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No. 1348876

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets

Last thread:
>Shayna day drinks before her flight >>1343283, >>1343317,
>E-begs for more pennies in exchange for shitty airplane bathroom content >>1343446, also asks for more weed for her and Ellen >>1343469,
>Shows up to LA in true white trash: sweat pants, too small crop top, turd bun, and dirty flip flops >>1343497, like a true bimbo!
>Anon finds Ellen’s old kink profile >>1343527, with a picture of Shaynus in the future >>1343528,
> Fatty gets paid in more ubereats gift cards from Jason R Womack >>1343773,
>Has an even uglier hairstyle that looks like a pile of turds >>1343892, and wears an ill-fitting outfit from AliExpress >>1343896, full video of her dancing like a sped >>1343918,
>Sells video of her gagging on a crusty dildo with Ellen spanking her off camera >>1343988, >>1343990,
> Ellen brings Shay to Madonna Inn >>1344499,
>Shayna full gut exploding from her Shein shorts that she had to unbutton them >>1344635,
>Pigs can fly, Shayna goes on helicopter ride with Ellen >>1345088, Anons speculate it was with Ellen’s family
>Shayna meets up at an airbnb with Solboy the troon fucker to film with >>1345452,
>Wears ugly pedo pandering costumes from Dollskill (after openly saying she doesn’t support that company) >>1345646, >>1346012, didn’t get the plus sized option though! >>1345666,
>Sol wears Fupapa lady driving gloves while Big Shaynus poses in a Girl Scout costume >>1345885, >>1345888, >>1345992,
>Shayna meets with a “potential” splenda daddy >>1346122,
>Screencaps of twink and hambeast collab posted on Twitter >>1346164, >>1346446, >>1347017, >>1347038,
>While Sol is smashing a dirty vibrator to Shayna’s snatch, his wife is e-begging for food on Twitter >>1346280, >>1346282, but don’t worry according to the pick-me wife 6 inches of std covered pencil dick makes up for it!! >>1346811, on top of that daily utis! >>1347490,
>Anons find out which airbnb Shayna stayed at, >>1346638, >>1346651, owner is furious and wants to press charges
>Ellen Dresel booked the airbnb with her real name like a cuck even though Scammy Mattel e-begged for the airbnb on Twitter >>1346717,
>Shayna speaks to all five followers and demands surgery money for her lopsided boobs >>1347789,
>More Splenda daddy outings >>1347917, >>1348746 and rape pandering/ incest tweets >>1348104, >>1348298, >>1348420,
>Shayna lurks thread and changes the build a bear Splenda daddy date to a Sephora date after anons laugh at how cheap and ‘unbimbo’ it was >>1348840,


Ellen Dresel (Shayna’s “girlfriend”)
https://its actionsub.tumblr.com

First Thread:

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No. 1348877

File: 1634390913337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.78 KB, 966x966, 3B87DE48-B37A-47C3-AE51-66CECC…)

No. 1348880

File: 1634391032235.jpeg (630.25 KB, 2447x1934, 744F9B5D-94C7-4332-87E9-9D08C4…)

Sage for no milk but this was funny to me

No. 1348892

jfc her forehead is so wrinkled and it doesn't even look like she's making a facial expression

No. 1348899

my impression of these “sugar daddy dates” is that none of them actually happen but she’s trying to drum up interest by making it seem like she’s some kind of hot commodity and in high demand. sure, there are men out there that would meet up and fuck her/take her out, but those are the jason womack types of the world. it just still comes off as made up and she never posts any evidence of being with anyone (like she has every time the old man has taken her out anywhere).

No. 1348911

File: 1634394930718.jpeg (57.64 KB, 513x598, A50A67D2-053A-4160-8B9C-F3CCF3…)

>Pigs can fly, Shayna goes on helicopter ride with Ellen
This is tragic, anything that cuts off at the ankle is one of the worst mistakes a fatty can make, it makes her stumpy ham hocks look even stumpier. She’s really starting to look like a Robert Crumb illustration

No. 1348922

Yeah, I think she and Kathy/parkavenuepinup both use a similar playbook there. Create the impression of being in high demand by lying in hopes it will create actual demand.

No. 1348931

Ok but how else would she be able to afford any of her dumb frivolous expenses unless she was still getting money from her real dad

No. 1348939

you answered your own question, anon

No. 1348984

File: 1634400579360.jpeg (Spoiler Image,627.62 KB, 1597x3394, B8624BC0-15E3-4C83-8C39-02B13A…)

5 years of sex work everyone!!!

No. 1348991

She's gonna end up like brat-grrrl2 or whatever. This is sad.

No. 1348997

Am I retarded or sol removed any mention of her on Twitter?

No. 1348998

how was her cottage cheese ass just as bad when she was thin? horrifying

No. 1349000

Dang ol, no Sol Gribble for part of thread pic though.

This is her suicide baiting: Washington edition kek.
If Ellen didn't dump her, then those tweets are really shitty. Ellen over there touch starved and lonely, desperate for anything and Shay just says shit like that. But it'd be even funnier if Sol said something that turned her down and now she's all broken up about it.
I wish she'd start recklessly sleeping with these SA guys and shit. It'll make her crash harder and maybe she'll see how SW has done nothing good for her and demolish what's left of her self worth so she can at least consider changing directions before she's 30 and becomes an Ellen.

No. 1349001

She went from looking like a Whovian mom to the naked Grinch kek

No. 1349009

Looks like they both deleted most of their tweets flirting with each other and hyping up their collaboration. Guess they're afraid of airbnb/the home owner coming after them kek.

No. 1349013

So I just scrolled back through her Twitter and I didn't check the comments on all the posts, but all the actual posts and retweeting with Sol are GONE. Haha what the fuck. Wonder what happened. That's why she was so depressed last night kek.
Sucks though because now we won't get to see their retarded video but it's also hilarious her and Ellen paid and arranged for her to do content with another creator and now it's for nothing. She's so stupid. Makes her obsessing over him immeadiatly extra pathetic now.

Also side note I guess she put Noodle at a dog hotel while she was gone and just left the cats with the auto stuff.

No. 1349018

I don't think they're that smart to be that cautious and delete it all because of that. I think something else happened tbh. Because why would they delete their flirting and interactions and all that as well and not just the content? It's too late for any of that anyway.

No. 1349019

I'm not a Twitterfag but it looks like she still follows him & his wife, but I wasn't seeing that he was following her. But he has almost 5k whores he's following so I kinda gave up after a while. Maybe someone who uses Twitter more can confirm.
I did she him talking about step bro shit and kidnapping and he's uncircumcised (?) So she's desperately baiting and obsessing over him still. So pathetic and obvious.

No. 1349020

You can check using doesxfollowy I think

No. 1349027

it looks like shay isn't following him but she's still following his wife? weird. his wife has also gone private.

No. 1349030

File: 1634405182631.jpg (43.65 KB, 935x336, capture.jpg)

I checked using doesxfollowy and it says they're still following each other but I don't know how accurate these type of sites are

No. 1349033

I wouldn't be surprised if he removed any mention of her due to the spergs in this thread who can't help themselves and constantly have to cowtip. You all could have at least waited until the sped porn video was out before you started contacting AirBNB and sending him anonymous tells about how Shay is a blacklisted whore.

No. 1349036

File: 1634405603849.jpg (199.04 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20211016-103015_Sam…)

She follows him and his wife as of now confirmed. Just don't know if he follows her he follows tons of whores.

No. 1349039

Yeah I feel like it's the combination of cowtipping and being mentioned in the threads. And this is exactly why cowtipping is against the rules. It spoils the milk and makes the site look even more autistic.

No. 1349052

yup probably a combination of the off-the-charts autism from this theead relating to his involvement with shayna over the last few days combined with possibly his wife or ellen being bothered by the whole situation

No. 1349053

File: 1634407569084.png (24.68 KB, 655x136, image_2021-10-16_200613.png)

Wonder if the host brought up the health risks of having their home used as a porn set?

No. 1349056

Yeah right, when’s the last time shayna got tested?

No. 1349060

i hate how condescending this cunt sounds. also it’s funny how calls normal people “civvies” i’ve only every heard highschool jrotc member say it kek

No. 1349066

Nah. The airbnb owner deserves to know that shit was going on. If that was your condo or whatever you’d probably be glad someone came forward so you could seriously reevaluate who you rent to and maybe get a different hustle lol

No. 1349069

If it bothered them that much they should have reported it and handled it privately. Not come to the thread talking about how they cowtipped. That's what makes cowtipping extra autistic.

No. 1349076

File: 1634409306454.png (133.95 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20211016-193234~2.p…)

Oh good another pedopandering video,tweet deleted of course.

No. 1349081

Sorry if it’s been said somewhere, but I couldn’t find the answer: does Ellen have a job? Or does she just mooch off her family and sit around all day doing nothing?

No. 1349090

Also, imagine someone else rented the place and the owner didn't do proper cleaning sitting on a couch with dried pussy/anal juices and not knowing.

No. 1349098

Sir you are fucking people for money and can’t pay your phone bill or buy your wife a rice cake, you’re a hardly a war veteran although I feel like I’ve got PTSD after his porn previews

No. 1349103

I don’t think any of us wants to see Shayna the land whale fake moaning while soyboy presses a vibrator against her. Plus she was selling it for more than it was worth. No anons are going to buy it.

No. 1349104

sage your shit.
also hate to break it to you (not that shayna isn't extra disgusting) but you could say this about literally any hotel/rental

No. 1349109

File: 1634412774175.jpeg (160.4 KB, 750x419, 3D3CA6BA-D024-4B64-8BA7-7524DC…)

her unfiltered pro porn that she didn’t get to control the angles of was the most horrifying shit even when she was skinny I can’t even imagine how bad it would be now

No. 1349122

File: 1634414133063.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1961, 7EFE77AD-416D-4A58-8D58-5ACCEA…)

Found this when looking up Shay on twitter

No. 1349128

File: 1634414671195.jpeg (462.15 KB, 1170x1295, 61302F84-2F94-4447-A6AB-100F21…)

Is she gonna try to do b/g now?

No. 1349130

File: 1634414926135.jpeg (218.25 KB, 750x620, 82C97C10-6081-4E7E-9456-31BBF4…)

No. 1349132

watch this tard try to film in an Airbnb again. I also found the first place she stayed at where she jumped around on the couch and did that gross video with Ellen (not linking it this time) and it explicitly states in the rules no commercial photography or videography

No. 1349138

womack must feel so betrayed kek

No. 1349139

she's truly so gross and fucked up

No. 1349140

that's the point. she's trying to sound as gross as possible for her pedo coomers.

No. 1349147

Everytime Shayna's feelings get hurt, instead of just suicide baiting she starts throwing herself at any scrote who'd film with her. I hope she doesn't end up getting harmed by one of these weirdos she meets up with. She may be depressed enough to not care, but i feel like if something horrible actually happens to her (I hope it doesn't) it'd change her view on all this shit she's been fake wanting.

No. 1349148

This shit is cringe and only SW care about it. Shay was never deliberately racist, she's just an idiot.

No. 1349150

File: 1634417312943.jpeg (73.33 KB, 750x195, 4D87D725-5D58-4A37-B90A-4D653D…)

10 days of glorious milk yes please

No. 1349151

yeah she's just accepting anything from anybody, she doesn't think it's weird? How much research did she really do- never mind, she truly doesn't care. No point in even talking about it.

No. 1349157

File: 1634418118802.jpg (885.89 KB, 1040x4688, shaynus.jpg)

After seeing this i had a quick look myself and these came up. I didnt even have to scroll far to find them. Soy Salvatore is getting called out.

No. 1349160

>10 days of glorious milk yes please

No. 1349161

also forgot to mention that girl Robin included screenshots of her old Tumblr & tweets where shes shit talking other SWers in the thread.

No. 1349162

This is great yet some spergs will whine that it curdled milk kek

No. 1349181

KEK her and Sol aren't releasing their vid so she's gonna film something herself in the retarded costume

No. 1349186

So she flew out and sucked this dudes dick for free. Soi is such an asshole, I honestly can't stand wokeboys like him, feed your fucking wife. Everything is more important than the starving woman in front of him.

No. 1349188

Even better she sucked his dick in an Airbnb Ellen Dresel paid for while his wife had a breakdown at home and they can’t even profit off of it

No. 1349196

maybe his wife shouldn’t have 90-day fiancé’d a deadbeat from the UK kek

No. 1349199

File: 1634437330261.jpeg (189.34 KB, 750x475, 33A417BA-E6EB-4DC7-9244-5CBEA9…)

this imagery made me laugh it’s incredibly not sexy

No. 1349200

I don't feel bad for her, It's just to see this dude crying about transphobia and acting like he has all these values, meanwhile the women he married is a fucking wreck.
If you care so much about the world and people, why not start with the lady you married? They both are sorry ass people though.

No. 1349205

Even if you don’t think Shayna is racist she still constantly shits on women and victims of assault, she has scammed people, lied, and even bullied her way for a few likes.

Her reputation as a camwhore is awful and working with her is social suicide, it’s why you only see broke scrotes and new naive camwhore and troons associating with her

No. 1349206

I wonder if he’s still flirting in her discord?
He’s probably in her DMs like I SEE YOU I HEAR YOU DOLLY

No. 1349207

join it and find out

No. 1349211

just checked and he's not even in her server anymore kek

No. 1349215

The backlash was too much for him. Or he was genuinely scared of being deported

No. 1349217

Damn… That was the only time We've seen her interact with a man that wasn't a white trash hick with a pick up truck and it's already over. She's truly meant only for broke ugly "deplorable" people lol.

No. 1349220

i seriously hate shay and think she's a virtue signalling piece of shit but god these bitches are so annoying, she made a parody porn of trump. i can't believe these whores are so mad about racism when porn is inherently racist if you go look at categories like BBC and ebony.

now if they wanna go after her then wb that cindy lou who porn she did? gotta love the old white dude judging the both of them when his generation and old white male ass are definitely more responsible for inequality existing today

No. 1349221

File: 1634439338481.jpeg (321 KB, 1125x1003, 8CE95A6F-713D-4BA3-ACCF-2CC660…)

No. 1349222

All mighty and shit until you decide to collaborate with a POS and it happens to you lol. Fucking hypocrite

No. 1349224

He definitely told her he’s not associating with her anymore and doesn’t want his rep ruined. I think that’s why she’s upset and judging by his tweets and stuff

No. 1349225

He could’ve easily done a background check and realised it wasn’t a good idea. You reap what you sow I guess.

No. 1349228

I’m sure he believed whatever story she spun about her “haters”. If he had any brain cells, he would have looked for the threads and read them himself. At the very least, her threads are proof of her scamming and being a general pick me POS.

No. 1349230

Even if he believed she’s innocent he would’ve seen all of the BS that comes with working with her. It’s his own fault.

No. 1349232

it's funny how people like him & Shayna are always like, "My life and my choices aren't ur buiness!" when people criticize them but when it's praise, advice and "You go girl/boy!" suddenly it's okay to be in the buiness and worry about shit that doesn't effect you. Maybe if you, your wife or Shayna didn't share dumb personal shit online you wouldn't have commentary on it.

No. 1349235

that’s what gets me about the whole “she’s a racist!!1” thing that comes up every once in awhile. she does actual problematic pedo-pandering, incest fucked up shit but these e-whores can’t call her out on it because they’re doing the exact same degen stuff as her.

No. 1349237

File: 1634440363650.png (597.93 KB, 2048x761, Screenshot_20211016-201200.png)

Her "fantasies" are getting more and more comical

No. 1349238

It's also considering "kink-shaming" to do so. All these twitter sex workers make "sex work" seem like some kind of ultra woke pc enviroment, where no one gets hurt & the only danger is someone saying something problematic on twitter or hurting someones feelings.

No. 1349242

she needs to just drop the whole fake lesbian/bi thing already. it’s becoming increasingly obvious now that she’s in this fake gay “relationship” that she’s not actually into it.

No. 1349247

Yeah, none of her fantasies ever involve a woman alone. They are almost exclusively about men or sometimes a man and a woman. Even her shit today about wanting to get fucked on film. Uh, you have a girlfriend to do that with you fatty or are you admitting you aren't into fucking women?

No. 1349253

File: 1634441801418.png (194.6 KB, 473x643, Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 11.3…)

Bahahahaha he's such a fake pErfOrmAtiVe loser. Only doing this stuff when it's convenient for him.

No. 1349263

File: 1634442841323.png (264.94 KB, 693x648, ew.png)

been around her discord for a bit to see if there's any milk but it's literally the cringiest shit i've ever seen.. sage for not milk, but ew.

No. 1349286

pretty tame compared to the usual sexwork talk on there

No. 1349290

Imagine a Twitter whore lecturing you on race relations

No. 1349291

File: 1634445464920.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.13 KB, 2000x1333, shat.jpg)

Leaked screenshot of Shay + Sol video

No. 1349293

File: 1634445512208.jpeg (258.94 KB, 1242x1685, 8BB70D74-2ACD-4CEC-9FCB-6C4436…)

No. 1349296

wearing black lipstick is a hard limit but sniffing a shit covered dildo and selling scat porn isn't???

No. 1349299

She has done multiple “goth” videos she’s just lazy

No. 1349300

I'm guessing the guy from yesterday didn't take her out again to get a build a bear because she would've bragged about it by now

No. 1349303

Watch her tweet about how he bought her a build a bear.
He probably didn’t want to take her at all and only took her to -Sephora- as a parting gift which is common on SA when he realised she’s just a cheap whore and has no substance

No. 1349313

File: 1634448880268.jpeg (26.07 KB, 519x591, images (1) (9).jpeg)

Ok Shay

No. 1349314

File: 1634449676317.png (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 2048x1898, Screenshot_20211016-224704.png)

I guess she isn't afraid of being fined by the Airbnb owner

No. 1349316

File: 1634449739128.jpg (Spoiler Image,313.6 KB, 1765x2048, 20211016_224832.jpg)

She looks like she has a yeast infection or something

No. 1349319

the discharge… and then the next shot with her bare crotch on the couch… the lady who owns this airbnb better chimp the fuck out

No. 1349321

I bet it's because dressing "goth" reminds her of her desperate and embarrassing attempts to live up to Fupa's thicc alt girl fantasy kek

No. 1349324

whats the point of the pink cover if she's going to put her vag right on the couch?

No. 1349326

And even though she still has the same ugly pisshole-in-the-snow eyes and strapon for a nose this >>1349313
is a much better look on her than backwoods brotherfucking barbie

No. 1349327

When does she ever NOT look like she has a yeast infection?

No. 1349328

How are her socks so dirty when she never leaves her apartment..

No. 1349330

Walking on a floor that never gets cleaned. I don’t even want to think about what surprises she left behind for her former landlord in fuplahoma

No. 1349331

girl that genre exists, it's called facial abuse and it would be too much for even your rancid ass.

No. 1349332

File: 1634451274369.png (Spoiler Image,281.43 KB, 1080x566, 25BF47A3-12C1-4877-BB97-979DC6…)

This video was literally called “anal loving goth gf” and she has that horrifying “goth girl gets fucked” one

No. 1349335

I thought she got smart and pulled all the content from the Airbnb but no of course not she’s a disrespectful retard who doesn’t care about anyone but herself once again

No. 1349339

Lmao the lipstick looks like a Hitler moustache

No. 1349341

File: 1634452537667.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1920x2560, E0E614A5-E385-4F52-8664-5C31B9…)

It was a stupid little clip in septum ring that looked exactly like a hitler stache

No. 1349342

shayna get a pap smear you might have hpv. we dont want the milk to end.

No. 1349343

hahaha why does this look like a character in cabaret or charlie chaplin

No. 1349345

tinfoil that Sol saw the poster in the last thread saying they were tempted to contact immigration services and he got scared and noped out because of that.

No. 1349346

File: 1634452931129.jpeg (331.66 KB, 1242x1527, 2D03762B-1DD9-46E9-BB58-FFD861…)

Sage for tism I thought this is what it said at first glance kek Scatna

No. 1349347

Dishonourable discharge from the troop.

No. 1349349

Based nonnie. Twitter three dollar whores just use her edgy jokes as a way to say she’s racist to cancel her because they can’t cancel her for being a pedo panderer because they are all the same
>classist whorephobic nazi
These Twitter fags they love making up shit like whorephobia uwu to feel oppressed. Will they let those dumb jokes and trump video in the past?? She has done more problematic things recently: incest,pedo, and rape fantasies, harrassing minor radfems, bullying a sex trafficking victim and just been a bitter bitch

No. 1349350

Topkek ily anon

No. 1349351

yeah it was a thread pic lol

No. 1349352

Classist and whorephobic? But she’s a poor whore herself.

No. 1349355

>harrassing minor radfems
what do “radfems” even have to do with anything and why does the word keep coming up in shayna’s threads recently kek

No. 1349356

Is this where the anti-semitism claims come from? Kek

No. 1349357

no she called a jewish girl “baby hitler” or some dumb shit on tumblr like 5 years ago

No. 1349359

He probably did it because he’s a little bitch who wants to keep his twink dom reputation and doesn’t want to be cancelled with her since Twitter whores are vicious and don’t forget

No. 1349360

Any news from the cow tipping nonnie lol? Also I can’t believe she can’t differentiate yeast discharge and being wet. Truly disgusting

No. 1349363

nobody wants to hear from that autist

No. 1349364

bullshit, stop being so salty

No. 1349365

File: 1634455821335.png (104.53 KB, 582x727, b67e25c3961a73813170dcd5ec27f9…)

that and some shit she said on tumblr as an edgy teenager

No. 1349366

cowtipping anon is banned

No. 1349367

It was twitter drama a few months ago when Shayna told a 15 years old radfem who called her out to take a dick up her ass or something similar

No. 1349373

File: 1634457515977.jpeg (384.96 KB, 1242x1310, 1618845553918.jpeg)

Pls lurk more. It was all in thread #75

No. 1349377

Surely it’s expired by now. Regardless, I hope we get an update. I feel like if she does get in trouble she won’t be able to resist sperging about how her haydurz are trying to ruin her life. If Ellen doesn’t dump her for it (assuming she hasn’t already) then she’s just as much of a fucking idiot

No. 1349421

The couch sinks so much because of her weight that it’s unreal.

No. 1349453

stupid kek

No. 1349458

Speak for yourself.

No. 1349459

I can't believe she's still posting pics from that airbnb, I assumed she would have been contacted or lurked by now and realized not to. Maybe that was putting too much faith in her single brain cell.

No. 1349468

She doesn’t think anything is her fault? Of course she wouldn’t care. It also was under Ellen’s name, so she’ll feign that it technically has nothing to do with her.

No. 1349470

Still probably makes their interactions awkward if Ellen has brought it up with her at all.

No. 1349534

Yeah honestly a lot of teenagers thought it was edgy and funny to make fun of the holocaust and make comments like this. It's fucked up, but it's outdated. I don't believe she thinks that way. She's on some other fucked up shit now.
It's funny but also annoying they only bring up stupid shit from her early tumblr days. I believe she's performative and ignorant, but I don't believe she's racist. We know what the Trump porn thing really was. It was a retarded idea that was in poor taste and got bad reception, but it wasn't pro Trump and racist. She really thought she was being clever and funny but as usual, she wasn't actually.

Wish they would call her out in her scams, her misogynistic pick meism, her shitting on other woman including trafficking victims and minors, using other people and giving nothing back, exposing non consenting people to her porn and nudity in public (including minors), using locations for porn content without permission, and the pedo/incest/rape pandering and baiting. Those are all things she's consistently done and still does to this day. Also how she switched her weed blog into porn when she had tons of minors and people following her that wouldn't want to be exposed to that.

No. 1349544


Omfg the top photo resembles Luna's Lurch

No. 1349545

File: 1634488122429.jpeg (33.11 KB, 211x275, 8DB5C49C-5CF1-47FC-95FF-EDBDF5…)

I found some screenshots in the thread by Robin Lefaye. Hilarious coming from Shat

No. 1349546

File: 1634488185826.jpeg (461.44 KB, 1790x988, 2A1502F0-4F56-4F0C-A479-E69594…)

No. 1349554

she's such a fucking pick-me

No. 1349563

I don’t think Shayna is racist because I believe she’s hateful to anyone that’s better than her. Kek. Misogynistic not racist

Says the whores on Tiktok that the majority of users are children. Indigo White and Shayna are the ugliest whores on Twitter

No. 1349564

File: 1634490468382.jpeg (168.35 KB, 1213x826, 11C40C51-806D-43E7-8676-CBEF8F…)

I’m really surprised Shayna hasn’t had a Twitter meltdown over this yet

No. 1349568

I loved when she used to whine about "Pretty girls smiling and I show my asshole and get no likes" or "Yall get so much attention from shitty quality pictures!" Shayna thinks like a troon, it's a slap in the face to her whenever a woman gets attention for not doing the most. Whenever a girl can post a fuzzy ass picture of her in a bathing suit and get thousands of likes.
She thinks women have to work HARD for scrote attention, not for money but attention because IRL she brags about men cat calling her. As if she feels thats something out of the norm for women, that only super hot slutty bimbos get that attention or super hot girls dressed down get it, not EVERY woman.

No. 1349569

Its always been funny how angry Shatna gets when other woman do better/get more attention for the minimum while she is out here being disgusting. Maybe she should take some notes, and stop posting her gash and ass for free/5 likes on twitter.

No. 1349608

bad quality pictures would do her a favor tbh. she's stupid to expect attention for the amount of effort she puts, as if sexwork isn't about being attractive, something she just isn't. effort and planning can help, but she's not actually making any real effort??? all her videos are the same routine, the same dry ass pussy, the same everything, the only thing that changes are the ill fitting cheap costumes. so i guess pressing the purchase button on shein is the part she counts as hard work? lol. some real effort would be changing up her rutine, changing her style, losing some weight, and learn to at least look like she is enjoying herself when she films. but we all know that wont happen

No. 1349625

File: 1634496391062.jpeg (139.29 KB, 750x398, 4FC7C14E-98D6-4437-9F36-70AA2C…)

anon who said she can’t be with a woman without a man being involved was correct and it’s her sexuality now

No. 1349628

Yeah, and I'm pretty sure she only wants the woman there to try and cuck her. She'd never agree to an arrangement with a woman who was younger or attractive. She'd want to just sneak around with the husband mostly.

No. 1349634

Shayna uses women and gets used up and thrown to the side by men, while simping and doing everything she can get to a inch of male attention.It's ironic but it's what she deserves. She doesn't really like women but runs to women like herself for comfort because she knows she'll always find one.
She loves men and does everything she can to attract one, gives so much of herself, time and body, only to end up wanting to die or more mentally fucked up when they are done with her.

No. 1349635

for a second i thought she was having a lucinda type breakdown until i read the second part of her post
i'll believe she's really into women when she dates or thirsts after one who's actually pretty and not a fellow busted e-thot but we all know that will never happen

No. 1349636

>Shayna uses women and gets used up and thrown to the side by men, while simping and doing everything she can get to a inch of male attention.
yep she’s completely scrote-brained and it’s pathetic because she should really be taking what she can get at this point. she’s well past her peak physically and has next to nothing to add to a relationship in general.

No. 1349637

>lucinda type breakdown
This is arguably worse

No. 1349650

File: 1634498498218.png (895.24 KB, 2048x705, Screenshot_20211017-122051.png)

Is someone here trying to get his info for the Airbnb owner?

No. 1349659

probably, anons obsessed with this airbnb drama seem a little unhinged

No. 1349666

lol, he set his account to private

scared, "salvatore"?

No. 1349669

He's probably lurking here and saw the Airbnb anon's recent post.

No. 1349672

Booo hooooo, poor sol can’t retweet for retweet with a bunch of degenerates because mean anons might find out his real name. Cry me a river soy boy

No. 1349675

sounds like they may have succeeded. sol gribble deportation arc when?

No. 1349683

All it will have took for some anon to have reversed image searched a few photos and he’d be easy enough to find

No. 1349687

File: 1634502031090.jpeg (85.59 KB, 670x296, 7E56E084-0D0D-4A18-96AF-945AFD…)

>very age play
this fat bitch i

No. 1349689

everyone working with this pedo light deserve what they got

salvatore and his degenerate coomer wife knew exactly who they were working with. while salvatore was reblogging shay for years, the e-whore mentioned shay as one of her favorite blogs here 25:30


No. 1349690

She gets her nails redone so often it's insane

No. 1349694

oh good god i read this as poopy nails and didn't even second guess it

No. 1349695

File: 1634502782534.jpg (256.09 KB, 1079x893, Screenshot_20211017-175842_Twi…)

No. 1349698

play stupid games, win a stupid prize. Deal with it buddy.

No. 1349699

i don't agree with people cowtipping but maybe don't film pedo pandering porn in someone else's house without their consent next time you fucking retard

No. 1349704

Oh god the 10 day shoot thing she’s doing is gonna be pedo shit. Of course that’s the only people that would work with her

No. 1349706

His desperate wife probably does Paypal invoices or Venmo charges for her lame banners. I'm sure an enterprising anon can connect the dots here. It would be hilarious for him to get deported due to working as a sex worker, and the Airbnb drama only adds to why he would be in trouble with the law.

No. 1349707

Lettings someone put a court case against you for something you did is not some vendetta trying to cause your family harm. I’d say leaving your wife with no food or money was causing more harm to your family but we move

No. 1349709

Fucking dumb bitches stop cowtipping and spoiling the milk

No. 1349714

Exactly, he acts like he wasn't the one who put himself in this situation. Also, the owner of the property whose rules you broke wanting compensation isn't "an effort to cause you and your family harm," what a dramatic little bitch who doesn't know how to act like an adult about his choices. And if it's about USCIS, he for sure had to know working under the table would bring them up his ass one day unless he's a literal tard, take some responsibility.

No. 1349720

File: 1634504152340.jpeg (89.29 KB, 1170x285, 79664D0F-F628-47F8-96D1-A86C7F…)

Willing to bet it’s ABDreams. I forgot her and hellobinkie used to talk lol

No. 1349721

Yeah, people have made it so the terrible, probably hilarious shoot won't see the light of day and shut down all the weird thirst tweets Shay was doing just because they were feigning concern about a AirBNB couch. AirBNB is full of unwashed coochie juice on the regular I'm sorry to say. Some of you are such fucking retards. I can't tell if you are equally unsuccessful sex workers who can't stand seeing Shay sell herself for pennies or what. The dude isn't going to get deported because he got his dirty dick sucked by fatty either. The weird ass fantasies some of you come up with at as unhinged as Shay and her future 4 room "mansion".

No. 1349722

unpopular opinion but agree. I think yall are going too far. I actually liked having some new characters into this saga for once

No. 1349727

Oh it 100% is.
Didn’t she have a shoot planned with them and had to cancel it or was that someone else during the hospital saga?

No. 1349729

“Sex worker” or not, you personally, wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest if the people who rented out your property dragged their genitals all over your personal furniture/things for guests. Especially with them going ahead and selling video proof of it. You don’t think they thought ppl might see that or connect the couch space to their listing and possibly go “ew not THAT one” at least hotels/models almost always deep wash the sheets in industrial machines. I’d at least want to be compensated for a couch replacement etc they didn’t even cover it up that’s rly super gross

No. 1349730

the first mistake people itt make is trying to make it about themselves. we’re here to observe and laugh, not intervene.

No. 1349732

Agreed, would have been more fun to watch it all collapse but the fun police had to get all righteous.

No. 1349733

Let's not get this thread autosaged because this is not the first time anons tipped too much… and imo Sol doesn't deserve to get deported just for crossing paths with a cow, yea he's stupid for collabing and simping for her but lolcow has rules for a reason.

No. 1349740

nta don’t MOST ppl not care what weird sex things people do inside their OWN homes with their own partners/ even at weird parties with consenting viewers? Like sure dress up as crocodile hunter make ur gf wear an alligator costume Idfk whatever man- it’s when ppl like shaynasty go for walks in the park on a leash or literally make NSFW videos of them living this “fetish” lifestyle that it immediately becomes super gross and sus for enabling weirdos to sexualize kids/animals/etc. like if you want to sleep in a dog cage why make PAID videos of it unless you know someone’s using it for that kinda sus propose? A lot of these degenerates preach acceptance and blah blah blah but as soon as you point out they’ve started mixing in dangerous nsfw/bdsm dynamics into vanilla acceptance ppl like to make weird excuses and say ur anti lgbtqa+

No. 1349745

of course they doesn’t deserve to be deported but ofc some ppl have to take it beyond general anon harassment- I do think whoever booked the place should be charged for maybe at least a cleaning tho- there’s no reason to be throwing around anyone’s real name here I’m sure the original anon the cowtipped about the air b&b is the only one that rly cares (assuming it was the anon(s) that said they were air b&b owners)
He definitely deserves to be softblocked out of the sw community if he’s bragging about 12k followers tho

No. 1349755

People use airbnb for sex all the time. No one was going to connect that place to Shay's dirty porn because it would have been seen by very few people and most of those people would have not been paying attention to the surroundings. People love to overexaggerate the reach Shay has. She's irrelevant and that isn't the first or last time dirty pussy was dragged on that airbnb couch.

No. 1349756

Nah. Fuck them, I’m here for this retard parade.

No. 1349764

i don't shame the airbnb anon for empathizing with the owner and cowtipping because it was actually disgusting and who knows if the owner would have ever found the profile of such a failing porn 'star'. BUT damn the video of the blowjob on an actual dick would have been so funny, do you think they had to stop filming so he could tell her to stop using teeth? Or maybe bc he's such a degen porno coomer he might take pills to last longer that would give him a perma hard-on despite whatever torture she does to him? kek

No. 1349768

you sound like an e-whore, “deserve to be softblocked”, nobody here gives a fuck about your degenerate coomer scene.

air bnb anon did the right thing, nobody in their right mind wants to see these two fuck anyway and you can’t just use an apartment as a pornset for your 3$ shit show without checking if it’s okay first

No. 1349773

Yea nobody gives a fuck about their scene in particular but in the “pornstar” twitter scene- not getting consent for a shoot is just as bad as making a video at Home Depot etc that’s just wrong in general terms to possibly expose the public to ur shit especially with covid Idfk lol even before the degenerates licking toilet seats and other public things has always been nasty why is it different to drag ur cooch on someone else’s sofa

No. 1349776

imagine moralfagging over a dirty airbnb in inglewood on lolcow

No. 1349781

Someone with only 12k and shaft has less- neither of them are actually iconic social media influencers no matter how big their head gets about working with intersex or hardtied or whatever we know that’s her legacy or “biggest” shoot and they were all SUPER embarrassing and the editors obviously purposefully picked shots that made her look awful- it’s all part of the kink anyways right she says she loves being degraded if anything this thread is consistent cum material for shat seeing all the stupid nicknames and bodynitpicks she probably LOVES being a fat feeder whore who just gets gifts of gaining snacks and nothing else

No. 1349782

Tbh I wonder how many other air b&b owners host frat parties etc- like the anon b4 talking about ppl busting a hole in the ceiling and them just asking 4 a good review- and they just DO NOT CARE bc the original payment covers the clean up cost etc- whoever was mad about the coochie on the sofa obviously couldn’t afford a deep clean and was trying to swindle 10k from poor Ellen when a couch deep clean is maybe 1-2k at THE MOST

No. 1349786

>Poor Ellen
Ellen's is a push over and degen just like Shayna, regardless of the couch she should'nt have put that shit in her name.

No. 1349802

Sage for no contribution as an Airbnb owner, not the one who confirmed who booked it. No one cares if a couple shagged in your house. It’s a given. (Couch, bed, floor, etc whatever) what people care about is your house you sell as a get away being seen as a porn set. There’s a big difference. Spesh when both their porn is so degenerate - pedo and incest stuff related with your listing? No thanks

No. 1349816

This is valid-ish. Once again yall are acting like Shatna actually is someone. This isnt like a pornhub video thats going to go viral. This is a fat dumpy cow who will sell that 1 video 10 times if she is lucky.

No. 1349826

nta and not defending the cowtipping though rules are rules but it doesn't matter that it won't reach a wide audience. i wouldn't want anything connected to me being shown in shayna's porn either, even if no one is going to make the connection. it's just a fucked up thing to do.

No. 1349829

Yes to all of this. The owner doesn't need 10k for a couch, it's ridiculous. We didn't need to be party to her getting 10k either. Cowtipper just wanted a kickback, she wasn't done good samaritan looking out for this ladies' business.

No. 1349836

True, it clearly was for the compensation. I still think all of this could/would have been funny if it had happened organically from the owner checking a camera or some salty camthots on twitter cancelling Sol or whatever, but the cowtipping is too much and ultimately might just hurt the thread. I would love to see Shayna eat the consequences of her own actions one day, but it's not going to be fun to watch if it just happens because of someone from here tipping. She lives in a stupor of intoxication, she'll slip up one day without our help.

No. 1349837

Yeah idgaf about the Airbnb moralfagging, it's just funny to see her (pork) sweat and possibly have to face a real consequence for once, and for a degenerate like her the only consequence that gets to her is a large sum of money. Plus I'd rather see gross ass Soy Salvatore get deported than some hard working asylum seeker or something. UK needs to stop dumping their trash here.

No. 1349842

the fact that Soy was saying how he didn't do anything wrong when the thots were trying to cancel him but he sure did drop fatty fast . she was love bombing him and obsessed so it's funny to watch her get tossed aside by someone so gross and lame.

No. 1349844

tbh this is the only situation where i find the cowtipping absolutely hilarious.

No. 1349848

it's kinda funny but i feel a little bad for shaytard and gribble's doormat gfs who are gonna suffer from this, a $10k fine is a lot when your fridge is already empty

No. 1349856

File: 1634515192349.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1550x2048, Screenshot_20211017-165908.png)

Why would she post this, her tit looks so saggy

No. 1349857

always trying to be fucking quirky.

No. 1349862

Yeah, I at least wanted to see that trainwreck shoot, but this is still kinda hilarious

No. 1349865

We have enough degenerate scrotes in the United States, he deserves to be deported.

No. 1349873

That’s why I said “poor Ellen” bc they were technically doxxed here with the actual last name and Facebook via the air b&b anon but also most likely is going to be the one somehow fined for shatnas degeneracy when I dont think she was at that one since they booked 2?

No. 1349874

>my house
She could never

No. 1349880

Straight up bv imo

No. 1349892

Ski slope titty

No. 1349895

I don't think they can enforce the 10k or whatever, but Ellen probably will have to pay them extra to get the couch shampooed or whatever. It'll be interesting to see if she ever draws the line with Shayna for causing her inconveniences by constantly using her

No. 1349896

Is this link supposed to go to Sol’s wife’s soundcloud? Because it is now showing a user named “kys incels” with no tracks.

No. 1349897

Sounds like they are lurking hard and are sorely mistaken

No. 1349900

Yeah it was, it was also very boring. It was no wonder there was only one podcast. Girl was a boring mumbler. But it did link Sol and her to Shatna from 4 years ago when they followed her on tumblr. (Apparently Shatsna's age play hating ass is what got her into being a little. kek)

No. 1349902

Lmao. Incels are their audience.

No. 1349903

Mt god, what a tragic backstory

No. 1349906

They think this site is run by men but it’s all just women lmao

Sorry Sol incels don’t care about gossip sites and this is all women who don’t want your crusty scrote ass

No. 1349907

Back to twitter with you, degenerate. Sex work isn’t real work
People who think this site is predominantly male will never cease to tickle me. Seethe harder, Soy

No. 1349909

File: 1634520213930.png (146.43 KB, 1075x655, incels.PNG)

For posterity.
>Go fuck yourself degenerate incels.
How do these people know Shayna for this long without understanding lolcow?

No. 1349911

The nerve of this degenerate to call someone else degenerate

No. 1349914

I don't think he should be deported, but I only say that cause I don't particularly like the USA

No. 1349915

File: 1634520796220.jpg (22.87 KB, 400x400, EJ89N87XUAAjWdS.jpg)

>gave a UTI and god knows what to his wife
>barebacks trannies
>had sex (?) with shayna
>we're the degenerates

No. 1349919

He just has to do his little cope and pretend we are all jealous of the bad sex they are having

No. 1349920

kek he acts and types like such a child, it's hard to believe he's a grown man pushing 30 who larps as a "big bad dom uwu"

No. 1349927

that seems to be the trend with the men shayna's attracted to

No. 1349931

but most of those tweets are from the 5th/6th of the month so obviously he didn't care about them before now for some reason

No. 1349949

Do Twitter whores ever make sense haha

No. 1349968

Imagine how often you bitches who relate to Shay shit up these threads and defend shit that she does as "not so bad" yet at the end of the day, you still are almost 100 threads in documenting her mundane moves and bitching about groundhog day. The moment something new comes along one of you spergs that it's bad.

No. 1349981

I can't believe he didn't google "Shayna Clifford" before agreeing to work with her. LC is one of the top results.

No. 1349982

he was in her discord, he knew about her

No. 1349987

File: 1634525851696.png (207.09 KB, 1256x543, Screenshot 2021-ii.png)


No. 1349991

He knew her from what she posts on twitter and discord. Shat is highly delusional and what she claims to be has no basis on reality. If he had done the bare minimum and googled her name, he would have had years worth of threads cataloging everything she's done and would have known that working with her was a bad idea.

No. 1349993

Notice he seems more angry about us talking shit about the men he likes to fuck and suck, then he is about us saying he can't feed his wife. If this IS his wife, it's crazy how she's more worried about troons and "Ableism" than she is about us saying that her husband is a failure who can't feed her.

No. 1349996

did he really call himself Soy in a beautiful Freudian slip? topkek

No. 1349997

Damn he's really seething. How does he think he's sticking it to us in any way? Stay mad, Sol Gribble. No one on here really cares, we're just laughing at what a gross loser you are. Be mad at yourself for working with Lardy Fattel and not doing a simple Google search. Go buy groceries and pay your phone bill when you get your measly OF payout, retard.

No. 1349998

This is fucking hilarious, he has no self awareness whatsoever. Imagine being a grown moid and having a meltdown like this over some anonymous girls on the internet. If you fuck disease ridden tranny scum and festering unwashed landwhales for shekels and post your degeneracy online for all to see you get actually what you deserve. Seethe harder, you piece of shit

No. 1349999

Holy shit this is so funny. I can just see him reading this thread while seething and thinking that this would really hurt our feelings. kek
Big bad dom is a cry baby soy boy.
You got yourself cancelled for a toothjob from a fat pig.

No. 1350006

File: 1634527510248.jpeg (382.49 KB, 828x782, B190B286-A08E-448F-A36D-136756…)

>my life and work has ZERO affect on you
First of all, it’s “effect”, you illiterate sped. Secondly, you fuck STI infested troons bareback and participate in an industry that actively harms women and promotes pedophilia, so yes, your degeneracy does effect others, you disgusting cunt.
Also, his degenerate wife was privated her account. I hope she sold enough graphic design is my passion shart tier banners to get some more rice cakes

No. 1350008

Literally 2/3 months ago he was “gathering” information to call out a male sex worker to keep the “community safe” as if he was some god to online sex workers. This man doesn’t give a fuck about anything other than being praised and being seen as a woke king

He could do research on male sex workers but not on Shayna?

No. 1350013

Oh man, that makes this all even funnier.

No. 1350014

lmao at how he seethed so hard he called himself soy, stop lurking and scrape together some pennies to buy dinner for your wife she needs it more than shayna does

No. 1350018

What did he expect would happen? He tried to crown himself the woke sex work king or something and now he’s seething about lolcow and making pennies

No. 1350020

@ Shayna do some charity and throw him and his wife a door dash gift card? Surely you’ve got 1 or 2 you haven’t used yet!

No. 1350023

someone being a shitty person clearly doesn't matter to him as long as he wants to fuck them. imagine ruining your already barely successful "career" for shayna of all people

No. 1350024

File: 1634528290299.jpeg (258.26 KB, 1242x1274, 4DB219EA-3BFF-4DDF-B4C3-DFCE46…)

This is medical abuse?
Did she start watching the Hannibal TV show where he drugs all his victims and kills them

No. 1350025

Typical scrote behaviour.
He doesn’t care as long as he can get his dick wet albeit with yeast infections and shit from Troon assholes

No. 1350026

You know that hog burns through any gift card the moment she gets it. She doesn’t know how to save shit.

No. 1350031

Samefag but “free OF”, what is it with these trash bags giving their gash away for free? And they wonder why they’re broke

No. 1350041

File: 1634529394138.png (797.23 KB, 1748x2048, Screenshot_20211017-205605.png)

So gross

No. 1350051

File: 1634529797381.png (713.87 KB, 2048x544, Screenshot_20211017-210247.png)

You called it

No. 1350061

It’s a scam for scrotes, they usually post tame censored stuff and then make you pay to unlock posts, it draws in money if you know how to actually market it well. It’s a common tactic it boosts your score because you can have 800 free loading scrotes and charge them $3 a post and make money that way

No. 1350063

One of these days she’s going to get assaulted and she’s going to cry about how the justice system laughed her away because of tweets like this. No one deserves rape or anything but she’s not making herself look like she’s not asking for it

No. 1350095

File: 1634532308127.jpeg (251.71 KB, 750x885, A4465F52-8C7B-47A3-A09D-A78803…)

not even "step" brother obviously that wouldn't be any better but she's not even pretending to no be a pedo incest freak!! her poor family.

No. 1350098

She has a brother too :((:()

No. 1350107

People on Twitter are insane about canceling people. All the nazi stuff with Dolly is stupid edgy teen stuff. You're right, it's her pedo pandering that's disgusting

No. 1350108

She's so unhinged. I get that people have kinky fantasies… ok, sure. But romanticizing medical abuse in such specific ways, especially in a setting with like, mental health stuff? Very disturbing.

No. 1350118

These are the antics that make me actually kek outloud. I enjoy the shoutouts from our frog-bodied Kmart version of idubbbz.

Anyone else think Soy looks like he would work at Zumiez right alongside Fupa?

No. 1350119

Considering that so many people literally get abused by doctors this is such poor taste.

I’m surprised she’s not being cancelled for grooming or abuse etc

No. 1350121

File: 1634537451223.jpeg (102.04 KB, 750x247, 6F287437-AEB2-49E5-90DF-5DAE87…)

What the FUCK she is trying to be like her ol mutual brat-grrrrl

No. 1350122

Dude this isn’t kinky this is edgelord shit that’s going to leave her SERIOUSLY hurt or worse

No. 1350125

Yeah this isn’t funny anymore, it’s disturbing. I mean this whole thread and every one before it is disturbing but this is next level.

No. 1350126

Brain damaged Barbie! Help her learn how to act like a human again.

No. 1350127

>implies she ever knew how to act like a human

No. 1350129

Did she not see what happened to Bianca the egirl who got murdered by a psycho? Does she want to end up dead or trafficked?

No. 1350130

File: 1634538255922.jpeg (357.88 KB, 750x1075, 37BE3648-4B84-4CA5-9B5A-CB2E5C…)

even her coomers are like wtf??

No. 1350135

All it takes is one psychotic scrote to ask her out on a “sugar date” after reading this and she’s fucked. And not in the way she wants to be

No. 1350142

File: 1634540187599.png (349.15 KB, 1200x900, collage1.png)

This is so fucking weird. Very few of her followers are into this stuff. I know there was a post in the last thread about her trying to pander to "hard kink" nsfw twitter (>>1348306) and you can def confirm this (also begin to crossover with the pedopandering degen thread) looking at some of the people she follows.. well, these two seem the closest at least.. and the shit they post/retweet. Sorry about this shitty collage but it's kind of crazy looking at these accounts, you actually find out that she's literally just copying the things they say and claim to be into and not only is it flopping but it's also going to drive away her main orbiters lol

Also almost everybody who posts like this on this part of Twitter (depressingly) appears to be 18-21 or so, or generally younger than her. They're all just mentally ill and definitely don't have any money to drop on her

(repost, dropped pic)

No. 1350149

Kek, if he soesn’t want to get deported or fined, maybe don’t do things that could cause those. The stupidity of these people.

No. 1350151

I was thinking this, but her weird fetish tweets are really just tryhard to get likes and attention. she is just autistic af and has no idea how to create a likeable persona.

No. 1350153

Yeah it’s just her being a very cringe try-hard. If she actually liked any of it, she’d be committing to it in her porn which she very obviously doesn’t as it’s been the same half-sat spread legged with vibrator aggressively pushed onto vagina content for the last 5 years with a ball gag thrown in here and there.

No. 1350155

Ithis thread makes me want to alog so bad jfc. I

No. 1350156

Maybe she’s trying to get us to call her out since as soon as we bring something up here she tweets something relating to it.
She’s performing for the only people who give her attention

No. 1350166

Shouldn't these kids be doing their homework lmao

No. 1350168

File: 1634545241541.png (530.57 KB, 1200x900, shayna clifford endorses this.…)

don't give them fetish fuel anon.

Delving deeper into some of the accounts that she follows and mimics is really vile. Some of them explicitly use the word rape to describe the shit that they're into (as you can see in the screenshot >>1350142) and at least one of them is very open about pretending to be a "toddler" and pedo pandering outright/posting stuff that essentially reads it'd be captions for CP, to a point that it gives me Soren flashbacks.

(Since she lurks here, I wonder if she's finding some of this stuff through the pedo pandering thread…)

No. 1350170

File: 1634545703362.png (216.05 KB, 1214x835, stillsperging.png)

Are they editing this thing every couple hours now? kek

No. 1350171

This literally happened to me… this woman is a fucking freak.

No. 1350172

no one cares

No. 1350173

I do, obviously retard, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's experienced this. Things like her kidnapping fantasies happen all the time too. Just this year was Sarah Everard & Gabby Petito. She's publicly shitting on rape victims by wishing she could experience their trauma to be more interesting.

No. 1350174

>Women are paid shit loads
>Sex worker wife is actively begging for chump change on twitter

No. 1350177

File: 1634547488919.jpeg (178.51 KB, 750x515, FBB37184-C3EA-4A0F-BCA8-0D7EBE…)

I think she’s working with lovinghandmadepornography again

No. 1350178

they are so stupid. they unfollowed a rap group called 319Minds, it took me two minutes to find Soys real name.

No. 1350180

File: 1634548177324.png (124.82 KB, 1990x470, Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-18 um 1…)

guys sorry but i have to. he was mentioned in thread number 59 and he really is using the same handle on instagram

No. 1350183

File: 1634548290406.png (252.29 KB, 1642x704, Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-18 um 1…)

he and his wife are earning so much money that they both "work" for an MLM

No. 1350186

Of fucking course it’s private. I hope the woman who owns the b&b at least gets a new couch after having it sullied by Sully Hill and Shayna Clifford

No. 1350187

The way she says “fren” really grinds my gears holy fuck

No. 1350193

Back to twitter with you. Clearly anons do care otherwise they wouldn’t be talking about it

No. 1350194

You know, for a while I thought her "u w u I want 2 b hurt n suffer it's so sexiee" shtick was just a means of getting scrote eyeballs on her content but she genuinely associates good sex with female pain and suffering. What a porn-rotted pickme loser.

No. 1350195

File: 1634549377713.jpeg (140.51 KB, 828x1106, 1F43A5E4-2021-4BA5-8103-E3CB97…)

TOPKEK he is lurking, he just changed his Facebook pfp to this

No. 1350198

File: 1634549550558.gif (5.22 MB, 498x278, mike-tyson-laugh.gif)

ohhhhh no baby, it's too late now

No. 1350199

File: 1634549583752.jpg (379.46 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20211018-070036_Fac…)

No. 1350200

he also changed his name to Jack Ryan lmao

No. 1350201

File: 1634549648234.jpeg (673.44 KB, 828x1546, 896D6335-64D1-41ED-A7D9-6C3A90…)

He privated his pics because these aren’t visible anymore, I’m a retard for not checking to see if his panhandling wife was tagged before he locked everything down

No. 1350202

lmao the internet is forever, sullied mound. The autism on this site successfully found Corpse Husband, make yourself comfortable

No. 1350203

File: 1634549795481.jpeg (118.78 KB, 640x981, 083AB42D-5D19-4261-9D1E-C34730…)

No. 1350205

>inb4 he deletes his Soundcloud account

No. 1350216

File: 1634550987779.jpeg (863.94 KB, 828x1571, A50AD9F7-2FE8-4A0D-80EF-2ED63D…)

>consultant selling wellness products
>rawdogs trannies and walking yeast infections on the internet
lmao the hypocrisy

No. 1350223

straight up sounds like an angry middle school girl here kek.

No. 1350232

File: 1634553558393.jpeg (81.43 KB, 828x741, 8EE64B20-D40D-4D21-90D3-0948DD…)

No. 1350238

I want to know how they paid for a wedding that doesn’t look too degenerate lol

No. 1350240

>paid shit loads
You mean just enough to put some rice cakes in the fridge but not quite enough for a phone bill?


No. 1350241

They’ll do anything but get a real job lmao
MLM’s and e-whoring for pennies!

No. 1350242

not the fucking man bun on his wedding day KEK

No. 1350244

her dress is pretty but the dollar store pumpkin patch display in the background is questionable… guess we can see where all the money was spent lol

No. 1350247

Wow, embarrassing. These two are like a walking PSA about how to financially fuck yourself for the rest of your life. Step 1 - degrade yourself on camera so you can never get a real, paying job again. Step 2 - funnel all your remaining money into Arbonne. I bet they're in debt kek.
This is almost as hilarious as Shayna using afterpay to get a mortgage on her Shein.

No. 1350248

File: 1634555600275.jpeg (59.41 KB, 1266x680, 17C0180B-EB13-4AA3-A357-64A138…)

Sully Hill, the MLM rep who couldn’t even secure a visa feeling the full effect of associating with Shayna

No. 1350250

Holy fuck, hats off to you autistic sleuthanon. This is the best update this thread had since the airbnb cowtip I am living

No. 1350254

The fact you did this to him for just associating with her one time is psychotic(whiteknighting)

No. 1350255

Hi manbun and/or destitute wife(hi cow)

No. 1350257

Did what?
If he can’t handle a bit of laughing and jokes he should log off forever. He’s not being doxxed or attacked

No. 1350258

I guess but there’s always someone that takes it too far in these threads

No. 1350259

newfag detected

No. 1350263

Resisting the urge to “hi cow” right now.

Also learn to sage, Soyboy.

No. 1350266

Everyone told you and explained on Twitter what was the problem with shayna lol. You were just eager to cheat on your wife and didn’t give a shit. Also I don’t understand why he keeps bringing up being tested regularly, shaynus don’t even bother brushing her teeth. Do you really think she goes to the doctor?

No. 1350268

Shayna probably doesn’t think she needs to see a doctor because she doesn’t have sex. Nevermind the fact she’s putting her bare cooch everywhere outside when she goes out and shoving dildos that have likely never been cleaned inside of her.

No. 1350269

what have we taken too far exactly, newfag? its not our fault hes retarded enough to film a porno on someone elses couch and spend 90% of his waking life on twitter whilst his wife begs for spare change so she can buy some cornflakes

No. 1350271

he’s been in her discord for years.what did he think was going to happen? if he was so concerned with his image, maybe he should’ve put the money down for their “filming location”, checked shat’s background, made sure his and his lame wife’s information was well concealed. he never gave a shit and still doesn’t. all he cares about is getting his dick wet by some of the lowest tiered twitter sex workers.

No. 1350274

Shayna has never been talent tested and she’s never showed proof either. There’s literally a database and she’d be asking for reimbursements for the doctors trip to get talent tested

Seethe harder about your STI’s Sol

No. 1350275

My fucking sides, anyone who engages in pedo-pandering porn deserves to be pilloried. Publicly lambasting degenerates who actively harm women isn’t psychotic, it’s based as fuck and if more people did it maybe disgusting scrotes would be less emboldened in their violence and exploitation of women

No. 1350276

>those glasses
>that hair
>poor skin care
>on his wedding day
Girl, this is tragic. You could have found someone so much better if you had two braincells.

No. 1350277

I bet he’s posting on Twitter about how he’s being Doxxed and stalked and he needs to step back for a bit because he can’t handle this threat to his income

If someone who’s following him have caps share them lol

No. 1350278


The fact that “he” profits, however meagrely, off the violent abuse and degradation of women’s bodies while packaging himself as a positive progressive bloke doesn’t make “him” psychotic, no? It’s the women who post “his” publicly available information who are psychos? Him hooking up with the pedo panderer is merely what brought him to the farms attention. He should’ve stuck to the buttholes of men in dresses.

No. 1350280

He literally degrades women for money and then calls women psychos for …. Not agreeing with abuse. Make it make sense

No. 1350282

File: 1634559525612.gif (6.55 MB, 498x371, betty-white-wine.gif)

No. 1350283

He simulates sexual violence with women dressed up as children for shekels that he can’t even put towards some fresh rice cakes and his wife calls him “daddy” and identifies as a “little” but we’re psychos? Cope harder, Soyjack

No. 1350290

The fact that he goes home to his impoverished wife after having his bare pencil dick up the aids trap assholes of mentally ill men in frocks makes his woketard posturing all the more egregious

No. 1350291

At least the guy he canceled a few months or weeks ago is able to live a normal life and didn’t fuck troons or pedo panderers. I bet he only canceled him because he was living his dream

No. 1350294

>be a degenerate on twitter
>seek to gain clout by calling out people just like self for being "problematic"
>claim to be $thriving$
>delete everything and cry about it when called out for being in fact a problematic, broke degenerate

this one being a worthless scrote with a starving wife Too Sad To Go Outside is the icing on the shit cake

No. 1350296

cows will always take one look at lc and go "they're twansphobic!! and ableist!!!" and dismiss all criticism aimed at them. cope. fun fact soy, plenty of farmers don't hate trans people or give a shit about them, we're not a hivemind. but we're not here to discuss that cus one thing most of us DO have in common is that we're women who likes to laugh at degenerates like you. and you can try to convince yourself that it' s unfair harrassment, buy truth is that everything posted about you here was made public by you to begin with and every consequence you might suffer is due to your own fucking actions. all of this would have happened sooner of later, lolcow or not. maybe don't make porn in other people's houses and openly admit that you're working illegally next time. and stop pretending you're woke and progressive when you're ok with pedo pandering and degrading women, everyone who isn't a pickme libfem sees right through your shit

No. 1350297

Thank you!!!

He only respects women that agree with him which is why I don’t trust woke men because they’re always hateful and misogynistic

No. 1350301

What even is the point of privating and deleting fucking everything because some internet strangers are laughing at you in a mongolian basket weaving forum? Anyone who knows him irl and actually have an impact on their lives could easily find the degeneracy he's not deleting, congrats on accomplishing nothing again.
I understand getting called transphobic (lol) but why ableist? Is his body like that cause of some illness?

No. 1350303

Most men prefer troons because most men are degenerates obsessed with ass fucking and no self respecting woman wants a dick up her ass and that makes men seethe
This is hilarious, no one would have paid attention to his Soundcloud if he didn’t keep updating the bio to “own” us, what a retard. He really is a sterling example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1350304

>>1350296 Speaking of ableist, how does calling women who object to his abuse of other women “psychos” sit with the woke sex workers community he’s king of?

No. 1350305

Because we says sperg, autist, retard and he’s the PC police

No. 1350306

He had his Arbonne link in his bio while posting pics of himself ass fucking troons dressed as little girls with their great big brown cock and balls on display for free all over twitter, he either knows that a MLM is the closest he’ll get to a non-degenerate job or he’s too stupid to understand that actions have consequences

No. 1350307

It doesn’t count “it’s consensual” ITS FINE!

No. 1350308

I think he’s calling us ableist for “fat shaming” big shungus and all the other ham planets he fucks for pennies

No. 1350309

Why does he need to work under the table, doesn’t OF make you fill tax forms in the US? Why can’t he do generate shit and get a job at Walmart or ask his wife to or something since you can study and work too ??

No. 1350310

But she makes banners in ms paint, she’s a true artist starving for her art, you just don’t understand the struggle nonita!

No. 1350312

Oh, what a fucking retard (no, seriously how do you make all these decisions unless you suffer from some form of delay). But I guess it's nice he isn't so PC that Shay's lobotomy and skull cracking isn't seen as ableist. Maybe making people disabled is the exact opposite of ableism?

No. 1350313

It’s transalbeist, so you could assume that shay is trans.

No. 1350315

he most likely doesn't have a SSN, so no 1099 will be sent and income isn't reposrted to the IRS. he probably has his OF set to report income in the UK. making any kind of money from any kind of employment while on a non-work visa in the US is a big no-no and can get him deported lol

No. 1350316

You can't expect intelligence from someone who shills MLMs AND does onlyfans

Yeah, seems a little ableist of him

No. 1350319

Isn’t he worried about being deported? Also why doesn’t he just get legally recognised since he’s from the UK surely they wouldn’t mind and then he can actually work and be a contributing member to society.

At least undocumented Mexicans actually work

No. 1350320

>Is his body like that cause of some illness?


No. 1350321

Off-topic but I always thought if you were there married to an american you could work too

No. 1350322

legal immigration to the US can cost multiple thousands of dollars, and he can't even feed his wife more than expired rice cakes kek people like them think they can just get married and get a green card easy but it's a lenghty, expensive process that whoring yourself out for pennies won't bring pay for

No. 1350324

Nah, even if you have a K-visa to be with your spouse you have to obtain a work permit or await your green card to work while in the USA

No. 1350325

Ah okay I wasn’t sure on the process, it still seems weird you’d relocate with no money? Most people who emigrate don’t leave with no savings or money to get the necessary certifications

No. 1350326

soypeen really traveled from a country with free health care to the US so he could suck dicks for pennies "under the grid" but on video and while documenting his acticts online, cus using your brain and working hard to make sure you can stay, as most immigrants from less priviliged countries would do, was not an option, i guess.

No. 1350328

He really fucked up his life. At least his struggling wife could afford doctors visits to the GP with her constantly sore vagina if she moved to the UK

No. 1350333

Maybe he wanted to get away from his social circle and family to live his fetish life without shame. Or he was always like that

No. 1350334

Yeah, that part of it is just on him being a dumbass while thinking he's smarter than the people who are going to check him out

No. 1350335

Can’t wait for the feds to catch on, deport him and him ending up blaming lolcow

No. 1350337

If you're on a marriage visa you have to prove your relationship is real over time. I dont think publicly posting about fucking other people is a wise choice for someone only in the country based on a supposed marriage

No. 1350348

Should we start a thread for Sol or is he on camwhores thread?

No. 1350352

i don't think he needs one in the same vein that kyle perkins didn't need one. he's related to shayna at the moment so until he breaks off from her, he should stay here.

that's at least my opinion on it.

No. 1350355

Wow, this whole soy boy saga has been so entertaining and yet more proof that we're doomed as a species. What is it with these 20 year olds making the worst life choices possible and acting so indignant and woke about it? I have to wonder what brain disease his wife has to put up with this too, throwing her life away for a skinnyfat man bun who fucks troons and landwhales… You could write a book about this

No. 1350361

camwhores thread or just here, he doesn't need his own unless we get some grade a milk

No. 1350366

the diseases are called liberalism, sex positivity, pornography and post-tumblr-society.

No. 1350373


It’s ugly or plain people who’ve found a way to connect with other uglies and they fool each other that degrading themselves for pocket change perverts makes them popular. They have nothing to offer looks or personality wise, so they convince themselves that getting an Uber eats gift card for embarrassing themselves is thriving. You only have to look at shaygar’s face when she’s on video to see how much she cringes. I honestly don’t know how they can bear it. Is that really better than flipping burgers?

No. 1350374

I really think that in this guy's case it's more a matter of being an exhibitionist coomer, even Shay seems more bussiness oriented in a sense even if it falls short

No. 1350375

this makes me want to a-log so fucking hard. on behalf of abuse victims everywhere, fuck you shayna clifford.

No. 1350377


It’s a good way for a guy who looks like a pencil to get laid regularly ig.

No. 1350381

>sullied mound
had me rolling anon. can't believe he used "sol" in both his personal life and coomer life
"yes visa officer, we met and bonded over our gross kink lifestyle and our failing onlyfans"

No. 1350382

I’ll never get tired of the side characters that end up in this thread, it’s so fucking entertaining to see what trash gets pulled into her orbit

Would have liked to see her crash and burn over getting attached to Soy, but will never mind pedo panderers getting rightfully flamed.

No. 1350386

his wife puts up with it because she's a degen coomer too to some extent but i have more sympathy for her because 2010s tumblr sex/kink positivity culture groomed an entire generation of young women and she's a textbook example. that and their relationship goes back at least 4 years, so she's wasted her entire adult life so far on a soyboy who cucks her, uses her to stay in the country, and doesn't even make enough money to buy food. not tinfoiling, but i wouldn't be surprised if she comes out about sol being abusive to her in a few years

No. 1350390

Hes so mad that he can't even form coherent sentencing… Lol
First off, nobody's angry with their own lives that they're just "attacking" yours? You're just pissed off that you've not covered your tracks well enough and people can actually see how trashy you are.
Secondly, throwing out that you're "regularly tested to stay safe"…….
Ok Soy Gribble show us that you've been fully tested AND THEN …………. Show us the proof that SHAT sent you verification that she was fully tested. Since….. Thats what a majority of us were laughing at. You can visibly see in her photos that she has some sort of STI/STD and NEVER mentions getting tested beforehand.(Watch it start now lol).
Years… she's been documented for YEARS with no proof of testing… And you stuck your vienna sausage in her lol..
Go apologize to your wife for fucking anything that has a hole.. without condoms.
Wanna call us losers?.. OK, SURE JAN LOL

No. 1350395

Ah shit, you're right. He's actually been around for a long time. I almost wanna say he's posted on her cam shows back then too. That username is very familiar. What an actual loser. Does he thirst for Shay because she looks like a troon? Kek. His wife looks ok and he's not the ugliest scrote in her small circle. Not sure what he would've seen in Shatna that he stuck around all this time and actually was willing to do content with her lol.
Dang tho, he's supposed to be Sol Gribble, not Hill kek

No. 1350397

What a fucking moron. He was so cocky and instead of privatizing his personal social media accounts , he just left them wide open. KNOWING people were looking for his personal info.

All that time updating your stupid SoundCloud to seethe at us and you couldn’t even do the minimum. Serves you right for working with a gross pedo-pandering scamming twat.

No. 1350398

File: 1634571321584.jpeg (119.15 KB, 750x1123, DDAF2D0F-161F-4FCF-BB53-B3CFF3…)

i remembered their old tumblr urls from the soundcloud link and went to look for more milk and uh. sol confirmed for being a groomer? if she's only 22 now then she would have been underage in 2016 and here she was running a ddlg blog with his username tagged. if that's the case then this makes everything around him so much worse


No. 1350399

She started sex work very young so it's not surprising that she was either thinking or participating in the lifestyle underage.

No. 1350400

>NSFW 18+ only <3
>is a minor herself
the fucking cognitive dissonance gets me every time. i just wish people like degentleman sol would actually face consequences for their actions.

No. 1350401

Welp. It’s not a surprise that a soyboy who simulates fucking children on his so called porn, is actually a creepy pedo.

No. 1350402

Ffs, where are the stalker visa agents when you need them

No. 1350404

Was literally just about to post this exact same comment kek

No. 1350407

File: 1634572348399.jpeg (483.22 KB, 1170x990, A561722A-0782-4B71-9EC8-3FECC2…)

I hate her so much

No. 1350410

as always these idiots are stuck in their twitter bubbles, connecting their REAL faces to their disgusting shit, then when people who aren't kissing their asses talk about them it becomes evil. If this was a thread kissing his ass and talking about trans rights he'd love it.

No. 1350411

File: 1634572770388.png (100.27 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_2021-10-18-10-56-35…)

Fascinating, Ellen was simping for Sol's wife back then. It goes further back than I thought!

No. 1350415

Yeah so soy boy is going to be even more cancelled now kek can't claim ignorance to Shay's shenanigans when they've all been up in each other's business for literal years

No. 1350416

I am SCREAMING! Barebacks trannies but sells wellness products hahahaha… Actually maybe that's his schtick? "Hey Huns, you too, can fuck troglodytes without protection, as long as you use Arbonne"

No. 1350419

This. Tinfoil but I don’t see how Sol could be around Shatna for so long and not know about lolcow. He probably hoped anons here would praise him, and he could use Shay’s thread to boost his own popularity, kind of like how Dawn openly acknowledged and even interacted with some farmers. Fuck Sol, he’s a predator who groomed a teenage girl interested in “the lifestyle” so he could get a marriage visa when she eventually became legal. Can Shay be a horrorcow now? Her recent shit and cast of disgusting side characters are repulsive.

No. 1350422

This was already posted and discussed.

Stop trying to distract from the Soymilk, I see you.

No. 1350425

This isn't surprising. Based on her Twitter she seemed extremely young and naive af. They lived with her family until fairly recently. She complained about having to make excuses for his "business trips" because they don't know he's a sex worker. Bet her family paid for the wedding. She didn't even know how much it cost to rent an apartment.

No. 1350428

This, and the “everybody knows straight men LOVE sucking penis!” has me dying.

Anons, you are just too funny!

No. 1350429

Sooooo he’s a MLM worker and sounds like he scammed this girl and her family?
Him and Shay are cut from the same fabric kek
Wonder if we can dig up anything about his life before he came to the US?

No. 1350430

Some of you have a fantastic way with words, thank you for making me actually lol. “He should have stuck to the buttholes of men in dresses” is still making me laugh!

I would say that this is all so incestuous, but these degenerates would probably take that as a compliment.

No. 1350431

i agree, this fat, retarded woman child really drags everyone around her down, and she just continues to post "i'm baby!!! lobotomy please!!" like soypeen isn't shaking from fear since meeting her. not that it isn't his own fault. but it's funny as fuck to watch in real time.

No. 1350432

If I had even a shred of sympathy for this degenerate that just went out the window, he's the type of guy who would hang out outside a high school to hit on girls. This does make me feel worse for the wife though, if he got to her when she was ~17 she never even had a chance.

No. 1350433

this also puts into perspective why a while back he dismissed abuse/pedo accusations against a different male ethot. birds of a feather flock together
i genuinely feel bad for her and hope she leaves him. if shay has any conscience whatsoever she'll unfollow him after lurking here but she'll probably just reeee about "minors in kink" (aka groomed children) again.

No. 1350435

Same, I do feel some sympathy for the wife, especially upon realizing she was underage when this idiot hooked her. Stupid girl never stood a chance. Dumber than a bag of rocks, underage and a family willing to let his degen move in from the UK AND marry her.

No. 1350437

That isn't true, they deport people indiscriminately, don't you remember the 21 savage situation? If you are from the uk getting a green card is pretty hard if you are not a millionaire, don't have an f1 visa before hand or you are not married to a us citizen. They only accept a certain amount of people from each nationality and there's already a lot of British people living in the US as it is. Like the other anon said, it literally costs thousands of dollars to apply for a green card, but he can probably try and get a business visa or something that would let him work.

No. 1350440

Jesus, what is this post? Learn to integrate newfag.

No. 1350444

I think it's an attempt at humour.

No. 1350449


I'm late on this but the harvest scene in the bg of their wedding picture makes me think their anniversary must be coming up. What a great present all this drama is, kek.

No. 1350460

Shay's threads are full of other rotund camwhores who use it to feel better about themselves. You can tell who they are because they all want each thread to be about the same things: Boob sperg, vag sperg, Haha fatty. There's no fun to be had by any anons who don't relate to Shay.

No. 1350465

How old was he at the time?

No. 1350466

he's 4 years older than her

No. 1350467

Probably didn’t care until someone “big” said something or blasted him somewhere

No. 1350468

this soypencil saga just confirms that shayna didn't actually give a shit about protecting ellen by trying to hide her. she was embarressed, that's all. cus she had no problem dragging soy and his wife into her life and she absolutely knew they would be talked about on here and that if they had any dirt on them, it would be exposed. i wonder if she even tried to warn them, although there is no way that soy didn't know about lolcow beforehand. as another anon said, he probably hoped to get praise and thought he was too perfect and irresistable for us to drag, kek.

No. 1350469

File: 1634577975285.jpeg (235.62 KB, 750x633, F0DF1212-1C92-4671-924F-527DA5…)

she forces her kinks on strangers irl all the time and never wears underwear and has flashed people

No. 1350471

File: 1634578332365.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1233, CEC6358D-53C8-47EB-8FAC-9CB52C…)

5th of October

No. 1350472

She looks so nice and he's just there with that fucking greaseball haircut

No. 1350474

i really hope other anons don't start ripping on his wife. she seems like she's just dumb and naive and in love with a scrote who sees her as nothing more than an easy hole.

bet her parents paid for the wedding, too. i can't imagine him putting up any money.

No. 1350475

Oof RIP Ellen. Ellen just begging Shay for a crumb of physical attention and Shay posts shit like this kek. Just ditch her Ellen. You can find some coomer or other uggo chick who wouldn't be completely embarrassed and actually repulsed by you. Shay just keeps using her and giving nothing back so openly and without guilt

No. 1350476

File: 1634578738975.png (17.12 KB, 275x282, 86BD2C4B-111B-49B7-BEBA-B34D24…)

she looks good but he looks like bargain pin pidgeotto kek

No. 1350479

File: 1634579088821.jpeg (376.88 KB, 2000x1333, E3280CC3-32E7-4981-AA46-34A324…)

Anyone else get rickety cricket from its always sunny vibes?

No. 1350481

do not do matthew mara dirty like that, he was a priest.

No. 1350482

Uh, is this about Ellen? I see no women asking to top her elsewhere. Please stop publicly shitting on your doormat gf, Shay. We can always tell.

No. 1350484

on their anniversary, he was arguing with sex workers about Shayna, amazing!

No. 1350485

she's a degenerate who posted openly on her twitter about wanting to have a baby and talking about her breeding kink. she does seem young and dumb but holy shit that's disgusting.

No. 1350486

File: 1634579689221.jpeg (264.23 KB, 528x776, 82777CFF-4CEB-4240-A294-99A5BE…)

Why do all of these people look like rats.

No. 1350487

this is depressing, she's pretty and clearly put in a lot of effort and he looks like he rolled out of bed and put on a cheap suit from sears
kek anon

No. 1350488

i'll be real with you anon that's lukewarm compared to the shit shayna and sol post about.

No. 1350492

i don't know. involving an actual child in your kink is pretty gross. using your own offspring as a fetish accessory is vomit inducing.

No. 1350493

File: 1634580139577.jpeg (120.18 KB, 827x1047, DE2B2B75-B983-42DA-A9FD-1A06CB…)

No. 1350494

File: 1634580143787.jpeg (363.27 KB, 1170x1054, 0539DCB3-E54D-4594-91CC-85BE92…)

No. 1350495

you're right on that anon.

regardless i do think she's been influenced a lot by sol and she's probably trying to keep him with her by feeding into his gross fetish shit.

No. 1350496

awe did the baby get doxxed after meeting up with an infamously 'problematic' camgirl? boohoo.

No. 1350497

This should be interesting

No. 1350499

No. 1350500

I love when these retards act like the FBI just caught Bin Laden when they get outed. Anyone with even the basics of social media creeping can find this shit out

No. 1350502

shouldn't use your instagram handle as your discord name lol

No. 1350504

who's gonna tell these smoothbrains that reposting links to their social media under their legal names which they willingly tie to all their degenerate shit is NOT doxxing. you doxxed yourself, if anything, retard.

No. 1350505


Exactly this. He did it to himself and I fucking love it. But of course he's going to cry into his, now private, twitter void and use this for sympathy points

No. 1350506

that's not even what flirting is kek what a loser

No. 1350511

File: 1634581202954.jpeg (857.21 KB, 1170x1860, 99B4463D-3395-4D9A-8D5D-4A3A16…)

1/2 this dumb bitch is really going to get herself kidnapped one day

No. 1350514

File: 1634581239404.jpeg (971.93 KB, 1170x1860, DF881973-B6CD-4520-9756-79D91E…)


No. 1350517


he married for a green card and neglects his young wife. I have no sympathy for this scrote. he's probably using MLM as a cover for his degenerate porn business and it couldn't be more obvious. how else could he prove to immigration that he and his totally legit wife contribute to society. I think that's what really got under their skin itt because it's true. I've never seen a cow communicate to us via soundcloud bio though kek. If anons dig deeper I think something more insidious will be revealed because something is disturbingly off about these people, beyond willingly
documenting yourself fucking shat on camera. Someone drop his dox kek

No. 1350518

im cracking up over shaynas own thread, which she is obviously aware of and reading constantly, being full of posts "doxxing" her latest scrote of interest, all while she tweets her usual string of cringe not acknowledging it in the slightest kek

No. 1350521

this reads like a bad script for a horror movie. is she writing for r/scarystories?

No. 1350522

Lol soy, corpse husband was doxxed by nonnies. You just got your public profiles reposted alongside posts about how you abuse women for profit and sexual fulfilment. Cry more about it, we’re all ears.

No. 1350523

she really built her own kind of hell where she just drunkenly tweets increasingly violent "fantasies" that are clearly cries for help and nobody gives a shit. couldn't have happened to a better heifer, kek

No. 1350526

I honestly feel like she's trying to act unbothered and these retarded blocks of texts is content now. She's not even taking nudes anymore, just writing retarded shit. It gets her more attention then them anyway.

No. 1350527

god this is funny, he is that fucking dumb

No. 1350531

Meanwhile if anything like this happened to her she'd probably shit herself and have a stroke from fear.
Didn't she claim abuse when fupa slapped her with his dainty lady hands? But now suddenly this big bad ass can handle kidnapping, confinement and rape?

No. 1350534

This retard made it obvious he's lurking and overreacted at the most lukewarm shit being posted, but can't seem to figure out why anons are digging up all his public shit. Keep lactating, soyboy

No. 1350535

Any more comments on this? Keep the screenshots coming! kek

No. 1350537


No. 1350538

I'm honestly wondering why is he over reacting like this, like all people did was talk about shit HE posted and his neglected wife.

No. 1350545

Just like every cow before him, and surely evey cow after, he has to REEEEE about barely even being mentioned here and that's what kicked it all into overdrive. Had he just not acknowledged us with his vague tweets nobody would have bothered digging deeper

No. 1350552

Oh no, what's the matter, Sully Hill aka Sol Salvatore, aka Sol Gribble aka Troon Fucker from Southampton England, now residing in LA (?)… Is you mad that you left bread crumbs all over the internet for people to find?

No. 1350558

why? because cope, seethe and dilate, of course. he's been coddled by an equally degenerate community. like shayna, he lives for porn sick men throwing a couple of bucks at him. probably because he cooms from attention and the possibility of putting a few dollars worth of food in the soy shack to placate his "wife."

No. 1350559

File: 1634583787133.jpeg (151.42 KB, 827x944, 5DD5B7CA-8B90-4F9B-948C-F0FE00…)

No. 1350560

Bitch why would you go for a drive if you end up in your own basement.

No. 1350561

He’s from the town I live in, tried to find out some info on his life in the U.K. but I don’t have any mutual with him, just saw he’d visited the shitty night club at some point

No. 1350563

HA! Good luck with that Shaynus. After what just happened to soyboy Sully, no one is going to want to collab with you, especially nobody that's "established"…

No. 1350564

Anon now that you mention it, the whole “birds of a feather” thing could also explain why he exclusively goes after problematic male swers. Is Soy projecting and trying to keep the focus off of himself?

No. 1350566

File: 1634584195567.jpeg (119.61 KB, 1170x562, E51FA968-49F6-4793-83A6-5A51C0…)

No. 1350569

File: 1634584243823.jpeg (250.6 KB, 1170x731, 062702F4-C989-41A7-B387-11F830…)

No. 1350570

shat clearly doesn't care about anyone but herself. she lurks and knows Soy is being virtually castrated. meanwhile she's planning to bring more unsuspecting troglodytes into this massive shit show she calls thriving. no cowtipping this time, nonnies. I'm ready for a fresh flow of untainted milk.

No. 1350571

Really though, all it takes is googling any variation of her real name or social media handles and the entire first page of google is lolcow threads. If these people can't do the bare minimum before fucking a stranger on camera, it's their own fault.

No. 1350572

no one cares enough about you to actually dox you. all that was posted was information that you yourself posted, on a public profile, that you willfully linked to your sex work accounts. go back to bongland and get a real job

No. 1350574

File: 1634584514445.jpg (42.5 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20211018-141428_Dis…)

He left the discord too

No. 1350575

Why would anyone established reach out to her? If she really wanted to do that the respectable thing would be to do her own research and reach out to them with the whole “I want to have a change in my career “ schtick. Goddamn Shay you can’t even meet yourself half way on the things you want.

No. 1350578

File: 1634584750670.jpeg (766.58 KB, 1170x1833, 79CA6F1D-119A-4628-A27A-BBEF21…)

No. 1350579

His smoothbrain is going brrrrr right now

No. 1350583

Kek “plateau” it has been downhill since the start. She’s nearing earth’s core.

No. 1350584

no one can convince me that this rat man is in his twenties, he looks 45 from this angle

No. 1350585

the meltdowns and damage control that must have ensued in the Salvatore household while shatna continues to get drunk and remain unbothered is the most hilarious contrast. they are screeching and choking while shayna gets drunk and talks about being raped and beaten on twitter. kek

No. 1350586

File: 1634585025663.jpeg (563.99 KB, 2909x1707, 0069F380-91D5-40C9-BAE1-6A0FFB…)

Soy and Shat have the same greasy combover kek

No. 1350590

and the same ratty face. they could be siblings

No. 1350592

she'd like that comparison, don't give her any ideas

No. 1350593

File: 1634585528777.gif (62.44 KB, 570x537, AC5F2C5A-DF15-4760-A926-1246EF…)

Soy reading the thread like:
Imagine larping as a big bad dom uwu but can’t take a few comments by a bunch of anon ladies

No. 1350594

tbh anyone "established" isn't going to want to work with her. the more degenerate ewhores won't want her because of her edgelord tumblr past and the more sane ones aren't going to want to be associated with pedo pandering and rape fetishism, which is what shay bases 98% of her persona on

No. 1350596

I’d love to see how many OF subs she has left. She peaked at 1k and last she posted was 400 I think. She used to brag about her rank all the time and quickly switched to shitting on girls who post their rank when she tanked.

No. 1350597

Don't forget the face and neck moles too

No. 1350601

He's the same age as me yet looks like he's getting ready to retire.
Plus he gives off some intense creepy pedo vibes

No. 1350603

but you're not doing what people want to see, you do the exact same thing in every single video and you're not gaining any new costumers?

No. 1350604

While his pencil dick gets even smaller with each lolcow truth bomb

No. 1350605

she's blocked by 90% of her degenerate peers no matter how many accounts she makes, she bitches about it occasionally. Not even dawn the dog fucker wanted her, kek. Shat is as blacklisted as a problematic onlyfans whore can get.

No. 1350606

File: 1634586128075.jpeg (288.44 KB, 1170x997, 9EF17E9B-255D-40BE-A2A0-87ABA6…)

Cause her first one was such a success

No. 1350607

Can't bitch about being asked to dom and then call yourself Dommey Mattel retard

No. 1350608

How does she have the gall to post these on the same day?? This is people don’t buy into her sex work, it’s all so disingenuous

No. 1350610

the first tweet reads like she's not wanting to tend to her own girlfriends sexual wants, second tweet reads like a coomer just paid her the weekly doordash giftcard and of course she's ecstatic for male attention and crumbs of cash.

No. 1350612

Do you think the reason he hasn't posted to thread is because he cant figure out how to do it? Waiting for a thread to show up in /g/ responding to an anon 3 threads ago about the situation happening rn

If you put a manbun on that gif it would actually be a caricature of him kek.

No. 1350614

i know cowtipping is a cardinal sin, but i genuinely laughed out loud at this. it’s beginning to feel a lot like milkmas!

No. 1350622

burnout from what? taking every day off to sit on her ass and order door dash??

No. 1350623

File: 1634587937942.jpeg (741.91 KB, 1170x1744, 3D6B2045-949C-4E85-BE85-B2620F…)

1/2 gross

No. 1350624

File: 1634587978240.jpeg (435.58 KB, 1170x864, 61F486F6-3DD3-4E30-B3DB-227ED9…)


No. 1350626

File: 1634588024290.jpeg (299.17 KB, 1170x907, 818106F6-D41F-42DF-92CC-DC6B1B…)

No. 1350627

And 2$ goes to the anon that said the nails wouldn't last till halloween. This is record speed.

No. 1350629

farmers have said a million times that her long nails makes no sense with her pedo pandering porn but ofc she listens as soon as a disgusting pedo coomer says the same

No. 1350635

File: 1634589088554.jpeg (Spoiler Image,891.42 KB, 1170x1860, 8A4B3E6B-4BC0-41BD-ACAA-764BE6…)

Wtf Shay

No. 1350640

At least the guys have decent bods

No. 1350642

The Halloween nails were actually not that bad, what a waste of time and money just to look more like a “little girl” excuse me while I projectile vomit

No. 1350645

at this poitn the only thing stopping her from doing full on boy on girl porn is that no one wants tow ork with her kek

No. 1350647

I don't think I'll ever understand nails, to my untrained eye those were the ugliest things I'd ever seen. Like each nail was picked out by a toddler from a random assortment of dollar store packs in the Halloween isle then slapped on with Elmer's. If I paid even a student for any of the nails shat gets I'd be pissed. I am actually shocked anons are saying they aren't that bad, even compared to the hotdogs i thought they were some of the worst looking she's had

No. 1350650

He looks normal/healthy in this profile picture, Jfc what happened? Is this the sex work effect?

No. 1350651

i think it's just the white male effect. cute teen boys with soft facial features are going to hit the wall hard. just look at justin bieber. all of my irl crushes as a teen (that everyone around me crushed on as well) turned into less than average adult men kek

No. 1350662

File: 1634593024100.png (188.14 KB, 530x577, soygnar.PNG)

kek 2016 shay-gnar reblogged/commented on something of Soy's.
I did some digging to see if the girl in pic (maidtopleasure) was babykay, but I dont think it is. Seems Soy was a tumblr daddy dom to a different barely legal girl (or maybe a minor, who knows) back in 2016, and he was submitting lingerie/rope pics of her to bdsm/kink tumblr pages.

No. 1350671

File: 1634593997264.jpeg (170.69 KB, 1206x1690, 6351696E-A4DF-41F0-B105-C1F4E0…)

Kek my sides, she erased half of her nose on this. Just get a nose job already you troglodyte

No. 1350674

All I see is a badly shooped fat retard

No. 1350675

His hair looks like a dirty rag someone just draped over his head, someone needs to take nonce-kun to a hairdresser

No. 1350681

File: 1634595164109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.69 KB, 500x623, F88599D2-2DEA-4557-A472-550AE4…)

leatherlacedbass is also a friend of Ellen Dresel

No. 1350682

File: 1634595169131.jpeg (334.68 KB, 1161x1020, 47DF2D0B-8DAD-4E21-AF8D-AC1512…)

Didn’t this bitch beg for a new vibrator like a month ago?

No. 1350686

my god, that’s horrific.

No. 1350690

Ellen’s cottage cheese thighs are giving me the inspo to lift harder at the gym

No. 1350691

pictures you can smell

No. 1350692

how does someone's thighs end up like that jfc…

No. 1350695

File: 1634596569730.jpeg (327.37 KB, 1170x941, 988A3BD7-3776-47B7-A5D6-A9C4EC…)

No. 1350697

File: 1634596653180.jpg (250.8 KB, 1080x1112, 1617240414190.jpg)

ScammyMattel strikes 1/2

No. 1350698

File: 1634596726169.jpg (181.34 KB, 972x691, Screenshot_20211018-200036_Twi…)

No. 1350702

even if it actually broke it's 100% still in warranty kek she's really milking everything she can for cents

No. 1350709

Cant wait to see whatever company she’s working outed 4 pretending their models are actual children- those are the most disturbing texts I’ve seen between a model& company even if it is that disturbing ABDL page how are you seriously interacting with ppl like this it looks like a cringey sexy you’d get from some 40yr old interested in their gfs daughter

No. 1350730

I love that while Sol is ruining his reputation and seething, Shayna is unbothered and continuing on as usual, can’t wait for the shit storm that follows once he realises Shayna doesn’t give a fuck about him as long as it takes the heat off her for 5 minutes

No. 1350732

Exactly. If it were about herself she'd be angry tweeting about it.

She's just carrying on with her bullshit self fanfiction while the Hills are in full meltdown.

No. 1350733

File: 1634600979163.jpg (202.91 KB, 1118x2048, 20211018_164905.jpg)

She's taking new pics in her scout outfit since she can't post the ones with sol kek

No. 1350735

So he probably followed Shay when she was underage.

No. 1350736

File: 1634601045483.jpg (211.68 KB, 1118x2048, 20211018_164908.jpg)

No. 1350737

Why does her beret look like a chef hat?? Also god damn, those arms.

No. 1350738

File: 1634601113087.jpeg (371.65 KB, 1170x1844, 643B12DE-7DB7-494E-B6F2-A72228…)

poor Sully Hill

No. 1350739

Did you say deportation?

No. 1350740

Poor Sully Hill - also on Facebook as Ryan Jack married to his green card wife he groomed as a minor. It’s a hard life isn’t it?

No. 1350741

>let’s do this baby I know the law
Jfc he is actually retarded, YOUR INFO WAS PUBLIC. Referring to you by your real name which you already have on your accounts is not doxxing. You have your occupation in your account bios. You puffed out your chest at us and your degenerate ass got a spanking for your troubles. Sowing and reaping, Sullied.

No. 1350743

>his name is sully
>flashback to grey hairs cursed monsters inc gif

No. 1350744

People have been saying sex work doesn’t come risk free? Sully Hill you know why most sex workers don’t get posted here? They mind their business and don’t act like pedophiles or engage with the thread. Should’ve just stuck to Arbonne and spitting on your dick for $1

No. 1350745

File: 1634601867333.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2400x2400, 6503B54D-5213-438A-8BE6-7340D1…)

If he and shay didn’t want to get the airbnb location outed they should have covered certain furniture and been discreet about it. Or used a motel since all motels have similar rooms and would make it hard to pinpoint the location but nah they had to act bougie about it and larp as professional pornography actors kek. Idk about you ladies but I’m loving the soy milk being produced by this scrote

No. 1350747

im sorry but what? sex work has nothing to do with deportation, that's your own fault for working under the table.
also, health care rejected? nope, dont think so. finances frozen? yes if you go against the paypal TOS. that's your own fault. detainment? yeah if you're breaking the law. these go for anyone, not just sex workers.
these hoes just wanna feel like victims so bad.

No. 1350748

She's fat as fuck? But also bad genetics

No. 1350753


I fucking hate her.

She's probably happy that he's being mocked because its some petty "revenge" for her since he wouldn't humor her enough and told that one person in her disc that they're just friends.

And yet some anons think we're better off nitpicking shat's alcohol and nail choices all fucking year kek

The sleeves are so tight.

>reading its head

Its REARING, you fucking mongrel. Jfc and like >>1350741 and other anons have said: THE INFO IS PUBLIC. This shit makes me want to a-log.

No. 1350754

File: 1634602212126.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, 83F743F7-9A24-46E3-A99A-D66937…)

oh you mean this one nonnie?,

No. 1350762

LMFAO, get rekt Soy Salvatore.

No. 1350765

>just for existing as a sex worker
oh my fucking god, take some responsibility for your own mistakes. making porn in a non consenting persons house and breaking the law got you in trouble. and doing so when your identity can be found by anyone with a few braincells and an internet connection. you're not a fucking victim.

No. 1350767

File: 1634603693297.png (1.19 MB, 2048x1358, Screenshot_20211018-173431.png)

No. 1350770

Somehow referring to men as "The Dad" is a million times worse than Daddy

No. 1350771

File: 1634603858588.jpg (130.58 KB, 1169x1215, 20211018_173707.jpg)

Now she has the dad calling them stuffies, barf

No. 1350775

forever21 and applebee’s 2 for $20 sirloin meals i’m sure

No. 1350776

>>Takes her to the mall
>>to get her a stuffed animal
Can someone explain this to me? Is he paying to take her out and this other shit is extra or is this the "Sugar date".
A meal and a fucking stuffed animal?

No. 1350778

Lmao meanwhile Shayna's thriving (by Shayna standards)

No. 1350779

Nta shayna is literally the walker hayes “fancy like” Applebee’s date gf

No. 1350782

the one messed up tooth makes her filtered face jarring, like a womack found the snow app

No. 1350784

The outfit could have been slightly passable with a pair of pants. Does she own any bottoms that aren't wrinkly skirts or sweat pants??

No. 1350785

File: 1634605190721.jpg (25.32 KB, 600x315, vWtEugM4dbDkqAoC__LdigOhGB-YWb…)

No. 1350788

This really makes me feel like we won one, like I won one as a woman living in a porn-riddled modern wasteland. Even if lolcow goes down, nonnies, you make me feel like there are still women who advocate for women.

No. 1350791

Least this guy wanted to take Shatna and Noodle for a walk. But no, shopping instead for the fat ass…

No. 1350797

Perks of being a sugar daddy for a retard?
Rather than expensive classy things all she wants is a child's toy.

No. 1350800

Why are they texting on Snapchat? Who the fuck still uses that to text? Broke bitches who can’t afford a phone plan since getting kicked off their abusive ex’s.

No. 1350801

i like this skirt more than the usual tennis skirt made for skinny people tbh. it hides her gut more and it doesn't look like it's about to burst at the seams

No. 1350802

Fucking exactly. I have sex worker friends. Guess what, they don’t share their real name online. They don’t break the law. They don’t pander to pedos or groom minors.

If you were working as a designer while not having a valid visa in the USA you would face the same penalties. If you rent someone’s airbnb and film content that you meant to distribute and profit off of, you’d face penalties as well.

I hate people who just blame everything on hating sex work. You were a dickhead, you’re breaking the law, you’re disrespecting people’s homes and cry about it later on.

I hope Sully Hill gets everything coming for his sorry ass, even deportation. It’s fucking annoying to play by the rule book and have wankers blatantly break laws because they think they’re above it (coming from someone who had to go through the extensive legal system.)

No. 1350804

File: 1634607273997.png (6.88 MB, 1242x2208, B7C80F2F-822B-47B7-ABDA-50F230…)

It seems like Shayna wants a degen boyfriend rather than a splenda daddy. Real sugar daddies don’t buy stuffed animals kek

No. 1350806

Exactly. I have symphaty for sex workers who break the law, work under the grid because they have no other options/were forced into it, people who don't even speak the language and escaped dangerous situations in their home countries and might be killed if they're deported. Sully is an English-speaking man from a country with free healthcare who simply decided to go to the US because he wanted to make amatour porn and marry a woman he groomed when she was a minor. He clearly wasn't scared enough about being deported to use his brain and not leave traces of his mistakes all over the internet. Now he might have to go back and live in the terrible, terrible UK. Boo fucking hoo.

No. 1350807

File: 1634607643497.png (6.08 MB, 3464x3464, 6E7816A7-2AAE-41AF-BB6F-D47C05…)

No. 1350813

Guaranteed she's dating another thirty year old twitterfag, not some "old guy."

No. 1350814

So go get one! It's like when something is easy she chooses to go about it the hard way. When something requires effort she goes about it the laziest way she can.
If she wants a boyfriend SO fucking bad, why not look on those fetish websites? Why not go to the sites FOR degens looking to date degens? Why treat a man whose supposed to be paying for YOUR time, giving you money/valuable gifts to hang with, when you can easily find a scrote?
It's so fucking dumb, instead of using these men for all they have or trying too, she does dumb shit with them hoping they'll end up falling in love or some shit.

No. 1350820

SA, it's like she acts like a scrote who can't find a woman, men are SO easy to get, especially the type of loser she's looking for. She settles for anything but goes about it in the dumbest way possible. She would probably get more from a man using a dating site and actually trying to date, then she is pretending to be a sugar baby.

No. 1350825

it's wild to me that this entire time, while the guy she was just creaming over (literally and figuratively) is getting ripped to shreds, she's… posting stuff like normal? all her weird fucking fantasies and fake stories? she doesn't bother to show her fellow sex worker any sort of support or care at all right now despite being one of the big reasons that the spotlight is on him.

what happened to supporting your fellow sex workers shay?(sage)

No. 1350827

Sol unfollowed Shayna kek

No. 1350828

She’s ready to throw anyone under the bus lol and she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have any relationships with friends, family or partner.

No. 1350830

There's probably sex workers that post nothing but feet pics and earn more in a month than Shat does in a year. All sex work is fucking gross, yet there are some women that aren't retarded about it. They get the money they need without forever associating sex work with their real names and then get the fuck out before they get too old to appeal to porn sick wankers. Shayna and many other women are dumb enough to think OF is some sort of life long career.

No. 1350831

I mean, why would she show him support? She was all upset a few nights ago when this was first going down, probably because Sol told her he wasn't going to release any of the stuff they filmed and he stopped interacting with her. It's his own fault for interacting with her. Also Shay has never cared about anyone besides herself so why would she care at all what's happening to him?

No. 1350835

She’ll take it as a sign of betrayal. I would love to see their DMs

No. 1350836

As long as she can keep the heat off her for a bit and someone else gets made fun of she won’t care

No. 1350840

File: 1634609997516.jpeg (422.13 KB, 1242x1562, B3BC1866-24AF-4301-BCDE-691175…)

What a degenerate. He’s posing in the suit he got married in. Why is so hard for these weirdos to seperate their real life from their porn social medias

No. 1350842

Inb4 “Sol raped me and I didn’t consent to xyz and they didn’t listen to me and I’m the victim in this and now they won’t release the video so I can’t even make money”

No. 1350848

LMAO the damage is already done, Soy. Ghosting Shaynus means fuck all when you’re still making degenerate porn that involves sexually abusing women dressed as kids and mentally ill agp men. Anyone who willingly participates in sex work is actively harming women but you take it to another level by glorifying abuse and pedophilia. And THAT is why we came for you

No. 1350849

So they told her to clip her nails for safety, she STILL wanted to keep them long, and they had to come back and explicitly tell her this was not a suggestion. Professional.

No. 1350850

pat of living in America legally on a visa is you have to state you have never prostituted in your home country and won't in the US. If immigration find out, they will revoke your visa and kick your ass out. It doesn't matter if you're living and working legally as a prostitute in Nevada or somewhere and paying taxes, immigrants are held to federal law, not state law. It's the same reason you can get deported smoking weed that has been medically prescribed to you by a Doctor if they catch wind. Of course, I don't have sympathy for deported prostitutes like I do deported weed smokers kek.

No. 1350854

Lol they didn’t say it for actual safety.. this is just extended unprofessional and gross roleplay before a shoot

No. 1350855

Honestly, why would Shayna show support? Nothing hapenned to him other than farmers mocking him and he knew who he was getting involved with, she didn't trick him or anything, he's just very dumb and dramatic

No. 1350857

I like the way you think because your dumbass friends dont pander to pedos or break the law they're somehow on a different level to people like Shayna.
Sol is breaking the terms of his own green card and could be deported if USCIS find out

No. 1350858

I love how quickly this absolute retard has become a cow himself. Womack and old man are disgusting coomers but this sped is a full blown cow in his own right. If he hasn’t locked all his accounts he’d have been a candidate for his own thread but seeing as only one anon has access to his posts it would lose momentum. Sad.

No. 1350859

Get better friends, anon. Unless they’re sex workers out of absolute necessity or have been trafficked they’re still degenerates

No. 1350860

He unlocked his twitter

No. 1350862

File: 1634612304046.jpeg (306.71 KB, 1170x876, 142A030C-F51E-434A-9D95-373981…)

Sure Sol

No. 1350863

I fucking hate sex workers

No. 1350867

It’s back on private haha
Poor Sol can’t retweet ugly troons all day and talk about getting yeast infections on his boots publicly

No. 1350870

File: 1634613547274.jpeg (107.46 KB, 828x303, 46C2F41F-CA58-4DC7-808C-65F197…)

It’s still showing up for me (I don’t have twitter so I can’t follow if he does private it again)

No. 1350871

I was born in 1997 and turned 18 in 2015, she was born a few months before me in the same year so she was definitely over 18 in 2016.

No. 1350872

File: 1634613833881.jpeg (674.38 KB, 2545x1566, 775F1F62-BB96-4BBE-949F-E0FD24…)

God these people are gross. Pure cringe

No. 1350873

Shayna the forbidden one

No. 1350874

File: 1634613926909.jpeg (167.39 KB, 828x572, DE27CAD3-A899-4E62-9E5B-632E2D…)

>literal whore calling people degenerates
My sides

No. 1350875

are you talking about shayna or sol's wife? because we know that about shay but sol's wife claims to be currently 22 so she was either born in 1999 or late 1998, making her underage at the time of that account
the fact that women actually simp for this guy is so fucking pathetic. i guarantee he would be an incel right now if he had never moved to the us

No. 1350876

kek this is too funny

No. 1350878

He can’t keep it private too long. They will run out of rice cakes eventually.

No. 1350879

It’s not private

No. 1350881

His wife’s profile is still private

No. 1350884

File: 1634614689070.jpeg (750.37 KB, 1125x1781, CF2E7C28-B373-4C76-AE9A-EC6911…)

So is his backup account. They probably went private to scrub information. She’ll be back.

No. 1350885

How much do you want to bet that dumb American whores automatically assume Sol’s smarter because of his British accent?

No. 1350889

probably. if soy were american i feel like he'd have been laughed off of the internet years ago kek

No. 1350890

>Let me know who I need to block
Kek. These people sure are innocent for a bunch of degenerates

No. 1350894

File: 1634616021354.jpeg (359.85 KB, 828x1054, 3EDDB6F4-AEF5-41E2-B6EF-3EBFFB…)

The truth is that you’re a degenerate grifter whose illegal “work” involves fucking gross trannies in the ass without protection and spreading god knows what to anyone who he stupid enough to let your pencil dick near them and pandering to pedophiles while the intellectually handicapped woman you married for a green card is literally starving at home, but okay. Bonus kek at that back-pedalling. It doesn’t matter if the other scumbag whores you film with are consenting, you’re still catering to rapists and pedophiles. You are harming women. You are a piece of shit.

No. 1350896

Will this cow stop preaching, he’s acting like he’s doing a PR round after a scandal where he’s running for President

No. 1350898

looks like a damn reddit skirt until you zoom in

No. 1350899

She's still backed up on the customs shes told her coomers to remind her about multiple times since moving? And yeah Shay, put yourself out there again 50lbs heavier, older, uglier, and less relevant and get more people dragged for being associated with you!
She's so lazy she wants other people to handle all the concept, set up, shooting, and editing thinking she can just (possibly) show up while piggybacking off the companies or other whore's following. Just fucking throw the musty stained towel in already Shay. Become a feeder or something. She's hasn't come up with any ideas or original content in over a year, just does the customs and asks what the coomers want (even when shooting with other people) and once a week gets made up to take boring nudes. In between she posts some musty bathroom flashes or something stupid. She didn't have much momentum to start with and since moving She's really come to a halt aside from making Ellen take pictures of her outside.

No. 1350901

what a woke king! he clearly cares about keeping children safe and isn't just doing damage control after getting exposed for being a groomer!

No. 1350903

She has a white wand and a pink one… so which is she trying to claim died for like the 3rd time this year and why can't she use the other one or idk maybe change up the vid and pretend to cum a different way??

It's almost like she should pick a lane or maybe get an actual personality outside of gross porn. Trying to do bimbo and uwu little is retarded because they're complete opposites.

No. 1350904

I always think of Snap for teens and like by your early 20s you should be phasing out of it so it's really gross to see grown ass adults, crusty sex workers, and older creeps using it.

No. 1350905

Yeah she was crushing on him hard and did her first b/g content in forever, sucked his dick and possibly fucked him, and PAID for it all using Ellen's name and then he said they can't release the vid. If it wasn't partly her dumbass fault and she wasn't also a piece of shit, I'd almost feel bad and be like yeah that's fucked up, but it's Shay. So it's funny that she paid to throw herself at him and essentially got used and then he dropped her after he got a little heat. Probably really did hurt her poor feefees and took another blow to her tiny shred of self esteem kek.

No. 1350907

What is up with the actual degenerates calling non nasty fetish pandering anonymous people degenerates? Is it a reclaim, is it irony? Are they just that fucking stupid and uncreative?

No. 1350910

Yup this is more fucked up than anything to do with fat Shay pretending to be a toddler or her vaginal crusts tainting a couch meant for strangers to use, even a 17 year old is too young to be talking to, even if the age of consent is 16 in the uk and Canada (where I'm from). O.T., but I tagged a 17 year old when I was 19 and he was too young and immature for me, as immature and naive I was, it still felt kinda off. That's the last time I ever talked to someone younger than me, in that way anyway lol. With the resurfaced clip of MGK at 23 calling 17 y.o. Kylie Jenner hot, I think these are conversations we need to be having. It doesn't matter how "hot" that 17 y.o. is, you, as the adult, should know better and let them date other teens. It's not worth it to get your rocks off, life is too short to look for love at high school parties. Date adults.

No. 1350911

I can feel the stress sighs from here.

No. 1350912

File: 1634620469167.png (637.68 KB, 2048x1036, Screenshot_20211018-221343.png)


No. 1350914


She really thinks flirting means sharing your sexual fantasies with strangers kek

No. 1350915

>thank you everyone who has tipped
I want to thank you cowtipping crazies, too. This has been the most fun in Shay threads in a few months.

No. 1350916

I hope she's making this up because what the fuck. That's disgusting and concerning for a second date with a stranger. Unless she's putting out for cash. But like all her stories– it's a story. Entirely made up for likes or she's wildly exaggerating. Not to say coomers wouldn't do that. Just.. she's really playing with fire, made up scenario or not. Especially if it's more truth than not.

No. 1350919

Tf did I just read??
Kek at "fancy steak" though. And I like that she now says she got Uggs instead of a stuffed animal to sound like a classy bimbo bby when Uggs are basic af and outdated and they went to a standard steakhouse or Applebee's near the mall.

No. 1350920

For real. As an angry radfem I enjoy sperging about how sex work harms women but when the cow is a moid who not only indulges in degenerate pedo porn but fucks filthy misogynistic troons who think that wearing a dress while proudly showing off their cock and balls somehow makes them a woman, the dragging is even more enjoyable

No. 1350923

All the more to match her lunch lady arms , nonnie

No. 1350924

For me, the worst part was him being disgusting with Shay while his insecure wife was starving and having a panic attack, begging for even one Ubereats card when Shay go through five a day.

No. 1350925

Ahhh what a spoiled sugar baby. There are girls being taken to Hermes in Dubai and flown out to Milan for a weekend getaway but they’ll never be on the sugar baby level Shayna is - she gets manhandled and assaulted after a cheap steak and discount uggs

No. 1350926

Kek I’m laughing at the fact that shay is going about her business like usual, being a whore for overpriced stuffed animals and ugly ass boots, all while Sully Soy and his groomed wife are doing damage control.

All because they fucked on some bitches couch without a blanket KEK

His Jack skellington physique is so repulsive. Barf

No. 1350927

File: 1634621989284.jpeg (314.35 KB, 1242x1393, FCE7C308-296C-4639-AB3A-AAF7CD…)

I’m guessing he could only afford some uggs after he spent half his pay check on a steak

No. 1350928

everytime she uses the word cunt i cringe.. its not even a cute word, it's just.. gross

No. 1350929

And the suit doesn't even fit. Dude sells himself as some high-tier Mr Grey dom on sw twitter and can't even look good on his wedding day kek

No. 1350930

Right now Shay really reminds me of Chris-chan. Some creeps' lives are going through the toilet because of their proximity to her and she's just on about the same, creep and pathetic shit like a normal Monday.

No. 1350931

File: 1634622180510.jpeg (386.11 KB, 1242x970, 0F4B8149-4958-43A8-81AD-7E3016…)

No. 1350932

So $700 isn't enough to have sex with her, but $100 UGGs are enough to mash dirty fingers up her snatch?

No. 1350933

These are the worse for her. It really accentuates how fat her legs and calves have gotten. Shoes that cut at the ankle are the worse when you’re obese.

No. 1350937

The sugar daddy couldn’t even afford the tall uggs for Fatty. Those are the shortest ones you can get. Nordstrom Rack Uggs and Applebee’s 2 for $22 steak. Such a bimbo!!

No. 1350939

She’s always fumbling the bag for minimal effort. She literally is the reason why so many girls get told they’re asking for it or like being abused sexually because she proudly tweets this shit like its a compliment

No. 1350940

>what ppl wanna see instead of what i wanna do
that's exactly what sex work is, being a meat puppet ready and willing to fulfil the desires of whatever coomer is paying the most. How many years has she been doing this again?

No. 1350941

Until she actually shows a pic of her eating one of those overpriced $400 tomahawk steaks I will believe she got a generic steak at a chain strip mall restaurant

No. 1350942

I know right, the wife is a degenerate too but she’s still a woman. Although it’s unlikely I hope this experience makes her see the light and she stops selling pictures of her chocha and calling scrotes “daddy”, gets herself a job, ditches his repulsive pseudo woke ass and lives her best life somewhere far away from him

No. 1350943

She said she’s going to college so hopefully she graduates gets a real job, divorces her man and looks back at these years as an embarrassing story she can maybe tell friends over drinks one night

No. 1350944

yep, she's reached 'don't touch the poo' status and any IRL interactions are doomed.

No. 1350946

File: 1634623175003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.92 KB, 1278x645, 98CB7B22-21BD-4943-BA9B-CF55E6…)

I love how he virtue signals but then retweets this gross shit by someone who calls themselves “little”, you will never convince me that ddlg shit isn’t pedophilia and “pet play” isn’t bestiality

No. 1350948

How tf is she even on here? There’s prolly more ppl on the forum than following her on ig unless she tiktok famous or smthn who is she? Homegirl isn’t even pushin 3000(learn2integrate)

No. 1350949

There's girls in high school who can get their first boyfriend to buy them a pair of uggs & a dinner. Other girls are sugaring for their bills paid, expensive shoes, clothes and even cars/trips. Meanwhile, Shayna let a man finger her for a $100-120 pair of uggs and dinner.

No. 1350950

Yikes those are the cheap ones too, I’m on welfare & got the tall ones ahaha , hopefully the steak was worth it :(((lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1350952


No. 1350954

Honestly now that I think of it, it's not even "High school boyfriend gift" level. It's "homeless women needs boots for the winter, she finds a guy who'd buy her some uggs & a meal in exchange for fingering her & slapping her thighs"level.

No. 1350955

She lives in Seattle surely she could find some tech scrote or lawyer to at least throw her $500. I bet she wishes she took the $700 offer.

No. 1350957

Who the fuck sell sex/escort for the price of home slippers??? This is really sad and pathetic. You really can’t go lower than that.

No. 1350958

File: 1634624204154.jpg (33.28 KB, 500x281, rgmgqts.jpg)

No. 1350959

Those only looks good on tiny stick thin legs. Not big ass hambeast cankles jc

No. 1350966

I’m getting himeka or whatever that fat weeb bitches name is with the knocknees vibes. Shatna is getting fingered in the Applebee’s parking lot for food just like the other fat whore. Bet next date they’ll go for some cheemsburgers and she’ll let him raw dog her.

No. 1350971

Oh god, definitely angela/himeka energy here. I bet Shayna's boobjob would be just as botched as himeka's too if she ever managed to actually get one.

No. 1350975

This sounds like full on assault. Imagine being Shayna’s family and reading this. Horrifying

No. 1350976

I thought Barbie was supposed to be expensive whats this cheap bitch doing getting finger banged for a franklin?! I’m so happy Sol the scrote was doxed in this thread otherwise this shit would be way too sad, thanks for the desperately needed comic relief cumbrains

No. 1350989

She’s putting herself in so much danger, it’s uncomfortable to read. Also, is anyone else surprised that she hasn’t sperged on twitter about Soy removing all trace of her from his twitter and leaving her discord? Like I really thought she would have lost it and blamed the “haters” for ruining everything, especially after she was lovebombing him so hard

No. 1351009

She seems to have this reverse body dysmorphia where she sees herself as an incredibly hot 10/10 expensive bimbo but also has the self worth to sell her body for a pair of Ugg’s and a steak dinner. I don’t understand

No. 1351010

Not 100% sure but I think the bottom comment was mine kek. I honestly hated seeing screenshots with this loser kissing her ass constantly

I'm surprised she hasn't sperged out yet but I'm sure he's still kissing her ass privately

Big fucking yikes. These types of tweets + meeting random "sugar daddies" in person doesn't bode well for her legitimate safety

No. 1351011

Is prostitution legal in Seattle, I know in some countries it’s legal and just morally looked down upon. Is she not scared of getting setup by a cop?

No. 1351012

He’s definitely in her DMs, he’s just pretending to cut her off so we leave him alone, which is making me him seem more like a cow

No. 1351014


Now do one talking about how disgusted you are in yourself for abusing damaged women, sexualising children and encouraging pedophilia. This degenerate really thinks we’ll be put off by him pretending he’s making bank off his exposure? Fucking kek at least his poor wife might not have to beg coomers for food for a couple days. You’re welcome Sully.

No. 1351015

Since he lurks here, I’m surprised he hasn’t gone balls to the wall and to make up for his lost pocket change, put up him and Shay’s content behind a paywall

No. 1351019

Too bad he has solidified his cow status. If discussion of his degeneracy is no longer relevant to this thread we’ve still got the pedo panderers thread, he’d be right at home there

No. 1351042

Why doesn't she let Womack take her out on a date? She'll get fingered for a pair of Uggs, meanwhile he's sent $1000+ and gets nothing. He's the only one who would actually ''spoil'' her.

No. 1351044


She lives in Seattle now, Mr Okie Twister is a bit too far away to take her out on a date

No. 1351050

He’s too ugly and people pleaser for her, she wants a dom who won’t ask for consent not do as she says + she likes the illusion of non inbreds actually liking her - although this guy probably isn’t even attractive by normal standards

No. 1351062

Because Womack is in Oklahoma and hasn’t been relevant since she moved.

No. 1351078

i don't think they know what it means, kek

No. 1351084

File: 1634644945720.gif (198.9 KB, 400x300, C06EBE79-4498-4A28-BED8-28A0BA…)

>how good I taste
>after not showering in a decade, refusing to wear knickers when sitting on public surfaces and not getting treatment for chronic thrush and fuck knows what other genital ailments

No. 1351086

You're right. So he just spent his early 20's following teenage girls on tumblr and "helping" them get into ddlg, how interesting. If he wants to keep vagueposting about the thread until people find it and see what he's actually like though, have at it Soy Milk.

No. 1351092

why is this underfed man spider wearing a suit by the pool

No. 1351104

>Maybe he wanted to get away from his social circle and family
This. People who move far away without working a real job or studying are almost always trying to run away from a bad reputation.

Tom Felton

It wouldn't surprise me at this point if she was like "off 2 the mall w biological father! uwu"

No. 1351113

bieber is just an ontario boy and thats how they all evolve to look eventually. he couldn't stop that.
>>1351104 i just looked at tom feltons ig and hes still kinda cute?

can i just say i love the way this thread is going after the fupa finale. soy aka the gay may need his own thread soon.

No. 1351124

It's not, but this isn't technically prostitution either. She went on a date, he bought her things, she "decided" to let him finger blast her on the 1st date. No different from a tinder hookup in the eyes of the law.

No. 1351126

the new boots really accentuate her cankles.

No. 1351132

This might be the one who actually murders her!

No. 1351142

chill out

No. 1351144

File: 1634655729164.jpeg (158.08 KB, 828x765, 3112091E-41A0-45FE-9C72-A23AAA…)

No. 1351154

File: 1634657035562.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.32 KB, 828x722, 719668EB-7446-491B-9CA3-94AEF8…)

His retweets are absolutely foul, he clearly has a fetish for ham planets. Also:
>daddy’s girl
>ballsack labia
Yep, he really has a type. Not just degenerates but fat, ugly, incestuous ones

No. 1351169

If these men have sisters, they're probably just going for whoever looks the most like them. Shatna has that quintessential frumpy older/younger sister with drug addictions look. I'm sure that fantasy of a strung out little sister or daughter to take advantage of is like, all they can think about. Women like pic rel and Shat emanate a certain kind of depressing, desperate energy that screams "I believe this is the full extent of my human worth but you can absolutely debase me more and make me feel worse. I don't care if you bag me and kill me after, I'm just glad someone is giving me attention."

No. 1351172

no way that’s an OEM pussy

No. 1351180

I'd believe this was a pic of Shay if not for the grayscale filter. And honestly even though the pose is awful and unflattering, it's still too "creative" for her kek. Body, ballsack vag, ugly nails, etc are all spot on though.

No. 1351185

File: 1634659635119.jpeg (645.02 KB, 1242x1818, 3AB7AA15-B739-413B-8EBA-3557E0…)

Jason R Womack retweeting a whore because he thinks he will get nudes and also suicide baiting is sending me. Never change okie twister

No. 1351186

Once again Shay, you're "tight" because you are completely unaroused. And with your unwashed tp sprinkled sweaty pussy on the awful diet you are, I doubt you tasted good but desperate coomers will say anything for a crumb of coochie. But congrats on getting low key assaulted for some uggs that make your legs look like frumpy stumps and Applebees!

No. 1351189

God he's the coomer version of Shay if she stopped disguising her depression with kink.

No. 1351191

the fact that his wife isn't ugly or fat but he constantly fucks and simps for landwhales instead of tweeting anything nice about her seems like it might be a way for him to bring down her self esteem rather than being a real preference. he's even more low value than fupa was kek

No. 1351198

Doesn’t he have a wife and kids? Lmao

No. 1351208

Wait WHAT? I knew they weren't married and she does look older (than his actual age, he looks like a wrinkled prune already), but those are her GRANDchildren???

No. 1351214

he is 35? i always thought he was in his v late 40s, all that cooming must age those moids

No. 1351216

File: 1634661835665.jpeg (290.31 KB, 1170x597, 3821E06E-FDDD-4315-B036-B02A9C…)

No. 1351222

File: 1634662300709.jpeg (323.57 KB, 1125x997, 70E418BF-ED60-4C1B-9DDA-8BEFA4…)

This Sol thing has her mad

No. 1351225

Oh now she's ready to twitter rant about it and then dirty delete.

No. 1351245

She’s probably now going off because Sol said they can’t post their content they made together

No. 1351246

literally no one likes your long nails

No. 1351253

Crazy how she expects undying loyalty from her friends but never reciprocates, has she ever stood by any of her friends publicly? Soyboy got ~doxxed~ because of her and she's been completely silent kek

No. 1351258

So she pissed herself??

No. 1351262

no, its suppose to be because she is turned on. But we all know she doesn't get wet. Bitch is always bone dry.

No. 1351263

God this is so hilarious, her trying to be serious but then also using "frens" in the same sentence

No. 1351265

So Sol said he got doxxed and Shayna throws shots at him for unfollowing her and leaving her discord? Fuck Sol, but he did defend her dumb ass when other sex workers were calling her racists. The only reason he has any drama around him is because he worked with Shayna. She's so selfish.

No. 1351267

I hope she doesn't, I want to see these two retards go back and forth
This, she didn't even make a vague tweet about it or anything. Sol is more worried about this place then he is about other twitter sex workers cancelling him. She knows that. Also if this is about the video, should'nt she not want it posted? What if Ellen DID get in trouble for it? Oh Shayna doesn't care about anyone but herself, so if Ellen gets fucked over because she wants to make some chump change and get attention, it doesn't matter.

No. 1351270

File: 1634667091082.jpeg (665.97 KB, 1170x2057, 47C07690-2E37-4754-9411-B93540…)

everytime she says age play i cringe

No. 1351286

Womack isn't even relevant to shay currently, why do you keep bringing him up?

No. 1351289

"It's not pedophilia if I imagine I am a child, behaving like a child, dressing like a child, talking like a child"

They don't get that the men take what's second best to pedophilia, which is role playing pedophilia.

No. 1351296

She’s probably afraid of having short nails because she won’t have an excuse for Ellen as to why she can’t touch her anymore

No. 1351301

It makes her look like a fucking sped. She needs to fuck off with this "frens" and "breffast" shit.

No. 1351329

Imagine being shay and genuinely thinking anyone on this planet cares

No. 1351338

> it feels highly inappropriate to do an ageplay shoot u know?
Ftfy shatna

No. 1351377

File: 1634673084496.jpeg (813.58 KB, 1170x1937, 352E431A-495C-4B99-8A4F-A444F6…)

And confirms who her shoot is with

No. 1351378

This was already posted a couple days ago…

No. 1351384

I wonder if just to piss Sol off, Shay will still post some of their content

No. 1351389

Nta but they’re showing us the retweet by ABDreams I don’t think she’d tagged them

No. 1351392

Seeing how bad her shoots with Insex was, I wonder what type of monstrosity this will be >>1351377

No. 1351398

i doubt it, he can probably take legal action against her for revenge porn if she does. she's dumb but surely not that dumb

No. 1351399

i almost wish she would bc legal action with what money? he would just sperg all over twitter while she tweets her "thriving" fantasies

No. 1351440

he wouldn't do that cus he would have to admit to the court that he's making porn and working illegally

No. 1351449

ooh that's fair. he really backed himself into a corner by moving to the us just to live out his degenerate fantasies, didn't he?

No. 1351455

Womack is still her main simp on Twitter, try to keep up

No. 1351467

“Poor me” what a hog pretending to be some kinda spoiled queen- it’s not like she’s actually spending her own money on this- then again the stick on chicklets (mike&ike-esque) ones she said were 40$ and it looked like it so MAYBE

No. 1351495

I just don’t understand the Womackposting anons. Yeah, he’s her simp. Besides that he hasn’t had any milky interactions with Shayna.

No. 1351496

low hanging fruit

No. 1351501

Nta this last thread sperged about pp accusing lolcow members bc one anon suggested there may be radfems or terfs here and not one thread later someone literally had to be autistic about how shay and soya degeneracy triggered them bc of being a rad fem. tbh I’d LOVE to see a survey monkey or w/e 2 try and accurately define ppl that contribute to these threads

No. 1351504

File: 1634685808897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,463.34 KB, 750x904, 8DA5B3B5-F880-40DE-BF46-A058C4…)

Her nose is just gone

No. 1351507

Bc realistically using “woke terms” I’d dread being related to any of you and suddenly have gender or weight issues. Would you call ur sibling a troon/whale/hamanet for having an issue? Seems like a lot of radfem/terf terminology being used despite ppl being autistic when someone suggests an anons perspective may be radfem. Tbh are any of the ppl continuing here actually disabled/etc bc if getting assistance is that easy in the USA why did it take me 3 yrs after graduating ivy leage 2 end up doing laundry at a hospital kek- sage for a logging my aunt was a stripper

No. 1351510

Is it genetics or am i doomed 4 life

No. 1351511

would you shut the fuck up already

No. 1351514

why are you typing like this? Like how Shayna types and what the fuck are you going on about?

No. 1351517

File: 1634686853900.jpeg (614.94 KB, 1170x1081, 9B37D8C7-DC31-476B-9819-44386E…)


No. 1351518

File: 1634686875044.jpeg (154.95 KB, 1205x1481, 36FD3C42-8A03-4F60-9CAB-C6F7A0…)

No. 1351519

god she needs a better nail tech they are scamming her

No. 1351522

God how can she not ever get a simple French mani. These look like shit. So thicc. Shay pls divert some of ur doordash funds to a competent nail tech.

No. 1351523

She meant “UNrecognisable,” right? And well, Shay, maybe you should think more about why they’re trying to do that?

No. 1351529

File: 1634687532273.jpg (361.72 KB, 1080x1920, 2021_10_20_12_49_20.jpg)

Close up of these god awful things from snap.

I mean what kinda baby would have french tips anyway lmao. Her natural bitten to fuck down nails is the most childlike look surely.

No. 1351530

File: 1634687591684.jpg (282.57 KB, 1080x1920, 2021_10_20_12_49_10.jpg)

Absolute fucking woof.

No. 1351531

Again with this Miley Cyrus during her mental breakdown phase tongue in teeth pose. It flatters no one and she looks like a fat man here.

No. 1351533

File: 1634687883806.jpg (217.23 KB, 835x962, 20211020_005518.jpg)

Yo what the fuck is this??

No. 1351534

What a high class bimbo, cheep squared off poorly done French tips, $10 tracksuit, unwashed hair, no makeup, yeasty tongue.

No. 1351538

these look like bad press on toenails
And kek so true about bitten children's nails

No. 1351540

The space between her fingers?

No. 1351541

Can one of her many obviously very impressive, wealthy, well adjusted sex god and definitely handsome old geezer splenda daddies please buy her some fucking hand cream. I can see the flakes.

No. 1351545

Again with the hotdog colour, just shorter now. I agree with the other anon, like what baby would have french tips at all regardless of length. Would it have killed her to get a barely noticeable, soft pink colour (think Essie's Ballet Slippers), if she had to get them done at all?

No. 1351548

How long is she going to sperg about having short nails? She spent like a half a year with her awful bitten nubs completely bare and now she's going to act like having short acrylics is some kind of an affront to her brand? Lmao

No. 1351554

This. I don’t understand tf she is on about.

No. 1351557

He didn't get you the pink ones though huh? Yeah it's slim pickins on the clearance rack.

No. 1351560

lmfao, anon. I thought the same thing at first since it looks like its the same color as her nails, but its just the spacing between her fingers

No. 1351561

Woof, even her hands resemble an asshole. Time to open up that basket of lotion from TJ Maxx.
These nails are so thick and square and outdated as hell. She should go with rounded tips and a pinker nude, but she's fine looking like trash.

No. 1351565

>doesn’t know what a-logging means
You must be new here, but I’ll bite. Some of us are radfems who are opposed to sex work and refuse to accept agp fetishists into our spaces but I’d hazard a guess that the majority of people here who hate trannies and sex workers aren’t actually radfems. The lolcow user base isn’t a monolith. As for “fatphobia” and “ableism”, I think you’ll find that a lot, if not the majority, of humans on earth share these sentiments but it’s not politically correct to admit them. Praising fat people for being strong and brave is performative virtue signalling horse shit. The same goes for lauding misogynistic moids LARPing as women for being “so strong and brave”. The whole point of being anonymous is that we can be openly “transphobic”, “fatphobic” and “ableist” without being “cancelled” for wrongthink. As for Shaynus, her being a fat pig is incidental, no one hates her for being fat, they hate her for being a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1351566


She literally could have gotten some obnoxious glittery pink color and that would have worked way better. Has the age player never looked at a child's nail polish set? Or is she actually not into this degenerate shit and just likes the attention and coombucks?

No. 1351576

Really, she is so far from “bimbo” she’s so trailed trash chic. She could have gone with a cute clear polish with butterflies or some other glitter bullshit since y2k fashion is in. But no, she had to go for the nearly decomposed nailbed color. I really do think she’s mentally retarded, call me a ableist radfem. Kek

No. 1351578

Of course this crusty cheap bitch uses st. Ives but why the fuck she got axe in there?

No. 1351580

Sniffing it reminds her of fupa

No. 1351584


He has had drama/call outs in the SW community before for wanting to shoot with another twitter male dom who was outed as an abuser of some sort irl, I don't know if them working together ever happened or not. I nearly died laughing seeing his photos posted here

No. 1351588

kek, he was going to fuck the dude or dom some girl/tran?

No. 1351589


They were gonna double dom a sub together like MFM I assume

No. 1351600

He's so transparent.

Goes mad over people shaming SW or trans people but when it comes to actual abuse; turns a blind eye.

I looked up his old tumblr and it was full of women in diapers. He's obviously a nonce trying to convince himself otherwise.

Just cos you wear stockings soy doesn't mean you are an ally of women.

No. 1351606

I always thought his wife probably tells vets them and tells him he can only fuck fatter and uglier women so she doesn’t have to worry about him running away with another $3 twitter whore

No. 1351607

Yeah, this repulsive cunt needs his own thread. I don’t understand why people are allowed to post really graphic degenerate porn that sexualises children and promotes sexual violence against women but you’ll get permabanned for calling someone a racist or offering valid criticism of sex work.

No. 1351608

Mini hot dogs.

No. 1351610

Samefag but ignore that first sentence having random words mixed around I am stupid

No. 1351612

i fear for what could potentially be on this dude's hard drive… us immigration needs to look into him

No. 1351616

File: 1634694540968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,726.39 KB, 828x1409, 8420A5FF-D1BC-401E-9431-20AEB8…)

I despise him so much, how can anyone look at this shit and not see how it glorifies abuse? Even though he wasn’t doxxed he actually deserves to be, he is profiting off sexual violence towards women and children

No. 1351617

That’s what I’m tryin to say that there’s no way she’s paying a Seattle nail tech for this in reality there’s still going to be awful microtearing or even legit slicing the labia somehow wtf

No. 1351618

Based Ontario anon. It's true, they age terribly around here.
Cocktail weenie nail arc START

No. 1351619

Nothing in either of these captions mentions even a female or child get a job anon

No. 1351620

i was thinking the same type of color, anon. it would have been a nice change for her. further from the trailer park hot dogs, at least. kek

No. 1351621

Ppl wearing costumes > ppl
In diapers with pacifiers

No. 1351622

Why does her skin tone consistently look like a corpse though

No. 1351623

She drinks, she eats crap, she hardly spends any time outside, she doesn't bathe properly, all of the above.

No. 1351624

>tying up and tormenting a gamer girl
>fuck pet
Okay then

No. 1351629


That's most likely what's happening, combined with any semi decent looking sex worker not being willing to fuck this Twink with a pole. Gives wifey some fake sense of control in the situation. Can't imagine what'd she try and pull if a Stacey type showed interest in working with her husband. She'd probably realize he has her where he wants her.

Lucky for her, shay is disgusting and he's ruining his little clout by being associated with her, so let's see who he ropes in after this mess.

No. 1351630

File: 1634695814931.jpeg (374.29 KB, 1170x1178, 1F86ECC2-BC8A-42B8-A8BF-70EDC3…)

Really living the high life Shay

No. 1351632

File: 1634696012734.jpeg (103.74 KB, 750x541, 0B758A96-4460-43CC-BE5C-CCFD01…)

i remember that, i don't have any twitter caps but he left up some curiouscat posts about it. multiple women exposed a male ethot as an abuser (including one who was a minor when involved with him) with proof and soy gribble used the "crazy ex gf" narrative to dismiss every accusation just because radfem twitter got a hold of the story

No. 1351635


Omg what's bad is this isn't even who I was thinking of. The one I was talking about was called Nicholas(?) de Sade or something. I don't remember his @. People told Sol that he was an abuser and Sol said something like "we talked about it and he confirmed he's not like that anymore", and tons of people called out Sol after that.

No. 1351647

can you guys take his irrelevant side drama to camwhores general at this point? this has nothing to do with shayna.

No. 1351649

EW, wtf. I don't hate trans people (yes, I know where I am nonnies) but I do hate when people are quick to speak against transphobia in the name of wokeness and activism, but will make excuses for abuse against bio women. Really shows that being born with a vagina makes you less of a person worthy of respect, even to people who claim they're totally progressive. So in that aspect I agree a lot with terfs. Feminism is for bio women more than anyone and transactivists shouldn't be hijacking it when they still can't respect us.
His wife is obviously a degenerate as well but I feel sorry for her. She was groomed so I don't doubt that he is at least mentally abusing her. I hate this disgusting scrote

No. 1351651

File: 1634697400395.jpeg (Spoiler Image,94.33 KB, 824x1024, BF28E9A8-53FB-477F-A28D-F24CF3…)

She looks so musty kek

No. 1351652

File: 1634697458388.jpeg (87.45 KB, 860x1024, 0E40A509-1B6B-440F-84E7-0713CC…)

That’s one ugly sped adult scout

No. 1351654

File: 1634697548790.jpeg (301.89 KB, 1214x1053, 637A8320-52E0-4C43-A33F-4304C8…)

Does big shaynus actually cuddle ellen??

No. 1351656

Maybe it’s with her new dad

No. 1351657

She looks like Fred Figglehorn in the face. Not sexy

No. 1351658

That can't be good on your natural nails and fingers. But I guess she hardly has any nails on her stubby fingers anyway. But Google says you should get FILL INS on the acrylics every 2-3 weeks and new SETS every few months. And that it's healthy to let your natural nails "breathe" and be left alone for weeks or even months sometimes. This bitch is getting completely new sets every week. I wonder if she rips them off or soaks them or has the nail tech do it.

And now they're Vienna Sausage nails. What the fuck was the point really. They look like shit and don't even fit the pedo baiting bullshit. I don't see why she had to change them when I've seen a significant amount of alt and whatever other gross age players with nails, tattoos, dyed hair, etc. What a waste for more trash nails that she's gonna change within a week. It's not bimbo to get acrylics put on weekly, it's just retarded.

No. 1351662

kek i can't unsee it now that you've mentioned it

No. 1351663

>bitch, this is not what i meant
- the person who told her to get short nails for the shoot

No. 1351664

File: 1634698575826.jpeg (95.17 KB, 694x255, DC593B9F-23C7-447D-84A0-9518AE…)

i don't think she's making the take she thinks she is. her saying "actual children" like is she agreeing she's roleplaying a child in these disgusting videos she calls content?

No. 1351666

Damn, Womack sounded passive aggressive as fuck there lol also >>1350931 makes it sound like he's getting salty about her SA dates because he's been giving her money and compliments all year and she wouldn't ever meet up with him kek.

No. 1351667

i don't understand why she won't just order a few sets of press ons from etsy or some shit if she's so indecisive about her nails. her determination to waste as much money as possible will always confuse me

No. 1351669

using that logic you can roleplay as hitler abusing a jew, but i bet that shayna and other whores who keep spewing this retarded logic would agree that that would not be ok. but ofc they're the ones who gets to decide where the line is drawn. fuck the people who really went through what they're roleplaying in their degenerate porn and fuck their trauma, amirite

No. 1351670

What happened to all her totally great Halloween content plans? Looks like she bought 2 tacky, stupid costumes from Dollskill that look like shit she'd buy and wear any other month. A retarded girl scout get up and a cringe cheerleader. Wow great stuff for Halloween and really creative. She somehow did better last year. I thought moving was supposed to be her fresh start and she was gonna make amazing new content and be super happy!

No. 1351672

"Big day" for her is getting her nails done, meeting up with someone/doing something for money, and eating. Like that's not a typical day for someone.

No. 1351683

Do women in the bathroom stall behind you while you flash your lopsided tits in the mirror for your coomers count as non-consenting parties?

No. 1351690

>unless actual jews are being involved and/or harmed, maybe u should shut up abt what adults choose 2 do in their content UwU

No. 1351692

lmao she’s subtweeting us. this is such a retarded take my god

No. 1351696

Animals were involved - her.

No. 1351697

she’s sperging to win back Sol, she needs to show that she’s not a selfish bitch by making whiny subtweets

No. 1351700

It’s too late for you anon, in troons’ eyes you are already a TERF.

No. 1351706

File: 1634705090000.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.63 KB, 1206x1766, 20211019_214411.jpg)

Pimply ass and ballsack

No. 1351707

File: 1634705175618.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.53 KB, 1205x1853, 20211019_214517.jpg)

Dandruff filter

No. 1351719

File: 1634706413183.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.3 KB, 2048x1118, 20211019_220509.jpg)

No. 1351721

filter is working overtime once again. She almost looks normal here.

No. 1351722

File: 1634706583375.png (1.15 MB, 1738x2048, Screenshot_20211019-220821.png)

>high school
>previously stated that what she does isn't pedophilia because she doesn't mention age

No. 1351724

I almost had a stroke reading that wattpad fanfic writing wtf am I retarded or did that not make sense?

No. 1351728

I swear to goddess it’s getting harder and harder to avoid a-logging in this thread

No. 1351735

Nah I'm with you. I had to reread and really think about it and it still barely made sense. I guess Danny bullies her older brother Adam and she's in the same "slut scout" group as Danny's sister so I guess that gives her an in to go to their house to meet Danny. It really makes no sense and is really unnecessary but she had to add the scout thing in because of the retarded costume. Like why would the little sister confront an older boy about bullying, why are they school kids but in slut scouts? Why was she so intoxicated when she typed this incoherent garbage?

No. 1351738

she'd probably argue that it's okay just because some high schoolers are 18 but that's definitely not what the implications are and she knows it

No. 1351739

Not the ball sack poking through, she could’ve posed much cuter

No. 1351762

File: 1634713714873.jpeg (1.31 MB, 978x1791, CBE0B3DE-D4BF-4B37-A6DF-A8538D…)


No. 1351763

File: 1634713931835.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 998x1888, 26BD3F36-38DD-4923-B621-9107AE…)


No. 1351764

File: 1634714100515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 988x1830, BE99B405-C442-4482-8C46-69D404…)


No. 1351765

File: 1634714229337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1008x1833, B235A50D-747D-4CD5-954F-569945…)


No. 1351766

How many gallons of ice cream does Shaynus ingest in a year? I shudder at the thought.

No. 1351767

No. 1351768

File: 1634714357034.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1012x1872, 303055C3-C651-44AC-83DE-D848F4…)


No. 1351769

File: 1634714528029.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 983x1872, B47FA64C-1D31-4EC4-B881-C699DD…)


No. 1351771

File: 1634714627162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1024x1867, 2192E6C6-6E4E-4193-9DAA-A818FB…)


No. 1351774

File: 1634714762020.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1009x1825, 42689E33-5250-4FCD-914C-DD45AE…)


No. 1351775

Is she really trying to make content on snap now because she can't stop using that retarded filter?

No. 1351776

File: 1634714975824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,377.86 KB, 997x1840, 7E1747F5-EC27-49FD-955B-839624…)

Two videos that went along with this set:


she posted on OF. Behind a paywall she’s charging $10 for more of these low quality snap pics

No. 1351780

Going to start a go-fund -me to get this bitch some clean white socks. For fucks sake. So professional. Soooooo much attention to detail.

No. 1351784

This might be the cringiest shit I have ever witnessed. I actually want to die.

No. 1351785

Lol the only one who calls this fat sped cut hot anymore is herself. It's she not embarrassed she had to write that about herself? If a guy got head from her, I don't think they'd be proud of bragging of it. They'd be more like, "holy fuck, I never wanna be that low on life again."

No. 1351787

The ugliest facial expression I've ever seen, holy fucking shit. She really thinks this is cute? Or is she just trying to cope with her bad life choices now, by "owning it" and acting like she feels empowered, and not ashamed that she let herself go in such a short amount of time? Or do you guys actually think, she legitimately looks at herself in the mirror, and thinks, "that's a hot person."? Seems to me like she is in too deep now to try to make any effort of improving, so she might as well milk this sw shit, while it's still socially acceptable.

No. 1351789

Ugly rat face couldn't even do what she was sent there for, doesn't even follow up with whether or not Danny is gonna stop bullying you. Incompetent bitch, can't even accomplish the make-believe goals she sets for herself lol

No. 1351790

File: 1634716440831.jpg (501.13 KB, 1200x2000, Screenshot_20211020-015250_Sam…)

>teehee uwu, aren't I a cool mom? I can still squeeze into my daughter's scout uniform!

No. 1351815

god she needs to get her 'sugar dads' to pay for her invisalign treatment. her buckteeth are horrendous and her actual mouth looks so narrow and disproportionate to how a normal set of teeth look when smiling. if you told me she had 4 teeth and a molar i'd believe you.

No. 1351824

File: 1634720387845.jpg (180.38 KB, 1066x1200, smoking2.jpg)

Incest coomers are the absolute lowest hanging fruit and she can't even market herself to them right. What miserable scrote with a lil sis fetish is going to want porn where they get cucked by their bully? Especially considering how on the Male Scale of Trauma high school bullying is their equivalent of psychological torture. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Shay isn't actually into sibling stuff at all.

No. 1351836


Maybe we know that for every lazy scumbag who normalises child, animal or woman abuse for pennies on twitter, a child, animal or woman will suffer in the real world because you encourage these monsters to act on their impulses. You make them think it’s fine and normal to feel sexual excitement thinking about children in nappies. Guess what….it’s not normal and it will never be tolerated. You are literally encouraging and normalising rape. You should be trafficked along with your pencil dicked pal Sully Hill of LA, instead of the innocents who have to pay the real price of your build a bears and five year old Ugg’s. No wonder you’re so hated. You’re lucky you don’t live in a small town with a pedo hunting gang you rat.

No. 1351899

Why is it women like Gabby Petito will die who are seemingly normal but this bitch will post rape fantasies and whatnot and meet random men online and be fine???,

No. 1351906

File: 1634732148233.jpg (12.11 KB, 234x257, Näyttökuva 2021-10-20 151146.j…)

i fucking can't with this face, the eyebags, the ugly lip bite and gross teeth….also how in the hell even her forehead is fat

No. 1351912

why make a vid like this when the majority of your audience is 40+ year old men who couldn’t remember high school if they wanted to? it’s not even some “you fuck the hot high school girl next door” pedophilic shit, no. it’s “we’re both in high school, and your bully is fucking me and you should feel so humiliated”???? what angle is this? who is this FOR?

No. 1351914

also how is she part of a “slut scout” but is also a virgin? I will never understand shayna.

No. 1351917

why is she making it look like she enjoys and has an incestous relationship with her brother in this vid as opposed to it being blackmail? look scared or something you’re not supposed to enjoy sending your “brother” pics of your pussy. wtf shayna did you spend too long in oklahoma?

No. 1351920

why the fuck is she making a vid addressing her brother while her pussy is out?! I thought this was supposed to be some
blackmail/naive little sister gets taken advantage of thing not “sending my big brother incest snapchats and enjoying it”

No. 1351925

File: 1634734915659.jpeg (945.6 KB, 1170x1652, 8005A5BE-0EED-4AB1-8C52-61EB6F…)

No. 1351926

File: 1634735002477.jpeg (748.74 KB, 1170x1860, C678A3A6-0389-4C17-9BFF-068A58…)

Is your lovely gf coming with?

No. 1351929

File: 1634735505864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.83 KB, 545x1080, 4D34D8F7-3853-4626-8FA3-DBDC96…)

every time she says mumma it makes me think of those retarded fluffy abuse memes from forever ago


No. 1351943

File: 1634737469709.jpeg (339.82 KB, 1170x668, D43F4825-37FE-4F8C-BA84-256B5F…)

No. 1351944

this is unironically worse than the shit shayna posts

No. 1351947


No. 1351955

Womack is/was/will become a toy train autist tinfoil

No. 1351956

Thanks for the absolute degeneracy that easily surpasses Shayna but there's a reason why I come to lolcow instead of whatever furry website this came from

No. 1351959

if she starts saying otay i might have to leave this orbit.

excite??? why did she go full borat in the end?

No. 1351960

Shaynus is already bad enough and hard to pass up with weird degenerate shit but then you go and post whatever this fucking trainwreck is

No. 1351975

By this logic, blackface is totally fine & dandy then too. You're making a minstrel show out of other people's trauma, appropriating it as a LARP from the safety of your own home & poking fun at it because you have some disgusting, fucked up baby-rape fetish.
When people tell you that "big bro says he has to be the first one to test me out" is triggering af and harms them directly, you keep doing it. When a 14 year old told you that your porn was harmful, you told them to take a dick up the ass. When low-IQ coomers who take everything literally say "oh yeah, that's so hot, I'd love to drug you & chain you up in the basement, then strangle you to death" you say "teehee, u shud do it, lil girlz look so cute wen we're ded!!".
So who do you really give a shit about "harming" here?
No one. You're just desperately clinging onto the delusion that you still have a moral compass.

Go advertise on craigslist to find a male to kidnap you, Shayna. See how hot & sexy you think rape is when you get the real experience instead of just being a pussy who LARPs other people's trauma to be edgy.

No. 1351977

She shooped out her entire Oklahoma weight gain.

No. 1351979

I love it, personally. She does a bunch of these stupid misspellings (fren, cheemsburger) and dumb faces that make it clear that she thinks looks cute or ditzy when it just emphasizes how much of a grown-ass obese woman with a quasimodo face she is. It's like the "am baby" meme kek. She's obviously completely oblivious to how she's making herself look literally special ed.

No. 1352003


I hate how she has all these half-baked ideas that don't even make any sense. Can't believe I'm typing this but surely "the bully" would be the one sending her nudes in this scenario lol

No. 1352015

Ngl with the "Adam's coming over and wants to hang out with you" shit gavr me the impression Adam was gonna fuck her brother too and Idk if it was just me but it's hilarious and also gross.
Honestly the whole concept for this vid with her forcing a bad porn plot with that stupid costume is nonsensical. It's one of her worst. Also can't believe she used snap filters and video to make it and is selling it. She wanted to do the big bro thing so badly to appeal to Sol Gribble I bet.

No. 1352034

I think it’s just extreme sucking in and angles although she does look thinner but we know she hasn’t lost weight her face gives it away

No. 1352037

File: 1634745809320.jpg (1.36 MB, 2121x1414, istock-153696622.jpg)

it's hide the pain harold

No. 1352045

>>1351929 you're fucking retarded for posting this

No. 1352046

File: 1634746971042.jpeg (185.47 KB, 1170x376, 75930D5A-2266-4B29-943A-B08C1A…)

No. 1352049

I laughed cause it came off as the bully charging the brother 10 dollars for the snaps, the low price making everything more absurd

No. 1352050

File: 1634747328288.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1105x1877, 583651B6-F3C8-45F0-9AE0-A0A2E9…)

No pics or videos posted with Soy kek what a waste of a trip

No. 1352054

File: 1634747472553.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1052x1914, D9BA0347-AAB5-4BCF-8CA3-422159…)

She literally could have done these low quality snapchat filtered pics in her musty pedo room back in Washington she’s so retarded

No. 1352055

File: 1634747537109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1080x2043, 3B288F63-9FE2-4A59-B672-699B36…)

No. 1352056

Rented an air bnb to take snapchat filter pics… ok Shay. Wish her coomers and shit would bring up where her and Sols content is but they're dumb and dismissive of her bullshit

No. 1352057

File: 1634747659979.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1145x1614, 09807E1A-96CF-4418-A572-AFB95F…)

No. 1352064

File: 1634748334260.jpeg (481.13 KB, 1170x1046, 5387FD30-2C10-4229-B46B-FFC7BF…)

She’s so gross

No. 1352065

I think this is the worst shit I've seen in a Shatna thread. And I've seen some shit…

No. 1352067

File: 1634748748242.jpeg (470.24 KB, 1228x1849, 4063E819-29B6-4665-84EA-E038D7…)

KEK is this about Dave Chappelle’s comedy special??

No. 1352068

did she not even select the "Other" box? kek. they likely won't even see the pander-y feedback if not.

No. 1352069

Fucking hell. If these idiots actually watched it instead of joining the work mob they’d know how stupid this whole situation is. Also Shayna is like two weeks behind as always.

No. 1352070

She didn’t actually unsubscribe. She’s just doing this for…? Honestly who knows at this point.

No. 1352073

You show em' Shat. Hit em where it hurts.

No. 1352079

Shayna Luther King strikes against, but this time against a black man telling the truth.

No. 1352080


No. 1352082

My sides. How are these people real holy shit hahahahahahah

No. 1352084

Wow, I'm sure Sol and your tranny "mom friend" are gonna see this, queen.

No. 1352086

File: 1634750302080.jpeg (870.03 KB, 1170x1921, 36EFBE42-B19D-4E04-8C97-6B203F…)

This is what she’s replying to

No. 1352087

File: 1634750345006.jpeg (242.34 KB, 1170x854, 5EAB0A05-F0C0-41F6-A5F2-C2DCBD…)

Don’t bring Ozzy into your mess

No. 1352093

>>begging you
So one black man saying JKR said nothing wrong and all people come from a woman, has this trans begging and Shayna cancelling a netflix sub she probably never used in the first place. Amazing.

No. 1352094

Coming from the bitch who was so obsessed with Chick fil a when she moved to Oklahoma

No. 1352102

lol she's trying really hard to win skinny fupa back

No. 1352104

she could at least brush up on her ozzy lore if she's going to make a dumb tweet like this. doesn't everyone know he and sharon have like a million dogs?

No. 1352105

File: 1634751661355.jpeg (304.04 KB, 1170x912, 250D7726-072F-4796-B04E-4178ED…)

“Morning routine” sure Shay

No. 1352107

wow shes filming finally, after a big day yesterday of getting her nails done and eating…

No. 1352113

ha ha peak comedy anon great job

No. 1352115

she probably just wants woke folk brownie points because people were talking about her online history as a ~racist anti-semite~ a few days ago

so she's "the greatest" for doing the bare minimum, on her phone. i'm shocked the bar is so low

No. 1352116

Neither JKR nor Dave Chapelle are wrong. When will these idiots learn science and biology doesn't give a shit about your feelings. Netflix isn't going to lose shit from a couple people unsubbing

No. 1352117

>she probably just wants woke folk brownie points because people were talking about her online history as a ~racist anti-semite~ a few days ago
nah she has a tranny orbiter and has been on this "transphobia" train for a while now

No. 1352125

File: 1634753655791.jpeg (818.8 KB, 750x1007, D199819E-894C-4929-8180-9DCED1…)

No. 1352126

File: 1634753802364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,565.49 KB, 750x1027, DA32E632-C655-416B-A76F-FAE062…)

No. 1352129

“I don’t give a fuck because Twitter isn’t a real place.” - Dave Chapelle

No. 1352136

File: 1634754464837.png (Spoiler Image,7.91 MB, 1242x2208, 895CF618-42C7-4FB0-947A-288726…)

No. 1352138

File: 1634754561530.jpeg (71.51 KB, 642x701, 20F59BD5-C763-4164-A52E-F4A3AC…)

No. 1352142

Ah yes, she's lurking and noticed the overwhelming amount of anons telling Ellen to leave her ass so now she's trying to make it seem like their relationship is fine.

No. 1352147

She looks like she’s about to ask me for some money at a gas station

No. 1352149

Nta but its spoilered and is exactly how Shat talks, chill the fuck out nonnie.

Trying to retcon her reputation and be seen as a woke qween.

No. 1352151

That doesn't mean that she isn't aware of the heat she recently got. This is damage control.

No. 1352152

File: 1634755212282.png (Spoiler Image,7.16 MB, 1242x2208, D415E426-5BC2-438C-845F-73B993…)

She keeps making these videos saying happy day because she “doesn’t know” what day it is so dumb https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqo7g2iffb15h3m/Video%20Oct%2019%2C%2011%2054%2023%20PM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1352154

File: 1634755301984.png (Spoiler Image,7.88 MB, 1242x2208, E70AD1D6-46E9-427B-885F-859B8D…)


No. 1352161

at that point i will say if you don't care about exfoliating, please photoshop that, make it look at least a little bit more presentable

No. 1352165

Do her coomers get off to the boils or do they pretend that they don't exist? inb4menhavenostandards but I'm genuinely asking here because these are like airport runway beacons.

No. 1352166

she’s so fucking wide. like absolutely no waist from the front or back, Brick-Ass Barbie

No. 1352167

Fuck you, I hate this more than anything else I've ever seen on this website

No. 1352169

i think they get off to the idea of her being stupid (not bimbo stupid like genuinely retarded/easy to take advantage of) and desperate and not batheing/bad hygiene is a part of that. that and prettier woman having better opportunities are why street corner prostitutes are so nasty.

No. 1352170


this is just sad and weird, why the fuck would you post this

No. 1352172

Did she tan or is that the light?

No. 1352182

This is the fattest and flabbiest she has looked, jesus this is nightmare fuel

No. 1352191

her anus is like a wormhole

No. 1352205

File: 1634760891973.jpeg (292.01 KB, 1170x637, 756AA52B-7D11-4C23-90D3-89F64B…)

Wonder what that’s about

No. 1352210

Damn didn't check the thread in 2 days and Shayna is already a hooker for $120 shoes. My god that's Oklahoma methhead prices.

No. 1352218

Why doesn’t he get his wife to message the account? This is sus… any idea which discord it is? Which one shaynus got kicked out of?

No. 1352223

You haven't been here very long, have you…

No. 1352246

What’s wrong with you furry-chan?
I could have lived my whole life not seeing that

No. 1352258

stop posting here

No. 1352262

File: 1634766653785.jpeg (365.57 KB, 828x1094, 1FF4413E-5E51-4FEB-91FE-A2E481…)

He’s still lurking here kek, the degenerate doth protest too much. Sully Hill, you are promoting violence against women, rape, pedophilia and bestiality, no matter how much you try to rationalise it.

No. 1352266

File: 1634766883761.png (Spoiler Image,89.17 KB, 528x510, mark.png)

Is that a bite mark on her fat thigh?

No. 1352271

Yes, she had another one a couple weeks ago on her butt cheek from Ellen

No. 1352273

Hunched over to exaggerate her floppy fried egg on a nail titty is such an awful idea

No. 1352284

Fat Ellen keeps trying to eat Shay’s thighs because she mistakes them for cottage cheese.

No. 1352285


I guess shat isn't worth killing

No. 1352287

love seeing these fat twitter sw's trying to cancel celebs over words while actively contributing to slave labor buying their ugly shein clothes every two weeks. They sure know how to pick their battles!

No. 1352289


Whatever, she's probably going to resubscribe, a camhoe who doesn't have a day job and lives on the internet is not going to live without Netflix for long.

No. 1352294

it was probably getting too expensive for her anyway

No. 1352296

Fuck off a-logger.

No. 1352305

if role playing rape is rape play, role playing sex with a child is pedo play

No. 1352310

It's easy to take a screenshot like that before actually hitting submit. Like another anon said too, she doesn't even have the "other" checkbox clicked off. It's as fake as her being bi.

No. 1352314

I wanna Shay-log and shay-pick about her but I'll just say it looks like she has a rash all the time.

No. 1352324

I'm not the OP. I just didn't understand your dramatic response when worse shit has been posted in this thread.

No. 1352326

File: 1634771317462.png (Spoiler Image,11.93 MB, 1242x2208, 76396D19-7499-4193-9AAF-A4D4C0…)

No. 1352329

Boomer doesn't understand discord lmao the quotes are hilarious to me

No. 1352331

nta but… no… worse stuff has not been posted itt. you’re brain-damaged.

No. 1352333

The real question is how Ellen manages to not throw up when her nose is that close to Shay's rancid holes.

No. 1352334

you need therapy

No. 1352335

It has been several hours, I'm not OP, and at this point you're derailing and infighting. Move on.

No. 1352337

nice deflection

No. 1352338

honestly it's fucking ridiculous that mods won't delete that irrelevant degenerate bullshit when it's reported but I can't say Shaynus has ZERO clit, she's a tranny with an implant in her necrotic tit, she needs extensive surgery or a bullet through her skull. I'll take my performative ban

No. 1352339

>or a bullet through her skull
can all the a-loggers take their meds? jfc the shayna thread is not that deep.

No. 1352341

I'm wondering why they're not banning the neurotic infighters who think everyone that asks them to stop is OP.

No. 1352346

>vag sperg
>tit sperg
not a-logging, just listing things you can't say in this thread, a reminder for everyone

No. 1352360

Can you guys stfu and stop spamming the thread, unless it's dirty on shay and her orbiters! Also, can we start calling Shayna's orbiters "flies"? Since realistically, you'd expect shaynus to be surrounded by fruit flies

No. 1352366

it’s crazy how he’s able to say this with so much conviction when almost 100% of normies would agree that it’s disgusting and doesn’t exist in a bubble just because it gets your dick hard. Soyboy, you are getting off on a woman doing everything in her power to closely resemble a literal infant.

No. 1352369

Whenever she does this retarded face it reminds me of the super Mario 64 start screen where you pull on Mario's face

No. 1352388

Oh my b, it's not pedophilia, it's just simulated pedophilia. All good, you're all clear now bud.

No. 1352394

File: 1634777025051.jpeg (315.92 KB, 1170x1007, ECBF35DE-F202-49C9-AB45-34C6A8…)

No. 1352401

File: 1634777360020.jpeg (318.62 KB, 1242x776, 8CE64059-7A8C-4C8B-A049-B5D4DE…)

She’s comparing her body to a public dirty bathroom stall… amazing

No. 1352410

Can an art anon do something with Better Call Saul except change the Saul to Sol


No. 1352415

Hypnotism isn't real retard. Only exists if you believe it does.

Is this just another account of Shay getting assaulted again? She's gone off the walls since moving back to Seattle.

No. 1352419

I wonder if her parents read this when they check up on her.

No. 1352442

This limey choosing an exotique name like Salvatore so he doesn't have to whore under his boringass name Sully Hill, kek

No. 1352445

a dirty vandalized public bathroom. i mean i guess it fits with the establishments she visits and flashes her gross body.

No. 1352447

Fruit flies is too kind and implies she eats anything but takeout and doesn't smell like shit.

No. 1352455

I love that she thinks this is cute, she’s being used by random men who will dump her as soon as she catches feelings, although I would love a Fupa 2.0

No. 1352462

File: 1634782957174.jpeg (370.27 KB, 828x916, C5E061E2-49E3-490F-890F-B0D4A5…)

>woketard moralfagging over someone using the word “fag”
>fucks people pretending to be children and animals for money
I hate this cunt so much

No. 1352465

>lolicon pfp
I bet that’s a troon.

No. 1352471

File: 1634783449231.jpg (Spoiler Image,226.44 KB, 1203x1729, 20211020_193011.jpg)

She looks so retarded

No. 1352473

What dog has Christmas lights on its cage?

No. 1352474

will she ever stop using the dandruff filter? how are men even okay with obviously filtered porn kek

No. 1352475

yeah and gusanon behind him with the box cutter lol

No. 1352476

Wonder if we're ever going to see her real face without the snap filters again. She's so lazy and insecure she can't even edit the pics anymore. Just slap the snap filter on and do the content in the app. She got the new iPhone too.

No. 1352478

Seethe harder Soy Boy.

No. 1352480

That black chick calling out the group is super annoying and also doesn’t like Shayna so I’m surprised Sol’s interacting but he’ll do anything to stay woke I guess

No. 1352482

Such high quality Snapchat content. Remember when she was complaining about low quality content kek the farm remembers

No. 1352486

Shay has pretty much become everything she said she hated. It would be sad to see her struggling so much to stay relevant if she wasn't such a horrible person. kek

No. 1352496

File: 1634784396764.jpeg (709.84 KB, 1170x1943, 36491FCA-A3D9-45AC-B3C4-53392A…)

Idk what’s worse her and Sol or her and this “company”

No. 1352504

Idk that bitch needs a veg in her system.

No. 1352506

Love that the pedophile is telling fatty to eat some vegetables kek as if she has any

No. 1352513

File: 1634784973066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,146.94 KB, 681x1024, 8A719B06-99DA-4928-B364-7F7B35…)

It’s coming full circle…

No. 1352522

File: 1634785449305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,347.81 KB, 1241x1775, 461FAFD5-E236-47FE-B248-8298AA…)

I can’t see how they still claim what they’re doing isn’t pedo play. They all deserve a long dirt nap.

No. 1352532

not that i give a fuck about these people in the slightest, but inugami korone isn't even a loli, you would be better off calling them a furry or some shit which is probably true judging by their name
people in this thread talk straight out of their ass most of the time

No. 1352551

Nta but the icon is very blatantly loli stylized.

No. 1352561

Can some cyber whore lurker itt please explain what the fuck anything said in those screenshots means?

No. 1352575

File: 1634788661279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 997x1840, 5ABA6878-C73E-4ECA-8F4E-41FE46…)

These are so unflattering

No. 1352576

File: 1634788698923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1019x1872, F3004177-EA13-41B0-8264-0B0611…)

No. 1352578

File: 1634788814111.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1008x1850, 9DB20638-AE26-4BAA-A17C-5F21FF…)

No she won’t she’s insecure about her huge nose

No. 1352580

File: 1634788923585.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1010x1791, 10F2FCE3-8BBE-43AB-B092-B36CA8…)

Her content is so boring. At least film content with your uwu poly partners? We already know Ellen is your “girlfriend”

No. 1352586

File: 1634789137102.jpeg (Spoiler Image,504.88 KB, 1238x1606, 4162E2EF-6DE2-43BE-AC21-112750…)

No. 1352587

her pussy and ass boils are returning just in time for her adult baby shoot

No. 1352590

She ready to take a shit or…?

No. 1352592

File: 1634789404776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1056x2015, 24C7E735-92FE-4142-B5C4-54AB13…)

That’s been her new pose lately idk

No. 1352595

File: 1634789533476.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 974x1843, FA6B4EA8-676D-4469-BE4B-24036D…)

No. 1352603

I think because someone used a slur~ and said fag or something and the woke whores need to feel superior

No. 1352616

>spiking a toddler’s bottle before raping them
Jesus FUCK I don’t if I want to a-log or an hero or both

No. 1352626

Mike wazowski body

No. 1352628

Thought this was edited to say "POOP NASTY".
Her labia really hangs like balls. Is this from the pussy pump incident?

No. 1352631

File: 1634791270805.jpg (Spoiler Image,879.55 KB, 1238x1606, AirBrush_20211020214048.jpg)

This is what I thought her shirt said at first

No. 1352639

No. 1352645

File: 1634791998134.png (475.41 KB, 2048x964, Screenshot_20211020-215122.png)

Don't cowtip this time so that we can see the tragic mess this shoot will be

No. 1352659

I wonder if she actually got paid to do this or if they’re paying her like $100 to do this

No. 1352704

File: 1634795785903.jpeg (361.88 KB, 1536x1536, 6535DEF5-E084-403F-B0DF-8FDC29…)

What Shayna looks like vs what she thinks she looks like

No. 1352730

This is so sick, idk what it is about these pictures specifically compared to all the other fucked up pedo shit she does but the 'roleplaying' made me actually ill. This terrible plot is particularly worse because it's a situation of coercion that only a child (or mentally retarded adult) would believe/fall victim to. When do these bitches draw the line with "kink"? This is such blatant simulated child sex abuse.
Exactly, I tried to call it out but you two explained it perfectly.
Agreed, I kek'd at the inclusion of a specific name as well, like why use Adam and restrict your audience when you can just say "brother" (blegh). Either she's retarded or this was actually requested by a guy named Adam (and she's still retarded). Wouldn't be the first time she put a custom video for sale publicly.

No. 1352745

To be fair, if you're thirsting after a pencil-dicked tranny-fucker, this is par for the fucking course.

No. 1352772

Anons remember when we thought this was her low point? Moving in with fupa and doing this shit? Kek

No. 1352785

File: 1634802860245.png (11.68 KB, 390x470, 2BE98922-941F-4DAD-97E7-2766FE…)

It’s the little things in this thread that get me.

No. 1352786

pt unironically has a far superior fashion sense

No. 1352801

File: 1634804660320.jpeg (403.13 KB, 828x1196, 68CFBDA5-260A-4B4D-B608-CEFD88…)

He is still seething, the mental gymnastics of these reprobates. They should be forcibly sterilised, I hope to Christ his cuck wife makes a run for it before he uses the diseased pencil dick he fucks ugly troon ass with to knock her up. He also can’t spell bestiality, but that’s but surprising for illiterate white trash who probably didn’t graduate high school

No. 1352822

Why can’t these sex workers just make porn and go, maybe make a little tweet about a hobby or interest or nice cafe they went to or something to add personality instead of fighting each other and trying to one up each other in being woke and degenerate

No. 1352831

Seriously. All Soy does is spend literally all day on twitter by the looks of it, either retweeting other degenerates or retweeting the same five of his own tweets. If his wife wasn’t complicit in his degeneracy I’d feel sorry for her, being hungry and neglected while he thirsts over hideous hambeasts and men in wigs

No. 1352858

I will say, ABDreams probably won’t let her use filters on the pictures they take. She also won’t have control of the content they release of her (I only know cause binkieprincess was my other cow lol)

No. 1352866

ew, which fucked up coomer even requested this custom?

No. 1352893

Yeah right they edit the shit out of their pics

No. 1352896

>common and consensual accepted kink
Accepted by who? Other degenerates? Oh well, that’s OK then, I mean, who could possibly argue with that?

No. 1352902

File: 1634821095247.jpeg (195.43 KB, 1284x486, A4045833-0192-47BB-BD06-214665…)

it’s not a “getaway” or vacation, you’re supposed to be working you fucking lazy sack of shit.

No. 1352904

Not as much as you might think- plus they take video. Shrug. I think it’ll be funny to see

No. 1352908

No one is saying you literally fuck dogs, Sully you retard. Does it really blow your primitive little mind that much that the vast majority of people still think simulating rape & pedophilia is disgusting, even when you add on what you clearly think is your get-out-of-jail-free card of "simulated". Oh, it's not actually raping babies, so it's all good, yeah?
No shit big Shaynus is not a literal baby. Nobody ever fucking thought that. You just keep parroting "I'm not ackshually raping babies" & ignoring what you're really being chastised for. Because being obtuse is how you mentally protect your ego from having to reflect on how much your disgusting & immoral porn poisons the world.

No. 1352937

I'll say this company, the theme is creepier and I bet they won't even entertain us by freaking out like Sully did

No. 1352960

Poop troop

No. 1352964

Kitty Sophie??
is that the mullet dollar tree belle kek

No. 1352974

File: 1634828113342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,566.31 KB, 1242x686, 34AB8C40-D406-44B8-8584-13E170…)

Technically he is participating in bestiality. As seen here, he’s sticking his pencil dick in a wild hog

No. 1352979

this does not belong here but i understand why soy gribble wears those gloves all the time

No. 1352982

File: 1634828778635.jpg (74.95 KB, 201x422, disgust.jpg)

please stop posting this all around repugnant creature.

No. 1352997

funny how he wears gloves but refuses to wrap his dick. poetic, even

No. 1353004

I love how their bag of shit is in the background. I wonder if this is another air bnb?

No. 1353007


Gotta protect them Twitter fingers

No. 1353066


His wife gonna be real mad when unprotected sex leads to one of them getting pregnant.

No. 1353098

File: 1634840146319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,596.75 KB, 1242x1304, 56F83D7C-F4A5-4697-AFBD-9EBCB1…)

Dandruff filter yuck

No. 1353125

File: 1634842797637.jpeg (132.33 KB, 750x399, DA3F15ED-115C-44D9-8518-E28B24…)

Ellen Dresel needs to get her shit together and realize Shayna isn’t going to fill any kind of void in her sad life. She starts passive aggressively tweeting every time she goes to do a shoot

No. 1353129

She's obviously jealous of Shayna, I really think she thinks Shayna is this hot young thing that all the men want compared to her. When she could easily date the same low lifes Shayna Dates/attracts.
She could also have the same exact "Career" shayna has if she wanted too. If you lower your standards you can easily be on Shayna's level.

No. 1353147

I called this last thread, this relationship is not long for this world. Probably a benefit in disguise for Ellen, I have no idea what she's getting out of the arrangement if Shay barely gives her a crumb of attention.

No. 1353154

File: 1634845982402.jpeg (269.62 KB, 750x552, 71455427-934C-4305-B8EC-BEDD5C…)

Is she actually incapable of traveling without making a scene? She’s really in a trashy pink track suit chugging a whole bottle of wine watching her own porn in public

No. 1353155

File: 1634846021823.jpeg (78.8 KB, 750x206, 4CDB2598-6640-47D3-8BC5-B05979…)

While also dancing around in case the other things didn’t draw enough attention

No. 1353163

people have been calling it since it started

No. 1353175

If I was ever on a plane or train with this fat sped openly editing or watching porn in public, I'd name such a fucking scene, like literally until they had to stop and get police involved. This is so disgusting but in true Shayna fashion, I also find it very hard to believe that's what she's actually doing. She's just eating and getting drunk, as per usual.