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File: 1636319678715.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3464x3464, 4ACFE50C-D760-4860-97E0-BEE2DE…)

No. 1363903

Soy Salvatore/ Sully Hill:
>25 year old illegal British scrote living in US
>Groomed wife while she was underaged
>Troon fucker
>Soy films content with Shayna Clifford aka Fatty Mattel >>1346080, >>1345781, gets dragged on sex work twitter
>Wears Fupa inspired lady driving gloves >>1345885, during their “shoot” >>1345888,
>Sully scrubs all content and interactions with Shay from his accounts after getting called out and pretends the L.A content never happens but farmers take screencaps before evidence is gone >>1346164, >>1346301,
>>1346446, >>1347017, >>1347038, >>1347334, >>1348104, >>1348107
>Filmed porn in airbnb without permission
>Anon was able to find airbnb posting because pictures shared by Shay and Soy. Pillows and couch matched listing found in Los Angeles
>Airbnb owner is looking into pressing charges >>1346638, >>1346651, and since then has changed listing for a zero tolerance porn rule >>1346472,
>Sully’s wife, Dahlia Hill, @BabyKay_8 on Twitter, has a mental breakdown while her husband presses a dirty vibrator against Shayna’s snatch >>1346280, has zero food in fridge as well >>1346282, but sex work is real work!!
>Pick me wife doesn’t care because Soy gives her 2 inches of pencil penis >>1346811, >>1346836, along with constant UTIs from unprotected sex with troons and hamplanets >>1347490,
>Anon finds evidence Sully is a groomer >>1350398, and groomed his wife into marriage
>Sully Hill is in the United States illegally and doesn’t have a green card >>1346760,
>Claims lolcow is doxxing him even though all information was made public by him >>1350493, >>1349695, >>1362631
>Soy makes angry profile bio updates on soundcloud like a true beta male >>1349909, >>1349987, >>1350170,

Recent Soy Milk:
>Apologizes and denounces Shayna >>1362635, >>1362659, >>1363440, >>1363446
>Sex work Twitter still drags him and doesn’t accept apology >>1362644,
>Claims lolcow is a hateful transphobic racist website >>1363153, that has caused deaths kek
>Gets called out by puppi hambeast


Dahlia Hill/Baby_Kay8

Suki Brown/Puppikkuma:
>21 they/them “blasian” obese sex worker
>“woke” communist twitterfag
>Has been a sex worker since age 16 >>1363341, which is basically just pan handling on Twitter
>Has a gofundme to get away from “abusive” home
>currently cancelling Sully Hill and Shayna Clifford >>1362623, >>1363081, >>1363660,
>Claims she did her duty to protect the Jews by calling out Shaynus >>1363115,
>Admits to lurking Shayna’s threads and posts a screenshot from lolcow as proof to cancel Soy >>1362763,


Notable e-whore:

>23 year old e-whore with ugly tattoos
>Works part time as a stripper and part time pan handling degenerate
>Claims she’s quitting Onlyfans almost daily because she gets no money
>Whines and bitches about how all her customers suck and she is going to quit unless they give her money
>Claims strip club scrotes call her fat
>Claims to want a girlfriend and is so gay but calls other women bitches and makes misogynistic tweets all the time

No. 1363913

Nice job with the OP, anon.

No. 1363916

Snaps for this op anon, looking forward to the milk from these

No. 1363918

Thank you for making this but please add that this isn’t for self posting or vendetta because like the e-girl thread I know this thread has the potential to attract lots of that

No. 1363919

Lemme grab a glassAHEMbottle of wine, this is gonna get hilarious. Although, aren't 90% of our cows OF whores?

No. 1363922

Side note anon but to be added to the op this is “baby Kay’s” active profile on Facebook

No. 1363925

The twitter may not be accurate as well. I think the actual Kay deleted her; and now someone else is using the same twitter handle.

No. 1363926

File: 1636320687653.jpeg (513.25 KB, 1125x1343, F7DA6AA9-5FBA-4A15-8676-F7F86D…)

Sol “bought people into his kink” without asking in spaces apparently

No. 1363930

Kek wait she’s mad because he filmed himself peeing? What.

No. 1363933

Thanks OP this thread is going to be interesting that's for sure

No. 1363937

Twitter spaces are like group calls similar to discord which your followers can join, so basically she's saying he was in a call with people and took his phone with him to piss (and I guess held it up to his dick, from the way this is worded?) so the people in the call would hear him urinating without warning anyone

No. 1363944

twitter and other sites are still up, typo in the OP https://twitter.com/babykay_8
also I think Dahlia might be Sull's mom and BabyKay's name is actually Kaylee?

No. 1363955

File: 1636322581505.png (437.3 KB, 1170x2532, E0EC41D5-5052-486B-A6E9-FACF50…)

kek idk why they never learn not to associate their real names with anything sw related. puppikkuma has her email with her legal name in her gofundme. lead me right to her FB and linkedin but they're boring

No. 1363997

File: 1636325101356.jpeg (600.81 KB, 1242x1059, E274F42F-8BB8-44BD-BDF4-32E417…)

Whoops my bad
She didn’t she’s still on Twitter, screenshot taken rn her @ is still in soy’s twitter bio

No. 1364001

File: 1636325574561.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x2954, 1EBBB029-DBF2-4DBB-8962-3F8A19…)

Kek they’re all so ugly.

No. 1364005

great OP!

KEK i cannot believe that’s what that larping uwu kawaii asian ‘suki’ mf looks like

No. 1364008

Is someone going to tell her that being so obese that the fat smushes her eyes smaller doesn't make her asian?

No. 1364022

Luna and Suki aren’t the same person, both obese but one isn’t as milky. They’re both diff people

No. 1364036

So making a joke about smoking weed with Hitler makes you a Nazi but this fat whore Nykilah Brown can pretend she is Asian?

No. 1364044

>Nykilah Brown

Such an Asian name.

No. 1364072

Yes anon, nice work on this thread. I can’t way to get some unfiltered soy milk. I hate that twat

No. 1364075

File: 1636331311496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,239.43 KB, 1536x2048, 551675E3-F351-46E8-82F2-E92FCE…)

Oh god all the filters that is unsettling

No. 1364079

File: 1636331665011.jpg (81.87 KB, 500x500, artworks-000009145867-21vy63-t…)

No. 1364119

File: 1636336980175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,630.57 KB, 750x1083, 9BEDA62E-7E15-4745-9D62-6C16A6…)

Clicking on the profile of any of the people in Shays call out thread is a mistake

No. 1364121

I mean, nightmares are technically dreams right?

No. 1364126

>>1364119 kek is that her cpap in the corner??

No. 1364129

File: 1636338395350.gif (6.35 MB, 498x366, B6D053FD-4BB6-4D2D-B9AA-9D899C…)

KEK fantastic eye nonny

No. 1364135

File: 1636338890406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,418.24 KB, 828x701, C42680CF-7BDB-41DD-B5EF-40C950…)

This obese dog fucking Asian fishing pedo has some of most hideous tits I’ve ever seen, jfc

No. 1364137

File: 1636338945782.jpeg (959.72 KB, 3373x1960, 733157B9-AF3A-4E5B-9A83-808475…)

> wears cow print aliexpress lingerie
the jokes write themselves

No. 1364138

File: 1636339072455.jpeg (Spoiler Image,685.51 KB, 828x1222, 2EF47A03-FCB4-46CD-8868-007218…)

The absolute degeneracy. And she calls Shatna a pedophile.

No. 1364140

File: 1636339160902.jpeg (858.68 KB, 1934x3227, 97ACBB22-DE2D-4368-A37A-4A65C8…)

All the retards under Sol’s apology is giving me a hearty kek

No. 1364142

File: 1636339295371.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.09 KB, 750x1056, AE103971-50E4-4858-892E-194E27…)

I refuse to believe anyone would pay money for this. But she gets 10x the engagement Shayna does on all her posts

No. 1364147

Looks like a washed up 80s hair metal band member

No. 1364153

File: 1636339811301.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3276x2916, B58F1296-62ED-480F-972F-59DDAD…)

Shaynus should be extremely thankful that no one pretty or relevant is coming at her kek

No. 1364157

File: 1636340121562.jpeg (713.78 KB, 2123x3134, 43EE3306-4207-44F9-B0DB-796E2C…)


No. 1364158

She looks like if Elizabeth Moss was born with too much fluid in the brain and was dying

No. 1364159

File: 1636340234049.jpeg (658.01 KB, 3001x1533, B1D5F3A6-6137-4ACD-98D4-BA7A69…)

Why are Twitter whores so pressed about Shayna and Soy? They aren’t even legit porn stars they are amateur $3 a month nobodies posting nudes for free or less than a McDonald’s meal. Like who gives a shit? Also when has Shayna spewed white supremacy monthly? Tf

No. 1364160

They are trying to knock out the competition in the ugliest whore on Twitter contest

No. 1364161

Why. How. What kind of interaction is she getting this is so fucking stupid. There are people with multiple degrees becoming homeless so I understand if she has to do this and doesn’t have degrees or is mentally ill or whatever. A lot of women have dealt with sexual abuse and get involved with a form of sex work, I wonder if she’s being put on to do this by someone who has curated a market for this. Porn shouldn’t exist online.

No. 1364162

File: 1636340335427.jpeg (927.35 KB, 3040x2106, ED5CD3FD-5EE8-428B-A1CC-3BEC4A…)

> (Homeless)

No. 1364163

how is wearing a “fuck trump” hat in a video pro trump?

No. 1364164

good grief, for an industry where looks are heavily valued none of these women are pretty, except maybe puppi if she weren't a landwhale. i never thought i'd say this about shayna of all people but they're probably dogpiling her out of weird misplaced jealousy

No. 1364165

Big Shaynus is pedo pandering trash but I’ve never seen her say anything racist beyond that old edgelord tumblr post about smoking with Hitler , these inbred degenerate landwhales are really ramping up their lies. As much as I hate to admit it they’re worse than Shayna at this point

No. 1364167

My god these whores are beyond fugly, this thread is not safe for life

No. 1364168

File: 1636340959953.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3397x2081, 0967E02F-D4E4-404F-B575-A1B288…)

Is it a requirement to wear a AliExpress cow bikini when you’re an ugly fat e whore?

No. 1364174

Pushing your sagging boobs up isnt fooling anyone, Nykilah. You arent a “baby girl”

No. 1364176

File: 1636341398212.jpeg (27.73 KB, 500x522, A824D1A9-EED8-4B5E-BA7C-288BDD…)

No. 1364186

File: 1636342317800.jpeg (747.38 KB, 2031x3194, 8431E221-B59F-4705-8981-6A0AFF…)


No. 1364187

I know that most of the bitches in Shays thread are bitter sex working fatties themselves.

But seeing this is GOLD. Shay can be compared to a lump potato but these women all look like they were dipped in acid wtf.

Good job OP! Just anticipating when they all come here to post body positive messages while posting about Shays dimply pimply add in her thread

No. 1364202

File: 1636342936274.jpeg (270.06 KB, 1242x921, D5F6BA46-B5FD-4AB2-AD20-D01099…)

No. 1364216

Holy hell, the beasts I've seen in this thread already. I'm legitimately believing these sex workers are actually just jealous of Shayna at this point. Some of them don't even look human.

Soy will probably make his wife go get a real job to support them now.

No. 1364222

Her tits look like udders that probably swing like pendulums. Mrs. Choksondik looking landwhale
This girl looks like she's from tumblr circa 2012 living out her 2006 MySpace fantasy
Holy christ i laffed

No. 1364223

File: 1636346707949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.13 KB, 828x1472, BF75B47A-5508-4468-B911-E4DD30…)

Seriously, making Shaynus look less bad is quite the feat. The delusion of these obeasts is stratospheric, this is repulsive

No. 1364224

Thinking about how most of them lurk Shayna's thread

No. 1364225

Perpetual victims aka the woke crowd love creating their own realities in their heads. Straight up sjw induced mental illness

No. 1364226

File: 1636346929668.png (467.18 KB, 1920x1080, D02E8BA6-61C0-4C80-872A-52462C…)

>mrs choksondik
My sides, can a kind art anon please grace us with some shooping?

No. 1364262

>who fucked a Nazi
Shaynus, the Nazi. These people are absurd.

No. 1364266

i thought to myself, surely they all can't have flat, tuberous breasts. then i opened the next spoiler. then the next. then the next. wtf.

also sol is a gross scrote. he pretends "sex work" is about women's rights because he wants sexual access to them. and all these people are so brainwashed by modern day "feminism" that they believe it. depressing. ugly loser. go buy some food for your wife.

No. 1364272

her fucking thumb nail jfc gag

No. 1364279

>spews white supremacy monthly
KEK since fucking when? They’re just making shit up at this point cause they can’t call her out on her pedo pandering.

No. 1364287

Don’t you know?? Liking Asian things makes you Asian.
All these people are so brain dead, it’s hilarious seeing them try to bicker against each other

No. 1364292

her nipples are so fuckhuge that they don’t even register as nipples for me and I’m scared

No. 1364302

Areolas nonita. At least get it right. Her pepperoni areolas are so nasty

No. 1364304

so they are just flat out lying now? If Shayna were to sperg out at EVERYONE talking shit with the facts, I would honestly cheer her on because wow.I used to wonder what the fuck Shayna was whining about when she claimed everyone in the sex worker community hated her and she was cancelled, but seeing how people are acting now, I can 100% see them doing petty ass dumb ass shit to her. For ONCE i'm on Shayna's side…a little.

No. 1364305

The girl who calls herself a bimbo slut and whole account is full of disgusting sexual shit is "whorephobic?"
They only have maybe two things to come at Shayna about so, they start making up shit that doesn't make sense. When if they really wanted to make a issue they could bring up the shit, Shayna did/does currently thats problematic. Instead of ANTI trump porn they try to make seem pro trump, the black dildo and that old ass Hitler comment. I'll give Shayna this, since then she's done a little pandering to show that she's anti-trump and she's a "Actvist". We called her Shayna Luther King because her pandering. These people are just as disgusting if not more then Shayna.

No. 1364308

why? shayna is literally pedo pandering, talking about her “tight baby holes” and glorying child sex abuse. she deserves everything bad that comes her way.

No. 1364318

I have never felt more beautiful in my life, goddamn.

No. 1364351

"with peace and love" retarded h3 podcast viewer spotted

No. 1364367

true, shes still disgusting

No. 1364386

Sol has been "yellow flagged" in 2 different closed SW support/networking groups so far. Word is spreading. Throwing fellow sex workers under the bus at the first whiff of "cancelation" doesn't exactly signal him as a beacon of solidarity and professional discretion. Hopefully his wife can get over her CRIPPLING anxiety quickly because she's gonna have to start fucking randos IRL if she wants to eat. Don't worry wifey, Sol will wait outside of the motel room wearing his Dom Gloves. That'll protect you.

No. 1364390

She should just leave the coomer groomer at this point, she'd be better off. He's making a huge fool out her as much as himself.

No. 1364394

What the fuck is wrong with the tits of onlyfans whores. A bit of sag is natural but this is just… What?

No. 1364398

I finally understand the anon who keeps saying Shay looks ok/average.

No. 1364406

File: 1636376595990.jpeg (431.97 KB, 828x1473, 2834FBC9-98D8-4BFC-A687-9BB42E…)

It’s the year of our lord 2021 and we’ve found a group of people so fugly, so depraved and so retarded that they make Shay look marginally less abhorrent. Also, kek at this reply to Soljak. These repulsive dog fucking pedo pandering hambeasts have done a good job at “cancelling” him

No. 1364408

File: 1636376952862.jpeg (294.98 KB, 828x1070, 0419DE52-4669-4EFD-8166-0DE557…)

This is so bleak. At what point does someone think this is a better option than getting a minimum wage service job? Maybe as a non-burger I’m naive but this makes no sense to me

No. 1364412

File: 1636377267236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,930.12 KB, 828x1400, 9377C5BC-474D-4663-995A-AC8944…)

Beyond nasty, this fat bitch is only 21, absolutely grim

No. 1364428

Haha you shoulda stayed sticking your pencil dick in tranny buttholes Sully Hill aka Sol Salvatore. No one here gives a fuck how violent you are towards other men. I love this thread. I love seeing abusive ugly men brought down, I love seeing ugly, pedo pandering women wondering why they are still homeless despite giving up every ounce of dignity and self respect they ever had to humiliate themselves for $3 a time. I feel pretty today.

No. 1364468

Tf why does she need 100$ only for groceries? I thought there's Aldi in the US. Anon you are right, truly bleak that someone would rather wait on donations from desperate men or whores than getting help otherwise or at least a job as a waitress/burger flipper. You often have the possibility to eat at work in this industry, so another benefit beside money and getting a crumb of your diginity back.

No. 1364519

How much if a failwhore do you have to be that you haven't eaten in days? Like, you're selling your body, you've got product available 24/7 and NOBODY even buys off the dollar menu when they're drunk late at night? Sex work is pathetic but I don't even know what you could call this since they don't even work.

No. 1364527

>I'm legitimately believing these sex workers are actually just jealous of Shayna at this point
I"m starting to think that too, which is…. very depressing

No. 1364531

Well I don't think any of the beasts in this thread have 100 dollars between them. Shaynus might sell herself for pennies but it actually sells. They just seethe when they see her go on her frivolous online Shein shopping sprees when they can't even afford a meal

No. 1364564

I'd recommend looking for some sad fuck to sponsor a boob job for her, she would sell better

No. 1364577

After reading through this thread, that's what its starting to seem like and if true then that's really tragic. I know some anons hate whenever Womack gets referenced, but Fat Shat at the very least has him constantly sending her a few bucks. I doubt any of them have a regular paypig as desperate as he is. Just no engagement or one-timers.

No. 1364590

These are the actual people populating Shay's thread right? It's all starting to make sense.

No. 1364591

This is bleak, girl should have got a degree and got a real job

No. 1364610

File: 1636397266274.jpeg (135.52 KB, 896x896, 519797D4-265E-409F-884A-F7D910…)

totes japanese nykilah brown kek

No. 1364617

Is this the same girl who bitched about shay doing ahego faces or whatever ? Which is hilarious that that’s even an issue. But the irony in her using Japanese photo esthetics while ripping people apart for coping faces that drawings make is chef’s kiss

No. 1364671

Sage for titpick but, her nipples are as large as my entire tits and I'm a fucking e-cup. Like wtf how can nipples be that big ???

No. 1364675

i don't think so but i remember this cow >>1364159 getting into drama with shayna about it a while back, i'll try finding it

No. 1364753


She'd probably do a lot better if she wasn't morbidly obese, she has a pretty face. Sad that she's attempting (badly) to asian fish

No. 1364779

When will you retards learn what nipples are?

No. 1364782

This one was the one calling her out for ahegao >>1364153

No. 1364803

File: 1636415016499.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.87 KB, 728x546, 9E6347BE-3CE0-4FF9-986D-9CB428…)

You have to be at least 18 to post here. Here’s an anatomy chart. Stay in school.

No. 1364819

is it worth it…. like are your dreams and goals fulfilled? get an education asap.

No. 1364823

Must have gotten her Japanese heritaji from her dad, obviously. Next she'll be showing us her windchime.

No. 1364829

File: 1636418144533.png (1.11 MB, 810x621, lurching.PNG)

No. 1364834

Them cold dead eyes though.

No. 1364842

I thought she looked familiar at first then realized she just looks like all the physically and emotionally depleted women on Intervention

No. 1364860

File: 1636421163965.jpeg (Spoiler Image,375.11 KB, 1536x2048, EF6705D8-FB18-4DAD-BE52-FA995D…)

What’s up with this ones chest? She looks ill

No. 1364861

does anyone find puppi’s icon really annoying for some reason? i get pissed off when i see it

No. 1364865

Sage for offtopic; not trying to racebait but how come non-white girls get away with asianfishing so fucking easily? I saw a post of white vo1dchan type girls wearing japanese schoolgirl outfits, having the classic “asianfish” eyeliner etc, the post was “never trust white girls like this” and there were plenty of ewhores saying “poc like this tho i love yall” I really don’t get it lmfao. Does just being non-white make you close enough to asian or something?

No. 1364868

I think it’s just harder to call out because there are different degrees of how dominant black genes can appear in mixed girls. Some blasians look more Asian and some hardly look Asian at all. Plus black people can naturally have slanted eyes/monolids without a drop of Asian blood. With white girls it’s easier to tell

No. 1364869

Fungal infection

No. 1364872

i think it’s because they can deflect by calling whoever’s accusing them by calling them racist. Like, they’ll say that you’re being stereotypical of what a mixed person is supposed to look like. Also, once time I saw a black asianfisher say it didn’t really matter because irl asians higher up in the racial hierarchy than black people (???)

No. 1364879

Probably because it's fanart of a v-tuber that she colored over.

No. 1364883

Kek love u nona

No. 1364884

File: 1636424663905.jpeg (118.48 KB, 828x342, 28157612-1E6B-4050-B861-BCB951…)

This fat retard does nothing but complain

No. 1364886

I don't speak twitter whore, wtf does this mean?

No. 1364893

Don't Shayna's tweets usually get around 3 likes each? I thought barely anyone was reading her page but apparently all these sex workers are stalking her.

No. 1364894

Wtf does she mean by us? If she had work done she needs a refund because she's fugly

No. 1364895

Me too anon! I mean at least suki could be pretty hot if she lost weight and got surgery to remove the extra skin. it's such a waste of a pretty face she decided to be a whale instead. The rest of them, there is no hope.

I never thought shayna was ugly until she hammed up, now i feel validated by this thread.

God thread op, it's been a long time coming!

No. 1364897

File: 1636426257122.jpeg (761.07 KB, 3124x1776, 46FACBF8-8AE8-4794-82B3-2E885E…)

Shayna is gonna be canceled for claiming to be a bimbo next since retarded SWs like Pupihamplanet say it’s now a racist slur….

No. 1364900

The reveal of the bikini bar anon's identity proved this to be true. I hope she makes an appearance in this thread.

No. 1364901

Why is she always so angry?

No. 1364903

And I thought Shayna's tweets made me lose brain cells. What the actual fuck?

No. 1364907

File: 1636427112187.png (318.31 KB, 1083x433, image_2021-11-08_220023.png)

Imo, these girls don't really read to me as trying to be Asian as much as the typical white asianfish do, especially since none of them are going out of their way to even attempt to whiten their skin like some other cow does who i can't remember her name or drastically change their eye shape or face structure in anyway. But they are 100% inspired by the aesthetic typically found in Korea and Japan for sure.

This is what i mean.

No. 1364913

I always think of a blonde white woman with fake tits when i hear the term bimbo, wtf is she talking about.

Because you nazis are not buying her vids she worked so hard on because you're racist, sexist and a terf/swerf.

No. 1364914

Forgive me, anon. I shall prepare the reparations.

No. 1364917

Google implies it’s used as a racial slur in German? German and maybe even Swiss-German nonas will have to chime in

No. 1364923

There are few things my angry TERFy SWERFy dyke ass enjoys more than bullying degenerate whores who pander to disgusting scrotes so I hope they all find this thread.
She really has got a cute face but her body is nauseating, she looks so greasy, you can bet she smells like cat shit and piss, mildew and hotdog water. And her personality is fucking hideous to boot.
Exactly, to my mind bimbos are super high maintenance white women who look and live as thought they’re an animated Barbie. So basically the antithesis of these morbidly obese inbred basement dwelling e-beggars

No. 1364980

Is that what this chick
Was talking about when she said shay "spews white supremacy monthly"??

No. 1364992

typical bleqk woman nipples

No. 1364993

File: 1636441432495.jpeg (237.67 KB, 1080x1778, DC77E3EE-A66B-4A6A-BC69-54FB77…)

Ellen makes my skin crawl

No. 1364994

File: 1636441475725.jpeg (51.66 KB, 750x307, 4D54185D-F2D5-45F5-90EA-20E92C…)

No. 1364996

what the fuck are these rock lee looking eyebrows

No. 1365013

yeah it's a racial slur in Germany so I guess they are kind of right but does it matter to them?

No. 1365027

File: 1636446689227.jpeg (188.81 KB, 828x540, 7F7F6AA0-339B-4B87-BECB-411A92…)

Woketard posturing. They always have to be outraged on behalf of others, as demonstrated by puppihamoid patting herself on the back for services rendered to the world’s Jewish population. These whores have no understanding of the world outside the internet
I hate anything animu/weeb related, so yes. The way she uses “mi” instead of “my” shits me to tears as well

No. 1365044

An intense need to feel victimised? Your guess is as good as mine

No. 1365053

File: 1636450709728.jpg (14.57 KB, 340x426, riffraff.jpg)

She's giving me Riff Raff vibes

No. 1365081

I hope this retard is happy she called Shayna out bc now she can be as victimized as she wants by the uwu hate forums. Obese broke faux woke pedophile pandering whore ♥

No. 1365100

Since when is being a bimbo black culture? It’s just a term for a professional sugar baby type who likes fashion and body maintenance and doesn’t care about anything else. Twitter losers will make up anything to sound woke

No. 1365129

it would be hilarious if she did spend money to get work done but now is complaining how she’s uWu so broke in an ab00sive home.

No. 1365131

These weirdos make my teeth itchy. Who tf associates the term bimbo with black women? Bimbo is associated with skinny blonde haired women with big tits. It’s been a stereotype white women have had to battle in the workplace for decades ffs.

No. 1365136

If anything bimbo can be considered a misogynistic ‘slur’ but it has never been used racially. These people love to be victims it’s getting on my last nerve

No. 1365142

File: 1636469051427.jpeg (676.46 KB, 1818x1818, 43950373-EFF2-4BE6-8522-43D893…)

“Skinny white guys with big dicks”
Sol doesn’t even have that big of a dick? Kek what the fuck??

No. 1365144

File: 1636469128858.jpeg (636.75 KB, 1242x1486, 95F50778-797F-4FF7-8815-85D491…)

Bitching for five likes kek these people are insane

No. 1365146

Everyone featured in this thread is so ugly and disgusting wtf…they all look like trashy walmart shoppers yuck

No. 1365156

File: 1636470030734.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3307x2909, 814B5C79-C2ED-49BD-9156-5EBAFC…)

This beta scrote @KingKinvar was spotted
cowtipping last year.

No. 1365159

File: 1636470356963.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3126x2227, 58095F2C-F4EC-4E44-A1A8-5FC231…)

They really are all hideous. Majority of Twitter e-whores are fat and ugly or they’re ugly and mentally ill.

No. 1365166

Ew, he needs to stop lurking here asap

No. 1365171

>as someone with a history of genocide against my people.

Bitch you’re a fat white internet beggar. Stfu. Sorry anons but I hate these people so much. There are literal genocides happening right now and these fat cows are posting pictures you can smell. It’s so hard not to a-log at these attention seeking freaks. I wish we could take every woman out of Tigray and replace them with these fat pigs.

Ugly fat scrote goes after ugly skinny scrote for good boy points from women who show their assholes on Twitter fucking lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1365177

Dude is muffin topping out of a face mask.

No. 1365194

>There are literal genocides happening right now and these fat cows are posting pictures you can smell.

You need to sage, but holy shit this sent me.

No. 1365198

Sorry anon I was too busy raging at them. It fucking rips my knitting though to see these spoiled swines screaming about stuff that happened to ancestors they’ve invented in their heads, while right now real live humans are being executed by the thousands every day.

No. 1365204

>their ancestors

Given the track record of grifters, I wouldn't be surprised if none of them had ancestors who suffered through any sort of plight (fleeing a country to escape genocide, were former slaves, etc) and its just another thing to tack on for Twitter points as well as, "R-REEE SUPPORT THE SW GREAT GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER OF A CONCENTRATION CAMP VICTIM!1!1"

Its easy to lie about that nowadays and plenty do it, so until they pony up with some ship manifests its all bullshit to me.

No. 1365220

That bitch is insane there's no logic behind it. I can't remember which thread it was but she's already had beef with Shatna and got posted in thread request. Checked out her Twitter back then and realised she calls herself a trans woman despite actually somehow being female at birth. Almost every tweet is the epitome of yt peepo bad twitter too which explains the take above >>>/pt/763213

No. 1365222

Why do these tards always eat their own instead of chasing after actual white nationalists? It's not like they're hard to find. It seems like they want to play keyboard hero but can't even muster up the effort to do that properly; no wonder they're so bad at making money off of coomers.

No. 1365223

I think they're too scared to go after actual twitter white nationalists.

No. 1365225

Because that would require effort and a broader understanding of geopolitical situations, economics, tact, and a myriad of other things which none of them possess. They regurgitate drag queen talk, hashtags made by people ten years their junior, and broad claims without citations. Not to mention that I don't understand why they do this on their sw accounts, as if any coomers give a fuck about politics and don't just disregard them as stupid whores who run their mouths.

No. 1365226

This would also make sense. They go after women they feel threatened by, but you don't see them screeching at women such as Lana Lokteff and her desire for an ethnostate.

No. 1365239

I don't get why these hideous people don't learn a trade, go to community college, hell get a minimum wage job and try to work their way up. In a hypersaturated economy where even conventionally beautiful sex workers are struggling to pay rent, selling $3 asshole pics as a literal cave troll isn't a remotely sustainable career path. Yet they keep doing it even as it leaves them e-begging, homeless and living out of their cars.

She's one of those "my great great grandmother was 1/3098th uwu brave Native American Cherokee princess" types, obviously.

Because twitter white nationalists don't give a flying fuck about the opinions of some random fat mentally ill sex workers. They have to "cancel" members of their own "community" because those are the only people who pay attention to them.

No. 1365265

>even as it leaves them e-begging, homeless and living out of their cars.
I’m convinced it’s all about that sweet instant validation. The likes/comments/retweets/whatever. Getting paid $3 is just a perk but begging works and uwu I’m starving ~ is a way to garner sympathy. I don’t believe their sob stories of starving for days or muh aboosive parents. If you were THAT starved and THAT desperate to get out, you’d actually do something about it. Like getting a fucking job.

No. 1365275

Not to mention the amount of resources there are for people fleeing abusive homes and even your local dta office will help set you up with an advocate to help you find work while you're on food stamps or something. Hell, auntbertha.com has been free to use for years and is a great resource for that shit if you're not willing to go into the office initially. There's work programs even for the disabled that aren't just walmart greeter or grocery bagger. These people just want to sit on their asses and be victims, which really isn't going to work in their favor come geriatric years.

No. 1365540

I know that 1 of them listed is only doing it for college and on a masters program but still they could at least do anything outside of SW while they’re studying and not be embarrassing

No. 1365543

Some countries this and prostitution is legal and a recognised profession and they have to register as an actual business. It’s sad but they’re paying taxes and working just like us with non whore jobs. No idea why they’d choose this over anything else though unless they’re actually taking clients and making money

No. 1365637

File: 1636508083562.jpeg (789.01 KB, 1242x1685, 4681B162-B4D8-4E14-AAFE-552B62…)

>white cis male

No. 1365639

File: 1636508123901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,563.56 KB, 1242x873, 9C007D8C-1F02-4A73-BA65-2578C7…)

I guess sol likes poop covered buttholes which explains why he collabed with shatna

No. 1365646

If you feel like unspoiling this, resist the urge. It's how to ruin your day in two images.

No. 1365655

I honestly didn't know tits could look like that.

No. 1365667

I am vomit.
Who is lying to these girls to make them think being this ugly is a career path?

No. 1365680


No. 1365682

File: 1636511080586.jpeg (255.79 KB, 1193x1064, C008A14F-12C9-42B9-B57C-646F8A…)

It’s kinda sad because if you look up Onlyfans on Twitter there are so many young women who just turned 18 and have been groomed into thinking they’ll get rich by selling low quality iPhone nudes. They will be quickly drowned out by the already over saturated market by popular prettier girls who already have “clout”. Making a living wage on Onlyfans as an average Jane Doe wont happen and this is why a lot of e whores make up stories or harass moids into giving them money because they can’t make it otherwise

No. 1365686

Who is liking this stuff? Every guy I know openly makes fun of how bad these girls look.
Is it other Onlyhoes? Every time I go to one of their profiles its just full of retweeting even uglier chicks begging for money and normally some stupid take about how socialism will make everything better.

No. 1365699

This makes me sad. The sex positive crowd has a lot to answer for, they played a HUGE part in normalizing e-whoring and telling girls selling nudes was an empowering way to get rich quick. Now young women barely into their adulthood are screwing up their employability and futures for pocket change. The only winners in this scenario are cheap scrotes who can log on and see teen girls degrading themselves for $3.

No. 1365707

Honestly that was the sex positive people's plan all along.

No. 1365737

File: 1636515684430.jpg (255.44 KB, 1080x958, Screenshot_20211109-213510_Chr…)

>has only ever posted about fucking men and insulting other women
>'queer women get your shit together!!1!!'

It's always the 'bi' e-whores who will literally lick the boot of any man who gives them attention that make dumbass posts like this

No. 1365757

She’s literally saying men are better than women, does she not realise how bisexuality works? And lesbians don’t exist either in her mind then. How are you going to be a bi woman and literally hate women.

No. 1365888

Typical pick me behavior tbh. We get it, you make out with chicks for male attention tenshiiii

No. 1365942

A moronic fucking take. Straight men are like 90% of the male population and queer women are like 10% of the female population. Bi women in most places simply have way more male dating options than female ones, and that’s before you factor in internalized homophobia etc. Blaming it on queer women in general is misogynistic and painfully stupid.

No. 1365995

I swear to god these chicks are stuck in 2012 tumblr days.

No. 1366000

This type of bi woman and troons have a similar messed up thought pattern. Transbian mad that no lesbian wants Them? Just date eachother otherwise you too are a disgusting vaginafetischist. Bi women mad that lesbians dont want to date Them? Just date eachother and there will be no issue. If a bi women dont want to date another bi woman you cant be mad at lesbians not wanting to.

No. 1366022

cope harder tenshi, you're just mad that other same sex attracted women can smell your pickmeism from a mile away and don't want anything to do with it

No. 1366048

Aside from all the virtue signalling crap in these tweets she's right about Soy being a money hungry bum who only larps as being moralistic to appeal to people like her

This is an astronomical level of pickmeism

No. 1366075

it’s depressing and bleak. no man is worth spreading your legs for any money. there is no empowerment in giving into what men what, which is nudity 24/7 and way easier access.

No. 1366156

What makes you think bi women want to date self-loathing pickme cows either? She’s just mad that women in general have higher standards than the moids she caters to.

No. 1366199

File: 1636570293523.jpeg (313.72 KB, 750x1021, 74510F4B-FB4D-4E1B-95A5-B64E94…)

Guess she found the thread

No. 1366201

Privated her public Facebook too that featured pictures of her very much black mom

No. 1366210

How is she going to sell her product now? Not smart

No. 1366288

Jamaican? Probably. Japanese? Press x to doubt. Hapa LARP is so embarrassing. If you hate America so much, maybe you can run away to Japan and be treated like an even bigger pariah for participating in sex work!

No. 1366315

File: 1636579802918.jpeg (798.6 KB, 1533x3399, D2211FE1-2AA9-4CDF-ABA8-08F6D9…)

Soy won’t shut up

No. 1366317

File: 1636579946288.jpeg (294.43 KB, 1191x921, 84185D28-B38B-42F1-9454-39292A…)

Troon that sucked soy dick

No. 1366319

File: 1636580037125.jpeg (528.65 KB, 1242x1197, 557671DD-F616-4902-96ED-3CCBC2…)

> good for business
They didn’t even make any money??? Or profit off of the video? Soy only has stale rice cakes in the cupboard, Shayna has no food in her apartment and relies on pan handling doordash gift cards every day to feed her fat-ass

No. 1366320

good the jews don’t need a fucking SW martyr

No. 1366322

I assume the “heaps more” he found out about was finding out how hard he got dragged on lolcow coupled with the Airbnb shit, cause these whores don’t have anything else on her

No. 1366326

>morality over money

oh so thats why you made the chick you fucked for "content" (or her cuck gf better yet) pay for everything herself? something something muh morals?

No. 1366355

The irony of internet prostitutes playing morality police is lost on all of this lot.

No. 1366369

yeah because he still didn't say what he found out that crossed a line for him. he just keep preaching about second chances and not judging someone from their twitter, but apparently that doesn't apply to shayna? why?
none of the whores want to forgive soy, he's complely cancelled in that circle, so he's not going to gain anything from still talking about this, it will only make them more angry. he should have sold the content he made with shayna because as other anons have said, coomers don't give a shit about this drama. he could have earned some money, but he'd rather focus on pleasing this absolute bottom of the barrel twitter whores when there are still thousands and thousands of other whores and coomers on twitter he could cater to.
all these whores are really bad at being whores. perhaps you aren't cut out for this industry if you're going to shake in your pants over some retarded drama on your WORK profile that is supposed to draw in horny costumers who couldn't care less about this shit

No. 1366403

He's acting as if Shayna committed an actual hate crime in front of him, when in fact a whole bunch of nothing happened

No. 1366405

This and he's just making himself look as unhinged as the other Twitter whores. He could have defended Shayna in a few tweets, released the content they made, earned some money and then ignored the crazies. Sure, they would be talking and some of them would be unfollowing, but why would he care, I'm sure these broke hoes aren't buying each others content anyway. He handled this in the worst way possible. Now he didn't earn anything from their video and instead he just released a bunch of statements that 1. coomers and costumers don't care about and 2. won't get him back into the warmth of that little circle.

No. 1366436

File: 1636589396402.jpeg (272.74 KB, 1242x658, 0BAD05EE-325A-422D-9610-92DB5D…)

Should have thought that before you whored yourself out. At least scammers are smart enough not to use their real pics, dumbass

No. 1366453

To me this is the funniest thing, he’s acting as if he moral high grounded here because “Shay bad” when it’s, doesn’t wanna get sued by an airbnb owner and he’s deflecting. It makes me piss

No. 1366485

The way these people talk is both hilarious and miserably sad. Imagine them standing there doing 10 types of hand gestures as they bang on about "I'm running a BUSINESS. This is good for BUSINESS" ?? What the hell? What in their fucked minds makes any of them think that what they're doing is business?? They're literally getting dusty pennies. They're not CEOs-even janitors make more money than they do. Just insane. Actual beggers. If their internet went out, would they go stand around public places pants down holding their asses open showing their holes for $3 too?? Because it's literally what they're doing, but I guess since they're doing it from home it doesnt feel that way.
I've seen even underage girls posting their nudes on twitter. They try to slip in but are thankfully called out and caught pretty quick. and while I hate what they're doing, I hate those who encourage this whole thing even more. It's not liberation to sell your body to men. You cannot be free if your livelihood depends on selling yourself to men. I cant believe they cant see how they're being fooled and used. It'll never make sense.
It's so cringey I can't stand it. It's actually scary how fast he went from coo'ing next to her to suddenly calling her a piece of shit and all kinds of names. He wanted to fuck her for a long time and after he finally got to do it (just like every male) he turned on her and started acting like he's way above dirty immoral girls like her. All he wanted was sex and money. She could flop over dead and he'd celebrate.

No. 1366495

Lolcowfarms review coming soon? I wonder if she'll give up the hapa larp or not.

No. 1366497

Hopefully a smart anon is following her and can still deliver screenies.

No. 1366500

Good old Womack never missing a beat.

No. 1366559

File: 1636600839778.jpeg (851.54 KB, 3212x2302, 254643FA-830D-4C14-9DC4-4307FC…)

One of Shayna’s followers
>23 going on 4

No. 1366640

File: 1636613131915.jpeg (35.7 KB, 317x344, 89844BF7-DC45-4018-ABE4-1B9BD6…)

>baby jane
Good name choice for her

No. 1366664

Her yellow rat buck teeth are worse than shaynas. Holy christ on a cracker

No. 1366834

I don't know what's better, Shay wasting ALL that money to suck some ugly man's dick or him getting "cancelled" because of it. Or maybe the ewhores raging against the competition with little to no ammo because the real hate for Shayna is her disgusting pedo pandering that they do themselves. Truly a freak show.

No. 1366870

Shay didn't pay for anything. Ellen did.

No. 1367438

File: 1636698031614.jpeg (351.99 KB, 1242x1367, EB64219A-6B50-4374-8A5A-7C2696…)

No. 1367440

File: 1636698216945.jpeg (157.72 KB, 1242x457, BFA49EF7-2FBB-44FD-8ACF-2753B7…)

kek these tweets must really make scrotes want to give her money

No. 1367482

Lol nice bpd meltdown

No. 1367527

Why do sex """workers"" complain so much? You would think they would keep their meltdowns away from their "business" profile? These whores need to get some actual jobs to brush up on their terrible customer service skills

No. 1367542

>fat black prostitute in japan
kek they would love her over there.

No. 1367580

File: 1636716319230.jpeg (41.64 KB, 805x217, AA800FE1-6508-412F-9C4E-5510F1…)

Not sure why he keeps talking about “old af” screenshots when I can pull up old af screenshots (early 2020) that prove he’s been following her from the beginning. He’s also confirmed to have lurked Shay’s threads since at least when her discord was first created. Now he wants to pretend there’s “heaps” more about her that apparently only he knows about. He’s 1000% backpedaling over the Airbnb situation. Hope Sully Hill gets deported

No. 1367601

He knew the whole time he’s just mad he doesn’t have any weird social standing with other whores and looks even more ridiculous. He just wanted free pussy and nudes from women and he now is “cancelled” by the same whores he’s stuck his dick in and on LC’s radar lmao.

No. 1367602

I believe he’s truly scared over the Air BNB more than being shunned. It can get him in trouble if he’s whoring under the table and also breaking the law while being an immigrant.

No. 1367644

File: 1636730341771.jpeg (783.06 KB, 1242x1548, 32A582C9-4ED1-4273-91FD-3487F1…)

I thought she was cosplaying as hitler for a second

No. 1367662

His wife used to interact with Ellen when she was underage. I used to have a screencap of it somewhere. These groups have been interacting for like a decade.

No. 1367679

Also hope he gets deported. He's fucking revolting.

No. 1369145

File: 1636950755172.jpeg (106.18 KB, 828x347, 285962CC-6230-4C4F-93B5-B25EB9…)

This repugnant hog must have been getting short on cash because she’s back. And suicide baiting.

No. 1369147

File: 1636950892118.jpeg (447.33 KB, 828x713, 3FEA4DF2-7099-45DE-830C-8E4CAF…)

Complete degeneracy. Admits to making actual child porn and is still making this vile pedo and animal fucker pandering shit while screeching about Shaynus being a Nazi

No. 1369165

File: 1636952552593.jpeg (318.65 KB, 828x1268, 175FDB05-9F18-48D6-A9E2-7F513B…)

He’s still seething

No. 1369302

Why doesn’t he just pretend like it’s not a thing and post porn since it’s his ~career~.

Or he could’ve just not brought it up altogether, posted what he made with Shay and made some money to get his wife some rice cakes or something

No. 1369344

Because he's the biggest drama hound out of all of them and wants to milk it for all he can, he probably uses the sympathy from other ethots to get nudes out of them too

No. 1369476

Its been a month, holy shit. I thought all of these retards had ~*thriving*~, exciting lives?

No. 1369479

Exactly. So many Twitter SWers profiles are identical - a few grim nudes interspersed with manic tweets complaining about their baby daddies, yeast infections, other SWers they're beefing with etc. Then they have the nerve to complain about being broke when they'd be unemployable in any other field.

No. 1369499

And the nerve to screech at everyone else who tells them to shut the fuck up and touch grass.

No. 1369560

File: 1637015055754.jpeg (292.1 KB, 828x1033, 93C65700-E67B-487C-B1D2-9D8BD8…)

The audacity of this repulsive pedo hambeast, she’s absolutely vile

No. 1369561

File: 1637015091080.jpeg (645.02 KB, 828x1446, C2250BC0-D129-412A-A675-B399A8…)

No. 1369565

File: 1637015342273.jpeg (435.01 KB, 828x1172, 8847F373-7F7B-4A27-A951-EBFE4D…)

Ebegging on her main account

No. 1369572

I guess it ain’t so profitable after all

No. 1369573

>in the game

As if this is something to brag about doing when you were a minor. You'd think the asianfisher would try to at least emulate more chaste image to coincide with her lie, but no.

No. 1369577

Her name is "cherry.lolli" i.e. a lollipop. Everyone isn't as depraved as you are, Puppers.

No. 1369578

She doesn't care, that doesn't fit her narrative.

No. 1369583

File: 1637016734199.jpeg (617.27 KB, 750x1052, C37FDA85-71D0-43EF-A983-3E4EC5…)

Shayna’s new rt buddy has a child’s bedroom. Imagine being a grown ass woman and keeping your bedroom looking like it belongs to a 6 year old because it turns men on. Aren’t her parents concerned?

No. 1369584

I always hope someone will recognize these types of people in public and laugh at them.

No. 1369585

File: 1637016915488.png (569.96 KB, 1118x474, Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 4.48…)

Fun fact: any woke PoC who rails against "yts" on Twitter is always, always dating one. In Puppi's case it appears to be a white troon kek

No. 1369586

It looks like the Duke University mascot having an identity crisis.

No. 1369588

File: 1637017480435.jpeg (320.49 KB, 750x790, B0DB1561-6510-40B0-A082-143F56…)

She’s obsessed with white men

No. 1369591

File: 1637018180974.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.87 KB, 2048x2048, F104F7FA-63D5-4728-BA6C-EB4C81…)

Nykilah Kiki Brown is literally the biggest fucking hypocrite it’s incredible. I don’t fuck white men” exclusively dates white guys

No. 1369611

What's her disability?

No. 1369613

“Depression” and “autism” according to her gfm

No. 1369614

Morbidly obese with personality disorders.

No. 1369617

kek, self diagnosed too?

No. 1369624

one thing is choosing to make porn knowing that it's all about selling to pornsick men who fantasise about raping women and children but why just why would you choose that as your "career" when you're not going to attempt to cater to them so you can actually take their money? scrotes don't give a shit about your cunty performative wokeness and urge to attack other sexworkers at every chance you get. why tf would anyone do that on their actual business profile? if you want to lure men and get new customers, perhaps try to make your twitter a sensual, drama free place. pornsick scrotes are misogynistic as fuck, they want you to be dumb and free of opinions. this is like a employee at mcdonald's going on angry rants about burger king while at work, no customers want to hear that. you'll probably just lead them right to burger king

No. 1369643

I feel bad for this girl's teeth

No. 1369772

Why are all the pedo baiters fat and ugly? ew and she even has the same ugly cheer costume as big shaynus

No. 1369784

The packaging reflects the contents. Fucking nasty
They’re lazy, bitter cunts with a lifetime of internalised misogyny (and misogynoir in Puppihamplanet’s case), being performative, overly dramatic, virtue signalling, attention seekers while selling their rancid holes online is the only thing they know how to do, not realising that it’s the reason why they’re perpetually broke

No. 1369867

File: 1637079581473.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, B6296035-8649-4B4F-A952-5D1FE3…)

Jay Leno looking ass

No. 1370147

File: 1637116910130.jpeg (320.59 KB, 828x1187, 30A3AEB1-21D0-4670-96EE-DA4D0F…)

Lmao back on private, I give it 48 hours

No. 1370270

>This user is soft
>Constantly goes on a rampage about how much she hates other women

No. 1371158

I bet puppi daydreams about being white, she sounds completely obsessed with nagging about white women and it's just soaked in jealously

No. 1371293

File: 1637276825766.jpeg (126.24 KB, 1062x1200, 090485A9-68A6-4E4E-9E24-DFB359…)

aren’t Japanese people kinda racist anyways they would probably call her a negro especially a weeb, look how they draw black people in anime
spoiler for blog but when I downloaded Douyin and a bunch of Americans were posting stuff asian people would comment “negro is ugly like chimpanzee”

No. 1371326

I'm curious about her totally legit Japanese father and what her not made up story is there. She's in an abusive home? So, who is abusing her? The mother or the father or both? Most people in abusive homes take on outside responsibilities in order to avoid interacting with their abuser.

No. 1371342

Japs hate most foreigners regardless but they arent like retarded americans who publicly call people slurs randomly, sorry if that daydream gets you off.

Douyin is pretty toxic regardless. Black expats aren't really treated that bad in china except the housing incident that mainly happened in south china. South China has a decent African population due to trade and other international business.

why is this something thats always brought up whenever we have a black lolcow?

No. 1371346

File: 1637280817208.jpeg (23.25 KB, 320x247, D43E8725-30D9-491D-852E-91818C…)

Probably because she is pretending to be Japanese, not even daydreaming about it they have quite a reputation kek

No. 1371350

She could be in a sticky situation of being trapped at home? I don't know what her situation is, but it might be possible she does nsfw content in place of a cooperate minimum wage shit job? Maybe disabled like severe anxiety or PTSD or something.

No. 1371364

Anon, what does a schizo video made by a jap incel even contribute to her milk? She might pretending to be a hafu like every other egirl? Once again, stop flicking your bean to the thought of japs saying the n word.

I don't think shes hafu at all, or at least her father isn't japanese, he might be chinese or something. Shes obviously a pathological liar with self hate. Shes probably not even being abused, just lazy and cries whenever her mother tells her to get off her phone

No. 1371367

no person with actual severe anxiety would find it better to post their nude body on social media and have to interact with scrotes on a regular basis for pennies than to work a night shift somewhere with minimal human interaction and better pay
are you actually being serious? fucking lol

this thread full of just as many trainwreck posters as the shay thread

No. 1371438

Man, twitter zoomers are gullible. People lie on the internet, especially people with OFs and gofundmes for "living expenses."

No. 1371455

Ayrt I don't think she is either, that was why my post was so skeptical. I'm halfie and even her likelihood is uncommon, I meet more polish mixed hapas not Brazilian and Japanese. Maybe she'll lurk again and then make up some more tales for the larp about how her totally 100% real Japanese papa is overseas and she needs to do porn to get to nippon.

No. 1371457


1,000 is such an odd number to e-beg for. Like, what's it going to do? That's not enough for a month to month motel situation, she doesn't seem like the type to save money or be thrifty so it's not for her savings to get on her feet. Again, doubt she's thrifty so she could probably blow throw that in a month or two on food and gas alone.

No. 1371458

She could make more than that being a freaking instacart driver. It's actually pathetic.

No. 1371460

Nta but thanks for articulating what I was thinking. It's strange that people really buy that an "abuse victim" is comfortable with whoring out online for a living instead of taking overnight stocking jobs at Target or something where interaction with the public is minimal. Or janitorial. I don't understand where this common belief came from that people whore around because they're victims, because these girls aren't being trafficked. They think its empowering and have the privilege to sit amongst moldy aliexpress garbage while others will never be heard from again.

No. 1371466

>I meet more polish mixed hapas not Brazilian and Japanese.
It's not that uncommon, the largest community of japanese immigrants and their descendants is in Brazil. She probably used that fact for her tragic nihon LARP.

No. 1371467

> you call yourself loli you idiot uwu
> Adult BABY DIAPER lover
Make it make sense please. I literally cannot comprehend the logic, but I’m not a coombrain that panders to the most degenerate man imaginable either so

No. 1371498

File: 1637296187130.jpeg (537.01 KB, 750x885, 8BD76354-732B-4CF9-9A3F-551DCE…)

Looking through her now private Facebook earlier her father isn’t in her life, he probably peaced out when she was a baby so she made up him being Japanese in her head to cope and to look cool. She posts a lot of happy smiling photos with her mother too so she is likely lying about being abused

No. 1371512

>please give me $1000 for showing da big areolas, I have three cents in the bank
> long acrylic manicure
Every time

No. 1371520

I know that it is and I'm saying I've never met one of them. I tend to come across other euro hapas. Her mom probably doesn't even speak Portuguese.

No. 1371525

nonnie, Brazilian/japanese mix are actually pretty common, but that doesn't have much relevance because the flag in her bio is the Jamaican flag, not the Brazilian one.

No. 1371540

Her mom is Jamaican

No. 1371568

Chocolove is based, dont insult him by comparing him to that beached whale with potato sack tits.

No. 1371576

Japanese people in Brazil are Brazilian lol. Brazilian isn't an ethnicity, there's multiple races in Brazil..(sage)

No. 1371610

Is that a thumbnail from that one Japanese guy with the fetish for being cucked by white men? Lol

No. 1371612

Jamaican and Japanese huh? If she went with Jamaican and Chinese I'd believe it more tbh. Doesn't look mixed at all but there's a big enough Chinese population in Jamaica

No. 1371783

File: 1637343638926.jpeg (930.63 KB, 1242x1512, 73A78A51-6311-4EF4-8C1B-6E7D36…)

I can’t breathe wtf is this getup???

No. 1371784

It’s the gas station gloves for me

No. 1371786

Caption implies you’re supposed to be the servant but picture screams he’s the servant lol much dom

No. 1371789

Anon please i cackled that was funny

No. 1371792

I can’t stop cackling

No. 1371793

Glad to see Soy has embraced the corset trend about a season too late

No. 1371831

i have tears in my eyes this is so fucking funny

No. 1371851

I already replied to another poster about this. I know its common and I'm saying that having lived in Canada, that's never the hapa type I come across. Also what >>1371576 said.

My bad, I was sleep deprived.

That's what I was saying. She could've made her larp more convincing.

What the fuck is this fredericks of hollywood-tier monstrosity. I feel like I'm back in y2k seeing steampunk kids at the local renaissance faire.

No. 1371864

She's just a garden-variety pickme with a racial twist. Idolizes (white) scrotes for the attention & validation they give her, hates (white) women because they're the competition.

No. 1371867

I don't think she's Blasian at all, she's just a weeb with no dad

No. 1371872

The basic business casual shirt, aliexpress corset and rubber dishwashing glove combo is SENDING MEEEEE, like he really thought this was a flex ??

It's giving male Park Avenue Pinup, someone should link those two cows I think they'd hit it off

No. 1371907

Same. Pretty easy for her to lie when nobody's got a photo of him to call her out as a liar. Though I'd laugh if a cowtipper straight asked her mom.

No. 1371915

I don’t know where to start. That cheap nasty corset emphasizing his barrel waist, so ill fitting and restricting his torso, where men are typically muscular and idk it might be smart to show that instead of some steampunk 8.99 foreign child labor trash corset that every single potential girl would clock literally instantly because his demographic is girls who dress in Amazon lingerie. The sub-suburban Staples cashier button up, not even nice enough to wear to greet people at the Apple store, wrinkled and ballooning at his chest to imply phantom b-cups.

The Mormon belt.

The cheap target jeans in a poor dark wash, laundered and taken care of incorrectly. The actual nitrile glove, extended palm up while he is seated submissively on a fuzzy blanket so cheap it can’t even afford to suggest faux fur, it’s just humble college dorm Christian fall soft & cozy. It’s an accent blanket but it’s covering the whole bed not because he is lower class in a charming way, but because he is a dumb bitch of a white man who only learned how to poorly mask his futility as a man with abuse from his neglectful father. Definitely not how to groom facial hair, with his only goal for style is hiding his jaw shape and to obscure his equally Utah inbred Mormon face shape. He looks like he is a germaphobe about to do something to a desktop computer with care, as a submissive sexually repressed Mormon for a tik tok decorating hung over community college girl for free as long as he gets to wear a corset. He takes this picture on self timer in a self conscious pose to awkwardly fit into the frame and apologizes profusely when she walks back in to check on the progress of the hand-me-down computer her older brother filled with viruses, even though his two picture photo shoot had been concluded. But when he gets to the privacy of his own home, his male insecurity overtakes him and he has to post this TO THE INTERNET because he is a DOM INVERTED PENTAGRAM NOT MORMON.

No. 1371953

It’s like what I imagine Projared’s OnlyFans would look like if he started one.

No. 1371959

Dying @ this fanfic. Is he actually Mormon??

No. 1371969

I thought Mormonism was an Americans thing. I didn’t know there was a mormon following in the UK

No. 1371984

i just know that he's gonna troon out. i give it a year maximum

No. 1371986

It's like he tried to cosplay Westley from The Princess Bride but something went horribly, horribly wrong

Fucking kek, so true

No. 1372045

Anon I laughed so hard that I snorted. That was poetic.

No. 1372083

i thoroughly enjoyed this. plus the fact that the cheap corset is crooked too kek

No. 1372112

this is so fucking funny kek

No. 1372350

File: 1637424136788.png (3.12 MB, 1242x2208, F9D1D454-7B27-43CD-A827-15B1F7…)

No. 1372354

troon-out imminent

No. 1372359

File: 1637425166042.jpeg (483.55 KB, 1061x752, E1D324A1-126E-4B69-8CA5-414B71…)

>sub-suburban staples cashier button up
>phantom b cups
> humble college dorm Christian fall soft & cozy

No. 1372371

Her tits are fine. Big boobs sag a lot. If she lost weight her boobs would become a lot firmer. Saged

No. 1372419

>If she lost weight her boobs would become a lot firmer.
that's not how that works, anon

No. 1372481

File: 1637435756015.jpeg (275.88 KB, 750x721, 7C16F94D-1EC8-4245-BBF4-025B5C…)

She’s so full of shit

No. 1372483

File: 1637435860301.jpeg (212.78 KB, 750x1275, 15489506-EC08-415A-9026-E85163…)

She’s not wrong lol but god she’s such a bitch

No. 1372486

File: 1637436045416.jpeg (440.75 KB, 2048x2048, 1DCC8FEA-8373-4173-9B0D-0B8302…)

More begging. “Survival Sexworker”

No. 1372508

File: 1637437731734.jpeg (355.47 KB, 750x867, E048872E-3637-4F31-BAA2-6FA471…)

No. 1372522

File: 1637438650585.jpeg (786.36 KB, 2142x2836, 8236F980-0ADD-4D58-B02C-116EC5…)

No. 1372523

The hamplanet wishes she were white/asian so badly.

No. 1372524

File: 1637438697872.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1090x1527, B6664F7A-B714-46F8-86F3-B3CD3F…)

I can’t stop laughing at how this cow thinks he’s so macho

No. 1372527

Meme template material.

No. 1372588

pot kettle black you hulking mass of lard

looks like your everyday average moid discord moderator who grooms underage girls

No. 1372593

Looks like a pleasant lady on the titanic

No. 1372641

But anon he has boots on therefore he is big burly dom man grrr

But no in all seriousness I just laughed so hard at this then the nausea set in for obvious reasons, kek what the fuck goes though this man's head

No. 1372643

His tattoos and creepy scrawny body oh god no wonder he can only stick his pencil dick in pure filth.
Please don't deport this cretin. Britain does not want him back we have enough problems, sorry America

No. 1372652

Those dirty ass boots on the bed combined with the pink and blue lights in the back, I second the anon who said he’s gonna come out as non binary

No. 1372751

File: 1637463797385.jpeg (272.31 KB, 750x915, 7318051C-8893-40AB-BA55-BC001F…)

>tubesock tits
She can’t go a day without getting into a slap fight on Twitter

No. 1372777


Gross pallor. He's yellow under the eyes and looks unwell. He should eat some multivitamins and toss a few at his wife, too.

No. 1372822

File: 1637470826582.jpeg (337.03 KB, 926x520, 9F5A8E2C-B682-48E7-9FFA-DADA13…)

tenshii tushii’s tattoos are so ugly she looks like a fatter MGK

No. 1372825

File: 1637470929161.jpeg (146.31 KB, 636x421, 8B82A624-EF71-48E9-9967-3C63E1…)

pick me tenshi prostituted herself, participated in humiliating degrading sexual acts that will forever be on the internet, and she still has to beg for pennies on twitter, bleak

No. 1372843

Big boobs do sag a lot… but those are really disgusting. They just flop down and the nipples are pointing to the floor. Her are areolas are the worst part, they are the size of dinner plates.Truly the most unpalatable titties I’ve ever seen.. They look like worst case scenario post pregnancy boobs, defalated with huge fat nipples. They’re really matronly and she should get into lingerie that at least is suitable for them stuffing her disgusting obese body and floppy tits into a Japanesu anime loli kitten maid suit isn’t doing them any justice Also her losing weight would make them even saggier. Not saying she shouldn’t though. She is pretty in the face, her body is very very gross and since she’s selling it, she should try to improve it a little.

No. 1372911

Her ouija tattoo is genuinely hideous, when she was talking about getting tattoo cover ups I assumed she meant the monstrosity on her stomach but I guess she actually likes that one
Also she clearly has sexual aversion like Shayna, this clip she retweeted recently makes it pretty obvious

No. 1372943

Do they have to shoot jizz on the letters?

No. 1375002

File: 1637731291922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,522.5 KB, 2048x1536, 3F16A751-D3AE-495A-92D5-315A4D…)

No. 1375164

everything about this is disgusting. and the red dots from his tattoo looks like a skin disease

No. 1375383

Fucking nasty, why don’t these people work out if they are selling their body?

No. 1375400

troon saga soon, screenshot this post

No. 1375984

File: 1637890369615.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1528, CB6DADFE-9F10-4318-94C6-9770C7…)

I can’t with this ugly skinny twig twink

No. 1375985

File: 1637890479401.jpeg (301.17 KB, 735x828, 6BEE8529-757C-4AEE-B7BF-22F212…)

He has a huge fucking head. I feel bad for his mother for pushing out this ugly soy boy scrote

No. 1375987

File: 1637890598521.jpeg (860.5 KB, 1242x887, 4848BA6A-E89B-4271-B850-2934B3…)

I’m laughing so hard why does he like this outfit so much

No. 1375989

File: 1637890627526.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 16B64B65-D146-4F21-8A57-FC5877…)

No. 1375990

File: 1637890734051.jpg (82.38 KB, 640x640, 4zh9crxspopy.jpg)

No. 1375991

File: 1637891200027.png (137.54 KB, 512x512, F70E128A-DEFC-42E8-89E8-382C68…)

Anon please I laughed so hard no sound came out

No. 1375992

File: 1637891252241.jpeg (483.48 KB, 1242x1652, 8054820E-6DB8-4436-AE43-9F3109…)

I’m cackling this is why you’re going to end up homeless tenshit

No. 1375993

File: 1637891318460.jpeg (623.54 KB, 1195x1526, 2C9D0FF1-6603-4135-8142-7EA397…)

I guess gray hair has a kink for unemployed fatties who complain on Twitter and pan handle for money

No. 1376038

The replies.

No. 1376039

The cognitive dissonance in “hating men” and also basing your whole identity in pleasing them. She’s just a raging pick me lol

No. 1376048

File: 1637904356882.jpeg (445.97 KB, 1536x2048, GIRL U FLAAT WHY WOULD YOU POS…)

omfg shes fucking busted. i understand why shes so fucking angry now. like not even shay is this annoyed at her coomers. but it makes sense cause this girl is flat, chubby in the wrong places and those tattoos look like garbage. this shit is so trashy and unsexy no wonder no one buys her shit.
like girl
no one is buying it cause you ugly. either go to the gym and get fit, go to get some plastic surgery, or go get a fucking job. i hate porn but theres free porn with good looking people why the fuck would pay you to be a fucking bitch and whine all day and look ugly and bloated on camera???(nitpicking)

No. 1376069

File: 1637910593107.jpeg (72.33 KB, 750x742, 50030D66-606E-4E95-B544-6C07E0…)

>those replies
Literally crying rn

No. 1376075

>extremely average body type in every way
>“gross, flat, disgusting, fat, get plastic surgery bitch”
Don’t get me wrong, her constant flip-flopping between extreme pickmeism and “I HATE MEN” rageposting is extremely stupid and cowish, but the autistic body nitpicks you’re doing strike me as either coming from someone who has intense body issues herself and is projecting, or a scrote mad that he has to witness anything less than uncanny valley-tier plastic bimbos in his wank material

No. 1376077

Good to see soy salvatore continuously confirming that he still reads here. Dude flattened out his "phantom b-cups" and everything for the pro pic update. kek

No. 1376080

>dedicate your entire life to being a male e-whore
>have no stable job outside of this
>risk your visa status in the US to sell mediocre dick
>still too lazy to lift weights and actually look the part for the cringe LARP you have now shaped your whole life around

I have more muscle than this faggot and I'm a 5'4 woman. Can't men do anything right? I don't know how he even manages to haul his slampigs around with those noodle arms.

No. 1376082

File: 1637914379286.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.38 KB, 1236x696, troonhir.jpg)

I think a year is generous, looking at his hair in some recent vids.

No. 1376085

its a sex worker thread. half the thread is about making fun off sol for being skinnyfat like most of the population.
i pointed out because even shayna has bigger boobs than this girl, and if shayna has a bigger following and better body than you, you should be very ashamed. no wonder she tried to cancel her. and i hate shay as welll, but youre delusional if you think this girl can be successful in anyway looking like that in OnlyFans a place saturated with new people everyday. as you said, unremarkable, thats why she has meltdowns about no one buying her shit.
so yeah, if shes selling her body for 3 bucks i think its fair to critic the fact her body is not gonna be doing good and shes gonna be starving on rice cakes like weve seen in the thread.

No. 1376120

big ass fucking skull lmao

No. 1376121

kek this looks like another innocent Airbnb

No. 1376129

his fucking leg is literally and figuratively the size of a twig and next to the hamplanet it looks even funnier. she could snap his shin in an instant

No. 1376132

He has the body of a malnourished 12 year old boy, yet he has haggard face of 40 year old man.

No. 1376134

Not even a gram of defined body muscle. If someone showed me this out of context I’d think this was a parody e-card kek

No. 1376136

File: 1637923306944.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 1242x1544, 332BD5F1-50AF-4423-92EC-CD0137…)

Not everyone who criticizes an ugly person inside and out is a scrote. Scrotes like anything, we have standards. You’re trying to tell me this pick me bitch is attractive, doesn’t need a shower, and has a nice body?

No. 1376137

File: 1637923728384.png (11.86 MB, 1242x2208, F992C2D3-8860-4529-8288-A2DB40…)

So damn ugly

No. 1376138

File: 1637923980032.jpeg (1007.45 KB, 1242x1545, 898DDA54-AAA1-4626-8F53-5D3DAC…)

Does this guy she makes content with have down syndrome?

No. 1376143

File: 1637924811462.png (9.34 MB, 1242x2208, E6BDCA72-7CA9-4A37-92F1-799DD5…)

Why does every unknown irrelevant lower class “sex worker” want to make merch? No one buys your content or knows you why would they buy merch? Baffles my mind

No. 1376148

The best part is she looks nothing like that.

No. 1376152

imagine being the type of person to wear ONLYFANS merch in public

No. 1376155

File: 1637927627430.jpeg (615.02 KB, 2638x1736, 626157EB-B433-4495-98D7-287A85…)

I guess it’s a poor attempt to gain subscribers?

No. 1376156

I don’t think it’s autistic to nit pick the bodies self proclaimed e-whores. Scrotes who pay for content are paying for a fantasy of a woman they can’t get in real life. That’s the whole point of them paying. They have wives and gfs who look like her, why would they pay money to look at a woman who has flab in the wrong places and a flat ass? That’s why these average looking e-whores have to lower themselves to allowing pathetic greasy men like Sully Hill aka Sol Salvatore to abuse them on camera. They aren’t a fantasy woman, they are average or below average and men don’t pay to look at them, they pay to look at them being beaten up so they can imagine it’s their wives being hurt. It’s fucking sick and all of them deserve to be ridiculed for taking part in it.

No. 1376230

these girls really think they're going to make bank selling nudes when they can't even post selfies without a bunch of filters on it.

No. 1376243

This pick-me probably lets tindr scrotes fuck and choke her for free

No. 1376300

Who's gonna find it?

No. 1376392

Lmfao i can’t with the ohm tattoo combined with the subway gloves, and those warts on his neck yuck

No. 1376466

I never thought I’d say a day would come where Shayna appears to be somewhat DECENT at her job. Yikes. Of course Shayna e-begs like >>1364408 but she hardly bullies random people like this asianfishing fucking cunt >>1372483 who picks fights with everyone. Shayna is also basically an MRA-lite with how much she panders to men and should be thankful that she’s not the type of stupid to air out misandry on her public SW account like >>1375992. These sea monster internet whores are really fucking themselves over by being so hostile on their accounts, if you’re gonna be ugly and try to sell sex wouldn’t you try to at least make everything else look as appealing as possible, including a scrote-validating pickme persona?
One theory I have is that I’ve heard that a lot of sex workers buy each others content to where they make up a substantial amount of sales. Could that be why so many of these nightmare twitter whores don’t even bother appealing to a largely male clientele (aside from the obvious main reason that they’re just dumb and not business minded at all)? Otherwise you’re just literally and utterly retarded to broadcast “I hate men” or sperging about “fuck yt ppl” over and over on the same account that brings in your income dependent on a male userbase.

No. 1376889

Does anyone know what her dumbass eyebrow kanji tattoo means

No. 1376907

File: 1637997987376.jpeg (463.08 KB, 1242x1290, 3E147C43-725B-4CEC-B509-D6D11A…)

Another fatty sex worker that retweets Shayna in exchange for retweets. She really thinks moids have standards

No. 1376908

File: 1637998031810.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1097x2208, 931CF72C-C7DC-4782-99CB-44A169…)

>Super cute and pudgy
Sure, Jan

No. 1376910

It’s just she has no shape really and a face that’s rather average. Idk why she feels the need to talk about how much she gets hit on.

No. 1376911

You literally answered the question in your first sentence
Dressing like this will do it. Men are stupid but they can detect desperation as an evolutionary trait to spread their genes as much as possible

No. 1376914

girl its because they can see how insecure and easily taken advantage of, thats what the supposed "fuck me vibes" are. damn these bitches are stupid

No. 1376923

I had a hard time figuring it out because the tattoo is busted as fuck, so I might be wrong, but I think it says 小ちな天使, "little angel"

No. 1376932

She looks like she’s melting, and you can tell she’s got a double chin or two even through the meitu digital painting on her face, kek. Shay is ugly as sin, but some of these thots look downright deformed.

No. 1376948

I see pepe in her rolls

No. 1376949

File: 1638006043533.jpeg (154.31 KB, 879x1390, 7388CCFF-4673-434F-95FE-8F438E…)

Quality over quantity sweaty. Desperate men looking to use you for their next easy lay is not something to brag about.

It’s like if someone ran Penguin through Meitu.

No. 1377046

This is kinda sad. It’s like reverse body dysmorphia

No. 1377047


She is not “pudgy” - she is obese.

No. 1377052

File: 1638032288220.png (419.32 KB, 600x600, cryinglaughingpepe.png)

>It’s like if someone ran Penguin through Meitu.

No. 1377157

File: 1638045708954.jpg (197.15 KB, 1152x2048, FEq4ouRUcAA34d8.jpg)

funhouse mirror realness

her twitter makes me sad tho, sjust anoher young woman degrading herself while scrotes throw her pennies and the occasional pink plastic crap off amazon

No. 1377363

Sometimes I wonder if they even deserve more?

No. 1377796

belly button looks like a mouth with a frown. her own body is literally sad and telling her to stop eating and degrading herself

No. 1378757

she's not a pick me she's a pygmy…

No. 1378858

File: 1638280584831.jpeg (993.82 KB, 1242x1362, 091AD0BA-23F4-44D3-A71E-179AAE…)


No. 1378860

File: 1638280803965.jpeg (277.98 KB, 1242x695, F683ACD7-E498-4489-8DD4-D4271C…)

No. 1378861

File: 1638281054888.jpeg (206 KB, 566x1284, 481546C8-F8E2-4907-A5FC-46AA45…)

hmmm it’s almost like sex work is degrading and objectifying women and the scummy men who participate are so repulsive and misogynistic they have to rely on paying women to fuck or be near them. Crazy concept, tenshit. Those tattoos are hideous.

No. 1378871

>i'm tired of old men dictating if i'm going to eat this week
Great summary of a dreadful situation, she is close to getting it.

No. 1378873

File: 1638281949102.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1001x1303, 318BD4E0-E4EA-457F-92AC-19AC11…)

I never knew how many “Shaynas” there were in sw Jfc

No. 1378876

I still don't understand why whores are suddenly too good for aheago??? It's a retarded face to make but what. Pretending you're a child is ok tho

No. 1378884

File: 1638283096539.jpg (40.87 KB, 368x430, ahegao-history-disturbing.jpg)

I looked it up to try to understand their argument and I found this
It's a big jump, honestly, I don't understand their logic

No. 1378886

I don't understand. Why is he wearing the corset? I thought he fucked troons, not the other way around.

No. 1378889

File: 1638283212332.jpeg (124.19 KB, 1600x1155, C63E7468-663E-42A8-8B3D-F37BC3…)

Was this made by his starving wife? Because it sucks and it’s hard to read.

No. 1378890


Kek she thought she was gonna be a suicide girl instead of a low grade stripper/hooker. People should collect these tweets from fail sexworkers to discourage young girls from pursing it like a career. A montage of what they're realistically looking at if they don't go to college, learn a trade or properly use their brains to get money. At least when society taught girls to aspire to be housewives there was some dignity reserved

No. 1378891

How the fuck do you even reclaim a fucking stupid anime face? Specially one that got popular like 3 years ago? Who has been dying because of it? Jesus Christ I swear people create these non-issues to make everything else blurry.
>yeah, those copious amounts of borderline child pornography made by Japanese degenerates and their followers?
>it doesn’t matter, we should focus on one aspect which is the anime faces, how terrible! We need to make people stop using that single feature!!

No. 1378892

Just get a shitty job in retail. Yes, it's soul crushing, but at least you get paid unlike this sick masochism.

No. 1378896

So… Pretending you're a child or toddler being raped in your porn is ok, racefaking is ok (see Puppi) but ahegao is not ok because… Racefaking and pedophilia?

No. 1378900

Lmao, ahegao is cultural appropriation now, somebody put me out of my suffering already.

No. 1378908

the funny part is that they're being incredibly racist themselves by acting like a coomer porn trope is some sacred part of japanese culture when most japanese people either don't even know what it is or don't ever think about it. ahegao is ugly and stupid and anyone who does it should be ridiculed, but it's not racist kek

No. 1378909

I'd argue that it's fine for them to do it cause they're all part of the coomer subhuman group

No. 1378917

they are basically all like this, since BPD is the entry ticket to online degradation for pennies

No. 1378921

god they never stop with the excuses as to why they aren't making money selling their bodies online to old men. sex work isn't real work. that's why you aren't making money.

No. 1379022

>Unless you're an asian woman reclaiming your autonomy by using ahegao,
What does this mean?? Nobody is ending racism by being asian and doing ahegao. Not like it matters anyway since the average retard can just racefake and get asspats?

No. 1379191

criminally underrated comment, kek

No. 1379305

File: 1638306780802.jpeg (388.83 KB, 1162x1137, 62029E7A-362E-4E8D-87D1-2BE38F…)

No rent money for the pickme but at least Betty Biscuits gives her support top kek

No. 1379411

except for the ginger, they're all more put together than shayna (even if one is a landwhale and one is a doodleboard)

No. 1379835

File: 1638322241918.jpeg (231.05 KB, 750x721, 594148A6-3800-4BB3-9F54-026B2B…)

She took the Japanese flag out of her bio kek

No. 1379886

She should remove the katakana too, pretty sure someone could spin being a gravure idol as cultural appropriation
Besides, I don't think gravure show their tits.

No. 1379889

>literally changes my hair / makeup / style for work and refrains from doing things that will make me happy to survive.

Welcome to adulting and having literally any job, you lazy ho.

This is inadvertently based and I'm fine with it, ahegao is disgusting.

No. 1380019

Ahegaos is fucking stupid but I don't think asian women doing it any better or "reclaiming" anything

No. 1380026

Based. Make ahegao racist so people stop doing it and looking like/pandering to coomer retards.

No. 1380077

Who gives a shit? It’s making pedo pandering hoes stop doing that retarded coomer face out of fear of being cancelled. It’s based regardless of the logic behind it.

No. 1380087

I mean the same person who cares about a pedo pandering white cow doing ahegao should care about an asian cow doing it? No one should do it. Asian women shouldn't either

No. 1380373

gravure can have nudity, just not explicit pornography. like breasts are sometimes fine and maybe even visible pubes but nothing blatantly sexual other than modeling/poses, so nothing like what she does anyways
also gravure models are sometimes EXTREMELY underage so she's probably just pedo-pandering

No. 1380754

File: 1638385920334.jpeg (703.08 KB, 1242x923, EB1533E6-F826-4D06-8514-6AA4A0…)

Soy is retweeting this fag scrote with chest acne

No. 1380756

File: 1638385969360.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1173x1808, 505AE338-0DBD-41D8-B06A-AA4D4A…)

I can’t breathe this outfit has me cackling he looks so fucking stupid. I hope his wife burns it.

No. 1380765

File: 1638386541409.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3010x2859, 47FDDB97-5EEF-4BA7-A03B-B41F0B…)

Based Betty Biscuits basically telling tenshit to shut the fuck up kek

No. 1380807

File: 1638388508583.jpg (Spoiler Image,279.04 KB, 2048x1152, FE0fGBJWUAYePAd.jpg)

lmao this is bleak

No. 1380844

This was supposed to be a vampire costume?

No. 1380848

what a sad life they live…. i'd feel sorry for them but they're all so ugly…..so

No. 1380863

the lower half of his face looks like doug walker

No. 1380905

>some of us literally had to do sex work or die

bitch, McDonald’s is always hiring!

No. 1380931

First of all, whore, vampires wouldn’t need a blunt ass straight razor.
Secondly, what kinda wimp ass teen fiction is he reading to make this pubey ginger beard, bunny ass teeth and his cross dressing corset “pirate” outfit is remotely attractive or fits his “vampire” narrative. He’s as much of a big scary, brooding vampire as Shay is a “baby bimbo”

No. 1381160

She could always go apply at a brothel or a go indie hooker or something? Or she could shut up and do her job and maybe people will spend money - oh wait they’re spending money on their families for the holidays not degen whores

No. 1381307


>Some of us literally had to do sex work or die

Ok, sage for a minor rant but this chick and all the other broke sex workers like her are full of shit. Majority of them hopped into sex work because they saw it as easy money (whilst simultaneously preaching that sex work is real work and absolutely not easy money kek) and/or were sold a dream, seeing the very very few women in the top 1% who make thousands of dollars and live semi lavishly. You have the option of working a regular job, and implying you had to do sex work or die is disrespectful to the women who quite literally had no choice in the matter. (Sex trafficking victims being a prime example)

I’m so tired of these lazy dumb whores trying to play the woe is me role when they actively chose sex work over a normal job because they’re dumb enough to think that by selling themselves they’re screwing men over just to realize their whole lively hood revolves around the fact that in order to make a killing, the men you’re catering to have to both find you attractive and think that your content is worth their money. Yet they still try to convince themselves and other naive young women and girls that this is the best route for them. In a few years, they’re going to be writing posts about the horrors of sex work whilst taking no accountability for the fact that it’s what they chose to do in the first place.

No. 1381317

if it was a matter of life or death they would be street walking, but that's dangerous and will get you killed and they damn well know it.
There is a certain amount of blame to be placed on society for convincing fresh 18-year-olds selling their bodies online is worth it, but most of these women are well aware at this point of what scrotes are like but still continue to push this line of work because they're narcissists. The fact of the matter is most of these women aren't attractive enough to survive on their looks. And that's not even getting into all the fatties that have convinced themselves being egg shape is attractive to moids.
A for the scrotes trying to make it on onlyfans - kek. I don't think I've seen one attractive moid with an onlyfans.

No. 1381363


Exactly, if it were truly a matter of life and death, these girls would be branching out into escorting or full blown prostitution but they won’t do that because they know it’s dangerous. Society only gets a portion of the blame, with the majority going to those well off sex workers who actively go out of their way to sell young girls a dream in an effort to pimp them out (I’ve seen an influx of 0.1% actively recruiting fresh faced girls who haven’t even been 18 for a full 24 hours) so it makes them more money.

In the case of these onlyfans thots, they aren’t attractive enough to survive off their looks nor are they creative or clever enough to actually use their brains when it comes to survival either. They’re narcissistic in the sense where they think all it takes to make a man throw money at you is to show your body, no matter how ugly and badly built you are. Acknowledging the fact that your looks and body play a massive role (along with what you’re willing to do) in how much they’ll make goes against everything they spew online which is why they continue to “play it safe” with the low quality content and continuously e-beg. Even when talking about how “hard” it is, they make it a point to not go in detail like the dumb pick-me’s they are.

No. 1381365

The only attractive men are the few men who cater to gay men but they’re already male strippers or in porn so it’s not like they’re just a $3 whore

No. 1381371

Hilarious that this dumb shit was JUST SAYING she got into sex work because she could do what she wants now wants to act like some she's some impoverished minority? Suburban white women are exhausting.

No. 1381884

File: 1638432598264.png (Spoiler Image,8.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9DD7ED2C-BDF7-41FF-ABA6-F8D590…)

Soy retweeted this
Idk if e whores know this but they should. If you’re ugly and you have a rancid snatch don’t be a whore. Men fuck anything, yes, but not enough of desperate grayhairs will pay for you to make ends meet

No. 1381885

File: 1638432635202.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471.58 KB, 1242x655, E5ABDD82-721D-47A0-A868-C08E52…)

Soy getting his dick sucked by an ugly man larping as a woman

No. 1381893

wtf was she shot in the ass with bb gun pellets?

No. 1381899

File: 1638434417935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1242x1255, 5F0241A6-3CAE-4664-B74D-686E00…)

@milfbby11 on Twitter is an ugly degenerate e begging whore with an infant. She films content near her baby’s crib and begs online for money to buy her child formula. Her sink looks rusted and filthy, like there is brown shit on it. Really disgusting how a mother could spend all her time online shaking her flabby white butt for pennies instead of getting a job to pay for formula

No. 1382006

ive never seen such a miserable fucking person as this bitch

No. 1382110

It’s because she didn’t get the stroke of luck that other only fans whores get, example: savannah solo (still a fat whore) or that girl who sent nudes for the Australian fires (naked philanthropist or whatever)

She hasn’t realised you can make $ being a whore if you have looks AND a decent fake personality to draw scrotes in

No. 1382675

this makes me so mad, imagine her baby growing up to see this, that kid will be ruthlessly bullied , why is she degrading herself like that ?
as a mom this enrages me, yeah formula is expensive, but you should not attach your children to your sex work persona, especially if you’re struggling. This is just embarrassing and sad for her and the baby, work at Walmart, finish school, get on SNAP.

Omg I know darker skin is normal around that area, but it looks so…. Rough… she’s not even posed to be sexy, her face is so apathetic. She should meitu it smoother and lighter. She looks like a hippo

No. 1382741

just….WHAT is that white stuff

No. 1386164

File: 1638769565302.jpeg (196.56 KB, 750x653, F692BF3F-972D-4D3D-A1BC-03D4DB…)

aaand she’ put the Japanese flag back. make up your mind bitch are you gonna fake your race or not

No. 1386198

File: 1638773632525.jpeg (609.95 KB, 828x1530, F5F340C0-1B54-4106-81B0-35A03B…)

I was just scrolling past and knew exactly who you meant kek

I wonder what she’s up to… …oh

No. 1386216

the only people i knew irl that faked their race were in middle school
so immature and pathetic as fuck for an adult to still be doing that and she probably knows it

No. 1386422

looks like HS scars, they’re usually pretty terrible looking

No. 1386427

I love how she always says she “charges men to be in her presence” but then has a live in troll of a boyfriend who clearly isn’t paying all here rent because she won’t let us forget it’s her BIRTHDAY MONTH and she had to WORRY ABOUT RENT

No. 1386631

File: 1638824368833.jpeg (357.05 KB, 1242x820, 36361B7B-BDF1-4CF5-BD88-A5B795…)

No. 1387167

I can tell from just a few screenshots that I absolutely hate this cunt

No. 1387877

File: 1638946373255.jpeg (182.27 KB, 1242x788, 2D64B918-A1B0-4C39-8E00-F11CB9…)

She’ll never be as pretty or skinny as she wants because her shitty personality comes out too much. She’s so bitter and pick me, losing weight or getting pretty won’t make her a better person

No. 1388240

File: 1638992758842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.02 KB, 750x835, 669FE44C-D1EC-4B23-A963-AFD1B4…)

Her face tattoos are so trashy, I don’t know what is worse, these or the godawful ouija tattoo

No. 1388949

I think you should have to get approval from multiple people before getting a tattoo, these look stupid

No. 1389580

not to wk but are you sure she’s not being trafficked or anything by the baby daddy? those tags are concerning

No. 1389592

Those tags are used in whore circles and the humiliation phrases are just her catering to a gross crowd. She’s likely just desperate and not qualifying for gov help or is a junkie

No. 1389792

File: 1639158011312.jpeg (719.82 KB, 1197x1152, 05CE6CF0-F155-4A23-ABD9-D8E561…)

Does anyone know why pick me e whores never clean their tongue? Her tongue is covered in shit, it’s disgusting

No. 1389799

File: 1639158212602.jpeg (Spoiler Image,348.73 KB, 1831x1771, D45D546C-0BDC-469C-BAD7-3A9D15…)

Just imagine the stench. The dirty ass walls. They have no shame

No. 1389804

File: 1639158251041.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1242x1702, 1EA7A9F6-B252-41D9-8B91-FE1D9C…)

The tongue I can’t this is so disgusting

No. 1389806

It’s the mental illness
>top 50%
That means you’re fucking below average lmao imagine bragging about selling more than all the empty and fake accounts with $0 revenue

No. 1389812

File: 1639158964516.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 3377x2628, F0CA52A9-365B-4CFB-A310-B6A1E7…)

All her photos are cringe and hilarious especially when she edits herself in a background

No. 1389814

File: 1639159021398.jpeg (193.71 KB, 367x633, 7479B538-ABCE-4EC2-9F49-D9B333…)

Glad to see what her priorities are….

No. 1389837

Yeah man, taking sloppy nudes from the safety of your own home is a real life or death situation. Bitch, go get a retail job like all of the other burnouts. At least you can have some dignity, knowing you didn't have to get naked to get paid this time.

No. 1389842

She's probably too stupid to apply for government help. If she's low income she can get W.I.C to feed her child at the very least.

No. 1389853

Even if she lost weight, she’s kind of screwed her chance of making a ton of money with the shitty tattoos and mods. They just scream low class lot lizard.

No. 1389856

Lol manic delusional plans. You'll sure show everyone won't you!

No. 1390118

wait hold on I know this girl, can I get more info where you found this my morbid curiosity has been piqued

No. 1390123

nvmd found her twitter

No. 1390130

Like you know her IRL?

No. 1390163

Yeah, I met her at a lolita meet years ago. She's super cringe and has been a personal cow of mine for years. She has a youtuber and has been a major try hard for internet clout for idk the past like 5 years

No. 1390169

her youtube is cakepopclara

No. 1390436

please i thought she looked familiar i cant believe i used to be mutuals on instagram with this girl? i would love to hear any milky stories you have anon

No. 1394266

File: 1639654827966.jpeg (346.7 KB, 1242x1638, D3CE0FB4-1A94-45E8-868B-EF566E…)

He’s milking his shein corset for all its worth.

No. 1394929

He’s milking himself for all he’s worth, is what he’s doing. I would have sex with that for millions, don’t know any other women who would. Does he make any money at all? Who the fuck is buying his stuff????

No. 1394950

It’s probably just other Twitter whores

No. 1395597

File: 1639775931703.jpeg (82.54 KB, 640x480, 0D7433D9-BCA2-406F-8C35-5FDF29…)

No. 1395888

SA, hopefully it’s clear from context, but


Honestly, though, given that he’s almost guaranteed to troon out, he kind of won the lottery. He’s so small and gangly, he’ll be a ugly woman, but he’ll probably pass well enough.

No. 1397040

She had some lolita drama a couple of years ago, I bet it's posted in the Lolita lolcow thread. I thought she looked familiar…

No. 1397043

Her ig reaks of "graphic design is my passion".

No. 1402483

File: 1640609064799.jpeg (532.63 KB, 1242x2162, 20E8C61C-E971-4332-9876-B3CB89…)

Why is she such a bitter cunt? Complains about other ewhores and calls them foul and then makes a tweet about customers being rude to ewhores.

No. 1414246

File: 1641871485632.jpeg (553.13 KB, 1242x1032, ED4B51AC-CBFC-4B6C-AAAE-C71B31…)

It should be illegal to sexualize pregnancy and provide off of it. Poor kid is going to have to live with their mom selling her body for $5

No. 1416137

Pregnancy fetishes make me want to be sick. Why would you ever involve your own children in that messed up shit

No. 1435247

File: 1644075361030.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1226x1800, 41D35CE4-9854-4090-83A3-D95087…)

No. 1435248

File: 1644075465064.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1242x1448, 5761489E-F69A-4BAD-84C4-4DA4E6…)

They all look so crusty especially Soy

No. 1435251

Did he troon out yet? looks like it

No. 1435255

File: 1644075556276.jpeg (724.25 KB, 1242x1660, C87FB9A5-1881-48E5-A977-3FF6CB…)

You’re literally a degenerate sex worker on a app used by kids and boomers

No. 1435257

File: 1644075633159.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1631, E6AC92E7-272E-418E-8ED6-0B1C7E…)

The outfit he wore on tiktok maybe it got removed because it’s fetish gear, Soy.

No. 1435259

File: 1644075763585.jpeg (Spoiler Image,254.17 KB, 933x1244, 8EA2DACD-B704-42C0-8607-331440…)

No he’s just a twink soyboy in lingerie larping as a dominant man hopefully soon so I can laugh

No. 1435260

File: 1644075885180.jpeg (740.31 KB, 1242x1340, 47B2DB83-2F06-417D-9A88-3C25CE…)

I can’t imagine being a grown ass man throwing a tantrum because the video I posted on a kids app of me in lingerie got removed

No. 1435262

Yeah, troon-out imminent. Degenerate coomers like him always end up as troons.

No. 1435263

what the hell is going on here

No. 1435264

File: 1644075987452.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1588, B6FD1FB9-8DF1-4133-8D69-40D271…)

He looks so retarded. Women who willingly fuck this piece of shit for pennies are a disappointment

No. 1435395

this always fucking sends me

>raceplay and racism play with trump or w/e - bad because it's getting off on evil concepts like racism

>corrective rape, misogyny, pedophilia play - just a fantasy uwu, die kinkshamer

what kind of kink brainworms…

No. 1435399

the one who spergs out about how pedos are too good for Shayna because she looks old definitely sounds like a pedowhore, but could also be the resident scrote in shayna's thread who outed himself a while ago after his spergout about how men have standards

No. 1435425

are you the shatna thread moid with "standards" lmfao

No. 1435587

LMAO the cognitive dissonance of this repugnant piece of shit. Sullied Mound, you make porn that simulates rape, abuse, pedophilia and bestiality. You’re a misogynist degenerate who actively harms women. Sit thr fuck down, you greasy subhuman waste of space

No. 1435604

File: 1644100751841.jpeg (55.35 KB, 827x317, 0E9FB2C2-3126-4386-973D-CE264D…)

Maybe if you weren’t a pedophile pandering scrote exposing your degeneracy to literal children you wouldn’t have that problem. Just a thought, Sully. Now if only twitter would follow suit and ban this disgusting shit.

No. 1435608

That flat ass

No. 1435615

I love how the Troon is kneeling with the guys, they all look so disgusting.

No. 1435624

File: 1644101994525.jpeg (313.86 KB, 828x768, 099240E8-BD3F-4371-ACC8-3E439D…)

The irony of this miserable hambeast calling other people racist when she LARPs as Japanese (she has also changed her handle from @puppikkuma to @puppikumma)

No. 1435642

File: 1644103239730.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1651, 4B9B09BB-78A1-4F90-B63B-5EF547…)

She looked nothing like this months ago wtf facetune overload

No. 1435680

File: 1644105676182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,491.29 KB, 828x1100, A05D0F0B-77A3-4D32-92CC-F81CA8…)

Absolutely gross

No. 1435908

File: 1644128130685.jpg (36.39 KB, 642x480, Screenshot_1439.jpg)

No. 1435909

File: 1644128162858.jpg (65.68 KB, 629x730, Screenshot_1437.jpg)


Then a little bit later…

No. 1435999

based, males seething

No. 1436338

File: 1644177964816.jpeg (195.53 KB, 750x1185, FA92FED7-EE80-4572-9D1E-81BB4F…)

Cross post from the Shatna thread, this is clearly about Soyjak, kek

No. 1436601

File: 1644195337643.jpeg (140.76 KB, 828x603, 9A93D298-1385-4DDA-B0CF-12E9DA…)

>one like
KEK he’s so desperate it’s embarrassing, I hope he gets permabanned

No. 1436631

Kek gave you some love, Sol! Enjoy the reports on your gross porny tiktoks!(cowtipping)

No. 1436632

I hope she does. I'm no fan of hers but he's so much less likable than her that it feels worthwhile

No. 1436653

File: 1644200329781.jpeg (138.18 KB, 828x1151, 296D1724-B338-4354-918E-0DE2D3…)

LMAO I love you, nona. Cue a sperg for the ages about muh censorship

No. 1436659

watch him blame these threads for this

No. 1436688

File: 1644203751784.jpeg (656.77 KB, 828x1451, 3372891C-7A15-4CE7-A132-057E69…)

He hadn’t yet. I don’t even know if he knows this thread exists. He knows about Shay’s but I don’t think he has sperged about this one

No. 1436689

File: 1644203894789.jpeg (296.93 KB, 828x905, 66465AB0-E1EE-474C-A3A8-839B25…)

You know what else is cancer, you disgusting piece of shit? Sex work and sex workers. You’re all fucking misogynistic, pedophiliac fucking degenerates who deserve to be banned from the planet

No. 1436691

take a deep breath anon, it's only a scrote

No. 1436698

Kek he’s such an easily provoked little bitch. It’s like if the kid who would reeee if you touched his bakugon toys at recess not only never grew up but also became a giant pervert

No. 1436706

Sorry nonita, I just really despise sex workers and the ones in this thread make me reeee especially hard, I should probably touch some grass

No. 1436715

Same here especially male sw because they abuse and take advantage of women. Some ACTUAL sex workers who are women can be excused due to abuse, poverty, addiction, being trafficked. But it’s always the OF privileged whores yelling about “uwu oppression muh sex worker rights”

No. 1436723

File: 1644206694652.png (316.22 KB, 792x832, 32052B94-A677-4BC8-AA65-77D699…)

It’s funny because he still tried posting on this “uwu racist nazi” app, but now since he got kicked off it’s a garbage site and not cool. He’s just butthurt he got kicked off tiktok for being a degenerate. His receding hairline creepy ass needs to stay off of that app anyways, children can come across his Twitter account and see his disgusting skinny pindick. His only defense is oh there’s other people doing way worse, like it’s still against the guidelines retard I don’t get why it’s so necessary to wear fetish gear on an all ages app. Seethe harder Soy

No. 1436726

File: 1644206847495.jpeg (264.8 KB, 1242x1548, 1CDAEC41-53CC-4A93-AA36-FC89A2…)

No. 1436732

Exactly. These reprobates with onlyfans accounts screeching about “muh empowerment” are so fucking disrespectful towards women and children who have been trafficked or do it for survival. These morons have been brainwashed by libfem horse shit to believe that financially coerced rape helps women be “girlbosses”

No. 1436736

kek I know right, he deleted this >>1436601
I hope one of the disgusting hambeasts mentioned in this thread sees him sperging about muh literal nazis!!11!!! and brings up how he was “cancelled” for working with Shaynus on account of her being an ebil rayseest nazi and gives him something extra to sperg about

No. 1436824

File: 1644226014675.jpeg (184.55 KB, 828x531, 223E54FA-FD2E-4144-BFC4-B113E4…)

>actual incest
yeh, fuck this moid

No. 1436971

Wild idea Sol, but couldn't you just upload those fetish videos where you flaunt that malnourished sack of bones of yours in obviously bad smelling Shein faux latex gear on adult websites instead of an app mostly used by kids and teens?

No. 1437563

File: 1644293954451.jpeg (411.28 KB, 828x1373, 79324AA7-86D4-4CEB-B0D1-1F55C0…)

So they’re married but are/were living in a sharehouse? Bleak. Sex work isn’t real work. Neither is ebegging, you grifters.

No. 1437566

File: 1644293985934.jpeg (367.12 KB, 828x732, B1BB7E5C-67E6-467A-9B28-D95F3C…)

>graphic design is my passion

No. 1437775

Pretty sure they were living with her parents who don't know he does sex work. There were tweets about it before she scrubbed stuff over the Shayna backlash.

No. 1437909

File: 1644336385418.jpeg (313.68 KB, 1242x1146, 3BFCF7BD-89B5-4CD0-9239-9A5455…)

I really hope she’s infertile from the stds Soy gave her from fucking men because what. the. fuck. Why is she fetishizing breast milk? Soy would probably sexualize his kids as well, nasty pedo motherfucker

No. 1437912

File: 1644336517998.jpeg (649.37 KB, 1193x1756, C8AAFF2A-AB0B-4E80-A0BA-B6C9F6…)

Shit stain Soy can’t be trusted with a white couch. I can’t believe this beta soyboy screams sex work is real work but can’t afford a fucking couch.

No. 1437915

File: 1644336847045.jpeg (550.63 KB, 1242x871, EE46B3F4-73C7-4A4F-BF71-D058DD…)

Soy really loves retweeting ugly fatties. Ouch, that must hurt his wife’s feelings

No. 1437945

What did you expect, Soy has been seething for days over the fact he's not allowed to rattle his bones to young kids on Tiktok, of course they're not really the type of people you'd let around kids

No. 1438262

imagine being so pornsick that you're outraged by the idea that it's not appropriate to dress in kinkwear on an app whose userbase is 1/3 actual children

ot but even as someone who is kinky themselves its so disgusting seeing adults trying to make "kinktok" a thing and having accounts that are kink/sex/sw focused on there. like the way that tiktok's fyp works means that your video could literally be shown to a random child at any time, how hard is it to just show some self-control and keep that shit on twitter/ OF

No. 1441180

File: 1644635828374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,732.5 KB, 828x1437, 9DB698FF-53AC-4C7D-BC6A-F99928…)

This needs to be spoilered, absolutely repugnant. But you’re right, his wife is such a cuck, picrel is NSFL, but it made me kek
>morbidly obese woman dressed as a cow

No. 1441226

Omfg what the fuck is this

No. 1441292

Not as soul destroying as Nick Avacado's butthole but close

No. 1441297

File: 1644653973312.jpeg (Spoiler Image,526.8 KB, 828x861, EB94A9D6-0307-45DB-B4D4-DDA38E…)

His wife has the coof and he is filming degenerate gang bangs with other people, so responsible

No. 1442220

his fucking nipples LMFAO

No. 1442225

Lol he looks like he's forgotten his glasses / contacts and is struggling to read something on his screen

No. 1442425

File: 1644789987827.jpeg (769.75 KB, 1242x1264, 952C9143-E6FB-486C-9F63-CF4DDE…)

OF whore who claims to be a bimbo communist

No. 1442432

File: 1644790289057.jpeg (Spoiler Image,763.41 KB, 1242x1089, F61AC6A1-E60F-4F83-8DEA-11DD2F…)

Squid ward eating all the krabby patties

No. 1442547

being a "bimbo" is inherently not anti capitalist. You just know this dumbass doesn't read shit

No. 1442562

Wtf is up with her upper hips? Is it the beginning of a fupa? I’ve never seen this before

No. 1442609

How would being a bimbo even be anti capitalist? I'd assume that achieving "bimbo looks" would require you to consoom a ton of clothes and cosmetic products.

No. 1442618

Spilling out

No. 1442775

Next these people are going to start hooking panties behind their ears. I swear this high-waisted everytjing trend is just fupa camo turned trendy.

No. 1442779

File: 1644848146258.jpeg (108.71 KB, 640x797, 73460487-B025-499F-8A03-A0B734…)

sorry to sperg but high cut bikinis were mega popular in the late 80s/early 90s because they were about showing toned legs and trying to give a feminine shape to more athletic figures. now modern day fatties have co-opted the trend because they think every trendy piece of clothing made must be put on their body without thinking about what actually works for them.

No. 1442817

You're right, it also seems like it's used by the same people to LARP as "curvy". You can spot them by their tendency to post essays about how high-waisted clothing accentuates their "smol waist" and accomodates their "curvy hips/thicc thighs/ass". They however never mention the fupa that's also inevitably there and is the main reason for their warderobe choices but ssshhhhh

Also offtopic but that picture is how a woman with an amazing phisique actually looks like. That's motivating and positive, not the billion-filters with "curves" squeezed into aliexpress costhot gear.

No. 1442989

Plus the bikini in the photo is actually cut to be that way, unlike the fatties stretching their normal cut panties beyond their limit.

No. 1443623

File: 1644920880444.jpg (78.69 KB, 1242x1080, profileIcon_6ki5530e1zb81.jpg)

No. 1444684

File: 1645020742801.png (20.19 KB, 736x204, 123Capture.PNG)

I bet her bf claimed to be a hyperwoke male femuhnist. Pickmes are so naive.

No. 1444686

Daily reminder to lie to men

No. 1444696

File: 1645021412972.png (38.41 KB, 739x288, 345Capture.PNG)

Samefagging but these pickmes are too hilarious. They're entertaining scrotes who don't view them as people so no wonder those fine clients also don't care enough to shower.

No. 1444704

File: 1645021909269.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2208, 3167B8D0-6230-4E7B-ADC7-99636D…)

No. 1444706

Who would have thought that moids libfems cater to actually don't care what happens to them.

It's so funny, the only people who care about muhh secks worker rights are the "sex workers" themselves. The moids they cater to so deperetely couldn't care less about them except maybe discounts kek

No. 1444800

So did she get a real job about it or is she just grooming kids on TikTok into being a mistake like her?

No. 1453149

File: 1645971612097.png (145.19 KB, 720x829, IMG_20220227_151755.png)

Only fans froze russian users accounts, now some try to get support on twitter but they are mostly getting ripped apart in the comments.

No. 1453163

And now what happened to the Twitter libfems who were screeching "Sex work is work"? Nowhere to be seen, huh? Other women's lives don't count if their governments are shit? Lol I hate the hypocrites that pushed this OF meme to begin with

No. 1453176

This shit is so annoying, not to wk onlyfans but they can't payout to russian models due to sanctions, im sure that's true for all sorts of other creators on platforms too. Maybe of should have warned them but really they should have been paying attention to the news

No. 1453179

won't someone think of the hoes

No. 1453218

Since sex work is real work, they could just go outside and find moids to fuck for money.

No. 1453222

you do realize some eastern european and russian women resort to prostitution as a matter of surival? we're not talking about some middle class american wth bpd who camwhores for fun

No. 1453247

>matter of survival
do the men just die then?

No. 1453322

this is a ridiculous take. maybe in some parts of ukraine with no infrastructure, but the vast majority of ehoes in those countries are just as brainwashed by yassqweening get the bag convenience-feminists and genuinely believe camming can secure a rich millionaire husbando. smh people who sperg about the brokeness of eastern europe must have never lived there themselves.

No. 1453324

Actual prostitutes would be working on the streets and not posting asshole pics to OF. Comparing the two is an insult to the women that are forced into prostitution.

No. 1456509

File: 1646304090757.png (Spoiler Image,2.26 MB, 1854x846, pickmesbelike.png)

Reddit onlyfans pickmes always regurgitate the same bpd validation seeking lines like uwu breeding material/uwu do you think I'm good enough to fuck/do you like my body uwu.

No. 1457199

Her boobs look like she had a kid

No. 1457295

File: 1646362627350.jpeg (447.28 KB, 1080x1541, C7410901-D61D-41FD-A852-FBF451…)

@vivicloudsxxx the puke fetishist that Shayna is going to be working with reminds me so much of her. She used to be thin and popular on tumblr as well. It’s the tumblr girl to fat broke ddlg degenerate pipeline. Sidenote, tread carefully on her Twitter, she has videos of herself pouring her own vomit all over her body

No. 1457743

that last sentence is just sad. bpd must be one hell of a mental illness, while i know that not all girls with bpd are like this, it's just obvious that she is letting all her bad bpd mechanisms run wildly and she probably never had a day of DBT in her life.

No. 1458564

Does anyone have pics of her old Tumblr days? She looks familiar

No. 1458567

File: 1646498912916.gif (3.6 MB, 480x270, B70AB2B6-8BB0-4B19-BE63-A840E0…)

When she was skinny she looked like Ms. Judy Gemstone. It’s sad how she went from awkward looking, almost cute to just flat out gross. Was she this much of a degenerate when she was skinny?

No. 1458578

I went and looked through her twitter (morbid curiosity, don’t recommend) seems like she was always a pedo pandering freak, but she whored herself out to facial abuse and went completely downhill from there.

No. 1458579

File: 1646500926329.jpeg (191.93 KB, 1050x800, F11A18EB-C49B-469E-864C-3EEFEE…)

What porn and drugs does to a motherfucker

No. 1458592

File: 1646501617393.jpeg (Spoiler Image,485.03 KB, 750x876, AED81BA8-D188-49FA-AF02-D6420E…)

She seems fucking insane. She put staples in her head during a “DID episode” caused by some other whore she roped into working with her, but it sounds like she’s straight up schitzo or just a crazy junkie to me

No. 1458594

Spoiler alert: she's the one going nowhere. Pro tip: Don't do sex work if you switch during sex acts.

No. 1458595

Jesus Christ she used to be cute. These pics are enough to make a bitch wanna get sober.
Oh god I can’t wait for the cow crossover with Shay now. Please nobody spoil the milk, let this craziness play out on its own. Also, she didnt put staples in her head, that’s a medical treatment I believe to close wounds. If any anon would like to explain further they can, the concept is making me ill and I refuse to research further.

No. 1458596

File: 1646501796155.jpeg (202.67 KB, 750x501, 1AABC759-B0A6-4A90-9E86-B0A68B…)

No. 1458661

lol dang they clout sucked her so hard it caused a hole in her head, ok

No. 1458952

File: 1646534785275.jpg (49.75 KB, 764x388, vivi clouds retweets cathy.JPG)

lmfao she even retweeted another cow, who has her own thread. highly recommended. love it when cows come together…

No. 1459184

They use staples in place of stitches on the scalp to avoid having to shave the patch of hair.

No. 1459675

File: 1646609619773.jpeg (403.79 KB, 828x1339, 063D08D0-715F-4419-98D5-1DE0D4…)

copium is one hell of a drug.

No. 1459704

“My gf isn’t actually 3 years old, I just get off to her playing a 3 year old when we fuck, totally not a pedophile”

No. 1459716

I had staples in my head. It’s not for aesthetics so they don’t have to shave a patch… it’s because it’s thick skin and they don’t want a needle-stick injury most of the time

No. 1459809

Weird, in my country they give the option for stitches or staples with the difference being whether or not it requires a shaved patch. Sorry for giving the incorrect answer.

No. 1459871

File: 1646621431034.jpg (56.02 KB, 629x541, stupidemoji.jpg)

this will be intersting

No. 1460222

this is like the "sex work is work" mantra, even if people participating in age play aren't pedophilic, there's a plethora of reasons why it is reprehensible. just like even if sex work was work, that doesn'rt make it valuable. it's still exploitative.

No. 1460592

at least most people claiming that mantra are acting like adults. The "DDLG/MDLG isnt pedo!!!!111" people are the worst of the worst with that, up there with fkin zoophines

No. 1461055

Who tf pays for this. Their work isn't even real work yet they still manage to fuck it up

No. 1461066

File: 1646733768613.jpg (132.98 KB, 720x604, IMG_20220308_110211.jpg)

Ofc she has bpd

No. 1461089

why do twitters whores always blogpost about muh mental illness on their SEX WORK account

No. 1461191

Validation is a hell of a drug. Its the reason why these people volunteer into SeaWorld.

That's what SW means, right?

No. 1461237

File: 1646759512236.png (550.18 KB, 602x680, swtwittre.PNG)

What is it with seaworld twatter and disney villain makeup/shitty tats combo

No. 1461242

File: 1646759771234.png (36.64 KB, 603x362, denied.PNG)

Now new but found this instance of her complaining over not enough moid attention

No. 1461465

File: 1646776045441.png (267.24 KB, 400x400, ADEDC9CD-6C59-4D10-9B0E-3F3EEA…)

Whores when the men they cater to like girls who look like teenagers and not methed out tatted trailer trash who wear diapers.

No. 1461676

File: 1646792094934.jpeg (317.7 KB, 750x701, 66B7E3B9-C6F2-4120-9F34-067489…)

These obsessive schitzo druggies are gonna end up stabbing her

No. 1461682

File: 1646792375915.jpeg (299.64 KB, 1214x1080, 77B3F312-69DF-4277-9DBA-802673…)

They on the floor next to their paraphernalia apparently

No. 1461751

She’s gonna get tetanus from those dirty blades, what a huge red flag

No. 1461956

I think a lot of this comes down do how naive they are of moid nature. What's funny is that there is such a separation between what actually sells to moids and what these twitter seaworlders are trying to sell. The most popular look in porn are hot thinner women with no or very little tattoos and longer natural looking hair who often look like teenagers for pedo scrotes. Delusional libfem pickmes think that coomers give a shit about body positivity and their 'expression' through body mods. Some moids are into that but it's a minority. Then they have meltdowns when nobody buys filtered pics of their pudgy tatted asses. Maybe that's because moids are still shallow and go for them irl only because their dream women won't fuck them. But online they have the option to coom to these other women so they ignore the libfem seaworlders who are used to a steady supply of garbage dick and attention irl. Also why do they all shoehorn muh kinkey shit in there? Is it because they are all attention seekers and latch onto any dumb shit to feel interesting?

The only exception are maybe costhots who cater to weebs. Hentai addicts tend to like filtered pics of wig-wearing costhots, but even that requires crazy photoshop and even breastplates to pull off.

No. 1462110

they have borderline personality disorder. shitty impulsive tattoos and extreme make up are telltale signs of bpd.

No. 1462118

Seeing this, Shay is probably going to bail on playing SeaWorld with these feral tweaks and stick to her comfort zone by getting her face punched for free by bald old men.

I hate to imagine these urchins losing the plot on any kind of edge play

No. 1462169

Everything about this picture is awful. Everything.

No. 1462346

File: 1646862477352.jpeg (305.64 KB, 750x764, 2E47455E-9BA5-42A4-905B-FDA910…)

She retweeted Sol, Shayna is gonna flip. Sol’s tweet sounds exactly like what she and her boyfriend are trying to do with Shay, they’re clearing “looking for a third”

No. 1462402

This Vivi bitch seems like a farmer, tbh

No. 1462427

Oh how the plot thickens.

No. 1462605

I had the same thought with all the recent cross-contamination milk featuring each SeaWorld cow from /snow

No. 1462811

Not to defend Shay but didn’t Sol literally do this to her post Airbnb drama? I mean, good to see he admits he’s a predator

No. 1462862

What if he's implying that she tricked him into fucking her because he's getting so much shit for it from other seaworlders. And is trying to say she predator-ed him because she wanted to 'use him for sex'

No. 1462865

This seems like some bpd shit. Clearly crazy emotionally unstable and pulling some self harm stunt for twatter attention.

No. 1472535

File: 1647580777020.jpeg (Spoiler Image,963.84 KB, 1242x1731, 08205075-EA74-4130-B91F-A69395…)

Ukrainian “bimbo” e whore wants to survive

No. 1472536

File: 1647580929594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1205x1567, 8F405F9E-AAD3-44FE-963B-2425B0…)

No. 1472537

File: 1647580973576.jpeg (839.94 KB, 1242x1629, 89D77ECB-2A5B-443A-ACF0-DEFB21…)

Nightmare fuel “bimbo” twitter is a cesspool

No. 1472542

File: 1647581407735.jpg (81.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

291 moids thought this was sexy. Are they okay?

No. 1473142

File: 1647631515933.jpeg (95.66 KB, 605x787, BA59F894-6D3B-4A95-B8F4-C55147…)

And this bitch wonders why nobody wants to work with her.

No. 1475252

File: 1647802891075.png (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 750x1334, F91F47FA-9343-4D01-9A80-92CA99…)

This whore looks so absolutely zonked. Her Twitter is a cesspool of whining about mental health and begging for validation. I found her through a TikTok and it kind of makes me sad because she’s fat and ugly in the face and sells titty pics for $5

No. 1475255

File: 1647802971940.png (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 750x1334, D4081326-A03D-4640-855F-0ED899…)

There’s no way anyone would ever post this and not be high out of their minds. Maybe it’s the ugly makeup and dyed hair but I think this is a druggie

No. 1475344

Posting about mental health when catering to moids is retarded because here is what moids don't care about:
>women's opinions
>how women are doing
When will pickmes learn.

No. 1475381

nah, they fetishize women's suffering. it turns them on to know they are fapping to a mentally broken person. a lot of whores nowadays cater to that.

No. 1475616

She kinda looks like Jaelle Stiles

No. 1476819

File: 1647923047531.jpg (362.26 KB, 1080x1963, Gross granny.jpg)

Lol at the old crone from shayna's thread. She's some libfem preaching kindness and pro-ukraine shit on her sexwork twitter. She profits off beating and physically abusing mentally ill women for coomers. The audacity kek

No. 1477483

Eastern European women(together with Chinese women) are the the most trafficked demographic in the world. Also one of the most sexually exploited demographic. Fuck this bitch, especially now that so many Ukrainian girls are going to get taken advantage of by Western scrotes, after they've left their homes.

No. 1477535

File: 1647984703229.png (79.98 KB, 598x749, bf is dead.PNG)

This girl's twitter is just sad. Says her home town got bombed, doesn't know if her boyfriend survived, but moves on immediately to e-begging and asking for more sugar daddies.
She apparently used be a shy girl into the occult and then went the bimbo route. She would frequent European imageboards which probably lead to the need for male validation

No. 1478694


tbh that top one looks like shes just trying to find someone to house her for a while. "Id like to be a bimbo housewife" implies she is willing to cook/clean/have sex in return. Not the greatest but but tbh more understandable than the ebegging on everyone else on this site. At least she not ebegging for useless pink shein crap like shayna.

No. 1488773

File: 1648792840271.jpg (260.26 KB, 1277x836, wtf lena.jpg)

Sorry if this doesn't fit here, but I'm not sure where to put it. I just wanna bitch about Lena the Plug and her dipshit husband Adam22. They have an OF where they have porn of them fucking random chicks, Lena was also a camgirl (Idk if she still is or not). She had a daughter not too long ago and her daughter's face is plastered all over her Instagram (I censored it here because even though it's all over her IG posting it here doesn't feel right to me). I don't follow her that closely and I assumed she was done making porn at first, but in her newest youtube video she talked about making more adult content.

Her husband, Adam22, has a shitty podcast mostly consisting of him talking to hoes and rappers. I actually thought he seemed like a reasonable guy at first and less misogynistic than a lot of male podcasters but nah. In an interview with Celina Powell he was commenting on her tattoos and saying "I can't wait til you're 80" (implying her tattoos will look like shit when she's 80) despite the fact that he himself is covered head to toe in tats and even has face tats. Then he called her STD ridden because of how much sex she has I guess, even though him and Lena are always fucking different chicks on their OF and probably aren't any cleaner. He also joked about her rape when she said she got raped by Trey Songz. And I don't know anything about Celina Powell and she might be a terrible person as well, but still.

Imagine being this kid. Imagine having porn of your parents all over the internet before you were even born. I hope this kid is going to a private school otherwise she's gonna get bullied.

No. 1488787

I'm glad you brought this up, Lena is highkey trying to fetishize breast feeding too.

I get it, nothing to be ashamed of because baby eating but literally 75% of the pictures she has with the kid is with her tit in the kids mouth. There is no reason to have her porn profile with her kid attached to her like that. She's low-key trying to appeal to weirdos who get off on breastfeeding and pedos.

No. 1488811

Didn't she drop out of college to be a full time pickme? Her smile looks kinda scary in that pic if you look closely kek
She also helped Adam procure young girls to have threesomes with iirc. I saw one of their videos with Taylor White who is an adult and really beautiful but he can't fuck to save his life, as if that needed to be said aloud. You could tell she was acting. Pathetic and embarrassing for him and everyone involved. Lena was there too desperately looking at Adam, who couldn't care less, as she licked Taylor's pussy or took it in the ass or whatever. Pathetic. I feel so bad for their daughter. I've always been interested in Lena's milk but I could never find a thread about her anywhere
Yick. Degenerate in every way

No. 1488814

>She's low-key trying to appeal to weirdos who get off on breastfeeding and pedos.
I can totally picture Adam cooking this up

No. 1488817

File: 1648798280253.png (1011.76 KB, 1290x818, ew.png)

Ew, you're right.

I don't think breastfeeding should be stigmatized or anything, but I don't know what the point is of posting it on IG, especially when you have hundreds of thousands of followers who are mostly there for jerkoff material.

I think she has a psychology degree and was doing a doctorate but dropped out to do porn. And yeah when I've seen their podcast it's obvious when Adam wants chicks to be on their onlyfans. They seem like a predatory couple and I could totally see them pressuring girls into doing shit.

No. 1488819

The kid is going to a private school because her dad family members are friends of the Clinton's and his father was pardoned by Bill.
>lol I wonder how loaded Adam 22's family is

No. 1488834

i'm sorry but i really dislike her and i hate adam22 with a passion. rapist from a well-to-do family profiteering off of alt subcultures when he came from money and raping young girls in the meantime while his "wife" (who is only a wife because of the trapbaby daughter that is no doubt going to be traumatized by a POS predator father like adam and pickme accomplice mother) are using their "status" and money to prey on vulnerable young girls so they can make MORE money off the content they create. just gross. she's gross, she could have chosen better for herself but chose a disgusting tard and chose to now victimize children by involving them in this situation and also sexualizing pregnancy and breastfeeding. they are human trash

No. 1488877

What the fuck is with all these wiggers?

Is it a requirement to be tatted up from head to toe and become a nigger subway wall looking scrote just to get laid these days? Holy shit these retards wonder why everything has gone to shit.(racebait)

No. 1488894

A porn star posting her baby daughter sucking on her tits all over her page where a bunch of coomers go to jerk off to her, whether it’s breastfeeding or not is fucking creepy and borderline. I 100% support breast feeding publicly but this is so clearly not a safe situation to do so & she doesn’t even give a fuck because she’s profiting off of it. You can’t tell me guys don’t go to her IG to look at her pictures & jerk off for free, because despite the thousands that probably pay for her OF she probably has even more who don’t, and you’re telling me that the most degenerate of the bunch aren’t gonna start thinking fucked up fantasies/thoughts about the baby in those pictures too? Especially when the baby is doing something that coomers already highly sexualize like breastfeeding.. fucking sickening. I hate that my brain even went there but that’s something she & Adam have to have thought of & decided it was worth endangering their child & exposing them to creeps.
Chill out race baiter.

No. 1488895

don't respond to obvious bait, just report it and move on

No. 1488908

File: 1648815421865.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3464x3464, 3812791A-E878-45AF-AEA0-16BACE…)

Every time I check in on this tenshii girl (do we have her real name?) she’s somehow more of a complaining pathetic femcel. i actually think she’s decent looking and her body is nice despite her bad tattoos but her attitude completely ruins everything she has apparently been doing this for five years and still hasn’t gotten a loyal enough coomer to pay her $500 rent that it looks like she shares with some dude who doesn’t even wanna be with her…. just give up, girl. It’s pathetic at this point.

No. 1488936

Omg I didn't know he came from money. Disgusting

No. 1489069

get a better job.

No. 1489083

File: 1648830696571.jpeg (102.67 KB, 934x901, 10A1A43E-0B19-400A-B994-6A9A73…)

He’s a pedophile as well

No. 1489119

ive only ever watched the aaron carter & ally lotti interviews and he gave me creeper vibes right away. I couldn't figure out why he had so many subs or why people were desperate for interviews with him. Then finding out that she basically helps him find usually much younger women to fuck pretty much solidified in my mind that these two are absolute predators and sadly I can't say I'm surprised theyre pedo's either. I feel for that kid hopefully she's wont be victimized by them or their friends further because these posts are fucked up. sabrina nellie family account vibes. Really glad others are seeing through the bullshit too

No. 1489125

Did you read the comments on that picture? They are def jerking off to it. She doesn't even care

No. 1489199

ALL of the choices lena the plug had in the world to have a child with, this is what she fucking chooses. it's not like she didn't have so many other better choices. he's ugly, stupid, his podcast sucks, he's a pedophile and a rapist that has bragged about his rape and been accused multiple times with the receipts readily from the early internet.

it's not as if she hasn't been around men with money and far greater influence before that she could've locked down. he's talentless and a complete loser. i can't cope with these women's choices (women who are much desired, mind you) in dads for their children. she is warped in the head herself but involving your pregnancy in your porn, then your children in your porn (in essence), with your fugly, old, talentless predatory fiance giving the green-light to creeps masturbating to your sexualized family photos that openly include your children while he seeks out barely legal or probably even illegal girls to milk content out of for OF is so many bridges way too far to be anywhere near acceptable.

No. 1489298

Lena the butt plug is not a victim she is a predator as well. Adam is a sleazy rapist. And he shouldn’t be allowed to have children or be near them. It baffles me he is able to have children, even worse is that it’s a daughter.

No. 1489300

File: 1648843992479.jpeg (596.23 KB, 1242x1629, 4D6AAEBB-B5D5-4C70-BDAD-FA2F8C…)

You post your daughter’s fucking face to everyone on the same account as you talk about being a std ridden scrote. You’d think they’d stop being degenerates once they became parents.

No. 1489366

what a fuckin degenerate

No. 1489439

…. says the guy who tweeted about wanting to fuck highschool students.

If he doesn't want people to be bothered by the fact that he's filming himself having sex while having a kid, maybe he shouldn't be posting HIS DAUGHTER'S FACE all over the internet so she will be permanently associated with the porn they make. Just a thought.

No. 1489818

was doing some lurking and there was a lot of discussion about lena and adam in the old soundclout thread. he admitted to wanting to fuck a 16 year old when he was 23 (he said "if statutory rape is wrong, I don't wanna be right"). he didn't do it, but he flew to canada a few years later to fuck this girl when she was 19 and wrote a really long blog post about it >>>/snow/753576

there was also a one armed girl who he and lena assaulted and filmed and sent the video to people. she accused them of this and they made a video about it but it has since been taken down. these two are even worse than I originally thought.

No. 1495836

File: 1649380437019.jpeg (687.62 KB, 1242x1500, 01F9FC8A-3A98-4B26-872D-AD1F4E…)

Indigo White defending her dog being featured in her porn….. why can’t you just put them in a different room fucking weird

No. 1495837

File: 1649380494564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.89 KB, 1052x599, 875C8564-D0DF-4B74-A5BB-311D61…)

>muh fans would never sexualize this
such a fucking Ugly pickme

No. 1495842

Porn has rotted her brain if she really thinks incels wouldnt sexualize her and the dog in the same frame. ew wtf. Poor dog

No. 1495865

Damn I feel bad for this girl, she’s literally a homeless refugee in Warsaw and Russian soldiers destroyed her home but she’s still looking for sugar daddies to pay for her lip injections…so bleak.

No. 1495873

Idk about her doing so much better. Men with money and great influence aren’t trying to be seen out in public with washed-out clapped-out porn stars. He looks like the typical partner of a woman in her situation.

No. 1495908

the dog wants to die

No. 1496066

she's the one putting her dog in her porno

No. 1496137

As ukranonna I can tell that she definitelly has a place to stay in Poland since there are a lot of free dorms open for refugees. She has a source of food as well because Ukrainians in shelters have an access to food. Irpin is free from russian aggression now and she can return any time. She is just looking for a better life and isn't in a huge need tbh. Left her bf, started seeting for a sugar daddy and looking for pity points from twitter moids. Simple as.

No. 1496203

I know this is 4 months old but every time I see someone trying to make these gloves sexy I bust a gut.
What are you gonna do, roast a pan of potatoes on the bed? Pull apart a pork shoulder on your crotch? Drop 150ml of membrane caustic into my asshole?

No. 1496857

Does anyone have more info on this Vivi Clouds chick? I swear I remember her being popular on MFC and instagram for a bit and I’m intrigued since apparently her and Shay are collating next week

No. 1501060

File: 1649908943980.jpg (734.34 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-04-14-05-56-00…)

The bar is low

No. 1501076

wanna some weed tho

No. 1501082

Mindlessly browsing and I thought this was Ariana after finally going off the deep end

No. 1501091

Sage for old milk, but out of curiosity I checked the last 20 pics of her kids. 10 of them have at least one pic in the post of her breastfeeding. There’s literally a post of her sponsoring a vibrator right between two pics of her kids. Almost every single comment is along the lines of
“Me next” “lemme have some”, what mother in their right fucking mind would post her kids all over a public profile. Well, more specifically a pornstar mother, on the same page she sells sex toys. The fuck

No. 1501106

Most of her fans are horny twelve year olds who listen to adam’s no jumper podcast or old scrotes. of course they will make dumb immature comments. She’s stupid for mixing her child into her porn and then acting shocked she gets inappropriate comments. Disgusting.

No. 1501170

One that has no idea how to protect her own child. Jfc.

No. 1501178

She is honestly nothing but a stupid hoe and her boyfriend husband baby daddy or whatever is a vile man who i pray to allah that he gets his balls literally ripped off by a homeless person on bath salts.

No. 1501326

File: 1649933642279.png (187.67 KB, 500x283, изображение_2022-04-14_1254207…)

They look like female bimbo Titan and disabled Megamind together. Sage for autism.

No. 1501582

one hand on her neck & the other in an Arthur rage clench. Dead girl walking.

No. 1501703

Skinny Trisha

No. 1501879

File: 1649986625369.jpeg (614.08 KB, 1337x2767, 89189DB4-36D4-4978-A6E1-CCB887…)

Found this hambeast on Twitter
>pansexual asexual
>poly so her cuck bf let’s her fuck her fans (full on prostitution)
>31 year old
> they/them pick me
>claims to be autistic and disabled (totally not because she is obese though)
>makes sexual tiktoks (I know a lot of e whores do but it’s still gross considering it’s a 12+ app)

No. 1501880

File: 1649986689092.jpeg (Spoiler Image,711.88 KB, 1242x1644, 9307CF6B-B8E7-4D48-B663-BCE80E…)

Her fucking a fat scrote “fan”

No. 1501883

File: 1649986933115.jpeg (Spoiler Image,728.92 KB, 1208x1753, 61F1068B-6A51-49EE-86C7-E64BFF…)

The replies on that sex worker thread is a dumpster fire. Idk why ugly people think they can make thousands doing this, like you can make the same amount at a fast food joint

No. 1501884

File: 1649987133386.jpeg (841.83 KB, 1242x1692, 11A5BF23-979D-43FF-9FF4-BB8879…)


No. 1501886

File: 1649987187692.png (Spoiler Image,7.72 MB, 1242x2208, FFE92607-2A2A-4784-BB3E-9A7342…)

I fr thought she was retarded

No. 1502052

What the fuck? You’re gonna be responsible for some drug addled prostitute’s murder you fucking piece of shit.

No. 1502076

Holy shit… out of morbid curiosity I went to this beast's twitter, she actually gets way more interaction than Shayna, kek. She straight looks like something out of silent hill.

No. 1502461

Damn, look how he's grabbing her neck. This girl's saga gets bleaker and bleaker. Imagine escaping war just to get pimped out and possibly axe murdered by Polish incel Patrick Bateman.

No. 1502713

I'm saging because ik this is old but I was catching up on the thread and thought this was ready to glare for a sec kek

No. 1503109

File: 1650126812651.jpeg (199.99 KB, 828x741, 5FAD46B0-23F7-4943-8F8E-B7CD8D…)

This bitch is rewearing diapers I just know it….

No. 1504964

File: 1650334342155.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1162x2174, C7B33685-B3FB-415D-853B-F58901…)

Nasty degenerate shaynasty retweeted one of her tweets

No. 1510054

File: 1650773788775.png (Spoiler Image,7.99 MB, 1242x2208, 08F7ECC0-7788-4D99-AF84-0319A5…)

one adult woman twerking on another adult woman, both in diapers. woof

No. 1511016

… so pornhub is totally okay with sexualizing teenagers, pedo fantasies, incest and all other sorts of fucked up degenerate kinks but a dog being in the video is too far?

No. 1511624

File: 1650929373707.jpeg (515.91 KB, 1242x1271, F0C7C9D6-5EA4-43F3-996E-2B6222…)

Ugly dog fetish panderer

No. 1511633

File: 1650929623866.jpeg (730.77 KB, 901x3360, 7E0BEC15-BF39-437E-9443-D775ED…)

Furry sex workers are the worst

No. 1511711

Lol you were right nonna

No. 1512074

Is there a new shay thread yet sorry to post this just wondering saged for retarded question

No. 1518783

File: 1651611679192.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1567, 26134A5E-A9EF-4AFF-B26B-635D97…)

Girl on the left let’s any scrote fuck her and records it on Twitter. She says any moid is welcome in her snatch. Right is an ugly yellow teeth OF whore. Men really have no standards neither do these women. How are going to let anyone cum in you?

No. 1521707

File: 1651858911597.jpeg (289.09 KB, 750x672, FDFB545A-7129-4ACC-A1F6-CBF1B7…)

God these whores are such idiots

No. 1521710

File: 1651859049074.jpeg (155.49 KB, 750x1067, 8C78EDDB-9107-4EAF-BC3D-A936E4…)

This is all over Sol fucking Shayna the literal neo-nazi again

No. 1521721

File: 1651859731330.jpeg (160.22 KB, 383x1280, EF72666A-B16E-4A72-8530-856C1F…)

No. 1521723

I don't even know why ewhores bother doing this. Nobody cares except other ewhores. Coomers just wank and leave.

No. 1521747

Someone being an actual prostitute as a minor makes them a victim of child exploitation and rape, how does she think that this alone would make anyone seem worse than her creepy groomer husband with all kinds of abuse and pedo fetishes?

No. 1521748

>only had expired rice cakes to eat

No. 1521752

I hate to back Soy up on this but seriously….
How more inclusive can Soy get? He fucks extremely fat women, retards with ass acne, black women, white women, non binary women, MTFs. He fucks anything with his skinny little penis.

No. 1521759

File: 1651861550796.jpeg (170.7 KB, 934x702, C41287B3-765D-4F1D-8514-9AA909…)

Why is this prick dressed as a waiter? Kek at first, I thought he was holding a plate of cookies

No. 1521764

File: 1651861804973.gif (57.89 KB, 570x537, 85DCC92F-A3F2-4F5A-B64F-80C532…)

>My name is not Soy it’s Sol
>lolcow is for transphobic bigots!
>I’m an ally I swear
soy boy beta male tears

No. 1521765

File: 1651861809038.jpeg (299.5 KB, 750x1980, 1E742717-AE69-41B1-B248-5DC1E3…)

I love that we immediately end the discussion when it might start to sound anti-pedophile. These whores have no back bone

No. 1521769

>ahegao - a stupid face made in hentai to over exaggerate the facial expression of having an orgasm
RACIST not acceptable
>Sexualizing minors !
You’re kink shaming ddlg is valid uwu

No. 1521788

File: 1651862986992.png (52.07 KB, 735x340, victim of ahegao.png)

No. 1521793

File: 1651863525809.gif (Spoiler Image,48.28 KB, 900x300, 1537081277329.gif)

>victim of ahegao
I'm dead

No. 1521802

The biggest red flag should be that these idiots are only fans whores and ruining their life for a few quick bucks. This truly is this generations equivalent of the MLM boom. They replaced Herbalife with Whoringlife but kept the “I’m my own boss I’m empowered and won’t ever shit talk this join my down line”

No. 1521824


His neck is so skinny and his jawline is so feminine. Why are all kinky guys unattractive losers?

No. 1521844

Because being kinky is the only way they get laid.

No. 1521846

Who wants to come to The Victims of Ahegao Memorial with me

No. 1521959

He looks like some service industry worker who brags about how every woman who isn't a Karen is flirting with him

No. 1521960

Lol honestly. Who does she think they are? A lawyer would look at that shit and laugh and tell them to get offline and get a real job basically.

No. 1522761

Holy fuck kek are they really saying Shayna wants POC exterminated and believes in genocide just because she made an edgy joke a decade ago when she was a minot? These bitches literally pretend to be babies who get raped and perform incest so I guess I'm not surprised their brains are so fried they think some sow shaking her hank hill ass awkwardly in a diaper is leading the next unite the right. The mental gymnastics shes going through to make Sol seem like he hates minorities because he worked with some shitty SWer. It's okay to catch your breath and think about the terminal sjw twitter brain rot youre word vomiting before you break a sweat over there kekk

No. 1522844

Their lawyer will be that Troon that Shayna knows

No. 1522859

>dni straight in bio
I literally don't get at all OF whores who act like this? This is your fucking job, pandering to straight men, yet you can't even do that right. How hard is it to have a sassy twitter with your friends and keep it private from your sex "work" twitter. Jfl at screeching about how it's real work yet not even knowing basic customer service skills.

No. 1524882

File: 1652181515524.jpeg (578.62 KB, 1242x1595, 38DA0256-398C-4A2B-B69B-BE4173…)

This bitch is embarrassing. She’s been mentioned before and this is just sad.

She’s bragging about making less than 50K a year and she didn’t even graduate high school. She begged for rent money 1 week earlier

Why do these people think making average minimum wage or less than as desirable

No. 1524906

That Troon has been silent on shaynas shit since they came for her again

No. 1524911

Shat has never made content with someone who isn't white. I get that it isn't because she's racist, it's more that she's shut in that's too lazy to go outside unless "the dad" or pedo Ellen bribes her with the promise of food but I'm surprised that the other ewhores haven't made a point of it.

No. 1524930

I love that law troon has showed up in like 3 or 4 different cow threads at this point

No. 1524953

She could get her GED and go to college/get a short boot camp course and make ~quarter of a mil~ in 2-3 years and she wouldn’t have to beg for rent money

No. 1524954

Is he in the troon thread?

No. 1524959

File: 1652192285163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,553.65 KB, 2048x1152, D4D539C0-53F4-42F3-A493-9413F6…)

Busted whores featuring tenshi who is currently suicide baiting on Twitter

No. 1524988

The smell of the seaworld these days…
candida thrush, BV, dirty coins, and unwashed AliExpress.

No. 1525174

I think an anon posted him in a past thread too but he isn't one of the regulars discussed there, he was showing up mostly between Shayna and Kathy threads

No. 1525334

File: 1652228229288.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.09 KB, 481x600, 572cf5bdccb23f91346393974542be…)

Less than half of them are barely in shape or somewhat slim. I remember when asking people not to be morbidly obese was common place, not considered to be hatred at all.
Moids lowered their standards so much… completely disgusting. Paying for this is like going your way to find the most greasy, ratty, moist smelling junk food place on NY eat there and say "Well I was hungry!"
Can't you freaking wait for a little bit maybe? I guess not…

No. 1525341

That picture needs to be spoiled nona it’s fucking rancid

No. 1525351

I thought someone was posting animal abuse images again, anon. Wtf. This picture was so unnecessary.

No. 1525374

rattle rattle

No. 1525380

There is one there that is obese the black girl with the droopy tits the rest are just busted faces and drag makeup

No. 1525406

The blue wigged white girl below her is obviously too, if not more so.

No. 1525788

This is so true, wise nonnie

No. 1525991

It's true nonny, sometimes their faces get stuck like that and they need to go to the ER to surgically unroll their eyes and re-implant their tongues. Chronic ahegao syndrome is a little known but devastating illness, and you owe these e-whores reparations for minimizing their trauma.

No. 1526228

I know you’re joking but they’re claiming seeing ahegao is racist and a hate crime to their totes asian self

No. 1526269

File: 1652315391861.jpeg (611.87 KB, 1242x1664, B62CE80E-E32A-4228-8525-E8633D…)

Lana Bee is such a cow.

No. 1526271

File: 1652315443422.jpeg (418.77 KB, 1242x986, A2FCD9F4-0AD9-40CB-B262-B435A1…)

No. 1526275

File: 1652315527379.jpeg (777.95 KB, 1242x1477, 7FBBAABA-C0A1-4F32-8CF2-6A3C12…)

Maybe because you most likely promote your adult websites to underaged children on an all ages 12+ site ? Stay off of TikTok you pedo

No. 1526276

File: 1652315701801.jpeg (915.81 KB, 1242x1664, 4056E86E-D4E9-40D3-ACFF-7BE180…)

Oh no TikTok is oppressing my right to expose my porn to under aged children! Transphobic and whorephobic to a non-binary dog fetishizer uwu

No. 1526314

>but if you're a big account and do non-nude, youll get support!
yeah? there's fucking kids on there you gross ass bitch.

No. 1526316


The Starbucks employee isn't at a higher risk of going to work and never coming home. She's also not at risk of her entire life being ruined because someone decided to tell her family she works at Starbucks.

Onlyfans rots the brain

No. 1526409

File: 1652323875220.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1242x1484, 4ECEA0F0-FB28-4324-A302-F58001…)

No. 1526420

Forget about slavery, concentration camps, forced assimilation and genocide all over the world. The real victims of racism are people who saw a goofy porn face on the internet!

No. 1526458

You posted this in the Shay thread were told this already: nobody wants to see this random ugly pedo in a diaper. It’s not milk, and it reeks of self post.

No. 1526478

File: 1652330711168.jpeg (907.21 KB, 3464x3464, 05A8581F-A2F2-4ACE-92B2-2B3387…)

Darcy Nycole is a sad cow she’s almost 30 and still trying to be a small skinny egirl

Her promo photo vs her on cam

No. 1526612

She’s wide kek

No. 1527443

Most are playing a game of hide the stomach

No. 1527447

Samefag but it's hilarious how they all have the same makeup, aliexpress gear and hair

No. 1527477

Notice how they’re all successful SW but can never afford honey birdette, agent provocateur, studio pia? It’s all cheap $5 garbage from shein.

No. 1527478

She’s rocking the mewtwo legs in the first pic

No. 1528356

File: 1652503260539.jpeg (227.19 KB, 750x1657, E53FFDD9-C42C-4AF5-9409-B79A14…)

I posted this is Shayna’s thread but I’m bringing it here because I dont want to derail and shit is still going down. So this girl worked with Sol and then got slack from other whores because Sol fucked confirmed Nazi Shayna

No. 1528360

File: 1652503388426.jpeg (185.34 KB, 750x1001, C96E4E90-732D-4A1B-9819-0140CA…)

No. 1528363

File: 1652503533548.jpeg (353.67 KB, 1080x1261, 8A14088F-869F-4318-9362-650375…)

No. 1528366

File: 1652503562677.jpeg (172.21 KB, 460x1280, 75E70E35-7A06-4BCF-BA81-E55C6C…)

No. 1528392

Kek these retarded whores are so messy and clowny

No. 1528396

Why did she just let herself go like this

No. 1528420

Because she’s almost 30 and unless she starves herself she won’t stay slim. She drinks nothing but sugary energy drinks and whiskey on cam + she eats junk all day.

No. 1528421

Sol is a slimy misogynistic pig but he really is showing how two faced these whores are just like he is.

All they care about is woke points and getting $5 scrotes

No. 1528481

This. Hate, hate Sol but I love the drama one can fan with a screenshot

No. 1528496

Being almost 30 doesn't stop you from metabolizing food, retard.

No. 1528498

borderline personality disorder in one picture

No. 1528501

It slows down a lot, you have to actually work out and not eat like a fat pig 24/7 which she does. She’s big because she eats and drinks just like Shayna and her did when they were teens except Darcy is 28 years old and in better shape than Shayna

No. 1528502

Don’t worry they’ve stopped diagnosing BPD and replaced it with autism and ADHD as the new sad girl disorders

No. 1528519

Sol is my favourite calf to have come from this site.

No. 1528536

He makes himself look so bad but he also provides decent milk when he outs cows. I wish he was milkier though because I’d love to see him seethe and cry over a dedicated thread

No. 1528551

Lol Sully Hill or Sol Salvatore must be seething that the women he enjoys beating and being violent to are ruining his life. The worthless prick needs to get a real job and support his wife or this will be his life forevermore. Those hoes don’t forget Sully.

No. 1528560

I hope he gets deported back to the UK, why does he get to waste valuable space in the country. He needs to go back to his own country and leech off their government (I’m not an American) I just want him sent home to seethe how his bleak life wearing Shein womens panties and fucking stinky fat troons is over

No. 1528697

File: 1652552157544.jpeg (280.21 KB, 750x1302, image0(9).jpeg)

Doesnt feel safe on twitter so she takes it to tik tok….

No. 1528698

File: 1652552187887.jpeg (253.22 KB, 750x1299, image1(1).jpeg)

No. 1528699

File: 1652552281059.jpeg (152.23 KB, 747x1296, image2(1).jpeg)

No. 1528705

Such a reach. Shayna has done much worse than saying hurrdurr smoking weed with hitler. I mean you can make fun of her for shitting on dildos, her assne, pedopandering. But they can’t because they do all of those things that’s why they’re clinging so hard to the dolly the nazi!11! lie

No. 1528707

That’s one ugly MF she looks disgusting and pedophilic for promoting pornography on a childrens app….

No. 1528726

File: 1652553864012.jpeg (485.33 KB, 750x938, 850D4E12-A5B0-4671-B482-CD9C96…)

She has a tiktok just, sitting there and sipping tea and looking sad while a guy talks about the holocaust. To own Soy I guess. These whores are fucking brain dead.

No. 1528737

Anyone know what happened to nasty bimbo? I think her twitter was banned.. I was wondering how that story went

No. 1529021

She’s probably a live in sex slave to that scrote

No. 1529026

File: 1652578811727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.87 KB, 1241x2007, F0C5EB49-8671-4352-9C46-1394DB…)

He keeps retweeting his ugly Troon content

No. 1529173

Ewww what the fuck pencil dick scrawny legs headass

No. 1529202

File: 1652591887429.png (40.12 KB, 206x350, 84E2B5B6-6361-4BA2-A96E-6C4E85…)

It’s giving grasshopper

No. 1529224

File: 1652594729721.jpeg (474.36 KB, 1242x1592, D1FFA374-4951-4B5C-891E-99EC4E…)

Belle Delphine back at it with the child cosplays and pedo baiting.

I wish this whore would disappear like she did last year

No. 1529225

She has her own containment thread where it’s already been posted >>>/w/212589

No. 1529238

i never should have unspoilered this jfc

No. 1529243

Wait so she is trying to say that soy assaulted her by previously having sex with shayna or..?

No. 1529449

They’re just being melodramatic

No. 1529618

File: 1652640263892.jpeg (207.82 KB, 733x721, C1C00576-9A9A-4151-A1A7-34C2A3…)

Is this still about Sol?

No. 1530204

File: 1652667943321.jpeg (188.85 KB, 750x1359, 3C79F220-95E0-4A05-B331-C8260C…)

This bitch. Her crusade against Sol continues, she made another tiktok about him. It’s obvious that she got spooked when people started to give her shit for working with Sol, and now she’s doubling down on trying to get him “canceled.” It’s pretty clear from the texts Sol posted that she knew about the Nazi bullshit but worked with him anyway, just like Sol knew about Shay’s past but worked with her anyway.

No. 1530258

Still posting deranged porn, guess her new sugar daddy was a Splenda daddy…


No. 1530353

File: 1652672491753.webm (5.97 MB, 720x1280, he’s sending his minions over …)

No. 1530433

This shit is ridiculous why don’t one of these oppressed bitches just call immigration on him and say he’s earning money and not paying taxes since he’s admitted he doesn’t?

No. 1530692

Does this girl actually have some kind of chromosomal disorder? There's no way a full adult brain can fit in that weird Persian cat skull, and it would explain a lot.

No. 1530729

her eyebrows are killing me, kek.
Also, this whole nazi bullshit, I dislike Shayna, but she is so far away from a real nazi. She's been a stupid teenager, still lacks empathy and is making disgusting porn, that doesn't make her a nazi. It should be possible to change and get credit for it, it's not like Shayna killed someone. Those people never have encountered a nazi in real life, I'm sure of that and they only go after this topic to get attention for their own porn bullshit.

No. 1530732

Trailer park background proves you're living with your racist all-lives-matter parents and this is a cope for all the times you said nigga in high school.

Another righteous trailer park sex worker equivalent of a moralist Tiktok mall cop

No. 1530765

Seems like some un-managed bpd episode gone public. Much like most of the shit they spew.
It seems like they all live in their own reality of perpetual victimhood.

No. 1530929

She looks like an ugly ass swollen version of Laura Prepon

No. 1530932

File: 1652728452561.jpeg (435.14 KB, 1080x1489, 7AEB2464-3C43-4C94-A8F4-B404D8…)

God the ripple effect of Shayna sucking this dude off is wild. So now this chick is getting shit for getting fucked by another chick who fucked Sol who got his dick sucked by Shayna, “the Nazi” Where does it end??

No. 1530935

These keyboard whores are they own worse STI/STD.
Rigid Morality like their white colonialist grandmothers

No. 1530937

File: 1652728657667.jpeg (203.12 KB, 484x1280, EFB598C0-065B-41CA-8E9A-5183E2…)

No. 1531262

File: 1652753967309.jpeg (342.07 KB, 1242x1348, CDB93B69-905B-4B46-89E1-6652C1…)

He changed his username so he can distance himself KEK

No. 1531433

Do these seaworlders ever stop to realize that literally nobody who would potentially pay them cares about their opinions or politics or "sex worker rights" lmao. If they were smart they wouldn't have any opinions besides hornyposting and lewd photos.

No. 1531470

File: 1652782035851.jpeg (104.5 KB, 1242x1017, 9FF1CD10-298D-4E3A-BE91-DEE1B3…)

Tenshi is about to have another BPD sperg session. She went from OMG MY LIFE IS GREAT to ITS A JOKE WAAAH.

This bitch never learns, she can get a job at Starbucks or even a temp agency or something. They don’t care if you were an ewhore.

Why are they so determined to do jobs that make them miserable and have no money

No. 1532237

This is such a dumb take. There is no way Soyboy Sol has minions. kek

No. 1532249

He does have people defending him but they’re doing so because their names are being dragged with him, they’re not doing it for him.

No. 1533689

Any updates? Or did it all lose steam?

No. 1533919

I think Salem is still screeching about it but overall there’s no update on the drama other than him changing his username

No. 1534638

File: 1653094960175.jpeg (580.95 KB, 1080x1924, 543D0BBE-024F-438F-8C16-CB326C…)

She hasn’t been on twitter since it’s no longer a “safe space” because of Sol. Bitch, then quit

No. 1534846

This bitch is so gross and weird as fuck. Saying other jobs are "civvie" jobs is so fucking weird. If it's your "PTSD" talking why are you doing it if you had the choice to not do it to begin with?? What's more physically "disabling" than prostitution? Jobs that can be easily obtained like retail are not that taxing, like bitch you're not a construction worker or some shit…

No. 1534973


Agreed, I'm not that familiar with this cow but surely she can't have been a full service prostitute - it's intensely demanding physical work. Working in a supermarket or retail or hospitality (all simple entry level jobs) is vastly preferable and above all, SAFER work. Don't trust anybody who claims to do full service prostitution by choice.

No. 1535014

Nta but one hour of prostitution pays the same as two days of a low wage job, at least where I’m from. I don’t think it’s that far fetched to rather want to be fucked by a gross guy than do retail customer service. It’s unsafe and terrible but it’s much easier than most ”civvie” jobs

No. 1535159

She’s not even a prostitute. She’s talking about filming

No. 1535248

There is a reason most "sex workers" are mentally ill, have trauma or are trafficked. Most of them are immigrants too, it's not something helathy women go into. They are literally a disadvantaged underclass for scrote entertainment.

No. 1535252

Shayna levels of lazy? How hard is it to film? smh

No. 1535507

Way harder than just opening the door and your legs to some scrote

No. 1535569

At least a camera can’t decide to murder you when you’re done with it

No. 1535923

iirc she mentioned sometime back that her "civvie" job used to be a retail warehouse (think packing boxes, inventory, etc). i'll see if i can find the tweet again

also in sexwork lingo "civvie job" refers to "civilian work" - i.e. your non-sexwork day job or any work you do that is outside of sexwork

No. 1536073

Okay nonnie it's not just cheap garbage from shein, it's also from wish sometimes.

No. 1536092

File: 1653229908753.jpeg (250.34 KB, 1280x960, ED263FB0-5835-4D00-A9D6-F41D30…)

Soy got a haircut as part of his rebrand away from drama. New hair same ugly britfag

No. 1536243

Thank god I hated that fucking man bun

No. 1536301

Ehhh good for him to be honest. What a bunch of bullshit for just getting his dick sucked by Shayna.

No. 1536584

Yeah I see that.. it's just that I've only heard the term used by disgusting cops and military fags, so it's just strange that it's used in this context as well. It would be 10x worse if she's not a prostitute or forced to work with random men to film. She is genuinely so annoying with this fascist fucker shit

No. 1536587

I do love how he’s managed to be like a cockroach at least he’s actually working to get his wife a second packet of rice cakes

No. 1536897

He might even be able to splash out on a packet of chocolate coated rice cakes as a special dinner one day.

No. 1538470

Maybe even a bottle of $7 cask wine as a treat

No. 1538511

all topped off with a hearty dessert of frozen koolaid packets

No. 1539593

File: 1653506138694.jpeg (863.68 KB, 828x1386, 84ED3447-BF73-4931-8A97-590D0E…)

Well according to her latest tiktok she’s quitting sex work and going back to her “civvie job” kek. She only made $200 last month, but sex work is real work and it’s so empowering!

No. 1539914

File: 1653521389702.jpeg (249.35 KB, 828x1313, 4910E8BA-203F-4D68-98B2-35788A…)

Why the fuck would you advertise this. Now everyone who visits her twitter knows how and where they can just go watch all of her porn for free instead of subscribing to her onlyfans

No. 1540051

Probably a tactic to get pity tips from simps who feel bad, part of the reason guys pay for porn is to feel like they have some personal connection to the girl and feel like some savior for being a customer.

No. 1540169

File: 1653529412384.jpeg (1006.63 KB, 1242x1581, F573DAD5-DE87-429D-8AC8-0BA330…)

She has low engagement as well for someone with 34k followers. She’s not attractive and acts like a retarded dog

No. 1540182

File: 1653529606258.jpeg (856.24 KB, 1242x1468, 6E9AAA7D-E475-41A9-B2B0-15296D…)

She reminds me of Sid the sloth

No. 1540312

Who the fuck is this alien looking thot?

No. 1540319

An e-whore who can't stop sucking Shayna's asshole on twitter.

No. 1540339

Omg is it this one? >>1540169 ? They’re so ugly in the face, just like the actual nazi thot shatna follows, pixie.

No. 1540531

When did Pixie get accused of being an “actual Nazi”? Are you thinking of her buddy Indigo White?

No. 1543176

File: 1653802777919.jpeg (72.28 KB, 1242x347, 65695D9D-361C-4C3A-9C47-0CF6A1…)

When will these bitches learn that if you’re not making money it’s okay to quit and get a real job. This is embarrassing

No. 1543245

She’s so self aware but too stubborn to quit kek

No. 1543297

Anon, I'm pretty sure you're mixing up Pixie and Indigo White. Indigo White was the right wing edgelord

No. 1543556

File: 1653849496987.jpeg (950.81 KB, 1242x1416, DD476CA0-673E-4CFF-B787-A11F04…)

No the racist ugly dog fucker is Indigo white

No. 1547545

File: 1654218485507.jpeg (257.64 KB, 828x1607, 94C46FA1-08DB-48F4-A696-ECB147…)

Soy got banned from OF for making a rape video

No. 1547548

Good, one less groomer posting rape fetish shit is a net positive. Although he will probably just post his foul affairs somewhere else now

No. 1547549

File: 1654218799294.jpeg (39.44 KB, 596x628, 343.jpeg)

>OF stole muh rape fetish money
You get what you fucking deserve, moid

No. 1547551

File: 1654218959708.jpeg (446.21 KB, 828x881, 67023C10-0524-456A-AFFF-4825B4…)

No. 1547599

Good kek. I hope he ends up in the fucking street. A man who is comfortable "fake" raping women is also going to be comfortable doing it for real.

No. 1547630

Good! Where is ICE when they are actually needed?

No. 1547670

File: 1654231764646.jpeg (288.15 KB, 828x913, C162C9E7-992C-4240-8D3F-5B5513…)

In what world is rape a sane fantasy? Most people into CNC have it from past trauma and it’s a weird self hatred/self harm thing to get over and accept normal affection. Actually filming scenarios where the draw is no consent, especially from the male perspective, is beyond disgusting.

No. 1547701

How porn sick do you have to be to make this and think this is already to not even think “should I check the rules before I upload this”. Gross.

No. 1548078

They’re all so desensitized to rape from all the porn glorifying it that I’m sure they don’t think twice about it. According to his followers in the comments onlyfans updated their rules recently and a bunch of accounts are getting the boot for their content

No. 1548093

These people making it out like rape is “hawt” are just feeding into the age old “he couldn’t help it” - ban these fuckers and content from all these porn selling sights

No. 1548101

I hope so much that some jacked up dickhead snaps this pathetic little twink in half and throws him in the sea. These fucking sick abusers disgust me. Imagine making videos like this when every day news is coming out of Ukraine about mothers and daughters held hostage and raped in basements. I wish these pigs would die in pain twice.

No. 1548442

I used to go to highschool with her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1548483

What was she like? Anything interesting?

Also, in the future, try to leave the name/subject empty (and write ‘Sage’ in the email field if your post isn’t contributing)

No. 1548514

Every day, my misandry grows a little bit more

No. 1548553

Get out of here Cake Pop Clara

No. 1548647

This is disgusting. He’s such a scrote. Any normal man wouldn’t be able to get hard at the thought of a woman kicking and screaming

Rape fetishists deserve to die. I hope he loses his income so he can rot to death like he “totes consensually” did to these girls. These girls are all mentally ill, I doubt they can justifiably consent if they’re so addled with personality disorders and mental health issues

No. 1548832

ICE, go get this scrote.

No. 1549847

File: 1654426615177.jpg (284.83 KB, 719x1357, Screenshot_20220605-144747_Chr…)

Her Twitter is bonniexbebe and she looks heavy mtf the blush is so bad she tries so hard to be like Bella just look at her fansly and "sw is overwhelming" bitch all u do is take pics of ur abrasioned pussy lol she also fucks herself with butt plugs in the ass then pussy like ew sage for random splerg qbt a thot

No. 1550555

File: 1654479896460.jpeg (331.54 KB, 1080x1205, DA88F676-0B0D-4B1D-868C-47A0E5…)

These whores need dairies. Or friends. Your twitter sex work account isn’t the place for this shit. I think she’s even more depressing and pathetic then Shayna.

No. 1550567

This alt Sid the sloth girl is gross as fuck, half her audience is because she looks ugly and larps as a dumb underage bitch while pretending to be woke about sex work and politics. It’s worse when the half successful onlyfans girls still act helpless and have to post every “bad brain day” bullshit for headpat sympathy while bitching at anyone who doesn’t understand the struggle of being a lazy whore.

No. 1550588

File: 1654483417841.jpeg (145 KB, 828x945, 782AA694-8A0F-4BA3-8E37-3B1F95…)

She literally has a personal account too but chooses to do all of her bitching and moaning on her porn account

No. 1550751

File: 1654503491503.jpeg (450.69 KB, 1536x2048, AD429438-2752-4067-B45E-D50753…)

I wish his wife would just pack her expired rice cakes and leave his ass. He’s so ugly and brings nothing to the table other than urinary tract infections. She’s a cuck to troons and landwhales. I can’t stand this piece of shit Soy

No. 1550752

Kek at Shayna’s mumma Ellen Dresel replying to sid the sloth

No. 1550758

File: 1654503966333.jpeg (54.04 KB, 486x582, C6A789C4-D59E-4E6B-AA0D-2B0681…)

>knowing when to rest is the key
Idk why she’s so hostile. Kek.

No. 1550760

File: 1654504113159.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1077x1436, 7196381E-4CA7-4943-99F5-15AA3F…)

Why does every ugly onlyfans whore have ugly tattoos? Soy looks retarded

No. 1550763

File: 1654504240117.jpeg (651.92 KB, 1242x1384, 54FB613E-83E0-46B0-A4DF-9A7E9E…)


No. 1550765

File: 1654504427576.jpeg (Spoiler Image,960.04 KB, 955x1680, 16A8D6A4-8D74-4146-AD9C-508764…)

One of the women tagged in the picture doesn’t brush her tongue. I’m gagging.
Only bottom barrel women would hang out with pedophile groomer Soy.

No. 1550768

File: 1654504616629.jpeg (861.94 KB, 1221x1864, BE9BE623-48CC-49CB-8C0E-ED209E…)

SFW screenshot

No. 1550769

File: 1654504691911.jpeg (172.65 KB, 1208x1288, 493D62E1-AFA5-46A1-A454-A75A79…)

This is not a good look for Soy seeing that he collaborated with a known “nazi”

No. 1550774

File: 1654505034056.png (9.56 MB, 1242x2208, DB8D367A-1E21-4ABB-B43C-8A527A…)

Soy had a cow sex worker event

No. 1550776

the rejecting piercing is the cherry on top

No. 1550782

File: 1654505961894.jpeg (584.3 KB, 1970x1678, DF0E2B2B-ECDA-4A5A-83B4-6EE0E0…)

Soy’s “bestie” defending him against his nazi allegations so he doesn’t end up homeless. And apparently, she is a mother.

No. 1550783

File: 1654506083191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,87.81 KB, 644x1280, DCCDC787-B3C3-44A0-9C35-C644B7…)

All of Soy’s mutuals are kinda milky in a sense, they’re always complaining about customers and they’re extremely unfortunate looking. Like to the point where Shayna looks decent.

No. 1550786

File: 1654506269101.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2706x3125, 6DADF114-E3CC-45CC-B75C-244773…)

Scrote threatening to expose her to her family but she doesn’t care because they know. Sex work is so damn bleak. Why would you willingly post this with your full face when you’re not even making enough to the point where it’s worth it?

No. 1550791

Bottom left looks like Snape
Sad. She shouldn’t mention having a kid while letting Sol and the other degens follow her. not to wk but she is one of the more attractive women ITT.

No. 1550814

I honestly thought that bottom left was that womb wizard cow.

No. 1550828

the lower the IQ the more tattoos they have
also junkies tend to have a lot of shitty tattoos

No. 1551241

File: 1654543657400.jpeg (662.32 KB, 1242x1126, 1C198841-6D43-4B36-ABA0-987C86…)

Soy’s proud he was so edgy to get kicked off onlyfans. Also nice background soy such a pro pornographer

No. 1551325

Men who get off to the idea of raping women should be castrated, all of them

No. 1551395

He is so pathetic looking, literal soyjak phenotype ass loser

why tf do women flock to make content with such a beta male? Not to a log but he has an extremely punchable face

No. 1551410

File: 1654551314076.jpeg (390.85 KB, 1242x1418, 560FC450-73C2-4966-B201-F783B6…)

Autistic sex worker using made up pronouns.

No. 1551416

File: 1654551588337.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1487, CAF8919E-C548-47E8-A292-D6AEDE…)

>dressed up as cows
the jokes write themselves

No. 1551421

File: 1654551672758.jpeg (602.99 KB, 2048x1638, 1DE00C5D-A350-47DB-AE9A-DDB330…)

One homely group of prostitutes. Shayna would fit right in with their hamplanet whore friend group

No. 1551425

Legit thought the 3rd girl was Shayna kek

No. 1551426

File: 1654551865826.jpeg (Spoiler Image,369.89 KB, 1122x1501, 2F30D81C-DB37-484B-AAA5-21AB2C…)

Soy’s fatty friends post the grossest shit

No. 1551430

is that a fetish? having a backwards body?

No. 1551432

File: 1654552070182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,449.28 KB, 1536x2048, E9C30A32-5550-4CA0-9701-D8092D…)

I wonder which airbnb this is because I know damn well they can’t afford a house with a pool

No. 1551435

Wtf am i looking at

No. 1551437

File: 1654552301157.jpeg (724.87 KB, 1242x1195, 5FC23EF7-050D-461C-9174-4346EC…)

The rabbit hole goes deeper. Soy really loves screwing old haggard whores with children jfc praying for her children

No. 1551440

File: 1654552450122.png (11.15 MB, 1242x2208, 59BC222B-7A9D-4F29-AD91-E8354E…)

when you’re a grown woman talking about sex on a known childrens app..

No. 1551446

Youre reaching, anon. Tiktok has been used for porny stuff since day 1.

No. 1551496

It’s very strange when people on lolcow call tiktok a “childrens app” when it very obviously is not

No. 1551498

File: 1654555195239.jpeg (44.55 KB, 717x339, D7102A72-5DD7-4F78-A6F7-F03CF3…)

Idk if you live under a rock but lots of minors use TikTok. The app is 12+. They explicitly ban sexual content but these deranged whores still try to shill their porn.

No. 1551500

If you’re a mid 20s women linking your porn to an app minors use you’re a pedophile

No. 1551543

We’re not people, we’re women. And yes tiktok has constantly been referred to as a child site since it started off as musicaly, which audience were minors as well.

No. 1551549

>implying women aren’t people

No. 1551562

>we’re not people, we’re women

this doesn’t sound scrotish at all

No. 1551697

File: 1654571131879.jpeg (33.04 KB, 480x360, 0061B731-EF73-4333-8C6C-ECABF6…)

Celina Powell the infamous onlyfans thot clout chaser who messed around rappers and Adam22 (and even had a podcast on No Jumper) got sentenced to 2 years in prison for violating probation.

No. 1551715

File: 1654572503589.png (790.33 KB, 583x784, 282562261_519313929981098_5106…)

No. 1551732

Shiftymine still doing numerous posts (insta stories & tiktok) about the struggles of having real huge natural breasts while she wears prosthetic breasts. Has literally made sad posts about being made fun of in school for having such huge breasts

No. 1551734

File: 1654573439454.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.85 KB, 968x1321, amateur-shiftymine-and-pasties…)


Shiftymine for those who don't know

No. 1551813

dang, she looks rough. i saw online she only had a month left & got locked up for moving from denver to miami. anyone know anything else?

No. 1553084

Looks like another boastful SeaWorlder using collected poop for udder-covers.

No. 1553096


Its 2039 and this is the trendy anatomical dysmorphia sweeping the globe.

High fashion silicone mods, brought in by some 3rd generation Kardashian who needed to be defective AliExpress silicone fuck torso in order to feel love.

No. 1553216

File: 1654709275049.jpeg (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, 35352135-5820-4AB0-947D-A2EADE…)

The stench JFC why don’t this grimy bitches clean ??

No. 1553221

File: 1654709340253.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1280x960, 64F8A261-BE95-4ECA-A0CB-179D8E…)

Soy is so damn ugly

No. 1553225

File: 1654709450841.png (Spoiler Image,11.26 MB, 1242x2208, A9676F8F-0523-464B-A228-7B7936…)

Luna tier dirtiness

No. 1553227

File: 1654709490592.jpeg (Spoiler Image,562.62 KB, 1242x970, E892D85F-4518-4649-A317-04386C…)

Soy fucking a man in lingerie. I wonder if he was troon out soon

No. 1553232

They always do. Some sissy fag porn star named Lance Heart trooned out recently and he’s in his 40s I think lol, he would fuck trannies and get femdommed in lingerie. Sol is walking the same beaten path

No. 1553271

He will it's only a matter of time as to when. First he'll be non-binary, then he'll start being "Poly" and move in a bunch of troons into whereever he lives. It'd help with the rent so his wife can eat for the time being. Then eventually he'll kick her out, start taking hormones and he'll be going by, "Solena" or something.
Yep, I was thinking about this scrote from the MTF thread. He looks so sad and ugly now. Soy will look the same.

No. 1553291

File: 1654712290535.png (2.44 MB, 1268x1618, lance and charlotte.png)

I was going to make a porn cows thread for this very reason, but was discouraged from it because of the risk it'd bring more scrotes here, but here's a glimpse at the would be threadpic with Lance's trooning. The AGP smirk and lol how do I woman ignorance is so typical

No. 1553815

File: 1654739715003.jpg (250.25 KB, 1364x2048, FUnE8C2UEAATVC-.jpg)

Surprised no one mentioned the tranny, he stands out among women so easily kek

No. 1553832

Idk if anyone mentioned it but apparently the girls in the videos are sisters, can someone confirm it?

No. 1553937

File: 1654745518760.jpeg (698.94 KB, 828x1420, BB17BF61-BA68-4D71-B00B-CB2055…)

It seems to be just a dumb marketing thing to sell faux incest porn, like what Belle tried to do with her friend. Amethyst had a different “sister” before named Savannah, then she traded her for Alaina.

No. 1554092

Damn… I'm really sorry for his wife

No. 1554307


For some reason, Asian and black troons sometimes pass semi convincingly, I would have mistook this one for a woman with unfortunate features. But probably in a sea of biological woman, he's more clockable.

No. 1555084

I wouldn't feel that sorry for her, she's a pickme who does hardcore kink and BDSM porn.

No. 1555086

File: 1654813983625.jpeg (555.03 KB, 1536x2048, 172815CF-24CD-45FE-9BDD-E9FE75…)

Ew he looks much more ugly in HD photos. Those blackheads/ acne and yellow British teeth

No. 1555102

Butter teeth. RIP to all genitals that made contact with that thing.

No. 1555115

almost every OF thot in this thread is ugly as sin
does it ever feel like the super hot ones are more..lowkey?

No. 1555130

I want to punch his ugly rat teeth in. Girls are really letting this ugly as mf tranny fucker fuck them for pennies what the hell

No. 1555137

Because actual "hot" ones don't need to go this far to make change.

No. 1555201

98% of amerifats have untreated cavities but go off because someone's teeth aren't straight and blinding white.

No. 1555210

His teeth look fine? You guys do realize teeth aren't mean to be bone white, right? There's a lot of things to criticize this loser for, but this is such nitpicky shit

No. 1555307

Why would someone who makes his living off of selling videos and photos of his body let it sunburn like that?
Sunscreen is more expensive than rice cakes, though, so…

No. 1555354

I can see plaque he should have flossed before this pic. Don’t get triggered over this comment, teeth are not white And that’s fine

No. 1555419

No. 1555707

File: 1654855511588.jpeg (110.15 KB, 1200x900, 72E4D565-6F47-484B-8D3C-D0366F…)

No. 1555904

File: 1654873697034.jpeg (658.29 KB, 1242x1425, 3CBAA3FB-88E7-4057-82E1-D55541…)


No. 1555905

File: 1654873725859.jpeg (710.85 KB, 1242x1582, 3D0ACE2B-E123-44D6-B007-BC134B…)

Can they actually sue?

No. 1555920

No she loves it and she fucks trannies like Natalie Mars too on the reg

No. 1556225

Ugh, this is vile. They can't even pretend it's some romance novel "ravishment" kink with a sexy pirate or whatever. It looks like a grimy snuff tape the FBI might find on a serial killer's laptop. Anyone who can masturbate to this is mentally ill. Homelessness is too good for this scrote.

No. 1556620

File: 1654905527283.jpeg (237.7 KB, 1206x854, C5145B65-2ED4-457B-889E-9072A1…)

No. 1556622

File: 1654905572949.jpeg (446.42 KB, 1242x1345, 202D2D59-2B35-4297-8D10-18E206…)

The troons and fatty sex workers are so hurt in the replies of this tweet kek

No. 1556623

Tbh working at Walmart was more degrading than the few months I was a cam model so I'm against all forms of work but yeah

No. 1556630

You sound very bright.

No. 1556635

File: 1654906525818.jpeg (562.04 KB, 1242x1629, CC873A41-F463-41F0-A73B-700D2D…)

Soy supporting exploitation of women

No. 1556641

Ah yeah breaking your back in an understaffed flourescent light hell alongside dumbass 18 and 60 year olds enduring abuse from customers for 9+ hours a day is so much more preferable to working on your own schedule and playing with sex toys for scrotes online a few hours a day. I know both are bad but don't be stupid.(sage your shit)

No. 1556646

>Straight men on dating apps
>straight men

who do they think pays for prostitues exactly? woc queer enbie women?

No. 1556652

Can you at least sage your stupid opinions? Dumb whore.

No. 1556654

No, fat wagie

No. 1556678

try not to a-log challenge!
some people are hopelessly brainwashhed and it shows

No. 1556679

imagine being so shamelessly retarded your only 2 options in life are degrade yourself for scrotes (and then try to defend it after, fat kek) or slave for "9+ hour" shifts at walmart lol

No. 1556683

the bitter e-hooker is so dumb she both can't sage and can only stutter out "y-you're fat!!" and a random anonymous user, this is sad and comical

No. 1556687

Your friends over at r/antiwork are waiting for you, why you over here?

No. 1556688

At least one isn’t immortalized online forever and used as a blackmail tool by the very men who encourage it. I’d take an exhausting customer service shift over being given some money by anonymous freaks to penetrate myself live on video as the main attraction but I guess that’s your call. And don’t act like those guys on camsites aren’t abusive and creepy in their own right and literally try to stalk the girls and push boundaries all the time.

No. 1556694

Damn I work at Target. It's not Walmart but it's a lot like it but I didn't ask for my life to be like this. I'm not retarded.

No. 1556717


Since you're too retarded to realize that the other anon was referring to the fact that the e-whore thinks that the only way a woman can make money are sex work or shitty retail jobs, maybe you do belong at target

jk nonnie I know life is hard, but she's not saying that people who work retail are retarded, the idea that it's either lower tier retail or sex work and nothing in-between is a retarded way of thinking

No. 1556728

Trust me no one wants to work retail, if everyone could get a cushy office job they would. I grew up in poverty and moved every 3 months and retail or fast food actually is the only option available to me, but you probably grew up rich or with a lot of options so you wouldn't understand how retail often is the only option for working people. Plus many women are systemically impoverished and work is harder to get as a woman especially if you've had kids. Seriously what is this stupid mindset thinking a woman has to be retarded for retail to be her only option.

No. 1556866

Tinder isnt a dating app sweaty.

No. 1557024

You continuously keep missing what nonny is trying to explain to you. You’re too poor to afford reading comprehension or what?

No. 1557047

did you drop out of HS you idiot

No. 1557276


Do you not know how to read spoilered text? I literally repeated all the shit you just said. I was joking before but yeah, you might actually be too retarded for anything other than retail.

No. 1557327

File: 1654969634718.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1685, AA5C1D11-B084-4A9E-8902-1FA478…)

Can we bully this pedophile again? How tf did he get his account back when he simulated rape and kidnapping?

No. 1557329

File: 1654969679598.jpeg (734 KB, 1215x1284, 6A609749-CA97-49DC-8659-5CE970…)

Giant hambeast gets slapped by scrawny twink

No. 1557344

Soyboy with shibari tattoos, how incredibly cringy. How can anyone get off on looking at this absolute loser

No. 1557371

I wonder if he got them to jack off to while also staring in the mirror

No. 1557452

the headless shibari body really completes it

No. 1557552

It looks like it was done in someone’s garage so ugly

No. 1557967

That skeletal frame underneath the ugliest velour Target nightgown really accentuates his Gollum body.

No. 1558690

File: 1655081121163.jpeg (758.13 KB, 1242x1538, FC9C12B4-C4D1-4909-9AF4-C51481…)

Soy is lurking kek

No. 1558691

File: 1655081177214.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1793, 24B8341F-22FE-4F60-A127-0516AA…)

He looks like a serial rapist

No. 1558697

File: 1655081383986.jpeg (Spoiler Image,459.05 KB, 1143x595, FC768F3F-E777-4637-8906-2D7B25…)

I’m surprised no one has mentioned soy doing puke porn. I just lurked his profile and I saw this. I can’t believe Shayna sucked his dick. He probably has so many STDS and dried up vomit on it

No. 1558710

I’m always worried when I’m in a hotel that some nasty fucks have been doing shit like this there, who the fuck wants vomit on their genitals that should be instant boner kill. I guess that’s what’s drawing in the subs, bottom of the barrel rape and vomit porn for that hideous manbun twink

No. 1558722

File: 1655083981350.jpeg (Spoiler Image,836.86 KB, 1242x1533, C1BAD911-4546-43BC-9B8F-58D6F5…)

The amount of men commenting under this scares me

No. 1558724

You gotta bring your own cleaning supplies and bleach. Not even airbnbs are safe anymore. SW should not be normalized

No. 1558762

He looks like a less ugly idubbbz

No. 1558807

wtf her pussy is escaping

No. 1558815

You all never heard of showers or regular std testing? Sw get tested at minimum every two weeks and only work with people with a fresh test

No. 1558829

Back to twitter with you, degenerate piece of shit. Sex work isn’t real work and anyone who willingly participates in it, buying or selling, is scum
I hate this paedophilic, abusive, shit-dicked tranny and whale fucker more than any other cow, I hope he finds this thread and spergs like he did over being mentioned in Shat’s thread so we can bully him some more

No. 1558837

Tell that to the taxes they pay. Y’all ever gone outside or perhaps touched grass? Being this bitter and hateful has to be exhausting. He probably learned his lesson from the shat thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1558839

Lmao do you know where you are? Fuck off with your caping for degeneracy, useless whore

No. 1558842

Go back

No. 1558844

I get it's a whore but stop with "muh degeneracy", literally only tradthots use that word

No. 1558847

are you new? everyone uses the term, because that is exactly what sex work is.
this image is not safe for life what the fuck, it blows my mind that twitter allows this putrid shit to be posted

No. 1558853

Did the fat whores find this thread and get mad they’re being posted for their disgusting porno with pedo rapist Sully Hill

No. 1558857

File: 1655093686085.png (7.39 MB, 1242x2208, 3216C664-06B0-41D1-9E7F-A1FE76…)

Of course cheeks4cherry is on TikTok kek fucking landwhale can’t even wash her ass. Edtwitter is retarded but they’re going to have a field day when they see her

No. 1558859

File: 1655093815134.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1009.06 KB, 1242x1521, F3AD76CB-C0F2-433F-8530-E951DE…)

Fatty got two stomachs jfc idk if she’s milky enough to mention but these photos are an abomination to my eye balls and if I have to see it so do you nonnies

No. 1558861

Look at that fucking huge fupa, like her gross hairy mound literally looks like a stomach roll of its own

No. 1558862