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File: 1612296121148.jpg (309.47 KB, 720x1500, 1611755903226.jpg)

No. 819689

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Is still against anything to do with China at all costs.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Is always most holier than thou, everyone else is haram.

> Is slowly turning to an Alt-Right. I foresee the Muslim fading in a few months to a year.

> Now openly homophobic and antisemitic.

> Saudi Arabia is now too haram to move to.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim):

Twitter (japanese): https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Youtube #3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous thread: >>>/pt/751569

No. 819690

File: 1612296302166.png (961.14 KB, 1188x1016, ha.png)

Also buying into stupid Anti-vax shit as well.

(As if she will be able to afford to travel.)

No. 819750

Why is she anti-France now? What did they do to deserve a MS paint X over their flag in her profile pic?

No. 819755

they have a lot of laws against hijabs etc.

No. 819787

If she does not want a vaccine to fight COVID-19, then she should just f*cking stay in her mom's house in Canada. No travelling for you, darling.

No. 819788

File: 1612338713192.png (150.24 KB, 720x687, MinimumbrainMira1.png)

Miranda cannot understand why minimum wage workers should get more money for the work they do and loves things to stay as cheap as possible.

No. 820118

i'm gonna guess she's the type to not tip waitresses and then say if they wanted more money, they shouldn't have become a waitress.

No. 820169

File: 1612481160615.jpeg (303.97 KB, 750x824, 9796F8B6-7A0E-447D-82A5-05516F…)

I’m still totally in Japan guys!!!

This tweet made me lol in particular because literally no one asked and she’s defending herself like being a weeb is what we’ve been calling her out on.

In a weird way Miranda’s delusions are almost on par with Lillee Jean, just more extreme.

No. 820337


miranda of all people calling people dumb, right after she typed "wanana" no less, sent me. bless her spastic heart.

No. 820985

File: 1612890743072.png (89.76 KB, 1150x673, samebs.png)

And just like her "We Japanese" she is now the sole spokesman for all of muslim kind

No. 821015

It’s almost like all of her tweets are pathetic bait attempts to argue with anyone who disagrees.
Why can’t she just come out as herself; a white trash, poorly educated ultra conservative Christian who lives off welfare and does nothing but sit on Twitter all day while eating potato chips off the bed.

No. 821374

Also, this is such a cope. Variety tv is innane, and not very enjoyable to many, especially due to the constant reaction shots. It's also ran on japanese tv through the day and watching it is about as enjoyable as watching QVC or HSN. Just say that you had no friends or any sort of social stimulation in Japan and go.

No. 821379

File: 1613039817577.png (265.5 KB, 633x422, lol.png)

Randa is finally "breaking the silence" and explains her absence from YT:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV1YMlOiFDQ [DL][Archived Copy]

45 min of that voice, bad grammar and lies is too much, I checked a few parts and it's mainly:

- How KM became a crazy stalker for no reason. She's missing the part in which she had him buy underwear and that the 15.000 were a loan she agreed to, not a donation. Also claims any pics he took of her during their travel were against her consent and done in a sneaky way

- Rodi is a dayooth totally obsessed with her and cannot forget her, anything he claims in his videos about her harassing and threatening him is a lie

- Other YouTubers use clickbait pics for her yuzu bath videos to make them appear sexual; she never did that

- Will re-upload hundreds of her old videos with face blurr

- Will never ever again adress drama and the accusations against her, also anything ever said was a lie

- YOLO literally applies to non-muslims as she has already invested in the afterlife with good deeds and behaviour

- Is no longer a slave to the YT community!

No. 821380

File: 1613041425309.jpg (114.31 KB, 1080x612, 20210211_120024.jpg)

The blur slipped at one point.
She looks so sad idk
It's weird to see her like this.

I kinda miss the old Mira, it was funny and some of her videos were endearing (at least to me, it was like a guilty pleasure thing don't ask), still pretty cringe but at least it seemed like she was actually enjoying herself and her life.
But whenever I feel bad for her,I think about her weird twitter rants and extremist opinions.
Idk man.
It's all just rather sad

No. 821381

The blur actually slips several times. And at the same time she gloats no one will ever see what her face currently looks like now, lmao.
Miranda, people know you have a FAS shaped face and that age is not going to make it any better, along with you ugly personality always shining through your looks as well.

No. 821382


Sorry, not yet done with the video and thought I should just directly share it!
Do you guys think she will actually upload any new videos or will it just be empty words and probably the millionth "why I became muslim" video?

No. 821388

She lays blame on anyone but herself in the video. What a clown lmao. Tell them what you really did, Miranda.

Tell them how you traveled with a man who wasn't your mahram. Tell them how you stole thousands of dollars from him. That wasn't worth the watch

No. 821390

File: 1613046468720.png (1.54 MB, 1334x750, A52B538C-8168-4DE5-80FB-65CF9F…)

Another highlight is when she says that she doesn’t care if you’re mad about the time she put “certain makeup” on her face in reference to her blackface incident.

She intentionally misrepresents a lot of things or is intentionally vague about them, but she was right about how over-the-top creepy Naruru was about finding her location.

The filter slipped so many times. The fact that she didn’t check if her face was actually hidden or not makes it seem like she actually wants people to know what she looks like.

No. 821391

Still so upset about Rodi not deleting the livestream with her out of respect to her being muslim. Yet her good buddy Tokyosam still has the livesteram up in which she not only shows an insane amount of hair porn, she also drinks alcohol and talks about sex.

Let's not forget the livestream video she tries to force Rodi to take down is the one she suggested in order to sneak a kiss out of him. It's the one in which she told KM to pay money in the chat and demand a kiss, then told KM to screenshot that peck on the cheek immediately in case Rodi would delete the livestream later.

That manipulation backfired in the most delicous way and I cheer Rodi for not removing that video now.

No. 821393


Boy, she has ballooned up quite a bit..

No. 821404

File: 1613057025295.png (1.25 MB, 1398x1018, 1542420338758.png)

Don't forget Miranda gave KM her address when she sent him paintings. You shouldn't give your address to strangers on the internet & then scam them. Actions have consequences

No. 821405

Everything she mentions in the video is old dried up sour milk, she’s made the same accusations, and even posted the same photos in the community tab which she later removed. Hell I think she even self posted them in one of her threads here.

Nothing in this video is new, she is begging for a pity party… why can’t she just shut up and get on with her life?

No. 821481

To sum her babbling up to reality, she will no longer do videos in Japan and with her face showing because she got fat, can no longer afford make up and is no longer living in Japan. Also Rodi continues to live rent free in her deformed head.

Saged cause we already knew that.

No. 821487


Perfect summary anon.

Plus, I honestly think she posted a vid because her right wing Twitter trolling is basically ignored. Trying to drum up old attention. She can’t live without us.

No. 821570

>I kinda miss the old Mira, it was funny and some of her videos were endearing (at least to me, it was like a guilty pleasure thing don't ask), still pretty cringe but at least it seemed like she was actually enjoying herself and her life.
>But whenever I feel bad for her,I think about her weird twitter rants and extremist opinions.
It is always super sad when extremism completely takes over someone. Tragic.

No. 821575

Let's face it, there is probably not going to be any fresh and good milk ever again until she gets tired of her fake muslim act and finds some new identity to latch on in the far future.

Slight amusement can still be found in her degenerated social media posts when she's using Islam to praise child marriage, hating on women, homosexuals and whatever isn't 100% wahhabism, plus her attempts to keep up the delusion that her muslim marriage is legit, that she is a hardworking clean housewife with a decent personality and her husband an actual Saudi that provides for his housewife. But that's about it.

She's never gonna have permanent residency in Nihon and is most likely no longer living there (hence only pre-recorded Japan videos will be uploaded from now on, duh) and Al Fatty Hands will never bring her to even more Glorious SA so she can be "treated like a queeeeen".

All that's left are potatoe chips, no money and endless attempts to hide her embarrassing online past.

No. 821660

Should Muslim Women BE ONLINE?
short answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT unless you were on youtube before being Muslim, so it's okay for me

No. 821676

Doesn't like anime or manga yet her profile picture is still an "anime" version of herself

No. 821678

ALL her YouTube profile pictures are anime versions of herself :D
(except for that Planet Zoo channel but it is pretty dead anyway)

No. 821680

Randa we see your nose and mouth MUCH HARAM

No. 821701

Bring some milk too then you retard

No. 821707

Japan had a pretty big earthquake and Miranda said absolutely nothing on her social media. Considering she made a video about her floor freezer flooding once I’m sure experiencing a big earthquake would be something she’d mention.

Oh yeah, she lives in Canada and was asleep at the time.

No. 821910


No. 821913


No. 821953

File: 1613401238418.jpg (182.29 KB, 720x1485, Mir140221ksa.jpg)

1. How haram speaking to a man online she is not related or married to.
For questions like this, Miranda, this is what your husband/mahram is for. I wonder why HE is not asking…
2. The text she is replying to contains promises about improving human and women's rights in Saudi Arabia and she STILL wants to go there? I am honestly surprised she's not gone bonkers here again.

No. 821962

>The text she is replying to contains promises about improving human and women's rights in Saudi Arabia and she STILL wants to go there? I am honestly surprised she's not gone bonkers here again.

Of course. Once she gets there. Most Holy Miranda will straighten them out on the true path.

No. 821964

File: 1613409995045.png (116.4 KB, 720x429, Mirarichandfamous.png)

Talking like she was freaking Madonna oh and btw she was replying to a tweet about the K-Pop band BTS distracting young muslims from Allah lol

No. 821977

lol wtf, when was she rich? I mean, I guess she used to support herself on YouTube and simp bux, which must actually be pretty cool, and maybe now that she's completely broke that seems rich.

Mira, you don't have to give up on yourself just to prove you're right about everything and committed. You can admit you were happier as a content creator with a social network in Japan, rather than as a broke girl in a niqab, isolated in Canada, with only your Saudi bf to make you feel okay (to whatever extent that's actually a thing). Despite our threads, the truth is, nobody cares what you do that much. That fact should be freeing. The fact is, Islam is a bullshit religion for desert tribes, and if you don't have that background then there's no logical reason whatsoever to be a Muslim. Trump is very likely the worst president in American history, he's a clown who got practically nothing done, and he was used as a puppet by corporations and religious bigots. Middle Canada sucks, just like Middle America does. Saudi Arabia really fucking sucks, they're responsible for at least half the horrible things that have happened in Yemen, and while Iran's government is awful, the Saudi government is way, way worse.

It's okay to be wrong. Just admit it's all bullshit, laugh it off, and get back on track with life. Japan is fun. Dancing and music are fun. You're clearly caught up in a lot of emotional pain, but the only way to get over it is to let it go, move on, and not allow it to define you.

No. 821988

Fucking kek

Ex rich person? You mean ex e-begger no one in their right mind would donate to? Ex kyabakura hostess no one will hire?

My sides!

No. 822008

Sucking salary man cock for 1000 yen make you real wealthy Miranda. Too bad you got shit to say for it, besides having gained 80 lbs while hiding in bumfuck Canada.

No. 822155

Miranda needs to make sure that the worlds knows that before she turned into a failed Nihon-jin and chubby blur with no finanical means she used to be a success in everyway, looks, bank account, fame, all to the max!

Until she realized it's haram and now sits at home with nothing and doing nothing as it is the only true way of living and everyone who doesn't do it this way is doomed.

Reverse humblebrag or so.

No. 822261


When you're that desperate to prove you've married some saudi

No. 822271

Holy shit I cant believe she still hasnt dropped this muslima wife shtick
What happened to the guy she converted for btw?

No. 822345

Ms. Humpty Dumpty had no furniture in her home or food in her refrigerator when she was supposedly at her peak of success . This level of poverty and instability FAMOUSLY got her rejected for naturalization. She had to manipulate an autistic European bumpkin into paying for her lifestyle, even when she was secretly already married to potato-kun. I distinctly remember her crying to KM about suffering with no AC in the summer and being sick all the time. Can’t even pay utilities? If that is not rock bottom for a YouTuber, I don’t know what is.

Rodi? He is still making content for his channel and has recently changed the name to Tokyo Uncut. Seems like he hasn’t been harassed by that “husband” in a while and he just wants to leave that era behind him.

No. 822367


Good for Rodi!

No. 822380

It's hilarious that Mira ever thought she had a real chance with a guy like Rodi. From the bit you can see of him online you can tell he is the total opposite of her in every way and so is his gf/now wife probably.

He is rather good looking, doesn't drink and has high moral standards when it comes to being loyal in a relationship, whereas Mira back then when pursuing him was constantly drunk, loud, rude, acting hypersexual and cursed with unfortunate looks.

No wonder she was that obsessed with him, even more so by the fact he is half Japanese. She's been going on how dating means using someone, how the best part about Saudi man is that they are loyal af and even told Rodi she fell in love with him BECAUSE he didn't try fucking & discarding her and that's kind of a low standard as a reason to love someone.

And not only did this guy NOT try to be her friend beacuse he was secretly hoping for sex, he resisted her poor seduction attempts again and again.

The only flaw Rodi must have had in Miranda's mind was the fact that he wasn't hers.

No. 822392

>Ms. Humpty Dumpty had no furniture in her home

Oh no, she had furniture anon. Remember it just blended with the walls so you couldn't see it. (Her actual excuse. Still one of my favorites as she actually expected the immigration guy to buy it.)

No. 822449

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. She was just standing in an empty room pretending it had invisible furniture in it? Fucking kek. Emperors new clothes level of delusion.

No. 822503

She had a sofa and some light colored table or cabinet(s) against the walls in the living room, but still very sparsely decorated like a sad bachelor pad. In some videos, she would put some Pokémon plushies behind her but everything else you could see looked so plain. I think she didn’t live there most of time? I remember there was some weird arrangement where she claimed she hated living there but couldn’t move yet. Maybe it was the ex-husband’s place and she was staying until the contract expired. She definitely was living there under strange circumstances. Making sure that a home looks “lived in”, in the cases where there is a Japanese spouse supporting the applicant, is one of the things immigration is trained to observe.

No. 823111

File: 1613902200451.jpeg (99.82 KB, 750x346, 1282ACF6-C3DD-4A9E-9F22-EE0247…)

Hmm why would Miranda have a problem with bill gates?

I’m positive believing in conspiracy theories is haram. You shouldn’t just go around slandaring people either. I hope your chip pounder fake husband punishes you by ignoring you while he plays COD with his mates.

No. 823129

File: 1613915276070.png (92.08 KB, 720x300, 1.png)

She also has a problem with reality shows that she should not watch to begin with…but it's not haram as long as SHE watches such TV, right?

No. 823155

this. lmao shes totally the type to post something like "Imagine watch Reality television for gossip and drama…. haram… disgusting ! women who do this need to EVALUATE how they are spending their time….. inshallah………"

No. 823652

she's probably only watching 90df to get tips on how to scam a man for a green card so she can live in glorious Nippon Saudi Arabia United States of MAGA

No. 824061

When Mira wished for violence on Mia Khalifa, after Khalifa spoke out against the porn industry, it was the clearest example of why Mira's judgmengal worldview is so horrible, and why her version of Islam (Kanadiyyah Islam?) is wrong. She doesn't believe in compassion or redemption. Maybe she lacks the capacity for it. She justifies every horrible thing she does, while condemning anything anyone else does.

Kanadiyyah Islam is a particularly extreme, brutal form of Salafism/Wahhabism that endorses child marriage and opposes dating, music, dancing, and virtually everything else good in life. Its hate campaigns target the Chinese, Iranians, Swedes, French, Indians, Jews, and LGBT people. Demographically, Kanadiyyah Muslims are exclusively white, and frequently target other ethnic groups with racial slurs. Despite their extreme right wing politics, Kanadiyyah Muslims nearly always rely on others for financial support. They have extremely low levels of education, and believe their ignorance is a virtue in their pious devotion to blind faith.

No. 824070

I’ve always thought Miranda wanted to become Muslim not only for rody but so she can justify her lazy lifestyle.
I don’t think she’ll give up this phase ever, it’s perfect for her narcissism

No. 824200

File: 1614437740084.png (234.21 KB, 720x942, Tweetalkanadiyaphoto.png)

Photography of people and animals is haram now.

What's quite funny is that in the comments she had to explain somebody that this is not a real video of "tom cruse".

No. 824224

File: 1614458561996.jpeg (882.91 KB, 750x1255, C7EAC69F-F20C-461E-854C-A942D1…)

Inb4 she claims all videos/photos of her are deepfakes

I’m quite sure this drink contains alcohol, no matter how small it’s still haram. Following your own narcissistic version of Islam as per usual

No. 824226


Yep, it’s low alcohol but definitely contains alcohol

No. 824230

She's so prideful that she believes that she important enough for anyone to waste the time and effort to create a deepfake of her.

Isn't pride harm?

No. 824325

I always thought it's because she's so fucking ugly and no one will have to look at her face.

No. 824474

File: 1614603562919.jpg (223.86 KB, 720x1436, Aaaa.jpg)

Miranda was so busy trying to own Chinese trolls on Instagram that she tattled on herself, she's in Canada alright. Canadian boba

No. 824475

File: 1614604207131.jpeg (203.96 KB, 750x893, 557E47C1-E047-4C3F-8AFB-F7F23C…)

They even have a store in Mississauga, what a coincidence!

No. 824486

Finally, it was only a matter of time until she did something like this

No. 824490

Does not tell us anything because they have locations worldwide including Japan.


For all we know this could be an old picture since she posted it right away.

No. 824496

Interesting.. did you know that already or did you look it up?

I don’t buy it, she’s pining for attention by any means necessary.

No. 824563

I looked it up just now.

No. 824564

Also she posted on her alkanadiya twitter a picture of her and some rocks. The guy in the background is wearing shorts so it’s obviously not recent. Who knows where the hell it is since I’m pretty sure everything was locked down during summer. For all we know that picture could be 2-3 years old.

No. 824589

File: 1614637518643.jpeg (685.29 KB, 750x1100, 911A4FA8-6C69-4800-B497-BA08C9…)

Yeah if you look closely you can see French and English descriptions of those fossils so she’s obviously in Canada. Even if it is old, we’ve been speculating she’s been there since May 2019, as that’s when her visa ran out.
Given that she was literally begging KM for money and there is evidence she was in a sham visa marriage I’m certain she didn’t bother applying for another visa and went home…. but this has all been said before we all know this.

No. 824723

Raised in Japan? Lmao, her bio on Instagram is hilarious

No. 824730

File: 1614690625013.jpg (139.09 KB, 720x860, 20210302_080904.jpg)

I knew that table looked familiar! This was taken at Science North Sudbury, who is currently closed due to covid. Picture attached from Science North IG showing a child at the fossil table.

No. 824768

File: 1614703724542.png (973.27 KB, 1858x1094, alkanadiya.png)

She straight up admits to being in Canada

She's giving up the ruse? Or she's just getting too dumb to cover it up

No. 824773

the mental gymnastics she's doing. So is she going to tell her haturs "Actually, I HAVE been to Saudi. They treated me like a white queen and gave me tea."

No. 824789

Urrrgggggh this post made me cringe so hard.
Randa your ‘marriage’ is illegal in Saudi, give it up you’re never getting in!

No. 824804

File: 1614712891520.jpg (178.42 KB, 720x1043, 2021030.jpg)

In typical Miranda fashion, she's posting incredibly old content. This seems to be from the same visit

No. 824883


So, confirming that just before lockdown, she was in Canada, like we all knew. Getting ready to admit she has been in Canada the whole time. Using the COVID lock down as a cover instead of being booted because her sham visa was up

No. 824913

It also shows that if their marriage is still not recognized by the Saudi government, it would be 100% impossible for them to be allowed a long term visa in Japan. She has not worked for years and the husband would only be a student or normal worker, not elite or skilled worker that would have been allowed to stay during this pandemic. Even hard-working, permanent residents were locked out of Japan for a long time. So people like Chip were either sent back or willing left with encouragement from the Saudi government. The only place that would recognize their marriage and give them benefits to stay is Canada.

No. 824949

We haven’t seen chip smasher in so long I’m wondering whether (if he is real lol) he did in fact go back to either Japan or Saudi, but Miranda wasn’t allowed back in because their marriage isn’t valid/illegal in Saudi.
I reckon she will keep up this I’m moving to Saudi charade while posting old photos of her in Canada

No. 824962

>stepped food
kek miranda you multilingual genius
>embassy is foreign land so technically you are in another country
I see, so she is in Japan because with her God-like authority her apartment is Japanese/Saudi/wonderland soil

No. 824969

File: 1614775388425.jpg (260.81 KB, 886x1400, canadasaudi.jpg)

These instagram posts make me think of this…

No. 824970

File: 1614775706947.jpg (334.59 KB, 1436x988, 1576849176739.jpg)

I knew she would out herself. That pic in the above post was posted on Dec 19 2019.

But here >>742040 She pretending to be in Japan on 12/20/2019 and can't have money sent to here because the banks were closed.

figured it was bullshit then and she was in Canada. Now Miranda confirmed it for us.


NOTE: pic is from the linked old post, in case anyone is too lazy to click through.

No. 824972

I thought Saudi Arabia was too haram?? Is she fishing for another visa-kun?

No. 824978

Banks are only closed in Canada on Christmas Day, the following day (boxing day) if it's a business day, and the 1st of January. They close early on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve but otherwise are open.

Miranda, work a real job and earn your own money.

No. 825272

File: 1614958469172.png (102 KB, 1190x350, 90dfmira.png)

still bitching about the "degenerates" on 90 day fiance.
it seems that she's watching it every week. almost like…she's a fan.

Mira, you can be a fan of trashy reality shows without justifying it through your own fucked up morality.

Have fun scamming husbando #4 for your green card

No. 825642

File: 1615161793318.png (564.09 KB, 956x1556, Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.46…)

Mira told a girl she's going to go to hell for opposing domestic abuse and marital rape by Muslim men. Mira is a rape apologist yet again.

If Mira is so obsessed with becoming a Saudi's wife-slave, why doesn't she just advertise herself as a mail order bride or something? If she really believes in all this shit, it doesn't seem like it should actually be hard at all to get a valid marriage license to some older guy who's looking around for a young third wife to help out around the house.

No. 825678

Not even your regular allah fearing saudi would be interested in a woman like her. A sloth faced woman that used to post sexualized and half naked pictures along with her promiscuous past online, has no manners, is loud and obnoxious, pretends to be ultra religious but is really only ever when it suits her or when she can use it as a weapon, lives in a pigpen because she has no housewive qualities and is a twice divorcee.
She'd have to put up an act forever to get and keep a husband of any kind other than the trailer trash where she comes from.

You can put a niqab over the trash can but it's still just a trash can with a niqab.

Doesn't matter anyway as she doesn't really want to live in ultra halal SA and accept all the limits that would come with it. It's a fetish and a way to attack people and getting away with it, no more, just like being Nihon jin before that.

No. 825679

File: 1615198841435.jpg (541.93 KB, 1080x1397, 20210308_112026.jpg)

Miranda, you absolute retard. Switzerland doesn't have € as a currency. And you and poverty stricken al-potato chip couldn't boost the economy in any country. You wouldn't even be able to afford a box of crackers in an expensive place like Switzerland.

No. 825697


Someone should remind her that her ex-husband (the first one) was supposedly abusive to her and that's why she left.

No. 825816

File: 1615297565323.png (83.67 KB, 720x402, 2021-03-09-14-40-22-1.png)

"Oooh, I got to show lolcow farm that I AM totally in Japan and not lazy"

No. 825827

What housewife work can possibly be that demanding when you are sitting at home browsing social media all day long. She doesn't have kids and most likely lives in some tiny space with fake Saudi hubby.
And it can't be work as in having a job. Working women are 1000% haram and making woman work is oppression by Western culture.

No. 825963

hey haramda, since you read here and are so knowledgeable, let me ask you a question! islam says a woman should be quiet and not in the public eye. it's best that she's neither seen nor heard. how are you the only exception to this? what excuse makes you so holy and above all others? why is your loud and obnoxious online presence ok? back it up with that precious quran teachings and enlighten us infidels!

No. 826776

File: 1615718310223.jpeg (231.21 KB, 750x835, 53CA5139-8A2C-4120-B003-ABEA5D…)

No milk but someone she’s beefing with on tweeter is having fun mocking her.

No. 826777

File: 1615718413431.jpeg (208.65 KB, 750x750, 0159794A-3549-4550-AB27-093262…)

Samefag but kek

No. 827544

I think that Kanadajin3 is a tradthot who has severe identity issues.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827562

Thank you for the input, princesspinkpug@gmail.com

No. 828409

File: 1616598148549.png (104.02 KB, 1186x751, Untitled.png)

The stupidity she has on display here is just too wonderful for words.

No. 828456

when she's done with this phase I feel like her cop out will be "haha! It was all to troll Rodi all along. Got cha!"
then move on to her next phase

No. 828608

Nah, although she will always be obsessed with Rody she will never admit it.

She’s stuck in this phase until it no longer fulfils her narcissistic supply. Tbh I wish she could move to Saudi, she would hate it and not be able to renounce Islam because that’s punishable by death.

No. 829565

File: 1617292164590.jpg (418.38 KB, 696x2025, Screenshot_2021-04-01-tw.jpg)

Nothing has changed, also not Miranda attacking women for opposing rape and sexual assault on a regular basis.

No. 830088


Kanadajihad needs to shut up already. What a pitiful person.

No. 830115

She never will. She never managed to get approval for being pretty, she's never been praised for being clever or funny or interesting, she has absolutely nothing to offer anyone, so she's trying to present as muslim wife material instead.

No. 830150

I've posted many criticisms of Miranda in these threads, but I don't really want to anymore because the whole thing just strikes me as very sad. If she had the confidence to look how she wants, have the friends she wants, do the work she wants, and have the life she wants, then she wouldn't be shutting herself out from the world like this. She wouldn't post all these hateful and judgemental things online. She wouldn't pretend to be a conservative Muslim while passing judgement on others' lives. I kinda hope she finds her way out of this misery, but it's not worth anyone's time to expose themselves to it, because every judgemental thing she says is meaningless. Leave her to her own misery.

No. 830524

She won't drop the muslim facade until she finds a new identity to latch on or actually faces going to SA for real, in which case she would finally have to live up to her fake humble muslim wife persona.

Her muslim fetish was not only perfect to 'get back to Rhody and show him she's better than him and his gf' (as in her obsession she believes he actaually cares what she is doing) and draw the attention away from this embarassing public rejection by a guy but also from PR rejection.
Two heavy blows were dealt to her within a short time, first realizing she'll never become officially nihon-jin without a visa-kun and second the guy she 'loved like no one before' blocking her from his life for good.

Turning to this religion was the best thing that could have happened to her. Not only is it one that's is fairly easy to join (especically as compared to 'changing your ethnicity' …), it makes her stand out in her appearance AND puts her on a mighty high moral pedastal that agrees with all her flaws and insecurities.

Other women have a drivers license while al-Kanadya failed the theoretical test 3 times? Who cares, driving women are haram, so luckily Allah prevented her from that path of evil.

Other girls she hates are more successfull on YT? Joke's on them, they are exposing their face and body to the public eye, hell/Jahannam awaits them! Same goes for women with jobs/education and whatever else Miranda doesn't have/get.

Not to forget she can express her hateful and extremist views because it's 'part of her religion' and if anyone speaks against it, they are being islamophobic.

And last but not least, it's not that uncommon that people who made a public spectacle out of their sex life, drunk adventures and other stuff you might feel embarassed about later to become all holy and conversative later on.

No. 831083

File: 1618261203827.jpeg (336.53 KB, 750x856, A25663A5-B111-43E2-B5CC-AB98AE…)

Every time anyone on the internet calls her out for her wahab bullshit she makes a 1000 tweet thread about how it was all pre Islam and shame on her fellow Muslim brother for being a perv.
You were never famous randa, and you’ve always been a bad person. If you don’t want anyone to know your past then create another alias and don’t deliberately talk about your previous life - simple.

No. 831084

File: 1618261522687.jpeg (272.59 KB, 750x757, 8CBA949E-62C5-4A1D-B46B-DD69A7…)


Miranda has never repented for any of her sins because Miranda doesn’t believe she has committed any sins.

Textbook narcissism

No. 831145

Yeah, there was never any time she said sorry for what she did or admitted that she did any wrong. She always justifies her past actions or accuses someone else of being a sinner for exposing her. Yet she has no shame about viciously attacking total strangers that are trending for controversy on Muslim Twitter.

No. 831667

And that children is why you think twice before posting nudes and sexualised pics of you on the internet for clicks because that's how you make them stick there for eternity

Also, it's amusing how she keeps confusing 'famous' with 'being the laughing stock'

No. 831755

To be fair, back then she probably didn't foresee herself becoming so mentally unstable that she'd become a Muslim fundamentalist.

No. 831822

Funny, since she claimed at least two times in her videos that since she was five years old Saudi Arabia has always been her favorite country and she has defended muslim people in her youth (to express how towards islam she already was back then).
Some might think the seed for a potential muslim life in the future was already planted.

And yes, her claiming she is sin-free because of islam is just pathetic.

No. 831840

Even without turning to a religion quite a few of her pics were the kind you probably regret having shared with the entire world at some point.

No. 831915

I don't buy that story at all. I can totally believe she was curious about the Arabian peninsula when she was a kid, because maps are fun. But her claim that she was always into Arabic culture is silly. You could kinda say I was into Arabic culture as a kid, based purely on the fact I really liked the movie Aladdin. If I got into Rasta, I could claim I was "always into Jamaica," since as a kid I thought reggae was fun. I could claim I was always into China, since I did kung fu when I was 12, or that I was always into Japan, since as a kid I thought samurai were cool. You can do this with literally almost anything. Kids are curious about shit, and we get media from everywhere, so if you were exposed to anything as a child, you could claim the seeds of whatever you're into now date back to that. It's ridiculous. We live in an increasingly globalized world, so you can make up a bullshit narrative about your connection to virtually anything, which is exactly what Miranda did. Obviously.

No. 831918

I think it’s even far simpler than that.
This isn’t really a tinfoil because it just makes logical sense but, I’m gonna say her interest in Islam came directly from Rody. They were friends for a while before she went full yandere on him.. so the Saudi globe thing is just something she made up to make it look like she’s sane.
When he rejected her and she threatened suicide, he suggested she turn to religion and of course she ‘chose Islam’ in the hope he would one day reciprocate her feelings.
But because Miranda is a full blown narcissist she can’t let go and admit defeat, it’s gone too far and even though I have no doubt she does not believe she is Muslim, she believes her own lies and enjoys the power of ‘being pious’.
I really want her to fuck off to Saudi cause she really will have to behave in the way she pretends she already does, but I’m confident she isn’t married to a Saudi because it would be illegal.

No. 831989

I don't buy it at all. Miranda has an IQ slightly above feeble minded. Nope, this is all about Rodi and trying to now out do him because he didn't want to fuck her Quasimodo looking ass.

No. 832935

She can still, today, apologize to everyone, get a second start and everyone would still accept her. She is just ruining her life away. I bet if it was other phase than islam she would have jumped by now. Now she can't leave it behind without facing her religion's punishment. She still can save her life, go underground, move back to canada (where I suspect she prolly is), use her whiteness, give up all this islam bs and start again with being a somewhat cute white weeaboo girl or better yet become a vtuber since it's the profitable trend nowadays if done correctly. But her mental illness can't be cured. It's not even funny anymore, it's just sad. She really tried her best with her og Japan vlogs which were quite successful and were really appreciable but oh well nothing's good gonna come now by crying over spoilt milk.

No. 832956

I mostly agree, but I don't think going underground is necessary at all. I don't think anyone pays enough attention to her to care about her being an apostate. It's not like she lives in Pakistan. In countries like Canada and Japan, you can be as proudly ex-Muslim as you want.

I totally agree that she could turn things around if she just got honest about her mistakes. Apologize to the friends she betrayed, get serious about a career, go back to school to get some kind of basic credential. She could turn everything around now. She's said so much horrible, reactionary stuff on Twitter and YouTube, but she could explain all that away as this having been a "really dark time" in her life.

She does have some skill as a videographer. She could go back to Japan and try to do things right this time. Become a teacher, like most foreigners there seem to.

But here's the issue with all this - it's what any normal person would do. It would turn things around so completely. It would give her a nice life, and heal her relationships. It's such an obvious and good route, but it's completely contradictory to her behavior and personality. Her life is turning out how it is because she doesn't do the right and obvious thing. She either can't see the right path, or she doesn't want it.

On your comment on her appearance, that's one area where things are getting harder. I don't think she was ever attractive, but she was a thin young girl who sometimes wore cutesy outfits. I don't think that's going to work anymore - she's gained a lot of weight and the looks she had are fading. Now that she's in her 30s, I think it's going to get a lot harder to find simps. Women in their 30s can be just as attractive as women in their 20s, but the difference is, they have to take care of themselves. They have to bathe regularly, eat healthy, and be active. Afaik those aren't Miranda's strong suits.

No. 832969

She doesn't have to be ex-muslim of she doesn't want to be, just ex-asshole

No. 832994

Why does everyone assume Miranda wants to stop being pretend Islam? She has always gravitated toward conservative ideals (remember when she would constantly preach about immigrants in “her” Japan despite being one, her racism against China, her housewife aspirations).

Even if the Islam bug obviously started with Rody and there’s no real debate about that, the brand of extreme Islam she has gotten into post-Rody does a lot for her. She gets to back up every messed up thing she believes with Allah, can act like she’s superior to other women at least in morality because she has nothing else going for her (not even morality but don’t let her know), cover her entire body as it grows more out of shape the older and lazier she gets, and pretend her entire past, all her divorces and hostessing and drama, just didn’t happen. It gave her a reason to delete all her videos and along with that deleted all evidence that contradicts her lies that she was a famous YouTuber with stalkers…no way to prove she’s lying, easy to recontextualize anything that comes up. She was able to rewrite her past to at least her new Muslim simps. She also probably has a better chance getting married off to someone who doesn’t want her to work, but I’m not sure since she’s white.

The anons here who want her to turn her life around are fully rewriting what she was like before in their minds, she’s always started drama and been a bad person since the beginning. I don’t think she fully understands how lucky she was to be handed her life in Japan by some dude. Not that she had to stay with him, it’s just that she made every wrong decision after that. There’s basically no chance she could come back from this and go back to vlogging or whatever with no one caring as some anons are suggesting. Not like this is strike one. She’s on pt for a reason.

No. 833020

File: 1619276310973.png (457.03 KB, 960x1516, Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 8.56…)

I think you make good points, but if you're responding to me (>>832956), then I think you missed my key line, where I said:
>it's completely contradictory to her behavior and personality. Her life is turning out how it is because she doesn't do the right and obvious thing. She either can't see the right path, or she doesn't want it.

On your first line about leaving Islam, I don't necessarily think she wants to. However, her faith is so obviously bullshit that if she were ever to live a good, genuine life, she would have to either leave Islam, or completely change how she practices it. The way she practices Islam now is like wearing a costume. She pretends to speak broken English when she remembers to, only now that habit's gone from a fake Japanese accent to a fake Arabic one. Her Islam isn't about faith in God/Allah and trying to be a good person to others, as it is with genuine Muslims. Rather, it's just an excuse to condemn other people and act superior in a creepily narcissistic way. If she were to become a real Muslim, she would have to radically change her relationship with that religion.

Of course, this may all be moot because the very concept of genuineness seems foreign and irrelevant to her. But even if she's not aware of it, it seems obvious that she's living a very unhappy, self-limited life right now, and the only cure for that would be to reform completely and go the honest route. She won't, but her unwillingness to is uncomfortable to watch when the solution is so obvious.

But anyway, these blocks of text have gone on too long, so here's a contribution - Miranda being an anti-vaxxer, and throwing hate at Iranians, the UAE, and Jews

No. 833023

You're doing a bit of "no true Scotsman" there.
She is muslim now.
There's so many muslims and religious people in general that use their faith to condemn people. They're still real muslims, just as much as the "good, loving, peaceful and progressive" ones.

No. 833024

>You're doing a bit of "no true Scotsman" there.
Not really. I've known many Muslims, and none of them acted like this. Most weren't really progressive, either. They just went about their daily lives like normal people, studied the Quran, and were maybe interested in Islamic philosophy. Miranda's version of Islam strikes me as extremely superficial.

No. 833029

I don’t think she will ‘leave’ Islam because it is her narcissistic supply, she gets off on telling born Muslims they are sinners for xyz etc.
I don’t believe she actually practices her religion at all, it’s all a facade, and I think that’s why people believe she will finally crack one day and choose another identity.
She is conservative but she’s as conservative as your average ill educated trailer trash hick.
In my opinion I think the only way she will ever openly change is if she meets and gets obsessed with another man, but that will never happen because she won’t give up her online persona and who tf would hit that?

No. 833044

>the more I see vaccine propaganda the more I'll never take it

'Randa, Ontario is being absolutely rawdogged by the coof right now. With her suspect hygiene I predict the coof saga debuting before the summer (not that she'll ever admit it)

No. 833090

The coof?

No. 833272

They're talking about covid19 being horrendous in worst case Ontario.

No. 834934

File: 1620573902806.jpg (89.39 KB, 750x1334, alkanadiya582021.jpg)

Did Miranda just confirm on her IG story that she's in Canada?

Shouldn't this message come from Japan's Ministry of Health if she's in Japan?

No. 834937

oh yes lol, i get these messages everywhere and i am in canada

No. 834967

Bait, dont watch her insta story! She blocked every account that watched her story that’s not already following her

No. 834974

This isn’t bait you can view anyone’s story anonymously through story viewers now.

No. 834980

Funny how right after it was posted I checked and was blocked :/(:/)

No. 834982

Yeah.. you don’t view it as yourself through Instagram - you google an Instagram story viewer and look at it through that.

She’s been doing the blocking thing for absolute years already

No. 835049


We've know it for a long time, but it is still so satisfying when you get confirmation.

No. 835145

File: 1620740922424.png (174.18 KB, 720x1079, 21-05-10-23-27-26.png)

I cannot imagine how Miranda deals with 7 whole days without Twitter.

And why is she (still) in direct contact with other men? Haram as fuck!

No. 835544

Banned for making a Dua against China… and Miranda wonders why islamophobia exists.
Why do extremists wish death on everyone?

No. 836104

kinda fucked up that she wants Dua Lipa killed because she thinks Dua's name is a reference to lesbian sex (dual lips, labia, etc) so sick and twisted of her to hate lesbians because they are against the hohrrirs of Hislam

No. 836272

…… dua is the Muslim word for “prayer”. She’s not talking about someone’s name or lesbians at all.

No. 836317

File: 1621343112789.png (88.53 KB, 1189x822, jewishmom.png)

Oh, this is awesome. In her continued "change my history to fit whatever agenda I am pushing now". She now claims her mother is Jewish to support her whining about the Israel/Palestine mess.

She previously claimed her mom was super christian and tried to yank her hijab off her head and refused to set foot in the mosque for her "wedding". Then She claimed her mom was super christian but always fully supported her muslimhood. Now her mom is Jewish, but anti-Israel.

Anyway the wind blows…

No. 836320

Oh, and because it's convenient, her mom dislikes muslims again.

No. 836456

I don't think she's claiming her mom is Jewish. Pay close attention to the wording. She said her mom follows the Torah. The Torah is literally the old testament, which Christians technically believe in. She's being stupid and manipulative as usual, but she's claiming that her mom can't be an anti-semite if she's a bible-worshipping Christian… I think. I wonder what she'd think if she googled Positive Christianity or Charles Coughlin.

The human rights abuses in Palestine are horrible, and she's right that being critical of zionism doesn't make one anti-semitic. But all this has been an opportunity for antisemites to be hateful, and Miranda definitely has a history of saying antisemitic things. But that's not really that notable since she's also said plenty of hateful and racist stuff about Chinese people, Indians, Swedes, French people, Iranians/Shia Muslims, Sufis, liberals, LGBT people, the UAE, etc. She's said so much stupid shit that I have trouble holding her responsible for every dumb thing that comes out of her mouth, I just can't take anything she says seriously. Not that that excuses anything.

No. 836509

Not to play the devils advocate but she did say her mom was Jewish


No. 836512

She definitely did. It was also pointed out here a while ago

No. 836521

I stand corrected. But we should be specific, she said that her mom was "Jewish, or Christian, or both," though I don't really know what that means.

No. 836525

Sshhiiiiiiitttttt Miranda lies. Period. 20 bucks says her mom is a diet christian. I'm just curious as to where in Bumfuckastan Canada she's hiding.

No. 836549

She's posted pics recently at a museum in Sarnia. She also is known to have family in Mississauga.

No. 836580

Huh, she's from the Canadian version of Michigan. That somehow makes a lot of sense.

No. 836603

Well if you continue to watch in the video her mom suggest that if she becomes Jewish, and she doesn’t suggest that she should become Christian so I would assume that it’s more on the Jewish side of things?

She also does say that things since she’s been Muslim has been rocky. So I don’t think that she’s lying when she says that her mom accepts it while at the same time saying that her mom rejects it.

No. 836686


lmao. In that video near the end she asks, I assume her brother, what he thinks about her becoming muslim and he says "as long as you don't start hating the West or something".

Oh sweet summer child. Miranda can't do anything without going fully extreme. Of course she hates the West, lol.

No. 836699

Hm. That's a big clue. She's back to living at her parents house, or living with her brother. So either husband is a fake or he cannot financially take care of them.

No. 836706


That's a clue that she's been there since 2019 (when that video was posted) the proof was when she out herself on IG a couple of days ago in >>834934

No. 836773

Her brother is quite young, like early teens. I doubt he has his own place.

No. 836782

He was 13 in like 2017 or 2018 (when she went to Canada the first time after the start of her Muslim phase so he'd be 16 or 17 now.

No. 836933

this freak is obese and uggo. why havent these cows been legit killed yet?

No. 836950

Regardless, he very likely does not have his own place

No. 837000

Every time someone goes to visit their family is not a "big clue" that shes living with them. She has went to Canada since she became Muslim… up to three different times that we know about. I don't know why people care where she is anymore. Who give a shit. Shes nothing now. Shes a nobody who does not even post anything. She only posts random pictures every few months that are not worth looking at she isn't even in them. Anyways after seeing her "stalker video" I started to realize that a lot what she says is right. People pay way too much attention to her personal life. Why do people care who shes living with? Why do people see a video of her brother talking and assume he has his own house and shes living with him. To me its just proves what she says that people are paying too much attention to her own personal life and that it was never about the "misinformation" she spread about Japan. According to her own words, she doesn't live in Japan at more. At least she does not live in the same house anymore. Everything is pre-recorded. So who the f cares anymore its pointless

No. 837004

> According to her own words, she doesn't live in Japan at more.

Interesting phraseology. When did she say she doesn’t live in Japan anymore?

No. 837013

Nice wk blog faggot.

No. 837024

Interesting. You are truly unique, anon. I don't know any of us on this thread who would jump to her defence. Especially over something trivial like this. Almost as if you know where she lives and are mad that the rest of the thread figured it out so easily. Very, very curious. Good day to you, anon.

No. 837025

We'll have to agree to disagree, anon.

I care very much where she lives. She has actually been insisting she's in Japan despite clearly being deported to Canada. She doesn't have a job and feels she is entitled to leech off her fake husband all day. Despite her family hating her islamic extremism, I doubt they would like to see her homeless. She's not entitled to EI since she's not paid into it. She might be entitled to OntarioWorks,though that hardly pays enough to afford rent, even in a shithole like Sarnia (and if she's in Mississauga it's 2-3x more expensive. Nothing under 1400 for a 1br, so if she's there there's absolutely no way she's not living rent-free with family)

No. 837028

In her “stalkers exposed” video she says that all the videos she has recorded are in the past and she won’t upload any new videos to kanadajin3 channel. “So don’t stalk me or build a time line because I’m long gone!”

No. 837029

That…doesn't mean she's not in canada. It just means she's throwing a bitchfit. No one's watched her channel in years, no one cares.

No. 837030

I’m curious then why do you care? Why do you care where a random nobody who’s “career” has been dead for a few years is? She’s not relevant anymore. I’m curious as to why you care so much. This place is boring now it’s been boring for the last few years. The same recycled debate as to where she lives. Haven’t we established she was deported? There’s no need to continue to repeat “this is proof she’s in Canada” if there was some sort of proof given before? Do we?

I watched her video thinking that she was imagining people stalking her and that nobody would really care where she is or what she was doing but posts like these prove her right

No. 837033

Why not just hide the tab or ignore the thread instead of teting to shit on everyone's fun?.Must suck to try to be a holier than thou bitch.

No. 837064

Literally no one is forcing you to read the thread though? It's pretty sus that you care so much about stopping us from discussing where she lives.

No. 837065

You're not from round these parts, are you, buckeroo?

No. 837068

According to her mom's LinkedIn, she lives in Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario) so it's possibly where she is now. Also, according to another family member's obituary (not linking here but you can find it with a little searching) her mom is listed as having a female partner. Is this known information? Is this why Mira hates the gheys so much?

No. 837098

>Every time someone goes to visit their family IS not a "big clue" that SHES living with them
>She HAS WENT to Canada since she became Muslim

Hi Miranda ;)

No. 837124

Which doesn’t say “I’ve been deported back to Canada”. In fact, she tried to say many times o since that video that she still lived in Japan. But interesting that you first try to say that there is no proof that she was in Canada but in the same post claim she already confirmed she moved back to Canada. Not consistent even in one post.

Also, she still post constantly to her Instagram and alkanadiya Twitter. So, she is still very much active.

As previously shown, it was her fuck up on her Insta that proved she was in Canada.

Again, if you don’t like the thread and find it boring, why are you reading and posting?

No. 837128


I have said, since all the way back to the Rachel and Jun thing. If she comes clean, admits to and apologizes for lying about that, about what she did to KM (scamming him out of money) and that she was lying and had a VISA husband the whole time. That she made up that “stockers” made her quit her job and cost her her “permanent visa” and not the fact that she was trying to play the system. And that she was forced to move back to Canada.

It was a much smaller list back in the day, just the Rachel stuff but she does like to keep adding to it instead of just admitting she was wrong.

No. 837136

While now posing as THE role model for muslims (and non-muslims who she wants to appreciate things like the Sharia laws) who bashes on everything and everyone she doesn't like, wishing death upon others and still loving to make up her own truths.
She's the typical muslim extremist but of course she cannot keep it to herself.
Preaching water while drinking wine, it seems.

No. 837142

Jesus Christ Miranda your self posts are so obvious.
Let us get one thing straight, you’re never right. You don’t have stalkers and KM does not want to kill you - you just can’t handle the truth or the fact that we were able to figure it out.
This thread does not prove you right either, we’re not stalking you were just exposing you for the cow that you are, if you’re butthurt about what we say then it must mean it’s all true?
We know you ain’t shit and no one really cares where you live or what you do - it’s because you continue to lie and cheat and scam while pretending to be a pious Muslim that keeps us interested.
If you don’t want anyone to talk about you then stop being a shitty person and give up your online personas, it’s quite simple really.

No. 837149

No you missed my point. My point is why do we keep on having to debate on whether she is in Canada or not. Why do people continue to debate about it when it’s already been established?. People continue to bring up random things that she says or does and then side that this is absolute definitive proof that she’s in Canada. I thought that was established last time? Which is my point, why the hell do people even care where she is?

Sure if she posts on Twitter this is still “active” but I thought the reason this thread was created was to expose the misinformation she says about Japan. Do you know how many active Muslim users are on Twitter? Why don’t you focus on them? What makes K3 or kanadaiya or whatever the fuck she wants to refer to herself now a days so special? That’s my point why do you still follow her and continue to drag on this dead topic. Sometimes it’s almost a month before someone posts anything where as it used to be several posts per hour. There’s nothing left to cover in my opinion. Now I can only see that people are just obsessing over her personal life just like she said in her video. What her families religion is or what she says about her personal life is not people’s business to “assume” she’s lying. This is supposed to be about exposing the cold hard facts and disinformation regarding japan. It’s obviously not about Japan anymore. What she has said was correct and I had just come to terms with that. I was active on here when she was relevant and it seems there’s nothing new that’s ever going to come outta this topic anymore. Just people recycling the same old “this is for sure proof she’s in Canada!” Boring updates

No. 837150

> Which is my point, why the hell do people even care where she is?

Because she continues to lie about it. If she stops lying, no one would care.

> but I thought the reason this thread was created was to expose the misinformation she says about Japan.

No, this thread was created to expose her lies. Period. About whatever she lies about. Sure, when it first started Japan was the most of her lies, but she keeps expanding her lies. So, whe expand the tracking.

> There’s nothing left to cover in my opinion.

Then why are you reading and responding?

> This is supposed to be about exposing the cold hard facts and disinformation regarding japan

No, it’s about exposing her lies, period. Why would we limit it to just her lies about Japan? Are you retarded?

No. 837153

Something brought you to this page. What was it?

No. 837154

These threads were created to expose her lies, like most other cows’ threads.
If all we did was expose her misinformation about Japan she wouldn’t have a thread in /pt
I wouldn’t call a few people posting about her once in a while ‘people obsessing about her personal life’.

Miranda, you reap what you sow. Suck it up, people are going to talk about you whether you like it or not. Just because you think you’re not worthy of being a cow doesn’t make you exempt.

No. 837156

Again, if you'd rather read a thread about someone else then make it yourself. Yeah, this thread isn't interesting for everyone but people who aren't interested simply…don't come here. They don't make a big thing about it. Obviously you don't enjoy this thread, so why are you here? We acknowledge that you have a different opinion, what more do you want?

No. 837175

She wants everyone to stop criticizing her. She's done this before. Come on, people

No. 837229


We”re well aware of that.

No. 837236

Then why are you talking like you aren't?

No. 837336

Because it's fun.

No. 837348

File: 1621862461803.png (166.32 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_2021-05-24-15-15-09…)

I love shit like this since it displays the mindset narrowminded extremists very well.
If a muslim cannot follow the rules, either choose instant death or blame everyone else.

No. 837385

Don't Muslim Boys got more freedom than Muslim girls though?

No. 837407

in theory, they’re supposed to observe the Koran rules like not drinking

No. 837431

Muslim countries in West Africa actually have lower rates of alcoholism and domestic violence than Christian ones, because of Islam's anti-alcohol rules. Some Muslims there do drink, but they often do it in secret. Of course, those Muslim countries often have other horrible problems like child marriage and female genital mutilation, though.

No. 837433

Is it because they don't report the domestic violence?

No. 837434

These kinds of studies are confidential, and Muslim and Christian countries in West Africa tend to be fairly similar culturally. Because of that, I doubt Muslim women would be more likely to lie than Christian ones. I think the difference is probably a direct consequence of religious norms, and the notable one here is alcohol use. I think the domestic violence rate disparity is probably directly linked with alcoholism, since alcoholism is normally one of the most significant driving factors in domestic violence everywhere.

No. 837470

Remember mandatory drinking class, fellow public school alumni?

No. 837537

You ARE aware that Miranda is cool with domestic violence as long as it 1. doesn't happen to her and 2. the Quran allows it in some situations.

Also I personally don't believe she cares about domestic violence in this "alcoholic" drama. It's just her hate boner against non-muslim society getting fed again by random stories from a friend (that for some reason felt Miranda should know this stuff).

No. 837541

I am aware of how she's an apologist for abuse within Islam, yes. The only reason I brought up what I did was because I thought it was an interesting detail illustrating Islam's opposition to alcohol.

I'm generally very critical of Islam, as well as most other religions. You should try to learn to see the world with a little bit of nuance - there are positives and negatives of most things. In the posts you're responding to, I literally brought up child marriage and FGM, which more than balances out any good that comes from Muslim prohibition on alcohol. She never brought up alcohol's link to domestic abuse, I did, again, to illustrate its statistics in Muslim societies.

No. 837557


Problem is those “confidential surveys” don’t necessarily take into account cultural differences. Such as what one culture would consider domestic violence, or abuse, another might not. Your own example of FGM. Other cultures don’t consider hitting a woman with an open hand to be violence. That’s just “disciplining your wife”. As opposed to hitting them with a closed fist.
So, a woman in those cultures could honestly answer those surveys that their husband never hits them because he never uses a closed fist.

No. 837603

Maybe, but in much of West Africa, Christian families live alongside Muslim ones, so I doubt there would be strong definitional differences like that. Alcoholism is such a strong predictor for domestic violence everywhere, that it would be very strange if lower rates of alcoholism didn't lead to lower rates of domestic violence in West Africa, as they do in the rest of the world. Point being, this element of Islam can have a positive impact, even while other parts of Islam have negative ones. I'm not pro-Islam, nor am I pro-religion generally, but religion does have positive and negative impacts on culture, just like everything else does.

No. 837626


The culture would be/wouldn't be abuse is societal and really wouldn't matter what religion they are.

No. 838517

Mira's latest YT vid is yet another pathetic attempt to show how she still lives in Japan. Tokyu Hands department store was a thing back in the day when she was whoring her ass around Tokyo, but now it is passe. Mira just ordered a bunch of crap from them off the Internet, had it delivered to Canada, then did the whole "look how totally living in Japan I really am - I just went shopping at Tokyu Hands" BS routine. What a sad life.

No. 838524


No. 838624

She’s openly reposting old videos. She has already said she is doing that.

I don’t know why that anon said it was recent, it’s from months ago.

No. 839744

File: 1623169112196.png (96.3 KB, 720x587, wali.png)

Not sure if the last sentence is a threat or not.

FYI: A wali is kind of a Muslim guardian who basically chooses the future husband for a bride.
A wali usually also plays an important role in forced marriages.

No. 839753

Wasn't she propositioned by chip crushers dad on a plane?

No. 839754

lol aren't those the kinds of sick fucks who force 10 year old girls to marry 55 year old village elders, so that they can be raped nightly in exchange for giving their parents $40, a cow, and a goat?

No. 839842


No. 840114

File: 1623407118650.png (113.04 KB, 720x451, Photo1.png)

No. 840116

Bruh. She is 31 years old, has been obsessively talking about "muh future kids" for at least 8 years, once even tried to plant the rumor that she already had kids. There is no way she is not infertile.

No. 840119

I love how she pretends that she wants children. If she was a real Muslim she’d have at least 2 by now, or definitely would be posting about her struggle to get pregnant.

Her husband is fake and she will never have a baby because then she will have to focus on something other than herself. Just how long will she keep this facade going?

No. 840539

File: 1623770246027.jpeg (132.89 KB, 750x1192, 6CD05A42-367A-4963-9431-641385…)

Kek at her most recent IG story.
Is she being passive aggressive or is she trying to Muslim her way out of being a lazy freeloading whore?

Just think if she had a brain cell she could have married KM and had her glorious Nippon dream bankrolled by him.
Instead she is pretending to be a Muslim extremist while hiding in Canada and spending 99% of her time on Twitter, score!

No. 840674

She sure loves money.
Moneyu akbar! =)(=) )

No. 840689

i can almost guarantee everyone in this thread is an absolute degenerate godless piece of shit twitter tranny. Unironically kill yourself, all of you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840727

your average follower of allah, most merciful

No. 840882

File: 1623996965063.png (561.33 KB, 520x578, khashoggi.png)

Saudi Arabia is one of the most disgustingly oppressive and brutal countries on earth. The greatest Muslim philosophers were Sufis, moderates, and progressives. Salafism is an idiotic ideology that's antithetical to all of the great advances in the Middle East. For most of history, Persians had a far more advanced and beautiful culture than most of the Arab world.
French Republican values have been key in Europe's advancement and prominence for the past couple hundred years; it's an objectively superior ideology to anything Islam ever produced.
The Abrahamic religions are based on the boring stories of desert tribes with limited imaginations. The natural world is more beautiful and complex than anything in your religious bullshit. I also recommend exploring philosophy, it has infinitely more value than your shitty inbred desert tribe books.

I'm not trans, but trans people have very high rates of suicide and depression. Part of that is due to the struggle with gender dysphoria, but another part of that is dealing with pieces of shit like you. Why does their existence bother you? I rarely think about trans people because they don't affect me and there just aren't very many of them, but the ones I have met have been nice people just trying to live their lives. It would be easier for them without losers like you obsessing over them all the time.

Twitter is an awful social media site, but it's ironic you're whining about it, given that it's Miranda's most heavily used social media site.

It's also funny of you to call Miranda's critics "degenerate" when she supports child marriage and brutal authoritarian regimes.

How warped do you have to be, to support a narcissist?

No. 840891

The fuck, muslims in Saudi beat, oppress and abuse women on daily basis and yet you focus on the less than 1% of 'poow twans people with dysphowia' instead?

No. 840909

The fuck, is your reading comprehension so low that you focused on the fact that someone didn't unilaterally shit on trans people, rather than the fact that someone was WK'ing Mira >>840689
Like 90% of that post was shitting on Islam, but go off, anon

No. 840948

Exactly, thank you. My post is way more critical of Islam, so it's very telling that person is so bothered that I dared to comment on trans people. It's their own stupid bigotry showing.(integrate)

No. 840949

Dude, wow, woman were barely able to drive and we focus on the poor trans people? Like i dont believe in rape culture at least not in the us(go to africa and ill be singin a diffent sonf) or all that femminist bs, but Saudi Arabia is an exception sue to the fact that the amount of religous discrimination against wonman in insabe.(male)

No. 841107

Not a supporter of the Saudi government, but as someone who's around the Muslim community pretty often the whole "beating their women" thing is a stereotype. Don't get me wrong, am I saying women's rights abuses don't happen? No. But my Saudi roommate gets a full scholarship from her govt to study in the US and many of these women never have to work a day in their life, it's the domestic workers that I feel bad for tbh.

If I had to choose between being a Thai woman or a Saudi woman, I'd choose Saudi any day..(no1curr, sage)

No. 841322

I'm glad to see she hasn't changed since I last kept up with her antics (2016).

No. 841384

What a bunch of sad twats you all are. Thousands upon thousands of posts obsessing over this woman. She's living rent-free in your mind.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841387

I guess the concept of forgiveness and repentance doesn't exist for you kids?(necro)

No. 841388

File: 1624327351840.jpg (217.96 KB, 925x1107, LGBT degeneracy.jpg)

Are you leftist degenerates proud of this?

No. 841414

File: 1624349268722.jpeg (431.39 KB, 750x918, 3B030E63-E1C6-4D61-8254-ED0964…)

Kek now she’s in a psych ward for making it up. The irony!

Randa has never repented for anything in her life, she is a lying piece of shit which is why this thread exists. If she just owned up to her mistakes like a normal person none of this would exist.(off topic)

No. 841417

are you lost?

No. 841421

go to /snow if you want to sperg about troon

No. 841453

File: 1624396929283.jpg (235.57 KB, 720x1576, saudite-1.jpg)

Oh HI, Miranda. How's the weather in Canada?
Are YOU proud of yourself cursing & wishing death upon everyone who is not living your questionable standards?

Gotta include this conversation screenshot as a little treat.

No. 841454

File: 1624396952525.jpg (133.73 KB, 720x750, saudite-2.jpg)

No. 841490

Oh Miranda, you spent years in countries that coddled you and allowed you to say what you wanted. Now you are dealing with a culture that truly hates outsiders, and you snaggle toothed white bitch are an outsider. Try being a Saudi nationalist when you don't meet their standard. Kek

No. 841638

Recent tweet (June 21st)
They are…
Its a system based on "work sponsorship or degrees"
Its not even easy to move to Kafr country. I am allowed to work in Japan only because I was blessed to get PR. People can't just walk over here and get it.

But isn't working haram?

No. 841656

File: 1624559093796.jpeg (384.95 KB, 2048x2048, 30AFBAE5-67BD-48A4-9802-B1ED86…)


I know she’s talking about ex Muslims but this made me chuckle.
Miranda: it’s haram to search my past, how dare you look at photos of me. All that info is false, stockers! Shaytan!!
Also Miranda: picrel

No. 841684

"I wonder who married you, he really brought us all a headache"

Hilarious. Japanese people used to say that about her, and now saudis/muslims say the exact same thing.

No. 841724

Remember when she used to impersonate a Japanese nationalist and ranted about immigrants corrupting “our “ country and culture, but Japanese all hated her too? I can’t believe she is going after all these years. Going full-force with a new cultural identity, but that identity group does not like her.

She keeps pretending that PR is self-renewing and she wouldn’t have to do anything to keep it. And what’s most shameful is that she only got it through a sham marriage.

“Computer skills”
You mean Googling their Twitter handle, like any child could do? It’s funny that we were all able to uncover many embarrassing moments of her past with the same simple method, but she instead claimed she had intense group of cyber-stalker terrorists after her.

No. 842800

File: 1625211742487.jpeg (196.65 KB, 750x1044, 4D938994-E9FA-42F5-8314-144437…)

Miranda’s current ig story is moaning about Saudi mandating the vaccine and this was one of her posts.

Isn’t believing in conspiracy haram, Miranda? I mean I agree that what China is doing to uyghurs is awful, but I’m certain Bill Gates isn’t putting microchips in vaccines.. even if he’s a scrote when it comes to women.
Soon you won’t be able to travel anywhere without being vaccinated against covid, much like you need to take certain vaccinations to go to certain countries.
Enjoy your shut in life in Canada forever

No. 843008

Imagine willingly taking some pharmaceutical pushed poison into your body (that's still in its experimental stage btw) without even researching the ingredients of that experimental drug. Some digitally created liquid (does it make sense why Bill Gates is behind it now?) "vaccine" that isn't even a vaccine but is actually a gene therapeutic agent, CRISPR technology. Your DNA isn't even yours anymore, the vaccine modified that and you belong to Moderna or pfzier now, whichever jab you took. Either one of those companies own you, you're not even human anymore so say bye bye to your human rights, you're just property, a GMO. So congrats on making yourself a walking spike protein factory shedding onto others causing innocent people harm making them incredibly sick just because of your stupidity and the selfish poor decision you've made. Enjoy your rapid onset of debilitating illness, infertility and premature death - The mRNA injection causes the body to create antibodies and that’s its job to protect itself. Some of these antibodies are directed at proteins found in the uterus and placenta, notably Syncytin-1. This protein is involved in human placenta function. The mRNA- induction of an immune response against this results in fertility issues after injection, which may lead to permanent sterility and affects both males and females.

Hope the travel to shitty countries was worth it! Lmao I don't even need to a-log you because you did a fine job of that yourself taking this experimental drug. Natural selection. You're even more stupid than this cow you love to hate.
Fuck you and the many idiots like you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843012

i want to cough in your mouth anon

No. 843019

My face would be covered wearing a mask so it wouldn't work. I'd just trip you up and curb stomp that deformed ugly skull of yours into a pulp on the pavement with my boot. Try coughing on my face now, you stupid bitch.

No. 843020

I am not gonna say what I think you are but it starts with an S

No. 843169

post about miranda or go back to looking at bottom of the barrel boomer tier conspiracies somewhere else

No. 843565

Hope this doesn't count as (no1currs) but I really miss the Japan arc.
Japan really is a godsend for cow watching, it's like a big amusement park in which they can show the worst of themselves every day, but there's a limit to how much entertainment you can grasp from a shut-in with no friends and living with her parents.

It feels like it's been a decade since the muslim arc started, and since then her going ons have been a whole lot of nothing, with Twitter arguments and ficticious husbands becoming her entire life.
At this point I'm actually hoping she manages to get her visa to either Saudi or Japan again just so at least we'd have SOMETHING to talk about that isn't the fourth running year of Twitter screenshots.

No. 843618

Honestly I think the next phase is ultra conservative conspiracy nut, minus the Islam.

If we’re logical about things - she can’t be married to a Saudi because it is illegal to be married to a foreigner in SA (at least her age, al baby chip smasher was clearly not in his 50s). She so desperately wants to live there but if the marriage was real they would have to pay a hefty fine. I don’t think she would so openly admit to it if it were true and moving to SA was an actual plan. Whoever he was he is long gone now anyway.

I find it quite sad that her whole life is a lie, she’s ruined any chance she had at a decent career, and yet she still carries on lying.

Miranda, isn’t it about time you grew up and let go of your past?

No. 843883

>posts the most moronic conspiracy bullshit I've literally ever seen
>calls other people retarded
You're projecting, hunny bunny

No. 843941

File: 1626042673837.jpeg (940.5 KB, 750x1225, 8BF7F92D-91FD-4A95-B77B-415253…)

Aww chip smasher left you for a non crazy person that will bear him children?

Must suck to be you miranda

No. 843970

fucking love this turn of events

No. 843991

Also: Allah is no husband giving her good money or a visa.

No. 844005

I know I'm really late to the party, but PR literally doesn't need to be renewed. You need to get a new card, but the visa itself doesn't expire (unless you leave the country for longer than 5 years).

No. 844008

That's just your cognitive dissonance talking, sweetie. You wish that was projection. It's not.

No. 844031

Give it a few weeks and dumbass anon will catch the delta and be out of our hair. Nothing like a cow that goes to the pasture itself.

No. 844044

Kek the fact you've compromised your health and your womb is barren and broken rn cause of your poor decision making and stupidity gives me much satisfaction. Hope you keep getting jabbed, freak! Jabs now come with free donuts, beer and chipotle for the fat, brain dead, bottom-feeder idiots like you who think that's great! Suffer and seethe. I hope the chipotle was worth it bitch.

No. 844046

You wish I would but I won't. You on the other hand? Lol, have a nice life with your handicap.

No. 844051

I never thought we’d get a boomer conspiracy loser wking Miranda that’s for sure.

No. 844124

Step in front of a bus

No. 844138

File: 1626185777447.jpeg (131.81 KB, 750x430, A4E714CA-DD20-481B-97F5-363B52…)

Randas newest post which is an almost hour long video spewing conspiracy garbage, with of course the first 10 minutes talking about stalkers. Me me me, I am a victim but I’m over it. (Of course you are)
‘If you get pop ups then the new world order is watching, Biden is watching’
She is absolutely insane.

No. 844155


I guess Biden stole her husband..

No. 844184

How the everlasting gobbstopperfuck does an American president affect her in Canada? Why isn't she bitching about Trudeau?

No. 844287

File: 1626318658222.png (7.04 MB, 2756x1484, randalovers.png)

I just looked up the people who liked Miranda's instagram stream, and it's a bunch of Malaysian dudes…
Miranda should message one of these guys. They're not bad looking, they're Muslim, and they're Asian. They're perfect for her. If she really wants to be a submissive housewife in a country where women have very few rights, these guys are perfect. Go to Malaysia, Miranda.

I'm watching the video, and it's even more insane bullshit than usual. Miranda says she personally knows multiple people who've died from getting the vaccine. She's so fucking stupid. The way she speaks is so awful, I keep imagining her as a gross, stupid old lady laughing and wheezing. She legit seems crazy, but also just very low-intelligence. She's just incoherently ranting with buzzwords in a random jumble, in a bizarre combination of anti-vax, conservative Islam, and anti-colonialism. She's starting to remind me of Tila Tequila/Tornado Thien.

No. 844329

She doesn't ACTUALLY want to be a submissive muslima housewife though, she just want to SEEM better than everyone else always

Although I must admit it seems like her already questionable sanity has gone of the rails, it seems more like she has paranoid skitzophrenia rather than just vomiting extremist islamic nonsense to feel better than everyone

No. 844422

She was probably just contemplating her lack of actual friends and family and forgot that she is supposed to have a righteous Saudi Muslim husband.
All the "married to Saudi" profile descriptions are still up on her social media. Still, would be too funny if that guy stopped playing her crazy game and would therefore set the stage for her next breakdown and fanatic phase.

No. 844477

Tbh I think he experienced what she’s really like and divorced her. She admitted their marriage wasn’t legal so I’m pretty sure that was easy for him to arrange.

Just imagine the pandemic didn’t happen - she still wouldn’t be able to get into Saudi because her marriage is illegal and she does not have a valid mahram to escort her for Hajj. She slipped up a few times by moaning about fines and having a mahram back then.

Her narcissism and delusions of grandeur are so real to her she can’t see that her lies are so obvious. If she had kept her mouth shut since 2017 I might have actually believed she got permanent residence lol

No. 844518

>Miranda says she personally knows multiple people who've died from getting the vaccine

If people I knew personally had literally fucking died from the vaccine i'd be giving everyone as much info as possible about what happened so they can protect themselves, I wouldn't be using it as a smug talking point to show how intelligent I am.

At what point does she become an actual danger to people? If she believes half the stuff she's saying then she's deranged

No. 844585

>At what point does she become an actual danger to people? If she believes half the stuff she's saying then she's deranged

If she flips her shit and assaults Joe Public, although the delusional loonfest she currently spouts on Twatter is probably grounds enough for a v& by now.

No. 844656

I guess that's what I mean. Does she need to assault someone? I don't think she should be getting V& for posting conspiracy theories, but she's gone a bit beyond that and into schizo territory now. If I wasn't familiar with her history and what absolute garbage she is i'd feel bad.

No. 844703

her family are uneducated morons who likely “don’t believe in” mental health care, though

No. 844760

What the hell is wrong with you. I thought v& was some code for vaccine but after the context no longer fit being a code for ‘vaccine’ I googled it. You really show that she’s right about you pro-vax supporters. It’s not a conspiracy! people have died because of the vaccine and there are actual official health numbers in some countries. What the fuck is wrong with your mental health that you would hope someone be locked up and taken away by the government simply because they refuse to get a vaccine or even question the safety with legitimate concerns. Never mind typical anti-vax concerns that have been risen regarding other vaccines in the past (example: vaccines having aborted babies in them) she is talking about actual people who have gotten sick because of it. Wake the hell up you psychotic sheep! You are on a forum complaining about how deranged and dangerous someone is because they don’t want to take a vaccine yet you are the one promoting having the feds kidnap her and take her off? Who is the real crazy person here honestly…?

No. 844780

Jfc, your autism is almost palatable.

No. 844784

Shut the fuck up Miranda holy shit

No. 844789

>Who is the real crazy person here honestly…?

Miranda, and all anti-vax wackos out there. Thankfully, most will be wiped out by the Delta variant.

Miranda, living at home in her parents basement, who lives in fear of ever setting foot outside, will probably be safe. Only for that reason.

No. 844797

Sweetie, people react to all kinds of vaccines/medications - it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the risk involved with modern medicine.
The covid vaccine isn’t being made to deliberately make people ill, why is that so hard to comprehend?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 844950

Nobody thinks it’s being MADE to make people ill! They want people to be aware OF the side effects and that’s what’s being silenced! Wake up. People are dropping fucking dead like lab rats and the governments are forcing people to get the vaccine!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845001

>the side effects and that’s what’s being silenced

The side effects (that all medicines can have, including aspirin) are well published. You can even pull them up on the manufacturer's websites.

Yet, I doubt you can pull up on reputable source of "people dropping dead like lab rats" from the vaccine.

And yes, when it comes to a choice of believing reputable science being spoken by reputable scientist that spend years studying virus, immunology, and chemistry or a shrieking retard on the internet. I will believe the former. (That would be the science)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845054

Focus on Miranda and quit derailing.

No. 846407

File: 1627676838637.png (172.63 KB, 720x717, 39-1.png)

Now Miranda is happy that she hasn't moved to her "favorite country" Saudi Arabia.
Hey, Miranda: what if these vaccinations were a gift from Allah/God and you just keep fucking rejecting them? Ever thought about that? Have fun staying in your mother's house.

No. 846540

Kill yourselves you stupid cunts. Just fucking die.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 846716

File: 1627741353378.jpeg (306.17 KB, 750x901, 032ABDF6-C36F-4434-AC25-4EA986…)

Kek Allah knows best to keep the most Muslim of Muslims out of a country that is the birthplace of Islam. Good job Miranda, here’s your gold star.
She posted picrel the other day and I can’t tell if it is sarcasm or if she doesn’t realise the ‘fat men’ are actually emojis depicting a pregnant man, something she would normally reeee about.
She really is stupid.

No. 847093

File: 1627836339034.png (92.13 KB, 720x508, Pregmanemoji.png)

She isn't aware she is celebrating lgbtq-related emojis. Hilarious.
You know, on the short list for new emojis in the past years also was a male emoji with a white wedding veil. It wouldn't have been too surprising if Miranda openly praised it as well, misinterpreting it as a "Saudi Arabian man" emoji (because of their typical white head scarves).

No. 847395

I think she’s actually mocking that emoji, she’s very against the LGBTQ

No. 847396

As dumb as she is, I actually think she’s fully aware of what the emoji represents. I’ve seen right wing men on Facebook making the fat man joke so I think she got it from them. For some reason, she hangs out in male-dominated threads on FB/Twitter and uses very male speech. Has anyone ever seen her comment in casual and friendly woman-dominated threads or interest groups?

No. 847397

Maybe her next step will be to become a trans man.

No. 847460


I would say her next phase would be tradthot. But she's too hideous to get any traction on that route.

No. 847467

I was just thinking yesterday after reading some of her tweets, she is so full of anger and hate I think she might have forgotten what it is like to not have an opinion about everything.
Even if her online presence is just a persona she puts in all the effort - still pretending to be in Japan, still pretending to be married to a Saudi etc. I think she may have lost her mind now after seeing the antivax boomer tweets. I can’t wait until she gets delta!

No. 847922


No. 847961

Miranda, you praise a system resp. a country that makes it impossible for women to go outside their homes, let alone travel, without a so-called mahram.
And it's also because of people like you that precautions like this one exist.
Deal with it.

No. 848023

She hates Saudi now because they want people vaccinated. She’s a trip.

No. 848704

File: 1628436103287.jpg (222.33 KB, 599x1193, apple.jpg)

Another episode of "Miranda the iPhone-Hypocrite"

No. 848945

She must be glad to finally have an excuse not to move to the best country in the world as she was not going to do it anyway despite talking about it non-stop. Now instead of admitting that she can't move because her marriage to al-fatty hands is invalid and because they are both poor af, she can blame vaccines for staying in her Canadian basement.

No. 849070

File: 1628769022670.jpg (905.73 KB, 1080x1680, 20210812_133026.jpg)

Lucky her! In addition, she now also has the chance to get out of her PR and living in Japan lies.

No. 849071

I don’t know which thread it was but an anon(s?) predicted this very situation where she would publicly claim that she could lose PR due to Covid restrictions and/or Saudi immigration before revealing she is living in Canada. She finally has her backup story.

No. 849078

File: 1628779677233.jpeg (157.73 KB, 750x420, C8FD2F2D-0C2F-4FEF-9A7E-9B2FCA…)

Hahaha oh noes I’m going to lose my ‘permanent residence’.
I googled it (I’m not an expert, correct me if I am wrong) and you don’t lose it if you live abroad.. you just have to get a re entry permit when you return! If she had permanent residency she would know this. She is an idiot.
Yep you hit the nail on the head!

No. 849152

Wait, did she admit she is currently in Canada?

No. 849155

Is she just over exaggerating/confwewsing a simple work visa?

No. 849161

File: 1628850373450.png (86.11 KB, 720x346, Screenshot_2021-08-13-12-20-06…)

A couple of times (like when she was visiting various Canadian places, shared that on Instagram and has stopped talking ANYTHING about her Japanese "adventures").
Now she also stops the "I'm totally in Japan" lie on her Twitter profile.
Complaining that Canada has basically become North Korea to her.

No. 849193

Ahahaha finally.
The moment her PR application was denied all those years ago and she went full extremist Muslim waifu it was clear her nihon days were numbered. Her going fully Isis-chan was not only her reaction to the public rejection and humiliation by Rodi but also to let her "I'm ethnically Japanese and will be a Japanese housewife with Japanese kids" narrative slowly die and replace it.
She had no skills/education/looks or a good enough fab base to start anything else in life other than converting to a religion that in its most extremist form doesn't expect a woman to anything.

No. 849269

I honestly find Miranda fascinating as an example of what can happen to these Anglo Saxon types who are super individualistic and have no group identity of their own. Eventually they just end up falling for other groups that seem novel or cool or provide some sense of meaning.

No. 849339

I'm surprised that she finally admitted that she lives in Canada and no longer lives in Japan!

No. 849573

File: 1629197524717.jpg (323.59 KB, 1080x1160, 20210817_124905.jpg)

Oh noes, another reason why they will have to stay in Canada forever!

No. 849574

Well, she's completely given up the pretext of not being in Canada anymore.

Something know for a long while now, but it's to the point she can't even hide it anymore.

No. 849576

Fake al-husband doesn't know how to read or isn't speaking English (unless the list was in French, given it exists at all)? In what language are they allegedly communicating with each other? Given that guy still exists at all.

No. 849577

>My husband signed it.

Welp. There it is. Kind of anti-climatic, though. I thought she would make up a dramatic story about how she left under unusual circumstances.

He can’t speak Japanese and she said she still can’t speak Arabic, so it seems to be they communicate only in English. If he’s real, I think she is greatly exaggerating his lack of understanding. Probably he just didn’t think it was big deal.

No. 849604

If his English isn't good, it won't get any better with her as a teacher. Miranda hasn't even managed to master her own native tongue, nor will she ever learn to speak Arab properly, same with Japanese.
Well, no more reason to teach her imaginary future children Japanese only like she always planned eh.

No. 850288

She has autism and she’s masking she has always

No. 850296


*citation needed

No. 850435

File: 1629790432457.jpg (271.02 KB, 891x1490, planetjapanbs.jpg)

Now she has started feeding her dead and forgotten "Planet Japan" twitter channel (based on Planet Zoo, 'member?) with conspiracy BS propaganda.

No. 850522

Now that the Japan and Saudi saga is dead for good and people are ignoring her Islam lectures, conspiracy is all she has left. I wonder if there will ever be a next phase.

No. 850582

That is really quite pathetic.. even for her.

I think she will just carry on as normal like nothing ever changes

No. 850639

I wonder how she feels about Afghanistan. Has she said anything about the situation there?

No. 850676

File: 1629890717483.jpg (190.97 KB, 644x1322, 289286489177493.jpg)

She's mentioned on Twitter that the Taliban took over "peacefully"

No. 850691

At this point I am wondering why she has not openly wished for living her Muslim housewife dream life in Afghanistan.
Doesn't look like the Taliban care much about the vaccinations that Miranda despises (which was the reason the sacked Saudi Arabia for good).
Also she would be forbidden to work or educate herself, be stuck at home, living under strict Sharia laws…
What's stopping her?

No. 850702

Ooo, remember the british ISIS bride who went to Syria and then tried to come back to England and they told her to fuck off? I wonder if something similar will happen to Randa, and she gets her canadian citizenship taken away and end up on the 8oclock news. Welp, she'd get her fame from being a muslimina at that point I suppose.

No. 851024

File: 1630139396126.png (166.69 KB, 720x708, Screenshot_2021-08-28-10-25-29…)

Hey, Miranda, ever thought about Afghanistan?

No. 851025

File: 1630139653512.png (254.54 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2021-08-28-10-26-43…)

Again Miranda refuses going to Saudi Arabia because of the vaccine.
Then this person advices her to prepare for farm work and life. Yeah, like Miranda would do actual farm work instead of spewing hate online all day.

No. 851031

Now, this is interesting. Is she really asking for suggestions?
I suppose what she's actually looking for is a country in which she can be looked upon as an adventurous expat who makes her living vlogging about her fascinating life among the natives.
Personally, I think she should set her sights on somewhere in the western hemisphere this time. Like, how about Guyana? I think that would make for a very interesting vlog.

No. 851032

What’s interesting is her use of I and not we, she tried so hard to make her tweet sound cryptic about being her last message that she forgot to pretend to be married.
Maybe she’s doing time for all that money she owes PayPal after scamming KM.

I have a suggestion that you might like, drop Islam and move to the Deep South of America, you’ll fit in fine.

No. 851036


Yeah, that's suspicious as hell. What would make you unable to post to Twitter? Even if they went in to a complete lockdown you could still post.

This reminds me of her bullshit "stocker" story that supposedly made her quit her job a cost her Japanese Citizenship. When the reality was they saw through her sham visa-kun marriage.
Something else is going on..

No. 851043

File: 1630155452374.jpg (84.88 KB, 1196x547, ha.jpg)

Histrionic crying because of having to get a vaccine..

No. 851044

File: 1630155555642.jpg (288.05 KB, 1231x1433, Untitled.jpg)

No. 851076

Allah, the best of planners, amiright?

No. 851086

Man she really fell the fuck off.

Mira if you reading this. You fucked your whole life over that one ugly Muslim guy? You went out fucking sad. This over such petty little stuff and just make a video explaining you got deported got obsessed over a guy. You would get some views and you will be happy instead your doubling down because you experienced discrimination here and fucked around with some arabs.

Like it’s not that serious Japan wasn’t the escape you imagined. Cool, start your life over. Why are you still running? We all moved on we have wives and kids now. We just pop in to see if your ok.

No. 851087

Sorry for all the misspelling in the post I think my phone is fucking up or it’s the site.
Anyways to add to this. You deleted your entire YouTube channel all over a hook up. It’s not that serious. You slept around and you don’t want the Muslim guy to find out? It’s been like 5 fucking years and he had a gf in London (online shit lmao) who the fuck cares?

You don’t have to do YouTube but can you just get it together. Fuck other people just do it for your own sake.

Anyways yeah you went out fucking sad.

No. 851116

File: 1630242540290.gif (1.07 MB, 220x167, tenor-5.gif)

No. 851121

Her recent rambles make me think that she will or is slowly starting to pull away from Islam, believing in conspiracy theories is definitely not halal and her ignorance is showing. Her followers are starting to see the real her (they really should just google her name kek).
She is unfriendly, self righteous and unbelievably stupid, your average ultra conservative hick. If she were Christian she’d be a pick me for sure (she’d probably get more online attention too)

But you know, Allah knows best innit.

No. 851139

Basically we hooked up once. I came here like two years ago to talk about because I stumbled on this place from kiwi farms which I don’t really use. At the time everyone was talking about how Mira was still in Japan but not making videos.

I posted that she is not in Japan and I know for a fact she was deported because she got a letter from immigration to come in regarding his visa status. We have mutual friends. Though they aren’t really her friends.

This place went crazy accused me of being a liar. Then she deleted her entire channel after I started posting here. So they knew I must have been at least telling some kind of truth. I low key felt bad and didn’t post the vid of her sucking my dick. Plus I’m married with kids now so I rather not have that drama. I think she just really loves/loved that Muslim guy.

Bro…you haven’t met too many muslims have you?

No. 851164

I have but I tend not to surround myself with dicks and I’m not a Twitter user, so all Muslims I know are nothing like Miranda.

Are you Muslim? Was she out as a Muslim at the time? She hooked up with you and then deleted her channel? That part doesn’t really make sense.. and if anyone comes here with info we like to see some kind of proof, rather than just your word, but that being said I’m not sure I want to see Miranda sucking someone off!
Also you are a guy so you’re likely to get banned.. it’s just how it is here

Yeah she is obsessed with Rody, we all know that.

No. 851172


Yeah, just ignore and move on, he claims that no only did she suck his dick, but did so while wearing her hijab. Just another attention seeking bullshitter.

He didn't post the video because it doesn't exist.

No. 851173

Ok fair enough if I get banned I get banned. I just kind of pop in. Regarding the thing about muslims. Some muslims are pretty superstitious. I’m not Muslim but like everyone else I have some friends. I actually came like a year after the hook up. She was missing for a few months but claimed she was in Japan. I knew this was a lie because someone told me about what happened she got stopped at the airport when she was flying out to Canada on her fight. At the time I thought this was because I reported her and some other guy for smoking weed in Japan. However it was due to the fake marriage. Basically she has to come to immigration court and state her case but she just took the flight home and hasn’t returned since.

When I told this on her. She proceeded to delete her entire channel (just the vids). Then people started asking me more about her I answered what I could we would just see each other when she lived with a friend of mine in near Tokiwadai station.

Anyways most of you seem like you know her better then me. We just kind of had a thing it was cool. Then she started fucking around with arabs from hello talk so I went to the police and said she was smoking weed with some guy. Doubt that’s what led to her deportation now that I look back on it.

But yeah she was really obsessed with that guy. Ask me anything about her I will answer to the best of my ability. You can see my previous answers from like 2-3 years ago I think.

No. 851174

She did wear that gold hijab. Just saying.

No. 851176

>Then she started fucking around with arabs from hello talk […]

What do you mean by this?

No. 851179

Someone told me she was meeting some Arabic guys on hellotalk app and seeing them.

No. 851180

Let’s just ignore that you had a thing, your info about her being called to immigration actually sounds legit. We believe she flew to Canada in 2017 to ‘get married’ to that ‘Saudi’ guy, around the same time she told KM to fuck off… would that be around the time she went missing?

It kind of makes perfect sense that she never went back after that, al baby hands has not been seen for a long time either!

No. 851183


Prove it.. Simple as that. Just a screen shot. (now we wait for the endless "Guis, I really do have proof, but I can't show it to you. Same bullshit Miranda always did.)

And she banged me wearing the blue Hijab she had in the Canada video with that Jamaican chick. Yeah, you saw her wear a hijab in a video and make a bullshit claim.

Proof or GTFO

No. 851184

Yeah basically I came in like 2 years ago? When everyone was wondering where she went and since I said that she got deported. (Not really deported but she will have to face the immigration court and it probably won’t go well). People called bullshit but where is she? Of course she is not in Japan because I’m right.

You are right but this was some years ago so even if I wanted to post it would be on the iPhone 6 I have laying around somewhere. Feel free to ask me anything though and no I didn’t know her like “that”. I didn’t know about the Norway guy. I only kind of knew about the Muslim guy because she would talk about how he had a gf and they couldn’t be friends or some shit.

No. 851185

>didn’t post the vid of her sucking my dick. Plus I’m married with kids now so I rather not have that drama

Also, calling bullshit on this excuse. It's an anonymous image board. Post a screen shot that can prove what you say, you can blur/crop your face out.

Before you can claim "My wife would still know it's me" bullshit. Why would you still have a video of some chick blowing you from years ago if you a married and moved on and "don't want that kind of drama". A sensible (and truth telling) person would have most likely deleted it when they became committed to the new relationship, most certainly after marriage and definitely after kids.

So, you are almost certainly as full of shit now as you were then.

No. 851188

> just tell me who you are
> so what you got it completely right that she got deported and as soon as you said it she deleted her YouTube videos your still lying
>so what you know where she lived and exactly what her room looked like everyone knows that!

Uh-huh. Anyways I did move on. Like I said I just pop in and everyone has an old phone laying around. I just like to see a train wreck I found her by looking into a completely different lol of I didn’t even know she had all this shit going on. If you want to ask something then ask but give me where credit is due.

No. 851189

>If you want to ask something then ask but give me where credit is due.

When you give us something that you can get credit for, I will be happy to do so. Just your "word" is worthless.

You don't have to tell us who you are. Post a screen shot of said video and crop yourself out. Simple as that.

The rest of your attempt at sarcasm fails because you didn't get anything "completely right" that others hadn't already said long before you showed up and most did know where she lived and what her room looked like. She filmed in it for fucks sake.

Everything you have said including your pathetic excuse are about as believable as Miranda's "invisible furniture" story with the immigration people.

I'll say the same she I used to always say to Miranda here and on Youtube and twitter. If you are going to hand people bullshit, at least make it plausible.

No. 851191

So her deleting all those vids when I was in the thread was a coincidence? Ok. I guess I’ll just lurk

No. 851194

More believable that is was coincidence than your bullshit with no proof.

You are using the almost exact same excuse that Miranda did back with the Rachel and Jun shit. She actually said "I have proof that would completely prove my side but if I showed it to anyone, I would have to kill myself"

I do appreciate your responses though. They show exactly how full of shit you are.

Screenshot or GTFO.

No. 851196

We don’t see that correlation, it doesn’t make sense. Her deleting videos didn’t seem like a reaction to you posting about your hookup here.
Why would she delete her videos because of you? Were you in one of them?

Also were you friends with Tkyosam? Im trying to think who she was actually friends with back then.. I thought she lived with him so that’s how you might have met.

No. 851197

>I thought she lived with him

Not the bullshitter anon, but yes, she did live with Tkyosam for a while.

No. 851199

If you go a few threads back you can see one where she freaked out after I posted I knew her and that we would hang out. She leads her Twitter private and deleted her YouTube vids. I’m not in her videos I think. She is just a little embarrassed I think about the situation. Like it’s not even that serious it’s been like 5 years who gives a fuck Mira so you got fucked. Calm down lol

No. 851200

Yeah in the second floor there were two rooms one was tatami the other wasn’t and had no air conditioning. She stayed in that one running a fan all day and night

No. 851201


Which makes absolutely zero sense if you were not in them, plus you conveniently leave out the fact that she was talking about removing any video with here face uncovered long before you posted.

Which was all already known.

No. 851204

>Yeah in the second floor there were two rooms one was tatami the other wasn’t and had no air conditioning. She stayed in that one running a fan all day and night

So you are confirming that you are a friend of Tkyosam?

No. 851246

am Canada anon, she's full of shit
no one is being blocked from going to the grocery store, some provinces are banning unvaccinated people from NONESSENTIAL businesses only like gyms and movie theatres
and even if they were, delivery exists

No. 851249

(tinfoil) it could be a Tkyosam sock. The whole blowjob with Niqab on sounds like something Tkyosam would fantasize about while paddling his pub when Miranda was living there. Has a similar vernacular to Tkyosam as well.

Victor (gimmeabreakman) has posted in the past about Sam being a near pathological liar. Even so far as lying about things that happened to people that were actually there when it happened.

Again, just tinfoil, but not out of the realm of possibility. And definitely more plausible than anything bullshitter anon has said.

No. 851251


On this it starts at 10:49 - 13:00
Then 15:36 - 17:00

At 18:00 Sam photoshopping other YouTubers on to porn.

No. 851252

And pretty much all of part 2.

Lied about buying a house, made up some shit about a journalist banging his assistants, one of whom Victor knew and told her about it.

Very similar to things Bullshitter anon is saying. And unlike Bullshitter anon, I can back my claims up with proof.

No. 851258

I don’t she was talking about removing all those videos at the time. Though I don’t fallow her like you guys do.

I’ve been to his house a few times

What tkyo has going on is none of my business his a big boy

No. 851259

If I’m bullshitting then why don’t you just go to the original thread I posted in. I think like 3 threads back and see how Mira reacted.

No. 851315

I was there the first time. There was no reaction at all. Everyone in the thread called bullshit on you back then as well.

She had been talking about taking down the videos to edit any parts with her in them out. I think her original plan was to put them back after edit, but Miranda is on lazy fuck.

No. 851316

Is this your post? >>683671

All these I know Miranda posters seem to be friends of Sam

No. 851319


Your first post >>683493 Was in response to us saying she was already deported. So, you joined the conversation to try and claim something we already new.

Then you tried to provide your "inside info" and the respones two years ago was very much the same:
>But we already knew she was living with Tkyosam and at a Share house..

Then bogus excuses of when you couldn't prove you knew her
>It doesn't even matter if that person proves their identity and relationship with Miranda. All the milk supplied have been lukewarm and just extensions of stuff we already knew about this cow

Then you up the ante with your bullshit video claim. And, again. The same response from us:
>Screenshot,or picture. You can blur, ms paint over yourself. The “I can’t show a pic because (insert excuse)”. Is just that. Lame excuse.
>Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Produce evidence or fuck off.

So, everything you're saying now is a rehash of your same bullshit from two years ago. No one believed you then, no one believes you now.

So much so, you even got a temp ban for it.

No. 851320

>All these I know Miranda posters seem to be friends of Sam

It is kind of interesting how all the liars seem to find each other Sam, Miranda, Bullshit Anon (assuming he's not Sam)

No. 851345

Who was she even still trying to fool with her "living in Japan on PR" anyway. She lost almost all her fans when her wild Muslim phase started. All of that make-believe just to impress her haterz and fool the "stokers"? Obviously she also wanted Rhodi senpai to get all jealous for him letting her get away and find a true Muslim husband, but she cannot honestly have believed that he still followed any of her online moves after continuing to block her and reject any contact for YEARS.

No. 851353

You cherry picked those comments. To be fair though I was being a dick so I got banned. So if I drop proof what would you do then? Just curious(post proof or gtfo)

No. 851355


If you drop actual proof. (Trying to claim she shut down her Youtube because of you is not proof of anything. Apart from showing that you made the claim before. Proof has to be pretty solid)

If you drop actual proof (i.e. Screenshots of the supposed video, pics etc.) I would say thank you and admit you were telling the truth

No. 851356

I have no idea why we're giving any of this old, curdled milk here any oxygen in the room. Put up the screenshots or GTFO.

No. 851361


If he can actually back up his story with the screenshots, it would be pretty awesome. But the only reason for not posting them is that they don't exist which is the theory I'm sticking with. I would love to be proved wrong, but I would also like to win the lottery. I think there's about an equal chance of either happening.

He really doesn't seem to grasp the concept that saying something happened is not proof of anything.

No. 851364

If his story checks out, the only reason why he’s not sharing is because he is friends with Sam or doesn’t want to throw another friend under the bus. But alas it probably is bs.

It’s a shame cause I would love it to be true. Miranda can’t back out of that with ‘it was pre Islam’.

No. 851411

Bingo. I’m a little paranoid someone else might say something also. It’s not a secret we went out a bit. So far I think? I wasn’t mentioned by anyone yet at least for sure not in here.

No. 851426


This loser is never going come out with anything (real or fake). If the farmhands could just go ahead and ban his bullshit, that’ll be great..

No. 851498

I’m the loser? You guys literally memorized everything about some jvlogger has been. I was banging her and didn’t know 90% of shit you guys knew. Just saying anyways it’s not that serious calm down.

No. 851500

File: 1630495768781.png (Spoiler Image,766.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-01-12-35…)

Why don't you start sharing dm's you had with her or anything proving you had any contact at all? All you do is wasting space in the thread, so post screenshots or pictures with the timeline of when it went on if you want to be relevant, like in this screenshot was the guy you that went with her?

No. 851501

>I’m the loser? You guys literally memorized everything about some jvlogger has been. I was banging her and didn’t know 90% of shit you guys knew. Just saying anyways it’s not that serious calm down.

Yet you are here. Desperately trying to get our attention with you fantasy bullshit. And not only that, you did it 2 years ago, got nowhere with it. So you came back to try again.

No. 851502

You’re gonna have to find a way to show us or feel the wrath of pics or gtfo lol.

Like anon above suggested, if you’ve got any old messages you could show, even if you hide every word of what you’re saying to protect your identity? There’s no way anyone would know, Miranda wouldn’t have those old messages either cause she deleted her Facebook.

We really want to believe you, but you’ve gotta prove it. You have no idea how much this would tarnish her pretend squeaky clean I don’t sin facade. The amount of times she went on about how dating is a sin, being out with men, working with men etc.
You can find a way!

No. 851503

>You can find a way!

That's the thing. He could find a way, if they actually existed. They don't. Just an attention seeking loser.

No. 851525

>I was banging her and didn’t know 90% of shit you guys knew

Man, imaging being so pathetic that you have to make up stories about having sex with someone and the person you choose to make that up about is Miranda. First, that is not the flex you think it is (especially having seen pics of her previous boyfriends/husbands..)

Then you come to an anonymous group 3 times over 2 years to try and get them to believe you. It's that important to you, to hang out and earnestly try to convince them. That's super pathetic.

No. 851704

File: 1630603830819.jpg (303.92 KB, 1207x1241, deport.jpg)

She finally got her deportation cover story

No. 851706

Hi mark tkyosams friend who bragged about wanting to bang her in a podcast and cried about her rejecting you. Too much PTSD from being in jail? You didn’t provide proof last time and you won’t this time because it never happened. GTFO

No. 851708

Same fag

Gaiz my iPhone6 is long gone I can’t produce the poon video. If you are not mark you are the Norwegian himself trying to give us your fan fiction fantasy of you banging her while you cucking for her banging bunch of Arab dudes. Nobody mentioned the Norwegian. GTFO

No. 851731


Oh, that Marc Cavazos dude that tried to have someone mail him some meth, or something like that? That figures.

No. 851777

File: 1630627037585.jpeg (184.73 KB, 750x508, 7B95BC6D-7F4D-4ABE-BE96-053492…)

Miranda is a true narcissist, you’d think she would show more compassion for her fellow muslims trying to flee Afghanistan.. you know, ACTUAL refugees.
Interesting she deleted any reference to K3 youtube though

No. 851780

File: 1630627140084.jpeg (402.93 KB, 750x1255, F6B057F8-9F9B-4058-99C1-ED9368…)

These are her current stories. What the fuck does not wanting a vaccine have to do with uploading videos to a YouTube channel. 20 days to what? Miranda you are utterly ridiculous, get a fucking grip.

No. 851834

Maybe she's going to jail, that's why she keeps saying she will disappear

No. 851843

She thinks the government is going to put her in a camp for the unvaccinated

She's truly lost it

No. 851850


Like anon above said, she really thinks they're going to put unvaccinated in camps, New World order, Great reset shit..

>20 days to what?

Maybe she's going to go suicide bomber.

No. 851851

Sage for conspiracy but does she have any qanon believes or just fake Muslim insanity? Qanon people always got new dates of deadlines or something world ending, maybe she's talking about that.

No. 851853

Unvaccinated people aren't allowed in non-essential businesses starting September 22nd in Ontario. That's what she meant by 20 days. She somehow seems to think her freedoms are being taken away

Keep in mind that unvaccinated peoples can still go to grocery stores, hair and nail salons, banks, retail shopping, patios, places of worship, voting, etc.

Miranda discovered the PPC (People's Party of Canada) which is a far right wing political party. She's setting up her next phase as a white nationalist

No. 851854

File: 1630672592256.jpg (128.7 KB, 1199x555, batshit.jpg)

>Unvaccinated people aren't allowed in non-essential businesses starting September 22nd in Ontario. That's what she meant by 20 days. She somehow seems to think her freedoms are being taken away

See pic. She's batshit crazy. I thought she was an idiot back in the day (Rachel and Jun, Sharla thing) but if you would have told me this is where she'd end up, I don't think I would have believed it..

No. 851855

File: 1630673018693.jpg (136.32 KB, 1191x785, nwo.jpg)

>Sage for conspiracy but does she have any qanon believe

She does have some. The pandemic is a Bill Gates plot for a "global digital ID" etc.

No. 851856

I think she definitely believes some of what Q do, she’s definitely gone past the point of reality anyway.
I wonder if she will ever return to being a normal person!

No. 851914

I thought so,this is all so interesting…I can't believe this is where she's at now kek it's funny but also kinda depressing.

No. 851951

Buddy hasn't been back to demand attention and praise since you dropped Marc's name. It's possible that Marc was the one who hooked up with Miranda

No. 851977

He didn’t hook up with her. He cried about not being able to in an hour long live stream podcast. He cried about how she told Sam that he was harassing her and to stay away.

No. 851983


Which explains his weird fantasies. Jeez, imagine being so pathetic that Miranda shoots you down. Especially after having seeing the dregs that she did hook up with. To think, you are lowere than Swedish boy (not KM).

No. 852165

File: 1631004088953.jpg (441.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-09-07-04-41-12…)

She got divorced. Surprise.

No. 852171

Oh, why could that be?
Because he recently signed some COVID-related piece of paper that she didn't like?
Because he does not exist and she finally had to think of a reason for not mentioning that phantom husband anymore?
Or did Allah just send her the wrong guy to marry who would lose his iman? (in her "SAUDI HUSBAND FAQ" she was convinced that Allah sent her that guy…). Whoops!

No. 852172


Or they were broke and he asked her lazy ass to get a job.

No. 852176

File: 1631016991797.jpg (178.13 KB, 1187x924, Untitled.jpg)


Also shows it was never a "real" (as in legally binding) marriage. It would have to go through all the channels and you know she wouldn't be able to resist bitching about it.

And she mentioned her husband in the last couple of weeks. So, she was lying about still being married (most likely, knowing Miranda.) Or she just got dumped recently.

No. 852180

does Allah approve of divorce? What does the religion thinks about divorced women?

No. 852183

I guess Miranda couldn't care less about what Islam things of her divorce since she thinks she is holier than other muslims.
When she divorces: "Meh, Allah gives and takes anytime."
When other muslim women divorce: "It's because they have lived in sin!"
(IF the divorce happened at all, because - you know - for a divorce you need a living, breathing, existing spouse)

No. 852185

My islam knowledge isn't that great, but I thought that it was the imam who was the only one able to grant a divorce to couples?

No. 852187

File: 1631027726082.jpg (134.13 KB, 720x1065, 622491111226.jpg)

Don't forget about the hat3rz

No. 852191

she’s saying he lost his iman (faith), not that he lost his imam (cleric)

No. 852194

Assuming he did exist, there were multiple hints that the guy was never really a hardcore Islamist at all and she was the one always pushing extreme ideology. She mentioned that he complained about her wasting time arguing with people online and that he would be off playing video games instead or not interested in translating something for her again. His English may have gotten better in Canada and he became even more aware of how nuts she was.

Seeing how she is trying so hard to come off as unbothered and glad to be rid of him, I’m sure it was actually he or his family that let her know they were done with her. Her online behavior alone must have mortified the whole family. I wonder if he was aware she had be lying about being in Japan the whole time.

No. 852198

Interesting that she doesn't mention what kind of divorce she got. There are three types of "religious divorce" in Islam. Two of which ( talaq al-ahsan and talaq al-hasan) require three months to be considered "valid".

So, again, if true that she was married (even if not a valid "legal" marriage, but a religious one) He would have had to have bailed on her 3 months ago.

The last (Talaq al-bid'ah) while legally valid is disapproved of. (Muhammad is said to have disapproved of it himself)

No. 852199

she only recently admitted that she lived in Canada, after years of pretending she was still in Japan
pretending her marriage was going fine for the three months or longer of a divorce process would just be her usual nonsense

No. 852202

Admitting she is living in Canada and that she’s divorced in the space of a week! Oof I wonder what’s going on, there must be an ulterior motive - it’s Miranda

I don’t believe they were together for very long even if at all, his family were probably ashamed of her.

No. 852221


Very good point,

No. 852233

Wow, she finally admitted the truth about living in Canada and her "marriage".

Do you guys think she is coming to the end of her ISIS phase? Or needs to burn out further before completely switching to something new? Her recent tweets seem to be focused on anti-vax topics rather than islam…

No. 852256

I think there is something motivating her to do that. Maybe the husband or her family threatened to out her for misrepresenting herself online? No way that she initiated divorce all on her own just because she declared her husband to be weak in faith. Don’t you all think that, considering Islamic gender roles, that she took a very masculine and authoritarian approach? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that accusing another Muslim of having no iman/not enough iman aid against Islam.

No. 852270

I quote Wikipedia (article "Takfiri"):
"In principle, in mainstream Sunni Islam, the only group authorised to declare a Muslim a kafir (unbeliever) is the ulama, and this is only done if all the prescribed legal precautions have been taken. An ill-founded takfir accusation was a major forbidden act (haram) in Islamic jurisprudence."

So yes: it is basically haram.
Miranda commits it regularly.
And I love how she wants Allah to fix HIS life, not hers.

No. 852293

Ahahaha even though she has become irrelevant even as a cow and no one really believed that she was married and still living in Japan, it's a nice haram sip of milk that she finally admits it. So no life in glorious nihon, no husbando of any kind and most likely no job - she really has been living in her parents canadian trailer park basement all this time?

Assuming this invalid husband existed in some sorts of way: she has been going on a lot about how making women work is oppression and that a good muslim husband has to provide financially for his wife no matter what - maybe the guy finally got tired of taking care of her.

No surprise though that no guy is muslim enough to satisfy the radical expectations she's been spewing out all those years.She might wanna start looking among ISIS members.

No. 852294

So who is gonna get custody for their 10 imaginary children

No. 852360

Kek I lold

Absolutely I bet the divorce was over you will provide for me (i.e pay my debt lol).
I wonder when she will lose her iman and start being a Christian like her mom?

No. 852371

honestly that could be an incredible grift opportunity for someone less of a mess than Miranda

No. 852424

3x divorced, failed weeb youtuber, got kicked out of Japan and lost her nihon him body shape on the way out. Sharla, Rodi Rachel and all the haters must be so jealous, right Miranda?

No. 852432

So what did she do with her animals? Kitaca and the bunny? She's been in Canada for some time now, those animals are long gone

No. 852494

I’ve got a hunch she was already in Canada when she photographed the bunny, according to bs blowjob guy she disappeared in 2017 which is probably legit.

No. 852498

Well I mean she hasn’t posted a video in Japan since then? Right? Though again I don’t follow her like that

No. 852503

Wasn’t she living in a share house before she left, the one that she swore was a “dream house” she bought by herself? I don’t think the animals belonged to her in the first place.

I’ve noticed she’s been following a lot of American conservatives and trying to have a say in American politics recently. Is this her next target? Find an American guy to marry and participate in the next Capitol Hill riot?

Don’t forget to sage, pal.

No. 852536

> I’ve noticed she’s been following a lot of American conservatives and trying to have a say in American politics

Yeah, she’s trying anything. She said she wanted to immigrate to Texas due to their retarded vaccination stance and their anti-abortion bill.

I would love watching a full abaya wearing retard like her go to Texas. The train wreck would be an amazing thing to watch.

No. 852555

File: 1631291182166.jpg (206.33 KB, 1195x1189, amish.jpg)

Maybe she's planning on going Amish next..

No. 852587

Nah, she literally can't stay away from internet

No. 852676

I smell a new account being made so she can ditch her isis one. Wonder how long it’ll take for someone to find it?

No. 852770

How many years has she been ranting about how the evils of social media and the Internet, yet never logs off? Just like ranting about what makes a good wife, but divorcing 3 times. Saying women should be baby machines, but she never even had one kid after all this time.

No. 852794

she's running away from the internet, by logging onto her social media every day. this has to be the least self aware person on the planet.

No. 852889

Randa never seemed like the careful type sexually speaking, maybe she can't have kids & that's part of her Saudi housewife fantasy projection? I feel like with all the white whores having hafu babies to stay in Japan during her time there her dumb ass would've done it too for an easy ride.

No. 853012

File: 1631698575923.jpg (204.17 KB, 904x873, noafghanistan.jpg)

Miranda finally states why Afghanistan is not her new Muslim dreamland.
Apparently, China has spoilt things for her again.
And I thought the Taliban are not extreme enough for her (which still could be the case, though).

No. 853018

not her implying that you need a vaccine passport to whine on the internet

No. 853053

"It will be the last message"?
Come on now, we all know that she is addicted to using twitter.

No. 853082

Yes, she is.
She NEEDS an online tool for spewing out hate.

No. 853128

Gosh, this makes me so mad. Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, literally taking people's, especially women's, rights and freedoms, and this semi-illiterate, ugly, good for nothing cow, is complaining about a vaccine that is offered for free by the government. "Draconian measures"… Miranda deserves everything bad that happens to her!

No. 853295

Me too, but it's kind of a fun angry, you know? Like here's this girl whose entire identity is built on taking the worst position she possibly can on every single socio-political issue, burning anyone who's desperate enough to try to be friends with her. She reliably scams her simps and betrays her friends. She sought out the most brutal and shallow form of Islam she could possibly find, Salafism, to impress a guy she thought would like it because he's half-Pakistani (lol). She loves Saudi Arabia, but is upset that they don't abuse human rights enough for her. To just be more controversial and bigoted toward gays and women, she simps for the most incompetent American president of the last 150 years, even though he literally wanted to kick Muslims out. She hates everything. She hates music, exercise, career ambitions, women, dancing, and any country her religious leaders tell her to hate. One of the most hilariously repulsive things about her is that she can't make the distinction between countries and their people - she's critical of the human rights abuses of India and China, so she's racist against Indians and Chinese people (despite India having a higher number of Muslims than most other countries on Earth). She also hates the French, the Swedes, Iranians, and many others.
It's fucking hilarious. I get tired of any other cow pretty quickly, but I never get tired of Mira. She's amazing and inventive with how hilariously awful she chooses to be about everything.

No. 853513

I’m wondering how she’s going to segue into her qanon phase without alienating her Muslim fans.

That lot really don’t like Muslims so I suppose she’ll just use it to fuel her victim complex.

No. 853664

File: 1632152312605.png (345.49 KB, 1195x1450, ha.png)

A new transition to another personality might be coming. She privated her twitter again for the 10000th time. Let's see if it last more than a week.

No. 853789

saged: Would be fun to have her start a new phase finally, the fake Muslim and husband story got stale a long time ago, but honestly it is unlikely she can re-invent herself again at this point. She is 31 and still has no real working skills and therefore probably no money and her physical appearance finally went down the drain. No more visa husbands that she can pay or seduce, no country she can afford to move to in order to take on a new identity (or'ethnicity').

No. 853798


No, she could still go "traditional wife" bullshit right-wing nutjob. She's halfway there already. Saying shit like there's going to be concentration camps for the unvaxxed and shit.

No. 853805

File: 1632227374187.jpg (199.51 KB, 720x702, 47q8264848163858y.jpg)

Her Twitter location is now 'somewhere safe' … so Canada?

No. 853812

Pretty much. I can imagine she just locked herself in her room in her mom's house, refuses to leave it and calls it "somewhere safe". ISIS Otaku Miranda.

No. 853843

“I used to be Muslim but then I realized that Christianity rules and Islam drools” is a fantastic grifting opportunity in right-wing circles, but Miranda is too stupid to take advantage of it

No. 853847

Got a feeling the fact she likened Canada to North Korea (what it previously said) might have something to do with why she changed that.

No. 853987

Maybe not big milky changes like in the past but she is heading down the conspiracy white trash road - if she ditches the muslim veil she can still secure some like-minded trash, those guys won't mind her being fat and having a crooked face, au contraire.

No. 854383

File: 1632571682358.jpg (110.1 KB, 720x860, 592716483819276.jpg)

Back to pretending she's in Japan, boring. Miranda we know you can't leave Canada because you're broke and no one wants you

No. 854394

Also she has made clear so often that she's absolutely unwilling to cooperate considering the safety precautions because of the pandemic. Like - you know - being vaccined. She just could not travel to Asia.

No. 854395

Not to mention she 'divorced' her husband and has no mahram to travel with.

Super pious Mira either doesn't believe in what she spews or she's already on to husband number #5? #6? I've lost count

No. 854399

Interesting how she says Asia and not Japan. I wonder if she's set her sights on moving to another Asian country since Japan is now not an option.
Korea, maybe?

No. 854425

Miranda’s so fucking boring these days. I wish we could cut off her access to the internet and read about her in the papers later losing her mind from the lack of validation and commuting domestic terrorism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 854438

Indonesia and Malaysia are both muslim-majority countries, but would they or any other country even let her in? She offers zero value, not even intangible value.

No. 854501

Her stupid ass is staying Canada. Malay and indo aren’t edgy or cool enough for her. .

We don’t have to speculate about every pathological lie when it’s obvious.

No. 854516

File: 1632653159004.jpeg (414.44 KB, 2048x2048, 81633CE5-B19C-442C-8CFF-2884F0…)

I don’t get why she would put that in her bio as if people won’t forget she said she is stuck in Canada with no way out.
Having a meltdown and saying this will be the last message isn’t going to make people think you’ve moved to Asia, Canada won’t let you travel without a vaccine. Which either means you’re lying about being anti vax so you can travel, or you’re lying about being in Asia.
Lying is a sin Miranda, I thought you of all people would know that.

No. 854603

> raised in Japan
I don’t know whether this is a lie or her usual misunderstanding of words, kek

No. 854967

She’s deliberately trying to mislead her Muslim followers so she seems more interesting rather than admitting she was already a full-grown married adult who failed to succeed as a YouTuber in Japan and hopped visa to visa.
“Raised in Japan”… she’s so unbelievably ridiculous. She had a Japanese family for a whole two months.

No. 855010

File: 1633004113060.jpeg (240.83 KB, 750x1260, CE1A3A3E-7B49-4003-B06E-0502CE…)

Back to posting cryptic stuff on an account that she hasn’t made public for that sweet sweet attention.
I’m guessing she must be in a sauna wearing her niqab and abaya, cos y’know muh modesty /s
No one cares Miranda why don’t you just stick to your isis Twitter

No. 855449

File: 1633347266668.jpeg (143.8 KB, 750x431, 3C9C53EC-94B7-489B-9491-6BCBF3…)

Sorry for double posting but I had to share this. Why lie about not being in Canada? I just don’t get it, it’s unbelievably pathetic.
I knew her insta story was cryptic

No. 855504

>>855449 Will somebody please tell her - AGAIN - that telling lies is a big no-no in Islam?

I quote the Prophet himself: "Do not ever lie, because lying leads to very abhorrent sins, and those in turn lead to Hellfire. One keeps on lying and seeks to do that until one is recorded as a liar in some books of Allāh."

So I guess Miranda is recorded as a liar in ALL of his books. Maybe that's why she keeps lying. He wants his attention that way.

No. 855605

File: 1633539120785.jpg (247.59 KB, 720x815, 12917764483538.jpg)

Canada is still allowing unvaccinated individuals on planes, it's possible Miranda left Canada, but with who? To do what? Does she already have husbando #6 lined up or is she in this new Asian country to find him?

What Visa is she staying there on? With who's money? If it's a visitor's visa, she'll be back in Canada in the next 3-6 months depending on the Country's relationship with Canada

No. 855607

If I had to bet on it, my money would be on her having crossed the border into the United States. Where she'd be staying exactly, though, is a tough call. Who the hell knows what she's thinking?

No. 855651

why is she still writing in fake-English as a Foreign Language? for some reason this infuriates me more than any of her other cosplay

No. 855690

She hasn't gone anywhere. She still in her mom's basement in Canada..

No. 855730

Still can’t believe she turned into a n antivaxx racist ISIS simp just because Rody rejected her.

No. 855757

Yeah she’s pretending to be in Asia somewhere as if everyone on the internet will believe her.
I was going to speculate but I don’t want to entertain her, we all know she’s lying

No. 855758

>alt-right, homophobic, antisemitic.

I don't see any problem there. Right wingers aren't degenerates like the leftards.

No. 855759


Where's the bad thing in being anti-vax? If you want to get sick or commit suicide, doing it withouth involving the rest of society in your crazyness.

No. 855762

Both sides of the extreme are equally as bad, being in the middle isn’t being a leftard.
Ok boomer. I’m not going to hi cow you but your grammar is familiar.

No. 855767


Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, honey. Do the world a favor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 855769

Just goes to show that as a broken clock is right twice a day, so is Miranda right about some things now and then.

No. 856099

I wonder how she is making a living nowadays. Despite all her babbling about how haram it is for women to work and that her poor husband is/was supposed to support her lazy ass, she must have been doing something, especially now that he is out of the picture. Or are her parents really daft enough to finance her ISIS basement lifestyle.

No. 856169

Mooching off of her mom and step dad.

No. 856420

As much as I am not buying that she’s in Asia somewhere, she hasn’t posted on her Twitter for a whole week.
I’m not sure she could do that for any reason than she actually can’t log on. Here’s hoping hubby #5 (is it 5 now?) is making her do housework and doesn’t approve of her being on Twitter all day.

No. 856468

File: 1634234339242.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1046x1941, F47F49B9-BF84-4E54-8B16-E76DFF…)

Samefag but only a few hours of me posting about hubby #5 look what she posts to her insta.
She is laughable

No. 856644

she wants a wife now?

No. 856690


Either that or trying to pull her younger brother into her death cult

No. 856693

File: 1634414746153.jpeg (699.74 KB, 1170x1670, C826EF4F-376B-4C33-B2F5-A4C11E…)

Hahahaha omg this is comedy gold. Someone actually replied to her story wanting to know more about the man and miranda called her a feminist for wanting a marriage that’s 50/50. Why she felt the need to post it is bizarre..

No. 856852

The last photo actually does make a good point.

No. 856855

necrobait is the worst kind of bait
and if you’re saying men can’t be taught not to rape, you clearly hate men

No. 856859

You already hate men if you have this pre conceived notion that men are inherently rapists therefore they need to be taught "not to"
There's nothing wrong with teaching people to be careful of their surroundings.

No. 856894

Miranda will never make a good point.

No. 856917

File: 1634568545370.jpeg (685.91 KB, 1170x987, AD5B6CFE-5277-41E1-AA77-49FBCB…)

Anyone else getting extremism vibes from her? Monetisation issue is probably because of your far right views…
I mean it’s all bullshit anyway, but who’s we? Her and her cult of wahab?

No. 856919

>we have a short male, 29
Kek, sounds like someone describing an animal for breeding.

No. 856920

File: 1634568859005.jpeg (322.24 KB, 1170x1580, FF675584-E20B-4A62-80B0-D757E6…)

Sorry I forgot to post this pic too, she’s hidden all her vids.
I really don’t want to pander to her but either she’s got a new hubby who doesn’t approve of her preaching online or she’s in trouble for saying something she shouldn’t have

No. 856921

>we have a short male
Lmfao what the fuck

No. 856923

Is Miranda's next gig some fucked up human trafficking?

No. 856930

world’s lowest effort matchmaker
love this turn in the saga

No. 857259

i had a tinfoil this intellectually challenged hoe had long given up on being the "pious muslima" IRL, mainly because it didn't enable her to find an oil rich Arab husband and sit at home doing nothing like she thought she would, but was keeping up the LARP online because it got her validation and attention. seeing her take her youtube private and try to pawn off her midget husband is making me tinfoil harder now kek.

No. 858049

File: 1635418524936.jpeg (302.12 KB, 1170x1059, DAF0870E-2BE2-4488-83D9-7248FD…)

This isn’t really milk but looking at her k3 YouTube stats she’s losing more subscribers than usual. She’s been at 200k for years despite her shit content and I always wondered why - was she buying subscribers? She’s now deleted all her Saudi husband content.
She hasn’t been on Twitter since the 7th October either, and her isis channel is nuked still.
Is hubby #5 is keeping her in check? Did she receive a cease and desist? Is there another channel/Twitter account we don’t know about?

No. 858468

Based anon. Can't wait for these vaccinated guinea pigs who have sterilized their offspring to slowly die off. Mark Zuckerberg was right in calling you dumb fucks. You vaccine worshipers have such worthless lives that you are willingly to sacrifice yourselves for the ideology of your elite daddys. Dumb fucks.(unsaged derailing)

No. 858470

Mass immigration is destructive to a country? Lol, say that to Israel. They know how to unite based on religion, but Muslims, nah, they are too infested with the nationalistic ideology brought upon by the British dividers that carved up the Middle East.

The Saudi nationalists you see in that tweet are nation-worshippers. You can tell a lot about someone when they put more symbolism about their nation than their religion on their socials. Of course they are going to get pissed when someone suggests seamless immigration into Saudi Arabia for Muslims the same way the Israel allows seamless immigration for Jews. The Saudi nationalists don't like talking about how the Islamic nations of the past were federated together with Media as the capital. Tribalistic dumb fucks they are.

No. 858484

Go find a letter to obsess over you tinfoil wearing fuck

No. 858508

Miranda, it is haram to swear like that and to wish death to others.

No. 858970

File: 1636242710025.jpeg (321.35 KB, 1170x1104, 78529B2F-E156-42B4-8445-461C10…)

Replying to my own post but she’s now taken all her political crap off her bio and made it private.
Cease and desist or slowly ghosting alkanadiya for another account we haven’t found yet?
Her k3 Twitter is still private but doesn’t advertise her channel, neither does her k3 Instagram account.

No. 858985

is the muslima saga coming to an end, soon to be replaced by the q anon maga saga?

No. 859029


That’s what my money is on.

No. 859055

She’s still trying to find a wife for her friend, she’s posted blank stories with just audio on both Instagram accounts practically begging people to dm her.
I don’t know what she’s trying to achieve because we all know that anyone who tries to contact her will be blocked and ridiculed for simply asking if they are educated.
Maybe her absence from Twitter really is to do with her husband and his family, no one wants to be associated with that level of extremism.

No. 859237


I will date your friend if she:
* has a 6/10 face
* isn't fat
* doesn't do drugs
* is interested in art, literature, music, and travel
* isn't a Muslim or Christian (exception for Quakers, I guess)
* isn't politically right wing
* is kind

But then, you two might not have much in common lol

No. 859641

File: 1637108970628.jpeg (277.05 KB, 1332x971, 4099BB8B-5511-4CFB-A6B7-E8B9B3…)

Girl is too stupid to keep her lies together. She’s responding to some nutcase that says he’s taking his name off the Ontario organ donor registry auto protest fax mandates. So miss “eating watermelons in Asia” is desperately trying to figure out how to remove her name from it. Which would be irrelevant if she wasn’t in Canada.

No. 859697

still funny that she say "asia" and not her former love japan. But yes her lazy ass is so definitly in canada. She is not smart enough to see this small things.

No. 859698

this whole muslim phase starts getting boring, time for some new fresh milk. We see that she need a change too. As long she can feel surpreme over others it will fits her.

No. 859708

I’m surprised she wasn’t waiting for JFK jr to resurrect like the rest of those Q retards.

No. 859899

Be honest with yourself, anon. Miranda Ann Constable has no idea who or what a JFK Jr is.

No. 859911

What if Miranda got sick of people online making fun of her for living in Japan, so to fuck with them she pretended she was forgetting English and was turning Japanese.

Then, when she was sick of people being rude to her for being a hostess, she just randomly started to deny it, again, to fuck with people.

Then, out of spite for the jvlog community, she started saying ridiculous things about people who'd been condescending to her, like Rachel and Unrested.

Then, when right wing 4chan people started criticizing her, to fuck with them she decided to become a niqabi fundamentalist Muslim or whatever to drive them crazy. But to fuck with pedantic leftists, she played up the most misogynistic parts of fundamentalist Islam, and thought it'd be funny to be both a Muslim fundamentalist AND a Trumpist, to drive literally everybody crazy.

When she was broke she had to move back home, which people criticized her for. So, to fuck with them, she made up really silly stories about having a fat, lazy Saudi husband, and how she was totes still in Japan but couldn't prove it because YouTube videos are Haram or something. To drive everyone more crazy, she started acting like a comically authoritarian Muslim when talking about anything concerning Muslims or the Middle East. When the QAnon and antivax stuff got big, she saw it as a really easy way to rile people up even more. And, since every woman on the internet gets desperate simps, she decided to just use them for as much money as she could before burning them.

What if she's been laughing about all this the whole time.

No. 859913

If this isn't a joke, you need to touch grass.
Miranda is a F.A.S retard and we have recipts.

No. 859914


Anon, what if you mother didn’t huff gasoline when she was pregnant with you? What if?

No. 859955

No.. she is not a mastermind troll,… she is just a weakminded attention-seeking girl. Quite sad whats heappens to her.. even in her "good" times she was a waste of human material but at least she had a bit of fun in her life.

No. 859970


Yeah, join a cult to own the libz. That'll show em

No. 859987


Yes, Miranda engaged in a near 9 year long (closer to 12 if you include the "64 digits" forum stuff.) of "Joke on you, I was only pretending to be retarded."

Got news for you anon, anyone that "pretends" to be retarded for that long isn't pretending. They are retards.

No. 860243

File: 1637599719129.png (158.42 KB, 1187x1180, hahaha.png)

Holy Shit. Responding to an article in the New York Times about a place that is introducing healthy Sex Ed in Muslim countries.

Girls, if you use a "Dill Doe" you are training yourself for rape.

I honest haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

No. 860244

Lmao she is absolutely retarded, there is not a single brain cell in that woman’s head I swear.

I’ve never wanted to alog a person so much in my life. We get it randa, it’s haram and taboo to talk about sex in Islam. Also you’re never gonna have kids so shut the fuck up.

No. 860247

"Proper islamic sex Ed" in Miranda's mind must be forcing a premature little girl into having her wedding night with her horny older husband.

No. 860431

Wow, Miranda is just like Aunt Lydia in the Handmaid's Tale, Bev in Midnight Mass, or Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter. If she remains a Muslim or becomes just another right wing nut, she's playing a role so common it's a cliche - the self-righteous zealot, so driven by resentment, anger, and hatred that she makes her own life miserable, never pursuing happiness so she may feel superior to anyone who is happy, because a disgusting, delusional ideology assures her that her devotion makes her superior. If she ever gets a petty position of power in education, religion, government, health, or management, then she'll be able to inflict her misery and hatred on others.

No. 860459

Lotta left leaning fellas angry about this thot and her politics here

No. 860461

Ok, I’ll bite. How is using a “dill doe” trading for rape?

No. 860848

File: 1638409410187.png (51.8 KB, 614x318, スクリーンショット 2021-12-02 10.41.17.…)

Anyone want to guess where she is claiming to be now?

No. 860865

All the places with no/very little COVID have tourism bans, except for North Korea and Pitcairn Island.
Japan is top in the G7 for vax rates. Saudi is getting close to 70% vax. Emirates is around 80% fully vaxed. Pakistan and Bangladesh are doing badly on vax, maybe she’s larping being there?

No. 860878

Her mom's basement.

No. 860879

>hardly anyone's jabbed with mRNA jabs
mRNA is probably the key word here; which muslim-majority countries used mostly 'traditional' vaccines? She's way too soft for south asian and most central asian and middle eastern countries and none of the gulf or north african countries would take her so my guess is somewhere in SE Asia if she's not LARPing. Maybe somewhere like kazakhstan if she really pulled a wild card.

No. 860880

File: 1638427938500.png (394.96 KB, 622x650, スクリーンショット 2021-12-02 15.50.19.…)

Looking at her recent tweets, she seems to have turned against saudi arabia as being part of the new world order so definitely not saudi.

She knows that this message is written in the pakistani passport, so maybe pakistan?

No. 860900

I actually thought this a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to give her any attention by mentioning it.

I was trying to figure out the time zone from one of her insta stories that said dinner time, but she could have posted that at any time for the attention. (Like she always does) It was the lack of Twitter posts that made me think she might have actually gone somewhere.

She wants us to think she’s in south east Asia, but if she really did whore herself out for a new husband it’s likely she’s in Pakistan as their cases are pretty low.

She really does take LARPing to the next level doesn’t she?

No. 860905

I also guess her own room in her mother's house or something.
Might be a great opportunity for Miranda to turn her room into a new, fictional Muslim state, the ONLY TRUELY HALAL state in the world, in the middle of Canada ^^

No. 860906

She's in Canada pretending to be in some magical land where covid doesn't exist larping her Pakistani phase

No. 860907

I think if she were in any other country outside Canada, she'd waste no time declaring it to be the bestest place on the planet instead of acting all cagey.
She's not even trying.

No. 860916

kek the Islamic Republic of Mirandastan

No. 860917

I think in the past she would, but because she’s now totally irrelevant she gets more attention by being cryptic.

No. 860935

I'm completely torn. On one hand, it's Miranda and Miranda is a liar. Otoh, she's also obsessive and if she wanted to move to a Muslim country then she'd probably be able to get a visa to teach English in some far-flung region of Pakistan, and most of South Asia isn't really something you can use to show off how great you have it. On the other other hand, if she were in Pakistan or Bangladesh then she could actually make some youtube bux vlogging about her life because of how few westerners live there so it's weird that she wouldn't do it.

No. 860936

My current theory is that she met someone from Pakistan at her local Dollar Tree and asked them if she could take a pic of the cover page on their passport.

No. 860941

I'd bet real money she got that from google images while larp'n from mama's basement.

No. 860944

>My current theory is that she met someone from Pakistan at her local Dollar Tree and asked them if she could take a pic of the cover page on their passport

Come on people. Do a google image search for "pakistan passport israel" and see the first image that comes up. Not even the second or third image. The very first one.

She's in her mom's basement in Canada. Though, I admit, her use of a Pakistan passport image does bring it full circle as Rodi, whom she went Muslim to try and get some dick from, was Pakistani.

No. 860962

The question is why would Miranda even know about what's written in a pakistani passport? Unless she searched it out when she was in her Rodi phase…

No. 861050


Oh, she never left her Rodi phase. She can try and deny it all she wants, but she is still desperate for that dick.

No. 861114

Oh I totally agree. Can’t lose face, must be most Muslim, prove that normal person wrong, duck you rody - I am more pious than you, you don’t have iman


No. 861153

Looking at her tweets, she's been slowly moving away from "most pious muslim ever" to conspiracy theorist against the new world order, so let's see where this phase takes her…

No. 861186

File: 1638716105358.jpg (78.38 KB, 1080x485, Screenshot_20211204-160503_Chr…)

Meanwhile, she insults Hindus and "has morals".

No. 861189


She's been hating on Indians recently, so the pakistan theory starts to makes sense lol

No. 861193

Bitch isn't in Pakistan. She's in Canada pretending like she's waldo.

No. 861197

nobody thinks she’s actually in Pakistan, just that this is her newest LARP now that Saudi has pissed her off

No. 861199

No. 861209

No, she's on record for supporting death penalty in islam for "crimes" such as blasphemy…Wonder if she'd change her tune or double down after actually witnessing a public flogging/amputation/execution?

No. 861218

she’s a bloodthirsty ghoul, she’d love it

No. 861416

Awww. She’s taken her account private again for the 1000th time.

Hitting too close to home for her, I guess

No. 861449

She'll be back soon…who knows where she'll claim to be next time

No. 861498

I don’t know what’s all gone on - just came across this by accident. I used to love miras Japan content and wondered what happened to her .
It’s weird tho. Is she mentally ill? Sounds like she is out of touch with reality. Hopefully she is home with her family so they can keep an eye on her.
Love this thread - such a soap opera.(Namefag)

No. 861534

All I can say about Miranda is truth is definitely stranger than fiction…a Canadian wannabe emo punk rocker turned wannabe raver slut turned wannabe pure Japanese housewife/citizen turned wannabe pious muslim cleric turned wannabe patriotic saudi nationalist turned wannabe right-wing conspiracy theorist…who knows what her next phase will be

No. 861536


No. 861538

Oh yeah I remember when she had a Jamaican friend and she kept talking in patois for some reason lol
I've never seen a person who is as easily and completely influenced by people around her…

No. 861613

I'm predicting tradthot wignat (if you don't recognize those terms, then kudos to you). She's already a right wing conspiracy nut in her beliefs, but as long as she's still Muslim, she won't have gone all the way in that direction. She says racist stuff against Indians and Chinese people all the time, but last I checked, she still pretends to be against racism. I think there's a very good chance that at some point she's going to embrace her "European heritage," leave Islam, and probably become a fundamentalist Christian or a "volkisch" Neo-Pagan, complaining about the "anti-white" left. Then again, it seems like she's pretty comfortable being a Salafist.

No. 862016

She doesn’t like Indians because she worked part time at an Indian restaurant while living with tkyo

No. 862181

Miranda, I'm sorry for contributing to this hateful, petty website. It seems to me that you need to stop spouting hatred toward all the groups of people you've said bad things about, but writing about you on this hateful platform was never the right way, and I'm sorry for my foolishness. I hope you find a less judgmental expression of spirituality, open yourself to the world again, and make your way back to Japan if you still love it there. Good luck. If those guys gave you their money, please pay them back though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 862204

Anon what the fuck?

No. 862209

File: 1639789803676.png (106.7 KB, 251x201, 2DB7582F-E182-417C-AACC-32FEBD…)

No. 862474

File: 1640038299042.jpeg (258.6 KB, 1170x978, 178192AB-3B37-411A-9517-B3191C…)

Well well well, Miranda has deleted all of her K3 videos - this is kinda interesting.
She did this to her Alkanadiya channel a while ago, and her Twitter is still private.

It’s odd for her to be so quiet.. either she’s in trouble or she’s started a new alias that we haven’t found yet.
Anyone else got any ideas??

No. 862509

This is exciting. My money is on a full blown Muslim hating MAGAt

No. 862510


Same. But I would throw in Tradthot as well since her modus operandi has been to bag a husband so she doesn’t have to work. Failed twice in Japan and once in the Muslim phase. Moving on that’s all that’s left for her to continue being a layabout.

No. 862523

I have been thinking about it, maybe she had to get rid of all sources of income to be eligible for full welfare entitlement? (Anyone in Canada know about this stuff?)
That’s the only logical explanation I can think of

No. 862532

For full entitlement, sure, but if you make under a certain amount of money a month, OW (welfare in Ontario) will fill in the gaps so you can survive - but considering she isn't disabled (other than being retarded), doesn't have kids, lives with her parents, etc. they'll just tell her to get a job.

No. 862560

Oh look her Twitter is public again, probably had to show us she is still the most muslim of muslims.

She really has gone full conspiracy anti vax, it’s only a matter of time before she drops the niqab.

No. 862561

File: 1640189138967.jpeg (609.28 KB, 1170x1509, D6AE25A4-587E-43CE-BC45-CBFEC9…)

Would help if I posted the screenshot

No. 862564


She had it private for two weeks on the nose. She is so damn predictable.

No. 862973

File: 1640621314915.png (981.06 KB, 1186x1171, eviltree.png)

Surprising no one, Christmas is now "evil"

No. 862994

yeah, people definitely are going to take Bible advice from a cartoon in a niqab

No. 862998

She repeats herself every single year.

I think she should go outside and touch some grass.

No. 863082

That would probably be "sinful" under her twisted interpretation of Islam.

No. 863116


lmao ironic considering god/yahweh/allah's root god was the desert pagan sky god named "El". Akkadians/canaanites/Hittites all shared a similar pantheon and stories, hence other god names dropped in old test/torah/koran.

No. 863156

History nerd chiming in to set this shit straight:

The book of Jeremiah was written between 630 and 580 B.C. and is part of the Old Testament, predating Christianity and meant for the Jewish population.

"Christmas" is also mentioned nowhere in the New Testament, and not celebrated by literally anyone in it, even the disciples.

After 300 AD the ball began rolling in regards to the outlawing of Paganism in the Roman Empire. Constantine did not outright outlaw it, but with his rule, it was set into motion for later rulers to enact certain edicts and laws.

Also, don't get me started on the Church deliberately placing such holidays as Easter and Christmas on top of traditional Pagan holidays in attempt to squash them, and absorb/convert those believers. Going by biblical clues, Jesus was not born on December 25th, so it is not just some wacky coincidence that the Saturnalia festival falls nearly right on the date, and Yule runs through that date.

No. 863358

File: 1641054215469.jpg (55.7 KB, 1080x346, Screenshot_20220101-171706_Chr…)

What do you care? You are hiding in your Canadian basement anyway, Miss "in Asia eating XYZ".
And no, everything's not turning into Hitler's Germany because of the measures against COVID-19, as you like to stress out on Twitter.
If anything, you love dictatorships as long as they are radical muslim.

No. 863468

Even here in germany we dont do that, dispite the wacky misisnformation of some lost people…(wich are also manipilated by neonazis…)

No. 863471

But she really doesn't. A radical Muslim dictatorship would have killed her for not shutting the fuck up. She enjoys espousing garbage from the safety of her moms home in accepting liberal Canada.

Although I do see it says Asia and not Japan. Going to tinfoil Indonesia because of chip smasher ex husband. Just for keks though.

No. 864005

I hope that the pakistan theory is true…I think it would be hilarious for her to have married some random pakistani guy and be stuck living in a third-world country and eventually beg the Canadian government to let her back in Canada

No. 864267

I'm surprised this hateful goblin is still a thing. Guess she fully accepted she's ugly, fat and will never be a Japanese queen or A saudi wife. Why she's just so hateful. Though wonder what she'll do when her family is sick of having her in their basement. Sympathy can only go so far.
Her whole life plan seems to revolve around marriage and making the hubby fully support her doing nothing all day. But you have to be a trophy wife and be willing to have sex for that. No wonder she's so bitter

No. 864278

I honestly think she needs to figure out how to monetize her identity. If you're the best at something, you can turn it into a career. Miranda IS the best at something - she's constructed the most colorful, wild, diverse, intriguing, insane persona ever. She is a far right, conspiracy theorist, MAGA, niqabi Salafist, anti-feminist, anti-vax, weeaboo/otaku (though anti-anime), ex-punk, ex-raver, NEET, videographer/j-vlogger, egirl with simps, scammer. It's amazing. It's like if you took lots of crazy and objectionable things and stuck them all together. She's literally like an identity theme park. She should be pumping out video essay after video essay about all of these topics. I want stuff on Salafism, anti-infidel videos, videos about sharia, j-vlog drama videos, videos about her simps, videos about her rejection of rave/punk/otaku culture, videos about all the countries, cultures, religions, political ideologies and ethnicities that she hates, etc., etc., etc. She should have a Patreon with subscriber-exclusive Islamic lessons, vlogs, and political rants, she should have an etsy or something for crafts. She could literally turn herself into a little empire if she wanted. Sure, her fans would be like one third unstable people who take her seriously, and two thirds people who are just fascinated by how wild this all is, but omg, she has a gold egg right now and I worry that as time goes by, it may slip away.

No. 864337

She is obsessed with her privacy and "stockers"…while being addicted to tweeting nonstop about her life…Every so often she tweets something she later realizes she didn't want people to know, makes her account private for two weeks and comes back to do it all over again.

No. 864405

This would be great, but she has an IQ of drain sludge and I think she probably is a narcissist, as much as we speculate. She already thinks she’s the best kek

No. 864450

of course she is still a thing. she had her japanese visa, shitty gal related job, and gave it up to chase dick because she's nuts. she'll never grow up, never get anywhere, and marry literally anyone or move back home.

No. 864670

And she has taken her Twitter private again. She made it 2 weeks last time. Any bets on time frame this time? I'm sticking with two weeks, as that is her general pattern.

No. 864677

File: 1642451904473.jpg (155.36 KB, 586x394, CAIR.jpg)

Last time I checked, she was ranting in 2 tweets against this muslim organization from the USA that she considers way too liberal. Must be because they care about civil rights.

No. 864679

Monkey see, monkey do. CAIR is always a hot target for the trad muslim crowd.

No. 864683

why should she care what Muslims in the US do, seeing as she’s in Canada and pretending to be who knows where?

No. 864719

Yes. She should rather rant about Afghanistan "being friends with China" (as she once wrote) because it prevents her from moving to this country that would fit her standards.

No. 864794

yes but that needs constandly WORK and WORK is something that Miranda Ann Constable hates, more than infidels, stockers and beeing a normal person. I think she need the attention, I never get how she ruined her YT "carrier" so hard. There were others who also gain money with just beeing bad people. Maybe because she really do some crimes like visa fraud and scam, so she try to hide. Her muslim phase makes no sense anymore and I hope she change to something else more entertaining.

No. 865567

Only one week this time. That desperate attention whoring I withdrawal is happening faster and faster

No. 865872

File: 1643385501544.jpeg (167.36 KB, 750x939, 84005800-F3F7-4889-994E-EA4420…)

Kinda shows she’s still in Canada, as everyone well knew.

No. 866007

lol I just googled Jagmeet Singh's approval rating, and while there's nothing more recent than three months ago, literally every article that came up just talks about how Singh is the most trusted and liked party leader, despite the bigger parties leading.


Sorta seems like literally everything she says is the opposite of the truth.

No. 866008

His tweet that Miranda is responding to raises several serious red flags about him.
Try to keep in mind that just because Miranda might take a particular stance on an issue, it doesn't necessarily indicate that that viewpoint ought to be discredited.

No. 866013

It would've been better if he'd said something like "anti-vaxxers are retards," which would be unequivocally true. It's important that people be vaccinated to lessen the danger of further mutations, and to come as close to ending COVID as possible. But on the other hand, if it kills stupid right wing conspiracy theorists, then it's tempting to say it's doing some good.

No. 866051

I’m leaning as left as it goes and I am triple vaxxed. I got Covid twice after getting the second and third shot. We still have to get tests at work. It’s bs. She’s right and you don’t have to be an “Anti vaxxer” to think that. Miranda aside, far far far aside. The mandates need to end and the media is at war with the truth. Everyone I know who got the vaccine has had Covid. I even know people who’s family died and the doctor wanted them to sign and say they got Covid. Apparently the hospital gets funding from government to deal with the Covid disposals. That’s messed up and it’s not a conspiracy.

No. 866052


can someone translate? I can't even understand wtf she's trying to say, so I don't know how tf y'all are arguing about it

No. 866054

He is absolutely beloved by the under 40 crowd here. I'm not going to PL but I worked on an NDP MP's campaign & when Jagmeet would show up to events it was like the fucking Beatles showed up. Crowds went apeshit. Miranda, as always is a fucking retard with no social peer climate awareness.

No. 866061

doctors fill out death reports, there’s nothing for families to sign

No. 866068

>I got Covid twice after getting the second and third shot
>Everyone I know who got the vaccine has had Covid
The vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting it, it weakens the symptoms.

>I even know people who’s family died and the doctor wanted them to sign and say they got Covid

No. Maybe that's what they told you, but that's literally the opposite of the issue. My grandfather died of complications with COVID and something else, so the cause of death was NOT reported as COVID. It's for that very reason that COVID deaths are dramatically underreported. Your claim is absurd, their standards for reporting are typically pretty strict. Wanting these deaths to not be reported as COVID is like saying someone who had AIDS and died of pneumonia should be reported as dying of pneumonia, and not AIDS.

You fell for the conspiracy. Sorry, Hunny Bunny(covid derail)

No. 866175


Take your ranting about COVID to some liberal site…back to Miranda now

No. 866182

Thank you.

No. 866184

File: 1643719445462.jpg (122.04 KB, 1080x974, Dawahsareout.jpg)

Profile change again.
FYI: A Dawah is a call to Islam in this context.

No. 866189

..they are right though. Being liberal has nothing to do with that
Go back to Twitter

No. 866206

Sorry, what does she even mean? What is she trying to say?

No. 866209

I think she means she’s stopped evangelizing for Islam online.

No. 866214

90% of her posts are now about anti-Canada, anti-mandate policies in Canada, anti-Trudeau, anti-NWO topics…at least now she admits that she is still stuck in Canada and seems to be losing interest in islam

No. 866215

Move along now, back to Miranda

No. 866622

Ok sweaty, lick my asshole harder(infighting)

No. 866804


Wow, it took you a year to come back with that. Working those 2 brain cells in to overdrive

No. 866811

Let it go, back to Miranda(hi cow)

No. 866941

Are mods ESL, or illiterate?

No. 866951

Kek I was confused too

No. 867139

File: 1644522828554.jpg (239.83 KB, 1196x1294, na.jpg)

Solid proof. North American electrical outlet and plug.

(Admittedly, they do use 2 prong and three prong plugs similar to that in Japan, but you know damn well she isn't there after getting booted out.)

No. 867230

Not even she’s pretending to be there where we’re you. Her account says she’s in “Asia” and canada and she posted a plane picture of UAE on instagram. She has said she’s been in Canada for over a year now. So there’s no need to keep up the “solid proof she’s not in Japan”

No. 867246

File: 1644671107003.jpeg (110.11 KB, 600x450, download.jpeg)

sage for ot. Do you not have buttons with these switches? Do they just stay on at all times? Picrel is similar to what I have at home, we just turn the switch off when we aren't using it. That looks quite unusual

No. 867249

Ot also, are you a fellow ukanon? These are uk plug sockets! Same, we leave stuff plugged in just turn off the switch or the actual lamp itself or whatever is plugged in.

No. 867285

She's doing a YT stream announcing that she's quitting Youtube, and that she's not telling anyone where she lives because "psychotic people that will murder me … this is not a joke"

No. 867302


She’s “quit YouTube” almost as many times as Onision.
She’ll be back, just like the 1500 times she’s “quit Twitter”.

No. 867308


Obviously, there is. It was the posting of that pic that caused the current freak out and “quitting YouTube/Twitter”.

No. 867322

We have some with switches but they're pretty rare. Mostly you just see the test/ reset switches on outlets in bathrooms, which I guess is more about a mechanism to try to prevent toaster baths.

No. 867330

File: 1644718630829.jpeg (354.45 KB, 1170x908, 040FC09A-2082-4294-8B09-A82E15…)

Ugh she has said all this before 100 times, who could possibly respond with pity (that she cares about)

Miranda you are irrelevant, no one cares about you - lolcow is not full of psycho stalkers; if you have a public online platform (Twitter included) people will look you up. If you were that worried you would delete everything - not write a new channel description in the 3rd person proclaiming you have quit.
I have never understood Miranda’s delusions of grandeur, she is possibly the most Karen of karens.

No. 867336

She streamed for over 2.5 hours and managed to not really say anything new. It was talking about how much she loved living in Japan, that she stopped identifying as white Japanese when she became Muslim, and that she'll never show her face in videos again. She also has a secret film channel and talked about potentially selling b-roll footage to the Discovery Channel a couple times. And no regrets except for not becoming Muslim sooner.

No. 867341

This literally sounds like the result of a Japanese 101 class.

No. 867342

File: 1644735180130.gif (321.9 KB, 1728x791, Screenshot-(137).gif)

She also originally misspelled the title of her stream

No. 867351

As if the discovery channel would want sub par footage from her kek.
She deleted all her videos a while ago, I wonder why she is now feeling the need to announce it. Even her insta bio is in the 3rd person

No. 867375

I mean, her English sounds like Intermediate-level English as a Foreign Language coursework, too.

No. 867376

File: 1644776705687.png (106.77 KB, 597x703, Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 1.24…)

Wonder whose identity she's going to morph into next. See you soon, Miranda!

No. 867381

If she has to announce that she’s quitting all her socials then I doubt she will try to stay hidden for too long.
It’s like when that annoying person announces that they’re deleting Facebook only to return 1 week later.

No. 867392

Lol, anonymously ? She means she doesn't want to be criticized

No. 867397

Yes, we all know that. To be fair to her, it is totally valid and I’m surprised she hasn’t done it sooner.
Unfortunately though, she never accounted for any of her wrongdoing and that is why she gets so much negative attention even today. She is incapable of being in the wrong and I think believes her own lies. She has treated so many people like crap and has a sense of entitlement like a Karen. afaik she still owes KM $5k. Hiding behind a hijab and larping as a Muslim was never going to stop people from calling her out.

No. 867402

OT and constructionfag, yes those are to prevent toaster baths. Now if you get outlets updated for wet spaces (bath, kitchen) they are not allowed to be circuited to others and contain a GFCI (fault interrupter) so that if you DO take a toaster bath, not only will it not work properly but you also won't blow your panel.

No. 867404

sage for non milk
am Canada fag, as >>867322 said we only really have those test/reset buttons in bathrooms
North America is a third world country, honestly

No. 867405

sage for non milk
am Canada fag, as >>867322 said we only really have those test/reset buttons in bathrooms
North America is a third world country, honestly

No. 867409

we don’t need switches on outlets in North America because mains power here is 120 volts more or less
mains power in the UK and Europe is over 200 volts

No. 867818

I have never seen switches on outlets before ever and I'm non-UK European. Never been to UK but haven't seen it in any of 10 or so European countries I've been to, so I don't think not having it is a "US 3rd world" thing

No. 867867

Off-topic a bit:
Here in Romania, we have 220 volts of power in our electrical systems for home use. Other places will use/need more than this.
We don't have switches on our sockets. At least not on the ones mounted on walls. At least i haven't seen any in any older building and house I've been. Maybe they install such sockets in new buildings? I have no idea.
Only extension cords have switches, usually made of transparent red plastic and with a light inside [the switch]. Other types also appeared in recent years.
Generally, we also don't need those switches, but it would be nice to have them.

No. 867909

This is also ot but I am a uk anon, I have seen eu style sockets with switches (Belgium mainly, and also some hotels) but yes I believe voltage plays a part in this. We have lower voltage sockets in our bathrooms for electric shavers (I have always found this v odd)

Just regulations for whatever country you’re in I guess.

Anyone else think Miranda ragequit because we didn’t find her alt account? It’s only a matter of time babe, you will miss your “fame” and come crawling back.

No. 869105

Man I guess she’s gone for good now(necro)

No. 869226

Almost been a month

No. 869232

Sage since necro - all good things have to come to an end. Miranda provided so much milk over the years and what else can she fail at at this point.

- attacking rival Jvloggers failed, they all remained more successful than her channel ever was.
- she kept losing all her "friends".
- couldn't get PR to live forever in glorious nihon
- spent four years trying to force her way into Rodi's pants
- couldn't secure a Saudi husband so she would never have to work again
- three divorces (although the fake muslim guy was probably just a BF in the end)
- didn't have great looks to begin with and got fat in the meantime
- all her wahhabism and good muslim waifu facade didn't bring Rodi back. The guy married his Japanese gf.

She's done. Thanks for having been such a great laughing stock on the internet, Miranda.

No. 869242

She will be back don’t you worry.
I know this OT but do you remember Adrianna? A while ago Miranda posted an insta story saying follow her account. She’s now a full on Muslim - nothing like she was before (apart from wearing a niqab)
I think she was influenced by Miranda which is scary because her views are borderline extreme. Something Adrianna used to say before becoming more devout. It makes me think her sudden I’m quitting the internet stance is so she can recruit people without them knowing her past. If this is true I’m sure there will be milk in the future.

No. 869244

File: 1646666969653.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2158, 4D3586D6-CC4D-4084-A9CF-EB77A0…)

Samefag pic for reference. She will probably make the account private now though lol.

No. 869261

Sage for nothing to add, but Adrianna is milky and hilarious as hell.

No. 869354

So are we just going to change this form into a form dedicated to following adrianna?

No. 869376

Are you a Miranda wk or are you new here?

No. 869380

start an Adrianna thread if you want one (in /snow, obvs)
this thread can sit fallow until Miranda comes back

No. 869592

All this time I’m surprised there have not been any pic leaks of her girl must have been careful. I’m sure they are out there(sage your shit)

No. 869610


Oh, without a doubt. The easiest way is if you see something that you suspect it's her. Post it here. There's a few people that she always blocked.

So they will check, A person's account that they have never heard of before that will probably already have them blocked. Miranda's ego and paranoia will be too much for her not to preemptively block. Then, boom, dead giveaway.

No. 869661

It only took one month for people to find her Niqab queen Channel. Is there a way to filter new accounts on YouTube? Just search anything related to Islam and I’m sure we will come across her new channel. Maybe she’s doing those cringe voiceover robot videos where she’s not talking but she’s just moving around. Or maybe she’s making her anti-New World order MAGA Q videos made up of compilations of conspiracy theories. She’s not gonna do something that attracts absolutely no attention.

No. 869665

Imagine, if you will…
>Mira feels the strong urge to return online for attention. But she cannot! She said she never would, so how would it look if she went back?
>for 6 months, Mira struggles with the overpowering need for online attention gnawing at her
>Then finally, slowly, quietly, peacefully, the gnawing subsides, and Mira is left with nothing to do but look soberly at her life
>She's stuck at home, in obscurity, living with her parents. She's uneducated, with all this unused footage in her room. She's wearing the suffocating clothes of a bizarre foreign religion just to prove a point to strangers. How did she get here?
> She starts to think longingly of her expat friends in Japan, many of whom she did cruel and embarrassing things to. It pains her to think of the kindess Rachel and Unrested showed her, and how she repaid them in scorn.
>She gets fed up with carrying the guilt of her past, feeling powerless over her career which she was once so dreamful about, and wearing these stupid robes.
>She tells her mom she needs an education. She spends a month studying, then gets the Canadian equivalent of a GED. Then she enrolls at a community college.
>she takes a job at a nice store near campus.
>Some courses are really difficult, but succeeding in them give her a confidence she never felt before. She especially shines in her filmmaking class.
>She shows a professor her footage, and the professor passes it on to a friend's tourism agency. They ask to use some of her footage, then hire her for a little job.
>Mira calls up Rachel, Unrested, and others. She catches up, and apologizes, and tells them how her life has changed and what she's working on.
>Without saying anything, she transfers the funds she can to her old simps' bank accounts.
>She becomes a manager at the store, and does video work on the side, which she takes great pride in. She goes on nature hikes and takes more footage.
>She reflects on the wisdom of her old Koranic verses now and then, which she remembers fondly, but she's no longer dogmatic because she's met so many wonderful people of all faiths in Canada.
>When she's working on a video project for the city, she meets a nice man her age who's in finance for a local charity. They go on a date and find great comfort and warmth in each other. They get married, and adopt a couple dogs and a cat. They live out many happy years together, in a quiet coastal town.

No. 869713

>and then she sprouted wings and flew to Heaven
which is exactly as likely as anything in your fanfic

No. 869727


Great. Her departure is bringing fanfiction with it.

No. 869740

Victor made a video about her. He should do a live stream with Rody. I’m actually surprised Rody hasn’t made a video about this topic. I am actually surprised victor was the only one and so was he. Nobody is talking about it.

No. 869888

Oh, she will pop up soon. She won’t be able to let that slide.

No. 870006

People making fun of her anti vaxx stance must feel pretty retarded now what Pfizer was forced to release the NINETEEN, FREAKING NINETEEN pages of side effects of the covid vaxx.

And this horrifying, debilitating, life ending side effects goes for all the Mrna based shots regardless of the manufacturer, so this retarded weeaboo was right to trust her instinct for once LMAO.(sage your shit)

No. 870007

Go spread your bullshit elsewhere, plague rat

No. 870008


oh, you took that jab , LMAO, how's your immune system now…

The receipts are available everywhere, 19 pages long in fact. You epic retards pride yourselves on avoiding making claims and always ask receipts, amirite, well there you go cows, the vaxx is killing people, not the coof itself, so that cow was right.

No. 870009

Go spread your retarded conspiracy theories elsewhere. No part of your pea brained existence can understand what's outlined in those documents but go off

Retardation kills people

No. 870011

Go be autistic elsewhere

No. 870014

lol I feel like this is beyond Autism, it's schizo

No. 870033

Why don’t you read up on the side effects of every drug you absolute retard, more people die from reacting to ibuprofen.
The whole world is having the vaccine, not just an odd 100 people in a clinical trail. Taking that into account the deaths/side effects are pretty fucking minimal.
I’ve had 3 shots and there is nothing wrong with me or my immune system.

No. 870037

Bayer aspirin, used daily in patients with heart issues, has 15 pages of side effects.
Your logic is dumb and you obviously lack any reading comprehension. Enjoy getting COVID (for what is, most likely, the 2nd or 3rd time for you)

No. 870054

you’re a fucking retard if you think that the amount of people who have died from taking the vaccine (most of them having underlying health conditions) outweighs the million deaths in the US alone because plague rats like you couldn’t take a simple vaccine.

why don’t you do everyone a favor and lick a subway handrail to boost your immune system.

No. 870177

Oh HI, Miranda!
It's great to see you here staying in touch with your "stockers" after you gave up your online presence because of them, as you said (for maybe a couple of weeks).
Have you read what >>869665 has written?
It's very nice, isn't it?
Maybe you should take this as an inspiration for leading a meaningful, more satisfying life.("hi cow")

No. 870379

nta but you actually think it stops the spread lol. If you had any contact with any humans you’d know tons that got sick from shot people. Go outside and open your goddam eyes

No. 870382

Were you dropped on the head as a baby? You absolutely can be contagious regardless of vaccine status. The vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting infected so if you get sick you can give it to someone else. This isn’t even biology 101 it’s just common sense!

No. 870383

Miranda, honey, this is a vaccine, not Jim Jones' cyanide KoolAid.
Go meet people yourself instead of ranting at random strangers online.

No. 870385

that’s literally how vaccines work you fucking moron do you have to choose to be this retarded or have you just lived under a rock your entire life

No. 870402

it’s both, it’s always both

No. 871026

Take the vaccine debate somewhere else
Back to Miranda

No. 871065

You show up 4 days after the conversation has ended and bump the thread only tell everyone to stop talking about vaccines?
Tell me, what was the point in that?

No. 871166

why does Mira is so proud about her Japan time? all her vids are gone, noone will remember that time, her channel is shit. Its like beeing proud of beeing the third tree in an elementary play noone has seen.

No. 871185


It’s all she has. That was her “peak”. She had nothing else.

As sad as that pathetic time was, that was the “best time” of her sad life

No. 871493

so sad but true,… even more sadder is that simply noone who see this text will see what her "work" was even if she was a really bad person ands her videos were not that great, it was ok. But she deleted quite everything. SO people will not remember the crazy J-Tuber, just the retarded lunatic monster

No. 872094

That is exactly as it should be.
She is an unrepentant scammer and ardent supporter of the vilest violent form of islam.

No. 872958

need more milk,… does she do nothing? Is she finally boring?

No. 872997

I don’t want to hi cow but only Miranda or one of her stupid minions would care this much that no one is talking about her.
She will fuck up and identify herself somewhere at some point. The internet never forgets, remember that.

No. 873141

did NO one ever archived her videos? csn't we watch them on wayback machine?

No. 873286

I have quite a few. Mainly the important ones where she incriminated herself

No. 873840

File: 1649958580845.png (186.46 KB, 607x666, Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 1.50…)

Decided to see if there was any activity at all on her "legacy account". There are three recent likes from this account. She had unliked every post she liked before ditching barring three tweets.

No. 873849

Maybe her hidden account got suspended so she’s using that one? I’m sure she will slip up and we will find her new accounts at some point, she’s gotta be missing that sweet sweet attention.

No. 874140

She quit, move on. She said she became a Muslim and moved to the extreme of that over the years, she expressed she no longer wants an online prescense and moved towards that too over the years and now removed everything, except deleting her account entirely. It's safe to say she's gone, the only way she'll be back is if she's a different person entirely, perhaps in 5 years or a decade when she finally gets mental help and drops her religion. Hope she recovers.

No. 874143

Nope, she can’t quit. She loves the attention, positive or negative.

And it’s very easy to know. She couldn’t resist in her overly dramatic “I’m leaving” tweets. Say said plainly that she would still be on social media, just “anonymously”.
Which she is absolutely shit at doing. That’s how we always knew her posts here and anywhere else.

She hasn’t gone anywhere.

No. 874150

This smells like someone asked them to write it, because we all know miranda had to have her say and the attention

No. 874170

Yep, she never alters her MO. Not even in the least

No. 874175

I had a funny thought. How much the show “Letterkenny” must really chap her ass.
She tried so hard to pretend to be anything but the obvious Canadian hick that she is, was, and always shall be. Parting to be “white Japanese” denying that she was From Sault Ste. Marie, then Sudbury, then Mississauga.

Then, here comes a hick from Listowel (small town that Letterkenny is based on). A town so small most people from Ontario didn’t know of its existence. Make a YouTube series that’s picked up by a TV studio after 6 YouTube videos. And now the show is filmed in Sudbury.

But, she will never go back to admitting that she lived there, because then she will have to admit she was wrong. Something she is incapable of doing. (Like when it became evident that she would not get Japanese citizenship, she turned all “sour grapes” and started the “well, Japan was never my favorite country anyway..”)

So, her town she was so ashamed of is now popular. And she has to sit there and seethe and pretend it doesn’t bother her.

Side note: it also must be another kick in the crotch to realize that a smart Canadian hick can be super successful. It was the “smart” part that held her back..

No. 874249

File: 1650304270246.jpeg (897.4 KB, 1170x957, B6566976-D43B-4FFF-9F9A-4DADD9…)

OT but look at this letter she wrote to a fan way back in 2016. Written in pencil with spelling mistakes and scribble, absolutely no effort whatsoever. She can’t even apologise without making herself a victim in some way.
If I saw that pic with no context I would have thought a young child wrote it.

No. 874424

Miranda went back and unliked those posts. Cute that she keeps up with lolcow as much as everyone else!

I thought she was supposed to be gone from the internet forever according to >>874140

No. 874468


But she still has the recent retweets there.

She can never leave us. She loves us.

No. 874470

File: 1650482452449.jpg (20.06 KB, 619x206, 278588335_703356841097560_1844…)


Still on the same old shit, Retweeted on April 18 (for record keeping sake.)

No. 874526

damn this letter is such a waste of paper and transportfee, I would be so dissapointed to get such letter from a person I might like at that time. No effort, typical Miranda….

No. 874743

"legacy account" lol

No. 874794

There is some irony in her saying legacy when she is still in /pt/ tbh kek

No. 876317

File: 1651837690248.jpg (196.99 KB, 720x1217, 20220506_074643.jpg)

Miranda is back to liking things on Twitter

No. 876445

Yep, she'll be posting again soon. She can't stay away. She craves the attention.

She could've easily started a new account and just hid in the shadows like she claimed she wanted to do. But that doesn't get any attention.

But she was also like Dan Bongino's comment about "2000 Mules" (the Silly qanon, "the election was stolen" bullshit movie). So she is moving toward the "Alt-right Trad wife transformation" we all thought would be her next persona.

No. 876621

Tbh I think she does have a new account but she frequently gets temp suspended for her stupid hick extremist views.
Why does she need to keep a ‘legacy’ account anyway? What does it achieve? She is such a deluded narc.

No. 876712

Why does anyone care omg, stop bumping this and let it die(how ironic, alanis )

No. 876841

so why do you care to say that?

No. 877002


Because it's entertaining. And can't wait to watch her drop the muslim schtick to go to crazed QAnon freak. SHe is already more than halfway there.

No. 877862

File: 1653042312678.jpeg (580.79 KB, 2048x2048, 217A055E-10CF-4788-A5C2-CBCF93…)

Miranda’s taken to ebegging by ‘selling’ her old smelly Yukatas on Facebook.
No one would pay $150 for all 3 let alone 1.
Kek at western union transfer, guess that PayPal ban is still in place eh, Miranda?

No. 877877


So, she's broke and in her Mom's basement in Canada. Living the dream..

No. 877885

Damn, there are lots of messages here. I almost forgot about Randa after the coof.
Just came to check.
Can someone give me a quick summary of what happened. I saw the quit yt and has a "legacy" account now (idk what legacy she made that acc for).(learn2sage, spoonfeeding)

No. 877888

I honestly believe it’s her mom who has the hickbilly antivax q anon beliefs, Miranda just happened to be deported at a time she converted to Islam. She has never had a sense of identity and her mom is pretty much all she had left so it gave her the identity she craved.
If she wasn’t such a cold hearted bitch I would feel somewhat a little sorry for her.

No. 878749

That’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. Take your meds

No. 878752

Honey no one is gonna believe a word you say, I’m fact you’re reinforcing the fact Miranda is a lunatic

No. 878756

Haha did Miranda befriend you? Your poor thing, she has narcissistic personality disorder. Watch her do something wrong and then deny it, gaslight other people and blame something like this website.
‘Profound’ wise old man quotes are such a cope for people like Miranda. Anything to make herself look like a victim.

No. 878765

yikes lmao

i'm an ex muslim and i genuinely hope mira saves herself from this toxic religion

there are better ways to get attention on the internet(integrate)

No. 878775

Just what do you aim to achieve by posting here? This is an anonymous imageboard.

No one cares about Miranda anymore why don’t you try another cow’s thread, there’s plenty to choose from.

No. 878777


I sleep just fine..

No. 878779

We aren’t cyber criminals, what people post on the internet of their own free will is open for discussion.
Miranda makes fun of Shia Muslims, so I suppose by your wise man logic she is as bad as anyone here.
You will see who she really is in time, just make sure you don’t lend her money because she won’t pay it back. Instead she will call you a stalker when you try to contact her for it.
Did she reach out to you or something? I mean I would be fed up if I googled my name and all the bad shit I did was there to see, but she has to live with the consequences of her actions.
No one is stalking or ‘defaming’ her, I can guarantee that.

No. 878815

Oh, fuck off.

No. 878830

A bunch of losers here…obviously ugly from inside and outside, little Snowflakes who have to censor any critizism…lowlifes in the real world.

Nothing to do but to bully other people which they don't know…pathetic people :D losers…

Freeom of speech is important.

But stalking, defamation, denigration (with lies) is not covered by freedom of speech. It is a criminal offence.

We are active members of

We are internationally connected and our fight against those criminals has "just" begun.
Another example of our success was the de-anonymisation of a Wikipedia author. They are normally totally anonymous but with the help of the editing statistics we could identify the person (he often edited the site of his school, his working place, hobbies, local attractions, etc.). In combination with IT informations from the employer he could be sued and convicted.

Cyber criminals will not sleep well in the future…

No. 878831

You people are really a prototype of dumb and useless people.

You are collecting rumours, lies, hate against people you don't know.

And then you idiots are also thinking that You are so clever :D :D

Conspiracy theorists are geniuses comparing to you. :D :D

more than 6000 entries only to show your hate and jelousness and whatever


No. 878832

Give up your hate and your loser life.

Get rid of being a cyber criminal…before it is too late

No. 878833

On this site we can see a bunch of ugly little twats who don't have a life so that's why they only get some kind of entertainment by harrassing and stalking people which they don't know at all.
You all here a weak little weirdos and losers… :D
P.S.: By luck I found a female stalker from Germany on a kanadajin3 YT video (on many many videos). It was a little bit bad for her, that Germany has very harsh laws for defamation. So I gave all of this information to the German internet Police Statzion of Badem-Wuertemberg (a state in Germany).
The police got her real name and address with informations provided by Google/YT and her telecommunication company. She was sued and convicted! Yes! Had to sit 6 month in jail and got 18 month of probabtion. Her hate really turned against her in the end :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 878834

Many of you here on this and other places have obviously mental health issues:

1) extreme Furore / rage / anger (psychic hyperaesthesia)

2) Inferiority complex and extreme insecurity (those people are often devaluating other people)

3) Childhood traumata with parents who acted in the same way(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 878835

Okay that post came straight from Miranda. I dunno who you are but Miranda is a horrible person and all you’re doing is bumping her thread, you’re attracting attention to it and her. Nothing new has been said for a long time, we’re not scared of the German cyber police either.

No. 878836

It is a warning for You all…

Take this site down or You will
end in front of the court …

No. 878837

…better rethink that position :D

No. 878838

What are you going to do? Keep spamming this thread? SCORE!

No. 878839

File: 1654210320912.jpg (319.01 KB, 934x766, ibw1-40580b79cb7c7251.jpg)

(just do it already)

No. 878844

File: 1654212584642.jpeg (90.86 KB, 600x715, 30D507D5-8FA6-4644-9706-2751CD…)

No. 878845

>cyber police

In other words, if we're not careful, consequences will never be the same.

No. 878869

kek what fresh autism is this? Miranda desperate for attention again or has a new tard entered the arena?

No. 878871

Either way is possible. Cause I noticed that this "anti bully crime police" person is only showing up here, not in any other threads.
I'm justing waiting for them arresting all of Miranda's remaining sock puppets :D(:D)

No. 878876

I know right, surely if someone was that concerned they would just report it but no, Miranda has to tell them to threaten us.

No. 878884


It funny. If you actually read the website they're touting. It's just a "parents resource" guide. No "internationally connected cyber police"

Just hoping that since it was in German that we couldn't read it, despite there having been native Germans on here in the past and that Google translate actually does a really good job with German to English for the non-speakers.

All this time and they couldn't come up with anything better than this pathetic shit?

No. 878885

File: 1654269136295.jpg (134.15 KB, 1343x1028, 220603_BKA_Meldestelle.JPG)


Got it wrong again…like all the rest

It is ONE site for the internet police "station" and one site for one society preventing and fighting cyber bullying (called mobbing in german).

On the side you are seeing the website on the federal level.

No. 878886

…but it is not about copy/paste hundreds of websites…

As I wrote before…freedom of speech is fine, but not constantly lying and making things up about other people (who YOU don't even know).


No. 878892


And yet you are here, hanging on our every word.

No. 878893

>Help with cyberbullying by the police
>The police offer advice and help in cases of >bullying and cyberbullying.

>find a counseling center

>On the following page you can find the ?>appropriate police advice center in your >area. To do this, click on your relevant >federal state on the website.

Where's the "international" cabal that is coming for us?

Come back with something interesting.

No. 878896

German police going to send Interpol after people all over the world gossiping on a gossip board about a dumbass Canadian
not holding my breath somehow

No. 878922

geez is this just some random schizo mira simp, or has Mira been up to some online shenanigans we dont know about and got another dude to send her thousands of dollars and do online whiteknighting for her like that norwegian dude years ago

No. 879348

What the hell? Miranda has a German white knight now? Why would Miranda/white knight think that some random German website is going to stop people from discussing the shitty things that Miranda has done?

No. 882036

There was a Kanadajin post in R/Muslims on Reddit, is pretty old-ish, and around the same time these ransom posts started defending Mira someone replied to my entry on there. Not sure if it was Mira or someone on her behalf, what I found interesting is that the post was really old, but it’s one of the first things that come up when you look up her name.
They deleted almost as soon as they commented, but the gist of it is that I couldn’t know for sure if she had a psychological problem.

No. 882042


Don't know why you didn't just link it. I found it for anyone else curious. No clue how to make one huge image and don't want to spam, so here's the link:

No. 882043

Samefag. Sorry, I'm stupid. I didn't read that what you saw was deleted- but this seems to match so I don't think it was deleted? Either way. Wish you had caps, then.

No. 882051

Sorry, I meant the comment was deleted, not the post itself. I was actually already over Mira’s shenanigans, but I got a notification from this , so I came to look if something had happened and I noticed all the new posts defending her.

No. 882940

I accidentally found this website and I'm really sad about how people can be so toxic and mean. You are no better than Miranda writing stuff like this. This is cyber bullying. Let's try to be better persons and be respectful about others, even if they did something wrong.(fuck off to where you came from)

No. 882951

Do you feel better about yourself now? Or do you need to wank off some more over your moral charade? Maybe try getting a diary instead of posting next time, sweety - much like the real world, no one here gives a fuck about your posturing.

No. 883059

Miranda is obviously part of some online group of people and now has a bunch of white knights.
Look, all you’re doing is bumping this thread and giving it more attention which is the opposite point of your post. Miranda needs to learn from her mistakes, not get pity for the online backlash. She was never bullied, she brought this on herself.

No. 883221

She still needs validation from strangers on the internet..

No. 884161

Is crazy how you and the others have chosen to stand up to bullies, here, specifically on Kanadajin and not anyone else.

No. 884162

File: 1658247196349.png (1.42 MB, 1125x2436, 952F4A1C-FBE4-4205-BA8A-44FADE…)

So she gets to bully others but the moment someone says something against her, is wrong?

No. 884203


It's amazing how you don't see the tons of other posts about many various people on here. It's like you have an agenda..

No. 884257


The prophecy is fulfilled. Yet again.

No. 884332

I’ve never known another cow to REEEE about being stalked and wanting a normal life yet repeatedly drawing attention back to themselves on a dead thread, linked to other threads where her new followers can read about her snowflakery.
She really is absolutely retarded.

No. 885449

File: 1659059710796.png (214.66 KB, 397x474, 1658770645989699.png)

You all better find that lolcow before I get violent.(unsaged shitpost)

No. 887122

sage for weeb shit

>"all 47 prefectures"
Nobody says this because Japan doesn't actually have 47 "県" prefectures, it also has cities and such. It's 47都道府県, includes the cities (都,府) and Hokkaido (道).

The fact that she apparently never looked at a map in Japan despite all that travel is kinda funny. It'd be like labeling Puerto Rico a state.

No. 888386

Mira, you were a warrior for Allah, spreading His message. But now you've stopped, just because of a few "stockers." Come back Mira, show us misguided kafirs the way.

To be fair to Puerto Rico, they probably should become a state, since their current situation as a territory is untenable. It's literally anti-democratic, they don't have proper representation. But I know what you mean, I used to work for a foreign guy who'd make fun of me and his employees for not realizing there were 51 states - we'd try to explain that DC wasn't a state, but he wouldn't listen.

No. 890179

I mean, close enough? She's a Canadian born high school dropout, what are you really expecting here?

No. 890851

With Kiwi Farms shutting down, I wonder if that will drag her out for a gloat.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 895821


No. 898756

File: 1669190075173.jpg (43.16 KB, 462x763, 6af9b4f885ca5e75cee9ec0e18094b…)

Any way i could watch her old vids? Any archives or anything like that?(necro)

No. 902218

I want to find all the screenshots from PULL that were shared during her scandal. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but Mira shared some where you could see that Sharla was aware of some of Mira’s sock puppets and was goading her into bullying someone, can’t remember who.

No. 906643

Nothing is ever going to make Miranda look innocent here, I mean she would have had to find out that she had sockpuppets before outing her? Else she would be throwing accusations.
I know some are trying to out Sharla for not being so innocent in that whole thing but it won’t change the fact miranda is a lying asshole

No. 908578

I’ve known Mira. Obviously there is something wrong with her. She is not too bright. Anyways I doubt she could get a job. Last time I spoke with her she bragged how arabs were going to take care of her in Japan even though most of them are losers here.

No. 908943

Just a guess, but I would think there would be a lot more Muslim Indonesians in Japan than Muslim Arabs…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 909027

Just coming back here to bump this thread its been 3 years since I came here and told everyone she got deported. I think everyone here owes me a huge apology since now its a complete fact.

Anyways its been like 5 years. Mira if your reading this so what you gave me a blowjob it is what it is at this point. Live your truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 909031

You must be such a creepy salty moid to be that hung up over getting head from Miranda.

No. 909037

Nah it’s just crazy how this whole thing unfolded.

> Got a blowjob

> Went to police to report her
> complete melt down and threads about her 3 years later

Life is pretty crazy lol

No. 909160

I understand that nothing will make her look better. She is deeply troubled and just a bad person. But is crazy to me how Sharla, who I know was also a victim of Mira, took part on getting her to harass someone else.

That’s a difficult type of troubled person.

No. 909830

It’s the fake blow job loser back from the dead. How many years has she been inactive? Stop bumping this(you just bumped it, retard)

No. 910589

hey guys. I know I am bumping but I was watching a movie recently called Profile. The whole thing really reminded me of how Mira joined islam including the isolating herself from her life stuff. Haram haram haram. I was watching it and realised we haven't heard from Mira in a while. I know she quit youtube but from going from her personality to quitting youtube… I just dont see it. Something feels really off in my gut about it. Do you think she could have been recruited and exploited? Do we have any form of life from her? I know she did shit things but she is still a human and I'm really worried that she went to that way of life and I'm feeling worried that we contributed to it. I hope she is okay. The internet is not the best place for her but she doesnt deserve some of the things these girls go through(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910619

[adware link redacted]

No. 911803

No. 911805

clearly not her retard

No. 911815

File: 1679471587408.jpg (128.73 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot-084729_Chrome.jpg)

She's back on her Twitter account, I guess

No. 911816

File: 1679471618542.jpg (156.18 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot-084901_Chrome.jpg)

No. 911823

Pretty sure that’s not her, someone else is now using the username. She nuked all of her online accounts.
She’s still using some kind of nagayama mira combination if I can remember but she’s probably deleted that as well.

No. 912065

Really surprised there isn’t a thread for G59, suicideboys and their crew. Someone should start one(sage your non milk)

No. 912176

you're just mad scrim didn't fuck you nonnie

No. 912419

Haha I was right, you bottom feeders still clinged on to her being around searching for crumbs.(sage your shit)

No. 912949

is she even alive lol(sage your shit)

No. 912982

i swear i saw something about her on tiktok the other day about cultural appropriation but maybe she is really gone for good now??(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 913006

I am sure she has an account somewhere people just haven't found it.

No. 913009

Please stop bumping this thread unless you have found her actual account or something holy shit

No. 913851

No. 913853

This is definitely Miranda…is she pretending to be in Japan again?

No. 913962

No this account is old, looks like she tweeted from it a few times this year (maybe whatever she is using now got suspended at those times). It’s not milk, she is just the master of many sockpuppets.

No. 914616

shes posting on this twitter in japanese though shes probs still in canada https://twitter.com/alsakurajp
her current insta https://www.instagram.com/alsakurajp/
she updated this youtube channel but hasnt posted any new vids https://www.youtube.com/@ALsakuraJP/

No. 914782

Someone made a downfall of Kanadajin3 video. No new information. Anyone think she’s ever gonna come back online?

No. 914827

shes probably always been online i hope she gets help if shes mental or if not she should atleast make an explanation or something

No. 914963

The explanation was that she is leaving for good. But is she really leaving for good or will she come back. It’s been almost a year since she left.(sage your shit)

No. 914980

I saw it. I was surprised that it took so long for someone to make a summary.

No. 920796

I don't want to risk a ban by bumping the thread, but is Mira spouting crazy takes anywhere? I can't keep up with all her alternative accounts. I feel like she'd love to defend Hamas, since she is a Sunni Salafist Muslima.

No. 929605

It looks like the thread got a spam bump today and I am sad. I thought she was back. She's out there somewhere with a new online persona, shedding her muslima phase. I just know it.
Another classic cow down.

No. 929610

Me too. Mira is one of my fav classic cows and I miss her brand of crazy especially now. I hope she’s still out there, we just haven’t found her.

No. 929613

I just thought about her today after watching that recent-ish video about her. A lot of people still supports her.(sage your shit)

No. 929707

Sorry for spoonfeeding request but is there an archive of Mira and Rodi’s videos/streams anywhere that I can watch from their old MiraandRodi channel?(sage your shit)

No. 929708

Ngl it’s kinda funny seeing Rody go from pretending to be a prudish Muslim boy who sees his female orbiters as asexual little sisters to uploading sleazy walkthrough videos with coomer bait style thumbnails of Japanese girls with their butts and boobs hanging out.

No. 929751

If anything it just proves that Rodi wasn’t actually an asexual hood Muslim boy or gay as Mira saltily accused him of being, but actually a completely normal typical horny moid who likes boobs, and he couldn’t feel attracted to Mira. Must sting for her.

No. 929793

Oh god the Rodi shit was seriously creepy on her part. If my memory is right Rodi had a gf already or got one right after he effectively told her to fuck off. I think her whole Muslim saga started because she wanted Rodi to see she was the better Muslim but he literally didn't give a fuck.
I think that's why she hated other J-vlogers as well. They all got married to Japanese men except her even though she was the biggest true Japanese queen.

No. 929839

I mean ya lol the whole reason Mira converted to Islam is because Rodi got tired of her constantly trying to rape and molest him in the manboo at night and told her to go find God or consider joining a religion…Mira became Muslim after realizing she couldn’t manipulate Rodi into liking her by using sex and grinding on him like a horny retard, so she tried to become a holier than thou born again virgin Muslima instead to impress him. Of course it didn’t work because Rodi was never a devout Muslim to begin with anyway and already had a gf. And because Mira is such a narcissist and can’t admit she fucked up, she had to continue the Muslim larp purely out of spite. She was so entitled that being rejected by a man one time sent her spiralling. Sad.(learn to sage)

No. 930630

File: 1711539274293.jpeg (54.1 KB, 465x326, IMG_7683.jpeg)


No. 931549

File: 1713587831854.jpeg (595.42 KB, 1400x1924, 3gr8t4vojjgc1.jpeg)

Holy shit did I fall down a rabbit hole to get here boys. Lemme regale you with some info on Miranda You won't find anywhere else.

So I moved to Northern Ontario in early 2004. I first met Miranda when we were both in the last few months of 8th grade. Miranda grew up in a very, very small town called Markstay, Ontario. At the time she was just getting into the whole punk thing.

She had a huge crush on this other punk country kid named johnny. She would hang out with this other weird chick that I can't recall the name of who claimed her dad was a satanist.

I ran into her again in 2005 when I switched high schools. Miranda had continued the punk thing but got more into it (crust punk) And was attending Sudbury secondary(an arts focused highschool in Sudbury.)

During high school She gained the nickname the Flea. People use to rip on her for being a crust punk cause grubby and dirty. She once told me she wanted to peg a guy.

One time Me, her and this guy named Derek got fucking sloshed. I was making out with Derek until he got sick from drinking too much and passed out in the bathroom. Me and Miranda were still ready to go so we kept drinking and eventually fucked. She pissed in the sink because Derek was in the bathroom and I watched her fuck herself with a beer bottle.

We were both kinda panicking the next day Because neither of us could remember if we used a condom (thank god we did) A week later she accused me of raping Derek Despite the fact we only made out and the dude is built like lurch from the Addams family.

I got curious about what she was up to these days, last checked in in like 2012 because she moved to Japan and became a youtuber which was really wild for someone from here and just stumbled into finding out she became a Muslim (did not see that coming from crust punk, with gay best friend Miranda)

If any of you have any questions I can do my best to answer them, keep in mind I haven't seen her in person since like 2008 so we are going back 16 plus years for any interactions I had with her.

I dunno if she's back around here, Shes not on socials with her English name from the threads I've followed to get to this one And I don't really know anyone these days who was or is particularly close to her. I think her family is still living out in the boonies. Might ask around and see if anyone knows.(provide proof)

No. 931890

File: 1714070708587.png (27.63 KB, 1057x386, discussion.png)

Not super solid evidence I realize, but here is a message between me and another person who went to school with her. I'll see if I can dig up my class photo from grade 8, might be at my mothers house, if so I'll take a look this weekend.>>931549

No. 931896

She WAS married to a Japanese man. She divorced him when she refused to relocate with him for his job.

No. 931931

Well grade 8 pic would be great for proof. This wouldnt be the first time someone who knew a cow from back then posted a class pictured and answered questions. Just be careful to hide your own identity

No. 931976


That makes me think. Canadians usually say “Grade 8” like you did, but the anon claiming to have gone to school with Miranda said “8th grade”.

Nothing major, but would like to see some photo proof.

No. 931981

canadians say both.
source: i am canadian

No. 932050

He already had a gf and had for some time. Miranda kept trying to thirst-trap him and he wasn't having it. So she decided to go super-muslim and win him that way. It was bonkers.
Even better, he wasn't even that devout and fell off while she was left sitting around in a burqa KEK.

No. 932222


So, no class pics, I guess?

No. 932281

Reminds me of the “I totally made a porno video with her in her hijab” loser who kept coming on here when there was no posts.

I call bs. Just another bait story to entertain what’s left of this dead thread. You go way too much into detail dropping names and explicit events just like “golden leopard hijab” guy did for all we know you are the same guy.(learn to sage)

No. 932338

I forgot to check when I was over, texted my mom to see if she could find it, not sure If I have one from that school because I joined late into the school year at that school. Just waiting for her to get back to me. If she has one she is going to send me a copy. So kinda just waiting right now. Any other recommendations for proof If I can't find a photo? Looked through some photos I got from high school, none with her in them unfortunately, and I don't have a year book from my high school. I can maybe ask around to see if anyone has a copy of our year book.

>>932281 I don't care if you believe me or not dude. You can believe I'm a bullshitter if you like.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 932345

Well, you're gonna get banned.
But I'll answer you. The thing is, Miranda is a dead cow. You can show all sorts of pictures and have stories. No one cares anymore. We all know she's in BFE Canada and is hiding her net presence. Good for her? Until she becomes public again, what's the point? Nostalgia? Read past threads for that.

No. 932381

I wouldn't mind hearing more about Kanadaijin, personally. I still hope she will resurface with more milk. It's not against the rules to talk about milky things that happened in the past, especially if they are new.

No. 932398

Nobody is going to believe you. You don’t want her to know who you are but you claim you watched her get it on with a beer bottle with you. Unless she got it on with everyone in her senior class I am pretty sure she would be able to identify you. This is why we wouldn’t buy it. Porno man said the same thing and he was afraid of backlash from her yet claimed to have porno they made. All talk to stir up the thread that’s dead.(sage your shit)

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