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File: 1633642380222.jpeg (182.62 KB, 933x708, 730D3F6A-2905-4A25-B692-D6AEE7…)

No. 1343274

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Last Thread:
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>Including one of her kneeling for an awkward camp photo, >>1332523
>Shayna continues to be a disgusting degenerate >>1332745, and asks for money for a video of her pink scissors in her snatch, >>1332747
>Makes a video of her sticking a lollipop in her shit hole, >>1342636, charges $100 for it but coomer couldn’t afford to spend kek, >>1342637,
>Pan handling for money to buy groceries >>1333319, then dirty deletes when no one send her money in true Shaynus fashion
>Spergs about haters and how dumb farmers are >>1333984, says we fucked up finding out who her gf is. (PS we know it’s Ellen, fatty)
>Talks about farmers messaging Fupa’s ex wife about her being a whore for a living >>1333987, days she’ll never post another one of her partners again
>Lurking the thread, >>1334023
>Shayna gets a white slightly pink iPhone >>1334199, with an ugly tacky case
>Shayna and Ellen have matching cellulite covered flat asses (relationship goals), >>1334420
>Alcohol bloat fat face, >>1334844, >>1337713, Shay Puft, >>1336685
>Says she’s not selling advice for sex work as if anyone asked her recently >>1336512,
>Shayna makes a seeking arrangements account, >>1336771, >>1336774
>Shayna goes to LA with Ellen >>1339160, asks Twitter if anyone wants to film with her, >>1339241
>Ellen spanks Shayna off camera, >>1339271, >>1339273, but we can see her hand,
>Shayna has a meltdown about her failure of a “career” asks what she’s doing wrong, >>1339642, >>1339644
>Shayna says her holes cost more than $700, when they cost $3 a month and a cheeseburger, >>1340012
>Plans to film with skinny scrote with Fupaul gloves in LA >>1340054, >>1340061, >>1340163, >>1341184
>Hot dog nails >>1340520
>Shayna still wearing outdated clothes from 2013 and doc martins that haven’t been in style for 5 years, >>1340759, >>1341357, >>1341609
>More incest bullshit >>1341012
>Shayna looking like a cavewoman with cellulite all over, >>1341828, nonnies make funny edits, >>1341838, >>1341878, >>1341880,
>Shay hog’s new bed >>1342084
>Shayna is such a nice girl! She just wants to see people thrive!! >>1342133, two days later calls farmers hateful cunts and implies we are jealous >>1342893


Ellen (Shayna’s “girlfriend”)

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No. 1343275

File: 1633642454662.jpeg (230.01 KB, 933x1321, 4529423C-D8F5-4C29-8409-B715F7…)

No. 1343281

File: 1633642747212.jpeg (926.08 KB, 1242x1691, 314DD2C0-D14C-471C-9412-D5EE31…)

Drunk at the airport again

No. 1343282

grab your popcorn ladies! here comes the shitshow (hopefully). I am praying to the cow gods for some decadent full fat whole milk from shayna. I know it's asking a lot at this point though lol

No. 1343283

File: 1633642818370.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1204x1777, C41C3D04-294C-4587-9F4B-B70768…)

I love how there is a shit-stain underneath ‘her anal’ and ‘brat’ pins

No. 1343304

Alcoholic Shay over here paying airport prices just to get drunk before a flight. Bleak.

No. 1343317

File: 1633645579881.png (965.74 KB, 2048x1163, Screenshot_20211007-152605.png)

I feel sorry for whoever has to sit next to these freak shows

No. 1343320

Isn't it like three in the afternoon there?

No. 1343329

So fucking trashy, imagine seeing some ugly greasy bitch with an “anal” pin on her bag and she’s wasted out of her mind with her gut spilling out of her Shein crop top and she’s talking in an annoying baby voice. Thank god for mask requirements.

No. 1343335

It's not even 4pm in Seattle and she's already acting sloppily drunk and retarded. How the fuck is Ellen, a 30-something-year-old woman, putting up with this? She must be equally as desperate and retarded. Bringing a toddler on a plane would be less messy, loud, and embarassing, kek.

No. 1343339

Maybe it is actually bimbo of her to have a $5 polyester shein bag with poop stains on it. Too dumb to care!
Also yes it's tiny but the anal pin is so nasty this cow truly has no shame

No. 1343349

>>How the fuck is Ellen, a 30-something-year-old woman, putting up with this? She must be equally as desperate and retarded.
She is, she's not even happy with Shayna, have you seen the tweets posted in the past thread? She was just whining about feeling ugly & shit,About crying and all that.She's shayna in the future when Shayna stops even pretending these rushed relationships are amazing.
She seems to be Shayna's possible ride, someone to take pictures of her or join her when she takes ugly photoshoots outside and just a friend. They aren't truly into eachother, they are two lonely mentally ill women who settle for eachother.

No. 1343350

Does this bint realize all it takes is annoying a flight attendant to get kicked off a plane these days?Especially since retards are now getting physical with FA's over wearing a mask. Many flights are not even serving booze anymore so she is really going to stick out. As for Ellen "putting up with" shay…anyone willingly with a pedo pandering woman, is nothing but the bottom of the barrel degenerate. These two literally deserve one another.

No. 1343360

this, she had just been crying about føøpæ and sniffing his greasy shirt when she suddenly announced she has a gf. she showed more emotion when she was crying over him, than she ever has while being with that helen woman. no cutesy and loving tweets about being so in love, just "i have a gf now, i'm going to call her mumma cus it fits the pedo pandering thing i have going right now"

No. 1343384

Shay only mentions her in a kink way or lonely cow just happy to have any attention.

No. 1343385

Ellen has been able to escape back to her apartment when Shayna gets too annoying in the past (if they actually arent room mates) so will he interesting to see this test of their “relationship”. Already looks like its off to a rocky start. I predict they hate eachother by the end of this trip.

No. 1343401

File: 1633653232693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1152x2208, 0B617ACD-43F0-480A-9CE8-8ED710…)

Keep packing on the pounds oink oink

No. 1343405

God I cant imagine having to be out somewhere and seeing this drunk sped and her bootleg Sangie "gf" out like this. Just the sheer annoyance they have to deal with from shaynus being overly loud and trying to act like an overbearing child because she thinks its gonna make her look cutesy when really its just sad and pathetic.

No. 1343406

File: 1633653306206.png (Spoiler Image,8.22 MB, 1242x2208, 79388389-0E1D-42B5-A5FE-084F04…)

She really went to the airport like this…

No. 1343409

File: 1633653328105.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, EEBFE875-77A2-472D-8558-714AE1…)

No. 1343413

File: 1633653413945.jpeg (714.2 KB, 828x1378, 96DDA7FA-DA9A-4237-8608-125CEA…)

She is truly the ugliest cow.

No. 1343414

File: 1633653643246.jpeg (599.17 KB, 1067x1281, 832313C4-BDF0-4897-8F31-58CAA0…)

Full video:
And agreed I don’t get why some anons say she’s average, she’s very ugly and unfortunate looking

No. 1343416

her eyes look so dead

No. 1343419

File: 1633654067252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1242x1745, 57DC33FD-1D92-476F-94A8-DF214A…)

No. 1343424

File: 1633654243343.jpeg (321.43 KB, 785x741, 27B0C466-AB5C-4019-8D2B-068423…)

Anyone paying for this is a sad human being.

No. 1343435

Do y’all think she had to sell her ACL tickets (if she even had them in the first place)? The festival she was supposed to be going to with Colleen is going to conclude this weekend and it looks like she’s not going at this point

No. 1343444

Can she at least pull her sweatpants over her gunt jfc it's like she purposely wants it spilling out

No. 1343446

File: 1633656687977.png (714.04 KB, 2027x2048, Screenshot_20211007-183120.png)

Like this guy?

No. 1343449

Oh god I thought I was exaggerating saying a Shein crop top but this is somehow worse, she’s so predictably retarded and blind to common decency.

No. 1343450

god that scrote is so incredibly sad. i feel bad for the woman in his profile.

No. 1343467

She’s just as degenerate as shatna from what another anonita said last thread. She’s also a $3 OF whore

No. 1343469

File: 1633659533464.jpeg (157.79 KB, 1242x392, 44F055E9-065B-474A-9E98-9816B1…)

>1 like

No. 1343477

File: 1633660254439.jpeg (367.49 KB, 828x830, CB01E3A8-2F6B-4CF9-9741-CB67FA…)

Really wonder where shes gonna start expecting her money? Lmfao
Its sad that she'll have to explain to Olive Garden Management why she has inevitably no previous job history and the only experience she has is with kitchenware… And its mainly just in her asshole.

No. 1343481

>And agreed I don’t get why some anons say she’s average, she’s very ugly and unfortunate looking
Based anon, i just can’t decide who’s objectively uglier, ellen degenerate or shaysquatch. on one hand shay has every unfortunate facial feature possible and a playdoh brick as a body, but even though Ellen is slightly thinner her disgusting cottage cheese texture skin and aging/overall sad looking face makes it a close race.

No. 1343483

It’s not like she makes that much that it’ll be a huge cut, maybe 10 percent of creep coomer tips will go to the government but she’s in the lower tax bracket anyway. It’ll take a lot more to get her to get a real working job with stability and skill involved

No. 1343495

She really does think she's a cute bimbo living some lavish life and I can't believe the delusion when the mirror is right in front of her. She looks busted and like a homeless crack whore. Like who told her wearing sweatpants like that with the waistline hoisting your beer gut was a look?? Just pull them over your fat fupa ffs. And she wore that to the airport… it made sense for Oklahoma, but trailer trash lazy retard sticks out elsewhere.

No. 1343496

If it's ending this weekend and she's going to LA now, obviously not. Funny how that fell apart.

No. 1343497

File: 1633664243301.jpeg (128.47 KB, 1206x1722, D9DC4C3C-7E5D-4DF0-B0ED-5FFD1A…)

White trash

No. 1343504

Something about this reminds me of the you know I had to do it to em meme, but the Walmart couture white trash version

No. 1343509

she's not gonna be smart enough to save up money every month to pay her taxes at the end of the year. She regularly begs for money to cover expenses she should have built into her monthly budget. There's no way she could handle ~5k (very rough estimate) worth of taxes due at one time.

No. 1343511

Is that the airport or the BnB because it looks more like a hotel or something

No. 1343516

I found ellen degenerate's fetlife, though it hasnt been updated in 10 years (NSFW obviously) https://fetlife.com/users/72398
god I wanna find her facebook or something, all I know is her name is Ellen and her last name starts with a D

No. 1343517

I don't think she fully realizes how expensive it is in LA. she was just complaining about how she can't afford rent and how she's not getting paid as much but she's going on trips to expensive cities. she cant even keep consistent with her guilt trips, I cant wait til her coomers give up on her because all she does is lie.

No. 1343518

Wow, that outfit really makes her look huge. I'm not surprised, but she really has no shame. When she sits down in public there is no way she isn't showing 2-3 huge rolls. She's overweight (obviously) but if she wore clothes that fit she would look way less so. I wonder how shocked the twig dom is going to be when he sees her hulking up to him.

No. 1343522

Damn you have to be a member to see her dumb profile.
>starts with a D
Yeah degenerate kek

No. 1343527

File: 1633667581489.jpeg (418.43 KB, 750x1039, 42681DF7-47E8-4687-BBE8-DD0422…)

It’s old so it’s not very milky, but even 10 years ago she was busted af looking

No. 1343528

File: 1633667620675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.89 KB, 750x551, A83CAAF6-BBB5-4FD8-937D-173F2A…)

No. 1343531

genuinely horrifying. I’ve regretted opening many of the pictures in these threads but never have I feared one like this.

No. 1343538

shes literally shayna in 5-10 years

No. 1343540

File: 1633668762642.gif (1.25 MB, 640x392, 471BFB8B-4B85-4242-8838-F143E3…)

Bitch WHY

No. 1343542

If Ellen is 32 now then she was only 21 in that pic from 2010, her and Shay both just look much older then their ages

No. 1343559

Big fucking yikes lol. So depressing to think that she is shaynus new disposable person. Get your life together before she uses and throws you away, she's incapable of love.

No. 1343560

Her eye sockets are so bloated she looks like she has Crouzon syndrome.

I regret opening this.

No. 1343569

Lmao is she still with the dude/s on her profile? God so cringe

No. 1343573

No she’s had several daddies/dommes and they’ve all left that’s why she’s desperate enough to be with Shay

No. 1343604

jesus christ

this looks like a hotel room, there are a bunch of small boutique hotel rooms listed on airbnb in and around LA so maybe she wasn't lying about getting an airbnb/using it

she definitely is going to have to beg for more cash if she wants to do stuff in LA that seems appropriately glitzy and fancy and ~bimbo. i can't imagine they rented a car so even getting around will probably cost her quite a bit in uber fees.

kind of hoping they go to rodeo drive or something so we get some pathetic pork sweat selfies/photos but also some spiraling tweets (or "omg they know who i am!!"/"this waiter was totally flirting with me!!" outright lies) bc she'll seethe seeing a bunch of wannabe influencers & girls that have actual sugar daddies and are prettier than her and half her size irl

No. 1343638

That can't be "proper" bondage, right? Why is the bloodflow to her tits cut off so badly, who thought this is a good pic

No. 1343662

Jesus, she really did spend too much time in Oklahoma if she things is appropriate attire for exploring LA. She’s looks homeless. She couldnt even try?

No. 1343673

I don't know much about bandage, but I don't think it's a sport intended for fat people.

No. 1343681

That is what's so funny. She loves to claim she's such a uwu bimbo while looking like she's a baby mama to a guy named Cletus and who buys her clothes at the Family Dollar. That she got on a plane looking like this says so much about her but certainly not what shay thinks.

No. 1343691

File: 1633703294334.png (1.31 MB, 1638x2048, Screenshot_20211008-072523.png)

Is anyone able to confirm this building's location? I saw something in El Segundo on Google Maps, but I'm not sure if it's this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1343699

You're being creepy.

No. 1343713

Yeah, anon, this is kind creepy. She's in LA; we don't need to hunt down her exact location. This isn't KF.

No. 1343715

>Rape Play
What the fuck.

No. 1343717

We don’t need to weaponize lolcow’s autism for this, if anything, people should just stay as far away as possible from shart, and we already know who she is, this isn’t some sort of Bloated Corpse Ex-Husband kind of situation.

No. 1343723

Dox men only because scrotes lurk here.

No. 1343739

Nah Shay. Ellen did this to herself(hi cow)

No. 1343740

They've been doing that in this thread for years

No. 1343742

Pretty sure that's at the old man's house, right?

No. 1343750

File: 1633710395357.jpeg (127.46 KB, 1242x314, 73368C4B-C6FB-4E2F-8D5D-4D78E4…)

No. 1343751

File: 1633710466758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,436.29 KB, 1223x982, 4F13B3B3-F40A-4978-8DF9-2728FF…)

No. 1343757

Nah you ain't Belle you ugly bitch. Things like that would just make her somehow worse. She's just trying to sexualize braces because they're typically a kid/teen thing. Nasty ass.
Also she needs a lot of other work done on her teeth rather than braces. She could start with brushing them regularly.

No. 1343760

Her teeth don’t even need braces. They’re straight. She has yellow rat snaggleteeth and needs to get them fixed

No. 1343761

The caption said "made it to the hotel!" so idk if they're staying in a hotel the first night and literally renting a bnb room to be disgusting pigs in and do porn the following day or what buy I hate it. Imagine going from Washington to LA just to make really shitty gross porn with your fake gf and some random scrote instead of shopping, going places, and doing fun things. Why even spend the money at that point that she's gonna need for rent. She's got places locally she can shoot at.

No. 1343763

no if she got them it'd be hilarious, they'd look horrible

No. 1343765

Can't believe Belle used to follow shatna, kek

No. 1343768

> She’s looks homeless
Don’t worry, she’ll fit right in. Look at the girls who work Figueroa… they look as shit as her on weekdays kek

No. 1343769

Agreed, there’s no way she’s making back her “investment” in this trip through content sales

No. 1343773

File: 1633713601607.jpeg (374.46 KB, 1242x1355, C31C2E22-CCCD-4958-8AD8-22B743…)

Woof Jason r Womack loves feeding the hog

No. 1343775

Fatty really brags about UberEats gift cards thinking she’s made it

No. 1343788

I hope she gets them, imagine how greasy she will look.
But then again, since she never brushes her teeth, it might turn into something horrifying way too quickly.

No. 1343789

$50 for two people to eat…in LA. Kek. Shay, continually showing that you make less than minimum wage in the south for prolapsing your asshole is not the flex you think it is.

No. 1343797

"Sexiest woman alive and beautiful gf" I know Womack is butt ugly but jfc can the delusions come back down to earth. Like be reasonable.

No. 1343815

File: 1633717236395.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1242x1648, 33AD3269-091A-458B-A92B-464890…)

Fatty Mattel

No. 1343817

Holy fuck this is repulsive. Her tits look like they're gonna burst. That with this Plain Jane ren-faire looking bitch and that smile are TOO much jfc. This chick looks early 40s. A bleak look into shatna's future.

No. 1343821

her nails look like they were carved from a mr. potato head

No. 1343823

She looks like a mom of 4 who lives in a motel 6 with jason r womack and drives a filthy minivan full of snack crumbs and trash with crusty residue from her spilled big gulps.

No. 1343825

File: 1633717937189.jpeg (Spoiler Image,951.31 KB, 1242x1225, E84803A6-F2B2-4A8B-A0B2-9117C7…)

No. 1343835

Omg anon look at her teeth, the two front ones are sticking out and the rest are going in different directions.

No. 1343847

Your “Jason R Womack” jokes are never funny.

No. 1343864

File: 1633721242406.gif (494.93 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

No. 1343873

Not really that creepy, this is like one or two exits away from LAX, she was basically still at the airport.

No. 1343881

at least she showered

No. 1343884

nta they’re really not funny

No. 1343892

File: 1633723327955.png (7.59 MB, 1242x2208, 7C72F512-FC59-409D-BE03-F8836A…)

Why does she have a pile of shit on her head? kek

No. 1343893

File: 1633723399575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1127x2208, EC0BB7FF-9D56-4ECD-9A8E-B17DC7…)

She looks like an $2 LA streetwalking crack whore

No. 1343894

You're so right, it's the exact shade of brown. A brown French manicure. She is so hyperfocused on her dirty brown recluse that things that are meant to be pink in her life end up a roasted ham color. It's almost poetic

No. 1343896

File: 1633723501280.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.45 KB, 1206x1641, BF756993-F89B-4A5A-A7B2-664BC5…)

No. 1343897

Kek anon what you said was poetic

No. 1343901

it never fails to make me laugh when she wears her skirt that high kek it's so pathetic that she still tries to make it fit somehow

No. 1343902

Because she has curly hair but doesn’t take care of it so it looks like literal shit

No. 1343910

Is she showing off how nothing fits on her fat fridge body?

No. 1343912

Is it safe to see that this is the worst she’s ever looked? Turd pyramid on her head, one eye only slightly open like she’s too drunk/high to see straight, the stupid smirk, the jowls, the ill fitting “bimbo” outfit in complete contrast to her body and face. I’m blown away. I know it’s said a lot can’t believe she posted this.

No. 1343918

File: 1633724373878.jpeg (313.26 KB, 792x918, 0D45606B-59E2-49AD-A10C-9A3C03…)

No. 1343920

>turd pyramid
Kek I love this thread you ladies crack me up

No. 1343924

File: 1633724957033.jpg (124.53 KB, 1400x788, grinch.jpg)

This is beyond hideous to the point that it's horrific. How stoned and drunk out of her tiny mind does she have to be to think that this is a good look. It's like watching a sow in heat gyrate in an attempt to attract a mate.

She also looks like the grinch in that screenshot.

No. 1343927

She looks like a fucking slug, the videos just make me feel so embarrassed.

No. 1343928

File: 1633725433433.gif (Spoiler Image,8.46 MB, 362x678, b9dbaa10663e8d882d42fedb626fc8…)

I hope this is the look shes going to film in its too funny

No. 1343947

File: 1633726390737.jpg (33.97 KB, 604x512, Roz.jpg)

No. 1343950

So cringey… not cute or funny. Also the skirt belt again? Even for whore attire, the bottom of the skirt isn't supposed to be completely above the ass. Obviously she's filming in that garbage, there's no way she could wear it outside. But in that case, are they just staying at a hotel and doing their gross content? What happened to the bnb or is that for her and that scrawny scrote?

No. 1343966

imagine renting out on air bnb and
this ugly hog jumps around on your couch lol

No. 1343968

She is straight up just doing parody porn, she should be legally classified as a retard otherwise, this is sad and disgusting.

No. 1343970

Man she's 24 and still doing the exact same thing she was doing at 18.. that's six years of very questionable progress… I just WISH if she was going to continue doing sex work she'd wear things that flatter her bigger figure

No. 1343974

No wonder some of them have such high cleaning fees, I’d burn my furniture if I knew some dirty pimpled ass was shaking around on it like that. Cover everything in plastic and lay down a tarp.

No. 1343980

I was going to say this is almost the worst she’s ever looked because she shooped the waist to hell and probably looks worse in person. But then anon came through with the video and she does look much wider than the photo. There’s nothing little or bimbo about this. Bleak.

No. 1343982

he's not going to be shocked, these pictures are available for him too. also, i looked at his twitter the other day and the first thing i saw was him fucking two women even fatter than shayna. seems like his brand is to be degenerate and disgusting so he'll probably love shayna

No. 1343986

File: 1633731695059.png (795.98 KB, 2048x1119, Screenshot_20211008-152013.png)

Imagine being stuck in LA traffic on a Friday afternoon after a long and tiring work week just wanting to go home for the weekend and you have this sped staring at you

No. 1343988

File: 1633731829569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,250.92 KB, 750x577, FA477888-DAFC-47EE-A604-AB18D3…)


No. 1343990

File: 1633731871320.jpeg (Spoiler Image,774.06 KB, 750x1089, D8EEA08F-7318-4352-BC58-3E010A…)

Ellen got some thicc wrists

No. 1343991

thats what i was thinking, unless that grid thing is a common thing for old, gross "doms" to own

No. 1343992

File: 1633732021032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,120.61 KB, 834x1200, B561497F-A13E-45E0-988F-B6FC58…)

She’s really going out with a hairball on top of her head. Just.. condition your hair… stop using cheap products meant for straight hair!!

No. 1343993

Also why is her tongue wavy like that keep it in your mouth if it’s fucked up

No. 1343996

I think she's definitely at the 300 lb mark no doubt

No. 1343997

Her fake nails don’t even look like nails, it looks like a long candy corn balancing on her finger

No. 1344000

She looks like she’s cosplaying Slutty Amberlynn Reid.

No. 1344001

there's so much to unpack in this picture jesus christ, it gets worse the more you look at it
> shayna struggling to fit the pink dildo comically attached to the window in her mouth
> gorilla posture
> wrinkled aliexpress skirt with cheap looking pink knee highs for some reason?
> her fucking face holy shit
> unwashed rats nest of hair
> hotdog nails holding on for dear life
> mummas bloated arm just barely in frame

No. 1344012

i thought the shadow from the buttplug was shaynas ballsack

No. 1344015

Shay actually doing content that fits her niche and is “decent”…

It’s the same as she could film from home.

Fucks SAKE Shay. Get a grip on your porn sick brain

No. 1344017

Did she ever say WHY she was going to LA?
She didn’t go just to meet up with that twinky “dom,” that happened after she already had the trip planned. So…why exactly is she there?

No. 1344030

Anon. She’s maybe 200. I see 170-190 all day, isn’t she 5’5” ish?

No. 1344040

i don’t understand, if she has a girlfriend why don’t they film proper girl-on-girl content together? coomers love that shit. ellen being off screen and sticking her fat wrist five inches into the frame isn’t going to titillate anyone. how is shay so bad at her job?

No. 1344041

kek, anon! i thought the same thing…fucked up candy corn nails.

No. 1344044

Shay is most likely embarrassed of her and doesn't want to acknowledge that we already know who Ellen is.

No. 1344045

Ellen isn't under 200

No. 1344048

she’s also nowhere near 300 pounds unless she’s under 5 feet tall. I’d put Ellen at 240 and Shay at 190.

No. 1344061

anon that’s not what 300 lbs looks like. she’s probably nearing 200, maybe around 160-180.

No. 1344062

Literally what is sexy about this? I know men would fuck a chicken sandwich given the chance, but they really get off to a frumpy woman dancing like a sped and waving a dildo around? and she wonders why she's not making money

No. 1344064

i swear she looks like she’s gained so much weight in the past month or so. relationship weight? kek

No. 1344077

she's been planning to go meet up with that guy for weeks. he's in her discord and they talked about it.

No. 1344086

First she said she was going to LA for something and asked if anyone wanted to do porn with her while she was there and he responded

No. 1344088

It’s was about shay, fuck. You think someone is going off a wrist pic talking about 300 pounds?

No. 1344089

It very well could be the same old mans dungeon because I’m pretty sure Ellen and Shay met through those BDSM parties Shay used to go to in Seattle when she first moved there. Same parties she met the old man and the lovinghandmade porn guy

No. 1344095

she was probably just trying to seem more important than she is like she always does

No. 1344099


I don’t think Shayna is much higher than 160-170. You have to remember that her body type holds weight very badly so she looks fat at a lower weight than anyone who doesn’t have an apple shaped body. She literally has to stay skinny to look anywhere close to acceptable.

No. 1344103

She must be, but then again would shayna be gushing and showing off a girlfriend right now? She's not into women, everything about men even the "Old man" is written about in a totally different way then she talks about her GF. Ellen is just a placeholder until Shayna finds a Fupaul replacement.
I can't think of one compliment or anything she's said about her. No wonder the lady was crying about feeling unattractive and not wanting to take pictures. She's with a chick who constantly takes pictures and she probably thinks Shayna is some kind of super hot chick or something.

No. 1344119

well she already tried acting like it was some kind of "own" on the "haters" that she wasn't revealing her gf's identity (even though anons called it weeks before)

No. 1344146


I agree with you. I had a shit body at the same height once upon a time, and my heighest weight was like 165. Regardless, it's still unfortunate as fuck. I'm not sure she knows what cowleries are.

No. 1344157

File: 1633747571525.png (744.44 KB, 1701x2048, Screenshot_20211008-194533.png)

Her ILoveDollyMattel account is so autistic

No. 1344158

That’s definitely Jason R Womack’s account or Shayna larping as a dumb scrote

No. 1344162

File: 1633747848709.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1359x2048, Screenshot_20211008-195021.png)

I think it's Shayna. She's also commenting on pixie's stuff

No. 1344166

Sounds like Jason R Womack. Shayna would never comment on another girl’s tweet with nothing to gain from it

No. 1344167

File: 1633748035088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,816.98 KB, 926x1617, 9BFB5422-612E-426A-B514-2C6679…)

No. 1344168

Yeah, I don't think shay is 190 either. But she's not to far off either, probably like 25 more lbs lol but she has one of the most unfortunate bodies I've ever seen, even for a fatty. Ellen is pretty grotesque too, but with shay, she acts like she's God's gift to mankind, and she somehow thinks her cheap aliexpress fetish gear and off brand bimbo look is redeeming her and she's entitled to act as lazy and dumb as she is. At least Ellen doesn't market herself as an uwu so smol bbgirl dumb bimbo dolly nympho. Shay is completely delusional, pretty soon she will have to start calling her stuff bbw

No. 1344174

us at lolcow.farm

No. 1344185

Nice armpit fat roll, tubby

No. 1344186

It's like male attention is her third vice after drinking and smoking. Don't feel bad for Ellen but she should cut Shayna off if she expects a real relationship from her.

No. 1344191

Kek, this is on par with her sitting on a plane and muttering "anal" under her breath the entire time. I'd be terrified if I were stuck in traffic and this hog was staring me down the entire time. She really thinks she's some irresistible goddess.

No. 1344192

Yeah and Ellen doesn’t even do sex work anymore, she doesn’t have an OF or anything just posts her gross body for free occasionally, she definitely knows her worth

No. 1344198

Depends on pain tolerance, ropes tight around boobs restricts blood flow and at first makes them feel painful. Some people want more or less pain, colour change happens it's pretty normal. It's done for similar reasons as nipple clamps, in that when the harness is undone there's the sensation of blood rushing back in and they feel sensitive. The rope looks like it's been wound a bunch around her chest, the thicker the harness the comfier for being hung from. Don't ask me how I know about this degeneracy.

No. 1344205

i'm rolling

No. 1344250

File: 1633757716333.png (541.78 KB, 818x439, festive.png)

No. 1344255

That’s definitely Womack.

Yea that totally happened. She’s so famous you guys. She just can’t go anywhere. Totes a pornstar.

No. 1344256

Anon here >>1343604 called it. Funny how she was just complaining that none of her (bought) followers interact with her yet wants everyone to believe a random in LA recognized her. Then again washed up whores that look like her are a dime a dozen so that could be why someone would say she look familiar kek

No. 1344296

The only reason I don't think it's Womack is because the account follows Ellen's Twitter. How would he know about her? Unless shatna told him about her or something

No. 1344312

No. 1344344

Since when is someone telling you that you look familiar the same as someone recognizing you? Doubt the conversation even happened but scrotes use that with women all the time. She is so unsocialized that she thinks regular small talk is a flex. Pathetic.

No. 1344351

When viewing a Shayna thread vaginal pimples, boils, gaping assholes, and overall dirtiness is to be expected. The retardation, though, is disturbingly unmatched every single time.

No. 1344379

literally. as >>1344256 said, she does look like a homeless person you’ve probably seen on the street before, so that’s probably what they meant. or maybe she reminds them of their mother in law kek.

No. 1344416

It is Womack, he has a very recognizable writing style. Womack is only sending Shay so much money because she's stringing him along and pretending she's into him. AKA they probably talk a lot and she uses him to vent.

No. 1344419

yeah i think shayna lowkey talks to womack a lot more than she would like to let on

No. 1344428

I'm pretty sure he's the main source of her income, excluding her parents

No. 1344459

Her ill fitting skirt looks like a lampshade

No. 1344461

File: 1633800271975.jpeg (213.16 KB, 1205x1784, E52412EA-BA94-42A7-B0C5-76E5EC…)

No. 1344462

File: 1633800389011.jpeg (811.16 KB, 1205x1581, 458BF492-EBE5-4232-AE34-CC8B13…)

Where’s the sexy people at?? Kek did she and Ellen swim alone like whales

No. 1344465

When is she meant to be doing her “big collab” that her and that bloke were wanting money for?

No. 1344469

wtf is on her head

No. 1344471

Alcohol and swimming sounds like a dangerous combination. But the idea of shay going into a pool with other people seems horrific on behalf of everyone since she doesn’t shower.

No. 1344477


Women Who post nudes for free are more disgusting and pathetic than women who ask for money regardless of how they look. Ellen should have some dignity and shut down her account.

No. 1344478

isn’t a hot spring supposed to be a naturally occurring thing? that looks like a shitty hot tub to me

No. 1344483

I wish she'd stop with this stupid tongue between teeth pose. It was revoltingly stupid when Miley Cyrus was doing it during her rebelling against daddy phase years ago and its still stupid now. It flatters absolutely no one.

No. 1344499

File: 1633805788398.jpeg (434.36 KB, 750x830, 1098A2B2-064B-4A8A-AB4D-D0B0F5…)

Why is she in San Luis Obispo now it’s 3 hours north from LA

No. 1344500

Also pretty sure this is Sycamore hot springs in Avila, CA. This bitch is in my area

No. 1344501

It's always "look what mumma did for me" never the other way around

No. 1344502

I might just see Shay in the wild today..

No. 1344505

It is. Why is she lying about being in LA when she’s not even in LA County? Another anon earlier said she’s the type to come to California and think everything is LA and they were right kek

No. 1344506

Not even noon

No. 1344512

They definitely at least flew into LAX because she passed the Mattel building, maybe cheaper then flying into San Luis Obispo airport. I’m guessing Ellen has a reason to be in SLO maybe family and Shay tagged along to make porn

No. 1344513

The only people that swim naked at Sycamore are old hippies lol

No. 1344514

My area as well! This took a bizarre turn and was NOT expecting her to be lurking around amongst the boomers and republicans kek. She's going to throw a fit when she sees all the Poly girls because she cannot compete.

No. 1344518

hi fellow central coast anon!! If she goes bar hopping downtown tonight (which I’m sure her alchie ass will be) with her gut out and the way she dresses she’s going to look so out of place surrounded by the poly dollies lmao

No. 1344519

A lot of the time there's a hot tub-like wall built around a natural spring

No. 1344523

File: 1633807536870.jpeg (80.23 KB, 1280x720, BDEB5E8F-1BCF-461D-B7E3-34ADC0…)

when Shay in her track suit and her homely mumma walk into the bars full of sorority girls tonight

No. 1344524

those goblin toenails are inspiring suicidal thoughts for me rn. truly frightening

No. 1344544

File: 1633811503209.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 988x1814, 2EE12411-A2FC-46DD-9F65-516DA7…)

Lifejacket body realness

No. 1344545

File: 1633811588990.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1020x1878, 9E92DABF-8B65-486C-8D50-9E5EB8…)

No. 1344547

She literally posted this exact same picture on Twitter for free

No. 1344550

The literal shit emoji hair is cracking me up.

No. 1344551

the turd pyramid lmaooo

No. 1344557

She is so addicted to that filter, I think she's really disgusted by what she looks like without it. Is anything she posts on public Twitter free of that hearty filter anymore?

No. 1344573

100%. He still thinks he has a shot. She’s doing/saying whatever will keep him around

No. 1344574

File: 1633816020838.png (2.1 MB, 1984x2048, Screenshot_20211009-144646.png)

The cancer warning on the package kek

No. 1344612

These fucking hotdog nails get me every. Single. Damn. Time.

No. 1344628

the buck teeth, stupid tongue, so much eye makeup you can't even see her rat eyes, cheap rabbit ears, hideous nails and can't forget her butthole eyes. what a looker.

No. 1344631

Shayne isn't even an LA 2, those girls have access to plastic surgeons on every corner and high class salons. Thank God her 'Mumma' is there to deflect some of the ugly. I'm waiting for the 'beauty standards' surgeon when she realizes she's a Tulsa 5 a Seattle 3 and Quasimodo in LA.

No. 1344632

I can’t get over how her nails look like they are lifting off of her nailbeds. It’s so jarring

No. 1344635

File: 1633827139024.jpg (206.06 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20211010-014506_XRe…)

She really has no shame posting this. Her gut hanging out and still looking absolutely crushed despite her shorts being completely unzipped and that dirty ass bong.

Shay if you can only just do up your jeans standing and it's painful THEY TOO SMALL. It's one thing doing this in private but shamelessly sharing this as a sex worker n all.

No. 1344642

Her parents are fucking idiots for continuing to have her on their insurance and footing her hospital bill.Have fun with the eventual copd.

No. 1344647

LA spergs need to chill. she's ugly everywhere.

No. 1344648

i thought that was a diaper for a second

No. 1344653

Same reason she lies about living in Seattle: she's a broke, low class bitch who has to pretend so hard she's living a cool, bimbo lifestyle so other people don't immediately see she's a below average retarded failure with nothing.

No. 1344664

do we know whether she’s on dad and stepmom’s insurance or mom and stepdad’s insurance?

No. 1344675

File: 1633833002884.jpeg (Spoiler Image,385.06 KB, 750x741, 20754B66-E55A-4215-A496-F17AC5…)

this bitch got her titties out on the tarmac. So she went to LA for a second, went to SLO and then flew home. Did she even film that porn? What was the point

No. 1344677

how would anyone have that information..?

No. 1344678

She's staying for a week and they're filming on Monday

No. 1344681

But I’m confused why did she land in LA and then drive 3.5 hours north to the San Luis Obispo airport today (that’s definitely where she is in that pic I live there) are they flying back to LA again after driving there?

No. 1344690

Wasnt she supposed to go to that one concert in Massachusetts? I vaguely remember her mentioning a concert in October she was going to attend with that one girl. That's hilarious if she abandoned that girl for LA

No. 1344692

can she ever just take a normal photo? i wonder if she ever does anymore. sad existence.

No. 1344694

for the millionth time it was Austin City Limits. and no she didn’t go because it ends tomorrow.

No. 1344729

Stop. There are ugly bitches all over LA that are carbon copies of her looks and life wise. It isn’t some paradise where everyone is hot. It’s the same as any other shit city full of deadbeat degenerate lowlifes.

No. 1344744

flights straight into Slo are overpriced. still cheaper to rent a car and drive there

No. 1344747

there are so many people from my area itt how weird. i truly can't understand why she wouldnt even mention being in SLO, or near Ventura, since those are fairly well known and more expensive places to stay in central ca. no point in lying about it when anyone from the area would catch her on it

No. 1344771

I'm sorry, the fucking clearance rack flip flops are killing me. Why is she refusing to wear real shoes lately? Even the retarded spongebob vans would be better than that. Did she abandon her whole "collection" in fupaland?

No. 1344772

I mean if you had an online presence that was largely negative, would you state your location? Probably better that she doesn’t. Also, I imagine a lot of the coomers aren’t going to detect things like us and probably think the actually lives in Seattle, etc.

No. 1344822

She moved the shoes, i remember she took some pictures of them in her new apartment. I don’t understand either, why won’t she wear them, since she does have a lot of stupid pink shoes and heels, definitely more bimbo-esque than the flipflops. I suppose she is just too lazy, same why she never does her hair and just has the dumb turd pyramid on her head. Tbh i prefer the cone pigtails even.

No. 1344831

She can't walk in heels and can't stay in heels for long periods of time! Think about it, until she moved to Seattle, she barely left the house and she was almost always in flip flops, you can't just go from that to wearing heels everyday, much less for this trip where she actually had to walk some distances. As to why she didn't just wear the SpongeBob shoes, or any other flats, I have no idea.

No. 1344834

That’s probably it. Pretty embarassing for her. And yeah, she could’ve worn literally any other flats, almost convinced shaynus wants to look homeless.

No. 1344870

Her dad is pretty well off. this bitch probably has a trust fund

No. 1344877

Not quite

No. 1344884

nta but it’s not that outlandish

No. 1344912

There's ugly people everywhere, but Shayna has always had the option of just hiding in her hovel until she feels pretty enough. She's forced to be confronted with better looking people, more successful people and the reality that she can't actually tough it out there. LA is where dreams go to sink or swim.

No. 1344914

Nonny this is obscene lol Shay is not a trust fund baby. Spend the tinfoil energy elsewhere.

No. 1344915

If she was well off she wouldn’t be pan handling on Twitter

No. 1344919

File: 1633886074074.png (1.36 MB, 2048x1405, Screenshot_20211010-101426.png)

No. 1344920

File: 1633886111878.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.75 KB, 1206x1885, 20211010_095821.jpg)

No. 1344923

Her saying mumma makes me want to a-log.

No. 1344924

Same anon, I was horrified and thought it was 'baby with a bong' shit.

No. 1344927

Stop with the snap filters every fucking picture. Let's see what you really look like, Shay. Imo it's weird and embarrassing to use a blatant filter from Snap when you're posting the pic to another app. It's 2021.

No. 1344930

did she only line her bottom lip..?

No. 1344934

Not even the filter can hide the combination of ugly, haggard and alcohol bloat. She looks like drug addicted prostitute in her 40s.

No. 1344960

She's still lining her bottom lip that way? Jesus.

No. 1344968

File: 1633894339699.jpeg (48.72 KB, 455x640, 06D058CA-0E71-40C7-AEA6-5C2EE2…)


What in the name of physics is going on with these nails

No. 1344970

Yes we can tell you’re constantly in a stupor of drugs and alcohol, it’s embarrassing

No. 1344973

File: 1633895281779.jpeg (309.83 KB, 750x765, E9014282-F0D0-4BC4-B806-34396F…)

cottage cheese thighs on full display today

No. 1344974

File: 1633895302147.jpeg (367.1 KB, 750x757, 2B725FAE-7416-4DD8-A59A-B355EF…)

No. 1344977

File: 1633895345179.jpeg (338.11 KB, 750x760, 941152C0-B6F2-432C-9CA8-F41489…)

No. 1344981

File: 1633895727025.png (9.83 MB, 1242x2208, CC56B6DE-B6DC-470F-A4F1-45485B…)

No. 1344983

File: 1633895769838.png (11.44 MB, 1242x2208, 03CC625D-B1C5-4390-A738-4D6FED…)

No. 1344986

File: 1633896266796.jpeg (826.65 KB, 847x1486, F7A9AAB3-A8D0-4643-9E1D-64DE67…)

Samefag but these are from yesterday on shaynas snap story

No. 1344989

File: 1633896440046.png (5.95 MB, 1242x2208, FA8C8454-7BFC-4B46-B64D-F890D4…)

Such a punchable face…. look at that greasy combover hairstyle and ugly ear lobes(nitpicking)

No. 1344991

File: 1633896639658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1003x1865, C8E491F3-B6DC-43DA-9E8D-B22002…)


No. 1344992

File: 1633896672406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 977x1831, 36CF11C3-11CF-4D95-99E2-93BBC1…)

No. 1344993

File: 1633896728907.png (Spoiler Image,9.05 MB, 1242x2208, 1F073541-76A0-486A-8BFE-EFDED0…)

No. 1344995

File: 1633896844485.png (8.38 MB, 1242x2208, DA1B3B92-D27A-4533-A53E-FC6FF9…)

No. 1344996

Nothing about you or anything you do will ever be perfect

No. 1344997

nothing, they’re just really thick acrylics on super short nails

No. 1344998

>ugly ear lobes
that has to be the nitpick of all nitpicks

No. 1345001


Her natural nails look tiny and chewed up. I can't believe her nail tech even let her leave like that, but I'm sure it's some overworked Asian lady who couldn't give two fucks as long as she's getting paid. She probably thinks shays a idiot though.

No. 1345003

kek she isn’t wrong tho

No. 1345008

She wears that see-thru top with no bra out in public…

No. 1345009


No. 1345010

agree, it’s pretty ott given everything else wrong with her kek

No. 1345014

>>1344986 her bellybutton is so fucking deep and large

No. 1345037

Guess she got triggered by >>1344483

No. 1345043

she’s doing like the exact same face that post was referencing in the first pic tho

No. 1345049

The Homer Simpson belly sticking out ugh

No. 1345059

I thought she was back at the airport because that's an airplane hanger behind her but upon further examination these are pics from yesterday >>1344675, lmao lazy ass. She's probably too crossfaded to do shit today. I guess she learned to not dump all 500pics in one go lol. With a basic search of SLO, unless she has a pilot scrote there's a helicopter tour of some vineyards which would be up her alley. The other activities no reputable pilot would take her up for because she's obviously wasted/stoned 24/7 (biplane aka roofless and skydiving).

No. 1345063

jfc her thigh looks like a tumor about to burst

No. 1345069

they look like they were put on very improperly. they are lifting from the nail bed, it looks painful. if the tips aren’t put on properly or secure enough then the acrylic suffers.

No. 1345072

File: 1633904610844.jpeg (60.77 KB, 750x178, 6FC2F2D8-FF8C-454F-AFDA-B7199F…)

Are her big girlfriends tree trunk thighs not enough?

No. 1345076

Never forget the butt lip she wouldn't stop doing for months.

No. 1345078

Too bad she’s doing porn with that little twinky dom lol

No. 1345083

File: 1633906632716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,362.93 KB, 750x827, 5814D1AC-97A1-4F0C-8658-3D85D8…)

No. 1345084

Drink some water you lazy bitch, your mouth is fucking disgusting

No. 1345086

The first time in years she's out doing something and every picture is her flashing her breasts. I will say that smile looks 20 time better then any other face. I guess the scrote attention is why she does it, plus she already knows she can't get 100's of likes just "being pretty and smiling" like other girls like she said.

No. 1345088

File: 1633906895515.jpeg (693.73 KB, 750x1098, 11F16C25-55A1-4884-B0E1-FE7CA4…)

I’m thinking Ellen has a pilot in the family that they are visiting in SLO and Shay tagged along, they seem to be spending a lot of time at the airport for some reason and a lot of people have private planes and helicopters over there

No. 1345097

I feel like she's really insecure about her face lately. She's finally putting on a little make up in her usual style but I see the hearts and dog face every picture.

No. 1345101

File: 1633907896267.jpeg (90.69 KB, 778x1024, 97718F7E-EAA4-4520-91DE-E2A1F4…)

No. 1345109

Lumpy Leg Shaynus getting lumpier

No. 1345110

she always overuses filters even when it's not obvious

No. 1345132

File: 1633911263127.jpeg (237.52 KB, 1242x866, 99FAB4F6-8C49-46DC-A99C-99CB49…)

No. 1345135

The poor pilot

No. 1345136

Just cos she's in a helicopter doesn't make it interesting or any different to the hundreds of the same flashing pics. Damn Shay just get a green screen.

No. 1345139

I really can’t believe people pay for this. less than 10 seconds for her paid content and she posted a better looking pic for FREE.

No. 1345142

File: 1633911829819.jpg (6.68 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

"This is me at the grand canyon flashing my tits. DO YOU SEE?"

No. 1345143

File: 1633911959902.png (186.32 KB, 268x287, sdfsd.PNG)

is it just me or do her teeth look even worse than usual here?

No. 1345147

looks like her standard yellow cracked snaggleteeth

No. 1345149

File: 1633914656762.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 986x1872, C14D7BD2-D9AD-46BD-9891-C63FD9…)

No. 1345150

File: 1633914689920.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 969x1854, BE13818F-0EF3-456F-8542-14557D…)

No. 1345153

I've 100% seen shayna's parts more than my own at this point.

No. 1345154

same fag, but the most important part of all of this, is that i didn't pay a god damn thing.

No. 1345156

Shayna playing a dangerous game. Seeing those will make the pilot cock-eyed then crash

No. 1345157

Omg anon I love this kekkkk

No. 1345159

Nothing? That shit is lifting. Nails aren't supposed to be pointed up like that. Those defy logic and gravity.
>the unzipped shorts with gut spilling over
We're hitting feeder saga soon. This is one of her most embarrassing photos yet.

No. 1345160

lmao thanks for the laugh anon. I can't believe how bold she has gotten; i can't imagine this wasn't awkward for everyone else. Flashing has been so normalized to her that she's going to do it in the wrong place near the wrong people and she's going to get her ass beat or charges. Tbh I can't wait even if it's unlikely to ever actually happen

No. 1345169

yeah they're shitty nails.. are you expecting anything shayna gets done to look good or be done well?

No. 1345171

I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of Shay's coomers are already feeders. She's been very noticeably gaining weight for a while. There's probably a feeder discord or subreddit where coomers discuss which ewhores are getting fat. Shay also accepts uber eats and door dash gift cards as payment.

No. 1345211

she actually looks kinda cute and normal here?? find another nit to pick nonnie

No. 1345213

They look like candycorn to me lol(learn2sage)

No. 1345217

>“Cute and normal”
Why do anons have the audacity to compliment this fat piece of shit? She has on a filter and makeup and she still isn’t pretty kek. Those saggy earlobes are ugly. This is just going to feed into her delusional thoughts of us being “jealous” about her uwu high-end bimbo lifestyle

No. 1345218

Gracias nonita

No. 1345220

The biggest compliment I can give her is that sometimes, in certain angles and filters and makeup, she can manage to look normal. If you ignore her body and personality and life habits, she could be.

No. 1345226

>fat piece of shit saggy earlobes reeee
damn, you really got triggered by a single anon calling her one filtered pic "kinda cute and normal" nonny. kek

No. 1345231

NTA. Just because one image in a thread looks slightly better than the others, it doesn't make her cute or normal. The filter makes her skin look like it's made of wet ball clay.

No. 1345237

no shit. i will never understand why some anons think that excessive nitpicking and rude comments are the only acceptable ones. There's nuance your're missing here lol as >>1345220 is basically saying. She knows she doesn't really look like that so in the end it's not really a compliment at all. Sometimes cows do okayish shit, it's okay, no need to reeee about it. It only makes you seem bitter and unhinged nonnette. You can say nice(er) things about someone and still despise them and know that they're a terrible person

No. 1345257

the only compliment i will ever give this dirty bitch is she sure knows how to do a good eyeliner wing. its the only makeup she does that actually makes her look better

No. 1345267

I disagree. I think it makes her eyes look even smaller than they already are

No. 1345275

I was about to say the same thing. Her eyes genuinely terrify me, I’ve never seen eyes that dark and beady on an actual human

No. 1345283

it's not good just because it isn't wonky. she makes it way too big and thick. a subtle wing would suit her butthole eyes better

No. 1345297

Exactly. The thick 2012 tumblr era wing eyeliner makes her eyes look the size of peas. I want to say big shaynus really should learn to make herself look even slightly presentable, but that is asking too much i suppose. She’s completely stuck in that 2012 tumblr-era tbh, it’s not cute.

No. 1345313

File: 1633957446863.jpg (179.9 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20211011-080337_Twi…)

Such an accomplishment

No. 1345314

kek her eyes are matching her cockeyed tits in this one

No. 1345315

File: 1633957509185.jpg (322.15 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20211011-080351_Twi…)

Get ready

No. 1345316

i cannot imagine going on my first vacation in years…and only posting things to my sex work twitter. what a sad existence shay lives.

also can we all assume the reason she isn't showing her 'mumma' is because she's embarrassed by her? her excuse of what happened with fupa isn't really working.

No. 1345336

being a drug addicted alcoholic is what makes her eyes the size of peas, anon. they're constantly swollen to fuck

No. 1345342

That is true, thick eyeliner just doesn’t help the case.

No. 1345393

Definitely. The lady clearly isn’t too shy to post her gross body she’s been doing it since she was 18 and she’s 32 now, we know who she is it’s not like she has kids or a family or a career that would be affected by it. It’s a bad excuse to not have her pictures “ruined” by an ugly prop. If she was some cute e-whore Shay would be posting her and bragging about her like a new accessory. Instead she is a place holder to give shay something to do until another Fupa comes around. And since they are “poly” she can string this desperate hag along as long as she likes while she trolls for a new caretaker.

No. 1345399

I'm calling it now. She's gonna work with that fat girl Leila Lewis that lives in LA

No. 1345400

File: 1633973450417.jpg (262.5 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20211011-123043_Twi…)


No. 1345401

She's collabing with that skinny twink dude

No. 1345402

I don't wanna imagine those dirty fingers going into that yeast trap…

No. 1345408

The thought of being fingered by a straight woman with acrylic nails made my vagina cringe, good thing Shay has no feeling in hers

No. 1345409

Weird how every single sexual interaction she has with her girlfriend is "filmed" (her slapping her ass) or she's woken up by her girlfriend touching her in her sleep.

No. 1345410

not really weird at all since shayna isn't actually into women. the stuff on film is staged for her coomers and these types of tweets are likely larps that didn't even happen.

No. 1345414

File: 1633974859535.jpeg (121.16 KB, 640x427, 79BD53CA-3875-42AF-97FC-6825F8…)

old scrote, mummy, and shaynus family photo

No. 1345415

learn what sarcasm is. we're all aware, including ayrt

No. 1345418

I'm just getting sick imagining a 30 something year old depressed woman touching her depressed 20 something year old girlfriend while she sleeps constantly. I know Shayna isn't into women, her GF probably isn't either, but I do feel like thats the only way she can get Shayna to interact with her sexually. If she literally does it while she sleeps and Shayna wakes up to it. It's disgusting and not normal. They both are disgusting

No. 1345431

File: 1633976260261.jpg (449.18 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20211011-131644_Twi…)

No. 1345438

This is Morro Bay

No. 1345447

File: 1633977379135.png (24.37 KB, 588x223, 2021-10-11 14_36_26-Window.png)

she acknowledged they weren't in LA

No. 1345450

File: 1633977628778.jpeg (Spoiler Image,765.12 KB, 1242x1274, 4BDD413C-E563-465A-88D4-8C1EAA…)

Nasty ass bong

No. 1345452

File: 1633977654683.jpeg (404.78 KB, 697x870, 3F1E40DD-D32B-48D6-B913-1D52A2…)

“really hot guy”

No. 1345454

We already know she doesn’t brush her teeth, so it only makes me cringe to imagine how terrible her breath smells with that nasty ass resin caked bong

No. 1345456

Maybe they can force a tube of chapstick on each other, holy shit. Lips so dry they can spark a Cali fire.

No. 1345457

He probably seems really hot compared to the thing that claws her vagina awake in the morning

No. 1345459

$100 she does not actually have sex with him and it's all just weird spanking with various implements. For an OF hoe she's usually surprisingly asexual. Essentially no "content" of her engaging in actual sex with someone male or female exists of Shay outside of grainy Fupa vids in the honeymoon phase. It's kind of odd.

No. 1345463

From the same girl who refused to do anything but girl on girl. Interesting - she really is trying to prove she’s into this whole “kidnap me” shite

No. 1345470

File: 1633980110799.jpeg (83.07 KB, 750x298, 1C41887F-88AF-4FC4-97F1-7B4A6D…)

Cowtippers fuck off we don’t want you. The fact that you only follow her and her few coomers and made an account just to reply to her fuels her already inflated ego. And stop DMing her coomers they don’t give a fuck they just want to see free pussy

No. 1345472

He literally looks like a soyjak

Let's not forget the ass to mouth butt plug.

No. 1345477

i don't get how anons still haven't figured out that cowtipping is insanely autistic/embarrassing

No. 1345485

Idubbbz has really changed up his content

No. 1345506

File: 1633985682695.jpeg (328.41 KB, 1223x865, 693A5520-4518-4E7F-9030-7E0DE1…)

No. 1345528

Never in a million years did I expect anyone to compliment her fucked up brow-touching crusty 2012 eyeliner out of all things, I will pray for u nona.

No. 1345530

File: 1633988639761.jpeg (598.06 KB, 750x1112, 2488062D-3134-4D11-A551-D46392…)

straight out of the tulsa trailer park

No. 1345531

They have matching neck moles

No. 1345532

File: 1633989142179.gif (977.95 KB, 220x165, lmao.gif)

No. 1345559

File: 1633994944201.gif (102.13 KB, 220x205, E80819ED-A020-47FC-BD46-14097B…)

No. 1345561

File: 1633995067637.jpeg (716.37 KB, 1242x1610, FE713858-17B9-4338-9F05-0AD136…)

No. 1345562

Her three neck rolls are sooooo gorgeous

No. 1345564

File: 1633995370395.png (907.6 KB, 2048x798, Screenshot_20211011-163436.png)

She was charging $30 for 10 pics a week ago

No. 1345566


No. 1345568

OF anon here, my subscription expired and all her content is on paywalls, which isn’t worth it. If another anon has cash to burn they can subscribe to Fattys onlyfans

No. 1345577

It’s ok anon, she’ll last 2 days before she posts it all for free on her Twitter anyway

No. 1345582

This made me lol, thank you! Shayna paints such a sad, horrible, miserable picture of her life, it’s genuinely nauseating.

No. 1345583

Yes, anon? That's what OP said?

No. 1345585

seemed like 90% of it she was posting on twitter for free anyway

No. 1345587

It's because they know Shat reads the threads. Lori's threads are full of the same retardation and so are June's. There's also anons who associate positivity with PULL and they sperg as a result.

No. 1345593

I don't get how anons here don't understand that lc isn't a secret club. For all we know this is some bitch shay slighted on tumblr years ago and this is their alt. Cows can and are known outside of lc, otherwise they wouldn't fucking be cows. Calm down.

No. 1345599

Why the fuck did she think that rats nest hair was acceptable for this picture? Like she did her makeup and put on an outfit (albeit an ugly one) to do particular content in. It's not even a messy bun… it's like a shit mop plopped on top of her head. Just a teeny tiny bit more of effort would've brought this from crack den trailer to mobile home park at least. It's like she tried to do lazy stoner girl mixed with the Barbie brat bs and it was a complete miss on both.

No. 1345602

Yeah if it's not just made up bullshit from Shay, it's actually really creepy and gross. Especially since it seems to happen somewhat regularly, even from back when they first did this fake relationship thing. Ellen Degenerate indeed.
Also imagine how crusty and musty Shay is in the morning. Probably pork sweat stained and morning breath so god awful. Toilet paper bits on her nasty coochie. I don't wanna think any further on it.

No. 1345603

were you born yesterday?

No. 1345623

ehh, that's technically date rape, yikes. Not surprised that it took an experienced woman, which is excellent karma because shayna hates women. The idiot can't find her own clit (as well as several challenged anons lol), and most men. This means her shrooms orgasm may really have been her first real orgasm ever (>>1305231, >>1305394)and her ellen date rape half asleep fingering was probably her first with a partner. Absolutely grim, especially for someone who's been fucking themselves for money for 5yrs

No. 1345625

It’s obviously a farmer the account is tweeting at the coomers that we talk about here

No. 1345629

do you guys really think when she posts that type of stuff that it's real..?

No. 1345631

Besides her claiming to cum and her enjoying it, I Do believe that her creepy girlfriend does this. I don't think it's outrageous this would happen (i'm not that anon btw).

No. 1345632

didn't she used to claim fupa did this all the time too though

No. 1345635

anon who posted that. I'm always on the fence tbh. I could see it happen but at the same time I feel like all her alleged "interactions" with people are fake af so you could totally be right. I guess it's the idea of it that makes me feel slimy. Also the way she talks like she's never experienced these things despite being a sex worker is creepy af, but it just hit me that that would fit with her pedo pandering. Excuse me while I barf

I thought so too?! I feel like she's mentioned someone waking her up by violating her in very recent times

No. 1345636

She probably didn’t actually cum, but I don’t see why she’d post stuff that happened with her “”girlfriend”” when they didn’t, when Ellen can call her out for lying if she wanted to

No. 1345643

she’s trying to run a business

No. 1345646

File: 1634008444688.jpg (2.27 MB, 1920x2739, Edited_20211012_041050.jpg)

Oh no..
This is really the look she chose for filming with that twink?

Prepare yourselves anons, it's gonna be a shit show.

No. 1345654

Everything she says is either total bullshit or just a wild exaggeration. In this case I think it's an exaggeration because don't her and Ellen Degenerate follow eachother on Twitter? Along with the weird old guy they're both involved with? Seems weird to lie about something involving her that they would see. Also it's not the first time she's said she's done this. The orgasm part is completely fake tho lol. These fake bitches with their long, cheap acrylics ain't fingerbanging like that.

No. 1345655

Is there going to be some sort of cheerleading theme or did she just choose this retarded outfit just because? She looks like a troon. Not that she ever has any sense of style, but all the shit she brought to film "special" content in have just been so bad.

No. 1345656

At least it's not 4 sizes too small but "Daddy 69" is so tacky kek

No. 1345659

Imagine what this looks like head on when she's standing up straight

No. 1345663

She’s going to look so frumpy and large in this video

No. 1345666

File: 1634010860400.jpeg (725.17 KB, 1242x1684, 254805CC-2221-4E93-97DA-A370F3…)

I wonder if she got the plus sized version kek

No. 1345667

Christ! This photo could be her

No. 1345668

Kek I can’t wait to see this mess

No. 1345672

No way look at her back fat trying to escape those tight straps. She will never buy plus sized clothing because that would be admitting she isn’t a size small anymore

No. 1345676

I finally figured out why her nails look so horrendous. Her nail person doesn't create an apex, so they're like completely flat straight blocks glued to her fingers rather than mimicking the curvature of her natural nail. The tech is trash.

Sage for beauty related autistic nitpicking

No. 1345677

File: 1634012041199.png (6.36 MB, 1242x2208, 03E2C959-04F3-403B-8A08-05A1BD…)

Shaynus didn’t pack any nice clothes to her la trip woof bleak

No. 1345679

i unironically thought this was her for a second

No. 1345682

I thought someone shopped her in too

No. 1345684

>nice clothes
i don’t think she even owns any

No. 1345698

Crop sweaters, way too tight shorts, belt skirts, 1 pair of mom jeans, a couple F21 shirts, grimey sweatpants/track suits. Most of her wardrobe now is just very cheap looking fast fashion Shein garbage and some of the over priced ugliest shit possible from Dollskill. Nothing fits, nothing matches, nothing of quality. But she's miss ~expensive taste in fashion~ ya know.

No. 1345717

File: 1634018793983.jpeg (72.48 KB, 750x186, 13670701-E04B-40B6-A608-6ED0FB…)

Looks like Shay’s night with the twink got to her totally poly gf

No. 1345720

File: 1634019024395.jpeg (643.29 KB, 750x917, EE38F173-600E-4768-AD2B-D85AD1…)

“Experienced woman” my ass. Ellen’s shit was all “I’m a little girl who needs a daddy” before she compromised for Shayna. only thing she’s experienced in is taking dick

No. 1345721

Lmao probably annoyed with having to drive Shayna everywhere too

No. 1345739

Why do all these "uWu LiTtLe" pedo baiters always have the body of a 49-year-old mother of three??

No. 1345749

This is so retarded. “Date rape” was she drugged? Stop reaching. Some couples give consent to be woken up with sex/touched in their sleep. Shay, who regularly goes on about wanting to be kidnapped and consensual non consent etc, will have told her bed goblin gf that she can do that to her. Stop nitpicking and throwing Rape around when Shay clearly doesn’t mind her doing it

No. 1345765

She's already deleted this tweet. I wonder if she lurks here.

No. 1345772

The turd pyramid keeps on growing, dear lord.. i don’t even want to know how bad she smells.

No. 1345781

File: 1634043948601.jpg (420.12 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20211012-080524_Twi…)


No. 1345782

File: 1634044045873.jpg (468.94 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211012-080549_Twi…)


No. 1345783

I hope he sterilises those toys and wore gloves(emoji)

No. 1345794

imagine paying for these people’s porn when you can just go under any bridge and watch ugly, unwashed people fucking for free

No. 1345795

It's deleted and they don't follow each other on Twitter. Though did they ever?

No. 1345797

This twink wears those ladies driving gloves often so, I'm sure of it. Still genuinely curious if they actually had sex or not. I took a peek at Sol's Twitter and like Shay he's not shy about posting free uncensored clips right on public Twitter. They'll all come out eventually, I'm sure. Ellen is probably seething between bites of her uber eats kek.

No. 1345811

Her dad owns a very successful and lucrative business. She doesn’t need money. She’s starved for attention.

No. 1345822

Ellen follows Shayna, I just checked. Shayna is not following her back, perhaps another nonnie can confirm if she ever did?

No. 1345829

some anons are willing to die on the hill that she grew up poor because of the way she presents herself now but this lifestyle she chooses is 100% her own doing. she’d rather barely skate by looking like a 10 cent hooker than admit defeat to us and her mother and move home and clean up.

No. 1345830

pretty sure she was following her and then unfollowed her after someone mentioned it here (right before she moved iirc)

No. 1345831

It was the sub guy she was messing around with that we found Shay following and he interacts with Ellen and the old man with the basement. I don't think she was ever following Ellen because she's been trying to keep this under wraps

No. 1345834

That and then all Shay does is stare at people in other cars, get her tits out to post on Twitter, and sleep. I'd be upset too if that's how my partner was when I'm driving us around on a mini "vacation". All to end it with her going and doing sex stuff with someone else kek. When Ellen Degenerate basically had to come on to her while Shay was asleep to get anything after taking her places and helping her with content. Bleak.

No. 1345837

That's what is incredibly disturbing. This woman has complained about people not wanting her sexually and now she's touching girls in their sleep and driving them around to get fucked by other people. What a shit show.

No. 1345844

She's a busted doormat, it seems. Like other anons have said, Shay is just using her for everything she can until the next Fupa comes along. She doesn't do anything for Ellen, just posts about "mumma did this, mumma did that". Pure convenience. Ellen helped her move, drives, has some money, takes pics and helps her make content, takes her places, etc. Puts up with Shays annoying bs and poor hygiene. because she's a sad, lonely woman. She whored around before and all she got was some dick from losers and old men with other gfs/wives. Now she's fat and ugly as sin (not like she was anything good when she was younger) and has no self worth or mental wellness. Cries herself to sleep next to Shatna. Kek

No. 1345846


No. 1345876

oh damn lmao, here I thought she had been in other lesbian relationships! They have way more in common than I thought; I'm going to have to look more into her

Sorry not everyone thinks a degenerate "kink" is acceptable, and I was being technical. Idk if you've ever been in the mood for something at night and then changed your mind when you woke up in the morning, but that's why it's still technically "date rape" - she's unconscious. "Date rape" is when someone you're dating rapes you, no drugs required.
> Stop nitpicking and throwing Rape around when Shay clearly doesn’t mind her doing it
Just because shayna doesn't mind doesn't mean it isn't completely fucked up and thus worth commenting on. Seriously though why does this thread bring out all the mini-mods?

No. 1345879

Though Shay probably thinks it's normal and claims to be into consensual non consensual and all the worse shit, I could see her in the near future going back on this and saying it was rape and pushing some bullshit narrative like she tried to do with Fupa several times saying he was abusive and the kinks actually gave her trauma and shit. Whenever she drops the bitch, I bet we'll hear some shit like that so she can distance herself from Ellen whom she never really liked anyway.

No. 1345885

File: 1634059547654.jpeg (441.92 KB, 1532x2048, FBgyod1VIAQ5uDm.jpeg)

what is it about coomers and those weird ass gloves

No. 1345888

File: 1634059634828.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.8 KB, 1574x2048, FBgyod5UYAEVpEX.jpeg)

No. 1345889

Spoiler this anon

No. 1345892

The Twink and the Hambeast™

No. 1345894

Wtf is this powerstance I'm dying here. Loving Shay's inexplicable girlscout outfit with no context.

No. 1345899

He is wearing disposable nitrile gloves and she is twice as wide as him, kek.

No. 1345900

oh god yes, she's totally going to pull that shit again! At least all the evidence of her saying that it's concentual in her eyes and that she likes it will be easy to find lol

holy shit this is hilarious! The skinny scrote trying to act like he's all tough but instead looks cringe. His rubber gloves like he's about to pierce/tattoo someone; then there's her frumpy wrinkled outfit. Love that they only half blurred cottage cheese thighs. We've also got the rat claw nails, oh and the pedo-pandering theme! checks all the shay vid boxes

No. 1345902

Her dad owns a tool shop that services trucks. I’m sure he does fine, but it’s not “support your kids and stepkid forever” money.

No. 1345907

Kek they are the same height. Kek it’s always the ugly scrawny manlets who like to pretend they’re dominant. I love how the twink didn’t even post any pics of Big Shaynus on his page

No. 1345908

Kek why do anons think Shayna is rich, lower middle class at best. Shayna can’t live off her parents her whole life anyways

No. 1345913

She actually looks taller than him given he is wearing shoes and she is barefoot. I bet he made her feel extra "smol".

No. 1345914

he's busy getting rid of her ass stench in his apartment

No. 1345917

File: 1634062774197.jpeg (58.74 KB, 294x416, D06B1425-2748-4F3E-A16D-192C62…)

I think it was creative of her to pose with the halloween decorations, idk why other anons are hating.

No. 1345927

File: 1634066001929.jpeg (177.25 KB, 750x506, 5AC24132-C2EA-46CE-B7DC-B8C202…)

mumma is getting sick of her shit

No. 1345928

File: 1634066093259.jpeg (56.06 KB, 750x172, 9A6A4C75-EEA0-43D3-BB15-6DF332…)

No. 1345929

File: 1634066232590.png (63.28 KB, 167x177, questionable.PNG)

what is this disaster, the angle and how she's holding her hands makes it look like a mangled foot and toes

No. 1345930

Is she talking about Shayna? Or someone else? They are "Poly" and they are both cleary using eachother until they can find "better".
It just would'nt make sense for her to constantly throw shots at Shayna like this, I feel like there's a scrote she's talking too and she's trying to get over him or off and on with him.
Their relationship really isn't real, so that makes more sense to me at least.

No. 1345935

No she’s not with anyone else right now but Shayna, she was constantly whining about being lonely and touch starved until recently. It’s obviously about our little pillow princess not wanting to touch her

No. 1345937

her arm is the same size as his leg

No. 1345945

Shayna clifford doesn’t care about other people, let alone their well being. I can just imagine her not talking at all and only browsing twitter on her phone when they’re together with Ellen. The passive aggressive remarks by ellen are definitely about shayna.

No. 1345946

Think about it, she had to drive Shayna hundreds of miles hours and hours from place to place probably without even a kiss to thank her let alone sexual contact. Meanwhile this lady has to pounce on her in her sleep to get some kind of human contact. I think this trip really highlighted Shayna’s selfish side to Ellen, that when you’re her mommy or daddy you aren’t her partner, you’re expected to take care of her with no reward. Hopefully passive aggressive subtweeting isn’t her only form of communication and she tells Shayna off to her face but she seems like a doormat

No. 1345948

I'm the anon and you guys are probably right, I guess to me it's weird Shayna is all happy go lucky, yet her fake girlfriend is throwing shots. Though, like I said their relationship isn't real. Probably more so on Shayna's side then the Gf's side. She probably wants a little something out of desperation from Shayna, while Shayna truly does view her as a "mother". Someone she doesn't thank, respect and only uses.

No. 1345960

File: 1634069643781.jpg (849.22 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20211012-151233_Twi…)

No. 1345961

File: 1634069709074.jpg (625.5 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211012-151514_Twi…)

Shay's "fan account" follows Ellen

No. 1345962

lmao she is definitely not a "smol bean" standing next to this twink.

No. 1345963

I like how she added a watermark to this but not for any of her other content

No. 1345964

Jason R Womack follows Ellen too

No. 1345966

so not only is he a twig, he's short too. what an intimidating Dom.

No. 1345969

i still think shatna's fanaccount is a farmer

No. 1345970

Damn the tiny gross incel and Shayna being twice his size is fucking funny. Truly horrific kek

No. 1345971

It’s Womack. It talks exactly the way Womack talks. I think he just got smart or Shayna told him to stop using his real name to reply to her because she saw us making fun of him here

No. 1345976

kek imagine being a TSA worker and seeing someones luggage with a bunch of sex toys and a pacifier

No. 1345982

god it would be hilarious if they had to go through her luggage in front of her at the airport. if only she was travelling internationally. the border guys are bored lately with covid and will search anyone just to have something to do

No. 1345985

She loves to make up stories about the TSA agents opening her luggage and seeing her dildos and totally wanting to fuck her we will probably get another one after this trip

No. 1345992

File: 1634074241460.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2208, 3BCC6C44-04EE-4FAE-B599-70B522…)

No. 1345993

File: 1634074335236.png (8.73 MB, 1242x2208, 8B6DF22B-3E8F-4AFD-940C-A80B7C…)


No. 1346002

Does anyone else feel like whoever produced this had some chibiusa costume leftovers?

No. 1346004

The whole outfit looks like one of those ugly Halloween costumes from Dollskill, so maybe she even bought it herself and brought it with her

No. 1346005

i realize that she is standing in front of him, but jfc she is huge compared to him.

No. 1346006

"mumma broke up with me" saga soon perhaps

No. 1346011


Her arms are twice the size of his. If they switched outfits the pictures might come out hotter (but still ice cold)

No. 1346012

File: 1634077863294.jpeg (688.15 KB, 1002x1862, F07201BD-FC65-42ED-BA0C-232BA9…)

It is from dollskill. $70 for overpriced ugly garbage. She’s not even wearing the hat correctly >>1345992 topkek

No. 1346013

So looks like she's moments from crying

No. 1346014

she looks like she’s in pain???

No. 1346020

File: 1634079587748.jpeg (416.66 KB, 1785x1852, 914315C5-8E89-433A-AD7C-A28EC0…)

Is this the whore who always spergs in these threads about how much better she is than Shaynus because she makes more as a bikini barista??

No. 1346021

my god, I hope so lmfao

No. 1346024

Tbf she is way more attractive than Shay even if she's fatter.

No. 1346026

Oh god there isn’t some health regulation for requiring uniforms?

No. 1346031

That is definitely her wtf kek

No. 1346033

If memory serves, she also lived in Washington.

No. 1346035

Okay, bikini baristaaaaa

No. 1346037

She made up the story though haha

No. 1346050

there's no convincing them at this point

No. 1346053

yeah, it's not the least bit surprising that she doesn't know how to wear a beret. either that, or she has the inner fabric flap folded outward because her head is too big for it. probably doesn't fit her, just like the rest of her clothes. kek

No. 1346055

They’re the same height, I bet she’s seething over how much skinnier he is than her. Incoming “the video just didn’t turn out how we imagined, have these shitty photos though”

No. 1346057

These pics are so awkward, the first pic looks like one of them was photoshopped in because their poses do not match. The chemistry in their video is going to be so awkward

No. 1346061

It'd be way harder to be below a bar that far underground

No. 1346066

File: 1634088260873.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x313, B0B24611-D602-4C41-B3EB-C32E04…)

this is the mumbling “anal” on the plane story all over again

No. 1346070

“Totes don’t do kinks in public guise!! There are nonconsenting parties and children around!!!”

also yeah that totally happened, but even if it did, pick a lane you fat whore

No. 1346071

god i wish she got kicked off the flight for this shit. so disgusting

No. 1346072

so.. you were editing porn next to a child.
Go to hell Shayna.

No. 1346075

Whenever her story includes her saying, "and I was like sir…" It didn't happen

No. 1346076

Why is she sat next to some random dude and not her gf? I can't imagine the plane is that big that's it's 3 seats, 5, then 3.

Who the fuck edits videos they intend to sell on their phone?
I mean her edits are just random ass cuts and some text at the beginning, girl why even bother. It would be more endearing to just be 100% real.
Any dude I've spoke to prefers porn that could be genuine than the stupid acting.

No. 1346079

What really happened
>>a man, a woman and a child who may or may not be a family sit across from Shayna & her fake girlfriend. Shayna takes out her phone and starts to edit her porn, when she's done she goes on twitter thinking, "I'm so fucking edgy editing my porn shamelessly on my phone on a PLANE full of strangers thats so bimbo!" She's biting her crusty lips as she thinks of a quirky way to tell this story on twitter so she can go viral. She then glances over at the man, smirks and begans to type- "I was shamelessly…"

No. 1346080

File: 1634089965490.jpeg (346.46 KB, 750x1010, 24AD225C-591A-49F5-A890-5953B2…)

No. 1346082

No wonder her girlfriend is miserable the way she talks about ANY scrote is more emotional and nicer then how she talks about her.

No. 1346084

tiny cunt? i thought her thing was “fat pussy”?
the only thing tiny left on shayna is her little snaggletooth.

No. 1346089

Literally. She never says anything nice about her. It's always just "she got me this", "she did this for me". She's never even just said thank you for anything.

Any human deserves better than that.

No. 1346090

More like Shayna was, as always, dry as the desert because she is not actually aroused by any of these scrote pandering kinks.

No. 1346092

Seems like this is the standard for her and she'd do this with anyone so who knows. Desperate, ugly, no self worth, whines about her pathetic state regularly. She's just like Shay if Shay didn't cope so hard on delusions because she has to maintain her stupid facade to make rent. Shay tries desperately to act like she's cute, hot, successful, and has her pick of coomers, but really look at her. She's fat, ugly, broke, trashy, no car, begging for doordash and Amazon gift cards, etc. and look who she had to settle for and look at who her handful of fans are kek. At least Ellen admits her life sucks and doesn't try to sell her awful content.

No. 1346095

God I'm so sick of this bitch buying the ugliest shit from Dollskill. She and everybody else knows it's a shitty company now too. She literally posted about it and asked where else she could get stuff like it. Then we thought she was being a lil bitch and just buying resell shit from Depop, but it's clear she's just buying straight from their site and pretty regularly. Why is it so hard for her to branch out and look for good clothes. It's either fast fashion crap from Amazon/Shein, F21, and now DK. Oh but she has expensive taste in fashion and is such a style icon, of course.

No. 1346098

All fast fashion companies are “shitty”. That brand only triggers twitterfags because they like to pretend to be woke. Also it is easy/profitable to steal people’s clothing ideas and sell it cheaper. Besides Shayna can’t afford designer clothing. She gets the ugliest fast fashion shit that doesn’t fit her. Forever 21 sells a lot of tacky shit but they also have decent basics like tank tops. She just likes cropped clothing that doesn’t look good on fatties

No. 1346100

God I would raise hell if I saw that disgusting shit, how stupid can you be to even make this up let alone fucking do it. She’s so out of touch she thinks it’s normal to do exhibitionist shit in public?? No one besides ugly ass mentally deranged men care to see you naked but ok

No. 1346103

you guys need to calm down and stop believing all her fake stories kek

No. 1346104

Like I've said, they're either completely bullshit or extremely exaggerated. She either made it up completely or somebody (maybe not even a dude) sitting by did catch a glimpse or she thought they did and that was it. Then she made up this wild fantasy for Twitter likes. If someone did they would be disgusted or just not even care or laugh with their friend/family about it honestly. No one but a pornsick coomer loser like Womack would behave how she described and even then maybe not.

No. 1346105

Way to say any guy who fucked her had a small dick hahaha

No. 1346107

There will definitely be a breakup incoming. Which will be milky since it seems like Shay lives with her. Back to Oklahoma she goes!

No. 1346108


No. 1346109

I hope it’s not true but she flashes all the time in public places, even when people are in the same place and can easily notice. It’s like she gets off on making people aware she’s a crusty Barbie princess sex worker “oopsie did you see my “Anal” pin that’s so embarrassing” like she sets up these scenarios on purpose so people might see and react

No. 1346111

That’s not how vaginas work anon

No. 1346122

File: 1634096599373.png (1.01 MB, 2048x558, Screenshot_20211012-204231.png)

RIP Ellen

Also is it healthy to get new acrylics every week? I feel like that'd destroy your nails

No. 1346124

she already barely has any nails. they're nubs.

No. 1346129

These Sally Beauty supply gloves are killing me
She'll probably get them done worse to spite the thread. I feel so bad for the people at the salon she haunts

No. 1346130

I'm not a nail-nonnie but my understanding is no, you wouldn't get completely new acrylics so frequently. You're supposed to get them filled in as needed, I think. And then you're supposed to soak them off or have the nail tech remove the old ones when getting a new set. But I'm sure she's ripped them off in the past and going to low end salons + constantly getting new sets made her nails and fingers look fucking gnarly before. Probably heading back into that territory of "I'm allergic to __" whatever she said before but her fingers looked disgusting and peely and infected.

No. 1346131

they are saying if shay's so uwu "tight" this narrow twink couldn't fit "3 fingers" in her (puking) then the guys aka fupa she banged must have had little pencil dicks. it's just pointing out how retarded shay and this ugly twink dom's claims are

No. 1346132

nta but yeah we all know what the anon was saying but big dicks don't stretch out vaginas like that is the point. are you people 12?

No. 1346133

literally nobody said that incel spiel though. i'm not going to infight with you because you are mad about imaginary loose pussy claims lol so anyway…

No. 1346134

what are you even talking about

No. 1346136

You have to be 18 or older to post on this site.

No. 1346137

genuinely not sure how you are pretending anyone is claiming "big dick stretches vagina" because nobody said that. autistic

No. 1346138

She’s tight because she doesn’t get wet. Being turned on looses the vagina muscles not being fucked by big dicks retard

No. 1346140

…. yes that's why i'm saying shay and her faggot dom are wrong and retarded? i wasn't saying anything else. triggered and illiterate.

No. 1346144

That’s what I meant. She’s claiming he couldn’t even fit 3 fingers in, implying that all the people she’s fucked have small penises since she doesn’t get wet and she’s such a tiny uwu baby or whatever.

It’s a weird lie that makes no sense and simply makes THEM look stupid. I never implied vaginas are stretched by big dicks or whatever.

I probably worded it wrong but no I’m not some stupid incel who doesn’t understand how vaginal muscles work.

No. 1346145

Some people on here lack basic reading comprehension skills

No. 1346146

Idk how to phrase it but I've seen it so many times, the grosser the kink the lower beauty standards and expectations. It's like fat girls coping with not being IG models by getting into pinup modelling. They can't be the hottest girl at the nightclub so they'll be the hottest girl at the dady dom lg sub catfuckers convention. Much lower bar to meet.

No. 1346147

what does the small penis part have to do with it though?

No. 1346148

No, nonnie, I just don't rely on neuroticism from an insular community. But, you can think that if it helps you sleep at night.

No. 1346149

wtaf are you on about retard? literally none of what you said made any sense
>i'm not some stupid incel who doesnt understand how vagina muscles work
yes, yes you are.

No. 1346150

She has always said that she edits her porn on her phone. For a while she didn’t even have a laptop. And she’s too fucking stupid to use actual editing software

No. 1346154

She has 2 mac books (not broken, or the one is and she uses the other one to take pics and do her weed shit)

A pc set up

A mac tablet (that she had to have, and like posted from it twice)

And like 4 fucking phones cause her retarded ass kept getting banned for her gross snatch

There is no excuse for her not having to do it on her phone she is just a lazy pos

No. 1346164

File: 1634105952654.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.77 KB, 1120x699, 20211013_034857.jpg)


No. 1346167

Holy shit did he post this or did she?? This is baaaaad

No. 1346170

File: 1634106667188.jpg (49.86 KB, 750x750, ryan.jpg)

>getting tied up on an ikea couch by a skinnyfat manlet in rubber gloves
and these two both sell themselves as industry professionals. Bleakest of bleaks.

No. 1346171

the dirty/discolored socks. very sexy shatna

No. 1346172

my jaw dropped, this is AWFUL

No. 1346175

this is an airbnb right? that poor couch

No. 1346176

What’s the crust on his glove?

No. 1346177

I can’t lie and I wish that I could have this type of moment with Sol. Tbh he is cute to me. Farewell, locow. Sol, find me.

No. 1346178

pry her body fluids

No. 1346181

why tf is she wearing the beret like a chef's hat

No. 1346182

Not her bare ass on some random air bnb couch! What do they have against a blanket - specifically their own blanket?? Good to see she brought her emotional support vibrator though. Crazy how even her first "industry" (lol) partner vid will be exactly like all her others. I'm sure this will absolutely boost both their thriving careers /s

No. 1346183

Lol nice troll, anon. I can't even pretend you're being serious, but in case you are, you can do WAY better than him. Go find any skinny white dom on tik tok, they're a dime a dozen, I'm sure you can find one with a halfway decent personality. And they're across, they're desperate. Don't tell me you're grosser them Shayna, you can do better than her. No excuses.

No. 1346185

Oh no he posted this not her, I know she usually looks retarded but no way she would have ok’d this one lmao

No. 1346186

File: 1634108674863.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, tumblr_msgca1t0Wu1rqwhzro1_400…)

Nonnie, you can do so much better. Here's a reward for your bravery though.

No. 1346187

sage for derail but isn't the guy in that gif bo burnham

No. 1346188

God I hope so. Some bnbs are allowed to set up nanny cams in case of literally point or theft happening. Idk Cali law but I hope she broke her TOS and goes to prison for this atrocity

No. 1346189

This is filtered and she still looks so haggard. The dark circles, double chin, crusty hair VOMIT INDUCING

No. 1346190

Funny she went from posting like this, >>1345400
About her "mumma"(gross, even calling your partner daddy/mommy is gross, calling them "mama" or "dada" is just a whole nother level of pedoism and depravity); whereas now all she can post about is that scrote and his sad dick. How much more proof do we need that she is straight? Or, if she is even bi, she is for sure not attracted to Ellen.
Shayna is at that age and fatness where she can still support of turn herself around, lose the weight, clean her room and throw away the cheap shit and get serious, even if she keeps doing sex work, the least she can do is stop being so crusty. And then maybe get some old sugar daddy to find her lifestyle until she is too old to depend on that, when she will settle down at a nice Walmart, as a door greeter.
That's not to say women "hit a wall" in your 30s, but more that it gets way harder to turn your act around and become a normal personthan it would for a 24 year old. And most sex workers, who don't lose their looks, even if they get fat, can find work as a milf, but we all know shay will not be a hot older lady. She's not even a hot young lady lol. The best she will do with her mental retardation and lack of job experience would be a door greeter, a newspaper courier, or a bottle depot employee lol.

No. 1346192

File: 1634109570248.gif (154.63 KB, 220x124, jesus-take-the-wheel.gif)

No. 1346194

seriously! her skin is so grey and we knew she just wears a much darker yellow toned foundation to try to hide it, but holy shit does it look bad here

No. 1346198

This is fucking disgusting, does she have no regard for the owners/future guests? The least she could do is put a towel down, god this bitch is despicable

No. 1346200

File: 1634111842187.jpeg (302.59 KB, 750x474, A9DD300E-B8C3-4C53-A018-7A8E6E…)

Do you think this is the couch? Call me autistic but I might have found the Airbnb

No. 1346201

File: 1634111984103.jpeg (510.26 KB, 750x1070, 31E4E6E4-AB85-40F0-8103-85E17C…)

Yep same pillows now that I look closer, found it super fast https://abnb.me/WKcevwOEjkb

No. 1346202

That poor owner.

No. 1346203

Looks like he washes his clothes as often as Shayna does. The filthy grease patch on his knee and her chimneysweep soot socks, mfeo. I can't even comment on anything else because I can smell this photo and I don't want to.

No. 1346208

no, that was a myth

No. 1346209

Same wall decor as well: >>1345888 Good job anon. I still can't believe these mongoloids paid for an airbnb just to stain it with Shay's ass fluid, without the owners knowledge or permission no doubt. Probably acted all proud of themselves too, like they're real pornstars in a rented studio. RIP to anyone who'll be staying in that biological contamination zone in the future.

No. 1346221

>No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from your host.
kek. Doesn't explicitly say that filming disgusting porn is banned though.

No. 1346222

After reading the reviews of the Airbnb I can see why it appealed to Shayna Kek
>It's conveniently located next to the freeway, as well as Randy's Donuts (soo good, open 24/7)
Another review said the place wasn't clean before entering, I feel bad if this happens to the next poor soul who rents it out

No. 1346223

His physique is repulsive. It reminds me of that meme about Shrek and millenial couples.

No. 1346224

I dont think they talk the same, it seems like the fan acc is trying to talk like a scrote. But its too.. Plain or something to be Womack. To me it sounds like Shayna trying to sound like Womack lol

No. 1346225

Lol they didn't need to put a watermark, no one wants to steal pictures from some fat, crusty, cottage cheese-thighed delusional pig. People only catfish as hot people. Shay is like, hot if you are from a small town, where everyone has inbred genes, and you never left for 40 years and realize you have a beer gut and no prospects, still paying online hookers instead of a wife. Maybe you've hooked up with a few lot lizards in your life, and she reminds you of them. I could see it. She's into old dudes. Too.

No. 1346226

I don't want to make you guys have to zoom in, but there are ACTUAL CRUSTY BITS ON MFS GLOVE THAT IS HOLDING THE DILDO! I'm guessing it's toilet paper bits, but that's still gross. I hope he didn't put his mouth near that. Imagine the smell. Mmmmm, misery, unwashed stoner coochie.

No. 1346232

fucking lol

No. 1346239

It could be yeast chunks. That bitch’s snatch is rancid and should be condemned.

No. 1346276

…well i'm glad they found eachother…(learn2sage)

No. 1346280

File: 1634130492978.jpg (438.46 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20211013-080801_Twi…)

So while this dude was filming with Shay, his wife was having a full meltdown

No. 1346282

File: 1634130536444.jpg (234.39 KB, 1080x966, Screenshot_20211013-080812_Twi…)

No. 1346284

Well this could get milky, especially since Shayna is jealous and needs to compete with other women all the time too

No. 1346286

Feeling that bad just because you have to leave the house and get dinner? Really? Just go to the grocery store and get a frozen meal or something ffs

No. 1346290

not even once

No. 1346291

Kek that you found this anon. Also those poor future people having to sit innocently on that contaminated sofa

No. 1346293

In the health and safety section of that airbnb listing it says they have ring cameras recording video/audio in the laundry room, front of the house, and driveway/gym area. It looks like the laundry room is next to the kitchen so it probably picked up at least the audio of this encounter. Nasty. Of course these two wouldn’t think to check the listings for airbnbs without cameras.

No. 1346294

Same position, same vibrator, Jesus she flew to LA to film with some scrote but it STILL ends up exactly what she always does

No. 1346301

File: 1634132247425.jpg (17 KB, 185x186, IMG_20211013_152400.jpg)

she looks she's melting, wtf. or something from the movie slither

No. 1346302

File: 1634132301491.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 2175x1169, 1634131904882.png)

No. 1346305

saw this on the front page and literally gagged and almost vomited up my breakfast.

No. 1346315

why is she yellow kek

No. 1346330

she’s an alcoholic

No. 1346335

Ah man they could've at least put down a towel or blanket or something!
How fucking gross.

No. 1346339

The absolute state of sw Twitter. Imagine showing everyone your most intimate moments and still being broke enough that your fridge is empty. Even Shay is never this down and out kek. Between this lady and Ellen vague posting we have quite the jealousy saga.

No. 1346341

This is some horrorcow shit. The circulation cutting off in her hand, her eyes and melting, yellow face; if not for the big dumb bone gag this appears like it's from a serial killer's stash of photos

No. 1346343

I'm pretty sure she lives with the skinny manlet as well. How embarrassing for your husband to leave you with no food while he fucks another girl

No. 1346344

And it's even worse because between her and her gangly dom husband they still can't scrape together as much as Shay, who isn't doing well by any metric. What kind of husband books an airbnb to go fuck some degenerate while not leaving his wife any money for more food than a stale rice cake?

No. 1346347

File: 1634136862215.jpg (80.19 KB, 1080x314, Screenshot_20211013-155327_Twi…)

Reality is really setting in for Ellen isn't it?

No. 1346360

I think since Fupa had the upper hand is Shay's last relationship, Shay is taking full advantage of having the upper hand in this one with Ellen. She seems miserable and Shay doesn't seem like she cares.
You would think if they we're both constantly spreading it online they would have twice the money. Time to put away your pride and start begging for doordash cards, dear. Shayna learned that trick ages ago!

No. 1346362

That guy’s physique is the most revolting part of this photo.

No. 1346368

> Shay is like, hot if you are from a small town
still not even close. also people catfish with average/ugly girl’s pics all the time because they’re the ones that put out desperate-for-attention free content like this. it’s more accessible for the jason womacks of the world.

No. 1346381

you're saying this as if they aren't lying like shay always does about not having money

No. 1346394

True, gotta be scammy if you want a steady doordash card supply. They are all thriving.

No. 1346441

File: 1634144237027.jpeg (94.26 KB, 750x616, 3A22E7A0-5DE3-41FC-9C5D-20D872…)

North is not even 10yo you fucking pedo freak. Why are you posting an actual child bedroom picture on your Sw account.

No. 1346446

File: 1634144533295.jpg (815.7 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20211013-120158_Twi…)


No. 1346448

File: 1634144609706.jpg (120.87 KB, 1079x380, Screenshot_20211013-120226_Twi…)

That's called being fucking lazy. Has nothing to do with "being a switch"

No. 1346451

They really left the wrap roll in frame. How professional. The longer you look at this the worse it gets. He’s holding the vibrator and dildo in such an odd way. Why does she have a dog bone in her mouth she dressed as a Girl Scout? Nothing makes sense.

No. 1346455

Okay Katherine Harlow. All these bitches are exactly the same.

No. 1346456

Why does she have to associate everything with kink? It's okay to just say you want a maid or housekeeper to do your chores. There's nothing 'switch'y about it.

No. 1346459

This nerd looks like he hates her lmfao

No. 1346460

It’s astonishing how most people who make porn have zero sex appeal.

No. 1346461

But being an e-whore and a man’s fuckdoll is just so empowering, right? These people need their internet privilege revoked.

No. 1346462

You do have one, Shayna. It's your gf and she just realized it this weekend.

No. 1346465

why did she go all the way to LA and set up a shoot with this scrawny scrote to just do exactly what she does in every other set

Isn't the point to take photos of actual sex

No. 1346467

They look like two wet dogs, her head looks so big and his head so long. I can swear she did this same pose with Fupaul as well.

No. 1346472

File: 1634146121217.jpeg (531.11 KB, 1242x1349, 94736C41-D5DA-4CD0-BB43-C1C1EE…)

It does tho

No. 1346478


Makes you wonder if someone contacted the owner after the listing was posted here or if the anon who mentioned the cameras was right.

No. 1346481

File: 1634146881588.jpg (313.72 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20211013-124126_Twi…)

No. 1346482

File: 1634146939775.jpg (146.62 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20211013-124112_Twi…)

No. 1346484

I'm not gonna cowtip but man it'd be amazing if she got fined kek.

No. 1346490

anon who found the Airbnb here, the rules absolutely did not have that section there last night when I found it. owner definitely found out about the porn.

No. 1346491

File: 1634147621187.jpeg (128.49 KB, 1206x1722, AB218288-FB7D-4A8E-893A-706460…)

Shayna you’re as “normie” as one could get given you wear the exact same overpriced low quality shit as every other twitter thot. The audacity to comment about women who actually dress appropriately when you wear picrel for days on end.

No. 1346494

You’re a prostitute Shayna. Stop saying “sugaring”.

No. 1346499

I hope the owner raises hell about this. You can’t use Airbnb’s for commercial use without the hosts permission. I highly doubt shat asked permission before filming, especially if she’s adding rules about it after finding out

No. 1346500

for the first time in my years on lc i hope some retard is going to cowtip

No. 1346501

Fucking KEK

No. 1346502

Holy shit, I read the rules last night just because and it definitely wasn’t there like other anons said. She’s fucked.

No. 1346503

What a self own. An actaully attractive women would still look hot in weather appropriate clothing. Shay is not attractive so the only way she can get male attention is by dressing like $10 street whore.

No. 1346504

idk shay, i've seen sugarbabies/whores that know how to dress in cold weather, but still look leagues more sexy than you ever will. the problem is that you think being sexy means to show as much skin as possible. besides, i'm sure the most wealthy and respectable sugardads aren't looking for obvious whores, but women who know how to blend in with rich people

No. 1346505

I wonder if the airbnb host looked at the ring camera footage from inside the house and then posted those rules.

No. 1346508

File: 1634149633160.jpg (462.59 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20211013-132631_Twi…)

Wow "tiny cunt" such an EMBARRASSING nickname. Watch this bitch try to date this dude

No. 1346511

I hope she does tbh. She'll move for another scrote (one with a wife this time) become obsessed with him, they fall out and then she'll end up back with her doormat, I mean girlfriend.

No. 1346514

I found out Ellen’s last name
It’s Ellen Dresel

No. 1346515

File: 1634151042378.jpeg (359.88 KB, 741x965, 62598A66-A620-4754-BC73-A21B71…)

Yep that’s her, good work anon

No. 1346521

Glorious milkkkkk

No. 1346522

File: 1634152113406.jpg (183.49 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20211013-140841_Twi…)

So punny Shay

No. 1346523


Maybe they'd shop for clothes that fit for you for once.

No. 1346524

Oh she absolutely will, she's practically love-bombing this idiot. I kinda wish we were sure about the Ellen-as-roommate theory because the breakup would be crazy!

No. 1346526

File: 1634152677907.jpg (208.14 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20211013-141756_Twi…)

No. 1346531

File: 1634153177195.jpg (347.47 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20211013-142608_Twi…)

She's never going to shut up about this dude

No. 1346533

the only man that gave her attention since fupa

No. 1346541

>disgusting little specimen
She’s kind of spot on tbh, nobody should touch her fat smelly yeast trap without gloves.

No. 1346546

Ahaha these idiots gonna get fined.

Obviously they know what went down and whoever booked the place under their name will be getting in troubleee and they prob gonna have a massive fall out asking the other to pay half the fine cos they both poor as shit.

No. 1346554

Bahaha it's in Inglewood, how ~bimbo~, cute lil air bnb in the hood uwu conveniently located 5min from Randy's Donuts and Roscoe's

No. 1346555

Hey now, Roscoe's is good shit. But I bet she only got donuts. Did fatass post any food pictures from this trip?

No. 1346564

Oh no arguments there, I just find it amusing to imagine Lardy Fattel shoveling chicken and waffles into her maw even with no photographic evidence

No. 1346566

but i thought you were a big bad dom?

No. 1346571

No. 1346572

File: 1634157640524.png (85.16 KB, 958x476, eurgh.png)

Reposting because I forgot to sage.

No. 1346574

So either someone recognized the house and somehow cowtipped (I hope to god) and let the owners know… OR they seriously were so DISGUSTING filming in someone else’s place/ didn’t clean properly/ left condoms or other degenerate shit( maybe it even smelled??)vomits weird how they specifically target it as “illegal adult activity” when rly it was just two degenerates fucking and filming it for their own use/personal distribution- not some sugaring situation kek

No. 1346575

I always found it strange that they were renting an airbnb for porn… why not get a traditional hotel room? Hotels are practically made for sex work - they're super anonymous and the cleaners have seen it all so there’s no awkwardness if you make a mess. Also, it's difficult to place most hotel rooms in a pic… even police have trouble researching hotel rooms that appear in sex trafficking victims' photos bc they're so samey.

I really wonder if someone cowtipped or if the airbnb owner happened to check the camera after finding the yeasty state of her couch… either way, poor lady.

No. 1346577

Wait the owners just had cameras set up anyways for their safety? Was it a disclaimer on the page or did someone catch a camera in her pics that wasn’t her tripod Imagine being so handicapped that you know ppl are watching you film this shit despite a possible disclaimer I seriously am hoping for some huge milk- meltdown etc(emoji)

No. 1346579

File: 1634157918291.jpg (318.7 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20211013-154500_Twi…)

Stfu and stop sexualizing a kids movie

No. 1346580

pathetic how she is lovebombing the soy boy

No. 1346581

Remember when she first moved in and tried to claim this place was “high tech”?

No. 1346582

She's a liar she posted that video of her sucking Fupauls small peen and then talked about it when they broke up

No. 1346584

sad thing is she's not even doing this for "Sex worker sexy talk" likes on twitter. She's literally smitten with the guy.

No. 1346585

Yeah and the first day she was in LA she posted pictures from a hotel room, why couldn’t they use that? Maybe Ellen Dresel from Seattle, WA didn’t want them doing it in the same room as her

No. 1346586

I mean what they've done is maybe nor illegal but highly immoral.
They should've enquired about it but obviously most people are gonna say um absolutely not and they know that so try do it behind someone's back. This is someone's property they own and to have it treated like a cum rag is just Ew. They're gonna have to get a new couch cos it's been defiled.

No. 1346587

File: 1634158684123.jpeg (145.88 KB, 828x1289, E074CB46-418B-42D5-A14F-83BFDB…)

she is just so gross

No. 1346588

This will surely get more people to spend money on her

No. 1346589

she looks so greasy and slimy

No. 1346590

As a degenerate I’d definitely book a hotel room to do sex acts in VS an air b&b?? Air b&b’s are for photo shoots and pretending ur rich and living in LA not for defiling some Karen’s sofa. Realistically they can replace whatever may have been tainted- I saw one air b&b video where the clients were in the attic and put a HOLE in the ceiling via being fat and the owners literally said “nah it’s chill just leave a good 5 star review” so idfk either way I just hope it’s as milky as the OTK air b&b event they did for their one yr special where the owner just started inviting ransoms 2 the event

No. 1346592

This girl is 22 and pretty. She better get the hell out of there quick

No. 1346594

Not to lawfag but that's not how contracts work. A property owner can't go back and add a provision later and then "fine" someone on those grounds. They might be able to take them to court, but I think this is more of a warning for the future tenants after what this landlord saw.

No. 1346595

File: 1634159384592.jpeg (741.96 KB, 750x1043, 7A8CB092-6DB2-45CA-85CA-C1A951…)

This is a 25 year old. Ellen seems extremely homeschooled to me

No. 1346600

didn't she suck some ginger pube dick on camera once

No. 1346603

It’s still against Airbnb’s TOS to film for commercial use in a home without permission of the owner, so with or without that disclaimer there the owner does have legal standing.

No. 1346604

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1346605

Right, so they're probably entitled to keep any initially refundable deposit for violating TOS or something, but I doubt they would take these idiots to court over it for $10,000. They could probably sue for the cost of the couch. That "$10,000 fine" is just to scare people off.

No. 1346606

File: 1634160256748.jpg (473.54 KB, 1080x2114, IMG_20211013_232000.jpg)


Was just about to say the same thing, so here's a screenshot of TOS. Let's hope they don't get away with this degeneracy.

No. 1346608

File: 1634160418340.jpeg (156.67 KB, 749x786, FAB07530-EB77-4183-B326-DBA87B…)

Not only that but the property owner could get them for not having a license

No. 1346609

Notice the use of the word "should" not for all the things that aren't patently illegal. Not prohibitive enough for the state to get involved. What punishment would she incur from violating the TOS according to AirBnB?

No. 1346611


I'm assuming he booked it since Shayna is borderline retarded. Which means he will at the very least get suspended and unable to rent another home. Silver lining lol.

No. 1346620

File: 1634162350598.jpeg (93.45 KB, 692x1024, 6C5B8FAC-2C1D-4806-AFB6-82C27B…)

I guess this is the look for meeting up with her new John

No. 1346621

File: 1634162401558.jpeg (241.39 KB, 750x585, 7FC41BB6-925C-4774-8A09-5ECE97…)

And no one would see that irl, especially unfiltered and think this

No. 1346623

File: 1634162513479.jpeg (255.79 KB, 1080x1454, 6643D16B-3BD2-4262-B4B0-394B5D…)

Fucking hypocrite. Muh ptsd!

No. 1346626

it’s illegal if it violates the contract. if it wasn’t in the contract when shayna signed then unfortunately they can’t hold her liable.

No. 1346628

Call me an ana-chan, but I'm surprised by how pudgy he is considering how skelly he looked with a shirt on

No. 1346629

It was in the terms of service she agreed to when she (or Sol) signed up for an Airbnb account

No. 1346633

Oh shit, this is gonna be good. Can't wait to see the scrote who can only keep rice cakes in his fridge get a 10k fine along with her

This is going to be her next "favorite person" for sure

No. 1346638

File: 1634163297611.png (9.4 KB, 424x101, Untitled55.png)

i know i'm gonna get flagged for cowtipping, but the owner of the listing said she's working on charges right now.(cowtipping retard )

No. 1346639

you are a twat. smh

No. 1346641

You're doing God's work anon, don't let them tell you otherwise.

No. 1346642

oh well

No. 1346644

Yup, I called it. She went from posting about her 'gf' at least once a day, to now only posting about that scrote and posting about men. The things she wrote about her gf weren't even particularly nice or special, but at least she was willing to acknowledge her publicly and mention how much she does for her. Just goes to show, shay is just 100% straight. And she's obviously got a crush on this dude, because he's probably the first dude under 40 who has shown interest in her since fupaul. Let's watch shay try to wedge her way into their relationship, it would be hilarious if twigboy left his decent looking wife for a crusty, lazy obese stoner with a 95 in.

No. 1346645

best contribution all thread imo

No. 1346646

Nah, this could have played out in normal time. But yall have to curdle the milk as fast as possible.

No. 1346647

95 iq not in. Although, I'm sure shay has a95 inch waist kek

No. 1346648

Fuck shay and fuck that gross skinny beta that. I'd be disturbed if people who looked like that were bareass on my furniture, too. Owner now probably has to fumigate and disinfect everything

No. 1346649

at this point I'm not even upset about the cowtipping, I pray for anyone who has to put their ass on that sofa after. Definitely needs a deep clean.

No. 1346651

File: 1634164047376.jpeg (125.03 KB, 1242x524, B159F353-6F3F-4DA1-93ED-D17947…)

Ellen Dresel (Degenerate) the cuck booked it under her real name. Fucking retards

No. 1346652

No one wants to see that disgusting video they made anyways. It’s just Shayna on her cellulite ass with a dirty vibrator held by a scrawny twink Fupa

No. 1346654

Noniquas, there's a big storm comin'

No. 1346655

Ellen risked it all and didn't even get fucked lololol

No. 1346657


#92 "Homeless in Seattle" edition coming soon topkek

No. 1346660

I’m cackling shay is literally using her in every way, poor Ellen, she gets nothing from this

No. 1346661

bruh you’re getting compensated? cow tipping paying off?? lmao

No. 1346662

Jfc you’re going to direct this poor person or whoever the fuck is going to compile the case against them look through this page

No. 1346663

Ellen's gonna get stuck with the 10k fine all by herself god damn.

No. 1346666

Imagine being this dudes wife. Polyfags are so bleak.

No. 1346669

I would kill to see the review they’re leaving her

No. 1346670

Anon gets paid and Shayna/her doormat get fined, what a magnificent day on the farms topkek

No. 1346671

I couldn’t help but think the same, it’s not pudge per se but just skinny fat.
Dude thinks he’s skinnier than most men so he doesn’t need to work out, when he should at least build some muscle tone so he doesn’t look so “pudgy”

No. 1346678

imagine being jealous of shayna, of all people.

No. 1346679

jfc she’s down bad

No. 1346682

bankruptcy saga fucking when

No. 1346683

File: 1634165613378.jpg (95.67 KB, 780x438, intro-1513196522.jpg)

Taking cowtipping to another level holy shit

No. 1346688

Good in this case, if I was the owner I’d definitely want to be told if someone was doing this shit in a home I trust people to take good care of. They didn’t even put a cover over the fucking furniture or anything.

No. 1346689

Yeah it’s cowtipping but hopefully something actually comes of this since Shayna has never had to face the consequences of her actions. It would never forgive the pedo porn but it certainly would be punishment for making porn in a hospital and constantly flashing in public.

No. 1346690

Sounding like a tranny.

No. 1346691

>>1346651 I would have also contacted the owner if no one else did soon. Cant let unknowing ppl sit on that gross shit. This is just basic human decency

No. 1346692

File: 1634166132503.gif (1.07 MB, 400x225, d22347b90e74accf434d27fe0e7e5d…)

No. 1346694

I feel bad for Ellen ngl

No. 1346695

I almost feel bad for Ellen. That’s gonna be a tough lesson for her but she’s far too old to be that stupid anyway. Being Shayna’s doormat really pays off huh.

No. 1346697

I don't she was lending shayna a hand (literally) when she was filming on the couch before. Maybe I feel a LITTLE bad because Shayna is going to blame this all on "ebil Lolcow" and then play victim if the GF is done with her, maybe even accuse her of some type of abuse.
Other then that though? She should've been more thoughtful. I honestly feel like the trip was Ellen's trip & she let Shayna come along, Shayna made plans that may fuck Ellen over.

No. 1346700

>Shayna is going to blame this all on "ebil Lolcow"
i mean yeah

No. 1346701

Doesn't Shayna have a bank account, too? Why didn't she just send her a money transfer and let her or the flabby twink book it? Really poor thinking on her part, the things she was willing to do just to impress shay. She is not worth it, Ellen. Don't let fat, lazy, stinky, neets take advantage of you.

No. 1346703

Hi hi!
I’ve spoke with the Airbnb owner. She’s genuinely disgusted with what’s going on but doesn’t know how to next action.

Farm hands, can we remove links to her listing as he’s not just had people making her aware she’s had trolls.

All she wants it her place and her name not to be associated with this place. Anything farm hands can do? They don’t deserve this; they’re already having to clean up after shays visit

No. 1346705

Lurk harder maybe. Anyone who been here long enough knows this. Trust fund? Maybe. Privilege girl college fund? Definitely. Parents insurance? Of course. Her dad is probably paying her rent. she doesn’t make enough

No. 1346707

this is fucking hilarious. poor air bnb lady though, it must stink in there.

No. 1346708

Also sorry to Cowtip but as an Airbnb owner I had to let her know and

No. 1346712

post it in /meta/ or send an email to the admin, autists. farmhands aren’t sitting here hanging on your every word.

No. 1346713

Anon,you ok?

No. 1346714

Tell the Airbnb owner the link to their social media where they post themselves in the property and get both him and Shay blacklisted from Airbnb’s

No. 1346715

This is the comment in question listing the owners post, just to make it easier for a mod to find

No. 1346717

File: 1634167223105.jpeg (345.76 KB, 1242x2208, BF89282A-DA77-451A-B6A6-832398…)

So Ellen booked the place but Shayna e-begged for it and said she booked it. Sorry but Ellen is a fucking retard. She probably wasn’t even there when they filmed. She needs to leave Shayna like right now.

No. 1346718

Imagine Shayna's cheeto scented feet and yeasty, boil covered vag and probably unwiped ass, and all the sweat between her rolls, being all over your furniture you rent out to the public. Maybe they'll need more than just a cleaner, bring in a priest too, just in case.

No. 1346719

She was taken by candleja

No. 1346721

Massive tinfoil but maybe it's possible that Shayna is already blacklisted from Airbnb for some reason, so she had to use Ellen to book it?

No. 1346722

Did she alert the website? Fuck you for cowtipping but also thank you. It didn’t sit right with me either knowing she rented someone’s home just to fuck raw on the couch and who knows what other degenerate shit they did

No. 1346724

I love how shaynas life is just constant fuck ups lol

No. 1346725

Honestly if I get blocked I’ll take it, but I pay my rent with an Airbnb investment, shat is a cunt to use this as a porn set without permission(no1curr, cowtipping autist)

No. 1346728

You keep double posting your comments, anon. And I tagged the comment with the listing, >>1346201
Learn 2read

No. 1346729

It was always strange to me that shatna had her Halloween theme up for a few days then changed it to the buttstuff tranny pfp theme. We still have time for Halloween, she’s doing this shit all in a retarded order.

No. 1346730

Ellen was there for the whole shoot and witnessed the abuse of the sofa first hand. Shay tweeted about her being there and making comments about her wearing underwear.

No. 1346731

File: 1634167581957.jpg (141.24 KB, 1079x505, Screenshot_20211013-205553_Twi…)

She's a compulsive liar; she doesn't even try to make it sound legit.

No. 1346733

I don't support cowtipping but this just feels good

No. 1346734

Obviously this did not happen but catcalling and sexual harassment is not a flex; fake or not.

No. 1346735

No it’s that you look cheap and easy shayna

No. 1346736

File: 1634167714159.jpg (292.31 KB, 1079x1030, Screenshot_20211013-205823_Twi…)

Quit cowtipping

No. 1346737

A guy hit on this? >>1346587
Who would even look twice at this thing, willingly? Oh yeah, I guess I keep forgetting how slimy and desperate scrotes will be. He could have been a homeless drug addict

No. 1346738

Only trannies fantasize about being catcalled. I can’t wait until she reads here and then we get the depression and suicide bait tweets.

No. 1346740

there’s expired food in his refrigerated but go off I guess

No. 1346743

He mentioned being an immigrant, maybe he doesn’t want a job because he’s not legal

No. 1346744

We shouldn't be surprised what low standards guys have, we witness it every day, str8 men are desperate and only think with their dick. Think of all the times you've heard of guys having sex they regret, just because they were so horny, they put their dick in a hog like shay. Maybe she did get hit on, but the kind of guys who give her attention, well, we've seen what they look like… lol. The hottest guy she has been associated with is this sol guy, and he's about a 5/10 @ best. And I'm someone who thirsts for skinny white boys with glasses, but I don't like this guy at all. He looks like a douchebag, and like he'd be abusive and try to excuse it with ""kink"". Also, if you're gonna have a small gut like that, you gotta at least have the muscle to compensate. Sage for semi- diary entry. Shat is gonna get is obsessed with this guy and try to ruin his marriage

No. 1346749

Same, I wish it didn't happen because of cowtipping but they really deserve to get their asses handed to them. It's against the rules and all but it's like the Pedopandering Degernates thread, when actual harm is being done to other people you wanna see them eat their just desserts.

No. 1346750

Not really. If she asked first to film this wouldn’t have been a problem. This is something easily avoidable but she’s too fucking broke, cheap and stupid to plan an actual shoot.

No. 1346751

Nooooo, anon! Don't you see? >>1346736
He has a real job! He's doing great for himself, and he doesn't even have to stick to the 9-5 kek omg they're all so sad. Just goes to show, these people involved in sex work who aren't in the top 20% of content creators, are not at all ~thriving~ or doing well for themselves, they can hardly pay the bills or buy food. Ellen is the only one out of them who isn't in sex work and she seems like she can at least afford to take herself on trips and pay for herself, even if she is just getting handed money from her parents. So these people made it their job to get fucked on camera, but are not even doing better than someone who is not in sex work, and probably had just a normal, dead-end job. If she works at all, that is.

No. 1346754

Meant to reply to your comment lol my bad

No. 1346755

File: 1634168522296.jpg (284.56 KB, 1079x1419, Screenshot_20211013-163910_Chr…)

Part of me cringes at the cowtipping but the other part of me laughed at this, also from the skeleton man's cc

No. 1346757

He's from the UK and got a visa because his wife is American. He also fucks trannies for content and is big on being "woke" and canceling other "abusive" and problematic sex workers on his Twitter. I expected he'd have cancelled Shay by now but it looks like he's only spoken out about other men.

No. 1346759

He a crossdresser?

No. 1346760

File: 1634168772574.jpeg (120.36 KB, 750x363, E16D362C-3CFD-4757-B4D0-684475…)

nta but he did drop this in her discord a while back kek

No. 1346762

I know America has its problems. But the uk doesn’t want this degenerate back.

No. 1346766

she will always be OUR disgusting little specimen <3

No. 1346769

i do not claim this anon

No. 1346775

Real tempted to notify USCIS about this disgusting scrote

No. 1346776

Haha wow. Anyone know his real name

No. 1346779

Men do this all the time, to Shayna it's a flex and not annoying, creepy and weird. She thinks any man flirting with her means she's a super hot barbie bimbo. Shayna is like a troon, but instead of thinking every man who comes on to them means they "Pass", she thinks every man that comes off to her thinks she's a beautiful Bimbo & that means something.

No. 1346783

You expected he paid for it? Shayna is the same chick who brought her & fupa tickets to a show on her OWN birthday. A girl who brags about men she's been with for years buying her snacks. The type who'd fly out somewhere, to let a scrote touch/fuck her for free for "content", and barely get over 100 likes and makes anything from it.
No way this dude would pay.

No. 1346785

"Keeping us afloat"
>left your wife at home with no food or money, knowing she has anxiety about leaving the house to tend for herself
>couldn't even pay for the airbnb himself, just let Shay panhandle on Twitter and Ellen foot the bill
>does not compute.jpg

No. 1346787

To be fair, have you seen her pussy? He had to be in the same room/ vicinity as her rotting vag, I'm sure she doesn't give a fuck(sage your shit)

No. 1346788

So Shayna sucked a disgusting troon fucker off, with a starving wife AND did so on a airbnb couch without covering it or anything? She's so successful, living her best life.

No. 1346801

File: 1634171592683.gif (256.87 KB, 220x164, 8CB33295-164D-49B9-926F-6589AC…)

What is going on in this thread? Cowtipping is usually cringe but I’m kind of here for it kek. Mostly because shay never seems to be held accountable for her actions and maybe this time she will be.

No. 1346802

Oh what a fucking retard, he's going to regret trying that.

No. 1346804

They were probably making fun of her. Talking to the ugly, retarded girl as a joke

No. 1346808

Yeah, while I don't doubt some crusty scrote would tell his scrub homeboy to yell out at Shayna, it does come off as a "Yo she likes you" joke that dudes used to do in highschool to a "unattractive" girl they know the boy didn't like.

No. 1346810

I don’t know what that means tbh I don’t want a discount at that airbnb it’s been tainted by Shayna’s aura and stench. Shit needs to be deep cleaned

No. 1346811

File: 1634172053875.jpeg (155.78 KB, 828x505, 9CF5B214-CEB1-4184-BD7A-28C65E…)

Kek Sol’s broke-ass girlfriend with her fridge full of expired food is actually THRIVING, guys!
Sharing that ugly iDubbz looking fake dom bf’s ~big dick~ with fellow greasy desperate broke sex workers is the dream and we are all just jealous because we aren’t living it.

No. 1346814

This guy should just say he's doing sex work out of passion, cause it can't be for the money

No. 1346815

Oh wow so owned, do these women not know bragging about fucking men is so weird for women to do? ANY woman can find a man to have sex with them. Having sex isn't a flex. Especially when your husband is fucking mentally ill men in the ass, random women like Shayna, he will literally screw anything. Show a full fridge as a flex.

No. 1346819

Ah yes, nothing more pleasurable than a 24/7 sore vagina. These whores think they’re flexing but they’re telling on themselves and their terrible sex.

No. 1346820

The migra deports hard working Mexicans but this degenerate piece of shit who probably doesn’t pay taxes gets to stay????

No. 1346821

are they really acting like whatever "bj content" they did is anything except embarrassing, the scrote will probably be flaccid and shay will be choking to death on 1 inch of it

No. 1346825

people who publicly complain about their life and post their breakdowns and then try to say ACTUALLY HATERS I HAVE IT SO GOOD are embarrassing, no one cares that some guy uses you as a fleshlight to the point of constant discomfort

No. 1346826

This sounds like it was posted to make Shay jealous considering she was having a breakdown while her husband was out fucking the pig.

No. 1346827

It was in response to someone saying "I feel sorry for your wife" on his Curious Cat

No. 1346829

kek, to be fair I was feeling kinda sorry for her, but now I'm not

No. 1346830

And it could still be meant to piss Shay off because we've already seen that this polycule is fucked. This is the wife trying to flex that while Shat might've fucked her man, she's his "main priority" because she got the ring. They live together and the dude is in Shay's server, don't act like she doesn't see what he's saying to her.

No. 1346832

oh god she shouldve read the whole thread before thinking this was gonna own us

No. 1346834

it doesn't help that bloaty mattel won't stop tweeting about him and the wife can see that

No. 1346836

File: 1634174214133.png (509.25 KB, 2048x1389, Screenshot_20211013-201050.png)

He's so gross. He can't say anything positive about his wife that's not just "she lets me fuck other women" and he assumes it must be some jealous scrote and not someone who sees how obviously dysfunctional their marriage is lol

No. 1346839

Do these degenerates think/care about anything other than sex?

No. 1346840

I'm sure there was a fight when he got home and she was starving, but that's not very sexy wexy uwu so of course they're going to play off to the internet that everything is caviar and champagne.

No. 1346842

Top fucking kek

Is a sore minge desirable now?

"Bet you wish you had a raging UTI from cervix bashing!"

We can only dream of such pleasures.

No. 1346843

Porn has really convinced people that sore genitalia means the sex was good. They're simply too far gone.

No. 1346858

What a cringey hyper-defensive response lol he sounds about 14

No. 1346860

I really hope he starts getting cancelled by working with her. This site may be full of autists (like myself) but ultimately it’s screen shot proof of her being scammy and shitty

No. 1346869

Nah we've seen her whole genitalia situation too many times. She's got a fat girl mound, ballsack labia, and a gaping chasm of a hole that she slams dirty dildos in no problem. If it was tight, it was because she was incredibly unaroused, but keep telling on yourselves lol.

No. 1346871

Man if either of them post that content their gonna be fucked. Really funny though that she wasted all that time and money for nothing if they are smart and don’t post it. If they just took 2 seconds to google “can you film porn in an Airbnb” there’s several threads on Reddit and other forums saying “no not without permission”

No. 1346872

I mean I guess she would be an passable as an average chick… if she actually looked like that without the filter. When's the last time she's posted a pic without the dandruff snap filter anyway? Seems like it's always that or the outdated dog filter lately. Also that outfit and bow are ugly tho

No. 1346877

No. 1346879

Clearly Ellen had a bad time on the trip having to drive shays lazy ass around and provide entertainment for her judging by these tweets
and then to add to that she finally gets home and now she’s got a rightfully pissed off Airbnb owner up in her dms telling her she’s pressing charges against her over some stupid shit Shayna did. I’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a retard.

No. 1346880

File: 1634177865824.png (116.06 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20211013-201105~2.p…)

Stop cow tipping.

No. 1346881

Jfc Ellen practically cucked herself. She really booked and possibly helped pay for Shayna to fuck some random dude she's now obsessed with. Fuckin kek. I can't with this shit

I seriously doubt he would leave his wife for Shayna, out of all the girls he's fucked. I scrolled his Twitter and dude works with a surprising amount of whores. Considering his wife and those girls contrast to Shay… I really doubt she's the one that would really do it for him. Shay wishes though. He's probably flirty and friendly to all the girls he works with. Ya know, he is job to make porn and work with other sex workers. She's acting like the loser at the strip club that thinks the stripper totally is actually into him.

No. 1346883

I do actually feel sorry for Ellen. I get the impression that she's below average IQ and doesn't mean anyone any harm, she just got stuck in a situation that she can't get out of. The hog is fully taking advantage of her.

No. 1346884

I've never laughed this hard in my life, holy shit. I can hardly believe these are real people, it's like some bad Netflix drama about lowlife trash, but it's playing out in real time so it's just so much better. I didn't expect, when I woke up this morning, to have such hilarious shit to lol @. These people are digging themselves deep into a shit grave and now they're reaping the consequences. You can't even get fucked right, holy shit. Shay, time to find a new career, like, 2 years ago lol

No. 1346885

honestly good anon, couldn’t care less abt cowtipping for a scenario like this. Imagine booking an airbnb and sitting on the couch these degenerates filmed porn on, fucking nasty. They should be held accountable.

No. 1346886

I pray for this mans sake he didn't fuck shay without a condom, the wife is gonna get yeasty boils. Yuck

No. 1346890

ew the cowtippers would be other sex workers

No. 1346891

Cowtipping? Like, when you move Shayna on her side? Kek

No. 1346892

I mean, if he was already fucking troons possibly without a condom who knows what both of them are already dealing with. But yeah, boils would make it worse.

No. 1346893

It was weird how it seemed like Shay was saying her and Ellen were gonna book a bnb and do content and stuff… but they just stayed at a hotel and she spanked Shayna while she sucked a dildo. Then she had to come on to her while Shay was asleep. Ellen took her out to that Madonna place, ordered food at the hotel, etc. Then there was the helicopter thing that anons speculated Ellen's family might have something to do with and that would make sense. Kinda like Ellen was going to Cali to visit family and Shay tagged along for selfish reasons making Ellen drive, book everything, and just generally mooched off her. I don't really feel bad for Ellen but goddamn lol. Lonely as she may be, she chose to get back with Shay after dating her previously and is letting Shay use and walk all over her. She's old enough to know better.

No. 1346895

This is sad and incredibly autistic, I bet it’s the same Twitter cowtipper @j0yfullll that just popped up to message Shay’s coomers

No. 1346896

Shay & Sol are probably both in panic/cope/seethe mode right now, frantically messaging eachother to find a way to cover their asses. Ellen is probably oblivious and I guarantee since it was under her name she's going to take all the blame for it - also, hi airbnb owner, welcome to the farm, here's your obligatory pitchfork and puke bucket.

No. 1346899

If Ellen weren't a coomer I would feel bad for her because Shayna is clearly using her for money and favors in every way possible. Hopefully she gets a clue and cuts her off before she ends up footing the legal bills for Shat's retardation

No. 1346900

If it was booked on Ellen’s account she’s definitely getting angry messages on the app or emails from the owner. She’s gotta be freaking out

No. 1346908

If anything shay's gonna catch something from him

No. 1346909

You all are acting like people don't fuck in bnbs and do gross, disrespectful shit. Like it only happens in hotels and that's OK because a hotel is a company? What about the housekeeping there? Idk I think y'all got too riled up. It's the owners choice to rent their place and honestly they should expect sexual activity and things. Not saying they should expect and be ok with porn being created and yeah Shay should've put down some blankets and stuff, but some of you are really running with this too hard. If the owner couldn't figure it out themselves, then it's not that serious.

No. 1346910

Imagine feeling sorry for a woman who does pedo pandering. No one associates with shayna unless they are a complete worthless degenerate themselves.

No. 1346913

The account has existed since last year. Stop giving it attention.

Sol should be deported kek

Oh look, one of Shat's coomers found their way here.

No. 1346915

Shat is probably reading this thread thinking "lol it's Ellen's name on the contract not mine!"

No. 1346917

File: 1634179168515.jpeg (81.73 KB, 650x451, 8077F223-3021-4C30-930C-09EF91…)

No. 1346918

Naw, man, it's a completely different scenario when it's someone's actual, personal home they are renting out to the public. Sure, it's the same as sleeping in a hotel that had people having an orgy in it, but the hotel will still be making money regardless, whereas an individual bnb owner had their reputation on the line, and potential future customers could find out EASILY which airbnb it was, and then they lose business like that. Anything involving filming and ""actors"", you need to go through hoops, get permits, have permission from the owner of the house and the city, that's why it's so much easier to just film in a hotel. It's still gross, yeah, but it's easy different.

No. 1346920

Fucking in an Airbnb is fine, but filming it in order to sell without the owner getting any benefit from the sales and then having your home linked to that act forever is a whole different thing. Not to mention the owner lives on the property and might have kids

No. 1346921

It was brought up twice and both times some retard went "t-t-t-t-the account was made last year guys!!! s-s-s-stop giving it attention guys"

No. 1346932

Lmaooooo imagine thinking you have to choose between having food and having good dick

No. 1346935


Yeah, that's valid. I'm just saying, some anons are being ridiculous with the "omg imagine sitting on that couch after he fingered her on it!" Like they've never sat or slept where someones fucked or done worse before without knowing it because how would you if it's not visibly stained or smelly? And really cowtipping is autistic regardless and it's inspired more retards to message them. It's a top rule here for a reason. She's gonna blame lolcow because it really was farmers and it sours the milk. Some people get too invested and think they have some sort of moral highground to take and it's not the place for that.

No. 1346942

If they were a regular couple and fucked in an airbnb I doubt anyone, including the owner, would give a fuck. But they're degenerates who are going to try to sell their smelly porn with this person's property in the background, so I can see why the owner would be pissed. It could cost them money in the future if the video ever got around somehow.

No. 1346953

If Sol lives in LA then why didn't they just film at his place

No. 1346955

Might be a boundary rule with his wife or maybe they live in a sad hovel like Shay kek

No. 1346958

Maybe he was afraid of shart eating all of the rice cakes in his fridge.

No. 1346959

This would be even more hilarious given he just claimed that his wife has filmed his best scenes.

No. 1346961

I'm almost envisioning these two living in a 1-room shitbox "studio" apartment that costs more than my 2-bedroom but you know, ~such dom daddy~

Would explain a bit of the struggling and rice cakes.

No. 1346962

yeah if they can’t even put food in their fridge i doubt they even have real furniture. probably have lawn chairs in the living room like plasticnproud.

No. 1346963

I felt like she really had a chance when she started thinking this way. I’ve been here since thread one and I dont understand how she can go back to her “rape me beat me uwu” kink aesthetic after it seemed like her eyes were opened to the truth of it all. I’m happy to see anons have stopped making suggestions to her. It’s sad, but ultimately it was only shitting up the thread. She will never hear us.

No. 1346965

Who cares if people fuck in airbnbs, it’s about filming porn in SOMEONE’S home that is fucked up. Truly having no boundaries or respect for their environment. You have to get permission if you want to film anywhere. Jesus Christ you coomers have the bar so low you don’t even realize what you’re doing.

No. 1346968

> I felt like she really had a chance when she started thinking this way.
lmao anon that’s sad. she only even said that to try to paint fupa/other sexworkers in a negative light.

No. 1346976

She films it when he fucks other males though, she probably felt different about Shayna

No. 1346977

Wow, I feel sorry for his wife

No. 1346984

I agree anon. Yes we know the fact that they filmed it is gross and dumb but the anons saying “ imagine sitting there” when they probably have sat somewhere where something gross has happened and not know is funny. Especially if they used an Airbnb . I mean atleast we know the hotel clean the sheets I guess lmao. agreed about the cowtipper. I wonder what the owner is gonna do with the couch now though

No. 1346993

honestly, the owner should realistically charge them for a new couch and whatever fee for cleaning and then blacklist them.

I mean I doubt they are gonna get the 10k but it sure as hell would be funny.

No. 1346998

there’s no grounds for the $10k if it was added in afterward so idk why anons are so riled up about that. the owner probably has to file a claim with airbnb and let them handle it tbh.

No. 1347006

Knowing like last time if Shay gets in trouble with the host papa clifford will pay the legal fees/fines.

No. 1347008

File: 1634184200295.jpeg (319.48 KB, 523x2213, 554EDB92-DC1A-4BF8-AC70-848BE1…)

Don’t! She’s totally thriving and very happy begging for rent and groceries. And she’s cool nlog so she doesn’t mind getting cucked regularly by troons and landwhales.

No. 1347011

File: 1634184456063.jpeg (204.38 KB, 750x511, 5AE1ECEB-A138-4F76-BA41-BDD16B…)

They are actually fucking retarded if they’re still going to post it

No. 1347013

the damage is already done and it’s ellen’s name that is attached to the whole thing so i doubt shayna really cares

No. 1347014

Imagine if onlycooms didn’t exist, these degenerate grifters would have to get jobs like the rest of us
I honestly do not understand how her parents haven’t completely cut her off. I mean all sex work is disgusting and harmful to women but she’s a straight up pedo panderer

No. 1347016

>why do I not know of this new name??
Imagine having to seethe over someone like Shayna, that should be a huge wake up call

No. 1347017

File: 1634184871546.gif (10.82 MB, 640x360, 20211013_211416.gif)

Jesus the arm jiggle

No. 1347018

her parents probably feel bad for her because she’s mentally slow

No. 1347024

I just cringed so hard it liquified my internal organs, imagine being this much of a self-loathing cuck. Love yourself, girl

No. 1347028

The amazing part is that if what she's saying is true, they would be better off getting minimum wage jobs.
Lol his hair

No. 1347030

>emotional support vibrator

have no words from wheezing so hard, thank you.

it's so hypnotizing and i love how she's like twice the size of him.

No. 1347032

She straight up shook her arms instead of the pompoms wtf

No. 1347034

Wearing too small clothes make her breasts look flatter and smaller, which only makes the reast of her look bigger. She's not even that big, it's like she does everything she can to make her body look more shapeless and bigger then it really is.

No. 1347035

I think another large part of what makes her size so noticeable/jarring is how small she used to be (say what you will about her terribly unfortunate facial figures but she had a really good body back in the shay-gnar days) and how rapidly she ballooned up

No. 1347038

File: 1634186750524.gif (4.41 MB, 640x360, 20211013_214450.gif)


No. 1347040

Her body looked ok from the front except for the gnarly pussy boils. Tits were her best asset and yeah she was thin. But she looked like a twink from the back fr. Her backside has been and is the most unfortunate next to her face. She kinda has always had a weird shaped figure overall. It was just easier to angle her body more to be more flattering then. Adding more chins, a beer gut, cellulite, and bloat definitely didn't help her any.

No. 1347050

He looks like a groundhog so I get why rat-faced shay is obsessed with him.

Those fucking arms tho.

No. 1347052


No. 1347056

It’s bad enough when she’s by herself but with him there it REALLY looks like retard porn. How fucking much does this meerkat looking motherfuckers wife hate herself to put up with this cuckoldry?

No. 1347059

kek. The sad excuse for a man bun, the thick horn rim glasses, the skinny jeans, big belt buckle, and black vinyl glove combo. This dude is still living in 2010.

No. 1347071

File: 1634190028042.jpeg (324.31 KB, 1125x2142, 6AA5B2E5-0F24-4C60-B654-FB22C5…)


No. 1347088

I’m fucking cackling. His entire twitter page is a goldmine of degenerate cringe and hilarity. I’m surprised he hasn’t found the thread and sperged on twitter or come here to defend himself. By the looks of his foul content this dickhead has a fatty fetish too, his porn is absolutely rancid (I mean all porn is rancid but you get what I’m saying)

No. 1347090

I’m surprised he isn’t defending shatna
I’m just still surprised he’d work with someone who’s “cancelled” when he loves to make call-out posts.

I hope he gets deported lmao

No. 1347101

imagine wasting your chance at citizenship for a mediocre, low production value porno that might generate a couple hundred in sales at the most. Scrotes really pull this shit unironically, huh?

No. 1347103

File: 1634196609522.jpeg (279.08 KB, 750x1023, 575B8444-6635-4B77-8282-989E9B…)

so her gf doesn't live with her??

No. 1347104

I can't get over how horrendous her hair looks. Don't know if it's a shitty bouffant or a high bun but I do know it's hideous.

No. 1347106

Not even a whole year later. Truly no helping this bitch.

No. 1347107

He probably only got married for the green card, his wife obviously has no self esteem, he thinks he has hit the jackpot, wife who lets him fuck anything with a hole

No. 1347109

I guess ellen degenerate isn’t too mad about shaynus breaching the terms of the bnb she book in her name, she’s as much of a cuck as the meerkat’s wife

No. 1347111

She’s having a hard night because the guy is probably only still talking to her to promo their video and he didn’t instantly leave his wife for her

No. 1347113

File: 1634197140645.jpeg (212.33 KB, 1118x2048, 375ECE9D-8D4D-4351-A9DD-95722D…)

No. 1347115

File: 1634197178130.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.11 KB, 1118x2048, 0EEADA38-8322-4E94-BDC4-41404E…)

No. 1347118

>it would be hilarious if twigboy left his decent looking wife for a crusty, lazy obese stoner with a 95 in
I've seen so many posts from dumped girlfriends/wives about their scrotes leaving them for other girls who contribute nothing to their lives except constant praise and sex. Some of them are recent and still hurting but a lot of them are posting 1+ years later and realizing what a massive bullet they dodged.
Manifesting that for this dude's wife.

No. 1347119

Ellen Dresel is a fucking idiot for still catering to her every need after that nightmare weekend

No. 1347135

Saggy tits, eye bags, white trash bun, socks 3 sizes too small and stained, ugly grandma whore sweater. WHAT A SUGAR BABY. So luxurious and hottt

No. 1347139

She never did. She always posted pics in ubers saying she was going to her gfs on Snapchat.

No. 1347140

File: 1634199553299.jpeg (192.46 KB, 828x527, 82AE347F-F270-4F0E-997D-2C2F46…)

No. 1347144

the shade lol

No. 1347151

That’s going to make Shay happy someone thought they were together and then she’ll see his comment and get sad and subtweet about how sex workers can just be friends and she already has so many daddies

No. 1347164

File: 1634201858280.jpg (80.4 KB, 1080x256, Screenshot_20211014-095451_Twi…)

Maybe you should have spent some time googling Shay's name before you agreed to shoot with her

No. 1347166

kek. big bad dom daddy's fefes got hurt? I guess the airbnb drama finally got back to him.

No. 1347167

banner worthy mayhaps?

No. 1347169


No. 1347188

Fuck off Shay

No. 1347190

File: 1634205268338.gif (5.62 MB, 640x428, 797226208746.gif)

No. 1347233

That's what I can't get over, just the sheer waste and stupidity of him doing that, blowing such a huge opportunity for nothing. The way a coomer's brain works is beyond comprehension.

I bet you're right, she's going to get jealous even though she supposedly loves being poly

No. 1347249

You reap what you Sol, retard. All that time cancelling people yet you couldn't do one search on the long and highly documented history of Shayna's controversial and musty existence.

No. 1347260

He was whining about being soft blocked and banned from engagement groups with other degenerates kek Nobody feels bad for you when they literally gave you a chance to say wait maybe everyone hates shaysquatch for a good reason

No. 1347261

This is seriously like a parody image an autistic farmer would draw. Every single aspect is horrible about it. Horrible for them, keks for us.

No. 1347267

B-b-b-but she’s grown!!! She’s just an uwu small baby who’s so innocent and never done anything wrong other than get harassed by haterzzzz

No. 1347269

This makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE jesus christ

No. 1347280

yup that's going in my thriving folder

No. 1347291

All while her repulsive husband is fucking ugly troons up the ass and posting that shit on twitter for free, if only we could all thrive like that

No. 1347296

File: 1634218080708.jpeg (448.4 KB, 828x812, B052AF05-B7F5-4E14-A4B3-4BE6C8…)

MY FUCKING SIDES this graphic design is my passion tier “art” is her day job, I’m hollering

No. 1347297

This is sad, not funny, Nonny.

No. 1347298

Nobody is forcing her to be a degenerate

No. 1347299

Where’s he whining? His Twitter is just nudes or is this in discord?

No. 1347300

Poor thing is doing everything but getting a job, why can’t they just be whores online and get a real job, there’s hundreds of nurses and shit who ewhore online?

No. 1347307

File: 1634219570344.jpg (214.69 KB, 1118x2048, 20211014_065250.jpg)

The giant cancer warning is so bleak

No. 1347309


>>ratty minx


No. 1347310

agree completely (although the person that catfished womack as shat and got money was funny af.)

No. 1347317

Did she make these on canva? Lol

No. 1347331

I also saw on his page that he will sometimes do cream pies with other females, so that's lovely for his wife

No. 1347332

Blurgh. The crust under those nails.

No. 1347333

File: 1634222155518.jpg (514.24 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20211014-093404_Twi…)

She's so in love with this dude, it's embarrassing

No. 1347334

File: 1634222208052.jpg (412.02 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20211014-093415_Twi…)

I won't be surprised if these two eventually become a thing

No. 1347335

This man has no shame.

No. 1347339

> You reap what you Sol
ily nonny kek

No. 1347340

File: 1634222284197.jpg (303.63 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20211014-093551_Twi…)

He pretends he's not bothered, but it's so obvious he is

No. 1347341

File: 1634222334606.jpg (462.65 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20211014-093445_Twi…)

I wonder if Shay told him about the threads when they decided to film together

No. 1347342

I don’t think he’s actually flirting, he’s probably keeping the facade up with her until their video rolls out but who knows! Maybe he’ll latch to Fatty because then at least they’ll always have doordash to feed them.

The very least though I think that they’ll have that weird flirty stuff, Shay will take it too seriously, try something, and she’ll try cancel him for “being unprofessional” if he rejects her romantically which he already did in discord

No. 1347345

He’s on her discord he’s prob seen it all when she spergs about haterz

No. 1347350

Other people told him about it and he decided to work with her anyways kek

No. 1347359

Made me laugh that he only has 1 outfit.

Even the belt and shoes are the same every time.

I guess he thinks it's "a look" but it does make him look like he legit only owns 1 set of clothes.

No. 1347375

File: 1634223768804.jpg (318.67 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20211013-202024_Twi…)

No. 1347379

>do fucking better
no, I'll skip on the indiscriminate sex with rancid neovag and shaynus types thanks very much, twiggy

No. 1347380

This man has no life and spends his whole day on Twitter

No. 1347381

you can't even afford food for your wife, scrote

No. 1347386

I'll go out and get groceries.
Imagine not being able to afford food, still being skinny-fat and thinking you're hot shit

No. 1347396

Feed your wife instead of shamelessly flirting with girls all over Twitter and trying to act like a badass you fucking twat

No. 1347402

File: 1634225013759.jpeg (Spoiler Image,220.22 KB, 683x383, 97A108E2-ED81-46DB-A064-DFD59F…)

Anons I’m so sorry to post this and please open at your own peril but I just visited his Twitter and this is literally the first thing I was confronted with I can’t stop laughing look at the shape of his body

No. 1347415

He’s not even wearing a condom wtf inb4 he contracts aids or gets a uti infection from sticking his bits into somewhere ppl shit from kek

No. 1347419

File: 1634225766435.gif (4.22 MB, 344x356, A37FD8D0-8AA0-4335-9221-70291A…)

No. 1347421

More like there's drama going on and Ellen is feeling insecure and wanted attention. They're both so transparent and pathetic.

No. 1347429

Yeah, I feel like their relationship is based off her helping him have a visa and him giving her some expired rice cake crumbs of attention.
I understand poly when you're dating and in the biblical sense, but if you're married to someone, you shouldn't have other partners. Especially cumming inside of said partners. Just really fucking weird. But then again, the marriage is likely just for the visa, so. Guess it's more like they're just live in partners. That chick needs to get some self worth.

No. 1347434

>sore from Daddy's 9inch cock
9 inches of pencil dick. I'd be sore too if I was being cervix-stabbed on the reg

No. 1347438

Yeah I haven't seen him wear condoms with anyone. I can only assume he and his partners are getting tested, but I still think that's risky. And he's cumming inside of chicks. Dudes using his wife for a visa and neglecting her, risking it all to be a fuckin twink Chad.

No. 1347442

I’m pretty sure he acts like this to every hog and troon he fucks, nothing special

No. 1347443

i know his wife chose this but i feel confident knowing i didn't take enough wrong turns in life to end up begging for groceries while having an onlyfans (which shayna does too) AND being married in my early twenties to a pornsick ugly ass moid with a pathetic man bun who barebacks trannies in his free time. they are almost more pathetic than shayna is. loving all these new side characters!

No. 1347449

File: 1634227161974.jpg (395.52 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20211014-104131_Twi…)

No. 1347457

He looks like a creepypasta what the fuck

No. 1347458

Shayna's used to sucking her own shit flakes off of dildos now she's going to suck some off of a Bisexual Dale Gribbles dick.

No. 1347459

Holy fuck at first I wasn't going to open it but if this gif isn't spot on, Im dying… Wtf is his wife doing with him? I can't imagine valuing yourself so little, damn bitch, wise up. Go be codependent to a Dobbie that at least puts more than stale rice cakes on your table shit

No. 1347462

>bisexual Dale Gribble

I'm crying he just needs the hat

No. 1347465

Cringey retarded dialogue?
Badly pawing at herself?
Flops her frankentitties out?
Chicken dance or using her hand to shake her thigh fat?
Laying on her back?
Fucks self with plain buttplug, dildo, or finger for a minute if that?
Finish vid buzzing with the ol wand?
Fake orgasm in 30 seconds?

Yeah it probably checks all the boxes for the usual Shay video. Wouldn't call that "adorable" though.

No. 1347469

File: 1634228340706.jpeg (495.7 KB, 1170x1046, 1B452739-B19B-4FDE-9924-C90B17…)

lol if he films his content in LA county he's beeaking the law by now using protection

No. 1347476

If you go on his manyvids he films without a condom virtually all of the time. I can't imagine being married to someone who raw dogs other women on the regular.

No. 1347482

Oh god why…I fucking hate coomers and porn this shit is so nasty

No. 1347490

File: 1634229535722.jpeg (1013.33 KB, 4000x3000, 79C3FEE3-ABCE-4B6E-B8A2-C90552…)

Oh he already gives his wife frequent uti infections. What is the appeal of this scrote to her? He brings nothing to the table and is hideous to top it off.

I don’t think it’s just for the visa considering she has a few tweets talking about her wanting to have a baby, one specifically referencing it in regards to her “breeder kink”

No. 1347507

>have a baby
No. God bless their unpopularity, this begging to buy his porn is so pathetic, maybe he isn't good enough for it? lol

No. 1347510

that only goes for production companies. he’s not big enough to be considered a production company by any means. as an amateur film maker there are certain laws that don’t apply to you in terms of filmmaking.

No. 1347511

Whats funny is Shayna is probably reading all this and if her mind is made up to try to get with this guy, NONE of this is a red flag to her.
Can't feed his wife, can't put a condom on and can't stop giving his wife UTI's.

No. 1347514

File: 1634230514660.jpeg (45.41 KB, 697x870, BE7C542E-0C46-4E3A-B112-8CD782…)

Sorry this is so bad but this made me laugh so hard
Sage for tism

No. 1347524

File: 1634230826042.jpg (188.57 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20211014-120006_Twi…)

Wasn't she supposed to get her nails done yesterday with that "potential sugar dad"?

No. 1347526

Anon you’re a genius, love it

No. 1347527

I know this tweet was in July but she is complaining about being broke, literally having no food in the house and being unable to complete the basic task of grocery shopping, meanwhile her husband is out barebacking and ejaculating inside god knows who, giving her UTIs which are incredibly risky to have during pregnancy, and she really thinks they’d be fit to meet the needs of a baby? Jfc sterilise these people

No. 1347534

oh really? for some reason i thought stuff like this always counts for everyone making porn for a profit. thanks for correcting me nonny

No. 1347571

How desperate is he for engagement that he replies publicly to private anonymous messages and tries to “own” them? Is he a 15 year old girl?

No. 1347572

>but it does make him look like he legit only owns 1 set of clothes
But he likely does only own 1 set of clothes. They don't even have food to eat in the fridge.

No. 1347575

Usually I wouldn’t laugh at something like that but I’m this case it’s more than funny

No. 1347576

Tinfoil but I kind of assumed the reason she was having a "hard time" last night and had to have Ellen come coddle her is because she met up with her potential dad and he rejected her catfish ass.

No. 1347577

What a silly sentiment. No I'm not going to fuck people I'm not attracted to and don't want to have sex with to be an upstanding citizen. Do better sol.

No. 1347582

File: 1634234315016.jpeg (683.91 KB, 750x1018, A8615BAC-94B9-4984-848D-9BC936…)

Can we leave these other whores out of the Shay thread unless it relates directly to Shay?

No. 1347587

File: 1634234962718.jpg (596.94 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211014-125313_Tum…)

He's on tumblr too

No. 1347588

Kek I bet his wife did that retarded header for him

No. 1347589

File: 1634235153793.jpeg (261.22 KB, 1242x969, 76EF963A-2DEC-4313-8512-33EFFA…)

He should have his own thread or be part of a degenerate sw thread

No. 1347594

She looks like Tracy Turnblad.

No. 1347596

He’s a literal nobody, if we had a thread for every cringe guy in the online porn community it would be too much. He is very much a degenerate though

No. 1347597

So i'm just supposed to think Sole Gribble fucking a man in the ass with his FULL dick & balls on display isn't gay sex? Him & Shayna are made for eachother. One thinks she's a super hot bimbo because random scortes give her attention on the street, the other think fucking a man in the ass is straight because they say they are a woman.

No. 1347599

If you believe in the tranny fantasy, yeah. He’s fucking a woman’s asshole while staring at her huge brown cock and balls. As a woman.

No. 1347603

If only he believed in feeding his wife as much as he believes in calling gay sex straight and raw dogging troons, maybe his wife would have a full fridge, full belly and no UTI's.

No. 1347604

File: 1634236122307.png (Spoiler Image,3.11 MB, 2376x1562, Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-14 um 2…)

>sucking another mans cock
>"I'm straight"

these people really think twitter is the real world

No. 1347605

What are the odds of him trooning out?

No. 1347607

Everyone knows straight men LOVE sucking penis! Anyway he's gross, I don't think anyone should post anymore of his disgusting porn. Though it does seem to bother this bisexual fella, he can't even feed Shayna so I doubt they'll go beyond "flirting" on twitter.

No. 1347614

File: 1634237359323.jpg (300.84 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20211014-134933_Twi…)


No. 1347622

He literally says he’s bisexual and the last time I checked none of those CC anons were transphobic? He must be reading here and is upsetti ie the body shaming comment etc. it’s so obvious he’s lurking

No. 1347625

She didn’t go to an urgent care and get antibiotics? Wtf as someone that got frequent utis when they first became sexually active this is horrifying I can’t imagine the retardation it takes. She’s going to lose whatever baby she wants/ a kidney at this rate considering her soybf obviously has shit dick from doing anal with randoms tested or not kek

No. 1347627

Jesus Christ it took me a really long time to figure out just what the hell was going on in this picture. This looks like it was AI generated, cursed.

No. 1347637

Fucking troons without a condom probably gives he and his wife close to a 100% chance of having STDs


No. 1347644

Don’t do Dale like this, not on this holy day

No. 1347645

File: 1634240413171.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.72 KB, 1536x2048, 20211014_223822.jpg)

Dude's nowhere near 9 inches, why do these people always fucking exaggerate so wildly and then post proof of the opposite. Also incredibly cringy tattos my god.

No. 1347646

frfr Dale is based and loves his wife

No. 1347647

His tattoos are so fucking CRINGE

No. 1347649

No. 1347650

File: 1634240828360.jpg (232.06 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20211014-144720_Twi…)

No. 1347651

Please stop posting this scrotes cock here and derailing about him. This is a thread for Shay

No. 1347654

Can we stop talking about the random tranny fucker Shay likely paid to pay attention to him? Nobody wants to see his dick or cares about his sad wife

No. 1347659

agreed no more of him pls this thread is gross enough as is

No. 1347662

Ehh this is America, none of these people have health insurance considering none of them work actual jobs. A fact Shay should consider before she turns 26 and inevitably gets kicked off her dad's insurance.
The whole thing does feel a little like Momo and Trisha Paytas paying that guy to be in scenes with them. I wonder if she'll make enough money on this set to have made the trip worth it. Somehow I doubt it…

No. 1347663

No. It's relevant

No. 1347665

Buy your wife in date rice cakes. Do better.

No. 1347671

It's relevant but posting his nudes isn't really imo

No. 1347674

How is some dude she worked with sucking cock relevant? His only relevance is she worked with him. He’s cringe but we don’t need to make this thread about him.

No. 1347680

Nta but he’s cringe and it’s funny, I can’t believe we’re at a stage where Shay has calfs that are their own snow thread worthy without getting onto pt

No. 1347701

File: 1634243811644.jpg (179.59 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20211014-153636_Twi…)

No. 1347704

hotdog halloween themed nails. amazing

No. 1347705

Doubting that since it didn’t even take an hour for them to be done kek

No. 1347707

File: 1634244437344.jpeg (457.96 KB, 828x1051, 514A48D3-1F91-4307-8035-8626CB…)

so fucking trashy

No. 1347712

that bubblegum blood nude nail is atrocious and ruins any kind of "look" this was going for god I want to nailsperg so bad. she just keeps failing. the marble behind her hand looks like moldy grout kek

No. 1347713

Hate to defend Shay but they’re arguably the best nails she’s had in a while. Better than hotdog. And the scream mask and blood dip are well done but the drip should have been in a red/darker pink.

I’ll also add that these will 100% not last to Halloween or anywhere near or she’ll rip them off like “need $80 for my bimbo French tips back”

No. 1347725

File: 1634246081496.jpeg (127.39 KB, 750x483, C41D4B7F-9303-4A72-985D-26C020…)

aren't frat guys like 18-19 and she's like 24? not to mention the connotations with frat guys and how they are rapists. she makes me so grossed out.

No. 1347727

I'm not a nailfag, but wouldn't it make more sense for the blood to be coming from the tip of the nail, not the base?
They're definitely better than her usual raw hotdogs, but imagine being in LA and still getting low tier nail work.

No. 1347728

She’s been back in Seattle for a bit now.

No. 1347729

Frat guys are in college so usually in their early 20s, you know she’s never interacted with them irl and just sees the masculine buff asshole stereotype in media but all she gets is gay little twinks like Sal lol

No. 1347732

She deleted this

No. 1347734

Shit, my bad. This saga is really confusing since she's still flirting with that nerd, so I didn't even know she'd made it back yet. Thanks, nonny.

No. 1347735

the idea that any frat boy would choose shayna over literally any sorority girl (esp considering the fact that actually being attractive and having social skills are probably some of the biggest factors in even getting a bid from a sorority) is so fucking funny. the cal poly dollies the anon from >>1344518 mentioned got into her head and now she’s in a mental competition with them from miles away lmao. that or she saw some kind of greek life event going on or some guys in frat shirts while while bar hopping and felt a little regret about fucking up her life and not going to college… with that, it’s also kind of funny to post this when you’re 24 and aren’t in college and claim to be into “old men” (does she know any younger guys/guys her age who aren’t “Sol”?? I feel like any coomers her age or “frat boy” age who are buying OF subs are definitely spending money on better looking girls)

No. 1347737

I don’t think either of them are really relevant to shaynasty rn unless anything about the air b&b gets anymore milky but I agree the reaction 2 being harassed for rawdoging a troon etc was funny

No. 1347739

imagine being fat and frumpy & ruining ur career by filming a gangbang with some college degenerates who would get her pregnant- one can only wish

No. 1347744

He's raw dogging tranny "sex workers," Shayna AIDS saga when?

No. 1347748

and that’s not even to say that frat boys are a prize of some sort, lol. does anybody know/remember her reasoning for not going to college or anything? I’m assuming that when she was around 18 she had the delusional idea that she’d become a multimillionaire celebrity sex worker instead and that delusion probably still persists + her justification now is “i don’t have to go to school because I’m a bimbo”.

In an alternate universe she would have just gone to a state school or something when she was skinny and rushed, maybe she’d get a bid from a more lax sorority and make a bunch of age appropriate friendships/relationships. she’d probably continue camming/using seeking arrangements and shit (plenty of girls in Greek life do) but she’d be forced to have a sense of shame and hide her degeneracy better.

No. 1347750

She wanted to be a famous rock star.

No. 1347751

Because she's sperging about him on twitter and their discord interactions are amusing? And if you knew anything about Shay you'd know that she's going to try to compete with his wife and wedge herself between them? Are you retarded?

No. 1347754

Pure laziness it seemed like. back when she was in high school she claimed on her Tumblr that she had gotten accepted somewhere, never said where, and then just… never went. Could be that she got caught up in her teenage rebellion phase while living with her bf at the time, could also be she lied and never got accepted anywhere to begin with.

No. 1347757

Because her plan before the sex work thing was to become a famous DJ and then die at 27. Not even kidding

No. 1347777

How many years does she leave left?

No. 1347779

I've thought about this for a while her devotion to dating older people never really opened her up to dating within her own age group. I think it's why she's so friendless and stuck in 2012-era tumblr. Sol is like the first irl person her own age she has interacted with in years. It's honestly very weird.

No. 1347781

It doesn't help that she pushed other women who were around her age away because she just couldn't refrain from being a huge cunt.

No. 1347783

It gave me a chuckle imagining her holding her hand up in a dirty shower just to get a picture of those nails in front of marble because she thinks they look "posh"

No. 1347788

A DJ? ? Flashbacks to her shitty three dad rock slash 80s glamor girl song playlists on cam. Where did she think she could play her kind of music at?

No. 1347789

File: 1634251348871.jpeg (117.27 KB, 750x310, 30B3D0E5-D113-4944-AC94-2160DC…)

No. 1347792


The zombie tit comments are finally getting to her. She cheaps out on everything so she'd get botched back alley surgery.

No. 1347796

Girl you barely get 4 coomers interacting with your posts, what makes you think one of them will pay for a boob job? kek

No. 1347798

Think its less about the zombie tits and more about her flapjack that hangs an inch below the zombie tit

No. 1347803

I feel like she's going to go from, "I'm a baby" back to, "I'm a freaky bimbo, who wants to be kidnapped and beat up" because that appeals more to Sol. I think the taste she got of younger male attention/shitty peen,is making her want to do more to get his attention or a scrote like him.
Or she's about to have a breakdown, because usually she does talk about wanting surgery (lip fillers) or a car.

No. 1347806

Also anyone find it funny how she won't have sex with sugar daddies, you know the men she wants to fund her, but she sucks the dick of a dude she met on discord/twitter? In a Airbnb SHE paid for. She basically paid to suck him off.

No. 1347827

too bad she can't pay for fake tits with uber eats gift cards.

No. 1347828

Fix your face and start moisturizing and drinking some fucking water first, jesus

No. 1347829

Curious, Sol's wife has fake boobs, too.

No. 1347832

Holy fuck, I love it.

No. 1347836

Sol Gribble is fucking hilarious. Well done nonnies.

No. 1347837

she doesn’t even have a sugar daddy to have sex with in the first place

No. 1347838

File: 1634254697538.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 2048x1762, Screenshot_20211014-163624.png)

Shaynus changed her pinned tweet, it's an old tweet but I just think it's funny that she went back to giving out free full on nudes after trying to market herself without free nudes for like a week. She just can't resist attention from scrotes

No. 1347839

File: 1634254854886.png (988.58 KB, 2048x648, Screenshot_20211014-164100.png)

Think she's salty? Kek

No. 1347845

And so it begins with shat trying to worm her way into their marriage. But oh they're apparently not relevant to her thread kek

No. 1347846

Clearly. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been reading here and some nonnies have opened her eyes.

No. 1347847

She’s been talking about being done with men since she got with Shayna

No. 1347853

Did I miss where she gave him a bj? Or did they just talk about it

No. 1347869

scroll up. it’s in the discord caps.

No. 1347870

Is this her new scam idea to pay off the 10k fine? Lmao

No. 1347874

Hilarious, considering Shay will leave her for a man at the first chance she gets

No. 1347876

how to lowkey call Shaynus a fat hog, without outright using those words kek. Dude, I'm not one to shame unconventional couples, but she looks like a linebacker and you look like a little boy. Awwww, what a perfect match!

No. 1347877

Seeing his dick wasn't relevant.

No. 1347878

idk, I'm sure that one anon really wanted to see it

No. 1347879

That you, baby kay?(hi cow)

No. 1347901

File: 1634262136892.jpg (86.74 KB, 1025x1800, 756f584e2e2eb6c513586f198fc69c…)

kek dude is built like one of those worms from MIB

God, being a pick me is so bleak. Imagine settling for some broke ass ugly coomer who is using you for a green card, leaves you at home at your shit apartment with no money or food to go fuck legions of gross twitter randoms. Really hope they never actually have a baby.

does he ever take the gloves off? Funny he's okay with fucking some stranger's ass raw no condom, but won't take his shitty vinyl gloves off during sex.

No. 1347904

nta but nobody wants to see his dick, like is that really that hard to comprehend?

No. 1347914

I think him and his wife are trying to be knock offs of this one “Dom” whose wife outed him as a cheater and abuser, so he got cancelled. He always wore those gloves. Hellaslootz, along those lines