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File: 1611051838426.png (4.94 MB, 2254x4882, The Scamsen documentary.png)

No. 816723

Previous Thread: >>813147
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

TLDR; The "Onision Documentary" was a predictably three ring shitfest filled with irrelevant people except for Onision's dad, Shiloh and Regina.

>Randy had some milk >>813226

>Regina had some milk >>814793
>Eugenia's irrelevant non-contribution >>814815
>An irrelevant anti-o was invited on >>813775
>The executive producer of this most professional series wears a Pokemon/magikarp shirt throughout >>815029
>Discovery tv and Chris Hansen lie to the girls who said they didn't want to be included >>815103, >>815105
>Greg makes more vids nobody watched >>813849, >>815111
>Some youtubers drag the series >>813388, >>815620
>Chris Hansen's personal spastic, Anonymous Gene, posts fake docs >>815839, >>815840, >>815932, >>815959, >>816008, >>816224
>Shiloh lies again >>815999
>Hansen was filming for the "Onision show" without most of the girls knowing >>816018
>Mashable article on the show >>816040
>A milkless episode 3 >>816550 doesn't mention Chris Hansen lied about having FBI contacts or that most of the girls didn't want any involvement in the show featuring them without their consent, but it does suggest Hansen plans on going to war with the commentary community.

No. 816725

Thanks OP.

No. 816726

You forgot they ended the series with one of Onision's favorite quotes >>816551. Hansen must be a big fan.

No. 816727

File: 1611053887281.jpeg (96.9 KB, 946x2048, EsDsMERXAAAcvZD.jpeg)

So apparently the executive producer, magikarp shirt guy didn't approve of the way the show was made. lol

No. 816736

File: 1611057535483.png (404.92 KB, 1562x537, 1610974224087.png)

Nothing will bring more urgency to the FBI's investigation or hasten muh justice faster than a tacky cable tv series I'm surprised they didn't bring on a psychic tbh. The FBI gave it rave reviews.

No. 816747

I must admit I get a laugh thinking about all these morons rubbing their snatches raw squeezing out multiple hategasms over Hansen.

Yeah, it was a "meh" documentary, but it brought more attention to Gregma's slime than any Youtuber. Like it or not, that's just a fact.

No. 816750

Plus this documentary has triggered Greg more than anything since Cuddlegate (with Sarah maybe the exception)

Personally, idk if Hansen came in riding a unicycle pitching a monorail - he's like the pied piper of milk

No. 816753

File: 1611066330815.webm (5.47 MB, 320x180, BpcT7ZVXpVvODFOU.webm)

Even if the docu was shit it gave us a beautiful spergout. I counted over 22 tweets in 6 hours (not including the ones he deleted) and most of those tweets have 2 minute clips of him showing parts of the docu and trying to explain away the accusations. He's so frazzled his voice keeps going higher and higher and the anxiety has kicked in so he's talking so fast its hard to understand him. And of course his arguments are paper thin. Like this clip he purposefully misunderstands what Sarah said. Or maybe he's really that dumb.

No. 816755


Also amusing is the parts he doesn't address in his long, documentary responses.

Some of the most damning parts he just glosses over kek. He's a mental gymnastics GOAT

No. 816757

File: 1611067811299.jpg (93.2 KB, 480x480, fax.jpg)

edwin proved himself to be the one less greedy youtuber.
two of the accusers are planning to pursue legal action.

the rest are on onlyfans.

No. 816767


If youtube finally kicks him off it will be the milkpocalypse.

No. 816768

File: 1611070710738.png (95.29 KB, 501x586, de4.png)

I don't get the argument against how these major youtubers are butthurt at Hansen for not getting paid. These major Youtubers are saying flat out they're angry about that, and how they are also not paying them to promote the documentary.
The short of it is that if Discovery+ would have paid them to make reviews, they would they hailed this documentary as the best thing since sliced bread.
Oi vey.

No. 816769

Exactly. What people fail to realize is that these streaming services are the only thing keeping tv companies alive. They’re scrambling to make content for their streaming services to keep people hooked and continue paying. Anything to drive traffic to them.

No. 816771

They also forget Hansen himself has lots of people to pay. Sure Discovery+ will float some of that bill but not much.
Not stanning Hansen here, since he's a grifter, but so are all of these youtubers promoting shit products and snake oil for shekels.
I don't see how everybody is allowed to make money over the uwu victim stories, but not Hansen.

No. 816774

There's a whole documentary out on Greg and everyone's mainly talking about Hanson, Shiloh, Regina, Sarah and the dramatubers - in "his own" thread.

That should really drive home how unimportant Greg has become in all of this. Must hurt a lot. kek

No. 816779

Another thing that caught my attention, Hansen said he would get paid either way if he did this documentary or not. Methinks, Hansen was suppose to find something to cover and this greasefire is what he chose. This is just his job. Of course the victims would take it more personally, but the commentary channels getting upset? Makes them look way worse when they were doing the exact same thing.

No. 816780

I wish these threads could stop being about the youtuber shitheads and Hansen hate circlejerk so we can go back to laughing at the cows.

Please, I am begging you.

No. 816781

What a shit OP.

Can the Onision thread just be about Onision and not Hansen? No one cares that Hansen lied to the girls about the show. The show is milky, not faggots being personally offended they are not getting recognition for reading our takes here and regurgitating them.

Gene has never been confirmed as Hansen's personal spastic, why is it greentext. Why is Eugenia stated as being irrelevant when Greg has harrassed her on youtube for years?

Chris Hansen never lied about his contacts with law enforcement, it has been repeatedly stated to "victims" that if they feel "victimised" they need to personally report it. It looks like Sarah has not went forward even though there are screencaps saying she did, as of December 2020 when Hansen requested an update there has been no allegations reported to the authorities that would have the actual power to do something.

It's been boring af this month reading endless shite about the victims being lied too and Hansen being a grifter. What the fuck has that got to do with Greg

No. 816789

its relevant because its going on right now. major youtubers keep baaawwwling about "how bad the documentary is" and "how they where the first to talk about gregory poo."
im not saying the documentary is super awesome, it isn't super bad either. but its something we did not have before, it gets greg in more trouble considering the normies and boomers will now know about him.
how will he still be able to attend a PTA meeting with footface or get lettuce in the vegan store. thats the only part i care about, and its hilarious.
tl;dr i dont get why they are bawwwling about the documentary and the "stories being used without consent" for years they claimed they "did it to bring attention to the greg-problem on youtube". this documentary has done more for that than they ever could in 10 years since its on the old media, so they need to stop their belly aching.

No. 816799

File: 1611079906862.png (1.6 MB, 1382x1742, LC Onision threads.png)

I know that the first couple of days after a new OP is made people shit on it no matter what but this one is bad. I wanted to make sure I was right about this so I looked back at the past 25 threads on Onision. All the way back to 2019 the OP has had Greg's picture or an edit of him in the OP. If I saw this Id assume it was a thread on Shiloh or Sheriff Troyer. And the synopsis of previous events mentions Greg just once
>Greg makes more vids nobody watched
The rest is about Shiloh, Hansen and Eugenia. They don't even mention the multiple videos and tweets he's made about the documentary and the total meltdown he's had on discord with his fans.

This OP looks like something you'd find in /snow for the Anti-O Flakes. I vote for a new Onision thread. This one is terrible.

No. 816802

File: 1611080298040.gif (2.85 MB, 600x600, 12774-TinFoilHat-May-Move02_80…)

not that i actually care but i think you're reaching.
i'd say go make that new thread. link it here, this one is shit, i agree on that one.

No. 816803

Seconding this. If people want to hate on Chris Hansen, make a thread for that. This is the mocking Onision thread. Chris Hansen being a stupid greedy boomer doesn’t make Onion any less of a cow.

No. 816805

And when you say this their response is always
>Just because I think Hansen is a shit human being doesn't mean I support Greg.
Cool, then lets talk about Onision in Onision's thread and you can shit on Hansen in one of the flake threads in /snow.

No. 816806

Its good to see major youtubers finally taking an effort in to something, even if its to try and stop them from being exposed as greedy narcissist.

No. 816807

You can make 40 new threads doesn't mean the subject won't be brought up again. Especially since its relevant and ongoing right now.
Trying to avoid the subject is as autistic as them trying to stop us from talking about Lainey way back in the day..
But go ahead with your futile efforts, I suppose.

No. 816808

you wait two weeks no one will talk about the documentary anymore since it is by then old news i dont see the point.

No. 816810

Lmao Greg was going through old texts with Sarah on his Twitter to prove that she said they didn’t groom her but one of the texts says that it’s no one’s business if she wants to have sex with two consenting adults.

It’s so bizarre to me that he can try and prove one thing while totally undermining himself in another area and not care.

Like see she said we didn’t groom her and if she wanted to have consensual sex with us that’s not a problem. Also she’s a rapist liar.

No. 816811

It's more autistic to repost the same tired sperges of "the girls were lied too by Hansen!!" "Did you know Hansen also did sponsored videos on youtube?" "Shiloh and Hansen profited off the documentary!" "Hansen asked Shiloh first to be in the documentary!" We don't need to keep reading this, it adds nothing further and where exactly is the discussion suppose to go? It's not relevant.

No. 816812

for real tho all this extreme discovery and hansen hot takes has to be some gayops by greg and his orbitors. lolcow has gotten soft in the tits

No. 816813

File: 1611082074417.png (127.63 KB, 477x232, 575844536.PNG)

No ones trying to stop you from exposing Hansen, drama youtubers or shiloh. But take your gripes to the proper thread. There's a reason the farmhands ban posts like the ss attached and direct those kind of posts to /snow.

This is the Onision thread, we talk about Onision here.

No. 816815

explain this to me:

how is a documentary about Onision NOT Onision related?(ban evasion)

No. 816817

Are you discussing the content of the documentary? Are we having conversations about what things were exposed about Onision in the documentary? No, people are trying to derail about the Pokemon shirt Steve Asarch wore, who got paid for what and other irrelevant shit.

I'm at fault right now tbh. Arguing about anons derailing the Onision thread with talk about Hansen, Drama YouTubers and Shiloh is just a derailment in itself and filling up the thread with bullshit.

I suggest farmers just report any off topic posts as derailment and move on. We know that they're handing out bans for it already >>816813 we don't always get that satisfying bold red text at the bottom every time. Let the Farmhands deal with it. I'm done trying to explain why crying about Hansen or Drama Channels has no place here.

No. 816821

>we don't always get that satisfying bold red text at the bottom every time.
Judging by the red text that makes you so moist you've won, congratulations. We will no longer mention the sympathetic major youtubers, the farmhands are on your side.
However, that being said you won this fight, but not the war. People around the world are slowly catching on to the influencer douchebag phenomenon.

More juicy wetness for you below here, best get a towel:(ban evading sperg)

No. 816827

>I know that the first couple of days after a new OP is made people shit on it no matter what

That should tell you something right there. Any new post will have a bunch of whiny bitches complaining about it. It's so common place it's now ignored. So, welcome to a disease of your own creation.

No. 816831

How is making fun of the "documentary" derailing? There was hardly any milk which btw, no one's stopping you from discussing.

No. 816832

>it brought more attention to Gregma's slime than any Youtuber.
According to who? You? Hansen? Most of the people watching it don't give any more of af about it than Greg's videos repeating himself over and over.The most value it has is as a meme.

No. 816835

That's it exactly.

No. 816840

This is what we get when cows collide.
>They don't even mention the multiple videos and tweets he's made
Most of them weren't mentioned I'm guessing because not everyone has time like this >>816753 to comb through all 22, but you're free to link it here/add to the OP if you like. The last thread OP didn't mention every tweet and spergout Greg made but no one complained about that, now did they? It got (SHIT OP) but none of you complaining here right now, said anything about it. lol

The show was mostly milkless theater, Greg responded to it with nothing that he hasn't said a million boring times before >>816755. Greg is practically a dead meme at this point. I say he dried up around the revolting OF/cock thread(s). Making fun of this trainwreck with his name on it is some of the best laughs I've had in awhile. If you can't laugh idk what to tell you.

No. 816841

Well everyone seemed fine with the OP a few threads ago at >>799829, and it wasn't even that good. Most OPs now are shit because most of the people left are fuckwits like >>816815. who think that the documentary magically makes all the anti-os and ex onion flakes relevant no matter what and don't understand that when there's no milk, you're meant to let the thread die, not derail it to keep it alive.

"Regina had some milk" is the worst recap I've ever seen. No one reading back on the threads is going to get any information from that.

All the time you morons spend on Hansen could have been spent summarising what onion has said in his reaction videos for people who have jobs and don't have time to watch fuck face wet himself. That's what used to happen in these threads.

>>816780 is right.

No. 816843

>"Regina had some milk" is the worst recap I've ever seen
Did you really miss the post it was linked to? All you had to do was hover over it it's not hard lol. Yes, let's summarize Greg doing the same thing over and over again and ignore the documentary completely.

No. 816845

Yeah that's heaps good for mobile users and totally what a recap is meant to do, great for search engine indexing too.

If you posted the OP that means you copy pasted over the legacy reminders about not discussing lainey or anti-os unless directly relevant. If that applies to Lainey why wouldn't it also apply to Regina and Shiloh?

If I'm not banned for infighting I'll watch the onion videos to find some milk but if there's no milk then let the thread die. The recap would be way easier then if there wasn't so much junk to wade through between milk events.

No. 816857

>Muh mobile users
And yet this wasn't a problem last thread.

So no one that was in the documentary is "directly relevant" now? Like >>816840 said, no one complained about the shit OP least thread because it had Onision's face on it i guess, or are some of you just upset that the documentary got deservedly meme'd on? Minus the spergs, the last thread had some milk. There's still conversation about/around the shitshow, albeit minimal.

No. 816859

OP basically said
>Randy said things.
>Regina said stuff
but went into full detail about some guys fucking shirt that had no relevance to the documentary.
>The executive producer of this most professional series wears a Pokemon/magikarp shirt throughout

Yes the hoverlink helps but a recap is a concise but informative rundown of what happened since the last thread. OP could of said
>Regina reveals that Greg was spying on her Skype calls with Lainey when nudes were shared.
Were adding a few more words that hard?

Looking at the things OP did describe with more than just 4 words, like
>A milkless episode 3 doesn't mention Chris Hansen lied about having FBI contacts or that most of the girls didn't want any involvement in the show featuring them without their consent, but it does suggest Hansen plans on going to war with the commentary community.
Its obvious who OP wants discussed in this thread, and its not Onision.

No. 816862

You're kvetching about this OP but said nothing last thread that was literally tagged shit OP. No one's stopping you from discussing what you want. The documentary was shit and will continue getting laughed at, sorry not sorry. Either post something relevant or quit sperging about OP.
>So no one that was in the documentary is "directly relevant" now?

No. 816865

Apparently Grugly has been demonetized from Youtube, permanently. Some milk to start the year. Sperg out when?

No. 816867

Amazing if true!

No. 816868

Hoping this is true.

No. 816869

File: 1611097471785.jpeg (151.56 KB, 750x445, 2B65EF1E-8E9E-4C06-8D7A-49D362…)

I think it is true as he made a video about 20 minutes ago. Screenshot from it.

No. 816871

>Well everyone seemed fine with the OP a few threads ago
>And yet this wasn't a problem last thread.
>but said nothing last thread

I hate when "Whataboutism" is used as a valid argument. If somethings shitty, you saying "b-but that other OP was shitty too" doesn't make it okay. Even children understand they don't gain absolution with "but Timmy did it too, why didn't he get a spanking?"

>The documentary was shit and will continue getting laughed at, sorry not sorry

If what you're going to laugh at and post about is the Pokemon shirt some guy wore, or the horrible makeup Regina wore then you'll be in the same pasture as the "NO FUN" scrote >>815193 >>815291 >>815273 >>815227 >>815193

No. 816872

File: 1611098100773.png (439.98 KB, 1423x868, Screenshot_2021-01-19 OnisionS…)

lol I thought this was a troll post at first because the ss looked fake. Looks like he posted the same vid on all three main channels.

No. 816873

Could you go cry about OP somewhere else? No one cares.

No. 816874

No. 816875

Finally some milk that's not retarded infighting over Hansen. He's going to sperg his ass off on Twitter and possibly a spergfest on Youtube despite saying goodbye. Greasy has to get a real job now. Enjoy working at McDonalds, Greg.

No. 816876

File: 1611098465298.webm (12.86 MB, 640x360, yt1s.com - Farewell_360p.webm)

>this documentary isn't going to do anything. No ones going to watch it. Its just a meme.

Looks like the docu got Greg kicked off YouTube. I love it.

No. 816877

and he's still blaming everyone but himself until the end. Good riddance.

No. 816878

I don't give the docu any more credit for this than I did Hansen for Patreon suspending Greg. That was greg that got himself kicked.

No. 816881

File: 1611099352314.png (576.22 KB, 1361x2279, main channels.png)

All the years of people making loads of vids on this (where youtube was making fat shekels with millions of views) they couldn't reach the same conclusion that they're reaching now? Interesting how Patreon didn't have that problem.

His vids were hardly getting any views, anyone paying attention knows he's been making peanuts this last year or so on yt. That's why I doubt demonetization will affect his base income because I don't believe youtube is where the majority of his profits come from. He's demonetized, not deplatformed.

Not sure if he's going to stay gone this time either, we know how many times he's left sm and came back. If he stays gone, it's just as well.

No. 816882

I sincerely hope this is true.

No. 816883


Yeah, 10 fucking years without a peep. Doc appears and after the third episode he’s fully demonetized.

Yeah, the doc had nothing to do with that a Trump really won the election (that’s sarcasm since you are obviously too soft headed to figure it out on your own)

No. 816886

You're trying to say youtube demonetized him because of the shitshow docu that hardly anyone saw? I guess it's possible but I agree with >>816878 that Greg is the one that got greg removed, ultimately. I have to give Greg credit where it's due kek. He got himself removed from Patreon so now he's two for two.

No. 816888

this comment is just petty.

No. 816890

my man you are actually delusional. Mere days after the documentary ended with them putting YouTube on blast, then he gets demonetized? If that is a coincidence then it is a huge one.

No. 816891

File: 1611100294291.png (460.96 KB, 1354x886, See You Later Alligator.PNG)

>I don't give the docu any credit for this

>We are also concerned about continued allegations of off-platform behavior related to child safety that could cause significant harm to the community.

I can't think of anything recently that Greg has done what would put a spotlight on him concerning behavior related to child safety. Only thing that comes to mind is the docu hammering home every week that Greg is a predator. It would be a huge coincidence that 24 hours after the final episode of the Onision documentary is released YouTube finally says Greg is a pedo and they're afraid he may be a danger to children.

No. 816892

Greg is done.

I have a feeling this thing will escalate very rapidly, probably tonight even.

No. 816893

Then why didn't Pateon need a tv show? No one believes yt didn't already know what was going on. I'm positive that more people have seen the youtube vids on Greg's stupidity than have seen the shitumentary. It's a stark reflection on the tards that run youtube if they're more concerned about a poorly made tv show than actually paying attention to their own fucking platform.

It would be a big coincidence sure. Still Greg gets most of the credit.

No. 816895

Demonetization and deplatforming are two different things. Getting demonetized on youtube is far from the norm. He can still go to another platform or just stay on youtube and find other ways to make money on it like countless other people have. Not that Greg has many options left since he's ruined his reputation and no one in their right mind wants to work with him anymore. Hope Hansen takes some pointers kek.

No. 816896

I wonder if he will continue to post to direct people to platforms that will still host/pay him or if he will finally get the hint that his rehashed garbage content isn’t relevant anymore.

He’s clearly used YouTube as a way to pull young girls into his orbit with all his videos clearly targeted at insecure kids and teens with his fake body positivity videos or ones that touch on typical teenage issues like eds and self harm…so maybe it still has value to him even when he isn’t getting paid by YouTube directly anymore.

No. 816898

I give him a few weeks at most before he starts making vids again. If he has any sense left, he won't be covering topics about kids,teens and AoC anymore.

No. 816899

>Greg is the one that got greg removed
>Still Greg gets most of the credit.

I get what you're saying. Greg got kicked off Patreon because of his own actions. He doxxed Billie, that was his own fuck up. Patreon kicking him didnt need a tv show. A big part of it was that the public contacted Patreon and reported it, without people communicating the doxxing to Patreon it may have gone unpunished.
Same with this. Greg's history of questionable behavior with underage people is the reason he was demonetized. He did it to himself. But the documentary coming out and putting pressure on YT is a big reason it happened today. Id be on your side of the argument that the docu had no part in his demonetization if this happened 3 months from now.

I get that a lot of you really hated the documentary and cant accept it put pressure on YT to act. But you cant deny the suspicious coincidence of YouTube demonetizing him for being a danger to children ONE DAY after a documentary exposing Greg as a danger to children premieres its final episode.

No. 816900

I'm calling it right here and right now, I think there's a very big chance Greg will an hero tonight.

I know all the arguments against him doing that, I said them before too, but I don't know. It's a feeling. A hunch.

No. 816901

I agree with this >>816881 no way yt was his main source of income. All you retards looking at this as a 'win' need to check yourselves. He was demonetized, yt does this all the time.

No. 816902

unfortunately I don't think he's the type to go down without taking others with him

No. 816903

>probably tonight even.
>will an hero tonight.
Go away.

No. 816905

File: 1611101769404.png (161.48 KB, 589x445, Capture1192021.PNG)

Im lurking around his discord hoping he comes in to cry to his fans. Nothing yet. He did just post this to his "witchhunt" section. Its the same goodbye video >>816876 (longer version) he posted to all his channels.
If he does go live on discord Ill try to record. But I think him and his mods will be very gunshy and ban happy.

No. 816906

The doc was reviewed by some news sources that may have reached out to YouTube for comment, thus drawing their attention. It may not be the contents of the doc or how many people saw it, but just that it's easier for them to demonetize and move on. The same thing happened to Shane when the story hit the news

No. 816908

File: 1611102046271.jpg (940.16 KB, 1348x1512, byebye.jpg)

Uh oh bro, how the hell is he gonna pay for the swamp shack now without these earnings?

Hope Kai got her suitcases ready..

No. 816910

Fair enough. Still, several news outlets were covering this last year too, a lot of it was archived, so it's not like what he was doing wasn't getting any attention that far back.

No. 816913

He was making next to nothing on any of his channels tho. Social blade is ok but I've heard their estimates tend to be a little on the high side.

No. 816914

The doc caused this, no matter how shit it was. Let's call a spade a spade.
However they're a few years late and it's pathetically ~performative~ of them to do it now that the better part of the episode was dedicated to how much youtube fucked up. It's just PR, plain and simple. They're not even suspending him, which they should if they actually cared. Instead he's just demonetized. He'll keep uploading videos, other youtubers will continue using those videos for their dramawhoring, his voice will still be amplified. This isn't even a major loss for him, I doubt he's been getting much adsense money and his main income and recruitment has been through other platforms. This is rather underwhelming.

No. 816915

File: 1611102328297.jpg (95.42 KB, 628x554, Current Channels.jpg)

Are all of his other lesser known channels demonetized? Some of these were created when he was on his "Im not Onision, Im Character" kick. I remember anons saying he had 12 in total but I could only find 11. I hope that when Jan 20th comes its a wide sweeping demonetization of any channel he has linked to his creator status.

No. 816916

hmm someone should let youtube know..

No. 816917

>They're not even suspending him
Exactly. He's been breaking TOS for years and now they want to suddenly act like they give af. I don't buy it. And now Hansen's sucking his own cock over this.

No. 816920

I 100% agree with everything you said. He's going to make more YouTube videos within a week if not sooner. But this is like a court case where the plaintiff is suing for one dollar and wins. Its still a win.

No. 816922

File: 1611103484379.jpg (79.12 KB, 605x543, 2021-01-20 01.43.50 twitter.co…)

uh-oh repzion is angry, he just lost his no 1 cash cow

No. 816925

File: 1611104250317.png (205.47 KB, 666x557, earnings.png)

>He can still go to another platform
>he will continue to post to direct people to platforms that will still host/pay him

I don't doubt he will try that, but what other platforms are there? StoryFire, Vimeo, 9GAGtv? Those YouTube alternatives are all DOA. The only monthly income is $96 from Laineys Patreon and (a blind estimate) of under $200 from Gregs OnlyFans.

I disagree with the anons saying Greg has some super secret job that no one has found out about. The weaponized autism on both farms, Twitter and Reddit would of uncovered and exposed it by now. My guess is that he's been using his savings to live off for the past few years. He sold two expensive houses and bought a shit shack. The majority of the money he got from those sales went into a bank account that he's been dipping into to live.

No. 816928

The message Youtube sent him is VERY clear, he is not allowed to. people will email youtube right away as soon as he does, and then they will demonitize kai's channel too.

No. 816929

How long until he uses his bitch wife’s channel for more shekels?

As far as I’m concerned, Laineybot/CoolGuyKai is still monetized.

Edit for grammatical errors

No. 816930

Hopefully this time, Jewtube will listen

No. 816932

this dumb motherfucker has GOT to be one of the butthurt YouTubers, no way around it."Shitshow docu that hardly anyone saw"? are you stupid? Everyone watched it. The powers that may be at youtube obviously watched it too so because of it now gorg is demonetized. Go bitch and cry at your channel. "but uh made so many videos and hansen suxxx" yeah but you stole all the info from us so fuck off.

I'm sure as hell those YouTubers are shitting this thread and one of them probably was the OP who made the shit header.

They only mentioned his 3 main ones on that email.

No. 816934

>I disagree with the anons saying Greg has some super secret job
idk if he had a secret job specifically but you can't say wasn't he making chump change on yt. I don't believe he was paying most of his expenses with such a paltry amount.

No. 816936

Who/what are you malding at? lol calm down with your paranoid tinfoiling.

Youtube acting like they give af after Greg's been breaking TOS for years is very clown world of them but what else is new. Most of the people who saw the documentary think it's a joke because it is. Greg hasn't been charged and can still use the platform like anyone else, FBI's said jack shit. YT demonetizating anyone isn't news - they do this to people all the time. The timing is interesting, I'll give you that. Hansen still looks like a bag of smashed assholes though.

No. 816937

NTA, but the documentary is what made Youtube do it after all this time. It's not "suspect timing", it's pretty obvious what happened to anyone not in utter denial because they hate a person. Hansen can still be a bag of pathetic even with that fact in mind, it doesn't have to be one or the other, ffs.

Instead of pissing in the milk, enjoy it while it lasts. Greg may be quiet now but we all know that he's going to start sperging out soon over this.

No. 816939

Im not a fan of Hansen either but you cant deny the optics of this.
Onision goes "Unmonitored and Chaotic" on YouTube for over a decade. Twenty four hours after a documentary about Onision concludes YouTube gives him a pink slip. Yeah he can keep showing up to work but he's not getting a paycheck on Friday.

No. 816941

I hope it chaps their ass that the doc accomplished what all of them had been trying to do for the last several years. You know Repzion would have gloated if one of his many videos had managed to get Onion demonetized, but now he’s downplaying it

No. 816942

It's just interesting timing is all. I'm sure there's more to this story than what we see on the surface. Like I said, YT demonetizating anyone isn't news.

No. 816944

>he's not getting a paycheck on Friday.
Did you miss where he wasn't making fuck all on any of his channels anyway? That's why I don't see it as a big deal. From what we could tell, he was hardly making anything in the first place.

No. 816947

File: 1611107062463.jpg (29.86 KB, 500x281, now what.jpg)

What do we think he's gonna do now that he can't even bring in neetbux from Youtube? I doubt he's making enough off of his lame Patreon that he can keep the lights on at home. If Kainey needed an excuse to leave, this is it.

No. 816948

I don’t think the lost revenue is as much of a victory as the blow to his ego. YouTube is probably the most important thing to Greg. It’s where he made a name for himself and cultivated an audience to exploit. It’s like taking away an athlete’s medal after they fuck up. I’m sure he’ll eventually come back worse than ever but for 24 hours we can laugh

No. 816949

We're talking about Greg. The same guy who doesn't turn on the heat because it costs money. The same guy who didn't want to pay shekels in alimony despite making a ton of money. The idiot tried to claim every item in his videos on his taxes. Losing a little bit of money is going to hurt his ego, let's stop pretending like this isn't milk.

No. 816950

File: 1611107402170.png (28.65 KB, 685x234, 6756_5756998_98.PNG)

The documentary obviously put a fire under YouTube to do something about Onision. Maybe it was some bigwig who saw it and has major influence over at YT.

A farmer in the previous thread said something that stuck with me. What if this documentary starts a public outcry for criminal charges? Sometimes the big push a prosecutor needs is public outrage or a small select few who have power giving the prosecutor a call and asking whats going on with the case against Greg and Lainey. Im not saying Im one of those people looking for justice for the victims or prison time for Greg. But if he got charged or actually went to court for all this shit the spergout would be glorious. That's what I want.

No. 816951

>I’m sure he’ll eventually come back worse than ever but for 24 hours we can laugh
Not arguing the ego point. I'm just saying him being demonetized isn't going to make a difference for him financially. Does anyone have any evidence to the contrary?

No. 816952

File: 1611107662901.png (224.35 KB, 1490x632, Screenshot 2021-01-19 205348.p…)

Beg, little man.

No. 816953

Is he really emailing youtube support and telling them to look at his website? He can still upload and his revenue was insignificant. What a sperg.

No. 816955

Been a long time coming

No. 816956

>What if this documentary starts a public outcry for criminal charges?
Evidence was already handed over to the FBI by one of the victims who didn't want to be in this documentary in the first place. Most of the people I've seen in Hansen's replies have been criticizing him for that.

No. 816958

It's really pathetic. It's like saying, "I didn't rob that person officer and I can prove it! Look at my diary."

No. 816960

File: 1611108572937.png (41.13 KB, 1320x36, a danger to children.PNG)

>That's why I don't see it as a big deal.
>demonetized isn't going to make a difference for him financially

He could of lost 5 dollars. I don't care about the monetary loss. The "big deal" is that the only employer that Greg has known for the past 12 years just told him he's a danger to children and they would like for him to kindly fuck off. Should they have suspended his channels? Yes in a perfect world.

This was something Greg would use to defend his shitty behavior
>if I was so bad why hasn't YouTube banned me? Why haven't they demonetized my channels?

I hope he's jinxed himself with his constant defense
>if I'm so guilty why haven't the FBI or the sheriffs come knocking?

No. 816961

Does him being demonetised mean he can't make money using the claim system through YouTube? Lol if true!

No. 816962

File: 1611109286937.jpg (104.43 KB, 596x698, lets help greg out.jpg)

I'm wondering about that also because two of Gregs biggest defenders are trying to brainstorm ways to help their buddy out. I hope Greg tries this, gets caught and has all his channels suspended. Wiped completely off YT. And don't tell me he wouldn't attempt it. He tried to sneak back onto Patreon only a few months after being banned.

No. 816963

I hope he tries some shady shit like this and it results in the termination of his channels altogether.

No. 816964

If he content claims his own videos how would he get compensated if those videos he's claiming are demonetised? I wish I understood how the system works.

No. 816966

>This was something Greg would use to defend his shitty behavior
Ok. The fact remains he has yet to be charged with anything, this has yet to go to trial. He can still upload to a platform that he for all intents and purposes, wasn't relying on financially.

No. 816967

I'm pretty sure that's not the way it works.

No. 816969

File: 1611109863960.jpg (413.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210120-032950_Eco…)

lololol he is already on BitChute I think 1/2

No. 816970

File: 1611109890734.jpg (419.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210120-032937_Eco…)


No. 816974

>two of Gregs biggest defenders
lol. If you reached any further your arms would break nonny.

No. 816978

Why not? Isn't the point of ID claiming to divert funds back to the creator, if Onion's content is no longer deemed worthy of compensation by YouTube how can he claim it?

No. 816983

I'm not going to argue about him being charged or going to trial because you're right. We can dream tho right? But did you miss where I said I don't care about the monetary loss?
The beauty of all this is that his major employer for over a decade just told him to fuck off and the cherry on top was they used the phrasing that his behavior was harmful to children's safety.

I want Greg to continue to upload to YT. That's why I come here to enjoy the milk, the public freak outs. I would actually be disappointed if he got suspended. I can just see his next YouTube video (in 2 days)
>What child? What children have I harmed? Show me evidence Miss Wojcicki of the children I've harmed. What's their names? If you cant give me names then I'm innocent and should have my channels re-monetized.

No. 816988

Why is YouTube sending the email to "OnisionGames?" Sorry for being suspicious but Im really worried Gregs going to jump out tomorrow and scream "I TROLLED U GUISE!!!!!1"

No. 816994

Would’ve got sent to the emails attached to the 3 channels being demonetised. You can see it also got sent to me (Onision) as well as Onision games.

No. 816998

Sorry I misunderstood your question lol. I think he can still claim, just not make money. Not entirely sure but it would make sense.

No. 817003

So how long until Kai makes a miraculous return to the internet, on Greg's demand, to save their lifestyle?

No. 817005

She's way to mentally fragile. She'd swallow the whole bottle of what ever meds she's taking within a week of being back online. But I can see Greg uploading his shitty 3D animation or skits of him playing with his kids toys to CoolGuyKai. They cant prove its him. We've already seen him using her Patreon to direct traffic to his stuff.

No. 817006

I’m sure he would if he could because people would watch but I think he cares more about his pride than he does about money.

He always was weirdly bitter that Lainey’s videos were making more or as much money as him for a bit there and would mention it in videos. I don’t think he could withstand the mental shame of being lesser than someone he doesn’t see as an equal.

At the end of the video he says in his defeated tone that he’s parting ways with the audience or something to that effect. Even if he’s not outright deplatformed do you think there’s a chance that he is so defeated by constantly being hounded and outted for all the shit he’s done over the years? I could see the appeal of putting Lainey to work somewhere and getting his weird power trips off on his family rather than his fans. At least for a while.

I don’t have anything to back it up but I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the reason Lainey is staying off the internet is to alter her appearance in a major way to distance herself from her history.

No. 817007

Demonetised also means completely suppressed in the algorithm iirc.

It also doesn't rule out being banned later. They're more likely to ban someone who is already on thin ice.

No. 817008

Oniin surely will push that if he can, then cry when that gets shut down. There's no way his ego will let him just put Taylor on the screen and stay off camera, not even for the money.

I wonder if the controversy shifting onto Kai got her demonetised and she just didn't mention it, and that's why she stopped permanently. Onion would have wanted her to continue otherwise.

No. 817011

Yeah I don't understand why they didn't just ban him outright. That's what he needs, he needs to disappear from youtube forever.

I find it interesting how his "last" message/video was all about Shiloh. Why didn't you mention Billie and Sarah, gorg? Cause you are just focusing on how batshit Shiloh is irl and you think that's enough to discredit her?

If she hasn't done that already would be a big surprise. I am sure that by now every single person that has known her has watched or at least heard about this documentary that shows her predatory ways to the whole world. I mean how can you go on with a "normal life" from this?

No. 817012

>his major employer for over a decade
Really? He was making so little on these channels he may as well have been volunteering LOL. If you're saying he has no hope of ever getting employed anywhere, that was already established months ago. I stopped watching every single spergout he does because he's a pointless broken record.

No. 817013

"I was proven innocent here" if it never went to court then you were never proven innocent, retard. Typical narc thinking he's the judge.

No. 817014

File: 1611117918228.jpg (392.19 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20210120-153040_You…)

So does this mean we can embed his videos now to laugh at? Because they're demonetised?

The chat on his farewell video seem to think this is a fake out. Better fucking not be.

Here's a summary in case we still can't link:
> uses his soft boy voice to sound sad
> focuses on Shiloh's past edgy "I will destroy you" comments and the current controversies over her to blame her for everything
> points to entire Web pages he's made dedicated to discrediting Shiloh and Sarah, like that's a thing a normal person would do in this situation
> compares his situation to that of Johnny Depp, Tom Felton, and Ellen DeGeneres, kek
> picrel: posted the demonetisation email, mmm delicious
> finishes off with that one viral hit from forever ago that features his ex wife who also tried to "destroy" him

Fuck I hope it's all real and youtube doesn't backflip. This shit is finally paying off.

No. 817015

File: 1611118210884.jpg (216.36 KB, 1400x544, 20210120_153635.jpg)

He mentioned Sarah a bit while showing off those bonkers pages he's made full of counter-evidence.

Did he do that recently? I'm a long time reader here but didn't know about these websites:


He doesn't appear to be hosting ads on those pages so I assume they're OK to link.

No. 817016

How long until he starts sucking dick in the back of an alley for money? With his reputation that's the only job he will be able to have.

No. 817018

File: 1611118311546.jpg (328.73 KB, 1920x1080, Sarahpage.jpg)

The header from that page

Reminds of time cube

No. 817019

>Why didn't you mention Billie and Sarah

I was just about to post asking that same question. I understand why he's not railing against Billie. He still pines for her. Deep down if she asked him to leave Lainey and the kids he would do it. But why is he putting most of the blame on Shiloh. If you ask me the catalyst for the whole thing was Sarah. Now I don't want the spergs who keep crying "NO! Greg did it to himself" to jump on me. They're right, he did it to himself because he couldn't keep his mouth shut after him and Sarah had a falling out and had to make those passive aggressive videos talking about people who smoke weed and have BPD. If he had just stayed quiet and not poked at Sarah she wouldn't have talked to Ayalla and gotten this whole shit ball rolling.

No. 817020

>Getting demonetized on youtube is far from the norm.

What the documentary unintentionally did is highlight how youtube is constantly selectively enforcing their TOS. Chris Hansen's ban evading (against TOS) but youtube does nothing. They always randomly enforce shit.

No. 817021

That account is at least a year old.

No. 817022

File: 1611118895274.jpg (686.74 KB, 810x2265, 20210120_155635.jpg)

Sarah was the catalyst to making this all relevant again when it would have died down after Billie and been forgotten.

Which is weird to think seeing as Shiloh really copped the worst of it and was the main victim name attached to the documentary which prompted YouTube to grow a spine for once. Don't get me wrong, she's definitely a cow herself now and completely batshit but rewatching all the old milk, it is incredible the stuff he got away with at that time and would have continued to get away with it if Sarah didn't happen.

Greg will be in shock that his old tactics finally stopped working after all this time.

No. 817023

Oh yeah sorry that pic attached is the onision website's long boomer rant against Shiloh

No. 817024

He's buttmad about the documentary. Shiloh said in her breakdown video she'd destroy him and she went ahead with the doc even with everyone else trying to discourage her, so he's blaming her for taking it to TV.

No. 817026

I assume he's going to up the deviant factor on his OnlyFans. That's the only online platform giving him money if I right. I'm going to keep an eye on the OF leaks at KF and see if he starts trying to dance around with what he can legally do on OF. He needs to pull in the true degenerates. The same way Delphine and others cater to the pedophiles.

No. 817028

Yeah, he'd be seething more at the others if they'd appeared on it. Billie would be being called a smelly drug addict and he'd be posting her onlyfans on his website while making dot points about the time she said he was the worst person she's ever met.

No. 817029

She lied about going on the doc like a month or two after she filmed it lol. And who discouraged her to go on? The other girls who didn't want their stories on the show and were lied to?

No. 817030

I love how he so completely misses the point, few people care about the “illegality” of his actions, the majority just think what he did with Sarah was morally ducked up and that he has a history of being mentally abusive and sexually exhortative with a series of younger girls.

He admits to being verbally abusive so I don’t know why he can’t draw the same line and say “It was fucked up to sleep with someone I repeatedly referred to as my foster daughter that same year she became legal and I’m not denying that but I’m not breaking any laws doing it.”

I suppose he needs the argument and persecution to feel special and separate those who are easier to fool and manipulate from the chaff but other than that, it would be hard to argue against.

No. 817031

It wouldn't have been worth it for them to go on at all from really any angle.

No. 817032

Yeah exactly, and youtube's TOS doesn't have to be purely legalistic, they can make their "child safety concerns" be a lot stricter, with a lot lower threshold for evidence, than what a prosecutor can. He only recognises technicalities when they serve him.

Thinking about it for a second, that's actuallg true. I can't imagine Billie wants to relive the shit Onision said about her ex and other things in her past on TV so that people in the street recognise her for it. Same goes for Sarah.

No. 817033

File: 1611119975029.png (757.43 KB, 798x832, twitter.png)

Didn't Hansen help Greg out by not delivering evidence to the FBI? People are making such a big deal out of him being demonetized when he wasn't making any money on his channels to begin with.

No. 817035

scroll up and you'll see the dozen times it was explained for the slow to understand that him losing money isn't the real win of Onision's demonetization.

No. 817037

If they're too dumb to read the OP where it specifically says not to post irrelevant anti-o twitter caps here, then they're not going to be able to understand what demonetisation means for copyright claiming and the search algorithm. Or they do, and they just don't want us to be back on topic.

If Onision's channels were so worthless he wouldn't post there at all. Even if it just funnels people to his onionfans shit, it matters.

No. 817039

>the docu had no part in his demonetization if this happened 3 months from now.
Like someone said up thread, this move by yt is purely performative. There's a far bigger picture here than just lol Greg demonetized.
So no one was celebrating his demonetization in the thread? ok.

No. 817041

Is the documentary that just finished not still a topic? idk why anyone's surprised that some people on the show got shit on, it's like they don't know where they are lol.
>If Onision's channels were so worthless he wouldn't post there at all.
Do you know how much Onision was making? His views have been shit for awhile which means his revenue's been in the toilet for just as long. He's still on youtube and he'll most likely remain there until there's a conviction.

No. 817042

File: 1611127554203.png (110.15 KB, 1360x506, spectacle.png)

>Maybe it was some bigwig
Right. After ten years of people covering Onision, some big important faggot just happened to catch a show being streamed on an obscure service that compared to yt, NOBODY watches? Sure Jan.

No. 817046

You just proved the point your trying to refute.

10 years of youtubers making video after video about Greg and his abuse - nothing happens.

24 hours after the final episode of Onision: In Real Life is released Greg has all 3 channels demonetized because he is a danger to children. And might I add that Mondays episode was heavy on accusations that YouTube is partially at fault for Onisions "crimes" and they may be liable if it continues.
>The rest of the documentary is Maggie Mabie, Steve Asarch, Hansen and Edwin explaining how YouTube allowed Greg to find his victims on their platform

Connect the dots.

No. 817047

Heatboss hasn’t shown up to kf in awhile and he’s always there 24/7 posting pics of Grugly’s ugly dick, are we sure null didn’t ban him or something?

How else will we see his degeneracy without sacrificing a few shekels?

No. 817048

This is all very lulzy but what's interesting and telling is that youtube went after him for something that hasn't gone to trial yet, when they could've easily gone after him for the repeated false copyright strikes instead but chose not to.

A blatant PR stunt by YT corp. doesn't mean the Discovery show had a huge audience or was some big hit lol. Greg's presence on yt's platform still makes them money so it makes sense they wouldn't remove him. I'm well aware that their primary concern is their bottom line so their little "save the children" spiel means a whole lot.

No. 817049

File: 1611132296095.jpeg (449.89 KB, 2048x1508, Chris Clownsen at it again.jpe…)

>No one was included that didn't want to be in it
Except for "Regina's friend" and Billie… I'm sure I'm probably missing someone lol. He's really joining in with Shiloh throwing all those girls under the bus. gg hero/pedo slayer.

No. 817050

flakes thread is that way >>>/snow/1081173

No. 817051

Grugly’s been oddly quiet, hope he didn’t Chris Watts his family.

No. 817052

>I'm done talking about the documentary
Cool. You can skip over the updates then.

No. 817053

That has absolutely nothing to do with what that anon said.

No. 817055

Right, and Hansen wasn't talking about his Onision documentary which has been the subject of the last few threads.

No. 817060

>I was proven innocent here
>links to his website
Mein sides.

No. 817062

>I'm not a liar it's those other guys, honest
lmao, the whole fucking circus.
I think the crucial point you're not understanding is that performative punishment always = justice and never backfires.

No. 817063


The terrifying part is he's 100% sure this is how it works.

No. 817066

File: 1611138979928.png (566.51 KB, 717x1102, alzheimers.png)

Oh man he's gonna be so upset when he finds out.(wrong thread)

No. 817068

Technically they blurred their faces and didn't use their names but it's pretty easy to find with a quick search. Nice little deflection/semantical game tho. Now who does that remind me of? Seems so familiar.

No. 817069

>never took action against him for years of false copyright striking
>we care about the community
Yeah i don't think that's how that works, chief.

No. 817071

He's right though. I don't get why so many people are struggling to understand this. This is how news-biz works. If they sniff out a good scoop, they're going to tell it. your delicate virgin feelings dont matter-reporters report stories they hear. Maybe don't talk to one if you don't want your story out in the first place? Once they get it, your choices are be in it or sit out and that's it. There is no "but wait shh its a secret ok" like how retarded do you have to be to believe that

No. 817072

File: 1611141268288.png (551.81 KB, 787x1296, Screenshot_2021-01-19 Twitter…)

That's not what he said tho.

No. 817073

If they didn't want to be "known", they shouldn't have come out as victims ffs. What do they think, that the internet is a smol private group and only certain people can access info? Hansen just was being cordial with not letting their names/ faces be in the docu even tho he had all the rights to use them.

No. 817077

>they shouldn't have come out as victims
>he was cordial
Yes, thankfully he swindled politely.

No. 817081

Idk I think the discussion about the victims and doc keeps neglecting to touch on key things.

>why did they come out if they didn’t want their abuse exposed to as many as possible? Did they think it would stay secret?

They changed their minds. After having even more of their embarrassing personal details weaponized, being accused of lying or trying to get clout by randoms (though in the minority), and Hansen’s bumbling, they CHANGED their minds and wanted nothing to do with it.
>Hansen lied about the doc using their stories!
The doc barely talks about the other girls except in passing, and it does blur their faces and names. Their stories are vague, and he respected their wishes for the most part. Which is why it’s annoying he implied the whole doc was a baseless rumor instead of just being honest. The girls were easily searchable anyway, even if they hadn’t been mentioned at all. Asarch is so jewy it hurts lol he’s such a nerd

No. 817085

He’s such a short-sighted idiot. He has killed all of the goodwill he was able to rekindle at the start of this series.

Not to mention if he goes sniffing around a new story that if those victims have any familiarity with how much he overreached with this that there’s no way they would want to give him the inside scoop.

No. 817090

>He has killed all of the goodwill he was able to rekindle at the start of this series.

No he hasn't. Boomers still like him. Most people "online" like him too except the butthurt dramatubers and their ass-kissers.

No. 817101

At this point this thread has devolved into a Chris Hansen good vs bad debate. Should a new thread be made for him so you can discuss his morality without bumping a thread about Greg and his actions?
We have actual milk with Onion being demonetized and people are still focused on the same Hansen argument from the last thread

No. 817109

>They changed their minds. After having even more of their embarrassing personal details weaponized, being accused of lying or trying to get clout by randoms (though in the minority), and Hansen’s bumbling, they CHANGED their minds and wanted nothing to do with it.

That may be, but once you've gone public with something, such as sitting with Hansen interview on youtube. It's out there. There is no going back.

You can't unscramble an egg.

No. 817110

Stfu about it here and take it to the flakes thread.

No. 817111

It's intentional at this point. They don't sound like the usual farmers and they keep posting to deflect any discussion away from Greg.

No. 817112

I think the biggest disappointment is the little to none payoff of Greg getting demonetised off YouTube. I expected a reaction of the century.

No. 817121

This account is just for reuploads and to archive his videos. It doesn't belong to him.

No. 817125

Love how he writes about himself in the third person because he thinks it makes everything more legit, lmao.

Fucking idiot, that is some 14-yo mentality right there.

No. 817126

File: 1611158854144.jpg (83.82 KB, 523x504, thelittleguy.jpg)


No. 817127

I think it was around adpocalypse that Greg himself said in one of his videos that he has savings for about 5 years from then. Would that match? I'm not too familiar with the YT timeline…

No. 817131

What is this autism? Also, none of the YouTubers (big or small) got Greg demonetized

That's about right, although I wonder how fast his coffers have been drained with two kids, an unemployed spouse, multiple audits and the wetlands repairs

No. 817132

I put my faith in the Farmhands. I keep reporting any derailment posts. Just remember that not all bans are visible with the red text at the bottom. Only hitch is that some of the derailers have VPNs as seen with the multiple (ban evasion) bans.

No. 817133

Absolutely right.
If you feel that quote is autism you need to take your head out your ass. Greg has been fucking the little guys on youtube and twitter since the dawn of time.
Wow, I see only your ankles sticking out. Careful there buddy with those farmhands.

No. 817137

File: 1611160728627.jpg (124.68 KB, 780x706, thelittleGENE.jpg)

I thought the use of notepad seemed odd but familiar. I saw it in the last thread too. If you remember when Anonymous Gene Junior graced us with his presence.

No. 817138

File: 1611161155016.jpg (65.1 KB, 973x583, 2021-01-15 19.41.10 twitter.co…)

Gene lied about making those.

No. 817139

Pray tell though whats wrong about saying it was a group effort for over 10 years to get Greg gone, instead of having major youtube hypocrite narcissists take credit for it?

It is a bad thing, because….?

Just fill in that blank for me. Thank you.

No. 817141

I wouldn't be proud to claim those horribly made fakes.

Its difficult to explain to an Autist why they're autistic. I don't have the time today I'm watching the inauguration.

No. 817142

File: 1611162145803.png (578.14 KB, 867x710, onision suspended.PNG)

Some bigger news outlets are covering Onisions demonetization. It has to piss him off that they are saying the suspension is because of grooming allegations.


No. 817143

They also chose a great pic of his Easter Island forehead. Notice that the doc is also credited as the reason he was demonetized. Food for thought for some of the YouTube spergs

No. 817146


from the linked article:
>Among the other accusations is that Jackson groomed a girl named Sarah, whom he and his spouse, Kai Avaroe, befriended when she was 14. Another woman also described disturbing punishments such as being chained in a basement for a week and being commanded to get a tattoo reading "I'm a liar."

Sweet.. You know a sperg is coming

No. 817151

Sometimes it’s tempting to debunk every word and strawman out of Greg, but it’s simply too much and too ridic for a sane person to dredge through. It’s funny he interprets no one being willing to engage with his autism as him “proving his innocence.”

Would you bother showing ID, and paperwork, and whip out medical journals to prove to the homeless guy on the subway that you’re not “CIA implanting devices in his brain to read his thoughts”? No. It doesn’t mean his points can’t be disproven, but why fucking bother. Let him write his messages with poo on the walls.

No. 817152

For all the YouTubers freaking out about "off site activity" let's not forget how common this is in a real job. No company wants their brand to be tarnished by the shenanigans their burger flippers get into. Especially when they're considered "celebrities" these days.

No. 817154


I hope this mainstream dildoing of greg's ass emboldens the county to rethink their soft touch with the wetland situation.

No. 817155

The Drama Channels are freaking out that their behavior off site or even irl can now effect their YT career.
I saw one literally say
>so now if I jokingly say nigger on Twitter I'll get my channel suspended? UNFAIR!

No. 817157


Youtubers deserve nothing.

No. 817161

Next there will be a vigilant citizen article about how Greg’s “punishments” are Satanic and that he’s connected to the Illuminati.


No. 817164

File: 1611169894991.jpeg (292.18 KB, 2518x1024, virginrepzion.jpeg)

No. 817168

About goddamn time.

No. 817169

Oh yeah, the ol Rep and Maya folder. Damn that relationship is weird.

No. 817172

It's incredibly hilarious considering the approach he takes to youtube is the same as all his other arguments he pushes with other youtubers.

>"Look at my website, I've proven myself innocent. Please, let me appeal to you to BE HUMAN and don't do this to me pls :("

Just how the fuck does he think that would work with a multimillion dollar company? lol. Maybe we will get some platinum mad chimpouts soon out of it and/or compulsive begging to his teen groupies. Who knows? Maybe he will try to game the system like some anon said and get his other non-primary channels monetized and tell his fellow waterheads to subscribe to minimize his financial losses.

Speaking of which, where are the IRS and feds in fucking him over financially for the wetlands and taxes? They should also be looking into hidden assets, if they haven't already. I wouldn't be surprised he did fuck with his taxes more than what we already know.

I wouldn't put it past him to go full Chris Benoit if he feels the feds are closing in and he has nowhere else to go. I don't hope it happens but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Debt and lack of income can really fuck with people. He would rather die than not live in his swamp mansion. Let alone a cold federal cell.

No. 817176

File: 1611174582497.png (525.45 KB, 954x671, want fries with that.PNG)

No. 817190

File: 1611176735735.jpeg (276.01 KB, 2064x1802, 84EFEBC5-4637-47A2-ADDA-3E2C87…)



> According to recent videos posted by Onision, the backlash of his current controversy has forced him to step away from his life online altogether and apply for work at McDonald's.

PLEASE tell me this is true and there'll be videos of his behind-the-counter meltdowns soon

created this piece of art and con the name "Onision - Customer Service Edition"

No. 817193

A lot of his biggest reactions have been delayed. I wonder though whether not being able to make money off a reaction will factor in. This will reveal a lot about Onion - is ego more important than money to him.

If he is going to react, he needs to let his farewell video sit for a while, he's definitely sending his few remaining flying monkeys out to focus on the documentary controversy, and he doesn't even need to ask a lot of clout chasers to cry about not being paid for a commentary video or not being part of the documentary, but eventually the IRS repayments will be due, the EPA will ask after the swamp, and it'll come to a head then.

Or youtube will backflip, reinstate his monetisation, and there'll be an extremely obnoxious series of reactions from him then.

No. 817197

File: 1611177917129.jpg (43.17 KB, 605x442, Screenshot 2021-01-20 152518.j…)

How long until an even bigger sperg?

No. 817199

As if McDonald's would hire him. Even McDonald's wouldn't risk ruining their reputation hiring a guy who is known everywhere as being a creep and a danger to young girls.

No. 817200

He wouldn't last a day at a customer service or retail job. The customer is always right, and for his narc brain, he wouldn't be able to stand that, or being told what to do by someone superior to him.

No. 817201

He'd probably have to get a job at a small business with a weird creepy boss who sympathises with him, or if one of his remaining discordfriends has a parent who owns a business.

No. 817203

>mentioning the documentary that's been discussed over the last 2 threads
If it has to do with the "Onision documentary" I see no reason why it can't be mentioned here.

No. 817205

Why? I've lost count of all the recent times some anons expected a huge spergout and nothing happened. I never thought demonetization would make much of a difference for him for obvious reasons.

No. 817206

I know, social repose bad but, here's some of that email exchange

No. 817209

He's been violating TOS for years. That youtube suddenly pretends to care about "their community" after years of people reporting him over DMCA abuse rings hollow to a lot of people.

No. 817214

Most of this is a circus. Two cows collided in Hansen and Greg and this is the result.

No. 817215

He said he was going to apply to McDonalds last year too…

No. 817216

He probably looks like a new shade of red over this photo.

No. 817218

No. 817220

>so jewy it hurts
My thoughts exactly kek.
10/10 autism.

No. 817221

It's not like several news outlets weren't covering this very same thing last year, minus the demonetization obviously. He still has full use of all his channels he just can't make money off of them anymore, which if you saw his views over the past year or peeked at his social blade you'd know it wasn't a big loss financially.

No. 817222

File: 1611182554172.jpg (551.13 KB, 1920x1080, Emailshot.jpg)

Half that email doesn't even sound like Greg, so he must really be flipping out.

For those who don't want to give SR views, Ritchie replied to the mass email with "lmao leave me out of this" and so Greg replied with a huge tirade about Jaclyn and then said weird stuff like:
> I was ride or die with her, (Billie?) she even said we had past lives together… I used to believe in soul mates and astrology…
> I had so many opportunities to cheat in my life but I chose love. The truth is cheesy sometimes but love is real

like shit I had to look up to make sure ding-dong wasn't baiting with actual song lyrics
Also, a lot of projection. So he is reacting, it's just not on youtube because the money is gone.

Has the group email from onision been posted? Should be in unsaged posts. Would like to read this stuff without it being in an emo song.

No. 817223

I just checked and his "I'm a banana" and some of his other high views videos are still monetized, can someone explain? Is the money going to YouTube?

No. 817224

He's probably jerking off furiously to this photo

No. 817225

>Gene has never been confirmed as Hansen's personal spastic
It was confirmed in the snow thread but you can ignore that if you want. And Hansen did lie about having FBI contacts because one of the girls he was grifting (Ashlee) outed him for it. Why else would Hansen lie about delivering Sarah's laptop to the FBI? The FBI hasn't responded publicly (when do they ever in a current investigation?) yet Hansen was claiming for months that he was getting weekly updates kek. No one would be talking about any of this if Hansen's documentary never happened so if you want to blame anyone, you can blame him.

If you think Eugenia contributed anything significant to the show, you're welcome to post it.

No. 817226

He won't be able to steal other people's money by falsely copyright claiming their videos anymore so that's good enough for me. Plus the massive blow to his narc ego, it must be hurting a lot.

No. 817227

Honest Youtube will still run ads on his vids so they can get the shekels, he just won't see any of it. Are muh paragons of virtue making money off a potential child predator UwU? >>816891

No. 817229

> I had so many opportunities to cheat in my life but I chose love.

Good thing he didn't stick his dick in Sarah's ass dozens of times while his wife was in another state when he had the opportunity. Oh wait.

No. 817230

It’s a race to see who releases the email in full first. He’s likely relaying his same tired story again but it would be interesting to read in full.

No. 817231

Yeah not to mention Billiegate and chatting to Shiloh while still with Skye. I guess he really believes he's innocent? Or else he believes he can erase people's memories with his words.

No. 817232

He also lectures Ritchie on how his cheating on women ruins their ability to trust and love again, the hypocrisy is staggering.

No. 817233

Sad how Billie leaving robbed him of his belief in soulmates rather than Lainey staying by his side through all the shit has reaffirmed his belief in her being his soulmate.

No. 817236

And good thing he didn't fuck Billie while his pregnant wife was trick or treating with their son on Halloween. Oooooh waaaaait.

No. 817238

>instead of having major youtube hypocrite narcissists take credit for it?
Isn't it the other way around though? He got all his info from them anyway. Since you didn't see the tv show (very few did), Hansen went to town on his own farts the entire time.

No. 817240

The weirdo was keeping track of Shiloh's pregnancy? Well that's not creepy at all. And he was already dating Footface at the time, imagine your partner keeping track of his exe's pregnancy lol.

No. 817246

and dramatubers get their info from either farms whats your point?

No. 817250

Since Greg never got Skye pregnant, did his pregnancy fetish start when Shiloh successfully carried a baby after he made her miscarriage his? Shiloh really did a number on him, it was mutual destruction.

No. 817252

Shiloh used to post pregnancy photos on social media, I bet he has all of them saved. Eww

No. 817253

Its in same folder as his sister in laws Suicide Girl nudes Im sure.

No. 817254

File: 1611188041103.png (648.38 KB, 1158x856, Screenshot 2021-01-20 191109.p…)

No. 817257

File: 1611188255729.png (36.55 KB, 1200x640, 1200px-Hallmark_logo.svg.png)

nice sincere statement there, greggy poo.

No. 817258

His pity party is just an attempt to rile the last dregs of his followers to defend him against the “liars”. Good thing the anti-onion commentary community is already doing the dirty work for him without even realizing it.
I like that he’s using COVID victims to make himself feel better about the situation lol

No. 817260

He's baiting people to join his exclusive membership shite too.

No. 817262

I was ride or die in so many instances with her. The things I overlooked in the name of love was ridiculous. I once had had faith in people… I once believed in soulmates and astrology, like that was real. She even insisted that we had previous lives together. I believed it all but when she showed her true face that changed me in such a painful and saddening way. I could handle being lied to when I found out she wasn't obeying the law. I asked her to promise me she wouldn't from that point on. but being cheated on? I walked like six miles in the middle of the night just to keep myself from falling apart, feeling numb, an absence inside of me, a complete crippling of my hope and faith in people… she did that to me. It's important to tell someone like you how much damage you do, how much you destroy someone's ability to trust people how awful what you do to people is. You push people to give up on humanity as a whole because they realized of someone who promised everything, who was supposed to be there for you would betray you on such a deep level. How you trust anyone? A little bit of light leaves your life forever when people mistakenly believe in people like you. The fact you can even show your face online and feel good about yourself. It blows my mind, like I said you can't even turn and look at me for an escape from thinking who you are. I have confessions from people admitting I told the truth, that I was the one who kicked them out of my life and them making clear I kicked them out for good reason. And I kick people out of my life not so different from you. People who lie, people who promise they will never hurt you. People who really on care about themselves — So you can't even equate me to you. You can't even come close — I had so many opportunities to cheat through my life and I chose love (sometimes the truth sounds cheesy, but love is real and it's powerful, just like the truth is powerful if you embrace it - accept it and let it grow inside you. You chose hurting people who loved you more than most anything for the sake of selfishness and stupidity — so I ask again how could you even bring yourself to even make videos, videos about me no less when you know where you are. Deep down you what you did to her, everyone saw it and I personally saw what you did to them and you know what - you already admitted it… do you think that makes it go away? Do you think you can get forgiven? How could you ever look at a person again and say you love them with even a shred of confidence? After you have gone behind so many people's backs – lied to them and risked crippling their faith in human beings. You risked destroyi8ng their ability to ever have a trusting/loving relationship again?

No. 817264

Peep that projection

No. 817265

Thanks for transcribing!

Totally. Especially:
> You chose hurting people who loved you more than most anything for the sake of selfishness and stupidity — so I ask again how could you even bring yourself to even make videos[…]when you know where you are. Deep down you what you did to her, everyone saw it and I personally saw what you did to them and you know what - you already admitted it… do you think that makes it go away? Do you think you can get forgiven? How could you ever look at a person again and say you love them with even a shred of confidence? After you have gone behind so many people's backs – lied to them and risked crippling their faith in human beings. You risked destroying their ability to ever have a trusting/loving relationship again?

That applies to both Lainey and Billie/Sarah.

No. 817271

And good thing he didn't force his pregnant wife to drive herself to the hospital because he was too busy fucking Billie…oh wait…

No. 817273

File: 1611193023606.png (424.92 KB, 2048x1536, 4FE5A5A7-4058-492B-90EC-C97FF4…)

Also, some of his paypigs that are left were paying him for discord access etc via the YouTube subscription member thing & will no longer able to pay that way so will have to sign up to his OF if they still want to throw him money.

No. 817274

>most everyone

hot damn does he use this phrase a lot. fittingly it just makes him sound like a pretentious dumbass

Also topkek to him comparing his demonetization to murder. By his standards he's taking this in stride, but a spergout of magnitude proportions is brewing

No. 817275

There are some "exclusive" things here but you can't say a lot of it isn't pulled from twitter and elsewhere. What doesn't get shared on the internet.
tldr; cringe.

No. 817280

The pregnant wife who deserved everything she had coming to her

No. 817281

No. 817296

No it started before that. Shiloh's first meeting with him began with him flopping down on top of her and saying he couldn't wait to get her pregnant.

No. 817300

Projection aside, Jaclyn recently got married and she seems to have moved on just fine. Meanwhile Grease is still invested in Repose cheating and is still bitching about it lol, that's just pathetic. He should focus on his own failed relationship instead of obsessing over others.

No. 817307

I'd say this girl >>817066 represents the majority. The boomers that don't know about the shit he's pulled will find out eventually. Greg thought he could keep all his shit contained online too kek.

No. 817309

>a real job
Youtube is as far from a 'real job' as you could possibly get kinda like journalism kek. There's no guarantee of getting paid for your work. If you're lucky you might get compensated and even then a lot of people run their channels at a loss and work actual day jobs. That's a fact.

Youtube the company has tarnished its "brand" all by itself, at least in the eyes of the people who make content on it and to most of the user base in general.

No. 817318

Probably because skye was like his age. He only has pregnancy fetish with fresh teens.

No. 817330

File: 1611214788166.webm (3.07 MB, Crows V Onision-1.webm)

Monday Greg went on a small commentary channel Crows Of Judgement to answer questions.
The stream was almost 4 hours long and Greg just churned out the same old stories he always does. I like to listen to these "debate me" interviews because sometimes he slips up and gives new details or says too much. There wasn't any real new milk but I thought these bits were interesting.

>Greg and Lainey are still carrying a torch for Billie.

>Explains away Lainey's tits-out Skype call with Regina by saying "topless" means showing your shoulders.

>Greg is going to sue "a certain person" with his no money.

>Lainey is still depressed and on anti-anxiety/depressant meds.

No. 817332

File: 1611214915044.webm (3.41 MB, Crows V Onision-2.webm)


>The interviewer flips Greg's "sexual extortion" story and Greg starts fast talking and his voice goes up 2 octaves as he spergs trying to flip it back to him being the victim.

>The mysterious 27 year old is brought up again but this time he's more truthful. Last time the story was both him & Lainey were in a "relationship" with this woman, now he admits that he wasn't involved and Lainey and this woman only had 2 dates and they pecked on the lips. Plus she was a "former convict."

>Accidentally admits that he lurks Lolcow while trying to throw shade at Regina.

I NEED to know who the fuck this 27 year old is.

No. 817334

>>"former convict"
Kek the onions know how to pick em

No. 817335

Yeah all bad words should be penalized. Thought criminals get the gulag. Just remember it could be you next.

No. 817336

This didn’t age well, kek

No. 817337

>Greg is going to sue "a certain person" with his no money.
That's the only new bit of info. Everything else we've heard recently.

No. 817339

>Accidentally admits that he lurks Lolcow
There are quite a few aids riddled spastics that lurk here. Most of them go back and forth to twitter…

Crows did a decent job, even Deorio didn't pin Greg on the NDA.

I like how Greg acts as though he never fucked up his own life. Hopefully he'll keep up that attitude because it's worked out so well for him so far kek.

No. 817340

After all of this, it’s still Billie he cries about… imagine being Plainey

No. 817342

I mean we all knew he checks this website but it's nice to hear confirmation directly from his own mouth

lold at his " don't have much income" well bitch now you have NO income! thank you youtube, bless.

I don't understand tho, he was ok with ghislainey dating an ex convict but every time he talks shit about Sarah and Billie he screams about them being criminals?

No. 817344

You're right about some of it. I had already heard Greg pining for Billie, that he's poor but is somehow going to sue Discovery+ and everyone involved and Lainey is seeing a therapist and on medication. But I thought it was funny that he's spinning the topless Skype call into "it was just her shoulders" So a topless club is just a bunch of women running around in tube tops I guess? I also never knew this unknown 27 year old was a former convict. I wonder what the crime was?

I've never believed Greg when he says he doesn't watch all the videos that are made about him or check out KF & LC because it triggers him. His go to "I didn't see it, someone told me about it" was such bullshit. This confirms he watches these threads like a hawk. I'm guessing he was lurking in the previous thread when those Regina edits were posted >>815172 >>815079 >>814967

No. 817347

This was 2 dates and a kiss. I bet the chick saw the red-flags and ghosted them after a week. She wasn't around long enough for Greg to start that creepy obsessive attachment he gets with girls. She left quietly without any drama and hasn't spoken out about them so Greg has no need to start blasting anything he learned about her personal life. I'm sure her criminal record is something stupid like a night in jail for public intoxication, but Greg had to exaggerate it. The only reason he keeps bringing her up is because she helps boost his "I hate teenagers and only date women in their 20's" argument. Just like his 2 week online relationship with 22 year old Hannah Minx and short run with 26 year old AJ.

No. 817348

File: 1611219251111.png (43.61 KB, 898x193, 10k likes lol.png)

No. 817351

tell me, how do you get your news each day?

guess its a real job after all, huh?

No. 817353

holy fucking shit is that crow guy's voice fucking annoying.
he sounds like the kinda guy that has the name "milton" or "melvin" in real life.

No. 817354

File: 1611223510241.jpg (799.41 KB, 1600x1600, clotP1bG_400x400.jpg)

Maharaja Achmiel Mutahar Saladin does NOT like the documentary. Quick! shut it down!!

No. 817356

>Greg is going to sue "a certain person" with his no money.
I'll believe it when I see it. He has a habit of threatening to sue people and then never does it (or ends up dismissing his own case in court lol)

No. 817363

File: 1611227054325.png (134.07 KB, 594x322, _hmmm_.png)

Did Anonymous Gene Jr. cut & paste but forgot that lolcow's text styling codes don't work on Twitter?

No. 817364

Answer your DM's, daddy.

No. 817365

Can't even mention one person with 10k likes disliking their owners mockumentary before the sperging starts. 10k more to go, fag. You can do it lil' buddy.

No. 817368

File: 1611229264241.png (251.4 KB, 1353x769, sskwf.PNG)

Someone summarized the whole situation quite well at kiwifarms. Coudln't said it better.

No. 817369

yup, saw that post too and agree with it fully.

No. 817376

You know damn well Greg’s autistic ass would call someone w a reckless driving ticket or possession of marijuana fine a “convict” since they were technically
“convicted” of the “crime.”

Christ he’s such an absolute retard.

No. 817377

Mr. Logic and Science believed in astrology ahhahahahaahhaHAHAHAHAHHAH

No. 817380

dont want to be annoying but can you also provide the first part? It isnt on bitchute or anywhere else in the threads. sorry for being late on this.

No. 817402

Thank fuck someone called him out on the NDA semantics. That has went so long unchallenged by Greg and it never made any fucking sense. He completely deflected and never answered.

It's been obvious for years he lurks here, whenever he reads something in lolcow he uses a made up friend the reference what he read so he can talk about it. Wouldn't be surprised if he's the anon that posts Billie's OF content.

No. 817406

i think it's Madison

No. 817408

File: 1611241978678.jpeg (111.09 KB, 750x733, kiss.jpeg)

Isn't that Madison? The dates where for Lame's video's and the kiss was a YouNow goal. Before the kiss Lainey had them both rinse with mouthwash and was rude to her acting as if Maddison didn't meet Lainey's high standards. As far as the conviction goes, it was for assault /domestic violence. I guess she caught her feancé cheating and lost it. At least according to a Cut episode she was in.

No. 817409

Is he going to hire an actual lawyer? Because last time he pulled people into court he decided to represent himself and that went about as well as we could all imagine. Wasn’t even bothered to get his “prenup” or the NDA notarized because he’s so cheap. Not to mention a lawsuit against a large company is never easy anyway. I almost want him to because it would be a train wreck and he would try to drag the dramatubers in with his other totally valid evidence

No. 817412

File: 1611243463916.jpg (25.56 KB, 457x750, lhado0iw6mj41.jpg)

That's his batshit insane mother's influence.

off topic but I always wondered about astrology that it means that the exact same shit happens to people with the same starsign every day, as predicted. how come that doesn't happen?

"oh you're an aquarius, you're gonna find the love of your life today"
"but i'm already married?"
"see, astrology is right."

No. 817413

why she wearing a hasbeeb? lainey become islamic?

No. 817415

he'll prolly go the greg bundy route and represent himself again.
please for the love of God some anon film that shit.

No. 817417

that's a hoodie.

No. 817423

Kek that silence after 'you just said that you exchanged sex to get an NDA out of a girl' hits different. Finally someone said it to his face and ofc he just weasels his way into another topic

No. 817430


Please, for the love of god, please let him sue Pro Se. The milk would be a nonstop flood.

I seriously doubt he will, because A) It cost money just to file. B) to sue a business you have to sue in the state that they are incorporated in. (i.e. YouTube can only be sued in California.) Which would cost even more because he would have to travel or hire a lawyer in that state.

And that's just the shit I know off the top of my head and I'm not a lawyer. A lawyer could probably point out another dozen things that I have no idea about.

No. 817431

When he was asked about what age he fucked Lainey first, he said he didn't want to comment

No. 817434


How to shut down a narcissist is to reframe their narrative back to reality. His "wait so Sarah is the good guy?" sounded pretty spooked to me. And his fumbling about "people you don't know about that talked good about us" is just pathetic lmao.

No. 817437

That's my guess. They also went out for drinks while Greg watched the kids and that's what started diapergate.

No. 817441

so honest, most honest YouTuber

No. 817444

All I really know is that if he tries to sue for defamation the burden of proof will rest on him. And that can be hard when you're trying to dispute allegations of abuse (look at Depp). And if a company really wants to fuck with you they can drag out pre-trial proceedings to drain you financially. He would be really stupid to try, but Onion's narc brain probably thinks he has a chance

No. 817448

He's too incompetent to pull anything off. You need to be VERY specific and understand how to outline every little detail when presenting this kind of thing to a court. Even if he gets a lawyer to do most of it for him, his communication skills are piss poor and he'll not include crucial details.

We've all seen his 2.1 GPA English skills.

No. 817454


He served the wrong Chris Hansen.

The closest he came to a lolsuit was the one he was wearing.

No. 817456

You mean the same illfitting lolsuit he wears to everything
Including his last wedding

No. 817464


Plus, as meager as it might have been. his internet fame would count him as a "public figure" and that would put the burden on him to prove it is false (It's not defamation if it's true, even if it's really nasty), but also would have to prove "Actual malice". Meaning, You knowingly published something that was untrue to damage someone's reputation.

That last bit was the exact reason why Depp lost his case.

No. 817465

the fact that he keeps bringing up that his dad misremembered his age as irrefutable proof that his dad is a liar and therefore not credible proves he's got nothing of substance. Literally no one gives a fuck if his dad said he was 17 or 15. It makes zero difference to the story. But he's spent hours sperging about this one thing.

No. 817467

>Accidentally admits that he lurks Lolcow while trying to throw shade at Regina.

That might explain the bad Regina edit and the constant posting of billie’s nudes. Billie tweeted about finding out about who had been leaking her of content. If it is him, I can only imagine how satisfying it will be to legally bring the hammer down on him after he spent so long smearing her as a “scumbag criminal”.

I think it’s Madison too. He probably wants to only refer to her as the “27 year old we dated” to make it seem like his real target isnt 16/17/18.

No. 817469

That was the same day Greg screamed at Foot and Madison telling them they deserved to get raped. Now tell me, who would let their toddler daughter with a guy who just verbally abused you and said horrible things moments earlier? A+ mother. Little Evelin got neglected because all madison could think about was eating out Foot's sour pussy.

No. 817472

>That was the same day Greg screamed at Foot and Madison telling them they deserved to get raped.

That's why she was not a candidate for greg. She stood up to him and was also ballsy enough to accurately make fun enough of him with lainey in that one video.

It's weirdly reassuring that he isn't creepy enough to play the long game and try to keep Madison around for her daughter in a decade.

No. 817482

I hope people will mass email OnlyFans and Discord about Greg and the infamous documentary.

They are his only two platforms left, far as I know.(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 817483

File: 1611264515803.png (2.33 MB, 828x1792, 9F1C8199-7643-4311-BC22-F08187…)

Did you see what Shiloh posted on her Instagram? The image prior was saying how ‘it’s not over yet’. Could the statement be for Greg?

No. 817485

I hope lainey doesn't keep him on a leash and off of these live interviews. Th emore he does it, the more he reveals.

No. 817487

As if doormat could stop him from doing something

No. 817490

>Greg and Lainey are still carrying a torch for Billie.

But didn't they "reject" her? Grease always brags about rejecting people but he always leaves out the part where he wants them back and THEY reject him.

No. 817492

He also tried to resurrect the jaclyn thread without providing receipts.

No. 817494

I wouldn't have saged these, these are great excerpts and you did a lot to listen to 4 hours of this then boil it down for us.

No. 817495

Since when does Lainey ever control anything he does? Are you new?

No. 817496


No. 817497

She does cry. She's picked up some tricks and has a lot of leverage right now as Greg can't afford divorce on top of all this, plus needs the coolguykai channel to keep making money off youtube.

I wonder if the real reason she never came back online is to do with the antidepressants he says she's taking.

No. 817498

Because of Greg I can spot other narcs so easily now.
Good luck on your trial, two face.

No. 817499

>she's cries
ok anon lol.

No. 817500

Most of it is old milk but the interviewer handled it pretty well.

No. 817501

This bitch should spill the milk instead of being vague. Also all the times they say vague shit like this it ends up in nothing.

No. 817502

True. Lying is a favorite pastime of hers so who knows what she's up to.

No. 817513

Deleted, it’s a kiwifag’s reupload channel

No. 817519


The Onision Demonetized remix.


No. 817522

Stop acting like you know it's Greg, you really don't.

No. 817529

No one's saying definitively it is greg but he mentioned seeing the reginia stuff on here and there's been a very vocal poster that's been trying to humiliate one of his exes that he's still hung up on.

It's not cold hard proof but it's an observation.

No. 817537

File: 1611286899764.png (249.43 KB, 832x619, madison decambra.PNG)

Shes not even 27 yet but we cant rely on Greg to use the correct age. He plays fast and loose with all the girls ages when trying to make himself not look like a creepy pedo. I guess Madison is the best guess. Closest to the 27 year age range and has a criminal record.

No. 817539

File: 1611288228925.jpeg (270.06 KB, 1152x2048, 29386B4D-9316-4DBB-B49E-F7BCCC…)

Speaking of which…

No. 817542

>my ex best friend
Shiloh has a LOT of these huh.

No. 817548

Depp's trial was in the UK where the laws are different, that's why he lost. He would've won in the States.(off-topic)

No. 817549

He said Maya was 24 when she visited but she was actually 20. I agree we can never believe him with ages as he always makes the girls older.

No. 817552

Somebody's mad.

The alternative is that someone is posting as stupidly as Greg but without even as much actual motive, which is v embarrassing for them.

He likes Madison because she'll never deliver the milk and she takes criticism about as well as Shiloh.

No. 817553

File: 1611291863533.png (552.38 KB, 529x948, Barnum and Bailey ft Lyldoll.p…)

>massive disappointment in my ex best friend who used this as an opportunity to be in front of a camera to get the attention she so clearly was seeking by sharing peoples stories who asked her not to.
I'm sure she feels just terrible about it.

No. 817556

Yea definitely,especially when they all repeat the same script word for word.

No. 817557

This coming from the woman who was upset that Lainey and a 16 year old Sarah cuddled in bed during their girls night slumber party. She wasn't upset that it's fucking creepy for an adult getting cozy with an underage girl, but because Lainey didn't make space for her on the bed to cuddle too and ignored her the whole night.

No. 817561

As terrible as Hansen must feel, surely. Nah they both sleep like babies kek.

No. 817563

It says 26 in 2018. It’s now 2021. She’s 28 as of about 6 months ago.
So it’s very likely she’s the 27 year old he keeps spouting off about because Greg used people’s current ages when he’s trying not to look like a pedo. Like MY HUSBAND IS LIKE 23 OBVIOUSLY IM NOT A PEDO

No. 817565

File: 1611297993260.png (115.39 KB, 649x450, 767521.png)

>birthday November 28 1994

The info on her birthday, birthplace, age and birth sign is a separate cap that was added/overlaid to the youtube ss.

Madison just recently turned 26. And she kissed Lainey in 2018 when she was 23. Where Onision got "27 year old" is beyond me.

No. 817566

Dramatic crybaby much?

No. 817567

Oops. Ignore my dumbass.

Still think she’s the 27 yo though. Considering she’s a “model”. It’s pretty common about models to lie about their age online to be younger.

No. 817568

>Where Onision got "27 year old" is beyond me.
The retard didn't know his own age according to Sam and she had to tell him how old he was. He's literally brain damaged.

No. 817574

File: 1611303380976.png (1.65 MB, 1649x891, lainey and unknown.png)

There was a woman who was in some of Laineys videos early 2018. Lainey never introduced her or said her name. She looks like she could be in her late 20's. Could this be the mysterious 27 year old? After 2018 she was never seen again.

No. 817575

Seems legit

No. 817581

God these pictures make me feel bad for the kids that befriend ghislainey. It’s so creepy thinking they’re going to be friends or more with her only to end up being there for Anus to be abused and have their private business talked about in his shitty videos.

Whoever that girl is she looks so innocent poor child.

No. 817587

…What? That woman looks like she's in her 30s. That's not a child.

No. 817589

WITHOUT consent from ANY of the parties involved. you should e-mail all of them about it.

No. 817590

No. 817594

loved it, loved lainey behind the keyboard. when hansen jumped in i lost it

No. 817596


No. 817597

So how is ol’ girl Dev doing? Surely she glad to be as far away from the Sicesca cult while laffing at Greg through the TV

No. 817599

No. 817606


I don’t think Madison is referring to Shiloh here, I feel like Regina is more likely.

No. 817615

Madison and Regina never met, unsaging newfag.

No. 817616

>Huge apology as well to the other victims whose stories were told without their permission
But Hansen said no one was included who didn't want to be >>817049? So tragic when senility kicks in at his age.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if in the sequel (that will be seen by all of 4 people) they do a dramatic reenactment of C falling out of the window.

No. 817619


My honest question is why is she surprised? Grug still occasionally
ree'd about Shiloh and plenty of others back when Sarah was living with them even though that was years past. He notoriously can't let shit go. So why is she surprised that his name will follow her for years? She wasn't special and it wasn't like she didn't know - remember, at one point it was her that would come to lolcow to keep laundry and grug "informed"

No. 817621

I don’t think this means she was surprised. I think Sarah’s rightfully sad that this will follow her for a while and that if Greg is still allowed on YouTube that he will continue to bring her up forever.

Like you just said, he still brings up Shiloh and in a way that you think her last name was “thegirlwhogotpregnantwithsomeoneelse’sbaby” because he repeats it almost every time he brings her up. Their association and his version of her lives on way beyond its natural expiration date.

I don’t blame any of the people who have been associated with him to want to be able to move on. Who wouldn’t.

No. 817623

If Shiloh really didn't want her name to continue being "associated with Onision" she wouldn't have agreed to do the tv show with his name on it lol. Madison is a sperg but she wasn't wrong about that cow's (who's had her own thread btw) attention seeking behavior.

No. 817629


Sure. My sympathies are there too. I just don't get why she thought she'd be immune when she witnessed the very same happen over and over to others both before and during time in their lives. And not only that - she read the opinions and proofs of farmers that shows that this is to be expected of him going back at least a decade.

It's all well to want to move on. But she jumped in the deep end and was surprised the water was cold. She's either going to have to own it or detach from the internet. And lots of further therapy.

No. 817630

She met and lived with them when she was 16, she was groomed. It affects the way you think about the person who groomed you. The cycle of pushing and pulling they put Sarah through and the sense of abandonment would make her cling on tighter.

No. 817632


Yeah honestly I remembered just as i posted. Grug's gish gallop tactics are fuckin' exhausting and even big details like that get lost. My bad.

No. 817635

I think this edition should be called hoes mad edition.

No. 817640

I don't feel bad for any girls that get mixed up with Onision for years to come. He's clearly a fucking maniac, a hostile person, untrustworthy and not a good person. Plus Madison enabled him for years. Now that it's more widely known what a faggot he is people don't want to be associated with him, but they were happy too when it improved engagement on their channels.

No. 817641

To add to this, Shiloh and Madison briefly befriended each other, Madison visited Shiloh in LA around the time Madison released her song and tried to start a singing career (god that feels like 10 years ago by now), then they had a public falling out.

No. 817647

>Barnum and Bailey ft Lyldoll
kek. How the hell did she and Madison become friends in the first place?

No. 817649

This is the same for blaming the old or otherwise feeble for falling for the Nigerian price scams. Sure they’re stupid and everyone knows about them but people still fall for them because they’re vulnerable. That’s why the emails they send are riddled with spelling errors and other things like that because they want to weed out the people that are skeptical early so they can focus on the group that is easily duped.

Greg operates in the same way, he uses these scandals and his abusive horrible way of treating his own paying fans to drawn in a group of vulnerable people so willing to overlook the obvious for him and take his abuse that he winds up with potential victims fresh for the picking.

Sure it’s clear to you or me that he’s a deranged sex pest only driven by his self pleasure but for those that have little to lose or are mentally ill, it might be easier to miss or overlook.

No. 817656

File: 1611336292215.png (71.41 KB, 1052x693, lumen.png)


Greg had some links removed from the Google search results.

No. 817662

Now that he’s demonetized but not banned, he needs more people pinning him to his old bullshit about iTs noT ABouT MonEy GuYs

You can still make content greg

I thought that’s all that kept you alive

For the 93747572937th time, now you “can finally make all the amazing content” you’ve held yourself back from making

No. 817672

nta but jaclyn is acting insane and she deserves to be talked about more

No. 817677

File: 1611344639444.jpg (171.18 KB, 1559x809, EsXBpZyUUAEjtPj.jpg)

It seems like there is going to be another installment of the series and Sarah is going to be in it after all?

No. 817678

Thank fuck, all hail Sarah.

No. 817680

Is this real? I didn't get this email. I hope it is though.

No. 817681

File: 1611345471479.jpg (355.91 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20210122-135728_Chr…)


Sarah and Bille were supposedly both in New York the other day so both of them decided to be interviewed?

No. 817682

If this is real then Gerg isn't going to stay silent for much longer.

No. 817683

He'll be spamming his onision/Sarah link lol, or maybe now he'll give Billie a "truth" page too! About how he rejected Billie 6 years ago but still won't stfu about wanting her back to this day.

No. 817686

Oh God, can you imagine the boomers and Karen’s reactions to “…and then he wanted chain me to the basement as punishment for smoking weed.” and “we all had sex with their children around…”

Kai is crying rn

No. 817687

Regina confirmed it.

No. 817688

A former paypig whom Greg sperged at for driving a stick shift vehicle and made an ass out of himself in her hometown.

Keep up

No. 817692

File: 1611347818924.jpg (289.41 KB, 1080x1380, IMG_20210122_203708.jpg)

No. 817693

Tinfoil but I reckon its been Lane sperging about the victims here. At least Regina and Shiloh had the conviction to spread awareness further than what she did.

No. 817695

I'm glad it's real. I do wish that Sarah had participated in the first place but I hope this will shut up every single idiotic person screaming "muh victims". Greg is going to see this and start sperging and Sarah's going to get the last laugh in his face.

Wouldn't doubt it. She used to post here for attention before her dumbass got banned.

No. 817697

Poor Sarah. Sucks she felt the need to do this. I personally wouldn't want to be associated with anything involving Hansen. I'm hoping they don't take her out of context or try to twist any of her words, but I might be expecting too much…

No. 817698

File: 1611348671511.jpg (368.21 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210122-145039_Chr…)

Sarah definitely still hates Regina

No. 817700

You're a retard and no she didn't. I looked at her timeline.

No. 817701

I'm assuming that Billie's going to tell her side too then since they were both in NYC. That's going to make Greg flip out more than Sarah speaking out since he was just publicly pining for her recently.

Well, yeah. It's kind of sad to see them all turn on each other when they all were manipulated by Greg. They need to aim that anger and hate towards him the most cause drama channels are going to eat this up and turn on the victims too as we've seen with Shiloh and Regina. It's a rinse and repeat situation. I guess he brings out the nasty side of people.

No. 817702

At the very least, hopefully she has a copy of her full interview in case they do try to pull something. Can't trust anything associated with Hansen.

No. 817703

This is why Onion is good at picking his victims. Instead of people that had personal dealings with Onision being happy that his YouTube career is finally ending they're being petty and attacking other "victims".

Regina wasn't a major cornerstone in the Onion saga but she was willing to put her face out there and talk about it. Shiloh probably lost the most with Onision he caused her a miscarriage, derailed her music career and was physically and verbally abusive. Good for her for attack Greg where it hurts, through the fucking media. That's why he keeps focusing on shiloh because she's actually hurting him financially now and ruining his life as he saw it. Greg never had back up plans, he's too much of a narc to not think he can't make money for being a demigod called Onision.

At least Sarah is going on TV now with Hansen so fucking whatever, as long as they use any avenues to attack Greg who gives a fuck. If they would have all stuck together in defiance against Greg it would have made a bigger impact but they're all clearly mentally off, no wonder they liked Greg.

No. 817706

She confirmed with Heatboss on KF. Why are you mad lol

No. 817708

Is the betrayal in them going on the series at all to tell their own stories or lying to the other people about participating. I get why all of them are mad at Shiloh because she totally overreached and told Sarah’s story but not as sure with Regina. Didn’t she just tell her part of the story?

Maybe it’s just frustration with this boosting Hansen after he fucked them over so much.

Sad that a few of them didn’t hold it together for the sake of the group but at least there’s still a solid core of them that are holding together well.

No. 817709

>shiloh's hurt him financially
That's a bit of a reach lol. Youtube pulled a super weak pr move because they're afraid of more bad press, it's not that deep. Do you know how much Greg was making on his channels? It's so low that no one here's even bothered to try and make an estimate.

No. 817711

Hansen didn't fuck anyone over fuck up!! He interviewed them said he had contacts but repeatedly said on camera, and off camera in tweets etc that he cannot make accusations on behalf of the victims. It has been repeatedly stated to the victims they had to report to the police.

Yes there was a fuck up with the laptop being sent to Vince, but it didn't effect anything because it hadn't been processed by LE. It still can be. If Vince tampered with files in the laptop it wouldn't take much to find that data. According to the doc, no one had went forward to the police and there was no evidence the laptop had been handed over so hopefully Sarah discusses that in her episode or maybe one of the orbiters here can tell us what actually happened.

If Hansen was so untrustworthy Sarah wouldn't be fucking going on TV. You guys that have the Hansen hateboners are looking like absolute spastics right now.

No. 817714

Shiloh lied to them all, why would they like or trust her? Regina didn't stand with their initial decision, and now it seems Sarah feels she has no other choice but to do this to set the record straight because her story was aired after being told (lied to) that it wasn't going to happen. Hopefully Discovery/Hansen won't try to screw her over (again), but that remains to be seen.

No. 817715

Greg was claiming others' contents on YouTube, now that he's demonetised he can't. Pretty sure that's a massive part of his income.

No. 817716

>Hansen didn't fuck anyone over
Right and this >>816080 never happened. Go rewrite history somewhere else, hon. I'll wait to hear what Sarah has to say about Hansen next, if she says anything about him at all.

No. 817717

True. tbf we still don't know how much $$ that is/was.

No. 817718

idk, why do all the other girls hate Regina and Shiloh? And why have we had retards in here trying to pass off fake ss as real? Take a guess.

Anon didn't post a ss and it's not on Regina's tl. That she confirmed it with an anti-o means dick to me. Come back when you understand how this board works.

No. 817719

Did i not mention the laptop hon? Oh no, the person who doesn't own the laptop can't sent it to the police because the owner of the laptop hasn't even informed the police she wants to make a fucking case. Some of the girls are now in their mid 20s when the fuck are they going to grow up

No. 817720

Does Lane confirming it and Rep suit you better since they took it public rather than DMs? Lol

No. 817721

>Come back when you understand how this board works.

No. 817722

You made the same excuse Hansen made, which was that it was all Vincent's fault (passing the buck). So it's Vinces fault Hansen lied about having FBI contacts too? lol ok.

No. 817724

Where did I blame Vince? We all know what happened since it has to be repeated weekly for people trying to infight.

Sarah talks with Hansen. Hansen says he has fbi contacts. Hansen informs Sarah to send her laptop to Vince so they can get it processed with fbi. Hansen comes back and says that Sarah has to report to the authorities and disclose her own evidence to them. The laptop is sent back. Sarah's friend tweets she sent the laptop to the authorities. The documentary airs as of December 2020 Hansen confirms with the authorities no one has came forward to the police.

So now who's to blame?

No. 817725

…is this person just arguing with themselves?

Honestly shut up about Hansen. Everyone can agree that he didn’t keep his promises and you can decide to what degree that’s fucked up but leave it alone or the thread is going to get dragged back into bickering over him.

Also a court case can be challenging for a person to prepare for at any age so why think it’s weird for novices to want council on how to approach it. Like do you think every 25 year old magically get a JD on their birthday?

No. 817728

I mean the girls have been told many times that to pursue someone criminally you need to press charges. None of them did that.

No. 817729

Is that not what you implied?
>Hansen didn't fuck anyone over
Which is categorically untrue.
>Yes there was a fuck up with the laptop being sent to Vince.

I'm sure, since you obviously know the history, you know what Sarah did with her laptop after Hansen lied to her, so there's no reason for me to repeat it.

No. 817730

>the thread is going to get dragged back into bickering over him.

This has been happening every time we've been getting milk since the documentary started.

Sarah and Billie are going to be telling their stories to the outside world despite Greg's efforts. Greg has been trying so hard to get the last word in and now he's been demonetized and and pretty much ignored in favor of those he tormented and harassed. It's fucking hilarious but people can't shut the fuck up about Hansen.

No. 817731

Is Hansen not part of this project? If he is, then why wouldn't he be mentioned? It hasn't been confirmed that Billie's doing an interview, unless you know something the rest of us don't.

No. 817732

There was a hiccup, he offered advice and did offer to hand in her evidence but when he was told otherwise he was upfront and honest and returned her possession to her so she could do what she wanted. Hansen doesn't have a law degree, he's a journalist. I don't think he fucked anyone over. At no point was a gun held to anyone's head to do an interview with him. People started getting more pissed off when the quality of guests were dropping. Other people were making fun of how the girls came across and weren't articulate. I can't fault Hansen for that either, it wasn't him that harassed victims on twitter and dramasites. Hansen is a scapegoat at this point. His interviews and now this doc have done a lot of good against Greg.

No. 817733

File: 1611351675142.jpeg (578.5 KB, 1125x1006, 771215AE-9D77-4B7D-925F-3D8EF8…)

Ooh boy, he’s posting on Twitter again and he’s in the uwu positive vibez stage, which means sometime between tomorrow and the middle of next week he’ll go into full narc mode

Brace yourself for our milky bounty, anons

No. 817734

File: 1611352075998.png (145.03 KB, 531x640, lol pr queer.png)

Ah yes, grifter's the victim now lol. Lying about having FBI contacts is quite the hiccup, I must say.
>when he was told otherwise
Maybe understand the context here >>816080 and you'll learn something. For someone who supposedly knows the story, you know surprisingly little. Good luck pr-chan, you're gonna need it.

No. 817735


maybe this was why she went to nyc with billie holy shit

No. 817736

He had fbi contacts that doesn't mean he can report and hand in evidence on behalf of someone else.

No. 817737

If Hansen was so untrustworthy and such a wanker Sarah wouldn't also be using him to make a stand against Greg. Keep whatever narrative you want it won't stop her episode from airing.

No. 817738

Oh so you have evidence of that? There's another girl he lied to (she has a youtube channel now), who's stated publicly that Hansen lied to her about having FBI contacts. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about, pr-chan.

No. 817739

This thread isn't about Hansen or Dhavie Vanity. No one fucking cares.

No. 817740

If Hansen's involved in this project his name will come up, unfortunately. You can always skip the posts you don't like.

No. 817741

This thread is about Onision. Some other clout victim of some other emo looking spastic is hardly relevant.

No. 817742

Lmao I think at this point he’s just doing this for himself at this point. He can’t believe this is convincing.

At least he’s smartened up and realized he can’t sock from twitter accounts without people seeing that it’s an hour old account with zero followers.

It might be hard to talk about but I hope she does bring up the fact that Greg and Lainey are also potentially damaging their kids between having sex with them in the room and having a rotating door of young girls coming through the house.

No. 817743

You can tell that to muh grifter's a scapegoat over here >>817732.

No. 817744

And? Sarah's laptop was relevant. Either way, with Hansen lying about muh laptop, Sarah is still doing the show now, so that's a win sunshine.

No. 817746

File: 1611354610618.jpg (5.36 KB, 200x227, 2ih485.jpg)

I just can't stop laughing at the spergout at farms. This is the biggest fucking tank of milk of Onion ever. People should be rejoicing. He's finally demonetised. The boomers and large audience finally knows what POS he is.

And what people do?

>buh buh hasnen bad! hanson liar! not mmbop like he promised!!

>doesn't anyone think of the victims! Their stories can be told by drama tubers and only drama tubers!

No. 817747

Best milk we've had in a while. Hopefully the episode won't disappoint AND Billie gets her story told too. Besides Shiloh, Billie and Sarah had the most on the onion. And the fact that Greg is still pining over Billie as seen in Social Repulsive's video makes it all the more sweeter. You just know that would sting Greg for his uwu soulmate to be on national television exposing him kek.

No. 817748

A win for who, exactly? It says here >>817692
>Sarah didn't want to participate and never had any intention to until she saw how poorly Shiloh and Regina represented her in episode 2.

At least you're not denying that Hansen's a liar. I'll wait to hear what Sarah has to say about it though thanks, if she has anything more to add to it that is. She openly hates Regina and Shiloh >>817698 so that doesn't bode very well for you know who.

It looks like Sarah feels she has no other choice now. I'd be pretty pissed off too, if I were her.

No. 817749

I know she’s not as involved as sarah or Billie but I wish they had gotten ayalla on too. She has consistently offered a really insightful and level headed view on things.

Either way glad sarah and Billie are getting on to share their prospective sand I hope the editors do them justice and don’t sensationalize it to hell.

No. 817750

You're buttmad for all the wrong reasons. Sarah irregardless of motive is going on TV to slander Greg further. If you can't figure out who that's a win against you might be in the wrong place.

No. 817751

Both things can be true: it can be unfortunate that sarah feels like her hand has been forced to appear on a project she had no interest in and her sharing her story on the program can help expose the slimy abusive things Greg’s done and be a win in that regard.

I wonder how Lainey will be tied into this through sarah and Billie’s prospective.

No. 817752

>re-victimizing victims = win for Greg
10/10 logic anon. Sarah never wanted to be part of it, that's the bottom line. Not everyone has the same take. We're not a hivemind.

No. 817755

She didn't have to go on TV, wonder if she's being compensated? Sarah use to nanny his kids, you'd think she'd want to bring as much attention to such an abusive household since she cares so much about his kids.

No. 817758

>slander Greg
But I thought the teevee show was about getting the truth out and bringing muh justice? That's what Hansen said anyway. Wait, did he lie? Aw man I'm so disappoint.

No. 817759

Ayrt and slander was a bad choice. Sarah is going on to slag off Greg, better?

No. 817760

It's the Anti-o youtubers themselves who have come to shit where they eat. They're not newfags, all their "work" is from here and kiwifarms, so there's no point explaining to them.

Report and ignore. There's still onision milk to discuss but if it doesn't get posted here for these parasites to make videos on then no big deal.

No. 817761

Compensation rumors have been going around since the last thread and none confirmed. There was some spectacular downy who tried to fake some ss though.

How is a tv show supposed to help Greg's kids? Are you saying a tv show that 5 people will see will somehow get LE and CPS to investigate? Do you live in reality anon?

No. 817764

lol what's an anti-o youtuber? You mean the youtubers that criticize both Greg AND Hansen?

No. 817765

Nice strawman. Also why apparently the low viewership for discovery+? They have 90 day fiancé and 1000s have signed up for that, they'll also get access to the Greg documentary. As much as you downplay its relevance its done more than a 100 Repzion videos could. Also there have been law enforcement officers on the show discussing the case, you don't think Sarah will finally be put in touch with them if she wants to pursue a case. She at least can give testimony now about how the shallots lived when she was there.

Lainey has been offline since Hansen. I wouldn't be shocked if the trendy cunt has grown her hair out into a femme style again so she isn't as recognised. Troy is in public school. This will be hell for her. If Sarah speaks about what happened with the kids when she was there, it's going to draw more attention to that household. Greg's fucked.

No. 817768

Lol he will accuse Billie of being a criminal druggie liar etc even though a few days ago he was talking about how much he and Footface still want her back

No. 817776

When the Sarah episode finally comes out what will the spergs who usually cry "THE REAL VICTIM DIDNT SPEAK, SHE WASNT ALLOWED TO TELL HER OWN STORY!" do now?

I guess they'll redirect their spergs to "only 5 people watch Discovery plus" kek.

No. 817781

Oh so that’s the chick who wanted to hang him that night who kept knocking on the car he was sleeping in so he could jerk off furiously in peace.

No. 817782

File: 1611360777942.png (379.69 KB, 661x409, 674834298.png)

He'll accuse her of all that shit then go back to musing that Billie was the best relationship him and Lainey ever had. Billie fucked with their heads so badly that 5 years later they still cant shake her. That V must be magic.

No. 817785

why do you faggots always delude yourself that people know so little know about discovery or dont watch it? you can also watch it on livetv on hulu as well but as we all know, no one watches that either

No. 817788

Tbh, I don't think he's in love with her, Greg has never loved anyone but himself. People seem to be objects to use to him.
Billy probably just reminds him of his most successful days: He constantly had girls around him, and they probably vied for him to some extent, fulfilling his harem fantasy (Lainey, Billie, Ayallah, Sarah in the making) and Lainey was pregnant, fulfilling his pregnancy fetish.
Additionally, videos with Billie were generelly received well because she was cute and vigorous and not as dull and boring as Lainey. He could also start stirring the drama pot between Billie and Lainey to reel in more viewers. And Billie was his type visually since she was rather petite.
So in short, she was a means of creating content easily and a hole to fuck for him. He's not pining after her, he's longing for his glory days. Well, water is wet.

No. 817789

File: 1611362776566.png (918.2 KB, 717x847, Emily Joe - Lainey Emily.PNG)

I think Emily is the big titty Mexican he did the 30 degree swimming pool challenge with. Lainey also had her in a video because Emily is an amateur makeup artist.

No. 817796

Oh so she was the other girl hanging out with him with tdp crew and McRetard. What admirable people he surrounds himself with.

No. 817801

When he remembers the 'good' times with Billie it's strictly sexual. He's never talked about them making a deeper connection and the only mutual interest they had was anime and leash play. I remember in the middle of that 20 video's in two days melt down he would fondly reminisce about sneaking off with Billie to his green screen room or tesla so they could make-out and dry hump each other away from foots gaze.

No. 817808

File: 1611366946274.jpg (25.73 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1) (1).jpg)

I hope Hansen is the one who sits across from her and interviews Sarah so everyone can lose their fucking minds.

No. 817813

>sneaking off with Billie to his green screen room or tesla so they could make-out and dry hump each other away from foots gaze.
Lol. He really cucked Footface didn't he. How she managed continue being smug as fuck after getting cucked so hard is beyond me.

No. 817814

She's a deluded bitch, wonder how she's coping these days.

No. 817815

lolcow twitter and yt will collectively flood their basements. i hope so too

No. 817820

although it hard for me to avoid the sour taste of the drama tubers milk, Its like fucking kek which is it do they want, money or glory?
Any chance of glory was blown out of the water when they decided to not do the documentary and do you think that a documentary worth their salt would fuck their own credibility and pay for unbiased intervies.
As much I as I want to enjoy this milk i can only do so half heartedly as because the truth is the dramatubers are just as bad as obesion. Just as greedy, and just as lazy.

No. 817821

He even went back on his no oral rule just for billie.

No. 817832

The drama tubers can officially eat dogshit from the lady herself
"oh wow, you mean criticism about YOUTUBE and a YOUTUBER from a YOUTUBER on YOUTUBE isn't going to change anything?"
gee, what a coincidence that Youtube only ever acts when something begins to get mainstream attention outside of their own platform

what a fucking mystery

No. 817833

File: 1611373607869.png (42.34 KB, 878x392, Capture47253119.PNG)

This reminds me of the Jessica email he kept showing proving that ex-friends of his believed the lies then came crawling back pleading for forgiveness that they listened to the Anti-O's. She was also at that same Airbnb with the swimming pool and hot tub that smelled like shit.

Whenever I see emails, DM's or messages like this there's only 2 explanations.
1. Its Greg using a sock to message himself.
2. Its an ex-fan/ex-friend trying to screw with him or do some kind of gay ops.

No. 817838

Lol yeah. He made her sit on his face and got mad because she felt uncomfortable.

No. 817848

cant imagine anyone who would want that scaly lizard skinned face on them in any capacity

No. 817853

Lainey is so fucked. Yes they're obviously going to delve deeper into how Greg was a piece of shit and Sarah will give us more details on that. But once the soccer moms hear that Lainey was chatting up 14 year old Sarah, brought her into their home at 16, became her legal guardian, and then fucked her while their infant daughter slept just inches away on the same bed, the moms are going to bring out the pitchforks. I hope they paint Lainey as a headhunter for Greg.

No. 817874

Literally this.
Sarah chose to act impulsively, and decided to be a massive pushover. At least she has the chance to voice her side of things in the documentary. Wasn't that the point of youtube interviews and twitter posts made for the past year?
Anons forgot that Sarah didn't just mention the laptop but multiple devices, and even then she only mentioned the laptop when she confirmed that Hansen lied. You can even go back to previous threads and see that Sarah was using her laptop well into the confirmed FBI investigation up until it was revealed to be bogus. Only then did she start asking for money for a new laptop.
They all have egg on their faces for this, but guessing off Sarah's reaction to an anti-o tipping on her behalf I gather that Sarah never actually intended to press charges in the first place. Their plan was to #cancel or deplatform greg via social media but in reality most normies don't give a fuck about onision outside of his community of shadow fans ready to lap up the newest edition of fresh cream.

No. 817875

Have they already used clips from Lainey’s younow with her swearing up and down that nothing was going on with Sarah?

No. 817878


I just can't stop thinking about what might go through Kaineys mind right now. What she expected from the relationship with Greg was probably something like perfect YT couples have: Doing cutesy videos together, her getting $$$ without having to work, her own little following.

Instead she's now coerced or forced to be trans, accused of grooming teens for his husband to fuck, got two shallots with behavioural issues and forced off the internet.

I wonder if she'll ever admit to herself she's fucked. Or is she just trying to hold the smug smile on her footface and try to lie to herself that she won something when she chose not to run when she had a chance.

No. 817881

The thing about it too is that it’s never going to get better — she’s like an addict chasing an old high but getting less every time and selling out more to get those diminishing returns.

No. 817888

I hope they divorce and he's already admitted to running low on money.

No. 817893

File: 1611400498044.jpg (32.25 KB, 872x118, (2).jpg)

Could he lose his OnlyFans over this? I mean they're basically a porn site and allow problematic content creators but if Onision has the stink of child predator I doubt they want that associated with their platform. Am I wrong but isn't OF the only income he's getting now?

No. 817894


I think they meant to say retroactive because otherwise wtf?

No. 817896

>Their stories can be told by drama tubers only
Try understanding the actual point before going off next time, smooth brain >>817748.

No. 817898

Well at least we know Asarch and Hansen were paid (one for "signing the deal" in secret and the other for being EP), I'm sure that's a big relief for you. As for glory, what glory? The only youtuber that agreed to do this is getting dragged all over the place, his DMs were leaked, he's taking a break from sm for his mental health. Glory lol.
This was already getting mainstream attention last year with countless articles being written on the subject, some even from major news outlets. The only difference now is the tv show where everyone looks like they're dressed for Carnival that no one can provide accurate numbers of viewers for.

No. 817899

Nah it's just Greg. He lies and says it's both of them to make himself look less pathetic. Lainey's already said several times she wasn't into Billie and didn't love her. Lainey's not into women.

No. 817905

Coming here pretending you have insider/background info that you don't have makes you look stupid. At least post a ss to back up what you're referencing next time.
Sarah already voiced her side of the story. She didn't decide to go on the tv show because she wanted to do it, she's doing it because she feels she has no other choice since Shiloh (the lying backstabber) and Regina fucked things up. Did you not read this >>817692?

No. 817910

why do you feel the need to keep shitting up this thread about the girls' infighting? are you one of them? one of their "yas queeeeeen" stans? i'm not gonna hi cow you but you really should take it to another thread before you expose yourself for which twitterfag you are. we get it shiloh is a cow, but when there's this much milk and more milk coming from greg you should take your a-logging of shiloh somewhere else

No. 817912

I hope Sarah said everything she needed to say and those boomers don't try to spin anything or take her out of context.

This cow >>817553 really had the audacity to go on tv and talk about sisterhood. What a psycho.

No. 817913

>replying to a post = you must be one of the girls!
Good one. Sit on it and spin, nonny. If you have milk from greg then why didn't you post it here? Lemme guess, is it Greg repeating himself for the 100th time?

No. 817915

Mocking a cow isn't a logging. You look silly.

No. 817920

Hope she protected herself and ran everything by a lawyer before going on. Can't be too careful.

No. 817921

It looks like Billie only accompanied her for moral support.

No. 817928

no please don't turn Sarah in to an onlyfans whore too!

No. 817929

Yea Greg's obvz the one in the thread asking for people to stop talking about the victims infighting and to get back trashing him and his wife. Big brain.

No. 817930

Footface will never leave him. No one decent will ever want her. She's trash. A mom of two kids who had a doc made about her and her greasy husband being gross predators.

No. 817931

If it wasn’t hard before, Greg is probably holding putting all the blame for grooming sarah on her if she did try to leave. She was the one who befriended her first after all.

She’s in so deep at the point. It’s not impossible to start again but it wouldn’t be easy.

No. 817937

File: 1611420204697.jpeg (54.13 KB, 680x542, EsXeGBfWMAALmH3.jpeg)

No. 817940

Holy shit anon learn to read. I guess you missed the news up thread otherwise you'd know why the girls are being talked about. You can ignore those posts, just stop being retarded.

No. 817944

File: 1611420863613.png (81.06 KB, 717x626, take care Luxy.png)

If most of the girls he's interviewed who've expressed nothing but disdain for him haven't said anything about him recently, it's safe to assume the answer's no.

No. 817945

The answers no to what? Sarah is going on the show. She obvz trusts Hansen enough to go on the show otherwise this would be futile.

No. 817946


Why Repzions tweets are protected? Did he anger the VictimSquadQueens fan army?

No. 817949

It is retroactive. The only thing the tv show helped establish for me is that youtube likes to virtue signal (what else is new) about giving a fuck about its "community". If it enforced its TOS with any consistency, Greg's channels would've been sanctioned years ago for repeatedly abusing the DMCA system. All they're doing is pretending to care about shit he does off platform so they can save face. It's a big joke.

No. 817950

Well you obviously didn't read any of their public statements just in this thread alone. They haven't said anything about Hansen since this >>813196.

No. 817951

What? Who gives a fuck what Luxy or Lane or whoever the fuck thinks or the dramatubers, Sarah is going on the show Hansen headhunted so guess she trusts him enough to use his platform again.

No. 817952

>she trusts him
Ok well, keep pretending to know more than you do then. Good luck.

No. 817954

Thanks, looking forward to the episode with Sarah.

No. 817955

>At least Regina and Shiloh had the conviction to spread awareness
idk about Regina but Shiloh's attention seeking is firmly established. Drawing attention to herself while throwing everyone else under the bus (including Regina lol) definitely shows conviction of sorts, just not the type you're thinking of.

No. 817956

Is Shiloh not allowed a platform to talk about her years of in person abuse with Greg? Does it offend the attention seekers that only have a tale of, "I spoke to them online and it didn't go further uwu"? Does it offend them because Shiloh had media training prior to all of this and was able to make a more compelling interview and was reached out to first out of the victims because she had a better appeal for TV? Wah

No. 817957

File: 1611422655096.png (212.56 KB, 735x493, Screenshot_2021-01-23 Onision …)

Yeah last I checked IMDB the first series got glowing reviews. Grifter must be proud.

No. 817958

That was brought up on KF yesterday and most of the low star reviews were by accounts just created. I for one, check the reviews or every documentary on Netflix before I dare click it. Cope harder Repzion.

No. 817959

This has nothing to do with what Shiloh said about herself.

Sarah went on the show only because she felt she had no other choice after Shiloh and Regina misrepresented her and her story. Apparently everyone but Shiloh and Regina hate Hansen and Discovery+/ID. welp.

No. 817960

How did they misrepresent Sarah? Can you cite where in the documentary since you watched it? What did they misconstrue or get wrong?

No. 817962

Read what the girls said about it up thread faggot. I'm not here to spoon feed you.

No. 817964

You're full of shit. OK.

No. 817965

>Lane clone

No. 817966

It's just something that Lainey's former clone the attention whore said.

Fixed it just for you, anon.

No. 817967


Look, just because Hansen and ID come away from this looking like total pig shit (because they are) doesn't mean you need to mald about it all day. I mean you can if you want i suppose lol. Tah.

No. 817968

According to who tho? The dramatubers because the show made a point to show the side of youtube that's full of cunts waiting to exploit people for views? If the show was so terrible it would be a retarded move by Sarah to go on it, but she's going on it. It doesn't make sense if she doesn't trust them she'd willingly go and work with them. Y'all retards

No. 817972

Didn't think there would be balding farmers on a female drama board. Maybe lurk and integrate better newfag

No. 817979

Honestly this whole thing is a shitshow and everyone including the victims made stupid decisions. They shouldn’t have aired their disagreements with each other including how they felt about Hansen etc because it only fed the vultures. Nobody had their best interests at heart including the YouTubers who exploited their stories just as they say Hansen did.

They really should put their differences aside and remember there’s a bigger picture here and that is making sure nobody is hurt by anus and ghislainey

No. 817981

for fuck’s sake, this is a thread for laughing at onision
if you want to pursue great justice join the cyber angels or whatever

No. 817983

I'm not sure if you guys watch documentaries a lot, but being on the documentary doesn't mean someone is a bit accepting of the documentary itself. A lot of accused individuals come onto a documentary to defend themselves and deny allegations. Weird some think this is Sarah semi approving by using Hansen's platform.

No. 817986

What a weird cope, if Sarah doesn't trust Hansen or thinks the show is terrible why in the absolute fuck would she work with them? If they did such a bad job, why would Sarah trust them to represent her and actually disclose her identity? Why not reach out to one of the faggot dramatubers and give her side there? Or why not just use her twitter? Honestly the cognitive dissonance is absolutely astounding.

No. 817993

As I've said, you clearly haven't watched a lot of documentaries. It's not a matter of trust, it's the idea that silence indicates guilt. It's very common that people accused of murder come on and insult the documentary as they're being interviewed. Some reason that they feel like it's a missed opportunity if they don't go on at least to dissent. It's not that hard to understand, anon.

No. 817995

Guilt? What is Sarah having to go on and defend herself against? Sarah was a victim. Your sperge would make sense if it was Greg deciding to go on the show you moron.

No. 817997

Instead of guilt, think of Sarah being angry that people she dislikes have told her story. It's the same idea. If she's silent then people will assume another version of events. If anyone's sperging, it's you. Somehow you really want Sarah to approve of or trust Hansen.

>Why not reach out to faggot dramatubers?

Because they're faggots?

No. 817998

Where in the documentary did other people tell Sarah's story and what did they misconstrue or get wrong? Genuinely baffled if we watched the same show?

No. 818001

File: 1611437254733.jpg (104.51 KB, 1324x1444, 2021-01-23 22.26.12 kiwifarms.…)

from the other farms, greg's little pay piggies. he seems to be wrangling 43 retards right now.

could be useful info so i figured i'd dump it here.

No. 818002

Honestly who gives a fuck, the milk it'll bring with be stupendous and onion is going to shit his brains out over it. Maybe she just realised that her story is out there already being told over and over by all sorts of incompetent numpties anyway, maybe she hated Shiloh getting all the boomer sympathy. Here's to hoping Billie joins in.

Good fucking question

I'm surprised the number is that high, jfc where do all these clowns come from. I'm guessing at least 40 are dramatards.
Thanks for that anon.

No. 818003

Its definitely what i am wondering too. Who are these complete jackasses?

No. 818005

Sometimes incels latch on to any story where a man has been FALSELY ACCUSED, but his transboi wife would probably kill the crowd. He's ugly and old so no tweens. His former paypigs consisted of old sex workers so it's most likely more like Dog Fucker. A few anti-os. All in all, impressive number for Greg.

No. 818006

How much does it cost to be there? Like how much can he be getting Dr only 40 people? It's a lot of people in terms of onision but not a lot in terms of earnings.

No. 818007

You also have to remember if Greg finds someone useful or pretty enough they get free access into his discord. There's been a couple of former paypigs that confirmed they didn't even pay monthly, or they didn't pay the full amount for a certain tier but we're allowed into it. Greg's a very shallow man, I'm sure most of those people aren't paying or paying the absolute minimum.

No. 818012

Off-topic, but does Greg still fuck himself in the ass on OnlyFans? Has he been MIA since the docu drop? Did the docu mention his sex work? I could look through Kiwi, but they're essays are hard to sift through. No cursed images, please.

No. 818025

Sarah could have given an interview via stream like before or a written one, which, in both cases, she could have recorded what was being said. Heck, she could have made a video and send it in for them to add to the documentary.
Going to NY to participate does show at least some trust in what Hansen is doing. Sarah could have chosen other means of getting her story across if she had wished to do so.

No. 818026

File: 1611445656270.png (174.52 KB, 1462x566, 5657464443.PNG)

Those 43 paypigs mean nothing now.
After YouTube demonetized him they paused his ability to get money from them. They were getting access to his discord by paying to subscribe to his channel and now with demonetization Greg is no longer getting that money. He's fucked.

No. 818030

This >>813196 was the last thing they said about him. If you think they like or trust him you're either deliberately putting words in their mouths or purposely ignoring what they've said to spin your own personal narrative. Good fucking luck.

No. 818032

>>817951 It definitely looks like the only retards crying about documentary are the twitter yasskweens and whiteknights like >>817952
Greg is finally fizzling out and all anybody can whine about is Hansen milk from over a year ago.

No. 818033

> Sarah is going on the show. She obvz trusts Hansen enough to go on the show
> Sarah is going on the show Hansen headhunted so guess she trusts him enough to use his platform again
> If the show was so terrible it would be a retarded move by Sarah to go on it, but she's going on it. It doesn't make sense if she doesn't trust them she'd willingly go and work with them.
>if Sarah doesn't trust Hansen or thinks the show is terrible why in the absolute fuck would she work with them? If they did such a bad job, why would Sarah trust them to represent her
> Going to NY to participate does show at least some trust in what Hansen is doing

anon, your weird need to convince everyone that sarah somehow trusts hansen - regardless of contradictory statements by her and the people surrounding her - is truly baffling and cringe.
you can believe that deep down everyone trusts hansen to be a great guy all you want, but you’re not going to convince anyone here regardless of how often you repeat yourself.

No. 818034

>Hansen milk from over a year ago.
Not really, it's been ongoing this entire time. Things like this >>813196 just give it context for the retards pretending to be dense about what's happened.

No. 818035

Try lurking the thread first before asking stupid questions.
>Where in the documentary did other people tell Sarah's story and what did they misconstrue or get wrong?
You keep asking the same question >>817960 when all you had to do was go up thread a little and read the girls ss to find the answer. Stop acting like a brainlet. Lurk the thread or stfu pretending you don't know what's going on.

No. 818036

OK, so if Sarah doesn't trust Hansen or think the doc is important then you should dm her and let her know she unwillingly signed up and probably got compensated for going on it. Enjoy.

No. 818038

We're asking you the anon that keeps saying Sarah's story has been misconstrued on the documentary. None of the ss you keep referring to relate to the issue at hand. You keep stating that Regina and Shiloh have told Sarah's story wrong in the doc? So where in the doc did they do that since you watched it?

No. 818039

Keep screeching about it, this isn't a Hansen or anti-o thread. We've moved on and there's actual milk now, girls made their bed and they can lie in it.
I wouldn't say she trusts Hansen but she would be stupid to even consider it knowing that a few people in the documentary already confirmed being edited heavily.
They have nothing, they aren't going to post caps.

No. 818041

Yeah she was compensated just like Edwin was right? lol ok.
>None of the ss you keep referring to relate to the issue at hand.
They quite literally do, but you're free to continue playing dumb and not lurking the thread.

No. 818042

I've been lurking the thread nonnie and watched the docu, maybe you'd find support if you could actually back up any of the shite you come off with.

No. 818043

So where in the girls ss where they've said things in their own words, are you unclear?

No. 818044


>>817692 there you go, plain and simple

s didn’t wanna be included in the docu but feels she has to be part of it now, since parts of her story were discussed already and she's unhappy with the way that went down - doesn’t mean she’s happy about it and/or filled to the brim with renewed trust in hansen.

it ain’t that deep fam, move on.

No. 818045

The screenshots just show a bunch of immature 20 something year olds being catty, still can't find evidence of shiloh or Regina going on TV and telling Sarah's story for everyone? You've been trying to insinuate this for a couple of hours now and can only deflect. Quite greglike

No. 818046

This isn't what was asked. Show us where her story is miscontrued in the documentary.

No. 818048

So it's OK for Luxy to speak on Sarah's behalf now? What a toxic group of people, they'd probably get pitchforks out for Sarah if they knew how she got compensated for appearing lol. Edwin needs the clout he can get, that would be easy for a producer to negotiate for those retards, Sarah isn't a YouTuber or seeking a career on social media if you think she paid herself to travel to NYC and film you're a fucking retard.

No. 818049

If you don't believe what they've said in their own words >>817692, >>813196 just say so. There's no need to shit up the thread about it.

No. 818050

>They shouldn’t have aired their disagreements
What other choice did they have? If they stayed quiet we'd end up exactly where we are now, Shiloh and Regina speaking publicly and misrepresenting everyone else, the vocal minority of tards taking up for a grifter, etc. The "bigger picture" here is the lesser of two evils logical fallacy is just that. The "lesser" is still evil at the end of the day.

No. 818051

You can keep typing in circles, since you can't show how Regina or shiloh have misconstrued Sarah's story the farms will know you're full of shit.

No. 818052


lmao sarah was quite literally only referred to as 'regina's friend' throughout the docu - regina spoke about her and sarah is upset because she'd have preferred not to be spoken about at all; thus feeling misrepresentedor whatever.

who cares. she comes on, tells it the way she wants to and if we're lucky she spills some new milk.

>show us

i very much doubt there is an 'us'

No. 818053

Yes apparently they trust Luxy to speak for them. Shiloh exposed herself as a liar and backstabber. Nothing new.

No. 818056

Hope on Sarah's episode she discusses how Onision drew up that NDA and then fucked her so she would sign it. And that's on Greg sexually extorting a teenager he groomed.

No. 818057

>sarah was only referred to as 'regina's friend'
They already know this. They're just playing stupid to waste people's time. It's clear based on what she and Luxy said that Sarah only went on because she feels she has no other choice.

Hansen's a pos, Discovery/ID is cancer. Water is wet.

No. 818058

Notice how everybody is always speaking on Sarah's behalf or speaking for all of the members of the approved twitter squad that is exclusively Billie adjacent. Sarah probably picked up these doormat qualities from lainey herself in all honestly.
Everybody already knew there were disagreements, they didn't hide it well and Luxy simply confirmed what most of us already deduced. They could have not acted like a bunch of immature brats, they could have actually treated Sarah's situation more seriously than they've taken their personal vendettas against footface and Greg. If anything Shiloh misrepresented herself.
So are you telling me Sarah is willing to go on the discovery documentary to clarify how much she hates Shiloh and Regina's guts?
Nothing about the key details were miscontrued. Before the same old ss get referred as gospel, know that not all of us are naive enough to believe one side of the story. Not all of us are willing to hyperfixate on anti-o drama that has nothing to do with Greg in the grand scheme of things.

No. 818060

>anti-o drama
Misframing the situation with the girls as "anti-o drama" lol ok. >>818049

No. 818061

Imagine being mad because Regina referred to a nameless friend, yet Ayalla aired out Sarah and Greg having an affair and there's no bad blood. Anyone adjacent to Greg is a retard, confirmed.

No. 818062


I hope she also talks about the whole having a threesome while trod and/or clod were present in bed with them-thing, but i highly doubt she will.

If anything, this would be the thing to spark outrage among the boomer viewership.

No. 818063

>they could have treated Sarah's situation more seriously
Who could've treated Sarah's situation more seriously? Because it wasn't Shiloh and grifter I can tell you that much. You can blame the girls for being taken advantage of by a grifter I guess. inb4 Sarah never took her laptop to the FBI derp.

No. 818064

Yeah I wonder why they're mad at Shiloh for hiding from them that she knew CH was doing a tv show. Imagine that.

No. 818065

How terrible that Hansen reached out first to the victim that had a past career in media and had media training to talk about the potential of taking their interviews and concept to TV. Then he rolled out the info to other people that would make an impact by appearing.

When the docu first came up here many anons pointed out that Shiloh had enough drama on her own with Greg to carry the series if the others didn't want to appear and we were correct. They made do with Shiloh and Regina and brought in other people to discuss the law and YouTube.

Since its been aired and the reaction has mostly been positive apart from the dramatubers or weird anti o ones on twitter, Sarah signed on and they're doing another episode. If Sarah feels she had to go on because her story was misconstrued point fingers at people like Ayalla that spoke on Sarah's behalf numerous times and telling everyone about the affair. Keemstar and other male faggots also poked fun at the victims etc and aired out shit. These same people also attacked Shiloh and Regina. Get over yourselves.

No. 818066

Nobody cares that they're angry at Shiloh just because Shiloh did the most predictable thing she would have ever done. Shiloh telling her story isn't a threat or a hinderance to Greg being exposed to boomers and normies. Youtube is finally taking action as well. They all frequently lurk anti-o spaces so let's stop pretending they don't.
Sorry anon I forgot that Ayalla announcing "Greg fucked Sarah" on twitter was the right way to handle things. Great friends, it's no wonder Maya never trusted them to air her story out.

No. 818071

File: 1611453427271.png (32.95 KB, 730x175, 658561.PNG)

Greg confirmed he's no longer getting any money from YT membership subscriptions.

No. 818075

File: 1611454995026.jpeg (22.44 KB, 480x360, BDE4A372-CF6E-4D34-BE91-C91505…)

No. 818083

File: 1611459023914.jpeg (527.52 KB, 1125x1796, 40082816-4B38-48B1-A5E1-6A1F1C…)

Back at it again with the socks

No. 818107

The other girls didn't find out about the tv series until some article was published in Mel Magazine, they were in the dark before that. Shiloh purposely hid the truth from them, as did Hansen.
>many anons pointed out that Shiloh had enough drama on her own with Greg to carry the series
If that were the case then the stories of the girls who didn't want to be involved wouldn't have been used, so obviously Shiloh's story wasn't enough. You can pretend the other girls didn't express their contempt for Shiloh, Regina and Hansen, that doesn't change the reality.
>the reaction has mostly been positive
Positive for the people who don't care that most of those girls were lied to, exploited and misrepresented on a tv show they never wanted to be a part of, sure.

No. 818108

>They all frequently lurk anti-o spaces
Regina DMs one apparently >>817706. Regina isn't all of them, she and Shiloh have no contact with any of the other girls for reasons that have already been stated. And if you "didn't care", you wouldn't respond.

No. 818112

Who was misrepresented? Who’s story was told in a false way? Who??? Regina has the right to come on there and say yh I had a friend go through shit with them and it was hard to see. She’s speaking as the friend and it’s her right, ethically and legally to do it. Shiloh brought that there’s others like her and that it was hard to hear, who’s story is being misconstrued there? The segments where their faces are blurred and they are speaking for themselves? Can’t even the girls themselves tell their fucking stories? God what is this white knight train for a bunch of women who were all about deplatform! But didn’t even themselves go and file a police report? ONE sent an email and that was miles beyond what the rest did. You can’t send in a laptop to the police without filing a report so don’t start with the cringe muh Vince and evil boomer Chris Hansen. These girls can’t even properly speak for themselves on their own Twitter and the other girls who aren’t even fucking relevant have to keep speaking for them so I doubt even if they went on that show from the start there would be something wrong. I’d rather have a sane adult that understands how bad this is and how Greg needs to face consequences come on and tell their stories before I listen to any of them incoherently go in circles and sneak in a pro Krai segment.

No. 818113

Are you forgetting the fact that clone and luxy were in the lcf discord after basement gate? Smells like newfag. I responded because multiple people are tired of you whinny faggots crying about the documentary when you were encouraging and cheering on the hansen and dramatuber interviews last year.

No. 818116

It was received positively by people who actually wanted to see this dickhead go down, and who hadn't pinned their entire online relevance to onision's continued existence. That's the target audience for the thread, because it's the Onision thread, and so no one in their right mind would be reading and posting here if watching onision flip the fuck out wasn't the point.

Calling people newfags doesn't land if you haven't saged.

No. 818119

File: 1611486506703.jpg (203.87 KB, 933x1658, Screenshot_20210124-220600_Twi…)

Meanwhile, on twitter…

Picrel 1/6: account called Marlin was trying to expose an anti-o for lord knows what and instead is caught out screen capturing from a different account that just happens to have the same avi as onision.

No. 818120

File: 1611486588976.jpg (86.21 KB, 1080x264, Screenshot_20210124-214736_Twi…)

2/6: Marlin's account has been deleted after being sprung so this is all that remains when you lookat tweet replies. Classic Onion.(tinfoil)

No. 818121

File: 1611486706730.jpg (511.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210124-213807_Twi…)

3/6: to make it even better, onision used the sock account to harass people and the conversation makes it painfully obvious who it is.

Possibly a troll but who can tell with onision

No. 818122

File: 1611486809148.jpg (415.88 KB, 1079x1444, Screenshot_20210124-213823_Twi…)

4-6 are just more of the conversation, sage because it's repetitive

No. 818123

File: 1611486876111.jpg (379.85 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20210124-213835_Twi…)


No. 818124

File: 1611486980619.jpg (77.81 KB, 1065x398, Screenshot_20210124-213848_Twi…)

6/6: he signs off by dropping the links to his insane rants against Sarah and Shiloh kek

No. 818125

File: 1611487006222.png (141.88 KB, 497x765, Capture1242021.PNG)

why did your first post >>818117 (that you deleted) look like this?

No. 818126

Because the reply menu was left up and it was obscuring the user avi, I fucked up screen shotting instead of just downloading.

No. 818143

Hansen is a beast I don't care what anybody says at this point lmao. Seeing all the milk flowing from these drama whores and Grugly is the toppest of keks.

>I get it Onision is very honest uwu

So honest he has to make hundreds of sperg filled socks to defend himself because nobody else will.

>He has a fucking family to feed uwu

Maybe he should have thought about that BEFORE he stuck his dick in his foster sister wife daughter with her scaawwy evil BPD? Hindsight is 20/20 amiright?


This nigga still trying to act as if he isn't the biggest cheating POS lmao. Oh but it wasn't really cheating because you were able to gaslight your partner effectively enough to cope with your degeneracy right?

Say what you will but I think having a grown side piece you keep on the down low is a lot fucking different than the complete train wreck that was the Billie saga. Not only did you cheat on your spouse but you convinced them it was there fault and exploited it all online so that they had to answer for you and be publicly humiliated at the same time.

They're both cheaters but it's like comparing Waco to Hiroshima lmao.

No. 818146


Can you not enjoy the milk without sucking a boomer scrote's dick?

I think his ex-wife agrees he's a beast.

No. 818155

Cry mooooaaaaar faggot

No. 818165

I was just watching the documentary again and they show when lainey became kai, and you see greg being really rough with her.
and now i'm thinking (this is not a statement, but a question):
what if greg feels well now you're a dude, so i can hit you?

No. 818175

He justified hitting women too if they're not "perfect angels" so she doesn't need to become a man for him to hit her

No. 818186

>not knowing when to sage

No. 818188

>Seeing all the milk flowing from these drama whores and Grugly is the toppest of keks
Have to agree tbh. Can't forget that aside from the first wife, all these other womens knew exactly what his reputation was and still went to his house-in fact, there were points in time where they were fighting each other over who got to be his latest victim next lul. They literally got what they came for, idk what they're infighting so much about. You all won, you got to be heroic covered-in-onisions-cum-stains victims and now you even get to be on tv for it. But whatever, whoevers mad is only more entertainment. Really hoping the final boss Billie will strike a surprise lethal blow to both lainey and greg so that neither of them can ever think of her without wishing they were the ones who fell out the window instead of their daughter.

No. 818189

>knowing Shiloh's reputation and still trusting her
They never learn but I won't be surprised if there are other falling outs within the clique.

No. 818191

File: 1611527887406.png (86.1 KB, 611x847, notsolillioness gone.PNG)

What happened this morning? She deleted her Twitter and I wasn't around for her final tweet but it sounds like it was dramatic. The other farms are saying the reason Sarah deleted her Twitter is because of that floppy haired faggot Repzilla putting out a video shitting on her for doing an interview for the documentary 4th episode.

No. 818192

File: 1611528101116.jpg (6.2 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

repzilla made a bad video about the whole thing and so she left. thats the story.
i say fuck repzilla and fuck the horse he rode in on. him and his bad flock of seagulls hairdo.

No. 818193

What a fucking tryhard faggot. We all knew this would happen after they all started to turn on the women who did go onto the show. They praised Sarah until she decided to tell her story, then they threw her under the bus. Judging by the comments on the video, he's not even getting his ass handed to him over it. All of these dramayoutube bastards are acting just like Greg. Fucking fag.

No. 818195

File: 1611529207763.png (12.98 KB, 556x86, Capturesar.PNG)

this was her last tweet. I assume she got overwhelmed by the whole situation, especially with dramatubers making assumptions and speaking on her behalf.

No. 818197

Why does this hick think he can make a moral call on this? As if he's more qualified to choose who Sarah can or can't talk to about a man she personally knows. All of these onion orbiters have huge egos

No. 818198

That anon called it earlier. They were gonna turn on Sarah. They’re doing exactly what Grog wants and it’s imploding from the inside, what greedy retards.

No. 818199

It seems she lets everyone speak on her behalf. Especially that lainclone luxy, she should stfu about this from here on out and let the victims speak on their own behalf.

No. 818202

>This nigga still trying to act as if he isn't the biggest cheating POS lmao. Oh but it wasn't really cheating because you were able to gaslight your partner effectively enough to cope with your degeneracy right?

Anal sex doesn't count as cheating duh. Your IQ is just not high enough to understand that (obvious sarcasm)

No. 818207

I hate to say it but Hansen's conclusion about YouTube seems to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The DramaTubers are ruining their own game and will prove Hansen right in the end.
Next demonitization when?

No. 818208

Is there confirmation it was Repzila's video that made her delete her twitter? That irrelevant faggot making a video seems like such a weak reason. Maybe something else more serious happened and we don't know.

No. 818216

File: 1611534023169.webm (2.99 MB, 320x180, lainey rationalizing abuse (2)…)

If you can convince your partner that you didn't cheat then you technically aren't a cheater.

No. 818219

>Next demonetization when?

I seriously hope this happens soon. I know that the docu is suppose to be about Onision but the last half of episode 3 was mostly about how YouTube is allowing Onision and other predators to go unchecked. Maybe episode 4 will touch on the DramaTubers and commentary community and how toxic it is and all these Mexican fleamarket versions of Keemstars will get their partnerships yanked.

No. 818221

File: 1611534891476.png (407.28 KB, 799x1076, praying_hands_PNG21.png)

>Keemstars will get their partnerships yanked.
I pray for Keem and other youtube scumbags to get demonetized daily.

No. 818224

File: 1611535275043.jpg (81.46 KB, 905x552, 2021-01-25 01.41.16 kiwifarms.…)

Apparently Chris Hansen has been leading all of us in to hating Dramatubers.
No, you fucking colostomy bag, we actually hate you on our own accord.

No. 818227

File: 1611536206854.png (28.38 KB, 595x274, 756445.PNG)

Does Sarah ever get to talk for herself or are these dumb bitches her proxies forever?

No. 818229

What a fucking faggot, in what world has Sarah done anything fucking wrong in this situation? She got groomed and then was also younger than any of the other girls when she finally called it quits with the gruesome twosome, Repzilla is such a spastic. Immoral piece of shit hope everyone turns on him too.

No. 818230

Irrelevant Luxy has to keep shoehorning herself into the narrative otherwise no one would have a fucking clue how she's even involved. If she can't speak on behalf of people that actually met Greg she wouldn't have any twitter clout uwu

No. 818234

I don't think anyone here, even the people who agree with Hansen, are stanning him. In the end, people want Greg to finally face some consequences and for the people he's hurt to say what they need to and escape. The only people who've lost sight of that are the Onion-verse leaches who can't let it go

No. 818237

Ahhh they ye-olde "Its the anito-o's" defence. I keeps hearing onsions excuses and dodges everytime they open there mouth. It's quite unsettling

No. 818238

Dramatubers and the clique of petty girls that are constantly undermining the actual content from the docu are playing into Greg's hand. It completely baffles me how none of them appear to be considering this.

At first it seemed that any spotlight on Greg being an abusive controlling piece of shit was good, but now they're actively wanting to silence the voices of "survivors" as Repzilla puts it.

They've done nothing but negatively promote the docu and there's a bunch of faggots in their twitter replies blindly agreeing, reiterating the bullshit that's been posted her that Shiloh and Regina have misconstrued and told other victims stories on their behalf. That isn't true! For people who watched the docu without knowing any of the shit online, if they Google it and find these cunts they'll start becoming skeptical if any of the victims stories are true. They're completely downplaying what happens once Greg and Lainey actually successfully bait a girl to lodge with them. Like Luxy is not special. There were plenty of spastics the Onions were putting feelers out to see who they could hook. Regina's story was just a face to put to one of the many girls they were DMing. It's not surprising Hansen didn't reach out to people like Luxy for the show. Regina modded the livestreams she was pretty involved and was frequently in contact with Chris that way. Like these girls are mad that they didn't network better with a former TV journalist? It's like they're fighting over who was bestgirl for Greg again. It's so embarrassing.

Greg if he ever gets another platform just needs to show how the victims can't even band together to serve whatever bullshit narative he comes out with.

They're so fucking shortsighted.

No. 818247

Exactly his. This is gregtier manipulation. They latch onto one “wrong” thing and thus to them the entire thing is wrong. So everything he’s done is being overshadowed by the screeching of how the docuseries is immoral and coming after YouTubers boohoo.

I also wish this ugly bitch would stfu.

No. 818252

Didn't this bitch just give birth? She should go take care of her newborn instead of playing Sarah's spokesperson.

No. 818261

> They're completely downplaying what happens once Greg and Lainey actually successfully bait a girl to lodge with them.

This was another reason it was unfortunate that Regina ended up in the docu because while the relationship was clearly not appropriate, it’s outside of the pattern of the more dangerous relationships that happen when Greg is the one spearheading the operation.

I believe Greg when he says he wasn’t interested in Regina because otherwise he would have meddled more and at least flown her up to see if it was worth the grooming investment.

The doc would have worked if the girls who were most deeply involved were the focus and the ancillary ones like Regina, Luxy, Vix, and Maya had been more like character witnesses to give a fuller picture and to show what happened with Skye, Shiloh, Billie, and Sarah weren’t flukes. Obviously there were big logistical hurdles with that after Hansen blew up the chances of having willing guests.

No. 818262

Sam and Maya would have been good gets but the other attention seekers spooked them off. Vixmas while hilarious would be out of place since it was a troll. It's great Sarah is going to tell her perspective now.

No. 818263

I also believe Greg when he says that he found Regina repulsive at that time. You know who else he found repulsive for years? Sarah. He was running out of girls who he could trick into coming to their home and joining their "trinity." If Regina was still in Lainey's life around the that time (2019) when his options were drying up he would have told Lainey she should fly her friend out so she has someone to keep her company while he's "working" and then he would of tried to get some strange.

>The doc would have worked if the girls who were most deeply involved were the focus
I would of liked it to have been a perfect timeline of his abuse. Skye, then Shiloh, Lainey (up until she became a willing participant) Billie and then Sarah. And like you said all the other girls could have been peppered in as examples of his MO. I hated that they barely acknowledge Billie's story. Her story was a perfect example of what is wrong with Greg and Lainey. I assumed they glossed over Billie because she wasn't underage when they brought her in and Regina and Sarah's story was better to push that portrayal of grooming.

No. 818264

Without a doubt, all of this. You can bet that if Regina wasnt ugly Greg would have tried to slip her his greasy wiener, and lets be real, the only reason why she inserted herself into this shitshow as a ~victim~ is because she is salty as fuck that Ghislainey ghosted her clown looking ass the moment Billie appeared. She doesnt care about the others, its pure personal vendetta. Luxys continued involvement is equally pointless, she has a child to raise but instead she is acting as mouthpiece for a group of people who were legitimately victimized by the Onions acting as though she was someone also a victim because, what, Greg called her frigid via text message for not wanting to fuck him? Give me a break

No. 818265

>I also believe Greg when he says that he found Regina repulsive at that time. You know who else he found repulsive for years? Sarah.

I see where you’re coming from but I disagree. He allowed her to come up because she was as sarah described a spare backup, something he could keep on the back burner if Billie fell through.

(Personally I buy into the tinfoil that even if Billie had stayed in the relationship that he might have still tried to pull sarah into a new “square” poly configuration)

All of him overplaying how he was so disgusted by Sarah and that the internet would even suggest that he would be sexually interested in her was very much protesting a little too much. He couldn’t admit that she was attractive because when he eventually slept with her people would clearly point back to him saying it and use it as evidence of grooming.

He also constantly called her ugly and disgusting as a way to break her down and be eager for his approval. When she was legal, he showed her the avenue for his approval: sex.

No. 818266

YES. Billies story is perfect to highlight the Lainey as headhunter/lure angle; Billie was supposed to be Laineys super gay experiment but ended up being object of Gurgs obsession, even to this day. Then Sarah, the literal child who they took in because she had a shitty home life, had a publicly broadcast inappropriate (or at least questionable) relationship with Lainey while Greg was biding his time until there would be no legal ramifications or him. If push comes to shove he will lay full blame on his footfaced wife because if there is anything he is good it it is skirting the law

No. 818268

>I assumed they glossed over Billie because she wasn't underage when they brought her in and Regina and Sarah's story was better to push that portrayal of grooming.

It clearly wasn’t because she hadn’t consented because Sarah hadn’t either and they told hers…

An example of a non-minor (but still someone who was freshly 18) would be important to include because it shows that like all predators that his main target is the vulnerable. It still shows he’s a threat to young but legal girls if they are too trusting, don’t have a stable income, and are wowed by his celeb status and wealth spent making their house a teen hangout dream space (at the time).

It also shows the pipeline from Lainey to Greg clearly. In her interview she said she wouldn’t have gotten involved it if weren’t for Lainey. It shows that Lainey is an active threat when paired with Greg because she acts as bait. That part is clear to people who have been following but should be laid out more clearly for a new audience. She can’t be allowed to garner sympathy and pity when she’s actively helping to create a toxic cycle with Greg even though it’s clear that she’s also a recipient to some degree of abuse herself.

No. 818269

> He also constantly called her ugly and disgusting as a way to break her down and be eager for his approval. When she was legal, he showed her the avenue for his approval: sex.

While this is probably true (allow me to tinfoil) I also think that he did find Sarah genuinely ugly, but he was desperate to get his dick wet and there were no other options. Sarah is nowhere near Reginas level of fug but she is also nowhere near Billie in terms of Gregs perfect blue haired animu loving egirl

No. 818275

You’re right, Billie is still very clearly his dream girl and with few options and Lainey not being willing to entertain new girls because she couldn’t “trust” them, sarah was an easy choice.

Not to diminish sarah but in Greg’s eyes, sure, not his first pick.

It’s also fair not to overlook Greg’s general fondness for belittling people and making them feel bad about themselves just to make himself feel superior.

I think he might have genuinely been making fun of her when she first showed up and legitimately looked like a child but once she looked a little more grown up, I think he did it to make sure she kept distance and didn’t tempt him because he was attracted to her before she was legal.

No. 818276

I will go one step further and say that Sarah was only attractive to him because she was damaged and vulnerable and him belittling her and adding to that damage made her even more attractive to him because he is a sadistic misogynist who literally gets off on the suffering of women. He might be sperging about the doc being LIES!!111!!!!1!! but he is probably jerking off to seeing Shiloh cry about him in front of an audience

No. 818281

Undermining is what this whole fiasco is doing and it’s rich seeing all these drama tubers pretend sympathy now yet how many videos were made detailing everything and saying Anus isn’t guilty of a crime or that grooming is not a crime.

No. 818299

The problem I have with people saying regina inserted herself into the whole onion debacle is that lainey literally contacted here when she was a child, yes alot a of teens are children in my eyes. I mean yes she has pudding face, and her make up is questionable but it still doesn't negate the fact that lainey still talked to her after she confessed in actuality she was underage, if anything regina was gearing up to be the proto sarah before billie took her place. While yes it is a tad bit attention seeking regina and luxy kind of help to serve a pattern this greg attempted to to use his space prince wife as bait to lure in teens. Basically that all we know about, there could be more that we may not know about that may be too afraid to come out know because their only options is to work with hansen or go ahead and deal with the dramatube community. To be frank as shitty as it may seem for Hansen to sell the story to ID these idiots wont think of the bigger picture which is if we cant jail him making him the casey Anthony of you tube would be the next best thing as he's literally fucked in that regard, mainstream media despite is flaws is good at making dirty laundry known. The dramatubers can't see that because their so stuck in their youtube mentality that mainstream media is like some big bad evil thing. Your average boomer, karen, or wine aunt isn't going to listening to their faggoty whiney nasally voices screaming hansen bad. They're gonna see onion be a creep, and see how young those who either ensared or attempted to, and make sure their kids to don't even attempt to be with in gregs lane. Even if hansen intends on revamping his career with this, I think its a relatively small price to pay in that regard because it has already accomplished getting greg demonetized in such a short span of time.

No. 818304

File: 1611587846887.jpg (158.21 KB, 750x1334, jaclynmuhshekels.jpg)

Here is the infamous 8 hour jaclyn stream where she watched all of Greg's defense videos in one go with her greasy now-husband.
Now look at all the yellow underneath in the player. Those are all ADS.
Tell us again how its just about the money for Hansen, but not you. Tell us again how much you care about the victims, while sipping some grain alcohol.

No. 818306

I think that's true that she wasn't Greg's ideal, but she was definitely a lot cuter toward 17/18. She lost some weight and applied make up a lot better. My personal opinion is that Sarah is way more attractive than Lainey and Greg was definitely excited to have sex with a young, cute girl like the pedo he is.

Greg was probably partially attracted to Sarah when she first came because he wouldn't have overcompensated by keeping a distance. Greg doesn't fuck anything that moves because Blasian and Tamara would have got dicked.

No. 818308

It’s okay for them to make videos and further their YouTuber drama career but Hansen can’t ig

No. 818310

They did not have consent waahh waahhh

So now every reporter around the world has to ask consent whenever they do a story from all the people involved. Might slow the news down a bunch since well if you're a reporter in a war zone with like 40.000 people fighting, this may take a while.
"may i have your consent to write this story? thank you. you there, stop shooting for a bit, may i have your consent to write this story?"
And in case you think thats silly, well I don't, since war is pretty traumatizing, these reporters can't just share their stories without consent, right?

No. 818320

Audiences eventually turn on cow-commentary channels. It happened with the Haydur Nation and beauty drama channels, now it's the Anti-Os. You can't put yourself on a pedestal for too long before your hypocrisy starts showing. Onion has always been low-hanging fruit so he attracts the laziest drama channels who regurgitate the same things

No. 818321

Yup it happened to Stevie Wolfe, Repzion, and Amazing Atheist. Let's not forget JG willingly went to this mans house to film a shitty skit despite her audience's warnings.

No. 818323

I don't really see Regina as a victim and I don't really buy into her claims because she's mentioned devices and never mentioned anything about it during the laptop-FBI drama. However you do have a lot of points, especially about her status compared to laneclone and luxy. This really showcases the hypocrisy of the anti-os and cliques.

No. 818332

File: 1611599565492.jpg (219.52 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-01-24-19h52m13s29…)

look at how happy and in love he looks here with Billie.
I never seen him look at Lainey spaceboi like that. Ever.

No. 818333

File: 1611599606736.jpg (214.73 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-01-24-19h51m50s72…)

Like look at this shit, its creepy. Cuck boy was completely smitten by Billie.

No. 818335

Even lainey admitted that he loves billie more than her and that it was sad. I think that's another reason lainey doesn't want to leave, being the one that stayed by his side is the only thing that makes her special to him. I don't think he loves her though, he just desires her the most because she's the make and model of his dream girl and also ultimately was the one to reject him.

>So now every reporter around the world has to ask consent whenever they do a story from all the people involved.
Idk if it's a case of can they tell the people's stories without their consent but it would have both looked better for them not to go against the will of the victims involved and they would have also produced better content with everyone onboard and willing to be interviewed.

For example, when everyone believed in Hansen and his ability to hold greg accountable, it pushed Billie to speak about the experience for the first time in one of the interviews because she wanted to support the other people who had gone through similar things. If hansen had originally stolen clips from sarah's first live about it and tried to milk it for cash, no one would have shown up for his interviews and he would've gotten a much more limited story than he ended up getting.

No. 818336

You forgot the one where he's finger banging her right next to an underaged Sarah and foot wife

No. 818339

they all milked it for cash, all these major youtubers baawwwwing about "muh consent."
why aren't they just honest about it and tell hansen they're mad because he got their favorite cashcow demonetized thus now he wont make any content anymore for them to milk.
they're greedy narcissists, plain and simple.
i didn't have that one available nor do i know where to find it. thats greg's entire thing though, i can even believe it when he says he's not really in to tweens, but for him its convenient since he tries to create his own harem. sarah was his attempt at raising a girl to be one of his sex slaves and it backfired right back in to his stupid big watermelon head.

No. 818340

File: 1611602465527.png (179.35 KB, 500x229, tumblr_inline_pkuap7zfyG1uaatm…)

He was at his happiest at this time, whatever went wrong, Grug? lol be mad

No. 818341

>make and model

I wonder what it really is about Billie and Skye's younger sister that made Greg so infatuated?

They both semi fit the mold of manic panic pixie dream girl that both got into nude internet garbage. But they don't at all seem that alike. Skye's sister seemed more outspoken and Greg talked about her humor. Billie seems very naive, if not a little dull. I'm not a Billie hater, I think she's a pretty woman, but she always inarticulate and while we know Greg likes that it doesn't give a reason to the obsession.

No. 818345

Hansen shines a light on YouTube and their creators -> DramaTubers get upset

Repzilla shines a light on Sarah -> Sarah gets upset

Since I have the suspicion that Repzilla's lurking, I hope the gets the similarites.

No. 818347

You answered your own question

They are the same person to an autistic dullard who can only conceive of other people as their most superficial characteristics

Hair color
Does it make my pp hard
Is she under my control

The answer to those last two questions is used to fill in everything else about their personality, in greg’s mind. Where normal people build complex understandings of personality nuance over time, greg sees only “do i want to fuck” and “can i fuck”, rest is forced to fit whatever flipflopping narrative he thinks benefits him

In billie’s case:
Beautiful cute sexy uwu poly soulmate
Stupid criminal drug addict prostitute cunt (who won’t fuck me, that bitch)

No. 818356

Imagine logging onto a Skype call and being greeted by a topless footface. Her nasty saggy udders awkwardly exposed. Regina deserves a little credit just for the sheer horror of that.

No. 818357

Greg really only has the one type, but his one true requirement is that they come with enough damage that he can feel superior and manipulate them easily since they have no experience or sense for evaluating normal expectations. On top of this, they all tend to be the soft spoken types, so he can "win" arguments by just tard raging them into submission

No. 818360

Alicia was not the soft spoken doormat type yet he still listed after her.

No. 818361


No. 818362

File: 1611611155947.jpg (32.93 KB, 589x289, jaclyn_cope.jpg)

backpeddling much, jaclyn?

"muh shekels"

No. 818363

gosh wow jaclyn thank you SO MUCH for being okay with it

No. 818369

So has should have got a nose job rather than a boob job jaclyn one of the cunts itt trying to force the "they already told Sarah's story on TV before she could!" narrative. Happy to see her video views are tanking and no one gives a fuck about her marriage.

No. 818370

File: 1611612513044.jpg (35.01 KB, 192x212, jewglyn_glenstein.jpg)

Jewglyn is probably the biggest hypocrite of the bunch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818378

Sure, but she was also forbidden teen poon that was also his, now ex, wife's sister. Onion has a pretty deep incest fetish.

No. 818379

Did you actually see the video? This is vague.
I've seen no confirmation it was his video that caused it. Why do tards come here and speculate with nothing to back it up?

No. 818380

>they all started to turn on the women who did go onto the show.
>the women
Who? Shiloh gets shit on regularly because she's an insane cow with her own thread here. Regina got flak from the usual speds who think it's teh peak lulz to make fun of her appearance for the 100th time.

No. 818381

>Hansen's conclusion
I definitely care about the conclusion of a boomer fag who lied to the girls he said he'd help >>813196.
I'll believe her before I believe Hansen.

No. 818382

Why are you still going on about this?

No really. Why are you still going on about this? Hansen lied to the girls? Really? Have you seen the shit thats been going on? These Dramatubers are no better. So who exactly are you trying to "defend" here? Yourself?
It makes no sense!

No. 818383

plus you also keep posting the same god damn thing over and over again, its irritating.

No. 818384

If you actually believe it.

No. 818385

She had an underage Sarah watch her while she took baths. I assume you don't believe that either?

No. 818387

Since when is it youtubers job to determine whether or not a crime occurred? That's why most of the people who speak of it publicly acknowledge that these are still allegations. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who thinks he's guilty or not, that's for LE and then a court to decide.

No. 818388

During this same time period Taylor tweeted she was sending underage Regina nudes so yeah it's believable. The SS of the Tweet has been posted no less than a million times.

No. 818389

Why does anyone keep trying to spin a narrative acting like they don't know what these girls have already said? You tell me. Did any of the youtubers lie about having FBI contacts? lol

No. 818390

yes why do you keep trying that? you should be asking yourself that.
oh well, its not like the general consensus is against you. except the dramatubers of course, whom you are defending.

No. 818391

Hiding from most of the girls the fact that he was doing this tv show isn't him "writing a story" anon. Stop reaching.

No. 818393

And so when you write for the papers right, or do a segment for the news doing a report on war is completely different than doing a report where women are abused?

How do you figure? Please elaborate. Very interested in your mental gymnastics here.

Muh consent, muh shekels?

No. 818394

We're not hivemind here, anon. I see something I disagree with, I comment. No different from what you do. You can get over yourself now.

No. 818395

So are you saying he didn't hide from most of them that he was planning to do a tv show?(move on )

No. 818397

I need to get over myself, but muh consent, right?
I still have no answer if every reporter in the world needs to ask consent now of all the people involved in a story?
Do they?
He didn't even need to tell them, because again normally a reporter never asks for this "magical consent". When a reporter writes about Harvey Weinstein, he has to ask consent, really?
Ever hear about an unauthorized biography? I could write your entire life down in a book tomorrow, and publish it. Without this consent you keep bawwing about. Hell, I could even make a documentary about you. With zero "consent".
Sure you COULD sue and then get some of the money, but this consent you keep parroting from the dramatubers never comes in to play.

No. 818398

This is all assuming the same people that lied and made deceptive edits in the first series won't do it again.

No. 818399

what deceptive edits? again, elaborate.

No. 818400

>a tv show will put Onision in jail
Please go outside.

No. 818401

It got him demonetized. Thats good enough for me, for now.
Who knows what the second in the series will do to Greg?
Or do we have to go outside to see this?

No. 818402

It's not like Hansen and Discovery didn't force her hand here or anything by telling her story after saying they wouldn't.

No. 818403

O rly? They put a gun to her head?
Cool story, bro.

No. 818404

>because a tv show = law enforcement
If that's what you think, you should go outside.

No. 818405

Are you typing this outside right now? I can see how much better you are I mean unlike me who is sitting here inside posting here, you are actually doing something sitting inside and posting here.
Btw that wasn't me that said he would get arrested. However, that being said, it ain't over till you sang.

No. 818406

Did you not read what the girls said about it publicly >>817692? Shiloh and Regina "poorly" represented her and her story. Discovery and muh victims advocate journalist put her in this position, along with Shiloh and Regina from the looks of it.

No. 818407

Next step, all accounts forever banned off youtube. Then shortly after, OF kicks him off too and just like that, he's spotted working as a janitor in some shitty outdoors area where the public humiliation is at a nice enjoyable high level.

No. 818408

I never said the documentary was perfect, however everything they did they did to themselves pretty much.
1. They associated themselves with Greg and Lainey and / or had sex with them.
2. They went on Hansen have a seat, did he force them? wheres muh consent?
3. Regina and Shiloh went on the documentary. True, I happen to think thats a good thing. I actually don't get why you or anyone else would be against it. It got Gregory poo demonetized, which is great really.
Anything that causes Greg and Lainey agony is great with me. If the devil farts and blows their swamp shack down, its great. Even if the devil is doing that without Lainey's consent.
Yup. Instead of complaining here or on twitter people need to focus more on the good stuff. I hope people keep mailing onlyfans and discord, its his only 2 platforms left as far as I know.

No. 818410

But that's Lane acting as a mouthpiece, not Sarah.

No. 818411

Someone mentioned that on KF too, can they also speak for themselves? So far we only hear Dramatubers crying about "muh consent"

No. 818412

Shiloh played spokesman after she threw them all under the bus, but oh no can't let Luxy do it lol. Luxy released a joint statement for them last year (which apparently they never had a problem with). I'm sure if Sarah wanted to put something out in her own words she would.

No. 818413

>I'm sure if Sarah wanted to put something out in her own words she would.

She does. Which is why she is going on Hansen's second part of the documentary. Guess it isn't as bad as they say, huh? uh-oh did he get her consent?

No. 818414

Who are you talking about? This >>818227?
Last I checked, only Shiloh and Hansen have a huge problem with them for some reason. Can't imagine why.

No. 818415

You can't imagine why? Well it could be that they went on his have a seat show, and in Edwin's case even on the documentary, to then shit all over them in youtube videos.
Call me crazy, but that would make me pretty angry at them? Maybe??

No. 818416

Ignoring this >>817692 this >>817698 and >>817937 pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make your point any less invalid. If anyone's trying to push a false narrative and silence anyone, it's the people deliberately ignoring what these other girls have said many times.

No. 818417

This all ignores that Hansen lied to them and had them on his show under false pretenses (he'd planned on taking this all to tv from the start) lol but ok. It's fine because a "journalist" did it.(move the fuck on)

No. 818418

Alright, since you are so GUNG HO about protecting your uwu dramatubers, lets go in to each and every single one of your super primo examples, shall we?

1. >>817692
We got Lane spergin' out about muh consent and Shiloh telling her story for her. Had Sarah gone on it herself right away, she wouldn't have to. I also SEEN the documentary and they don't even mention Sarah's story for that long. But heres a question for you: Would you rather they didn't? Where are the dramatubers from a few years back, always going on that they made videos about Greg NOT for shekels but to get the story to a LARGER audience? Hansens audience on Discovery+ is around 7 million people. Of a lot of boomers who did not know about it.

Oh you come spergin in between, let me answer your heinousness right away >>818417 : For the 8th millionth time, Hansen did not lie to them. He simply reports on a story. Should he filled them in better since they seem to be about just as autistic as you are? Absolutely. Then again for all we know he has tried to reach them but they where too busy whoring it up on onlyfans? I don't know. I wasn't there, were you?

2. >>817698 Exhibit two, lets take a looky loo, shall we? Sarah telling Regina to eat shit. And this proves.. what exactly? That Hansen lied? That she lied? It can be about a million different things. Maybe she was jealous or felt left out, she should have gone on the documentary sooner. And now that she does, that should be telling? Or are YOU going to ignore THAT?

And on to your super evidence number three, because you want me to look at them, right? Lets take a look:

3. >>817937 Oh dear moses, so THATS where the muh consent thing comes from. Its again Sarah. You are claiming they forced her hand right? But how so? I mean she was blurred, her name wasn't mentioned, and she is only referred to as Regina's friend. She's going on now though, but then again you claim they forced her hand. Who knows, again, I wasn't there.

Is all this to your satisfaction? Or do you need more?
I think your super evidence is flimsy at best, no offense. But hey, when its all you got I'd imagine you keep referring to it as if it means something. So you know, you keep doing you.

No. 818422

Listen up faggot, there's 3 episodes of a series available to watch in full, there's a 4th one that will have Sarah representing herself in it too. Luxy isn't a direct source to what happened, she's not involved with the docu so her opinion is irrelevant. Funny af she has to pin a tweet about discovery so it looks like she is involved. #gimmeclout It's been known for months now about the docu and its already aired and Sarah has signed on to do an episode for them so really Hansen misleading people about the docu is old news. It's happened. You posting the same shit everyday is what a mentalist would do.

No. 818425

File: 1611622753550.png (46.66 KB, 1200x1386, 25DD3B76-933A-4BF0-A235-016AC7…)

No need to give this Jew more views, a kiwifag already narrated the video for us:

>Jaclyn received 41 $50 donations to spin the wheel. There were various smaller donations ranging from $2-$15 as well as merch sales. So yeah, don't believe anything this bitch says about victim exploitation.

>Her and David are fucking obnoxious throughout and Jaclyn constantly complains. These videos are the ones Greg made where he talks about 'junk-to-rear' with Sarah and other sensitive sexual information about the victims.

>EATS FUNIONS DRAMATICALLY while Greg talks about Sarah going down on Taylor

>"He goes into so much detail about his sexual exploits" is streaming it for money

>J: "We're making a sacrifice."

>D: "We're helping you guys be able to watch them all in one place without helping him monetize."
>J: "He gets no views, none of the ads.

>She also lets Greg's ads roll. I remember Jaclyn once said that she doesn't believe in adblock because of her and friends' positions as youtubers.

“Muh shekels” indeed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818426

File: 1611623656052.jpg (597.8 KB, 1246x700, JewlynneGlennstein.jpg)


No. 818431

Go back to 9gag, no one wants nazi bullshit propaganda here.

No. 818435

ya rly, they need to take it to stormfront.

No. 818436

Sarah actually has history within that family that's been documented, Regina always leaves out her drug issues in her falling out with Lainey and never posted actual proof. She has a shit credibility.

No. 818439

No. 818440

Both quirky and alt, but Skye's sister was more his type personality-wise - loud/bubbly/goofy, which he liked, whereas Billie is more ditsy and less animated. Whenever Greg talks about Billie, he always says, "I wouldn't have put up with her if she wasn't so attractive," I think it has more to do with Billie's appearance as a trophy, more so than anything… and the fact that he couldn't control her, which makes him angry and fuels the obsession.

No. 818450

To be fair, she is pretty jew about it.
All of these drama channels are. None of them report because they care, they report because it gives them views and money. But everyone aside from the yassking stans already know this-whats onion up to?? You know, the one this thread is about, I miss when we talked about him instead of nobody losers like beak nose, floppy hair, and receding hairline

No. 818459

File: 1611639871441.png (117.51 KB, 1183x312, Screenshot_2021-01-26 ( Luxymo…)

lol(flakes thread)

No. 818460

Wrong thread
Flakes is that way >>>/snow/1081173

No. 818461

File: 1611644990788.jpg (247.18 KB, 1014x351, 54545546.jpg)

Well, the drama channels are getting what they want. Normies are deciding the doc must all be bullshit and believing Onision instead. Congrats I guess.


No. 818463

File: 1611645730521.png (633.52 KB, 717x628, Jaclyn Glenn ( JaclynGlenn) Tw…)

ruh roh(flakes thread)

No. 818464

>Hansen did nothing wrong
>youtubers r liars >:(

No. 818465

Why cant Onision make up a sock that isn't IMMEDIATELY recognized as him. He's been at this for years you'd think he'd learn subtlety.

No. 818466

Kek. Discovery+ can go make a series about it if they want.

No. 818469

>most everything

Guess onion hasn't an hero yet

No. 818470

File: 1611648741011.png (295.53 KB, 1193x657, 282677070.png)

Last tweet and upload to his 3 main channels was his swansong on January 19 (excluding the fake Emily tweet.)
His last post on discord was on the same day.
His TikTok and IG are crickets.
Both forums are dead and haven't had a new post by him or his fans for weeks.

I thought he might go full force on the one platform that is still paying him but he hasn't made a new post or uploaded photos to either of his OnlyFans since January 12th. I really think the YT demonetization broke him. What is he doing all day? Stomping around his cum cave, screaming to himself about Hansen and the "Three Sirens", dressing up his sex-doll as the victims and hate fucking it, playing videogames and watching loliporn.

No. 818477

File: 1611658989324.jpeg (142.61 KB, 1203x974, 360AE6A8-376A-4AEA-AC79-DAD680…)

Ohhoho do you really want us to go there, Keem? I mean really, that's your retort? A shitty hashtag about "hansen being over" and claiming he made more money than you guys did over 13 years? Wow, you guys must have worked for peanuts, huh?
I wonder how much bots you guys had to buy to get that hashtag trending. And was it worth it? Do you greedy narcissist dramatubers feel relieved now that its out of your system?
You leave out the fact that Hansen didn't just make a documentary on Onision, but that this Greg documentary is actually a series on a whole slew of people like Dahvie Vanity and such..
But hey, Hansen is over, right? Thats the difference between a dramatuber and a tv personality. A tv personality just gets grey and distinguished and is here to stay. Dramatubers are a dime a dozen, you are just the new generation of dramatubers, the next lot is already on its way like Curtis Price, etc. No wonder you're this worried. I know I would be..(integrate better)

No. 818478

Also, you are kinda talking to us as if we don't remember you defending Onision. How do your fellow dramatubers feel about that?
Or how you actually took the liberty of slicing your shitty 3 part interview with Greg in to three parts, putting it on what was it? Twitch or snapchat or something? just so you could make more money on it..

No. 818479

"Hansen should be sued"
Then go ahead and sue him big boy, practice what you preach. Oh I forgot you're broke as fuck and can't sue anyone, my bad.

No. 818480

It is also hilarious that they're now trying to weaponize John Swan's video that is based on rumors and false facts.
Gene does not know Hansen. Hansen does not know Gene. Gene is a troll that started this rumor about him knowing Hansen by pulling a video off of Vince's back then relatively unknown streaming site of them going to Greg's house. Gene simply then shared this behind the scenes footage with autistic youtubers, furthering the illusion that he is somehow "working with Hansen." Since autistic Dramatubers rarely ever look in to shit they just took it as gospel and ran with it.
This is how the story of "zomg Gene is working with Hansen" started.
Add to that a slew of fake screenshots (which Gene loves to do, like the fake invoices) of Gene "talking with Hansen" and you have the autistic fiasco the Dramatubers now find themselves in..
Wonder how they feel that they spent an entire night playing Gene's game.
gg fags.

No. 818487

File: 1611667519263.jpg (50.09 KB, 491x800, a7cd3528b71ca34f7486923a00e896…)

>>>No. 818477
The irony about keemstar is he got all assmad when shadman decided to draw a nude of keems underage daughter. So its not okay for people to sexualize your own kids in drawings keem? but totally okay for a man close to your age to use his own platform to recruit barely legal and not so legal teens to be part of his fucked up harem?
These girls are someone elses daughter/sister/niece what have you and you think it's a okay for greg to do that but not someone to release a hand drawn nude of your own fucking kids. I'm not siding with shadman but keem is a fucking hypocrite, I bet you my last dollar if greg targeted his own daughter keems tone would be different.

No. 818489

My short-lived happiness over Onion finally facing some consequences was ruined by dramatubers (accidentally?) redeeming Greg through their hatred of Hansen. If you had told me a year ago that people like Repzion and Jacklyn would be saving Onion I would have been surprised.
Demonization and public awareness was the least that Greg deserves. I get that ~consent~ is important and Hansen is a dick, but the info in the doc was correct and now the victims stories are in doubt. Everyone in Greg’s orbit bungles everything

No. 818491

consent, consent, consent.
seriously whats that thing about consent when you have a reporter reporting on a story? I never got an answer to my question: what about the news? do they need consent from all the people involved? after all they are their stories right? and what about a warzone where there are two armies fighting eachother. do they need to ask muh consent from every single one of the soldiers involved?
this shit is ludicrous. this whole muh consent thing is just a shield made up by drama tubers to deflect that they're just as greedy and narcissistic. Chris has only been making some money off of this story in a few months, dramatubers have been doing it for 13 long god damn years. Now that he stepped in and got greg demonetized they lost their favorite cashcow. Making a video about Onision = making a fuckton of ad revenue. Just look at what Jaclyn did in her 8 hour stream >>818304 look at all the fucking yellow. no really look at it, those are ALL ads, just replying and reacting to greg's defense videos.
now greg wont make videos anymore since there's no point to, hansen stepped in and got the job done, and now they're all butthurt about it.(integrate better)

No. 818496

File: 1611672506833.jpg (337.63 KB, 1200x675, repmuhconsent.jpg)

pls remember muh consent, ladies.

No. 818500

File: 1611673764122.jpg (565.92 KB, 1200x1065, rolling_in_consent.jpg)


No. 818603

File: 1611712098807.png (362.81 KB, 720x564, Capture _2021-01-26-22-45-24.p…)

I wonder if Cracklyn asked for Cloey's consent when she posted a (monetized) video about her falling off a window and cracking her skull open?(derailing)

No. 818604

I was thinking the exact same thing today. Same as any other video dramatubers make about anyone. Just because they claim someone is a bad person doesn't mean they give their consent for being talked about and "exposed" even.
You could be doing a video about Austin Jones and by their logic you need to ask for their consent. Or how about her videos about Eugenia? They are no longer friends. Does she have her consent for those?

No. 818611

…you do realize you’re on a site all about talking shit? i mean by your logic, did you get consent from Jaclyn to make this post?

No. 818612

that's their point dumbass, they're showing how retarded the logic of all those people who say Hansen is a scumbag for doing a doc without the ~victims'~ approval is.

No. 818618

I'm not the one screeching about muh consent after making a video exploiting a toddler's injuries for money

No. 818657


another interesting thing to consider is, even though greg hasn't had views on his videos in forever, he may have still been getting decent videos on his older videos (like his dumbass banana stuff etc), that he could have been still collecting maybe 1k a month or something. Social blade for example still had him at anywhere from 10-200 dollars a day. Even on a very modest low end that could be like 600 dollars or so a month. So full demonetization could def be putting even more of a squeeze on him, which is great.

No. 818658


It has to be bad enough to even penetrate greg's waterskull when you go from having made millions on youtube to earning a big fat zero forever.

No. 818686

File: 1611757946402.jpg (1.74 MB, 3000x910, wheelofconsent.jpg)

No. 818722

File: 1611771170625.png (272.29 KB, 617x586, 5623109.PNG)

>she's pretty much unfollowed all dramatubers except for Repzion
>notable follows are of course Stevie and Chris.

I'm happy she's back. She unfollowed all the dramafags but now she's following Chris Hansen? kek
Their heads are going to fucking explode. Countdown to them stabbing her in the back and making videos talking shit about Sarah.

No. 818726

If everything has gone to shit for him for talking and letting the internet know what happened with Sarah what do you think the odds are that Lainey says I told you so and now we’re going with my idea and going back to silence. No residuals from his videos means he could try and wipe them from the internet and go offline, satisfying his need for control and domination in his family and any teen girl unlucky enough to cross his path.

Lainey’s would stay up because she’s able to make some money off of them which is ironic because she has some of the most damming videos of herself still up on there.

Unlikely he would give up because Lainey commands it but he might be too old and too tired to keep fighting an uphill battle.

This is clogging the thread up with a pointless back and forth. Let it go, some people are going to think the consent is important and some won’t. No one is changing anyone’s mind over the past flood of back and forth so let it go.

Late but agreed.

No. 818728

Needs to unfollow him too. He's part of the problem. Every time I see the Onision doc brought up in crime communities now, all the comments are completely flooded with how it's problematic and unsupportable over lies made up by greedy creepy boogeyman Chris Hansen. It's unbelievable.

They're literally invaliding all the girls experiences including hers. All because of money they felt entitled to, they're pushing for normies to cancel the doc which maybe that sounded like a great idea in their head, but when you ask people who have no idea what the case is even about (which was the intended fucking audience) then yeah, of course they're going to jump to "This is all bs, hansens just reaching for more limelight and that onision guys probably innocent".

They would all rather set Onision free than let this doc do it's job. None of them ever actually wanted Onision to be held accountable. This is their worst nightmare and they're shitting the bed because once Onision finally fucks off for good, their income dries up. Wake up Sara. They don't want you to warn the world about greg, they want you to shut up so another victim can wander in and they can start a new video saga about it raking in millions more views about their 'disgust' each.

No. 818732

File: 1611776145911.jpg (142.38 KB, 818x656, IMG_20210127_193557.jpg)

No. 818733

Did she unfollow luxy? Kek

No. 818736

Nope. Not letting it go. People that agree with the whole consent thing are fucking retarded.

No. 818751

File: 1611788575589.jpg (116.88 KB, 1320x472, heres_hopin.jpg)


No. 818753

If they actually get their finger out of their asses and bans him, then it’s one of the last money making platforms.
Would be nice, if there was the same energy to go after Foot’s patron and YouTube channel, ‘cause we pretty much know who take the money from those too.

No. 818755

her patreon has had an uptick since the docuseries

No. 818760

thnx for the heads up, i just pretty much told them everything about her account, her relation to him, the documentary. everything, pretty much.

No. 818762

File: 1611791672341.jpg (44.35 KB, 355x468, 20210115_155106.jpg)

Crazy anti-O Onision stalker known as heatboss on KiwiFarms and heatboss1 on twitter. He looks like repzion with downsyndrom eyes & pubic hair on his face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818763

Way to cowtip, moralfag.

No. 818765

No1curr, Greg.(Hi cow)

No. 818768

File: 1611792515228.jpg (103.6 KB, 720x714, 20210127_190435.jpg)

BigMoneyOnision looks like a fat and hairy prehistoric caveman.

I'm an Onision hater too but I think it's ironic that BMO would call anyone in general ugly when he is absolutely hideous.

This grown, hairy ass caveman wasted most of his teenage/adult years obsessing over Onision on a regular basis every single days

No. 818774

Oh wow, I only know about them because they were everywhere online constantly watch Onision but I never imagined that they'd look so disgusting. They really are hideous and should be banned.

No. 818779

He’s ugly not blind you fucking faggot

No. 818780

I don't give a shit. I'm actually doing something while you look at yourself while playing with your tits and fingering your asshole.

No. 818781

I don't think he's hideous. i'd fuck the shit out of him tbh

No. 818783

File: 1611793509400.jpeg (308.26 KB, 1010x1926, ADF67B53-CDB2-40D3-B2EE-5E3A21…)

That’s funny, I remember while witnessing an autistic Twitter fight that the photo you used happened to be posted by this Clyde guy.

This same guy was mentioned on the other farms awhile ago:

Also, are there really people that unironically call themselves “Onision haters”?

No. 818784

“ ‘I’m an Onision hater too …. but’ “

No. 818785

At least BigMoney isn't some closeted fag that is too threatened by the size of other guys dicks that he opts to make his so's look like men. I don't think there is anything wrong with BigMoney's looks personally. As for Greg, you know all his pictures are carefully framed and photoshopped to hell and back and he still looks like shit.

No. 818789

No one wants your greasy, smelly baby carrot.

No. 818790

I know the truth hurts but it is what is it: they absolutely hideous and everyone I know agrees

No. 818791


Everyone you know, you groomed pencil dick(Hi cow)

No. 818792

I seen some pretty severe captures of cringe posts by what is probably Greg, or a rabid fan, one introduced themselves as a "brand spanking new anti-o"..
you just can't make this shit up.

No. 818794

File: 1611794902349.jpg (354.85 KB, 841x1085, safsdfgdsfds.jpg)

would much rather fuck the other guy

No. 818795

atleast the other guy looks like a man and not a retarded 30 something year old with coomer condition and bad skin.

No. 818796

File: 1611795170405.jpg (253.58 KB, 720x714, failure_your_name_be_greg.jpg)


No. 818797

Besides, not-greg, we all know you filter the fuck out of your face and pile atleast a pound of foundation on your fucked up skin. Protip asshole, if your gonna use foundation to create a natural look use a correct shade and not something that's obvious past due date, I can tell you use old expired foundation because it fucking oxides on your face turning it orange; also it's not doing you any favors if you put a pound of it on to cover up and then apply copious amounts of powder. It just cakes your skin up but seeing as your to dumb to realize it greg, I'm just like kek.

No. 818799

and then he still turns the brightness way up while doing what he thinks to be perfect lighting.
i sincerely wonder who would ever sign up for his onlyfans because the guy makes me dryer than the Sahara desert.

No. 818800

me too I saw that video when he fucked the sex doll, like I never felt bad for inanimate object in all my life before, it's like no wonder he has to get em while their young, what other group would think thats what pleasurable in sex 5 mins of dry jack hammering.

No. 818801

And yet Greg still believes he's totally innocent. He doesn't seem to get that he's hated GLOBALLY. There's people the world over that know of him and hate him. He's like the new Casey Antony.

No. 818802

atleast casey anthony had the good sense to fuck off after her acquittal. Greg will never feel like he has done anything wrong and if it weren't for youtube demonetizing him there for not incentivizing his bullshit, it'd probably be a few years from now that we'd hear about another incident. I'm not saying this is going to stop him completely more than likely if anything it might make him do even more brazen things to get teen pussy but those brazen things might even land him jail, if the tax fraud or wetlands doesn't cull him for good. A predator doesn't change his ways, they will never but on the bright side atleast now that his usual channels of getting them are now cut off, he may go through not so legal means to get them, and I'm sure the police would be icthing to get the book thrown at him now it's been made public on a much grander scale, my money is on he's gonna target even more vulnerable groups to get his fix. like the homeless or someone in human trafficking,

No. 818810

Sorry guys but that anonymous person was right and you can't deny it. The absolute truth is that BigMoneyOnision is 10x uglier by nature.

To those of you making fun of Onision's looks: he has Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea: a chronic skin condition that has periods where it lapses in flare-ups for days, weeks or months.

Despite this, Onision doesn't look like that all the time because rosacea also goes into remission and stays away for a while - just not permanently. It comes and goes. Given that fact it's safe to say that not every single picture of Onision that doesn't fit your delusional narrative of how he "really looks" is photoshopped or has filters.

Onision can't help his skin condition. BigMoneyOnision on the other hand can do something to help himself not look like a literal prehistoric caveman. He can take a daily shower to get the grease out and brush his matted hair. He can go on a vegetarian diet, he can shave, he can wax his unibrow, etc — but he doesn't.
Instead he'd rather stalk/slander/harass/obsess over Onision for hours on end fabricating lies, making irrational arguments & resorting to ad hominem attacks and gaslighting. He only cares about one thing: money — and that is he has "money" in his username and jumped the first chance he got to go on television to lie right to everyone's face, and you're all pathetic losers for trusting him.

No. 818812


Greg looks like he would leak pus and grease if you touched him.

No. 818813


The only person who thinks Greg looks like Zac Efron is Greg himself.

Shouldn't you be making sure all your windows are shut, Not-Greg?

No. 818814

File: 1611800425966.jpg (9.74 KB, 250x188, download.jpg)

Not to tinfoil but I have to mention this here. It just hit me like a ton of bricks watching John Swan's stream. I firmly believe that Xavier von Erck from Perverted Justice would be the perfect candidate to be Anonymous Gene.
He has worked with Hansen on TCAP.
He is a known troll / doxer (just google for his past antics)
He can do what Gene does.
I'm not saying for definite it is him, its just a suggestion. Personally I think he matches Gene to a T including even his age.(derailing)

No. 818816

File: 1611800504877.jpg (73.56 KB, 720x444, 20210127_212055.jpg)

Here is a close up on Onision's face without makeup. He has been mistaken for Zac Efron a few times whereas BigMoney looks like the gieco caveman

No. 818818

Rosacea is the least of Gurg's worries, that's not what makes him ugly

No. 818819

dude so fucking what? they're both ugly, what's your point.

at least bmo looks like some dude who has serious insecurities, and is capable of looking just fine. greg just looks like an unfortunate balding waterhead.

anyway, whilst we're here, anyone know what kind of phone greg has? would be good to match it to the interface on the screenshot he posted.

No. 818821

Discussion of the Youtubers and Twitterfags belongs in the Anti-O thread. Continued derailing will result in week long bans from /pt/.

No. 818822

That picture of Greg is photoshopped to fuck. Shit like this is why this thread is on autosage

No. 818823

you sincerely shouldn't be moderating here.
you just don't fucking get it.
at all.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 818826

I'm just glad Greg is still just sperging out on here and KF instead of doing a family murder.

No. 818828

File: 1611801385143.jpg (48.25 KB, 640x991, fmt5wirrvrd41.jpg)

weird how greg looks like he got lost on his way to the sped bus in every picture that exists outside of his creative control

but sure it's the rosacea lol. pierce county's own zac efron.

No. 818829

He's very bad at pretending he's not Greg.(hi cow)

No. 818832


>He only cares about one thing: money — and that is he has "money" in his username and jumped the first chance he got to go on television to lie right to everyone's face, and you're all pathetic losers for trusting him

I see you're taking your demonetisation well, Greg.

No. 818833

Yeah you can help rosacea I have that and pcos induced acne the fun cystic kind and my skin looks better than yours greg, one thing you need to stop doing which you won't because we all know you cant stop jerking jerking off long enough to do it is, proper skin care, I am also on a high protein paleo diet and despite me literally eating mostly meat I still minimal excercise I still have more toned muscles then what ever sorry flab you got going on. Btw didn't you fucking said you eat fish? vegatarian my ass then because when I was vegatarian I ate only dairy and eggs, no fish with my diet. You shove frozen processed shit down your big ugly looking mouth of course your skin is gonna look like shit, on top of jerking off in the shower with hot water multiple times a day, pounds of make up to cover up, no suprise that your skin would look raw red and pimply. Ontop of clogging your pores you stip you skin of essentially oils with out even motiserizing thats asking for the break out of all break outs. I can manage to have healthy looking with a cyst the size of a grape fruit on my ovary by just understanding basic hygiene, even with a fucked up hormonal issue, you greg can't even master oversexed libido. So dumb ass stfu about being not greg and fuck off already or don't idc, whats next gonna tell me black women don't know how to do their hair properly again?(blog)

No. 818835

Also what kind of crack are you smoking greg? Only fags, and closeted fags, worry so much about manscaping, do you think every many on this earthy legtimately get their eyebrows waxxed? kek fucking gay, just admit that your jealous bigmoney onision is manlier than you. Shit your dad looks likes a dilf that I would if he was single proberly jump his bones. Your not attractive at all you can't even do your make up right, shit even in my emo teen days I didn't crush on you but had a crush on shane, so gtfo with the i'm so hawt shit, no not even emo teen me found you attractive.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 818838

File: 1611803576049.jpg (53.97 KB, 640x640, lol10.jpg)

Calls other men fucking greasy cavemen
looks like one of the by products of a neanderthal mating with a Cro-Magnon
fucking kek

No. 818839

This looks like a govt building. Who took this and how did they get away with posting it?

No. 818841

idk who took it, but it was taken on the day he filed a lolsuit for the wrong chris hansen.

No. 818844


It's from when Greg served the wrong Chris Hansen and when Repzion got his legal fees paid for him as well as getting a chunk of extra free money from his supporters. Also when it was revealed that Greg is shorter than Repzion, can't wear a bulletproof vest properly - and wore a fucking bulletproof vest to court! - looks even greasier in real life and generally seems to be a human car wreck walking about.

No. 818847

Are you new? Jfc the autism in this thread is out of control. “Not-Greg” is just as likely to be someone larping as him, because everyone knows how fucking easy it is to mimic his speech/typing. I know there’s fuck all milk at the moment but this is beyond retarded.

No. 818849

You still look like a defrosted neanderthal carcass even without the rosacea. Also have you seen the side of your head? You have the body proportion of a dwarf lol

No. 818850

Lol. I love seeing this picture any time someone mentions that Greg might be anything other than ugly. He appears bog legged, his head makes up a huge portion of his height and his short arms are the most hilarious part. This is genetically defective person. It's fucking haunted with extra chromosomes. His genetic make up is a train wreck. His forehead is a plaque for retarded.

No. 818851


They're not going to listen. Unfortunately these dumb cunts think that everyone who defends Onision is Onision himself despite having no real evidence to back it up. Any so called evidence they claim to have has been debunked and proven wrong but they are too stupid to get that through their dumb thick retarded ass skulls. For some reason they think Onision needs to make fake accounts to defend himself although he already defends himself on his own platforms. They lack logic and reasoning skills.

No. 818852

>dumb cunts
>logic & reasoning

you prove yet again how retarded you are. your socking has a distinct brand of tism

No. 818853

Even if you're not Onision, your writing style is lame and gay.

No. 818861

He’s posted screenshots with his own profile visible multiple times. Many of us saw it before he deleted it. Debunked my ass. Greg is ,in fact, pathetic enough to pretend to be his own defenders on the internet.

No. 818871

He (you) accidentally admitted in a livestream that he (you) lurk here, retard.(hi cow)

No. 818877

Next time gorg comes here someone PLEASE post the gif of him fucking himself in the ass with that wall dildo. He will never live that shit down. I feel bad for his kids, even if they grow up away from him, they will be bullied once their classmates find out who their parents are. Unless they get adopted by another family, one can only hope.

No. 818895

>mongoloid eyes
>skinnyfat soyboy body
>disgusting skin
>unwashed, disgusting hair
>tiny dick
>fucking manlet

Thinks he is attractive and girls want to fuck him ahahahahahahah. The delusion is hilarious.

No. 818901

Despite the complete lack of interest and really shitty mods here (go to meta, where we then close your thread and do nothing / continue to be shit) I pretty much let everybody and their mother, uncle, brother, sister, best friends friend know that Anonymous Gene is in fact Xavier von Erck. Formerly known as Philip John Eide before he changed his name because of a falling out with his father.
Anyone less pre-occupied with stupid shit like Greg's dwarfism's looks and who have an actual brain is welcome to look in to this, so we can finally take this faggot down.
You're welcome.
Anonymous Gene = Xavier von Erck
- Hence him knowing Chris Hansen, they worked on TCAP together, Xavier runs Perverted Justice.
- Xavier was Del Harvey's boss, Del now works for Twitter, so she helps him fuck around on there.
- Xavier is one of the worst trolls / doxxers you'll ever meet, who once tried to frame his former best friend for grooming and get him arrested.
- Xavier pretends its all for the kiddies, but he only cares about himself.
That is all.(no1curr)

No. 818906

File: 1611848010383.jpg (153.44 KB, 1472x1432, 0b6592723f2be4a7d9d0d3c04d65fd…)

No. 818908

What makes you think I care about if you care or not? Nice ban btw shit mod, that and your shit image coming at me at the same time doesn't show your butthurt at all.
Go ahead, remove this message, prove to me how fanny flustered you are.
This shit is related, you should just let people talk about all the shit thats related to greg since its equally important.
How the fuck are you gonna tell a story if you can't talk about the people involved with it? Its stupid, you're fucking stupid and its making no god damn sense, you jackass.

with your stupid rule yeah people can only talk about how ugly greg is and saying there ain't no milk, while there damn well is with all these people involved with it, whom we're not allowed to talk about.

dumb shit.(please stop this is embarassing)

No. 818914

What boggles my mind with these faggots is, no one is stopping them talking about these other faggots. There’s a place specifically for them called the flakes thread. Their faggotry would belong there.

No. 818917

tbh they are kinda right. that thread is dead.
pls don't ban me

No. 818920

Revive it by talking in it, it's the only way.

No. 818926

File: 1611861419920.jpg (74 KB, 665x997, 2021-01-28 20.15.34 twitter.co…)

looks like damage control to me.
ruffled your feathers there, Philip?

No. 818934

File: 1611862906548.jpg (43.65 KB, 600x400, large.jpg)


No one cares Grundle.

We are just here to laugh at you, keep screaming you weird large head baby.(Hi cow)

No. 818937

Not Grundle but sure bro. you really think a narc like Greg would refer to himself as an ugly midget?
galaxy brain work there, hombre.

No. 818943

and here is how Greg truly feels about 4chan..

With special thanks to "youowe me" who found and reposted it for me.

No. 818957

File: 1611875723341.jpg (52.41 KB, 613x534, 2021-01-29 00.13.14 twitter.co…)

That latest Gene account in which he says his goodbyes is only followed by one person, see picture. Its a Crypto Currency scam in New Jersey.
From what I understand from news articles, Xavier is in New Jersey.(Derail)

No. 818962

Please take this off topic derailment to the flakes thread >>>/snow/1081173
No one but you (and maybe one other autist) care this much about Twitterfags.

No. 818963

Not today, hon.

No. 818967

File: 1611876848669.png (346.79 KB, 639x536, 55654677.PNG)

I hope this doesn't come off as a minimod, and Ill take my ban if it does. But Im more than happy if the Farmhands lock this thread until Onision does something new. A new video, new tweet or the gumshoes on either farms find out he's creepin' in real life.

Im tired of coming here hoping that Greg sperged out and having to scroll through post after post of bullshit about Anonymous Gene, tinfoil about Onision sock accounts and who wore it better Heatboss, BigMoney or Onision.

Farmhands/Admin please lock the thread and maybe these faggots will move on to the flakes thread and find a new cozy home there.

No. 818969

I don't care. There's other places to check for Greg's spergin'.
Also, you expect the farmhands to keep checking if something happens?
We will always come back.
lol be mad.

No. 818973

Wanna know how to make it not dead? Take your faggotry there. It’s not our fault there’s only one person who frequents there.

No. 819011

>she's followed/unfollowed so and so
And yet there's nothing in your ss showing this lol. Maybe have actual proof next time and you'll be taken seriously.
Greg's been off all sm for a week. I doubt he'll be back on yt unless he can get enough paypigs to donate somehwere else, even then he wasn't making much on his channels anyway. I think he only stayed on yt in the hopes of maybe growing his audience again.

No. 819014

Yes, everyone making money off of this, including muh journalist and Greg, are all shitstains. Glad we cleared that up.

No. 819019

How is so many people derailing this topic by talking about the secondary and third run characters in this Onision mess? I personally dont care about the twitterfags John Swan, "Anonymous" Gene or any of the dramafags/ettes have to say. I want the facts and just the facts. Dramafags like Swam Gene Aystar do nothing but try to take to spotlight on them. If you ask me? Clout chasers the lot of them. I have never seen them do anything but sling shit in glass houses. Watching Swan try to make it seem like Chris Hansen and Gene know each other was like watching fiction someone created because they we're asshurt over people finding out their real name and couldnt be transphobic racist anymore due to the fact people know their IRL name. That was great entertainment.

No. 819022

>17 to you is underage?

No. 819023

greg cannot help himself. be patient. I give it a week before he spergs. It's literally that simple. It's in his nature. When has he ever not sperged?

No. 819029

I don't mind the posts about secondary characters as much as I mind the 12 to 15 posts of belly aching that follow each time somebody does.
maybe stfu for a second, take a breather and realize the world does not revolve around you.

No. 819054

he’ll be back. his online life was everything to him. unfortunately, he has access to other platforms he can make money off of. newer, more popular platforms. hopefully he’s made such a shitty name for himself that no matter where he goes, everyone knows who he is. he’ll either choose a new platform or he’ll try to use his wife as his main source of income. i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back on his criticisms and tried being family-friendly making lainey create a family channel with the oldest kid. he’d probably excuse it with “well, he can talk so he can choose if he wants to be on camera or not.” and try making money off of being some weird, queer family. it’s either that or sell everything he owns, get a minimum wage job and beg his behated in-laws for support. i mean, lainey has a degree but a shit reputation too. i’m surprised he hasn’t blamed her for all of it. considering she was the one sending nudes to minors and luring them in for him. i’m surprised he hasn’t spun this around to claim himself a victim of lainey’s predatory behavior. wonder why he hasn’t thrown her under the bus like he would have anyone else.

sorry for the sperg & tinfoiling. i would just rather talk about the end of onion’s youtube career.

No. 819060

> i’m surprised he hasn’t blamed her for all of it. considering she was the one sending nudes to minors and luring them in for him. i’m surprised he hasn’t spun this around to claim himself a victim of lainey’s predatory behavior. wonder why he hasn’t thrown her under the bus like he would have anyone else.

He will if she tries to leave. If she doesn’t leave, he’ll rope her into something else messed up that will dig the hook in deeper to keep her on the hook.

No. 819067

He already tried making money on every well known platform and they all failed. I don't think he has many options left.

No. 819071

yeah, she’s never going to leave him though. greg has met his match with lainey. she’s far too obsessed with him. she lives, sleeps and breathes him. the only way that relationship is going to end is if and when he screws her over. i mean he’s just lost everything and he’s so deadset on being the “good guy” and everyone else being at fault that eventually he’s going to resent the fuck out of lainey if he doesn’t already. he’s probably treating her like shit over it all right now. because nothing is every greasehead’s fault.

i don’t even want to mention the platforms that are still available because i don’t want to give grease any ideas but regardless, i don’t think he’d last long on them and will definitely never be successful. he’s blaming shiloh right now but the only people to blame are him and his unwanted and pathetically devoted wife. greg’s shit attitude and mistreatment of every human he’s ever encountered and lainey’s public child grooming landed them exactly where they are. he had a dream job and they fucked themselves over.

No. 819073

File: 1611943168550.png (83.29 KB, 633x821, 672.PNG)

I cant think of any other platform he could jump on to make money that he isn't already banned from or demonetized. StoryFire was an option but that just recently tanked. His main source of income now are the 2 OnlyFans he's got. His Onisionfans_com memberships were tied to his YT channels so those got frozen when he got demonetized. His side hustles are a "text me & email me" thing, a Paypal donation page, Amazon wishlist so his fans can buy him ugly hoodies and NIN CD's. Plus a Cameo that I think is dead in the water.

No. 819078

he should invest on the app robinhood. it would really help a lot.

No. 819085

No. 819086

there’s no way they were surviving on just that bullshit and greg’s dying youtube channel. at least a $1000 in bills a month, plus 2 kids and a dependent wife? and now he’s definitely only going to get MAYBE a couple hundred in income once a month with his channels demonetized. lainey must have been doing something to earn some form of income because there’s no way greg was able to support them all with how little he was making. the struggle begins. because whatever he may still be making is no where near enough to pay his bills and put food on the table and last them for an entire month before the next small paycheck. yeah, he might have some savings but that would drain quickly. you know grease is raging more than ever about lainey’s inability to shut a light off.

No. 819087

If he invested anything at all in stocks he’s still probably making out like a bandit. It’s been a raging bull market for years now so I’m sure he’s getting some money from that as long as he didn’t panic sell last year.

No. 819092

File: 1611952383497.png (300.94 KB, 949x423, 861.PNG)

I'm surprised he hasn't uploaded something to one of his channels. Ive always thought he stayed on YouTube out of spite more than because it made him money. It was a way to thumb his nose at people that wanted him deplatformed. Plus it was his only real soapbox (other than Twitter) I think a big part of the reason he's still MIA on YT is because it was a big hit to his ego that YT dumped his partnership for 2 main reasons. He was "harmful to the community and a danger to children's safety."

No. 819094

During a discord chat with his fans about what other type of job he could get he tried to humble brag that he's already like a day trader. That Duck guy who seemed to know what he's talking about started asking very detailed questions about his investments. Greg stumbled around trying to word things to make himself look good and eventually confessed that his "investments" are a basic mutual fund that any boomer can buy at his local bank. It's probably a Vanguard stock and bond portfolio kek

No. 819095

ah yes, the funniest thing about Greg really. he thinks he knows shit. besides he probably feels like Patrick Bateman buying in to some shitty stock.
That can seriously hurt him in the future, so i'd tell him to go for it really. Great.
Youtube was his life. And yes I do actually think the majority of his income came from that. You guys are forgetting he's been at this shit for 13 years and claimed he almost put a bullet in his head and Youtube somehow magically saved him.

No. 819096

jesus fuck, i normally don't watch creepshow's videos but man he bought those fake screenshots hook, line and sinker.

No. 819106

> You guys are forgetting he's been at this shit for 13 years and claimed he almost put a bullet in his head and Youtube somehow magically saved him

That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw his channels got demonetized. He made a big deal about it for years that YouTube was everything to him. It was his dream. But him and his leech of a wife completely fucked that up. We watched him destroy his own channels for years on end. You’d think he was deliberately trying to fuck himself out of the one thing he wanted. Any sane human being would have stopped his bullshit years ago, but he just kept pushing and getting worse and worse. Probably didn’t help with Taylor whistling worship in his ear. He only has himself to blame. He can either be mad at himself or that thing he calls a wife latched to his tit. There wouldn’t have been an “angry mob” had he not been such a fuck to the entire Internet, including the few “fans” he had that were ignorant enough to support him for as long as they did.

No. 819111

Nice how yt pretends to care only after a tv series nobody saw that didn't even highlight the worst of his shit gets a little air time. Their virtue signaling speaks volumes.

No. 819112

Plenty of times he hasn't. Just recently some anons were complaining about it.

No. 819113

>showed ss sent from Hansen to Executive Producer of the Onision series (Asarch) showing "Gene" in Hansen's phone contacts
>showed Hansen's twitter acct following several of Gene's alts
The only fiction is in your head nonny. kek
Greg constantly brings up Hansen and Shiloh because those two are the weakest links with their shit reputations/histories. He's still too fucking stupid to actually make anything out of it since he's also a lying sack of shit with an awful reputation but I digress. When cows collide.

No. 819115

>there’s no way greg was able to support them all with how little he was making.
That's what i've been fucking saying, yet still some mongoloids insist his channel's being demonetized is that big of a deal. Financially, it's an insignificant change.

No. 819118

so pray tell, oh Wise one, how is Greg making these mountains of gold? His 43 patrons, the 3 gays subbed to his onlyfans or via osmosis?

No. 819119


During their later collabs she seemed extremely sick of his shit. She might still not see him for what he is but she came off like every girl who has realized their bf they were so smitten with is actually extremely fucking annoying. She might be resigned to sticking with it but def doesn't seem obsessed anymore.

No. 819121

She’s admittedly codependent so it makes sense.

> During their later collabs she seemed extremely sick of his shit.

As bad as the situation that she’s created for herself I don’t think she’s stupid. I think she’s outgrown him in a lot of ways and must be frustrated with living with a non-partner who is mentally stuck at 17. What first seems charming when an adult can goof off and meet you at your level at 17 becomes grating when you grow up and need them to be an adult with you.

No. 819122

Finally the emails are out and I have to watch them on creepshowart? Fuck.

No. 819128

>there’s no way they were surviving on just that bullshit and greg’s dying youtube channel.

I think Taylor might be getting financial help from her rich parents, they still supported her even after she lied and backstabbed them so much. Imagine how humiliating that must be for Grease, he talked so much shit about his in-laws and now his family most likely depends on them to survive.

No. 819129

They also fully paid off the swamp shack, maybe Onion will borrow against his shallots' shelter to stay afloat for awhile.

No. 819132

Could it be possible that he's taking a mortgage out on his house or loan shark deals to survive? I could see him being that stupid thinking he doesn't have to pay them back for X amount of time and by that time he'll be rolling in dough again. ( So he thinks) Plus I'm sure Lainey is getting baby bonus checks from the Gov plus some helping hands from family. Mind you if she asks for too much help from her family they may start plotting interventions to get her out of there.

No. 819133

Lol what baby bonus checks? I think the most they got for the 2 kids with the last stimulus check was like $500 for both. And that was after nearly 6 months since the last stimulus. Lame is on the deed last I saw so I think they have too valuable of assets for her to pull some shenanigans and act like a single mother with 2 kids and no income.

No. 819142


i feel like Lainey has been working some minimum-wage job to support them since she's gone quiet. onion's been alienating everyone for years now, his online income must have been in steady decline and/or not enough to support them all for a while.

No. 819143

If "mister grump" (as Greg called him) is paying for them to stay afloat then he's even more of a cuck than I thought.
Poetic justice if Greg has to go begging to mister grump though..

No. 819146

She's way too lazy. She would never. She's quiet because she ran and hid like all cowards do when exposed.

No. 819158

Exactly. Sarah said Footface would rather die than get a real job.

No. 819163

which is exactly why i think gregger is about to snap. he kept his own predatory behavior secretive for so long, but then his teen recruiter went out and got herself caught publicly collecting cp and sending grode selfies of herself to minors which blew up their entire operation and cost him a huge bite in the ass from karma. there’s no way he’s going to want to stick around with her and find a way to support her. the only thing she offered him was access to teen girls. now he’s forced to scrape together couch coins to get by with no help from his messy, inefficient wife.

No. 819165

Kai is awful but I hope a day comes where she finally spills on Greg, lord knows how much dirt she's got. I know that's a big dream but I recall when she temporarily grew a pair during cuddlegate and let Twitter know how much of that drama was Greg's design

No. 819169

If she's worried about money she has tons of options now. If I were her i'd just write a book, shit would easily become the Oprah book of the month.
It would be a win-win situation. And if it ever does go to trial simply have a great lawyer make a deal for immunity.

No. 819179

If she was smart she would come out as a "victim" and make a GoFundMe lol

No. 819185

I still think they're living off savings.

They sold 2 houses. The Grease Mansion and the house he used exclusively for filming.
They sold 2 Teslas.
Farmhands have shown ss of Greg selling their clothes and his high end electronic gear online.

They bought the Swamp shack that is no where near the cost of his previous homes.
They're leasing her SUV and his basic Tesla.

The rest of the money is sitting in a bank account and they are slowly draining it every week. Greg's not good at looking at the big picture or thinking ahead. He wont start panicking until those savings start getting really low.

No. 819194

Oh to be sure, bills and shit it adds up. The shallots growing older, needing stuff like clothes, school the whole shebang.
That would really be her best option, I'm sure the other victims, youtubers and anti-o's would welcome here with open arms. (if she owns up to the shit she did and begs them forgiveness first, of course.)

No. 819211

I don't think anyone would welcome her with open arms. She burnt all of her bridges every other time she claimed she was leaving. She mocked people trying to help her, and now that everyone knows she's a predator just liek Greg is, she's on her own.

No. 819216

It would also be the only way to garner any understanding and forgiveness which is probably more valuable than money at this point.

She said she would never tell on Greg though even if they broke up because she feels so wronged by the internet for constantly attacking her and her relationship.

No. 819224

She wouldn’t be accepted like sarah or billie but she would be in a better place than she is now. Unless she came out and said “I wanted to have sex with Sarah since she was a child and actively groomed her for my benefit.” That’s basically what people assume now so it can’t get worse than people thinking you’re a pedophile.

No. 819233

if she can put her narcissism aside and truly apologize then just the simple fact already that she left greg would work miracles.
i bet tons of people would offer to help her even.

No. 819235

File: 1612054512744.jpg (69.38 KB, 699x873, zacefron.jpg)

its easy to see why people would mistake greg for Zac Efron.
they could almost be twins.
sarcasm, in case you missed it.

No. 819241

No one is welcoming her with open arms. No one is forgiving that vile nasty bitch

No. 819244

No way. That ship has sailed. She's a joke. Everyone hates her as much as they hate her Greasy muh soulmate twin flame. Her live streams alone made her easy to hate. She's a horrible mother who has no redeemable qualities whatsoever

No. 819257

yeah really. obviously if she did come out and talk against greg, everyone would eat that shit up. but no one is going to just forget everything she contributed so easily. unless she convinces everyone that greg forced her to do all of the shit she’s done. but no one is going to instantly > welcome her with open arms”
because she’s not a victim like everyone else. she was a collaborator. she was the bait. and besides i don’t see lainey ever speaking against greg at all. she’s too infatuated with him. look at all the fucked up shit he did to her alone. she stayed for it all and is so caught up in him that she will do whatever it takes to keep HIM. the only way i see that relationship ending is when greg gets tired of her and forces her out.

No. 819271

Poor Greg. Wonder how he's going to claim for all his business expenses now that Onision is dead.

No. 819274

>the only way i see that relationship ending is when greg gets tired of her and forces her out.

He already IS tired of her. The only reason he won't force her out is because he doesn't want to pay child support for 2 kids and alimony since I doubt that prenup he made her sign is valid, we all know he loves to print documents off google and make people sign them without being notarized.

No. 819294

File: 1612073290423.png (259.21 KB, 878x400, Onision OF OnisionPrime OF.PNG)

>Last seen Jan 12

So he's abandoned his OnlyFans too?
If I were those 6 middle aged homosexual men I wouldn't renew my subscription in February.

No. 819300

Why did you post a picture of zac efron looking so sad?

someone made a banner out of a similar joke comment I made forever ago and now I get a hardy laugh everytime it comes up.

Regina was very on the mark when she said his actual face looks like Frankenstein's monster. Not that his over exposed, edited, and filtered images match Zac either.
Additionally, it's pretty funny that even his idea of "heart throb actor" is very teenager from the 2000's

No. 819301

How likely is it he picked a few of the top paypigs off his OF and is getting money by private camming? Cause he can't afford to disappear otherwise

No. 819304

How many of his pay pigs that are still around are even remotely interested in his nudes? The fat black one and Mcburger or whatever who dresses like a depressed 14 year old?
Any time I have listened to one of the discord leaks, they don't really want to talk about his of at all (even when he desperately tries to get them on board), and want him to post things like his "old content".
Though he did say something about needing them to pay him some other way now because his youtube paid suns are taken away.

No. 819311

It was Maya, not Regina, but your point still stands. She could possibly have been an interesting addition to the doc, as would Sam, purely because they spent time in the grease den and bore witness to Gurg and Foot’s relationship/home dynamic

I still maintain that Grug either fucked McFly, wanted to fuck her or still wants to fuck her. She’s young, developmentally stunted and extremely unstable, which is his type. She’d be easy to manipulate, he wouldn’t even have to try. The black paypig is too fat and too old (and probably too black, we know he’s a racist) as is that inbred Trisha degenerate who was one of his mods. McFly is his last option when it comes to young vageen and I won’t be surprised in the slightest if there’s some future milk there

No. 819313

I recall the other discord fags saying the same about them fucking around during the meetup. I wouldn't be shocked, but I don't know if he had the opportunity. I'm sure they were inappropriate at least. I doubt it'd be milky outside of the Gurg meltdown that would come with it.

No. 819314

He probably fucked her and created some loophole as to why it wasn't cheating like he did with Sarah. Perhaps they had junk to rear too?

No. 819315

I believe they definitely fucked.
There were a whole heap of clues. Greg was trying to tell people without actually telling people at one point.

One livestream someone asked if he exercised and he said “ah..no.. yeah.. sometimes I do push-ups” mcfly can testify to that.. she’s .. ah.. seen me do them”
Inuit was hella awkward and strange. If the delivery wasn’t so weird I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

This was around the time he was dead silent about lainey. They were probably on a break or something.

There were some other things. But one that sticks out to me is how upset mcfly grom a situation that was pretty minor.

Greg kept saying she liked shit games and sheeps burst out crying or something. Never seen her do anything ever slightly emotional in the many years I’ve eavesdropped on discord on and off.

I think her emotions only came up because she started liking Greg and they had a fling, then suddenly she got offended when he put her down where as previously it never seemed to bother her.

There was something else I vaguely remember, about mcfly wanting to be a third, but lainey not being interested.
So, we know mcfly was already down to fuck Frankenstein, has an uhohbro tattoo already, I would be willing to bet money they’ve slept together.

I don’t think she wants to be part of the circus though, even if they severe ties I don’t think she will speak out. She doesn’t want to be internet infamous. She pulled down or locked down all her social media ages ago for that reason. So I doubt we will hear much from her. But she’s had his deformed sausage for sure.

No. 819317

>black paypig is too fat too old and probably too black

You're absolutely right about Blasian and his other fans. Its slim pickings yet he does have standards.
Trisha is too old and too fat
Heezy is too old and has kids
Tamara is too old and stinks of dog cum

When they rented the Airbnb in Bellevue he talked about how one of the girls came knocking on his car window as he slept. That might of been McRetard looking for some late night nookie. And Dev-Cildra the paypig that hosted the last Patron meetup at her home said that there was some suspicious behavior going on between Greg and McRetard. I can see him sneaking into her bedroom after everyone was asleep.

No. 819319

I just remembered something else. When he first started onlyfans he kept mentioning the fact that he will be doing “full sex tapes” the following month. And would put the shit in polls and stuff.
Then suddenly we heard nothing about it again.

We know for a fact lainey wouldn’t be doing them.

So.. I’m pretty sure he was single at that point, when he first made his only fans, right around the time he was talking about those “push ups”.

Maybe he thought mcfly would be cool with making of content together.

How the tables have turned. Shoving dildos up his ass for like.. fuck all.

Last post had like 50 likes. Let’s just pretend 1 in 4 actually click like and he has 200 subs at $4 each a month. That’s $800. After OF takes their cut, $560.

$560 a month for photos and videos that will haunt you forever. What a fucking idiot.

Lainey must be so embarrassed. Imagine knowing that you’re family has probably seen the gif of your partner and children’s father, grinding on a dildo stuck to a shower wall. Oof.

If he doesn’t post something by feb 1st everyone’s going to turn febs auto renew off. This ought to be good.

No. 819321

File: 1612091482118.jpg (105.74 KB, 640x640, snitchery.jpg)

>Grug either fucked McFly
He was already openly telling her he "loved her" in streams for crying out loud.
>This was around the time he was dead silent about lainey. They were probably on a break or something.
Lainey is buried under the patio.
Fucking someone for on his onlyfans is his dream right now, make him feel like a big pornstar. He really wanted to do this with Snitchery, but alez, she called him out as a pedophile. And that really hurt our little Gregory Poo.

No. 819329

In all honesty, Trisha is too good for onion boy even with all the crazy and the botched tits
Greg is literally the kind of person who shoves dildos up his unwashed shit hole so he doesn't have to find a job or stay off the internet.
He's like Chris Chan in that sense. Even begging for money like Chris.

Greg will try to fake troon out before he stops trying to revive his "career". Considering his pattern of being unable to let anything go, be they interests or grievances, Gurg isn't going off the internet unless he physically can't go on it.
The closest thing the water head ever got to showing personal growth on any side is when he sold the two Tesla's.
And then proceeded to lease another Tesla.

Even beyond the narc brain, I legitimately think he's learning disabled. The only people I've seen come close to this little foresight and self-awareness are some of the autistic kids or those with issues related to executive functioning.

The difference is those kids actually adapt or figure things out after a bit. Greg is on the level of maybe a 12 year old in terms of executive functioning, but he's also a narc, so he doesn't learn from his mistakes because 1) he just wants attention and 2) he doesn't believe he is wrong.

No. 819330

LizardQueen confirmed Grease is attracted to Mcfly, that was in the same livestream she said Mcfly used to deal drugs.

No. 819339

File: 1612104775487.jpg (112.77 KB, 1048x673, mcflygreggypootattoo.jpg)

Is McFly this complete lunatic dumbass? She even got a Gregory von der Poo tattoo and has no personality nor backbone what so ever. Except for maybe being partial to becoming a fatty (or she already is, I dunno) she seems perfect for Greg. I mean just look at this little ponem, its like the lights on but no one is home. Hollow and dead insane, just like Lainey.
Like her soul vacated the premises many, many years ago. I reckon right at that real special point where a person whips out their credit card to actually pay a douchebag like Greg. That person has nothing left. A desperate fool at the end of her pitiful road.
She'll make a fine hostage.

No. 819342

I saw that on the main page and thought the tatt said Unabomber

No. 819348

Mcfly posted the photos of her room on that stay too. It looked separated from the main house, pics are in one of the threads. They could have fucked and no one would have known if he was "sleeping in his car". Dev accused them of cheating on their meet up too, I think that was why their falling out was so blown up, a massive deflection.

He mentioned him and Lainey were broken up for a time. He probably planned his rendezvous with Mcfly because that's how his brain works.

No. 819349

Help her? Nobody's gonna help that predator. Nobody cares what happens to her pedo self. She's nasty af!

No. 819358

fucking thank you. I think some farmers are forgetting she's a pos even if lesser than onion

No. 819361

Greg pretty much sticks his tiny pickle in anything, its disgusting.

No. 819365

How are footface's channels still monetized? Her comments are back on for her old dead Beautybot channel and I'm howling. The comments are alive and well. They don't disappoint. Her last video from a year or two ago is this god awful clown make-up tutorial in yet another Billie skin-walking attempt. Kek

No. 819366

He's desperate to fuck anyone who isn't his saggy tit manwife, he's beyond bored of her and even admitted it in a video. He didn't directly mention her of course, but he talked about a "hypothetical person" who was obviously himself who wasn't as desperate to fuck his partner anymore, but was desperate to fuck the shit out of someone new and see his cock going in their pussy (those were his exact words)

No. 819367

File: 1612116659783.jpg (76.81 KB, 686x716, 20210131_120506.jpg)

Thanks anon for the reminder. Yeah this shit is comedy gold. She's smug af in her beauty tutorials. Taylor's insufferable and thinks she's hot shit in them. Especially the ones Sarah is in too.

No. 819368

I hate Greg bur can't even blame him. Foot is fugly and vile

No. 819369

I unintentionally read "GUILTY TEARS EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL". I wish she'd make such a tutorial.
Sorry for the non-contribution.

No. 819371

File: 1612117503329.jpg (83.92 KB, 720x861, 20210131_122138.jpg)

No. 819372

File: 1612117608243.jpg (113.27 KB, 720x844, 20210131_122239.jpg)

Almost makes you feel sorry for foot. Sorry for non-contribution but felt contrast was important for context.

No. 819375

Total kek comparing the two. I forgot about lamp's hickies. She'd drone on and on in live streams that her haterzzzz were jealous of her and Greg's sex life.

No. 819386

Wow. BDW must feel like she's looking in a mirror when she see's Foot's version of clown make-up. I'm not even mad at this thread turning into lol at Foot's "beauty" channel. I'd forgotten all about it. You're right. It's up and so are comments.

No. 819387

Kek. Def more fitting

No. 819388

The best thing imo about her stupid makeup videos was the blur filter going on and off lmao, and she denied using a blur filter as if it wasn't fucking obvious. Herpes sores don't magically disappear and then appear again within seconds.

No. 819391

> This was around the time he was dead silent about lainey. They were probably on a break or something.

This tinfoil rings true in some way. Mcfly is definitely his type and he was squeezed to find girls. He’s probably given up on trying to pretend to appease Lainey’s standards for a third and will just either break up with her within the marriage to have a fling or he’s needs to fulfill his “poly sexuality” by having more than her as a partner.

I think at this point if he keeps it offline she can pretend it isn’t happening and they’re still a lovey dovey couple content with just each other.

She can’t leave without him pinning the sarah situation on her anyway so what choice does she have but to put up with whatever he wants.

No. 819393

Aw geez when it was said she had an onision tattoo i hoped it'd at least be something vague enough that she could play it off if they ever parted ways. But no this bitch got his channel name tattooed. Heavens. And it's a fucking banana

I'm not thinking of his discord female paypigs anymore, I think onion may have branched into camming or other stuff for his male OF subscribers. It'd make sense how he can keep himself financially afloat. The men are prolly older than gurg, richer than the female paypigs and don't participate in his discord or keep up with his drama. He's gotta have something going on the dl

No. 819399

Considering he flew out poopbeck because vix rejected him, and had Sam move in without telling Lainey, the tinfoils aren't far fetched. Greg gets desperate and Sarah is proof of it.

No. 819405

>his need to fulfill his “poly sexuality” by having more than her as a partner.

And he'll do some mental gymnastics so he doesn't look like the bad guy or that he's in the wrong. When him and Billie fucked it wasn't his fault. Billie cheated on Lainey. Billie was the homewrecker.

I can see him bringing in another girl and telling Lainey
>I need to fulfill my polyamory fantasy and if you don't want to participate in this poly relationship then you're more than welcome to sit in the living room while me and Gerianne fuck in the garage.
Yeah Greg, having a poly relationship without the consent and participation of your spouse is called adultery.

No. 819407

File: 1612130725724.png (496.32 KB, 691x611, 0673411.PNG)

>I think at this point if he keeps it offline she can pretend it isn’t happening and they’re still a lovey dovey couple content with just each other.

Didn't Lainey already allow Greg to fuck someone without her involved? That being Sarah. In the timeline Sarah tweeted out and in her YouNow videos it sounded like they all fucked, Lainey wasn't into it, Sarah leaves on bad terms, Greg asked Sarah to come back as a "friend", then Greg wanted to "date her" to be his girlfriend exclusively without Lainey involved, and Lainey being the doormat she is agreed to it. I feel like it would have continued on like that, Greg and Lainey being married and Sarah visiting every so often and Greg getting to fuck Sarah alone. But Greg couldn't keep his mouth shut and had to insinuate that Sarah blackmailed them with the NDA and then the shit hit the fan.

No. 819432

>mcfly is definitely his type
I was going to disagree cause she's fat but then I remembered shiloh was a fat little hobbit too… hmm I want to believe this but does anyone here has some proof besides "she said one time " etc? screenshots or videos of these witnesses talking about it? I think tamara was in that meetup too but she never mentioned anything about it right? If we had proof of this shit his whole " most honest youtuber evar, never cheated on my wife!!" facade would go to shit (even worse than its right now)

No. 819434

>If we had proof of this shit his whole " most honest youtuber evar, never cheated on my wife!!" facade would go to shit

Its gone to shit way before this. He cheated on Lainey with Billie. He cheated on Lainey with Sarah. Each time there was an agreement he wouldn't have sex with those girls without Lainey around but he would do a workaround each time.
>I would never do anything with Billie that I wouldn't do with a friend.
>Lainey said no sex when she's gone, junk to rear isn't regular sex so its okay.

The dog fucker was never at any Patron meetup or get together. She couldn't find a pet sitter for her dog/lover. Dev only tweeted about what she saw concerning Greg and McFly, but I think those tweets have been deleted. I dont think Dev made a video or stream about it. You may be able to find the tweet screenshots in the thread that was active during the Patron meetup drama. She also sent messages to both of them that touched on her suspicions that they were both trying to sneak around to fuck while in her house but they weren't publicly released. Greg talked about Dev's messages in a video. If you can find a decent upload of the time Billy the Fridge and Joe visited Greg after the Hansen/Repzion court case, theres a point where Greg is talking to Joe about "the girl" who was telling the other people there that she would want to be in a poly with Greg and Lainey. Then Greg talks about "the girl" who came knocking on his car window as he was sleeping in the car.

No. 819437

Lainey has yet to figure out Greg doesn't really want to be poly. He just doesn't want to fuck her anymore. He threw being poly out the window when the foot became a buzzkill about it. He ditched her to be with Billie. No third needed. The biggest doormat ever. She whines about it but still thinks Greg is her Twin Flame. What a loser. Greg is garbage and brought this all on himself, but how unattractive for foot blob just to tolerate it. McFly seems slow. Less of a personality than foot…if that's even possible

No. 819441

The fact that she has him tattooed on her alone probably bumps her up in attractiveness to him to because it shows a high level of devotion.

> Lainey has yet to figure out Greg doesn't really want to be poly.
She knows. Just because she won’t leave him doesn’t mean she doesn’t know.

No. 819442

File: 1612153079706.jpg (699.37 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210201-121707_Tik…)

This just came up on YouTube. No proof, but this girl claims to be 17.

No. 819443

Sorry tiktok, not youtube

No. 819444

Actually I’m thinking it might be the other way around

Around the time they were doing a podcast together. Lainey acted like she hated Greg just as much as he acts like he hates her.

Then Sarah shut dropped, then onlyfans stuff started.

Not a peep was heard about lainey for a fair while. I truly believe they separated or lainey said she doesn’t want to have sex with Greg anymore.

He was cumming so many times on OF, it’s obvious he would have had no stamina left for lainey after all the Cums, but I don’t think she cared.

After a while, the cums settled down and I truly do think he’s fucking someone else now

But that was under the premise that lainey just wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

Their sex life is dead but I don’t think it’s all about boredom. I think lainey stopped bowing to his every sexual need and that pushed his infantile ass even deeper into wanting to fuck whatever loser would still take him.

No. 819457

She's apparently taking antidepressants and antidepressants are known for killing the libido. But she probably still lets him fuck her because the doormat can't say no to him.

No. 819467

Interesting but with no tangible proof it’s meaningless. Let’s see if she comes out with anything.

No. 819470

eh, isn't it obvious that she pranked her dad here?

No. 819484

File: 1612193636838.jpg (357.86 KB, 1371x897, GregsOF.jpg)

Well, I for one can't wait for Greg's amazing OnlyFans career to really start off! What could ever go wrong, huh?

No. 819488

She just made another video saying it happened when she was 12

No. 819493

File: 1612197076288.jpeg (891.58 KB, 828x1419, 9864FEF4-091F-4B01-9805-E55DAB…)

is this a known onion-flake? she’s defending him all over the video from

says she’s known him for “years” but i don’t recall seeing a “Sierra” ever mentioned here

No. 819499

next thread pic?

No. 819516

>No proof

Powerful stuff.

No. 819523

Sierra’s been one of his mods, afaik, around the same timeframe as Blasian and Tamara. She’s a stripper with BPD that Greg found hot.

No. 819541

Greg really does seem to love girls with BPD, huh? lol

No. 819548

File: 1612212902589.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, neinhitler.jpg)

greg doesn't even like them that young.

No. 819552

Yeah between the lack of proof and the out of range age, seems not likely.

I wonder if he will be able to resist coming back online to point to her as proof that all the victims are really clout chasers and he’s a victim of his fame.

I’m honestly surprised he’s been offline for so long.

No. 819554

Greg's so boring his reactions can all be predicted. I wish Taylor would come online it was always interesting to get her perspective since she was constantly getting cheated on and never addressing it. She's the only interesting thing left now Greg's career is gone.

No. 819555

Ironic considering the main complaint about Plain is that she was boring

No. 819558


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I can’t say that I’m upset that karma has caught up with them - I just wish I could actually see her hitting rock bottom, too.

I wonder if she’ll ever rear that smug head of hers or if she’s gonna stay offline for good. I didn’t believe she’d be able to - but I guess she is.
tbh I always thought that if they ever did split up it would be this huge spectacle, like their fights on twitter used to be - because he could never resist trash talking his exes.
It’s sad not knowing if there is milk or not.

No. 819559

I personally theorize that him going for younger teenagers isn't because he's attracted to them per se, its more about control. That's also why he always goes for damaged goods. (no offense)
That she is. My God is she ever boring.

No. 819563

Oh and by the way, I looked in to if the Greg hero thing is a narcissism thing. Its pretty complex but theres specific "hero narcissism" in various types:



Its a good read. That second article I think Greg falls under type 2 and 3. Anyway, have at it.(Armchairing)

No. 819573

Maybe she's the one he mentioned to billy the fridge? The 27yo one

Btw gorg has -again- been using socks to post on the other farms. This time he has the gall to say " see even the other you tubers see Hansen for what he is blsblabla " he kinda made it sound like the dramatubers were finally on his side against Hansen. Got no one to blame for that one except those dumb cunts and their money grubbing ways .
Oh he has also been throwing lainey under the bus repeatedly with " he is the one that allegedly sent nudes to minors , he's the one that wanted to have sex with other girls so Greg just provided for her , he's the one that should have a documentary made on her , not onision" . It's hilarious .

No. 819574

File: 1612226263602.png (196.89 KB, 892x639, 2_1_2021.PNG)

>i don’t recall seeing a “Sierra” ever mentioned here
Sierra’s been one of his mods, She’s a stripper with BPD that Greg found hot.

Sierra is also one of the few people Greg seems to have kept in contact with (as recently as yesterday) during his hiatus from social media & YouTube. Why am I not surprised that the one person Greg is still chatting up is an attractive sex worker with daddy issues, who buys him crap off his Amazon wishlist every couple of weeks.

An interesting tidbit Sierra revealed in her tweets
>he forgave Blasian and she sometimes participates in his discord

Looks like Blasian quietly resumed sucking Gregs cock, but kept it on the down low because her new Anti-O friends would have disowned her. But what can you expect from someone who was willing to keep paying Greg even after Greg banned her for "sexually harassing" him and Lainey.

No. 819582

File: 1612231095619.jpeg (247.25 KB, 1125x1315, 3C141450-DD5D-4D0F-A15A-3419C6…)

Anus has updated his Twitter profile

No. 819595

Onision Disproves, Debunks, Destroys & Exposes False Accusations Playlist - Irrefutable Evidence Proving Onision is Right, Truthful, Innocent and Honest:


I spent my day looking through these videos and it completely blew my mind and changed the way I see things regarding the current scandal. If you are an honest person who cares about the truth regardless if you're an Onision fan or an Onision hater in general, then check out this scintillating evidence so you can start to really use your brain to put the truth together with this astonishing, undeniable evidence.

Please put your personal bias aside and really observe the facts. Onision is the only one that has been honest and consistent.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including the anti-Onision twitter/youtube cult, agree that the scandalous Onision hate-fueld documentary is a ridiculously terrible scam with the sole purpose of profiting off of fake "victims" for monetary gain.

Unfortunately the low lives from kiwifarms are too stupid to see through the needle hole of their own view point. Here is your chance to prove yourselves better than those gullible parasites.(shit bait)

No. 819599

File: 1612235670117.png (258.01 KB, 740x182, vbvnbv.PNG)

>James Gatz, Tyrion Lannister, Cameron Poe… Onision.

I don't get the correlation? Is he saying he looks like them? Were all these characters patsies?

No. 819601

Has to be a troll. Kek

No. 819602

ignore and report dear anon
kiwifarms made the mistake of interacting with them and now their thread is an even bigger shitshow

No. 819604

oh my sides, you’re adorable