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File: 1636220024354.jpeg (264.01 KB, 1242x1113, 1CB9E7E2-2734-49D5-945F-71DAE9…)

No. 1363058

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other e-whores. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa/Sol/Ellen/whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets.

>Shayna posts more ABDreams diaper content >>>/snow/1354967, >>>/snow/1357906 drawing in a whole lot of disgusting new diaperfag coomers >>>/snow/1355720 No sign of ABDreams posting her pictures yet, likely still editing out ass pimples

>Gets weirdly defensive about said shoot for no reason >>>/snow/1355030, >>>/snow/1355030 CLEARLY SHE HAS THE KINK and itsn't at all embarassed guys
>In fact, she waxes poeting about her time at ABDreams shooting faux child porn, saying it was the best hours of her miserable life >>>/snow/1359746
>Gets drunk on the train home from Portland and leaves her entire suitcase full of ill fitting dollskill costumes, sex toys, makeup and meds behind >>>/snow/1355324, >>>/snow/1355603
>Shayna continues to only mention 32 year old Cuck girlfriend Ellen Dresel when she does something for her selfish ass including buying her new makeup >>>/snow/1355678, cleaning her apartment for her >>>/snow/1355562, and buying her a heater >>>/snow/1358895
>Though it seems mumma has the same warped view of sex as shayna as their sex life is just Ellen punching, pinching, and biting Shay >>>/snow/1356799, >>>/snow/1361594 to quell her frustration
>Ellen Dresel, the nanny, also confirmed to more recently be working with children via venmo payments >>>/snow/1356333, and making creepy memes about babies >>>/snow/1359582
>Post what is probably the worst unfilted pictures of her face to date >>>/snow/1356360, don't use st. ives on your face kids.
>Fantasies seem to become less sexual as she posts increasingly deranged, bizarre medical abuse and psych ward stories >>>/snow/1356430, >>>/snow/1359671, >>>/snow/1361235
>And of course more pedo, incest and drugging fantasies >>>/snow/1357846, >>>/snow/1357856, >>>/snow/1359128
>Leaves a candle burning all night, risking burning her apartment down >>>/snow/1358150
>More dates with her new john, er, sugar daddy from SA who likes seeing her in pain >>>/snow/1358750 and he buys her a vibrator with a built in camera, colostomy content coming soon! >>>/snow/1355858
>While most everyone her age is out having fun, Shayna spends her Halloween eating candy with a fat naked old man in chastity in her apartment >>>/snow/1359202 because no one wants to hang out with her >>>/snow/1358860
>Confirmed she has no feeling in her clit left, she cannot orgasm without her jackhammer of a vibrator >>>/snow/1359118, then released a video touching herself to "orgasm" while barking like a dog >>>/snow/1359412
>Her evil mom has the audacity to say she could be doing something better with her life then selling 5 for $10 asshole pics >>>/snow/1360004
>Another shitty set of nails lasts a whole 3 days before breaking off >>>/snow/1361047
>Posts another awful cumshow with a next level cringe intro and editing >>>/snow/1361112, ill fitting lingerie, fake baby voice and full blown assne break out >>>/snow/1360711
>Gets wasted and briefly posts about fupa before deleting minutes later >>>/snow/1362070
>The fat old man in her house on Halloween turns out to be a friend of Ellen >>>/snow/1362346, a hardcore masochist she invited over to film the worst attempt at dommeing ever, >>>/snow/1362327, “do you like that daddy?” the video fully features fat naked old man peen with a naked Shayna mostly out of frame, something her coomers definitely pay to see
>A twitter whore/farmer makes a callout post for Sol because he worked with "a Nazi" (Shayna) citing edgy jokes she made as a 15 year old, not all the pedo shit, thats all good in e-whore world >>>/snow/1362623
>After a few defensive posts, Sol gives in to the swarm of angry whores with an apology post >>>/snow/1362635, saying he deleted all the content with Shayna and completely cut ties with her


Ellen Dresel (Shayna's "gf")

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No. 1363068

Nice job with the new thread, nona!

No. 1363069

File: 1636220540561.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 643.83 KB, 1315x3423, CEBED028-52FC-46F8-8A3F-068202…)

The type of scrotes Shayna attracts:

No. 1363070

You forgot this part but good thread anon
>Jason R Womack pays Ellen Dresel on Venmo >>1356308, confirming Shayna told him about her gf and talks to him to get his chump change

No. 1363072

File: 1636220820713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 871.54 KB, 1242x1317, D84B20EB-C76D-41F3-9C30-C73F32…)

This is so fucking scary

No. 1363073

thats because there are just like 2 autistic anons that are obsessed with womack and nobody else gives a fuck

No. 1363077

File: 1636221098519.png (Spoiler Image, 700.69 KB, 1079x1216, Screenshot_20211106-105115.png)

Your "perfect bod" that you have to strategically cover in every picture

No. 1363079

i think you found one of those autists, too nonny.

No. 1363081

File: 1636221316391.jpeg (324.28 KB, 750x749, 494424B5-EAD1-4B33-96D9-3D30D9…)

This bitch is still going off about CONFIRMED Nazi Shayna. Girl we hate her too, but that’s a reach

No. 1363082

Nta but I wouldn't say its autistic when Shat's been secretive about the identity of her girlfriend this whole time, as if anons don't already know who it is, and then we see Womack paying Ellen. It's also less about Womack (in my opinion) and more about the fact that Shat thinks she's slick, especially after the tantrum she pitched about how "everyone ruined it for themselves blahblah I'm never gonna post pics".

No. 1363087

He simultaneously looks 50 and 6 years old at the same time kek.

No. 1363089

"Dolly Mattel" doesn't have an ass to work off, but yeah, Shayna isn't a "Confirmed" Nazi. Funny how NOBODY touches how hateful and angry she was towards other sex workers, mainly women, because as woke as these people pretend to be, the only "Women" they care about are born men. Trump supporters and saying something problematic years ago is "Cancelable" but pedo pandering, being a bitch to other sex workers and all that doesn't matter.

No. 1363092

Lmao this person is sounding more pathetic and desperate than Shaynus even which is impressive. We get it. You are jealous someone who is most likely uglier and more grostesque than you also makes a few more pennies than you, puppi. Get over it.

No. 1363095

File: 1636222620392.png (Spoiler Image, 281.43 KB, 1080x566, DF22A8E2-F83D-4690-92A9-37BD7B…)

Puppi, I have information that proves Shayna is a Nazi, open at your own risk, highly offensive porn she made dressed as her führer hitler himself. Please share.

No. 1363097

Nice bait- too bad they probably have eyes

No. 1363102

Shitler yes but hitler no. Nasty but not nazi.

No. 1363104

File: 1636222878593.jpeg (107.29 KB, 750x600, 3773E30A-6753-4EEB-8149-29E73B…)

She’s also a Nazi because of her highly offensive and racist fake orgasm face

No. 1363106

>confirmed nazi
I died laughing. Twitter is the absolute worst.

No. 1363107

Again, finding the dumbest shit to drag her about when there's SO Much shit they could talk about.

No. 1363108

They can't talk about any of it because they all do the same shit. This ahegao thing is hilarious as well as all the trannies and other sex workers love pretending they are anime girls and pull the retard orgasm face.

No. 1363111

File: 1636223597828.jpeg (671.23 KB, 1170x1314, 355FCC97-029F-47AD-9BA2-10974F…)

No. 1363112

File: 1636223630124.jpeg (640.82 KB, 1170x1226, D8F83741-5DED-49AF-9B4F-591ECE…)

No. 1363115

File: 1636223901128.jpeg (339.82 KB, 750x786, 4FA52014-0F43-4E65-90E0-4E5B54…)

A modern day saint, protecting minorities from the trauma of being fucked by a twink that stuck his dick in the mouth of a retard

No. 1363118

So you can't cross your eyes and do that retarded anime orgasm face now? what is it, cultural appropriation? I'd say focus on the horrible shit Shay has actually done but they see nothing wrong with "ageplay" for some reason

No. 1363130

Why do these women always talk about making clients happy as if they're working at a children's hospital? Your "clients" are the most morally repugnant and physically disgusting men the world has to offer. That's why they pay for you. I suppose they wouldn't know that since they're only working from a webpage.

No. 1363137

lol she's a pedo-panderer but the Trump porn made you lose your mind? ok.

No. 1363150

Don’t you know, nonnie? The appropriation of the shitty anime orgasm face is literally killing Japanese people. What do you want twitterfags to do? Be accountable for their barely legal little sister/daughter/niece/granddaughter/“step”something porn so they can cancel her? No way! they need those porn categories to pay for their plastic shit and drugs.

No. 1363153

File: 1636228613797.jpeg (162.87 KB, 750x405, F140FC05-4E14-4E6A-BA31-B78F1B…)

Gotta agree with Sol on this one, we often murder Twitter whores just for fun so stay far far away

No. 1363155

It has caused DEATHS? wtf is he talking about?

No. 1363156

I died laughing, so maybe that's what he's referring to.

No. 1363157

I see Soyboy Sol is still mad about being featured here. Also yeah, who has this thread killed? Shayna's dignity and self respect were already dead. kek

No. 1363158

2 girls F'd who had threads but they were suicidal anyway

No. 1363159

I think he may be referring to Soren. Never part of this thread but he's gotta make himself look less bad somehow I guess, kek

No. 1363160

I have no idea, lolcows like Soren have died because of their mental illnesses that make them lolcows but this thread? Hey, as long as it scares the woke twitter whores off

No. 1363164

>swerf hate thread
Stfu Sol

No. 1363166

nice job letting people know you’ve been on enough of lolcow to know about the majority of sex worker threads here. that’s embarrassing, Sol.

No. 1363173

Hey Sully Hill, formerly of Southampton UK, Arborne Rep married to Kaylee Hill, who you met when she was under aged and used for a green card. How about check your glass house before you start throwing stones?

No. 1363179

be careful now anon, he'll post another soundcloud link

No. 1363180

We outchea killing people, apparently. Has anyone, EVER cited lolcow for their suicide? I have serious doubts. How is Shaynus more mature in this scenario than all these people? Imagine clutchibg your pearls this hard as an actual gay-for-pay hoe!

No. 1363182

Is ahegao racist now? Are people taking the term "cross eyed gooks" literally now, so crossing your eyes is offensive to Asians?

No. 1363183

>Has anyone, EVER cited lolcow for their suicide?
This is the most mediocre insult I've ever seen on lolcow, nice work

No. 1363185

How is this not beyond disrespectful to people who have actually experienced trauma? Honestly Shay is more likeable than these freaks.

No. 1363186

“She’s a good sex worker and treats her clients well” >tons of proof of scamming most recently what happened to the vet bill for her dog? Was it cancer or a cyst or polyp we will never know bc it probably wasn’t even real. She sounds like the farmers a logging about “real ppl being abused”

No. 1363189

do you even know what a-logging is?

No. 1363190

File: 1636232506456.jpeg (86.13 KB, 1068x271, 8411D5DA-82F1-4D26-A83B-C8EFDB…)

Global rule #7
>Making people kill themselves
Global rule #5

No. 1363198

Don’t forget the scam where she got like $200+ to have her hair dyed and then ran with the money

No. 1363207

>I did my duty to protect a Jew from the trauma of having sex with a guy who had sex with a girl who made a Hitler joke 5 years ago
You’re a true American hero puppi, hope you sleep well tonight knowing your great contribution to society kek

No. 1363214

Honestly; you know at this point when Shay is dealing with being called out better than big daddy “I’m not gay sucking a girl cock while my mrs is at home with an empty fridge” Sol that it’s why Shay is one of my favourite cows. She’s a literal pig in shit but at least she some what embraces it

No. 1363222

8 years ago, the screenshot is from a web archive of Shayna’s blog in 2018, and most screenshots of her hitler posts originated on the first thread here 3 years ago, meaning the “5 years ago” in the screenshot was 5 years prior to 2018. You can see in the screenshots her advertising her premium Snapchat so it was well before onlyfans. Shayna is 23 now so she was just teenager when she posted them

No. 1363229

File: 1636235528953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.06 KB, 750x690, F35F2E32-7DE3-4110-A47E-67F6A5…)

Could she have picked a lower quality picture?!

No. 1363230

File: 1636235573560.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 363.69 KB, 750x1081, 47C36109-56DF-473B-8E4F-E78DB2…)

needs more jpg

No. 1363233

File: 1636235747965.jpeg (316.65 KB, 750x1041, 2827E3F8-ABF4-42A0-A7B8-0195FD…)

The Twitter meanies are getting her down but Jason’s got her

No. 1363241

Yeah I agree. E whores go back to the hellsite you came from and never return, it's too dangerous for the poor oppressed pedopandering tards

No. 1363244

Imagine rubbing all six of her sweaty belly rolls.

No. 1363246

I love when they go off on these morally superior rants about "the industry" as if they are so important and wise but have, at the most, one or two likes. Selling your entire body on the internet for pocket change from disgusting men and no one even cares about your opinions. Real girlboss shit.

No. 1363257

I wish this thread (and whole site tbh) was entirely fellow SWERFs and TERFs, degenerates and misogynists can get the fuck out
It blows my mind that this furry degenerate with an uwu loli animu pfp wants to moralfag about Shatna’s retarded edgelord “humour” but is okay with her and pedo pandering. These losers all need to leave their basements and spend some time in the real world

No. 1363262

I hope they do try to post here so we can bully them back to whence they came

No. 1363268

For all her many faults, the fact that Shay doesn't (usually) use her position as a pedopandering degenerate to pontificate at other people makes her a better person than the people calling her out for making animu porn faces and calling someone hitler by leaps and bounds.

No. 1363279

File: 1636240609008.png (Spoiler Image, 7.4 MB, 1242x2208, DAF626F3-E5EC-4979-9B60-413B4D…)

Does she not wash herself with a washcloth in the shower?? Looks like a tongue poking out jfc

No. 1363281

File: 1636240777297.png (Spoiler Image, 5.88 MB, 1242x2208, 601474BC-E558-474C-AC30-61F616…)

Boil butt

No. 1363282

the fuck is with the breathy sweet girl voice she's trying out in this vid

No. 1363288

NGL I find it funny that this is the first time in a WHILE Shayna is seeing how much people in her community dislike her and she's just going on with her life, I remember she used to make posts about Cancel Cultures and how nobody liked her, she stopped doing that and BAM! Some troon fucker she sucked off has brought out some weirdos whining about spoiled old "Nazi" bullshit.

No. 1363295

She tryna get clout. This is the picture used in the lil drama post about her and sol.

She just wants any kind of attention.

No. 1363302

God the state of her teeth…

No. 1363304

clout for what and from who? you sound retarded.

No. 1363306

One look at puppi's profile and I see she is a sw with a GoFundMe to escape her "abusive home". These people can't even scrape up enough money to leave their parents house yet display all their holes online and spend their day calling people Nazis. Beyond pathetic.

No. 1363312

Puppi has a gofund me for 'getting out of a bad situation' and shard 100% made a rant about that forever ago kek

No. 1363313

Wow i need to learn to pay better attention

No. 1363316

i hate shayna so it's funny to be on "her side" in this mess, kek. drag her for pedo pandering and i'd agree but this "she's a confirmed nazi" shit is absolutely laughable. everyone and their mom's made edgy jokes when they were teenagers, get tf over it and stop pretending you care about jews when there are actual neonazis out there and your focus is on some low level e-whore who said some dumb shit in her teens. it can't be more clear that they have a stupid vendetta.

saw that too, they're completely transparent in the bottom. they're going to fall out jfc.

No. 1363334

Lmao she’s obese deadbeat with a gofundme and uses a snow app to filter herself to hell and back. Like flies to shit.

No. 1363341

File: 1636249249266.png (264.84 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20211106-183953.png)

According to her she's been in SW since she was 16

No. 1363342

File: 1636249390294.jpeg (273.72 KB, 828x964, E304757E-CB01-458B-ABEF-5425DA…)

Here we go, I wonder which degenerate “company” she’ll be working with this time

No. 1363343

Jesus Christ

No. 1363346

Why hasn't the pedo-pandering company released what she did with them?Did she just go there to take ugly pictures and be "cared" for?

No. 1363348

Kek cue ABDreams posting a notes app apology for working with a Confirmed Nazi & declaring they won’t post their gross Shayna content either because she’s ~pwoblematic~ imagine not even the bottom barrel tranny fuckers and pedos not wanting to publicly associate with you.

No. 1363349

I fucking despise these degenerates, the irony of having a hammer and sickle in the bio of their whore accounts, you can’t be a fucking Marxist and a sex worker, just like you can’t be a feminist and a sex worker. They’re clearly all greasy obese shut in NEETs who have no life outside the internet, they have all the time in the world to read up on Marxist and feminist theory. Literal retards.

No. 1363358

I have literally never seen a sexworker who isn’t severely mentally ill and worsened by sexwork lmao literally not a single one. Idgaf about them at this point. Teen grooming pedo-lovers like Shayna do not deserve liberation.

No. 1363360

I'm totally sure "Suki" is really Japanese and not just totally culturally appropriating Japanese culture like a retarded weeb.

No. 1363365

Were did that reply go that had her whole schedule on it go?

No. 1363366

She’s working with Insex, or their new company “Stomis Talent” first most likely (theyve been liking her posts about this upcoming shoot and she worked with them before) and then lovinghandmadepornography on Wednesday >>>/snow/1359193

No. 1363368

Sorry, i mean insex/stromis is likely the big shoot next Friday and lovinghandmadepornography Wednesday

No. 1363371

File: 1636251795836.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.51 KB, 750x695, 0AC98CD8-3AB5-4897-A441-59D981…)

Sure, they look gross

No. 1363379

File: 1636252638762.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1740, D8F73610-2CB5-4AB3-B045-909011…)

No. 1363386

The guck under those nails….

No. 1363392

I’m glad she’s hanging out with other woman, even if they are degenerates, maybe it’ll help her hate woman less

No. 1363398

post her in the e-whore thread then. this is shayna's.

No. 1363403

I think we need an e-whores/Twitter whores general. We have the cam girls thread, but no one cams anymore since onlyfans, plus Sol certainly isn’t a girl

No. 1363404

Fucking seriously, nonita. In the immortal words of Radiohead, “you do it to yourself, just you, you and no one else”. These whores aren’t just hurting themselves, they’re hurting women in general. My mother and grandmothers didn’t fucking march so you’d have the right to perpetuate patriarchal violence, you reprobates.
The only reason she is being discussed is because she’s campaigning to have Shayna and anyone she works with “cancelled” for being a “confirmed Nazi”, I’m sure if she continues to be milky she’ll either end up with her own thread or be taken to the camwhore one

No. 1363405

I second this, Soy is pretty milky and this fat loli sack of shit seems to have great potential, if someone less retarded than me wants to make one I support the endeavour

No. 1363406

But why are her tits considered milk like >>1363395 is posting?

The sexworker anons in this thread are so quick to jump on appearance rather than behavior.

No. 1363421

File: 1636257177266.jpeg (325.58 KB, 1170x2051, 496348FD-51A5-43E1-A3ED-AA79DE…)

Anons thirsting over shayners in the lolcow discord

No. 1363423

Probably a tranny, lbr. That outfit does look fine on her, but I legit think it's only because I'm so used to how shitty and pink all her other clothes are by comparison.

No. 1363424

POV a feral monkey trying to piss on you

No. 1363426

Glad someone pointed this out. Soy is just trying to redirect/deflect the outrage against him.

Shayna is forever gross, but I won't lie that every now and then Luna looks deceptively kind of cute under a million filters (and with the right angles/cropping of course). But we've also seen both of these nasty cows unedited and peeing in cups and shit so nonny really should know better. Maybe meth heads are her thing. kek

No. 1363432

File: 1636258943470.png (960.89 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20211106-212201.png)

I think shaynus is trying to trigger the ewhores at this point

No. 1363440

File: 1636259755926.jpeg (322.79 KB, 828x605, C3C5FFC9-81D8-4C93-9E53-9EFB9A…)

He is still sperging, this was posted a few minutes ago, and that puppi hambeast just retweeted her thread about Shat from yesterday, she’s definitely subtweeting them with this >>1363432

No. 1363444

You know he would have released it if he also wasn’t scared of the Airbnb owner. This is all just a convenient way of looking like the good guy as well

No. 1363445

>my mum’s social media was posted on that hate forum
Bitch where?

No. 1363446

File: 1636260317440.jpeg (636.71 KB, 1242x1244, C5633240-45ED-4CAC-91C8-4BEC4E…)

who gives a fuck just post your scrawny twink bod in lingerie and make fag porn, soy boy. SW Twitter is fucking annoying

No. 1363447

You best believe it. Anons were speculating that he was still in Shatna’s DMs after deleting all the tweets and whatnot, I wouldn’t be surprised if he still is and this is just an act for uwu sympathy

No. 1363448

Damn, he is pathetic. Literally nothing he could say would even remotely make psychos like puppi "forgive" him. Their only purpose is to try and cancel people. They don't want an apology. They just want to call people out and try to get attention. I know Sol isn't very bright but he is literally irredeemable in this person's eyes just because he interacted with Shay. Give it up, Soy. There are plenty of ewhore circles to move onto.

Also puppi is basically admitted to putting out child pornography of herself when she was 16 which is also fucking terrible, on top of her pretending to be Asian by using snow filters. So like…stop groveling. I'm actually cackling that Shaynus is kind of egging them on right now.

No. 1363451

It’s what Soy deserves for doing the same shit to other sex workers. He tried to be woke and holier than thou now the tables have turned kek

No. 1363452

Same, I hope she makes them sperg even harder. They’re all as bad as each other but a bunch of obese degenerate weebs and tranny fuckers chimping out over someone who made retarded Nazi jokes while they’ve participated in actual child porn is hilarious

No. 1363460

That rare moment when Shay is being less of a cow than her calves. Good for her I guess. lmao

No. 1363469

File: 1636264265737.png (1.28 MB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20211106-225029.png)

>regularly exercised
Kek shay could never. Just another one of her fantasies where someone else does literally everything for her

No. 1363474

This dude is totally lying to save face lol. Plenty of people messaged him with evidence and he just backed up after fucking her. What a fucking loser

No. 1363484

I bet her pets wish they were cared for like that

No. 1363486

Sol is just another whore online. Of course he’s going to pander to the woke crowd. He’s probably seething more people are mad at him and Shayna is unbothered.

I don’t give a fuck about Shayna’s nazi jokes from 8 years ago. I think her pandering to pedos and advocating for women to be abused is worse

No. 1363494

Sol Salvatore,the groomer from the UK doing sex work, probably is more concerned about getting hit with fines from the AirBnB place.

No. 1363495

Underrated post kek

No. 1363501

ahegao was a trend [for degens] for years, up until recently. If they’re going to cancel women for doing it then consider any twitter sex worker pre-2021 cancelled kek.

No. 1363517

not to blog but since no one else pulled the jew card here that i’ve seen i’ll just mention that i’m ethnically jewish and this fake concern annoys the fuck out of me. this bitch isn’t helping anyone so her idea that she might have helped someone or w/e makes me laugh. does this dog raping freak really think they did the jews a favor by warning us about some tumblr post from 5-10 years ago by a woman who to this VERY DAY is a confirmed pickme with no strong sense of self or her own political beliefs? if the dog fucker really wanted to help jews out then she’d try to find the next synagogue shooter instead of wasting time on twitter to cancel someone who is obviously no threat to jewish people’s actual safety.
frankly the dog fucker’s casual labeling of “nazi” is problematic in itself because it takes away from how bad actual nazis were and how much people (not just jews) suffered in the camps. copying and pasting swastikas to be edgy on tumblr one time is not outright supporting the former nazi party of germany and the genocide of jews. this just trivializes the neo-nazi movement and how serious nazi crimes were and it’s really disrespectful tbh. now consider the tables turned.
i know people nowadays like to pretend that they’ve never made an offensive joke but in reality everyone above the age of 22 has gone through some edgy humor phase or at the very least said some fucked up stuff simply because a lot of slurs and inappropriate jokes were not called out back then. there’s also edgy humor which is very common for internet addicted kids to go through. those days are behind her evidently when you consider how as politically brainless as she is, shatna has stuck to the politically correct side for years now with her braindead takes.

No. 1363534

Absolutely fucking yes to all of this. The way the word “Nazi” is bandied about is harmful to the Jewish people and other minorities who have been targeted both historically and presently. As a WOC I hate this performative ally-ship shit so much. I do not care if stupid kids make 3edgy5me jokes, but I do care about people who are participating in an industry that actively harms women and children. As another nona pointed out, the dog fucker has been a sex worker since she was a literal child. These whores promote and profit off abuse and validating the violent tendencies and fantasies of disgusting moids while using feminism and queerness and, where it’s applicable, race as a shield to deflect criticism. Soyjak Sol has the audacity to moralfag while screeching about us being racist and homophobic (which actually makes me chuckle, as a brown lesbian) while he and the degenerates he works with make content that promotes pedophilia, rape, domestic violence and bestiality. Self awareness has left the galaxy.

No. 1363541

Does this stupid prick understand what doxxing is? Sully Hill originally of Southampton England who groomed an underage girl on tumblr before becoming Sol Salvatore of LA, arborrne consultant, who married his grooming victim, leaves her alone while in a distressed state in a house with no food or money while he violently abuses other women for his porn career better hope he and his family never are actually doxxed. Skinny earthworm Jim looking freak who enjoys being physically and sexually violent to women is not going to be popular offline in the real world.

No. 1363552

Thought at least two of her nails were broken and bleeding? She lies about the most trivial shit

No. 1363557

Its not true but this pic alone doesn't prove that since half of one hand isn't visible

No. 1363583

File: 1636287581678.jpeg (934.44 KB, 3024x4030, B7B22DFE-C655-4DE1-9AB2-8157A7…)

Shayna is retweeting this uwu pedo pandering shit from MINORS now(namefag)

No. 1363610

File: 1636292706255.jpg (278.27 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20211106-111144_Twi…)

I didn't see anyone post this from yesterday, she posted 9:11am her time.

No. 1363624

Why would you even post about this. So he’s paying for sex… but record it and it’s ‘work’’

No. 1363629

I wonder how she feels about him saying this after she spent $60 on an ugly Halloween costume so she could suck his dick? Not that she has standards, but imagine fellating a greasy creature like him with no protection only to have this said about you

No. 1363654

Unless I missed I something about him paying for her to fly out/pay for food/hotel - she basically fucked this slug for free, hell she even paid to fuck this slug bareback and he instantly turned on her no less than a week after they did. What a sad life.

No. 1363656

Yeah, she spent money on doing it if anything, so much worse than doing it for free

No. 1363660

File: 1636299343250.jpeg (481.06 KB, 828x1217, 5D9C1757-D785-497D-AE49-9EB159…)

And the pedo hamplanet is STILL sperging about it. She also claims Shaynus has made Nazi content, which unless I’ve missed something is sheer bollocks. Though she’s clearly retarded so I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks that video Shay made with the septum piercing that looks like Adolf’s moustache is actual Nazi porn. I lowkey hope Shay posts the content with Soljak just to make life difficult for him

No. 1363661

What "signs" is he referring to? The stuff that these idiots are pointing out is from like 1o years ago, which he correctly asserted. Does he think her having a thread here means it's her fault he got doxxed? Dude, you knew she had a thread when you used to interact in her discord! We don't make threads about people to "cancel" them or because they're necessarily bad people, the purpose is laughing at trainwrecks and chronic oversharers. I literally don't understand why he is apologizing. He should apologize for he and his wife being pedo-panderers, however.

No. 1363664

Who the fuck would even care about this on her sex work account? Coomers don’t care about the political shit sws try to do

No. 1363665

this cow will call out anyone to keep herself relevant. it’s pretty pathetic given she’s produced and posted literal child pornography. there’s so many more things to hate shayna for, this is just a pathetic attempt to stay popular on twitter for the next few hours.

No. 1363666

he could be talking about her other signs over the years like how she uses other people and suicide baits for example

No. 1363668

Shay also said she'd smoke a bowl with Hitler iirc but that's just edgy shit she said 5 years ago and doesn't make her a Nazi. puppipedo is really grasping at straws here when she's guilty of worse shit

No. 1363669

moral posturing in attempt to make more money and seem more legitimate and trustworthy. all the whores do it amongst themselves for themselves to see who is the most woke and caring pedofucker. I guess calling out nazis evens out being a furry pedo with a lolicon icon?

No. 1363681

File: 1636302848947.jpg (465.02 KB, 648x2033, Screenshot_20211107-163353_Twi…)


No. 1363682

you literally pander to pedophiles you stupid twat

No. 1363692

"Why can't I live my life?" You can and you will.Nobody who matters CARES, these people don't care about you. They aren't your friends or family.
It's funny how Mutuals blocking her saddens her and makes her want to "give up", but she can treat her mom like shit. She can be isolated from anyone who TRULY cares about her, but some idiots on twitter is her breaking point?

No. 1363693

File: 1636304150122.jpeg (413.45 KB, 1242x1233, 9D3C3EF0-F50A-4799-8771-F60F6D…)

>I’m literally just sobbing rn
Okay fatty

No. 1363695

Puppi hamplanet is milking this so hard kek she wants that engagement. How embarrassing.

she was doing so well not mentioning them, she’s an idiot. who gives a shit coomers aren’t going to stop giving you business because you said some dumb joke. Other sex workers have zero impact on your life so who tf cares if puppi hamplanet says you’re a nazi

No. 1363697

>im literally just sobbing rn
I'm sure a doordash order will make it better.

No. 1363698

File: 1636304432259.jpeg (328.59 KB, 792x1946, B8834EE2-6F8D-4010-9E51-03377C…)

The fucking monsters inc gif I can’t

No. 1363699

This isn't lowcow's doing, we didn't make these people latch on to some underaged immature "problematic" behavior. Those people aren't her "haters", they are the woke weirdos she panders too in her community. Instead of focusing on other shit, they focus on dumb shit.

No. 1363701

File: 1636304531888.jpeg (610.33 KB, 1242x1542, 0796D7E1-8097-4EC2-A075-FA5E7F…)

No. 1363702

File: 1636304634133.jpeg (345.26 KB, 1242x1169, 943F3B67-6351-4A5C-B773-198D3D…)

woe is me

No. 1363707

>self righteous yuppy ass sex worker

I know Shay is shit, but she's right about this.

No. 1363711

File: 1636305225115.jpeg (764.6 KB, 1170x1499, B5A3E6CC-D0C4-4438-AF17-786BE5…)

No. 1363712

File: 1636305267263.jpeg (306.46 KB, 1170x642, E33AF383-47D3-48BB-AA3A-E2F7A5…)

No. 1363713

Notice how she's coming at the female sex worker talking shit, not Sol who was ALSO talking shit and the reason why all of this is happening.
She'd rather come at a woman, then come at the man whose dick she sucked, who was in her discord, talked with her and caved to the pressures of "yuppy ass sex worker"

No. 1363714

Scroll up already been posting

No. 1363715

she wanted attention
now she’s got attention
too bad it negative

No. 1363720

Damn and just once I thought she would just ignore it. Way to feed into it, and give them what they want Shayna.

No. 1363725

He knew how bad she was he’s just mad he didn’t cover tracks and doxed himself and now decided to turn on her for whoever reason. He’s more of a pos than she is in my opinion

No. 1363726

Agreed, but I wish she just ignored it. It was funnier when she was saying she sleeps well at night while they're all screeching and setting imaginary fires in their heads.

No. 1363727

You don't fit in anywhere because you're a piece of shit who would glady sexually abuse a kid herself if a man told her to. For now you're just creating a community for pedophiles. For now.

No. 1363730

>i don't do anything problematic currently
lol let's not get carried away now, shayna

No. 1363732

>who would glady sexually abuse a kid herself if a man told her to
wait what

No. 1363734

File: 1636308274195.jpeg (643.03 KB, 1170x1770, 40FBB9FC-8322-4C62-B4EF-D08EE3…)

No. 1363740

Kek if Shayna came out and said she had a Nazi kink because she was abused by a White Supremacist uncle as a child or some shit like that they’d probably all backtrack and apologise for kinkshaming her.

No. 1363743

She’s gonna get dragged for “misgendering” puppi who’s a they/them kek

No. 1363745

It'll probably happen now because I'm sure Puppy is reading.

No. 1363752

Why does she care so much about Soyjack the groomer? I get that it must feel awful to get blocked by some scrote after sucking his dick, but he's no prize

No. 1363754

I hope the tranny friend she was hyping up gets mad at her for being twawahnsphobique and joins the other retards in their crusade.

No. 1363755

Where is she fitting in to a medfet community? I only ever see interactions from diaperfag autists, boomers and trannys. Here weird medical tweets are falling on deaf ears

No. 1363756

I hate to defend Shay but she’s RIGHT. Drag her for making gross ass content that isn’t safe for life and catering to nonces don’t drag her for a decade old 3edgy5me comment. Pupi is probably just trying to drum up sales and Sol is only telling people not to come here because we proved he’s a groomer.

No. 1363758

Because Shayna expects girls to be "Mean" and hateful towards her, she uses women for emotional support. With men she thinks all men just LOVE her because she loves Anal, she has a vagina and she's "Kinky".
She sexualized bad treatment from men, but when it's women she sees it for what it is.

No. 1363761

this is probably the only thing i feel bad for her about because if she ever moves on from ewhoring being falsely labeled a nazi could ruin her life if she ever gets a real job and social life irl. vendettafags from her tumblr days would probably be autistic enough to send those old ass screencaps to her employer

No. 1363762

File: 1636309983751.jpeg (277.25 KB, 750x1035, 48DAEBAF-BA2A-4AB9-9FD9-00C358…)

As she should be. She should have stayed out of it instead of giving them the satisfaction of an apology they will never accept

No. 1363763

File: 1636310044635.jpeg (298.12 KB, 750x757, 2062ABEC-0F4A-4F7D-8339-0F671D…)

No. 1363766

File: 1636310222814.jpeg (167.9 KB, 750x399, 8C83468C-2EC0-4C97-BC82-909C7E…)

No. 1363769

Interesting that you think the edgy decade old nazi jokes are what would ruin her normal life and turn away employers and not her years of being a pedo pandering degenerate whore with a catalogue of nasty porn and and archive here of how lazy and awful she is.

No. 1363774

Not that I want to build Shay up at all but Puppi is an actually obese Asian fishing GoFundMe scammer who can't even afford to move out of her parents house despite having her holes in full display. Shay can at least sleep at night knowing she can panhandle better, kek.

No. 1363775

Hot take: If they unfollow you because some other retarded whore showed them some tumblr screenshots of you being an edgy teen, then they're probably not worth being mutual with anyway. You should be glad they showed themselves out. That's just a fact of life, if people turn on you on a dime.
But really she's acting like she's lost actual friends or something, when really some it's just a few other dumb ass whores unfollowed her. Her coomer customers don't give a fuck and they're the ones that give her posts a crumb of interaction and pay for her doordash, so like? Idk why she even cares honestly. Posting that stuff got her a monsters Inc gif and some asspats from said coomers I guess. And since Shay needs her ewhore money and male attention, that's all she should care about.

No. 1363783

oh no the edgy jokes are far from being the worst thing she's ever done, my point was that her fellow former tumblr whores would use shay's "nazism" to try to get her fired instead of her history of pedobaiting and rape fetishism

No. 1363784

Oh stop being dramatic Shay. You've still got 29k followers including your main coomers and you've got some irl old dudes to roll around on your floor and your fake gf. So what if a couple fellow stupid bitches unfollowed. Quit dragging it out. You should be crying over the fact that you've backed yourself into this sex work corner to panhandle daily while posting your entire body, being a desperate embarrassing cringey retard publicly, doing humiliating harmful porn, having no friends or hobbies outside of the internet, being an unhealthy fat fuck, weed & alcohol coping dependency, and having no prospects for the future as well as nothing to show after doing this for 5 years…
But yeah, the real sad part is some whores are talking shit about you on Twitter and you lost some followers, but at least you have a few incels to post gifs on your tweets!

No. 1363785

If only she would apologize for being a bitch and talking down to a sex trafficking victim. That fat puppi cunt and needledick soyboy broke shatna, I think she’s gonna be even more retarded. I bet the actual nazi sw with the ugly face is dming her. Her also mentioning how she was 15years old on her pedo pandering Twitter feels wrong.

No. 1363788

They wouldn't even do that. They're just having a little pissing contest online and only care to post on Twitter because they're gross sex workers too just trying to step on others to feel better about and hide their own degeneracy and cancellable behavior.
They wouldn't care if she went to get a real job. As long as she's not interacting with their beloved coomers and fellow whores.
And any employers would just do a Google search and see everything awful she's done.

No. 1363790

Oh exactly, I dont think she can ever actually quit sex work and get a real job. She has drug her real name through the mud too far.

No. 1363794

She quickly deleted this one

No. 1363807

File: 1636313570169.jpeg (545.59 KB, 1242x1841, 9745B958-5373-40B5-BB33-3C2F66…)


No. 1363808

File: 1636313613290.jpeg (536.13 KB, 1242x1403, 5A64B286-E5C9-4A92-8242-FCF453…)

She’s probably crying about Soy the scrote

No. 1363809

File: 1636313635354.jpeg (196.85 KB, 1242x737, 1210F514-38F1-427A-A70B-DFE6B6…)

This makes her look stupid this is embarrassing

No. 1363810

He is by default of being a coomer groomer male.
Bitch just ignore and move on. You look pathetic and off putting af. These hoes won’t feel sorry for you, they like feeling superior to your graveling dumbass. Scrotes who are willing to buy your dogshit content don’t give a fuck about cancel culture, focus on that. How Shayna constantly acts like profit is at the bottom of list of things she cares about is baffling.

No. 1363811

I can’t believe I’m here rooting for Shay but you go girl, go for the juggler of Sully Hill originally of Southampton England who groomed an underage girl on tumblr before becoming Sol Salvatore of LA, Arborne consultant, who married his grooming victim

No. 1363812

Cow on cow violence! Report him to immigration Shayna!

No. 1363813

File: 1636313788455.jpeg (524.98 KB, 1242x1110, 83361F44-640A-4355-9379-10BCD4…)

Be really great if you got a real job instead of fucking fat trannies raw and bought food for your starving wife that you groomed while she was underaged

No. 1363814

File: 1636313928727.jpeg (310.66 KB, 1242x1195, 8F20D209-5A08-4524-A898-8E69B1…)

>“3 year old mode”
You mean the same age of the children Ellen Dresel babysits?

No. 1363815

Put this faggot in the cam hoe thread it’s a good fit to me. I hate him so fucking much.

No. 1363817

File: 1636314000127.jpeg (840.53 KB, 1242x1689, 3B40AA3C-8413-4C8F-91AC-A051DF…)

No. 1363819

There needs to be a new thread for him and tenshiitushi the cam girl thread is just filled with old cows like storm or whatever

No. 1363820

She really has her tv on the nasty ass floor. Thriving.

No. 1363821

3 year olds are allowed to use snapchat?

No. 1363822

That literally is the thread for them, anon. The way to make it not just filled with old cows is to… Use it for new cows? Hello?

No. 1363827

File: 1636314346395.jpeg (122.01 KB, 800x442, 0973049D-D98D-48AA-A27E-7D13F7…)

Sage for autistic photoshop but

No. 1363828

She's right Sol is a fucking coward weirdo.

No. 1363830

KEK good one anon. Snap him in halves with those ham arms!

No. 1363834

This is hilarious. Sol really should have doubled down and ignored the obese woke Twitter whores. He probably could have made some money from the content with Shat and been able to feed his wife. God knows Shay has a few Splenda daddies who would have paid him to see that shit. Also really hilarious he keeps calling Shay a piece of shit. Accurate but like… You were praising her a ton after your interactions. If anything you're the bigger piece of shit for trying to use her to make money than pussying out because other ewhores were crying about it.

No. 1363836

i'd have a slight newfound respect for her if she does that kek. or if she outs him for being a groomer. it'd clearly be out of spite but the milk would be glorious

No. 1363838

File: 1636314631548.jpeg (155.38 KB, 1125x745, 97B4F491-A403-4DCF-98BF-56F54C…)


No. 1363840

>is fucking telling

It really isn't. You're just pressed that you were caught. I can't believe I'm in a Shay thread and actually backing her up.

No. 1363844

Lmao Shay has him shaking rn.

No. 1363845

They're less hideous than the other hello kitty ones she claimed she lost and she learned to stop wearing the waistband directly under her gut, but they're still cringe.
Also she really chose to show her TV on the floor in her bedroom I can't. I don't know anyone who would do that besides a crackhead. Amazon yourself a cheap stand ffs

No. 1363847

Same, what a weird timeline. That guy is so fucking annoying.

No. 1363851

this is fucking hilarious. everyone in this situation looks like an idiot but they just keep spewing more bullshit and making it worse.

No. 1363857

If he knew about the old screenshots, what was he 'left in the dark about'? Is he talking about the thread? Literally nothing that he wa shown was new and was in fact… old screenshots he shouldve known about.

No. 1363858

Delicious milk this. I have to wonder if she has any legal standing if she only got into a sexual situation with him on a money making level. I may follow these threads but I really do not see what big revelation there has been about this girl that have made him turncoat. What a pathetic scrote.

No. 1363860

I think he's referring to this thread and farmers. Shay avoids mentioning this place by name and just calls us "haters" so he probably had no idea that he would become a topic of discussion.

No. 1363861

File: 1636315778875.jpg (100.3 KB, 666x374, 5tb9ha.jpg)

No. 1363863

a tv stand is 40 bucks from ikea just beg for one

i love how she just gives off broke bitch vibes instead of the lavish bimbo lifestyle she thinks she has

No. 1363864

this is gold lol

No. 1363870

File: 1636316872588.jpeg (439.01 KB, 1125x1919, 564C955B-2B82-436C-93B3-C026D4…)

Finish him

No. 1363871

File: 1636316900808.jpeg (271.55 KB, 1125x1484, DD7CC103-FB02-4827-B57A-2A9596…)

No. 1363873

File: 1636316925208.jpeg (255.75 KB, 1164x2048, 43FA1230-4F7F-4F59-95D7-A1713C…)

No. 1363874

File: 1636316946532.jpeg (239.8 KB, 1166x2048, B6B78158-C72D-4B6E-8CF1-68825E…)

No. 1363877

That puppi bitch should have shared the screenshots of her trump porn and “fuck trump with a dark skinned dildo” idea. At least she was 18 and an adult at the time

No. 1363878

He is such a fucking liar. Farmers did the digging and found that he had been interacting with Shat on tumblr. He knew; he has always known. He just doesn't want to be cancelled forever by all the other twitter whores. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1363879

Bet she will now. kek

No. 1363881

Same anon that posted the screenshots but I’m not shocked that he’s as much of a sleezy liar on text as he comes across on Twitter.
Can’t believe I’m rooting for Shay and we KNEW it was the Airbnb and he’s now just using this as an excuse so people don’t find out about the Airbnb drama BAHAH

No. 1363885

same, never though i'd see the day that we're on her side, kek.
this is so fucking funny

No. 1363888

It's nice seeing Shayna coming at a scrote like this

No. 1363891

He really thought he could keep shitting on her without her posting receipts. He should have shut up and moved on. Shay's nasty but I bet she was actually pretty nice and courteous to him since she loves scrote attention.

No. 1363898

File: 1636319446863.jpeg (243.85 KB, 750x583, 7BAE7F2E-9C13-4898-8E70-0681C7…)

No. 1363899

Knowing that men joking sexually means he is serious and actively doing it, telling her the video is now a part of his spank bank is sick. Way to confirm all your content is about you fucking around guilt free while your wife is nibbling on the remains of a month old rice cake at home.

No. 1363900

File: 1636319521232.jpeg (170.04 KB, 750x464, 6DAA3204-A0F6-4033-9FCE-80D655…)

No. 1363901

Exactly this - get wrecked Sully Hill

No. 1363906

When their relationship implodes having been made to take her big girl pills by Ellen is going to be called abuse.

No. 1363908

Ellen is disgusting.

No. 1363911

Soyboy/ e whore thread

No. 1363912

File: 1636319946166.jpeg (299.41 KB, 750x866, B8DA4AFD-452F-4FC9-8C51-35E6AA…)

Not actually done yet

No. 1363915

Exactly, and he's sweating about people coming here because he knows those same twittertards he's pandering hard to will cancel him once they know he's a groomer, he's panicking and grasping at straws >>1363898

No. 1363921

I love how his message about accepting him or not is basically the same exact shit Shay has been spewing. What's the matter, Sully? You want to be able to make a mistake and apologize but you won't allow Shat the same courtesy?

No. 1363923

File: 1636320437628.jpeg (152.18 KB, 750x1056, F0D973CE-69E8-4ED9-B109-31FB9D…)

The thots are going at it lmaoo

No. 1363928

It's good she posted this and called him out. Fuck scrotes

No. 1363946

Was she even 15 during all the crap she’s done? I have to ask because I’ve seen her try to say “ I was a kid!” For things she’s done when she was 19 kek. I can never believe her

No. 1363952

the hitler jokes were from when she was 15 but the trump porn was made when she was 19 or 20

No. 1363953

the Hitler comment was when she was either 15/16. She was being an edgy pothead. Its easy to forget she was a normal girl with a stoner following before she went for the easy money of sex work. It was one of the reasons she got blasted on tumble so badly at first' much of her following was teenager/minors.

No. 1363956

Yeah, plus I don’t know why she’s complaining. Didn’t she say the other day she wants to be bullied and harassed and made fun of ? Lmao where did the humiliation kink go? Maybe if it was a guy

No. 1363963

This cow is milking herself for us today and outing that gross dumbass Sol Gribble I love it

No. 1363974

Soy is pissed she didn’t disclose the threads or properly warn him and is too stupid to articulate it. Two disgusting coomers being cannibalized by their competitors, I have no sympathy and only hope they keep entertaining us all by infighting instead of spending their time pandering to pedos

No. 1363986

Thanks anons. Hard to keep up with her lies.
It really will too. “‘My ex gf used to force me to take my meds ! “

No. 1363990

Ah, here I thought she would be funny for once and just make those idiots seethe even harder instead of groveling. Disappointing

No. 1364000

File: 1636325566126.jpeg (246.54 KB, 828x1059, CC8ADEF5-1FB5-4ABA-AE49-2847D4…)

She posted more on discord too

No. 1364002

File: 1636325701763.jpeg (58.76 KB, 828x173, 88E69831-ABE8-4C83-B807-31C1AC…)

Shes taking this really hard because she thought he would actually defend her but she sucked his dick just for him to drag her once any criticism came out

No. 1364006

I wonder if this will make her stop pandering to scrotes at last. I know its a naive thought, but here's to hoping.

No. 1364007

File: 1636326079116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1242x1682, 3C1C184C-846D-4263-BA08-E88641…)

What a tacky vanity… also nice ass boil Shay!

No. 1364010

Now she’s blaming him for her wanting to kill herself? Jesus

No. 1364013

File: 1636326470031.jpeg (52.3 KB, 750x270, 86576C40-DE3F-473B-BFBC-8C6881…)

lmao she’s so embarrassing

No. 1364014

The suicide baiting isn't anything new though. Its what, the third time this month so far?

No. 1364016

You didn't pay for anything, Shay. Your "mumma" did.

No. 1364021

Is she trying to be funny towards him? Hopefully she's trying to shit talk herself. SHE looks dumb for paying (or Ellen paying) to suck troon flavored penis. She's cheap or free, she does shit just for male attention and twitter attention. She does dumb shit for scrotes (like when she'd bring up she gave Fupaul money) and then whines or tries to shade them for it later.
Like it's been said, Shayna traveled to suck his dick, get fingered and paid for all of it. Now she doesn't have a video and he's lying & a shit bag. You'd think this would stop her pick-meing but it won't.

No. 1364026

at least he deserves it a little bit kek. he played dumb and now he gets to feel the full force of her BPD rage. ultimately, the ones watching it on here are the real winners

No. 1364030

File: 1636327272558.jpeg (190.84 KB, 828x551, 495EA096-749E-480F-9F53-71F15B…)

No. 1364032

Do scrotes think a girl would get off to a video of her GIVING A BLOWJOB what the hell

No. 1364033

drop the screenshots shayna. everyone turns on you even if you sucked tranny shit off their dicks or has you wear diapers but we‘ll always be here. choose wisely girl

No. 1364039

Yes, because that's all he wants these videos of himself cheating on his wife for aside from whatever pennies he can scrape up from doing it, so he assumes everyone is like him. I really want to see Shayna go scorched earth on this guy, he's a total creep and deserves what he gets

No. 1364047

I hope Shayna reveals everything. I want this soy boy loser to get what’s coming to him

No. 1364051

rip him to shreds Shayna

No. 1364053

Pretty sure she was posted here >>1350203. That’s not his wife’s name and all the likes on that page are British shit

No. 1364055

There is really no reason for her not to show the receipts. He is repeatedly calling her a piece of shit despite her being civil and silent about the situation with him up until today. He continues to prostrate himself for the woke e-whores who are basically calling him a sex predator and Nazi adjacent and shitting on Shay who did nothing to him.

No. 1364056

i’m going to guess if there are screenshots she’s not sharing after showing a few of them already then there’s probably some stuff in there that makes her look bad too

No. 1364058

Not wking but dang Sully Hill really did Shay dirty. She should seriously drop all the receipts and just end him, she has nothing to lose at this point.

No. 1364059

File: 1636329428533.jpeg (284.46 KB, 1242x1699, 53DB7B87-E543-4D0D-BC07-08E4BA…)

You never eat normal food fat bitch that’s why you’re twice the size

No. 1364065

Twitter has rules against being an embarrassing fat bitch asking for money for candy and booze of all things

No. 1364091

Yup, fucking women on the side and not even getting paid for it anymore. How much of a doormatt is Sol Gribbles wife? Like damn

No. 1364094

Can’t even feel bad for her lol. If she listened to her dad and moved closer to him. She probably wouldn’t have collab’d or gone to LA. Dumb dumb shayna.
LOL what an idiot.

No. 1364099

File: 1636334772985.jpeg (231.01 KB, 1170x697, 9E18D393-9280-433E-B9B0-3854D2…)

Idk which is worse: her dirty feet or dirty slippers

No. 1364100

File: 1636334815357.jpeg (278.45 KB, 1170x911, AB14B06B-0AE8-4BEF-BEAF-A8DCC1…)

You’ll just dirty delete everything and pretend like it never happened like you always do

No. 1364106

File: 1636335535039.jpeg (407.77 KB, 1242x1023, 766F3039-8B87-4DF1-B4F2-BE837E…)


No. 1364112


Wtf is it with her and suddenly saying “wicked” all the time

No. 1364115

File: 1636336549339.jpeg (235.26 KB, 750x537, 4B36F388-FD34-4278-8757-302B66…)

No. 1364116

Quit sex work, change your name, and move home retard

No. 1364117

File: 1636336652827.jpeg (165.09 KB, 750x562, 0007C1FE-7FD0-48AD-B9E7-DC3459…)

No. 1364120

Shayna makes porn dressed as a toddler with real life toddler products like pacifiers and talks about her “tight baby holes” but thinks it’s wrong that people are calling her a bad person for a joke she made a decade ago. The absolute state of twitter whoredom. Wish twitter would nuke her account again.

No. 1364122

shayna's a NLOG pickme so she probably thinks saying wicked all the time makes her cool and different from the other pedopanders

No. 1364125

Some random man on twitter made a passing comment about it once so it’s her personality now

No. 1364131

First she said soyboy was worried about the airbnb but if shat paid for it and put it under pedo gfs name, why would he be worried about it? If anything she’d be more fucked.

No. 1364132

File: 1636338651476.jpeg (707.08 KB, 718x1797, 79CDBC02-5EBE-40A4-BA23-C30AF4…)

I still don’t get why she posts her dog on her sex work twitter…. Like it’s just gaping asshole, dirty snatch, tweets complaining and suicide baiting and then just this image of Noodle. Creepy because she does “dog” porn larping as one. Is she trying to attract bestility scrotes? I’m sure her coomers would be into that, they’re already into her in diapers and acting like a baby. It’s extremely weird and off putting.

No. 1364139

She's right, surprisingly

No. 1364143

Yes, she shouldn't do everything on one account she should have a personal and work account to divide things, but what else can you expect from the girl who posts vag/butt acne pics and thinks it's hot. Her future is completely fucked because every shitty thing she has done is all easily traceable and she was too dumb to even separate names/images for more privacy between different social media platforms.(sage)

No. 1364145

she's a degenerate but i think that's a stretch anon. she only ever posts the dog when a. farmers start to question whether her pets are still alive, or b. whenever she gets into drama and wants to distract people from it

No. 1364150

File: 1636339680960.png (465.33 KB, 750x1334, 4A53AA26-97E6-4901-BD5D-E322D6…)

She deleted this RIGHT after I got the screenshot

No. 1364151

File: 1636339723870.jpeg (83.44 KB, 716x1200, 370D8BAA-5101-4F2D-946D-5F85DF…)

No. 1364152

Obviously we knew this but it’s interesting to see him use such … graphic cruel language towards a woman? Idk there’s a million ways for a man to throw a woman under the bus without calling her a “piece of shit”. Makes you wonder what his victim gets called when she asks for an extra bite of rice cake.
That man is fucking shameful, absolutely worthless.

No. 1364166

Get his ass shay

No. 1364189

kek, she seemed so obsessed with him too, it almost makes you want to feel bad for her. this arc is going to accelerate her spiral into deathfat horrorcow territory with the alcohol and unhealthy food copes, get ready nonnies

No. 1364190

anons rooting for shayna here are embarrassing kek she’s still the same fat pedo-pandering retard she was before this tranny fucker came along

No. 1364193

In the scenario anons are rooting for her to drag his ass. But she’s just as pathetic and disgusting as the whores calling her a Nazi

No. 1364194

File: 1636342549398.jpeg (562.34 KB, 1200x1404, DF6F207D-96E3-4E3A-86F4-D15D94…)

She was obsessed with him. She hella flirted with him and called him “dad”

No. 1364195

The fact that Shayna is the sympathetic party in this whole mess just goes to show how fucking ridiculous those people are

No. 1364200

File: 1636342736609.jpg (207.36 KB, 999x1955, Screenshot_20211107-213601_Sam…)

fuck your noodle bait the issue here is


No. 1364201

This, I just want her to spill all her receipts on him so that he looks even more dumb to all the fatass whores whose asses he is trying to kiss.

No. 1364203

File: 1636342956003.jpeg (38.43 KB, 1124x197, 007B99F3-BE19-421A-AC72-ADFBFE…)

I’m new to this cow and have been reading through the old threads, came across this gem from October 2019. Congrats, Sully! Hope it was all worth it!

No. 1364204

File: 1636343102946.jpeg (103.37 KB, 828x296, 9F515035-8409-4A8D-B7D2-17F792…)

Yep and she’s aware of her dependency too

No. 1364205

Damn, solid proof he knew exactly what would happen and did it anyway. Amazing find anon

No. 1364206

is this admitting to creating and distributing cp?

No. 1364208

Pretty sure its her clothes not fitting her unfortunate body correctly

No. 1364255

Underrated post.
I totally agree.
This. Well done Sully Hill, who groomed an underage girl so he could marry her for a green card, for being even more of a spineless Soyjak than we realised. Everyone involved sure is covering themselves with glory.
Why yes, I think it is.

No. 1364259

I have dark mode on but doesn't look like she's wearing any clothes from what was posted. I can't find any seams just weird skin

No. 1364281

Are you blind? She’s wearing a white long sleeve shirt/jacket you can see a bit of her muffin top too

No. 1364283

can someone help me with checking if this straightener is new? her old one should have been stolen if she was actually telling the truth about losing her purse.

No. 1364289

File: 1636355081939.jpeg (316.73 KB, 750x695, 970A187B-C3F7-4BFB-B8F4-80D711…)

No. 1364380

I was thinking the exact same thing anon, if this is how he reacts publicly to a woman cramping his image I can't imagine what his wife must deal with when he gets upset at home. I don't feel bad for Shayna but he's just so much worse/more fake than her on every level, even she should be able to get the satisfaction of one-upping this worm.

Well he got his wish!

No. 1364383

File: 1636373648212.jpg (141.71 KB, 1080x1080, CxB.jpg)

It’s the CHI x Barbie one for sure, it has the same engraving in the plate as pic rel

No. 1364388

File: 1636373903809.jpg (45.1 KB, 477x368, CxBii.jpg)

Same fag, sorry! Here’s a shitty magnification of the etching on the plate

No. 1364401

File: 1636375821340.jpeg (388.86 KB, 828x1375, 6E40C094-184F-4633-B298-CB6BF0…)

Goddamnit shay, this is one instance where farmers were agreeing with you over the retarded e whores who are trying to “cancel” you, you did so well ignoring them and now this

No. 1364402

File: 1636375881552.jpeg (402.2 KB, 828x1328, B0B52334-EBAF-42C5-8A7F-5E7AD9…)

No. 1364403

File: 1636375941280.jpeg (360.96 KB, 828x1198, EBB149A3-7A7E-45DE-9E0E-250B44…)

No. 1364404

File: 1636376015269.jpeg (203.2 KB, 828x609, D7173CDE-C5B8-4C11-9EC3-F1B3F5…)

No. 1364407

Maybe if you threw Puppi a few dollars to move out she'd forgive you kek. Pretty sure she is just using this drama with Shay and Sol to push her GoFundMe anyway. Not that it's working.

No. 1364410

File: 1636377172710.jpeg (190.7 KB, 828x609, AF61DE16-F9E7-4CC3-BF69-97A96E…)

lmao, you’re right about that, nona

No. 1364411

Lol, maybe. Puppi, the bestiality-pandering child porn creator and distributor, really has a bug up her ass about the so-called “confirmed Nazi,” who made le edgy joke when she was fifteen. These mongs are fucking ridiculous.

No. 1364417

Must be pure jealousy. Shay is obviously gross but she is far less foul and making an actual (debatable) living from this shit. Can’t think of any other motivation behind this absolute seethe over nothing.

No. 1364442

Once again, a non-sexual "fantasy" that's really just a subconscious cry for help that she can't take care of her own health and hygiene.

No. 1364443

Disgusting. Less than 100 followers too so you know the minor saw "buttstuffbarbie" in their mentions. because of her

No. 1364444

Hm, those sound like big girl words. Did we forget 'am baby'?

No. 1364448

Lol, she told him about her rep, but she did it in the DJ Khaled way he wanted to hear. He was just like yeahh bro, I'm on that yolo life, who cares about reputation, get money. He's such a stereotypical snake with no spine. No real principles of his own. If public perception came round to being on Shayna's side, he'd be right up there in her DMs again nodding along.

No. 1364453

This is why you should pay attention to our hate Shaynus. We don’t hate you because of a shitty teenage joke, we hate you because you encourage and validate pedophiles. We hate you because we know that the likes of you pandering to pedos makes them think they are normal humans and deserve to walk among us, and their evil acts are justified because you make them think women and children want to be raped. We also hate you because you force your disgusting unwashed snatch on innocent bystanders in bars and stores. Ours is a much more wholesome hatred, and unlike the woke shit you’re getting, ours is shared by the whole population outside of degenerate Twitter. I personally don’t want you to kys, I would love if you’d stop “sex working” and got a regular job in McDonald’s. Maybe then your poor parents could face the world again. That’s not gonna happen though because you’re such a lazy cunt you’d rather take the easy route pandering to monsters for cheap Shein clothing.

This is brilliant. Looks like swinging her big empty floppy tits around Twitter isn’t attracting scrotes with money. Wish she’d have realised that before I had to see her untucking them from her waistband.

No. 1364456

She’s so fucking pathetic. “Muh depresshion bipolar and anxwiety” “people are meaniez ;(“ literally tells a minor to take a dick in the ass when they don’t agree with her. I know soycuck and puppi are cancelling her for retarded reasons, but some of u need to stop defending her pedo ass for it. She’s a disgusting hypocrite, has been for #94 threads, she deserves backlash regardless. Anyways, she’ll just go back to her “mumma molested me in my sleep teehee!” bs in a bit so doesn’t matter.

No. 1364475

>I'm encouraging others
Flashback to months ago when she was dragging other SW for "low quality" photos that don't deserve attention and other nasty shit to the community she keeps crying about

No. 1364480

i like Barbie/pink stuff, but I don’t really see the point in getting a branded item like this when you can barely see the logo and there are much cheaper options that are also pink , Shay loves to waste money

No. 1364485

she really believes she never does anything wrong and always minds her own business,
doesn’t she? Shayna we all know you’re a dumpster fire of a human who refuses to change anything about your lifestyle.

No. 1364490

its absolutely mindboggling how she doesn't see this. and even more mindboggling that the "haters" on twitter don't seem to see this either. if it was only lolcow hating we would bring up these facts

No. 1364492

damn i'm stupid, so this is new then. thanks anons!

No. 1364518

I'll give her this, she seemed pretty professional and straightforward (for a sex worker) in those messages with Sol. There was no baby speak or flirting in the "business" DMs she shared. She even gives him straight up advice that this could cause issues with mutuals. She gave him opportunities to back out, and he was just excited to fuck a hole outside of his marriage.

No. 1364525

He fanfucked her lol

No. 1364533

File: 1636392392105.jpeg (222.75 KB, 750x534, E981C30F-7E24-4B31-A7D4-809A56…)

Ok. Then drop it. Don’t talk about it more the second you wake up.

No. 1364534

File: 1636392448627.jpeg (228.91 KB, 750x586, 1C8D124A-23A1-4F8B-A6C4-81AEAA…)

She is so manic right now

No. 1364540

this is the type of shit that makes it wild that there are still farmers rooting for her kek. she honest to god thinks she does no wrong.

No. 1364541

File: 1636392918105.jpeg (140.94 KB, 750x372, D6A6774A-6FB5-4F30-A79E-7D9AC6…)

Are these retards getting her confused with someone else?

No. 1364543

File: 1636393000021.jpeg (305.42 KB, 750x686, 0DE51AB9-CB4B-4559-9D34-991D94…)

No. 1364550

It's kind of amazing they all keep saying this but provide absolutely no proof. I really don't understand how one person hasn't questioned them and asked for proof.

No. 1364556

Yes Shayna. We already pointed this out to you yesterday. Time to move the fuck on. It makes you look retarded and hung up on it by posting 20 tweets about it over the weekend. Just shut up now. She says she's used to this but still has a meltdown every time.

No. 1364560

File: 1636393702130.jpeg (221.77 KB, 750x537, AB3F0650-A2CB-4297-A812-6EF2EE…)

No. 1364561

Go take a nap you annoying bitch jfc

No. 1364563

Or idk maybe do your fucking "job" and stop ranting. Give your only caring followers the content they're there for. The best way to show the other retarded whores & Sol Gribble? Shut up, move on, get paid. Even if it's just doordash cards and $5 subscriptions.

No. 1364565

why did she include that screenshot? doesn’t that ‘this account limits their tweets’ notification thing only show off when someone has a private account, or does it show up when you’ve been blocked by someone and can’t see their tweets because of that? is that why she’s so mad, or is she just manic?

No. 1364567

File: 1636394133931.jpeg (108.85 KB, 750x290, 4E7825D0-57D5-4FB6-8A97-F80B6E…)

calling her coomers retards lol

No. 1364568

she literally could have just kept her mouth shut on this whole situation and garnered a few brownie points from farmers but nope. she just can't resist trying to muster up as much pity from… honestly i don't even know who at this point.

No. 1364569

File: 1636394230130.jpeg (84.79 KB, 750x250, B71A0EA5-AA1E-4552-B440-0185C1…)

Clearly u care if u woke up in a sweat and pulled your phone out to start this again at 9 am after it kept u all night

No. 1364572

she acts like she's so much more important than she actually is

No. 1364576

Its new england slang, you mongs. You never heard of wicked pissah?

No. 1364578

everyone is aware, retard. she just randomly decides to inject it every 5 words occasionally.

No. 1364586

Says the retard that wastes time writing novels in her porn video descriptions and tweets about personal shit nobody cares about in between her nasty ass pictures. The cope is real.

No. 1364588

File: 1636395590388.jpeg (133.78 KB, 750x416, 2E122DE2-0E11-4485-A46A-907ABE…)

It’s wild that she thinks these men actually love her and that they wouldn’t give 0 fucks about her if she wasn’t posting free asshole pics. But this validation from men is what keeps her in this dead end cycle and reaffirms her hatred of woman and belief that these perverts are gods gift to her

No. 1364596


Girl you wear diapers and sleep in a dog cage, you only get money because you do shit that most of the attractive sex workers won't touch.

No. 1364607

These weird cry for help fantasies about just wanting to be taken care of because she can’t do anything herself + the recent “I care about what people think because I’m just such a really good person” to “fuck the haters I don’t care what people think” in less than 30 minutes just rly confirms this woman is mentally ill.

No. 1364609

I know we joke about shatna being a sped or autistic but something seriously has to be wrong with someone to recycle the same everything for 5+ years and still wonder why things haven’t changed at all for them

No. 1364622

File: 1636397887505.gif (2.55 MB, 600x338, bum.gif)

a cautionary tale on what getting high every day from the age of 15 on and having a family of enablers does to someone's brain

No. 1364630

File: 1636398410992.jpg (323.61 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211108_130219.jpg)

More screenshots she's since deleted. I think the funniest thing bout the whole Sol thing is he has been trying to get with Shayna for sooo long. He would hype her up in the discord and flirt with her and within a week of his fantasy coming true, he back peddles.

I have to go back and look, but I have a bunch of screenshots from him chatting to her in her discord and he was FULLY aware of what was said on lolcow. He brought things to her attention (which she would delete shortly after) so him trying to say he wasn't aware is a bunch of horse shit.

No. 1364632

idk if you can blame the weed tho I’ve been smoking since I was a teen and have a job& friends¿ If anything addiction is her real mental illness. Alcohol&weed, food, spending any money she has just for the instant gratification? who knows what other drugs she’s done too? it’s just becoming less funny and more sad tbh she looks more sickly than ever

No. 1364635

Potheads hate when you mention that you can get addicted and rely on it. Obviously this doesn’t apply to you if you aren’t a bum

No. 1364638


Fellow not a complete burn out here. In her case I'd blame the weed. She had no stress to escape from, and nothing that motivates her. She just sits and gets high all day.

No. 1364640

Shayna doesn't care about the coomers, they'll pay to see hole regardless of how cancelled she is. She's mad at the "uwu SexWorK CoMmUnItY" meangirling her for retarded reasons. And she's right, but that's what she gets for joining a "community" that overcompensates for working in one of the most evil & exploitative industries on earth by LARPing as uber woke Marxist SJWs on Twitter. That same cognitive dissonance is why they're all drunk, high, depressed, anxious and suicidal 24/7. Why are Hitler jokes "problematic" but posing as a child sex trafficking victim isn't? Because scrotes won't pay $3 for Hitler jokes, duh.

No. 1364650

People respond to weed differently though. I know high-functioning stoners who smoke ungodly amounts but can still focus enough to hold down full time jobs, raise kids, volunteer, have active social lives etc. And then others who just get locked to the couch, eat junk food all day and turn into lazy bums. Shayna is obviously in the latter group.

No. 1364659

Damn we are sinking fast here. I knew she wouldn't be able to keep quiet. She's never changed and is not going to and has always been delusional with no self-reflection physically or personality-wise.

No. 1364665

>within a week of his fantasy coming true
kek anon i don't think it was that deep. they didn't even actually have sex and he made her pay for the whole thing.

No. 1364673

Actually considering maybe she wasn’t spewing as much because she didn’t see the posts outright and it was brought to her attention. Or no one was hanging out with her that day lol. In the past she’s always been rash with tweets then delete like this.

No. 1364692

>gets 2 or 3 likes
so established uwu

No. 1364702

File: 1636404657352.jpeg (134.61 KB, 828x747, 4CEB28CE-A636-4384-A24D-EA8619…)

Whenever she talks about anal it just grosses me out

No. 1364703

File: 1636404660489.jpeg (137.21 KB, 750x482, BFA640B7-E31B-4056-92B6-77C49D…)

Mushroom trip sounds like a terrible idea in a bad headspace

No. 1364719

File: 1636405811395.jpeg (411.09 KB, 1170x1257, 4BA887D1-30E9-4F9D-ABCC-A5CF10…)

No. 1364720

Sad that she needs drugs to be off her phone

No. 1364729

File: 1636406749746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.07 KB, 1242x857, B616A02B-DD62-44D6-9B12-48040A…)

E-begging on Onlyfans for brunch

No. 1364733

File: 1636406781734.jpeg (201.1 KB, 861x1242, 3791C187-572D-4AED-ABF6-4CDCD9…)

SFW crop woof filter working overtime and she’s still fugly

No. 1364738

File: 1636407321245.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2208, 3A28F1AC-0119-4E66-9B07-3FF66A…)

Her apartment is a dump

No. 1364740

File: 1636407412254.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, 3360BFCD-8502-4F3F-B711-EFE473…)

No. 1364742

File: 1636407531085.jpeg (639.03 KB, 1182x1306, D67D811A-76E9-4CF7-BD09-418B88…)

No. 1364743

ew coomers really have no standards

No. 1364747


people who post pictures of their drugs online like this are so lame. We get it bitch, you still think it's ~cool~

No. 1364749

File: 1636408121872.jpeg (877.01 KB, 1242x1525, 8B8CE0BC-7E41-4E7D-B40F-E56A5A…)

no one cares kek

No. 1364750

Hey look, the series x everyone thought she gave Fupaul sitting there collecting dust cause she doesn't actually play video games.

No. 1364752

her face has gotten so fat jfc. she's got chipmunk cheeks now.

No. 1364761

Dewey from Malcolm in the middle

No. 1364762

File: 1636409588597.jpeg (160.22 KB, 750x394, 2A37FEA3-FFB5-4479-A92E-024654…)

so fucking cool

No. 1364768


No. 1364775

There is a table literally right in front of her she could prop her TV on. She has 3 animals yet doesn't think they wont knock it over of they get hyper? Still dirty as ever

No. 1364778

How long has she been there and it still looks like she’s unpacking/just moved in. What a dump.

No. 1364791

This is cleaner than how some other ppl live at least it’s stacked and organized and there isn’t any trash strewn around besides the sprite can which is an upgrade from the trashbin she had in OK- maybe “ mean gf” is making her clean

No. 1364794

get your life together

No. 1364797

What do you expect? He's a scrote and scrotes gonna scrote. Even if he was head over heels in love with her he was always gonna peace out after getting his dick wet

No. 1364804

People in the thread suddenly saying she looks better than most sw… please take a look at this fugly pic before talking lol

No. 1364805

Hey, Shay! What if for your next fantasy "Daddy" says no more Shein or mall trips until you save up for furniture and recycle your cardboard like a normal pers–I mean, good girl? How hot and sexy would that be???? /s I am disturbed at how long it is taking her to acquire furniture.

No. 1364807

99% of your followers are fake and you’ve multiple times in the last few months paid for “bigger accounts” to retweet your terrible porn. You also only get attention from lc and the same five coomers that pay you in e-gift cards.

No. 1364810

Not knowing what to expect when unspoiling this looks like she’s flashing a dick at first

No. 1364813

Girl please get a shelf or something

No. 1364820

Even smack heads can hold down jobs, you should think about knowing better people.
On another note have anons finally finished WKing Shat just because she isn't actually a Nazi, it's like people forgot she is a pedo pandering sack of crap?

No. 1364826


Why do they all have to talk this way.

No. 1364833

who are you talking about? people that live in literal crackhouses? the bar is in hell.

No. 1364848

Literally the scrote dorm room meme. Bitch prop up your tv on a $50 shelf from target.

No. 1364849

Considering this thread is crawling with broke whores they probably think anything that isn’t Luna tier is acceptable.

No. 1364853

nah her dumbass vanity was a bigger priority kek even though she can barely do makeup as it is

No. 1364874

Or hit a flea market ffs

No. 1364909

Nah doing shrooms is her next level cope since moving. Weed & booze isn't enough to distract herself from her problems and work on herself sometimes. She's so upset by the latest Twitter drama.

No. 1364911

Nuts she threw out ALL her furniture she had at OK, due to sheer laziness to pack it up, and the only things she's managed to get so far is a prison cot and a vanity made out of particle board lmao Her bed her mom got her was nice too.

No. 1364925

>i just make porn while dressed and acting like a literal toddler, write horny tweets about graphic rape, kidnapping, incest, physical and mental abuse, forced institutionalization & post the color pink from accounts that have kids under the age of 16 interacting with them

No. 1364926


and she (and her ugly, middle-aged fat girlfriend) paid for it! imagine being SOOO high class bimb0 and paying some ugly illegal immigrant scrote to allow you to suck his festering dick

shayna clifford has to pay tranny-fuckers for sex ah ha ha haha

No. 1364929

Not even sex though. Shayna just got fingered by a scrote wearing a woman’s driving glove and can’t even sell the content , essentially earning no money kek

No. 1364931

That is sex, anon, and so is the BJ the world will hopefully never have to see. Not all sex is PIV.

No. 1364939

wat dis mean(ban-evading autist)

No. 1364941

Oh but anon, Sol Gribble wants to make it clear they didn't fuck actually!

No. 1364952

yeah that's the funniest part about the whole thing. he's the one insisting they didn't.

No. 1364968

don't forget tweeting at the official spongebob twitter account that actual children follow

No. 1364974

File: 1636435808798.jpeg (86.96 KB, 734x396, 30D46D4E-9666-49C0-81E2-386A2F…)

sorry anons i had to do this

No. 1364977

This is golden nonna thank you

No. 1364991

Oh dear God, I see it.
This is brilliant, is there a way to change “woman” to “Nazi”?

No. 1364997

File: 1636442040994.jpeg (158.95 KB, 750x427, 77B5F11D-7DF6-4796-8EC5-CC8AE1…)

No. 1364998

No one has come to your defense with threats of violence Shaynus. No one cares about you like that.

No. 1365009

She’s pretending they are so she looks good saying this lmao

No. 1365017

Yeah and all this pretending is one of the reasons she has to be a combination of drunk and high all waking hours. Can’t let reality get her!

No. 1365042

File: 1636448680005.png (335.5 KB, 1125x2001, A58FD6F6-7E1E-4F75-AF29-3B2629…)

Another one of her accounts bites the dust lol

No. 1365045

This isn’t her account, you’re missing the ‘the’ in the handle

No. 1365051

Oh you’re right lmao I’m retarded lemme just delete my shame real quick

No. 1365073

Not just interacting with accounts that minors follow. This bitch retweeted a minor directly only 2 days ago because uwu they both like pink. So now this kid >>1363583 has 'buttstuffbarbie' coming up in their <100 follower interactions. They definitely saw it. At least her name if not her gaping asshole pinned tweet.

No. 1365088

File: 1636460081982.jpeg (271.91 KB, 1636x2180, 5C06A5FD-31AF-43A6-A83F-42B590…)

still retweeting minors

No. 1365117

am I just jaded from all the shit I saw online as a teenager, or is ‘oh she retweeted from x’ kinda pearl-clutchy and not as milky as people think it is?

No. 1365134

Nah, I agree. It's retarded. There is so much to shit on Shay about but expecting her to read the Twitter bio of every account she retweets cutesy stuff from is stupid. The whole point of those accounts is sharing things to get likes or retweets.

No. 1365135

It’s still weird to retweet minors especially when you have gaping asshole pics all over your Twitter, it takes two seconds to see the bio of who you’re retweeting from.

No. 1365157

if she were anyone else, no i don't think it'd be an issue. but shay posts her gaping asshole and cooch for the world to see and all some twitter rando needs to do is look through the accounts that liked/retweeted their stuff and they'll be bombarded with it.

No. 1365163

I'd say the difference is that her content is pedo-pandering. She mixes tweets about children's stuff like Spongebob and pink aesthetic shit in with her porn, which is also themed around children.
It would be one thing to retweet a minor as a 'normal' sex work account. When you add "barbie" into the name, you know that it's something a young girl who loves pink would probably click on.

It's pretty much how the tumblr>onlyfans pipeline started. Minors on tumblr were getting exposed to kinky sexual shit that was peppered in with normal teen girl relatable content.

No. 1365165

On tumblr she used to always put “minors do not interact” with her stuff, but here she is interacting with minor accounts. It’s distasteful and hypocritical at the least and she should take caution to not do it.

No. 1365183

Fucking kek

No. 1365193

It's because she pedo panders but mostly because she's always on the "no minors in kink space" soapbox. Except she's usually a cunt about it and tries to put it on the minors. Like THEY need to stay out of HER space and shit. Not in the normal way of protecting minors from the kink community and shit. So it's gross to see her reblog content from minors' pages mixed in her disgusting porn and replying on a kids show page where they could clearly see her name and pinned tweet.

So it's not that it's the worst thing she does or like those kids will actually be scarred, it's just an example of her hypocrisy.

No. 1365229

Not to blogpost, but it's definitely concerning as the parent of a daughter. The whole bimbo/ddlg/online SW culture is about mixing things marketed toward little girls (toys, pink frilly clothes, Barbie etc.) with kinky, hardcore and violent sex acts. I'm not sure how anyone can't see the obvious potential for grooming pipelines there. This is why it's concerning when people like Shayna cross the line into interacting with minors rather than pretending it's all just "harmless adult roleplay."

No. 1365237

literally looks like a child lives there…

No. 1365243

File: 1636477871213.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1848, A5889BF3-0EAE-4B5D-B198-365EB6…)

No. 1365248

File: 1636478000990.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1860, FA06E9A3-92FD-48A9-B5A5-CF3FF0…)

Oh please

No. 1365256

u cant ban me..
im behind 7 proxies

lrn2internet dumb cows(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1365269

How much did she pay for these promos

No. 1365274

File: 1636480456456.jpeg (608.21 KB, 750x1066, 95F799A2-31B2-4AE3-8C4E-81024D…)

Bets on if these will last longer then a week?

No. 1365278

At this point just do press-ons…. such a waste of money

No. 1365280

Her knuckles look like she punched a wall in autistic rage

No. 1365286

File: 1636480935672.jpeg (100.94 KB, 750x234, 76D28314-9FE5-4A31-A9BC-0A8C16…)

It’s really not even sugaring since she isn’t getting paid, she really is just dating men so old and retarded they don’t know what LOL means to fill the void that is her life. That or it’s all bullshit

No. 1365290

Good catch

No. 1365294

Pretty sure it’s just good old fashioned pre-diabetes hyperpigmentation.

No. 1365297

I would sooner be a truck stop hooker than have these images of my face with these captions posted on the internet. She is never going to have a normal life and it’s thanks to her own choices like this.

No. 1365315

File: 1636482830871.jpeg (735.71 KB, 1170x1942, 9674C0AD-9F8B-42D1-95B1-938806…)

No. 1365317

File: 1636482872422.jpeg (986.02 KB, 1170x1860, 7B3E1274-7F51-4990-BE85-88C304…)

No. 1365319

Agreed, she drank with her last trip iirc so I’m assuming she did so tonight as well- I’m not experienced with shrooms but I’d imagine it can go bad enough to get violent like a non tripping drunk person would?

No. 1365331

she doesn’t even do anything, why does she keep going to the same place if her nails break within a week?

No. 1365334

Is she punching her walls or something? That's one sure fine way for the neighbors to get annoyed with your ass real quick

No. 1365336

Some of you have clearly never seen how some single males keep their private spaces…. you don’t have to smoke crack or be a bum to live in a dump some ppl just don’t care

No. 1365341

Ellen should offer to be the punching bag next time so this bitch can have a turn letting out her manic rage onto some fat instead of dry wall

No. 1365344

Shayna’s rage and punching walls is nothing new sadly
Imagine having no furniture or future prospects but prioritizing getting your nails done weekly

No. 1365356

nah drinking while doing shrooms doesn’t make people violent and punch holes in walls. it just makes you tired and veg if you’re mixing alcoholic with it. shatna just wants more attention

No. 1365377

okay but she's neither single nor a male so it's an irrelevant comparison. it's still a dump, raise your standards.

No. 1365384

She’s gone from dating a wall punching Kyle to becoming a wall punching Kyle

No. 1365413

She can't even beat the shit out of her stuffed animals or pillows kek she has to punch the wall like ghetto white trash.

No. 1365434

I’m betting she thinks that getting the cheapest nails possible is more cost effective, when she is spending way more on getting them fixed weekly rather than spending more on getting a good set.

No. 1365495

Jfc her natural nail beds are so damaged from the nails constantly being ripped off. Her nails have imprints from every time they were pulled off. They remind me of the rings on tree stumps.

No. 1365517

She’s always been the wall puncher though

No. 1365529

It’s a dump 4 a normal woman but comparing it to the pigsty shit we’ve seen her living in b4 it’s an “improvement”

No. 1365548

File: 1636501584741.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1683, 241766D3-ADCB-4F37-AF62-82FFB3…)

No. 1365550

probably busted a hole through one when she was tripping

what is with the twitter-talk speds lately

smart shay, nothing like depressant after depressant to add to your already depressing life.

No. 1365551

it’s unfathomable that you would prefer sitting at home getting wasted on a bottle of svedka over actually going to a bar… or literally anything else. just broke bitch things i guess.

No. 1365557

File: 1636502146050.jpeg (230.74 KB, 750x897, 3F14E7AC-8E90-4B32-AA4D-406BE6…)

No. 1365558

That's a hideous nail color.

No. 1365559

File: 1636502362572.jpeg (72.94 KB, 750x222, D34B61BE-B3E3-43D0-BC34-8580A4…)

No. 1365571

File: 1636503184343.jpeg (261.99 KB, 828x935, 5201230F-E463-4E8D-A92A-A3A3CA…)

Wow sounds like that trip went really well. Thriving.

No. 1365574

She needs to get a real fucking life then, if random ewhores dragging you online for some joke is making you depressed then go out in real life and maybe attempt to make some normal friends or even find people with the same degenerate interests. I hate her as much as the next anon but I really don’t want her to end it just because her existence is so bleak. She just doesn’t try to change anything at all and turns to drugging herself at any opportunity instead of taking control of her life.

No. 1365578

File: 1636503732693.jpeg (118.22 KB, 750x549, C0613E6C-4E4A-450D-8952-CB50E0…)

No. 1365580

File: 1636503938340.jpeg (450.55 KB, 1170x1016, A3540CA6-7B9A-467B-9F37-0B4DF6…)

Boo hoo Shay

No. 1365583


shoving dildos up your dry as a bone orifices on camera for chump change is what makes you happiest? utterly bleak.

No. 1365587

File: 1636504404609.jpeg (70.06 KB, 828x219, E8EE8885-5F9F-4D39-8E1A-3D8B2A…)

No. 1365588

This bitch annoys me. Shut up Shaynus they’re just going to drag you even harder on Twitter. Frumpy ass bitch should be thankful she didn’t piss off black Twitter yet. They don’t hold anything back.

No. 1365589

What’s her “big” shoot? Getting her nipple bitten into by a fat bald man from that weird company

No. 1365591

she talks about how she "feels like giving up" all the time but eventually she'll get bored of being a victim when none of her crusty coomer followers give a shit and get back to ebegging and the usual pedo pandering once shes taken enough drugs kek. same old same old with this cow

No. 1365593

File: 1636504637232.jpeg (179.84 KB, 750x472, 14647123-AB23-4762-A2F3-C6F500…)

get out. party. make a friend. find a hobby. anything

No. 1365594

>no food sounds good

Don't lie Hun.

No. 1365595

Just once, I wish they'd tweet something like making her eat a whole salad.

No. 1365596

You don’t have to do “this” anymore you haven’t even made content in months. All you film are customs and e beg. You’re basically a charity case. Your only two sponsors are gray hair and Womack

No. 1365598

File: 1636504926465.png (450.64 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20211109-184040.png)

No. 1365600

Remember when she thought fupa and Oklahoma was the cause of all her depression?

All the posts about Ellen, "best frens" and "the girls" in recent times but she's obviously not even on a friendship level with any as she just cries to Twitter every time which is not normal. Shay if you got no friends then just call a crisis line or something. Coomers do not care about your life in the slightest.

No. 1365602

Did one of the ugly fat sex workers make this account? Sounds like a vendetta because they got posted in the OF whores thread

No. 1365604

File: 1636505319932.jpeg (441.49 KB, 1110x2977, 25E1242C-573E-413E-80D4-E608EA…)

Lmao she’s in the same miserable state as she was in Fuplahoma last year. Bleak.

No. 1365607

Most likely. The timing is pretty sus as well. Shay gets called out int his thread for that this morning; now there is an account calling her out… hmmmmmm

No. 1365608

When the season depression from your degrading and sedentary lifestyle hits

No. 1365609

it’s not because of “all the shitty people in the industry” Shayna. it has to do with your shitty gross behavior. until she learns that her continued behavior is the reason for it and not some pointless vendetta, she’ll literally never change.

the industry as a whole is shit but she acts like she’s the one perfect ray of sunshine within it.

No. 1365611

Isnt tht puppigirl blk twitter for her tho

No. 1365613

Can you imagine wanting to off yourself because of a twitter argument lol…nothing is stopping her of doing her “job”. Obviously this is not her dream job if she’s finding anyway possible to make it a problem. You’re never going to be famous or find a sugar daddy shayna, just log off

No. 1365618

No since she’s a degenerate as well. I’m talking about Stan Twitter and black Twitter

No. 1365640

No. 1365641

How is she still getting paid for canceling?

No. 1365643

Had to keep the the suicide bait up though. How pathetic.

No. 1365644

this is beyond retarded

No. 1365649

That person should've kept their kund words, Sex work is Shayna's life, it's her plan A, B and C. She keeps going to spite LC, her mom, the Haters and in hopes she'll become famous.People with normal real jobs become depressed when they don't have a life outside of it. Thing about Shayna is when she's not "Working" she's on twitter, drinking, eating or sleeping. She may go out with her "Friends" or "Dads" but she's on twitter during those as well. She has so much down time but no "Downtime' away from her "Job".

No. 1365650

They posted it twice too

No. 1365652

File: 1636508776751.jpeg (189.2 KB, 750x517, FC205E2F-EDED-49F7-8302-BB4036…)

“I’m going to fucking kill myself” 1 hour later “I’m fine wanna see my tits and tell me you love me?”

No. 1365656

This is the "job" that makes her the happiest because of the crumbs of attention she gets from it. She's not pretty and she's not loved outside of her family so gotta get that validation she craves so badly by getting naked. Pathetic.

No. 1365657

Of course she drinks and gets her true emotions out and then drinks more to erase any critical thoughts. Saying that you want to die and nothing makes you happy after days of being mentally tormented by online “haters” to the point you punch things can’t be ignored by saying oh I was just drunk and being a crybaby

No. 1365661

Is rent due?
Maybe the water or light bill?

No. 1365669

File: 1636510340952.jpeg (251.46 KB, 1242x1078, D3967495-0DA9-4766-ACD4-543B3D…)

Drink the whole thing and go off on those uwu mean sex worker boolies, Shay!

No. 1365671

that fact that this is just a regular tuesday at 6pm for her kek

No. 1365673

God I wish she would get back on cam. I miss interacting with drunk Shay.

No. 1365675


No. 1365678

Kek. We already know she/ellen degenerate paid to suck soy dick. Like anyone is paying her for a "big shoot". That Twitter tards reduces her to this shows how she has truly never had to face hardships in life.

No. 1365689

I hate the cycle of almost self awareness that her life sucks followed by smoking/drinking herself back into complacency

No. 1365705

that’s because there is no actual self-awareness or introspection

No. 1365708

She's not a ray of sunshine, but it's been made pretty obvious that the other whores are jealous of her and have lurked her threads for who knows how long to feel better about themselves. Look at the timing of >>1365598

As far as vendettas go, yeah, they do have one against her because the whores will turn on anyone within their "community". As for vendettas from normal people? No.

No. 1365709

File: 1636513255565.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 352.2 KB, 750x852, DE278D97-6151-46AD-B8C5-DB591E…)

Oh Christ

No. 1365710

Come on man the nail color makes it look like shit coated fingers.

No. 1365713

File: 1636513543363.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.01 MB, 720x722, a6bf61800d2ae6f22317fa3abd069e…)

NSFL, drunk shay spreading her pimply ass and pussy

No. 1365714

does she have an eyelash stuck to the wall behind her

No. 1365716

I think its a weird ass pillow.

No. 1365723

File: 1636514289746.jpeg (115.19 KB, 750x578, 0319479C-5B35-442C-A877-6ED953…)

for literally what….?

No. 1365725

To tell her not to suicide bait and then post free videos of her asshole when she’s drunk

No. 1365726

We are your manager bitch you just never listen

No. 1365728

No one would manage a girl who has no savings or ambition to do the bare minimum in the simple pursuit of whoring herself on Twitter

No. 1365729

Sad but true. Her threads have offered decent advice since the beginning of her threads but she never listens. We are just haaaaters, after all.

No. 1365730

She just wants one to live out some deluded rape/baby bs fetish.

No. 1365731

and how would they be paid, shayna? doordash gift cards? feels like ages since she’s bragged about getting a tip.

No. 1365732

File: 1636515203360.jpeg (206.18 KB, 750x828, 011E573A-7EAF-4387-91E8-03B245…)

nah she just wants someone to lie to her

No. 1365735

File: 1636515604644.jpeg (684.94 KB, 1227x1338, C5B66430-FCBC-4819-BE20-36292A…)

It’s this dirty pillow kek it did look like an eyelash on the wall tho

No. 1365741

File: 1636515798116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 737.03 KB, 1242x1165, 25C8C9B1-D249-4B7A-8BB1-9CB117…)

It looks like she has a wart on her snatch but it’s just acne or a razor bump.

No. 1365743

File: 1636515890886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 846.49 KB, 1242x1290, 006813CF-4EFE-4387-9CB7-02588E…)

Are Shayna and Ellen having a contest on who will have the most thigh cellulite by the end of this year?

No. 1365745

File: 1636516009065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 847.52 KB, 1242x1286, E29BA50B-1472-4380-92F8-39950B…)

The fake moaning and fingering is vom inducing. I hope she tips her nail tech well, they have to touch her unwashed snatch fingers

No. 1365749

literally HOW is it possible to have that much assne? like I get the occasional butt pimple, sure, everyone does sometimes. but what does it take for it to get that bad? not washing your ass…ever?? dirty sheets/clothes?

No. 1365750

File: 1636516553163.jpeg (127.12 KB, 750x385, 80964239-24F6-49BA-8BDB-0C93AD…)

Shes been a professional whore for 6 years and doesn’t know how to touch a dick

No. 1365751

Her nails look like a kid made them from gray clay tf

No. 1365753

imagine being this bad at your "job"

No. 1365754

Not even surprising that she's bailing on her stupid shoot. She probably only ended up doing content with Sol Gribble because Ellen Degenerate paid for it all and drove her ass.
She's not getting paid if she's not shooting.
I swear she did this same shit a c month or so ago when she had some other shoots lined up. She did shrooms and fucked off then used going to the hospital as an excuse. Bet she contacted the nasty company and said she was "2 sad 2 shoot" and suicide baited and shit until they felt bad for her or maybe they literally don't care and will get some other ugly whore.

No. 1365756

Girl just go on pornhub and watch a vid and just copy what they say. Her job isn’t even hard lmao JOI means you don’t even have to actually take your clothes off lmao

No. 1365759

The ass boils always make it look like the most horrifying face…

No. 1365767

God could she just put some foundation over her assne or use a filter at least?
Also I physically cringed when she jammed her nails into her vag.

No. 1365779

Does she even have an internal monologue?

No. 1365781

Probably shitty diet of greasy bar/restaurant delivery meals and constant alcohol and drugs plays a part in her skin always looking disgusting

No. 1365782

just her whispering anal to herself repeatedly apparently

No. 1365790

File: 1636520870436.jpeg (61.82 KB, 425x635, 348AC9F4-B5CC-4E37-83C4-922152…)

this literally makes me wanna puke in the sink. hate the use of baby in this context so much

No. 1365796

Shatna is growing fleshy bits all over, like here on her back she has one >>1365743
She’s also drinking all her calories again lol

No. 1365798

Shayna is my inspiration to not have that extra glass of wine, not order out when I just feel like it. I can’t believe she has allowed herself to get so big(no1currs)

No. 1365842

It's pretty goddamn gross, yeah. Like I get that "baby" can have different connotations but when she posts shit like this while she's also posting about her diaper fetish it really makes it clear what type of person she is.

No. 1365871

File: 1636531508200.jpeg (243.79 KB, 750x727, 34DC31BA-A793-4587-8282-4B6FBE…)

Ellen dropping hints to Shay

No. 1365874

File: 1636532786158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.92 KB, 1881x2001, 65070CC1-E035-4AA5-BFB1-AB5583…)

She has had a history of what looks like warts, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are flaring up again

No. 1365889

This looks like an underwater shot of a whale that was whacked by a boat propeller. Gross.

No. 1365891

No. 1365917

i think these are cysts? from not shaving properly and also not washing her nasty snatch ew

No. 1365945

Is this a Bestgore kidnapping video good fucking lord.

No. 1365954

This angle is awful, it looks like a morbidly obese persons legs with no ass,

No. 1365987

it doubtful she ever cleans her toilet seat either

No. 1366084

Yup as anons have pointed out:
Not showering regularly, Not exfoliating her ass ever, Dirty bedsheets, Being sweaty and sitting on her dirty gaming chair, Poor diet, Way too much sugar from all her alcohol, smoking so much doesnt help her skin, Lack of wearing underwear with dirty clothes, etc

No. 1366099

Give it a few more months, and that's exactly what it'll be, kek. As vain and see obsessed as she is, she has zero idea how to film or photograph herself, and it's jarring every damn time.

No. 1366112

Let's not forget visiting bars in a short skirt with no underwear.

No. 1366151

Why do ppl always try to say they’re something besides warts when they’re obviously warts

No. 1366163

okay wart police

No. 1366174

Because she was the problem all along

No. 1366175

Sitting on your ass constantly causes ingrown hairs and pimples as well.

No. 1366176

Yeah something tells me she was violent and had the epic meltdowns in that relationship

No. 1366191

File: 1636569477603.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 579.39 KB, 1242x1149, C1579AA3-776B-46E6-BF68-22FD38…)

Fat boy at public swimming pool vibes

No. 1366192

File: 1636569534038.jpeg (119.09 KB, 632x311, 79C3EE14-C08B-4E44-BBE9-AC30C0…)

i doubt she washes her neck rolls, probably has chip crumbs in them kek

No. 1366193

File: 1636569713079.gif (837.73 KB, 640x410, 806DB11B-CE68-49BB-9941-B62CCE…)

No. 1366195

File: 1636569822578.jpeg (170.75 KB, 750x476, C3ECBE18-4144-495A-BEC2-40D0FB…)

How tf is this not more cancelable then her nazi joke

No. 1366200

Because the other e-tards are into that kind of shit themselves, they would have to cancel all of the attentionwhores club and Twitter would be mildly browsable again.

No. 1366203

File: 1636570812715.jpeg (71.29 KB, 382x750, E2A0B83F-A725-4C07-83D8-0267E7…)

Did she cancel with lovinghandmadepornography today too? Or just the big insex/stromis one? Probably too embarrassed because this is what she looked like last time she worked with him

No. 1366205

Because pedo scrotes won’t pay $3 to hear nazi jokes

No. 1366209

She looks so fucking good here compared to what she does now.

No. 1366213

she looked so much better, how could sheet that happen

Hit the gym Shayna

No. 1366215

anons can say shes always been ugly and her outfit is shit etc whenever old pictures come up but at least she actually looked like a bimbo/pornstar. current day Shay walking into a porn set in that outfit would be a nightmare but she pulled it off before

No. 1366219

It wasn't that she looked good per se, it was that when her frame was thin she could distract more from her bad skin, fried hair, genital warts, and boils. If whe flipped over she looked as bad as she does now, possibly worse as whatever STD she has was in full swing in like 2017.

No. 1366225

File: 1636572066322.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1334x949, 86D13F69-1D53-4F46-ABCC-068410…)

She said she canceled her BIG shoot on discord, I think she might still be doing lovinglyhandmade today. I hope so because she was so fucking awkward in them

No. 1366227

This shit is gross, how is getting punched in the face even sexual? It’s literally just for moids who get off to beating women.

No. 1366230

File: 1636572510867.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.98 KB, 750x871, 4AB0E03D-B18F-4587-9102-370F35…)

He just “remastered” her first shoot with him a few days ago bringing her to the very top of his website which will be in stark contrast to a new fat Shay shoot

No. 1366235

we need to show shay to girls in like high school so they never try porn

No. 1366240

Fuckin exactly. She's an adult who uses her online presence to talk about and glorify child molestation ffs. It makes me so mad that society seems approve of this and she's allowed to continue day after day. Worse than a nazi joke fr.

No. 1366250

that skirt wouldn't even fit around one of her thighs now

No. 1366259

wow. sorry but she looks great. WISH she would start exercising….

No. 1366260

File: 1636574544519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 533.33 KB, 2048x2048, 2B66CD38-9378-4C00-AB84-A74E00…)

what you ordered vs what you got

No. 1366261

thin ugly woman vs. tubby ugly woman
obviously thin ugly is marginally better, but just marginally

No. 1366269

this doesn't even look like the same person ffs

No. 1366283

kek, you saved my day, nonna

No. 1366290

Fupa has footage of her during one of her blackout episodes, and one of their many breakups was from another episode when she got smashed and embarrassed herself in front of his friends. She's definitely a violent drunk.

No. 1366291

She may not have ever had an ass but at least when she was thin it looked less out of place on her, and her legs were pretty nice. Boobs looked less obviously lopsided, hair was actually styled (I know everyone hated the coke can bangs but they at least cover up her neanderthal forehead and sharpie brows, plus that hair turd is just fucking disgusting), etc. To call her a looker is going too far but current Shay is so slobby she makes old Shay look good.

No. 1366328

This was the most cursed her hair ever was tbh

No. 1366334

agree. it was just straight-up weird.

No. 1366363

are you honestly zooming in THAT closely? the only way you get genital warts is from an STI like HPV, they don’t just happen the way pimples and ingrown hairs do. a quick google search would help you here. but way to prove how close you zoom in on shaynas disgusting pussy.

No. 1366364

No. 1366366

she never had genital warts. she had literal bloody open sores. i’d say the latter is far worse for porn.

No. 1366376

She gets those “pimples” or white bumps on her inner labia and vaginal opening so I’ve always been suspicious of genital warts as well. She definitely has boils and acne from poor hygiene too. I also believe she’s a skin picker and turns them into open sores.

No. 1366388

Nta but what makes you think she doesn’t have hpv? Warts flare up so it makes sense for her to have had them on multiple occasions. Either way whatever those lumps on her pussy are, they’re big and ugly enough to be seen in pics & she has got no shame at all in showing them off

No. 1366394

These pictures are only 3 years apart. What the absolute fuck.

No. 1366402

warts don’t look anything like pimples. at least look up what a wart looks like, damn. she has gross bloody pimples and sores on her pussy and it’s disgusting enough.

No. 1366412

Ntyart, I wouldn't rule out hpv but it really just looks like lots of bad shaving constantly with a combo of cheap/dull razors and poor hygiene

No. 1366421

the only reason i’d rule out HPV is because she doesn’t seem to really like penetrative sex, so it’s not like she’s going out fucking random dudes constantly. if she was you know she’d be “bragging” about it.

No. 1366422

File: 1636588329115.jpeg (153.22 KB, 1205x1489, 3638D3EC-D5B9-458D-BD37-E4F5D5…)

the fact that she looks hungover and those skincare products are still in the box being used as decoration….bleak

No. 1366423

I think they are just nasty pimples, scarring, and ingrown hairs. Minor blog but I have some scarring on my thighs from horseback riding that look like some of hers.

She could do some fucking googling and do a bodysafe TCA peel to fade them but that would require effort and spending money on something other than DoorDash. Or idk bathe. Having flashbacks to her openly saying she hates showering from the threads years ago. The crackhead confidence she has to post her ass boils on the internet. Whew.

No. 1366431

You don’t need to to fuck random dudes constantly to get hpv. It literally can happen from having unprotected sex once with someone who has it whether they’re random or not.

No. 1366437

i agree it's a little retarded and not all that milky, she's definitely too lazy to check who she rts from

No. 1366438

this thread has seen fupa dick, I think we’d know, nonny

No. 1366443

Not a SW, so never had to care other than my own being conscious about it but, yeah… i have sensitive, acne prone skin. Shay’s genital problems remind me of what I had when in was a lazy fat cow that worked an office job, only walked to the train and back and drank too much bubbly most evening at events I didn’t need to be at. Since covid and WFH, I’ve worked out and showered far more, sat down less and ate better and absolute shock, my pimples on the vaj no longer occur.

Shay just need to learn to shower regularly, join a gym and get a uwu Apple Watch daddy that will fling her a gift card for actually moving enough each day. Sage for advice sperg(blogging)

No. 1366452


wait so everything got three times bigger EXCEPT her tits stayed the same size? did someone curse her? and we all know she has no ass either. so unfortunate.

No. 1366458

can you retards stop blogging about your genital sores already jfc is this real life

No. 1366459

she just gained 4 inches of downward pull on the one tit

No. 1366468

Shayna is screaming for a parent everyday and truth be told even if her parents were pro-sex work, I don't think she'd go home or treat them better. Their attention isn't that important to her, they don't think she's a hot bimbo barbie. The ONLY way shayna will attempt to better herself is if she gets into another "kink" DDLG relationship, and it won't last long to change anything.Thats why I don't get why she whines about wanting a manager or someone to come in to force her to do this or that, okay but would she listen?

No. 1366494

The blue light filter on my phone and quick glance made me think the hello kitty box was dunkin donuts. I really wouldn't be surprised if she's eaten donuts in her bathroom though.

No. 1366508

I agree at least her body looks really good here. The clothes are too small, but in the right way. She's trailer trash and has no style and her face has always been unfortunate though. But yeah, she had the generic bleach blonde young porn star look going on then. Except for the horrific state of her genitals, lest we forget lol.
I definitely couldn't bring myself to that level of embarrassment to go back to work with a company after letting myself go that hard in just a couple years but Shat has no shame and wants to relive the life she had last time she was in Washington.

No. 1366509

File: 1636596528456.png (212.41 KB, 900x898, shay wishes.png)

her face is so fat. it's going to implode on itself. disgusting.

No. 1366515

File: 1636597589595.jpeg (161.6 KB, 750x619, 9BBF6FF0-76DE-422A-B8CC-143492…)

Her John is taking her out again

No. 1366523

Applebee’s 2 for $20 ugh we are soooo jealous

No. 1366537

>Her John
that’s being generous kek

No. 1366541

Hey, she said fancy
It could be Outback or a plaza sushi place!

No. 1366546

File: 1636600379685.jpeg (907.15 KB, 2857x2998, F8BDBF32-A435-47E0-9B2C-3926BC…)

A new potential John
sorry in advance to András Arató ‘hide the pain’ Harold the smiles are just too similar kek

No. 1366551

File: 1636600551385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1014x1855, 1BA260E7-2AC6-4EC7-AD73-D69537…)

I thought the hello kitty box was actual pancake mix so I looked it up but it’s really just makeup brushes and shit. Why doesn’t she put her cheap crap on her amazon vanity?? Is it because the plywood would break if she put too much stuff on it? kek

No. 1366552

Question, Is Shayna being paid to hang with this guy? Or is her payment food or something?Cause If this is the uggs guy/the guy she has come build shit for her?What is she getting out of these "dates". She's not getting big money (she'd brag), she's getting meals and shit.
This shit is for her to get out the house, be around a scrote and feel wanted. She's probablyo one of the few sex workers who goes on "Dates" with scrotes more so for the attention then the money. Not even attractive ones, just any old soggy guy who'd have her.Then she gets on twitter and brags.

No. 1366554

File: 1636600639365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1123x2088, F06F628E-8EAE-445D-9DCF-383585…)

how long before those white sheets turn dirt black?

No. 1366558

If she was actually getting paid she would brag no doubt, since she brags about the food, Ugg’s, makeup etc he buys her. It’s not the same guy that built her vanity, he’s just a submissive that runs in the same circle of bdsm weirdos as Ellen. This dad guy likes to beat her

No. 1366561

File: 1636601641246.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.24 KB, 750x711, 26062792-4306-40C0-9911-40A2C0…)

I thought goth was a “hard limit”

No. 1366562

File: 1636601691431.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.18 KB, 1118x2048, 3B2586E9-C337-40F2-99AD-0B14B1…)

No. 1366564

Halloween was two weeks ago Shatna no coomer cares about sPoOkY mATtEl anyways

No. 1366566

why can't she ever stand normally (i mean, i know why kek)

No. 1366567

Victorian? This is about as Victorian as Moo's table kek

No. 1366570

Honestly I cannot believe she lets these strange men in her house. She is going to get fucking stalked or murdered. Dinner with them was iffy as it was but she is realllly putting herself in stupid situations letting them into her LIVING SPACE.

No. 1366575

if you're talking about the one naked dude that is one of ellen's friends. there's been no indication she's let this "dad" guy in her apartment.

No. 1366576

File: 1636603904555.png (76.38 KB, 300x300, 1525422593407.png)

At least she didn't call it gothic lolita.

No. 1366579

Her legs were truly her best asset as was a stomach. She actually looked dainty. God I hated that stupid bang so much, it's so cursed.

No. 1366581

except that one time where anons were complaining about her not using lube and so she bought lube and made sure to show off the bottle in her only fans vid.

No. 1366582

Shaynasty ita saga when (hopefully never)

No. 1366584

You sound like a scrote. Anon is trying to relay am experience she had, and your response is to try and shame her for it? Surprised no one replied to you? Fucking troll.

No. 1366585

nobody wants to hear about it. get a diary or go to /ot/.

No. 1366588

File: 1636605088337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185.48 KB, 1118x2048, 951FCDAE-D852-4D2B-8FA2-972EA3…)

The spirit costume fishnet gloves and the two different nipple sizes kek

No. 1366590

File: 1636605370179.jpeg (77.48 KB, 750x223, EE0BE1A7-E1EB-4321-95C1-857F49…)

She did

No. 1366599

Kinda disturbing that she’s letting random johns into her home. Girl get a hotel. I enjoy laughing at this cow but I don’t want to see any actual harm come to her.

No. 1366600


Who are you, the wart warden?.

No. 1366619

The dress is ok I guess but the ugly knee socks and tacky fishnet gloves are just so bad. The whole thing screams normie wants to be "gothic lolita" for Halloween quality. Maybe the guy she's going out with requested it, but it is funny since she recently said even pretending to be a goth gf was a hard limit to her for fuck knows why out of everything else way worse she would be willing to do.

No. 1366643

i don't see any hand soap at her sink

No. 1366659

What a surprise. Shayna never fails to be totally disgusting in every way.

No. 1366668

Can't see any hand soap around her sink. Nasty bitch doesn't even wash her hands properly.

No. 1366672

Don't put that fucking evil on me nonnie

No. 1366686

who keeps packaged beauty products on their sink? is this a thing people do? she got the makeup table and it's barren and empty

No. 1366687

She thinks it’s decor, it’s just clutter. She could at least un box it and put it on shelves if she insists on using it. No hand soap but boxes of cluttered soon to be expired makeup

No. 1366690

Please tell me she's not going out dressed like this

No. 1366696

Those are makeup brushes.

No. 1366711

christ, you're right. there is no hand soap. she doesn't wash her hands!

No. 1366719

>She thinks it's decor, it's just clutter.

Fucking this, man. I immediately felt overwhelmed by looking at these pics by the amount of clutter on this tiny sink. She's truly out of touch with reality thinking this is somehow uwu kawaii decor just because it's pink and Hello Kitty. Just like her pink candy Pocky boxes and empty soda bottles and literal butt plugs as decor.
Shay, put your goddamn makeup in/on your VANITY. It's what it's literally used for.

How much y'all wanna bet she'll have hand soap front and center (but unused and untwisted) in her next bathroom pic since everyone's pointing out what a nasty bitch she is. Crazy she was hardcore preaching about COVID too lmao Wash your hands, retard.

No. 1366773

It goes away on its own though in a couple years. It's pretty unlikely that Shayna has maintained the same HPV infection for what, 3 years now? With very limited irl sexual partners. If it really is HPV then she needs to get her ass to the clinic ASAP because that's probably the cancer-causing kind if it's not going away.

I still die thinking about how she moved fucking Pocky boxes from her old apartment, yet threw out a perfectly good, expensive bed lmao
Now she sleeps on a prison cot, but at least she's got her Pocky.

No. 1366799

File: 1636641454550.jpeg (291.57 KB, 1242x782, 0346D905-952B-4B99-B926-DB5FEE…)

He spanked her cellulite covered ass and took her out to eat at a strip mall restaurant thriving

No. 1366801

It's like how in the last place she kept all her unused pink pots and pans on top of her stove for decoration

No. 1366806

File: 1636641769443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 674.63 KB, 1242x662, 67B234F8-E127-4B1C-835E-56F613…)

The dress is still wrinkled from being in the shein packaging.

No. 1366820

Ah yes how sexy, he did something middle school aged bullies did to nerds in early 2000s movies. So hot and kinky. Love that her Splenda daddy is clearly abusing her and getting off on it and she thinks it’s just uwu kinky love

No. 1366821

It’s so red and aggravated, I know she doesn’t know anything about vaginal anatomy/health but it shouldn’t look red and inflamed 24/7 uwu pink pussy my ass

No. 1366854

sounds fake

No. 1366864

I wish this bitch would frame her face instead of constantly rocking pilgrim / sissy hair

No. 1366868

ew it's full of crust

No. 1366881

File: 1636648718057.png (390.25 KB, 494x896, jfc.png)

No. 1366886

seriously it looks scabby

No. 1366892

wtf is going on with her eyebrows. she got them microbladed and continues to fill them in like this? bitch what the fuck. she looks so fucking busted here.

No. 1366903

She probably either never got them done or just went to the first appointment and didn't take care of them at all. You're supposed to have a touch up appointment and there's a healing process that's important to keep up on. I don't even see where the ink is and you should be able to still, it hasn't even been a year.

No. 1366935

if i'm remembering correctly, didn't she wear makeup like the immediate weekend after getting them done? she definitely didn't keep up with it.

No. 1366962

The shape the tech went with for her was long and thin (which actually suits her okay), but as other anons have said she never went back for touch ups and probably had so much ink fallout from not washing her greasy face and putting makeup over them that they're gone again. Just another classic Shay High Maintenance uwu Bimbo treatment she can't afford or be bothered to keep up. Over $200 for nothing.

No. 1366982

File: 1636656418467.jpeg (133.41 KB, 750x279, B8F25D30-8565-4F1E-9A56-5645F0…)

No. 1366983

File: 1636656507098.jpeg (76.69 KB, 750x222, 70A12DB0-238A-4A91-8A14-B3E874…)

I wonder what she’s gonna let him do to her for cheap ikea furniture

No. 1366985

she's always pedo pandered but now she's literally larping as a toddler-minded person. hope her creepy nanny "mumma" gets fired, shouldn't be around kids

No. 1366986

Holy shit the foundation in her hairline. There is so much of it! Girl HOW. Also what is with e-thots and having no idea how to tight line.
She’s so repulsive. I cannot wait for this “hard kink” era to end. It’s legitimately disturbing. She seems to be getting more and more desperate between these foul tweets and all the Great Value sugaring she’s been doing. It honestly reads as her spiraling.

No. 1366987

Yeah and you're supposed to keep them clean, dry, not pick at them when they flake, etc. I'm sure she did everything wrong. Same shit with her lash extensions. She got both because she's lazy and they were the easiest "upgrades" she could do, but she's also too lazy and gross so she couldn't upkeep them. Waste of money as usual.

No. 1366988

Kek she probably is going to make him buy her a tv stand since we laughed at her for it. Pathetic fat bitch

No. 1366989

It’s like she took people saying she looked like a fat little crosssdressing boy to heart and started trying to own it with this gross shit.

No. 1366993

She's definitely getting a TV stand and we'll see soap in her next bathroom selfie kek

No. 1366999

All that foundation in her hairline makes her look like she's balding kek

No. 1367002

File: 1636657699813.jpeg (130.51 KB, 750x330, 9580D7FA-CFEB-4840-9D61-5C02C5…)

Once again Shay only taking about Ellen when she does something for her. How exhausting being her partner would be Ellen is actually retarded for sticking around this long and not seeing how she’s being used. Meanwhile shay actually gets excited and talks about dates with “the dad”

No. 1367006

Ellen just knows Shat's login details for something like healthcare? Creepy and irresponsible. I wonder what she 'needs' to go to the doctor for.

No. 1367007

her face looks like it's made of dough. so lumpy. the drawn on eyebrows, horrid eyeliner, caked foundation, her hair looks like a bad wig, wrinkly ass clothes, lumpy sagging body. how can she honestly believe she looks good? men will fuck literally anything.

No. 1367009

She gets all “dolled up” for the dad, gushes about him after, posts pics of their conversations, last night she tweeted a picture of the barcade he took her too again gushing about the fancy sushi they had, I went to screenshot but it was deleted for some reason. But anyway when has she ever done that for Ellen?

No. 1367010

Can't even get a hotel room, just spanks her in the parking lot, I guess dinner was the payment. Imagine letting men beat you up in the car for dinner, company and a dumb ass story to tell on twitter.
She seems more happy about being spanked by a crusty scrote then she does Ellen getting sick of her bitching and making her an appointment.

No. 1367016

No because Ellen is someone actually in her life and she uses her for shit. She barely uses these scrotes for anything but food, maybe a gift here or there and them driving her places. It's mainly for company of a male and feeling wanted.
She never posts what she's being paid because she's not.

No. 1367022

Ellen is finally making her get her wart situation checked

No. 1367033

I ended up going through his twitter history and it's got three distinct eras:
1. Pro-lifer and bible verses
2. Anti-vax and Anti-Biden
3. Retweeting twitter whores

No. 1367040

it's probably a cvs minute clinic appointment or something kek

No. 1367041

Guaranteed #1 is because he knows he could never procreate by choice.

No. 1367065

I think she's at least lucid enough to know lolitas would eat her alive

No. 1367074

Amazing that she has insurance but waits till there’s a full blown hpv breakout before going to get it treated

No. 1367076

she's prob just getting an inhaler refill or something

No. 1367097

File: 1636664609216.jpg (360.62 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20211111-011958_Twi…)

I got you anon

No. 1367112

File: 1636665800206.jpeg (102.08 KB, 750x292, 0047C9D0-7D00-4E83-9BCA-2D4148…)


No. 1367125

Shaynus. Honey. You've spent the past 3 years publicly getting uglier & fatter. You've gained over 60 pounds, gained a gunt shelf and a walleyed tit. You've turned your skin into a mottled grey mess even WITH makeup at this point because you're constantly dehydrated. You have wrinkles at 25. Your eyes have become half-shut, constantly blurry and buggy from the nonstop alcohol intake. Not helped by the daily dabs, which ensure you can never open your eyes more than halfway. You are not just perma-fried now - you look permanently crossfaded.
I guess at least she stopped bleaching her hair? Is that what she was referring to by 'getting prettier'? Because every single other physical trait that she has has taken a vertical nosedive.

No. 1367126

File: 1636666404548.png (8.06 MB, 1242x2208, 36F7C0AA-1322-4162-A226-26C64D…)

No. 1367137

matches her pussy

No. 1367152

File: 1636668187025.jpeg (924.75 KB, 1170x1822, 9E7B0485-A554-4F02-93D9-382AB2…)

Always has to sexualize everything

No. 1367170

Lmao no shay, you actually don't. Nothing about you says goth, Victorian or doll. ESPECIALLY not a doll. That would be the last word I think of when anyone sees you. You're more like, a fat, smelly NEET wearing crinkled polyester costumes she bought for less than 10 dollars, who thinks that the mere fact of having a vagina and boobs is enough to make it out there in the competitive world of girls showing their assholes online for pennies. There's millions of pretty girls out there who don't even have to show skin or do anything beyond post a selfie, and they'll have guys sending money to her venmo or buying things off their Amazon wishlist for them. You can barely even do the bare minimum, and you're supposed to be a sex worker. You're nothing more than a conceited, white trash pedo with an inflated ego, and no ass. Get over yourself, and stop lying to yourself. You'll make more money in the feeder porn industry

No. 1367172

>"muh Victorian doll look"
>wears a modern looking denim jacket that doesn't match anything else
Gurl, wat. Come on. Are you really THAT lazy? You don't have a trench coat or a peacoat, even a blazer? Wtf. Girl don't know how to dress herself, she really is hopelessly stupid. I guess she wants to be seen as a helpless toddler though, so it makes sense kek

No. 1367178

File: 1636670573526.jpeg (124.19 KB, 735x1334, 10941AF0-B9B9-4123-A333-E3453A…)

No. 1367204


She needs to focus on getting actual furniture for her apartment not on animal crossing.

No. 1367249

tbf that screenshot of her animal crossing house has about as much furniture as her place irl kek

No. 1367262

This bitch is so fucking revolting, she and her cohorts need to be put on the sex offender registry yesterday. The way she sexualizes child abuse constantly and shamelessly is so disgusting. It's so disappointing her call out amounted to "she said something stupid when she was 15" and not the vile tweets she makes now. It's especially triggering for anyone who's dealt with child sex abuse, and there is no "exposure therapy" for that kind of trauma. It is simply retraumatizing. I don't think Shayna should die or go to prison, but it would be good for her to get her comeuppance.

No. 1367264

Is she wearing the gloves wrong?

No. 1367276

>It’s so disappointing her call out amounted to "she said something stupid when she was 15" and not the vile tweets she makes now.
anyone expecting anything different should just stop now because the people “calling her out” on twitter can’t mention that shit because they do the exact same things kek it’s why the trump/hitler shit keeps coming up - because it’s the one thing they can nitpick that they aren’t actively doing themselves.

No. 1367278

File: 1636680353004.jpeg (386.11 KB, 1242x970, 1634622180510.jpeg)

You can tell she's making these scenarios up and running out of ideas kek >>1350931

No. 1367281

Or she just attracts gross abusive scrotes

No. 1367282

File: 1636680574573.jpeg (110.62 KB, 750x269, FF220B29-7007-4BE5-9D13-BC66AF…)

Get a hotel room!!! Don’t let these weirdos into your home!!!

No. 1367285

nta but eh i could buy her making the shit up. it all reads the same as her retarded manyvids descriptions half the time.

No. 1367286

are we sure this isn’t the same guy that built her vanity? why is men building cheap furniture for her like the go-to now? kek

No. 1367287

Kek she lurked the thread and got offended we called her out for not having furniture. Now she’s trying to own the “haters” she’s so pathetic

No. 1367297

Spoiled her how? Like we were saying, her payment is dinner and when we point out how she doesn't get much out of these men, suddenly they are "spoiling" her, when in all reality he probably didn't even pay for the TV Stand that lolcow pointed out she needed. Her payment was probably the ride and him putting the TV stand together.
Or this is that fat scrote that gets naked and builds shit for her. Regardless, she's not being spoiled. It's like she never gets anything from these men but a meal or when she asks for it. He should be paying for her dinner, taking her shopping or paying bills or something.

No. 1367316

KEK fr

Probably just something to do with birth control or her inhaler bullshit but Shay is too lazy to book an appointment despite doing fuck all every day.

Gonna watch a the movie with the TV on the floor while he builds it then?? Lol

No. 1367317

How is she this predictable kek

No. 1367329

omg you’re right, she put her pinky through the thumb hole. holy shit this is pure retardation.

No. 1367331

> ikea
> makes her host
Yeah, real spoiled

No. 1367352

Shayna, since you read here, buy some exfoliating lotion, some chemical peels
It'll help

No. 1367361

she’s been reading here for years and only picks one out of every 200 suggestions

No. 1367367

We can only hope that one of these days she convinces a sugardad to take her for a facial or what >>1367352 said.

No. 1367378

That's a good idea. Go to a beauty spa day on dad's money. Totally hot.

No. 1367384

You'd think it would've been something she asks for since she claims to be a bimbo, but no it's just food and alcohol. What the hell kind of bimbo gets as fat and haggard as she does?

No. 1367399

Go to Ulta and let him spoil you with some Paula’s choice or something

No. 1367410

her nails look like they were drawn onto the photo?? wtf..like..lol how are they so fucking awful.

No. 1367434

File: 1636697300378.jpeg (58.21 KB, 1024x598, A3213DF6-93B9-4E15-98D3-745544…)

Literally “celebrities with fake nails” meme tier

No. 1367456

File: 1636700617956.jpeg (92.14 KB, 750x245, 9F115251-5FA6-4B91-88A1-0C584F…)

No. 1367457

File: 1636700688725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 561.16 KB, 750x1086, AA4F5174-1714-46E7-B5F2-CD58A8…)

He was probably hoping for a threesome until he saw Ellen

No. 1367549

that pinky nail is holding on for dear life

No. 1367647

Must be one of the scrotes she met through Ellen for this to be going down. What is her social life? It is so abnormal for a girl in her 20s.

No. 1367729

It's the sub guy. That's The Dad. She doesn't call him daddy. I'm pretty sure she used to post that same guy on her snap when she lived in Seattle before and she would call him the same thing when they would go to lunches

God I've lurked too many Shay threads

No. 1367744

@bluefrodo1 is the sub she filmed with and he’s strictly submissive and masochistic, she called him daddy in her weird domme video, but this sugar daddy likes to slap her around and see her in pain apparently so that’s why I don’t think it’s him

No. 1367755

Isn’t it so incredibly ironic that Shayna is refusing to acknowledge Ellen as her girlfriend because she is embarrassed in exactly the same way that Fupa kept Shayna off of his social media because he was also embarrassed of her? And then Shay cried trauma over being kept a secret. Now she’s doing the exact same thing to another ugly whore

No. 1367756

File: 1636744871952.jpeg (201.05 KB, 708x1473, FD3E54C4-E431-4C71-9475-7E0A40…)

Shayna’s adult life has just gone full circle. She’s hanging out with the same people she did 3 years ago. It’s funny now she’s the same size as Ellen

No. 1367757

File: 1636744966336.jpeg (844.47 KB, 1242x1323, 37F50EE6-E70B-4BBD-B67F-F3E084…)

Shayna you do not smell like that kek

No. 1367758

File: 1636745182250.jpeg (371.24 KB, 1242x1222, 965584A0-8ADF-4764-97AF-A91D41…)

Jason R Womack back at it again.

No. 1367764

The third fucking reply kek

No. 1367775

File: 1636747035845.jpeg (147.76 KB, 750x380, 68F340C3-2021-4954-9B7F-386E61…)

Ellen’s tryna get some dick

No. 1367794

She probably looks like pt in pigtails.

No. 1367799

kek every anon who said shaynut is back with her ex was right….

No. 1367801

Ellen Dresel is going to have turd braids or the pile of shit bun

No. 1367802

File: 1636750388204.jpeg (1.32 MB, 983x1851, FEF3A524-218C-458A-95AC-1E6E97…)

The lopsided boobs and the buttons bursting open. Shayna buy a size extra large JFC

No. 1367803

File: 1636750431550.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 983x1846, 0FCFC50A-71B1-44A8-8745-8C0278…)

No. 1367813

HAHAHA oh no she’s about to bust that Shein top open, strained buttons are never cute. She really gives no fucks about herself

No. 1367819

wasn't that established like.. a while ago?

No. 1367821

Nothing behind the eyes

No. 1367879

File: 1636760289400.jpeg (470.67 KB, 750x1080, 6C03E612-0016-45E6-9762-ABEF46…)

kek she had to show us she got a tv stand

No. 1367882

She's been lurking.

No. 1367883

this would be cute if it wasn't Shay, and we didn't know she has 2 cats and a dog in that apartment.

No. 1367892

nasolabial folds. serving depressed mom of four.

No. 1367899

This is what my roommates and I did in college at the end of exams to catch our breath before going out that night to celebrate. I couldn’t bear it if this was just my life every day. We all know Shaynas a lazy shit but there’s no way this is more enjoyable than having a day job and interacting with other people at work.

No. 1367916

File: 1636762922100.jpeg (102.71 KB, 750x524, 46DB7FB2-611C-4839-84D9-D9D1DB…)

please. who is telling shayna she’s pretty these days? is she just with ellen as some kind of twisted confidence boost kek

No. 1367919


Maybe Ellen is secretly her pimp.

No. 1367934

No one except Ellen. This is a cope because she was torn to shreds last night for that victorian doll selfie and she lurks.

No. 1367940

she’s lurked for years though, that’s not new

No. 1367952

I thought when the shirt stretches a bit and the buttoned pieces aren't nicely overlapped and straight is bad enough, but this, where there's skin showing and the buttons are struggling to stay… God that's just awful. Idk how she's not embarrassed by how trashy and fat girl shit that is.

No. 1367955

It really took lolcow for her to realize having your tvs on the floor is fucking ghetto??

No. 1367962

File: 1636768944200.jpeg (362.92 KB, 1242x1220, 71149BA9-6C19-47CC-9B6E-2888FA…)

Stop sexualizing innocent children mannerisms and items Shaynus you big ogre

No. 1367966

as if shayna doesn’t eat a whole cheese stick in 2 bites. girl, you’ve gotten huge.

No. 1367990

look we get it, shayna is fat. the repeated "eat it all in one bite fatty" jokes are getting old though.

No. 1367993

why is it always so dark in her house? get some lights, damn.

No. 1367998

look we get it, shayna lives in a dark hovel. the repeated "get some lights golem" jokes are getting old though.

No. 1367999

I didn't say that it was. You can state someone did something recently without it being new.

No. 1368018

look we get it, shayna can do something recently without it being new. the repeated "i didn't say that it was" jokes are getting old though.

No. 1368028

File: 1636780009122.jpeg (128.64 KB, 750x297, E416CF8D-A3B2-4994-AB3E-956C6C…)

This is sex, right? This is how normal, non porn sick woman have sex with each other? If there isn’t a penis involved, I guess one of us just has to beat up the other and that’s sex!

No. 1368061

it grosses me out how she uses the word "playing" to mean sex. it just screams her trying to sound like CSA

No. 1368077

>oh boy, a spoiler. I bet it's another boring photo of her tits with her tongue sticking out of her mouth like a hot dog
Quelle surprise.

No. 1368107

Not to nitpick but it did not rain in the Seattle area today. Unsure why she’s lying

No. 1368116

too drunk and her fat is swallowing her eyes so she can't tell the difference

No. 1368120

File: 1636799751095.png (898.26 KB, 828x1792, E6DF7F90-2E94-4522-ACE8-09DF0C…)

That’s not true at all. It was raining all day in Renton where Ellen lives. Though it was also raining all day in Olympia where I suspect Shay actually lives. There’s no way this bitch can afford Seattle.

No. 1368193


Shay lives in Renton. Her apartment was found a couple threads back.

No. 1368214

anon why did you tell this lie, it rained literally all day yesterday and every day for the past week, are you alright. sage for stupid

No. 1368227

You just know she played this shit for like 5 minute for the picture then logged off to scroll twitter and get high

No. 1368236

nah, that’s what gross kink people have been calling sex since at least the 1980s
that one’s not on Shay, just on the cringe scene she’s immersed in

No. 1368273

File: 1636825452830.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 852.83 KB, 1190x1801, 5E05DFD1-502A-4EC1-A583-D7D5DF…)

Nothing “little” about you Shaynus

No. 1368274

File: 1636825488171.jpeg (472.34 KB, 1242x1524, 06EC85A0-942A-4026-BCE6-107104…)

I’m sure gray hair and Womack love seeing that crusty dolphin snatch

No. 1368276

File: 1636825946044.jpeg (506.47 KB, 1242x1397, 50FF6EDB-D053-44C9-B518-A0F25B…)

I hate this so much

No. 1368314

File: 1636832968305.jpeg (134.33 KB, 750x316, 12F610DE-9791-44FE-AEB3-7A75F3…)

I have to laugh every time she calls herself small

No. 1368337

This is nausea inducing.

No. 1368349

File: 1636838848091.jpeg (212.62 KB, 750x535, 217A985E-D856-4C52-88E7-7B811E…)

This guy is quickly entering boyfriend territory rather then sugar daddy it seems

No. 1368351

It really makes me laugh to imagine this hog splayed out on her dirty couch, playing animal crossing with a disgusting old scrote on a Saturday night. You’d think someone trying to sell themselves as a “Barbie bimbo”q would be at the bar or club with girlfriends, sitting VIP and having rounds of drinks bought for them.

No. 1368366

>at the bar or club with girlfriends, sitting VIP and having rounds of drinks bought for them.

During covid? I didn't think things like that would be open again already.

No. 1368370

Bars are open in the USA, Seattle is open for sure

No. 1368371

go to the covid thread with this sperg panic-chan, most people are vaccinated thrice by now

No. 1368373

I mean yeah, Shayna will take attention over money from a scrote anyday. It's easier to get a crumb of attention. Shayna expects nothing so when they do something for her money wise,she's always surpised. >>1368351
You'd think someone calling themselves a Barbie Bimbo with a "Sugar dad" would actually be getting expensive gifts/money EVERYTIME they met up. Instead she gets dinner and spanked in the parking lot. Only getting something more when she actually asks for it, it seems like.
Doing this wasn't for money, it was for attention and twitter. She's using this as a dating service.

No. 1368375

Her apartment has already been identified, she is in Renton. Anon found the apartment, saw her unit from street view etc. Creepy for sure, but confirms Renton

No. 1368384

Jfc it wasn't a sperg? I was just curious because maybe that's why she's sitting inside. Why do some of you look for reasons to start shit with others itt?

No. 1368398

File: 1636845827974.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 995x1858, 863C2D65-BAD1-4EA8-B983-F322CA…)

Shayna dabbing/complaining about how black looks good on her and saying she likes pink better

Her OF video today: https://www.dropbox.com/s/32yv211nuk8nd0j/smol.mp4?dl=0

No. 1368401

Everything is open, stop being a Karen if you’re afraid of getting sick stay home and be a neet the rest of us have lives(derailing)

No. 1368403

File: 1636845915571.png (Spoiler Image, 8.03 MB, 1242x2208, DBDB9B91-2CB4-40EF-8084-EBC86B…)

So small uwu

No. 1368404

File: 1636845953303.jpeg (85.17 KB, 752x747, 25855B25-585D-4092-8775-DDB5FC…)

No. 1368406

File: 1636846252500.jpeg (772.71 KB, 3464x2394, 462BE450-45CC-4067-9755-0C27FC…)

abustedpixie knows Shat can’t afford this kek my sides

No. 1368416

Why doesn’t she make him buy her an LV bag or something, she loves pink and it would actually make her look more bimbo if he grabbed her a designer bag. FFS she could even get AliExpress knockoffs if she has to buy them herself. It would solidify her brand

No. 1368420

these men aren’t actually going to buy her anything over $100 or it would’ve happened already kek

No. 1368430

What use is a LV bag to Shayna? She doesn't care about fashion, she barely care about how she looks, and she doesn't expect these "Sugar Daddies' to spend big money on her. I Bet you Wormack probably spent more on Shayna then Fupaul and this "Dad" ever have.
Even if these dudes DO have money, Shayna carries herself like a cheap lonely woman who just wants someone with a dick to hang with. She's not having sex with them (yet), at best she'll let you spank her in the parking lot and "Dom" you. As "Bratty" as she pretends to be, when it comes to actually getting something from men that she physically meets up with, she gets more from online scrotes.

No. 1368441

Yeah this is sounding exactly how she was when she first got with Fupa. This scrote isn't a sugar dad, it's her new boyfriend. No wonder Ellen is going on dates now lol. Shay won't be needing her much longer.

No. 1368449

File: 1636851534325.jpeg (96.34 KB, 828x923, D5A49D84-A351-4199-A0D3-AC2E48…)

No. 1368466

I know just think if she wants to act like a spoiled bimbo a $1000 bag is a good investment to look that way and at least make it look like she wants not needs their money.

You’re right though, she wants attention and validation not money from them so she settles for strip mall steak joints and clearance rack Ugg’s

No. 1368484

she called fupa “the dad” at first too

No. 1368485

>a $1000 bag is a good investment
she wouldn’t take care of it anyway. not sure if you remember that pic of her closet with her disgusting dirty shoes all on display.

No. 1368490

The last thing she should use a spare grand for is some designer purse to pair with her undersized bursting at the seams Shein clothing. Actually I guess it’s better than spending it on food and weed delivery like she does now, a real investment would be getting a personal vehicle.

No. 1368493

File: 1636858725987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 568.66 KB, 828x1087, 1AECD890-6A38-4449-9D02-E1CB39…)

Ew, pedo Ellen.

No. 1368494

Yeah, with Shayna I think her pedo pandering is for attention, I don't think any of it truly turns her on and she's just a disgrace.
With Ellen I feel like she's really into this shit. I can imagine her saying all the gross shit Shayna claims she does.

No. 1368496

thanks I hate it

No. 1368501

File: 1636860974168.jpeg (117.54 KB, 750x295, 031DBDCF-89AC-419A-BECB-C75301…)


No. 1368505

So basically every person she claims she's dating or has a relationship with that sexual, constantly grope/hits her while she's distracted and she probably is legit annoyed by it, but tries to make it seem "cutesy" and then she runs to twitter to make a tweet about it.
Brag about him paying a bill or some shit. Not him bothering you hoping for sex, because I bet you he was thinking thats what he came there for. Not to hang with Shayna and "Cuddle".

No. 1368506

And then when they break up, she claims abuse

No. 1368510

is that … a whole lot of mold on the piece of furniture behind her? not sure what i'm seeing

No. 1368511

Lmao anon ily

No. 1368513

The background of all of Ellen’s photos are a mess because she lives in her elderly parents home

No. 1368522

Steve Buscemi's eyes look better

No. 1368523

File: 1636864535969.jpeg (72.34 KB, 750x211, D1696574-C46B-43AE-B20D-73CF4B…)

She’s literally asking to get hurt

No. 1368527

>strip mall steak joints and clearance rack Ugg’s
it's so damn funny to me that she larps as a bimbo, yet this is the tier she is on lol it's like satire at this point.

No. 1368530

i doubt it’s that deep. she’s just trying to sound edgy for twitter with the added bonus of riling anons here up.

No. 1368547

I wish one of her “dads” would spend some money on taking her to a spa or something so she can get some skin care or something. She looks so haggard and run down

Too bad she’d make up a story about how he slapped her clean face after the spa or some bs

No. 1368587

Because he's one man and hauling Shayna's fat ass into a car is a three man job.

No. 1368763

File: 1636911770322.jpeg (102.95 KB, 750x344, 88EF56C9-673E-4367-BB95-C7EEB6…)

I do not understand, why the fuck did she tell a customer she wouldn’t film in a goth outfit for him because it’s a “hard limit” last month then?? Does she just like being a dick to her customers?

No. 1368768

File: 1636912093531.jpeg (266.25 KB, 1242x1685, AA4F2C18-4AC6-4CF8-AED8-3CA662…)

Scammy mattel strikes again, less then a month ago

No. 1368770

File: 1636912161234.jpeg (409.95 KB, 1425x3127, 3524970E-6D63-4BDD-8756-4587A3…)

It doesn’t even look like she showered?? Kek her dancing looks unsexy as always. Watch the video it’s worth the laugh

No. 1368771

File: 1636912296602.png (6.23 MB, 1242x2208, 0505D323-3B93-4DD4-810E-9E4817…)

Them lunch lady arms

No. 1368772

That towel isn't very pink baby bimbo barbie

No. 1368775

File: 1636912425030.png (Spoiler Image, 7.1 MB, 1242x2208, 61623F02-BFD1-4E7C-A5B7-3F267C…)

Shoving the towel in between her ass crack

No. 1368776

No but Shayna isn’t either

No. 1368778


Topkek for uploaded by "Soy Salamander"

Agree with the other anon, given how much she pushes the pink bimbo barbie aesthetic why doesn't she have a pink bath towel? Or even a normal white fluffy one?

No. 1368785

File: 1636912926820.png (Spoiler Image, 7.19 MB, 1242x2208, EE0A6CD6-7A48-4FEF-9FE3-78A0BE…)

No. 1368792

Her gut is absolutely massive. When she tried flashing her "ass" it was just her extended doughy back. Her heavy breathing is the cherry on top of this shit sundae

No. 1368797

Omg I have extreme secondhand embarrassment from that video. I'm honestly really shocked she makes enough to pay her rent in Seattle without having a day job. I don't understand who's paying for this kind of stuff when there are so many other women online to choose from. Maybe some people are turned on by how average she looks, like peeking into a Walmart dressing room.

No. 1368798

File: 1636914168869.jpeg (258.62 KB, 750x768, 6ACC1FEF-A0C4-4F7D-BEC2-F093E4…)

Every glimpse into her life is so bleak

No. 1368809

How does someone take pictures and video of their naked body every single day and still let themselves get that fat? Doesn't she see a problem?

No. 1368815

why did she do this??? it was so uncomfortable to watch.

No. 1368820

has she looked more like a troon? it looks like she's tucked.

No. 1368827

>did skin care

No. 1368856

“Skin care” = damaging her skin with saint ives scrub

No. 1368888

Sage for advice posting but girl needs to go to deciem / the ordinary on a quiet day and properly chat about her skin. She needs some decent cleanser, a moisturiser and a weekly mask and she’ll see so much difference.

No. 1368891

she needs to do literally anything but she won't so these types of posts are pointless

No. 1368951

At least it looks clean :/(:/)

No. 1368974

The plot always the same
Ellen or a dad: does a pain thing
Shayna: whines
Ellen or a dad: catchy one liner that Shayna must post online

She’s so boring, she never does anything to contribute

No. 1368983

The Dad probably picked up a pack of towels at Walmart when he was grabbing her switch controllers and snacks last night.

No. 1369089

giving me buffalo bill vibes

No. 1369109

Who left their fat son at the pool

No. 1369110


>Didn't even wash her hair in the shower

No. 1369111

Because you are ugly, Shayna

No. 1369124

Because not even his pedo parents actually want him around.
Saged because derail(learn2sage)

No. 1369125

U know that’s not actually saged right

No. 1369130

I think this scrote she's seeing is into it or something. That would be the most logical reason. Kinda like how she tried to be Fupas alt dream gf. I figured she told that customer that (of all the nasty shit she does & would do) was a limit because she was uwu twaumatized from Fupa and honestly because yeah, she likes being a lazy cunt and if it's not her usual 3 pink degenerate themes, she won't want to do it. But the second an irl scrote gives her attention for it, it's totes her new kink/aesthetic.

No. 1369138

this post sounds exactly like a new user trying to imitate other posts they've seen and doesn't even understand what they are actually saying lmao

No. 1369156

File: 1636951831348.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1242x1507, 12FAF943-D771-4396-8278-C53B3F…)

Not even gonna vag sperg but god damn that’s ugly

No. 1369163

Why the fuck did I click on that. Her pussy looks diseased

No. 1369176

Everything about her is so porcine, even her vag looks like a dried pig's ear.

No. 1369210

She's pretty fucking chubby but she moves like an even fatter person, it's odd and gives me a lot of second hand embarrassment

No. 1369212

File: 1636962097956.jpeg (136.22 KB, 704x433, 3B8ED059-D6D3-4FCB-9865-C43518…)

all she does is beg and complain. she has to be an absolute nightmare to be around. she deleted this btw

No. 1369213

Kek she’s not the first person i know who owns that same stupid expensive dab rig who has said it broke on them. It’s apparently a piece of shit and stoners are just buying it for clout

No. 1369224

Or maybe just not buy a cheaply made rig? If it broke on you why would you buy it again?? She’s so fucking dumb. Her life is just an infinite loop of misery and bleakness and there isn’t anyone to blame but herself. Her days are so repetitive: smoke, pan handle on twitter, eat take out, complain, tweet a bunch and delete it.

No. 1369236

Your “existence” is trying to tell you something… listen to it for once.

No. 1369242

File: 1636966363988.jpeg (89.65 KB, 750x210, 915BBC6D-6E35-4CA3-9DD0-809428…)

God I wonder why. Maybe because being a completely friendless 24 year old living like a shut in in the dark getting drunk and high posting sad nudes only leaving the house to be some random scrotes punching bag in exchange for dinner isn’t exactly the best for your mental health

No. 1369263

What happened to the "Roomie"? There's no way she's actually living alone.

No. 1369270

She has claimed to live alone since Seattle. The “roomie” was farmer speculation about fat pedo Ellen Dresel, who seems to basically live there & picked up Shayna’s keys for the apartment.

No. 1369276

Pardon my ignorance when it comes to rental prices as I’m not an amerifag but is it really that inconceivable that she’s living alone? I mean I can’t imagine anyone willingly sharing living quarters with an unwashed hog who isn’t housebroken and allows random fat, greasy naked old pedo scrotes to leave skid marks all over the floors and furniture. Even degenerate dog fucker Dawn kicked her musty ass to the curb

No. 1369291

yes, unless someone is paying her rent for her or helping her with rent, she makes minimum wage or less

No. 1369292

OK minimum wage too, definitely not WA lmao

No. 1369311

File: 1636986338893.jpeg (323.62 KB, 1170x921, 6375E4BD-A92A-4965-80D7-C59848…)

No you don’t Shay

No. 1369356

File: 1636993354318.jpeg (318.87 KB, 931x1398, 8E65BF9D-0667-472F-A3DB-461AFE…)

Bitch is too brain dead to follow along to American Horror Story. “Bad storytelling”. Dumb fat bitch probably hasn’t read a book since high school, she doesn’t know what bad story telling is

No. 1369366

she should watch american horror stories, that's more her speed. then she can make up new fake scenarios with her oldfag bf and ellen where they hit her while watching tv and she says "ouch"

No. 1369369

If she did, she wouldn’t call us her haters, kek.

No. 1369380

Asylum was the last and honestly kind of only well written season, bad taste

No. 1369395

This is a repeat. She re posts this at least once a few months

No. 1369437

File: 1637002155532.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 353.96 KB, 750x661, 41762E92-697B-4367-8C61-DF26DF…)

All these nudes she’s been posting laying down to try to hide her fat are so unflattering

No. 1369447

dada & breffast, god she’s such a repulsive bitch. and every time she misses the mark, the type of pedo scrotes into being called dada and doing ageplay aren’t attracted to fat hogs who say „breffast“

No. 1369453

>the type of pedo scrotes into being called dada and doing ageplay aren’t attracted to fat hogs who say „breffast“
nah most of those degens are just as fat and gross as shayna

No. 1369455

Fat and gross men are some of the pickiest

No. 1369456

give me a break

No. 1369481

I absolutely loathe the fact that I read all her ddlg posts in the voice of a little fat British girl. Fuck this shit.

No. 1369482

Maybe when they are rich.

No. 1369483

all i can think about when shatna tweets breffast

No. 1369488

I'm >>1369481 and thank you for this. I will now have this on my mind.

No. 1369489

I’m cackling she really does sound like a sped

No. 1369498

File: 1637008987482.jpeg (772.5 KB, 1182x1468, 3D535424-1DBA-4F2E-B4A4-5802A4…)

It barely fits your lard bod

No. 1369508

File: 1637010021600.jpeg (96.38 KB, 694x294, 1418BB62-D8B8-48A5-9FDF-4015EA…)

do you think she tried fucking f*pas friends?(shut up about Kyle Nathan Perkins)

No. 1369509

I don’t think she would ever go out of her way to fuck anyone unless she’s gaining something from it. She just says shit to seem like a slut despite not actually enjoying sex

No. 1369519

File: 1637010861142.jpeg (477.17 KB, 1242x921, B7B4CAC2-73F3-41AE-9A52-405FA6…)

Shayna joined a retweet group because she’s retweeting this girls tweets and the girl is retweeting her assne video

No. 1369527

You know that pictures stinks.

No. 1369529

It won’t last because she can’t handle retweeting prettier girls then her, or these girls will get torn apart by the woke whore mob for retweeting her

No. 1369541

This bitch stays "breaking" something.

No. 1369545

kek this retard doesn’t have the brain capacity to follow 2 different story lines at the same time, why am I not surprised

No. 1369563

File: 1637015207910.jpeg (67.4 KB, 750x164, C6EC8F49-30EE-43EB-970D-00918B…)

No one will ever seriously say this to this big ol bitch

No. 1369564

Seriously, she’s not only fat but tall too

No. 1369567

>>1369564 how tall is she I haven't seen anyone mention it before?

No. 1369574

she’s like at least 5’5” she’s average height

No. 1369600

late but doesn't this bitch some fucking expensive rig? has like some smartphone shit

or did she break that one too? god help me I can't remember

No. 1369609

File: 1637019941354.jpeg (197.63 KB, 750x572, 19A1894A-D223-4EAF-809D-DE9AA9…)

With the way she’s been dressing when she goes out for this guy he must have a fetish for retarded children. I’m sure it will be very luxury sugar baby as always

No. 1369610

File: 1637020001370.jpeg (409.16 KB, 750x772, 6B7C8B5D-A4BB-42BB-820B-13B2D4…)

She got a new one today

No. 1369616

why does she care if it's "designer", she's going to treat it like garbage anyway. it will be brown in a week

No. 1369620

won't matter when it's the same shade of brown as literally everything else she's owned due to being a disgusting slob

No. 1369621

lmao anon I think I know what you mean by "smartphone shit," you're talking about that digital puffco right? She seems to have let it get dirty once and just given up on using it instead of cleaning it, she went back to using her glass rig right away after buying that thing

No. 1369625

File: 1637021627849.jpeg (361.03 KB, 1080x1424, 1618614166940.jpeg)

stg I hate that I actually went looking for it but yeah that

>used it until it got dirty


No. 1369626

File: 1637021645364.jpeg (263.36 KB, 750x603, 4F7AD056-2CAB-4AF4-84F4-920C17…)

If anything she’s regressed back exactly how she was 3 years ago but fatter and uglier this time. The only people who are nice to her are the ones that are fucking her

No. 1369633

yeah, she’s neither tall nor short
she is the average US woman, 5’4” to 5’5” and a size 14
b l e a k she’s already got the figure of a trailer park mom

No. 1369656

I mean they did break up over her "embarrassing him in front of his friends". I don't think we ever got explicit explanation of what that means, only assumed she got sloppy drunk. Maybe she also propositioned a threesome over brunch. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1369664

“Wake up back there” she is so dramatic. She writes as if she was traumatically imprisoned in Oklahoma.

No. 1369673

kek exactly. as if she didn’t fully decide to move out there with some tumblr scrote she knew for a month. wow shocker, it wasn’t a fairytale! who could’ve known.

No. 1369696

She strategically cropped out the part of the app that shows how many dabs you’ve taken. Probably used it like 10 times before she somehow managed to break it. They’re much more efficient and easier to use than glass. Embarrassing

No. 1369709

File: 1637036188620.jpeg (204.57 KB, 1205x1854, 39C82574-58E7-4D10-8C96-713659…)

Holy shit who thought a cropped puffy jacket would be a good idea this looks absolutely retarded

No. 1369710

File: 1637036261074.jpeg (208.82 KB, 1206x1690, 9163E0D0-381F-47A7-BB4D-427719…)

No. 1369714

Crazy to think she moved nearly six months ago and hasn’t achieved jack shit. No job, no career or education development, no new friends, no new goals, hobbies or skills. Imagine if in that time she’d committed to eating right and exercising, she could be on her way back to her 2017 figure by now kek.

No. 1369717

My bad, I meant tall as in not smol baby bean uwu sized not actually tall

No. 1369730

Looking extra Michelin in this jacket. Stay puft shayna. She's sucking it in for dear life Jesus FUCK

No. 1369735

File: 1637039905845.jpeg (382.92 KB, 750x746, 76CF01A6-3DC4-4C77-AE35-C199E0…)

Look who I found

No. 1369736

File: 1637039940559.jpeg (458.03 KB, 750x1072, 71232296-4EC6-4054-BF06-5427CE…)

No. 1369737

File: 1637040034621.jpeg (243.17 KB, 750x924, 263C69E8-C70F-4ACC-81A9-EDE945…)

For those who need proof she still works with kids

No. 1369741

>doesn’t have kids but wants them

okay then, that’s not concerning at all

No. 1369754

>Doesn't have kids but wants them
May god protect them

No. 1369756

>cropped puffy jacket
Is this a meme? The ridiculousness does make her bottom half seem smaller by comparison.

No. 1369759

Holy shit, this has to be a joke. This is the ugliest fucking jacket I've ever seen, and it makes her Gargantua ass looks like a damn wasp.

No. 1369761

Kissing and cuddling? More like pinching and pulling at Shays fat

No. 1369776

File: 1637049032848.jpg (572.64 KB, 1079x1440, Screenshot_20211115-235012_SHE…)

Still not a good jacket by any means, but it looks less dumb on the model

No. 1369778

has she had the same pink rag hanging in the shower for 5 days..

No. 1369780

Because the model is wearing the right size. Shay is still buying smalls.

No. 1369786

LMAO like everything else she wears that gets compared to what it looks like on models it doesn’t even look like the same garment, this is so bad. Shaynus literally looks like a sausage bursting out of its casing, how does she even sit down in those jeans?

No. 1369826

Damn Ellen, that's a lot of redflags. I do wonder what her and Shay's relationship is actually like. Shay is a lazy slob, for sure. There's no way Ellen casually abuses Shay as often as she claims. I just wonder what they talk about when they're alone together and there's no male audience to perform for.

No. 1369827

just imagine how ridiculous she looks when she is walking around normally, not posed.

No. 1369831

the worst part about the jacket is that it's cropped, literally if she lifts her arms up it'd go to her blobs.

dollskill quality was never good but the shit they have now is uuuu gggg ll yyy

No. 1369832

She’s waddling around struggling to keep her jeans from busting in her too-small jeans and huffing and puffing while making a rustling noise from this hideous jacket is all I can picture

No. 1369843

“Curvy” lolno

No. 1369851

Anons really wanted to silence people who said she's still working with them despite all evidence pointing to it lmao

No. 1369859

It’s from shein, its the only brand the broke fat ‘bimbo’ can afford

No. 1369873

File: 1637080113249.png (9.76 MB, 1242x2208, 5CACC207-9814-49DA-994D-FAB49D…)

She looks like a sped

No. 1369875

File: 1637080145895.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1325, B5DDA4DC-6EC9-4042-B6AA-F91151…)

No. 1369878

Special needs child would be my choice of descriptor. Also not even the filter can hide her eye bag bloat and fat girl nasolabial folds.

No. 1369891

It's amazing how she can beg scrotes online for everything she needs, but she goes on dates with a sugar dad who she lets spank her and go to her house, buttt he can't buy her the pipe? Thats what he's for, to buy her shit.
But I guess food, drinks and company is worth more important.

No. 1369919

I'm sure the sugar daddy bought it for her, but why not have three other men pay for it as well and pocket the cash?? It's her on going scam.

No. 1369920

File: 1637086699159.png (177.09 KB, 295x493, Screenshot 2021-11-16 18.17.34…)

Filters working overtime and she still looks like someone's chainsmoking, middle-aged Mother going through a pink tinted mid-life crisis

No. 1369927

If he brought it she'd for sure claim she's being spoiled and how, "I told daddy my Rig broke so he took me 2 get a new designer one!I'm such a spoiled baby"

No. 1369939

She really doesn't grasp how much weight she has gained. I can't imagine not having an ounce of shame going out in a crop top and having your fat spill over the second you sit down. If she dressed herself properly she could conceal a lot of the flaws but instead she goes outside with her flapjack tits and gunt.

Tinfoil but I'm convinced Shay's apartment is under Ellen's name and income. I don't see how Shay could have been approved for the place on her own, and it makes sense how Ellen was able to pick up the keys and tour the place for her. So Shay is kind of stuck being in this weird relationship with Ellen now and they won't ever break up unless Shay finds a guy who lets her move in with him.

No. 1369942

she always looks so..outdated.

No. 1369961

>'anons wanted to silence people!!!11!'
getting one reply from an anon pointing out every piece of evidence linking her back to nannying is from 3 years ago isn't you being 'silenced', conspiracytard

No. 1369964

File: 1637092511045.jpeg (118.2 KB, 750x264, AAC239F1-7FE4-4DC1-BCDC-5732BD…)

Weird, or maybe cause you seemingly pull all your fantasies put of a hat and see what brings coomers in

No. 1369971

Nta even I look “average”and slightly less doughy & make more money with my vanilla job it doesn’t matter how chunky she is it’s the fact she’s so crusty and looks like she smells 24/7 even fresh out of the shower- it’s obvious she’s splitting rent with ellen or her family is paying for it (sage for blogpost) >>1368792

No. 1369972

Vomit no it’s not as the degenerate above how brain dead are you to rope actual ppl in the medical field into wasting their time during a pandemic just to cater 2 ur weird fetish when you could just have ur gf dress up and defile you- what a stupid sick individual tht rly only thinks the universe revolves around them

No. 1369973

>>1369625 instead of saving for a vehicle she knows she’s suspended license Barbie kek

No. 1369996

File: 1637095138709.jpeg (184.4 KB, 750x479, 16D0311E-7056-42B9-B175-55F2D0…)

Ellen lives at home with her parents (if u google her name she shares an address with them) I wouldn’t be surprised if she co-signed but she doesn’t live there. She is a mega cuck though so she could be giving shay money

No. 1369997

I’m actually relieved she isn’t roping unsuspecting medical personnel into her dumb coomer fetishes during a pandemic.

No. 1370001

Can you braindead Twitter ethots please learn to assimilate and stop typing like brain damaged monkeys, holy shit.
This is the most white trash photo I've seen of her in a while, yikes. This one legit looks like a trashy English girl like you'd see on Snog, Marry, Avoid.

No. 1370009

I’m surprised that one diaper company still hasn’t posted her content

No. 1370015

File: 1637097743914.jpg (144.43 KB, 1200x1200, council_estate_residents.jpg)

>This one legit looks like a trashy English girl like you'd see on Snog, Marry, Avoid.
The way she nails the quintessential council estate look is honestly uncanny.

No. 1370017

No joke, glanced at this and thought it was from when she visited her dad

No. 1370031

File: 1637099536057.jpeg (109.09 KB, 750x226, 21F8D9FE-AA4D-4C10-B885-AC937E…)

What, more shein shit you’ll throw away in a month?

No. 1370042

kek she's permafried now

No. 1370046

As far as I'm concerned this is proof that she's never been to a gyno in her life. Otherwise she would have surely said 'gyno' instead of doctor.

No. 1370051

It was several anons who kept trying to say that it wasn't relevant and you're clearly one of them since my response from a whole eight hours ago triggered you. Take your meds and lie down.

Thought the same as I was scrolling by kek

She's probably too embarrassed to go. For all the coping she does online, I'm sure she knows her snatch is rancid and a gyno would tell her that in nicer terms.

No. 1370059

File: 1637102267320.png (Spoiler Image, 8.45 MB, 1242x2208, AEBCC87D-7EBF-421B-B842-7E981F…)

She doesn’t even wash her snatch why would she go to the gynecologist? It’s full of toilet paper bits but yeah Shay you totally shower. Nasty fat hog heavily breathing and rolling around in the bed

No. 1370060

File: 1637102325014.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.08 KB, 1150x1115, 2C2F552C-C881-4DFB-A84B-1C9791…)

she looks so fucking ugly it’s scary

No. 1370073

File: 1637104912299.png (1.78 MB, 1242x2208, CE4562AF-42C1-4BF1-80E6-724C8A…)

Such a Barbie bimbo uwu

No. 1370086

can some anon put "thas mento illness luv xo" over this pic

No. 1370089

File: 1637107859638.jpeg (232.04 KB, 750x653, 19E4F72C-D031-4C58-8BE1-FCD040…)

No. 1370091

File: 1637108144984.jpeg (283.87 KB, 1242x2058, 8DBA17BB-70C8-44B9-8AEF-A96A41…)

I gotchu nona

No. 1370092

if you want to be taken by medical professionals against your will, simply call 911 the next time you suicide bait. easy peasy.

No. 1370096

File: 1637108796667.jpeg (310 KB, 1170x1168, E32D33A5-C28A-4C94-8B88-51A12C…)

It’s not doxing when the information is literally public

No. 1370101

thank you, queen!! lmfaooo, I love it

No. 1370105

File: 1637109700144.jpeg (289.65 KB, 1242x1212, 3EAC104D-72E1-4557-952D-7637D1…)

I’m laughing so hard she literally typed this out herself the delusion kek. Of course she brought up her ~uwu famous stoner grunge shaygnar blog~ she couldn’t even change her writing style, fucking idiot

No. 1370106

File: 1637109775568.jpeg (508.29 KB, 1117x1850, E5D516B9-589C-4FA1-AA4F-A73FAF…)


No. 1370109

holy shit someone give this bitch some chapstick

No. 1370111

What gets me about this is that last time she was in Seattle, she was at least 50 lbs thinner, and arguably had a shot at landing any kind of actual sugar dad.
“Can’t wait to see you thriving again” kek be prepared to wait a long, long time.

No. 1370118

i feel like a farmer sent this bc of the word "thriving"

No. 1370121

No I think Shayna sent this herself as a way to show the haters she’s thriving kek. Same typing and everything

No. 1370124

would be on brand for her

No. 1370125

no dandruff filter, but actual dandruff

No. 1370127

simply stop being a fucking idiot, go offline, and get a regular job. although at this point she would probably have to change her name legally in order to have a normal life kek she's always going to be a loser.

No. 1370128

I’d bet on 70-80. knowing she’s 5’5 now has led me to believe she has to be pushing 200, if not already past it

No. 1370129

I wish she'd stop acting like everyone around her doesn't connect their real name and face to their dumb shit online. They constantly leave breadcrumbs, even if farmers don't follow them, it's easy for a coustin or sibling to easily find their degen shit.

No. 1370146

File: 1637116863181.gif (389.56 KB, 220x220, disgusted-face.gif)

Come on man I just fucking had dinner. How is she this haggard at 24. Why does she think this is attractive to post.

No. 1370151

File: 1637117831352.jpg (96.88 KB, 970x2048, 20211116_215450.jpg)

retardation but she actually took 6 before posting it, the proceeded to brag about taking 6 more in 45 seconds

No. 1370154

Hasn't she had this thing for upwards of 6 months? or does this thread elongate sense of time similar to torture?

No. 1370156

nta but yes she got it earlier in the year but they require maintenance and you have to keep them clean so they don’t get ruined (which multiple anons pointed out when she bought it) so it’s likely she didn’t take care of it and it was just more money down the drain

No. 1370163

File: 1637120206712.jpeg (396.7 KB, 750x1078, CB9B40C0-C300-4F4D-8135-736B46…)

No. 1370164

In Ellen's dating profile she said she is a submissive who wants a dominant partner, but she is in a relationship with a woman who acts like a child/submissive. I cant imagine her being happy longer term with shayna and having to be the "man" without feeling unfulfilled.(sage)

No. 1370166

if she doesn’t want people asking then why post it..?

No. 1370167

So its nothing then

No. 1370168

she prob had to have one of her unsightly moles removed or something

No. 1370169

"dont ask me more about it, but i need the sympathy and extra doordash giftcards, also money before and after my surgery because i 'cant work'"

No. 1370173

File: 1637121303797.jpeg (565.29 KB, 832x1561, 1EAAE11F-80F6-4532-B8F9-FB674C…)

>monsters inc grayhair standard reply
>Jason R Womack still simping
It’s like she never left Oklahoma kek
You are a shit person Shayna, you aren’t going to get good luck. Also kek at sugar daddy more like a shein splenda daddy

No. 1370174

A sugar daddy is supposed to spoil you everytime you meet up and you give him your time, not only when you ask or when you are going through something. Shayna's cheap and that man knows it. All he gotta do is throw maybe $200 worth of shit once a month and she's happy and spoiled.
Dinners and cuddling is enough for her, sounds more like a boyfriend/friend with little benefits, then a sugar dad.
But whatever.

No. 1370181

File: 1637121951183.jpeg (390.98 KB, 750x667, 66C04F1B-E8B5-45C4-85EB-178A6B…)

Drunk Twitter ranting incoming. Also my teeth hurt looking at all that sugar

No. 1370185

Who gets bad news about surgery and then instantly has sugary cocktails, it’s obviously not related to health so what even could it be? A lot of these girls lie all the time about things like surgery/medical problems, people harassing them, death, family issues etc so scrotes can feel like white knights and donate and make their day kek it’s all a grift

No. 1370189

Maybe she's getting her hemorrhoids banded or her pussy warts cut off

No. 1370193

Small surgery and she doesn't want to talk about it? So it's either something disgusting or it's made up. Something nasty to do with her asshole or vag most likely. Or she knows she is going to be short on rent after buying her rig and is starting the grift early.

No. 1370197

File: 1637124968171.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 585.77 KB, 750x1053, 4C4FDB98-BFA9-4D34-8855-9D3CFE…)

Her eyes are so fucking puffy

No. 1370200

she's probably been crying because of the small surgery she has to get, if she's being honest. I honestly feel like it's something embarrassing or self inflected (like something the mistreatment of her genitals, smoking, drinking or weight gain caused) cause if it wasn't, she'd talk about it.

No. 1370203

This is from yesterday she just looks like that

No. 1370208

let’s hope it’s not a colonoscopy or she’ll be making her stupid “orgasming” faces while on the operating table

No. 1370210

No. 1370212

>talk daily about uwu brain being cracked open and lobotomized, medical kink ~ stethoscope me daddy dr
>actually goes to doctor and makes a big deal about a minor surgery she needs and cries about it

I wonder if it’s that necrotic tit of hers.

No. 1370219

Tinfoil but I'm thinking that maybe she finally went to doctor about the wart like things on her vag after the thread starting discussing it and is going to have them frozen off.

No. 1370229

It’s possible they posted it behind their PayPal and are keeping quiet about it. but it sure has been a while

No. 1370230



No. 1370257

Not even the zero calorie versions. Come on Shayna, your body is your instrument, don't be gross

No. 1370280

I'll bet money she's getting her genital warts surgically removed

No. 1370313

you'd think it's something like that because at any other opportunity she'd milk it with "smoll babyy gets her tonsils/wisdom teeth out - needs ice cream"

No. 1370315


Does she have genital warts though? Looks more like angry pimples than anything.
My guess would be on a biopsy for pre cancerous cells or something (also caused by the same virus as warts)…

No. 1370344

does she not own glasses or is this an amerifag thing

No. 1370351

>European here
Yes. We amerifats don't own any glassware. Everything is plastic. No shit this is a Shayna thing. I don't know why you Europeans keep acting like she's a representation of the average American.

No. 1370359

File: 1637160611418.jpeg (578.69 KB, 1223x1513, CF6E1E23-396E-4315-9B64-88A43E…)