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File: 1630345352485.jpeg (921.68 KB, 3072x3072, catfish.jpeg)

No. 1311832

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/ Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Last Thread Summary:

>Shanya's physical decline continues: >>1302145 and >>1302446

>Shanya becomes re-obsessed with the idea of dabbling in age play now that she realizes she has to take care of herself: >>1302218 and >>1310513 ; decides she wants a mommy and daddy >>1310568 and >>1310983
>Shayna falls short on rent >>1309687 despite spending the entire month buying herself food and drugs shown here >>1302436 here >>1302890
>Decides to start sugaring again now that she is alone and fupaless >>1302889 goes on a "date" >>1303078 with a "potential" sugar daddy >>1303160
>Shayna begins to start taking shrooms to avoid her problems >>1303160 and >>1304642
>After her trip, she promptly begins freaking out >>1304601 about the OnlyFans potentially cutting off explicity sex work content drama >>1305232 and becomes near suicidal >>1305233
>Opens a PocketStars account >>1304642 and Fansly >>1305495 during this "very scary time"
>The begging continues >>1305101 to fill her apartment after throwing everything away during the move >>1308323
>Finally starts unpacking >>1306437 after living at her place for almost a month now >>1306464
>Starts hinting at the desire to do bondage again >>1305840 and pays a photographer to do a rope shoot with her >>1309566 and >>1310370 and >>1310479
>Continues to hang out with her only friend, the un-named "bestie" >>1307909
>Once OF retracts their statement, Shanya thinks she is owed reparations for the stress she was put under >>1308189 topkek, opening two new accounts was a lot for her >>1308244 and >>1309833
>Cannot handle day-to-day responsibilites >>1308937 so starts throwing major hints about wanting to start a submissive lifestyle >>1308398 and begins communicating with old dungeon master she used to film with >>1308657
>Fupa saga finally ends with Fupa blocking her >>1309773 and moving on with a new girl he isn't ashamed to make facebook official, despite never doing so the entire time he was with Shayna
>Nonnie puts together a collage of Shanya's biggest supporters >>1309884


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No. 1311834

>Finally starts unpacking after living at her place for almost a month now
honestly the most relatable Shayna has ever been

No. 1311836

honestly a fan of the shorter intro, but maybe add some old condensed milk next time just in case! thanks though OP, i was worried our beloved shaynus thread was dead and checking her twitter kills my braincells.

No. 1311837

anonita not all of us are lazy stoners like you and shaynoid

No. 1311839

do you usually pack a box full of dog dildos too?

No. 1311840

>but maybe add some old condensed milk next time just in case
not op but i don't think it's necessary at all considering we're almost at 100 threads now. the first ~30 had her background on almost all of them.

No. 1311841

This bitch has 88 threads, I don't think there's a option to shorten all the milk besides
>weed goblin turned into bologna pig, voted #1 in the categories "most disgusting genitalia", "stank BPD cow" and "how to ruin your life 101"

No. 1311844

File: 1630346278378.jpg (335.18 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20210830-125734_Twi…)

She is really trying to push this "uwu I'm kinky" narrative

No. 1311845

File: 1630346311864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 534.06 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20210830-125836_Twi…)

No. 1311846

Clicking to unspoiler an image on her Twitter is more of a mixed bag, is this gonna be a photo of some hello Kitty flavoured crap or her snatch. At least here I know to avoid the nightmare fuel

No. 1311847

File: 1630346518548.jpg (298.43 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210830-130141_Twi…)

This bitch is really going to be murdered one day

No. 1311848

File: 1630346578106.jpg (413.92 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20210830-130119_Twi…)

I hope this mess happens again

No. 1311849

File: 1630346613934.jpg (298.01 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_20210830-130106_Twi…)

Yeah, because the last time you were in a poly relationship, it worked out so well

No. 1311850

File: 1630346649342.jpg (455.88 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20210830-130041_Twi…)

The only thing she's gotten over 100 retweets is a stupid meme

No. 1311851

File: 1630346677096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 691.87 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20210830-125954_Twi…)

Just like that alien video that took you years to make?

No. 1311852

File: 1630346720280.jpg (599.34 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20210830-130515_Twi…)


No. 1311853

File: 1630346766010.jpg (93.07 KB, 675x732, 20210830_130518.jpg)

2/2 what is this camera quality?

No. 1311854

this is disgusting on a visceral level, jesus christ.
genuinely i would rather have to see her regular boring pick me tweets than all the pedo pandering shes been posting lately

No. 1311856

File: 1630346827958.jpg (227.12 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20210830-130658_Twi…)

But then you would go off about how women are mean to you

No. 1311860

i’m convinced she’s incapable of having genuine friendships with women without sexualizing it, and she’s not even attracted to women

No. 1311864

there literally is in this op though…? that's not what we're talking about.

No. 1311865

Bold of you two to assume she wouldn't prefer that group to be men

No. 1311866

this was gross enough when she was skinny but for some reason is even grosser to imagine with how fat she is now

No. 1311868

this is low, very low, even for her standards and it's way beyond disgusting, hope her pedo stuff will get her deleted on onlyfans soon.

No. 1311875

bold of anyone to assume she'd ever find a GROUP of people to befriend irl

No. 1311880

Lol this exact set is less than $5 on Aliexpress, much bimbo

No. 1311892

File: 1630348655398.jpg (217.11 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20210830-133702_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1311894

uhh..what the fuck? this is awful

No. 1311895

File: 1630348688022.jpg (207.19 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20210830-133718_Twi…)

Can't wait for this shit show

No. 1311896

File: 1630348721859.jpg (620.19 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20210830-133731_Twi…)

Soooo this is how she looked to meet with a photographer? Much professional and Bimbo Shay

No. 1311897


No. 1311899

why do anons say they can't wait for stuff when shayna just does the same thing over and over

No. 1311901

Because Shay won't be able to filter the shit out of those photos

No. 1311903

File: 1630348923995.jpg (434.4 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20210830-134159_Twi…)

Is that what Jason R Womack likes?

No. 1311904

It's like riding a roller coaster: you know what's coming, but you're still looking forward to it

No. 1311905

File: 1630348960777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 689.82 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20210830-134232_Twi…)

You barely have any clothes, it doesn't take that long to unpack

No. 1311907

that lump of fat on her thigh just bulking out. bimbo queen

No. 1311923

way to extrapolate from nothing
anons in this thread are the biggest bitches, jfc. it was just a joke

No. 1311932

I would say, we all guessed the only way she'd move on is if she was forced too by he who must not be named, but I didn't expect her to be throwing herself at any dude who paid her any attention, not like THIS anyway.

No. 1311933

File: 1630350815763.jpg (18.51 KB, 350x230, unnamed.jpg)

The group of women wherein you're considered the "small" one.

No. 1311938

File: 1630351211278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 685.91 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210830-142010_Twi…)


No. 1311941

File: 1630351237215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.08 KB, 664x756, 20210830_142036.jpg)

No. 1311945

ik this has been said before, but damn she really does just give it all away for free. always got her whole puss and tits out for scrotes to wank for free and move on. not a sustainable business model. get a real job shatna

No. 1311959

Shay has not had a friend since Washington Pt. 1 and Fupa doesn't count. For somebody who seems to hate women she sure doesn't seem to like men much either. Certainly not enough to befriend a group of them.

No. 1311963

holy shit, she needs so much therapy
like, so much therapy
because this seems to be what she wishes her actual life was like for real

No. 1311970

This mommmy/daddy pedo bait shit is so fucking disgusting. I literally almost threw up in my mouth reading this.

No. 1311977

lol they’re just delusions and that wasn’t even the worst one

No. 1311979

File: 1630353917222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 815.84 KB, 1242x1329, 3C19685C-948E-409F-B448-0CCC87…)

The cock eyed boobs look weirder each time she posts them kek

No. 1311982

I agree I’d say this was worse >>1311844
Because she’s sexualizing what parents do to their newborn babies and toddlers ….. fucking vile

No. 1311984

File: 1630354122263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 491.54 KB, 1242x1620, 72F65ECB-3C8D-45FC-954A-FC7A2C…)

The wrinkles on her forehead, the grease combover, the giant oily nose, the stomach rolls, and to top it all off…. the wrinkles on her snatch.

No. 1311986

File: 1630354281205.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 822.33 KB, 1191x996, 5D9B3FE0-B64E-487C-A943-E144F0…)

What actual fuck…. Imagine seeing your neighbor do this….

No. 1311990

File: 1630354444854.jpg (230.83 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20210830-151124_Twi…)

But if Fupa did it to you, it would be "abuse"

No. 1311992

i feel like this image would trigger someone that’s squeamish about gross looking textures kek

No. 1311996

does this bitch wear a size 13 shoe or what?

No. 1311998

File: 1630354860512.jpg (115.03 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20210830-152046_Tum…)

Lovely Shay

No. 1312001

am I alone in thinking she just got more disgusting in the last day? wtf?

No. 1312003

File: 1630354964723.jpg (106.45 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20210830-152210_Tum…)

Throws up

No. 1312004

I feel like it all started when she got to Washington

No. 1312008

Desperately lowering her standards again to get a crumb of attention. She’s so pathetic lol. I wonder how low will she go.

No. 1312009

i feel like she sends herself these kek

No. 1312011

She's definitely got them "finger toes" that's for sure

No. 1312012

I don’t want to defend Shay, but I actually think she may have lost some weight not being able to door dash two meals a day vs the one she can now. She doesn’t look as chunky as she did in OK, I’d say she’s maybe dropped about 10/15. Not saying she’s now suddenly attractive or anything, but maybe if she wanted to carry on living on a diet of drinking, smoking and junk food one meal a day is more sustainable

No. 1312016

interesting how she now wants a poly mommy and daddy now that fupa has a gf kek

No. 1312017

She has definitely not lost 10/15 pounds anon. It's called angles and hella editing

No. 1312019

lmao she did not lose 10-15lbs in a month

No. 1312023

this is all old hat for her. i’m sure she’ll be posing in a diaper within the next week.

No. 1312024

There is a huge difference between her edited photos and her candid ones. I wouldn't be surprised if she uses FaceTune in addition to whatever smoothing/blurring thing she does to her face and crotch.

No. 1312038

She needs to get on cam again, that’s how we truly gage how fat she’s getting

No. 1312041

she posts videos of her flopping her gut around on an almost daily basis already. she’s fat and not losing. her “bestie” is also a fatass so it’s not like she’s going to have anyone thin to compare herself to irl.

No. 1312045

Not a flex retard. If it did happen, it's sexual harassment and they think you're a two-buck-fuck.

No. 1312055

Fupa blocking her clearly sent her into a manic spiral. She's literally saying anything and everything for attention at this point.

No. 1312056

This extreme pedo-bait act is… a cope. A double-whammy cope at that. She's doing it because she's pathetically desperate since Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma has moved on and because she damn well knows she looks like an old haggard trailer park mom of five at only 24. It's the only act that she knows will get her an iota of attention, even though the attention isn't worth shit.

No. 1312057

File: 1630358205413.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.61 KB, 676x928, D2839042-1387-43C3-B911-4E8D57…)

No. 1312060

Somebody come get their grandma

No. 1312061

I think the huge increase in upkeep in her new state has forced her to try to get more business. The only way Shay can think to do that is to be even more depraved than before and and tap into niche markets.

No. 1312062

ironically the caption on twitter was “baby’s awake”

No. 1312063

these aren’t niche markets for her are they? this was pretty much the standard fare of her tumblr before she moved in with fupa.

No. 1312066

I feel like she's going to do something really dumb and she's going to have big crash, where she realizes that the way to get over one fat ass, isn't throwing herself at who ever will have her.

No. 1312069

Oh she'll definitely do something really dumb, perhaps even several times, but she will never have a breakthrough realization.

No. 1312071

Toilet paper on her pussy as always

No. 1312073

she looks like she spent the night blackout drunk on the balcony because she couldn't stumble back inside

No. 1312074

it's the thought of her having her belly rubbed i think… absolute visceral disgust for me

No. 1312075

File: 1630359129421.jpeg (510.83 KB, 750x1032, 40BC4042-C0FF-49CB-A2BD-CB9B05…)

her fucking goblin hand

No. 1312077

I don't know why, but I went back and looked after reading your comment (damn you) and I think it's white heads? Excuse me while I go vom

No. 1312083

File: 1630359766110.jpeg (356.8 KB, 828x1408, BB2DF8F3-9DF3-490E-8923-51D46D…)

She is just saying whatever her small mind could come up with to get any sort of attention

No. 1312088

File: 1630360466019.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 312.17 KB, 960x1280, 60F0BE55-8A81-4710-A8DF-B46DE0…)


No. 1312094

She would be bragging she lost weight if she actually did. She may not be going out and eating a whole charcuterie board to herself, but she’s still doordashing every meal and drinking a normal persons daily calorie intake on top of it. She’s just getting better and angles and editing. Her videos tell a completely different story.

No. 1312100

Suddenly applying makeup daily? Is this post-Fupa cope? Trying to drum up new business? Trying to be cute so that old scrote and his wife will adopt her?

No. 1312108

she's shooting customs or something

No. 1312110

Her face looks so lumpy and bumpy it makes me feel uncomfortable especially next to her overly airbrushed legs and butt

No. 1312150

File: 1630363643654.png (707.58 KB, 2048x1875, Screenshot_20210829-111943.png)

Wasn't this bitch shitting on whores who brag about their rank the other day?

No. 1312151

File: 1630363915378.png (913.7 KB, 1496x2048, 8FE7B288-439F-4DBA-B8EF-C3F950…)

Sure was. Went on a whole rant about it.

No. 1312160

Yeah for someone so adamant about not fucking any man she's not in love with, she's asking for literal gangbangs. And shes willing to go poly again even though it's bad for her uWu mental health. She's clearly manic and it's only a matter of time until she fucks either the old man, a random sugar daddy or someone she's working with. And shes gonna feel disgusting and meltdown. I'm here for it.

No. 1312167

100% agree with this. As soon as she starts talking about struggling financially she always starts using the shotgun approach and hitting every demographic she can. Right now she's exploiting ABDL and really violent porn because she wants a mommy and a mean man daddy and wants to try to hit new audiences. She's clearly panicking from the loss of fupa and lack of funds

No. 1312169

Noooo dont show off your wealth despite most sex work personas such as “bimbo” revolving around materialism and having a bunch of money. Shes so obviously personally offended because she wishes she made as much as the one percent girls when she’s been speeding downhill losing subs consistently for years. Onlyfans is a game to make as much money as possible and of course girls who go into it because that’s all they want are going to brag when they reach the top. She’ll be sad over this and then the next tweet she’s pretending to be a baby to get old men jerking to her ugly face…the lack of perspective

No. 1312199

She's manic and is pandering to the porn studios in Seattle and they're watching. They're probably looking to see if she's desperate enough to do the more depraved porn that younger, prettier and skinnier girls refuse.

No. 1312202

File: 1630370323176.jpeg (96.44 KB, 959x1110, 7A811BBB-436A-401F-84D6-A1190A…)

The too-tight wrinkled clothing and reflection of toilet are just such ~attention to detail~

No. 1312203

She really needs botox, that forehead

No. 1312206

Kek the aliexpress choker and $5 skirt such a luxurious bimbo! Also did this bitch not learn the first time that white long sleeves don’t work on her, when she was skinny they were all stained and yellow she is going to have more sweat stains being the fat pig she is now

No. 1312208

the white long sleeve shirt is back and collar is back, thats how you know she's serious!

No. 1312209

lmao didn’t she have like 80 “fans” on this the other day? i feel like the amount of people using this platform is very low

No. 1312210

File: 1630370544322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.13 KB, 676x819, 4A0DE6CC-1F03-4BFB-B803-1A7B3B…)

The dandruff Snapchat filter ain’t saving you anymore Shaynus

No. 1312212

Her fat ass calves are stretching out the fabric in the socks you can’t even tell they’re suppose to be paw prints lmao

No. 1312215

Serving “mommy may be 40 now but she can still be hot on Halloween damn it!!” realness

No. 1312216

File: 1630370754167.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1242x1636, 856C86E2-1624-481E-ACBD-6A9FCD…)

woof is right

No. 1312218

File: 1630370850012.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1242x1622, EDF9591E-289A-46F5-A33E-B4CE75…)

Serving “Lunch lady showing up to the after school functions” realness

No. 1312222

What in the wish.com is that skirt? This looks like the outfit a creepy sissy who lurks facebook fashion groups would assemble

No. 1312223

lmao not this same fucking dingy forever21 top from 3 years ago

No. 1312224

her boobs are screaming out in pain here

No. 1312227

File: 1630371307223.jpeg (569.73 KB, 750x1079, 92B98E73-0FD3-41CA-B348-14E030…)

the snaggletooth is barely hanging on

No. 1312231

Her face looks like she caught a whiff of her own fart

No. 1312234

This image coupled with her “sleepy time juice” tweet makes her look like a troon. Get a fucking grip Shayna you’re 24.

No. 1312235

I'm always surprised at how, despite being one of the ugliest women I've ever seen, she still manages to make herself look even uglier.

No. 1312236

File: 1630371738182.jpeg (119.55 KB, 692x811, 1F529AF2-BFED-44F2-AB8D-AE5F5A…)

Shayna when her snaggle tooth finally chips away into nothing. Kek
I hope her parents don’t fucking give her money to help fix her rat teeth

No. 1312239

that fucking retard tongue behind the teeth troon smile kills me

No. 1312241

Yep and probably trying to get her to go b/g finally. She's going to ruin her mental health worse by impulsively making these decisions. Get your popcorn.

No. 1312243

Why is she so determined to look like a fat sissy? The most basic things would make all the difference in the world for her, at this point. Buy a bra, Shay. You can get a sexy push up bra, and have some cleavage for the first time in your life! Get some high waisted, control top panties while you’re at it—they make some cute ones now. Get a couple flattering basics—H&M makes some decent things, and it’s just as cheap as the crap you usually buy. A simple black midi fit and flare dress with elbow length sleeves to hide those lunch lady arms would make a world of difference. And for the love of god, wash your fucking hair. Every time I see another cursed bologna picture, I want to throw dry shampoo and delousing powder all over this greasy bitch.

No. 1312245

File: 1630372077934.jpeg (606.28 KB, 1242x1456, 56895251-DD38-46A0-87AE-4339C5…)

Fatty thinks she’s viral because she got a few hundred likes and promoted her content under the tweet kek

No. 1312249

That face filter literally changed her entire face shape

No. 1312251

What’s b/g? I’d google but I don’t want whatever it is on my search history(sage)

No. 1312252


No. 1312258

regular boy/girl porn would be a step up from the scat and pedo shit she makes solo… unironically…

No. 1312260

I can't imagine if her balcony is visible to other apartments. Gag

No. 1312262

She was wearing the same white crop jacket and velour sweats for like three days. She even took a shower and put the same crusty shit back on.(learn2sage)

No. 1312265

Special needs child gets ready to go to a birthday party vibes

It looks like when you're making a sim in CAS and you move the forehead slider all the way up.

No. 1312268

This reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls where different girls are talking about all these cool things that’s happened to Regina George.. “one time she saw John Stamos on a plane and he told her she was pretty” but this is just shay making up her own shit to sound more appealing to the cool kids. “Someone stopped ME see I am pretty please like me”

sure jan.

No. 1312287

this is a great analogy but please sage

No. 1312293

The "I'm soooooo totally into this kink it's my whole personality now" and heavy snapchat heart filter have made a comeback

No. 1312297

File: 1630377795815.png (Spoiler Image, 7.88 MB, 1242x2208, 87FAEEA1-4B1E-4A76-B78F-528DF4…)

Her cumshow on onlyfans the faces she makes when she fake orgasms is so hideous and ridiculous. She’s so bad at acting. She talks for like a whole minute before actually masturbating like it takes her too long to do her job. https://www.dropbox.com/s/grgnoyrymdl94v6/Video%20Aug%2029%2C%207%2058%2052%20PM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1312300

Yeah I was thinking the same. I know nothing about the platform. It could very well be new or just have a small userbase. No way could fatty be 2% already otherwise. Though it could just be because she's new to it and so technically from the algorithm, she would be having a big increase of subs/tips in a small time frame. So that could be why. OF works the same iirc. Bet she's getting such a rush from seeing that number though! ~Even though ranks and followers totally dont matter and fuck those bitches who act like it does!~

No. 1312301

why does she always yell at the camera and then laugh? just gives of cunt energy

No. 1312303

File: 1630377966659.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, 95C885F1-67BA-4655-9161-68E6F8…)

No. 1312306

Can one of her minimum wage splenda daddies please get her a 20 dollar steamer from Amazon? I'm beyond the point of hoping she ever washes her cheap clothing but she could at least get the wrinkles out before taking photos.

No. 1312307

She looks exactly like Annabelle the creepy doll in the right pic.

No. 1312310

god she almost looks better when you compare her to that nightmare picture on the right.

No. 1312317

I refuse to believe these are the same person.(sage your shit)

No. 1312319

I really don't understand scrotes who actually pay and watch these when she does literally the same beached whale position, uses the same crusty toys, same fake orgasm, etc. in her videos anytime. What a waste of chump change. The videos used to be kinda funny to laugh at but now it's just boring and predictable

No. 1312324

I'm with you anon, those filters are definitely pulling their weight.

No. 1312358

File: 1630385056079.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 960x1280, 31022021.png)

No. 1312368

File: 1630386091480.jpg (110.54 KB, 1080x1338, wavytongue.jpg)

What did she do to her tongue kek

No. 1312370

And her weight as well

No. 1312388

File: 1630388271358.jpeg (82.75 KB, 675x1017, CDF99B0C-3890-43C8-B4DD-70A29A…)

Holy shit the bad editing on this lmao. We all know you look like gargamel, just get a nose already. The bitch is delusional.

No. 1312391

lmao please shayna you look nothing like this

No. 1312392

You know it’s filtered to the highest degree when this is one of the first times she’s taken a picture that I would think “oh that girl is pretty if I didn’t know what she posts on the internet”

No. 1312401

File: 1630391310293.png (19.65 KB, 754x154, gkfklg.png)

Confirmation that her roommate never existed, wbk

No. 1312402

yeah if you believe everything she says kek. but no really at this point she probably doesn’t have a roommate, i’m not basing it off shayna’s word though.

No. 1312403

Whomst the fuck is this lady because I KNOW that is not Shayna Cockeyed Titty Clifford.

No. 1312406

It's called scalloped tongue. Looks nasty as shit.

No. 1312439

She looks, sounds and acts exactly like pixielocks, if I didn't know better I would think they are related in their retardation. Their honk honk laughs make me want to punch a pillow

It's such a stupid move to have so many different handles for your "business"

No. 1312506

File: 1630414199361.png (1.21 MB, 673x885, 1507840888389.png)

You can at least give her this: her makeup has improved by like 50%. Or having her brows professionally microbladed at least kept her brows from looking like this again. Chubby Shayna has better skin by a country mile for some reason.

No. 1312507

she's edits/filters her selfies a lot more nowadays

No. 1312513

I’m sorry, please forgive me. It’s been a while. What does sage mean again?

No. 1312515

That you’re an absolute newfag.

No. 1312516

fucking kek

No. 1312521

oh cool thnx so much -_-
The last time I looked at these threads y’all were on like 17. So excuse me for not knowing wtf it means.
Can someone actually enlighten me so I don’t make the same mistake again? sorry I’m such a n00b.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1312523

You can just read the rules during your next ban retard.

No. 1312525

Type sage in the email section of your comment. Sage is used when there’s no new milk/info so it doesn’t bump the thread

No. 1312543

shayna’s laugh is so ugly. Her voice goes from manly to Paris Hilton baby voice impersonation. Idk why she switches her voice so much. She’s not “uwu baby” and will never be “baby”

No. 1312545

File: 1630419924217.jpg (269.23 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20210831-092446_Twi…)

Incoming "someone rEiMbUrSe me"

No. 1312546

File: 1630419958972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 333.91 KB, 1784x2048, 20210831_092549.jpg)


No. 1312547

File: 1630419967260.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1638, 25596DDE-117A-4BBD-9C8D-86A558…)


No. 1312548

Good cat
Such an unfortunate looking hamplanet

No. 1312549

File: 1630420106145.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 212.19 KB, 960x1280, 4078551F-EA05-41FA-9FFB-977532…)

This bitch is w i d e

No. 1312568

Your cat is telling you to get your life together, Shayna

No. 1312570

Major kek at her pathetic attempts to appear desirable. Nobody wants you, you’re disgusting and a liar.

No. 1312580

I love it, 10+ pounds bigger, 3 times more mentally unstable and years later, she's back to trying to attract the SAME kind of Coomer "Daddy Dom" that she just lost to another woman.
She's legit retarded.

No. 1312581

this pedo kink is the weirdest shit. imagine finding out your parents was/used to be in a poly relationship with a fat girl who called them mommy and daddy. i would be traumatised and go no contact

No. 1312586

Has she smoothed over the line where her belly hangs over her pubic bone?

No. 1312588

File: 1630422389602.jpeg (334.36 KB, 1242x771, E9F99B7B-FAFB-4E7D-96FB-4F7B44…)

No. 1312591

Nah, old crusty men will cat call ANY woman. Only thristy low self esteem women like Shayna think it's a flex and post about it on twitter as a brag.
It's just weird to see someone calling herself a "Bimbo barbie" bragging about free attention from thristy random scrotes. SHE thinks this means she's a super hot barbie bimbo, that older men want to spoil.

No. 1312595

File: 1630422659605.png (91.51 KB, 760x428, download (3).png)

Back rolls are getting so big their resisting the filters.

Yeah, no. The only person who would want their face anywhere near Shat's festering vag is Womack.

No. 1312600

this explains a lot lmao. she apparently hates feeling actual pleasure unless it’s turned into some deranged rape fantasy

No. 1312601


Like I get you used the plus sign but she is at LEAST 40lbs heavier than her tumblr days

No. 1312604

Was gonna say the same thing. I mean we all know how she sandblasts her vag with her vibrator nowhere near her clit but this really explains so much kek

No. 1312607

I just think sex has never been about her getting any pleasure, it's always been a way for her to get attention from men and keep men around. I also don't think she can even feel anything in her clit anymore.
She does like feeling pleasure, but she gets that from food, weed, attention and scrotes, her relationship with sex is just fucked.
Why even ask a man to eat you out or care about how you feel, when you are just doing it to keep them around? She lets scrotes treat her body like a playground, then when they get bored and move on she acts all confused.

No. 1312610

No doubt she's killed the nerves in her clit by using a high grade vibrator on it several times a day every day. Combine that with her over exposure to pornography and there's no way that she can actually have a gratifying experience with a person. She's just ruined at this point

No. 1312611

Probably hates getting ate out because her pussy is rancid. Tp covered, sweaty, stanky, usually unkempt hairy or pimply.
But she also admits and it's obvious she can't give oral to man or woman either, so.

No. 1312612

i never actually watch her videos but i watched this one and… yikes. but i'm not actually convinced she is faking her orgasms. i think she's always using her wand because she's lazy and it's the easiest way for her to cum. because who tf wants to see her just pressing that thing against her pussy in every single video? she's so used to that thing that making herself cum with her hands would would mean she had to put in some more effort and time her lazy ass can't be bothered to. i think she just looks like she is faking it because she is trying too hard to reenact what she's seen other porn creators do. she's being too self aware because she doesn't have one seductive bone in her body, so she has just become this shitty robot of a porn creator who does the same thing over and over

No. 1312618

This is autistic but I didn't realize the design on her socks were paw prints, they kind of looked like the doordash logo for a second.

No. 1312619

kek, anon. her wide legs are completely distorting the print anyway

No. 1312620

What happened to her "bestie"?

No. 1312625

There never was a bestie, that was a complete lie to start with and her dumb ass outed herself.

No. 1312630

first of all sage your shit. second, there definitely is a "bestie", she's been seen out of the corner on snapchat helping shayna with dabs and stuff.

No. 1312631

Of course she hates getting eaten out. Absolutely incapable of being experiencing real pleasure. I honestly hate bitches like this who try to pander to men (who would otherwise actually have to put some effort in to make a woman orgasm) and act like sticking a dick into their ass is going to make them instantly cum like in porn. Absolutely infuriating. Fuck you Shayna

No. 1312633

File: 1630426173795.jpeg (434.68 KB, 1242x1211, 407BF004-D014-4281-9C76-5AF20D…)

makes no sense

No. 1312635

This gray hair dude is kinda growing on me lol

No. 1312636

greyhair, give us an easter egg if you're a farmer

No. 1312641

Shayna is an ugly girl, and always has been unfortunate with rodent facial features. It also doesn’t help that she have a fat flabby body. The only way she can get attention from scrotes is through sex. She’s not intelligent enough to have a conversation, she isn’t interesting, she has no hobbies or ambitions, besides Spongebob and talking about sex. There is nothing Shayna offers that would attract a lifelong partner. Or even a legit sugar daddy. Sugar daddies want arm candy someone hot and attractive, they don’t even have to be smart, Shayna isn’t a hot girl which is why all she has are broke coomers spending their chump change/ paychecks on her.

No. 1312666

she made it wrinkled to match her ugly skirt

No. 1312683

File: 1630430702692.jpg (109.27 KB, 768x1024, 20210831_122435.jpg)

No. 1312684

File: 1630430757625.jpg (175.26 KB, 1080x515, Screenshot_20210831-122555_Twi…)

You do that on your own already

No. 1312691

POV: you're holding the leash in your mouth

No. 1312692

lol she really struggles to not be retarded

No. 1312697

i love how this dumb bitch shows it off deliberately too. she really must have a humiliation fetish only an AGP tranny could match

No. 1312700

>they don’t even have to be smart
They do need to have charisma and be enjoyable to spend time with. Sugar daddies want more than sex, they want someone who looks good on their arm and someone they can take out to bars and restaurants, someone they can have a good time with. No one is going to pay to watch Shayna slurp charcuterie boards like a sow at a trough while she gets drunk.

Where is her forehead? This is filtered so badly it looks like her head has been copypasted from another image.

No. 1312735

File: 1630436055960.jpg (284.24 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20210831-135416_Twi…)


No. 1312740

she must be hungry

No. 1312744

The wrinkles on the skirt really bring out how fucking cheap she looks in her photos

No. 1312752

Her face and that arm positioning makes her actually look special needs yikes

No. 1312753

this thirsty desperate shit is getting old fast.

No. 1312754

File: 1630438100847.png (418.73 KB, 673x781, hungrypiggy.png)

No. 1312762

If you put the face on the left on the body on the right, she’d actually be okay looking. God knows her current hair color is about a million times more flattering on her than the garage sale-Barbie blonde. Shame her face only looks like that when it’s filtered to hell and back.(sage your shit)

No. 1312767

shut up and sage already

No. 1312791

File: 1630441114626.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1242x1626, 20765610-5F2B-428E-A5CD-79DA7F…)

Her bed is so gross kek

No. 1312792

File: 1630441245766.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x1637, D18D8186-6147-4CF8-8455-D7FFAE…)

Even her knockoff Sanrio carpet has wrinkles in it

No. 1312799

File: 1630441472757.jpeg (827.13 KB, 757x1448, 96349B39-071A-46B6-9805-D0AC87…)

Teeth whitening facetune brush working overtime

No. 1312803

she looks extremely deranged here. the breakdown cannot come soon enough

No. 1312806

File: 1630441877041.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 692x1829, 02243E23-B120-40DD-9379-921A87…)

all the pics she took look the same….

No. 1312808

The last thing fatty needs is chicken nuggets lmao go eat a salad

No. 1312812

do men actually enjoy seeing 30 of basically the same pic with minor adjustments

No. 1312816

Shaynus actually not standing infront of the light source, wearing makeup, and putting some effort into editing? Damn, pretty sad how low the bar is set with her that this is considered impressive effort.

No. 1312822

She thinks they're all amazing so she can't pick just 1. She's very into herself

No. 1312824

filter/edits deserve a medal in this set, she looks less repulsive than usual

No. 1312839

despite how degenerate and desperate she is, im actually seeing an improvement with sets and posts, she's posting more sexual tweets that lure in coomers and is doing more poses with her sets, keep going shay! Toronto isn't cheap.

No. 1312843


No. 1312846

as soon as she finds a scrote or she crashes she'll be back to not giving a shit.
This isn't money motivated it's, "My ex has a girlfriend, I'm freaking the fuck out and I need to find someone to get over him and show him I can move on too!" motivated.

No. 1312877

aw shayna made some effort, good for her. too bad almost all photos look the same and she can't stop making retard faces. lower left corner is the only picture i think is ok. she somewhat manages the seductive puppy eye thing, the angle is different and slims her hammy thighs.

No. 1312881

she’s been abusing the fuck outta the filters since she’s back in seattle. I wonder what triggered her, she must really need the extra cash

No. 1312924

File: 1630451438614.jpeg (699.9 KB, 1242x1314, 176BBDB9-E2A8-46CA-8D40-FC2077…)

literally who gives a fuck putting on makeup taking pics and edited them only takes a few hours and it’s not even hard work
Ironic she’s wearing a “spoiled” shirt with pit stains from the clearance bin at forever 21. Not very spoiled if you’re still shopping there Shaynus

No. 1312944

This reminds me so much of those princess memes.

No. 1312951

>>1312924 I really wish someone would put together a collage of how many times in the last 6 months she's said she's going to get drunk. I think she legitimately does not understand how much of an alcohol problem she has. She is always drinking.

No. 1312953

File: 1630455194024.jpg (60.2 KB, 676x782, IMG_20210901_101124.jpg)


No. 1312957

The shirt pushing down her boobs into flapjacks is giving us a glimpse of what Shayna's "best feature" will look like when she's older and gravity sets in.

No. 1312965

the shirt isn't pushing her boobs down, they're just barely being held up by the shirt.

also, why does it look so much smaller in this image than these >>1312924

No. 1312968

looks like she cut the lower part of the top… hem seems to be missinng from the twitter pic

No. 1312988

She just folded it under, you can see the hem where her sternum is.

No. 1312992


She looks so dead on the inside, it's almost sad, underboob is not for her

No. 1312994

soon enough she's going to have her own deathfat arc à la amberlynn reid

No. 1313001

File: 1630461709947.jpeg (69.92 KB, 676x795, AA0C139E-F423-4CAF-A810-D32351…)

Serving Jessica Yaniv realness

No. 1313007

i feel like she looks marginally better than she did in tulsa. or maybe she is just trying harder/filtering better…

No. 1313010

you're as delusional as she is if you can't tell how heavily filtered all of these pics are

No. 1313016

I mean at least she is applying filters

No. 1313017

She still looks like shit but it seems like the honeymoon phase of moving to seattle has been good to her so far.

No. 1313027

spoiled like milk, not like a princess

No. 1313035

you're bringing me back to when I read the early threads and was shocked seeing shaytard do things in nature with friends

No. 1313039

that cat has seen some shit
this is the deepest shaynalysis I've ever read

No. 1313043

I agree this old fuck does deserve a lolcow cult, grayhair give us a sign

No. 1313066

File: 1630472777246.jpeg (164.76 KB, 1242x630, A0A2ECC4-DB6F-4552-B181-97E10F…)

No. 1313087

I wonder why she's suddenly putting some effort in her pics. I guess "Bestie" is helping her

No. 1313112

Because she is living outside her means. Paying twice the amount in rent than before. I think her nearly losing her income on OF scared her into putting some effort into her “job” again. It won’t last tho.

No. 1313115

This cap is her on snapchat >>1313001
is her saying how hard it is to live alone bc shes babie or something so she has a friend in town or shes pretending to live alone

No. 1313119

>she’s putting in more effort now!!
…. actual reatrds. Throwing a dated Snapchat filter on something while wearing and doing what you’ve done100s of time isnt- you know what, never mind. Shay’s anons are something else kek

No. 1313125

nta but I think they're referring to the fact she's actually cover up her dark circles and brushing her hair. This is Shayna we're talking about Did you forget the shit she was posting last thread? Nobody is saying it isn't bottom of the barrel effort. Don't act like this is isn't a little sus

No. 1313207

Any anon who hasn't spent the last 6 months straight watching her skip makeup, hair styling, and even showers is going to think we're nuts for giving her kudos. Regular Shay-heads know this is next-level effort for the Queen of Grime compared to anything else she's served us this summer.

No. 1313233

that IS effort for shayna, anon. lmao.

No. 1313240

its hilarious considering amber is having her own sub/dom moment currently…how the turntables man…

No. 1313251

>rent is higher
>Fupaul moved on
>She's trying to get a scrote
Thats literally it. This isn't going to last long though, she's going to crash into a slumber.

No. 1313279

>Regular Shay-heads know this is next-level effort for the Queen of Grime compared to anything else she's served us this summer.
you sound autistic

No. 1313319

Omg Shay. Get off meds, stop drinking, get a job, change your name.

No. 1313320

>get off meds
do you mean on?

No. 1313323

File: 1630518324631.png (77.99 KB, 1128x306, Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.4…)

No. 1313324

tinfoil but the tranny who sometimes mentions her and called himself her mom is one of her simps and thus she put on this whole "reimburse me mommy i'm baby uwu" act

No. 1313325

File: 1630518425195.png (51.39 KB, 1062x202, Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.4…)

No. 1313330

This, actual women aren't "reimbursing" this sloppy gross bitch to see her flabby tits and vag.

No. 1313334

File: 1630519237765.jpg (310.47 KB, 1079x1065, Screenshot_20210901-130039_Twi…)

So edgy Shay

No. 1313335

File: 1630519268781.jpg (539.22 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20210901-130027_Twi…)

No woman wants to get this close to you

No. 1313337

File: 1630519322294.jpg (245.05 KB, 1080x754, Screenshot_20210901-130013_Twi…)

I can't with this dumb shit lately

No. 1313339

She had a pic of a box full of junk food her dad sent her, when I went to screen shot, it was deleted

No. 1313341

Tranny fantasy

No. 1313342

she is literally like a tranny, fetishizing womens worst fears

No. 1313343

File: 1630519515302.jpg (223.06 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20210901-130423_Tum…)

Is this the "old fren" who did those rope pics when she wore that white cat lingerie?

I really hope the "pro shoot" is with that creepy company she was with before so we can get some milk

No. 1313345

I’m guessing it’s the old man with the dungeon

No. 1313351

File: 1630520341518.jpg (245.28 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20201215-182010_Twi…)

Remember she said this? She's a disgusting, lying and thirsty dummy.

No. 1313355

probably hardtied since they were commenting on her tweets the other day

No. 1313371

I’m getting whiplash from the complete 180 she’s done since moving to Seattle, seriously she went from either not posting content or recycling the same boring, vanilla butt plug/wand pics to manically tweeting about being tied up, raped and full on incest fantasies? Is this Fupa bait?

No. 1313377

Yes it's bait, it's her needing more money, it's her trying to "glow up" and it's not going to last. When they'd be off and on, she used to talk about getting a car, moving, improving her life.
Now that she's moved and he's moved on, she's actually doing something because he probably blocked her & he's claiming someone else. She's not doing anything new, she's just doing what she used to do, except she's bigger and dumber now.

No. 1313378

it’s literally anyone bait. her coomers are dwindling and she’s getting uglier and more insufferable by the day.

No. 1313385

100% the old man with the dungeon she was in a relationship with. She's trying to downplay her bestie and this person as if she wasn't in relationships with them

No. 1313386

Shay has an actual female simp who used to donate to her flabby cause semi-regularly and still comments. Her discord was full of weird, sad girls who were attracted to her for god knows what reason.

No. 1313406

>Regular Shay-heads
You retards named your fan club? Touch some grass.

No. 1313410

Nonnie, you seem stressed. Is everything okay?

No. 1313412

Yeah, I actually touched grass today and don’t call myself a “shayhead” kek

No. 1313413

File: 1630527976597.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 1313419

>Her discord was full of weird, sad girls who were attracted to her for god knows what reason
they aren't attracted to her, they're the same captain save-a-hoe's that try to DM shayna on twitter to be friends with her because they think they can "fix" her. probably 90% of them are anons from here.

No. 1313425

Honestly 90% of her discord is her "Fans" talking about their jobs or random shit, they don't even talk about Shayna or sex work really.

No. 1313426

>they don't even talk about Shayna or sex work really
sometimes they straight up ignore her kek

No. 1313452

most likely not. hardtied books out, they are a full porn production company. they wouldn’t do something on a whim.

No. 1313467

File: 1630532317939.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1242x1482, FAEFE9BA-8796-470C-8766-51906E…)

She got a white-head or toilet paper crumb near her butthole

No. 1313471

the fucking fupa on this chick, god. it gets bigger by the hour.

No. 1313475

How long until she gets evicted because her neighbors were subjected to seeing her gaping holes?

No. 1313478

some of you weirdos are just as bad as her coomers, zooming in on her asshole to see minuscule crumbs. it’s getting weird, nonnies.

No. 1313482

File: 1630533277686.jpeg (525.32 KB, 1242x973, A9C04133-D579-48E2-8AED-A7485E…)

When she actually gets kidnapped by one of her coomers, she’s really going to regret all this.

No. 1313483

Not that I want to zoom in and examine it but it could be a skin tag or a polyp

No. 1313485

yet another of her endless copy pastas.

No. 1313490

File: 1630534068964.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1284x350, 3E10F446-5097-4301-8DB4-48ECDE…)

let me guess; no blush or concealer, caked on foundation, thick black wings, and some shitty overdrawn brows.

No. 1313492

File: 1630534134644.jpeg (339.04 KB, 1284x1212, BB54BB51-2227-4BC1-ACC6-620C6A…)

she’s not even subtle about how desperate she is. calm the fuck down and touch some grass.

No. 1313493

That would be a rather hilarious saga. This isn't a lady harmlessly sunbathing top less…shay is literally fucking her asshole and pedo pandering for all her neighbors to see.

No. 1313495

You don’t have to zoom in I can see the white spec from far away retard

No. 1313499

File: 1630534783479.jpeg (793.21 KB, 1284x947, 64D88926-87CC-4E51-A3A7-2AA38E…)

No. 1313501

File: 1630534858563.jpeg (110.27 KB, 675x954, 543D7BC6-2FE3-4D2B-9BCA-78EBCF…)

“my makeup is so perfect today”
proceeds to use a full face filter

No. 1313503

She’s gotta stop sticking her tongue out if it looks like that, super gross

No. 1313518

looking particularly unhinged today, madam

No. 1313535

She needs the filters so you can at least look at her. Otherwise, she's a rat-faced goblin.

No. 1313538

File: 1630536971771.jpeg (226.52 KB, 960x1280, 4F1B7B07-3C0C-44FD-B7D3-9376AA…)

Trying real hard to recapture how she looked six years ago but instead looks like a troon

No. 1313539

File: 1630537023462.jpeg (199.99 KB, 960x1280, BE8F3227-B1FE-4DED-BC05-A91195…)

Yaniv vibes

No. 1313547

she seriously looks like an mtf with giant arms

No. 1313548

>Regular Shay-heads know this is next-level effort

Absolute derangement from both Shayna Yaniv and her shay-heads

No. 1313550

File: 1630537822269.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.22 KB, 865x999, 75AE89FA-DA52-41EF-8299-1862E6…)

Grandma get off your knees, the osteoporosis!

No. 1313554

Lips still dry as hell, is it me but the look in her eyes lately has seem more off and normal. Usually they are just dead, now they are dead and thristy.

No. 1313557

Jesus Christ, she has been having full on crazy eyes lately. This has to be a manic episode.
All these tongue-out photos knowing she rarely brushes her teeth. gag

No. 1313558

That picture is such an old meme, maybe even tumblr-old. She's just so out of touch all the time and still thinks these will go viral somehow

No. 1313570

File: 1630540347483.jpeg (80.11 KB, 676x945, 34121FE8-ABB2-4DC5-A51B-921A02…)

I can’t believe she goes out in public looking like this

No. 1313591

Botox-chan was right, she really does need some injections on her forehead kek

No. 1313595

Shaynus looks like she has a penus

No. 1313598

File: 1630542866760.jpeg (557.59 KB, 1242x1145, 5806C7F7-73ED-4CDD-AB2A-113702…)

Fatty is finally getting her finger toes painted. My condolences to the nail tech who has to wash the dirt off Shayna’s big feet. Those pink nails were ugly and tacky just like you fat bitch

No. 1313599

this is her "sexy" face kek

No. 1313601

Kek no way the lady remembers shaynus when she's now twice her size than she was before

No. 1313602

can you calm down

No. 1313610

i don't hate crop hoodies in general, they can be cute if you style them right…but why the fuck are the pockets of this one totally covering her boobs? it just looks so weird.

No. 1313612

>>1313610 cus its 20 cm too short for her. Why is she still getting size small clothes I dont understand, it makes her look so much fatter

No. 1313616

kek she blurred out the armpit in the 1st picture and then left the 2 day no shower stubble in the 2nd. Her attention to detail! Unmatched!

No. 1313619

Kek good eye anon

No. 1313624

This is a retarded nitpick but she really needs to learn to tightline or at least not do her eyeliner like a whole 2 cm away from her fucking eyelashes. It looks like she’s opening her beady little eyes wide as fuck with that forehead wrinkle and the shit eyeliner job lmao.

Oh also LOOK at the tails almost touching her eyebrows again LOL. Full regression.

No. 1313626

She's come a long way since her days of "I'd never be caught dead without acrylics!", anon. A long way down.

No. 1313627

top kek well done anon(sage your shit)

No. 1313636

File: 1630547341492.jpeg (582.1 KB, 1242x1433, 58A5A6C6-1A09-4C9D-88BE-7B117C…)


No. 1313637

No. 1313640

So tacky. Not surprising though.

No. 1313647

spoiler this honestly

No. 1313648

What… the fuck? This is closer to a short horror story.

No. 1313650


figure out your grift you wretched fat lard. is it BOSS BITCH/BADDIE/HIGH MAINTENANCE BIMBO or is it SADIST DOMME WHO LIKES TO PUNISH MEN or is it toddler. high class bimbos aren't eating fucking chicken tendies you whale. they're in designer heels eating salads, maintaining their merchandise (their non-lardass bodies, unlike you).


No. 1313651

File: 1630550008549.jpeg (37.83 KB, 583x250, E1442512-DB3D-475E-91B5-892C22…)

No. 1313667

File: 1630552579961.jpeg (20.19 KB, 200x204, 1558C616-436E-4490-AA7A-981035…)

No. 1313691

File: 1630555686059.jpeg (95.91 KB, 1023x970, A44CA969-6481-455F-B487-594542…)

No. 1313694

At this point, I'm curious to see how long it'll take shay to fall back on hardcore torture porn again? Even production companies can smell her growing desperation. It's only a matter of when before she waltzes back into horrorcow territory to pay the bills and her 6 pack a day habit.

Can we seriously agree to not post Spongebob outside of shay's own posts? It's worse enough that she has zero personality outside of it. So we shouldn't need to subject one another to an "ironic" version of the same retardation. No offense, anon.

No. 1313698

ntayrt but I think it's just bc shes fat and wears too small clothing it isn't that serious

No. 1313704

the autism is off the charts today

No. 1313705

nobody would kidnap shayna
if they did it would be like the ransom of red chief or ruthless people, they’d be desperate to get rid of her annoying pick-me ass

No. 1313709

this thread needs a few healing crystals today

No. 1313728

Stop stating the obvious everytime someone says something stupidly simple. You do this every time, use your common sense for once. Reiterating the obvious isn't going to magically make people change their mind. Clearly it's harmless but it doesn't change the fact that it's still obnoxious.

No. 1313739

File: 1630563981867.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 960x960, QVdGuUUAAxjcG.png)

No. 1313742

File: 1630564079126.png (Spoiler Image, 947.52 KB, 960x960, QVdQHUUAAvQis.png)


No. 1313746

what in the photoshop did she do to her butt crack?

No. 1313748

Is it just me or there is something disturbing about seeing a grown ass dumpy woman in pigtails lol? It just look ugly, retarded and wrong!!

No. 1313753

Kek thats what I was looking at, we know her ass is flatter then her stomach.
At this point there's no point, it's one of the 4 hairstyles she knows how to do, it's easy for her, I just wish she'd bump her ends or something.
I know thats too much to expect, but her ends look dry and dead.

No. 1313756

also think part of that weird line is the hoodie string shadow.

No. 1313759

File: 1630566066978.jpg (31.01 KB, 320x314, ugly.jpg)

she resembles this old internet "ugly guy" meme/joke image so strongly, such a throwback

No. 1313764

nta really but wow she looks drunk af even with the filters.. put the bottle down and you might be able to afford rent

No. 1313875

I wish she would stop straightening her hair like it's 2009, it makes her look older and just shows how out of touch she is with what's current. Shayna is a time-capsule of Tumblr fashion the same way troons tend to be. Even down to the silly collars and thigh-highs.

No. 1313883

Anon, I just want you to know that some people have war in their countries

No. 1313893

And we're here for shayna. Lmk when the two overlap.

No. 1313900

File: 1630588168622.jpeg (431.26 KB, 828x909, 39C82313-463F-4C50-B78F-116B42…)

She's really going to come to regret this shit some day. I doubt some scrote is going to up and do it. But she's really going to land herself in a just as shitty position that's going to fuck her up in the head again.

No. 1313904

she would wear the jacket she went out in to bed

No. 1313907

>>1313893 not that anon but it's a quote from antm

No. 1313910

I know anon said not to post spongebob anymore, but damn if her thighs don't look like squidward's in that one episode.

No. 1313938

Instead of hoping to dream about a diet…those lard thighs. First it was the gut, then the lunch lady arms, now even her legs can't save her disgusting selfies. Even with dim light and filters, she still looks nasty. Yes, I know it's been said a million times, forgive me, nonnas.

No. 1313941

why is she flattering herself? it's damn near impossible to kidnap this fat bitch. a hand truck would be neccessary to get this whole ass tub of lard anywhere

No. 1313945

She's not going to get the erotic kidnap she's expecting… instead of broadcasting it to any creep, she should find people privately who are into the same fantasies.
I'm sure there's some sexual freaks out there.

No one who has actually been kidnapped has wanted it to happen again.
The way she fantasizes about abuse and pedo fetishes, kidnapping and cages, it's VERY clear she's never had to actually survive any of the abuse that would happen in reality.

Bitches like her fuel these creeps and they lash out on other women and children.
Sorry for Sperging. She just disgusts me so much.

No. 1313951

Yep. And I seem to recall her being a vile twat to an actual victim of sex trafficking.

No. 1313958

i just cant get over the fact that the hoodie pockets are that high up on her body kek

No. 1313961

Can’t she just find some scroat on fetlife who’ll do it for her and let her film it?

No. 1313968

YES! in that situation she could curate her perfect fantasy with someone who is self aware to save it for that sort of community.

I hopes she reads this bc honestly, she would make a lot of content, it would be consensual, and it wouldn't be such a desperate call publicly.

No. 1313970

There is so much to comb through to find it, any time frame for that?

No. 1313971

Because she's trying really hard to appeal to the two people she's interacting with a lot right now. She's searching for a fupa replacement. It's pretty obvious.

No. 1313972

she will read this, but she's a huge idiot with no common sense so she will just continue to be manic and do and say dangerous shit for attention until she crashes.

No. 1313973

Here >>1313351 she claimed to have PTSD because the edgy kinks on twitter used to turn her on but, "when a big scary man actually does it, it's different!!"
Of course was she was full of shit.
she's trying to recreate the exact way she found Fupa, so she's not going to go in a dating site. She's going to post endlessly about being into all this disgusting shit, wait until a scrote interacts with her that she likes, then hit the guy up first. Then she'll have Fupaul 2.0.

No. 1313974

She isn’t into those types of fantasies anyways. She is just saying things on her dead Twitter for attention and likes/retweets. Shayna isn’t kinky like she claims

No. 1313978

She's not actually into it so of course she's not legitimantly going to do it. Unless she's out for her big break again w the porn companies, you couldn't even get it out of her on the promise of fun alone. Like other anons said, she's just pandering to the two people that keep her stomach full and her wine glasses never empty. She doesn't have the common sense to keep herself safe so why even bother giving her basic ass advice. Quite frankly she doesn't even like regular sex if there's no one to keep around w it.

No. 1313984

Exactly. She's already doing that with the Steven guy. She does things a certain way when she has gotten with every one of her partners and it's all stemmed from whatever social media site she's using whether it's Tumblr or Twitter.

No. 1313985

why is this not getting through peoples' heads at this point?

No. 1314028

Also remember when she was shitting on Belle Delphine for her little "perfect first date kidnapping" stunt? Now she's hardcore baiting into these gross kinks trying to get any attention she can. It's super tone deaf too when people (including children) are kidnapped, raped, assaulted, and put into sex slavery against their will daily. And not to mention she's attracting the fucked up type of men who think about doing that kind of stuff and that's just insane to think she's cool with that. Helps encourage them that thinking that shit is valid because "see women do actually want that". She's recklessly retarded.
I think if it ever did happen to her, she would find it's not the romanticized little fantasy she acts like it is. Kinda fucked to say, but at this point I kinda hope she learns the hard way. She'll either never be heard from again or it'll traumatize her enough to set her somewhat straight.

No. 1314033

I truly think Shayna's at a point where she doesn't care, I think she'll risk putting herself in harms way because she just doesn't want to feel the pain of Fupa moving on. When she crashes (and she will) it's going to be a big crash.
She claims to have been a victim of certain things, I won't say if it's true or false, but the type of disgusting pick me Shayna is, she's lucky so far she's only attracted a fake daddy dom like Fupa, instead of someone truly fucked up and abusive.
She's JUST the type of woman they prey on. She wants attention and does not care how she gets it.

No. 1314034

File: 1630600685346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.13 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20210902-113746_Twi…)

No. 1314035

you guys want her to be murdered or something so bad

No. 1314037

Did we say that? SHE doesn't care about her own damn safety and is literally begging to be kidnapped because she's depressed & manic over a fucking fat ass baby daddy. I didn't wish any harm on her, but she's wishing harm on herself daily for a pinch of attention.

No. 1314042

No but if she does who gives a shit. Shaynus is living a bleak life of panhandling and Doordash orders. The best thing that could happen to her is that she ends up being murdered by a retarded scrote and ends up on a serial killer documentary. She would get the clout she wanted

No. 1314043

nobody wants that you tard. She begs to be kidnapped and tortured 24/7, ofc ppl are gonna discuss the potential dangers of it.

No. 1314045

File: 1630601266731.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 687.4 KB, 1242x1403, 734633DF-5F0B-4A86-8969-0BEC7B…)

Damn what a big tub of lard

No. 1314059

she doesn't actually want it though. she's just trying to be edgy. even fupa turned out to be a fake dom.

No. 1314069

you mean fat, lazy, and stupid, Shaytard.

No. 1314079

No. 1314083

File: 1630604816986.jpg (Spoiler Image, 448.45 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20210902-124659_Twi…)


No. 1314090

File: 1630605459053.png (180.9 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210902-125702.png)

So she's sugaring for money or meeting an internet scrote for free?

No. 1314112

regardless of which….. sending a pic of a sex doll to her saying "i can't wait to see you" is fucking weird but i can see how it gets her excited kek

No. 1314116

She's so porn sick it's pathetic

No. 1314135

Damn that’s a big bitch

No. 1314136

If Shayna gets murdered I'm tapping out of this site. It was nice knowing you nonitas

No. 1314151

File: 1630610092419.jpg (182.79 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_20210902-141439_Twi…)

You're just fucking lazy

No. 1314152

File: 1630610107533.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 932x1820, C3974EBE-C6E2-42D1-9FE3-3E9D30…)

Downsy Mattel

No. 1314153

Why would she? Bitch never leaves her house. You guys are forgetting this bitch is a chronic liar

No. 1314154

Kek based anon

No. 1314157

If you're on her Snapchat you can see she goes out plenty and she's out right now in an Uber. She's gonna end up getting herself in a bad spot

No. 1314161

If you're that low on cash that rent is short and Uber is probably the last thing you need. I know the bus isn't sexy but neither is homelessness. Ubers are $15 at absolute minimum but she uses them to get everywhere and no longer has the excuse of living in tbe middle of nowhere.

No. 1314175

most likely for free or as long as he buys her beers and cheeseburgers

No. 1314176

You're only really porn sick if you're into it sexually and we know that Shaynus has never had an orgasm before. This is all a marketing ploy. Two years from now, she'll be a professional feedee. All just to avoid working at Dollar General.

No. 1314181

That’s not how porn sickness works anon. Doesn’t matter if she’s into whatever or not… she’s porn sick because she relies on this for attention because she thinks this is what all men like. Shayna does zero “marketing”.

No. 1314184

Yes and she has admitted needing to watch or be a part of a depraved scene with a vibrator to be able to orgasm. She can't just have regular sex. She is overexposed

No. 1314187

It’s gonna be a very interesting day when someone actually offends against Shayna badly enough that she presses charges. Rape cases get thrown out because of victims and perps having text exchanges after or even before the incident. Imagine her having to explain this shit in a court of law.

No. 1314191

Well you don’t look it Shayna.

No. 1314194

How does someone whose job is sex work continuously fail to look sexy at all?(sage)

No. 1314195

you're right, but Big Shaynus has never had to legitimately manage money like an adult because she absolutely has her parents to fall back on. i know it's been said a million times. she lives life like there are no consequences because she's never really had to face any.

No. 1314197

No. 1314214

Her pussy literally looks like a ballsack with gashes cut into it what the fuck. And she already said she was short on rent and begged earlier this month. Maybe if you stopped spending money on your weight gain journey you’d have enough for rent, shat.

No. 1314219

she's literally so dry her pussy lips are sealed together, what the fuck

No. 1314228

I think it looks worse because she’s used a filter to blur out her stretch marks and scars … like Momo, high quality images are not her friend.

No. 1314253

She's not turned on by anything that's not porn related. Her pussy is dead

No. 1314282

She should really watch the movie "Megan is missing" …

No. 1314319

So she posted a pic of Seattle 4 hours ago and is meeting a man. She's either dead or fucking the old dude again

No. 1314320

she'd probably tell twitter how "turned on" it made her

No. 1314328

File: 1630626614877.jpeg (100.49 KB, 750x609, 34880A1F-72DD-4CAE-A6CC-F3786A…)


Way to thrive, Shay. Her life is even more pathetic ever since moving.

No. 1314332

hot old man. gross.

No. 1314333

She mentioned having plans for another "professional shoot" and seeing an old friend (that gross old guy with the cages) this week.
Guess today was the day she decided to meet with the old man.

No. 1314337

She really went back to the old man with the dungeon. Top fucking kek

No. 1314360

She really doesn't see that she's falling right back into her old life. Can't pay her bills. Getting drunk all the time and fucking a married old man again. Thriving.

No. 1314363

>hot old man
the fact she means this guy >>1308414

No. 1314372

Damn, bleak.

No. 1314373

My fucking sides lol

No. 1314374

So she's basically been baiting him with all of these wanting to be tied up and hypno shit she's all the sudden posting. She's so fucking lame

No. 1314378

File: 1630632184107.gif (33.22 KB, 421x64, picasion.com_f3nv.gif)

So she had to spend days begging and baiting on twitter to fuck >>1308414?

No. 1314381

File: 1630632781410.jpeg (418.5 KB, 828x810, A1B77099-D8AA-46E4-A27C-293B1A…)

This is going to be Shayna

No. 1314382

Tbh he's an upgrade to Fupa. Even if he looks like he's pushing 92.

No. 1314384

OT but is there a coomers general thread where we find the wackiest scrotes and bully them

No. 1314390

Don't think so but that's a great thread idea imo.

No. 1314401

An 80-year-old who's tying up and hypnotizing 23-year-olds in the basement of the house he owns with his wife? Kek

No. 1314404

I meant purely in terms of appearances. Kyle is ugly.

No. 1314408

Yeah I don't know what to tell you on that one lolol

No. 1314421

It could be a financial upgrade but I doubt Shat is getting paid.

No. 1314422

Yeah that's the only type of upgrade she can be doing here but the way that she's framing this she absolutely isn't getting paid. This was for attention. If anyone upgraded it was fupa lol

No. 1314441

Think about it. It makes sense in her mind.s She’s so desperate to return to her old life when she was skinnier and thought she was in love with Fupa. She thinks going back to her old stomping grounds and doing old things will bring back the magic.

No. 1314443

Yeah she's got it in her head that she wasn't the cause of any of her problems and it was all fupa. Why wouldn't I It's going to come crashing down again and then we'll hear about how it's not her fault And all of these people use her

No. 1314444

i mean yeah this has been stated about 100 times

No. 1314448

File: 1630640170055.jpeg (180.55 KB, 1242x729, 4135EBC0-1607-4444-B2F0-8F9D94…)

Sounds real professional

No. 1314450

This had nothing to do with work. She's been very forward about wanting to be a part of a mommy and daddy relationship and this is got to be who she's talking about. That along with the getting tied up and hypnosis stuff she's obviously targeting him and probably fucked him

No. 1314451

this description of the interaction makes it sound like he was annoyed with her kek

No. 1314453

Lol we know anon chill out. He claims to be a professional… that ain’t professional; work or personal. Perfect for Shatna though he already sounds sick of her.

No. 1314454

Nah that's just condescending stuff that she likes from the men she lets use her

No. 1314456

I know he says he's a professional but she had a personal relationship with him before and that's exactly what this is as well. I'm not tilted on it though

No. 1314457

Which is just another way of saying he is annoyed with her

No. 1314458

She already deleted it. Looks like she was probably making multiple posts and didn't save it into a draft.

No. 1314459

>that ain’t professional; work or personal

No. 1314460

File: 1630641072058.png (18.1 KB, 620x119, 0903135032.png)

Deleted that one and posted this instead.

No. 1314462

File: 1630641109500.jpeg (568 KB, 1242x1690, 53B99DF4-4E09-4B53-A1B8-77B164…)

Kek @ random feeder
Shay probably stomping around with her crusty cankles

No. 1314466

so he got her to do calf raises? I mean, whatever gets her exercising.

No. 1314473

There it is

No. 1314518

>living alone
She's working so very hard to reel in a new fupa. How disgusting are men over in seattle on average?

No. 1314550

In actual Seattle men with money want fit glam American women or the azn international students there for UW. This slob isn’t getting anything but the most bottom barrel offers from crazy freaks. Maybe in south king she could get some sad white collar drone with bad taste, but even that’s doubtful.

No. 1314570

In Seattle Uber’s from her place (and I’ve driven past her apartment) are a minimum of $30 to get absolutely anywhere

No. 1314613

The only “sugar daddies” Shayna Clifford attracts are the ones with occasional hundred dollar sends and offers Cracker Barrel lunch dates.

No. 1314681

File: 1630674478563.jpg (202.58 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20210903-080743_Twi…)

No. 1314739

File: 1630680254310.jpg (206.89 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20210903-094311_Twi…)

What a tragedy

No. 1314753

late reply but i read this as "breastfed" and was surprised that it wasn't talked about by other anons kek

No. 1314755

ooh, a cow cross over

No. 1314761

File: 1630682674544.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1242x1620, 6EDBCFFD-8150-4A66-B17C-5A99FE…)

Blur tool working overtime

No. 1314762

File: 1630682721044.jpeg (180.41 KB, 1242x556, 5D90D39D-763A-48E3-B55A-D4FC12…)

No. 1314767

Tinfoil prediction:
with the amount of age play and pedo pandering to mommies and daddies, Shay will end up being the legal pedoprop to some brave stunning Pacific Northwest trans couple who are fixated with living the sapphic-mom larp.
They will love her internalized misogyny and she will feel so valid being used for woke points

No. 1314775

i need this for therapy

No. 1314782

ntayrt but i found it. starts around here >>963390

No. 1314799

God I forgot how horrible Fatty was being to that poor woman. The sex trafficking victim didn’t even say anything bad, Shayna is the one always posting her opinions. Don’t share your opinions on social media if you don’t want people to comment/debate them. Shayna is a piece of shit I don’t see why Anons want her to change and give her advice, she is always going to be an ugly vile piece of shit that contributes nothing to society.

No. 1314807

File: 1630687274039.jpeg (586.21 KB, 1242x1474, 318BCB3E-B0EE-48C8-8EFC-905CD3…)

She’s so annoying and broke. You don’t see sex workers who are successful post every tip they receive unless it’s like 1,000.

No. 1314809

File: 1630687299609.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.59 KB, 676x864, 3E8548A5-2B16-4AF0-A2EB-6CBEA0…)

She is still ugly even with that filter

No. 1314871

File: 1630691153311.jpg (265.65 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20210903-124517_Twi…)


No. 1314872

File: 1630691181519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.79 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20210903-124532_Twi…)

All this guy does is make gifs out of her videos

No. 1314880

Because she keeps giving him exposure. This is new online Dom daddy bf lol

No. 1314887

does she mean she'll never work w/ them cuz she's uggo or is there some other reason??

No. 1314893

It's like looking a pitbull from behind.

When she left for Tulsa wasn't she dropped from her agency? Maybe it's something to do with that.

No. 1314897

according to wikipedia the company sold that building.

No. 1314908

She was dropped from the agency while she was still in Tulsa

No. 1314913

I imagine this is the stuff that she did with that old man yesterday and she is sperging about it

No. 1314921

Do you think she's actually fucking this couple or not?

No. 1314924

nta but no

No. 1314933

Not the couple but him for sure. They have history and she's been baiting him the entire time she got back from Seattle. Literally everything that she's posted about wanting someone to do he just did and it had nothing to do with work. She's just falling right back into the same cycle with him that she was in before she left Seattle. He used to post about their dates and stuff all over the time

No. 1314938

File: 1630695033208.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 571.08 KB, 2048x2048, E72D5A2C-1D8C-4380-859D-E1E210…)

Shay tweeted a pic of her from her tied up shoot or whatever

No. 1314940

This confirms it's her ex she was with before she left Seattle kek. What a predictable and pathetic bitch.

No. 1314942

>>1314938 why does her belly make a better butt than her actual butt what is this

No. 1314943

File: 1630695249299.png (268.73 KB, 550x278, shaynus.png)

No. 1314945

Wait so she filters the shit out of her the rest of the time but on a wall you’d never notice made the choice to not reduce the belly roll. I mean, good on her for owning how she looks. Rest of her body is looking better than it has in a while though

No. 1314946

No she still looks like shit

No. 1314948

Standing on her tippy toes is the most exercise shes gotten all year kek also, whoever tied her up did her really dirty. I dont understand how she feels even remotely comfortable posting this when you can see her fat while shes standing up.

No. 1314950

Fupa bait lol

No. 1314955

File: 1630696596741.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1242x1633, A5D80992-926F-4005-BF94-54CC6C…)

So she posts that for free on her twitter but sends the same patio coochie pics to her subscribers and hasn’t even upload content from her dumbass hog tie photo shoot

No. 1314956

The pedobait shit is awful in general but also laughable when she looks like…. that. That is a full grown ass chubby woman, there’s no getting around it.

No. 1314957

File: 1630696659632.jpeg (241.89 KB, 1242x1034, A9364B4E-1B34-487E-88F7-2F78B2…)

No. 1314958

File: 1630696690410.jpeg (107.34 KB, 887x887, 90CAD216-E61B-4715-9D47-FFD251…)


No. 1314959

My guess is insex or hardtied again

No. 1314961

How are her buttcheeks so small? She literally has no crack kek

No. 1314967

i got tied up like that once and the pics were so bad i immediately went on a crash diet and started exercising. i don't get how she isn't embarrassed, but she's always a great reminder what hard kinks and hard liquor can really do to a person.

No. 1314970

File: 1630697760058.jpg (17.69 KB, 400x320, cyJaP-5yhNb7A9RDsdb2f5cb7TZjv5…)

Shayna serving some Zoidberg realness

No. 1314976

thanks for the blog nonita, you should definitely reflect on your behaviour if you let anyone use your body to tie it up. it's unhealthy and you most likely have unresolved trauma if you engage in bdsm and bondage

No. 1314986

Scrolling down this thread gives me the heebie-jeebies, the second-hand embarrassment is gonna be the end of me, shes stupid and horny and I cant stand it(learn2sage)

No. 1314993

you’re a literal retard

No. 1315004

Did we have a influx of Twitterfags or something? Because this thread has gone full on shortbus at this point

No. 1315009

listen ana chan, she is fat but this is not what cankles are

No. 1315010

They've been here for a while and some have learnt to integrate, albeit poorly.

How are these cankles?

No. 1315011

What’s up with all the Anons saying she’s not as fat and lost 10 lbs y’all are retarded

No. 1315013

Don’t internalize it so hard weirdos

No. 1315020

She tries to go viral by posting these like sext situations but didn’t she tell off some coomer for asking her for an example of what she would say to him in a custom? She said something like “YOu cANt ScAM mE” and yet here she is posting her sexts for free lol

No. 1315037

damn whoever took that pic did her dirty. that’s the worst angle and the rope looks like shit on her.

No. 1315038

it’s not an ex. they were never in a relationship. sometimes shayna just came over for bdsm scenes; that’s it.

No. 1315039

they are the same company, and they book out. they wouldn’t book her within a week or two of finding out she’s back in seattle.

No. 1315040

File: 1630704011076.png (133.76 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20210903-221501~2.p…)

Kek the delusions…adorable bimbo? Beautiful face? Amazing personality?None of this describes you shay

No. 1315041

My first thought

This looks like something that needs to be blown up with a rocket launcher in Quake.

No. 1315047

Not true. She went on several dates with him and was calling him sir. She was collared by him for a while. She used to blog post about how badly she wanted to fuck him and she used to spend the night with him too. There's also pictures of him with his foot inside of her. It was never a professional thing. She even posted about how she had to break it off with him whenever she first started talking to fupa

No. 1315065

>it's tough work being an abhorrent slob w/ a ballsack pussy, a face only a mother could love, a BPD pornsick brain & no personality but someone's gotta do it.


No. 1315086

Her feet look like they have never been washed in her life even when the resolution is two pixels

No. 1315095

> There's also pictures of him with his foot inside of her.

I’m sorry, what?

No. 1315103

Yeah sir Steven what’s his face has a male foot worshiping fetish. It’s all over his gross Twitter. Shay sure knows how to pick ‘em lol

No. 1315105

Being tied up is basically vanilla shit now

No. 1315109

no, it's not. it's what pornsick scrotes and misogynist media want you to believe. women who have respect for themselves would never do this shit. love yourself, girls. ask yourself: what kind of pleasure do you derive from hurtful sexual acts? the answer is most likely: moids enjoy hurting women, and i want to appeal to moids. it's another form of self harm.

No. 1315149

File: 1630712397205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.54 KB, 1280x1437, tumblr_51169e8fe88d329b32552cf…)

browsed on shayna's tumblr I found a photo where curiously her butt looks big, maybe she read the thread and that's why she edited her butt to make it look big kj(sage)

No. 1315158

God take that faggotry back to your facebook support group. People can be tied up w/out some deep intricate connection to suicidal tendencies/daddy issues. Jesus Christ are you sure you aren't the pornsick one, anon? You bring it up every fucking chance you get. Are you sure you aren't just projecting like all the mediocre sex workers that blow through this thread?

Sage next time retard. Old, sour milk isn't a fucking reason to bump the thread

No. 1315160

ntayrt but looks like they hit a nerve. i hope you get picked though!

No. 1315162

If you think that's "big" then you might be mentally handicapped like Shatnus.

No. 1315166

the bpd is off the charts kek

No. 1315167

Shayna’s ilk really make no effort to ingrate here and are real obvious. Get real jobs and learn to love yourselves already kek

No. 1315171

She uploaded a picture of the old man literally putting his toe inside of her vagina when they were dating. It was on Tumblr And it's posted in the past threads whenever she was involved with him. There's also pictures of her naked with him and his bed.

No. 1315180

Don’t get upset. Just own being submissive and breedable like men socialize you to be.

No. 1315185

Aw but anon they're totas different tho. They sling their pussies for $5.25 they're thinking about the future keke

Jesus who would've thought you were a self-aware, overcompensating troon this whole time. Seriously, anon, go touch some grass because that was just embarrassing

No. 1315190

File: 1630715424329.jpeg (395.62 KB, 828x1453, 90D9D2FC-07CC-4B00-A953-4B4B84…)

God i dread the day she's back to full ddlg videos.

No. 1315191


post a text message with irony kek

No. 1315209

I know she’s never been good at make up, but wow. The liquid eyeliner that’s barely applied, the eyebrows not filled in completely, the broom-like eyelashes. She does not give a fuck.

No. 1315210

>>1315171 this seems hilarious, in which thread did this happen?, Fupapa never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1315212


No. 1315226

No. Not fupa. The old man that she was with yesterday. Is the same man that she was with when she lived in Seattle before fupa. The old man toe fucked her. And she cammed from his basement

No. 1315261

what if it's the moid who's the one getting tied up and hurt

No. 1315263

Then it's based and cultured. But that never happens irl unless it also involves fisting a man's ass or some mommy milky shit because most ~kinky~ bitches are handmaidens regardless of who's tied up.

No. 1315269

File: 1630723224803.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 551.2 KB, 1200x675, B1D08EF2-EB6C-4167-A849-42469D…)

Is this why Shayna’s nipples are weird? >>636145
This porn company is fucking gross and creepy, I hope she doesn’t do it but at the same time it would be hilarious seeing the comparisons of how fat she has gotten.

No. 1315277

Hard to believe this was only 3 years ago

No. 1315311

File: 1630731828170.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 492.42 KB, 828x959, 0D3CDF0E-8681-45A8-8619-9FC15E…)

she’s so disgusting. imagine the poor doctor walking in on this mess

No. 1315313

what in the fuck am i reading here…? she’s flashing her tits in the actual ER right now?

No. 1315314

once she gets home she gonna take more bong rips kek, keep doing that shit retard you're gonna die before you make it to the ER again

No. 1315316

watch her have covid (or get it from going to the ER because “med fetish go brr”)

No. 1315323

Is this some sort of stunt? It can't be a coincidence that she was talking about her "medical fetish" pretty recently and with all the fetish pandering she's been doing since Seattle, it's kinda suspicious

No. 1315329

Going to a hospital wearing that flimsy ass mask lol rip shayna.

No. 1315345

not to be spoonfed but could a kind anon pull up the toe fucking? I’m curious(no)

No. 1315350

no fuck off newfags

No. 1315352

i mean she literally has asthma and does everything you’re not supposed to do when you have it so it’s not really surprising if she put herself in there accidentally and is just trying to play it off as totez kinky~ for twitter

No. 1315371

Nobody needs to see that shit, get help anon

No. 1315393

I really dread when I see Shays thread bumped

But the I saw this.
I could understand being in a private room changing into a gown at your gyno but there is literally no medical reason for this for asthma. I hate her so much but even more so I hate the two followers she will gain by doing this

No. 1315397

Tinfoil: she's gone to the ER to use it as an excuse to bail on her next shoot as she's too scared to go

No. 1315400

File: 1630740732106.jpeg (350.91 KB, 1242x906, 20B3325E-03C8-40D8-A817-3C2DCA…)

That or too lazy kek

No. 1315413

File: 1630742761881.png (18.61 KB, 588x138, 2021-09-04 (2).png)


No. 1315433

How is she going to pay for this medical treatment? She lives tip to tip on Womack and Grey hair’s donations

No. 1315442

She’s 100% lying

No. 1315458

She's still on her parents insurance, anon. It'll be funny when she finally ages out of that, though, can't wait til she just stops going to the doctor all together because she can't afford it. So bimbo and glamorous.

No. 1315559

With this Delta variant, her breathing issues and her new hobby of meeting up with old men and “potential” splenda daddies I wonder how long its going to be before a Dolly Gets Covid saga. Even vaxxed, shit can still mess you up if you have pre-existing conditions.

No. 1315561

Agree. Seems like bullshit to get out of her shoot.

No. 1315568

File: 1630758670505.jpeg (140.91 KB, 1180x664, 6BBB88EA-D4F2-4E36-993B-F97F87…)

She looks like a complete dumbass with that bear.

No. 1315574

What breathing treatment takes a whole hour? You only spend like 15 mins using a nebulizer because the cup is small. Unless theyre loading the cup up with tons of medicine but even then a whole hour is overkill.

No. 1315581

The kind where the nurses need to do a bronchial provocation test in covid conditions or because she's a manic anxious mess and is fucking up every test being administered to her.
Plus if she gets enough attention, then here comes Munchausen Barbie.

No. 1315584

File: 1630761091901.png (1.74 MB, 816x1438, grayhair_notoed.png)

sorry but his toe was in no way "inside her vagina" he just had part of his foot in the waistband of her leggings and anons ran with it

No. 1315611

That filename kek

No. 1315632

thanks for that, I guess
barf forever

No. 1315636

Thanks for the toe pic spoon-feed anon. All the other stuff was correct though she did date him and post a lot about him. I think the last thread even had a picture from her Tumblr when she woke up at his house. I remember her posting a few of those too

No. 1315649

If she were being admitted for asthma problems, would they be making her wear a mask still? Honest question, I don't know how it works

No. 1315650

yes you fucking moron. are you not aware of the current state of hospitals right now or…? they have dying covid patients in the ICU wearing masks still.

No. 1315652

From the colour of her face you would think she was taken in for liver failure.

No. 1315653

File: 1630769925000.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 468.12 KB, 750x1093, 8E505F31-816D-4DAE-8B10-017E89…)

the shit she will do for attention. also the way she documented every moment of this tells me that she 100% never actually went to an inpatient mental health facility when she was suicide baiting fupa last year.

No. 1315655

I know it's old milk but this guy is the one with the cages in his home (I think it is different to the one she dated). The cage guy also has a wife who is involved with the 'kink', and not only Shayna involved, they have a lot of young girls on their twitter that they involve and become their slave. Shayna said on tumblr that she had to wake up in the morning and make the wife coffee.

No. 1315658

there were 2 different guys. this old man was one of them. whether they actually “dated” officially, who actually knows but shayna played it off like they were in a relationship. we know she’s a pathological liar though.

No. 1315662

Looking like a bitch that's about to be euthanized at the vets

No. 1315674

She's 24 still posting hospital photos for attention..

No. 1315701

How b l e a k. Who wants to bet she cried because she was alone in the hospital? No one visited her or cared kek. Anyways she probably lies about her weed smoking habits and if she constantly uses her emergency inhaler she could be going down the road of heart problems.

No. 1315709

File: 1630774907925.png (970.22 KB, 1829x2048, Screenshot_20210904-100123.png)

No. 1315717

File: 1630775837625.jpg (207.81 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20210904-121706_Twi…)

Shut up

No. 1315718

File: 1630775870701.jpg (510.93 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20210904-121719_Twi…)

You just struck a nerve with Shay gray hair

No. 1315721

File: 1630776386272.gif (1 MB, 498x278, 5FA961D9-8F6F-4C4B-AB7D-D56189…)

imagine the cringe of being shayna’s nurse during all this delta variant shit they’re having to deal with. nobody gives a fuck that “you’re baby” shayna, you’re a fat woman in her mid 20s using up a hospital bed because you continue to smoke weed daily whilst having asthma. i don’t get what about this she finds cute or endearing, med fetishes aside.

No. 1315724

File: 1630776533766.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, 00C71CFE-E452-48D9-A56F-F2BF8B…)

Shaynus has the potential of getting sick from COVID among other things all because she’s a dumbass who can’t stop smoking weed. The only people I feel bad for are the nurses and doctors dealing with this fat retard

No. 1315727

File: 1630776610486.jpeg (179.22 KB, 750x607, BA06E5B6-3853-44C4-811E-FF3D31…)

i was going to say this hospital stay would probably be a good weed detox for her, but of course not. can’t even go a day and a half in the hospital without getting high jfc.

No. 1315728

fucking kek

No. 1315729

The middle tweet shows what a total POS shay is. No one can come back with you because we are in a pandemic! Yet she incorporates it into her disgusting pedo games.

No. 1315730

File: 1630776794312.gif (1.54 MB, 480x270, FD4C4A3E-89A1-4CFD-9221-D4D268…)

Shayna reading her threads for 4+ years
I can’t stand this bitch. If she’s not going to quit getting high, she should just eat edibles instead of smoking like a dumbass.

No. 1315734

stop using kuwtk gifs to respond you're making me look like an avatarfag

No. 1315735

Yeah because medical professionals won't be able to tell you are on drugs in the hospital.

No. 1315741

>eat edibles
All what would do is speed up the inevitable decline into obesity.

No. 1315742

i wonder how many times she's tried to text fupa since she was admitted kek

No. 1315747

Sorry nonita just thought it was funny. I stopped kek

No. 1315750

retarded question, why is she hooked up to an iv if she's just having breathing problems? the only thing I can think of is: they saw she was dehydrated and thought "may as well take care of that too"

No. 1315752

yeah most likely dehydration. wouldn't be surprised if she's lying about it though since she hasn't posted a pic of her tubes or an iv bag. >>1315653 she has a cotton pad over where an IV would go but that could have just been them drawing blood or something.

No. 1315754

File: 1630778934340.png (14.78 KB, 588x150, 2021-09-04 14_08_53-Window.png)

also adding that she was tweeting about spending the rest of the night getting drunk a couple hours before the hospital posts so who knows what kind of condition she was in when she showed up to the ER. she probably reeked of alcohol and weed right off the bat.

No. 1315759

File: 1630780181862.png (393.1 KB, 588x493, 2021-09-04 14_27_22-Window.png)

lovebombing bestie continues

No. 1315768

this is actually fucked up to have someone bring you drugs while you’re in the hospital and not tell your doctor. it could fuck with your treatment.

No. 1315772

File: 1630782308736.jpg (766.01 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20210904-140437_Twi…)

I hope this bitch gets in trouble

No. 1315779

This is actually beyond deranged. She truly has no future. She's at the hospital because she can't stop frying her lungs with weed, yet she still can't go a couple of days without it. How is this even allowed?

No. 1315780

how is this not embarrassing to her, like…? idk if this is the best time to be giggling about wasting everyone's time in the hospital. read the room, shaytard.

No. 1315792

File: 1630784599665.jpg (318.36 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20210904-144318_Twi…)

This is such a fucking joke to her

No. 1315794

i hate to be the “we’re in the middle of a global pandemic people” person but seriously… how disturbed do you have to be to be trying to make light of being in the hospital when literally thousands of people are dying every day right now? it’s fucking bizarre.

No. 1315796

File: 1630785002395.jpg (371.83 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20210904-144954_Twi…)

Jason R Womack strikes again

No. 1315797

Sneak more hospital nudes? Spoken like a worthless twat that has never had to worry about paying for medical care. And just because weed is legal there, most hospitals & medical professionals still see it as what it is on the federal level…illegal. You can't even bring in your scripts from home where I am. Hopefully she gets in trouble for that stunt.

No. 1315802

Most insurances won't cover your visit if you're intoxicated, too. Inb4 "hospital bill was 5000, reimburse!!"


My godddd, the sexualization of being on your deathbed is disgusting, shay stop, nothing about being admitted to the hospital is sexy, especially when you're in your 20s cuddling teddy bears like a legit retard, these poor nurses having to deal with this literal child, everything about this is so fucked up.

No. 1315803

File: 1630786344761.png (844.8 KB, 2048x1186, Screenshot_20210904-131157.png)

People are dying in hospitals but she just needs to be "cheered up"

No. 1315805

Jfc. I can just think of the conversations the nurses are having about her. Shay is probably using her nasally uwu baby voice to the nurses and smiling with her big rodent teeth, all while holding her teddy bear. Those poor nurses are likely cringing to death.

>uwu oh my god thank you sooo much teehee


No. 1315806

File: 1630787811210.png (32.22 KB, 554x554, images.png)

And here comes the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Here's a bingo list for the next few days

No. 1315808

i’m honestly shocked she hasn’t had a munchie phase at this point

No. 1315815

shay is probably older than a lot of them, too

No. 1315816

kek true. and even if she’s not older than them, you know she looks older. i think she forgets without the heavy filters she looks like someone’s out of shape mother-in-law.

No. 1315820

in my country a hospital visit is free, but I never have encountered a person doing this bullshit and 99,9% of the people wouldn't dare to, because 1. we are in a pandemic and 2. you value your nurses and doctors and don't act like a fucking brat and you know that there are countries without a health care system that will throw you into dept. She should get sober soon, she's past the age that excuses such behaviour to your body.

No. 1315831

Bimbo juice? Not sure how she correlates stoner to bimbo so often, stoners are fat and lazy as stereotype which is the opposite of bimbo who would do coke or some upper as a drug instead

No. 1315838

You know, if being fat and lazy is what she thinks a bimbo is, everything in Shay's life suddenly makes perfect sense

No. 1315851

They might refer her for mental evaluation if she keeps it up.

No. 1315862

File: 1630793353860.jpeg (328.74 KB, 750x825, 7CA39402-51EF-4EFB-987F-9B4A1C…)

hospital era continues

No. 1315868

She looks deranged.

No. 1315869

Imagine thinking you're cute as you pile up medical debt because you are a lazy pos that can't stop smoking with asthma. Her parents are idiots if they foot the bill for this one.

No. 1315879

File: 1630794485362.png (6.73 MB, 1242x2208, DAFB6323-BCDC-4F6B-9A88-65A07C…)

No. 1315881

File: 1630794706057.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3464x3060, 4193306C-5549-4E24-93CD-60B782…)

That bear is probably full of germs now and you know she is not gonna wash it.

No. 1315884

sorry, i may be dumb, but… if she's in the hospital for asthma and wheezing… why does she not have oxygen tubes in her nose?

also kek this anon >>1315806 is calling it. 2 nights in the hospital with no alcohol? she's in for a rude awakening here soon lol

No. 1315893

if her oxygen saturation is fine they usually won’t give one. she’s also not having trouble getting air in so she doesn’t need supplemental oxygen to help push air in. it seems like the main problem is just the asthma causing wheezing and some minor airway constriction, pretty common for moderate asthma. they’re probably just keeping her to make totally sure she doesn’t have covid.

No. 1315903

File: 1630796270721.png (926.32 KB, 2048x1138, Screenshot_20210904-155717.png)

This bitch is disgusting. She probably spread her asshole just like she did at that one bar

No. 1315904

She lives in the dark even when she isn't at her own place kek

No. 1315905

who does this??? like i’m not surprised because it’s shayna but why the fuck? are OF coomers really looking for “flashing my asshole while the doctors try to figure out why i’m sick” as jerkoff content?

No. 1315910

Is she fucking listening to the new drake album?

No. 1315912

melvins room playing in the distance whilst crying about fupatty

No. 1315914

this bitch is so desperate. trying to milk your hospital stay for content for your coomers. how low.

No. 1315915

File: 1630797291462.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.94 KB, 1284x1255, 102D24E7-9882-4574-B631-DDF9FB…)

does she not realize she’s on video?

No. 1315918

this might be a new low tbh
she’s giving late-stage dementia patient

No. 1315920

Disgusting and highly embarrassing. If she's that unwell she needs to be in hospital then why is she taking the piss like this?

Masturbating in a hospital… Y i k e s

No. 1315922

File: 1630797761416.jpeg (132.81 KB, 750x387, 104824AC-55F8-49E7-850C-776FAF…)

i’m at a loss

No. 1315927


Someone please put her on a sex offender list.

No. 1315930

not only what >>1315893 said but it's likely that they're still trying to be relatively sparing with their oxygen supplies. probably just waiting for a covid result.

any bets on if she has it?

No. 1315944

Does anyone know what hospital she is at jw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315945

no and don’t try to call it, retard

No. 1315970

God I wish she would get busted for everything she's doing there. She's done so much terrible shit and has never had to face any repercussions. If the milk gods really loved us, this would be the start of the institutionalized sex offender saga.

No. 1315975

Some of the tinfoils y'all have are fucking stupid. Why would she be institutionalized, anon? Doubtful anything will even happen in regards to this gross display.

No. 1315976

Hospital staff are trying to do their jobs, in the middle of a pandemic no less, and she’s doing this where nonconsenting parties could walk in at any time. She needs to be arrested, institutionalized, and/or put on a sex offender registry. I’d say she should be shunned by the sw community but hardly anyone in it even pays attention to her anymore.

No. 1315979

File: 1630801871014.jpeg (135.9 KB, 827x941, 080F7578-A485-4BB7-8B20-D3975F…)


No. 1315981

kek you’d definitely end up in handcuffs but not in the uwu way you’re imagining

No. 1315983

shes genuinely so fucking pornsick, incapable of thinking of anything other than how something will turn into a porn scenario bleck

No. 1315990

let's hope this happens so she finally gets the trip to the psych ward that she Fupabaited with. nothing to burst her ~med fetish~ bubble like actually being holed up with her fellow lunatics.

No. 1315992

This is fucking disgusting, even for her. Indecent exposure seems to be her only genuine "kink". Those are real people working in that hospital Shayna, not props for the porn scenarios in your head. She is genuinely ill and fucked in the head.

No. 1315993

File: 1630803382605.jpeg (67.5 KB, 933x602, 846ECF85-9ADD-418F-980A-3447F0…)

Relative newfag but of the past 3 months I’ve been reading this takes the cake. This is the most disgusting thing this bitch has done. Absolutely vile. For someone who cries victim on twitter when people’s kinks don’t exactly line up with her own, she really has no problem making others a part of her deranged fantasy.

No. 1315997

Not that hard to figure out why she would be institutionalized retard. Especially since she’s already faked it once.

No. 1315999

>wants to be absolved of responsibility
>wants to be taken care of
>wants to be tied down by a medical professional
I'm just waiting for her to start sexualising ECT because everything she wants would have once been happening daily in mental asylums.

No. 1316007

this is so extremely disturbing what in the gd hell

No. 1316016

they would just call the police for indecent exposure and she'd sit in jail for a night, not put her in a psych ward

No. 1316029

Being institutionalized for threatening suicide isn't the same as being institutionalized for masturbating in a hospital bed, retard.

No. 1316041

You purposely ignoring everything else this psycho does? “Shay-heads” need to join her.

No. 1316042

DAMN, I can't imagine the face of the nurses if they accidentally see shay masturbating

No. 1316044

I’m not ignoring the other shit she’s done, I’m just being realistic. Being a sexual deviant will not get her institutionalized, at most she’ll be put on a list. Calm down on your ‘tism, anon.

No. 1316046

So you are ignoring things, got it. Not just about being a sexual deviant.

No. 1316050

Ntayrt but congratulations for being the guest star on this time’s routine of retard slap fights present in every latest Shayna thread.

No. 1316052

doctors and nurses aren't looking at lolcow how would they know anything besides what they observe and what she tells them?

No. 1316053

Says the retard that didn’t sage their shit

No. 1316054

When her alcohol withdrawals kick in along with BPD, they’ll know lol

No. 1316055

That anons just being stupid on purpose just ignore the infighting

No. 1316058

File: 1630810655856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 551.5 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20210904-215738_Twi…)


No. 1316060

Yeah no this bitch needs to be locked up

No. 1316062

File: 1630811027471.jpeg (219.76 KB, 1242x555, D88491EB-8933-437F-9EA0-E49B2D…)

No. 1316063

yeah this is messed up behaviour and clearly shows her extreme dependency. I do wonder if they're maybe giving her something for alcohol withdrawal but I do wonder if she's even going to say anything or let them figure it out; people do die because of that. And It will absolutely become evident soon if it hasn't already. She gotta at least have the shakes rn. They usually give benzos but ive even seen mini bottles of prescription booze too

same, I'm incredibly disturbed by her behaviour and it's extra fucked considering the pandemic. Have to agree this shows she never went to inpatient. I like how her snapchat goes from doing a dab to being in the er.

i seriously hope they are recording her in her room. I'm sure they realized she had someone bring her edibles. They're not stupid and have seen shit like this before surely. This shit it fucked up. Meanwhile some people desperately need a hospital bed and can't get one and our healthcare professionals are over worked! I hope this further pushes away some of her scrotes just like when she started doing the incest, beastiality, and hardcore pedo pandering etc.

No. 1316066

You actually believe she went impatient before?

No. 1316067

was this novel of autism that’s already been said necessary

No. 1316068

She can not separate "work" from her personal life and damn shes the most pathetic human I've ever seen. Surprised she didn't make porn while visiting with her dad, or did she? Cant remember

No. 1316069

She did

No. 1316071

This has nothing to do with current milk, why does it matter? Some of you anons are delusional to think Shay would get anything other than a spot of a registry for doing her gross shit in public.

No. 1316077

Okay Shay-head(stop)

No. 1316080

kek ik some Anons just write novels about how Shayna is wrong

No. 1316083

the fuck is she playing at? it’s embarrassing how much she needs some ugly ass scrotes attention. shay, you’re a grown ass woman, if you can’t respect yourself, at least respect the nurses and doctors there you POS.

No. 1316084

Goddamn Shaynus no doctor wants to see nor be near your huge fupa. fucking sicko.

No. 1316085

shit i forgot to sage sorry anons it won’t let me delete it either

No. 1316087

tbh i don't think she really, truly knows what respect even is, or means in a social sense. just look at her "kinks".

No. 1316091

I mean it's no diff than the 30+ single sentence posts saying the same thing; why so pressed about mine? You sound like the edibles/wants to ban "bleak" anon. Nonna as an esl person I struggle to condense my thoughts in writing, srry 2 offend lmao. And no, none of our comments are necessary lbr, especially ones like yours!

No. 1316092

i doubt that based on the way she expects other people to treat her. look at her screeching about coomers DMing her sexually or her mom not “respecting” her choice to gape her asshole online for $3/month.

No. 1316096

you're right nonnie. shay's a piece of shit. add that to being genuinely stupid and you get this masterpiece.

No. 1316097

Her entire genital region is so unfortunate. Her pubic mound looks like it belongs on a death fat not on someone that's still in the overweight BMI range.

She's clearly manic and has diminished awareness of consequence. If the doctors notice that she's going through a manic episode, they might send her for a psych evaluation. Anyone expecting inpatient is being extremely optimistic.

No. 1316098

dumb question here but do hospital rooms have cameras?

No. 1316099

What is a death fat?

No. 1316100

an extremely obese person

No. 1316102

No. 1316106

anons are dreaming about her going inpatient due to her mania. the hospital staff will not notice and she will be discharged in the morning to go home and it'll be groundhog's day #327:Shaynus' New Inhaler.

No. 1316110

her constantly flashing and pawing at her cooter in public reminds me of those chronic masturbators who can't go a day without cooooming. except she broadcasts it online for twitter likes. it almost seems like a strange compulsion, but truthfully she just has no awareness. how austere

No. 1316119

Trying to be uwu baby but instead pulls a missing link confused gorilla face. That is one ugly being inside and out.

No. 1316120

How did she manage to become a worse person since moving to Seattle lol? I don’t even know what’s rock bottom for her anymore. She’s such a thirsty loser, it’s so so embarrassing.

No. 1316124

She became even more desperate because she doesn’t have fupa to fall back on. Shayna will only hit her rock bottom when she’s dead.

No. 1316157

The American medical system is a truly a joke. You hear about people dying from lack of medical care access but Shayna can get admitted in order to have a protracted masturbation cam session. Ick

No. 1316161

you say that like she’s rich or important or something lol they aren’t just keeping her in there for shits and giggles

No. 1316201

She’s not doing this because she’s manic or has a hospital kink anons. The only reason she’s posting pics is because she’s broke as fuck. Do you really think she’d pass an opportunity to say ”can’t film today, in the hsptl, reimburse me”? Also yes there are cameras in hospitals everywhere. I guess it depends on who’s monitoring them, is it some deranged coomer or a normal person who would get worried about her behavior and alert a doctor or a security guard.

No. 1316212

The security guards monitoring the cctv are probably pissing themselves with laughter because there's fat woman who can't stop touching herself.

No. 1316250

sorry to be a medfag but the infection control here is gross. She’s brought that nasty ass filthy bear into a hospital where there are vulnerable people, and she’s gonna take it back home covered in hospital bacteria. She’s gross as hell

No. 1316287

I got curious about this since I honestly had no clue but it seems from my basic Google search that there are no cameras in hospital rooms in the US? Just in communal areas and possibly in pediatric rooms. Bitch is probably so depraved that she will try to jerk it in a communal area if she stays long enough tho…

No. 1316292

Sigh…do you anons not see that Shayna is the type of person so dedicated to her loyal fanbase that even when she's in the hospital she's thinking about wOrK? She should really take those days off, but I mean, she's such a workaholic, right? /s

No. 1316311

File: 1630849133259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 543.62 KB, 1080x1537, 20210905_143733.jpg)

Soooo she's planned to film content with this adult baby fuckery? Gross

No. 1316312

File: 1630849157101.jpg (429.66 KB, 1080x1684, 20210905_143720.jpg)

No. 1316327

She really took the advice from earlier?! She’s gonna film content with fetlife freaks? Lmao.
Shit shay, you should listen more

No. 1316360

This is disgusting. Wheezy Mattel doesn't deserve healthcare if she gunna take up space and use her asthma to promote access to abusive criminal behavior and call it a protected kink.
She should be arrested and registered as a sex offender with her yaniv lookin face.

No. 1316375

ew this shit is so fucked up "no more adult thoughts" proceeds to put magic wand up to clit. I hope none of these degenerates have actual children because I don't see how they can separate the fantasy vs reality since so many argue that they really "become a baby" when in that headspace. Fuck that

No. 1316412

File: 1630859606341.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1320x2048, Screenshot_20210905-093258.png)


No. 1316416

File: 1630859723822.png (826.56 KB, 2048x978, Screenshot_20210905-093350.png)

2/2 Kek @ her saying she can't work when she's doing the exact same she she does in her apartment: laying on her fatass, getting high, taking low quality pics of her rancid snatch

No. 1316418

Question, wouldn't her taking drugs effect her lungs? Like would'nt they know she was doing drugs or ask her about it or something?

No. 1316419

yeah but she’s retarded and a pathological liar

No. 1316428

File: 1630860639028.png (49.2 KB, 748x467, dumbass.png)

Kek is hilarious how they tease him

No. 1316441

Weed, I’m assuming in edible form as well, fucks around big time with blood pressure. Typically it will spike then plummet quite low. I seriously hope she didn’t take anything because the doctors might be trying to figure out wtf is causing her vitals to be unstable when Shaytard knows she caused it with weed.

No. 1316444

guys this is seattle i’m sure the doctors are familiar with and know how to spot symptoms of marijuana use. it’s been legal there for a decade

No. 1316449

“my left lung won’t stop wheezing” that’s not how wheezing works dipshit.

No. 1316451

I know but isn't it kind of dumb to be taking drugs when you are in the hosptial and being tested? Maybe she told them, IDK but I've never heard of anyone doing that

No. 1316453

um yes obviously

No. 1316454

File: 1630863862754.jpeg (718.39 KB, 1170x1770, 44881674-45BD-4AE7-87D7-587A9D…)

Of course she’d post a Shein gift card

No. 1316455

i wonder if the weed is even really physically affecting her at this point though, considering that she’s consumed so much thc every day for years. her body is probably acclimated to being high 24/7, homeostasis or whatever. i would imagine if she stopped consuming weed suddenly she would start going through withdrawals, maybe not right away (she definitely has a shitload of thc in her body to keep her going for a while), but the cannabis withdrawal would definitely hit after a few days. i would love that saga kek. sadly i don’t think we’re ever going to see it

No. 1316458

I would agree with you if she showed up to the ER stoned and was honest (that wouldn’t be a big deal IMO) but she had edibles brought to her while already admitted and I seriously doubt she’ll tell them.

Her behavior in the hospital has been disgusting but I am a little concerned about her health. Her lungs have sounded like shit for months on end now and moving to Seattle was probably a terrible idea due to the humidity alone.

No. 1316459

is there a reason why she says sugar dad instead of sugar daddy? i've only ever seen people using sugar daddy before shay.

No. 1316460

Wow such successful bimbo energy! Fast fashion garbage shopping spree.

No. 1316463

Pain meds? They don't give those out like candy anymore. And certainly not to someone who more than likely entered the er drunk & high.

No. 1316465

im thinking it might be her whole mom/dad incest fetish thing

No. 1316466

it was probably ibuprofen or tylenol, kek

No. 1316467

another example of her being a piece of shit and supporting unethical labor, all for the little feeling of happiness she gets for 10 seconds. Unfortunate shein is all she can afford, but I guess it’s good for broke bitches like her

No. 1316486

File: 1630866325595.jpg (315.93 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20210905-132451_Twi…)

This is the dungeon dude. Truly pathetic

No. 1316490

Wouldn't a Torrid gift card have been a better idea?

No. 1316503

File: 1630868883276.jpg (187.44 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20210905-140743_Twi…)

Cause you buy cheap clothes

No. 1316513

Yeah, I assumed she was lying in a lame attempt to make it seem like the (not at all out of character) begging wasn’t her fault

No. 1316520

I’m disgusted that shay is rubbing her pussy juice everywhere in a fucking hospital. I am dreaaaaaaaaaading the idea of her wanting to shove something medical up her ass tonight to get more pennies. Does any nonnies know if the delta variant presents itself differently? Couldn’t be a reason why they’re keeping her, or as another said, her blood pressure is fucked thanks to copious weed and her shitty fatty American diet

No. 1316544

you literally get a covid test the same as the other strains??

No. 1316550

that would be the sexism you claim doesn’t exist, pickme bitch

No. 1316553

$200 could buy her some actually worthwhile pieces of clothing. Quantity over quality with this ho always.

No. 1316561

Yeah, for starters that’s not how lungs work at all and they aren’t keeping her for three days just because of an asthma flare-up and some wheezing. Bitch has something more serious going on. They either haven’t discovered it or she’s keeping it from everyone. Hospitals seriously do not just keep someone taking up a bed for three days during a global pandemic unless something is very wrong. Thought liver failure would come first but it looks like she’s going to be Lung Failure Barbie kek

No. 1316563

Wonder if it's the big C word…

No. 1316564

File: 1630874095628.jpeg (759.26 KB, 1242x1807, B9F47619-98CA-4772-9100-EA5C94…)

Definitely not out of the realm of possibilities

No. 1316565

That would be something if she fucked around her entire visit only to find out she has lung cancer

No. 1316582

Well, lung cancer at that age should be a wake up call if she survives it. But to be honest, if you have asthma and are stupid enough to keep on smoking, there isn't much hope for you, especially if you can get your drug of choice as something to eat.
She might have covid or she got herself pneumonia, we will see, hope non of the nurses have to see her masturbating. In hospitals in my country you have shared rooms most of the time, guess she and all the other patients are lucky that the pandemic keeps people apart.

No. 1316586

She's been smoking daily far longer than she has been drinking and she's always had these dirty coughing fits after inhaling for as long as I can remember.

The liver has more chill, you can nearly die from an OD and if you're young and stay away from booze for a while it can fully repair itself, don't think the lungs have such power.
Good job Shay. Almost like heavy smoking + asthma for many years wasn't a very good idea.

No. 1316587

you know what I wonder if she's saying "pain meds" but she's actually getting benzos for the alcohol withdrawal and just doesn't want people to know that it's that bad??? Even though it's pretty damn obvious lbr lol. But benzos definitely can cause amnesia and blackouts and make you forget you begged for money for absolute garbage

No. 1316594

alcohol can be more complicated, I've been drinking as much as Shayna for some time now and I can have many sober days (after weeks full of alcohol) without any withdrawal symptoms. I think the weed stuff is adding something to it and smoking with asthma is just a bullshit idea. I don't think she forgot it, she just wants to brag about how she got a gift card and that she can't remember it, so if she asked one of her "sugar daddys" twice, they will forgive her, because she was out of her mind.

No. 1316595

This is all bullshit. I’m an ER nurse. No one stays in the hospital for wheezing. That is normal for people with asthma. They MIGHT check for pneumonia since it’s only in one lung, apparently, and she is so fucking sedimentary. But she’s not on oxygen and she looks “fine”… seriously wondering why they are letting her stay. There are people with real respiratory issues, especially now, who need that bed. She can go see a fucking regular doctor, outside the hospital. She must have good insurance, they love to pile on the expensive inhalers and breathing treatments. Really gross she’s making videos and sexualizing healthcare workers while she’s wasting their time. And sneaking in edibles and alcohol. Truly fucked up. Man that pisses me off. Get help. I bet they give her discharge paperwork on regular exercise and not fucking smoking if you have asthma…….. watch her try to make her incentive spirometer into some kind of sick sex toy

No. 1316599

>Lung Failure Barbie
Kek. God, she's so glamorous!

No. 1316665


Collapsed Lung Barbie;

No. 1316672

I agree that the length of her stay is bull. Not an ER nurse but I recently had to go to the hospital for asthma. What they do is give you a steroid iv or shot, give a nebulizer breathing treatment. Then run a few tests to make sure you don't have pneumonia and then you're out. Sometimes with an emergency inhaler if needed. She must seriously have fucked her lungs up to hell and back, or she's lying about why they're keeping her

No. 1316689

File: 1630883360250.png (663.56 KB, 2048x1221, Screenshot_20210905-160905.png)

No. 1316693

This all honestly sounds like she’s in there for alcohol withdrawal or something.

No. 1316696

File: 1630883659948.png (1.94 MB, 1685x2048, Screenshot_20210905-160953.png)

This is grayhair's response to this tweet kek

No. 1316707

Thought she loved the pain and had a sick medical fetish? Kek

No. 1316708

Why would she be admitted for that anon? Obviously not. I know it appears she drinks a lot but in terms of alcoholism, it's nothing really. The most withdrawal she'd experience is night sweats/shivers.

People who need to detox are the kinda people who drink 2 litres of vodka a day.

No. 1316713

You’re right, I’m actually just retarded. I can’t imagine what would be keeping her there other than a true possibility of covid or she’s straight up lying and just has a collection of hospital photos from her possibly singular night there. She lies about everything, why not this, too

No. 1316725

I agree. Maybe alcohol poisoning originally because snapchat anon said she was taking dabs (and she often mixes alcohol and weed) and then the next snap was of her in the hospital. And maybe now she is going through withdrawal. Or else she has covid. To the other anon saying she doesn’t drink enough—we don’t see her all day every day so who knows how much she is consuming.

No. 1316726

would they keep her for covid if she isn't on intubation/oxygen? with the lack of free hospital beds, i'd think they're only taking extreme covid cases whenn it comes to keeping them so long.

No. 1316731

She wouldn't be admitted for that but come on, she openly talks about and shows herself drinking as soon as she wakes up. She definitely has a problem.

No. 1316735

That's not true. Detox symptoms can happen to anyone who is physically dependent on alcohol.
I assume she isn't honest about her weed intake so they see her reduced lung function and are extra worried because it shouldn't be that advanced for what she reports.

No. 1316737

File: 1630887344547.png (39.58 KB, 595x182, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 5.12…)

Yeah, funny how the pain and med fetish went right out the door the moment she actually had to get shit done to her. It's almost as if she was faking it for attention, huh? Absolute retardation kek

No. 1316742

This whole hospital saga just kinda reeks that she just wants fupa to unblock her. Ya know. Cause he was SUCH a good guy taking care of her after her last hospital visit with the wisdom teeth. She's had more shit happen with her in the past month than she has in the past two years with her "kinks" suddenly reappearing cause she's single and desperate for attention, going to bondage shoots, basically hooking, and now she's in the hospital. It's all "LOOK AT ME KYLE" I dunno. Her BPD is off the rails yo

No. 1316748

Whaaaaat?? Shay, you didn't cum 26 times when you saw the big, scawy doctor come in with a needle?? But like, isn't that the fetish you were pretending to have like 12hrs ago? Wow, funny how that works. Get a therapist fetish next cause that's you really need, bro.

No. 1316772

She isn't capable of tricking a team of medical professionals into keeping her in hospital for no reason during a pandemic.

No. 1316783

kek seriously. idk what anons are on thinking they know more than the doctors that are keeping her there..?

No. 1316787

I am going to school to be a nurse and I sincerely hope I never come across a patient who sexualizes me without my consent in such a disturbing manner. The nudes and the sexual fantasies are so disrespectful. Doctors and nurses are there to do the job they were hired to do, and don't deserve to be viewed in such a creepy manner.(no1curr)

No. 1316793

Seriously, what Shay, want them to strap you down first and call you baby? She JUST said she was totally into being injected and shit. But now its muh anxiety and it hurts and she wants to go home. So how does she think her little mental asylum patient or kidnapping fantasy would go? She would get scared or be in pain and want to leave but that's not how it works, especially if she ends up involved with some real sickos. Almost as if the real world is nothing like her delusional fake kinks.

No. 1316794

blogposting newfags please remove yourselves

No. 1316796

reason number 5000 anons should take everything she claims are her “kinks” with a grain of salt

No. 1316798

I really think she's in for covid or something serious. They wouldn't keep her stupid ass there at a time like this for some asthma. They'd give her some stuff, an inhaler, and send her home keeping her overnight at the very maximum. It's sus.
My grandparents have strokes and surgeries and illnesses all the time and they are out of the hospital within a couple days if that and it surprises me, I've had pleurisy (incredibly painful lung tissue inflammation) and they send me out within an hour. Hospitals do not want to keep you unless it's serious, especially when they are short staffed and equipped. The ER wants you in and out fast as possible so they can keep treating patients and have room for dire cases. But damn her parents must have some good insurance lol

No. 1316807

shut the fuck up already

No. 1316816

personal bets on potential covid

she doesn't look miserable enough to be detoxing

No. 1316826

medfags is it possible she’s doing an IV antibiotic? i’m trying to think of reasons they would need an IV for that long outside of needing blood draws and antibiotics and hydration are the only things i can think of, and hydration IV wouldn’t need to be in for this long.

No. 1316827

Do you guys ever get tired of the sound of your own typing?

No. 1316829

What's with all the mini-modding, are people only allowed to call shayna fat/ugly and nothing else now or what. Isnt it normal to speculate what a cow might be in the hospital for????

Anyway I also find it strange they're keeping her for so long. Maybe they're just double and triple checking if its covid. Might not actually be it, but maybe they're not sure yet and that's why it's taking so long. Also shayna is fat/ugly. Kyle nathan perkins, uhhh wojack cookie monster hug gif please spare me

No. 1316834

blogposting is literally against the rules, dumbasses. but yeah nobody wants to read you going on for 50 posts about what she might be in the hospital for, sorry.

No. 1316838

On top of that, my money is on her being a lazy shit and faking it. She's most likely at home wasted doing nothing and slow posting pics, until something proves otherwise. Just like inpatient.

No. 1316839

Yeah it’s a convenient excuse to get out of the pro shoot she had planned and also get the pity money from ppl like Womack who gave her a tip for being an unhealthy loser whose habits caught up to her. And I doubt a Seattle hospital would keep someone there when most cities have no beds and trucks for storing dead bodies.

No. 1316883

Nobody wants to read countless posts just roasting/complaining about other ones. But here we are, and it’s almost more common than blogposting.

No. 1316900

Well said fellow nurse-anon. >>1316672 100% this
Boo fucking hoo

No. 1316920

Sage for tinfoil

Shay is covid positive snd getting treated with Ivermectin. Which is a sub-Q route of administration.

No. 1316927

Really hoping delta kills her tbh. I'm so done with her being a sex offender.(a-logging)

No. 1316932

100% this. She made hay while the sun was shining and is probably back at home, drip-feeding her coomers pics and telling them she has to stay "just another night, boo hoo my anxiety bad can someone send amazon vouchies plz uwu". Hope one of them catches on at some point and asks her why she was there for so long once she gets 'discharged', and she gets caught in wahtever lie she spins kek.

No. 1316938

I get that she is an addict, but I’m surprised she is posting about having marijuana snuck into her hospital. I know it’s Seattle, but seems like that shouldn’t be allowed. It also probably isn’t helping her physical situation, so she’s just taking up space in a hospital for a problem she caused, smuggling drugs, and wants everyone to think poor uwu baby. Meanwhile it’s a pandemic

No. 1316943

It isn’t allowed, even in Seattle. Very few hospitals let you bring in outside medical marijuana let alone some random “drinkables” that a friend brought to you during a supposed three day stay.

No. 1316946

I want to believe this but the fact that she goes awol for too long and dropped her ~medical fetish~ real fast make it seem like she is indeed hospitalized. Dumbass isn’t smart enough to spread pics out for days (as shown by her field cow “photo shoot”) and would be continuing the med fetish farce.

No. 1317021

Maybe they are keeping her now because they think her mental health is a danger to others or they found her filming herself masturbating and they took away her phone. We will know sooner or later, still think it's for Covid.

No. 1317075

No hospital is treating covid with Ivermectin you absolute retard.

No. 1317098

She’s not crazy enough for her phone being taken away, they likely won’t have caught her because it’s a busy hospital during a pandemic and they don’t have cameras in the room and she’s not able to get drunk therefore will be aware of someone coming in. She’s likely just heavily asthmatic and they’re behind on covid tests/she’s at risk so they want to monitor her/get her hydrated before sending her out. She’s not going to be institutionalised or anything of the like, literally every e-whore online takes nudes and gross clips in hospital, Shay isn’t the only weirdo

No. 1317099

lmao found the hillbilly retard

No. 1317103

NTA but in Japan they are. Don’t know why you’re triggered

No. 1317112

I know in the ER and on other floors (in my US state)
they keep an IV in for easy access if there is an emergency, to give meds etc without repeated sticks. It's always the attention seeking thots that play it up like it is something special when it's just SOP.

No. 1317120

File: 1630942758277.png (22.8 KB, 1234x46, Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 11.3…)

>>1313503 One of the main causes of scalloped tongue is seizures. What causes seizures? Benzodiazepines and alcohol use. You can have like little mini-seizures in your sleep if you go too long without using, and you'll wake up with a sore tongue that looks like Shay's once it heals. Big-ass seizures will fuck your tongue up and make it bleed, but I know several alcoholics who have never had a seizure requiring hospitalization, but their tongues all look like this. Then again, there are other potential causes like picrel.
>>1316693 Agreed. I'd bet money she had a seizure or DTs or something.

No. 1317133

>>1317120 Same anon(nie), sorry, but I just read upthread where she said "the bed yells at me if I get up without assistance." Yeeeeah dis bitch definitely had a seizure. Unless that's become SOP recently, I've never had to get help going to pee unless I'm hooked directly up to an IV (not just having the thing in my arm, but actually hooking into the IV drip) at the time, or when I was a fall risk…because of a (non-alcohol-related) seizure. In that instance, I was put in a bed that would "yell at me" if I got up without assistance. Also since the COVID test came back negative and they're not giving her a nebulizer treatment, I don't buy for a fucking second that this has anything to do with her "wheeziness."

No. 1317139

she doesn’t have seizures. if she did we would know about it because she would be lamenting 24/7 about how terrible she has it. it’s most likely due to her teeth, it doesn’t look like she’s ever had any orthodontic work and she has teeth crowding. possibly a narrow palette so your tongue just naturally rests against you teeth and over time causes that scalloped edge effect. it doesn’t help if you’re frequently dehydrated. she doesn’t have down syndrome or seizures.

No. 1317140


That's a good argument that she had a seizure, but a seizure alone is not enough to keep you in a hospital bed for several nights (at least not unless they're doing a constant EEG, which they clearly aren't/weren't)

No. 1317143

she didn’t have a seizure you fucking retards. if she did you KNOW we would be hearing about how awful it is and how her uWu baby brain is fucked up

No. 1317144

plenty of hospitals use bed alarms. just because yours only did for a seizure doesn’t mean shit. it’s most often used when ppl are hooked up to an IV and/or EKG machine. in order to leave your bed you need to unhook those things momentarily. if it’s not done or not done properly the alarms will go off signaling you are out of bed. fall risks get special colored bracelets as well; seizure risks get pads on the sides of the bed. she has neither of those things.

No. 1317150

you're all so cute when you fight, i love this chaotic thread.

No. 1317161

>>1317144 Sorry nonnies. But you know another thing you don't get kept 2 days in the hospital for? Run of the mill "wheeziness." Considering the fact that her tongue looked perfectly normal not too long ago, I'm just saying it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that she's having little sleep-seizures like some alcoholics do. If she did have a big alc-induced seizure and it landed her in the hospital, I very much doubt she'd be bragging about it, because people would ask for details like what caused it.

Still, I'm not saying she had a seizure for sure. I'm saying "wheeziness" is not enough to warrant multiple-day-long hospital stays if you've tested negative for COVID. Is it common to spend days in the hospital over "wheezes" and (smoking-induced)"asthma"? Genuinely asking. They kept me for two days after my seizure. I've never been kept overnight for an asthma attack, and especially w/ COVID straining hospitals to their limits, I find this all very sus. Maybe Seattle's different.

No. 1317162

She has scallop tongue because she doesn’t brush her teeth, numb skulls.

No. 1317163

>>1317162 Does that cause scallop tongue? I've only heard of it being caused by seizures, nutritional deficiencies, and tongue-swelling. But also Down syndrome, so that might explain it.

No. 1317170

she literally has scalloped tongue because of a narrow palate. it’s extremely common you fucking morons.

No. 1317171

how do you know? are you her dentist?

No. 1317172

It's not common to be kept overnight for seizures or asthma. Probably less so for seizures, as long as they're controlled. I am enjoying the mystery though (esp as a nurse with seizures and asthma)(no1curr)

No. 1317174

Her tongue has been scalloped for the longest time nonnie, maybe even forever, due to her terrible teeth and chronic dehydration. Just because you’re just now noticing it doesn’t mean it’s new.

No. 1317177

there are pics in these threads from 3+ years ago where her tongue looks like that. you’re telling me it’s more likely to you that she has a secret seizure disorder?

No. 1317179

what? no, i said it’s because she doesnt brush her teeth

No. 1317180

there’s no reasoning with these newfags. it’s probably the same people in the last thread that said they only shower once a week kek.

No. 1317181

>>1317177 Not seeing the scalloped tongue in this pic from a while back: >>1312506

No. 1317183

it’s pretty low res, there are definitely old pics of her where it’s visible

No. 1317208

This is autistic. Shayna drinks white claws and wine and like >>1316708 says you don't have severe withdrawal symptoms like that unless you're downing serious amounts of hard liquor daily. A lot of people are semi-"functional" alcoholics like Shayna. Fat wine moms etc don't have seizures. She's in there for asthma and smoking and displaying covid-like symptoms most likely that raise concern.

No. 1317210

Why doesn’t she switch to edibles only if she can’t live without being stoned? I don’t have asthma but the amount she smokes combined with constantly struggling to breath sounds so fucking uncomfortable and not worth it

No. 1317220

because she’s an addict that likely has an oral fixation

No. 1317222

you are correct and these anons are painfully fucking retarded.

also, if she had an asthma ATTACK or her breathing hasn’t improved that is absolutely enough to keep her in hospital. Idk why some of you are acting like she’s choosing to be there, asthma can literally kill you.

No. 1317224

apparently every blogposting newfag itt is an ER nurse that has seizures so they clearly know everything kek

No. 1317229

The weird thing is smoking weed from a bong helps some asthmatics by improving lung capacity. I’m not saying it’s “good” for you since obviously there’s still smoke but it’s not an absolute no-no. She could likely keep smoking if she just cut back, kept her glass clean, and didn’t smoke while actively sick.

or just get a vape

No. 1317241

File: 1630952868528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.05 KB, 682x1024, 20210906_132728.jpg)

Oh Lord

No. 1317244

i thought her lunch lady arms were her legs for a second

No. 1317247

File: 1630953015246.jpg (379.12 KB, 1080x2171, Screenshot_20210906-132903_Twi…)

Who did her shoot

No. 1317249

File: 1630953042960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 602.86 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20210906-132838_Twi…)

I bet she's going to say she has to stay for another day

No. 1317251

good on the photographer for covering her disgusting face

No. 1317252

we discussed who he was before, that’s how we found out she paid him for it

No. 1317253

I definitely believe the timing of this hospital thing is too convenient when she had all these shoots and things lined up for the first time in years. And I do think it's possible she's dragging it out and making it seem like she's still there when she may have only been in for a day or two because she's up to something or just doesn't want to do her work.
Which honestly during the pandemic when we have multiple string variants and she's "at risk" she shouldn't be going out and grunting around and getting mouth breathed on by gross coomers. You know they aren't practicing good sanitation and covid safety measures lol.

No. 1317255

I think she didn't want to do the shoots because she knew she wouldn't be able to face tune the shit out of them

No. 1317256

She has the body of a melted candle

No. 1317257

The other rope pics she posted were from a different person, that old dude with the dungeon

No. 1317262

Right? Honestly. These aren't terrible. Her legs and thighs look massive, but it's not horrific or laughably bad like her usual stuff.
It's different and done by someone with basic photography skills lol.

Nta but I thought it said "tattooed n**r next store" when it wasn't blown up and I was like LOL WHAT

No. 1317263

"Baby" when those tits say mother of four

No. 1317264

You’re dehydrated you dense fuck

No. 1317268

File: 1630953674260.jpeg (68.07 KB, 750x409, B88EE749-CB0D-4364-95B3-8BF2AE…)

yeah she still paid for this too though (from his website)

No. 1317273

File: 1630954193140.gif (1.4 MB, 245x320, giphy.gif)

No. 1317280

Kek if she was in the hospital for giving birth, I'd believe based on these pics. Her tits are a saggy mess and the hospital gown and just all of it is giving me new mom vibes. She says shes looking for a mommy but she just needs to look at her pics kek

No. 1317300

Hanging there like a ham in a butcher's shop

No. 1317303

File: 1630957834651.jpg (203.33 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20210906-172016_Twi…)

More pedopandering

No. 1317311

This is straight out of Silent Hill

No. 1317320

File: 1630959525042.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 513.73 KB, 1200x1801, 263685FC-3D3C-44DC-A3F4-F434BF…)

More bondage pics of Shayna from her OF

No. 1317333

And to stop entertaining her when she does braindead shit such as when she asked if her dog has an accent. Shay knows animals don't have accents, she knows right from wrong, and she knows that she isn't "baby". Its all an act to appear "bimbo"/"baby" because being stupid is cute to her like right here >>1316062

No. 1317347

File: 1630963795708.jpg (423.7 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20210906-162821_Tum…)


No. 1317348

File: 1630963833608.jpg (149.3 KB, 1080x1026, Screenshot_20210906-162755_Tum…)

Yikes part 2/2

No. 1317349

File: 1630963858779.jpg (413.89 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20210906-162938_Tum…)

No. 1317350

the poor photographer was trying to turn the lights down as much as possible so you couldn’t see her flab and rolls

No. 1317352

File: 1630964257596.jpg (171.66 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_62375b3881b5979a55053f9…)

HD version. That cottage cheese ass though.

No. 1317354

surprised the rope didnt break kek. does anyone in the scene know if they use fresh rope for each "scene" or do they just re-used the same musty old ropes for each OF whore who pays for this?

No. 1317361

Says the bitch who cried about an IV in her arm

No. 1317363

Her upper body and face actually look good here. Progress

No. 1317366

File: 1630965728788.png (92.67 KB, 245x201, thriving qween.PNG)

Think you missed the /s nonnie. Her arm is looking fucking massive and her face is half covered lol.

No. 1317369

anons are so desperate to compliment shayna for nothing kek what are they getting out of it? she looks as bad as ever and only like 20% of her is even visible in the light.

No. 1317374

a rope wouldn’t break from that. most decent riggers use new rope for each model.

No. 1317377

Lol… no they absolutely do not use new ropes for each model. A rope kit is used for a year minimum generally. Who would buy new rope for every new person they tie??

No. 1317379

especially some random dude that’s just tying people up in the middle of what looks like his apartment living room

No. 1317380

kek, what, you can hardly see any of it.
anyways, her whole body looks lumpy and then you have her greasy hair stealing all the spotlight. bimbo queen

No. 1317390

What’s up with the boob? The black spots I mean.

No. 1317391

probably a bra or something

No. 1317408

It's an ugly shirt, you can see some of it on her arm.

No. 1317472

holy shit i thought this was her thigh at first glance. bondage did her no favors. yikes.

No. 1317478

File: 1630977087666.jpeg (112.11 KB, 750x606, 401E103E-2996-4CFF-AF06-27DC4F…)

She had a coomer stop by the hospital to visit. Truly hitting some all time lows this week, Shayna.

No. 1317486

This is some truly deranged behavior, I hope the nurses are paying attention and talking shit

No. 1317492

File: 1630977713275.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1395x2048, Screenshot_20210906-182127.png)

She doesn't have covid

No. 1317507

A blessing and a curse.

Great because her hog ass can't spread it.

No. 1317509

For now… but I doubt she’ll take any preventative measures for any future shoots.

No. 1317514

What the fuck is going on with her ass?

No. 1317515

File: 1630980572455.jpeg (988.74 KB, 3060x2688, C9E8E488-5F94-4CE0-8F42-29FFEE…)

The similarities are striking

No. 1317517

Fatty Lardell has a bad case of cottage cheese cellulite from not exercising or doing the bare minimum of daily walks.

No. 1317518

they are cellulite anon

No. 1317520


dont do wombats dirty like that

No. 1317521

Insulted on their behalf.

No. 1317524

ew so her trick is hypnotizing her?! Sounds like rape and brainwashing will be incoming soon from this disgusting scrote. Ew the stuffed animal seems like this creep is probably one of her pedopanderers

she looks high af like the lights are on but no one's home. Or like she had a serious TBI or something wtf

No. 1317526

>ew so her trick is hypnotizing her?!
no its a coomer gimmick

>Ew the stuffed animal seems like this creep is probably one of her pedopanderers

uhh no shit

No. 1317536

what do you mean by a coomer gimmick? Is it to get closer to her? never heard of it before

No. 1317548

File: 1630984019542.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.84 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20210906-220556_Twi…)

I wonder if she'll re book those shoots

No. 1317553

hypnosis fetish, it’s a dumb thing for dumb people but not all that rare among gross pervs

No. 1317587

File: 1630992994631.png (65.37 KB, 676x560, EA4EFAE3-0256-4C97-B8BB-BD6E93…)

OT but why is this actually shaynus? She’s a literal troon incel kek

No. 1317607

she looks extra downy here

No. 1317647

Damn that’s a face not even a mother could love. Woof.

No. 1317722

File: 1631016620912.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpeg)

her hair is so greasy it doesn't even contour to the back of her head. she could have at least taken this after a shower. i can smell this image

No. 1317782

ijust realized shayna just looks exactly how amberlynn reid wishes she was perceived, which is horrifying in itself.(sage)

No. 1317789

Sage your shit nobody cares

No. 1317808

I'm wondering if she might have had a kidney infection/really bad bladder infection from shoving dirty toys/dick in her and not wiping properly? It had to catch up with her sooner or later.

No. 1317881

she just got out of the hospital and is already back to pigging out. her dedication to weight gain is almost admirable.

No. 1317939

She seriously needs to learn a lesson or two at this point. Flashing in a hospital where a doctor or nurse or even a patient can walk over at any point is just going too far. I hope someone reports her and she gets prosecuted for it. Imagine your granny staying on the same hospital ward and having to look at Shayna's snatch.

No. 1317965

File: 1631035419242.jpg (217.91 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20210907-132202.jpg)

"So many frens and opportunities" and yet she was short on her first rent payment.

No. 1317978

Most hospitals in the US have private rooms. She was alone in a room with a real door that closes. Shay is disgusting buy you are pearl clutching.

No. 1317980

Nurses and doctors are used to all sorts of crazy shit. One porn sickie might get a few gossiping nurses, but everyone's used to shit and blood so her gross yeast infected sheets will be treated like every other possible contaminant. Flashing at a bar is way worse.

No. 1317986

And only a week or so ago she was rying what a huge mistake she made lmao.

No. 1318017

yeah that was before fupa blocked her

No. 1318052

File: 1631041293706.jpeg (781.41 KB, 1125x1485, 9390E375-9DB2-4CD1-B00D-63C221…)

proud of something she’ll never use?

No. 1318054

File: 1631041331664.png (9.22 MB, 1125x2436, DD53ADF8-69F9-4B2D-B8DF-0022CC…)

No. 1318062

File: 1631041676638.jpg (455.1 KB, 800x533, download (29).jpg)

>floor mat that depicts Shayna's face everytime she opens the fridge

No. 1318074

Every time she says frens it makes me want to a-log.

No. 1318077

yeah the pig was… a choice

No. 1318079

>using two sets of measuring spoons/cups as aesthetic decor
KEK. I’ll bet she’s never used 1/3 of those cooking utensils.

No. 1318081

So tacky and ugly. Those pinks don’t match. At least she’s self aware she’s a fat hog and bought a kitchen mat that represents what she is. Also who tf puts a stuffed animal and a bong in a kitchen. The stuffed animal would get all covered in food/water/grease. Oh wait I forgot fatty doesn’t cook and only doordashes…

No. 1318085

File: 1631042495520.jpeg (714.61 KB, 1121x1258, 38117BD4-1DAA-43F0-9201-B31957…)

Her apartment looks like a dump… and it’s twice the price of Fuplahoma. I don’t understand why she couldn’t move to a different apartment in Oklahoma, and just not talk to Fupa.

No. 1318096

You're right actually, it's not like she leaves her apartment and has a high chance of accidentally running into him.

No. 1318097

File: 1631042952544.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.64 KB, 659x989, 892AA200-AE6E-4E3D-AF69-C20A54…)

damn she’s shaped like a brick of butter. Shaynus is so unfortunate looking. At least she’s covering her hideous honker of a nose she inherited from papa clifford

No. 1318100

Probably because she knew she could fall back into her old life pre-fupa days. If she didn’t have her “bestie” I guarantee she wouldn’t have moved.

No. 1318104

2015 Snapchat dog filter on 2021 OnlyFans’ nudes. Every choice she makes is the wrong one. Every. One.

No. 1318110

File: 1631043322919.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 786.38 KB, 1221x1545, 771DDF53-0934-48FF-BD58-3930A4…)

No. 1318129

File: 1631044463939.jpg (244.09 KB, 1080x954, Screenshot_20210907-145350_Twi…)

Now that she's out of the hospital, she's back on her kidnapping bullshit

No. 1318173

Even while clenching to give the appearance of a butt shelf and some tone, it looks misshapen and concave almost from the side, yikes

No. 1318181

same anon, her typing quirks drive me up the wall

No. 1318197

a bong as kitchen decor. the bimboiest bimbo to ever live.

No. 1318235

So did she just forget she was supposed to be living with her "bestie"? She's mentioned living alone a couple times recently and all these pictures say there's no one else in the house.

No. 1318243

This was my assumption too, UTIs are common enough and we all know she doesn’t clean herself and she paws at her vag with her dirty hands. I can imagine her ignoring cystitis and it developing into a kidney infection. IV for antibiotics maybe.

No. 1318244

She never said they were living together. It was just a tinfoil that took off

No. 1318246

Ot but this is the eye bleach I needed

No. 1318279

she had one bag on her IV tree, nonny, and it was a saline bag. IV antibiotic bags are tiny. she didn’t have a fucking kidney infection because if she did we wouldn’t hear the end of it. I highly believe that her lung IS truly fucked up and she’s not treating her asthma how she should.

No. 1318280

File: 1631054882631.jpeg (93.89 KB, 750x565, 6C4361E9-D42B-4B7C-A876-F2C3D3…)

No. 1318281

File: 1631054962175.jpeg (327.64 KB, 750x730, A0EC850F-8368-4DB8-B47C-D1E622…)

samefag, with retweets like these she’s going to be fucking murdered

No. 1318282

because it doesn’t make sense that a random person could pick up a key to the apartment for her. that’s completely illegal. there’s also a separate room she refused to show when she did the house tour. PLUS she claimed she was “accepted” nearly immediately which means she didn’t go through any rental process and most likely signed on as a secondary tenant, thereby being accepted immediately. just put the pieces together, retards.

No. 1318319

my god she's really trying to get a second fupa exactly the same way she attracted the first one kek zero self refection with this bitch

No. 1318341

Lmao yeah sure shay keep making up stories. If this was real they’d probably think you’re a special needs adult

No. 1318344

natural selection, no one would care but us

No. 1318354

File: 1631059156653.jpeg (129.56 KB, 1284x456, 1135C1D5-1C02-49FA-9F51-40214B…)

the delusions don’t stop with this one

No. 1318355

File: 1631059247486.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

Her delusion never fails to disappoint.

No. 1318356

She said it's her work room and she's buying an ugly day bed for it. She'll probably show the room after she decorates it.

No. 1318359

there were 3 rooms. she showed her bedroom and bathroom, as well as the kitchen and living room. one is assumed to be her work room but the other? explain that.

not sure why nonnies are saying she’s too broke to live in seattle but don’t want to believe she’s living with a roommate. silly.

No. 1318365

yeah you don't meet a friend's parents as an adult in most normal circumstances. If your friend's parents are at your house because you live together, though…

No. 1318380

because her parents still support her

No. 1318394

I would believe they would help her pay rent if she moved closer to them like they asked. unless you have proof they’re definitely paying a chunk of her rent AND co-signed for her, i’m going with the roommate theory.

No. 1318395

doesn’t really matter. there is equally as much proof for both.

No. 1318403

I would still say it's a roommate. I'm wondering if they have backed off wanting to be included in Shayna's shit because they've been made aware of the threads here and Shay's internet presence in general. About the time she moved there was someone commenting "OMG ur all sooo mean!" a few times in the thread.

No. 1318405

Waiting for her to talk about how hot the dad is and that she wants to fuck him

No. 1318406

File: 1631063945575.jpg (299.32 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20210907-201836_Twi…)

What happened to her saying she paid people to come put the desk together?

No. 1318415

This is her way of signaling the old man that she's been seeing lately to come take care of something for her because she doesn't want to just straight up ask and has to turn everything into something sexual

No. 1318453

Agreed, she smokes so much that either the asthma is going to be the end of her or her liver will give out. Or a meeting with some ”sugardaddy” will go wrong.

No. 1318476

well she never actually meets up with anyone that she hasn’t paid to be there so i don’t think you’ll have to worry about that last part kek

No. 1318496

File: 1631070634142.jpg (164.22 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20210907-221001_Twi…)

But when Fupa did it was "abusive"

No. 1318503

File: 1631071018972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.66 KB, 1600x866, the-poughkeepsie-tapes.jpg)

I see she wants to live out a real-life Poughkeepsie Tapes.

God, she should be put down with how sick in the head she is for attention.

No. 1318521

nta but you're the retard. no one was discussing if she has a roommate or not, the anon you replied to just said that shayna herself never said she has a roommate. it's a tired discussion at this point, it IS a tinfoil and none of us knows the truth, so getting all worked up and calling people retards because of this, is… retarded

No. 1318539

File: 1631074346165.png (577.72 KB, 2048x808, Screenshot_20210907-211142.png)

Can she stfu and stop being a pick me? This is why guys think it's okay to take advantage of women

No. 1318540

Oh my god Shayna, get a hobby

No. 1318541

File: 1631074474386.png (404.96 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20210907-211435.png)

This is so pathetic

No. 1318565

Your friend supposedly smuggled in drugs for you at the hospital so..? Only thing she had a break from was alcohol.

No. 1318591

Kek it doesn’t work like that shay. You’re just experiencing alcohol without weed.

No. 1318597

This bitch disgusting for real

No. 1318605

the lack of engagement makes this even more embarrassing than it already is

No. 1318606

Imagine not drinking for the weekend and flexing that your tolerance changed within that short amount of time. I know everyone knows it, but you'd have to be an alcoholic to even register a change like that lol.
Bitch better switch from beer to vodka if she wants to keep (poorly)larping as a smol baby.

No. 1318613

File: 1631079921635.jpeg (31.13 KB, 247x204, D16828F9-C888-45EA-B0A9-EB5702…)

No. 1318754

Imagine bragging about getting tipsy on the crappy hard seltzer & beers she drinks. Her parents are complete idiots if they pay her hospital bills after this.

No. 1318761

How she hid Fupa sticking around for so long was lying about him being in her life and them basically still shacking up. I think this is Shay's defense mechanism against us getting involved in her relationships. She's pretty bad at it, though. There's always a trail of breadcrumbs with every story she tells about bestie.

No. 1318794

sounds like you felt personally called out, retard.

No. 1318822

It must be fucking annoying being with shayna and having to play these games instead of her just asking if you can do something for her.

No. 1318939

>didn't smoke
But she did 100mg shots and bragged about it? So her tolerance for weed shouldn't be effected

No. 1318959

Shes a fucking idiot. But not in the uwu bimbo way. In the idiot-15-year-old-pathological-liar way.

No. 1319053

All she knows is manipulation

No. 1319064

File: 1631130453032.jpeg (157.58 KB, 750x488, F5B079B4-54F0-44E3-9683-C5E07D…)

You’re already gross Shaynus, no fake showering required

No. 1319081

daddy's full grown adult with adult-sized gunt

No. 1319132

You realize it wasn’t true? I very much doubt it that somebody brought her fucking drugs into the hospital

No. 1319162

She literally took photos. Read the thread.

No. 1319209

File: 1631142167926.png (1.16 MB, 1184x780, Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 20.0…)


No. 1319215

Damn, looking like she somehow gained weight in the hospital. Impressive

No. 1319223

If you sized up that skirt it wouldn't be cutting so much into your skin and making you look even fatter, Jesus.

No. 1319226

Pretty sure this is not meant to be an under boob top.. gross..

No. 1319229

More like doesn’t fit check

No. 1319230

>>1319209 That second pic…her thighs, that arm, the cake-face, the outfit…good lord. It would have been cute on her 40lbs ago but this just ain't it sis.

No. 1319236

File: 1631143099821.jpeg (140.25 KB, 893x983, E-y__KTUUAQnfIL.jpeg)

Based on the raw, jagged hem, she cut it herself

No. 1319238

File: 1631143143672.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 890.68 KB, 1242x1521, 4B7CA847-0C5A-4EEC-8DA4-2E9030…)

No. 1319243

File: 1631143184001.jpeg (173.07 KB, 960x1151, DC469242-4561-4DEE-A15D-314E02…)

Her outfit is so ugly kek she’s too fat to wear these types of outfits anyways

No. 1319245

File: 1631143326186.jpeg (395.13 KB, 1242x897, DAC15E1F-0E0F-4478-9E49-803DCE…)

this is embarrassing her work rooms always look crusty and covered in filth

No. 1319247

If she didn’t cut it into a two piece she would have looked cute in the dress. Smh

No. 1319248

cute? are you blind? shayna is not cute at all

No. 1319252

I don’t think she cut a dress into two because the skirt has elastic at the waist and doesn’t look sloppy like the shirt does. I’m so confused why she cut it

No. 1319253

Wow, this is truly hideous. It's like hospital gown/clown attire.

Letting some random old coomer in your home with a bunch of tools.. what could possibly go wrong!?

No. 1319256

Better than having her tits and rolls fall out of it.

No. 1319266

Her thighs look like they are about to cause an earthquake in Haiti.

No. 1319268

God I don’t know how she can stand to look in the mirror with that face.

No. 1319272

I don’t think she cut it. I think it’s just the style of the top. It would be way sloppier if she cut it herself. You can also see where the hem on the side under her arm meets the bottom

No. 1319274

One time an anon mentioned she could see the reflection of Shayna’s toilet in the shower door and now it’s open in every single picture.

No. 1319283

File: 1631145732999.jpeg (241.15 KB, 678x1063, 51B66AF9-09A0-4B83-A132-D3188C…)

If Shayna didn’t have ugly genes, a big nose, rat teeth, and actually took care of her skin. she’d be okay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1319290

Fanart like this is so autistic. It doesn't look better. You made her look like one of those pedo pandering asiaphile girls and she's still got crusty lips.
"If Shay didn't look like Shay she'd be ok!" Like???

Her waist and lower half almost looks ok and slim but I laughed out loud at how manly and massive her upper torso looks because she pulled the skirt up so far and it's so tight. It's like a bootleg action figure kek

No. 1319291

all you did was try to photoshop her into charli damelio. embarrassing for you.

No. 1319306

No? I just pulled a coconutkitty and used face app. I don’t even know who that.

No. 1319312

File: 1631148110228.png (680.02 KB, 2048x873, Screenshot_20210908-174128.png)

What the fuck

No. 1319319

what an imbecile. I bet she’s not even getting paid for this; probably paid him tbh. and you know he’s absolutely doing it as a fetish thing. she’s basically paying someone else so they can live out THEIR coomer fetish. god she’s fucking stupid. and she wants to call herself a domme, kek.

No. 1319321

i doubt he's naked and it's probably the same old man from before kek she's really grasping at the weirdest straws now

No. 1319326

Yikes. She thinks this is cute too. It's not. Shes just a whole new mess now

No. 1319327

lmao is she doing domme shit now?

No. 1319328

I'm going with the sub dude that lives in Seattle she was following until we found him. He does that kind of shit in Seattle with other women according to his Twitter. She's fucking gross

No. 1319329

kek at the Nona who called out her manipulative wah poor baby can't use screwdriver need big strong old man to help me begging the other day. Guess it worked!

No. 1319337

unless there's picture evidence i'm calling her bluff on there being anyone there at all

No. 1319354

Yes. She’s probably drunk, alone pretending that men are throwing themselves at her to make fupa jealous. The only guy she saw IRL is someone she had to PAY!! Truly pathetic

No. 1319360

This is so embarrassing (I can't get my screen recording app to work)


No. 1319361

File: 1631154048781.jpg (315.43 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20210908-212101_Twi…)

No. 1319363

he seems so annoyed with her lmao

No. 1319364

File: 1631154405212.png (2.28 MB, 1635x2048, Screenshot_20210908-192613.png)

She really went out dressed like this

No. 1319365

she’s fucking irritating and embarrassing. how can she think this is cute? shut the fuck up forever shayna.

No. 1319366

her public kinks piss me off. she is consistently forcing other people to be a part of her kink.

No. 1319367

File: 1631154525273.webm (2.99 MB, 656x1278, x6SGbmd4RkiZZt0F.webm)

male voice saying "it's father"

No. 1319369

Just 6 likes that's pathetic.

No. 1319370

Same mask that she wore to the hospital, doubt she washed it

No. 1319379

reminder that this is the same dumbass that preached about how exposing nonconsenting parties to your kinks was gross

No. 1319383

Jesus Christ she's pathetic and annoying. You can tell he's annoyed by it too.

No. 1319384

What’s hysterical to me is that she said he’s a sweet old man (kek) and when he said that cringey shit in a typical cringey dom forced monotone voice he sounded like 30-35 at most lmao

No. 1319385

This whore pisses me off. Stop subjecting nonconsenting parties to your disgusting kink. I will not feel satisfied until I see shayna’s mugshot get posted in here one day.

No. 1319387

File: 1631155938206.gif (2.26 MB, 412x382, giphy (1).gif)

>"do you think i'm ugly?"
>no response

No. 1319389

I can’t wait for an angry mom to just silently call the cops on her for indecent public exposure

No. 1319391

Shayna had that mask since fuplahoma. She wears it all the time when she’s bar hopping and going to see fupa. I think that’s the only one she owns

No. 1319392

this outfit in public with her body type would just scream tranny

No. 1319394

>being the hardware store cashier
>hearing someone enter the store
>seeing this landwhale in pigtails who is wearing a cut off top with one boob drooped down further than the other along with her muffin top spilling from the too small skirt
>seeing an old ugly man trying to find tools and the fat woman in tacky clothes yelling dad dad dad in a uwu voice and then laughing like a sped in her normal manly voice and

No. 1319397

so… she JUST got out of the hospital after allegedly being there for 3 days with a fucked up lung and her first instinct is to go throw on her most ill-fitting aliexpress outfit and go out in public while covid continues to rage? make it make sense, shayna. she’s literally retarded.

No. 1319399

Her first instinct was to get drunk, this was a close second kek

No. 1319403

she's gone too far now. this is horrific

No. 1319408

File: 1631158619895.jpeg (354.61 KB, 750x1102, 86925373-6411-40AE-9027-41D1F1…)

fatty is mad she’s not getting engagement on her cringeposting

No. 1319434

Shayna in the wild must be a site to see.

No. 1319439

Jfc she wore THAT out in public? What the fuck? This has to be one of the trashiest things I've seen.

No. 1319448

Eagle eyed anon

No. 1319451

The poor people at the hardware store

No. 1319460

Kek yeah she's not spiraling at all. She's just thriving living a regular life in her new place with all her new frens. Tiddies flopped out in a Ace Hardware, mask full of fresh hospital germs. Normal sane and happy, live laugh love.

No. 1319464

File: 1631165600064.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1542x2048, Screenshot_20210908-223244.png)

This is hilarious, it's not like her asshole and snatch aren't plastered all over her Twitter already kek

No. 1319466

if they don’t already know what her pussy looks like, they’ll be in for a shock when they subscribe kek i’m not sure why she’s acting like it’s some kind of prize

No. 1319469

i hope this is some weird porn set and that she did not actually wear this shit out in public…

No. 1319471

lol are you retarded? it’s more likely she wore a sweatshirt or something over the top and then took it off for the pic than this being an elaborate porn set made up to look like home depot…

No. 1319487

And you know she didn’t wash her hands first.

No. 1319488

Why does her labia look like a ballsack? Is that what happens when you inject too much filler?

No. 1319497

Filler in your labia… that's a new form of scrotal retardation. Go away.

No. 1319499

kek that was me. Strange how she cares now but had no problem including public toilets in her porn along with straight up posting her toilet before she moved.

No. 1319510

Nta but it's actually really common procedure, especially among porn stars who often get full surgery for that weird homer Simpson mouth porn pussy.

That anon obviously needs to lurk more if they don't know shats horrific history and that it certainly doesn't involve filler, though

No. 1319516

Can’t wait for her to get charges for indecent exposure… if any minor sees her flashing for validation in public, she’d have sex offender/ pedophile added to her resume.
Watch her do a photoshoot at a school playground after hours. The mugshots would still be the best content she makes, kek.

No. 1319518

This is perhaps the most embarrassing thing she’s ever done. I weep for the staff in that hardware store

No. 1319545

Statement still stands. Everything you said is still scrotal retardation. No woman would get fillers in her labia if it wasn’t for pornsick scrotes.

No. 1319553

saying it's a thing doesn't make someone a scrote

No. 1319554

Oh, then yes. Mb anon, I thought you were saying that anon was a scrote for thinking labia filler is a thing. I totally misread.

No. 1319564

> Homer Simpson mouth porn pussy
Humans are a mistake

No. 1319579

Oh no lol I see why though, I didn’t word it well enough the first time. Sorry!

No. 1319588

it's an old/shitty meme kek, I guess for shat's thread it'd be more appropriate if I had said dolphin

No. 1319621

File: 1631187770650.png (375.12 KB, 638x360, noname.png)

lmao for a second I thought there was something dripping from her ass but thank god it's just the filthy mirror

No. 1319636

kek @ that smug ass expression when she looks like this. so embarrassing

No. 1319685

File: 1631194876245.jpg (18.07 KB, 290x290, cottage_cheese.jpg)

I can't believe her thighs and ass look so bad and she's not even 25.

No. 1319736

kek must be backsplash from her weekly teeth brushing

No. 1319741

No. 1319765

File: 1631201391533.png (49.11 KB, 744x483, Shaynas Thunder Thighs.PNG)

He has totally ruined her body, which was arguably her best feature, and she's only 24. You can never get rid of cellulite once its there either (see attached). It's not like she makes a living off her body or anything….

No. 1319769


Her pussy looks like that because she used to have a "fat pussy", but as you get older, if had more full outer lips they can start to "deflate" with time and look ballsack like. Either from gaining/losing weight, poor diet, or even just genetics. Porn stars often -do- get filler put in her pussy lips often as part of a "vaginal rejuvenation" procedures to achieve the youthful "fat pussy" look they once had. Shayna's pussy is just one of the many things that are going down hill and she's getting ball sack pussy. Nothing to do with scrotes. Moreso just funny from a "ha ha" nelson munts perspective as she used to brag about how fat her pussy was and shit. Its pretty normal and only really a concern for sex workers who are trying to live off their body.

No. 1319782

okay retard thanks for your thesis on shayna’s pussy

No. 1319785

this is clearly a retarded man who thinks labias “deflate” by the time you’re 25. the retardation & autism in these last few threads is insane. shayna threads truly make people lose their minds.

sorry you had to see your grandmas pussy when you were a child but that doesn’t happen till you’re 50+

No. 1319788

just say you don’t understand how vulvas work and move on kek

No. 1319794

File: 1631203934931.jpeg (60.82 KB, 831x467, B400C5A0-04A5-4C74-9B50-CB0CBE…)

Woof Shayna is at grade 3. She could have gotten rid of it but now it’s too late and she’s fatter than ever

No. 1319799

She's at Grade 2. On her way to 3 at this rate though.

No. 1319819

File: 1631205587381.jpg (334.92 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210909-113845_Twi…)

No. 1319823


Literally all you have to do is look at a picture of Shaynas pussy. Does that not look deflated to you? What aren't you getting. Did I touch a nerve about your own pussy? Calm the fuck down. Why do you think nonnies are commenting on it? Yes, pussys do "deflate" and sag with age. Does it always happen at 24? No. Is it happening to Lardy Farttel? Yes. Jesus, how young are you people that you think these things don't happen to women?

No. 1319835

>>1319823 nta but yea, why wouldnt genital skin not sag like any other kinds of skin? Obviously it will be accelerated by how she treats her body

No. 1319844

Her pussy is damaged by the pussy pump, you can see the lines/creases on it

No. 1319847

newfag pussy spergs need to go back to earlier threads only 2-3 years ago before she ruined her labia with that horrid pussy pump. this isn't an age or lifestyle thing. this is a porn act gone wrong scenario that she has to suffer the consequences of now as a 24 year old with the sagging vag of a 60 year old woman.

No. 1319853

once again sorry you had to see your grandmas pussy and were scarred for life

No. 1319854

it’s like the people who did the kylie jenner challenge and fucked up their lips for life. shayna just did it with her cooch.

No. 1319863

So some August Underground shit but worse?

No. 1319868

Agreed. Even if you’re hooked up to an IV, it’s usually on a little rolling stand you can take it with you. Most doctors/nurses encourage you to get up and walk while
In ho