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File: 1655775513961.jpg (381.69 KB, 1920x1074, elaine3.jpg)

No. 1567357

Elaine Gertler Miller is a 19-20yo Briton (exact age is not certain due to the being UK being a country with actual privacy laws making doxing difficult, and her trying to obfuscate it as much as possible) pickme attention whore and wannabe Internet terrorist. Given the amount of drama that has occured over the past year+, it is safe to say that Elaine does not need much of an introduction. The more interesting thing is how a boring pickme of modest attractiveness and dubiouis intelligence got such a presence to begin with.

It is safe to say this attention is what she wanted in the beginning but it definitely escalated to a degree that she did not. In fact, many of her misadventures stem from trying to get her thread taken down. Elaine, then, is a prime example of what any nonnas reading should never do should they have the misfortune of getting a lolcow thread of their own, on either farms. It turns out being a cow is a bit like a Chinese finger trap: the more you struggle, the worse it gets, until you have crossed the line from Internet drama, to fucking random gross scrotes off KiwiFarms, to abject life ruination.

But our Lainey strugged in particularly spectacular fashion. A deep dive into all her lulzy antics would bring this OP to War and Peace levels of TL;DR, so we will recap just the basics:

> Elaine, seeking clout and attention, gets involved with Lillee Jean, being one of the few actual flesh-and-blood people behind the social media presences that does.

> She gets noticed by the /pt/ thread who throw shade at her appearance, fake bag, and an incident where she make comments about blowing up Chinatown.
> Laughably suicide-baits on Lillee and her own behalf to the amusement of everyone.
> Elaine boasts of her family's questionable wealth, her modeling career (with a scammy pay-to-play agency) and her non-existing skills as a hacker and elite doxer.
> She discovers her lolcow.farm thread and begins to make impotent legal threats.
> Mistakes Josh Moon for the owner of .farm, hilarity (and a KF thread of her own) ensues.
> The degree of her pickme nature begins to emerge as she declares herself to have a soft spot for Kiwi Farms, where she also recieves male attention due to being skinny and not a total dog appearance-wise.
> Elaine faildoxes the (former) LCF admin as an absolutely unrelated Quebecois college student named Ines, which is torn apart readily by experienced doxers on Kiwi Farms.
> Harasses this Ines with rape and death threats trying to get her thread taken down.
> Begins to collect orbiters on Discord; simps in the male sphere and a project on the part of some LCF users to gather milk but also to try to provide her with positive female interactions. Neither group experiences much success.
> Declares she is done with the online drama sphere around the time she or one of her simps begans spamming .farm with gore and (maybe) CP. The latter is laden with irony as she would repeatedly claim with no basis LCF hosts CP.
> Socks and astroturfs as various other characters, an ex-boyfriend shows up who turns out to be real and gives some lukewarm milk.
> Gives a photoshopped ID to try to claim she is a minor and thus should not have a thread, uses the wrong font.
> Declares herself a simp for Null, who besides hating the British has a strict "no e-girls" policy, he changes her KF tag to "pathological liar, BPD thot, aroused by attention."
> Nonetheless attempts to become the Kiwi Kween, only winds up banned and holding court with the lowest tier of scrote on Discord.
> Appears to escalate her cocaine and amphetamine use, loses a lot of weight and manicposts at ungodly hours.
> Declares her female role models to be Bianca Devins and Isabella Loretta Janke.
> Flies out one of her simps, AnusCabbage12 (Jack Brockett) to London, they fuck and engage in some fetishistic Nazi roleplay and golden showers. He turns out unsurprisingly to be a psycho threatening to harm her and himself once she does not want to get wifeyed up.
> AnusCabbage eventually admits to being behind the "Ines" faildox, both he and Elaine state in unguarded moments they don't really care, Elaine tries to use guilt of having a random woman harassed to get her thread taken down, too.
> Discords leak of all types of foolishness, leading to spastic drama in the Internet drama sphere, sets fire to everyone she touches socially.
> Eventually retreats to Discord and her thread calms down a bit.
> Meanwhile, she has taken up with a Canadian Nazi tranny pedophile (really) named Michael Thurlow (Angry Canadian) and they together try to gaslight another cow, Rachel, into attacking their enemies. This blows up spectacularly and leads to embarrassment for all involved.
> Elaine is leaked calling Michael's White ancestry into question and making fun of his home and native land.
> Also reaching out to various lolcows such as Tommy Tooter and Vordrak to attempt to form an alliance against lolcow and KF.
> Anon releases on a "just trust me bro" basis rumors that Elaine is being catfished in a long-con by unknown parties pretending to be Josh, with an end goal to get her to fly to Serbia and strand her at te airport.
> Elaine flies into a rage and denies it but eventually reciepts do shake out much to her embarrassment.
> The tranny who leaked this milk had been doxed already so Elaine harasses his family.
> Manages to get her thread deindexed from Google.
> elainegertlermiller.co.uk is registered shortly thereafter.

And that, I think, brings us roughly up to today. I'm sure I have left out a lot but there is a lot that has happened over the past year. But the thing about Elaine is despite filling a large OP she is really not that interesting. Hopefully this will be the last one and she can fade into obscurity, she has certainly embarrassed herself enough, but that might be just a bit too optimistic.

No. 1567360

No. 1567399


No. 1567413

File: 1655782083262.jpg (64.93 KB, 1074x304, elaine weight loss.jpg)

I bet the simps are in VC hearing her drop her shitty fake RP accent (as fake as her purse and as actually posh as everything she has ever been seen wearing) as we post she is gonna be so spitting mad. The thing is Elaine had so many people who were willing to give her a chance and another chance and go to bat for her, even some of the scrotes didn't have bad intentions really, but she managed to burn every single one of them and continue to willingly associate with the absolute dregs of the internet. I feel like this is going to be a story with a sad ending, though. Pic not strictly related but it is sad to see. The girl is living on nothing but uppers and Internet drama and is ruining her looks and her wits both.

No. 1567438

Not even 4/10 lolcow pussy anymore, pack it up Elaine simps.

No. 1567442

I wonder what kind of sprawling ineffectual retaliatory gayops she will try to launch after seething and doing charlie. The sun will be coming up there soon. Pop some corn, nonnas.

No. 1567461


No. 1567553

File: 1655800278655.png (352.93 KB, 400x548, LimerickIllustrated.png)

Limerick from last thread illustrated just for fun

No. 1567974

anyone who thinks elaine has ever done drugs in her life is as retarded as her

No. 1568291

Yeah her brain rotted away from her not wanting to eat lol, no she def did drugs and went manic from it, milk related.

No. 1568293

File: 1655855379638.png (5 MB, 1920x12299, elaine milk 5.png)

No. 1568294

File: 1655855443309.png (40.87 KB, 377x135, bye bitch.png)

Elaine deleted everything but shes too slow

No. 1568300

File: 1655855879814.png (212.02 KB, 450x1102, did it for the lols.png)

Welp, hopefully this bitch never contacts me again. It was really dumb to in the first place.

No. 1569557

she's changed corpsegarland#1447 to kaelvs#1447
ID 748766686357880833

No. 1571869

File: 1656183290075.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.92 KB, 519x748, 2D6B6888-4AB6-45CB-97FF-8A59DF…)

No. 1571949

File: 1656189259133.png (555.31 KB, 448x835, fake proof.png)

heres her "proof" it isnt her

No. 1571965

File: 1656190588985.png (1.27 MB, 828x1792, 92B5F043-5510-4C87-993B-3B0E09…)


No. 1571966

Hmm. She should post another angle.
Not trying to be weird, just trying to figure out if she used makeup to cover up her cat scratches.

No. 1571976

Elaine leaked all that herself, the piss tapes, everything, holy fuck she is a whore.

No. 1571984

File: 1656191974890.webm (1.81 MB, 256x480, 28390-53ba42ee9e61a9d2e47da113…)

No. 1571992

Those are some grim toes

No. 1571999

Elaine, I picked up on the fucking foundation, the ladies here will more than I ever could, why are you this dumb?

No. 1572002

nice orange Snapchat filter, not blurry or suspicious at all

No. 1572005

the timestamp is written on your legs you fucking idiot, you didn't need a filter

No. 1572010

File: 1656193720231.gif (4.42 MB, 640x360, mortal-kombat-gif-8.gif)

Here is a reinactment of you against just ONE nonna.

No. 1572014

> I don’t want to participate in this
So why in the fuck are you sending this stuff to your kiwiscrotes? I'm not gonna post it because I'm not a gross kiwiscrote myself but (semi)nudes of you finally leaked you stupid, stupid slag, what did you expect to happen? As for the SH, wat absolute cope on your part. Again, what did you expect to happen?

To quote from the OP:
> . It turns out being a cow is a bit like a Chinese finger trap: the more you struggle, the worse it gets, until you have crossed the line from Internet drama, to fucking random gross scrotes off KiwiFarms, to abject life ruination.

Log off, Lainey, for the love of God.

No. 1572025

Change your fucking name too, there is only one troll cow and there will only ever be one troll cow.

No. 1572032

File: 1656195449098.png (30.59 KB, 575x255, dontathim.png)


No. 1572033

>Nobody posted about the catfishing? TL;DR someone was pretending to be Null and talking to her for months and had convinced her to fly to Serbia, but thankfully the gay op got blown up by some tranny.

And I'd fucking become a cow, and do all this bullshit and suffer certain people hating me all over again just to do so. This latest shit shows just how far Elaine and her antagonists would go, regardless of if this is all herself leaking or not. I'd do it again Maize, I would do all of this again.

No. 1572043

File: 1656195826438.png (58.09 KB, 1073x286, thats pretty unequivocal.png)

And Josh addresses the catfishing issue in strong terms. Good for him I guess.

No. 1572046

He did a good job in finally saying what he should have been very clear about and stopped in the beginning yes.
He did a good job in saying, well this is what I enabled and now nobody better talk about it or I will ban.
He did a good job at displaying just how little he cared.

No. 1572048

I don't like Josh at all but honestly I don't think he can take any blame here, it wasn't on him to care before and I'm not even sure how much he knew about the catfishing stuff until it blew up. It's good he said as much as he did tbh because the Elaine psycho shit is stuff that he's been trying to avoid for a long time.

No. 1572050

sorry Elaine, you’re assuming other people are at the very least as dumb as you. That’s literally impossible at this point. Congrats

No. 1572051

I will give him props for doing so now but at the start he was fucking around with her intentionally and did not ban her just to give her more attention, if he had just banned her from the start she would not have developed this insane an obsession.

Naturally that is not to say he is to blame for what happened, this was all Elaine's fault, this was all her choice.
I do have a theoretically though, if this wasn't Elaine self leaking and the tranny never leaked on her do you think we would see pictures of her cut up body parts of would the fake null just send those to the real Null's house because if this is not Elaine doing it to herself as a gayop it is horrific manipulation and just not even remotely funny in comparison to what you could do if you had her thinking you were her object of obsession as they had.

"Are you proud of me?"

Her saying that in her piss tape is really all anyone ever needs to know, her parents really disgust me for obviously failing at raising a child this badly.

No. 1572054

It's easy to make cat scratches that'll bleed, then cover them up like nothing happened. Your foundation isn't remotely even, there's a clear line that wouldn't be caused by a shadow. The skin is too smooth compared to your lower legs. You can see the variation in skintone on your lower legs, the blotchiness that's normal and healthy and shows that there's blood circulating in what one would assume to be below room temperature climate. Normal.

That color should extend to the thighs. You have a neutral warm undertone, which leans to pink. Your thighs are yellow-orange, from mismatched foundation and oxidization. The tops of the thighs aren't particularly oily either so it's either old makeup or severely mismatched or both.

Elaine hunni, if you're looking for attention go bother Michael. Josh doesn't want you, at least Mikey humors you.

No. 1572059

File: 1656196634923.png (559.54 KB, 448x834, 1656189259133.png)

You can see the "O" on the Josh leg, that part isn't covered up very well

No. 1572063

Elaine. Get help. Love yourself. Joshua fucking moon, the embarrassing edgelord hamplanet that tries so desperately to be e-famous is not worth any of this nonsense kek.

No. 1572065

Elaine you told me you still believed the two null theory last week, stop lying on KF.

No. 1572069

A backwards C? Okay then kek

No. 1572071

Elaine scars to disprove her lies, I told her to come clean and admit this was here but she won't so here it is, I am always the one to chide her these days…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1572073

you’ve said that Ines denying the “dox” proved it was right and it was just cope. if these nudes aren’t yours, why won’t you stop responding to it lol

No. 1572074

lol imagine trying to get one past lolcow.farm about cutting and makeup

No. 1572078

File: 1656197658133.png (57.91 KB, 612x127, elaine scars.png)

It didn't even pass my eye test and I have a 14 year old goth's taste in caked on foundation.
That was not meant to be revenge porn so I will repost just the scars, pretty ill about all this so sorry for not cropping the first time, legit my bad on that jannies.

No. 1572079

I'm literally the most blind retard here and I could see through that shit. Elaine, learn to lie better.

No. 1572084

Elaine, why don't you know how to use a vibrator? inquiring minds want to know.

No. 1572085

File: 1656198379821.jpg (3.85 KB, 275x183, mr wang's finger trap.jpg)

You wanted this attention and now you have it, so what's your malfunction at this point? That your shit is leaking off the degenerate coomer Discords you intend it for? That, God forbid, an audience of women who are gonna call you on your pickme bullshit have now seen it?
People have been warning you your Kiwifarms/Discord scrotes will leak your nudes for over a year now. Cry me a river.

No. 1572087

File: 1656198575350.png (425.76 KB, 710x819, p98cr7i.png)

I tried one last time, your brain has eaten itself.
I truly hope you leaked all that yourself, the alternative scares even me.

No. 1572088

File: 1656198828738.png (1.3 MB, 720x884, ElaineKek.png)

No. 1572089

She's currently coping and bullshitting around on KF because it didn't take here.

No. 1572091

Plus the only scrote here gives her female attention soooooooooo you do the math KEK

No. 1572099

“i plead the scrote”

No. 1572106

File: 1656200472140.jpeg (434.33 KB, 1955x1054, DB400D4A-501E-4C5A-B41F-093710…)

tip of the j on the left and a double o on the right me thinketh

No. 1572107

It was my very first thought when she sent me the defense over discord. I had been waiting 40 mins for her to cake her legs with foundation cream and still have to use thick red lines to hide the scars.

No. 1572111

couldn’t post her bare thighs lmao

No. 1572112

File: 1656200867713.jpg (563.9 KB, 1080x1330, Elaine overlay.jpg)

Tried my best to line em up proportion and angle-wise.

No. 1572115

Will Elaine log off now? Dare we hope?
She's over on Kiwi posting cope.
But the scrotes pay her mind,
Even if they're unkind,
So sadly the answer is "nope."

No. 1572123

Surprisingly, not a single poster said she was fat and they wouldn't have sex with her.

No. 1572125

Her thighs are fatter in the picture she claims is for sure her. Fat, would not sex.

No. 1572126

You realise you can just turn on the time stamp, right? You don't have to use a 'time stamp filter'. Fucking zoomers.

No. 1572138

File: 1656203238201.png (280.99 KB, 339x631, 954EF3A7-C192-47EB-83F1-B7210E…)

same cheap headboard, side table paint swatch, white bedsheets etc.

No. 1572140

File: 1656203254570.jpg (56.67 KB, 805x287, catfish cries gayops.jpg)

So whoever this is (Anus? Elaine herself?) is claiming ruse cruise which is pretty easily dispelled above, I wonder what is going on in whatever degen discord they are congregating in.

No. 1572147

samefag just realized she spelled "realise" with the Queen's "S" and some of the other stuff sounds a bit British subjectively, it's fucking Elaine lol
nah none of that was fake, in some of the nudes you can see at least her mouth and lower part of the face, same garish makeup shittily applied, same weird bone structure

No. 1572148

File: 1656203704402.gif (3.03 MB, 640x360, wait-are.gif)

Bri'ish detected

No. 1572149

File: 1656203759666.jpeg (82.08 KB, 750x586, 418395B7-C743-47EA-A6D3-D5DD07…)

she should stop putting her hands in the poopoo if she wants to maintain somewhat plausible deniability. instead she immediately rushes to defend herself with more incriminating nonsense

No. 1572152

LOL she deleted her copepost after being called out on it, typical Elaine move.

I also liked
> paid an escort (she wasn't Elaine)
as opposed to the escort who is Elaine?

No. 1572153

She literally just scraped herself with a safety pin they wouldn’t even be visible at this point. Except for what we can see through the nail polish. She did that shit. She’s so crazy I kinda love it tbh, this bitch really scraped josh moon into her skin, for what?

No. 1572156

What I don't get is why she is trying so hard to walk it back now. She can't possibly be just now reali"s"ing that people are gonna talk shit on her about this, can she? Was it for Josh's eye's only? Who can understand the mind of Elaine. Anyone who knows any crazy bitches who do this shit though knows that cuts that superficial are gay attention seeking nonsense, emotional gayops, and anyone showing her concern is just playing into her games.

No. 1572157

File: 1656204329180.jpeg (50.86 KB, 560x340, C7D30C31-DDBE-4F9E-BD8D-26B5ED…)

the kiwi scrotes aren’t entertaining her either from the looks of the thread

No. 1572159

it was not a safety pin, it was a single blade taken from a multi-blade shaving razor.

No. 1572161

Thanks for the clarification, Elaine.

No. 1572164

Nooooo nonna that was the ESCORT! The one meticulously selected for having the exact same body type as Elaine, the same tranny-tier makeup skills as Elaine, and the willingness to mutilate herself on camera.

No. 1572165

not to mention that broke ass toe her and the “escort” are rocking…

No. 1572177

If Elaine thinks that escorts will cut themselves on demand then she is aware of a pretty degenerate tier of sex worker. Which gives one some pause if she is to be believed about her own forays into that industry.

No. 1572178

Elaine, you read here so I have a question (I'm being sincere by the way this is genuine curiosity).

Has Lillee Jean ever reached out to you over your interactions with Lolcow or Kiwifarms? Or, alternatively, have you reached out to her since any of this started? If not, why? Because she's pretty much where you originated and it's very strange imo that you never acknowledge her

No. 1572186

Very fun reading both this thread and the one on kiwi, I don't come to .farm often. Cheers!

t. Kiwi

No. 1572190

Sage goes in the email field and Josh can't ban me here, welcome aboard!

No. 1572194

Elaine's e-fame was near spent,
So to her Discord simps' discontent
She made some small cuts
But she hadn't the guts,
To do it with any real intent.

No. 1572196

Elaine wanted to have some fun,
Off to the internet did she run,
She put make up on her face
Affixed on her thighs in place,
But still the men wouldn't cum.(stop)

No. 1572209

File: 1656208361272.png (347.75 KB, 1080x513, elaine snakes maskull.png)

In which Elaine snakes on one of the few scrotes in her circle who actually had good intentions towards her. All for telling her she needs help. As she does. She continues to push everyone out of her social circles other than the very worst. How much sympathy can you even have at this point.

No. 1572238

I love it. BPDchan is gonna socially exile herself from even kiwiscrotes before she either fades to obscurity or the remaining degenerates cause her to go out with a bang via the worst BPD-induced meltdown.

No. 1572243

File: 1656210721214.png (81.63 KB, 1674x447, 1656208700079.png)

She's literally getting off to arguing with Kiwis

No. 1572263

oof kind of an awkward thing to say when she’ll soon be landing in Serbia to see the edgelord himself kek elaine, if you’re lucky enough, you can still get a refund or at least switch the destination and go see anus

No. 1572264

Does she realize Josh is in China?

No. 1572266

Michael Thurlow and Rachel Leeds-Minkin are on the Metokur forums WKing Elaine and backing up her claims of "deepfake" or "hiring a prostitute"
Maybe they're all in on it.

No. 1572273

I’m just tinfoiling here, but could Elaine be dumb enough to leak her own nudes since scrotes have threatened to do it for a while and then make the “leaker” admit to it being fake in an attempt to discredit whatever nudes kiwis have?? lmaooo

No. 1572282

File: 1656215660573.jpg (71.96 KB, 500x500, avatars-tBAtr0lMeL8u1g0u-ZRj0q…)

Yes that's exactly it and her next line of cope would be "It was my family that black mailed me.

No. 1572289

File: 1656216072800.png (252.67 KB, 1118x260, copeposting.png)

That's barely tinfoil, nonna, it's very possible. Meanwhile she's on Kiwi posting prime cope and pulling out all the manipulative stops and doing the same on lolcow.org but since lolcow.org are brainlets some of them either appeared to be buying it or are doing so to bait her.

No. 1572296

I looked through the whole kiwifarms thread and there was only one semi nude, saw no videos. We’re they taken down I’m confused

No. 1572298

It's on lolcow.org in it's entirety or was about an hour ago, and probably still is, because those boys are absolutely retarded. (That's also where Angry Canadian posted revenge porn, too, and got himself doxed for his trouble.) I watched enough to confirm that it (a) is indeed her and (b) the wounds are indeed real but very superficial, and then felt like I had to take a shower.

No. 1572300

man if i were her i would just disappear, but she cant live without a constant stream of attention, and she cant get a normal boyfriend. sad!

No. 1572301

Videos are still there on page 64, it was posted by TheRationals.

No. 1572303

these >>1572298 are worse than this >>1572301 and much longer

No. 1572310

File: 1656217192326.jpg (82.7 KB, 1123x284, dark marysue backstory.jpg)

The self-fanfiction keeps getting better.

No. 1572324

File: 1656219750596.jpeg (516.36 KB, 786x1385, 7E741FFA-A7C1-4728-B6FA-46756C…)

If you really want to prove it was all a gayop, post photos of each side of your mattress within the next 5 minutes to show it has no blood stains

No. 1572328

File: 1656220047427.png (79.43 KB, 782x850, curious.png)

Odd how she ate up 4 suggestions for other people but as soon as my friend suggested that it could be Mike with some gaslighting, she instantly comes up with a wild new theory.

Here is my Occam's Razor theory; there was never a second Null, it's always been Michael, many people have told her that exactly this would happen if she hung around him. She has, and I think they met before Naught's server, this seems like Naught selling some snake oil in my opinion with hindsight now to pour over all the facts. I don't see Elaine leaking and then coming up with 7 different copes, I do see her trying to cover up for Mike in increasingly insane stories that now culminate in it being her own family against her.

It's the simplest and sanest solution at this point as Mike has done this kind of thing before.(ex-abuse harem victims, his other thread covers it and the KF thread covers it much better if you do not know what I am speaking about)

No. 1572330

I told you not to post that as it has my name on it, good to know I shouldn't trust you with anything.

No. 1572333

NTAYRT Elaine when you are even getting good advice on lolcow dot org of all places…please take it! Everyone is just telling you to fucking chill and stop posting outrageous copes, really maybe it should sink in now. Log off. If this was RP that is a crime, report it. Stop trying to explain yourself away b/c you just look retarded.

No. 1572338

No this is Erika, I am tired of my name being brought into drama lol

No. 1572339

I think Michael being the "second Null" is plausible. Only because he's tried the same song and dance multiple times.
It makes me wonder if that Idea Guys thing is true, since he seems to parallel them in the sense of taking on personas to try to manipulate others. It all seems a little too coincidental.

No. 1572344

I hate to say it but yeah the theory makes a lot more sense than anything else, I hate to say it because it's much funnier and much less dark without proving that, as is it simply shows the 4th idea guy scared Michael to death as in literally could not bring it up on fear of death or he'd be bragging about that-

Oh no he wouldnt because then that proves he should never be allowed back on KF and he only became an idea guy to get ass pats from farmers in the first place.

No. 1572350

So you're not Elaine, you're just as retarded as she is. Good to know, thanks Erika.

No. 1572355

G8 b8 m8 i totally believe u

No. 1572359

Thanks, Nona? Holy shit it’s indeed worse. I thought >>1572296 was asking about KF, without realising .org had more things on her. Elaine, seek help and follow the treatment given to you.

No. 1572360

Lol you just called the person who saved Elaine from being raped retarded, what kind of monster are you?

No. 1572369

Who’s Michael? As in, what’s his username?

No. 1572371

Angry Canadian.

No. 1572372

No. 1572387

Thanks nonitas. Why would a sane person enmesh themselves with this moid? Elaine, be fucking careful!

No. 1572389

No sane person would but I knew Mike would do this again, I just couldn't stop it.

No. 1572397

>I am tired of my name being brought into drama
Stop getting into drama then.

No. 1572401

No. 1572406

So.. Is someone gonna send this shit to her parents? This bitch needs to be institutionalized pronto.(cowtipping)

No. 1572410

Leave family out of it. We don’t know for sure yet how legit this is considering there is the slim chance that moid on lolcow org really did photoshop things.
Don’t cow tip

No. 1572413

>We don’t know for sure yet
>slim chance of photoshop
Are you legally blind?

No. 1572416

They probably are to be honest but the fact remains it would be cow tipping and you should leave that to someone who is already covered in poo.

No. 1572418

Good point, 100% agree

No. 1572419

The reason I’m not buying it being legit is because if the photos were real, the scars wouldn’t be so easily covered with any foundation or spray tan. We’ve never seen the feet and scars in the same photo. Just because it’s something people think she’d do doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. I know a bunch of girls who have been victims of shit like this.

No. 1572420

Listen to this nonna >>1567357 and don't worry given the amount of bullshit that attaches itself to Elaine yet on the other hand one of the most commented-on things with Elaine is where are her parents with all the other insane behavior she has engaged in? Are they just tuned out or what, and will this even be enough to tune them back in?

No. 1572421

You are so not good at this.

No. 1572422

Kek was just thinking the same thing

No. 1572423

She’s a full grown adult. There’s not much they’d even be able to do. It’s better to let the police and jannies handle these things rather than involving family members and cow tipping.

No. 1572424

oh weird idk why I quoted the OP there I was meaning to cosign this >>1572416 i.e. some other retards are already contacting her parents or will be before lunchtime so there's no need to worry about it, even if it was gonna do any good.

No. 1572427

File: 1656228222025.png (258.83 KB, 1920x735, paywall but.png)

Well I unno if I can be fucked enough to care about calling anyone as I agree fully with >>1572423 but Elaine did use this number to text me and she only learns this way so.

Who's bri'ish now gub'na

No. 1572434

Samefag, that's her parents line, I highly doubt they are up, do not cowtip anyone.

No. 1572442

Fake and gay, that's a disposable VoIP number and I'm not going to bother confirming it by calling but I'm also getting that listed as an inactive NXX. If this is Elaine playing a ruse, then congrats I guess for being higher-effort than before. If this is someone else, you got yourself rused, congratulations.

No. 1572450

File: 1656230638386.png (56.14 KB, 788x506, confession.png)

Elaine is now finally claiming she will tell her parents, I doubt it but she has ran out of cope to spin and it's troubling she ran out and was so weirdly insistent that it could not be Mike, there were a few names dropped she gobbled down but time and again she magically knew it wasn't Mike somehow but wasn't sure who it could be…

No. 1572451

File: 1656230681282.png (60.8 KB, 444x569, confession 2.png)

No. 1572452

File: 1656230703679.png (78.45 KB, 767x770, confession 3.png)

No. 1572453

And yeah ty to whoever bought that wolf ticket, I used it to gas her into going okay ya got me, but really now can we focus on defending me?

No. 1572454

File: 1656230984329.png (86.72 KB, 574x718, confession the last.png)

This stage of bargaining was too funny not to share but would give me away so I just said fuck it and didn't redact.
Get help Elaine, I don't want to hear from you until you do as I told you on discord and will have to tell you again on discord tomorrow.

No. 1572460

>buys a vibrating wand
>inserts the handle which does not vibrate and hold the vibrating part outside like the knob of a joystick
>keeps pointing it downwards in the complete opposite direction of where anyones gspot could conceivably be located
Jesus christ only a moid could watch that and not be completely baffled by how awkward and incorrect it is. If that was a weird way to troll moids and prove they're sexually retarded, good job

No. 1572464

It looked like she was trying her darndest to dig something out of there, reminded me of cleaning my ear really.

No. 1572473

So wait… she lives in America now? Am I high and missing something?

No. 1572476

Very likely not as it's a VoiP line, with Elaine if you play along with one lie she will tell you more by how she continues to lie and how she does so. Just a simple mind game really.

No. 1572479

Elaine is New Zealandian now, went straight to Christchurch to win Null points.

No. 1572488

I remember the last time something like this happened, the tranny wasn't around, the girl wasn't warned, she died.

For all the newfags who want to give certain poo touchers crap or cry clout all the time, ponder for half a second how this would have gone had Erika not dove into Elaine's shit and "tipped" her into not going to Serbia.
That kind of shit is needed but the issue is that it's hard to find someone who will do that, is reliable and won't then go on to cow tip purely for sport. It's not some gloryhound position, it's one of the darker one in these spheres.

Erika won a lot of my respect, and she still has it for that, but I don't see why people would want her back on Kiwifarms or think that's some win against Mike, her being there would only prevent her from going ah fuck it what's someone gonna do? Ban one of my many VPNs?
And that's needed, but the second she uses that for something bad I'll be the first to jump down her throat.
Also who the fuck gloats about sending a report on an account that's already been banned once? I already saw that a few times on a few smaller circles and I just…

What have jewfag newfags done to the ecosystem to just scream at the top of their lungs on Mike's KF thread about off topic shit? It just makes the place look even more bias and reminds us all of the time he had his mom open the door cause the scary tranny would beat him up.

He was wrong about Mike, he was wrong about Elaine so yeah he's scared of Erika, it's not that hard to see why she's banned.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1572493

File: 1656236138456.png (854.17 KB, 680x606, 676.png)

Sure Grandma lets get you to bed ok?

Kiwifags already have 3 threads to whine about this soap opera in, can you at least stop blogposting your soliloquys ITT nobody fucking cares

No. 1572496

Where did Erika come from? What’s her username? Trying to follow this is a nightmare as information is spread in different places.

No. 1572499

>why bother timestamping a post-it or something when i can do it all in really big red letters right over the scars i'm trying to hide

No. 1572503

If any of you cared about Elaine at all you wouldn't constantly be talking to her in discord and egging on her delusions so you can post it here. You'd contact her parents and get her institutionalized. She needs to be off the internet and in a safe environment where she can't hurt herself or be influenced by online trolls. She's like a female Chris-Chan at this point and you're the Kiwifarmers.

It's rich to say that contacting her parents or the authorities would be "cowtipping" so you're not gonna do it, but constantly talking to her apparently isn't. Fuck off.

No. 1572579

Clearly if you're so bothered, you should do it. Oh wait…you don't really care about her, because you're posting about it here instead.
You see how retarded you sound?

No. 1572615

we don’t care about elaine. she is a lolcow. lurk for more then three seconds and go through the other threads, there is only so many times you can give someone valuable advice about quitting while ahead before you kick your heels up and start enjoying the monkeys throw shit at each other.
i’m not gonna cry over elaine getting herself virtually molested by every discord man she comes into contact with when it’s her preferred attention whoring / gay ops strategy

No. 1572664

Elaine was about as likely to go to serbia as she was to get the cyberpolice to shutdown lc but sure. She's a true and honest hero. Any more cancer to shit out or are you done.

No. 1572666

where is the 1hr vid of her in the discord call?

No. 1572674

I recieve the ass pats for it and I legit don't think Elaine would have gone to serbia, I do think she would have went to the airport and that is where my concern with someone ganking her lies.

Which one? There is about 60ish(?) hours of Elaine VC being processed for the best parts last I heard.

No. 1572686

is elaine going to be in Lillee’s bullying documentary now?

No. 1572691

You should've let her go to Serbia.

No. 1572696

Satire on a cow site? Watch out, you might get banned for being too funny.

No. 1572704

File: 1656259105830.png (63.11 KB, 885x671, jesus fucking christ.png)


Mike is in here trying to pin this all on Anuscabbage nearly unprompted, come to your own conclusions, the circumstantial evidence is piling up in my opinion.

No. 1572728

If anyone wonders whether all TiMs are narcissists this one's antics perfectly show it.

No. 1572731


Shove it up your ass.

No. 1572766

The Rachel threads went to shit because people indulged this scrote's antics and now it's happening here, too.

No. 1572773

It went to shit because you kept bringing that shit up all the time and attacking them while never bringing any milk and consistently proving you wanted to de-rail the thread more than anyone else. You are such an attention whore, we know you're one of two nonnies, it's not that hard. Knock it off and touch grass.

No. 1572774

> while never bringing any milk
I see we're back to knowing who everyone is and who makes every post.

No. 1572783

File: 1656263433781.jpg (234.21 KB, 1316x1008, which one is it.jpg)

Fuck your opinion, you've just admitted over there that you do have a personal vendetta stretching back years against Mike. You said this in one of the Rachel threads and then you denied it later on. So which one is the lie? What part of this should make us trust anything you say? I think Mike is a piece of shit but you are not helping the case against him by flipflopping on your bullshit. Just fuck off already.

No. 1572791

Literally who, why are there so many namefagging scrotes, tranny included, attached to this bullshit and why are we supposed to care?

No. 1572792

I have no idea and I am the tranny.

No. 1572793

Having a personal vendetta against Mike is perfectly understandable but changing your story about it repeatedly just confirms to me you have zero credibility whatsoever. Go away.

No. 1572795

I have no personal vendetta or interest in Mike, he is not funny.
This is the Elaine thread, there is a shit containment thread for this and other things like praising whoever this buffalo chicken fellow is. Who correct me if I am wrong, but is a scrote right?

Gee, not biased there hon.

No. 1572798

The only thing I ever ask of other's to do, I never ask people to trust me, just trust their own instincts.

No. 1572800

That Buffalo Chicken name has come up before and I thought it was someone Erika/Blaine/UH/whoever you want to call was fighting with but if he's >>1572792 now denying this then I don't know? I assume it is another Discord orbiter. The OP here >>1569894
>Kiwifarms user Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and known by on Discord as Coldbrew, embarrasses himself and EFM spectacularly revealing they were jealous of Empresa liking the pet troon more than he liked them.
which was written by him, I think (so do farmhands) so he's involved in that mess and now trying to walk it back.
God, fuck you for making me agree with you but also lol at confirming you lurk these threads constantly like an absolute fucking goblin.

No. 1572801

Grawh I r gobbo do not approach reeee
Nah he fought me I just have no idea who the fucking retard is lol.


EFM for the love of god learn to fucking sage dude!

No. 1572804

Bullshit. Mike has been glad to deny stuff that is obviously true, too, and he's over on the Metokur site right now mocking you for being a schizo, which you absolutely are and appear to be more and more as you contradict yourself and make up stories.

No. 1572806

As long as we can admit Blaine very much belongs in a category with those two, and everything he says should be treated accordingly, then we're back on track.

No. 1572807

Not sorry for double posting but that kind of is my cycle for a month, I cannot sustain that kind of pace and will disappear soon. Hopefully today actually as now it's pretty clear what happened with all this shit and I want to just go touch some grass, see some actual wildlife, maybe fish.
Yeah the second shit containment thread is an OP by me, Idk who made the first attempt and wanted that thread to die personally but hey, it is what it is.

Yeah that's like your opinion man, and you're free to trust Mike's word over mine that is your choice as an individual.


Eh I don't lie to certain people, I have never denied lying to people I do not respect to gaslight them however but yeah it's like just word vs word, circumstantial imo but I bet in a month when I log back on it'll be proven.

Such a hateboner, and it's so obvious lol

No. 1572812

where can i see the original?

No. 1572815

If you mean her hour long thing that was dropped by the leaker it was on .org but I dont know if they deleted their posts or not as I do not go there often.

No. 1572818

Michael is directly responsible for Elaine getting worse.

No. 1572824

Mike being involved with the Elaine bullshit feels like very plausible tinfoil but the tranny hasn't provided any sort of proof and until he does in my book he's just stirring the pot for attention. The idea guy theory has no evidence either but doesn't feel plausible. People treating any of this as fact are getting taken for a ride.

No. 1572826

Yeah I do not care about your biased book, I care about Michael's repeat behavior, the tranny is not the only person to have made Michael spaghetti in this exact manner.
Why are you guntguarding him?
The tranny was not the first to even post about that theory.

No. 1572830

I'm not gunt guarding anyone. On balance of probability Mike probably did do that shit with Elaine and if he wasn't the Null catfish he certainly had bad intentions towards her in one way or another. However, brainlets here and on KF are already treating it as proven established lore that Mike was the catfish. This is a bad look and only helps Mike's case that it's all schizo tranny ops.

No. 1572832

Samefag but agree. She is very protective of him. I don't know why. Maybe she just has a schoolgirl crush on the "blackpilled Nazi bf" she was always talking about so who fucking knows, everyone involved in this saga is insane.

No. 1572833

Nobody is acting that way at all, you seem to project this schoolgirl crush on her without much evidence to back it up. Are you Rene? She was found posting here a while back so I certainly hope not as that would mean she never learned Mike was bad news.

No. 1572838

> She was found posting here a while back
You mean people were hi-cowing people thinking it was her. These threads have been full of that bullshit and I've been accused of being more than one person and seen it happen to others for calling the narrative into question even just a little bit.

As for Elaine having wanting a "blackpill Nazi" is straight from her own words, there's an audio leak about it in the last thread, so it's not hard to imagine that she would find Mike appealing on those grounds, he's perfect for her based on what she described.

No. 1572842

Not everything that is proven is found to be on this site but I was merely asking, you raise a wonderful point but the way you raise it and insist that everyone is saying it's a fact and not just Occam's Razor was a bit suspicious is all so I could not help but play a bit catty as is my nature.

He is exactly the type of person she would instantly take to, though honestly what proof would you expect there to ever be if it was him and the victim was lying for him? Serious question, I want to see what you see on this.

No. 1572844

The people on KF have said it's supposedly Mike, not that is definitively Mike and are discussing the likelihood. Don't be autistic. If you're a smart internet user, you take everything with a grain of salt even with "receipts" being produced.
Everything can be questioned, and if you think otherwise you're too far gone.

No. 1572850

People take Erika's memes seriously but then wanna turn around and say her actual declarations are fake, pick a lane bitches lol.

No. 1572851

> The people on KF have said it's supposedly Mike, not that is definitively Mike and are discussing the likelihood.
You know you're right for the most part as I look back. And as I said I think it's really quite likely that it is Mike. But the fact is that we've got a poster here who is desperate for attention and demonstrated to be willing to make shit up to get it. My point is that him doing so and people enabling his bullshit is going to muddy the waters for Mike and give him cover to say it is all schizo nonsense. The pet tranny has delivered a lot of milk but it's becoming very obvious that when he doesn't have it he is willing to do all sorts of shit to keep the natal female attention flowing.

No. 1572854

How is that obvious?

No. 1572855

Just going on what's recent see >>1572783 he's waffling about whether he knew Mike for years, he's accused Mike of being an Idea Guy seemingly out of nowhere (or was it because he knew him back then? He can't decide) but if you go to his KF history last year there was a lot of the same behavior. Trusting him would be a mistake even though he's delivered content.

No. 1572856

Blaine is on a love quest, please understand.

No. 1572857

That was obviously bait for Mike and he did exactly what she told him he would do before and after he did so.
I'll ask again,
Honestly what proof would you expect there to ever be if it was him and the victim was lying for him? Serious question, I want to see what you see on this.

No. 1572858

> Honestly what proof would you expect there to ever be if it was him and the victim was lying for him? Serious question, I want to see what you see on this.
If you mean that any "proof" that we wind up getting would pretty much have to come one way or another from someone who was directly involved, then I agree with you. Doesn't mean the tranny should be running around doing this bullshit. Whether his gayops are "bait" for Mike or not…they're not, he was making the same claims repeatedly in the Rachel thread and then denying them when people called them into question. I also am even more convinced now that the "Erika impersonator" was him but he just woke up after getting done with his amphetamine binge/manic episode or what have you and regretted some of the shit he posted. At the end of the day I don't really care, his attempts at providing content after the content is gone are tiresome and muddy the waters. He has no content to give at the moment so he is bullshitting around for attention and if he doesn't happen upon some content we will probably see him escalating to making even more shit up.

No. 1572860

Okay so you agree with me that asking for evidence was really dumb and muddying the waters, thank you.

What exactly are you doing right now? What you are accusing them of doing, I do not care about your opinion, I have my own, as does everyone else. Your bias bleeds through in your posts and how can you be so self unaware that you have been talking to the tranny blending as a nonna?

No. 1572863

> What exactly are you doing right now?
Explaining why you should stop this bullshit immediately until you have actual content. Mike is one of the nastiest pieces of work I've come across online in a long time and he is probably guilty of the Elaine stuff and worse your pretending to be people or waffling on whether or not you had contact with Mike in the past is giving him ammunition to claim this is all tranny gayops. And you know what? I particularly hate you for behaving in a way in your demented quest for attention that actually makes me consider that he might have a point there.

No. 1572864

I think the only thing we will ever agree on is that I am not going to be speaking about Mike or Elaine any further, both have gone off their respective deep ends and refuse any sort of help and are not funny.
Mike's pattern of behavior is all I ever ask people to trust but hey if you want a trust me bro defense on Mike, go for it, I am not going to stop you, it's your opinion and you got a damn right to have one.
You can hate me all you want, I really do not care, I will still take things you say into consideration when your posts become obvious enough. You raise some good points but in my opinion, a lot of it is far too amped and angry.
I didnt post that he killed 'mariah'(name I came up with on the spot) here so I hardly claimed it as milk so your claim is erroneous at best, I used it on a tiny site as bait, there is a world of difference and that is all I want you to see. You and I already agreed on a few things here, let's not let personal feelings get in the way of making logical deductions.

No. 1572874

File: 1656268612046.jpg (63.22 KB, 1310x383, thurlow W.jpg)

> I am not going to be speaking about Mike or Elaine any further
Please, for the love of God. Just leave the subject and everyone involved alone. You're only handing Thurlow Ws via unforced errors on your part and, believe it or not, alienating people who might have been coming around to you. Even I did, a little. No, I'll never come around to your presence on this site when you make it obvious although if you blend neither I nor anyone else will ever know (and believe it or not I am not the only person angrily terfposting at you), but you provided some content that was good. Now dip. Stop milking it for attention. Stop fucking with other random people for no reason. That never ends well for anyone.

No. 1572879

File: 1656269020723.gif (2.24 MB, 456x640, ace-attorney-godot.gif)

I am alienating people who openly declare they are mad at the internet? Good.
Watch this though, I disagree that I have ever given Mike a W he could hold onto but I will give you one, I will dip.
(Mike admitted to being in the roblox discord, it's on his KF thread as a fyi so if that is the W you are worried about, don't be.)

No. 1572889

Nonna, it's very likely Mike do not worry.

No. 1572892

File: 1656269801581.png (126.02 KB, 1187x472, mike can somehow never post on…)

Samefag, forgot the screen cap.

No. 1572894

I'm not Mike (nor Rene lol) but the fact that Mike is using this (and has been since before I started posting about it) to try to deflect everything is my point exactly. I have my own issues with Mike and the Elaine thing is legit upsetting. But anyway, I am also going to dip and I apologize for slapfighting again.

No. 1572899

The only thing he could use that anyone besides you bought on LCF or KF was that he was you, please reflect on that before posting again with your hatred controlling you, you looked like a fool and only made Erika look even better. It's so funny the people who hate her make her look good and she makes herself look like a goofy ass sped, get real dude. Just thank yourself you didn't sperg on an account tied to your name like this jeez la wheez, talk about a chimp out, why the fuck did you praise some scrote named Buffalo Chicken? Who are you if not Mike or Rene?

No. 1572900

> why the fuck did you praise some scrote named Buffalo Chicken?
I am going to dip as promised but you all seriously need to remember that everyone posting agreeing with each other is not the same person.

No. 1572901

Okay so you're just as retarded and scrotey enough to be mistaken for Mike and another scrote and you came back to defend that?


No. 1572907

File: 1656271837779.png (28.02 KB, 420x526, elaines rational defense she r…)

Odd how she has tried every defense except for this one.

No. 1572908

>38 suspects
The old "be very specific and people will believe your lies for sure" approach

No. 1572918

Yeah, if she did tell the police they would play along with her like that but how would she know the suspects already? Why would they tell her? Why would they tell her when there are thirty eight? It's obvious bullshit to cloak a current tinfoil with a lot of circumstantial evidence and with Mike and her both trying to blame Anuscabbage it looks pretty well set up.
My guess is they both believed this could somehow take down KF as it was doctored revenge porn and posted against the leaker's will or some really dumb bullshit like that, it's why the stuff is hardly like actually bad gore or deep cuts. The whole thing was staged by these two to get attention.

No. 1572940

File: 1656273914767.jpg (63.2 KB, 1119x221, cope again.jpg)

The massive, massive cope continues for Elaine. She can't possibly think that people are buying it but this is the same strategy she tried with the so-called dox of admin and dozens of other smaller things, she will just quadruple and quintuple down when everyone is calling her on her bullshit thinking repetition makes things true. It doesn't. It's sad b/c although this is her fault at some level she is a victim and she could get some amount of sympathy if she came clean with what really happened but at this rate she is just going to wear on even more people's patience and continue to get laughed at.

No. 1572945

File: 1656274184658.png (130.68 KB, 320x214, the elaine who cried wolf.png)

You inspired a meme.

No. 1572946

File: 1656274199759.jpg (68.38 KB, 1141x280, anuscabage or nohull.jpg)

And she comes out with more names, conspicuously not Michael. I don't know a lot about nohull but he is another banned kiwiscrote. I have no doubt these 2 were neck-deep in gayops but somehow the very fact Elaine is so readily throwing their names out there makes me think maybe not. Still think AnusCabbage12 might be in on it, he tried the Null-catfishing strategy ages ago, but also someone else (like the other A.C.) might have come up with it or even collaborated with him. Unfortunately I don't know if we'll know without actual leaks. But everyone she was hanging out with was unsafe for her and she was told that. I hate to say any woman was asking for it but really everyone did tell her that exactly this was going to happen.

No. 1572947

She got down to having her only form of 'feminine' advice coming from a Tranny, Elaine just cannot stand being around other women and losing a single crum of crote attention.

No. 1572956

Which makes it all the more funny in a macabre way that she attacked the last bridge she had who only dumped(or so they claimed, and honestly I buy it, the tranny is a spergy moralfag but pretty much harmless to anyone who doesn't lose their temper at them)to attempt to wake her up from her delusions.

No. 1572963

Not every scrote has bad intentions, non-saging poster. It is easy to assume but it is not true. Some of those names I don't think were up to anything worse than simping.
>Josh: could've addressed the situation earlier and possibly saved everyone some grief, but not really his fault
>Empresa: cringe simp autist but harmless
>Cow Poly & Maskull: actually wanted to help I think so she is now attacking Maskull at least
>SIGSEGV: disgusting little worm but I don't think he is in this
>AC: confirmed to talk to her, that he's up to no good goes without saying, interesting that she is the one she is defending the hardest. In Elaine's tipsy-turvy world that probably means he is the shadiest of all.
>Blaine/Erika: I don't buy that he had good intentions I think it's all for attention but at least when shit got dark he put his cowtipping on pause and leaked, gg.

No. 1572965

I am back simply to vouch for Poly having good intentions and being very hurt about Elaine going down this dark path as well as Empresa but you already decided mine so whatever.

No. 1573003

If Elaine was smart she'd leak her conversations with Michael before Michael does anything worse.

No. 1573044

Null likes obese chicks. If you want his attention Yelena you going to have to drop the eating disorder.

No. 1573063

File: 1656284035355.png (967.66 KB, 1080x1485, feminine urge.png)

What made her this way?

No. 1573066

Simple, Elaine is the female form of Jeremy.

No. 1573072

File: 1656284474830.png (64.29 KB, 1135x368, mike posted this before Elaine…)

Funny Mike claimed this is posted on another site but it isn't yet.

No. 1573075

Some gollum shit right there(don’t post revenge porn)

No. 1573077

File: 1656284865559.png (190.15 KB, 1284x2778, B-laine bothers E-laine.png)

Why are you leaving out the part where you are harassing Elaine like a crazy person? The fact that you are very possibly right doesn't make it less cringe.

No. 1573080

No Erika but looks like she spammed copy/paste at Elaine to make her realize how annoying her constant DMs are, fucking hella based!

No. 1573090

She kept adding me on her other accounts after I blocked her so I pressed control c, and then control V about ~95 times to make her get the point.

That's harassment? Spell it out for me pls, I am not supposed to be here or the other nonna from this morning will be very upset with all of us.

No. 1573100

>That's harassment?
Basically yes, I mean in the scheme of things it's not that bad, nobody is saying you are Mike-tier malicious I don't think, but it's cowtipping and it's cringe, why else would you have cut off the actual content in it in the first place?

No. 1573106

I did not post the first post up there, probably for brevity tho? It shows 25+ messages lol, idk how else to get her to leave me alone honestly. How many fucking accounts does she have?

No. 1573110

Her discords are listed in this thread should you wish to block her rather than spam her. And if she adds you on a new one please post it. Otherwise you are just cowtipping.

No. 1573201

File: 1656296815194.jpg (23.7 KB, 354x365, 591.jpg)

The context doesn't really matter, it's just Elaine shitting on yet another woman who was trying to offer her help, but 591 unread discord messages, damn.

No. 1573218

Nothing beats a night of cocaine, discord and some euphoric pants pissing.

No. 1573243

File: 1656300973843.jpg (79.76 KB, 1516x659, elaine vs dyn2.jpg)

Elaine is currently on KF trying to bait Dynastia of all people into a slapfight. People pointed out how well this usually goes and his response was that Elaine was retarded and it wouldn't be sporting. This must have really upset Elaine because she is now posting picrel which who really cares if he has Discord or not but this was taken from the Discord of a tranny named CommieDickGurl, which Discord Angry Canadian leaked in some weird gayop that naturally involved him totally "ironically" pretending to be a tranny but I digress. For Elaine to have come up with this mid-slapfight she 100% is in communication with Mike Thurlow right now as I type this.

No. 1573244

File: 1656301008752.jpg (57.88 KB, 798x276, elaine vs dyn.jpg)

bonus 1

No. 1573246

File: 1656301152668.jpeg (39.46 KB, 785x248, elaine vs dyn4.jpeg)

No. 1573250

File: 1656301543346.png (540.47 KB, 472x600, erika pfp2.png)

Gee..it was the coyote, the fox called it again.

No. 1573251

What is her proof that this is actually dynasty? She's retarded and known for impersonating other people, so chances are it's one of her own alts.

Elaine is gonna end up with a rebuttal of something like…. someone trying to kiss up to Dyn sending her awful nudes and piss video to all of her family, work and school at this rate.

No. 1573252

She has no proof like most of her claims.

No. 1573253

ayrt she has no proof and that should be obvious lol, it doesn't have to be Dyn, she could be posting at anyone from this particular leak but the fact she is using this leak proves that she is getting it direct from Thurlow, that's all I care about, Dyn could hang out in tranny discords all day for all I care, but actually the fact that that cap is sourced from Mike makes me think it's fraudulent and homosexual

No. 1573254

samefag but also that is a screenshot from an exported (leaked) Discord log file, not from a live server, you can tell by the layout. so she would not even have to make an alt, that can literally be faked in the text editor of your choice in under a minute.

No. 1573265


No. 1573267

Hey Spooky, you're so fucking bad at socking Elaine actually sniffed you out dumbass. Sit the fuck down the next time you want to spazz out on the tranny for being objectively smarter than you are, holy fuck you are such an embarrassment, you can't stop, won't stop and want to ostracize Erika for doing 1/16th of the stupid shit you have done.

You got tricked by ILJ, fucking give the fuck up already you failure. I bet your kids don't even fucking talk to you, you failed as a mother.

No. 1573270

Spooky isn't even here or on KF you're just delusional Elaine

No. 1573272

File: 1656304365304.png (73 KB, 378x281, spooky is so dumb, erika could…)

Nope, check when Maize started posting and Spooky is repping Ralphapedia, their stupid ass project they bragged about LOL
They are a fucking retard.

No. 1573274

File: 1656304493408.png (72.57 KB, 365x170, retarded.png)

Like c'mon Spooky wtf dude

No. 1573279

You and Rachel both immediately blame Spooky for everything nigga you ain't even worth a crumb of her attention

No. 1573281

File: 1656305383278.gif (31.3 KB, 256x192, godot-sniff.gif)

It isn't either of them, Spooky has escaped a lot of shit and they're running around having a chimpout and cannot sock to save their life. Elaine sniffed them out nonna, just stop.
Your hi cows never work.

No. 1573286

File: 1656305956931.gif (25.03 KB, 256x192, godot-catch.gif)

Smoking weed right now, not Elaine, just sniffed out Spooky before this because he bragged about Ralphapedia and is advertising it on his sock.

How are you EFM?
You seem like you've been having more fun as of late.

No. 1573291

File: 1656306423594.png (505.19 KB, 732x960, 6005711-8660243449-monst.png)

Most excellent, and yeah EFM I know you can't get my posting style down at all, there are shockingly few people who can and most that can would rather not call me out for it.
It's a lot funnier to let me do my thing you see.

Anywhore, my God do you think we can strap Elaine down and force feed her some ganj and munchies? Poor thing is looking like a skeleton pfp.(take your meds)

No. 1573429

>Null could have addressed the situation earlier
I have to say I think Null did everything right in this by staying completely out of it. You might notice how almost everyone involved in this shit is banned from Kiwifarms, because they are super-mega annoying autists who get into off-site discords and do gay shit like troll lolcows into cutting themselves. Everyone always whines about how often Null bans people from the site, but then you look at the sort of people that get banned and the shit they get up to on the splinter and discord and you realize why they deserve it. This shit is so gay and I don't blame him for not wanting to touch it and not giving a shit about Elaine. It's not his responsibility to protect her, he tried that with Chris and you see how well it worked out for him. I assume when Elaine eventually gets trolled into fucking her dad Null wants no involvement with it.

No. 1573433

>Lol ITT newfags getting mad I don't magically pull her parents numbers out of a hat. I'm not actually magic you schizos.
Her parents dox and their business is in her Kiwifarms thread, it's very easy to find. Seems like you're the newfag who can't do basic research.

No. 1573442

That was a faildox and turned out to be other relatives of her. Lurk moar(go away elaine)

No. 1573452

sure, Elaine

No. 1573509

don’t you ever get tired of lying this much jfc just log off already

No. 1573512

Yeah the business dox is very easy to find, most things are except the one thing I mentioned, wowzers, much wow, many reading comprehension.

Null should have banned her like he'd ban anyone else announcing their sock, simple as.

Smoke some weed Elaine.

No. 1573559

RIP Erika, the hero we didn't deserve and didn't need either but somehow is involved in all of this

No. 1573566

Wasn't Regina active in the LC and EE discord voice chats? Did he use a voice filter or what?

No. 1573585

I unno, someone would have pushed that tard until he raged one day or maybe not, maybe you're right and if I wasn't here Mike would have cut a woman up by now, the guy is literally seeting insane mad, but I really hope not, and I'd really hope if not me then someone else woulda done it.

Told me he hated VC because he could not cap people on it as easily, shit you not, Spooky said that to me straight faced. Nobody should ever trust having them around, he probably capped a lot of stuff in those discord chats and could be using it as blackmail.

No. 1573597

Thanks for the information. I don't mean to derail, but I'm sad we'll never end up with Burn Book milk.

No. 1573603

Scroll up and you can see Regina de-railing to attack the tranny for attention and ass pats while not knowing how autistic they were being.
So don't worry this thread is de-railed and thank god because do we want to talk about Elaine shit thats currently going on? Probably not, but Spooky?
Thats pure funny, a man larping as a woman and pretending they're so much above everyone else. God I can't stand how they became getting that tiny rush of power from the tiniest broom ever given out on Kiwifarms. Dude is insane and was obviously a huge loser in real life or he wouldn't demand validation literally almost every day.(derailing)

No. 1573633

There's an Elaine thread, a Rachel thread, a Spooky thread, and a containment thread for all of the autism. Post accordingly in them or be banned.

No. 1573661

All of the above is some of the most pathetically obvious samefagging/selfposting/vendettaposting I've seen in quite a while.

But anyhow I won't just post that without milk. Here's Elaine finding an old lolcow.org post, taking it completely out of context, and acting as if it proves something in typical Elaine style. Incidentally I think this is Epic Fail Man who has been involved in the slapfight and Elaine discord gayops but I could be wrong about that.

No. 1573662

File: 1656347928268.png (371.91 KB, 1511x782, elaine finds a useful post.png)

forgot this sry

No. 1573679


No. 1573690

File: 1656349857148.png (69.19 KB, 592x483, lol elaine.png)


infamous#6522 is what she changed trollcow too, Emp let her back into his server.
The somehow is yes, being on discord apparently holy fuck.

No. 1573700

So what is the point of her allegedly posting herself if that's what people are thinking? wouldn't a video of you pissing yourself be the absolute last thing you'd want to post

No. 1573706

Samefag as >>1573661 sorry I am getting my scrotes confused I think that is nohull.

why would she post it herself you say?
> attention
> trying to get sites taken down
> trying to falsely blame some target of hers eventually
> something else too insane for me to even think up now
Take your pick

I first was sure that she posted it herself but with everything else going on maybe not but I still think it is very possible.

No. 1573707

File: 1656350601931.png (80.46 KB, 585x639, emp is a dumbass.png)

No clue she is dumb, Empresa is being dumb for bringing her in for the umpteenth time and I am just reporting on speds because they can't stop won't stop.

No. 1573723

I have Elaine blocked lmfao

No. 1573727

File: 1656351683111.png (54.33 KB, 525x506, elaine milk1.png)

Hey guys, don't worry, according to Elaine the worst is over because she is still on the internet also she doesn't still like Josh but will defend him and attack 7 over a misunderstanding 7 had over Null's site having a shitty chat system.

No. 1573734

self-reporting cowtipping smfh

No. 1573739

File: 1656352292817.png (87.98 KB, 561x864, elaine milk 2.png)

Chimpout more bro
That's like saying kiwifarms posters in her thread are tipping, you're just dumb.

No. 1573750

It's not tipping but I am disappointed in how a handful of people on KF have acted since the recent meltdown. DMing her with random nonsense or a-logging and posting the caps. Just posting weenery in general. Continuing to engage with her and contradict her in ways which just keep her around.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with contradicting her bullshit a few times, just as there's nothing wrong with asking genuine questions which might provide insights or fresh milk if she responds. But there's a lot more than just that in the thread and this stuff is keeping her up till morning for a couple days. A big portion of the last 20 pages are such things and it really got repetitive and sad after a couple of pages.

No. 1573755

Oh the poor girl can't sleep because of those ween in kf

No. 1573762

Blame the people constantly inviting her into servers and dming her. You are forgetting there is a handful of scrotes that really want to fuck her for some god forsaken reason. She's like easy meat for incel autists even though there is barely any meat on her.

No. 1573764

100% agreed. I can't believe anyone is attracted to such a hefty woman. She really needs to lose a few lbs and do some planks

No. 1573770

You are no better than any of them. You were involved in the Discord ops from early on and are now gleefully exploiting Elaine's crisis for clout and it is really getting tiresome. Accuse me of being Spooky all you want.

No. 1573773


Man I ain't know most of you ladies with your internal drama so I aint gonna poke.

Elaine is blameshifting onto everyone else that she can't sleep when she coped to getting high on uppers in VC with me three days ago and has not slept since. Please stop blaming others.

This is on Elaine and whoever she asked if they were proud of her and nobody else.

On the record I have been in Emp's discord for about a week and a half and have no idea what kind of ops you fucks were doing there, but it hardly matters compared to what's actually important here. Elaine is a vulnerable adult, plain and simple.

No. 1573777

> On the record I have been in Emp's discord for about a week and a half and have no idea what kind of ops you fucks were doing there
Why the hell haven't you ripped and leaked it yet then? Or at least looked up in the logs so you would know? In fact I don't believe for a second you haven't at least done the latter, so this casts suspicion on everything you say here.

I do agree with your assessment of Elaine's situation though.

No. 1573780

Lmfao why don't I rip every discord I'm in?
Is that what you do? Is that why you have no friends?

No. 1573782


No. 1573784

If there were Elaine ops going on there and then Elaine cut herself, I absolutely fucking would. But once more I guess clout and popularity wins out.

No. 1573785

She just came in there, Empresa is literally a simping dumbass who thinks he can somehow get her to sleep and stop commenting to shit.
If you would namefag over this I might care enough to disprove you but as is, you're just alogging.

No. 1573789

Empresa does have a history of making decoy servers to fuck with Elaine. Whether this is simping or a-logging, I don't know, he always seems to flip flop between the two.

No. 1573790

Source: trust me bro, while you hoard content relating to Elaine's self-mutilation and revenge porn and related gayops by gross scrotes based on the fact that you want to >>1573780 keep your Discord friends. Pathetic. You've absolutely shown your true colours here.

No. 1573791

Those scrotes probably were also extorting her for plane tickets so they could all go and have a go on anuscabbages sloppy seconds. Disgusting

No. 1573792

Source: Trust me bro, I only have 60+ hours of Elaine VC that I haven't released at all, okay Spooky you want me to rip our DMs then? The secret server you made too?

No. 1573800

They absolutely tried some begged her to fly over to America.

No. 1573803

any source on that claim?

No. 1573804

Name and shame pls
Also l2sage

No. 1573813

Oh holy fuck everyone wtf
This, why is everyone civil warring?

No. 1573817

So this is going to sound really gay but idc, my mom legit floated a theory on her first seeing this that Elaine is in a hotel room and could have been kidnapped already.
If ya wanna tinfoil, go off of that, it's more productive for the love of God.

No. 1573822

Dark, but it's not a hotel room, or if it is she has been living there for many months, it's the same room as in other pictures, this was covered pretty in-depth on KF although that thread is a slog through all the bullshit. Also sorry but talking to your mum about internret drama cracked me up.

No. 1573830

I knew I'd look dumb but hey it's better than people fighting about dumb shit. She noticed that I wasn't laughing at my shenanigans as much when I visited and pressed it out of me last night. Yeah I think she isn't too off in that it's that weird kind of pre-fab sort of structure that hotels are as well.
It's dark but honestly that explains why she can't tell the truth and offered me everything she could to stop my initial dump because she knew her captor would dump these to punish her telling me anything.(no one fucking cares about your scrote self insertion)

No. 1573838

It does kind of look like a hotel I agree. Her living situation has always been kind of vague and it's pretty obvious she doesn't live with her parents, so who knows. Maybe it is some kind of extended-stay furnished apartment.

No. 1573878

It’s the same bedroom & headboard from the Lillee Jean livestream. Way before she knew these scrotes.

No. 1573885

File: 1656360766212.png (542.72 KB, 570x606, 1656357988447.png)

She probably just lives in an apartment or town house her parents are paying for considering its been the same room for over 6 months.

No. 1573888

What's up with her boomerang arms?

No. 1573893

File: 1656361442006.png (33.18 KB, 226x225, coke cope.png)

It's a bit odd how she never has a picture in any other room of the building or outside, maybe I missed some.
I have not seen this publicly posted but yeah Elaine be coke coping right now and honestly feeding someone coke for months on end is a good way to induce some Stockholm.
I can't see her parents so checked out that they keep funding her insane coke habit without seeing that she hasn't made her bed in over a month.(self-inserting scrote faggot)

No. 1573897

nope that's elaine's room in her parent's house

No. 1573909

Not to say that it isn't but do we have a source on that? Do we have any pictures of her outside that room?

No. 1573913

> Do we have any pictures of her outside that room
Can we just fucking not with the kidnapping schizo nonsense there is enough craziness about this story told straight up

No. 1573915

I was not promoting the theory, I am curious if we do or not, Elaine looks like she does not go outside.
Vitamin D deficiency could most certainly contribute to her madness.
I implore you to settle down and not be so mad at the internet.

No. 1573918

I assumed she lived alone since Elaine is on VC loudly sperging for like 20 hours a day. Figured her parents would have told her to keep it down or shut up at some point while they were trying to sleep

No. 1573919

In that case no I don't think she goes out very much. It is kind of heartbreaking really you can tell the way she has been declining, there were pics of her at social functions (one is in the OP, another one is downthread as a meme) and such but that was pre- her getting a thread I think or at least early on. Apart from that the only pic I remember that shows her outside is the one with Jack (anuscabbage) and that is, what, like 9 months ago? More?

No. 1573922

Yeah exactly, her life seemed normal, she got that thread which honestly seemed lame until she went crazy and now we are here where she's prob has been shut in the one room for yeah around nine months now?

No. 1573924

File: 1656363777993.jpeg (988.24 KB, 1170x1699, 4071AEAE-C74F-4E0A-97BC-54BF02…)

found the Lillee Jean livestream for those who haven’t seen it. It’s the same room.


No. 1573929

I dunno if you could call her normal but yeah everything went downhill. The original thread came about b/c like the OP of this thread says she caused an insane amount of drama in response to a very minor mention in the Lillee Jean thread and it spiraled out of control. By the time she was faildoxing and trying to get sites taking down and shitting in Josh's mailbox then things were well and truly out of hand.

No. 1573931

Hehehehe fair point there, glad I said seemed normal or I'd have to put on clownpaint, she has always been an edgy girl but I never expected her to use said edge to write a janny's name on herself.
I miss 'Elaine, Super Hacker Extraordinaire' it was boring but funny to see what her next poorly planned gay op was, now it's just dark no matter what happened.

No. 1573939

File: 1656364704722.jpeg (169.96 KB, 1170x328, C486904D-A370-4E3B-BBDA-FBE9E6…)

I don’t know how many people are checking KF but holy shit she keeps digging herself in deeper holes. It’s crazy to me how Elaine lies to herself so much that she believes it to a degree. And every time her lies get caught the story changes.

No. 1573940

File: 1656364863682.png (62.38 KB, 1304x202, 123123213232132123112323121323…)

Finally a sensible idea, but like always she won't stick to it and stop posting.

No. 1573951

She's going to have breathing issues like Joey Diaz and look 20 years older than she is if she keeps taking this much coke at her age.

No. 1573970

her parents (when her parents were together) sometimes they knocked on her door or tell her to keep it down. Her dad is usually downstairs listening to the tv loudly. I also have talked with her mom on the phone, because Elaine put it on speaker and wanted me to talk to her mom

She does go outside often for school and at night.

I never posted the revenge porn of her (it is her, her room, voice, etc) but she wants to blame me with some insane retarded schizo theory. I have been busy with my recovery from alcoholism and in rehab. Im not going to be blamed for revenge porn.

Probably she'll go back to that guy and do more degenerate stuff as thats what she likes to do. Bc stockholm syndrome, she likes him still etc…

hundreds of people have tried to get her to stop, but she gets off on the humiliation/embarassment and the attention from her threads and on discord. She even had the admin of this site give Elaine mulitple opportunities to delete the threads here, but Elaine refuses to cooperate or be civil

It is also pointless to contact her parents as Elaine updates and sends screenshots of her thread to her parents every time it is bumped.

There is unfortuntately no helping her(redditspacing)

No. 1573988

4/10 lolcowpussy never again, you just laid there and took it.

No. 1574034

File: 1656369575128.png (413.98 KB, 960x720, Vfk1SDB.png)

Relevant meme, as literally everyone on this side of the internet has told Elaine to go to bed by this point(hopefully she has, seems like it).

No. 1574060

It's obviously her beyond a shadow of a doubt, the question is are her vehement denials copium that somebody posted revenge porn of her, or if she's in on it and this is her idea of a gayop.
You mention her going back to "that guy" who's behind this. Mind telling us who he is? Is that guy Michael Thurlow like many people suspect?

No. 1574065

She was deeply in love with Cow Poly and told him many times she wanted to fuck him even though I think Poly just wants to mess with her.

No. 1574070

Naught should have set up Michael and Spookybones, not Michael and Elaine.

No. 1574259

Hi Anus. We've been trying to get in touch with you for a while now. Will you check discord, or are you still gone away?

No. 1574304

Don't be shy, greet Jack by name! I'd give a shout out to his parents too if we were on the other site. And honestly the only reason it didn't go further was because he slithered away into the darkness. And he may have been doing some really depraved shit in that darkness. I would say the best thing for him to do would be to explain himself, not here, to trustworthy parties who can make the judgment as to whether he is indeed in this or not.


No. 1574306

Samefag but also
> It is also pointless to contact her parents as Elaine updates and sends screenshots of her thread to her parents every time it is bumped.
Wait, what? This is the first I've heard of this but I do believe Elaine would say this but not really that it is a thing that actually happened.
Gee there sure are some people who other people don't like who the latter try their darnedest to put into all this without evidence or against evidence. I'd love for them to come out with some in their favor sometime.


No. 1574308

If we were on the other site I would react with winner to both of your posts, these kiwichatfags attacking a group of well intentioned retards like they're some malicious splinter cell of mega genius manipulators who have somehow all gotten banned from kiwi for being goofy fucks but also have convinced everyone to simp for them? Which I don't get, I know all three and have a rather neutral opinion. I remember saying going after UH instead of AC was gay but never went to bat for them beyond that, I told Empressa he's a sped on his wall and Cow Poly seems chill he just cares too much and gets wrapped up in shit he really shouldn't.

Meanwhile nearly every name brought up and found to be gay oping against them I have cause to see roast in a fire of a thread dedicated to them, if I was a bigger faggot I would have made some halal requests already namely on EFM for that blatant personal army request while hes over on .org giggling about how he trolls Josh and can tell Josh he socks and not get banned.

Course maybe he's Josh's pet and I would get banned just for asking. Though maybe we should take this to the shit containment where it's somewhat being discussed(who the fuck are all these chat fags?)(this is not a kiwi thread, retard)

No. 1574311

Unlike literally everyone else you mentioned, Jack Brocket/anuscabbage12 belongs in the Elaine thread. In case anyone else needs it spelled out for them this:
> Flies out one of her simps, AnusCabbage12 (Jack Brockett) to London, they fuck and engage in some fetishistic Nazi roleplay and golden showers. He turns out unsurprisingly to be a psycho threatening to harm her and himself once she does not want to get wifeyed up.
> AnusCabbage eventually admits to being behind the "Ines" faildox, both he and Elaine state in unguarded moments they don't really care, Elaine tries to use guilt of having a random woman harassed to get her thread taken down, too.
very likely refers to this poster
Who actually flew across the pond, fucked Elaine (although now she claims that they just made out and he cried), then engaged in golden showers and Nazi/Jew roleplay. This is the calibre of scrote she was getting with a year ago and it's only gotten worse it seems. That is, if Jack wasn't behind the RP. Which is fairly believable. Him making threats towards her, etc. is well documented and when I get on my other laptop I will post some of them.

No. 1574324

File: 1656391334026.png (397.55 KB, 1346x820, anus threatens elaine 1.png)

Here is some old anuscabbage12/Jack Brockett content: threatening to kill Elaine and himself, claiming to be in London stalking her and to get her kicked out of school, etc. The "pedophile" he refers to in cap #2 is Naught, Haru is an autistic Kiwi who likes to screech about Ethan Ralph who I don't think has any importance here at all other than hanging out on Discord too much.

There is more but it is a lot to sift through.

No. 1574329

How old is this if I may ask?

No. 1574331

This was around New Years, I got these a couple days into the new year. Elaine's avatar still has the Santa hat.(self-inserting hi cow scrote faggot)

No. 1574347

It is common knowledge that Josh sent EFM to disrupt things, he is simultaneously doing ops with Nohull and SIGSEV against Elaine Miller as well.(unsaged scrote)

No. 1574358

Source on EFM being a Josh cappo sent to gaslight the narrative?

No. 1574365

stop obviousposting spooky

No. 1574424

Who the fuck is EFM and why do you think people are supposed to know who all these discord fags are? Null isn't involved with any of this, he hates all of the people who are in off-site discords.

No. 1574425

Do her parents not care or not know that she is being trolled into cutting herself?

No. 1574619

There’s a slim chance this isn’t just Elaine trying to convince people not to contact her parents. Let’s say it’s true and her parents don’t care…I understand why. When Elaine got cancelled for joking about blowing up Chinatown, her parents paid to have every trace of it removed from the internet. They probably got her therapy and took her on vacations to distract her from the internet. Only for Elaine to turn around and do it again, only much worse this time. I’m sure they’re fed up and embarrassed.

No. 1574704

Jack, Mike she really does surround herself with sick fucks, any of whom might have done this. Elaine knows who is responsible, why is she so insistent that she doesn't? Even if they were impersonating Josh, they probably dropped enough clues for an educated guess.
That's what she's been telling people, but who knows if that's actually the case.

No. 1575086

The gayops are so strong that the chemtrails made the frogs transition

No. 1575088

I'm tired of them putting chemicals in the water that makes the frogs sexy.
Ungh, ungh, ungh, sick of this shit!

No. 1575098

A month after it started in May,
The ops, they got flamingly gay,
If it is not the troon,
Like it has been all June,
It is someone who wants him to pay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1575102

Bold words for someone who poetry fagged on an account tied to them.
Gee wonder who wants that…

No. 1575104

The way it's phrased implies you and I apologize for that, it's clearly Mike, Naught, Elaine and Rachel lol

No. 1575107

Yeah I was trying to figure out what to type in response lol so thanks for the followup. It's meant to be funny and to rhyme not to be menacing in some way.

No. 1575111

Of course, people been getting jumpy again so no worries~

No. 1575536

>he is simultaneously doing ops with Nohull and SIGSEV
Where do you retards even come up with this shit lol

No. 1577113

care to elaborate on the EFM, Nohull, and SIGSEGV ops?

No. 1577133


No. 1577245

thoughts on Elaine claiming she edited the footage herself with SFX makeup, and a voice over? I pity her in a way. Imagine being such a boring loser who pissed for an ugly greasy incel. The only source of control or comfort she feels is in her own self-destruction. It's not like shes not aware that leaving the internet would salvage her reputation. if anything, i'm sure Elaine is contempt with the fact that anyone that has access to the internet can google her and see her emaciated spoopy roast beef horse pussy and Five Guy's peanut nipples. What a tool technology is.

No. 1577264

I mean, it's obvious cope, she's either trying to walk back something she released herself or she's trying to distance herself from stuff one of her scrotes released against her will. She has been told across every site that if she had stuff leaked on her non-consensually then she would get sympathy and people would probably go after whoever did it but as long as she copes by denying it people are just going to call her on her shit. I agree with you fundamentally about pitying her but she's also burned every bridge and everyone has told her that nudes she sends to scrotes will leak, she's always just taken the pickme route and done anything she can for a crumb of male attention. It's a story old as time as is the self-destruction. Some become ana-chans, some abuse drugs, some become promiscuous IRL, some seek their self destruction online. It makes me sad to think about too.

No. 1577316

So true. I sometimes think she’s a step away from becoming an anachan altogether

No. 1577405

File: 1656651077506.jpeg (158.09 KB, 1054x532, grade A schizoposting.jpeg)

I don't even have a comment for this. I think there is a tiny, tiny sliver of truth in here but what a mess.

No. 1577435

Step away from ana-chan weight maybe. Which has got to be the drugs + if she is to be believed her thyroid (bad combo.) Elaine doesn't have the personality type to be an ana-chan, she's too disorganized and all over the place.

No. 1577594

There is no truth. She got catfished my anuscabbage and is now trying to find another “theory” to cling on to. She’s changed her story many times. I genuinely hope no one gives her the satisfaction of buying into her bullshit. That schizophrenic rambling doesn’t change the fact that she’s literally in all of the videos. Interesting how there are rumors of Anus peeing on Elaine. But that’s definitely not the reason she recorded herself peeing. It’s pathetic.

No. 1577686

Take your meds, Elaine. You're schizophrenic.

No. 1577689

source: trust me bro

No. 1577758

Regardless of who it is and if she wanted them out, they are her. There’s no denying it. I see what you’re saying with how unhinged she is. The more I read on her and how attention-starved she is the more I understand

No. 1577777

Yeah I honestly was concerned for Rachel as she is innocent in a malicious way, she does plot and scheme but in different ways. Naught, Mike and Elaine are all psychotic and would actually do the things that Rachel claims she would. Rachel is dumb enough to spam CP but she would not psychologically manipulate someone into cutting and pissing themselves.
That was a blueprint, like a gang of serial killers they will try to manipulate cows into doing that in some sick way of getting attention and what they think clout is. It's just a feeling and I see scrotes going OMG it's fact then? Prove it. They can fuck off, this is a theory based on a ton of conjectural evidence and seeing those three operate and prey on Rachel already. Them setting up a fake Null on Rachel is way too fucking on the nose for me to be comfortable with I do not condone cowtipping but let's be real, it might have been needed if my theory is correct.

I hope I am just overestimating them and it's all just Elaine doing it herself but the way she spoke in the piss tapes really makes me doubt that.

No. 1577819

Elaine is covering for someone and it’s obvious, I don’t think she has it in her to release legitimately damaging content on for attention. We know how she usually gains attention, this doesn’t align with that, she’s protecting someone and the only reason I don’t think it’s Mike is because it’s too obvious and Mike knows that too after his track record, something like this could get him in serious trouble. I don’t believe it’s any of the obvious suspects, Elaine is manipulative and malicious but despite being an attention whore she’s not stupid and she knows who it is. The real question people should be asking is who she would protect regardless of something like this

No. 1577832

That is part of my point here, who else has she protected besides Mike? The dude is not smart, he can only manipulate genuinely retarded people or people who let their guard down because someone they trust, trusted Mike.

He has always blown his ops because he did not think ahead, in my opinion he released that to try and slink away from him getting slapped around so much by numerous people, not just the tranny. I would love to speculate on someone else but the shoe fits very well as you admit. You just think he's more clever than I think he is, that's all, and that's fine. I would love to hear your theory on a better suspect.

No. 1577836

The stuff released one or two days after Suburban Bastard peeled him apart for a whole day and humiliated him on three different sites, blowing his .org sock in the process. The timing, motive, everything fits. Else I would not want to credit Mike with this at all.

No. 1577842

If Mike actually did this, Elaine would have already sussed out that it was him. She’s psychotic and would do everything it took to get revenge. I don’t believe Elaine is pick me enough to just cover for someone who committed rp. If it was a gayop and all fake then she may because she wouldn’t actually care. If this is as legit as everyone thinks it is then I think Elaine would be the first on the phone to the “cyber police” to get Mike in trouble for it. If she knows who did it and said it isn’t Mike, I don’t think that’s exactly protecting him because in this situation she’d be dammed if she did or if she didn’t because if she said it was him and it turned out not to be, that would get her in more trouble than the person who actually did it, maybe she has proof she’s not sharing that proves it isn’t him. He’s too obvious of a suspect. If she knows who it is she’d want revenge, she wouldn’t protect Mike if she knew he was responsible, no one would. This is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, Elaine wouldn’t let this go if she knew for sure it was him.

No. 1577845

Sorry I was not clear enough, Mike did not manipulate Elaine into doing this, he is the person she is talking to and they planned to dump this eventually to garner attention is my theory there, not that Mike was controlling Elaine entirely.

No. 1577850

Regarding Mike: people justifiably hate Mike. I hate Mike more than most. Mike has a history of releasing revenge porn against women he met online. Mike has been talking to Elaine and manipulating her. However, it's all too convenient. Mike manipulates people, women especially, but he is not a master Machiavellian figure by any means. He is just not that bright and he has very poor impulse control. He knows a few cheap pimp's tactics to gas up insecure women, sure, but a long con lasting months is not like him, probably beyond his ability. If it is Mike, he had help, and if he had help, Naught seems like a good candidate, but Mike also does not work well with others, especially long term: look what happened with Rachel. Naught seems to have gotten sick of Mike's shit rather quickly and distanced himself.
That you have people trying to use this scenario to attack their enemies muddies the waters and makes everything harder, but also Elaine is muddying the waters herself. Elaine doesn't need help tipping herself and she has clearly degenerated in her mental state very far from where she was a year or even a few months ago. Her posts on KF currently read as actually floridly psychotic, not just unhinged and a nutty. I'm not saying there's not others involved. There probably are. The list of candidates is pretty long and focusing in on one without any actual evidence would be a big mistake not in the least because it has the possibility of letting whoever actually did this go.
Unfortunately the only "evidence" that is likely to come out would come from Elaine herself and she is not in any position to provide it. I know this part of the internet abhors an unfinished story, but let's not try to rush into filling the blanks with "obvious" choices. To be clear I'm not saying it's not Mike with any great confidence, but I'm saying I would be surprised if it was, and that the amount of confidence people are saying it was with is far too great and in many cases driven by anything other than evidence relating to the Elaine situation.
Let's not narrow our possibilities and let's all take a deep breath.

No. 1577854

(holy shit are we having an actual discussion here, it's been so long on these threads lmfao)
Naught is still working with Mike on Onionfarms, I am confused on where you get the distancing no offense, can you illuminate this for me? I agree that he uses cheap Pimp tactics I just think Elaine made up the Null story to cover for talking to Mike so much and they are using that now. Hence why Elaine is asking around if Null might have been an idea guy, it's obvious retardation but their actual plan was to pin it all on Null so it has fallen apart in typical Mike and Elaine fashion imo.

Elaine's brain has certainly started to eat itself and she has gone more and more off the deep end enabled by whoever is around here and some of the users on KF. I am not saying hey this is set in stone, too many people have been saying that about theories, it's food for thought, not fact. It is to get other people to see things from your perspective, share in theirs and hopefully find out what may have happened or was most likely to as we'd need Elaine to fink for actual proof aside from some miracle.

Completely and totally agree that's why I asked who you might also suspect as the Mike theory is solid but there is not much else to go on it, it's occam's razor but we can't just shut the book on it at the moment by a long shot.

I certainly don't buy that it's some shadow discord cabal, cow poly, Empresa or any other well intentioned sped.
I am very suspicious of Spooky for accusing UH of doing it on their Maize sock but I do not think they are capable of this, so they are not on my suspect list.

To be clear anuscabbage is, but I have not seen him around and think the earlier post was a Mike larp, it's how he writes when he socks sometimes as he is a total redditnigger and cannot help himself. If so, it also goes, wait why would Mike want to pin Anus on this? If we could figure out who made that post we would probably find one of the players involved in my opinion.

Currently besides Mike and Anus, I really do not have anymore leads so I would be delighted if you could suggest some as I have become hyper focused on this so I will not be able to drop it for a while.

No. 1577865

ayrt Also Mike has had no problem claiming credit for what he has done in the past. In fact, he loved taking credit for the revenge porn he released against his Kiwi pickme over on lolcow.org (which the scrotes there happily ate up until after Mike's doxing when people pointed out hosting it was probably very illegal.) He loved taking credit for all his dubious doxes on low-hanging fruit including the other Kiwithot who he got to send him nudes in exchange for allegedly taking down his dox. I think if he were an IG or in on the Elaine shit he'd readily brag about it. There's no way. All of that stuff is for attention and ego gratification and he wouldn't get it if it was all in quiet.
> Naught is still working with Mike on Onionfarms, I am confused on where you get the distancing no offense, can you illuminate this for me?
Sure, they're still running that site together but Naught has no choice, people aren't lining up to push the broom over there. However, Naught (and MKR) were very blatantly involved in the Rachel trolling ops initially but then when it started to blow up and get far too much attention then both of them tried to walk away from it. I think it is covered somewhere in those threads.
> I am very suspicious of Spooky for accusing UH of doing it on their UH sock
That post sounds unfortunate but was clarified to be an accusation of UH doing Elaine-related gayops and therefore in the first place and therefore people should take what he says with a massive grain of Lot's wife, which is true, it was not meant as an accusation per se that UH was involved from the get-go in trying to get nudes from Elaine/get Elaine to cut herself. The account is now banned so cannot post anything more in clarification or otherwise. That UH had a tantrum across 4 different sites in reaction to it instead of asking for clarification is telling, though.
> Currently besides Mike and Anus, I really do not have anymore leads so I would be delighted if you could suggest some as I have become hyper focused on this so I will not be able to drop it for a while.
Everyone else I'd suggest is kind of an outside possibility. I'd suggest Naught or someone from the "CWC sphere", unlike most of these people many of them actually has the demonstrated ability to manipulate mentally ill people for months upon months at a time, but with CWC likely being released from jail in the nearish future I'd bet all of those faggots are focused on that, plus Elaine is just a different category than Chris.
Who, then? Elaine talks to a lot of nasty scrotes on Discord and that includes ones that we don't know. So it could be an outsider. It could be Anus. Also I think it's possible that it's all Elaine, bear with me for a second: the "catfish" account on .org is very likely her. It's not proof but that account uses British spelling and after releasing the RP immediately switched over to Elaine's "deepfake" narrative after Elaine started doing it herself. Elaine is all over KF with her psychotic scatterbrained theories but she's now talking about she did the deepfakes and released them in order to somehow prevent people from doing worse to her (the specifics seem to vary from post to post.) It could be she actually believes this and thus released that content. I think someone was impersonating Josh (anuscabbage is a good candidate, maybe with help) and when it was shown to be a catfish it may have pushed Elaine a bit over the edge.

No. 1577870

> but she's now talking about she did the deepfakes and released them in order to somehow prevent people from doing worse to her … it could be she actually believes this and thus released that content. I
Samefag, obviously I don't believe for a split second they are deepfakes, I mean that Elaine would be trying to have her cake and eat it too by releasing the content (actually believing in some conspiracy due to being psychotic) and then claim it was a deepfake to distance herself from the humiliation of actually being in the pics. She is so far from being in her right mind I feel like it's quite possible.

No. 1577872

File: 1656700330997.jpeg (76.78 KB, 1060x327, saddest thing I'll read today.…)

Also this made me sad and shows just how much she is losing it. I won't medfag further but the belief peoples she's talking to aren't actually those people is a classic psychotic symptom, in addition to the rest of the post being an obvious cope for the fact she once had a server full of us who would give her attention and gradually everyone or almost everyone left and fewer and fewer people in general put up with her bullshit.

No. 1577873

Anyone else believe it’s suspicious that josh didn’t comment much on it? Elaine said she told him over email that there was an impersonator, I don’t know but I don’t believe she’d lie about that as she’d have receipts for it via email.

No. 1577875

Nah, I think it's very much on-brand for Josh to duck out and not have anything to say when the shit starts hitting the fan, plus I wouldn't be surprised if he is worried he'd be legally liable somehow (I doubt he would be but just I think he'd worry about it) and/or just that commenting won't do his reputation any good which is true. While he did actually post on the subject at the time his behavior during the Chris incest scandal was kind of similar.

No. 1577877

Unpopular opinion but I believe there’s a chance josh was involved. The only reason being that no one would believe he would be, and none of the other suspects anons have listed above seem to make sense. I agree with the Sig, Nohull & Josh theory.

No. 1577882

The thing I don’t understand is why josh unbanned Elaine. Elaine also said that her post count and reaction score was wrong which we can verify by scrolling up the other threads and seeing screenshots of her kf account and her sock accounts
If she actually did this unprovoked surely josh would see that as more reason than any to keep her banned for being psychotic and a stalker. It doesn’t add up

No. 1577884

SIG and Nohull are actual retards, Josh hates them, and the feeling is mutual. This isn't really up Josh's alley either. Come on. I believe you are trolling and not even giving us the respect of putting a minimal amount of effort into it.
> I do agree with you but my gut has a bad feeling on it, not sure if Mike has taken credit for things that would get him into too much trouble.
Revenge porn is a serious felony in Canada (more so than in the US) and he not only released it but the way he did so basically constituted blackmail or extortion. I don't think he has the wits or the impulse control to avoid it.
> tranny stuff
Yeah I don't think this is going to profit us to go into it but I think you are giving this individual way too much credit here. Please look into his Kiwi history. His initial infamy and ban came because he wouldn't stay out of people's inboxes with a massive, sprawling conspiracy theory involving ILJ's father, a Roblox "clan" full of literal children, and child trafficking. He is mentally unwell and the fact he was able to manipulate a few cows into giving him decent content to post here doesn't change that.
> I agree with this, I think the catfish was someone pretending to be her on .org
I kind of doubt anyone we're talking about is subtle enough to spell "realize" as "realise" as part of a ploy to pretend to be Elaine pretending to be someone else or even to have that level of double-cross to begin with, it's just a bit too much for me.
> The thing I don’t understand is why josh unbanned Elaine.

No. 1577889

Samefagging to elaborate on Josh "unbanning" Elaine: he didn't exactly "unban" her, it's a new account she made. Josh has a history of not immediately banning socks in these situations when they are sperging out although usually we're talking about sperging out in entertaining, not dark, ways. Sometimes I also think it is because he wants to let people have their say but Josh as always does not communicate well and keeps his staff and everyone else in the dark about what he is doing and why. Lest we forget he is not exactly the pinnacle of rational behavior either.

No. 1577896

> Mike admitted to being in that server, check the Mike thread for clarification on accusing ILJ's father, I was there, she just said Mike, Mike said Michael Janke as nobody believed that was his name at the time so his lie stuck.
At the risk of going into the tall grass here, source on Mike (Thurlow) having revealed his first name in that situation and thus be confused with Michael Janke? I don't that without proof, why would he use his first name? I do 100% believe that Thurlow would say that he was in the server currently, etc. to fuck with UH.

No. 1577906

With all respect don't even bother unless you can prove that it isn't him trolling UH. When doing gayops Mike would use the name "David Gross" (as he did with Rachel) because that's another person he likes to fuck with by skinwalking him. Occam's razor to the whole thing. I don't believe Mike used his real first name, if he was in the Roblox server it doesn't prove anything either, I think it was posted publicly so probably a bunch of people were. If you read any of the content that UH was posting at the time and is currently posting, it is clear we are talking about a mentally unwell individual and I don't really want to post much more about that because it will just attract tranny sperging and cope, so maybe we can take this to the Rachel containment thread or something, that's the de-facto place for this topic. >>>/snow/1569894

No. 1577930

> Please re-evaluate your opinion on me after this interaction.
I've reevaluated you and my opinion remains the same: you continue to deceptively self-post, against the rules, to gaslight people and try to shift the narrative about yourself, while continuing to ban-evade, sock, astroturf, and attempt to point us at your enemies, also all against the rules and demonstrating yourself to be acting in bad faith. This further does also not change my opinion of your mental state, some days are better than others in that regard for anyone. There is no shame in it and my posting about it is not intended to offend or to bring shame to you. Staying online and engaging with this subject matter is not going to serve you or your mental health well at all and I implore you to step away from this, it did not serve you last summer and will not serve you this one, either. Please exercise self-care.

No. 1578184

Shut up moid, get off the site, sick of you and the tranny slapfighting.

No. 1578208

File: 1656724563348.png (17.25 KB, 519x136, elaine is still talking to Mik…)

This is not from today but something I noticed while re-reading, she admits to talking to AC still. It was about a week before the pictures of her scars dropped if I remember correctly. Her trying to downplay how much she talks to him seems damning to me honestly. Not close the book on it but we should probably start considering this the best lead at the moment.

No. 1578371

"How much actual content does mine have, I never said you did"
My what, I wonder … certainly sounds like someone is talking about a thread here and minimizing the amount of content in it. Who does that?

No. 1578374

This is a repost from an earlier dump, and it's correct Mike is terrible at bringing the bacon. You just proved you didn't read the last thread, this is not the gotcha you were hoping for. Sorry hon.

No. 1578771

File: 1656782875143.png (924.77 KB, 1300x2200, Untitled.png)

Just happened in the relationship thread, lol.

No. 1578775

Sorry for being ignorant but how the hell would he have Elaine’s number?

No. 1578781

Null clearly doesn't give a single fuck about this drama. He only replied to the thread cause several people tagged him when she cut his name in her thighs. Honestly I am trying to follow the Elaine drama myself and for someone who is not involved with the discord faggotry like the rest of you apparently are it is extremely hard to understand what the hell is going on and who is who. There seem to be 10 new characters who go by 10 different names every week. If you for one second think that Null will sit down and read all this crap and figure out what is going on you might be more deluded than Elaine herself. It's just not that interesting. I think anyone who has been on KF as long as Null has seen their fair share of schizo attentionwhore cows like Elaine.

No. 1578784

On second thought this is probably just Elaine being a schizo and hoping Null is somehow involved in this and still talking to her in some way, nevermind. Elaine, he's just not that into you, get over it.

No. 1578785

Both have inserted and went after The Tranny and Cowpoly's boys(emp and a few other lovable retards) and that would explain their weird acting up in Kiwichat. There was more stuff on them in shit containment but it got jannied. They are probably involved heavily with Elaine if they have her number, she rarely gives that out.

No. 1578787

It could be Elaine schizo posting but when was this posted? Does she even know how to delete her posts here? She didn't know how to on KF so I assume she doesn't here.

Also she has not brought them up before, she would have accused someone else as she has a list she goes down, they are not on it.

No. 1578789

It happened just a couple of minutes ago.

No. 1578792

Ripple was online on discord just a bit ago, I don't have Siracha's discord. I only know these two because they started slapping me after the Elaine pictures were dropped.
Ripple acted very polite with me and claimed to not like drama, but it is odd because he keeps popping up in scrote drama and now this, he was banned from Kiwifarms two nights ago with Siracha and a few others. This could explain a ton on the weird bullshit going on in so many of these threads honestly.

No. 1578810

Ugh seriously there’s so much discord lore from random trannys and pedophile men that somehow relate to Elaine

No. 1578812

I know, I just want Ja Rule to come in and sum it up for me.

No. 1578960

> Honestly I am trying to follow the Elaine drama myself and for someone who is not involved with the discord faggotry like the rest of you apparently are it is extremely hard to understand what the hell is going on and who is who.
It's not that hard, really. Forget everyone except Elaine, Mike, Anus Cabbage, and the possibility of an unknown person pretending to be Null. Every other Kiwi and Discordfag who has been mentioned should be assumed to be scrotes gayopping each other because they think it's funny unless strong evidence to the contrary is presented. And even then. I wouldn't trust receipts from most of these fucking people even if they have them, it's not hard to fake them, Elaine was (probably) faking Discord caps of Dynastia in her Kiwi thread and it is not hard to do.

No. 1578962

Samefagging to say anyone who thinks those posts in the relationship thread wasn't a kiwi or, let's face it, could be a nonna too, having a giggle is as dumb as Elaine.

No. 1579070

In the nicest way possible, I honestly believe anyone who thinks this was Mike is stupid and should lurk more before weighing in on things like this. Sure, Mike hates women, he’s manipulated them, he’s posted their nudes before, but at the end of the day, every time he’s done that, it’s been within a couple of weeks of talking to them, and under his own identity. Mike isn’t some criminal mastermind lmao. He’s a misogynistic nazi who absolutely would find this funny, but being able to orchestrate it himself without boasting, slipping up or fucking up his opsec is the most unlikely scenario ever. You all don’t know how to recognise methodology. In your minds
woman hater manipulative nazi = must have got lolcow to cut herself. Y’all giving him a lot more credit than he’s due. This man isn’t clever enough for a stunt like this, and even if we believe Elaine’s bullshit, he wouldn’t have been able to forge this content either. Either way, he wouldn’t be able to pull this off.

Rather than the fact that there are styles to this type of behaviour, this isn’t really Mike’s way of going about things. Everyone is just slamming together things they know about someone and assuming their guilt based around that rather than actually analysing their way of orchestration. This wasn’t Mike.

No. 1579092

I tend to agree with you but
> every time he’s done that, it’s been within a couple of weeks of talking to them
isn't true, one of the Kiwi girl that he leaked her stuff on lolcow.org he had been talking to for a number of months and established an e-relationship with

No. 1579238

It does get complicated because all these people have several names and then their names on the discord screenshots are also different and constantly changing. Nobody ever makes it clear who is who in the screenshots, you just see two people talking to each other and usually I can figure out which ones supposed to be Elaine by her special brand of retardation. Ialso figure out that "Mike" is some dude named "Angry Canadian", but who he is or why he's relevant has never been explained ever. You have no idea how confusing this shit is if you're not involved in it. This thread honestly sucks for that reason because it's mostly anons talking to each other as if they know each other and about people they also know. To outsiders it all looks extremely schizophrenic.

No. 1579246


Mike/AC's thread, the issue is this is something explained across 4 threads so 1 thread will not get overwhelmed, too many cows converged.

No. 1579253

File: 1656835190007.jpeg (3.22 KB, 289x43, shit thread made by a tranny.j…)

(lost sage in email sorry)
For information about Mike/AC I would go to the Kiwi Farms thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/michael-robert-thurlow-angry-canadian-volkswachter-lothloran-northlandpride-nsclrp.115963/

There is far too much gayopping going on in the one here and as much as I hate to admit it theirs substantially less of a shitshow, the anonymous nature of this place doesn't really lend itself to credibility when there are this many selfposting interested parties and general bad actors floating around.

Theirs has only the barebones information about what has been going on here but you don't really need it. Bottom line is Mike is a bad guy and he was talking to Elaine, no doubt with bad intentions, and he may or may not have been behind all of this. A lot of words have been written about the subject but not a lot of anything you could call concrete proof at this point, although before all this shit with Elaine came out (when all of this was still funny) there was some good content produced by Elaine and Michael trying to use Rachel to attack people they didn't like until it blew up in their faces. Pretty funny stuff, until it all got dark really quick.

No. 1579452

Thank you for saying this. I feel like there’s a new character to keep track of with every update. Like a depraved Gremlims situation in which someone enters Discord and they mutate.
Didn’t know he had a thread. I think the next Elaine thread should have a glossary of all those involved, the different names they use across platforms, and maybe a little line explaining who they are and their importance to the story,

No. 1579783

> Jannies are weird af in the latest shit containment, leaving unsaged scrote shit without bans but erasing actual discussion.
Beats the hell out of me why some of the stuff is not being erased especially as it constitutes threatening people's dox but the 'actual discussion' you refer to is deleted b/c trannies are not welcome, a farmhand explained in /meta/ a couple days ago. The OP you are referring to is hot garbage vendetta bullshit (and not just against Mike) so I would be extremely wary of taking anything about it at face value.
This, the 3rd Elaine thread only really needed making because the Null catfish stuff came out, otherwise that is a real sadcow who's not even interesting.

No. 1580061

File: 1656923776281.png (232.38 KB, 436x606, piss talk repost.png)

Just a thing I came across again that stuck out like a sore thumb to me so I figured I'd repost it for anyone tuning in or anyone who forgot that anuscabage was into domination and piss. I was one of the loudest voices for saying it very well could be Mike but I never counted out Anuscabbage.
Very odd thing to line up so well.

No. 1580229

It's Elaine who is into piss, I think he was just trying to tell her the kinda stuff she likes

No. 1580247

I saw Elaine Miller at a grocery store in London yesterday. I told her how cool it was to see her in real life, I didn’t want to be rude and bother her and ask for photos or anything. she said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her chipped-manicure hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her manically chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like ten razor blades in her hands without paying. The moid at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “maam, you need to pay for those first. ” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear him, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When he took one of the packs of razors and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped him and told him to scan them each individually “I've noticed people I know disappearing slowly. I feel like something is very wrong. I know the people who have been going missing were not careful about their Opsec. That's partly why I forged the content. This is the last thing I'll say in a while, but you all need to be careful. I don't know who these people are but had I not tricked them, they could have really fucked me up. I truly believe the Idea Guys have made a return, Blue Spike, etc.” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After he scanned pack and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting him by pissing really loudly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1580266

Someone tell the tranny to stop typing out cringe like this I beg you jannies please

No. 1580276

Hey Elaine(hi cow)

No. 1581069

File: 1657044324824.png (602.34 KB, 1284x1807, elaine's .org thread about ten…)

Been busy with the holiday and I noticed the splinter is still down, now I am glad I grabbed this. It's Sig leading Elaine on with 'proof' that Null was the person fucking with her. Her being this desperate implies either she was completely fooled which could be likely but what's more likely is she did this with Mike for attention and their gayop plan was to pin this all on Null and the Tranny blew that. I was wondering why The Tranny replaced Ines as her main villain and then I remembered this.

Get fucked Elaine you lying cunt, we know that you and Mike did this for attention and to blame Jew Josh for something he didn't actually do. Doing this bullshit only makes it harder to track actual predators, log off the internet or drink bleach. Stop posting.

Take the L. Him saying this on your thread and him not proving who the IPs are just implies he knows it's you or Mike and he wanted to fuck with you but got party vanned before he could you moron. Lie about it being a DM chain, when the site goes back up you'll look even more schizo dumbass.

No. 1582279

suicide? murder? murder-suicide?

No. 1582616


No. 1582713

File: 1657208558458.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.14 KB, 1882x943, elaine.jpg)

A Scrote(I hate that word but it's fair to use it here) carded Elaine's name into his arm.

No. 1582734

Obvious fake tbh, sorry to disappoint you. The scars underneath really lead you to think it's real. Also that says Blaine so he would be carving the tranny's name into his flesh not Elaine's.

No. 1585935

File: 1657572792294.png (102.43 KB, 555x325, 1657571686929.png)

Just post this Elaine, not a screencap of a link that makes it harder on people and thumbnail that shit good god.(troon)

No. 1588200

Does this anorexic bitch ever get tired of her online meth sprees where she tries to defend herself by sperging lies

No. 1589565

That looks like Hell

No. 1590445

lol impersonating people on .farm as well. Sad.


No. 1593894

The person impersonating null is from the jdanks server. They also released more nudes of her

No. 1594024


No. 1594879

File: 1658537063132.jpg (18.05 KB, 480x360, 6z13dixjqh931.jpg)

Any proof or are you just gayopping? Awful lot of pic related going on from EFM who admitted to following this thread and touches the poo on Elaine all the time so we need proof.

No. 1594932

only one person cares about EFM, fuck off tranny
source? I don't wanna see her gross skelly n00dz but unless there's actual proof of this you're a non-saging scrote making shit up to point us at your enemies
non-saging scrote looking for fap material

No. 1598695

Although Elaine is crazy, she isn’t stupid, I think there’s a high chance that scrotefarms/Null himself were involved, his response to all this was very weird, as well as Elaine being unbanned
Anyone innocent surely would want to figure out who was impersonating them, right?
I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it was posted earlier in this thread that she vced this person, this is why I don’t think it can be anuscabbage12 or AC, she knows what they both sound like.

No. 1599718

undefault is another name for Null so lends to someone larping as him unless Elaine lost her posting privs on KF as she claims when this went up.

No. 1599719

File: 1658983870123.jpg (487.71 KB, 1284x1537, 7F1052F9-C9D6-41F1-B412-E6B9DE…)

Elaine's side of the story.

No. 1599734

What else is known about undefault

No. 1599740

File: 1658985557541.png (36.44 KB, 639x312, B9B04694-19C9-47E1-9B8C-0E4218…)

This is the picture of the persons avatar from the cutting video

No. 1599748

File: 1658986388445.png (1.02 MB, 1284x2778, lol look at the highlight.png)

Just in case people aren't following the shitshow in /meta/ this is tranny gayops or at least there are enough tranny gayops going on as to make things very confusing >>>/meta/37093

"undefault" is Elaine herself by the way, look at the highlighted text here.

I have no idea who is doing what at this point and won't speculate. Maybe it's the tranny the whole time but I kinda think he's too schizo to pull it off. I think most likely he is just trying to throw whatever at the wall here to try and get clout and/or fuck over people he has tranny vendettas against.

No. 1599754

Elaine post more messages from that person they were the one you were talking to in those videos. Who is that?

No. 1599756

This is actually just genuinely pathetic, it's easy to prove this isn't true.

No. 1599767

Well we don’t know the person who posted it was the same as the person Elaine was talking to. Elaine could have posted it for attention bc she got a ton of it from this

No. 1599771

She heard the voice. It could have been someone using a modulator or modifying their voice to sound like josh

No. 1599778

As for the voice stuff, it's discussed somewhere in the last thread how Josh uses a voice modulator and the catfish also used a voice modulator so it is actuially not that weird.

As for the other schizo shit, a significant portion of this thread especially when it starts sperging out about Josh is almost certainly the CP-spamming schizophrenic tranny who's been on a rampage across like 4 different forums already.

No. 1599781

All of Undefault’s “friends” and sock accounts.
I remember because one of them interacted with a nonna from the lolcord, and Elaine invited some of them to her old server.
Kyle Hogan#5632

No. 1599786

Elaine said he was a kiwifarmer and that she gave him her Snapchat

No. 1599787

No I’m just one of the “snakes” from her old server, I took a few screenshots of who was in the server because Lainey always likes to lie to protect people like AC so it’s good to keep receipts

No. 1599790

What kind of blackmail does he have

No. 1599792

I mean, there’s no evidence it is Josh, it could very well be Nohull or Sig or someone else from dot org

No. 1599796

Yes but there’s no evidence as to who blackmailed Elaine, or Sig, (which is weird and confusing) it could still be Nohull or someone close to him. People only think Sig is blackmailed because on KF his friend passed on a message saying he has no idea who was responsible, which is obviously bullshit as he was admin on that site and would have been able to see their account info.

No. 1599798

Wtf can be worse than that? Shit?

No. 1599800

Like killing small animals?

No. 1599803

Elaine isn’t killing animals lol what is this schizo shit, she isn’t ILJ

No. 1599806

LOL now Bella is getting a mention, we're getting close to the anniversary of the Merge no wonder the schizos are restless.

No. 1599809

Josh has always been inscrutable and autistic in his moderation decisions though (and his staff are afraid to suggest anything to him.) So I don't know how much you can put on Josh's fucked up decision-making. And I don't want to guard Josh, can't stand the guy, I just don't see him having an actively malicious part in this. He probably let Elaine's most recent alt stay because otherwise she would keep making them and it was less of a hassle.

No. 1599810

She emails him constantly

No. 1599813

It’s not josh. It seems like it was undefault using a modulator on his voice to sound like him

No. 1599814

Most normal people would, I personally would make a statement saying I was looking into who was responsible.

No. 1599821

Why? What possible reason. His type is fatter women

No. 1599824

Null won’t even mention her on his show. He has no interest in her

No. 1599827

It was posted on his competitor site. He would have posted it on his own

No. 1599831

But interesting that it was posted on the competitor on a fresh account and then the site went down isn’t it?

No. 1599834

The site went down bc of jcocker and the feds. It was also reuploaded to kf

No. 1599835

Can everyone who has DMs with Undefault please come forward and post them already

No. 1599839

I don’t think Kuz is involved m8

No. 1599842


No. 1599844

Blaine has arrived everyone

No. 1599847

Are we sure that it's even a catfish? Where did that suggestion come from anyway? It's starting to seem like Elaine knew exactly who she was talking to, but won't reveal it for some reason. Blackmail maybe?

No. 1599852

How do we know it’s a janny?

No. 1599854

I know kiwiscrotes are reading this thread, so just 2 things of note:

1. The tranny is astroturfing to a ridiculous degree. Probably half or more of these posts are him. I'm not a jannie but I assume one will be along to sweep reasonably soon.
2. He was caught spamming CP here yesterday morning showing what kind of individual we are dealing with. The whole drama that lead up to it is far too autistic and convoluted but it involves Russian twinks, monkey zoosadism, and more absolute insanity.

tl;dr Blaine is an absolute fucking menace and should 41%

No. 1599855

Two weeks ago I was convinced that we knew all there was to this, but now it seems there's a whole rabbit hole to be uncovered. Elaine's acting so strangely about this whole thing, I can't help but feel as if she knows more than she's letting on.

No. 1599860

She a retard who hurts herself and gets off on it

No. 1599865

Blaine why are you wking the person who threatened your 12 yr old sister

No. 1599870

Who is the clown

No. 1599872

And who the fuck are you

No. 1599875

lol you can tell he's mad because the anime is le dark and edgy now

No. 1599877

What more cringe joker larp?

No. 1599882

Gee idk bc she has no problems except the ones she creates. She could end all this now by leaving her groups online and finding something else to do. I feel bad for people that actually deserve sympathy. Not some spoiled brat living in her parents house

No. 1599885

Nice file name

No. 1599887

I don't trust the tranny either, but they did post a screenshot of Elaine talking to the catfish with the same avatar
That means that there's probably more screenshots, maybe even a log. I wonder why they were not leaked along with the RP by the catfish, if the goal was to humiliate Elaine

No. 1599892

What does that prove

No. 1599897

No clue lol. There's obviously something bigger going on and I'm trying to connect the dots but this tranny fighting is just shitting up the thread

No. 1599901

Please release DMs with Undefault, anyone

No. 1599902

>going to bed
Good joke

No. 1599905

What you are saying there is some dude blackmailing a bunch of retards

No. 1599908

You and Elaine are both retarded and need to do something else with your lives than being retarded online

No. 1599915

So this is kind of a minority opinion but I think Elaine's red dye job is alright.

No. 1599916

This really creeps me out to be honest.

No. 1599919

You are acting like he’s some super genius. He’s just a retard that found two other retards that don’t stop talking

No. 1599927

This is lame. Spill the beans or fuck off

No. 1599940

Who the fuck is undefault?

No. 1599942


at the same time null was publicly stating that elaine was known for bombing forums with cp and gore he was also apparently unbanning her from his forum

he has posted more in her thread than any other cow and claimed that he wasn't even talking to her, in a thread where he was previously talking to her

elaine's thread's origins were tied up in the fact elaine sent null a personal email takedown request, when the thread wasn't even on his site

No. 1599946

It's fucking Elaine on an alt, or at least was at one point. I will die laughing if Elaine is taking the tranny on a ruse cruise leading to all this fucking schizoid nonsense spilling out for weeks.

No. 1599947

Undefault for sure wasn’t Elaine. This is just gaslighting and probably a scrote posting. No woman would do this to themselves, go back to foxdickfarms

No. 1599949

That is not true. Stop lying

No. 1599950

You fucking autist, this isn’t someone’s opinion, go look at the kf thread yourself, it’s all in there retard

No. 1599954

Learn how to count

No. 1599958

Null only asked her how old she was and posts a lot more in other threads

No. 1599959

Null is sus. Not because of his posting previously, but unbanning & then refusing to comment? Fucking weird.

No. 1599963

File: 1658995550287.png (36.89 KB, 701x257, 25CE080F-04EA-4B09-9A12-CC299F…)

Reposting because even if it came from the tranny, this was valid input

No. 1599964

Good point. Why the unban?

No. 1599974


maybe null is trying to cover sticking his dick in the milk

or maybe elaine is just carving his name in her for the fun of it, because some clever non-posting troll has made her his secret, personal lolcow

No. 1599976

The more I think about this, it’s just all a little suspicious.
“Catfish” drops nudes but no DMs? Surely the most embarrassing part would be Elaine believing everything and simping in DMs.
Then “Catfish” redacts everything he dropped. If this was an Idea Guy level gayop, they would be too cruel to redact that shit. This is someone who felt guilty afterwards.

No. 1599980

ANIMAL ABUSE SITE!!! If you click it, be warned.

No. 1600023

So Josh gets outed as the catfish and somehow this has lead to that tranny going absolutely fucking insane and spamming this site and other sites again. I don’t even know what’s going on at this point, I thought the troon hated Elaine

No. 1600024

Elaine never heard the guys voice. She just messaged him. You can hear in the videos Elaine complaining and asking when he is going to vc. When it cuts away to the avatars talking the cow avatar is muted.
Elaine never heard the guys voice

No. 1600028

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t vc after that occasion, or he could have vced but not enough for her liking.

No. 1600034

There is no fucking proof this was Josh that’s all.

No. 1600036

I mean it’s highly likely that it was Josh but there’s still no concrete proof, I think the thing that swayed me was the nonnie who pointed out there were no DMs released, a week or two ago

No. 1600037

> no fucking proof this was Josh
Not only is there no proof you're a walking gayop, a schizophrenic tranny who holds grudges against websites that ban him and may(?) have doxed his own sister on 8kun tonight … Josh is a creep but I don't see him anywhere near this. It could be anybody. It could be Anus, it could be Mike. It could be someone else, it could be the fucking tranny himself but I kinda doubt it. What's sickening though is this active gayop that he's doing and not even good at doing, like so bad it's not even amusing anymore.

No. 1600040

*you're talking to…
>you're a
lol sorry

No. 1600041

I just feel like it would make a lot of sense if this had been Josh, or, KF Jannies. Sure, the troon is schizo and not remotely credible but this theory does make sense and shouldn’t get buried. There is no current proof it’s Josh, but there’s also no current proof it’s anyone else, but judging from what I’ve seen, I would not be shocked if this was Null. He isn’t exactly a model of good behaviour online, I don’t know what makes you think he’s above doing something like this.

No. 1600043

No she says in the video they had never vcd before

No. 1600045

Yes but what about after the video… autist

No. 1600046

Assuming good faith on the part of this post I'm not saying I can prove it's not him, that's not how proof works. And looking for proof about this is a fool's errand, proof is only going to come from Elaine and she's beyond useless at this point. When I hear people LARPing as investigators I get bad flashbacks last August. And again trying to assume good faith when the tranny is around is probably the last time to be having a productive discussion on the subject, so another time maybe?

No. 1600050

The thing is, now that I think about it, the impersonator or catfish card would be the way to get away with committing the perfect crime.

No. 1600055

detective larper
kiwi scrote thinking this is a leak bazaar

It's almost like trannies are inherently a vortex of autism.

No. 1600057

The name was Undefault not Default you retard

No. 1600058

And what contribution is correcting an autocorrect done from a phone?
This thread has turned into pure astroturfing and will not hold any water.

No. 1600067

> Erika
> discrediting the only way to talk to Elaine?
and there we have it lol
agp narcissism never fails
get some sleep or don't, the latter might actually hasten the involuntary commitment that is no doubt looming in your future.

No. 1600314

In all the videos/pictures the guy is muted and Elaine is reading his messages

No. 1600499

This is the infamous big bad Elaine everyone has been sperging about!? Hahahaha you guys are faggots, the way she gets talked about on here I thought she was some 50 year old pedo granny or the fucking babadook. I can't believe Lolcow's number one enemy is a British teenager?! Omg that's hilarious

No. 1600904

Undefault used to vc in the Elaine’s elite server now that I think about it.
What’s weird is, he did sound like Null, I couldn’t tell if it was Null or not but the cadence was extremely similar. What was weird was, he refused to vc around Elaine where she could hear him. I don’t know if he was worried she would record him, or worried she’d realise who he was/wasn’t, but it was creepy. I don’t really want to get involved with this as I find the whole thing to be dark and possibly illegal.

No. 1600962

Lies from someone who was never in Elaine's Elite lol, as if plenty of people who were there can't confirm. I'm assuming that tranny hands typed this but if not then someone else has a beef with Null. That doesn't narrow it down to well, though…

No. 1600980

Elaine never heard his voice. She just thought it was null bc they said they were and she desperately wanted to believe it

No. 1601008

The embarrassing thing here is that Elaine took videos and pictures of herself peeing and naked to some guy she never even meet much less vcd with

No. 1601016

you stupid piece of shit stop defending yourself before it becomes blatantly obvious who you are. 2 girls heard his voice. It’s not about whether Elaine was lying or not, there are two + people who can confirm this from the lolcord.

No. 1601024

This though. But people just outright making shit up is almost as embarrassing.
For the record: are there men in what's left of EE? If not then the poster saying undefault (i.e. almost certainly Elaine talking to herself) was a man and was in VC, ever, is just outright fabricating stuff, otherwise then what happened and who wound up there?

No. 1601028

He was one of 3 men let in.
Other two being Incog & Cow Poly.
Lurk moar.

No. 1601032

Interesting. I didn't know that and it hadn't occurred to me. Anyway, I eagerly await the inevitable leaks and Discord backstabbings we'll encounter on the way to inevitably finding out the incredibly stupid truth that is going to be behind this.

No. 1601064

Undefault said he found Elaine through a British friend

No. 1601465

File: 1659126138001.jpeg (574.43 KB, 1119x1960, 1D3D0FEC-E9AA-4DDE-91E0-D2F7BB…)

Elaine’s plan for the extortion ring

No. 1601797

>>1601465 My plan too honestly, if I publicly expose it, then they will go after me instead of Elaine.

No. 1601839

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1601843

File: 1659148255670.jpeg (27.12 KB, 768x233, looked in the mirror.jpeg)

Oh OK, mystery solved.

No. 1601876

File: 1659152616535.jpeg (190.4 KB, 1124x1200, A962777E-209F-4441-B444-B754D3…)

Elaine and UH are going at it. Elaine is scared of undefault bc he has “crypto”, “works with the feds” and has everyone’s “doxes” which are already on KF

No. 1601885

File: 1659154085645.jpeg (300.72 KB, 1109x1762, FF7BA700-5317-437F-A67C-844126…)

Elaine’s plan to get undefault is to butter him up in dms.

No. 1601935

You're saying Elaine and Undefault tried to set up Null…by making people suspect Undefault was Null based on a couple of people having heard his voice?
Wouldn't they have made it much more obvious if they were trying to frame Null for this? Why hasn't Elaine pointed the finger at him? For weeks everyone assumed it was Anus or Mike.
Also, it being a set up doesn't explain why the catfish retracted everything they posted shortly after, why no discord logs, fabricated or not, were dropped to point the finger at Null. Or why Null unbanned Elaine after it went down if he knew he was being targeted.
Doesn't make sense at all to me.

No. 1601955

That does not account for the other discrepancies, especially not those outside of her control such as getting unbanned or others who may have heard Undefault's voice.
Do you just consider anything longer than a single sentence a schizo rant on account of your lack of reading comprehension skills? I cannot simultaneously be retarded Elaine who couldn't frame Null properly while also pointing out all the ways she could have framed Null more effectively.

No. 1601961

At least I'm not the retard who forgot to sage and tried to edit their post lol.

No. 1601967

No. 1601985

If this is a setup to frame Null, it's an extremely poorly executed one. Everything that made people suspicious of Null, the unban, the voice and the lack of logs have not come from Elaine or the "Catfish" poster. In fact, everything including the name of the account itself is trying to point towards a catfish being the culprit. If this was all a scheme, it would be somebody trying to make everyone think Elaine was catfished.

No. 1601990

I’m gonna be so mad if I find out this was an Elaine and Josh gayop

No. 1602029

Elaine and Josh working together to carve Josh's name into Elaine in order to make people think Elaine was catfished by somebody pretending to be Josh, but not actually Josh sounds like an amazingly retarded and unnecessarily convoluted plan to me.
I know the troon has poisoned the well with his vendetta posts, but I'm not ready to dismiss the possibility of it being Null's gayop against Elaine just because the tranny suggested it. It's the simplest explanation that fits the most evidence.
Don't forget that the troon has pretty much accused literally everybody from Elaine herself to Cowpoly to Spooky Bones as being behind this at some point. Keeping possibilities open isn't detective larping.

No. 1602351

It's Josh. It's very simple. Josh is a lonely, fat, incel. Elaine has girl-parts. She is young and attention seeking like his beau Stocking. He is trying to woo her in his own way, which means threatening to mutilate her and posting photoshopped revenge porn.

No. 1602413

If Josh is being set up, why unban Elaine after the stuff was leaked, especially after he accused her of spamming CP? Why make it appear as if it was a catfish impersonating Josh instead of making it look like it was Josh himself?
This is simultaneously both ridiculously stupid and highly interesting. It's obvious that it wasn't photoshopped and it's retarded to think this is an attempt at wooing Elaine.
However, we know that Josh isn't averse to RP as can be seen from what happened with Stocking.

No. 1602415

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others
>trying to larp an 'investigation' to create a narrative attacking people he hates

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1602423

Thanks for the warning, I hope I wasn't wasting my time arguing with the troon lol. I was wondering where all the braindead takes came from.

No. 1602427

You can especially tell by how he brings up stuff that he's read about in various places and tries to act like he is in the know (e.g. right up ther "Stockings" was a girl Josh harassed but when he was like 14 ffs; he is all over /meta/ alluding to issues about the site that are discussed there + LARPing as an oldfag and misusing or overusing lingo like "nonna" and "scrote") it's pretty funny if it weren't for the CP stuff

No. 1602471

I have to say though, I think him bringing up stocking is a valid point, even if did so just to larp as an oldfag. Josh was closer to 19 when that happened in 2012, more than old enough to be responsible for his actions. It's not any proof that he was behind the RP, but we know that he's not opposed to doing RP under the right circumstances.
Everything else he said about the photoshop and wooing was moronic though.

No. 1602581

I'm definitely not saying I can prove anything either, and I agree that it doesn't seem like something he'd do, but people do things they don't seem like they would do all the time.

To explain my rationale, embarrassing DMs are often leaked alongside the nudes when catfishing, Elaine's Nazi roleplay with Anus was leaked. However, no DMs were leaked by this "catfish". Why?
If it was indeed a catfish, there should be no problem with leaking the logs, after all, it's just going to be a few edited photos of or made up private details. The logs not being released means that they probably contained genuine info/pics of the perpetrator. And who did the perpetrator claim to be again?
Not to mention the whole business with "catfish" trying to retract everything afterwards. That's not normal catfish behavior, or what would happen in a set up. Somebody feels guilty that they did RP.

No. 1602637

Well, if only you could articulate your thoughts properly, maybe there wouldn't be PSAs warning people not to talk to you.
Also if I have to type entire paragraphs explaining my logic to show that I wasn't just falling for your vendetta posts, I think that you have successfully muddied the waters.

No. 1602875

kiwi kween indeed

thanks for the mental image of josh and elaine. it makes so much sense

No. 1602894

File: 1659240965428.jpeg (105.71 KB, 736x585, Fukkensaved.jpeg)

Nah this being a ring of traitor jannies makes more sense, Elaine was freaked cause its way more than one person

No. 1603171


The language use in the screenshot is revealing. If you look at the screenshot, and compare it to searches on Null's posts on KF, you can find examples of a lot of uses of the word, 'persona' by Null. He also uses, 'route' as a synomym for 'course of action' frequently.

According to >>1599771, Elaine says it was his voice and the only excuse offered so far is someone had a voice modulator that makes them sound just like Josh.

A simpler explanation is that Josh has a lot of time on his hands in Serbia. We know he does not have sex due to his dysfunctional weenis but he likes to stalk women online. Younger women work due to his limited social skills and sophistication.

He is just stalking Elaine whilst lying about it because Stocking mark II.

No. 1603194

The theory that it was Null and not a catfish is fucking skizo and has nothing concrete.

I don't know if you're a cow or just a retard but you should stop

No. 1603204

Elaine is clearly stupid enough to fall for a catfish.

She though she was talking to the real josh moon that's why she carved his name on her leg.

Null has no interest in Elaine even if she wants the attention that badly.

No. 1603216

How is everyone in this thread so stupid? Elaine was responding in voice chat, anyone who's spent 5 minutes observing her knows she prefers that to typing. The only messages in the DMs would be from the catfish himself, that's why they weren't leaked. Either you're Elaine herself or you're genuinely retarded.



>"only a few close friends"
>leaks stuff anyway
Okay, Elaine.

Can farmhands clean up the obvious self posting in here?

No. 1603223

Someone is clearly trying to push the Null skizo theory over a few dozen post.
I think it's just the same user.

No. 1603224

accept that null doesn’t give a shit about you, it’ll hurt less
gee, I wonder who

No. 1603227

You'll have to learn to sage your posts if you want to convince anyone, Elaine.

No. 1603232

Yes, there's nothing concrete to point it to Josh, but it's not like there's any concrete reasons that it couldn't be Josh other than "it doesn't feel right/it sounds schizo".

Saying it was definitely 100% Josh is schizo, but saying that there's absolutely no way it can be Josh under any circumstances sounds Schizo as well.

Honestly it's weird to me that speculation on anybody else is tolerated but if Josh is brought up people rush to his defence and accuse others of samefagging or schizo theories, when there's nothing concrete pointing towards anyone else either.

No. 1603233

I don't want to be that gurl but the euro posting time suits Elaine there.

In private she also was pushing that narrative.

Like always Elaine is posting in a manic manner to control the narrative.

She also is trying to dox a certain Mina/Uwuudles

No. 1603241

File: 1659271257781.png (54.65 KB, 770x961, YWoeZRn.png)

some people were asking if anyone had any dms with undefault..

No. 1603246

who is uwuudles and why is she trying to dox them

No. 1603252

File: 1659272303119.png (86.65 KB, 960x1173, YotRmTC.png)

at the time i thought this was just some random kiwiscrote friend/orbiter of elaine. we vc-ed a few times (3 times i think?), he didn't sound like null at all, just your typical egotripping scrote.

No. 1603255

NTAYRT, she was a member of Elaine's safe space discord group until she leaked everything in her Kiwi Farms thread, Elaine called her a snake, and she got kicked.

No. 1603257

that was so long ago, why now lolol

No. 1603258

File: 1659273133325.jpeg (311.68 KB, 1284x1584, 704F7691-1CB4-47D7-B724-C66232…)

Another member of Undefault’s Discord. I wonder what “farmies” is?

No. 1603266

not sure where you're going with this but it looks like you were being trolled by some nasty kf scrotes, congrats

No. 1603328

No. Elaine was responding to messages. You have to had not watched the video to think that. She may have responded to undefault but it was a different account that she was messaging in the videos who may have been undefault.
She thought it was null but even in the videos she was asking for proof that it was null

No. 1603344

That's what I'm saying you absolute fucking retard, there's no DMs to leak because it's all the catfisher while she responded on voice.

No. 1603359

Namefagging because I’m the subject here and may be able to help further.
I’d rather not talk on KF knowing some of the shitbags who hang out there.

Undefault and the account in the video are not the same person although a lot made me think they were. They did deny being each other but I didn't get the impression of it being two people on different accounts trolling me who both knew each other. A lot of the time I was convinced that rather than being trolled, I was just talking to someone extremely mentally ill who wanted to deny the other account out of embarrassment?

I think people are looking at this the wrong way. I know the reason behind a lot of these actions and I don’t actually believe it was an entirely malicious operation throughout.

I believe that the person(s) involved are extremely unstable and I was collateral damage.

It is hard for me to actually have a stance on things knowing the state the person(s) involved were in.

I do believe they felt regret, but I also believe that running away from it isn’t helpful and I respect those who are able to take responsibility (even in private) rather than melting down.

It is difficult for me to comment further considering I know a lot more in depth detail about this.

I am concerned that bringing what I know to public light could worsen the situation for everyone involved and cause a trashfire I wouldn’t be able to put out.

I also don’t believe that many people were involved in this, it would be one, or two at most.

I also believe that all the accounts in Undefault’s server were Undefault himself, or him & a friend. I don’t believe there is some mass trolling ring.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with handling online. Yes, I understand why people would see me as a pick me, or as stupid and this being self inflicted, but without an understanding of the bigger picture I believe it is impossible to make an accurate judgment but you all have understandable reasons for disliking me.

Despite not wanting threads here, I don’t hold resentment towards the site owner or staff here, or any posters and I apologise for my previous actions.

I like to think I have matured beyond that point at least.

This situation is incredibly complicated and detailed, and I don’t think I’d even have enough space in this thread to lay it all out in a way that makes sense.

No. 1603363

tldr pls

No. 1603375

elaine got uber catfished by multiple people pretending to be null at the same time, instead of realising the obvious gayop when they denied being eachother she figured null has DID.

No. 1603378

i don't know who you are, don't talk to me like we're buddies.

No. 1603382

if the post was not for me don't reply to me calling me "you guys" then idiot

No. 1603388

stop jerking yourself off and post milk or gtfo

No. 1603397

I don’t really understand why multiple people seem to be talking to themselves lol, wtf?

Let me just make it abundantly clear that I don’t believe any staff or admin from this site were involved. There is no farmhand conspiring against me.

Kuz had no involvement either. I literally didn’t know who he was until like 72 hours ago or something. I doubt he knew I existed either.

AC, Naught, Anuscabbage12 and all those people were not involved.

It’s super unhelpful to me, and everyone involved to muddy the narrative with weird suggestions that there are Illuminati jannies on here working against me, or Kuz and Josh being in some pedo ring. Those theories are bullshit and censor some of the really helpful things I’ve been reading here.

No. 1603398

File: 1659284334760.png (25.6 KB, 750x245, bUk67jl.png)

your comment cut out the pepe to hide your connection, huge coverup.

you're legitimately retarded.

No. 1603401

putting a green frog next to a discord cap we have already seen is not milk, why is this so hard for you to understand?

No. 1603966

Elaine responded through text to Anus, and that was leaked. Elaine responded in text to the troon, and that was leaked. There's even one screenshot of her responding in text to the account with the cow avatar from the cutting video that was leaked.
You can't seriously be suggesting that she never ever responds in text at all. There's already one leaked screenshot of her texts with the cow avatar, there has to be more.

No. 1603976

To clarify, the cow head avatar also appears in the pissing video and in some of the nude pictures

No. 1604176

What does cc have to do with elaine

No. 1604229

For sure there's texts. But as milky as the videos and pictures? Elaine is also retarded enough to believe what she wants even if it makes no sense (see ), it's possible the catfish wanted to convince her it wasn't him who leaked it. IDK nona, I just don't think there's anything that brain-shattering in those DMs that it would blow this thing wide open.

No. 1604287

One more thing. I wanted to say thank you to admin & the farmhands here who removed the content. This kind of thing is very scary for women to experience, even if self inflicted. I am very surprised that there are people who consider their Opsec strong enough to be able to distribute RP & feel untouchable by authorities/subpoenas. People who do this kind of thing are delusional in their own sense, they believe they are legally untouchable, they believe a VPN & a burner email will protect them, they also believe I kept no archives of chats, accounts & evidence. This kind of delusion is mental illness in itself. I am surprised that KF would even risk hosting that content, but then again, I’m not because when one doesn’t face consequences for a long time, they seem to believe things will stay that way. Thank you to the jannies here.

No. 1604319

No. 1604346

Can we add sperging about CDG to the PSA?

CDG is just some random troon that was tangentially involved in last year's ILJ fiasco, and we all know who can't stop schizoposting about that.

No. 1604587

CDG is actually entertaining though and spends a lot of time attacking sex pests like Blaine.

No. 1605101

You told everyone it wasn't you in the videos you dumb bint, how can it be revenge porn if you say it's not you?

No. 1605103

Does she still think Null talks to her even after he clarified on his KF account that he isn't talking to her anywhere?

No. 1605182

She tells people she still thinks it was null. Whether she actually believes it or not is another story

No. 1605356

Tranny hands typed this

No. 1605426

DMs? What DMs? Reminds me of when the schizotroon talked about "socking." Imageboard, troon. Imageboard. And if you're talking DMs on KF Josh absolutely reads them when he feels the need.

No. 1605514

lol schizo you're so obvious when your narcissism leaks out of your posts, 41% painfully, I'm not even sorry you claim to be a victim or whatever

No. 1605683

File: 1659501305673.jpeg (300.09 KB, 1125x1693, B239EABF-ACDB-4EA5-B2DC-FDFB06…)

New Elaine server rules

No. 1606236

FairsInfoCenter and DBSfromKF are absolutely not Blaine alts, kek. See /meta/ and the Rachel thread.
>JDANKS and plate gang suck
She's not wrong but she's fucking with people who hit back and hit back low.

No. 1607740

A trusted source just informed me that Josh is a reverse feeder and is starving Elaine while keeping her in diapers. They both live at his mom's house in Florida.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1608547

File: 1659757024612.jpeg (21.14 KB, 1284x434, E2B72513-E16A-4B33-98BD-0B8AAA…)

Elaine made a sock puppet on discord to blame for the stuff.

No. 1609067

Elaine was banned by null again. Elaine’s mom work email also sent null an email a month ago

No. 1609477

The pure retarded autism of Elaine never fails to shock (and entertain) me. Like, just imagine… not engaging in any of this shit? Like just logging off, or unplugging the computer, or even just closing her eyes. Her life could just be normal so easily but she refuses to allow it. Wild

Anyway, people claiming Null unbanned her from KF and using that as evidence to support their theory of him being the one talking to Elaine are also fucking retarded. He didn’t just decide one day to unban her. She made a sock and started posting in her thread again after the thigh pics got posted. They (not sure if it was Null himself or another janny) merged her sock account with the main one after verifying that it was her. Null posted the “no comment” thing before her sock was verified and merged but I’m pretty sure other jannies have those privileges and could’ve done that themselves after Null basically said fuck off to the whole thing. I get the vibe that he really was just trying to ignore Elaine and hope that she would eventually get bored, when he probably (very likely) should’ve been more proactive in shutting shit down before it got to this point. But also, like, she’s a grown ass adult and it’s not really his fucking problem, lol. Anyway, I feel like he was just very “what the fuck ever” about it and didn’t weigh in one way or another if a different janny decided to merge her two accounts, which allowed her to start positing on KF again. I just don’t think that’s the same as Null actually unbanning her and giving her the green light to spout her autism all over the site, which some users (or just UH lmao) seem to think indicates that he was behind the whole thing to begin with. And yeah, he’s made it known that he uses a voice modulator all the time anyway so would be super easy for someone else to “sound like him” by also using one.

TLDR: Null sucks for a lot of other reasons but there’s no evidence that points to him actually being the scrote that convinced Elaine to carve herself up in his honor, and a fuckton of common sense pointing to the fact that she just got catfished by some shitbag on the internet who knows how desperate she is for Null’s attention

No. 1609508

A nonnie posting sense in the Elaine thread, what a treat. I only totally agree. The thing is all the Discord dramafags seem like conveniently enough the people they suspect the most are people they already hate due to dumb ass drama. I don't know how many are resorting to making shit up, the tranny definitely, as for the rest, so many of these people have some agenda. At this point I believe half Elaine when she says she knows who did it but blah blah blah doesn't wanna reveal the truth yet. She's milking it herself for attention. I even think something happened but I'm also open to thinking there is no catfish and it's all Elaine smoke and mirrors.

No. 1609513

Why ban her now when her mom emailed him a month ago? He hasn't shown this level of concern for other lolcows, there are cows with a history of being manipulated or clear mental illness still unbanned.

Seems like it has more to do with Elaine dropping screenshots accusing Null of being behind it and hinting she knew more about Null's inner circle. If it wasn't true he could have ignored it or laughed it off, but denying it and immediately banning her is rather odd.

No. 1609708

Null banned her because people bothered him in another thread. It was about Elaine and his tard rage made him ban her

Also I am starting to believe that there's a gay ops with some retard tying to convince people Null tricked Elaine.

No. 1609712

the retard's name is elaine

No. 1609762

Nonna, get over your hate boner for Null for just a second and use your brain. Null has said repeatedly that he wants nothing to do with Elaine and will never speak to her. His initial method of “ignore until she gets bored” didn’t work because the fact that he ignores tf out of her triggers Elaines narcissistic autism and causes her to try even HARDER. To the point of physically mutilating her fucking body because a catfish told her to. She wants his attention that bad, she will carve herself up like a thanksgiving turkey without a second thought of “hmm, this is odd, why would someone that I’ve never seen/met in person or even seen on a video chat ask me to do this?” Thats fucking insane behavior on her part. Now add in the fact that she still constantly emails him and tags him on KF (she responded to one of his posts in the Flamenco thread right before he banned her this time), talks about him on public forums all over the goddamn internet and causes OTHER people to bother him about her… and now her fucking “MOM” is emailing you about her. How incredibly annoying and creepy to basically have this insane little pick-me stalking you every day on your own website. He said he was trying the “ignore” thing again but clearly… not gonna work. It makes total sense for him to get fed up and ban her a second time. I would hardly call it a “random” ban on his part.

I’m not even trying to necessarily defend Null because like, yes he still sucks. But Jesus Christ, this type of schizophrenia would annoy the fucking Pope and it’s not unreasonable for him to want her to shut up and sperg somewhere else to give himself a break until she inevitably comes back with a sock account. This is all very common sense, IMO.. the argument you're trying to make is such a reach and I think it’s weird you find him banning her to be odd. Like shit, would you want to ban someone if they were an autistic retard stalking you for months and accusing you of causing her to self-harm? I wouldn’t blame him if he ended up getting a restraining order against the psychotic bitch.

No. 1609816

I would agree with what you're saying if Elaine was the only narcissistic szhizo cow that can't shut the fuck up about Null. But she isn't, and the rest aren't banned.

You are correct that she returned on a sock account. However, you are forgetting that his initial reason for banning her was for allegedly being a CP spammer. There's no fucking reason to unban her, sock or not, if that was the reason for the ban. For every other banned user that socks, their socks just get banned too.

I didn't say anything about Null tricking Elaine, just that he treats her differently from other lolcows for some reason. Other schizo cows who blame Null for everything aren't banned, other banned user's socks don't get merged and unbanned.

No. 1609884

He treats her differently bc she cut his name in her thighs. He doesn’t want the bad press of a girl killing herself bc of him and how that would effect his money and the sites perception.

No. 1609898

File: 1659912038881.png (16.01 KB, 771x121, uhoh.png)

No. 1609997

> dropping screenshots accusing Null of being behind it
Screenshots of messages from SIGSEGV, a scrotey scrote who hates Null, means less than nothing.
> hinting she knew more about Null's inner circle
Elaine does this all the time and not just will Null.
> denying it and immediately banning her is rather odd.
No it's not.
> Also I am starting to believe that there's a gay ops with some retard tying to convince people Null tricked Elaine.
Of course there is lol. Null is a creep but creeps who hate him are putting this around to cause drama.

No. 1610234

It's not like his site has a good public reputation to begin with. It's not the first time him and the site have been blamed for self harm or suicide.


I don't understand why people are treating her like the villain here. She might be acting irrationally but assuming she was catfished and revenge porned,it's not hard to understand why she's freaking the fuck out.

No. 1610623

I don't hate Null I just think he's a faggot lol.

No. 1610628

Anyway, since the women are, as usual, getting things wrong, I figured that I'd clear a few things up based on what little I actually care to remember about the conversation with Elaine. I'm not going to read the caps she posted on Kiwi, because I have better things to do.
1: the IP Elaine was asking for
I remember that the IP was shared with another account on the site, but it was created after the piss video was posted. Don't remember who it was, don't particularly care.
2: I was blackmailed or something??
I'm pretty sure that she thought this because I wasn't responding to her on Discord. In reality, I just thought it was funnier to leave the DM on mute.
3: I did it to fuck with Josh
Elaine was the one who came up with the idea of Josh being involved, I just ran with it because I thought it'd be funny and that SURELY there was no way she'd believe something as retarded as "Josh was pretending to be someone pretending to be Josh," yet here we are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1610631

I'm just a little worm uwu

No. 1610920

In a situation where someone is posting either deep faked or legitimate revenge porn, that’s probably not the time you should decide to randomly accuse someone just for the “lulz”.

If you weren’t involved & don’t know who was, just say that to clear things up. You don’t need to act suspicious and ignore Discord questions regarding something as serious as this.

We get it, Josh sucks and you hate him, but if you had no proof against Josh, you probably shouldn’t have pointed fingers. Whether a joke or not, accusations like that without evidence are serious.

This isn’t a huge joke or even gossip. This is something way out of our bounds to be able to handle. This is an image board, we aren’t investigators, we aren’t the police. This shouldn’t be milked for gossip or used to slag off our enemies or frame them.

I understand that most people here do not regard this as anything other than more gossip on me, but I feel as if I’ve been virtually raped and I refrained from harping on about the mental affect this has had on me.

This isn’t something we should use to gayop people with. What was done to me could be being done to many other women right now and using sexual harassment to troll me with, and blame Josh, sure doesn’t make you look good buddy, it also makes you look like it was actually you responsible, or that you were involved/know who was.

No. 1611057



You have already claimed to know who did this
Regardless if you were catfished, you are still unbelievably fucked up and damaged to send ANYONE that kind of content
You are a giant gullible retard to believe a single thing Sig said (also why you were catfished)
You spend all your time on discord with autistic wignat coomers but can't comprehend why you're dealing with sexual harassment
You literally fucked one of them and don't understand why the rest of them are biting at your ankles for his sloppy seconds
You are not a victim, no one held you down and carved a fat man's name into your skin
Shut the fuck up and quit whining about the consequences of your own actions like a giant fag baby or log off and do something with your life

No. 1611078

>expecting me to read all of that shit, especially when your name is attached to it
top fucking zozzle

No. 1611146

I thought she spent most of the day talking and playing jack in the box with Elaines Elites with people from the .farms discord. Maybe drop logs and proof if you know she's hanging out with wignats

No. 1611270

Okay fine I admit it, I was the one in the pictures and I posted them myself because I wanted attention. Now can someone please get me in touch with admin? It's important.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1611317



Elaine never sleeps, she can do both, lurk more, rip your own logs Spooky, etc.

No. 1611337

Spookies just mad they helped out AC and let him get away with his shit

No. 1611348

This person isn’t me. I don’t know who they are but I am glad the farmhands & admin here could recognise that wasn’t me.

Me being fucked up and damaged isn’t really new information.

I don’t think people realise that I actually tell people off on a regular basis for making sexual comments towards me. Because I didn’t whine about it in public, people assumed I was a pick me. In actual fact, I really hate that kind of shit, and people have gotten a lot better at decreasing that behaviour after I mentioned it.

I feel like I’ve been read completely wrong. People are assuming a few chat logs and a selfie are indicative that I meet up with and bang guys I know online. It’s ridiculous.

I am actually pretty refrained in terms of sex/romance. It takes a lot to get me talking about anything like that, and I don’t fall for people easily.

I had a huge go at people on Discord for uploading images of women and commenting on their bodies. You all don’t see what I say to people in private, so you assume I encourage this behaviour. I have no problem calling out misogynistic men who make disgusting sexual advances online, but I try to do so diplomatically and in private, as cancel culture really isn’t my thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1611361

Elaine, you had sex with Jack Anus Cabbage 12.
You also have a crush on Null.
That's why you carved his name on your legs.

Also I remember a screenshot where she said she would cum to kiwis.
Do someone remember?

No. 1612023

File: 1660140740007.png (375.25 KB, 1280x720, brown bricks.png)

You can shut up now.(you too)

No. 1612298

Elaine, get off the internet, eat the food, touch the grass.

No. 1612304

She's never going to log off. At this point, I'm convinced that she's only going to leave when she either ODs on stimulants or hangs herself in a moment of lucidity.

No. 1614003

>actually believing that an attention whore should be exempt from getting a thread just because they'd enjoy the attention

No. 1618102

She's like a 5/10 at best, and that's BEFORE she opens her mouth and you realize that she's br*tish. Why the fuck are so many people trying to smash with her?

No. 1623717

File: 1661291096662.png (78.64 KB, 787x243, keffals.png)

No. 1626457

We're both trolls, isolated outcasts of society, troubled upbringing with distant parents and only children. Antisocial freaks who hate crowds and other people. Psychos that threaten and create terror. Based and blackpilled beyond belief. Addicts and edgelords. Dealt with struggle and hardship. Empty feelings and loneliness all the time. Mental disorders and try to create drama and chaos everywhere. Attention whores at the same time. Brutal people. Large "digital foot prints"; me having threads with millions of views and you having your own thread where we both are discussed. Both of us are criminals, just I'm better at not getting caught. It's more of a question of how we are different. People like me a lot and I stand by my friends and people I care about. I'm also better than you in every aspect ofc. You could learn something from me It's fucking pointless bc you are obsessed with a person that doesn't exist. Null is nothing like you think he is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1628236

File: 1661689772982.jpeg (491.21 KB, 1170x1148, AE947584-34FF-4685-965F-679F56…)

Elaine’s trying her hardest to get keffals’ attention on twitter. I thought Elaine’s videos were deepfakes?

No. 1629389

File: 1661751738665.png (185.95 KB, 612x666, unknown (9).png)

More likely a fellow oldfag striking while the giant is down.

No. 1629391

File: 1661751814848.png (593.95 KB, 584x590, unknown (10).png)


No. 1632641

File: 1662035566210.jpeg (577.73 KB, 1170x1628, 867FB87A-39A6-46B4-BB5F-DC9994…)

it’s the same account she used to dox lcf admin. She just changed the @. She’s going to out Matthew Prince’s KF account next.

No. 1637380

File: 1662399960783.jpg (225.64 KB, 1072x588, ElaineVillainOrigin.jpg)

What a bizarre life path. How does someone go from being a side character in the Lillee Jean Trueman extended universe to being a part of a failed troll team to take down the farms? I'm still not over the fact she never went back to Lillee Jean for beef

No. 1638293

I don't think she had anything to do with the current stuff, even though her pet schizotroon is saying they did it together. But yeah, you're right. Such a bizarre escalation. Sadly though she's of the right age for this to be about the onset of serious mental illness more than about e-drama as such, it just became a perfect storm with particularly her whole solar system of degenerate Discord orbiters. Elaine's become more of a sadcow for me over time.

No. 1640547

Ayrt I lost interest in her for a while when all she was doing was spamming threads then bam one day she's carving "Joshua Moon" into her thighs because he won't fuck her or something. It's incredibly sad that she could have just went on and lived a normal life but 2 seconds of notice on the LJ thread (a thread which had already started dying down and not getting as much attention at thats point in time) was enough for her to ruin her life. One day someone is going to find out she spams illegal porn and she's 100% going to jail when that happens. Her ilk will throw her under the bus

No. 1645606

Elaine, I'm worried about you. Last time I spoke to you you were talking to some reaaaally dodgy people and it looked like you were about to be gayoped again (pretty sure that wasn't Null, com eon now). Why block me? I only ever gave you good advice.

I just hope that this is because you've realised the internet is bad news and have left it completely, rather than hearing some wormtongue-esque shite that made you do so.


No. 1646098

Dog has turned into a wolf and wants to tear it all down. There are way more than two whispering in her ear to do so.
Plate gang has her.

- Hound

No. 1646940

Why are people still giving this retard attention

No. 1648240

it's a schizo pedo tranny, anon, pay him no mind

In Elaine-related news, I don't know if there is any. Afraid there might be but hope there isn't. She's convinced Josh actually did do the catishing in some sort of triple reverse homosexual operation Josh pretending not to be Josh. She hangs out with some nasty Discord scrotes but what else is new. She's learned nothing.

No. 1648275

Corey Barnhill did it duh.

No. 1651945

There was a video on youtube recently of her on a four hour voice chat with other lolcows where at one point she reads out gay erotic fiction to them all. There's no hope for her

No. 1662402

File: 1664497848564.jpg (121.09 KB, 856x657, elaine.jpg)

Elaine having a 200+ IQ and regaining her opsec as we speak

No. 1669961

Looks like josh gave up and deleted her thread or sent it to spergatory

No. 1672533

File: 1665504336057.png (511.41 KB, 1080x257, dyhorestdnjjdsrb.png)

I'm guessing this is at least one of the scrotes that was messing with her, the verbiage is too specific. Of course he's another IP2/Gunt ballwasher like her other orbiters so I'm assuming that's how he found her. Probably old news to anyone who gives a shit at this point but it piqued my interest.

No. 1676504

File: 1665886875895.jpg (479.4 KB, 1080x1846, elaine.jpg)

Elaine sent some bullshit to Nulls host which is why the thread was down temporarily, now it's back.

No. 1676640

Looks like stabmaster arson is still simping for her and fucking with her.

>I want nothing to do with her
>hosts a thread on her
Good logic

No. 1681301

literally fucking who, this is Elaine's thread, nobody cares about nobodies unless there's good milk involved

No. 1682017

>dropping nudes
How would this be interesting. It’s just a repeat of before.
Elaine has no more milk.
It’s just simps that want to fuck her like empresa, angry Canadian, etc…

No. 1682503

Why would you care about Elaine after she sent death threats to your little sister

No. 1682515

Over-abundance of empathy.

No. 1684731

go on…

No. 1684813

if you claim to know something, say it or gtfo. if everyone else knew, they'd put it in the thread

No. 1685359

What’re the odds this fella is the fake Null?

No. 1685363


No. 1685365

I know he’s a weird scrote, but how does this prove he’s been impersonating Josh

No. 1685377

File: 1666807314636.jpg (18.77 KB, 225x225, z0mb0_12.JPG)

erika got raped in a psych ward and then bragged to zoom about being a pedophile

No. 1685450

So you’re just saying you think it is him. For all we know it could be you cowpoly

No. 1685461

Cowpoly engaged in loli and rape play with elaine

No. 1685467

What makes you think Cow Poly planned this? Where’s the evidence? Is the evidence just that he’s been around Elaine a lot?

No. 1685469

It’s blaine so the only evidence they have of cowpoly being behind fake null is that they hang around Elaine a lot

No. 1685486

Let people make their own conclusions regarding who the fake Null / Catfish is.

Stop trying to push and control narratives by pushing your theory of the week as a facts.

There's always a weirdo or two doing that in that thread.

No. 1685527

File: 1666817994381.jpeg (626.74 KB, 1125x1239, 65125FF7-AFF8-457E-8A91-EDCB5D…)

Loli dungeon with Elaine

No. 1685540

Cowpoly is in his 40s while Elaine was 19

No. 1685559

He’s been doxed by Elaine. He gave her his full dox, therapists phone number

No. 1685735

fake and gay

No. 1687330

File: 1666989838156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.44 KB, 1125x2108, 87ECEFD5-E7E0-4BBE-932A-E6209C…)

There’s a video going round uk social media of Elaine getting punched for trying to swat a classmate

No. 1687602

post link to video or "uk social media".

No. 1693080

File: 1667525379471.png (3.99 MB, 1125x2436, 2CE5E767-54A7-447B-8F4A-A89F86…)

You bitches are gonna pay. Loser cyber bullies with no life. Queen Elaine has her master plan to fuck this site and get her thread down. Fucking nonnas don’t have shit on the Queen. She’s gonna wash the floor with your faces. She the most intelligent, hot and based woman ever. Queen Elaine has billions and sits in her room with her chandler. Wtf do you ugly bitches have? Huh? That’s right nothing.


No. 1693125

File: 1667528577752.jpeg (394.69 KB, 1125x2436, 31761614-FDDE-424A-8275-9D2C87…)


No. 1693223

File: 1667538921889.png (6.12 MB, 1125x2436, C2B4F308-67AA-4923-85D3-DC679F…)


No. 1693229

File: 1667539250338.png (4.8 MB, 1125x2436, 473BBAE9-DCFA-4C6F-AAFB-750176…)


No. 1695207

File: 1667739126498.jpeg (226.66 KB, 1125x532, D22BE582-5BA2-49B0-8532-EA1D1A…)

Elaine is desperate for her star crossed loli loving fat heroin addicted 40 year old alcoholic Christopher. He’s been ignoring her.

No. 1695254

They're made for each other lol.

No. 1695638

File: 1667789587740.png (214.75 KB, 1056x693, 66D4A082-6B08-4871-8E1E-9381B0…)

Elaine released her own porn to phish people

No. 1695811

Nonsensefag hands wrote this.

No. 1696349

File: 1667875695594.png (31.83 KB, 560x208, 7785A660-CDF6-4173-8A95-DB2F35…)

Elaine owns a new website gossip girl.lol

No. 1703503

File: 1668854259044.jpeg (745.92 KB, 1125x1465, 7E22BD14-8E70-4B8C-9A16-066D8E…)

She has notebook satanic pages on everyone she talks to like this

No. 1705339

Link to Elaine’s new (she put it out on the 17th) and old porn that she released herself https://mega.nz/folder/ZLNRUTzA#2S-HqGDmV46XmYsnJYrVZQ

No. 1705768

Nobody here wants to see that.

No. 1705802

File: 1669059429551.png (259.96 KB, 915x460, Untitled.png)

Someone's living rent free in her mostly hollow head.

No. 1710032

File: 1669426138854.jpg (511.76 KB, 1125x1687, IMG_2076.jpg)

looks like Elaine found some new scrotes to hide with. entire discord is filled with milk

No. 1710053

Your archive is out of date and only goes up to 13 Nov
Here is a close to up to date archive up to 21 Nov.

No. 1710785

File: 1669500486803.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.06 KB, 720x1378, Screenshot_20221126-220609_Tel…)

Elaine is off her meds and claiming credit for taking down kiwi

No. 1711521

>I'm the dark lady of the internet

Never change Elaine

No. 1712040

Elaine was banned from poa.st for baiting people to use her real name so they break the no doxing rule and get banned
Her posts are archived here https://chudbuds.lol/@_Trollcow_@poa.st

No. 1712082

File: 1669597282941.jpg (429.71 KB, 720x1409, Screenshot_20221128-005945_Chr…)

Possible new Elaine sock, definitely unhinged enough

No. 1712314

fake and gay

No. 1712354

Elaine is a queen. Get mad and stay mad haters(elaine)

No. 1712399

File: 1669619631725.jpeg (222.54 KB, 1125x1487, 37A94E90-E3E6-47CF-88A3-E45B2B…)

Elaine Dairy November 24th

No. 1712400

File: 1669619653005.jpeg (260.63 KB, 1124x1664, 6E002438-3C41-449F-B051-9EF66D…)

No. 1712570

Me when I lie(sage)

No. 1713190

File: 1669690014523.jpeg (261.66 KB, 1125x1279, 6DB8CA72-27FB-4F17-905A-26C8EA…)

Rash from getting toxic mould poisoning, bc she sleeps in her own piss and snot

No. 1713216

File: 1669692690272.gif (2.43 MB, 300x436, 55BCD323-0E82-4487-8081-257C3B…)

Yes she picks her nose and just wipes it on her unmade bed

No. 1713218

File: 1669692714635.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1497, BFE6658B-DD64-4644-AD6C-8E0A09…)

Her room

No. 1713220

File: 1669692756911.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1479, A074B32F-D400-4981-905B-A52E3F…)

She can only really afford to shop at discount stores like this

No. 1713223

File: 1669693261104.jpeg (467.93 KB, 1125x1189, D102CB42-592E-48C7-ADB3-8B8966…)

She’s terrible looking without makeup

No. 1713252

File: 1669696368300.jpeg (549.97 KB, 1125x1162, 60F24263-83D3-4C76-B520-710A0A…)

Elaine pees the bed

No. 1713254

File: 1669696389396.jpeg (632.9 KB, 1125x1642, 66E89EE0-F528-42E0-B6CA-23A9A0…)

No. 1713256

File: 1669696439273.jpeg (240.92 KB, 1125x1496, 3B16E61A-2D6A-4975-AAE6-4F2FE2…)

Elaine and Vordrak

No. 1713257

File: 1669696501511.jpeg (198.21 KB, 1125x1227, 3A77AF9D-22B9-4312-A99B-D8FAD0…)

Younger Elaine was fat

No. 1713258

File: 1669696541728.jpeg (115.26 KB, 1125x1107, A15E3063-997B-403C-8AF2-DF0929…)

No. 1713261

File: 1669696598046.jpeg (219.24 KB, 1125x1797, 6F09A027-CA49-4125-98FB-193D80…)

No. 1713263

File: 1669696623815.jpeg (190.95 KB, 977x1767, 671C57B7-8D1D-4E7C-B024-B3F322…)

She kinda looks like a man

No. 1713264

File: 1669696653935.jpeg (453.76 KB, 1125x1403, 8F5E77C3-99A5-46DF-9FAB-CF16B6…)

Her fake designer knockoffs

No. 1713270

File: 1669697389273.jpeg (Spoiler Image,235.32 KB, 1125x2436, 9F1983EC-07C3-4576-9AAF-090974…)

Elaine cuts herself often

No. 1713271

File: 1669697503182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.58 KB, 1125x2436, 8A36DD9B-891D-48A0-B521-42FC59…)

More cutting photos, she posts them everywhere and to her friends

No. 1713274

File: 1669697943127.jpeg (393.98 KB, 1125x1492, D3F95687-B866-430D-BAF4-799176…)

She’s really into cutting. If I had to guess it was her idea to cut josh moon into her legs

No. 1715645

she looks british not terrible just british

No. 1715679

She thinks she has Havana syndrome

No. 1716500

Even for British she's below average. Which will be a contributing factor in why she's fucking old man vordy

No. 1716653

She unironically started this as a 5, now she's a 3 at best.

No. 1719776

Empresa keeps getting manipulated by Elaine into posting pictures of her

No. 1719777

Elaine was so mad about those unflattering photos, so she get empresa to post other ones on onion

No. 1719895

File: 1670335771194.png (351.85 KB, 863x1178, Screenshot_20221206-074425.png)

Elaine made another account on onion farms to rant about Empresa and get mad that more VCs from her scrote server got recorded and posted.

No. 1720188

File: 1670354123076.png (89.27 KB, 471x615, image0.png)

Zombie is still hanging around Elaine and used her to attack some people from Wizardchan, also attempting to smear Blaine with their pants down yet again.

No. 1720875

Elaine Miller laughs that she swatted people and claims you need to hire a lawyer to prosecute her
"if you try to hire a lawyer to prosecute me for swatting I'm just going to laugh at you"

No. 1721434

File: 1670448112746.jpeg (836.88 KB, 1125x1247, A0836A27-858A-4DB0-AD02-BBDB05…)


No. 1721467

File: 1670450254425.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x1806, F7546BE7-041E-451B-AB7B-27169D…)

In addition to toxic mould poisoning from her moldy piss stained sheets, Elaine is sick. Also notice the hair growing on the side of her face, like a beard. Hair growth like that is common in bulimics

No. 1721499

File: 1670452274729.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1125x2098, 99CF9631-DA53-47CA-84CE-7E5FAB…)

She put a DEAD BUG in her beanie, and let it hang down in front of her eye. I guess she thought kiwifarmers would like this? She wants to be queen of the kiwis so bad

No. 1722334

The tranny is stealing her feminity confirmed.

No. 1722809

File: 1670567150953.png (45.13 KB, 1250x273, elaine on scrote site.png)

I can't believe how sexist these scrotes on onionfarms are, fucking moids. Vile behavior critiquing her for her issues with weight.

No. 1722989

Well we got lolcow farmers teaming up with onion farmers to own Elaine. Why would you post this? Talk about people posting their Ls online. It’s just talking to Elaine for an hour and looking like a retard.

No. 1722991

Imagine being so mad at Elaine you not only talk to her for an hour, but troll her by pretending to be her friend, and creating random discord accounts to come fuck with her. Really pathetic behavior from all those involved in that recording.

No. 1723004

Elaine is ugly and sleeps in a pissy bed, but I still find people that pretend to be her friend for the screenshots worse

No. 1723159

This, and it’s lolcowfarm girls too. Elaine’s elite cringe people

No. 1723283

This thread should have been dead months ago, there's no more milk. It's literally just one or two losers posting random pictures of Elaine every few days and getting no response, you can tell it's the same people from the way they spell "mould".

Imagining teaming up with the vile scrotes at Onion Farms, the lolcow farmgirls working with onionfarms are bigger pickmes than Elaine. Completely pathetic shit.

No. 1723777

File: 1670657240636.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2319, D951E0DC-3CC6-4532-9BD9-427F2A…)

Classic Elaine straw chewing/art

No. 1723778

File: 1670657603248.jpeg (232.41 KB, 1125x690, B916F288-2140-4718-9079-F931A4…)

Elaine has issue with one of her simps

No. 1724146

The broken clock is correct on that one.

No. 1725067

File: 1670790206188.png (153.2 KB, 322x395, image-52.png)

What a fat slovenly cow who needs to spend all day appealing to kiwi scrotes for attention. Typical obese pick me behaviour.

No. 1725155

Angry Canadian (who she is replying to) isn't even a kiwi, he's the one user null had a poll over unbanning and only 2% voted unban over keep banned. So it's even worse.

No. 1729481

File: 1671287403744.png (9.07 KB, 291x79, Fatty.png)

Our little Lainey accidentally admits in her kiwi scrote server to not having amenorrhea like any self respecting anachan. This makes her skin walking anachans even funnier as it reveals that she is nothing but some fat pick me who wants any male attention no matter how transparent her ploy is.

No. 1729615

I read this post with a lisp, I wonder why.

No. 1732514

(awww, the tranny is mad)

No. 1733031

Wait what? Since when? I thought this was all a game.

No. 1748003

File: 1674099551514.jpg (256.9 KB, 1260x526, Trollcow2.JPG)

In case people have forgotten about Elaine, she has taken up residence at OF. (lol!)


It's pretty cringe.

No. 1748736

Who gives a shit nigger. Elaine is based and she’s dunking on faggots like 789 on her new YouTube channel

No. 1748916

File: 1674229604283.png (187.95 KB, 856x640, Screenshot 2023-01-20 7.37.55 …)


Hi Lainey!

Elaine is the ultimate pickme to a bunch of fat incel scrotes. It's funny that such a high-class lady from such a "wealthy" family settles for that. lol ;)

Real wealth never talks about their money. It's taboo. You should know that, Elaine.

No. 1748981

>can’t sage
Hi 789, go look after your kids and stop spending all your time on discord and doing stupid shit

No. 1749238

File: 1674264722654.jpg (212.96 KB, 1080x1060, 2023_01_20_12.07.16.jpg)

>Real wealth never talks about their money. It's taboo. You should know that, Elaine.
That's what always gave it away to me, real money doesn't even bring it up with a romantic partner for a while let alone scream it on an image board for the favor of scrotes.
Milk doesn't require saging and you should know that since you're posting in your own thread.

Here is a post I personally found humorous as it's most likely that police will rule it as a suicide due to her catalogued instability and overall poor mental health.

No. 1750793

File: 1674500949051.png (96.25 KB, 1261x316, Screenshot 2023-01-22 7.28.50 …)

You are a very amusing trollcow, Elaine. Top kek.
And since you are so moneyed up, you should bankroll Null's business ventures. That should be pocket money for an affluent person like yourself.

No. 1754795

Elaine spaghettis in /meta/ for four days straight while getting her gayops exposed and still chooses to try and attack staff. Potential cow crossover with Rachel yet again as the pair go after everyone and anyone including some random discord mod named Hex. Typical Elaine shit stirring and a good example for anyone to watch out for. A fun game to play is seeing how many of her non-named posts you can catch.

No. 1771459

File: 1676778707595.png (9.28 KB, 441x82, Sangwhich.png)

leader of the elaines elite tells the truth. considering there is no never endings up there I can only assume this german cunt enjoys it due to psychological reasons

No. 1777537

No. 1778171

File: 1677475675206.jpg (75.81 KB, 608x648, Set01 - Copy.jpg)

Elaine and the real catfish. Together forever.

No. 1778172

File: 1677475773053.jpg (293.63 KB, 1708x784, Set02 - Copy.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1778173

File: 1677475907973.jpg (125.13 KB, 801x995, Set03 - Copy.jpg)

Part 3

No. 1778986

looks like someone's been archiving pages of her threads https://elainethepeepeetrain.neocities.org/

No. 1779228

File: 1677601900800.jpg (202.66 KB, 1080x1201, Elaine account.jpg)

Elaine is currently WKing Rachel Leeds-Minkin on a Twitter account that is perpetually shadowbanned but she's taken a page from the California Weeb Cow and continues to insist it isn't her despite there being many indications that it is in fact her behind the account.


No. 1779682

Because she has openly admitted to being in love with the catfish who she tries to pass off as totally Josh. Tragic really. Good thing she has finally ran off the net.

No. 1779690

If only. She's running up alts again and trying to build some self esteem the only way she knows how. Declaring random people to be "lolcows" and pretending no one can see her.

Like a retarded elephant hiding behind a tiny shrub.

No. 1783699


Nonnie, no offence, but are you legally blind, retarded, and/or a Boomer? Nobody can read those.

No. 1783710

File: 1678124318994.png (152.32 KB, 926x766, ChudbudsRIP1.png)

Apparently Elaine was watching Claire's stream when the chudbuds leak went down.

No. 1783803

File: 1678133559161.jpg (322.37 KB, 1080x1383, gayops exposed.jpg)

Whole thing was a giant gayopping group with Elaine as a "trusted source", no wonder they got everything leaked over there. Not only does this mean KF mods and users were certainly still talking and gayopping with her off-site but also that a lot of stuff even as far as the ILJ stuff was covered up thanks to personal connections.
Extremely troubling that someone like Elaine gets that kind of protection.

No. 1783843

She had that kind of protection supposedly but still manages to get hoodwinked by the ops of the people around her.

No. 1783969

Those protecting her are rather dumb to be fair.

No. 1784005

I see all of the same KF rejects from the ILJ era mentioned with Elaine all the time. I gotta wonder why it's somehow always the same group of people getting involved even if by proxy or just being within the circle of culpability. How do these bitches always insert themselves into the worst situations?
Elaine is extra fucking stupid for hanging around, especially if she had an idea this was about to go down before it did.

No. 1784062

Well because they have continued gayopping since ILJ and the few who called them out soon got swarmed in a barrage from their socks.
Elaine just enjoys being malicious and playing as some "darkweb hacker" so she puts up with the abuse and likely knows it's dumb but cannot satisfy her urge otherwise. She's become a slave to her own dopamine as have they all, at least in my opinion.
But hey I said this same exact thing last year.

No. 1784825

No. 1784827

Angry Canadian did a fake null and got Elaine to “bust a nut” on recording

No. 1788400

File: 1678803649725.jpg (20.66 KB, 1130x480, 23e3cc31-be55-40e8-a5c9-661cf8…)

Elaine I know you read this, think about how GWS' chat went. You never bring any content, you just ruin shit. Why go after a kiwi account when the over three hundred accounts there are going to document you asking a minor to go private on your fedi. Way more people talk and lurk than you know, that chat is not a "safe space" for you to try and seduce minors. Nearly everyone else but minor morons and you and your butt buddy can get along and mind their own, why can't you just be 'normal'?

No. 1788501

While not everything she says here is true, these are public admissions by Elaine which might help clear things up to anyone following along outside of shitcord.

No. 1788502

File: 1678819623490.jpg (310.65 KB, 1080x1760, one of the few times Elaine ha…)

No. 1788624

Isn't this just a pattern of hers? I'm not super familiar with her bullshit but I've seen enough of it.
>Elaine does something suspicious or downright nefarious.
>Elaine gets into drama or becomes obsessed with someone else in an attempt to cover up her suspicious behavior.
>Other people document the suspicious thing.
>Elaine uses her beef with new person to try and drown out any discussion in her threads about it by some new LARP of hers.
>Manic phase.
>Once the manic phase is over she lays low because she knows she fucked up (and probably needs to go to sleep)
>Comes back with "self awareness" and reveals some information to bury whatever it was she wanted to bury once and for all. She acts like she's going to grow as a person and change but only switches to this act when she gets what she wants.

No. 1788690

Yes and it seems like she was trying to set up a 17 year old as her next distraction but luckily that was halted by the community in general.

No. 1788842

File: 1678854440695.png (3.65 KB, 352x73, Screenshot 2023-03-10 11.41.58…)

Pickme regrets…

No. 1788846

So Elaine admits the only reason she got involved with Rachel was because Spooky Bones and Blaine were part of the early Rachel saga, not because she has the capacity to feel empathy for someone else.

No. 1789059

Bingo, she can't learn to get along and she can't be funny.

No. 1790070

File: 1679027793468.jpg (157.25 KB, 1080x1180, villainspeech.jpg)

New copypasta dropped.

>Watching anorexics get mad and seethe over my unattainable figure that I have because of my hyperthyroidism. Nothing more satisfying than knowing I don’t even have to try and there are people who starve themselves to look like me and my thyroid just be doing it naturally. I eat 7 meals a day, I love food, and I can’t medically retain fat. I actually wish I could, but seeing eating disorder bitches rage is the only silver lining to being incredibly insecure about looking skeletal.

No. 1790077

File: 1679030060774.png (57.17 KB, 595x432, Screenshot 2023-03-16 10.07.30…)

No. 1790078

File: 1679030167942.png (135.37 KB, 634x354, Screenshot 2023-03-14 10.22.19…)

Careful Godwinson, bro.

No. 1790080

Elaine is finally getting the attention she's been looking for. GG girlie, congrats.

No. 1790277

File: 1679070306213.png (7.3 KB, 376x177, Screenshot 2023-03-17 9.20.05 …)

What will come of this???
Will Godwinson drink Lainey's blood, or will the roles be reversed?

No. 1790500

Any lurkers wanna recap the stream?

No. 1790518

Godwinson used this to teach everyone twelve rules of interaction with trolls that maybe 3 people will learn from, and he offered Elaine a chance which she spectacularly blew(he seemed to know she would). Prefaced it as him dealing with an insect and likely none of his viewers will realize he was speaking to them and using Elaine as an example while also being actually scathing at a level she cannot pick up on.

No. 1790613

File: 1679139564667.png (90.57 KB, 562x440, Screenshot 2023-03-17 10.54.45…)

Neet Godwinson showed up a few hours late to his stream because he was very busy powdering his nose.
Adam played a video of Elaine talking about Null and felt inspired to put the flame of his lighter into his mouth-showing his true bloodline pedigree.
At the end of the stream, Godwinson invited Elaine on to chat, but the Anonymous dark web hacker Elaine could not figure out how to turn on a YouTube live stream.
Hence the obvious Queen of the Sektur. Hop along…

No. 1790616

File: 1679139958135.png (8.63 KB, 340x243, Screenshot 2023-03-17 9.38.48 …)

Pre-show chat had better keks (than the actual stream) with multiple Elaines showing up.

No. 1790617

File: 1679140003964.png (14.25 KB, 340x312, Screenshot 2023-03-17 10.01.35…)

No. 1790618

File: 1679140096770.png (3.47 KB, 334x124, Screenshot 2023-03-17 10.10.00…)

No. 1791759

File: 1679276032788.jpg (8.32 KB, 315x175, EMSFW4.jpg)

Has anyone grabbed these frames with the subject's face from the porn/alleged deepfakes? I could have sworn there was a hunt for clear shots before but did not see these. I decided to review archives since there's somewhat renewed interest. They are around aberrations/glitchy portions of the video and I only caught them when I was reviewing frame-by-frame.

No. 1791761

File: 1679276119813.jpg (5.64 KB, 133x208, EMSFW7.jpg)

Here's a different SFW sample frame as proof I'm not just shopping single frames. First pic is right at the beginning of the 7th minute. This one is towards the end. There's probably ~20 clear frames total.

No. 1791802

File: 1679281217834.png (29.67 KB, 1272x596, Screenshot 2023-03-19 7.56.57 …)

No. 1791824

File: 1679282700309.png (35.64 KB, 562x467, Screenshot 2023-03-19 8.22.53 …)

No. 1792036

File: 1679321169092.png (143.82 KB, 775x560, Screenshot 2023-03-20 7.00.20 …)

Null is contemplating getting a restraining order against the "Queen of the Sektur".

No. 1792037

File: 1679321205293.png (12.82 KB, 347x301, Screenshot 2023-03-20 7.01.15 …)

No. 1792047

LOL girl… do not be silly. Deepfake was not good enough back when this video was made. I've seen it, and all angles of it, it's not deepfake and you can never claim it to be. Just stop KEK

No. 1792074

It's a deepfake because Elaine clearly doesn't have a vagina.

No. 1792175


you wish

No. 1792397

I apologize if I was unclear… I don't believe these are deepfakes at all and the only person to think that lie was even a tiny bit believable was Elaine. That said until now there was only one video where her face is shown and there was not clear and incontrovertible proof.

As a matter of fact, these errors conveniently appearing during normal playback at precisely the moment her face is visible all-but proves these are authentic. These are almost certainly intentional to hide their face, something a deepfake would not need. Picrel, it's a zoomed out view so you can see how plentiful these frames are. Whatever believability there was for the deepfakes explanation is shot.

I'll take this as admission these aren't deepfakes and the video is authentic.

No. 1792477

In this milky video, Elaine admits to putting her images on the internet…but it shouldn't matter, because she has never had a dick inside her and never will- swatting and bullying people is what sexually arouses Elaine…She talks about wanting to swat the people at lolcow.

No. 1792659

We don't care, stop posting revenge porn.

No. 1792687

The second one has nothing of the sort, you do know Elaine's being tracked by multiple boards of kiwi now? Maybe be a bit more careful before spilling out your entire hand that you want to guard a woman who wants to swat you if she could.

No. 1792752

youre either retarded or a newfag because revenge porn has never been allowed on lc, regardless of who it is.

No. 1793007

File: 1679457548178.png (210.33 KB, 462x454, Screenshot 2023-03-21 8.25.43 …)

So what? Are you gunt-guarding for Elaine and her SWATTING CRIMES??????? The video isn't "revenge porn"…it's Elaine admitting to SWATTING people (and plans to SWAT more people), which is illegal in the U.S. Elaine Miller is admitting to criminal activity.
Are you working as an Elaine mole, so she can get "revenge" on lolcow? Why so protective of Lainey?(obsessed kiwifag)

No. 1793011

File: 1679458116865.png (115.81 KB, 463x643, Screenshot 2023-03-21 8.38.45 …)

Hey Elaine, can you tell us more about working for the feds and making honeypots for blackmail? Are you SWATTING people for the feds? You know that impersonating a federal agent is a crime.

"I never used to be a fed. I used to make honeypots for blackmail…I've had many aliases. Courtney Bell, Serena Smith, and then Elaine Miller. I dye my hair a lot, change outfits, use green screens. One day I got into trouble during a hack, and was offered a job in exchange for no jail time. Now I can do this shit and not have to worry about consequences."

No. 1793056

Everything she says reads like a shitpost…yikes.

No. 1793091

File: 1679477127142.png (14.9 KB, 582x316, Screenshot 2023-03-21 10.23.05…)

So Lainey, GWS and Gahoole taught you some valuable insights- don't let it go to waste. Don't make the error of trying to attack Adam or Gahoole with your videos. You seem smitten with Godwinson and Gahoole is a long-time troll…Gahoole will just gain power from any negative attention you give him.
Take the advice of your senpai Godwinson-"drink the blood of your enemies". Be thankful that Gahoole gave you an avenue to segway your Blood Sport attention to Brittany Venti.

No. 1793104

File: 1679479070228.png (68.75 KB, 576x506, Screenshot 2023-03-21 10.28.40…)

And what you retweeted on your Twitter is not the way to drink Venti's blood, because 4chad is old news. However, you could use some of that old lore to revitalize IBS for this era. There is a lot of milk on Venti, but nobody cares because she is a has-been. Brittany only has guys like Anthony Cumia thirsting after her.
Here are some videos of some fresher milk to get you started, if you want to give the sektur some fresh nectar: Destiny mocking Venti for being a nobody and a dying streamer. Venti's "manager" also gets outed for requesting lewds from an underage girl and Venti swept that up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_AEMZ4Wa0U

Venti giving a pedo-pass to her friends.

Venti doing more sweeping for her mason "manager".

Elaine, pull a page out of Brittany's playbook and attack an e-whore with a bigger audience than you have. Venti has been using that tactic for years to try to remain relevant…Listen to GWS and put on an entertaining show.

No. 1793122

File: 1679480486554.png (92.56 KB, 500x470, chicken.png)

So Elaine, if you want to be Queen of the Sektur- you should take the crown of the old Queen of /pol/…
And that is the place to look for lore on Venti because she still shills her streams over there. It's all pretty much all alleged material, but the rumors are that Null's future wife has been ran through by half of the online Right, all the Simpcast girls are literal prostitutes, Venti is bisexual and has had sex with the red-head comedian from Simpcast, has had a threesome with Nick Fuentes and Lauren Rose, it's rumored she had sex with Destiny, Anthony Cumia, was gangbanged in the content house, was in Charlottesville with fat fed Alaska…Of course, this is all alleged…but there appears to be a theme.
Look into Ashton Birdie and Lauren Southern and what they have to say about Alex Jones and the Right-wing casting couch. Look into what Britbong has to say about Venti.
Now bring us some good kino, Elaine.(hi cow)

No. 1793195

I'm neither, I'm the one who can do more work than ten of you faggot piles of trash can do combined. Take heed ego filled retard, I'm far smarter than you or anyone else in this entire space and I've proven it time and again.

When I say it isn't revenge porn maybe uh actually watch the video before arguing with teacher.(newfag, retard)

No. 1796115

File: 1679922095584.png (9.46 KB, 568x314, 1679891258321.png)

Elaine's current schizo plan.

No. 1798963

Elaine sounds pretty normal in her new video…she talks quite a bit about Empresa.

No. 1800002

File: 1680304252513.png (520 KB, 1000x2500, Previous Admin of Onionfarms A…)

Here is Mike/Angry Canadian, the prior head hencho at Onionfarms cutting a deal with Elaine about her thread there.

No. 1800003

File: 1680304279912.png (65.48 KB, 899x419, 1680301806610.png)


No. 1800276

Nothing really new. It was obvious that the orbiters at onionfarms were shielding Elaine and removed her thread even though Kengle has been swatted by her at least more than once. Funny how they always tried to deny it.

No. 1800373

At least it was saged and had context… they're learning. She didn't just swat Kengle but also this guy. I don't know if it's funny or sad that she has them in such a chokehold they will beg and do her favours so they can parade her around in VCs. She could have abused this so much if she was just the slightest bit based.

No. 1800469

They're not learning, just a change in management.
She had Michael completely wrapped around her finger and naturally Kengle was around Mike's. The angry Canadian has gone into hiding with his tail tucked so it won't be him dumping in here trying to obfuscate anymore.

No. 1800907

most anons here don't feel sympathy for a woman beating nazi scrote, Michael Thurlow, who thought he could tame elaine into being his pet retard in his 30s

No. 1801044

No. 1801061

File: 1680456035016.png (4.61 KB, 353x90, elan1.png)

These are from Godwinson's last pre-stream chat (where he didn't end up steaming).

No. 1801062

File: 1680456074010.png (10.85 KB, 353x320, elan2.png)

No. 1801064

File: 1680456133312.png (13.35 KB, 353x325, elan3.png)

No. 1801065

File: 1680456238082.png (2.53 KB, 335x48, elan4.png)

GWS swept chat and hasn't returned…

No. 1801069

File: 1680456617440.png (106.36 KB, 551x591, Screenshot 2023-03-30 12.46.47…)

Elaine's Twitter has been taken down.

No. 1801307

She was outright suspended. Whew.

No. 1806783

The long-awaited Godwinson response video…

No. 1806922

Looks like the demon sucking away Elaine's feminity is almost done kek

No. 1807107

How it started. This was two years ago. Elaine seems like a different person.

No. 1807136

Alternate timeline:
Elaine takes Lillee's advice
>You should have more confidence in yourself. You're so pretty and sweet.
She reads The Great Gatsby and writes the best essay she has ever written.
She watches The Queen's Gambit.
She goes to parties after the lock down ends. Everyone has forgotten about that edgy Chinatown joke.
She never emails null.

No. 1807174

I wish in the current timeline that I’d never emailed Null.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1807192

Here's some unsolicited friendly advice, Elaine…You're still quite young, go live your best life. The sektur used to be a lot more funny/fun, but it gets progressively more sad with time. Don't waste some of the best years of your life on this, unless you really have a personality that wants attention at all costs.

No. 1807488

File: 1681305853235.jpg (31.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

Shits boring as fuck now, my other hobbies are taking back over so I'm adding onto this. Elaine want to know how you win? The penultimate win? Picrel
I'm a wet blanket, a fun ruiner and my job here is done. Have fun with the ashes Queen Nothing ♥

No. 1807901

File: 1681369013218.png (13.55 KB, 598x419, Screenshot 2023-04-12 11.55.38…)


No. 1808000

Nothing beats the classic;
The lion, the Witch and the audacity of this Bitch.

No. 1808728

File: 1681513225399.png (69.3 KB, 559x418, Screenshot 2023-04-14 4.00.32 …)

Elaine is giving Godwinson the girlfriend experience on his stream…

No. 1810093

Oh my god Elaine trying to convince beans that she’s an epic haxor with multiple aliases gets me everytime.

No. 1810624

KFers are only now beginning to realize that anything Elaine uploads and tries to get someone to unzip is a huge trap. The sektur is hopelessly retarded.

No. 1810726

It's ever so delightful with her claiming theres child porn in there repeatedly to their faces. I expect this to end with federal investigations if it blows up as much as I'm hoping it will.

No. 1812598

File: 1682068645677.png (50.44 KB, 1333x590, Screenshot 2023-04-21 2.14.44 …)


No. 1812600

File: 1682069136339.png (28.83 KB, 1112x388, Screenshot 2023-04-21 2.21.38 …)

Way to go scorched earth, Lainey…the sektur is being revived with mayhem everywhere!!!

No. 1812602

File: 1682069301338.png (90.3 KB, 507x645, Screenshot 2023-04-21 2.22.19 …)

No. 1812692

File: 1682090014673.jpeg (219.42 KB, 897x1497, Chariot.jpeg)

No. 1814165

File: 1682324549861.jpeg (68.5 KB, 1125x754, 067DA485-15A5-4CB2-A595-8A7A92…)

Incoming Lainey content

No. 1814954

File: 1682437947503.jpg (147.13 KB, 1080x1449, Anastasia's assets are frozen …)

Looks like Elaine has figured out a good lie as to why she's rich but can't prove it because her cash goes to a different school.

No. 1815254

File: 1682467953686.png (51.5 KB, 708x404, Screenshot 2023-04-25 5.09.50 …)

WTF happened to Godwinson? He looks terrifying and like he aged 15 years…Maybe Lainey did really drink his blood. kek!

No. 1815559

File: 1682518403626.jpeg (139.1 KB, 1170x1728, 11EE1902-16EF-4EF3-BCD9-F144E3…)

Just Elaine being an epic haxor and totally decoding Cicada 3301 successfully… she is a coder after all

No. 1816167

File: 1682595476173.jpg (36.04 KB, 1066x214, Elaine admits by denial she sp…)

There ya go, best of luck with the FBI report that we all know no staff has filed. Sick fuck ups, if you reported to the FBI you'd all go to jail so I know you never fucking will.
You fucked up.
You killed your site.
Go kill yourself.(a-logging)

No. 1816521

File: 1682634688535.png (58.46 KB, 594x475, Screenshot 2023-04-27 2.44.30 …)

Glowie Godwinson is such a disgusting piece of filth…proudly sweeping for a bunch of homo/pedo-groomers.

No. 1816524

File: 1682634905643.png (28.47 KB, 594x561, Screenshot 2023-04-27 2.45.42 …)

Godwinson bro, how many dick pics are you going to be sending to Ali Alexander???

No. 1817927

can you spoil this shit it was right on the front page

No. 1818229

File: 1682902370956.png (37.15 KB, 584x529, Screenshot 2023-04-30 5.50.56 …)

new tweets…

No. 1818230

File: 1682902470716.png (34.94 KB, 546x418, Screenshot 2023-04-30 5.54.46 …)

No. 1818231

File: 1682902588275.png (66.07 KB, 570x493, Screenshot 2023-04-30 5.57.01 …)

No. 1818233

File: 1682902733477.png (62.12 KB, 543x475, Screenshot 2023-04-30 5.58.23 …)

No. 1818236

File: 1682902880331.png (223.9 KB, 594x528, Screenshot 2023-04-30 6.01.34 …)

No. 1818241

File: 1682903255283.png (64.99 KB, 455x560, Screenshot 2023-04-30 6.04.15 …)

Elaine and Godwinson are quickly destroying each other…neither will have any blood left when they conclude their unfortunate interaction. *The sektur is full of poisoned flowers.

No. 1818725

File: 1682978872411.png (10.23 KB, 602x162, Screenshot 2023-05-01 3.03.54 …)

"…I'm so glad we will never have to sit in the same private members club."

No. 1818728

File: 1682979075637.png (45.39 KB, 596x521, Screenshot 2023-05-01 3.11.39 …)

The story continues…

No. 1818733

File: 1682979204468.png (46.44 KB, 581x521, Screenshot 2023-05-01 3.13.15 …)

Looks like Lainey found an orbiter as crazy as her. kek

No. 1818743

File: 1682979518217.png (82.66 KB, 503x521, Screenshot 2023-05-01 3.17.14 …)


No. 1819341

File: 1683065159945.jpg (123.77 KB, 910x1150, Screenshot_20230502_161130_Bra…)

This makes it ridiculously obvious that anyone Elaine's called a pedophile isn't because she defends the actual ones due to her sexual attraction to them.

No. 1819345

File: 1683065418478.png (56.47 KB, 1075x304, 1683062949185.png)


No. 1819574

Elaine posted her gaping vag on a discord call.

No. 1819685

I saw it so you all have to too.(do not post Elaine's nudes here)

No. 1821899

Elaine is doxing school kids on her YouTube stream

No. 1821972

There are a ton of wild clips in here like Spookybones is still living rent free as some Shadow Broker in Elaine's head or the one I attached, the story of how Elaine actually ended up in jail as a child, I'd love to just attach it as a mp4 but hey I have to link the YouTube it was made from.

No. 1823043

File: 1683552724580.jpg (117.78 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20230508_071854_Dis…)

Just larping in her discord with somebody she thinks is sandwhich.

No. 1826031

Null confirmed in a roundabout way during last stream that Elaine is still constantly harassing him and contacting everyone he talks to trying to get to him and sending him e-mails every single day. He said that the only reason he would ever pay attention to her would be if she dated Ethan Ralph.

He didn't say her name at all but I'm pretty sure he was talking about her.(sage your shit kiwifag)

No. 1826073

Not really new information. She's been harassing Null and staff here for years along with anyone she thinks has a connection to either site. She won't stop until one of her orbiters murders her.

No. 1826114

File: 1683934043046.jpg (146.84 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20230512_172125_Dis…)

Elaine is very excited over null talking about her and lies and claims she isn't a massive loser.

No. 1826141

I think that Null actually wants Elaine and Ralph to become official in hopes that she'll get her need for validation from the paypigs and a-logs. I kinda want to see it happen…if all else fails Elaine can put his xannies on the top shelf and he'd be powerless.

No. 1826287

No I think Null made it very clear that he does NOT want her to date Ralph because then he would be forced to give her lots and lots of attention and her own special segment on MATI with her own jingle. If Elaine became Ralph's new babymomma then Null would seethe and be eternally owned that he has to talk about Elaine all the time. She would get so much attention it would be a terrible thing. Let's all hope she is smart enough to not send Ralph nudes in the DMs while he is very vulnerable and womanless right now. You know it would probably be easy for someone like Elaine who is young and skinny to seduce the sad sack and steal him from his wife.

No. 1826433

File: 1683988760843.png (117.62 KB, 534x699, 1683987052966.png)

wendigo-core aesthetic is all the rage rn

No. 1826763

File: 1684030769388.png (67.29 KB, 602x508, jackie tweet.png)

A cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh who has been exposing and doxing online swatters has apparently been in contact with Elaine and believed her story about being kidnapped and contacted her family for a statement(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1826854

It would be pretty funny if the coppers showed up at Elaine's house asking her why she's saying these things on the internet, kek. This isn't even cowtipping cause its some weird normie who is genuinely concerned because of her lies.

No. 1827161

I don’t think this is anything to do with Elaine’s lies. I’ve never seen Elaine claim she was kidnapped, Jackie is a known nutcase and retard who does these things of her own accord.(Elaine)

No. 1827499

I can't find this tweet (not even cached) and the grammar doesn't match that person's other posts. This thread is really nothing but shit bait. Try harder, illiterate retards

No. 1829558

File: 1684419294169.jpg (16.64 KB, 445x263, trollcow.jpg)


No. 1829963

Elaine is buck broken.

No. 1829992

She's a strung out skeleton with meat curtains that make her blown out pussy look like the maw of a Yautja and she has the audacity to call other people unattractive? Yikes, I'd hate to be that delusional.

No. 1833441

File: 1684929807083.png (28.75 KB, 1056x627, 111.png)

Elaine sent a link to her own nudes to a self confessed minor. The one who hacked kiwifarms.
Link to html rip of discord provided by KiwiFarms

No. 1833875

Who's the pedo now?

No. 1834513

File: 1685056471553.png (14.01 KB, 557x330, r6.PNG)

In an interesting turn of events the onionfarms moderators have hidden elaine's thread since these screenshots were posted. Any theories?

No. 1834515

File: 1685056545812.png (317.65 KB, 1432x1152, r2.png)

No. 1834517

File: 1685056680069.png (40.05 KB, 1422x1100, r3.png)

No. 1834519

File: 1685056812604.png (35.2 KB, 1090x1176, r4.png)

No. 1834664

Elaine is trying to take responsibility for the poa.st hacking because of course she is.

No. 1835149

File: 1685132388988.png (22.62 KB, 1076x674, test.png)

She wouldn't be trying to take credit considering that the leaks show her getting catfished not once, not twice, but three times as of February 2023.

Pic related, Elaine admits that the infamous cutting video is real. Stay tuned for a drop summarizing the bulk of the leaks.

No. 1835298

This looks like it’s just Elaine talking to Elaine, and if it isn’t then everyone already knew about the catfishing arc, she’s admitted it and gone back on it about a thousand times by now, everyone tried to help her no one cares anymore

No. 1835385

File: 1685159218939.png (10.59 KB, 1183x308, shaitan1.png)

>This looks like it’s just Elaine talking to Elaine

That's not what's happening here but I can see why you would push that theory if you were affiliated with onionfag moderators mentioned throughout the leaks.

No. 1835386

File: 1685159251025.png (9.49 KB, 624x496, shaitan2.png)

These are all from February 2023

No. 1835387

File: 1685159279445.png (14.48 KB, 1188x456, shaitan3.png)

No. 1835388

File: 1685159501706.png (19.62 KB, 1020x784, shaitan4.png)

As you can see Elaine still can't comprehend that Josh wants nothing to do with her, and despite lying to everyone about cp and claiming Josh hosts it she is saying how much she loves him.

There are also admissions of talking to deliberate 2nd gen catfishes to believe she is talking to her long lost black smoke. Whoever is fucking with this mentally ill lunatic is a sociopath.

No. 1835389

File: 1685159639610.png (18.28 KB, 1288x705, shaitan5.png)

And if you noticed this is a complete contradiction to linking the 14 year old kid her thread as well as communicating with him willingly.

No. 1835391

File: 1685160032022.png (46.8 KB, 1904x656, silence.png)

No. 1835484

File: 1685180339775.png (421.07 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_0018.png)

All of the above is boring
More importantly what the fuck is this
Did she talk to that minor and send him her nudes

No. 1835485

File: 1685180480103.png (199.09 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_0019.png)

I would bet she’s still in contact with Thurlow or Anuscabbage12, that might be who she refers to but we already knew this

Part 2 of above screenshot

No. 1835487

File: 1685180860322.png (8.48 KB, 849x141, IMG_0020.png)

These aren’t as milky as the recent screenshots of her defending pedophiles or sending them links to her porn ridden KF thread.

Most of her dms are bland because she’s probably talking to the same three simps manipulating her over and over. Unpopular opinion but I don’t think she likes Josh anymore, she’s definitely still obsessed with him but after all the posts she’s made about destroying KWF like she posted about this site, I think it’s more of a hate obsession, in
the same way she fixates on all of her enemies.

Supposedly she sent Null an email about the minor that hacked his site

No. 1835488

File: 1685181115314.png (298.54 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_0022.png)

This was just posted on Twitter

No. 1835499

B-but I don't talk to minors!
I won't out the users in the dms, but people know how unhinged she was and all discussed it kek

No. 1836492

File: 1685335284848.png (94.8 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20230528-214233.png)

The cope is strong.

No. 1861428

File: 1688980942593.jpg (154.27 KB, 602x930, 022319.jpg)

Elaine is terribly upset that she's the number 1 suspect whenever child abuse is spammed on websites she holds grudges against.

No. 1861430

File: 1688981029065.jpg (169.43 KB, 604x912, 22046.jpg)

And of course she denies being friendly with the pedo tranny.

No. 1861809

Why does this ugly bitch feel the need to insert her haxor knowledge. Elaine- you just started learning HTML and tweeted outing yourself about how you don't understand functions. Absolute retardation. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1861811

She was also coked up on live

No. 1869399

Who wants more nudes?

No. 1870301

File: 1690233820164.png (192.04 KB, 1080x1140, 37p6QjG.png)

Elaine has her own subform on Onionfarms now.

No. 1876831

Elain appeared on a livestream with Godwinson last night. Most definitely did some type of pills or powder together. Godwinson is scum. He's been on and off with his ex-fiancee for about 5 years. She would break up with him over stupid shit he would do, like take off work to do cocaine. His parents eventually forced him to attend rehab but he just carried on using anyway. He ended up knocking up this woman who made an ultimatum to him to get serious with her or he wouldn't be in his child's life. He made a few videos alluding to this publicly. He proposed to her and made it official and his baby was born last month. Within days of his baby being born he was on Twitter posting about how badly he wanted to fuck Elaine (his fiancee didn't know about the Twitter account.) Godwinson (who is almost 30, looks about 40) has left his pregnant fiancee and baby for Elaine. I haven't been got updates from the inside for about two months so won't have more details from this point. But this is who Elaine is dating rn.

No. 1878416

When did this happen? Does he have a kf thread ?(learn to sage)

No. 1878699


I don't know when they actually started dating but he's been talking about her on his channel for a while now. Elaine made contact with him but Godwinson didn't really respond because he wanted to retire from making content. I guess when his baby was born he decided he didn't want to be a father or husband and spends all day talking to Elaine on discord instead. I still think he's going to ghost Elaine within the next few months to get back with his baby momma, he always gets back with his baby momma, he's been in this cycle with that woman for so many years at this point.

No. 1879164

Some more info on Godwinson for those wondering. His family is genuinely extremely wealthy, they own a lot of property. Not just houses either. The place Godwinson streams from is his other house, gifted to him by his father to rent out to give him some form of reliable income since Godwinson can’t hold down a normal job. That’s why it looks like an unfurnished council house. Maybe Godwinson is preparing to move his baby mother into it or he’ll move into it and give his child the other house. I don’t know. But the house he streams from that is cheap and desolate is the one he was renting out for years. You can see his real house in his earlier videos. He was willing to meet Elaine at the house he rents out, not his real home. He tells his baby mother that he’s working on house repairs or waiting for repairmen to fix shit over there as an excuse to go stream. There’s only so many times it will work which is why he’s streaming less. I think he’s used to a certain lifestyle but can’t admit he can no longer afford it without dad’s money (he’s been mostly cut off.) He isn’t Elaine’s boyfriend. He’ll never be her boyfriend, but they are dating. He’ll go into another bipolar episode over reading KF comments, ghost her and say it was all kino dogme ruze cruise. I feel sorry for his child.

No. 1883100

new Telegram group : https://t.me/trollcowtemple

No. 1884779

File: 1692497887212.jpeg (785.01 KB, 1170x2086, F5185DB7-9292-407F-B73B-F3439E…)

Elaine’s onion farms thread is gone

No. 1885282

File: 1692565413948.png (131.84 KB, 1080x657, elaine.png)

No. 1885416

Wow I had an aneurysm trying to decipher and read that. Elaine forgets about basic grammar when she’s coked up, huh?

No. 1887492

File: 1692887131315.jpg (175.56 KB, 1080x866, catfish.jpg)

No. 1887494

File: 1692887178777.jpg (690.34 KB, 1080x3318, ocd.jpg)

No. 1887534

Wow. So BPD, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression are all made up, but her OCD is the only valid mental illness? OCD is a literal anxiety disorder. Elaine does this shit all the time and talks about going on long “internet breaks” that never happen or only last for a day. She’s just so manic and autistic she can’t help herself

No. 1889571

File: 1693230275974.jpeg (378.95 KB, 1170x1102, 8D6506A9-5E91-4C10-9A3B-147292…)

Ah yes, Elaine trying to convince us that the last name “Gertler” is worth something. Does this bitch think she’s a Hilton or something?

No. 1897225

File: 1694563771649.jpg (283.92 KB, 1154x2048, F53GZQwXYAAUNh-.jpg)

No. 1910695

File: 1696765547424.jpg (67.42 KB, 1079x205, Screenshot_20231008_002249_Bra…)

No. 1968762

File: 1708616568622.jpeg (146.68 KB, 1036x1708, 1708613294848.jpeg)

Elaine went back to her roots and is now doxxing and reporting Lillee Jean's haterz. She's also of the opinion that everyone around her is trying to groom her.

No. 1969811

Does anyone think her radfem attitude is genuine? Her behavior comes off as so disingenuous to me and the way she was gunt guarding Ethan Ralph made me feel so gross.(needs screenshots or sage)

No. 1969880


No, it literally started right after the first time Godwinson fucked and wouldn't text her back. Other than it being an obvious cope, everyone knows she can't live without male validation(learn to sage)

No. 1969962

Godwinson fucked her up, but in turn she ruined him. He already had a small audience but his fixation was career killing. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
But yeah her feminist arc and her sudden obsession with Lidl Drip after months of alogging feels so strange to me.

No. 1971557

File: 1709332703061.png (735.25 KB, 885x1080, Surprisingly wholesome.png)

She and Lillee are friends again. The least horrible cow crossover in Elaine's current situation.
>movie nights
>Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

No. 1973583

>But yeah her feminist arc and her sudden obsession with Lidl Drip after months of alogging feels so strange to me.
Because Lidl Drip is rumored to be either Null's secret gf or Null himself, so she is trying to skinwalk Lidl Drip in hopes it will get her closer to Null. I don't think either of those things are true but Elaine is retarded and easily influenced by tinfoil theories like that.

No. 1973673

I think the likelihood that Lidl is Spooky Bones or someone similar is more accurate than it being Null, which is an even more schizo theory but it makes Elaine seethe all the while. Because ever since Lidl emerged, Spooky who was notorious for popping up and shit stirring magically went silent.

No. 1973718

Sorry but that's even dumber than saying Lidl is Null/Null's gf. At least they seem to at least know each other or are friends because they have very similar views, there is zero connection or similarities between Lidl and Spookybones.

No. 1975245

No you're crazy and you should feel bad.

No. 1977758

There's no way this thing isn't an MTF, right?(lurk more/shit bait)

No. 1977835

She has bent over and shown her minge and asshole to the internet. Horrific images, I don't recommend. That is unfortunately a natal woman.

No. 1980582

File: 1711633271760.jpg (28.19 KB, 470x188, cow crossover.jpg)

(bumping without milk)

No. 1981711

File: 1711959866433.png (Spoiler Image,953.97 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_6021.png)

Elaine Miller has cut “PodAwful” into her thighs after being catfished by a fake Jesse…
https://streamable.com/u9jxce(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1981745

here we go again…

No. 1982172

Ah nah that bitch won't get any help this time.

No. 1986284

File: 1713371700640.png (647.78 KB, 1080x1564, Img.png)

This was for April fool's. Even Elaine ain't that dumb.
Her KF thread OP got rewritten, and her thread got featured on the front page.
Congrats Elaine! Senpai finally noticed you.

No. 1986302

He already noticed her the first time she got a thread and hasn't ever wanted anything to do with her, lmao. Elaine really really needs to get over Null. It ain't happening boo, he won't ever want you.

No. 1996777

File: 1716392582911.png (316.09 KB, 601x871, ninjlaine.png)

No. 1996862

She won't go out with you, just leave the cringe alone next time it isn't needed.

No. 1996970

Trollcow is the undisputed Queen of The Sektur, wish she’d stream more rather than just doing per-recordings.

No. 1997004

File: 1716471771787.jpg (166.74 KB, 1290x900, GNYI-SaWUAEm33i.jpg)

I think modeling would have been a better career path for her than bloodsports - https://archive.ph/xJbor https://archive.ph/wDc4X

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