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File: 1615323258932.png (88.56 KB, 275x220, 45F72E05-6A46-48C0-A585-E38B40…)

No. 825857

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago. Lillee and Laur read here everyday while denying they do so.

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>her cat Bella has literally starved and dehydrated to death because Lillee and her mother are too selfish to have her put down at the vet >>814694 & >>814690 & >>814767 & >>814891

>Lillee brags about fancy lineage >>817610 & >>817609 & >>817603 & >>818495 & >>817911 & >>817723 & >>817648 and updated her website to fuckery >>819528
>French anons told her to stfu because "Jean" for a french female is impossible >>819676 & >>819672 & >>819550 & >>819536 and Jean was a man >>819545
Infamous “OpEd” >>819797 archived >>819827, deleted comments >>819882 & >>819880 & >>819828
>Lillee starts fighting with Tatiana again >>819423 & >>819378 & >>819320 live >>819249 >>819240
>>819433 & >>819226 essay >>819213 and followings, >>819102
>MyLegalTeam but not quite legal >>820539 and >>820537
>More crazy lives from Lillee >>820552 >>820593 >>820424 & >>820412
>crazy person calls Laur about alleged cat abuse, records call & publishes on YouTube>>820558
>Callouts videos From Creepshow >>820073 from Reno >>820626
>Lillee wants her teeth fixed >>819134
>Lillee Inc is registered with this address: >>820135 & >>820120
>Lillee starts filing copyright takedown requests on YouTube & Twitter >>820712
>CaliMara & Reno dispute the copyright claims and have to give Lillee & Laur their private information >>820749 >>820756
>Anons find searchable database of copyright complaints and discover Lillee has filed over 100 within a few days >>820794
>another late night livestream >>820806
>”Now I’m going to remove all the negative energy, all of the beefaroni in your brain shall be tossed” >>820820
>During the livestream Lillee gets trolled by cool kids and cries because she thinks they are genuinely being nice to her
>More brands drop Lillee >>820830 >>820848
>Both Laur & Lillee start emailing people who disputed their copyright claims, threatening them >>820876
>Laur says “Velma Dinkles” instead of Dinkley because she is truly the gift that keeps giving >>820878
>Lillee continues to guest shady engagement pod people on live-streams. This guy was schilling a magic water mlm which he claims cures diseases and depression >>820898
>Lillee creates a fake Tater Tatiana YouTube account to leave mean comments on her videos. Laur told Tatiana about the account but they still leave the comments up >>820911
>The Christian Show makes a video critical of Lillee in support of his friend, CaliMara. Lillee copyright claims it >>820963
>SHOCKER Laur starts doxing people with the information she gained through false copyright complaints >>820965
>Lillee starts backtracking from badass CEO bitch and begs Tatiana to talk to her and says she doesn’t want to argue guyzzz. Even though they’re aware Tatiana has a lawyer they can contact >>821047
>Lillee claims she received anti-semitic messages but conveniently blurs out the accounts name even though she has no problem doxing. Gotta protect those Nazis >>821070
>Lillee quietly deletes the TikTok of her badly lip syncing the n slur without addressing it >>821090
>Sen drops a video on Lillee. Lillee tries to flirt with him in the comments which is a noticeable departure from how she usually handles criticism >>821090
>Laur claims they were doxxed because they’re morons who incorporated their business with their home address which is publicly available info. Says they’re moving to a gated community >>821141
>Velma Dinkles submits fraudulent copyright claims posing as Marvel, proving the Lillee Jean extended universe are just as autistic as the main stars >>821193
>which leads to the most unhinged live-stream Lillee has ever made…titty guns, yoda filter, squats & feet >>821413
>For some unknown reason Laur decides it will be a g8 idea to promote her daughter’s live mental breakdown but chooses a screenshot that includes a “FUPA CHECK” comment >>821365
>The Christian Show receives a 2nd copyright strike from Lillee Jean which means his channel will be terminated >>821540
>Diane receives messages from engagement pod people Lillee has asked to contact her >>821551
>Lillee sends herself Valentine Day gifts from Pheepy >>821716
>Uses incorrect form of “mon cherie” proving the cards weren’t written by someone fluent in French…or Pheepy thinks Lillee is a dude >>821723
>Lillee does another live-stream and is joined by dicks & children 821723
>Lillee can’t count to 3 >>821787
>Laur & Laur both start emailing people who have disputed their copyright claims. They go especially hard on The Christian Show - who Laur claims is a minor & lying about his address >>822059
>in an email to YouTube, Lillee asks if the platform wants her to kill herself >>822159
>Twitter & YouTube start reinstating copyright claimed material after Lillee fails to provide evidence she’s filed federal copyright cases >>822230
>Reno, who was cc’d on the suicide baiting email, calls the NYPD and asks for a wellness check >>822333
>Laur loses her shit and accuses everyone in Australia of being friends and bullying Lillee >>822343
>Lillee goes live. Says the police busted down her door and says she never intended on killing herself, she was just using it as a point >>822391
>Laur starts changing her twitter name to identifying information gained from disputed copyright claims >>822939
>Going as far as using The Christian Show’s last name >>823125
>Lillee goes to the dentist, shows her dental X-ray and holy fucking shit it’s way worse than anyone thought >>823853
>Lillee does a livestream with another engagement pod person and asks the poor woman if she contoured vaginas when she was a professional makeup artist >>823871
>Youtube starts restoring all the copyright claimed videos >>824180 >>825179 >>825254
>Laur tweets that YouTube didn’t remove the strikes, Laur did because she’s just a big softie 823031
>Laur says they’re sending affidavits to YouTube >>823425 but instead people get crazy letters claiming they don’t live at the address they’re receiving mail at >>824247
>While searching for copyright cases, anons discover Earl almost escaped his fate in the freezer. Unfortunately, he divorced his first wife >>824847
>Lillee tries, unsuccessfully, to get videos removed again for copyright claims after YouTube has reinstated them. Lies in her complaint to YouTube stating CaliMara called in the wellness check >>824934
>Laur donates $10 to a callout account in an attempt to get their private information from Gofundme >>825022
>Lillee gets google to remove results from searches through DMCA claims >>823093
>Lillee’s story about the wellness checks starts to change. Now the NYPD sent the entire squad >>823448 she later embellishes the story to say she was swatted >>825276
>Lillee “invests” in a makeup mlm run by an engagement pod person >>823819
>Anons starting speculating Lillee’s dental issues could land Laur in trouble for neglect >>823896
>Lillee records & uploads another unedited mental breakdown >>825295 claims anyone critical of her is in a cult, run by the one and only Diane, who still lives in Texas but now is a poor witch. Says she’s been swatted numerous times. For being in a wheelchair, being Jewish and having rotted teeth. Says social services followed up on the rotted teeth call. Claims she has PTSD, has money and makes a weird chess reference when talking about witchcraft.
>In a twist everyone saw coming, Lillee’s fancy pedigree is bullshit >>825313
>Lillee is suing for people’s pets & family members because they’re poor >>825385
>Lillee watched WandaVision and thinks Diane is a witch because TV is real life >>825425
>Another YouTube’er, OnTropolis, contacted the police after Laur threatened her over email >>825508
>Lillee’s dentist most likely reported Lillee to APS for dental negligence >>825670
>Lillee shows report from APS dated 1/28, the same day Lillee went to the dentist. Also has a date of 3/2 which may be the date of a case managers home visit. Lillee also says there’s a court order pending in Queens’ County in a YouTube comment >>825739

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No. 825861

Just realized the link to the last thread is wrong - sorry, my first time making an OP

>>>/pt/820665 #16

No. 825863

Good job anon, seems pretty thorough

No. 825864

Lol yeah I thought about it, but realized it's just way too time consuming. Thank you!

No. 825868

Good OP! Thanks

Also, Lillee wishes she had legs like the thread pic kek

No. 825870

File: 1615326577858.jpeg (280.22 KB, 750x1143, ECD52C74-4B3A-49F3-AA1A-3B7EE4…)

No. 825871

File: 1615326622252.jpeg (217.52 KB, 750x706, 7595E702-0380-4CEB-98DB-D1540B…)

No. 825873

Is she claiming social services swatted her? I understand NYC is a mess but I doubt they’re sending armed social workers to check on someone teeth.

No. 825885

The SWATting is fake because…no one ever called a SWAT team.

JFC she is a special kind of dumb if she thinks any sort of social service being tipped off about nefarious shit in the attic is swatting. Does…does she even know what a SWAT team is?

No. 825888


>Stick with your voice, and yield it above all.

So are we sticking with it or are we yielding because we can’t do both.

No. 825889

>not knowing the difference between wield and yield

God, her learning was so fucking stunted. She's incredibly dumb. If only a normal person raised her. Really a shame.

No. 825909

It would be slightly less embarrassing if she’d stop trying to use words she clearly has no comprehension of in an attempt to make people think she has a two digit IQ cause that shit always backfires and has the opposite effect. She doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together for warmth.

No. 825913

she's so deluded.
No one doubts that APS came. She should be lucky that people care enough to not let her teeth rot out of her mouth due to Laur's neglect. I can't see anything malicious in the dentist wanting to make sure she wasn't being abused at home considering the state of her teeth. And as for Reno calling in the suicide threat…that's literally what they teach you to do in any sort of suicide prevention course: if someone threatens suicide the responsible thing to do is to call it in. Best case scenario they're bluffing, worst case scenario you save a life. There's no downside and it's what any decent human would do. Maybe that's why she can't figure it out.

No. 825915

Having a dentist call protective services on Lillee after she threatened a pregnant 19 year old with CPS is delicious karma.

No. 825916

Sorry, I'm lost, when did it turn into her dentist being the one to call protective services on her?

No. 825919

It’s not confirmed. It’s suspected because one of the dates on the form was the day Lillee went to the dentist and she was reported for dental negligence.

No. 825923

I thought that was disproved when the one anon said that just means when the date in the corner indicates the version of the form. >>825753 I know that's how some tax papers work.

No. 825929


I’m not convinced it was the dentist. It’s more likely it was the officers responding to the welfare check. They would have referred her out to social services to make sure she got mental health assistance. Lillee straight up lied about all the reasons for the police visits, we know no one came for a Jewish person or a handicapped person…she lied about the dental negligence too.

No. 825931

>“Hello, 911? I’d like to report a Jew in a wheelchair. Yes I would like the whole swatting team and squadron there, tysvm!! mwah xo ”

No. 825932

After a bunch of wasted time, I could not find the document she printed out. I apologize in advance because I know it's an image board, but I would fill up the entire wall with images, so I'm just sticking to links.

Here's the main NY Adult Protective services page: https://ocfs.ny.gov/main/psa/

I don't remember how I got to this link https://www1.nyc.gov/site/hra/help/adult-protective-services.page but the hyperlink "Referral System: Make a referral" leads to a dead website: https://a069-apscris.nyc.gov/cris/

After clicking on "Contact APS" in the APS FAQ (https://ocfs.ny.gov/main/psa/faq.asp), it sent me to a list of phone numbers for each NY county.

On the right of the phone number list, there is a link for "local, county social services department’s Adult Protective Service bureau." After clicking on it, it leads me to a directory of every single NY county website: https://ocfs.ny.gov/directories/localdss.php

I gave up my search here, stopping at the "M's" because every single website I clicked on, under their APS tab would link you back to the main NY APS page or would provide a phone number, with very rarely an email.

However, I did find their Forms link. I didn't look at each document because they installed into my computer each time I clicked on one, but you all can search for yourselves and see if you can find it: https://ocfs.ny.gov/forms/index.php?find=&lang=5&topic=15

If no one finds it there, I have no idea where she got that form from. I second that she may have gotten it in person, or emailed somebody to have it sent to her.

No. 825933

File: 1615344094252.jpeg (170.58 KB, 750x527, D4E3DFFA-D93D-4CC0-8D8D-784081…)

Speaking of Lillee’s dentist…she just followed this NY ortho office on Instagram.

No. 825934

File: 1615344216051.jpeg (608.46 KB, 750x1009, 599C4147-1438-49A5-BF86-33E4DD…)

They seem to push Invisalign

No. 825936


invisalign = $$$$$ of course they'd push it.

Again lilee - your dentist never called APS on you. Especially over 1 visit. You have a deformity that was possibly ignored/neglected and you became the office gossip story of the day. That's it.

No. 825938

Looks like one of those shady invisalign farms. Shitty orthos love doing invisalign because they literally get money for doing absolutely nothing. Makes sense the goblins fall for their schtick

No. 825946


Not surprising considering she already started promoting someone selling MLM.

No. 825950

She's probably boasting her totally real followers to them for a discount.

No. 825966

This seems likely. He looks like the kind of egocentric asshole who is too stupid to actually look at her engagement

No. 825975

She mentioned her dentist is a female, so she's probably planning to exchange barely used PR for appointments.

No. 825988

what a great way to spread the gift that keeps on giving: covid and/or mouth herpes

No. 826003

File: 1615399676405.jpeg (201.27 KB, 827x1469, B12D9E47-6347-476A-B408-F6C424…)

No. 826005

File: 1615401738654.jpg (301.77 KB, 1036x1498, Screenshot_20210310-124108_Ins…)

Lillee can't tell time. I am CST, which means she's going live at 2pm CST, not EST. I wonder if the bots/pod people will know the difference.

No. 826009

I'm in her live right now and shes so rude to her guest. It's so weird, like she has no clue how to socially interact with people

No. 826012

LJ doesn't get why people find online school hard and aren't doing well. Maybe it's because most people go to real schools and not joke degree mills like LJ? She also doesn't understand why people are sad they can't interact with their friends in person, and that people are always on their phones during in-person interactions anyway. Maybe interacting with her in-person.

LJ said earlier that she expects to get her Invisiline in May. A dental anon said that they'd have to use chains to yank them down over time. Similar to how braces yank teeth into place over many months or a few years. Maybe her scam ortho will do a cash grab, get a dentist to yank her teeth, hand her the Invisiline, and yeet the goblins.

No. 826013

Everyone is saying how beautiful the other girl, April is. Nothing about LJ kek

No. 826014

On the live she's telling Elaine that people make fun of Pheep because he's French kek

No. 826015

I thought this was Lillee’s her birthday live and I was like she’s not a fucking Arieslike she loves to claim(so fiery) So I looked up her birthday it’s a day before the Taurus cutoff kek about as much of an Aries rep as she is for these brands.
Sorry for astrofag I’m not really into it I just find it hilarious that’s some shit she loves to brag about.

No. 826020

Lillee said that her pronouns are Lillee Jean

No. 826024

File: 1615408763667.jpg (42.01 KB, 417x589, Untitled.jpg)

The face she makes when Elaine April is telling her that "the Queen Gambit" is only about chess.
LJ thought it was historical serie and she wanted to watch it because "the actress was pretty".
She won't now because if it's "only about chess" must be too boring and LJ is too dumb anyway.

Same horrible shirt. LJ says Elaine sounds like "macaroni and cheese", she is so retarded.

No. 826025

Her birthday is April 18th. She’s an Aries.

No. 826028

File: 1615409005492.jpeg (89.95 KB, 750x421, 18336344-9508-4B2E-BD84-F13FD3…)

this question was stuck at on the screen bc there were no real people to ask questions

No. 826032

I really hope she reconsiders the Invisalign. Anyone who’s has traditional braces knows Invisalign is not for serious dental issues, it’s basically like the clear plastic retainer you get when you’re done with braces. It’s going to cost a lot of money and not help her issues at all. I know traditional braces look kinda goofy but it’s better to suck it up for a few years than have a lifetime of baby teeth (which will eventually rot/fall out anyway).

I’ve followed these two from the beginning and even though LJ is a complete brat, her lack of dental care makes me feel bad for her. Laur actually makes me angry. She seems like the type of parent who acts like a “best friend” to their child without enforcing rules or doing any real parenting.

No. 826034

I didn't even know she could get braces or Invisalign with having pretty much only baby teeth. I thought they would have to pull them out. I'm wondering if the Invisalign will move her teeth enough where they actually start popping out on their own.
I'm not a dental anon in any capacity, do not roast me please lol. Just thinking out loud.

No. 826036

File: 1615415552180.jpeg (116.79 KB, 917x651, 323D9E7E-DB38-4753-83DF-1931AE…)

No. 826037

Holy fucking shit. This is just the most tone deaf thing I've ever seen. She's been accused, and proven, of racism countless times, and she decides to come out with a makeup tutorial of a woman coming out about the racism she endured. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 826038

Not a dental anon either but I’m pretty sure that her baby teeth need to be pulled out before any of this orthodontic bullshit can commence

No. 826039

Too predictable kek

No. 826040

Her titles are such word vomit. And of course, no contour, even though that's easily the most striking feature on Meghan's face.

No. 826043

Lillee Jean makes me never want to talk about my zodiac sign ever again. It’s like she has no personality of her own so it’s the only thing she can share about herself. It’s super off putting.

Like, oh I’m fiery because I’m and Aries. Aries always win. No, your not. No they don’t..That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works! Star signs do not define you. It nauseates me. She’s so embarrassing

No. 826045

The difference in abilities between Lillee and Elaine is crazy. Is this Elaine an aspiring beautuber? If so I hope she cuts ties with Lillee sooner rather than later.

I would love to see the stream if anyone recorded it!

No. 826046

Looks like it's completely white washed too. That's so insensitive!

No. 826047

better than blackface i guess???

No. 826048

She wore the one shirt she owns covered in stains! I don’t think I can sit through the live. Not even her own cats want to be around her

No. 826050


but shes totally not transphobic guise thats just a rumor by the ppl who swat her every week

No. 826052

Ngl I never knew Meghan markle was anything than white until rn lol

No. 826056

File: 1615422542596.png (268.68 KB, 548x477, uglyass1.png)

srry for the nitpick and my pulse lol, but look those growth roots, and the shirt fully of bleach stains.
A 1M instragram influencer would ignore her image like that? i don't think so….

No. 826058

What's the record now? Nine days in the same second-hand 2017 Victoria Secret Pink nightie?

No. 826060

Lillee said that Meghan is “half” when referring to her race

No. 826062

Anyone think she has some OCD issue related to clothing? It's the only explanation I can think of for why someone aspiring to be an influencer would wear the same stained shirt in videos for a week.

No. 826064

I think she just doesn’t care. She didn’t have to work for her followers, create engagement, etc. She can wear a clown suit for every video and Laur would keep buying her followers. There’s no image to keep up if all your followers are bots.

No. 826065

I don't think lillee has an OCD, she's just lazy, her hair is full of grease and her vagina is itchy.
The only thing she has is bad hygiene that's all.

No. 826066

jfc lillee needs to stop talking about race all together.

No. 826069

I know this is a spergy detail but she’s worn the same shirt nearly every day for over a year! 7 months ago (>>788974) that shirt was already shapeless and bleach-stained but she’s managed to squeeze the life out of that shirt. She’s gonna make makeup tutorials in moldy tatters at this rate

Yeah LJ, we all totally believe you’re rich and we’re jealous of your family’s wealth

No. 826070


As someone who is biracial too, it kinda irritated me "she is halffffff" like girl just say she's half black fgs.

Megan Markle is a narc as well which annoys me and I also hate the royals but Lillee Jean just needed some clout.

No. 826071

File: 1615428686737.jpeg (170.04 KB, 750x411, 4B3ED3FF-7273-4DB6-8597-8B64AE…)

Before she bought this newest nightie, she wore this nightshirt in every video until the neck was completely stretched out and the sleeves were stained brown

No. 826073

There are two VS nighties that someone (Diane?) found on Laur's eBay. She purchased them second-hand for $20 each in 2018, if I recall correctly. And Laur sperged that her eBay and bank had been hacked after the screenshots were posted. Kek

One says, "Unwrap me." The idea that a mother would buy her 17 or 18-year-old daughter that and then not let her watch R-rated films.

No. 826075

Full disclosure, I haven't watched the videos. I have committed no sin great enough to deserve over an hour of Lillee talking as penance. But if you hate yourself enough to sit through it, it's all yours lol

No. 826076

No. 826079

This elaine girl seems so positive and socially abled, lj is not vibing

No. 826080

File: 1615432500425.jpeg (155.84 KB, 759x1280, 4BEC0E2B-D695-454F-A084-D81E1B…)

Anytime Elaine says something fake-humble about herself, like about her own neat hair being bad and then compliments lillee on her rats nest brown hair, Lillee starts going OMG stopppp don’t put yourself down, girl!!!

No. 826085

>Talks about how the Great Gatsby is soo "English"/"British"
She's about as literate as Lillee, though.

No. 826087

Was the person on her live just some random girl? Was there a point to it?

No. 826107

File: 1615440692648.jpg (87.56 KB, 1024x886, EwKXvWdWYAIilUr.jpg)

Nope, she's an aNaRcHiSt who is halfheartedly trying to brush away lillee's sins.

No. 826110

Lmfao anarchism has nothing to do with rumours or cancel culture. Cancel culture is a collective reaction, not a systemic one anyway. But this is the same girl who thought the great gatsby was British when it was meant to be a critique of American culture and consumerism.

wonder why she relates to LJ so well, maybe they enjoy being illiterate together

No. 826118

File: 1615445008528.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1440, EE62C20A-ECC4-41D9-8F5C-3D0936…)

Her face is so damn asymmetrical. It was always lopsided but the swollen jaw is just too bad to hide anymore I guess

No. 826120

File: 1615445115937.jpeg (320.69 KB, 833x667, 1BE06612-1EF8-4D0F-A9A8-9EE98A…)

In her barbie video, she randomly grabs her tits and grins like a psycho. True virgin vibes

No. 826136

File: 1615463286085.jpeg (321.56 KB, 750x861, 7A2C724F-17C9-4C35-821C-6AC6A9…)

Elaine was the engagement pod person who was messaging Diane.

No. 826139

Dees needs to unprivate her account or accept follow requests.

No. 826145

if you dm her and tell her you follow this trainwreck she will add you. she did with me

No. 826151


It’s not worth it. Any milk gets added here. She doesn’t have new things and mainly retweets other accounts.

No. 826163

If she says "Theodore fuzz babby SO CAH-YOOT" one more time…

No. 826164

File: 1615478515044.png (5.48 MB, 1125x2436, 574C0A6A-A0CA-498B-9FAF-55AC03…)

Meanwhile, many of her real followers are minors. That’s gross and inappropriate.

The whole interaction with her cat was bizarre. Rather than interacting with her audience she talks to her cat (obviously she knows that most viewers are bots). Also why doesn’t she have toys for her cat? She put her makeup brushes on the floor and let’s her cat play with them.

Also, she spent most of the video sniffing per usual. Why doesn’t she take the time to blow her nose before going live or filming? Especially if she’s going to give full view up her nostrils.

No. 826165

So this girl was just a nobody from the pod? She didn’t have any products to shill or any reason to be there? It’s just so bizarre

No. 826166

God, everything about this image is just sad

No. 826167

She's just a dumb teenager trying to get clout. She's probably around 17 yrs old if she's studying the Great Gatsby for class (you read that during AS levels in the UK).

No. 826169

She has literally no idea what she's talking about. "I think she just told someone who was black to shut up about something else". Lmfao, it wasn't a targeted comment toward any specific black person omfg.

No. 826177

that girl asked lillee how her lockdown has been and she replied "i miss penis"

No. 826179

I would bet money that Lillee has never seen a penis in person. And if she did, it wasn't aimed at her viewership.

No. 826181

It’s so obvious that she only interacts with her boomer mother

No. 826192

File: 1615485704782.png (153.89 KB, 600x663, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 11.5…)

Twitter callout vs Elaine.

Did Elaine bring out Great Gatsby or did LJ? Because the book is set in a fictional town called East Egg. Kek

No. 826197

File: 1615488226298.jpeg (302.97 KB, 750x1003, A4E957FB-2367-4E59-9521-C2D215…)

She’s a model. The talent agency she uses had to change their name from TMA Talent Management to Buzz Talent after a bunch of bad reviews saying it was a scam.

No. 826200

Scammy "modelling" agencies are a tale as old as time. This agency's site doesn't even load on my browser, which is a great sign!
This Elaine girl might be pretty but she's not really model material. These sites basically exist to wring money out of young pretty girls who naively think they're being given some amazing opportunity. So she's basically like LJ in that way, I'm sure LJ would be overjoyed to be on the books of one of these scams.

No. 826201

File: 1615489268413.png (62.15 KB, 694x405, Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 7.00.…)

Girl is being scammed left and right by her own agency and now LJ. Awkward.

No. 826202

hearing lillee horsegirl jean say "i miss penis" and the good 5 seconds of dead silence that followed made me cringe into the next century

im not fully convinced her jaw is actually swelling from her dental issues, i think she's just getting fat again kek

No. 826204

samefag but lol at 35:15 elaine makes a offhand joke about how her parents think her nose highlight looks weird and lj looks all serious and concerned and goes "do your parents put you down?" and then goes on to humblebrag about how that's so weird to her since her mom has always been sooooo supportive~

peak autism

No. 826215

Timestamp please, wtf

No. 826227

around 5:15 in the second half of the live


here’s the clip of her saying she misses penis & talking about how lockdown hasn’t been so bad on her since she can finally eat whatever she wants without worrying about fitting into clothes, and how it’s been the perfect opportunity for her channel

No. 826228

File: 1615498568921.png (116.77 KB, 783x620, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 3.22…)


She's a GCSE student. She's not in uni yet. It might be why she's gullible and getting into cringe situations. Also, why does she only list politics on her GCSE courses? To be competitive for uni, she'll need 3-4, and most people list everything because it's good for pre-uni internships.

Also, she's a "commodity trader" but only for PPE. The company, Urgent Response Network, only has three employees on LinkedIn, 158 followers, and is headquartered in Ohio. Kek.

She needs to get out of this situation before a search of her name becomes an embarrassing google search like LJ's. That would hinder most future aspirations.

I kind of pitied her until she started giving off insufferable vibes in dm screenshots. She seems like a slightly more intelligent LJ, but that might just be because she's not attending Attic Academy.

No. 826229

File: 1615498596968.png (50.52 KB, 788x466, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 3.18…)

No. 826230

Westminster School is one of the best schools in the UK and super expensive too, what is she doing pal-ing around with LJ.

Also sage, but she's doing her A Levels not GCSEs, I think you might be confused anon. That puts her around 17-18.

No. 826238

This modeling agency seems about as credible as Fashion Haunts magazine. Imagine posting professional photos of a model with their hair an absolute mess. A professional photographer and agency would have made sure the photos were of good quality.

No. 826240

Yeah I also could not stop focusing on the hair when the anon posted them. The only thing good about these is the lighting. Her poses are also awkward, and what's with the creepy ass smile in the bottom right?

No. 826243

To make Buzz Talent even sketchier, I tried going to her model page, it's a PDF that would not open up in my Google Chrome browser at all unless I pulled it up in an incognito tab. Never had to do that with any PDF before.

No. 826267

Elaine is possibly related to this guy


No. 826281


I expect Laur will be phoning the employers of anyone who visits this girl’s LinkedIn profile and try to get them fired for cyber bullying.

No. 826283

File: 1615511138428.jpeg (94.52 KB, 828x388, 0E3C2482-B310-4DE2-BFE7-3C35F5…)

No. 826285

This bitch is as retarded as lillie.

No. 826286

>as a coder
okay yeah sure. So many delusional bitches…

No. 826290

File: 1615513545782.jpeg (717.93 KB, 1125x1887, 3DF4D672-2C00-4C58-AB89-42FAE1…)

YouTube is the worst when it comes to fraudulent claims. Lillee and Laur had this girl’s channel taken down completely with the final copyright takedown being issued on a video that used none of Lillee or Laur’s content (even though it would be fair use). They are either trying to dox a minor or silence them. Either way it’s shitty behaviour and YouTube’s response just allows the harassment to continue.

No. 826293

>as a coder
you’re in secondary school, sweatie

No. 826297

True. Don't click on anything related to LJ on LinkedIn unless you're in private browsing mode. Once selected, the accounts you viewed will only see you as an "Anonymous LinkedIn Member."


No. 826303

File: 1615517046043.png (330.61 KB, 772x696, 2A6A0C4E-6B20-45BC-AD14-D7FC00…)

Laur’s commenting Critcal Mass’ community tab.

No. 826307

Her weird ass delusional guest Elaine went private on insta

No. 826315


No. 826365


No. 826366

I’m gonna ignore this thread and come back to it in 5 years.

What do we predict will happen by then??

No. 826381

I like this creative writing prompt.
In order of most likely to least:

Option A: LJ and Laur get banned from YT and IG for obvious reasons. But they still have LJ's Twitter. They try to create new accounts but keep getting banned because they're stupid. Lots of Twitter meltdowns. Like Leafy but more milk.

Option B: It'll be like the movie Groundhog Day, and they'll be pulling the same stupid shit. Only LJ and Laur are as spherical as Ambelynn Reid.

Option C: LJ murders Laur. LJ gets caught and lives the rest of her life in a prison upstate. She does her makeup with colored pencils and lead paint chipped off the walls because the commissary doesn't sell makeup, and she has no friends to send her any "booty" supplies. Her cellmate is the Buffalo, NY version of Aileen Wuornos, who adopts LJ as her pet goblin. The Hulu biopic does well.

Option D: LJ runs away and creates a new channel where she shares stories about her mother and their scams. Laur creates a rival channel and tries to blame LJ for everything. LJ gains a lot of subs because Laur is fucking fascinating, but when the stories dry up, her channel dies because she's fucking boring without Laur. Laur prevails in the end and becomes the YT version of Joan Rivers.

No. 826389

I knew that Elaine girl sounded posh as fuck, now it turns out she goes to a £10,000 a term private school. It's no wonder she thinks racism is no big deal, lol.
Imagine paying that much for your kid's education only for them to tie themselves in to all these scams

No. 826394

Although I think A or B is what's gonna happen, I'd love to see D, lmaof

No. 826400

Exactly! Her family is rich enough to actually buy her a believable influencer career unlike Laur, it's so weird to me she's latched onto this deadweight

No. 826410

Her parents probably want her to use her education and not waste her life as an influencer. Not every parent is like Laur and intends to use their children as cashcows.

No. 826417

True, but I mean more she doesn't have to pretend to be rich, have nice things, and be passably pretty, unlike Lillee whose entire persona is pretence.

People online follow loads of girls like Elaine who aren't particularly special but can afford to follow trends and have lifestyles that the audience can't, without even trying. You see it all the time on tiktok.

No. 826421

when will these desperate follower hungry people learn LJ is not a hill you want to die on. It's like they see the 1m followers and all common sense goes out the window.

No. 826422

Yeah this girl is clearly a mess. Imagine calling yourself an anarchist when mommy and daddy literally pay 30 grand a year to send you to one the most pro-establishment schools in the UK. Fucking cringe.

No. 826424

File: 1615559895352.jpeg (354.86 KB, 828x1087, 02BD1E61-BFBC-4F4A-AD89-4EE038…)

No. 826432

File: 1615562369377.png (632.17 KB, 1180x1314, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 7.18…)


Apparently Elaine has embarrassed herself online before. Click the link for the thread including a clip of an old instagram live.

No. 826435

Classic, so she's a racist brat just like LJ then, and she has even less excuse because she's rich and supposedly well-educated.

Just goes to show nobody is supportive of LJ without having their own skeletons in the closet.

No. 826437

File: 1615563727287.jpeg (421.36 KB, 828x941, 4527917A-58E9-452B-AA90-3B7D38…)


Her response to that video being posted lmfao

No. 826438

and thiiiis is why she hates cancel culture, ok hun. This girl is the height of cringe I felt sorry for her at first having to rely on engagement pods for validation but wow. Some people really shouldn't be posting their true unfiltered selves online, names included and all.

No. 826439

could an anon briefly educate me on pollution? Would the pollution in chinatown be the same as the rest of London? Sounds like a silly excuse because from the video I'm assuming her and the other snotty prick would rather not have to interact with asians which is why they want to blow up chinatown? Gross

No. 826440

The whole of London is polluted lol. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her going on holidays abroad, drooling over sports cars and wearing Rolex watches. If she really gave a crap about pollution she'd be doing a lot less of those things for a start. This video is a racist dog whistle, and now we know why she's so mad pressed to defend LJ's racism.

No. 826444

Oof, it's only a matter of time before that makes its way to the twitter circles then

No. 826445

Begging a corp to take down a video of you? Who’s the anarchist now?

No. 826446

Lillee's so terrible at everything she does that another, fresher cow is the topic of discussion in her own lolcow thread.

No. 826449

File: 1615567505642.jpg (277.37 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20210312_163933_com…)

Found her on tiktok too, magixela. Suprise surprise, she was a Tory until she got called out on it. Makes sense she's pals with Lillee now.

No. 826450

No wonder she cries about "cancel culture" all the time. She does not like being called out for her terrible views, just like LJ

No. 826451

A private school toff thinking she's quirky and controversial for being a racist tory. How groundbreaking!

No. 826454

File: 1615568177872.jpg (621.38 KB, 1080x2148, Screenshot_20210312_165535.jpg)

Funny you should mention that.

(last post about her now, ultimately she's irrelevant)

No. 826459

She’s so cringe and awkward jesus. No wonder she has no problem associating with LJs retarded self


No. 826465

Idk I've heard from students who have went to private schools in the UK and apparently there's almost no POC, and usually only white people. This doesn't excuse her behaviour, but it makes sense how it could spawn racist thoughts or behaviour if you literally never see any POC, learn about their cultures, etc. Some of the UK private schools are a place to hivemind racism unfortunately.

No. 826466

obviously, the majority of people in the uk go to public schools. my school had one person of colour the entire time i was there, didn’t make me a racist or spawn any racist thoughts. i think we should stop giving rich white people excuses for their racism or dismissing it because they haven’t had first hand opportunities to meet people of colour

No. 826467

Not to defend Elaine's actions but I think she's just young and is way too sheltered from being a rich kid to actually care about what she's saying or do any research. Combo teenage edge with sheltered rich kid and you get this. I'd bet money she's going to legitimately regret a lot of the stuff she's said later, but it'll be too late.

No. 826469

I don't excuse it, I agree that she should be held accountable, but I also understand that people who grow up in situations and depending on who they're surrounded by can definitely impact how you see things. Racism is something that's taught, and if she's around a bunch of other racist snobby rich white kids, well then yeah, it's definitely possible she will be one too. Again, I agree she should be held accountable, but I'm just saying I understand where her situation probably made her like this.

No. 826471


Sorry, samefag, but to extend on my entire point, the anon I was originally responding too was saying that she has less of an excuse because she's rich and well educated, and I was simply disagreeing with that point. I think someone rich absolutely can be racist, and who's to say she actually give a shit about her education, her parents are just putting her through school there, she's not paying for it herself, so I doubt she's actually taking the time to learn about different cultures/racism/etc. That was my entire point of the whole thing, was that I disagree she doesn't have any less of an excuse.

No. 826472

Most people in the UK go to majority white schools and it doesn't make you racist by default. Besides, a school like Westminster is an internationally renowned school, they will have people studying there from different parts of the world. They should be teaching their students not to fuck their lives up by saying dumb shit online.

It's hard to feel sorry for a girl who is having that much money spent on her education and is fucking it up the wall. How hard is it to not say or defend racist shit online? Especially when your extreme privilege is going to make you stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 826473

I can almost guarantee it's who she surrounds herself with, which is unfortunate. You know her friends are other rich racist white kids lol

No. 826474

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out why she's racist or at least a racist apologist, lol. But she's definitely in the cow department because she clearly can't resist saying this stuff publicly online, where it can follow her forever. She evidently didn't learn from the last time, and now she's probably gonna hitch herself to the LJ train and make it a thousand times worse for herself. It's just not something I would expect someone with a so-called "world class education" to do, and that goes for the modelling scams and other bullshit she's obviously involved in as well.

No. 826475

It's super clear she doesn't value her education/institution at all. It's been handed to her by her parents paying for it, and it was more than likely her parent's idea to stick her in there. I'm not too surprised she's fucking up online if she hasn't had to work for anything she's had, so in turn, doesn't care about it either.

No. 826478

She posted a "put a finger down" tiktok called the "Innocence Test." She's failed a class, snuck out, done drugs, among other unremarkable things.

No. 826479

One of the Twitter call outs had a conversation with Elaine.

No. 826482

This video is gone now, the tweet became limited. Did anyone save it?

No. 826484

Ugh, I am always irritated by this. You are not "learning" and "trying to change" when you start by saying "I am not a racist". You admit to being racist and making racist remarks and then you remark about "trying to change".
When she was live with LJ I thought "OK, this girl might be clueless about who LJ really is and she might be a nice and interesting person". But, it turns out, she is just as horrible.

No. 826485

On one hand, Elaine doesn't believe in anything she's saying. She originally stated that Lillee wasn't telling black people to "stfu about racism", whether that be because she didn't listen to the audio clip at all, or she did listen to it and didn't find anything bad about it. Now, she's backtracking into this "I'm not excusing her behaviour and want to speak to her privately" bs because I think she's seen how much negativity comes from latching to Lillee and it's going to fuck up any chance she has for a career. Not to mention, it seems she's already gone through this once before with that Twitter video of Chinatown, so she can probably see it's starting over again.
However, on the other hand, she has a point that Lillee absolutely refuses to listen to any of the callouts, anything public about her. Now, obviously, she won't listen to anyone in private either, she's too narcissistic to think she can do any wrong. But the issue is, Elaine doesn't "want to bring anything public", which means she won't release screenshots of her talking to Lillee in private, because that would mean bringing it to public, basically insuring that she won't have any visual proof and just wants to keep scapegoating and acting like she cares about racism. Her entire persona and "worry about Lillee with things going public" is so fucking fake.

No. 826488

I can already see how this is going to play out. Elaine will not speak to Lillee privately, but she'll say that she did. Lillee won't respond at all to anyone asking her if Elaine spoke to her or for screenshots or whatever else because admitting to being spoken to means she also has to admit whether or not she learned from her racist actions or anything that Elaine said, which leads to her having to apologize, which we all know Lillee won't do. So I think Elaine is going to keep harping on the fact that she spoke to Lillee when she didn't, and Lillee is going to keep dead silent.

No. 826490

It still shows up on Twitter for me anon but here it is


No. 826491


Elaine absolutely doesn't give a shit about racism or how it harms people, and 100% still believes Lillee didn't do anything racist. Notice how she says "IF" she's as racist and transphobic as people are saying. She's totally using this excuse of "keeping things private" to not have to fight against racism because she definitely does not care.

No. 826492

For any other anons that are incredibly bad at understanding accents like myself, I had to rewatch it like 5 times to understand what they were saying, so I'll type it out lol

>Joe: I'm not gonna lie, I wish they could just square up Chinatown and blow it up.

>Elaine: I was gonna say that! Joe, you're more politically correct than I am because I was thinking about saying "nuke" but then I was like… -shakes head-

No. 826494

File: 1615577090697.png (54.79 KB, 415x372, Screenshot 2021-03-12 142358.p…)



Elaine of course won't provide screenshots under the guise of "I don't want it public" when in reality she hasn't said one thing to Lillee.

No. 826497

damn at first i felt bad for her association with lj but i guess birds of a feather flock together holy shit

No. 826498


lol this dumb cow inserted herself without doing the slightest bit of research. she thinks trying to "reason" with Lillee (whether she actually did it privately behind the scenes or not) is some kind of novel approach that no one ever thought of before. half the twitter callouts started out as people attempting to gently steer Lillee away from the lying, fakery, and casual racism, and had Laur and Lillee completely flip out and try to doxx them for their trouble.

No. 826499

Yep. Anytime someone privately messaged either of them, they were berated to all hell. Lillee (or Laur) have no intention on growing or listening. Elaine latched herself to pure shit and now she's going to have to deal with it.

No. 826503

File: 1615578738351.jpg (138.18 KB, 828x1792, EwTNavwW8AYlvB6.jpg)

Screenshot from Elaine talking to Lillee. No mention at all about how her racism is harmful, but only about how she can "improve her image". Oh yeah, truly genuine, Elaine. Maybe this is truly how she feel she can "reach Lillee" and get her to listen, but I might be thinking too optimistically and giving too much credit.

No. 826504

Wow she's really really dumb, Chinatown in London was created by Chinese people and a lot still live there.

>in my country its not racist

Oh fuck off lol

No. 826505

Kek obviously they only have their best interests in mind, I mean who gives a fuck about the people they harmed with their comments, right??

No. 826506

Elaines instagram is now privated kek

No. 826507

Notice how she jumped on any and every excuse she could for it too. "It wasn't what I meant", "I was drunk", "It's not racist where I'm from" lmfao jfc. Pick one.

No. 826509

She definitely doesn't sound drunk in that video either, she's really trying everything

No. 826513

>I know it's no recuse

It's like I always say: Send a moron to a top-notch London school, they'll still sound like a goblin with an attic education.

No. 826514


"Oh, my statement made out of sincere concerns about all the crowding and pollution was taken out of context! I wasn't saying I want to get rid of 'the ethnics' in the most violent way possible, I promise!" Literally, her friend suggested they rope off chinatown and bomb it, and she one-upped him and said "you're too PC, let's nuke it."

Nuclear radiation, so good for the environment. CEO Lillee should make Elaine the director of 1change5change. I feel like the two of them together could get up to some milky hijinks.

No. 826517

This girl is such a bad liar. She just wants to educate Lillee by doing a makeup collab with her on Instagram Live. Yeah right.

All the way through that live she kept bringing up the "stalkers" to LJ and was fully indulging all of her delusions. She's backtracking now because her past behavior has been outed and she's just a touch more educated than Lillee so she knows how bad this all looks.

No. 826519

I've been to Chinatown in London. As the name would suggest, it is almost entirely Chinese businesses and Chinese people there. It is also not markedly busier or more 'polluted' than other popular areas of central London. Definitely not a good look to single it out.

No. 826520

File: 1615584593545.png (297.44 KB, 750x1334, 8794D5DD-71EE-431F-B4C9-986A63…)

>But I’ve never messaged Diane

Diane posted screenshots of Elaine’s unsolicited messages. After Diane blocked Eliane’s main, she messaged Diane with an alt and threatened to dox Diane. This chick lies about everything.

No. 826522

File: 1615586488331.jpeg (711.9 KB, 1125x1274, 2554A080-6201-4B84-8F81-41B0FF…)

Laur is once again trying to intimidate a minor. Laur and Lillee got the channels removed - apparently that wasn’t enough. But the irony of this comment is something considering that both Lillee and Laur have extremely poor literacy skills.

Also, Lillee is having a live with her SoundCloud rapper pod person.

No. 826524

54 minutes until LJ's IG live.

No. 826533

File: 1615592635569.jpeg (94.92 KB, 828x386, A154287B-DF67-44F7-BAB8-49B73B…)

No. 826534

Never change, Laur

No. 826536

I read this as she was mocking someone who said that

No. 826544

File: 1615597383464.jpeg (701.29 KB, 1125x1665, 28F4C5BF-45AD-4249-8770-B61C43…)

Nope. Laur is actually that dumb - it was in response to this.

No. 826547

Live Summary (might be missing pieces because she's so fucking boring I stopped paying attention a few times)

~a lot of boring Instagram rapper shit we don't care about~

Engagement Pod Rapper: they want what you have. They want to be you. Take it as a compliment.

~LJ agrees and rants about boolies. We're all 12, and our cult leader, Diane, is 40+ and has brainwashed us.~

Officialstrizzo is going to teach LJ to rap next time.

LJ says she's switching to non-solid/soft solid foods to prep for her Invisiline routine. Wut? Users of Invisiline can eat solid foods. They are supposed to remove their trays before eating or drinking (water being the excepted) because they get dirty and can break from the crushing force of eating. Transparent lies to cover that her baby teeth are useless and rotten. I hope she blames Laur for her pain and treats her like the piece of shit she is behind the rose-tinted family life lens she shows in her vlogs.

No. 826548

Did she not go live?!

No. 826551

File: 1615599375323.jpg (586.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210312-203417_Ins…)

She tries SO hard when she goes live with the opposite sex. It's so transparent and kind of heartbreakingly pathetic. Always makes me think of that one boy who joined her live with all his friends and was nice to her, once he left she had to reform into a solid mass after melting on the attic floor.

No. 826554

#deplatfortlaurt has a nice ring to it

No. 826556

Sage bc no1curr but I find it interesting that Laur's middle name is Rene. Not Renée. Rene.

René is the male form of Renée. Just like in the case of Grandma John, French names are really particular about gender. A woman being René (instead of Renée) would be like the English equivalent of a woman being named Daniel instead of Danielle. It's super strange and shows that her family knows nothing about French.

Sorry if this is confusing, am froganon

No. 826559

File: 1615603085748.jpeg (197.41 KB, 946x2048, 8AFED277-3EBF-44E8-A27C-808572…)

Laur’s being a cunt on YouTube

No. 826560


Doesn’t her yearbook have her middle name down as Rachel?

No. 826562

what the fuck kind of attic pidgin

No. 826564

File: 1615603618061.jpg (97.04 KB, 736x736, 4ceebc15bcb18aea81164abb7beecb…)

Lmfao sorry

No. 826565

Anyone else notice as soon as LJ’s thread gets derailed and the callouts are talking about someone else, Laur unlocks her accounts and makes a scene on YouTube?

No. 826571

File: 1615609544770.jpeg (410.27 KB, 750x1251, AA659900-72B5-49EE-B95E-AC3F90…)

LJ beauty new channel

No. 826572

Funny how Tatiana started her own beauty channel, then Lillie makes a separate beauty channel as well. I know this isn’t super uncommon but it’s strange to me how she copies so many things from these “haters” of hers down to the space buns. That attempt was…wow.

There isn’t a single original idea or braincell in that head of hers, is there?

No. 826573

File: 1615620080969.png (74.99 KB, 804x347, Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 12.2…)

"Personality and learning traits that may be associated with Fetal Alcohol Exposure (FAE)"

No. 826578

For the last week or so Lillee has bought 100 subscribers a day. I hope they know that they have to buy more views the more subscribers they buy and the more they mess with Lilee's youtube stats the more likely it is that youtube will take notice

No. 826581

File: 1615639462968.jpeg (94.66 KB, 529x411, 69DE3CC9-A8E2-48A7-A8F4-75B5A0…)

She’s anticipating her main channel getting removed over the copyright claims.

There’s a day last week where she got ZERO views for an entire day. Totally normal.

No. 826585

File: 1615641431427.png (20.27 KB, 701x141, 96E02BC8-303B-42DB-9BD5-F24360…)

ItsJustArin tweeted out an email Lillee sent YouTube after Arin disputed the copyright claim. Lillee knows her channel is in jeopardy and she’s trying to get YouTube to remove strikes.

No. 826589


There's now a leak of messaging between this skecthy mlm pyramid scheme participant self-claimed IG model inplie, check this link out in reddit.

But it says the messages were leaked on an imgur link in lolcow but i didn't see such a thing. Maybe I missed it because this thread is a rabbit hole lol


No. 826591

It looks to me that shes trying to make a separate channel for Youtube shorts, which is Youtubes attempt to compete with Tik Tok. They can get you a lot of views and subscribers, but the problem is that those people are not going to watch her longer form content. It doesnt help that the content already sucks

No. 826592

File: 1615644994742.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 617AA5D7-A2BA-46E1-9F2A-6B5205…)

From Elaine’s IG

account is under attack = people are sharing the stupid shit I said

No. 826593


Elaine was telling people on IG that it is illegal to post about a UK citizen on Reddit and lolcow lmaooo

This girl delusional af like Lillee Jean.

No. 826594


Is it true that Elaine told LJ to apologise? Where is this screenshot from ?


No. 826595

the way she attempts to email like this giving orders like close this out or take this down is so weird, as if she's working there or anyone gives a shit about her trying to give orders

No. 826604

>There’s a day last week where she got ZERO views for an entire day.
It was last sunday. Kek bots agencies are not working on sundays anon.

No. 826608

This is the screenshot from goose's Twitter status upthread with her conversation with Elaine. This is the screenshot Elaine sent to goose when goose was pressing for proof that she was even talking to Lillee about her racism.

(Also, anon, you need two arrows and not three to quote)

No. 826609


Thanks anon,sorry I messed up the arrows lol

Well seems like Elaine is still active and replying to people, her account is still active.

No. 826610

Is it true that Elaine is also buying followers like LJ? Because her engagement level was so low compared to her almost 7K follower. Maybe they are in the same engagement pod ? Just a conspiracy.

No. 826629

She always over-lines her lips and pouts like a duck, it’s very distracting. It’s almost as distracting as her teeth

No. 826630

I assume she created the account to try to bury the critical videos of her (when you sort by date uploaded there are ten videos or so of this trash to scroll through before you find something critical), to use as an extra account for reporting critical videos and to act as a backup for when her other channel is finally deleted by YouTube.

No. 826631

File: 1615664606027.png (3.54 MB, 750x1624, FBB996DB-7CFC-458C-84C2-8A0C2B…)

No. 826648

File: 1615672042467.jpg (622.22 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2021-03-13-22-41-48…)

She just uploaded a shit video about how to apply winged eyeliner. Yeah sure she has 1 million REAL followers and she is a hugeeeeeee influencer my ass.

She doesn't even pluck her eyebrows and shoots videos with greasy dandruff hair.

She is such a wreck. I feel sorry for her.

No. 826649


Are you even suprised? LJ has been acting like a slumpy skitty sucktty attic goblin who showers once a month with her mom. Do we even expect her to upload well put content? Nahh she nasty.

No. 826651

File: 1615673431139.png (3.13 MB, 1560x1452, lolok Lillee.png)

I also couldn't help but notice that she blatantly lied in this video. On the side where she was explaining how to draw a wing with a pencil rather than a liquid liner, the opaqueness and intensity of the eyeliner magically changes with a jump cut. It's clear that her pencil wing was absolute dogshit, so she completed it with liquid liner off-camera, and pretended that was the final product.

The top of pic attached is the beginning of her pencil-liner wing, and bottom is immediately after the jump-cut.

Lillee, any woman who has ever used pencil liner knows that it doesn't turn out as sharp and black as this. What a weird thing to lie about.

No. 826653


LMFAO. No wonder adult protection services will be back to check on her. I mean she is a neglected person overall. No personal hygiene, weight gain, the hysterical behaviour and this is even visible from outer space, it's so obvious that she is a total dumpfire trainwreck.

I wonder if LJ or Laur reads the comments here on lolcow? I mean at least they should learn something, take a shower dammit.

No. 826655


If she called me by my own name, I wouldn't believe that either.Lmao I'd ask her to show my ID to me lol.

She is basically a lie machine.She can't even film a stupidass video applying basic eyeliner ffs.

No. 826657

Same - I feel sort of bad for her in a way. We all have a parent, guardian or friend who would be like, do you really think you should do that? Maybe that isn’t such a good idea or hell no, don’t wear that on camera! It’s like her mom has never helped her or given her constructive criticism. It’s sort of sad.

No. 826658

LJ new YT channel has very sad 10-12 views per video. I guess they havent started buying fake followers and views for their new account? Also her latest video has 150 views on her main channel - so bots havent done their job yet huh?

No. 826663

LJ and Laur check this thread multiple times a day. Maybe hourly. About 20-40 minutes after someone posted that her current address was connected to the incorporation documents the goblins publicly filed for Lillee Jean Beauty, she was on Instagram Live talking about how she was doxxed.

They've been following it since shortly after the original r/bgc post. If you go to either the second or third LJ thread, you can see Laur sperging for a day or so.

No. 826685

File: 1615678206514.jpeg (67.98 KB, 827x583, D1E4A5D6-C2D7-43AA-A672-B62A96…)

Laur is off private and not happy with the fact people aren’t happy with her and LJs behaviour. Funny

No. 826688

File: 1615678934050.jpg (408.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2021-03-11-21-19-13…)

I just came across LJ's reply to one of her fake accounts under her bitebeauty video. She insistently told several times that they didn't claim Covergirl to be a photoshoot but hey check out her response!

LJ we know you tried to serve this Covergirl shit as a success story and then when caught red handed you lied about it. Come on now …

No. 826690


caught red handed indeed!!! I won't be suprised if she deletes that comment not lol everybody mentioned they check lolcow thread every minute so Lillee girl your lies are all so easy to detect.

Hey anon, what language is that I'm curious? (yanitlar - lmao doesn't ring any bell)

No. 826691


Hi anon, it's Turkish :) and yes Lillee has made an international trainwreck of herself that I even saw an Indonesian video about her on YT.

Lille girl you are famous around the world - famous for your lies and fake life lmao.(don't use emoticons)

No. 826692

File: 1615679234628.jpeg (721.76 KB, 1242x2206, 6C95048B-A6B2-4A8C-B975-B9E6D3…)

“Enslaved of their own religion.”

No. 826693


This girl again….. She'll never understand that people are not criticising her due to her (claimed) religion.

She doesn't get how copyright works either sooooooo I'll just wrap it up by saying she's dumber than my shoe sole.

No. 826694

Anons LJ blocked me on IG ( I think I'm not the only blocked one here) so can you guys please share stuff from her IG more ?

It's important because dumbass bitch shares everything recklessly there - we wouldnt know if LJ herself didn't share her dental records some time ago.(no one cares she blocked you)

No. 826697


LOL yes she is a lie machine.

I was going through her fake fan accounts and look what I found, some time ago she claimed to be auditioned for a Marvel movie lmao giiirrlll with her acting/singing skills she'd be thrown rotten tomatoes if she even performed on a street corner.

Is she really that delusional to lie just like that ? Marvel movie audition my ass

No. 826698


Thank you anon for reminding me my sleep paralysis singing snow white LJ demon.

If I'm suffering y'all will suffer too so y'all watch this and get your ears fucked up .

Goodnight. Thank me later, xoxo

No. 826701


If she just focused on her singing/acting instead of being so obsessed with her fake stories and shitty Instagram lives she could have become Cher I swear.

Ew, just ewwwww.

No. 826702

LJ, the Jews are tired. Just stop.

No. 826703

Did anyone see this? Full of all the lies they “debunked” https://www.voices.com/profile/LilleeJean/voice-over

No. 826704


If Jews could, they would unclaim her.

And I unfortunately watched the snow white video and I'm sure a dying goat can sing better.

lol the only role at a Marvel movie that they "might" consider her to audition for would be a fcking singing goat.

No. 826705


Girl this is goldmine. Somebody share screenshots (i can't with my damn phone )

Also she doxxed herself LMAO she gave her momager's full phone number.

No. 826707

This was also Laur posting as Lillee (the “bytw” is a dead giveaway)

No. 826708

File: 1615681448513.jpg (204.91 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_2021-03-14-01-16-24…)

Part1 - Guys here you goooo I the screenshots- SHE MENTIONS BITEBEAUTY as collab on the second screenshot !!!!

No. 826709

File: 1615681495108.jpg (278.9 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_2021-03-14-01-16-32…)


PT2 - lies continue … BITEBEAUTY

No. 826711

File: 1615681554266.jpg (287.02 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_2021-03-14-01-16-44…)


PT3 - she wrote this bio, everything she declined SHE WROTE IT HERSELF

No. 826713

File: 1615681596964.jpg (194.33 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_2021-03-14-01-16-51…)


PT4 - aaaand the Last portion of her bio filled with lies.

No. 826714


Yessssss that's how typically Laur types.

This momager ruined LJ's and her reputation with her own lies. Just sad.

No. 826719

Won’t divulge who I am working for or any details, but I work for one of those company in that list and we NEVER collaborated with her in any ways. Shared this with some of my coworkers for the lolz and they’re creeped out.

No. 826721

>On top of her busy modeling schedule

My eyes are burning from all the lies

No. 826722

>>>The premise being having people make just one change in their lives for example, giving up on using plastic straws in favor of adopting a glass straw.

Kek. She was using a plastic straw in her live yesterday and a disposable plastic cup. It looks like the Truemans live off delivery. That's awful for the environment because of the extra waste in the food packaging. I've seen her drinking out of plastic water bottles. I think I saw boxes of water bottles in the background of one of her Tiktok videos but it might have been other shit.

No. 826723

Of course it’s bullshit and if Jewish people didn’t recognise the heritage through the mother she wouldn’t even be considered Jewish since she barely cares about her heritage, except for some oppression points.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Laur reference God on twitter in the past so wouldn’t be surprised if she feels more Christian than anything.

Antisemitism against white, non practicing people is straight bullshit, nobody could even begin to guess they’re vaguely related to that group. It’s not like being mixed where you can tell someone’s heritage, or that she’d show off the different holidays through her channel. She 100% uses that only to rebrand any criticism as hate against a Jewish person then go back to playing with dolls in her attic and give 0 fuck about her people that were “burned to a crisp” or whatever.

No. 826724


Totally agree, everybody fucking knows that they are playing the "anti-semitism" card to play the victim. Nobody believes that they are devoted Jews who suffer from discrimination.

Their lies smell so bad because they are getting old and old everyday.

No. 826726

Goose has just tweeted how Laur has requested to follow their personal Instagram account

No. 826730

In that shitty and embarrassing ASMR video, they have a Christmas tree. If they were Jewish, wouldn’t they not have a Christmas tree? Just a little confused about that

No. 826737

Laur used to sound pretty Catholic before. She mentioned Catholic Saints at least a couple of times (old post: >>713779). A lot of her old tweets definitely gave me typical fundie vibes, I’d have never guessed they were Jewish. There are some more tweets like that but I don’t really want to go through all the old threads.

In their defense, a lot of non-religious people (and some Jews) put up Christmas decorations because they celebrate secularly. Some people just like the decorations. LJ’s dad is also apparently Christian so it’s not too crazy.

No. 826749

I know many people who have one Christian parent and one Jewish parent. They typically do some sort of casual, hybrid mix in December. The thing is tho, Jewish people who marry the goyim typically don't really care that much about religion. It's just a light hobby you indulge in one or two times a year for tradition's sake, but the rest of the time, it's boring and stupid. But those people don't mention how they're a half-jew whenever they feel cornered about something because it's not an important part of their life. Laur didn't think it was important enough to teach LJ about Judaism but taught her to play the Jew Card regardless of her ability to know basic fucking facts about being a jew. Like that, Judaism/being Jewish is not a race, as she said earlier today. (Saying it's a race is generally considered problematic or ignorant, Lillee.) Attic Academy theology class was the goblins watching a bootleg VHS copy of The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

No. 826750

File: 1615698917955.png (28.81 KB, 559x549, lilleeaccents.png)

You skipped the best part - her English and Russian accents!

No. 826754

They probably are claiming Jewish as their ethnicity not religion.

No. 826755

The Yoda live was posted on Lillee Jean Beauty kek. She also posted a clip from her Drunk Elephant trip into the city where she spins in a robe and nearly flashes the camera.

Did Drunk Elephant really pay for the goblins to stay at the Mercer?

Are we sure LJ is behind the Lillee Jean Beauty channel and it's not a callout? Wtf would she post all this cringe?!

No. 826768


Totally missed that part! Daamn her Russian accent is offensive to Russians - so stereotypical and fake that it's almost racist.

No. 826769


Everyone that jumped on to join her on her live was a south Asian man kek she really is tapping that bobs n vagene demographic isn’t she?

No. 826772

File: 1615710673264.jpeg (764.18 KB, 1920x2560, EB777157-EC32-4669-B0A2-1480CB…)

No. 826773

File: 1615712760546.jpg (437.77 KB, 1080x1846, IMG_20210314_100434.jpg)


It looks so desperate not gonna lie….

Check this piece of information out - click farms are generally located in Sout Asian countries so no wonder her "fans" and followers are all from that area.

No. 826781

File: 1615721554419.jpg (220.59 KB, 2055x578, totallyrealfollowers.jpg)

If it's the real reason this is incredibly stupid:

LJ: I'm the 1 million iNfLuEnCeR
Videos: can't break 10 views

massive KEKS
The only real people watching her content are from lolcow and the farms.

She has eye-liner everywhere on her finger wtf

No. 826791

OT, but there's an anon in here that's typing pretty unique and it's becoming obvious who they are. Just kind of wanted to point that out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826793


You mean Laur or LJ is here as anon? Because they were detected a couple of times by the way they type and misspell.

No. 826799

I am so confused, in the Trisha Paytas hate forums (and Frenemies comments), people keep coming for Trisha saying how stupid she is for not realizing Jewish is a race (passed down through the mother) and a religion. I think Ethan even said that on the most recent Frenemies podcast. So it's just a religion then?

No. 826800


Nah, it isn't Laur or LJ. They have been IP locked out since the early days, and I doubt they realize when they moved that they got a new IP. Anyways, the reverse goatse hack means they are constantly being watched. /s

The anon mentioned is one of the newer and younger group of creators/twitter boolies.

No. 826802

Shut up and just google it dude lol. This has nothing to do with the thread

No. 826803

No. 826804

Does anyone actually call the dark web a black website or is that just a Laur-ism

No. 826808


Laurism. She thinks lolcow and kiwifarm are websites on the dark web

No. 826817

Idk why you caught a ban for this. There are same fagging twitter retards unsaged and shitting up the thread with old milk.

You are a genuine retard. Go back to twitter or integrate. Nobody wants your unsaged commentary sooooooo bad. There are at least 3 other posts like this with your retard typing style.

No. 826824


Laur took "dark web" and "blacklist" and combined them to create the Black web. It's where "mental terrorists" and "anonymous nazis" share publicly available information that the Truemans have smeared all over the internet with each other.

She's incompetent in most things, but her reading comprehension and understanding of the internet are some of the most noticeable. But she totally ran a successful computer repair shop.

No. 826830

File: 1615751061795.jpg (122.49 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_2021-03-14-17-31-27…)

Old milk but I was digging in and I found a pic from LJ's graduation when she was 11. Guess she always had weight issues, some anons pointed out how she gained weight in quarantine but she seems to struggle with her weight since early age idk.

No. 826832

File: 1615751499725.jpeg (595.88 KB, 1242x2503, F4F63AA3-1164-41ED-B206-D14731…)

Posted an hour ago. Kek. She’s on an anti-Semitism victim kick.

Accusing Reichsleitung Diane of this seems a bit premature. It could be Oberabschnittsleither Critical Mass.

No. 826835

File: 1615752329340.jpg (583.85 KB, 1080x1979, Screenshot_20210314-150514_Ins…)

She's now spreading her ignorance on medium again.

No. 826837

File: 1615752615056.png (2.86 MB, 1080x5856, StitchIt_20211403030802_260.pn…)

Ofcourse, she links it to her personal blog without actually saying anything, and her blog is a dumpster fire on mobile.

No. 826840

File: 1615753070921.jpg (378.36 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20210314-151635_Chr…)

Her proof that the boolies are attacking her for being Jewish? They kicked a antisemitic asshole out of the discord channel. Thats…kind of the opposite, but whatever Lillee.

No. 826842


Hello Anon, sorry we are new. We will sage properly.

Thank you !

No. 826848

File: 1615754698703.png (218.03 KB, 594x794, C5F66E95-6130-459C-99C7-359E67…)

Kek to be fair the person she’s referring to a is genuine autist obsessed with a dead nazi and gets angry at other LJ callouts for being non-binary or PC. This is the first genuine anti-semitism Lillee’s faced from the cyber bullies and now she’s going to milk it. LJ will need to do the impossible and repair her already shit image because more and more people outside of the beauty-cosplay-art sphere are making callout videos on her. I’ll pity her, edgelords are much more annoying than the tweens and Diane.

No. 826859

Pretty sure she or Laur said Lillee was pre-diabetic at some point.

No. 826873


Yeah this isn’t news. Lillee has talked at length about how she was “pre-diabetic” and lost weight by eating only chicken and vegetables and working out or some garbage. It’s all in the threads.

No. 826878


Yeah they mentioned this a lot but in this picture I think her weight problem started waaaay earlier than Laur says. Not suprised, it's not the first time Laur is twisting the reality to hide her awful and negligent parenting skills.

I hope LJ has a happy ending and gets the medical care she needs.

No. 826885

that anon is wrong, Judaism is an ethnoreligion, so yes it is an ethnicity as well. not that the Jeanses would know or care about that lol.

No. 826887


It's not just that she was pre-diabetic. She's definitely pre-diabetic now. Her BMI is in the obese range; that recent live shows she's quickly gaining a disproportionate amount of weight in her abdomen, meaning her body is becoming insulin resistant. She has blackish splotches in her armpits (I can't remember what this is called), which also means her insulin is fucky. The black spots were mentioned in a previous thread.

They all have shitty genetics and shittier eating habits. I think it came out a few months ago that they're probably surviving entirely on food deliveries. Eating a high caloric meal three times a day from restaurants is going to pack on those pounds. Also, LJ's workout videos are a joke.

No. 826891

I wonder why she took down her lives with Elaine

No. 826898

File: 1615763102800.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 82C88BCD-D730-401B-84F1-9497D8…)

Elaine said she was deleting her account >>826891 and changing her name

No. 826918

File: 1615772145713.jpg (167.58 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20210314-203331_Twi…)

Since it's not really been useful today, Laur almost forgot about the "most devastating and life changing moment of her life".

Too busy fighting with minors to remember her poor sister who was more of a mother to her than her real mother, according to Laur. Probably why she doesn't indulge screwing her real mom's credit over.

No. 826922

File: 1615773254423.jpeg (501.79 KB, 1242x2556, 44D9E083-1C57-4F4B-8ABF-C36B73…)

Elaine is back for more.

No. 826925

Just admitted LJ did something offensive kek

No. 826929

Trisha's now Jewish too? Ugh.

LJ is Ashkenazi. I don't know who else agrees, but she does look Russian.

The Jews are tired of talking of their oppression like a constant reminder. Why do people who find out they have a piece of some group instantly claim that group's strife? All of a sudden Ancestory.com tells you you're one tiny part Native American, and now you're traumatized by your people's genocide? Doesn't work that way.

No. 826932


No. 826934

God even as a 10 year old she’s built like a middle aged white trailer trash mom who eats skittles and root beer for breakfast. Looks like an ogre compared to the other girl. Unfortunate genes all over.

No. 826941

LJ can't even spell anti-Semitic correctly.

No. 826947

Even the teacher looks younger.

Anons called it forever ago >>788203 , >>788218 , >>788199 , >>788059

No. 826951


Bitch no, everybody is fed up with LJ and her mother's bullshit.

They need to apologise and come clean, nobody will listen to their bullshit stories no more.

No. 826958

god that shit keeps pissing me off

No. 826964

File: 1615818005069.png (29.71 KB, 978x227, 9D8D2A6D-A872-4140-8D0E-8FFF05…)

Lillee added this to her emails

No. 826970


It's funny how desperately she wants it to seem "corporate" or professional. We all know you are the CEO of the Attic INC. miss Lillee lmao. Yeah your smelly stinky emails are so confidential now.

She will try to use legal action against people who leak her e mails just because she put a shitty copy-paste disclaimer message at the buttom of her e mails.

This will definitely stop people from leaking LJ's mean and threatening emails.

No. 826973

Instead of having to use disclaimers, they could just change their shitty behavior. What a concept!

No. 826977

>she will try to use legal action

Only she’s still broke and can’t afford lawyers or lawsuits.

No. 826979

How much do you want to bet she got that from the email signature of an APS worker? When I worked for social services, I had to put that exact sentence in my email signature.

No. 826982

File: 1615828370634.jpg (551.87 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_03-15-12.12.52.jpg)

I'm traumatized.

No. 826986


There is no god

No. 826989

File: 1615830873087.jpeg (963.71 KB, 1242x1556, CA0A8351-2B96-4D5E-B5D8-49DBA6…)

Laur has fun in the Critical Mass’ community tab.

No. 826990

>The Ukraine
>until 3 years ago a cyberstalker began her crusade to destroy me
>from the days of the bible to the roman empire, jews were critized (…)

The whole post yells intellectual disability.

No. 826991

Lillee needs a boyfriend that can snap her out of the delusions her mom has got her under. I don't think it'll ever happen but it would be nice to see.

No. 826992


Good lord, this is at her 5th grade graduation? She would have been 11 here. She's almost as tall as the person handing her the award, so she probably skyrocketed in height and weight, and then just stopped there.

No. 826994

What's up with the dust bunny hanging out of her ass?

No. 826999

she's probably facing an open closet door, these look like purses hanging from the doorknob on the other side?

No. 827000

Holy shit that's a fat kid

No. 827003

And then she went on her special diet that potentially fucked up her growth

No. 827005

File: 1615836728465.jpg (85.4 KB, 1080x1080, lilleejeanfanpage_20210315_202…)


This is the thinnest she has ever been. This was the result of her diet and exercise routine. She kinda looked normal and better in this picture. She was around 14-16 here. She also looked like she took better care of herself - I mean clean hair, nice fitting clothes.

I wish she continued her diet and exercise, she didn't age well. I'm angry with Laur. She should've set a healthy role model to her daughter but oh well we all know Laur herself is a grimy obese lady.

No. 827009

Imagine peaking at 15 kek

No. 827010

File: 1615839832460.jpeg (247.87 KB, 828x732, FA4C95C3-BE61-4889-9B7D-25A7D8…)

She has a new brand collab

No. 827012

I just laughed so hard at them misspelling her name. "the team and Lillie"

No. 827013


The brand can't even spell her name correctly… Says a lot.

No. 827014


This zbeautyofficial, did they deactivate the page ? Nothing comes up in Instagram search results, skecthy.

No. 827015

No, it's because they misspelled "official": https://www.instagram.com/zbeautyoffical/

No. 827016


It's top keks that Lillee's only way to collab is with a company that is either ESL or illiterate and has less than 500 followers. Oh yeah, you're a true beautuber with a million followers, Lillee.

No. 827017

File: 1615842329157.jpg (282.87 KB, 1080x1577, IMG_20210315_220209.jpg)


People already started leaving comments. Their DM box must be blowing up now.

And the misspelling lol they found the perfect influencer to represent their brand, illiterate attic goblin.

No. 827018

File: 1615842638342.jpg (340.35 KB, 1080x1709, IMG_20210315_220857.jpg)


Just in a few seconds they cleaned out all the negative comments under LJ post.

I wouldn't be suprised if Laur was monitoring the comment section of this shitty zbeauty page.

No. 827021

File: 1615842922257.jpg (219.85 KB, 955x1697, IMG_20210315_221431.jpg)


Comment section getting hot

No. 827022

File: 1615843312290.jpg (462.35 KB, 1080x1804, IMG_20210315_222140.jpg)


If you check the pinned stories you'll see their previous user name was z.beauty__

What a legit professional name. Wowza.

No. 827023

Unrelated but what’s with this recent trend of typing “apart” in place of “a part”, it’s so annoying. It’s the opposite of what they mean to say.
Well sure, lj is not a part of my beauty routine, you’re right there, zbeauty

No. 827024

What’s with these losers and fake comments? “Wowww” with fire and heart eye emojis does not look remotely convincing.

No. 827026

it's most likely people from Lillee's engagement pod

No. 827027

I'm pretty sure it's just engagement pod efficiency. If you're having to react a thousand times for people in your pod, you're just going to throw some positive emojis their way to match your quota.

No. 827029

Honestly, with proper training, she could get a pretty decent instrument out of her voice. She clearly has a natural high soprano range. Now, If only those money spent on followers and those countless hours spent recording tutorials noone will really watch, was spent on lessons with a good voice coach….

No. 827031

File: 1615844642229.png (639.4 KB, 849x700, ls.png)

I know makeup can't be perfectly unique, but when I first saw their glosses, they look like rip offs of Huda Beauty's Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick

No. 827035

File: 1615845289115.jpg (394.79 KB, 2048x2048, SquarePic_20210315_22543511.jp…)


They also look like rip offs of this fancy looking Lancôme L'Absolu Lacquer lip gloss series.

No. 827036

That example is way closer than the one I posted lol

No. 827037

I think she'd be an impressive voice actor. She can do some wacky childlike shit with her voice and she's extra enough to sound like a preschooler. I can imagine her voicing an annoying kindergartener on a Disney show. I think her internet activity has ruined any chances in the film industry though. Even if it is just a shitty show on Cartoon Network that will only last half a season.
Damn, anon. You're right. I thought they looked familiar. Considering
the shit Nikita Dragun went through for ripping off another brand's packaging, wtf would anyone try that?

No. 827038


I mean this zbeauty is a small dot compared to Nikita Dragun's makeup line so they can get away with ripping off the packaging from some high-end brands like Lancome. Lancome wouldnt give a shit about some phony zbeauty lol

The anon who recognized Lancome packaging babe you rock.

No. 827041

tobyelectric needs to cool it

No. 827081

File: 1615864322798.jpg (210.89 KB, 1079x850, Screenshot_20210315-221147_You…)

Lillee's latest video is how to stay out of internet drama.

No. 827082

Anons, shes talking about us! Say cheese!!!

No. 827085

File: 1615866155156.png (126.18 KB, 891x655, Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 10.4…)

How can she be so condescending and yet unqualified in every way at the same time? It's almost a talent.

Also, she wants you to read her Ted Kaczynski screed before you respond.

No. 827094


Underrated comment as it‘s super annoying fr

Native english-speakers (especially Americans) are either illiterate and fail at the grammar of probably the only language they speak anyway, or just lazy and spell it as they hear it. Same with „should/could of“ instead of „should‘ve/could‘ve“ - guess they can’t tell particles apart from abbreviated verbs

Sorry and saged for rant/ sperg

No. 827096

Hair like that isn’t going to keep you out of internet drama. What the hell is going on with it?

No. 827097

lmaaoooo they're the perfect brand for our illiterate attic goblin>>827015

No. 827101

this is so cringy and demonstrates how much of an autist or FASDs she is lmao.Internet etiquette? ok lillee jean please teach us about the internet when u lack so much self awareness here and irl.

No. 827102


>"Yeah, so just act normal"

Coming from the person I haven't seen act human once in her entire life.

No. 827103

File: 1615884373017.png (343.4 KB, 868x615, Screenshot 2021-03-16 041730.p…)



> So, you see posts on the internet and its not quite flattering on someone else. You had a bad day at work. That post made you feel fucking good because "damn I'm doing better than them", you think. "Let me drop a comment, let me put my two cents in." That two cents kind of goes into maybe like, I don't know, a hundred cents later of multiple replies, multiple DMs, multiple, multiple, multiple, and then you're in a group of people who hate this one person. How did we get there? That is always one of the main things I hear for people with drama on me - "I got caught up, how did I get here?" and I think one of the most important things to remember is how you act in person with your friends, your family, that's how you should act on the internet. It's very much the same. You know, in school you're taught primary, secondary sources. So, go to the source if you're truly interested. Don't spread rumors on somebody. Don't go into petty gossip because the truth is what you're doing does impact somebody else.

> Although it seems perfectly normal to me to look into things rather than just jumping into it, I really, really do understand how some people can just get caught up. "Oh this person is using a trigger word - racist!", "Oh this person is homophobic" and these are very hot topics that should be discussed in today's society, but I feel like the extent we're going to is a lot of finger pointing and becoming harmful for the actual people who are pointing the fingers. And I don't like seeing you guys getting frustrated or upset and that's kind of why I thought of this video. What do you do to pull yourself out? How do you steer clear of this drama? How do you stay clean on the internet?
> The first thing I would say is self-control. You want to be able to control yourself because the number one thing is impulsions. "Oh I have to comment this because I must be heard, I must get my voice out there, and people should listen to me. I'm having a bad day, I need to pet myself.", that sort of thing. And although it might seem harmless to you, just "Oh, one Twitter thing", I've seen it in action, one becomes 100 tweets, 100 tweets becomes discussions, subreddits, black websites (hello!). You're then doing doxxing on somebody, it's, it's bad. Self-control. Knowing when to check yourself. Knowing when to say "I'm in too deep". Knowing when to say "Let me look at everything before I fully jump" because a lot of celebrities, actors, musicians, content creators, they do put out statements, and I think it's important to hear them out before you jump, run, and do anything.
> Cancel culture, although we do have a place for it when it comes to figures that are truly deplorable, I think has gotten a little bit out of control. What do you do when there's no more creators, there's no more actors, there's no more models, what do you do? Because the truth is, everybody has a fault. Even you watching this have many faults. That's why you remain anonymous, you don't want people to know about that, but you want to be the judge, jury, and executioner on everybody else. Why are you important enough to do that? That's number 1. Self-control. Impulsion. They go hand in hand.
> Number 2 on kind of humbling yourself would be where I would go with this. You know, humbling yourself and understanding the bigger picture. Going along the lines of "who do you think you are?" and when it comes to looking at primary sources, this is truly grade school. Petty drama is petty drama but when you start seeing a mob of people going "Yeah, this person's awful, I have the proof! Go see the [unintellible]!" as soon as you start seeing trigger words, links to things, photos edited awfully, distortions, you should already have your flag up: "something isn't right here" because normal people, at least in person, they don't act that way, and I'm sure you actually don't either. So to pull yourself away from all this, you must humble yourself. Understand more deeply what is making you upset? What is triggering you? If the internet is triggering you, you must find a way to compensate that. So, perhaps, you only go on to see news, perhaps you only go on to put up family photos on a private account, monitor yourself. Because although you may have family, friends, your kitty, your puppy, whatever, nobody knows what is truly going on in your brain, in your heart, in your soul, but you do! You know what is going on.
> Number 3 to not get caught up would be having empathy. What if it was you? In school, let's take the scenario, you call somebody "fat and ugly". On the internet that is seen as "blah, whatever". In school, that would be considered "Oh my! You're getting detention, yes you are, mhm! Sit there!" I think the same sort of rules apply to the internet. It's not very nice to call somebody that, now is it? The person hides behind "it's criticism, it's an opinion" but stop. You're defending yourself. Once you start defending yourself on something that you jumped towards, you know you're wrong. So if your body is already doing that, you know something is wrong, you must look and seek with empathy. So, just think about that, what if that was you? What if somebody created an 8 million video on you? None of it's true, but it's up. You get tons of hate DMs daily, would you like it? I don't know if you would, just think about that, would you like that? What if somebody created a series of 50 fake Twitter accounts and all of them targeted your child at home. I don't think you'd very much like that, would you? The saying do what you would like done to you is very true at the end of this. Internet etiquette, there is a place for it, and there is a way we can all come together and act properly, but some people do lack self control, some people do lack empathy, and some people just don't really give a damn no matter who they hurt, and I think it's sad. But I think for anybody listening to this video, just keep in mind, what if this was happening to your mom, what if this was happening to your favorite friend? How would you feel? Do you really think you would have the heart to do it anymore? Think about this, if you're hiding behind an anonymous account right now, watching this right now, I have more balls than you ever will because I'm on video recording after 3 years of this. So did you truly win whatever was going on in your soul at the time, to hurt me? You did not. Instead, you still hide. You're hiding, but hiding from whom? More like yourself. So why even bother? It's toxic and it's negative.
> I truly feel that for 2021, we should all start acting more positively. And trust me, I believe in defending yourself to the bitter end. There has been awful comments said to me, and sometimes, you've got to set your ground. You've got to let people know who's boss. And a troll will always turn that into they are the victim. But at the end of the day, think with empathy, have self control, check yourself daily: "Why am I doing this?", "What is my overall goal?", "What is my purpose?", "Am I earning anything from this?", "What am I doing?" ask yourself that daily. And then think, what if, what I was doing was happening to somebody I love the most? Would you still do it? I don't think so.

No. 827104

File: 1615885217392.png (15.93 KB, 310x162, hoodie.PNG)

why on earth does she think anyone will pay that much for a hoodie with a crappy font on it LOL

No. 827106

Every time she mentions self control, I think of her skin-walking Glenn Danzig bulldog hybrid mother rage posting into the abyss.

No. 827109


Oh, another video about the mean bullies, who could have seen this coming?

No. 827110

File: 1615897212349.png (197.56 KB, 1873x1316, 673FB037-E83D-486E-8E7A-24D6C8…)

She put another copyright strike on the same video that callimara had reinstated

No. 827113

File: 1615898431306.png (410.43 KB, 2048x1016, 0ABBC9E2-C659-427B-BE18-FFF843…)

Callie spoke to a YouTube rep

No. 827115

File: 1615898487748.jpeg (44.45 KB, 1152x438, 89E6DF07-E686-4E0C-930B-6906F2…)

No. 827117

File: 1615900142044.jpg (384.26 KB, 1080x1705, IMG_20210316_140829.jpg)

Looks like zbeauty dropped Lillee. Their latest post featuring Lillee is gone now.

No. 827118

File: 1615900537988.jpg (395.5 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20210316-081522_Ins…)

Nah, IG just hides posts from you after you report them.

No. 827119

>>I'm having a bad day, I need to pet myself.

Is this a typo or or did she throw a nod to masturbation into a conversation about bullying people.

No. 827120


I went back and watched the whole video again. Yes on 02:02 on her video she said ;

> I'm having a bad day, I need to pet myself.

And she made a very weird hand gesture.

No. 827124

had to google Glen dazig but my god she looks so similar

No. 827131

I can’t believe at this point Lillee Jean doesn’t see how SHE IS THE BULLY.

She isn’t bullied by people, she is the instigator and she isn’t a nice person. Girl really needs to look in the mirror at herself and self-reflect.

I don’t understand how someone who loves Disney princesses so much doesn’t see that she’s like an evil witch giving out poison apples all the time. She’s definitely not the princess with a heart of gold singing along with the forest animals.

I feel bad for these creators. This whole situation has made me realize how broken the YouTube system is. It punishes the wrong people and let’s everyone abuse the system.

No. 827135

LJ and Laur don't have the ability to distinguish reality from their delusions.

No. 827154

Lillee has her Invisiline. I’ll grab a copy of the live.

No. 827163

File: 1615919500751.jpeg (404.53 KB, 828x975, 82B81F3B-9906-4299-825C-F137E0…)

She’s gonna get these two upper teeth extracted

No. 827170

Don’t do Danzig like this lol- he actually did something in life. And Glenn on his most hungover day makes more sense

No. 827179

File: 1615922893685.jpg (150.11 KB, 1080x1080, lilleejeanbeaute_20210316_2025…)


Well she should !!! This reminded me of her horrible selfies from Revlon event.

I think she also lacks self image awareness, who would upload a selfie like this ?

No. 827180

>who would upload a selfie like this

someone whose mother has been telling them since they were a baby that they are perfect.

No. 827189

Kek can't wait to hear her crying about how teeth extraction are painful.

No. 827191


holy shit no good dentist would start her invisalign without doing the extensive 100% necessary maxillofacial surgery needed.

The face the dentist at my office made when I showed her the x-ray was of horror.

No. 827194


Yeah something isn't right. No dentist in their right mind would do invisalign and then extract the teeth.

No. 827196

File: 1615928608549.jpg (81.28 KB, 750x632, Hcefc7dc2b37045058804ed3437405…)

>Implying they designed their own packaging
Anons, lillee only works with the finest of brands, of who I quickly found the packaging of on Alibaba

No. 827198

So the picture with the bulb is late 2018/early 2019. Her teeth have been on a journey to find themselves. No wonder her jaw hurts.

No. 827211

The live - Lillee shows off her "invizies" and talks about the needed extractions. Blessedly short.

Toppest of kek - invisiline, THEN extractions? They must found the Trueman (read huckster) version of an orthodontist because this makes zero sense.

No. 827212


Love how it starts off with her fetishizing her white skin by saying "omg I'm so pale today, queen".

No. 827220

to be fair, same deal with my sister - they need the teeth there for anchoring and to get the rest of the lot in place then when the other teeth are good the problem teeth come out, hopefully to be replaced with a fake.

No. 827221

This issue is that her teeth are not the adult teeth. There’s very little root, making them very poor anchor. But then again the entire concept of doing ortho on baby teeth is baffling so here we are lol

No. 827234

File: 1615947236019.png (211.51 KB, 863x551, Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 9.04…)

I wonder if her baby teeth will pop out in her Invisalign tray. It'll probably save them the money of paying to get them pulled.

Twitter callouts are posting about more YouTube and Twitter DMCAs being filed. How much longer until she gets banned for copyright takedown abuse kek. I'm excited about the ban tantrum milk. Laur will drink a full box of Franzia and unprivate her account. Beautiful.

Fun Tweet from Laur a few days ago.

No. 827245

Great, I look forward to future videos where she'll give advice on being really tall and having normal sized, well-spaced teeth.

That's 99% of all bullies. They act the way they do because they're "standing up for themselves". In their minds they're always the put-upon ones. Usually borne of rampant self-pity which leads to victim mentality.

No. 827246

Tbh I want Lillee to go away from everything & everyone forever because she is gross, disgusting & awful. That's my own option and has nothing to do with callouts or YTvideos.
But this sudden weight gain is seriously a health issue. If it's Emotional or Physical for Lillee it doesn't matter why, bullying or just health problems. With this weight gain her health is seriously fucked. She looks like a decade of T2 diabetic. She looks 15 years older. Laur is a mess and Lillee is on the express train to Laur looks, and her 500 fans won't even watch that.
Lillee, you are letting your haters destroy you because you are so stubborn and won't take any critique even if it is meant to help. Girl you are falling apart and gaining lbs in realtime.

No. 827265

There was a video about LJ yesterday (with no sound, no image, just drawings of the content creator) and it only had like 52 views or something. She can't even claim there's anything related to copyright because the content creator didn't use any image or sound of LJ.

But guess what ? Attic goblin decided to copy strike that video because her pathehtic ego is that fragile, really….

At this point I'm just shocked that why YouTube is doing absolutely nothing.

LJ and her momager are acting like little dictators on YouTube - nobody can criticise them,nobody can make videos about them, they will strike any video they don't like… And YouTube is sitting in the corner like a useless bitch and watching.

No. 827267

File: 1615978682602.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.94 KB, 327x248, kek.jpg)


Uncanny resemblance.

No. 827273

File: 1615983670572.jpeg (189.25 KB, 750x1044, 3CAE02B5-988D-46BA-87A9-122A7F…)

Lillee bought views for her Lillee Jean Beauty content

No. 827274

She should upload her birthday livestream of her claiming Pheepy's a pedophile.

No. 827303

She should post a breakup vlog. That'd be great performance art. And she should move beyond one of the more ridiculous parts of LJ lore.

No. 827314

Breakup? He’s coming to visit her in April to serve her flowers and penis

No. 827315

File: 1616003357473.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.51 KB, 1002x1002, Penis-Bouquet-Funny-Erotic-Nov…)

REAL pheepy pic just leaked

No. 827318

File: 1616005020283.jpeg (262.46 KB, 828x762, F74D12CA-5D12-4916-99D0-CC61E4…)

I get fewer DMCA’d results when I search for torrents kek

No. 827319

I hope this person is willing to counterclaim. This is straight get up perjury. You can’t even claim that you thought in good faith it was infringement if none of your content was used. This could potentially be the claim that gets her accounts disabled.

No. 827320

Lmao what the fuck? I can’t believe it’s this easy to DMCA every negative piece of information about yourself. Why doesn’t every cow do this?

No. 827324

Most other cows have at least a decent following, or some people like them, so they probably don't want to risk the backlash of doing numerous false takedowns and lose their followers and/or income. Lillee on the other hand has no fanbase, the only people who pay attention to Lillee aside from Laur already decidedly don't like her/know her true colours or are people from her engagement pod who don't know or don't care. so it's not like she's risking a following or good reputation/public opinion considering Lillee doesn't have either.

No. 827327

That, and they're also more than likely aware of fair use, so they know if they get counterclaimed they would lose.

No. 827328

Lillee Jean saying people need to have empathy is really rich. She is the one who lacks empathy and self control. She calls people names and tries to bring people down every single day of the week.

I can’t get over her video chastising peoples bad internet etiquette when she has zero. Keep digging the hole Lilllee. You sad, sad girl.

No. 827331

Yeah and the fact that her mother is 100x worse. She lashes out at literally anything on the internet and resorts to trying to insult anything she has information on, such as being pregnant or their age.

No. 827333

could they be more obvious? who are they trying to fool? it's not even worth it, you cant get monetized off shorts and the channel doesnt even have 10 subs. I dont get it

No. 827353

She can't monetize the fake views on her main channel either, it's all for appearance sake anyway.

No. 827358

File: 1616027246357.png (320.69 KB, 615x680, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.25…)

Oh, but they'll sure as fuck try to trick anyone they can.

Flashback to the early days of goblin lore when LJ posted this fun infographic.

In the present day, LJ said that her teeth started to hurt last night and she's going to keep her fans updated with vlogs.

No. 827364

>Lillee Jean if she does an IG post EXPECTS to be reposted or regrammed
Reading anything that LJ writes gives me a headache.

No. 827365

File: 1616030010188.jpeg (118.95 KB, 828x408, C7CE7DA9-C465-49A9-9123-B426BC…)

From her new blog

No. 827367

Why does she always have "advice" for literally everything that she does? Why can she not just tell her story without being like "so here's my advice for this situation" wtf

No. 827368

File: 1616030325333.jpeg (148 KB, 1170x1094, 2B80E11D-2B2D-40D9-9874-A056AD…)

No. 827396


I bet all my money that she WILL copyright strike JayInTolly's new video because is disgusting like that.

No. 827417

File: 1616074555254.jpeg (278.89 KB, 1152x2048, 16FB8F53-C2FE-454D-B297-4EA944…)

Fucking horrorshow

No. 827418

so used to people on this site using photoshop to make themselves look like that but NOPE that's literally how wide her fucking mouth is

No. 827419

Anons, can some of you download and save LJ's best Youtube videos just in case her channel got deleted?

No. 827426


Is there a reason you can't do it yourself?

No. 827462

I did for my favorites, but can't do for all the videos.
The acting ones are the funniest.

No. 827475


Blog post. Someone posted a quote but not the entire thing. It seems like something an eleven year old who recently got braces would write on her Wattpad to her 32 followers in 2013. Complete with cringy cat gifs and lifted stockimages.

No. 827482

Lmao what the fuck did i just read

No. 827488

File: 1616101000260.jpg (3.99 MB, 1918x23190, Page Lillee Jean.jpg)

Saved for posterity. Seeing all the spit in her Invisalign is a new kind of disgusting.

No. 827489

File: 1616101030397.png (7.01 KB, 652x51, Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 8.56.…)

The way she writes is honestly so bizarre. The closest I can compare it to is an ESL speaker. How does someone learn to write so weirdly? Like wtf does this even mean?

No. 827491

I think it’s a mix of no education and social isolation tbh. She seemingly never talks to anyone besides Laur. She’s never needed to make sense or articulate her thoughts for work, school, etc.

No. 827493

Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head there. The lack of education is obvious but what makes her writing extra weird is that she doesn't seem aware of the concept of imparting information to an audience in a way that they'll actually care about, and that's definitely from social isolation. Like the blog post starts and she doesn't even have an introduction that explains what she's having done and why. And she just randomly puts bits in bold or capitalizes chunks. It's like an alien trying to write a human blog post

No. 827499

Sage but the way she types sounds weird until you try to imagine her saying it out loud. My best guess is that she never learned to properly write, either at school or at work, and just spill everything on her keyboard like if she were talking.

It doesn’t seem that she pauses for a second and double check anything so she ends up misusing a ton of words.
I’ve noticed most weird ass internet ESL speak tend to start with a subject and go from there.

And well, Laur does the exact same thing so they’re both in a constant positive feedback loop.
If one of my colleague wrote like this I’d just assume they have some sort of disability.

No. 827502

>nosh down
fake jew says what

No. 827516

It seems like she tries to type like a stupid teen magazine writing articles about mundane things involving celebrities cuz it’s “relatable”. It’s pathetic she thinks she’s important with 6 jeaniez

No. 827524

I have to defend Elle Woods’ honor, it’s Bend & Snap, not fucking Pop & Lock

No. 827572

do you think she's ever actually seen legally blonde or do you think she's just referencing things she's vaguely heard of that seem popular? like i'm so curious about what media lillee consumes, is she watching any shows or movies? what kind? does she only watch children's shows or has she seen anything for an adult audience? like i genuinely would not be surprised if lj has never watched anything rated R lmao

i think the most interesting part about these absolute maniacs is just how alien lillee is, like she's just a delusional child in a young adults body except that adult has also never been outside kek

No. 827573

Yes, I agree anon. I also have to "read aloud" in her voice to parse her sentences and understand her attic pidgin. Even then it can be a struggle.

No. 827576

It seems she only watches kiddie/family shit like my little pony and superhero cartoons

No. 827578

This would explain why she always refers to herself as the “queen” of her little world. She’s been raised on fantasy and it’s honestly ruining her life. I fucking hate Laur for doing this to her. I don’t condone any of Lillee’s actions because she is now an adult, but the environment she’s grown up in has conditioned her to the point of no return. Slap a possible disability on top of that and you get the total disaster that she is now. My two year old has better social skills than her.

No. 827581

I heard Diane said she wasn't allowed to watch R-rated movies, and Laur encouraged her to watch Disney only.

No. 827582

File: 1616130086634.png (117.49 KB, 715x381, leverified.png)

I can only hope that we get to publicly witness the tantrum Lillee throws from the attic when she finds out, because you know she and Laur bombarded some unmonitored customer service inbox with links to purchased yahoo india articles and that fashion haunts youtube interview trying to get LJ verified on twitter.

No. 827601


"Baby teeth still flourishing below" That word doesn't mean what you think it means

"AND TMJ in my jaw" Well no shit, I guess they didn't teach basic anatomy in attic academy.

According to her rate card, she expects companies to pay $2000 for these garbled messes she calls blog posts.

No. 827603


She thought Invisalign would make her teeth too big for her face? Huh

No. 827623

I saw Diane wearing Army pants and flip-flops, so I bought Army pants and flip-flops

No. 827631

>if you don't like the opinion you receive, move on and find another person

yeah, lillie, jfc. if every doctor rightfully tells you that you need surgery at this point, find a scammy one that will milk you for money and fuck up your teeth even more. this definitely sums up her whole attitude to valid criticism and recommendations

No. 827633

Has she even had her wisdom teeth removed? Or are they not concerned she'll ever get them? This invisalign makes no sense. If your teeth haven't even properly come in, why would they align them? They're just going to get wrecked when her adult teeth start shifting.

No. 827636

She wants to be 100% surrounded by yesmen.

No. 827639

She has at least one impacted wisdom tooth. It’s on her xrays

My tinfoil is that she wanted Invisalign to show that they have money. Her teeth don’t even have any Invisalign attachments on them

No. 827644

Her orthodontist is the exact equivalent of what cyberdouche was as her lawyer-legal-not-legal-rep-brand-manager.
It ended perfectly well…

No. 827656

i think it may be because she doesn't have canine teeth right now? it looks like she has her front four teeth spread apart filling that space where her canines should be and she mentions her canines are impacted. it might be that they are pushing her front teeth together so they can have space to pull down the canines. just a guess.

No. 827677

What if she just got a night time retainer for 200 bucks and not Invisalign. That would be why there aren’t the bumps to move the teeth.

No. 827696

Well, looks like Lillee Jean wants to get JayInTolly's YouTube channel terminated.

It seems like copyright strikes don't satify her anymore.

No. 827704

File: 1616192551500.jpg (109.92 KB, 933x834, image.jpg)

Laur is doing Laur things in the comment section.
She deleted the last comment where she admitted it was her, I caught it at 11 seconds and it was gone within 2 minutes.

No. 827706

You're right. There aren't any attachment bumps on her teeth. These aren't invisalign, they're from Smile Direct Club. You still have to go to an "ortho" to get impressions but it's usually a clinic that JUST sells Smile Direct Club and teeth whitening.

No. 827711

Good luck with SDC kek. They have multiple lawsuits out about how bad they are. “..(SDC Aligners) are both dangerous and defective and falsely represented that licensed dentists would be overseeing customers’ care.” They are too tight and have cracked people’s teeth. So she’s applying right pressure on rotten baby teeth with no root. Sounds like an excellent idea.

No. 827720

Lillee posted edited DMs with Curtis Price on a new channel. This video is quickly gaining likes

No. 827721

File: 1616197688907.jpeg (327.25 KB, 828x3522, B5C4870E-C44E-49EB-B85C-6D05C7…)

No. 827723

File: 1616197906493.jpg (134.65 KB, 1080x1469, 20210319_235015.jpg)

Views vs likes

How does that work?

No. 827727

and 1k 'likes' without a single comment. It's just completely humiliating at this point

No. 827728

On one hand youtube views are just wonky like that sometimes, on the other hand this ratio is very unreasonable.
How does it even make sense that a video like this gets this amount of traction in an hour. Try harder Lillee

No. 827729

Gonna make myself sound like a tard now, but when when I was a kid (like 8 or around then) & would play with barbies & would pretend some of them were foreign & would emulate what I’d seen on TV portraying foreigners trying to speak English (especially french - if you’re old enough to remember the TV show Allo Allo you’ll know what I mean!) and make them talk exactly like that.
Whenever I read anything lillee has written it reminds me so much of that. She’s been playing with her dolls far too much and she thinks she’s coming across as foreign & exotic & worthy of a french Prince but it’s coming across as racist 1980s comedy TV to me!

No. 827730

i hope this isn't too bloggy, if it is i'm sorry in advance and you can all bully me, but i'm actually currently in a similar situation with my teeth and have at least some insight on this specific process that feels relevant to share

i also have baby teeth where my canines should be that never gotten taken care of when i was a kid due to medical neglect. i'm not mentioning that for any sympathy but because it seems like a similar situation with laur neglecting major dental work, likely for financial reasons, and subsequently forcing her adult child to deal with these issues as she ages and her teeth become more difficult to shift. it ultimately becomes a much longer, more painful process than it would have been if it were taken care of at the right age, not to mention the cost and maintenance that must be done for months to years.

based on what i've been told about my own teeth, the invisalign is absolutely not going to do anything to help the situation. i'm getting traditional metal braces to shift my teeth around to make space for the adult teeth that they are also trying to pull down with the braces. they specifically told me that invisalign is only really for minor cosmetic fixes like slightly crooked or gapped teeth and can't help in situations this severe. in fact, they told me it can actually be detrimental because the insertion and removal process can easily damage the weaker baby teeth that are already more prone to chipping, and even start to loosen them if the root is shallow enough. i don't know who tf told lj and laur that those trays would do anything to help her situation because everything i've been told has been to steer clear of those things in situations like this. as much as i can't stand lillee i really do hate to see her fuck up her teeth even more, i understand the pain and embarrassment that comes with having baby teeth as an adult and i cannot imagine that on top of how fucked the rest of her teeth are. it's totally obscene that laur has let this happen for so long and is continuing to let her daughter suffer not only with the baby canines but with the rest of her mess of a mouth that is very obviously causing her pain.

lj is an absolute goblin but laur is just an awful fucking person.

No. 827732

File: 1616201265471.jpeg (292.71 KB, 1125x530, D1E11B09-4CBD-47D2-86D5-013524…)

He didn’t tell Lillee that Tatiana called the police about Lillee saying she was a minor dating a grown ass adult. Lillee did and he echoed Lillee’s narrative.

No. 827733

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, dental anon. That perspective is useful for understanding how much work will need to be done for LJ to have a passable smile. It sounds like her dental future will be just as shitty as we predicted.

I feel similar that Laur is a fucking terrible mother and a generally trash human being. That sucks that baby teeth can be that incredibly painful. I hope things get better.

>>827732 I had to read that twice to understand what the fuck Laur was trying to say. I can see Tatiana calling the police over that to be honest.

No. 827734

File: 1616201539795.jpeg (185.1 KB, 942x1125, F5D21D04-9F60-481B-B3EE-4CF5E2…)

Lillee also is claiming she said all the things about Pheepy because she was scared of Tati. Lillee was the one who mentioned the age gap and when they started dating. I love how her messages can literally be proven false based on her own live.
>>827732 here is where SHE tells him it was Tatiana however it was likely the person who randomly appeared in the tweets, totally unrelated to the Lillee situation who was asking questions and stating that they were a mandatory reporter

No. 827743

I keep hearing people say that metal braces can pull down the teeth that haven’t yet erupted. I can’t wrap my head around how that works if there are no teeth to attach the braces too. As someone in that position can you explain to me how that works please&ty, I’m probably being an idiot but I just don’t get it.

No. 827745

They attach a metal chain (usually gold) to a tooth that hasn’t erupted yet and attach the chain to the braces. From what I understand this requires a minor surgery.

No. 827747

File: 1616206572292.jpeg (180.8 KB, 1125x1710, DB2DB78D-7E27-400B-BA24-FA5FDF…)

“Likes” go from 1k to 758

No. 827765

So since Lille is using his name in this video, and Lillee is so strict about rules, can he copyright claim it..? oh how the turn tables Lil Genes..

No. 827766

While I'm sure Lillee has approved this channel (i mean, what else does lillee think a ceo does?) But this reeks of Laur's ineptitude. Lillee doesn't want this attached to her channel, because it looks bad, so Laur is making extra channels to circumvent bans and to pretend Lillee has more "fans". I think a large amount of lillee's fake fans from the early days were Laur and Benjamin's brain child's and Laur took it too far

No. 827782

why in the hell is she posting this shit thinking it makes her look good? It literally makes her look like shit. Curtis was always very polite and respectful with them–more than they deserved. Also Lillee deleted most of her side of the convo which is really fucking sus?

No. 827864

File: 1616285290264.png (104.02 KB, 603x571, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 7.07…)

Please escalates to a Franzia Freakout.. Please escalate to a Franzia Freakout..

No. 827888

File: 1616295979600.jpeg (208.49 KB, 827x1427, 5B929320-11C2-4BFF-94E4-B7D7D5…)

Laur posted this picture of her bedroom. Full size fridge? Hoarding antiques? A huge dollhouse filled with dolls her almost 20 year old daughter is playing with?!?

No. 827891


The house that they moved into in September/October isn't that big, and it's been split into two apartments. The Truemans seem to be in the smaller/less expensive one, so maybe that tiny alcove is actually their kitchen and Laur and Earl are sleeping in what would normally be the living room/dining room while LJ has the only actual bedroom to sleep and film her videos in. It would explain why Lillee has been taking all of her full-body photos on the staircase since they moved. It's probably a shared area of the house and the only place they have access to that isn't junked up with their hoarded "antiques."

No. 827892

Wtf, aren’t those LJ’s dolls? I’m so confused, did LJ toss her old unwanted dolls in Laur’s bedroom? And why is there a fridge? The dollhouse is especially weirding me out because it’s obviously set up and being played with. I have so many questions.

No. 827894

Lillee gets mad when people insinuate she plays with her dolls and always corrects them about her dolls being collectibles. Laur just outted her adult daughter for playing with dolls like a fucking toddler. I can’t -

No. 827895

File: 1616299654373.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1532, 1590171003420.jpeg)

I think there's also video evidence of her playing with dolls. Or at least pictures. The two examples I can think of is her video talking about Ariel being portrayed by a black actress and she's holding an Ariel doll, and the image of her holding a barbie which is I think the scariest image I've seen of her, genuinely.

No. 827896

There’s so much pain in those eyes kek

No. 827897

It looks like just piles of trash/junk beside the fridge. Wtf? No animal or person should be living in that filth. Why take a photo with bunched up clothes hanging out of drawers? Why all the crap on top of the dresser (dolls and a pile of dvds?) It just looks like they live in absolute filth and clutter to me.

No. 827898

File: 1616300148097.png (424.9 KB, 553x697, Screenshot 2021-03-21 001624.p…)

Wow, love that litterbox literally directly next to the door. What the fuck? Seems super unsanitary.

No. 827926

From the looks of it that door goes to the bathroom. Which makes this picture weirder. Not to WK for them but I’ve downsized a house or two and had shit I couldn’t get rid of but this just looks lazy. Cluttered by itself ok- but ffs close your drawers

No. 827931

Honestly, I didn’t really think she played with them. Handling them for a video is different from having a whole Barbie dream house on the floor.

I think those actually aren’t drawers, it looks like those organizer baskets that fit in shelves (not sure if there’s a name for these?). Unsurprisingly they look kinda crammed with stuff.

No. 827939

I'm more concerned with the makeup kit beside the litter box.

No. 827940

File: 1616320923416.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20210321-050022_Chr…)

What in the two year old playing with makeup is this mess? Occasionally, Lillee will make a look that is actually cute, but this is a train wreck

No. 827947

File: 1616324120117.jpg (265.39 KB, 1080x2220, 20210321_105419.jpg)

Period dot

No. 827970

The fridge is where Laur keeps Earl’s body

No. 827973

Are we sure Lillee and Laur aren't aliens that used Bing to search "what do human children say"? The fact she wrote it out just seems to prove she has never actually seen/heard anyone use it.

A quick rant:
I'm getting really tired of Lillee Jean's tirades during her videos where she says things like " Could you be bullied for 3 years and still be alive? NO, YOU COULDN'T IM SUPERSTRONG" She was pulled out of school because of bullying- because, according to what she had Laur have said, she was called fat, then she lost some weight and starting dressing older, and then the other girls didn't want to to be her friend. She got in trouble for dressing too provocative, and a teacher told her that she would get made fun of if she sang a song (no doubt a Lillee Operatiac Disney song) at the talent show. Since then, she's been hiding in the attic completely avoiding normal human interaction and essentially filtering her life into this strange padded room of protection. Telling her audience, largely made up of minors and groups that are targets of actual hate crimes and peer bullying, that they couldn't deal with how shit her life is? She sits in that cat shit attic and plays with dolls after removing makeup that she wore for 10 minutes after getting up at noon. She is FULLY enabled by her mother, and lacks any social skills needed for holding even basic jobs. She'd never make it at a fast food job,and she can't read well enough to be in a call center. Her whole "anti bully advocacy" stance is to literally revert back to a toddler and hide behind mommy's skirt.

No. 827976

File: 1616334344446.png (1.18 MB, 750x933, A1D4A1B3-AACC-48E4-9BD0-A1941E…)

From Dees’ twitter

No. 827978

Laur always try to portray herself as having money and having nicer things. I remember Laur saying the callout accounts must have messy houses since all they do is bully Lillee online all day. Yet here she is living in a pile of trash, cat shit & dolls. This is probably the most embarrassing photo they’ve ever shared for so many reasons.

No. 827980

good 'ol projection

No. 827983

File: 1616336648335.jpeg (86.54 KB, 827x1180, 3AC4DA78-34CC-4645-B5E6-4D57D8…)

No. 827984

Nah anon, I would believe laur and lj would be in the same room since years ago and earl on his own room alone.

But why are all the drawers full when they always wear the same dirty clothes?
What is the thing the cats are in? It doesn't look like a bed, nor a seat.

But seriously, could it be she put her makeup/cosmetics her to resell some?
There was an insta video from arround last year, where she kept her makeup in a mini fridge.

Next thread pic?

No. 827989

Goose has tweeted photos from Laur’s Instagram where she describes LJ as “sexy” and a minx https://twitter.com/inevitablegoose/status/1373640640324644867?s=21(imageboard)

No. 827990

Really old milk - what is it with you people and not lurking enough?

No. 827996

Imagine if Lillee Jean had an ebenezer scrooge moment and was visited by 3 social media ghosts. Woke up in the morning and actually did the right thing. Chose to uplift other content creators instead of strike channels. Ignored haters. Focused on the positive and tried to change for the better.

Nope, it was just a fever dream.

No. 827998

Does it really matter? It’s good to bring these things back so newer people can find these things out too

No. 827999


it's stupid and redundant. if people want to find out what things have already been discussed, they need to click the links to earlier threads that are at the top of every new thread and read through the old milk. if you're too lazy to do that, then shut the fuck up and just lurk.

stop shitting up the thread with stuff most of the people here already know.

No. 828003

It ain’t that deep, anon

No. 828004

Kek. Throwback to the Teen Vogue saga. Next thread image please.

No. 828011

File: 1616351063272.png (1.27 MB, 1080x2618, StitchIt_20212103011915_629.pn…)

From Lillee's Rainbow Bright video on March 21 2021:
You now need to contact her for licensing and usage. She's really going to act like she hasn't recreated a ton of other people's looks and is going to try to control what other people post. I wish one of the larger beauty content creators that she has copied would slam her for this shit.

No. 828014

Sounds like she was trying to use speech to text and was trying to make sure her phone put "." instead of the word period. But every phone I've ever had has put "." if I just say "period", and it's a clear indicator that her phone does too or else it wouldn't have put "period dot" lmfao what a dumbass

No. 828016


>But why are all the drawers full when they always wear the same dirty clothes?

That's exactly why their drawers are full, because they never go into them to wear anything.

No. 828019

It does get very annoying when you've reread the same thing a few times because it's being introduced as new, or just brought up again in general. Her milk is dry a lot, I know, but revamping old milk isn't the way to go. And I know she's got a fuck ton of threads to go through, but if you sage and just scroll while reading/paying attention to mostly images, you'll get the jist.

No. 828028

File: 1616354117415.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x2556, EF3266E9-3090-48B7-BAB7-E9381E…)

LJ has changed her clothes for the first time in many days. It’d be nice if she wore a bra and zipped up her hoodie but baby steps.

No. 828032

I would love to know what Lillee Jean’s licensing fees are considering her absurd rate card for sponsored posts.

No. 828067

Lillee and Laur share a room/bed

Laur's been flicking her decrepit bean next to sleeping Lillee for years.

Earl, if not in the freezer, keeps to himself. He and Laur haven't fucked in years, probably since Lillee was conceived.

No. 828071

it really wouldn't surprise me if there's been some physical incest in addition to the emotional incest coming from Laur

No. 828077

shes so fucking retarded

No. 828080

sage for tinfoil but i really feel like maybe lillees into that age regression stuff
it'd make sense with the way she acts and literally plays with dolls-
of course it could just be from how shut in she is too, but that's my take on it

No. 828086

age regression is nearly always only used by victims of trauma, which from what we know lj doesn’t have any trauma, really

No. 828097

File: 1616381610923.jpeg (191 KB, 828x1326, F6A2A6F8-532F-4C8B-886A-E59FFD…)

Lillee roped this twat in to going after her haterz. Dees still getting blamed for everything, naturally.

Bonus milk: England’s taking us down, anons.

No. 828098

File: 1616381632140.jpeg (156.14 KB, 828x1184, CA019D02-7F62-4F78-B97F-EBBC75…)

No. 828104

Omg LOL! Wtf does your school of snowflakes have to do with some woman vs. some other woman? Ffs the level of self importance here

No. 828106

File: 1616386952472.jpeg (308.47 KB, 750x774, 43E56625-5FC9-486B-8CFA-CD2C54…)

Lillee removed all the images of other people & licensed characters from her thumbnails. Was she getting copyright claims or C&Ds?

No. 828108

>deformation of character

No. 828109

I’ve always been on the fence about whether LJ really has some sort of disability, but playing with literal children’s toys as an almost 20 year old woman is just too strange. Even someone as stunted and poorly socialized as LJ eventually ages out of playing with Barbies. She also only seems to watch movies meant for young children, like the Tinkerbell/Barbie movies. It’s just way too weird.

No. 828110


> sue her for deformation

Lmao it’s not diane’s fault you‘re a spoopy uggo

No. 828138

No. 828142

File: 1616418920789.jpg (110.87 KB, 828x1792, ExE-ZrsXMAAXJq_.jpg)

Oh no! Farmhand gave her all our names and we're all getting sued.

Our black internet site is going down

No. 828143

Meltdowns of privileged girls without a brain who realize for the first time that Daddy’s money won’t solve their self-made problems are pretty hilarious. The whole exchange is a cringefest.

No. 828146

File: 1616419972474.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, EBBF8328-922E-4373-96BA-579516…)

Why is she suing us when we have her everyone’s info?!?!

No. 828148

File: 1616420933435.jpeg (28.79 KB, 275x275, 1594358662491.jpeg)

>admin gave me all their names

at least put in effort when youre gonna bluff damn thats embarrassing

No. 828150

pure tinfoil but I think elaine posted her own stuff on lolcow for attention. she’s hoping people start talking about her the way they talk about lillee. don’t understand why she’s going after dees who stopped making content. would have been smarter to target tatiana, jay or curtis who are more reactive than dees but elaine isn’t very smart

No. 828151


this girl is basically a cow herself. joshua moon/null has nothing to do with us. she has the reading comprehension and the attitude of an angry hamster and her lies are so incredibly transparent they just make her look even stupider

No. 828152

File: 1616421359820.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 3236F67B-A81E-43BE-9AA1-640DE2…)

josh owns lolcow bc he has a thread here

No. 828153

File: 1616422727023.jpeg (249.02 KB, 750x719, D463B37C-ECC3-4273-BC48-7779E9…)

twitter callout found prince phillipe

No. 828155

Another clue she's reading this thread.

No. 828160

How long until the twitter sperges start @‘ing Elaine’s university? Not very smart to list your school on your LinkedIn and claim they’re suing people for you.

No. 828164

We're not here to cowtip for you, retard

No. 828166

You put up info for Westminster school not University, anon. Laur levels of retarded kek

No. 828167

If you read her LinkedIn, you’ll see she gows to WestMinster School

No. 828169

she’s only 18, she goes to a private sixth form aka westminster school, not westminster uni

No. 828170

Didn't laur already said that tens of times since the begining of this cringey drama?
Like she had all our infos, IP, names, adresses and lolcow would be hacked by the internet cops, anti-cyber-bullying-police and the FBI.
And all our parent will also be called by laur who has legal team, hackers and FBI reports proving she's right. Subpoena all for us!

No. 828172

But Elaine is rich. She probably paid the farmhands a million pounds for Diane’s info.

No. 828173

Ugh. This chick is just another one of the attention seeking gnats that hover around Lillee's stanky shit. They WANT to be a victim, they WANT the power trip they get from pissing people off. They aspire to be Tana Mongeau, making mountains out of mole hills for attention and then rolling in shit to attract more flies. She'll make noise as long as someone is paying attention to her, but she has zero interest in actually supporting Lillee Jean.

No. 828174

She is just like Mariah Malibu, pretending she's much wealthier than she actually is.
There's a difference in investing 10k for a school and wasting 1 millions, but if she wants to spend this amount in lawsuit or something, it would be hilarious.

No. 828176

Has anyone verified her age? She simultaneously says she’s 17, 18 & 20.

No. 828177

In the UK you are 17/18 in Sixth Form, where she is now, and since she states the video of her saying to nuke China town was from two years ago when she was 16, my best guess is she is 18

No. 828181

Lol I knew from the very beginning that Elaine's strategy of "talking to Lillee to make her see her offensive ways" was going to fall through and she'd show her true colors. I will admit though, I wasn't expecting it to be this soon.

No. 828184

File: 1616436902003.jpeg (444.88 KB, 2048x2048, 10A31001-A3E9-4E34-9DDA-F54A6D…)

you’re right, anon.

I noticed all her luxury items look fake. Like worse than the usual knockoffs. And if she was legitimately wealthy, she wouldn’t be involved with the scam model agency. Her wealthy, connected parents would find her a legit agent.

She probably goes to an elite school (if she even goes there at all) on scholarship and is mad the wealthier kids laugh at her.

No. 828188

Really apoor quality fake roles

No. 828189


The interlocking G logo looks really off. I've never seen a Gucci belt with one hollowed-out G. The Versace slides look sus because I'd expect the Medussa logo to be gold embossed. I can't even see the logo because the pic is shit.

No. 828191

File: 1616438677426.jpeg (226.08 KB, 750x471, 9FB788E5-DD00-4259-9A62-3123E4…)

She said she was 15 in the twitter video. Which would make her 17 now.

No. 828195

The tweet is from 2020 anon.

No. 828196

File: 1616440351124.png (72.88 KB, 147x320, image0.png)

In he first conversation with Goose she said the girl in the video os sixteen

No. 828197


She’s 18 and lying about her age to make it look like cyberboolies are targeting a defenseless child. Same shit Lillee does.

No. 828198

Yep. Especially with her claim that "Dees is harassing minors". Both her and Lillee can't handle being adults responsible for their actions.

No. 828199

File: 1616440962981.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 96032951-0A9D-4601-AE20-05A441…)

Cancel culture is bad unless we’re canceling Josh Moon

No. 828200

This is worded like the government has any input or doing of "cancel culture". Holding people accountable for the absolute garbage that spews out of their mouths does not make a country more or less democratic, what the fuck lmfao

No. 828202

There’s enough shit on Elaine for her own /snow/ thread. I’ll try working up an OP later.

No. 828219

File: 1616456713759.jpeg (132.65 KB, 577x1023, 600B1D0C-AF13-428C-AB20-392EDE…)


>> we will be forwarding this to our case workers

Is APS investigating Lillee’s bizarre behavior online?

No. 828224

File: 1616463796677.jpeg (483.01 KB, 2048x2048, 963D6C74-0F94-4638-B269-DDCD31…)

The copyright complaints on the google search results are expiring. It’s down from 18 removed to 1 removed.

No. 828226

Lmfao. Yeah I'm pretty sure she's just throwing any copyright take down at the wall and hoping it sticks. She might actually be realizing that her image is absolutely wrecked, so she's trying to do damage control because her future is pretty much in shambles. I think deep down she's aware she's eventually going to have to get an actual job, but just doesn't admit it out loud and tries to keep the facade that she'll be rich and famous one day from her image. I mean she's delusional, dumb, and definitely far from reality, but I think there's some realistic truth manifesting under the surface.

No. 828228

File: 1616464138749.jpeg (154.64 KB, 1076x1242, EFA8FCCE-8728-41B5-B55B-186D2F…)

Oof her last post

No. 828229

File: 1616465141254.jpeg (223.68 KB, 750x909, FDD9E3FE-7265-4881-9CDF-5DC279…)

This comment was left on Creepshow Art’s most recent Lillee video.

No. 828232

Why is she absolutely obsessed with showing off her shoulders/chest area? Did someone tell her this is how grown-ups act sexy? It’s a strange and uncomfortable trend of hers.

No. 828233

Laur probably told her that her collarbones are sexy

No. 828238

This is probably a nickpick, but I have honestly never seen someone's profile look like that. Wtf is going on with her cheek. Does she just have pathetically low cheekbones from poor genetics? Is she just smiling weird? Is this caused by her rapidly eroding mouth?

No. 828242

she's just ugly, anon

No. 828252

File: 1616476815683.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2576, 534810AD-A39D-492E-9D05-F9EBD5…)

LJ has a new ponytail tutorial. I feel like this could be the cover photo of “Crack Whore Magaizne”

No. 828253

It's the cheetah print hairtie that makes it so trashy. I mean, among just it being Lillee, but I truly think that's main trashy focal point.

No. 828255

Tutorial..? Um, This is so basic

No. 828256

It's a hot fucking mess. It looks like a rat's nest, jfc.

No. 828258

File: 1616477515200.jpeg (529.62 KB, 1068x1756, 1FBDAAF5-5913-4FA7-814E-2B2A40…)

No. 828259

File: 1616477618918.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x2581, C83CC295-F00A-42DA-88AD-1B0F1E…)

This is probably the healthiest thing she’s eaten in weeks.

No. 828266

File: 1616483858962.jpg (167.77 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20210323-015827_You…)

Lol. Guess this was posted at the wrong time for her engagement pod so we'll only see comments tomorrow after they wake up

No. 828267

2K views, no likes. Yeah, nothing seems sus there

No. 828270

Even this photo seems weird, the plate she’s eating off doesn’t seem like a normal plate but like one of those plastic kids plates lmao

No. 828272

Doesn’t she have her likes turned off so no one can see how many dislikes she gets?

No. 828309

Girl can’t do hair. She just needs to avoid that topic completely. Her hair has to be one of the most distracting things in her videos. It always looks like she hasn’t combed it in months. If she learned how to take ten minutes to brush and style her hair, she would look a lot more normal.

No. 828317

File: 1616515063673.jpeg (220.07 KB, 828x1411, 0E416BC4-B916-4753-A5E2-568077…)

From Dianes twitter lol

No. 828325

the comments were on at first, she just had a huge list of her links "adressing the drama"

No. 828329

File: 1616518706087.png (114.59 KB, 221x314, 38454F52-04E9-4A90-BCF6-0BE401…)

Her double chin is growing faster than her YouTube bot following these days.

No. 828332

>ultimately she's irrelevant
Yes but the thread might still be fun, even if she doesn't have a mother like Laur, she could be a version 2.0 of Lillee.

Is it done Anon?

No. 828333



>>kiwi leaks

please hurry with this retard’s thread

No. 828335

>Yes but the thread might still be fun, even if she doesn't have a mother like Laur, she could be a version 2.0 of Lillee.

The comment you're replying to is 11 days old anon, things have moved on since.

No. 828343

Elaine just went private for her old insta account magixela too.

No. 828349

She’s looking worse and worse by the day

No. 828363

jfc she looks like deedee blanchard with that creepy open mouth smile lol

No. 828366

File: 1616536924082.jpeg (376.56 KB, 2048x2048, F28A9ABF-5606-49EC-AB15-4C3537…)

The resemblance is uncanny, anon. LJ in 5 or 10 years?

No. 828371


It’s up but the some of the links are wonky

No. 828373

Forgive me if I just don't know how lolcow works, but all of the ">>" link to other snow threads instead of Lillee's pt thread because her thread is posted in snow.

No. 828375

Do you have a link please? Can’t seem to find it anywhere

No. 828376

Holy shit, she may actually be more delusional than LJ at this point lol

No. 828378



The links in the OP are wrong but a kind anon fixed it

No. 828384

File: 1616553181051.jpeg (236.38 KB, 750x422, 337D46B2-F275-4CCE-807F-22EE88…)

She says “looking down” while looking up

No. 828386

Sure, Jan.

No. 828387

Wow. Wtf this dumb ass bitch.
>loooking down
You are looking the fuck up. How the hell can you call yourself an influencer. Disgusting. I do not care you have fake followers, suck your mother’s teat at 30 years old but when you say you’re looking down. Look the fuck down. That’s the least you can do for your fake followers

No. 828388

i think your blood sugar is low anon please go get a snack

No. 828400

lol this reads like a copypasta

No. 828403

File: 1616588878612.jpeg (677.48 KB, 1347x828, 62FC9F55-D744-4632-B043-57D032…)

Her hair is looking extra crispy

No. 828404

File: 1616590192242.jpeg (65.76 KB, 750x476, 492FF283-3017-4E9E-8D05-A2292B…)

how is she this behind on trends when she sits on the internet all day?

No. 828405

File: 1616592401009.jpeg (726.36 KB, 750x986, E8382BED-09FD-4EDC-9927-5F4167…)

No. 828406

She absolutely wrecked her hair. If only she had listened to boolies’ advice and went to a salon or bought olaplex

No. 828407

Still looking green.

No. 828411

look how uwu blonde those roots are

No. 828418

I don't understand how this is tutorial worthy. This is just a messy ponytail that looks like you slept in it for 2 days.

Also,she's probably that person at the salon that when you ask them to look down they look with their eyes and not their head. So she might actually BE looking down in that shot, she's just retarded.

No. 828440

File: 1616620352395.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1155104306-2048x20…)

What's with her hair? Whata with this psycho face? I have so many questions…

No. 828446

File: 1616621686103.jpeg (323 KB, 1280x1920, 98B1D088-D3BE-42ED-BE5E-502881…)


No. 828450


it looks like something laid eggs in her lashes

No. 828451

her invisalign just looks like saliva all over her teeth

No. 828453

all that dandruff, man
girlie needs to change her shampoo

No. 828455

Forget the hair. I'm distracted by the goblin garb.

Those dresses are so unflattering, unfashionable, and illfiting. LJ's FUPA is on prominent display and her unfortunately-placed tits, and weirdly proportioned shoulders are more obvious than ever in that fake-tafetta disaster.

Laur's outfit shows her back fat poking out, and emphasizes her missing waistline. It looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid decided to wear tawny brown for a change. Is this the event they used a rent-the-runway type service for? Because those dresses surely originated at a bargin-basement retailer or Goodwill.

It's so hard to decide what's worse. Their hair, makeup, or fashion sense. Fucking hell.

No. 828459

Laur looks like she’s ready to sit her fat ass on some nastyass beach not attend a fashion event. Who the fuck brings a huge beach tote full of shit with them?

No. 828460

File: 1616627466999.png (1.48 MB, 1365x1706, BE8B94D3-D2A7-4DA8-8329-F75042…)

You’re missing the best part of Lillees dress. It’s about a foot too long, as it was made to fit a grown non dwarf woman. Impeccable.

No. 828461

i just choked oh my god

No. 828462

So humiliating. Her dress seems ill-suited for a cocktail-type event. Maybe more fitting for a white-trash prom. It probably was rented. There was a tweet by Laur at a clothes renting company saying there was a "fashion emergency." Probably the goblins ignored measurement guides picked a size 2 but needed a far larger size.

It amazes me that they think she could be actually considered for Marvel roles with a body that unfortunate. Maybe a frumpy extra.

It'd be funny if she tried to DMCA Getty. They used her face without her permission and are profiting off it!

No. 828465

All her dresses were rented out

No. 828474

Come on. It's like $10 to hem a dress. Maybe $20 if the material is annoying.
Or just get one that fits.
The style of dress is fine for a cocktail event, are you high?Especially for her age, no one would bat an eye.

The problem is the sloppy ass fit.

No. 828475

Uhh no it’s not. Everyone else is wearing pretty causal denim and short dresses. No one showed up in a fucking evening gown for a day event in peak summer

No. 828477

File: 1616640806530.jpeg (128.85 KB, 800x1184, 5B4CBE1E-51ED-4625-9D22-EC3C2C…)

No. 828478

File: 1616642456906.jpeg (444.08 KB, 2048x2048, C1C8A150-205A-4292-B0B1-95CA48…)

I made a collage of my favorite parts of the photo

No. 828479

Laur casually looking like a bridge troll

No. 828481

the hairstyle is fucking hideous

No. 828482

No, are you fucking high? Look at how the people around her are dressed. Now look at her. See a difference? Plus, it’s NY. People wear black and muted colors most of the time. Even Queens trash knows this. The goblins wanted LJ to have a Pretty Woman moment and stick out & shine but it ended badly because of her unfortunate aesthetic and fashion choices. This should be ridiculed.

No. 828487

File: 1616648618039.jpeg (579.1 KB, 1242x677, 625B42F0-2A68-409B-98D2-529B5F…)

Seriously wtf is she doing in public. I would literally pay to see her about and about trying to act normal

No. 828505

Where did you get this screenshot?

No. 828506

File: 1616669268406.jpg (283.7 KB, 895x1083, actuallycoolpinkdresses.jpg)

>>828474, >>828475, >>828460
>>828455, >>828482
NART Though I agree she is overdressed for the event, it wouldn't be a big deal if she had the slightest fashion sense.
The pink dress could look really cool on a normal body and with accessories, a nice necklace, pretty purse, etc.
Maybe a bit too much, but there's a lot of fashion influencers that mix posh dresses with toned jacket/accessories. If she wanted to go with pink, she had endless possibilities, images from lookbook.

The fact that she steps on the dress because she's too short and didn't choose another shorter dress, is something to die of embarrassment.

She probably gave the dress back damaged + really dirty at the bottom, wtf.

I would pay to see her behave like she does in public again. It was so much fun when she went to theses events.

No. 828513

File: 1616674909385.jpeg (104.09 KB, 535x451, A01250D0-A728-4B41-B053-E5B6F3…)

any anons familiar with YouTube analytics? why are there so many days with zero views? are the negative views from deleted videos? gaining 100 subs on a day she got zero views lol?

No. 828516


It's because she purchases views and subscribers, and therefore has almost zero organic engagement. Her only audience is bots and people like the anons here who watch her to laugh at her. That's why you'll notice that most of her videos will get all their views within 24 hours of being posted, and then the view count hardly moves at all after that. No one is wandering into her back catalog of content by accident and enjoying it.

No. 828517

She said that she won’t attend another event without a bodyguard

Also nobody in the Trueman household will get the vaccine so they’ll be isolated for a very long time

No. 828521

Regarding the follower count, YouTube rounds. The even number isn’t sus on its own, but the fact that it’s always 100 is - there are never any 60 follower increases, 200 follower increases etc.

No. 828525

I've noticed she has negative numbers usually on sundays.
It's possible she buys views on one app and followers on another app.

No. 828526

Even if she had 10 bodyguards, she couldn't expect people not to be laughing at her, going at an event looking like this.

No. 828530

She doesn't need a body guard but she does need a tard-wrangler when she goes out in public. To prevent her from rubbing her stinky pits on a ficus, biting her mom's shoulder sensually and taking pretend "pap" pictures while dressed as a retarded Karen, TJ Maxx purse included.

No. 828545

It's not illegal to laugh at someone, much as Lillee seems to think otherwise. How does she not feel embarrassed and out of place at these events? Or is her brain too simple to understand that she should?

No. 828573

Kek. Did they say they would be waiting to get vaccinated? Until “they see it’s safe.” LJ seems phobic enough to do it as soon as possible. I can see Laur hating modern medicine and not getting it.

No. 828581

File: 1616706364289.jpeg (295.53 KB, 1242x751, 1B471AD3-692B-4E90-906C-84B63E…)

Franzia Freakout please.

No. 828583

Boy are the attic goblins going to be busy false copyright striking next week. Apart from Tatiana, Curtis Price and, I think, Daniel Pizarro (aka Critical Mass) will release videos about LJ

No. 828597

They haven’t mentioned anything about getting a vaccine but Lillee keeps talking about wearing masks and not leaving the house to see her horse boyfriend. She will likely blame not getting a vaccine on her “autoimmune disorder”

No. 828658

being coddled by your batshit insane mother seems to result in a lack of social cues and the ability to feel embarrassed. just look at chris chan.

No. 828677

Ah yes, her chronic condition. She called it Epstein-Barr. EBV is a type of herpes and causes mono. I've never heard of mono lasting that many years but I guess goblin physiology is different.

No. 828695

She's a fucking cow. She keeps saying she won't talk about Lillee anymore but she keeps doing it.

No. 828697

At this point, she pisses me off as much as Lillee. It's just an endless cycle of stirring shit and then crying when she gets a reaction.

No. 828698

Tatiana is you want attention, maybe post a video about Elaine, her topic is super trendy right now.

No. 828721

doesn't take an orthodontist to see this invisalign ain't gonna do shit
she needs fucking surgery to get those baby teeth extracted
and we all know how poor her hygiene is and how fragile baby teeth are in general, wouldn't be surprised if her adult teeth started decaying despite not erupting

No. 828732

Lmao Tatiana I know youre riding the Lillee wave, but perhaps you should try making more new and unique content? I know its hard but jesus

No. 828735

Tatiana needs to fuck off, she's milked her 15 mins of fame over this and she doesn't bring anything new to the table. At least Diane can be funny. Tati is just a fucking whiner

No. 828788

Whille I do agree with what anons are saying about Tatina, I do have to thank her for coming back to stir up more Franzia Freakouts

No. 828790

Agreed. I love Tatiana because she seems to enrage the goblins in a disproportionate way. Just as much as Diane but Diane has done more to fuck with them and is better at fucking with them. Angry goblins are the most entertaining goblins.

No. 828842

File: 1616830935723.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1865, 1A22BDD8-B0A0-4045-9A0B-09C886…)

The juxtaposition of her trailer trash lingerie with the kiddie toy is just too disturbing. She’s such trash. This is what kids of literal pedophiles like Earl turn out to be like - thinking that childishness and trashy attempts at looking sexy somehow go hand in hand

No. 828845

I seriously looked at this and went "Is my monitor dirty or is that bra grubby af?" ….definitely wasn't my monitor.

No. 828873

i can understand bedazzling the eyes or whatever but the lips? not only does it look fucking uncomfortable, but it looks like she has some kind of std

No. 828874

Imagine getting a bj from those plastic-encrusted lips. Poor Pheepy

No. 828877

That lip lowkey triggered my trypophobia ek

No. 828886

Lmfao those margarita salt lips. What the hell

No. 828892

Pity the Amazon Returns employee that has to go through their goblin trash when they inevitably return everything because they need to un-max their credit cards to pay for bots and McDonald's delivery.

No. 828893

kek this is what happens when lillee tries to come up with her own ideas instead of ripping other MUAs off. its amazing to me how she manages to be bad at literally everything.

No. 828894

File: 1616871960115.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x2556, 49312066-D134-44D1-83A0-FE49CD…)

Because this screams Cinderella. I didn’t know what the fuck she was doing before I came across the next pic with a Cinderella superimposed on it. Nice blending.

No. 828899

File: 1616877476832.jpg (644.88 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20210327-153650_Ins…)

I'll take her Cinderella over whatever mess this is. It's like she took inspiration from the twitter users that have oversaturated her pictures to the extreme.

No. 828910

I wonder if she will ever realise that nobody cares just for eye looks
People want to see contour, blush, bronzer and highlight and how to use them to achieve a certain look

She literally recycles the same eye looks and it’s so fucking boring

No. 828913

I know people often speak about how LJs interests are mainly things that are aimed at children (dolls, princesses etc) but have we ever actually heard of her having an interest in people of her age group?
Like, what genre of movies does she like, what music does she listen to or what’s her favorite Netflix show?
It’s so strange that influencers, and beauty gurus, are targeted at teens/people in their twenties, so why doesn’t she even try to associate with her target audience?

No. 828918

Makeup really seems to be about it. She watches superhero movies (Marvel and DC), but her enjoyment of them seems very based in the very simple cinematic themes of Good Triumphs Over Evil! and GIRL POWER!. She likes DC better, which is the darker of the two series, but they also have a stronger animated series presence aimed at kids. She likes Harley Quinn because Harley is quirky and sexy and probably the single most popular DC female, but doesn't seem to grasp how complex that character is meant to be. She's just red/blue pigtails and "OH MISTER JJAAAYY" to Lillee.
But as for any interests that aren't deeply rooted in a immature nature? She likes attention from guys her age, the few cute guys she's hosted in a live stream that were nice to her she practically had a puddle under her when they left. Everything else you could ask any 10 year old girl and they would list "I like makeup and dolls and painting and singing and dancing and acting"

No. 828919

I was going to make this same comment earlier but I got bored typing it out. She never adjusts anything or listens to any sort of criticism. I cant imagine her keeping up the grift for much longer. Surely she goes back to her old work and sees that every look is more or less the same?

No. 828921

agree. idk why she doesnt consider reviewing new foundations that are out ect, thats what most successful channels do and it helps draw new people in. doing the same look over and over in different colours is getting her no where.

No. 828924

She doesn’t even participate in makeup challenges that go around amongst the beauty community, or things like tiktok makeup trends or things that are “in” which would without a doubt bring actual organic views to her channel
Her channel is just stagnant, nobody cares about the same two eye looks

No. 828933

I've been thinking about what the goblins will do when they give up on the makeup influencer scam. Will the fade quietly off the internet or try something else?

No. 828934

lillees about five mental breakdowns and two male interactions from starting onlyfans

No. 828935


Lillee's mental and emotional development became arrested before she hit puberty, and so the way that she "explores" her small handful of real interests is shallow and simple, like a child, which means she's only going to appeal to an audience of 9-12 year olds who will all quickly outgrow her content and move on to James Charles or whoever.

Because her only human interaction is from Laur who enables her as a way to keep Lillee dependent, she's not likely to ever grow out of her childishness. It will only get more and more bizarre and off-putting as she gets older.

No. 828968

It's so weird to me that she doesn't talk about Harry Styles or Tom Holland. Its obvious she's a horny teenager, and its so weird that she like won't mention a single celebrity crush.

No. 828973

ive been thinking this

if you look at her Deviant art account where she posts increasingly lewd photos dressed up as children characters

someone commented on her one of her barbie nori photo " this whore has a hot body" but if you look at their account hey post something like that to hundreds of other girls doing cosplays

lillee was living for the attention and said she wanted to pin the comment forever.

she is just fucking sad

No. 828988

No. 828993

I think she's got teen levels of horny but Laur probably gets jealous and flies into a Franzia freakout anytime Lillee mentions a celebrity crush so she keeps it imaginary

No. 828996

File: 1616937530276.jpeg (125.17 KB, 750x865, 3B7F0A15-1574-413C-AC44-C7793C…)

I found the comment but I don’t see any responses from Lillee.

No. 829002

File: 1616939940213.jpeg (92.57 KB, 828x1087, 11241119-0C1B-4A42-8C2B-0538F9…)

No. 829003

And then we are supposed to believe she is in a relationship with this dreamy French (albeit kind of a pedophile)guy, when she makes such replies that reek of desperation to a generic comment of a horny rando calling her a "hot bitch"

No. 829013

Is anyone keeping up with estella, creator of the guardians & laur’s twitter bestie? she’s become increasingly irratic after mark pelligrino told her to stop contacting him. she’s faked cancer & her own suicide.

No. 829014

why is she using we/us pronouns? is she trying to use the DID tiktok method of getting attention now that a D-list actor won't talk to her?

No. 829015

File: 1616947847949.png (4.05 MB, 1130x1659, 01283.png)

She would seriously look so much better with bangs. Every time she does a cosplay with a wig that has bangs, it flatters her so much more.

No. 829018

File: 1616949266487.png (432.73 KB, 802x2739, devart.png)

A collage of the best Deviant Art comments

No. 829024

“On Amazon for less than $100”
yeah no shit Lillee it looks like crap

No. 829025

File: 1616953109055.png (129.32 KB, 671x710, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 12.3…)

From Twitter.

You're/your continues to be an issue. I can't tell is this is Laur or LJ typing.

No. 829033

Does she always purse her lips or is it just me?

No. 829036

that and contour would help a lot

No. 829040

There’s nothing for her to talk about, she’s mentally stunted.

No. 829074

File: 1616962679238.png (910.03 KB, 561x912, image_2021-03-28_211748.png)

I feel like she looks fairly decent in this. ginger seems to be the hair colour that suits her the most imo?

No. 829077

i agree. and she isn't bad looking. but when she opens her mouth its horrifying

No. 829083

lmao she's emotionally cheating on Pheepy now?

No. 829092

Dont let Pheepy see this

No. 829093

Too late. Pheep now suffers from crevecoeur. I guess the wedding will be called off.

No. 829098

can't believe she's cucking a french diplomat like this. Lillee, you better stop before you cause an international incident!

No. 829167

File: 1617029504729.jpg (25.88 KB, 200x200, etiennep.jpg)

Look how sad shes making pheepy :'(

No. 829224


No. 829231

File: 1617065392544.png (386.5 KB, 370x688, CEE22649-931E-4D86-A8F7-60F448…)

No. 829237

I noticed in her new makeup removal video she doesn’t even remove it all the way & then it jump cuts to it being clean in the end

No. 829240

Her face is looking fatter in every video. Wtf is she eating in a day?

No. 829267

Laur's puss must be dripping with calories

No. 829277

It’s all those soft foods she’s been inhaling

No. 829284

File: 1617113823482.jpg (181.74 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20210330-091511_Ins…)

Lillee is gonna list "wore invisiline for 22+ hours a day" as one of her lifetime achievements

No. 829292

File: 1617118220189.png (643.54 KB, 1199x1179, Tumblr_l_551012525681038.png)

(I actually laughed so much nonny ily)

No. 829298

File: 1617124044359.jpg (2.19 MB, 1860x2444, greasyjean.jpg)

her skin looks like shit, her hair is a disgusting grease ball, and she still has hot pink staining on her eyelids and lips by the end of the video. the laziness is astounding. she's also getting fatter by the video which is only highlighting her inbred trailer trash genetics even more. yikes.

No. 829304

Oh wow, she did gain a lot. Even when she has her big creepy smile there's no trace of her collarbones.

No. 829306

The no collarbones thing gets me. An anon said it looks like her head is on backwards and now I cannot unsee

No. 829308

The more weight she gains, the more she resembles Laur kek

No. 829315

File: 1617132494613.jpeg (135.51 KB, 359x422, EA7BD12E-B305-4DE5-A0E7-B30983…)

all the dandruff in her hair is a great accessory

No. 829316

File: 1617132785917.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, B78D15C7-172F-4845-9DBC-2CC786…)

Lillee “shut the fuck up about slavery” Jean wants unity

No. 829317


i can't tell if im blind or she's missing the invisalign attachments?

No. 829320

File: 1617136562179.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, 6DFFDED6-85A0-4D5E-8980-0A944A…)

No. 829321

looks like shit

No. 829330

She looks so bloated

No. 829336

When the bar is so low, any time you shampoo it becomes a “fabulous” hair day

No. 829339

I wonder what Laur thinks about the once passably tolerable (at 15) daughter she thought was a future movie star/meal ticket ballooning into a female Michelin Man that doesn't groom themselves. Surely, even she can see LJ isn't getting cast as the princess or superhero in shit now. Is a mother's love really that blind?

Fat kink binge eating Only Fans when?

No. 829348

Laur is genuinely convinced that Lillee is going to be her ticket out of poverty and bankruptcy. In her long ass youtube video where she's sitting in front of a wall she said that she thinks lillee is just a few years off from achieving Jeffree Star or James Charles level of success via youtube. Must suck to put all your eggs in one retarded, fat basket.

No. 829352

File: 1617153668821.jpg (272.31 KB, 1080x1949, Screenshot_20210330-201105_Twi…)

I don't think Lillee is ever going to leave her house again without atleast 2 masks on. She is seriously terrified of COVID. Her latest Indian prince has a fever and she immediately jumps to COVID. She's gonna lose her shit at "events" when people have allergies COVID is inconvenient for everyone, but I think it may be the final nail in the coffin of Lillee always being a attic goblin.

No. 829353

File: 1617154201398.jpeg (536.4 KB, 828x1453, 71F33662-C1B2-42EF-B076-6F05A6…)

What is she doing to her products

No. 829354

She’s scared of COVID yet she won’t get the vaccine kek

No. 829386

That's because she doesn't have the real invisaling, but the cheapest alternative plastic device she could find.

Anon, her makeup brushes are on the floor, and the whole kit is just next to the litter box.

Her nail polish is always chipped.
And that's not from doing the house chores.

No. 829393

Those look like scorch marks around the edge. I wonder if she listened to that "tip" about heating your cosmetics to make it runny again when it's become old and lumpy. Except she decided to maybe light the thing with a lighter instead of a microwave.

No. 829395

It’s the printed design on the Maybelline Fit Me concealer rubbing off. After a month of constant use and friction it just comes off. It’s annoying but always happens.

No. 829405

Is she sticking it in her vag?

No. 829408

anyone else hear about youtube apparently planning on disabling dislikes?
im sure lillee would be ecstatic and we'd see the return of her like bar

No. 829410

I have the same concealer, I've been using it for years and its NEVER rubbed off like that what-

No. 829411

Anon what the fuck, untype this

No. 829414

File: 1617208639195.png (791.89 KB, 1401x665, lj.png)

Her website is looking g8

No. 829415

It’s Pheepy’s porcelain penius kek

No. 829416

No, Laur is.

No. 829417

No. 829419

That's probably be worse for them in the end. YT pushes videos based on engagement and bad engagement is still engagement. You can still ride the algorithm wave to the front page on a sea of dislikes.

She might already be shadowbanned on YT. I've heard people say she is.

No. 829420

Spoiler anon

No. 829421



No. 829423

File: 1617210038170.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 944x734, shecameforlaur.png)

oops, reuploading

No. 829424

They spent about $85 on likes for their receipts video. This will bankrupt them lol

No. 829425

Not enough body hair imo

No. 829426

jesus christ this thread is autistic right now. can you retards take it down a notch please?

No. 829428

Elaine has been posting the most autistic messages on this thread.

Seriously get help Elaine.

No. 829429

it do be like that

No. 829438

Laur's gunt is probably 80% pubes since she can no longer reach it with a razor

No. 829449

File: 1617225678364.png (3.82 MB, 828x1792, 5D4FF361-476B-4D3C-A4B6-030997…)

Lillee pretending to be healthy while she gains 100 pounds

No. 829464


Damn thats a lot of fruit and a lot of sugar/carbs

No. 829470

Not pictured: empty containers of microwaveable slop

No. 829479

Of course, portion control is a foreign concept to the goblins.

No. 829484

File: 1617247915051.png (97.9 KB, 308x423, Enquiries.png)

Attic Academy education really shining through. What a CEO

No. 829509

File: 1617267465492.jpeg (638.71 KB, 1242x835, FA32C3D9-C979-4583-8A33-C58332…)

LJ wearing mommy’s leggings as a shirt with the legs extended up her arms

No. 829510

File: 1617267651493.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1542, 21B4A9A9-3C17-4E12-8161-81D2C8…)

You can kind of make out the mid-seam of the leggings here. And kek at her ballon face and big ass shoulders. She doesn’t look like a Disney princess. She looks like she eats 10 of them for breakfast with that body

No. 829511

have you guys noticed, she hit 17k subscribers? coincidentally callimara just hit 20k

she's foaming at the mouth from the organic interest people have of callimara and all the other youtubers she's tried taking down

unemployment and stimulus package down the gutter.

I really don't understand her hatred of calimara tho

No. 829516

All that money that could have gone into at least a trade school. Why do some parents set their kids up for failure?

No. 829539

File: 1617280540561.jpeg (541.27 KB, 828x1034, F89863DE-F22F-4A5A-AEC6-E21574…)

Nips out

No. 829541

File: 1617281277636.jpeg (Spoiler Image,479.08 KB, 815x378, 7FE0DDD4-49E3-49D5-9FEA-0EF1BB…)

kek @ LJ leaking her own cat hair encrusted titties

No. 829542

It’s a cardigan on backwards not leggings.

No. 829543

Elaine has all the attention now so naturally our attic goblin drops a gross titty pic

No. 829545

File: 1617282088313.jpeg (830.43 KB, 828x1342, C29FE93E-1017-48EA-9869-F0489D…)

G8 hair

No. 829547

Oh nnnoooooo

No. 829548

File: 1617283422281.jpg (220.69 KB, 1273x958, corpse makeup.jpg)


Her Helena cosplay looks great! Very corpse-like and realistic.

No. 829549

Her organic views are already starting to drop since people have moved on from copystrikegate. It’s going to be very expensive to maintain the amount of views a channel with 17k subs should be getting, especially if the tinfoil YT is suppressing her content in searches is true and no new people are watching her videos. Her PUA has run out and she’s not making enough money to cover the cost. I expect her views will fall back to 1k a video and Lillee will start saying YT is vetting her views or some shit.

No. 829557

Jesus, how did she not notice that?

No. 829558

I’m sure she did

No. 829560

She changed her top halfway through the photoshoot to expose her sloppy baps

No. 829584

Her hair literally looks like helmet or hat hair. It’s so greasy and limp, I wonder if their bathroom is hoarded and disgusting just like everywhere else in the home ans that’s why her hygiene is so bad.

No. 829587

File: 1617299987646.jpg (416.31 KB, 2880x2880, 20210401_125739.jpg)

Cleaning out my phone's photo gallery, may drop some stuff that has possibly been saved here already, but still gonna drop it just in case

No. 829589

File: 1617300319612.jpg (557.47 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20201103-112823_Twi…)

Oldie but goody. Laur claiming someone editing Lillee's everpedia page was election tampering

No. 829596

It’s so embarrassing at this point. Her lack of hygiene, her lack of style, her lack of social awareness, her behavior. She’s such a mess.

No. 829597

File: 1617304799443.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, E32B7DBB-AD0F-45CB-B499-4BFF81…)

She always looks so awkward , Jeans never look right on her cankles

No. 829598

File: 1617305212441.jpg (543.35 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20210401-142631_You…)

Her STD/pink eye look is perfect for April's Fools Day! She couldn't possibly think it actually looks good

No. 829599

File: 1617305673366.jpg (320.92 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20210401-143307_Ins…)

English class in the attic must have actually been a game of opposites everyday.

You are partial to it, you daft cunt.

No. 829604

Lol the fact that she’s sitting in the drivers seat like she’s just not a little girl playing in mommies car

No. 829608

You’re not wearing a mask, Lillee

No. 829610

File: 1617308939947.jpeg (271.21 KB, 827x1475, C88FBF50-95D7-41C6-B0E6-AE850E…)

Her other selfies are taken in the passenger seat

No. 829620

I genuinely doubt she’ll ever get a license. She’s so stunted mentally, she’s actually going to depend on her parents to do everything for her until they die.

No. 829623

Wtf she literally looks 13 in this picture?

No. 829625

She has a birthday calendar?

No. 829626

Her face looks photoshopped in

No. 829627

Can't wait for her to turn 20, so her and Laur can stop claiming that we're "boolying a teenager". Her age is finally going to force them to face the fact that she's an adult.

No. 829628

She simultaneously looks 12 and 35 what the actual fuck

No. 829631

She has never learned to dress for her body type. Everything she picks is so unflattering. She also needs to learn that pointing your toe in every picture doesn’t make you look thinner it’s just distracting. Her photo shoots are very awkward and uncomfortable looking.

No. 829639

I'm shocked she can still fit into jeans. She must've gone shopping recently because her pre-covid jeans aren't fitting over that lard.

Everything she wears screams "thunder thighs."

No. 829675

how does she literally have a booger in her nose EVERY video? Today's is no exception. She's like a toddler who hasn't learned how to blow their nose yet. It's so fucking weird.

No. 829676

I can totally see Laur still holding the tissue on LJ's nose and saying "blow" like you do for young children. Except that would mean being aware of hygiene so it's a no-go for the Attic Goblins.

No. 829682


I watched half of this Pink Eye video, and couldn't understand what she was mumbling most of the time. The background static cutting in & out is irritating. Girl needs to learn some production skills.

No. 829685

I actually do admire her "commitment" to her channel. Being able to pump out videos like that is somewhat commendable… it would be more impressive if she did unique looks, but regardless, Youtube isn't easy. Doesn't help that she buys followers and views. If only she put all that energy towards making content people ACTUALLY wanted to watch, perhaps she could get somewhere.

No. 829687

callimara video is back up.

No. 829730

File: 1617362575811.png (134.15 KB, 1646x904, A592E1C3-0F3C-4572-A0AF-8410F0…)

YouTube expedited the process after Cali contacted creator support. I have no faith in YT actually doing anything to Lillee and Laur but according to the messages Cali shared on twitter, they’re investigating the claims & Lillee’s channel.

No. 829733

File: 1617364341992.jpeg (68.05 KB, 750x411, 92F7B152-79DB-4D5E-9295-2B9C87…)

It may be a coincidence but Laur (or YouTube) removed her videos from her channel again

No. 829737

File: 1617368497778.png (3.49 MB, 2627x1529, 68BAE491-C186-4EC2-AFE0-715DFD…)

Her armpits are always so gross

No. 829738

a woman having armpit hair isn't milk

No. 829740

Weird nitpick, get some help anon.

No. 829747

Legit down syndrome face and body. Why does this look so badly edited? There is something so bizarre about the way shee looks in this picture.
Change4change much while wearing nike and brands exploiting kids and women.
She's such an hypocrite.

Still can't put wigs correctly, even after millions of attempts.

No. 829792

Uighur forced labor in Guangdong doesn't exist in Attic Academy lessons.

No. 829849

File: 1617451117398.jpeg (147.75 KB, 1280x731, 3903B9EB-EE37-4DC5-81CF-C088C6…)

Sorry for shitty phone screenshot.

For someone whose entire life is about beauty, Lillee is just so unbearably bad at it. She puts so much product directly on her roots and then doesn't wash her hair for three days (as she said at the beginning of her latest retarded beauty guru LARP video). Obviously not washing your hair for three days is fine for some people, but not when you’re spraying leave-in conditioner all over your roots. She proudly shows off her dry, discolored, straw-like hair as if it’s somehow enviable to anyone watching her. Lillee, literally zero people want to look like you.

When she finishes washing her hair and piling product in it, her roots already look greasy. I know it’s such a small thing to sperg about, but her inability to use even the most basic hair-care products correctly— and then make entire videos about how beautiful her hair is— is a testament to how dumb and delusional she is.

No. 829850

File: 1617453523939.jpg (331.37 KB, 1053x1939, Screenshot_20210403-041701_Ins…)

And the major difference in her before and after? She straightened it. It looks cleaner at the roots. But it still looks crazy dry and damaged.

No. 829851

It actually looks better on the left

She really doesn’t know how to market a product

No. 829852

File: 1617454279466.jpg (577.31 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20210403-074440_You…)

Going to add, she also used a gloss as part of her wash, so any extra shine and healthiness is from that.

No. 829854

File: 1617455607754.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1438, Screenshot_20210403-135835.jpg)


I have been watching all her recent haircare videos and it's very true, she doesn't seem to know how to properly take care of her hair. She used to oversaturate her hair with oils but recently she was raving about leave-in treatments and using keratin and coconut oil-heavy products. She also uses way too many profucts (in one video she did mask, shampoo AFTER, conditioner left in for 10 minutes, leave on conditioner, and almond oil on ends AND roots). Her hair looks so damaged because it's over stimulated by proteins, which leave her hair frizzy and dehydrated (plus damaged from dye) while her roots are oily. She also usually applies her hair masks directly on dry hair, and then uses shampoo?? Either way it's bizzare.

Also Lillee please clean your brush

No. 829855

File: 1617455854995.jpg (204.17 KB, 1024x1024, Medium-Blonde_1024x1024.jpg)

This is clearly the before/after pic she was ripping off (from the product's website)

except Lillee, honey, baby bear….the trick is to have your after pic look better than the before, not just cleaner.

No. 829857

File: 1617457382409.png (217.23 KB, 1208x591, Screenshot 2021-04-03 2.42.23 …)

LJ is taking down Reddit posts about herself now

No. 829858

Lol, that's not even the product she was featuring in the video either…

No. 829859

AYRT, yes, thank you. I felt like such an autist for making that post because I couldn't tell if it was a nitpick, but I'm glad I'm not the only one horrified by her routine.

I recall that Lillee claimed to have psoriasis on her scalp (that would explain her dandruff in every video, kek), so I think she tries to oversaturate her roots with product to combat her condition. If she weren't such a retarded goblin, I'd feel bad for her because it's clear her mother irreparably fucked her up and made no effort to help her with the psoriasis. I'd argue that any normal parent would learn about their child's condition and consult with professionals to help them better manage the condition, regardless of what it is, but not Laur.

No. 829861

File: 1617459959690.jpg (71.71 KB, 751x750, smellgross.jpg)

Her face is so uneven, her classes can't sit straight.
Clearly Lillee doesn't know what moroccan beaches look like.

Money mask is 45$, add the wow shampoo at 23$ and the 2 DP hue at 26$ and 35$ and the treatment at 24.99$!
That's 153,99$ is shitty products for her shitty hair. That's a insane amount for an unemployed who takes advantage of covid money.
No wonder they have to file for bankruptcy every 7 years.

No. 829862

are her teeth gonna start falling out soon since it's been a few weeks on the invisilign knock off? or will we have to wait awhile for the debut of Gummee Jean?

No. 829873

She can't bother to put on makeup or real clothes to film a fucking review? Her lack of professionalism and pride in her work is hilarious. A beauty guru that doesn't beauty guru. Kek.

I see the goblins have purchased a new pair of second-hand Victoria's Secret pjs. Maybe the old pairs were too small.

No. 829877

>marine botanicals
if she means seaweed rotting in the briny heat then yes

No. 829939

Watch her hair break off from protein overload in about 2 weeks.

No. 829991

File: 1617543479530.jpeg (464.28 KB, 750x1176, B4522C1B-5F2D-4A26-AC87-C455AB…)

Pathological liar Elaine is offering Lillee Jean milk in exchange for removing her thread from kiwifarm

No. 829993

This makes me feel bad for Lillee. Laur’s told Lillee engagement pod people are real friends when they’re only interested in using Lillee for attention, negative or positive. Shit like this further isolates Lillee which will make it much harder to get away from Laur, if Lillee ever chooses to pursue a life outside the attic.

Elaine should be ashamed. I hope Laur goes batshit on her.

No. 830003

Wtf anon?
Lillee has dedicated so much time messing with the whole internet that it well deserved.
Cows attract cows.

No. 830021

this elaine trying to justify her fucked up behavior?

No. 830031

Ahah no. I just don't feel bad for any of them.

No. 830046

I don’t think Laur or Lillee gaf about having any actual friends. They’re too retarded to notice that LJ would seem a lot more like a normal, more marketable influencer if she had even just one friend she’d make content with. Tbh I really hope Elaine didn’t scare them off from interacting with more (pod member) “influencers”. Think of all the cows Lillee could bring out.

Also Laur’s probably spooked by how many legal threats Elaine has made to the farms, she wouldn’t want any of that coming to her.

No. 830123

And all she needs is an $8 bottle of pyrithione zinc for her nasty scalp

No. 830126

File: 1617632039011.jpeg (223.11 KB, 669x518, DB91DE53-F012-4391-9D50-A1143B…)

She misspelled Brigitte Bardot’s name

Attic academy strikes again

No. 830134

File: 1617635575822.jpg (75.3 KB, 725x418, Untitled2.jpg)

She can't pronounce her name in french, no wonder she spelled brigeEeEtte.

Anyway, Brigitte Bardot looks better at 86 than LJ at 19.

LJ makeup tuto isn't anything close to Bardot's but seems from Sucker punch.

No. 830135

File: 1617636401192.jpg (181.83 KB, 786x786, 47537.jpg)

OT but I always think that LJ pic looks like the Hole album cover. She looks so deranged but I doubt it's intentional

No. 830143

Omg, it's SO funny you mention Sucker Punch! Lillee Jean's mom totally worked on that movie, she personally acquired some hooker heels for Zack Synder (they go wayy back, her mom has practically single handedly provided all his movie props, but she's very private and doesn't talk about it much). Anyways, he told Laur that Badydoll was meant to capture the essence of Brigitte Bardot. As for the spelling, it's not an error, it's the "lillee-fied" version, having an extra E was totally intentional. LIllEE, brIgEttE…duh. now exhume me, I, aries I am, must rise, above haters, who are small like ants in my flame.

/s ((Sorry for the weird post, I'm just having a go at how Lillee would explain it. I really think she might try the excuse that it's her version tho.

No. 830149

She's obviously reading lolcow posts, and filing reports - we don't have to worry, right?

https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/23419031#(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 830151

If you search that database for lolcow you'll see that every cow including LJ has filed at least one report at some point. It's nothing.

No. 830154

File: 1617646245450.jpeg (105.13 KB, 828x500, 9D271811-CCE1-4A69-9F7A-0A8C08…)

> black website

No. 830155

Every time they say “black website” my mind goes to blackpeoplemeet.com

No. 830160

I love how racist she is. I will never get over her stereotypical "fanpage" accounts

No. 830161

If the Met photo a fan edit then the copyright should belong to the fan, right?

No. 830164


Who committed suicide? Or is Laur just talking out of her arse again?

No. 830165

All you fucking twitterfags learn to sage. You absolute retards if you haven't figured it out yet.

They still think KF & LCF are the same site. As far as I know, LCF hasn't been blamed for a Julay Terriberry yet.

No. 830169

Dude calm the fuck down, it’s not that serious. People are stating their opinions, asking questions and are interested in the shit show just like you.(calm down and learn2sage, newfag)

No. 830171

bro it’s not that deep, calm tf down(ban evading samefag)

No. 830173

Kadee– I guess– could be considered the LC version of Julay.

NTA, but at least sage your retardation. If you have no milk to provide, sage your shit instead of infighting over a rule that you're breaking.

Not to WK this loon, but I assume she meant black as in the "dark web" (of course, LJ and Laur have no idea what the dark web is).

No. 830184

File: 1617670482803.png (6.47 MB, 828x4883, A191FEC8-2DF8-4D66-998B-E041A7…)

Her makeup starts separating as soon as she puts it on and she will not learn how to wear wigs even if her life depended on it

No. 830188

it's like she purposely sets out to take the worst pictures she can of herself. These look like short bus class photos.

No. 830190

File: 1617674575249.jpeg (104.4 KB, 514x771, D25FCF66-8F18-4688-BB31-39088C…)

How could she see this photo, photoshop it to oblivion-& still look fucking terrifying and then think she looks good? The delusion is growing tremendously. No one mentally sane thinks making these faces are normal, they are really concerning

No. 830192

File: 1617675268505.jpeg (104.81 KB, 980x653, B5331320-A855-4D42-B2FB-E287D5…)

She looks exactly like Amy Adams, Anon

No. 830206


Holy FUCK, that third picture is terrifying. She looks like a woman who will spend time in prison at some point for murder. She looks like a crazed lunatic and I have no doubt this bitch will poison someone someday

Does anyone else legit shiver in fear when looking into her soulless huge-ass crazy eyes??

No. 830207

There’s something unnerving about her expressions. It reminds me of how a little kid poses for pictures, they usually do a big grin like that or tense up their face awkwardly, but obviously it’s cute when you’re like 8 years old. It kinda looks like she’s opening her eyes really wide while smiling ear to ear, it’s so odd and unnatural. It’s like she’s purposely trying to look awkward.

No. 830211

Laur's somewhere behind the camera, telling LJ, "smile nice and look at the Elmo!"

No. 830219

File: 1617700775941.jpg (55.72 KB, 351x618, creep.jpg)

Beauty goal: Creepy japanese robot.

No. 830228

File: 1617710303865.jpeg (55.16 KB, 625x847, AD1301F0-6FF8-4B30-A776-4B360B…)

Same energy

No. 830229

This looks like a pic from a special needs kid adoption website kek

No. 830231

File: 1617710779313.png (3.06 MB, 605x2987, F59BF362-1375-4634-A7AC-D20279…)

Why is her mouth ALWAYS open in these posed photos? Who taught her this?

No. 830235

I think she thinks it makes her face appear skinnier.

No. 830237

File: 1617713638982.jpeg (252.02 KB, 750x1074, 00EF473F-C4ED-446C-806F-47A8EC…)

No. 830239

I know that Lillee is obsessed with being as pale as possible but I really wish she would use blush and contour. She looks incredibly ashen and sickly. At least the dark-ish eyebrows this time look better than the barely visible ones she usually goes for.

No. 830240

She's trying to look like a cg Disney princess. In her head she's exactly like rapunzel: "blonde", big round eyes, cute button nose and huge smile.

No. 830241

Kek. Her fake pearl hair accessory looks a bit like anal beads.

This has remarkable simmilatirities with the POC MUA (can't recall if it was QueenofBlending or LaurenElyse) that was banned from Twitter for account manipulation/vague tos violations. They use all the same tricks.

No. 830242

Its a modeling thing that she's doing completely wrong. Parted lips is supposed to make you look more relaxed and candid but she forces it and looks stiff as hell

No. 830243

that sucks. i feel bad for christian. i know he’s young and handled things a little immaturely but as far as i can tell, he didn’t do anything truly against TOS. or at least not anything more than all the other callouts have done.

No. 830244

honestly i think he handled things well, lillee and laur came for him and he responded. he had every right to be upset and angry etc, and still does

No. 830245

File: 1617721463207.jpeg (368.33 KB, 750x761, 54B826BE-84B4-4984-8F16-26AD7E…)

Christian was baited by Laur to lash out the way he did. He needs to learn to control himself. His thumbnail was a photo of Lillee with “cunt” written on it. It was a violation of ToS. There was more going on with Christian - like lying on his copyright disputes and attempting to edit her wikitubia entry. Doesn’t excuse the attic goblin’s behavior but I don’t think Christian is completely innocent.

No. 830246

editing someone’s wikitubia to state their wrongdoings isn’t a bad thing

No. 830249

Why though? The entry didn’t mention him. He was doing it to be petty and mods had to ban him. Youtubers like Christian and Tatiana go out of their way to fuck with Lillee and then cry when Lillee & Laur behave the way they always do. which is publicly documented, it’s not like it’s a secret.

No. 830250


YouTube reinstated his channel.

No. 830251


He has two channels. YouTube took down his first channel but his second is still up.

No. 830270

Tbf "cunt" is objectively true

No. 830271

haha, it's a thing you fall into doing or can be taught to do when you have a short/round af face because it 'lengthens' it. her jaw is so mashed with no teeth to fill her bite and extend her face that it makes sense.

No. 830302

I may have missed this but how did he lie on copyright disputes? I know Laur claimed that he gave a fake name and address but he said he didn’t?

No. 830317

Is there a list anywhere that says how many copy right claims they made successfullly and how many were rejected?

No. 830318

It doesn’t matter if Christian was baited, immature or whatever, he and anyone has ever right to put these fools on blast and the fact that they keep targeting him specifically says more about them than him.

No. 830338

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This shit is vile and wrong. She is abusing the system and getting away with it.

No. 830340

File: 1617764408968.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1996, 362D415F-D342-4BF9-8C1A-C35BB5…)

Can anyone decipher this?

No. 830341

It just says "Spirit" in her stupid disney writing

No. 830342




… spi6it??

No. 830345

File: 1617765374969.jpeg (799.66 KB, 1170x1786, 039F905E-CB12-43F1-9642-F7398E…)

Christian said he gave YouTube his old address.

No. 830346

so correct me if i’m wrong- his channel was terminated because he broke TOS by putting a fake address? i know he said it’s his old address, but it’s not his current one either way. had he put his updated address or at least a P.o. box, they likely wouldn’t have terminated his channel?

that’s how i’m reading it but idk i could be wrong

No. 830368

File: 1617797335576.jpeg (77.01 KB, 720x509, 49375672-1CF2-4E5B-ABAC-B20350…)


>his channel was terminated because he broke TOS by putting a fake address?

According to YouTube his channel was terminated for submitting “abusive legal requests”, not Lillee’s copyright claims.

>had he put his updated address or at least a P.o. box, they likely wouldn’t have terminated his channel?

That’s what it looks like. Christian’s fear of being doxxed by Laur was valid though. Laur used his name, which she got through the dispute, as her twitter handle. Who knows what she would have done with his actual address, especially since they live in the same city. YouTube needs to fix their system.

No. 830371

Isn’t Christian from New York as well? Laur could very well drive up to his place and smear turds on his door. I wouldn’t put that past her

No. 830374

I wonder if he got his mail redirected. Perhaps if he does that may be a way around this. I don’t blame him for using his old address considering all the doxxing Laur has done - I wonder if it would help his case if he forwarded evidence that she used the info she received from the claim to harass him by changing her screen name to his name. Laur has called numerous employers - I can imagine what she would do with his address. She did say she sent a lawyer-wonder if she showed up on his doorstop? This guy seems like a bit of a hothead. I wonder if things would have gone differently if he was able to separate his anger from the facts.

No. 830377


These guys have got to stop posting every single communication they get from YouTube. Laur and her spawn spend hours a day following every single person that has ever had a thought about them, and shit like that validates their "we are innocent victims just trying to defend ourselves." Christian was is exactly the type of person they are going to zero in on and aggressively agitate because they get what they want from him. They talk shit about Diane, but they don't go after her because she doesn't roll in the mud with them. They attacked Tatiana until they saw the farms start to shift to being against her and her grounds for a case became null because she wouldn't stop posting videos about them.

They are going to continue to attack and DCMA everything that comes out about them because Laur has the bluff on everyone. If you are afraid of Laur, don't make a fucking video and cry. It's not like it's not heavily documented what is going to happen.

No. 830380

Laur is crazy enough to show up at Christian’s home or report him to the police any time a random person DMs Lillee calling her peepeepoopoo. She’s desperately looking for someone tangible to pin all this on because they refuse to accept any responsibility for their own actions. Diane isn’t real. Callie, Reno, Curtis and Daniel are overseas. Christian would have been the perfect target, since they would have had his info, he’s in the US and in New York. Paying a lawyer to dispute the claim for him would have been a better option and I think some of the other creators they struck have done this. Christian is pretty young (a minor according to Laur) and he probably didn’t realize it was an option.

No. 830385

Christian lied on his dispute so his channel was rightfully terminated. We’re all rooting for the same thing to happen to Lillee. It can’t be a rules for them but not for thee situation. This also means YouTube is taking a closer look at the claims and disputes. They’ll figure out Lillee was maliciously submitting and retracting claims.

No. 830412

>They'll figure out Lillee was maliciously submitting and retracting claims

When? The retarded goblins have been abusing this system for how long now? Nothing has happened. I know YT doesn't give a shit about LJ or her retarded mom, but you'd think that after seemingly endless false claims and egregious abuse of the system, they'd just terminate her channel; a literal ape could figure out their lies and act accordingly. Sorry for being so salty, but I find it hard to believe that YT will ever "figure out" anything.

No. 830413

File: 1617814852404.png (791.34 KB, 452x1270, EB4917C8-39A1-4BDB-BE9D-5CE78C…)

Lillee posted an Invisalign update and it’s full of horror shots of her teeth.

Also it seems like Laur prepares all of her foods

No. 830414

Video here

No. 830416

Did she ever change her shirt in a month? Every clip of her was in the same pink shirt.

No. 830417

Is that cat hair on the invisalign?

No. 830418

Nevermind it’s her logo I felt genuine disgust for a moment.

No. 830419

She did a full update as a “beauty guru” with oily hair, an ugly ass old nightgown with no elasticity left and no bra. Spot on LJ, spot on!

No. 830424

Now this is so interesting to me. Did you guys notice at the 6 minute mark when Laur is talking to Lillee about her next video? I get that shes her "manager", but its so weird, like shes coaching her.

>They really are gonna love it.

Who's they? The bots youre paying for?
>You look sooo good Lillee. I'm so happy that your face shape is the same
…Right. How odd, but no surprise as momagers in entertainment are generally off their rockers

No. 830426

how did she look at this and still decide it was a good idea to post it?

also is she aware that if the invisaligns "work" like they need to she's going to be losing her teeth and have big gummy gaps until the adult teeth grow in? I doubt we'll be getting any invisalign updates for awhile after that…

No. 830429

she brags about using toothpaste to clean them because she lost the cleaning solution they gave her

which you're NEVER supposed to do with invisaligns because toothpaste is abrasive and it fucks up with the surface of the braces oh my god what a moron

No. 830430

LJ on shitty teeth: "In Europe, it's very acceptable."

Eurofag here. This is more attic academy isolation bullshit from rumors dating back to WW2. 7 of the 10 countries with the best teeth are in Europe. 6 rank higher than the US. LJ should stop assuming the rest of the world lives like Queens trash.

Agreed. My ortho told me to only clean my Invisiline like retainers (post-braces) by soaking them in denture cleaner once a day because brushes and paste make them less effective and look like shit.

No. 830436

Another Eurofag here. No, dolphin teeth are not normal here. We have people teeth

No. 830461

File: 1617838175265.png (4.89 MB, 2436x1125, A27292C1-28D1-4310-B178-A94AD0…)

Where did she come up with this? Lose an eyeball?

No. 830463

No. 830468

She keeps equating her severe dental problems with people who have slightly crooked/not perfectly white teeth. There might be less fake pearly white veneer smiles in Europe, but not losing your baby teeth and having adult teeth stuck in your jaw would be an issue for anyone. I’m sure that Laur convinced her it looks “charming and authentic” because she didn’t want to address the dental bills.

No. 830474

File: 1617843152352.png (727.66 KB, 952x538, Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 7.49…)

She's using a teething ring. Like a fucking toddler.

No. 830478

She could be Bee Crisp's white trash American sister. Daddy Crisp & Laur share a lot of similarities in being a crazy over-bearing micromanaging parent hungry for fame now that I think about it.

No. 830484

This thread really disturbs me sometimes.

No. 830488

And I was just about to go to bed. Thanks for the nightmare fuel.

No. 830492

Honestly her hellhole of a mouth is great karma. I don't usually want to wish harm on anyone, genuinely, but she's such an actual piece of shit that seeing her suffer after being so insufferable herself is kind of satisfying. I'd much rather see her channels and accounts get taken down and watch her meltdown, but this can work for now I guess.

No. 830502


No. 830508

File: 1617870864962.png (213.31 KB, 452x319, 1617814852404.png)

god good lj you're so fucking creepy
you'll never be a princess, your face is not cut for it let alone your attitude.

No. 830509

She must have the opposite of body dysmorphia - looking into the mirror and seeing a beautiful princess instead of the creepy goblin she is

No. 830516

But why???

No. 830517

If I wanted to draw this and make it uglier, it would be impossible.

No. 830519

File: 1617884306932.jpg (460.89 KB, 1661x1997, the attics have teeth.jpg)

That's offically her creepiest video for now.
Definitively has The Hills Have Eyes vibes.

That's why I never read this topic before going to sleep.
You should have known better anon.

At 2'43 legit retarded laugh.

Some faces she made in the video. This is so gross and tawdry.
Should be rated NC 17/PEGI 18.
I'm going to womit now.

No. 830521

This is the first time I’ve seen Lillee genuinely happy & excited about something. It’s jarring when compared to the fake Disney excitement she usually exudes. Makes me wonder how much of Lillee not wanting to fix her teeth actually came from Laur, who was just trying to avoid a costly orthodontist bill.

No. 830522

I've noticed it too. But isn't it because she's actually doing something "normal" a teen would do in her life: going to a dentist, getting teeth fixed.

No. 830523

File: 1617885097896.jpg (44.6 KB, 700x277, cost.jpg)

The comment when someone ask her the cost. Bet she has no idea how much it actually costed, bc of
1/ how retarded she is, dainty princess who doesn't care about money and
2/ Laur looking for the cheapest dental scammer in Flushing.

No. 830525

File: 1617886127231.jpg (214.19 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20210408-074731_You…)

For the anons who have noted she doesn't have the attachments, looks like it's because they are waiting to put them on her adult teeth, which means we could have gummy Lillee sooner rather than later.

No. 830555

File: 1617907572636.png (1.31 MB, 1186x794, Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 2.44…)


No. 830578

pls anons save this video,maybe the goblins will be deleting soon. Just look at the 2 caption she looks autistic asf

No. 830647

File: 1617972440524.jpeg (702.19 KB, 1170x1185, 39E28FAF-E0B3-4C6B-83E5-63FB81…)

>women tearing women down will never not be gross

coming from the woman who shames sex workers and any woman who is critical of her

No. 830653

list of all the things Lillee & Laur have shamed women for:

-posting photos in bikinis
-wearing wigs
-wearing lipstick
-not wearing makeup
-sex work
-not having sex with their spouses
-mental health issues
-drinking alcohol
-using drugs/taking meds for mental health issues
-being fat
-bring skinny
-being single
-having kids
-being old
-being young

Did I miss any?

No. 830654

They also sperged out like crazy at that one girl because she was still pretty young and pregnant, add that to the list.

No. 830655

having jobs/not having jobs/public assistance/living with parents

No. 830668

-being black
-being hispanic
-not being jewish
-being successful

No. 830717

File: 1618008381394.jpeg (500.06 KB, 828x1090, 437E9471-75A9-4E2E-B956-C64C95…)

“No fair use given”

No. 830733

File: 1618011309370.jpeg (213.44 KB, 828x1589, 09D33AA9-6C3E-4ECD-993E-6D9209…)

Wow these looks are so vastly different from each other & very accurate and detailed! Amazing makeup skills

No. 830754

File: 1618024854332.jpg (796.44 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_7725.jpg)

So did Lillee get her wish of becoming some internet icon? I haven’t looked her up in over a year but saw her just now as a facebook gif in the comments of my cousin from Bolivia. I thought damn, her mom used to do shit like this on fake accounts and now it’s happening for real lmao good for you Laur.

No. 830756

File: 1618026194680.png (6.43 MB, 828x4990, 52F71664-7548-429E-9265-ACEB63…)

No. 830757

Ugh Lillee please wear a bra!

No. 830766

Would a bra have to be specially made for her? Maybe that's why she doesn't wear them. Her tits seem too far apart and lopsided for a traditional cup bra.

Goblin genetics kek.

No. 830768

I pray this was used in irony

No. 830771

She made sure to get her prepubescent looking boobs right in the frame in the last picture fucking hell

No. 830772

you seem to have never encountered a bra nor do you grasp how one works. she absolutely could have a bra that fits her, she's just a disgusting goblin

No. 830774

She’s so fat her collarbones are gone. Kek

No. 830812

Her arm fat is wider than her face kek

No. 830851

Didn't Laur and Lillee constantly spam the internet with gifs? Sone farmer accidentaly ran into one of them via giphy or something. I don't think it means anything.

No. 830853

I see LJ gifs quite often in the wild. She adds at least 10 gifs a week to giphy.

No. 830863

Same! Specifically in Microsoft Teams and every time I’m like wtf how?

No. 830875

She turns pretty much every video into a bunch of gifs and tags them with popular phrases/characters. I looked it up a while ago and her giphy account is insane. Just pages after pages of gifs of her face making overly dramatic expressions.

No. 830880

What is the last pose? Her facial expression looks so sexual.

No. 830897

It's her special pic for Prince Pheep.

No. 830939

File: 1618143857291.jpg (46.77 KB, 926x218, pinkeye.jpg)

Good look Lillee.

Looks like myxomatosis but ok.

No. 830982

File: 1618183728810.png (2.77 MB, 828x2172, 1AE5CA84-07F3-4821-8715-0CB01B…)

I think she’s feeling self conscious about her missing collarbones so now she’s tensing her horse neck as much as humanly possible to get the collarbones to pop

No. 831006


I think you're right about that. Also, she's lifting her arm from her body so her arm fat doesn't show as much. She could really use some exercise and a healthier diet instead.

No. 831014

File: 1618207337564.png (1.2 MB, 1712x954, LJ Second Evolution.png)

Those joewels are developing quickly. Looking more and more like mama every day.
The final evolution will be a combination of Jabba the Hutt and Glenn Danzig.

I think the grey knit "free spirit" top was new a few weeks ago. It's already hopeless stretched out. An attic wardrobe tour would be fun.

No. 831028

File: 1618232084294.jpeg (69.37 KB, 390x232, 9C0196C2-2D53-4E4D-87EB-BF8CB0…)

The foundation in her hair is an added bonus to her Wandavision look. Such skill

No. 831043

sage for chemistfag but my sides went into fucking orbit at 0:43 of this video. Lillee loves to talk about everything beauty/skincare with such confidence– like she is an absolute expert on the science behind all of these products– and yet she says this about chelating:

>"It's called chuh-LATE-ing I believe. It's the process of pulling out dullness-causing minerals, metals, chlorine…. deposited by hard water."

It's pronounced KEY-late-ing. I know we all pronounce words incorrectly from time to time, but it would take only five minutes to google "chelating" and learn how to say it correctly in a pre-recorded video where she LARPs as a know-it-all ingredient expert. She loves to spout off ingredients (citric acid! no parabens or sulfates! glycerin, which is really great!) like she's an expert but can't even bother to pronounce such a simple chemistry term correctly. Does she even know what any of these chemicals do? No.

I'm not trying to gatekeep chemistry, kek, but the fact that she's so condescending while simultaneously being such a retard is hilarious.

No. 831053

Attic academy didn’t offer any chemistry classes, I suppose

No. 831073

“Shaft” is another word Lillee doesn’t know the meaning of


No. 831077

Kek. I choked on my water when she said: "down the shaft" in her new hair video.

I googled it, and it's a hair term. It just seems very esoteric for a review video meant for an audience of farmers and preteens. I guess when you're isolated in an attic for years, you don't know how to avoid innuendo.

No. 831079

she's never been within 5 feet of a real shaft so she wouldn't know, bless her

No. 831095

File: 1618266857019.png (2.13 MB, 1792x1656, 2C7C170C-AF61-43A3-9069-98740C…)

This is AFTER the hair treatment

No. 831119

She definitely stretches out her shirts on purpose to expose her shoulders. I’m sure she does it to look ~sexy~ but it has the opposite effect since (like the other anon mentioned) she has large arms/no collarbones because she’s overweight. Even here >>830756 she’s wearing the tank top with the straps falling off. A decent fitting shirt/bra would do wonders for her.

No. 831122

She 100% needs to stop making every shirt she owns off the shoulder. It is very unattractive and unflattering. Like, if she likes the look that bad, how about buying an ACTUAL off the shoulder shirt. Crazy concept, I know.

No. 831208

I'm pretty sure she's "shopping" out of Laur's closet. She's trying to get that sexy "wearing your boyfriends shirt with no pants the next morning" vibe, but the closest thing to a boyfriend in her life is Laur.

No. 831253

LJ just went on IG live for around a minute at the ortho's. She just got Invisiline attachments. Does this mean her dolphin teeth will start to fall out?

No. 831263

Does this mean they pulled her teeth? Are we getting a gumee jean reveal soon?

No. 831266

File: 1618334624920.jpg (247.19 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20210413-121604_Ins…)

What in the Super Cuts kind of dentist has multiple patients in one room back to back? Do you get a discount if you go on Tuesday and Kids Teeth are only 5$?

No. 831267

you can't see any teeth between her lips and she's holding her jaw open. gummee jean confirmed. watch, we're not gonna get another smiling pic for awhile

No. 831274

All of the orthodontists that I have gone to have several patient chairs in one large room rather than individual rooms like a dental office. I am actually surprised that they would allow Lillee to film in there (they probably didn’t even realize it) as it’s a clear violation of others’ privacy.

No. 831275

I agree with >>831266
That's super unhygienic anon >>831274
All stores have capacity limitation, but not dentists where patients can't wear a mask?
Is it the dental from her engagement pod?

No. 831278

File: 1618338837589.png (1.02 MB, 1190x716, image_2021-04-13_193440.png)

no gummee jean just yet

No. 831279

How many different pairs of glasses does she have? And yet they all still look like they were rejected by Barb Chandler for being too unfashionable

No. 831280

"I still feel pretty."

She looks more like the screaming ginger girl with a lisp who shakes the fish bag in Find Nemo than pretty.

Also, I thought the teeth next to the front teeth were baby teeth as well. Wtf are they putting braces on that shit?

No. 831282


Did this bitches baby teeth fall out yet? The fuck?

No. 831283

iirc the metal is supposed to weigh/pull them down so they fall out without having to be pulled

No. 831288

File: 1618342535511.png (4.41 MB, 1792x828, 45F79E41-D342-44BF-8D5C-C5875B…)

The teeth that have to come out don’t have braces on them

No. 831294

File: 1618344346263.png (3.64 MB, 1400x2202, 3CCC80F4-4BFE-42D0-B5C1-08BF82…)

No. 831296

Leave Arthur Fleck alone!

No. 831298

Why is she saying that she only has two impacted teeth in this video? I thought all her adult teeth were impacted.

No. 831301

File: 1618346313092.png (8.67 MB, 3580x2000, Screen Shot.png)

prince peep is so lucky uwu

No. 831302

File: 1618348279660.jpg (118.95 KB, 498x967, Screenshot_20210413-160756_Ins…)

She's at a invisiline farm. They don't have time to give patients individual rooms. It's also why they were super into telling Lillee she'd get all her problems fixed and stroking her ego. She got mad at her last dentist for telling her that her teeth were super fucked up, these guys will been over backward to sell their products to make profit.

No. 831310

She’s going to have to pay a blind hobo to impregnate her with “Sebastian” at this rate.

No. 831436

Yeah, seriously. She had that YT comment where she said something like "if you don't like the answers you receive, go somewhere else".
These Invisalign shillers give me HUGE mlm vibes. Saying whatever Lillee wants to hear just to get her business. And the fact that after this is all done, she could be worse off than when she started.
Another part of me though thinks this could all be money related. "Not what she wanted to hear" could have referred to the fact that a dentist said her repairs would cost her thousands and thousands of dollars. So, just like usual, her and her mom scoured the internet for the cheapest option and found Invisalign as the cheaper alternative.

No. 831444


Next thread pic PLEASE.

No. 831445

File: 1618386957327.jpeg (107.28 KB, 653x735, Darl.jpeg)

No. 831527

Idk, these two are both excellent for potential thread pic

No. 831540

File: 1618434815263.jpg (261.35 KB, 1069x1693, Screenshot_20210414-160432_Ins…)

I know Lillee has to play the whole " I didn't want to change, this is just medical" but more than anytime in the past, the braces make me feel sorry for her. Laur manipulated her using her fear and anxiety so she wouldn't get stuck with a huge bill, waited until Lillee was old enough to legally enter contracts and get stuck with the bills, and she has the audacity to sit on her ass and tell Lillee that she is glad it didn't change her face shape.

Lillee is obviously excited about this fixing her teeth and I actually feel bad for her because of neglect, she's still going to look like someone typed Morse code in her mouth

No. 831553

But braces won't really fix her teeth, right? Shouldn't she be getting veneers or something?

No. 831565

This shit has actually made me feel a bit of sympathy for her, like she's so excited about the idea of beginning to approach normality. It's just kind of sad, as shit as she is, not getting dental treatment earlier isn't her fault.

No. 831567

Not to mention that the only reason her tiny dolphin teeth are moving around so quickly is because there is only a tiny root nubbin anchoring it to the rest of her skull

No. 831573

She needs her teeth yanked out and replaced with dentures lmao.

No. 831579

Sometimes I feel sympathetic for LJ. Her mother made her an unlikeable, childlike, fugly, uneducated, lazy fatass. But then she does or says something annoying, and I again look forward to watching her failures.

Kek. I was just thinking that. Her baby teeth will fall out and Laur will scoff at the cost of surgery to yank the adult teeth down. Or maybe the adult teeth are damaged after languishing in her jaw for over a decade. They'll buy LJ a discount set of dentures and well, you get what you pay for. LJ crying about how painful and lame dentures are vid when?

No. 831604

With how fast this is going we’ll see the gummy jean era in no time.

No. 831652

I'm having trouble finding the post, but she replied to someone on youtube and said she was having oral surgery to remove the two canines next week.

No. 831678

File: 1618496647261.jpg (231.05 KB, 715x1620, cowpotential.jpg)

From Diane's twitter.

Cyberdouche has some real cow potential besides his parents' money.

No. 831698

Hopefully this will be a repeat of that time Laur wrote a psychotic 40 page letter to the Minnesota Bar after a lawyer interviewed someone Laur didn't like on his podcast. It probably will be.

The goblins got closer to Rolling Stone than they ever thought possible and lost it because they couldn't pay their bills. To be a poor scamming Queens gutter rat. Sigh.

No. 831701

Anons, I want Laur to photoshop LJ on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, Teen Vouge style.
Like the good old times.

No. 831716

File: 1618515040259.jpeg (280.13 KB, 1242x2104, 234C4C4D-5480-4389-AFB4-32CC18…)

same. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but on her website all the ads running are exclusively about this specific Moons dental service. They probably offered her this treatment in exchange of promotion. I’m in Mexico so all the ads are in Spanish but I’m sure you guys in America will be able to see them too. They have been appearing on her page for days. I haven’t Googled any sort of dental treatment so these aren’t personalized ads. She’s intentionally running them on her page.

No. 831719

File: 1618516020708.png (527.56 KB, 844x796, how could you be so toothless.…)

Hahaha, similar experience.

It translates from German to English as "love you smile." I, too, haven't googled any scam dental shit that I can recall. I haven't seen any teeth-related ads either, but I normally have ad blocked on.

No. 831724

File: 1618518092558.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, 685B163A-9649-4C65-A695-F4B0F3…)

Don’t know if people saw this yet

No. 831725

cant wait for someone to dm the brand

No. 831728

File: 1618518737645.png (2.78 MB, 828x1921, 06109BEC-F1B2-4BAA-831A-D348B3…)

Looking g8

No. 831729

She has the weirdest fucking tits

No. 831734

File: 1618519942706.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 1846x1538, laur is a fatass.png)

Not wearing a bra seems to be a family tradition. Horrifying.

Behind spoiler: Laur's saggy/horrific plus-sized knockers.

No. 831752

Yummy Jean era is going to be a weird kind of sad. On the one hand, it'll be a mentally challenged girl who has fallen apart due to her mothers neglect for the millionth time (still not over the time she paid for bots that abused Lillee). On the other, it will be a spectacle like no other and the milk that flows will be fucking deliciously hostile

No. 831762

File: 1618536240825.png (2.51 MB, 828x1792, CBEAB1E8-5FC0-4C11-96A9-2C0513…)

She got a very lazy paid article for SEO again

No. 831765

File: 1618536786686.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x2556, D2166295-B6F5-42B4-87B5-466A87…)

I hope this is PR she purchased from someone and it wasn’t sent from the brand directly to the goblins.

Otherwise, this is so sad. I like Milk Cosmetics. Their products are great. I wouldn’t expect them to be stupid like Too Faced.

No. 831779

File: 1618539783509.jpeg (656.75 KB, 1170x2089, 2D6208A1-868E-4956-A37C-9E49FF…)

$200 for a blogpost on an unknown website

No. 831782

File: 1618541324805.jpeg (331.44 KB, 2048x2048, 21F52B54-40F9-4B8F-BC0F-5EB3A6…)


The article is listed on selfgrowth.com but under a different author. Ian Monroe looks like a legitimate contributor/author only the photo being used on his Inscriber author bio is not his photo, it’s a stock image.

No. 831783

File: 1618541372233.jpeg (460.47 KB, 1170x1217, AE523931-7ED3-42FF-B52C-7CE691…)

No. 831786

Goblins want it so bad they’ll get scammed repeatedly.

No. 831790

File: 1618543846374.jpeg (559.56 KB, 828x935, 6D873B19-F959-46C1-89F9-3A9CD9…)

No. 831794

File: 1618544820324.jpeg (528.06 KB, 1170x1912, 2589D256-F417-41F4-A298-1CDDA1…)

this guy crowdfunded his completely legitimate digital magazine with a gofundme in 2014

No. 831804

Did she actually list her youtube videos on IMDb? Do they even allow that? Makeup tutorials are hardly short films kek.

No. 831811

I dont want to give her channel anh clicks– but this mentions motion stop videos of her dolls at age 10. I don't think I have ever seen them posted here before and I have been lurking since the original thread. Are these real or just another video to laugh at?

No. 831825

thickening up the ole job resume be like

No. 831827

This may be one of my favorite stupid LJ moves ever. She's inviting any potential clients, agents, casting directors or any fan to watch a video that within the first 30 seconds has her sitting on a toilet and looking like Grandpa without his dentures. The plastic video is very poorly done, the backdrop is falling, wrinkled, and covered in cat hair, lillee looks closer to 13 than the 17 that she was, and she has a super pronounced lisp, speaks like a child (sea babies?), and has the same chaotic energy as Charlie Sheen on a coke binge. The best of them is the women throughout history, and it is a child playing dressup. Whatever "acting" she was attempting to do is something you might expect from a silent era horror movie.

Lillee has several videos floating around of she and Laur claiming she got an audition or that she had gotten a part for a gig. Where are those acting credits? She "flew" to Chicago to audition?
I just don't understand why Laur has not only participated in making videos pretending that Lillee had gotten these things, but continues to support these delusions.

No. 831832

File: 1618576790734.png (2.11 MB, 828x3578, D10FA45D-C879-4268-A4E9-12E41C…)

She removed the videos but her creepy blog is still there

No. 831833

My favorite part is how one of the dolls is named Analease. No, really.

No. 831834

>Laur won’t even take care of a plastic baby doll
Sounds about right

No. 831836

The plastic straw video makes it clear how much she's deteriorated in the last couple years. She seems downright articulate compared to now

No. 831841

File: 1618582161144.png (1.51 MB, 828x2394, F6F66A56-70BE-4C5E-A7F0-5E98FF…)

She was weirdly obsessed with punishing her dolls

No. 831845

tbh this is the type of weird shit I got up to at about 8-10 years old, I just never would have ever made it public let alone record and post it publicly on youtube. Granted I'm a few years older than her but it's still bizarre to me that any 10 year old other than those who are that age in like 2016 onwards would upload these (or even, be allowed to do so)

No. 831847

Her stockpiled dolls deranged stories are all about:
- Dolls (girls) fighting.
As being jealous of each other, that's revealing of Lillee's point of views on women and her inability to create friendship.
- Dolls wanting to go out, but having to stay home due to Lillee selfishness (not wanting to wash them again, which is so weird, Lillee doesn't even wash herself).
- Lillee believing she's perfect at parenting while unfairly punishing them…
Did she peed on them to show dominance?
This is so sick.

No. 831850