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File: 1605323194103.jpg (51.51 KB, 275x173, 1598097663553.jpg)

No. 1081947

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young, and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends including Evan Rachel Wood of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

> Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
> Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 35 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
> Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
> Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
> Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
> Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
> Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
> Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
> A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
> @mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
> Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
> More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
> Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly – usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
> Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
> Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
> It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
> A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
> @mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
> Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
> Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
> Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
> Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
> Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
> Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
> Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
> Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
> Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
> Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
> A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
> Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
> Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
> Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
> More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
> Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
> Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
> A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
> Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went privately were posted as proof.
> Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
> Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
> Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
> Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
> Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
> Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
> @_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
> Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
> Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
> Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
> An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
> The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
> @mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
> Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
> Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
> Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
> A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1082066

Thank you anon! I love that pic!

No. 1082079

File: 1605344056504.jpeg (308.8 KB, 1555x1114, 00C24CB2-4BF6-418E-BFD7-004868…)

Thanks for the new thread anon!

Lindsay liked several photos from oatmealosbourne3, the same person who’s attacking and faking DM’s from Mansonisabusive. There’s no way Lindsay’s unaware of what they’re doing.

No. 1082098

Like I said, people sent her screenshots. They were talking about it on that osbourne page. The comments are probably still there but I can't bring myself to visit that pathetic account again.

No. 1082108

can you post the link to that page?

No. 1082131

I think some details were left out. I also think this thread should have been named: Marilyn Manson Part 2 ‘The Prison’ Edition. Lol
I still can’t get over ‘Baby Time Manson’ shit. How pathetic & cringey.

From previous thread:
>It's interesting how recently he actually texted her,

It is interesting , isn’t it? But I believe she said it was her that texted him.

I also find it interesting in the last thread about an anon saying something about things are going to blow up in the media about Manson…and then that metal magazine comes out. Is this an insider? I wonder if that’s someone in touch with the media and knows something.

No. 1082133

I mean, I guess. Lindsay’s still following and liking a hate account that’s faking shit against NIB.

No. 1082138

>But I believe she said it was her that texted him.

“Do not use the fact that you texted with me recently after many years as a way out.”

It’s unclear who texted who first.

No. 1082145

Okay I misread that. It seems he’s been texting her recently, but she sent the text she put in her IG story to him just yesterday.

Yes, it’s definitely weird he contacted her & has been texting with her. Looks as though he is trying to use her as a shield. She’s smart picking up on that. I love that she told him.

No. 1082166

File: 1605365734833.jpeg (326.93 KB, 750x772, ED1B458D-34CA-42BF-9C62-8B8564…)

When it looks like the fur is about to fly, what’s the first thing someone with a guilty conscience does? They try to protect themselves. Some people do it by hiding in plain sight, telling half truths and even talking about the subject themselves, as if to say “well I wouldn’t be part of the problem if I’m bringing it up now, would I?”

Cast your mind back to the Channel 4 interview he did at the end of 2017. Now watch it again and pay close attention to the part where he talks about the Me Too movement potentially encouraging people to trash the careers of others who don’t deserve it.

Some people might think he was talking about his special friend, Depp. I think we can safely assume he’s predicting the future, talking about himself, and this is the start of his self-protection campaign.

No. 1082170

How can someone speak so intelligently and articulate? Then talks like an imbecile with this “Baby Manson Time” shit? I don’t think anyone can take him seriously with that hanging over his head.

No. 1082172

File: 1605367148009.jpg (437.53 KB, 1093x567, ITqVxb7.jpg)

Lol just look at the timings.

A cap from the second thread and a quote from https://loudwire.com/marilyn-manson-refuses-comment-evan-rachael-wood/

Manson, are you that dumb? You knew they were after you in April already and you thought it was fine to release the album with incriminating lyrics like in Perfume?
Don't do drugs or say goodbye to your cognitive skills and logic.


I am still struggling with the fact he created the Triptych.

No. 1082182

Can you link the comments? I searched every post on @oatmealosbourne and can’t find anything related to someone sending her screenshots. The @oatmealosbourne3 account is only 2 days old and Lindsay liked half their posts.

No. 1082183

The name of that account is in the last thread.

No. 1082184

It was on the very first post they made. I reported the post and can't see it anymore, sorry.

No. 1082189

Triptych was also a group effort. For example he took numerology/tarot from Pogo. But I get what you mean, lyrics and themes were so much different. Now he just repeats one line three times and calls it a verse. Also the way he used to talk.
Remember when he was all about Nietzsche and "I am my own god" thing… this seemed so cool at the time, it even helped some people. But maybe that actually made him even worse. Be your own god, sure, but Manson actually tried to be someone else's "cruel god" multiple times.

You know it's kind of sick he could actually get out of this if accusations didn't include rape. If it was only psychological bothering, hitting, threatening with a knife/his own suicide he could potentially by forgiven by a lot of people, especially if he apologized Evan & others, sincerely or not so. But raping/sexually using a sleeping girl, which basically equals unconscious girl… Idk what his old "fuck it past is past now is now" kind of tweet refers to but it's hard not to treat this as a reaction to Evan, or at least MeToo.

Is that the extent of his texting with Rose? Comment under her post on Insta? April 2020. Wow.

No. 1082192

Yup, it’s so transparent why him and Lindsay were all up on Rose’s IG being kiss-ups. Two conniving snakes in the grass. Looks like it backfired and he can’t use Rose now, and she would be in support of any victims.

No. 1082195

I can totally understand Evan being hesitant to name him. Both out of fear of retalliation by manson and his fans, but also the public backlash she might get?

Remember when she and the blobfish got together? People really blamed her for manson and dita breaking up. She was painted as this evil seductress homewrecker who had somehow bewitched this thirty something man. Mtv news called her a slut. Perez hilton called her evan rachel whore. I'm pretty sure some people would be awful about it and say she "got what she deserved." You dated bad boy marilyn manson and broke up his classy marriage. What did you expect.

That would be horrible of course. And wrong. But it might happen.

No. 1082207

Her like is still there. Maybe she blocked you.

No. 1082209

The media needs to write up a piece on “Baby Manson Time”. That make for a really good headline and article.

>I also think this thread should have been named: Marilyn Manson Part 2 ‘The Prison’ Edition.

Maybe by the time there’s another thread… that’s where he’ll be, and that would be a fitting title.

No. 1082246

>Triptych was also a group effort.
I don't want to downplay anybody's contribution, I love Pogo's music, I also loved John 5 but none of those who left the band had a successful solo career. I don't want to say they couldn't get employed or anything like that but they could never climb higher. Manson used to have a talent to get the right people do the right job.

I see he's been into bots recently, cheap ones. What do they want to achieve? It's ridiculous and embarrassing. He should have got rid of every single one from his PR and management teams long ago. I am not rooting for him, just don't want to see this poor show.

No. 1082255

I’m not asking to be spoon fed, and I was in the previous threads but seem to have missed the Baby Manson Time thing. What the actual fuck is that? Because without context it sounds like some ridiculous fetish. Please tell me I’m right

No. 1082259

it is originally from dms from Manson to a girl MIB kindly shared with us.
then his former lover explained what the f that is, see >>1027734
>Yeah lol it’s basically code for role playing. He obviously fetishizes younger women. From my experience it means he is daddy and you are his daughter. Just take a minute or however long you need to process that.

No. 1082274

File: 1605382526870.gif (1.92 MB, 375x269, D680913A-70AA-47C7-A3C7-6C1D70…)

… thanks, I think

No. 1082276

File: 1605383219585.jpeg (246.68 KB, 1090x1808, 359DE885-C236-4B97-A979-B37C17…)

>I see he's been into bots recently, cheap ones.

I didn’t even notice until you brought it up, I think you’re right. Low followers, same pictures on their accounts.

Lindsay, shopcete, now Manson.. it’s insulting they think people won’t notice.

No. 1082293

Maybe Lindsay's the one that's buying all the fake followers. Ashley doesn't have any bots on her account (that we know about), and Lindsay has nothing better to do than manage Cete's page. Manson's probably too drugged-up to even string a sentence together, much less care about his account. It's obvious that she's been posting for him, especially when she creates a new highlight. She uses a ton of emojis and he doesn't even label it. He didn't even repost the article that mentioned their marriage – she did it for him. Anyway… I'm not saying that he isn't vain enough to fake being relevant, but I doubt it's him. If he was going to buy followers, I think he'd at least try to make them look realistic. He's a lot of things, but he's not stupid.

No. 1082312

personally i think he meant "i will act like a baby and you have to cuddle me and be sweet", not like an actual baby fetish on his part, just the way grown men take advantage of women who adore them. lindsay is probably too over his shit to baby him, lay there and pet his back, stroke his hair, all that shit.
but yes he does fetishize younger women, but this is not what "baby Manson time" meant, even though a former lover explained it as such

No. 1082331

Agree. It always read like that to me, but I am not a native speaker. And who am I to question words of his ex lover? They experienced that shit.

No. 1082406

File: 1605395613847.jpeg (320.29 KB, 1311x926, 115AF9A3-819A-47F5-81B2-BE7AAA…)

No. 1082437

I agree with anon, it’s definitely not something sweet. He’s a sick fuck who’s into incest.
I think ‘Baby Manson Time’ is him role playing as an actual baby fetishizing his girlfriend to be his “mother”.
He probably goes around wearing a diaper and bib, going “goo-goo-ga-ga”.

No. 1082458

he gets women to that point by lovebombing them. making them bond with him by being "sweet", petting etc is part of the narcissistic m.o. it's not like he asks a girl to come over for movies and then chases her with an axe…he builds up to that.
just speaking from personal experience and putting it out there to anyone experiencing similar abusive tactics

No. 1082528

I knew he was hiding something when he jumped to critisize the #metoo movement. It was so clear the things he said were specifically to cover his own ass because he was scared he was about to be exposed.

No. 1082538

File: 1605406625336.jpeg (127.71 KB, 1082x901, 2DEC37A7-03AE-456F-B0E9-12A28E…)

From today.

No. 1082570

Nah he doesn't seem to be submissive, he probably is "daddy" and his girls are treated as "baby Manson"… baby daughter Manson (yikes). Ddlg became so normalized that incest stuff is interwined and completely acceptable… Someone introduce him to Yungelita, they're made for each other.

They surely know what's going on with him and Metal Hammer.
It seems like there's no hope for Manson fans/ex-fans who wished it wasn't him. If he was innocent ERW would clarify it long ago. She interacted with Esme today, that's quite telling. Unless they interact a lot discussing trauma/are friends on regular basis, but I doubt that.

No. 1082588

Polite sage for non contribution - but that potato OP pic is cracking me up and i don’t even follow this thread

No. 1082606

God lord I read baby manson in OP and thought this creature had reproduced. Thank fuck it's just some weird fetish crap and he hasn't brought some kid into his shitshow.

No. 1082983

File: 1605465445472.png (161.53 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20201115-152021~2.p…)

Scott Putesky used to talk about the abuses he endured in the band.

No. 1082998

To whoever who posted that post from @narcissevan and deleted it right after -
That account is run by a complete retard who twists stories 24/7 bc they don't have a life. It's not even worth mentioning here.

No. 1083004

I think it was posted by Dawn and the post about meeting Manson at 15 yo it the previous thread was by Dawn too. Firstly, 'Manson is a pedophile' is her signature. Secondly, farmhands always delete her posts. Just ignore.

No. 1083014

File: 1605469377936.jpeg (502.02 KB, 1707x717, DBB8E86F-A0FA-4752-879B-737C15…)

Manson fucked over several ex band members. Scott Putesky, Brad Stewart, and Stephan Bier all sued him for being squeezed out of royalties.


No. 1083443

It's no secret that he exploited the original band members. He used them to get famous, then picked a new line-up after he was done with them. Stephen Bier's FB page is probably the best place to find financial dirt on Manson. Everyone in the fanbase ignores everything he's said about him because everyone thinks he's basically batshit now, but there's a lot of truth to his sperging.

No. 1083513

File: 1605496801731.jpeg (327.14 KB, 1234x1413, 6F13F620-10C4-4E00-8E05-B8C4D5…)


Agree about Stephen Bier. It was already discussed a few threads back but Manson sued Bier’s ex girlfriend, Seraphim Ward, for supposedly claiming she was engaged to Manson. She countered that Manson stalked and harassed her for months.


No. 1083760

> “Today marks 6 months as a union with the love of my life, tomorrow 1 month since our mother passed and 31 months sober. I’m extremely grateful for my cherished support system– every single day.

> In these next days, I intend (and intent is half the battle) on celebrating these life-changing milestones in all their beauty, in all their strength, in all their sadness and will be remembering that to coexist with love, loss and every unique feeling you may have along the way is the true essence of living. Please know you are not alone. As always, much love to everyone.”

Does anyone else have a hard time believing she's sober lol? The article is here: https://metalheadzone.com/marilyn-manson-wife-lindsay-puts-three-milestones-on-the-table-that-changed-her-life/amp/#

No. 1083772

I just feel bad that she has to be sober and deal with him because I think it’s safe to say he’s nowhere near sober. Imagine your “partner in life” or whatever he thing he chooses to call her besides wife gets sober and you care so little about that person you’re still drinking and doing drugs around them regularly. Great support system.

No. 1083778

File: 1605542075872.jpeg (49.16 KB, 420x643, 7DD4FEC2-525A-4DDB-A23C-E9CF32…)

Idk, Lindsay’s claimed sobriety before. There’s another cap of her denying she’s ever been to rehab that I can’t find atm.

No. 1083832


>Legendary frontman Marilyn Manson’s wife

oh my

>and talented photographer

lol what?

She speaks about being sober now as if it is a great achievement for her.

No. 1083837


Don’t forget famous movie director Hahaha

Metalhead Zone has such a boner for Lindsay, it’s ridiculous.

No. 1083852

So someone finally called her his wife since he didn't have a time to praise her publicly in these six months of marriage.
LOL, I posted the famous movie director article, glad it's mentioned again.

No. 1083888

She lying again. If she ever was an actual addict she could never be with someone who's actively using next to her. Sober my ass. And LOVE OF MY LIFE? Linds, he cheated on you countless times, called you a pig, never mentioned your marriage online. The feeling is definitely mutual kek

No. 1084084

File: 1605561777870.jpeg (346.45 KB, 1079x1932, F140D390-3EB7-40C8-8FF6-0C7590…)

No. 1084340

I’m convinced Lindsay’s a beard.
She returns to social media just months before they get married, buys herself 300k+ bots, drops subtle hints of marriage without an official announcement, supports hate accounts meant to intimidate MIB and his victims, shows her wedding ring that’s a Dita copycat, all while pushing the ‘good guy/happy couple’ narrative when there’s plenty of evidence Manson treated her like shit. Mentally ill serial abusers don’t suddenly change, his abuse allegations will follow him forever. Lindsay is either very foolish or paid.

No. 1084400

She's both. She wouldn't have harassed side-girls if she didn't “love” him in some capacity.

No. 1084469


When you say that she supports hate accounts, do you mean accounts that hate on Manson? WTF??? this is hella weird. Lindsey's so desperate either way. I dont get how Manson isnt freakin embarrassed by the lovey dovey insta stories posted on his account. CRINGEEEEE. I would be willing to bet it's not him whos posting it LMAO

No. 1084483

I might be in the minority here, but I don’t think Lindsay has any control on Manson or his account. He wants to promote the happily married image to counter the abuse allegations. If his new wife says he’s a good guy he can’t be capable of such atrocities, right? (eye roll) It’s PR.

Lindsay follows and likes @oatmealosbourne, an account that bullies and fakes evidence against victims.

No. 1084521

She at least has enough leverage to convince him to let her manage his Instagram account and post all that sappy bullshit about their wedding. If it was up to him, they probably wouldn't have even gotten married. I think she definitely has some dirt on him or he wouldn't show her off in public or pretend to acknowledge her.

No. 1084535

I'm sure hes on his insta lots too but there's no way Linds isnt all up in his business running his account too, probs checking all his dm's and posting that cringy stuff on his stories. I think it works against him because who's he trying to fool? He's marilyn fucking manson. Pretending hes all picture perfect now just makes him look worse and even guilty.

Idk about all of yous but I liked the apple interview he did a while back. He did seem more sincere and sober than usual. I'm fine with that but coloring his entire image beige like he is doing with all this sappy shit is such obvious clean up work by his people. Everyone he follows now is all clean industry people now and acting like hes above it all but then like he's sucking up to fan accounts and I cant even tell if their made by him, Linds or legit fan accoutns anymore.

I get what he or his people are trying to do but theyre laying it on a bit thick imho 😂

No. 1084542


>He wants to promote the happily married image

but it is cringe what they are promoting now.

No. 1084583

File: 1605619661117.jpg (152.63 KB, 738x1178, zWhjEjtrbWI.jpg)

Aww Lindsay. So the old slutty fuck has been somewhere the whole night and messaged you early morning? The day was shitty bc you tried to find out where was he and was asking him if he's looking for new troubles?

No. 1084650

That’s definitely the LA skyline (I used to live there) but that view wouldn’t be from his home. My guess is a hotel? A bit strange during a raging pandemic with LA under a stay at home order.

No. 1084653

He loves Chateau Marmont. Could be from there.

No. 1084654

She posted a story that night before that looks like the same skyline at night so this might be a reach. They live in the hills, why would this not be the skyline out of curiosity?

No. 1084658

You can see their house has a different view. It’s in the wrong location for that skyline pic. http://sereneliew87.blogspot.com/2013/10/marilyn-manson-gets-new-lair.html

No. 1084682

Umm… what is he doing at a hotel? Did one of them get corona?

No. 1084693

You got it in one. This is exactly what’s going on and has been since the first (UK) lockdown began. So what was that…April?

It’s a cover up operation.

No. 1084712

That was years ago. How do you know he hasn’t moved?

No. 1084731

File: 1605637090212.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1685x1341, 0BEEDEE5-429B-4AA8-A02F-8956E8…)

From Lindsay’s IG.

No. 1084743

So they're not even living together? Doesn't surprise me.

No. 1084767

Yeah I think Manson got the Rona because in his Apple interview he apparently had a “cold”. He’s prob quarantining

No. 1084776

File: 1605640595256.jpeg (253.02 KB, 1077x1967, 296E99F5-7380-4803-AAA1-19C7CA…)

With Lindsay though? Same skyline. What’s the point of quarantining together outside their home? Either they both stayed overnight at a hotel (?) in LA or Lindsay’s alone and took the photo herself.

No. 1084797

File: 1605641772349.jpeg (326.92 KB, 750x430, A48E5687-C09E-45B6-BEED-B67ABE…)

I think I know that hotel. It’s the London hotel in Hollywood. She said it was the anniversary of her mom dying right? Maybe she just needed to be in a different place than her house, understandable.

No. 1084802

I don’t understand what’s happening here. If they’re both staying at a hotel together, then why is he sending her a text?

No. 1084805

>She said it was the anniversary of her mom dying right? Maybe she just needed to
I am sorry for this.

No. 1084810

I suppose if her house is triggering. Just seems a bit odd when LA just ordered a stay at home when she appeared to be so careful of social distancing in previous IG stories.

No. 1084813

I read it as if she slept all day had so he took a picture and sent her a text of the sunrise so she could see it. I guess narcissists have their moments too.

No. 1084816

If anon >>1084731 is right then the house in which they are living now is triggering indeed. He fucked Gabriella, Clare, Lexus and who knows how many more women in this house.
Did her mother live with them? Why is the house triggering if we think there is a connection to her mother's death?
I don't think it was a hard day for her, I think half of what she says in stories is made up just to portray Manson as supportive and caring partner whom he never was.

No. 1084819

I kinda doubt Manson’s coherent enough to be a morning person.

No. 1084848

he wakes up before the crack of dawn. that anon is right…looks like they’re both just staying at the hotel together, and he woke up before her, and sent that text.

> I don't think it was a hard day for her, I think half of what she says in stories is made up just to portray Manson as supportive and caring partner whom he never was.

This. You hit the nail on the head. She sounds so fucking fake. Their sick relationship is based on anything but “love”.

No. 1084861

>he wakes up before the crack of dawn.

How do you know this? I can’t anything of the sort in interviews.

No. 1084871

Or he’s just awake until the sun comes up which seems more likely

No. 1084880

nta, he said in multiple interviews his creative time is up to 4 am.

No. 1084886

I suppose but it’s conjecture. I mean, we are to believe they stayed overnight at a hotel nearby defying a stay at home because her mother’s one month death anniversary, who Manson seemed to hate when alive, upset her enough to leave their house. Manson, a self-proclaimed homebody, texted her a sunrise photo in the same room while Lindsay slept away.

I guess anything’s possible, I wasn’t there.

No. 1084899

That sounds so fucking ridiculous, though. He isn't that thoughful, no matter how hard she tries to portray him as being that way. She probably took the picture herself, like she's done before. And I doubt her mother's death was that upsetting, especially to Manson.

No. 1084916

Y’all I know this random asf but does anybody know if he’s ever going on tour again? I know it sounds dumb but that man ain’t getting young and the whole Covid situation idk

No. 1084925

No one knows when live music will be a thing again.

No. 1084927

Probably when everybody starts touring again, he will too.
We here just hope he is going to get cancelled and will never tour again you see.

No. 1084929

I’m pretty sure his next tour is prison.(Dawn)

No. 1084930

Ive be a fan since I was a little girl. I came across this thread when I heard about the ERW story. I literally went through every thread and
1- I’m in shock, these stories are just insane to me. But I DO believe them. I believe the mansonisabusive stories that they post.
2- Yall are huge trolls , the missing tooth thread got me hollering.
3- What in thee fuck is Manson Baby Time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084932

Fuckin’ kek

No. 1084940

Plenty of artists are going on tour next summer 2021

No. 1084960

They’re all probably going to get canceled.

No. 1084996


Covid was massively profitable for digital entertainment, it's a lot easier to keep everyone home and make them pay to stream their entertainment than it is to put on a live show people only have to pay to get into. I doubt live shows will be a thing again until next spring after all the profitable holidays are over and people want to pay to go out and play again.

No. 1085004

You should write "sage" in the email field every time when you don't post anything important (=milky) on the subject. Please, avoid using emojis. If you follow the rules, you won't get banned next time.
Welcome to the thread regardless.

No. 1085335

File: 1605700384670.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, B785489B-81E8-44A5-A606-47EA26…)

Laney Chantal gives her opinion.

I sense a lot of rumbling going on under the surface, because of this interview.

No. 1085347

I wonder if Dita will change the side. That would be hilarious.
I am glad Laney finally spoke. But I don't like that she kept giving him new girls when she knew he was abusive af.

No. 1085354

I don’t think she was ‘giving’ him new girls tbf. Laney has her own shit going on too. Let’s face it, that whole scene is complicated and fucked up. I see Manson and Wife are trying to sidle up to Corgan and Chloe, appearing to be all wholesome. Corgan only recently started following him again. I think there is a major campaign going on.

No. 1085356

File: 1605704294162.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 6D2CC9E4-9B28-41B5-B90C-604AAC…)

Laney is being more vocal on her make-up account. She’s posted a series of stories.
Ending with “I stand with my friends”.

No. 1085364

Corgan is a POS. It is so silly to make friends with him now.

>I don’t think she was ‘giving’ him new girls tbf.

there was a detailed post by anon explaining why they didn't like Laney in one of the threads, and I agree with them. Ofc she was not literally giving them to him but she was introducing them to him and she knew how that would end. Again I am just glad she spoke on the matter, but that's it for her from me.

No. 1085486

I remember the post, and of course I know they don’t mean literally giving. I’m just saying that whole crew was fucked up and chaotic. Maybe what they thought then - when they were all in and out of each others life (and don’t forget Lindsay was coming and going) - is not what they think or, more importantly, what they understand now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, anon.

No. 1085502

File: 1605722514805.jpeg (286.55 KB, 1377x1138, 15DF5838-B4C2-4FA9-ACE5-8514D9…)

Cap repost from first thread.

Laney introduced Lexus Amanda to Manson, I don’t believe (or we know of) any other women Laney introduced. In her defense she was married to Jeordie at the time and Lexus wanted to meet Manson. Could she have warned her, yes. But I imagine she didn’t want to make waves against her husband’s boss within that fucked up circle.

No. 1085528


They paid Metalhead Zone?

>Marilyn Manson’s Wife Pens A Romantic Letter To Show How Grateful She’s To Have Marilyn In Her Life


Manson, dear, it won't help you. It's fake and staged.

No. 1085590

Was it established she introduced Gabriella?

Metalhead Zone is a c-level tabloid, they often post Lindsay’s stories.

No. 1085603

I don't know, I just guessed anon meant Gabriella.

No. 1086013

I think if Dita were to speak out against him that'd be it for him. Given that he cheated on her with Evan, it'd be big for Dita to stand up and publicly have her back alongside Rose, Esme and the others.

No. 1086036

What the ACTUAL fuck is up with those cringe Metalhead Zone articles? Every time Lindsey posts about them, theres an article they write and it's SO poorly written. Like a 9th grader decided to try journalism kinda bad. I'm convinced Lindsey is writing this under a pseudonym because I don't get it otherwise. No one gives a shit about what some nobody loser with no ambition, drive or talent is writing about her famous husband.

No. 1086100

Gabriella. She had been close friends with Laney long before she met Manson. Laney is the only link between them. Gabriella was never his fan and it is unlikely he found her on Model Mayhem or searching Instagram.


>Hindsight is a wonderful thing, anon.

it is a good thing but it doesn't undo actions which were harmful to other people. The same applies to Ashley Walters tbh. They are two women I cannot bring myself to sympathize with.

No. 1086154

File: 1605794174400.png (2.12 MB, 1125x2001, 5BF9637E-DC8C-44A3-9122-01316B…)

No. 1086184

Just the way he talks about women is so gross. I cringe when people say “he’s so intelligent in interviews.” How? Where? This man has never taken a stand on anything. He doesn’t have solid political opinions. He doesn’t comment on social issues. It’s usually just him slagging off some woman, usually his partner or ex-partners. There’s a subtext or misogyny in everything he says, he’s just gross.

No. 1086213

I noticed it’s the same journalist who keeps publishing Lindsay’s stories like it’s news. Metalhead Zone doesn’t report on Ashley’s stories who’s also married to a rockstar. My only conclusion is the journalist is a fanboy and sucking up to Manson.

His girlfriend was in a major car accident and that’s all he has to say? Not thank goodness she survived but “I don’t like people who kill my cars.” His compassion is overwhelming.

No. 1086299

No compassion whatsoever. The way he talks about women kinda frustrates me. He doesn’t take a standpoint when it comes to social issues but he did post a “BLM” pic on his Instagram, which is bs because we all know he’s racist.

No. 1086360

File: 1605811951995.jpeg (695.68 KB, 1496x1513, C2352E38-5AD2-4B79-AF83-00B402…)

That’s the same hotel balcony. She’s so upset about her mother that she’s modeling for Maisonatia?

No. 1086501

Interviews from 90's and 2000, anon. Especially Hollywood era. Video interview on youtube, articles. 2003 ones were entertaining too in the sense that he talked a lot about 20's and 30's art and cinema. But that's about it. His current interviews sound like an aged white fuckboy and you cannot seek any intelligence in them.

That comment on Esme's car crash is nauseating.
Sage for blogpost but I hate how he portrays himself as bad women's victim in his songs. No matter what he's the one "hurt by love" and destroyed by woman (Threats of Romance, THEOL album). And now he's poor cause some reckless woman wrecked his toy, even managed to spoil Games of Thrones for him, poor Manson.

No. 1086534

Like I said, they are sidling up to Corgan and Chloe, another branch of the happy families wholesome front. She’s supporting Mason Atia, they via Chloe are sharing stories from Cete. It’s an orchestrated puke fest. Seems right now people are gearing up and placing bets on which side to be on.

Tinfoil is that if this ever goes to go, ‘this’ being multiple girls alleging abuse, Manson’s defence will be that it was all consensual and role playing etc. He won’t deny the Esme stuff if it came to the crunch, and, as anon said the ‘flogging’ marks look just like shibari rope ties which countless goth ethots and boring bdsm fashion whores share relentlessly. It’s going to be hard to pin anything on him.

No. 1086537

*goes to court

No. 1086644

Why do you people keep beating a dead horse? It’s too late for Evan or Esme to take Manson to court. Unless something happens where a bunch of women start coming forward. The only other thing they really can do is out him in the media, or they can be used as witnesses to testify against Manson if something has come up about him.

And the defense regarding the Bdsm will be that maybe these women did consent, but he mis-used “Bdsm” to abuse them.

No. 1086760

> Unless something happens where a bunch of women start coming forward.
…multiple girls alleging abuse.

> but he mis-used “Bdsm” to abuse them.

… It’s going to be hard to pin anything on him.

So I think we’re at an impasse.

No. 1086821

You don’t know any of this. That’s presumptive. You are not a judge or jury to decide anything. So no, NOT “impasse”.

No. 1086910

Did he really say that?! Only a pedophile would say something like that. It’s no wonder he married Lindsay. He uses her as a cover being with a woman that looks his age so he doesn’t look like a freak dating little children.

No. 1086932


I hate saying this but what I hate even more is the hate against the bdsm gang. I will believe his ex's because that's my default. I'm in that bdsm world and I've seen girls regret shit and pin it on the guys way more than I can even count. But then so many accusations from more than one woman in mm's case does not work in his favor. Just trying to stay objective but I'm failing because it's hard to dismiss so many. He has an easy way out with the bdsm stuff for sure though. it may not be socially acceptable but it's legal and at your own risk sorta thing. If he was actually smart, he'd play that angle if push comes to shove. Judging by his recent official statement though and his bs fluffy Lindsey stories that ain't happening lmao like who are you kidding omfg

No. 1086938

If it wasn’t consensual it wasn’t bdsm. The bdsm community should be ashamed of him for breaking the most important rule. Being chased with an axe, downloading spyware on your phone, death threats, locked in a room against your will, and severe narcissistic abuse in no way would be confused for bdsm.

No. 1086958

Marilyn Manson is a sick pedophile going to jail!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1086963

Those marks look terrible!!!! Did she consent to that?! Did she consent to being permanently scarred?!!

No. 1086964

I find it interesting that Evan’s testimony has been out for a year and they are now just bringing it up. They also put in the interview about other “allegations” that Manson also brushed off. Makes me think someone contacted this media or they saw it somewhere on social media.

No. 1086982

There was an anon who was friends with a journalist who wrote about Manson. It could be that anon, and I am grateful to them if so.

No. 1087708

File: 1605945096307.jpeg (215.98 KB, 1536x602, F1CAB719-1F75-4329-AA87-BD2A88…)

Because I keep seeing fan accounts claiming Evan supports Amber Heard to discredit her, that’s bullshit. In 2016 Evan defended AH’s bisexuality. That’s the only time Evan ever mentioned Heard.


No. 1087712

File: 1605945546004.jpeg (347.58 KB, 1636x876, B0D25064-1619-4B80-B372-D1905B…)

Pertaining to bdsm.

No. 1089119

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. When was that tweeted? ERW doesn't have twitter right?>>1087712

No. 1089161

File: 1606098042850.png (79.34 KB, 718x728, Screenshot_20201122-201905~2.p…)

Apparently, he was replaced on The Stand.

No. 1089259

File: 1606109185371.png (667.1 KB, 1125x2001, FAC09336-E629-4DF3-BB50-DD9295…)

No. 1089260

File: 1606109222480.jpeg (290.07 KB, 1109x1241, 85CE4E7A-069F-4764-9DD1-E5295E…)

I noticed Madelyn was called out. lol

Evan tweeted that around the time she testified for the Phoenix Act. 2018, I believe.

He lost a lot of fans over this, the abuse allegations have become mainstream knowledge.

No. 1089262

Your profile pic is showing.

No. 1089263

Time to change my profile picture ;\(;\)

No. 1089268

That account should be shut down by IG, they’re basically admitting to stalking and harassing MIB.

No. 1089277

He got replaced by Ezra Miller? From a scumbag to another.

No. 1089312

>He lost a lot of fans over this
Did he?

No. 1089321

Hahahahaha. It’s funny these accounts are calling her out - but isn’t the whole “stalker” thing Manson’s spiel he lies about and tells to other girls? This is what he must be feeding to Lindsay while he talks to this Madelyn behind her back.

No. 1089330

File: 1606129914033.png (416.17 KB, 720x1217, screenshot237002.png)

I don't know what's going on but I don't think he was replaced due to the allegations, because he joined another TV series. But why did he release and shortly after removed from the internet the song he had covered for The Stand?

No. 1089356

He’s in a show called
“Creep show” Hahahaha. No way. How fitting.
Seems suspicious that they would remove him from The Stand - a very famous movie, and then he deletes the song. Whatever he’s trying to hide by deleting it… it’s out there and people still know he did the song.

No. 1089393

Evan does have twitter.

No. 1089428

Pretty sure she hasn't had a twitter account in a long time. Google shows nothing.

No. 1089430

I dont really see it as suspicious. That song came out like last year and it had to be pulled I assume because of the Doors copyrights. That's what someone mentioned on reddit anyway. And the Stand is a tv show.

Im kinda mad he's in Creepshow though cause I love the original.

No. 1089452

No. 1089541

File: 1606153623838.jpeg (401.41 KB, 1092x1931, 4769DA2A-763E-4AF6-91F7-F7E5F2…)

“you were warned” - MIB should report the threats.

I think he has. He’ll always have a diehard core fanbase but I’m seeing more ‘cancel Manson’ posts on social media lately, especially tiktok and reddit.

No. 1090234

How did his new album perform sales wise ??

No. 1090688

File: 1606253879497.png (2.42 MB, 1125x2001, 9E0C8D0C-091F-4AD7-A34D-504371…)

No. 1090808

File: 1606257882076.jpeg (174.65 KB, 1468x555, EA4D72AA-CA2C-4F85-AC54-EC871A…)

No. 1090873

lol I'm amused by the fact that Lindsay gained 50000 followers in two weeks. It's embarrassing. How does she not get that it's obvious she's buying followers? Literally no one who's not a Manson fan knows about her. No one. 50000 people in 2 weeks!!!!! Like anyone can see through this.. who's she kidding? It's so sad.

No. 1090899

Idek why she bothers buying followers in the first place, there is nothing special that she does. I guess she wants to seem relevant

No. 1090966

File: 1606267176405.jpeg (190.91 KB, 1087x1818, BB03F994-9B15-4506-B458-8D2D94…)

What do you mean anon, her new follows look totally legit. Kek

Apparently she doesn’t care how it looks or what people think, it’s all about the number. If she truly had 435k followers her posts would average more then 15k likes.

Manson started with the bots too, idk whose bad idea this was.

No. 1091040

lol @ Michael Jackson. Whoever does PR for him is an idiot. With that statement they released recently and all this followers shit like come on YIKES

No. 1092674

File: 1606477252069.jpg (342.88 KB, 1002x667, Goose and turkey.jpg)

Happy Thanksgiving

No. 1092819

Love it, anon.

No. 1092839

Happy thanksgiving y’all

No. 1095111

File: 1606737673940.jpg (75.48 KB, 786x489, MsSCxCu.jpg)

Evan's close friend Illma Gore followed @mansonisabusive.
Now his fanbase can't say they don't know who Evan is talking about or sHe nEVeR SaId iT wAs MaNSoN.

No. 1095336

File: 1606758217707.jpeg (290.42 KB, 1181x1137, 7FAB325A-F91B-46A7-B41E-0BC508…)

Illma Gore reposted Evan’s testimony several times on her Twitter and specifically called out Manson.

You’d have to be in denial or an idiot to think Evan and Esme aren’t talking about Manson, the problem lies with fans making excuses for him no matter what.

No. 1095718

Her tweet makes no sense. The things she is linking to are clearly in support of ERW. Er…?

No. 1095753

Yes, she’s supporting her friend ERW.

No. 1095828

File: 1606797403235.png (105.53 KB, 720x666, Screenshot_20201130-180407~3.p…)

No. 1095898

That could be his fans.

This is hilarious. I think he told Lindsay to do so.

4:19 trashes his victims on Instagram
4:20 complains about Madelyn talking trash to his fans

No. 1096162

I don't understand your problem??

No. 1096165

Calm your tits, I just didn’t understand the tweet at first. Gore has worded it in an arse about face way.

No. 1097000

File: 1606890124236.jpg (73.41 KB, 668x655, creen1.jpg)

I know that many are going to get angry, but, I think we should be more impartial, and not just blame the men always, because the women are not totally saints:
Asia Argento, who began the #MeToo movement, was acussed ironically of sex abuse for a young actor, Jimmy Bennett,
some links:

No. 1097001

File: 1606890498547.jpg (38.79 KB, 340x436, 1711cu.jpg)

And Jessika Adamms has questionable behavior too, and a boy commented about some experiences with her:

No. 1097015

File: 1606891369019.jpeg (85.49 KB, 750x275, 300DB592-04A0-4DC1-B613-75F86E…)

Asia Argento didn’t start the #metoo movement? I’ve never even heard of her tbh. Either way, you’re taking a few stories about women potentially being exceptions to the rule, that men comment like 98% of violent sex crimes, and pretending it evens out the scale. Women can be evil, doesn’t mean that men are responsible for way more shit in the world.

No. 1097017

maybe she not began totally, but she was active in that, and she ironically also abused,

No. 1097018

File: 1606891852225.jpg (130.48 KB, 1293x566, evmm.jpg)

Evan is the same, she wasn`t a saint neither, experiences of some fans:

No. 1097086

Skold wasn‘t with Manson on The High End Of Low tour.

No. 1097088

I think it was toxic all the way around. No matter how young she was at the time, 18-year-olds know not to fuck married men. It seems like she's embarrassed about what happened between them and now she wants to play victim. And that's not to down-play whatever happened to her, but she's no better than him if everything that's been written about her is true. The abuse wasn't as one-sided as she tried to make it sound.

Honestly, it doesn't sound like any of the women he's been with weren't shitty to at least some degree. Rose is pretending to be an abuse advocate, Dita's not as classy as she pretends to be (e.g. Amie Nicole Harwick's messages with @mansonisabusive). And what hasn't Lindsay done? It almost makes me feel bad for him, not to white-wash his image. If he would've gone to therapy and lived a normal life, maybe he wouldn't be where he is now.

No. 1097128


You're doing a real shit job of trying to discredit victims by posting strawman arguments. Regardless of if they were toxic, that in no way justifies the things they've described he's done to them. Fuck off.

No. 1097131

Asia Argento is Manson's best friend. If you wanted to defend Manson with that silly post, you failed.

We agreed she is a cow and unstable herself. It doesn't cancel everything she said about Manson though, especially given the fact that many of her words proved to be true by other people.

He was whoring around and she was not supposed to be jealous? Dan Cleary literally said Manson broke Evan over 1 year. You could guess she could be unstable at some moments given how much pressure he put her under.

> but she's no better than him if everything that's been written about her is true.
what was written about her? wanna bring some caps? He raped and tortured several women, probably had sex with underage girls, drugged them, abused his fans, and you say she is no better than him? Your post here can't earn you +1 like from Lindsay or Manson, it is anonymous, little wk.

thank you.

No. 1097189

Jessicka has her own thread. As much as I can’t stand that nauseating cow, this whole story is a reach. I followed it as it unfolded, and the guys accusing her of molestation were clearly attention starved trolls.

No. 1097225

File: 1606921295662.png (503.15 KB, 750x1334, DFDF869D-B912-4115-8A2E-26FB19…)


Would be great if you would share the link to that YouTube video.
Also, Jeordie White and Andy Gerold played guitar and bass during that tour. No Tim there.
Manson saying "I didn't even do anything." is the most ridiculous "evidence" I've ever read about. If you really believe that you are fucking dumb.
Evan herself said that because of the abuse she acted out a lot which would make her seem crazy to others.
Of course she's ashamed! That's why it took her years to talk about it.

No. 1097254

>No matter how young she was at the time, 18-year-olds know not to fuck married men. It seems like she's embarrassed about what happened between them and now she wants to play victim.

That’s the biggest stretch ever. More like 36 year old married men should know better not to cheat with teenagers. And Manson has a history of dating teenagers. Manson groomed Evan, who knows what he told her about his marriage but since he seems to shit talk his side chicks I assume it wasn’t good. He was in the position of power and abused it.

No. 1097259

his entire life is him acting out about his own abuses, when does anyone start taking responsibility is it excuse turtles all the way down? they all suck, hollywood sucks. i am glad she is exposing him though and yeah he should've known better but if we're all going to blame our trauma on being an asshole….?? he is the king of assholes for a reason. not that i feel sorry for him but shouldn't they? should that not be part of their newfound trauma-aware hollywood aesthetic…maybe i'm reaching too

No. 1097286

File: 1606930763332.jpeg (244.18 KB, 750x1131, 83702EDA-B487-4C73-8A13-EA8B6D…)

I agree people should take responsibility but the problem is Manson never has. He hangs up on reporters asking abuse questions, talks trash about his victims, continues to abuse people. Asking his victims to forgive him because he was abused himself would be difficult if he refuses to help himself or change.

No. 1097363

Is she talking about 666fearless in that cap?

No. 1097432

I’m not sure, it would seem so. Mansonisabusive would probably have an answer.

No. 1097462

What are the message between amie Nicole and mansonisabusive you are referencing? And how is this linked to Dita?

No. 1097488

Do not type anything in the name field. Use sage mode. Read the first post, it has references to first threads, choose a thread and do ctrl+F. Learn to integrate.

No. 1097770

Oh wait… so now people are finally starting to wake up to the fact about Manson’s fake accounts, when someone already has been exposing it for quite a while.

No. 1097848

what is the thread of Jessika Adamms?, Is possible that she had molested that underage guys

No. 1097852


And, then, when she going to take responsability for herself and all her acts?, anything is blame of him?,
But if he does some, they say it´s only is blame of his, but if she does some, all is blame of others?
She was age of majority , she was 20 years old when lived with him, an adult, even 18 is age of majority, you already have adult responsibilities. I'm not say that him is a pigeon, but this girls enter in strange games too, many times too. They are age of majority,
When, then, the girls to take responsability of her acts too?
Evan had low self-esteem, before to meet to him, but Manson too, Manson HAS low self-esteem in his serious relationships too, in this case the imbalance is of both, they were both unstable, many people have low self-esteem, and is for this reason that in many occasions, all of us commit foolish acts, and they aren`t exception, these problems often come from childhood. He is insecure too, he seems to have a emotional dependency,
Even that silly threats of death, seems to be desperate attempts not to be abandoned, but not real. If that had been, simply he would have.
On the other hand, she say that the people insulted her, when was with him, and for that she felt bad too, but, how many times he had been insulted for many people?
How many times he had been threatened with death, true threats of death?.
Like all people, I think that they should check themselves internally. This is something difficult because these problems often come from childhood,
But it is possible, this isn´t the product only of a relationship. And for this, precisely one of the first steps is to take more responsibility for themselves.
Many of our decisions are also failures of us, and they are internal failures,
I think that he is afraid of being abandoned, this causes him to do silly things, he should to work his self-esteem too, and not having emotional dependence on anyone, and trusting more in himself in a relationship too,
I'm sorry to say it, but romantic ideas in the Shakespearean style or Bonnie and Clyde are silly, it is pure emotional dependence, and therefore catastrophe for a couple and breaks the stability of someone who precisely does not want to be abandoned. Sometimes we must even learn to be alone too, and not depend on another, love ourselves more to be better with ourselves and maintain better relationships, learn that breaking up with a partner is not a tragedy.
This is their inside job. They should take this as an apprenticeship
We are here to learn.

I'd like both of them to apologize, and try to improve within themselves(newfag)

No. 1097855

Here: >>>/snow/935041

Please sage your post if you’re not posting a screenshot.

No. 1097858

No. 1097860

I´m totally agree.

No. 1097868

Type “sage” into the email field.

What about them? What does that have to do with Manson?

You’re dismissing or not addressing that Manson has several other victims. You’re asking us to sympathize with someone who has intentionally hurt many people.

No. 1097878


But they enter to that games voluntarily too. Now, someone regret it, but it is a matter of self-esteem too. We all know how those sadomasochists games are like in his book, but they enter voluntarily. Some enjoy them, others after a while repented.

No. 1097880

They didn’t agree to be abused, his victims have said he grooms them first. Being chased with an axe >>1082406 and being emotionally destroyed is not sadomasochism gone wrong. Having spyware unknowingly downloaded on your phone and your life controlled is not “regret.”

No. 1098100

Please just face the fact that Manson drugged and severely abused several women mentally and physically and shut up. What these women did while they were suffering doesn't matter.
Let's not forget that he locked them in rooms for hours, controlled their weight, publicly humiliated and cheated on them. Of course he's to blame.

No. 1098291

I was probably one of the few ppl that did believe about his fake accounts when it was first brought up a couple of threads ago.
I think the only ones that are saying nasty things to and about victims, and defending & lying for MM is: 666fearless, Lindsay, & Manson… or any other of his “people”.

No. 1098300

@leslee_lane talks so much shit about his victims on Discord as well. She's completely mental. Claims she had threesomes with Manson and Dita/Evan on Discord. Batshit.

No. 1098365

File: 1607031881688.jpeg (187.21 KB, 1319x1099, C63E6CBA-E082-48E8-88B7-5F9184…)

Crazy. Lindsay follows two @leslee_lane accounts, are they friends? They also targeted Madelyn. >>1089260

No. 1098497

Or… is Lindsay also part of Manson’s fake account scams? And that ‘Leslie Lane’ is just one of her fake accounts too? It’s already been proven and talked about in the previous threads she has had fake accounts in the past.

No. 1098527

It’s certainly sketchy. Either Lindsay is behind that account or she’s friends with a mentally ill fan spreading outlandish rumors. Either way it’s clear Lindsay and Manson want to discredit his victims anyway possible.

No. 1098624

Lindsay follows most of the accounts that defend him, but I doubt she's behind most of them. Leslee seems like Dawn. Everyone was spreading tinfoil about her being related to whatever bullshit Lindsay and Manson are doing to discredit victims. Really, I doubt any of them even know each other in real life.

No. 1098671

Idk, I can’t see Dawn being behind @leslee_lane, their writing style is not the same. None of us know for sure if Lindsay is behind accounts but it is a bit suspicious she’s following @anonymouslove1983 when it’s a private account with only 7 followers if she doesn’t know her.

No. 1098681

My guess was also that Lindsay is behind Leslee Lane, because this account is also very keen on keeping the happy couple story going on Youtube. But after taking a closer look at her account, I think it's a different person.(namefag)

No. 1098685

She has a YouTube? Can you link it pls.

>But after taking a closer look at her account, I think it's a different person.

You might be right but what makes you think that? Her account seems pretty generic, just pics of Lindsay and Manson with basic hashtags.

No. 1098700

Not OP, but her channel isn't hard to find. It's right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTV-D65qnMc6lsB56BhHVLw

And every fan account is like that. They all post the same edited pictures of them together with some lovey-dovey quote from one of his songs. Very few fan accounts are actually interesting anymore. They all kiss her ass now.

No. 1098701

Why don't you post caps?
It's unsafe for anybody from us to join their discord now when you announced it.
Fucking loads of newfags have found the thread again. Nothing new, only dumb people.

No. 1098706

She also has own pictures on her account. Sure, it could be someone else but I just have the feeling that this person isn't Lindsay. Although I wouldn't put it past her 100% being behind other fan accounts, praising herself.

No. 1098708

Please read the rules and learn to sage.

No. 1098735


He has his phone controlled by Lindsay too. You just have to have more character against your partner,

No. 1098751

sage for bullshit, but was anyone else a fan at one point? I was all about his edgelord music as young teenager, and reading through these threads makes me feel really dumb for it? Like, how could I ever have had his albums? lolcow is leaking into my IRL

No. 1098756

Yep. Bought a ton of albums, merch, went to one of his shows (which was laughably bad btw). I read his autobiography and teenage me was so taken with it. Weirdly enough the way he talks about women and groupies in that book disgusts me today.
He was king of the edgelords. We all grew up, he deteriorated

No. 1098835

Do you mean @a_butterfly_next_to_your_flame? Unrelated to @leslee_lane, but I spoke to her around a month ago and she's supposedly gotten close with Lindsay and Manson after she met them at a meet and greet. She admitted that she was one of the main fan accounts that harassed Michelle. But she blocked me after that, and I don't want to post caps of the messages she sent because I don't want the harassment if she did end up reading the threads.

No. 1098849

you literally said the time when you spoke with her and the topic, she'll find who you are if she finds the threads anyways.



No. 1098874

File: 1607082562075.jpg (162 KB, 360x1073, jen_hanuschak_20201204_054348.…)

Nevermind. If she found the thread, I'd be doxxed anyway. I unsent my messages and blocked her too a little bit after I realized she'd blocked me.

No. 1098888

So basically Lindsay asked them to harass Michele?

No. 1098898

She never clarified. I just assumed that she did it on her own. Michelle was active in 2016(?). Lindsay's accounts kept getting deleted and everyone still hated her then, so I don't think she had anything to do with it. Asking fans to harass people for her seems to be more of a recent thing.

No. 1098900

Michelle is from 2018.

No. 1098908

Either way, Lindsay's earliest post is from November 30, 2019, so the time-lines still don't match up. I still don't think she had anything to do with it, not because I'd put it past her, but because she didn't have an account with her name attached to it then.

No. 1098977


and I don't think they meant fearless. She didn't delete her account, it is still up. In addition to that, I don't think Lindsay or his fans wanted to remove her account, I am very confident she works for MM.

No. 1098996

“He’s all about personal responsibility.” Lmao By hanging up on reporters?

The mental gymnastics used by his fans to defend him would be comical if it wasn’t sad. Suure, the allegations are all Mansonisabusive’s fault.. never mind that she uses public information.

Maybe they mean LKB?? She didn’t delete her account but she went private.

No. 1099013

Maybe she was confused about who I was talking about, but I directly mentioned @666fearless and that's what she responded with. Neither of us brought up Louise.

No. 1099041

It does make sense for 666fearless, she deleted all her original screenshots from her account and replaced them with the Judd/Manson harassment stuff. I kinda doubt fans had anything to do with that though, fearless seems.. a bit odd, imo. I believe most of her allegations but her behaviour is strange.

No. 1099081

She doesn't post anything about Manson. The last time I checked her account it was summer. I recall reading 'used my email he was given to by his former employer'. Sis, Manson exploited you on so many levels, even Louise has guts to spell his name correctly on Twitter. Former employer, my ass.

No. 1099120

Yes, and now she’s saying Judd “stole” her information from Manson which implies Manson did nothing wrong here. She previously posted a ton of screenshots and accused Manson of being a narcissistic creep. Why is she protecting him now?

Additionally, I used to follow her when she posted the Manson screens. Never talked to her. She removed almost all of her followers and blocked them, me included, when she deleted the screens and went private.

No. 1099270

Stole from Manson? Lol
What's about that crazy girl who spammed her email? What was her name? Darcey?
Yeah, Manson did nothing wrong. 100%.

No. 1099400

File: 1607118102161.jpeg (132.51 KB, 828x1351, A4AB3BA0-DA4A-4F63-8396-612A78…)

You’re right, it’s not….

No. 1099698

What does that have to do with anything?

No. 1099971

How can one person be so far up Manson's ass? She needs help.

No. 1100020

File: 1607171493394.jpg (83.37 KB, 641x380, E9pMjsl.jpg)

The cow is seeking help again.
Look who is trying to make it up with John 5.
Rose turned her back on him, I don't think John will do anything better than just a like or a thank you.

No. 1100056

Exactly, the Darcy email:
In those caps she said Manson passed her email around and let Judd and Lindsay use his phone to harass her. How would she even know Judd stole her info unless Manson or Judd told her that and why would she believe it after everything they put her through.

I honestly can’t tell if that’s a compliment or not.

No. 1100345

File: 1607199817258.jpg (279 KB, 1183x433, marcy_20201205_141853.jpg)

Do you mean Marcy?

No. 1100412

I was just agreeing with that anon about how there is no way that account is Dawn because she’s against Manson, and she’s currently his biggest threat and enemy. That’s why Manson sent that account to DM her. Hahaha, what a pussy. He’s too scared to talk to her himself so he sends “Leslee Lane”, whoever she is, to message her. I don’t know if she really is a friend of Manson and Lindsay, or it’s a fake account, but that person knew about how Dawn is going after Manson.

No. 1100422

File: 1607205263873.jpeg (164.8 KB, 753x1053, B48F0088-F4D8-4967-B782-416372…)

Yes, it’s Marcy. Sorry.

I’m genuinely sorry fearless is being stalked/harassed but put the blame where it belongs. Judd didn’t have to steal shit.

No. 1100553

File: 1607213445572.jpeg (116.94 KB, 827x1699, E8B2F1A5-9D24-4F45-BDFD-021582…)

Last December they even tried to send Lindsay’s mom to talk to Dawn, but she never accepted the message, and then Hope deleted it.

No. 1100559

666fearless isn’t legit. She protects Manson. She also sent Dawn a DM threatening her.

No. 1100596

File: 1607215592501.jpg (239 KB, 720x771, dumb_bitch_20201205_182545.jpg)

Has anyone ever actually gotten a response from Lindsay and kept the messages? Because I'd love to see how often she's active on IG. It's like she has nothing better to do. I wonder how she finds the time to be so well-read, spend with “her man,” and be that vain.

How is everyone getting so much information about Dawn? I follow her on IG and she hasn't posted anything about Manson in a while. And regardless of Michelle's intentions, the caps she posted were still legit.

No. 1100931


Wow, This sounds like he was either high af or a slightly demented grandpa struggling to use a phone keyboard. Jesus Christ, does the guy even write his own lyrics anymore or can he string a whole sentence together?

No. 1102121

She probably has nothing better to do than being on Instagram around the clock. Work doesn't seem to be an issue either.
I don't understand how they always call her a "photographer".
Professional training? Photo jobs? Nothing. Her photos are completely amateurish btw.

No. 1102303

Ellie Jayden posted a new Manson abuse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atfYhfKHmpg

No. 1102460

Exactly. Professional photographers don't use IG filters on their pictures. The only reason she gets any attention is because of Manson.

No. 1102610

I sent her a message about two months ago when I saw she posted a couple of posts in her IG story that were from mansonisabusive & that’s when I got the the information. I’m guessing she probably hasn’t said much about him because she’s just been working on the lawsuit against him & nothing will be out about it until sometime next year.

That is sketch as fuck. It sounds to me like fearless is trying to manipulate victims by trying to act like ‘one of them’ to gain their trust just so she get information out of them. Because that doesn’t add up why she would care what anyone says about Manson when she went around saying awful shit about him. I agree with what another anon said, I think she really works for him.

No. 1102693

> I’m guessing she probably hasn’t said much about him because she’s just been working on the lawsuit against him & nothing will be out about it until sometime next year.

Are we really still pretending that he stole something from her? I thought we'd already agreed that she had nothing on him. There's enough shit about him out there without her making things up. A few months ago, I sent her caps from a random account on Twitter and she actually believed that it was Manson. There is absolutely no viable truth to her story. If she wants anyone to believe her, then she needs to share proof. It wouldn't hurt her credibility any more than it did when she decided to splurge about it on here. I was completely willing to believe her at first, but she ruined that with the how inconsistent her stories were.

No. 1102739

Who’s this “we”? I’m my own person. I’ve been following her story since last year, & dm’d with her, & I don’t see anything inconsistent about what she says.

She has a lawyer. I’m sure she has a lawyer because she’s ”making things up”.

> I sent her caps from a random account on Twitter and she actually believed that it was Manson.

Post the caps. Not sure why you would do that, but that’s shady, & it’s not far-fetched since he does use fake accounts.

No. 1102750

You must be new or Dawn in third person again. She’s been sperging about a lawsuit for almost two years and nothing yet.

No. 1102780

File: 1607405046046.jpg (123 KB, 360x963, dawn_20201207_230330.jpg)

There's nothing shady about it. I only did it to see if there was any method to her accusations. And there wasn't. She had no reason to believe that they were Manson. They changed their handle to @fleurnymphet and went private after I let them know about Dawn.

No. 1102785

She didn’t say anything about believing you. She just asked you questions about how you came about it & that it wouldn’t surprise her.

Why would you even have to let that account know about her? She’s never even spoke about that account. She’s posted about a different porn account.
He acts like some black guy on that account & posts about porn that fetishizes race. That’s racism. And it doesn’t sound too far off that Manson would be behind such a detestable & vile account like that considering the accusations about him being a racist piece of garbage.

No. 1102796

Why would he pretend to be a black man if he's racist? That doesn't make any sense. There's absolutely no proof that he owns that account or the other ones Dawn's accusing him of running. End of story.

No. 1102849

I don‘t think he‘s actually racist, he’s just an asshole that likes to use slurs. I wouldn‘t suppose it’s about him holding a deep grudge against people of color, he just really likes to be a dick. And his swastika tattoos reek more of his oh-so-edgy shtick and he might even think it‘s clever.

No. 1102932

Yeah, I remember when he called Charlyne Yi a "china man". That definitely was sexist and racist.

No. 1103040

>he’s just an asshole that likes to use slurs.

Which makes him a racist. No one who is sensitive to the plight of POC would use the N word even in jest. Too many people who knew or met him have accused him of racism for it to be a fluke.

No. 1103445

File: 1607487030733.png (145.35 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_20201208-214828~3.p…)

He's definitely trying to suck up to John now that Rose is done supporting him. He doesn't have anyone else to cover his ass, besides maybe Sköld or Johnny Depp, but he hasn't talked to Tim since he left the band in 2008 and Depp isn't a reliable alibi anymore.

No. 1103451

I think he’s referring to John Lennon who died on this day, 1980. The song Working Class Hero is a Lennon song.

No. 1103460

File: 1607489316526.jpeg (358.2 KB, 1536x1308, 88E41F3E-9635-4488-BC52-8C114D…)

They mean the podcast barely about music.

No. 1103462

File: 1607489565810.png (8.02 KB, 353x83, pathetic.jpg.png)

It's so ridiculous if it weren't so embarassing how she always puts her simple-minded nonsense underneath exactly after his posting. Can't she say it to his face? No, she has to hang out on Instagram around the clock. Must be a very exciting marriage.
Also interesting how comments are deleted that don't kiss her ass. I wonder who does that irony off
She really likes every single ass-kiss comment. Well, she has the whole day off.

No. 1103465

And Manson hasn't even liked her comment.

No. 1103545

He never once liked any of her comments, his best friend JD doesn't even follow her- that says something to, IMO.

No. 1103603

Wanted to post about that too. His post is dedicated to John Lennon, he died on that date. Her emotional intelligence must be below zero.

I don't think they are friends anymore. I noticed Manson got rid of the matching tattoo on his wrist.

No. 1103619

They are still following each other on IG and Lindsay is following Depp too. I think they are still friends but he just didn't give his friend public support for obvious reasons.
Removed tattoo? Any pictures where we can see that?

No. 1103654

File: 1607524669814.jpg (274 KB, 720x891, no reason_20201209_083618.jpg)

No. 1103725

Thank you!

You can read more about that tattoo here https://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/Marilyn_Manson%27s_tattoos

No. 1103807

I don't think he covered it up. You just can't see it clearly here. And the heart tattoo is still there.

No. 1103881

That picture was to show the anon that he hadn't covered it. And the spiral heart tattoo has nothing to do with Depp. That was one of the album logos from Eat Me, Drink Me.

No. 1104008

It looks covered.
Lindsay posted a lot of photos of cats with his hands, I think I'll look through them to see the tattoo.

No. 1104097

His wrist wasn't visible in any of the pictures she saved to her highlights. This picture: >>1103654 was from July. I don't think there are any more recent pictures where his tattoos were showing. Why would he have it removed anyway?

No. 1104354

Looks like he had that tattoo covered to distance himself from JD and the DV case. That's what Manson does.

No. 1104465

To add to that he likes every singe one of Ditas photos. He wants her back and it shows lol

No. 1104519

But he never tried to distance himself during divorce proceedings. He even made a statement about it: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/marilyn-manson-johnny-depp-amber-heard-divorce-he-was-completely-crucified-unjustly-a7225936.html Last time I checked, they still follow each other on IG.

Obviously, he never got over Dita in the first place. And he doesn't show up in the likes on most of Lindsay's posts.

No. 1104532


He likes all of her posts and pics.

No. 1104605


Lindsay likes and comments Dita's posts as well. They are both ass-kissers.

No. 1104608

That interview was four years ago. A lot has changed for Manson since then..

No. 1104799

Didn’t her mom die? What the fuck is this bitch always on IG posting acting like nothing? And that everything is butterflies and rainbows? The fake ass gold-digging bitch should enjoy it while she can because both of the worlds are going to come to crumble. The worthless slut should just slit her fucking wrists. Fuck both of these wastes of oxygen who do nothing for the world.

> Her emotional intelligence must be below zero.

And Manson has third-grade level intelligence.

Like I’m sure John Lennon cares about his pathetic tribute. He’s probably rolling in his grave that some racist sick pedophile is doing a tribute to him.

No. 1104838

I'm gonna assume Dawn is back: >>1104799

No. 1104843

When the mother died, there was nothing more important than to take a selfie in front of the mirror two weeks later with a "Mrs. Warner" stocking on Halloween to rub it in the face of the last fangirl that he married her, of course because of infinite love…
It's also interesting to see that a fan account was blocked, which was probably critical of her stupid "love" comment. Yes, "Mrs. Warner" spends a lot of time on Instagram. I don't think Manson blocks fans. He used to follow her haters on IG years ago.

No. 1104848

She was liking pictures from fan accounts on the same day she posted about Hope dying. She only did it for sympathy points. And we all know that none of his fans really like her as much as they seem to. They only kiss her ass because that's what they think he wants. If he was still following hate accounts, they'd turn on her again. Their love for her is superficial.

No. 1104858


Yes, the grief must've been immeasurable. But you have to set priorities. Instagram is more important.
Very funny also all these ass kissing accounts like for example "Lindsayusichfanclub". I seriously wonder, are these stupid 12 year old fangirls or is she behind it herself. Without a job she has all day. Oh, sorry, I forgot, she's one of the most talented photographers in the US!

No. 1104870

File: 1607667534321.jpg (172 KB, 960x852, narcissist_20201211_001741.jpg)

She used to make hate pages against herself to get attention from Manson, so it's definitely not unlikely for her to run her own fan accounts.

No. 1104889

I wouldn't put it past her.
And every time you think the film can't get any worse, you're proven wrong. Just under 500k followers. I estimate 75% bots and the rest are Manson fans. It should probably be made to appear that she has a career. Pathetic.

No. 1104895

she only had like 20k followers before she started buying bots. tbh literally no one outside of manson's fanbase even knows who she is- he's the only reason she gets any attention at all. and i doubt she bought all of the bots to make her seem successful so much as because of vanity.

No. 1104976

Of course she's nothing without him. It's just a mystery to me how a person can be so pathetic to live at the expense of her partner. Honestly, I'd be ashamed.
Probably she finds herself "so edgy", while she is obviously completely boring and uninteresting without any personality.


Wtf? This is completely sick.One could scream with laughter what a charade is happening on Instagram.
Walmart-Xena Leslee defends her Joan of Arc with full force. How cute. Not!
I am downright fascinated to watch the stupidity of these mentally deranged broads.
A middle aged woman who enjoys being adored by young fangirls, if you're on that mental level, you've really made it.. congrats!

No. 1104999

Hello friends come visit my “disgusting” page! If you don’t know who I am already it’s oat and Yall can go fuck yourselves, lonely idiots.

No. 1105000


Lol kek another wave of dumb pseudo-fans.

No. 1105001

No. 1105065

I sincerely hope you get the help you need one day.

No. 1105127

File: 1607710096642.png (567.26 KB, 720x1098, Screenshot_20201211-120133~2.p…)

Apparently, that wasn't just a troll and they did find the thread. But why did they black out the comment section and the file name for the header image? That makes no sense.

No. 1105141

Oh god this is a new level of digital illiteracy.

No. 1105158

I have everything there’s nothing that you can hide, can yall just make it easier for me and talk shit on insta because I’m busy on there just I’d appreciate it! @oatmealosbourne(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105201

You're just as pathetic as they are if you have nothing better to do besides defend a washed-up abuser.

No. 1105215

Sure,on Insta you have your entourage defending you. I'll tell you one thing now, Oat. I'm not making fun of Manson, I've been a fan since the mid-90s and I'm defending him against all the shit that's going on right now. I know I'm probably on the wrong platform but my comments here are directed at Usich and her questionable internet presence. On what planet do you live without seeing what's going on here?

No. 1105231

Slow the fuck down, Dawn.

No. 1105292

>and I'm defending him against all the shit that's going on right now.
Ffs anon how could you

No. 1105309

Anon,call me delusional or whatever,she never mentioned him. The main thing is,why didn't she came up with it years ago? If she really means him and she's been so afraid leaving him, how could she kick him out of her house because of him wanting her jobless brother to leave? I don't get it.

No. 1105347

>how could she kick him out of her house because of him wanting her jobless brother to leave?

I don’t understand, Evan lived at Manson’s house and there was a rumor he kicked her brother out. Where are you getting this?

No. 1105394

They lived in her house.

It doesn't matter for me. It could be just one episode when she managed to stand up for herself. I am sure their relationship was a lot like a rollercoaster but seeing photos of her scars and reading his interviews is enough for me.
I mean even if you are willing to ignore Evan, Esmé and other victims, how do you cope with what he says in interviews?

No. 1105423

File: 1607731951623.jpeg (113.34 KB, 1511x291, 3F804C85-46F0-45F6-81EE-76F837…)

>They lived in her house.

This is the only article I can find about her brother being kicked out. Evan defends Manson because I assume she was forced to or afraid of the consequences if she didn’t.


No. 1105489

File: 1607738278767.jpeg (529.44 KB, 1800x1371, 690B6FBC-B420-42FD-886E-0680FE…)

WARNING. Stay away from these accounts and do not interact with them: Leslee Lane, Oatmeal, and palliatian.elixir. Especially the Palliatian account. I know for a fact they are not who they say they are. Their pics are fake and they even lied about their first name. It’s either an associate or someone that works for Manson who set up that account on IG for him to use. As shown, there is a consistent pattern of that palliatian.elixir account and his real account posting at the same times.

No. 1105565

File: 1607744394324.jpeg (372.11 KB, 1800x1405, FACB0F24-0E78-46A4-B82C-B09575…)

No. 1105579

What are you talking about?

No. 1105601

That’s information about Manson’s “associate”, who set up the account ‘palliatian.elixir’ and their real identity.

No. 1105610

I'm still not understanding. Start from the beginning, from when you first met Manson through one of his fake accounts, and explain from there. The reason a lot of anons don't believe you is probably because your story wasn't told consecutively and a lot of details were lost.

No. 1105627

Pls not Dawn again.

No. 1105757

That article is only partly true.
She lived with Manson at the time, but he never owned a guest house during that time. He lived in an apartment above a liquor store in West Hollywood.
It is true that he was abusive though.The source stated that in the article. Even back then! Let that sink in.
I'm sure Manson didn't like Evan's brother because he wanted her completely isolated.
She said that when she tried to get away the first time Manson only gave her an hour or something to pack her things and that the people who helped her were literal lifesavers. I'm sure her brother was there and got in a fight with Manson, which is why people reported all that stuff to the magazine. Again, not all of it is true.

No. 1105758

File: 1607785606824.png (523.6 KB, 750x1334, 061BB18B-4AD9-49D2-903B-DC6FD1…)

They split the first time in October 2008.
NME reported that her brother was the reason in early November.

No. 1105801

If I wanted to move in with my bf and he invited his sibling to live with us, I would be pissed too. Not an excuse for Manson though.

No. 1105829

Evan never invited him to live with them lmao
Half of the article is a lie.

No. 1105850

I remember there's some guy on twitter called Mansonhollywood who posted pics from an apartment above a liqor store claiming he'd lived there.Wtf?

No. 1105853

Anything to back up your words?
Like I don't know anything. There are articles with conflicting information, idk why you guys are so confident when you talk about that incident. I just assumed she invited him to live with him bc idk it's just a random thing that popped up in my head.

No. 1105864

File: 1607801422400.jpeg (56.66 KB, 750x336, A3562611-3431-475F-802C-34155B…)

No. 1105868


She's of course completely brainwashed and sounds desperate to make Manson look like a good person. Probably because he himself threatened her so she'd give that statement.

No. 1105874

I think they changed their handle to @MansonSAY10. That's what shows up in the search results on Twitter.

No. 1105911

It's always been a strange account posting fridge pics with absinthe inside. Lol!

No. 1105929

But I thought Manson stopped drinking absinthe?

No. 1106013

File: 1607811356857.jpeg (342.56 KB, 1800x1686, DEE9BF2E-1161-41B8-8853-85E8AA…)

At first I thought I met him back in 2015 through the fake Satan account on Twitter (not the S8n one). Nikki Sixx follows it, who when I had twitter I used to also follow.
But it wasn’t until March of this year - after the whole search warrant thing and I found out Manson made these insane allegations on me, that he actually knew who I was way before 2015 through a relative of a guy I knew when I used to live in Cleve. He found my account through him dating all the way back to 2012.

I ended up finding this all out because that guy I met in OH posted something very weird on his FB, along with another FB account, who I was friends with. Which was really weird that he posted what he did because I was always suspicious of that account having something to do with Manson, but I was never sure.
They both made similar posts about “looking for recommendations” for “contractors” at exactly around the same time, about two and half weeks after the cops came and served me the warrant. I was like what the fuck is going on here?

So why was that weird to me? Because when I was being questioned by the cops, they were questioning about who I lived with and what they did. And I told them that my now ‘ex-roommate’ did contracting work. These fucking cops or someone involved with this whole thing told Manson personal information about me and my roommate that had nothing to with his allegations that even needed to be said to anyone. For one, my roommate had no idea what the fuck was going on or any involvement. And them sharing his information that had nothing to do with anything, that ‘s not right. That’s unprofessional and shady shit. So I told my lawyer about this and showed him the posts, and he thought that was seriously fucked up too, And that’s when I did research on that guy I met in OH and found out he’s related to Manson.

No. 1106038

Okaaaay it seems Dawn is back. Her posts will be deleted(?) just ignore her again.

No. 1106086

Holy shit this is fascinating. I’m pretty sure cops sharing personal details about you or someone not even involved that isn’t relevant to the case, is definitely unprofessional.

No. 1106121

Stop replying to your own posts. It's not even realistic to think that anyone would believe you at this point. None of that makes any sense.

No. 1106375

It's a fan account from a guy who lives in LA. I only remembered him because he used to post a picture of a liquor store and wrote that he used to live above it. Probably just a coincidence.

No. 1106643

I’m not her. If I was, wouldn’t they have deleted my post? Why so mad? Is it because she really is speaking the truth about your pathetic idol?

What doesn’t make sense? She said she first thought he found her account through a fake account on Twitter, but when she found out he made allegations on her, she found out he found her account through a guy she met that he’s related to.

No. 1106707

Obviously, you are her because no one else is dumb enough to buy into her bullshit. They didn't delete your original post either. And you still never explained why he supposedly made allegations against you.

You never said anything about him making false claims against you until the last thread. Before that, you were trying to say that he used one of your IG captions. “Master the chaos in you,” and, “We Are Chaos,” have one (1) word in common. The quote you used was by someone named Mama Indigo anyway, so he didn't steal anything from you in the first place. If anything, you're the one that took that quote from them because you never gave credit. And don't start with the intellectual property theft bullshit again because there's no proof anywhere that he was ever actually on your account. If you can take him to court for that, so can every other brainless, middle-aged woman that uses those stupid quotes in their captions.

I definitely don't doubt that he uses fake accounts to groom girls and harass his accusers, but there's no way that I believe anything you're saying. Either post some viable proof or shut the fuck up.

No. 1106755

Again, I’m not her. Don’t they delete her posts? They didn’t delete her original post because they didn’t start deleting them until towards the end of the last thread.

Where are you even getting that she is middle age, lol? What does that have to do with anything that you would even bring that up? Because that’s a lie, she looks nowhere near it.

How do you know no one believes her? Do you know everyone that talks to her? Her friends and other people on her social media seem to believe her. When she posted about the ‘We Are Chaos’ song, that was just one example. She said he used conversations and posts from her FB on more songs, like don’t ‘Don’t Chase The Dead’. And how do you explain what he said in that interview he did for that Italian article?

No. 1106869

I'm genuinely convinced that you're her because if you would've seen what “she” posted in the last few threads, you wouldn't believe anything she says either. Maybe you're new, I don't know, but if you are, you need to go back and read the previous threads. There's more information there besides the shit about Dawn.

Anyway… He never said anything about her in that Italian article. And it doesn't matter when her posts started being deleted in the last thread. Moderators can delete them whenever. Apparently, her ban is up, so she's posting again regardless of whether or not you're her: >>1106013

I meant “no one” as in other anons, at least not the majority. I'm not sure why anyone would. She hasn't showed any legitimate proof for any of us to believe her. If she had any, I'm sure she would've posted it by now. It wouldn't hurt her credibility in court any more than posting on a gossip forum already has. But I doubt she has a case anyway.

No. 1106972

Nope, I’m someone else, but think what you want. I thought they were still deleting her posts.

She has posted proof, mostly on her social media. I just find it hard to believe that someone who isn’t legit would post about this in front of everyone she knows and have a lawyer.

I didn’t mean he talked about her in the article, I meant this >>1025612
When he talked about what his new album was going to be about, it sounded like that conversation.

No. 1107026

I follow her social media accounts and I've never seen her post about anything besides a few of his alleged fake porn accounts in her story (and that wouldn't be illegal even if he did/does have one, so I don't understand why she posted about it in the first place).

Some of the anons in the previous threads thought she might've been a sockpuppet or someone on Manson's payroll, trying to discredit his real victims. And I doubt she has a lawyer. I might be wrong, but I think she said Casey Anthony, the same lawyer that represented Harvey Weinstein at the beginning of his case, was her attorney. That's very hard to believe.

You're entitled to your own opinion, but I think everything she's said here is bullshit. I think if you knew everything she's posted in the past few threads, you would too.

No. 1107081

A lot of it is on FB, but she’s posted some stuff in her IG stories too, more than just about that porn account. Maybe you missed it. And you must’ve missed the part about why she was posting about that account. She posted about it, because, it is illegal. He’s using fake accounts to solicit minors. And he made gross comments to one on that account. That account definitely sounds a lot like him, especially with him being a predator and with so many people saying about how he’s a pedophile.

I don’t know who Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer is, but he couldn’t be her lawyer because she doesn’t live in NY. So they must’ve been talking about someone else.

I don’t see how she isn’t a real victim. He made allegations on her that aren’t true.

No. 1107087

File: 1607931133238.jpg (274 KB, 720x933, narcissist_20201214_012839.jpg)

She's really doubling down.

No. 1107224


> She posted about it, because, it is illegal. He’s using fake accounts to solicit minors. And he made gross comments to one on that account. That account definitely sounds a lot like him, especially with him being a predator and with so many people saying about how he’s a pedophile.

But there's no proof whatsoever that that was his account. If you compare what she posted to his leaked messages, their writing style is nothing like his. She's literally the only person that ever accuses him of being a pedophile.

No. 1107377

File: 1608047066004.jpg (1.02 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_0881.JPG)

lmao didn't he used to follow fan accounts like every fucking day? Now it's all industry people. Def staying on the downlow while whatsherface is squeezing out every bit of attention she can get lmfao

No. 1107425

Do you mean Usich? She's sucking up in every direction but no one gives a wet fart.

No. 1107431

File: 1608051977330.jpeg (202.07 KB, 1175x736, 45BCB254-04E9-4EC7-AF22-BD9E0B…)

He still follows some fan accounts, search Manson on his follow list.

I noticed he slighted @mrperou’s book in his recent post, yikes.

No. 1107541

File: 1608058255790.jpg (409 KB, 720x1315, usich_20201215_124304.jpg)

Speaking of Lindsay, @mansonisabusive posted this about her. I don't doubt she was abused, but I can't feel sorry for her anymore because she's had multiple chances to leave him. At this point, it really is just her fault.

No. 1107559

Lindsay Warner, the most important thing…

No. 1107566

A fucking wannabe Dita but ugly as fuck.

No. 1107772


Lindsay Warner is such a downgrade vs Lindsay Usich, I don't understand why she insists on doing this. It's 2020 and no one cares anymore if you take your spouses last name anymore. Most women in the public eye nowadays just keep their maiden name when they get married (Ivanka, Kim K) and she is trying to be a public figure (artist/whatever). Lindsay Usich at least had a ring to it, Lindsay Warner sounds like the name of a chick who lives in a trailer park and has a tramp stamp that says "Property of Brian".

No. 1107791

Except she isn't actually in the public eye. She's just a wannabe celebrity. Literally no one but Manson's fans even know who she is. Her name change was completely redundant. But at least it's pronounceable now.

No. 1107846

File: 1608078128549.png (713.54 KB, 1049x1935, Lindsay usich warner.png)

Lindsay Usich was a famous film producer.
Lindsay Warner is a film photographer. That's a downgrade, I agree.

I can't believe they did everything they could to promote her as Lindsay Usich and she changed her last name and wants to be known as Lindsay Warner. So it wasn't for his image? It was and is for her vanity.

No. 1107935

File: 1608085429621.png (651.31 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_20201215-201523~2.p…)

She completely ruined her nose. Her face doesn't even look real, especially not compared to Ashley's.

No. 1107986

File: 1608092398252.jpeg (114.08 KB, 828x794, 0DED20D3-FB39-46B8-9547-7EB805…)

When his album came out, I saw at least hundreds of comments on Twitter calling him a pedophile for dating Evan Rachel Wood.

Who knows for sure… but it is odd how that account and his real one seem to post at the same times. Also, seeing this tweet was very weird, and the response to it made me think of ERW.

No. 1107994

Vanity? Do you really think someone with a face like that is vain? Honestly, she can have thousands of fillers injected into her face and lips, it won't help her.
You can be a fan or not but you have to admit, all the women Manson showed himself in public with were beautiful.
She doesn't fit in there at all. And he married her of all things?

Omfg. The next embarrassing attempt.

No. 1108033

There are plenty of creeps that feel that way. Maybe it is his account, but I doubt it. And if it was it would be pure coincidence, considering she has literally no evidence.

No. 1108061


Yes I know he indeed still follows the fan accounts. He just hasn't done that in a while now while Lindsey is still following anyone who gives her any bit of attention lmao there's new ones that are showing up that she follows immediately and its probably made by her. But whatever the truth is, now he's all into following industry people. Im surprised hes still following the fan accounts from before.

I just think it's interesting cos he's trying to clean up his image. So now it's all follows for singers, actors, directors, publicists, producers, writers.

Just pointing out that his game has chhanged. And if hes trying to distance himself from Johny Depp then LMAO that would be my favorite move. Like everyone knows why.

And Lindsey is such a narcissist omg. I'm so positive that shes creating all those lindsey+manson instagrams because seriously who would even give a fuck about her? Manson has two types of fans. Those who love his music and those who hate lindsey because they're obsessed with him. It's so dumb. And her account is full of bot follows.

It's obvious that she knows the person on that one website , metalheadzone. It's the only website that posts about her and they write an article about her sharing a flower on her insta stories LMAOO as if anyone cares. She's a nobody and the bots make her AND him look so bad. How tf is he not embarrassed by her? It's so sad. But color me shocked for him not seeing right through it. Hes not as smart as he thinks. He married someone so vapid and vain. Definition of the types he used to hate. Hes a sell out. SAD.

No. 1108065

lol right? How did he end up with someone so hollow? I dont care if she's not as attractive as his previous exs but when someone so blah comes with such a shitty personality, it's like oh I see.. Manson is into someone so lifeless, basic and boring. Bless her though. She tries so hard lol

I love that this website is one of the top results when you type his name in. Its how I discovered it and you lot are the best. Must hurt that no one but metalheadzone cares and it has nothing to do with her not being famous. Shes just boring.

He obviously got married to clean up his image because if he seriously loves someone so hollow, then he's lamer than I thought. Whats next? A baby? For sympathy? LMAO I would love to see him sink that low. He's already sinking faster than the titanic with this obvious display of desperation. He either cant find someone better than Lindsey now or her brainless self appeals to him for those reasons alone. Color me stunned.

No. 1108073


Quarantine, he can't meet new women. Pathological narcs cannot tolerate being alone for any period of time and she is so familiar to him she is probably just the comfy lounge of his personal life at this point, reliable and always there no matter how long he ignores it, how many nice chairs he buys or how many times he throws up on it in a drunk bender. She has clearly demonstrated she will not leave no matter what he does so I don't see their being married as some kind of deterrent to him cheating, if anything he will be more desperate as he gets older and uglier and his reputation gets more marred in controversy.

No. 1108074

I disagree with you, anon, I certainly think he is smart and I'm sure he could find someone better.
I try to express myself in a civilized way, I think he has his reasons to have married such a dull person. Whether that reason has anything to do with "love" is another matter.
I can well imagine that she is behind many of these ridiculous M&L accounts. Who else would do this and for what reason?

No. 1108082

The only reason anyone besides a fan would want to be with him would be because he has money or because he's still semi-famous and they think he can help their careers. And everyone knows fans only kiss her ass now because they want validation from him. No one could honestly be interested in someone that vapid and mentally underdeveloped, not even Manson, especially since she doesn't have any physical attributes to make up for how uninteresting she is—just flowers, poetry, and bad photography. She's too pathetic to leave him and he won't get rid of her because she's the only one that tolerates his shit without fighting him on it. He gets to pretend she doesn't exist until his feelings get hurt by some girl that's half his age and then he can come crawling back and latch onto her while he licks his wounds. I'd almost feel sorry for him if it wasn't deserved.

No. 1108110

IDK, but this does sound like something he would say. I don’t know anyone that would think that way. What a sick imbecile freak. I knew he needed psychological help, but if that’s his account, he really REALLY needs it. This is seriously disturbing.

You have Lindsay with her fake lame ass and posting selfie’s - and then Manson running some porn account and jerking off 24/7 a day. This is just sad. Two useless losers in society.

No. 1108123

File: 1608114316146.jpg (337 KB, 475x1280, screenshot_20201216_041542.jpg)

Maybe, but it seems unlikely, especially considering the person that owns that account is supposedly black. If he was going to post his nudes, I don't think he'd use someone else's. He even posted a video of himself having sex on IG, so why would he start trying to hide now? Narcissists are exhibitionists. It wouldn't make sense for him to do that. And he's racist. He has no motive to own an account like that.

No. 1108129

don't get it.. When I was a teen who was swooning over him, I used to think he was the smartest man alive. I'll be 40 in less than a week and what experience taught me is that a lot of fake-intelligent men are drawn to really dumb airheads. that's one way to ensure you have the upper hand in a relationship. I'd really like to see a smart dude being unafraid to be with a true equal. Then again the other thing age has taught me is that the ones I thought were smart once were far from it .. they just learned well how to come off as smart.

Can't expect people to see you as intelligent when your fragile ego can't handle anything better than a sad attention seeking vapid airhead.

No. 1108131

lmao is that his dick?? smaller than I thought. I thought it was bigger cos.. jenna jameson's memoir.

No. 1108132

Actually, I think the only true equal he was ever with was Dita. He fucked that up, didn't he? LOL

No. 1108139

Does that even look like his hand to you? His fingers are tattooed and he's not black. smh

No. 1108150

Um sorry. I'm colorblind and maybe it's the lighting but that doesn't look like a black person's hand to me. Obviously I'm mistaken if you say so. I can't change my physiology.

No. 1108151

MODS/ADMINS: I'm the colorblind person who made the comment above. I forgot to add "sage". So sorry. Please don't block me D:

No. 1108163

In the last thread a mod warned that anybody who talks to her must be banned.
What the fuck now? What are the mods doing? Did anybody go to meta?

If there's no milk, just let the thread rest ffs. If you post one hundred more times why Lindsay is useless and wouldn't get any attention without him, it won't count as contribution.

Sage for losing my shit.

No. 1108167

Kek anon, I feel ya.

No. 1108805

I can’t tell which posts are hers, and how can you know for sure which posts are hers? The mods never said not to talk to her.

No. 1108809

File: 1608179194652.jpg (355 KB, 781x592, attentionwhore_20201216_222004…)

She's still milking her mother's death.

No. 1108823

Maybe she is actually sad her mother died

No. 1108846

Or maybe it's because she wants sympathy. She was literally liking pictures from fan accounts on the day she posted about Hope dying and she never took a break from IG before or after. I doubt she feels that bad about it. And that's not to down-play her feelings, but as someone that's lost a parent, that's not the way that I or most people handle it, even if she's “famous.” Everyone has different ways to cope, but that's just unbelievable.

No. 1108850

She don’t give two shits… Look how fake that post sounds.

Yeah someone who is sad continuously posts on IG like —“look at me!” Look at me!” “I’m so great!” “I married a gross cheating racist pedo!”

No. 1108852

I’ll talk to that bitch if I want to.

No. 1108862

Tears are already dripping down my face.
The grief must be infinite when, two weeks after Mother's death, you're in the mood to take mirror selfies with a "Mrs. Warner" stocking on Halloween.
My guess is "Mrs. Warner" would have "Mrs. Warner" tattooed in bold letters on her forehead if she could. It's so ridiculous if it weren't so pathetic.
The main thing is that Instagram ass kissers applaud "Mrs. Warner." Let's see how long "Mrs. Warner" will "stay Mrs. Warner".

No. 1108897

Why couldn't they find their biological relatives when their mother was alive? Or am I misreading?

No. 1108938

Maybe she didn't even find any now. Nothing she posts ever makes sense anyway.

No. 1109133


We are sick and tired of people saying that Manson isn't connected to gangs so we made a shitty video. This is shameless self promotion for a good cause.

No. 1109191

Use the direct link, dumb fuck.

No. 1109396

Nice work on the video. I find it very interesting what he says at the end of it. I also know exactly where he got ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live’ from.

No. 1109543

Yeah he probably got it from Dawn lol.
I wonder if he’s referring to her or mansonisabusive in that interview.

No. 1109558

Seriously, stop replying to your own posts. It's pathetic. Everyone knows when you post because you're the only one that actually sounds like you believe it. “We Know Where You Fucking Live” was written about people that speak out against him, not you in particular. He probably doesn't even know who you are for fucks sake. It was most likely a thinly veiled threat directed to Evan or people like @mansonisabusive that try to expose him.

No. 1109571

LMAO Dawn has shown zero proof she knows Manson. She’s too stupid to realize false accusations and bogus evidence helps him.

This was her ‘evidence’ that Madelyn still talks to Manson. >>989059 Dawn thinks she’s an alien, she’s clearly mentally ill and wants attention.

Stop trolling these threads with your bullshit, you’re not helping yourself or anyone here. No attorney would advise you to act insane on a public board and share dubious screenshots.

No. 1109575

Wow this is the first time I’ve seen that interview! That statement he made is definitely something that would incriminate him in court.

No. 1109579

Ugh… not her… and he knows who she is because he made allegations on her. She’s one of main people that speaks out about him,. So stop trying to discredit her, ANGELA… or is it Manson?

Nobody is acting insane. And so what if someone is mentally ill? Quit shaming. Even if someone did have mental illness, it doesn't make them stupid and liars. It’s actually a FACT that people with certain mental illness such as depression and anxiety are intelligent.

No. 1109581

And yes she did show proof. Are you dumb?

No. 1109584

Is it fun to talk to yourself, Dawn?
It sucks, by the way.

No. 1109591

That’s not my name. You’re so sure I’m her? Okay. Just like we’re as sure it’s [Manson] running that sick pedophile porn account.

No. 1109595

Who the fuck is Angela? Someone else you're trying to accuse? Posting fake evidence just discredits his real victims. You don't need to fake shit to incriminate him—there's enough out about him already. Go be an attention whore somewhere else.

No. 1109619

Listen lady, you’re nuts that you keep accusing me of being her. Go watch a nice Hallmark Christmas movie and calm your tits, instead of jerking off to porn 24/7. No wonder you’re so angry. Porn addiction causes violence.

Maybe you don’t think she’s a real victim, but I do.

No. 1109633

Oops lmaaoo
Anyway, it's nothing you didn't already see.

No. 1109634

Nothing you're saying makes sense. Either you're her or you're very, very stupid for believing her.

No. 1109650

File: 1608282849611.jpeg (292.95 KB, 1638x2048, E832FCE1-DD4F-4A53-9B2A-F32C26…)


Speaking of Dawn. Someone made a tribute page lol and it's definitely someone from lolcow
They also changed the name already

No. 1109654

They're private and they don't have any posts, so I don't know why it really matters anyway. 100% not agreeing with Dawn, but that seems a little bit like something Manson would do.

No. 1109659

File: 1608285826831.jpeg (97.51 KB, 945x918, 96B7D518-EF36-44FE-B43B-E2400F…)

Callmemrpretentious looks more suspicious. Perou responded after Manson called Reedus' book the best of the year.

No. 1109808

They were probably only joking. Or maybe they do know him personally, but I still don't think that's either of them just because they follow “insulting” accounts.

No. 1109978

File: 1608326499353.jpg (192.58 KB, 869x1600, NO5Hekodh6U.jpg)

More versions of what has happened in Denny's 1/2

No. 1109979

File: 1608326580903.jpg (161.84 KB, 1080x802, fmQ02HTAV0g.jpg)


No. 1109994

Those sound like two separate incidents. I definitely wouldn't put any of that past him though.

No. 1110031

It’s the same incident when Manson got punched in the face at Denny’s. Sounds like he deserved it.

He is so gross, that’s the second time I’ve read he called them bitches for turning down sex. Imagine being so drunk/arrogant/disturbed he does this in front of their boyfriends.

No. 1110062

No. 1110068

File: 1608332267132.jpeg (248.08 KB, 1068x1602, A60959FF-FD07-4175-B4CB-A29B54…)

From 666fearless

No. 1110282

I doubt Manson's his “former employer.” Someone from the other thread posted caps saying that Judd was fired, then re-hired right after whatever allegations were out against him disappeared. Their marriage isn't going to change anything and he's still going to need someone to groom girls for him, especially after the pandemic is over.

No. 1110294

Does anyone care about the champagne problems lyric cross over between Manson and Taylor Swift?
The Manson song halfway and one step forward and the taylor swift song champagne problems.
I only mention it because their friends aren't they?
Lindsay has referenced Taylor's lyrics in her post captions as well.

I wonder how mixed up the music industry is.

I'm not sure what sage is but I'm guessing this isnt exactly milk.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1110315

Saging is for when you're not contributing to the thread. Just type “sage” in the email field before you post, unless you have milk. Posts are automatically anonymous, so you can just leave your name blank.

And that's really weird. I doubt it was a coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a fling or something, especially since there were some rumors going around lately that she'd been on a talk show with bruises on her arms and apparently she made a gesture for other victims to recognize.

No. 1110655


"Champagne problems" is a common phrase. Neither of them invented it.

No. 1110803

But they're friends and they both used it around the same time. That can't just be incidental.

No. 1110833


It really can be. Like I said, it's a common phrase. That's like saying two singers who have used the phrase "a chip on your shoulder" in their lyrics can't be coincidental just because they've interacted in some capacity before.

To think that one shared (and again, very common) phrase means anything happened between TS and Manson is just reaching.

No. 1110850

Fearless is full of shit.

The lyrics in both of the songs are nothing alike. The only similar verse is “champagne problems”. That’s it. That’s like Dawn when she posted about “We Are Chaos”.

Also, Taylor Swift is not friends with him. They met at some award show a couple years ago. Just because you meet someone once doesn’t mean you’re “friends” or know them on a personal level.

No. 1110913

File: 1608427210966.png (602.42 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20201219-191526~2.p…)

I've never seen her smile before, but somehow it's even worse than her regular resting bitch face.

No. 1110940

Was gonna say she looks like a horse but that would be insulting to horses.

No. 1110947

Correction: It was a music festival where they met.

No. 1110981

Why does she look like a cheap Jeff the killer photoshop kek???

No. 1111108

I wonder if fearless ever texted with that palliatian.elixer account, or was involved with them. They said fearless had their phone number. Interesting how that account went private after being exposed that they lied about their identity.

No. 1111128

Scary smile. I would put her in a horror movie.

No. 1111146

File: 1608459143286.jpeg (445.27 KB, 1800x1677, 05C5E87D-D375-44F1-9EC2-9B6A59…)

I’d be willing to bet she knows who that person is because she has their number, just like Manson does.

It’s evident he’s on that account. What he posted, that’s on that computer about “change”, is what he said in the Jan. 2020 Italian article, and part of the lyrics to Keep My Head Together.

No. 1111297

Donkey smile.

No. 1111374

That horrible hairstyle plus the medieval dress won't work out for her in any way. My goodness.

No. 1111640

File: 1608519782416.png (368.33 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_20201219-194701~2.p…)

the irony

No. 1111675

File: 1608523816796.jpeg (338.32 KB, 1362x1149, 59D4EF86-FD97-4E10-B112-E565DE…)

I’m genuinely confused by what she means here, is this a positive or negative for 2021? Why is she so cryptic.

No. 1111704

She probably didn't even read the caption. She's always vague in her posts anyway, so I wouldn't really read too much into it.

No. 1111852

File: 1608558372131.jpg (2.56 MB, 1305x1513, edZMl5o.jpg)

TL;DR I found a woman who wrote to fearless at Manson's request.

I'm trying to catch up with the threads and I was pleasantly impressed with that post >>1077285
It is a pity, however, that anon did not bring any proofs that Manzin does not like Lindsay, I decided to find it myself and started with his Facebook. The plan was like that: check his posts 2012-2015, comments, then go see his Instagram but Facebook was just enough.
I was looking through photos and came across this one, it's in the pic too:

I saw Grazioso and thought it was familiar. I did my best to remember where I saw it and I knew I definitely saw it online because such last names are not common at my place. I gave up.
And then a few days ago an amazing anon posts this >>1100345
Grazioso! Well of course kinda strange I didn't remember right away but whatever. Well in short, I decided to google and found this https://www.menhavingbabies.org/surrogacy-seminars/ny/program/

Not very promising, isn't it? An article about a kind woman who gives birth to kids of gay couples but there is one moment that deserves attention:
>marcy is a three-time surrogate from connecticut who has worked with same-sex male couples on two occasions. She is the mother of one daughter. Being a surrogate has provided her with so many meaningful experiences and wonderful memories

There is also a photo of this kind-hearted woman (see pic related).

I thought it was a bit surreal. A surrogate mother is a flying monkey of Manson? That's too much. But I went on to google their names together. I found an obituary:
>We'll always love you-Andrea,Andrew, Marcy and Tatiana

but that didn't prove anything, and it still seemed crazy to me that a gay surrogate mother could help Manson. I abandoned that idea and continued to dig up Manzin's photos. At some point I found myself lurking on his website and looking at a very inetersting photo, see pic related.

Holy shit, right?

But there's more!

No. 1111855

File: 1608558918292.jpg (842.04 KB, 1131x815, UKmmj81.jpg)

Now let's take a little closer look at Tatyana Tater Skye Grazioso.

She has photos with William Corgan on Facebook. Her FB https://www.facebook.com/votreesclave

She is also credited on mansonwiki, on the photo from 2013.

And most importantly! I was procrastinating and scrolling Instagram feed and spotted nobody but Tatyana Grazioso in a video from Manson's birthday! She is holding the cake! And it's 2020.

If fearless went to his birthday parties before 2018, then obviously she could have met both Tatyana and her mother since Tatyana is clearly a longtime friend of Manson's. Was it really a surprise for fearless to receive an email from someone with Grazioso as their last name?
Is it a reach?

No. 1111858

File: 1608559112977.jpg (3.78 MB, 1498x2625, Jns493G.jpg)

More details.
I don't have any ideas how to comment on that. Just that Jen Mazza is not a popular artist.
Tatyana's ig is @measurelessliar

No. 1111860

File: 1608559234058.jpg (1.42 MB, 1181x781, XKeOqpI.jpg)

bonus post

No. 1111878

You are amazing. Thank you for that.

No. 1111879

Tatyana seems to be obsessed with women who know him personally. Another insane person.

No. 1111896

Why insane?

Thank you! Could you link manzins website?

No. 1111984

File: 1608573435613.jpg (390.01 KB, 599x821, S1eM7hM.jpg)

We are about to dive into an ocean of milk.

No. 1112007

She’s Manson’s primary victim, why not read into it. I doubt she can speak freely.

That’s crazy, good investigation work. I have to wonder why a friends mother would help him? Maybe they just used her name?

Looking forward to this.

No. 1112040

Every fangirl who knows Manson personally and still supports him is insane. No exceptions.

No. 1112041

Lindsay posted 4 or 5 days in a row. Something's up.

No. 1112046

Her bots must enjoy it, will she ever be brave enough to allow comments. kek

No. 1112148

Oh yay, another "powered by el oh el cow dot farm" video. I know Edwin has been lurking and posting for years, but I wish he'd at least stop making videos featuring threads from here.

No. 1112160

I am just happy somebody's gonna talk about the abuse. His videos get 100k views on average.

No. 1112322

So Madelyn really did have a fling with Manson? If Tatyana is friends with him, she would've known that he was having an affair with her. And she wouldn't have had any other reason to copy her unless Madelyn was actually with him, even for just a little while.

It seems like Tatyana was only friends with with because she had a crush on him and she thought it would lead to them being in a relationship. I really don't understand how she could know him, find out he's an abuser, then still want to be with him after that.

No. 1112369

Edwin Costa did a great job covering the abuse. Nothing new we don’t already know about but he researched it very well.

No. 1112422

It was extremely well-done. I love how he used that prison picture from Sons of Anarchy. I’m awaiting for Manson’s arrest.

No. 1112451

The Tatyana situation is indeed confusing. If she’s a “long time friend of Manson” she certainly comes across as a fangirl in the MMC. A search of her name in the group brings up her selling signed merch, being tagged in audience pics, commenting on m&g’s, etc. It’s strange she was at his birthday party unless he’s inviting fans.

No. 1112459

You're mixing things up, anon.
I don't know who this Tatyana is but she is definitely not the woman holding the cake at Manson's birthday party. Her IG is paulababy1, a longtime friend of his.

I think she will never allow comments because then she would have to deal with negative comments as well and then her perfect world shit show would break apart and her true bitch behavior would come to light again.
She prefers to let the fangirls do that, who defend her on their ridiculous M&L accounts with their "hate will be blocked" postings. Unless, of course, she's behind them herself.

No. 1112466

Lindsay should be charged as his accomplish, as well, she absolutely knows what he did/does. She groomed girls for him, participated in abuse, and covers and lies for him. As far as I’m concerned she’s equally guilty.

No. 1112467

File: 1608619585321.jpeg (226.19 KB, 1459x874, 141D7CBD-BF5D-4B6C-92A2-2FAC68…)

Some comments on the video.

No. 1112469

Manson said in an interview that he learned how to fight in case he does go to prison because he doesn’t want someone to make him his “bitch”. I don’t get it. You would think he would want that because he says he likes dick.

I’m also completely disturbed that he actually bragged and said no one talks about the real illegal shit he’s done. All that comes to mind is that he raped a minor or something.

No. 1112481

File: 1608623786235.jpg (44.93 KB, 613x613, keoI1NYHnHE.jpg)

I took a look at paulababy, it's definitely not her. But that girl looks exactly like Tatyana.

No. 1112487

Not confusing. Lexa Vonn was invited to his bd and she used to sell his merch. He probably befriends his fans for some reason.

No. 1112494

I assure you it’s Paulababy holding the cake, she posted it on her wall.

No. 1112498

File: 1608627906885.jpeg (249.88 KB, 1800x832, 39AA4FAF-9995-4F14-811A-FB769C…)

No. 1112504

It's two different women anon. Are you blind? It's definitely not Paula.

No. 1112511

Are you? I see the same woman at different angles. It makes more sense for it to be Paula, she attended and posted his birthday for the last 3 years then some random fan.

No. 1112518

Random fan's mother helped Manson? Random fan has a lot of merch with autographs? Random fan has a long friendship with manzin? Random fan has been to William Corgan's bd?
She's not a random fan.

No. 1112523

File: 1608633277553.jpeg (214.3 KB, 1493x870, BA16373C-2024-4054-8A45-8155EB…)

How would Tatyana have fearless’s email unless Manson gave it to her? He either passed her info around or he’s making shit up.

Hardcore fans collect his autograph and befriend Manzin who’s well known in the fandom. She posted this in MMC a year ago, around the time she supposedly attended his birthday. Why wouldn’t she have anything recent is she’s fiends with him?

No. 1112524

In your screenshot she says anything to spare. Isn't "to spare" about something you don't need anymore? It doesn't mean she didn't have anything recent.

>Hardcore fans collect his autograph and befriend Manzin who well known in the fandom.

Hello SHE WAS PARTYING IN 2013 WITH MANZIN AND NICK KUSHNIR. She probably fucked Nick, see that lipstick all over his face >>1111852

I thought it was her mother who obtained fearless' email, not Tatyana.
Where's OP? Any clarifications?

No. 1112525

Couldn’t she just ask for another autograph if she sees him often? Why wouldn’t she have any to spare if she can just ask.

Lots of fans party with Manzin.

How would Tatyana or her mom obtain fearless’s email unless Manson gave it to them? There’s no evidence that fearless and Tatyana know each other.

No. 1112527

I am confused. Are you the anon who says it's not Tatyana holding the cake?
Who said Tayana and fearless know each other?
I do believe Manson gave her or her mother fearless'email address.

>Lots of fans party with Manzin.

And all of them have photos like that one >>1112481 ?

No. 1112531

I don't think Tatyana ever emailed Michelle? The emails that she posted about were from someone named Marcy, unless there were more from someone else that I didn't see.

And that's definitely @paulababy1 in the picture. She's looks a lot heavier than Tatyana did in the pictures that were posted of her trying to skinwalk Lilith.

Also, what does Manzin have to do with any of this?

No. 1112532

Omg anon. Are you trolling?

No. 1112535


Most reasonable people here believe he had at least hooked up with her once, then rapidly lost interest when he realized how crazy she was. He already had Lindsay, so.

After participating in this thread I have my own tinfoil that there are roughly three types of girls/women he targets and stays in contact with:

1. Girls that remind him of Dita or ERW (Gabreille, Esme, Dr Ami). These seems to be the only ones he really invests any time or emotions in and doesn't completely fuck over.

2.Girls that can offer him something transactional, social resources, introductions to other girls, ect (Lilith, Jordan, Courtney Canon, Coco Teale).

3. Introverted, passive girls with low self esteem that he can mindfuck with for some kind of sadistic sexual enjoyment ( LBK). The leaked emails with LBK showed real emotional anguish on her part and response vs Madelyn's kind of dead, wooden "muh monster I lub you".


Am I fucking crazy or is that early culey from squidbillies on his birthday cake. This is a 50+ y/o man.

No. 1112563

I feel like there's also a lot from the ig account

No. 1112616

It's paulababy1 for sure.

No. 1112678


yeah definitely Early from squidbillies. Unknown Hinson, the voice actor for Early, was fired this year for posting nasty shit about the BLM movement and, of all the people to attack, Dolly Parton. I'm sure Manson stands in complete solidarity with his tantrums and has made him his personal hero of 2020.

I think it's doubly pathetic that he looks to this character as a role-model, he thinks there is nothing cooler than being a white trash bigot and yet he has removed himself SO far from what he came from… He's embarrassed of that fact and tries to be 'cool'-by-association via other bigots, both real and fictional (like fellow Florida redneck neonazi Norman Reedus)

No. 1112828

File: 1608675691650.jpg (975.21 KB, 950x831, LfHTnvd.jpg)

I am OP >>1111852

Did my post hurt somebody's feelings? Suddenly there are a few anons who diligently post about Paula.
It is NOT Paula. It is Tatyana.
If you think it's Paula then your level of being delusional is close to that of Madelyn lol.

You linked a video in which Paula is clearly seen wearing an outfit which is nothing close to the one the girl (Tatyana Grazioso) who's holding the cake is wearing. Then you posted a picture of Paula, specifically the one in which she's wearing an outfit similar to that of Tatyana, it means you had to go to her page, scroll her account until you found something similar to Tatyana's outfit, put it into a collage and posted. Did you think I would be too lazy to check the links? Why do you try so hard to assure everybody it is not Tatyana? The pic of Paula with a bottle is from 2017, the video I posted is from 2020. You should try better next time.

First of all this >>1112487

>The Tatyana situation is indeed confusing. If she’s a “long time friend of Manson” she certainly comes across as a fangirl in the MMC.

He is surrounded by yesmen and fangirls, people who worship him, he doesn't tolerate anybody else. There is nothing strange about Tatyana selling merchandise or being a fan.

> There’s no evidence that fearless and Tatyana know each other.
I just assumed she could know Tatyana. It can be they never met. In the end, Tatyana mostly goes by Tater Skye nickname. It is possible fearless would have never learnt her last name had they met.

Tatyana knows him personally. Madelyn, however, is questionable.

>And she wouldn't have had any other reason to copy her unless Madelyn was actually with him
I don't think she copied her, I think Manson hasn't changed his grooming strategies and keeps feeding girls the same pseudoromantic bs.

I posted pictures of Tatyana and Clare to show that he keeps going after the same type of women. I didn't mean Tatyana skinwalked Clare, lol whut?

Reread my original post. If it doesn't help, go ask your parents to buy you this for Christmas https://www.amazon.com/Primarily-Logic-Grades-Judy-Leimbach/dp/1593631227/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&

No. 1112830

File: 1608675750274.jpg (582.73 KB, 815x602, mRGAOUd.jpg)

No. 1112852

File: 1608677208046.png (173.31 KB, 720x1111, Screenshot_20201222-052229~2.p…)

Is anyone else curious why he tells people not to share pictures from his parties? Like, what could've went on during his birthday that he wouldn't want people to know about? Or maybe he was just having a bad chin day or he didn't want to be photographed with Lindsay (if she was even invited).

No. 1112867

Probably cause no one likes to see pics of themselves wasted / on coke / various other drugs. Especially not when you don't know people are taking pictures of you. So that's one thing I understand.

About Tatyana. She does strike me as Madelyn No 2. Wasn't her account full of Manson posts ages ago? Why does she post about other musicians and not Manson? Strange.
Then she started the Schiele shit + cryptic posts. Similar to Madelyn.
They probably shagged once or twice and she's hopelessly in lub with her monstuh. Like Mads kek.

No. 1112868

The photo with the cake isn't Tatyana or Paula. If you look at the image closely, you can see that the woman holding the cake has a mole or dermal piercing under her lip. You people are all crazy.

No. 1112874

Who the fuck even cares who that woman is. And what's with all the talk about this Tatyana chick. There's no milk there.

No. 1112878

lol that's true
but the connection between Manson and Marcy is proved though. He used his fangirl's mom to stalk fearless.

No. 1112881

Or Manson/Judd lied and used her mother’s name. Or made it up and it’s a coincidence it’s connected to this fan. There’s no proof Tatyana ever met Manson, not even a m&g pic.

No. 1112884

she could fake it for style.
and like >>1112878 said it doesn't change much.

She's been to Billy Corgan's bd. Manson has been to a few. It's possible they could meet there but as I said it doesn't change much.

No. 1112893

File: 1608680030979.jpg (445.22 KB, 1080x1679, IMG_20201223_003203.jpg)


Like I said, her accounts were full of manson shit back when she went by Tater Skye. Or Tater Tot.

This took me a 5 sec google search.
Note that she posted this pic on the forum herself.

Makes me wonder why all her manson posts are gone now lol

No. 1112896

My bad, I didn’t check provider module. If Manson knows her beyond a fan situation that still means he gave her mother fearless’s email or used her name to harass her. Again, it doesn’t change much.

No. 1112965

>You linked a video in which Paula is clearly seen wearing an outfit which is nothing close to the one the girl (Tatyana Grazioso) who's holding the cake is wearing.

That’s because those are two different birthdays. It’s that Paula woman in both pics. One is from 2019, and the other one is from this year.
The pic where she’s holding the cake is from Manson’s birthday in 2019. It’s not that Tatyana woman.

I don’t know who or why this person was even brought up in the first place. Because it was her mother supposedly sending fearless emails? So what? What’s that suppose to prove? Fearless goes around talking shit about Manson and Lindsay and claims she’s being harassed - yet she is lying and covering for Manson…. and even shared DMs with Lindsay. Fearless is a fraud.

No. 1112974

>1. Girls that remind him of Dita or ERW (Gabreille, Esme, Dr Ami). These seems to be the only ones he really invests any time or emotions in and doesn't completely fuck over.

What?! Are you ignorant? He completely fucked over each and every woman. He’s also a narcissistic piece of shit. He isn’t capable of emotions.

No. 1113005

It seems Manson uses other women and third parties to “help” him, like that palliatian.elixir woman. But I think Fearless is full shit. If she was being harassed and stalked at her house she would’ve done something about it by now. Not just going off on IG. Especially if she’s a fucking a lawyer.

No. 1113018

I don't think he ever really meant to hurt them. Narcissists do feel remorse and empathy—their emotions are just muted. He has a lot of problems mentally and he didn't get help when he needed it. Everyone in his circle has fed into his fantasies for so long that it's turned him into a lost cause. Even in interviews, he sounds like he's given up on himself. Like, “This is who I am. Take or leave it.”

No. 1113035

You forgot to add Rose McGowan. She’s the ONLY woman I know of he didn’t fuck over, abuse, and cheat on. She was probably his ideal.

I remember when I first saw her with him. I was like… how is someone so pretty dating THAT.

No. 1113163

I think if he finally had a real woman by his side, who's with him for his sake and not for his money, things would be different. You can hate me for this, anons but I wish him that he still finds this woman.

No. 1113166

File: 1608702932314.jpeg (270.44 KB, 1161x1560, 53974476-E68F-40C5-96B1-5224B2…)

Patricia Arquette tweeted this today. lol

No. 1113192

It must be very frustrating that aging actresses are meaningless in Hollywood. Thus, one must seek attention elsewhere. However, it's grotesque to see her making fun of others with her own looks. LOL.

No. 1113205

File: 1608710491579.jpg (332 KB, 720x1242, halp_20201223_014104.jpg)

Her caption reads like a thinly veiled cry for help.

I think the thing that honestly annoys me most about them is that both of them could've had so much potential if they would've made better choices, but instead they do shit like this. If he would've gone to therapy and checked himself into rehab, he might not have turned out to be an abuser. And Lindsay didn't have to be a gold-digging whore. She could've had a normal life, like Ashley (which isn't much of an improvement, but still). Some of her photographs really aren't that bad, even though they definitely don't look like the work of someone that's supposedly been a photographer for 20+ years. And both of them have just gotten progressively worse since they've been together, like they feed into each other's toxicity. She looks like an amateur beekeeper from everything she's done to her face and I doubt Manson ever releases another good record, especially if the last one was any barometer. I know I'm in the minority, but I really do hope that they split up and work on themselves, even though it's not what they deserve.

No. 1113218

Nta can you link with caps? It is from 2020, follow the link, it'll take you to Paula's account, the date is there. The other one is from 2017, and the cap is above. At this point it doesn't even matt tbh, if anons agreed it's not Tatyana.
Why are some anons upset over posts about Tatyana? It's great it was proved one more time that he orders his fans to do shady things for him. It's definitely her mother was emailing fearless. It's hard to deny it.
I think anon mentioned fearless, implying that if both Tatyana and fearless used to go to his bds, fearless must have known Grazioso and that would have proved she's a liar one more time, but that's not Tayana in the video. (I have to admit though, the woman looks a lot like her)

No. 1113220

> I really do hope that they split up and work on themselves, even though it's not what they deserve.
No fucking way.
Or he'll go to jail for men and she'll go to the one for women. I have no mercy or sympathy for these ugly abusers.

No. 1113222

File: 1608716213628.jpeg (213.37 KB, 750x965, A0B3030D-EF85-422D-B9AA-2E76DA…)

lmaoo he cheated on Rose with at least Dita Von Teese.
In January 2001 he invited Dita to one of his concerts while he was STILL with Rose. Dita stayed on his tour bus for 5 days. Courtney Love talked about how Manson constantly had girls backstage on tour while he was dating Rose.

No. 1113223

He never really meant to hurt them????
He doesn't give a fuck about others. He deliberately cheated on each and every one of them, physically tortured them, locked them in rooms for hours on end, verbally and mentally abused them.
How fucking stupid can you be?
This is exactly what he does. Manipulate people so they think that he's the victim. Unbelievable.

No. 1113229

Maybe some of the charm is still there for me because I used to be a huge fan until the allegations resurfaced, but to me it seems like he gets angry and he never learned how to control himself, so he takes it out on his partners or the people around him, then he feels guilty about it (hence the sporadic love-bombing).

No. 1113239

I see where your feelings come from, I was just like you two years ago but there's no way he feels guilty. Just no way.

No. 1113368

File: 1608740342675.jpeg (100.72 KB, 540x960, BD2DE596-A5E9-4B07-8476-4E5800…)

Found a random Lindsay cap while looking around MMC. The comments said she deleted it within hours.

No. 1113375

This so stupid because neither Manson nor Lindsay ever took care of Lily, it always was Paula's job.

No. 1113380

He loved Lily. But from what I've read Lindsay never gave a shit about her. I hated her hypocritical postings and I still do. Doesn't she even know the name of "my love"? How pathetic.

No. 1113385

I didn't say he didn't love her. I wanted to say that whenever a problem occurred, it was Paula's job to deal with it, e.g. going to a vet, etc.

No. 1113416

She’s comparing Manson to Susan Powell, a Trump lawyer. Basically calling him crazy.

Compared to how Lindsay used to post she’s so wooden now, devoid of real personality. Her account is so strange now, imo. No comments, bot followers, vague, bland posts. It’s like she’s a prop.

>Why are some anons upset over posts about Tatyana? It's great it was proved one more time that he orders his fans to do shady things for him. It's definitely her mother was emailing fearless. It's hard to deny it.

I’m not upset but OP was kinda aggressive pushing a conspiracy that’s not true. I searched all of Tatyana’s posts on MMC and there’s no indication she knows him beyond a fan. If she attended Manson’s birthday wouldn’t she brag about it on social media like she did for Corgan? Paula did and she’s his real friend. Why would Manson ask a fan’s mother to email fearless and expose himself like that? Imo, the more likely scenario is they just used her name or it’s a coincidence.

No. 1113433

I don't believe this Tayana chick ever attended his birthday party. It's clearly Paula holding the cake. Y'all put too much effort in a random fan, no matter if she's familiar with Billy Corgan imo.

No. 1113446

It's not Tatyana or Paula. They don't have a mole or piercing beneath their lip.
I don't think we should continue discussing it, it doesn't matter anymore since it's not Tatyana.

>hey just used her name or it’s a coincidence.

that's very unlikely imo, given his record.

No. 1113463

Her dumb postings like "celebrate daily" are so pathetic I have no words. I guess he celebrates daily to get away from this personified boredom.

No. 1113523

"My love" kek, while he was off shagging girls and bitching about her. All them arselickers believing their fake love story are actual retards.

No. 1113562

What happened to her face? kek

No. 1113568

She desperately tries to keep up the "great love story". So pathetic he once called her a pig and trash. And now she's the one and only queen? Lol! She's so fucking poor. So incredibly dumb, words failing.

No. 1113681

I remember that Manson was so pissed bc she posted about Lily being sick. She even says it in the caption.
She had to delete it almost immediately.

No. 1113684

How do you know? Wanna bring some caps?

No. 1113709

Isn't it above itt?

No. 1113879

I don’t think he cheated on Rose. She would’ve said if he did. I mean…maybe he did, and she just didn’t know.

It says in the media she broke up with him in 2001, but it doesn’t give a month. It must’ve been at the very beginning of Jan., but most likely she broke up with him before that and that’s just when they announced it to the media.

Then he got with Dita soon after. She was the rebound relationship from Rose.

He bounces from relationship to relationship, and either gets engaged or married to the first woman he starts dating.

Exactly. He’s a full blown narcissist, and seems like he could also be a sadistic psychopath. They have no remorse or empathy. He is literally the lowest form of inhumane shit on the planet. He has no redeeming qualities.

If he did, he would’ve gotten help a long time ago, instead of marrying Lindsay and thinking that’s going to do anything for him.

This. They both belong in prison.

No. 1113893


Whether he feels remorse or not doesn't matter. If you get raped, assaulted, screamed at, harrassed and stalked it won't make you feel better if your abuser "feels bad". I think 51 years old is a good fucking age to take some fucking personal responsibility for yourself.

I'm an abuse survivor and I struggle with flashes of violent rage, guess how many people I have raped or tortured? 0.

However I'm not sure if prison is the place for Manson. The mental ilness and addiction are both so obvious in this case that I think a psychiatrist is the option that makes the most sense. He was always an entitled aggressive little shit, but the drugs and booze have made his brains into eggnog and demolished all self-control, as evidenced by his Uncle Fester dad bod and chins.

He literally talks like a 5 year old. "A good woman" isn't going to love it out of him, I think all of these dozens of girls loved him. I propose an ayahuasca shaman, a psychiatrist, therapist, exorcist and the black guy from the movie Cruising to slap him every time he oppens his gob.

No. 1113902

Does anyone know anything about Barbara Warner?

If you go off his book and internet rumours, she was constantly abused in her marriage, and then she ended up with some sort of Munchausen syndrome thing with Manson? Like she pretended he was sick when he wasn't? And when he grew up he started beating her too?

And then she made him get plastic surgeries on his ears and her husband began to fuck her son's groupies? JFC what a Bates Motel of a family.

No. 1113965

He wrote in his book that his father was a veteran and he still wasn't around when he was discharged, so his mother made him dress like him and called him by his name. I don't think he ever said anything about his father hitting her, but he did say that he threw a perfume bottle at her once and split her lip open. There were a few more things he did, but he never went into specifics. And she did have MSBP, but she never made him have his earlobes clipped. She suggested it, but he was an adult. He did it out of his own free will.

I remember him saying something about his father telling a girl that he'd introduce her to him if she gave him her underwear on Jay Leno(?) sometime in the late 90s-early 2000s. And there were some caps in one of the other threads of Hugh asking girls to send him nudes on Twitter. He just seemed like a typical dirty old man.

No. 1113995

I'm pretty sure there's a particularly pathetic story coming from Lindsay at Christmas, once again milking the death of her mother and not forgetting how much "my love" adores her. I've never seen an adult woman with such a limited mental horizon in my whole life.

No. 1114029

Judging by her livejournal, she was already mentally underdeveloped before she met him, but I feel like her finally having someone famous to latch onto just exacerbated all of her craziness. I mean, he obviously doesn't love her and there's no way to sugar-coat that. And she obviously doesn't love him either or she wouldn't continuously post about their relationship like it's some rare, amazing spectacle instead of just being with him. It's like if no one sees it then it didn't happen. Most 36-year-olds at least have jobs and some form of their own income. It's pathetic.

No. 1114043

File: 1608802866378.jpeg (119.23 KB, 836x836, 22DCD4D3-6AEA-4ADA-82A6-609CAA…)

There's even an exact date! Lmao
Of course Dita was the reason they split up a week after Dita spent five days with him on his tour bus. It's a little too obvious.

No. 1114056

This live journal was a true literary masterpiece. Rarely have I read such a bunch of bullshit in one sitting. And she hasn't evolved in any way. A conversation with her must be about as interesting as with a slice of bread.
This whole show is so unbelievable and embarrassing. I'm curious when she'll post a picture of stained bedding. As "proof" of how unbelievable and unattainable for everyone the night with "my love" was, lol.
My ass, isn't it disgusting enough to parasitize your way through life at the expense of your husband at the age of 36? I remember an interview where he said he was attracted to strong, independent women. She's neither one thing nor the other.

No. 1114059

>I'm curious when she'll post a picture of stained bedding. As "proof" of how unbelievable and unattainable for everyone the night with "my love" was, lol.

Speaking of, I'm sort of curious how he's managed to avoid getting anyone pregnant or contracting an STD, considering multiple people, including himself, have said that he refuses to wear a condom.

No. 1114061

>I'm curious when she'll post a picture of stained bedding.
Pls no

No. 1114066

Someone should send Lindsay the link to this forum. Maybe she'd finally understand that her behavior is pathetic.

No. 1114072

That's cow-tipping. And I'm sure they're already aware of it. If their “internet troops” haven't told them about it, I'm sure tons of fans have already sent them the link, especially since @oatmealosbourne posted about it.

No. 1114374

I guess his guardian angel took a lot of overtime.

No. 1114388

There comes a time when fangirls need to stop excusing his shitty behavior with his difficult childhood. Ye, I feel sorry for baby Manson. But it is always your responsibility to seek help when you notice your mental health deteriorating. Taking it out on your women is not an option. Or shouldn't be.

Unfortunately lindsay's got a screw loose too. But she should be the one to send him to therapy and rehab to make him a better man. But no, she only cares about clout and accepts all the crap n abuse that comes with it. Pathetic.

No. 1114410

What “social clout?” Literally no one but his fans knows who she is and they only like her right now because that's what they think he wants.

No. 1114413

Interesting. Well, that could just be when they announced it to the media. I don’t know , maybe the piece of shit cheated on Rose, too, but she never said. She just said she broke up with him because of his cocaine habit.
If he did cheat, and Dita knew about Rose, then Dita deserved getting cheated on, and Manson deserved getting shitted on by her for being a pathetic low-life. Dita was only with him to make a name for herself anyway.

No. 1114420

>I remember an interview where he said he was attracted to strong, independent women. She's neither one thing nor the other.

His values obviously changed. If he ever had any to begin with. She’s a total downgrade. But he probably knew he had to downgrade for a woman who wants money so bad that she would be willing to tolerate being with a pedophile, abuser, and cheater. He’s not even really attracted to “women”.

No. 1114494

You’re right about that…. there is nothing about that relationship that’s based on love. She’s with him for his money, and
he’s incapable of love. He doesn’t love no one. So he married a stupid looking slut who puts up with & is okay with all the vile shit he does. He probably thinks she’s with him and stayed all those years because she does love him.

Manson is pure fucking evil, and even boasts about it. That’s why he’s into all that Satanic shit. Those people are immoral and that’s why they thrive off of doing sick shit. People who are empathetic don’t go around raping, assaulting, and abusing others.

No. 1114594

It's so absolutely ridiculous and pathetic she likes every asslicker posting under her dumb hashtag. Always the same lame accounts as usual. She's an absolute downgrade,
I don't get it. Her ass kissing behavior towards celebrities won't do anything for her because no one notice except of a few friends of his having pity. I can't believe he isn't ashamed of someone so boring, uninteresting and ugly. He also seems to be very proud of her by never mention her by name, let go his wife. Understandable.

No. 1114621

When has he ever seemed proud of her? He insulted her online and publicly cheated on her for years. The only reason he's not hiding her anymore is because the allegations against him are resurfacing and he needs an alibi. If he does end up going to trial, she won't have to testify as a witness because they're married. I don't think he would've even announced their wedding if Nicolas Cage didn't mention it during their interview. He didn't even post the link in his story. Lindsay did it for him. I'd be embarrassed of her too if I were him. She's just another talentless, middle-aged woman that never grew out of her Tumblr-girl phase.

No. 1114657

meant that ironically, anon. Of course, he's certainly not proud of someone who is so woefully talentless in every way. The thing with the bots is also such an example. It's probably meant to make it seem like she's a celebrity and has a "career", but when you're that stupid and suddenly have more followers than some band that's been in the business for 30 years, the whole thing takes on a very pathetic flavor.

No. 1114688

I don't think he ever was attracted to strong, independent women. It's just his NPD talking. He wants to portray himself as someone who can handle a strong woman, but the truth is you can't control strong, independent women. He only ever chooses damaged ones bc they are easy to manipulate. Dita was the exception and she left before he could break her.

No. 1114781

I think he did, he would love a strong independent woman by his side just to compliment him. That's a conflict though because he can't handle a strong woman. I agree with your
>but the truth is you can't control strong, independent women.

No. 1114798

I guess he found that woman in Dita,just made the terrible mistake to cheat on her with Evan.

No. 1114849

He couldn't control Dita. Which was why he was constantly drunk and on drugs and ultimately looked for an easier victim.
Then he blamed Dita and said she wanted to change him although he wanted to change her.

Jordan Arentz said on her blog that he is obsessed with appearance and how he and his partner look together. Dita suited his image/appearance perfectly. An articulate high class stripper that looks like snow white. He tried to change every single woman that came after into her.
Rose McGowan and Dita were the only seemingly independent women he ever dated. Rose probably only dated him for attention (she herself said that Manson's ugly and that she wasn't interested at first), Dita wasn't interested at first either and probably also only dated him for fame.

How other people see him and his reputation seem to be the only things that matter to him. Typical narcissist.

No. 1114964

How does a a grotesque disgusting junkie pedo, who does horrific shit, like sucking other men’s dick in public, think he has any “reputation?” If his reputation mattered so much he’d be worried about that rather than what some stupid boring slut looks like.

No. 1114990

I remember how he whined that after marriage it all changed cause he was expected to do things he's never even had to think before and he couldn't stand it cause he's got a peter pan syndrome syndrome or something. And "she tried to change me" shit. Lol i bet the only change that was ever expected of him was to limit drugs and stop being an ass all the time.
I wonder if Dita mocked him for being completely immature while pushing 40 and becoming typical old rockstar and if he cheated with young Evan just to prove to himself he still can do that.

And sure he loved Dita's image, so much that he basically ripped her burlesque/silent movie star vibe for Golden Age of Grotesque.
Anyway he probably viewed Dita as much wilder in the beginning, he said that in 2000 she told her to get a groupie after show cause she wants a threesome.

It's almost sad how not only he still obsesses over Dita but also current "mrs Warner".

No. 1115004

I don't mean to defend Manson but I lowkey love the golden age of grotesque and read a lot about the era.
He had that burlesque vibe before he met Dita, he obsesses over Bettie Page. It's sad to say but deep inside I think he chose Dita because she would make (and she did) a good accessory to the visuals of the album. If you read Dita's book, you'd know Manson helped her with her style, perfected it.
I love her style too, and I used to love her personality. Now I feel so wrong about it.

No. 1115007

Well, looks like his “visuals” didn’t do so well, because that album totally bombed. Lmao

> And sure he loved Dita's image, so much that he basically ripped her burlesque/silent movie star vibe for Golden Age of Grotesque.

She said he used her to “write” that album. He sure loves to rip off other women.

No. 1115015

Anon i absolutely get it, Manson sometimes looked like clown in that era but it felt fresh then with the videos, cinema references, cabaret burlesque vibes, plus the website, felt just fun to explore. I know he liked those things but with Dita probably he felt finally bold enough to embrace it even if fans wouldn't like it. I see what you say about her being nice accessory to him. He used her as an extra for videos (mobscene), they went to red carpets alot.
Damn Manson actually had a woman with similar interests that was able to inspire him and then he let it go just like that for a young, completely different girl. Dita in a lot of ways was ready made "dream girl" material while he had to progressively change Evan to his liking. Guess in the end he preferred someone still growing and naive so he can mold them however he wants. Dita was too strong for him. But it's stupid when people say "Dita broke him down" or something, he brought it all upon himself.

It seems it's 50/50, it's funny how this one's considered both a flop and his last good era.

No. 1115051

while you're probably right about all of that, I do think Dita probably had feelings towards him because it was pretty obvious she was very hurt by him cheating on her, hence the moving out on Christmas day. Maybe they all 'started' to date him for a reason but eventually got feelings.

No. 1115063

Don’t you people get it? Manson hates women. That’s why he degrades, uses, objectifies, and abuses them. He’s a sick psychopathic pedophile and a homo that prefers sucking cock.

No. 1115099

Seriously just fuck off, Dawn. There's %100 no proof that he's a pedophile and you're literally the only one that's ever accused him of that. And sucking dick onstage as an act is completely different than doing it for pleasure, not that it matters because being gay isn't an insult. I'm not disagreeing that he's a terrible person, but all of your accusations are a reach. Nothing you've said has been even slightly feasible. The personal vendetta you have against Manson for “being a homo” or whatever isn't relevant to the thread in any capacity.

No. 1115106

>There's %100 no proof that he's a pedophile

I agree Dawn needs to fuck off and is beyond aggravating but Manson dated Clare Buley when she was underage. Manson’s guilty but not for the reasons Dawn think he is.

No. 1115129

File: 1608963331865.png (134.57 KB, 427x361, Screenshot_20201225-235826~3.p…)

I honestly can't understand how anyone is attracted to him. He looks seriously diseased. The blotches on his hip remind me of the ones you see on AIDS patients. Or maybe they're just bed sores because he's basically a vegetable.

Lilith being underage when he actually fucked her is debatable, but that's not what I was talking about. I meant girls that are really young, as in less than 15-16. Being a pedophile and having sex with older minors are two different things. Pedophiles are attracted to childlike characteristics. Lilith was physically mature and already a junkie by the time they were together. That obviously doesn't excuse the fact that he pretended to be a teenage girl to groom her or all the other shit that went on between them that we don't know about, but he isn't a pedophile.

No. 1115171

File: 1608974077257.jpg (27.41 KB, 252x532, 20201226_080802.jpg)

You really don't know whether to laugh or vomit. What has she done to her eyes? At some point, they're probably vertical in her strange face. Horrible. It's a mystery to me how anyone can find anything beautiful about this person. The sight of her makes me sick.

No. 1115177

File: 1608975686797.jpeg (11.44 KB, 165x219, D68EFD61-7596-4CD4-A948-25E279…)

I mean her pictures are always heavily photoshopped, even polaroids, but you can clearly see that Manson is completely fucked up and doesn't know what's going on. And she smiles like everything's fine. They are both fucking sick.

No. 1115179

File: 1608975933049.jpg (177 KB, 959x592, trueluv_20201226_034232.jpg)

This is the most hilarious fucking thing I've seen all day. He looks high out of his mind—I doubt he even dressed himself. I don't think anyone could handle her sober.

No. 1115198


A YouTuber has announced a series about his abusive behaviour, and hus biggest attempt to claim innocence is that pathetic T-shirt?
Lol these idiots can't understand that his abusive behaviour towards Lindsay has been documented itt and nothing that they'll do now can help

No. 1115199

File: 1608980479726.jpg (62.51 KB, 540x533, Lindsay Usich Hooker.jpg)

A much more realistic version a few years ago.

No. 1115217

You're right, but I don't think his abuse toward her is an issue anymore. At this point, I consider it consensual because she had (and still has) multiple chances to leave him and she neglected all of them. I wanted to like her and have empathy for her situation, but knowing everything she's done, I honestly can't. They deserve everything they get. Karma.

No. 1115221

I am 100% with you, idc about her but abuse is abuse, and it's funny he thinks wearing a t-shirt can cover many years of misbehaviour.

No. 1115235

Don’t try to normalize it with this sick shit. A minor is a minor, there is no difference. It’s not like he’s only a few years older, they’re children compared to him.

Lilith did NOT look like no matured woman. She looked like some nasty ass child midget troll.

Just FYI, he IS a sick pedo who is also attracted to like 11 year olds and thinks they’re “hot” and uses fake accounts to solicit them. Especially ones who live in these foreign Asian or Middle Eastern countries.

No. 1115246

There is a difference. It doesn't make it right, but being attracted to a 10-year-old and a 17-year-old is not the same thing.

Lilith might be ugly, but she was physically mature. And she was probably 18 when they had sex. He's not a complete idiot. He knows better than to have a high-profile relationship with a minor.

And you implying that he's a xenophile makes your other accusations even more unrealistic. I thought you said he was racist? Racism and fetishizing other races are different things too. The more you lie, the more unbelievable your story becomes. No one believes you. GO AWAY.

No. 1115253

Omg stop trying to normalize or justify it in your sick mind with this “xenophile” shit. That’s just semantics. A child is a child no matter what word you wanna use - and it’s REPULSIVE!

YES fetishizing a race is RACIST! Again, don’t try to justify racism!

No. 1115256

Racial fetishisation is an insidious form of racism.

No. 1115278

So last year, I noticed something that made me believe Evan and Esme.

He was doing the 2019 summer tour with Rob Zombie, and the first few nights he was OK, like he clearly tried hard to at least keep his vocals in shape. Then the Phoenix Act passed, and the very next day he was sloshed, and he stayed sloshed for the remainder of the tour. People talked about cancelled meet and greets, he didn't show up for a song once (Rob Zombie said it was due to a "cold") and he just looked like a dying whale, forgot lyrics, pulled down his pants on stage, and didn't hit a single note for the rest of summer. There was also some weird thing with Lindsay. She wasn't with him until the middle of the tour. Hope tweeted something like "Here she goes to be with her man", then Lindsay was spotted and people began reposting that one picture of her backstage. Then Rob Zombie quietly ditched him for this year.

I really don't like how people say that Dita or Evan made him go off the deep end, or that a woman could have fixed any of it, especially one of those broken teenagers, or put the blame on them. Manson is a narcissist. They get in your head. They do a cycle of love bombing and abuse and people get trapped in that shit for years, even when they are in a relationship with some nobody who lives in a trailer park. They have a way of making their victims feel worthless and powerless. Manson has Hollywood connections, gang connections and a shitload of money on top of being 10 feet tall. He is a lot scarier than some nobody in a wife beater. He's a broken person, but it's not some random woman's job to fix it. It's not Lindsay's job either. He's had decades to develop self-awareness and self-control and he didn't.

I've been listening to Killing Joke lately, and damn. I know he's a huge fan and he keeps comparing himself to them, but it's like night and day and HUD fucking sounds NOTHING like Killing Joke. It's actually a little insulting. Jaz Coleman is 9 years older than him and he still makes better, more relevant music, and the lyrics are very clever, even though he's a conspiratard now. At least he's aware of his surroundings and interested in something other than the lint in his own navel. Most industrial musicians have matured into really interesting people and continue making fantastic music. Their interactions with fans are humble and cordial, their interviews are really interesting, and their lives are private. Manson just keeps digging inside his dickhole and revealing all the horrors that he finds in there and expects people to pay for it. I don't understand why people think he's a genius tbh, compared to real industrial Manson's music was always the kindergarden version and dumbed down and his whole aesthetic isn't new or invented by him. He just made it mainstream.

No. 1115286

Basically, Lindsay joined him on tour when he needed a nanny? JFC
He should have known better anyway. Just like you said, it was and is his job to fix himself.

No. 1115288

File: 1608995775360.jpg (8.04 KB, 300x168, Swift.jpg)


I've been watching their relationship through @marilynmansonews on insta and it's clear that there's something very fishy going on. From what I put together, he dated mostly other women in 2015-2016, then dragged her back into his life in 2017 when his father died, and things were OK, she was spotted in public with him a lot, but then they started fighting constantly.

If you look at the body language of the photos of them together it looks really really sinister. I think they went to Greece together for Valentine's like a real couple, then had a massive fight. Somebody said she was writing with lipstick on his walls or something. Around that time someone started an IG account for Lindsay and it was all pictures of her with captions like "starting over".

Then literally like clockwork every time Evan did something, Lindsay was dragged into the spotlight. He took her to some fashion show and got Dita von Teese to pose with them and speak about him in an interview. From what I understand, that was the first time he got Lindsay out in public in a magazine a long time. Then they began to attend parties together and the body language is all creepy. They almost looked like someone was forcing them together. He's stiff and pissed off and she's clawing at his hand like a handler at the zoo.

For example this party with Taylor Swift, he came there with Ashley and Lindsay and notice how he looks like he's about to explode and barely holding it in.

@marilynmansonews was mostly trashing Lindsay but around autumn last year it stopped. I think they were told to stop. Now they're barely posting.

I think their relationship is mostly real, but very mutually abusive, codependent and unstable, and there's also some sort of publicity thing and possibly a contract involved. I think she's got some blackmail on him too. It is also very possible that he has some sort of brain damage from drugs. At some premiere there was a video of them where Lindsay says "Hold my hand" and she comes off like a fucking nanny. People who talk about meet and greets frequently say things like "He didn't seem to understand where he was", too, and when he talks he very often goes completely off the rails.

No. 1115296

His mother had dementia. He could take it after after.
It's creepy though. There was somebody who posted a scene from Misery by King, and oh my… Can it be real for him?
I remember there was a video from his birthday, Manson was eating a cake, then Lindsay wiped his mouth with her finger AND ATE IT. I could never unsee it! It literally looked as if she was his mother and he was 5 y.o.

No. 1115300


Ugh I remember that cake thing too. They're all vampire couple on instagram, but in videos he's bloated and she has puffy cheeks and a vacant crazed face. They actually both have vacant crazed faces. I think this relationship is encouraging them both to just completely let themselves go.

No. 1115301

He said his mother had schizophrenia. Manson has also said in several interviews that he has significant mental health issues. Years of drug use, plus genetics, I’m sure his brain is fried now.


No. 1115303


Damn, and her husband fucked his son's groupies and Manson didn't even feel bad for his fragile, mentally ill mom and put a stop to it? That poor poor woman.

No. 1115304

I know about schizophrenia but she had dementia too, it developed closer to her death.
And yet he came across sober and a bit more realistic about himself in interviews this last year. So it's hard to say.

I am so sorry for that, anon. I wish I forgot it.

I am shocked they spent Christmas with Ashley and her husband, though he is not in the photos. Did Ashley take her kids to Manson's house? Is that bitch crazy too? She let her sister go like that, and now her kids?

No. 1115321

I don't think he's so completely out of control that he'd do something to the kids, and it looks like they frequently spend holidays together. Can't imagine time spent with Manson being pleasant though. The kids are probably already more intellectually stimulating than him.

No. 1115388

File: 1609007048815.jpeg (68.22 KB, 500x500, A449063E-948D-4A5B-A5C0-10C005…)


This issue has been done to death, read the old Lilith Levisis threads. They didn’t physically meet until she was 18 and living in nyc for college, before that she lived in bumfuck nowhere in Kentucky with her rich republican mom and wasn’t even “goth” until she met him, just some tumblr era alt girl blue hair shit. Their meeting happened 100% by accident thru her friendship with internetgirl.

No. 1115415

I don’t know how they met but several anons said Clare posted on her IG that Manson stalked her online and there’s a receipt of him asking her to be in his music video. Apparently she was talking to an older man in early 2015 before her 18th birthday but didn’t specifically name anyone. >>986081

No. 1115428

I don't doubt that she's hard to tolerate, but maybe he was just mugging for the camera like he always does. There are plenty of pictures of him and L together where he looks pissed of though.

And I don't think he has brain damage so much as he's just always high. He seems fine in interviews, especially the current ones, but that could be an act too because of the accusations resurfacing.

No. 1115447

He's clearly pissed in every pic with Lindsay. I've never seen him smiling or whatever with this boring woman. I guess it's just an Instagram love show.

No. 1115460

File: 1609013364429.jpg (782 KB, 1438x1184, oat_20201226_140340.jpg)

This is why no one speaks out about him.

No. 1115469

Remembering last new years eve when he attended Dita's show he looked way more relaxed in Dita's company than in Lindsay's. She's such a fuckin' try hard. Pathetic.

No. 1115472

Exactly, victims and whistleblowers get bullied and harassed.
They’re making fun of Edwin for being gay? That’s fucked up. How much proof do they fucking need, Edwin used testimony and verified sources. Whoever is behind @oatmealosboune is legit deranged and way too invested in defending a celebrity who doesn’t care about them.

No. 1115482

The ironic thing is that his fan-base is supposedly judgement free while they're using “gay” as an insult. I think if Lindsay didn't constantly ask fans to harass people that don't like her or encourage the shit that accounts like that do, it wouldn't be as bad. The community is toxic enough without her help.

No. 1115500


sage for ot/bg info:

The older guy was some local junkie she hooked up with. She wrote about how she had no friends in high school so she would spend all her time with her "older boyfriend". I can't believe I've wasted braincells remember this trash info, but for some reason I remember this pretty clearly.

I'm sure she and manson communicated online, but she didn't meet him until she was 18 and he toured in nyc/nj area where she was college.She specifically said she met him for the first time in his NYC hotel room (where was lindsay? lol) and they hooked up that night. Even if she wanted to I have no idea how she would have met him sooner, her mom moved them to some tiny town in 2008 in kentucky. According the mansonwiki the only time he has every played in Kentucky within the last 20 or so years was in 1997, 2018 and 2019. Him meeting and having sex with Madelyn when was underaged actually makes more sense to me, at least she was from a large metropolitan city (charlotte) where musicians tour more often.

The music video thing has never made sense to me because as a minor, she would need the signature of parents and a chaperone to go do his video in LA, so what would be the point?

I don't think he is a pedo or even an hebephile. I think he sucks, he is a whackjob and a creep, but I think he is simply trying to recreate his relationship with ERW in these girls and she was 18 when they met. Which is gross and says nothing good about him, but is legal. He is clearly either trying to recreate Dita or trying to recreate ERW in all his relationships in the last 10+ years, except Lindsay. In soviet russia, Lindsay recreates YOU.

No. 1115533

Well, those could also be pimples. His hygiene is not the best, and he says that he’s very greasy in general, so that could be that. If he actually had AIDS, he’d be dead by now.

No. 1115641

This is just fucking gross. Just because he didn’t “physically” meet her until she was 18 doesn’t mean anything. If he was having inappropriate conversations with her before she was 18, that’s illegal, and so was him talking to her under a fake account pretending to be a teenage girl.

No. 1115661

No he wouldn’t be dead by now. But he did get an STD in the summer of 2017. Maybe it is AIDS and that’s why Lindsay has been the only woman he’s been seen with since 2018; hence, why he married her.

And here it is… the slut’s Christmas IG story pathetically showing off
as anons predicted. >>1113995

This is the cringiest shit. I hate fake bitches like her. “Look at me, look at me!” “what a perfect life I have!” while these two fucking low-life pieces of shit think they can fuck over other people. Hang yourself, fucking bitch.

Right… he “loves his wife” that’s why they have a sick open relationship and he fucks around on her. >>1113523

No. 1115664

There aren't any laws about sending sexually explicit messages to minors in the United States. It's only illegal if he met up with her before she was 18 or sent/received nude pictures, which I doubt he did because he knew he could've gotten
in trouble. If he really did pretend to be 16, that is illegal.

No. 1115684

>There aren't any laws about sending sexually explicit messages to minors in the United States.

Wrong, it’s quite illegal. https://www.casexcrimesattorney.com/practice-area/sex-crimes/sexting

No. 1115692

In Kentucky, it's not illegal to send sexual messages to minors that are 17+ as long as neither of them sent any pictures/videos.

No. 1115700

File: 1609047351892.jpeg (433.62 KB, 1692x1601, 9769464E-7150-4FC7-A91A-1617A1…)

Sexual videos were sent.

No. 1115705

But we still don't know if that video was sent before or after she turned 18. Him having sex with her was obviously wrong because teenagers aren't fully capable of consenting, but I don't think he did anything illegal with her.

And I thought she said that they met when he messaged her and pretended to be underage? She keeps changing her story.

No. 1115709

You don’t know if that video was sent before or after she tuned 18 and you’re sure he did nothing illegal? You contradict yourself, we can’t know for sure. Based on the dates it’s very close and according to Lilith it was sexual from the beginning.

No. 1115712


She was also dating some guy named peter/kamikazibeats in the beginning of her freshman year that she apparently was obsessed with to the point of of stalking him, that doesn’t really mesh with the timeline of her meeting Manson age 15-17 and being obsessed with him for years like Madelyn. She has been shown consistently to be an unreliable narrator, very into herself and on massive amounts of drugs. She also seems to have zero contact with Manson since she broke into his house years ago so there’s nothing to for her to lose by embellishing and lying about him for clout.

No. 1115714

You seem quite determined to discredit her and defend Manson. The fact remains we don’t know if she was underage.

No. 1115725

I didn't mean that he's completely innocent in whatever situation went on with Lilith. He shouldn't have had sex with her, even when she was legally able to consent because she was still too young, but I don't think he did anything illegal with her because he waited until she was 18 to meet her. And I didn't say I was, “sure he did nothing illegal.”

They >>1115712 aren't OP.

No. 1115732

My comment was intended for that comment, I don’t know who is OP.

>I don't think he did anything illegal

>And I didn't say I was, “sure he did nothing illegal.”

I don’t see much of a difference but whatever, last post arguing about this.

No. 1115764

I don't think he had Lindsay around at the time of his father's death. I remember an interview where he said he was visiting a strip club with his cousin that day. That was in 2017, she always so pathetically insists he's been "her man" for 10 years. But she apparently not "his woman", because otherwise he would hardly have to visit a strip club, lol.
She seems very desirable, lmfao.

No. 1115783

I think I remember fearless posting that she was there for him when his father died, and a cap of a phone call 6 hours (!) long.

No. 1115784

His father lived in Canton. She probably didn't go with him when he died because they didn't get along. I think there were screens from Michelle's account a few threads ago of Manson saying that she was mean to him.

No. 1115806

That his dad didn't like Lindsay was something we'd read about before. Also that she treated him like shit. But that doesn't stop her from "liking" pictures with him on Instagram. I wonder how mentally fucked up you have to be to act so devious and hypocritical.

No. 1115816


There are two anons arguing with you.

Where do you get the idea that I'm trying to defend him? also how the fuck do I "discredit" her when she literally has never accused him of anything, still simps for him to this day and posts all the time about how wonderful he was lmao. Please integrate and read Lilith's old threads and the old soundclout/layla shapiro threads. She is not a a reliable narrator AT ALL, just like Madelyn. Since it's a known fact he doesn't speak to her anymore , it's reasonable to assume her impression of him is embellished to kiss up to him public, in the last 1-2 years she lost a lot of friends and clout and he was her most high-profile social connection.

No. 1115829

>he was her most high-profile social connection.
and as assumed, not secure connection lol

No. 1116364

File: 1609130660480.png (573.31 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20201227-221358~2.p…)

I know we're trying to ignore Madelyn, but her making fun of Lindsay for having so much work done when her lips literally look like they're about to pop is it's own brand of funny. It's so strange to me that he's apparently obsessed with his partner's appearance, then he can go sleep with women that look like this. She's one of the most disgusting women that I've ever had the displeasure of looking at, up there with Lindsay and Clare. She looks clean in most of her photoshoots, but she always looks like she hasn't showered in days whenever she posts spontaneous selfies.

No. 1116433

I’m laughing so hard. These are the type of cringey lames Manson fucks with because no intelligent & beautiful woman would ever be with someone so repulsive.

No. 1116434

Hold on, what work has she done

No. 1116435

File: 1609137775508.jpeg (116.47 KB, 750x843, image1.jpeg)


I'm sorry for further derailing the thread, but Maddie posted this a while ago and I've been sitting on it unable to share with anyone. I'm becoming her biggest fan.

No. 1116437

I don't think Madelyn looks unwashed. Her puffy lips aren't really attractive, but she looks much more natural and pretty than Lindsay. Whereby I have to say, Lindsay and pretty are mutually exclusive. Her hair looks like dyed, chewed straw and I don't even want to start with her face.

No. 1116440

File: 1609141493584.jpg (276 KB, 720x869, botched.jpg_20201228_013810.jp…)

Which one are you talking about? Either way, it's pretty obvious if you look for older pictures of them. Both of them have lip injections and Botox. Plus, Lindsay had an eyelid-lift a few years ago and Madelyn has breast implants (according to @_noname666_).

I think one of the reasons that Lindsay looks so bad now is because goth doesn't suit her. I mean, she was ugly before, but being starch white just shows off her blemishes, not to mention the lipstick and fried hair. Madelyn wouldn't look so bad either if she didn't cake on so much foundation and washed her hair once in a while. I don't understand how he was ever attracted to either of them.

No. 1116444

Holy crap, my eyes hurt. Of course you can see that Madelyn has changed but she isn't unattractive. Lindsay on the other hand looks absolutely horrible. With her, all the plastic surgery was for nothing. And since you bring up the subject of goth, nothing about her is goth. White face and red lipstick don't make a boring gray mouse automatically goth. We used to call something like that a poser.

No. 1116452

Pls no Madelyn.

No. 1116459

She's more of a Dita-skinwalker than a true goth. She was just a basic wannabe-hipster before. All of his girlfriends have the same style. It's like he keeps trying to recreate how iconic their relationship was. Lindsay is 100% the worst mistake he's ever made, romantically or aesthetically. She didn't even look that bad when they first started dating. She definitely wasn't pretty, but she didn't look as ugly as she does now. I'd love to see what would happen if him and Dita did get back together, especially the shit-show she'd start on IG again. Dita's no prize either, but she's a lot better than L.

No. 1116479

I guess not many people here want to read this, but I think it would be great if Manson got back together with Dita. But I doubt that will happen. I like her, she has style, charisma, beauty, business, everything Lindsay doesn't have. The current "Mrs. Warner" loses to absolutely every woman he has ever been spotted with. What I also find interesting, if this so overwhelmingly happy relationship has lasted for 10 years, as she always wants to make believe on IG, then why has he kept dating various other women? Googling sometimes helps, but the IG community is apparently resistant to that and kisses her ass.

No. 1116489

What is wrong with you??? HE ABUSED WOMEN, hadn't Dita had guts to leave, she would have probably been raped and tortured just like ERW and Esmé.
Goddamn fucking fangirls everywhere.
These threads are to show that Manson and his orbiters, including Lindsay, are pieces of shit who must be kept in prison..
This is not a place to whine about why Lindsay is not as iconic as Dita (who's also a very questionable persona).
Manson wouldn't fuck you anyway.
I can't believe there are anons like you. Didn't you read the threads? Not a single woman will or would be happy and safe with him. He's basically human scum.

Ready to get banned for losing my shit.

No. 1116490

Thank you anon that you are itt.

No. 1116492


>>1116488 why did you delete?

I think it's the second time I see somebody posted very similar to my opinion almost simultaneously with me, and then the post gets deleted.

No. 1116493

You’re right, nobody wants to read this. He isn’t getting back with Dita. He’s married to Lindsay, and Dita would never support his cheating & pedophile lifestyle like Lindsay.

> What I also find interesting, if this so overwhelmingly happy relationship has lasted for 10 years, as she always wants to make believe on IG, then why has he kept dating various other women?

Because she lets him be with other woman, and apparently they have some disgusting open relationship.
If that anon in the other thread was really an “ex”, she said him and Lindsay play some sick game with other girls together.
From observation… before I even heard that, I was even thinking it was something like that myself.

That’s all Dita has is her “beauty” & “business” —superficial shit. Her personality is probably dull and she doesn’t have any depth to her.

No. 1116495

Just shut the fuck up, Dawn. You have no proof and only show your pathological hatred for Manson. You have reached the lower limit of ridiculousness, you can only lash out in despair when you read other opinions.
You suck!

No. 1116507

I am not Dawn lol. I would have never thought I can be mistaken for a native speaker but ok, there you go.
Tell me where I am wrong in my post.

No. 1116519

File: 1609156659366.png (534.76 KB, 432x768, sgdti8mq07841.png)


Dita's done very well for herself and she deserves better than that creep. He didn't abuse her because she wouldn't bend for him. I wonder what made her even start talking to him again. Looks like he's reached out to all of his exes in the hope of making character witnesses out of them when the time comes.

Just look at that fucking smile. Says everything.

No. 1116629

I'm OP: >>1116459 All I meant was that Dita has a shitty personality too (per @mansonisabusive's messages with Amie Harwick—they're in one of the other threads if you haven't seen them). She's obviously done well for herself and she's an amazing businesswoman, but she's definitely not this great person everyone seems to think she is.

No. 1116740

That's why she became friends with him again. For media attention.
And that's also why she won't say anything negative about him now.

No. 1116790

File: 1609188305391.jpg (131.96 KB, 1080x1350, ojkPET9bGFo.jpg)

Damn he's probably got cirrhosis or wtf with him

No. 1116795

File: 1609188756841.jpg (54.21 KB, 1080x1080, 133090796_445455116478470_7886…)

Lmao more like dementia?

Ngl I would be drunk 24/7 too. Just look at them.

No. 1116811

It's just that sex drugs rocknroll asshole lifestyle. It makes u hella ugly in the long run. Just look at TnD, and she hasn't even been a fuck up an eighth as long. There is only so much a LA surgeon can do.

No. 1116878

Was that picture from a fan account? Because it looks different from the ones Lindsay posted, even though she edits the fuck out of them. That's not how he looks in real life if you watch videos of him performing or being interviewed. His face isn't that narrow and his eyes aren't as rounded out.

No. 1117024

Stop denying it! We can tell when it’s you. That post sounded like you to a “T” and it’s not hard to detect your typing.

No. 1117077


blink twice if you need help brian

No. 1117143

Lindsay looks like the IRL version of Caitlin Jenner from south park. Like a whole ass XY man in disguise as a blow up doll.

No. 1117147

He slightly opens his mouth/pulls down his jaw and dodges/does a weird MySpace angle in his photos.

No. 1117170

File: 1609235947350.png (535.33 KB, 720x1169, Screenshot_20201229-032752~2.p…)

> Don't ever do drugs.
I love the way she taunts them in her captions lmao.

No. 1117183

I'll just hope it's not schizophrenic we.

Whoever advised him wear this T-shirt must be fired lmao.

No. 1117209

Can anyone help me find the Loveline episode with Manson where he's obsessing over Evan Rachel Woood in Thirteen (she turned 15 during filming)?? I've seen a comment on Edwin's video about it.

No. 1117214

There are only 2 episodes of Loveline on YouTube from the early 2000s, when he was still married to Dita. If he was talking about Evan before they even met, that's a major red flag, like he planned to have an affair with her.

No. 1117235

You want to watch this one, start at 53 mins to grab the context.

No. 1117315

File: 1609259596478.jpeg (28.87 KB, 300x180, 5983049F-022D-49D6-B8F9-DAC90E…)

Honestly, this is the funniest shit ever. Lindsay is 100% Kathy Bates. I stg he’s currently strapped down to an at-home hospital bed, under heavy sedation, so she can wheel him out for a photo op later. I’m living for this.

No. 1117352

Ok wow so all the people on yt were wrong, he doesn't even mention Evan.
Thank you!

No. 1117380

Yesterday his ig stories were interesting. It was a trailer for the American Gods season in which the question "what would these people do for followers?" was asked followed by "you have no idea" and after a picture of Lindsay's half topless picture from the nudie photoshoot they did together.

I didnt scrnsht it( whoops)

No. 1117383

It honestly could have been coincidental. Although…. in the music video dont chase the dead the cinematic symbolism. Is interesting . Like her stabbing him . When he says "I got my tickets to hell" it shows her. When he says "if tonight last forever… it won't matter if there's no tomorrow" the first time she's holding her stomach as if shes pregnant.
I guess only time will tell.

Quick side note: in that song, I'm sure I hear female back up vocals for the first chorus - I wonder if it's her.

No. 1117392

Oh…also, everyone always talks about thirteen as Evan Rachel Woods most notable movie in this catastrophe.
No one ever mentions the movie she was cast in as a highschool teen girl who falsely accuses her teacher of sexual abuse convincing two other students (her best friends) for attention.
She ends up confessing the truth which leads to the suicide of one friend and for the other to find out that Evan's character just wanted to ruin the friend because of some revenge plot I cant remember.

I can only imagine how she feels when she looks back on that movie… it must be a nightmare.

No. 1117402

Don't type anything in the name field and you'll be fine.

No. 1117405


No. 1117430

The movie you’re referring to is Pretty Persuasion. It’s a fictional role, why would it be a nightmare? Manson was cast as a child rapist in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, I doubt he feels bad about that.

No. 1117452

Just don't do anything with that field lol

No. 1117506

Because "art imitates life" applies here in that she has been accused of crying wolf. This role, if I had done it would - at the very least- make me cringe, looking back.

Does that make sense to you?

I think I got it

No. 1117512

There are no credits for backing vocals on the album. Usually the people are listed.

No. 1117515

I don't think any of her jobs make her cringe. They were just jobs.
Her relationship with Manson is probably the only thing she regrets.

No. 1117516

Why "in this catastrophe"?? The reason no one is talking about Pretty Persuasion is because barely anyone saw that movie. Compare the box office for example. Thirteen is a classic and got a lot of attention, PP didn't.

No. 1117586


Ot, but boy does he give brain dead Lurch vibes in this shot. What did any of these women see in him? What an ugly old man

No. 1117636

File: 1609285265047.png (766.16 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20201229-172435~2.p…)

he's seriously using his mugshot to promote merch

No. 1117641

File: 1609285814706.jpeg (21.9 KB, 271x396, 39D132F1-F712-4D80-9FED-97981D…)


I think a lot of his teen fans are still holding out that they can unearth this version of him from the early 90s, buried under all the fat or something lol. He used to be decent looking in trailer park, Lana del Ray kind of way

No. 1117657

personally i like to think the real marilyn manson died after emdm and got replaced by a lookalike who was just a random pre-diabetic man they found at Arby's

No. 1117695

Obviously I mean “we” as in when other anons call out her posts.

No. 1117703

That’s because he knows he’s going to prison. He has to sell that merch and make all the money he can for what’s about to come in 2021.

No. 1117937

Teen girls are dumb.They are just discovering their sexuality and fall in love with anime, singers and fictional characters all the time. I think they fall for his angsty lyrics and voice (and he does have a nice voice) and then try to overlook the 7 chins and abuse allegations because they're stupid children.

We should really warn off kids when we see this shit, no one deserves to get raped and peed on because their frontal lobes aren't developed yet.


Fucking LOL.

No. 1117942

File: 1609315781774.png (751.42 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_20201230-020445~2.p…)

how vain does someone have to be to have 2 separate ppl draw them

No. 1117982

Is something brewing in 2021 that I havent heard about? lmao>>1117703

No. 1117989

Nta. I know that youtuber announced one more episode, it's supposed to come out before new merch.

No. 1117995

I wonder how someone with her looks can be vain at all. Lmao.

No. 1118001

Maybe she hopes that if she and Brian pretend hard enough, they'll trick people into thinking she doesn't look like a troon?

No. 1118002

Did… She have the artist add in Lily White too??

No. 1118034

It's not Lily, it's one of their cats.

No. 1118154

She tagged her pathetic stories with 15omg. Does she wants to emphasize her psychological age? Fits!

No. 1118229

No one wants to see Lindsay topless, ugh.

No. 1118259

Did anyone notice that he deleted the post about Reedus' book? Lmaooo

No. 1118302

I think he probably deleted it because of Perou. He seemed sort of passive-agressive in the comments because of M's caption.

No. 1118367

Are you brain dead? She tagged those shitty textile artists because they made her shitty heart shaped textile thing.

No. 1118388

I’ve heard about it. I think he’s getting sued and may possibly go to jail for it.

No. 1118395

Sued by who?

No. 1118405

I guess that Dawn chick for making false allegations on her.

No. 1118433

Dawn's been posting about him since before the first thread was started over a year ago. There is no “case.”

No. 1118450

File: 1609381678962.jpg (187 KB, 1118x592, _20201230_201939.jpg)

She's still interacting with hate accounts. There's no way she doesn't know about what they do, especially since she follows the account that they messaged + she still follows @oatmealosbourne.

No. 1118454

I don’t what you mean. I’ve only read what she posted in the threads. She didn’t start posting until I think July, in the third thread, and said she only found out about the allegations sometime at the beginning of the year.

She does have a case if he legit tried to make allegations that weren’t true. That’s real serious shit.

No. 1118471

I love that the me too movement came out, and there’s people that are exposing these celebrities. I’m so sick of them thinking they can get away with things and treating people like crap.

No. 1118503

I thought anons said this was fake? He really made up allegations on her?

No. 1118519

Dawn, stop arguing with yourself and get the fuck away from here, you fucking insane.

No. 1118539

No, she's just talking to herself. Ignore her and maybe she'll go away.

No. 1118552

I really don’t know. She did post some search warrant, but it’s possible she could’ve got it off Google.
She really is insane if she went to such lengths, & saying Manson made allegations on her if he didn’t.
The only thing that has me question that maybe he did, is that she posts about it on her real account.

No. 1118565

Just because she posted about it on IG doesn't mean that it's real. Maybe she actually does think he made false allegations against her, but the stuff she's posted about it makes no sense and she's always changing her story. First, she said he stole one of her captions, then she accused him of using fake accounts to solicit minors, and now she thinks he's making false allegations against her. And she just expects everyone to believe her without posting any real proof. All she's doing is discrediting real victims.

No. 1118576

I’m sorry but all of this is comical. I just can’t picture someone like Manson, who knows “dangerous” people, going to the cops making allegations when he has done a lot of illegal shit.

No. 1118616

Yeah… that’s true irony right there. A criminal going to the cops accusing someone else of being a criminal. Especially with abuse accusations out there in the media about him. If he did though…. that was a stupid stupid move.

> Just because she posted about it on IG doesn't mean that it's real.

No- but doesn’t seem logical someone doing that, unless they really are nutso.

No. 1118635

She is a lunatic, and she was caught lying here by anons. Just ignore.

No. 1118645

I’m here for the lunacy. After everything Manson has done to people, he deserves this chick fucking him up.

No. 1118671

Just shut up, Dawn. Stop fucking around and accusing yourself of your own posts. I seriously hope what you say about Manson isn’t false.

No. 1118673

File: 1609409762422.png (60.42 KB, 667x393, Screenshot_20201231-033033~2.p…)

from a post on her old account, @lindsay.usich.

No. 1118708

So, he married a “fan?” Then it’s definitely true that he finds and meets women on social media.
Looks as though he found the “one” who is as much of a low-life loser as him.

I don’t remember where I read this -it might’ve been posted somewhere in these threads, but there was an article where he was talking about a woman he met from MySpace and said she was a psychopath and that he shouldn’t have used his real name. That had to have been Lindsay he was referring to.

No. 1118723


There was a nazi themed SG model named nana rape blossom that he also meet off MySpace years ago (she had photos and wrote a disparaging blogpost about him later)who was insane, dont ask for receipts cause this was ten+ years ago and she’s long gone off the internet

No. 1118727

It was not her account.

No. 1118729

Yep it was posted a thread or two ago. He talked a lot of shit about her at the time so it had to be about her.

No. 1118731

Evan was a fan before they started dating too. And I think he met Stoya on MySpace.

No. 1118735

Are you sure Evan was a fan? It's not really her type of music.

No. 1118744

If I remember correctly, that's why they were ever friends in the first place. But I might be wrong because I can't find any articles mentioning why they were introduced. It might've been posted in one of the other threads if anyone wants to go back and look for it, but so far it's just reliant on memory.

No. 1118746

Evan never was his fan. They met at a party in Chateau Marmont.

No. 1118813

Kek not everyone is Dawntard, you idiot. I replied to the “hashtag 150mg” comment with the information they should have grasped in the first place. The heart shaped piece of textile art that Lindsay was sharing in a post was made by the British artists 150mg. Who she also mentioned. Deep eye roll to you, my friend.

No. 1118849


Aw, I remember rape blossom. She was an interesting model, at least. Whatever happened there?

No. 1118861

File: 1609434013091.jpeg (392.3 KB, 2048x778, FEBA29B6-B6F5-4C21-BB89-D13D85…)

No. 1118862

GFY, "my friend", LOL!

No. 1118872

Calm down and stop seeing dawn everywhere.

No. 1118947

File: 1609439324723.jpg (89.54 KB, 661x674, NRB_1.jpg)


Okay this is what I can remember but here goes:

I agree she was pretty and had interesting taste in movie and literature compared to most SG models but her personality and own output was incredbily cringey and that was my point of reference for this. Had she been doing was she was doing now she would a top cow on here. At some point she was taking drugs that made her completely nuts and paranoid, she started thinking everyone from lady gaga to Mosh to random egirls on tumblr, alt models that tried to work with photographers she had worked with were ripping off her unique, never before seen style. It was during that period that Manson contacted her. He appeared in her top8 and I even vaguely remember him leaving comments under her photos. Then he disappeared and she wrote a long blog about how he contacted her on myspace, saying everyone in LA was sending him her photos and tell him to contact her (under the impression to use her as model for a video or muse or something). He took her out to dinner and they hung out when he was in europe, she claims he told her he just got divorced and was "auditioning" another girl to be his girlfriend (ERW) but he preferred her and would pay her to move to LA but she turned him down because she had some skinhead boyfriend she didn't want to leave for him. I remember it ended with a rant on ERW calling her a "mongloid retard" and I think saying something nasty about stoya too before accusing Manson of ripping off her (NRB) in something, some shitty myspace photo cover or something. That's all I remember. She was active for maybe a year tops after that before wisely leaving the internet forever.

As much as I dearly wished I could find her old blog post on waybackmachine and bring a milkmas miracle, I couldn't find it, here are some fragments of her profile and her in manson's Top8 on myspace. She reminds me of a less stupid Lindsay with ERW's face : rich girl NEET doing drugs and "alt" art, no IRL friends, milky/edgy af, contacted on myspace to maybe do a creative collab, typical Manson chick. Wild this happened in 2009 lol.

No. 1118949

File: 1609439356666.jpg (129.4 KB, 1016x680, NRB_3.jpg)


Her in Manson's top8 circa 2009

No. 1118950

File: 1609439428774.jpg (206.84 KB, 1155x682, NRB_2.jpg)


Manson in her top8 vs the dude she actually wanted to date (top right)

No. 1118959

Is that Torii Lynn in there too? She’s cringe.

No. 1118967


Im sure there a lot of weird shit to be gleamed from looking at his old myspace wayback archives. I saw a bunch of other girls in his top8 who looked suspiciously young mixed with a bunch of familiar faces (isani, Paula baby, Lexa vonn, stoya ect) I'm not doing it rn because I spent over 2 hours trying to find incriminating nana stuff

No. 1118987

Thank you so much anon. I have never read anything close to your post before. It's probably not so milky rn but the potential is huge.
That girl was lucky to escape from him.

No. 1118999

File: 1609442156547.jpeg (411.93 KB, 1630x1116, 686E701B-092A-4BDD-A327-537413…)

>was "auditioning" another girl to be his girlfriend

I remember reading he “auditioned” women on an old gossip site, this was around the Stoya/Nana time.

No. 1119006

She actually moved to Amsterdam for the top left dude. That's when I noticed how incoherent and paranoid her postings had become.
I like to think she would have been a little too genuinely nuts at the time for MM's Floridian carcass if they actually hooked up.

No. 1119008

Do you have any more tea/Is there any place to post about these old(ish) internet celebs? I've been interested in Nana Rapeblossom and her milk for a while, but she was kind of before my time and almost everything's been deleted.

No. 1119011


Sorry I am legit dyslexic. Yes you are correct. He still runs his art website at drtenge.com, he seems like a solid dude.


She escaped the internet and purged everything years ago but I still have many memories I can post, IDK if it's appropraite for this thread tho.

No. 1119016

Please do, it's sort of related since she was entangled with MM anyway.

No. 1119017

A lot of it is lost to time, I think she deleted most everything when she went "normie."
She still gets brought up here on lolcow infrequently and anons will jump in with memories and fragments still available on google image.

tl;dr she was a popular Suicide Girl but her photosets tended to keep to a gross sexually assaulted minor theme. Someone noticed she had slipped an SS pin (people claimed it was a genuine article, not a replica idk) on a hat into one of the sets, Suicide Girls denounced her and she became infamous for a while.

No. 1119024

File: 1609443452226.jpg (315.78 KB, 553x830, tinto brass but make it fashun…)

samefag but this is right up front on google images as I type. People took some striking pictures of her outside of the Suicide Girls bullshit, but a lot of it was just needlessly provocative.
Probably what MM saw in her.

No. 1119033


Lmao anon your image title, I'm dying

from the waybackarchive of her myspace re: the infamous rape set that got her banned:

"Plus, I was wearing an SS pin. Well, they lurked in all my possible net versions to get to understand my connections with the NeoNazi movement.
No matter if I tried to explain the meaning I give to the nazism, the allegoric references I put in it, the fact it symbolizes The Beast Of Prey to myself, where the Prey incredibly supports the Beast (and this might make us think about our own strange nature as humans…)
No matter, they just screamed "Yuck yuck a nazi girl!"
Shallow… :)
My set stayed up for no more than 24 hours and then, as many other SGs went like "ohhh my goood I feel so hurted by this set, I have been raped and this set is hurting my sensibility" and so on (fundamentally they played the role of the offended ones as they became a herd/a flock of sheeps, and many of them just started whining close to the sheep who had its reasons (?) to whine because of her past experiences) wanted me to leave the site as nobody fucking cares about most of them there… "a popular girl less").

Enjoy censorship once more .

I'm not angry - I know I will ever have to fight censorhip if I want to express myself in my life. I've learned the lesson, a lesson I actually knew I would learn on my skin as even Christ did, knowing it all from the beginning but not really expecting it till the very end. I expected it since last early spring. And I've always been coherent. Go read at least the first 2 parts of this interview. It's in italian ok, but wordreference.com will give a great help to all of you who want to get it.

I won't give up."

This is gonna be my last post on her tho unless other anon ask, because I don't want a ban for derailing lol

No. 1119047

It was posted in the 1st or 2d thread, there was actually much more on Manson and his bandmates there. This supposedly when he found Lindsay too.

No. 1119285

2021 the year Marilyn Manson finally goes to prison for his crimes! Happy New Year!!!!!

No. 1119286

File: 1609468171906.png (648.71 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20201231-200033~2.p…)

kek at how "classy" she is lmao

No. 1119354

Why would you expect class? She’s the usual disgusting and trashy type of classless whore that he’s with.
Rose and Evan were probably the only women he’s ever been with that weren’t.

No. 1119362

>we’re going to go live in Saturn now, goodbye!

This is a 36 year old woman, what the fuck does that even mean. Sober my ass.

No. 1119410

I wish she would fuck off to Saturn, then we wouldn't have to see her ugly face anymore.

No. 1119434

What's that on her leg? A bruise?

No. 1119444

I’m still trying to find where Lindsay is ugly at. She might be a shitty person and an enabler but she isn’t physically ugly (imo)

No. 1119450

It looks like it. I wonder why she didn't blur it out while she was editing. It's almost like she wants someone to notice.

No. 1119453

File: 1609497305486.jpeg (144.86 KB, 828x875, DA5C99D5-A264-4CF3-87A4-2D3D17…)

Look at how ugly the both of them are. Fucking gag! Two sick piece of shit whores that look like they got herpes & HIV.

This was her pre-plastic surgery. Her ugly ass has had A LOT of work done.
Also, I don’t know about you, but when someone is inwardly ugly, they appear physically ugly to me as well.

No. 1119467

She legit looks like a MtF. Like, she looks like Blair White and Caitlyn Jenner somehow managed to produce offspring. She shouldn't have gotten so much done, she looks like an animated sex doll.

No. 1119482

File: 1609503579102.jpeg (140.7 KB, 826x834, 164031A6-D58B-4672-A9FE-52BFB7…)

She’s for sure ugly. She looks like a Sandra Bernhard look alike.

If Manson is so obsessed with appearance, you would think he would do something with his nasty lookin’ ass. His hair looks fuckin’ stupid.

No. 1119487

File: 1609505461179.jpg (1.6 MB, 1026x787, xEiRCPW.jpg)

I think it's just that (1) you don't get to see many candid photos of her (2) she used to be average but that cheap Dita style made everything about her worse.
I made two collages. The first is 2011-2016, you see in the pic with 2011 she looks exactly like her sister. You can tell they are twins without a doubt. It's true she was never beautiful but she was kind of okay.

Now she's botched and looks like she's pushing her late forties. And the contrast between candid and Instagram is insane.
Another big miss of her is that she never worked out her body. She was a jelly even in her twenties which is yikes.

No. 1119488

File: 1609505643195.jpg (4.45 MB, 2066x1533, 1eyVvNo.jpg)

No. 1119491

File: 1609506320641.jpg (70.42 KB, 399x574, BXlFrXY.jpg)

Someone attempted to hack LKB's Facebook on Dec. 24. I'd love to remind that all shading Manson messages she wrote via her FB, and let's not forget she reposted Edwin's Generation's story about Manson.


Edwin's Twitter got hacked today.

A coincidence or consequences?

No. 1119492

File: 1609506356644.jpg (116.18 KB, 608x1080, hynWiJC.jpg)

Edwin's ig

No. 1119494

I forgot about the timeline.
It's her candid and Instagram 2018-2020.

No. 1119497

I wonder if the pictures she showed him when they met on MySpace were edited too. I would've loved to see his reaction when he finally found out what she really looked like.

No. 1119499

She used to edit every her photo, even when she was young and borderline pretty. Not a single photo from her old ig accounts and fb was free of editing.

No. 1119501

He obviously married her, and he’s just as ugly, so…

No. 1119502

Allegations and free live-in nanny for his demented ass is the reason they married lol

No. 1119503

Show proof -otherwise it’s bullshit. He’s rich enough where he could afford to hire a nanny.

No. 1119507

lol whut?
do you get it you are on lolcow?
tell me you think he wore that t-shirt because he loves her so much >>1117170 so I could laugh harder

No. 1119519

Yeah I do get it. Do you? Where’s proof? Show caps of these alleged “allegations” Lindsay made and that’s why he married her. Because that’s the dumbest fucking shit I have ever heard why someone would literally marry a person. If that was the case he would’ve married her years ago.

No, Manson doesn’t love her. He doesn’t love anyone. He’s incapable of it, because he’s a sick narcissistic fuck.

No. 1119524

who said
>“allegations” Lindsay made?
you read what you want to read, calm down.

No. 1119528

You mean the Evan allegations? Because according to Manson in the Metal Hammer magazine there are no “allegations”. So now what?

No. 1119530

No. 1119548

That's Twitter not Facebook. And it was her Google account that was hacked, you can see it in the screenshot.

No. 1119549

Damn! This is definitely no coincidence! I bet anything Manson got him hacked. They’re also trying to flag Edwin’s video.
This hacking is probably also a method Manson uses to get all these fake accounts.

No. 1119557

Edwin must’ve clicked on some link in a message, because that’s how they usually hack you.

No. 1119563

omg my bad. should have sobered up before posting.

it's a coincidence at this point. I posted bc I thought the timing is funny.

No. 1119681

She definitely never worked out.
Every feature of her body looks saggy and untrained with a bloated belly.

No. 1119776

Apparently, she used to be a ballerina lmao.

No. 1119787


No. 1119913

She posted a photo of herself at like 7 in a ballet tutu once. The ballet meme was big in the 90s, I remember me and all my friends did childrens ballet as well, but no one was good enough to even seriously consider doing it past 10-11 and I would never say I was a ballerina.

I think it's just part of her Dita skinwalking; she actually did study ballet professionally, but also weird gothy hipster chicks have a ballet fetish. I have never understood it but I've noticed a pattern over the years.

No. 1119990

There's no way she could've been a professional ballerina. She has terrible posture and both Russian and American ballet schools require strong legs.

No. 1120009

File: 1609563182911.jpeg (431.34 KB, 827x1383, BA53AF50-BDD9-45F1-9102-1F6597…)

I totally disagree. Edwin also put in his story that this Red Russian Hurricane account sent him a DM. Then a few hours later his account is getting hacked. No I don’t think that is any coincidence.

That account also made a post saying Edwin is committing a crime. What a fucking idiot. These people don’t understand freedom of speech.

No. 1120014

Yeah have Manson go after more people, and accusing them of false shit so he can get sued with more lawsuits.

No. 1120022

Exactly. It’s a well-known fact that he love bombs women.

No. 1120043

File: 1609568576423.jpeg (101.1 KB, 828x1599, 8A9B5DD8-C5EF-4F4D-ACE6-6FD531…)

The guy that hacked Edwin - I’m starting to think definitely has something to do with Manson.
I’m seeing tweets of people saying that guy is racist and he apparently he was saying the “n” word, and also Edwin’s account is being retweeted by gay porn.

Ok. There is no coincidence going on here:

1) Manson is a racist

2) Dawn has talked about him being under a gay porn account(s) and a racist porn account.
These porn accounts also tweet about incest with other relatives, like sons and fathers. I seriously wanna a puke. Manson is on a whole other fucked up level of fucked up. Did he want have sex with his own father?

No. 1120048

I don't doubt that Manson is involved in what's going on with their accounts, but I'm still not playing into anything Dawn says. If he was the one that retweeted that, it was probably just to embarrass him, not because that's something he's into. There's no proof whatsoever that he's gay and owning a porn account isn't illegal, even if what Dawn's accusing him of is true.

No. 1120064

If he does have a porn account, I would say it’s no big deal, but this is just really really sick stuff!!!

This must be the allegations Dawn keeps talking about that Manson made on her.

No. 1120073

Your opinion on the kinks those accounts post about is irrelevant. Porn accounts aren't illegal, no matter how Dawn tries to spin it.

No. 1120111

His followers were getting retweets of gay porn? lmao That’s kinda hilarious, but I feel bad for Edwin. It definitely looks like he’s being retaliated against for speaking out about Manson.

No. 1120297

The preview for the special he's going to be in with Yoskiko drives me nuts.
That he's singing cant live without you just reminds me of that bad audition of the woman trying to sing the same song but doesn't know the lyrics because she doesn't speak English.

No. 1120308

Lol Yoshiki is another cow, not surprised at all he’s friends with Manson. Under the Sky was postponed without a release date.. from the preview it looks lame, imo.

No. 1120743

kinks? Anyone with “kinks” like that belong in prison or a mental institution. Actually, obscene porn is suppose to be illegal. That type of porn is one of the main reasons that causes scum like Manson to treat women horribly and be violent towards them.

No. 1120768

Porn isn't the problem. People are. Some kinks are responses to trauma and they help survivors cope. And there aren't any laws on “obscene” porn in the United States. It doesn't matter anyway because those accounts probably aren't even his.

No. 1120796

muh asthma

No. 1120920

The hack was not Manson related. It was a Benji Krol, Mars Argo stan. After Edwin got his account back, he verified this in a livestream. Edwin’s fans were trying to troll the hacker into saying the n word so they could shut down the account.

No. 1120946

Not true unfortunately.
People look for porn that equals their sexual preferences. Porn doesn't make criminals, the criminal potential is already there.

No. 1121339

sorry for semi off-topic but i was wondering if there was an edwin thread? as soon as i saw the hack i thought of what farmers would be saying

No. 1121475

Maybe that’s what Edwin thinks, but I think it was Manson related. The timing of the hacking and the retweets of the gay porn just seems too weird. The guy was obviously a troll and probably not even a real fan.

No. 1121540

No, not to people who watch it moderately, but when someone developes an unhealthy addiction to porn it’s a known fact that it re-wires the brain just like drugs.
It seems Manson’s addiction first began by his warped grandfather, and then Manson became just like him.

> And there aren't any laws on “obscene” porn in the United States

Yes, actually there is. It violates the federal obscenity laws. Why the government isn’t enforcing it, I do not know.

No. 1121576

Why are we even still talking about it? Porn isn't illegal. It's protected by the 1st Amendment. Your opinion on the kinks on that account is irrelevant. There's nothing you can do about them, so I don't see the point in talking about it anymore. There are tons of accounts like the ones Dawn posted about. They probably aren't even his anyway.

No. 1121598

I get what you’re saying. I just want to correct the misinformation.

> two types of pornography receive no First Amendment protection: obscenity and child pornography.


No. 1121602

Also on that note:

Manson, or any of these other idiots don’t have any right saying people like Edwin are committing “crimes”. >>1120009
He’s protected by the first amendment, even if people do say derogatory or hateful things.
What the first amendment doesn’t protect is if people are threatening violence and making death threats.

No. 1121631

If anyone's committing a crime, it would be @red_russian_hurricane themselves. They're accusing Edwin of slander (which is completely ridiculous because he never falsified any of the information he used in his video), when they're the ones trying to damage his reputation. It's hard to understand how a grown woman can be that brainwashed.

No. 1121639

I agree 100%. Those morons on those accounts that are making those accusations literally have a below average IQ.
But let Manson falsely accuse and go after someone for slander and he’ll see what’ll happen.

No. 1122492

File: 1609847747326.png (399.98 KB, 720x1129, Screenshot_20210105-054842~2.p…)

@oatmealosbourne is still hung up on the allegations against them That's one of their other accounts. It's funnier than it should be that they're so obsessed over 2 washed-up junkies that aren't even aware of their existence.

No. 1122563

Damn, clothes and especially jewellery from shopcete look like something made with the aid of a Barbie make your own necklace toolkit. Who the fuck would pay for that shit?

No. 1123217

File: 1609891428358.png (501.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210105-175655.png)

They almost remind me of the candy bracelets they sell at gas stations. It doesn't seem like either of them are really invested in their business, honestly. If they were, they wouldn't have tried to sell whatever this is.

No. 1123644

They changed the account name. It's oatmealosbourne for sure.

No. 1123652

File: 1609931942181.jpeg (314.63 KB, 2048x1538, F2DED924-2B47-49CE-A808-E557D9…)

A list of all of oatmeal's accounts that I could find. There are probably many more.

No. 1123669

File: 1609933096148.jpg (285 KB, 722x592, _20210106_052746.jpg)

He looks drugged-up as usual.

No. 1123695

Maybe this is what they have to wear for baby Manson time.

No. 1123773

File: 1609943223537.png (282.05 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_20210106-080435~2.p…)

Completely off topic, but a while ago someone made a post about a new private account that popped up on IG around a week ago (@whoresarealwayssomethingtofear) because whoever runs that account is obviously somehow connected to the Manson drama. Anyway, they posted this old photo of Lindsay earlier and it seems to be a private file. I went through Lindsay's old LiveJournal, her Tumblr, fans' posts, and all of the IG accounts she abandoned years ago and I can't find it anywhere else. Also, there was a comment underneath one of their earlier posts, accusing them of being Lindsay (by one of Madelyn's alleged accounts, but I think she might be over Manson or she's at least pretending to be because there was no, “Happy birthday, my monster,” post this year). I'm only mentioning it because I thought the account might actually belong to Manson/Lindsay or someone affiliated with them.

No. 1123802

Does anyone actually know why @marilynmansonews stopped harrassing Lindsay a few weeks after she got her IG verified? Did they get threatened or told to stop or what?

No. 1123817

Is she sure that movie is a good reference?
Manson is so fucked up. He was borderline okay just a few years ago.

Isn't it Ashley? Lindsay has tattoos on her arms.

Idk for real but I bet they were threatened. Probably by fans aka Lindsay asked fans.


No. 1123820

Lindsay has a huge floral tattoo on her right arm and scars on her left leg. U sure it's her?

No. 1123832

I don't think she got her tattoos until a while after she met Manson. He was the one that tattooed her fingers. But I meant before that, when she was younger. He probably wouldn't even let her dress like that now. It could be Ashley. Maybe it's neither of them. I just thought that account seemed strange, then they posted that.

No. 1123841

I guess it's been Norm tattooing her fingers btw. She's been posting about it a while ago as far as I remember.

No. 1123855

The tattoo on her arm is more than a decade old.

No. 1123857

I remember seeing a screencap from her story being passed around by fan accounts where she said both Norm and Manson tattooed her fingers.

It's been forever since I've seen a fan account make a hate post about Lindsay. I don't ever remember seeing @marilynmansonnews harass her or anything though. There were the sort of passive aggressive posts they made about her collaboration with that perfume brand, but nothing extensive. She follows them now and likes almost all of their posts, so I don't think anything's going on between them now. But it definitely wouldn't be out of the ordinary for her to tell them to stop or to get fans to message them.

No. 1123861

She didn't get that tattoo until around 2012. It wasn't there in the photos taken of them at the beginning of their relationship.

No. 1123880

File: 1609953231848.png (333.62 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20210106-111016~2.p…)

No. 1123902

File: 1609954658076.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 4FE9AC68-222B-496F-B958-4F1A89…)

For those wondering who the mysterious @lilacs20 is, it’s Courtney. Remember how this account had no pp? It does now. It seems as though Manson outed her accidentally this morning. She wished him a happy birthday from the account, and he shared it. Later deleted and replaced with this one from the official Courtney Love account. I didn’t cap it this morning cause I was sure one you anons would have been hot on it, but no.

No. 1123903

No. 1123905

File: 1609954707213.png (409.91 KB, 1242x2208, 11E5C6B5-0D29-499E-8353-B78AA6…)

Here’s her private.

No. 1123914

Her fingers were done by Normloveletters(?), who passed away a couple of years ago.
I don't think it's Lindsay, the haircut is something Ashley would have.

That's really interesting, thank you!

No. 1123919

Yr welcome. I’d be trying to figure it out for a while. Regret not capping it earlier.

No. 1123922

Whoever runs that account is lurking here. So…

… c'mon, dude, join us and share your milk kek.

No. 1123926

File: 1609956371116.jpeg (210.76 KB, 1110x1936, 7114B24A-8CF8-4D67-9788-DCB80B…)

Here ya go, anon.

I noticed MIB follows that account too.

No. 1123927

Anon, bless you. Manson fucked up with that one.

No. 1123958

Manson’s trying to clean up his image and beat multiple abuse allegations and they openly reference criminals? Idiots.

No. 1124013

I don’t know what’s up with @marilynmansonnews but anons on the Lilith thread said that account spilled private messages from Gabriella.

No. 1124054

File: 1609963471508.jpeg (311.35 KB, 1152x2048, 3E662DCB-5F76-419B-9091-DB4EF6…)

Here are pictures from 2005 when they "modeled" for American Apparel. There's her ugly flower tattoo and the weird one on her chest.
Just believe me when I say stuff. I'm usually right.

No. 1124201

She's been outing herself for days n weeks now. Responding to comments with her private account etc. Don't think it was ever meant to be a secret.

Just shocking how she keeps defending M under her birthday post with her private account.

No. 1124204

File: 1609980154697.jpg (125.83 KB, 1080x845, IMG_20210107_014311.jpg)

No. 1124206

File: 1609980199237.jpg (77.36 KB, 1080x637, IMG_20210107_014300.jpg)

No. 1124250

Why won’t she defend him from her main account? What’s the point under her fake when many have no idea is her.

No. 1124288

Ahh didn’t know that. Thanks anon. I tend to blow hot and cold with the Manson stuff so I must have missed it.

No. 1124511

Why is she defending him? She's known him for the better part of 2 decades. She has to know about all the shit he's done. She even accused him of having sex with underage girls when she dropped out of their joint tour. It seems like everyone who has to ability to out him has this strange, rose-tinted version of everything that's happened.

No. 1124621

Omfg, gross af.

No. 1124686

Exactly anon. IIRC she ditched the tour for that very reason.
All these people are dumpster fires.

No. 1124770

Agree, I don’t understand how Manson “rescued her from addiction” when he himself is a junkie. Last year Manson said in an interview they were “tentatively friends” and said this: “We've always been weird with each other, because she's slept with pretty much every one of my friends, supposedly. Not me, though.'

Adding passive aggressively: 'She, one time, told me she was mad at me because I didn't want to f— her and I was smarter than her. I said, "Well, you kind of proved your own point right there on that one."


Tinfoil but it’s like Manson asked her to say something nice about him or something.

No. 1124791

It’s good for business if Courtney sticks up for Manson.

Manson and Courtney are represented by the same booking company (bookingentertainment.com)
and probably have other business ties that someone smarter than me can figure out.

No. 1124821

Courtney is no better than Manson. exposingcourtneylove.tumblr.com/post/168224413295/industry-fakes-marilyn-manson-courtney-loves

No. 1124837

That’s a given, Courtney has a lot of skeletons. Even if her defense is genuine, she’s never slept with him, never been in a relationship with him, and is not privy to what goes on behind closed doors. Narcissists are notorious for being charming to everyone but their victims, Evan even stated that in her testimony.

No. 1124887

Her breasts were already hanging on the floor at that time. Gross, at that age. A bra might have helped. Disgusting.

No. 1124911

File: 1610052578331.jpeg (394.41 KB, 1435x1073, 5FF47247-BCD7-40B1-B0D6-761FB5…)

Reddit find.

No. 1124928

The magic castle?

No. 1124929

I got it.
His housemate is Rudy Coby. He supported Evan, right?

No. 1124938

Yes, Rudy Coby was roommates with Manson when he was involved with Evan. He supports Evan. >>1038087

No. 1125137

I saw that account. It’s private. “whoresaresomethingtofear”- that name tho is hilarious, and that person also puts in their bio as “Madelyn” for their name, lmao.
They also follow Miss Danger. So weird. I think they might be associated with Manson too.

That hair in this pic kinda looks like the hair of who was posting fake pics of some chick on that palliatian.elixir account.
I don’t know for sure what’s going on, but it looks like this woman was/is helping Manson do sketchy shit.

No. 1125182


its a private club for magicians in la, lol.

No. 1125245

I thought maybe that account is Madelyn. It’s most likely not, but she does have other fake accounts. Then lies about it. Cats and devils is 100% her which she used to spread hate about Lindsay, and also Mansonisinnocent to spread hate on Evan. Which bitch, don’t lie about it and be a hypocrite.

>I think she might be over Manson or she's at least pretending to be

Omg I would hope so! Seriously, how fucking dumb is she?! Regardless of whatever the situation is between Lindsay & Manson… it’s like hoe he’s still fucking Lindsay! And IS married!

> I noticed MIB follows that account too

Oh wow… they’re definitely mixed up with the Manson drama.

THIS! It’s also fucking lame. What does that bitch think? Real life is some movie? Might seem cute now, but wait till one of them actually goes to prison. Then see how cute she thinks it is.

No. 1125264

File: 1610077551969.jpeg (141.19 KB, 827x553, 37DBBF15-6696-4B03-A1B6-11A52D…)

Looks like a shady place.

No. 1125282

So even Manson’s friends use fake accounts too. Interesting. >>1124201
And anons here trying to say Manson doesn’t have one. Yeah, okay….

No. 1125311

File: 1610081158340.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20210107_023340505.jpg)

There's this other photography account, @bornfromtheflowers (reminiscent of Lindsay's old Tumblr/LiveJournal username, @bornfromthedirt). They have the same link in their bio, plus they posted the same watercolor painting of Lindsay. But the accounts are complete parallels. They defend Manson and the other account, @whoresarealwayssomethingtofear, just seems like a parody account.

No. 1125391

File: 1610087697403.jpeg (220.48 KB, 827x1660, 711A509D-F4B9-4F32-8C5D-F32735…)

Yes, it seems Manson has quite a few woman that “help” him. >>1123880
There’s a woman by the name of Michelle that does something for him. She works for Oprah.

Manson was saying a bunch of weird shit about Oprah in this DM, and talking about how he knows her. Which now makes sense why he brought her up in those messages on the @palliatian.elixir account, and has deleted most of the conversation, except for this.

No. 1125400

File: 1610088117185.jpeg (144 KB, 827x1102, 2EB49224-9E6B-4229-8BA5-E0A45E…)

He also has his homeboy Shane helping him, and now trying to cover for him and think he could pull one over. How fucking stupid does Manson think people are?

No. 1125404

Manson never said that he knew Oprah. The fan that owns that account said there was someone in the background of the picture he posted that looked like Oprah. And that's not how he types and he wouldn't have a reason to disguise his writing style because no one would suspect it was him.

If you did know Manson on some scale, why did you keep talking to him after he did whatever you're accusing him of? You could've just blocked his number and made your accounts private.

No. 1125426

Oh, you mean the “fake” fan account. Since he deleted most of those messages, I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure when he was typing in third person that he said, “Manson knows Oprah.” And also saying a bunch of other shit like “Manson fucked Oprah”.

Manson seems to have 3 typing styles: incoherent, imbecile, and articulate.

As far as I knew at the time, I didn’t talk to him., and I didn’t know that palliatian account was associated with him.
When I was contacted via text that was a year later out of the blue and I wanted to know why he made those BS allegations.

No. 1125447

Rudy Coby liked Rob Zombie's birthday post for Manson. I wonder why.

No. 1125471

On IG? Just checked and don’t see it. He’s been openly supportive of Evan since her testimony.

No. 1125482

Manson recently commented one of his posts on ig, old one, and Rudy was more than friendly with him. His support of Evan is questionable now, imo.
Unfortunately, I can't post caps rn.

No. 1125489

I see the comment now, it seems more like Manson sucked up to him and he responded “thanks brother.”


I know Manson started following him after he retweeted Evan’s testimony. >>1050262

Why would he support Evan for years and suddenly change his tune? That doesn’t make sense. Manson probably knows he’s fucked if Rudy made a statement against him.

No. 1125491

Yeah that one.
Sorry I couldn't post caps and you had to search for it.
The timings are as you said, maybe I am bad at men's language but isn't "brother" too much to call someone who you believe abused your friend or someone you support?

No. 1125493

And yeah, it's obvious Manson has been searching for allies and contacting people who witnessed his abusive behavior and could say a bad word about him. It's like he's checking "r u on my side?".
Pathetic. I wonder what people who know him irl think about it.

No. 1125503

“Brother” can be slang like “thanks, man.”
I guess he could have ignored the comment but what else do you say in that situation.

No. 1125506

Agreed then.
Thanks for clarification.

No. 1125599

File: 1610118080584.jpeg (262.33 KB, 750x1209, 46083278-131B-4733-8ADF-C635BF…)

That's what I meant.

No. 1125726

File: 1610128260969.jpg (507 KB, 720x1133, _20210108_114024.jpg)

Lindsay liked one of his posts too. They're networking. But I don't understand why he thinks it's important to have Rudy on his side. He's relatively unknown with a small following. Nothing he said about M would get much media attention unless he had hard evidence against him.

No. 1125770

File: 1610131190956.jpeg (131.34 KB, 1085x1926, 3E7F4D99-281B-4A8D-BAE5-A4806A…)

Interesting, he doesn’t come up in the likes for me. Can another anon check, please?


Rudy was his housemate when he dated Evan. If he firsthand witnessed the abuse and made a statement that would not be good for Manson. His IG following is irrelevant, a statement would get attention.

No. 1125809

It's not showing for me either. He must've unliked it.

I wasn't talking about his Instagram following. I meant fan-wise. He's hardly a well-known celebrity. Most people wouldn't believe him if he made a statement without any proof to support his claims, even if they were roommates. And Manson fans are notorious for harassing people that accuse him of anything. He has no good reason to bring up the allegations against him.

No. 1125818

Sorry for necro respond, I am catching up with the thread.
That account is hilarious, I mean red russian hurricane. I love that #russiaformarilynmanson when she and her autism-mates nearly got banned for shitposting (aka agitation texts and pro-manson propaganda) in the biggest Russian community, now they get bullied every time they post, it is both sad and hopeful to say that a big number of people in the ru community agree it's highly likely that ERW talks about Manson, the best part is that even a few adms think it is him and do not defend him. The translator of one of the communities is actually pro-Evan, and I am gonna assume that some screen caps which mansonisabusive has that are in Russian she got from that translator, I don't know for real but I believe it's close to the truth. The girl documented a lot of the drama with Gabriella & Lindsay & Clare & Titti & Courtlyn Cannon, now many of her posts are gone, I think they deleted them when she became an adm.

I talked to red russian hurricane's brother from two fakes (don't ask me anything about it lol) and I can say that their idea of what's happening has changed twice, from everybody is lying, his exes are jealous cause he got married to Lindsay, they are so cute together uwu to manson is in trouble, they all are trying to get attention and help their careers by ruining his career, and Lindsay is a bad person too, a manipulator, "look! she is copying Dita!", etc, etc.
What's important is that it is 100% they get everything they know or claim to know from Leslee Lane who's been brought up already. She's like the headquarters who talks to Lindsay and gets orders from her, as far as I understood Manson is never literally involved, he doesn't talk to fans, Lindsay is somewhat a manager of hate accounts, she feeds them information and tells them what to do and what not to do. I can't help laughing because they really dislike Lindsay but keep licking her ass, thinking they can do something good for Manson.

I am sorry I cannot post any caps, first of all they are in Russian anyway, and second, I don't want my fakes to be in the spotlight, if they read the thread (and I think they do). I am sure I am one of the many people who messaged them so I feel safe posting what's above.

Now I have only one question: did anybody go to check Leslee's discord? It could be tasty.

No. 1125820

That must have been a quick like and unlike, I follow Rudy and Rob Zombie and never saw it.

>Most people wouldn't believe him if he made a statement without any proof to support his claims, even if they were roommates.

That’s a lot of assumptions, we don’t know if he has proof. Since they lived together it wouldn’t be far fetched if he did.

No. 1125843

Did they send any caps from their conversations with Lindsay?

If they read the thread, it's probably not a good idea for anyone to join Leslee's server unless they used a fake or posed as a fan.

No. 1126302

For some reason it won’t always show up when you type the name if you want to check names on a post or following. I followed that Rudy guy and it still shows up that he liked this post. >>1125599

Just because he retweeted Evan’s tweet doesn’t necessarily mean he is pinpointing it to Manson, unless he has specifically said. But you do have to be a complete idiot not to know she is talking about Manson in her testimony.

> manson is in trouble,

>Lindsay is a bad person too, a manipulator, "look! she is copying Dita!", etc, etc.

You got two things right in this post: Manson is in trouble, and about Lindsay. I’m sure she’s involved with what he does and is just as sick and corrupt. I would highly recommend that people don’t associate that Leslee Lane person.

No. 1126386

> they all are trying to get attention and help their careers by ruining his career,

Manson ruined his own career by being a fraudulent disgusting piece of shit. It’s called karma catching up with him.
But rather than taking accountability and getting help for himself, he lies and tries to cover up.

No. 1126460

His like doesn’t show up for me or my friends either but I guess IG can be wonky.

> Just because he retweeted Evan’s tweet doesn’t necessarily mean he is pinpointing it to Manson, unless he has specifically said. But you do have to be a complete idiot not to know she is talking about Manson in her testimony.

Not trying to be rude but your point is it can be anyone but obviously it’s Manson? Evan hasn’t named him (yet), I doubt he would pinpoint Manson unless she does first.

No. 1126513

Right - he has his friends like Courtney Love and those fans that are trying to spin the narrative that it’s not him and that Evan is talking about some else, e.g., her ex husband, just because she didn’t name him. Anyone with intelligence who actually did research knows she is talking about Manson.

No. 1126545

OP here >>1126460
I’m in complete agreement, obviously it’s not Jamie Bell. They share custody of her child, if he was that abusive I really doubt Evan or the courts would let that happen.

I didn’t understand what >>1126302 means by not pinpointing Manson. Evan and Esme pretty much spelled it out it’s Manson.

No. 1126626

Has he been searching for allies?

The people he follows on Instagram are defiantly different and more proper than before. It’s most celebrities now and peeps in the industry.

I noticed an Annie chick he followed which seems his type to a T but it was right after he followed JJ Abraham’s and it says she does public relations so in think it’s also business.

I fall off the wagon for a while and came back to posts he makes just for promo things and its all colored in a professional way.

He used to be more lax about this sorta stuff and I think now only the follows are allowed to comment???

If he wants to make it more obvious he’s guilty he’s doing it now by restricting comments lmfao but good thing he’s associating himself more with the industry people now bc it means that he’s staying away from poor young impressionable girls.

There’s good in everything I guess

No. 1126638

They're just grasping for straws at this point. He needs as many people on his side as he can get. But everything they're doing is pointless in the grand scheme of things anyway because he's still going to be blacklisted in the industry, even if he can't be legally prosecuted.

No. 1126643

I don’t look at his account. I get disgusted even looking at him.

> it means that he’s staying away from poor young impressionable girls.

No it doesn’t , that’s what his fake accounts are for.

Well I know that it does… and anyone with a brain does… It just seems really odd and doesn’t make sense why that Rudy guy would retweet Evan’s testimony, and is now liking that birthday post about Manson.

No. 1126651

File: 1610186390725.jpg (934.04 KB, 1688x2111, IMG_2032 2.jpg)

If you're talking about this girl I followed her months ago but she blocked the whole lot of us a couple of weeks ago and I think she went through a purge so I cant see her posts anymore.I took screen shots of what he liked up to then. Its interested he never liked her Times Up stuff because she's involved with her studio with them.But it's also interesting he liked some of this stuff even though its a private profile for no one to see so its not publicity for him actually. If anyone else managed to stay a follower I'd really like to know if there's more. Im more curious about the private profiles he follows than the rumored accounts he made and I do think he makes them tbh but it's hard to prove for sure

No. 1126652

>It just seems really odd and doesn’t make sense why that Rudy guy would retweet Evan’s testimony, and is now liking that birthday post about Manson.

Maybe he’s friends with Zombie, maybe Manson threatened him, maybe he doesn’t want to get involved anymore. I don’t know. Rudy has liked and retweeted support for Evan since her testimony in 2018, fans have talked about it often. Liking a single Zombie post (and apparently unliking it) pertaining to Manson’s birthday doesn’t convince me he’s suddenly on Manson’s side. He’s shown more support for Evan.

I agree his account has become pretty sterile in the last year but anons have posted caps of him trying to make friends with Rose McGowan before she told him to piss off. It’s obvious he’s trying to present a squeaky clean image now.

No. 1126654

Maybe he just wanted to be supportive. Just because he worked with Manson around the time they were dating doesn't mean that he witnessed the abuse first-hand. Both Evan and Esmé said that he was charming when other people were around. Unless someone spent time digging up evidence, no one would have any major reason to think it was him, especially if they were around during the time that the abuse supposedly happened and they never saw anything.

No. 1126655

K but if I was a victim and a friend supported me but then liked stuff posted by my abuser, I'd be pissed.

No. 1126658

Evan's feelings about their relationship are irrelevant. If Rudy doesn't know that he was her abuser, then he doesn't have any reason to avoid him. He probably only liked his birthday post and started following him again because Manson refollowed him first. He doesn't seem like he wants to be involved in the drama.

No. 1126683

Weird. This will sound dumb but I always saw him as kind of a in closet homophobe. Thx for sharing. I tried to follow her but nothing yet.

No. 1126685

Anyone know if when you go to a private profile and it says “requested” for a while and changes to “follow” does that mean the person rejected my request? Coz mine just changed back to follow? Little surprised to see him like the stuff he would probably see as SJW Lmao I’d like to see it for myself because press F for doubt tbh. Everything about his social media history is slutty women likes and likes for his “bros”. Just doubtful he liked that sorry anon

No. 1126686

File: 1610195323843.jpeg (279.72 KB, 750x1296, 6C41FDFC-29B1-4217-843C-06F39A…)

No. 1126695

She rejected me too. I doubt she accepts any new followers for a while, especially if she reads the thread (and she probably does, like most of his orbiters).

No. 1126698

Huh you think all his friends read on here? Better get my wits together then lmao thanks for answering. I’m not worthy I guess and no I won’t take it personally or take it out on her lmao just uhhgh now I’m curious

No. 1126705

Lol but hey at least he’s following non bimbos but I guess that’s just for show too .. why is he like this? These women with careers in his industry should boycot him especially if they’re pro #metoo :(

No. 1126707

Do I misunderstand your question or you mean he has NOT been trying to be friendly with people who could potentially put him in trouble if they spoke out about their experience around him and his victims?
It's not about the people he follows, it's about the comments he leaves.
He tried to be friendly with Rose like anons said. Then he went to John 5, in the comments again, now it's Rudy Coby.
Who knows whom else he messaged to recently or not recently, many of what he does remains unknown for anons.

No. 1126712

File: 1610198334271.jpg (1.11 MB, 3837x1434, IMG_2048.jpg)

idk but I'll post all I got. She removed me just after christmas so I can't see anything else but I wonder if anyone else can. So here goes all I got.

No. 1126713

File: 1610198378994.jpg (1.47 MB, 3836x1721, IMG_2049.jpg)


No. 1126714

File: 1610198428135.jpg (1.64 MB, 3836x1664, IMG_2050.jpg)

And another

No. 1126715

File: 1610198570021.jpg (1.37 MB, 3072x2352, IMG_2051.jpg)

And the very last he didn't like. So the posts I noticed he never liked are the ones about MeToo, Times Up and posts that support him and his career. The album one was even liked by the official bowie account but not Marilyn. I kinda felt bad.

No. 1126719

Is she important just because Manson followed her and likes her posts? Are anons gonna get more paranoid than Lindsay? Kek

No. 1126721

Ignoring the Me Too movement only makes him look more guilty. If he pretended to show support, at least he'd have something to fall back on if someone named him and it got a lot of media attention.

No. 1126722

Right? I feel bad. I’m curious but I feel bad coz her profile is privaté.

Appreciate it though anon only cause it gives some insight to his non public friends and interests. I’m trying to be real and even though I want justice to be served for breakfast for him I still like to see the behind the scenes. Didn’t expect him to like some of those but I guess you do that with friends but it’s rude he didn’t like the one about him cause it’s unrespectful. Did she ever post about him befor or after?

No. 1126724

I was gonna say it’s icky he ignored those more important ones about MeToo. Interesting that he follows someone like that and she follows him back but ignoring those posts is telling, non?

No. 1126726

Wait also how does a Jewish MeToo supporting woman follow him back lmao wtf Kay Kay that’s a thing

No. 1126728

Like isn’t he collecting nazi memorabilia??? If I was Jewish I’d stay away from him ew

No. 1126730

Evan was Jewish too right? I dont think hes antisemitic necessarily ? She worked on Lovecraft Country and they used a lot of his music. Like four songs. So maybe thats the connection?


Fair enough. I thought I'd provide some insight but sorry if this is nonsense. I was just curious if anyone else is able to see her posts still. I'm curious because it isn't the norm behavior for him right?

No. 1126731

I dont like him but isn't it possible to collect that stuff for historical reasons? I actually hate him and I don't think he's a nazi or fascist. Someone can be evil without us having to paint them with a mustache hahaha

No. 1126741

File: 1610201304215.jpg (91 KB, 893x592, _20210109_075609.jpg)

He follows a ton of private accounts.

No. 1126744

Yeah but those have no posts lmao that is weird though

No. 1126763

I don’t know if he’s antisemitic but he’d probably bang anyone he’s physically attracted to.

No. 1126765

If someone is not attractive enough, he'll just drink more vodka or do more drugs, c'mon. One doesn't have to be attractive to go to bed with him.

I am fine with these posts, I was worried I missed something about that girl.
We don't have anything else to discuss now, who knows, maybe digging his follows might be productive.

No. 1126766

“ If someone is not attractive enough, he'll just drink more vodka or do more drugs, c'mon”

Like his wife? Lmao Lindsay is so basic. This MeToo chick should run far and away if he’s hunting. Hard to believe he’d have real female friends

No. 1126768

She doesn't really seem like his type.

No. 1126775

He used to draw swastikas in bibles..

No. 1126776

Everybody who has vagina is his type.

No. 1126778

Well, he tried to hook up with Poppy so..

No. 1126779

I used to draw swastika just for fun, out of boredom in school. I am not a nazi or a fascist.
Manson is just a stereotypical southerner.

No. 1126797

File: 1610208322710.jpg (1.68 MB, 1284x2225, IMG_2055.jpg)


lmao I kinda find her Evan-y tbh. But this is the only photo of her I saved because he liked and then unliked it so I sent it to a friend i know from reddit & discord. my friend was blocked too.

No. 1126799

also i think she's married IIRC so i dont think they're a thing or anything. I was just pointing out the cleaning up of his image. But it's weird that he ignores all times up and metoo posts.

No. 1126803

forgot to answer your Q about whether she posted before or after about him. I don't think so but she removed me from her followers list a couple of weeks ago so up to then that was the only post IIRC

No. 1126806

Lmao his 52yo ass can’t get women like that anymore lbr here. It’s why he settled for Lindsey McBeardich

No. 1126810

You think her being married is going to stop him from trying to sleep with her? Jenna Jameson was married when they had a one night stand.

No. 1126817

Lmao good point

No. 1126863

To find Lindsay beautiful, it certainly takes oodles of vodka.Jfc.

No. 1126908


Yeah, you were in school. Manson posted the picture in 2009 on MySpace.

No. 1126990

File: 1610223248466.jpeg (96.99 KB, 750x482, 9BCB607C-04EE-47BA-BA5C-828BBB…)


No. 1127083

I guess we misunderstood each other lol.

No. 1127171

File: 1610234830575.jpeg (261.27 KB, 1125x2001, 2FCD8882-D447-4987-9FA2-F46804…)

Why she always kissing Ditas ass lmao wtf. I’m convince she wants to clam jam her as well.

No. 1127441

I think he’s afraid of anything more complex and intelligent than a bimbo. Even if they’re intelligent they need to be subservient or he’s out. It’s curious someone associated w/ times up would be friends with him though.

And that narcissisti related Instagram is something Evan mentions a lot in her stories. Been following her for years

No. 1127448

I’m guessing the private profiles are probably just more of his friends that have them, like Courtney Love -or maybe bimbos he met off of one of his fake accounts.

Manson definitely must’ve messaged that guy blowing smoke up his ass, like he was trying to do with Rose.

This explains why he’s into that sick incest shit. The real reason he writes sick songs like that is because he’s a pedophile himself and actually does want to promote child molestation, and his abominable behavior proves that. Of course he’s not going to publicly admit why he writes songs like that, so he tries to disguise it as something else.

No. 1127452

>This explains why he’s into that sick incest shit. The real reason he writes sick songs like that is because he’s a pedophile himself and actually does want to promote child molestation, and his abominable behavior proves that.

What proof do you have that he's a pedophile, besides his so-called fake accounts? You're making a ton of accusations with no evidence. There are enough allegations against him without you trying to make more. All you're doing is discrediting real victims.

No. 1127455

I’m not discrediting anybody. My situation has nothing to do with anyone else. Lets just leave out about the accounts.
The fact that he’s already dated Evan and that Lilith, does in fact make him a predator.
Other people have also said he was talking to Lilith when she was 17 and he was under an account pretending to be a teenage girl. If he was exchanging sexually explicit stuff with her that’s child pornography.

No. 1127460

Why? I don't think so.

No. 1127461

Someone recently posted a screenshot of an interview where Manson says he's not "for or against" child abuse.
Courtney Love said in the 90s that there were a lot of underage girls backstage.
He makes jokes about child pornography (a tinder for kids called "kinder", the interview on Fleischer's universe,..)
Then he was "friends" with a few children in 2012 or something. Reminded me of the Millie Bobbie Brown/Drake situation.

No. 1127477

Having sex with underage girls doesn't make someone a pedophile. It's obviously still illegal, but pedophiles are attracted to child-like features. Lilith/Evan's bodies weren't underdeveloped or childish. And the kids he was friends with a few years ago were his costars. If anything went on between them, they probably would've said something about it by now.

No. 1127496

Unfortunately no. The guy doesn't speak English well, communication mostly goes through his sister as far as I understood. I did my best to talk him into giving me caps but meh, failed, he is a hard person to talk to, not pleasant, I'd say he has a suffocating personality, if there is a way to say it like that in eng.

>If they read the thread, it's probably not a good idea for anyone to join Leslee's server unless they used a fake or posed as a fan.

This. I am so pissed at that anon >>1098300 why didn't you drop caps? given that we know one of their retards came here and tried to lure anons in their dms, it seems like a bait now.

Don't tell me we are gonna have another round of manson is a pedo followed by nope he is not. Everyone is gonna keep their opinion anyway.

No. 1127502

Dawn's the only one saying that he's a pedophile anyway. And the link to Leslee's Discord is expired, so we couldn't join her server even if we wanted to unless someone has a current invite.

No. 1127518

Honestly, I don't care much about that debate. He's disgusting either way.
But the way he always paints women with childlike features kinda says a lot.
I know that Evan was obsessed with Lolita way before she met Manson and that Manson basically stole that idea from her but the fact that he basically made a whole album about his fascination with that book makes one think..

I mean, he could've tried to groom those kids and failed. We'll never know.

No. 1127526

>But the way he always paints women with childlike features kinda says a lot
Wtf? Have you seen his paintings?

Lolita is too popular and famous to say Manson stole the idea from Evan.
I remember he said he was reading Lolita and Evan decided to wear her Lolita-like glasses for fun, that's how she ended up wearing those glasses in the video.

No. 1127528

The album is mostly based on Alice in Wonderland and another novel, can't remember the title now. There's only one song with Lolita reference. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 1127587

EMDM raped my ears. It also made me realise that Manson was a retard and lose all respect for his midlife crisis ass. I hope Lindsay beats him.

No. 1127730

File: 1610309144954.jpeg (501.29 KB, 2048x2048, 3865876F-4A4D-4D44-B612-31302E…)

Yeah, have you seen his paintings?? Lmao

No. 1127740

Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Caroll. Someone who was obsessed with kids, especially Alice Liddell, who is speculated to be Caroll's inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. She was 10 years old.

Manson tried to make a movie about him called Phantasmagoria.

No. 1127771

And? Where do you see childlike features?

Unfortunately, Alice in Wonderland is a big thing in the literature world.
I posted to correct anon, cause to say
> he basically made a whole album about his fascination with that book
means you know nothing about the album.
I don't want to continue this conversation tbh, I think I am derailing with this post already. Twisting facts just to push the pedo version is funny but doesn't contribute to the thread.

No. 1127785

Honestly, I'm getting tired of having this discussion. No one's opinion is going to change and there's no hard evidence on either side. It's a pointless conversation.

No. 1128188

File: 1610351264776.jpeg (691.87 KB, 1125x2154, 0FED87FC-6770-47D0-A768-E38A3B…)

Saging because it’s not actual milk but Manson just joined the “new MySpace”

No. 1128194

To cast new victims?