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File: 1648258401348.png (284.02 KB, 440x614, dashaSAG.png)

No. 1481518

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1481524

i miss the summaries but not enough to make one myself

No. 1481610

File: 1648266532887.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032, FOvwbXWWYAsEEUI.jpeg)

new kantbot photo just dropped

No. 1481615


how can someone who looks like this take a selfie and post it without any hint of shame? also, why does this creature look like that? i'm nauseous

No. 1481764

File: 1648280727181.jpeg (134.52 KB, 828x763, 7B6FEE53-898F-4789-AB9C-102C77…)

Will Dasha ever stop submitting rumors about herself to celebrity gossip pages?

No. 1481768

File: 1648280893232.png (155.57 KB, 1872x764, dasha posting.png)

she denied the previous story about cousin greg avoiding her btw

No. 1481773

>former flame

No. 1481775

Both stories are lies. He was in Europe when the first one was posted, so there’s no way he would’ve been seen in NYC then. It reads a lot more like a fangirl cope than a real sighting. He follows her on Instagram and semi-regularly likes her posts which makes it hard to believe he’s trying to avoid her.

Had no idea Dasha was even aware of DeuxMoi. For sure she has to be the one consistently reinforcing the Greg/Dasha narrative lol

No. 1481863

File: 1648288345482.png (1.59 MB, 1678x2048, Screenshot_20220326-045118.png)


No. 1481867

looking like a waiter at a magician dinner theatre

No. 1482010

Lmao what a waste of energy typing this, Jack is going to be fat and bitter until the day he dies

No. 1482300

Fat Jack hates women so he probably doesn’t want any advice from them, this lady is wasting her time writing comments like this

No. 1482316

Imagine how much he would ridicule a woman for saying this to anyone aside from him

No. 1482364

Can someone give me backstory to this Jack?

No. 1482409

Fat gay right-wing podcaster and Red Scare orbiter who is obsessed with perfume. Posts stupid things like women bringing cookies to the office are responsible for his obesity, Black Lives Matter is why he has no friends, and taking screenshots of his posts is "spectral gang rape". He used to work at a hotel but quit recently.

No. 1482435

It's a shame he wasn't born during the time of court jesters because he'd make a killing.

No. 1482471

Dasha's new boyfriend has her sounding even more insufferable than her first catholic phase. Didn't listen to the whole episode but saw a comment saying that he has her being celibate until marriage? Anna deflects when Dasha tries to get her to baptize the baby. Anna's back to drinking.
The thirteenth disciple subject line makes me think this was 100% sent by Dasha or a scarethot. Notice how the submitter on these can't bear to refer to Dasha as D/Z-list.

No. 1482490

Court jester were meant to be well liked by the king and peasant alike and also have skill in some form of entertainment. The only skill Jack has is obsessively searching himself on Twitter

No. 1482711

File: 1648344197161.png (523.67 KB, 500x900, depraved_perfumer_set.png)

He certainly stinks like a half-decayed member of a royal court. picrel the Fragrant Fatshit after his gastric bypass.

No. 1482880

File: 1648352726920.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 9D36B15E-3510-4037-BCAF-CBE178…)

Dasha and Adam in same room?

No. 1482902

Where is Adam?

No. 1483040

"religious ceremonies" do they mean mass? Or are they doing occult shit now?

No. 1483042

>Anna deflects when Dasha tries to get her to baptize the baby.
Mortara Case 2.0 when Dasha inevitably abducts lil' Lenny lmao

No. 1483072

I thought that smirking Jew on the right was him maybe I was wrong

No. 1483078

looks nothing like him, plus Adam would never wear shoes that preppy

No. 1483080

i don't think that's adam

No. 1483085

>b-list fave

No. 1483095

Imagine being a 21-year-old svengali/autist, calling yourself "Obese Retard" and working your way up the Dimes Square ladder by ensnaring successively more niche-internet-famous burned-out nlogs all the way up to the queen bee, a decade your senior with a body count in the triple digits and convincing her to be celibate until she marries you. Can't decide if this is a masochistic forced L or a massively successful bit.

No. 1483171

he's only 21? he looks at least 27

No. 1483183


That’s the director dumbass.

No. 1483194

Looks exactly like him and he would definitely wear shoes that gay

No. 1483299

Film Directing, Film Acting, TV Acting, Stage Acting, Dance, Experimental Theater, Podcasting, Poetry, Instagram Influencing, Shitposting, Blogging, Proselytizing, Modeling, Award Winning; What Can't She Do?

No. 1483308

“Celibacy until marriage” as a way to hide his porn-induced ED and/or homosexuality. Imagine being a woman in your 30s and still falling for that lmao.

No. 1483575

This is from the Meredith Baxter bulimia TV movie episode, which is free on Spotify. It's basically a one-man AA or Reddit confessional. He admits that his food and alcohol consumption have been at "fever pitch" and that he's always had issues with both. He says he's got to quit drinking "for a while." He also said the most pleasurable thing for him is to wolf down fast food alone in his car. One wonders if he realizes his whole brand - "based" dismissal of people with depression and other problems - was just a huge cope for his own lack of self-control. This is a man who trolls for Twitter likes by saying things like depression and racism don't real, and blaming libs for keeping him from great achievements.

He says he's "withdrawn into his Carol White from Safe igloo" - quitting or being fired from his job took away the only structure that was keeping him from drowning in his addictions. His whole act is making fun of unstable women like childless wine aunts - surprise, surprise, he is what he mocks. Unsurprisingly, his fanboys tell him how brave and stunning he is.

I hope he gets it together, but it's a good reminder that loudmouth socons are all full of shit and projecting furiously.

No. 1483594

File: 1648392862196.png (87.26 KB, 619x470, Screenshot.png)

>teehee hey boys, did you know i'm a little spinner constantly mistaken for a teenage girl? i said TEEHEE!!

No. 1483643

The Vatican ep has to be the first one in years in which Anna sounds more coherent than Dasha. She's off her rocker.

No. 1483657

im surprised the scarethots haven’t put together the /if comfry comes back/ and dasha’s nick mullen trajectory on a public podcast and realized she is not, in fact, a breakout superstar on succession and doesn’t have anything going for her but red scare. no need for good pr when your careers dead in the water.

No. 1483681

He just posted a disgusting anti-white woman meme so yeah, he's not getting it together or finding self-awareness or taking responsibility for himself

No. 1484328

at least he finally shaved off that shitty isis beard and got a haircut

No. 1484427

File: 1648440652702.png (94.59 KB, 406x501, liz.png)

Crackhead moment. You just know she's fantasized about Matt transforming into Adam Driver and defending her honor or something.

No. 1484470

File: 1648444030485.jpg (22.9 KB, 500x500, artworks-Qc8LhYpDOd3BsFoS-uNFH…)

maybe her sugar daddy neighbor would defend her honor, but this pudgy soy boy wouldn't do shit

No. 1485029

File: 1648486132582.png (3.05 MB, 1242x1550, Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 12.4…)

>take a swing at a mf
>to defend his ~woman
liz is never more cringe than when she's trying to sound cool.
also wtf is this stupid code of honor she's working from, he didn't call her a whore or something, the joke was literally "she has short hair." only weird pent-up ragey narcs who can't take criticism think this needs avenging, which checks out for liz honestly. she's probably projecting bc someone made fun of her Ramona Quimby haircut and Matt laughed

No. 1485071

>i just feel like i've woken up in a bizarro world where nobody's ever seen an a-list celebrity an hour away from winning the oscar for best actor at what was supposed to be the pinnacle of his career get pissed off and take a swing at a comedian who's job it is to roast everyone in attendance for telling a maybe poor-taste but ultimately harmless joke about his crazy wife who infamously publicly emasculated him and obviously keeps his balls in her purse
ftfy Liz. Don't know why she always has to be so pedantic.

No. 1485110

I'm not sure if this was talked about in other threads, but how in the hell did dasha get a role on succession? who did she have to sleep with? it's not like she's actually talented or anything

No. 1485131

lol this has indeed been discussed endlessly, the truth is no one here knows how she got the role. Dasha says some of the writers are Red Scare fans, to me felt like the show grasping at social media relevance by casting niche influencers: Ziwe plays a talk show host and Dasha plays a professional Twitter poaster - this is the kind of meta joke corny millennial tv writers think is super clever. it backfired though, Dasha isn't likable enough for mainstream roles and Succession fans hated her. Ziwe's unlikeable too but they had the sense to limit her to a brief cameo. scarethots swore this was dasha's taking over hollywood arc but her imdb page is dry as a bone post-succession so still waiting for that big break…

No. 1485206

stunt casting to boost numbers. she had 5 minutes of screen time the whole season..

No. 1485220

File: 1648501894878.png (3.42 MB, 1644x1552, Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 5.07…)

liz bruenig and matt are def into some ddlg shit, who falls asleep like this on their husband

No. 1485227

ngl that looks cozy as fuck

No. 1485232

I get where you're coming from nonny but that does look kinda cute

Would be better if he wasn't a potato

No. 1485245

eh i'd find it cuter if she wasn't constantly memeing her own cuteness/how she's just an uwu eensy 80 pound bean mistaken for a literal child! but possibly i am a contrarian cunt

No. 1485294

Nonnie, not being funny, but this is just how normal people cuddle sometimes

No. 1485332

File: 1648509211205.png (105.32 KB, 608x555, aimee.png)

No. 1485343

Did someone cheat on her or what?

No. 1485345

the fuck does she mean? what circumstances?

No. 1485347

if all this is true then a woman staying with a man who cheats means she does not love herself

No. 1485351

what kind of fucking pickme says this shit, but somehow the cheating man still does actually love and respect you!! bitch he doesnt even see you as a person youre like a pet to him. i dont think cheating is acceptable in any situation unless youre being abused, and dont have a way to safely leave yet because i think that victims still deserve some small happiness, and realizing that youre still worthy of love can be the thing you need to empower you to leave. there is no other reason why cheating would be acceptable, and i will never understand people who “work it out”. how can you ever trust that person again or even see them as the person you fell in love with?

No. 1485366

"I love you but muh dick"

No. 1485373

She’s completely correct.

You don’t understand men.

No. 1485384

Not everyone gets cheated on, nonnie! Or should I say scrote, unsaged poster. Truly hope no one woman here would stoop so low.

No. 1485387

Just because men and women are different doesn't make it more forgivable for men to cheat. Aimee should've just full stopped after saying cheating is horrible no matter who does it

No. 1485397

Tradfags can’t bear to follow their own rules. They just can't be happy without someone to shit on while being completely dishonest about who they really are. As you said, there are Nigels out there.

I'm sure terminally online Aimee has the private life she deserves

No. 1485399

Who does she think she’s fooling? We’ve all seen what she looks like and how she’s aging.

No. 1485402

Huh? I’m nearly the same size as my husband and we cuddle like this sometimes, she sucks but this is nitpicking

No. 1485419

Aimee reeks of a chick who will never get married or have children. Her whole world revolves around twitter. No hobbies, no interests, and doesn't go outside.

No. 1485437

>t. anon who has never cuddled anyone in their life
What a dumb ass nitpick lmao

No. 1485456

Within six months post-leftists are going to start repeating Roosh V and Chateau Heartiste's takes from 2012, verbatim

No. 1485459

File: 1648517228682.webm (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, dingdongyouropinioniswrong.web…)

No. 1485498

They’ve been doing that already for years

No. 1485537

The only thing being married to a fat retard is good for

No. 1485542

damn did this place lose its sense of humor? i'm not some autist who's never cuddled before, just think this pic is funny in light of liz's uwu frail baby routine. i'm also nearly a whole foot taller than this bitch and like skinny men so i can't relate to falling asleep on an obese mans entire lap like a purse dog lmao

No. 1485631

My question is, who took this picture and why?

No. 1485633

who took this picture

No. 1485652

File: 1648530850059.jpeg (259.82 KB, 640x446, 08B9F563-23B1-45A7-A400-DC09E5…)

If Anna left deadbeat Eli and raised Lenny with Dasha as lesbian moms I think it'd honestly be a healthier situation than whatever she has going on right now.

No. 1485695

dasha would be so much better off if she stopped persuing acting, had a kid and moved out of NY

No. 1485711

thanks for the honest response(sage)

No. 1485720

In this pic, Dasha reminds me of some kind of decrepit witch in an old folktale used to scare children who sucks the life out of babies to maintain her immortality.
As much as I hate them both, he does seem like a lil cutie tho. Hopefully he doesn't turn out like his parents

No. 1485725

File: 1648537684941.jpg (31.08 KB, 669x455, DocqW6jUwAEEwIQ.jpg)

Anna looking like evil Peter Parker.

No. 1485746

Could Dasha even find a husband at this point who isn’t a subhuman porn addict scrote? That’s her entire fanbase at this point and I can’t imagine a normal man would want to marry or even just have kids with someone with her baggage and defects. Maybe she can find a husband on the red scare subreddit just like when Adam kicked her out and she found someone on the subreddit to cosign her new lease

No. 1485750

I mean that’s basically what she did by making a horny film about Epstein trafficking victims

No. 1485758

there's other paths in life than marriage and husband

No. 1485787

File: 1648548287399.jpg (79.97 KB, 575x398, vietcong.jpg)

Interesting that I'm getting accused of being a scrote and Aimee a pickme when Aimee's tweets actually imply that it's worse when men cheat than when women cheat which is decidedly not a pickme take.

And she's 100% correct, by the way. Women do not cheat on men that they love and respect, a women straying from the agreement of monogamy likely doesn't care for the man she's cheating on and probably hasn't for a long time. The relationship is already unsalvageable. On the other hand, as Aimee identified, men will cheat on women that they love during the course of a perfectly happy and contented relationships, thus ruining them. Sage for OT.

No. 1485792

File: 1648550122717.png (166.77 KB, 1807x998, Screenshot_20220329-053217~2.p…)

It doesn't really imply that it's worse when men do it. Tbh it just seems like minimizing it by framing it as less of an emotional betrayal. If they really loved you, they wouldn't be willing to hurt you and betray your trust like that. The reality is they just wanted to get their dick wet and completely disregarded the history with and feelings of the woman they're in a relationship with. If he cheats on you, he does not love you. He probably never did. The relationship only seems more salvageable in that scenario vs when a woman cheats because unfortunately too many of us are spineless and desperate for male love and approval. Women will swallow their hurt and anger and try to make it work, in part because many of us have been fed lies like the one you're telling. Because we dont want to look like fools and desperately want to believe that we're in the "rare, exceptional circumstances" that Aimee is speaking of. Anons accuse Aimee of being a pickme because she is. And they accuse you of being a scrote because you sound a lot like one, speaking very authoritatively on something you are definitely incorrect about.

No. 1485806

File: 1648552731387.png (562.1 KB, 1282x581, 1558756498170.png)

off topic but fun fact about RooshV, he's now a born again christian that disapproves of pre-marital sex and masturbation


No. 1485828

File: 1648554823114.jpeg (301.3 KB, 828x851, 822E2716-EB54-4895-AC72-11E220…)

Ruined her life.

No. 1485831

It’s a ridiculous overgeneralization, regardless of you restating what she said in slightly less deranged language

No. 1485833

That’s nice, still the same misogynistic psycho though

No. 1485926

she could literally just get a life that didn’t consist of obsessing 24/7 about another country’s politics
like, actually live in Australia, go outside, read local news, eat a pie

No. 1485929

Like she could at least occasionally sperg out and comment on Australian politics once in a while right?

No. 1486322

mother and child

No. 1486326

men cheat on women they don't love and respect. sometimes they'll cheat on someone they think is out of their league to try and break them down so they'll stay because they are insecure. check out weaponized incompetence if you think men are like golden retrievers following the dopamine.

No. 1486328

and like clockwork a narcissist discovers religion in his 30s.

No. 1486449

Australia barely has politics

No. 1486455


No. 1486456

right? imagine caring about matt christmas or gommunism when you could go snorkeling with sea turtles.

No. 1486623

ok bangmaid

No. 1486678


If you don't think Australian politics are not just downstream from American, British hegemony idk. what to tell you. Personally, I live in post soviet country and most of current debates or topics and arguments related to them are just straight usa >>> germany >>>homeland. Aimee being deranged about American politics makes perfect sense.

No. 1486685

If a woman was dating you, dicklet, trust me she'd give you at least 5 diseases from the men she'd cheat on on you with. Also women cheat as often, if not more, than men but don't get caught because we don't go and try to fuck every living breathing person while leaving clues all over. Any man has been cheated on at least once, trust me, especially if he's a misogynist who puts down his gfs, those are the guys women cheated on because if a woman doesn't get affection in a relationship, she can easily find another man willing to give it to her. On the other hand, a scrote can barely get a gf, he won't be able to find a mistress easily unless he's rich.

No. 1486770

I think everyone understands that but aimee never talks about Aus or relates anything in the US to what’s happening in her city. Twitter is her reality.

No. 1486802

That anon is just parroting Aimee's exact excuse for why she only focuses on USA internet politics, just ignore the cope

No. 1486866

Yeah if Aimee was an Australian living in the US her obsession with US politics would make more sense, but she’s literally on the other side of the world. Also it’s not even that she cares about how US foreign policy impacts the rest of the world (which is reasonable for non Americans to care about) but rather domestic US culture wars shit

No. 1486868

Exactly this. Australian politics are crazy as hell and there is always something bizarre happening, but you would never know it from Aimee. It’s like she lives in a hermetically sealed bubble of US online chatter.

No. 1487120

You can always tell the confused scrotes and tradthots who can't integrate to save their lives on these threads, because their version of discussing cows is always "Ewww, she's getting OLD and will die CHILDLESS without a HUSBAND! I bet her PUSSY looks like ROAST BEEF because she's such a HOT LITTLE SLUT" etc.

No. 1487274

File: 1648677373260.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1841, 4918B6F0-6417-4159-B239-259A94…)

Dasha modeling for Marc Jacobs????

No. 1487299

This is hilarious, it looks like they didn't give enough of a shit to make her actually look good.

No. 1487329

File: 1648679300928.png (1.05 MB, 827x1130, Screenshot_20220330-171923~2.p…)

I've seen Marc Jacobs utilize a lot of influencers/z-list celebrities/no names for Heaven (along with actual models and bigger names) to appeal to zoomers. Didn't think her style typically fit the aesthetic they go for, but there's no way Dasha would turn down getting the chance to feel like a model even if she wouldn't actually wear their clothes.
Sidenote, but does she have a huge neck or just a really small head? She's so weird looking

No. 1487331

I have never followed this cow just passing by
But why her neck so thick. It looks as thick as her head

No. 1487343

File: 1648680222832.jpg (69.14 KB, 626x783, k1tsc0glotk61.jpg)

they should've styled her more casually.

No. 1487353

File: 1648681089146.jpeg (130.04 KB, 668x668, 7C266F34-BBAA-439A-9A0E-B9F9C5…)

She’s always craning her neck to do that awkward stiff 3/4 profile pose she does in all her photos that can’t be good for your spine

No. 1487359

Nigga bladee

No. 1487375

It's just like that, always has been

No. 1487545

File: 1648695302908.jpeg (991.65 KB, 1125x1383, 9E7D618C-7C91-4928-8E12-336DDA…)

The shooping in these is wild, giving herself insect legs in picrelated and in this one >>1487274 just the lower half of her leg is longer than her entire upper body from waist to head lol nice try Dasha

No. 1487592

The Vandervoorts for their spank bank.

No. 1487608

the discrepancy between her leg size in the center photo and the reflections is very noticeable

No. 1487706

File: 1648702520063.jpg (156.72 KB, 1080x1349, FPHg2r5XsA0q0Eg.jpg)

No. 1487994

goddess bunny

No. 1488031

File: 1648733974312.png (253.77 KB, 1186x914, 765434565476543.png)

The Russian (Americans with Russian parents) podcast Anna went on ages ago has blown up by doing a bigger war "expert" "reporter" larp than Michael Tracey.

No. 1488036

lmfao i'd say a good third of of their audience since blowing up has been larping tankies who can't take putin's cock out of their mouths. oops, turns out the frogs who spent too much time on /sg/ are actually anti-communists!

No. 1488216

I'll bet that this is Ashley's doing.

No. 1488249

File: 1648752264989.png (2.05 MB, 1392x1524, Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 2.24…)

Dasha's cringe Catholic arc continues, her top reco in Perfectly Imperfect is confessing your life of sin. ofc she does this then goes right back to posting slutty bathtub selfies for her coomer fans. guess whatever zoomers she's learning catholicism from haven't taught her about the sin of scandal yet, or she's too much of a pornbrained pickme to care

No. 1488258

catholicism is a mental illness

No. 1488273

File: 1648753470749.png (587.53 KB, 1336x982, Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.01…)

this, overzealousness is a dead giveaway of a convert. dasha swears she's not a convert bc she was baptized but it's clear her parents only did it bc her grandma insisted and she wasn't raised catholic. as of 2019, her last tradcath larp phase, she hadn't been confirmed, ever done confession or taken communion, and was constantly saying laughable shit about how "god is cool with all my sins ackshually" >>1452007

No. 1488327

Obviously Aimee is no stranger to abuse judging by her baby voice.

No. 1488358

I grew up with one Catholic parent and one Russian Orthodox parent as well, it’s an obvious choice. If she is so skeptical of the papacy she should just convert but she wants to be uwu not like those other Belarusian girls.

No. 1488387

File: 1648761468039.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1000, f608f0ac7b3700c37ed913754b4213…)

Anyone actually listen to the latest Red Scare ep? A + D are reaching new levels of pathetic, unhinged, self-loathing misogyny. Here's the link, some lowlights below: https://mega.nz/file/lwpiybqR#6aZ7db2IewsuWbbgLmwZfjNL6_kpsz5SoAK0VFgngss

First, Anna is disassociating throughout the entire pod as Dasha spergs for 90 mins about Catholic conspiracy theories she clearly only half-understands. After one rant there’s 10 seconds of dead air and Anna can only respond “sorry I feel really psychedelic from the edible and mezcal" lol she clearly stopped listening 20 mins ago

At 48 min Anna says she’s really drunk, at 50 min Anna quotes something another podcast host said and out of nowhere says: “that really stuck with me, kind of like my memory of being molested as a child.” Even Dasha is horrified and Anna quickly says “I’m kidding” but uh, is she?

At 1 hour 5 min - Dasha says she’s been reading medieval Christian writing on sexuality “to try to find a loophole for jacking off” and says everything medieval christians said about women was “totally true, women are absolutely insane because things in their bodies are unstable, and they don’t have any control over themselves, they’re inherently more carnal and more compromised than men are.” This is an actual quote

The best part is she treats this like a revelation that contradicts a college class she took about sexuality in medieval Europe that taught her how misogynist everything was back then. Imagine going full “actually medieval clergy are right, women ARE demons” just to own the libs lmao we are reaching new levels of pickme here

Also earlier in the pod when Anna asked her to explain some out-there claim about Catholicism Dasha does this fake-humble “well, I’m a woman, I’m not MEANT to know these things….” Like she's being trad and respecting that only men can know the mysteries of the faith instead of admitting she's too stupid to understand the esoteric Catholic shit she Googles on adderall at 3am then regurgitates.

Overall Dasha seemed unhinged and actively engaged in brainwashing herself with this bullshit version of Catholicism that’s clearly orchestrated by her zoomer boyfriend - who iirc Honor said was abusive and I can believe it. Watching Dasha doing the absolute most and performing self-hate for some limp 25 year old misogynist dick is normal for her, watching her throw all women under the bus for it is her saddest bit yet.

No. 1488482

>Dasha says she’s been reading medieval Christian writing on sexuality “to try to find a loophole for jacking off” and says everything medieval christians said about women was “totally true, women are absolutely insane because things in their bodies are unstable, and they don’t have any control over themselves, they’re inherently more carnal and more compromised than men are.” This is an actual quote

LOL Aquinas himself considered prostitution a necessary evil: "Take away prostitutes from the world, and you will fill it with sodomy." Augustine said if hookers weren't available, that it would damage marriages. Projection, the trad's greatest talent.

No. 1488505

ty for this summary anon, you listen so we don’t have to

No. 1488506

the real sin is that this fake religious larping is fucking BORING. at least be an interesting and entertaining narcissist. boo hoo i'm a white person i need a tribe to join to protect me from all the other marginalized identities.

No. 1488507

I wish Dasha would larp as a hijabi Muslim next

No. 1488509

that would be good, then the white tranny hijabis can fight with her on twitter

No. 1488516

lol i know nothing about these idiots, only keep hearing about their stupid podcast because of coquette thread (cause they're heroes to those girls) but… is this why are they so wildly worshipped by frustrated normie girls on tumblr, wtf imagine someone willingly and regularly listening to pickme idiots blabbering while on adderal
>verything medieval christians said about women was “totally true, women are absolutely insane because things in their bodies are unstable, and they don’t have any control over themselves
Waiting when she says "witch burning was totally valid" or "it's true women are insane because their uterus travels through the body and causes hysteria"

No. 1488535

their whole thing is being unstable, fucked up, shitty people, then concluding that they're like that bc they're women, then deciding all women are like them, then pronouncing their misogyny like it's a brilliant revelation and not just a cope for their (justified) self-hatred. listen to almost any episode of the pod and you'll catch them saying shit like "statutory rape isn't real, ALL young girls want to be fucked by older men, i know that was my only goal at 14" or "roman polanski doesn't deserve to be shunned, any woman would be happy to be raped for her career" - these are near verbatim takes that prove anna and dasha literally can't conceive of women having a shred of self-respect. they're projecting pornbrained pickmes of the highest degree, truly deranged and i hate that young girls are listening to them honestly!

No. 1488546

>projecting pornbrained pickmes
next thread title?
i remember on some old episode of the pod Dasha said she was "addicted to porn for over 10 years," and it explains a lot about her. her whole persona is a bad pantomime of a sexy woman she learned from porn, you can tell she's never in the moment, she's always self-consciously imagining how she looks to others, and attracted not to men, but to the idea of men wanting her in some degrading way. she's like a coomer AGP acting out a porny fake version of womanhood, only she's an actual woman. i'd feel bad for her if she weren't so guilty of spreading it

No. 1488550

Omg, this is obnoxious. Women saying things like that are infuriating. it's like they can make misogynists, sexists and incels retire, they do all the "job" themselves! can't tell if they're trolling if truly believing all that shit, perhaps the latter because how else could anyone spew such shit repeatedly without believing every word. this is like a plague anachan-wannabe young girls trying hardest to get some male attention by LARPing trad wive materials and saying everything they want to hear i guess. Anna and Dasha probably double on all that shit in their convos cause it's "shocking" and expect to make their podcast even more popular. what's concerning is that shit is seriously followed by teen girls.
I'm lowkey curious about Anna & Dasha's past, like what else they used to pose as on the internet. cause sometimes attention whores like that have some kind of online history, first trying to get clout in completely different places

No. 1488558

>attracted not to men, but to the idea of men wanting her in some degrading way.
You nailed it, i guess it's not only how Dasha behaves but a lot of girls. Especially all the idiots jumping on the bimbo and Y2k trend. the bimbo girl knowing nothing, thinking nothing just wanting to suck dick allday, play in porn, sleep around - and describing herself as happy to be thoughtless toy for men is just mainstream rn, presented as coolest thing to be in mags, fashion etc. It's more like their idea of being, not even a way to get men just lifestyle. AND of course you can't say nothign bad about it. wtf, how dare you criticize strong women, you're just jealous! cause being a female porn addict is such an ~eMpOwErMeNt~

No. 1488671

thank you for doing the dirty work kind anon
>I'm lowkey curious about Anna & Dasha's past, like what else they used to pose as on the internet.
Sameeee same same I'd love to know

No. 1488709

File: 1648785455116.png (507.03 KB, 1712x706, hgjfdnvbfhdjsds.png)

She also between the lines says that having a publicist was just for the release of Scary and Succession. The devil works hard but Kaitlin Phillips works harder.

No. 1488713

File: 1648785675465.png (143.68 KB, 1228x548, hgfdfbhgtreds3edwed.png)

She even gets Fuccboi a mention in there. Countdown to Dasha dropping the psycho zoomer for the straggot playwright if he gets a couple drops more clout.

No. 1488745

>can't tell if they're trolling if truly believing all that shit
They’re just pandering to misogynistic incels at this point, the only women who still listen to the pod are just doing it to trigger their disordered eating. Honestly congrats to them for finding their niche. Incel pornsick men hate wealthy college educated financially independent women like Anna and Dasha because this demographic of women ignore and reject them irl. Red scare makes so much money pandering to these men and validating their delusions and misogyny. It doesn’t really matter what they truly believe as long as they keep telling the scrotes exactly what they want to hear.

No. 1488935

I skimmed their podcasts and in one ep about euphoria they literally say that moids cheating isn't all bad because it shows that he is vivaceous. Dafuq??

No. 1489003

everything A + D say about men is pure cope for how they're treated like shit in relationships. Anna's baby daddy doesn't even live with her and their infant so you know she needs copium for that. Anna and Dasha also both admit to slapping their bfs/baby daddies and cheating in relationships so i'm not convinced they deserve much better. listen to a loveline ep, the stuff they drop about their personal lives is illuminating and tbh depressing. i almost feel bad for them til i realize they're training their stupid zoomer fans to rationalize abuse pure 50s style (he only hits me bc he loves me!!)

No. 1489007

anyone making 15k a month is not suffering for reasons outside of their control lol. anna and dasha did this to themselves.

No. 1489014

ugh the bimbo shit - i lived thru the first era of slut aesthetics, visible thongs, performative lesbianism, hookup culture, and girls in Playboy merch sold as "sex positive feminism," sucked then and sucks now. as soon as i saw the "sex work is real work!!1!" discourse spreading to normie suburban girls and the britney revival i knew it was coming. tiktok is fucking cancer, hope a zoomer Andrea Dworkin rises up to call bullshit on it all

No. 1489017

girl they make $30k/month each training the zoomer girlies in the fine art of being a cum dumpster to low value men, otherwise i agree 100%

No. 1489027

File: 1648827199133.png (168.65 KB, 744x1126, middle-aged-pay-pigs.png)

sorry nonny the patreon was at 30k i last looked. fair number of moids commenting on the latest patreon posts. their target audience is anorexic girls with credit cards but it's middle aged men furiously jacking off that keep them afloat.

No. 1489043

whoa, their online fanbase seems so skewed to young girls, illuminating to see who's paying their bills and who they're really catering to. these are the same type of dudes you see skulking around Liz Bruenig and Alicefromqueens mentions - divorced dad energy with middle aged struggle selfie pfps

No. 1489080

these are sampled comments for the latest ep from men shooped together but it tracks that most of the young girls shell out 5$ mo tops when they have cigs and tret to buy.

No. 1489101

It's nice to see them admit they can't get by without women blowing smoke up their asses. Enjoy those emotional crumbs paypig. LOL trad religion is 100% built on forcing women to co-sign male delusion

No. 1489213

File: 1648839525306.png (36.61 KB, 615x331, nostradame.PNG)

Remember when Liz Franczak thought that the impeachment was a distraction from an imminent peace deal in Ukraine?

No. 1489504

File: 1648858143235.png (214.52 KB, 1188x926, ft678ijhgvfr567ujhvcfdr.png)

desperate for podcaster dick voice:

No. 1489509

One thing i don't get is that they're all for this trad bullshit "ideal woman is brainless, uneducated, almost naked, cooking, cleaning and existing to be a man's servant and be happy to be thriving living inhis shadow and letting the man shine!" BUT… they're anorexic girls, promoting anorexic life and grooming a legion of zoomer girls who want to be anachans too. not that i shit on anachans or something but. if that tradwife incel pandering thing is 100% based on stereotypes… then men who want a trad woman like that, 99% of the time don't want anorexics. sure, they don't want very fat girls either but they always say they want hourglass shaped woman with big tits, big butt, something to breathe and something to sit on. Motherly goddess Venus and shit. if they have to choose, they say they even prefer fatter ones than flat girls. Idk that's how it is in Europe at least.
Ngl combo trad housekeeper bimbo wife + anorexia is… very weird. the bimbo bitches in thongs a'la year 2000 that Anna & Dasha simultaneously go for weren't like that, sure they weren't university grads but rather than "making their husbands happy" they'd rather spend their money to make themselves happy 1st.

No. 1489515

i'm waiting for someone influential to callout that shit, but unfortunately this sort of thinking is soaking to mainstream and it's even promoted towards young girls through various official media not just private tiktok accounts. "what do you mean, this is exquisite sarcasm, this is taking the power back, this is tsking the slut shaming back and spinning it into emPOWERMENT!" (lol guess that means just preserving the stereotype). A+D's and Paris Hilton's zoomer fans understand nothing cause they weren't really there when that stuff happened, they lack cultural and "historical" context to understand that time, and their too virtual/lacking any sort of attention span to even look back, think, read the room. idk

No. 1489568

they aren't pandering to trad men, they're pandering to basement dwelling incel degens who are larping as trad because they hit their thirties, and these types of men absolutely want fritz brained anachans who look like their coomer lolicon drawings and are easy to control.

No. 1489590

it will never be called out, old men want access to groomed young women in an endless supply forever, which is all entertainment, the arts, and pop culture is designed to do.

No. 1489771

there's no such thing as trad men regardless

No. 1489840

who asked for this

No. 1489963

is there any tea on sofie royer? she confirmed her short-lived marriage to eugene in a recent tiktok…
i don’t get her appeal(newfag)

No. 1490078

any milk on amalia ulman? anyone actually like her art? i think her work is painfully mid but all the art world men love her bc she's hot and argentinian

No. 1490080

I thought El Planeta was decent, but the powerpoint transitions were wack lol. Has she been up to anything milky lately?

No. 1490229

File: 1648924811640.jpeg (326 KB, 640x633, 02952ADB-0E8D-4FCA-8702-68B92A…)

Dasha with the troon that runs the misc_en_scene insta acct that hypes up the Dimes film scene alongside standard-issue letterboxd-core

No. 1490233

Dasha’s face is the less feminine one, I said what I said

No. 1490341

You don't need to add the "i sAid what I said", go back to tiktok

No. 1490352

Chapo put out an April fools episode with will’s gf, matt’s fiancé and Chris wade’s wife and matts fiancé said she caught him listening to what’s left pod lol

No. 1490362

new Wachowski brothers just dropped


No. 1490405

File: 1648932826960.jpeg (173.55 KB, 640x723, DCDFACEF-8D30-49F7-8D61-C2DD48…)

idk but i noticed this a while back and i’m dying to know what was said

No. 1490520


I don't remember her ever having any real milk out in the wild, she's always been kind of lowkey and off the radar compared to other art hoes of the internet age like Alexandra Marzella, Bunny Rogers ect that were just train wrecks half the time. I know she and Lauren Avery ( another burnout) had some ancient beef involving her extremely boring ex-husband but I remember the details and don't know if that's even milk. I guess the most milky thing about her was how she completely switched branding from her 2010s era aloof art star, model persona to this current "autism is my superpower" letterboxd geek soft relaunch but hey, you gotta evolve with the times. She is the only one of that whole dis magazine era I don't find completely cringy and trapped in a hideously aging tacky aesthetic so more power to her I suppose.

No. 1490592

when she did her fake influencer plastic surgery journey it made a lot of art bros seethe, that was kind of cool i guess.

No. 1490595

No. 1490618

speaking of this world, andrea crespo detrans'd and found god. swapping out one ideology for another. i guess it's more on trend to be catholic than to pretend to be autistic.

No. 1490661

Why does every single detroon become a weird religious zealot?

No. 1490671

they are vulnerable people who are easily influenced and have no stable sense of self, they will conform to whatever they are praised into.

No. 1491037

Literally who? God these threads blow now

No. 1491489

>painfully mid
I wish Zoomers didn't have internet access

No. 1491543

File: 1649011206887.png (846.6 KB, 2048x1564, Screenshot_20220403-133720.png)

Well, she is the expert on being a whore for simps

No. 1491689

It was bound to happen. The post-left sphere had a time limit and it's in the single digits currently. Dasha's Hollywood dreams farting out and every moid in the scene being outed as a rapist are the first two nails.

No. 1491749

File: 1649029361731.png (532.59 KB, 634x770, aimee fren cave no girls allow…)

Cultivating simps is her whole act, and her pandering is getting more obvious every day. That's the only way to survive as one of their e-girls, but it won't stop them from turning on her if she makes a wrong move. You can never stop the ritual self-abasement but you have to pretend you're not doing it. So tiresome, and for what?

No. 1491759

He's reading Mein Kampf, how kawaii

No. 1491778

File: 1649031583319.png (1.05 MB, 1079x774, 6.16 am.png)

No. 1492052

what happened to annie zhi__i or waif0000? did she finally log off? (if so good for her)

No. 1492151

Her twitter follower count is what she cares about most in life.

No. 1492213

File: 1649084174724.png (1.09 MB, 1508x1606, Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 10.4…)

Liz Bruenig deleted tweets about sexual harassment. No woman should deal with this but "how DARE men see me as a potential source of PORN!!!" is rich coming from a woman who writes Atlanic articles about why we need "courses to train young people to be ethical consumers of porn" - and by "ethical" she means did the woman getting humiliated on camera consent and get paid. Maybe someday she'll make the connection that all porn is bad for women bc it trains men to be coombrained perverts but for now this is just Liz pissed that anyone could think she's that "kind of woman"

No. 1492217

File: 1649084523852.png (1.45 MB, 1400x1554, Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 11.0…)

she deleted these within hours, but left up her #notallmen tweet - imagine saying you can't leave your house without security yet you're "notallmenning" the situation…

No. 1492225

This is all part of the sick, twisted game she plays to get off. Egg on the simps with flirtatious replies, #tradlife twitter porn for her pathetic followers to live vicariously through, and sultry selfies of her biting her lip, sulking in the bathtub, praying with her back strategically arced to accentuate her breasts, breastfeeding her kids with the caption something like "my milk puts them to sleep teehee ;)", "accidentally" posting nip, etc. Then whine when she gets the inevitable horny dms that go too far, fantasize about fictional stronk men (not her husband ofc) who will protect her and kill (yes, she used the word kill the other day) her stalkers, inculcating more simps feeling sorry/horny for her, and the cycle continues.

No. 1492233

File: 1649086146728.png (399.34 KB, 1252x640, liz bruenig logic.png)

"well see, the death row prisoners i interviewed never raped MEEE…. [while in prison, under heavily armed guards, wearing handcuffs, etc etc] therefore twitter pervs are objectively worse!!" why tf does anyone listen to this moron she's not only dangerously stupid, she literally does not give a shit about any crimes unless they happen to her specifically lmao

No. 1492336

Since Liz Bruenig is the topic of discussion, I just wanted to schizophrenically add that Peter Buttigieg (not gay) would make an ideal partner for her. Both pseudo-Catholic, status climbers, with a reasonable height and BMI for each other. Peter’s also clearly autistic, her preference. Once Chasten inevitably divorces him, that is your golden ticket Liz.

No. 1492392

For someone who tries so hard to act like she's super internet savvy she has a really hard time understanding that 95% of these coomer posts are trolls trying to get a rise of her because they know there's a good chance she'll have a prissy meltdown like this

No. 1492420

liz, my nigga… those people are where they are because they couldn't keep it together in the first place

No. 1492493

File: 1649099488334.jpeg (326.7 KB, 2048x2048, F8E602D3-4D84-406B-9EF2-3882DC…)

Omg. Leg in center of pic vs. same leg in mirror, lmao

No. 1492498

lmfao dasha and anna really are are intellectuals for dummies and thinspo for fatties

No. 1492500

coochiebone and shasti got to her

No. 1492621

She barely posts on instagram or twitter anymore. I remember at one point she was charging her reply guys $25 for access to her private account. Like the other anon said I think she got weirded out by the Shasti stuff, maybe also being posted on here and PULL

No. 1492638

>you will never see me without my husband or security :(
what even are the logistics of Liz Bruenig "having security"? are we really supposed to believe she's got some dedicated bodyguard who accompanies her on errands when she can't rouse Matt from his Dorito coma? does she really think she can't appear in public without some "muscle" nearby like she's Ariana Grande or a sitting president lmao? this feels like Liz writing sexy fanfic about herself and some musclebound Afghanistan vet or something istg

No. 1492865

what did coochiebone do

No. 1493127

1960s weren't that long ago, where most women spent their lives in back to back pregnancies until menopause since the dawn of civilization. all it takes is one financial crisis for women to lose what little we've gained.

No. 1493129

i mean being enveloped in her husblob probably feels like being back in the womb…

No. 1493265

Wait is Liz Bruenig like extremely well known in the US or something? I thought she was just someone who was popular among a small group of people online so the idea she can’t leave the house without security seems bizarre

No. 1493267

File: 1649152547959.jpeg (942.35 KB, 1242x1832, 34B21DDA-547F-45E3-9019-9D0B7D…)

No. 1493270

She is extremely well known on twitter among the professional pundit crowd and the resistance libs, dirtbags, and reactionary rightoids who who spend all their time there and drive political discourse.

No. 1493349

Imagine wasting a decade plus online howling into the wind. He should log off and spend some time examining his place in the natural world and how he got himself there

No. 1493355

thats been common knowledge for a while, Eugene posted about it while he was in Venice last year or two years ago, whenever it was. I think it was just some "Taipei"-like week long wedding and then they would break up.

No. 1493363

People like samememe and Fattie Noire think no one can see they post furiously to hide the fact that they have no life. We can see your post history, sir. You've literally spent years spewing resentment at strangers rather than, uh, cleaning your own room. No one in their right mind wants your advice.

No. 1493377

all I can think of is the cum tribute but like. that was ages ago. nothing interesting has happened with those irony faggots since most of them got big followings that they are afraid to lose. truly they have nothing else in life

No. 1493432

He needs to take a hard look in the mirror about how he wastes his own life. Also the account he is mad at goes so easy on moids compared to anons here that it's hilarious he finds her so shockingly resentful

No. 1493453

Rapememe could propel himself halfway to Mars with the force of that projection, he literally does nothing but sperg about “women bad” online all day

No. 1493532

Kind of unrelated but is samememe just openly gay now? He likes softcore gay porn on Twitter semi frequently and when he posted a picture of his house his wall was just black and white portraits of various men

No. 1493544

This thing he does is more annoying to me than the actual posts about women he makes, he did the same thing when he got run off the first time and immediately switched to being like “how could anyone say I hate women? I love everyone I’m a Christian I’m a smol bean I’m baby”. At this point I’m not even sure if he does it deliberately or if he’s just severely delusional and genuinely views himself that way, both him and Jack sometimes seem like they may have actual schizophrenia or something

No. 1493546

lmao jailhouse gay

Why be obsessed 24/7 with us lesser creatures? Why not just live your best life with the mens? Gay people built whole parallel societies when they were much more oppressed than any of these sadsacks will ever be. Go join Jack Donovan's gay wolf pack or something. This whole e-scene is just a huge cope for being failures at life

No. 1493623

>“how could anyone say I hate women? I love everyone I’m a Christian I’m a smol bean I’m baby”

This is the same scam everyone on this thread is running. A+D, Liz B, all of them do this. They all say disgusting things to be provocative contrarians, and they all retreat into “how could the woke Twitter mob cancel meeee, God’s favorite smol Wellbutrin angel” tumblr babble whenever they get the attention they’ve been trolling for. It’s such a stale tired bit.

No. 1493624

Bc Jack and Samememe are both deranged sex pests with mommy issues, duh

No. 1493635

That’s true it is definitely a universal thing with everyone in this thread but I do think it’s like, uniquely repulsive on a visceral level seeing some actual rapist 40 year old gamer race realist do it, even more so than the assorted smol bean wellbutrin angels

No. 1493650

did the mother of that child he supposedly had divorce him? good for her if true.

No. 1493664

It seems like they never got married, they definitely weren’t when the kid was born. He posted pics of the baby here and there really early on and would occasionally talk about his fiancé, like I remember there was a viral tweet of a woman complaining about having to get up to breastfeed all the time while her husband slept which he had a huge problem with and was saying that she has no right to complain because the husband goes to work basically and that his fiance only wakes him up if she needs help and she’s perfectly fine. Then he randomly tweeted that he had “sex with a man for the second time and enjoyed it” but deleted it almost immediately so idk if it was a joke but there were a bunch of his usual reply guys/tradthots responding seriously like congratulating him. Then multiple people started saying they had heard in a group chat that the fiance had left him but didn’t post any screenshots. He then started occasionally liking gay porn on Twitter but not like in the way people do it as a joke, like softcore erotic photographs or drawings of men etc. He still posts about parenting sometimes but never mentions the fiance anymore. He’s spent like 12 hours online everyday for the last 10 years so I think it’s possible that none of its real and he’s just deranged and made it all up. Also at some point there was a tweet posted by a mutual friend of them both that he had a lock of Lexa’s hair and came on it and then sent her a pic of the clump of hair cum tribute lol so he does sound like maybe just a genuinely unwell person.

No. 1493670

Considering the fact he was so universally hated to the point of being a meme among the userbase for years after he was ran off I’m surprised no one who knew him from badgame has found their way here

No. 1493692

File: 1649191293810.png (138.32 KB, 593x1247, womenexperts.png)

samememe is at the 'flirting with schizo detrans fag half his age' stage of rock bottom

No. 1493715

why do they even care if women hate men? why is that so "unacceptable"?

No. 1493811

Jesus Christ, so they photoshopped to make her legs look like toothpicks but didn't bother to remove the crack whore bruises on her shins.

No. 1493845

She is making it up. You see real celebrities in public without security all the time if you live in LA. There’s no way she’d need it.

No. 1493863

dasha is a retard but it's just the distortion of the mirror. her shoes, the faucet, everything is bigger in the mirror.

No. 1493891

because they’re pathetic babies whose feelings get hurt if mommy doesn’t clap in joy when they use the potty

No. 1493963

In the Marc Jacobs pics her shins are the same width all the way down like a Bratz doll. In other pics with her legs, they're not like that. There's definitely Photoshop involved

No. 1493964

File: 1649206947507.png (693.6 KB, 964x868, mattyb.png)

Ain't no runnin' up on me
Bitch, I'm guarded like I'm a Bruenig

No. 1494060

kek this reminds me that one of the first tweets i saw from aimee were her seething at some pretty woman for having cleavage showing on her pfp

her hatred of women is definitely in part from how hideous she looks

No. 1494231

Aimee can get tiddies too if she lays off the drugs and ana-fagging. But I guess that's more important to her

No. 1494378

“women being inherently dishonest with themselves” the utter projection lmao

No. 1494571

File: 1649264428582.jpeg (241.4 KB, 1125x1989, 406888CF-4D15-4F9D-B89C-C23967…)

Astonishingly bad script, I assumed these lines were improvised or something but apparently it was all scripted dialog lol. Imagine actually writing down these lines and thinking that’s it’s good enough to include in your film lol.

No. 1494573

Why is she posting this now lol

No. 1494624

stop giving scary any attention. there’s no new milk and it’s what she wants is to keep “haters” talking

No. 1494640

File: 1649269501199.jpeg (4.21 MB, 4032x3024, 234C44D3-39B2-4AE5-9E65-7D6510…)

I love how Bipolar Betsey doesn't get a shoutout in the liner notes for the Scary soundtrack lol

No. 1494746

File: 1649277902122.jpg (211.79 KB, 1241x889, fat.jpg)

the fat fags of the post left and post post left are calling each other obese again

No. 1494752

Le Flabo is appearing at his pedo friend Thaddeus Russell's next groomer jamboree in June. Very amusing to watch him and Aimee denounce lib degenerates while defending their own. But it's art, mom!

No. 1494809

File: 1649281675018.jpeg (578.98 KB, 1242x1665, F83ED8C6-BB63-4723-8937-0187CB…)

Jack genuinely, sincerely believes he doesn’t “appear fat”

No. 1494810

jack is actually right here, even if he's right about the TQ basil is an mind numbingly annoying degenerate piece of shit

No. 1494811

File: 1649282011480.png (1.26 MB, 1152x1948, say gay lib.png)

i wonder when thots topics and jack will turn on each other, he's defending the lib take on the florida bill

No. 1494814

>super strong, prolonged capacity for manual labor
Does anyone know what he’s referring to here, has Jack ever done manual labor? He was an erotica editor for Walmart then a concierge…

No. 1494841

the manual labor of shoving two mcdoubles into his mouth at once

No. 1494844

from what I remember he considered the concierge job blue collar work because he carried womens suitcases or something

No. 1494858

File: 1649285180786.jpg (134.87 KB, 1124x633, jacks_sexual_awakening.jpg)

this midwit can't even remember his childhood correctly. his use of saracen in this context is basically a slur. sassy!

No. 1494949

Jack looks like a red-faced whale

No. 1495322

Walmart erotica editor? What did I miss?

No. 1495360

He’s talked a lot in the past about his first job out of college editing erotica ebooks or something as the origin of his hatred of women but I can’t remember him saying where it was for

No. 1495372

File: 1649334018297.png (68.97 KB, 336x479, mmm tacos.png)

Fuck Abbott and Cruz, but it's telling how her first conception of illegals is just straight-up the dehumanizing "they'll bring their delicious food with them" libtard trope.

No. 1495381

liz bruenig, a socialist, when brown ppl are mass imported into the united states in a literal billionaire plot to suppress wages: "make me a burrito bitch"

No. 1496604

File: 1649468352417.jpeg (112.79 KB, 640x495, 6F90A79D-539B-42AD-9D1C-C9E421…)

Two queens maximizing their joint slay

No. 1496624

Haggard side profile

No. 1496640

Does she still smoke? I know she claimed to stop drinking but girl really needs to moisturize. She looks so dry and sinewy. I'm sure the restrictive eating doesn't help. Most 30 yr olds don't look this worn out.
Also sidenote, while Chloe is infinitely cooler than Dasha, I still find her to be annoying in the same tryhard, pickme way. Sorry but you can't blow Vincent Gallo on film (or in general lol) and still act like you're cooler or better than anybody else. I did get a laugh out of that judgemental look she's giving cashew head in this pic tho

No. 1496643

holy shit!! dashew looks older than chloe and she's 17 years younger!

No. 1496661

Thought that was an Olsen twin on the left at first lol

No. 1496669

Dasha’s nose is so unfortunate, like somehow it’s over-rotated but also ptotic at the same time? I’ve never seen someone who has the botched nose job look without surgery

No. 1496676

lol Chloë's face is like:
>so this is the bitch who thinks she's the new me?!

No. 1496678

>judgmental look
Didn’t Dashew fuck Chloe’s exboyfriend a few years ago? And just in general has always had psycho stalker vibes re: Chloe

No. 1496703


I thought dasha was meryl streep for a secd. maybe it was taken at the wrong moment but the face lines make her look ancient

No. 1496720

Surprised Chloe stops and talks to Dasha at all - a gracious queen or just eager to observe Dasha’s collagen degradation up close?

No. 1496826

dasha should really let her hair down

No. 1496876

File: 1649492929378.jpeg (325.55 KB, 1116x2003, 2E841D7F-DF82-466D-9259-ABBDE0…)

I think the latter #actresssmirk

No. 1496939

she finally removed that mole sksks

No. 1496981

File: 1649513480083.jpeg (27.49 KB, 400x259, E308B98A-84F4-40BE-ABAB-74CE46…)

Girl needs to fix it yesterday

No. 1496998

You’d think that her trainer at Equinox would have addressed it by now.

No. 1497006

nah, the cormorant look is super hot right now

No. 1497174

File: 1649534076084.jpg (194.99 KB, 1125x2000, 31.jpg)

mole is still hanging on

No. 1497308

File: 1649543121367.jpeg (189.69 KB, 750x668, F5CCAC0A-A4D1-4846-85BE-F8E573…)

Dickexpert got fired for posting about arguing with trans teens on facebook

No. 1497323

Ugliest people in NY

No. 1497378

wow her face is looking so thin its making her nose look huge

No. 1497435

Bad bra looks, what’s going on there?

No. 1497437

The “uwu smol bartender I need a safe space” backpedaling was funny

No. 1497440

samememe deserves this treatment 100x more but he’s not stupid enough to doxx himself. one of the compact magazine columnists will write madison a tearful eulogy for the post-left’s dumbest member instead.

No. 1497442

heroin chic doesn't mean actually do heroin

No. 1497491

It'd be funnier if it was for a different reason. I'm not siding with the trannies here, fuck them.

No. 1497519

that's the look of someone who sees someone visibly unwell in front of them

No. 1497544

it’s only her word saying she even got fired for her online behavior. she could still be working there or have quit or have never even had a job in the first place.

No. 1497553

Maybe, I'm not familiar with her besides knowing that she's fat and associates with the post left crowd. I'm just saying if she actually got fired for saying that trans children don't exist then that's bullshit and I don't think she deserved it. Although looking into it more there are a lot of contenders for what she could have been fired for that make more sense.

No. 1497655

No. 1497680


Careful anon. I made the same critique in the last thread and some girls here gave her the NLOG pass because she’s a “cool indie queen”.

No. 1497735

>samememe deserves this treatment 100x
Honestly, in spite of his larps he probably doesn't have much to lose even if twitterfags caught onto him

No. 1497847

yeah you're absolutely right. kind of ot but god i hate vincent gallo

No. 1497986

File: 1649619431231.jpeg (419.59 KB, 828x1004, C108191C-5CE9-4C23-A6A9-48D2CF…)

Doesn’t aimee complain about mean leftist Twitter everyday?

No. 1498033

he acts exactly like most of the dipshits that get posted here - pointlessly contrarian, no positive beliefs, cringe and insane in public

No. 1498047

She’s begun to look exactly like the haggard gay boys who worship her.. freaky

No. 1498062

File: 1649624101216.jpeg (564.68 KB, 1125x1989, 386375D2-3F1D-47C7-8192-DE9105…)

The difference between jolie laide unconventional beauty vs. just plain ugly and unpleasant to look at. Dasha is like 20 years younger and in full glam makeup and she still looks like a goblin in comparison.

No. 1498072

File: 1649625169647.jpeg (95.26 KB, 698x1024, 66A8ECD2-B1EC-42D3-AE8D-2BFFD6…)

Any nonnies know what this event is and if these two were forced to interact or if…gasp…they actually like each other?? Tax for spoonfeeding, picrel is Chloe at Dasha’s age now w minimal makeup and crappy event lighting. Know Chloe’s not everyone’s cup of tea but she’s practically a different species to Dasha, dunno why Dash and her zoomer fans even invite the comparison

No. 1498087

No clue why Dasha was there, probably just to be a clout demon, but it was at a gala for the Poetry Project. It looks like after party tickets went for $50 so anyone could go.

No. 1498088

They both look awful. No one who isn't a coping art ho thinks these women are attractive.

No. 1498138

File: 1649629201122.jpeg (133.25 KB, 947x2048, FP88vjxXMAg8T8A.jpeg)

I side with her over the insane troons in her mentions but dickexpert is really pathetic and hard to root for, she's now trying to use this to get on tucker??

No. 1498159

Whats wrong with wanting to go on Tucker?

No. 1498182


Something about this story doesn’t pass the smell test. She told her dad that her boss fired her because he couldn’t have people with those views working for him, but she also posted that he’d told her it was just because he couldn’t take being flooded with emails, and she said he was a good person who was just responding to the mob (posts are down now because she’s suspended).

Also her restaurant only shows one bad Yelp review that mentions her hating trans people, and nothing about it on any of their other social media. It doesn’t appear any internet brigade actually materialized here.

I think she got fired or maybe laid off for an unrelated reason and is now just leaning into a grift.

No. 1498188

>these liberal policies have terrible consequences - t. my totally real dad
This is the fakest gayest text convo I’ve ever seen lmao no one’s dad texts in little on the nose slogans like this. She’s clearly trying to get a movement to tag Tucker going so she can grift her way into being a rich NEET

No. 1498243

its more the fact that she's trying to get clout and national attention when its a dime a dozen story at this point (nearly everyone I follow on twitter is on their 3rd or 4th accounts after being suspended/brigaded by an handful of crazed troons). if I got swamped by freaks and fired from my job for a tweet my first thought wouldn't be "how do i get on TV for it", not even a podcast/youtube appearance or something, just straight to tucker

No. 1498249

File: 1649639219492.png (389.54 KB, 1196x1582, latest retard.png)

what's the tea on this radfem hitler clone with obvious bdp. she's a 5 at best but 8k followers for what amounts to endless discussions of her various mental illnesses sprinkled in with some anti gay/trans stuff?

No. 1498278

>What's the tea
Go back.

No. 1498315

Going on Tucker will raise awareness of the issue though and hopefully to people who matter

No. 1498337

File: 1649648820516.png (173.37 KB, 259x410, whatarethose.png)

what's going on here

No. 1498345

The issue of a rockabilly cow constantly sperging online and finally getting suspended from a social media platform because she couldn't stop antagonizing trans teens? Yeah, that really is a matter of national concern. Trump should campaign on it, he'd win in a landslide!

No. 1498350

File: 1649649866538.jpeg (306.42 KB, 2048x1536, Eu8hjxgXYAI4Gz4.jpg-large.jpeg)

braindead roastie who is pushing 40 and childless but larps as trad/rw online. hates black people and gay people but lives in fucking atlanta. keeps getting her car broken into (5 times this year) because she's so brain-damaged from SSRIs that she leaves her handbags/laptop out for anyone to find. she's closer to a 3 or 4 honestly, probably the worst tats I've seen from this crowd(moid)

No. 1498365

Her hand in that pic is upsetting

No. 1498388

These are literally yesstyle overpriced fast fashion trash. They're intentionally different ribbons. At least they aren't the ones with buckles, still tragic tho.

No. 1498407

>or if…gasp…they actually like each other??
They've known each other tangentially for a while. I think the last time they linked up was at Alex Ross Perry's baby shower or something.

No. 1498409

not surprised chloe is with dasha, she's still trying to be the it girl she was in the 90s and dasha is also popular with the tumblr girls who idolize chloe.

No. 1498410

i hope she gets on TV, could be milky

No. 1498431

>still trying to be the it girl she was in the 90s
Is she? That’s not the impression I get but idk. Dasha has been trying to ingratiate herself with Chloe for years and is only just getting in photos with her now. It looks less like mid-life crisis cloutchasing and more like Chloe is taking pity on a visibly mentally ill fan

No. 1498665

>all these deranged people have the exact same views on trans people that i do

>oh well a stopped clock is right twice a day haha

i love this place for the gossip but i stg you people are just a different kind of shut-in

No. 1498705

chloe is 100% attractive. you must be blind or already primed to not like her because of her association with cashew now. It isn’t even a cope, she’s legitimately beautiful.

No. 1498724

the buckled version of these are miu miu

No. 1498762

even funnier, she has a degree (maybe as high as a master's, not sure) in social work but she currently works as a waitress. although i'm not sure she'd make more with social work considering it's one of the lowest paid post-degree jobs.

she's also not like "radfem hitler" (who is weird in her own right) she's very very pickme.

No. 1498774

Dasha shops for stuff based on how cute it looks in a photo shoot/ insta ad but her body dysmorphia or whatever must keep her from looking in a mirror objectively when she gets dressed because she had a serious styling problem. Everything looks fucked the way she pairs it. Also a lot of her clothes looks like they don’t quite fit… online shopping problem I guess but she could go to a tailor for once in her life

No. 1498824

the shape of that front is similar to ballet pointe shoes, i bet that's why she got them kek

No. 1498829

she's not too ugly at least, cute for pushing 40, still a literal who tho

No. 1498839

This is a popular Miu Miu style just google ribbon shoes

No. 1498878

File: 1649706981903.png (5 MB, 2476x1118, chloe miu miu.png)

Imagine being Chloe — a Miu Miu muse, appeared in their campaigns and runway shows since the 90s, dressed by Miuccia for countless events, also ur an Oscar nominee and indie actress legend
And being approached by Dasha — a slightly deformed podcaster and 31 year old wannabe actress who buys damp 6-season old Miu Miu shoes off The Real Real to complete her Chernobyl ballerina look, and keeps getting spittle on you as she Adderall rants about the illegitimate pope and unsubtly begs for work

No. 1498886


No. 1498950

File: 1649711253869.png (396.97 KB, 1224x616, Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 5.04…)

elizabeth bruenig tells a pro-death penalty person: "you should come with me and watch them kill these guys." she's an absolute fucking psycho and i'm tired of pretending she's not

No. 1498961

looks like caroline/as_a_woman in 10 years

No. 1498983

File: 1649713663784.jpeg (380.22 KB, 828x1104, F345F2BA-C422-4BD8-AEFB-A8395E…)

if you were meant to find some scrote to breed with it would’ve happened by now, and you’re a southern pick me you have no excuse. keep coping

No. 1498986

File: 1649714002834.jpeg (186.79 KB, 924x924, A2EA98BF-C5B0-4BA4-A7AD-D182CF…)

Imagine being Chloe and deigning to be seen in public with the sweaty skinwalker that fucked your fiancé >>1437127

No. 1499067

File: 1649720305913.png (21.46 KB, 560x251, filth1.png)

I like that she's trolled the Perfume Nationalist gays into more chimping about the OK Groomer stuff.

No. 1499069

File: 1649720435952.png (59.51 KB, 610x451, filth2.png)

As if social conservatives are ever going to make a place for them.

No. 1499070

File: 1649720505119.png (69.02 KB, 623x524, filth3.png)

Jack is here to remind us about Der Ewige Frau

No. 1499071

File: 1649720561674.png (207.68 KB, 622x833, filth4.png)

More from Jack's reply guys

No. 1499075

File: 1649720693239.png (49.36 KB, 598x479, filth5.png)

Good luck convincing socons that everything done by bad gays is actually the fault of women

No. 1499086

File: 1649721482183.png (62.32 KB, 631x678, filth6.png)

Real right wingers embrace libertinism, doncha know

No. 1499106

New pod: Dasha spent $24000 on the realreal last year, apparently

No. 1499109

File: 1649723211227.png (603.25 KB, 799x518, hornyjail.png)

>jack getting all worked up calling himself a filthy "sodomite"

No. 1499113

But it's okay if you really think about it because she needed to for work!

Also did anyone hear the high pitched noise in the back?

No. 1499124

Ok to be fair her tweet at the very bottom is relatable

No. 1499126

Straight women enabled the groomers but you're not supposed to oppose the groomers? These people are completely incoherent.

No. 1499129


No. 1499131

dasha: “it would shock you how little money I have”
bitch wtf doesn’t she take home like 300,000 per year

No. 1499163

but you see, she has to spend all 300k on fillers and hideous designer shoes

No. 1499165

>cute for pushing 40

Would you stupid fucking scrotes at least try to integrate

No. 1499174

I get it’s a tax write off but that doesn’t mean it’s free. She’s crazy.

No. 1499185

Wow, $24k wasted and not a single flattering outfit?

No. 1499239

Wait…am I just dumb or can she actually write that shit off?? Why even bother buying designer if you’re just gonna buy ugly stuff? You can easily find the shit she wears at a thrift store. It already looks like it anyway

No. 1499281

Trad grifter who gave herself brain damage with DMT.

No. 1499308

I could see a Thielpilled girlboss happening in the near future, actually.

No. 1499310

I mean, Sheryl Sandberg is besties with him lol

No. 1499318

it's not a tax write off unless it's explicitly theatrical. designer clothing that isn't theatrical and OTT and just normal pret-a-porter type shit really isn't allowed to be written off. insane custom wrestling costumes and such… that's a different story. nothing she is buying is theatrical or used for an explicitly entertainment focused purpose. she's just buying normal designer clothes and trying to write them off. not legal.

No. 1499329

I’m pretty sure it’s legal. It’s some tax loophole where you can write off clothes worn to business events, as long as you don’t wear them outside of the event

No. 1499345

I’m sure her Soho rent increased a lot this year, probably why she’s trying to sell all the ugly clothes she bought last year back to the RealReal. That plus the Equinox membership, personal trainer x3 a week, acting classes, drugs, fillers/Botox… I doubt she’s saving that much. It costs a lot to look like a greasy gargoyle.

No. 1499455

The hoops these guys jump through to be the Real True Alt Right are honestly astounding, imagine how much time it must take to construct an entire alternate reality to live in inside your own head just to always be the most "redpilled" person in any space. They will never get picked by whichever straight right wing man they are hoping will decide he should fuck them just because they tweeted "women scawwy" enough times.

No. 1499467

Which is more pathetic a pickme girl or a pickme gay

No. 1499520

Pickme gays, because if women are willing to play the game they have a role on the right, however constricted. Non-closeted gays do not. This is why gay men like Jack are always bitching about non-pickme women. These women could have the role he wants for himself if only they would submit. Contra Aimee Therese, social conservatives do not consider Jack and his nelly interests like soap operas and Avon Bubble Bath to be masculine and never will. Peter Thiel is the great white hope for these men but he will not make homosexuality acceptable to the Republican base. Jack is doomed to forever seethe at white women who reject what he wants so badly for himself.

No. 1499543

it's not a moid take to say she looks good for her age, retard

caroline wishes

No. 1499574

I think ayrt might be getting it confused with swedish tax law/ABBA, who could only write off clothes that were so theatrical as to be impractical for every day where
nta but it is definitely moid behavior to say "cute for pushing 40". if that poster's a woman she sounds like she has issues

No. 1499585

is it the "pushing 40" expression? judging women's attractiveness relative to their age is the bread and butter of this website, i can't tell if you're both newfags or if my ESL ass tripped some moid wire with that idiom

No. 1499586

It's because the moid used the word "roastie." If that isn't an immediate red flag, then you may be moids yourselves…

No. 1499630

agree, meant to include that here too >>1499574
it's a grotesque manly term nona try to break that habit

No. 1499646

>hates blacks
>lives in atlanta
Not exactly a surprise

No. 1499730

She can write off the stuff she bought for showbiz events as a business expense. the cost just gets deducted from her taxable income so she pays a little less in taxes. Doesn’t really make up for the amount she spent, it’s a cope.

No. 1499752

>is it the "pushing 40" expression?

Yes. Moids push the false idea of a "female wall", and pretend to be surprised when a woman in her 30s is attractive. It sounds pick-me when a woman promotes that narrative. Men are the ones who get hideous over 30 and everyone knows it.

No. 1499767

File: 1649793279620.png (22.5 KB, 591x820, image.png)

good week for sex freak suspensions

No. 1499825

He 100% has another account lined up already. I wonder what got him this time

No. 1499843

It’s such bullshit that’s it’s a loophole at all. I don’t think red carpet outfits should EVER be able to be written off. It’s one thing if you’re a performer and it’s your literal costume like in the case of wrestling outfits or actual theatre. But red carpet events? No. Nothing is compelling you to buy expensive designer outfits. You’re free to where literally anything so long s you’re not naked. I’m sure it doesn’t cut her much of a break, but it’s still bullshit regardless. If you insist on wearing overpriced ugly outfits to parties solely dedicated to worshipping nepotism fueled mediocrity, you should fucking pay for it yourself and pay the actual amount of taxes you owe society for being a useless drain on it. I can’t see any scenario where this would be justifiable. At some point, you’re just being irresponsible with your spending choices and you should have to face the consequences for that. I hope she gets audited for being a dumbass and doing her taxes incorrectly

No. 1499885

Yeah I guess. this is more a problem with entertainment events being considered actual work than with tax deductions existing lol

No. 1500001

It proves you're a grifter who just wants clout and money and not because you actually want to change the world towards your beliefs fr the better. Anyone who chases MSM (Yes, Fox News is turbo MSM) is a sellout whore.

I like how you post-left spergs can't help but expose your retardation occasionally in these threads.

No. 1500013

Did no one tell Jack that the hardcore Libertarians are massive kid diddler enthusiasts because of course they are

No. 1500060

women don't support thiel because he hates them and can't wait to replace them with artificial wombs.

No. 1500062

lol thank you musk

No. 1500391

He knows because he lost it when his friend Thaddeus Russell got exposed as a pedo apologist. It's just a bizarre tactic to blame liberal white women for decline while simultaneously saying any attempt to reverse it is liberal white woman hysteria. Every bit as dumb and incoherent as troons.

No. 1501231

File: 1649919484634.png (132.29 KB, 1238x470, boring.png)

A write up of that gala. The reporter talks about OPN being there. Is Dasha blackmailing him to take her to these things or is it a coincidence that they both attended?

No. 1501291

File: 1649927713799.png (313.46 KB, 693x514, annieham.png)

Annie Hamilton's in the new Father John Misty video!!??

No. 1501503

File: 1649951470327.jpeg (307.08 KB, 828x821, 53C20A26-92AD-4C93-A04C-5AEF1B…)

Elon will solve her problems!

No. 1501522

She’s been in some slightly bigger stuff lately like Hawkeye so it’s not too surprising. She’s much prettier than someone like Dasha so she gets bigger stuff, but not pretty or talented enough to ever go fully big time. But her unusual eyebrows do make her face more distinctive which can be good for an actress. She’s barely in the vid tho. It focuses on multiple people in a bar. They just used her for the thumbnail

No. 1501548

when will this bitch realizes that nobody cares what an Australian anorexic shut-in thinks about US politics

No. 1501613

God help me but I listened to her podcast and while it’s just as dumb as her tweets you can at least hear the hyper-coked-up breathless tone of her voice and it really neutralizes how annoying is because it’s clear she’s just incredibly high

No. 1501888

is there any validity to yung chomsky being only able to get off if the woman is pretend passed out because i saw it in an older thread and saw some ironycel reference it recently on twitter. probably just a case of someone seeing it here and it getting repeated but i was wondering if the was more to it than that.

No. 1501953

File: 1649995344081.png (7.67 KB, 324x94, wshjnkol7.png)


No. 1502017

It's true

No. 1502109

red scare pod subreddit discord chat just dropped. There are some (2) normal voices in the mix, the rest are sniveling dweeb voices and warbaly pickmeishas. also faggots

No. 1502145

Holy shit these literal retards can’t talk about anything but the subreddit, are Anna and Dasha a 0 or 1, BMI, ironic Isis worship. My fave was the girl who just repeated anything an accented speaker said in a dim-witted drawl like she’d never heard a British person before. If you think A+D are stupid listen to their fans

No. 1502147

Is that Ambercrollo chick going too ruin Matt Christman. She seems like a pick me who tried to make a name off canceling Mark Normand and now she's latching herself to Christman.

No. 1502163

this is hilarious jesus christ

No. 1502165

She seems like obsession-level devoted to him tbh. She could blow up the entire Chapoverse with a single accusation though. Matt definitely seems like the violent type. And we still don't know all the details of his divorce.

No. 1502167

File: 1650031791038.jpeg (620.95 KB, 828x996, E33093DB-7774-4501-A0D5-4AE9C6…)

Unprecedented levels of butter face

Can anyone catch me up on her?

No. 1502175

Wouldn’t have expected anything else. They’ve had people post selfies on the subreddit and they look exactly how you’d expect. They larp as skinny hot girls when the majority of them are doughy dorky incels

No. 1502195

She picked Warren over Bernie for most of that primary.

No. 1502240

File: 1650037799780.png (319.35 KB, 1460x532, Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 11.4…)

this chat literally sounded like deranged mumblings you'd hear in the common room at a psych hospital. i listen to the pod while i work out and dasha regularly refers to being approached at parties by "unwell" fans, and her DMs being like a mental hospital. these are literally those people lmao. best part is the sub becoming self-aware in real time that it's full of losers, pure gold


No. 1502255

who the fuck?

No. 1502268

They should play this to prisoners at black sites as a form of torture

No. 1502295

She’s a comedian or something and she’s in a relationship with one of the chapo guys.
I think you can hear her talk on the chapo April fools ep. (A couple chapo fiancé/gfs and another lady comedian gossip for an hour or so, I recognized some lolcows’ names)

No. 1502309

>I think honoring the upsetters is important

Lmao these people are so self-important. No one in that room full of Botoxed actresses & influencers is “upsetting” anything, they are literally just clothes hangers for overpriced consoomer fashion. It’s always the most vapid entertainers who consider themselves edgy cultural revolutionaries.

No. 1502314

Right? If you were actually a cultural revolutionary you wouldn’t have to keep telling people lol

No. 1502317

It cracks me up that podcasters who glorify drug abuse, eating disorders, BPD, conspiracy theories and bigotry would be surprised when their fanbase is mentally unstable.

No. 1502326

File: 1650044667677.jpeg (88.7 KB, 750x807, 079A865F-7F07-4665-A700-08DE46…)

Kek she wasn’t “deplatformed by leftists” for her political commentary, she was banned from Twitter for harassing people and posting utterly deranged shit like this. No need to lie girl, we all witnessed your crack head antics.

No. 1502337

classic aimee to post some shit i 99% agree with and then the last two words take it straight to fucking outer space

yeah dasha's in a weird place where she's like, rich-girl crazy now - the last couple pods she's clearly in a manic phase, coked all the fucking way out, giggling like crazy, ranting for 90 mins about the masons infiltrating the catholic church and her $25k shopping binges at Brandy and The Real Real. Now she acts ashamed of her suicidal BPD whore fans but they're literally just her when she was making $8k a year and couldn't afford enough adderall to seem happy on the pod

No. 1502340

This is no surprise if you’ve ever been on the sub, it’s deranged. Lots of incel/femcel schizoposting. Whenever they discuss their personal lives, it sounds like a dumpster fire. A&D deliberately market to this fan base though, and cultivate them as paypigs.

No. 1502445

surprise surprise it’s middle aged white and indian men lining up to listen to a 30 year-old “””waif””” and a deadbeat mom

No. 1502535

The chechen is kinda funny to be honest but what a dumpster fire convo

No. 1502574

She looks exactly like Christman

No. 1502674

Aimee denies she ever supported Warren despite the tweets in 2018. She was a Bernie bro during 2019 and Trump person by early 2020. Weirdo Twitter media types with no political principles.

No. 1502964

Kek I got bored and started skipping and just kept landing on men with various speech impediments saying

No. 1503153

He does, it’s @princecoochie

No. 1503238

File: 1650139674244.jpeg (411.11 KB, 1536x2048, 527A9023-9429-42BD-9F01-6D606C…)

Amber Frost looking young and beautiful

No. 1503239

I'm astonished.

No. 1503281

File: 1650143619913.jpeg (61.52 KB, 462x594, A585742F-24CA-44F6-9E0F-3078AD…)

what’s the point of having fag friends if they won’t even tell you when you’re Jocelyn Wildensteining?

No. 1503282


fuckin LOL Amber’s face is the worst

No. 1503290

She still hasn't published her book lmfao

No. 1503311

File: 1650151237382.jpeg (48.89 KB, 828x488, 1DECE0DB-3C89-49BA-92BC-1EC1C9…)


2023 lmfao

No. 1503314

at least she's giving herself plenty of time to come up with a good excuse to delay until 2024

No. 1503516

Yeah, I saw that. Hope he runs out of phone numbers at some point

No. 1503666

she literally looks like my babushka

No. 1503825

the chapos have all gone a little insane (case in point >>1503238 , whatever happened with virgil, etc.) from their intense niche online fame and financial success. without an election cycle they're a bit lost on what to discuss and if you listen to their recent stuff they are really out of touch in general.

also just a petty gripe I have but they are absurdly bad guests on other pods. to the point of being plain rude. strange since it's technically their profession.

No. 1503856

File: 1650219681563.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, 807619E5-86EB-4D93-8172-7C7AF0…)

Why the fuck is Dasha humoring this disgusting moid

No. 1503955

File: 1650226638387.png (845.28 KB, 1275x1127, post-left-collapse.png)

egg god was a self-loathing mfa and minor figure in the post left clique (fedpost guest, red scare/aimee groupie, twinkrev writer) but he rejoined twitter to bemoan how his fiancee broke up with him for refusing to quit tweeting/masturbating/podcasting and get a full-time job. have to wonder how many wannabe nick mullens scarethots have ruined their lives and relationships like this.

No. 1503968

When ur entire personality is a giant NLOCatholic larp but you Easterpost from some gross bakery with your ugly 25 year old boyfriend and his coke comedown sweat instead of in nice clothes at church - its tragic enough to actually make me feel sorry for Dasha

No. 1504018

To be fair I don’t remember ever going to church on Easter after sunrise. We went Saturday night until midnight and then feasted, would be home by 6 am at the very minimum.(no1curr)

No. 1504045

Bleak. She can honestly do so, so much better, it's kind of astonishing.

No. 1504068

Trainspotting vibes. Can’t wait for Dasha to enter a Sober arc (not just Lent or dry January.) I feel it coming. If she seriously falls off she’s going to become another Al Anonymous.

No. 1504107

Is this the zoomer bf? And yeah shouldn’t they be at home making a traditional Easter lunch after having attended Saturday night mass?

No. 1504117

Didn’t he convinced her to be celibate? Lol.

No. 1504126

They’re fake Catholics

No. 1504150


is amber doing anything particularly insane these days? Besides looking hideous, but that’s not new becuse she’s always looked hideous.

What’s Virgil been doing even? Has he been partyvan’d for chasing underage girls yet? There have always been rumors.

No. 1504183


no yang and/or tulsi phase?

No. 1504203

amber trying to make it in hollywood while looking like an A24 monster is hilarious

No. 1504230

I thought that egg account got kicked out of the aimee clique? Aimee’s clique is run by that cryptofash account which is likely shialabeefsteak or aimee terese herself. Such a weird twitter universe. I’m glad Trump broke it.

No. 1504233

Amber must be mid-40s now. She’s a lot older than the other chapos. Her life already peaked getting wealthy on a Bernie pod which can only go downwards.

No. 1504246

wow. the full story is way more pathetic than I could’ve imagined. thank you for compiling this nona

No. 1504248

your average ironycel with a handle like obeseretard. these people wouldn't look you in the eye irl.

No. 1504258


What is his name/socials?

No. 1504290

>Dasha can do so, so much better
I’m not sure she can. Sane successful men see her as a walking red flag, she’ll be stuck dating ever-younger losers who leech off her for easy sex and Patreon buxx if she doesn’t fix her personality disorder and substance abuse issues well documented in these threads.

>wen Dasha sober arc
This, she’s been noticeably cracked out since the SAG awards at least. She’s so manic on the pod lately it’s hard to listen to. Hope she sorts it out tbh

No. 1504298

This man needs a diary not a twitter account. Or at least post this somewhere online more anonymous. At 30 shouldn't you know better

No. 1504316

Can she? Based on what? She has a body count of like 80 now and not a single one has stuck around for long, so I’m pretty sure she can’t.

No. 1504317

File: 1650261223649.png (305.46 KB, 807x468, chloe_fineman.png)

Apparently Leia's TikTok exploitation account inspired an SNL skit. The long march through the institutions continues.

No. 1504347

Hope she’s looking to be behind the camera instead of in front of it

No. 1504419

does dasha only go in for men who will tell her she’s a teen waif and put up with the alcohol lows + adderall highs? older, less attractive women then dasha enter stable relationships all the time.

No. 1504474

File: 1650291380985.png (222.34 KB, 1126x452, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 10.0…)

Dasha's body count was 80 years ago, she confirms she's in the triple digit club now. fuck men calling every woman with more than 3 partners roasties but also….you can't convince me that fucking over 100 men isn't corrupting to the soul in the extreme. i unironically hope she gives up dick, drugs and alcohol for like a year and figures her shit out

No. 1504480

File: 1650291908677.png (52.1 KB, 569x226, inlove.png)

I feel sorry for her tbh. She's completely subsumed the Catholic larp to the point where she's having a mind-breaking existential crisis over her past sex life, resulting in her forming some twisted attachment to this greasy creature. Definitely some reverse-skinwalking going on here vis-a-vis Honor Levy. First Honor tried to be Dasha and fucked her ex; now Dasha is doing the same, vice versa.

No. 1504508

Idc about women sleeping with a lot of men either but it just screams that she has a desperate need for validation from scrotes. It's embarrassing

No. 1504561

Shameless lol. Was SNL always this bad? It’s a pretty lazy parody that doesn’t add anything. Should have just fucking paid Calvin to do one

No. 1504564

Aren’t they mutually celibate? I guess it’s easier to “love” a greasy uggo if you don’t have to fuck them.

No. 1504616

>Was SNL always this bad?
Yes, it hasn't been funny since the 90s and even then earlier is better

No. 1505092

plenty of insane successful men tho. if grimes got musk dasha can do better than this

No. 1505254

File: 1650353677254.png (1.72 MB, 850x1546, Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 8.33…)

looks like dasha is flying, probably to london for the scary screening, i thought she would do some low effort bullshit like calling in via zoom

No. 1505285

File: 1650355639951.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1934x978, 0027CBBB-9994-44E9-A221-989502…)

Same event, Dasha’s insta vs. what the audience sees lmao

No. 1505392

She can’t miss an opportunity to flex and larp as an actual celeb so of course she’s flying out to London for something that could’ve been a zoom call

No. 1505446

File: 1650380647378.jpeg (449.76 KB, 828x1256, FE309929-52DE-4B72-A827-ADC6E4…)

Aimee is cashing in on the Libs of TikTok noise.

No. 1505485

File: 1650383791201.png (64.09 KB, 733x340, ironypoisoned.png)

lol who are these poor deluded idiots who still think it's all a "bit"…?

No. 1505512

Has she continued to get shit done to her face? It looks so puffy and shiny in that filler abuse way.

No. 1505523

How will Jack Mason react? He has a raging hate boner for libs of tiktok because she brings attention to his degenerate groomer friends. Could see him finding a loophole for her since he's all about clout chasing and has zero principles.

No. 1505758

Filler + bulimia + sweat will do that

No. 1505781

She literally said verbatim she is conservative in the gamestop episode, these people are in serious denial to the point of tuning her out to keep seeing her as who they want her to be. Delusional

No. 1505842

Dasha also went on a long riff on a recent episode about "when I was a leftist," laughing at herself for believing Bernie could win and angry that her Bernie donations ended up going to Democrats. Her tone was very disillusioned with prog politics overall and she explicitly said she's no longer a lefty. Tbh I relate to her disillusionment, but hilarious that her dumbass fans hear her repeatedly say "I am a conservative former leftist" and cope that "it's literal irony bro"

No. 1505868

you people actually listen to them? kek

No. 1505882

they're lazy bitches so 2 episodes a month at 1.5 speed isn't much of a commitment. i never know why people here hate them so much if they don't listen actually, the pod is like 90% primo hate fodder and 10% anna's actually funny puns, 8/10 gym listen

No. 1505884

dasha has also been calling herself pro-life now for years, its funny how from 2018-2019 that spent so much energy proving their leftist/socialist cred but as soon as they've dropped it and are openly reactionary no one believes them lol

No. 1506633

>8/10 gym listen
yeah if you're a fucking snail. I tried listening to them on a jog once and their lackadaisical drawls were so demotivating, made me want to stop and an hero

No. 1506678


It's mostly jealous trannies breadtube people that are mad about them hasan crowd, does someone expect transcendental knowledge from a podcast?

No. 1506715

their dragging fried monotone voices are too tedious to inspire anything beyond a flick of the finger to change to something more exciting

are you lost?

No. 1506817

File: 1650473059721.png (153.49 KB, 607x852, pornclass.png)

Jack continues his delusional quest to cleave “trad” from “right wing.” The conservative base is conformist and performatively Puritan to the core and always will be. He thinks his tiny gay Twitter clique has influence on the right, and he has the power to cast out 99% of conservatives from the movement. He's determined to fight a war against reality as doomed as that of troons; maybe that's why he identifies with them. Maybe Aimee sent him some of her drugs.

What does he even have against libtards at this point? He wants the right to be socially libtard for straight and gay men and anything they're into, up to and including kiddy-diddling. But socially strict towards everyone else. Sounds logical.

He’s not just a pickme for straight men but for Thiel as well. Repubs will put up with gay men who make them money or make their houses look nice but they’ll never accept them as real men. That’s why trad women having a shred of status on the right fills gay men like Jack with rage

No. 1506878

File: 1650475917633.jpeg (325.69 KB, 1125x1197, EEE678A3-A005-4B25-A6A1-775CA5…)

No. 1506882

File: 1650476056005.png (345.25 KB, 1298x1082, 45678965.png)

Honor is so stupid.

No. 1506885

Is Adam banging this broad?

No. 1506887

File: 1650476308964.png (214.26 KB, 1308x832, 987678987.png)

No, he's been dating a classmate and friend of hers. Not one stupid enough to be public figure.

No. 1506891

File: 1650476577937.png (574.22 KB, 1386x850, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 1.38…)

Blake Masters confirms that not only did he meet with Anna Khachiyan, but Peter Thiel was there too. Prior to this, there was only speculation based on Eric Weinstein saying to Anna on his podcast, "I was introduced to you by Blake Masters," implying but not confirming an IRL meet, and Scarethots said it couldn't POSSIBLY be true

Masters also gives a coy "maybe, yeah" when asked if they fund Red Scare. It's been obvious for a while but this is pretty smoking gun. Can't wait to see scarethots cope with "why being brainwashed by A+K for Thielbuxx is good, actually"

No. 1506892

>want to be like Leni Riefenstahl
Refreshing that the they're openly admitting they're Nazis now. Gwen Snyder was right and they all laughed at her.

No. 1506898

And there it is, in fine print. Anna has not beat the Thielbuxx allegations. I repeat, Anna has not beat the Thielbuxx allegations.

No. 1506906

I’ve seen some do a cope when the NPC fest article dropped where they say it’s like Amazon funding movies. Except those people don’t lie about getting corporate funding.

No. 1506914

honestly it was so fucking obvious when this formerly obscure podcast by nobodies was suddenly shilled everywhere starting in early 2020, that was also the time when their Patreon subs went up dramatically, Anna started guesting on podcasts by openly Thiel-funded IDW goons, and when they registered an LLC (to better receive theilbuxx).
If you pay attention you can also see certain Thiel narratives making their way systematically through this sphere - honestly if people can't see that shit like "seed oil discourse" suddenly being everywhere, going viral on Twitter, and spoken about for a full fucking hour on Red Scare is blatant astroturfing then they deserve to get brainwashed. Red Scare's very obviously been a Thiel op for years

No. 1506936

fucking kek @ scarethots still funding Red Scare when they have a literal billionaire buxxing them. enjoy cutting into your food budget so Anna and Dasha can keep the Chinatown medspas in business and buy more ugly castoffs at the real real, simps stay losing

No. 1506952

Absolutely hilarious how fucking dumb & gullible scarethots are. They all flipped immediately from Bernie bro socialists to MAGA tradCath LARPers as soon as a cynical billionaire purchased Red Scare as a mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda. I’m cracking up watching them trample over each other to convert to Catholicism because it’s trendy now, and blathering about “not being in a state of grace” because their fake piety isn’t enough to their override their boozing, pill popping & whoring habits. Have ANY of these bird brained lemmings had a single, solitary original thought in their lives?

No. 1506957

File: 1650479585578.jpg (169.56 KB, 1064x2048, imsopopular.jpg)

>“Don’t fuck me here,” a dark-haired woman named Amanda Milius said to me—as she somewhat imperiously dealt with a guy at the door who was skeptical about letting a reporter into the party—“and say we’re all in here sacrificing kids to Moloch. We’re just the last normal people, hanging out at the end of the world.”

LOL at this pretentious twat. She's a Hollywood brat, not a normal person.

No. 1506959

Whoops, didn't mean to attach that Asukahomo pic I got from Jack's twitter. LOL at his man hands though.

No. 1506961

what's her endgame?

No. 1507006

not 100% sure because I'm not a Japanese business man repressing my homosexuality but I think the obvious-wig-&-man-hands is the preferred look for the fetishists asuka caters to
every word out of her mouth is some kind of ironic performance art for her, nothing she says means anything.

No. 1507008

File: 1650482560090.png (1.05 MB, 2228x1192, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 3.19…)

can one of you photoshopfags add the most deformed pics of dasha and anna you can find to this, boom next threadpic done

No. 1507092

Someone needs to figure out the equivalent of 13/50 for gay men and troll Jack and Thiel to death with it. Conservatives already think “woman bad” – agreeing with them won’t make them accept fags

No. 1507097

File: 1650487278001.jpeg (502.15 KB, 750x969, 839F466A-D706-4AEE-8754-0692E8…)

Lol is this who beat out Ann Manov?

No. 1507104

Witten mark 2

No. 1507119

Big redditor energy, when yarvin’s erectile dysfunction inevitably lets her down she’ll be a hit on r/polyamory

No. 1507158

File: 1650490666166.png (170.08 KB, 1182x580, aimee jack seethe.png)

even though their good friends and former podcast guests amanda milius, yarvin, jd vance, alex kaschuta, dasha, anna etc. are featured heavily in the article, jack and aimee turn on them all anyway because the article ignores them and instead briefly mentions their enemies - the fedpost and good ol boyz lol. they're going to get rejected for being too messy and turn into standard libs any day now. especially since people like cervonich and milius have seemingly turned on trump now and are regurgitating pedro gonzalez talking points now

No. 1507169

Aimee defies her online bff Jack and tweets anti-groomer/anti-porn discourse and tried raising money for his bete noire libs of tiktok. Jack posted pics of himself with Milius very recently. lmao this is like an episode of Survivor. None of these people believe in anything

No. 1507195

Opposing shitlib excess is not a coherent ideology. They’re exhausting. These are the wages of grifting; getting a real fucking job would be so much less work

No. 1507197

I wouldn’t be surprised if aimee took the money she raised.

No. 1507222

Carl Beijer may be a weirdo but he had aimee figured out. You can feel them seethe at the Good ol Boyz getting mentioned in VR as the patron subs pass What’s Left. Malcom Kyeyune hitched his wagon to a better pod lol.

No. 1507229

They shut it down pretty fast but she was trying to raise 300k lol. Was tiktok lady gonna hunt her down in Australia?

No. 1507303

I don't understand how a human being can look over this passage and go "yeah, this girl is worth writing about"

No. 1507366

You need to remember that the 2 Bernie campaigns are the only thing that propelled any of these people to notoriety. Even Jack started out as the epic gay conservative Bernie voter. No matter how much they disavow it.

No. 1507376

File: 1650504654027.jpg (108.28 KB, 1170x2080, 27887131.jpg)

crying to ugly zoomer bf she didn't bring to London

No. 1507396

>Even Jack started out as the epic gay conservative Bernie voter.
bwahahahahaha thanks oldhead nonna I knew he'd been through a lot of reformulations but this is news to me. It makes perfect sense though considering how much scorn he pours on Bernie voters. Hahahahahaha I should have known

No. 1507404

I think aimee had a few thousand raised in 24 hours then shut it down. Nice little earner for a neet.

No. 1507447

rs sub went private and booted everyone, might be for good. alexandrawallace69, by far the most active mod across all the red dcare subs and the head mod of redscareforcishetmen and leftysnark, was also suspended earlier.

No. 1507457

spencer pratt went on the perfume nationalist lol

No. 1507521

Because of the Thiel reveal or for another reason?

No. 1507524

idk, but the sub's open again, it was only private for a few hours.

No. 1507526

jfc anon spoiler that shit

No. 1507533

File: 1650517113580.png (Spoiler Image, 283.57 KB, 606x471, openbobs.png)

I missed this, but Pritchard is back.

No. 1507562

How many times has he changed his name now?

No. 1507566

lol at how he’s hiding his chin in all his pics

No. 1507598


No. 1507676

Posting hideous topless photos… so ladylike

No. 1507717

>ugly lighting
>no attempt to pose
>mask to hide your hideous manface
>dirty room
>toilet paper cumrags in the shot
>deadeyed coomer stare
Never thought a pic of tits could look so moid but well done Pritchard

No. 1507792

He also admitted he voted for Obama twice prior to that

Looking like a sideshow act

No. 1507850

File: 1650553945385.png (137.55 KB, 1186x458, dashameltdown.png)

Dasha enjoying her UK vacation and sounding very mentally stable. Slick how she's not actually denying anything.

No. 1507852

50/50 Anna is collecting the Thielbucks and not telling Dasha, who is only now learning about it in the NYT

No. 1507855

Low-effort prediction: Next pod they'll deny being funded by Thiel, Anna will confirm they met but plot twist it was through Eli not Weinstein, and then they'll spend half-an-hour going over the VF article and saying they agree with everything Moldbug, Thiel, Vance and Masters say and that America needs more police and more (black) men in prison, and Thiel doesn't need to pay them to say these things because they organically believe them after becoming "disillusioned with the left" or whatever.

No. 1507867

File: 1650555693546.png (200.9 KB, 1192x902, 7898765678.png)

No. 1507915

File: 1650560571807.png (242.65 KB, 790x1180, 567898765.png)

All the tards are here. Does anyone remember when Anna responded to people calling her a shill with saying I need to feed my family? That's the subtext I see in Honor's statement. It's all cope and self-justification. Like Anna she'll sell out to Yarvin's crypto and anyone else if it means a paycheck because they need it for their future babies, so noble, not because they're craven fame hungry leaches.

No. 1507926

yeah Honor's been an even more obvious Thiel shill than Red Scare imo, the 2 random episodes of Wet Brain I subjected myself to she was explicitly shilling Urbit, that Thiel/Yarvin web3 project that no one understands as "like totally brilliant and the futuuurre"
Also love Dasha proclaiming how "normal" wanting a family and not caring about politics is when she's the literal embodiment of a run-thru coastal liberal bugwoman wasting her life online obsessing over the [CURRENT POLITICAL THING]. just shut up and admit you took the billionaire money bc you're whores in every sense of the word

No. 1507927

File: 1650561245795.png (168.75 KB, 593x450, as_a_cryptofascist.png)

>The things described here are not fascist
Did she not read to the end where JD Vance says Trump should fire every single government employee who's not "one of theirs" and then tell the courts to go fuck themselves whenever he knowingly acts unconstitutionally, or is she just being dishonest. Gee, I wonder.

No. 1507939

Glad to see Caroline is back to acting retarded

No. 1507951

File: 1650562134238.png (2.54 MB, 1300x1510, Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 1.19…)

>Red Scare suddenly shilled everywhere starting in early 2020, that was also the time their Patreon subs went up dramatically, Anna started guesting on podcasts by openly Thiel-funded IDW goons, and when they registered an LLC (to better receive theilbuxx)

hol' up nonnies, rock with me on this tinfoil for a minute…..didn't Meg leave the podcast around the same time they registered the LLC/likely made their deal with Thiel - in late 2019ish?

anyone remember Anna's comment that Meg left the show because she tried to "take money from her friends"? she worded it like it wasn't something blatant like theft, more like a disagreement that would take food out of dasha and anna's mouths

seems pretty obvious in retrospect what that meant - Meg wasn't down with taking Thielbuxx, Anna and Dasha overruled her and pushed her out. Thiel's involvement also explains the heavy NDAs Meg signed and why she's never commented. hail Meg, a principled queen (and the hottest one obvi)

No. 1507953

>principled queen
Isn't Meg dating Brad Troemel, though? He's part of the same Thielbux art crowd.

No. 1507972

they had her sign NDAs? lmao

No. 1507982

dasha and caroline don’t even have kids to raise. or stable romantic relationships

No. 1508008

Aimee's been tweeting nonstop for at least 24 hours - more than 110 tweets or retweets. Insane.

No. 1508020

File: 1650568176209.png (360.54 KB, 640x1136, C2DAA2A1-EBB4-42C5-8C7E-303047…)

TrueAnon is now selling merch based on Brace's played out personas. This is so cringe

No. 1508037

File: 1650569121987.png (65.19 KB, 800x441, cocaine-emotional-changes-info…)

No. 1508058

File: 1650571165555.png (394.59 KB, 750x600, signs of being high.png)

No. 1508151

Meg left the show in fall of 2018 right after the cut article came out so no this makes no sense

No. 1508156

File: 1650578165841.jpeg (211.89 KB, 1125x1984, 29F37223-768B-4430-B8A1-8AC103…)

The visible contempt she has for her fanbase lol you get the audience you deserve. Like she’s the one who went out of her way to make a shitty movie and sell tickets to the q&a, the least she could do is not dress like an alcoholic and pretend to be happy to be there for like 30 mins

No. 1508158

god chapo and trueanon are so over, I don't know anyone who listens to them anymore apart from random troons in my classes, what is even their schtick now?

No. 1508167

They’re throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Chapo even does D&D eps now (or some type of tabletop game, did not listen personally)

No. 1508169

aimee gets like that when people get under her skin. The vanity fair piece probably sent her into a rage.

No. 1508172

File: 1650579048803.png (69.41 KB, 1192x242, boring bitch.png)

> current thing + reference to pop culture thing that hasn't been on air since dec

haha so funny! 11k updoots

No. 1508173

her twitter feed is a total wasteland, absolutely nothing to say, its like reading alicefromqueens drafts

No. 1508184

Why does this look like it was held at a high school auditorium

No. 1508185

Probably mad she wasn’t mentioned lbr

No. 1508186

File: 1650580178083.jpeg (431.43 KB, 1124x1404, E095A06F-078A-4E89-A389-A5C2F7…)

Did she get dressed in the dark

No. 1508193

File: 1650580788922.jpeg (221.21 KB, 1170x2080, 2789306.jpeg)

The adoring fans wait in line.
She must think that skirt and layering is her doing a cute Japanese look or something.

No. 1508200

Holy fuck did she lose a bet or something? Imagine leaving your apartment wearing that

No. 1508209

File: 1650581863359.png (605.41 KB, 736x810, 382409329482.png)

No. 1508213

for fucks sake is she depressed or is her new abusive tradcath bf making her dress "modest" bc this is bad even for dasha. there's something fucky going on with her face too >>1508186 the waxy over-botoxed skin, disappearing top lip and creepy curled mouth makes me feel like a rotting corpse is smiling at me

No. 1508215

maddy's profile is so horrifying, skinny fat topped with a fivehead, hook nose and witch chin

No. 1508217

who arranged the hobo flash mob?

No. 1508219

its funny how she thinks those ugly bangs hide that huge dome, bitch we see you

No. 1508237

File: 1650583960002.png (46.16 KB, 900x558, SCREEN.png)

aimee are you okay, are you okay aimee
(220 tweets a day)

No. 1508248

She says she’s catholic but she’s dressing like a fundie lmao

No. 1508251

Of all the things to do when you're high on the good stuff. Sad!

No. 1508278

Dasha has such a bad case of autopedohilia that she's going to be 40 years old lurking around playgrounds and getting pissed when the guy driving the "Free Candy" van turns her down

No. 1508298

Post-tradcath arc Dasha is going to gracefully transition into the misogynistic pickme fundie mom archetype. She’s already halfway there with the ugly long skirts she just needs to pop out a couple daughters to abuse for being younger and prettier than her.

No. 1508316

she was talking about tracking her menstrual cycle on the last pod so she's either gearing up on the baby front she's trying to start rumors that she is. (in reality she's probably trying to predict her PCOS flare ups.)

No. 1508342

Mini cow crossover? Fairypage is on the girls and gays subreddit as well as radfem tumblr and has some odd takes, including worshipping Polanski and denying the Woody Allen accusations. Accused some other radblr girl of copying her. She writes Paglia style essays and seems to take some influence from the perfume nationalist although I don't think they actually know each other. I wouldn't have guessed she'd be there but kek at her evaluation of the film

No. 1508438

Didn't one of you nonnies say you had a ticket to the London showing tonight? Give us the deets!

No. 1508443

I hate their friendship dynamic, Dasha is only friends with Maddie because she’s uglier and more autistic and makes Dasha look better in comparison. Obviously Maddie is too autistic and/or pathetic to come to terms with this.

No. 1508453

File: 1650602304687.png (105.09 KB, 615x504, boring.png)

This is petty to observe, but: once upon a time, dunking on the chuds by shilling the fucking Atlantic would get you ratioed with hundreds of derisive quote-tweets from the dirtbaggers, but when she's one of your own…

No. 1508494

what is she trying to say with that word salad – is she mad at Vance for off-handedly dunking on the atlantic? she is so boring and bad at posting.

No. 1508555

File: 1650610043904.jpeg (408.8 KB, 1200x1600, 2A2CDFA5-2836-4CD9-B7CD-F49AD1…)

I mean…is she really uglier than Dasha tho? I think it only seems that way because she gives off a really plain and awkward energy and Dasha is better at editing her selfies and sexualizing herself. And for their target audience, being skinny and posting really sexually charged content is enough to make you hot. Not that Maddie is some great beauty or anything, but her face doesn’t enter the uncanny valley for me like Dasha’s does. She just looks normal/average to me while I find Dasha genuinely very weird looking and off putting. She def does use Maddie’s autism to make her look better and cooler by comparison tho

No. 1508561

File: 1650610435135.png (238.3 KB, 789x452, IndieSleaze.png)

Pretty much a given that Dasha's going to have some role in this

No. 1508578

Didn’t she or Anna say on the pod that women with pcos weren’t like “real women” or something lol projection is a funny thing

No. 1508591

File: 1650614834981.jpeg (323.78 KB, 263x1084, 0ABB2F7C-EE65-4DD7-826A-857D07…)

What, you're saying this drip isn't immaculate and the mark of a well-adjusted, productive member of society?

No. 1508604


lol I think she's ditching the late 2000s 'manic pixie french girl' look and trying the zoomer, shapeless,'normcore uniqlo basics' look which just looks unfinished and frumpy on most people unless you're a skinny Japanese girl

No. 1508607

File: 1650617653403.webm (2.96 MB, 1080x1920, it's glenn.webm)

don't want to blogpost, but the scary of 61st showing in london was exactly what you'd expect. lot of pretentious looking bushwick-adjacent types and both dasha and her friend looked straight up drunk in the Q&A.

No. 1508615

They’re both equally ugly but Dasha gets to be the “hot one” because she’s blonde and bpd and therefore attracts more male attention.

No. 1508636

File: 1650624971665.png (31.74 KB, 603x522, gone.png)

Hol up

No. 1508639

they're both ugly, did any find out whether maddie is trans or is she just that unappealing looking

No. 1508641

What if Maddie was Alice from Queens all along

No. 1508663

Finally! Aimee has seen the light!

No. 1508665

File: 1650630085548.jpg (265.44 KB, 1024x1280, 1650627700573.jpg)

This is what Dasha meant by her latest cryptic tweet, why she went to Uk right now…funded by Vladimir Thiel.

No. 1508678

File: 1650631878082.png (78.15 KB, 926x309, mad.png)

Dash pops into the girls & gays sub

No. 1508679

I follow her and didn't know any of this wtf. I used to really like what she posts but recently she has posted some weird takes about masculinity/femininity, that and her being into RS has been off-putting

No. 1508681

inb4 someone posts this on r/rsp with the caption rS gF

No. 1508682

What pathetic energy this poster has when confronted by Dasha. “Wellll you’re sus but it’s just our crazy conspiracy so let us plebes have it pls queen!” Also wtf are you calling yourself unwashed for to Dasha lmfao, she looks like she smells like Taco Bell shits and zoomer cum

No. 1508685

Can you cap more from this thread and g&g in general pls? wanna see how they’re coping finding out they’re paypigs for a Thiel op podcast and also their selfies make me feel better about myself

No. 1508690

File: 1650634420095.png (121.36 KB, 647x574, g&gs.png)

here's a sample, non

No. 1508695

Nah, the What's Left account says she just wanted to be offline for a few days. Happens when you posted for 72 hours straight.

No. 1508715

Huh? That’s clearly not Dasha

No. 1508719

>s-sorry my anachan kween! P-please just let us humble paypigs have our little conspiracy theories, mommy!

You always know the Reddit scarethots have accidentally stumbled across the truth when Anna & Dasha show up in the comments acting all pissy and defensive. It’s like clockwork.

No. 1508750

Oliver really doesn’t care about his co-host. Tweeting 200 times a day is a major sign of illness.

No. 1508780

priceless nonnie, thank you. actually an interesting point that i hadn't heard before re: amber's influence on early red scare, but ofc these ninnies are coping that "they spout Thiel bs for free" when Blake Masters literally said "maybe, yeah" when asked if they sponsor red scare, but guess an open admission in Vanity Fair isn't proof enough for scarethots

No. 1508814

This is a flattering photo. She looks much uglier in motion

No. 1508816

Im not convinced she is cis. Her voice is crazy, in Scary she towers over Betsy in one scene, very wide shoulders. Mannerisms of a dude too

No. 1508854

i hate when these threads derail to maddie bc she’s so fucking boring to look at and talk about. can we get back to thiel milk plz

No. 1508867

LMAO why are they clapping

No. 1508879

they recognized something so they clapped and cheered, isn't that a normal thing anglo americans do?

No. 1508880

Phoebe doesn’t have a crazy troon voice though. I don’t think her mannerisms are troony either

No. 1508887

She’s one of Dasha’s close friends and she’s in the photo, why is she off limits? I forget her Reddit name, equinoxmember with numbers? but I remember her being incredibly arrogant despite looking like a straight up ghoul. coincidentally looking gross while having bottomless confidence happens to be a very troon-like trait

No. 1508906

Lol I thought Maddie was alexandrawallace on reddit

No. 1508911

AYRT- she’s not off limits, she’s just so boring

No. 1508915

Was that rumor ever confirmed? that mod was recently suspended from Reddit and it appears the equinox account is now deleted after doing some digging and finding a thread she was in

No. 1508916

that account seemed too intellectually aware to be maddie tbqh

No. 1508922

her equinox account is still active (u/equinoxmember4) but she deleted most of her comments a while ago.

No. 1508951

File: 1650660777626.png (248.68 KB, 2076x1170, Screenshot 2022-04-22 16.52.49…)

No. 1508959

Her parents sent her to one of those Provo Canyon-type schools right? So they probably weren’t the type to let her get on hormones and honestly she “passes” too good for someone who started transitioning after puberty

No. 1508989

You’ve seen their movie? I don’t know how you can watch her in motion and not see the trans possibility at all

No. 1508997

she’s just a masculine looking female like anna and betsy brown too, there’s childhood photos on her instagram

No. 1509002

masculine looking women don’t have that awful kermit the frog quality to their voice like Maddie

No. 1509025


> Gwen Snyder was right


No. 1509043

File: 1650668465398.png (2.83 MB, 1652x1216, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 6.48…)

nta but i don't think maddie's trans, she reads to me like your standard mousy girl with no physical charisma. she's tall and lanky, that combined with her long droopy mouthbreathing type face reads androgynous because it's not strongly masc or feminine. she's also had a nose job, lash extensions, and lip fillers since these pics which adds to the uncanny "is this a troon" look. just my opinion who actually knows etc

No. 1509056

She’s probably around the same age as Dasha (or is she older?) but like Dasha she still dresses like shit and behaves like an immature 20 something which also contributes to her uncanny unfeminine vibe because cis women tend to figure that shit out by their 30s

No. 1509058

aimee’s mentioned being “off meds” before. she might have been institutionalized for mania, the drug abuse, or both.

No. 1509061

Aimee Therese mental hospital arc incoming

No. 1509086

unironically kill yourself and go back to plebbit, scrote.

No. 1509169

Aimee may have must finally listened to Matt Christman and logged off?

No. 1509319

File: 1650707354848.png (252.1 KB, 1786x600, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 4.47…)

What's up with the self-proclaimed autists in RSP? Like so many people volunteer their diagnosis. Meanwhile the sub loves to shit on people for doing normal things like driniking soda. If I were them I would not volunteer this information

No. 1509320

File: 1650707395575.png (97.6 KB, 1150x262, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 4.49…)

Is there more proof that /r/rsp is full of basic bitches

No. 1509351

>people person

This has to be one of those posters that whines about cashiers and waitresses not engaging in long winded conversations with them and blames it on iphones or sth

No. 1509393

It’s glaringly obvious that subreddit is populated by autistic moids, they don’t even need to announce it

No. 1509757

>bushwick-adjacent types
sorry but what a totally meaningless read of people in LONDON, UK

No. 1509759

>Obviously Maddie is too autistic and/or pathetic to come to terms with this.
yeah how will maddie ever get over her friend footing the bill for an award-winning movie made cult because of that friend, putting her on the fast track to a career in Hollywood

No. 1509783

File: 1650753296600.png (255.95 KB, 1066x749, Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 23.34…)

lol you just got featured in her latest substack nona

No. 1509818

Maddie's BF/Ion pack member used to be in this very cringe band named Dancefloor Diplomacy

No. 1509877

Hi Maddie good luck with your Hollywood career can’t wait to see it

No. 1509880

File: 1650760275948.jpeg (775.74 KB, 1170x1106, B063C3BC-09B7-4EC0-AAB5-D9B0B1…)

pretty sure this is liam gallagher’s son behind dasha. she probably offered to fuck him in exchange for attendance.

No. 1509939

Wtf is hacker fonts?

No. 1509987

No idea, this fairypage person is a shitty writer like just say “influencer gossip imageboard” it’s not that deep

No. 1510018

Eugene's girlfriend is truly wretched

No. 1510107

Thank God. Hope she log off forever.

No. 1510160

my guess it's that the input field for commenting uses a monospace font

No. 1510198

apologies for not being the most well-versed in the anthropological taxonomy of britbongs. it just looked like a lot of rich people LARPing as starving artists which is pretty common with bushwick hipster and dimes square types. bad taste transcends international borders. (and learn to sage)

No. 1510225

no that’s pretty spot on nona. dalston (where the screening was) is an edgy hipster dump filled with rich white art students

No. 1510287

File: 1650808960009.jpeg (904.9 KB, 1170x1134, 9FA87ED9-D405-4B37-8A14-B7F105…)

couldn’t even wash her hair for the event

No. 1510361

File: 1650818645216.gif (1.92 MB, 245x300, the gang broke dasha.gif)

big "the gang broke Dee" vibes

No. 1510377

an object lesson in why you shouldn't put off getting actress skinny until you're 30

No. 1510379

good lord. she should just bring back the sailor socialism era hair

No. 1510380

Her teeth/lips look weird here, almost fake. Is it the angle? Botox? Drugs?

No. 1510383

why spend all that time and money to travel overseas if you can’t be bothered to use the hotel shower for 15 minutes

No. 1510531

She looks like she just stepped right off the plane

No. 1510653

File: 1650838867545.jpeg (815.57 KB, 1536x2048, FRIzsirWQAE1nr6.jpeg)

walt and his inbred hick wife get married

No. 1510671

which one is the bride

No. 1510872

It doesn't mean anything; it's just dumb florid language.

No. 1510913

Getting married in a camo shirt and hat lol obviously an nyc art fag desperately trying to cling to his masculinity after getting molested by whoever hired him as a casting scout

No. 1510922

it's not normal weightloss. I mean… I know what you're trying to say but lol "losing weight" isn't dasha's problem.
I mean "actress skinny" is probably something Dasha believes but (just keeping it to things dasha has been cast in) Sarah Snook has a big fat ass and it doesn't seem to hurt her acting.

No. 1511065

love when nyc artfags cosplay as trad rednecks

No. 1511216

god what a hideous unflattering photo

No. 1511220

Damn what in the fuck am I looking at

No. 1511248

her tooth situation is heartbreaking

No. 1511250

straight outta the hills have eyes

No. 1511266

File: 1650901814133.png (324 B, 100x100, purple.png)

pic related

no no no anon, it's a snowy expanse.. /snow/y expanse.. get it? it's very deep and poetic

No. 1511433

File: 1650913442658.png (40.61 KB, 590x224, pickme.png)

No. 1511438

stg this woman thinks she deserves to be queen of the earth for being the bestest brightest most virtuous person alive.

No. 1511510

File: 1650921869469.jpeg (465.27 KB, 1125x1999, D0A7ECCC-B056-4981-8371-12D92C…)

Incredibly embarrassing to still be posting pics like this in your 30s

No. 1511515

File: 1650922389780.jpeg (299.71 KB, 1124x1765, 451386E7-E388-4A81-9C11-140BB8…)

No. 1511522

a burka is preferable to whatever the hell she's wearing.

No. 1511525

She’s really trying to hide the cashew face there

No. 1511526

new ep of rs is up, in first few minutes they deny funding, say they were blindsided by the article, and dasha said she had a crying meltdown in london and compares herself to jesus being crucified. then she starts smoking cigarettes with the baby in the apartment.

No. 1511540

File: 1650923515182.png (1.01 MB, 1132x793, notmad.png)

you forgot to post the photos in the insta story before and after this one move it from grotesque to a portrait of mental illness. dasha is seething at vanity fair rn.

No. 1511541

Is this an advertisement? How the fuck did this get approval from anyone? How the fuck did she press upload on this? I can't comprehend what state of mind one would have to be in to post this.

No. 1511547

It looks like the same bedsheets from the photo set she posted earlier so I guess this pic didn’t make the cut? Idk if it was even a photo shoot, it looks like she just rented a hotel room and took some selfies. I doubt they gave her a modeling contract they probably just sent her the clothes

No. 1511552

Bold of you to assume anyone around her cares to tell her no

No. 1511562

They are flailing. Both deny everything but spend the whole time saying it's not wrong to take money from shady spook billionaires because something something DNC. Dasha sounds increasingly manic and insane. Says she has to do unspecified indie films this summer to pay for her health insurance because of her shopping addiction. Anna neglects her baby, smokes, and seems thrilled with the attention.

No. 1511564

huh I expected them to brush it off and say something like "if you read the article it actually says we aren't getting thiel money". having a meltdown looks worse.

No. 1511642

it's giving mid-30s autopedophilia delusions

No. 1511648

She has never looked more like a troon. Seriously the worst possible angle for her face.

No. 1511780

on that ABDL drip

No. 1511881

File: 1650948337902.jpeg (334.11 KB, 640x677, 4D7A3FAE-6906-4E24-BD01-EA119A…)

It's all a performance.

No. 1511895

I think it is, I just looked and both of the sons follow dasha, betsey and maddie. They’re such desperate groupie whores, it’s shameless

No. 1511899

You say that like Catholicsm/Evangelicals aren't infested with pedophiles lol

No. 1511905

File: 1650951894440.png (30.97 KB, 593x304, rounsaville.png)

is this the "disability" she claimed when everyone found out she was rich?

No. 1511906

She has claimed multiple disabilities. Insomnia, autism, gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia. Copious self-harm scars on her legs, she's a troubled individual.

No. 1511922

these are the people who think they are going to lead the revolution lol

No. 1511937

it’s literally just called being addicted to meth. but she can’t stop taking the adderall or she will become obese and this will drive away most of the simps. a life of extreme retardation

No. 1512011

Bit out of left field, nonnies, but I was reading the Unabomber essay (why not) and it was giving me serious deja vu when I realized I had literally heard Anna say all the same things about “leftists” (from the parts at the beginning of the essay, 6-32). It would be insane and very funny if she just wholesale lifted her hot takes from him. There’s probably a cultural zeitgeist explanation that’s way less “tinfoil” but I’m not exaggerating when I say her takes on Leftists are basically 1:1 with the essay.

No. 1512040

A bunch of people on the sub regularly praise “uncle Ted” so it wouldn’t be surprising

No. 1512159

File: 1650980988003.jpeg (189.77 KB, 750x591, B4E0FF7D-E3D3-4267-8744-E59A80…)

Wonder if his girl Liz put him onto this

No. 1512163

this can't be real

No. 1512200

File: 1650983433223.png (397.47 KB, 606x464, Brain Wet.png)

anyone listen to this want to give a qrd?

No. 1512210

File: 1650984708496.png (462.91 KB, 1684x398, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 10.4…)

I don't doubt that Anna's skimmed the Unabomber manifesto at some point in her life (it is kind of a banger), but I think more likely she's coming to these ideas via the Bronze Age Pervert/racist bodybuilder Twitter anons who openly admire "uncle Ted" as their ultimate schizo trad king.
Anna's also been not-so-subtly working white power dogwhistles into the pod like picrelated - doubt she's sitting around reading white nationalist manifestos, but she's definitely highly influenced by men who are influenced by them, or maybe it's on the weekly Peter Thiel briefing who tf knows

No. 1512214

File: 1650984916856.png (411.07 KB, 1540x398, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 10.5…)

samefag, but another example of Anna parroting the BAP crowd with racist/"race realist" lingo - she says chimp out and their other little dogwhistle phrases a lot, it's mentioned on r/redscarepod pretty often

No. 1512227

Just take a look at who she retweets and what tweets she likes and you'll see she's just constantly immersed in a reactionary, racist, anti-semitic, alt-right bubble. Whether it's the algorithm, her own organic preferences, Thiel money, or some combination of the three that took her there, who knows.

No. 1512249

File: 1650987428106.jpeg (209.63 KB, 680x498, hoob-dog-redac.jpeg)

Old but the Nazi Aimee was having a Skype affair with ("Hoob") got doxed by antifa


He is a member of Identity Dixie and "is 'addicted' to pornography and abuses ADHD medications as well as cocaine." A match made in heaven.

No. 1512332

File: 1650994109843.png (10.5 KB, 610x162, freddie0.png)

don't worry, freddie de boer has said red scare taking thiel money is a non issue

No. 1512336

Anna has hinted at reading various "right wing" blogs from lime 5-10 years ago, so I suspect she was on the edges of the 'manosphere' and shit. She's definitely in the BAP orbit.

No. 1512347

literally everyone is doing this and has been for the past 15 years

No. 1512348

"chimp out" comes from here and other lolcow sites but has utility as a vague racial slur so i'm sure many people use it to dogwhistle 4chan and gamer culture

No. 1512349

he's such a faggot

No. 1512354

"Chimp out" came from /pol/'s reaction to the Ferguson riots, it's always had racist undertones.

No. 1512356

File: 1650996124360.jpeg (266.57 KB, 828x671, 107E8B09-893A-4A2E-B891-050C42…)

Aimee finally listened to Amber Frost and Matt Christman.

No. 1512368

Guys, did Rachel (the cute lesbian who was into Eastern Europe or Serbia or someyhing) did a rebrand and veered into the crypto space or am I being delusional?

No. 1512369

It’s crazy how Dasha’s grooming skills & sense of style haven’t evolved AT ALL, even after moving to a higher income bracket and working with Hollywood stylists. She still has the same tacky fast fashion lolicon Brandy Melville tastes of a teenage Midwestern mall loiterer.

No. 1512376

it was used around chan culture WAY before that event

No. 1512377

ur 100% right about dasha's fashion sense continuing to blow but i have to mention that dasha's never worked with hollywood stylists. she finally got on a couple pr lists (like for this heinous marc jacobs diffusion line for zoomers), but she's not clouty enough to have a stylist or relationships with real fashion houses. if she was styled she'd be gifted or at least borrow free clothes directly from the fashion brands for events and she'd look a lot better. instead she takes ambien and spends $25k on castoffs at the real real and still looks like shit. still cackling when i remember her wrinkled hot pink D&G dress with the worn out elastic waist, nude patent leather platform pumps, and tacky little makeup pouch as a "clutch" from the SAG awards, straight out of 2004 styling

No. 1512385

small thing but remember when she thought the capitol rioter actually had a hammer and sickle tattoo? every once in a while she tells on herself. only far-right sites were saying that as part of an "antifa infiltrator" story to drive clicks (it was literally photoshopped on some of them). whether she says this dumb shit on purpose for the same reason those sites do, or whether she's just gullible and surrounds herself with the dumbest right-wing shit…yeah, who can say.

No. 1512386

yes, she parlayed some relationships she had built as Heather Habsburg with a couple prominent econ accounts to become a notable fintwit figure.

No. 1512402

Nah, “chimp out” been around a lot longer than that in the manosphere. I think it originated on fringe white nationalist sites (Stormfront, Stuff Black People Don’t Like etc.) in the early 2010s and then trickled into the mainstream via /pol/ as these things always do. I see people using it in non-racist contexts now, but it originally was a racial slur. I’m going to guess, in the context of her other influences, that Anna knows exactly where it comes from.

No. 1512405

AYRT and I meant she’s worked with professional stylists on Succession at least, and possibly for red carpet events. I definitely don’t think she has the clout to have her own stylist on staff lol. I’m just amazed that she’s been Hollywood-adjacent for a few years at least and hasn’t managed to pick up a SHRED of glamour or style along the way. If anything her taste has regressed and she looks worse than usual lately despite her RealReal shopping binges.

No. 1512410

File: 1651000382868.jpeg (137.28 KB, 750x602, CA2C2682-DC85-436E-A2CF-920489…)

Aimee is still claiming she has a boyfriend.

No. 1512413

Hm, I thought I was going insane. Strange that I’ve seen no one mention it.

No. 1512419

Big little twink boy energy for sure, but you gotta respect the equinox body - most of the hanger ons in her circle are skinny fat and disgusting

No. 1512420

Where’s the milk on the Aimee connection?

No. 1512423

that body is by coke and adderall, not equinox

No. 1512424

Doesn’t she have a trainer? I know it’s mostly drug addled but she definitely got some definition.

No. 1512432

no you're right she was working with a trainer during her succession run and may still be, i'm being a dick but i do think stims played a role in her body transformation, dasha's become so spergy and has had crackhead energy on the podcast for months. doesn't help that her face collapses in on itself at anything below 19 bmi lol but won't lie the body is an achievement

No. 1512467

Catherine Deneuve was not wrong about most people having to choose between slim body/gaunt face or chubby body/healthy face after 30

No. 1512490

I think the 2004 styling is the point. Lots of people on main sub and g&g love 2000s fashion aesthetic for some inexplicable reason

No. 1512502

File: 1651008599361.jpg (818.23 KB, 1440x1773, 1650463315071.jpg)

Man, I am bit ill, could not sleep last night plugged in for latest epi and Dasha laugh kept waking me up felt like a nightmare just kept hearing her laugh over and over….don't listen to pod Thiel added some mind controlling CIA shit to it it's not safe anymore.

No. 1512507

Nah you’re giving her too much credit, Dasha’s not skilled enough to have intentionally attempted an ironic 2004 throwback look, she’s just helpless about style so threw together a bunch of generic pieces that read as “fancy” to her but were incredibly outdated and tacky and not in the hot zoomer y2k way.

No. 1512508

I personally don’t understand why these are the only two modes for semi-wealthy scenesters. Being fit takes 3 hours a week and only a mild aversion to suicidal. it’s not THAT impressive to be skinny

No. 1512510

No. 1512513

Jfc I thought she was wearing a diaper

No. 1512557

File: 1651015384541.png (238.34 KB, 392x422, Pull Ups.png)

No. 1512634

It's funny how not even the Red Scare sub posters are dumb enough for him and he gets ratioed every time.

No. 1512668

File: 1651024763354.png (147.94 KB, 1206x570, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 18.2…)

fyi urbit is the ethereum-blockchain messaging app (etc) that Honor/Wet Brain is shilling (also justin murphy I guess, probably others I didn't see). Looks like a crypto mining project and/or MLM scheme masquerading as some sort of cosmos-themed decentralized web service. You buy "planets" and "moons" and "comets" etc. (so I guess a galaxy containing smaller celestial bodies is the new pyramid lol)

cursory google shows Curtis Yarvin owns "a few thousand" Urbit "stars" so if it takes off he will make a lot of money on it.

but of course he's just a nice normal guy, they all just have a social scene where they talk and stuff, no money motivation here….

No. 1512677

File: 1651025230672.jpg (83.57 KB, 828x1472, 2792185.jpg)

Some of Dasha's bf's beautiful sooooooooo funny writing.

No. 1512691

Urbit was created by Curtis Yarvin and bankrolled by Peter Thiel. That is all that was known about it for its entire existence - like 5 years? - until now, apparently, that it’s being shilled by a bunch of dorks accused of being bankrolled by Peter Thiel

No. 1512704

lmao oh okay thanks. crypto isn't really my thing I'd never heard of it and didn't even catch the Thiel connection when I looked it up haha

No. 1512732

File: 1651028044636.jpeg (380.23 KB, 750x887, 3813F86D-E25B-4D1F-B667-34137F…)


Thiel and Yarvin go way back. This piece is from 2014:


It’s wild seeing that, having followed this stuff for awhile. I seriously doubt someone like Honor and this crew would ever know about something like Urbit unless it were through Thiel and NRx.

Also, rereading this piece and being reminded that Thiel is obsessed with Rene Girard - I suspect something weird is going on with that guy Geoff Shullenberger, another orbiter of this crew who has focused really hard on Girard in the past few years

No. 1512753


the dictator stuff Yarvin is quoted as saying brings back several memories of the Red Scare girls saying they just wish we had a benevolent dictator at this point (re: current political stuff they were discussing)

No. 1512812

File: 1651036254468.jpg (271.6 KB, 1924x1214, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 21.4…)

if she didn't want people to see her talking about urbit she wouldn't talk about urbit. (dasha and anna's socials are pretty much just for "work" with an occasional shitpost to keep engagement up – which is also "work".)

you think she'd be allergic to a thiel-adjacent endeavor after denying thielbucks funding so thoroughly.

the scary of sixty-first NFTs were "unfortunate". wonder what she'll say about this crypto thing.

No. 1512816

even our billionaire super villains are boring.

No. 1512821

File: 1651037741156.png (88.79 KB, 469x485, glenn hearts jeff.png)

This is the most surreal thing I've seen on twitter since Trump tweeted a pepe of himself in 2016. Nothing means anything anymore.

No. 1512826

File: 1651038333473.png (62.95 KB, 337x368, hes playing you.png)

Uhhh who's gonna tell her

No. 1512827

these guys belong in a basement posting lengthy essays on obscure forums. somewhere they can't be seen. not this.

yeah I saw that. the guy wrote a fairly generous piece about the "new right" and then got drunk with all of them. this is apparently what it takes to write an enlightening article, according to glenn.

No. 1512881

Her face ruins her outfits. There is no hope

No. 1512884

Ok? How do we know she doesn’t

No. 1512901

Lehrer is a Girard guy too, isn't he?

No. 1513064

Huh? what’s the backstory here

No. 1513079

Aimee’s been unemployed for years, spends her days in an upper-induced psychosis spiral, rage-tweeting about lefties 200 times a day and pulling her hair out. She never mentions or is photographed with friends or family. Does this seem like the type of woman who meets a lot of men, is capable of maintaining a long term relationship with one, and who is definitely not lying about their healthy hiking dates lmao, come on it’s obviously a larp

No. 1513108

Half of that is debatable and you think someone being unemployed means they cant have an SO then you’re dumb as rocks

No. 1513119

have you tried dating someone who spends 20+ hours a day high and glued to his phone? aimee can’t even hold down online relationships, much less irl ones

No. 1513127

Aimee may have a boyfriend although it’s clear to anyone that listens to Aimee that she’s a very unwell person. Her co-host is a bit of a monster for exploiting it. She logged off for 2 days and immediately returned to attack people from 2 years ago. She’s permanently stuck in the 2020 twitter primaries.

No. 1513196

lmao why are you so triggered about aimee's relationship status? people meet people at work, if you think being unemployed/having no social life/having a major drug problem and sitting inside tweeting all day doesn't affect your romantic prospects then maybe you're the thick one, love

No. 1513198

also nothing hotter than a bewigged twig who spergs obsessively about another country’s politics
Aussie dudes are super into that

No. 1513200

"oll oi wont izza bald Sheila who exposes the neolib aginda of the Chappos and tweets oll day on bondi beach, maite"

No. 1513214

wow she's such a mother theresa to marginalized coomers, someone should sculpt a pieta.

No. 1513219

unironically yes. there are barnacles out there more than happy to prey on the weakest gazelle and speedball her trust fund together.

No. 1513230

File: 1651076825889.png (2.52 MB, 1194x1538, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 12.2…)

funny how none of her advocacy is focused on women but she'll become a free phone therapist for literal incels who harass women online and group-chat besties with convicted woman killers on death row. none of it will ever make you unabused by your narc daddy Liz, but keep trying hon

No. 1513234

how many times does it have to be said? men eroticize women's suffering; having a gf who is starving herself to death, already comes pre-drugged and easy to control, and with a nest of cash is like winning the lottery for a insecure loser. her crazy drama and slew of problems can keep a guy distracted and insulated from his own self-loathing forever, as long as he can keep her alive.

No. 1513239

File: 1651077096352.gif (968.54 KB, 500x375, dsklfjslfdjadf.gif)

when she burns herself out on this bullshit her hard pivot into man-hating will be magnificent.

No. 1513268

from your lips to god's ears nonna, hope she becomes a based anti-porn crusader and slaps matt for pretending to be too autistic to do the dishes while she's at it

No. 1513270

File: 1651079830535.png (4.46 MB, 1242x2688, 74A24309-10FB-447E-9609-3E09F5…)

She looks like she has Down syndrome

No. 1513282

I didn’t screen grab it and she deleted it a few seconds after, but she tweeted a few weeks ago how glad she was to be quitting her job and “no longer being a Fed”

No. 1513293

File: 1651080730144.jpg (83.01 KB, 1170x2080, 2791997.jpg)

More flop podcasts incoming.
"Adults with FASDs have a high rates of psychiatric and personality disorders, problems with drugs and alcohol, and difficulties with the law."

No. 1513301

File: 1651081181225.jpeg (86.74 KB, 750x491, 5554FF35-5384-435B-B3BE-34D4F7…)

Anna and Dasha have spent the last the last few days talking about Urbit and interacting with a big Thiel-affiliated NRx VC funder who’s also been involved since before 2014 (a16z is Marc Andreesen’s VC firm)

No. 1513305

I'm beginning to believe the autopedophilia diagnosis. Very disturbing if true.

No. 1513308

Wonder if it's just going to be Betsey. She runs the actorscellectuals account but sources most of the memes from Peter. There's a reason Peter keeps a low profile these days lol.

No. 1513310

>have you tried dating someone who spends 20+ hours a day high and glued to his phone?
obviously that wouldn't go well if you're normal, but if both are like that… i mean, the bruenigs are still married

No. 1513312

File: 1651081907280.png (1.63 MB, 1300x1338, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 1.48…)

Did Dasha unfave and un-RT this? I was about to ask if A+D had ever openly identified as right wing before this post that Dasha retweeted the other day.

No. 1513316

looks like she did, yeah. it was on her tl the other day.

No. 1513331

Dasha has called herself conservative before this, but I'm not sure if she's ever specifically used/retweeted the phrases right wing or new right prior to this in reference to herself until now

No. 1513335

File: 1651083285806.jpg (35.59 KB, 303x434, theincelwhisperer.JPG)

I just performed an ancient Dionysian blood rite that will ensure that the Blessed Crumplar ever triumphs over those who would deign to call themselves his enemies. Don't want to get into the specifics but you can expect (more) massive Ls for all his pasty-sKKKinned nominally Catholic Dmes Sqare foes, likely within the fortnight.

No. 1513344

File: 1651083924748.png (38.56 KB, 300x184, urbit is for everyone.png)

I assumed the name Urbit was just a dumb play on "orbit" because of the celestial theme but I wonder if it's actually some tradcath roman empire nerd shit about Urbi et Orbi (papal address "to everyone").

No. 1513345

whatever anon came up with autopedophilia for dasha is 100% right. she's said she was addicted to porn for "over 10 years" so she's as coombrained as any male. she's like a female AGP trying to transform into a tacky lollicon cliche because that's what she finds hot. the men she fucks probably fantasize about 25 year old normie girls who have dinner with their parents while dasha's degenerate ass screams choke me daddy

No. 1513349

i love it when guys who look like this are autistic retards.


maybe she dumped adam because he got too "old" for her.

No. 1513367

speaking of, his "actors" review was hilariously ironic. anyone got a link to the film btw?

No. 1513410

File: 1651088602359.jpg (2.06 MB, 1170x2098, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

the crump posted some of honor levy's hot new poetry and she's on some serious "how do you do, fellow kids" shit (boomer publishers are gonna slobber it up tho)

No. 1513435

This looks like it was written by a 50 year old.

No. 1513447

dasha's so desp to remind people she fucked nicholas braun a couple times, can't wait to see the 5th deuxmoi blind item about it: "what host of a controversial podcast still occasionally texts this b-lister on an ensemble drama who used her as a human fleshlight when no one hotter was around? - anon pls!!"

No. 1513452

Fuccboi pt 2

No. 1513463

It’s also the only archetype/aesthetic she can approximate. You know she’d rather be a waifish model like Kate Moss but she’s too big boned and facially unattractive to pull it off. She also tries to do the Annie Hall academia thing sometimes but it just makes her look like a grandma now. The lolicon shtick is also horribly aging on her but it doesn’t really matter because looking grotesque and abject is the whole point.

No. 1513519

File: 1651095584213.png (26.92 KB, 615x572, perhaps-even-intimidated-by-co…)

oh god unironic shilling for crumps is a new low for this thread. he's worse than any of these cows and they are only his "foes" because he tried to fuck anna k and got turned down. probably the only person i could side with horror levy over (and she's the rock bottom along with bruenig)

No. 1513521

The anon you're responding to was being sarcastic and is probably the ugly zoomer bf himself.

No. 1513523

File: 1651096013108.png (660.61 KB, 1190x2410, blexit.png)

how have we not mentioned CRK's schizo meltdown over getting mentioned in the vanity fair article

No. 1513540

File: 1651096841914.png (1.14 MB, 2626x1048, alicefromkissass.png)

all the slimy little careerists are lining up to lick the new boss' ass. Alice from Queens has been @ing Elon multiple times a day since the news broke, begging him to fuck her, pay her, and promote her account. she's still ree'ing about being shadowbanned daily too.
makes you wonder why "she" cares so much about twitter followers when she's not even selling something - too lazy to write her substack, hasn't feminized her voice enough to grift with a podcast

No. 1513682

Is this really asskissing? Not defending them, just….
Everyone loves to @ the president or a big CEO or a celebrity (etc.) because the big accounts will never engage with it. I guess the joke is "wouldn't it be funny if they replied?" but it's kind of a tired twitter trope.

No. 1513726

File: 1651111988377.jpeg (283.53 KB, 1125x1999, F28FB32D-E4B3-498C-B0F3-C4C79B…)

I think this is what incels call “a looksmatch”

No. 1513742

Yes nonnie everyone meets their SO at work. There are no other ways. I hope you’re in high school because with all love you sound retarded

No. 1513761

None of this prevents her from being able to attract a man. Lid for every pot. More people than ever are terminally online and politics obsessed so it’s not a rarity anymore to be like that anyway

No. 1513768

File: 1651114765218.png (110.25 KB, 901x563, redscare.png)

Lots of people on the red scare subreddit now jumping off the bandwagon over the Thiel stuff. One of them talks about how they listened to Dasha talking with Bret Easton Ellis and Dasha was very nonchalant about Ellis casually mentioning he's friends with a guy who was involved in Epstein's sex ring.

No. 1513822


do you understand what the "auto" in autopedophilia means?

No. 1513894

I noticed in the recent thielbux drama there were a lot of people that flounced on red scare or harangued them about the urbit shilling while simultaneously stanning another figure in the same scene (bruenig, chapo, cum boys, Aimee, SD, etc.) What makes these people think the pods in this orbit are at odds with each other? I understand friends become enemies but most of this pod circle are literally just friends. they have different podcasts where they boost each other until one becomes too controversial to be a guest again (or personal drama leaks like Adam/dasha breakup) but it’s not like they cut each their off in real life. They still hang out, do coke, appear together on even more niche tertiary pods like dial Dan … Greenwald goes on everyone’s shows, even bad faith. It all seems pretty tight knit to the point it’s hard NOT to notice. yet many people seem to think that one pod person is bad and another pod person is good.

No. 1513895

Bruenig, chapo, cum town are definitely not shilling moldbug shit, they just have friends

No. 1513940

File: 1651133649127.png (101.42 KB, 634x479, liz bruenig moldbug.png)

No. 1513941

File: 1651133730933.png (87.79 KB, 486x457, liz shilling moldbug poetry.pn…)

liz is a yarvin fan

No. 1513965

and the oscar goes to…

No. 1514004

This fucking drama queen prose kek. Being “ravenously, amorally dedicated” to one’s own infant doesn’t make any fucking sense unless you want to eat it, or it’s suddenly considered amoral to love one’s baby. Think she meant to write, “I was totally, normally dedicated to my baby, like every other mother on earth”

No. 1514005

>real Aussie posting hours
Don’t worry Aimee fwiw I genuinely hope you kick the meth and turn your fake bf into a real one soon

No. 1514032

No. 1514033

Why does she have the veiny forearm of a bodybuilder?

No. 1514034


age/low body fat/stimulants cause high blood pressure

No. 1514077

she wasn't holding her own child minutes after she was born?
what the fuck

No. 1514162

File: 1651160354577.png (113.71 KB, 593x627, lol.png)

Compact Mag goes mask off on being a Greenwald and Sohrab Ahmari backed venture capitalist rag. Thielbux and Silicon Valley money all the way down.

No. 1514168

>Only accessible to Compact subscribers
So, 50 people max?

No. 1514243

File: 1651165702177.png (1.05 MB, 1082x1416, Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 1.07…)

i've noticed alicefromqueens mentions here always get followed up quickly with "not defending her, but…[defends her]"

anyway Alice and Liz aren't joking, they're grownup grade-grubbers constantly jockeying for attention and advancement. Alice is the loser version of Liz but "she's" got the same ego, she admits she wants to be "super-famous" badly and she's been butthurt tweeting 10 times a day for the last 7 months about Twitter deboosting her account, but yeah sure she's "just joking" begging Elon to unban her

No. 1514247

File: 1651165877659.png (1.75 MB, 1778x1420, Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 1.08…)

bonus milkiness, alice thinks her throttled twitter engagement stats is an issue as important as breast cancer. definitely not a sociopathic male opinion to have

No. 1514252

At least she’s somewhat self aware
Nitpick but he is so fucking creepy looking to me. He’s got soulless dead coomer eyes even as a supposedly devout catholic (lol I say that even though it isn’t at all unusual for catholics to be degenerates behind closed doors). I would literally cross the street if I saw him walking towards me. He has such sinister vibes. Dasha is just serving wonky goblin face as per usual

No. 1514283

i thought it was taken for a fact that at this point that alice was a desperate, catfishing moid who uses stock photos of teenage girls (or worse, photos of teenage neighbors) to draw attention to his insipid and uninspired posts.

No. 1514298

Nothing of substance is ever said on cumtown good or bad (except maybe back when Nick was doing coke and ranting about Epstein in 2016 before everyone else did a podcast about it), I don’t think they’re capable of shilling anything but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick’s LLC owned some Urbit stars if he heard about it early on and threw some of his crypto at it because he does not give a shit and it’s not worse than other crypto. Bruenig is totally the type who would have dinner with Thiel or something just to “hear what he has to say” and write about it (I find her super boring so I don’t care.) Chapo’s are pretty anti-right but they spend an enormous amount of time milking right wingers for content on their show while just being kinda nihilistic about the things they support; they talk about JD Vance more than any single progressive politician, even if they are making fun of him.

Which — fine! Whatever. I was never trying to call them shills I just don’t find them effectively very different from the “bad” pod people. I was talking about the confused fans.

For example, people who are obsessed with hating Aimee but love Anna, which is insane because they agree on everything. Or love Ben mora but hate dasha (they basically have the same politics, are literal friends, and make the same type of podcast). Like how do you get so obsessed that you’re yelling at one and “so true bestie”-ing another, but not pay enough attention to notice that those two aren’t at odds with each other in real life?

No. 1514303

Anon wasn’t making a good case that it was sincere pick-me behavior. Some of it is pretty deranged though, now that I see more. I still think it’s a bad shtick by an unfunny loser, but maybe you have a better read on him.

No. 1514305


dollar store serge gainsbourg lookin ass

No. 1514344

File: 1651174038585.jpeg (124.11 KB, 640x670, AC8DDE58-23E7-417D-B50D-B7FC6E…)


No. 1514354

It still shows follower count, does that mean it's only temporary?

No. 1514367

wtf is this lol

No. 1514372

I can never tell if she's stoned out of her gourd or if she's trying to look 'sexy'

No. 1514455

everyone is stupid

No. 1514470

Not aimee or Aussie you’re just retarded sorry nonnie

No. 1514512

At least now aimee can stay logged off longer. I doubt she will burn through a dozen accounts this time.

No. 1514531

It's probably both

No. 1514762

File: 1651204344551.png (46.34 KB, 587x378, image.png)

No. 1514797

>the trad right are big tech stooges

fucking wat

No. 1514806

I mean… there was recently a certain article in Vanity Fair that made a big splash here and it was about big tech investors/billionaires courting the Right and how that seems to be working ok for them.

No. 1514848

literally scroll up and read the rest of this thread, moron

No. 1514851

It's kinda insane how she still has Virgil in the header and bio for the Bad Faith twitter account and she calls herself "co-host" in her own bio. #WheresVirgil

No. 1514853

File: 1651211412490.png (1.1 MB, 1092x1580, callin.png)

This reminds me I saw Brianna has a Callin show now. I'm not sure how the app is going to function in the future but for now it seems like the "creators" sign exclusive contracts with Callin so presumably they are getting paid to produce content for it.

Not sure if it's been mentioned here but Callin was founded by David Sacks (co-founded PayPal with Peter Thiel) and Axel Ericsson (recipient of a 2018 Thiel Fellowship). Thiel-adjacent-bux I guess.

No. 1514861

File: 1651211825545.png (1.16 MB, 1214x1130, heterodox.png)

lol "heterodox"

No. 1515162

File: 1651242792562.png (271.11 KB, 597x823, listen for me.png)

i am once again asking for someone on this site to listen to something so i don't have to

No. 1515164

They don’t mention Red Scare at all. They mostly talk about mold bug, Vance and Masters.

No. 1515166

Will makes fun of the "new right" for being dorks, offers a mea culpa for writing off JD Vance's chances in the primary pre-Trump endorsement, says while they can talk a good game on populist politics, the Thiel-funded candidates don't have any actual plans and are just capitalist stooges at the end of the day (accurate). Jaded Felix says this is just another turn (vibe shift) in the rapidly oscillating culture war and now that everyone in Brooklyn's a socialist the "new right" downtown crew are turning reactionary out of pure contrarian impulses and in two years the left will be the cool ones again, etc. Blackpilled Matt says it's over, capitalism won, socialism's chance to break through has passed, and these tradcath larpers are just hitching a ride on the Thiel bandwagon so they can rationalize their enslavement to the "based" techno-feudal overlords instead of the lib ones. And of course, as >>1515164 notes, zero mention of their associates Anna and Dasha.

No. 1515167


saved me a listen, sending all my love

No. 1515169


makes sense that they won't touch the girls

great summary, delivered within seconds, this place is scary sometimes

No. 1515260

File: 1651251525640.jpeg (58.26 KB, 396x594, 0B827826-D05C-472E-B143-6CC810…)

Huge upgrade from Dasha

No. 1515265

File: 1651251963407.jpeg (313.66 KB, 2048x1365, 0221ADC7-E221-44FE-844F-9F4BF3…)

No. 1515267

File: 1651252020249.jpg (111.04 KB, 713x475, lightbox_7b19e6e3-4c34-4627-b6…)

No. 1515306

she looks prettier, richer, happier, younger, and more stylish than dasha - dasha must be bugging lol. and it's a graydon carter party, pretty chic. good for him tbh.

No. 1515347

Dasha must be seething seeing this. She downgraded and Nick’s new girlfriend looks very naturally pretty.

No. 1515358

And has a symmetrical face to boot!

No. 1515360

Nick has a new gf?

No. 1515383

Her names Maia Lafortezza, think this is the girl Honor mentioned introducing him to who went to Bennington iirc. They look cute and happy together

No. 1515413

That’s Adam, not Nick

No. 1515431

Shockingly based and 100% accurate to real life

No. 1515434

>His smile and optimism, restored

No. 1515453

File: 1651264356952.jpeg (437.06 KB, 1125x2004, EEF1EA51-6F05-4D9A-9E74-98FCB0…)

Wft is this photo shoot?

No. 1515462

File: 1651264676996.jpeg (385.83 KB, 1125x1545, 4150060C-E3CD-4411-BA20-07B2A6…)

No. 1515463

Oh lmao ignore me thought anon was asking about Adam’s nu cutie

No. 1515465

it's dasha finally leaning into the drooling FAS tard look

No. 1515483

matts right

No. 1515488

I do not follow this thread closely but this is so gross. Dasha already dresses herself like a retard, has 0 sex appeal, and looks like she smells like earwax. Did she think that this was going to look good? Or sexy?

No. 1515516

Dasha when she actually goes to mass for the first time

No. 1515522

just dasha's histrionic personality disorder acting up again. she doesn't care if she looks good, the point is to constantly act porny so she's sure the attention is on herself, ppl like her usually feel dead or antsy without male attention. problem is these antics only attract low-worth coomers like her loser bf, sane men with lives and money want regular Beckies and Stacies. feels sad and compulsive to me, esp. at 32 but dasha's doing dasha things

No. 1515543

File: 1651270230278.png (1.01 MB, 2600x486, Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 6.09…)

wdym nonnie, Dasha's wholesome charm is attracting a high-value male as we speak

No. 1515562

god so awkward… it's giving freshmen year photo class…

No. 1515682

I don’t know a lot about the Red Scare r*tards. So can someone explain why they are LARPing as Russians?

No. 1515685

You mean the hosts or the subreddit?

No. 1515687

Anna is Russian-Jewish-Armenian and Dasha is Belorussian. So it’s more like diaspora heritage-as-a-personality shit

No. 1515706

Dasha was born in Belarus in 1991 before it left the USSR. Anna was born in Moscow in 1985. Both of them emigrated to the US at a young age (4-5 years old I think). They are Russian immigrants. Depending on their mood they sometimes say they're mostly just American (true) and occasionally Anna says she's Jewish (usually when she's defending Israel) or Armenian (usually in regards to her looks).

No. 1515715

chapo did a new episode that i haven't listened to but they go over the thiel article and conveniently don't mention red scare at all

No. 1515754


Looks like retarded person with down syndrome, perfect match.

No. 1515793

dashafags seething

No. 1515811


I went to school with Dasha and she used to make her Russian-ness a BIG deal and acted like she was a true ~foreigner~. I'm actually always surprised how (comparatively) chill she is about it now. She also had absolutely no personality and was just a boring syncophant who clung to groups of cool girls but it seemed like no one was actually her close friend. It's so fascinating that someone who was just a boring bitch in my periphery has FANS.

No. 1515854

Omg nonnie spill more pls! I can believe that Dasha had no personality and was a hanger-on, she gives off big beta energy to me. Like she’s a little pathetic and sad and only recently developed this sour shit talking personality as a cope. She’s so mid I can’t believe she has fans too but then again 99% of people are boring and have no taste

No. 1515857

The way she’s hunched over clutching that cup and drooling is genuinely nauseating there’s nothing remotely sexy about it she looks like an intellectually disabled adult getting abused by the nursing home

No. 1515904

Was this during Dasha’s trollface undercut era >>1360273 or her Lauren Avery skinwalker era

No. 1516012

File: 1651302918915.jpeg (189.58 KB, 640x763, 8B4DCDE3-D95A-4DE3-823E-2E003E…)

Groomer/coomer voice:

No. 1516162

Matt also (correctly) identifies that it's these rw nerd tech dudes basically buying "cool" friends to hang out with

No. 1516213

Wow, Chapo confirmed getting Pritzker buxxed. Leftist men will support anyone but actual women. Cannot wait for the lid to be popped off the medical nightmare that transing kids is. Saving for posterity, won't forget this Menaker.

No. 1516235

File: 1651339379236.png (55.15 KB, 257x279, new aimee who dis.png)

Pretty sure this is Aimee. Started tweeting a week before the latest suspension, but the account's got all the same talking points and beefs and interacts with and retweets the same crowd.

No. 1516423

Aimee will go through multiple accounts now.

No. 1516424

has anyone leaked Actors yet? I know someone on here has Scary of 61st early. Seems like the (already slow) momentum for screenings has fizzled out and its not going to be showing anywhere soon.

No. 1516443

File: 1651353730843.png (102.46 KB, 1376x546, whitemen.png)

I'd guess it'll be on VOD or something if no one buys the rights.

The old kickstarter for it is so opposite of these people's contrived personas. There's even a line about Trump in it.

No. 1516445

I can’t tell the difference between between that benedict cryptofash account and aimee terese.

No. 1516476

Sounds like a documentary about Abigail Thorn

No. 1516501

Dasha could be Chloe Sévigny hot if she dyed her hair dark, cut choppy layers into it, got some tattoos or piercings and dressed in more boyish / masculine styles.
The desperation to be a cute waif nymphette is sad at this point the coked out biker groupie vibe would suit her way more and a lot of her more irritating traits would come off as cool and funny instead of annoying.
She needs a weathered leather jacket, sunglasses, a perm - just something!

No. 1516505

File: 1651358647903.jpg (637.58 KB, 1080x2185, 1651298012373.jpg)

yeah or the dylan biopic

No. 1516509

File: 1651358837026.png (873.25 KB, 744x1083, ElinaLöwensohn.png)

like this?

No. 1516511

the Numero Berlin shoot is the best she has ever looked. even the latex was fine. lacy baby dress was the worst shot.

No. 1516513

File: 1651359270200.jpeg (412.93 KB, 2500x3261, 1F9F489A-2266-42A6-9DB0-57EEFF…)

She looks like she uses her boyfriends as an ashtray and that’s hot.

No. 1516516

Certainly looks-matched. The classic pairing of BPD 30-something female with depressed 20-something male. I wonder if he has “sperg voice” or gravelly vocal fry.

No. 1516525

you need to get off on tumblr nonna, almost all these women were major pick-me's as well, similar to how most rap-girls are

No. 1516526

Yeah, exactly.
It would suit her perfectly

No. 1516546

you can't help how your character is written. and when it comes to hollywood, the arts, etc pickme's are the only women men allow into the club. this is all we get.

No. 1516575

File: 1651365247861.jpeg (21.3 KB, 648x156, 2F09BA03-B051-4526-A687-6EFB15…)

@ every pic of dasha

No. 1516584

A haircut isn’t going to change her face

No. 1516586

This woman is much more attractive. Better lips, nose, bone structure

No. 1516590

File: 1651366981084.jpg (52.6 KB, 540x720, download (5).jpg)

her nose is actually really fucked up, that's why she's so cool

No. 1516599

I don’t know if you’re blind or just retarded but she’s better looking than Dasha

No. 1516625

Anon was just pointing out how her shits a little fucked up and she’s not trying to hide it or change and is still beautiful. Reading comprehension is your friend

No. 1516674

File: 1651380383609.jpg (260.19 KB, 1080x1363, Suspicious.jpg)

Lol it's either her or some very close friend

No. 1516695

Dasha has like 5 things wrong with her face not just one. Don’t be a retard

No. 1516698

File: 1651385518102.png (1.28 MB, 1200x777, Screenshot-2021-05-03-at-14.07…)

u are completely right nonnie
she unironically looks younger and more feminine than she has ever looked in that shoot

No. 1516699

She’s hoping the constant stream of drool will hide the chin mole

No. 1516714

urbits mostly been gaining traction because its a sort of decentralized social media. it's like a social media platform where you can make groups and you have total autonomy over the group you make. it's like Facebook but imagine if zucc had no power over your corner of it. in urbits case said corners are also digital property. there's a lot of people hedging their bets that urbit (or something like it) could become the next evolution of social media. Peter thiel is obviously included in this but so are a lot of people across the spectrum.

the fact that Curtis Yarvin invented it has been an albatross around the projects neck for ages. a few years back he stepped away from urbit because he himself knew it could never get off the ground with his association. I can't recall exactly but I believe he divested his interest too so he wouldn't get rich if it became popular. in any case he was willing to leave something he created in order to see it succeed.

I think people like wet brain getting into it has way less to do with yarvin or thiel associations. it has more to do with everyone young hating the existing platforms and searching for something else. urbit is funny too because it's been around for almost 10 years now in its "start up phase". if thiel has been shilling it this whole time he's done a terrible job. I think what's more likely is urbits time to shine has possibly arrived and internet youth culture as a whole is just thirsty for something different. although I won't count out that thiel benefits if it blows up. I'm just skeptical of this belief that he's paying off every single person extolling it.

No. 1516717

dear obvious shills, please remember to sage in the future.

No. 1516723


The co-host of Wet Brain (Walter Pearce) is associated with Midland Talent Agency which has questionable human trafficking allegations:

Disregard the Q shit, these people have Epstein connections and there are very notable ties (LITERALLY IN THE FLORIDA COURT DOCUMENTS) between Midland, Rachel Handler (Walter Pearce’s Midland founding partner) and her work with MC2 which is in these less schizo articles:


“In those court documents, one alleged victim accused the billionaire of “deliberately engag[ing] in a pattern of racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2, mostly girls under the age of 17, to engage in sexual play for money.”


At the very least, these people are absolute scumbags

No. 1516730

File: 1651391314553.jpeg (181.3 KB, 1125x745, 3301A6B8-F981-4E17-A2D5-29252D…)

She looks better on the right but it’s not a huge difference. The bigger issue is that if she stops doing the gross Lolita hentai stuff she’ll lose the disgusting coomer audience she’s cultivated over the years. She won’t make nearly as much money trying to pander to people who prefer the image on the right.

No. 1516731

Are fucking stupid for real? We’re talking about the other woman, Jesus Christ

No. 1516773

The discussion of this woman started with comparing her to Dasha and saying “Dasha should style herself like this”. It wouldn’t work because she is naturally prettier than Dasha. Learn how to follow a thread. fucking mongoloid

No. 1516774

>Scarethot thirst posting
Go do this on her Instagram

No. 1516780

File: 1651403024553.jpeg (33.21 KB, 612x460, 08BCBAF3-1416-4A7F-B16B-26F39B…)

Dasha could never be this hot. If she could she would have done it by now. You have it or you don’t

No. 1516782

It would unironically get her more acting work - the wide eyed baby blonde ingenue market is already totally saturated with nineteen year olds who just moved to LA the grizzled coked out bad girl not so much.
Shehas the podcast to fall back on she should take the risk, maybe she’ll actually make a good film for once.

No. 1516852

Thank you nonna, I swear every month some anon gets the brilliant idea of what haircut will magically make Dasha not hideous, when will people learn she’s terminally facially unfortunate without any compensating factors like nice body, hair, style, personality, being a decent person etc that can make an uggo weirdly hot. There’s no saving Dasha, she’s a gassed up 4, even Dasha knows she needs to do slutty blowjob POV photo shoots where she’s literally pretending to slob on her coomer fans’ knob to make men attracted to her, so quit with the retard styling tips pls

No. 1516899

File: 1651417762574.png (170.3 KB, 598x734, respawnflop.png)

amazing how samememe's "seething bald white guy who talks like an aughts caricature of a black woman" bit falls flat when anna k isn't gassing him up. still tweeting furiously, still bitching about women half his age.

No. 1517032

File: 1651427521741.png (176.08 KB, 593x535, Deseret.png)

No. 1517043

Always gonna be a Dollar Store Sevigny lmfao

No. 1517085

Thanks for confirming you’re retarded. The discussion may have started with that but delved into how that girl is pretty no matter her flaws and you’re just so obsessed with bringing everything back to your queen. How about you read what anon posted about why she’s cool and think about what you said.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1517150

kristen stewarts agent punching the air rn

No. 1517201

No. 1517397

kill yourself

No. 1517505

File: 1651461240335.jpg (213.48 KB, 1170x2080, 27957051.jpg)

dasha measuring her gay zoomer bf's hands on her stories because the podcast subreddit called them small and girly

No. 1517507

You or that anon posted about that girl and related it to Dasha. Do you know how to read this board, because it does not appear you do

No. 1517522

are you the dasha lesbo anon again

No. 1517566


this reads like it was ripped off an incel subreddit

No. 1517573


stfu nerd

No. 1517609

lol is he really that insecure that the red scare subreddit has him questioning his masculinity? Dasha, do better.

No. 1517610

The fact that any of them give a shit what the losers and incels on that sub say or think about them speaks volumes

No. 1517712

I guess you'd know with that Reddit spacing.

No. 1517844

I think Menaker is the biggest chaser on chapo. I've listened to like 4 chapo episodes total, none where trans stuff was a title or description topic, and in 3/4 menaker brought up transsexuals. couldn't be more obvious tbh. I know he has a wife or gf or w/e but they're open so i'm sure he's chasing transsexuals of a questionable age on the side.

No. 1517855

It seems like you know what you're talking about. Can you explain how this is different from mastadon? is it just more normie friendly to set-up?

No. 1517866

Pretty sure he's in some kind of internet relationship with the Australian trans girl they did the Star Wars prequel commentaries with.

No. 1517897

File: 1651515798951.jpg (81.34 KB, 828x858, 8eb5p7l4zyw81.jpg)

Absolutely deranged pick-me behavior. Even r/redscarepod is calling her misogynistic for this https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/ugezbz/_/

No. 1517908

It’s aimee. I’m surprised her inevitable ban took so long. She won’t want to stay a lowbie account for long and will get banned again.

No. 1517909

File: 1651517097467.png (48.8 KB, 1071x455, whycope.PNG)

It's ok, this one poster figured out that she actually isn't misogynist at all!

No. 1517918

you get to pay and lick thiel's balls

No. 1517921

So because they don't know about whatever specific thing related to history and astronomy you bring up, that means they must have zero intellectual interests in general?

No. 1517923

>it's not my fault i'm a brainless basic bitch whose internal life consists of nothing but a supermassive attention black hole, that's just how us women are teehee
a+d stop projecting your shortcomings onto all women challenge (impossible)

No. 1517933

why is this 40 y.o. successful podcaster and babby mom cracking jokes with epic saviors of western civ accounts stuck in perpetual 2017

No. 1517953

they're in an open relationship?

No. 1517965

True Anon talks about the Vanity Fair article in the last third of their new ep. They're not mentioning former guests Glenn or other people they used to associate with, or still do like Dasha, by name. But they do get shots in at these people's obsession with Lasch and how they're just astroturfed Sean McElwees of the right.

No. 1517978

why can't men just do their gay shit by themselves? why do they need a woman around to chaperone to make it not gay? oh yeah, because they don't want to give up the ability to attract and lock down a mommy maid incubator to clean up after themselves. men: terrible, awful, disgusting, ugly, useless…

No. 1517981

true anon, the only pedophile podcast that never names the troon

No. 1517983

File: 1651526001039.png (87.16 KB, 1222x388, Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.06…)

ok but where is the lie lol? it's not my fault dasha's gross pickme behavior conforms to the worst misogynist stereotypes, and idk why any woman would cape for dasha when she's constantly throwing women under the bus on her influential public platforms. try me again when she's not promoting anorexia and blaming the victims of male rapists bc she likes their movies

No. 1518159

File: 1651540458732.jpg (30.52 KB, 334x462, metalgirl.jpg)

this is exactly the kind of behaviour you'd expect from someone who dresses like pic related but it comes off as pathetic and snivelling from someone who LARPs as kawaii uwu loli

No. 1518177

lmao why are you disparaging kuehnemund, do you have something against glam rock?

No. 1518178

Is there a premium rss out there that still works? Whoever runs the blackepstein sub is always slow to upload paywalled eps.

No. 1518192

Misogyny aside, I feel like this just genuinely wouldn’t ring remotely true to anyone, even a misogynist. Like idk if it’s just me but ime average male doctor is like a 50 year old Indian immigrant who navigates any social interaction outside of something being explicitly medical as if it’s his first day on Earth. Where are doctors talking about history or astronomy I feel like it’s exclusively unemployed/office worker males with internet addictions who do that and even then it’s always surface level or incorrect and something they’re only aware of bc of the Twitter and/or YouTube algorithm

No. 1518215

Agreed. Also, he sounds like he tried to chat up an oncologist by asking if she had listened to the history of Rome by mike duncan and got butthurt when she didn’t know wtf he was talking about. Of course an actual person with a career that takes ten years of school and six figure student loans to pay off does not care about whatever niche interest he has … theoretically. Dumb tweet.

No. 1518322

File: 1651561652936.jpeg (53.76 KB, 750x558, 13AB442E-6478-4AB3-972E-59A033…)

Probably because you refuse to stop posting memes of Pepe drinking retard juice.

No. 1518352

File: 1651565489639.jpeg (362.1 KB, 1242x1643, 238056DB-0315-4D6C-9F84-B9246F…)

Right like I don’t have a high opinion of Anna but is she not at least above this kind of thing

No. 1518362

No. 1518435

Who is the last pirate?

No. 1518438

Anna’s had 3 abortions but who wants to bet she will log on and post a retarded take in support of the overturn of Roe v Wade today

No. 1518440

This is a make-or-break moment for Dasha, too. The "which side are you on" moment is here for both her and the leftcaths, but I think we all know where they're going to fall.

No. 1518465

Oh it's coming for sure. Her desire to pander to men who absolutely hate her guts is astounding

No. 1518489

If a woman who sleeps with many men is said to have a "cock carousel lifestyle", how would you call the lifestyle of a man who sleeps with many women?

No. 1518496

Lmao, how dare those professional wahmen have specialized skills in their profession? They should be in their mothers’ basements watching YouTube videos about “history” and “astronomy” while saving Western civilization with le epic Pepe Twitter memes like me, a failson!

No. 1518498

>is she not at least above this kind of thing

Pandering to terminally online incels literally is “her kind of thing”, where do you think those Patreon bux are coming from?

No. 1518501

This is a low bar but I feel like it’s got worse like samememe and this “imaginoor le epic roastie CZIMPOUT” pirate guy make it seem like she’s pandering an even lower tier of incel than the kind they would pander to in like 2019, but I could be misremembering and she was just always like this

No. 1518527

If this is the type of man she panders to her son is absolutely fucked. Mothers who tolerate this sort of rhetoric and behavior from grown men end up raising their sons to become entitled misogynistic rapist types.

No. 1518549

I thought it was two? Once when she was young and once when she started dating Eli.

She always made sure to say she thinks women should have the right to have an abortion but also that she's pro-life. lmao whatever that means.

She lives in New York so if the supreme court ever actually overturned Roe v Wade and the right to get an abortion was up to individual States, she would literally never have to worry about it because NY would not ban abortions in her lifetime.

No. 1518557

File: 1651591167093.png (1.65 MB, 2310x1498, bruenig hornt.png)

idk liz, seemed pretty "hornt" of you to text your life story to the guy next door while he called you "god's most perfect creation" as your husband slept in bed next to you but what do i know

No. 1518559

>she would literally never have to worry about it because NY would not ban abortions in her lifetime.
This is getting OT, but if you still think they aren't ultimately pushing for a national abortion ban you're hopelessly delusional. Alito basically signaled that Lawrence and Griswold are next.

No. 1518564

File: 1651591513411.png (1.13 MB, 1306x1560, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 11.2…)

samefag, but also interdasting that Prominent Christian Commentator liz started a convo about the death penalty on her timeline today and not a peep about that "other" pro-life issue everyone's talking about…

No. 1518609

nah, none of that was horny
Liz just wanted attention
attention is her meat and drink and air

No. 1518635

Twitter really broke her brain.

No. 1518676

Yup, based on Alito's commentary a lot of these delusional blue state scarethots are about to get the "trad" lifestyle they aspire to.

No. 1518679

Liz B is "hornt" for clout and nothing else.

No. 1518724

inb4 anna makes a braindead post about contraceptives being neoliberal when she's had two abortions

No. 1518775

They already go on about pullout method being all you need.

If I recall, anna said she was on the pill when she got pregnant. Something about being drunk in Miami with Eli and “fighting like puerto rican teenagers” (she repeated this exact line like 5 times on different podcasts, it was weird) so I guess she missed a pill or two. (ergo: “pills don’t works because ~wAmen~ can’t remember to take them.” -Anna probably)

No. 1518782

do they live together yet or what, so weird to not live with the father of your child

No. 1518786

In a recent pod she went out of her way to say they did live together and Eli’s separate address is a music studio. Eli has been audible off mic in the apt a few times recently, presumably to bolster the credibility of her claims.

No. 1518899

How pathetic is it to be such a pickme, have a man's child, and still not get picked. Rough. Good thing the pull out method works so she doesn't fall even deeper into a shit situation.

No. 1518921

these dudes are going to start screeching about gold diggers baby trapping poor men with zero irony literally tomorrow

No. 1519021

File: 1651630385077.png (561.79 KB, 1192x1178, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 10.1…)

Style yourself as "literally a conservative." Get mad when conservatives disapprove of your faggy ways

No. 1519045

I can’t really get a read on him. But then again I don’t follow his socials and I only listened to the ep of his pod about Battle Royale which I 80% agreed with. Couldn’t listen to the rest, he tries to be way too deep (“avatar of evil” lol watch less anime)

No. 1519049

File: 1651631548217.png (40.76 KB, 599x364, what is rape jack.png)

jack weighs in on roe vs. wade

No. 1519063

Weird angle for a gay man to go at it. Is he trying to say rich white women don’t have to worry about it? He’s kinda right since they historically simply used their money to travel and obtain abortions abroad.

No. 1519107

File: 1651638513342.jpeg (589.7 KB, 1170x1628, E18B8CDE-E794-4815-9280-73EF54…)

No. 1519116

cringe pervert faggot. literally nothing revolutionary about dressing up as a bimbo stereotype

No. 1519525

File: 1651687962572.jpeg (233.55 KB, 640x558, A690BC6D-234E-4F01-8BC3-44F150…)

Interesting development on the Aimee front

No. 1519555

I’m pleased aimee wants to log off. She needs to get healthy. Law school is probably a stretch.

No. 1519580

Hasn't Aimee been in law school for 10 years? I feel like she can't get her story straight since she used to claim she worked in corporate. What exactly is her situation?

No. 1519624

Is Aimee a farmer or something? I’ve only heard people talking about putting a cow out to pasture online in relation to lolcow. Has she ever referenced this place?

No. 1519626

Not 100% sure but from what I’ve seen posted here she was in law school for 10 years but dropped out before finishing and hasn’t been employed the past few years

No. 1519633

she for sure knows this place exists but sacred cow is a common idiom. no offense but you are probably the one online too much in this case.

No. 1519636

Can’t tell if ur joking nonny but putting a cow out to pasture is a common enough idiom everywhere that it really couldn’t be used as evidence that someone lurks here. That said farmers have long suspected Aimee is aware of these threads - iirc she was in the original group chat of cows discussing this thread when it first started along with Amber, Liz F, Anna K, etc. I’ve seen some posts here that give me big Aimee vibes, and just recently an anon seemed extremely triggered when nonnies were busting on her “imaginary boyfriend.”
If you’re in here Aimee I hope you get healthy and keep posting just a little, at least to keep the Bruenigs in line

No. 1519638

File: 1651694828713.jpeg (265.36 KB, 1125x774, C80A0778-AD69-48B2-A76E-8F9654…)

Samefag, sorry meant to sage. Bruenig bangertweet for tax

No. 1519662

you are not attractive enough to be an ethot, aimee

No. 1519739

How many bans did it take to get here?

No. 1519773

I thought she graduated law school long ago. She at least pretended she had right? Or am I making this up?

No. 1519779

File: 1651702768256.png (1.05 MB, 1118x836, 1605384474828.png)

See I can't tell what's the truth because Aimee is constantly changing details. I do know she was in law school for about 10 years but I don't know if she graduated. Here she says she worked corporate

No. 1519784

File: 1651702858517.jpeg (209.27 KB, 1170x2532, 1605377476822.jpeg)

And here she says she never graduated law school nor passed the bar exam

No. 1519792

"worked corporate" isn't very specific. that just means she worked in a building with other people during business hours and there was a dress code. it doesn't mean she was a corporate lawyer specifically. but I'm no aimee lore expert.

the details of where and when she was doing anything in particular probably changes so often because she is obfuscating the fact that she is like 46 years old.

No. 1519816

Aimee may have done paralegal work. She’s too ill pass the bar. I think the loss of her twitter account for a second time has made her realize she’s wasting her life online.

No. 1519835

I think she's 37 or 38, I did the math based on some of her friends linkedins a while ago. The friends were found through Aimee's old, and public, instagram that was posted in one of the older threads. Also I agree with you, she was probably a paralegal in a corporate law firm, left to go to law school, then didn't finish lawschool and started to do God only knows what.

No. 1519848

that makes sense. same age as anna.

No. 1519884

File: 1651708562646.png (360.54 KB, 1546x732, Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 7.54…)

Here's Aimee's current Linkedin. She was also in the University of Sydney's student paper in 2009. So she's been in school for a long time.

No. 1519900

Based on year of school leaving, year of 21st b'day
She's been consistently lying saying she's a year younger, which is true for the first couple of months in any year

No. 1519952

In Aus law is a graduate degree, so to do any post grad she would have had to graduate with a law degree
Also in Aus Bar exam is to become a barrister, a BIG fucking deal that is only undertaken after already practising law, she knows this and knows that others, esp yanks don't, deliberately misleading

No. 1519969

This is what Paglia will do to your brain.

No. 1519994

Aimee closer to 35. She finished high school in 2005.

No. 1519999

Is it worth pursuing a law career in your mid-30s? She’s been a student or podcaster for a decade.

No. 1520019

And you have touched on the core issue with nominally leftist terminally online conservative pickme ladies who are mad at politics :)(:))

No. 1520034

this checks out. aimee looks 40 after years of substance abuse but she mentioned turning 33 or 34 in a tweet, putting her close to jack’s age. meanwhile samememe recently admitted to being “late thirties” and anna k is 36 and shopping at brandy melville. middle age will not be kind to these freaks.

No. 1520448

>Is it worth pursuing a law career in your mid-30s?
This is such a zoomer ass take kek people decide to go to law school in their 30s all the time there's no time limit for it.

No. 1520510


my understanding was that she dropped out of law school and worked as a "paralegal" for a few years, I assume at her daddies firm or as some other flavour of nepotism hire

No. 1520536

seconded, though obviously most people who transition to law are college-educated professionals who spend their 20s in the workplace and not living as a shut-in on daddy's money + patreonbux.

No. 1520567

Lol that’s not a zoomer perspective. After 35 your window to earn money in a career shortens a lot. Law school is expensive and in 15 years she will be 50. Probably wiser to do something else.

No. 1520573

she’s already been to a hundred years of law school paid for by her parents, this is literally not an issue for her

No. 1520603

nobody itt thinks aimee is moving on to a lucrative career, even with a family that can pay her way through school. anon was just pointing out that 30 somethings without internet braindeath go to law school all the time. even her cohost oliver bateman went from journalism to law to academia to hr.

No. 1520830

even Adam friedland is quitting podcasting to go to law school. It's pretty common

No. 1520911

>>1520603 >>1520603
It's common and probably a waste of time. As you say, even Oliver Bateman ended up in a corporate day job that he could have gotten without a law degree. It's always cringe when aimee compares HR to unions when her co-host works in it.(learn2sage)

No. 1521012

wait really? is cum town over?

No. 1521018

they’ve been saying it’s the last year more seriously than usual, but they already do two or three months of episodes prerecorded over less than a week of “work” and the patreon keeps going up

No. 1521074

the golden handcuffs are slipping; patreon fell below 6 figures so they decided to end it this year. why do you think nick is doing a standup tour? it's his last chance to cash in on the fanbase.
the only way to save it is to get them more patrons.

No. 1521095

File: 1651793543092.jpg (302 KB, 1170x2080, 279967637.jpg)

Dasha's cult initiation journey continues. Is milady the same people as the kalliac group anons were posting about?
The podcast never made 6 figures a month or more than it does now. They're just bored I guess. Red Scare is actually trending downwards for the first time. Peaked in February and have been making less since then. https://graphtreon.com/creator/cumtown

No. 1521263

Not really. People in law respect older people more than younger ones and assume they’re better at their jobs. How many young lawyers do you see in huge court cases?

No. 1521291

It depends heavily on the type of law. Being a woman she could do well as a divorce attorney, because many women going through divorce prefer to hire a woman

No. 1521438

File: 1651826215989.jpg (8.5 KB, 216x233, 1651612722165.jpg)


Men built civilizations, not talking about current America aka goyim pasture for isreal (ew)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1521440


Bruce is larping-faggot and buddy with Hasan the rapist…idk what is more astroturfed than breadtube trannies lmao.

No. 1521444

you mean they built dystopian backwards-ass flaming dumpster fire hellscapes

No. 1521448

>Is milady the same people as the kalliac group anons were posting about?

No. 1521453

Built civilisation by making it illegal for anyone else to be involved. Aka one a game playing with a handicap kek. Much to boast of, like a tard with a participation trophy.

No. 1521457

you did get some spergs to bite and chime in with their retarded views but this kind edgelordy antisemite bait is kind of overdone.

No. 1521461

>Retarded views
>Not the hecking moiderinos
Okay kek.

No. 1521602

Hasan the rapist? Need more info on this one

No. 1521682

He regularly talks about how heckin socialist it is to support porn and “sex work”

No. 1521804

That doesn’t make him a rapist kek

No. 1521830

File: 1651867197309.jpeg (275.46 KB, 946x1485, 1651442887496.jpeg)

>>1521095 this coindesk article discusses this somewhat: https://www.coindesk.com/layer2/2022/05/05/everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-miladys-but-were-afraid-to-ask/

the miya/charlotte persona continues to obsess over and harass young women on twitter with threats of violence and reposting their photos on twitter and in their gcs and elsewhere (picrel), and more of this is detailed in the e-girls thread with screenshots of grooming and harassment of young girls (some underage) here: >>>/snow/1514324

No. 1521888

this network of people suck so much. is the contain guy anglicism01?

No. 1521891

File: 1651871190667.png (17.41 KB, 668x172, 954023492.png)

There's a video of him bragging about paying to rape a woman at a brothel named Artemis that was raided for sex trafficking.

No. 1521900

You would think so, but Barrett’s writing is much less technically sophisticated than angelicism’s. Barett just parrots the ideas of whoever’s he’s talking to online, whether it be catbay deleuze, jack the fationalist, or angelicism. If you want some real lore look up “Jonny tiplady adjacent pineapple interview” and ctrl+f the word “porn”.

No. 1521907


LizB doing her part to make sure women stay barefoot and pregnant like the good socialist she is(imageboard)

No. 1521917

File: 1651873538120.jpg (40.92 KB, 400x305, wtfamireading.jpg)

>"Lateralisation from the leftist side of the brain had pressed me into a close encounter, an encounter with a sort of self technologisation (to some extent the brain wasn’t even needed anymore) and with a formative Paranoia. Basically, I suddenly felt distanced from the entirety of the English scenography and set, and the removal to Mississippi for expedient reasons felt emblematic. I was in the historical deep south of the Confederacy, heard talk of Jefferson Davis, and of how this had been where the largest concentration of white millionaires had been in the 1860s. In treatment my key therapist was a black guy, the only one in the unit, and he was easily the most sane person
there. He taught me some canny stuff about how my relation to a certain sort of pornography was itself racial, predicated in some way on an unconscious fugue of dominance. I dreamt every night of walking all the way to New York barefoot and they found it hard to help me."

No. 1521918

File: 1651874079085.png (869.07 KB, 946x2048, 1650304472731.png)

there's a little more about hasan in the breadtube thread