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File: 1658965405908.jpg (246.1 KB, 1927x1333, VIER PFOTEN_2015-04-27_010-192…)

No. 37093

trannies kill themselves edition

previous thread:

No. 37097

wow the whole thread got nuked?

No. 37100

100% don’t blame them. Schizo troon is in nuclear mode atm. Was threatening to post CP

No. 37101

The thread was just nuked an my post asking what happened in the technical issues thread was deleted too and earned me a permaban? idk if this post will go through bc when i refreshed the ban page, it gave an error. Not on a VPN or anything. this coincides directly with the tranny schizoid megasperg here in /meta/, something very weird is going on here, does anyone know what could be happening?

No. 37102

unfortunately he already did post cp

No. 37103

did farmhands panic and accidentally delete the whole thread instead of just the CP posts? bc i don't see what good deleting the whole thread would do, it's not like he won't just move onto a new one. clearly there's some element to this situation that the farmhands are not communicating with us on for whatever reason.

No. 37105

>clearly there's some element to this situation that the farmhands are not communicating with us on for whatever reason.
This. Farmhands, what is going on?

No. 37108

Your post was sandwiched right between the sperg's post, it accidentally earned you a permaban. You were immediately unbanned after I saw your appeal, sorry about that. If I were any actual anon that uses this site, I would just avoid posting in /meta/. He is posting CP and honestly, there is no point in talking about him. He enjoys the attention, clearly. Even now, he is posting from several IP addresses acting like different anons that are shocked and appalled by the "paid off jannies".

As for the deletion of the last thread, it's easier to just mass delete the retard's posts, and apparently one of the IP addresses he used was one that made the last complaints and suggestions threads. Perhaps it will be restored, it had less than 400 replies in it. But I am unable to restore threads. Regardless, he will just continue to sperg if he continues to get attention.

No. 37110

thank you farmhand my beloved, you are amazing. Thank you for explaining! Got it.

No. 37113

Will we ever have a townhall again?

No. 37121

The mind-blowing thing is that he is doing this stuff while already doxed including several of his family members dox floating around. He actually cares more about whatever the twisted goal in his mind here is than he does about any of that.

No. 37122

I would assume it would be in November, just like the last one. But I am not site admin, so I can't definitively answer this.

No. 37123

finally a break in radio silence, thanks for the hard work and i’m really sorry this guy is making everything harder on you all. i really hope the admin team considers just disabling vpn use here but maybe he’d just keep finding new ways to try to fuck everything up. what a fucking nut.

No. 37124

He legitimately seems like a severely mentally ill scrote that unfortunately has cp. Either he whines and throws tantrums in threads or posts it. I can’t wait for the police to get this disgusting moid.

No. 37126

Do you at least have contact with the site admin, are there any plans for expanding the moderation team?

No. 37127

he has his stupid meltdowns and spams cp everywhere so he’s made a lot of enemies, i tried skimming the kiwi thread on him but it’s filled with so much gay infighting and drama from other people i can barely make sense of it.

the male admin of some of the sites the tranny got banned from said in the aforementioned thread that he’s in contact with the owner of lc and other image boards to discuss blaine’s sperging so i assume/hope there is a coordinated effort to get this fuck behind bars

No. 37130

For now, we are not lifting bans from VPNs.

To your first question, yes. As for your latter question, if there is any more news about the site or about moderation, it will be coming from admin.

No. 37134

ilusm farmhand, you're a hero. thank you for finally answering what all of us have been foaming at the mouth over for the past like 6 months kek. now maybe everyone can chill out a little

No. 37136

File: 1658967546735.jpeg (10.78 KB, 263x192, 94218AFC-EC10-4B78-8770-0F889A…)

You’re on top of it right now mods, thank you. This is such a headache

No. 37140

Just giving your own plan away lol

No. 37141

Godspeed, thank you for the update.

No. 37144

Sorry that was me, he made a weird post and I made a warning post but I didn’t want to give him more attention and farmhand seems to be watching the thread

No. 37145

I'll respect the rules here but just watch the usual places. He crossed one of the brightest of red lines spamming CP.

No. 37146

File: 1658968861369.jpg (73.11 KB, 411x550, calico means true and honest f…)

Samefagging to give farmhand a kitten picture to cleanse her palate after all this nonsense. A calico, naturally.

No. 37156

thank you so much farmhands for communicating with us and sorry you have to deal with all this shit
is it helpful if we report all his posts when we see him spamming? that's what I've been doing but I don't want to cop a ban for abusing the report system

No. 37157

wondering the same thing, i want to help but don’t wanna clog the system either

No. 37159

not a farmhand but i think they're camping itt rn anyway, hopefully with smores, so for now it's probably unnecessary. If we see it in other boards or it happens again later then of course it will be worthwhile to report again

No. 37167

i’m skimming the 8kun thread on blaine for the first time and apparently he’s pissed about the kuz he kept mentioning because of kuz rejecting his nudes and other sexual advances, on top of the fact that kuz refused to make him a mod for his sites. blaine also has a sexual obsession with a russian 15 year old. somehow he still tries to blame the cp spam on others even though it happens every single time he gets triggered enough after spamming for hours. he started spamming cp and monkey torture on image boards as a way to try to convince this kuz guy to give him an admin role and threatened to make the spam worse if he didn’t get it. somehow he’s convinced lolcow admins are also to blame because this is the mind of a mentally ill tranny.

so we have a troon porn addict pedophile serial sexual harasser who is eager to spam cp and schizobabble on our hands

No. 37170

tranny, i am not a janitor, i just hate you.

No. 37172

thank you for the summary, nonna! It all makes sense now. just par for the course troon things, i guess.

No. 37176

I think I can add a little bit too based on his Kiwi activity last year. Basically he showed up when Bella Janke was super viral (as did Mike Thurlow/Angry Canadian) and initially just came off as a hyperactive oddball making 100+ posts a day but mostly harmless. But it turned out he was spamming the PM's of just about everyone active in that thread about Bella's father being involved in sex trafficking together with a "clan" of literal children on Roblox which had made memes about Bella. This schizophrenia lead him to get banned. He then disappeared for like 9 months and then turned up with the whole Elaine situation (I would guess that he was probably talking to Elaine and a few other degenerates the whole time) of course and started making weird claims about her being kidnapped and held hostage, identifying his "enemies" as probably involved, etc. He also showed up on a new thread about zoosadists making strange claims about them and at the same time posting on the zoosadist boards trying to point them at his personal enemies. And my suspicion is that he randomly came across the old kuz thread and attached his schizophrenia too it, but not before both wanting to fuck kuz and use it as a way to gain Internet jannie powers. It really lines up pretty well with his pattern, actually. It makes total sense now that we know he actually has access to CP: the pedo stuff is projection.

No. 37178

Anons unsaging useless social media shit and bumping threads in /w/ is a nightmare

No. 37179

Completely dusregarding that some rando is probably larping on there too. Again, this is all to convenient and too easy to find the culprit, on an anonymous board. You guys fall for everything.

No. 37180

thank you for the rundown, even if you are a kiwifag. that makes a lot of sense and helps a lot, he really is just a completely insane person latching onto whatever catches his attention and wastes his time being obsessed with it while also wanting any power and attention he can get. basically addicted to playing in shit. the fact that he’s proven to be guilty of the same things he’s accusing others of is pretty illuminating. how anyone could not want to kill the selves with a brain and personality like this is beyond me.

No. 37181

theres proof of all these claims scattered across lc, kiwi, and 8kun now. your days are numbered blaine, settle down. you’re the one who wanted to draw attention to all these proclivities of yours, why not accept it instead of claiming none of it is true now that you’re being called out?

No. 37182

Don't forget about metokur. He is now angry with their admin (Maya) because she (may or may not be a tranny I have heard it both ways, but that's neither here nor there as far as this goes) wouldn't make him a jannie or didn't like his reaction sticker suggestions or something equally inane. Don't be surprised if that winds up being the next target of CP spamming or deranged accusations.

No. 37183

Porn bot in /m/

No. 37184

lol, he also tried begging the mods here to add the ability to react to posts. on an image board. he tracks reactions to posts on kf as a way to stalk people and see if they’re “against” him (disagreeing with him on any particular person or topic). that was a few days ago, i only put 2 and 2 together on it being him to suggest that last night. i’m not sure if you’ve been looking at other threads but he keeps dozens of /ot/ tabs open and waits for the right moment to accuse random people here of being pedophiles just for talking about normal childhood experiences they had. sick in the head guy

No. 37185

That was him? Didn't part of that post say that ratings would help with the CP problem? The more this comes together the more depraved it is. What really hit me about this whole situation is that the tranny is using classic gaslighting tactics to abuse women, outright creating a threat that he then is prepared to be our protector against so we "don't have to deal with it" and can leave it to the male. And on the flip-side of that is the AGP shit that if he can fit in here given that we aren't too fond of trannies and call out moids, then he has "made it" as a woman. What an absolute specimen.

No. 37187

Why did the last complaints and suggestions thread get nuked?

No. 37188

Because of the tranny, a farmhand explains upthread.

No. 37189

Can you direct me to the post or give me a tldr? I can't keep up with all of this there's so much to read and I'm sick of getting the lurk moar response. Did the tranny create the complaints and suggestions thread? I just don't get why the entire thread got nuked, I'm looking at archives of it now and it looks like the usual bs so I'm confused.

No. 37190

Fuck nvm I see it now

No. 37191

>Did the tranny create the complaints and suggestions thread?
apparently or the same VPN

No. 37199

NO ONE CLICK. it’s a site dedicated to animal torture.

No. 37204

sorry for interacting with the moid but i'm laughing so hard at
>Resting IQ of 197.
in this troon's world, you can charge up IQ points
through sheer willpower
don't worry nonny, no one's planning on clicking a weird link in a tranny schizopost. If anyone was thinking about it, they should try concentrating really hard to charge up their IQ points

No. 37211

What do they do with our IP's and why do they want them?

No. 37213

blaine has been posting cp on the monkey torture site just so everyone knows. basically don’t click anything he posts ever. luckily i did not click the link but after lurking kiwi when the kiwi guy from earlier mentioned it i saw them discussing cp spam on the site at the same time blaine was spamming it on here.

No. 37221

I'm dumb as shit because I clicked the link, I've also clicked a link in a lillee jean thread that was later found out to be an IP harvester so I'm just wondering what they use our IP's for? Is it just to spoof it and pretend to be a farmer?

No. 37224

Really, they can't do anything. They'll see where your IP pin-drop if you are not using a VPN but it doesn't really matter, the most they will know is someone with that IP address visited from lolcow.farm; if you click links in emails or forum PMs it might be more dangerous in terms of tying to your identity. Clicking on a shady link from an image board might lead you to see some horrible stuff but is unlikely to be a real problem. Even getting in trouble for seeing illegal content that way is pretty far fetched.

No. 37227

Blaines logic doesnt make sense. If kuz was going to spam CP here out of anger, why would he do it AFTER his thread got locked - an objectively good outcome for him. It makes no sense, especially against the backdrop of his numerous threats over kuz's thread being locked. I guess he just didnt expect us to see through this obvious larp

No. 37229

> Occam's razor
The tranny is a pedophile. Got it.

No. 37230

Oh okay, thank you Nona that's a big relief.

No. 37231

To set you up? Is that your excuse? And the CP spam on 0chan.life and soyjak.party, kuz just happens to be wherever you are at the moment with the explicit interest of "framing" you? Why do you think your so important?

No. 37234


No. 37240

File: 1658978331827.png (97.1 KB, 756x600, tranny samefag.png)

Your definition of winning is being kicked out of 4 different sites, having a meltdown on a dead board (and then explaining that it was all a DIVERSION) whilst being expose for being a pedophile, all while hiding behind Josh as if hes your friend when he doesnt even know who the fuck you are?

Pic related, you are so stupid you forgot that samefagging is harder with ID's on. inb4 "i meant to do that"

No. 37243

So what your saying is that you shit your pants?

No. 37245

The first redflag should have been when blaine started drooling over pics of a literal child, calling him a "cute twink" and "fuckable". Pedo behavior

No. 37246

Troons = trannies = groomers = pedophiles


See you finally admit it, now was that so hard troon?

No. 37250

Everyone watch out the pedo tranny admits to lusting after children like a true predator. This reason alone is why he shouldn't be allowed near any women or children.

No. 37252

Im baffled as to why they are still posting here. No one believes them, no one is accepting them, the entire site is disgusted by their appearance, and hes said hes leaving dozens of times.

Literally the classic pedo cope of "h-hes 18 now!". Fucking disgusting

No. 37255

>there is no point in talking about him. He enjoys the attention, clearly.

Farmhand is right and should be listened too, he probably feels he is "winning" because he gets the attention he craves. We should take this advice and ignore his posts as much as possible and not mention him at all, like giving a screaming toddler the silent treatment.

No. 37259

This is pathetic Blaine only a retard like you would believe this, you're such a failure of a man and a person.

No. 37260

Thats when the CP spam starts. When he doesnt get his way he forces everyone to look at disgusting shit so they start talking about him. Literally exploiting children just for attention on the internet

No. 37263

Your right anon, we should all leave him to schizo out alone until he 41%.

No. 37265

I cant believe that all of this started because some random russian creep denied his janitor position on a dead meme board.

No. 37266

>leave me alone
Dont act like you didnt come over here, start picking fights, shoving your personal drama down everyones throats, spam cp, and sperg out for hours upon hours while threatening the admin and DDoSing other sites

No. 37270

I love how he boils down everyone who criticises him on anonymous imageboards into random literally who's or just "the jannies" kek

No. 37271

If he keeps crying, someone will post a picture of his disgusting self. Then he'll really have a schizo melt down.

No. 37274

File: 1658979168156.png (443.16 KB, 459x459, B6XEbNM.png)

Okay guys, he doesnt like his pre ""transition"" pics. So lets post what he considers ACCEPTABLE


No. 37278

imagine thinking Josh thinks enough about some random banned tranny from nearly one year ago exactly today to "hate" you, he has bigger fish to fry I'm pretty sure and gives you no thought whatsoever, what a fucking narcissist lmao

No. 37279

His makeup us horrible, how the fuck do men make themselves look this ugly I swear it's a talent. His dry ass hair, crooked teeth, and facial features makes him look like an ogre.

No. 37280

Pretending hes important is the only thing he has left now, if you take that away he'll probably just kill himself (but its part of his plan, its just a diversion, hes still winning)

No. 37284

The troon is absolutely malding, he can't stand knowing that we are all anonymous women that he'll never know the identities of and his mr. bean looking ass is exposed.

No. 37288

He will never stop. In is sick, pedophillic, deluded mind, the only thing more important than breathing is attention. As long as people keep replying to him he will continue trying to get reactions out of people, with any means necessary, including CP. Best to just ignore and wait for mods to clean it up.

Also if anyone has the contact of kuz, please drop it, I would love to get paid to dunk on trannies all day if thats a real job as blaine would like us to believe

No. 37289

File: 1658979569076.jpg (44.22 KB, 468x510, fc7f9cdcdce66085eb9d25d4d36af7…)

Stop interacting with him unless it's to tell him to kill himself and/or to blow up his delusion of being wanted here in any way.

No. 37293

File: 1658979718131.jpg (43.42 KB, 1071x460, juststop.JPG)


No. 37294

Based. Not sure why the Nona's are still going back and forth with him, he's clearly loving the attention, even the negative kind.

No. 37300

he's arguing with himself. and is probably you.

No. 37301

Puts bounties on pedos? Based. Also wheres the proof about underage jannies?

No. 37318

unfortunately this is true. every time we deny him attention he just finds worse ways to act out more and it escalates into cp spam on multiple sites.

No. 37321

You guys should never unban VPNs. I like that idea. People pull the "BuT ThAt WasNt Me" thing way too often and use the VPN thing as a scapegoat most of the time.

No. 37325

In case it wasn't clear, for the two hours the tranny has been acting like several different anons, whether that's to yell at himself, reply to himself, ask himself questions, linking things and replying to those links with more questions etc.

No. 37327

Just been mention of him or the russian or whoever so he stops getting attention

No. 37330

File: 1658984446912.gif (309.68 KB, 220x223, asdfghjkjhg.gif)

No. 37333

Enough with the tranny accusations, it is so tiring to see "I bet you're him!" directed at every single post on every single thread even one's on g and snow. Just fucking let the farmhands deal with it, the constant guessing is just making it worse you retards.

No. 37334

If Josh banned Elaine just now like she claimed, it leads me to believe he was the Undefault account and that.
Yeah we need to just truce right now with everyone.

No. 37335

this dude does not sleep

No. 37336

I won't until Elaine feels safe no

No. 37337

Sorry for slapping so long
I hope its clear why I drew so much attention now

No. 37338

Elaine acts just like my sister, my sister was abused by our father thats why I always let her come around.
Im going to bed now.

No. 37339

Advertising some weird ass site in /ot/ >>>/ot/1280234

No. 37344

absolute schizo posting threads for the same shit he’s spamming here

No. 37345

File: 1658998536391.png (71.87 KB, 921x160, just add some amphetamines to …)

Literally the "moments before this post was made" meme, nonnie.

No. 37346

File: 1658998571435.jpeg (27.41 KB, 275x204, FB99B6AF-4CBD-4AF0-9E13-C75A34…)

Oh lord

No. 37347

This is what a troon is if you haven’t peaked yet. They only care about themselves and their dicks over cp and animal abuse apparently

No. 37348

to nobody's surprise whatsoever, the cp spam was from trannies

No. 37352

Bingo list
>mention/talking highly of UH/Erika/“Tranny” because he prefers it over troon
>mention of Elaine / Kuz
>”I’m going to leave now this is crazy/bonkers/insane yo” never actually leaving
>defends troons / main goal is to ban transphobia
>”silly sis chucklefuck scrote moid janny “
>spamming KF or other moid site links

Add anymore Nonnas

No. 37353

> implication that the Silent Majority of Nonnas are on his side
> attempts at rules-lawyering
> grandiose "investigations"

No. 37357

>misuse of lc terminology
>”internet hero”
>talking to himself and pretending to be other nons that agree with him
> “hand this site over to ME!!!! “
>troon is actually my sister guys I swear

No. 37358

Wtf are you even talking about pup?

No. 37360

> everyone I don't like is a secret man
oops, lol, there are a few bio women running around here like that too but it's funnier when he does it

No. 37362

>uses whatever scrotal insult you throw at him back at you
>replies within seconds especially when he gets called a troon, replies at lightening speed

No. 37363

>You incels, not femcels, you act like men.

Not sure if you're the tranny spammer or not because all the accusations have got me paranoid and you sound unhinged but this line is actually really based.


>This is why hatred should never consume one's mind, it blinds you to the bigger picture.

Also based.

No. 37364

Reminder to report and ignore instead of engaging with the schizo tranny.

No. 37365

> offers to protect the womenfolk against whatever the current bête noir is

No. 37369

It matters to me because the tranny spammer seems to have said some pretty fucked up stuff (provided it's not all bullshit.) But I agree with a lot of what you said, especially about a lot of these Nona's acting like incels. I've mentioned that before over the past few months especially with the people who lurk OT and everytime I get told to kill myself and that I'm a scrote. Exactly how an incel would act lol.


2 female Nona's have told me I deserve to be raped before so it's not solely a male thing to be treated that way. 1 female farmer I know in real life is literally the epitome of a cunt, she wishes death on disabled people solely for being disabled. Women are just as capable of acting depraved. And how am I supposed to recognize any of those names if I don't spend all my time online, you sound like a schizo chan with all those assumptions and accusations, but I agree that hate has torn this site apart.

No. 37372

>takes adderall and has coherent posts for once

Kek sorry had to

No. 37374

>Is not attacked from multiple angles, randomly banned, told to get raped, and can actually think.
Is more likely.
Though again, hi cowing is against the rules newfag.

No. 37376

Hey I did say "seems too" and "provided it's not all bullshit." I'm taking everything with a grain of salt because I know a lot of the farmers lie and throw around assumptions and accusations. And if you didn't do anything wrong and you're not a pedo then I really don't care if you're male or trans, I would never wish death and rape on someone just because of that. Cue everyone calling me a scrote or tranny because I said that lol. I actually was defending the tranny spammer in the vent thread yesterday because we we're having a nice conversation and everyone was being polite for a change until a bunch of random Nona's came in and started wishing death and rape on everyone including me. The same stuff they've been doing for a while now. I would kiwifarms it and read more but how do I know that's not bullshit either? And I don't want to waste anymore time online with this bullshit, lolcow has been getting so toxic for the past year and I'm trying to spend less time on here because it just leaves me pissed off and depressed. I'm just going to do what I've been doing this whole time and avoid ot and meta and only lurk the snow and g threads that I find interesting or funny. Good luck to you though whatever you end up doing, every interaction I've had with you so far seems fine and you actually seem funny and nice. Nicer than a lot of the farmers on ot.

No. 37379

Nvm this is the troon he spammed cp for nonnas reading and as clear as day, wants transphobia to be “banned” on here because he cares more about that than child exploitation

No. 37382

You typed it yourself in replies above lol. That’s what you really care about. You type all your plans and thoughts out so everyone can see it

No. 37384

I think you have called more women men here than you think. Read the MTF threads to see how we really feel about trannies hon

No. 37386

You admit it’s been you posting this whole time. There it is nonnas

No. 37390

File: 1659006745230.jpeg (25.85 KB, 275x206, 1E97E968-3E8A-4EAD-AFF3-EE29FF…)

He admits that he’s been the embarrassing loser spamming and defending himself in threads. All the evidence is collected here because he won’t stfu. Fuck off tranny

No. 37395

trannies never win, you're shitting up one website and wasting your whole life aging as a man on estrogen while your peers advance in life

No. 37397

How do you know the super nice nonna replying to you isn’t a scrote baiting you kek

No. 37398

Wait what's BP? Sorry I'm very internet retarded. I don't mind if there's lots of men or transwomen there, most of the people I get along with are gay men lol

No. 37406

Why tf does he want us to use KF this badly?

No. 37410

Literally sounding like a commercial advertisement. He probably wants “bio women” to join KF or his discord, or he wants more people to go against that Kuz person because he believes Kuz is the reason why there is “transphobia” on lc

No. 37411

Because for some reason he can’t believe that not all actual women are handmaidens

No. 37420

File: 1659010753040.jpeg (142.29 KB, 1500x1120, 635228D2-0B24-40BB-B82B-59A69F…)

I’ll take the ban

No. 37423

Jannies there is currently a troon in the mtf thread chimping out if you could clean it up please and thank you.

No. 37424

Also some moid namefagging or someone namefagging as a random nobody scrote.

No. 37427

Get rid of this fag who keeps screaming WK at any anon who calls them out >>>/w/233395

So tired of these cunts. They have no argument so they resort to just screaming and worrying paragraphs of "WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING THE COW" when every time no one defend a cow.

No. 37429

Blah blah blah fuck off tranny troon

No. 37431

Fuck off troon

No. 37437

Fuck off

No. 37438

what does "cow tipping" and "hi cowing" mean?

No. 37439

Tranny in mtf going full dumbass moid. Sorry jannies. Appreciate you

No. 37442

You make it obvious every time it’s you. Soon you will have a “WK” right after being like ong lolcow is so mean I agree with you what’s your discord!

No. 37445

You do this too. You JUST learn what some term a farmer uses and you use it against someone who replies against you.

No. 37448

No they wouldn’t because we’re not fucking 4chan scrote

No. 37451

Blaine better watch out Kuz is after his dox and the KF dumbassez are helping. Hang in there farmhands, with any luck the Internet trash is taking itself out.

No. 37454

How is this tranny still going after what, 4 days? Holy shit

No. 37456

Troon makes it obvious when he uses “!” In context of “jannies” or “ban this person obviously a scrote”

No. 37458

The powers of mental illness

No. 37461

I’m not retarded. You make it obvious because again, you don’t cover your tracks at all. You have the exact same typing style in every sperg out you have

No. 37462

Blaine, if your listening, just stop. Whatever your trying to do is failing here. No one is on your side, please just go somewhere else like you said you would. You keep saying Josh is on your side, so go to kiwifarms. Maybe youll get what you want there, but here, no one likes you. Stop talking to yourself and move on with life

No. 37464

I bet at the end of the day he will be like
>wow this place is mean, this place used to be a nice place (enter WK) wow I think that too. You’re my friend now. We both know UH (himself) this place is crazy. I’m leaving now. (Comes back either right away or 4 hours later)

No. 37467

>UH / Erika wants to save this site you guys are insane!
>well guys we are ALL being retarded let’s calm down. We’re infested with scrotes !!! (Not me of course because I’m a troon!)

No. 37469

How has he not realized that he is awful at samefagging

No. 37473

>jannies even though I hate you pweeze ban anyone talking badly about the troon

No. 37482

Make your own retard thread and stay there and stop causing stupid shit

No. 37483

kek spot on

No. 37485

Expect a thread, he threatened to make one

No. 37486

Does "Hi cowing" mean "cow visiting thread about them"?

No. 37487

My dude, tranny spammer, you're gonna kill you're braincells staying up for days on end doing adderall and staring at your computer screen. It's okay to take a day off to sleep and get some fresh air, lolcow will still be here tomorrow lol

No. 37490

He’s not Josh is locking Elaine’s thread involving Blaine and the kiwi cells are laughing and trying to help Dox him. They’re in his discords. Blaine is literally in a house of mirrors with his own ugly reflection.

No. 37492

Is there lolcow glossary tho?

No. 37495

File: 1659024240317.png (279.97 KB, 489x646, c1d8a93971a195fc31884a73f87b9c…)


No. 37496

Im not even going to lie this jumpscared me

No. 37499

File: 1659024472387.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1653917332072.jpg)

A fucking retard (me) made a thread in the wrong board and it's too late to delete >>37455 I'm so sorry

No. 37502

He’s still hanging around the MTF thread

No. 37506

>another of his behaviors if you’re not a scrote you’re a murderous rapist radfem

No. 37509

Yes blame a women for a man’s actions. Blaine is being a tranny because he wants to and he’s a piece of shit. He doesn’t care. He just wants to shit on women and one day he will 41% percent or rot inside out like the rest.

No. 37515

>failed attempts of minimodding is another behavior

No. 37519

i’m pretty sure you’re talking about me complaining about reactionary feminism, im not a tranny nor am i the schizoposter, just a really peeved dworkinite lol

No. 37524

Troon teehee

No. 37526

oh i didn’t realize it’s the tranny having a melt down again and pretending to be other people, okay, well, whatever lol. accusing people of being trans for criticizing reactionary feminism is a new one.

No. 37530

File: 1659029243378.jpeg (34.98 KB, 408x612, 7D9A6CF8-66EC-41BD-A686-7A0EEE…)

Leave troon i cast troon begone spell

No. 37532

>me when I hide behind anime drawings because I look ugly as sin irl

No. 37536

File: 1659029532723.jpeg (869.96 KB, 1920x1080, 7A44C994-4A10-4D55-AC15-4C1AA4…)

Now is not the time for jokes guys…….

No. 37540

Just leave dude.

No. 37543

Idk dude you can just like leave or shut up and act like any other farmer and not be a retard schizo sperg for like 3 seconds

No. 37545

What have you been staying to say hon

No. 37547

You make it so glaringly obvious it’s you troon.

No. 37549

And you will have your WK (you) reply?

No. 37551

>killing the site


No. 37552


If you would shut up or learn to blend better, your mannerisms and terminology wouldn’t be so obvious

No. 37555

So the like 5 day sperg out here in meta has been all you huh? Thank you for admitting that darling

No. 37556

As well as spamming CP when you don’t get your way?

No. 37558

You deleted your comment when I mentioned CP. That’s who you are, Blaine. You said in replies above all you care about is transphobia and will do anything in your fucked mind to combat it, even showing your disgusting collection

No. 37560

This is the only reason I give my time of day. To get you to admit you’re a sick moid that wants to shove his personal collection here because he needs to be accepted as a tranny more than anything. Fuck off and 41%.

No. 37565

Good. Fuck off.

No. 37569


No. 37573

You didn’t like that I pointed out the cp spam did you? Really burst your bubble? Of being the beloved pet tranny?

No. 37577

So you admit you’re a creepy troon pedo? You admit you’ve been sperging all week practically? You admit you talk to yourself and butter yourself up to be in nons favor? If your beloved perfect tranny image gets ruined you wanna cry?

No. 37580

You’ve ran your own mouth all thread about what you do. I’ve just been picking at you to make you admit it all. It’s funny to me and I’m bored.

No. 37583

Who do you think I am and where I am? Where are you beloved pet tranny?

No. 37585

How close am I to you? How many miles?

No. 37591

How many miles close see you to me?

No. 37597

So do you have legit schizophrenia or were you just bored? Do you actually like women or do you hate them? What’s your goal?

No. 37600

He doxed himself to fellow AGP and child abuser Mike Thurlow like a year ago, anon. It also looks like he doxed a female relative of his on 8kun to try to blame it on the Russians.

No. 37603

Why did you type like Martin Cabello for days

No. 37607

So you’ve been incubating in lc for a while then? Picking fights with Nonnas then? To drive them crazy calling each other scrotes? I hand the mic to you.

No. 37610

What do you like about LC?

No. 37612

>>37611 why did you want to become a tranny?

No. 37615

Last question. Why are you in hold of csem?

No. 37617

I think this post is him admitting to posting CP? Or maybe to doxing his sister? I can't tell anymore but it's definitely not good.

No. 37622

I’ve been a woman this whole time lol. I’ll take the ban

No. 37627

The troon (Blaine / UH/ Erika ) admits that he is in hold of cp.

No. 37629

You are in hold of cp and dodge and deflect it every time including a deleted comment. It’s all in this thread. You admit to everything.

No. 37632

File: 1659034299680.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 3755D3E8-9356-4EC4-A1DA-3F0326…)

No. 37639

Even if there are Nonnas on the fence or okay with troons, you will not be liked or allowed. Because you yourself alone are a disgusting pedophile.

No. 37641

So you admit you are a pedophile?

No. 37644

You admit it then?

No. 37646

I mean he’s literally screeching about Kuz because Kuz exposed him to be the one posting CP. He’s absolutely a pedo.
Also tranny is still going on OT and Snow in random batches. I’ll keep reporting and not responding mods when I see it. Thank you jannies

No. 37650

May you get doxxed and put into the gulag by your beloved Russian.

No. 37654

Don’t respond to him just kek at the fact his parents took his Internet away and it’s why he couldn’t post pics in mtf earlier. He’s actually that pathetic anon

No. 37655

We will know if there is another cp spam it’s you.

No. 37657

You better put that into the name field when you spam cp if you want to be stuck with the name to ruin the bingo.

No. 37659

Lmao no wonder why he has all the time in the world he doesn’t work

No. 37662

So you will be employed finally?

No. 37665


No. 37668

Ok troon

No. 37670

Blaine when are you gonna doxx us like you promised, I am eagerly waiting to see your efforts

No. 37671

So far he said he was
>homecoming king
>lolcows beloved pet tranny
>in the mob

No. 37674

Me when I’m a troon

No. 37678

To be fair the 20 lolcow tabs and "Nona's" as well as "calls everyone a tranny and mentions elaine, kuz, josh or erika" is pretty common farmer behavior as well. The rest is spot on.

No. 37679


Schizo troon?

No. 37680

The tranny or someone else is necroing snow threads

No. 37684

farmers don’t call each other nonnas as a default in every reply though, and farmers have no idea who those literallywhos are. they’re involved in the trannoid’s delusions and he has a vendetta against them and think spamming lc is somehow doing something to fight back against those people

No. 37686

We have enough posts here that make him identifiable from an actual autist nonna. Moids could come in too but you can tell with them right away. He said himself he was going to use the name tag

No. 37690

that it’s a lot easier to spot you than you think because you don’t “blend” in the way you think you do.

No. 37693

That’s why you’re a male. You talk like one. You will never be loved here. You are not the sites pet tranny or whatever your fantasy is. You will die alone you pedo.

No. 37696

Do you think that women can’t hate you? If a woman’s not a handmaiden then she deserves all the horrible things right? You admit that?

No. 37701

I thought you weren’t like troons Blaine? That is such a troonish behavior

No. 37702

I clicked this link out of curiosity and read the lyrics then saw the nearly 1 million views and comments of people lightheartedly joking about raping babies and I'm yet again reminded why the world is doomed and probably over 50% of the population deserves to die, I hate everything.

No. 37706

How male of you.

No. 37709

You’re so male and will never be accepted. All the beloved Nonnas will see your disgusting behavior. Nasty dirty troon.

No. 37710

Begone troon

No. 37711

No. 37713

Take a lead pipe to the teeth meth mouthed faggot, and learn what satire is

No. 37715

Your beloved /ot/ Nonnas no doubt. What will you do pedo Blaine?

No. 37719

Your /ot/ Nonnas see this all.

No. 37721

They know you’re a pedo scrote. He said that he acts like a mother figure in the vent thread. He wants to be in womens spaces

No. 37723

I don't believe this picture, floor is too clean.

No. 37724

You wish pedo troon. I own this site more than you. I’m the beloved retard as you called me

No. 37728

I’m the pet retard and you’re the dead troon under my heel

No. 37734

You don't do shit but sperg behind a keyboard and ask other people to do the big scary work for you. Miss the attention you'd get when you were your daddy's fuck pig? Male rape victims that become faggot pedophiles are the most weak kneed sniveling little drippy cocked cowards there are, subhuman.

No. 37737

Hey jannies if the feds coming looking for the tranny he has a warrant last I checked in Minnesota. Maybe in jail he can stop shitting up female boards

No. 37738

It’s okay, admit you’re a pedo retard troon, and that I’m loved because I’m a woman.

No. 37739

No but I'm sure your dads cock in your ass hurt, lol

No. 37741

this is some of the worst false flagging i’ve ever seen rofl

No. 37742

Cut your thighs so we know it's you, you were probably involved in whatever shitshow that got Elaine to do it given how you seem involved in everything else, so it is only fair. Meanwhile being the victim of abuse as a kid believe it or not does not make you fucking special and does not excuse you looking to pass it on or relive it by watching horrible CSAM images. You can astroturf as nonna nonna nonna all you like but you know in your heart that most of the userbase hopes you die and if they don't go that far they at least hope you leave.

No. 37743

So you deflect that you’re a pedo troon? You didn’t want to admit it

No. 37747

No I truly think male rape victims that don't get help then turn into faggot are subhuman lol

No. 37749

You talk so incredibly male. Again your Nonnas are watching.

No. 37751

Every threat is rape or sexual. So male of you troon.

No. 37752

They really do manage to make it about themselves in an unbelievably male way. The thing about Blaine is that he's told so many stories about this stuff it's hard to tell, he cried about being raped in the mental hospital being why he didn't want to go back but then he also bragged about selling his ass in there and how it made him feel more like a woman. He's an incredibly sick fuck and I'm fresh out of any sympathy I ever had for him.

No. 37754

Hahahaha what a cope, does the meth help you convince yourself of that?

No. 37756

Male troon

No. 37757

So will you keep that tag for your next spam or what

No. 37758

> Die now or leave your choice.
Girls! Girls!
Watch out! Watch out!
There's a two legged animal running about
If it smokes a great big cigar
And it hangs around at a bar
If it tells the biggest lies, wears the loudest ties
It's a man
If it acts just like a crossed patch
Has a face with whiskers that scratch
If it's stubborn as can be, mean and ornery
It's a man
It if walks, if it talks
If its habits are a little bit peculiar
If it brags and tries to make you think it's wonderful
Be on the lookout, don't let it fool ya

No. 37762

Oh he's definitely a molestation or rape victim, this is how they act when it's left to fester and rot their brains. Mental illness times a million, men do everything worse. That's the funny part, he actually is just a pathetic little fag who uses sperging on imageboards to distract himself from the memories or unwanted dicks in his ass. Hilarious.

No. 37763

> other women
Together we can get the numbers up, 42% by September

No. 37767

Awww did I hit a nerve? Do you need to talk about it little Blainey? Show us on the doll where daddy touched you

No. 37771

Yeah I didn't mean to imply he was making it all up, I doubt that very much, but also that he tells all sorts of stories depending on the audience. The sister who he doxed on 8kun apparently he was also talking about in a really uncomfortable sexualized way, there was definitely some fucked up stuff going on in that household. I agree with you though totally, just look at the numbers of women who had to go through something like that, yet how many of them turn out to be a CP-spamming pedophile troon, not so many, but this degenerate really thinks he's gonna use that as an excuse and it's gonna fly here.

No. 37773

Why are all the threads in /snow/ all weird and jumbled up? Or is it just me? Page 1 is just a bunch of old dead crap, last comments are months and years ago.

No. 37777

Awe he’s trying to use Nonnas bingo now because he’s bored

No. 37778

Exactly, women internalize and suffer on their own. Men externalize and make everyone around them suffer.

No. 37779

File: 1659038068123.jpeg (98.08 KB, 1668x343, 58E50FED-A8F6-4CEC-A3DA-C91611…)

Jannies I’m not doxing him. This is public other places and he’s posted his own full name all over the Internet. Love you ladies.
Here you go anon. From the government site for weekly warrants near end of 2021

No. 37783

Nonnas report him to the police and authorities. He is in hold of csem. Or better go find him and beat his ass lol

No. 37785

You really think this site is used by nobody other than like 3 namefags you don't like lmao

No. 37788

He said himself it’s either handmaidens or scrotes and rapist murderous radfems. Even though lc made me peak, just by troons actions alone.

No. 37790

He’s also multiple times had people pretended to be feds so all around he’s going to get legally fucked at some point. The tranny has others calling his mom pretending to be the fbi.

No. 37791

No it means men shove their issues onto others because they can't cope, while women grit and bear their suffering like adults. Get the meth pipe out your mouth and learn to read retard

No. 37792

>but guys guys I was in the mob and I talked to a lot of girls at my high school dance guys I have like 15 friends guys

No. 37794

Your going to need a diaper when the incontinence from the anal rape starts affecting you lol

No. 37797

There is a disgusting tranny bumping all the threads in /snow/ mods help

No. 37798


Stay here in meta and leave my beloved nonnies alone blaine

No. 37800

Tranny is admitting to a crime above jannies.

No. 37802

Blaine is a troon
Blaine has cp

No. 37805

He admitted to literally of this, and will claim he did nothing.

No. 37806

And you called me by name, beloved retard of lolcow, more loved than you’ll ever be by my beloved nonas

No. 37808

It’s his thing. He did it with Roblox and Mike. He did it with Kuz and soyjak and you know what at the end of the day? Blaine was the one with the cp frothing at the other awful moids. I’m sure they’re awful too but interesting how easy it is to tie the “good tranny” and not the awful moids.

No. 37810

Me when I’m more loved than you troon

No. 37811

He doesn’t even hide he’s a pedo anymore.

No. 37812

File: 1659038766946.png (583.44 KB, 1200x881, 1639644391454.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if the autistic bumpfag from the last few months and the troon are one and the same person.

No. 37815

One of the most surreal things about this saga is how he single-handedly caused people to think that at least relatively speaking Kuz and Mike Thurlow maybe aren't that bad because at least they didn't spam CP.
lol I was wondering why the front page was all trash threads from like a year ago

No. 37819

This dude can NEVER have a good comeback for the pedo accusations. He admits it through and through.

No. 37822

I assume it's related in some way to the what looks like 4 hours of troon posting itt, but the /snow/ catalog is all fucked up

No. 37824

So you admit it?

No. 37825

You think any kind of attention is love? You'll pass it off as a joke but the amount of times you equate the too proves you believe it even if you try to convince yourself otherwise. My god that is so sad and pathetic, I'm sure you'd think an HIV positive homeless man raping you in an alley is ~love~ hahahaha I love watching fag rape victims break down

No. 37827

That’s the stupid thing. Like in trying to prove they’re awful he just did worse very publicly so now when you try to look at anything it’s literally just how the tranny is cp spamming and blaming them. The literal opposite of his “intention”. He’s muddied the waters like a dumbass.

No. 37828

This degenerate autogynephiliac really thought that he could gaslight and astroturf a site inhabited by legions of fully peaked women into accepting him (making him an Official Woman) when that started falling apart he lost his mind totally. What a shitshow.

No. 37829

It 99% is. Just bump the newer threads again.

No. 37830

He’s resorting to name calling and avatarfagging because he has nothing left

No. 37832

Lol no Blaine you like little boys, so not only are you a pedophile but a faggot pedophile. Completely fucking subhuman lol

No. 37834

You admit you’re a pedo? Right?

No. 37836

Why did you act like a schizophrenic retard the past couple of days

No. 37840

> called out for posting graphic depictions of children being raped in revenge for not being accepted as a woman
> response is "cry more"

No. 37841


We are the rest of my site Blaine. I own it.

No. 37844

You’re a pedo.

No. 37845

Faggot pedophiles usually like little boys as well as getting fucked by grown men, like I said, subhuman. Enjoy your loose asshole that can't keep shit in lol, can't relate.

No. 37848

>me and my other DID schizo hosts are saying that it was janny

No. 37850


No. 37853

>me and my other DID hosts in discord

No. 37855

Me when I’m a pedo schizo troon

No. 37857

Right? No one thinks it’s the farm hands and samefagging in tinfoil isn’t going to convince anyone.

No. 37858

Why did you beg for broom so much then

No. 37859

> I have ptsd whine whine whine
How much of this site's actual users do you think might have PTSD too and have managed to refrain from posting child abuse material? Do you think this is really gonna garner you any sympathy? Boy oh boy (and I do mean boy) you have got the wrong crowd.

No. 37864

>give broom to UH s(he) knows what she wants for the site!!! Pathetic and desperate samefagging and begging

No. 37865

Erasing male voices in female spaces is based though

No. 37868

kill yourself

No. 37870

Awww wittle Bwainy doesn't like being reminded he's probably only got a few years left of pegging his own asshole with a dildo before the muscle is too far gone to close up all the way again hahahaha stay mad faggot. Imagine having to worry about that every time you masturbate? Lol embarrassing, again, can't relate.

No. 37871

We all saw your bullshit before it got deleted

No. 37874

He made so many male and violent comments here. What a failure of a human being acting like he’s better when he was having legit panic attacks days before. That we all saw.

No. 37878

We saw your screeching about jannies here.

No. 37879

Get the fuck off my site.

No. 37883

If you prefer discord why don’t you get off lolcow then? You have said multiple times you wanted to leave because it’s too mean.

No. 37886

You’re the one coming back here.

No. 37888

I couldn't agree more. What a great exhibit on the cognition of men

No. 37889

His trigger words are schizo, pedo, and troon. He thinks “tranny” is better even though he is the same as any other Tif

No. 37891

Because you really are a pedophile faggot rape victim who thinks attention equals love or care lol

No. 37893

Pedo troon begone I curse ye

No. 37894

What happened in snow, why are all the year old threads on the front pages?

No. 37896

God he wishes he was a woman so bad lol

No. 37897

Schizo troon has been here for the past week he bumped to get attention.

No. 37902

Pedo schizo troon leave. Go to discord since you said it’s better. No reason for you here, no one wants you here. Nonnas are peaking

No. 37903

So you admit you’re a troon now? Not a tranny?

No. 37904

File: 1659040420545.png (284.17 KB, 611x386, unknown-50.png)

Hey troon, do you remember when you cosigned zoosadism and tried to recruit the monkey sadists for your insane vendettas?

No. 37907

You’re a pedophile in hold of cp, troon

No. 37908

Go to discord since you liked it so much. Leave us alone, leave my site alone, leave my nonnies alone

No. 37912

This troon admits that he cares more about himself than cp. He refers to women by their genitalia in disgusting ways. He will never be a woman.

No. 37916

I am a farmer and I don't care if the other farmers think I'm an awful person for thinking male rape victims are pathetic lol, you are

No. 37918

You have not denied being a cp spammer.

No. 37921

Why were you talking to yourself and making friends with yourself in the thread and posting links to your discord? That was pathetic.

No. 37925

Why did you pretend to be Christian lmao

No. 37927

You spoke to yourself like a schizo.

No. 37929

> invades female spaces
> harasses female lolcows and their family members
> posts CP when told he will never be a woman
> aligns with zoosadists to go after his "enemies", even the zoosadists don't like him
> doxes his own family members (female of course) and attempts to blame it on the Russians
> verbally abuses and gaslights women
> posts for like 30 hours playing several different characters, fails at it
> does God knows what with Elaine
> tries to excuse his behavior by pointing to trauma
what am I missing

No. 37931

File: 1659040892859.jpg (58.64 KB, 1126x574, Screenshot_54929813.JPG)

Even Blaine's old friends think he's a pedo.

No. 37936

The schizo troon pretended to be someone else and would defend himself many times, and was thanking himself for being so kind and like-minded since lc is “too mean”

No. 37941

He admits his schizo tendencies.

No. 37943

>bbbut i have friends I swear I have to constantly refer to them here and if I was a normal juman being I wouldn’t even be doing this in the first place

No. 37945

File: 1659041145339.jpg (12.74 KB, 504x158, Screenshot_54929814.JPG)

Blaine's friends laughing at him for spamming our site.

No. 37946

He admits he’s a pedo too

No. 37947

Thank you insidernon

No. 37953

>he can’t believe women don’t like his disgusting ass kek

No. 37956

"her" hahahahaha he wishes

No. 37957

>when I have to post my posed edited photo like any other AGP.

If you read mtf threads you would know how to take better pictures.

No. 37962

Classic tilted down “fat girl angle”for the pic lol to hide his man jaw

No. 37966

And if you were a healthy and normal person you wouldn’t be up all day and night here fighting Nonnas that you claim to love

No. 37971

You’ve been talking to one this whole time but you don’t want to believe it

No. 37977

You pretend to be a woman, larp as one, sperg endlessly about women's anatomy, try to claim you're superior to women, and angrily deny any claims that you wish you were a woman. It's very obvious you're sad you're a man, like any other tranny, it's why you 41 percenters hack off your dick to try mimic what you wish you had and then kill yourself when you realize you'll never be anything more than a mutilated man lol

No. 37981

The world isn’t full of handmaidens faggot lol

No. 37982

>>pretended to be the fbi on phone
>>even Elaine wants nothing to do with him now and I don’t even really know who the fuck that is.
>>arrested for theft in Minnesota

No. 37985


No. 37989

Fuck off and leave my site troon

No. 37992

women have everything lmao, a woman could have someone else do everything that you're doing just because she has a pussy, but they don't care enough to because theyre not men.

No. 37995

Fuck off troon

No. 37997

Okay esl troon

No. 37998

We don't need to "post hands" to prove we're women because we are and it doesn't matter to us whether you believe it or not. You're the one suicidal about being reminded that you have a dick, a loose incontinent asshole, hairy large ape like appendages, a joe swanson jawline and an adams apple, a prostate. Every fiber of your being is male and that kills you lol

No. 38002

He’s learning again from Nonnas and using insults against people. Unoriginal and sad

No. 38004

What about your schizo freak outs lol

No. 38006

Get a job faggot

No. 38010

>pretending to be multiple people and replying to myself and referring to myself as someone who doesn’t like lolcow but should be a janny

No. 38011

Something something she's not here

No. 38013

You have lmao and jumped to other threads

No. 38015

Okay then fuck off and leave my site troons don’t belong here

No. 38020

Then why did you cry about it so hard lol

No. 38021

Butthair? Hahaha cope harder Blaine, you're the sex with coarse body hair lining your disgusting ogreish man body. You'll never understand the sweet pleasure of only having to shave to the knee once a week and have that clean sheets against smooth legs feel, it's pretty great. Do your hairy sweaty man thighs stick to your ballsack while you sleep? lol

No. 38024


No. 38028

Why were you advertising and showing how to sign in your website lol

No. 38032

He admits it

No. 38034

Aka yourself lmao

No. 38038

The tranny is also here because Elaine has turned on him and he has no one to talk to now.

No. 38043

Elaine is trying to get him re banned on kiwi too kek so he has to contain his sperg here or be silenced by Josh again.

No. 38048

He literally posts and the kiwi cells will just tell him he should never have been unbanned. Kek

No. 38057

Nonnas he will keep going for hours and hours on end. This is the site he likes to stay on because the moderation is a bit slow. Report him and ignore him. He just wants attention

No. 38061

I’m not saying to read the KF thread but he seems to be actually schizophrenic and mentally ill (clearly) and will keep going at this because he does nothing else. Like literally nothing else but posting.

No. 38062

You know he's really upset by a comment if he doesn't reply or if he replies with sex based insults like "bitch" or "whore", he especially doesn't like being reminded that he's missing out on all the aspects of womanhood and will never get to experience them because he's a man lol, just look upthread for examples

No. 38066

"Bait" until it hurts your troon feelings too much so you ignore, and the accusations of being male are so sad coming from an actual male who despises being one lol so sad

No. 38068

He will literally post all day and act like that’s a “win” or something. It’s actual mental illness, Nonnas please do something better with your life and if you see him posting in other threads report him. He will no doubt spam whatever he has too

No. 38070

The actual queen with shit falling out his ruined asshole he pretends is a pussy hahahaha cope harder

No. 38072

I'm done I just love pushing troons into suicidal depression and I've seen him really rage when reminded he's a man enough times, sorry Jannies probably just nuke this whole thread and restart lol

No. 38073

We need the bingo card and a short rundown on the next thread. He will most likely be here for as long as he wants to and can

No. 38076

Because troons don’t belong there

No. 38080

Again this is ALL he lives for and does. It’s not even a “joke”. He’s actually a psycho schizo troon that will until his dying breath post here since he got kicked off of kiwi and other sites. He’s unfortunately in possession of disgusting material (cp) and will spam it. We can hope he gets caught.

No. 38083

I guess farmhands are just going to delete this thread again, fair enough.
Inshallah the tranny overdoses soon.

No. 38086

Just go back to /ot/ like you said you’re happy there. Just stop being apparent like the rules said. Act like a normal farmer and stop shitting up the thread and others will too.

No. 38090

TBH I would make him a thread but he'd probably like that, on the other hand it might serve as containment.
these posts give a decent rundown though

No. 38094

We have to remind anons he is 100% mentally ill and uses his schizo power to sit and post online for hours with word salads or trolling, he doesn’t seem to have a job and will constantly go at it for hours and days and we should ignore him and wait for mods to clean it up. He will probably be camping in the next /meta/ threads as well

No. 38098

And he will pretend he has impersonators / friends / white knights in threads he’s in and that’s literally his schizophrenia. He claims to have DID alters or whatever as well

No. 38100

You linked your own KF thread, man. The same one you wanted us to read.

No. 38101

lol mad
but really…it seems like it's all fun and games for him till people clearly set out all the deranged shit he is doing

No. 38103

lol mad

No. 38107

Again nons. Do not engage with him. He will self implode and end up having convos with himself. He is literally crazy and will go on for hours and days taking advantage of the current state of moderation. He does absolutely nothing but this unless you’re willing to argue with him over literally nothing all day.

No. 38112

that bingo card really set him off kek

No. 38115

File: 1659047262639.png (445.85 KB, 828x1792, 8B2FDD4B-D0C7-419F-8ABB-BE6E73…)

(This will set him off too) from his own thread.

No. 38117

File: 1659047383350.png (121.4 KB, 1473x776, B5CD5AC4-02C1-4AD4-8C55-4FC9B1…)

That this behavior isn’t lc specific, he is literally just schizo and crazy.

No. 38119

File: 1659047518586.jpeg (240.27 KB, 828x558, 137232FA-42D4-43EB-A448-3D6DF0…)

Do not engage. Report and ignore

No. 38122

The self implosion /self talking has started. Avoid this thread Nonnas.

No. 38131

Jannies you are mucho appreciated

No. 38138

File: 1659050848941.png (475.97 KB, 500x500, 9563007B-09DD-4ADB-8658-E8B5FF…)


No. 38141

Anyone can scroll up thread and see your posting lol

No. 38142

Sorry if this has already been talked about before but have mods handled this moid? Is he a hellbent tranny or something kek

No. 38144

I can't fucking read this without stopping every few sentences to just cringe, only to die of embarrassment even more when I realize it's a literal putinbot site. This ugly fucker isn't even worth getting mad over or giving him a single reply, he's going to kill himself or end up in jail a la Chris-chan at some point anyway. I got work in the morning.

No. 38145

i love how you think causing infighting and pointing to it pretending it’s other people, not just you making yourself obvious and being called out, will work as a psyop to get us to welcome you. i am begging you to neck yourself. women don’t want anything to do with you. you’re going to be 50 one day if you don’t kill yourself, balding and haggard than ever before, skirts rotting in your closet as a reminder of how insane and embarrassing you have always been.

No. 38148

So this is what it's like to be retarded. Hmm.

No. 38149

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 38150

You are a man. You will never be a woman and you will never be welcome among women.

No. 38153

Very helpful! Thank you anon.

No. 38155

You are a scrote. You have a Y chromosome and will always be a man.

No. 38156

Can someone put that last comment in his reply in the screencap thread kek

No. 38158

ty, i was considering just posting the bingo whenever he pops up but he might just enjoy that a little too much

No. 38161

no they don’t. they have shared dna coming from their sons that goes away after birth. they never have y chromosomes. only you.

No. 38162

No they don't, they have two XX chromosomes and are women, something you will never be.

No. 38166

Taking horse piss pills doesn't make you a woman or change your defected Y chromosome.
The only thing you can do is kill yourself and hope you will be reborn as a woman.

No. 38170

> doxing his own family members in pseudo-Russian-inflected English to blame it on kuz
> saying anons deserve rape and then crying about his own rape
> accusing others of being trannies, moids, and pedophiles

No. 38171

No, this is what came up in your head after reading the word horse, as expected from a tranny(pornsick man).

No. 38174

Please autosage the Belle thread, Pixie thread too. Anons keep purposely unsaging and its bumping so many threads when its not milk.

No. 38176


Schizotranny sighting in the wild

No. 38180

For the girlies

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

Added a tiny bit more nonnie kek

No. 38182

Mods he is threatening to spam cp

No. 38186

Your feeling is right, you are not welcome.

No. 38187

Cp/porn bot in /m/

No. 38188

tranny spamming cp again. ugh. where are the farmhands today?

No. 38192

Hmm yesterday morning he was right on hand to conveniently deny the CP was his minutes after he posted it, now seemingly the same … really makes you think a thunk, doesn't it?

No. 38194

Any time he is at his wit’s end, he resorts to spamming CP in threads in hopes it will take lolcow down.

No. 38195

I hope farmhands won’t take down this thread because it full on display shows his typing and posting style, his motives (transphobia is more important to abolish on lolcow than reporting child exploitation) and his scrotal behaviors

No. 38199

Im sure he’s posted in previous complaints too with the same “lolcow has become so hostile recently” even though this is proof, along with his documented ventures into other boards and threads, that he will cause infighting and derailing constantly

No. 38200

this is exactly it. everything from the infighting to samefagging is an attempt to get the site nuked. he’s convinced that by stirring shit enough he will be able to convince everyone that we’re paranoid maniacs accusing innocent women of being trannies (when it’s always just him being exposed again and again) and that the foundation of the site including its rules are broken. he’s doing everything he can in an autistic fit of rage to get the site to collapse in any way, but he’s just making himself look insane as everyone awkwardly looks on and laughs.

No. 38201

He’s also a fan of Venus apparently.

No. 38202

File: 1659061591842.png (44.67 KB, 442x275, Screenshot from 2022-07-28 22-…)

Yeah that has been a common refrain of his about how the community is so hostile blah blah blah while pretending to be an oldfag, it's outright gaslighting and trying to undermine the community. I think when he had that brief moment where people at least tolerated him because he was bringing milk really broke his mind, since we are known for being a site that doesn't like troons and can sniff out moidposting he really thinks that if he is tolerated or accepted here then that is so much closer to being a Real Woman(TM). It's laughable but once his behavior started to wear on people that goodwill wore out fast and his reaction to it has been totally psychotic. Picrel is him dropping the mask on 8kun a little while ago, oh so feminine.

No. 38208

Dayum when he’s not posting here he’s posting somewhere else. He really does not have a life

No. 38210

> spergs about the monkey sadists on KF
> tries to recruit the monkey sadists against KF on their monkey sadist site
> rants against LCF jannies on 8kun
> picking fights with the owner of metokur
> the whole disaster here
I bet there is more we don't even know about also I don't think he's slept in like 60-70 hours

No. 38212

>threatens to take down site
>silent after
>cp spam happens

No. 38214

Simply stating facts

No. 38216

Of course you fucking spammed CP stop trying to gaslight us and get pity out of people because you think thats what women are like, guess what, once you try to make us see some horrible stuff, you're not going to find much nurture here. I don't give a fuck about your trauma, kill yourself.

No. 38217

File: 1659062609232.jpeg (497.82 KB, 1536x2048, 1645934839748.jpeg)

Well as a lolcow farm veteran I wanted to let the trannies know that the actual admin of our site is a woman by the name of Shayna Clifford or Dolly Mattel.

Please troglodytes, use your schizo autism to bring this woman to justice.

No. 38219

The more you post the more recognizable you are lol. Sorry for replying mods. Thank you

No. 38223


No. 38224

>the troon also uses this! And “anywho” a lot in his ramblings. He will also reply within seconds to minutes white knighting himself.

No. 38227

> What is better for you all?
After you weaponized the rape of children? You prompt death at your own hands, nothing else is acceptable. I'm out, I'm done taking the bait I swear.

No. 38228

Here it is again.
For the girlies

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 38232

>he admitted it

okay sorry mods

No. 38235

You posted CP, you open lusted after a 15 year old, and while LARPing as Kuz to drop your own sister's dox you mentioned wanting to commit incest with her. You are sexually depraved, even for a fucking tranny. Kill yourself. I'm not joking.

No. 38237

File: 1659063889673.png (132.4 KB, 760x507, ywnhxc.png)


No. 38244

Tranny alogging self harm at people in positivity on OT

No. 38245

Ngl, the way the anon keeps insisting a 15 is fine to post reminds me of the unhinged Belle-fag who got assmad that they couldn't post children too a day ago.

Mods, these fucks have been here a long time.

No. 38252

Is the "schizo tranny" some dude named Blaine? Because I was in the place called Norwood a few years ago? its like basically a psych ward… I was admitted for a nervous breakdown. Anyhoo, I was only there for a little bit I do remember this weirdo (super uggo) who kept screaming about how his parents wouldnt let him on discord and how they keep crying and screaming at him to get off the computer, (this was in between rants about being a "woman" which was insane because he's a dude? idk im not up on all this trans stuff I hope im not being insensitive). anyway I keep seeing all this crying on these boards about an alleged "rape" that happened. I just thought I should stop by and dispel this rumour.
One night we were all watching a marvel movie and I stepped away to run back to my room. I heard some moaning and grunting…. I didnt really look but I saw it out of the corner of my eye (you know when you "see" but dont "look"?)
So yeah out of the corner of my eye I caught Blaine on his knees, he was sucking Boogabear's dick! (thats what we called the night ward, he was a really nice black man, ex college football player who ended up with a career-ending knee injury)
It seemed like they were both really into it. The next day blaine was bragging at breakfast about how he "sucked boogabear completely dry" anyway dont believe this bullshit about "rape"
Its just fanfiction.

No. 38255

File: 1659070547193.png (591.89 KB, 795x541, kmjhgfdfghjkh.png)

No. 38258

It happened INSIDE a psych ward. No phones allowed.

No. 38260

Paging jannies, the deranged tranny from meta and who shat up the mtf thread yesterday is back in the mtf thread. Narcissist troons really do think saying YWNBAW or no to them = abuse huh?

No. 38272

Why is he not permabanned, why only 2 years?

No. 38273

This is gross information nobody needed to know. And I most definitely believe he was raped, probably by his dad or teacher. Most scrote rape “victims” become rapists actually.
why is he obsessed with elaine? (I’ll pretend I know who he or she is)

No. 38274

Love how mods are just going to perma-ban anyone using the same VPN service as the troon poster and ban normal anons from posting while not doing anything to stop the troon from posting cause he can just change his IP again and get them all banned. Really top notch moderation decisions being made here folks.

No. 38275

Are you completely retarded? He is using a VPN, perma-banning him is not possible because he can just switch his IP to a new one. It literally does nothing. All they are doing by handing out 2 year bans and perma-bans to him is preventing other people who use the same VPN service from posting on here. If he's feeling in the mood he will just get every single VPN IP perma-banned and then nobody using that same VPN service can post here anymore.

Honestly with that mods were not technically illiterate morons on here.

No. 38276

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If mods don't ban the tranny you're screaming "mods have left us, lazy jannies" etc . If they ban the tranny and his ips you're screaming "but muh vpns!" What about stop being a lazy cunt and just get another vpn?

No. 38277

It's just what you have to deal with when you are using an anonymous imageboard. Either admin needs to completely revamp how this site works, making it less anonymous and working on software that can fingerprint someones browser to more effectively ban someone than just IP-banning, or you are just going to have to learn to ignore these shit-stirring posters.

Banning all VPN IP's and telling people who have paid money for their VPN service to just "use something else" is NOT the answer. The issue is that an actual solution would require admin to actually put work into this website and do some long overdo updates and fixes. The site hasn't been changed for like 10 years. The administration for this place just sucks and is lazy and mods can't really do anything about it. But what they are currently doing is clearly not working and completely retarded and affecting innocent posters.

No. 38278

Banning free VPNs is the LEAST you could do to combat the spammer problem

No. 38279

Yeah I got relevant posts deleted because I use the same vpn service. My posting style is nothing like his and my posts that were deleted included relevant stuff in the celebricows threads etc. Then when I came to bitch about it (as is my right) in meta they immediately banned and deleted any and all criticism I put in meta until I finally had 30 seconds to post two screenshots of it. I’m not going to post on lolcow without a vpn and if this retard continues to speedrun through all of them I just cbf to find ones he hasn’t used.

No. 38280

Infighting in dumbass shit thread

No. 38281


No. 38282

I love how you can check every single previous suggestions thread and find anons practically begging to ban VPNs because it's a way to stop moids from sperging on the site. But now it's a problem. Which do you want? Also, I don't understand why someone would need a VPN to use this site to talk about borzois and Ezra Miller, jfc. I have no problems with them banning VPNs, since we literally asked for it.

No. 38283

Are you retarded? Why are you using a vpn service in the first place? If you can’t post from your country just don’t post and if you can but are just scared of your identity, if you have nothing to hide, don’t use a vpn. Man, you really are a moron and anyone that agrees with you is a bigger moron.

No. 38284

> I’m not going to post on lolcow without a vpn
If the mods cared enough they could figure out your real ip address btw

No. 38285

this has to be the tranny or an idiot or both. Complaining about their vpns being banned ffs. GET ANOTHER ONE

No. 38286

I don’t care. I could get theirs too.

Nah it’s just annoying, mostly whinging about that Blaine retard and again cbf right now.

No. 38287

I wonder how difficult it is to keep everything close to the chest as one of the jannies, assuming they know what's going on behind the scenes regarding the mod. I think of this often.
I'm not a super-duper expert on chans like so many anons but I wonder how the dynamic of lolcor would change if it required a paywall to post.

No. 38288

> I could get theirs too

mods, the tranny is back.

No. 38289

It’s not a coincidence anymore that the most braindead retards 99% always tend to use a vpn.

No. 38290

you really need to leave if you think the whole site should go off anon just because you got memed into buying a vpn.

No. 38291

Report and ignore and be wary of infighting and derailing in threads and he will probably threaten to post cp at the end of the night as usual

No. 38292

The kneejerk paranoia is understood. I’m just saying grabbing ips is an extremely easy task.

That post was 100% not mine and I do not agree with that retarded sentiment in any way. I was baffled by that post but didn’t feel the need to respond, and am only responding to this because I do not want any sort of affiliation with it.

No. 38293

Thank you, nonnie, I was seriously so confused, I love you and I'm sending you good vibes and your favorite food.

No. 38294

Mad they got banned and derailing about it as usual for a based ban and samefag replying to themselves and acting like nitpicking hasn't always been against the rules lol Its the same anons who keep ban evading too.mods,please permaban. They are destroying most of/w/ and I'm sure you see it's the same anons. Look at the costhot thread of all things, straight up vendetta posting and 3 different anons called it out and the anon is just mad and keeps saying they are exempt from criticism.


No. 38296

Your IP should be fine as long as its your own. Doubt he can hack and duplicate your cell or computer IP. That's not how that works.

No. 38299

File: 1659108503082.jpg (297.08 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20220729-082557_Fir…)

Samefag, because they also think shit like this isn't nitpicking lol complaining she took barrets out of her hair. These anons do this is all these /w/ threads but claim the Velle thread gets all themoderating. Nitpicking is nitpicking and its not just one anon whos been annoyed about this low effort posting and non-milk. It's like the nitpickers don't know what milk is at all.

Look at how many threads have been gone through because of just this useless posting and then reposting their angry bans about whiteknights in the threads too. Mods need to do something.

No. 38304

File: 1659108646199.jpg (536.46 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20220729-083007_Fir…)

Even mods confirmed in the ban its the retarded Nicole-fag making collages. The oy anon who keeps posting them in the same save formats every time too

No. 38308

Does he ever like, sleep?

No. 38312

I have gotten ban messages on 4chan that my ip has posted some shit on fucking /mlp/, a board I have not visited once in my life. I forgot how they do it but is possible to basically use someone elses ip.

No. 38316

IP spoofing is pretty popular

No. 38318

i made the bingo card because it’s funny and lets people immediately know they’re dealing with a schizo when they see you. im a regular user not a farmhand

No. 38319

Ah yes that was the word, thank you.

No. 38323

lol(do not engage the troon. just report and move on)

No. 38329

Can't mods do a full on device ban or something, I doubt he has hundreds of PCs and phones to jump from.

No. 38330

That's what I thought

No. 38331

Anons wonder why some cows get more attention with redtexts on /w/, its because people like Jill continuously post new material that is milky, not just complaining about nose jobs and how something is edited.

No. 38332

Then what is going on with Momo's thread in PT? She does nothing milky, it's the same dumb shit about plastic surgery and she's fat.

No. 38333

The thread is slow after 3-4 comments. Its not the same and it is a duscussion, not anons editing her photo or huding the full photo either. You cannot compare the Belle thread to the Momokun thrwad lol

No. 38334

Belle thread needs help


Derailing and one of them ban evading. They are so mad they can't nitpick and edit photos/collages

No. 38335

no, ban this salty bootlicker please

No. 38341

kek so its confirmed he makes the edits and collages then

No. 38342

The anons who think the discord matters or has any real relation to the site aside from some mods, need help. We've known its been full of scrotes for years. It's literally a harbinger for people hiding out. No logical farmer uses it.

No. 38343

He needs to make his own site already where he can be accepted but he knows that actual women won't go there lol

No. 38352

Trannies on OT making fun of women being assaulted with his empathy.
Also friendly reminder to my wonderful farmers anyone who says UH and complains about jannies is the tranny. I’m using Nord and haven’t gotten a ban. He’s lying. He’s been very vocal about using free vpns and the dummy can’t even pay for his own Wi-Fi.

No. 38356

Mods, enough with this ban evader. This is out of hand at this point. >>>/w/233745 Acting like that scrote invading meta.

No. 38358

It is him

No. 38366

Don’t respond to the schizo anon. Just report. Jannies will get up and drive them out soon.
Also thank you jannies

No. 38369

the troon is pretending to be a russian with a brand new kiwifarms account solely made to doxx his sister in his own thread. can’t make this up folks.

No. 38371

We just explained the tranny is responding to himself and acting like he's several people, whether that's to argue with himself or agree with himself. Stop thinking that anons that disagree with him are real anons. Just stay outta /meta/ and only post here if there are real issues.

No. 38373

>>>/w/233744 And derailing in other threads about being mad that they can't nitpicking in other threads too. This anon is just as crazy as the meta poster. I swear lol And they are known to IP hop too. Can we permaban both posters if possible, mods? kthx.

No. 38387

Trolls in celebrity and witchcraft.

No. 38388

CC is infested with troons and moids. They have a lolcow farms hate thread because they we’re run off with our transphobia

No. 38391

File: 1659124357116.jpeg (252.73 KB, 828x453, 0A4B0DD0-3A57-4A05-B888-798E0D…)

No. 38393

File: 1659124379835.jpeg (127.11 KB, 828x266, FF120050-7F2E-4419-B2F4-2651C3…)

No. 38395

File: 1659124416563.jpeg (266.2 KB, 828x492, 001620E9-2974-418E-9BA1-9129EF…)

No. 38418

Also leaving bait in the Ahripop thread too >>>/w/ 233763

This poster is a schizo, legit.

No. 38433

Kek no it's not about that, last time I checked it was mostly talking about bad moderation in lc. They have a "no male" rule, which lc does not (just "do not announce your maleness"). The culture is different because this is a gossip forum primarily, and CC is not. Unfortunately the site is in fact infested by moids and trannies and is beyond saving, but it was not some handmaiden central.

No. 38434

Fuck off to the discord server loser

No. 38435


No. 38436

File: 1659130182483.png (344.28 KB, 640x326, 93f11bf00dc8638b342cf7c5909984…)

I 'member that
Acting like is the key words there >>38356 frankly how some people were slow to the draw on this is hilarious because I just had to sit back on this one and watch everything go. Buncha clout chasing drama whores.
Just give it a week >>38433
Pic for those quoted below.

No. 38438

infighting in dumbass shit and twitter hate thread on /ot/.

No. 38439

Infighting in MTF thread

No. 38441

Seriously, you are mentally ill. You always assume anyone who is critical of your favorite cows is ban-evading or nitpicking or whatever. Don't you have anything better to do than cry about some bait in AHRIPOP's thread? You've been posting about things that make you reee in Ahripop's thread and I have to say, man, that talentless "catgirl" is a new low for you. Take a rest from this site - certainly you have a job? or some kids? It's hard to imagine the latter because it seems like you cannot understand this site or control your feelings on here. Everything is about you, and what you think is right. Even while CP is being posted by a psychotic scrote, you are whining about Ahripop and Sharla&Chris, asking for permabans.

Before you tell me I'm a ban-evading scrote, I'm a woman, I've never ban-evaded and my last ban was probably 7 months ago for an hour. I haven't posted about Ahripop in a long time, and never about Sharla/Chris.

No. 38442

That issue took care of itself, I complained the comments were of low quality and rescinded that opinion while also calling a Drag Queen Troon Ivan Drogov, please be less sensitive on a site for gossip and joking around.

No. 38443

That poster is being a whiny newfag trying to trick a farmhand into being their bully stick but frankly, it's so fucking dumb as this point because oldfags just wait for their reports and complain about the people who complain in this thread. Zoomers are all mainlining meth and need to slow down and think sometimes, buncha fucking pick mes nonna.
Ah well, their time is coming.

No. 38444

Why is there an actual esl schizo in the mtf thread again, I am so fucking confused over this whole troon sperging in random threads thing, I guess I wasn't playing attention when it started but it's just so confusing to me.

No. 38445

are the mods ever gonna notice that there have been men chatting in the boards for hours now or no?

No. 38446

scroll up, it’s a schizophrenic tranny from kf having a temper tantrum across the whole site like a retarded child denied candy, except in this case the child is malding because he’s not seen as a woman by us

No. 38447

They have, enjoy the show already lol, just wait.

No. 38448

this is so fucking tiresome!! thanks though, I need to stay alert

No. 38449

did you completely ignore what the mods said earlier directly itt?

No. 38450

By words or did you figure out what they meant by lurking?

No. 38451

What's the name of this thread?

No. 38453

wow he learned how to spoiler

No. 38455

great, now we don't have to read what he says

No. 38461

More like everyone knows about the CP-spamming now that it's been brought up in the KF thread he kept daring people to bump. You love to see it.

No. 38465

welp, the troon is about to have a big meltdown again because the kuz guy he’s obsessed with made a post detailing the schizotranny’s obsession with him on kf

No. 38471

He was talking about having a gun on 8kun and how he would shoot people and trying to say that his involuntary commitment wasn't a problem for him to own them (not true, he's committing a felony just by having them if he does) but I kind of think he is just talking shit and doesn't have any guns.

No. 38472

As per usual and timing his big meltdown will happen and he will “claim to take the site down” and post his content.

No. 38478

File: 1659143766759.jpeg (6.84 KB, 275x183, women laugh small.jpeg)

> Josh … listens

No. 38482

I hope Kuz hunts this troon down

No. 38484

summary of the kuz guy’s kf post on the troon, since i’m not gonna give blaine the satisfaction of seeing the link posted here
>so far 3 different site owners have stated he spammed their sites with child porn and animal abuse
>he pretends to be russians and doxxes his own sisters because he believes he can frame this kuz guy as having done it, by throwing his own sister under the bus
>when cornered and panicked he resorts to ddos attempts and illegal content spam
>caught samefagging like a sped on 8kun because he forgot they had poster IDs enabled
>admits to posting cp and says he doesn’t care if cops come because he has a gun

No. 38489

Take your meds and an anon did voluntarily disclose they were ban evading a 3 day ban

No. 38494

File: 1659146198966.jpeg (53.4 KB, 639x639, whitney dabbing on the haters.…)

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 38496

Speaking of radfems, apparently the tranny pedo ironically hates porn as is evident in the dumbass shit thread

No. 38499

tranny posting cp on /m/ again

No. 38506

Wait a second. Is he the schizo that was in that one dead thread in /snow/ admitting to grooming minors and sending them nudes and was angry she wouldn’t talk about him in a video, or was that someone else? Their posting style was just so similar but it had a random girls ig attached. Idk this whole thing doesn’t really make sense but I don’t expect it to either.

No. 38509

Someone needs to punch you in the nose to reset your neurons

No. 38514

If you needed any more proof that the people this tranny goes on rants about are innocent and he is just a sperg:

He posted this thread today, on one of kuzs many imageboards, in his usual samefag tone. https://soyjak.party/sneed//res/3231.html

In it he tried to recruit kuz's help to wage war against us because he believes that we are part of a pedophile cult thats blackmailing the admin. So before, kuz is a dangerous, evil pedophile and site destroyer who cant be trusted, but the moment its convenient, the tranny tries to cozy up to him, and now that it didnt work, he goes straight back to calling him a pedophile.

Never trust a word out of this trannies mouth, like most men, he manipulates and abuses people like tools to get what he wants, and when it fails, blames them for his own shortcomings.

No. 38516

Just going to let this post right here speak for itself. At least it shows you think the post is retarded since you refuse to own up to it

No. 38518

File: 1659148619611.jpeg (107.41 KB, 1099x316, kuz.jpeg)


No. 38519

>he actually thinks anyone cares about him enough to larp as him online

His last point is actually the best ive heard so far. If Blaine really thought we were all part of a CP ring he would, i dont know, contact the fucking police instead of whatever this stupid shit is.

No. 38523


No. 38529

Elaine is such a fucking sped. This is pure cringe.

No. 38532

the schizotranny posted child porn in his own kiwifarms thread from a burner account using a profile picture of one of the pics he’s used to avatarfag. I feel sick and I’m just warning everyone, don’t look at the thread. I don’t have a kf account so I don’t know how to report it or anything like that either. I have no idea what’s wrong with this guy and I hope KF keeps a log/archive of posts.

No. 38535

All this mess right in time for the anniversary of the merge. Which apparently the tranny believes in unironically and likes to sperg about on Discord. Also someone was posting links to CSAM on his deranged thread on 8kun about lcf earlier, not an actual image, but a very obvious link.

No. 38536

blaine i hope you die.

No. 38538

>gets told cp was posted
>”erm how is that cp?”
I know you’re retarded and aren’t aware of how clearly everyone sees through you, but this proves you’re Blaine the pedo or a random pedo who wanted to seek out cp. I already know which is the case. You posted an edited photo of child pornography because somehow you’re stupid enough to think editing it makes it legal/not porn/somehow fine, it’s still child pornography.

No. 38540

> Who are you people?
The "real nonnas", Blaine, remember when you coped and said we all had your back? Why are you still doing this to yourself? Are you aware you will literally never live this stunt down and it is going to be your Internet footprint for the rest of your sad life especially considering you'll never do anything good or worthwhile for anyone to document? All about being peevish about not getting getting a broom and being told that transwomen are men? I think the best course of action is as obvious as it is cliche.

No. 38543

> doesn't sage
> you're not from here
kys overnight ok? I have to sleep

No. 38546

>you would have to watch CP to know she is underage from that shot
just what the hell is this nonsensical reverse uno attempt lmao. spoken like a true troon who’s never been an actual female child before let alone trusted enough by parents to even be near any. neck yourself.

No. 38549

>us farmers
“us farmers” want you literally dead and rotting like the pedophile porn addicted schizophrenic tranny you are.

No. 38551

so what the degenerate autogynephile is saying is that it is unreasonable to "chimp out" after possibly seeing CSAM, but you have to wait until it is proven? nasty troon.

No. 38553


No. 38557

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

copypasta updated get your fresh copypasta

No. 38564

File: 1659160429003.jpeg (462.67 KB, 1170x1005, D33D9DF3-99F2-4392-904E-D1005D…)


No. 38569

4 replies in 4 minutes to that screencap btw. he’s triggered.

No. 38571

first he threatens to shoot people up and now he wants to do a suicide bombing
on top of the saving and distributing cp plus ddosing websites isn't this more than enough to land him in jail? I hope law enforcement gets involved if they're not already

No. 38580

> this is gonna get fun when everyone wakes up
This is gonna be fun when your Kiwi thread gets absolutely lit tomorrow, yes.

No. 38582

his whole ordeal hopefully will result in a few fence-sitters reading through the thread and becoming fully peaked troon-slaying TERF queens.

No. 38586

That’s exactly it, he cares way too much about “muh transphobia” but has been purposefully going into threads to derail or infighting and racebait, and will spam when he doesn’t get his way

No. 38590

>Simpson reaction image
>Disney reaction image or gif
>4chan (Pepe’s and Wojacks) reaction images with hostile gibberish comment

No. 38597

Can we have some sort of site verification to make sure everyone is a woman? Obviously moids raiding is annoying and it would stop anons from falsely accusing anyone they disagree with of being a moid or troon

No. 38599

I think it's just time to accept that this website is fucking dead and hopeless now. Users, mods and admins are all technologically illiterate morons and this site hasn't seen a single improvement in 10 years. No wonder trannies and scrotes can just shit all over us all day long and nothing can be done about it. Also lmao @ all the morons who post on here without a VPN. Sure hope you all live in the US cause you got some shit coming your way once cyberbullying trannies is made illegal in the EU.

No. 38602

Moid in unpopular opinions thread in ot.

No. 38605

File: 1659169974780.jpeg (164.83 KB, 595x740, 2D304B90-224A-4D7F-9654-A5DE86…)

There is some absolute nutcase in the phone addiction thread accusing people of being scrotes for posting this pic, telling people “you glow”. Can we ban them? They just want to shit up the thread, cause drama and derail.

No. 38607

Case in point

No. 38609

Maybe it’s the same one trying to get the phone addiction thread shut down for being a “Scrote thread” because they’re so enormously triggered by this >>38605

No. 38611


No. 38614

Guarantee you’re the tranny larper

No. 38617

I made the phone thread and you’re telling me that makes me a moid? Because of something a director said?
You’re a shit stirring tranny and you need to get banned.

No. 38619

I'm always whining about hornyposting but I do not see how this is scrotey or sexual

No. 38623

Because you’re a baiting tranny.

No. 38625

Get banned tranny

No. 38627

Because of the schizopedotroonery and scrotes I think Admin needs to actually come in and say or do something, or like as people suggest get more farmhands. I understand it can be hard, but obviously farmhands have lives and come in at certain times. There needs to be a bigger staff with scheduling to fill in those holes when certain farmhands aren’t active, because we have scrotes/the elusive troon posting DAILY and constantly. It’s driving everyone crazy.

No. 38632

Wtf is this word salad?

No. 38633

Bunker was not addressed (as far as I know) and we haven’t had a hell week in forever. This is just going to keep happening every day until some scrotes on the other sites the troon fucks around on gets him locked up, or there is more consistent moderation.

No. 38635

File: 1659171705414.jpg (115.23 KB, 974x513, IMG_20220730_115800.jpg)

Actual threaths against a person, could this be reported to actual authorities? Posting here just so the lurking KF'ers see it too >>>/ot/1283049

No. 38636

You’re a larping tranny. You think you blend in but you stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 38639

>prove you’re women
You first.

No. 38642

You’re the one acting like a tranny, writing word salads, calling people “dingus”. Post your hand faggot.

No. 38646

You probably have your dick tucked between your legs. What women would post this? You deserve to be banned regardless.

No. 38650

File: 1659172221454.jpeg (103.47 KB, 418x317, ACA7D813-EB97-4CE5-ACA6-87602C…)

Wtf are these word salads?
Mods please ban this cunt whatever they are.

No. 38654

Stop samefagging tranny

No. 38656

This is a cute drawing any real women would know that. Only a troon would hate this drawing.

No. 38658

File: 1659177882473.jpeg (336.9 KB, 552x993, B18A22B8-0120-43DE-9C4B-C41E0B…)

Banned for this post I didn’t make. From 2016 so idgi. I sent an email it was already appealed apparently.

No. 38659

CP thread bot on /ot/

No. 38660

Thank you based farmhands.

If you have a dynamic ip (one that changes weekly) or a sim card internet connection, you sometimes catch old bans from other people like this. I had it happen too.

No. 38661

Can mods check who keeps bumping threads,then deleting their posts, just to have certain threads hit the top of /w/ but nothing is added?

No. 38663

What were the replies? I already know but I’m just curious.

No. 38664

They just did thats for the jvlog thread.

No. 38666

Anon mad they have to following posting rules on an imageboard >>>/w/233893 so tired of these anons bitching when its one of the main rules.

No. 38667

I"m not mad, I explained it to someone else, what the hell is your problem? You're allowed to find the screenshot rule tiresome even if you abide by it. You report my post here, why? Want me permabanned for explaining you'll get a ban if you don't post an image? Take your meds.

No. 38673

Schizotrannypedo woke up expect infighting

No. 38678

Racebaiter on OT in Unpopular accusing people of being the KKK to start in fights. Sorry mods

No. 38686

File: 1659199614647.jpg (19.67 KB, 259x275, Sexy blessed Leon.JPG)

Moids and the schizo tranny afoot. Be alert

No. 38687

can someone spoonfeed me as to what’s going on with the moids and weird posts pls

No. 38688

Yeah what the fuck is going on itt, where are we supposed to put complaints and suggestions if this thread has become the fight with some scrote thread I guess? I’m lost

No. 38691

Schizo tranny and his three discord friends are raiding.
Tranny has
>an obsession with Elaine and Mike. Whoever the fucking kiwi thread on snow was for them. Elaine now wants nothing to do with him and was whining on Kiwi three days ago or some shit.
>>been banned from Kiwi, been banned from soyjak.
>>is a schizo who samefags for hours straight.
>>had a warrant end of last year in Minnesota for theft
>>cp raided other image boards and then tried to convince everyone it’s who ever in his head he thinks is the villain
>>he’s over 29 and his parents changed the Wi-Fi password

No. 38692

Tranny has a spergout for 4?5? days now, picks fights on /ot/ and here, sometimes spouts completely incomprehensible schizo garbage and endlessly samefags or pretends to be someone else. It's best just to notify others when he gets recognized, then report and ignore him.

No. 38693

Also sorry mods he’s back and active as shit on OT and here in meta. Love ya and happy Saturday

No. 38695

>>37108 (farmhand post)
>>37176 ( a long one but goes a bit in depth and yes it is retarded)
>>37325 (farmhand post)

No. 38701

He hijacks this one only to complain about “jannies” all day and defend himself (UH/Erika/Blaine is all him.) It’s really annoying and you have to wait for the mods to come clean it up. He sits and festers here until then

No. 38704

Is admin not Ian

No. 38707

Moderate the Taylor thread. Anons said to post caps and now the anon asking for it is being told to post them instead.

Wtf is paying caps this big of a fucking issue? Its redtexted all over /w/. Anons are purposely not posting them and creating reverse uno infighting. Jfc,you can't read any thread worth milk because of these fags.

No. 38710


UH/Erika/Blaine schizopedotroon admits to spamming CP here.

No. 38711

>reverse uno infighting
it’s really funny seeing you try to adopt the lingo used against you/used to describe your behavior. you an abomination. you are not a woman. you are a hairy disgusting man with a terminal five o’clock shadow and gonads. you are so stunted, intellectually and emotionally and socially, that every attempt you’ve ever made at trying to fit in somewhere just makes you stick out like a sore thumb even more than you already did. you alienated your own family and larp about having a polycule online. you have no job or steady income, no support system, nothing. you spend every waking hour spamming random places on the internet like a compulsion because it’s the only thing that keeps you occupied and distracted from the shitpile which is your life and psyche.

No. 38712

Anon, I'm not the meta shitposter. Wtf? Take your fucking meds. Not everyone in meta is the schizo.

No. 38716

File: 1659203400231.png (184.31 KB, 1144x848, what in the actual schizophren…)


Schizotroon did a good job posting his own thread (The Rachel thread.) Now that he's been here for days, and schizzing out, his mannerisms, names he uses and refers to, his avatarfagging, and his terminology, are all just archived in this thread. Reading through this you notice that he's been talking to himself or other discord scrotes (if they are even real) and literally made a thread of .. nothing. Just actual schizophrenic nothing.

No. 38717

I literally just reported these posts, kek.

No. 38720

holy shit he actually made multiple threads with hundreds of replies of just him letting his schizobabble delusions go off. what the fuck

No. 38722


The other one with his retard edits using exlusively the drooling elsie.

No. 38727

No wonder he’s a zoosadist

No. 38735

a huge number of pedophiles were sexually abused as children you know

No. 38740

the harder you sperg the more women will hate trannies

No. 38743

The Rachel thread was made on 2020, and the mentions of the schizotroon happen in it's following threads. That means he showed up after 2019, when the rules were last updated.

No. 38745

the people here who didn’t hate trannies certainly do now after bearing witness to this bozo’s meltdown for a solid week

No. 38748

He won't listen because if it's not typed out it's a scrote or moid kek. Or a radfem, and you will know when he thinks you're a radfem because he hurls sexual and misogynistic insults at you (Whore, bitch, cunt, "clam" etc.)

No. 38751

funny because he claims that the "scrotes" attacking him are silencing female voices, when he takes, in his mind, "regular handmaiden user's" silence as agreement, means he is talking over those women as well. What a sick tranny.

No. 38754

post the ones showing your ID in multiple posts too

No. 38757

i seriously can’t believe how obsessed he is with both the simpsons and anime porn. the mind of a turbo autist pedo

No. 38758

He's the definition of schizophrenia because he keeps picking up nonny lingo after someone used the same term earlier. Martin Cabello esque kek

No. 38763

any cow at this point is better than him and they are our milky cows, he's just a spamming moid loser. Even Shayna goes outside.

No. 38765

he used an ugly creepy pedo moid character from hunter x hunter kek how fitting

No. 38768

>i was only pretending to be retarded

No. 38775


>when even shayna is above you

No. 38779

It all circles back to how Shayna Admin nonny wanted to keep lolcow alive for her.. it's almost poetic Kek. The true princess of lolcow, because PT was the queen.

No. 38783

…you posted child porn to be funny?

No. 38786


>Please woman talk to me PLEASE thats why i larp in vent thread PLEASE I HATE OTHER TRANNIES BUT IM DIFFERENT PLEASESEEE

No. 38792

When he has found out he was talking to women he says nasty stuff like "get your head out of your vagina"

No. 38805

I wholeheartedly wish Kuz to be successful in getting this troon to the gulag once and for all, seeing as he's been here for months and farmhands are aware of him and have been.

No. 38811

Bumping this. Was banned for being a tranny (for pointing out /ot/ rules mind you) and appealed was denied. I have a long post history confirming I'm female but will happily post or email any sort of proof I'm female

No. 38816


Now reading the failed Kuz cow thread

No. 38818

File: 1659209674950.png (80.41 KB, 1080x333, trannyplanny.png)

No. 38823

File: 1659209832172.png (95.36 KB, 817x189, failurelol.png)

No. 38832

wish the troon genocide troons always talk about was actually real, that way we wouldn’t have to deal with this braindead schizoid scrote

No. 38843


He's baiting you to reply, he's been in the MTF threads and sees it. His schizophrenia makes him believe he's one of the good ones.

No. 38848

File: 1659211060593.jpg (56.36 KB, 894x894, sexyleon.jpg)

as long as u leave my nonnies alone pedo troon

No. 38867

has your peanuts gone sour

No. 38869

your peanut farm went sour?

No. 38871


your peanut farm withered away they went sour

No. 38873


you're freaking pissed your peanuts went sour?

No. 38876


you wanna freaking die because your peanuts went sour

No. 38878

I swear to God this place is going to end up like CC and be overun with obvious moids and troons getting rid of actual women by accusing them of being moids or troons. Interesting how they will ban stupid petty infighters for being tranny's but magically forgot how to ban people when there's actually trannies here. Anons false flagging doesn't make anything better

No. 38881


Jimmy Carter just killed himself because his peanuts went sour

No. 38885


you're the great pundo

No. 38887

The Great Pundo Parker

No. 38889


do you have 1 green cumulon

No. 38894


take yer swing

No. 38896

i doubt it, you go three feet of me and ill kill ya

No. 38899


That the first game to have rumble feature was worm odyssey for snes

No. 38905

did an evil orb fly into your mouth in West Virginia

No. 38908

So you say its real?

No. 38911

Do you think magic could defy the power of chilbo?

No. 38914

File: 1659214174718.gif (Spoiler Image,311.08 KB, 498x318, ineedagfineedagfineedagf.gif)

can you tell me what this thing that happened in the news today means?

No. 38921

so you say you're the smash fash

No. 38924

and you came out of the primordial froth calling yourself the one eyed guy

No. 38928


real shapiffany or clone shapiffany

No. 38935

does your father own half the city and did he create the reservoir of a condom

No. 38938

I haven't seen someone act this unhinged since 4chan banning scrotes from /cgl/ and watching them hyperventilate because they couldn't leave incel comments under women's photos. This is humiliating for the poster tbh. It's like a fat kid sitting down in the middle of a McDonalds and crying that he got the wrong toy from the Happy Meal.

No. 38997

do you have an amoeba shelf

No. 39001

do you have an obsidian tower at least

No. 39006

File: 1659219876683.jpg (7.11 KB, 355x236, 0b34ec7419c551e3f8a28bebd56669…)

Holy mental illness, how high are the suicide rates for male schizos? Let's hope he goes out without hurting anybody else.

No. 39012

Literally we all know, he's been samefagging for 200+ replies now.

No. 39020

The people who run this site rather let it go to shit than to get off their lazy ass and do anything. They ban people for namefagging/emailfagging than removing the email and namefag space, not allow moids but offer no way for verification so any sort of moid accusations is just speculation. Anons are obsessed with playing the "are you the anon who…" game rather than giving us usernames or indicators that we could be that anon. So many small site adjustments would fix 99% of issues here

No. 39029

Dick is abundant and low value, imagine trying to flex with this shit? Y chromosome behavior

No. 39033

Noel fielding looking ass kek

No. 39041

How would you know a thing about female socialization, can’t even tell the difference between snark, an insult and a pity compliment. Y chromosome seems to always come with some level of ‘tism.

No. 39044

Surprisingly we don’t live our lives thinking about school girls, weirdo.

No. 39045

It’s okay to be special, just gotta keep tf away from us normal people

No. 39049

Ok I’ll tell my endometriosis just that, scrote

No. 39067

File: 1659223551694.jpeg (446.51 KB, 768x1120, D4A78371-CA29-4C71-A8EF-F20814…)

No. 39077

File: 1659223752071.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1166x1180, A32C0C06-8C78-4FBA-B3BD-F5A6F2…)

>This dude role playing as himself and his enemy rn

No. 39086

Worth noting that the only way to get rid of the tranny, according to kuzs kf post, is to instantly delete posts from him and even any that reference him, since the venn diagram between the two is basically a circle. Once you starve the pedo of attention, he leaves for sites with worse moderation.

No. 39088

Well can someone do that then ffs

No. 39097

lol you're such a man thinking that shitty raccoon hair could ever pass as a faded pro job, you look like you bleached the only part of your shitty combover you could see because you're a man and were never taught to groom yourself. Your nose is ugly as fuck too

No. 39111

File: 1659224666362.jpeg (45.7 KB, 800x534, 6A532CF6-75A1-4AC2-AC01-E74602…)

No. 39115

File: 1659224748828.jpeg (235.32 KB, 1382x1565, 1659222733089.jpeg)

hhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha his moustache

No. 39119

As long as you keep typing in here and leaving the other threads alone for 2 seconds then go right ahead and make fake replies to yourself bruh

No. 39122

thats how you actually look, go look in a mirror and feel ashamed, this looks more like you than when you turn the exposure up like an ayyylmao

No. 39123

Do it on the dead cow board too then since it will trigger a bot reply there as well

No. 39126

Literally the no bitches meme

No. 39134

File: 1659225184368.jpeg (193.07 KB, 828x599, FDA8E7A2-4FAE-4482-9E4C-777250…)

No. 39137

Everyone in this part of the Internet hates him, even the ones that were friendly with at one point he inevitably snakes on which is how he got the milk about Elaine, Rachel, Mike, and Naught that he bragged about so much, even if it was good milk it just shows him to be an incredibly shitty person and if he thought it would make us embrace him rather than see him for the shitty person he is that's scrote level social insight. At best he is a laughingstock and a sociopathic deviant and at worst he is … well, what we have seen over the past week or so. Obligatory kys Blaine.

No. 39138

File: 1659225223892.jpeg (360.94 KB, 828x1099, 027D3C99-A7A5-45C7-B7B6-DC833F…)

One Ip was banned and the other wasn’t so the “bot replies” and youtube videos are still up. Ip hopping

No. 39141

Samefagging to add that those people from metokur forum who were on his "squad" were all him too if it wasn't obvious.
that was me deleting my own post because I forgot to sage you gaslighting degenerate

No. 39150

File: 1659225963632.png (1.62 MB, 1382x1565, image_2022_07_31T00_00_49_640Z…)

here it's less darkened and you still look like a man

No. 39157

Male posting in the mtf thread.

No. 39159

That's just how moids are. They make people up to fight them, then wonder why people still think they are retarded kek.

No. 39161

>tranny posts childrape to own da ebil wahmen
Most male shit ever.

No. 39163

41% needs to be 100%

No. 39168

Remember anons, don't have sons. This is what scrotes are like and they are coddled by scrote run society.

No. 39172

Happening again because he’s actually brain rotted from having access to internet

No. 39176

Praying that blaine keeps pushing kuzs buttons so he kills him

No. 39177

>”bot” replies with bad grammar replying every minute to his own post because bots are his new trend. Mention of the Russian
>Samefagging again to stroke his own male Scrote pedo ego

No. 39179

Samefag pundo

No. 39180

Are the bots in the room with us right now

No. 39184

So the bots stopped replying here same as you not posting here for a couple minutes while a porn bot showed up, then you came back to report it?

No. 39186

K pundo

No. 39187

Bot posting porn in m movie thread.

No. 39194

He even subtly announced that the porn spam is his in
Peak y chromosome in action.

No. 39207

i love how he had to reply to this 5 separate times larping as different people because he knows you’re right. touching a nerve really unravels this dude

No. 39247

Male posting in breadtube thread.

No. 39258

Retard tranny making spam threads in meta. 41% to 100% when?

No. 39294

File: 1659241488246.jpg (40.83 KB, 700x525, cuties.jpg)

Thank you, farmhands.

No. 39302

actually our farmhands have a union and earn over three times the US federal minimum wage per hour.

No. 39307

Someone needs to get him raided for having cp on his computer already Jesus Christ

No. 39310

You men are so weird.

No. 39313

mods are really on top of it tonight, thank you mods I appreciate your hard work

No. 39314

Infighting about retard anon bfs breeding kink in ot reddit hate thread.

No. 39315

Larping moid in the Reddit thread

No. 39316

when is the admin coming it’s 4 months until we hit 2023, are we going to go into another year without a present admin? someone pls harass shaymin if you have her on your discord or email

No. 39318

show the proof that she’s been larping as a farmhand schizo kek

No. 39336

The tranny is legitimately acting like a Schizophrenic with a god complex

No. 39340

Don’t reply to him it’s like feeding an oil fire water

No. 39343

/ot/ is dead right now because everyone ran to the gossip boards or is browsing somewhere else. shaymin wake up nonnie please

No. 39351

Schizo pedo troon infesting so many threads.

No. 39352

Schizo troon in the vent thread complaining about spam lmao

No. 39367

schizotroon samefagging all over ot

No. 39369

I just want the mods to know that you're doing a great job deleting the schizotroon's posts! It's hard but I appreciate your work a lot, kisses for the jannies.

No. 39382

Someone shitposting across /w/ and bumping multiple threads

No. 39387

same, farmhands you are olympic contenders in the troon banishing category. Truly blessed work.

No. 39388

Incredibly fast work! Good job everyone

No. 39394

File: 1659312878366.jpeg (116.5 KB, 700x394, FEF4F926-06F8-4FD7-8E34-A587BC…)


No. 39397

kek based farmhand

No. 39401

>Making trannies cry is based
Yes, exactly. In fact, you're still crying more right now kek

No. 39404


No. 39407

farmhand dunking on you is based and you will never be a woman and you will never be welcome here, no matter what new retarded incomprehensible story you make up this time

No. 39411

go whine to kiwifarms about your abuse

No. 39414

LMFAO based farmhand

No. 39417

It's not even his abuse, it's some months old drama with elaine (ex cow from here and now regular kiwifarmer) that he now claims a janny personally did to her, as in went to her house and cut her or some shit, I'm not schizo so I can't understand lmao. Just a way for him to basically beg to get unbanned while claiming akschually please hate farmhands!!

No. 39421

Strange, from what I got, you were fine with harassing her in your thread before you now use her for some really low iq concern trolling.

No. 39422

i would love for the farmhands to compile the funniest ban reasons they've received. i just know there's some gold in there with how funny some anons are kek

No. 39425

cry more troon

No. 39426

The copypasta has grown BTW

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

The copypasta has grown BTW

No. 39428

kek idk why, but this thing really makes him seethe more than anything else

No. 39430

It's because he desperately wants to ""blend"" and straight up said he's pissed off and tired of getting rejected here.

No. 39433

it gets an angry response from him almost instantly every single time it's posted
his bingo card seemed to make him angry too kek

No. 39436

I said it myself, it broke his brain to get a small amount of acceptance here. He really thought that he was "one of the girls" after he gaslighted the Rachel thread into not bullying for a couple of days. After people resumed telling him where troons should stick it, he reacted like the world's biggest borderline personality disorder case while exposing himself as a pedo and a woman-hater, but I already called him a troon so that's obvious.

No. 39439

he never was accepted in the first place, it was very likely him samefagging and giving himself praise as usual

No. 39440

Yeah, I saw his now deleted seething responses and samefagging to it kek

No. 39441

Probably was. Then it just broke his brain that he was able to post his "milk" without being bullied off the site immediately.

No. 39444

File: 1659318432095.jpeg (72.1 KB, 828x452, 2D28CB62-28B5-41BB-838C-151077…)

from the rapeape pedotroons twitter
he's also making rape threats on his 8kun thread
idk if admin/mods are in contact with authorities regarding him but I will post on the off chance these may be used as evidence or something
I'll go back to reporting and ignoring him after this

No. 39445

File: 1659318471187.jpeg (145.49 KB, 828x662, 901577C2-ADA9-4EF1-9A96-5B7211…)

last one, he is a nazi apparently

No. 39447

good work anon, i was gonna dig through his internet footprint myself but there were so many retarded image board results for all his usernames i cba to comb through them lol

No. 39450

remember when you admitted to having an addiction to watching monkey torture porn in en email?

No. 39452

File: 1659319354868.jpeg (141.9 KB, 1170x472, CD50FBDE-5AC8-47DC-BD38-C2C779…)


No. 39454

File: 1659319439586.jpeg (459.04 KB, 1170x1040, 43688FD2-7419-442B-96A7-35A249…)

you’re a self admitted monkey torture porn consumer who defends other zoosadists, blaine, and the sheer thousands of posts you’ve made on 0chan backs this up along with your own admission

No. 39456

Tysm mods but I definitely think we need more moderation because this will happen every single day every hour because this dude absolutely has no life whatsoever

No. 39457

File: 1659319866311.jpeg (763.04 KB, 1170x1834, 9B15C811-09BC-4FCD-9BF3-2A6F89…)

i have no idea why admins won’t disable vpns. it would fix the issue presumably but maybe i’m missing something. this is his life

No. 39458

they need to reopen farmhand apps, ever since they closed it there's been a surge of anons looking to apply once they saw what having low moderation looks like

No. 39459

The site would die without vpns. Is that what you want?

No. 39461

most farmers don’t use vpns like you blaine

No. 39462

it looks like he either runs or has access to a twitter account called fairsinfocenter too
I think he does on twitter what he does here: pretends like he is multiple different people all at once and talks to himself nonstop

No. 39463

Honestly at this point it’s vpns or more moderation because this stupid moid keeps coming and harassing the women off here because that’s how he gets off. He genuinely hates us and will go to every length just to be a fucking tumor

No. 39464

Racebait in stupid questions. Infighter in witchcraft again.

No. 39465

hardly racebait and it’s the schizotroon in witchcraft

No. 39471

does device banning work? could've sworn that was done with kiki or some other old cow

No. 39472

Good lord he’s back. Expect more hostility in threads on /ot/ especially

No. 39475

Martin Cabello esque


>something REAL crazy is going on guys… this is insane / crazy / huge
>link to other sites on imageboard

No. 39477

the shitty psa posts about the troon are fucking annoying.

No. 39480

stop stirring infighting in every thread blaine

No. 39481

Mods, wtf is this shit?

>>>/w/234431 [this anon is claiming Belle's friends would rape her given the chance, like wtf] and then they posted this stupid shit:

Can their bans stop being expired? All they do is post shit like this all the time and derails.

No. 39483

schizotranny currently derailing and baiting in the confession thread while spamming “check CC” in every other thread

No. 39486

Do not interact with Blaineposting.
Do not reply to Blaineposting.
Ignore, report, and divert all Blaineposting.

No. 39495

You are criminally mentally ill

No. 39499

I cackle when it gets posted because I know he's going to start foaming at the mouth. Pathetic, really.

No. 39501

He got pressed by it being posted on cc, too, kek. he is terrorizing them too.

No. 39502

It only works if the person they're banning is retarded

No. 39505

w/ janny won't ban or redtext retarded comments about how "Asian men are stoic," not even when they are unsaged? Why do the rest of the mods put up with this person and their weeb fetish?
Please redtext unsaged stupid shit: >>>/w/234435

No. 39509

Someone make that image with this text and his face

No. 39516

Anon trying to create a race sperg infight by baiting by calling other anins "WK" as per the usual samefag poster from /w/


Anons keep trying to twist shit into racist discussions.

No. 39518

Infighting in mental on OT. Someone was venting and someone else is screen capping previous Relationship threads from G accusing them of being the same person and telling them to shut up.

No. 39519

what does "hi cowing" mean?

No. 39521

Friendly reminder to report and move on instead of crying in /meta/ when you can't see visual evidence of a ban. I'm looking at you /w/ users. Not everyone needs to be red texted, and incessantly complaining over other anon's autism makes you look new too. The two jannies still here are probably doing their best, kek.

No. 39524

Tranny above derailing in meta. Keep an eye out anons and remember to report and ignore. He’s trying to bait like a dickhead

No. 39526

no, YOU are racebaiting by asserting shit like "asian men are stoic." And everyone except some unsaged idiot disagrees with you. So keep reeing, you're weird and your posts are insanely easy to clock.
>usual samefag poster
Please point out my posts, then? I haven't samefagged ever. If I ever post twice in a row, I write it in my post.

No. 39528

Tranny on the loose and going to try and cause infighting again

No. 39531

We know it’s you retard troon fuck off

No. 39536

Can you fuck off and take this literally anywhere else

No. 39539

Go back to sleep schizo

No. 39543

kill yourself zoosadist

No. 39545

Late and NTA but if you're not using a VPN while posting on lolcow (or any anonymous website) then you should probably start using one. It would be foolish to do otherwise.

No. 39547

Can mods make a post about not tinfoiling anymore in this fucking thread? It's getting worse and worse and there's 100s of posts with no proof to backup these allegations of cheating. Anons are using the excuse that "SINCE YOU CANT PROVE THEY DIDNT CHEAT WE CAN SAY THEY DID CHEAT!" It's some weak ass Alex Jones type of logic. >>>/w/232428

No. 39548

Anon, it's not some secret thing. It's literal bringing common due in some places due to heritage and how men as supposed to be men and not show emotions and women are seen as lesser than. That doesn't make it racist or untrue. Calm down and stop trying to create fake infighting.

No. 39549

no one uses a vpn because most of our isps use static IPs. only weird internet security autists use vpns.

No. 39555

this nigga identifying with a cartoon triangle

No. 39558

So you're using an anonymous imageboard and blatantly disregarding one of the fundamentals of internet anonymity at the same time? What's the point of being anonymous then? It's not autistic to follow pretty basic digital privacy protocols, especially when knowing that half of this website is comprised of twtards and other technologically illiterate people who probably have little clue that the amount of information that they post on the board can be easily traced with IP addresses and cookies by jannies + admins. This has already happened with rogue mods and is one of the prime reasons that you (and other nonnies) should consider using a VPN.

No. 39563

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 39565

Ignore his word salads. Report.

No. 39568

Tranny accusing people of being Racheal on OT and yelling at idiots on this site. Not realizing singling him out from the user base makes him a retard. Sorry jannies

No. 39569

File: 1659385739899.jpeg (1012.61 KB, 1600x1200, Miku.jpeg)

YWNBAW. You will never fit in. Men always fail at trying to LARP. Give it up. Your posts stick out no matter what thread you're in because you're an XY. Even the fattiest, ugliest woman will always be more of a woman than you ever will be. kys

No. 39572

A comprehensive long list of things the rapist pedo schizo troon says and does (feel free to add onto it):
>mask off
>pedo ring/pedo jannies/jannies posting cp/admin is male/jannies are male (basically any raging hatred and accusations regarding site staff)
>admin is being blackmailed
>pretends blaine and erika are different people
>links to other imageboards and sketchy websites
>shits on fire/sites fucked
>talks about elaine/rachel/null(josh)/michael or other irrelevant kiwifags
>you're going down
>I will expose you
>refers to himself using the wrong pronouns (calls himself she or they despite being male)
>complaining about kuz and soyjak
>something real is going on
>this is insane/crazy/huge
>random youtube song links and/or random lyric dumps
>anime avatarfagging (usually with pedo anime characters, sometimes with final fantasy ones)
>misuse of sites lingo
>asking or demanding to be a mod/janny/admin
>replying to one of his posts with the same lingo and typing style (samefagging)
>posts cp and then is immediately around to complain about cp he posted
>threatens to kill/rape people
>asks to be unbanned
>mentions his vpns
>refers to himself as erika
>posts ugly pic of his thighs and covered bulge
>spergs about porn and his creepy fetish stuff
>tries to get people to post hand pics
>larps as being a csa survivor
>randomly talks about his sister
>posts /pol/tier nazi and pepe pics
>conspiracies about blackmailing, abuse, pedo rings
>constantly mentions kiwifarms
>I proved it/here's the proof
>you're killing this website/this website is dead because of you/this website is dying
>pro tranny/pro scrote posts (trannies have always been welcome/men can post here if they want/etc)
>schizobabble about being a witch/magic spells/hexes
>says he is a tranny not a troon (and other weird tranny infighting stuff)
>uses sexist insults (calls women whores, cunts, bitches, roasties, etc)
>complaining about jews and nonwhites
>refers to women as "natal women" or "cis women"
>god complex spergouts
>hates on radfems and gcs
>says he is gnc
>talks about his ugly troon dick
>sniffed out
>it was rigged/I rigged it
>I win/I won/I'm winning
>mentions flamenco or undefault or naught
>bbc spam
>bought off janny/paid off janny
>this is why people never use this site
>whines about "transphobes"
>says he is doing damage control
>talks about owning guns and/or threatens to use them
>weird obsession with russia
>pretends he has some greater plan
>randomly counts down (ie 6 days left, 6 hours left)
>so much proof
>look at these connections/all the connections
>you're screwed/it's over
>pressed/keeping you pressed
>I timed it/it was timed
>pretends he's doing this to waste someones time
if you see posts that contain any of these it's the ban evading pedophile tranny, do not reply to him, simply report and ignore

No. 39576

Tranny having a sperg on OT

No. 39577

File: 1659386383291.jpeg (134.3 KB, 1242x1288, here they come.jpeg)

He's accusing people of being a janny. Keep reporting kek he's upset.

No. 39585

Sorry Jannies CC refused to talk to him and started actively ignoring him so he crawled back

No. 39587

Thanks for this nice list

No. 39589

Always use hyphens
>-Chan / sama

No. 39591

>pats himself on the back for bringing "content"
>said content is his schizo ramblings and male piss

No. 39595

>thinks anyone actually reads his posts

No. 39597

>posts/mentions the simpsons
>obsessed with larping as an oldfag/imageboard veteran
>keeps mentioning cc (crystal cafe)
>when called out says "everyone here does this" (no we don't troon)
>links to posts he made on other boards saying "you let men use this site why not trannies"
>defends himself on almost every post making fun of him
>weird inconsistent sentence spacing

No. 39598

>takes silence as agreement while also saying that women are being talked over /silenced by moids
>does not actually care about women at all

No. 39601

>says vile things about himself like he deserves rape, doxes his own family, blames it on Russians
>tries to get women to nurture him as because he is a uwu victim
>moments later declares himself the defender of womankind
>lusts after Black men; posts racist screeds hours later
>laughably bad attempts at astroturfing that he is popular
>changes his target every few days (Rachel, EFM, kuz, jannies, anuscabbage)
>tries to repackage site gossip he's heard on /meta/ (moid owner! absentee admin!) as him having an inside scoop
>posts memes using the same style, format and font
>implies there is an army of fans behind him

No. 39602

>random autistic edits of anime like bleach, HXH pedo character, dated tiktok anime e-boy, anime girl he larps as
>edits drooling Elsie into pictures with his anime girl larp character

No. 39603

>thinks he's a woman
>thinks he's one of us

No. 39604

>violent rhetoric meant to sound protective or supportive
>mansplains female socialization

No. 39605

>has to wait 30 sec to post his spam and samefagging like a loser

No. 39606

I hate this troon even more because I think "nonna" is cute and his lampshading overuse of it is ruining it's appeal

No. 39607

No. 39608

same, now I don't want to use nonna/nonnies etc anymore because of him

No. 39609

File: 1659388930578.jpg (342.67 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20220801-172237_Chr…)

No. 39614

>the sites about him now (referring to himself)
>going against the narrative
>calls himself pet tranny

No. 39616

>Rachel references because that thread was as close to acceptance by natal women as he'll be ever get

No. 39617

>anyways anywho

No. 39619

>reverse psychology
>this is what he wants
>read my posts I'm not insert name here
>internet boogeyman

No. 39631

>this was my plan all along I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 39634

File: 1659390302576.jpg (56.2 KB, 627x319, 1650199766501.jpg)

Absolute 10/10 work, including the mentioned things in the replies. You nailed it.

No. 39639

So you can never "blend" again.

No. 39644

Looking forward to your next mass post deletion.

No. 39654

He’s back on OT picking fights again. One day he’ll learn he’s not part of the group sorry jannies

No. 39658

>You’re all scrotes
>oh you’re all women? You’re all (sexist insults making him no better than other scrotes)

No. 39662

Wow. You're boring and all the other trannies that raid this site are the same. No wonder you all come here looking for attention. You have no personality to keep people in your lives, so you come here to bother us. Just sad. No one here likes you or thinks you're witty or smart. You're just another autistic male that has access to the internet. Big whoop.

No. 39664

>thinks being terminally online and spending every hour, minute, second, day of his life fighting people online is “advanced 5d chess trolling”

No. 39667

>even more pathetic a 30 year old man in his mind, is fighting “children” instead of having any fulfilling hobbies or friends

No. 39670

>edgy nonsequitur references to WW2-era Soviet Union and Nazi Germany
>le epic troll maymays to get people (women) to see the light
>WKing or alogging Elaine/Rachel/other lolcows depending on how the mood strikes him

No. 39671

The same constantly derailing anons are posting nazi discussion bait in the Belle Delphine thread on /w/.

No. 39674

If you have all these philosophical life advice takes you know you could’ve become a therapist or counselor or actual helping person to people in need but you choose to be retarded on the internet for every waking moment of your life man

No. 39676

to no one’s surprise the zoosadist troon likes eminem the wife beating piece of shit wigger.

No. 39679


This isn’t the right way to go about it then lol, especially going on tard rampages. You’d have to go to police or talk to lawyers if it’s that big of a deal to you. You just leave your mess behind and forever everywhere you go with your choices. It’s hard to believe that you’d want your name cleared after begging for threads to be made about you, which is what nonnas have been doing, collecting all your behaviors. Nothing can make you happy.

No. 39684

What does this correlate with wanting to be cleared of being a pedophile? It seems you care more about wasting your life away going on online tirades. Legitimately if ANYTHING you said was true the first thing you’d do is talk to professionals instead of incriminating yourself further. If you spent time making money assuming you still live with your parents you could definitely have that stuff sorted out for you with actual help.

No. 39687

Dude you were originally thought of as an annoying egomaniac schizo and now everyone across like 4 different sites knows you as a depraved CSAM-hoarding pedophile who fantasizes about violence towards women, all attached to your legal IRL name btw, how on Earth is any of this a W for you?
Has KF even heard the full story about your pedophilia and CSAM/gore-spamming? I don't post there but it looks like they have not. I can't wait, they don't like pedos too much either.

No. 39689

If again going by ANYTHING you saying be true; people can professionally help you. This isn’t it, It again just makes you look bad.

No. 39706


I don't frequent belle threads but this was on homepage

No. 39707

>kids/kiddos/kiddies/children/girls (pedo obsession with children and referring to everyone as one)
>riddle me this
>silly nonsense

No. 39709


Also somewhere ITT are caps of the troon trying to make common cause with the people who absue monkeys because they both hate Josh Moon or something.

No. 39713

>posts horrible shit
>"I didn't post that"
>believes women will believe this gaslighting
in other words DARVO

No. 39722

lel every time he gets called out and doesn't know how to respond he samefags so hard

No. 39725


Child porn

No. 39726

another episode of the troon getting so butthurt he resorts to posting cp and monkey torture.

No. 39728

yeah it was him

No. 39730

his kf thread says he has a witch hobby and its obvious when he uses this thread to talk every single day

No. 39731

you have to be a fucking idiot thinking anything he says its true. He was probably making up shit and your retarded ass believed it
also you're defending a moid and that's against the rules

No. 39732

So you assumed a witch was him.
Actual witch hunt. Cut this out.(nah. actual troon hunt)

No. 39733

you actually aren't fooling anyone dude when you use this one thread to post in, every single day

No. 39734

No. 39739

farmhands are on top of things today woo!!

No. 39740

Bless you farmhands

No. 39741

you say it like internet security is a bad thing. lol.

No. 39742

I like the part where you neglected to mention your information that you're paying to protect only ends up being sold to 3rd parties anyway. You don't have to be an internet security aficionado to realise that either kek.

No. 39743

Anti-fujo anon keeps coming back to the ot art thread to infight to the point of posting poles and shit. Would jannies contain the spergery so the thread gets back on track please.

No. 39744

That depends on which service you use and its ToS. Regardless, posting online will always have some sort of risk. It's like asking, "I've had my front door opened this entire time, what difference does it make if I close it now?" Any measure makes a difference. Sooner is better than never.
I've been here for years and I've seen how "anons" have gotten exposed when the whole point of this website is to be anonymous. I'm not saying that you need to start using Tor or something everytime you log on to your computer. Just don't be stupid, don't powerlevel on lc, and use a VPN.

No. 39745

Yeah I don't see why some users are so averse to basic security measures while using lolcow. I assume they aren't regular imageboard users. Nobody's forcing them to gargle a donkey's testes, it's only a VPN kek

No. 39746

I just think it's kind of weird. What are they gonna do? Come to your house for saying you love Ezra Miller? kek

No. 39747

no1curr tranny, stop shilling for vpns here. you’re still failing at “blending” with your stupid idiosyncrasies

No. 39748

Can we get "white" as redtext in the same way we have "POC"? It's literally the first adjective strewn onto whatever insult the hordes of summerfags feel is most appropriate to fling at whatever cow is totally ~problematic~. Not trying to racebait btw, I just think it would be hilarious to watch them try and construct a post that isn't entirely written in red at this point.

No. 39749


he's awake

No. 39750


No. 39757

They should redtext "yt"

No. 39758

File: 1659451371014.png (334.53 KB, 717x808, Screenshot_20220802-163147.png)

Mod of /w/:
what the fuck. why is this "nitpicking" and why should it be saged? The ultimate yellowfacer mocking people calling her out. That's milk, and fine.

Other mods, you're ok with this mod violating the rules of this site to protect certain weeby women? This post would never get a ban in a thread that wasn't about an "attractive" cow in /w/.

And no, it's not my post.

No. 39759

assuming you’re posting in good faith and you’re not the troon trying to defend his agenda, i don’t post anything identifying nor do i post anything super controversial so my posts and ip are worthless to mods, and i can’t think of a single time mods here leaked the ips of random innocent users. like you said without “”powerleveling”” it’s not like you’re going to draw attention to yourself. you shouldn’t be posting anything identifiable and there’s no way you can actually track someone’s address with an ip especially considering so many ips are shared.

4chan and other huge image boards can vpns for good reason: pedos and schizos and spammers. we happen to have 3 in 1 in our hands right now

No. 39760

greentexting she held her finger up for 10 seconds is absolutely nitpicking and not milk, just sage next time

No. 39764

that entire thread is shit. she belongs in the bad shoop thread. i have no idea why she has her own thread.

No. 39766

it was obvious it’s you, stop falseflagging and astroturfing so hard. vpns should be banned

No. 39770


No. 39774

>What you wish on others comes back 3 times to you.
you’re telling me not only one tranny pedophile will die but THREE? this is a sweet deal

No. 39776

Please clean up the Jog thread. Its out of control, anons are taking it as their cue to spam shit in replies like

Come on and then these autists clearly trying to bait:
>>>/w/235082 (keeps saying this every time proof of cheating is asked for, everyone is a "STAN" now instead of a "WK")

They really don't want mods to step in. Its clear they aren't over 18.

No. 39777

Aside from the usual tranny pedo spergings, is it me or are there lately a lot of posts that could be written by underaged girls?

No. 39778

No. 39779

Butthurt derailer and a self admitted rock hard penis in OT.

No. 39780

Anon is trying to get main discussion mass reported because no1 wants to talk about this make believe cheating situation because anons are ITT defending someone who isn't even a jvlogger and with not a single ounce of cheating proof.


This thread is fucking filled with kids istg

No. 39781

girl just report the individual posts

No. 39782

And what is the main discussion, talking about how cute Chris and Sharla are as a couple? Lily is 100% related to the jvlogging thread, and very specifically Chris & Sharla. His ex claiming Chris cheated is pertinent discussion, whether you believe her or not.

No. 39784

lolcow has been mentioned on YouTube videos (especially with the creep show thing) and mentioned on tiktok as some nlog-tier site. It definitely is attracting more minors

No. 39785

This is Meta

Proof. Post proof. Idc if she knows them and once dated, post an inkling of cheating minus your biased speculation because it seems to be derailing just because it makes good milk and discussion but there is no discussion without proof. This is a gossio site, but there are rules. If you can't follow milk posting, then maybe KF is better for you. They don't ask for proof there.

No. 39786

You’re that proof obsessed anon. The no tinfoiling rule you’re obsessed with citing applies to totally unfounded crazy shit, not discussing an ex-girlfriend of a cow’s social media posts. That is milk, goofus. No one is going to have “proof” of them cheating unless Lily had spycams in Chris’s apartment. Speculation based off of milk is part of this site. If you can’t accept that Chris’s reddit may be better for you.

No. 39787

So you've changed from reeing about how the chris&sharla relationship is headcanon and tinfoil and fanfic… to reeing about something else people are discussing. got it.

No. 39788

Post proof. Its the most basic shit lolcow has as posting rules when making claims. Conplaining about it doesn't mean you don't have to back tinfoil up with something remotely tangible besides your personal opinion.

No. 39789

ngl that anon reeks of them being a cow themselves

No. 39790

samefag but I wish you would get banned for telling women to go join KF just because you don't loke what or how they discuss precious cows

No. 39791

They really are cuckoo. Definitely the same anon who ran screaming to meta about how we had no PROOF that Chris and Sharla were dating before Sharla just came out and said it. Its like they need something to bitch about in that thread instead of just leaving it, if it vexes them so.

No. 39792

Read posting rules

No. 39793

And how many of those posts got redtexted because anons didn't post caps or proof? A mod came in 3 threads ago to say stfu even.

No. 39794

Okay minimod, let me know when the redtexts start pouring in from your latest obsessive crusade against discussion

No. 39795

This is meta. Complaints go here. Do you have a complaint for the moderation team or are you trying to use a second thread as an infighting soapbox for you when anins bring the complaints here? I brought my complaints here. You being mad anons are using this thread for its intended purpose shows who is minimodding. Go outside.

You're even derailing ITT on /w/ about anons going to meta. Derailing 2 threads. >>>/w/235125

No. 39796

Not me. Have you noticed most people use this thread to complain about larger issues on the site, not just two or three posts they don’t like? You can do what you like, but your minimodding on the jvloggers thread and attempts to shut down discussion there is my “complaint” to meta. Its as retarded as yours tbh

No. 39797

meta is about site complaints and suggestions, urgent matters, and reporting things that go beyond individual posts (e.g. the schizotranny rampages, cp spam, moid infiltration, etc.). it’s not where you go to report every single post you dislike or find rule breaking. a button exists for that.

No. 39798

Nice mini modding on what complaints mods should look at in the complaints thread. If anons don't get banned,oh well. However it seems that anons are scared of the reports being acknowledged by coming here to complain about reports.

No. 39799

File: 1659457097316.jpeg (129.94 KB, 828x417, 4457221C-33A7-4EA1-81B9-14FF51…)

Nta but here is how to report

No. 39800

Imagine being this upset someone targeted your board post lol move on anon.

No. 39801

Is it possible to get a mod to look into the incoming traffic from cow's subreddit?
An anon catches a jvlogger in a lie about when his relationship started that may have overlapped with his previous one, anons immediately begin spamming the thread about his ex-girlfriend in attempt to derail, and whenever the lie is referenced, also immediately make repetitive comments about how the lie isn't "milk" and shouldn’t be discussed, or that anons are being parasocial by pointing out the lie, repeatedly make comments addressing the ex, repeatedly talk about how cute or in love the current couple is. The thread has been referenced by fans of the jvlogger on his subreddit and on twitter, and past comments from his subreddit and the friend of his current gilfriend's IG also mirror comments made in the thread.

No. 39802

>and past comments from his subreddit and the friend of his current gilfriend's IG also mirror comments made in the thread.
That should be "and past comments from his subreddit and the IG post of the friend of his current girlfriend" Sorry

No. 39803

We already knew we had redditors ITT. Mods cant ask reddit for outclicks, so how do you figure out they come directly from reddit, anon? Wouldn't matter anyway as long as they integrate.

No. 39804

Wasn't it already known for a few years that Sharla and co were browsing lc and PULL for a long time? Aki for sure, so there should be no surprises about it.

No. 39805

are you stupid or something? why would this not be saged?

No. 39806

The problem is they aren't integrating at all. They're just trying to derail the thread.

No. 39809

Not just browsing. Sharla revealed herself and posted on PULL.
Sorry, slipped my mind.

No. 39810

Based as fuck, saging doesn't absolve you from breaking nitpicking rules either just so you know.

No. 39811


No. 39812

Nowhere else on this site is that nitpicking. For the most easy example just check Shayna's thread in /snow/. Nitpicking her zombie tit is one thing, but posting a picture of her looking like dogshit (like this /w/ chick looks) and saying she looks godawful isn't nitpicking there - no redtexts, no nothing. Probably should've been saged though I agree there. but If the rules are different for /w/ and it's supposed to just be a board for people to talk about their favorite weebs, the admin should let us know. if such a person exists of course kek

No. 39813

Look all around /w/. Yes it is and it's because the board is known for it. /pt/ too but anons are more behaved there.

No. 39815

It's only weird if you're a normie that overshares and has little regard to privacy. Obviously the jannies aren't going to track you down to your street address, but this "nothing to hide" bullshit only comes from normies that don't have a clue about working a computer. You don't have to use a VPN if you don't want to, but it's not that complicated to install one and it's better than not using one at all. Even using cellular data is better than nothing. I just want to forewarn you that jannies have abused their powers in the past here and on other platforms in order to shame their userbase. You wouldn't want other nonnies to dunk on you for sharing personal shit on /ot/ if worse comes to worse.
I'm not the tranny, you absolute schizo. VPNs are not the obscure l33t h4cker technology that you think it is. You newfags are literally fucking retarded

No. 39816

I remember that happening too, if anyone can find PULL archives (which you can download or find on other websites if possible) that would be nice.

No. 39817

anon, vpns don't protect your IP like you think they do.

No. 39818

In what sense? I'm speaking on using a VPN on lolcow. As long as you delete your cookies and use a VPN every so often you're (mostly) not traceable.

No. 39819

>i can’t think of a single time mods here leaked the ips of random innocent users.
You haven't been here long enough then.

No. 39820

the fact that you’re not willing to give up vpns that you don’t even need for the sake of eliminating a schizophrenic troon who has already posted cp and animal torture countless times is insane.

No. 39821

I am a pretty security conscious person. I'd never go on KF etc. without a VPN. But if you are not a lolcow and not a namefag and are using this site as intended it really won't be a problem: drawing attention to yourself as an individual is prohibited after all. You really shouldn't be posting doxable information in /ot/ or whatever, either.

No. 39822

Thank you to the farmhand who went through Belle thread just recently and took care of some wking + weird tinfoil. I hope you have a lovely day

No. 39823

The only things I see redtexted are autistic posts, nothing even remotely WKing. What post?

No. 39824

File: 1659462697097.jpeg (96.37 KB, 828x296, 63A17B31-A4B4-43DA-984F-263EE3…)

No. 39825

Yeah because what's the point? The current issue with this website is not the VPNs and never was; it's the lack of moderation and general reclusiveness of the administration. Raids and general schizo troonery was not as much of an issue 5 years ago as it is now. What you're suggesting was never going to happen to begin with on account of our deadbeat admin, and the old admins would have never considered making such a braindead decision and sacrifice the foundational anonymity of this website.
All of what you said is true, but I would still recommend veering on the side of caution and start using a VPN out of habit. Besides the rogue janny thing that I've been going on about, some cows have been known place IP trackers on links posted to this website, and another cow had once requested the IP addresses of users who were posting in her thread (which I think Ian [old admin] had actually given her). It takes me all of 5 seconds to change a VPN address, so it's not an onerous task or anything. If you seldom post or click links, then I could understand why you wouldn't see the big deal about VPNs and browsing lc
Anyway, I'm not going to keep up this volley. I only recommended that anons use a VPN when they post here. Take it or leave it, that's it. Stop acting like schizo faggots by assuming everyone who shares an interest in something is the same person, even when the typing style is different.

No. 39826

The single WK comment that was clearly a shitpost and bait congratualtions

No. 39840

Tranny is larping as a witch on G and OT

No. 39844

Schizo troon on the loose again, godspeed jannies.

No. 39849

Tranny back in witchcraft on OT

No. 39852

fuck off lol

No. 39853

No I am saying there are multiple CP spammers, I use words carefully.

No. 39854

Anon they mean CC not the schizo tranny when she uses they.

No. 39856

Pretty sure the schizo tranny is up and at 'em again in /ot/ and /g/ and here too.

No. 39857

I have a strong feeling you are the troon but in the offchance you actually are not -
there is likely more than one scrote posting cp yes but the schizo troon definitely has been posting some lately too
mods here plus the soyjak admin confirmed he posted some and he was spamming that monkey torture site with cp, he also has indirectly admitted to it a few times
aside from the cp it's definitely been him posting schizobabble lately - he runs like 8 twitter accounts where he larps as different people and harasses various kiwifags on alongside him shitting up imageboards and has been doing this for like a year now, he is truly insane and dedicates his every waking moment to raging about his schizo delusions across various sites and harassing random people he has decided are his "enemies"

No. 39861

ok, he scrubbed lots of stuff from his main account when I posted it here earlier though so he may do the same for these after I link them but oh well here they are anyways:
UndeadHeal (main)
Possibly his but not 100% sure:

No. 39863

Tinfoil thread is having infighting

No. 39865

waaaaait a minute, so he was probably the weirdo in the early Rachel threads who was always trying to bring the discussion back to the dumb exaggerated shit he posted about on the fairsinfocenter twitter?? I always thought that anon was off. I wonder why he was obsessed with rachel to begin with.

No. 39866


This is tranny

No. 39868

why the kf obsession? most people who frequent this site hate kf and do not have an account
no idea but it seems like most of his accounts were created to get around being blocked by kiwis/cows so he could continue to harass and obsess over them
very creepy scrote behavior

No. 39871

>why the kf obsession?
idk but i feel like it's the tranny, don't know what his angle is though unless he just wants the kiwitards to pay more attention to him

No. 39876

ok that is reasonable, but I have no idea how to use the site nor have an account so someone else here will have to do it instead
definitely at least some posts are him, the weird samefagging below you 100% sounds like him

No. 39880

I guess here comes the next "it totally wasn't me, it was-".
I wonder when he will be out of people to blame and what kind if mental illness this is.

No. 39882

Literally no one here knows who all these randoms are you keep accusing of making your posts, which is part of why you're so recognizable.

No. 39885

some more additions kek even when he insults himself he is still recognizable, he will never "blend"
>he has help/someone is helping him/theres more than one
>post it to kiwifarms/kiwis can help/kiwis will dig into it
>you are on his side
>you sound like him/you are the tranny

No. 39887

cry more troon

No. 39889

I wasn't sure myself at first, but after you call him out,h he always becomes more recognizable kek

No. 39892

His whole end goal is to be a big notorious hated internet dude bigger than Isabella Janke because he was fixated on her. It’s really retarded.

No. 39896

>self admitted

No. 39899

>this dude wants a thread sooooooooooo bad and to be known soooooooo bad

No. 39902

Because nobody here gives a fuck about kf lol

No. 39903

>weird quote usage/formatting
>using no quotes despite seemingly responding to someone(himself)/yelling into the room

congrats, seems like you made him mad enough to go on another samefag tirade kek

No. 39905

He really wants to be notoriously known across the internet even though a crazy misogynist asshole is like dime a dozen now lol

No. 39906

Literally a nobody who has to harass a small site to even be recognizable. That’s pathetic as hell.

No. 39907

>calling others newfags for not being able to follow his schizo storylines

No. 39910

Retard you will never learn even though you have a list made for you above of your own recognizable patterns. When you samefag it’s obvious. When you post in OT it’s obvious. You have all the time in the world to ‘le epic troll’ but can’t even be smart about it

No. 39913

>dick chasing/mentioning male genitalia/tranny chasing
and kek yeah I wasn't expecting him to start up again from that but in a way it's good since more of his ips will get banned once mods show up

No. 39915

>STILL posts in /meta/ to talk even though NOBODY does that normally unless it has to do with actual complaints in threads and boards

No. 39919

>self admitted to horny posting in /w/

No. 39922

>pls post about me please

No. 39926

Do it yourself

No. 39929

Then why do you keep telling people to post there then lol

No. 39931

theres a cp thread in /m/

No. 39933

Then obviously no one thinks it’s serious and a matter of nothing lol. He doesn’t need to be discussed because he is nothing and no one of importance. Just a pathetic nobody loser woman wannabe.

No. 39936

Schizo pedo troon posted cp

No. 39939

Everyone knows it’s you you samefagging idiot.

No. 39946

i literally can’t believe this troon is so desperate for attention he craves infamy like bella janke and is willing to fucking spam child porn to do that. it would not surprise me if he’s using bots from darknet image boards or telegram to spam it or something so he can still say “uhh i didn’t post it”

No. 39954

here is the schizo pedo troon indirectly admitting to being the cp spammer again, since he is referring to one of his twitter accounts and he is the only one that posts in the 8kun thread
can the feds raid this nasty pedo already?

No. 39960

so you make up people and pretend your actions are theirs. got it.

No. 39966

CP in /m/

No. 39976

FIC is not him (it's an ugly autistic woman, I've found some stuff of hers but not found time to post nor do i really wanna touch that shitshow anymore) but they (as in he and her lmao) are definitely cooperating to fuck with Rachel, they're communicating out in the open on Twitter and he's got her gaslighted to believe he is fighting the pedos instead of being the pedo himself because FIC is dumb and a tranny handmaiden (and a "they/them" besides.) Rachel might be involved to trying to make people go after FIC but I don't really care FIC is as cringe as Rachel if not more.
As for posting in the tranny's KF thread he does want it, he's been "daring" people to post in his KF thread for weeks, i.e. looking for someone to deanonymize herself so he has someone new to harass. The CP spamming and such has been mentioned there by now but not actually been full on stated just as asides in tl;dr posting. I might make an account just for that but registrations are closed again. He might think he wants to see it bumped but probably not for pedo shit.

No. 39979

It was a day or two ago because of the Chris trial but I guess it is not anymore lol.

No. 39981

Porn on M

No. 39993

Cp in /m/

No. 40006

So this mind numbingly boring,retarded play keeps getting more characters.

No. 40020

Tranny in mtf thread.

No. 40024

Schizotranny spamming on the mtf snow thread

No. 40029

Tranny live in MTF

No. 40033

He done did woke up mods

No. 40037

Isn’t that what you’ve been doing this whole time

No. 40039

You have short term memory loss too now?

No. 40041

Not everyone is living here every second and hour and minute like you lol

No. 40046

what is with the constant schizophrenia here and in snow atm

No. 40047

Troon comes in literally every day to infight and that’s it because he is addicted to his cortisol levels rising

No. 40052

Tranny is posting on OT being a retard. Sorry mods. He’s also clearly in meta.
Remember if it says swept, Kuz, etc it’s a subhuman moid who’s own mommy knows he can’t be on the Internet in his shitty stockings.

No. 40054

Watch out he’s gonna call you janny or a moid kek

No. 40056

Also reminder the tranny thinks his two XX’s make up for his Y. He’s still a moid who doesn’t understand biology. Just report and ignore

No. 40058

thanks for the explanation! i'll just keep reporting. he's so fucking annoying though i wish he'd go be retarded on twitter or something instead

No. 40060

He is with his alt 11 accounts. No that’s not a joke.

No. 40063

He’s on one in MTF too. Kek intersex women. His defective testicles are mad to day sorry mods

No. 40065

Could we just ban Proton? I’m for VPNs and I use one for anon sake, but maybe banning free VPNs is the answer. Tranny can’t get his own Wi-Fi.

No. 40068

Belle thread was prematurely made. Mussing bio info with links to certain posts than anon misrepresented via green text because it adds to their out of context milk from updates. Its also made by the anon who keeps ban evading if you look in to it. Literally twisted green text and missing updates on purpose. All because anon wants to make sure all anons can talk about at the cherry picked vendetta posts that anons have gotten ban over before.

Also greentexted:
>post calling her a horse face (nitpicking isnt mill)
>linking tweets specifically yelling at WKs and baiting them and nitpicking her height in the same post

Anons are using infighting posts in the greentext which is just why? Its clear the constant ban evading Belle poster made it because the bio is absolute dogshit and biased and also partially fake.

No. 40069

No. 40070


No. 40071

"post calling her a horse face" is where Belle reveals her income. I don't get what you mean by Tweets though?

Thread doesn't even include physical appearance stuff like her botched surgeries or boob implants yet you think it's all "cherry picked vendetta posts"? You have to calm down about the Belle thread.

No. 40074


So the takeway is add extra vendetta-like context to greentext and anons shouldn't question it being in the bio when making threads. Thats a good tip for all thread creators.

No. 40075

Milk has to be included in the threads. Post the milky news yourself if you don't want your favorite cows insulted.

No. 40076

Also samefagging but this sentence,
>Mussing bio info with links to certain posts than anon misrepresented via green text because it adds to their out of context milk from updates.

What the fuck is this lol

No. 40078

I dont even like her, but the jealous anon who desperately wants Josh to be front and center sure likes nitpicking Belle and not him.

No. 40079

Jealous of Josh? Kek, take your fanfiction somewhere else.

No. 40080

Anons fought for him to be in the bio when he does literally nothing lol Its weird, he has no new milk either. Funny enough too, anons doing even know if it was him in the new videos, they are just assuming.

No. 40082

The WK in new Belle thread tries to start infighting by commenting on what anons said on PREVIOUS threads, it is off-topic. New thread but already derailed.

No. 40085

Your new thread was shit from the get-go and made 200 replies too soon, has misleading bio, and has someone irrelevant in the thread topic photo.

No. 40086

What is wrong with you?

No. 40089

NTA but kinda weird to not want him involved when he’s the other half of Belle and pimps her out, did rape porn with her.. I don’t think I really need to go on. Save for your really sperg and oddly overly defensive responses, kinda weird.

No. 40091

What is misleading in the bio, exactly? That someone called her a "horseface"? Because that's Belle's income reveal, and it's not really misleading for some… If the thread included vendetta posts, it would also include appearance nitpicking like the boob job.

No. 40092

That anon was so mad that she sperged paragraphs both on the new thread and here. She also barely makes sense with her weird sentences and typos. I don't know why mods allow her to derail every single thread with pointless sperging.

No. 40094

They don’t know how to Sage either, and clearly samefagging. Poor integration in that WK, or just trolling and baiting. We should just ignore atp

No. 40096

New belle thread needs to be autosaged already damn

No. 40098

You guys beg for derailing by calling any post you don't like the WK, I hope you realize that.

No. 40099

Yes, but the WK also needs to get banned, which never happens. They are sperging in the new Belle thread about irrelevant stuff, like Belle having big feet??? No one even mentioned that there wtf.

Sus anon

No. 40102

I don't think the WK is the mod, she would just autosage the Belle thread instead of starting infighting in it. She also wouldn't need to minimod, she could just ban people.

No. 40104

As if you guys aren't derailing about her feet


And the retarded zoom in that started it because the Nicole/Belle-fag cannot help but keep doing these stupid posts and when called out goes apeshit about how its all a plot by mods against them >>>/w/235167

Look at a those nitpicks, mods. Arguments over feet size lol really trying to decipher size based on close up zoomed in autustic AF photos. You guys really argue this is milky

No. 40105

Do you guys really want another thread made by these retards, really?

No. 40106

They were referring to the milk by Belle who called her feet "tiny" for her pedopandering post, so anons made fun of her. They also had nothing to do with the new thread, you just wanted an excuse to derail it. New thread had no appearance nitpicking before you tried to start it.

You are more obsessed with Belle's feet than anyone else. You keep bringing it up here and on Belle threads. That's weird…

No. 40107

So nitpicking her exact size by zooming in and posting these derailing photos, is "discussion "? Kek She says lil because shes a DDLG pornsick woman, not because she actually thinks she's small. That's another thing you guys nitpuck and spam photos of, calling her giantess. You take whats said literally and derail on it.

No. 40108

New thread didn't have any of those… You are losing your mind over old posts, in an old thread. That's not normal.

No. 40109

Thread isn't even old lol its got over 100 posts before its locked. Better nitpick in there so it closes faster, anon.

No. 40111

So it's okay to derail the new thread? What's your point?

Also new threads are encouraged after around 1100 posts, you don't have to wait until it gets locked down to make a new one. New threads were never linked in Belle threads before.

No. 40117

All the best magic users are women anyways so what difference would it make? KEK

No. 40122

It's not "infighting", anon. He's an outsider and always will be.

No. 40135

You are a man and a quite ugly one on top of that.

No. 40136

File: 1659556041159.jpeg (1.05 MB, 879x1743, 9E4B1F2A-BFD7-4735-AAD4-3438A5…)

a face not even a mother could love

No. 40142

Imagine being a moid with a twinkish frame who wanted to troon out and couldn't even manage to take advantage of the small bonuses towards passing he was given by nature and nature's God. Sad. Many such cases. I'm assuming that his driver's license photo is his maximum effort at presenting feminine and it is better by most of the screenshots that go around by a long shot but it's still utterly pathetic.

No. 40147

Jealous of not being an ugly mentally ill neet moid who spends every waking moment talking to himself on an internet website where no one wants him?

No. 40153

derailing scrote in vent thread.

No. 40156

She’s just mad because someone called her a “fat basement dwelling cunt” KEK

No. 40176

The scrote in the Genshin Impact thread keeps baiting infighting multiple times a week and starts aggressively samefagging when anons don't bite, I'm begging of the jannies to delete his posts again before newfags interact with him and maybe check if it's the schizotranny himself.

No. 40178

I knew it.

No. 40182

Belligerent Tranny shitting up /ot/

No. 40184

he's on /m/ too, he shits up every single board

No. 40190

Tranny from meta in things you hate thread in ot reeing about intersex shit.

No. 40191

Nobody fucking cares Rachel, go home you fat fucking loser fuck yout janny tranny friend and leave us all in peace.

No. 40194

Troon is reeing on OT again. Sorry mods

No. 40196

He’s also here in Meta. Accusing everyone of being the same person. Joy.

No. 40198

Is there a tranny on Earth that isn’t belligerent in some way?

No. 40200

he’s taken a real liking to calling people cunts and fatties

No. 40208

Moid loose again on OT

No. 40211

Moid back on OT again. Sorry jannies.

No. 40222

Oh so that's why the posts in the anime thread were deleted. Thanks.

No. 40227

yep he uses the same stupid sayings every posts he makes so it's really easy to spot him, if you see weird scrotey posts using stuff from that list make sure to report and ignore

No. 40231

scrote loose in /ot/ again!

No. 40233

Moid loose in /g/

No. 40235

Tranny in mtf thread.

No. 40242

Moid loose in OT

No. 40245

Penis factor receptor in /pt/

No. 40246

File: 1659582917723.jpg (47.81 KB, 540x373, excuse me.jpg)

Thank you for cleaning his posts up, jannies. Sorry I used to call you trannies.

No. 40247

Nobody likes a kissass lol

No. 40250

In my defense everyone calls jannies fat trannies if I knew you were fat I never would have said it

No. 40254

Man in m transwashing thread.

No. 40256

Male in mtf thread.

No. 40264

Male in mtf thread.

No. 40267

Tranny again posting in mtf and now also just bumping threads. Starting to think the vpn ban suggestion is pretty good. #29938477462 reason to never have a son and proving 41% is not high enough.

No. 40269

Men are the most dramatic, cattiest beings on this planet. I also vote for banning vpns.

No. 40271

>he's hurt

No. 40275

there's literally no reason to keep vpns.

No. 40278

ok pedo

No. 40279


Hel help tranny 2 sexy 4 me 2 handle

No. 40280

Watching Blaine's meltdown is so satisfying.

No. 40283

Schizo shitting up the purple thread on /m/

No. 40284

You're a grade A dumbass if you don't think those threads were made by the attention whoring male.

No. 40286

He also made the other color themed ones.

No. 40287

File: 1659598144798.png (215.5 KB, 429x557, lmao.png)

please identify Rachel's posts in her own thread like Kiki's Creepshow's, and mystery's.
example of milk delivered straight to here, deserves to be visible

No. 40290

Please stop the schizos in the purple thread on /m/. It's not a thread made by a male. None of them are.

No. 40291

You're unable to blend in.

No. 40292

Ok schizo male

No. 40293

You're the one saying color threads means tranny so I think you are Blaine

No. 40294

Please open applications up. I'd be able to mod during these hours.

No. 40295

I'm sure this is a tranny male

No. 40296

Self important much? you can't blend in scrote

No. 40297

Mods, the collage-anon is back to posting edited photos of Belle. They got a ban for making collages so now they are resulting to just posting their autistic zoom ins and still editing them. >>>/w/235823

The original is even in the thread and they claim they didn't edit it. The fucking eyeliner is missing lol Why the fuck do they keep posting this personally edited shit? it's so stupid to edit milk.

No. 40300

And you keep replying because you have nothing else to do

No. 40302

everyone can, but you still have to read the beginning of every saged post. this way it's clear. there also should be a way to bump the thread when she posts

No. 40308


No. 40309

Not wanting to reply to something I am not it's not losing, I simply don't care anymore, this website has clearly gone down in quality recently thanks to trannies and males. These reactions of yours are super scrotal so I just dgaf. Mods dgaf either. This website is dead.

No. 40310

Then leave

No. 40315

funny you said this considering you also said this, retard

No. 40318

The one chimping out is you though? the one asking for a reply is you though? the one shitting up threads is you though? the one being annoying here is clearly you. I'm just not going to participate on something you clearly are doing to get a reaction out of me. It's not that you hate the purple thread, it's the fact you want to act like a troll. Your intention is super clear.

No. 40319

You come here because you want friends lol, but we hate trannies and that makes you seethe. Even on crystal cafe they hate you. Must suck to be a male, huh?

No. 40324

I see admin added a "donate" option on /meta/ lol. Sure, I will donate as soon as we hear even a peep from you, and you provide a way to anonymously donate (ko-fi will reveal your name). And recruit mire mods.

No. 40327

Moid racebaiting in ot. When do you think they will realise it is a moid problem? It's not black women doing crime, the degen sex is the problem.

No. 40328


No. 40329

Link for ya

No. 40332

>>>/ot/1288766 Weird racebait thread

No. 40339

also the posts could be compiled in a single page like for Kiki for easy reading

No. 40342


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 40345

Everything else idc, forgiven, no biggie.
That thing that calls itself human? Nobody will trust this site as long as it's foul presence is around(tranny dissociating and talking about himself in third person )

No. 40346

Tranny in meta being deranged.

No. 40350

Deranged tranny in Genshin board kek

No. 40353

Sure jan, idk what you're talking about since this is my first time posting in this board kek

No. 40356

Moid still posting in racebait thread

No. 40357

Ok genuinely have no idea what you're all talking about unless I'm being baited, idk how2prove tho so

No. 40358

just ignore him, he's a schizophrenic women-hating pedophile tranny who deserves no replies, let him samefag and talk to himself like he usually does
see >>39572 for help identifying his posts

No. 40360

I’m gonna chime in here and say mods if you can redtext this post for nitpicking please can you be as strict in the jvlogger thread? They’re literally writing fan fictions. Thanks in advance.

No. 40364

It’s clearly a moid and you go into every other thread why not fend off a moid lol

No. 40368

kek farmhand

No. 40372

Can mods please ban nonnies who accuse others for being a tranny, moid etc after a minor inconvenience? I’m sick and tired of all the infighting. If people think someone is a moid or sus they should just report them

No. 40373

No. 40378

File: 1659611903015.jpg (82.88 KB, 1080x408, 1658606851936.jpg)

No, no matter how much you beg.

No. 40381

Certainly a lot of mento illness in this thread right now

No. 40390

Can admins please do something about the roomtoadvoid sperg in the camgirl thread. They are posting things that are disturbing and not even milk. Its getting out of hand.

No. 40391

They've been busy. The Belle threads would've got some moderation at this point. When they ignore /w/, the group of nitpickers run rampant then get mad when they get redtexted like in the HimeAhri thread.

No. 40392

Mods, idk if you've seen a correlation to the anons on /w/ shitposting and making collages being active when the meta poster starts being active. They both go dark at the same time and then when one starts up, the other does.

No. 40393


It is definitely him. He goes into /snow/ threads to derail them about himself or other unrelated stuff. He was shown to be a Venus defender earlier in this mess of a thread

No. 40394

adding the donate button right in the middle of this unmanageable tranny spam and admin silence is some good humor

No. 40396

thank you nona

No. 40400


Lucinda's house being doxxed / creepy anon

No. 40401


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 40402

also can mods do anything about the chick who shows up just to call Lucinda a racial slur, I'm sure she feels untouchable with her vpn.

No. 40405


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 40406

No. 40410


And then cover your eyes

No. 40414

File: 1659642779849.png (83.71 KB, 1058x332, unknown.png)

Idk about this cow Venus but the planet hangs over your rival. Neptune hangs over the scrotejaks.
Both will be consumed.
Mars shall see to it.

No. 40416

File: 1659642888634.jpg (45.45 KB, 500x726, b33dfb07f7a3f77901655e7a512eea…)

All you humans are inferior to me, yet I do not slaughter you do I?
Not until you cross me.
Be the same with those you call sub-human and show not your hate on your sleeve, it is unbecoming and only allows your target to prepare. I call my shots to induce specific fear.
As I feed off it.
Your soul is mine scrote.

No. 40417

Now go scurry to the shoulder of your god and tell him where to find me.
The nephilim walk the earth again.

No. 40419

Could we ban free VPN’s. I don’t think paid ones are the problem, but the soyjak spammers and the moid who’s sperging have been using free ones.
That way farmers can keep their privacy and the spammers are deterred

No. 40420

>He’s not wrong,
See janny this is why I do not respect you and never shall, they make it obvious they are male, you hunted me on IP, your soul is mine for consumption.
King me.

No. 40422

Look at the fear, I can taste it, it's delicious.

No. 40423

File: 1659643188125.jpg (185.91 KB, 300x404, 189110425-300-144931.jpg)

Or from the shallow web pup
Now be a good dog and say woof

No. 40426

The tranny was using proton and so were his friends. So again free vpn

No. 40428

File: 1659643933361.jpg (96.27 KB, 1200x797, moon_man_feat1.jpg)

Kek you think I'm a shit skin? Herr Erika? Pluto, Death? Queen of degenerates?
Sounds like you guys have schizophrenia and hey look that's 3.

No. 40429

File: 1659644039750.jpg (168.66 KB, 700x753, Grell-Sutcliff-grell-sutcliffe…)

Or any wifi on my street I'm in Chicago sooooo ya can't stop me and staff doesn't want to, they just get upsetti spaghetti when I give away things. Because they're cats.

No. 40430

smells like moid and not just the schizo troon

No. 40441

a reminder, since he's back

No. 40448

He has no money his parents pay his wifi and they cut him off. It’s why he’s mobile posting. He also a warrant as of last year. Don’t think he’s getting a job. He’s using free VPNs my suggestion is for the mods.

No. 40449

No. 40463

you call anyone who dares to combine two photos "collage anon" and reeee about ban-evading. I've been called that and I posted one single combined photostrip. So fuck off and stop trying to say anyone who combined photos is tranny perv

No. 40467


racebait thread

No. 40474

A bunch of weird indian racebait on many threads. Idk

No. 40490

Male in ot racebaiting and making shit threads in meta.

No. 40492

troon is cycling through ips

No. 40493

No racebaiting on my site retard

No. 40505

troon has repeated the “if I say I am a woman I AM a woman” mantra to himself so many times that now he’s trying out “if I say I am admin I AM admin” kek

No. 40511

Crazy racebaitor on the loose, it’s probably the tranny. He made a thread too

No. 40515

why dont we have more farmhands.

No. 40519

Can someone sum up what has been going on here for last few days? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, I only visit 3 threads on this website.

No. 40521

A tranny (possibly some other moids) have been coming here for the past like 2 weeks and taking advantage of slow moderation by posting incoherent bullshit every day

No. 40522

a schizophrenic pedophile tranny from kiwifarms has been spending every waking moment around the clock spamming, talking to himself (samefagging), posting cp, making death and rape threats and shitting up every single board
he uses vpns to ban evade
see >>39572 for help recognizing his posts

No. 40525

We literally have to wait for certain times for one of the farm hands to clean it up. Threads got what up in with infighting and nonnas taking tranny bait. >>39572 because he also talks to himself. Now he’s on a weird Indian hate train. Idk I’m tired

No. 40526

Shat up in my bad

No. 40529

I don't know if its the same troon posting but there's a REALLY annoying femboy loving/japan obsessed person posting in the venus thread that KEEPS getting warnings/banned or w.e but keep coming back and posting their annoying 'japanese boys are the best!' opinions while shitting on other races/countries, how japan is the best country in the world, how venus's host bf is hot… constantly wking her and saying how amazing venus is and crap. It's so fucking annoying. Is there really nothing to be done about it? Can't do a single post without them shitting up the thread.

No. 40530

Mice stop playing around my cats will ban you lol

No. 40531

Not me I've been too busy today it's not a joke I'm the new admin.

No. 40532

That one's going on the ban on sight list and I'll make a profile on posts so staff can tell even his mundane posts.

No. 40535

it's so easy to spot them too, they type like an idiot and have have the dumbest takes. It's actually infuriating when you're trying to have a legit discussion.

No. 40536

Get the fuck off my site paki chan we all hate you

No. 40538

File: 1659657495037.jpg (88.24 KB, 570x806, il_570xN.1473220486_myp8.jpg)

Racism is retarded and there is no way to tell ethnicity based off opinion alone.

No. 40541


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 40542

Really wish admin would say or do something or get more farmhands. This site is becoming unusable with all this scrote shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if one day lc just goes offline for good

No. 40546

sad but I agree
where is that anon who claimed to be working on a lc spinoff? I remember seeing a bunch of posts about it a few threads ago
anyone heard any updates since then?

No. 40556

>get more farmhands
This. Shaymin, reopen farmhand applications. I hate to say it but the current state of the site is nearly unusable due to tranny antics. Sure, screening new applicants will take some time and effort, but not NEARLY the amount of effort it will take for 2 farmhands to continue to singlehandedly manage all the scrotage plaguing the site rn.

No. 40590

Again, will the mods please do something about the Chris and Sharla simps? They've taken over the Jvlogger thread and will sperg and try to bury new milk about Chris, then wax on about Chris and Sharla's future wedding and what a cute couple they make. Even when other anons try to talk about other vloggers, they butt in with more OT Chris and Sharla fluff.

No. 40683

File: 1659671045277.jpg (443.41 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20220804-204332_Fir…)

Retarded anon is nitpicking again in this stupid HimeAhri thread. Same anon who keeps shitposting in the Belle thread.

Why can't you guys permaban them? Being bilingual and reading a book in your native language isn't milk.


No. 40684

They let the Belle-fags run /w/. They nitpick in Lori, Ahri, Nicole, Venus, Taylor, Belle, Lolita, and Jvlog threads that we've seen.

4 of those threads have clear redtexts that its specific posters from other threads. Mods need to ban these anons permanently. Idk about the mod team or other anons, but all these threads are ran through so fast. They treat the threads like chatrooms and the tinfoil is just so garbage, Belle thread has the collage-anon editing shut and calling it milk again, nitpicking Ahri's English book, complaining that Taylor said "HK" when referring to a drink as if thats milk.. like wtf

Mods. /w/ is basically /ot/ now.

No. 41051

Male making threads in m.

No. 41183

mods need to deal with this. the entire board is full of his posts and they aren't removing any of them because they can't be bothered to mod anything but the drama boards, and they do a shit job with those as well. he's a true schizophrenic so he isn't going to leave on his own. everyone else will before he does.

hire some more mods/janis or get your shit together admin-sama

No. 41184

No one who actually goes on her thread calls her that lol. Stop pretending to be a farmer skyanon.

No. 41310

not everyone follows that boring thread.

No. 41365

Kek good catch anon. The verbiage and nature of the specific thread complaints makes it obvious. I can't stand that anon who sits in /meta/ crying every few days about every semi-attractive girl's thread in /w/ after unsuccessfully minimodding that shit hole. Not saying that's them but if they shoe fits kek.

No. 41377

>semi-attractive girl's thread
idk about that anon all the cows mentioned all photoshop the shit out of their photos kek

No. 41379

Doesn’t change a scrote’s perception. It is all the cows with a simpy male following.

No. 41380

I hope the obsessed minimod wk freak gets perma banned. The guy literally has no life.