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File: 1633895478201.jpeg (332.83 KB, 2000x1397, Circus.jpeg)

No. 1344979

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha’s hometown.


Trisha Paytas

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's fiancé.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate: H3H3 crew members.
- Daphney: Moses’ crazy Valentine’s Day hook-up.
- Catnipz: Moses’ former girlfriend.
- Mysterious Tea: Shane stan making a Trisha documentary.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.

Recent drama
>Gary flirts with young women in Twitter >>1309698 and we discover that he cheated on Donna while she was pregnant with his first child >>1310085
>Daphney accuses Moses of cheating >>1313578, >>1315633 and stealthing >>1315699. A woman in Reddit, Catnipz, comes forward to support Daphney >>1316478, >>1316728. Timeline of events >>1316885
>Moses responds to the allegations >>1319926
>Mysterious Tea creates a two-part documentary of Trisha and accuses her of lying about her sexual abuse. Ethan makes a public statement and unlists the Frenemies episode where Trisha talks about the teacher who sexually abused her >>1321083
>Trisha posts the conversation she had with Ethan and Hila >>1322516, has a breakdown in Twitter and posts a video addressing things >>1324387
>Former students from Trisha’s hometown confirm that the teacher was a creep who touched girls inappropriately and was fired for watching porn in a classroom with minors >>1323518, >>1323528, >>1323550
>Petty Paige makes a video investigating the allegations against Trisha and addresses the rape apologist arguments pushed forward by Mysterious Tea >>1331953
>Hila's baby has health issues and H3 fans are blaming Trisha >>1333550, >>1339113
>Daphney makes a bunch of posts attention seeking >>1319340, >>1329077, >>1331423, >>1338913, >>1339529
>Ethan weaponizes his fanbase to bully H3 fans who step out of line >>1312693, >>1329884
>Ethan is obsessed and can’t stop talking about Trisha >>1325555, >>1325729, >>1333893, >>1339352, >>1339551,
>Hasan is the co-host of the new H3 show, Leftovers >>1334835, >>1344950 and he is accused of sexual assault >>1335552, >>1335549

Past Threads
1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691
3: >>>/snow/1308812

No. 1345025

kek OP great thread but why the stephen king, can't find his name in last thread ?

No. 1345028

Hila’s face on the horse, kek

Great work

No. 1345047

People have said ethans dad looks like him

No. 1345116

oh fuck, you're right

No. 1345146

High effort thread pic, thank you. I’m glad my fellow Ethan/Trisha drama hounds always put effort into the cover page.

No. 1345239

Omg yes! I mentioned this a couple threads back. So glad I'm not the only one that sees it kek

No. 1345265

File: 1633940073874.png (124.42 KB, 750x573, chavezwasgood.png)

Leftovers is not doing that great.

No. 1345268

Who knew this guy making millions a year off of Twitch wouldn’t be in touch with the real world and the effects of politics on the working classes huh weird I expected different based on his funny political tweets and telling people not to be mad at him for being rich. Ethan is such a dumbass and if I expected their content to end up here when he first started his channel I’d be sick.

No. 1345287

Haha, the comments… Wishing Ethan was more knowledgeable and "would read a book" in between episodes to call out Hasan on his bad takes… I cant with those clowns. They seem to watch only the H3H3 channel for entertainment, yet they seem to not know who they are watching. Ethan never puts effort on anything other than twitter beef.

Funniest part is, if ethan adresses this he will make some bullshit excuse and everyone will believe it.

No. 1345340

The worst ones come from the people trying to lecture Venezuelans who personally suffered through Chavez's dictatorship.

No. 1345446

I fucking hate it. People in America really can’t conceive of something like that, at all, and never will be able to. It’s so disrespectful and dehumanizing to generations that have lived through it or fought to escape it. It’s also pretty racist to speak for a population of a country that can speak as individuals and they all have such horrific accounts, but that doesn’t matter because white boys wanna larp on huge public platforms spreading misinformation that actively harms the understanding of those countries, idk tho idk.

No. 1345451

Did Ethan ever apologize and take accountability for questioning Trisha’s childhood sexual abuse or nah? I can’t fucking believe that happened and how it spiraled and he set it off. Moses should have beat his ass, what husband would allow that shit. Why would Hila even be cool with all of this misogyny and harassment? Fucking clowns

No. 1345462

There was an idiot in r/h3h3productions sharing an article praising Fidel Castro in response to someone talking about three close family members dying due to the lack of resources in Venezuela.

No. 1345486

File: 1633983086381.jpeg (502.38 KB, 1170x2153, B3893BD3-5AC3-4E71-A0B4-7F7E4D…)

These fans…

No. 1345495

File: 1633984173702.jpeg (168.7 KB, 750x851, D02C281C-AD2E-470A-A8EF-D1E3EF…)

Daphne leaked more text conversations between her and Moses, they’re not that interesting but here’s a summary (you can read them on the frenemies room Insta):
> Moses asked Ethan to lower the age limit of the girls on the H3 Bachelors
> Moses asking for photos of Daphne’s body and her telling him she’s embarrassed about her weight, Moses then proceeds to tell her he can help her lose weight
> Moses mocking Trisha’s body (again)

No. 1345539

So will Ethan adress this shit? He makes everyone else adress sexual assault allegations from their friends or family members.

He didnt and he wont. Im convinced that the reason hes not "cancelled" is because his show is so damn boring that its not worth watching to catch his (many) disturbing comments.

No. 1345570

File: 1633995855574.png (298.57 KB, 474x266, h3dickrider.png)

> Why would Hila even be cool with all of this misogyny and harassment? Fucking clowns

h3h3 and teddy fresh are so inextricably tied together. both of their brands are dependent on them being wholesome individuals in the most ideal relationship ever (to redditors, at the very least). i don't think she is cool with it, but i don't think she can really say anything about it either. look at her face during the podcast anytime trisha comes up at all– she is seething but says nothing. even if she is a pickme, could you imagine the sort of posts that would be written about her if she even disagreed with him on camera? h3cels talk shit on any woman that goes on the podcast, and what they currently say about hila isn't exactly flattering either. they call her ethan's "carer" and joke about her changing his shitty diapers. even if she said something about it behind the scenes, he would passive-aggress her on the podcast about it, like with the porn stuff. i think she has just sort of accepted her fate, or feels like she has to.

he isn't cancelled because his fans agree with everything he does. misogynists attract misogynists, and his fans know what he is really about. they will never hold him accountable for anything. they are simply picrel

No. 1345592

File: 1633998478858.jpeg (395.29 KB, 750x781, E4C5E3D6-D954-4E13-AB4D-EEB62D…)

I know this isn’t a Hasan board but on the latest Leftovers he was trying to speak positively of fucking Hugo Chavez and after Venezuelan fans were understandably in disbelief he’s just totally avoiding any responsibility of error.


No. 1345601

lol we're fucking doomed with this generation.

No. 1345609

Can you post the comments?

No. 1345613

File: 1634001011713.png (4.14 KB, 444x90, agab.png)

All I can think is picrel

No. 1345618

File: 1634001881742.jpeg (123.72 KB, 1080x1080, 244763715_233722862130802_5363…)

I downloaded Daphney's messages (https://imgur.com/a/HZPGLsc) in case they delete the frenemiesroom Instagram post.

Here's a summary:
>Moses was going to participate in the Bachelor and was asking Ethan to lower the age limit so that Daphney could participate.
>Moses says that he has to disclose to Ethan that they are talking in the DMs if he goes to the Bachelor.
>Moses asked Daphney to send photos of her body for the show, but asks to not send nudes because Ethan will see them.
>Moses comments that all her photos are closeups of her face and she doesn't have a lot of photos of herself in Instagram. She confesses that she had an eating disorder. Moses says he can help her lose weight, but that she is lucky to have curves.
>There is a lot of small talk. They discuss meeting people in LA, LA vs NY, private vs public life, spirituality, etc.

Apparently Daphney is in a Discord with some members of r/Frenemies2. They are gassing her up to share more information. The private texts come from that Discord.

No. 1345624

Are those the messages mocking Trisha? What do black guys have anything to do with her?

Nah, he said he is not going to leave Trisha alone because she is lying about him.

No. 1345630

File: 1634004683195.png (357.11 KB, 3088x4842, comments.png)

Fuck, the condescending attitude of these people towards Venezuelans:

>I was so confused when all of these people apparently from Venezuela didn't understand his point.

>If OP is from Venezuela where did they get their capitalist programing/conditioning from?
>The person said their parents left the country and came to America, assumed they were born here. Also, that doesn’t automatically make you an expert on that country.
>Being from a country does not automatically make you an expert on that country, sorry.
>This sub is a bunch of fucking babies, try having a nuanced political discussion instead of just sucking off people's anecdotal stories. Capitalist propaganda is disgustingly effective.

I also found this funny clip in the comments: https://m.twitch.tv/clip/SpunkyFineFungusEleGiggle-QRm3L8GNWGin6awA Hasan bans suscribers for politely disagreeing with him.

No. 1345633

I just want to a-log.

No. 1345638

If this is about Trisha calling out a teacher, he’s not wrong to question her. She’s a compulsive liar: no subject is taboo and her story on this matter changed over and over again. First one teacher, then 3. First the principle didn’t believe her, next she was afraid to tell anyone, and then she said she had to move schools because of it. She’s a lying liar who has no remorse lying about anything or anyone, including sexual assault.

No. 1345640

How they’re using her is so fucked up. If anyone cared literally at all they would just respect her healing, demonstrate the grace she deserves and should give herself, and encourage moses to have a civil conversation with her. I don’t think she is too far gone for this to have been solved with active listening and validation for her feelings, in a private phone call that could have prevented all of this if moses wasn’t such an asshole. But also those inc3ls are her only social group and they’re manipulating her when she’s already vulnerable and did experience some kind of sexual trauma. Debating the severity of it is irrelevant, it happened and they’re fucking scum for exploiting it against her real best interest. I fucking hate them.

No. 1345641

I’m not addressing your argument that has already been exhaustively disproven, he could have done it privately if he had so much respect for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1345645

Ok so they do this to literally everyone and not just women who survived sexual assault. So they’re racists and misogynists no way. People don’t bother cancelling him because he’s already “cancelled” to anyone who isn’t an incel, no one wants to deal with this shit besides other incels. How can you even read this.

No. 1345662

She made it public. Again and again

No. 1345664

And what do you mean, exhaustively disproven? Disproven by who? When? You can’t just say something and make it true, anon

No. 1345688


ntayrt but it was discussed last thread and just feels like beating a dead horse to rehash that whole discussion again especially when there's not really any new information

No. 1345777

Not melk but I love how awkward this is

No. 1345780

I think saying “I don’t want to see it” in response to a nude photo of Trisha is mocking her, this was also in the context of them sharing photos of Miss Piggy…I believe the “black guy” bit is a reference to the photo she sent Ethan where she has extremely heavy fake tan

No. 1345784

Can you be more specific?

No. 1345800

But Daphney and Moses had a civil conversation to have closure last year after she falsely accused him of cheating long after they stopped dating. I believe she is mentally ill and has some kind of sexual trauma, which makes the people using her in their vendetta sick fucks. Daphney needs to stop messaging them and take this to a lawyer if she still wants to take it to court, instead of tea accounts and autistic incels/pick-mes from the Frenemies subreddit.

No. 1345806

File: 1634050221920.png (102.38 KB, 737x393, q6e3yg.png)

kek, I am loving how much the criticism in r/h3h3productions makes Hasan seethe.

No. 1345825

And what do those idiots do? Become members of the channel and keep giving money to Ethan and Hasan. Ethan has a rolls royce for fucks sake. He doesnt even clean his own ass!

H3H3 love to boost about their "college aged" audience but i bet their audience is at least 80% 14-16 year olds just like the rest of youtubers. Theres no way you can be an adult and not see how much of a snake Ethan is.

Leftovers wont last. Trisha said before Ethan is very worried of peoples opinion on him.

No. 1345942

Oh my fucking GOD Moses is so cringe

No. 1345952

I agree and think she might have her own autism, but people are without a doubt in her ear convincing her this is the right thing to do. She’s in the inc3l echo chamber and to be there in the first place means she believably has a mental illness or trauma. She’s been open about her extreme insecurity, it is so sick she’s being used like this.

No. 1346001

Dunkey is an awkward guy, its his sense of humour. Same for Leah. I really liked this interview personally

No. 1347165

File: 1634201991149.webm (433.99 KB, 640x1138, salsa at target.webm)

Daphney is having a meltdown in her Instagram stories because a woman in the cash register of Target told her that she got the price of salsa wrong. She is crying and saying that the cash register should have known that she is going through a difficult time because she just bought $100 in salsa. She is also going around punching water bottles because it reminds her of Moses' water schtick and talking about her favorite hotels in Las Vegas just after Trisha and Moses bought a house there.

No. 1347471

Yeah, not surprised literally at all she’s having a mental breakdown, she’s probably going to end up hospitalized from the pressure and how she’s being used. I don’t think she’s aware of it but her losing it like this is her brain having enough. It’s really fucked up and it could get way, way worse if people turn on her instead of seeing it for what it is. These people have no respect for humanity and how fragile life is. Scum of the earth.

No. 1347500

Nvm on my phone and had to go to insta to watch it, she said she’s on her period and mocks Trisha’s actual stalker problem by imitating a whiney voice that someone just pulled up to her car and is stalking her. She’s laughing about everything but doesn’t seem manic or have real mental health issues just really, really bitchy and immature. She’s acting like a fat bitch and treating target employees wrong, the summary unintentionally made it seem like she was losing it. If you’re doing well enough you can blow one hundred dollars on hot sauce you shouldn’t treat fucking target employees badly when there’s still pandemic issues. Why is every single person associated with these people such dickheads.

No. 1347601

I thought she was crying when she was trying to explain what happened in Target, but maybe you are right and she is just a fat bitch throwing a tantrum in Target lol

No. 1348065

Teddy Fresh is collabing with Yurie Sekiya, I’m curious to know how much of the apparel will be “teddy fresh” and how much will be her art.

No. 1348882

People in the H3 sub are complaining that Ethan is using too much clickbait and theres always some idiot that says "dats the joke!!!". I think they mustve deleted some comments from the video, because i saw alot of backlash in the H3 sub over Ethan being incredibly rude to the callers.

They are so close to getting it but yet so far. Its obvious Ethan despises them and yet there they are, sucking his dick at every opportunity. Apparently Ethan is insecure about his tiny ass hands so now the fans claim his hands are "perfect" and "manly" at every opportunity.

Also, i dont know if its in this video or not (sorry for not checking and not adding time stamps, i cant stand 3 minutes of Ethan Klein) but people were saying Ethan was being creepy and asking one of the callers if she was wearing a thong. How Hila isnt embarassed of him is beyond me. Even the ass kissers called him out, so imagine how much of a scrote he must have been to the caller.

No. 1349292

The hand thing and how his fans handle it is so Trump-ish. All of this is.

No. 1349407


>Around 1:14:43, Ethan says "I need to do a pee" then it suddenly turns into "poop"… and then said "poop" becomes one of his longest poops of the show

>It's a little suspicious that straight after a girl was talking about her ass and pooping for minutes with Ethan obviously interested asking her questions about her "thong" even though she never mentioned she had a thong before, and going into detail about the shit oozing between her thong and leggings pores, ass, etc.
>I think AB realized what Ethan was truly doing, that's why he was acting a little weird/suspicious and said that he thought Ethan was watching the show.
>Ethan usually gives a heads-up to the crew if his stomach is playing up that day, and it's extremely uncommon for Ethan to just spontaneously need to shit like that, that's why everyone was caught off guard.
>Ethan literally brings up the girl caller again.. bit weird as most people would have forgotten.

tl;dr Female caller talks about shitting on herself while wearing a thong. Ethan disappears, possibly to masturbate in the bathroom while the show is still live.

No. 1349413

File: 1634466868376.jpg (164.84 KB, 1071x793, SmartSelect_20211017-063407_Re…)

I can see it being true

No. 1349433

Idk if its true, but still, the fans enable this type of thing. Its so fucking gross.

Even if he didnt go jack off, why doesnt anyone find it weird that he asked so many questions about the thong? Its super weird.

Also who shits during a "show". Come on.

No. 1349456

File: 1634476146680.jpg (320.06 KB, 1080x1220, 20211017_080040.jpg)

ethan is disgusting, and his fan base is gross for idolizing such a man-baby. i can't believe he'd waddle off to jerk it so obviously, especially after dissecting the 'couch guy' controversy for 30 minutes a week prior.

No. 1349471

File: 1634477718308.png (660.4 KB, 1458x829, poop.png)

Me too, since Ethan
>proposed to Hila while pretending to poop and asking her to bring in baby wipes to the bathroom.
>leaves dog poop all over the house and the studio until they have a fly infestation.
>has made Tiktok videos from the perspective of a asshole while pretending to smell and lick poop off.
>his stand-up comedy is based around poop and the direction in which people clean their asshole.

No. 1349481

wtf, this is so vile. this poor woman seems like she's trying to make an attempt at being 'one of the guys' with a 'funny' shitting story, and prefaces it by saying she has ibs.

ethan proceeds to:
>ask her multiple times if she wears a diaper after she's said no
>ask her if she wears a thong or diapers 'oops i meant granny panties' after she mentioned she has a great husband that has cleaned her mess
>asks about the poop going through her pants like a play-doh extractor
>asks about the smell is multiple different ways
>asks if a wet poop would short-circuit the tanning bed
>excuses himself to pee, i mean poop, for a while

wow, h3 really was nothing without trisha.

No. 1349519

How does he have fans, what else does he have to do there is nothing he hasn’t done to shit on all of them

No. 1349529

File: 1634484964688.png (Spoiler Image, 287.96 KB, 486x767, C31F5096-8A7C-49DD-A51A-0AEAFF…)

>ask her multiple times if she wears a diaper after she's said no

No. 1349547

What an absolute creep - his comments are unbelievable.
>What did you eat?
>First of all, I'm really sorry, that sounds really rough as a condition. Do you wear a diaper?
>Were you wearing a skirt?
>Were you wearing, like, a thong?
>What was the smell like in that little room?
>Does your husband know this story?
>What was your name again? Testing youuu. :^)
>Powerful woman. Powerful.
This is triggering flashbacks from him grilling Belle Delphine about her plans to release nudes.

No. 1349589

Its veeeery hard to feel sorry for this type of girl. It seems like their fans are ALWAYS humiliating themselves for crumbs of attention from Shrek. Its no wonder they think H3 marriage is "goals".

Its disturbing to me that a man that is almost 40 is that interested in poop. It seems like hes only interested in weird, freaky things (and his viewers caught it too, they say Ethan is only interested in the live calls if theres a poop story). Hes a very weird individual.

No. 1349590


(Rant incoming)

I’ve been on the Ethan is a twat train for a good few years at this point, but this has literally made my skin crawl. He’s vile. He’s just an awful person inside and out, I feel so sorry for all the little kids he’s manipulating into worshiping him. Using random girls, fans of his for his weird fucking shit fetish.

I think It’s going to be a Shane Dawson situation where they age up and look back in disgust.

Out of all of the influencers I’ve come across that are gross, I find him the worst. Probably due to the fact everyone online loves the show and sucks his balls for doing the bare minimum. I can’t wait for his demise, or just for his career to fall off.

No. 1349593

>Its veeeery hard to feel sorry for this type of girl. It seems like their fans are ALWAYS humiliating themselves for crumbs of attention from Shrek. Its no wonder they think H3 marriage is "goals".
the naivety and cope that comes with being an nlog/pick-me is very unfortunate - literally getting jerked to over a story you're too disgusted and humiliated to attach your name to, so you feel accepted by these freaks.

typing this literal shit out truly made me want to alog. it felt creepy, and similar to 'to catch a predator' chatlogs.

No. 1349599

He really is vile. He comes across one of those incels that get turned on by women suffering. The way he talked about Trishas private parts before meeting really disturbed me. Him explaining in details how she must have an "engorged clit" in front of his wife was when i saw Hila is to blame for this shit too. He has a very weird mind.

People will definitely come out after a few years. This dude is a married incel. He cant help hating women. His way of thinking is way too ingrained for him to change.

Also you can tell he hates doing the show. He himself is bored of it. The disturbing stories in the only things that spark his mood a little bit. He applied a porn addiction to his normal life - nothing turns him on but the demented shit.

No. 1349622

God he's such a sick creep. It's disturbing how he has no shame about it, he's just blatantly showcasing his obvious fetish for millions to view. It's like over the years Ethan has gotten more and more pornsick. I really don't understand how his fans would defend him for this weird shit, even think it's funny or endearing, they must have the maturity levels of a toddler. I can't believe I found this guy to be funny once upon a time. Hila must be out of her mind to still be putting up with that overgrown toddler with a serious porn addiction

No. 1349623

In the most recent “after dark” podcast he tells an extremely long story about Theodore involving poop too. Basically they’re in the process of potty training him and he refuses to poop in the potty and wants to do it in a diaper instead (this is also following an incident in which their dog ate Theodore’s poop) he then has to be taken to hospital because he literally hasn’t pooped for days…but Ethan goes into SO much detail describing the incident, how much poop was in Theodore’s diaper when he did eventually go and viscerally describing the smell. He has a weird fixation

No. 1349631

And then he has the nerve to criticize family vloggers. Come on, is he really that different? There has to be a limit on what you share about your children. He is so fucking money hungry that he shares those disturbing details about his own son.

He should never have told that story about the dog eating poop either. Gross asf.

No. 1349647

File: 1634498459882.jpg (431.87 KB, 1080x1952, 20211017_141848.jpg)

kek at trisha thriving after some distance away from ethan and hila

No. 1349655

File: 1634498755336.gif (206.11 KB, 220x174, FA02795B-322C-49A6-A808-BF04D5…)

>we can see your profile picture

nta but that’s the thumbnail for the tiktok sound anon

No. 1349656

Sorry, I don't use Tiktok.

No. 1349661

Turks and jews are not white.

No. 1349713

Polisci degrees are a fucking joke, major in econ unless you want this kind of brain damage for yourself ladies

No. 1349742

Too bad she has an inbred pig face

No. 1349744

Nice to see her bouncing back, she's my favorite YouTube roach ♥

No. 1349747


No. 1349760

ignore obvious antisemite-chan, kek. sage for stupid, but there's been mild speculation that ethan is so thin-skinned he'd be the type to attempt to sabotage/derail his threads with bait.

No. 1349772

i feel like he would have had a better chance of being cancelled years ago before he started a family with hila because he gets sympathy from people since he's a dad. if he's misogynistic, h3cels point out that he has a wife and she's fine with his remarks. but now that kids are in the picture h3cels always bring everything back to hila's pregnancy, acting like they care kek. even when trisha would lash out on twitter there'd be h3cels saying "he has a family, you can't make those accusations" like him being a dad makes him a better person and his kids somehow make him exempt from criticism. she never mentioned his kids btw. seeing as how they only now care about hila's pregnancy and their kids whenever a woman is being blamed for it, i can conclude that none of these fucks (even the 'female' fans) actually care about kids or a woman's pregnancy except for when it's used as fodder for their trisha is the ultimate evil argument.

No. 1349780

File: 1634508048242.jpg (589.51 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20211017-165127_You…)

any non autism-chans have a take on the body language in the new after dark? at 1:34 in, both hila and ethan bring up the rumor that ethan is such a depraved shit-fetishist that he'd jerk off to a pants-shitting story in the middle of work. dan uses picrel as irrefutable proof that ethan was busy for 20 minutes, kek.

No. 1349984

There’s speculation she’s faking her weight loss for attention since she’s openly admitted to doing it in the past. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing it again

No. 1350034

She does look smaller and has videos of her on the scale as "proof" I guess? Trisha's weight even with the obvious clickbait stomach-suck-in videos has fluctuated quite a bit just based on her going from semi-functioning to total mess over and over again.

No. 1350077

I believe she’s lost maybe 10-15 but we know she has a penchant for exaggeration. And she certainly knows her angles

No. 1350097

>H3 makes a Content Court on the Nelk Boys and give a shout out to Jamari.
>H3 fans go through Jamari videos and find an old one where he is critical of Ethan.
>Ethan puts some clips of the video and labels him as an antisemitic hater.
>Jamari apologizes for calling Ethan a greedy jew and telling him to pop another anti-depressant. He says that they were jokes, but he shouldn't have said them.
>Dan says that Jamari is misogynist and antisemitic for saying that Hila looks like Howard Stern.
>Jamari shows clips of Ethan saying racist, sexist stuff.
>Jamari says H3 has also said messed up stuff for the sake of comedy and it could be easy to paint them as racist and sexist too.
>Jamari talks about their edgy past and how everyone seems to have forgotten that.

No. 1350106

She looks the same

No. 1350131

Ethan Mcpig has to stop with the sjw persona. Only idiots can’t see right through his misogynistic hypocrite frog ass.

No. 1350220

File: 1634551887939.jpeg (160.12 KB, 1170x1336, C4463D33-8FD1-499C-9BE9-04D8D0…)

The subreddit is calling that guy an incel. They need to look in the mirror. Ethan has incel tendencies but bc he has a wife they disregard Big Macs thought process

No. 1350272

This is how dishonest Ethan is. The guy says that the same things could be said about Ethan (which is true, and shows that the guy isnt even faulting Ethan for his stupid jokes) and Ethan still plays dirty and pretends hes the victim.

This is the thing with him. You can never cross him, not the slighest bit, because he will do everything (incluiding putting his career at risk) to end you.

I can only imagine what he will do to Moses (and Trisha) after some time. He does not let things go and im sure hes not ok with Moses talking shit behind his back (like Ethan does to everyone else).

No. 1350392

the way he collects people makes the op image even more relatable, as ethan is just collecting lackeys that he doesn't see as equal. while he's whining about jamari being anti-semetic, he brings up someordinarygamers and that stupid drama, and how mutahar is a 'good one' now, since he deleted and retracted his criticism against ethan.

No. 1350421

Ethan is such a hypocrite, in one of the podcasts last week he falsely accused Gokanaru of trying to “destroy” his career by conflating when Keemstar accused Ethan of taking all of the money from the FUPA fund (the legal fund which was donated by other youtubers/fans and used to win their case against Matt Hoss’ copyright claims). He literally twists the truth and then calls people out for doing exactly the same. All because he’s seething that a small YouTube made (and quite rightly) a critical video of how poor his content has become. Ethan can criticise others on a weekly basis but no one can dare do the same to him.

No. 1350461

File: 1634576892555.png (5.31 MB, 3450x9533, teddyfresh.png)


To the shock of no one, Teddy Fresh makes a huge profit. The original price of the bucket hats is between $1.28 - 5.08 (https://accaps.com/product/plain-logo-yellow-corduroy-bucket-hats/), while selling them at around $40 (https://teddyfresh.com/products/floral-bucket-hat)

No. 1350553

File: 1634583459808.jpeg (752.49 KB, 750x1214, 90C7CCC1-7E6D-4462-8023-AD0E3C…)

I truly don’t understand how people buyc let alone pay so much teddy fresh? Am I missing something?

No. 1350557

Ok so with hindsight, Ethan was definitely aroused by the photo of Trisha with tp on her asshole.

No. 1350567

I mean this isn’t shocking because every business does this but they I remember they always seemed to jerk themselves off over making “ethical” products or whatever so wtf?? all this shit is obviously just the typical branded crap from China…they’re no better than fast fashion then

No. 1350588

File: 1634585187368.jpeg (352.27 KB, 750x829, 24E6058B-F93D-44A7-9922-242388…)

I think the peace bear necklace is kinda cute actually….it sucks because I don’t like Ethan and Hila but I knew about Teddy Fresh before them since I’d see it at Zumiez and I do like some of the designs. I’m excited for the Yurie Sekiya collab!!!

I was happy they put out new colorways for this design I have a huge soft spot for it and wore out my original sweater pretty bad.

No. 1350659

They sell Teddy Fresh at Zumiez?! God damn. I thought they were just selling it as part of their merch online, they're really pushing this hard. How annoying.

No. 1350688

he might like shit but he certainly doesn't like trisha

No. 1350713

that's highly debated, kek.

No. 1350758

That’s genuinely hilarious

No. 1350795

They’ve been selling their shit at Zumiez since it first launched. But it’s just overpriced mass-produced trash like pretty much everything else there

No. 1351057

File: 1634641464890.png (962.72 KB, 1838x2777, weightloss.png)

she looks different imo

No. 1351069

Couldn’t she just have got liposuction? She mentioned on frenemies that she is constantly lipoing her mid section

No. 1351070

Lol OK.

Right. Ethan has been in an even worse state of depression since Trisha stopped working with him. The fat man was infatuated.

No. 1351073

Honestly, the amount of stairs in her new home compared to living in an apartment. I think it wa a inevitable she was going to lose weight. She has a swimming pool too. It's not like she's not active she did all those dance videos etc. I think her health has improved since she moved out of her apartment. Not that it was a small apartment but it was no house and apartments in general are compact. It's not like she's lazy like Ethan. She obviously enjoys a lot of food, but she actively does things. Ethan rides about on a mobility scooter as a gag but it's truly because he's a fat cunt.

No. 1351077

She has done three videos updates about her weight loss. Is it possible to get multiple liposuctions in two months?

No. 1351088

he was whining about his weight and fishing for compliments on his appearance in 'after dark' - the trisha-shaped hole in his heart is obvious kek.

No. 1351089

Looks like she’s just standing up straighter & sucking in lol. Also long hair gives an illusion of looking slimmer, aswell as how her clothes are positioned ://

No. 1351097

File: 1634647889134.jpg (218.51 KB, 1080x1402, 20211019_075045.jpg)

>what's wrong with liking things from china?? this has to be xenophobia!!
the fans are taking a page from ethan.

No. 1351123

Yeah I saw this and if you need anymore proof that his crew are yes men Dan actually told him that he’s been losing weight, jfc he’s always been fat but has absolutely ballooned in the last month! Hila was also annoyed because she said that as soon as Ethan loses weight and gets complimented he just piles it all back on

No. 1351158

The fans were surprised the items were made in China. I just cant with their naivety.

They also seem to think that because Teddy Fresh is expensive that the products are ethically made haha. As if the seamstresses making the clothes are getting 40% of it. They are so dumb and so deluded by Ethan it hurts.

At this point he can shit on someone and i wouldnt be surprised if people said calling him out is "antisemitic".


I think he enjoys stressing her out, at least to get her to give up. Its one of the only things that she stands her ground on (that being fat is unhealthy and he has to stop with diets and eat better forever) and he has a problem with it. He has a sneaky way of doing things. This is his way of nagging her.

His fans will probably blame Trisha for the weight gain soon.

No. 1351167

>I think he enjoys stressing her out, at least to get her to give up.
he has to enjoy it (along with humiliating women in general.) in the same 'after dark' episode, he starts off by commenting on her appearance relentlessly (the fact that she's wearing makeup, and a frumpy dress) and she keeps trying to mention how hard the pregnancy is on her. like, she's obviously uncomfortable, and saying outright she's uncomfortable - i wonder if she ever wishes trisha was around to tell ethan to stop overly prying into people like an obtuse sped.

No. 1351291

File: 1634668843579.png (356.09 KB, 592x599, tinyhands.png)

>Apparently Ethan is insecure about his tiny ass hands

No. 1351355

KEK he's so insecure - what a hypocritical faggot.

No. 1351382

This is so funny, especially considering how irrationally upset he gets over women photoshopping their pictures.

No. 1351472

He was bitching about makeup and her outfit??? What a toxic ugly controlling fuck.

No. 1351609

not bitching, but continuing to be over-the-top and incessant about something she's clearly struggling with, and not wanting to continue to focus on discussing. it's especially obnoxious with his obvious attempts at fishing for compliments later in the episode - it's like he couldn't see she was uncomfortable and wanted him to drop it/move on, because he was so desperate for someone to compliment him in turn.

No. 1351631

File: 1634695952844.jpeg (591.54 KB, 828x1182, F4447A85-B28C-472F-A172-090062…)

I stg will Ethan stop trying to someone get Trish to notice him lmao? This shit makes Trish look like the better person when they’re both wack. He doesn’t rly say anything just stupidly reacts w his face to shit Trish already said to him

No. 1351646

lol they shrunk Hassan and made Ethan bigger for the poster

No. 1351671

Wait wait wait wait didn’t he like thought police outright ban the concept of Trisha? What tf is this bullshit. She’s legitimately not talking about him ever and even when she did in the past, it was an emotional response he triggered. I can’t believe I’m witnessing Trisha disengaging, they are both lame as shit but I liked that for some ungodly reason trisha started reflecting on her life while working with Ethan and stopped being friends with Shane and Jeffree, and they did raise a lot of money for RAINN. Ethan needs to seriously grow the fuck up they can only do one good thing and that’s together, they deserve each other and I can’t explain why.

No. 1351797

File: 1634717107469.png (192.13 KB, 633x639, D748E1B9-D263-4037-B47E-19613D…)

Tiktok removed it because it violated their community guidelines. Ethan was crying about this and his other removed Trisha videos in Twitter.

No. 1351802

File: 1634717291856.jpeg (88.36 KB, 604x1024, FCHU4CFVUAcATdt.jpeg)

No. 1351848

God how pathetic. It’s like watching a salty ex try anything to get his gf back ahaha yikes. Literally dude is so down bad he’s making tweets now w her name in them ugh

No. 1351962

>Ethan is really putting manifestation anti drama Trisha to the test right now.
uhhh how? she's been essentially ignoring his sad attempts to get her attention now for weeks.

No. 1352006

File: 1634742456943.png (94.75 KB, 510x505, msvoldemort.png)

Can the anons still watching the podcast confirm if this is true? Did Hila told Dan that Ethan is banned from mentioning Trisha in the show?

No. 1352028

He’s never going to stop making content about her is he. He can’t get more pathetic lol

No. 1352041

Yes lol, it’s a thing. Ethan’s banned from talking about Trish, and everyone always tries to make him stfu when he brings her up on the show. They all hate it, & Dans been put in charge to make him stop.

No. 1352096

Is Ethan autistic? He genuinely doesn’t seem to understand social cues/emotions in others AT ALL (even his own wife) to the point where people have to ask him concretely not to do/talk about something.

No. 1352110

link to the comments on this thread?

No. 1352128

He's just a selfish porn sick wanker. Also he's got tourettes, wouldn't be surprised if he's got ticks associated with trisha lol. Wonder how much he talks about her privately to Hila. Probs enough that Hila asked H3 employees to stop her husband from going on about her. Mental.

No. 1352155

Sorry to bring old stuff up, but please watch this video at 1:23:45. The way he acts isnt normal. He is asking if shes turned on in front of Hila. He has been obsessed with Trisha since the first video he made about her.


Working on a podcast when he is constantly burping and farting and everyone is sucking his ass def got to his head in more than one way. He lost touch with reality and has no idea what is appropriate or not. The video above shows how detached he is.

No. 1352157

Pathetic. Are they also going to take Ethan's phone away to keep him from making Tiktoks about Trisha?

No. 1352250

Nta but here https://www.reddit.com/r/blndsundoll4mj/comments/qc0hki/comment/hhcwvqv/

There’s a good point in the rest of the comments that why doesn’t Ethan delete Frenemies at this point if he’s so triggered by Trisha and what she said to him on it? But of course he won’t delete the most popular thing he’s had in years that he can still earn money off of, and he’d call you anti-Semitic for pointing that out. God I hate this fat hypocrite.

No. 1352317

Imagine being pregnant, sick and uncomfortable while your fat coomer husband sits on the internet obsessing over Trisha Paytas all day. I don't even like Hila but jesus, that's bleak.

No. 1352328

Oh my god this is the funniest fucking thing. He's a fat little man with baby hands. They even made Hasan smaller for that pic.

No. 1352332

At this point i dont know why Hila doesnt admit that she is bothered by things Ethan says. Its not like she is wrong for that, and its not like the fans wouldnt agree with her. The only reason i can think of is for their "couple goals" branding.

No. 1352420

Hila was recently talking about her therapy sessions and how her therapist was prying to see if there are any problems in her marriage, she was absolutely adamant that everything between them is perfect and they have never had any issues. Hila is either lying through her teeth or genuinely in denial

No. 1352429

honestly, she came up with the worst excuse when she was defending ethan over the shit-fetish rumors, saying he'd have 'to be too sick in the head' to be able to function in front of people by himself - it came across as a desperate, and a self-own.

No. 1352545

he literally can't function in front of people by himself that's why hila or the crew have to babysit him

No. 1352658

She literally knows nothing about men they are all like that. Look at his nasty gross ass father and how it’s driven his mom batshit enough to blame a miscarriage on a woman whose onlyfans her husband subscribed to. And they can’t function or connect with anyone on a human level anymore, and they take it out on women.

No. 1352666

was this couples therapy or individual therapy?

but donna and gary are ethan's parents. hila's parents seem normal as far as we know.

No. 1352670

>Jamari has been getting harassed by H3 fans for days.
>Ethan reacts to Jamari's video in H3TV.
>H3 crew cuts it of the final version to avoid showing the clips of Ethan saying sexist and racist stuff.
>TomDark made a video defending Jamari.

No. 1352680

>hila's parents seem normal as far as we know.
so did moses, kek. i wonder if hila is worried about teddy, especially since he prefers to sit around in his shit (also, i was horrified to hear her say she gave-up on fighting with teddy about diapers during potty training, wtf.)

No. 1352725

Oh no, parents who “give up” teaching their kids basic shit are the worst. Like sure it’s hard but that’s what happens when you have a kid. I guess the nannies will have to deal with it

No. 1352767

Individual therapy, they said they are both on anti depressants as well.

No. 1352770

I’m surprised she was even involved with that. I assumed they just made the nannies deal with the dirty work

No. 1352813

Ppl keep bringing up that Ethan subs to Trish’s OF? Is it actual milk or jus an assumption? I remember she send a pic of her snatch to him & they blocked her Twitter long ass time ago but honestly wouldn’t put it past him.

No. 1352824

They lifted the Trisha ban:
>Ethan is bringing up an old interview that Trisha did 4 months ago with Jordan Belfort.
>Ethan trashes Jordan Belfort for taking advantage of the working class and living in a multimillion dollar house.
>He says that he has stopped making Tiktoks because they keep removing his videos.
>He leaves a comment on the original Tiktok that says "Did I finally made it to Tourette Talks?" referencing Trisha's new skits channel, Trish Talks.
>They show the clip. Trisha says that she used to make jokes about Ethan's tourettes and they were not a problem until Frenemies ended.
>Ethan acts like Trisha really hurt his feelings despite the fact that she made those jokes to his face months ago.
>Ethan has a pity party and talks about how Trisha triggers him.
>They change subjects. Ethan praises Trisha for the production of her new music video, which leads to him talking about money.
>Ethan gives backhanded compliments talking about Moses' costume, special effects and location, which are followed by comments about how concerned he is about their finances.
>He makes a joke about 5% and talks about the low return in investment of Trisha's music video.
>Ethan says that he is going to be nice and leave a like.
>Ethan says that he doesn't understand why Trisha made the song in Hebrew and says that only Nazis share her fascination with Jews.
>Long silence, no one laughs.

No. 1352836

>Ethan trashes Jordan Belfort for taking advantage of the working class and living in a multimillion dollar house.

his new cohost is hasan piker though? lol honestly

No. 1352848

Doesnt he drive a rolls royce and profit off cheap items made in china?

No. 1352880

Small correction, it’s TouretteTok like TikTok. Like how there’s different sides of tiktok n shit, NostalgiaTok, AltTok, DisneyTok, whatever dumbass shit Tok lol

Doesn’t rly matter tho considering he still brings her up. “Hila’s stressed” meanwhile he keeps it up trying to make Trish blow over.

No. 1352881

Saw some clips of Hasan admitting to buying prostitutes from some brothel that got raided for human trafficking & other stuff. Sad.

No. 1352909

Ethan also lives in a multi million dollar house

No. 1352920

he is so fucking gross and a huge hypocrite and in Susan's pocket. no wonder youtube ceo endorsements include h3, jake/logan paul, lele pons and fucken shane/tana/jeffrey. weird most of their biggest talent is aimed at children but h3h3 still retains their braindead army of gen x and millenials so they're a cash cow in itself.
also I genuinely want to compile a vid of every time ethan is doing something like this, belle-delphine and otherwise. especially if hila is being visibly exasperated. gonna dig through past threads and kiwi (pray for this sinner now) but if any anons have some hidden gems please post.
can't believe hila had kids with this fool but stranger things happen I guess

No. 1352934

I am not sure about Ethan, but his father Gary is a confirmed subscriber of Trisha's OF. It sort of explains why Donna is such a bitch to her.

No. 1352961

I don't have the link, but I remember a podcast where Ethan talked about Lana Rhodes. He says how hard it must be for Mike to pleasure her because she has had too much sex, which has enlarged her vagina. Hila and Ian are just perplexed with what he said. Ethan continues talking about her porn videos in detail and the men that she has fucked. To further his point, he describes a scenario where Lana is in a room fucking two guys, one with a giant dick and one with an average size dick. Ethan explains the effects of how the order of having sex with them could affect Lana's vagina. Hila is visibly uncomfortable, while Ian reads from a scientific article to refute Ethan's comments. I think Hila says something like she has given birth and her vagina is not enlarged or loose.

No. 1352966

What the fuck goes through Hila's mind to be with this gross manchild? If I were bulimic I'd use his podcast to help me purge

No. 1352967

What the fuck do you mean they lifted the ban, there’s no moralized mental gymnastics for it. He is so fucking pathetic and vile, leave a bitch alone.

No. 1352972

I have been dying to see a compilation too. He has a lot of bad moments. He has called so many women stretched out, idk how no one made a video yet.

If im not mistaken, he later criticized someone for making fun of this same women's vagina (if im not mistaken). Ab then corrected him and said he has done the same thing before.

No. 1352985

Sums up Ethan’s real views on women

No. 1353000

Hila banned Ethan from mentioning Trisha on the show >>1352041, >>1352006

No. 1353002

File: 1634831085667.jpg (178.07 KB, 1915x1080, 20211021_102917.jpg)

ew, absolutely degen. it's no wonder he dug his heels in, if his stans have excused (and continue to excuse) this. that's why trisha looked so good next to ethan - hila will excuse/enable awful behavior, and trisha will voice her issues (sometimes to the point of being a contrarian for contrarian's sake, which enrages men kek.)

No. 1353003

This is the scene in question where they discuss Lana Rhoades (sorry about the commentary over it, Idk what episode of the podcast it’s from)

No. 1353029

I remember that Ethan encouraged his fans to block Trisha to stop them from seeing these tweets:

Ethan comparing Trisha to a bowling ball because she gets passed around and people are shoving their fingers in her
Hila and Ethan justifying calling women manatees, beached whales, corpses, etc. because it's funny

No. 1353074

Hila's going to monitor the income and right before ethan gets cancelled she'll initiate the divorce for that 50%

No. 1353078

This is so disgusting and cringey as hell. Commentary is awful to get through but Ethan being so open about his sex with Hila on a podcast, while talking out of his ass, is worse

No. 1353238

File: 1634852564918.png (9.76 KB, 377x299, CwwS6DR.png)

whats the linked video?

No. 1353255

Basically him saying everything that was highlighted in the green text. It’s up on the podcast channel now I’m pretty sure just an early upload of a clip from off the rails

No. 1353259

Ogod that’s tragic. How Donna even puts up with that I’ll never know, then again who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

No. 1353395

File: 1634869167089.png (445.17 KB, 760x761, rmxgbk0dmvu71.png)

Ethan is desperate for Trisha's attention

No. 1353400

i was gonna say i dont even like trisha but that is such poor taste lmfao. he already deleted it, good catch anon.

No. 1353403


No. 1353404

Fuck him and his smug face posting childish shit like this

Note that they made him thinner than her and thats not realistic

No. 1353456

I like h3, but all this Trish shit is making me hate them. His wife is pregnant, but he’s too busy shitposting about some other woman who isn’t interested

No. 1353489

Did he delete this? Can't find it on his twitter when I checked.

No. 1353497

File: 1634880806296.png (116.26 KB, 599x663, 1622716555593.png)

No. 1353584

Wasnt he crying weeks ago over people calling Hila a horse? So if Trisha posts a picture from an "artist" that depicts Hila as a horse i guess he will be ok with it, right?

What a sad little man. Hila, the feminist CEO, is clearly ok with her husband acting like a second grader. Honestly any woman that works and stands by Ethan is a pick me. The funniest thing is that most of the women that post on the H3 sub are overweight. They seriously think that the things Ethan says about other women doesnt apply to them. That shit is so embarassing for everyone involved.

No. 1353713

Not psychotically obsessed or misogynist at all

No. 1353772

File: 1634927229203.png (558.91 KB, 546x536, hil.PNG)

i bet hila told him to remove this shit. he's just baiting trisha at this point.. she was kinda right about him after all.

No. 1353824

H3 uploaded this to the highlights channel. Was posted earlier in the green recap, (early access) but OP took it down.

No. 1354065

I bet that >>1353824, >>1351631 and >>1353395 are a distraction to get fans to talk about Trisha instead of the Chinese sweatshops making Teddy Fresh. >>1350461 has been removed and any person who talks negatively about the quality or brings into question the cheap labor making it is getting banned from the subreddit.

No. 1354073

Well hila actually looks like a horse(don't use emojis)

No. 1354089

He has a political podcast while doing this that’s so funny and not shocking literally at all. It’s too perfect. They’re banning talking about the foreign sweatshop labor and posting incel war propaganda drawings of Trisha who couldn’t give a fuck less after going nuclear on her. Mmmm yes communism dictatorship, I would have a singular iota of respect for the fans as people if they just came out and called themselves Ethan’s paypigs. At least Trisha owns that she’s a clown.

No. 1354189

File: 1634975495865.jpg (87.41 KB, 760x761, horsingaround.jpg)

No. 1354195

No. 1354220

I know it's early, but I hope this makes it's way into a thread pic, incredible job.

No. 1354278

File: 1634993000843.png (129.55 KB, 613x521, reality_check_thinking_ethan_i…)

No. 1354318

No. 1354385

File: 1635011422897.png (493.59 KB, 601x601, lv0fKkz.png)

the genius just posted a photo of cops in brazil, claiming that it's in the US

after a couple of minutes it is now deleted because he realized he shouldn't be too lazy to reverse image search

No. 1354388

why does he not have a dedicated tard wrangler vetting his social media posts before they go public at this point? it seems like he’s dirty deleting controversial shit on twitter on a daily basis.

No. 1354393

Old stuff again, but in this video Ethan talks about his dick problems caused by "antidepressants". Boogie asks if Hila noticed that Ethans d got smaller, she she doesnt think so, and he tantrums saying "its not about how you feel about my dick Hila, its about how i feel when i masturbate!!!"

There have been 3 interviews with boogie and in every one he asks about boogies sex life. In the second interview (i believe) he congratulates and cheers divorced boogie on sleeping with a girl that is "going to be able to legally drink soon".

Anyone that believes any of his outrage over anything is deluded. Completely deluded.

Also, isnt it funny that men that insult women all the time end up like boogie when their wife divorces them? Sad on a podcast throwing jabs forever at the one that got away.

Did he really post this? I couldnt find it. Shows how bothered he is over anyone in any internet corner disagreeing with him.

The point is, will he stop complaining about people insulting Hila? Because he insults whatever woman he feels like, at whatever time he wants. Trisha is not the only one. He has a deep hatred for women that isnt going away anytime soon.

No. 1354435

He hates people that have boundaries and say no unlike his mommy. Trisha doesn’t care and has always had her own train wreck going on, Ethan likes to feel needed and appreciated, like he was helping her and didn’t want to admit she was helping him too. He’s so desperate to separate from women, it’s the same mommy complex all misogynists have because their fathers were absent or abusive. He can’t shame trisha out of doing what she does, that’s the only power he convinced himself he had. His whole presence now is just shaming people it’s very unnecessary. He should go to therapy for his misogyny and let go of his insecurity so he can actually enjoy life.

No. 1354438

Have you seen how pissy he gets anytime Dan tries to reel him in on the podcasts? Plus this cunt thinks he’s god’s gift to Twitter comedy. There’s no way his narc ass would listen to anyone telling him his tweets are shit. His crew suck at research so badly they can’t even vet podcast segments properly before sending Ethan out to spout inaccurate information and controversial takes. How’s he gonna suddenly be capable of finding someone competent enough to even know his Tweets are wrong? Kek

No. 1354464

he gets mad because dan has an actual personality. they constantly bully him on there when hes more interesting than ethan by far…

No. 1354482

i fucking hate the fat boogie dude, he is disgusting inside and out

No. 1354536

I doubt hes in therapy, but i agree he should go. Its also interesting that he coaches boogie on not reading negative comments, but it seems like its all Ethan does now, surround himself with negativity. You can tell his appearance is changing because of it too. He looks constantly annoyed.

Its funny because every time Ethan mentions his dad he seems very resentful (with reason), but to me he acts exactly like him. Having him on families was like seeing what Ethan will be in a few years. Its clear he got his porn obsession from his dad. I just hope Hila sees the light and doesnt stay as long as Donna, because Ethans incel ways will NEVER change. Hes way too old.

No. 1354552

File: 1635033474282.jpg (223.59 KB, 1284x2302, gross.jpg)

from reddit

No. 1354563

Lmao i cant with Trisha. While Ethan is having a mental breakdown and having tantrums over her, shes over at disney and eating expensive cookies.

No. 1354581

Can that image be spoilered Jesus. This probably has to do with her foot fetishists and Ethan will think it’s his foot army even though there’s definitely overlap. Being a Disney adult is humiliating and the food isn’t expensive because it’s good? Not that Trisha cares about either of those things but Ethan will. In some video he just did he talks about Trisha’s new music video, her finances????, and tells people to actually go watch it because he’s “worried about her finances”. He’s her self appointed financial advisor (and police officer) now so he can shoehorn himself into her life somehow, when men do this they always force unsolicited advice. I hope he attempts an online citizens arrest next.

No. 1354582

Donna is a husk of a person surging with poison because of what she’s had to put up with being Stockholm syndrome’d to Ethan’s father for her entire life. It’s actually fucked up. His father is a stain.

No. 1354712

The pic is gross but he’s just pandering to his “reformed” racist incel fans

No. 1354743

File: 1635066695530.png (1.81 MB, 1792x2389, hila.png)

His dedicated tard wrangler is busy being a fashion icon

No. 1354747

she looks disgustingly sped

No. 1354763


why is she wearing what looks to be some form of compression sock

No. 1354784

It's impressive how she doesn't know how to dress herself in anyway that looks good while also not actually being cool edgy. Her brand really pisses me off and makes me dislike her, but I still wish she would divorce Ethan

No. 1354788

I don't get the hype around this women. She isn't at all attractive and the way she dresses looks retarded.

No. 1354807

>isn't at all attractive and the way she dresses looks retarded

it's the h3h3 brand

No. 1354815

Blonde ages people alot. Her natural hair color suited her more and made her way more unique.

I cant help but think she is changing her style to fit what she thinks Ethan likes. It comes off kinda clumsy and people overhype her because incel Ethan convinced his incel and pickme fanbase that Hilas not like the other girls, so they praise her no matter what she does.

No. 1354818

Tbh she doesn’t need to be attractive to be successful but I just can’t help but hate her because of what a massive pick me she is.

She’s one of those women who advertise themselves as girlbosses while we all know that teddy fresh had a huge audience when it started and Hila capitalised off of her naive fans with shitty China made designs. It’s not like she was some underground struggling artist who had a massive break because her designs are just that good and interesting. No. TF is basically youtuber Merch with shitty designs and somewhat interesting collabs.

If Hila wants to be a feminist icon she needs to start standing up for women who her husband insults with his misogynistic comments instead of laughing along and being a massive pushover.

No. 1354969

File: 1635101250432.jpeg (97.49 KB, 1170x912, 10F2808C-E84A-420A-8D4A-D0DE03…)

Doesn’t Jewish people disregard Jesus? Anyways Baldwin defender. Someone was killed so someone is gonna have to pay the price accident or don’t

No. 1354977

>Doesn’t Jewish people disregard Jesus?
That's a little dramatic, I say things like Jesus Christ in anger or shock and stuff and I am an atheist lmao don't think it means anything

No. 1354980

she reminds me of that girl Shayna's fake dating. This looks so dumb and crusty

No. 1354982

This bitch has a lot of money and she can’t have her nanny or some professional teach her kid how to shit in a toilet

No. 1355013

Ethan and Hila both need like a social media advisor. Who tf teaches Hila how to pose she looks like she has learning disabilities.

No. 1355080

this outfit is shit. hospital robe looking dress with ugly shoes and the thickets highest socks ive ever seen

No. 1355086

Someone going to but it's not going to be Alec.
At this point "y'all need Jesus" is a saying. Don't need to be Christian to say it

No. 1355141

I’m not a fan of her more “trendy” choices at all, she looked much better with her natural hair and with sweaters, jeans, etc

No. 1355145

> Doesn’t Jewish people disregard Jesus? Anyways Baldwin defender
What is this autism? Jewish people can make jokes that involve jesus lol. also, are retards really debating whether or not to “defend” Alec Baldwin over a stupid accident by stupid failures by a movie crew?

No. 1355152

>Did he really post this? I couldnt find it. Shows how bothered he is over anyone in any internet corner disagreeing with him.
Wait anon you don’t actually think Ethan tweeted that out do you? Topkek it’s clearly a parody. Also kudos to the talented art anon, hope it makes next thread pic

No. 1355298

File: 1635138448631.png (133.84 KB, 250x250, tumblr_06b6befeddd2c6d71243733…)

she looks completely retarded here, it almost seems mean

No. 1355301

Ok but Trisha said Hila should dump Ethan & get w Zac Efron ahaha. I agree lmfao

No. 1355342

>mismatched beaded jewelry
>hospital gown
>compression socks
>granny cardigan
This is literally how people in the dementia wing of the building I work at dress like minus the nikes. kek

No. 1355529

Gross. Couldn't watch the whole thing, but the way he just admits to watching Lana Rhodes take 3 penises at the same time infront of his wife is awful

No. 1355697

If i didn't know any better I'd think this was a post in the MTF thread.

No. 1355699

Psychwardcore, the new trend of 2021

No. 1355987

File: 1635231381535.webm (1.68 MB, 480x600, 1452806232214150610_n.webm)

Daphney has a public meltdown:

>She bumped into James Charles in a drag show.

>She takes a selfie with him and uploads it to Instagram.
>The anti-Trishas turn on her for supporting a known groomer.
>Daphney makes a livestream where she cries and says that she just wants to live her life.
>She says that she didn't know about the allegations because she doesn't follow internet drama.
>She takes down the photo with James Charles.
>She apologizes and makes a $7 donation to RAINN.

No. 1356080

who cares, she's a clout chaser and irrelevant.

No. 1356263

File: 1635272678573.webm (9.17 MB, 405x720, 4o9uymst4uv71.webm)

No. 1356267

holy kek, we are so blessed to have trisha's chaotic yin to ethan's sloppy yang.

No. 1356280

No. 1356284

I know Trisha would make a terrible mom, but it still makes me feel sad to see how badly she clearly wants kids but can't have any.

No. 1356297

It's giving Tommy Wiseau

No. 1356307

Ahahahaha I'm fucking dead

No. 1356319

With those shoelaces? Nice try.

No. 1356343

Love how Daphne's always so fkin blazed in all her livestreams

No. 1356395

>[hand enters hair]

No. 1356449

How long till the fungus soldiers claim this is dog abuse?

No. 1356761

Trisha should keep going with these dark wigs, it's way more flattering on her IMO

No. 1356775

Honestly her best wig was the Jennifer’s Body one

No. 1356779

OK, but why does Moses seem hot to me?


No. 1356790

File: 1635350044568.jpeg (543.04 KB, 750x1019, 99C2C68E-7A27-4A93-8935-EF5D1A…)

Ethan looks like he’s about to burst

No. 1356807

Is he a big drinker as well as a fat ass? He's got that beer gut look going, as well as being mentally retarded.

No. 1356842

This looks so cheap and unflattering. Did they bought this from AliExpress?

No. 1356849

>OK, but why does Moses seem hot to me?
mental illness

No. 1356863

File: 1635356898612.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3072x3072, 8A35375E-C1D5-41F7-9010-4DF80F…)

I skipped the dumbass skit but the ending part seems like it’s definitely referencing the drama regarding Moses’ texts about child support and saying he’d leave her after having a kid with her & get child support + the whole stealthing drama…. She has such a psycho look in her eye.

No. 1357032

I love Trisha's and Moses cringe skits so much, Ethan could never.

No. 1357066

File: 1635376103450.webm (2.8 MB, 405x720, tdoz19b5f2w71.webm)

fatty showing off a new ugly table

No. 1357095

File: 1635380350717.jpeg (277.24 KB, 960x889, C6BA6126-CFCC-4AEF-93AF-88E1E7…)

Trisha also made a donation to Yumi King >>>/w/177780 after her abusive scrote left her with a five month old, it looks like this is a pretty big issue to her

No. 1357116

It’s probably from the same China factory as Teddy Fresh

No. 1357179

File: 1635390554352.png (522.44 KB, 454x584, D371E1BA-D411-4580-858B-EFEE7F…)

It looks even worse up-close

No. 1357186

Can we spoiler this fugly scrote’s face?
I hate how interesting I find this literal psycho. I feel like there will be a tell-all eventually that will be juicy as hell.

No. 1357202

this is actually… really sweet. wow.

No. 1357207

it's just damage control and you're falling for it

No. 1357237

Wow that cosplay of The Penguin is pretty accurate

No. 1357385

File: 1635417047319.png (18.92 KB, 653x219, FA117E46-2C3B-4E30-ABCD-FCB8FB…)

No. 1357399

Trisha def has some tea on Ethans and Hila mess of a relationship.

No. 1357450

if i saw him on the street i'd assume he was mentally disabled

No. 1357469

If she did, I think it’s already be all over the internet.

No. 1357473

Trish doesn't do damage control. Trish does damage. It's literally her brand.

No. 1357485

No. 1357518

Damage control? This doesn't affect anything at all, no one is at Trisha for child support or anything similar lol.

I mean ethan is mentally retarded. He has tourettes and can't manage to have a healthy lifestyle while only working a few days a week and most of his job is just showing up and having Dan tell him what to say. He's a millionaire that looks set to die early from a bad diet and lifestyle. He couldn't even get his wife pregnant because he's got mutant sperm.

No. 1357571

trash has turned the whole internet against her and her YT channel doesn't bring in the same number of views, and it's downhill from here. she used to get away with it in the past because she had some fans but she is completely alone now. couple that with her awful spending habits, she is desperate to save whatever is left of her "career"

No. 1357638

Come on, do you think she spills everything she sees? Im sure she knows alot more than she lets on, not only about them but about other youtubers too. I dont understand how people still believe the dumb blonde act. Trisha reads people easily. I think she gathers a lot of info and rumours about others on KF and lolcow, and then later sneakingly brings it up in a way they dont notice. I know it seems far fetched, but if you have read a little bit of gossip on Ethan and Hila you can tell she was familiar with some of it since the first interviews they did with her.

I always got the feeling she mentioned Hila being in the military and "being able to protect Ethan" because KF is always saying stuff about Hilas time in the military.

She's gonna be fine. Before frenemies she was as relevant as she is now. The internet isnt turned against her, only H3 obsessive fans are actively after her. No one cares that much.

No. 1357639

File: 1635447286406.webm (5.69 MB, 405x720, k9g0df3js7w71.webm)

No. 1357640

Yes, she rushes to the internet at the first sign of trouble to release everything she knows, even if it’s not damning and even if it does more damage to her in a vindictive fit of borderline fury. See all the leaked texts during her fights with H3. She absolutely would have dropped anything she has by now, and I don’t believe she’s nearly as calculated as her fans want you to think

No. 1357647

I agree, really confused why she doesn’t make that hair/makeup (minus blood) her actual look.

No. 1357864

File: 1635480595064.jpeg (118.62 KB, 828x1792, bqv561e5vaw71.jpeg)

Ethan left a comment on a Tiktok from contradictionsoftrish

No. 1357893

too bad he won’t actually run. hila needs to dangle some belle delphine nudes in front of the treadmill

No. 1357940

Can someon explain why most of the posts in here seem to be pro-Trisha? She's a hideous-looking morbidly obese toddler with severe mental issues, yet people here seems to think she's not as bad as Ethan and Hila. Is it because this chat is riddled with BPD fatties or something?

No. 1357966

She’s funny. This “chat” is to laugh at cows. Ethan is literally all the things you listed plus an unfunny scrote, so he will always be objectively worse.

No. 1357987

Theres no one stopping you from shit talking Trisha if you want. Its just that Ethan is an overgrown toddler that thinks hes a moral god and his fans are dumber than rocks.

Also ethan is fat

No. 1357993

I think anons have become more anti-Ethan has time has gone by. Look at how the attitudes towards both of them have changed. After the last episode aired, Trisha made a fool of herself and she was ridiculed for it. So your assumption that we are BPD fatties that will defend her no matter what is wrong.

Trisha has made the effort to stop engaging with Ethan. The last posts about her itt are a photo of her foot and her cringe skits, which some anons enjoy ironically. Meanwhile, Ethan is a gross scrote with a possible scat fetish who uses cheap sweatshops to sell overpriced shit while preaching about socialism, weaponizes his incel fandom to go after his paying members for the mildest criticism, platforms a man who had sex with a potential human trafficking victim, got his pregnant wife sued and on antidepressants and continues to complain about Trisha despite his mother saying that the drama would kill the baby.

No. 1358007

File: 1635505567703.png (390.95 KB, 505x509, mmm.png)

>a hideous-looking morbidly obese toddler with severe mental issues

No. 1358025

Apparently Dan is not babysitting today.

The funniest thing is the only two things Hila stands her groud on (losing weight and not talking about Trisha) are still too much for Ethan. Imagine if she had any normal expectations for her husband… It just shows Ethan is just like every incel and he never will be ready for an adult relationship.

She gets called fatphobic by the fans and called out for "shutting Ethan down and not letting him be himself" when she stops him from getting them sued (again). So sad.

I hope she takes everything when they divorce.

No. 1358027

hopefully he dies soon and she gets everything, even though she also sucks.

No. 1358134

its that smug face he does…. what are they, willy wonka?

No. 1358147

He is so uncomfortably fat. Jesus Christ, it hurts to look at. Man has no neck in sight.

No. 1358149

Think it just comes down to: Trisha knows she is and doesn’t pretend she isn’t those things. Where Ethan is delusional as fuck about who he is and how he looks. His holier-than-thou attitude is easier to hate, whereas Trisha is just Trisha.

No. 1358158

It’s from the Jim Carey film dumb and dumber

No. 1358162

If they get divorced, would the fans turn on Hila and say that she looks like a horse?

No. 1358199

>Trisha has made the effort to stop engaging with Ethan.
a bit too late

No. 1358209

YASS, THANK YOU! Just because Trisha stopped engaging with Ethan, doesn't take away the right for him to answer. He is hurt and his family is in shambles because of her. What if he said that he is done with Trisha? All these Tiktoks are triggering and he can do whatever he wants. Hila is a controlling bitch for forbidding him to talk about Trisha AND trying to make him lose weight.

No. 1358223

File: 1635536680831.jpeg (52.2 KB, 1125x732, 7B608511-BA70-40C2-B26A-5059B9…)

go back

No. 1358249

Hila is a controlling bitch? Its THE ONLY THING she has asked of toddler Ethan. It shows hes not willing to make one little "sacrifice" for his wife. Shes not controlling at all, and thats exactly the problem. Now that she is asking for not even the bare minimum, its too much for his fans.

Ethan is not hurt, hes mad because his cash cow is gone. I cant believe some people actually believe his act.

Also, i do hope she stops trying to make him lose weight, so he can baloon even more, he doesnt deserve his wife caring.

They will for sure. In fact, i think they will do much worse. You cant make incels regular humans. Look at the dude above, calling Hila a controlling bitch because she asked her husband to respect ONE wish of hers.

No. 1358301

his family is "in shambles" because of himself. he chose to engage with trisha despite knowing her history. he's only lashing out because none of his boring recycled content is as good or interesting as frenemies. frenemies rehabbed his image and now he's floundering without it. next to trisha he comes off as the "normal" straight man but next to everyone else his true nature as a pissy fat retarded coomer incel is too explicitly apparent to be funny or interesting. even dan is pushing back more. i bet none of them, including hila, can stand him irl

No. 1358341

I think there’s a lot of self posting going on in here. I can see Trisha enjoying typing out scrote and engaging with the culture here

No. 1358389

TLTR: Trisha is trash. Ethan is trash. Don't feel bad for Hila.

oh ew ew ew, nobody sane here is pro-trisha. She is trash and everybody on the internet knows that. The amount of horrible things she done or hypocritic shit she said..eh I doubt anybody can keep a list of all that. Trasha is basically a slow-mo car wreck we all silently observing////

However Ethan is just purely disgusting? His content is extremely stale, one podcast doesn't differ from another. I bet he stopped challenging his critical/analytical thinking and he just stopped developing like 10 years ago?? Yet he acts like the smartest man in the room. I don't feel bad for Hila tho. I don't think she is the victim some try to portray her. She is in it for money and it is her decision to stay with the man child.

No. 1358400

Trisha wouldn’t be able to keep up with board culture without exposing herself by now. If she picked up on any terms from here she’d totally use them in day to day life. I’d love for her to slip and call someone a scrote. The idea of her being on this thread is funny but I really don’t think she could self post without giving herself away

No. 1358403

Well, she obsessively read obscure gossip forums back in the day (gossip guru). I wouldn’t be surprised if she still frequently googles herself looking for sites like this/places she’s being discussed

No. 1358406

GG wasn't that obscure. Most youtubers knew about it and some even reacted to their threads on video.

No. 1358414

I think it's more likely that Ethan and his crew keeps up with threads tbh

Also I unironically think Ethan resents Trisha because she's the female version of what he wishes he could be. Trisha being able to make money off her body while being overweight and eating all the food she wants while her partner enables it, her slutty past/sexual history before getting with Moses, doing a lot of crazy projects and dressing up - which Ethan and Hila picked up on, being able to get away with all the controversial shit she's done and said and being "uncancellable" while also making money from it.

No. 1358416

Trisha drove into an exes house and chased him with a knife while naked, I mean, nobody in this shitshow is nearly as as evil as her

No. 1358418

And made porn with that rapist guy, which she then praises because it’s how she made millions of dollars. She’s done the most outlandish and truly depraved things but it’s covered by her being open about her other lesser controversies like being a troll

No. 1358481

Exactly this. If any of the cows from this thread are reading its the male cunts that have employees like AB whose job it is to do research (which he isn't good at), plus the random crew whiteknights or Dan defenders that randomly post. Also noting the fact the H3 crew moderate their fucking reddit is is jot a stretch that they review anywhere that gossips about H3.

Trisha and Shane have discussed Guru Gossip before in videos. I wouldn't doubt they're aware of this site but I don't think they would post in case of the backlash of being outted as posting. That's just a step too far in being desperate and pathetic. Now Ethan being synonymous with desperation and being pathetic I wouldn't put it past him to make his overpaid crew try and sway farmers opinions itt. That's what the entire H3 reddit is about them trying to control the narrative. They even restrict new accounts from posting to their subreddit. It's far more likely they're self posting than "Trasha" who is what farmers called Dasha on /pt. Trasha in regards to Trisha is a fucking H3 reddit incel term lol

No. 1358483

Jason Nash is a pedophile and his own ex wife has restricted his visitation with his kids since all the allegations of misconduct and drug abuse about the vlog squad have came out. Who the fuck do you think Trisha was doing meth and the like with lol. David Dobrik is into voyeurism and there's even vlogs Jason has uploaded that had David Dobrik hiding and peeping on a naked Trisha. More disappointed she didn't stab Jason but also thankful she didn't so she didn't get ant charges and can continue to troll retards.

No. 1358492

I dont think Trisha would post after the creepshow fiasco, which im sure she knows of. However, i personally believe she does read KF and lolcow on the regular. Ive tinfoiled before about her bringing stuff up to Ethan/Hila which seems to be topics of conversation on KF.

Also, i dont think Ethan reads here because he would tantrum. He cant take any cricicism at all. I do think his most obsessive crew members do though, like AB. He seems to always want to dig stuff to defend Ethan on. He has a weird infatuation with Ethan and i think it will turn sour in some time. I wouldnt be surprised if he was the first crew member to make an expose on him.

I go back and forth on Hila. Shes for sure getting tired of his antics, but sometimes it comes across as if shes naive and doesnt understand a lot of stuff that Ethan says. I dont doubt the only reason they are together is the money though.
To be fair, the only interesting thing about Ethan is his bank account. If he was some guy on the street getting mad the way he does, humiliating his wife talking about OF and literal shit, everyone would think he was abusive and mentally troubled. If you take away the money, you can really see how unhiged he comes off as.

No. 1358496

I don’t think Ethan reads here, he said that he had to stop reading his own subreddit because of the minor criticism he faces there and he couldn’t cope with it lol

No. 1358499

Every time that we talk negatively about Ethan, someone always appears to complain about the tRaShA sTaNs or post a weird 4chan jew meme. I am sure that he or one of his employees is posting in these threads. They have talked about the Creepshow shit on the podcast, so they are aware of the existence of this site.

No. 1358505

>i dont think Ethan reads here because he would tantrum
When the Gokanaru video came out, Ethan acted unbothered in public. It was only when it gained a lot of traction and he started to lose fans that he addressed.

What criticism? Everyone in his subreddit infantilizes him and treats him like he can't do no wrong.

No. 1358519

Olivia and AB monitor this thread, guaranteed.

No. 1358531

I dont know much about Olivia because his podcast is impossible to watch. But since every employee is an Ethan stan, i assume she must be the ultimate pick me. Imagine stanning a pornsick man that is always talking about womens vaginas. Sad

No. 1358532

She's a top tier pick me and of course all the incels simp for her and the female fans pretend she's good at make up and gas her up like they do Hila. It's essentially the reject crowd for high-school got together with others like them on a national level and it's peak cringe.

No. 1358541

>What criticism? Everyone in his subreddit infantilizes him and treats him like he can't do no wrong.
You're talking out of your ass

No. 1358554

Funny that you singled out AB and Olivia because the subreddit was going crazy pairing them together and saying what they make a cute couple. I also get some creep vibes from him, especially after he defended David Dobrik. If someone is going to make an expose video is Lena, AB's wife.

No. 1358567

That’s why I said minor criticism, if there’s ever an occasional comment saying something constructive about the quality of the podcast, Ethan flips out and so do the other fans on the subreddit. It’s like a cult

No. 1358606

File: 1635612040341.jpg (282.59 KB, 1080x1950, 20211030_114025.jpg)

is the random ethan defender a new derail tactic, kek? it's funny as fuck to see how much trisha rubbed off on this manbaby (and his smug, doormat wife) especially when she's living her life the way she wants to (after having snagged a family member from hila.)

No. 1358712

>living her life the way she wants to
>settled for a rapist and self-admitted gold digger who talks shit about her to other women
>fading into obscurity and being surpassed in popularity by younger youtubers
>hoarder who lives in filth
>food addiction bc she has no self-control

No. 1358836

File: 1635644493554.jpeg (377.57 KB, 828x619, C2577233-85E5-4775-B680-F0E8F2…)

If only this weren’t clickbait.

No. 1358838

None of those things make sense and that person said she is living the life she chooses so she either chose those things or doesn’t care. All of the men mentioned here are as bad as Moses or worse, how is that Trisha’s responsibility? If she’s with Moses because of his sick or she likes how he looks in her house, cool. Good for her, who could possibly care about bringing her down besides Ethan, because this is the most sane she’s been and Ethan has a sick and vile urge to destroy her in his fat toddler mind

No. 1358852

Hes getting some mild heat on the subreddit for clickbaiting too much. I thought the stans claimed that the podcast was doing better than eva??? Haha hes so sad.

You can tell hes itching to post more clickbait using Trishas name.

No. 1358864

The most sane she’s been? She’s started a channel dedicated to “manifesting” with a picture of Buddha in the background, trying to manifest wealth and thinness. I think she’s with Moses because he’s stayed with her this long. That is, she never ends relationships, it’s always the person she’s dating

No. 1358892

File: 1635656224364.png (1.12 MB, 1280x672, ethanlovestrisha.png)

the face that Hila makes when Ethan brings up Trisha

No. 1358917

Aggghh how I wish Trisha didn’t have her typical mental breakdown and a vomit of 500 videos with1000 tweets to follow about frenemies or Ethan. What would Ethan do without his excuse of “atatata I can’t keep silence, I must defend myself!! Trisha won’t stop talking about me”

No. 1358918

Truly cannot wait for this ugly obnoxious moid to fade into oblivion someday.

No. 1358935

File: 1635671713679.png (266.98 KB, 538x518, buddha.png)

>with a picture of Buddha in the background

You sound like those insane redditors from Frenemies2 who overanalyze the background of Trisha's videos, write elaborate summaries of her OnlyFans content and dox people who don't agree with them

No. 1358958

And once again says nothing. No backbone.

No. 1359016

Speaking of the retarded h3 subreddit there's been so many posts mad at the h3 chat on the live show that some of the sock puppet accounts keep posting making posts insinuating Ethan shouldn't do live shows, because everyone gets so mad. Who wants to take bets Ethan wants to stop doing liveshows? Even less work for him. The incels keep trying to justify why they aren't getting the views Frenemies brought in. It's so funny.

No. 1359026

Does buddhism say something about not putting pics of Buddha on the ground? It just randomly sitting there is hilarious tho

No. 1359046


he's a deity so it's in bad taste to have him on the floor like that. But it looks like she just moved or something, she's probably not gonna keep it there.

No. 1359104

File: 1635700872528.jpg (145.42 KB, 640x1318, w_640_id7pc93l1tw71.jpg)

This is how Trisha justifies not having friends. Also I know that people act differently online but she is so fake.

No. 1359105

File: 1635700895705.jpg (145.96 KB, 640x1311, w_640_a5q2q83l1tw71.jpg)

No. 1359106

File: 1635700997846.jpg (100.13 KB, 640x1075, w_640_stiyj93l1tw71.jpg)

No. 1359114

No. 1359117

is this supposed to be interesting?

No. 1359121

AGAIN?!?!!? Really???????? How the fuck does he have stans invading Trisha’s asshole and refuses to stop himself and see he’s been in the wrong since he forced his whole family and psychotic fans on her? Leave a bitch alone she’s fucking meditating and shit now to never hear from him again and he refuses to goddamn stop. Why do men do this shit and then invade some silly womens message board to post their brain dead bullshit that never makes any fucking sense. Go to therapy for your autism and leave women alone. Support whoever the fuck you want, but maybe support your dictator into some therapy and hold him accountable so he can be a better person and not make it a big war. Get a father figure and stop attacking women for not being good mommy’s to you.

No. 1359122

Men shouldn’t be allowed to have internet access they can’t even manage to exist in the actual world responsibly. Anything she does is what they project their insanity onto so it is somehow news to them because they are disconnected from reality and can’t comprehend women as people.

No. 1359156

Lol @ you accusing random farmers of being men. You need meds ASAP

No. 1359158

I know, when Trisha said his channel was failing they swore up and down it wasnt true, and now Ethan is clickbaiting and fishing for compliments and views in the most pathethic way ever, by trying to get pity from his fans.

I seriously dont know how people watch that boring ass podcast, he should be thankful he gets views at all. Probably downhill from here.

No. 1359190

That face is "I'm sick of hearing about this" he must rant about Trisha all day long.

No. 1359244

Ok thank you for the advice I will print out this forum and have it over to my doctor ASAP.
I meant the person posting random screenshots that someone else pointed out was a dude or w/e. I was just shitposting out of annoyance from the incel shit I’ve seen since frenemies broke up, it’s that disappointing and I hate it but sorry lol

No. 1359403

Let me get this right: the h3h3/Frenemies2 nutjobs have harassed and stalked Trisha for months, doxed her fiance's former partners, called the cops on her mother, sabotaged her sponsorships and podcast appearances, sent threatening messages to every single person in her life… and now you have this retarded theory that she has no friends because she doesn't want to show them on a vlog? Gee, I wonder why she would want to give her friends privacy. It can't be crazy mob asking for blood, she must be friendless and so fake.

No. 1359452

File: 1635755418030.png (44.13 KB, 214x201, 9jeq8v8j4mw71.png)

Ethan changed the title and thumbnail of this video 4 times already. Currently it's called "We Go Ghost Hunting - Halloween Special".

No. 1359543

Totally agree… H3 fans are completely unhiged virgin unstable men. Of course they go extra hard on a woman. Also, i dont get the hate Trisha gets. Shes so obviously a character (to me, at least). I dont see how antics have genuinely harmed anyone that wasnt an asshole to begin with.

No. 1359558

they hate her because they're unstable men. like, i haven't seen anyone call her a saint, she just looks way fucking good in comparison to ethan.
all these unhinged derailers attempting to focus on trisha and calling lolcow a 'chat' (kek) reeks of moid stan-posting.

No. 1359565

Yup. She may be a mess but she doesnt come across a jealous vindictive toddler like Ethan does. The way he acts is unnerving alot of times. Hes jealous of his own cast members that always defend him and seems to despise his own fans. I think deep down he knows how pathetic they must be to watch a 2+ hour podcast in which he burps, farts, and puts no effort on. Hes probably embarassed because he realizes people that watch him are underarchiving incels and fat girls (and we all know how he feels about fat girls).

No. 1359690

Is he trying to hurt Trisha so desperately that he’s associating with Shane in any way? Bitch how can you have a problem with James Charles and not this man who has been doing it for longer and even more openly? Fuck off

No. 1359780

The Buddha is not a deity. Buddhism specifically has no gods or deities. You are correct that it is disrespectful to have an image of the Buddha on the floor though.

No. 1359797

He's using Shane for views the way he puts James Charles in titles. If you filter the h3 videos to most popular, the words Shane, James Charles and Trisha gets him the most consistent views in the millions.

Losing Trisha made him lose in a big way and its why he's more focused on an ex cohost than his wife's pregnancy with their second child they paid thousands in fertility procedures for.

No. 1359841

You’re so right. I cannot think of a good reason why he’s hung up on Trisha? He must think about her everyday. Why is he so obsessed? Maybe he was his happiest when she was around when he could be fat and true bitchy self. His wife is as vibrant as flour so maybe it was refreshing to have someone with a personality to talk to?

Like I said… I cannot comprehend

No. 1359949

At 2:54:25 in the latest h3 podcast Ethan says that if it wasn't for Hila every thumbnail would be Trisha.. He's obsessed

No. 1359950

Yeah he is obsessed, with money. Its nothing deeper

No. 1359953

it’s an obsession and embarrassing regardless

No. 1359978

Its not just money. Hes obsessed with women in general. Trisha Paytas is his new obsession, just like he was obsessed with belle delphine. He will never be a regular man in that sense, he has a problem with women and always will. And i dont believe for a second he was disgusted by her, that was just talk to convince his naive fans and wife. Men do this shit all the time, its not new.

Also, hes gathering his fans to post on the subreddit to defend him, shit talk Hila and pressure her to stop "controlling" him. He knows what he is doing. This is just another attempt to break Hila down without getting blamed, just like he got fans calling her fatphobic, which isnt true.

No. 1359981

Where is the evidence that Jason is a pedophile?

No. 1359998

I love this thumbnail because he’s trying to give himself a semblance of a jawline and looks so much worse and old as shit next to Pete Davidson.

No. 1360008

How long til Ethan starts using this thread/lolcow for content for their stupid podcast? I’m sure they read this thread but I can only imagine the flood of newfags even worse than the creepshow situation that would occur if they started reading threads on air.

No. 1360057


No. 1360165

Everywhere kek

No. 1360167

that anon just wants to derail the conversation away from Ethan

No. 1360172

1:18:45 is the story, 1:44:10 is where it gets cringe; ending at 1:49:40. Long clip, but the way they handled this caller was abhorrent. She’s talking about some genuine trauma from an ex-boyfriend/stalker that traumatised and harassed her from age 12 onward. He happened to be a keemstar fanboy, which is why they got her on. The crew (mostly Love and Zach) kick her off air & don’t even let her say her last piece because. “it was too long.” No respect.

No. 1360179

>30 minutes
i stg, the length this scrote can incessantly ramble is part of how he keeps haters from watching. i'm about 10 minutes in, so not even to the more cringe stuff, but oh my god.

No. 1360183

So they watch Ethan eat, burp and talk nonsense every week but the moment that a woman wants to talk about something important, they are bored? The only women who they think are worth their airtime are sex workers or the butt of their jokes.

No. 1360227

They are absolutely gross and fucked up regarding the way they treat their fans. However, its veeery hard to feel sorry for pickmes that literally use their abuse and vulnerable moments to get crumbs of attention from incels. I dont get why you would humiliate yourself for someone that uses you as a freakshow for the podcast.

Exactly. For it to be interesting, she would have to go in detail about how they had sex or some disgusting stuff involving poop.

Ethan only sees as human women that give him some kind of sexual benefit.

No. 1360354

Check the h3 podcast social blade. The time frenemies was on, h3 pod gained 920000 subscribers almost a million. Their channel has been only losing subs after it ended. Right before frenemies started they were also losing subs. I bet Ethan regrets how things turned out and also why he has been holding a huge grudge against Trisha.

No. 1360364

But at least he kept that 5%. Totes worth it.

No. 1360399

Yeah, totes! Almost 1/3 of their subscribers came from frenemies. Ethan should be thankful and not so bitter. She gave some new life to that channel.

No. 1360418

File: 1635885540611.png (262.84 KB, 876x290, yTJ8QOt.png)

i'm not even an h3 hater, i kinda like hila, but i love seeing the decline of "leftovers". i hope they cancel it soon like they did with families. both ethan and hasan are unlikeable shitbags.

No. 1360423

File: 1635886419771.png (23.23 KB, 515x343, h3h3.png)

from r/h3h3productions

No. 1360502

File: 1635894601960.webm (3.95 MB, 405x720, enlightened.webm)

No. 1360537

I'm sorry, I want to hate on her because she's such a mess but she's too cute

No. 1360551

File: 1635899441028.png (197.71 KB, 640x640, 6olq6a1bt7x71.png)

also from the sub

No. 1360666

Wow I never thought men would own causing drama, to bad they will stop there and blame trisha or Hila or whatever

No. 1360755

Remember when Ethan called Moses a rapist lol. The mental shit he says and then just moves on, yet he still hasn't addressed his mate Bobby Lee paying to rape a 12 year old. #justscrotethings

No. 1360763

Has Ethan addressed Hasan going to a brothel to have sex with human trafficking victims?

No. 1360817

File: 1635941516928.png (234.07 KB, 408x598, returnoftheperv.png)

They are testing the idea of replacing Hasan with Gary

No. 1360882

Leftovers was a retarded idea in the first place. It alienates a lot of the H3 viewerbase because it's too US-centric, political and doesn't feature the crew. I think Ethan was hoping to tap into Hasan's viewerbase, but that's clearly not working. They need to start getting a variety big guests on again to save the channel.

No. 1360888

We all know how this will go. His dad is gonna get involved with Ethan's freshly turned 18 year old fans and his mom is gonna acuse them of trying to make Hila lose the baby.

I cant believe its +2 hours. How can it be sucessful anyway? Anyone that listens to that or his long podcast is mental.

No. 1361291

good for her honestly

>anyone wanting to watch ethan talk politics

lmao remember that time he couldnt even defend his own stance so he had sam seder (still no idea on this man people swore was so knowledgeable) do it instead and he actually has a show dedicated to politics?? who wants that

also nah the channel can die

No. 1361671

I'm so damn tired of random youtubers/'influencers' talking out of their ass about politics in general, let alone Ethan fucking Klein. You couldn't pay me enough to listen.

No. 1361687

American politics is so boring atm too. Like no one cares about Sleepy Joe, and Ethan & Hasan are too moronic to discuss politics in a meaningful way or be informative/educational.

No. 1361713

File: 1636051618760.jpg (280.85 KB, 1335x1163, oliviastype.jpg)

So Pete Davidson and the Island boys are Olivias type but we're supposed to believe she's not into AB?

No. 1361716

What do you mean by decline in picrel? 577K views in 2 days is actually a lot compared to 819k in a week…

No. 1361884

nta but they get most of their views the day of release because of their cuck subs

No. 1361921

File: 1636073419604.jpeg (129.69 KB, 1432x1080, 710C66E2-C70B-414D-9B7A-5A2A15…)

Sincere apologies to Hyacinth Hippo

No. 1362046

Same. I enjoy Hila and I don’t have a bone with H3, but Hasan is a sexpat and brocialist who shouldn’t be anywhere near a fan base of young impressionable idiots. I legit stopped respecting once Hasan was brought on.(learn2sage)

No. 1362072

So what if she is? The guy is married.

No. 1362178

Trisha wishes she could have Hyacinth Hippo’s beautifully smooth skin.

No. 1362255

I regret opening the spoiler.

No. 1362276

The title is: We broke up.

I know it's clickbait, so can the H3 fans itt just tell me what it's really about.

No. 1362289

Literally nothing, pure clickbait. Theres a short skit at the start where they discuss different ways they can clickbait fans to increase views and they decide on a Hila and Ethan break-up because they havent done it before. Then just goes into their usual bullshit ep. Although they do discuss Trisha’s “Bunny Gate” controversy and actually on generally on her side about it being a dumb controversy for fans to be upset over (citing why is no one up in arms about all the meat she eats during her mukbangs yet single this out)

No. 1362371

There's a sketch right at the beginning where they're trying to come up with clickbait titles, it's just memeing

No. 1362449

Sounds fucking cringe af. His views are dropping since Trisha and now he brings her up, it's also public Hila asked him not too. Even the crew tries to stop him. Literally he has Trisha on the mf brain. I'm sure there's some H3 fans with enough intelligence to be put off how, well more than usual, desperate and cringe Ethan is being? A clickbait title and a sketch about coming up with the low effort title because they need views. If their content was well thought out and entertaining maybe they could get those views again, although Ethan as a person is very off putting these days. He stated Moses was a rapist but spent weeks trying to get Moses to dump Trisha for family reasons and all that bollocks. Then his fan base harassing some dead guys family and blaming Trisha because she spoke out about sexual assault which Ethan cried fake but sure let's call Moses a rapist because some crazy bitches want to talk to Ethan and get H3 famous.

No. 1362506

I don’t get the narrative I keep seeing about views dropping. It’s not as much as frenemies, but they consistently hit 1 million each week.

No. 1362575

File: 1636156518143.png (934.62 KB, 1039x496, hilaandeatinklein.png)

Hila dyed her hair back brown, I'm assuming due to the pregnancy, and she looks so much better. Thank god the blonde saga is over, it aged her bad.

No. 1362740

I also love shitting on Ethan but why do I feel like this was being written by Trisha/Moses?

No. 1362767

Ah, yes, everything negative about Ethan must be written by Trisha.

No. 1362778

Gary is obsessed with Trisha too. He follows Trisha parodies and hate accounts on Twitter.

No. 1362793

No offense to whoever wrote that but it seemed very manic to me, very Trisha style. Did I try and defend Ethan? No, he’s a sewage water.(sage your shit)

No. 1362799

Oh my god she looks so much better here I love it. She never had the right shade of blonde or maintained it, but it could also be this slightly longer length and her smiling. I like the highlights towards the front. Ethan looks like shit per usual.

No. 1362805

It doesn't seem manic to me, it's just a rant. If Trisha was writing it, it would have been way longer and she would have talked in circles.

No. 1362806

I don't get it either, but Ethan freaking out about the views and changing the thumbnail and title of his videos sorta perpetuates that narrative.

No. 1362809

Trisha is Every Manic Woman Writing Style and Ethan is “A Sewage Water”. Got it. I love the idea of Trisha trying to naturally write “bullocks” into a post to throw people off.

Ethan is taking out on Trisha what he wishes (and should be) taking out on his fucking gross ass father. Maybe all of this happened because his dad jerks off to her and it’s Ruining His Parents Marriage!!!!!!!!!

No. 1362818

Damn Hila is looking radiant. With this new hair and a style that is not toddler/granny looking it is obvious how much better looking half she is. Ethan doesn’t even try. God save us from husband like that. Back in time he would be in a freak show circus.(learn2sage)

No. 1362820

She looks 10x better, damn

No. 1362825

You are so fucking stupid

No. 1362827

If only Hila wasn't a pickme, she could find herself a partner that treats her with respect.

No. 1362838

Her blonde hair and cute clothes saga was a perfect example of how these styles do not suit everyone, a massive improvement here.

No. 1362849

Now that you put it into words like that do y’all think she was trying give a little Belle Delphine? Lmao

No. 1362855

Her hair looks unsaturated probably dry as fuck from her going blonde trying to look like one of the many egirls/Trisha that Ethan wants to fuck. Also sage your shit.

I was high and tired and couldn't think of how to phrase it lol, but h3 have been going on about views I'm not making up a narrative lmao. They even keep changing the titles of their videos, he's desperate for the clout he once got from Frenemies. Now I guess Hila dying her hair patchy brown is Big News in the H3 universe. What an exciting and entertaining brand.

No. 1362862

File: 1636184646574.png (335.82 KB, 601x480, 493A8CAC-E5B4-40F5-87AB-AE1AEC…)

No. 1362863

File: 1636184809436.png (46.11 KB, 1016x335, image.png)

No. 1362864

File: 1636184969490.png (301.4 KB, 595x665, 6732F923-D5D2-4F5E-8080-47F177…)

No. 1362867

She looks way better in a natural state wearing normal clothing instead of the autistic crayon scrawling of teddy fresh with the quirky dyed hair and zoomer styling. She looks like a completely different woman

No. 1362883

>he's a sewage water
>Channel Sewer Water @MosesHacmon


No. 1362939

I think so, but it came off very clumsy. Im sorry but if Ethan didnt line up his incels to defend her constantly, people would have been more real about that style. The fashion week dress was a mess. Those different styles have to be done a certain way to look nice, plus it never really suit her like >>1362838 anon said.

No. 1362966

When she had it pink and started doing ghe weird pig tail shit it definitely gave me weird vibes like she was trying to cater to Ethan so the fat ass could actually fucking cum when she wanted that second baby.

No. 1362971

That's not her real account.

No. 1362977

I'm late as fuck on this but the fact that no one showed up to her extravagant Halloween party she clearly spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on is so fucking cringe. There was more staff there than party goers. Local faggot social repose showed up like 4 hours late and was one of the first people there lol. I know she dug this friendless grave for herself but it's so sad to see it actually happening

No. 1362981

yes, that's a parody account

No. 1362982

Ethan is everything that Trisha can't be. He has all the friends, connections, popularity and marriage that she could never get. Sad, really.

No. 1362986

I think you didn't read this >>1362778

No. 1363016

Well it clearly didn’t even work as they had to use IVF to get them pregnant

No. 1363018

Who are Ethans friends again? Apart from his crew of ass kissers, i mean. Because it seems like he had a falling out with every friend that made an appearance on his podcast.

Trisha is close to a female version of Ethan, the only difference is that shes not constantly bringing women down. Ethans marriage is a fail, they are only "couple goals" because Hila had absolutely no standarts. Do you really think they will stick together after the fame goes away?

I just hope when it happens Hila walks away with a fat check.

No. 1363023

Ethan is friends with Bobby Lee. The ugly short unfunny Asian that pays to rape 12 year olds.

There were plenty of guests at Trisha's party, lol have you been reading the h3 incel reddit and taking their word as gospel? Lmao

No. 1363035

Who is “they”? A random user from the subreddit? Some of you ITT jump on ideas and make assumptions so fast like they’re already set in stone. Just chill, the milk flows fine by itself

No. 1363048

Why do you think there was no one there?

No. 1363065

Nta, but it's pretty obvious the h3 crew use sock puppets on the subreddit they moderate and post on.

No. 1363301

File: 1636245104629.webm (6.36 MB, 405x720, s5xva4quc1y71.webm)

No. 1363364

Maybe, but linking every random post to “sock puppet” accounts like the post above implies is far fetched

No. 1363433

Hasan has a conflict of schedule and has been wanting to stop streaming, is it really that strange that they would consider bringing in his father who is a political science major? Even if it isn't a sock puppet, Ethan cares deeply about what his fans think of him and the podcast.

No. 1363442

File: 1636259918807.jpeg (752.26 KB, 1170x2009, 781E3E8B-4DB7-4174-8293-194458…)

I can’t like her because of her husband.

No. 1363450

same. if she gets along with him so well it means that she's almost exactly like him.
trisha is the worst though.

No. 1363459

Same for me. She has defended Ethan's comments.

No. 1363475

Truly wishing for a divorce saga sometime in the next few years. She's alright at best, but I can't imagine why she'd willingly choose ethan. She could do so much better. I feel like she's just hanging on.

No. 1363547

She needs to figure out her style. She's like what mid 30s and dresses like a teenager that hasn't for a fucking clue.

Idk why anyone finds her interesting. She's bland and boring. She also perpetuates ethan's bullshit. She won't divorce him until their channel properly goes down in revenue.

No. 1363569

I don't see Hila divorcing him. She enjoys his misogynist, racist, dumb and gross antics. I remember when people were going after Ethan, Hila mentioned that she hated being seen as a victim because she actually co-signs everything than her husband does. She isn't forced to go along with it, she wholeheartedly approves it.

No. 1363593

Sometimes it feels like shes not all there. It doesnt take much to realize that Ethan has an issue with women, its not just a "gag". What makes me think this is Ethan claiming he is a feminist, when the only support he shows women is when they benefit him sexually, for example when they have onlyfans. I dont understand how she doesnt realize this and the other stuff he does. This is stuff girls go through in their teenage/college years being young and naive, not a grown woman with kids and a husband. Like come on, at 25 most people are aware when people are bullshitting them.

No. 1363603

If I knew nothing about these people and I read this caption, I would think that Ethan is this woman's child.

No. 1363751

Hila has to cosign everything he does because it's his personality that is the h3 brand. Literally what is Hila's personality? I know absolutely nothing about her apart from her family are creative, and not about teddy fresh is appealing imo. She could leave h3 and it would be fine, can't say the same for ethan so he's her cash cow. She's a gold digger essentially.

No. 1363872

I remember in the podcast where Ethan interviewed her she was talking about her military days and how the Israeli soldiers invited her along to literally raid Palestinians homes and all the other awful shit. She seemed so detached and emotionless

No. 1363890

Shes not a gold digger but she should be. They built the brand together, and even though its true that she doesnt have the personality to do a show, she is essential to their brand because it makes Ethan seem more relatable and humane "family guy" (to naive people, at least). If she was never there, ethan would have gone full incel and probably would have been canceled already because of some fiasco with fans.

No. 1363966

File: 1636323212776.jpg (239.17 KB, 1125x1762, w_null_pchlo63be7y71.jpg)

No. 1363970

File: 1636323322688.png (Spoiler Image, 189.2 KB, 719x1021, table.png)

No. 1364052

No offense, but these random Trisha updates are not as milky as you think they are.

No. 1364069

part of the appeal too i think is so nerdy incel guys can be like "wow, he's just like me, but he has a wife, too! anything is possible! i can be just like daddy ethan without changing myself and maybe a woman will talk to me!" without hila he's just some dude lol

No. 1364082

I honestly feel like shes over/hates Ethan but wanted kids either for personal goals or as way to stay in the country. She knows shes too old to break up with Ethan and start the dating process fast enough to have kids before she got even older so she stuck it out with Ethan to have kids. Her starting the brand is another way she has attempted to gain some independence from Ethan. I hate when Ethan talks about Teddy Fresh on the show, saying shit like “we dropped this today, we decided this, we worked on on this” when its so obviously he didnt do this. He cant even let Hila have Teddy Fresh without reminding her she’s chained to him like a dead weight. I feel like after this second kid is a toddler she’s going to leave his ass, especially if he continues to balloon up like a greasy meatball.

No. 1364136

I've never seen such rabid wks in any thread but this one

No. 1364155

It’s wild. Trisha is pretty milky. She’s apparently now a Hare Krishna devotee and vegan.

No. 1364181

Lmfao what? I couldn’t only stand so much of this bullshit because frenemies was funny and the fall out was never ending, she just never stops does she. I can’t understand her and I don’t think one diagnosis covers it and it hurts my brain. That’s why her trolling is so good because it’s convincing to a very scary degree but it’s intolerable.

If she is becoming vegan or is one, vegan social media is going to light the fuck up and it is going to be so mother fucking funny. They are even more narcissistic than her with none of the irony or sense of humor so it will be great. I’m enjoying that Ethan will continue his Frenemies commentary and banter with her remotely and against not only Trisha’s will, but everyone’s will and last shred of patience in her vicinity online and in person. He should claim Trisha is a conceptual tick that he has to talk about or his head will explode, then he can get the disability police to enable his fixation.

No. 1364236

She is milky but unsaged posts of her social media are unmilky >>1363966, >>1363301, >>1361879, >>1360502, >>1357639, >>1357066. No one even responds to them.

No. 1364274

Hila created that brand with Ethan. She was the editor in the earlier videos. I don't think she can leave h3. Their army of incels would turn on her. Ethan would make sure of that.

No. 1364293

Yeah if they ever divorce the h3fanboys will do the quickest 180 and suddenly Hila will become this malicious gold-digger who got together with Ethan for the green card. I can already see the influx of videos of Hila being “mean/disinterested/rude” with Ethan.(sage)

No. 1364312

It’s just what Trisha does for attention, she’s talked about in her past how she would just make things up to get attention. For example when she was at school she would say things such as ‘I don’t believe in horses because I’ve never seen one’ and the classmates would go mad. It’s best to just assume it’s not real. The only real Trisha is the one who has a shopping and attention addiction

No. 1364497

So true. When she said she didnt know Egypt existed i was surprised Ethan fell for it. It was obvious she was pretending to not know so people get outraged

No. 1364769

>le narcissistic vegans!!!
your insecurity is showing, deathbreath(derailing)

No. 1364855

I used to just laugh at the "Hila is autistic" jokes but the longer I've seen the two of them the more I think she actually is on the spectrum. Does she even have any friends besides Ethan?

No. 1364856

I’m essentially vegan but it’s a fitness thing, so I don’t understand. I meant people like freelice and there’s a lot of other manic YouTube vegans, that vegan teacher person, etc. like they will use something so banal and obviously desperate from Trisha. The people being so dumb about the rabbits while either having things made by child labor or contained animal bodies just because rabbits are pets are very stupid. People can have any opinion they want, anyone being militant is a huge joke. There’s a difference between dietary physicians making informative videos on an entertainment platform, and people like freelice and vegan teacher. Come on.

No. 1364857

Lol, exactly this. Trisha's whole shtick since the 2000s is playing the part of a dumb blonde for attention, like when she said "Do dogs have brains?" and the internet fell for it and she got a ton of views

No. 1364859

The rumors of her being interested in one of the other men on set would suddenly become true and she would be the ugliest person, big mean old bad cold mommy. It’s really fucked up and pathetic.

No. 1364867

File: 1636422329832.jpg (451.5 KB, 1242x2688, bullshit.jpg)

No. 1364870

yes and people can laugh at her for being a hypocrite for attention.

No. 1364916

Why? Just gives her what she wants. Plus it’s sooooo boring now

No. 1364944

She’s probably doing this in an attempt to drive more interest to her dying channel. She also raised the cost of her only fans. It seems like financial troubles may be on the horizon

No. 1364972

them letting frenemies implode the way they did was such a stupid financial decision on both parts

No. 1364983

Yeah. Unfortunately H3 will likely be fine, given Teddy Fresh and podcast, but Trisha may end up in serious trouble. She already clearly has a spending problem, and with less income coming in it’s only a matter of time before her finances are spent

No. 1364985

File: 1636437729069.png (320.59 KB, 467x603, nails.png)

Yeah, I think she is having money issues. Look how short her nails are now.

No. 1364989

SAGE: I wish Trisha would go back to doing ASMR… She's actually pretty talented for that, she's a natural. I have no doubt she would be able to grow a healthier community, doing something she appeared to genuinely enjoy in the past.(learn2sage)

No. 1364990

i give it a couple months before ethan and trisha miraculously make up and revive frenemies. they're both way too hungry for money not to

No. 1365003

HAHA the top right is worse than shaynas. I don’t think she would ever really run out of money because doesnt she have a bunch of content on onlyfans? And wouldn’t she at least drop her dumb act over the past decade to get some investments or build savings? It’s just unbelievable the choices she makes with money like buying the most expensive handbag ever and some huge ass mansion then having a fallout with her top earnings show shortly after. Moses must be stressed.

No. 1365016

Ethan is not affected by the falling out of Frenemies. He is still getting a good amount of views on his channel. He doesn't need Trisha to survive, he is perfectly fine.

No. 1365023

File: 1636446244228.jpeg (24.7 KB, 640x360, mgysf3c7zgy71.jpeg)

No. 1365024

I don’t understand….

No. 1365032

H3 fans are degenerates. Not much more to understand.

No. 1365072

He is very affected and very bothered about it. Hes the stingiest person ever, so of course hes upset. When he was doing Families, he would find any stupid reason to not pay HIS MOM the 100 bucks he promised if she used slangs. He would over analise every detail to the point of making the show uncomfortable.

No. 1365080

Ethan wanted to know the percentage of his audience that have jizzed on their own face?

No. 1365118

They are so disgusting. I cant believe its people that are almost 40 doing this. Their fans must all be underage. How they have female fans is beyond me… How insecure do you have to be to like men obsessed with cum and feces? Gross.

No. 1365168

Doubtful. Trisha and Moses have purchased two mansions. That's putting her money into equity instead of liquid cash. Their wedding is also soon and she spends big on her and Moses birthday imagine what the weddings are going to be like. She may be just cutting back in the interim or maybe it goes with her new hare krishna lifestyle lol

No. 1365203

I hate him so much. He's dumb af.

No. 1365208

They didn’t buy the mansions in cash. They’re going to need more cash coming in to afford mortgage. But if they do run out, they can always sell the houses

No. 1365227

And they can probably use the two mansions mortgages to take out further loans on smaller properties to rent out. Pretty sure that's how jeffree star and other content creators create wealth when their views dip.

No. 1365244

But, anon, look at Trisha's nails.

No. 1365300

Not if they’re in debt

No. 1365303

She talked about clearing her debt around Frenemies time and Moses sold his property, I doubt he has any debt.

No. 1365347

Moses took out covid loans, so I doubt he’s as well off as they’ve claimed. And do you really believe anything trisha says? She’s a chronic overspender, and admits to spending all her money rather than saving.

No. 1365354

Well if he was able to take out loans doesn't that go against your earlier point?

No. 1365362

I should have clarified, they were the business relief covid loans meant for struggling businesses

No. 1365371

Business loans are separate to personal finances though. If they were in debt I don't think they would have got mortgages on two mansions, and they would use the houses as leverage for other loans they could use on other property. A lot of well off people invest money in this way and start a chain of houses. Just a possibility of what they can be doing. I think if they were in financial trouble there would be bigger signs than her nails.

No. 1365387

I guess only time will tell

No. 1365662

Ethan is so petty though. He carries grudges to the very end. It's at the point I don't think the money is enough for him to stop coming for her, same with Keem. Ethan wants revenge more than anything else on those two as of now

No. 1365692

File: 1636511846835.webm (3.5 MB, 405x720, tjbuptptvny71.webm)

No. 1365694

File: 1636511881621.webm (17.08 MB, 607x1080, ekn6oww4lmy71.webm)

No. 1365717


No. 1365720

She looks so pretty actually

No. 1365758

Most of the people who answered "yes" were women.

No. 1365820

Ethan has announced that they are not going to attend Moses and Trisha's wedding.

No. 1365872

I wonder if Hila somewhat blames Ethan for falling out with her brothers. Yes they all are adults, but Ethan was first to bring all the drama to internet

No. 1365947

Doubt it, she co-signs everything he does. She’s just smarter than him enough to keep her own mouth shut and let him take the fall for everything. I bet she’s thrilled she doesn’t have to go now.

No. 1365949

Thats even more pathethic. It really is the pickme olympics.

No. 1365978

I think the tension in Moses and Hila’s relationship is long running to be honest. They’re probably both just relieved they don’t have to play happy families anymore

No. 1365980

File: 1636551213434.jpeg (647.48 KB, 750x1072, 5F8CB985-8725-47FE-A3B6-40D096…)

Trisha’s Instagram is hilarious kek

No. 1365993

I don't think it was that long running. Hila and Ethan made a video singing Moses' praises six years ago. Apparently Moses gifted them a new camera and encouraged them to pursue their YouTube career when nobody did.

No. 1366060

I think Hila was fine with her brothers too. But its known that Hilas dad didnt like Ethan, it isnt too far fetched to assume her brothers didnt like him either. Ethan being the way he is was probably just waiting for an opportunity to "cancel" them like he did with his dad.

No. 1366077

I think they just blame Trisha and Moses himself.

No. 1366202

Would Moses really want a man that has called him a rapist to millions of queers at his wedding? Ethan's such a faggot lol

No. 1366270

I agree… look how annoying and disgusting he is. Who in their right mind would like that as a son in law or brother in law?

No. 1366282

I hate Ethan so much. The fact that his entitled ass had to announce to the world that he's not going to the wedding. Bitch you told everyone the groom was a rapist and your mother blamed a miscarriage on the bride, did it even ocurr to you that they decided to not invite you?

No. 1366348

Lmao i know, was he even invited? The entitlement of those two. I bet if Trisha publicy says that they were not invited Ethans fans will start saying she is starting shit, so Ethan will get a pass to talk about her. Hila always seems oblivious about Ethan doing this shit on purpose. He is once again throwing the bait to see if Trisha bites.

No. 1366370

I think he mentioned it in a podcast, didn’t “announce” it formally.

No. 1366430

Hila endorses every single action Ethan makes and has said that many times. She probably gets off on him doing this shit on some level. Hila is a pickme doormat, I don't know why anyone thinks shes better than Ethan

No. 1366432

Does anyone feel like Ethan and Hila's chemistry is totally gone compared to this video? Watching this now they seem so in love and they'd been together for years even at that point. And now they actually have so much money, are no longer struggling, seem to have a way more settled life and they seem miserable. They're now both on antidepressants and have zero chemistry on screen. Ethan now seems like he's on the verge of falling asleep at any moment. At least in this video he seems to have some kinda life in him. Imagine having millions after struggling in poverty for years and coming away more unhappy than before

No. 1366457

Revenge for literally what

No. 1366476

His face looks so cakey with whatever makeup she put on his old man face, lmao. He looks better without the straggly hair, though

No. 1366683

I have always felt like they were exaggerating how poor they were.

No. 1366715

I noticed this aswell watching old podcasts with guests (Shane or Boogie). Hila was way more participative, they seemed way much happier.

No. 1366732

I guess Hila no longer has an issue with Ethan talking about Trisha. On the last Off The Rails, they talk about her and Zach makes a soundbite out of Trisha meditating while people threw tomatoes at her on Tiktok.

No. 1366790

I believe it. Moses said he doesn't get along with his family, it's not a reach to entertain the possibility of the family being dysfunctional. Plenty of families are, so why not theirs? I'm inclined to believe that Hila doesn't like her family either but Moses is more publically blunt about it

No. 1366792

How long until H3 loses his channel like Leafy did?

No. 1366824

Hopefully soon. Too bad Keem’s retiring. Only thing that gross troll’s good for is striking Ethan. One more to go now. I feel like Dobrik could easily deal the death blow by reporting that Frenemies episode where they make fun of his sexuality and call him a cuck. But oh wait, didn’t Ethan reee about Leafy calling idubbbz a cuck? Top fucking kek I hate this scrote

No. 1366835

he's so disrespectful to hila - of course, so is gary to donna. the whole family sucks.

No. 1366860

I dont think they ever will at this point. The show is just too damn boring for people to go after the juicy bits. He has said plenty of disgusting shit and im sure continues to, but its all in the middle of +2 hour videos.

It always blows my mind that she lets him obsess about pornstars on the show and then when she has one thing she doesnt want to be talked about, Ethan does it anyway. This is where having no boundaries gets you.

No. 1366866

Has Ethan ever respected anybody's boundaries? His own mother told him that she didn't want to talk about sexual topics on the podcast and he kept prodding. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "no".

No. 1366885

Yeah but the leaked DMs showed that Moses’ reason for giving them the camera wasn’t entirely altruistic…He became bitter about their fame and resentful that they never watched any of his YT content

No. 1366912

File: 1636651075657.jpeg (99.23 KB, 703x916, y43pnhj95zm71.jpeg)

If you are talking about the DMs that Catnipz leaked, Moses was saying that he was surprised that Trisha, who was only a friend at that point, was more supportive than Ethan or Hila, his own family, ever were. He wasn't expecting anything from them, but it was shitty that they were only doing it because it made them look bad in comparison to Trisha.

No. 1367724

File: 1636741460575.png (91.86 KB, 645x362, cman.png)

what is going on with this podcast?

No. 1367734

Looks like ethan is obsessed with not only shit, but also semen. So gross. I think they are catering to virgin teenagers that find anything to do with sex funny or interesting. I saw another post today of a pickme saying she had a "dick appointment". I think they have the saddest most embarassing fanbase.

No. 1367793

this is an example of unbridled male autism being promoted in a circlejerk - maybe their fans will have some more sympathy since it was a male caller.

No. 1367817

He’s a pervert who does not respect boundaries and purposefully uses sexual harassment to intimidate and bully others.

No. 1367835

He really is. You can tell hes getting comfortable with being more and more perverted because of his fans and staff, they are losing touch with reality. Imagine Hila walking in whatever fashion show or interacting with people in the business with that pervert by her side… Only people that dont know of their online presence wouldnt be weirded out.

No. 1367878

>Studying Islam + what I learned

No. 1367941

But why does Ethan then police everyone else like Keemstar? Can't Ethan just enjoy his unbridled autism in his own corner? Why is he so obsessed with forcing himself to appear as hypocritical as possible

No. 1367981

Trisha’s tour of world religions is so fucking boring
go back to porn and gorging yourself, girl

No. 1368084

File: 1636793118064.png (179.2 KB, 612x1145, nfts.png)

>Why is he so obsessed with forcing himself to appear as hypocritical as possible
I sometimes think that Ethan has memory issues

No. 1368112

Lol no he doesn’t he doesn’t have to care because he has no consequences. Did he do that before or after Trisha tried selling an nft of her about to shovel pasta into her face for 200 grand accidentally?

No. 1368630

Because of her lovely lovely husband she will never get in to the fashion circle. Her clothes aren't anything special anyway.

No. 1368709

File: 1636903225098.png (72.84 KB, 744x290, teddyfresh.png)

Not true.

No. 1368786

What the fuck is wwd? Did she pay for an advertisement

No. 1368793

Women’s Wear Daily, the key mag for the fashion industry (as opposed to consumer mags like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc.)
Don’t know why they included her, but it’s a legit mention, not an ad

No. 1368896

I googled it. It's a journal for fashion that retailers etc would read rather than just consumers. It's like an industry mag. I read the write up, it did read like an advert. It wasn't very long. Ethan also got credited for Teddy Fresh not just a Hila thing then their YouTube got mentioned so retailers could understand who tf they are and why their awful designs sell.

No. 1369188

By poor they were probably just your typical younger 20 somethings trying to find an entry job and having to budget to build savings. Like yeah compared to now it would be poor and that kind of story makes them seem relatable and worthy of their success like rags to riches. Can you imagine what an insufferable sped Ethan would be in a normal office work setting

No. 1369214

I remember that they were trying to get pity points by telling how once they had to steal bell peppers. I don’t know the whole backstory but I feel like if you were truly hungry bell peppers would be one of the last things you’d steal. They probably did it because they were high af

No. 1369230

I went back to see the video and it’s called “we used to be drug dealers” and wow Ethan doesn’t look like he’s on the verge of death and they seem full of life and energy. The real story is they only had 20 bucks in their account so when they went shopping they couldn’t add the bell pepper Hila wanted for salad and they try to turn it into some deep symbolic thing about their money problems and then say they came so far about being able to afford them now.

No. 1369248

File: 1636967353171.jpeg (355.96 KB, 1639x2048, FD7ZGyhVkAMgI2w.jpeg)

>H3 announced a Teddy Fresh pop-up event/meet and greet with Hila
>Fans bought plane tickets, drove from out of state, etc.
>On the day of the event, a 3-blocks long line is formed outside of the venue
>The pop-up event opened one hour late and closed one hour earlier
>People were on line for 6-9 hours in a 90 degree weather just to be turned away
>People expressed their disappointment on the subreddit
>A H3 fan says that he was run over by a car on the way to the pop up and you don't see him complaining: https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/qu0nae/i_got_hit_by_a_car_on_my_way_to_the_pop_up_and/, others say that nobody was holding a gun to their heads to stand in line: https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/qthx79/comment/hkkc6k0/ and to manage their expectations https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/qu6jgn/so_glad_to_come_on_here_today_and_see_all_the/

No. 1369273

After critiquing tanacon they fail at holding a simple pop up event, how hypocritical

No. 1369385

Holy fuck imagine driving 2 hours and standing outside for 9 hours in the sun for this garbage

No. 1369387

File: 1636997124370.png (367.82 KB, 586x592, stare.png)

imagine lining up to meet hila so she can look at you with her blank face and stare into your soul kek definitely worth waiting for guys!

No. 1369411

Why are people complaining lol?? This is how a pop ups go usually. Just take the L and get over it.

No. 1369434

Imagine standing 9 hours in 90 degree weather to see horse face.

No. 1369435

Imagine standing in line for any amount of time to give money to some rich youtuber pickme who makes scribble child drawings and puts them on clothing items made in China by sweatshops.

No. 1369589

This is when I was watching them, they used to be so likable and genuine. Now I can’t stand either of them.

No. 1369640

I don't think Hila was able to work in the US at that time. Ethan did have admin jobs and apparently took drugs (I can't remember which one exactly but it was uppers) through them to be able to do it so I do think they were a bit less off than a normal American couple as they'd only have a single income, not a high one at that

Idk I can see craving something as fresh and tasty as a bell pepper when you're broke af and have been living off frozen food trash. I think its believable personally, I've been in that position myself

Right? Ethan was so much thinner and was so lively. He just looked so much healthier overall. Not only is all his content now just miserable complaining about the world but he looks like he's about to fall asleep while doing it

No. 1369655

I have no idea what's the thought process behind that, how come some people are into them as hard as retarded kpop or football fans?

No. 1369670

Apparently they’re now working towards opening a brick and mortar Teddy Fresh store in LA

No. 1369755

No. 1369774

Literally all he had to do is not make bad comments about NFTs. That’s all he had to do. Why does he continue to scream to the world what a hypocrite he is while getting no gain from doing so

No. 1369779

Wait they just bought $400 on weed and couldn't afford a bell pepper with the $100 that he had left?

Ethan was a waiter and Hila was a babysitter.

No. 1369807

01:10:50 on H3TV #16 Ethan straight out calling people who cant own a Ferrari "Plebs", straight out calling his fans retards to their faces, even some in the chat react to this,

No. 1369901

Why are you lying or are you just dumb? He said if someone gave you a free ferrari and you're not already rich, you should sell it because the expenses of owning one are super high (gas, insurance etc.)

No. 1369937

Hila was a babysitter paid cash in hand cus she didn't have the visa to get an actual job

No. 1369963

Kpop and football has talented stars.

No. 1369993

He was joking

No. 1370254

File: 1637135211817.png (297.99 KB, 771x949, pleb.png)

Context: Ethan is talking about Mr. Beast.
>Ethan: I think he spends a lot of money. When he gives prizes, he pays their taxes, which is kind of crazy. Like if someone wins a Ferrari, a $300,000 car, usually what happens you give them the car and then the government says "thanks you owe us $100,000 in tax" 'cause they count it as cash. So most people have to sell the car to pay the tax. Well, Jimmy, the last time we spoke on the podcast, he says he pays people tax so they actually get to keep the shit, which means he is paying 30% more than what it is. Registration is pretty expensive too. Look, if you are a pleb, you are a dude who is making, let's be honest, under $100,000 a year, you can't fucking afford to have a Ferrari. You got to sell that shit 'cause the insurance on that is super expensive, the gas is insane, y'know. I would just sell that.

No. 1370276

Hilarious joke https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/quu783/discussion_megathread_mr_beast_cancelled_h3tv_16/hksoafk/

>Except he's right…. If you make 100k a year, you're not even in the 10%. You have to make 150-200k to enter the 10%, roughly.

>I feel like some of you guys don't know what a pleb actually is. It means commoner of lower social status, like it has for thousands of years.
>Nope. We are literally plebs. That is the definition of the word.
>No. He's make a social comment on how the ultra rich look down on the common people.
>And he admits that he is often out of touch AND the crew is quick to say that he is. He may not know how much a gallon of milk costs or a loaf of bread but he consistently advocated for workers to be able to afford those things and more.
>Typical pleb

No. 1370795

I agree it’s not funny and obnoxious, but he uses the word “pleb” like that all the time including on frenemies (e.g., can’t afford a rolls Royce, what a pleb). This isn’t milk, it’s just misunderstanding his strange sense of humor

No. 1371106

Ethan mentioned trisha again by comparing her with Taylor swift. Will ethan be sneak dissing trisha every ep now?

No. 1371169

Ethan be needing to get a life. Literally what does he do with his free time. He's a lazy slob. He has no interests apart from being argumentative and talking about Trisha while groaning and pouting

No. 1371170

You know, I just can't respect a person who gets a penis inserted into them(moid)

No. 1371201

what?? scrote begone

No. 1371271

Ethan's sub count has been on a steady decline after frenemies. Only 20k away from being under 3 mil. I bet he's gonna start asking people to subscribe in every ep soon, if he doesn't already.

No. 1371591

File: 1637318280849.jpg (139.13 KB, 1080x844, 20211119_043628.jpg)

kek, i can't wait for that blow to happen.

No. 1371611

after frenemies ended almost all of his titles have been clickbait, how pathetic and desperate.

No. 1371626

He needs to get the views somehow. Frenemies numers were huge, he will never get there again

No. 1371636

But he consistently gets over 1 million views per video

No. 1371647

episode 1 views
>Frenemies/3mil vs Families/2.9mil vs Leftovers/1.8mil
episode 2 views
>Frenemies/2.6mil vs Families/2.3mil vs Leftovers/1.1mil
episode 3 views
>Frenemies/2.4mil vs Families/1.8mil vs Leftovers/1.3mil
episode 4 views
>Frenemies/4.1mil vs Families/1.6mil vs Leftovers/1mil
episode 5 views
>Frenemies/3.7mil vs Families/1.8mil vs Leftovers/883k
episode 6 views
>Frenemies/2.9mil vs Families/1.3mil vs Leftovers/895k
episode 7 views
>Frenemies/3mil vs Families/1.3mil vs Leftovers/696k
okay, kek. i haven't done the math, but i bet that decline in views hurts more than 5%.

No. 1371650

He clickbates all the time now because he's worried about the views dropping. This month 6 videos have been under a million. Frenemies vids got an easy 3-4 mil per episode.

No. 1371652

same anon, but speaking of math, i never understood them arguing over 5%. like, yes, 45 is 5 less than 50, but if the split is 45/55, then isn't the difference actually 10%? wouldn't a true 5% difference make the split 47.5/52.5?

am i overthinking this, or has ethan been hypocritically meme-ing a moot technicality?

No. 1371669

Those early episodes of frenenies don't even show the drastic difference. It grew more popular over time. Every episode pretty much had 3-4 million views some had over 5. Families views were going down in every new episode. Same thing is happening to lefovers. Those frenemies days are long gone.

No. 1371689

File: 1637334270488.jpg (290.28 KB, 1200x1514, 20211119_160330.jpg)

Lmao Hila accidentally exposed Ethan for lurking/watching F2 posts on her tiktok.

No. 1371691

File: 1637334412336.jpg (78.36 KB, 646x631, 20211119_160613.jpg)

How many hours do you think Ethan spends there?

No. 1371693

File: 1637334530672.jpg (142.98 KB, 576x1024, VideoCapture_20211119-155513.j…)

AB glaring at ethan for this.

No. 1371696

File: 1637334921125.jpg (835.45 KB, 1125x2630, RDT_20211119_16001720401442408…)

No. 1371702

File: 1637335706313.jpg (722.29 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20211119-155143_Vid…)

F2 means the obssesive anti-trisha frenemies2 reddit echo chamber for anyone confused.

No. 1371717

Did you discover that? Frenemies2 is pretty vile to Trisha. You can't say anything negative about Ethan, you can only shit on her. They will ban or downvote you to hell. Fucked up that Ethan visits that there. Right now there is even a top post on the h3 subreddit how disgusting that place is https://reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/qx3cqd/anyone_else_notice_how_borderline_toxic_the/

No. 1371729

It seems like a lot of them are originally from GuruGossip. They are completely obsessed with Trisha. They apparently have watch parties with Trisha's OnlyFans content for "research purposes" and take screenshots of her vagina to nitpick it:

This woman >>1362862, Olga, is a neet and is literally all day long monitoring the subreddit. She has many alt accounts, uploads a bunch of edited images of Trisha older/fatter per day and runs a Discord to mass downvote anything not vitriolic towards Trisha:
Oh and the mods are well aware of her actions and have no issue with her.

No. 1371752

Ethan is absolutely huge. How can his parents make fat jokes about Trisha when Ethan is now heavier than she is??

No. 1371754

So it’s basically the Shayna thread but for Trisha then?

No. 1371755

Like father, like son. Gary liking her tweets Ethan visiting that sub. One of the tea channels should make a video about this. But thats not gonna happen as it would show Ethan in a bad light and not Trisha. Ethan has even said how he doesn't like using the word bitch. And the post he was looking at they are calling her that. There are so much worse posts on there. Someone should save that tiktok, before Hila deletes it.

No. 1371778

God he's so fat and disgusting. Imagine being a millionaire with all of the time and resources in the world to work on your health and you still choose to be a fat fuck. Embarrassing.

No. 1371785

You are being unfair to Leftovers. Episode 7 was posted 4 days ago. It needs more time to reach 1 million views.

No. 1371788

wow, he is such a vindictive sped to browse a satellite hate circklejerk about an ex-cohost/'friend' in the middle of a work day. it's seriously embarrassing how obsessed he still is.
i'm beginning to believe the tinfoil that he himself reads his threads.
this kind of seems like something a cow might do in response to reading anonymous criticism. if it comes from the h3 sub, he usually tells dan to pull up the relevant thread.
>but guys, it's funny because he's in on the joke! he's obese as a joke, especially because it dunks on his wife, lmao!

No. 1371829

Leftovers is shit. Hasan is a douchebag rapist and Ethan is an uneducated fat fuck. Literally no one cared about H3 before Trisha apart from unfunny incels and no one cares about h3 after Trisha apart from unfunny incels and pickme bitches.

No. 1371913

Even still, Frenemies and even Families both didn’t take that long to reach a million. As much as I thought Families was shit and its overall view total was a lot less than Frenemies, it would still hit a million in a few days. Leftovers episodes struggle to pass 800k after several weeks. His views are consistently down. Also, his highest viewed Off The Rails that has more than double the views of the second most viewed episode? About Trisha, of course.

And I just realized this means Hasan is less popular than Ethan’s mom lmao

No. 1371942

What is the point of his chunky ass not using the word "bitch" but making comments about Trishas privates? He knows only his fans would be so stupid to believe hes not misogynistic.

Im starting to believe Hila was dressing in wacky clothes to try to get some attention from her husband. It seems like hes only interested in people that do weird shit. Imagine being pregnant and your husband spends all day watching videos of your sister in law that he supposedly hates. Ouch.

No. 1371945

dont beat me up but i actually like that shirt design

No. 1371947

I think the point that anon was trying to make was the hypocrisy of Ethan and him looking at posts like this >>1371696
Also kind of weird that he lurks on F2 because they also have a a lot of p0rn posts of Trisha lmao. I would not feel comfortable with that if I was hila.
Even AB doesn't look comfortable with it >>1371693

No. 1371949

you're allowed to say the word porn

No. 1371950

I's h3h3 having a problem with being late? Because lately I'm seeing fans on both reddit and YouTube call them out for being late.

Lol imagine your only job is commenting on viral internet things for 2 hours a day and having like ten employees help you with that and still being late.

No. 1372006

This onlyfans watch party is so disturbing. Do they seriously nitpick at her privates? I get buffalo bill vibes from this shit. No surprise Ethan is ok with that subreddit, considering he also was making comments about her pussy and constantly asking if she was wet on the Bachalorette.

He does, its a thing from even before frenemies. When Trisha was doing the bachalorette Hila complained about Ethan always being late.

No. 1372031

He goes so much on about his parents and he is always so disrespectful towards Hila. The whole scene about Lana Rhoades and others like that. I'd never let a fat blob treat me like that.

No. 1372034

right?? That's something I've been wondering for some time… I mean ppl having h3 themed weddings. getting tattoos with dumb insiders from a youtube podcast. It's so weird.

No. 1372040

File: 1637362798165.png (1.8 MB, 1568x886, 23.55.47.png)

He is.I feel like he gets bigger and bigger instead of losing weight…

No. 1372078

Do people know that Ethan lurks that obsessive Trish hate sub. Is there discussion about it enywhere else?

No. 1372182

Some of their designs are cute, but they’re way overpriced and they send out the wrong shit half of the time from what I’ve heard, not worth spending $100+ for them to probably send the wrong size/product altogether. Only their biggest fanfags are still investing in TF.

No. 1372187

The shit that gets posted here just from their regular Reddit dick cheese fest is so fucking pathetic, insecure, weak, trampled on and entitled whining male cowering in mob mentality and obsession, I seriously cannot believe this gets worse. Why do men have these hate fueled obsessions and express how much they loathe her, no one should care that much about Trisha or any random woman what the fuck take a cold shower

No. 1372195

Ew what a jumpscare

No. 1372215

File: 1637388592684.png (105.56 KB, 659x448, watchparties.png)

No. 1372249

Remember how disgusted Ethan was of the stuff hairbyjay was saying about Trisha? He is such a misogynistic hypocrite. The shit on the frenemies2 subreddit way more vile than what Jay has ever said. And he has no shame going there while he's at work. I wonder how Hila feels that her husband is this obsessive of his ex-friend. They post Trisha's nudes there too..

In the newest after dark(#59) he again mentioned Trish while he's next to Hila. After that Zack used a Trish soundbite and Ethan said that he can't use those on Fridays. Ethan knows Hila doesn't like it when he brings her up, but he can't help himself

No. 1372251

There were some comments the other day about how much satisfaction it would give them if Trisha got hurt or stabbed…

No. 1372264

Look at Ethan in After Dark #59 after the scenes from Gabe's birthday only talking about the stripper.Jeez.

No. 1372340

post a link then

No. 1372341

Can someone post a summary of what Ethan said?

No. 1372346

Sure, but he doesn’t have to give away 45% of the profit to Trisha now

No. 1372378

It had to go with Nicokado Avocado. Ethan wants him to be a guest in the pod. So he can talk shit about Trisha with him. It's at 1:33:00-1:37:37

No. 1372381

He still has to give 45% of the profit to the co-host though… unless he didn't pay his mother.

No. 1372383

Two grossest men on the platform, both whiny babies but at least one of them puts it on as an act

No. 1372385

Look at Hila when Ethan says Nikocado doesn't do harmful trolling like Trisha @1:33:33

No. 1372472

File: 1637435462519.png (609.16 KB, 600x609, hila.png)

She's like "shut the hell up"

No. 1372743


Hila looks great with her hair in her natural colour. I honestly feel guilty about calling her a pickme because sometimes it does seem like she doesnt see the malice in what Ethan does. Like around 1:33:33 on the video that anon posted, when Ethan puts up a "poll" to see if people want to see nicocado on the show, it legit seems like she was feeling unsure if Ethan was being vindictive and she asks "oh the poll to see if people want to see nico on the show?" Idk if you guys get what i mean but i feel like shes not malicious at all like Ethan. I feel bad because sometimes when your inside a relationship like this you dont see things the same way as people outside of it.

I felt like she was jealous of other women before but now i do think that she doesnt see that Ethan is actually mean and she just believes its "edgy jokes".

No. 1372887

You feel bad for Hila because she is getting what she deserves for supporting and defending a disgusting pervert who tears down other women online and panders to incels? Okay.

No. 1372893

But not all the other podcasts he’s posting all week. I think they’re posting more podcasts than they were

No. 1372917

File: 1637487355811.webm (2.82 MB, 1080x1080, dontbeapickme.webm)

What years of "my husband can flirt and talk about egirls all he wants because I am confident in our relationship" has lead up to.

>Everything goes back to Trisha.

It sure does, Ethan.

No. 1372958

What's your point? >>1371647 compares the views of the podcasts where he has a co-host.

No. 1373076

File: 1637514757573.jpeg (471.3 KB, 593x917, FEA22180-148C-423B-B754-DE4863…)

What the fuck is happening to Ethan?? He has a baby due and literally looks like he’s on deaths door, I swear he needs an intervention

No. 1373093

I know its stupid, but i cant help it. She doesnt strike me as someone as vindictive as Ethan. I know what she is doing is fucked up, but i dont think she knows what Ethan is doing/means to do, like the revenge hes planning on Trisha. Also the whole thing with her simping for belle delphine was so damn sad, i feel like she feels obligated to do that shit to show shes not "insecure" about her husband jacking off to her. And then in the middle of the interview he gets confused and calls Belle his wife and Hila just laughs… I feel like shes trying to convince herself that her relationship is healthy, and yeah she deserves it at some point for laughing at Ethans incel antics, but deep down i still think shes brainwashed by the fame and fandom.

Yeah he seems to be gaining a lot. Hila must be tired af. I swear he is doing the keto and fad diets to wear her out so she gives up.

No. 1373117

File: 1637518962111.png (2.18 MB, 1080x2340, 8zeq4dv4dgz71.png)

He had an allergic reaction.

No. 1373236

Wtf is with his neck/chins

No. 1373572

File: 1637570581456.png (123.08 KB, 583x634, tranny.png)

No. 1373627

Of fucking course. When its a mans feelings hurt, Ethan comes to hold his attack dogs back.

No. 1373634

File: 1637583381178.jpg (290.06 KB, 1124x1267, 20211122_125732.jpg)

Ethan being fake woke and a hypocrite, as expected of him.

I think Ethans mentality is "everyone should follow the rules i set for them except for me" so everyone is supposed to act woke and Ethan is allowed to judge them if they say something controversial MEANWHILE if ethan says something that's controversial then NO ONE is allowed to judge him and everyone is supossed to forget about it.

Like on the last leftovers episode he was raging at some conservative for doing the EXACT SAME THING THAT HE DID. I facepalmed so hard at that. Ethan defended the use of the n word with a hard r and said it many times and never gave a actual apology, and then he rages at some conservative for doing the same thing that he did.

No. 1373635

File: 1637583505769.jpg (207.52 KB, 1200x954, 20211122_121821.jpg)

No. 1373673

Hila does strike me as vindictive but instead of taking it out on her husband, she blames the women and is smart enough not to be so open about it. She is similar to Donna in that sense. I think Hila was on board with Ethan's revenge on Trisha but somewhere along the way, she realized that he was getting more and more obsessed with Trisha to the point of almost neglecting her and possibly putting their livelihoods at risk.

No. 1373742

There are sexual allegations on his subreddit, but this gets Ethan to personally apologize?

No. 1373744

Of course. If he had offended a woman, like the countless times hes talking about stretched out vaginas, he would NEVER apologize. But since the dude is a man in denial he gets on all fours to apologize. Hes pathethic. Men like this deserve no respect.

No. 1373844

I think Hila is a vindictive army bitch lol. She's a mean girl she thinks she's subtle. She feels like one of the guys but is also aware she's the head girl or whatever. She probably resents all the new female faces at H3. She was completely on board with revenge against Trisha but I think with her realising Ethan is sexually aroused by Trisha and also Ethan called her older brother a rapist and I'm sure that's soured some things with her Mum and brothers, so she probably just doesn't want Trisha to exist anymore but her husband won't fuck up about her.

No. 1373908

What sexual allegations?

No. 1374061

I can’t fault Hila too much for hating Trisha or being on board with trashing her. Trish has wronged her personally in so many ways and on multiple occasions. I don’t think Ethan is aroused by trisha at all, I think he was aroused by the massive amount of money and attention their podcast gained because of her personality and antics. You just can’t manufacture a cow that absurd and entertaining: if they can’t collab, Ethan knows he can still profit off their feud. I pity Hila for ever having to pretend to Tolerate Trisha. Obviously Ethan is to blame for keeping Trisha around forever as a crash cow despite knowing Hila must despise her, but what is she supposed to do? Flip out and leave him for being a drama YouTuber? She kinda signed up for it.

No. 1374149

How has Trisha wronged Hila personally in so many levels and on multiple occasions?

No. 1374324

Theres nothing that Trisha has called Hila that must hurt more than her husband not respecting her enough to defend her, or to at the least cut ties with the person who called her names. Once again he has no respect for her.

No. 1374355

Uh Ethan has been going on about Trisha's pussy way before the Frenemies podcast and has been rude about her on a personal level hundreds of times. Hila has laughed along like the insecure bitch she is. Ethan has a regular boner and hate boner for Trisha. They had way more chemistry than him and his wife had. Ethan had also attacked Hila's family by calling Moses a rapist and letting his h3 subreddit trash Moses and Trisha ad nauseum. If he can write a fucking comment under the h3h3 moderator account to not offend trannies he's obviously had the access to mitigate all the wild claims and accusations that have been happening on the subreddit. He's just a wanker and if he can't sit opposite Trisha and flirt with her weekly he's going to keep attacking her because he's a juvenile wanker. Hila is a pickme bitch and they had to spend thousands on fertility treatment because ethan is clearly fat and depressed with a low sperm count. Trisha made him happy how he's miserable.

No. 1374358

So Hila and Ethan are in their right to exploit a mentally ill person because they are drama YouTubers? Oh, but now that Trisha is no longer a co-host, it's okay to trash her and enact revenge for profit.

Poor Hila, it must have been so hard to not have ANY choice but to work with Trisha. It's not like they have enough money, could improve on other aspects of the podcast or bring in other hosts. At least now her fans are harassing Trisha's family and friends, sending her hate non-stop and making OF watch parties. Hila must be elated.

No. 1374402

>What is she supposed to do? Flip out and leave him for being a drama YouTuber? She kinda signed up for it.
Why have any boundaries or standards at all? She kinda signed up for it when she married a gross lardass who loves ethots and poop jokes. What is Hila supposed to do, grow a spine and stand up for herself?

No. 1374441

File: 1637683967174.jpg (124.73 KB, 1080x801, 20211123_101130.jpg)

kek @ keem riding this.

No. 1374462

File: 1637686643904.png (1.79 MB, 986x1230, popup.png)

No. 1374499

Oh boy… Nikocado reacts to H3's segment about him while wearing a shirt that says "I IDENTIFY AS SKINNY" kek
>These people… their content is other people.
>I love how he [Ethan] puts his hands like that [to describe how big Nik is]… I am literally the same size as you.
>I am literally, probably, within 20 or 30 pounds away from him.
>Just looking at him… if we were sitting side by side, we would look similar.
>How will you like it if I made a video saying "This is his body uuuh, let's just talk about it"? I feel like this is middle school behavior. How old are these people? Let me try to guess… 40s?
>He has all these assistants and cheerleaders on the back…
>Look at them joking at my size… I know I am big. Now look at Ethan, we are probably the same size.
Very surprised to see Nikocado defend Trisha when Ethan and Olivia are stirring the pot:
>That's not what happened. I asked to film and that wasn't the biggest issue because people change plans all the time. I hate that we are still talking about this after all these years later. It's so funny to me that when problems happen and you either say sorry or they say sorry or you just say whatever I am over it, other people won't be over it. Or they will still bring it up or they are curious.
>So that's it, I guess. A three hour video where they say Nikocado calls me ugly. Listen, I see what you are doing, Ethan. My name happens to be trending right now. He's just jumping on the bandwagon. "I am concerned for Nik, even though I am literally the same size as him!" Where's all the videos about him? When is Hildy going to say "My husband is going off to the deep end, look at his size"?

No. 1374533

I truly do not think that Hila is capable of feeling anything. It is either an advanced form of female autism or she is a very lifelike Israeli AI sent to the west for data collection.

No. 1374538

she's trapped brrring in the yellow room, probably from being terminally in the closet and married to that thing

No. 1374584

I didnt watch the video, but if Nik said all that props to him. This is exactly what Ethan always does and Nik is 100% right about them being almost the same size. Ethan loves to pretend hes above everyone that gets involved with him (and working with mentally ill people seem to be his thing, considering he keeps giving a platform to shoenice) but hes just as much as a sideshow attraction.

Ethan is pathethic. Gained a lot of respect for Nik for calling Ethan out. Im glad he clocked Ethan trying to get revenge on Trisha too since she had a falling out with Nik.

No. 1374658

Nik did the same to Moistcrikal, people use him for content just like he uses his body for content.Difference is Nik is very honest about it. They aren't concerned about his weight, they just wanna make content or use him for Ethan's Trisha obsession. Nik isn't dumb, in all of his acting and dumb shit, he's self aware for a scrote

No. 1374679

I never get how people don't get that the true horror of nikacado is that we can see that he used to be human, and that that person still exists, but is now consumed and overshadowed by some horrifying amalgam of mental illness and personality disorder
kind of like trisha

No. 1374706

I bet Ethan is going to start using Nik as clickbait now, despite being obese himself. How much do you guys wanna bet that in a while Ethan is gonna go full Nik and start posting gross stuff involving food/health/obesity?

That is all true, but it makes Ethan even more of an asshole because we all know he does not give a fuck about anyone other than himself.

Also, Ethan is just like them. Obese, absolutely obsessed with poop and a porn addict. At least Trisha and Nik know they are doing crazy things for money. Ethan is the one that lives in fantasyland.

No. 1374835

I bet Ethan doesn't want to have Niko on the pod anymore cos he was defending Trisha. He was hoping to get some Trish dirt by having him on

No. 1374856

File: 1637712036275.png (455.54 KB, 822x396, nik.PNG)

In the video nik is fake crying and he keeps saying, "don't you wish you can go back in time? I know i'm not the only one".
While showing pictures of Ethan when he was thin. He could've just ended the video right there because that was all that needed to be said. Ethan is a fat sloppy asshole, who unlike Nik let himself go for the hell of it. At least Nik is making money out of it and doesn't really fuck with anyone.
He's just a fat gay dude who makes content for feeders and people who want to laugh at fat flamboyant weirdos.Thats it.

No. 1374952

Nik is way smarter than anyone gives him credit for. i can’t believe so many youtubers actually think the dude is seriously that melodramatic and crazy. Nik knows what gets the views. H3 could learn from him.

No. 1374995

it's so pathetic how viewers and youtubers alike think that Nik is genuinely "crazy" and going on a downward spiral. dude knows how to get the views and he and Orlin are laughing all the way to the bank

No. 1375053

I applaud him for that. Youtubers who do the fake woke videos saying “this YouTuber needs help” for views. Like Nik is entertaining and his meltdowns are funny and dramatized I’m sure he feels shitty though with all the garbage he’s eating. But he’s entertaining and funny, Ethan stopped being funny four years ago

No. 1375092

File: 1637746058079.png (182.19 KB, 743x1067, nik.png)

Really doubt the interview is going to happen. Nik said he doesn't see a point to it because they would just focus on his weight, but that if H3 really wants an interview, they would have to pay for a first class plane ticket, hotel and food.

This gave me a hearty laugh. I don't know how much of it's Nik trolling, but I was entertained. Loved how he called out Olivia for her fake "I love Nik, I have been watching him since the start" and couldn't even get basic facts right.

By the way, Nik didn't even call Ethan ugly. He just said that Ethan was not his type.

No. 1375122

I doubt Nik actually thinks Ethan would just talk about his weight or say anything about it to his face. The h3 audience would throw a fit if he did. The main reason why he wouldn't do it is cus Ethan wants Nik to be himself, and to not play a character

No. 1375124

File: 1637753127196.jpg (31.07 KB, 612x494, istockphoto-637302228-612x612.…)

nik scream crying in the car, saying 'don't you wish you could go back in time?' while showing skinny pictures of ethan is pure gold.

No. 1375145

Did you guys catch Ethan fishing for compliments? When Nik says hes not attracted to him, Ethan says something like "well, most people wouldnt find me attractive anyway".
.. but then because he cant take any criticism he says "BUT THE FEELING IS MUTUAL NIK YOUR NOT ATTRACTIVE EITHER". Hes such a baby for someone that is constantly making fun of peoples appearance.

Lmao it was funny. H3 fans will probably call him out for fatshaming Ethan though, i can already see them typing "well the difference is that Ethan is trying to lose weight and Nik is not, so Ethan is healthy and Nik is not!!" The delusion

No. 1375159

Yeah, H3 is known for treating their guests with respect and dignity. If Nik got interviewed by Ethan, he would totes try to know him as a person and not ask him to perform "tricks" like other living memes who go to the podcast.

No. 1375176

I mean Ethan did say only want's to have a serious interview with Nik as himself. But I guess you have a point

No. 1375217

File: 1637767562461.png (182.81 KB, 584x1091, channel5.png)

Post in r/h3h3productions calls Ethan a terrible interviewer, lazy, racially insensitive, sheltered and privileged… AND IT'S NOT DOWNVOTED TO OBLIVION


No. 1375220

Right, in Trishas first interview he was literally burping in front of her. Hes a very professional, respectful man.

Im glad its not getting downvoted,but i also saw 2 posts of people crying about Ethan getting criticized. Some of the fans are also acting like they are gang members and thugs "schooling" others, like theyre not all incel mamas boys.

No. 1375344

File: 1637789437601.jpg (403.01 KB, 1200x1685, 20211124_222707.jpg)

Ethan has been fucking up alot lately and this time he cant use that was the past as a excuse.

No. 1375348

File: 1637789608424.jpg (183.49 KB, 1200x897, 20211124_223228.jpg)

No. 1375351

File: 1637789786686.jpg (410.22 KB, 1200x1542, 20211124_223550.jpg)

No. 1375352

File: 1637789921874.jpg (299.19 KB, 1200x1355, 20211124_223507.jpg)

No. 1375354

File: 1637790044853.jpg (8.04 KB, 184x184, 7bfb1d5dfee36c9cb0e145ffc405da…)

>autism people

No. 1375394

Oh god, his eyebrow tic flaring up again because he got all excited to talk about Trisha. Hila looks 1000% done

No. 1375402

hahaha, based Niko

No. 1375540

File: 1637813660551.jpg (370.5 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20211124-195200_You…)

For an melodramatic disgusting fat slob, he's pretty likeable. I'm talking about Nik of course, and yeah why do they need so many people to do that horribly dragged out podcast?

No. 1375577

Seems like Ethan hired one of them to run the show then the rest just to rub his ego and laugh at his jokes

No. 1375593

i believe nik referred to them as cheerleaders, kek

No. 1375658

File: 1637840271466.jpg (164.8 KB, 1229x1028, papachonk.JPG)

It's insane how fat Ethan is getting now. Seems like the Frenemies breakup and ensuing loss of subs/viewers has kicked his binge eating disorder into full gear. I really wonder at what point he will need to consider cutting staff.

No. 1375668

File: 1637841725332.png (60.17 KB, 582x206, surprise.png)

No. 1375742

Ethan has a toddler and a baby on the way, surely he wants to have the energy to be able to run around and play with them? Or at least role model a healthy lifestyle? It baffles me that someone who has the financial means to hire a personal trainer of a personal chef and have so much free time could let themselves get this bad.

No. 1375758

He's let himself go because Trisha doesn't fake flirt with him anymore. Fatty must have really thought he was going to get to bang Trisha lol. He couldn't even fuck his wife right and she's so much of a walkover he can be as fat and ugly as he wants and she'll not leave and he knows it.

No. 1375759

Anon, Ethan is a very busy man. The Frenemies2 subreddit is very active and he has to stay on top of the latest Trisha news. He doesn't need to worry about his children because the nanny is paid to take care and play with them.

No. 1375816

File: 1637867913837.png (1.09 MB, 1280x718, thanksgivingspecial.png)

Ethan and co are reacting and making fun of Trisha's yoga and meditation videos in the latest podcast

No. 1375820

The Crip Gang member says that he is open for an interview with Ethan and "Lila"

No. 1375821

Look at the way his face lights up when he looks at Trisha. Lila could never.

No. 1375822

jesus christ that's pathetic and low effort, trisha isnt even a hot topic anymore so it's literally just vendetta shit. in the last thread i commented about how people were blowing his obession with her out of proportion and damn i was wrong sorrry anons yall were right.

No. 1375824

what's an approximate timestamp for this? this is pathetic, but i guess he truly is spending the holiday with the people that matter most to him.

No. 1375831

What an absolute lack of content
The real crime here is this food

No. 1375835

god damn he's really pushing 85

No. 1375839

File: 1637870123173.png (718.24 KB, 636x541, beangoblin.PNG)

starts at 52:00

Look at his face as he pulls the video up

No. 1375846

File: 1637870831637.jpg (61.16 KB, 1080x454, 20211125_134520.jpg)

ty anon - he lights up like a christmas tree, wtaf (KEK at the filename.) even excited fans aren't enjoying this episode.

No. 1375857

Honestly it's so cringey what Ethan has become, I have no idea how Hila stands it. Why would you ever come for Nik of all people?? He may be a fat slob, but his drags of people are so thoroughly it's just never worth it. He called Ethan out so hard there's literally nothing Ethan could possibly say back.

Even the things he DIDNT say said a lot. The part where Ethan looks so obviously hurt that Nik didnt find him attractive? Why would that even bother you??? Why then get pissy and retort "well he's not my type either" hello, you're married?? What are you talking about types for. The way he LIGHTS up when says "-everything ties to trisha" He thought he could lure that hog Nik on to shit talk Trisha because he is literally that obsessed with her. It's just creepy-everything about Ethan now is creepy, obsessive, and miserable. I wish SOMEONE in that crew would stand up to him and point that out.

No. 1375886

File: 1637877110532.jpg (401.96 KB, 1915x1080, 20211125_155047.jpg)

>Even the things he DIDNT say said a lot. The part where Ethan looks so obviously hurt that Nik didnt find him attractive?
him breaking character to look at the camera and laugh was hilarious.

No. 1375939

It's actually insane how utterly obsessed and consumed he is with Trisha. It's become unsettling at this point and I really don't know how the fuck Hila is putting up with it(sage)

No. 1375986

He clearly has issues. Its insane to me that a man that has a devoted wife and fans that will literally watch him burp and be confused for +2 hours 3 times a week is STILL upset that not everyone finds him attractive, and not everyone kisses the ground he steps on. Its never enough for his god complex.

As for Hila, i dont know if shes blindsided by the fans believing they have a loving relationship or shes simply not into him enough to care. Combine being disrespected and not seeing it (that happens in normal relationships) + a bunch of people telling you your relationship is perfect, and your pretty much on your way to accept anything.

And what did his feminist crew say about this, when he was obsessively making fun of this woman? I bet with their mouths zipped like always.

No. 1376002

>And what did his feminist crew say about this, when he was obsessively making fun of this woman?
>'this should be against the rules'
>'it is…'
hila wasn't present

No. 1376014

File: 1637894738332.png (598.36 KB, 883x494, sonotbothered.png)

Ethan responded "I am the fucking boss, what rules?"

Yeah, Nik is a slob, but at least he is self-aware, funny and honest. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he was able to read people and how accurate his comments on Ethan were. Picrelated is Nik reacting to Hila uncomfortably smiling when her husband tells her that everything ties to Trisha.

No. 1376018

Did she get plastic surgery?

No. 1376054

His feminist crew said that Moses must have been containing laughter while recording Trisha doing yoga, even though you can see in the end that Trisha was using a tripod and she stops the video herself.

Isn't meditation a part of DBT? I know they are just baiting her, but it's getting tiresome.

No. 1376093

Baiting is exactly what it is, Ethan is more obsessed with getting a reaction out of Trisha than Trisha herself, and now that Trisha hasn't responded he is getting desperate.
His interactions and drama with Trisha garnered him a lot of easy views.

No. 1376168

Ethan rants how fashion nova sponsors the shittiest people. He doesn't like that Trisha still gets sponsored by them. He really wants to see her fail. His obsession with her is creepy @5:15 https://youtu.be/lD1Z7NYUXjc

No. 1376195

Oh ok, so at first he was upset about fashion nova being cheap shit made in china, and since he broke things off with Trisha (and people found out TF is also cheap shit made in china) now hes worried about who they sponsor? Please. This man needs treatment asap

No. 1376201

File: 1637938681704.png (206.81 KB, 738x540, trishasexbf.png)

lmao these comments

>Trisha wishes she could dethrone Queen Hila.

>She does think he's a 10/10.
>Trasha fkin wishes
>I'm convinced this was her plan all along, she was SO inappropriate with Ethan for a while

No. 1376213

>As for Hila, i dont know if shes blindsided by the fans
Weren't the fans pointing out how weird and disrespectful it was that Ethan was perving on Belle Delphine and talking about her too much? Hila said that she was cool with it and that she is secure in her relationship or something.

It still sucks tho because Hila doesn't want to make content about Trisha anymore and her husband can't stop. I wonder if Ethan brings her up randomly in conversations outside of the podcast or if he is browsing Frenemies2 while hanging out with Hila.

No. 1376541

File: 1637973315066.jpg (187.73 KB, 1080x587, 20211126_181302.jpg)

ethan and hila reacted to this. it starts about 1hour 5minutes in, and idk how long it lasts. from what i've seen, the crew timestamped past the hilarious 'don't you ever wish you could go back in time' bit.

No. 1376572

They also didn't show the part where Nik said he's over the drama with Trisha. At 1:18:10 Ethan talks about how Trish and Nik had drama and he wants to talk about it with him. Why can't Ethan just get over her, kinda sad https://youtu.be/kwDJN1CQzJY

No. 1376573

File: 1637976127061.jpg (63.74 KB, 750x742, whoareyou.jpg)

KEK, it lasted for about 40 minutes, and everyone tried to act like their feelings weren't hurt. ethan was especially outraged when nik said they were a similar size, and hila said he wasn't that far off.

No. 1376574

yeah, they skipped a lot. ethan kept saying they were going to react to the whole thing, and stopped nearly halfway from when they started (which already skipped the whole car intro.)

No. 1376601

My goodness, i tried to listen to it but its absolutely torture. He is constantly pausing the video to make uninteresting comments. Also the podcast is so disorganized, he starts asking people to order food in the middle of it, then asks about the thumbnail, then says the volume is too low, then after dan changes it, he complains its too loud. Its such a shitshow. I also love that Ethan pretended to not see the beggining of the video when Nik shows old pictures of him.

No. 1376897

kek, look at Ethan placing his tiny hand on his chin to hide his double/triple neck >>1373117

No. 1376939

H3's reaction to Nik's video (1:04:46)
>Skips 20 min of Nik's video, so he never reacts to the masterful "Don't you wish you could go back in time?" bit.

>Ethan explains to Hila that Nik was a thin dude. Now he went beast mode and makes anal gaping porn. "Literally, I am not joking. We saw his gaping asshole when we talked about him".
>Ethan asks if people with eating disorders watch mukbangs and Olivia says that it depends. It can trigger or fill a need for some people. She says that she watches Nik because he is entertaining and she likes watching them eat delicious food.
>Ethan tries to evaluate "the therapy aspect". He says that it's the equivalent of watching an addict shoot up, it enables other people to continue their toxic behavior. Ethan says that Nik and other mukbangers know what they are doing is not healthy and are killing themselves by eating like this.
>Ethan asks "is it ethical to watch someone kill themselves?" and then asks "can you imagine doing gaping anal porn with that diet?" Hila answers "um, everybody poops". Ethan says "his shits does not look like yours, I promise you that". Poop discussion ensues and Ethan ends it "these are the questions I want to ask him".

>When Nik says that he and Ethan are the same size, Ethan says "I am large… but come on, now. Not as fat as you, fucker". Hila laughs in the background.
>They pause Nik's video every few seconds. Ethan asks what food they are ordering, tells Olivia to use Nik as a thumbnail again, says that the sound of the video is too low, then that is too high, etc.
>When Nik says that they would look similar sitting side by side, Ethan says that's why he should come to the show and that he is pretty sure that they could fit 3 of him in Nik… or maybe 2… or maybe just 1.5.

>Ethan talks about Nik's beef with Trisha. He says that it was messed up how Trisha ghosted him and made him look like a stalker. He says he wants to talk to Nik about that.
>Someone in the chat mentions about how Nik pooped on Trisha's couch. Ethan is saying that this motherfucker is like from Seinfeld or something, leaving poops on people's couches. "I am not at that stage yet, my friend. I would do anything to bring you on the podcast, but you are not allowed to sit on our furniture".
>Olivia says that Nik is a feeder, whether he knows it or not, he is playing into it.
>Ethan learns that his website is justwaterweight.com and says that's awesome. "See, Nik, I love it. I am a stan, you should come to the show".

>Ethan asks Hila's opinion when Nik says that they are the same size. Hila says "I see his point. Maybe not identical, but you guys are not far off". Dan agrees. Ethan is seething and makes them watch a video of Nik shirtless on a beach until they take it back.
>They continue watching the reaction video and Ethan is still mad that they compared him to Nik. "I can't believe you did me dirty like that. You guys fucking hate me. Fatphobia in this studio… just kidding, I don't care".
>AB looks for Nik's exact weight and height. Ethan says "see? He is 100 pounds heavier and shorter than me!" He is still upset. "That motherfucker is not trolling, he is rolling because he's like a ball."
>Dan and Hila double down and say that Nik looks different on the reaction video than the beach video. Ethan says "I need to lose weight, if you think that I got Nikocado's body".
>Ethan says that Nik should work on the transitions because his Patreon ad came out of nowhere… unlike H3's talks about what food they are going to order.
>Ethan says he will pay for the first class plane tickets, hotel, food… anything to have Nik on the podcast.
>When Nik says that what Ethan does (picking apart people's lives and appearances) is not normal, Ethan says "well, what you do is not normal either. I am also not in my 40s, you fucker".
>Ethan repeats that he will do anything to bring Nik to the show. He says that he has plenty of questions for him, not just about his weight. Olivia says "you hear that, Nik?" They all start to flatter Nik and say how talented and entertaining he is.
>Olivia says that she didn't like how Nik dragged her. It hurt her feelings and doesn't know if she is still a fan.
>Ethan says that the photo of his wrinkled butt that Nik is talking about >>>/snow/1283630 is deceptive… His ass is not really like that, he just wrinkled it on purpose.
>Ethan repeats his offer to Nik to come to the show and they move on to AB's memes.

No. 1376964

>Ethan talks about Nik's beef with Trisha. He says that it was messed up how Trisha ghosted him and made him look like a stalker. He says he wants to talk to Nik about that.

This dude is so obsessed with her, he behaves like a crazy ex-boyfriend. This is so pathetic that he has to dig up year old stale beef just to get his fix

No. 1376972

Yeah, stale beef. Nik uploaded that Trish expose video in mid 2019. They are both it

No. 1376979

*both over it(sage)

No. 1376982

File: 1638014849192.png (1.56 MB, 1092x684, rollinglikeaball.png)

>Ethan tries to evaluate "the therapy aspect". He says that it's the equivalent of watching an addict shoot up, it enables other people to continue their toxic behavior. Ethan says that Nik and other mukbangers know what they are doing is not healthy and are killing themselves by eating like this.
Towards the end, Ethan said that he would do a mukbang with Nikocado if he accepted his offer to come to the show. Mukbangs are enabling toxic behavior, but let's do one together!

>He is still upset. "That motherfucker is not trolling, he is rolling because he's like a ball."

Unlike Ethan?

No. 1376985

I thought Hila was the pregnant one, but damn they finally figured out uterus transplants at Mount Sinai Hospital in LA.

No. 1377015

Ewwww he looks extra fugly and fat knowing his personality. Poor Hila

No. 1377058

I have no idea how the average person could stand it, if you have no interest in lolcows or snowflakes, Ethan has no appeal at all, they have all this structure and all these people in their crew and nothing adds value to the podcast, randoms with just shitty mics make better content.
I hope Ethan does meet Nik's demands to get him in the podcast, maybe then he'll get a settle down

No. 1377104

I think thats why theyre always so disrespectful to their fans. They probably think that anyone who is a fan is stupid, or someone not deserving of respect. Like in that segment AB seemed so offended and agressive over people complaining about dan and ethans dynamic, saying "i think they know eachother better than you do and they know how to talk to eachother!!!" Theyre all disturbing

No. 1377366

>They probably think that anyone who is a fan is stupid, or someone not deserving of respect.
They are not wrong. They must know deep down that they make trash content.

No. 1377418

File: 1638094996253.jpeg (61.13 KB, 640x604, fashionicon.jpeg)

Teddy Fresh took the knitting pattern from a 1995 book. The original post in the subreddit has been deleted by the OP


No. 1377432

File: 1638097537338.png (3.79 MB, 1220x2742, tf.png)

- Teddy Fresh shirts are normally sold at $55
- The bear shirt with purple flames costs $70
- The green flame shorts cost $70 and the hoodie $80

No. 1377461

Oh no, i hope H3 fans dont see this! They will be very upset when they see that Prada copied Teddy Fresh lmao

No. 1377481

I hope Ethan and Hila go after Prada like they did with James Charles. Everyone is always copying Queen Hila. I am trembling with shame, anger, disgust and sadness!

No. 1377506

Hila's just so artistic and cool you guys.

No. 1377611

Imagine if this was one of their rival’s company..Keem, Trisha, Onison, David or whoever. They would already have done 10 2-hour podcasts shaming them and acting “shocked” at stolen designs. Forget feeling bad for Hila, she is trash too(learn2sage)

No. 1377618

Tempted to post this in the fakeboi thread as a pregnant FtM and see if anyone buys it

No. 1377632

Oh so they just take generic/stock photos to put on clothes and say it’s fashion damn at least when hila was drawing with crayons it was unique and not some copy paste bullshit. They’re natural scammers, it’s always been about following the money and not putting in effort once they built a real fan base

No. 1377659

This just makes Hila's attempt to enter the LA fashion week even more laughable

No. 1377713


That shit is so unprofessional aswell. Imagine any famous brand going after people for copying generic designs like colorblocking… That shit is so embarassing, Hila should at least tell fans to stop attacking everyone. Its especially stupid since she uses patterns from stuff found on aliexpress +2 years prior than her releases. They got a lot of nerve

No. 1378040

After the big stink Ethan raised over James Charles generic colourblock hoodies this is fucking hilarious

No. 1378058

File: 1638171472573.png (506.62 KB, 740x1008, apathy.png)

No. 1378061

File: 1638171992994.png (923.88 KB, 1141x891, sunflower.png)

Not sure if ASOS copied Teddy Fresh or it was the other way around, but they look basically the same. The ASOS one costs $37 and the TF is $80… I wonder if there is a huge difference in quality.

No. 1378104

File: 1638183582687.jpeg (275.19 KB, 826x1231, B6C7D472-27B2-4702-A743-D98890…)

I don’t think Teddy Fresh copied this one. Theirs came out on December 1 and the Daisy Street one also came out in December. But this provides more evidence for the “Teddy Fresh sources their clothes from cheap, generic factories” claim.

No. 1378110

You guys, this exact same pattern (that fans claim Hila drew) can be found in aliexpress hoodies.

No. 1378128

Aliexpress is full of copied designs too, but I doubt TF was the original either way considering their record, the print is the exact same, it's files must be online or something.

No. 1378134

Some of Teddy Fresh's manufacturers have AliExpress shops

No. 1378141

I couldnt find it anymore, but i specifically remember a piece from 2019 with the print. Aliexpress does copy a lot of designs after though, so its easy for them to pretend the design is theirs.

No. 1378173

File: 1638199260336.jpeg (313.48 KB, 1201x1800, BFF5BF9F-0961-4270-815D-122F04…)

Topkek here’s the same design from Zaful in different colors with reviews dating back to September 2020. Half zip like the Teddy Fresh one too. Did Ethan and Hila claim she drew it or just the fans?

No. 1378205

Only the fans, as far as i know. But its fucked up that they never correct people. We all know Ethan loves when his dogs go after anyone. Its convenient because if he gets backlash he can claim he doesnt support what the fans do

No. 1378217

Hila the feminist when someone's pregnancy is not like hers
https://old.reddit.com/r/Frenemies3/comments/r3xgp7/hila_goes_on_a_rant_calling_another_womans/(this is an imageboard)

No. 1378221

Sorry, but how the fuck is anyone surprised that Hila is stealing designs? She is a robot, there is no creative bone in her body. I doubt this bitch even has thought. If you could listen to whats going on in her head it would just be static. She has super mega autism, she is bland, she is so empty and boring that she could put you to seep with just one look out of her soulless empty eyes. The exact opposite type of personality you need to be a creative, inventive mind making fashion and art.

No. 1378227

File: 1638204917494.png (732.4 KB, 1440x2330, PartialScreenshot_20211129-105…)

That's nice but this is an imageboard

No. 1378230

File: 1638205860626.jpg (107.39 KB, 430x513, 20211129_190901.jpg)

No. 1378242

Hila's just a pickme bitch, she has absolutely no personality or charisma; she channels it all into her wardrobe which is just outdated cool girl styles from the 90s/early 2000s. At the peak of the Frenemies fallout the h3 incels kept trying to convince others that Trisha was envious of Hila for being a creative business woman, but it would have been the other way around. Trisha is self made, unlike Hila. Trisha is extremely charismatic and because of it she can pull off so many different styles. Hila looks genuinely autistic when she tries to have "fun" with her style.

No. 1378251

File: 1638208841877.jpg (285.97 KB, 1080x1166, 21119283834228.jpg)

That subreddit is gold. Someone should make a compilation of all the racist/sexist stuff Ethan has said over the years. This one has both. And Hila was okay with it, she's behind the camera

No. 1378252


You do realize that 90s/early 2000s is exactly what's trending at the moment, right?

No. 1378254

Atleast learn how to sage before advertising your own autistic reddit

No. 1378257

Yes it's basic bitch wear.

No. 1378264

I mean there's a lot of good shit about Ethan and Hila there. It's not mine, I'm too lazy to have my own subreddit(sage)

No. 1378290

File: 1638212506939.jpg (252.58 KB, 1500x997, DSC_0080-e1500488566934.jpg)

Hilas statement about that womans pregnancy reeked of internalized misogynism and people in the chat were calling her out for that.

Im guessing this is why Hila doesn't speak much in the podcast since she is filled with shit-takes like this one.

No. 1378291

I have no idea who Christine is… does Hila have a point? Because the h3h3 subreddit is following her lead and are shitting on Christine too. If she was pregnant, that's pretty messed up.

Please read the rules and learn how to sage: https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 1378292

the h3h3 subreddit always takes their side though. The live chat when the podcast was on was calling her out.

No. 1378304

as someone who watched that episode, tldr

>>Hila and ethan are viewers of some trashy reality tv show.

>>Hila starts discussing the pregnancy of one of the women of that show.
>>Accuses her of faking being pregnant or having a surrogate because she bounced back fast and looks good after a pregnancy.
>>Hila thinks that her pregnancy symptoms are the default and says she is faking it because she is too energetic for someone pregnant compared to hila whose back hurts.
>>Starts commenting on that womans bikini photos and says that her c sections scars arent visible enough so that means she is lying about being pregnant.
>>Ethan then joins hila and says that he ''knows'' that woman just because he watches that reality show which she is in, both claim that because she is a bad person she is probably lying about her pregnancy.
>>Ethan and hila both call the woman psychotic.

No. 1378309

I'm not gonna download and then upload a video here if I can just link it(sage your shit)

No. 1378311

type in sage in the ''email'' field. It helps when you are posting things that are oftopic and not important receipts like this one for example.

No. 1378319

File: 1638214713450.jpeg (426.8 KB, 750x919, 94716750-2393-4779-A430-235A28…)

This clout chaser’s TF inspired art is somehow 10x more creative than most of Hila’s designs.

No. 1378321

File: 1638214880549.jpeg (833.08 KB, 750x1018, B13F95ED-825A-4278-91B3-653C80…)

Of all the symptoms I’m surprised Hila even has back ache…she’s barely showing

No. 1378326

Not all C section recoveries are bad. can account that after I had a c section I was extremely worried that the scar would be awful and there’d be a “pouch”, it faded within 6 weeks and since it’s just above the pubic bone it’s hidden by hair anyway. Hila is talking out of her ass, she never even had a c section with Theodore so how would she know?

No. 1378334

my mother also had a c-section and her scar healed fast and it looks like she never even had a c-section (her scar is barely visible). Some womens c-sections heal fast.
Hila is talking out of her ass.

No. 1378335

That dead-eyed, sullen stare reminds me of Rasputin.

No. 1378348

File: 1638217287860.jpg (508.68 KB, 1080x2010, 3021112220755.jpg)

It seems that H3 fans started harrassing Christine after what Hila said. The pod came out Nov 26th and she posted the screenshot of the harrasment she got on Nov. 27

No. 1378358

whenever hilda or ethan say something bad about anyone their brainless minions immidiately go into attack spamming that person.
H3 fans would be perfect for a cult, scientologists should start approaching h3 fans.

No. 1378362

wow that's the most emotion I've ever heard in Hila's voice

No. 1378369


I honestly dont understand her disdain for women. Its funny because she has no problem with women her husband jacks off to showing "unrealistic standarts", also women wearing childrens clothing to make porn or doing porn with feces is good and dandy for them (yes, this is all things they are fine with). Them coming after women in delicate and real situations like a pregnancy is typical of H3H3 and their incelism. They are so fucked up. They seem to have such disdain for any female that Ethan doesnt jack off to, its disturbing.

No. 1378381

File: 1638219647444.jpg (445.75 KB, 1928x1080, 20211129_145827.jpg)

ethan is pretending to be unbothered by this in the current/live podcast - he said his fans posted it like 'oh, that's a cool coincidence' kek. he's also browsing frenemies2.

No. 1378388

There is a video on Frenemies3 subreddit where Ethan talks about an 11 year old girl, saying she is holding "phallic objects" (it was a plushie of something), calling some black dude a blackzilla, and other much more disturbing shit wtf. Im surprised i never saw it before. I dont know how to imbed reddit videos

No. 1378409

wow, i posted this screenshot because his tabs looked pathetic, but he's really messed up over this sweater. he says it's not his fault, so it really hurts his feelings to read people posting that they would plagiarize, and they OBVIOUSLY won't sell it (unless they can contact the original creator.) he sounds like such a flip-flopping liar.

No. 1378432

Backache is common in the first trimester. It's not because of the weight of not-yet-showing belly, it's because hormones weaken the ligaments in your spine so they can prepare to become stretchy and accommodate a fetus. Similarly, many women get a backache before their period from hormonal changes as well.

No. 1378433

The critickal Hila video is now deleted from the subreddit. I wonder why it's gone

No. 1378487

File: 1638229824082.jpg (55.11 KB, 615x409, 0_PAY-MAIN-Christine-Quinn.jpg)

>healthy active lifestyle and good luck to not have any complications during pregnancy
>surrogate pregnancy gayop, including realistic baby bump prosthetic, because… reasons
I don't know, both seem equally plausible

No. 1378579

In the latest h3tv#18 Ethan shouted out frenemies2, the one that is hella vile to Trisha. In the end of the live Ethan noticed that the subreddit went private. Ethan was not happy and wondered how he can join the sub. Olivia even said that it's their home base. Wtf, so basically the whole office goes there to get their Trish fix. @4:04:19

No. 1378583

File: 1638237797256.png (218.84 KB, 884x498, frenemies2.png)

Olivia says that the Frenemies2 subreddit was their home base (4:05:28). How are they not fucking embarrassed?

The Frenemies2 subreddit was privated by the original creator. She made a post (now deleted: https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/r56zxo/even_i_abandoned_frenemies2/) saying that she was disgusted with the way people were behaving. She tried to reign them in, but they would send her private messages calling her a cunt and all kinds of names. She had to leave the other mods take over due to mental health and it devolved into the shit show it has.

Dan recommends everyone to use Frenemies12, don't go to Frenemies3! That one has Ethan's old racist videos and we don't new fans to watch that.

No. 1378623

Why is Grandma pretending to billy eyelash?

No. 1378635

File: 1638241464322.jpg (226.68 KB, 1080x1509, 20211129_151331.jpg)

4 hours?! he even talked about frenemies3 (a tiny sub with ~300 members) and they seemed not to appreciate it. i stg, he addresses every little thing that bothers him.

No. 1378644

i've never understood the look she's going for in her head. She's mature looking and if she dressed for that she could look really nice, but instead she's embracing this weird y2k fashion that most 18 year olds don't even look good in

No. 1378659

that is so cool. The only thing TF have put out even comparable is that Japanese artist collab. All their other stuff is so ugly

No. 1378660

When were these photos taken?

No. 1378663

Hila is so fucking stupid. Of course Hila is struggling with pregnancy more, she's basically skeletal. Any woman with a higher body fat % than her will have an easier time during child birth. There's a reason most female bodies gain fat during pregnancy. Hila stays away from women so much she doesn't even know that and has no one in her circle to tell her

No. 1378673

Teddy Fresh is not just one person, nona. They said on the podcast there’s a team of 25(?) graphic designers that all work on designing the sweaters and shit. Hila is partly responsible as the owner for the company and for not vetting who she hired more closely, but the fault will always be on the retarded graphic designers who blatantly ripped off various designs like >>1377432

No. 1378676

File: 1638248340644.webm (4.2 MB, 642x350, h3tv.webm)

>Ethan says that r/Frenemies was owned by a mega Trisha stan and the subreddit turned on Trisha after the show ended. The mod was so bothered, that she closed r/Frenemies.
>The disenfranchised Frenemies patrons created r/Frenemies2, which is alive and well. Ethan calls it a Trisha hate subreddit. "It's pretty wild… some people are really mean. I don't know what to say"

Yes, the mod of r/Frenemies also created r/blndsundoll4mj, but she didn't censor people who talked negatively about Trisha. You can find a bunch of posts doing that in both subreddits.

The mod drew a line at speculating about Trisha's sexual abuse and miscarriage. She made a post asking them to stop: https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies/comments/p7emza/update/. When the users cried censorship and continued being disgusting, she closed r/Frenemies.

No. 1378678

File: 1638249225454.png (466.31 KB, 531x626, Teddy-Fresh-Can-I-Sleep-Yet-Al…)

25 graphic designers and this is the best they can come up with? Why the fuck are people kissing the ground that Hila walks?

No. 1378730

Isn’t she like 6 months pregnant at this point?

No. 1378790

File: 1638268000750.png (37.47 KB, 569x178, frenemies12.png)

r/Frenemies12 is modded by their full-time employee, Love

No. 1378802

Yeah the recommendation is that you consume a small amount of extra calories on top of your daily amount, it’s really important for the babies development and growth, I’m not fully convinced Hila is eating enough to meet these requirements…

No. 1378839

Does Hila actually design anything? I wonder how much they pay their designers considering the redbubble tier products

No. 1378979

Love is a freak that wore blackface. The entire h3 crew are faggots, actually. If they stalk subreddit they of course will read here too.

AB is a misogynist.
Dan is a bald unfunny moid that has an ego because he's smarter than his boss whom is Ethan so it's really not any type of feat.
Zach is a fat unfunny douche.
Olivia plus other girls that aren't substantial enough to be named are all pick me losers.
Ian should quit the show, you can feel he hates the crew too and is just there for the easy money.

No. 1378994

>The entire h3 crew are faggots, actually. If they stalk subreddit they of course will read here too.
agreed 105% - it feels like ethan addresses stuff posted in the thread between weeks.

No. 1379039

File: 1638293994643.jpg (77.21 KB, 1170x1165, olaerxznqd281.jpg)

No. 1379092

What the hell does Ethan consume that he is almost the same size as a dude who does extreme mukbang videos for a living? His wife should be the one eating for two but he looks like as if he is eating for the whole village

No. 1379097

I bet they are the anons whiteknighting for Ethan and Hila itt.

No. 1379115

Do you have a picture of Love doing blackface? I haven't heard about that one

Yes,they absolutely stalk here

No. 1379126

How long till one of the crew members becomes brave and stunning?

No. 1379128

he's american

No. 1379131

literally looks like taobao circa 2015 shit

No. 1379147

He literally eats 24/7 and lives on takeout pizza drenched in ranch dressing, kek how he tried to make out he isn’t as fat as nik

No. 1379152

yeah i bet he is sucking his stomach in

No. 1379276

That's even funnier. I guess I gave Hila too much credit thinking she stole these designs herself.

No. 1380228

She isn’t and when she was trying to get pregnant she mentioned her doctor telling her she needs to gain weight to have an easier time getting pregnant and during the pregnancy. Hila is struggling a lot because she’s just not gained enough weight for a comfortable pregnancy and somehow her not pregnant husband is filling out as if he’s the one carrying the baby. I have to assume Ethan is snatching the food off her plate

No. 1380247

During her first pregnancy she mentioned being given high calorie snacks to help her gain quickly but Ethan ate them all while she was sleeping.

No. 1380372

Jesus Christ that is so pathetic. This guy needs help. Imagine gobbling up your pregnant wifes snacks she needs to in order to have a safe pregnancy. That is so low. They should just transplant the baby into his stomach since he seems to have enough bodyfat to supply Octuplets.

No. 1380380

Donna should have told Ethan that he would have been wholly responsible for a miscarriage if he kept eating his pregnant wife's food.

No. 1381936

File: 1638440418950.jpeg (103.32 KB, 640x1157, 46mhgs1pa1381.jpeg)

Ryan Kavanaugh filed a lawsuit against Ethan for defamation. The H3 fans are going after his family and friends now.


No. 1381937

File: 1638440563978.jpg (97.17 KB, 1080x1350, image-02-12-2021.jpg)

No. 1381966

What the fuck, imagine having a fat greedy manchild husband like that who cares more about cravings than his wife’s health during pregnancy. I don’t know the context but he better have replaced that shit for her. I used to find them a cute couple at the very start but now I pity hila, is this really worth the lifestyle to put up with your attention whore drama mongering lazy disgusting husband?

No. 1382168

File: 1638460972487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.13 KB, 810x2200, 20211202_095737.jpg)

kek, ethan had a total meltdown over this yesterday. he delayed the announced holiday episode of 'families' to do an emergency otr addressing the lawsuit. he kept freaking out, and asking why he wasn't getting the same support he got with the matt hoss case. the chat said to start a gofundme, and he said those just cause drama. he was upset that philip defranco didn't read his statement in its entirety, but then made sure to say he wasn't upset, and that phil looked skinny.
also, the new frenemies2 doesn't seem to appreciate h3.

No. 1382335

File: 1638466596971.png (163.27 KB, 596x612, tweet.png)

A threatening statement from Ryan to Ethan

No. 1382337

File: 1638466642667.jpeg (61.26 KB, 398x679, FFfmw5JVUAEbqLZ.jpeg)

No. 1382343

File: 1638466749626.png (216.57 KB, 598x576, tweet.png)

No. 1382355

LOL how is that threatening? Ethan's a dumbass wonder if he's shaking and trembling again. Maybe he's fat from comfort eating.

No. 1382369

Holy shit, Ryan sent him that message back in JULY. Ethan and his fans haven't stopped pestering the guy… and now they are harassing his wife.

No. 1382380

File: 1638467933899.png (80.96 KB, 601x333, ryan.png)

>a powerful media person who has gone to every length to destroy me for criticizing him

No. 1382484

god he's annoying

No. 1382589

He doesnt ever stop yapping, does he? I hope all that ass kissing that Hila does was worth it, she got this prize for herself. Pregnant with her second kid and the dude spends all his time having tantrums over people that slightly bothered him and having meltdowns. He wasnt satisfied until he got her ass sued and now, two lawsuits later, still wont shut up. The life of a pickme

No. 1382748

Has nobody learned anything from Vic Lasagna? Idk what Ethan said about this guy, but it is REALLY hard to win a defamation lawsuit. Total waste of money. When you are a public figure you just have to deal with people shit-talking you.

No. 1382784

That isn't how strikes work. We're here to watch the cows and laugh - never touch the shit, anon.

No. 1382810

Kek he’s pulling the “muh fair use” card again. Whoever gives this idiot self proclaimed wealthy millionaire money from their own pocket to pay for his lawsuits he brings on himself are the dumbest fans I can ever imagine. He never knows when to fucking quit and when a joke is just too fucking tired. You don’t really see other YouTubers whining about being in this much legal trouble all the time. He has a wife and child with baby on the way and chooses to create drama with people online to the point of harassment then cry victim when he gets any heat back.

No. 1382834

Wow, so brave. Learn to sage retard

No. 1382892

Is there a tldr rundown of the Ryan vs h3 debacle? I don't know who this Ryan dude is or if he's an asshole but it is weird how h3 keeps getting into this same exact problem. Like there aren't any other creators having this much legal trouble for shit talking.

No. 1382902

If only Ethan listened at least once to his caring wife, most of his problems would be solved. He could have tried to follow Hilas diet when she tried to teach him, but he choose to get angry over the fact that she had a chocolate bar that he couldnt eat and gave up on it. He could have stayed quiet about drama and feuds like Hila does, but no, he has to push it. He wont stop until Trisha sues him aswell. Too bad him and his fans dont like listening to "females" as they call us.

No. 1382910

Hila is far too good for Ethan. I'm so sick of slim women settling for fat fucks.

No. 1382932

I wonder how much of her thinness is a result of him despising overweight women. I find it so weird that both her and Donna have a similar body type, they seem to be underweight, not even fit.

No. 1382980

I think he was okay about a month or so ago when this first started, but in Ethan like fashion he took shit personally and way fucking over did with this Ryan Kavanaugh. Not only is it annoying to watch him cry like a bitch over someone he doesn't like, but I think he's legit crossed into defamation territory. He's legitimately bullying this guy on every podcast. Even the guy deserves it, Ethan is devoting so much of his time to using his podcost to hate on this guy. This 3rd lawsuit actually has merit and I hope Ethan and Hila get fucked soley so Ethan can learn his lesson to shut the fuck up once and awhile. He even seems scared by it now too because he knows he crossed so many lines just trying milk it because he got offended Ryan was trying to fight back. He thinks hes so untouchable. And classic Ethan, bringing on more lawsuits when his wife is pregnant and the baby is already having issues with development. Yet, they'll blame Trisha or some other external factor for the stress shes under instead of big fat Ethan.

No. 1383004

If Hila is autistic/on the spectrum it’s pretty believable she just struggles to gain weight since a lot of people on the spectrum have food aversions or don’t LIKE to eat that much. Hila’s mentioned in the past she’s wanted to gain weight especially to help with her pregnancies but struggles with it, I don’t doubt that Hila doesn’t want to be a fatty but I doubt she’s not putting on lbs out of fear of getting fat.

Partial blog but I have food aversions from neurosis sensory stuff and I struggle to put on weight too just because eating isn’t enjoyable for me and I get repulsed by certain textures. For someone like me it’s kind of insane to see a guy like Ethan, who is so obsessed with eating and getting dopamine from it that despite being miserable in his body he’d rather lash out and steal his wife’s food than try to lose weight…like eating 2000 calories in a day is a decent amount of food but he can’t manage that? To be that big he’s gotta be on the reg eating 3000+

No. 1383032

Don't forget Ethan was skinny as fuck too when they started dating and even when they got married he was pretty slim. She's been vocal about not liking how fat Ethan is even when he was just a little chubby when they first started the podcast. I can't imagine how repulsed she is by his body now

No. 1383037

File: 1638498164680.jpeg (116.49 KB, 1070x767, tumblr_ol8tz0lQuA1w4cd2mo1_128…)

I think Hila is as trash as Ethan for being a pick me enabler but she never married a fatty

No. 1383199

File: 1638510484984.png (185.16 KB, 602x582, keemstar.png)

No. 1383213

It's okay, anon. Hila feels much better now after shitting on another woman's pregnancy and sending her rabid fans to harass her.

No. 1383454

is ethan's lawyer another buddy of his? why is he talking so much and so publicly about ongoing litigation? i hope he loses and actually becomes poor, kek.

No. 1383476

Wow, they're both pretty gorgeous here.

No. 1383520

ethan might not be fat but he still looks like an ugly hobbit anon love yourself

No. 1383535

Anon they look like two addicts. Even when Ethan was "thin" he still had that weird neck thing. His proportions were destined to ve a fat stocky man. That's genetics, baby.

No. 1383781

I love that now the whole fanbase is pretending they are all about peace and didnt harass this dude (and Trisha) for the longest time. Ethan always gotta be the victim. He harasses people nonstop, puts his attack dogs after them, and then pretends he "cant control his fans" and all he does is free speech. Ethan is so dishonest.

No. 1384352

Ethan and Hila went over Ryan's lawsuit in the podcast. It mentions Trisha and Donna's message to Moses. Ethan and Hila are now denying that he ever blamed Trisha for a possible miscarriage.

>I literally didn't say that to her.

No. 1384365

sorry i have issues.. well, he's ugly now

No. 1384384

I don't know why he continues to play dumb and pretend that he doesn't know what he's doing by calling someone out. He knows exactly what would happen, his rapid brainwashed fans will immediately go after the person while he sits back all smug and proud.

No. 1384549

Nah. Both his parents are extremely thin and Ethan was skinnyfat from living off trash

No. 1384576

I remember when I used to enjoy h3h3. So sad to see what they've become. Cringe.

No. 1384613

His dad looks like a drug addict and emancipated from being a pervert/druggie but he's a small man. Ethan's sister and brother are fat too. Short family. Bad diets. Terrible role models. If Gary had an appetite for food instead of drugs and porn he'd be fat too he's got the weird neck thing.

No. 1384883

the only time h3h3 was entertaining was with Trisha

No. 1384902

File: 1638641888706.png (262.64 KB, 600x613, moretweets.png)

No. 1385206

nah fuck trisha.

No. 1385296

File: 1638678205944.jpg (217.63 KB, 1080x985, 120506075.jpg)

Only 10k away. When will Ethan hit the 3 million subs milestone?

No. 1385314

He wasn’t attractive but at least he had normal human proportions here, he looks like a sloppy cave beast now. No wonder Hila seems depressed.

No. 1385332

Damn, ethan really did go through the nikocado transformation

Ngl, this sounds like a lot of projection on Ethan's part. You just know his dick is barely peeking out from under that fupa

No. 1385336

>Ethan streamed parts of the Logan Paul boxing match and showed the link he was using to watch it. Then he told his fans pirate it too.
>Thriller, the app that hosted the fight, sued him but offered him a settlement to avoid going to court.
>Ethan refused to settle and gets sued for a bigger amount of money.
>Ethan harasses Ryan Kavanaugh for months by telling his fans to review Thriller "honestly", making several podcasts about Ryan, selling shirts with his face, making a website comparing him to Harvey Weinstein, reading negative articles about Ryan, framing these articles in the background of the podcast, etc. The h3 subreddit is full of upvoted posts with screenshots of foot soldiers harassing Ryan.
>Ryan sued him, making this the third lawsuit that Ethan/Hila have received this year.

tl;dr Ryan seems to be an asshole too, but Ethan has been harassing him non-stop since the Thriller lawsuit.

No. 1385424

Ethan wishes he could lol.

No. 1385544

Its Triller* nonnie

No. 1385723

File: 1638729383544.jpeg (100.74 KB, 960x1006, 400uengz7n381.jpeg)

No. 1385747

No. 1385876

Well technically his didn’t, his mother did. Lol

No. 1385914

I can never picture them having sex. And now he’s such a fucking fatass he can’t see his dick when he looks down

No. 1386399

i cant be the only one who thinks hila looks just like donna with her new hair color. when i first saw it in the thumbnail i legit thought it was donna. no real contribution other than that just curious if anyone else agrees

No. 1386504

i also thought about that & it's kinda creepy. they are slowly morphing into his parents. while the father has the addiction to porn the son is addicted to kavanaugh, trisha, keemstar and ofc fast food. he feeds off of it, it gives him a kick, that is also why he sought out the nikocado guy to get his fix. both father and son can't let it be while their significant others are desperatly doing anything to try and get a crumb of attention and care from them.

No. 1386559

File: 1638818003331.png (863.45 KB, 1206x669, E48A1647-F76D-4FEA-8D72-8C9DE1…)

Donna and Hila have looked like each other for a long time

No. 1388827

During the first Q&A video I saw with Ethan's parents years ago, my boyfriend turned to me and said "What the fuck his mom looks like Hila"

No. 1388856

File: 1639038437839.webm (2.01 MB, 288x288, I wish I could say this was ev…)

No. 1388910

The man laughing about Trisha going vegan as if its outrageous, when he did the exact same thing and failed kek

No. 1388952

How did the Families Hanukkah podcast episode go?

No. 1388961

i think they talked about trisha and moses a bunch
bless this edit anon, kek

No. 1388971

He misses Trisha badly. I kinda feel for Hila

No. 1389182

Ethans anorexic parents berated him for being fat

No. 1389299

File: 1639094315368.jpg (241.22 KB, 1080x788, 20211209_175154.jpg)

can newfags wait until this stuff gets posted for non-members before asking to be spoonfed? idk about another anons, but i am absolutely not paying for a membership.

No. 1389308

anyway, at 10mins in, ethan has everyone start chanting 'families' because he accidentally called the episode frenemies, kek.

No. 1389474

It’s a reference to a vin diesel meme

No. 1389517

Look at how fat his face has gotten, Jesus Christ.

No. 1389562

File: 1639124505890.jpeg (230.24 KB, 1242x2688, oqmxydu6kn481.jpeg)

>threatening to rape their deceased daughter for posting positive comments on my Instagram

Ethan's fans are fucking disgusting and unhinged. The guy who received the rape threats talks about it in the comment section of pic related: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXSkaHbLUhP/ He has a 5 months old baby girl and had a sick child who died in 2019. There is also another person in that comment section receiving threats against his daughter, a child of about 10 years old.

No. 1389577

did they made ethan bigger so that his hands wouldn't look small in comparison to his mom's hands?

No. 1389586

File: 1639129245406.png (524.06 KB, 948x815, l4vi3KA.png)

ethan liked a tiktok of trisha's stalker ex fan so now she dedicated her whole tik tok to him.

imagine how unhinged he'd be if he wasn't under hila's control. he's dying to talk about trisha

No. 1389588

File: 1639129410261.png (646.98 KB, 1634x855, 3DvLZds.png)

No. 1389602

yeah, it's an unfunny meme that comes across obsessive and culty every other time it's used, but it's funny as fuck that he had to make the reference because he called the podcast 'frenemies'

No. 1389849

I still cant believe they broadcasted that r/frenemies2 (now r/trishyland) as their "home base". Bunch of grown ass people encouraging their fans to still harass Trisha. And then also encouraging fans to harass Ryan Kav dude for months. I wish another big yter would call their asses out for this high school-esque bullying shit. It is so petty and embarrassing, how do they not see that?

I honestly hope the lawsuit fucks them over. Also funny how when drama went down at the end of frenemies everyone was like "Donna is right, if anything happens to the baby it is on trisha" but no one is saying how the stress of being sued could have on the baby. I used to be a fan of h3 but damn they are so fake & mean spirited I cannot stand them.

No. 1389851

They lived long enough to become the villains.. A bit ironic isn't it?

No. 1389895

The stalker fan is asking Ethan if she could use his seat for Trisha's wedding. She flew to LA from FL and has been "joking" a while now that she is gonna crash the wedding. The caption of the video Ethan liked reads; Morning flights to weddings you were uninvited from are so fun.. Here's some pics of the sunrise I took!
Why is he is encouraging this creepy behavior?

No. 1389914

Are there any youtube channels (besides Petty Paige) that have pointed out what a victim blaming pos Mysterious Tea is? It's disturbing that she tells her young audience it's "unlikely" to be molested by multiple individuals or respected community members can't be rapists. Trisha's fellow classmate corroborated that the man molested his students ffs

I also thought it was "cool" that teachers were sexually interested in me as a child, but according to MT real victims don't do that. Gen Z learned the term grooming but didn't learn shit about how predators actually groom children. Spoiler alert: they look for the girls who've already been "broken in"

No. 1390003

File: 1639175541467.jpg (315.21 KB, 1938x1080, 20211210_163105.jpg)

isn't one of trisha's & moses' weddings soon? ethan & hila are going over their wedding photos live.

No. 1390020

File: 1639177364691.jpg (868.43 KB, 2220x1080, 53952211211.jpg)

They said Hila's mom brought the wedding book to them (she's in town for the wedding.) I think it was her way of reminding family is family. It's sad Ethan can't let it go. When a picture of Moses with Ethan sister came up. He said this is my sister with someone from Hila's family.

No. 1390065

this after dark is so depressing, kek. ethan keeps bragging that he's got plans to have nik do a show at the end of january, and hila keeps pointing out this is around her due date (and might cause issues) but ethan is so desperate to meet with nik that he keeps saying it'll be okay.

No. 1390104

This shit is sad. This is his fans idea of a healthy relationship. Honestly its depressing as fuck. I know Hilas a cool girl, but damn its hard to watch another woman going through that… Pregnant with the second child, the whole focus of her husband during the pregnancy was another woman, and when it wasnt, it was his obsession with shit stories or weird porn acts, or Keemstar, or Ryan whatever, its always something else with Ethan.

Its hard because Ethan is like this since always and always gave signs he was like this and Hila supported him, but damn its impossible to see this crap and not feel bad. I think they dont realize how close to a freakshow their life has become. Ethan seems to not get excited over mundane shit, it has to be something over the top freakish to catch his attention.

No. 1390236

serves him right

No. 1390351

What makes me livid is that literally no one cares hes a misogynist. Im starting to notice a lot of youtubers are.

No. 1390389

Society is full of misogyny, but men kill themselves more by their own hands so man hate online is sooo evil cause men are poor victims and not killers with no empathy for women, unless its their mother they secretly want to fuck.

No. 1390494

Ethan being a mysoginistic pig is what disgusts me the most about him because it's such a stark contrast with his fake woke facade.

No. 1390767

File: 1639272272562.png (640.45 KB, 1463x827, N781vRj.png)

this unhinged bitch is still trying to get into the wedding. i hope it ends up in something funny like her getting arrested.

No. 1390808

How deranged and embarrassing, who cares enough about some person online to go through that effort to crash a wedding. She’ll probably just get kicked out or turned away at the entrance so what’s even the point

No. 1390822

>I know she has people watching me
I hope it's the police

No. 1390847

File: 1639284928282.jpeg (147.83 KB, 640x1128, dmjqfqu7z0581.jpeg)

Trisha and Moses got married

No. 1390850

Aw, they look terrible. I hope they have a long happy marriage just to spite Ethan and his fans.

No. 1390851

File: 1639285314359.jpeg (73.09 KB, 640x859, 7k3cse6961581.jpeg)

The H3 fans are in the comments wishing Hila happy birthday

No. 1390856

Trisha really was the final peak of his online career…

I don’t doubt that he was/is sexually attracted to her. What happened to focusing on the future and his crew?

No. 1390900

File: 1639293980782.jpg (185.92 KB, 720x959, 20211212_012428.jpg)

And already the h3 foot soldiers are cracking fat jokes on their subreddit aka h3s "home base"

No. 1390903

I think Trisha looks nice but Moses looks a damn fool. it’s crazy that they’re so obsessed with Trisha after so long and obsess over her every move. I think most of her attention is from her haters and how have they not learned that’s her schtick and what gets her attention/money.

No. 1390906

File: 1639294236950.jpg (118.72 KB, 720x1093, 20211212_012411.jpg)

Also samefag but apparently Ethan made it out like today was Hila's birthday and the fans are still spamming Trisha's accounts with "Happy birthday unproblematic queen Hila!"
Ethan is such a nasty fat asshole, literally starting shit on Trisha's wedding day for no reason. I'm not even a fan of Trisha, I used to like h3 until frenemies ended, but Ethan and his crew & fans are so obsessed with Trisha and love to try and torment her all the damn time. Its such bullshit that Ethan and them catch 0% flack for any of it.

No. 1390914

honestly it’s pathetic how long ethan has held onto his grudge for trisha. why try to attack her on her wedding day months after frenemies was ended? it’s honestly embarrassing

No. 1390920

Honestly kind of funny that they are rubbing it in Hila's face if anything.

No. 1390931

File: 1639297531025.png (284.45 KB, 595x612, christine.png)

The woman on the right was previously harassed and accused of faking her pregnancy because of Hila's comments >>1378304

Christine responded to tea channels saying that Trisha copied her wedding

No. 1390942

Hahaha wtf if they want to see more of Trisha on their fyp, interacting with her content is a good way to do it. I guess treating her to that bump in the algorithm is a fair wedding present. Who the hell cares about a mid-30s birthday anyway? You get a birthday every year. I don't know of anyone who gets married every year let the poor bitch be happy damn
She may be fat but that's not new, she looks good. Has she destroyed so many lives she doesn't deserve one day of happiness? She's a cow, not a terrorist. People are dying, Ethan.
>>1390931 Absolute class act.

No. 1390959

Seriously, they are rewarding her if anything with all the interaction. People just love to take her bait.

lmao, the layers to this.

No. 1390978

File: 1639305181158.png (375.44 KB, 718x466, Catnipz.png)

Moses' ex-gf is also in Trishyland commenting on the wedding

No. 1390992

I know it’s an old trend but someone needs to do a “curb your hypocrisy” video about Ethan being all like “stop talking about me, Trisha, I don’t want to be involved in drama” at the end of frenemies to still being obsessed with her a year later .

No. 1391007

Can't believe she wore black, looks like a garbage bag.

No. 1391009

It's not even Hila's birthday, it's the day before and iirc the date of Trisha's wedding was set by the venue.

No. 1391011

kek, i hope trisha and moses had a beautiful day, while ethan is disrespecting his wife by calling her hildy to impress a funnier/fatter slob.

No. 1391013

Lol everything connects and it's beautiful.
What's with this embarrassing college?

No. 1391042

Exactly lmfao. On her due date Ethan will be all about Nik and his poop on the chair skits. Their marriage is such a joke, Ethan has no respect at all for her. I feel like crap for Hila often but come on, why doesnt she call this bullshit out… The fans spamming happy birthday on Trishas page was so sad and embarassing.

The fans and Ethan are also salty because they got married. They are already making jokes saying they will get a divorce in no time… Imagine the look on their face when Hila and Ethan get a divorce. They have a lot of nerve to talk about Trishas appearance when Ethan and Hila look the way they do.

No. 1391056

File: 1639322348474.jpeg (264.75 KB, 1170x2532, 6fcpun3sly481.jpeg)

No. 1391118

Lol "your honor, I liked two whole tweets telling my fans to not contact him"

No. 1391443

File: 1639357143605.jpg (606.46 KB, 1080x1785, 635213025058.jpg)

Moses' mom and other sister at the wedding. Ethan is holding a grudge so Hila has to miss her own brother's wedding.

No. 1391639

wow. WOW. The fucking audacity of Ethan, what the absolute fuck. Disgusting asshole.

No. 1391645

Did Trisha purposely have her wedding on Hila's birthday? Lmaoooo what a massive cunt. Hilarious though.

No. 1391678

File: 1639379771675.jpeg (77.75 KB, 828x1583, ryx1fwrij6581.jpeg)

Found this in their subreddit

In the latest Leftovers, Ethan said that Ghislaine Maxwell is hot and was obsessing over her foot massages photos

No. 1391747

no, hila’s birthday was the next day

No. 1391768

The cherry on top is that the fans claim to love Hila, but just like Ethan, they made Hilas birthday all about Trisha lmao. How they dont realize this is beyond me. I guess thats where being a nice girl gets you.

Hes a good man, i can tell. Hes very worried about women being groomed and abused, its not just a tool to use agaisnt people that weng agaisnt him.

No. 1391769

has he been double possessed by the ghosts of Epstein and Lowtax?

No. 1391786

File: 1639397277035.png (333.21 KB, 549x627, wedding.png)

Did Ethan do anything special for Hila's birthday or was he too busy looking at Trisha's wedding photos?

The fans are loving these wedding photos kek

No. 1391814

I doubt he did anything, he is very prideful in the fact that his wife doesnt care about "material stuff". I remember one time before frenemies Trisha asked Ethan if he was going to get a gift for Hila because he had done something that upset her earlier that day, and his response was "pffft, no. We share a bank account anyway and Hila doesnt care about jewerly". I seriously wish she would dry up that shared bank account or get a massive expensive ring just to see his eyebrows reaction.

No. 1391816

File: 1639400718673.png (1.62 MB, 1656x3585, daphney.png)

Daphney reappeared too.

>Ethan and Hila are not attending the wedding cuz they stand by Daphney and her accusations against Moses!

These people are so delusional.

No. 1391915

She's so fucking sad and pathetic at this point.

No. 1391933

it seems like Moses's family is in good terms with Trisha, his brother also liked her instagram posts.

No. 1391943

Why would someone having their wedding on a family members birthday make them a cunt? Because it's Hila's birthday the only person allowed to have a celebration is Hila? I'm sorry but is Hila 5 and will throw a tantrum otherwise? What the absolute fuck anon.

I think the most alarming thing is about Ethan and Hila not being there is because Ethan called Moses a rapist on his podcast to millions of viewers. Like h3 incels are getting hot and bothered this wedding was on the groom's sister's birthday but the groom's brother in law called him a RAPIST

LOL like would you want a man that called you a rapist at your wedding. What a shitshow. Ethan had ruined Hila's relationship with her family and all those stupid cunts were saying shit about Trisha. Like ethan's ma said Trisha was going to be liable if Hila miscarriaged. The Kleins are mental

No. 1392005

Is Daphney accusing Moses of rape? I totally missed that(sage)

No. 1392128


iirc, she claimed that he stealthed her, which quickly devolved into "legally, that's Assault" and "he RAPED me"

The initial boning was completely consensual, only the (alleged) condom removal was sketch.

No. 1392253

File: 1639438513782.jpeg (125.7 KB, 946x2048, 7F2878E6-859E-49D7-BDE7-495959…)

>Moses raped me
This you daphne?

No. 1392266

Because Trisha clearly doesnt/didn’t like Hila. Not saying it’s intentional but I can totally see how Trisha might do something like have her wedding around her birthday to take attention away from Hila

No. 1392383

Aren't weddings a pain in the ass to bookmark? I don't know where it was held but usually people can't just pick and choose it. Plus no one cares about a 30 something turning into a 30 something+1, normal people wouldn't be bothered.

No. 1392436

File: 1639460550691.png (294.5 KB, 640x463, u1rirclzgd581.png)


No. 1392439

They actually went out of their way to not talk about it the whole episode which is good.. but their clickbait thumbnails are getting ridiculous

No. 1392443

His fat face is so disgusting. I always get his clickbait shit podcast recommended so I had to block the channel, it’s ridiculous they used to call out clickbait cheap content and now that’s their cash cow so it’s no big deal.

No. 1392468

Let’s just say it’s not outside the realm of possibility. And Trisha strikes me as the type of person who would be pissed if the situation was reversed

No. 1392495

So..what are you saying is Trisha would have booked her wedding day to day to Hila’s birthday if she could?(sage)

No. 1392508

Yes, let's reverse the situation. If Trisha would have made this much of a big deal out of someone having a wedding on the same weekend as her birthday, everyone would have called her immature and told her get the fuck over it. Why should it be different with Hila?

No. 1392540

why are you wasting space nitpicking hypothetical 'what if's instead of the things that are actually happening? ethan has his fans outright thinking hila's birthday is the day before it actually is.
any h3 stans that wander in here need to read the rules and revisit this >>1359121 post, because lolcow (including this thread) isn't for spelling out things to people that refuse to think in any capacity.

No. 1392563

File: 1639481717421.webm (6.64 MB, 1244x720, m2y0fkfclc581.webm)

Adam McIntyre went to the Wendy Williams show to talk about his "friend" Moses who recently got married to Trisha and wants some advice on how to deal with it.

No. 1392564

File: 1639481811474.png (52.25 KB, 598x278, epicshit.png)

Ethan is proud of what Adam did

No. 1392573

God he's so obsessed, i wonder how their family conversations are about all this behind closed doors. Can't imagine hilas parents are happy about ethan directing a hatemob towards moses wedding.

No. 1392579

They probably now see what their dad was talking about. Hilas dad didnt like Ethan. Sometimes people realize things before us…

No. 1392600

File: 1639486410775.jpg (241.48 KB, 1125x1347, fluid beings.jpg)