-the cut length &sizes of trim, everything is way off
&the wrong flowers&rhinestones
Will she claim this as an oc too or say it's inspired or a test?? "As long as it looks good from 5ft away" should be "it's fine if i can edit the crap outta it"

No. 645458

Is she reusing her Quiet/Tifa wig? All that flexing &she poorly recycles wigs without bothering to style it correctly cheap lazy cunt

No. 645461

gotta wonder how it feels when your "cosplay" makes it look like someone draped a crayon-scribbled red napkin over your hotdog water-scented gunch. so glad i can't relate

nothing about this is accurate lol

No. 645462

What's your obsession saying she smells like hotdog water

No. 645464


It's just so bad. Maybe I have an issue with the original design lol but like, it's supposed to be a sexy kimono??? It just looks so unwearable. And what is covering her ass? I can't tell from any of these photos

No. 645465

wig is also wrong, part should be in the middle and wrong color.

No. 645466

this is one of the very few times i post in moo threads (i lurk most of the time) and my first time saying she smells like hotdog water, and it's because she, uh, looks like she smells like hotdog water.

not sure what kinda answer you were hoping for or why you assumed i post about it frequently but there you go.

personally, i dunno why she hasn't been blacklisted at conventions like vic. is it because she doesn't have the same level of notoriety as him? she's been discouraged from attendance but has she ever been outright banned from a con?

No. 645467

Stop being so pissy about it. Everyone says it. It's funny/stupid. Get over it
Another cosplay she'll never wear outside her house because it would be a snatch-flashing disaster

No. 645469

she does look like that, anon is just a stick in the mud. moo looks like she was just pulled out of a pan of hot water in like every pic. she's just so…pink.

No. 645473

File: 1552266315384.jpg (263.16 KB, 562x750, fatcow.jpg)

it honestly is incredibly odd looking since cat is covering it up but following the lines already provided in the pic i believe her leg is doing this
her Tifa wig would have been a closer color tbh but it's not in a ponytail like the Quiet wig already is. gotta love that procrastination

No. 645474

The wig is the wrong brown. Also she cant even do the style right. Mai has parted bangs its not hard to do or even take that long. Shows the laziness of this cosplay

No. 645476

There's a huge comic con in May in the London, England called MCM, the cosplay community and group page for that con already detests her and she's not even from the country, rather hoping she tries to attend during her trip because she will be strung up in no time.

No. 645477


Her fate tattoo is on display but her cheese rose has been mysteriously absent since the tattoo appointment

No. 645479

You can see here though… >>645456

She was complaining of it being itchy in an IG story last night.

No. 645481

She looks… distressingly pale?

Why did she mirror it in the first place??

Theyd be so easy to edit out I dont understand why she doesnt considering how much shoop these photos go thru

No. 645483

This is some borderline 50 Shades of Grey shit written by someone who clearly hasn't had sex in ages or never has. It's a fucking rope Moo, by the wording alone it sounds like the same way she talks about Vamp. Everyone is her closest and most treasured friend at this rate. Moo has to sexualise and make everything sound sensual, like it's a one of a kind experience in no matter what she talks about. She needs help.

No. 645484

I was just thinking about how we haven't seen it

No. 645486

File: 1552270162936.jpg (34.56 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1552270052091.jpg)

This looks like she was trying to blur out her fupa with the side shadow

No. 645487

File: 1552270191306.png (544.08 KB, 720x834, Screenshot_2019-03-10-19-08-27…)

No. 645489

File: 1552271220701.jpg (28.65 KB, 400x400, 1Ca3ILkN_400x400.jpg)

Moo is always so impulsive. She can't decide who will inevitably commission her shit like a month or two in advance. She has to have it like, yesterday.
She barely does anything anymore. Just wants to flex clout gear on her fatass and get complements on her photos. She works for nothing.

No. 645491

Was it just me, or was the size of those hand covers as big as snow mits? They look so tiny on her hands, are they folded up? Surely her hands aren't that huge?

No. 645492

what is with that "i just made a huge poop" pose, couldn't she do some research about the character, jesus

No. 645495

>>645492 Her research is strictly limited to spying on other costhots and ripping off characters, poses, or other ideas. She has no knowledge when it comes to fighting games. She's clueless when it comes to her beloved Smash and DBZ franchises even.

No. 645501

File: 1552276262089.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 1368BDB1-26A7-4718-80FF-11CDE7…)

I know it’s just an airsoft rifle but still, yikes.

No. 645503

From this pic, I’m not convinced there is something covering her ass. That’s a frightening thought.

No. 645504

Yeesh. Why is she so proud of having incels for fans?

No. 645507


yikes. this is a really unflattering pose for her. I'm continuously shocked at how many terrible photos she lets see the light of day.

No. 645511


Lol cannot wait for her stupid ass "OC" keychain to block the triger and her get pounded by 700 rounds of paint cause style over function right? the fuck outta here moo you poseur

No. 645512

You do know that isn't her holding the gun and that's a dude, right? She's replying to a tagged story on Instagram.

No. 645518


No. 645519

File: 1552288101576.png (747.84 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-11-00-06-33…)

Is Moo going to cosplay Ace?

No. 645520

File: 1552288139789.png (622.52 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-11-00-06-57…)

Life Alert

No. 645521

In B4 moo spergs out about one piece and how shirahoshi is her bb

No. 645538

It just looks like "my first cosplay" level work, those flowers look terrible.

iirc, some person who was near her at a booth one con many, many years ago made a remark about her smelling like "hotdog water". The term "hotdog water" has been used for years, it's just a joke that people can relate to, especially Mariah.

No. 645549

File: 1552325442524.jpg (79.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She really is channeling the granny from the commercial isn't she? I can't imagine why Sensei puts up with her.

No. 645551

The same reason why any of her "friends" and fuckbois put up with her, she spends her big money on them and provides them with goodies so they feel appreciated by her.

No. 645552

I hate Moo as much as the rest of y'all, but this might be one of the only cosplays she's ever done that's halfway decent. Yeah it has some inaccuracies but my bar is so low for Moo that I'm actually impressed this looks as good as it does, lol. It's not ears and a towel for fucking once.

No. 645553

I was kinda shocked the wig doesn't look like 100% shit, it's actually clean, not frizzy, and not dry shampooed to an early death.

No. 645554

It's because Cat was there brushing it

No. 645555

True, but we all know Moo has made her own "alterations" to things others has done for her in the past - like shit KBBQ did for her that shit stripped and repainted and it looked like ass. So it's not out of the question she'd go and destroy it after Cat worked on it lmao

No. 645556

Be impressed with Cat, not Moo. Moo didn't make any of it. If Cat wasn't there, Moo would have added useless, tacky things that would have made it look worse.

No. 645559

True! I guess it seems like a marked improvement to me that she's letting someone else handle all of it and its ~almost~ good as a result lol

No. 645560

Lets be real, Moo wouldn’t have even done this cosplay because she would still be at the stage of posting unsourced fanart in her insta story and saying “HOW DO” on each one.

No. 645562

File: 1552330770341.jpg (29.6 KB, 750x174, vMUai4x.jpg)

Crosspost but for context:
Kelly Eden went with her cousin out to a abandoned Nazi building that was heavily graffiti'd. She kept on making Nazi jokes and using inappropriate edits in her now deleted video. Moo commented on her now deleted instagram post showing a excerpt of the YT video.

No. 645563

File: 1552331207374.jpg (48.81 KB, 640x360, boohbah.jpg)

out here lookin' like a damn boohbah

No. 645564

now that's a cosplay she'd actually look good in!

No. 645565

Its really obvious that Cat probably just hot glued the bottom bit to the belt, which is just really laughable.

No. 645566

Real talk, I really do think Antares has the ability to be a really good costume maker. If she takes her time and is able to hone her craft. The problem is, all she ever does are these rushed af pieces that always look terrible.

I know an anon said Moo is probably not paying them much, but I disagree. I think Moo is paying all of the people around her A LOT. Thats why they put up with it. When all the Castle Corsetry scandal went down, CC was very open about the fact she wasn't going to turn Moo down for her commission because she was getting paid a lot for it. CC put her entire reputation on the line because of what Moo was willing to pay her.

No. 645569

Last time I checked there were a couple of comments calling her out for skinwalking Nigri and now they're gone hahaha

No. 645571

File: 1552335107130.png (133.56 KB, 720x863, Screenshot_2019-03-11-13-10-57…)

No. 645574

File: 1552335868122.png (67.03 KB, 720x372, Screenshot_2019-03-11-13-24-00…)

>costume designer
Fucking where

No. 645575

File: 1552336778845.jpeg (693.45 KB, 782x1061, BBC81DF9-F853-40B0-9C6B-EDDA44…)

Judging from the big bag of glue sticks, you’re probably right.

No. 645579

File: 1552340703033.jpg (867.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-164447_Ins…)

No. 645580

Still taking credit for other people’s work, I see.

People are too stupid, lazy, or apathetic to see how obvious it is that Moo MAKES NOTHING.

No. 645582

>i love hoarding cats and letting other people take care of them while i travel around

have fun in the uk or whatever you cunt

No. 645583

This bitch is serious going to become a crazy cat lady. She is gonna have like 10 cats by the end of the year.

No. 645584

I thought I was in the Raven Sparks thread for a second. Yikes.

No. 645585

When the cash stops flowing she’ll just give them to a pound like no big deal.

No. 645588

“I love kittens so much it hurts”
yeah? have we found the problem? she loves them most as kittens and as soon as they’re out of that phase (guzma to the foster kitten to bernie to now this one) she wants another one

No. 645589

File: 1552343968809.jpg (729.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-171556_Ins…)

No. 645593

>cause you know how I am about kitties

Yeah, neglectful. What's one more to the neglected pile of cats you already ignore.

No. 645596

File: 1552345473764.jpg (612.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-180452_Ins…)

No. 645597

crazy cat ladies you see on tv at least TRY to take care of their cats… moo just buys one kitten after the other and once they're out of their baby-phase she neglects them and treats them like shit (not saying that she cares that well for her cats at ANY time, but it gets worse once they grow up)

concerning her going to a UK con: I'm a eurofag and not even from an english speaking country, but I know cosplayers and even random anime fans from about 6 European countries who hate Moo… she'll have to travel to another galaxy to find a con that accepts her

No. 645598

File: 1552346124470.png (574.35 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_2019-03-11-16-14-42…)

Being a UNIQUE and HARD WORKING cosplayer must be tiring

No. 645599

is it cowtipping if I ask her whether she's on disability benefits? don't wanna insult disabled people here but she looks like someone with down syndrome who just discovered that porn exists

No. 645600

File: 1552346431631.png (1.26 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-11-16-16-30…)

Another ragdoll

No. 645601

…which she probably bought from a breeder. No person who actually loves cats or animals in general would buy pure-bred cats from breeders, especially no races that are prone to diseases
But I suppose Moo doesn't see cats as living creatures but as another fancy accessory, like her rancid fanny pack

No. 645602

File: 1552347990788.png (1.01 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-03-11-16-16-50…)

No. 645603

File: 1552348010127.jpg (627.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-184713_Ins…)

No. 645604

File: 1552348083181.png (67.44 KB, 714x432, Screenshot_2019-03-11-16-17-13…)

No. 645605

Oh man she's going to cross over into pet hoarder territory

No. 645606

momo fans are so stupid i can't tell if they're trolling or legit horny for her boob vein

No. 645609

This poor little guy. Mariah barely takes care of herself, she shouldn't be trusted with a baby animal ever.

No. 645610

File: 1552349353544.png (634.27 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-06-50…)

Someone smoke sativa lately?

No. 645611

File: 1552349383248.png (233.14 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-07-07…)

No. 645612

File: 1552349494015.png (307.9 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-07-11…)

No. 645613

Kittens can't get away.

No. 645614

File: 1552349593063.png (335.78 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-07-16…)

No. 645615

File: 1552349752575.png (1.12 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-07-27…)

I wonder if she got this rag doll from the same place she got Guzma. Yknow the place that had overfilled litter boxes and cats in too small cages?

No. 645616

File: 1552349964231.png (1.18 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-18-25…)

No. 645617

Can she not afford to put her cats food and water into real dishes? Wtf are those, old cream cheese containers and plastic plates??? What even lol

No. 645619

She thought those Wicke POV sets conveyed “emotion”? Lol sure jan.

No. 645620

Someone she was sexually active with? Who talks like that?

No. 645621

>someone I was sexually active with
>there’s a lot of emotion

Tbh, if I didn’t know about Mariah’s past dickscapades, I’d think she’s a virgin by the way she talks about sex and her being unable to do provocative poses successfully. As for emotion? She looks fucking dead in her Wicke and Mei photos with KBBQ. Wicke looked like a plastic robot while Mei? Well, that image of him pulling down her pants looked like he was readying something for the trash. You know the one.

No. 645622

File: 1552351190899.png (780.79 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-36-44…)

No. 645624

File: 1552351458506.png (488.05 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-36-50…)

I think she is the type to only have anal because pussy is for men who put a ring on it.

Also she scrolled this list and it was long

No. 645625

File: 1552351530867.png (930.4 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-37-12…)

No. 645627

File: 1552351592034.png (905.74 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-37-18…)

Not bringing Aly, her sister from another mister?

No. 645628

File: 1552351688579.png (909.07 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-37-31…)

No. 645629

File: 1552351784882.png (827.34 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-37-35…)

No. 645630

File: 1552351969432.png (988.42 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-48-15…)

No. 645631

File: 1552352071940.png (972.16 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-48-27…)

No. 645632

File: 1552352180858.png (900.54 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-54-00…)

No. 645633

File: 1552352296406.png (983.75 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-54-05…)

No. 645634

File: 1552352398505.png (880.22 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-54-10…)

No. 645635

File: 1552352517593.png (887.49 KB, 717x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-11-17-58-03…)

No. 645637

File: 1552354182893.png (1.07 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-11-18-27-56…)

Cat returning Moo's "bondage gear"

No. 645638

Bitch what the fuck

Is this her idea of spoiling them?? Taking them on trips seems like something that would stress them out. And lmao at “feed them all kinds of food” what the fuck does that even mean??

If nick is her in house cat sitter then I’m wondering what she did when she went to Japan.

No. 645639

She never takes them outside the house. Throughout the 2 years she even made herself public, how many times have we seen the cats outside? When Jaeda was poisoned by Moo's cosplay product fumes? When Guzma was adopted from the shady shopping mall?

No. 645640

It's so cute how moo lies to herself and her followers ahahaha.

No. 645642

Try? Bitch, it's your job.

No. 645643

She's already a monster without doing a cosplay of any character.

Even the creeps love Vein-chan

No. 645644

Someone who hasn't been laid in like two years min.

No. 645645

… that's not her place, anon. That's the breeders place. Which makes me think >>645615 might be right.

I probably sound like I'm hating on you for not knowing, but I'm mostly just disgusted with the people she associates with…

No. 645646

Iirc she used to take Guzma out and about a lot. Which honestly isn't good for most cats since they can be easily upset by car rides or too many people.
Basically she's only "spoiled" Guzma because he was a kitten but now he's an adult and old news to her

No. 645647

File: 1552357345388.png (1.04 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-18-45…)

No. 645648

File: 1552357398790.png (1.22 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-19-02…)

No. 645649

File: 1552357507937.png (1.21 MB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-19-18…)

No. 645650

File: 1552357737058.png (1.2 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-19-43…)

Thriving with a string of acne above her brow

No. 645651

>>645649 She swears like a sailor and acts like a petulant child no matter where she goes in public, and she thinks she's worthy of a gentleman?

People with class and taste aren't going to lower their standards for your rabid walrus ass, Moo.

All of these Q&A responses are fucking loony. I didn't think this much bullshit could come out of someone's mouth, and I've seen the Jussie Smollett scandal.

No. 645652

And I'm sure most guys don't want someone who's going to beat them with a stick or have minimal personal hygiene

No. 645653

I’ve been here since around thread 60 and can count on less than one hand the amount of times I’ve seen her sperge about her cats. The level of delusion she lives is mind-blowing. People meme about how cats are self-sufficient but she literally left two brand-new babies alone while she fucked off to who knows where and let yet another one loose on the street. I lost both my cats recently so it especially grinds me seeing her use these animals as accessories. Watch her have to deal with losing Guzma or any of them because of how she treats them.

No. 645654

wait, i thought nick had a dog?…fuck nick's dog, i guess.

what the fuck mariah

No. 645655

This makes me want to throw up. Literally sounds like a politician trying to cover up something that was found out about them because it was published in the paper [and no Moo, meaning it is something true]. Its very disingenuine.

No. 645656

Anon you're literally dramatizing it. The cat got out when they were moving into the house which, tbh, happens a lot even if you are careful. Cats are super fast and will dart in the blink of an eye. Accidents happen. On top of that, Collete was watching the two cats. They weren't just alone and even then all you need to do is check in on them probably 3 times a day.

Im pissed she's getting another cat because she's never home to watch them, but guys seriously. She's not abusing them, throwing them around. She's feeding them, playing with them, and they have each other for company. Even Jaeda seems to tolerate Guzma now and he leaves her alone because he has that other black cat. It's not that drama aside from her just never being around, so why have so many?

No. 645657

File: 1552358934193.png (1.1 MB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-46-00…)

Oh god

No. 645658

She hella sent that to herself. She wouldve been putting this on blast a long time ago if someone from school started following her.

No. 645659

I also want to add it literally is the way she types and talks.

No. 645660

Moo, stop sending yourself asks. It’s embarrassing.

No. 645662

File: 1552359375469.png (996.95 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-11-19-55-31…)

Are you sure its not when you left Nana in the heat?

No. 645663

in what fucking universe would Leon actually work with her

No. 645664

It certainly was the best day when shit blew up during AX last year when you got called out, right Moo? Good times.

No. 645666

File: 1552361213274.png (930.52 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-20-22-25…)

Funny because she only did one photo with him at Katsu and she looked mortified

No. 645667

File: 1552361259571.png (1.02 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-11-20-22-36…)

No. 645668

File: 1552361425934.png (702.02 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-11-20-22-43…)

some other q&a include:
>she wanted to get into cosplay because she liked bringing characters to life
>is "cookie cutter pansexual" but doesnt like being put into a box
>says Cat told her her astro sign is moon of Virgo, Cancer

No. 645669

File: 1552361434029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.38 KB, 640x905, female-predator-human-female-f…)

You mean over Skype classes? lmao

That was the best 4th of July, I can't wait for more vendetta's.

do it you coward

No. 645670

File: 1552361507364.jpg (645.1 KB, 1564x1431, 20190311_231845.jpg)

No. 645671

File: 1552361628064.png (593.88 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-20-31-42…)

>is against piracy
>literally told someone just now to pirate Umineko on KissAnime or pay 200 dollars for the series
>somehow can see into the future and say shes pretty busy for October 2019 but will try to make NYCC

No. 645673

She showed stolen anime a thread or two ago, but no one noticed. I wasn't here for like a month, or I would've noted it for you guys.

>she uses KissAnime

y i k e s

No. 645676

>female predator cosplay

Well, she is a sexual predator in real life already…

>Mariah claiming to be pansexual

Bullshit. Most people who claim this aren’t and just want attention points like her. She’s one of those fake pans people that claim they’re “mostly” into men but only really only want the D. Vagana would gross her out. She looks uncomfortable AF in suggestive photos with other women.

No. 645678

File: 1552364530455.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, B68E90FC-06ED-486B-8C66-B13E49…)

>reverse cowgirl

No. 645679

In what universe is it possible to be more up your own ass than this?

No. 645680

>i'm passionate and talented


No. 645681

pretty sure she herself sent this from another account

No. 645682

You could not be more wrong if you were moo herself posting this.

No. 645683

You can literally send yourself the questions on the account you posted the Q&A on. It lets you reply to them as if someone else sent them all the time no matter what.

No. 645684

She really doesn't abuse her cats, but Ill leave it at that as to not derail.

No. 645685

Neglect is more accurate, albeit that's just a specific type of abuse, imo.

Does anyone know how long Senpai is living with her? Or we just know that he currently is.

No. 645687

File: 1552367581806.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, C705DFBF-DEED-44FE-9C44-4C0D4B…)

not even gonna start on this

No. 645688

i want a husky hur dur fuck the non breed dogs dying all over shelters am i right moo?
no one who truly loves animals cares about breed this much

is it nigri on the left?

i was wondering if she can see who sent her the questions too?

No. 645689

File: 1552367606266.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 76687DEE-BE59-482C-A41B-39026F…)

or this

No. 645690

Covers the breast sucking and not the full on penis exploding. gg momo.

No. 645691

Yes, it's jnig.

No. 645692

Yes you can see who sends them. It even warns you when sending them in.

No. 645693

yes you can see who sent them but when you post the reply it doesn’t show >>645690
god I didn’t even notice it posting it

No. 645694

File: 1552368212864.png (710.96 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-03-11-22-21-49…)

Delicious masterpiece

No. 645695

File: 1552368297673.png (1.04 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-11-22-22-39…)

Yes we can tell you don't take appearances seriously

No. 645697

File: 1552368743395.png (4.38 MB, 1242x2208, 5D400D06-7F6A-447B-808D-FD8C4A…)

Good to know she admits to feeling no guilt or remorse for the countless people she’s fucked over.

She already deleted this lol wow

No. 645698

>politely asks if she always liked something and if she just liked the design

it's so obvious that you NEVER liked GG moo

No. 645699

she's so disgusting to sexual breastfeeding. it's stupid bitches like her that make it harder for mothers to do that in public with actual babies. fuck off, momocunt

No. 645700

>you never gonna catch me being a fake ass fan


No. 645701

File: 1552369350471.png (1002.67 KB, 750x1334, 0A7ADD54-33D2-466F-AA48-586F43…)

W… what… this was one of the first cosplays she ever did and one of the few she actually attempted herself not once, but TWICE. What is she on about?

No. 645702

File: 1552369446478.png (909.52 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-03-11-22-42-42…)

Both were shit so welp

No. 645703

>I learn about it

>I read Wikis about it

Fixed that for u, mooriah.

Also, we've already caught you being a fake bitch a ton you sketchy shit.

No. 645705

This bitch barely looks the same as a year ago, let alone two years (borderline unrecognizable + can't photoshop herself as "good" as she used to "look")

She needs a reality check, but it's never coming until the money stops appearing out of thin air.

No. 645709

File: 1552371229377.png (588.67 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-03-11-23-13-06…)

No. 645710

File: 1552371408273.gif (603.28 KB, 500x551, tumblr_p0f56bwBlR1wwtndoo2_500…)

Mariah only sees her tits that's it. I wouldn't be surprised if the next characters she says she loves are Jam and Bridget.

No. 645711

Actually Cat is going to be her "Jam".

No. 645712

File: 1552371855574.jpeg (394.79 KB, 1242x577, D2EB8339-543E-46C3-92BE-FD38DC…)

Are you sure moo those bulging potatoes you call eyes

No. 645713

Why can I already see her using the tattered MooMoo wig for this?

No. 645714

File: 1552372445388.png (121.43 KB, 474x360, PicsArt_03-12-02.34.15.png)

DS as in Darkstalkers? Bitch please, I remember her making a remark like "I think it's boring :(" back when she cosplayed Lilith. You can just dress up like a titty character if you want Mariah, you don't have to have "always been a big fan". She's such a dumb cunt, if she were more honest people wouldn't try to gatekeep her as much.

No. 645715

File: 1552373188975.jpeg (30.33 KB, 750x135, E54EE546-83D1-4980-A425-7E22DC…)


Keeping up with her stories is exhausting

No. 645716

File: 1552373440513.gif (287 KB, 500x616, orig.gif)

It's possible she will do it. Sorry for my nitpicking rant, but I play a lot of fighting games and partake in the community. It's known that she hated in the FGC, but god damn going back to her Mai Shiranui cosplay she couldn't even do her most famous idle stance. I guess the 'Momokun pose' is enough to please her dwindling fanbase.

No. 645718

She deleted the fuck out of this.

No. 645719

Hahahaha so triggered by people saying she skinwalks nigri and her poses
Guess what moo, all of those were taken after your peak obsession with her.
It’s not your thing, die slow.

No. 645720

File: 1552376047377.png (1.09 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-12-00-32-28…)

Still has her bought account

No. 645721

File: 1552376070265.png (1.11 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-12-00-33-02…)

No. 645722

File: 1552376487921.png (988.63 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-12-00-39-35…)

No. 645723

The fuck is FF? Is she referring to Final Fight? cause that isnt a fighting game its a beat em up….

No. 645724

File: 1552376607522.png (974.91 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-12-00-39-39…)

No. 645725

Sorry double post but she cosplayed alpha Chun-li referred to it as such and didnt know what game the outfit was from

No. 645726

File: 1552376838699.png (997.68 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-12-00-39-57…)

No. 645727

She wishes.

When is the last time we saw these "close friends"? After her dumb omg god bless u birthday word vomit?

No. 645728

He probably did fuck her and as soon as he yeet into the dark she had buyers remorse

No. 645729

Pretty sure most of the characters on that screen came with the account she bought, and they're still so underleveled. And she literally has so few for how long she's had it. She's obviously hasn't rolled in any of the banners that have happened, she's not leveling her characters, I doubt she's even finished Camelot yet (she'd have a hard as fuck time with that roster). Why does she still insist she plays?

The only thing that makes me believe this is Moo's list is that she managed to misspell both Evangelion and Elfen Lied. But seeing as she only has FSN listed on there makes me confused.

Sorry for always Fate sperging lol but I love this series and I genuinely don't understand why she tries to pretend to be the biggest fan of it when it's obvious she doesn't give two fucks.

No. 645730

Thanks for copy and pasting what we send, ten.

Is any one autistic enough to find the original bought account photo? I'm going to bed and can't even remember when that shit happened. The summer?
I noticed how she didn't [redacted] people either. Which makes it obvious she's full of shit.

No. 645731

can we please stop posting tenleid like she's relevant? if she's not going to straight up call momo out then literally who cares?

No. 645732

File: 1552377334064.png (5.92 MB, 1125x2436, A82529D5-215A-4ADC-A7E3-526831…)

Can’t wait to see her ruin Olivia and Raikou

No. 645733

She isn’t gonna do zelda. Gabby did it first so there is no point.

Part of me wants to see her cosplay Olivia, but I also don’t want to see it. I do believe she isn’t going to do it since so many other cosplayers have done it already. She wants to be the first to cosplay it and she is already late.

No. 645737

File: 1552384329921.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 13B511D4-4B16-49EA-BC69-3F970A…)

Her Beetlejuice-looking ass is up in the middle of the night calling herself a goddess, lioness, and bomb ass bitch who is apparently affronted that people asked her how she’s so confident as if she shouldn’t be.

No. 645738

mariah that's a whole ass dick in plain view

No. 645739

I honestly think she’s going for that and not for Bella. Even that thot would know it’d ruin her reputation even more if she did a collab with Momo

No. 645741

I know it's a bad meme but, she does look like fucking Momo
Except this Momo is actually real and hurts people

No. 645742

File: 1552384939526.jpg (112.84 KB, 983x1114, 154512b10d0c49a8963502451823.j…)

Oh boy, more stolen fanart that looks nothing like the canon character.

This is official art. This girl is a B cup at the very most, and for all the creepy neckbeards'talk of her being "thicc", she looks pretty damn average to me. Thanks developers, for the unnecessary, creepy ass-shots that made everyone forget that Zelda was an intellectual and not a sex object.

No. 645749

There was no unnecessary fanservice in the game, just braindead people thinking that it's fine to oversexualize a character that is not sexual in any way just because they could take one screenshot to justify their claims. People are twisted and I wouldn't put it behind Mariah to jump onto that "Zelda is thicc uwu" bandwagon and misrepresent an underaged character yet again.

But it's normal for intelligent women in media to be reduced to their looks and have their true character erased from fan content for horny bastards. As sad as it sounds, idk why y'all are so suprised about it. It fits perfectly into Mariah's type.

I call dips that she won't do it tho, it's too much effort and I doubt she'd commission her slaves for the costume as Zelda doesn't get that much clout as other bandwagon cosplays, she's 2 years too late.

No. 645751

You think she'd use regular art where Zelda has the proportions of a normal human person???? Nah, she can't replicate THAT.

No. 645752

Fuck you, breeders keep their breeds alive. There is a difference between ethical breeder who breeds to better the breed, goes to shows, health tests etc. And the backyard breeder trash guaranteed moo got her cat from.

No. 645753

File: 1552388882056.png (301.72 KB, 357x654, 4029CEAD-9A68-4F15-81A7-00BB13…)

I'm AYRT and of course I am lol. This fucking proves it. She can't [redacted] because she's barely touched the game in the EIGHT MONTHS she's had it. That account came with some of the most useful servants in the game and they're barely leveled or [redacted]. She's an idiot to show this off.

She literally bawled her eyes out over this game and splurged on a cheat account for "biggest Fate fan ever" clout and hasn't looked at it since. She sperged over Camelot and Babylonia but there's no way she's even a quarter through the story. She freaked out over Merlin and is even cosplaying him lmao but she didn't even know when his banner happened or she would have whaled for him. Her persistent lying over shit like this just amazes me.

No. 645757

God, she is so disgusting.

No. 645758

Something happened, someone turned her down, or someone called her out. Everytime she goes this manic and acts like she's a ~goddess~ is because someone tried to reality check her. Same thing happened with KBBQ

No. 645761

This was my exact thought.
She doesn't go on these manic sperg fests unless she was kicked to the curb to prove 'how much they're missing' type of thing.
Part of me also feels like she got some questions she didn't post that hit a little too close to home so she had to go on her usual 'There's SO much love in the club tonight'/'I'm a bad bitch' spiels to counter it.

No. 645762

She deleted any comments on her Nigri copycat post on the bts account calling her out for copying. Yikes.

No. 645764

i can't believe she isn't embarrassed at the fact she paid $300 for a mobile game app account..

No. 645765

>>645667 Okay. Whoever asked this question is either a farmer, or someone who's well aware of her being an actual sexual predator. Her dumbass didn't catch on.

>>645722 So sick of these vague posts from the all bark, no bite bitches. They're just as phony as Mariah.

>>645723 Fatal Fury.

>>645678 Mariah calls it "Reverse OC".

>>645737 Busted ass Delta Burke over here.

No. 645766

she's really wearing the same fucking earrings, huh? god damn moo. she never takes them out and they probably smell horrific now.

No. 645767

I can't remember, is Lancer Arturia story locked? That would be the only reason I would believe she's anywhere near Camelot. If she had actually finished Part 1 I'm sure she would have sperged about the ending to act like the biggest fan ever.

If it was anyone else I'd give them the benefit of the doubt because I play daily but rarely post about it unless I get a really great roll but she lies about so much and her servants aren't even leveled so I find it hard to believe she "plays" for any reason other than trying to make people believe she's a huge Fate fan.

No. 645775

She is. But you can tell she hasn’t finished Camelot just by looking at her Mash in that screencap she posted to answer. Moo busts her lies all on her own.

No. 645779

Condensed version because making a transcript would be redundant:

>people asked her questions about how she is so confident. She assumes they asked it like she's not supposed to be confident. Says you too can be a goddess if you don't sell yourself short

>she's not a punk, she's a "boss ass bitch" "bitch on a mission"
>do not let society standards or "some dumb ass bitch boi" think you're not
>a man told her once she's too confident, hard to talk to and she called them a piece of shit. She said that's on them they couldn't talk to her because she's a woman who knows who she is
>appearance is a illusion and shouldn't stop you from doing what you want/bring confident
>said the heart, your alterations to your appearance, should not hold your confidence. It covers your insecurities. Your confidence can come from those but don't "sell into people's shit"
>"You upset you, you make you confident, you decide"
>stop worrying about what people think of you, "what does you think of you"
>some people don't want to hear her words and don't understand. It'll hit them one day. "You upset you" is a phrase she uses often
>stop saying being confident is a hard thing to do. When you realize what power you have, what you choose to ignore or give attention to
>"Think: I let any motherfucker who has ever said something negative about me, or rude or mean, to ever get to me? With who I am? Right now? Motherfucker, you fucking wish. That's why people go hard, baby, that's why they go hard. Like 'oh she's not budgin' You have no power dude, nothing. Nothin'"
>says if she's doing something wrong she deserves to be called out but if they're an asshole she doesn't care
>says there are people she knows that are "in power" of her, they're not in power over her. She allows their words to affect her and guide her

No. 645780

It sounds like someone just told her 'no' about something and now she's going off the deep end again.

No. 645783

She sounds like one of those crazy fat activists. Who denied her dick?

No. 645785

>she's not a punk, she's a "boss ass bitch" "bitch on a mission"
she sounds like a middle aged mom that sells an MLM product

No. 645786

File: 1552412739657.gif (327.64 KB, 549x598, 1443646252_jeane swins.gif)

God bless you Fate!Autist

No. 645787

It doesn't matter how far "she" is. It was probably all progress made by the original account owner.

No. 645788


>said the heart, your alterations to your appearance, should not hold your confidence. It covers your insecurities. Your confidence can come from those but don't "sell into people's shit"

this whole statement is a mess and she's contradicting herself in the same breath, but it's endlessly funny since she has said that she was so much more confident after she got the liposuction, AND tried to blame her desire for liposuction on everyone "giving her shit" for being fat. so she herself has said that she gave into other people's bullshit and that the resulting alteration to her body gave her more confidence. but then also lied about it and tried to pretend like it was diet and exercise/fit tea. she just needs to shut the fuck up, she's a hypocrite and a fucking moron.

No. 645789

it's men who sexualize breastfeeding more than anyone, don't be fucking stupid

No. 645790

I think this is a combination of manic episode and parroting the dumb shit Nick wrote in his retarded self-help book. She sounds like when a teenager tries to act "wise".

If Moo's self-esteem wasn't tied to her appearence and the approval of others, she wouldn't be photoshopping her pictures to hell and back. She also wouldn't be posting all this cringey junk about being a goddess or whatever. Typically brazen acts of egotism like this are indicitive of an extremely insecure person trying to put on a facade.

There IS such a thing as too much confidence. Our president is an example of that. You can be confident without being an egomaniac, Moo, it's called balance.

Here's some actual advice: approval/attention from others is not a replacement for good self-esteem. If you need attention to feel happy, odds are you have poor self-esteem.

No. 645791

NTA but in real life most of the people who complain about breast feeding are women.

No. 645797

File: 1552423437013.png (904.46 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-12-13-42-43…)

>I stand u Queen!!!!

No. 645798

Her female fans and fellow wannabe costhots who jump on her clit with this cringe talk like "yaaaaaas slay! ILY OMG! I could actually cry you are so amazing!" make me feel physically sick. It's just so embarrassing. That desperate need of validation from this cunt must be at the lowest bar.

No. 645799

this must be the power of sensei's book i guess kek

No. 645802

God nothing can get more egotistical than what this woman is doing. She literally thinks that she is the martyr of being a victim of vendettas and the queen of costhots. If I were accused a sexual assault I would never show my face again but no she has to be in the spotlight no matter what and she doesn't realize that more people hate other than those who claim to love her. Got to love her manic side huh?

No. 645803

And she's egged them on about it on scamversity. It's just a fucking gimmick she's had semi success with.

Also in NA, women shit on others for not being more modest about breastfeeding all the time so idk.

No. 645805

>this unwashed thot is my role model
god this is so sad

No. 645812

Lmao at the legbeard misspelling "stan" as "stand".

As in, most people can't stand this worthless pig.

No. 645813

Complains about people gate keeping but complained about Fate cosplayers not knowing everything and told people to not cosplay something if you don't know it

No. 645815

>>645779 For someone who lives with the zen master himself, she certainly gets triggered more easily than most people.

She sure loves to tap into her ghetto persona whenever she's being challenged. To my recollection, she first started doing it whenever she took issue with Jannet, and now she's accepting her role as Jerry Springer guest tier trash.

Honestly, how many calm, spiritual people feel a need to excessively drop F-bombs and fabricate a ton of stories to help explain or justify shady decisions? This chick is such a mess.

The more she tries to act like a badass, the more likely it is that her world is falling apart.

No. 645818

Tinfoil: she's getting multiple cats (of the same breed?) to be like JeffStar & all his dogs. Both to flex and try to seem "passionate" her eyebags are definitely an insecurity bc she mentioned surgery to remove them back on twitter& edits them out the most but they're her "favorite feature" sure jan & I'm betting someone from Tinder or a fan met up expecting what they see in her heavily edited pics and told her straight up she's a damn catfish &we all know how ugly can't handle rejection. She probably actually broke her nail throwing a fit again like when she was outed as a sexual harasser and blamed dropping a weight on it

No. 645819

File: 1552434632923.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 9617193D-88EF-416C-8AC8-42350F…)

No. 645820

File: 1552434792355.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 84064364-350C-4CD0-A175-1CE28A…)

No. 645821

Aww, he's adorable. Too bad he will turn into a candidate for "My cat from hell" just like Guzma, because Mariah is a clueless, uncaring animal hoarder.

No. 645823

The only people who whine about "gatekeeping" are posers who are assmad that they got called out for being posers.

When cosplay first began, it was just people showing their love for a video game, movie, show, etc. Wearing costumes makes it easier for people who like the same thing to meet and talk about it.

Imagine being a fan of something and seeing someone wearing a costume of it. Your first thought is going to be "oh hey, that person likes the same character/game/whatever I do, maybe I should talk to them". But then you go up to the person to talk to them about the thing they're wearing and they get mad at you because you had the audacity to assume they give a fuck about the source material of the costume they spent time and money on. It's false advertisement, and it only creates awkward situations.

It's kind of similar with band T shirts. Wearing a shirt for someone you don't listen to gets people's hopes up that they might meet someone who shares their interests. People "gatekeep" because they're sick of posers getting buttmad when they try to talk about shit they like.

Also, screeching "gatekeeping" isn't a legitimate argument as to why disliking posers is bad, it's just a Tumblr-style buzzword. No one ever established why gatekeeping was bad, people (typically posers trying to deflect criticism) just started using it as an insult.

Maybe if Moo cosplayed characters from shit she actually watched, it wouldn't be an issue. But she's an attention whore, so she only cosplays characters from whatever's the flavor of the month. She's never played Zelda, Overwatch or Street Fighter- she just cosplays them because the more popular the IP, the more neckbeards are likely to throw slut bux at her.

No. 645824

oh kitty, get ready to be fucked up

No. 645825

Wow, Moo is doing an amazing Raven Sparks cosplay!

I don't get it, why would someone need four cats. Why isn't it enough to just have one or two? They're living animals, not fucking Pogs.

No. 645826

She isn't even home enough to take care of them, she's selfish as fuck

No. 645828

Holy shit you cannot do this right off the bat. You need to introduce cats to each other slowly and over time. These poor guys are going to be super stressed out.

No. 645829

Knowing her lazy ass, theres no way she'll be able to take care of four cats at once. I'm sad for them.. theyre probably so stressed and miserable. I hate her.

No. 645830

File: 1552437261311.png (859.1 KB, 705x1033, Screenshot_2019-03-12-17-32-45…)

>says she doesn't let the haters get to her
>literally browses LOLCOW every single day
Okay sis

No. 645831

That cats face has a mix of stress and discomfort on it, way to go moo

No. 645832

>>645823 Great post about authenticity. Extra points for using the band t-shirt analogy as well.

Mariah is to cosplay, as to titty streamers are to Twitch.

In the three years or so that Mariah has been recognized as a cosplayer, she hasn't made any improvements as a creator, nor has she applied herself to absorbing the source material firsthand.

She has so much spare time on her hands, considering she only spends anywhere between 3 and 5 days per month on her cosplay obligations. And yet, she isn't a capable and knowledgable gamer, her anime and character knowledge is limited to Wikipedia articles and YouTube clips, and she obviously can't stick to a specific story due to her abundance of lies.

Consumers are more likely to buy into your brand if they know what the brand is actually about. With Mariah, she's a convoluted clusterfuck of random nerdy things without being respectable or genuine in any particular category.

She's literally like those kids in grade school who would change their minds or opinions in the blink of an eye in order to appease and relate to the majority. But the costhots with low self esteem, along with the neckbeards who have dozens of porn folders, will constantly give her a pass.

Turds of a feather flock together.

No. 645836

File: 1552440231645.jpeg (508.58 KB, 1242x872, 7A1E6273-7278-421E-9C4F-BE85D2…)

Don’t know what county she’s in but the limit is 3. Can’t 100% confirm this so if someone else can, handle accordingly.(cowtipping)

No. 645840

>white cat

dis gun be good

No. 645841

Don't know if this has been posted here before but this is the actual definition of costhot on the Urban Dictionary:

The Cosplayer equivalent of a THOT.

a THOT that thinks they can make money by cosplaying a character that pleases the anime/nerd community. but in reality, only doing it for the popularity and money by half-assing different cosplay , giving no effort at all, but expecting asspats and recognition (E.g: only lewd cosplay or wearing a bikini and a wig saying "this is me Cosplaying _____!!!!")
"Hey who is that costhot that sexualize a child?"

"oh, that's momokun"

No. 645843

And there is actually a definition for momokun too. kek

No. 645844

Anyone think Senseis book is on par with "the love guru" levels of bullshit? betcha.

No. 645846

>>645844 He probably tearfully reads all 26 pages to himself every night before he passes out in an alcohol-induced sleep. I mean, he already gave up on making her celery shakes, so he's probably having second guesses about his decision to room with her.

No. 645847

I don't have a cat and I don't want to completely derail the thread but I heard you're supposed to take like, days or a week or more to introduce them? Like, having them completely separated and getting used to smells and stuff? No wonder Guzma turned out to be a fucking terror. These poor cats.

No. 645849

>>645847 She did this whenever she brought in those two foster cats. They were isolated in a separate room from Jaeda and Guzma for at least a full day.

With Bernie and this new cat, she just threw them right into the mix. Now, granted, I admittedly like Mariah's cats, and I don't think they're terrible (other than Jaeda pissing in Tokki's luggage once). But this new cat is clearly freaked out, and Mariah constantly holding it isn't going to help it ease in.

No. 645851

File: 1552442763765.png (493.42 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-12-19-01-03…)

Cat SAYS its about people commenting on her photos but she sperged about how when you take a selfie, whatever, it gets mirrored and she's tired of people commenting this.(OT)

No. 645853

Four cats means quadruple the piss. Moo also smokes lots of pot and drinks gallons of energy drink. Sll of that on top of Moo's already poor hygiene is going to make for one stanky bitch.

I feel bad for anyone that comes within five feet of her at cons.

No. 645856

She probably keeps the litter boxes as clean as the rest of her house so add in that stale cat pee smell.

No. 645857

Off topic, but wow, I made that definition so long ago. I'm surprised it got approved on Urban dictionary.

No. 645859

Was just about to say this. Taking care of cats 101… never introduce your new cat to your other cats face to face on the first day. Ever. It's so emotionally stressful for all the cats involved. Holy fuck I hate this bitch.

No. 645864

Fatal Fury most likely, considering that is where Mai is from

No. 645866

I forget about Fatal Fury because its been married to/replaced by the KOF series since 94.

Her gatekeeping sperg is so bad, people just dont like people faking they like something when they really dont give a fuck about it.

No. 645868


moo loves not tagging the artist in her post. the one on the top left is actually drawn by someone who hates her. back in the day moo stole a cow costume design that artist made for his sister. i bet she doesnt even remember

No. 645872

File: 1552454108352.png (327.37 KB, 500x750, post_file (27).png)

No. 645874

File: 1552454223020.gif (833.4 KB, 296x194, tenor.gif)

About that cat sperging…

No. 645876

Ew… Moo is looking gross as usual. I still don't understand why anyone would pay for this. Even the paypigs are attracted to this greasy tube of sausage.

No. 645877


When your avocado roll is upsetting your stomach, and you realize you don't have panties on in case you shart

No. 645881

LMAO. What’s with the post stroke Paula Dean face? This stupid fucko has no idea how to be alluring. I’m starting to believe anons who say she learned about sex through porn and anime because really has zero idea what she’s doing.

No. 645887

It's stunningly accurate so why would they not?

No. 645889

File: 1552460688581.png (935.8 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-03-13-00-02-52…)

She did her hair for tomorrow's shoot and it looks bad

No. 645891

Please watch her confidence sperg on IG if you have not yet, her tone of voice is so bizarre and malicious while she tries to preach positivity.
This is why she’s my favorite cow, I’ve been waiting for a break in the facade.
The IG stories always deliver.

No. 645892

Did you ever notice that her cats are never relaxed around her. Never just sitting there eyes half closed like cats do when the are just chilling around their fav hooman.

No. 645893

not that i care but for the people who do - isn't this sassy sista character she's doing with her voice something like blackface?

No. 645894

Did her hair how? What the fuck is it even for?

I mean, it's not a secret she's a racist.

No. 645898

File: 1552465046130.png (607.7 KB, 1163x643, Untitled-1.png)

No. 645901

She did it last year, she'd put on a really "ghetto" black girl accent and use the hand gestures they use, then switched to an Australian one, and now back all over again, it was obvious on how much of a stereotyping cunt she is when she went on a rant about white people being nail techs because that's "an asian industry"

No. 645904


It’s not cow tipping, it’s a law. I didn’t say go confront her or the authorities. Chill out mods.(ban evasion)

No. 645919

Calling for people in the thread to actively go out and report her is mob mentality which is not allowed. This is not what lolcow is for. If you plan to report her, report her yourself and dont brag about it in thread either.

No. 645923

It looks more like she was asking someone else to clarify the law not report moo…

No. 645924

they asked for clarification about the law you dumb shit

No. 645930

There's no dimension to this gray at all, it's just so flat. Hope she wasn't thinking that the salon price was too inflated and its something she can just do herself for cheaper. If her main living is being a model her hair is not the thing she should be cheaping out on

No. 645931

Asking someone ITT to handle Moo breaking laws to the proper authorities IS cowtipping. Its not just asking for clarity. Anon posting it knew exactly what they meant.

No. 645932


are you slow? they said they can't confirm the law so asked someone else to handle confirming it if they can. there was nothing said about reporting her to the authorities or anything.

No. 645935


True. Whenever she tries to play up this “boss bitch living her best life and a total queen who won’t be brought down by anyone” bullshit is when some dick she was chasing after curved her or someone put her in her place and she didn’t have a comeback for anything they said so she instead tries to lash out by screaming about how amazing she is and they are a total nothing who is pathetic for trying to bring her down.

For someone who constantly preaches about how “confident” she is and how “no one can take that away from you”, her confidence seems incredibly paper thin the second she gets a comment she didn’t like or when she she faces rejection. She immediately tries to swing back and hurt the other person as much as she is feeling.

If she truly “didn’t give a fuck” what people say or think about her then she wouldn’t constantly post these essays about how she is soooo unbothered she is. If she was truly “living her best life” like she says she is then she wouldn’t be skulking here everyday looking for comments to get offended by and try to clap back at.

No. 645945

>if someone else can [confirm], then handle accordingly

NAYRT, The original poster was pointing out the law so someone would go report her, are you sure you’re not the slow one? It’s written right there. At this point it’s turned in to pointless infighting and clogging up the thread, but if you are super concerned then just quietly report and move on.

No. 645948

I dunno how Momo is going to deal with all these pets soon. In Vegas you can have no more than three dogs and three cats without a permit in one residence. She has more than three cats and Sensei has a dog there
the rule is set to prevent the hoarding of animals

No. 645949

She stole the hand thing from jstlivinbby, a black social media star.

No. 645951

No one in the gay community wants her fake ass. She's straight. First she was homophobic, then claimed lesbian, then claimed bi sexual. She literally claimed every major sexuality
I remember when she started pretending to like chicks when she was copying Susu and Bunny

No. 645953

Momo ya gotta stop flipping from a soft peaceful mama who "reads" self help book to the bad bitch who will wreck your shit

No. 645957

It shows that cucksensei has been increasingly lax on his tard wrangling duties as of late. Shes popping off on drugged up rants at all hours of the day again.

No. 645959


Lets do our best to stay away from this topic shall we? Even if it is against the law, legitimately nothing will happen. There are animals in homes getting abused and people breeding cats and flipping them to sell on craglists and those people aren't even being watched. Just because there's a law, it doesn't mean anything when legit no one would enforce it.

Mariah's already proved that she's a sucky owner for not introducing her cats properly and by constantly antagonizing them like Darla from finding nemo. Hopefully none of them die, especially her older cat.

No. 645964

>four cats

I know she already had Jaeda and I remember when she got Guzma, but when did she get the third one? Did she adopt one of the cats she was fostering a while back? I completely missed this.

No. 645968

lmfao the only one out of all of these she actually "made" was the Yoko cosplay and even that took her maybe a week.

I don't think she mentioned Babylonia once despite the singularity release being a huge event? The first time I saw her talking about Babylonia was when the PV for the anime came out.

>Most servants are in their 1st or 2nd ascension or haven't ascended at all
Jesus christ Moo, you have not touched this game since last September. Stop lying. There's a certain thing in this screenshot that proves 100% that she has NOT finished Camelot despite claiming to grind through it but I'm not going to point it out in case she catches on, but fellow fgo autists will realize it.

No. 645970

I have two cats, and I have to clean their litter box every day and refill their litter about two times a week because they use it so much. Judging by Moo’s cleanliness habit, I can’t imagine how god awful her house is going to stink with FOUR cats. There’s literally no reason to have any, especially two from a breeder. The only reason I would imagine having that many is from rescuing them from a dire situation. I already know she has no regard for living beings but god, it still upsets me so much.

No. 645972

She didn’t adopt the foster cat but super shortly after she had finallg given it back she realized “she missed having a kitten” or something and bought Bernkastel. She got him a little bit before her latest camversity stint

No. 645973

I hope the mods start banning people for excessive cat banter. It's no different than calling her fat.

We know she's a shitty cat owner, and her house likely smells like litter boxes, stale weed, and poor feminine hygiene.

This isn't even the first time Mariah possessed four cats at one time. What's with most of you newfags?

No. 645975

I agree cat sperging is irrelevant but for the record, the last time Mariah had this many animals in her house they weren’t 4 cats solely owned by her. it was her cats and vamps cats or a combination of those cats with foster cats. most people seem to be flipping out (and as tenlied pointed out) that she’s one woman who travels a lot taking care of them by herself

No. 645977


Maybe he just got sick of constantly having to reel her in and didn’t realize that this would be a full time. Although I think she needs a therapist more than anything at this point rather than some fake ass “sensei” fuckboi.

No. 645978

Why exactly should we stop talking about it? It’s one of the most obvious sources of evidence of what a shitty person she is. Explain to us why it’s not relevant to you and triggers your delicate sensibilities. I think the ones who need to stop soerging are the ones who are always trying to control the narrative. Oh, and, hotdog water.

No. 645979

>>645977 She needs a therapist, an actual publicist, real lawyers, and friends who are brave enough to sacrifice slave and cuck bucks in order to give her some honest feedback.

No. 645983

The cat sperging reminds me of the candle autism from the TND threads.

No. 645984

Hotdog water: the most divisive phrase in these theads.

No. 645985

Maybe he's starting to come to his senses and he's getting ready to abandon ship

No. 646013

Bans have been issued, sorry for the late response to this.
Halt the cat discussion, it shows how new people are to this thread. Nobody cares about your cats either.

No. 646053

does she mean "shirou" as in the japanese word for white? its "shiro", and even though its nitpicky, im surprised she didnt look it up before she named the cat

No. 646054

No, it's named after the character Shirou Emiya from Fate.

No. 646056

oh wow, my bad. thanks for the correction there

No. 646058

Uh, gatekeeping is an issue beyond the particular scenario you've specified.

It's interested in the phenomenon of people being criticised for having an interest in something but whose depth of knowledge doesn't match other self-described "real" fans.

Simplest way to explain it is with people who like the MCU being criticised or straight up insulted for not being hard core invested in the comic books as well. Liking the Avengers movies doesn't mean a person NEEDS to know that the Iron Man suit in Infinity War was the closest that we'll probably get to seeing his bleeding edge armour.
A person can wear a FOB shirt and only like one of their albums.
A person can like something passively.

So to bring it back to Moo, people can cosplay whatever they want, even if they aren't as knowledgeable as Moo pretends to be. If a person cosplays Captain America as seen in the MCU but hasn't read the comics, that's not really a problem unless you're an asshole who makes it their business to prove that the cosplayer isnt a "real fan".

It becomes insidious when people like Moo do it and pretend they are heavily invested because this is a business decision to appeal to as broad an audience as possible with false self-presentation. It's an issue because she makes money off her pretend interest.

White cat was a really poor decision for someone whose entire wardrobe was black and dark grey track suits.


This'd actually be a kinda cool name re: shiro meaning white, but I really doubt Moo thought that hard about it.
Also why is she calling it Emiya if her favourite characters are the girls who she spergs about? Her naming choices are super weird.

No. 646062

Spoiler for fateshit the guy she posts from FATE constantly (Archer) is tl;dr a future version of Shirou Emiya so naming him that for the main FATE guys she spergs about

No. 646065

So I just realized that Moo is going to London literally right after what will likely be a no-deal Brexit. Do you guys think visiting a country during the most politically tumultuous time in its history will actually affect any of what happens?

I imagine customs will be a nightmare at the very least.

No. 646066

I'm not saying people are forbidden from being posers and/or deserve to be witch-hunted for it.

I'm saying that people shouldn't whine about being called posers when they're… being posers. Like yeah it's your choice if you want to wear costumes for shit you know nothing about, but if someone asks about the IP and you look like a dipshit, that's on you.

Like why the fuck would you choose to look stupid. Is it that hard to just cosplay shit you actually like?

The stuff with comic books is a little bit different, because the fandoms for the movies and comic books tend to segregate themselves into two overlapping but distinct fandoms. Also, comic books are less cohesive and more impenetrable, meaning that even the people who actually read comics are going to have disparities in what they've read.

I get the gist of what you're saying, but the whole "MCU vs. comics" discussion doesn't really come up in cosplay settings as much as it does online. There's a big difference between a fan of the MCU cosplaying Captian America and Moo cosplaying shit she's straight up never watched or played. Like at least the former has a reasonable amount of context for their character and genuinely cares about the films.

Judging people for accessing a franchise the "wrong" way (i.e. watching movies of books) = petty neckbeard behavior

Judging people for literally "posing" as fans of shit they don't care about = completely understandable.

No. 646068

She got fucking robbed lmao, I accidentally deleted my account and bought a new account with way better shit than hers for like $20(no1curr)

No. 646070

Moo thinks expensive = quality
Plus it shows what a ~Big fan~ she is

No. 646075

File: 1552535136370.jpeg (186.11 KB, 746x1186, 3C29B004-E33D-4273-B2E6-234784…)

Extensions are back.

No. 646077

Her hair is damaged. She needs olaplex or a licensed stylist.

No. 646079

not even a fat joke but i straight up thought moo's arm was someone's ass.

No. 646082

File: 1552536201434.png (1.02 MB, 674x948, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 12.0…)

she looks absolutely massive here. also a good look at her new tattoo

No. 646084

File: 1552536246932.jpeg (597.14 KB, 750x1094, 5089AF47-D0BD-418A-9669-F8032E…)

flexing per usual

No. 646085

File: 1552536274593.jpeg (580.85 KB, 750x1097, C38B2F43-067D-4B48-A162-E31368…)

take the toner away please

No. 646089


Puts on copious amounts of makeup but does nothing with her dry, damaged, ratty hair. Shit looks like it is turning into dreads.

No. 646090

The ends are completely broken and brittle in the front. Poor thing.

No. 646094

>>646085 It's funny when you look at her heavily filtered photos like this one, and then scroll up to the pic in the thread header.

Also, this sudden goddess kick she's on gives me reason to believe she's trying to bring herself up for some bad news she may have heard about behind the curtain.

No. 646106

I probably wont reply again since I dont wanna clog the thread but
>The only people who whine about "gatekeeping" are posers
is the main thing I take issue with because, no, it happens legitimately.

Moo is very much a poser who complains about gatekeeping while actively gatekeeping things shes wiki'd.
But the fact you don't seem to realise that people who whine about gatekeeping aren't inherently posers seems a little ignorant.

That's probably why she buys figures for massive scalper markups. Coz that means they're not only legit (which is super important to her im sure) but also suPER SPESHUL

Is it the filters or is her tattoo meant to be that washed out yellow colour?

No. 646111

lmao, on the left side, right? Cause now I see it too.

tbh her hair looks better with the ratty extensions than that weird flip she had by itself. Also can a hairfag tell me what the fuck is up with her roots already being like… normal?

No. 646113

File: 1552551494116.png (553.61 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-14-01-16-26…)

No. 646116

File: 1552553281431.jpg (26.59 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1552553276377.jpg)

Seeing this photo, I thought she blurred out Lolcow

No. 646120

File: 1552557090217.png (698.41 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-48-28…)

No. 646122

File: 1552557187165.png (235.96 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-48-34…)

No. 646124

File: 1552557318235.png (728.22 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-48-42…)

No. 646125

File: 1552557433148.png (626.35 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-48-59…)

No. 646126

File: 1552557534741.png (628.12 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-49-14…)

No. 646127

File: 1552557743700.png (Spoiler Image, 691.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-14-02-53-42…)

No. 646130

File: 1552559994102.png (Spoiler Image, 727.76 KB, 563x750, 9cyvslooz0m21.png)

From reddit

No. 646131

File: 1552560202511.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1600x1201, gbz1liayxzl21.png)

>when you order 10 piece nuggets but the box has 11

No. 646132

Genuine question, why does she flip so many of her photos?

No. 646133

That's the weakest looking shibari I've ever seen

No. 646137

I've never understood why people put collars on inside cats, it's just uncomfortable for them and just serves the owners aesthetic.(>Halt the cat discussion, it shows how new people are to this thread. Nobody cares about your cats either.)

No. 646138

Damn, she has nice tits!
(I'm a girl so don't ban me.)(no1curr about your thirst)

No. 646143

probably because momo told antares not to tie too tight or she'd look like tied up ham again


No. 646144

What is going on behind her shoulder there? Back fat? It looks like shes got some kind of weird hump.

No. 646152

I can't get over all the hair trapped in the crystals on both sides. Cat and human alike, trapped in the endless hell of momo's nipples

No. 646155

>>646131 That elbow looks like the hide of a rhinoceros. Her mom should have brought some moisturizer over, along with those miracle onion tablets Moo took when she was sick.

No. 646156

this actually makes her look mentally stunted. that face is just so fucking unfitting, even if she was supposed to be pretending to be into it. she looks downsy and drugged up.

No. 646158


The ratty extension hairs under the pasties must be so uncomfy on the pepperonis

No. 646165

Go back to molesting cosplayers who are hotter than you for a power trip, you fucking cow. Does she really think she has any grounds to moralfag? What a pathetic joke this woman is.

Is she going back to her jannetincosplay "call out" era, big mouth, faux confidence bullshit? Yawn.

No. 646176

Combo of backfat and she clearly shooped out her pit chub to make her tiddy bigger. I don't understand.

No. 646178

did… did she really forget… that mai has a piece over her ass too?

No. 646181

File: 1552584629016.jpg (375.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-122830_Sam…)

If there is a back flap it's not very big

No. 646182

i dont think there is one. god thats so disgusting and innacurate. did she even look at the ref image for more than 2 secs?

No. 646183

When you give your sweatshop less than a week to make a costume, you can expect this.
Although the costume can be made in 1 day, Cat is just fucking dense and focused her autism is making little flowers everywhere.

No. 646186


I am howling at the hair all over the pasties. that's forever immortalized on the internet now, her hairy pepperonis. I can't even believe, but then, it's mariah, I 'm not sure what I expected. she's so lazy she can't even put the pasties away in a place where that wouldn't happen and so gross that she'll still take the picture anyway.

No. 646191

File: 1552590850951.png (1003.49 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-00-48…)

No. 646192


>> when you are so fucking lazy you cannot shut the damned drawers before you take a selfie

Ya you're the goddess of hot dog stench

No. 646193

File: 1552591158858.png (1013.02 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-11-32…)

No. 646194

File: 1552591346102.png (1.08 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-21-10…)

Goddess of undereye bags. Goddess of hairy crystal pasties

No. 646199


any bets on how many of these Asks/tells are her? I just cannot believe the amount of head up ass in them from whomever.

No. 646204

File: 1552592056303.jpg (11.36 KB, 300x168, 1518059648942.jpg)

>my iconic
iconic backlash you mean?

No. 646206

File: 1552592625070.png (1009.2 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-42-11…)

No. 646207

File: 1552592666254.png (1.14 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-42-25…)

Things that never happened for 1000

No. 646211

"What's your fave cosplay of mine?"
Let me show you how conceited I am, give me all of your compliments.

No. 646219

This is one of the most up her own ass things I've seen her post, yikes. The shoot was cringe and the cosplays weren't anything great.

No. 646220

File: 1552597356756.jpg (56.2 KB, 489x750, 1514244641145.jpg)

>some of the overall best Umineko cosplays I've seen came out of my group

Bitch, people have been cosplaying from Umineko for ten years now and you seriously think your sweatshop costumes were among the best? More like she hasn't even looked at other cosplayers' work.

No. 646222

If they were "da bes" she would've submitted her shit into competitions instead of crawling around her hug box for approval. The Steff juding thing must've shat on her parade huh?

No. 646231

silly anon she was obviously crying cause disaster daddy's shit costume didn't fit!

No. 646232

Nobody who refers to their own work as "iconic" should ever be taken seriously. I wouldn't be suprised if she gets off to photos of herself at this point like that is some grade a narcicism right there.

No. 646235

Googled Umeneko Beatrice cosplay. Saw alot better than hers. Even the ali express ones. Moofatso didn't even show up on pages 1-5.("moo is fat")

No. 646249

>>646207 Ah, yes. The mysterious lost footage of her epic documentary that was supposed to reveal the struggle of…

checks notes

Buying costumes and finding sushi restaurants near the hotel where she filmed everything.

No. 646250

I think it's just what the front facing camera does on the apps she's using.

You can't forget something you never knew.

Besides, it's just HER take on the character my dude mates.

No. 646252

The real iconic ones are the milking and shibari ones anyway. One for being so disgusting and the other for being meme'd to hell.

No. 646253

File: 1552605535234.png (1.14 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-14-16-16-39…)

Bought a 114 dollar privacy screen from Amazon

No. 646254

the fuck is the white stuff on the dudes hands supposed to be? please dont tell me its supposed to be milk, ew

No. 646257

>>646222 She didn't even have the courage or the desire to wear something to the Fate premiere she attended, because she knew her wretched efforts would look infantile compared to the costumers that were created and worn by the real fans of the franchise.

I swear, this woman is stuck up so far up her own ass. It's mindboggling how a person could be so conceited, when there's nothing to brag about.

No. 646261

It's whipped cream

No. 646268

Mmm, classic Tumblr rhetoric: calling someone ignorant without explaining what they're supposed to be ignorant of instead of providing a counter-argument.

But I think we can both agree that Moo is the last person who deserves to whine about gatekeeping.

No. 646271

File: 1552610181025.jpg (881.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193543_Ins…)

No. 646272

File: 1552610253540.jpg (843.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193548_Ins…)

No. 646273

File: 1552610319389.jpg (885.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193556_Ins…)

No. 646275

File: 1552610371131.jpg (612.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193603_Ins…)

No. 646276

File: 1552610434283.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, 079C0EFE-3B60-48B4-B838-F767EC…)

No. 646277

File: 1552610496794.jpg (763.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193610_Ins…)

No. 646278

File: 1552610590681.jpg (785.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193615_Ins…)

No. 646279

File: 1552610670087.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-193619_Ins…)

No. 646280

File: 1552610981911.jpg (566.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-195010_Ins…)

What in the hell

No. 646282

She's fat

No. 646284

No mention of raven I see.
Why does seem to constantly change who and when she's cosplaying

No. 646285

This is the funniest shit from her today, my lord.

No. 646288

She has to keep up with what other costhots are doing to try and one up them. That and moo doesn't have the self control to make a plan and stick with it

No. 646295

I hate to sperg, but Carrie Fisher adamantly and publicly hated that costume, one of her biggest regrets in the film was not fighting against the costume harder. She even said how she hopes girls can have the strength to stand up for themselves in those situations…

The fact that Moo did it after she died is actually offensive more than anything, Carrie Fisher would NOT have been proud…

No. 646298

Her ass here looks like a dumpling

No. 646300

Wait… I the pic on the right looks like is Sakimichan’s drawing style. And Momokun didn’t even credit it. The way Sakimichan is very protective of the art, she would probably say something about this situation.

Momokun better start crediting the fan art she posts for cosplay references.

No. 646301

well, you are what you eat

No. 646302

File: 1552619158929.png (552.9 KB, 720x1196, newbaocosplaymydudes.png)

No. 646306

>i've always wanted to cosplay this cutie

ok, because you've never played a Fatal fury or king of fighters game. Never cared about her unti… 2 days ago? Also, never bothered to make a single aspect of the cosplay. Such a huge fan.

No. 646307

Was just gonna mention that. It's so incredibly disrespectful. Carrie fisher mentioned so many times years later that she was coerced into wearing it and felt very ashamed and horrible about it. The slave bikini costume itself is disgusting and it makes me sad these stupid thots keep pretending it's empowering.

No. 646310

Aaaaand Albedo is gone from her cosplans again >>636889 I thought she already dropped magical number 3k to get it commissioned lmao. It's been pushed back for like what, four times? Albedo is just filler for her at this point, who is she trying to outdo? Bunny?

Also Moo's going to commission Cunt Forestry for Francis Drake final ascension even with that mess of a first ascension? I can't wait.

Why did she white out the July part anyway, it's not like she didn't sperge on Patreon her plans >>636890 for February to July. With reference to her original plans the first one is Baiken and she's commissioning CC, and the bottom one is Nurse Pochaco and she's commissioning Cat.

No. 646313

I hate to sperg but I saw the Fate movie tonight. It kind of urks me that Moo blew up this ~sex scene~ she saw between Shirou and Sakura. All they were showing was the aftermath of them cuddling naked. I don't understand why she was so horny about this fucking scene and it makes me all the more believe she's never played the VN. That and she still likes to create shit that never happened so she can appear a fan, like she does with Umineko/Higurashi, DBZ, etc.

No. 646316

Of course she didn't read the VN. If she did, she would have known it was coming (although it occurred differently in the VN.) It wasn't a "sexy" sex scene at all, it was meant to show Sakura's character growth. But Moo (and all the other virgins in the theatre) was probably laughing because OMG SEX.

No. 646319

>>646279 I wish she'd leave Tamamo alone. I'm not even a Fate fan, but seeing her butcher this character with that ratty wig and that $12 dress that she paid close to $3,000 for makes me pity a fictional character, which is a first for me.

>>646278 Wasn't June supposed to be the month where she wasn't solely reliant on bikinis, lingerie, and cum lubes? Funny how a "professional cosplay" doesn't know how to professionally cosplay. Also, asking for suggestions pretty much defeats any purpose of subscribing to her $500 tier.

>>646273 Watch her ditch her Howl project once again. Aly has to be lowkey upset, even if she was paid nicely.

No. 646320

File: 1552629173192.png (858.63 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-03-14-22-42-58…)

Saw Heavens Feel pt 2 with Vamps. Seemed to be more audible with correct info when she's around Vamps

No. 646321

File: 1552629229921.png (741.98 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_2019-03-14-22-50-17…)

Where did she find the picture where she couldn't find the fucking sauce?

No. 646325

I just watched her IG stories, which I never do, but she was talking about the movie with Vamp. Vamp wasn't impressed, and Moo made a joke of "Maybe if you read the visual novel" so I wonder if they read the threads right before going.

If she really wanted to get better and move on from her past mistakes, she should at least stop obsessing over the site and her hate comments. I feel like it's making her worse than anything because she keeps making knee jerk reactions to them and have to add in little reminders in her stuff because she cant let it go.

No. 646333

Its been 2 years almost 3. She'll keep obsessing until she dies.

No. 646335

Next thread pic

No. 646336

Agreed, this is a new level of ugly.

No. 646337

>>646320 Looks like a disgruntled grandma who missed out on getting a bingo by one number, even though she brought her lucky knickknacks along.

No. 646339

Madam Mim costest? >>646320

No. 646341

Late to reply but Lancer!Artoria really is story locked, but she whaled it when she was on rate-up in last September. Rateups allow you to roll characters that would normally be story-locked. She hasn't finished Camelot due to the reason anon >>645775 here described, she's probably somewhere around London in the story. You can grind yourself to that point with subpar servants and moderate quartz splurging in a few days. She hasn't played this game since and she's lying out of her ass when she's saying "I was just playing it when the maintenance hit!!!111" unless she's been grinding dailies for the past 6 months without touching the main story. And even that wouldn't make sense because her servants have barely been ascended.

Sorry for fate autism but it really pisses me off how she's not even subtle about her lying. ANYONE who has played FGO for more than a week can look at her screenshot and see for themselves that she hasn't touched the game in months. She paid $250 for an
overpriced starter account with a few overpowered servants just to make some sort of a weird flex again, only to leave it lying around.

At least 30% of her plans are just middle fingers to the costhots she's competing with. She's never planning to do them because she knows she'd fuck the costume up, but by adding them to her cosplans she's basically saying "I'm onto you, bitch".

No. 646364

I love how she hasn’t touched or mentioned camversity pretty much since she dropped her bikini bottoms and flashed her nips a few times, that must have really fucked with her. All those dudes wasted their money hardcore lmao, wonder how they feel

No. 646369

yikes, RIP to the poor soul who had to sit next to that.

No. 646370

Is she even doing anything for her Only fans site as well? She is trying to forget she even did Camversity at this post, so hardcore.

No. 646374

Carrie hated this costume and hated how it's always been sexualised. She would not be proud of a predator wearing her most-hated costume and its super offensive that Moo thinks so. Moo doesn't care about anything other than showing off her tits to get those sweet neckbeard bux, but she could at least be honest about it.

No. 646379

two months from now when her betabux start drying up again she'll remember camversity exists

No. 646383

just found the source by scrolling down a bit on google images, the artist also asks for people to not repost their work either

No. 646394

I have a sneaking suspicion Moo posted that question. No doubt.

I'd love to see a screen shot of the real questions from her "fans." Probably just neckbeards asking her to take more clothes off like they do on camversity.

No. 646405

Broly is in none of these plans. I assume she got lazy and gave up being "fit for broly."

No. 646407

No, just the hype died down, it's a cool movie, has some controversy around it, but it won't pull in cuck bucks due to her laziness of getting it out asap, so now she's moving on.

Just look at her cosplay list, she even dropped Zelda because Ultimate's hype died, plus other costhots did it better.

No. 646421

When she shoots f drake she'll change into Broly with the same makeup and fake face scars then claim it's inaccurate bc it's her saiyan OC

No. 646424

She probably dropped zelda because she is running low on funds. That’s why she has to cosplay the big breasted character to get her money back. She hypes it up, be we all know she doesn’t care.

No. 646425

File: 1552684304570.png (788.71 KB, 750x1334, 8E803748-8D8B-4B91-9D47-146F8E…)

Good lord..I’m sure a lot of people are going to avoid her like the plague while she wears this.

No. 646433

File: 1552686404066.jpeg (466.41 KB, 750x881, E13BEB21-739C-4375-9099-D87C16…)

No. 646441

File: 1552689663198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 550.89 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20190315-174114_Chr…)

From the reddit.(spoiler NSFW images.)

No. 646442

With how her panties look, she probably pulled em up to her ribs. The waist band is in the obi.

No. 646443

pork chop on sale my dudes

No. 646444

File: 1552689981170.jpg (86.59 KB, 1200x882, 1200-146884251-melon-bread-wit…)

No. 646445

File: 1552690228465.jpg (392.46 KB, 800x800, Prosciutto_Cotto_Alta_Qualità_…)

Who genuinely thought this was a good idea

No. 646446

I've never seen shibari like this
and now I know why

No. 646452

she really didnt make the back part… and why would anyone think this looks remotely good?

No. 646453

I will never be able to unsee this. Curse you Mariah.

No. 646454

File: 1552691597926.jpeg (269.59 KB, 750x731, 565E291B-C11B-4B10-84D3-B73F85…)

Cat is a braver woman than all of us combined, imagine having to lace this up.

No. 646457

File: 1552692237017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.44 KB, 1080x1071, whattheliteralfuck.jpg)

Okay what the hell? I am trying to figure out how the fuck her underwear is cutting in there. This looks SO bad and I cannot believe she thought "yea ok thats great work there" and of course I don't get why anyone would pay to see her christmas ham on sale cheap, but then her followers prolly couldn't get a date with a sexbot, so…

No. 646458

File: 1552692641810.jpeg (394.94 KB, 1125x1374, 7F4B26C8-34C4-43E3-9C0E-EE1704…)

No. 646459

At least she’ll be easy to spot.

No. 646462

Wash your fucking feet, Jesus.
I feel like everytime we say "it can't get worse than this" she SOMEHOW manages to prove that it CAN get worse.

Also, how do you sew the front of a costume and NOT the back half?? That's a whole new level of lazy.

No. 646463

My favorite part is it's just her Tsunade set but some clumsy rope added.
She has no variety or depth to her work. And she isn't attractive enough to make it worthwhile that way

No. 646465

File: 1552694472375.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 KB, 106x112, kick sprite.png)

Some people have mentioned that her Mai costume is missing a back part, but I don't get what missing part you're referencing? Her costume's only had the cords in the back, no flap over the ass like other ninja costumes.

No. 646480

I'm going to guess that maybe it's the second rope & ball part, since she appears to only the white one

No. 646483

File: 1552697003272.jpg (248.08 KB, 480x720, 9dc96ea0-646f-4549-871c-9c1082…)

She's cosplaying the King of Fighters XIV version which only has one sash-ball thing and no butt flaps. Still shittily inaccurate though, that obi bow yikes.

No. 646484

File: 1552697413187.jpg (495.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190315-194851_Sam…)


No. 646485

jesus christ. those are some dead eyes

No. 646486

is shibari even supposed to look like that? even if it wasn't moo, i feel like it would look fucking stupid on anyone to have a ham netting on their ass

No. 646487

Looks more like she shat herself tbh

No. 646497

File: 1552699395187.png (1.07 MB, 709x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-15-18-22-19…)

No. 646498

oh now she's gonna start calling her cat "Goose" instead of Guzma to really ride that Capt Marvel wave, huh?

No. 646502

She’s been shortening it to goosey/goose/guzy for awhile anon

No. 646504

Does she mean Rin as in the little girl from Inuyasha?

No. 646506

Most likely anon. She's been on an inyuasha kick lately. Definitely made a few posts about sesshomaru and rin.

No. 646508

>>646497 Why would anyone watch instructional videos on YouTube that center around sewing, when it's so easy to browse Etsy with your debit or credit card on standby?

No. 646517

Face tape and shop are real here. Her face looks almost alienesque with the very obvious eye slanting going on.

No. 646528

Of all the adult characters on the show, she chooses to cosplay the one child?

No. 646529

File: 1552710266404.png (5.25 MB, 1125x2436, 734E2A3B-6219-4BB0-99D4-FE881E…)

Way to continually make an unfunny jokes about a character who was raped as a child, Moo. Keep it classy.

No. 646531

…. Isn't this because of the crest worms and not some stupid metaphor about being spoiled?

No. 646532

Yupp. It happens in every thread, farmers trying to stretch truths and nitpick problems that don't exist

The cows suck enough on their own, stop forcing fake milk

No. 646533

the wat? im not a fatefag

No. 646534

File: 1552714156420.jpg (511.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190315-234858_Ins…)

No. 646536

Ya, it's the worms. The worms that violate every orifice of her body from the age of ~4. She's literally raped by penis shaped worms from a very young age, and then starts getting raped by her brother.
It's not about being spoiled, I don't know why you would even think that.
I don't think it's stretching truths, it's a pretty tasteless joke when you know the series and coming from someone who has been accused of sexual assault/harassment makes it even more tasteless.

No. 646538

File: 1552714997221.jpg (320.85 KB, 1200x749, MomoMim.jpg)

No. 646540

File: 1552716579083.png (1.05 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-15-22-55-08…)

Recording Sensei

No. 646542

NTA and be redundant but I think anons are upset because Moo fixates on these rape victim characters. It's highly sexualized whenever she talks about them and frankly obnoxious/creepy. I can understand the sensitivity as this was not the first nor last time. She's just a fucking 50 year old slob in a fat chick's body.

No. 646543

File: 1552718483412.jpg (76.1 KB, 500x281, nope.jpg)

ngl, thought you were exaggerating until I googled it.

No. 646545

ugh could you spoiler this or something

No. 646547

Bingo, anon. It’s kinda vile and upsetting due to the history of sexual assault claims against moo. It’s also just pretty gross that she’s consistintely shown that she has a hard on for characters who get raped.

No. 646548

I feel like if she had learned anything from her controversy she wouldn't place such ill opinions on even the characters she celebrates in her ~fandoms~. Yeah, the Fate community has jokes but she's the only person I know that would keep on going past it being funny.I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, someone finds out she's into lolicon or the some other degenerative fetish. She's mentioned liking Euphoria and some guro in her interview with MomoAkuma, afterall.
I dunno I might be overthinking things now but her character throws me off whenever she acts this grimy.

No. 646556

I think it is probably worse. Momo probably consumes and will talk about lolicon not because she is into it, but to be 'daring' and 'controversial'. The ultimate 'Not Like Other Girls'.

There has been a steady downhill and as she gets more desperate, so will her ways. She has no moral compass and I doubt she actually thinks people actually dislike her.

Her complete lack of personality translates into having no self identity. If you lack that, you have no stakes in what happens around you. I'd wager she thinks she has done absolutely nothing she can't return from.

It will be interesting to see what happens when she realises the extent of how she fucked up her whole life.

No. 646557


Should say "her new kitten" on the left

No. 646558

It's far from stretching the truth and nitpicking. Moo is obsessed with the literal rape of a character and making jokes about it - "my wormy girl", etc.

As someone who both claims to be a sexual assault victim AND has more sexual assault accusations against them than the average person, you would think she would be /slightly/ tactful or mature about it. But she is fixated on rape jokes about a tragic character.

That's not nitpicking, that's weird and to me, genuinely fucked up. If I knew a guy who was as focused on characters whose plots revolve around them being sexually abused/raped as Mariah is, I seriously wouldn't want to be alone with them.

No. 646562

File: 1552741251016.png (583.24 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-03-16-05-59-11…)

No. 646563

Of course she's into lolicon. She sexualized that one kid from the dragon maid anime and made all sorts of sex jokes about her then brushed it off as "Well she's thousands of years old.."
Don't forget how quickly she tossed Vamps under the bus in Japan by outing that she was buying shota doujin. Momo's absolutely into shota x adult women content with her mothering fetish so I wouldn't doubt for a second she's also into loli x adult men with her choices in characters/jokes about them.

No. 646568

Stop comparing real life to what peolle have interests in as far a digital stuff goes. Lolicon /=/ real pedophile. Just like videos games /=/ violence. Its the same outlet and doesnt define someone actual interests. Take Moo pedophile sperging elsewhere. It doesn't belong here

No. 646569

mariah i beg you my underdeveloped mind can't process your galaxy brain takes anymore

No. 646572

are you serious? that's a huge logical leap.

No. 646574

Where did I ever say she's a pedophile? The only thing I compared is her being into shota/women and that probably meaning she's into loli/men.

No. 646575

mariah apologist spotted

No. 646580

If anyone curr, Girlonthemoon followed antares/Cat.

No. 646585

Funny how DBZ got mentioned here and all of a sudden..this idiocy.

I mean, everyone knows its mooraih..this just cements it even further.

No. 646592

File: 1552760072494.png (752.89 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_2019-03-16-11-11-46…)


No. 646593

File: 1552760124461.png (878.5 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_2019-03-16-11-14-44…)

No. 646594

File: 1552760197278.png (714.79 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_2019-03-16-11-12-28…)

>"hey someone should cosplay this!!"
>promptly adds to own wishlist

No. 646595

File: 1552760221495.png (934.61 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_2019-03-16-11-12-38…)

No. 646596

Does anyone else remember that loli sweater she would wear from some shitty brand called animebae or something? I tried to find pics on her ig but I think she deleted selfies where she's wearing it.

No. 646598

What happened to all of those ~authentic kimonos~ you bought from Nippon, Moozilla? Going to actually bother to flex proper and get one that will fit you next time? Haha nah, you're going to waste $$$ on shit you can't wear or use again, I see you, mate.

No. 646599

File: 1552761188293.png (801.59 KB, 720x961, Screenshot_2019-03-16-11-32-38…)

No. 646600

Already filthy and stained carpet. Jfc never change moo

No. 646601

This isn't from that long ago and she's ballooned like crazy since then. I'm amazed and concerned

No. 646602

Did she recently move into here? Don’t follow her closely

No. 646604

this is her old place

No. 646605

Ohhh, so this pic was on her side account. Even more sketchy. But yeah if y'all were ever in the dark about her being down with loli then here's a full endorsement

No. 646610

oof not a very bright idea to buy rising sun shit she'd be just asking for hate

No. 646615


Psst! Don't tell her that!

No. 646616

Lots of people own this sweatshirt though so..

No. 646630

just because a majority do so does not make it justified

No. 646637

I can't fathom what she thinks she'll be able to use that ruff for. It isn't lewdable considering her neck will spill over it like a platter of lard and no one cares unless it's lewds

No. 646638

theres enough milk in this cow that you retards shouldnt need to be sperging about her wearing a sweater with an underage cartoon on it.

No. 646640

She has the Sakizo tag save for her instagram. I'm assuming Antares has mentioned it but I've never seen Moo interested. At all.

No. 646641

stretching thin the use of that one blonde wig she's gonna use, isn't she?

No. 646642

File: 1552785841638.png (640.72 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-16-18-21-12…)

No. 646643

File: 1552785980668.png (742.68 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-16-18-21-48…)

No. 646644

File: 1552786137915.png (834.54 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-16-18-21-55…)

"Things that never happened" for 500

No. 646645

>50 hour
she added a 0 by accident. to moo 5 hours of not eating must be hell.

No. 646646

File: 1552786399860.png (178.31 KB, 720x739, Screenshot_2019-03-16-18-29-52…)

No. 646647

>>646644 We would have heard about this on IG by now. She's so full of shit.

Also, something like this would only result in a loss of 4 pounds tops. Depending on her water consumption rate, she's still retaining a ton of water weight, and it hasn't exactly been warm in Vegas for a change.

Knowing her, she probably has a snack drawer where she could eat undetected.

No. 646650

>Water fasting
Well we can only hope the idiot is telling the truth so she can hopefully experience the wonders of refeeding syndrome

No. 646651

"water fast"
Thats called starving yourself
also "50 hours" is not alot

No. 646652

Is there anything this bitch won’t lie about? This is why she is so hated. The random senseless lying is infuriating.

No. 646654

I find it funny that she adds this little tidbit after an anon wondered what happened to the "get fit for broly" sperg.
Shes like Trisha, I find it sad that her body image controls her life and it will continue to do so well into her 30s. Stop "trying to lose weight" if youre so body positive. You need to work on more important things like your own happiness and your insecurities.
People who spend their lives focusing on losing weight are usually the shittiest people, and they blame everything on their weight.

Also, unless she had a photoshoot today she never wears makeup yet here she is all dolled up for her roommate/best friend to come home. Inetersting.

No. 646655

Body positive peace warriors starve themselves, you know?

No. 646656

did she not post her eating during this week? or is she just adding up all the hours she actually went to sleep this week as a 'fast'?

No. 646657

50 hours is just barely over 2 days but I love that she worded it this way because you can tell that every single hour without food is worth mentioning in her eyes.

No. 646664

When will this dumbass realize that starvation followed by bingeing will only make her fatter? Yo-yo dieting never works in the long term. Everyone except for children and retards knows this.

No. 646666

File: 1552797921448.jpg (66.33 KB, 720x388, 20190316_214156.jpg)

>>646580 She's really trying her hardest to justify her Patreon rates by insisting she works with real people other than Squarecuck.

No. 646667

File: 1552798414849.png (990.62 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-16-21-50-25…)

Here we go

No. 646668

File: 1552798484809.png (754.35 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-16-21-50-38…)

Hey if you pretend your tripod is a photog you can charge 600 dollars off the bat!

No. 646671

whelp, guess is time to throw out my manga collection now

No. 646673

File: 1552800100934.png (909.23 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-16-22-19-05…)

No. 646676

File: 1552800394853.png (834.22 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-16-22-19-36…)

No. 646679

Oh wow she couldnt be more late to something than this. I remember going to the theater to see the live action film premire of this shit several years ago bc it was a big deal for like…all 12 of us people that made up the audience.

The outfits are bodysuits that cover everything, Mariah. And the fandom is niche, modern manga fans dont know a thing. Might as well let this one go and never mention it again, retard.

No. 646682

Of course she had to pick that one so she can send a passive aggressive message to not judge her otherwise you are in the wrong.

No. 646683

I know we are prohibited from talking about cats by the sperge police but are those matts I see on the poor things belly?

No. 646686

File: 1552808894007.jpeg (285.42 KB, 571x654, 2594C0B6-354D-4126-B10F-1C89ED…)

I remember an excalf is a GANTZ fan (maybe Sabrina?) who was planning a shoot and this post is from January. don’t worry! she’s as transparent as always

No. 646691

It’s violent, edgy and has multiple rape scenes, of course she’s going to (pretend to) be into it. The skintight bodysuit under which she can hide forest-kun is just a plus.

No. 646697

Is this from his book? It's like he took Jesus and Buddha quotes and just threw them on a page.
I get creepy cult dude from him

No. 646704

"My natural breasts" has "My magnum dong" energy. Who the fuck you trying to impress?

No. 646705

We've had local TV and newspapers cover the fact a single low-tier e-celebrity shilled water fasting and how immensely dangerous it is. It's basically starving yourself as if a 14-year old girl. Good job, you bought snake oil.

No. 646721

LMFAO yeah buy volume 14 maybe people will actually believe you read manga. What a ho. I think that Gabby cosplay chick, or whoever likes Monster Masume. How petty.

No. 646723

Not long ago Moo announced she was doing keto but she gave up on that quick. Fasting will end the same way. Any photo of her from a year ago shows how all her fad diets fail long-term as she keeps binge eating her way to the 300 pound mark.

Honestly, I don’t think Mariah will see noticeable weight loss ever again unless she gets her Dad to mentally abuse her out of her food addiction and forced her to work out like when she was a teen. She’s beyond help as an adult on her own.

No. 646726

File: 1552837346270.jpg (308.16 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20190317-104102_Ins…)

More like saggiest, most deflated tits in the game.

No. 646731

So, like, whatever happened to being celery water mcgee? Did her body reject it like a demon to holy water?

No. 646732

If we’re being honest here, I don’t think Sabrina or Juliette know the series either. It’s all the flex for the publicity. So Momo is probably just trying to ride on the hype thot train.

No. 646748

File: 1552848811550.png (918.18 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2019-03-17-11-51-44…)

No. 646751

File: 1552849272279.gif (1.4 MB, 337x600, 919210F3-09F2-4B92-932B-FA853B…)

the longer you watch the more you see

No. 646753

File: 1552849420570.gif (1.83 MB, 337x600, D370E7F6-EB3B-4A51-B5D2-9544A3…)

the unfortunate coloring on her panties looks like she spilled koolaid

No. 646758

Those panties remind me of the "good pair" you don't throw away out of laziness and they sit in your drawer, tattered and unused years later

No. 646762

Every time she moves she looks like a toddler. Her proportions are so out of wack she cant move right. I guess it fits since she acts like a toddler too

No. 646767

just for once i would like to see her wearing panties that let her vag breathe. this can't be healthy

No. 646768

I love her off centered cleavage because her sag bags are all packed in with her side fat. And the return of her bread roll abs.
I wonder who rejected her since she's posting underwear Vids and selfies again

No. 646769

Living with Sensei has left her sexually frustrated as usual.
I wonder if she makes an actual effort at dating or if she just goes for free food.

No. 646773

File: 1552853016278.png (758.87 KB, 1193x720, Screenshot_2019-03-17-12-58-59…)

Lots to do fellas

No. 646774

File: 1552853362784.jpg (942.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190317-145922_Ins…)

No. 646775


I will never understand how people are not ashamed to broadcast their filth and mess to everybody to see. Absolutely disgusting

No. 646777

can you imagine she reading 300+ chapters though? i wish she would try

No. 646779

i will never be over those belly ripples that try to pass as abs.

No. 646780

Gantz is huge with costhots right now. I don't know what made it become popular with the crowed, but my guess is the super cheap shitty miccostumes one thats out now. i saw a bunch at katsu and i keep seeing the "lingerie" version too

No. 646781

what the hell is a lingerie version of gantz suits? what? how? just no

No. 646782

Moo could cosplay for fe three houses which is coming out but she's a tard that doesn't actually care about games, just big titty waifus.

No. 646784

I would guess they saw how much money moonfox made off doing it is the only thing I can think of.

No. 646787

Shes referring to being self conscious about how gravity works. That's usually what they mean when they talk about zero support outfits in the community. Mo does the same shit tbh.

No. 646802

ugh, that's really disappointing.

No. 646809

It's so old. And long time fans had a huge wait between arcs…I forgot the reason why, but there was a large break. Anyways, no spoilers, but Gantz got weird for fans, not sure about it's ability to have been mainstream, but it's probably just the violence and sexy suits that propelled it forward with some netflix 3-D anime of it. Whatever the reason it was always niche, but it's perfect for costhots. Tons of fan service. I'm guessing >>646686 is mostly fan service covers done by the author. Mariah pulling off one of those plug suits…I fucking can't imagine.

No. 646833

absolute mongoloid you are.
it's because of breeders that breeds are pure and existent today. i suppose you don't give a shit if dogs and cats and other animals cross breed and become genetic abominations and mutts, right? all in the name of feeling like a superior activist when you actually have no clue? kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 646835

lmao dogs and cats cant make babies

there are a lot of issues of going to a breeder for specific breeds due to how fucked the gene pool is sometimes, so yeah purebreds are a bit bad

No. 646836

>purebreds are a bit bad
unironically you sound like a kike
and the gene pool is fucked precisely because of mutts, not pure breds.

No. 646837

Reading terrible hentai dialogue doesn't count as reading and it sure as hell doesn't make you smart, Mariah.

No. 646838

Take your white supremacist bullshit somewhere else bitch

No. 646839

The look of a professional cosplayer that has “so much to do today”. I’m starting to think she’s convinced she might die if she doesn’t constantly lie about shit.

No. 646845

File: 1552880107370.png (3.26 MB, 1070x1800, C45138D0-7D9E-4994-B3FD-3C411A…)

>taking cat videos
>random motorcycle shit with her cousin(?) and sensei
>fucking around downtown Summerlin

So busy my dudes!

No. 646853

Can we stop with the purebred/mutt pet spergs?

No. 646855

I thought the mods said no more cat talk…..

No. 646859

File: 1552885631592.png (1.2 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-03-17-22-04-52…)

These repetitive ass shots can be yours for 10 buckaroos

No. 646860

File: 1552885661177.png (729.92 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-03-17-22-04-58…)

No. 646862

More like NSFL, mate. Can't wait to see you lazily gyrate on the floor again.

No. 646867

Oh boy, what pasties is she gonna bring out this time

No. 646879

With how we've already seen her pubes and bare nipples, I wonder just how NSFW it will be

No. 646881

For the love of god please nobody tell her about elf-san wa yaserarenai.

No. 646882

You just did, she lurks here.

No. 646888

File: 1552897855389.jpeg (152.46 KB, 710x1000, C067ED7A-B3D5-4012-9EF8-E7A6E4…)

I think they were being ironic. It’s a manga about a fat elf I guess. Even though she’s obviously bigger than the character, it’s probably the only appropriate one for her body type to cosplay. It doesn’t even look that difficult but Mariah always manages to completely fuck up a (bought) cosplay.

No. 646890

Maybe I'm seeing things but does anyone else notice this? When she steps forward her stomach blurs and her midsection/belly button suddenly rises

No. 646892

Probably because she’s trying to suck in her gut. At least that’s what I’m guessing.

No. 646894


That's exactly what's happening. As she switches shifting her weight from one leg to the other, she realizes she isn't sucking in as much as she could be, and she goes a little overboard out of fear that she might expose herself at a less flattering angle.

I'm sure there's a filter applied here. I might even go as far as to say that she's using contour on her stomach in the same way most women use contour on their cleavage to create the illusion that things are a little more ample or defined, based on the area of the body.

No. 646907

>calling someone a kike makes you a white supremacist
americans are pathetic L MAO(derailing to try and racebait)

No. 646929

she could finally let her fat rolls hang out if she cosplays this elf, no more need to suck in, it'd be a change of pace, but its not sexy enough

No. 646940

It's so sad cucks keep falling for this, but a fool and his money etc.

No. 646960

Exactly. Her idea of "very NSFW" is a boob grope and sticking her flat ass in the air. There's usually nothing else going on that makes it NSFW.

No. 646963

File: 1552927820359.png (771.15 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2019-03-18-05-35-33…)

No. 646967

i'm really proud that moo decided to use her own hair for that sexy einstein cosplay she's doing!

No. 647001

I'm tempted to buy her Android 21 set because it seems that one never got uploaded

No. 647012

It did and look instead of lowkey asking for spoonfed set links.

No. 647026

This is topkek right here. And what, is she thirsting over the cats now too? ffs moo, hury up and become self aware.

No. 647035

Its just baby talk.

No. 647061

No Safe For World.

No. 647063

File: 1552948118794.png (449.09 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-17-48…)

Flood incoming. She basically tells her friend to pirate the movies on KissAbine, completely contradicting her prior stances on antipirating lmao

No. 647064

File: 1552948150903.png (336.03 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-17-55…)


No. 647065

File: 1552948277847.png (459.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-18-37…)

No. 647066

fate is trash and i would just tell them to play the only route that matters, which is heaven's feel in the VN. and maybe play fate go is they want to

No. 647067

File: 1552948415687.png (895.17 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-18-53…)

No. 647069

File: 1552948519300.jpg (724.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190318-173443_Ins…)

No. 647070

File: 1552948553005.png (789.42 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-19-03…)

You are free to make that opinion. My issue is she is willing to go on cam and lie about not pirating anime but does this shit.

No. 647071

File: 1552948597054.png (907.65 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-19-39…)

No. 647072

File: 1552948692971.png (768.12 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-19-50…)

No. 647074

File: 1552948841580.png (841.23 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-20-03…)

>shows loli kissing gif anyways

No. 647075

File: 1552948941771.png (763.78 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-18-15-20-14…)

No. 647079

She talks like a goddamn mansplaining neckbeard. No wonder they love her

No. 647082

It's so stupid how she thinks she's an authority on this…when any simpleton can Google how to watch a series in order.

No. 647084

So my question is for Fate-nerds, can you watch these on other platforms that support the movie? Like Crunchyroll, or even purchasing them?

No. 647088

Aniplex does a majority of this series's releases at the moment. Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu host some of the Fate series for streaming. There are other retailers that sell the series aside from Amazon. Moo is aware of where to buy anime, she is just too cheap and wants a easy, fast way to become ~true Fate fan~.
Anons can correct me but I don't think there is a translated official release of the original VN? Most of the recent spin off game titles (aside from F/GO) have been translated and released to consoles for a English audience.

No. 647096

I love how she skips the fate route completely dispite the deen anime having the true ending for the Visual Novel.

No. 647100

In any of these she never mentions kissanime. She shoes Netflix and crunchyroll.

No. 647103

Anon she is kind of allowed to show what the context of what she is talking about is. She can still 'not approve' even though we all know she reads and watches lolicon hentai.

No. 647106

Thats what I figured tbh, especially since I know most anime ends up on Crunchyroll. I know as an international fan for a lot of overseas stuff (anime, kpop, etc) it used to be impossible to get stuff legally and to support a show, your only option was to torrent it/ stream it. She's a fucking hypocrite.

No. 647108

Are you blind?
In the first pic, she clearly says and even links to kissanime

No. 647109

Might want to change out of your Mei glasses, Mariah.

No. 647118

There isn’t an official translation of the Fate VN, but there’s plenty of really good translations out there, and they aren’t that hard to find.

No. 647136

yeah, i like how she's like 'gross loli' but here's a pic. She's so fake, especially considering her history with dragon's maid.

No. 647146

Unlimited Blade Works, Zero, Apocrypha and Last Encore are on Netflix. Deen Stay/Night is on Hulu. I know some are on Crunchyroll.
As far as the Heaven's Feel movies I don't think there's anywhere that streams them. You have to buy it. The second isn't out on DVD yet anyway.
There's no official one but there's a patch for Realta Nua on the PS Vita (I think) to play in English and there are translations online. Moo wouldn't know this though because she hasn't read it.

No. 647154

File: 1552961986249.png (796.27 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-18-19-16-04…)

Laziness took a whole new level when its 7 pm her own time and is just putting makeup on for what I presume is her ~super lewd ultimate nsfw~ set

No. 647156

No. 647164

File: 1552963299644.png (823.18 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2019-03-18-19-36-57…)

No. 647165

File: 1552963397199.png (1.18 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-18-19-37-01…)

>bought less than 20 USD unregulated circle lens
>is mad the paint of the lens is coming off in her eye

No. 647166

File: 1552963432145.png (756.06 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-18-19-38-15…)

No. 647168


Well, there goes a good night's sleep.

No. 647169

She really spent less than twenty bucks on mesh lenses? How can someone be so stupid. Of all the things to cheap out on. She splurges on ugly shoes and Gucci wristbands but goes for the cheapest option for the piece of plastic you literally stick in your eye

No. 647171

Ok, I lied, on the site they're 28 dollars but I've seen these on some sites for cheaper. It looks like she bought the Kazzue "SFX Hinata White" lenses

No. 647172

How could she list Carnival Phantasm and forget the route that's actually about her "best girl ever I cried when I wore this cosplay she means the world to me" favorite character, Saber?

No. 647174

Yeah any unregulated mesh lenses under $50 are gonna be shit and probably hurt your eye.
How can she flex constantly yet skimp out on the most important things?

No. 647175

With the money she makes, she could have easily asked her eye doctor for a pair. Or MaYbE she's been lying about her eye doctor this whole fucking time and doesn't care? Shocking.

No. 647190

Really? Well, bless the anon for capping them. This is why screenshots are so important.

No. 647191

File: 1552971522836.jpg (Spoiler Image, 934.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190318-235821_Ins…)

More pasties probably

No. 647192

File: 1552972315261.png (1.12 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-18-22-09-15…)

Innovative NSFW content Moo

No. 647194

File: 1552972757929.png (Spoiler Image, 625.4 KB, 500x750, post_file.png)

No. 647197

>foot covers literally ripping apart on her feet

No. 647198

File: 1552973545009.jpeg (133.14 KB, 840x825, EB25030C-569A-4C7F-A139-52A953…)

It’s getting to the point where she can’t hide her double chins with shoop and facetape anymore.

What the heck is happening here?

No. 647201

who ever shooped this did a horrible job. You can clearly tell the massive amount of blur used to hide her double chin, and didn't even bother to hide away some of her stretch marks (like her left arm, or under her left knee)

Did she tag who took the photo? Because it looks like tripod-san is back… Aiming the camera from bottom up like that extenuates her double chin in a horrendous way.

No. 647204

I just noticed this but… is that a table runner just draped on her folding screen on our right? Like, did she just go to Ross and buy shit she thought looked vaguely Japanese to toss on her set. Her set design skills are as shoddy as her bought outfits.

No. 647205


Looks like a combo of doesn't know how to wear a garterbelt, leaning forward to try to make her calorie sacks look bigger/bottom half look smaller, and as her gunt and thighs stick out significantly more than her hip crease, the garter straps have a suspension bridge effect

No. 647207

File: 1552975103762.png (468.73 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-03-18-22-54-38…)

Truly nothing we have seen before. What a dumb bitch

No. 647208

File: 1552975129431.png (875.71 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-03-18-22-53-44…)

No. 647209

Ah yes a few days ago someone mentioned how she doesn't market any of her other platforms yet here she is.

No. 647211

File: 1552975315750.png (1.03 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-03-18-22-53-55…)

Having no Twitter must suck when you have 0 originality. Her OF is colder that a witch's teat

No. 647214

This time she actually blocked out patron usernames. Seriously, if only she took the more important advice we offered here. But Mariah is only capable of the barest of minimums, anything else is too much effort or time consuming despite her having literally all the time in the world.

It’s kinda satisfying to see her reduced to simulating blowjobs with fruit in a futile attempt to lure in more cuck bucks. I still remember when all of this would have been beneath her because she was “too good” to debase herself like this. Now here we are.

No. 647218

it makes me tinfoil that maybe she needs a little extra cash if she’s pushing the onlyfans again.

No. 647223

>>647201 It's definitely Tripod-san.

Here's the proof: >>646666

No. 647292

She looks so dead-eyed. There is literally nothing in her eyes, even though that's obviously meant to be a "here you go, baby" kind of shot. That's why she can't do sexy to save her life, doing like this requires being able to consider or think of someone else. We all know she's completely incapable of that.

No. 647297

is she wearing the garterbelt backwards? holy shit lmao

No. 647313

The shibari one never got leaked which was the only one worth a damn.

No. 647325

>>647313 Take your thirsty ass somewhere else. This isn't a Mariah appreciation thread. If you want her stuff that badly, buy it from the source, since you're clearly a fan.

No. 647347

File: 1553026491829.jpg (781.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190319-151352_Ins…)

Remember guys shes always so busy.

No. 647350

File: 1553028596704.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, CD426C7D-9958-4609-A29E-DC0D25…)

Mariah didn’t like Collette’s shoes so she made her wear hers because she didn’t want Collette to look “like a fucking hobo” or else she wouldn’t leave the house.

Meanwhile, Mariah is still wearing a sweatshirt with the same leggings she’s lived in for over a month with a rats nest of hair.

No. 647353

Did she forget about those disgusting Toms she wore for like two years straight

No. 647355

oh my bad they were disgusting af moccasins


No. 647357

File: 1553030850374.jpeg (879.12 KB, 1125x1827, 35457791-C3D3-4EDC-995B-042420…)

Don’t know if this had been posted yet or not, but she made this post with a bunch of “memey” expressions on her side account. This first image was something else, alright. Her face here is reminiscent of a turtle in the midst of taking a shit.

No. 647364

File: 1553034269885.png (1.1 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-03-19-15-22-18…)

These were her shoes

Also >>647357 this was already posted.

No. 647365

File: 1553034297036.png (1 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-19-15-21-57…)

No. 647366


Yikes, she's literally wearing the same outfit for a week straight and complains about Vamp who looks more put together. good job, momocunt.

No. 647367

Vamp is that one friend Momo hates so she's a total cunt to her. Vamp is just as bad however, she lets Momo do whatever she wants to her in exchange for money.
oh wait, that would make vamp a **

No. 647371


She probably just googled Fate anime because she forgot an entire series. "Fate" isn't in the name so it wouldn't come up in google. What a typical move, Moo.

No. 647376

File: 1553040315512.png (804.18 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-19-17-02-47…)

No. 647377

File: 1553040351184.png (1.06 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-19-17-03-13…)

No. 647378

>>647376 Jesus. Haven't we seen this scam before with the Pocacho and Tifa crap?

The sad thing is that she'll probably reel in some of the neckbeards who may have jumped ship all over again.

Meanwhile, this shit was on Camversity, completely free of charge.

No. 647379

File: 1553040731177.png (848.71 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-19-17-10-16…)

>back hams showing through a fucking sweater(nitpick)

No. 647380

>>647379 This would explain the backpack. A feeble attempt to hide them as she fucks around at The Forum Shops.

No. 647409

File: 1553051319270.png (789.79 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_2019-03-19-20-05-35…)

No. 647415

File: 1553052225328.jpeg (117.02 KB, 750x1234, 1C567646-0C92-44B2-A0B9-6DC4A6…)

No. 647421

Wait is this supposed to be the super lewd set she said she was doing? Or did she not shoot that day she said she would?

No. 647422


No. 647425


by more goodies she means 20% more photoshopped shit? Maybe she throws in a different pasty set or some sad lube drips? man you guys are right- her neckbeard followers are stupid af

No. 647426

File: 1553055548613.png (619.04 KB, 607x875, Screenshot_2019-03-19-21-15-55…)

O lawd she comin. And goin to momofuku

No. 647429

This belongs to people of walmart

No. 647430

This is definitely the face of someone who got arrested for possession of crack cocaine

No. 647434

>>647415 This was simple, yet brilliant. Solid contribution.

I always wondered what a potential mugshot would look like. This is as close as it gets.

No. 647437

You mean you live off of sushi other people pay for, Moochlettes.

Does Moo ever eat vegetables that aren't blended up celery in a solo cup?

She also feels no shame.

No. 647444

I swear to god she didn't look this big a couple of months ago. What the fuck happened

No. 647445

The same thing that happened to literally every other aspect of her life: lack of self control.

No. 647449

Fuck when was the last time she changed those leggings?

No. 647473

File: 1553095357852.jpg (49.8 KB, 550x440, UrielSeptim.jpg)

She looks like she was created in the Oblivion character creator…

No. 647474

this would make a great future thread pic, just make it monochrome and add the mugshot background

No. 647505

She has been gaining on average 8+ pounds a month for a while. You usually can't tell because of the photoshop, fat girl angles and other desperate attempts to change her apperence.
She's slowly reaching Vicky levels of shop. From what I remember we havent seen a non edited picture of her body in full sunlight since last summer and she was 50 pounds lighter and covered in scars and cellulite. Who knows how it looks now

No. 647508

File: 1553108039830.png (4.19 MB, 750x1334, C2E68992-D027-40C5-A9D0-7190AC…)

the missing link appeared today

No. 647516

God she really looks like JonTron
JonTron before he lost weight
Also "studying"? For what?

No. 647517

Sensei is taking actual college courses and Moo sits at home to consume her bodyweight

No. 647518

File: 1553109369476.png (837.97 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-20-12-13-42…)

Also dunno when this was posted but its gone now and showing off him watching a movie and studying(derailing)

No. 647520

File: 1553109752623.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 0CCBE408-B5EB-4055-AAFE-E7E05C…)

kek, then he literally must have deleted it after my screenshot. it was between the first waterboy clip and the page of notes.

so momo was in the car going there two hours ago (as of this screenshot), 22ish minutes ago he posted that and deleted it

No. 647525

More than likely realized that by linking his jobs instagram profile, which has it's address in it's bio, that people would send junk there

No. 647527

Its Waterboy and the other post was relevant to Moo, but this isnt worth anything.

No. 647535

i admire her audacity to wear the same outfit for 3 weeks and lecture vamp for looking like a hobo

sorry if ot but what even are these shoes? boot sneakers? do they fit momo's legs? legit confused

No. 647542

So circleofcucks isn't included in the guest list for moos latest flex journey?

No. 647570

Nope, she treated him to Japan last time and didn't get his dick as a reward, so he gets to sit out, er, I mean 'study for midterms' this time around. I for one am excited, his tard wrangling last trip really bottled up the potential milk so now it can flow freely.

No. 647577

We have zero proof she paid for him too. Without mention like she did Vamp, its all tinfoil. She wouldve flexed about buying everyones ticket if she did, so stop spreading that without proof.

No. 647585

Maybe. But it is a proven fact that she has to buy her friends.

No. 647595

Pretty sure she mentioned paying circleofcuck's tickets as a ~present~, anon. She sperged about taking her precious sensei with her on the totes spiritual journey.

No. 647596

File: 1553133962042.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 337x600, DC8F3C16-917E-4642-A922-ECA61C…)

spoilered for no pants but she had sensei sharpie her butt today

No. 647599

File: 1553134221051.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 983AF437-BB45-4205-8442-13800F…)

“Someone” = 2 day amazon prime shipping

No. 647600

File: 1553134251061.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, B9E709C3-71F7-4244-B1A7-D65DFA…)

No. 647602

How do you have so much income but the self-awareness of a dead duck to the point of not realizing when you have holes in your clothes? She is going nowhere fast.

No. 647603

B-b-but anon!! They were her fatshaming leggings!! The capitalist gods were fatshaming her into wearing cheap quality leggings!!!

No. 647604

File: 1553135467650.jpg (731.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190320-213043_Ins…)

No. 647607

Afaik no one gives a shit about Bowsette and hasn't for a little while now. The meme is long gone so why bother?

No. 647608

Because she feels the need to ~b a srs cosuprayer~ even though her first attempt was a shitshow, as intentionally heinous as she claims it was. We all know she did it to shit on Gabby.

No. 647611

Youre thinking of Vamp.

No. 647614

No, I also remember this. I’ll see if I can find the post in old threads but she was also bragging about buying his ticket on stream.

No. 647616

What is she even doing in Japan? It doesn't seem like anyone is going with her this time, is she just going to go waddle around by herself as some weird weeb flex?

No. 647619

>>647616 In one of the live stream threads, she claimed she was taking Vamp a second time as a birthday present for Colette. Thread 3, to be exact. Probably should have copied the post number, but the "find on page" feature works fine.

>>647614 I think she may have vocally stated this during a stream. Might have been one of the streams after she and Tattoo-kun returned from Utah. I don't want to go back and watch the archives, but I think it's the streak where she attempted to play God Of War, and pretended she had to cut the stream short in order to run errands.

No. 647620

Weeb flex + she vowed to return again during this month immediately after her last trip. So it begs the question, which thots she envies are going over during this time period?

No. 647621

I think she’s also going to actually do more shoots and shopping with less sight seeing this time…but we know how that goes. idr which cosplays she’s taking perhaps tamamo if it’s finished and those new cat ears? maybe a “real” mai shoot? >>647616

No. 647622

I think she said she was bringing Mai. I think she was jealous her ex friends found actual cosplay sets to photograph at so she needs to one up them.

No. 647629

My guess, knowing mariah, is nothing other than some more half nekkid onsen (airbnb bathroom) shots.

No. 647632

There is really no point in her going to Japan and HOPE she doesn't get kicked out of a tourist spot. We all know she didn't book any locations for photos nor is she bringing any photogs. It's going to be shitty selfies and tripod san with a mix of "they kicked me out! Soooo unprofessional!"

No. 647638


She went on a rant on stream about how people are jealous of her because she can afford to drop money on 4 first class round trip tickets to Japan for her and her friends.

No. 647643

or shooting in public without permission

No. 647651

What a shitty looking bag. Haphazardly thrown together like everything else she does.

No. 647660

Thought she said Square was going this time

No. 647661

File: 1553171623491.jpg (281.7 KB, 720x960, 20190321_053152.jpg)

Gotta love how he just so happens to use Mariah as an example while he tries to drive a point home.

No. 647664

This dude is an extremist and anti-feminism and overall PULL vomit. This post has zero to do with Moo. Post it to calves.

No. 647667

>implying any of Mariah's paypigs are normal men
We've seen the pictures she takes with her fans, and those are the ones with the social skills to attend a convention and ask for a photo…

No. 647672

This is a sexual assaulter using another sexual assaulter as a example of badness.
On the other hand 5 bucks says she gained more followers because the only people who follow RooshV are sad men who are obsessed with sex and trying to fuck chicks.

No. 647674


Got excited about a cow crossover, but looks like he just grabbed her photo at random

No. 647685

Going to post photos after:
>while she was helping film their promo video, Sensei's shop gave her new ear piercings
>paid alot of money to express ship new Hinata lenses to her so it can arrive before Japan
>as a goal reward for 1000 patrons, she's announcing a "really cool" cosplay project for July
>is using a vitamin C serum/new skin regime and claimed to not have any zits (despite having about 5 while recording herself)
>next month she's doing Bowsette, Shera and Howl. Said she wasn't happy with what she had done, tried to do the "metal" casting pieces like Twin cosplay and fucked it up
>isn't good at new cosplay things and fucks up lot. Wonder why~
>making the armor for Cat's cosplay and is using a trap remix for a Howl's Moving Castle cosplay video she's doing with Aly Brazil/tenderbroembrace

No. 647687

File: 1553186676027.png (918.43 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-03-21-09-32-14…)

No. 647688

File: 1553186751949.png (737.69 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-21-09-33-14…)

Sorry for the blurry cap

No. 647689

File: 1553187047384.png (1.03 MB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2019-03-21-09-47-45…)

No. 647690

File: 1553188349645.png (1.01 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-21-10-11-28…)

No. 647700

Oh lordy, this gonna be good. Can't wait to see her ""sexy"" Easter Ham cosplay shoot!

No. 647701

I feel like she shops her face to look like she looked before the weight gain

No. 647710

she definitely does. she hasn't looked like this in 2-3 years honestly. she looks like >>647687, just hammy, greasy, and round all the time. her face is where some of the most obvious change has been, due to the weight gain, bloat, and general lack in taking care of herself. she's almost unrecognizable from what she looked like when she started.

No. 647722

As always it's a lie, because from what I know in Japan, they like the publicity, especially if the model has any pull whatsoever. They don't like their work being given away "for free", but if it's a known artist/agency, you're expected to name drop them.

She can't name drop anyone, especially if they sell a book, there's no "NDAs" unless you're an actual contracted model and it's a secret project for someone in the JAPANESE modeling agency.

So no Japanese company contacted her and she knows it. It's going to be her and her tripod.

No. 647723

File: 1553204325824.png (1.1 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-03-21-14-37-15…)

No. 647726

she seriously brought that cat outside?

No. 647729

File: 1553207284939.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 8793CDBB-270C-4FC0-8231-899EAD…)

Why would you put yourself looking 70 years old on the internet I don’t get it.

No. 647730

File: 1553207392787.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, ACE051F4-6376-479A-9ECE-B13EB2…)

And she’s talking about how great her skin looks since she started using some new product… birch, where.

No. 647736

Implying that she's selling nudes for one dollar is an unrivaled low.

No. 647737

File: 1553207916005.jpg (57.45 KB, 900x900, anzone-pet-portable-space-caps…)


She's got one of these.

No. 647738

File: 1553208187015.png (3.87 MB, 1800x1059, A668CEE5-4AB5-4AE2-830B-CBC451…)

She’s going all out with showing off her new accessory kitten before it outgrows it’s cute factor. Also, so much for the “I don’t eat out a lot guys”

No. 647739

File: 1553208482933.jpg (615.46 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190321_154615.jpg)

>>647729 All I could think of after seeing this photo is how she looks like some busted ass meth addict who covers herself in cum lube for a line.

No. 647740

Who the heck is that dude with momo?

No. 647741

>>647740 Looks like Brandon, who's supposedly her cousin.

Pretty funny how the "professional model" is the worst looking member of her own family, huh?

No. 647746

I already think this would be the perfect pic for next thread.

No. 647749

Ok I know we said no spergung about the cats but fuck that's cruel.

No. 647750

No. 647752

File: 1553213232011.png (642.02 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_2019-03-21-17-05-21…)

No. 647757


I'm sure it isn't but fuck this looks like a torture for cats. Isn't well thought out at all.

No. 647762

hmm, going to drop a small ball of tinfoil since it’s probably unlikely but remember when she first got guzma and would drive around with him, take him out show him off she even said she planned to ~attend cons with him~ is this a second attempt with this one? would we put it past her to attempt to register this one as a support animal? idr if she mentioned actually trying to register guzma or not but I know some anons were talking about logistics of it and how she would have to to take him places etc

No. 647764

Yeah, shame they're so trendy right now. The kitten in her story is clearly distressed inside it. Pretty stupid of her to not notice or care, either.

No. 647767

Yeah. She's no better than the girls in those sleazy peep show booths where you can only watch them if you keep putting quarters in.

No. 647771

Distressed and overheated… That "window" seems like a nice idea but then imagine how hot it must get inside that backpack on a sunny day.

No. 647773

File: 1553228314102.png (1002.62 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-55-08…)

she posted a ton of old pictures

No. 647774

File: 1553228411713.png (1013.2 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-55-13…)

Not posting all of the stories as there's a ton

No. 647775

File: 1553228519765.png (825.6 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-55-24…)

No. 647776

File: 1553228630461.png (687.35 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-55-52…)

No. 647777

File: 1553228729072.png (753.85 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-56-01…)

No. 647778

File: 1553228875363.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 42A9AC2E-BF74-4BC0-BB14-286C85…)

So she’s always looked old. That explains a lot.

No. 647779

File: 1553228977232.png (585.67 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-56-28…)

Vamps is over. Moo was calling her cats Bernie and Emiya "gay boys" and said she's "never seen a human lick balls like Bernie does to Emiya"

No. 647780

File: 1553229012891.png (590.33 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-57-21…)

No. 647781

File: 1553229080055.png (854.01 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2019-03-21-20-58-10…)

No. 647782

Vampo was with her last night. She literally has no friends but Moo?

No. 647783

File: 1553229549351.png (88.98 KB, 720x556, Screenshot_2019-03-21-21-32-58…)

Apparently she had work friends I dunno if she had had anyone else aside from Moo

No. 647784

File: 1553229809195.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 7481D310-C25A-47CD-8B7A-9A0532…)

Providing tons of proof that she was never cute.

No. 647785

File: 1553230114630.png (873.19 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-21-21-44-41…)

Question: how would Moo be able to make "metal" pieces for Howls jacket if she doesn't even have it infront of her? She can't even paint a prop or make a kimono, how did she expect to make accessories?? Aly still has the jacket

No. 647786

Its literally drapedon the clothing rack

No. 647787

I mean, they went to visit her? Why did they not bring it? Or at least mail it?

No. 647788

The jacket is in the background. Anon, your post has no context to go with the image aside from complaining. Whos photo is that from? Aly, Moo, Miso? Whos in it?

No. 647789

If you are keeping up with the thread, you'd know it's Aly. Miso, potat0piece and Aly all went to see her recently.

No. 647790

Theres a bunch of Moo posts then an Instastory with the name of the poster cropped off. There is no context aside from complaining and some unknown with their face covered in the photo. Its not about keeping up. That photo and caption just didnt explain anything happening.

And Moo doesn't have to have the jacket in front of her to make accessories. That kind of goes for anyone as long as you know how you need to attatch them.

No. 647792

Does anyone else find it funny that she's not going to Sakura Con considering the Umineko author is going to be there? Such a HUGEEEE fan.

No. 647794

She said she wasnt months ago though

No. 647796

Eh.. Seems like she's just saying stuff. They are cats. Let her call them 'gay boys'. People call their pets stupid shit all the time, even have 'weddings' and go overboard on birthdays. This is a stupid nitpick. Its not hurting anyone and she's fucking around.

No. 647797

oh i see now she has the arm ropes

No. 647803

>>647781 This caption has to be about someone else, because there isn't a gorgeous unit pictured here. >>647780 looks more like a constipated DMV employee than a gorgeous unit.

>>647785 Not gonna go back to dig through old threads, but I suspected she was unhappy with the jacket, which is probably why she went on a bender every night she spent in Washington DC. She had no intention of wearing it on day 3, especially since she looked like shit on days 1 and 2, and she wasn't as popular as she'd like to pretend. Her and Vamp probably shared a total of a dozen photos tops where they were approached by people who wanted to meet them and get pics. That doesn't seem like a successful outing to me.

>>647782 It's been well documented by now that Vamp only feels close to Mariah. And Vamp probably has Stockholm syndrome because of Mariah, so she probably doesn't think she's good enough to make other friends.

>>647773 This Scotch tape mask is probably the only thing she actually made in her life. Funny that she's still taping her face to this day, except it isn't for comedic purposes.

No. 647804

>>647785 Just wanted to give you some credit for catching this, anon. >>647685 recaps her IG ramblings rather nicely, as I watched them myself shortly after she posted them. She clearly said she was the one who tried to make alterations. Some farmers (no offense, newfags and short term lurkers) aren't always going to make this connection, but I'm glad you were able to call Moo out on her bullshit.

No. 647813

And they look shooped af, i wonder if that's why she ramped up the contrast in that photo

No. 647816

File: 1553254291224.jpg (777.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190322-063012_Ins…)

Jesus… is she on some sort of manic episode? Every post or story lately has been about how gorgeous or great she is and I'm excited to see the crash.

No. 647818

Most people make their 'dream' cosplay because it's more genuine and not hire some shitty disney obsessed dude, but work.

She definitely sounds manic. And once again, she's up all night. Look at the time

No. 647820

She took the insta story down but didn't anyone else manage to screenshot the huge rant she had because someone questioned the cat backpack? She went fucking off her tits, I didn't get it in time.

No. 647834

File: 1553264668688.png (209.96 KB, 500x281, ok whale.png)

>how gorgeous I was
>looked beautiful
>just like the character

listen i don't smoke whatever game she's referencing but i'm pretty sure beatrice doesn't look like a fat pig

she's on some fit of "compliment myself until i believe it!!!" someone probably called her out for something or insulted her and she got her feelings hurt. or maybe she got rejected?

that poor cat… don't those backpacks get really hot? i'm more worried about it overheating in there than anything else.

No. 647837

I own one and they do get pretty warm. I wouldn’t use them on a sunny day, I did once when I was bringing my cat over to my bf’s house and she was visibly uncomfortable after about 15 minutes.

No. 647838

File: 1553268051856.png (23.07 KB, 717x116, Screenshot_2019-03-22-08-18-02…)

She must've had sativa around. She acts so obnoxious after consuming it.

I wanna say watch the archive in OP but I dunno if it catches deleted stories

No. 647839

Her whole "I'm a goddess" routine shows up every time some dick she's chasing swerves her hard.

She probably took another run at sensei.

No. 647843

You can still make accessories for it without having it in front of you. I wouldn't say that's calling Moo out.

No. 647848

>>647843 C'mon now. Like Mariah has that type of expertise? There's no reason why Aly would have the jacket in her possession if Mariah were actually working on it. I was going to make an analogy about pizza toppings, but there's no sense in overstating the obvious. Mariah is a liar.

No. 647849

All you need is to know how to attatch them. Even Moo is dumb enough to do this. Even a beginner. I get calling her out for 'bullshitting' but literally, there is nothing to bullshit about this. She didn't even say she had the jacket WITH her when she mentions the accessories. Its ridiculous and futile tinfoil.

No. 647850

>>647849 How can you put objects on another object that isn't in your general proximity? Is she using the Mars Rover?

No. 647852

Just going to add that practically every cosplayer mkes accessories even if their whole outfit isn't done. This isn't some 'WE CAUGHT YOU' thing. Its just accessories. Its not that deep that she doesn't have the jacket because that has no impact on accessories. If she was tailoring, yes. But otherwise, Howl's accessories can be made without it.

Are you seriously going to try to stretch this just so you can say you caught Moo red handed? You need clasps? How about velcro? She's making accessories and she talks about fucking up the molds. If you even look at the photo of Howl, and yes we know Moo is doing her own stealing ideas thing, there isn't much as far as accessories anyway. And who's to say Moo isn't going to spend a day or two using Aly to help her get everything attached?

Hands down you can make accessories for shit without having the main item in front of you. Almost all cosplayers do shit like this too. Without having anything finalized they are working on pieces here and there. Doesn't matter if Aly even has the jacket. Can we not fucking argue about shit that is super nitpicking about Moo?

No. 647855

>>647852 Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 647860

The woman is incapable of making anything herself and here you are defending her, saying she is able to CAST items for a coat that is not there but she had implied it was.

No. 647861


..You can literally cast anything without the main piece. Moo knows how fat she is. All she has to fo is hold the mold up to where she will have it placed and have Aly attach it after.

Its not about defending her. Its about how stupid the argument is that someone, anyone can't make accessories or molds without the main piece. This is how people work. Clearly neither of you cosplay if you literally don't know how shit works. Aly has the jacket. Oh well. Moo is casting. Aly is most likely coming back down and to top it off Moo even said she fucked up the casting. So right now she's not even making accessories? Where the fuck is this reach coming from? Calm down with the hate train and actually use your brains.

No. 647866

Are you really saying Moo is aware of her size when she has time and time again gives the wrong measurements and squeezes her unholy sausage body into the most suffocating things
Say she is doing shit on her own, do you really think she’s gonna proportion them properly to her size?

No. 647871

It's accessories.

No. 647872


Exactly. Whenever she is on this “IM A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS WHO WONT BE PUT DOWN ANYONE” bullshit is usually when some dick she was chasing after curved her and she is looking to restore her wounded pride and showing them what they are “missing out on”. She seriously makes it incredibly transparent what she is doing.

No. 647874

Or she's riding high (and literally) on the fact that she got over 1000 patrons again.

No. 647875

File: 1553279787090.jpeg (11.97 KB, 401x357, received_2228889040504927.jpeg)

Notice she isn't gassing herself up like this on facebook because she can't control the roasting as much there.

No. 647877

She barely seems to use it anyway, but it gives you a great idea of the people that support het

No. 647890

I wonder if this breakdown has to do with that stupid cosplay kotaku article going around highlighting the pics from that sclass thing with Martin Wong/etc from katsucon she couldn’t get into

No. 647891

Her FB page roasts her constantly she should just delete it tbh

No. 647892

Noticing a lot of Mooriah's fanclub showing up lately.

No. 647903

Nah. Just an example of the thoughts that constantly clog her tiny brain 24/7 bubbling to the surface.

No. 647916

This was waaaaay back but she mentioned she doesn't photoshop her pictures, she's secure with how she looks. She's just a make up artist. So if she posts pics of her looking like a granny her other photos are somehow legit

No. 647917

I don't know why she bothers. She wont give a fuck about her newest kitten once that buyers high goes away

No. 647918

all of these old pics. Looks like someone is living in the past. You're never going to look like this again Moo.

No. 647919

all of these old pics. Looks like someone is living in the past. You're never going to look like this again Moo.

No. 647920

I don't think she understands how narcissistic she sounds lately. That or she clearly doesn't care. Even people who are 10x more popular than her are more humble.

No. 647923

She doesn't care because she still gets the cuckbucks and gets away with everything.

No. 647926


She’s trying to frame it as “I’ve always been so unique and quirky lol” but it’s kinda obvious she is lamenting what a mess her body has become and how she wishes she looked like that again.


She’s never cared about looking gracious or humble. It’s only when she gets told to go sit the fuck down by actual successful people is when she tries to be all “just a weeb with a sewing machine who loooves cosplay so much” and “fuck all those snobby cosplay elitists. They are such bitchy backstabbers”

No. 647945

Playing part of a season in a totally obscure sport for a second rate college club team? Yah moo, you be you.

No. 647952

File: 1553303440002.jpg (311.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-210856_Ins…)

moo got new lash extensions

No. 647953

Beatrice's character is an abused tranny produced by the union of a crazy old man fucking his own daughter who takes revenge on her family for letting it happen… and wanted to fuck her own cousin. What this has to do with fatty moo moo's life, who knows? I dont know how someone can vibe with a character that's not like them at all.

No. 647954

File: 1553303555441.jpg (276 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-211157_Ins…)

more pics. they do not look good

No. 647955

File: 1553303582977.jpg (423.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-211202_Ins…)


No. 647956

File: 1553303697744.jpg (317.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-211139_Ins…)


No. 647957

sidenote - why are her eyes such extremely different sizes in these pics?

No. 647961


When ppl have high highs they crash super hard, so im waiting too

No. 647970

lookin like a mf'in house centipede with her makeup here, BARF

No. 647973

I’ve seen worse. These are not bad. Im pretty sure she has worse ones that looked like a cat with missing hair. They literally look like falsies she would put on LOL

No. 647998

File: 1553312915111.jpg (363.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190322-224719_Ins…)

No. 648001

File: 1553313104205.jpeg (312.4 KB, 750x1067, C53E33DF-E2FA-4A6B-AAD6-A6B2F0…)

wow sounds like another future abandoned account for momo

No. 648017

It feels like the caption should say, "RAWr MEANS I LUV U IN DiNoSAUR xDDD TAcOs!!1!1!"

No. 648073

This is basically Vero and we all know that shit didn't work

Subscription-based social media services are guaranteed to flop; no one's gonna spend money on a platform when we already have one that's free and caters to people who aren't content creators

No. 648079

These dont look bad at all - but they will in a few days. Lash extensions are extremely hard to upkeep, and if you’re not thorough with your care they’ll look patchy in a few days. You also can’t wear makeup with them if you want them to last more than a week and a half. She’s gonna look like a hot mess unless she wants to shell out 80-100$ every 1.5-2 weeks.

No. 648087

has anyone noticed that the new fate game that came out on the 19th hasn't been mentioned at all by moo

No. 648093

Its supposed to be an alternative to Patreon, not Vero or social media

No. 648098

>>648087 Her fake gamer status is on full display 24/7.

>Seldom see her playing Smash, even though she tried to declare she was all about the franchise for well over a year now.

>Had no idea what her PSN account level was during a live stream of "Gods Of War" one day, and said it was at "level zero", which is 100% impossible (every account automatically starts at level one).

>Refuses to give out her gaming handle(s), citing fears of harassment, but we all know it's because she doesn't want to expose herself for how little and poorly she plays.

>Completely clueless about Fate games, including the cell phone game she claims to have loved so much, she bought an overpriced account from someone in order to avoid grinding, or even playing for that matter.

>Couldn't recall the name of her favorite Dragon Ball Z video game on another stream, yet has the audacity to get a DBZ emblem tattooed on her body, and still acts like she's a respected, knowledgable gamer.

It's not surprising at all. She isn't the kind of person to learn or do anything for her own benefit. And since the Fate games mostly cater to a niche market, as opposed to something more universally desired like RDR2, she doesn't care about these games because they aren't going to score her any cool points with the neckbeard casuals, and she's not going to be able to justify her lack of skill and insight with those who are genuinely into Fate releases, including games.

No. 648104

This. There's nothing wrong with being new to the game scene, but she makes a fool of Herself by pretending she's been a hardcore gamer since she left the womb. One of her interviews as samus was so cringe "HEH ILL DOWN B YOUR ASS XDDD sorry gamer lingo uwu" it's overkill.

No. 648107

>>648104 Exactly. And it hurts her overall brand, because let's face it; there is definitely a market out there for women who like to play video games, whether it's a genuine gamer or a titty streamer.

But she'll likely go with an excuse, like "too busy working on cosplay, my dudes" or "gatekeeping" to justify her lack of credibility. That's why it's so funny to watch her make references to the Legend Of Zelda franchise, because those games tend to resonate with their fanbase in very obvious ways, whereas Mariah likely doesn't have a clue about the history, characters, industry impact, etc.

No. 648133

File: 1553387522960.jpg (816.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190323-193149_Ins…)

No. 648135

I am assuming this is her cousin because she looks like one of her aunts, who is a realtor.

No. 648143

The hell is going on with her upper lip area? For a minute I thought she got big ol anus lips done. Is it just bad acne?

Also, I know she’s trying to hide her size behind all those giant and obnoxious accessories but it’s not working.

No. 648144

It looks like she either got her lips botched, she has razer/wax burn on her mustache, or she has a painfully overdrawn upper lip.

No. 648148

I would guess waxing because we always roast her for the mustache and they are at a spa, most likely it just got done.

Unrelated but why the horrible clashing fanny pack moo?? It's literally digging into your gut, it has to feel terrible.

No. 648149

File: 1553398554594.jpg (653.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190323-223448_Ins…)

I dont see why she went so hard with her makeup considering she only uses the same 3 colors of eyeshadow and just cakes everything else on. Dumb flex that shell never use.

No. 648152

she got her nails done in this photo too. lips, nails, eyelashes, etc all in one day? maybe she should try showering to look presentable

No. 648157

That looks like she’s just sticking out her tongue in the pic.

No. 648159

what's her mega with the recorded camversity stuff?

No. 648161

File: 1553405664517.png (897.94 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-23-22-27-50…)

No. 648163

File: 1553405800416.png (754.1 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-23-22-29-03…)

No. 648164

File: 1553405942788.png (646.95 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-03-23-22-30-12…)

No. 648172

What the fuck?! Not only did she wear these leggings for 2 months straight after going on a tirade about the company “fat shaming” her because they don’t carry a large wide enough for her flat girth, but she wore them out to the point where it had a hole in the ass… and now she buys a second pair?!?!

No. 648173

Seriously how many pairs did she order?

No. 648174

I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling squeezing herself into those leggings anyway. They’re so tight, it practically looks like sausage casings on her. Does she think wearing tight leggings somehow give the illusion that her legs are toned?
I’m not surprised they busted open after that short a time and even less surprised she went and got more.

No. 648178

Lmao she can't really wear anything else, Anon.

Super plus size girls can't wear skirts/shorts/dresses regularly because their thighs chafe. They can't wear jeans because most jeans don't fit them. Therefor, their only option is leggings.

Sports leggings are pretty much the only non-cosplay clothes Moo can flex on because of this. Nothing else bougie comfortably fits her, which is also why all her Gucci things are accessories. Additionally, these leggings are a great opportunity for her to skinwalk Nigri.

So yeah she has to put up with leggings she hates because they're the only fashion clothing item she's able to flex on AND ride coattails with.

No. 648212

She's fucking her tongue out. That's not her lip.

No. 648213

Omg.. you guys. She bought other pairs of knockoff versions to compare. Calm down.

No. 648215

File: 1553437906538.png (653.83 KB, 609x526, Capture.PNG)

that's not her lip at the top

No. 648247

Seriously. Can people think before flipping out and use their eyes? There is definitely an anon in here who keeps trying to start sperg discussions literally never actually doing digging themselves or taking whats posted and not looking into the whole picture

No. 648255

the funny thing is, she'd actually look so much better in skater-cut dresses, that's why her figure actually looked passable in the candids for cattelya (sp? cattle-ya when she's wearing it anyway). she's trying so hard to emphasize her hips/thighs as her "thicc" selling point with these tight leggings + crop tops that she's making whole silhouette bulky and linebacker-y.

but we wouldnt have this many threads if she had any shred of ability to not dress in the most unflattering way possible

No. 648259

Eh, if they're the real brand that is pretty stupid; why buy more if you dislike the brand so much for "fat shaming" you? Granted, if they are knockoffs/a different brand then the point is moot but it is pretty weird to buy more from a brand you ripped apart.

No. 648263

Because she wants to be like the ~popular~ costhots. If it means knockoffs that MIGHT better fit her deformed hams than the real deal, so be it. Typical Moo, running her mouth while still pouring money and gasoline onto a problem, she has yet to realize she can never have it both ways.

No. 648264

She even showed off on live the knockoff ones she bought. She got like 4 more pairs from stretch fabric knockoff brands.

No. 648265

Too add on, she said she was going to do a 'review' of the way each pair fits.

Sure you will, Moo

No. 648267

File: 1553455259953.jpg (677.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190324-142032_Ins…)

Her upper lip seems Ffuller but I'm not sure.

No. 648269

holy shit it does indeed. i'm still unsure about she getting lip fillers but it does look a little bigger

No. 648270

It looks the same to me. But she definitely got her stache waxed, it's still red

No. 648271

File: 1553457307583.jpeg (336.05 KB, 2048x2048, 8B81C43E-2DD8-4434-A5B2-B2EA73…)

If she did, it was a fairly small amount. Which means she’s probably going to gradually increase the amount. She has weird markings around her mouth area but still think maybe it’s ance.

I dunno…I’m not 100% convinced.

No. 648273

File: 1553457824514.jpeg (107.66 KB, 720x993, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)


No. 648274

File: 1553457977062.jpeg (121.92 KB, 720x926, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)


No. 648276

File: 1553458070529.jpeg (98.05 KB, 720x915, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)


No. 648277

To whomever did this cowtip: the issue wasnt her "hoarding animals". Tenlied raises a point about Moo adopting breeder cats instead of shelter cats. She also said she didn't understand WHY she would get so many cats when she leaves the house so often for long term trips. It has always been a issue with us as well in the threads.

No. 648278


It wasn’t a cow tip. She subtweeted this shade on twitter. It didn’t come from here.

No. 648281

Remember, no cat sperg, so how do we even discuss this?

No. 648287

You can talk about how up her own ass she is she is and how she rescused Bernie from a hoard so that makes it ok to buy from breeders. Balance, my dude.

No. 648289

File: 1553465011601.gif (4.23 MB, 410x480, 0BF5E46B-4809-4E3D-ADEC-54E88B…)


No. 648290

File: 1553465185892.gif (4.44 MB, 417x480, 55CCCF15-B1B7-49A8-98C8-CE89B1…)

No. 648293

Watching it, its not that bad. The music fits, but she needs to slow down on how many jumps between shots there are. Its a little too fast. It has more soul if she lingers on a shot a little longer.

Also no credit to the music.

No. 648296

File: 1553465646754.png (280.05 KB, 750x500, maa.png)

Hinata moved! + Updates

Hey guys so Hinata didn’t happen this month because as some of you saw the contact’s white literally came off in my eyes on Instagram.

I paid for express shipping on contacts to get them today…. and sadly they aren’t here. So I will be moving Hinata to next month as well @.@ so April is gonna be a BUSY month. I probably won’t be able to attend Sakuracon to get all these cosplays done T^T

But while in Japan, to make up for missing it, I’m gonna be shooting some stuff! :3 and sending them over to photogs to edit and hopefully have up in time.

I will be filming Mai and Hinata cum lube ahegao videos when I get back. :3 they will be a Available on the $20+ tier !

Next month outline looks like this rn:


- Bowsette & Chompette with Miso Tokki

- Bikini Bowsette

- Shera Greenwood + Rem with Antares.Cos

- Lewd Shera

- Howl Pendragon + Sophie with Aly.Brazil

- Office Lady set with Miso Tokki

- Lewd Hinata


It’s gonna be a fun and busy month! Thank you guys for all your wonderful support this month! Onto the next !!!!

No. 648298

Just noticed because I just post the updates without reading first, but Bunny just did an Office Lady type video/shoot.

Like come on.

No. 648299

File: 1553465768721.gif (2.5 MB, 512x600, C20C696B-A999-405A-B2E8-47CD02…)

here’s a third gif each guy gets a solo moment, here’s sensei

No. 648304

I'm both surprised and not surprised at all that she's dropped Sakuracon. I'm not even sure if she knows that Ryukishi07 is a guest this year? So much for being the worlds biggest When They Cry fan.

No. 648309

I dont really get cosplayer's needs for contacts. Like yeah, Hinata's eyes are important to her character, but I feel like being at a con, it's more forgivable if you dont have them since not everyone can wear contacts. I don't get why she'd drop the entire cosplay for the time being JUST because of the contacts

No. 648311

No one gives a shit about irrelevant costhots or your cow tipping.

No. 648312

Don't give up your day job moo. Oh, I forgot, you dont have one. kek

No. 648313

That doesn’t make sense to drop it since she photoshops her photos to hell and back anyway. Just edit her eyes and that’s it. Seems like just another excuse to fuck around.

No. 648314


This is EVERY month though- she always has some half baked stupid as fuck excuse as to why they should A- keep paying her, but B- it didn't work out this time that what she promised or said she would do in a timely fashion is done. So she continues to yank her neckbeards along hoping they what, forgive her, keep paying with no reward? Just the same ol same ol.

No. 648315

Yeah, exactly! Most people either just go "Oh well" if they dont have contacts or edit them in. It's such a minor detail to back out of something. I could understand if it was a big piece cosplay itself like the jacket or something

No. 648319

>>648314 Not only has she been doing this for the past several months (announcing projects and not fulfilling those announcements in a timely manner for Patreon cucks), she's also very lazy and presumptuous. For instance, she announced she would do something special for breaking 1,000 subs (again), but this isn't happening until June at the earliest. Does this make any fucking sense to anyone? Or is she doubling down on hoping people forget about things?

>>648296 I don't know who she thinks she's fooling with the part about taking photos and sending them to photographers for editing, especially since she just bragged about her video editing skills for the tattoo shop, along with her obsession with filters and appearance altering apps. She'll probably tag GOTMP and pretend someone else did the editing and photography.

No. 648320

March is almost over, when is she going Nippon for more milk?

No. 648321

I don’t think a single month has gone by in the last year where she didn’t have an excuse for an unfulfilled promise on patreon

No. 648323

File: 1553475221948.jpg (47.58 KB, 600x600, Lanbena_4_800x.jpg)

It could just be the angle, my lips are small and look fuller from those types of angles. Or maybe she got a lip plumper? Never used one but apparently they make ur lips swell a little to appear more full. Here's a pic off google, not sure if they really work though.

No. 648326

File: 1553478390902.jpeg (368.32 KB, 750x1085, 13A8BAF8-81A1-4225-BAF1-AC4031…)

all I can think is
“What’s wrong with his feet?”
“Those are his hooves you bitch”

No. 648328

placing my bet that we wont even see half of these. also was Mai the only costume she did this entire month? totally workin' hard my dooodz

No. 648330

she looks like she's fanning away a fart

No. 648331

Or if she's that anal about contacts, there are cosplay shops in Akihabara that sells cosplay contact lenses. Or she could've ordered them on Amazon JP if wherever she's staying would take packages. She's giving excuses to bail on cosplay and just dick around. If she's doing a shoot it'll just be another "onsen" shoot or something on that calibre of lazy.

No. 648332

File: 1553480170863.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 7847EE9B-4A72-406A-9C66-9A0D04…)

No. 648333

I am imagining a very grotesque Moo goatse and it's been burned in my mind.

No. 648336

that drawn on butt crack really adds to the airbrushed magic. It's so blurry her arm looks like one chunk

No. 648339

Again baiting people to join her Patreon with a photo not even posted up yet.

No. 648342

Almost every con had a lense seller or two anyway

No. 648345

Did she get sick of her heel holes and cut them off?

No. 648347

her editing skills suck and the jump cuts are so fast.

she's still on the bowsette and hinata bullshit that no one wants to see?

No. 648349

File: 1553487464355.png (1.1 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-14-40…)

See she stole this idea from Kana

No. 648350

File: 1553487512522.png (757.8 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-14-44…)

No. 648351

File: 1553487570145.png (Spoiler Image, 790.22 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-15-15…)

The grand ~sooper l00d set~

No. 648355

File: 1553489173719.png (711.11 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-42-07…)

>Thanks cucks for joining her patreon. Said she promised Mai "for over a year", wasnt sure if she wanted to do it but did it anyways
>wanted to do black and gold but patrons wanted original red and white
>plans on doing black and gold version. Is going to lend her red one to Miso

No. 648356

File: 1553489404106.png (778.82 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-42-45…)

Her face has blown up in size. I dunno if its just weight gain

No. 648357

File: 1553489525524.png (680.9 KB, 711x1204, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-47-17…)

No. 648358

Also, for anons wondering: they are leaving for Japan tomorrow. Vamplettes confirmed this in her recent instagram post.

No. 648359

A set featuring whatever mess she has going on in her bedroom. No more hotel bed shoots bc ugly has to save for her Japan flexing

No. 648360


And I wonder how many stupid neckbeards fell for that pixilation bullshit? Yea under it all is the same nasty pasties or underwear. Is it too much to ask for them to become self aware? Yes I know they won't…sigh

No. 648361

Frankie? What's she talking about with that? Is that Nick's dog?

This. It's not like her patreon cucks even care.

No. 648362

File: 1553490416742.png (366.21 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_2019-03-24-22-03-30…)

Fresh purchase. The size goes up to 2XL and is listed as "junior sizing".

No. 648365

thats the super lewd set? THAT IS IT? im…

No. 648366

>Actually delivering
Pick one, anon

Can't wait for patreon to implode so this bitch can finally lose her funding

No. 648370

No credits given to Antares in her pictures or to squarenoodles. Tagging them in photos isn’t the same as giving rightful credit. Back on her bullshit once again in lacking credits under your pictures Mariah.

No. 648371

>>648350 This is arguably more lewd than anything >>648351 has to offer.

No. 648374

This is a nitpick to rival Shayna's thread.

Anyways,considering she recently posted an instastory of Too Faced products, she might've gotten their lip plumper gloss. I used to own it and it does give you a small amount of "plump" for a short amount of time. So I would bet that if she has that gloss, her lips might slightly go bigger/smaller slowly over photos.

Regardless, getting actual lip fillers would be the least heinous body mod she's gotten. This is such a stupid thing to explain good lord who cares tho.

No. 648386

Nitpick. Thats how a lot of people tag or credit now

No. 648393

File: 1553526068389.jpg (383.58 KB, 1078x1318, 20190325_080050.jpg)

Just checked for tea. Shes scamming. It doesnt say 'MAYBE' location shoot ect.. Fuck off cunt.

No. 648394

File: 1553526109689.jpg (114.6 KB, 1079x523, Screenshot_20190325-075940_Chr…)

No. 648396

File: 1553526354891.jpg (159.56 KB, 1078x533, Screenshot_20190325-080420_Chr…)

Don't advertise a constant SHOOT in $50 if you cant even get your couch potato ass out and shoot.

No. 648397

File: 1553526393505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.09 KB, 1079x803, Screenshot_20190325-080343_Chr…)

No. 648398

File: 1553526420414.jpg (319.41 KB, 1079x804, Screenshot_20190325-080251_Chr…)

No. 648399

If you look in the top photo her nipple is almost out

Lord she is a train wreck

No. 648400

Calling it now:

She'll use the Japan trip as her excuse for any Patreon delays at the end of the month. Doesn't matter if she's staying a day, or staying a month (figuratively speaking).

Also, the language in >>648394 and >>648396 are two totally different things. One states that she'll try, but the other one implies that it's a guarantee for those who pay that much money for the month.

The linguistics expert strikes again.

>>648398 This reminds me of the Pocacho cosplay she did with bananas a while back. Probably the same exact poses from that era where she tried to shit on JannetInCosplay for no particular reason, other than Jannet predicting the future about this type of shit not being cosplay.

No. 648401

She really needs to hire someone to type up her page info or at least take a second to reread it for clarity. Mariah isn't known for her professionalism but it's text, it shouldn't be that hard.

No. 648402

Her tongue is disgusting. It looks like it has rotten holes in it.

No. 648416

File: 1553542117019.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, 8E066D5F-E77A-4174-8218-07F17F…)

Is she bringing the cousin with her?

No. 648417

File: 1553542174307.png (2.91 MB, 1242x2208, 4FF0B586-0AAF-492D-88A2-18A02F…)

No. 648423

so every "decorated" set shoot she does at home is also a location shoot by this definition? she goes round and round trying to come up with excuses, just say you don't like going outside

No. 648424

File: 1553545688945.jpg (182.7 KB, 854x1600, themanyfacesofmariah.jpg)

No. 648425

Its like her grabbing for straws during the NSFW labeling debate which was actually nudity-NSFW, not Moo's selfish pixelated NSFW which Im sure she started doing since Maddy has been doing it a lot lately compared to literally no one else in the community

No. 648426

>inb4 she writes her house off as a tax break a la onion because she uses it for """work"""

No. 648427

File: 1553546100037.jpg (269.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190325-133213_Chr…)

Fucking scam.

You CANNOT showoff something like that in tiers and then say 'Sometimes you get it, sometimes you dont'. Its the dishonest discord issue again.

No. 648428

File: 1553546451744.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1462177694575.png)


No. 648430

She only posts like 4 updates on her feed a month. Only photos and excuses for why shit isnt happening.

No. 648431

fucking horrifying
my vote for next thread pic

No. 648432

please no, that shit triggers my trypophobia

No. 648433


No. 648434

I’m glad I’m not the only one. That shit needs to be under a spoiler.

And yet despite how often she’s caught lying, people still choose to give her money.

No. 648435

yes. it's a fucking masterpiece but i can't look to it without feeling ill. and it needs to be under a spoiler indeed

No. 648436

I almost did put those little seed pods or whatever they are instead of the faces.
But I do still have the file with the ropes selected so it could still happen

No. 648437

please if you do, spoiler it. i'm imploring.

No. 648441

morbidly curious

No. 648442

morbidly curious

No. 648443


It’s pretty much her MO. She’ll literally try to change the definition of words so that she can technically be right whenever she gets called out on her bullshit. But as long as her retarded paypigs keep handing over their cash to her she has no reason to change or feel even remotely guilty for scamming them on a monthly basis.

No. 648450

File: 1553555340078.png (668.77 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-03-25-16-07-58…)

No. 648451

the true queen of humblebrags

No. 648452

If I didn't have to pay for a trip to Japan, had no self respect and was an expert at tuning Mariah out then I'd go too.

No. 648453

Wasn’t Collette’s birthday during Katsucon? Why doesn’t she just call this gift what it really is, a “thank you for being the best guard dog an ogre can ask for” gift. Also wondering if she got fired from her retail position because she couldn’t possibly have this much free time to be at Mariah’s beck and call.

No. 648454

She had a instastory of her in a office so I'd say no. She is a manager so she has access to one.

No. 648455

They celebrated her birthday there, but that wasn't her actual birthday date. They combined it with another chick's because they did a group party thing since everyone was there at the same time. You can also get people travel tickets for their birthday, but not leave until you are able to use them or when you previously planned to use them. There isn't anything Moo is doing wrong here except humblebragging like she's been doing as if that makes her cute. Her low self esteem, MIA celery juice self is showing her insecurities again.

No. 648456

>do whatever and go wherever

I mean you pay for her to do these things, so of course she's just going to go along for the ride..

No. 648459

Exactly. A leashed dog will always go where the owner drags it.

No. 648470

It's also reportable..considering she's scamming people and patreon does, despite everything, take that seriously.

No. 648473

It is now almost April. Why hasn't vamps moved to NY for pharm tec school? Why hasn't moo started school. Does she just ignore what she states?

No. 648475

She just hopes people forget the shit she says. Moo is never going to attend school again but it’s going to be funny as fuck to see her pretend like she is just to prove “the haters” wrong.

No. 648476

Look, we are dealing with a lazy slob and a mooching rat. Do you think either one of them is willing to drop cosplay and neckbeard bucks to go to school full time??

No. 648478

And, let's face it, mariah has no other friends and she can't go anywhere alone because despite all her bullshit she is just a scared little girl.

No. 648484

File: 1553566970859.gif (461.85 KB, 640x480, le voyage dans la moo.gif)

With Moo looking so moon-faced in these I initially wanted to shop her into some Victorian art where the sun or moon has a face but couldn't find a good source to adapt so here's some Art Mooveau cinema instead

No. 648489

This is terrifying but I love it. Her face has gotten a lot wider in the past two weeks though.

No. 648499

>>648484 Voting early for the next thread pic header. Nicely done.

As for Japan, Brandon will be designated the role of the tard wrangler, now that Tattoo-kun is the new lowly appointed sitter for the cats. Certainly not expecting a milky trip, unless Moo secretly timed this to potentially bump into someone with actual credibility and talent.

No. 648500

I’m crying. This is the same thing I thought of

I’m new to closely folllowing Moomo and what a fucking wild human being

No. 648501

Jesus. She can perfectly cosplay a titan from SnK as she has that retarded look down and the disproportionate body.

No. 648507

File: 1553574654716.png (441.07 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-03-25-21-29-27…)

You could've just said "Nick"

No. 648511

File: 1553577463394.png (875.82 KB, 720x968, Screenshot_2019-03-25-22-16-06…)

No. 648515


well done anon. my early vote for thread pic as well

No. 648516

File: 1553578793025.png (438.65 KB, 720x1025, Screenshot_2019-03-25-22-36-58…)

No. 648517

File: 1553578888004.png (1.09 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-25-22-40-33…)

No. 648518

Is she going to fart on them?
That was literally my first thought seeing this.

No. 648523

kek same

No. 648525


Lol the only hygiene shes done in weeks, and she has to brag it up. My advice moo- hit all the buttons to max, rip the knobs off. "it's been too long"? Yea tfw you are too lazy to wipe or shower, or change clothes.

No. 648526

This is completely disgusting. Why would you share this? Is this some stupid kind of flex? You can BUY the Toto toilets for your home, and they're pretty damn cool.

No. 648529

You can also get bidet attachments for regular toilets too. For like $35.
But Moo only splurges on Gucci accessories and shit cosplay commissions

No. 648535

More like the only action shes gotten since her last trip

No. 648537

Been too long since you cleaned your ass, Moo? Yeah, I don't think anyone is surprised by that.

No. 648541

Ofc she can't just show off the food, she has to say she's Premium Select lol. Moo hasn't really gotten a hang of the subtle humblebrag yet.

No. 648551

Tinfoiling here, but she's been hanging out a lot with her cousins when before, they were invisible to her and she only hung out with her mom and sister. This was before the cam days I believe. If I recall, her sister was a staunch advocate of, "my sister is not a whore!" and after camming, we haven't heard a single peep about her sister and barely hear much about her mother now. Her cousin is probably more accepting of what she does now, seeing as how she's dragging her cousin (instead of her mom) to Japan where she's going to get tied up like a ham.

No. 648558

File: 1553611551060.png (468.28 KB, 570x504, moon.png)


You guys gave me the idea and so I came up with this monstrosity.

No. 648562

that is absolutely perfect anon

No. 648563

made me think of her as the baby sun from teletubbies, had that been a previous thread pic?

Great art anon

No. 648565

Those have to be fake right? Is she wearing three Cartier love rings for each of her ~husbandos~?

No. 648569

File: 1553617320741.png (897.19 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-03-26-09-16-53…)

No. 648570

File: 1553617470234.png (915.29 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-03-26-09-16-15…)

Jajutsu worked with Katyuskamoonfox before

No. 648572

File: 1553617582799.png (712.4 KB, 720x915, Screenshot_2019-03-26-09-20-52…)

Her cousin was flipping it and when it landed on the griddle, everyone clapped. Moo said "yatta!" in the most girly way

No. 648573

Vamp looks exceptionally rough here.