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File: 1568999202721.jpg (901.98 KB, 1540x2349, 1568754725517.jpg)

No. 707075

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has 1.1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (who knows?) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and sends her PR.

>Laur gets Lauren Elyse banned from Twitter by reporting her with multiple sock accounts. Somehow her twitter page stays up.
>Laur also manages to get a variety of Lillee Jean callout accounts banned, only one or two remain
>Laur buys Lillee Jean and herself tickets to New York Fashion Week in an auction and acts like they were invited because they were so important! Takes photos with Patricia Hartman and constantly tags her in random photos and talks to her like they’re friends.
>Laur also tweets that Lillee is size 2, which shows her level of delusion
>Unsurprising to everyone, alwayslooking4talent and jeaniezmanagement have been outed as more of Laur’s accounts, even though Laur tried to pretend they weren’t her.
>More and more sock puppets continuously comment on Lillee Jean’s instagram posts to drive her engagement up
>Lillee Jean uses an Instagram audit in order to prove that she has a lot of real followers. It comes back saying that at least 45% of them are fake, which she considers a massive success and shares on Twitter. However no one believes that she has 678k real followers.
>Laur obsessively messages POC muas with low follower accounts praising their work in a desperate bid to counteract her previous blatant racism
>Laur changes her twitter handle to avoid accountability for her actions. She continues to write complete nonsense when harassing people and tag brands in random pictures to try to get free stuff.

>Her mom creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.

Previous threads:

>>>/snow/833840 1
>>>/snow/847048 2
>>>/698862 3

Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (inactive)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:


Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)

Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)


Jeaniez Management Inc:





Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change


Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli



No. 707076

sorry i screwed up the link for the last thread. find it here >>>/pt/698862

No. 707077

File: 1568999881359.jpeg (224.01 KB, 745x1106, 00E5BDF6-149D-4769-A93F-B88A28…)

Thanks for the new thread, anon.

Marlena Stell has stepped in and offered legal help to Lauren Elyse & QoB.

No. 707079

File: 1569000385718.jpg (219.25 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190920_132352.jpg)

QoB posted some of Laur's contact with her work. I guess she manages it and it took Laur a little to realize she was talking to her.

No. 707081

File: 1569000412919.jpg (225.91 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190920_132400.jpg)

No. 707082

File: 1569000465449.jpg (264 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190920_132402.jpg)

No. 707083

File: 1569000527378.jpg (275.31 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190920_132357.jpg)

No. 707085


Last OP anon here. I was just finishing the new OP. A lot more accounts were added and deleted in the course of the last thread.

No. 707087

post'em, then.

No. 707094

Carryover from last thread:
I have been lurking the ~beauty guru~ subreddits for a few years now and the post introduced me to LJ. At one point, the pink robe lady posted something, got negative responses, then replied the same question to all of the comments. I’m pretty sure she was jerked in the cj sub for a while. I recognized the name when I saw that she had followed LJ to Instagram.

No. 707104

make a pastebin or something that can be kept updated.

No. 707127

File: 1569007776273.png (284.31 KB, 621x518, Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 2.27.…)

Laur's been a little quieter today. Still ass kissing any & all mua's/influencers she can in a desperate attempt to have any friends

No. 707128

File: 1569007807141.png (290.56 KB, 602x499, Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 2.27.…)

samefag but this one is particularly hilarious

No. 707131

It boggles my mind how far people will go with their lies instead of just owning up to what theyve done. If lillee would have just been like "yeah i bought followers, it was dumb i just wanted to make it in a world that only cares about followers" she definitely would not be in the mess shes in now. Of course im sure her mom was behind the scenes brainwashing her. But at this point this is starting to get kinda sad lol. Theyre both stuck in absolute delusion.

No. 707141

File: 1569011483437.jpg (159.8 KB, 720x749, 20190920_152214.jpg)

Highlights from the latest fucking disaster of a podcast these geniuses did:

- theres too much diversity in beauty so you dont see blond hair blue eyes as often which LJ thinks is unfair to people like her ( white )

- shades of 'black people need to get over it's because slaves died along time ago. LJ and Laur are the real victims because Jews were killed more recently

- calls native Americans Indians
- Chinese food is culture appropriation then if people are going to call the truemans out
-laur says old timey black face was ok because there weren't as many black people to be actors. Lille corrects her (shockingly) that black people were just not allowed to work in films and blackface make up is mocking POC
-cornrows have something to do with underground tunnels during slavery so its respectful for everyone to wear them I guess

I feel like you have to hate your kid to put out something like this with her name on it

No. 707144

>not enough blonde/blue eyed representation
>actually subtly bragging Lillie meets a beauty ideal
>doesn't complain about lack of plus size in beauty (oh wait, she's a size 2)
>doesn't complain about how short she is for the beauty industry

No. 707149

Thank lolcowards for this thread, was dying yesterday waiting for this
I find this man gross, the video were he’s talking, he doesn’t even try to sound like a woman, he sounds like a predator and these stupid women are buying it, looks like a pig with lipstick

No. 707150

At least come out as non-binary or something? Why do creepy Yaniv types claim to be women and do the minimal and people like Pheebs do the non-binary and just look and adhere to every single gender stereotype that matches their sex? Even more bizarre is how Laur, as racist and trans/homophobic as she is, tries to get in good with the exact people she clearly looks down on. I think as they try to suck up to real POCs, they'll be more shenanigans to come! Milkmas is a'comin.

No. 707151

These are some of the worst swatches I have ever seen.
She's is doing no company any favors by showing products of like this.

No. 707152

First time watching a video of hers and ugh her voice is obnoxious. And I literally died a little each time she says “ok Jeaniez!”.

Also, I’m no pro but those are the worst swatches ever. No professional should ever swatch like this. It made me not want to buy any of these products. Why not put the mascara on your own lashes? I’ve never seen someone swatch mascara on their arm before lmao

No. 707153


I'm always leery of this kind of Positivity Tyrant. I lurked this Nikki's timeline, and it's all very insincere "omg love you sweetie so gorgeous love and hearts and slayyyy uwu." In my experience, anyone who operates under the premise that everyone deserves this frantic, shallow, over-the-top cheerleading and that any criticism, no matter how legitimate or constructive, is just "hate" and "negativity" is simply trying to provide cover for some nasty, creepy, manipulative shit.

Frankly, she and Laur deserve each other, and I hope they creep and manipulate each other into obscurity.

No. 707155

she bent the shit out of the mascara wand, go easy there lil

No. 707156

I had to turn it off. I can't deal with when she amps the "cuteness" up in her voice to sound childlike. And the shrill "ALRIGHT JEANIEZ!" every 15 seconds. I can't deal with her saying "muh-scara" either. Her swatches are such garbage, she damn near rips her skin off too, it just looks so bad. If she was a nice person no one would care about any of this but since she's not it makes everything 100x more annoying.

No. 707163

File: 1569017788729.png (749.69 KB, 1177x497, Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 5.13.…)

I don't think I've ever looked directly at LJ's twitter–Laur rts all her shit anyway. did today and the engagement is dismal. She claimed like 600k real followers right? complete new nobody muas get more likes than LJ

No. 707164

That boring ass look again. Wing your liner, line your lips, contour, something. I cant with this same face every damn time.

No. 707166


nitpick, but the oily stringy hair cobwebbed over her ear in this pic really bothers me

No. 707205

File: 1569023760460.jpeg (99.22 KB, 750x522, F99EA994-599C-4448-8755-3D5515…)

From her GRWM video. Wash your head Lillee.

No. 707232

File: 1569027103011.jpeg (443.72 KB, 750x1067, C1659DA9-4E39-4C79-93C0-66B85C…)

Walk like a genie?!!?

No. 707244

Whenever she sucks in her cheeks like that it instantly ages her 20 years.

No. 707279


Better than that full on crazy grin

No. 707281


Anyone who sees how she treated Lauren Elyse and QoB will be keeping their distance. No one wants a "friend" who can try to ruin their life!

No. 707308

Exactly. These smaller muas are keeping them around because Laur constantly interacts with their content increasing their engagement but they draw the line at actually interacting with Lillee. Laur’s too stupid to see it.

No. 707309

File: 1569038618811.jpeg (130.67 KB, 750x678, 35018D72-A725-4C84-9B5F-43120E…)

Sock accounts are getting texts now

No. 707453

File: 1569070892969.jpeg (254.51 KB, 750x868, B0653E5F-1787-4DFC-9ECF-2BE6CB…)

Lillee Jean’s ambassador code isn’t working for new Colourpop releases. Bffdees speculates that Lillee is purchasing the product and passing it off as PR

No. 707455

File: 1569071041018.png (548.28 KB, 750x1334, 323B2B5A-F48D-4A46-BECA-5421B3…)

Lillee told someone on Youtube the ambassador code doesn’t work on new releases but bffdees tried another influencers code on the same order and it worked.

No. 707460

File: 1569073073252.jpeg (205.58 KB, 1242x1906, B7DF8E70-0B40-4449-AB8F-DE60A8…)

California love sure isn’t a new release. I didn’t verify her code only went off the previous screenshot, so don’t hold me to it. But, she does mention in her video descriptions that she doesn’t get credit or money from her code, only the buyer gets a discount which is odd. Other influencers get actual affiliate codes that give them money for people using them.

I’m actually betting she got a code at one point to be used only on a specific item/items, or they cancelled her code. Because it doesn’t say the code doesn’t exist, only that the items don’t qualify.

I know they are nuts, but I still don’t see them just making up a code. What I do see them doing is HIGHLY misrepresenting their real relationship with a company.

No. 707470

This is what I thought too, it would explain her weird wording under her video descriptions.

No. 707472

File: 1569074915541.jpg (221.43 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20190921-100534_You…)

Samefag but she also claims it has to be over $40.

No. 707473

File: 1569074993320.png (601.97 KB, 750x1334, 64B3E62E-C1DE-4461-8D05-96A3C4…)

I should have posted all his screenshots, sorry. I think the order has to be over $20 for the codes to work.

No. 707474

File: 1569075096145.jpg (290.42 KB, 1074x1674, SmartSelect_20190921-161056_Ch…)

Put random shit in to get it over $40 and it works

No. 707476

She didn’t make up a code. The code works for items she’s received in PR so CP can track which influencers are bringing in sales. She didn’t receive the last PR package. You can purchase the bundle the got.

No. 707480

File: 1569076933368.jpeg (266.24 KB, 750x902, AC87AB1D-27A6-468F-868F-701EB1…)

It may have been a delay on CPs side. The codes working now.

No. 707510

File: 1569087610353.jpeg (374.73 KB, 750x992, 5FEDF135-81F8-4FC7-B2D1-ABA25F…)

Laur getting called out for exploiting an underage Lillee

No. 707511

File: 1569087653614.jpeg (178.49 KB, 750x921, D2FA16EF-8B2E-424B-8292-139873…)

Laur’s response is garbage. Obligatory #justice4brenda

No. 707512

File: 1569087732626.jpeg (347.03 KB, 750x980, 6A9E9C27-D406-48DE-8EFC-50167B…)

Defends perv commenting “pussy” on her teen kids photo

No. 707513


I think she just got this specific PR release delayed because she moved out of the attic and didn't update her addresses?

No. 707521

File: 1569090197663.jpg (129.81 KB, 1810x859, 493530493132.jpg)

After all that hard work kissing ass for a week went nowhere,Laur is now liking her own tweets in desperation

No. 707522

that account looks like some sort of spambot anyway. 777 followers (that also look like spambots) & not more than 1 like on any of its inspirational-quotes-ripped-straight-from-google-images posts. "james dee" follows him now too, funnily enough.

she's trying so hard to seem anti-racist that she's calling a spambot a "friend" because he commented "pussy" on her 16 year old daughter's post. and that's a sentence i never thought i'd write.

No. 707524

File: 1569090972825.jpg (136.37 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_20190921-143107_Ins…)

Right Laur, I'm sure this was just his bad English too.
Wtf, it is SO WEIRD how she always acts like she has jobs to offer people, someone should offer her a job kek. Lillee gets a lot of creepy comments on her pictures and Laur obviously encourages her to flirt with the posters and usually jumps in herself too. Plus she's topless in a bunch of her pics or her boobs are out.

No. 707526

File: 1569091357289.jpg (326.93 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20190921-143920_Ins…)

Or what about this? This nasty behavior should be shut down, not encouraged.

No. 707552

So, if anyone is talking bad about Lillie or calling her and her captor out then they are “perverts bullying a child”. But, if they are talking about wanting to be in bed with her and talking about her pussy, as long as it’s positive it’s all good.

No. 707559


Given Lillee's rather child-like demeanor and thought processes, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that all the semi-nude/nude illusion photos, Lillee posing in silk robes that are gaped-open, etc, were all Laur's design. She encourages these pervs creeping all over the place. She is deliberately sexualizing her daughter for the male gaze, and she keeps straddling this line of "my daughter is YOUNG, she was JUST a CHILD until very RECENTLY."

It's very gross, and a little sinister. She is courting pervs and pedos.

No. 707561

even the troon isn't giving her likes. that's beautiful.

No. 707571

he would love to put it in her vijay

No. 707623

File: 1569107254154.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x1764, 20190921_190240.jpg)

Yep, she knows what she's doing. She's not that naive. Lillee might be, but not Laur. I think even these ill-fitting dresses aren't completely innocent.

No. 707626

File: 1569107925946.png (193.26 KB, 609x564, 11.png)

No one's said anything to or about LJ or Laur on twitter for a bit. So out of the blue, LJ stars up a thread about how shes the victim and
promising some action on Monday. Even though QoB posted the screen shot of Laur trying to contact her job, theyre still denying it. Sorry for the spam, getting all these up

No. 707627

File: 1569107952975.png (233.56 KB, 614x486, 22.png)

No. 707628

File: 1569108066917.png (244.55 KB, 610x506, 333.png)

No. 707629

She admitted only 670k of her 1.1mil were real 2 days ago lol

No. 707632

File: 1569108200445.png (210.58 KB, 654x506, 44.png)

she seems to forget her mother is the one doing this toxic shit. no one is saying your account is posting it LJ

No. 707633

File: 1569108280815.png (219.56 KB, 642x537, 55.png)

your friends and family have been harassed. bitch please

No. 707634

File: 1569108341358.png (221.65 KB, 608x567, 66.png)

No one took it out of context, you called a real person 'it' and then doubled down on doing so

No. 707635

File: 1569108408764.png (186.1 KB, 779x592, 77.png)

Again, its been proven your mother does the dirty work for you (assuming this is LJ posting) Why even bother? Your name is trash now.

No. 707638

strongly suspect a brand got contacted and she finally figured out this will ever end for her

No. 707645

That podcast was a poor life choice. You can argue on tweets that they're faked or missing context but people can just link to the audio of her stupid racist bs now.

No. 707648

Marlena from MUG said she would have her legal team help Lauren and QoB if they had any issues with Laur. That's probably why she's reacting like this.

No. 707651

File: 1569110333874.jpg (126.84 KB, 871x742, bitter.jpg)


It's 100% this

No. 707652

Does she think its one person out to get her ugly ass kid? i'm positive that JennyF account isn't the only one tagging

No. 707654

File: 1569110957014.jpg (613.59 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20190921-200402_Sam…)

Trying to rewrite history as usual. They had no idea if QoB was doing anything on company time and no way to even guess that, she just needs to make it look like she had a reason to contact her work. Was Nick Rekeita also doing what you tried to get him DISBARRED for on company time?

No. 707668

Accusations without fact? Ok Laur. Because podcasts released by Lillee and you, tweets sent directly by you and written correspondence with QoB’s employer isn’t fact despite the fact that anyone can see it for themselves.

No. 707702

Thank you farmhand for deleting the poop posts.

No. 707716

File: 1569116333011.jpeg (18.7 KB, 400x534, 06533D0B-3085-4D13-95EE-016C21…)

Stay mad, Lillie and Laur.
>I’m not racist
>I’m so anti racist
>”niggers, blackface, too much diversity”

Okay sis. Here’s a snow shovel to help you dig that XXXL grave.

No. 707723

File: 1569116677463.jpeg (351.74 KB, 750x855, 1EC08559-FA01-4484-8ADF-D7A135…)

Laur keeps accusing QoB of tagging brands but won’t show screenshots. Likely because they don’t exist because QoB never did such a thing!

No. 707731

File: 1569117234181.jpeg (402.89 KB, 750x998, 5DC27036-33BD-4935-BF99-9C5DDC…)

She then claims that she’s not making it up. Yet offers no proof that QoB did or said anything (because there isn’t any)

No. 707777

That poor woman… I hope she doesn't get fired for literally doing nothing

No. 707802

File: 1569120994838.jpeg (284.79 KB, 750x742, A6C9C509-308A-4F80-A08E-7CCC3D…)

Nasty DM? Laur’s caught in another lie as she has her account set so that people can’t send her DM’s.

No. 707804

ahahah talking down to lauren 'no, you're the angry one' fuck off, laur

No. 707805

I hope Marlena sees all this. This is insane, no one should have to go through this shit. They need stopped.

QoB: I see Laur trying to bait you into "working things out" on the phone. You should really record it, the woman is nuts. Tell her you're going to, of course. But I just feel like you should have a strong, solid paper trail going.

No. 707809

File: 1569122023030.jpg (322.34 KB, 1079x1048, Screenshot_20190921-225312_Ins…)


No. 707811

Agreed^ dont talk to the white trash without some record. Also she doesnt seem to get making nice with QoB won't stop people tagging companies or emailing them

No. 707813

Those accounts were tagging companies way before she started blaming QoB and Lauren Elyse for this.

No. 707819

I also think Laur is confusing the Laurens again as it was Lauren Elyse’s post where a fan tagged Marlena who said she would reach out to her legal dept to see what Lauren Elyse could do. Once again, Laur is changing reality to fot her narrative.

No. 707822

I mean look how much they twist stuff that's written in black and white and available to the public. Their delusion knows no bounds. QoB seems very smart and is handling this situation way better and with more grace than I would, that's for sure. We support you girl.

No. 707831

File: 1569124531746.jpeg (56.88 KB, 741x292, EC63267E-A574-4DE7-AF0D-B89C7C…)

The other day LJ posted a “jap in me” comment on Twitter. She’s also laughing about being called one. Is she unaware of the fact that it’s a stereotype and a slur? I’m just not sure the way she refers to her ancestors being “fried” and “toasted” if her ignorance is on purpose or due to naivety.

No. 707841

Lillee is japanese? Im so confused by what she meant by the "jap in me" comment because she looks quite European, not Asian.

No. 707842

jewish american princess. it's derogatory.

No. 707844

File: 1569126070283.jpg (339.25 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20190922-001739_Sam…)

Laur, LJ and QoB all tweeted this same tweet about each other.

No. 707845

Huh, never heard of that until now. Im sure she learned it from laur, the brave and woke minority savior, protecting our girl shaniqua with maje attitude from the evil whites

No. 707846

Ok but is she still gonna blame QoB when the tags and emails don't stop?

No. 707847


Yeah, it's a racist and sexist two-fer epithet. It is based on the stereotype that Jews, specifically young Jewish women, are money-grubbing/entitled/snobbish.

I think it might be one thing if Lillee were a practicing Jew with a full understanding of the origin and implication of the slur, taking back a hateful word in the same way that a lot of ethnic minorities do with the slurs directed at them.

But Lillee and her mom only ever seem to make reference to Jewish heritage when talking about ancestors being "roasted" and "crispy." Laur seems to be Christian- or, at least, she seems to pay lip-service to church and bible and god when she's in the middle of making herself look like a victim.

But I'm not Jewish, so it's not for me to say whether or not Lillee really has any business throwing around that slur with such casual delight.

No. 707849

Didn't she just tweet something about "Japs" or something too? The last thing she should be doing right now is throwing around slurs of any type.

No. 707850

File: 1569127534769.jpeg (156.13 KB, 750x801, 3C97EFDD-8E2D-48DB-874C-6D7437…)

No. 707853

File: 1569127933220.jpeg (187.73 KB, 750x571, FF39FD17-1A8C-46CE-A251-7A29E5…)

Laur responded. Do Laur and LJ not recall the ignorant things that came out of their mouths just months ago?

No. 707854

File: 1569128339926.jpeg (460.55 KB, 750x1004, 5264977C-F0BB-41D8-8CD5-564069…)

Laur’s begging people to take their tweets down. Marlena must’ve delivered and Laur’s been contacted by a lawyer. She’s behaving super bizarre.

No. 707856

File: 1569128554349.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x2443, Screenshot_20190922-005850_Ins…)

Another sock account, doesnt seem to be active though

No. 707857

I was just about to post that, she's replying to a few old tweets like that. If I were QoB I would have told her not to contact me or use my name ever again, because now Laur is gonna milk the shit out of being on amicable terms with a black woman.

No. 707858

File: 1569128776144.jpeg (114.08 KB, 750x357, 776B804A-6FF0-477D-869E-748AB4…)

Why misrepresent what you said, Lillee Jean? The podcast is literally available for anyone to listen to.

No. 707859

File: 1569128956167.jpg (592.33 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190922-010430_Sam…)

She's actually replying to tweets that had nothing to do with the drama telling them that they're all cool now. They're gonna be all up in her asshole now.

No. 707861

Laur thinks because she apologized to QoB that everyone’s going to magically forget the racism, transphobia and lies they’ve been spouting for months. I hope Lauren Elyse is suing the shit out of them and that’s the reasoning behind this frantic backpedaling

No. 707862

They came to an agreement not to mention each other or tag each other in any more callout posts 1 hour ago, and already, Laur has violated it by tagging QoB in other people's tweets over 10 times, to try to make them stop talking about her.

I guarantee that QoB was counting on Laur to be Laur and do exactly this, because now she has even more proof of ongoing harassment.

No. 707864

File: 1569129697759.jpeg (269.49 KB, 750x647, F3317DE1-CE89-41A8-8094-249ED8…)

The last comment really goes to show how LJ doesn’t take anyone else seriously.

No. 707867

How long before they call QoB in as their obligatory “black friend”?

No. 707869

File: 1569130984532.jpeg (300.39 KB, 736x309, A887BBFB-95AA-4FDC-BDB0-6397C2…)

Last two Instagram descriptions don’t disclose PR

No. 707870

File: 1569131336455.png (314.46 KB, 750x1133, D249FA57-90E2-44C9-82A0-446BF6…)

No. 707872

File: 1569131598305.jpeg (338.49 KB, 750x865, BCC02552-B8CD-4ABA-9CF0-D16294…)

She’s attacking QoB’s followers now.

No. 707873

jap means Jewish American Princess and it’s in response to a new Jewish Disney Princess.

No. 707876

File: 1569131837553.png (675.56 KB, 750x2385, F6DB1B5E-D736-49E5-A2EA-631098…)

No. 707882

“Sorry you feel attacked”?!!!?! Oh you can fuck right off, Lillee.

No. 707883

File: 1569134078410.jpeg (55.41 KB, 1242x393, 475D9506-1BD7-47C4-BE93-05539E…)


No. 707896

File: 1569135469833.jpeg (400.2 KB, 1242x1164, EAF76501-A738-43A4-9218-AB2990…)

Handy list of sock accounts when they were begging Cameo for something

No. 707897

File: 1569135528344.jpeg (123.76 KB, 1242x957, 6CB2C222-48EC-4076-8920-304A35…)

No. 707899

File: 1569135615372.jpeg (169.45 KB, 1235x819, DA9073D4-46B3-4CFD-AB6D-326A70…)

Yeah no one is contacting her fan clubs that you made for her Laur. Is that how she actually got verified or does that work.

No. 707900

File: 1569135671201.jpeg (321.36 KB, 1242x1820, 4FCC22BD-C753-45F1-AA85-8B9ABC…)

Laur sporadically bought followers and comments for other accounts

No. 707901

File: 1569135707471.jpeg (288.68 KB, 1242x1662, 44BC0B7C-B510-48AB-9293-0A3B97…)

Most of these accounts were purged cos spam

No. 707902

File: 1569135730055.jpeg (375.48 KB, 1242x1651, 794B26FE-01C2-4445-BD37-755EA6…)

No. 707903

File: 1569136004312.jpeg (218.77 KB, 1242x1978, FB79C83B-08F9-4CED-B377-18F1AD…)

She posts about being cruelty free for brownie points but still uses brands that test and makes bullshit excuses. She’s so fucking wishy washy, wanting to appear woke without being too far to spook some other would-be fans

No. 707972

Besides the fact her posts are almost illegible, it's really annoying how Laur is trying to spin people calling out her bullshit lies as muh cyberbulling, while acting so smug and conceited. Can't be held accountable if everyone is just a big bully and you're the victim of an internet hate mafia!

When you buy followers, make sock accounts, post as several different sock accounts talking back and forth to each other like a psycho, you're blatantly misrepresenting yourself. Of course people have an issue with this. All in some ham-fisted attempt to scam brands into sending LJ free PR so she can be an "influencer" instead of getting her a real education or career. Besides all the psychotic tirades, threats, and blatant racism, the entire persona is a lie.

These two seem like they have never been held accountable for anything, and it really shows in interactions like >>707864 where LJ is quick to dismiss anyone with a differing opinion. I guess you don't need to be open-minded to other viewpoints when your only friends are Disney princess dolls and you never leave your attic.

No. 707976

Rather than listening and learning, Lillee deleted the photo that these comments were on. Such an ally!

No. 707982

Smh laur is basically blackmailing call out accounts by saying she won’t back down harassing Lauren unless they take the tweets down, I’m so angry and I can’t understand how she seems to get away with everything she’s done. She really believes one person is behind all since she is used to sock puppet. This milk is not even funny anymore, it’s infuriating and worse is that twitter and Instagram won’t get rid of their socks despite the reporting.

She’s been called out before for using non cruelty free products

No. 707984

File: 1569164876524.jpeg (182.08 KB, 1242x685, FDAB62E4-B07A-41EF-B44C-9F70EF…)

No. 707986

File: 1569165110753.jpeg (344.57 KB, 1242x1822, 84800B6B-AF44-4163-BB55-2CC15C…)

No. 707988

I like watching lj flounder trying to respond to these but aren't they helping drive up her engagement metrics?

No. 707991


So is Lillee replying from the management account now?

No. 708037

It was Lillee’s main account until 2017. She started the new account which she uses now. Laur switched the name and started posting on her account as Jeaniez Management.

No. 708049

Barely, a handful of real people in a sea of a million fakes won't do much. Personally I think it's entertaining.

No. 708053

File: 1569174709654.jpeg (199.05 KB, 750x648, 83F9FEA0-654D-43DA-9BA0-9AC75F…)

This drama was started by Lillee and Laur. They’re afraid of something and desperately trying to backtrack. I hope Lauren Elyse tells them to fuck right off.

No. 708061

Girl, she doesn’t -need- to do anything for you. You and your mom can fuck right off with this “we need to come together and be better” bullshit. I hope Lauren tears both you and your psycho mom a new asshole and you both learn a valuable lesson.
I don’t even know this Lauren person and I’m rooting for her so hard.

No. 708065


Sorry for latefagging, but just got reminded - when I had to return something to a company for exchange and they didn't have any other sizes they gave me a personal code "ANON20" for 20% off my next purchase.

That might be why Lillee's code is showing up as a valid code but not useable by anyone else. Just something to think about possibly?

No. 708068


So half the time she's old enough to be sexually exploited, but when anyone dares criticise her it's "bullying a child". Which one is it Laur?

No. 708075

File: 1569178082937.jpeg (130.37 KB, 750x769, 676DE82D-C29C-47AF-AA79-D3B3EA…)

Laur tagged a fake fan account instead of Lillee in her pinned tweet lol

No. 708077

File: 1569178851071.jpeg (391.97 KB, 750x872, 438A5E5C-0686-4A18-9163-A16C6B…)

Well duh, of course Lillee didn’t report Lauren. It was Lillee and Laur’s fake accounts. Also Lillee and Laur absolutely owe Lauren a public apology and to publicly come clean about everything. They like to pretend they are innocent yet the proof is in the fake engagement, the lack of engagement, the tweets, the podcast…

No. 708080

File: 1569179259420.jpeg (365.08 KB, 750x910, 9F784656-0F5D-46FF-BA06-779918…)

Lillee previously shames women who are feminists and victim blames women who are assaulted due to the free the nipple movement. Shared this with a “yay” comment and then later comments that her non existent boyfriend will not be happy if she’s showing her buttocks.

No. 708082

File: 1569180043436.jpeg (339.74 KB, 750x806, 0C0D1A65-E672-4548-8F85-99EEA0…)

But Lauren didn’t start a thread on Lillee. She literally just asked if anyone had heard of her as she had seen the Reddit post. LJ and Laur don’t want this to end. They don’t want to be honest. And I suspect that they thrive on the drama.

No. 708094

Laur and LJ always “number” their points they are trying to get across but they always mis-number or skip over a number entirely.

One, It’s hilarious every time and three, they both come off like idiots and I love it when assholes like them do it to themselves effortlessly.

No. 708106

File: 1569187458386.jpg (490 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20190922-172218_Sam…)

Hahaha you weren't kidding

No. 708111

isnt that a thing children do usually?

No. 708117

Late af, but you’re right. They really only bring up their supposed Jewish ancestry when they need to pull a minority card.

And I’m sorry, but it really chaps my ass how both LJ and Laur constantly refer to Jews as “toasted” or “roasted alive”. It’s A: trashy as hell. Who talks this way about their ancestors who died a horrible death? B: not even accurate. Anyone with basic knowledge of WW2 period knows that the nazis used gas chambers as primary method of execution in concentration camps. Crematories were used for disposing of bodies. But I guess that’s what homeschooling does to you.

My bet is that these pasty white bitches might have some vague (at best) knowledge of some distant Jewish relatives. But you know they’ll milk it for what it’s worth when it’s time to shut up an actual person of color who calls them out on their bullshit. Embarrassing.

No. 708119

jews call themselves jappies all the time though. bit like anyone else reclaiming a slur. it actually makes perfect sense that laur would say it about herself and her daughter, it's a pretty old school dig. the first place i ever read it was in nancy spungen's mother's book; nancy calls her sister a jappy because she's all dressed up to go to a party and nancy thinks it's funny.

No. 708125

I doubt they are practicing Jews, but rosh hashanah is in a couple weeks… the time of atonement and repenting,Laur

No. 708159


I hope this is true for QoB's sake, although Laur is quickly going to realise she has multiple critics. I hope she then doesn't turn on QoB again for things she didn't do but I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 708192


This is such a sneaky cruel move by them. Ugh, I'm done feeling any shred of sympathy for either of these frauds.

No. 708194

File: 1569197724027.jpeg (159.82 KB, 750x292, 5AEF4954-F7E4-4B15-BBF9-BB6F0F…)

Translation: people are listening to Lillee’s racist podcast so she tries to save face by highlighting that she totally changed her perspective (without addressing a single one of her and her mother’s awful comments beyond the little mermaid)

No. 708195


Oh come on anon, you know all Laur taught LJ in "homeschool" was singing, posing and painting.

No. 708198

File: 1569198310204.jpeg (326.73 KB, 1242x1505, A496897D-DD04-48FD-B706-3811B8…)

No. 708206

File: 1569199730060.jpeg (589.63 KB, 1242x1302, B5E0EADA-B2D0-4C7D-831E-A07446…)

Supporting Michael Jackson in 2019 is a little iffy, Laur

No. 708208

File: 1569199768422.jpeg (339.04 KB, 1242x750, 8017C36C-ADC8-45BA-B815-2F3682…)

The irony

No. 708262

File: 1569207452925.jpeg (763.55 KB, 1242x1566, 4CEB9AFF-F8F8-425C-BBDA-C4BD1A…)

No. 708266

All Lauren Elyse asked for was for Laur and Lillee Jean to own up to the harassment and reporting LE’s account but yet they won’t. So yeah, Laur and Lillee Jean’s anger and pride aren’t productive at all.

No. 708277

File: 1569209307445.jpg (92.82 KB, 1400x733, hiejeeeanieeeezzz.jpg)

hIeE jEaNiEeEeZz!!!

No. 708400

Unsurprisingly, LJ sees nothing wrong with a parent having autonomy over their adult daughter. She really seems content with her situation as long as she gets to post selfies to Iranian bots and live out her influencer dreams.

I think the whole bit with Laur claiming QOB was "stealing time" at work started on the first lolcow thread. Some anon offhandedly mentioned she was bored at work and looked into some milk. Laur went off about it on the thread. Laur apparently thinks anyone with a job and an interest in exposing frauds is a time thief and should be fired.

These two will never admit they're wrong on anything. They keep repeating the same lies and even twitter won't hold them accountable.

No. 708408

File: 1569244461801.jpg (540.94 KB, 1454x1461, 493530493132.jpg)

Well, we can definitely see exactly how many fake engagement views-per-video Laur's bought.

No. 708410

apparently it's costing her around $10 for 1.2k views.

that's so funny. i bet one of those youtube video view charts would show the views go up by 1000 within an hour and then no one would ever watch them again. unlike a normal video that would slowly rise over time.

No. 708414

File: 1569247651464.jpeg (72.42 KB, 543x344, 4231C032-FC61-4458-9B32-FC5956…)

They tried to buy subscribers at one point and YT said nah

No. 708415

File: 1569247889645.jpeg (334.23 KB, 750x741, 9831167C-A827-4307-807E-25D551…)

Instagram is starting to remove reported fan accounts. Glad they’re taking action as I had reported a “jap” comment on LJ’s post and apparently a slur was a-ok.

No. 708420

Does anyone know anything about this? It's an imgur album from when the original LJ post was posted on r/BGC. I know a few of us were wondering what she posted.

I have been hardcore keeping up with this milk from the beginning and somehow I missed this.

No. 708421

File: 1569249259813.jpg (386.18 KB, 1152x2048, 2fjtnjV.jpg)

is Lillee talking about herself on reddit?

No. 708423

It looks that way to me. If so it really meshes with my theory that Laur and Lillee are intentionally stirring things up to keep their names out there and increase YouTube views (though I suspect that they didn’t intend on brands being contacted and their racism, homophobia and woman shaming being called out)

No. 708424

That's what I was wondering too, it seems kinda weird. The account is deleted but can anyone somehow see any of her old posts or anything?

No. 708427

Not really, but if you google 'zestymissy reddit' it hits a couple of posts where she's been –apparently the cumtown reddit. Do that and hit images and you can see some posts where she's commented. some of the comments the user name shows as {deleted} so any of those could be hers. Seems like she was active in Instagramreality, too.

No. 708428

File: 1569251777382.jpeg (119.93 KB, 750x858, B2D18D24-9FBA-4E36-B677-FB597F…)

No. 708429

File: 1569251875708.jpeg (528.59 KB, 750x1095, 6618DD6D-B39D-4435-878B-4C047A…)

No. 708430


This seems like a garden-variety troll, to me. Maybe the same one that was behind the "Educata1" troll account on twitter, as whoever that is seems to be obsessed with suicide.


No. 708431


this seems more like a troll than lillee

No. 708458

Yeah looking at the amiugly post it has to be a troll. Unfortunately fake accounts really don’t help the cause. It creates plausible deniability for Lillee and Laur.

No. 708481

zestymissy is just a rando who was probably responsible for the nick mullen trolling

No. 708506

File: 1569261901322.jpg (116.19 KB, 920x856, 290819024820485.jpg)

Laur has been all but silent for a full day, and Lillee's timeline is nothing but Disney retweets and a youtube tutorial no one but the $$bots is gonna watch.

There has been none of their frenzied ass-kissing since the whole "truce" with the Laurens didn't go how they planned. Literally no one came to their defense or bought their victim narrative, and the remaining callout accounts are still contacting brands and documenting all their new attempts at rebuilding their army of sockpuppets to spam up their engagement.

No. 708529

Didn't they promise 'it comes to an end' on Monday?

No. 708532

If by end, they meant them shutting the fuck up…it did.

No. 708535

stop reporting ffs. this is COWTIPPING.

No. 708537

Yeah, LJ included some kind of Monday Doomsday deadline while she was ranting to the empty air on her timeline Saturday evening, seemingly unprompted.

Of course, because she started throwing around screenshots with the incriminating timestamps removed to create this false narrative, several of the callouts and both Laurens were quick to catch on and immediately shut all of that nonsense down with actual receipts.

Which is when Laur and Lillee panicked and started calling for "peace" all of a sudden.

And during the whole thing, none of L&L's anti-kiwi farms orbiters or new makeup "friends" said a peep.

It was all rather satisfying for me. I'm still chuckling about it.

No. 708539

this is cowtipping. stop drying up the milk.

you may not like it, but jews are perfectly within their right to call ~themselves~ jappies. laur's use of slurs for others may or may not be a problem for you, but as a jew she can say jappy all she wants.

No. 708541

>>708481 I think that was laur, This seems right about the account >>708430, this guy was trolling lj and laur and had named himself lj has a smelly Fanny lol

No. 708562


Agreed – out of a lot of these cows, they're self-destructing all by theirselves. Don't really need to help them along when Laur is doing so well by herself.

No. 708609

Not the first time. Last time, Laur went on a tangent about lolcow being taken down and consequences never being the same.

I guess it's a dramatic ploy to stay relevant and reap attention. Just say there's going to be bIG ChAnGEs, then post some more crazy shit and hope everybody forgets about your doomsday sperg by the next day. But still, why? She blocks real people who look at LJ's story, there are enough screencaps of Laur threatening other MUAs to make brands want to stay away, and they're not doing anything tangible to get LJ acting jobs.

What makes this drama so endearing is there doesn't seem to be a reason to any of it. Where is the payoff? Why spend thousands of dollars on followers for some free setting powder? Does Laur just have zero foresight and this is all part of her master plan?

No. 708653


I love how Laur tags @infinitelillees (a sock) instead of her own fucking daughter.

No. 708839

Laur is old and doesn't quite understand "going viral" usually means 15 minutes of fame with no pay off. I think she thinks "fake it til you make it" will bring attention and naturally delusional that somehow she'll get her daughter "discovered" if she creates enough activity around her. All in all, it's not unlike Disney Princesses being amazing, beautiful girls and suddenly a prince charming comes and they live a rich successful life. Lillie thinks she can be famous by just being her.

No. 708865

File: 1569335450588.jpg (183.98 KB, 1080x687, Screenshot_20190924-102724_Sam…)

This is a contributing editor at Marie Claire.

No. 708873

>we need to get to the bottom of this

Why does Laur think any of this involves her even if it was true?? lol

No. 708885

Laur submitted a 44 page appeal to the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board. Starts at 52 min

No. 708898

Cow vs. cow slapfights are fucking magic

No. 708909

File: 1569341328492.jpeg (519.76 KB, 750x1091, E5916E37-C14B-4180-A8B0-AF1DB6…)

Laur’s lies just went from hilarious to criminal. Oh man. That attorney is not going to be happy Laur’s slapping his name on shit.

No. 708911

That lawyer really isn’t gonna like her using his name to file ethics claims against another lawyer. Especially when the claims aren’t true, and even if they were they aren’t really anything an ethics committee would care about.

Especially since when lawyers attempt to make fraudulent ethics claims against another lawyer they could end up with disciplinary actions themselves.

Also, why does she need a lawyer when she claims she was one and knew the law better than a lawyer??

No. 708912

Reminder all this animosity towards Nick Rekeita started because he had Moon on his stream. She tried to get him disciplined with his state's bar for doing nothing more than interviewing a person. Up to that, he had no idea who she or LJ even was. Vindictive bitch.

No. 708915

There’s another attorney’s name on it and also Matthew Montgomery, owner of One Take Media. I have a feeling none of these people knew their names were on this complaint. Good thing she got everything straightened out with the Laurens because this is about to fuck her up.

No. 708920

Has anyone tried looking up Laur's criminal record before? I just find it hard to believe she runs around doing stuff like this, and obviously has been doing it for years, and has never been in trouble before.

No. 708924


Their appeal to the lawyers professional responsibility board was submitted on September 19th. Could that have been what Lillee was referring to in her twitter rant on Saturday? Did she and Laur think they were gonna be taking down Rekeita on Monday and that they could use that as a way to try to silence everyone else?

No. 708929

HAHAHA that stream is a gift. He really made her look like the ignorant white trash she is

No. 708933

Imagine writing a petition to get someone disbarred because they associated with someone you dislike. Obviously nothing will come of it, but it speaks to how unstable this woman is.

Top kek. Wouldn't her lawyer have written the appeal if he were involved? Not that any lawyer would actually do so, as she has zero grounds for even involving Nick in any of this.

No. 708943

File: 1569344346598.jpeg (232.6 KB, 750x422, 53A882BA-847C-4A20-B98D-A0A4E4…)

Who does shit like this when submitting a legal document? She is so fucking unprofessional & tacky in every single thing she does. Total white trash.

No. 708946

She spelled Nick’s name wrong. jfc

No. 708952

File: 1569346423175.png (881.93 KB, 1228x1228, lj25.png)

No. 708953

that's fucking terrifying

No. 708967

Can you please spoiler this? I threw my phone in shock and I'm not even kidding.

No. 708968

I keep thinking about this. It makes me more mad than anything else Laur has done. Not that anything could ever come from her incompetent screeching but it's the fact that in Laur's mind she's completely in the right and really thinks she DOES have the power to get someone barely even tangentially related to their pathetic situation disbarred. I just can't understand the mental gymnastics involved for someone to justify coming for someone's fucking livelihood because they have an online friendship with someone who owns a website they dislike. She does this stuff because she thinks she's untouchable since most people probably just write her off as crazy, and she doesn't have a damn job to lose in the first place. I mean jfc, the "document" she sent with her appeal, what the hell even was that? I keep rewatching that stream in disbelief. I just can't even begin to follow her train of thought. But it just goes to show how nuts she really is, and the fact that Lillee stands by her with everything also says a lot about her mental state too. I give Nick a lot of credit, I would completely go the fuck off if I was in his position.

No. 708978

First the fucking yaniv spooky pic and now this, please spoiler or i will bill you for my phone and mind repairs, nonny.

No. 708987

He was only cc'd. Her reasoning ("reasoning") might be to make it seem like she's also notifying or involving other attorneys to add credibility to her own opinions. I'm sure the attorneys, if cc'd, received their copy and would have written a letter to the board distancing themselves. I mean, the attorneys I work with would.

No kidding! This guy is giving me second hand embarrassment. Even if I agree with a lot of what he's saying, he's such a scrote. "Against the state! power to the people!" giggle Jesus. His voice is nails on a chalkboard.

I loved that he pointed out how Laur was trying to use legal terminology. Badly. The worst part of the letter is that Laur wrote "in my opinion" in a fucking APPEAL. What?! Why would you attempt to use legalese and then use filler language that diminishes your argument?!?! Laur is so, so fucking dumb. So dumb.

No. 708989

Just as with QoB/Lauren Elyse, she goes after people who have nothing to do with the hate pile on her ugly troll daughter. She's so stupid that she's flinging shit at a wall and hoping it sticks somewhere. I do love that Nick repeatedly called them crazy and insulted Lillee's pics. He knows she can't do shit about it but she'll keep trying and providing fresh milk.

No. 708992

File: 1569355186438.png (236.37 KB, 596x704, SzDcT2w92.png)

Uh what…?

No. 708994

Lofuckingl. Laura been very quiet today & chiclet mouth has been as well aside from zero likes/comments vids and some retweets. I wonder if they saw that.

No. 708995

File: 1569355813328.jpeg (375.01 KB, 750x872, 3E808418-EC7F-4ABC-9D74-799F08…)

No. 708997

No. 708999


Lillee is finally getting the attention Laur think she deserves

No. 709004

Er, I'm glad they're finally getting attention called to their scheme, but this article conveniently left out their transphobia and racism, and pretty much everything else they've done. Someone who isn't familiar with the situation will just think it's petty he-said/she-said makeup drama.

No. 709005

File: 1569358502309.jpg (509.58 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20190924-165430_Sam…)

No. 709007

File: 1569358715870.jpg (338.04 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20190924-165745_Sam…)

No. 709009

Laur’s claiming fake news

No. 709019

she cooperated with article and they took her statement on her version of events. they used your own words, laur.

No. 709021

Someone commented about their behaviour. It’s just a matter of time before someone posts about the Snow White and cultural appropriation podcasts. There is no way that Laur and LJ can talk themselves out of that (though of course they’ll try. “Someone just took my podcast out of context boohoo”)

No. 709025

File: 1569361468848.jpeg (338.78 KB, 750x879, E1E1592E-793E-41F3-9EA2-816A63…)

Damage control

No. 709027

File: 1569361640392.jpeg (365.16 KB, 750x955, 6AE80230-3209-4DF1-8D70-AA99E7…)

I’m not sure what Laur thinks “do not tag me in anything related to Lillee” means. She is still going strong with the quote tweeting and hashtagging.

No. 709032


Laur is gonna bumble her way into multiple harassment lawsuits. Both Laurens already have grounds, as Laur's unhinged behavior has fucked with their ability to earn a living. I can just see her working herself into a lather and trying to get this Tanya Chen fired from Buzzfeed, too.

Is there a German compound word for the feeling of gleeful anticipation of inevitable milk-to-come?

No. 709044

>We know, we spoke to Twitter.

Who does she even think will believe the absolute garbage coming from her mouth?
They are so delirious they accuse everyone else of all the actions they have been proven to do.

How much embarrassment is she going to get in a single day?

No. 709047

>Dramatic look WAHLAH

I cannot kek

No. 709050

You can hit these two with their own receipts and they just double down that much harder. I saw a comment speculating that Laur was pinning her hope on making Lillee her cash cow and I can't fathom any other reason she is fighting this damned hard to try and buy her kid a career.

No. 709083

File: 1569367122633.jpeg (364.03 KB, 1242x927, 78AB2078-67F2-47DA-8C7A-F25764…)

No. 709086


yeah, see? it was the fans, see? the fans that report all of Lillee's twitter haterz but never comment, like, or retweet her shit, see? yeah.

No. 709099

Yeah, not sure how it’s a debate when we have so many screencaps of her obvious bullshit. This is not a “maybe they did, maybe they didn’t” scenario. The author clearly didn’t do much research.

No. 709114


Not to defend Buzzfeed journalists but I'm feeling that Lauren E (or literally anyone else) could've tipped a bunch of news orgs about it and Buzzfeed, seeing the drama of it, probably wanted to get their shit out fresher than anyone else's.

meaning that they just send out the quickest story out so they get it first then maybe ACTUALLY do research.

same thing around Yaniv

No. 709116


Samefag, but this is why the news industry shits out a bunch of nonsense articles bc they want to lay claim on any "exclusive" story that panders to viralization

No. 709134

A buzzfeed article, how long until we get a big drama channel video on lillee and laur? I cant wait to see the meltdown that ensues from laur. I still kinda feel bad for lillee, its mostly laur being the absolute psycho. She couldnt keep her damn fingers off the keyboard and successfully ruined her daughters career and image forever.

No. 709139

It's just kinda fucked how Laur gets away with blatantly lying over and over again. Imagine being an actual MUA and losing your twitter account over some lunatic who pretends to be a gay best friend to her daughter. It would be nice if a supposedly unbiased article would call it like it is.

Twitter gives no fucks about her (not so) thinly veiled threats, and instagram probably doesn't care about the racist sockpuppets/account buying. She thinks she's untouchable because no one has held her accountable for her blatant rule violations.

No. 709183

I can't even imagine how angry and helpless Lauren must feel. I'd be out for blood if I were her. It's really annoying that Twitter ignored all of this until fucking Buzzfeed reached out to them. I just don't get how people get permabanned for wayy less, but these two can break every rule on the platform- copyright, buying followers, racism, transphobia, homophobia, threats, spam, etc. and are found to be in violation of the rules a bunch of times, and STILL nothing happens. I really don't get it. Are not as many people reporting as we think or something? I really don't understand how they can still keep going. If anything THEY'RE doing the very definition of "manipulating the platform" so, tell me, what the hell.

I really hope this article brings some much needed awareness to their scamming and hopefully it'll make it harder for these platforms to stick their heads in the sand and pretend they're oblivious.

No. 709185

A lot of people on BGC brought this up; the drama channels are strangely ignoring Laur/LJ.

No. 709188

I feel like this whole thing is such a shitshow that people just don't want to expend the effort to deal with it. Laur gives off that typical, entitled boomer energy that simply exhausts everyone else. She's like the middle aged woman at a restaurant who complains about everything, so they give her a free meal to keep her happy, otherwise she'll send corporate a 4 page letter about how Applebee's ruined her week.

The fact she has a documented history of trying to get unrelated lawyers disbarred, people fired, and students expelled from school probably makes most people want to leave it be. She's not going to stop unless one of these platforms puts an end to it.

No. 709205


Petty Paige said she was in contact with Laur/LJ during the first Reddit thread back in June? July? Apparently Laur had sent her 22 pages of "proof" of harassment. I bet it was similar to the 44 pages she sent Rekieta where the screenshots were duped and poorly formatted, so PP just threw the whole thing away.

No. 709216

File: 1569389631412.png (396.73 KB, 800x1041, Screenshot_2019-09-24-17-14-20…)


Lauren's tweets about the article.

No. 709217

File: 1569389870432.jpeg (24.38 KB, 536x446, EE3n_yYWwAAoJ6g.jpeg)

No. 709219

File: 1569389965291.jpeg (31.91 KB, 470x377, EE3oHlAXYAAt5aK.jpeg)

No. 709223


I wonder if Laur will drift back to Josh Moon being the instigator, now that the Laurens are off-limits. Or will she go OG and return to blaming the elusive, faceless "Joe" from reddit?

No. 709225

File: 1569392265971.jpg (34.88 KB, 886x426, confuciussay.jpg)

lol wut

No. 709226

File: 1569392338350.png (116.27 KB, 800x567, Screenshot_2019-09-24-22-58-54…)

Catching up with the end of the last thread.


@lillees.lil.jeanie has been deleted already.


>The romalatte on Twitter changed her name to Lola Dildolores

Link? Can't find the new name.


What is the link for / how does one find the Wikipedia page that was rejected in January?

Laur screeching at Facebook about merging management pages.


No. 709227

File: 1569392586841.png (230.74 KB, 779x871, Screenshot_2019-09-24-23-00-02…)


Laur was still working with Matthew Mongomery and One Take Media as of July. Maybe he is supposed to try again getting Lilz into Wikipedia?


I don't do Zuckbook or Zuckgram; this is all I could find in Google.

No. 709229

File: 1569393686233.png (326.1 KB, 800x589, Screenshot_2019-09-24-23-30-27…)


Laur has added "lover of everyone" to her Twitter bio.

Her account was down on the 18th/19th for several hours.

No. 709233

File: 1569395379391.png (163.44 KB, 773x886, Screenshot_2019-09-24-23-52-30…)


Eric will be more surprised than anyone else by his letter to Nick, then!


No. 709234

File: 1569395495498.png (183.12 KB, 772x901, Screenshot_2019-09-24-23-53-08…)


Josh is still "a psycho who owns two black web sites where girls committed suicide".


No. 709236

Because this all involves smaller beauty gurus, they wont cover it. I do wish the more trustworthy social commentary channels were picking it up tho. Most probably just havent caught wind of it yet so maybe the buzzfeed article will help to spread it

No. 709237

File: 1569396067608.png (172.95 KB, 800x811, Screenshot_2019-09-25-00-17-13…)


The selfie appears to be unique, though.

No. 709240

File: 1569396882906.jpg (504.88 KB, 1376x1600, IMG_2835.jpg)


The funniest thing about that pic is what's missing.

No. 709241

File: 1569397404995.jpg (365.72 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_2837.jpg)


And Lilz was 15, not 16.

Laur has deleted the tutorial page (perhaps because of the call-out?). Good thing I already archived it.


No. 709244

File: 1569398611928.png (155.45 KB, 800x509, Screenshot_2019-09-25-00-59-27…)

In case anyone is keeping track:

>Sunday, January 10, 2016

>300 subscribers


No. 709251

There is! Vorfreude!

Lol maybe open your attic window and get some fresh air, Lillie

No. 709258

File: 1569405282845.jpeg (723.81 KB, 750x914, 45AFB8EB-3EBB-4CCE-A80E-874BFE…)

#lilleejean on IG is fucked. They won’t be able to get posts sharing a Buzzfeed article removed for bullying/harassment. Why hasn’t Laur unleashed the socks to spam old photos of LJ’s half decent makeup looks yet? Is IG finally catching on?

No. 709262

File: 1569406620750.jpeg (226.94 KB, 750x562, 1F638B25-916C-4550-A65C-616683…)

Laur posting as LJ again?

Their attitude of “nothing to see here, old news” is peak entitlement. Lauren Elyse still doesn’t have her twitter account back and even if wasn’t Laur & LJ using fake accounts to mass report (it was) Laur states in the article it was LJ’s fans…so by Laur logic, it’s still Lillee’s fault for whipping her fan(s) into a frenzy who then reported Lauren Elyse’s account until it was suspended.

No. 709264

File: 1569409075381.png (331.58 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2019-09-25-03-53-03…)

Of course Laur and Lilz are aligning themselves with Greta Thunberg.

No. 709266

File: 1569409663008.png (460.57 KB, 564x828, Screenshot_2019-09-17-01-02-03…)

More name dropping.

When did she meet Victor Desouza and Dustin Lujan before?

Posting this in case their names get mentioned again.

No. 709303

>What is the link for / how does one find the Wikipedia page that was rejected in January

here ya go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Lillee_Jean_Trueman

No. 709305

File: 1569415466333.jpg (61.19 KB, 986x986, 42175948_410679152797262_33007…)


Danka shane!




No. 709307

File: 1569415712997.png (235.42 KB, 800x1022, Screenshot_2019-09-25-05-16-25…)


Laur's dynamic duo @captcomm2020 and @EdFokker2020 seem to have distanced themselves from her crazy.


No. 709308

File: 1569415779911.png (469.69 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2019-09-25-05-20-04…)

No. 709309

LMAOOOOOOOOO it would be so funny if that was the tipping point for her last two human supporters. Not like she had any more in the first place.

No. 709314

File: 1569416447236.png (249.51 KB, 800x1161, Screenshot_2019-09-25-05-53-36…)


Peep the edit made 7 days ago. Needs more references. Archives of their tweets can be used. Just sayin.


No. 709319

One of her reference links is celebrityrave - its one of those self PR sites nobodies and stage moms add themselves or their kid to with a few actual real celeb birthdays.

No. 709320

File: 1569417005335.png (75.32 KB, 800x592, Screenshot_2019-09-25-04-16-00…)

Have some Instagram # stats.

No. 709322


There's an entire section in the OP called Fake Famous.

No. 709325

File: 1569417447155.png (79.39 KB, 800x401, Screenshot_2019-09-25-06-07-55…)

All of the old Halloween looks Laur has been flogging are from 2016, when Lillee was Lilz and 15.

I wonder why she didn't post pics of this one?



No. 709327

File: 1569417615231.jpg (438.25 KB, 1231x1600, IMG_0515.jpg)



No. 709331

File: 1569417962935.jpg (534.08 KB, 1466x1600, IMG_0512.jpg)


Just when you thought her nose couldn't look any bigger…

I have perused hundreds of Lilz' pics by now (kill me) and I STFG Laur intentionally chooses the worst angles.

Up p-the-nose shot and stray stringy hair anons, there are puh-lenty of those.

No. 709333

File: 1569418050985.jpg (465.31 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_0516.jpg)


Asymm eyebrows!

No. 709337

File: 1569418423931.jpg (342.59 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_0531.jpg)


If they hadn't told me Lilz was attempting JR, I never would have guessed.

Will they come up with a totally new look this year or continue to coast on the back catalog?

No. 709338

Wow. It looks like she did her hair with a weed whacker.

No. 709341

File: 1569419102085.png (269.41 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2019-09-25-06-38-22…)


This is what my Google results for Lillee Jean look like (her IG is at the top).

No. 709343

File: 1569419151550.png (323.77 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-09-25-06-38-35…)

No. 709347

File: 1569420077346.jpeg (228.63 KB, 1280x1280, EEY-QUIXkAAQl4T.jpeg)


From a tutorial last week. Pull up your dress or whatever that is.


Always. Braless. Always.

>Yep, she knows what she's doing.

>Laur denies denies denies

Don't make me post more uncomfortable live chats with foreign boys you purchased, Laur!

No. 709349

Here is lola’s account. https://twitter.com/doolores312

No. 709353

Looks like she’s strangling the bunny, how delusional you gotta be to think this looks good.

No. 709356

File: 1569422693775.jpg (67.76 KB, 1080x1080, 42341768_243679829659738_43260…)


No, the sock account.


She does try her best, anon. Bless her heart!

Though the tinfoil side of me who suspects Laur intentionally chooses her worst angles wonders if Lillee intentionally draws suggestive poses.

No. 709357

File: 1569422837679.jpg (51.63 KB, 810x986, disney_holiday_sleeping_beauty…)

Maybe if Sleeping Beauty worked at a bordello.

No. 709359

File: 1569422987092.jpg (82.33 KB, 894x894, my_elsa_cosplay_by_lillee_jean…)

What is you doin, girl?

All from her deviantArt.

No. 709373

File: 1569424571982.png (342.93 KB, 800x1025, Screenshot_2019-09-25-08-06-50…)

All the best cows bring the farmers to the yard.


No. 709389

that sucking in her cheeks to give herself cheekbones ages her face so harshly.

No. 709406

You can basically tell what year a picture was taken just by if she's sucking in her cheeks or not.

No. 709407

Tbh I dont see how they're making any money of IG. They get free products to promote, right? Maybe shes hoping it will generate income.

No. 709409

In the stream the other night Rekieta did, he went to search out her photos to clown on her and I noticed all of her top photos were links from KF and LC. Safe to say any company or person that googles either of them now get to see their true actions and not what Laur wants people to believe.

No. 709419

File: 1569428858811.jpeg (231.9 KB, 1242x1235, EFAw_SOX4AEFfwD.jpeg)

My eyelids are itching just looking.

Speaking of bad nails, she has never done a nail tutorial. But that's no excuse.


No. 709430

Lillee has literally nothing else to do besides paying close attention to her appearance in the name of pumping out content. This is meant to be what she does instead of getting an actual job. There's no excuse for her to ever have flaky dead skin, dull hair with chewed-up ends, or raggedy-looking nails.

Even if she has to do it all herself because she can't afford to go to a salon, she has all day every day to exfoliate, do a deep condition and trim her ends, and re-do polish that has chipped off before she takes photos and/or films her little videos.

No. 709433

this confirms Lillee is making the “fan edits” and posting them as fake fan accounts. she’s in on a lot more of this than people think.

No. 709443

File: 1569433398517.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 70E7E11A-126D-4280-9A63-4575E2…)

Lillee posted a video to her IG acct of Earl shooing birds out of the house. Earl lives.

No. 709448

I have been saying this. Thank you. She's not a helpless 7 year old, she's an adult, and just because she's sheltered and naive doesn't mean she can't form her own opinions or a spine to correct stuff you learn is wrong in 1st grade. I don't understand why anyone perpetuates this narrative of her being helpless or developmentally challenged. It ain't that deep. She's an adult who can think for herself and she's a snake along with her partner, Laur.

No. 709463

speculation in the beginning was that laur was behind all of the questionable behavior and lillee wasn’t aware. the more information discovered, the more it becomes apparent lillee is just as despicable as her mom. all she has to do is apologize…for the racist blackface comments, transphobic comments, the fake followers, the harassment of QoB & lauren elyse. she’s such a petulant brat that she can’t manage an ounce of remorse.

No. 709505

File: 1569444279847.jpeg (169.53 KB, 750x456, 8AEE9AA3-E455-49CB-B2E0-3C6053…)

This tweets been deleted but Marlena is back at it. Laur’s had a really bad 48 hours.

No. 709506

File: 1569444709932.jpg (398.85 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20190925-165019_Sam…)

No. 709509

File: 1569445082673.jpg (311.66 KB, 1070x911, Screenshot_20190925-165657_Sam…)


No. 709513

Where is this? I don't see it on her page and she doesn't have DMs open

No. 709514

?..a twitter account, which was already probably tanked by twitter, if you read their rules.

Interestingly, Twitter's response is that they DO NOT KNOW why Elyse's account is down, so it wasn't tanked nor taken down due to rules.

No. 709515

she deleted the tweet

No. 709517

File: 1569446839200.png (89.56 KB, 576x375, Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 4.25.…)

>….a twitter account
Yea, no shit.


Here's Laur tagging QoB in another tweet as she upbraids another account for tagging QoB

No. 709520

File: 1569447235304.jpg (276.07 KB, 706x1039, 20190925_163045.jpg)

What is with this influencers against abuse accounts stirring up shit on old tweets

No. 709522

File: 1569447585503.jpg (74.48 KB, 894x507, so we gonna was like that I wa…)

Laur is glitching out

No. 709524

Just for documentation purposes- new r/BeautyGuruChatter thread on LJ and Laur, regarding Marlena's tweet.

No. 709525

File: 1569447804846.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2688, 6AC4D721-A641-4D97-8706-722D79…)

Her “Barbie” look from her latest video. Talk about minimal effort. She’s trying to jump on the Halloween train about 2 weeks too early to try to pull more views. But, you can’t even tell she’s attempting to replicate one of the most recognizable faces in history. Literally the same look every video, just different colors.

No. 709526

File: 1569447930875.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2688, C85D7F90-FC36-4FF2-A962-E58480…)

This one made me laugh. Lillie, no one is going to actually think you are associated with Mattel. I don’t get what she was trying to accomplish with this.

No. 709531

File: 1569448697969.jpg (172.22 KB, 720x497, 20190925_165236.jpg)

That's just lazy, her usual smoky eye with a bright pink lip. She should focus on less iconic figures, because there's artist doing stuff like this and it makes hers look so drab by comparison.

No. 709541

File: 1569451455757.jpg (320.15 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20190925-184033_Sam…)

Not sure which of these tweets Laur thinks were deleted, but they're all still there. This person was smart to block her.

No. 709546

File: 1569451939847.jpg (424.32 KB, 1079x1690, Screenshot_20190925-184708_Sam…)

Her ignorance is showing as usual.

No. 709550


Are you actually kidding me

No. 709563


"this guy" and asking the recipient to "just google it".

I think Laur homeschooled herself too.

No. 709565

stoned anon passing through. i dont go here but this chick is drugged up to her eyeballs, right? she looks like a hostage. wtf

No. 709568

We're only a couple threads in. Start from the beginning and venture down the rabbit hole. She's not on any drugs as far as we can confirm.
You're not far off on the hostage bit though.

No. 709574


>Woman who took topless pictures of her underage daughter for social media complains about "lecherous older men that follow and pray (sic) on girls that just turned 18"

Trust me Laur, the only men perving on Lillee are the ones you make her reply to on Instagram.

No. 709576

God this bitch gets dumber by the day.

Laur, they aren’t “real” just because they are real sweatshop workers who each have thousands of accounts and devices and get paid pennies to follow accounts of people who pay for them.

No. 709577

File: 1569456703346.jpg (78.99 KB, 319x881, 092012403847510-2.jpg)

I don't know if I'm prepared to leave the attic and venture down another rabbit hole right now, but it looks like Laur has caught the attention of a whole other shitshow and we might be gearing up for some kind of crossover episode. Anyone know who these new weirdos are?

No. 709586

Katie aka “without a crystal ball” has caught some controversy from the teen mom twitter sphere. She leaked some audio tapes of one of the cast members abusing her boyfriend, but burned a lot of bridges along the way. Don’t know what she did to piss them off, but many of them don’t like her so they will try to rally behind anyone that is against her.

No. 709590

I meant to clarify, the people she ticked off were the teen mom haters or gossipers, not the cast members. Apparently they didn’t like that she was profiting off of leaking the tapes because she put them on her YT channel and tried to say no one else could use the tapes. I guess she thought since she leaked them that she owned the copyright to them, and then went around blocking a lot of people including other reporter after she got a story wrong.

This is all OT, but I think it’s relevant to explain the story around her since Laur possibly just found a new group to rally around her.

No. 709592

Influencers Against Abuse is another troll account. Maybe one of the accounts that got suspended in Laur’s wrath reincarnated. They seem to be focusing on Laur’s threats and harassment. Doing a really good job of pissing her though.

No. 709630

File: 1569462813851.jpeg (276.98 KB, 750x696, EF7CC060-97C0-448D-B13D-12DCF9…)

Laur can’t ever admit fault

No. 709637

File: 1569463747190.jpeg (176.23 KB, 750x748, F0328600-6CF2-4198-A6BF-BC5FFF…)

Laur put that poor tech guys name on all her legal threats along with her pretend lawyer. I wouldn’t be so sure that they aren’t getting cease & desists served along with Laur.

No. 709641


How can Laur have a "corporate attorney" when she doesn't even have a corporation? she no longer owns any sort of legitimate business. Who is this "tech guy?" Laur and Lillee don't actually know any real people, except apparently Earl, who's still shuffling about in the background.

No. 709649

Matthew Montgomery, he owns One Take Media which put together Lillee’s website. Laur thanked him for getting Lillee verified on IG and he was working on her Wikipedia entry. I’m not sure why his name was on the appeal other than Laur wants to ruin as many people’s lives as possible.

No. 709662

Katie has a KF account which she used to glean info and cultivated a leak relationship with Micheal Schofield. She's probably gone into the Laur thread there, which has picked up speed since Laur came for Rekieta.

No. 709666

File: 1569468294582.jpeg (428.3 KB, 750x860, 190CA6F8-5E7C-45F1-800D-D7FEE1…)

Considering LJ tells black people to “shut the duck up” during her podcast, this is much less inappropriate and offensive.

No. 709669

Laur’s demanding to speak to the Buzzfeed manager lololol

No. 709682

File: 1569471804309.png (89.32 KB, 696x425, Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 11.22…)

Yea, I bet you would like everyone's names. Don't think it's gonna happen, Laur.

No. 709685

Inappropriate to send to an 18 year old? Bitch, she's an adult. Suppose somehow ol kernel teeth did get famous; do you know how much hate and troll comments she'd get? Tf you gonna do, chase down everyone who doesn't like your homely ass kid?

No. 709686

I love how she always uses her daughters age as a shield. As if she hasn’t exploited her teenage daughter for years.
Laur is a grade A cow.

No. 709688

>how many times do I have to tell you #qob does not want to be mentioned! don't tag her! #qob @qob #qob #qob
>How dare you mention @qob! She's done with this drama!! #qob

>I'm done with this. Do not associate with me anymore

>exactly emoji clap we are SUCH BIG FANS OF @qob #qob #qob+lillie #collaboration #amazing women #iseenocolor #doesn'tmatterifyou'regreen

No. 709695

>normal golden locks

No. 709716

Yes Laur, keep contacting buzzfeed. They'll see your crazy and might eventually do an actual expose

No. 709728

File: 1569497850270.jpg (454.47 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20190926-073505_Ins…)

Something about the way Patricia Hartman continues to interact with them is really weird. I think it's a paid interaction, not just her being nice. That would also explain why she can't get out of it.

No. 709731

File: 1569498456720.jpg (208.63 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20190926-074622_Sam…)

Also BffDees, I noticed this came up. Does this mean you've been getting reported?

No. 709752

But could they afford to pay this Patricia lady? Or is this part of the perks that you get with the fashion show tickets?

No. 709759

Patricia has 11.5k followers. LJ has 1mil (ofc they’re fake but Patricia probably doesn’t know that) and a checkmark. It’s probably for clout/to ride coattails since going through Patricia’s IG she seems a little washed up and wants some spotlight back. Who knows really

No. 709760


The official Runway Rogue social media accounts have a tiny following and very little engagement, and I'm not a hardcore makeup nerd, but I do consume a fair amount of online beauty content, and until the whole LJ fashion week fake-out, I had never heard of the brand. They don't have much product in their shop, and it's just some boring lipsticks in basic colors, priced for name recognition they don't actually have yet.

I think that their marketing team was probably struggling for some time, trying to get big name influencers interested in their lipsticks, saw Lillee's follower count on insta, and were so excited when Laur glommed on that they didn't do any research before offering Lillee a paid shill gig.

Now they're probably stuck in some contract and are forced to interact with Lillee online in front of an audience of one that will generate no sales.

No. 709762

I've been trying to figure all this out. It's pretty obvious from looking at her comments that the interactions are purchased and/or quid pro quo, which we've established. Like for example, they obviously have some sort of ongoing agreement with that @fabulouslystardust girl, but I don't get how it's literally ALL minorities and/or disabled people. Is there some website you can buy interactions on with some sort of minority checklist or something. Or do they message these people randomly and make an agreement? I just don't get it.

No. 709766


they were probably doing the same thing on instagram that they tried on twitter; just spamming fake enthusiasm in the comments section of accounts of minority mua/beauty pages that they sought out specifically to shore up Lillee's image as a champion for "browns, gays, and other unfortunates."

No. 709769

No. 709771

File: 1569509930044.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 9D262618-0934-4BF1-9967-60AD98…)

This account interacted with Lillee’s account for a few weeks. She’s absolutely paying these people.

No. 709782

File: 1569512015424.png (720.47 KB, 750x1334, EA6CD1A4-7577-45A5-9CB1-E7B070…)

Laur is now contacting callout accounts and telling them Queen of Blending wants them to remove their posts (screenshots from Influencers_against_abuse’s tweet) Influencers_against_abuse asked QoB and QoB said she spoke to Laur but hasn’t made any requests regarding tweets. QoB needs to shut this bitch down.

No. 709784

Daaaang… this confirms what everyone already knows about Laur and LJ. Laur will flip her lid when this gets shared. Do you have a screenshot of LJ’s post that this account commented on?

No. 709809

File: 1569514782312.jpeg (197.51 KB, 750x628, 211CC346-D3B6-4093-8635-3A1936…)

I dug through a lot of nonsense comments but here is one instance of interaction with princess.rapunzel

No. 709814

That’s all I could find too. The original comments that tipped me off about something being weird are deleted. Someone asked Lillee about her shit engagement and Lillee replied that it was the AlGOritHm and @‘d this princess.rapunzel account to back her up. princess.rapunzel commented something like yea it’s the algorithm and disappeared. It was so bizarre.

No. 709828

File: 1569517375000.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 7AF7B42B-A9F6-4014-9722-B3DFA6…)

Someone calls out their shit behaviour on YouTube. Lillee Jean claims that 3200 YouTube watchers like her and reiterates that 1 million people on Instagram like her (despite her sort of admitting on Twitter that many were fake without saying it outright).

No. 709834

She really thinks she can just shove this mess under the rug by harassing people to delete old tweets. the internet never forgets, laur. your brand is trash before it ever had a chance.

No. 709839

Katie is a personal cow for me and just the thought of her having a collision with Laur and her sock army is making me giddy. Please milk gods don't fail me now.

Why is sleeping beauty flashing her crotch and winking? Out of all her artwork this is the most autistic rendition of a Disney princess I have seen her post and that is saying something

God Laur is a moron. She is already burning bridges with huge influencers that she should try to be building relationships with for her exceptional child.

No. 709840

File: 1569518237509.jpeg (724.1 KB, 750x1105, 013BACCF-A4F1-48A6-B4CB-FCE66C…)

Lucky for her she has no real followers because she still isn’t disclosing PR on her Instagram posts.

No. 709857

her response reads like Laur wrote it.

No. 709860

But Laur hasn’t even deleted her tweets threatening & defaming QoB. That callout account was retweeting Laur’s tweets. Start by cleaning up your own shit, Laur.

No. 709875

File: 1569520889167.jpg (16.42 KB, 886x196, ooooooooimtelling.jpg)

uh oh so inappropriate for a sensitive innocent young teenage adult lady, lillee

No. 709883

File: 1569522457976.jpeg (521.15 KB, 750x1180, 3928E031-1249-458B-A957-DC0222…)

The pic is now down (likely for editing). It’s pretty obvious that they are reading these threads on lolcow.

No. 709888

To be fair, she isn’t required to disclose PR for an instagram photo. If they paid her to post a photo she would be required to disclose that. Or, if they gave her free makeup in exchange for her posting a photo she would be required to disclose it. But, simply posting a photo on her own accord wearing makeup that just so happens to have come from PR packages doesn’t require any disclosure.

She puts her PR disclosure in her video descriptions because she’s a weirdo and because she got called for claiming posts and videos were sponsored when they weren’t. Most beauty yters don’t put anything about PR in their descriptions because you’re only required to disclose when you are being paid for posting something or if you have affiliate links you are asking people to click in which you get paid off of.

No. 709893

All she said in her post was that she was doing shout outs, not that she would comment and interact with accounts. Honestly, no one would pay for a single account to comment and like your posts. But, Most accounts that sell shout outs are actually not followings as well. They pay for a bunch of bot/Iranian followers and then try to make money by selling a shout out, and stupid people don’t realize they don’t have any real reach or influence because it’s all a scam for cash.

That does make me wonder why they would be interacting. She could of advertised other services at some point, but do we know that it’s not LJ or Laur and this is a side hustle for cash??

No. 709898

File: 1569524280199.gif (9.1 MB, 500x376, giphy.gif)

No. 709901

File: 1569524633546.jpeg (352.08 KB, 750x851, 7D8D2AA3-F4A3-4F32-8EFB-12DB96…)

Katie backed down from doing a story after Laur started tweeting at people about Katie. She states “further bullying” as the reason. I think this is reason no other drama channel will pick up the story. No one wants Lillee to get bullied over her appearance because of Laur’s shenanigans.,

No. 709913

exactly the reason someone should. she keeps doing this because it gets her what she wants. when she learns she can't control people not liking/questioning her ugly ass daughter, she can move on and focus on productive shit

No. 709928

What a manipulative bitch. If I was QoB I’d be pissed she was speaking on my behalf and also pretending as if she was speaking to me.
Makes me even happier Lauren didn’t accept this cunt’s apology.

No. 709935

Wow. How are people so easily manipulated? There is no "bullying" unless you count Laur and Lillee doing it. There are only people calling out and documenting their shit behavior. I have seen very few comments about Lillee's appearance overall which is impressive considering how vile they have acted. This is exactly why they get away with it.

No. 709994

tinfoil, maybe she means that they will bully her lmao, not people bullying them.

No. 710031

File: 1569537029954.jpg (346.68 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20190926-182557_Twi…)

She didn't.

(Sidenote and off topic: am I the only person who, for the life of me, can't figure out the drama with that account following that crystal ball chick around? I don't really understand anything they say and it seems like they're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.)

No. 710033

Katie’s callout account is trying to get the Laur/LJ callout accounts to attack Katie. They seem to be uninterested though. Probably have their hands full with Laur.

No. 710041

File: 1569538829933.jpeg (452.21 KB, 750x962, B9460579-D6B7-48F0-985B-B68C59…)

They paid for the drawing of Lillee as Aurora. Lillee posted this to her IG stories.

No. 710042

File: 1569538987933.jpeg (133.25 KB, 750x534, 3AF15F73-8D39-4C11-8DCC-3B6F0C…)

No. 710047

I'm so glad that Marlena is having none of Laur's fake bullshit.

That's not a word. She'd know that if she had gone to school.

No. 710060

I get this, and I do feel sympathy for LJ. She didn't go to school and her mom has clearly done everything in her power to isolate her from other people. She's obviously lived a very sheltered life and finds solace in her pretend instagram buddies. It might not be easy for her leave home and get away from this situation with no education or friends. It's sad for a lot of reasons.

But that means it's okay for them to scam brands, post racist shit, and threaten other people's livelihoods? What if Laur actually gets someone fired/expelled over merely mentioning LJ, like she has attempted many times to do?

LJ's life sucks, there's no question, but she's eating up her fake attention and acts like a self-centered brat half her age. The "fan" pages on instagram are just LJ posting edits of herself as Batgirl and talking about how amazing she is, while pretending to be an Indian girl who "wishes she had beautiful white skin too." She has to know this isn't okay. Even if you want to absolve her of responsibility, Laur is an actual cyberbully who is being given a free pass here.

No. 710090

File: 1569544722128.jpeg (154.8 KB, 750x985, 63AE778B-4ED7-429F-84C5-5CB0C4…)

Lillee had no problem slut shaming a rando on twitter because she questioned her engagement. All those homophobic, transphobic, racist comments. Lillee deserves to be dragged just as much as Laur.

No. 710091

File: 1569544830132.jpeg (352.98 KB, 750x599, C0325485-1B9D-4172-A549-AC88EE…)

I don’t know why but the fact that Lillee retweeted this was hilarious. I commented once before that she always blows on her lashes (I have seen it in at least three videos and have also seen her blow excess product off of brushes).

No. 710162

Katie Joy is a soccer mom cow who loves to insert herself into current drama, see: Jani and Bodhi Schofield.

No. 710165

File: 1569552737434.jpeg (192.33 KB, 750x792, 3CC1F860-DCC8-4150-BE32-7C229A…)

No one is saying bullies don’t exist. Everyone is saying you’re the bully, Laur.

No. 710177

it's also possible that patricia purchased props or antiques from laur, or that she and laur had some past dealings with one another and thinks she's being helpful to someone who helped her once. tit for tat. she probably has no real concept of the shitstorm surrounding laur and will pull back as soon as she does.

No. 710270

File: 1569578543338.jpeg (260.57 KB, 750x752, A9EE38F7-3DE8-46D0-A7B4-BE3F73…)

Laur found a new platform

No. 710287

File: 1569586316849.jpeg (880.87 KB, 750x1148, 08BBC50F-47A1-4BD8-91B7-31BD3B…)

#lilleejean on Instagram is filled with photos of Lauren Elyse lol

No. 710289

Laur, all these stories you are sharing seem to have one thing in common. That they all involve real life physical attacks. None of these say “big eyed creep dies because someone on reddit made fun of her chicklet teeth.”
Making fun of someone or gossiping about someone isn’t bullying. Especially when you are putting yourself out to social media asking for people’s attention. Trying to be a “beauty influencer” is literally asking people to judge you on your looks. Don’t turn around and play victim when people do just that, but don’t judge the way you want them to.

The closest thing to real bullying you will get online is when people try to take it to real life and get people fired from their real life jobs. Like when you are trying to get a lawyer disbarred just because you don’t like his “mean words” or who he associates with. Or, trying to get another beauty influencer fired from her real life job for commenting on a public figure.

Contacting brands isn’t the same as you contacting employers either because working with brands is a privilege, not a job.

No. 710292

Wow, seeing LE’s pics next to LJ’s is jarring. LE is naturally beautiful and LJ looks like an insane, serial killing hobbit.

No. 710301

File: 1569590582711.jpeg (252.43 KB, 750x649, 37F1AE81-678A-4A62-9AE8-CAB1A9…)

I wonder why they haven’t had more of their fake accounts come to LJ’s defence? I recall there were a couple but James, Ray, Roma, Shaniqua And Philippe (though I don’t think “he’s” on Twitter) have been silent.

No. 710306

They can’t delete comments on twitter and their fake accounts will get bombarded. Callout accounts are clocking her new socks as soon as she creates them and she already fucked up with the Sonia sock account by replying to a tweet only Laur & Lillee we’re tagged in demanding not to be tagged lol. Not parading the socks out in defense of Lillee is the only smart thing I’ve seen Laur do. Bffdees is baiting her.

No. 710312

it's absolutely hilarious that she's going off the rails about the article which painted her in an extremely positive light that she doesn't deserve. they'll eventually realise lauren elyse was right.

>you post nude photos, which I think is wrong. then when we started harrassing you with tons of bizarre body shaming comments, you deleted them…I mean?

No. 710324

Shes such an idiot. These are stories about severe bullying. I agree that some of the things said about lillee are mean and uncalled for but you can't conduct yourself like a fraud and a racist/homophobe/sexist online and expect no repercussions. Laur, YOU are the one who is harassing people, doxing them, getting their accounts taken down, lying, frauding, being racist and playing victim. How do people like laur go through life without an ounce of self awareness?

No. 710361

Colour Pop is currently hosting a PR list giveaway for a full year and I see that they did it last year too. I wonder if it’s possible that maybe LJ won last year? That would make a lot more sense than her getting PR based on skill.

No. 710373

Would they give her an ambassador code if she won it?

No. 710456

I’m not sure. Lillee Jean always makes it clear that she doesn’t receive any commission from the code so she wouldn’t gain anything if they did give her a code.

No. 710503

File: 1569612130458.jpeg (119.13 KB, 750x570, 5C2AAEA8-3061-4C6D-B981-203BFC…)

Laur has a personal account. Why does she continue to use her “publicist ” account to insult people? It’s so unprofessional.

No. 710707

File: 1569636935402.jpg (408.53 KB, 1075x988, Screenshot_20190927-221513_Twi…)

No. 710714

Well, the article itself is a glorified blurb rehashing pieces of the buzzfeed article with somehow even fewer details. BUT. I did get a giggle from the writer calling Lils "Jean" for most of it.

No. 710716

Yeah it's dull, but it stated Lauren got her twitter account back. So much for Jean's smug responses that she didn't report and twitter must have taken it away for very good reasons. Lar had acted like twitter put the account in a paper shredder.

No. 710720

File: 1569639661088.png (82.33 KB, 300x805, 120931289361.png)

Ohhhh Laur.

No. 710748

Why even bother ass kissing all day? it nets her zero allies or any form of engagement, maybe 1 pity like every so often

No. 710753

File: 1569644214236.jpeg (353.44 KB, 750x1097, 37B5FC9C-6417-4EA9-8338-105F17…)

Laur commenting on a post about Facebook asking for ID to verify that people are real. Of course she adds a sad face because it means the jig is up.

No. 710757

File: 1569645165453.jpeg (596.29 KB, 750x1064, C321D743-0BED-4A45-AEE4-F17A91…)

Lillee is doing a giveaway on IG to gain new followers & engagement. Seems fine at face value. Until you see she’s entering her own giveaway with her fake accounts.

No. 710758

File: 1569645210005.jpeg (264.19 KB, 2048x2048, D66CB5B0-7D30-4D26-94AF-132DC0…)

Sock accounts entering Lillee’s giveaway

No. 710767

File: 1569646616018.jpg (162.1 KB, 1286x826, geppetto.jpg)

youtube socks, some of them are new

No. 710769


i just noticed that Lillee misnames one sock (solanda) and even thanks a sock (dee) that hasn't commented yet.

No. 710773

File: 1569648202997.jpeg (49.02 KB, 748x256, 9B84A9DC-640B-476E-94AE-BA19CC…)

lmaof. jfc laur is bad at this

No. 710778

That sock “Rachel” counting her points like Laur and LJ do all the time.

How can you be so bad at this, Laur? And two, just stop and find a different hobby.

No. 710781

According to her own audit, 60% of her audience is Iranian. Why do a giveaway only people in the US/Canada can enter? Especially if you’re planning on one of your fake accounts “winning”. Oh this is going to be shitshow and I’m here for all of it.

No. 710782

File: 1569649580400.jpeg (386.63 KB, 750x610, FCC22546-727B-4AF2-9255-6C1C4B…)

Changed length of giveaway from 3 days to 1 day. Maybe Laur realized how terrible of an idea this giveaway was.

No. 710784


There was a comment on the post before, warning that they were doing a fraudulent giveaway, but I didn't get a screenshot of it before Lillee deleted it. I think they're trying to salvage the whole thing, as it's an obvious ploy to get some actual legit followers, but it's still scammy. The rules for these kind of contests are supposed to be crystal clear, but this doesn't even give a time zone for this midnight deadline.

No. 710799


totally a real person, totally not laur. you would think a young fashionable gay man would know proper slang & abbreviations. weird.

No. 710804

File: 1569657392554.jpeg (542.35 KB, 1232x2018, 37E84777-69F7-4DE0-BFB7-AB6290…)

Aaaand it’s gone now…

No. 710805

File: 1569657487369.jpeg (246.21 KB, 1242x1758, 5D72970F-A8EE-4C18-AEC3-25D803…)

Christ they are desperate for engagement

No. 710809

File: 1569658128251.jpeg (299.39 KB, 1242x1314, A8FCA47C-973C-4505-87F1-81E4A2…)

Laur tweeted the giveaway but there is nothing from LJ unless she deleted it

No. 710841

File: 1569672639819.jpeg (280.4 KB, 750x841, 29E492CB-C1CD-4366-95DD-66476A…)

captcomm2020 is back with threats. I suspect he had a hand in laur’s mass reporting scheme.

No. 710844

File: 1569673525828.png (7.3 MB, 1242x2688, B763AD87-A84B-495A-A2F2-90EA08…)

She posted in on YouTube as well but of course the link goes to nothing. The giveaway should be done by now so shouldn’t she be announcing a winner? Also, posted 7 hours ago, 3 likes 0 comments.

No. 710848

It started Friday 9/27. It would have been over at 12am EST Saturday 9/28. It was removed by Laur or by Instagram

No. 710854

I was thinking that too, I guarantee he did.

Why even do a giveaway and just enter it yourself? So she looks charitable? I really don't get the point.

No. 710858

File: 1569676321868.jpg (817.48 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20190928-090109_Ins…)

Oh wow, a twofer. He commented on her most recent picture. I really would love to know where she's finding these people. Using a service that exploits disabled people and minorities for social media engagement is pretty gross. Obviously this engagement is purchased so we'll now see him commenting regularly on her pictures.

No. 710875

The “rules” of the giveaway were you had to follow her profile and tag another IG user. So it gives her real followers, real engagement and more people see her profile. If one of her fake profiles wins, she gets all those benefits without having to give away any of the pr she was probably planning on selling anyways.

No. 710882

File: 1569683782862.jpeg (416.33 KB, 750x861, C814DFB3-5AA5-468C-92A7-FE85D1…)

Laur trolling for murdered sister sympathy

No. 710905

File: 1569689744504.jpg (558.04 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20190928-125225_Sam…)


No. 710908

File: 1569689849213.jpg (388.95 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20190928-125334_Sam…)


No. 710909

File: 1569689997642.jpg (327.58 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20190928-125411_Sam…)


No. 710910

just saw this scrolling through the the front page but isn't this the person that used to date chronically jaquie lmao

No. 710912

File: 1569690356229.jpeg (160.62 KB, 750x615, BAF3D110-076B-4223-ABF6-8474C3…)

Calling reporters “a bitch”. Bold strategy, Laur.

No. 710916


>how dare you block me before I can send you harassing dm's

It's hilarious just how absolutely bothered by all of this she is.

No. 710917

that person is a well known munchie, it's just your garden variety cow crossover. they're especially gross because they use trans as the ultimate 'illness' and is a really despicable person, so of course laur and lillee will get along famously with them.

No. 710924

I can't stop laughing at the picture she used of LJ and Laur and how absolutely crazy they look next to LE. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

No. 710937

File: 1569692867757.jpg (93.33 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20190928-134729_Chr…)

No. 710939


great, only 100 sock accounts to go

No. 710940

Why does his get taken down immediately but LJ and Laur's get to stay up through hell and high water?

No. 710957

File: 1569695333479.jpeg (101.62 KB, 750x792, 9F70A123-15C1-4704-A6C5-894207…)

He denied running EdFokker but that account is suspended too.

They were Laur’s only supporters. What will she do now?

No. 710965

'ride on Lillee Jean's name' yes, using the name of widely hated nobody to promote an article on a site that has like 12xs your alleged following
pretty sure it is, yea

No. 710988


Did she mean "moi"?

No. 710990

Her french boyfriend should tell her

No. 710991

File: 1569699388592.png (138.53 KB, 907x708, porlayvoofronsay.png)


Laur is a woman of culture

No. 711001

File: 1569699816223.jpeg (240.84 KB, 750x678, 9564D879-0D49-478B-AD66-5B0D03…)

Dead newborn = all about Laur

No. 711014


Have you noticed that she only ever talks about her sister when she's using her death to try to curry sympathy? She never talks about what kind of person her sister was, or posts pictures of her from when she was happy. There's not even any kind of tribute section to Brenda on the "justice4brenda"site, just one dim, grainy picture-of-a-picture of her wedding photo.

She treats the whole situation like a prop/plot device in Laur: The Movie. I wonder how the rest of the family feels about that. She doesn't seem to really communicate with any relatives besides LJ anywhere on social media.

No. 711060

>I hope someone else's family member is murdered for shedding light on my years of scamming
Yikes dude. Nobody here has been laughing it up about a woman who was potentially murdered. Really says something about a person who goes through a traumatic event and then wishes it on people they dislike.

My tinfoil is they've been estranged for a while. We're only seeing a snapshot of Laur's instability online; think about what her family's had to deal with. She doesn't seem to work, she's quick to fly off the handle at the smallest events, and easily threatens anyone who looks at her. People like that usually burn bridges fast.

No. 711084

File: 1569705563825.jpg (546.43 KB, 1080x1702, 20190928_171807.jpg)

Laur is now using her socks to comment on other things, defending the exploitation of minors. Not surprising.

No. 711160

that filename
i died

No. 711203

Lmao, cant expect laur to understand how fucked up it is to encourage your underaged daughter to sexualize herself online.

No. 711210

File: 1569713855130.jpeg (510.57 KB, 750x933, 4A48CF70-ACF3-466B-9F4A-B2914F…)


No. 711230

lmaof that's g8 bytw

No. 711256

File: 1569719417710.jpg (516.33 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20190928-210131_You…)

What does this mean exactly? Like an affiliate code vs. an ambassador code. I'm not familiar with this stuff and it's obvious she has it worded a certain way to misrepresent her relationship with the companies.

No. 711283

File: 1569725576654.jpeg (259.12 KB, 1242x1160, 66603671-310C-4E8A-8BA3-CAF063…)

Capturing Laur Twitter crazy for posterity

No. 711284

File: 1569725613550.jpeg (288.1 KB, 1227x1659, B4A9ECD9-F934-4F82-9745-56A457…)


No. 711285

File: 1569725639167.jpeg (238.73 KB, 1242x1098, F20DFE4F-62EF-4D5D-B3B7-4C807D…)

No. 711287

File: 1569725714021.png (6.95 MB, 1242x2208, 86CF3DB9-709C-4E49-B1EE-3310CB…)

this is probably samefag but the level of photoshop blending is a bit ridiculous

No. 711295

File: 1569727677888.png (2.7 MB, 1334x750, 2F79406B-D0B3-4705-84BB-42707A…)

I actually watched the Morphe video and this is what the look actually looks like. Completely different. On a side note I really wish LJ would learn to pronounce words that she doesn’t know. She does it with names a lot (rude too since apparently Patricia is such a good friend yet Lillee and Laur both cannot be bothered to pronounce her name correctly) but I noticed that she also seems to be unable to say açai.

No. 711302

File: 1569729877992.png (619.35 KB, 440x2004, pheepieboi.png)

Lillee and Laur engage in some kind of bizarre reverse-fancasting for the role of "pheepy."

Now we know what the dreamy French prince who can't get enough of Lillee's "hormones" is supposed to look like.

No. 711305

The giveaway is also posted on the Lillee Jean Facebook page. There are no likes or comments yet (roughly 25 hours after she posted).

No. 711327

File: 1569734129571.jpg (101.18 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20190929-011246_Sam…)

When did this happen? I know it's just her backup but still, interesting.

No. 711353

File: 1569737079440.png (1.21 MB, 1405x861, becauseofcourseitsascam.png)


Given how quickly they took the giveaway post down, I wonder how many new followers they even managed to gain out of the whole ruse. Tens, I'm sure.

No. 711380


Maybe its something like this? I think she went to colourpop to apply to be an ambassador, i dont think they went to her. They probably saw her fake following, didnt give a shit to look into it further and let her be an ambassador

No. 711402

At the same time she got her real one back

No. 711407

With an ambassador code ($5 off), the influencer won't earn any money back when you use their code but it is used to track whether they're driving any sales from their videos. Ambassadors also might get limited amounts of PR from Colourpop, but not usually entire collections.

If they get enough sales from someone's ambassador code, then they may upgrade them to an affiliate, which gets them a new code (10% off) and commissions from any sale made using it. Generally this comes with a boost in the amount of PR they'll receive as well.

No. 711426

File: 1569759468552.png (463.59 KB, 1242x2688, 51E8D802-FA7E-4C91-A991-FB59C2…)


I think they did the same with Verb. They have a link straight on their website to become an affiliate. Then all you do is give your instagram. They see 1 million followers and probably don’t do anymore research and just give her a code.

No. 711427

OOF. If she was anyone important her “hiding the name” of the winner would get her eaten alive, especially in the beauty community. People are always on the look out for shady giveaways in that fan base. Since she’s a literally nobody that only received comments from herself, it really won’t matter, which is unfortunate. I wonder if the people asking are randoms that wanted to enter, or farmers..

No. 711438

bullshite. the entire giveaway post is gone, you could thank all the entrants (lol) and let them know 'we have our winner'. there was no giveaway Lillee.

No. 711446

File: 1569765120342.jpeg (405.06 KB, 750x823, 8EC9EEBC-29AC-4D80-AAA1-4DDEDD…)

Laur thoroughly fucked this one up.

No. 711452

So much of LJ’s draw makes it look scant. They definitely didn’t take time to learn the laws around holding sweepstakes. The post was missing a lot of the info that is required to be included in “official contest rules”. Additionally the draw was open to Canada and she didn’t say it excluded Quebec. That means she would have been required to notify the province, pay fees and issue a report to the province that included winner names. Additionally I am not sure how it works in the US but are contest sponsors not required to disclose the names of winners upon request?

No. 711467

If there's a request from the FTC, absolutely. A winner asking to not disclose their name isn't unheard of, you see it mostly with lotto winners. Not that this contest was in any way legit…

No. 711483

File: 1569772456249.jpeg (742.23 KB, 2048x2048, 63081282-9B55-4B95-BE92-2075A0…)

Lillee panders to the last brand publicly supporting her, Runway Rogue, by ripping off one of their ads.

No. 711499

Obscure AF but if it didn't explicitly say excluding Quebec and wasn't written in French as well as English she's subject to fine and believe me when I say Quebec is petty as shit when it comes to fines. They take language law more seriously than most criminal offences.

No. 711501

File: 1569774500555.jpeg (59.56 KB, 1242x422, 87F842A5-ECCA-4CC8-9B8D-926352…)

It was mentioned before but now she is using the new account as if it were run by someone else and responding to it like all the other socks. Lil you getting too obvious but now they know they can get away with it

No. 711503

File: 1569774743075.jpg (219.41 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20190929-123021_Twi…)

I was coincidentally on both profiles and the second Laur started tweeting @FakeLilleeJean I went back to see if that person replied and this happened. Sorry for the shitty screenshot.

No. 711513

Samefag sorry I meant @FakeLillee.

No. 711523

File: 1569776483303.jpeg (254.27 KB, 750x986, 1C42F3E9-AF6E-4562-98CB-BEE877…)

Laur’s projecting

No. 711542

That account seems like a laur’s sock puppet to me to ilegitimase the other call out accounts, the style of writing looks similar to laur and it’s not even smart

No. 711547

That was the first thing I thought when I looked at the account but I didn't know if I was being paranoid or not.

No. 711565

This is so baffling. The whole thing with the fake accounts makes me think of someone overly obsessed with their image who wants to seem "normal" and tries to overcompensate, like Vicky posting screencaps talking to her "friends." Does it make them feel normal to talk about the fake boyfriend on public twitter? Is it validating? Are they trying to impress people, or do they just want to stay relevant at this point?

I can't tell if this is top tier trolling or they're really sitting up in the attic talking to their socks all day.

No. 711577

These are the type of people who would walk straight into oncoming traffic. There is no master trolling going on. Occam's razor, anon. As much as we wish it's something more because we don't want to believe people of this caliber exist, sadly they're simply trying to boost their image.

No. 711589

“Hello friends, I’m ovulating”

What in the actual fuck?

No. 711590

File: 1569784892393.jpeg (450.01 KB, 1241x1732, 1F118225-A3FD-4042-B6E1-40AE4F…)

Back on the fake boyfriend thing

No. 711592

She’s ovulating. Fake boyfriend is going to get her fake pregnant. Careful Pheepy.

No. 711594

I've been following this debacle from the beginning and I truly cannot tell where their delusion stops. Do you think it's just a ploy for attention, or do they really believe on some level that these socks are real?

LJ or Laur went to the extent to sign a fake card from her French disney prince boyfriend. Maybe posting it online gives them some kind of validation that it's really true. These two are so bizarre I can't tell.

No. 711595


wtf, did Laur have a stroke mid-tweet? that's even more garbled than her usual fare.

No. 711597

Genuine question. I've browsed through her threads but they were blowing up so fast I couldnt pinpoint the answer to my question, so…. is she legit special needs? Like… I've been trying to figure it out while keeping up but never found a clear answer (that I can recall). Doesnt make me feel bad for her or anything, but might explain her moms irrational pushing of her being so "special" and some brands feeling sorry for her and throwing her a bone here and there.

No. 711604

File: 1569786472457.jpeg (393.88 KB, 750x788, 8C187F30-ED13-4160-B785-CEC315…)

its just gibberish with brands tagged

No. 711612

i'm certain that they don't believe the socks are real. the shaniqua account claimed to have met LJ and be friends with her, but then when the blatant racism got noticed, LJ claimed someone else had made her up to make her look bad. even though in the past, LJ had interacted with that account as if they were real life friends.

so no, they aren't crazy in my opinion, just completely stupid with massively inflated egos. they must believe that other people would think those sock accounts are real people - because they're delusional about the quality of their acting and writing. i mean, you can see it in LJ's voice acting work, LJ's art, LJ's makeup skills, LJ's dancing. they believe they're the best of the best. so laur probably thought the same thing when she wrote shaniqua's racist nonsense, or romalatte's racist nonsense. she put a different fake accent on each, and she thinks she's amazingly talented, so how could anyone catch on?

No. 711616

No one knows for certain but the general consensus is she's probably not developmentally or learning disabled.

No. 711628


>I'm ovulating. If you were next to me you would know

No. 711646

is .. this her trying to be relatable?
god I feel sorry for her, it's not her fault she was homeschooled by an insane woman.

No. 711656

Then right after that she says "when I stay still, I actually have more pain than if I'm doing something."
Wtf? I don't think she actually knows what ovulating means…? This was such a weird video. The way she put her eyelashes on was so weird, she squeezed adhesive on to the back of her hand then dipped the eyelash band in it?

No. 711671

I recently went back an watched her first few videos and she probably could have developed a small/moderate organic following if she'd stayed that way. She was much more personable and relatable. Now in all of her video, she acts like a huge snobby brat which isn't helped by her less than mediocre makeup skills. She often talks down to her "viewers" and is almost the epitome of entitlement. Plus, you'd think that after doing her own makeup for like 4 years would have caused some increase on skills, not a decrease.

No. 711685

Some women do get pain when they ovulate but it lasts at most 24 hours (and ends when the egg releases) but I’m not sure how anyone beside LJ would know?

Her lash technique is both bizarre and disgusting. The glue seems to be put on thick and globby from what I’ve seen and for some reason she blows on them to dry them.

No. 711687


>and for some reason she blows on them to dry them.


No. 711698

I hope to God she doesn't mean the smell.

No. 711701

File: 1569798382293.gif (2.26 MB, 498x228, NONONO.gif)

No. 711703

I strongly think she is talking about her period and not actual ovulation. Both Laur and LJ have proven to be pretty dumb.

No. 711713

File: 1569802370237.jpg (381.6 KB, 1070x1840, 20190929_200826.jpg)

She is so determined to take down anyone who defames her daughter. Also why does she use hagtashes instead of @ symbols.

No. 711716


the crazier she acts, the more people are going to feel drawn to poking at her to see her flip out in ridiculous and hilarious ways; and the more unhinged she gets, the more brands are going to start catching on to the scam and realizing that sending Lillee PR is a bad investment.

No. 711727

Good job, Laur, you got an obvious troll account suspended. The original callout accounts weren’t even interacting with that account.

Tanya Chen & Buzzfeed have the callout accounts real identities and won’t give them up. This has to make Laur furious.

No. 711742

What is she trying to say with this?

No. 711755

I assume she hashtags the names because the accounts have her blocked? So she can’t @ them. Maybe she hopes people will see it anyways with the hashtag.
Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit.

No. 711761

I know she's blocked bffdees.

No. 711771

Has this account even done anything of note? I don't recall seeing any screenshots of this one. I go to her Twitter often and this is the first I'm hearing of this one. If it weren't her own account she'd be sperging all over it.

No. 711773

File: 1569812045229.png (43.49 KB, 914x195, 120931289361.png)

Keeping it classy for the High Holidays.

No. 711776

File: 1569812705035.png (140.77 KB, 905x791, dothprotesttoomuch.png)

Laur inserting herself into another booty guru's giveaway drama in a desperate bid to get him and his fans to defend her from anyone calling out her actual fraud.

No. 711778

Yeah they're definitely not Jewish. They're using being jews because they're uninteresting whites that need to look marginalized. They never mentioned anything jew related before getting called out for racism.

Sorry bout your big ugly nose Laur but that doesn't solely imply you're a jew. The constant "we were roasted" shit was clear enough that you're not actually a jew. The retweeting Christian posts and saying "god" rather than "g*d" girl you ain't a jew.

I bet Earl has Jewish family somewhere down the line and Laur is a fat New Jersey Italian Catholic that hasnt gone to mass since she was 12 because she was a mouthy bitch and no one could tolerate being near her.

No. 711803

Definitely, for some reason people who are white and want to seem oppressed always gravitate toward claiming they're Jewish. I guess because it would be more obvious they weren't if they claimed they were part black or Latina or whatever. I'd be surprised if they even had distant Jewish relatives, they probably just made it up completely.

No. 711856

File: 1569831097956.jpeg (694.14 KB, 1242x2688, 2DD570B7-CFC2-4831-8D1A-4DC9D6…)

Okay, I legit think she thinks “ovulating” means she’s on her period. This comment, plus at the beginning of her video she said she feels “blah”. This is an 18 year old woman who think ovulating is her period. Holy cow she is sheltered. Man, there are some major companies that would be out of business if women could just “feel” when they were ovulating and didn’t need a test to tell them.

No. 711857

File: 1569831250868.jpeg (910.55 KB, 1242x2688, B76E132A-EA30-4A69-ACAA-88E953…)

Also, WTF does “I roam free” mean. I really don’t think I want an answer to that. Also, took this photo because it was too good. What real person speaks like this? And who would comment asking how to change a photo? Google exists.

No. 711862


It's their "first youtube" but Lillee already knows who they are and that they changed their name from "Aran?"

They are getting super lazy and nonsensical with these sock-puppet backstories.

No. 711864

I think they’re part ethnic Jews, part some other euro ethnicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re barely 25% Jewish or so and latch onto that a lot. The “my people were burnt” shit is so insensitive though.

No. 711887

File: 1569840365389.jpeg (326.43 KB, 750x667, AE301396-9BC4-433E-8A6A-B7D446…)

Laur trying to insert herself & Lillee Jean into their drama backfired. Cody found bffdees and liked all his tweets documenting Laur & Lillee’s homophobic behavior. Oops.

No. 711888

I think shes implying that she freebleeds.

No. 711889

is LJ trying to imply that this sock puppet is trans? she's such a trans ally saying their "deadname".

No. 711894


Julian never dated Jaquie but they did trade illnesses like they were pokemon cards.

No. 711920

File: 1569848492704.gif (923.53 KB, 300x167, source.gif)

this sounds like a stroke

No. 711924

I honestly hope 4chan/scrotes don't find Laurs account with the way she immediately flips out at anything they'd have a field day with her especially with her fake legal threats

No. 711928

Yeah, I don’t think she realizes that places like here and Reddit are going gentle on her. But, her begging for the attention of people like Moon/KF and Rekieta are going to give her a world of pain. They don’t care about any race or LGBT comments she makes, and certainly aren’t going to cower if she accuses them of the same or of being “bullies”. She keeps trying to interfere in their real lives or trying to build a mob against the farms is just going to get the attention of people who really don’t care how they are socially perceived. Most of all, it’s going to guarantee her and LJ are never seen as anything more than cows. They won’t be able to do anything online without being constantly trolled.

Yeah, I thought that’s what she meant. IDK if she thinks that makes her more relatable, or if she has been so sheltered and brainwashed by LRT that she thinks it’s okay to go online and just share way too much info.

No. 711929

File: 1569853254971.jpg (436.38 KB, 1070x1651, Screenshot_20190930-101943_Ins…)

Nothing to see here guys, just a normal, natural, organic comment section.

No. 711931

lol they're both tried and true long island jews, best believe they identify as such

No. 711943

She posted this video reading hate comments. I thought it would be her reading fake ones but they're actually real KEK. It's basically just her reading them in a stupid voice and smacking her lips, giving a stupid reply each time. She reads a few posts off here too.

No. 711948



>smelly pussy

Lillee, do you not know what conjunctivitis is? (I am pink-eye anon, and I was making reference to her blowing all over her lash glue before applying falsies.)

I ain't say nothing about her vag; is she making shit up, or confusing my comment with something mentioned downthread about her weird ovulation tmi?

No. 711950

File: 1569861795371.jpg (120.69 KB, 1096x556, 124-9867336138-545.jpg)

Did Laur stop paying for youtube views now that someone clocked the suspicious frequency of videos with exactly 1200 views?

No. 711952

I wonder where she got these “hate comments” from considering she deletes any negative comments from her YT videos, and even ones that seem like they might not be fully kissing her ass she replies accusing them of harassment, then promptly deletes. She still doesn’t even have her like/dislike ratings on. I haven’t watched yet (obviously), but I wouldn’t be surprised if she made them up.

No. 711954

God that Too Faced thumbnail. I’m starting to think she has severe brain damage.

No. 711958

Saw elsewhere another channel suspected of buying its views suddenly starting dropping off, too, and the speculation is youtube is starting to catch buys.

No. 711959

The comments are mostly from twitter. A lot were from Lauren Elyse & Queen of Blending’s tweet about Laur threatening them. The other’s are from troll accounts that were suspended pretty quickly. Does she realize “information dildo” is something Laur called an anon account not an insult to her?

This video is bad. Why would Laur allow her to make this? She’s only bringing more attention to their fraud. Any brand looking at her YT channel that doesn’t know about the controversy surrounding her is going to immediately google it after watching this. God Laur is so bad at PR. Lillee, we know you’re reading…hire a real manager.

No. 711963

I'm certain they check this thread. Very curious what, if any, back up plan they have for this snaggle toothed troll to support herself when her internet notoriety inevitably dies.

No. 711970

Lillee is an insufferable asshole with a strong case of USI and I hope this video puts the inane 'But Laur is the real problem, poor Lillee!' comments to bed.

No. 711978

Weird, she left out the hundreds of comments about her racist/homophobic fake fan accounts.

No. 711984


I noticed that Laur stirs the pot every time Lillee posts something along the lines of "that's IT. It's OVER. #theend" and goes back to playing with her dolls and retweeting DC Comics.

She really thinks that she's gonna use her magical nutjob powers to turn this disaster into success for Lillee, but I think that becoming famous for being the punchline of a joke requires either crystal-clear self awareness and a sense of irony, the ability to at least appear oblivious as you allow yourself to be mocked, or both.

These two just don't have the range.

No. 711989

If it was just Lillee and her wannabe social media empire, yes. They could turn that into something positive. Laur is a different story. No one is laughing at Laur terrorizing Lauren Elyse, Queen of Blending & Nick Rekieta. Add in the racist, homophobic and transphobic podcast that they refuse to take down or even apologize for…nah. There’s no way they spin this into a positive.

No. 711990

you're 100% right. i found this very thread and buzzfeed article purely from that video, i originally heard about her on reddit.

No. 711991

oops meant to quote >>711959

No. 711995


I was going to say, i went back looking for the comment about conjunctivitis and i couldn't find it. Where the hell did she get the pussy part from.

No. 711996

File: 1569869109234.png (485.17 KB, 712x380, w.png)

Pausing her video at the start produced nightmare fuel.

No. 711998

>If it was just Lillee and her wannabe social media empire, yes. They could turn that into something positive.

I disagree. Lillee is boring, her voice makes you want to punch a wall, her make up skills range from laughable to unhygienic. She doesn't make any thing interesting, her videos are a chore and you rarely see her any where other than driveway fashion shoot (the runway rogue crap was a one off)
Laur isn't helping but she isn't what holds Lillee back. Lillee has the charm of a wet toilet seat.

No. 712000

this. sure laur is the one who raised/home schooled her and i understand feeling bad about that. but lillie has access to the entire internet and should be able to form her own opinions, and this is what her real opinions are.

No. 712002

File: 1569870224668.jpg (22.94 KB, 400x400, hi jeaniez!.jpg)


It always does. She can't do sincere enthusiasm, so she just pulls her face into this horrifying rictus grin instead.

No. 712026

I actually think she would of went a long way as being the “average girl”. There is a huge push right now from companies to promote more “real” people and to quit getting only beautiful, photoshopped perfect people to represent brands. Brands are pushing this because consumers are pushing this.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone claim LJ is some innocent victim, just that there is an overtly obvious age regression if you look at her videos from 15/16 to now. Even down to her voice. Also, her opinions aren’t what makes her a cow. Her opinions only become milky because of her hypocrisy and the audience she is trying to pander to.

No. 712029

I disagree. While I agree that more 'real people' are covetable, I still think she doesn't have the personality to pull that off. If you're not going to be drop dead gorgeous, you better have a great sense of humor, a unique style, or be really damn knowledgable/good at makeup. What does LJ have?

No. 712030

I mean laur is still the bigger problem. She raised an asshole, and lillee is still young and isolated, being heavily influenced by her mom. Shes not a good person but i still feel pity for her having a psycho mom.

No. 712033

I am certain that most of them content in her “mean tweets” was made up/heavily edited by Lillee. My best guess is she combined the pink eye post with one of the posts that tried to clarify what the heck she was talking about when she stated that a person beside her would know she’s ovulating.

No. 712041

If she had a good personality she maybe could have done something with herself this way if she owned all the bot purchases, but she is stuck up, rude, hypocritical, and possesses every other bad quality one could think of. People will pick up on that stuff immediately. At very first glance she might get away with what she's doing, I know I personally thought the "normal girl" shtick was what was happening initially, but all it takes is looking at her comments or reading a few of her tweets to see something isn't right and hopping onto Google. And that's all just her, with a psycho, spiteful, raging "momanager" with zero self awareness who follows her around on social media to virtue signal she's pretty much just going to become a laughing stock. The only way I see her coming out of this is by appealing to the few who think Laur is completely controlling her and that she's helpless, but that would require her to uproot completely and turn on all she knows and believes in, so it's not happening. She's screwed. Her best bet is going to community college.

No. 712044


yeah, the only way she'll ever be able to thrive in life, no matter what she winds up doing to earn a living, she has got to come down from the attic and get out from under Laur. Fill in the gaps of her bullshit online certificate education. Interact with real-life people and make some friends who haven't been either curated or wholly invented by a crazy person with delusions of grandeur.

No. 712045

As far as I've seen, the 'persona' she puts out is womanchild disney loving bullshit. Aren't there, like, 80 million of those types all ready?
The real personality seems to be a watered down version of laur.

No. 712050

Is there a new onion thread? No one posted the link before it locked and I cant find anything on its site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712054

Damn she’s so fucking annoying, couldn’t watch more than one minute. Also lol at the comments, all of them look like sock puppets

No. 712060

File: 1569880241048.jpg (464.34 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20190930-174941_Sam…)

God bless America

No. 712061

File: 1569880263257.jpeg (193.33 KB, 750x911, 163C4E04-FE69-414E-BA55-F71680…)

I thought Reddit was a breeding ground for mentally ill, old, not having kids women who stalk young girls until they die on black websites run by worldelitemaster haxor, Josh “Joe” Moon. But if you compliment her, Reddit’s cool.

No. 712065

Except she takes it way too far to where she portrays(or actually has) the mind of a child that loves Disney and dolls, while trying to only look like an adult at times. She’s straight up pedo bait. What I haven’t figured out is if she and Laur know they are pandering to pedos, or if they think this is how you pander to men. The latter is almost more freighting than the first.

No. 712067

File: 1569881262423.jpg (129.61 KB, 835x738, 124-9867654-6138-545.jpg)


Laur definitely does. Here she is talking about how hot her then-16-year-old daughter is with a middle-aged man. This is the same man who "interviewed" Lillee for Indie Blush and was gushing about how LJ "won the genetic lottery" and looked like an old hollywood sex-pot.

No. 712068

File: 1569881508168.jpg (190.97 KB, 833x761, 124-98245768-138-545.jpg)

No. 712070

If by “genetic lottery” he means that she has a rare genetic disease that makes her look both 12 and 47 at the same time, he hit that one on the nose.

I’ve kept up with the thread since the beginning so perhaps I’ve missed it, but, is her “Thaeyeballqueen” IG her same IG now with just the name changed or a completely new one?

No. 712071

i think laur took over thaeyeballqueen and made it jeaniezmanagement?

No. 712072

File: 1569881967503.jpg (622.79 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20190930-181854_Twi…)

Another influencer down

No. 712073

> #hotchildinthecity
I’m sorry, what?? Laur’s hashtags are a whole new level of insanity

No. 712074

Well nothing says “hot igbaddie” like a Dodge Neon.

Why is she hashtaging prince, France, and French here? I mean, I know it’s Laur and just her typical word vomit. But, is this guy French and that’s where “Pheepe” was invented?

No. 712075

Interesting that LJ would just give up an account with 30K followers or more, and then still go on to gain even more on a brand new account. I mean, we already know it’s all horseshit, but just another point to show how illogical that would be.

No. 712076

Come on anon, that’s clearly a hashtag red corvette /s

No. 712077

Wait, wait, WAIT! She put #redcorvette! LMAOF! Who is she trying to fool here?!

No. 712079

File: 1569882640622.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 9DFE2FF9-29A9-4E27-9125-F46A6A…)

Strategically placed Valentine’s Day card

No. 712082

Isn't that the one from Pheepy about loving her hormones?

No. 712090

Tinfoil: prepping swatches for blackface?

No. 712093

Samefag but
Tinfoil: Prepping for “You won’t believe this amazing way to use less toilet paper #1change4change”

No. 712095

Laur and LJ are so fucking retarded for pulling this stunt again when they're already in the hotseat for doing this to a different influencer.

No. 712102

File: 1569883998579.jpg (129.35 KB, 1080x438, Screenshot_20190930-185249_Sam…)

Defaming Mr. Moon

No. 712109

Yes, jewish laur.invoke the name of jesus.

No. 712111

File: 1569884374870.jpg (477.44 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20190930-185741_Sam…)

Laur has posted this "screenshot" about 5 or so times, tagging QoB in about 3. She's going off.

No. 712113

File: 1569884424111.jpg (160.08 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20190930-185809_Sam…)

So people are reporting but nothing will come of it.

No. 712116

It kills me that she thinks she can defame or tarnish Moon’s reputation worse than the rest of the internet already has. Like, does she think that is going to scare him or make people quit going to KF?

No. 712117

When you have so few real comments on your videos that you literally remember them and the names of the people the made them.

No. 712157

File: 1569889250007.jpeg (311.8 KB, 750x888, 732023B2-0954-4656-A094-B7DEF8…)

The only people I see crying about being blocked & exposed are Lillee & Laur.

No. 712160

File: 1569889664278.jpeg (360.98 KB, 750x840, 43A3E156-930E-423F-86BC-120B5B…)

Lillee is beyond messed up I’m the head. She states they were joking about how horrible it was that she went somewhere to be sexually assaulted. Sexual assault is no joking matter Lillee.

No. 712168

File: 1569890210113.jpeg (321.32 KB, 750x788, B31DCA83-68E9-4DF2-90FE-3D7390…)

Laur’s claiming it was satire. Just like SNL. I

No. 712170

Dont forget shes a size 2!

No. 712172

>Since Krystal cannot take criticism

What criticism? You calling her a liar isn’t a critique. Also got the meaning of satire wrong. Not that I’m surprised at this point.

No. 712174

She apparently has no idea what a pun is. Starting to think Laur is an alcoholic cause she’s losing brain cells by the day.

No. 712175

They keep confusing being anon with being a bot. Just like how Laur keeps saying buzzfeed interviewed a “fake account”. The account is anon, there is still a real person behind the account running it. They can still give an interview. They think no one should be allowed to be anon online. This all coming from the same woman that tried to get Nick disbarred because he said Lillie’s full name, and wanted him banned from being allowed to say their names. So, your daughter who is a public figure and a verified social media influencer is allowed to ban her public name from being spoken, but random twitter users who aren’t public figures have to give you their identify.

No. 712177

These two really live in their own world where they are never wrong and never held accountable for anything. They refuse to consider even the possibility they could be wrong. If you say it's offensive, they were only joking! You just don't get their 200 IQ humor.

They will never admit fault to anything. Find me one tweet in Laur's cesspool of a twitter where she admitted she was wrong about something.

No. 712184

File: 1569892252832.jpeg (332.22 KB, 750x911, 313F5D21-D155-480C-AADA-43A213…)

How the fuck does she still have a twitter account?

No. 712185


Laur is a master mental gymnast. She refused to publicly apologize to QoB, delete her defamatory tweets, or acknowledge fault, even after they came to the agreement (that Laur violated immediately.) She was the victim in the whole situation.

Still, somehow, using Laur's own unedited words to and about QoB is "hurtful" towards QoB, but only if the person drawing attention to them is…not Laur.

No. 712191

I guess that's the upside to having no job and never leaving your house. You don't have to pretend to be a functioning member of society and you can say whatever the hell you want with zero repercussions.

No. 712197

I was just about to post this. What is with all these references she makes to guns and dA sTrEetz lmao. I can't.

No. 712206

>wanting to speak to your manager
>harassing people at work
>siccing a fake lawyer on people

Annoying people to death is definitely different.

No. 712218

I find it funny how she’s always harping on about mUh CyBeRbUlLyInG and that it’s causing Lillie real life danger, but she’s the only one that has threatened real life danger. About how back in her day they would take it to the streets and they would beat people up. Her trying to get people fired or to force them to give up their info while threatening physical violence is all well and good, but God forbid you make fun on Lillie “crazy eyes” Jean, that’s the real harm.

If her 1 million followers were real they would never be able to handle to amount of real criticism or “hate” they would get on a daily basis. If Jaclyn Hill went around sperging out every time a GG or reddit thread was started about her she wouldn’t even be able to keep up. Anytime any real influencer partners with a brand they have people calling the brand and boycotting the brand. All the views and attention she gets now are just from trolls or negative attention and even that is minuscule.

No. 712229

File: 1569894469317.jpeg (303.27 KB, 750x769, DC40E29D-6EDE-48CD-838E-33B7DA…)

Lillee crying about being blocked lol

No. 712257

If she still has a twitter account after back to back physical threats tonight, she’s fucking someone at twitter support. Or making Lillee fuck someone at twitter support.

The real fun is going to start when Laur’s account gets suspended and Lillee has to either fend for herself or Laur fully takes over Lillee’s account. I’m lowkey excited for this next stage of their buffoonery.

No. 712295

I thinks is just because twitter can’t understand what the hell she is saying or trying to say to know if it violates TOS or not.

No. 712296

File: 1569897452498.jpeg (518.9 KB, 1230x2688, C7D3F2F0-9794-43B4-BB6E-3E7305…)

Top Kek.

No. 712344

File: 1569901549039.jpeg (202.83 KB, 750x797, 95B89A1A-D388-4A39-92E5-9E4939…)

Lillee knows JoJo is her mom, right?

No. 712355

I'm pretty sure but I don't think there's any confirmation of that with the YouTube socks. It reminds me of a little kid's mom writing "from: Santa" on his Christmas presents.

No. 712393

File: 1569911822858.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, 59E01B5D-6091-4F8C-B2AC-240FF8…)

This is the lady that followed her from reddit to Instagram. I wish I could find her stuff from reddit before she found LJ.

No. 712398

She basically just says people should not pick on LJ for her appearance (most people don’t, it’s moreso the fake accounts and racism etc) but admits that Laur is going on a rampage. They are all fixated on the information dildo when that was initially something Laur said?? Not really worth watching the whole thing but notable none the less

No. 712414


I made it to about the halfway mark, where she mentions that all of the information she has on the whole situation is coming directly from Laur, who has apparently been talking to her since July(?)

So, she's just fallen for and is now regurgitating Laur's delusions.

No. 712472

The callout accounts were questioning why no one was coming to Lillee’s defense since she has 1.1mil followers & 25 fan accounts. Apparently this lady was the only person Laur could find that would publicly support Lillee. Some old hag with 124 subscribers. Ok, Laur.

No. 712475

Some old boomer who doesn’t understand social media and/or the internet who looks like she lives in the adjacent attic. Great army you have, Laur. I can smell the cat piss and loneliness through the phone screen off this lady.

No. 712482

File: 1569933582612.jpg (592.35 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20191001-083043_Red…)

I found her reddit posts I think. Do you mean these ones where she spammed, got called out, was saying how r/BGC was like Lord of the Flies, said someone was off their meds then kept defending it with long boomerish paragraphs, then said she's gonna become a mod? Lmao. Her reddit username is tiredladyinpinkrobe, they're all still up but there's too much to capture. She's one of those older women who think they should get special treatment strictly because of their age.

No. 712488

YES that is it! I was missing the “in” when I was searching for the comments. Thank you! Cows joining forces!

No. 712491

File: 1569935688277.jpeg (349.27 KB, 1242x1863, BFFB385F-7FF5-46DA-8DAA-EBDF96…)

LJ’s comment and a sock. It sounds like there might be a few people who believe Laur. I don’t even…

No. 712496

File: 1569936049954.jpeg (325.23 KB, 1232x1026, 94BA3663-93B1-4E59-A872-38ED16…)

She also says that she learned from LJ to put beauty blenders in the freezer to kill germs… what?? I tried to find a trash article that said to do that but didn’t see one so where did she get that lil nugget? Gross.

No. 712504

File: 1569938037864.jpg (669.48 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20191001-093016_Ins…)

This was such a stupid fucking video. Her linked "receipts" are Lillee Jean's videos that if she actually took 2 seconds to look at she'd know prove nothing and don't even make sense in the context of what she was saying. These boomer types think the whole internet gets together and picks a random target to jump on when 99.9% of the time the anger is justified. She kept claiming there was a picture going around with LJ's eyes gouged out which didn't happen of course, she's literally taking Laur's psycho ass unstable word for everything. Like when Laur kept saying that one callout account posted a picture of LJ "bloodied" kek. Why do these types think stupid photoshops are the epitome of bullying anyway? They try to paint beauty communities as these dark places people sit around in fantasizing about harming people for no reason to discredit everything. This lady doesn't believe Laur has a bunch of socks either and she actually believes Laur hired a forensic fucking analyst. I can't even. How do people like this even make it this far in life, I mean even if you show them proof they still wouldn't believe it because they're so out of touch, they live in a fantasy land. She obviously thinks she's taking a hard stance against "bullying", because over in boomer land if more than one person calls someone out for shitty behavior it's automatically "bullying" so every dissenting opinion is immediately dismissed and categorized as that. Meanwhile over here in reality Laur and LJ are the actual bullies.

Sorry for the rant, it just really annoys me how anyone falls for their shit.

No. 712522

File: 1569941351958.jpg (375.46 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20191001-104758_Sam…)

What is she even trying to imply?

No. 712527


I mean, she and Laur have been ass-kissing various gen-x weirdos and seem to have gained the most traction with this new "debate me" podcast guy, so that's probably true, but not for the reason she's implying.

No. 712528

She looks just as crazy as Laur. The two of them probably fold tinfoil hats together. Look at that nest of madness.

No. 712551

File: 1569945578215.jpeg (926.85 KB, 2048x2048, 2D4AFB29-1925-4E74-9656-42F329…)

Sorry for the terrible edit but is this crazy lady saying Lauren Elyse & QoB were the ones sending death threats & rape threats?

No. 712561

She is taking L & LJ’s word for everything without need for evidence. She sees them as allies against the world. She’s just as nuts as shown in her reddit posting. Birds of a feather

No. 712566

File: 1569947283468.jpeg (81.08 KB, 750x374, 0945476D-586D-44E9-9AA3-DC0C7D…)

A burner phone lol they’re trolls not drug dealers. what viral facebook meme did she get these facts from?

No. 712595

File: 1569949462163.jpeg (342.88 KB, 750x972, 023BE6FC-36E2-49E4-A58D-5BCD33…)

She’s in way over her head

No. 712602

lots of daughters have psycho moms and don't feel a need to act like assholes on a forum where everyone can see their shit behavior.

lillee is an asshole.

No. 712613

the way she swatches makes me irrationally angry. the clumps. that card has got to be the most ridiculous thing yet, though.

>my Lillee you fill my life with the joy of the world i love you i love your heroism your laughter your anger will you be my…

put a sock in it, Laur.

No. 712638

If no one has the time to do that and it really takes multiple phones and devices to do such a thing, then why does she thinks everyone that speaks against them are doing it?! She’s discrediting her own conspiracy theories. Next time she accuses one of the call out accounts of being a sock puppet(which will probably be in about 45 minutes)and all one person they need to remember this comment from her.

No. 712643

Oh, god is this woman related to them?! This sounds exactly like Laur and LJ. Perhaps she is behind some of the socks accounts too? Is this the ghost of Brenda? I refuse to believe there is another person in the world beside the Trueman camp that would type something like this, even another boomer.

No. 712670

>your heroism
If only, but really it says “hormones”. Prince Pheepy can apparently sniff out her ovulation all the way from Paris.

No. 712752

File: 1569965118311.png (646.77 KB, 576x1841, C35E0DC4-A907-4D4E-B079-BAA98F…)

No. 712760


For people who have "gotten over" what happened to the Jews and demand that other oppressed people shut up and do the same…they sure do talk about the plight of Jewish people an awful lot.

I thought we were meant to be getting over all of that and coming together?

No. 712795

For people who really love announcing that they're jewish, they're doing a shit job of observing the holiday.
Silent prayer and quiet reflection, Laur. Get to it.

No. 712811

It's such a shitty misdirection, and LJ again takes zero accountability for how her words are perceived by others. "I can't be racist because my people have suffered too! I don't care if you're green, purple, or cyan!"

No. 712831

File: 1569971099096.jpg (158.79 KB, 1080x1080, 60270360_159712818391711_58434…)

Her apartment is tiny and gross. She's like a higher budget Craftybeautydiva. Piling magazines on the floor, especially when you own a dog, is just gross. video:

No. 712834


this is what a hoarding situation looks like just before it gets out of control. I guarantee that there is old pee and an errant pet turd or three somewhere in those piles of mess.

No. 712838

File: 1569972720330.jpg (179.13 KB, 1080x1080, 67168276_499001234193733_57048…)

Exactly. She has already put up shower curtains across every doorway to hide messes. She hasn't bent down to access those magazines since they were put there. I wonder where she lives, God bless if it's a humid place.

No. 712847

Her dog is so cute, what a shame he has to live in that tiny cramped space while she sleeps all day. Her reddit history is insane.

No. 712864


Having reread the card, I totally believe it's from Laur to her daughter. She seems like that kind of way overinvolved best-friend mom type. I bet she told Lillee to invent a French boyfriend to make her sound more like a Disney princess.

No. 712911

File: 1569980829815.jpg (444.45 KB, 1600x2000, screenshot324536.jpg)

from kiwifarms.

No. 712960

What a dumbass. He wants actual proof? He can scroll through Laur's Twitter himself. He can listen to their racist and misogynistic podcasts. These people that want spoonfed already have their minds made up. You could show them a video of LJ robbing a bank and they'd still deny it and say "GIVE ME PROOF! THAT COULD BE EDITED!" so it's not even worth it. We don't need to convince these random men who defend Laur and LJ on the off chance they can visit the attic and get in their pants.

No. 712964

File: 1569985260745.jpg (122 KB, 675x826, ifeveryoneisjodythennooneisjod…)

No. 712965


Jody is the new joe. Josh. What is it with Laur and J-names?

No. 712974

File: 1569986404367.jpeg (194.42 KB, 750x395, 0B3F3146-4D5C-4540-AE28-D5516F…)

No one on Reddit said Marlena was suing anyone or paying for anyone’s legal bills. Laur, you need to show your friends the receipts on that (oh wait, not possible because it was Laur who made up all of that in her Twitter feed…)

No. 712977

File: 1569986656946.jpeg (212.44 KB, 750x471, 790AE632-83A9-4FBE-938D-B85A11…)

No. 712983

Oh man, this is gonna be really good.

No. 712990

File: 1569987804617.jpeg (386.72 KB, 750x766, 83A11217-6075-4450-BCCD-F51B62…)

That moment she gets LJ’s BFF’s husband’s last name wrong in a hashtag. Too many fake friends to keep track of?

No. 712993

File: 1569988121850.jpeg (338.66 KB, 1208x1849, E40A9E06-4216-4BB4-B6B5-D6C30E…)

I think the true troll accounts aren’t helping but I still had to kek at the screenshot they used

No. 712994

File: 1569988198465.jpeg (398.22 KB, 1242x1569, F354FFB0-0E10-480C-BF30-094A27…)

Where did anyone state that they were more deserving of the PR than LJ?? This isn’t about jealousy, Laur, but that’s usually where these kind of people immediately jump to

No. 713006

There were definitely a few comments where people stated that Laur and LJ’s scam of purchasing followers and faking engagement takes away the opportunity for a talented makeup artist with a smaller following to receive PR. But there definitely wasn’t a single MUA who made a comment to that effect. In fact they never really said anything about LJ until Laur dragged them into her drama.

No. 713014

File: 1569989719115.jpeg (221.54 KB, 750x676, FB310485-7A45-4CFA-A8B4-785966…)

Laur is playing the victim again. To be clear, Laur, no one dislikes Lillee; they don’t know her. What people don’t like is that you scam companies out of PR by purchasing a following and creating false engagement, that you harass people and threaten their livelihood, that you have blatantly been racist, homophobic and victim blamed in tweets and podcasts, that you refuse to apologize to people you have harassed…

No. 713016

File: 1569990388612.jpeg (113.97 KB, 744x787, 079C6CA9-9C45-41CF-8090-30F762…)

Laur’s back to slut shaming

No. 713018

>You spread your vagina open for everyone to see so you’re not allowed to have private information!!

Rofl. Stay bitter, bitch.

No. 713026

well, actually, some of us do dislike lillee? she's got a big fat ego, it's unpleasant to look at.

No. 713027

File: 1569991975292.jpeg (228.87 KB, 750x480, 16FB1E36-477F-49E5-A96B-7E1F6A…)

Lillee was a paid makeup artist at the tender of age of 14. Anyone up to date on the licensing laws of professional MUAs in NY or the child labor laws?

No. 713030

File: 1569992619983.jpeg (306.46 KB, 1242x793, F6251DB4-F28C-44F9-9B26-98B39C…)

This is assuming Laur is telling the truth. Which she probably isn’t lol

No. 713032


Laur cannot stop herself from spamming this desperate shit repeatedly until she looks like a loon. Even when she manages to get people to cape for her, she eventually wears out her welcome because she can only ever talk about herself and Lillee and no one cares that much, ultimately.

Debate Me twitter is jumping into the mix for now because they enjoy the rush of pretending that they've used their big intellect to humiliate people, but as soon as anyone blocks them for being annoying, they pronounce themselves the "winner" of the "debate" and move on to something else. As soon as all the callout accounts have blocked them, they'll move on to the next thing, because none of them actually care about L & LJ's problems, they don't actually care about bullying as more than a podcast topic-of-the-week, and they certainly don't care about Lillee's beauty content.

No. 713033

File: 1569992765353.jpeg (296.29 KB, 750x770, F97A61D0-2C6E-45E9-A2D0-A561AA…)

All the callout accounts changed their names to Lauren-Jody-Harper-Jenny-Josh-Joe and Laur can’t keep them straight anymore. She’s posting screenshots and guessing at names. Grade A trolling, kids.

No. 713034

File: 1569992868468.jpeg (486.46 KB, 750x1096, 789B1566-AF98-4D30-8EE3-B3F463…)

Laur literally cut off the screenshot of the video. So yes, obviously someone watched it and saw the finished look.

No. 713037

File: 1569993175724.jpeg (371.65 KB, 750x986, E4B95FCB-5FCE-4209-B2D7-CA1BB3…)

Like this lol

No. 713038

File: 1569993502627.jpeg (586.41 KB, 750x1152, 2903721B-BECB-461E-A9CE-3B5CD5…)

And by calling them out on their bullshit, he meant being told bffdees won’t engage with trolls and then mocked by by bffdees. Yes, he totally won the internet.

No. 713039

File: 1569993518091.jpeg (454.63 KB, 750x1107, A37AFA0E-A38B-4A74-A275-E41543…)

Laur lying again. I took the second screenshot from this shot directly from the video so I know it’s legit and not altered. I just rewatched the video and LJ says nothing about a mishap, so Laur is making stuff up again. The first photo is clearly edited to improve the look. There is no way any beauty influencer would put out poorly done content in a video then redo the look for Instagram. Nice try Laur.

No. 713040

File: 1569993835597.jpeg (355.42 KB, 750x990, E13483D1-6BE2-47A2-8547-D47D0F…)

Laur is still claiming that someone posting publicly available information is doxxing (literally one of the first things that pops up when you google her and her husband).

No. 713041

File: 1569993866637.jpeg (440.82 KB, 750x1050, 0A11E8CB-7DA8-4AB7-9774-09C2A7…)

These are the uncropped comparison photos from the callout account’s twitter. It’s shooped Laur.

Screenshot 1

No. 713042

File: 1569993938193.jpeg (569.91 KB, 750x754, 9713050B-F2A3-4100-B3C7-AE867A…)

Screenshot 2

No. 713043


lillee has been doing this for a decade according to momager and yet she still hasn't learned that you have to take your time and blend, especially with certain shadow formulas. her shadow is forever patchyyyy and it drives me nuts. i don't get why she rushes through her makeup application to make these lil 5-minute videos that will never get recommended by youtube's algorithm.

what's the hurry? does she have something better to do with her time?

No. 713045

File: 1569994571431.jpeg (446.85 KB, 750x1032, 7B2AF880-D766-42FD-9B8A-B62DDD…)

RIP Capcomm2020

And that’s JFrank’s screenshot not HarperStanley lol

No. 713046

i cannot figure out how she is still so fucking bad at blending. even this stuff is easy to just fix by going over the messed up areas. i've seen people who do better makeup on their morning commute than she does while trying to do a good job.

No. 713055

File: 1569995295943.jpeg (355.96 KB, 750x1240, D59AE97F-8A21-485E-9218-641900…)

Laur also occasionally posts Lillee’s content on Facebook. In the comments of Lillee reading (totally real, not made up) mean tweets, Laur states that we’re devil worshippers, atheists and read tarot cards. So, I guess she’s not respectful of everyone’s beliefs?

No. 713060

File: 1569995717695.jpeg (323.58 KB, 750x964, C8B9BCCA-DB35-4973-84B4-6082FC…)

Everything BFFDees and Doolores posted here is factual though. I’m not sure what Laur is claiming that BFFDees is lying about.

No. 713062


What a strange lie. I mean, like, why? Is she a compulsive liar and just can't help herself, or is she more self-aware than she seems and is trying to invent reasons to discredit her detractors because she knows that we are actually right about her?

No. 713065

File: 1569996796384.jpeg (310.54 KB, 750x676, 8C9AFED4-2B06-4474-85D6-A92C39…)

Wait til she finds out Steve’s agnostic.

No. 713067

File: 1569997730617.jpeg (304.68 KB, 745x798, 654DB755-F8E1-463E-9E25-A76BA3…)

Does Laur think this podcast is going to Men In Black mind-erase the last 6 weeks from the beauty community? Lauren Elyse isn’t going away. How long is QoB going to stay silent after Laur publicly announces she’s lying about Laur contacting her employer? I’m still tinfoiling those two are working on a legal case with the help of Marlena’s lawyers and that’s why they’ve been so quiet. Lillee’s career is tanked as a beauty influencer. Laur needs to give up on this grift and move onto the next scam.

No. 713088

Look who the devil worshiper is now, Laur. >>713014
Yeah, make no mistake, some of us very much dislike Lillie. She is just as culpable in all of this.

No. 713089

no, Laur. A screenshot from a public video you are in is not inflammatory or defaming, although I’ll consent that it’s gross. You put yourself in her videos and go around spamming companies and making sure everyone knows you’re LJ’s mom, so you are also a public figure.

No. 713118

laur goes on and on about being jewish in order to shut other minority groups up when they mention her racism, but also says "jesus save us". no jew would ever say that. maybe she's only an ethnic jew but then she's acting like she's celebrating jewish holidays.

she should at least learn a bit about the religion she claims to practice first.

No. 713152

File: 1570025039649.jpg (522.18 KB, 1080x1658, 20191002_100300.jpg)

Honestly this is a million times better than the Disney princess look.

No. 713153

File: 1570025119596.jpg (434.41 KB, 1074x1335, Screenshot_20191002-100042_Sam…)

If you say she's "well known" enough maybe it'll come true.

No. 713155


They claimed this set of pictures were taken in a ‘new studio’ but it’s pretty obviously just in like, a hair salon.

No. 713157

First, LJ is far from well known, Laur. Also, the only way she is known is because of social media, so that comment doesn’t even make sense. And no, it isn’t a necessity. In fact, the best thing for your family is for you psychos to get off social media. It’s a necessity to LTR because she wants to live vicariously through her child and needs her child to make up for the fact that she failed to become successful with scamming people on eBay.

No. 713162

okkkk hold up!! why does she need BIBLE study if she's a jew?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713168


They make vague references to The Holocaust at least once a week, but the only Jewish relative they ever talk about is Laur's (great?) grandmother who left Ukraine and came to the US in the 1900s. I'm not a European history buff, and I know antisemitism was sprinkled liberally across Europe for, like, most of recorded time, so she definitely might have been escaping persecution of Jews in Ukraine at that time…

But that was still over 3 decades before The Holocaust happened, and I feel like if any of their known relatives had been sent to an actual Nazi death camp, Laur would drop that casually into every third sentence she speaks, because she's a perpetual victim in her own mind.

That's why she's making normal levels of internet criticism of her daughter about herself instead of comforting LJ and moving on with life, why she's made her sister's death about her need for attention and sympathy, and why she and Lillee are forever talking about unnamed "toasted" ancestors.

No. 713169

the christian old testament is the jewish torah, with updates, i guess you could say. in the western world, first came judaism. jews are still waiting for the messiah to come. christians came along, took the book from the jews and renamed it the old testament while adding the new testament and the belief that christ was the final prophet and messiah. finally, islam, which sees all the judeo-christian messiahs and prophets as holy men, but that Muhammad was the final prophet and his words carry the most weight. in all three you have a variant of thou shalt nots, the golden rule, etc. they're more similar than they are different.

lots of jews i grew up with said they went to hebrew school and to bible school. probably for ease of assimilation, since jews have never had an easy time of things anywhere. anyhow, where i'm at, 100% normal for jewish kids to say bible school. been a thing since the seventies.

No. 713171

even if they're not practicing, it doesn't matter. they are still jewish and they never leave the faith in the eyes of the congregation. sounds like you've never met any.

No. 713179


uh, what? of course I've met Jews. I grew up in an area with a fairly large Jewish community; large enough that public schools were closed for the High Holidays and I was invited to celebrate some of them at the homes of friends growing up, even though I'm not Jewish.

I don't know if you're confusing me with some other anon, but I wasn't saying that Laur and LJ aren't Jewish. My point is that I'm not sure that they are being honest about their direct ancestors having been sent to death camps.

No. 713182

NAYRT but this was actually very interesting to read, thank you for that info anon.

No. 713188

File: 1570031119348.jpeg (410.59 KB, 750x1087, 5207BCE2-8F1F-4E3B-8331-A61375…)

Laur stayed awake all night tweeting at her new debate-me friends and forgot to buy likes/views for any of LJ’s latest content.


No. 713189

File: 1570031142739.jpeg (547.01 KB, 750x1068, 91517A2C-9269-4CF7-9292-BD1AF4…)

No. 713191

File: 1570031267721.jpeg (262.01 KB, 750x1152, 4FF4C261-6B98-42FD-9F97-07EE0A…)

No. 713193

Wait if she's not a MUA why does she accept free make up from companies?

No. 713199

File: 1570031800773.jpg (55.61 KB, 902x390, whatstransphobesprecious.jpg)

Laur and Lillee are allies to the LGBTQ+ community, but she's never heard of transphobia until this week, apparently.

No. 713201

Agreed. This is much more flattering than the old thot look or the disney baby crap.

>don't normally wear em often
It's the same friggin look you do constantly

Also why would a brand want such a rank amateur doing this with their product? This looks like utter shite. Who looks at their shadow poorly and unhygienically applied then not even blended or presented well and says 'yea, I gotta get me some of that."??

No. 713204

Theyre just wowed by her big follower count. they're not looking at her video or content. If they were she wouldnt be getting anything

No. 713209

sorry, i think i did misquote to your post.

you're welcome, just wanted to give some quick info as to why Lillee might say bible school.

No. 713221

File: 1570034650626.jpeg (222.35 KB, 750x1021, 368B0144-2E96-4F20-B04E-7994B7…)

Still claiming Lilz is getting a Wikipedia page. We can clearly see it was denied because Lillee didn’t meet the notability guidelines.

No. 713226


I wonder if she thinks this guest spot on the debate-me podcast is going to count as additional proof of "notability."

There are literally actors with regular supporting roles on television shows that don't meet the notability requirement for their own Wikipedia page. This chick playing in makeup and singing pitchy Disney songs into her camera ain't gonna make the cut.

No. 713228

Someone has already edited the page to add Lillee’s “controversies”. With the buzzfeed/revelist articles, tweets and podcasts, Laur won’t be able to able to cry muh cyber bullying. That shit is going to stay there. Whoever’s advising her this is a smart move needs to be fired immediately.

No. 713231

That's the problem, no one is advising her of anything. I think if she hired a manager or publicist or w/e they'd tell her to shut up immediately and have her and LJ completely rebrand. I'm sure of that actually.

No. 713237


yep, SOP for anyone with the least bit of public following getting caught pulling some bullshit is to

1) address the fuck-up once and at least pretend remorse.

2) shut the fuck up and lay low for a while to "reflect."

3) come back after the uproar has fizzled out, and try not to do the thing again.

I don't know if these two are capable of any of that.

No. 713251

File: 1570038735104.png (3 MB, 1242x2688, BC110B96-C7B4-40BD-99FF-2D45F7…)

DAMN. Laur is really out here just buying a few thousand views at a time. It must be more expensive to buy YT views than instagram followers. This is her worst performing video I’ve seen. Even her “reading haters comments” video only reached 500 views, and that had trolls and “haters” watching it just to see what she said. Videos like that always do better because people want to see if there is milk.

No. 713262

File: 1570040303886.jpeg (469.12 KB, 2048x2048, 498AE422-FB62-41A0-8C4B-B995C1…)

Tired Lady’s video on Lillee as more views than Lillee’s swatch video, both uploaded 12 hours ago. 127 subs vs 3.25k subs lol

No. 713263

File: 1570040545819.jpg (298.73 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20191002-142051_Sam…)

What does this link go to? Anything interesting? I've literally never been able to access her website, there are so many shitty popups and ads.

No. 713268

The link literally brings me to a spam, "you won a prize!" page. What a fucking loser she is lol her own links don't even work properly.

No. 713272


Tired Lady produces content that might appeal to fans of "hoarders" style reality tv. tune in weekly for a brand new chat + grwm video filmed in the middle of the night from inside an ever-growing pile of trash and cats. wouldn't it be funny if she gained a big following and surpassed Lillee in views/subs?

No. 713274

Hope you have a VPN because I wouldn’t put it past them to try to use an IP tracker. Not that I think they are smart enough for that, but all it takes is a google search and you know Laur is dying to find out who people are.

No. 713277

A real verified IG influencer with over 1 million followers wouldn’t need their mother or a media company to make them a wiki page. Even if she has a page, no one will care. The only people she has left are people who follow cows like her already. Even the more notable people on twitter aren’t giving them attention any more.

No. 713278

That was another reason I didn't even attempt to click, but even if they had someone's IP address they wouldn't have any idea what to do with it. I had the same issue as >>713268, everytime I have ever tried to access it it's one of those "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE OUR 50TH VISITOR!" type ads that open in a new window and autoplay loud obnoxious sounds.

Since no one visits their website I guess they don't care, lol.

No. 713279

Actually her likes are still turned off for all her YT videos. Guess they don’t have money to buy YT likes. She isn’t ALR, people don’t even view her videos just to dislike them either. They just don’t view them at all.

No. 713280

File: 1570041755407.png (91.8 KB, 560x731, lillee1.PNG)


I usually lurk and don't post, but I managed to get an archive of the article + made some screenshots. I have yet to read it tho


No. 713281

File: 1570041790330.png (225.12 KB, 579x788, lillee2.PNG)

No. 713282

File: 1570041891650.png (104.16 KB, 561x757, lillee3.PNG)

No. 713283

File: 1570042014143.png (409.29 KB, 555x871, lillee4.PNG)

No. 713284

File: 1570042129882.png (105.62 KB, 536x873, lillee5.PNG)

No. 713286

File: 1570042337757.png (470.83 KB, 543x779, lillee6.PNG)

No. 713287

File: 1570042473612.png (410.71 KB, 539x926, lillee7.PNG)

No. 713289

File: 1570042540527.png (660.49 KB, 559x861, lillee8.PNG)

>>713287 8/8 imma go back to lurking now

No. 713293

it's her usual sanitized version of events that conveniently leaves out the messaging to people, the trying to report someone to their job, harassing Nicky Rackets b/c they don't like moon .. and on, and on.
The only thing making it noteworthy is she thinks its helping their cause. It's too late, Laur, your weird looking kid's influencer dream is dead in the water.

No. 713295


Here's a summary:

>LJ first got bullied on reddit in 2016/2017 by old men who edited pics of LJ with eyes gouged out and also made inappropriate fantasizing comments (no proof whatsoever of this and it apparently fizzled out in 2 weeks)

>New bullying reddit thread in Summer 2019
>"how could she deserve pr? i deserve it more i have more engagement. all her followers are fake i did an audit."
>LJ exchanges PR for free content because she wants to build an organic following (kek)
>discredits IGaudit.io
>used HypeAudit to prove she has 699k+ real followers
>claims beauty gurus have a vendetta against LJ
>compares LJ to Selena Gomez and Gaga by saying look at an LJ fan account vs Selena Gomez/Gaga fan account
>LJ's fans start getting DM's of harassment
>"claimed [James Dee] used fake photos…we have no control over what he does with his account"
>LJ began getting "massive" amounts of hate on her social media and redditors apparently admitted to this
>says she dm'd a redditor their IP which is included in LJ's "I am Lillee" and is "basically blurred"
>late August LJ was "told a blogger (Lauren Elyse) was talking about her"
>Lauren told people to go to lolcow
>lolcow caused 3 people to commit suicide from the horrors
>lolcow is owned by Josh Moon
>kiwifarms is worse
>kiwifarms started editing LJs photos again
>"we were confused as to why this young lady (Lauren Elyse) would encourage people to talk about someone 10 years younger than her"
>Lauren ignored a DM from LJ but she had to have seen it since LJ is VERIFIED
>frequently mixes up the things she claims lolcow or kiwifarms has done with the other
>Lauren Elyse has more engagement than LJ because "everyone knows the smaller the followers the more the engagement"
>continues to defend her "it" statement saying that it wasn't transphobic
>claims all of the "fake accounts" (callout accounts) are in with Lauren Elyse
>everyone listened to the podcast "thank you very much"
>got called racist even though they were just saying that people are "too picky" about what is appropriation
>Arianna Grande thing is satire, they were just trying to shed light on a bigger issue like SNL does
>LJ said no Zendaya as Little Mermaid because dutch culture but it's okay guys because she took it back for Halle Bailey
>found LE's refusal to "come together just like they did with QOB" unprofessional
>LE's anger caused Buzzfeed article
>LJ gained 500 subs on YT because those "come from the heart"
>"join us for a podcast on thursday"
>says she won't include QOB in the article because they worked things out but still brings her up

Sorry for the wall of text. Tried to include everything I thought was relevant, but most of it is shit that LJ and L have been harping on for a while.

No. 713301

I'm sure she also conveniently "left out" QoB because there's no way she could spin that to make her look good. That was painful to read, so many lies and trying to throw shade at Lauren Elyse.

No. 713303

"Kiwifarms is as horrible, but worse" kek

No. 713311

Who is this team and why was this article not even authored? Oh wait. Just Laur and her post-it notes of her sock account login information. Yup. That’s a “team” all right.

I doubt the poor guy from One Take is part of this “team” because he of all people should know that IO tlds are ridiculously popular for tech and digital marketing companies. I 100% bet she is a nightmare client. Standing up any actual Wiki can be tricky enough, but standing up a Wiki for an actual nobody? Near impossible.

No. 713322

File: 1570048630280.jpg (346.28 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20191002-163638_Sam…)

No. 713323

File: 1570048662041.jpg (373.88 KB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20191002-163500_Sam…)


No. 713324

File: 1570048787102.jpg (23.55 KB, 424x394, EF5mqBrXkAA961b.jpeg.jpg)

No. 713325

She puts up the literally definition of cyberbullying and it still doesn’t support her narrative. Even your cherry picked definition doesn’t include reddit forums, anon forums, public comments on your public posts, posts making fun of you, posts editing your pictures to make fun of you, making fun of you in messages, twitter threads about you, calling you mean names, making fun of your eyes or teeth, and so on. It only talks about messages directly to you that include threats. You have yet to prove you got a single threat messaged to you, and getting only 1 or 2 isn’t bullying either. Talking about a “well known” public figure doesn’t count Lillie. Especially since none of them have threatened any physical harm to you. People are allowed to call your eyes crazy and your teeth deformed, even if they post in on your public posts.

Let’s also ignore that you and Mommy dearest are the only ones that are harassing people IRL and threatening their jobs, and messaging them privately with threats.

No. 713326

If you were actually hacked or worried about being hacked why would you tell everyone who you bank with?! I wanna say that boomers should be banned from the internet unless they pass a test, but then we lose so much good quality boomer posting.

You’re account probably got hacked from all those Iranian bot farms you spend all your money on.

No. 713327

File: 1570049153917.png (59.57 KB, 988x856, 1337h4x0r5.png)


This tech enthusiast, master debater, and overall big brain individual liked Laur's tweet of "proof" that funkybassline1 hacked her bank account this week.

No. 713328

I feel bad for that social media manager. Banks don't like people saying their system was hacked.

No. 713329

File: 1570049726898.png (107.24 KB, 885x513, 120931289361.png)

Okay, fine. So, then, why do black people need to "shut the fuck up" about the terrible things that happened and continue to happen to them because of their race?

No. 713330

don't worry, they probably have no idea what an IP even is. laur thinks that this is a darkweb site (or "black" web in her words) and she thinks saying she's contacted the "cyber police" sounds like a legit threat.

No. 713335

File: 1570050850172.jpg (187.42 KB, 1920x860, 124-9867336138-545.jpg)

Is it wise to go on a podcast with a live chat, where people can fact-check the lies in real time?

No. 713336

File: 1570051016225.jpeg (366.43 KB, 745x936, 7DAE12ED-2CFE-4655-9D18-EAD1E5…)

Ok but you didn’t include the minimum info required as official rules in your giveaway, including a clear end date. The contest was also open to Canada and for certain didn’t meet Quebec laws. So nice try Laur.

No. 713337

>You have never talked to a survivor.

How would you possibly know that? Everyone knows about the fucking Holocaust, Laur. They way she always speaks about it is as if no one has ever heard of it. Most Americans know someone who is Jewish who talks about their families experience in the holocaust. You really can’t live in America without being reminded of the holocaust. PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE HORRIFIC DETAILS OF THE HOLOCAUST. If you are allowed to “cope” in your way, why can’t others? You know their comments about race and lgbt issues don’t bother me because everyone has different opinions and ways of thinking. What bothers me is the sheer hypocrisy. No one is allowed to be a victim but her. Also, how she calls Hitler “the Czar” is so annoying.

No. 713338


And, they took the giveaway post down only a couple of hours after they posted it, so that people were unable to enter the contest during the allotted time.

No. 713339

knowing an IP address tells you next to nothing. good luck to laur having a bunch of numbers linked to cities, that's going to be real useful. or not.

No. 713340

Rofl omg. This is the funniest thing ever. Pls make this a banner.

Could you imagine Laur using that tweet as evidence in a court hearing? I’m dead.

No. 713342

my fucking sides these frigging boomers, my god

No. 713343

The contest post is still up on the Lillee Jean Facebook page. No likes or comments though.

No. 713351

I think Laur is referring to anti-Jewish pogroms during Czar’s rule in Russian empire. It’s likely that her ancestors escaped Ukraine or Russia during that time but that’s probably all she knows about their history.

No. 713374

In this one she seems to be saying the fans who claim to have met her are lying but she's talked about meeting with them herself.

No. 713390

>James, a good friend of ours
They just double down on this shit. They will never admit the truth.

No. 713397

In the first four sentences I almost fell for maybe believing a paid 3rd person was involved, and then it became Laur empty-train-of-thought ramblings.

No. 713435

File: 1570074238036.jpeg (290.19 KB, 750x824, 13776E4A-BE97-4351-B0A0-0992DE…)

But Laur said Shaniqua came to “events”

No. 713436

It looks like the contest page is no longer up on Facebook. Laur tweeted about BFFdees encouraging people to report the scam giveaway so they probably realized that the need to delete it from every platform before it gets investigated.

No. 713437

Shaniqua also was supposed to attend James and Mario’s wedding with a dress designed by Mario.

No. 713446

Nobody hacked this woman. She just read the first pages of the Cammy and Misty threads on KF and thought they were telling the truth about getting hacked. They're not, they're just crazy lonely middle-aged liars who constantly make shit up.
So the copious amount of psycho shit archived off her twitter isn't evidence of anything, but she can just claim to have had two bank accounts hacked and that's evidence enough.

No. 713455

File: 1570078265457.jpeg (612.96 KB, 2048x2048, C24F6F6D-8B7A-4F5D-92C4-15BF31…)

Laur deleted some of her tweets mentioning Marlena Stell/MuG from last night. 1-4 are gone but 5,6,6*are still up. Marlena’s legal team is quick with those c&ds.

*Laur still can’t number shit correctly

No. 713456


It's an old song from the late 70s, she's surely referencing that since she also referenced other old 70s/80s songs in her hashtags around that time.

The song is about child prostitution though so uh…fuckin yikes.

No. 713457

File: 1570078630119.jpeg (687.16 KB, 2048x2048, 5D1B4419-6993-4E88-8532-F7C35F…)

Deleted tweets about Marlena Stell & MuG

Laur contacted MuG’s legal team demanding they remove Marlena’s tweets supporting the Laurens. How’d that work out for you, Laur?

No. 713471

File: 1570080584130.png (4.56 MB, 750x3017, 2DA0BEC5-2ACC-467F-A2CB-3E75F9…)

Screenshot of her posts from mid-July until now

No. 713474

FOH with that stop tagging QoB, you're stressing her out line. You didn't give one fuck about stressing her out when you were tagging her- after agreeing to stop- and waving her name around when you wanted people to leave you alone

No. 713511

I will say i think she has gotten better at picture taking but im not sure how much of that is thanks to editing. She still does the same makeup look everytime

No. 713522

same facial expression in every .. damn .. picture

No. 713525

~Lillie has millions of fans and is sooo famous~~
>46 views after eleven hours

No. 713538

“Humiliation” isn’t a cause of action on it’s own, and her telling Lauren to contact her legal team isn’t defamation.

No. 713548

File: 1570110281605.jpeg (278.22 KB, 1229x1138, 42152FC9-DC07-46AD-876E-B1FD32…)

Yes, Laur, be the bigger person!!

No. 713550

File: 1570110488894.jpeg (275.9 KB, 1242x1979, 057ED577-5FED-43D3-90D7-73DEAB…)

Buying Russian fake followers now

No. 713551

File: 1570111545726.jpeg (224.17 KB, 1236x1527, 5E27C6A9-5F04-43AA-A563-C5CF49…)

Tons of fake followers that are incredibly obvious. Name_name.### format, most advertising some university. I think they might be Turkish? There are a ton of them. Not even trying to hide it now, from either party.

No. 713552

File: 1570111739186.jpeg (146.19 KB, 1242x1094, 2833CC87-402C-4C18-BC8A-8BF092…)

No. 713563

File: 1570116663393.jpeg (312.47 KB, 750x698, 0AF757C0-E058-4C4D-B01F-FC5F79…)

Can Laur see the images in the tweets she’s reposting?

No. 713567

File: 1570117251859.jpeg (305.92 KB, 750x702, F35E66C0-9D0A-42B8-A313-7286AA…)

Laur, why don’t you just truthfully answer the question so that people stop bringing up QoB? You want them to stop bringing her up, yet you allow people to think she’s lying. Why not come to QoB’s defence then and admit that you contacted her employer and explain why you thought that was an appropriate course of action?

No. 713569


I really think that QoB made a mistake with the "truce." Laur hasn't honored it at all, and is instead using it as a blunt object with which to try to beat everyone else into submission.

I hope that she still has the avenue of suing Laur for harassment/defamation open to her, because this nutjob is never going to let her move on.

No. 713572

>Social media is all these awfully shit humans have

No truer words have been spoken. Unfortunately he’s describing Laur and Lillie there.

No. 713582

File: 1570119769328.jpeg (78.72 KB, 750x536, 848B9510-9537-4FA5-8498-E9A390…)

kiwifarm, reddit, lolcow, the onion…all black websites run by Josh Joe Moon and his rapist granny

No. 713611

File: 1570125095116.jpeg (177.49 KB, 750x658, 6342DD6C-5CC9-404F-85AB-8279AE…)

Laur, pr strategist extraordinaire, is desperately tagging brands in the comments of Lilz latest IG posts.

No. 713612

File: 1570125167299.jpeg (161.98 KB, 750x648, 67475BE5-36CB-465E-B87E-63054C…)

No. 713614

File: 1570125375298.jpeg (299.92 KB, 750x716, 978C1695-BDF8-4E01-9D78-F42241…)

“You need to find better evidence than the words that are literally coming out of Laur and Lillee’s mouths.”

No. 713619

kek this guy. I read through his twitter and he lives for debating where he always wins, even if he is a giant hypocrite and does the same exact thing as what he claims someone else has done.

No. 713621

File: 1570127695692.jpg (106.02 KB, 898x727, debatewinner.jpg)



>they block me because i am too smart and they are scared i winned the debate

>pic related

No. 713622

“tar me with that brush” is not the best metaphor to use when arguing how not racist you are, chief

No. 713675

File: 1570135794818.jpeg (439.6 KB, 750x1080, 11C6985B-08D9-44CA-85E2-0AC646…)

Laur’s head is going to explode.

No. 713704


How many people is she going to blame for the negative attention. It was Joe, Reddit, Joshua Moon, The two Laurens and now Harper.

No. 713733


Sorry to come back to the Jewish thing, but unless Laur's mother was Jewish then she is not Jewish. She might have Jewish ancestry, but that's a different thing. Judaism, as far as claim to religion over ethnicity goes, is inherited via the maternal line.

No. 713750

File: 1570143912547.jpeg (301.54 KB, 1242x1331, C5E3FEE1-5CF9-4995-AC3B-C7F69B…)

Laur, I thought you were also a professional for Jeaniez Management and alwayslooking4talent (as Rene, her middle name) (1/3)

No. 713751

File: 1570143934903.jpeg (356.03 KB, 1242x1642, E5CD1A86-C9E0-42F4-BDD8-1CF5EE…)

More (2/3)

No. 713753

File: 1570143990579.jpeg (297.59 KB, 1242x1570, 5E8B57BB-FC94-4319-B24D-EF5C13…)

And finally, this girl is a Scentsy rep, not an independent contractor. It’s an mlm for fucks sake. kek (3/3)

No. 713757

Laur arguing with a teenager. Rofl.
Stop Laur, you’re embarrassing your family and yourself. This is very unbecoming of a mother and manager to a famous IG make up artist.

How long until Laur emails scentsy about this girls “unbecoming” behavior and screeches about lolcowards.

No. 713763


>stick the LOL where your cows come home

I can't fuckin breathe. What kind of drunk squirrel is operating the exercise wheel powering Laur's brain?

No. 713764

unless her mom was a gentile shiksa and was raised jewish for her father's sake.

can we not with this topic any longer because it absolutely does not matter in any way

No. 713766

File: 1570145671398.jpeg (422.32 KB, 1242x1598, F8597A3C-8C02-4B83-B537-09253D…)

Of course they are talking about Greta. She is receiving true bullying while actually taking a hard stance regarding climate change and doing something to make a difference. LJ wants people to think she is woke and fighting for change, but she always gives a qualifier that she is fighting, but not too hard. Riding that fence really hard.

sorry for blogpost i guess but it pisses me off that she tries to say that she is cruelty free and talks about it for the performative value of looking like she cares, but in the same breath, she says she will use any product because she has to as an influencer… um no you don’t, fuck off with that bullshit

No. 713779

File: 1570147199022.jpg (62.29 KB, 457x594, shesamoron.JPG)


If they are soooooo Jewish, why the fuck is she praying to a Saint? That's not how Judaism works Laur.

No. 713782

A 16 year old stands up for what she believes in and gets bullied and doesn’t have a spurgy crazy momager attacking everyone on the internet ?! Amazing.

No. 713786

File: 1570148187660.jpeg (226.35 KB, 750x959, A5D99BE7-8AEE-497C-B103-E796A4…)

ha ha they are making her

No. 713791

Pretty sure that’s just a weird meme and not a biblical quote.

No. 713802

Lills is live rn

No. 713806

The host instructed mods to remove "accusations" from the chat

No. 713807

Lol Laur was already sperging, I’m glad I got some comments out

No. 713809

File: 1570151771903.jpg (721.35 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20191003-211502_You…)

This is too good

No. 713812


I love that a bunch of non-black people are deciding what constitutes blackface and how black people ought to feel about it.

No. 713813


Jesus the cherry picking in this…

No. 713814

That’s not what the actual bible quotes says, but’s it’s the general idea. It’s the parable of the persistent widow.

But, that is from the New Testament. You know, that part of the Bible that Jews don’t believe in therefore they don’t read. In fact actual practicing Jews find it sacrilegious.

Definitely not Jewish. Lol. That’s only Catholics that pray to saints. Most other Christian denominations don’t believe in praying to anyone but God and don’t worship saints.

No. 713815

Also, how very Christian(because apparently that’s what she is today) of you to claim God only loves those that are worthy and doesn’t love ugly. Obviously most religion does preach that God doesn’t LIKE certain things. But to say God doesn’t love or that some people aren’t worthy comes off very Westboro Baptist-y.

The “I encourage anyone to take St. Jude quite seriously” comes off that way too.

You can’t find anyone but another nobody boomer to defend you so are you trying to incur the wrath of God now Laur?

No. 713817

very strange that they would agree to this since they can't really control the response. laur must know the only support her kid has are fake followers, she has no real fans. this guy is a nobody so its not like its even publicity ….very odd.

No. 713818

These idiots on the livestream just said you can recognize a troll if they don't link to a source directly. So far every point they've made in defense of LJ and her mom can be used against them. Any dissenting comments in the chat, or even anyone questioning anything, no matter how nicely, automatically gets deleted on sight. They keep talking about pushing a narrative but it looks like they're the only ones doing so.
It sounds like nothing anyone can say will change their minds, they've decided these two loons are on their "team" and they're keeping them no matter what. LJ could've came on wearing a KKK costume and they'd still say everyone is a troll and is misinterpreting her actions.

Also it's bothering me how the long haired guy keeps reiterating how EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE LJ's video reading hate comments was. What? Someone in elementary school could have done a better job. Please tell me how her reading shit haters didn't even say in a dumb voice was "sticking it to the haters"?

I truly thought these people were just playing along with her and Laur's antics to get LJ on their little show and then roast her, but they're dead serious about everything.

No. 713819


Literally going off topic and talking about Ariel and Disney Princesses.

No. 713822


That towering intellect Stuart Bunn who kept asking for "proof" after people already gave it is a mod for the live chat. He said his DM's were open for people to send evidence of Laur and Lillee's fuckery, so we know what kind of kangaroo court shenanigans this "debate" podcast really is.

No. 713829

File: 1570156079770.jpeg (396.57 KB, 1242x1803, 576B38F3-7CFF-4DF4-ABD5-5E73CF…)

>looses meaning

This guy is one masterdebater fo sho

No. 713831

We could start a thread for the cows that follow them around. Tired lady, this guy, Diamond Earl

No. 713837

They’ve just been rattling on about how despicable it is to contact people’s employers to get them fired and completely ignoring Laur doing exactly that. It’s infuriating… whoops I’m angry on the Internet

No. 713840


They also mentioning Laur going bankrupt. The information pulled was from Google. They forgot to go over how we recited Laur's SSN and Bank Account. Oh also apparently someone showed up to their house, I have yet to see evidence of this.

No. 713841


The guy running the podcast kept saying that he wasn't going to even consider looking at any proof of Laur & LJ's wrongdoing unless the person submitting it provided their full real name and identifying information as well.

This is a guy who has his own twitter account on protected mode and has, apparently, examined Laur's crazy, sharpie-scribbled photocopies and found them to be a compelling argument. I suspect he's trying to help Laur further doxx anyone daring to demand accountability. I hope no one fell for that and left themselves vulnerable.

No. 713842

Laur sent him the link to the full podcast. I have a feeling that he’ll double down and say that their comments aren’t racist even with the full proof served on a platter

No. 713846

The call out accounts gave buzzfeed their info and proved they were real. The difference is that buzzfeed will protect their confidential sources. Some hack on YouTube likely doesn’t have journalistic integrity though.

No. 713847


Yeah this was discussed at the beginning of the podcast. He said he listened to it and he believes in no way what they said were racist…what?

No. 713848


He's a white guy from Australia, a country with a very small black (african) population and its own problems with deep-rooted racism.

His takes on American racism are sure to be nuanced, empathetic, and well-researched.

No. 713852


Why the fuck does DUTCH culture need to represented in The Little Mermaid, when its creator (Hans Christian Andersen) is DANISH? Also fuck off, it's fictional so it doesn't fucking matter.

No. 713855


The story was an allegory on HCA's experience being an oppressed minority (queer) in a society that would never allow him to be with the person he loved, and it's not like fish people living in the ocean would be culturally or genetically Danish and therefore have to have white skin, anyway. They're fucking fish.

No. 713856

Laur couldn’t go 50 mins without weaseling her way on camera. The only good advice they gave Lillee was to hire a pr person and find some friends that weren’t created by her mom. Sarah did not seem like she was a fan of Laur’s, she even said the fan accounts were obviously fake but they couldn’t prove who was behind them (but that theory falls apart when Laur doubles down on James Dee) and she seemed like she was holding back on Laur. Cheshire & Steve basically told Laur to lie better. What a fucking waste.

No. 713864

Now that that farce of a podcast is done, I wonder what the plan is?

There was a dramatic drop in engagement on LJ's content across all SM platforms starting on Oct. 1st (I suspect that paying for the bots just wasn't in the budget this month.)

If the last few days are an example of what her actual "organic" engagement looks like, the only extra traffic she's gotten is from looky-loos watching her read made up comments from her "haters." The rest of her shit on YT and instagram is a ghost town, and it's still just Laur and LJ liking and retweeting each other on twitter. All this noise has netted her no growth, and the debate-mes are gonna get tired of the two of them soon.

No. 713880


They’ve burnt all their bridges in the beauty community. Lillee said brands are getting scared off. Lauren, QoB and Marlena Stell have enough contacts in the industry to make sure Lillee never gets a paid promotion. The beauty influencer grift is a bust. They were begging to get invited back to another to do another show. Laur is going to switch gears and start pushing Lillee as some sort of anti-bullying activist. This “non-profit” Lilz promotes (no way it’s a legal 501c3) is ripe for scamming.

No. 713888

Did these guys seriously just see accusations of racism against a thot, and assume they had found the beauty guru version of Candace Owens to hitch their wagon to? Because that's what it looks like to me.

No. 713896

It’s hard to type with a sealion’s flippers.

Don’t forget their bank accounts being hacked and “pilfered”.

No. 713897


>bank accounts "pilfered"

It was an elaborate heist. The Great Joe-Josh Caper.

No. 713899

File: 1570172552181.png (131.71 KB, 890x582, pilfered.png)


a couple of weeks ago, this twitter account posted this link. a browse of their tl shows similar images of what appear to be thumbnails from other makeup-related video content posted by various twitter accounts, but note the sketchy-ass url for the link. It looks like a phishing scam, to me.

If Laur isn't lying about her bank account being emptied, this could be the source of her troubles. Boomers clicking on obviously fake links. Foiled by the "black web" again!

No. 713904

YT recently announced that as of January 1st, trademark cartoon character videos are as good as demonetized, subscribers won't be notified of new uploads featuring them, they won't show as recommendations, and search traffic will be routed to official channels. Everybody who uses Disney Princesses as an SEO booster/clickbait on YT is possibly SOL. Her YT career is over before it started.

No. 713908

Please link or screencap, I tried searching about this and got zilch. This will affect a ton of Youtubers riding on cosplay, fan covers and makeup tutorials

No. 713911

File: 1570180613721.jpeg (19.34 KB, 390x185, 4BDC1C7B-CB37-411E-9BF1-EC4AD7…)


It was actually kind of disturbing to watch exactly how controlling Laur is. When the podcast started I jokingly thought “I bet she’s hovering just off camera in that corner right there” and then halfway through the podcast boop there she is lunging into frame, coming out of the corner ranting about whatever it was she thought LJ couldn’t handle herself.
Even before that she was on attack dog mode in the chat, jumping on any dissenting voice and calling them “Lauren” , it was bonkers.
Kinda sad to see a mother stifle and smother her adult daughter like that. Does she know she’s ruining LJ’s life and does LJ know her mother is going to keep dragging her down until she gets out from under that crazy?

No. 713916

The black web’s 1337est haxX0rs!

I’m pretty sure she’s lying, just like she’s lying about trolls showing up at their house and threatening their life. If something that devastating had really happened it would be a much bigger concern than
>oh bytw here’s another bad thing the #cyberbullies did to us #stampoutbullying #lilleejean #noh8

At best she’s blowing something out of proportion. Maybe they have a joint bank account and Lillee bought something online without asking, and Laur immediately assumed the money was haxxed because she’s a paranoid moron. But most likely she’s full of shit.

No. 713918

I would bet good money on it being from her buying bots off shady websites. If anything happened at all, that is.

No. 713923

Samefag, but Nick Rekieta's Twitter has been suspended. He said it was for like every tweet he's sent in the past 2 weeks, for "hateful conduct". I know a lot of people dislike him but still, interesting.

No. 713925

Laur is at it again

No. 713926

File: 1570187275191.jpeg (373.12 KB, 746x739, 3D859794-39FD-470A-88FC-1A9E10…)

I didn’t screenshot it but he responded to a tweet from bffdees & harperstanley5 last night asking if they supported L&L and said that L&L were “confusing people”.

No. 713931

File: 1570191094468.jpeg (211.39 KB, 750x431, 9C312EF6-1F26-4BD1-AB13-004C73…)

Laur said Rekieta “gets what he deserves”

No. 713933

>unethical lawyer

Clearly the state bar of Minnesota disagrees with you, Laur. I’ve said it before, but, Laur is really stupid to try to pick fights with people like Moon and Rekeita. These are beauty community types that are going to tip toe around being politically correct. Also, Rekeita does nightly streams to 5 to 10 thousand people a night. He’s gonna have way more eyes seeing your awful behavior. It’s way more than a nobody streamer with 150 viewers. Also, the people that hate Rekieta aren’t gonna side with her either due to her comments about race and LGBT. So it’s not like she can just run to the crowds that already hate him.

He never even spoke about you or knew who you or your incredibly famous daughter were until you went after him. So, if she’s gonna keep poking at him and taking credit for his Twitter she will really start getting his attention. You’ll finally get attention, but not the attention you’re looking for.

No. 713934

*There AREN’T

No. 713938

File: 1570193988643.jpeg (338.17 KB, 750x879, E061E295-5A83-4934-9CFA-E47A0B…)

Oh man. Laur just stepped in a huge pile of shit. #weebwars

No. 713950

Can someone summarise this and timestamp the interesting parts?

No. 713958

ive always strongly suspected that Laur actually wants the fame for herself, which is why whenever LJ does absolutely anything, Laur has to insert herself into it and comment on it/make it about herself. pathetic, really.

No. 713965


> he gets no tag

she says, while hashtagging him

No. 713967

File: 1570200775502.jpeg (347.93 KB, 744x747, 0BBBCA89-4536-4967-86E9-440B3B…)

Laur is a coward, sending Lauren Elyse a small and then deleting. And yes Laur, you do need to apologize to LE. A true apology would be if Laur actually publicly admitted to everything - the harassment, the mass reporting, trying to affect people’s careers, the LJ scam.

No. 713973

File: 1570202443674.jpeg (239.18 KB, 1242x1157, 21A6F406-13BA-49E5-94DE-CAB6E2…)

And of course she’s whining about it. This is all on you lady

No. 713975

Laur deleted the DM though before Lauren Elyse could read it. That’s not operating in good faith, so of course LE would block her. Laur doesn’t want to apologize and LE has already experienced how vindictive Laur can be. She doesn’t want false reports against her Twitter again.

No. 713982

File: 1570203572898.jpeg (195.35 KB, 750x599, FBC0060E-0A94-4D6D-ADF6-0E3E5C…)

Laur is claiming that LE set her up. Why would you delete the DM before she could read it if you really wanted to work things out? Why do you refuse the apologize? The only set up is by Laur - she has found her little twitter army and now is trying to get more support from them again from falsely accusing LE.

No. 714000

File: 1570204902715.jpeg (424.23 KB, 750x1091, 1D1564E9-63EC-4395-B386-8C9918…)

Laur acting like she had sympathy for Ariana Grande. Because you know, she didn’t victim blame on camera or anything

No. 714010

File: 1570205931373.jpeg (287.39 KB, 750x1256, 60A1103E-0BBE-427A-A9D1-0F0C91…)

Hooboy, Instagram did a big bot sweep! Lillee is down by 8k and no Lillee, this isn’t IGaudit.

No. 714011

File: 1570206400379.png (154.37 KB, 640x1136, 80950D73-4469-4444-BD92-1EFD99…)

Looks like Lillee Jean has one fan who is just as delusional.

No. 714012

File: 1570206438513.png (160.79 KB, 640x1136, 4E406324-C396-4247-AE64-D1427B…)

No. 714013

File: 1570206724697.png (127.45 KB, 640x1136, 4794B6E4-667A-4915-ACAB-BDC0F3…)

The tweet that made their “scientific atheist” friend go bezerk.

No. 714014


Now that he's taken his tweets off protected and I can finally read his shit, I can absolutely see why he and Laur had such an instant bond. He's a snowflake with feral cats in his brain, too. Earl better watch out, Debate King might sweep Laur away.

No. 714016

This is the same thing that happened during interviews with Venus Angelic. Her mom would always butt in when she thought that Venus couldn't handle a question. The difference is, I don't think that LJ will run away because she seems to enjoy having her mom as an attack dog.

No. 714025

File: 1570209125806.jpg (465.68 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20191004-125911_Sam…)

LE, if you're reading here, I really think you should actually go through with this or more. It's literally the only way to ensure these unstable psychos won't keep bothering you, I mean you've seen how they roll. They will try to destroy everything you've worked hard for. I'm sure this has been a major source of stress for you and it would probably help whoever their next victim is too.

Now they also have some "FAXX I NEED FAXX" anti-cyberbullying squad backing them in every fucking interaction. Those two men are pathetic, and their handmaiden(s). Imagine having such a lack of a life that you get involved in beauty community drama because you want in either an 18 or 52 year olds pants. Disgusting.

No. 714034

File: 1570211931015.jpeg (116.17 KB, 602x517, EF292A1C-4668-432A-9987-AE7154…)

shortest debate ever

Bffdees hasn’t even acknowledged this guy and is currently sending Racket’s fans the Buzzfeed article about Laur getting LE’s twitter account suspended trying to stir shit up.

No. 714035

Imagine your whole life being devoted to analyzing "bullies" on the internet.

No. 714036

File: 1570212709466.jpeg (350.07 KB, 750x1000, F7925A2A-BA06-4F32-B821-E6CF98…)

Asking Laur for proof that she didn’t delete the DM to LE and that it’s in her DM list still? Dumbest thing Laur has ever heard, obviously guys we should just all be taking whatever Laur says as true despite what any other evidence suggests.

No. 714042

File: 1570214542306.jpeg (237.09 KB, 750x543, 9297880D-B8C2-43EF-A424-1DB3B6…)

Everyone on the internet has given Laur this advice. Laur does it for the attention Steve. If Lillee stops getting “bullied” then they go back to being nobodies.

No. 714044

Keep being messy, Laur. I promise you beauty brands social media teams talk to each other and your names are circulating.

No. 714051

File: 1570215844784.png (107.41 KB, 1226x846, onheraltsagain1.png)

Just checked that "I support Lillee Jean" video someone posted awhile back and Laur really went in with all her alts

No. 714052

File: 1570215869873.png (84.17 KB, 1207x784, onheraltsagain2.png)

part 2

No. 714053

File: 1570215940879.png (87.48 KB, 1229x863, onheraltsagain4.png)

this one is very clear that its Laur responding on multiple accounts

No. 714054

File: 1570216020878.jpeg (162.67 KB, 750x421, 79A649EC-D36F-46BE-B8B9-A624AD…)

Rekieta’s tweet

No. 714058

File: 1570217272969.jpeg (298.01 KB, 1242x1116, B380B058-B7BD-44BA-AE85-4CA14C…)

How old is Laur again?? That’s some kindergarten retort

No. 714059

I listened to that Steve guy’s podcast. It was pretty long and painful and didn’t really cover anything. But I am disappointed that he didn’t get Laur and Lillee to verify their claims. I mean, if you filed a police report, prove it. I would also be shocked if these people actually listened to Lillee’s podcast and then agreed that they weren’t racist. What about asking for proof of these “photos with eyes gouged out”? They are taking Lillee and Laur’s word as gospel and then stating that the fallout accounts are liars when they are the ones actually bringing the receipts.

No. 714063

They spent 10 minutes on the origins of HCA’s Little Mermaid but didn’t touch on Lillee & Laur’s highly problematic cultural appropriation podcast.

No. 714071

File: 1570220744208.jpeg (270.89 KB, 750x800, 79613E9B-021A-4383-AC97-064106…)

This is rich Laur! You are the Queen of dodging questions.

No. 714113

Here you go.
The Salty Crafter got notified ahead of time that all her craft kit videos run afoul of it, and her videos are obviously not meant for kids. Because she has contact with YT reps, she was able to suss out that this ban also includes basically anything with a TM "kids" media character likeness, and any products, topics, or brands meant for kids as well. They even said the shelf of toys in the background of her videos would qualify her. It will be adpocalypse x1000000. Anime will probably be shielded because this is only to satisfy shrieking parents groups in the US who expect the whole internet to babysit their kids for free.

No. 714156

File: 1570229321368.jpeg (373.22 KB, 750x1048, 950B951C-E37B-4957-87B1-AC8AA2…)

No one has said Steve, Sarah & Cheshire are socks.

No. 714197

>implying running sock accounts makes one a genius

Lmao. Settle down, Laur. You might think you’re a genius for running this retarded scam with all your fake sock accounts, but no one is that impressed.
It doesn’t take a genius to run sock accounts. It takes a very sad, lonely attic dweller with too much time on their hands to make up fake characters that interact with your daughters fake career.

No. 714209


Lillee Jean's stuff isn't aimed at kids though

No. 714276

File: 1570243314206.jpg (346.81 KB, 1080x1303, 20191004_224124.jpg)

Mental stability at its finest

No. 714290

I find it very interesting that in this discussion with jennjodyjoejosh that they are accepting what LJ said about cornrows. Laur is sharing entertainment sites as proof which is acceptable to this Cheshire and Stuart person, yet they keep asking “where’s the proof” even when provided with video evidence and chat logs directly from someone who was harassed by Laur. The proof is only wanted by this group when they are trying to play off LJ as a victim. When the call out accounts ask for proof, they’re just being mean old bullies according to these people.

No. 714293

File: 1570245060749.jpeg (432.43 KB, 750x1000, 6AF7476A-BA6C-4862-BB2D-B0409A…)

Jamesdee5310 is turning around the BS “proof, sources, blah blah” on them. I hope he says something about it being out of context next. My guess is the reason these people do this is that it’s annoying to people who have provided sufficient proof of something so they just abandon ship and these guys think they won

No. 714295

File: 1570245339066.jpeg (253.85 KB, 750x1170, 37429AF3-5B57-438E-B7A1-1990D3…)

Looks like Laur got another call out temporarily restricted. Or maybe it was the fans because Laur and Lillee, why they never!

No. 714297

File: 1570245423531.png (494.11 KB, 902x750, basketballamericans.png)

Laur thinks that BET and Essence magazine are the ultimate sources for black history and culture. She can't imagine someone (and a black person, at that) not accepting a magazine owned by Shea Moisture and a tv channel owned by Viacom as gospel.

No. 714307

File: 1570246993517.jpg (421.49 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20191004-233427_Sam…)

So these sloths admit they haven't even looked at anything Laur and Jean provided, they're just taking their word on everything.

No. 714308


please do.

No. 714309

just remember not to enter your own email ID in the field next time. just put 'sage'

No. 714315


This is exactly how I know that Laur and Lillee are not going to last long with this crowd. Nothing matters to sea-lions, especially not the truth. they have to bounce quickly from subject to the next because lingering too long exposes their dumb-ass Gish Gallop tactics.

These fools are not watching LJ's videos or commenting on her instagram photos. They don't care about makeup; they don't even care whether or not Lillee has been or continues to be bullied.

No. 714317

I was an early one to find out about the sitch and I contacted Lillee thinking she was an innocent and her mom was doing everything without her even knowing. Well, I sent her a message, that in retrospect seems quite pedantic, but was sent in good faith to let her know (from one human being to another bc i used my personal insta account) that her mother may be doing things she wasn’t aware of and she could gain a following the right way etc. Her mom messaged me from the jeaniez acct MINUTES after and I blocked them. 2-3 days later I get a call from my boss’s boss asking me about a Lillee Jean bc apparently I’m a cyberbully and something about reddit. I was mortified to say the least. She ofc knows me very well and just blew it off as internet nutsos (as it is) but WHO DOES THAT. Contacting my EMPLOYER when i wasn’t even rude or mean or anything like that. I had them send me the voicemail and I’ve been sitting and stewing with it for weeks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714327


If you are able to upload the voicemail audio somewhere and feel comfortable sharing it here, I would like to hear it.

(like, if it's just Laur talking crazy or making threats; if it contains information that would identify you, don't doxx yourself!)

No. 714331

yeah I'd be doxxing myself unfortunately. it's nothing exciting either, she sounds okay enough, but when you see what i said, then what she messaged back from her jeaniezmgmt acct and this voicemail, it's nuttown

No. 714349

Wow, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Especially considering you were trying to be nice. Did you confront her about it or was that the end of it?

No. 714351

At the very least you should send it to Lauren Elyse. It could strongly help her case!!

No. 714353

You should reach out to Lauren Elyse and Queen of Blending. They may be putting together some sort of lawsuit against Laur and any evidence she’s done this to others could help them.

No. 714355

I reached out to LE and QOB once I saw it all go down, I've been very appreciative that they've kept my name out of it all. I get why QOB did what she did bc she has a family to look after. LE and I talk every now and then, but bc I wanted to be on the sidelines, I was basically just updating her here and there. I legit was scared after Laur contacted my employer. Anytime I saw a NYC number calling me I got anxious. It was scary.

No. 714356

Did you get harassed anymore after your job was contacted? This makes me so mad, if Laur had a job that wasn't scam-tiques she wouldn't be able to do any of this shit.

No. 714358

I reached out to LE and QOB once I saw it all go down, I've been very appreciative that they've kept my name out of it all. I get why QOB did what she did bc she has a family to look after. LE and I talk every now and then, but bc I wanted to be on the sidelines, I was basically just updating her here and there. I legit was scared after Laur contacted my employer. Anytime I saw a NYC number calling me I got anxious. It was scary. >>714356
No, actually, which is strange too. She knows enough to stalk me from my insta profile, but then unlike she has done with the Joe's and Lauren's, she has kept me out of it. Except for reaching out to EACH department in my workplace with an email and voicemail. I only got the one voicemail bc I told my manager I wanted it in case I decided on a C/D.

No. 714362

Wow. Fuck her. I'm so glad you're coming forward, the reason she keeps doing it is because she's seen it work to silence people before.

No. 714367

Fuck that is total nutso! She messaged me on IG once as a sock and I talked to her for a bit until she blocked me. Good thing my username isn’t linked to anything she can use to doxx me otherwise I might have heard the same from my boss.

No. 714376

Thats crazy. I tried to offer them advice in the nicest way possible a bit ago and they still accused me of being a cyber bully and harassed me to reveal my identity lol. There's absolutely no helping them. They only want yes men who will blindly kiss their asses, they do NOT want to take any responsibility. Theyre so far into delusion that any form of help or advice that isnt contributing to their delusions, is a form of an attack on lillee.

No. 714377

There was a twitter account Laur was arguing with and the person's name was similar to mine. I got a rambling insane message from someone I'd never heard of threatening a bunch of nonsense. Blocked and reported her to facebook. that's how I found the saga of the dynamic duo.

No. 714379

I remember Laur saying she sent that twitter account a C&D on Facebook. The twitter user said she didn’t have a Facebook account and Laur must’ve sent it to a random person with the same name. The assumption was Laur was lying to scare the twitter account. I can’t believe she actually did that. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.

No. 714388

I dont get how people can be so blind/dumb sometimes. LE posted a pic 20 minutes ago on twitter, where she has just over twice LJ's following. It had 8 likes and a bunch of comments and retweets already. The Harley Quinn makeup LJ did and posted 7 hours ago has 1 comment and 2 likes, from her mom. Like how much more proof do you need something is not right. Even the AlGoRiTm doesn't fuck shit up that bad.

No. 714389

Samefag but I mean it already had 8 comments. It had over 100 likes.

No. 714423

File: 1570267261096.jpeg (140.76 KB, 1232x715, 50E29AE3-EF92-4A38-9DD8-077EC5…)

More Laur Twitter ranting (1/3)


No. 714424

File: 1570267292877.jpeg (165.08 KB, 1241x622, 8C42BF2C-ABA6-4E55-ADE8-358909…)

Sorry don’t follow?? (2/3)

No. 714425

File: 1570267318814.jpeg (118.92 KB, 1242x500, 7C10B25D-65F2-43DE-9263-1FFFDA…)


No. 714429

Jesus christ what the fuck. Laur is actually insane. I mean we knew that already but god.
Is there a way you could possibly edit the audio to remove or just bleep out any identifying information? Or if you don't know how could you ask someone who does to?
I really want to hear this honestly and if this could be posted it seems like pretty damning evidence against Laur, I'd be really interested in seeing her try to defend against that.

No. 714442

wow she is grasping at straws with this. She cant fathom more than one person is behind the call out accounts.

No. 714444

Same, it would be really interesting to see Laur's methods, plus how could she deny that her identifiable, white trashy, thickly NY accented voice is hers (although I'm sure her and her newfound debate team will regardless).

If you don't want to do that would you be willing to transcribe the messages with any identifying info taken out? Any information you can provide would be very helpful, including screenshots (with info blurred). If you would like help I'm sure you could message one of the callout accounts if you have a Twitter and they'd keep you anonymous. @BffDees would be where I'd start. If you're interested, that is.

No. 714466

File: 1570287076769.jpeg (382.99 KB, 750x1039, 653CCFBD-B3AC-45FF-AE7E-B087CE…)

listening ears lol

those debate-me kids need to get laur muzzled

No. 714480

File: 1570292394845.jpeg (148.2 KB, 750x751, 8741C7D3-FACD-48AE-87F7-484099…)

wtf laur


No. 714481

File: 1570292440398.jpeg (166.97 KB, 750x832, 10A8A7DF-4E13-432C-B83B-D5FEB6…)

No. 714570

File: 1570305759822.jpeg (183.04 KB, 640x707, 8737DA90-139A-4F37-9D55-3243D4…)

Laur is going on a cyber rampage again. At this point I’m convinced Laur not only is delusional, but loves drama. She feeds into this constantly. The “LOLCOWARDS” would go away if you stopped doing this stupid shit, Laur.

No. 714571

File: 1570305824708.jpeg (339.61 KB, 640x839, 82ADE6F7-A4B5-445C-BC37-0320DD…)

Another boomer who thinks her jokes are funny.

No. 714579

File: 1570306212998.jpeg (320.83 KB, 1242x1365, 10D7E2B5-00A7-4F06-8983-15BD92…)

Laur working real hard to keep LJ on ColourPop PR list (1/3)

No. 714581

File: 1570306235807.jpeg (262.4 KB, 1242x1306, 59DD1C5A-1231-4C6C-9190-D97094…)


No. 714583

File: 1570306304137.jpeg (336.95 KB, 1242x1678, 178524B7-23DD-4E02-BEDF-5F34C9…)

And of course it’s another Disney set

No. 714585

Jfc. What a pathetic life. Her and Lillee sleep like 13 hours, wake up at the same time in the middle of the day (so they obviously sleep in the attic together to be this synchronized), and rapid fire tweet nonsense about callout accounts until bed time, which may or may not even come. A joke.

No. 714589

File: 1570307228187.jpg (244.47 KB, 446x2365, #lilleejean.jpg)


Laur keeps using #lilleejean in her brand-begging tweets, but because she has rageblocked most of the callout accounts on her main twitter (I think she uses a still unknown/unblocked sock to lurk) she probably has no idea what pops up when you actually click on LJ's hashtag. At this point, anyone clicking is gonna see pic related and nope the fuck out.

No. 714590

File: 1570308213687.png (325.49 KB, 901x705, wEreGoIngViRaL.png)

so some sketchy-looking shanghai "viral video" account posted LJ's haturz video. 9 hours, no likes, shares or comments, big surprise…but I wonder if you can pay a fee to have them promote your video. could this be where Laur's usual yt/insta engagement budget went this month?


there is also a 10viralvideo website where I think they embed/host the videos, but maybe don't click on it. i dunno if it's safe.

No. 714591

She has reported Nick to the state bar, and in the appeal to the state bar even admitted to reporting his YouTube stream because he said her name and showed a public photo, but reporting his twitter she wouldn’t do? Come on, Laur.

What is she even trying to say? That they held on to a villains pallet specially for LJ’s birthday? They send the same stuff to everyone on their PR list, except they will make sure huge influencers have some extras.

Wasn’t it LJ that first brought that cornrows were about the Underground Railroad in their podcast? I don’t particularly care about a white girl wearing cornrows. But, the trying to make the argument that the UR wasn’t even that important because according the Laur is wasn’t successful enough is just out of this world ridiculous.

No. 714593


>Wasn’t it LJ that first brought that cornrows were about the Underground Railroad in their podcast?

I think her actual words were something like "underground tunnel paths" which I think people were giving the benefit of the doubt ad translating from Attic Homeschool Dum-dum into meaning the Underground Railroad. But maybe she really thinks that enslaved black people were digging a secret network of literal twisty underground tunnels to escape.

Either way, she's just parroting some nonsense afrocentric woowoo pseudohistory that originated in unsubstantiated folktales from countries on two completely different continents.

No. 714633

File: 1570317334330.jpg (357.46 KB, 1080x1180, 20191005_190911.jpg)

I don't know why but I can't stop laughing at this new video. It's LJ with that same brown backdrop