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File: 1628126352545.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3107x3350, 9BF216B8-F712-4077-B6D2-47ABEA…)

No. 1291177

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/ Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Previous thread:
>Shayna spends her last days in Tulsa going to bars, and in true Shay fashion, flashing her cockeyed moobs >>1281547, >>1281586, >>1281716
>Anons debate whether or not a scrote ‘coughed/yelled’ slut to Shayna >>1282137, >> 1282217
>Shayna gets mad at a scrote and spergs >>1281922
>Spent $300 to get her cats vaccinated, asks for reimbursements >>1281964
>Shayna sounding out of breath sitting on her crusty couch >>1282499
>Has a mental breakdown, live tweets how she’s still in love with Fupapa >>1283160
>Shaynus throws away all her cheap Amazon crap during her move, including the infamous pink teddy bear >>1283380,
>Shaynus plans to throw away two perfectly good MacBooks >>1287086
>Makes a video showing off her unwashed discharge filled snatch >>1283471
>Shayna goes to a ~luxurious Italian restaurant uwu~ >1283814, >>1283818, >>1283841, and takes nudes in the public bathroom >>1283777, >>1283807,
>Autistic video after her restaurant date in her crusty bathroom >>1284312
>Packs her filthy sex toys in two boxes >>1284429
>Has her pets taken to Washington by car >>1285484, >>1286019, >>1286021
>Packs her pod, takes nudes in it >>1285650
>Splenda Daddy, Jason R Womack or Grayhair , buys her a mattress >>1286380, >>1291056
>Naked on the floor during her last day in Fuplahoma >>1287673, >>1287728
>e-begs for $100 so her lazy ass doesn’t have to wait at the airport, >>1288087, does receive it so she leaves her hotel room
>Trash airport nudes, >>1288121, >>1288211
>Mental breakdown over Fupa (again), >>1288301
>Fatty finally makes it to Seattle >>1288646
>Shows off her new dumpy apartment >>1289051, >>1289157, >>1289584
>Selling all of her videos for $50 >>1289235, because she’s desperate for money but thriving!!!
>Still dressing like a trailer park mother of four >>1290240, >>1290790


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No. 1291179

File: 1628126545408.jpeg (175.56 KB, 1242x417, 13004302-C1E6-445A-AF70-7B2BDB…)

Accidentally made two threads, please go report the other one. Sorry nonnies

No. 1291188

File: 1628127798443.jpeg (133.13 KB, 750x423, EB502710-5B9F-4580-A74A-C39D9C…)

It’s sad that she tweeted these within a minute of each other like get a life

No. 1291191

Shayna tweets like a agp troon.
What lingerie/work clothes? Her work clothes are her everyday clothes, and she barely wears lingerie. She just hoards shit.

No. 1291197

>fellow models
>tiny lingerie

Also from the last thread: she was just begging for money because she “desperately” needed it like a day ago and now she’s buying a $1000 mattress? A week after her ~sugar dad~ gave her $400 that she put towards a $600 one? Sounds like mommy/daddy sent her a check again.

No. 1291199

File: 1628128903903.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1242x1616, 2C229016-37C4-4BF6-8618-06ADB7…)

OF anon yikes at this picture

No. 1291205

someone explain the concept of a bureau to her

No. 1291208

A leaning tower of clothes in the corner of your room, duh.

No. 1291214

She really thinks this natural lighting is "artsy" and shit but it just highlights and deepens every fold and cellulite Dent kek

Good point. She was so desperate she was selling all her vids for 50 bucks and had only sold 1 spot. Plus she oughta be financially wiped out from the move. She bought a new expensive mattress AND is going furniture shopping now a day later. Definitely smells like her parents threw her some money for furnishing her new place so she doesnt have to sleep on the laminate floor lol

No. 1291217

When she posted the original checkout page for the $600 bed I noticed the king size in the description but I paid it no mind and assumed she was just getting a queen so I didn't mention anything about it in the last thread but now that Shart's confirmed it…I really dont get why this lonely bitch thinks she needs a king sized bed?? A queen would be more than enough room for her lardass with room to spare for her pets. Guess she's preparing for her "My 600-lb Life" saga.

No. 1291236

It's how it always is with her, she tells herself new stuff will make an actual change and make her feel less empty. Her mentioning filming in her giant bimbo king bed uwu is more proof that she has a roommate because there's no spare room to make sad porn in at the new place.

No. 1291239

File: 1628133844827.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1847, 0B3AAF92-0EDF-473E-8D35-601AE8…)

No. 1291241

Anons think she lost weight but those lunch lady arms tell otherwise.

No. 1291243

Jfc that arm. Also she's been cutting her face out of her pics the last couple days kek

No. 1291244

Where’s the whale emoji? So much blubber she could start a soap business and maybe learn how to wash herself.

No. 1291245

that bathing suit is cute but her body is so unfortunate

No. 1291248

Lol once again months behind on trends with that target bikini top.

No. 1291251

She's sucking in but the gunt shelf is still there. wya weight loss anons?

No. 1291256

Bingo wings like a 40yo woman.

No. 1291258

Insert BACK ROLLS??? gif here

No. 1291262

She’s fucking huge. Idk how some retards here think she’s loosing. Look at the way her belly flops over her suit despite her sucking it in

No. 1291265

I can't believe anons are falling for her literally sucking her belly in and angles. Shaynas not as big as folks like to say.
She's just shapeless, lately she's been trying to create a shape.
It's going to be very jarring when she takes a picture without the posing, her body is the exact same.
Her breast do look better in a bra however.

No. 1291266

I agree that she's not as huge as this thread makes out. What makes it so bad is that she has the most unfortunate fat distribution and absolutely no muscle tone.

No. 1291268

Thats the issue, she'd look better if the fat..didn't go directly to her belly, arms, back and one tit, but in all reality she's just the average doughy slightly chubby girl.
I feel people over do it because, it's seeing "Barbie" and "Bimbo" every five mintues from her, when…come on.
Nothing about her body screams either of those things, nothing about her style screams those things. It's common sense though.

No. 1291269

File: 1628137088580.gif (730.98 KB, 245x200, 39972941-31A4-4D54-A2C6-CA965A…)

No. 1291274

I wonder why she's so stubborn about going back to the stoner aesthetic. There's probably a porn market for that, and it was probably the most truly "her" incarnation of Shayna we've seen online. She'd get so much less shit if she dropped the pink bimbo barbie garbage and went back to her roots as a disgusting, lazy slob who smonks the big weed

No. 1291276

But being a stoner isn’t cool on tumblr anymore. Kek

No. 1291287

The fuck kinda bikini trend changes twice a summer? I don't think she needs to be anymore wasteful than she already is, fast fashion anon

No. 1291294

I don't buy fast fashion so ask the girls on insta why there was a bikini trend in spring and now in summer, not me

No. 1291312

She can’t even buy clothes that fit, let alone clothes that are on trend. I honestly think the bikini is cute and may have looked okay if she got it in XXL instead of M.

No. 1291334

This isn’t the thread to be fighting about fast fashion bikini’s no one cares that you’re above a target or romwe bathing suit take your shit elsewhere

No. 1291360

At least she finally took the advice anons were giving her about cutting her face out

Shayna's elk stay mad kek

No. 1291372

Bikini is cute, size is too small for her. At least she's going outside for something other than the dispensary to buy weed/edibles.

Maybe she thinks/hopes Fupa will visit her and that's why she wants a huge bed? Or she's just wasteful with her parent's money, of course.

No. 1291399

Honestly I know anons think he's done with her, but I think that's the case. They'll still be together. He's probably stringing her along saying ldr is what they need and that it's for "her happiness" because of how codependent she is

If they were actually over, she'd be flipping tf out with dramatics by now. No matter how tired we are of fupa, his tard saga in her tard life is still on. I can feel it in my lolbones.

No. 1291403

that's what i was thinking. she went from "screaming and tearing her stitches in her mouth" over fupa to moving to a whole nother state without any publicized drama? i doubt it

No. 1291406

of course thats what is happening,she's always quiet when things are good with Fupa. I still think he may have came with her to help, she hasn't talked about needing help moving anything or having to move anything.
No drama, nothing.
They'll break up soon enough and she'll talk about him ghosting her after promising to be there or some dumb shit.

No. 1291409

Fupa probably told her that they will be in a LDR without intending to follow through. He couldn't outright dump her when she was in Tulsa because she would go crazy with suicide baiting every time and he still had the opportunity to poke the pig. Now she's in Seattle he doesn't have to deal with her in person and the option of wetting his chode isn't there. I doubt he's going to fly to Seattle for Shay's blown out asshole when he's got other options in Tulsa.

No. 1291485

File: 1628177093492.jpeg (100.38 KB, 1072x302, DF63096A-21FF-4AFF-81AE-95617F…)

She looks so frumpy. how is she not embarrassed by that outfit?

No. 1291486

File: 1628177155838.png (Spoiler Image,6.58 MB, 1242x2208, 6EDC0191-98BA-43CA-87BA-B11E7A…)

Its the two different size nipples for me

No. 1291492

File: 1628177287696.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1080x2185, 25815F2E-2E67-411C-A61E-E625B0…)

Serving rat vibes

No. 1291523

It’s the belly hanging over her sweatpants for me. A true barbie bimbo here guyzz

No. 1291535

can she at least learn how to pull her pants up over her gunt like every other fat girl has already figured out? she literally enhances it by promoting this whole muffin top environment.

No. 1291544

I wonder where these were taken. They don’t look like her bathroom since it has office paneling.

No. 1291545

Looks like an elevator to me

No. 1291548

Elevators have cameras. She’s so fucking stupid. One day she’s going to get a tard stalker.

No. 1291566

File: 1628181362694.jpeg (189.17 KB, 1242x2208, CDC290C8-3BB7-4583-957C-226A1A…)

Missing Link looks like it had a long day. Looking more and more retarded everyday.

No. 1291573

File: 1628181647082.png (6.35 MB, 1242x2208, 50780560-9291-48CF-B493-FFB433…)

This triggered my fight or flight. Imagine taking the elevator as normal and suddenly encountering this.

No. 1291576

i cannot believe she’s seriously going out in public with her stomach fat hanging over her joggers. how does she think it’s acceptable? is her brain that permafried from drug and alcohol abuse that she just doesn’t care, or is it just the white trash lifestyle she’s so used to? i guess we’ll never know

No. 1291580

Christ. I spent last night catching up on threads 22-25 because I couldn’t sleep, coming back to this was…unsettling. Why would she post these? She looks like a bloated dead sewer rat.

No. 1291586

File: 1628182121091.jpeg (298.97 KB, 815x737, 82DC7C0A-BCF3-485B-9C78-03F1FF…)

Narrator: Shayna was in fact, not lucky.

No. 1291589

she really can't tell how meth-mouthed and trashy she looks here, can she? she looks like every crackhead at the gas stations in florida.

No. 1291599

Dat honker and AGP smile.

No. 1291609

She wishes she would look like Joy at any point in her life

No. 1291613

She’s definitely out in the suburbs and probably not in Seattle if she is just casually walking noodle to a river and going swimming

No. 1291620

File: 1628184576939.jpeg (529.99 KB, 828x1096, 699C2204-6BC5-427E-AFC2-1805AD…)

No. 1291622

I loathed that “bandana white-bitch wannabe chola”updo. She looked so retarded in it. And that ramen hair woof she’s so ugly and always has been now she’s fat AND ugly

No. 1291667

File: 1628188131358.jpeg (106.1 KB, 960x640, 4E86EF51-5BA0-45F6-A60C-B7836C…)


Shayna talks about loving dad bods so much, she decided to sport one herself. Puke. It looks so hard too, like a beer gut.

No. 1291672

File: 1628188748418.jpg (234.39 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20210805-133919_Twi…)

No. 1291674

are people supposed to care about this? it's so mundane. it's like saying she's going to film a video of her masturbating after plugging the toaster in.

No. 1291676

love that showering is an event for her

No. 1291692

She literally reblogged the post of Fupa Choking her on her tumblr

No. 1291696

File: 1628190575387.jpg (299.35 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210805-140752_Tum…)

No. 1291698

File: 1628190674940.jpg (224.78 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20210805-140758_Tum…)

No. 1291699


No. 1291706

Damn, just when anons were praising her for learning (some of) her angles, see recent bedroom pics.

Denial goggles are a helluva thing. Imo, she really does not realize she is too chubby to wear clothes meant for skinny girls anymore…

No. 1291708

>reposting the time you got choked by a soyboy wearing women's driving gloves because it was the highlight of your sex life

No. 1291710

omg people of walmart bdsm
those photos are ridiculous

No. 1291721

This just in, unhygienic bitch showers kek

No. 1291746

Its not cute when she types 'frens' and 'breffast'. She sounds fucking retarded.


Fucking why.

No. 1291748

Kek. Her trying to put on a sheet will be a laugh. She'll be breathless.

No. 1291754

Lmao This gif set was so ridiculous too. He like barely touched her neck and she starts flopping about gasping for air. Terrible actress then and terrible actress now.

No. 1291760

I've been doing the same thing! On thread 29 now. I had never gone through them before and it's like a horrific car accident I can't look away from kek

No. 1291782


She's looking rather pregnant these days.

>Inb4 tinfoil accusations

I know she's just chubby.

No. 1291783

nah that’s not pregnancy belly that’s beer gut

No. 1291814

U just know she won't wash the sheets after taking them put of the package.

No. 1291819

the fuck is this angle? Is her gunt that big or did she choose the worst angle in the world? Either way she looks like hell.

No. 1291820

File: 1628205597383.png (759.75 KB, 2048x553, Screenshot_20210805-161855.png)

Begging for engagement

No. 1291831

File: 1628206857159.png (Spoiler Image,6.12 MB, 1242x2208, 6DE528F8-14A0-4A4C-8700-287F8B…)

It is quite the laugh
Downloading on to Dropbox now

No. 1291838

File: 1628207113473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,895.77 KB, 3180x2608, 672929D3-5016-40D1-9D90-3F9E3F…)

My sides
Why is she shaped like this

No. 1291840

I am speechless. Her lack of ass, despite all the fat on her shapeless blob body, will never cease to fascinate me

No. 1291841

Oh wow thats so unfortunate I actually feel bad for her

No. 1291842

bitch is built like mike wazowski

No. 1291843

It's the lack of headboard for me

No. 1291844

the frame looks like it was made for a military cot

No. 1291845

Ladies and ladies, you may not like it but this is what a fat ass looks like in 2021.

No. 1291846

She wouldn't look this bad if she stopped drinking alcohol and eating doordash for every meal

No. 1291847

thought I accidentally clicked the mtf thread, oof

No. 1291848

File: 1628207615757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,222.86 KB, 735x729, 236AAF90-CE90-461A-AAF8-77A655…)

I legit snorted and laughed so loud
Wow shayna much sexy very bimbo

No. 1291853

i don’t even know where to begin

No. 1291854

File: 1628207873820.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, 7F96E3E9-E7DC-4D78-AB28-2AE1E9…)

when she knows how to sumo wrestle <3

No. 1291858

She looks like miss trunchbull from Matilda

No. 1291860

File: 1628208840050.jpg (35.85 KB, 750x1000, DY746ZxXUAAzmf3.jpg)

oh my god, this is stupid but she literally looks like the fucking globglogabgalab picrel

No. 1291861

Damn she really does have a dad bod. Cutting out alcohol alone would help but she’s an alcoholic who needs it to cope with her life. Also… that’s the $1,000 bed? Either she’s lying or she got ripped off kek

No. 1291862

File: 1628208883287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 2846x3437, D226DEA1-5D4A-4F05-8E1D-94C9AD…)

Serving naked mole-rat realness

No. 1291863

$1k for a headboard and foot board is understandable I don’t know why she spent $1k on a military cot kek doesn’t look uwu fancy at all

No. 1291864

i can not believe this woman is supposed to be in her 20s

No. 1291865

she manages to outdo herself every thread. this is officially the worst she has ever looked

No. 1291866

File: 1628209315988.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 3323x3115, 9019AE24-7FA5-49EA-9829-DFB1CF…)

Shaynus aged like milk

No. 1291868

The dark circles under her eyes… alcoholism y'all.

No. 1291871

> The hank hill butt
> the lopsided zombie tits
> the cirrhosis eye bags
> The dead soulless shark eyes
> The greasy tweaker updo

No. 1291873

Why is she wearing the clip in her hair like that? It looks retarded

No. 1291875

And the dirty dirty feet.

No. 1291877

Looking like a mtf that joined the military solely for the free transition program

No. 1291879

File: 1628210211249.jpeg (107.9 KB, 1237x665, 40F9E601-DA28-477E-9A5B-FAB755…)

Parent(s) definitely sent her money

No. 1291880

All that nice natural light in her new room isn’t doing her any favors. These definitely go in the books as some of her worst shots ever

No. 1291883

She's looks like a fucking chubby dude I can't

No. 1291886

Wait did she put the sheets onto her bed fresh out of the packaging? No wash?? Shayna…

No. 1291887

File: 1628210944177.jpeg (247.48 KB, 1242x1184, 48D17455-9500-4ADE-8014-004447…)

They definitely did. She was at 25¢ a video like a day ago because she was so desperate and only one person bit. She’s still begging for engagement today. If she wasn’t such a wasteful bitch, took care of her things, and bought higher quality she wouldn’t have to buy new shit every time she moves.

No. 1291889


this fucking sent me, thank you anon

No. 1291895

Why does the top middle look like "Goodbye Horses" should be playing

No. 1291901

File: 1628212204140.jpeg (934.5 KB, 4096x3190, 398AA118-40DF-499C-9D1E-9E2DC4…)

No. 1291902


Two bottom left pictures - you could not convince me that is a female if I didn’t already know. Jesus Christ.

No. 1291903

what’s with the no makeup thing lately? she legit looks like an old woman.

No. 1291904

You know how sometimes couples begin to look alike after so many years? She’s doing that with her coomers.

No. 1291907

File: 1628212767745.jpeg (45.21 KB, 609x720, EF82CCE5-F270-47C6-8CD5-824813…)

Her body reminds me of this meme kek

No. 1291914

I was not expecting that KEK

It’s the fresh-out-of-the-package unwashed sheets for me. Girl.

No. 1291930

Imagine throwing out your nice bed frame for a $50 amazon one because you're too lazy to put it in the pod you paid for. Wonder if she bought the sheets for us since she lurks and know we called her out for not having any before.

No. 1291942

if she’s gonna be barefaced, the least she can do is put on some fucking conceleaer ffs

No. 1291945

File: 1628218626800.jpeg (27.1 KB, 697x529, 1628209315988~2.jpeg)

Remember when Shay nearly had a mental breakdown during an Insex shoot because one of her eyelashes started to come off? She truly embraced Tulsa and gave up.

No. 1291946

Not only does her stomach poke out further than her ass, but so does her upper back fat. When she hops on Twitter to talk about her “fat juicy ass”, she better feel ashamed, because that shit is just frown-worthy. Lady is shaped like a Nebraskan lot lizard. How does she keep squeezing into too tight clothing and deciding that nothing is wrong?

No. 1291949

File: 1628218913341.png (Spoiler Image,4.34 MB, 1242x2208, DC23F106-6759-4B49-9DFB-43F999…)

No. 1291953

File: 1628218998225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 993x1948, CDB48727-4614-4066-8F61-17CD76…)

Shayna can’t function without these filters kek

No. 1291956

Is she drunk?

No. 1291957

File: 1628219499336.jpeg (563.47 KB, 2896x1474, 36511348-BA37-4066-A42F-726CEF…)

she went from Matildas mom to Mrs Trunchbull amazing kek

No. 1291964

So she supposedly took a shower and didn't wash her hair?

No. 1291968

She really did. Her hair is brassy as fuck (why does she hate toner so much?), she hardly can pick up an eyeliner brush anymore, and she has to see those dark circles, right? I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end of sex work for her, but that's just me being naive

No. 1291974

I was just about to comment on that too. She just bought a bunch of makeup too, I bet it will expire before she uses 1/4 of it, wasteful bitch.

No. 1291976

>shays face when she finds out she's a tulsa 6 but a seattle 4

No. 1291978

that's generous

No. 1291979

File: 1628222915240.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.58 KB, 764x710, 4EC5FDED-A12F-4829-A37D-4EED50…)

save for autism but holy fuck one nipple is significantly bigger than the other. 100% convinced on the implant tinfoil, her perky boob is permanently stuck in her teen years while the rest of her gets weighed down by sacks of fat.(titsperging)

No. 1291982

An implant wouldn’t prevent your tit from growing with the rest of your body. She just has different tissue density in that breast. She just has the most unfortunate weight distribution.

No. 1291985

The eyes of a fucking mob boss

No. 1291987

Can't believe her confidence level to look like an ugly fat sissy and yet post vids like this. Like no one asked for this. This isn't fap material. She's just naked so she pretends it counts as content. But it doesn't. It's just awkward and shows how awful she looks when she's not posing and editing.

No. 1291988

She probably wanted to flex her expensive new purchase to her three coomers.

No. 1291990

Why the fuck would she just get one implant and not have both of her boobs done?
I agree with this, nonny.

No. 1291992

File: 1628225342472.jpeg (44.61 KB, 1125x322, 9C69C3DF-DD74-4F85-ABE7-A87FF0…)

It seems like at a certain point you just don’t benefit from more nudes from the same individual, like why would you ever want 3,400 nudes of the same perso? Even the hottest person on earth I’d be bored of by nude 500

No. 1291993

I mean, men are retarded so they want to get the full (ugly) girlfriend experience: messages, nudes, and “social interaction”. Most of those pics are repeats she reposted. It’s all the same crap, she’s so repetitive and boring

No. 1291998

The fact that she doesn't even get a fraction of a single penny per item used to be grim to me but honestly now it's hilarious. These e-whores really should take at least one of the many free online finance/business crash courses.

No. 1291999

This can happen naturally. She should get her boobs done to fix this shit tho

No. 1292000

She looks like a literal dude with a manbun. She needs to start wearing her hair down just so you can tell she’s a she from behind.

No. 1292002

As someone who works in Seattle but lives outside of it in the suburbs, I can only hope for a rare sighting of my favourite cow in the wild

If she were smart, she'd get a part time job as a bud tender or bikini barista. The first because it's right up her alley and there's about as many pot shops as there are Starbucks. The second because the advertisement for her Only Fans etc would be great

No. 1292003

I would be so disappointed if I went to get titty coffee and Shayna was the barista. Barfffff

No. 1292005


uh oh, is this the bikini barista popping in again

No. 1292008

unsaged so probably kek

No. 1292010

Kek the bikini barista from Seattle who has to remind everyone she’s better than shay, showing up every 3 months to give her unsaged and unsolicited advice no one asked for.

No. 1292016

She could never work at a pot shop because she'd show up in a crop top 2 sizes too small, with her muffin top hanging out of her shorts & no undergarments.
She's been living online for too long now. She thinks her gunt-showcasing fashion choices are normal, appropriate everyday attire.

No. 1292019

Bikini barista places don’t just hire any fatass hideous beast willing to show their body to the public, they have standards on par with Hooters. She doesn’t stand a chance with her lopsided boobs and flabby body.

No. 1292024

Idk anon I live in Seattle across the street from one of these little bikini shacks and I think she would be acceptable. She would love the attention. I am not the OP but agree strongly

No. 1292027

That's literally how girls at weed shops dress, and a lot of them are 3x fatter too

No. 1292030

Oh then for sure I’d support her getting out and getting a real job like that. I know girls that have gotten rejected for being too skinny for those but if they want a chonker like shay with her one swinging tit then I say yes bitch get that employment

No. 1292031

>if they want a chonker like shay with her one swinging tit then I say yes bitch get that employment

I love the positivity

No. 1292032

Dang, America is bleak

No. 1292038

File: 1628233747934.jpg (48.45 KB, 543x670, Paulie_in_Court.jpg)

No. 1292041

Sage bc I am not a professional in bikini coffee, but I think they want employees that are enthusiastic and make the customers feel special when they get their coffee, so she could be good. Im going to stop derailing though bc she won’t ever get a job, kek.

No. 1292045

How many anons are gonna swear up and down in these threads that all these scrote pandering jobs have “totes higher standards than letting shay in!!!” When majority of the girls working these jobs are literally carbon copies of shay from different points of her life. It reads like massive projection and obvious sw posting kek.

No. 1292047

This „bed“ won’t last long. She is going to break it if she let’s fupa sleep there.

No. 1292057

Shaynus wouldn't last a week working a real job because she's lazy, would show up drunk and or stoned, won't wear undies or a bra and she will probably try to film content there and flash unsuspecting citizens because she's a nasty cock goblin.

No. 1292070

File: 1628240901267.jpeg (373.43 KB, 828x1622, CA4BA2F8-714C-4A7A-83D7-6EC8A4…)


I’m fairly certain picrel is the bed frame she got. just a plain metal frame, since she would’ve spent all of mommy and daddy’s money in the stupidly large bed.

No. 1292079

Kek I'll never get over Shaynus trashing a perfectly nice bed to buy a metal prison cot. A fitting start to the upcoming poverty in Seattle saga.

No. 1292092

shayna enthusiastic and kind? forget it, a lower tier place would let the fugly body and tragic face pass but her melted, fried brain and her cunty thin skinned streak would ruin it in probably a week

No. 1292107

This looks like a prison bed wtf

No. 1292113

Shay makes moves like this with her mommy-daddy money so she can pocket the rest for a Shein or weed treat haul. Mark my words, she'll suddenly have new pink garbage to sweat in or some dumb "Weed Nerds Rope!" in a few days.

No. 1292124

real fuckin' brave of her to get white sheets

No. 1292126

File: 1628255157654.jpeg (33.75 KB, 600x449, AD40FBB3-EFB6-47AF-84FF-6EBDA5…)

tsimfuckis vibes, holy shit

No. 1292130

File: 1628255884758.png (Spoiler Image,617.97 KB, 544x950, Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 8.12…)

toady mattel

No. 1292141

that was i was thinking. omg she really is absolutely disgusting

No. 1292143

File: 1628257092372.jpeg (Spoiler Image,367.68 KB, 626x1078, 441D7C09-8BC8-49EA-82F4-573DF8…)

Bleaker than bleak. Her content is clearly about quantity instead of quality. Who is gonna watch 9 minutes of this fat ugly girl struggling to get sheets on her bed with muffled shitty audio where you can barely hear her fake Mickey Mouse voice?

No. 1292152

The kindest Shay anon I’ve ever seen

No. 1292153

she sounds like she is about to cry at the end. absolutely bleak

No. 1292154

She really just doesn't give a flying fuck how she looks anymore eh, and to take a video entirely showcasing her absolute worst angles… Who is still watching this let alone paying for it, and why?

No. 1292155

Does it list the weight limit? I'm too lazy to look it up. If fupa comes for a visit that thing will snap them together like a bear trap kek

No. 1292161

KEK culmination of 5 years of sex work. That thing is so ugly, at least hide it with a skirt. Bitch could have gone to target and get a more fashionable frame for $100 more. I have literally never seen anyone grow up middle class but so naturally almost innately trailer park trash like??

No. 1292165

Have fun smashing your shin into that metal corner constantly

No. 1292166

Damn. This coupled with the asylum bathroom dancing video are her worst and that’s saying a lot given everything she puts out is horrid.

>out of breath from the beginning

>dad bod
>prison cot
>sheets straight out of the packaging
>same “orgasm” scene she’s done x1000
>fake Ariana Grande voice
>ends video on verge of tears

What $3-5 gets you on OnlyFans

No. 1292168

It’s because she was middle class for her area only… they’d be close to the poverty line in any decent state.

No. 1292171

It's because she keeps on spending her e-begging funds on food deliveries, weed, and useless shit she throws away. She spends as much as a young couple with a small child does. She's not poor by any means, just really financially irresponsible.

No. 1292175

Nonita she’s barely making minimum wage. She was able to survive in bumfuck Oklahoma on that because she was in bumfuck Oklahoma. She’s a broke bitch.

No. 1292183

what are you talking about? she grew up middle class in one of the most expensive areas of the country…

No. 1292184

Nah I just said it because I know someone who applied and they make you try on the bikini and judge your body. I don’t think Shayna would pass that test, that’s all. What makes you think these sexualized jobs aren’t going to pick and choose so they can get actual bimbo looking girls?

No. 1292189

Outstandingly hilarious mental image anon

No. 1292190

Not quite

No. 1292191

how not? she said she couldn't even find a place she could afford there when she was talking about moving back.

No. 1292193

>she said she couldn't even find a place she could afford there
Uh okay and? That doesn’t mean an area is overtly expensive for regukar working people. She barely makes minimum wage, if even that, getting less than a penny for her crap content.

No. 1292196

we're talking about her upbringing though

No. 1292197

She couldn’t find a place there because she’s broke anon, not because the area is ~elite and exclusive~. She couldn’t find places she could afford in Oklahoma either and is going to run out of money real quick in Washington even with a roommate.

No. 1292198

oh my fuck some of you really take one thing and completely derail the main idea, huh? the original point is that she GREW UP MIDDLE CLASS but ACTS LOWER CLASS. like what is there to argue here? i was just saying she didn't grow up in a trailer park in kentucky.

No. 1292199

That isn’t the most expensive area in the country. Not even top ten.

No. 1292201

The point is she’s not middle class either. Anons want to pretend that she came from some uppity rich family when she didn’t.

No. 1292203

File: 1628264997259.png (109.09 KB, 768x571, Move_Most-Expensive-Metros-per…)

nobody said it was the most expensive? anyway the NE is notoriously high for cost of living.

No. 1292205

They did though and this graph is about cities in the NE… not the working class small town she came from kek

No. 1292206

i thought we all decided shayna was a spoiled brat with enabling parents that pay for everything for her (even as an adult)? are we saying her family is poor now? i don't get where this is coming from.

No. 1292208

No one said poor. Parents can still be enabling without being rich/wealthy and she can still be an entitled brat wearing $3 Shein crap.

No. 1292209

i'm going off of >>1292201 saying she's not even middle class

No. 1292210

They’re not. They’re working class. That doesn’t mean they are dirt poor but they are not as rich as some like to believe they are. Their money wouldn’t go very far in places like NYC and half of California.

No. 1292213

rich ≠ middle class. so wtf are you talking about nonny? she grew up middle-upper middle class in a nice area of massachusetts. she went on trips to italy and went skiing nearly every year. her father has (or rents) a cabin in NH. she grew up with money and yet enjoys acting like she’s trailer trash. it’s hilarious to watch.

No. 1292216

same i’m so confused, kek. I think some anons really think she came from a lower class lifestyle and that’s why she’s so good at giving off trailer trash vibes. they just haven’t read enough threads.

No. 1292217

okay and? a lot of people live like that. everyone seems to forget zip codes, resorts, etc are what shows wealth, not that you went to Italy one summer kek yeah she’s trailer trash and didn’t grow up in that exact environment but she didn’t grow up spoiled either.

No. 1292218

Middle class isn’t rich poorfag it means they live in a mcmansion and go on cruises once or twice a year

No. 1292219

Her 2 inches of ass crack has always freaked me out even when she was skinny. How unfortunate.

No. 1292220

Jfc the original reply was that she was middle class for her area, not the country. She wasn’t trailer trash but she wasn’t rich either. Let’s move on.

No. 1292221

That was literally my point. Go call the other anons poorfags that think that’s something special.

No. 1292222

no one did, you just threw an entire tantrum over someone saying shayna had a middle class upbringing

No. 1292223

??? Yes a lot of people are middle class are you retarded? You seem to think people are either on food stamps or they live in gated communities. Literally no one called her rich so idk what you’re arguing. Shayna was a spoiled ass middle class bitch. Not Chanel spoiled but American Eagle spoiled.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1292224

unhinged anons that keep popping up in this thread not knowing shay lore simply crack me up

No. 1292251

You realize there’s several anons replying that agree or disagree, right? No ones throwing a tantrum kek

No. 1292252

comes off like one unhinged anon that is very passionate about class lines

No. 1292253

>American Eagle
>middle class
Y’all gotta stop with this lol

No. 1292259

File: 1628266705883.jpeg (442.46 KB, 1242x924, BDE74F1A-ABC2-443F-8790-0B97D6…)

Anyways… I like when she almost completely ignores womack and gray hair and instead retweets randos like this. It’s like she tries to show off when someone other than the same people reply to her kek

No. 1292264

sad thing is it seems like it's a bot or something. if you look at the page she retweeted he responds almost the exact same thing to tons of her posts.

No. 1292299

File: 1628269392516.jpg (87.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Same, but she's just apple shaped. If she keeps gaining weight, her ass will probably grow but I don't think it'll ever stick out more than stomach will.
Especially since she doesn't have hips and her ass shape is kind weird. She has the type of body that needs to stay thin in order to have shape, sadly.
She could dress for her body, but that'll never happen. That requires effort and giving a shit. She's just depressed.

No. 1292317

Shayna's new apt is next to a daycare, I hope she doesn't end up on the sex offender's registry for taking butthole pics on her balcony in view of children.

No. 1292324

And how do you know this?

No. 1292347

File: 1628274024897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1010x1950, AE7A0CEF-AEB0-43C9-B481-03205F…)


No. 1292352

I also wonder how you know is, but in any case, isn't this just her life trajectory at this point? From disgusting "pro porn", to obese OF hoe (both pedo pandering), to ending up on the sex offender registry. It's really only a matter of time.

No. 1292364

Even a single stitch of makeup would help this nightmare. I have no clue as to WHY she thinks there's anything glamorous about her look as of late. Glamorous girls shower and have a morning routine, Shaynus.

No. 1292366

This is fucking gross. All she's posted since she moved in is her posing in front the window like a special offer hog roast in a butcher's shop.

No. 1292402

Sage for autism, but she bought the Garnier whole blends honey that anon suggested in the last thread. Confirmed that Shay lurks.

No. 1292417

She had those already, dumbass. That anon was pointing out they were cheap and not good for your hair.

No. 1292421

Shay already had the Garnier hair products in the last thread. Anons suggested other products that are better suited to her hair type. Shay hasn't taken genuine anon advice throughout the years she's had a thread and it's doubtful she'll start now, especially since she has never prioritized the health and appearance of her hair. Even less so now.

No. 1292422

These anons are retarded they need to learn how to read

No. 1292425

File: 1628279017413.jpeg (Spoiler Image,725.31 KB, 1242x1436, 989B023D-B1BE-4D09-B396-E19590…)

For a self proclaimed slutty anal queen UWU she sure is boring. This isn’t anything new she’s done this a million times, same buttplug, same pose. It’s boring. Why doesn’t she do something else?? And get more subscribers. She says she loves sex and ~ uwu pleasing men~ so why not film content with men, instead of laying on the floor with your rolls popping out fake moaning?? God she is such an idiot. She already ruined her image and reputation might as well whore all the way out and make some profit if she’s not going to get off her lard ass and work a real job

No. 1292429

I still think it's hilarious that she posts heavily posed and edited pics for free on twitter, but looks like a gobblin on her OF

No. 1292447

She just likes presenting herself as a slut and a bimbo but when it comes down to it it's just an aesthetic or persona for her, not a lifestyle she actually enjoys. While she was in Tulsa she could've hopped on tinder and found a handful of guys who would be willing to be filmed for OF content but she chose to stay hung up on Fupa. Plenty of anons have pointed out that it doesn't look like she even enjoys sex or doing sw. She just wants to be lazy, get paid, and be taken care of/offload her responsibilities onto someone else. Acting like a bimbo is the easiest way for her to fulfill that, and her slutty anal queen schtick is because she's a pick me.
It's always funny when anons who are new to Shayna think she'll ever decide to take advice from the threads. She just writes all of this off as hate.

No. 1292448

Her fat girl ass discoloration looks like feces smeared up her crack. Disgusting.

No. 1292451

It's the opposite, she has the IQ and behavior but not the look of a bimbo.

No. 1292452

This. It would be so easy for her to get money/attention by getting some dude(s) off tinder to make content with, but she’s Fupa-whipped.

No. 1292456

I wonder if she'll actually hire a professional photographer now that she's in Seattle like she said a few threads back kek

No. 1292467

I'd say the only thing she seems to enjoy is flashing in public/bathrooms and not wearing underwear in public. Because she's an attention whore but I also thinks she gets some sort of kick from it. She just does it literally all the time and unprompted. But anything regarding actual sex stuff is (badly) faked because she has nothing else to offer and it gets her crumbs of attention but that's obvious.

No. 1292475

She isn't going to be able to afford her basic bills and you think there is any chance at all she will be able to hire a professional photographer…?

No. 1292479

i love how even when she uses angles/poses to create an ass it still looks unshapely and gross. She has to get into these weird positions JUST to make her ass not look like hanks.

No. 1292483

that's a man maury

No. 1292488

File: 1628285321858.png (1.04 MB, 988x546, oldbed.png)

lmao at the beer gut and shitty new army cot. such a downgrade from old bedframe that she threw out from pure laziness.

No. 1292498

How old is this? It looks like the bes her mom bought her. She's almost cute in this picture, she really needs to start wearing makeup and kinda styling her hair again.

No. 1292499

I just chalk the public flashing thing up to her thinking it's slutty and a way to get attention but it just makes her look like a retarded lot lizard.
Pretty sure 'professional photographer' in seattle means the insex guy.
This was probably her best look. Brown hair suits her and she needs to bring the makeup back.

No. 1292502

File: 1628285926366.jpg (340.07 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20210806-163832_Twi…)

Why subscribe when the free shit you post looks way better than what people have to pay for?

No. 1292503

Yeah she clearly wants to get caught flashing because she gets kicks from it. Problem is if someone does catch her, it isn’t going to be the fantasy porn told her it would be.

No. 1292506

it is…

No. 1292507

she’s kind of fat in that pic as well but she actually put on makeup and did her hair instead of her feces bun and rat face and looks pretty attractive…she has truly given up on the most basic parts of her job i am stunned

No. 1292576

and it’s only going downhill from here. the fact that she can’t even manage to put on a little makeup or at least try and do some sort of hairstyle to make herself look somewhat decent for her “work” shows just how fucking lazy shes gotten. she’s had her nasty rat bun/pigtails without a smidge of makeup on in almost all of her recent posts. i wonder how much longer till one of her coomers finally complains about it.

No. 1292580

She's been naked almost nonstop since moving, wtf did she even pack in her 3 carry-on bags if she was just gonna lounge around naked all the time.

No. 1292604

I feel like she packed her clothes dirty and is too broke to wash them

No. 1292640

Them fat rolls on her waist look like a second vagina

No. 1292663

File: 1628308301616.png (Spoiler Image,7.09 MB, 1242x2208, E137CEC9-D88F-4CB0-BCA9-885E8A…)

No. 1292666

File: 1628308365179.png (7.35 MB, 1242x2208, 2CB0A9DE-B185-456C-A543-FBF32D…)

Crusty lips and dark circles just scream high end bimbo barbie

No. 1292667

File: 1628308408979.png (Spoiler Image,6.26 MB, 1242x2208, 9C652D75-0F33-49F3-B95D-578D0A…)

No. 1292670


what happened to those lashes, that shit didn't last long

she looks like she's legitimately dying of some mysterious illness. really unhealthy, really strung out and beyond help

No. 1292671

What is wrong with her? Is she going to die soon? She genuinely looks so ill

No. 1292676

I know people say “how can she post this to her OF and expect people to pay” but

How can she post this to her OF and expect people to pay? This picture looks like something an OF model would take and post on April 1st to play a joke on their subs. She LITERALLY looks retarded here.

No. 1292677

These butthole eyes ain't normal. She is severely malnourished

No. 1292679

I don’t want to derail too much talking about other whores but this sickly look is present in a lot of prostitutes. I see it daily in dtla. Shayna isn’t on the streets obviously but something aside from their poor diets and drug use causes it, most likely trauma.

No. 1292680

File: 1628309559458.jpeg (131.64 KB, 750x470, 78C0C597-7C94-4141-8C71-BC5658…)

Imagine having your hookup or girlfriend described as a “lady fren” by some random fatass e-whore and not even know about it just because you were being nice by petting her dog, thanks for letting us know about your only human interaction today, shay

No. 1292684

No one wanted her then either lol

No. 1292686


Bitch look like Uncle Fester right here

No. 1292692

She has completely given up; the fact that she's posting this stuff as paid content when she looks like she's dying from a zombie bite is insane. I remember reading in one of the older threads, when she was still on Tumblr and making decent money, that she would spend thousand keeping up her nails alone, not counting her constant use of lashes. Getting fuped into moving to fucking Oklahoma really did a number on her.
Shayna please I am begging you

No. 1292720

File: 1628312418338.jpeg (408.59 KB, 786x867, 8D3A3BA7-125D-46A6-8309-83F3FD…)

This bitch looks she seen a ghost

No. 1292721

Or her own reflection in a mirror.

No. 1292726

>she looks like she's dying from a zombie bite
anon I am fucking dying, this is so accurate

No. 1292728

Shayna looks like she's been through some shit, she has the look of a woman who is out on the corner selling sex. Not someone who spends 90% of her time in her home, eating, smoking, drinking and not really doing anything.
There's zero reason for her to get on camera like this, she has all the time in the WORLD to take care of herself. She finds hundreds of dollars to spend on dumb shit, she has make up, she has lip gloss, she can go get someone to do her hair if she's too lazy.
Even if she doesn't care or given up on her body, she could do the basics. It's depressing to see someone like this.

No. 1292738

File: 1628313362988.jpg (76.51 KB, 719x688, pol-2.jpg)


I volunteer with women who suffer from bipolar and most of them have the same aesthetic Shay displays here around six days into a depressive episode, and avoid looking at themselves

The fact that she actively chooses to showcase her musty lifestyle this way is horrifying - I can not imagine how abhorrently coombrained you must be to have to a) find this attractive and b) consider this quality content to post and get paid for.

Put some fuckin' effort in Shay. You have no excuse to look the way you do in the *profession" you CHOSE

No. 1292753

File: 1628314566457.jpg (Spoiler Image,978.12 KB, 1440x2555, PicsArt_08-07-01.35.43.jpg)

No. 1292768

I am… Spiritually disturbed.

No. 1292777

File: 1628315826701.png (Spoiler Image,349.42 KB, 766x475, Untitled.png)

even her body is disappointed in her

No. 1292802

File: 1628317119899.gif (3.76 MB, 320x284, F7B43275-F06F-4DF9-8231-4B1426…)

Holy shit my sides. How absolutely tragic.

No. 1292885

I had to lie to my family about why I was snorting back laughs in the corner of our home, thanks anon

No. 1292982


No. 1293039

I'm with everyone else on the death speculation… She has panda eyes for fucks sake. This shit is not normal. Shaynus go to a doctor.

No. 1293081

next thread pic for sure her baguette of a foot kills me here

No. 1293082

Pretty sure that loud bang at this moment was her roommate either coming home or shutting their door. She tries to play it off as “The windows open so thats bound to happen” but why would a neighbours door be that loud unless she’s in the crappiest thin walled apartment.

No. 1293126

I honestly know now why she lived in complete darkness in her other place. I would too if I looked like that in natural light.

No. 1293127

Can someone remind me, does her ex/roommate do sex work as well? I would be weirded out to have to come home and hear her

No. 1293131

File: 1628344507049.png (Spoiler Image,6.42 MB, 1242x2208, 19DDF369-B109-4406-9B91-19B0BA…)

Her mound seriously looks like a limp dick when she turns to the side. Her fat distribution is very unfortunate.

No. 1293146

if I didn’t know shayna from these threads and only saw these pics, I would seriously be concerned that she is a severely mentally ill & probably intellectually disabled individual being exploited for money. in this pic it looks like her handlers yelled at her and it scared her.

but unfortunately I know the shay threads and know this is just how she chooses to look and act.

No. 1293148

That's just her fAt PuSsY tHaT lEaKs ouT of ShOrtS, anon kek
No but seriously you right. She's legit disgusting to look at now. I haven't been this depressed to look at a sex worker cow since Charlotte Lotts. Guess that's karma for being mean cunts.

No. 1293149

File: 1628346720566.jpeg (492.68 KB, 828x1249, 40B48D78-3CF2-4A26-88D1-9A2C00…)

> it looks like her handlers yelled at her and it scared her
fucking kek

No. 1293158

File: 1628347422411.gif (70.36 KB, 580x400, 5D3DFF7B-0F42-405B-B8A1-43EF85…)

I think people underestimate how much a lack of fresh food can impact your health, that combined with her heavy alcohol use and sedentary lifestyle…she literally looks like she has scurvy

No. 1293164

File: 1628347982615.jpg (102.12 KB, 2208x1242, fhrhpyednu441.jpg)


same! her alcoholism and weed dependency along with her depression have her thinking it's okay and normal to go around looking like this when yeah you can but you look like a bum. She's seriously malnourished and has that amberlynn reid dark circle look going on. Alcohol is super hard on the body and she's def at risk for alcoholic brain disease aka Wernicke-Korsakoff disease. From what I understand it usually happens to people who get the majority of their calories from booze. So obviously not shayna but her diet is so poor I'm sure it makes her way more susceptible. I could definitely see her developing scurvy too. It's crazy because she could easily afford great fresh food if she stopped door dashing!

I've noticed sometimes people get so lost in depression that their perception changes as in before they may have never left the house without showering daily eventually in their depression they may now go 1 week without washing and that's doing well for them because they may actually want to go 2 weeks without. Eventually they've normalized looking like this in their mind and some like shayna are delusional to think they look like a cute girl in her trackies when in reality she looks looks like a hard drug addicted street hooker. TND is a perfect example of this too

That's all I could think about. I guess she'll go back to her day1 shit where she does everything on the bed. Crazy because we saw less of the old apt then we are now at the new place lol

No. 1293171

That's the literal definition of a Fupa. Looks like she missed Kyle so much she grew one herself

No. 1293208

File: 1628353143104.png (459.28 KB, 389x602, Capture.PNG)

>>1293131 oh no why does it look like she got fursuit padding on her legs?

No. 1293222

>her baguette of a foot
Kekkkkk why is this so strangely accurate

No. 1293273

File: 1628362332611.jpeg (225.41 KB, 750x603, D75BC432-69BF-4AE5-B7EC-BE1839…)

Make a personal twitter already

No. 1293295

She has made personal, sfw accounts before but didn't get any interaction on them. Pretty sure the last one she had turned into her current main Twitter after frequent bannings. Grey Hair Old Ass comments enough on these pity posts so she'll likely never stop sharing bullshit on her work page.

Pls don't give her ideas. The pet play is bad enough kek

No. 1293296

Didn't she say that she would never wear a fursuit during the dog fucker dawn saga?

No. 1293297

You may be correct. I tend to try to block out most of that era from my memory kek

No. 1293298

File: 1628364402121.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1632, 501A0CF2-3432-48A8-8737-CD007B…)

Shayna could easily doordash fresh food or use another service to get fresh meals to her door. She doesn’t want to. She’d rather shove doughnuts and 700 calorie sugar filled coffee drinks

No. 1293300

File: 1628364461856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,669.77 KB, 1242x1009, C0CE23E9-01BB-44F3-8352-AE8090…)

Her content is so revolting I can’t imagine some scrote jerking off to it. Her content is only good for fatspo/weight loss motivation

No. 1293303

Shaynus is indeed suffering from Fupa Chode Withdrawls

No. 1293309

File: 1628364707132.jpeg (914.41 KB, 1242x1636, B199A078-0194-43C4-B320-CC5977…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1293317

she’s gotten pretty good with her new fat girl angles! always with the strategic arm-in-front-of-fupa pose. gg shaynus.
she even cut out half of her head…. should have cut out all of it though because even with only half visible you still get half zoolander/half sped vibes.

No. 1293319

she uses less than a single drop of lube. insane.

No. 1293320

Oh my god. Extend your neck at least

No. 1293331

File: 1628366027697.jpeg (466.45 KB, 1242x2153, 979DEE30-DA04-4FEA-96D4-4C5DEC…)

Sage for tism

No. 1293334

I know it's been said before but this looks like a cyclops spider with human flesh. Horrific. Spider themed porn when, Shayna? The people are waiting

No. 1293338

it’s probably just anemia aka deficiency of iron and b12, it’s common in alcoholics. her skin didn’t always have this sickly pale pallor. as she’s fallen more into alcoholism, her skin has started to look more and more unhealthy.

then there’s the alcoholic bod along with it, that beer belly and general bloated look. alcohol has really deteriorated her looks, it’s kinda sad. it’ll only get worse too and i don’t see her quitting anytime soon. she’s still in the denial stage, and seems to have romanticized it - like shes the rich fancy housewife who has mimosas at brunch and wine with dinner type. except she’s just a single, fat, poor alcoholic who’s got nothing in common with the fantasy in her head except she does sometimes drink mimosas and wine.

No. 1293351

>her skin didn’t always have this sickly pale pallor.
debatable. she's always been made fun of for being gray-skinned here.

No. 1293357

Her skin has always been sallow-looking. She has no pink undertones to it. Very weird skin for a white person

No. 1293378

I'm pretty sure what she meant by that was that the wind blew the door shut, not that it would be neighbours door slamming. An obvious lie regardless…

No. 1293406

File: 1628370526368.jpeg (592.55 KB, 2484x3658, 728E48ED-DE09-4BB7-A728-21E2DD…)

i did a thing and nonnies …………… o m g(sage your shit)

No. 1293412

Next thread pic. Truly disgusting.

No. 1293414

>“i’m a baby bimbo porn star!!!!!”

No. 1293416

That fucking fleece blanket. Not even would they give that blanket to a dog at a shelter

No. 1293496

Oh, god, you're right. It looks so dirty, too. Right on top of the straight out of the package bedsheets. Disgusting.

No. 1293536

Jesus wtf did you do?

No. 1293544

File: 1628376959948.png (Spoiler Image,5.27 MB, 1242x2208, 63111FE7-AB75-4A5E-B297-6CF764…)

She’s never had a real orgasm nor has she ever seen a woman have a real orgasm. Wtf even is this? Porn isn’t real life Missing Link.

No. 1293547

I am having a laugh at this uncomfortable dollar store looking bed set up. I'm glad this ugly goblin consistently is financially stupid.

No. 1293578

this shitty cot with one pillow and barren walls really adds to the “she looks like a mental patient” vibe

No. 1293585

Nonnies, not even people who have been here since thread #26 have every single minute detail mentally categorized. You can both calm the fuck down and maybe go pop a Xanax or two.

It's like ahegao, but trailer trash remix.

No. 1293596

Did she even buy a comforter for the bed or is she just sleeping with that disgusting blanket?

No. 1293602

Its gotta have sentimental value to her. Theres no other explanation to be holding on to a musty cheap throw blanket through all these years and moves when she throws everything but her clothes, shoes, and dildos away. I just can't figure where or who she got it from that would give her that attachment to it. But she could at least fold it up and put it away and get a new fucking $10 throw blanket.

No. 1293604

File: 1628381697773.jpg (836.66 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20210807-191505_Twi…)

No. 1293636

File: 1628383713721.jpeg (Spoiler Image,843.16 KB, 1242x1258, BD292B38-74FE-4AD2-BDF5-15D616…)

her lips look so dehydrated and shrived

No. 1293639

File: 1628383744409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1242x1653, 0A712780-E761-4693-8FC5-1E923E…)

No. 1293650

File: 1628384000926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,775.53 KB, 3202x1714, FD4E2B21-5BB3-49FB-8A12-438CA5…)

No. 1293651

File: 1628384031921.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1242x1651, 571DB90B-3E1D-4C71-A9A8-D27596…)

part 2

No. 1293691

File: 1628387895078.jpg (336.06 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20210807-205827_Twi…)

No. 1293693

File: 1628387971507.jpg (369.11 KB, 1079x1572, Screenshot_20210807-205807_Twi…)

No. 1293694

>"how would u take advantage of me?"

No. 1293701

Lmaooo I can't even tell if this is a true tweet from her or a meme from here, I swear to God this thread is a trip. It's so perfect for Shayna to liken herself to a meth head. But good on her to grab onto a meme actually relevant and not months later. You can drop the pipe now, Shaynus, and do something about those eye bags.

No. 1293713

File: 1628390561102.jpg (280.02 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20210807-214238_Twi…)

Her lips are already a crusty mess

No. 1293714

File: 1628390593593.jpg (205.66 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20210807-214221_Twi…)

A salad

No. 1293726

No. 1293728


No. 1293732

broke bitch can't take take of her current lips, she wants to get fillers which require maintenance? kek what a trainwreck that would be

No. 1293743

File: 1628393264792.jpeg (171.92 KB, 750x844, A53FE406-77E0-41BA-BE9E-F1AE6E…)


No. 1293747

File: 1628393443780.png (362.56 KB, 2048x1118, Screenshot_20210807-203005.png)


No. 1293749

She’s going to die

No. 1293750

File: 1628393822043.jpeg (429.71 KB, 1509x2772, D6A9964C-04EA-4DA0-9715-68B25B…)

No. 1293753

File: 1628394005556.jpeg (558.99 KB, 828x1013, 23916FF6-BE3B-4A0E-8ABE-FC75D2…)

I for one think Shay should go for it.

No. 1293755

She manages to look related to every coomer that replies to her. b l e a k

No. 1293762

File: 1628394619667.jpeg (571.52 KB, 2048x1709, 7FE3DD16-16A5-4942-B97E-0406B6…)

Mods plz don’t ban me I know this is autistic but this is the last one

No. 1293771

Please stop I’m about to piss myself laughing

No. 1293772

So Shay's finally flirting with a coomer. Single n ready 2 mingle

No. 1293775

insert gif of Fupa's gloves

No. 1293776

File: 1628395431762.jpeg (192.19 KB, 600x1093, 00DFBF10-96E4-4CD6-8E98-CA8C89…)

… his pinned tweet … go for it shayna before he kills you kek

No. 1293778

I'm cry laughing at this. This is why I read this thread

No. 1293779

File: 1628395892388.jpeg (156.58 KB, 750x624, E2330F90-F87A-4794-B3A3-82F09B…)

This is sad but obvious

No. 1293782

Ma'am we can tell.

No. 1293784

Shay you've been telling us about what you eat for years. There are numerous thread pics dedicated to your chosen carb of the month

No. 1293787

File: 1628396284748.gif (1.32 MB, 275x275, 7D8FAE6B-2BA1-49B9-84B6-9B2D9D…)

Here it is. Dem lady’s driving gloves.
Fucking creepy. Who asked for this essay of cope for the fact that you have to pay women to pretend to desire you and touch you because you’re so fugly and socially inept? These are the types of people funding Shay’s lifestyle.

No. 1293789

I shrieked holy fuck I barely noticed at first

No. 1293791

No matter how many times I see it. This kills me still.

No. 1293793

So her and fupa were cool for a few days and now they aren't. She's realizing they can't do back and forth successfully long distance. She tells coomers what she's doing no matter what, because she thinks people care and cant help herself

No. 1293798

I mean she is always saying she wants someone who worships her and babies her. That's the kind of man who will do that… When he isn't busy weeping at the strip club from a woman making eye contact with him, kek.

No. 1293809

Kek yep that’s why we’re saying go for it. He’s even a looksmatch and an “abuse survivor” just like her!

No. 1293822

Only a small amount of actual speds at age 24 have to tell someone when they get home and when they eat.

God it keeps being said but being institutionalized would be great for her; 24hr care and surveillance just like she craves, can sit on her ass all day watching tv, meals prepared for her, someone else having to clean up after her, maybe a lobotomy or two.

No. 1293850

This makes me wonder if she sends Fupa texts like-
"Im going to do three dabs, put on my makeup, eat a snack, take a nap and then film!" like randomly.

Her dream is to live life with Fupa in a house, playing games, eating, drinking and being around each other 24/7. But this DUMBASS chose a man with multiple children, no money and who has friends outside her.
She could find a desperate, ugly old coot, who'd spend what he has on her & do whatever she wants. I really feel like Shayna feels, no matter how she looks or acts, she deserves the best.
A handsome Daddy with money, who will take care of her and treat her like a queen.
She doesn't have to do anything, but eat, drink, smoke, sleep and let him fup her. Problem is the scrotes who are handsome, older and looking for that have options. Even then, I feel she self sabotages so much that if a handsome older man with money was into her, she'd either not want to talk to them or drop them for Fupa if he wants her.

No. 1293887

Cursed Shayna images part 500+. I really can’t with her. She’s a fucking mess.

No. 1293891

That Chris Chan mentality kek. Be a defective, stupid, ugly piece of shit, but want and expect a 10/10 partner that will fulfill every need.

No. 1293906

just a simple enhance kek. terrifying. i hope she does more porn like this so that i can continue to expose her

No. 1293913

She’s far from a Tulsa 6, anon. She’s likely not even a 6 in the Oklahoma boonies.

No. 1293915

Honestly, Shayna should just find a dude into feeder shit. She loves to eat, she's lazy, she wants someone to just treat her like a fucking baby. She started off in a 24/7 kink relationship with Fupa, why not join the feeder lifestyle?
It's not like she cares about her health, she eats what she wants and I legit think a man into stuffing her with food, will treat her better than Fupa.
If she wants a caregiver, just get a man who wants to make you into a flat blob that he HAS NO CHOICE and LOVES to take care of.

No. 1293942

File: 1628411612605.jpeg (354.36 KB, 925x636, 0709420A-FF82-4C73-A954-FA2B2E…)

Bitch doesn’t even have the time to brush her teeth or put on chapstick/hydrate why the fuck would she be able to maintain lip fillers?? And she doesn’t even use skin care or makeup anymore??? So she would be bare faced: dark circles, four eyebrow hairs, double chins, no lashes, and to top it off, bigger lips. Shayna still has an ugly fat rodent-esque face, and the fillers would be disproportionate to her fat face, and her disappearing chin. The huge honker, small beady rat eyes, and puffer fish lips, big woof… Get rid of those fat rolls on your disgusting body, Fatty Lardell. Go for walks and stop eating so much, disgusting pig. Lip fillers are the last thing your ugly ass needs…..I am manifesting a botched nose job saga.

No. 1293943

She really should. She mostly tweets about food anyways and has fattened out a lot in a short time. At least that way she wouldn’t have to beg money for doordash and shit.

No. 1293947

This bitch needs an aid. Topkek She is dead-ass retarded or gets off to the idea of being a retarded mentally stunted “bimbo”. It’s really gross how much she panders to pedophile coomers People like Shayna should just be locked in an insane asylum. Like I don’t see the point in her existence, besides, being a retarded fat cow for us to laugh at.

No. 1293959

She would probably gain more subscribers on OF if she did that because it's a niche fetish that she's perfect for.

No. 1293962

She might as well. Hell, maybe even make her own sub-genre of feeder porn?
“Feeder Barbie”??kek
>hi!! i’m dolly!!! my hobbies include food, eating, and doordashing meals 2 shove my double chins into!! UWU

No. 1293971

I really don't know whats stopping her? Shame? She has none. Going down the feeder route would ONLY benefit her.
She does not care about her body, she doesn't even have to get to death fat level. Just eat on camera. She already shows off her food. I feel she'd blow up, literally. Men will pay big money to watch Shayna blow up, look at Nikocado?
She could actually find the "type" of love she wants, someone to take care of her, watch tv shows, memes, smoke, drink and go to work JUST to feed his Barbie Blimpo. She can sit at home, having not only Simps pay her to eat & for her meals, her boyfriend as well.
I'm not even joking.At this point something like this is best for Shayna. She's so lazy but she uses every moment of the day to attempt to take nudes to make money/attention, why not just do what she loves and find love?

No. 1293987

I truly believe she hasn't fully accepted her mass yet and doesn't want to be fat, so being an eater would go against her delusional self image in her head

No. 1294007

Judging by what she wears I think she’s in denial for sure kek

No. 1294030

shayna and amberlynn have really similar faces IMO, there's just a couple hundred pounds difference between them is all

girl your lips are not the problem when it comes to your cock sucking

No. 1294051

>>Barbie Blimpo
I love this thread kek

No. 1294053

When Shay was skinny she favored that chick with the rainbow bangs to me at times, now that she's chubby she does look like ALR if she lost a few pounds.
Also out of everything, she think she needs lip injections? Not a boob job, or even ass injections (though her crack is so small and her ass is so low, I feel it'd look botched).
Not even lipo? LIPS is what is holding her back? not Lipgloss?

No. 1294063

it's so funny i didn't laugh
i just felt the humor
deep inside me
o shaynus

No. 1294070

"Barbie blimpo" had tears streaming down my face this is hilarious

No. 1294111


Lip fillers look bad in the best of cases. I wish the trend of wanting cement in your face so you can look like a melting sex doll would just die already. It would actually be pretty hilarious though seeing Shayna with a rat face and rubbery fish lips.

No. 1294128

Rubbery fish lips would be a step up from the lack of lips she has now.

No. 1294129

Petition to incorporate Barbie Blimpo into the next thread title

No. 1294131

does her mum really have to appear in this thread? She seems like she just want whats best for shay. Just leave her alone

No. 1294132

Delete this retard

No. 1294138

Last thread pic wasn't her mom that was her grandmother.

No. 1294141

they look like guinea pigs who have been inbred to the point of organ failure

No. 1294223

Her lips are not the feature she needs to correct, it's that unholy honker she got from her dad. Genetics like that will give you a People of Walmart vibe no matter what.

No. 1294230


This is why Shayna is becoming more and more like Amberlynn Reid. ALR has also expressed wanting fillers despite being nearly 600 lbs. Instead of addressing and improving the myriad of things that are dire to their health, or makes them unattractive, they want a quick fix. Shayna, who will give a shit if you have dick sucking lips if you have a fat, porky body that literally looks like a kid from ‘Heavyweights’? Just like with Amber - she thinks having plump lips will even be on the radar of anybody noticing instead of everybody’s horror gazing upon her grotesque body. It’s so strange the things they prioritize.

No. 1294235

Not cool to be posting family pictures and names. However I just creeped and Shayna’s step sister is insanely pretty

No. 1294236

Stop posting your think pieces on why shay is becoming like amberlynn, no one cares and they have nothing in common besides being fat lazy liars(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1294241

>Shayna’s step sister is insanely pretty
That might be a potential cause of Shatna's hate for women.

No. 1294247

File: 1628440223374.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210808-112906_Fac…)

Shay has always looked frumpy, grey-skinned, and sunken

No. 1294250

someone is cowtipping on facebook, linking Shayna's twitter. Stop it retard I think they know.

No. 1294255

she's pooping

No. 1294256

nonny that is larping as a scrote, why the fuck are you going irl to her damn grandmother

No. 1294259

Well it was nice knowing you all in this thread :((:()

No. 1294260


Last time shayna drank water kek

No. 1294264

when psychopathic autists get the thread shut down. gotta love it. probably one of the retards that’s been writing 6 paragraph manifestos about her every 12 hours.

No. 1294265

File: 1628440976364.jpg (160.49 KB, 990x600, friday-the-13th-jason-voorhees…)

She's like the annoying blonde chick in a slasher movie, who dresses provocative and you're glad when Jason finally gets to her.

No. 1294266

Wow what fucking retards.

No. 1294267

By the look of his FB..you're not wrong

No. 1294270

File: 1628441213578.jpg (476.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210808-114602_Fac…)

Probably a KF scrote that found the thread and doesn't know how to integrate

No. 1294272

'His' account seems to have been created today so is likely a sockpuppet of some mongoloid here.

Why bother m8

No. 1294275

File: 1628441686332.jpeg (682.99 KB, 1267x1071, retard.jpeg)

the edgelord you ordered vs what you get

No. 1294276

Hope you're proud of yourself retard. Can an admin remove this post so these scrotes can leave her goddamn memaw alone???

No. 1294277

yep just more kek totez epic cowtipping just like they do with her cam shows. hey retards, fyi you’re terrible at trolling.

No. 1294286

Leave it to a scrote to have no control. I wouldn’t be surprised if his mediocre ass got pushed out of KF doing the same mediocre shit and came here.
Word to the wise Mark Price, if you need some attention, just troon out already. Its clear in your face that you’re in desperate need some “female” attention and the best your going to get is other troons.

No. 1294290

it's just as likely some girl farmer larping as a dude. we've seen it poorly executed on twitter how many times now?

No. 1294292

File: 1628442565690.jpeg (190.72 KB, 828x503, 9C9A867D-8C06-4247-A04B-7E9F2A…)

No. 1294296

Jesus they posted it on her uncle's facebook too. I hate this bitch, but even I think this is too far. Leave the cow alone to produce her own milk. She does a damn fine job fucking up her life all by herself, we don't need cowtipping.

No. 1294302

Fair so reverse the sexes if you want. It doesn’t change the fact that that low tier attention seeking is stale.

No. 1294324

It must be one of the scrotes that came here after the cwc shit, the timing is sus

No. 1294329

Moids need to stay out of Shayna threads because they will inevitably want to hatefuck Shayna and thus mess with her in real life because they can't get what they want

No. 1294339

So how many bedrooms do we reckon the new place has? It looks like 2 at least?
When she finally gets around to unpacking, we'll see if she sets up a "work" room or if all her content is gonna be on her bed, bathroom, the balcony, and in front of windows.
Still waiting for the big roommate reveal or the off chance there isn't one and proof of that.

No. 1294347

File: 1628445216354.jpeg (Spoiler Image,511.77 KB, 1242x917, 7FBA36CF-18CB-4F3B-BDE4-0926A2…)

Shaynus showing off her man boobs

No. 1294363

Or to bring her down to their level so she’ll at least consider the idea. I wouldn’t put it past them to be bitter because ‘she showing everyone her pussy for free but she isn’t giving it to them for free’

NTA but the one they were responding to, it’s practically a given. Because only the CWC orbiters are autistic enough to waste their time posting on multiple people’s accounts.

Chances are it’s only one bedroom because even a studio is too much out of budget. Unless roommates are officially confirmed as nonexistent, I’m going to assume that she can only afford a bedroom at best.

No. 1294381

File: 1628446314421.png (383.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210808-211117~2.p…)

High school shooter vibes

No. 1294382

File: 1628446416714.jpg (22.01 KB, 513x514, FB_IMG_1628446407408.jpg)

No. 1294383

File: 1628446497666.jpeg (415.23 KB, 1242x1504, AA1AE382-5F25-4062-8D64-7B67CB…)

Scrote infestation.

No. 1294384

File: 1628446657830.jpeg (Spoiler Image,784.53 KB, 1242x1324, 38B034CB-AB7F-4676-830D-F678F2…)

grayhair is definitely into beastiality along with incest. sick.

No. 1294385

Why the fuck would you order a mimosa through Doordash when buying a cheap bottle of sparkling wine and orange juice would probably cost the same.

No. 1294386

Kek how unfortunate. Shayna has a very manly rat face. Not attractive for a woman to adopt those ugly features from her father.

No. 1294387

This is absolute peak laziness. Fucking ordering a mimosa on door dash. Just buy a bottle of orange juice and sparkling wine you pig

No. 1294390


Yeah…? Basically the shit they have in common that you mentioned is what I was comparing - their need to impulsively spend money on shit that doesn’t improve their lives and yeah, FAT.

Proof read your pissy post saging, btw. I’m sure your contributions to the thread are absolutely compelling.

No. 1294395

GoPuff literally delivers alcohol now. She can still be lazy but at least set for a day or two

No. 1294400

Do not post photos of or social media belonging to Shayna's family unless they are directly involved with her drama. Newfags need to read the rules or permabans will be handed out.

No. 1294406

File: 1628447278234.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210808_212557175.j…)


No. 1294410

I think Kiwifarm is currently down but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone either invoked her name recently or someone revived her thread on there.
Considering that CWC is going to be down and out presumably from here out, I wouldn’t be surprised if his usual trolls are swinging wildly at anyone now.

No. 1294411

Spoiler that shit, you retard.

No. 1294426

File: 1628448140058.png (595.12 KB, 512x518, right.PNG)

this is clearly just some troll using a random image, seeing as this one has been shopped over this image.

No. 1294483

Is that Matt Forney?

No. 1294485

File: 1628450974547.jpeg (279.03 KB, 1242x981, 22877CB1-AC46-4FCC-A77B-02B2E0…)

peak laziness

No. 1294492

Yes that image is Matt Forney

No. 1294503

What stuff? You threw out all your furniture. You can carry your box of crusty dildos yourself surely.

No. 1294516

Samsies. I feel like all you anons are off on this one, I don’t think anything about being fat feels good to her. She doesn’t have the deranged mindset of a feeder, and I imagine couldn’t give up the idea of being a tiny little dolly again someday

No. 1294544

File: 1628453098421.jpeg (251.55 KB, 1242x1043, 65786446-F178-4695-B3ED-ED3B98…)

Top kek

No. 1294548

i do think she unironically considers herself "slim thick" or something since she's gotten fat

No. 1294612

Because she was naturally skinny then I think she's of the mindset that she will one day just revert back to that. Blaming it on the meds, Tulsa and Fupa absolves her of having anything to do with her weight gain. I have no doubt that she believes she will be a tiny dolly again because she's too ignorant to understand that her metabolism has slowed due to age. I bet she's in denial that she's aging at all

No. 1294614

and her dad's. they've even been directly tagging totally random strangers - old family friends i think - and linking her twitter. fucking absolute tard behaviour

No. 1294619

I wonder if she’s going to have a breakdown and live tweet on Twitter. If it’s not a farmer it’s a scrote. Shaynus panders to these losers so it was only a matter of time before they harass her family

No. 1294622

I'm just glad her brother has his shit totally locked down, otherwise I'm sure he'd have been spammed with the link too. I'd like to think something would come out of this via an acknowledgment through her, but it probably won't - she's too far gone and likely couldn't give a shit even if some moid decides to take it upon himself to spam her poor fucking grandma with the link to her twitter.

No. 1294769

I'd have forced myself into a permanent mental check-out by now if I was her brother. Having a whore sister is one thing, having a Shayna is a whole other story. Poor kid's probably in therapy. That being said, the cowtipping looks desperate and is more cringey than Shayna's behaviour on the daily.

No. 1294915

at least when she was a stoner and skinny it was an aesthetic she could pull off

No. 1294918

he looks like he probably jerks it to shays free pics

No. 1294934

if she was naturally skinny she would be skinny now. she looked like that because she was a teen and now that she’s over 21, her true genetics are starting to show.

No. 1294970

Yeah, by "naturally skinny" I meant she did nothing to achieve being skinny. Doesn't mean she would always be that way

No. 1295030

this is clearly a farmer, using her full name and your only other posts on reddit are harassing trannies. fuck off

No. 1295053

File: 1628462649299.jpg (486.91 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20210808-174344_Twi…)

1/2 kek

No. 1295056

File: 1628462699824.jpg (208.22 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20210808-174356_Twi…)

No. 1295069

manifesting a transbian polycule saga now

No. 1295188

It would be funnier if it was posted by a scrote. Why not leave her name out though? You're giving yourself away, farmer

No. 1295248

Just stop, weirdo

No. 1295261



go back to where you came from(newfag)

No. 1295356

nta but newflash this site is called lolcow.farm

No. 1295391

The Shayna threads are really going to shit eh

No. 1295398

File: 1628473832483.gif (Spoiler Image,4.03 MB, 320x569, retard porn.gif)

Right when anons were saying how being institutionalized or having an aide would be perfect for her kek what a waste of money to have people move your five boxes full of dildos, untouched claire's makeup, and amazon clothing.

No. 1295412

looks like her grandmother privated her profile and her dad deleted most of the pics that were commented on. hope these retard cowtippers, along with Shay know how much they are inconveniencing these people. all over a mentally ill whore family member. I'm sure they are all well aware of this, and now it's being shoved back in their face. Shayna, I hope your disgusted at yourself. your Twitter is fucking rancid. stop putting your family through this.

No. 1295423

okay but is anyone gonna talk about the last scrote reply… she's already attracting the feederism crowd kek

No. 1295428

no because it’s another zero follower zero tweet account that was just made and is probably some retard from here trying for a crumb of attention

No. 1295429

ohhh i see, i thought it was a coincidence that farmers were talking abt shay maybe becoming a feeder and a scrote all of a sudden suggested it

No. 1295442

this is the harley quinn that we need and deserve
i feel so bad for her family. i presume this isn't even the first time some retard decided to "enlighten" them regarding shatna as if they don't already know. wish there was a way to contain this recent influx of cretins because their stunts do no achieve anything nor benefit anybody involved, but /sigh/

No. 1295635

Right tit gone wild, left tit… oh my god she's fucking dead.

No. 1295817

Her poor grandma doesn't deserve to be confronted with this shit, fuck cowtippers in general but this is especially awful

No. 1295894


I remember when anons said her tits were her best feature.

Oh how the mighty have fallen

No. 1295897

Well, in those anon's defense, they still are her "best" feature…

…it's just that she has not a single, even mildly attractive feature…

No. 1295925

File: 1628516071859.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.97 KB, 588x401, IMG_20210809_103257.jpg)


her tits look like Mr. Garrison's breasts when he decides to become Mrs. Garrison

No. 1295930

The one with the veins is so fucking stiff. I wonder if she has some sort of condition(tit sperg)

No. 1295936

Supposedly it's an implant

No. 1295947

not this again

No. 1295973

I've read the threads, but I missed where the whole "implant" story came from

No. 1295976

it’s pure tinfoil at this point

No. 1295998

Implanons have been around for a while now. There are some pictures where you can see some sort of scar or mark right under one of the boobs and some are convinced that it is evidence of a (singular) boob job. Personally, I have no idea and I don’t want to look at her tits a second longer than I absolutely have to

No. 1296041

File: 1628523584476.jpg (201.47 KB, 1079x812, Screenshot_20210809-103951_Twi…)

No. 1296043

Does anyone ever actually respond to her happy animal meme positivity requests other than greyhairs mandatory monsters inc.gif?

No. 1296052

Dumb question but what’s cwc? Tried looking it up and I got obscure businesses and prisons

No. 1296054

>Dumb question but what’s cwc?
The alpha and omega of lolcows

No. 1296055

No. 1296069

Chris-chan, kek. In custody right now for, in his words, raping his senile mother every three days. >>1296043
No, and that makes it even funnier. Asking for animal pics is usually the easiest way to drum up interaction, and she can't even get that.

No. 1296159

Why can't she spend time with / look at the animals she already fucking has?

No. 1296182

Shayna must be so happy about the CWC/Bella Janke shit, I think this is the longest she hasn't been one of the top 3 threads on snow kek

No. 1296204

she probably has no idea about it. why are you guys even bringing them up, keep them to their respective threads.

No. 1296320

Because that doesn't give her attention online, anon.

No. 1296453

File: 1628549731161.jpeg (429.29 KB, 1242x1369, 72FDC9E4-1D01-4EC3-92D5-981170…)

She tells on herself so much. Didn’t she pack all her musty shit in cardboard boxes? If she had plastic bins why did she beg for cheap boxes

No. 1296455

File: 1628549856434.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.37 KB, 1280x720, 5928FE1F-A50A-41A3-A08F-5B3D90…)


No. 1296456

Spoiler your shit ffs I'm sick of seeing this girls vjj while I'm scrolling past

No. 1296457

She posted a pic of her dildos and buttplugs in clear containers a while ago, but that means she lied about how she had to open her suitcase full of dildos at the airport

No. 1296469

What is Shayna’s sexuality?

No. 1296477

Spoiler this and this is old news

No. 1296481

She claims to be Pansexual

No. 1296484

File: 1628550987046.jpg (553.69 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20210809-181628_Twi…)

On today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1296485

Claiming on snapchat that her "sugar dad" bought her a new TV. Not trying to get blocked so I couldn't screenshot

No. 1296491

If you have iPhone push up on the bottom of the screen so that your apps are windowed and SS that. It shouldn’t alert Snapchat

No. 1296497

That chair is filthy how is she not embarrassed

No. 1296498

And the sad part is that she's only filmed with it once

No. 1296504

Why would she need THREE tvs?

No. 1296510

The grime…

No. 1296520

Of all the things she chose to keep, she kept this?

No. 1296523

File: 1628553005262.jpg (863.49 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20210809-185007_Twi…)

No. 1296526

Clean. Yo. Rig. Girl.

No. 1296535

The stem should NOT be black.

No. 1296551

Maybe in case she couldn't e-beg or get mommy and daddy's money for a couch kek

No. 1296565

She thinks it’s cute and quirky that people theoretically see her sex toys, as if anyone would give a shit at all except thinking they’re in disgusting condition. She keeps making the same joke, maybe it would work back in 2014 Tumblr.

No. 1296567

File: 1628556488785.jpg (306.85 KB, 1079x1254, Screenshot_20210809-194816_Twi…)

Jason R Womack is still at it

No. 1296593

File: 1628559724395.jpg (869.8 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20210809-204217_Twi…)

No. 1296597

How can this bitch be so lazy? Like she lives in Seattle proper now, right? Even if she doesn't have a car, why can't she walk 10 minutes to the grocery store?

No. 1296612

That was uncalled for lmao

No. 1296640

File: 1628569772859.jpeg (149.17 KB, 750x712, 1D68F2E5-EA41-45FE-B387-B4E4A4…)

Why tf would the bridge troll who never has people over have two tv’s?

No. 1296641

Mattelivision kek

No. 1296642

It's been a wild couple days in the Shay threads, I hope she's okay in light of all that has happened. I feel so terrible for her and her family after the harassment saga.

No. 1296646

Agreed, and it’s not even worth it because it isn’t funny, just sad

No. 1296649

Wait, does she think it's a flex to have more than one tv? Is she seriously bragging about this on Fupaul's internet?

No. 1296652

File: 1628572116382.jpg (350.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210810-000831_Fac…)

More Shay shade

No. 1296663

What are you talking about she doesn't live with him she lives in Seattle

No. 1296664

i made a bad joke, it's like when someone says, "You get on Beyonce's internet and say this dumb shit?"
I wasn't implying she lived with Fupa.

No. 1296666

Honestly he's irrelevant at this point

No. 1296675

>I hope she’s okay uwu
The cow tipper was dumb as fuck and cringe, but legit who cares. Shayna is a horrible person. As long as she isn’t being harassed and stalked irl I don’t see why it’s a big deal. If your a bitter mean bullying cam whore be prepared for your family to be doxxed and harassed

No. 1296689

anons forget that she rubs her being a 3$ cheeseburger priced per man whore in her family's face and purposely tries to show off her nipples at family gatherings and such. i just pity her family but not the fat stunted retard herself.

No. 1296700

just …. leave the house shay

No. 1296784

Do you think she knows how bad having resin in all of her glass could’ve fucked whoever was driving her shit?

No. 1296798

Yes. She absolutely knows but is too selfish and lazy to give a fuck. It’s a person she doesn’t know and who doesn’t give her money therefore she doesn’t care what could happen to them

No. 1296815

Kek her old man orbiter straight up told her as much. The same thing has happened a thousand times before but different scenarios:
>Shat announces something retarded
>Orbiters tell her o no that's bad don't do it
>Shat does it anyway because she doesn't care, she never did, she just wanted asspats and validation for her retard actions

She doesn't even try to hide it. There's a reason any acquaintance with half a braincell drops her fast

No. 1296816

I don't think she even has the brain capacity to fully comprehend the full effect of her actions. She's practically handicapped with how emotionally and mentally stunted she is. Like that part of her brain straight up gave up on development lmao

No. 1296845

What's even sadder than the doxxing itself was scrolling through her various family members social media, particularly her dad's. It looks like all her ever did when Shayna and her brother were younger was take them places - camping, snowmobiling, sailing, etc. Like this bitch had such an amazing life when she decided to throw it all away to show her butthole to the internet for free. Granted material things don't buy happiness and wtf knows what her parents were like behind closed doors, but this isn't typically the type of situation someone grows up in and then decides sex work is the better choice. It's truly fascinating.

No. 1296849

Sorry to break it to you anon but attention whores from all walks of life constantly turn to sex work. As long as she’s been on the Internet, shayna has shown herself to be trashy, doesn’t matter her dad took her up to the mountains for some snow time kek Steven Speilberg’s daughter does porn ffs… it does not matter what background you come from.

No. 1296852

Yeah no shit it happens, I wasn't saying it didn't, but it's not the majority. Most sex workers come from shitty homes and backgrounds riddled with addictions and abuse. Sorry I find it intriguing that someone from a decent home and upbringing would turn to this lifestyle. I feel the same about serial killers with similiar backgrounds.

No. 1296856

>but it's not the majority
Irl sex work, definitely not, but online? You’d be surprised.

No. 1296861

File: 1628599624694.jpeg (532.51 KB, 1242x1371, 408BEE95-5728-45DE-8266-578EB8…)

You’re 24 Shayna. Time to stop blaming everything on your parents.

No. 1296863

Fupa is definitely using things like this to get with other women. "Oh all those bad things my ex might say about me? She's misrepresenting what happened" Honestly who'd want to date a man who was still in an on/off codependent relationship with his ex, plus all the stories his ex-wife probably has to tell? This kind of public shade is so convenient.

No. 1296866

Seems like she's reading her own thread again.

No. 1296868

Yeah I guess you're right. I'm an oldfag and keep forgetting it's like a rite of passage for 20 year olds to have OnlyFans… What a time to be alive

No. 1296869

File: 1628599868915.jpeg (394.81 KB, 1242x1175, CC1707F6-C9CA-44B7-9691-AAAA18…)

She’s making it real obvious by almost quoting farmers

No. 1296873

Yeah it’s grim. Took me a minute too to grasp how many otherwise normal, freshly 18 years are joining OF and the like because the internet told them too.

No. 1296886

File: 1628601020712.jpg (207.04 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20210810-080937_Twi…)

After seeing the mess you lived in before, he will not come back

No. 1296888

File: 1628601073051.jpg (369.12 KB, 1079x1459, Screenshot_20210810-081125_Twi…)

Alcoholism isn't cute Shay

No. 1296891

i like how she says 'if my dad ever comes 2 visit' because it implies she will never, ever have any guest that isnt her father.

No. 1296898

IPA's are pretty strong too, couldn't tell from her pic so I googled that one and it's 6.8% per can!

No. 1296899

Literally no empathy.

No. 1296905

File: 1628602330716.jpg (43.01 KB, 1080x303, Screenshot_20210810_093123.jpg)

Congratulations on consuming an entire day's worth of calories with beer, and we all know this isn't all she ingested yesterday kek

No. 1296917

Is it just me or has her writing gotten even more illegible lately? Is she just drunk 24/7 now and fat fingering half of what she fucking types?

No. 1296935

there’s actually nothing wrong with gift giving as a live language. some people are not physically affectionate. she probably considers it abuse, just like having to take care of her brother [sometimes] after school.

No. 1296945

6 beers from that one are 13.8 units of alcohol and the NHS says, as a woman, you shouldn't drink more than 14 units a week.

If we assume she is 1,65 cm and weighs 85 kg and drank all 6 beers in 3 hours that would be 1,74 ‰ bac (hope that's right, used a German calculator). A normal person would be more than a little bit tipsy after that, I'm more than a little bit tipsy after that and I'm drinking way too much, too.

No. 1297014

You sound like the farmer who did it jfc

No. 1297022

I thought it was funny when farmers blamed fupa for her weight gain when she's been drinking like this for years and eating a shit diet on the daily. Her metabolism hates her. She gets zero exercise on top of all that

No. 1297036

she's just literally drunk all the time

No. 1297039

honestly she’s more insufferable when she’s sober. that’s when her bipolar bpd crazy bitch emotions come out and she accuses everyone in her life of abusing her.

No. 1297040

Uh, no I wasn't. I was just commenting on what I had seen due to it happening. Having commentary on what was posted doesn't automatically make someone a cowtipper.

No. 1297086

File: 1628612661340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,959.21 KB, 1242x1259, B8C4409C-D3B9-48D5-97B5-7B6415…)

Well it was a good morning until you posted this

No. 1297094

the zombie tit looks so weird and flat next to her other saggy one. she should just cover them up at this point but i know that's not negotiable for her.

No. 1297107

Yea her “perkiness” is gone. They’re just saggy and unappealing looking. Her armpit area looks like a fupa with how fat she’s gotten

No. 1297133

ntayrt & I don’t advise cowtipping, but she deliberately chose this lifestyle. She has no shame and shoves the fact that she’s a “sex worker” down anybody’s throat at any given chance (both in public and to her family). You cannot show your asshole for pennies online and expect there to be 0 consequences.

No. 1297136


honestly, and baked-nonnies can be mad all they want, its because of the weed. that shit completely drains stoners of their desire to do anything other than find their next high then sit around eating and doing nothing of note while theyre high.

Weed is literally all she cares about now. Oh wait, I forgot alcohol.

No. 1297161

File: 1628615705483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 1242x1629, C41622A0-3F72-4C26-AD79-41BBA1…)

No. 1297163

No. 1297170

the way the light is shining on her makes her look greasy

No. 1297179

i don't give a shit about her but her grandmother didn't deserve that–i'd hope she already knows to steer clear of anything regarding her granddaughter but who knows.

so is this all she planned to do in seattle? take nudes in front of her window?

No. 1297184

Well heaven forbid she do her 'job' and film/make actual content. She has another 6 pack of IPA's to drink today.

No. 1297190

File: 1628616918567.jpeg (276.66 KB, 1242x648, 28E37BC9-D6B8-4E73-86F3-87979B…)

Imagine posting these >>1297086 >>1297161 then retweeting picrel. The delusion is growing stronger.

No. 1297200

Does this bitch EVER go grocery shopping? She literally has every food/drink item delivered straight to her apartment, I can’t fathom not going shopping when you have all the free time she has. Jfc.
Also, I bet after consuming almost 900 cals in beer she was also drinking wine or mimosas.

No. 1297202

She's been coping, seething and settling for years.

No. 1297225

She replied to that tweet about drinking 4 of them, that she was double fisting the last 2. Who knows if that was true, but knowing Shayna I'm sure it was. So that was 1,320 calories at midnight… Deathfat saga might be a real possibility at this rate

No. 1297229

almost 6 years a sEx WoRkEr and still hasn't learned a thing about lighting. didn't anon say she wanted to be a photographer at some point? the light is all behind her and the second shot looks like giantess porn. girl, what is you doin?

No. 1297248

Also wanted to be an interior/set designer lol

No. 1297263

Her back rolls have never looked worse

No. 1297295

File: 1628621699106.png (39.05 KB, 593x184, Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 11.5…)

>in b4 exact same shit she always posts OR her doing nothing

No. 1297342

wasn't that also the name of her extremely short lived ~series~ that was so dumb i don't remember the premise but i think it was free and no one cared lol.

No. 1297382

File: 1628626076582.jpeg (Spoiler Image,777.83 KB, 1242x1485, A11AFCB1-FC6D-47A3-B358-1A4559…)


No. 1297383

File: 1628626120288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,393.26 KB, 1242x1500, 43782EA2-FDA4-44C2-B8B5-ABE355…)

No. 1297386

File: 1628626204249.jpg (117.07 KB, 900x675, handegg.jpg)

She needs to stop doing this. Her back rolls stand out more than ass and it's only going to get worse.

Reminds me of a football.

No. 1297388

File: 1628626316154.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1016.69 KB, 1242x1650, E8E88E20-1B67-42D0-A2BF-18C7DD…)

Her stomach looks so bloated and hard gross.

No. 1297389

File: 1628626374519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1242x1704, 2062CA2C-5704-4B4B-A8A4-E35B5C…)

Looks like she is about to fall

No. 1297391

KEK the motion blur on her arm

No. 1297394

this is seriously one of the ugliest poses imaginable what the absolute fuck

No. 1297395

File: 1628627099656.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.98 KB, 640x659, 8E6ED846-425F-4230-AA46-93E832…)

Bacon Mattel

No. 1297397

Has she lost weight or is she just cat fishing by posing in a strategic way that makes her look a little less bloated and flabby?

No. 1297404

ngl, i find it funny how she has to do all these weird angles to make her body look half-way decent. This is why everytime she films a video it's such a shock, to see how she really looks.

No. 1297406

No. This was said in this same thread, then she posted that video of her making the bed. It's angles and not even good angles.

No. 1297407

This is stupid. Can anons stop asking this? The only way for her to lose weight is to work out and she hasn’t posted anything and we know she would. It’s the obvious angle.

No. 1297411

The milk has completely curdled at this point.

Shaytard has such a repetitive, boring life.

I can already tell what her future is going to be. She will age out of the sex work and find some way to claim disability and beg. She will die alone surrounded by a filthy hoard of pink crap and neglected animals.

No. 1297417

She could play piano with those toes

No. 1297419

>She will age out of the sex work and find some way to claim disability and beg. She will die alone surrounded by a filthy hoard of pink crap and neglected animals.
This is extremely optimistic. It implies that Shat will grow out of craving male attention.

No. 1297439

the way that bed is already bowing in the middle….yikes

No. 1297454

this is funny, the only ever company to reply is cheap motel 6 kek

No. 1297457

File: 1628632986972.jpeg (959.08 KB, 1125x1905, B446435F-AB52-4D16-97A0-F9DD52…)

forgot pic

No. 1297464

Roadtrip with the ex gf huh. Sorry. Bestie.

No. 1297484

Her giant man feet, troll nose and 40 year old mom of 4 eye bags kill me every time. She's genuinely unfortunate looking

No. 1297499

Sage for possible retard but I love claw clips and have literally never seen anyone wear them this way, and she's done it so many times lately, is this a trend I don't know about or is her hair that thinly gross it can be all held at the front like that?

No. 1297501

I think she’s just retarded and doesn’t realize you’re supposed to put them in the back. or maybe she thinks just because it has plastic jewels on it it’s a statement piece.

No. 1297502

>giant man feet
They’re so crusty and calloused, so disgusting
It’s not a trend, that hairstyle looks so retarded. She should google how to do cute hairstyles. I’m tired of the messy bun, piles of shit tied up, turd braids and the cone head hair extension ponytails

No. 1297507

File: 1628637124123.png (283.81 KB, 559x284, Untitled.png)

ms paint anon here.

No. 1297511

what, did you think we couldn't see them?

No. 1297520

it looks like a sad face you unbelievable retard

No. 1297523

File: 1628638878373.jpg (728.56 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20210810-184125_Twi…)

No. 1297527

You’re unbelievably retarded to think whatever thing you think her fat rolls vaguely look like is post worthy. And to put effort into actually doing an edit. Nta btw

No. 1297528

Well at least she's leaving the house. Hopefully some fresh milk because the shatna thread has been stale for well over a year.

No. 1297553

smh have you forgotten the glorious milk a few months ago when it was revealed Shayna had been secretly fucking Fupa this whole time she was in Oklahoma

No. 1297561

Even Hellen Keller could've told you that. It's been happening on and off since they "broke up" the first time.

No. 1297582

File: 1628646121926.jpg (514.61 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20210810-204207_Twi…)

No. 1297584

File: 1628646173128.jpg (153.14 KB, 676x1313, 20210810_204218.jpg)

I feel like we're gonna see this bathing suit too much

No. 1297589

File: 1628646834130.jpeg (169.67 KB, 676x1313, 086CB0E4-D741-4530-B017-22513F…)

So she’s just by herself (or her roommate bestie ex) in a bikini on the grass. She probably looks so retarded in real life kek

No. 1297591

She's probably letting Noodle run wild without supervision

No. 1297606

The eyes filter over her glasses

No. 1297608

True, but as farmers our goal is to watch & comment the trainwreck. She's good enough on her own to look like an idiot and ruin her life, doesn't need any hell. Starting to mess with her family is 1. Not right for the poor family who didn't choose to be associated with the cow 2. Legitimates her whining about the farm ruining her life. Personnally, I prefer the cows to have no reason to demonize image boards and realize they are the only ones to blame for their dumbass & crazy behaviours: we're just laughing & criticizing things they do publicly for attention (good or bad…)

No. 1297610

Not to wk but friends & parents/family/collegues are different. I wouldn't be awkward to share a dumb password to friends while I would to mom, dad, grandma, etc. Plus, remember shatna likes to include & mention kids, parents/siblings on her nsfw twitter/sexualized contexts or situations

No. 1297612

She looks like a dumpster troll doll

No. 1297614

Even if the grandma didn't click on the link, she is 1. Either learning or reminded of Shayna's very desirable career choice 2. Read "buttstuff barbie". Those words combined with the thought of her grand daughter is gross enough

No. 1297615

Kek right?? She really couldn't have just used a normal smoothing filter. She had to pick the one with retarded blue eyes too

No. 1297619

Shaynas plans revolves around dreaming of fupa's chode, casual suicide baiting, usual begging, drinking, being high & blaming everyone/everything except herself for her problems/sadness. On repeat. It has been like thaf for a couple years and she doesn't seem to be able or willing to change anytime soon.

No. 1297625


Yea, you sure aren't aiming high for anything you engage yourself in shayna. She's so disconnected from reality, the /irony/ in the things she reblogs is just mind blowing

No. 1297635

Am I off for imagining that she is by herself? It looks like she is driving but I suppose the image could just be flipped

No. 1297645

She's in the passenger seat. She's with her ex

No. 1297677

she sounds so bitter. what a cope

No. 1297690

she looks like wet rag being wrung out

No. 1297708

The fupa saga is so boring at this point. It would have been more milky if she was seeing someone new.

No. 1297711

File: 1628672574518.png (193.07 KB, 537x496, Screenshot_20210811-120232~2.p…)

Why does she have what appears to be a bruise on her boob?

No. 1297712

Probably bumped into something after the six pack

No. 1297723

alcoholics bruise easily, for one because they bump into things more; but also because the alcohol dilates their blood vessels so they break more easily when the person does bump into things. also if you're chronically malnourished (like a lot of hardcore alcoholics) your body will bruise easier.

No. 1297738

Kek Why she just straight up lying on the ground? I guess this bitch can't afford beach towels. Or she threw out all her towels in her move cause it's not like she bathes anyways.

No. 1297744

File: 1628678207233.jpeg (Spoiler Image,162.68 KB, 750x1052, 1511242498847.jpeg)

She's always done the retarded hair claw do. Throw back to when she decided to wear a sheer, tight white shirt with pit stains to show her family (probs mainly for her dad) like the incestuous freakshow she is. Shay just insists on looking as special needs as possible.

No. 1297796

File: 1628686942268.jpeg (209.8 KB, 939x1311, 3E1A040C-F8B7-41C5-AB6F-210E2D…)

Shayna’s weight gain will forever shock me. She got so porky so fast. And she refuses to accept it.

No. 1297799

File: 1628687309275.jpg (929.55 KB, 1078x2009, Screenshot_20210811-080842_Chr…)

Is anyone else's Lolcow looking like this?

No. 1297800

KEK what on earth.
People that would add tags based on how many notes a post got are always so embarrassing to me. Numbers have always been the most important thing to her.

No. 1297806

That's farmcow.lol. my guess is you got banned for something. Probably derailing, like you're doing now

No. 1297808

I think so too, because that would've been an expensive Uber ride and she's not asking people to "reimburse"

No. 1297810

Shayna put on any makeup at all, even just a little mascara challenge.

She's not even one of those "skincare" girls because you just know she doesn't own face wash. She's gotta be mentally ill to honestly believe she is still a bimbo without any prediliction for cute clothes, makeup, or hair styling.

No. 1297816

laying in a bikini in a public park where animals probably piss and shit not even on a towel or anything… Imagine being out jogging or whatever and seeing this waxy looking fat girl practically naked taking selfies alone, just bizarre

No. 1297817

Why did motel 6 reply to this… Kek
Also Shayna doesn’t have a car so she’s clearly with someone (her ex/roommate) I guess I respect her for not dragging other people into her drama/sex work Twitter for once but it’s so weird when she tries to hide things because we know it’ll eventually come out because she always vents all the random details she’s been keeping in to her sex work Twitter and cam shows when she’s feeling lonely/drunk despite nobody asking. It’s how she keeps producing milk, she can’t keep her mouth shut for long.

No. 1297828

Motel 6, my beloved. The lack of interaction on any of her social media is probably sadder than her appearance.

No. 1297838

This is from getting banned, it used to happen to be a lot when I went through my
>lolcow so evil, must troll!!!1!1!
Phase. So that’s on you, nonnie

No. 1297847

please nonny tea spilled through my nose because i didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out kek
she still can’t live without snapchat filters huh

No. 1297899

Or just left her ass in a hot car.

No. 1297932

File: 1628699733648.jpeg (334.85 KB, 1221x1187, B90C802D-F8E8-45C3-B8F6-3BE5B0…)

Now actually eat them lardy

No. 1297942

It’s honestly been crazy seeing her outdoors so much this past week

No. 1297947

File: 1628701599597.jpeg (396.06 KB, 736x776, A9054943-34D0-4DE0-AEB9-D75F8A…)

cursed image. that forehead acne tho. such sexy.
looking at her laying in the grass in a bikini makes me itch.

No. 1297948

she's probably just trying to make it seem to us and fupa that since she's gotten to seattle she's "living her best life" or some cope shit like that

No. 1297952

>there is no such thing as coincidence

No. 1297954

she's just manic from the move. she'll get lazy and will get right back to only leaving for brunch or the dispensary in no time.

No. 1297963

fucking kek anon

No. 1297969

That's the thing. She's not horrifically obese (yet), but the fact she's gained so much so quickly is what makes it so gross. If she'd always looked like she does now I don't think most people would have an issue with her weight, she'd just be a bit chubby. Now she's someone who's rapidly hurtling towards doubling her body weight.

No. 1298010

File: 1628706920651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1242x1636, 0755CDD9-FAFB-4010-9933-524CD8…)

Her neck lines piss me off

No. 1298011

File: 1628706957185.jpeg (374 KB, 1242x1292, D19BE14E-F310-4A1C-A617-6DC10E…)

Pickme Shayna back at it again

No. 1298013

Don't worry, they weren't buying your content to begin with kek very professional on your public "work" account, too

No. 1298014

They're from staring down at her phone all day

No. 1298030

Just say you hate women you fat tranny fuck

No. 1298033

Clearly her vag is photoshopped but I will say this is infinity times better than when she started her "career"… Looking back at it I have no idea how she was so comfortable sharing that pustule, pimple and boil infested mess it was before

No. 1298037

Thanks for the 1950s drug PSA faggot. Clearly you don’t get it so I’ll spell it out for you: back fat barbie’s problem isn’t weed. Her fucking problem is that she doesn’t know how/wants to fix her goddamn desolate ass life. She never listened to anyone a day in her fucking life so of course she’s sitting on her couch eating fast food and smoking weed and drinking. Because god forbid she’ll get up and fix the fucking problem. So why would she fix it if she doesn’t have to feel it, right? Weed never put her in that fucking state, it was own fuckery that put her in there and is keeping her there. What did weed make her do? Was it ignoring her parents and everyone when they spoon feed her how to fix her shit? Or was it selling her pussy for literal pennies and pitty money? Clearly it’s the weed keeping her from the bpd medication/therapy/self accountability that would help her out of this hole. But your just so fucking right anon, weed is her problem not her. Since she’s such a junkie, and your the expert, tell me what keeps her coming back and her life in the fucking gutter.

No. 1298039

Put down the bong, aggro-chan

No. 1298043

Then why not take the opportunity to prove me wrong? Go on, the cow is dry, you have the floor.

No. 1298045

why would any radfem be unironically buying porn, and from some degenerate ewhore no less? the single of anon from lolcow doesn't count, but then again at the end of the day womacks and grays are temporary, whereas the loyal farmer always puts the monthly 5 dollar bill in her ~fat rolls~ pocket

No. 1298047

When the cow is dry, that means you stfu & wait

No. 1298054

It’s still on the topic of Shay so why do you care?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1298056


does she even know what a radfem is? kek

No. 1298063

Maybe she thinks terf/swerf/radfem = lolcow.

No. 1298076

it's because she absolutely knows if they're a terf, they're realistically only following her to cap her shit and post it here

>entire paragraph seethingly mad about how weed isn't bad that absolutely nobody is going to read or not laugh at
>can't understand the difference between you're and your
drug addicts back at it again!

No. 1298082

I don't think she has enough brain cells to rub together to figure out that terfs would be linked to this site.

No. 1298085

nta but she lurks. it's probably the only other place she's ever seen the terms "radfem" and "terf" besides twitter and maybe tumblr.

No. 1298108

Nta but yeah it’s pretty much common knowledge that copiously smoking weed throughout your teen years like shay did can stunt cognitive functioning…somehow I can see why that might’ve flown over your head, anon.

No. 1298156

Casual weed use is fine for most people, but Shayna has been using heavily since she was young.


No. 1298165

Dads, did you hear this?! She looooooves classic rock! And bbq! And beer! (Even has a beer belly to match yours) She's NOT like the other girls, pick /her/!

No. 1298167

Now that's what I call cringe

No. 1298170

She isn't talented enough to be able to use photoshop. She def blurs stuff from an app tho.

No. 1298172

Shatna schizophrenic episode when?

No. 1298227

I mean YES I agree with this but way to flip out defending pot consumption ew. The other anons are right using when ur a teen can/will have negative impacts on your cognitive functions- and this is coming from a daily cannabis user with a med card that started smoking as a teen- I wouldn’t be as dependent on weed as a crutch NOW if I hadn’t over done it as a teenager. Ofc I doubt she ever went impatient or ever really has EVER had a T break since her fake cannabis hypermese syndrome incident.(no1curr)

No. 1298320

File: 1628737238810.png (1.97 MB, 2025x2048, Screenshot_20210811-200003.png)

The fat on her thighs sticks out more than her butt kek

No. 1298324

File: 1628737509161.jpeg (124.78 KB, 750x464, 3063624E-EBBB-4170-8054-DFC888…)

No. 1298328

A farmer or her orbiters probably runs the instagram, their oldest post is from the summer of 2019 when she dyed her hair pink because no one else pays that much attention to her

No. 1298334

Literally Grammy Mattel #Jowls

No. 1298336

her foot looks like a hoof

No. 1298345

File: 1628741266954.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.94 KB, 1242x1223, 4B9DBB35-2655-42C0-8E2C-9304DF…)

It’s great that you’re finally attempting to take farmer advice but when they said cut your face out, they meant completely. Jowls on a 24 year old aren’t normal or cute Shaynus.(she still had time to delete and repost)

No. 1298346

Wtf I hit spoiler but it didn’t?

No. 1298349

Yeah but she'll grow out of getting male attention.

No. 1298350

You still have time to delete and repost nonita

No. 1298379

File: 1628747963326.jpeg (137.64 KB, 750x420, 5DD29C8B-2B57-4B1E-8EE4-901958…)

Fucking kek she wants to date a rich man so badly because she thinks it’ll fix her problems someone please tell her that in order to “obtain a boat dad” or any man that has money you’re not going to do that by being a fat fuck internet whore

No. 1298387

She never said she wanted a rich man, She said she wants a "boat dad", it could be someone renting a boat, borrowing a boat or in a beat up boat. Shayna's standards are low, all a man has to do is-
> Be older
>Like the music she likes
>Be a "Daddy" aka have kids or into DD/LG shit
>Say they'll take care of her (feed her, get her alcohol and be around)
Thats it. She doesn't expect them to buy her expensive gifts, she doesn't want them to spoil her. She just doesn't want to be alone. Shayna pretends she's this gold digging hot barbie bimbo, but in all reality she doesn't need a scrote to do anything but be around her.

No. 1298388

File: 1628749442367.jpeg (439.68 KB, 2048x2048, DD8895A7-9CED-45BF-886D-0B46A3…)

So she wore the same smelly bikini with snail trail on it….. barf. She looks so grimy why tf is she on the grass in her bare feet, it’s not like it’s sand or something. And she is just laying on the grass where dogs shit all over. She for real looks like a drunk mid 30s auntie

No. 1298389

File: 1628749485768.jpeg (181.96 KB, 1242x459, 4CF3AB8C-BA91-4937-8B0D-0E51B2…)

No. 1298390

File: 1628749523692.jpeg (399.15 KB, 1242x1408, 31A5D43D-7941-42F1-874B-A09D53…)

she’s so annoying

No. 1298391

So she is in Seattle now?
Anyone know what part?

No. 1298395

File: 1628750235849.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1112x2208, C548FB0E-377C-4663-AA66-1F6914…)

No. 1298396

File: 1628750277469.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1108x2185, 420DF46C-26D3-4DF7-AA6B-4815C4…)

No. 1298397

File: 1628750401147.png (Spoiler Image,7.36 MB, 1242x2208, 4F1B1D14-F94C-4238-892E-285B14…)

No. 1298399

She has to be drunk to think posting that is good idea.

No. 1298400

Why is she pulling/shaking her bikini bottom like that? How is this supposed to be sexy?
I know it's been said a thousand times but her porn makes no sense and is everything but sexy.

No. 1298401

Really great motivation to cut down my drinking right here. She looks about as sexy as the old guys who give her spare change.

No. 1298404

She looks like a man here kek

No. 1298412

she posts on twitter about how well her life is now that she moved but you can see clearly from her facial expressions she’s depressed and manic

No. 1298422

lol when she said she was going to a "lake", i thought it would actually be a lake not miserably hot looking plain old grass and a tiny body of water. shayna can't even enjoy nature right, maybe she belongs in her apartments for life

No. 1298428

Usually breakups and moving are great motivations for people to get their shit together. Delusions are so scary.

No. 1298434

That bikini is so small it looks painful.

She looked like a goblin when she was skinny, but it worked for her better than being shaped like her turd braids.

>armpit fupas


No. 1298439

File: 1628755559043.gif (Spoiler Image,2.7 MB, 368x720, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

I guess she remixed the chicken dance? I've never seen a woman "twerk" or shake their ass like Shayna shakes her rumored "Ass".
As weird ass the arching her back and cupping her cheeks look, she should stick to that.
I have no idea why she thinks people want to see her move her ass, then again, I'm not a scrote.

No. 1298472

anon, walking barefoot in the grass is normal.

No. 1298485

File: 1628762828533.jpg (74.88 KB, 566x368, c1b.jpg)

No. 1298493

And again, why does she always have to look at the camera like an owl

No. 1298496

She really thinks she's funny but look at that lack of engagement.

No. 1298515

I never noticed how massive her cankles are. They're the same size/width as her knees kek

No. 1298516

Back drop of a toilet. Peak sexy

No. 1298520

File: 1628770640701.png (Spoiler Image,5.1 MB, 1242x2208, C621ECCD-620E-494A-9072-5E2C4C…)

Real sexy backing your hunk of butter shaped body into the camera like you’re about to sit on the toilet. Also real sexy to have a toilet visible the entire time.

The way she quickly and randomly paws at her body is the complete opposite of sensual. She looks like the gross at the public pool that’s constantly pulling out their wedgie then smelling their hand.

No. 1298526

File: 1628770986636.jpeg (162.46 KB, 1221x753, 284E28F2-6A94-4E1F-B616-393C8A…)

>Today on things that never happened…

No. 1298528

And a big old case of TP in the background, half-used already even though she just moved in. Just what a coomer wants to see & think about when trying to jerk it: how much Shayna shits.

No. 1298538


She’s living in Renton.

No. 1298539

she legit moved slower when she was flashing in that bar. When she's making these videos in her bathroom, she does it quickly, like she's afraid she's going to get caught or something.

No. 1298540

The Lyme disease saga is upon us. If anyone is getting bitten by a tick it's Shay. She's too stupid and careless to use insect repellent and she rolls around almost naked in the grass.

That's how she will claim her disability money and balloon and to 300lbs.

No. 1298547

Considering how she drinks daily, she must have constant diarrhea.

No. 1298549

File: 1628774547718.jpg (505.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210812-082224_Twi…)

Did she attempt to paint her nails?

No. 1298551

Ticks live in tall grass and wooded areas. Walking around barefoot on grass is normal. She's probably the last person who'll get bitten by a tick cause she never leaves her apartment.

Don't think she needs an excuse to balloon up either

No. 1298557

Not really lol. You can still get them in urban places.

No. 1298607

Gfs.. I mean besties do that for each other, right? It's so obvious that she's already out trying to fuck someone new now that fupa threw her away

No. 1298608

How did we find out

No. 1298616

File: 1628782735852.jpeg (217.25 KB, 1284x677, 1306E506-5FBA-414E-A153-98BAA5…)

>today’s shoot

shayna, you’re setting up your shitty android and taking the same pics you’ve always taken. it’s not a “shoot”, kek.

No. 1298617

Theres been no proof of this. We only know shes in seattle

No. 1298618

File: 1628782880528.jpeg (207.04 KB, 1284x584, A9B1C6EA-A518-4809-A784-9DB2AB…)

sage but she’s really trying to act like this is a photo shoot with a photographer and not like her normal flopping around on the bed vids that she screenshots stills from.

No. 1298622

Thats disgusting but you're probably right. Especially combined with all the anal

No. 1298646

Maybe "bestie" is also her new photographer kek

No. 1298648

upthread someone found one of the food places she ordered from. saged for spoonfeeding

No. 1298649

kek. I kind of feel bad for the roommate ngl. she probably doesn’t realize all the things shayna is gonna make her do and make her feel like shit if she doesn’t. shayna is gonna try and turn this chick into her personal assistant.

No. 1298650

that doesn’t mean she lives there tho. I live in a city and can order from here, as well as 3-4 smaller suburbs outside of here. it doesn’t mean shit.

No. 1298661

Has she linked where that swimsuits from? Because I have the top to those bottoms and it's from Walmart. Which…on its own is inconsequential but is extremely hilarious for greatest bimbo sugar baby Shayna.

No. 1298673

File: 1628789941338.jpeg (Spoiler Image,654.35 KB, 762x1526, A331D315-8B0B-4D36-9CEC-10C347…)

Serving Michelin man realness

No. 1298675

File: 1628790002842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,673.19 KB, 1216x1034, C7CA58F5-FFC3-4E03-A09E-08C233…)

Nitpick but she has ugly hands and fingers

No. 1298678

File: 1628790143225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x1600, 5B384680-1EBC-4D42-ADE4-F73809…)

Jason R Womack is still down bad kek he wants to lick Shayna’s corn callus man feet

No. 1298679

File: 1628790200086.jpeg (Spoiler Image,660.83 KB, 740x1542, 3836244E-91C1-435A-A3C7-4F45F9…)

Axe wound

No. 1298680

Say what you will.

That's some juicy, fuckable cunt.(male)

No. 1298686

Jason R Womack? That you?

No. 1298701

I have street view screen grabs of where she most likely lives (without address or street names visible). Can I post? I don’t want to get I. Trouble for doxxing

No. 1298704

File: 1628792620335.png (1.2 MB, 957x1517, 13072888-532C-4DAE-84CE-0D4270…)

Scrote alert scrote alert

No. 1298705

It’s the combination of her apartment having a pool, being walking distance close to a river, having an outdoor area that looks like the burbs, and the restaurant doesn’t deliver to the most southern Seattle neighborhood using door dash. Also the unit would be 2k+ in Seattle. It’s just speculation anon, but it seems more likely to me

No. 1298707

File: 1628792863423.jpg (344.38 KB, 1536x2048, 20210812_132714.jpg)

Greasy hair and looking depressed. Much bimbo

No. 1298709

I think this is pretty good for Shayna! Why doesn’t she just normally wear some makeup

No. 1298710

filtered to shit and lips are still crusty but this is one of the better pics she's posted in a while tbh

No. 1298711

eh whatever editing she used and the fact she put on eyelashes does make her look better. Im so used to seeing the crunch bun and naked eyes.

No. 1298713

Damn her snozz is barely hanging on to existence

No. 1298719

As long as no identifiable information is in the screenshots, yes. Be very careful to remove street names, numbers, etc.

No. 1298720

>she looks good!
…. she looks like hell even with the blur tool set to maximum. The bar doesn’t exist in this thread for some of you.

No. 1298721

Agree with anons above, also she made a different facial expression instead of that stupid smirk

No. 1298725

File: 1628793950336.jpeg (863.95 KB, 1430x2078, 663F23B3-7CBB-4B58-8803-3503F4…)

Image from her balcony and apartment tour match the outside from street view. This is in Renton. There’s more, but it might be too much (apartment website layout matches hers, etc)

No. 1298726

C'mon, vendetta-chan, she doesn't look like hell…she doesn't look good, cause it's Shayna after all, possessor of unfortunate genes, but it's one of her better pictures, at least from lately…

No. 1298727

Serving “I’m about to jump off a bridge” realness


No. 1298728

File: 1628794030599.jpeg (260.78 KB, 923x1222, 5FD0BA2F-E7EB-4A89-A021-093FCB…)

Removed the ugly witch moles, gave her bigger boobs, less chunky lunch lady arms, lifted her droopy sloppily put on eyelashes, and fixed her nose a bit. She’s still ugly and has dull thin gross hair, but I think it’s better. graphic design is my passion I’ll take the retarded ban guys

No. 1298729

Someone not agreeing with you doesn’t make them a vendetta-chan retard

No. 1298731

Still looks like hell

No. 1298744

She looks like she has FASD here

No. 1298750

Fucking underrated

No. 1298751

That’s definitely it!

No. 1298759

What’s the blurred thing in the bottom right? The color seems skin tone, but no one would have their leg up like that. Is her bestie just casually feeling her up while they drive?

No. 1298773

Chill, anon

No. 1298792

It probably IS her knee and her elbow is propped up on it.

No. 1298798

It's her friends who are taking her nudes today

No. 1298806

great now she is ready2glare

No. 1298810

It's a shame her genitals didn't look like this (edited or not) when she was 50lbs thinner, she might have actually gone somewhere with this SW career choice

No. 1298811

That has got to be it. Same wall panelling/windows etc. Nice job anon

No. 1298813

i accidentally opened this and lfucking gasped in horror. im literally a lesbian but this is too much.

No. 1298814

Why does someone need bigger boobs to be more attractive?

Big boobs are a neutral feature, even ugly if they get too large.

You have made her nose look odd.

No. 1298823

This looks worse. Shoopchans need to not, it never, ever looks good

No. 1298835

File: 1628806385628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,822.08 KB, 1284x1072, 62B20692-F8D4-4DA0-9128-EA68CE…)


No. 1298836

File: 1628806431873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.04 KB, 767x1024, 939F2DCC-477C-4658-BEFA-F37EDB…)

she filtered her face so heavily there’s literally a mask around it, but left her legs untouched?

No. 1298837

old dudes in furniture stores say cringe shit like that all the time
only shayna would pretend to find it sexy because she is the lowest form of pickme

No. 1298838

File: 1628806483246.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.1 KB, 768x1024, BA8084BD-09E9-43BE-9D4B-9E886C…)

the squinty black eyes, sagging labia, and too small outfit really just adds to the vibe

No. 1298840

File: 1628806553662.jpeg (241.14 KB, 1284x748, FA0C7F90-65B7-46A3-B64C-D10FD6…)

that’s why piggies like you need their mud holes so they don’t get over heated

No. 1298844

File: 1628806634224.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2126, 071CEC7A-92FA-4725-8145-79461C…)

the extreme face filter, kek

No. 1298845

she literally looks like a sex doll made up of the cut up corpses of 6 different women and troons

No. 1298849

it kills me that her idea of a "busy work day" is literally just putting on cheap costumes and taking photos in the middle of a field. kek she doesn't put effort into anything she does

No. 1298850

AYRT no need to get triggered flat chest chan. I have small boobs too but I just made them bigger because she wants to larp as a uwu bimbo with curves. Her man boobs are uneven and lopsided she needs a boob job definitely

No. 1298851

Oh my fucking god. Shaynus is cosplaying as herself cow of the year

No. 1298852

These were the “best” shots… bleak. Close your damn mouth, Shayna.

No. 1298854

File: 1628807409906.jpeg (90.22 KB, 1194x357, 01368EB2-1712-4C33-937E-6EA850…)

More on the way guys kek

No. 1298855

File: 1628807505474.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1242x1608, 8F616A3F-2111-4E28-9E0C-D33306…)

> Don’t forget her unpainted piano playing toes!!
Honestly, I’m surprised she could squat like that. She probably didn’t do it for long kek but still. Shaynus is really hideous

No. 1298858

>friends taking care of her
so why is she holding a remote? if her friends were around surely they would take the photos for her. is this her tripod-san era?

No. 1298859

>heat exhaustion
It could be hot out, but it looks cloudy and overcast in the pictures??
Kek what a fat bitch. Drink some water you dehydrated fat-ass. Also it doesn’t help that you’re wearing clothes that are too small for you.

No. 1298860

File: 1628807814692.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3072x3072, AEE9DFD8-B9AD-4FC0-A32A-7DB6B0…)


No. 1298861

"Fren taking care of me" means someone gave her a fucking bottle of water, just like Fupa taking care of her after her surgery was giving her a cold beverage. The bar is on the floor.

No. 1298862

She looks like her own ugly older sister. Woof.

No. 1298863

File: 1628807895327.png (269.66 KB, 326x348, 07024eb83874aff186824e69de2990…)

these roots are sending me

No. 1298864

Wtf is this facial expression. I know it’s sunny but girl… you look constipated.

No. 1298867


Love how she tries to do the open lip model thing, but it looks like she’s just mouth breathing.

No. 1298869

How long before she's whining about not getting enough attention from these pictures? Also, Twitter isn't tumblr, Shayna. Scrotes don't fucking care about any of these outfit. They'll just glance at the pictures with her tits and puss out and move on. She legit thinks going somewhere, poses in cheap outfits and making ugly faces, is SOO unique and she's going to go viral.

No. 1298871

why… would she go for a cow print?

No. 1298873

Because she loves to ~own the haturrrz~ by lowkey referencing lolcow because she deep down knows we’re the only people who give half a shit about her, even if it’s just for the lulz. shay is also always a year or two late on trends/memes. Cow print was popular a while ago.

No. 1298880

She didn’t touch up her legs in the sissy mask looking one but clearly touched up her legs and her labia on this one… sometimes I wonder why she bothers

No. 1298897

She looks to be in central WA right now but yeah, it’s hot and looks overcast due to forest fires. I bet she doesn’t drink any water

No. 1298902

You do realize it can be hot and humid out while also being overcast? Lol

No. 1298908

Love the attention to detail of her vagina looking just like a cow's hoof.

No. 1298909

“She looks good” anons real quiet right now kek

No. 1298915

>>1298844 no. no it is not. Shay please youre just wearing a hat.

No. 1298916

Your post made me laugh so hard.. she really is experimenting with more filters in these latest pics, the only way she could look decent

No. 1298922

File: 1628813684005.jpg (Spoiler Image,539.21 KB, 1079x1067, Screenshot_20210812-214425_Twi…)


No. 1298924

File: 1628813727991.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.91 KB, 960x1280, 20210812_214442.jpg)

No. 1298926

File: 1628813784740.jpg (Spoiler Image,419.8 KB, 1280x960, 20210812_214444.jpg)

No. 1298929

Good grief

No. 1298930

the back fat…kek

No. 1298931

she is so dumb for dumping all her content out at once. she already posted the heifer photoset, now fat sissy cottage core in the same day.

No. 1298932

No underwear AND sitting in long grass while it’s potentially muggy out. Bug bites when

No. 1298933

Why she doing Easter themed content in August?

That's what this outfit screams to me.

No. 1298934

File: 1628814154096.jpeg (258.67 KB, 1242x1022, CA4106F1-2346-4CBD-B47F-DE8F3A…)

No. 1298935

Exactly my thoughts, why is she dumping this all in one day and expecting coomers and handmaidens to care about all of the content being thrown at thm

No. 1298937

This outfit only makes sense in April.
And even still, she's too fat for it.

No. 1298938

i'm convinced she's been using filters like on snow for example that narrow the face/body because she looks massive here in photos that were taken with the actual iphone camera by someone else. like the face editing has been obvious for 3 years now but this is another thing.

No. 1298940

An anon upthread mentioned it but she's going to get fucking ticks, holy shit.

No. 1298943

The dress and hat I suppose could work in August but it's the stuffed chicken that's sending me, wtf is this kek

No. 1298945

How you gonna have a picnic with no basket? No blanket? Just bare snatch on the dead grass? Staring mole eyed directly into the sun? I don't understand her. But hey, at least she left the apartment.

No. 1298948

File: 1628815429638.jpeg (439.59 KB, 797x1379, C32A3193-EC8F-42D2-8209-8B50E1…)

Is that not a duck? Kek. She is too frumpy and fat for this aesthetic

No. 1298949

you rarely see a whale this far inland
what a terrible pose and outfit

No. 1298950

She couldn’t afford the picnic basket and blanket anon KEK I’d die laughing if she brought the cursed star blanket outside. I really hope she threw that out….

No. 1298951

She just does not get it. The 2009 straightened hair and drag queen makeup are the opposite of cottagecore or whatever the fuck this is supposed to be. Looking like party city mother goose

No. 1298952

Her natural curls would have been better than the ugly greasy combover hair style she has going on

No. 1298953

Oh no oh my god that's so ugly… it's an actual purse… it looks like it's from Dollar General Shayna please. How fucking blitzed out of your mind do you have to be to online shop a stuffed animal purse for 35 whole human dollars.

No. 1298956

She picks out the worst items on dollskill kek. it’s not hideous but it’s overpriced and cheap looking. Looks like something you’d find at a toy store for children. Cottage core is the complete opposite of Shayna’s “bimbo” larp aesthetic. Cottage core is a small home in the forest or living on a farm and bimbo is materialistic designer items and living in the city. Shaynus makes zero sense

No. 1298963

She hops onto whatever trend she thinks is popular for her "content" but, as usual, she's about a year late. Tumblr rotted her brain because she's stuck between adopting an aesthetic that, let's be honest, only women enjoy while trying to sell it to braindead coomers like Womack. It ends up being unappealing to everybody.

No. 1298965

I'm getting ticks looking at this oklahoma-core

No. 1298966

She’s mooing

No. 1298967

Why is her mouth just… black? Uncanny. At least she finally dressed up as a cow. Do it for the farms, Shayna!

No. 1298968

At least she wore makeup but ugh. Her arm and back fat are looking hammy as fuck. This is looking like some 2008 deviant art photography

No. 1298970

She's just trying to appeal to any male she can. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't even realize that these aesthetics are rooted in conflicting core values. She just thinks "men like dumb bimbos" and "men like trad waifus", then tries to do both.

No. 1298976

File: 1628817535145.jpeg (200.66 KB, 1242x705, 77167E94-74BD-423C-BA3D-5899AB…)

Fat broke bitch wants uwu tips for new camera….even though she never posted the “photo shoot” on Onlyfans to begin with. She only sent one dumb photo in the dms. She’d rather post it on Twitter than post it exclusively to the few scrotes who actually pay, and she wonders why everyone unsubscribes.

No. 1298978

File: 1628817772774.jpeg (16.58 KB, 199x300, A169E903-1E00-477A-89E2-36821D…)

Was about to ask if she is trying to be mother goose

No. 1298979

Those soulless black eyes

No. 1298984

File: 1628818183661.jpeg (181.7 KB, 900x900, 7090DEF3-F84C-47B1-A498-F7F5AB…)

I fucking can’t

No. 1298986

My bad, you're right nonnie, I actually meant to type stuffed chick, but it does look like a duck

No. 1298989

I'm actually dying! I knew this was familiar but I couldn't place why. Imagine making fucking Mother Goose porn. Thriving in Seattle!

No. 1298993

The fact that this old woman looks better and more youthful than Shayna kek

No. 1298997

She’s been begging for money for a camera for about five years now.

No. 1298998

The pnw is clouded with forest fire air. Everything's gonna look cloudy and overcast in that general area. Smoke is in the air

No. 1299001

File: 1628821142475.png (1.18 MB, 858x1490, 1510632783293.png)

She used to look like this lmao. Is she past the point of no return now?

No. 1299003

File: 1628821242102.jpeg (312.81 KB, 960x1280, B17D6B21-5380-414D-9AAF-51914B…)

Sage for retarded fanart but I shaved about 30lbs off her and gave her actual shoulders instead of the slabs of hams she has for arms just to see what it’d look like.

No. 1299007

oh my god LOL i was trying to figure out who she looked like, spot on

No. 1299009

It's an improvement but the outfit is still a tacky mother goose cosplay.

No. 1299010

what is it with shayna and these party city-tier amazon costumes? i swear she has more of them than actual clothes at this point.

No. 1299016

Post this to the cow photoshop thread, we don’t care about your fanart

No. 1299024

Ehhhh; Its better than the advice anons or anons who wanna suck Fupa's chode and bring him up all the time.

No. 1299025

not really

No. 1299027

I’m still shocked like assuming she’s holding a vape cuz she was obviously driven by someone else to this location, imagine some fat hog moves in with you and less than a week later she’s begging you to take pics of her in her dollar general discounted halloween costume showing off her neo vag

No. 1299033

OK i might get roasted for this but I think this is actually really cute. The blue is nice on her, I like her lipstick color and she went outside. She did her make up and hair and put together a cohesive look, I like it.

No. 1299038

How is she still missing the mark so hard even with her roommate there to help her? Sabotaging roomie saga when

No. 1299048

Raise your standards

No. 1299049

Her tits are trying to run away from her, but yeah she looks pretty normal here. Not good, but not like a homeless goblin like usually. She looks like a very slightly below average chick. Can't she see how the bare minimum is still a significant step up? Because her whole no makeup and ratnest bun for the past few months has just been so SO bad. It's not natural sexy or cute. It's haggard af. Just a little makeup and smoothing and not making retzrded faces takes her from a 2.5 to like a 6.

No. 1299051

>a 6
That isn’t even an Oklahoma 6

No. 1299052

File: 1628830504768.jpg (58 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_130020998-stock-…)

mfw these masochistic anons continue to praise her knowing damn well they're going to get eaten alive

No. 1299053

Jfc. These are like a hick farmer girl that's a little too well fed trying to model. God awful.

And this. She needs to stop wearing these frumpy ruffle sleeve off the shoulder tops and dresses because they make her look fucking obese and ugly af. It's an ugly dress as it is, but her arms and shoulders are WAY too fat for it.

She finally went outside and finally did a lazy version of that unoriginal cow idea, did something different, but either over edited or didnt edit enough and still bought ill fitting outfits. Then instead of slowly posting the fresh content, she spams and dumps both photosets immeadiatly. Incredible. She'll be back to boring window and bed "content" next week now. She's got no sense for business or anything really for that matter. I can't wait for her to finish fizzling out of sex work. Wild shes held on this long to the point of returning to Washington.

No. 1299055

I was being generous. I guess a 4.5 is more accurate. Like I said, there she looks like a slightly below average chick.

But then I saw >>1298863 her face
Now I regret
Being slightly generous by saying she looked almost ok

No. 1299056

I remeber a few threads ago shayna said she was gonna dress as a cow in a feild and pour milk on herself but couldn't cos of the weather. Surprised she actually did it. Minus the milk part.

No. 1299057

She clearly moved back to Washington with the delusion that she’ll make it this time around and become the superstar pornstar she’s always wanted to be. At this rate though she’ll wind up on Facial Abuse at best. How demoralizing.

No. 1299058

sorry anon I actually meant >>1299033

No. 1299061

Considering porn is an industry that women age out of extremely quickly, that's sort of sad. Unless you've already proven your staying power, if you're over 25 its almost too late. And even if you do make it you won't have many years left. Men are disgusting and are always looking for the next "barely legal" teen star. I wonder if shayna has any plans after onlyfans?

No. 1299066

so far the only porn she’s done “professionally” is the bdsm one right? Like she hasn’t actually fucked a random dude for video. Maybe if she branches out into that it would be more lucrative than the average 10 dollar tip from Womack.

No. 1299068

No. She doesn't, because she's a dangerous cocktail of narcissism and sticking it to her parents, and may be too retarded to even conceptualize the idea of having a future. I eagerly await the day Shayna is too old and fat for e-whoredom and has to come up with something to put on her resume

No. 1299077

Nta but I can’t think of any person I’d be more embarrassed to be

No. 1299079

I dont see her ever getting a job. Leaving her with only 2 options (variations of): settle down with a scrote who is willing to take care of her lazy ass or do even more actually humiliating and nastier fetish porn like feederism and whatever else. Like she'll have to do A LOT more than putting on too small cheap outfits and saying "daddy".

No. 1299084

File: 1628836454968.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1242x1627, 7BBF6B0D-2F2B-4557-A0B6-D0C1B4…)

Serving mother goose realness

No. 1299085

Spoiler this shit I hate looking at her yellow teeth/disgusting smile. Also: we get it she used to be skinny you can stop posting old pics

No. 1299086

File: 1628836628159.jpeg (1.05 MB, 824x1506, E58BDE1D-06E2-47D8-9BD9-3A38C4…)

No. 1299090

File: 1628836724837.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 1242x1274, B3D73D60-D15F-4AA3-BC8B-CA414B…)

Bitch really thinks this is artsy kek, sorry Shayna this only works on pretty women not ugly fat fucks with cankles

No. 1299098

She looks really witchy here. Her squidward-looking penis nose combined with the old lady arched angry brows & the snaggletooth really gives off Hocus Pocus vibes.

Shayna put your eyebrows down challenge

No. 1299110

Great job ruining whatever unique concept you were going for, with that comment that sounds like everything else you say on Twitter

No. 1299122

This would be a decent photo if her oblong tit wasn’t swaying in the breeze

No. 1299132

File: 1628844326972.jpeg (57.22 KB, 634x351, AB3FA948-B6C7-44B5-9174-064060…)

courtney stodden in 2011 vibes

No. 1299134

and if her hair didn't contain enough grease to supply every fast food joint in a 5km radius

No. 1299148

anon, i can't

No. 1299153

She’ll take this as a compliment since she’s such a bimbo

No. 1299208

She is giving me PT vibes here. This is just uncanny

No. 1299215

… she really has her bare puss and ass in dead weeds that are housing thousands of insects.

Also why tf is she holding weeds? and more specifically, why is she holding them like that? God she has zero artistic abilities.

No. 1299243

File: 1628866048985.jpg (344.9 KB, 1079x1757, Screenshot_20210813-085815_Tum…)

Ok Shay

No. 1299247

File: 1628866346340.jpeg (76.01 KB, 282x404, AA419EDE-2E18-4C9F-A86F-8FCA28…)

she can’t even put on lashes correctly

No. 1299257

The only people who think you're hot are other trailer park trash and degenerates.

No. 1299262

Yeah, shay! Give it to them! Fuck your entire health for scrotes! So desireable. The fact that she justifies this and THIS is her reasoning, whew.

No. 1299274

Someone tell shay she doesn't have to do any of that. She can still drink and eat what she wants. She's in her 20s. She just can't eat like a fucking garbage disposal and drink 24/7. She would be thin if she wasn't a huge pig.

No. 1299275

>"people already think i'm hot as fuck!!! Doesn't seem worth it to maintain my figure
but at the same time-
" Spend time learning 2 love urself 4 who u are and how you body looks!"
You just admitted that because ugly old scrotes think you are "hot as fuck" is why you don't maintain your body.
Just admit you are lazy and as long as SOMEONE pays attention even if it's literally an handful of Fallout new vegas looking scrotes, you'll feel worth it. She doesn't love herself if others don't want to fuck her and think she's a barbie. She doesn't love her body, she's just too lazy to fix it and needs Alcohol, weed and food to cope.

No. 1299276

KEK this is so out of touch that I thought it was old but nope, from 3 days ago.
>my weight fluctuates like fucking crazy
Fluctuate implies it goes down at some point

No. 1299278

She must mean her image of her weight/body. There’s no way it can fluctuate that much unless she counts being less bloated as weight loss.

No. 1299279

I was thinking the same thing. We get it, that's your shtick, but it's fucking boring and predictable with you. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's, "oh, thought she was going to say something fun and whimsical, but it's just another anal joke."

No. 1299282

I bet this person has not seen a recent photo of Shayna.

No. 1299283

Reminds me when deathfats claim that it's mostly "water weight"

No. 1299294

I feel like a farmer must’ve asked this as a joke honestly and she’s genuinely gassed up in her mind to believe it’s serious

No. 1299302

File: 1628874325522.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1002.3 KB, 1242x1426, 81DEE6C9-C23C-45C8-A5F1-BE5344…)

You ran out of milk you boring lazy hamplanet

No. 1299306

That face is….special

No. 1299307

I feel she knew it was a farmer, she knows nobody is looking at her body and asking for advice how to get a body like that.
Back when she was thin, she'd brag about eating junk and staying in shape.Now that she's bigger, she's all about "self love", even though she's complained about her weight, bitched about how all girls have to do is "be thin and pretty" to get attention, wanted lip injections and all kinds of shit.
Or maybe the person was looking at old pictures.

No. 1299309

She hasn't mentioned setting up her "work room" yet. Which can indicate a room mate

No. 1299312

I think it's pretty obvious at this point that there's a roommate. Anons have mentioned how expensive her area can be and with her income it would sense that she's living with a roommate unless one of her parents is helping with rent.

No. 1299313

Her facial expression here is disturbing. Bitch looks like she’s inbred

No. 1299316

Also she's clearly being driven to these places and with Noodle. Sure she could uber, but I feel like she wouldnt necessarily know about these locations and she was in the passenger seat. Amongst other indicators.
Also someone took those pics of her. And she's just acting sus about it all. Her "bestie" is definitely her roommate and more than likely her ex from last time.

No. 1299320

It was pretty obvious when she started following ppl that are in her exes circle and stopped following them when we found her Twitter

No. 1299329

Exactly. Her degenerate fan base and selling point is her being a gross, dirty sloppy mess. None of her scrotes care about this shit which is why she has to put an anal reference so you know she's still a gross shit monster.

No. 1299352

File: 1628881110629.jpeg (Spoiler Image,859.61 KB, 718x1459, 8EDEE173-DEF6-4C77-8A06-97A25C…)

Jason R Womack still simping for the fatty

No. 1299358

File: 1628881534519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1093x2175, 6A38E520-9938-4143-9B99-6DEAF7…)

Her ass is so lumpy and covered in cellulite kek

No. 1299359

File: 1628881558393.jpeg (162.42 KB, 489x593, 16EEA36A-CE79-4C8C-8C47-BE8C58…)


No. 1299360

She straight up looks like a 45 year old hooker on the corner in some hick town

No. 1299361

File: 1628881733941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1101x2208, BC3E4CC1-8E78-4064-8A25-29BDC6…)

My sides… Anons please look at the size difference of her moobs when she leans over kek

No. 1299364

Ban me but you can’t deny that the one doesn’t look like a half-filled waterballon.

No. 1299374

File: 1628882240907.png (Spoiler Image,6.8 MB, 1242x2208, 72F8B41E-8E8E-4C76-97A2-679071…)

Watching Shayna continue to balloon up in size after years of being a misogynistic bullying bitch who thought she was the shit because she had a few thousand followers on Tumblr, is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Link to her naked dancing like a retard

No. 1299379

She is completely dead inside

No. 1299389


Holy fuck I have such secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1299392

File: 1628883617424.gif (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 320x626, cottagecheeseshake.gif)

No. 1299397

Shayna, a gut roll is not the same thing as "not having a flat stomach". This is not the level of fatness that you just brush aside and say 'ok, I ate a bit much today, but the bloating will go down tomorrow'. This is months… YEARS honestly of overeating showing in your fat rolls. Not just the gunt, but there's 2 backrolls when she puts her arms at rest to her sides…
But I guess I'm preaching to the choir. She'll just keep getting fatter, clinging onto the few days when she loses 5lb of water weight as justification that her weight "fluctuates" and it's not really all gain.

Love to see it. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

No. 1299407

I will never fucking understand why she chlenches her Hank Hill butt cheeks together when she is shaking her ass at the cam! Loosen those hips girl! She must have sciatic pain like crazy. I get anxiety every time she posts a video dancing naked…

No. 1299411

File: 1628884687245.png (Spoiler Image,5.61 MB, 1242x2208, 525DCF0C-EBFF-474D-9296-ACE8DF…)

If she wasn’t standing up one would think she was dead with that corpse face

No. 1299413

She is absolutely at her lowest. She looks drunk, high and on some other shit.

No. 1299420

I think her butt is just so small that it looks like she's clenching

No. 1299423

Living her “best life”- she’s seriously become fatspo at this point like people were NOT joking when the said if she keeps drinking she’d get a beer gut and become a pig that never even goes out to walk her dog let alone down the street- just “doordash barbie” vibes UwU

No. 1299426

File: 1628885849116.png (Spoiler Image,281.92 KB, 357x638, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 1.16…)

No. 1299431

File: 1628886388241.jpeg (32.83 KB, 499x500, A3A0B208-83A9-40B8-B1DF-1B153E…)


No. 1299436

kek, I love it anon!

No. 1299451

natural lighting and shadows really isn’t for you

No. 1299453

why does her ass look like that at 24? i thought that only happened to women 35+

No. 1299455

Lol that was so funny but seriously this was the most unsexy thing I've ever witnessed. Her one flapjack tit swinging around while the other remains unmoved and Jesus Christ the cellulite and loose skin on her ass and thighs. Seeing her in motion is startling.

No. 1299472

File: 1628888878810.jpg (258 KB, 1242x1191, pinkbubblywine.jpg)

that's gold, baby. cheers

No. 1299488

Shayna is an alcoholic, alcohol is a diuretic and breaks down protein, so her skin is saggy due to dehydration and her glutes can't build muscle properly.

No. 1299495

better than the smug pixar smirk she always does

No. 1299502

File: 1628891334320.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, C8DB3D71-C247-41E5-A32D-5AA987…)

You mean this smirk

No. 1299506

This is like a scene from a horror movie, like someone’s car breaks down by some cow field, and there is the disturbing “reek reek reek” sound, and then this is darting towards the car, and the next scene is cops analyzing all the dead bodies, and then they have to investigate a weird lab nearby the cow field, etc. etc.

No. 1299513

File: 1628891830548.gif (1016.26 KB, 500x375, skinny-legend.gif)

sounds like she's running water in the background like the wasteful bitch that she is smh

topkek anon. poor buffalo bill doesn't deserve this comparison. he at least had some ab definition!

No. 1299514

The way her ass flab stretched out there was fucking scary what the actual hell

No. 1299531

I genuinely don’t understand how she manages to look like cottage cheese/lard when her job is supposed to be selling pics of her body? I see tons of other degen camwhores that obviously weigh MORE look better and more sensual than this? Either they eat healthy or do yoga idfk-it must be the alcohol and lack of physical activity (if she really ever even gets out of bed besides the past week mayb)
Tinfoil that her parents are somehow still paying for all of this even tho she’s almost 25 bc idfk who else would be funding this unless it’s farmers or ppl that want her to become a feeder

No. 1299556

File: 1628895311712.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x589, ugly.jpg)

No. 1299569

it’s probably a mix of shitty genes too. I bet her mom looks like a cottage cheese dairy cow.

No. 1299570

buffalo bill is still a hotter woman than shayna

No. 1299574

Beautiful and perfect, anon. Her legs and mound have gotten so fat lately it always looks like she's tucking a dick between her thighs

No. 1299576

I still think wtf every time she shows her pubic mound. How is it possible that it sticks out further than both her ballooning beer belly and sagging tits.

No. 1299584

wow she has literally 0 rhythm, and this song has a great beat. how depressing.

No. 1299590


BEST. POST. EVER. Bless this mess.

No. 1299594

left tit looking like the saggy asscheek of an old man

No. 1299612

she loved Fupa so much she got one of her very own

No. 1299619

she looks just like her dad imo, and he has a beer gut bod going on
have we ever seen a photo of her mum? maybe she’s attractive and that’s part of why shayna hates her

No. 1299631

imagine looking at this troll and thinking any of her family is attractive, kek

No. 1299633

She got called a 6 yesterday so that’s the level of derangement going on in this thread

No. 1299638

File: 1628907871878.jpeg (Spoiler Image,248.78 KB, 1914x1440, 1C209083-C752-4234-92AD-C48623…)

What Lovecraftian horror is this(sage)

No. 1299646

Holy fuck nothing has caught Shaynus essence quite like this video has, I have tears in my eyes from laughter, thank you nonnie.

No. 1299647

full ghoatse by december

No. 1299652

Anon beat me to the goatse reference. This photo elicits the same disgusted reaction to me. God I feel like I’m gonna puke. People jerk off to this?

No. 1299654

Is it me or does her arm look freakishly huuuuuggge against her small head at this angle?!

No. 1299657

This has been her pinned tweet for months but thanks for making me look at it again

No. 1299663

Are you new here? She posted this months ago. Sage if you're just going to repost old shit

No. 1299664

File: 1628911294798.jpeg (28.28 KB, 474x237, SSTTITD.jpeg)


No. 1299667

Not even kidding, this is so fucking concerning. She's starting to look like Luna. She's not fat enough for this. Her genetics are so unfortunate.

No. 1299675

She retweeted it so I haven’t seen the depths of that snatch until now(sage)

No. 1299690

It's from making her head "slimmer" in the snow app or similar.

No. 1299693

Welcome to the Shay thread. Anons post caps of everything she does, so if she retweets something, it's already been posted here and not worth bumping the thread for.

No. 1299709

it is Anon Made hence the caption "sage because complete autism" lol

No. 1299711

I realized I'm retarded actually lol. Honestly it worked so well. It was entirely believable that she would either to poke at us or because she is so stupid she probably doesn't know the reference. I unfortunately had to go watch the vid back to realize it was the same disturbing flabby dance from the other vid.

No. 1299713

Samefag which in my defense I didnt catch the first time because let's be honest all her content is the same. Wouldnt be abnormal for her to post 2 sped chicken dances in her bathroom in a row kek

No. 1299720

File: 1628921824605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1221x1464, 7600FC61-A98D-4CAB-879F-E3EA18…)

Onlyfans anon here to bump the thread with actual (sort of) milk
Shayna in the weeds with her bare lobster claw snatch hanging out

No. 1299721

everything about this is offensive to my eyes. her left tit trying to escape her body is a big mood.

No. 1299723

People who are very fit can eat and drink whatever they want, they don’t have to limit themselves. It’s one of the perks of having more muscle than fat. Muscle burns more energy while resting so once a person reaches a certain percentage of muscle they have to start eating more in order to maintain it. Too bad she couldn’t stick to her workout plan and had to lie in order to feel better about quitting. If she could get fit she’d finally get all that attention she so desperately seeks

No. 1299724

chicken dancing with all her might but the only thing that's moving is cellulite and prematurely aged, flappy dehydrated skin. Dismal.

No. 1299727

File: 1628923308531.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.59 KB, 898x755, BA7C9858-13B7-4162-8B0F-3C6E2B…)

Tried editing her cockeyed moobs looks horrible but whatever
sage for autism(fan art)

No. 1299730

Gonna catch Lyme disease girl

No. 1299736

Anon did you also edit her vagina? It looks like it was pinched in with the liquify tool. Uncanny valley and kinda tasteless on your part tbh.

No. 1299748

Do you think scrotes know the difference between a real vagina vs a shooped unrealistic one? It was just an example nonnie. It already looked like it is falling off from years and years of her dry fucking herself with disease infested dildos from Chinese Amazon sweatshops. I just made her lego hand snatch look ~uwu small barbie bimbo~ because scrotes don’t know the fucking difference and they have pea sized fucking brains. I don’t get why this fat fuck doesn’t photoshop more if she isn’t going to take care of herself or exercise. Pisses me off. I hate men

No. 1299750

Stop with these shoops already, they are stupid and add nothing to the thread. We don't need to see your fantasy of what Shatna's vagina should look like.

No. 1299752

Kek Shayna basing her self worth and health only on Jason Womack tips, trying to prove her haters wrong is my favourite thing!! Cope harder pedo greasy shaynus. Please continue not listening to our advice, I love seeing a nasty bitch rot.

No. 1299754

Looks like a pregnant whore dumped out in a field strung out yikes

No. 1299759


No. 1299761

The fucking fan art has got to stop, I thought we’ve been banning this fucking attention seeking bullshit.

No. 1299782


I am genuinely just baffled by her stomach. I said it before in a previous thread but mine looks like this because I had a baby recently. How on EARTH does one obtain a kangaroo pouch without a pregnancy, it’s beyond me.

No. 1299797

It’s the alcohol anon. I am noticing the tiniest version of this on myself and Shaynus has become my regular evening reminder that I don’t need another wine

No. 1299838

Didn’t CWC call it having a romp in the hay with his mom? Big yikes girl

No. 1299879

i WISH shayna could love herself instead of coping with her empty life through being drunk and high all the time. if she loved herself, things would have never gotten to this state.

No. 1299880


No. 1299890

File: 1628949758782.png (348.44 KB, 550x416, lurch.png)

No. 1299945

even with all the filtering you can still see dirt on her knees kek shay please brush the dirt off

No. 1299950

I opened this thread and I thought I was in the Luna thread for a second.

No. 1299956

why should she love herself? she does nothing worthy of love
she should mend her ways and try to be a decent person, then she’ll have something to love about herself

No. 1299957

that's the joke

No. 1299975

File: 1628959890546.png (520.18 KB, 589x765, Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 9.50…)

This juxtaposition really drives home the delusional being that is Shayna Clifford

No. 1300007

burping barbie…ffs

No. 1300009

File: 1628963401492.jpeg (348.19 KB, 1284x1214, D3A4F694-7225-4CED-B026-0199AF…)

her followers love supporting her alcoholism. i’m convinced some of them are attracted to her sloppy drunkenness.

No. 1300014

File: 1628964291226.jpg (14.12 KB, 400x400, 002_400x400.jpg)

No. 1300024

File: 1628965725850.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1053x1533, 7CBB3CA5-80AB-4D0B-9B44-DA614F…)

No. 1300025

File: 1628965763561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1212x1262, 4D7BC8B7-6F11-4B92-8165-032D78…)

Those clothes do not fit kek

No. 1300028

File: 1628965928109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.26 KB, 767x1024, A856C504-F2A4-4B4E-8FAE-8B3E60…)

Hank Hill

No. 1300030

every face she's made in these pictures have been horrible. She doesn't even look fat just…lumpy and ill bodied.

No. 1300034

Damn even the back of her knees are flabby. It’s not even so much that she gained weight and is chubby now, its that shes so damn flabby, grey, and sick looking.

No. 1300038

Her feet are disgusting, at least brush off the grass before you take pictures ffs. And I can't imagine the infections she could get from sitting in grass/dirt with no underwear

No. 1300050

sage for vag sperg but…where is it..? it looks like a weird fleshy "barbie doll" mound and not in the way she wants it to

No. 1300052

Her chunky thighs are suffocating it. If she's not spreading it Lego hand style, then it just looks like a drag tuck job kek

No. 1300071

That grass is dry and sharp as hell. She probably has scratches all over her legs and vag. It's Shayna so idk why I'm surprised at the level of unsanitariness, but why couldn't her "frens" tell her this was a bad idea?

Aesthetic nitpick but the warm color grading is giving me 28 Days Later. I wonder if she edited these herself or if whoever took them is just as visually challenged

No. 1300079

>>1300071 she can't have any feeling left there after all the abuse she does to it

No. 1300090

no retard

No. 1300108


Imagine walking by the field and seeing some mentally ill person rolling around in hay with their pussy out

No. 1300117

File: 1628976179737.jpeg (Spoiler Image,700.92 KB, 2048x2048, 1DF55613-F07C-4FDC-8F5D-89237E…)

We all know Shayna’s an ugly woman, but these photos are on a whole other level. Even disregarding her body, how is she not embarrassed to have photos of her face looking like this on the internet.

No. 1300120

The fucking caveman brow. Work on getting that thing shaved down, Shatna.

No. 1300122

Shes not used to light, especially sunlight. So shes squinting so much and you can tell she's uncomfortable. Also her greasy straightened hair doesn't suit her. Plus you know, her face is just unfortunate. Her lips look super tiny, black eyes, fat face, etc.

No. 1300126

She's constantly drunk/stoned, so she never realises how fucking retarded she looks/acts. Shit for her health but even worse for her actual life. She's actually doomed her hope of a proper career because she wanted 5 bucks to spread her moldy cheeks to coomers.

No. 1300131

kek did she get botox? It looks like she can't raise the inner parts of her brows upwards, even in bottom right/top middle where she seems to be trying.
This is the Ursula expression that you get stuck with if you have naturally witchy, angry brows, then get too much botox freezing the area between them.

No. 1300143

no if she got botox she'd have bragged about how bimbo she was

No. 1300150

Her new room mate is a complete bitch if she's involved in this. Imagine taking these photographs, telling Shayna that she looks good in them and then allowing her to upload them the internet.

No. 1300160

>>1300122 atleast its not greasy turd braids

No. 1300161

I think the grease slicked bad comb over is on par. At least the turd braids she does when she's home after her bi monthly shower. Usually not in public. Her rats nest she does a lot though too. Hard to rank what's worse with her because everything she does is awful.

No. 1300164

the og is the huge round crunchy bangs

No. 1300178

File: 1628982744962.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, ACF3F9DF-DBAB-404A-B9B9-BFBFC1…)

Her hairstyles are all hideous

No. 1300197

she has the frowny face because it's too bright for her
it's strikingly obvious how infrequently she goes outside because even tho she has tiny bead eyes, she can barely open them
hence this face

No. 1300198

Major kek anon. It really do be like that

No. 1300201

I know people hate the chola one, but it's the only one I kind of like out of her go-to's.

No. 1300204


I fucking hate the hairsprayed Coke can bangs.

No. 1300205

I’d legit kermit if I had that sped face and misshapen body. It’s a good (?) thing she has insufficient self awareness to realise how ugly she is.

No. 1300213

>>1300178 I like the bangs. the less I have to see of her face grease the better

No. 1300265

I can't pick even a single one of these to defend. I guess Chola. I forgot all about her Ariana skinwalker phase. God that did her fat face no favors

No. 1300284


No. 1300293

File: 1628995839335.png (213.68 KB, 516x526, 1409630808061.png)

more than a passing resemblance to picrel
sage for complete autism

No. 1300296

File: 1628996127625.jpeg (Spoiler Image,767.27 KB, 781x1575, AE3B4393-6787-4C18-B7FF-1D2ADA…)

>fuck me like a barn animal
Kek wtf

No. 1300302

Shout out to those backwoods looking inbred incels like Jason Womack who fuck goats I guess

No. 1300309

This is the funniest thing Shayna has ever said in an attempt to be sexy. You can take the girl out of Oklahoma…

No. 1300312

Omg this caption is too fucking much. I love that she's implying her subscribers fuck.. barn animals? Girl, put down the beer.

No. 1300315

File: 1628999663964.png (824.06 KB, 2048x1752, Screenshot_20210814-205303.png)

Her excuse for not 'working' is that nobody is giving her $1k kek

No. 1300316

File: 1628999784100.png (1.27 MB, 1474x2048, Screenshot_20210814-205526.png)

Wtf is this delusion kek

No. 1300318

So she just threw her old desk away? She doesn't need any of that shit, she can film on her bed. She just wants to fill her room with bullshit.

No. 1300321

Begging scrotes for Air Conditioning…ThRiViNg.

No. 1300324

Still clinging to Tumblr, I see

No. 1300325

This may come off as a "joke", But I legit think Shayna thinks her ugly coomers talk to random girls about the super hot Dolly Mattel. Then again, I can imagine Womack, pulling out a picture of Shayna going, "I'm her sugar daddy, mmmhmm, my dolly's so hot!"

No. 1300326

No man wants to date her but ok lol. Also WHY did throw away her stuff? Again just more excuses to buy useless shit thinking this is what she needs to have her life together lol. It wasn’t working out before why would it work now???

No. 1300328

Shayna thinks sexual attention= love and respect. When all it really means is scrotes stroke their bent ducks to her, then go on about their day.
Even the ones who give her money, probably give the same amount to homeless people standing outside of bus stations. It means nothing, but to Shayna it means everything.
She probably thinks every single scrote who subs every month & her sugar daddy really love her and would give anything to be with her.

No. 1300329

File: 1629000664949.jpeg (36.05 KB, 750x214, 2B1918FB-5D27-4805-B917-BCE2D4…)

If a loser dad of 3 working in a call center in OK doesn’t want you I don’t know who will lol. Tragic

No. 1300330

Wasn't moving to Seattle supposed to fix all her problems?

No. 1300331

File: 1629001274166.jpeg (76.66 KB, 750x422, 4BAA3540-F766-4712-BD1F-2456F3…)

Go touch grass shaynus

No. 1300333

This bitch will be 80 and still thinking about fupa

No. 1300335

She's probably been texting him the entire time she's been in Seattle. She was sniffing his musty old t shirt in the airport bathroom, there was no way she was done with him

No. 1300336

>@IRLBingoBarbie- "he's still my favorite person & it has me all messed up, that after all these years we can't get it togeather-"

No. 1300339

Her old desk was built into her OK apartment

No. 1300340

oh okay thanks anon

No. 1300343

You can tell she has no friends because no one is telling her to move tf on by now.
Even Fatty can get a better boyfriend than thirty year old tranny in the making like for fucks sake Shayna, go out to a bar and give an incel the time of his life or some shit

No. 1300344


a work desk? bitch you just begged for money for an ipad so you could WORK FROM BED because "i don't want to have to get up and go sit at my computer lmao"


No. 1300349

File: 1629003189712.jpeg (652.17 KB, 733x1181, 2A202AC5-BA05-45F2-879D-AC59E0…)

Unironically the fattest Shay’s ass has ever looked and it’s still underwhelming.

No. 1300367

Does that other ethot also fallows shat or is blue hair posting and cow tipping on herself???