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File: 1471788685593.png (2.9 MB, 1440x1438, 1471749510639.png)

No. 167361

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Glorified camwhore who pretends to be into gaming and anime to get Patreon bucks, JNig wannabe, ~thicc~ cosplayer. Wears the same Zero Suit Samus spandex suit to nearly every con.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $4k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Last thread:
>dropped out of wearing her Camilla cosplay to EVO because of "sunburns/heat stroke", but was photographed going to parties
>got invited to be a booth babe at Super Toy Con, but didn't bother to show up until the second day
>"It's one of my favorite games, I've never beaten it, but I watch walkthroughs all the time"
>defended her friend Vamplette begging for car repair money
>got shaded by multiple Vegas-area cosplayers about her fakeness
>despite claiming to not care about the Farm, showed up multiple times to throw tantrums – and got banned every time
>did an interview with a literally who in which she proved she knows jack shit about Metroid (despite being "famous" for her Samus cosplay) and claimed to be friends with JNig

We ended the last thread on a high note, with multiple pictures of her poorly-made Chun-li cosplay being posted.

No. 167379

File: 1471793812330.png (283.49 KB, 344x481, Charlotte_portrait.png)

I'm laughing too hard at that basic ass walmart bra. That costume looks fucking terrible. Does anyone have a full-body picture of Charlotte for reference?

No. 167380

File: 1471794043171.png (21.66 KB, 501x251, 1468269787924.png)

Should add to the OP that she also got vaguely called out by the FGC people who didn't want her to guest at EVO.

No. 167381

File: 1471795029751.jpg (754.47 KB, 1173x1920, tumblr_nvimv5TnFu1uydz1xo1_r1_…)

There you go

No. 167386

When I first saw the thumbnail it didn't look too bad on my phone. But then when I enlarged it I about died at her basic white bra. Her and moomoo are made for each, both extremely lazy and always looking for the easy wAy out. Only ever see dollar signs when it comes to this community.

No. 167413

File: 1471803436068.png (187.86 KB, 400x438, Casita_portrait.png)

urgh, the armour on her hip looks nothing like Camilla's… The black and purple bit belongs to Camilla's boots, not the golden armour. And don't even get me started on Moochlette's sorry excuse of a Charlotte cosplay. How can you fuck up that bad when you can see their 3d battle models in the game whenever you want? I know! Because neither of them played the damn game.
Hey Momo, if you really want to cosplay a character from Fates, I'm sure you could pull this one off like a champ.

No. 167414

File: 1471803722359.png (1.53 MB, 958x714, tardlette.PNG)

Post more pics vampy, I wanna see how bad you fucked up the collar.

No. 167416

For someone who claims to have played the game, she sure as shit doesn't know how Camilla would pose. And the ~omg look at me so quirky~ pose/facial expression only really works when everyone in the picture is doing it. When your fellow cosplayers are being serious or more subdued with their silly posing, it just makes you look like a dumbass.

No. 167417


man, i really hope shes planning on properly styling those bangs and not just wearing them like that.

No. 167420

Why the hell did she make Camilla's boob strap backwards?

No. 167423

I find it interesting how the Corrin cosplayer in Momo's "squad" pic on Instagram has no photo of them on his but instead has a selfie with a far better looking and we'll crafted Camilla. Actually none of the cosplayers in the pic have a picture shared with her in their own galleries lol.

No. 167427

I don't know if the guy with the white hair is making a facial expression his character would make, but it looks like he's tired of Momo's shit. I can only imagine what the other cosplayers were thinking after clearly putting their time, effort, and heart into their costumes and here comes Moomoo's chunk bragging about how famous she is with her ratty ass costume.

No. 167431

Momo probably stalked them down for a photo like the obnoxious bitch she is as he genuinely has a FML face.

No. 167434

File: 1471809291577.png (43.24 KB, 435x448, oh.png)

No. 167545

File: 1471846043992.png (426.88 KB, 498x508, 000021.png)

Did moochlette gain weight? She looks really bad in the preview pics posted. Momo's waist is just non existant at this point without a corset, holy shit.

No. 167549

I like how the top photo is but off but you can still tell she has a fupa hanging over her panties.
Also lol that she didn't even use a separating zipper on the vest. That vest is like an example of every newbie mistake.

No. 167557

Collettes cosplay is SO bad. The wig is off color, the foam isn't shaped to her legs, cheap bra. Listen, sometimes your cosplay isn't ready. That's ok. Don't fucking wear it. And stop calling yourself a professional. Or acting like one. And her Juri wig is nasty. They're both all bad. Also: that lingerie shoot must have happened the next day. Look at the change of makeup.

No. 167566

When I saw her in person I was confused because she just didn't look fully like who she was supposed to be. The wig was especially throwing me off, I didn't think she was that character at first. She was also extremely rude when I tried to get around her, and just didn't seem to have ANY interest in anyone but herself and Moomoo.

On the other hand, moomoo was actually quite nice and sweet when I talked to her, same with Gabby. They both genuinely looked like they were having a good time, but the people around them not so much. Might have been the heat, but the other cosplayers in that full armor looked like they were having a real bad time.

No. 167576

Most of Saturday (after the FE pictures were taken) was spent shooting Chun Li and Juri. Do they seriously need to do a bouduoir shoot of every fucking cosplay they do?

No. 167587

File: 1471872264716.jpg (47.13 KB, 640x362, image.jpg)

idk if she did piss the Corrin cosplayer off,but she did annoy the Ryouma cosplayer in her "mommy and lobster daddy" pic on insta. Kek.

No. 167592

She's probably one of those types of cosplayers that forces herself into a group of the same fandom and is like a leech. None of them look remotely happy about her being there, but at the same time look like they are just dealing with her ass in hopes she goes away.

No. 167595

The Kamui/Corrin looks especially peeved. He just has this very "Sure, Jan" look on his face.

No. 167607

File: 1471880784982.jpeg (180.7 KB, 750x1063, image.jpeg)

So are the rumors that they aren't friends with Gabby anymore a load of bs? Causeeee this says otherwise? Also look how disgusting that comments is lololol

No. 167610

I feel like this is the "Reality" version of "Cosplay: Expectation vs Reality" You hope for hot, fit girls in well made costumes, but this is what you actually get.

No. 167617

>I want lick your body, that's all sweeite

No. 167624

That's Nana not Gabby

No. 167625

They all look like shit.

No. 167626

that's not Gabby, that's Nana Bear

No. 167643

Moochlette is getting fat now too.

No. 167650

Dat ain't Gabby. And all 3 of these women look disgusting.

No. 167653

File: 1471893982832.png (378.41 KB, 924x277, lordhelpher.png)

I bet we'll see more of Nana in selfies with these two toxic parasites in the near future.

No. 167658

File: 1471894494374.jpg (124.26 KB, 622x640, sfv_juri_default_colors.jpg)

Alright, I've only played the SFs before Juri was even a thing, but doesn't that character have totally different hair?

No. 167662

File: 1471894720386.png (2.53 MB, 1024x1608, juri_alt__costume_2___street_f…)

It's one of her alt costumes from 5

No. 167670

Sucks for her. Her face is unfortunate as fuck already.

No. 167677

Can anyone confirm that she didn't even cosplay Sunday and that she didn't even hang out at the con very long. If she does ever get some desperate asshole to have her be an actual guest I'll feel bad for them haha

No. 167678

>Being completely OOC for chun li because she has no fucking idea of the character lore in SF and probably thinks Chun Li is a cute airhead bimbo
this bitch though

and God moochy's wig is so ratty. And the flabby cammy with the tacky ass tattoo. Fuck these people.

No. 167681

If the black cat wasn't her and she did show up and Chun Li then I can confirm I didn't see her and her lackeys until about 5 on Friday. Saturday I didn't see her rolling in until 6ish, and again it was with a group. Both days she did some photos and then I hardly saw her around. Sunday I didnt even see her.

No. 167690

Lol this. Chun li is actually a stern character. She's a police officer after all.

No. 167693


Seems like Momo really doesn't make the most of it at cons if she keeps appearing that late each day or not at all. Then again she's probably gets hangovers as she does nothing but get shitfaced and party with her friends in the hotel rooms (according to one of her recent Tweets I can gather) so sleeps most of the event.

No. 167699

Also, it looks like Momo finished sewing Moochlette's Juri cosplay as there's a clip in the video she posted. They never get stuff done on time or before a con starts, it's always in their hotel room. No wonder why they always look so sloppy.


No. 167718

The people in that group cosplay really seem like they want nothing to do with her.

No. 167721

File: 1471911634837.png (769.11 KB, 899x638, Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.18…)

everyone saying those cosplayers wanted nothing to do with her are just projecting their own Mariah hate onto others. I don't like her either but lets not make shit up when there's real issues to discuss.

No. 167740

How many of you guys wanna take bets this guy is posting about her cause he wants to fuck her or already did ha

No. 167742

Like how she looks like a pig stuffed into a shitty "costume" way too small for her while everyone else around her clearly has talent and passion for what they do?

No. 167747

Honestly they're probably just using her to get attention for their cosplays lol

No. 167748

"Since I'm not finished with Mei, I'm gonna save her for Comikaze I think. I really want her to be perfect. I may just do DVA at PAX instead"

hahahah momo pls, none of your cosplays will ever look perfect

No. 167750

File: 1471918901883.png (75.56 KB, 720x478, Screenshot_2016-08-22-20-16-02…)

?????? Lol, wasn't her favorite cosplayer Jessica? And then it was that French Canadian chick who made the giant spider costume from Monster Mosume? (WHICH, by the way, Mariah was apparently supposed to make a cosplay for, she posted pics in a bra a few months ago and never finished it) I guess whichever one wants to pay attention to her is her new favorite cosplayer. So fake.

No. 167754

Mei is probably the costume she commissioned from WorldCosplay. So it's probably not because she wants it to "be perfect", it's probably because the tailors couldn't get it finished in a month.

No. 167756

so then they clearly aren't trying to have nothing to do with her like everyone was saying just moments before.

No. 167758

*TimeCosplay, not WorldCosplay

No. 167763

That wig is 100% wrong for Charlotte. It's not blonde, no bangs, no curly shape. The armour is shit but I'd at least recognize the character if she had a better wig.

No. 167766

Vox is a dog…

No. 167770

File: 1471921703594.png (1.01 MB, 1080x843, Screenshot_2016-08-23-13-06-50…)

No. 167780

she probably sees those fan arts of Chun doing her "yatta!" pose and is like "OK THAT'S CHUN'S CHARACTER!" and doesn't bother to look up anything else. that's why she did a bunch of kawaii quirky poses for her last Chun cosplay and now she's doing it again.

Chun and Cammy are Juri's enemies. Why would Chun want Cammy and Juri to get along?
oh wait it's because she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.
It's amazing that she still thinks her whole gamur gurrl schtick is unique and will get her a lot of followers when pretty much every girl now plays or has played video games. There's plenty of girls in competitive scenes too. Mariah ain't shit without her fake ass personality.

No. 167782

Not making shit up, just stating what I saw and how I saw it at the convention; whether it was them being overly stressed from the heat or not, a lot of the other cosplayers she was with were HARDLY talking to her. She'd walk away and they wouldn't move to follow her, they'd just stand nearby each other while her and Vamp would step away. On Friday when she was Chun Li I didn't see her with many people at all, aside from one girl who was just following her around and fanning her(idk if it was a friend.)

No. 167816

File: 1471943183023.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

She commissioned the coat and the gun. And she's going to get a TON of attention for this cosplay because she's fat and a whore. When she did NO work at all. I'm over this stupid community. They keep glorifying no-talent losers like Mariah while there's chicks out there busting their ass making Pharah from scratch.

No. 167818

she's not getting a ton of attention for Mei from actual cosplayers though. she's getting attention (if you can even call it that) from dumb gamers who think cosplay chicks all want to suck their dicks and normies. plus cosplaying anything flavor of the month will get you a ton of attention.

No. 167819

I doubt she bought the kit, that's too much work for her lazy ass. I'm sure it was fully put together.
To be honest I'd rather see her commission stuff than act like she's some great creator with her shit stuff she makes. At least she'll hopefully give credit to the makers and get them some attention (unless she's just ordering mass produced shit on AliExpress like her suits).
As far as I know most actual cosplayers either don't know who she is or don't care for her. She's just getting attention from thirsty neck beards and other fatties who feel better about themselves because of her.

No. 167824

To be fair I bet a lot of the girls who are actually putting effort into their Overwatch cosplays aren't whoring themselves out on social media.

No. 167825

File: 1471949090738.png (513.93 KB, 338x832, Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.41…)

Serious question, why would you cosplay a character with visible stomach if your body looked like this? Maybe it's my Aspergers but I genuinely can't even fathom why anyone in the history of cosplay would say "yeah girl, show off that muffin top!"

No. 167826

You know that you are going to look awful in every single photo. You know that every single person walking by is going to think you look disgusting and your cosplay is poorly done. SO WHY?

No. 167828

Did someone else make her weapon? The quality between the axe and the leg armor is massively different.

No. 167829

File: 1471951119559.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 1469508550122.png)

that leg armour looks horrendous, how does someone fuck up foam that badly.

No. 167831

Cosplay is just camwhoring at this point. Its why I've given up on the community as well.

Every now and then I fine a talented cosplayer that puts so much work and energy into what they do and they don't get anywhere near the recognition as cunts like moomoo. It seriously makes you depressed if you're active in the community, even if you're just doing it because you love it, not for the $$$$.

No. 167834

Huh, I thought Vamplette was more talented than this. is Mariah's laziness rubbing off on her?

Also, I though nanabear was supposed to be considered one of the more talented cosplayers in the community too, why is she hanging out with these 2?

No. 167844


Mariah is a nobody. That's what I don't understand with the boundaries of this thread, everyone's getting their panties in a knot thinking she's singlehandedly ruining the cosplay community but the reality is outside of Vegas nobody knows who the fuck she is. Even with her claims of being a guest or a judge in other cities, we all know its bullshit and we all know that most "big name cosplayers" that she tries to reach out to and kiss ass on Twitter never even reply or pay attention to her. As for followers making you famous she really needs to get her head out of her ass. Joselyn Cano has 6 million followers on Instagram and I bet nobody in this thread even has a clue who she is (not a cosplayer just pulling a name out of my hat to prove a point) her followers are about the only people who display whiteknight obsession with her and even with 30k or whatever it is that is still such a tiny .006 percent chunk on social media. She's nothing. And yes she will try to tell you she is somebody and you're just jelly of all the followers she has but any slut with her tits out pretending to be a comic book nerd usually caps out at 80k. She's just a small fish in a huge pond there are cosplayers straight from Japan and Korea that have 300-400 thousand likes on Facebook or followers on Instagram and/or Twitter. I don't understand how she thinks she's still such a special snowflake.

No. 167846

File: 1471955875449.png (92.39 KB, 720x576, Screenshot_2016-08-23-06-34-08…)


Just in case anybody is wondering who these cosplayers are with 300-400k likes on Facebook and start asking for screencaps I'll post the queen in my honest opinion. Unconfirmed wether she makes her own cosplays I'm sure the team she cosplays with helps eachother out individually, but Mariah will never reach this status she will never be this girl.

No. 167847


Sorry I'm not done my rant ha-ha. If you think Mariah and the few hoes from Vegas are ruining the cosplay community you need to expand your horizons a bit. I follow cosplayers from all over the world the only reason I hate this bitch is because she seems to think she can come close second to them because people praise her on her little corner of the internet. But the few skanks who pretend to be gamurgirls can't ruin something that is international (Europe Australia Japan)

No. 167850

I agree with you on pretty much every point, but I don't think anyone really thinks she's single-handedly destroying cosplay, she's more of a symptom that the US community is going to shit.

Anons might also be getting salty because she's so obviously fake and passionless about it. She doesn't give a shit about cosplaying and it really shows in everything she does.

No. 167855


And although I may see some points to your argument I also have reason to believe that the thread itself was just started by some very salty people who have a personal vendetta against her. There are hundreds of wannabe cosplayers who pull the same shit and are just as disgusting, what makes her so special? Why not have a thread about ALL the snowflake cosplayers in America?

I mean it is humorous watching her act like she's making a difference, when in reality she's just another girl who uses sexuality to promote popularity in a largely male based community. Most females cosplayers who have no talent wouldn't even have a career if they didn't have neckbeards who fantasize about their video game Waifus. She's just another talentless girl like all the others who have these patreons and Boudoir sets and even pornography. I don't see why anyone would waste their breath on this one bottom feeder chick. Even if this thread did "destroy her" and she quit cosplay it wouldn't change a damn thing in the so called community.

No. 167863

File: 1471963967377.png (902.76 KB, 750x710, thatfuckinglegarmor.png)

She looks fucking nothing like the original design. How did she think this is ok?

No. 167865

omg, she didn't even try with that leg armour.
Also whats with Momo and her friends not knowing how to style wig bangs? Its literally the easiest thing to do.

No. 167866

They have this incredibly unfunny YouTube channel and momokunt and moochlette appeared in the naruto parody, it's cringeworthy but I gourds they are friends because they were partying with her that weekend. Lobster daddy must really want to bang her and it seems momo has given up on bardock Obama. Course these guys are running a crappy YouTube channel with 80,00 subscribers course momo is going to be super chummy with the .

No. 167867


She made it Im pretty sure she rushed the leg Armor in the hotel room to be ready for the con, even if it was shitty. She probably spent most of her time on the axe and neck shit that she forgot how much time she had or was too busy with Mariah lol

No. 167868

Definitely not momo in the black cat cosplay that was Thornchan momo didn't show up til the sun went down.

No. 167873

Haha holy fuck those sandals!!

No. 167876

Haha nana respected? Hahaha in California she's known for screwing over people especially on commissions she also makes most of her cosplay money from tit shots 90% of her pictures are exactly the same with her nasty boobs spilling out people can't stand her either in Cali so she's usually by herself at cons waiting for someone to notice her she also complained a lot about not being asked to be guest of honor at many cons. The only reason she got invited anywhere is because she copied up to Alexandria the red another "cosplayer" who barely makes her own shit and is stuck up as fuck just like nana

No. 167878

It's more that momo perpetuates an on going problem in the cosplay community, there are more and more lecherous assholes coming to cons to hit on cosplayers because there are hundreds just like Mariah that continue to glorify cosplay as a fetish and that cosplaying women all pose in panties or do budior shoots

She defends the perverts on her page and acts like it's completely ok to treat all cosplayers like sexual objects when it's a fucking hobby meant for people to go out and be themselves not for horny assholes to come in giggle and take candid ass shots, up skirts or inappropriately hit on girls and ask for their numbers! Momo is not single handedly bringing cosplay down that's not why I hate her, I hate her because she's a rude pig who is only kind to those that further her interests and continually markets cosplay to perverts and makes it hard for vegas cosplayers to be taken seriously.

She makes it seem like all vegas cosplayers are sluts. She wants to do crappy cam whore shots let her! But fucking a leave the word cosplay out of it.

No. 167892

Every time someone posts a picture of her in-progress cosplays I get horrific flashbacks to asherbee/luvmonkeys.

No. 167901

I would be so embarrassed to go out looking like this

No. 167921

Moochlette used to look so good next to Momo, now she's starting to look like her. Getting fat and suddenly the quality of her cosplays is going down. This leg armor is such a joke.

No. 167928

I'm so done with these "budoir" photos. Even reading the term pisses me off, because it's just a lame excuse for shitty cosplay these days.

No. 167934

It's the only thing that makes them money now on Patreon these days. It's cheap and tasteless, but tits always sell well.

No. 167935

File: 1471986650706.jpeg (126.47 KB, 640x937, image.jpeg)

Seriously is, you see what her "art" looks like? A 1st grader does a better job no wonder she started flashing her ass like momo

No. 167937

Lmao oh wow I never paid too much attention to Moochlettes Patreon but christ. I can see why she started doing half naked prints now too. Easy rewards for the neckbeards.

No. 167939

The only one that looks good is Mew since the original Pokémon are so easy to draw. Fucking sad.

What… The fuck is this armor? Girl, that looks like you slapped some foam together and didn't try.

The delusions have to be strong. When you're cosplaying a character showing that much skin, wouldn't most people plan ahead to tone the fuck up?

No. 167953

I don't think Momo nor Vamplette know what the words "plan ahead" mean.

No. 167978

File: 1472000922457.jpeg (82.5 KB, 615x723, image.jpeg)

Literally looks nothing like Charlotte the only thing that is passable is the neck piece the pauldrons are way off everything is flat as fuck

And what is it with moochlette and her posing? She never and I mean it she never never never even tried to get into character she just makes the dumb zoo lander look and uses MySpace angles to hide her crooked nose much like momokunt used them to hide her weight gain.

No. 167980

Not to mention she lazily used a bra and upholstery trim to decorate. Fuck painting the zig zag onto the bra would have been better than what turned out.

No. 167981

If you check out Nanas patreon you can tell its momos rewards cut and pasted onto Nanas patreon

Talk about being lazy as shit

No. 167982

I agree with the anon that said Moochlette spent all her time on the neck piece and the axe. The difference of quality between those two pieces and the rest is insane.

If she just managed her time correctly and wasn't lazy she'd probably have a decent cosplay. Better than Moomoo's travesty at least.

No. 167986


Suddenly she's the trashiest looking one out of the thirsty trio. What an eyesore of a Patreon profile.

No. 168003


I was actually gonna suggest the theory that Vamp made hers purposely shitty so for once Momo would look better standing next to her. Because even though Moomoo's looks half assed I feel like Vamp's is one step away from one of those joke cardboard Gundam cosplays with that awful fucking armor.


Agreed. I gotta question why the fuck Moomoo has to finish her cosplay last minute in the hotel room when she doesn't have a job. Like if she's gonna call cosplay and Patreon her living then live up to it. If she devoted even 20 hours a week, equivalent to a part time job, then she should be way better than her current skill level. And on top of that there's no reason she should be finishing shit last minute in her room.

People hate her because she's so fucking lazy. Just straight out, she has no job and quit her job to cosplay and she has basically nothing to show for it except for a couple half assed budoir shoots and a bunch of thirsty neckbeard followers. It's fucking principle at this point. If you're going to sell yourself as a professional cosplayer then fucking act like one. If she ever wants to be asked to guest for one she should start actually spending time at the conventions rather than rolling in hungover well into the afternoon, and also she should actually put the time and effort into her cosplays that they deserve. Especially considering again, she has no fucking job and isn't in school.

No. 168010

Is it just me or is her bra cutting weirdly into her boob on the left side? Either that's the weirdest shoop I've ever seen or she's got some weird bra/boobage going on.

No. 168014


Looks like it's just the trim folded under the edge of the bra

No. 168020

Nice to see her Patreon dipped back down to 4500.

No. 168023

Their arms look like they are her gut spilling over

No. 168024

I can't believe she quit her job for cosplay, even though she likes to make out her life has been tough so it didn't happen that way whenever she's interviewed at cons. Those neckbeards giving her money to strip down to just lingerie are completely clueless.

No. 168028

Bardock Obama unfollowed her. At one point I felt kinda bad for how vapid and clueless she was about every insult he threw at her, she laughed it off and acted like it was just a cute thing between them, exchanging insults but when he constantly talked about girls who retweet their selfies and seek attention on the internet she should have seen it coming…you have NO idea the amount of subtweets I see on my TL in anitwitter, people call her slothface, koalaface, one kid was threatened to be blocked if he "ever retweeted that ugly ass bitch again" lol. She's not as well liked even by the community she claims to have started out with as an "anitwitter higher up" lol that was the biggest joke of them all, remember when she said that? Oh please someone post the screenshot "as an anitwitter higher up I think…" EVERYONE was subtweeting her that day lol she's the biggest joke. Most people use the letter "M" now when they mention her because she searches her name and sends white knights after people who say something bad about her.

No. 168054

Absolutely no one gives a shit about her in Vegas and they hate her even more in other states the bitchiest thing about this all is that momo was kind of nice at the beginning but once those likes went up she started accusing people trying to get to know her of using her that attitude has made her the most hated chick in Vegas vamplette was once semi respected now people avoid her too haha add nana to the group and now people are noticibally avoiding them at great lengths sooo much shit talking about these bitches on Twitter course momo wouldn't realize the people she follows and thinks worship her secretly hate her except they act nice to her in order to avoid her bullshit rants and fuckbois

No. 168055

Didn't someone say Vamplette literally made those leg pieces in the hotel? Maybe she'd dumb herself down a bit, but I don't think to the point where she is a literal joke. Chances are MooMoo is just rubbing off of her.

At least Mooch still a job, what's Moo's excuse?

No. 168061

Moomoo is just plane lazy as fuck pure and simple she must have watched heroes of cosplay and thought "I can do that and be famous and nigri poses in underwear and so does Yaya so ill do that to make a lot of money and like I'll be super popular". Honestly more coscamwhores starting showing up in the scene after that fucking show came on syfy. It's just a way to make money without puttin a lot of work into it except REAL cosplay takes a lot of time and effort the chicks on heroes of cosplay could somewhat make stuff in less than a week because they had years of talent not 6 months of patreon and twitch donations.

No. 168083

Jesus anon, grammar, use it.

No. 168100

File: 1472065901462.png (899.65 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is it just me or is her left butt-cheek really wobbly lookin? It looks like they weren't paying attention while shooping.

No. 168122

I can see pimples or razor burn on her butt yuck! I think I've just gone blind.

No. 168124

Why anon why? It burns!

No. 168125


"Oh it's Wednesday and I don't have a job I'm so bored what can I do for internet attention? Oh yah drop a tacky photo I took a month ago for my Patrons because everyone needs to notice me!"

Keep it classy, Mariah.

No. 168130


On her Facebook she said it was so popular that at least five people requested that picture as a poster! Wow! Five! Lmao!

Anyways she's going to a Seattle con in her Samus suit and it will be amazing because she's gonna get a rude wake up call. She's not going to know anyone there and no one is going to know who the fuck she is :) I'm just waiting for those sob story Facebook posts "I'll never go to PAX again it's not the same as before I was so miserable"

No. 168133

Isn't PAX a fgc thing?

No. 168134

She's taking moochlette and Irving legend with her and meeting up with Tina Dayton.

No. 168139

Looks like failed to photoshop cellulite fatty lumps to me lol. Especially on that area.

No. 168141

why would she take Irving legend lol?

No. 168147


hes the photographer or bodygaurd

No. 168210

File: 1472081903017.jpeg (154.28 KB, 750x1076, image.jpeg)

"I've lost some weight" LOL

No. 168213

More like gained it after becoming a lazy cunt. She only looks like the mannequin when squeezed into her waist clincher and shooped. Lol she's hopeless.

No. 168222

It's so funny that she's posting it in the Vegas cosplayers community group cause almost every single cosplayer is Vegas HATESSS her. So of course no one has responded and only 1 like on her post lol. Mariah is a loser in Vegas.

No. 168231

$230??? Shegot ripped off on that deal the adjustable ones are $100 less.

No. 168254

Sounds like she's bullshitting the price just to boast about how expensive her cosplay making gear is. An adjustable Singer dress form is nowhere near that original price. Probably didn't know how to use it properly anyway judging by how in one of her videos on Twitter she kept measuring the Chun Li vest to her chest rather than the form. Hopefully it goes to a better home, someone who actually knows how to make costumes.

No. 168260

All of her cosplays are so shitty she can't even use the mannequin for display purposes ahahah

No. 168262

Hers looks like mine (except mines a bright blue). I found that mannequin on Walmart. $115 (for a large).

No idea where she bought it from but if it was for $230, she was robbed.

No. 168263

She was there on Sunday but she did not cosplay. She was put in charge of the Instinct panel and was complaining about it before it even started. She also had the bright idea of having a dabbing competition during the panel and having people jump off the stage which ended in someone hurting their ankle, ending the panel, and having the ambulance come in.

No. 168265

That was her idea? Shit that story has been going all over Facebook, the dabbing contest sounds like something she'd insist on.

No. 168274

Proof that she was in charge of Instinct Panel please? Vegas hates momo I highly doubt Sabakon would hire her for that. Plus Mariah isn't even on team instinct. Also she would of bragged about being in charge of a meeting so much because this bitch has a pathetic resume when it comes to doing things in the community.

No. 168276

Gross. They missed a spot with the blur tool. Her thigh is so thick and massive it makes her legs incredibly short. Her body type is just so gross and unfortunate. This isn't even THICC at this point…

Lost weight? Momo plz. We all have eyes and can see that you've been gaining.

No. 168283

File: 1472108651392.jpeg (67.3 KB, 749x370, image.jpeg)

She wasn't in charge she just helped out apparently

No. 168284

I don't have proof, this was what she stated before it began. She may have just said it, misspoke, or exaggerated.
I can't say if she is just trying to lessen her involvement or if this is true and she was only helping, but the dab compition was her idea.

No. 168436

"I JUST WANT THE TRUTH DAMMIT! I want another Metroid game"

oh look, she wants more metroid games to play them never

No. 168457

That dress form has a better shape than she does

No. 168469


Meaningless hype over latest releases, costumes she wants to do and other geeky things she doesn't give two shits about to get her fans going in her neverending game of bullshit. Sounds about right.

No. 168480

File: 1472169857071.jpg (143.9 KB, 1500x1001, YpQXNPw.jpg)

What a mess.

No. 168488

Oh man, you can see the outline of her waist trainer underneath the suit, yet she has no waist. She seriously thinks she looks like she "lost weight"?

No. 168494

Holy shit this is the face of a middle aged soccer mom trying to be cool god what the fuck how does she look so old and haggard

No. 168509

who even is this "LXM DUO" that does all her photography because their stuff looks so bad. consistently unflattering lighting that makes her look even worse.

No. 168510

File: 1472172665029.png (17.14 KB, 477x619, chunkliart.png)


No. 168516

ThAt isn't cute at all..,

No. 168534

File: 1472176309190.jpg (9.56 KB, 219x230, download.jpg)

No. 168544

File: 1472177018167.jpg (257.77 KB, 1152x2048, 4OqbXGs.jpg)

Oh no…

No. 168545

omg these comments…

So cute I wouldn't even be mad if she cheated on me in my own bed with the neighbor

so pretty i would get down on two knees rather then one to marry you

Life is perfect, all done.

this is why the world is worth saving for

And you still never fail to impress me with your work. Love everything you do momo

… I really dont want to live on this planet anymore D: rip humanity

No. 168547

HAHAH I was just gonna post this.
I like how she makes it seem like she made the costume herself. Wasn't this commissioned?

No. 168548


I'm creasing at people who legit think she made this. It's fucking commissioned. She's incapable of making anything this level since she did the "lazy" Mei not long ago.

No. 168555

File: 1472178449006.jpg (290.02 KB, 1800x845, renaud-galand-01-mei02-crop.jp…)

Just want everyone to know that even the commissions she orders are lazy and half-assed.

No. 168556

I wish Mariah and Collette would just give up and only go to out of state larger cons. No one wants their slutty talentless asses in Vegas ever. Just go away.

No. 168557

That poor wig bunched up on her shelf.

She didn't mentioned anything about having this commissioned in her image post did she? She'll probably milk it for people thinking SHE made it until someone calls her out on it.

That tongue thing is getting annoying. Miley Cyrus does it in every picture.

No. 168561


LOOOOOOOOOL She's claiming she made those new leggings herself but in the old costume she was wearing lululemons with ONE shitty ass stripe painted down them. Holy fuck her fans just buy every lie she feeds them eh?

Jacket and gun were commissioned, she bought those boots from a shoe store obviously and it looks like she bought the leggings too. Only thing she made was the backpack and I don't even know if she made that.

No. 168562

You know, all things considered, this cosplay isn't that bad on her.
With the big coat, everyone looks big in Mei, so it's actually a pretty flattering costume for her.
Ya we know she didn't make it, and she posted a picture making a really stupid face and the tank looks like shit, but I'd rather see this than a spandex suit stretched over her ever growing ass

No. 168565

But the jacket looks like something cheap bought from some random cosplay shop in China. For being "commissioned" it's literal shit.

No. 168567


Probably what she was ranting about, the cosplay that's late from TimeCosplay kek.


No. 168572

go take a look at that chun li jacket again and reassess the standard we're measuring by here

No. 168576

no way its from that seller. the one she has looks like a shitty rubber suit.

No. 168580

Momo retweeted some drama that's gone down in the gaming Vegas community? Fuck all what it's about but I like how she's slating whoever is being pointed out is a pest to the comm when she herself needs to look in the mirror.

No. 168588

I noticed the backpack looked like total shit compared to the gun, so it wouldn't surprise me that she made it.

No. 168590

She spent $400 on this piece of shit?

At least her $4k a month is going to something cosplay related, I guess.

No. 168592

isn't that wig her samus one? no wonder it's so ratty and gross…

same tbh. at least it covers up her lardy ass and keeps her flab contained.

>Fabric: pu

No. 168594

File: 1472189182048.png (443.11 KB, 700x700, 1453155631647.png)

No. 168599

I'm still so fucking aggravated over how she clearly has no fucking idea what Chun Li is like as a character and then pulls stupid fucking poses like this.

And couldn't she photoshop that costume to look better, you can see the puckering seams a mile away.

It does. If she paid like $400 for this, she got ripped off.

No. 168600

It's a gaming convention for all genres.

No. 168611

File: 1472200028623.png (123.47 KB, 631x925, ozIYbMp.png)

Don't know why Momo is <3-ing BardockObama after this post in which one of her fans had to point out about her so called amazing cosplay status to bring it to her attention with a retweet. Which comes in as a previous anon said earlier that he unfollowed her just recently so now we know why.

When unfunny meme trash fuckbois who usually worship these girls begin to see the light there's hope after all. Bet that won't stop Momo from trying to get his attention though.

No. 168623

Why does she look she's MTF?

No. 168636

This Bardock though doesn't sound like a Nobel prize winner himself. "Like 90% of female cosplayers" is exaggerating. He sounds bitter

No. 168645


KAYBEAR JUST TWEETED MARIAH ABOUT IT She noticed the heart and looked on her page and she asked her "are you seriously in agreement to what this guy said, Mariah?"

No. 168654

File: 1472224232403.png (233.06 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Fucking fake as fuuuuuuuuckkkkk. Bad save Mariah haha. We see through your shit you special snowflake you.

No. 168657

'All I saw was that someone said I was an amazing cosplayer'
I love when she slips and lets us into her psyche like that cause it's all she cares about. it's like if you tweeted 'momo is an amazing cosplayer if you think amazing cosplay is made my someone with parkinsons' she'd retweet it and say thanks

No. 168671

lmao idk who Kaybear is, but damn she sort of kind of went in on Momo.

No. 168684

People should start doing this.

No. 168689

SwimsuitSuccubus commented on Momo's hypocrisy as well but them Momo backtracked saying it was a "misunderstanding" and that she "didn't see bardock's comment"
I didn't screencap SwimsuitSuccubus's comment but if you check mariah's twitter you can see her @ SS and Kay bullshitting her way out of their call outs.

No. 168692

He has said cosplayers are trash a hundred times over, while him and Mariah were playing it up, acting chummy, and she was acting as if she didn't see those tweets. Please hoe. You saw it all and said nothing because you were all over his dick.

No. 168695

Bardock is such a fucking loser, lmao even Mariah could get better. She needs some self esteem. All he does is steal shitty jokes and repost memes. I respect Mariah more than him tbh

No. 168697

Why is she going to San Fran with Moochlette? You know she footed the bill for all that shit.

No. 168704

Kaybear is no different from the rest of these Patreon cosplay hoes. They all stick together like one big happy family.

No. 168720

File: 1472246405306.png (Spoiler Image, 4.32 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

No. 168721

Remind me again how you're "body positive" when we see images of cottage cheese thighs and ass and also see super smooth, "flawless" legs in a boudoir shot?

Photoshop and body positive are not synonamous. You either are positive or not. I'm going to guess not.

No. 168723

Not going to touch on those disgusting legs, but why wouldn't she at least attempt to fix that hole in her costume? Even patching it with safety pins would look better.

No. 168725

hahahaha idk how old this picture is but the fat ass literally tore a hole in her costume. Like how many cosplays of hers have started popping at the seams at a con at this point. There's at least Diane and Silk.

No. 168733

File: 1472249152615.jpg (183.02 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_inline_nsd06t9tJL1tsk31…)

if you keep calling them disgusting what do you expect them to do lol. damned if she does damned if she doesn't.

what's the big deal with her dimply thighs lol. i mean fine if you think she's gross/fat but regarding the dimples i feel like you have to be fairly, well, young to find offense in something like that and call it disgusting. especially when victoria's secret models have that too it's not about weight. it just seems really immature. it's like going on and on and on about someone's acne.

cows are cows but the contradictory obsession with her body is very zzzzzz. she's got enough bad qualities to go on about no need to get petty about her body.

No. 168736

File: 1472249360731.png (338.12 KB, 500x500, scarlett-johansson-hot-celebri…)

last one. like imo i just don't see how it's shocking.

No. 168737

it's because she's lying about it???

Someone might have a perfectly fine eye color but if they wear contacts and constantly talk about how much they love their eye color then people are gonna call out that shit.

She goes on and on about how she's happy to be 'thicc' and 'body positive' but she literally lies about her body at ANY opportunity. it's one thing about the thighs since AVERAGE photo editing smooths that out but if she's so 'body positive' then why does she constantly try to hide and lie about her body? Moomoo is a cow because of her blatant lying so bringing up her lying about the body shes so 'proud' of is a fair topic to tackle. (also tbh most cosplayers are smart enough to wear dance tights)

No. 168746

>if she's so 'body positive' then why does she constantly try to hide and lie about her body?
it's a process, buddy. i think she's genuinely trying? idk she's obviously a wildly insecure fatty and idk if i can find someone cow-worthy over something so common lol. that sort of shit goes way deep into instagram girls and the kardashians it's not particularly shocking or interesting? idt it makes her a bad person. i mean even the eye color comparison it's like, does that sound like an important or interesting issue? how can you get mad about something like that and feel the need to "expose" them. seems trivial. i sound v whiteknighty but it's not rlly about her as a person it just seems so backwards regardless of the person to obsess over their body in a negative way.

but anyway my main ? is how people can go off about her cottage cheese thighs. that's just what bodies look like. hell, yours probably look like that too.

No. 168752

>Wears a waist cincher
>Picks the most flattering angles and poses to look more thin
>Photoshops the fuck out of everything, including cottage cheese ass and thighs
Her "body positivity" is a sad joke.

Get the fuck out momo.

No. 168753

Do you know where you are, anon?

No. 168754

File: 1472252563894.jpg (9.33 KB, 332x251, 1 eww.jpg)

so anon is implying mariah's fat ass cottage cheese thighs are 'normal'? i'm pretty sure you're from america than because there's nothing normal or not ugly about her cottage thighs.

sure, everyone has a bit of cellulite but when you get as overweight as mariah and your legs are starting to droop with fat and resemble cottage cheese than yes, to normal weight people it looks kind of disgusting.

even the pics you posted look better than mariah/this pic

No. 168755


then *

also how is it petty to point out how shitty she's treating her body? that's not positive at all mariah

No. 168763

File: 1472254043858.jpeg (154.83 KB, 1300x957, image.jpeg)

>anachan 1, america 0

No. 168766

i was out lol. see it's this kind of passion i find childish and odd.

>than yes, to normal weight people it looks kind of disgusting
it doesn't stop it from being backwards. i don't live in america lol i live in amsterdam. you don't have to be american to be mature(?) enough to not go off passionately about how disgusting dimply thighs are. i mean, is it the texture? is it her habits? it's such a knee-jerk reaction i don't see how it's even important enough to angrily argue w/ me about it i'm just having a chill dicsussion i'm not forcing you to think differently lol. it's just such circa 2003 12 year old on 4chan thinking. this is a discussion board i just figured there's more productive shit we could be talking about other than acting disgusted over cottage cheese legs like it's something unique to her lol it's boring.

No. 168771

So is momocunt and moochlette in San Fran for vacation or???

No. 168772

It's so funny how Mariah tries to preach about being "a cosplay family" and wanting everyone to get along but she's constantly choosing sides/dickriding the wrong people that she thinks will get her famous, and then backtracks when other people call her out about it. It started with MostFlogged and then MostFlogged attacked FakeNerdBoy and suddenly they weren't friends, because Mariah wants an in with Jessica Nigri SOOOO BAD, now it's this Bardock guy, and she goes back on her word because Kayyybear knows Nigri personally as well. To a normal person everything she does is so hypocritical and fake.

No. 168776

lord i know i hate her cosplay family act. as if it's about anything other than business and attention in the community in general? but she's so all around obnoxious and loud it's worse with her. i feel like all "sexy" cosplayers fall into the same pathology as her and jnig. people who actually give a shit about their craft are focused on, you know, working on their craft. it sucke they never get the same attention.

(see this is the kind of shit that makes her a cow not dimply thighs lol. all i'm saying.)

No. 168780


I know I make a lot of valid points like these yet they go unnoticed because a lot of people like to focus on how fat/photoshopped she looks in all of her new cosplays lol.

But the point is, if the cosplay community was one big family a lot of people would've caught her fake personality by now and snubbed her. Problem is there's thousands of wanna be Jessica Nigris out there, and there's new ones everyday (after all she's only been cosplaying for a year) and some people are just as delusional as her when it comes to follower counts, and ride her ass and act all "omg I love you you're so gorgeous" because they hope her followers will follow them.

No. 168786

I was browsing through the community part of her Patreon and she says she doesn't even send out Boudoir shoots to the 50$ people unless they message her to ask for them? She also states that if you want any particular photoset you have to message her personally because some people just "donate to donate" they don't even want her pics. Seriously? Bitch they're paying you fifty a month for your bullshit you better send them out ASAP not send them on a goose chase lol what a dumbass.

No. 168795

She knows what dancer stockings are, she's worn them with the Mewtwo cosplay which happened before the Diane.

There is nothing wrong with the cellulite. It's the lying. The constant lying. Saying you're body positive and seeing all these girls look up to her (as she retweets them) saying how she's inspirational, when you've been abusing the photoshop tool and preaching "thicc," be honest. Just like the Bardock comment she backtracked "oh oh I didn't see that" when everyone knows she's been on his dick for ages now, yeah she saw it. Again, lied about it. Posting pictures of her and complete cosplays, when everything's been commissioned, doesn't mention it or mentions it once, yeah again, lies. Remember the interview? "Me and Jessica Nigri are friends!" and "I made my Samus suit!" more lies!

No. 168796

Kayybear has actual talent for costume making, doesn't shoop and looks hot in candids. It seems like you auto hate on any girl getting paid for her looks and that's pathetic.

No. 168797

Buy even if she didn't photoshop out the cellulite people would still shame her and call her disgusting. You can still be body positive but insecure about your own body.

No. 168799

how can she even claim to be body positive when she says stuff like "mei isnt fat shes just THICC"

No. 168802

That was at ALA this year. She was in a cosplay music video wearing it, attempted to twerk or dance with her hips from behind in slow mo and it was a mess of oh no.

No. 168804

If momo didnt photoshop she would never have gotten popular though???

Yes you can be body positive and be insecure but NO you can NOT be body positive and then blatantly LIE about your body. She does EVERYTHING she can to lie about her body. Whether it be photoshopping ,myspace angles, or contorting her body to hide her ACTUAL shape.

If anything the photoshop and corsetting and everything she does to hide her body comes from her shit personality and love of lying. She's lazy so instead of actually working to get the body she wants she BLATANTLY lies about it and uses 'body positivity' to try and block people who comment on what she actually looks like.

If she didnt photoshop she'd basically have to be a better person and if she was a better person she wouldnt have a lolcow thread and no one would give a singular fuck about her.

No. 168807

I think the anons who shit on Mariah's weight are taking more of an "I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you" kind of mindset. It's just that she's such a shitty person that her weight becomes one more thing to hate about her.

No. 168811

exactly she's not just cosplaying she's cosplaying while trying to be a sexual icon to her neckbeard fanboys. that's why costume quality comes second and why she wears a waist trainer and photoshops her thighs. she's not gonna be desirable/marketable/successful without it. her fans want a thicc sexy photoshopped cosplayer with a small waist so that's what she's gonna do. she's like a pin-up cosplayer. which is fine but she's a shitty manipulative cow. she's a fat jnig.

>If anything the photoshop and corsetting and everything she does to hide her body comes from her shit personality and love of lying. She's lazy so instead of actually working to get the body she wants she BLATANTLY lies about it and uses 'body positivity' to try and block people who comment on what she actually looks like.
eh idk imo it's not that deep. i mean everyone lies about their bodies and even if you're a mean person it's still gonna come from insecurity especially when you're just plain fat. that's just? normal. i don't think anyone is naive enough in 2016 to not be aware of photoshop and that everyone smooths their skin to some extent. and no one is obtuse enough to not understand the logic/psychology in smoothing your skin unless you're purposefully trying to be a dick. there's a reason almost all photo editing apps have the option to smooth your skin. there isn't some crazy deceit in standard beauty photoshopping bc that's just 2016.

exactly but that doesn't mean it's necessary lol. it derails and is just childish behavior in general. maybe if people didn't go on back and forth over a single photo of her fat ass but like, they do. and regarding her faux body positivity, if mariah took off the waist trainer and stopped smoothing her thighs while insisting she loves her body and is happy with it and thinks she's sexy, not only is she gonna lose her fans but people in this thread will say she has no waist, that her thighs are gross, and that she's a delusional feminist who thinks they're attractive and relevant. and would go on to say that she'd look better with a waist trainer lol. this isn't a situation where anyone will be satisfied with her body. i can understand the logic behind it but it's just cheap.

mariah is basically another jnig who lies about being a legitimate cosplayer when they only care about the validation that comes from being sexually desirable to fanboys. she's done a lot of awful things and proven herself to be a lying, manipulative, obnoxious and desperate piece of shit. but if her thread isn't interesting without calling her dimply ass disgusting every time an unphotoshopped photo comes out, then maybe her big tits aren't full of as much milk as people would like to think. it doesn't always have to be about her body just because it can be.

No. 168813

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that momo and vamplette are supposed to be going to a Seattle con in less than a few days and are currently on a trip to San Francisco, right after vamplette crashed her car and begged for donations on gofundme, and the two chewed out people that said it wasn't their concern if vamplette needed money for car repairs Because-hey, one of them still has a job as well as a patreon. So, this is all very suspicious or incredibly bad timing.

Plane trips can be cheap every now and then, but hotel room, food, that can get pricey. I'm assuming momo is using patreon money to fund their vacation as well as twitch donations meant for PAX, so far momo and vamplette seem to be touring San Fran and it's not cosplay related. Call me crazy but isn't that exactly what momo claimed her funds were supposed to be for? For cosplay? Not for taking pleasure trips when your supposed to be getting ready for a con and cosplay is your only source of income when you aren't slothing in your game chair playing overwatch.

No. 168815


They both really do sound like a pair of frauds at this rate. Momo has said countless times her Patreon funds are "strictly" for cosplay and her description on there has changed continuously because she knows that's bullshit. Her money is funding these vacation trips such as Hawaii a couple of months back, San Francisco at the moment and Vamplette so she has a friend to go to conventions with as you never see Momo without her now these days.

No. 168816

with her shit costumes that only cover half her body she probably has money to spare lmao

No. 168826

The money is the only reason why moochlette is friends with her. Vegas peeps know that she used to not like her and talk shit. They are both manipulative cunts who deserve eachother.

No. 168854

File: 1472285791619.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.9 KB, 640x698, image.jpeg)

I hate to say this but momo at least covers up her brown eye unlike Chelhellbunny. It's all over Instagram. Puke

Still momo supports this kind of cosplay

No. 168872

can someone PLEASE explain what those horrifying ass smears of brown are on both of their legs please

No. 168876

File: 1472293817207.gif (735.2 KB, 250x206, keke.gif)

No. 168887

That ass is just so sad

No. 168889

holy shit annon its the internet. Of all places to complain about people criticizing…just wtf. She put herself out there, no shit people would criticize her.
Hell in real life if you get enough fame and you look like a dumb ass and a sell out, people give you flack about it socially but even worse. Look at Miley Cyrus for instance. The same with the Kardashians. People judge you or drag you so you shouldn't be surprised if people are talking shit over the internet, of all fucking places, on an annon board. Sorry its not much of a HUGBOX here

No. 168898

Mariah has a similar picture but in her attack on Titan gear, she doesn't fully cover her booth hole either in it either ? Fucking classy

No. 168914

Why the hell would you willingly let all of that hang out in the open? Even some pantyhose can work wonders.

No. 168920

She's another Jnig wannabe that gets involved with Momocunt and does the exact same unoriginal trashy boudoir antics to get money from neckbeards. Her costume skills are much better than Momo's yes and that's about it.

No. 168936

File: 1472321156905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.98 KB, 599x337, image.jpeg)


No. 168957

She was tweeking and those brown spots are her inner thighs and brown eye. This account has not been reported

No. 168998

Samus has holes in it too. One on her hip and one on her shoulder iirc.

No. 168999

Again, there you go complaining about a woman using her sexuality. If it makes you so upset, how do you even function online?
Kayy has talent and if i had a body like that i'd show it off too. Momo could be so much better if she stopped brown nosing popular cosplayees and learn how to construct costumes like them.

No. 169002

I mean there's nothing wrong with buttholes… But I guess your name is attached to it forever and that won't go over well in an actual factual job interview.

No. 169087

>Again, there you go complaining about a woman using her sexuality. If it makes you so upset, how do you even function online?
It's because these sluts make cosplay all about sexuality and turn a hobby focusing on craft and fan tributes to a fetish. It is a real problem because now we have normies funding whores like momo for 4,5k a month thinking she's a "professional cosplayer" and "professional cosplayers" are nothing but dress-up dolls to cater to the male eye. She's just a sex worker and she, among with JNig and others, act as a role model to younger female cosplayers. Showing that this is what they're supposed to do in order to become popular (because popularity and fame are the only things that matter) and make money selling their bodies to men is just shit. Instead of focusing on their talent and making better costumes they just slap on a lingerie set and a wig and call it a "boudoir shoot" to make a quick buck.

I don't really give a fuck if it's slut shaming or any other tumblrina term, they're ruining the hobby and the respectability of the whole female gender. If she was just what she is - a sex worker and a camgirl - nobody would probably have a problem with her exploiting her sexuality. But the fact that she's using cosplay, a hobby that is NOT sexual, as an easy cover to appear more "innocent" with her agenda and to reach a wider audience with popular characters is where the line is crossed. It's not fucking about being upset for women using their sexuality, it's about these skanky hoes sexualizing something for monetary gains and ruining the hobby for everyone else.

No. 169097

Lol, psycho radical feminist alert.

Cosplay isn't ruined for women or anyone because of the retarded bullshit "reasons" you just shit out. Plenty of women do non-sexual cosplays and are respected and well regarded in the community, get jobs in theater or taking commissions and making costumes for big bucks, win contests with actual cash prizes and become extremely famous with paid guest invites to cons.

pizoobie, lady lemon cosplay, elizabeth rage, vensyprops, amiehabit, Enji Knight, Panterona Cosplay, Li Kovacs and way more than that are all successful cosplayers with huge followings, all more well known than Momo or Kayy who don't do any boudoir stuff.

You're full of shit.

No. 169099

A non-cosplayer detected.

No. 169101

And yet, all the cosplayers you listed off are ones that don't have even a fraction of the following or make as much money as sluts like JNig and Yaya do. Being a sex working calling themselves a professional cosplayer pays more than being an actual talented and conservatively dressed one.

No. 169103

because jessica has been doing this for 7+ years and Yaya for like 15+ years. Of course they have bigger followings you fucking retard.

No. 169105

This. Li is the only one to reach monetary success without taking off her clothes and that's because Nintendo is a family-friendly company and she was one of the first western cosplayers to actually put an effort into her costumes. Also
>Pizoobie: skimpy cosplays of popular characters
>Lady Lemon cosplay: skimpy costumes of popular characters
>Elizabeth Rage: skimpy costumes of popular characters
>amiehabit: subpar craftsmanship and some skimpy costumes
>Enji Knight: sexy costumes and genderbents of popular characters
>Panterona cosplay: skimpy costumes of popular characters
Anon come back when you got examples of female cosplayers who get 4,5k on patreon and make other costumes than LoL worbla bikinis, sexy superhero women and don't take selfies with a headset and their tits hanging out.

No. 169109

I don't know, maybe it's a hunch, but maybe just maybe it's the bolt ons? I mean its not like they base their costumes off of titties or anything crazy like that. I mean that's not how Jnig became relevant in the first place.. its her hardworking career and craftmanship that got her the subs and attention she deserved!

No. 169111

You're the retard since Li has been cosplaying since 1998 (18~ years)

There's also IchigoKitty that has been cosplaying since 2002 (14~ years)

Even Kamui who taught Jessica and Yaya most of what they know about armor making has a significantly smaller following than they do. (10~ years)

cant tell if sarcasm or not but I'm really hoping it is.

No. 169117

Those types of cosplayers don't need patreon because they get paid to guest at cons and charge out the ass for costume commissions.
It's really retarded how so many of you see fans jerking off as "success" and think 4k on patreon as the only source of income momo has makes her a threat to talented cosplayers being recognized.
Momo is a nobody who has no impact on the cosplay community.

No. 169118


You sound like a smart cookie. Why are you here? Lol. There's so many posts (including my own) stating that there are so many other people in the cosplay community who aren't dressing up in skimpy outfits but no one here listens it's all about hate. Just let it go. There's a reason this thread was moved :)

No. 169122

why are you even bringing up Jnig and Yaya when no one was talking about them? Stop trying so hard to derail.

No. 169137

The average upset neckbeard or Tumblrina response when discussing about a cosplay hoe. Couldn't have predicted the reply better. No use defending these skanks here. Nobody finds them empowering or remotely attractive to even back up on when there's some badass female cosplayers with amazing fucking talent to list.

No. 169151

I personally find the fat shaming and slut shaming part of Mariah distasteful due to there being so so soooo many more reasons to dislike her. She is a horrible person and toxic to this community. The only reason why these forums keep popping up and thriving is due to her unflattering modeling and disgustingly lazy craftsmanship. Everything just repeats itself over and over again. I hate that she reads these and more than likely takes our advice almost every time even though she lies and says she doesn't come here anymore. Wish people would stfu so she can just fail and disappear from what little influence she has on the scene quietly. She's a disgrace of a cosplayer not even worth talking about anymore tbh.

No. 169156

Lol youve been the one bitching paragraph after paragraph about how mariah is being "unjustly" name called or some bullshit. holy shit you really have time in your hands and you seriously give too much fuck about her.
Why all the whiteknights all of a sudden?

No. 169157

What's with the sudden influx of white knights in this thread?

No. 169197

Mariah came in to defend herself once again.

No. 169274

Honestly, most people here probably wouldn't give a shit about her being fat or a "slut" if she wasn't such a cow. Generally if there's no milk to provide, no one gives a shit and the thread fails. Mariah is shitty person, so every shitty aspect is going to be brought up.

No. 169280

Why are you so upset that we're shitting on someone on an imageboard devoted to shitting on people?

The fatshaming/slutshaming may be petty, but endlessly whining about it every time someone does it isn't going to change anything. Considering being "thicc" and wearing skimpy cosplays are big parts of Mariah's identity, of course people are going to discuss and/or shame her for it.

No. 169291

See: >>169101
>>169103 you autist.

No. 169321

I am absolutely loving watching you fucks tear each other apart this week.

It's like the primary subject of the thread is argument and Mariah is taking a back seat.

No. 169418

I mean, its the internet, that sort of shit happens constantly. its not groundbreaking.

No. 169428

yeah it's not anything new or amazing at all. there's even in-fighting among mariah's followers sometimes.

No. 169505

Momo mentions on her Facebook cosplay page on using the flight reimbursement money she got after she couldn't board an overbooked flight back to Vegas on flying out for photoshoots with a photographer. But surely that's what the 5k a month on Patreon is for already?

No. 169518

Can't help but think that's a lie, she's just trying to save face for going on a pleasure trip and hiking in San Francisco when she is supposed to be preparing for PAX. But even then she's wearing all commissioned outfits and her photographers don't actually charge her money for her shoots-they seriously don't charge her a thing. She's just spending the patreon money and twitch donations.

No. 169608

For someone who talks about being a nerd and being bullied for it she's actually pretty normal in that sense, I mean she cosplays all the basic bitch outfits and watches maybe two or three animes? She plays video games pretty much only when it's on Twitch or if taking a photo op can increase her "gamergurl" status. I mean everyone likes Dragonball Z even people who aren't anime fans.

I remember she was taking a Japanese class but she dropped out of UNLV so I don't think she can actually translate Japanese.

I think she's just a weirdo, the dumbass faces she pulls and the noises she makes, I think she's just weird and she's trying to fit in somewhere, I just wish she wouldn't lie so much about being a "hot nerd" it's the only issue I really have with her.

It's like the rants Tasha and Gabby had on their Twitters a week or so ago. You dont have to lie about being into every video game to get noticed, her fans are just as clueless so no one ever actually tries to hold a conversation with her about the video games she mentions.

Yes I know she can talk Overwatch for hours but that's about the only one she's ever shown she's genuinely interested in, on the other hand it's such a casual game. It's still a video game yes but it's like Call of Duty where all the gamergurls like to flock because it's pretty basic and simple shit.

No. 169629

File: 1472512013948.jpg (83.13 KB, 675x1200, CrD6VGaUEAAxAYD.jpg)

almost puked
so gross…. WHY???

No. 169632

I know that this is weirdly specific, but she kinda has the body of a woman whose trying to get back into shape right after a pregnancy.

No. 169637

no ass is perfect, buddy

No. 169640

Dat fupa. Cleft and all. Girl is just plain fat, not thick especially since she has zero ass.

No. 169656

She's holding the string away from her body to keep it from showing how it cuts into her jfc

No. 169663


per month

lets see if the money will raise in a few hours

No. 169665


It's now at 223, $4,375.

Noticing a pattern with how she releases skimpy outfit, boudoir or bikini shots, the money increases within a few days. It's dropped quite a lot lately so maybe she needs the extra cash.

No. 169679

How many filters does she need on one photo, holy shit. My eyes can hardly focus, she's so blurry. My best guess is it's to help camouflage her shooping, though if she did, it didn't do much. Still can't beleive she's trying to claim she's been losing weight. Girl, where?

No. 169688

This honestly wouldn't be such a bad photo, but her face ruins it tbh.

No. 169690

File: 1472530667751.png (50.48 KB, 720x188, Screenshot_2016-08-29-22-13-06…)

How tacky.

No. 169696

So what really happened was that they were just going in the same direction as her.

Momo seems like the type of girl who thinks that anyone who is remotely nice to them obviously wants her bod.

No. 169697

She actually has a framed picture of just herself in her room look behind her omfg I'm laughing so hard she's a narcissist

No. 169712

So, does her Patreon have actual nudes or just more body shots she didn't bother to post?

No. 169713

lmaoooo this is such a pt pose before she lost weight

No. 169715

File: 1472540974086.png (358.23 KB, 566x843, ptmoo.png)

This isn't the first time she's done a pose reminiscent of PT…

No. 169726

I like how she's pulling at the string like that to avoid visible jellyrolls and jutting her hip to fake a more defined waist at that angle. She knows her fat girl tricks.

afaik she doesn't do nudes, just lingerie pics. There are nudes of her but they were posted on her tumblr.

No. 169901

File: 1472585181069.png (49.77 KB, 617x340, sofullofshitmomo.png)

Once again returns a Momo's cosplay community spirit post that reeks of such bullshit & lies I don't even know where to begin.

No. 169903

You're dumb, she clearly means they followed her on Twitter

No. 169906

File: 1472587069178.png (192.6 KB, 720x756, Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-55-45…)

No. 169907

File: 1472587124875.png (201.14 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-56-00…)



No. 169910

Wtf it's not rare really ??
Stop talking shit Momo

No. 169912

Who do you.think she's talking about?

No. 169913


She tried so hard at one point to get buddy buddy with Jessica Nigri and still name drops her asif they're BFFs like she did in that SuperToyCon interview she had recently while dressed as Samus. She also from time to time tweets to FakeNerdBoy as well. Why of course you're not trying to use certain cosplayers for an easy ride on the popularity train Momo…you're so special & unique with outstanding talent that you don't need to do such a thing.

No. 169924

File: 1472591558198.png (42.52 KB, 720x230, Screenshot_2016-08-30-15-10-04…)

This is interesting I just took this screenshot she just stated it about an hour ago, wonder if it's about Mariahs little rant?

No. 169927

File: 1472592619030.jpeg (212.48 KB, 750x924, image.jpeg)

You can see the boning of her waist trainer/corset. Her awkwardly posing hands and hammy arms just make the whole thing look off

No. 169928

She's fucking copying Cat since she posts cosplay positivity on Facebook almost daily. MMariah will never be her because she actually has talent and is looked up to. Fucking sad.

No. 169939


Stop spamming the thread with pictures just so you can talk about how fat and hammy she is. We know we've heard and said it a thousand times. She just posted the most hypocritical bullshit she has ever said in her life and you're still focusing on something we've known for a year? Fuck off.

No. 169945

This is great. Anon posts a pic of the cow in a thread about said cow, and it's deemed irrelevant. Go fuck yourself. She claimed she lost weight and this picture just popped up on Moochlette's instagram. Her arms just look so awkward in the way she posed and her hands are just floating with no purpose.

No. 169947

She's known to have been hypocritical and attempted to shed herself in a good light. This is fucking great.

No. 169959


Actually it is irrelevant since she said she lost weight about two or three weeks ago and the thread has been flooded with a lot of pictures since then already proving shes lying. Flooding the thread with pictures of how fat she is proves you have nothing else intelligent to say besides "omg she's so fat ew".

No. 169984

It's cool that you want to be ~body positive~ and all anon, but your crying about it in the thread constantly is really becoming a buzzkill. Keep that shit at tumblr please. It's a picture of her, in a thread about her, it's relevant.

No. 169987

File: 1472608028808.jpeg (66.57 KB, 750x445, image.jpeg)

No. 169988

File: 1472608097776.jpeg (47.16 KB, 750x257, image.jpeg)

Also Tasha replied with this

No. 169996

So very obvious they're talking about MooMoo.

No. 170004

Not to derail but I actually like Gabby and Tasha. Tasha is going to school to get a degree she's not planning on being cosfamous for a career and even tho Gabby is a little on the heavier side she's really cute in the face. Plus when she wears outfits she doesn't stuff herself in corsets and wear ten pounds of makeup :)

No. 170006

Tasha is kind of gorgeous tbh, Gabby is cute and yeah, she's chubby, but her personality seems alright and her cosplay is actually not garbage unlike Mariah. Both seem okay in my book. I bet Mariah is going to be extra salty when she sees this though. She doesn't seem to have many friends in the cosplay community there outside of Moochlette and that other girl who just latched on to moomoo's teat.

No. 170009

File: 1472616161031.png (258.5 KB, 504x635, booty.png)

No. 170010

She is making a new twerk video for D.Va

No. 170013

Is she low key trying to take credit for the booty DVa cosplayers? LOL ego much?? What an idiot people try to slutify every cosplay trend now it's nothing new.

No. 170014

Holy shit Vamplette really does look like a MtF in this pic. A drag queen. And Mariah looks like she's either made out of wax or is some sort of embalmed corpse. Makeup really does wonders.

No. 170021

What other girl?

No. 170022


I think they are talking about Nana Bear but she's been Mariahs friend for awhile now. She wasn't very active on Twitter when I was following her but since her and Mariah went to a con together all of a sudden she posts a lot everyday. I think part of it was Mariahs doing

No. 170029


Lmao and then after that she does a "shoutout" to the rooster teeth community because of all of the "professional call of duty" guys who suddenly follow her will rt it, hoping that @roosterteeth will actually notice her and retweet it. She is all about the big number accounts even if she knows nothing about things like call of duty she still wants them to notice her it's so fuckingggg anoyyyingggg

I found it hilarious when she name dropped vampybitme and ivydoomkitty on Twitter and they didn't even respond or acknowledge her lol. She is alllll about numbers so this statement smells like horseshit

No. 170038

Honestly in my experience the people who post supercilious "community positive" bullshit like this are the worst hypocrites. Including moomoo. She's constantly namedropping and riding the dick of the relevant community members in hopes of getting a share of their fame.

I also like how she's saying "You're not gonna make me like you with how popular you are" when she herself constantly flaunts the amount of money she's getting from her patreon as some kind of an indicator of how likable she is. Never forget that the cheap aliexpress suit has gotten her more attention than you jelly bitches will ever get [sic]!


No. 170040

Oh man, Momo and Moochlette's egos are so ridiculous, how do they handle being friends with each other? It must be the most obnoxious circle jerk session. Kind of glad Moochy is losing her figure, her personality is becoming such shit.

No. 170050

File: 1472633663452.png (59.14 KB, 281x386, 01.png)

She's down to 218 patrons, $4,280. I know it usually takes a dive at the end of the month, but is it usually this huge of a difference? She was almost at 5k just a couple weeks ago.

No. 170052

She has to arch her back in ever photo just to make it look like she has an ass. It's incredibly flat in all the phone photos and selfies of her. Lmao these girls are tragic.

No. 170056

File: 1472639771019.jpg (34.21 KB, 720x245, IMG_20160831_043001.jpg)

So this screencap is a part of a conversation where that Krissy girl is tryna act like people are using her to get to Mariah, (as if Mariah actually has that much influence lol) and it makes me cringe how openly dishonest she is. What happens if Jessica sees this shit or watches that interview where she said she's friends with her?

Also, you know how's she's terrible for butting her nose into "cosfamous" people's conversations because she tries so embarrassingly hard to be noticed by them? I noticed she is now trying to butt into conversations with Ashley Oshley, probably because Ryan talks to her. The desperation is so sad.

She also mentioned she's now gonna cosplay Cammy. LOL.

No. 170057

I do hope Nigri knows of this and Momo's other name drop posts. This bitch doesn't know her and isn't her best friend. I bet she says this shit to people at cons all the time.

No. 170065

What irks me is that tattoo. She could have at least shooped it out or something for the shoot. It's not D.VA like at all.

No. 170069


The whole thing is not D.Va lol. She doesn't have a cute face, man jaw and an ugly nose and her eyes have so much makeup on them she looks like she's transgender. Or a drag queen. She's very unfortunate looking with makeup on actually. She is consistent with the drag queen makeup.

No. 170073

Moochlette also tried claiming that Riot ripped off her LeBlanc costume that she did using an artist's fanart some time ago. She's got about as big an ego as Moomoo. No wonder they're perfect for each other.

No. 170080

File: 1472655747540.jpeg (280.87 KB, 1264x1264, image.jpeg)

She had "busy" month so she didn't even send out her August patreon rewards which explains the huge dip. The fact that she is now trying to cosplay Cammy and Misato its like she's trying to get back at Gabrielle cook and Steff Von shweetz.

We will see how desperate she and moochlette get. Moochlettes ego seriously has gone through the roof lately. These two are so horrible.

No. 170081

Wish she would stop using that line about everything "bringing tears to her eyes" whenever she tried to act humble. She's used that line so much. Of course originality is not her strong suit.

No. 170083

Lol I hope the same anon who warned Jess about momo the first time (or any of JNigs' friends) relays this. SO tacky. Like she realizes there will be people who try to pick up convos with Jess and go 'oh yeah I also love your friend momo' and Jess would just be like 'lolwat who????'

It's amazing how she thinks certain people won't fact check at all.

No. 170086

File: 1472656766144.png (49.51 KB, 581x191, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)


No. 170087

What's really bringing tears to her eyes is that she capped it at 50

No. 170088

I was JUST about to post this!!!
omg Momo is fucked.

No. 170089


No. 170090

Jess isn't following her anymore lol

No. 170091

Jess already wasnt following her though. She was followed for less than 24 hours back in May.

No. 170092

My bad, i thought she was still following her


No. 170093


Looks like a certain little narcissist won't be trying to butter up to Nigri any longer at cons. KEK

No. 170094

I almost have second hand embarrassment for Momo, but not really considering she did this to herself.

No. 170095

Kelly Jean and Abipop (both snowflakes too) @ing jnig to make sure it wasn't about them too.
This is pure gold.

No. 170096


No. 170097


Well fuck me this post is like bringing out all the potentials that Nigri could possibly be talking about. Got them all in a panic!

No. 170295

I know right? They all use her for exposure. Makes me feel partly bad for Jnig tbh.
Someone needs to tag momo in the replies.

No. 170296

Please someone tag her and the video of her interview. Please for love of everything lol

No. 170302


Another snowflake posted around here (Sheena Duquette) responded to Nigri's post as well. How fucking sad, probably having them worried shitless now lol.

No. 170303

File: 1472660371551.png (115.47 KB, 630x347, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.1…)


No. 170306

omg i love this

No. 170307

Anon whoever you are- YOU ARE A TRUE HERO

No. 170308

It got deleted

No. 170309

No. 170310


No. 170311

File: 1472661558890.jpg (45.75 KB, 375x436, 1436161175909.jpg)

>mfw watching the drama unfold
good luck moomoo

No. 170314

Nigri liked a video on Youtube as it came up in her Twitter feed, not the interview one though. But that means she probably watched it and had a good laugh before watching better shit.

No. 170325

But why is Mariah being Misato is it just to be an asshole to Steff? Mariah has never even said she liked EVA what a severe poser. Her Cammy is going to be a disaster too just like her Chunk Li. I wonder if she's gonna do the same blue version Gabby does.

No. 170328

Definitely out of spite, steff and gabby are popular out in Vegas and are frequent guests for the cons they go to and one is always a judge the other is modeling for companies every now and then, stuff Momo and moochlette want but those two are hated big time for being such egotistical jerks. Mariah especially wants to be a guest very badly so of course she's starting drama with the two people who used to be her friends and are now successful in the cosplay community.

No. 170348

She needs to learn to play her angles better. Her nose is big and crooked and it takes up her entire face in forward shots like this.

At least MooMoo knows hoe to do the simplest of Myspace angles to look thinner.

No. 170350

First time ever I am rooting for Jnig.

Fuck MoMo for doing that shit, its fucking distasteful in any community.

No. 170364

It's been a while now since Nigri posted that status and Momo is active on Twitter, but not saying shit, only a retweet and few replies to other things. Must have hit a nerve.

No. 170365

This milk is delicious.

No. 170366

Now Momo's desperately trying to get more people to join her Patreon to get the shitty Chun Li boudoir set as it's the last day lol. Meanwhile Nigri's Patreon just bumped up in the hundreds of $$$ in a matter of a couple of hours with her set she's released.

No. 170367


The picture is unflattering as hell. Why use this one she looks like a 40 year old mom trying to be sexy for her midlife crises husband.

No. 170368

File: 1472680652665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.35 KB, 476x726, image.jpeg)

Chun li pic btws

No. 170371

i am so done.

No. 170372

I know it's petty but that expression she makes in "sexy shoots" is always hilarious, it's such a failed attempt at being sexy. One eye closer than the other, opened mouth with non existent lips, that long ass philtrum. The sexy open mouth expression only works on actual hot girls

No. 170374

File: 1472681897240.jpg (2.53 MB, 5184x3456, sexymariah.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 170375

Why the fuck does she always retweet herself?Like just now. We've already seen the Samus bikini so why retweet the status about it again? It's like she's afraid of losing out on the attention she gets or trying to push down the drama that happened in the last day so it's just forgotten about.

No. 170377

She honest to God looks like she's having a seizure. This shouldn't ever see the light of day.

No. 170379

File: 1472683410948.png (234.32 KB, 587x391, tryingsohardyetnotgettingveryf…)

She just retweeted Nigri lmao she'll never learn will she?

No. 170382

Until Jessica flat out tells her to fuck off, she never will.

No. 170383


She's sucking up to her about her Cinder Fall bikini set as well. I don't get why Nigri just doesn't call her out. She's got well over a million followers compared to Momocunt and could easily destroy her in a single blow.

No. 170384

Gotta keep up that illusion that they are totally friends and that status absolutely had nothing to do with her.

No. 170385

Nah, Nigri calling her out will just give Mariah another reason to martyr herself.

No. 170386

How about photoshopping her shitty cosplay better along with her shitty body. Jesus fuck my eyes

No. 170387

Think about if, jnig has a bunch of people watching her and a lot of haters. Those haters will go and follow Momo, gives her huge exposure.

No. 170390


Actually Nigri called out MostFlogged and she only has like 10k followers so….

No. 170391

Yeah but she still got exposure, i was going to use her as an example. I didn't know of her until she got called out so…

No. 170393


Mooooooo that Photoshop can't fix that tummy this time around. Also Tasha just posted an all natural pic with no editing and went on this epic rant about how people lie about their appearances all the time and there's so much photoshop but if you don't like something about yourself or you wanna be happy go out and work for it don't just use editing tools. It's funny how everyone's calling her out now.

You're a name dropping, lying, insecure skank. How about get off your phone and actually go to the gym. And better yet, get out of this community.

No. 170398

The funny thing is she's doing this all to herself. She's gonna have a breakdown and post this big long "feel sorry for me" speech "I'm disappointed in some people" but the reality is, you're purposely being spiteful towards Gabby and Steff with your bullshit costumes and as for Jessica, well we all know you've been dickriding her from the start. You just want her fame. We all know this.

No. 170399

The amount of ass kissing she does is just outstanding really. You can see somewhere she's blatantly trying to get attention from Commander Holly.


No. 170402

If she streams i'll bring the Jnig thing up in chat and see what happens. I'll try to post caps.

No. 170405

File: 1472690970388.jpeg (60.53 KB, 747x407, image.jpeg)

Why is she including gabby in her tweet complimenting the other girls lol. Fake as fucckkkkkk

No. 170406


What's Momo's problem with Gabby and Steff exactly?

No. 170410


There was a Twitter confrontation involving Steff and someone else, Mariah stepped in and said that Steph was actually in the wrong and that just caused bad blood between them I am assuming? And Gabby is just one of Stephs close friends so I guess it's just beef by association. Not really sure about the more intimate details because unlike Mariah, Gabby and Steph don't post every beef they've had with someone on Twitter and go on an epic rant about why she has beef with somebody.

No. 170411

Gabby isn't friends with moo moo because she dropped out of doing that kitty lingerie shoot with her & Tasha. Then moo moo went and shot her Camilla patreon shoot in the cat lingerie.

No. 170412


She deleted this btw.

No. 170414

Mariah is going on a favoriting spree, must be because her self esteem took a big hit today and she needs to remind everyone and herself that she has all these neckbeards who worship her :)

And she's more active than she's been in awhile. She must know something is up and is investigating what other people are saying. I can't wait for her bullshit rant.

No. 170417


I'm worried for Tasha because if Mariah does enough stalking she will for sure go on the attack and send her whiteknights after her, then again I'm sure she is a big girl and she can handle herself.

Not everything is about everyone else, that rant might not have even had anything to DO with Mariah, but when you're as narcissistic as Mariah is she will assume everyone is talking about her.

No. 170418

What if this whole time Mariah is still friends with all of them and this is just all coincidence after coincidence lol. (Doubt ittttttt)

No. 170419

No. 170421

She's still fb friends with Tasha. But she's not friends with gabby or steff at all.

No. 170438

File: 1472700400068.jpeg (125.99 KB, 750x751, image.jpeg)

More drama

No. 170439

File: 1472700602484.jpeg (45.96 KB, 750x417, image.jpeg)

No. 170442

File: 1472701372074.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, tumblr_nvkg40HQ1Y1tfn6k7o1_500…)

This is absolutely delicious. Lol

No. 170451

What is it with this girl and calling guys she's attracted to "daddy" severe dad issues here.

No. 170457

That's hilarious. Holly's too smart to go anywhere near that train wreck though.

I'm half tempted to believe it was momo who sent that ask in the first place. This seems like her trying to prove how much of a 'good friend' she is without having to name drop cause that's TOTES not how SHE is u gaiz

No. 170478

File: 1472715435875.jpg (95.99 KB, 588x391, screenshot.99.jpg)


No. 170483

I guess if your fantasy is to shag a girl in a dodgily-made cosplay…

No. 170513

File: 1472733491310.png (323.74 KB, 614x848, 07ceb95b1af599163ba4f338de586c…)

Even StarExorcist is sick of her shit. It is a really shitty thing to post art when you have a lot of followers with nothing regarding the person who made it.

No. 170518

I wonder who the whiteknight is or if it was Mariah herself that posted those attacks on Tasha. I already stated earlier that she probably wasn't talking about her, ha-ha. Not every rant on Twitter is about Mariah lmao. It's so tacky that anyone would attack her just for Mariahs sake. That's the shit show that is Mariah Mallad. Its so sad.

No. 170524

Meh, maybe when you have a lot of followers you should avoid these things in order to avoid drama, but Tumblr artists are a real pain in the ass when they cry and bitch because "Waaaah somebody reposted my art (aka shitty doodle most of times) without asking me even though they wrote credits!!! I'm so triggered and I will call them out!!!! I'm an artist!!!" It's the internet, if you don't want your "art" to be posted anywhere but your personal page, don't post it and just show it to your family and friends. Momo was indeed wrong here, not giving any credit despite that's a public twitter page and not a private, small followed one, but those "artists" can be huge babies sometimes.

No. 170532

File: 1472741359469.jpeg (70.81 KB, 608x772, image.jpeg)

last night she got back up to at least4.6 k with 238 patrons. That a huge dip overnight

No. 170553

But moomoo wasn't giving the artist credit. It's a real fucking pain when it happens repeatedly, people reposting things you've done without any credit when you're struggling to make your art seen with fucking 14 notes on tumblr and the reposter getting hundreds of reactions on your expense. Reposting and giving credit is fine because it redirects people to see the original artist but these assholes who just post art without bothering to find out who's the original creator are just assholes.

No. 170574

I don't know, people complain even if you give credits. Or sometimes you repost it explicitly asking for the artist's name because you saw the fanart on pinterest and you want to find out the author, and people come after you anyway. It would be fine if shit was only for Mariah's case, but most Tumblartists will complain anyway. Sage for OT

No. 170583

File: 1472755161038.jpeg (391.27 KB, 1125x1934, image.jpeg)

No. 170584

File: 1472755329945.jpeg (356.52 KB, 1125x1877, image.jpeg)

No. 170585

File: 1472755453453.jpeg (344.33 KB, 1125x1920, image.jpeg)

No. 170589

^ Yeah what a bunch of dumb bitches. They're all trash anyway.

No. 170590

Talking about not wanting to spread "toxic" stuff in their community but they're doing the exact thing they complain about. All hypocrites and hoes who don't know real struggle

No. 170591

>Complains about people doing their dirty laundry in front of thousands of people
>proceeds to do the exact same fucking thing

No. 170592

Just tacoroach, she sucks up to momokunt big time. How hypocritical to be tweeting them to quit tweeting about bs to thousands of people than does it herself. Tacoroach is in momos pocket and will do anything to keep momo liking her.

No. 170593

File: 1472756764519.jpeg (131.9 KB, 640x892, image.jpeg)

Momo and her group are childish as shit, this tacoroach is a fucking leach and you know she's just sucking on momos teet, because momo has promoted her fanart, gabby makes good points here.

No. 170595

File: 1472757127720.jpeg (67.14 KB, 640x473, image.jpeg)

Gee, look who's at PAX and shit talking on Twitter to gabbyc after a long flight.

No wonder Gabby isn't buying that shit. Wonder if momo paid for the plane ticket too, we know she did for Moochlette.

No. 170596

Momo was most likely complaining about Gabby to Tacoroach and tacoroach was stupid enough to "take action" without realizing that it's totally giving away that they're talking behind Gabby's back. Nice going.

No. 170599

The cherry on top of you read tacoroach's Twitter you'll find that she was drunk as fuck on the plane to Seattle. No wonder the tweets came out of no where.

No. 170603

File: 1472758310646.jpeg (387.09 KB, 1125x1933, image.jpeg)

No. 170604

>implying subtweeting is the only thing they're doing that isn't good for the community

No. 170609

File: 1472759048269.jpeg (379.17 KB, 1125x1910, image.jpeg)

No. 170610

File: 1472759224132.jpeg (335.91 KB, 1125x1915, image.jpeg)

No. 170612

Just proof at what a toxic friend momo is, she's not content with her life and can't deal with her own problems so she needs to get her friends and white knights to do the dirty work for her. Quit trying to drag people down with you momo! Be a fucking adult and deal with it yourself instead of fucking bullying everyone into liking you!

No. 170617

Momo's negative personality rubs off on anyone that is in close contact. There's always some bullshit happening as she looks on. These dumbass girls need to make better cosplay friends.

No. 170618

My friend actually showed me how she messaged them and all the shit she was talking.

She hardly knows my friend. Why? Why are you talking shit and then turn your face and preach positivity and love and acceptance? Own your shitty attitude. Be proud of the POS you are.

No. 170624

Most people wouldn't even know who they're talking about it, its just passive aggressive vague tweeting. Everyone does it. The only person airing the dirty laundry is the tacoroach bitch

No. 170636

Dang I actually liked tacoroach's art. Never buying from her again.
Who momo?

No. 170667


Obviously Tacoroach reads this thread or she wouldn't be assuming the subtweets are about anyone. So, whiteknight confirmed?

No. 170669

Why out of pity? her art is as basic as she is.

This. I'll never understand where this whole vague tweeting stigma came from since everyone does it. I feel like most of the time it's not directed at a specific person but a general way of behavior. It's the kind of thing where if you get pissy cause you think someone's vague tweeting about you, surprise surprise, you're probs in the wrong. There are the times when it's directly talking shit about someone but most of the time people just salty.

No. 170677

Some stuff was cool but her friend is the better artist her main selling point is the lon Lon candles and scrubs. Her actual drawings aren't good.

No. 170681

File: 1472778605141.jpeg (183.54 KB, 750x1133, image.jpeg)

Came across this forgotten gem and got a hearty chuckle, old as mamos crusty Samus suit but just a reminder she doesn't even like the boudoir shoots and donates to local cosplayers!!

No. 170683

>I don't want to use all the money
Then why not… I don't know… save it? Just because you have money doesn't mean you need to spend it all.

No. 170688

Mariah does lurk here, so chances are she saw our posts and then bitched and moaned to Tacoroach who, for some unknown fucking reason, decided to blab it all over Twitter.

No. 170689


If you loved cosplay, like you claim, then you wouldn't give a shit that no one buys your prints or doesn't give you money through Patreon. You would just. Fucking. Cosplay. And enjoy it.

The fact you want to lie and say you do the sexy photoshoots because you have to is such a crock of shit! And further proof she just wants to cosplay for the neckbeard bucks.

Why do people legit like her? IDGI!

No. 170692

Pretty cute how she thinks she's so important roll eyes

No. 170705

She honestly think she's that big in the cosplay game and it's just hilarious. Knowing she probably rages about everything posted here and has her whiteknights on guard too just makes it better. Momocunt will crash and burn in due time, she's too lazy to make this her lifetime "career" & has the passion of a dried up sponge to keep it going.

No. 170708


if you don't want to be a sexy cosplayer, stop being sexy and get a real job to pay for expenses like almost everyone else???

No. 170713

File: 1472790577614.png (1.47 MB, 1080x835, momoandtaco.png)

Well well look who's rooming together at PAX.

No. 170714

Oh damn, >>170595 called it. No wonder she was sucking so hard on moomoo's teat.

No. 170716


Looks like Momo has a new lapdog when Moochlette can't make it to the same conventions.

No. 170721

>I didn't realize I was so important that you need to spend all hours of the day making up rumors about me
>Like I'm usually nice and very down to earth
>Knowing how to market yourself on the Internet is what has helped me become a big cosplayer
God what a self-righteous cunt. Not only does she think she's a big cosplayer, she thinks it's all because of her superb marketing skills. Unless she means big as in fat, she can shove it up her ass.

No. 170727

STILL haven't seen any "donations" to support locals, unless those donations go straight to Moochlette or anyone else she tries to impress. Buying likes is not showing that you know how to promote or market yourself, what an dumbass.

No. 170729

Anyone know how her and moochlette became friends?

No. 170730


Basically momo went up to moochlette at a con and they kept in touch, supposedly momo got mooch a job at anime revolution when it was at planet Hollywood, and those two have just been attached at the hip ever since.

No. 170732

File: 1472802627424.jpeg (36.35 KB, 604x328, image.jpeg)

really momo? Going all the way up there and don't even bother to arrange a photographer before the fucking event?

No. 170745

File: 1472814603423.jpg (42.28 KB, 720x479, FB_IMG_1472814223596.jpg)

Honestly like her as a person, just seems to make horrible choices. This picture right here, why did she think this was worth sharing. The way it makes her face look is unflattering.

No. 170758

Omg she's got the PT witch profile

No. 170760

She's incredibly disorganised.

No. 170769

What a professional cosplayer kek

why are either of them posting ootd selfies as if they're wearing anything sensible. Also I would murder moomoo if she took and posted a picture of me sleeping. (also shout out to taco being an actual retard and sleeping in her glasses)

No. 170798

Honestly her face doesn't suit D.va at all, she would've looked better as Mercy

No. 170803

off topic; but did moochlette ever actually post a picture of her supposedly wrecked car for gofundme? Because we all know where those funds actually went.

No. 170825

Don't think she ever did. The timing of the car accident funds with the last con she went to with Momo is too good. I see this shit too often in the cosplay comm. Cosplayers have sudden unfortunate events happen, get donations then suddenly they're at another con with new costumes, with no mention of what occurred or updates.

No. 170841

lets be real if the accident was real she wouldnt have posted photos everywhere and made a HUGE deal of it. just like most FGM things it's bs that people make up for their own gain

No. 170848

You can tell she tried to shoop her jaw, but she left that honker totally untouched. idgi

No. 170851

Maybe she thinks it's her "signature" or something.

No. 170856

File: 1472858819512.png (806.65 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

why moochletye never smiles in her "proffessional" shoots

No. 170859

That's disgusting
I'm baffled that there is a fetish for teeth like this in Japan

No. 170860

I actually don't care about wonky teeth as long as they're clean but can someone explain what's happening here? At first I thought one was just misaligned but there's teeth behind it? For a second I thought her tooth had split somehow. The more I look at it the more confusing it is.

No. 170861

looks like an overcrowding issue, maybe.

No. 170870

File: 1472867163815.jpg (146.96 KB, 1200x900, CrYFmXMUkAAarvy.jpg)

I'm actually surprised that since she cosplays all the basic bitch characters that everyone else milks until no tomorrow, that she hasn't actually done a Tifa costume. Then I realized, she can't because she would have to show her tummy.

My best friend who is an LA based cosplayer would roast her alive if she decided to do her full costume with a corset, the one with full coverage. Then we both cringed about how she would probably turn it into a boudoir set.

Thing is, she's just not cute enough in the face to pull off a Tifa or even D.Va. she has sloth like features and her face is so round and she uses way too much makeup.

Her D.Va looks like shit. Lol. Maybe learn to countour so your nose looks smaller and upturned? And putting false lashes and eyeliner on every single fucking cosplay shows you have no clue about the fact that each cosplay you do requires different makeup effects.

And I wonder who made the gun because it certainly wasn't her.

No. 170871

How is that supposed to be a Chun Li pose? Does she even know her poses lol

No. 170872

File: 1472867456442.jpg (196.43 KB, 900x1200, CrY1SX3UsAIit0h.jpg)


I was ranting about how she will sluttify Tifa and then started ranting about D.Va lol might as well post the diva pic. The lighting is so horrible on her face she looks like a legit potato lmao.

She gets that same bunching in her crotch area when she wears her Samus suit. Because the fabric easily slides over a waist trainer it kind of bunches and clings to the bare skin on either the top or the bottom of the corset when she walks and I guess she doesn't realize she has to smooth it out again.

Body positivity my ass.

No. 170875


Her face is round because she is fat. Or chubby. Whatever. You want to get "body positive"? She's not skinny and she's not fit. She's far from it. She climbs mountains? Great. Does she run up them? Does she take them at a legitimate enough pace that's it's good cardio and she's sweating off her fat? Obviously not. She is a chubby girl and when she smiles or she has a turtleneck (which is what that d.Va suit looks like, she looks like a stuffed sausage) those pictures that aren't MySpace angles show how chubby she is even with a corset, because her face. Is fat.

No. 170877

So my friend saw her walking around PAX and apparently she's started carrying her posse around with her. She's an idiot though cause everyone then went extra out of their way to avoid her so by trying to act 'important' with her 'crew' she's shooting herself in the foot lol

No. 170882

People are actually avoiding her even out there?

No. 170883


People avoid her because she's cancer. On Twitter she chooses what she wants to see, neckbeards parising her for everything. But like Jessica said the community is small and shit gets around. People probably don't want her name dropping them and pretending to be their friends just because she got a photo op.

No. 170884


LOL I WONDER IF she's trying to make it seem like she needs "bodyguards" so that she "looks" like she's more famous than she actually is

No. 170890

That wig isn't even close to the right shade of brown and yet again no styling the bangs

No. 170900

This is so unflattering. That huge nose, that hanging gut, that flat ass. Girl, plz.

No. 170912

Anyone know what her plans are for the next 3 days of pax? I am here and want to get her pic to post here.

No. 170915

Chun li
Samus of course

No. 170950

Watch her snapchat. She's hanging out with her ex too. He doesn't seem too happy.

No. 170951

Poor guy, he didn't deserve to be cheated on.

No. 170953

wow D.VA again…
4500$… these patreon guy are so dumb

No. 171000

File: 1472920142969.jpeg (193.21 KB, 1000x750, image.jpeg)

What's wrong with her face in this one? Everyone else's looks normal?

No. 171001

It's cause her skin is super oily from all the layers and layers of makeup she wears gross

No. 171002

File: 1472920571246.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 171003

Actually the sandals are spot on for the character same with the neck brace but that's all she got right. Everything else looks shitty. That's also the wrong axe for Charlotte, that ax is actually Camillas weapon. It's an ax that Charlotte can use but ultimately it's Camillas signature. Charlottes best weapon is actually a hammer ax. So clearly she never actually played FE much like momo.

No. 171037

LOL the other people look so good and then there's momo and vamplette. If they thought hanging out with good cosplayers would help them look good, they were really wrong.

No. 171039

File: 1472934132568.gif (145.74 KB, 200x200, chun-li_victory2.gif~c200.gif)

In Third Strike when Chun-Li wins she cutely jumps up and down and cries happily, and flashes a V sign with her fingers. Not that really matters because I doubt the girl cosplaying her would know the character either way, but she can be cute and bubbly so it's not entirely out of character so a cosplayer to do that.

No. 171094

She doesn't even look cute and bubbly though she just looks fake and stiff

No. 171105

Chun can be cute and bubbly but she's not the 'wants everyone to be ~*friends*~' type. She definitely wouldnt stand between Cammy and Juri and want them to 'not fight' like that. No matter what this picture is out of character. If anything it looks like Moochlette and nanabear got into those poses and since idiot moomoo couldnt think of interesting poses like they could she literally just shoved herself in the middle. I have yet to see a GOOD chun-li pose from her.

No. 171107

I'm not saying she's the 'everyone wants to be friends' type or would stop enemies from fighting, but people criticizing Momo for smiling in pics as Chun-Li saying she's supposed to be stern and going 'ugh she doesn't even know the character' was a little ridiculous to me. I don't think she knows Chun-Li at all, not defending her or that stupid pic, just pointing out that that's not Chun-Li's character either, she can be serious and playful.

No. 171114

File: 1472957484479.jpg (148.02 KB, 900x1200, CrdvHtdUIAA_nAu.jpg)

Second thread was derailed by religion, fourth thread is being derailed by what a video game characters personality is like. A fucking fictional character.

On a side note, here's moomoo looking a lot better than she normally does. Is this photoshopped or? Those corset lines tho.

No. 171121

She's not looking AS haggard, but she still looks 10 years older than she really is.

No. 171144

Someone discovered how to properly tie a corset and what padding is

No. 171194

How is it being 'derailed' looking and posing like the character is something a cosplayer is SUPPOSED to do (especially someone who doesnt even make her own shit). You can argue about body-size or skintone or whatever but at the VERY LEAST you should be able to pose like the character.

Anyway I think this is just a good picture from whoever took it mixed with a lucky angle. since she still looks like a tied up sausage in this >>170871

No. 171216

her wig actually has bangs and is properly styled unlike before where she had this weird mid part thing going on.

No. 171225

File: 1473008714184.png (115.1 KB, 400x500, main.png)

>Properly styled
not in a million years is that wig 'properly styled'

No. 171285

File: 1473031748439.jpg (775.3 KB, 1263x695, 219b86aa4fb6b4d7ce1fcce3b221d6…)

She looks so short and fat, no surprise there.

No. 171286

It's so gross how she's latching onto Ray and Tina cause it's obviously just for their popularity. Does she have any 'friends' that she CANT gain something from?

wow she's literally the same size from the side as that chick is from on. SO sad.

No. 171295

They all look horrendous.

No. 171296

File: 1473035744687.png (242.17 KB, 424x448, image.png)


You can see the fat just trying to break free.

No. 171297

The answer is a flat no, she can not just be friends with someone who has nothing to offer her. She and moochlette are notorious for only keeping friends that will help them network and branch out. Hence why gabby and steff seperated from them.

No. 171299

File: 1473040028528.jpeg (192.34 KB, 750x895, image.jpeg)

Just look at these stars tho kek, also didn't realize the bottom was also a dude

No. 171300

lol look how fat her legs are. EW!
THICC my ass

No. 171314

She still hasn't worn that shitty Mae cosplay why am I not surprised.

No. 171320

that lanky guy looks like a fucking alien

No. 171336

File: 1473054337436.jpg (8.77 KB, 207x200, 7D0DCCED031244508415183765504_…)

P-P-Papa Franku?

No. 171353

look at their fucking choads

No. 171360


Ha-ha I wish more people would take pictures of her without the MySpace angles. I was going to post the same pic but you guys beat me to it. She has such short stubby legs and from the side it's blatantly obvious that shes not "slim thick". Just a chubbo

No. 171363

File: 1473061822777.png (1016.87 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_2016-09-05-01-42-56…)

Man, I know her whiteknights and a lot of her fans peek at this thread because they are always talking about it, we post the most unflattering pics of her and proof of all the fake ass shit she does, and they STILL defend her. Like you can't unsee this, she is FAT. You can even see her double chin lol.

I think most of them are regards because they know she's single. Everyone wants the nudes even tho they're plastered all over the internet anyways, I just don't get it.

Also I've always noticed she takes off her shoes at every con. That's so gross dude. There are thousands of people walking around and you're in barefeet lol.

No. 171366

It's probably because she always wears high heels for her costumes to make her legs look longer but she can't handle walking long distances with them so she has to go barefeet for a while.

No. 171408

She's not 'chubbo' She's fuckin fat. If that's how her stomach looked naturally I could call her chubbers but that's her with a corset on taming her lard tire.

but you'd think that she'd at least wear shoes for a photoshoot. Either way anytime a cosplay requires heels for me I always carry an extra pair of flats to the con with me. Especially since we're pretty confirmed that she doesnt was her bodysuits from the look of her samus she should know better to talk around in literal dirt without shoes on. Then again I guess from whenever we've seen the bottom of her feet in photoshoots (them being always dirty) she obviously doesnt care about hygiene

No. 171519

I'm also super short, so not gonna shit on her for looking stubby, but Jesus everything else about her is so disgusting. She is literally the same size from the side as everyone else is from the front. I get body positivity and all that, but it honestly looks like that corset is about to buckle any second now.

How can she look at herself and think she's so great? How can other people look at this and think, "Yep I want to give her money"?

No. 171722

Men are simple creatures anon

No. 171724

>How can she look at herself and think she's so great? How can other people look at this and think, "Yep I want to give her money"?

This is actually a quite interesting question which I don't get either. She's not that good looking, her body is stubby, she's fat, her tits are just 100% flabby fat, she doesn't have much of a personality besides just agreeing with whoever's ass she's kissing at the moment, she doesn't make new cosplays that often, uses the money for pleasure trips etc. Why are people funding her? Do they think that flattering the fat girl is an easy way to get a cosplayer girlfriend? She's not doing anything Ivy Doomkitty is already doing as in being a fatty and using a corset to appear just "thicc". It's a mystery to me.

No. 171734

File: 1473165224461.jpg (14.15 KB, 236x353, a896588237cc7b911fa6bc43049758…)

Holy shit so I just put two and two together and didn't realize that she was originally "Twitter" famous for leaking her nudes lol. Before this whole cosplay thing she had about 10k followers and I couldn't figure out why, and it was because she "drunkenly" posted her nudes on her TL. So her life's always been about exposing herself for attention lol. By the way I managed to find this cringeworthy photo of her Bunny Bulma she never posted on Twitter or FaceBook.

No. 171751

File: 1473172681233.png (178.84 KB, 595x842, CrrF_mRWgAAYL1M.png)

Okay so I'm saying this now: If momo doesnt cosplay this new pokemon character she's officially the biggest idiot on the planet. She'd literally be perfect for it and you can tell the character's supposed to be 'thicc'.

I basically thing moomoo is the worst thing but for once I think she'd be absolutely perfect for this and it's simple too with only small details for her to be able to fuck up. Come on moomoo since you still lurk her you should fucking do it.

No. 171767

Lol but momocunt can't even cut bangs how the hell do you expect her to style a wig to look like that ?

No. 171772


My thoughts too lol, Momo could pull this off easy and it might actually look good but anon, imagine the fucking wig. She would just use her D.VA wig and call it a day.
She is still yet to cut bangs in her Samus wig after almost a year (i think?) she should just commission wigs or something.

No. 171773

I know one male friend that followed her and muted her so that way he had an easy way to remember her account so whenever he wanted to stare at a fat ass, she was there.
Funny enough that same guy's friend is fucking hounding momo and trying to get on her good side and he's just as much of a cow as she is.

No. 171830

File: 1473201646222.jpeg (216.75 KB, 640x886, image.jpeg)

The only good thing about this photo is Moochlette's axe.

No. 171832


Moochlette is actually pretty decent at props and costumes in general, but since teaming up with MooMoo and dashing from con to con, her quality of work has dropped immensely as she's taking on her bad habits of leaving shit last minute and finishing it in the hotel room.

No. 171835

And here again you can see that Momo doesn't know shit about posing

No. 171837

Camilla has quite a few characteristic poses she could've utilized for this picture, and yet she decided to go with her typical awkward bent-arm-open-palm-up pose. Why.

No. 171841

looks like that bra top was last minute. how lazy

No. 171852


i cant believe mooch STILL hasnt done anything about that pathetic excuse for leg armor

No. 171855

are they in an apartment complex

No. 171857

Momo and moochlette are the zoolanders of posing. Only one ook.

No. 171858

That's wear sabakon took place at Alexa resort.

No. 171913

File: 1473226437961.jpeg (71.27 KB, 640x661, image.jpeg)

Lol looks like momo and her fap army does read this thread or someone here is trolling

No. 171983

She also got popular but putting herself out there. She would approach and ask media companies, the ones doing interviews and "cosplay music videos" to shoot her and interview her. Unlike in most settings, these companies usually find you at a con and ask you if you want a part of it.

Also she posted on her Facebook about how other talk shit in the community. She's one of them. I don't understand why she keeps posting things about gossip and negative commentary when she doesn't get along with a handful of cosplayers, some that don't even cosplay in Vegas as well. Why keep preaching when you're in the wrong.

No. 171990

because she thinks that if she's a huge hypocrite people wont think that she also talks shit. most of the time when people complain too much about a certain activity like that they're usually especially guilty of it.

No. 172000

She won't admit it but she really is the source for most of the major drama in Vegas cosplay her and moochlette. Before she got "popular" things were pretty chill, Vegas cons weren't big but they were fun, than miss I watched heroes of cosplay and I'm going to be cosfamous showed up and started ruffling feathers, and stalked nigri like crazy, even tagging Nigris private fb account to a picture she posted for the public, who does that shit?

The worst part is that momokunt will never admit that she fucked up or even apologize for this, because it's really everyone else's fault that she's getting dragged for being "popular" she does a good amount of the screwing up by talking shit to her friends and them having them fight her battles for her (I.e tacoroach's)

No. 172004

Yeah, basically. Before Flat Ass Samus came onto the scene the Vegas cosplay community had finally become drama-free. It was hard as hell cleaning it up to neutralize all the fuckery but here comes Mariah and Moochlette with their shitty attitudes, undoing all the progress we had made. It's pretty bad when one (well really two now) idiot can mess things up.

No. 172005

Shes made enemies in the SoCal cosplay scene too. Shame. She should come clean and apologize to everyone she fucked over. Public ally too

No. 172010

Honestly, such a huge portion of the Vegas community only have a problem with her and now Collette. That's it. When are they going to realize that it's not just a coincidence they are the only hated people in the community? Like how many times do they have to get into fights with people until they realize thay they are the problem? Wish they would just leave Vegas no one in the cosplay community wants them here. They have no friends except for like 2 random artists and photographers that aren't even a part of the community. So pathetic.

No. 172108

I've read previous threads but I'm unsure what you guys are talking about. What/how/who did she fuck over in SoCal?

No. 172127

I think you guys are really on point. Like even the shittier cosplayers in the Vegas scene has some level of respect because they don't treat other people like shit and because they have improved.
Moomoo waltzes in with this huge sense of entitlement and basically expects to be cosfamous because she's fat. Not even gonna say thick just fucking fat. It really rubs people the wrong way especially the people who've been doing it a long time in the Vegas scene that have really earned their place.

I can second that she hasn't maybe made enemies in the SoCal scene but I definitely know people in there who don't like her. I can't name names because people would know who I am but there are a lot of hardcore Fire Emblem CA cosplayers laughing at her pitiful attempt at Camilla.

No. 172128


Samefagging but I really don't know if she's made true enemies in SoCal I just know the CA Fire Emblem cosplayers have been laughing at her for a while and I know for a fact that some of them would rather die than take a pic, her as Camilla and them in FE cosplay, with her. Or if they did take the pic it would purely be to show their friends to laugh at the quality

No. 172142

I can back up that SoCal cosplayers hate her, it started with the Seven Deadly Sins gathering, it wasn't a big gathering but basically moomoo demanded to be the main Diane and acted like she was the only good Diane cosplayer. Diane was the most popular character at the gathering and there tons of her, but if you look up pictures of that gathering you will mostly see just moomoo and not the other 9 Diane's.

Moomoo basically hogged most of the group shots and she specifically acted like she, Eric and moochlette were the only three worth paying attention too. A lot of cosplayers were pretty pissed because at gatherings you at least have one huge group photo of all the people that showed up to the gathering.

Not to mention she was just fucking rude to everyone who wasn't a photographer or a videographer. In addition I don't cosplay fire emblem but that group is hardcore, the fact that she admitted to never playing the game and then doing a boudoir of a beloved character only fueled the flames.

No. 172144

File: 1473314128351.png (1.06 MB, 978x641, 7diane.png)

Out of curiosity I poked around for some pics of her as Diane. The difference in her body type from her personally posted pics to her candid pics always make me laugh.

No. 172148

someone get this girl some fucking dance tights.

No. 172159

Oh god, never before have I ever seen a cosplay that needs dancing tights so badly to smoothen out those legs.

Seeing this thread reminds me of a SoCal cosplayer that seems kind of similar to her name Nana Bear/NanaSushiBear? She's done a lot of similar cosplays as Mariah but I can't tell who copied from who. Both of them also seem pretty obsessed with IvyDoomKitty and social justice body positivity crap they shelve to hide their poor craftsmanships.

No. 172171

>those dirty knees
>dark patches from chub rub

No. 172176

She said on snapchat her next cosplays are Mei, Camilla (full armor), Cammy and Lillith.

No. 172180

Darkstalkers Lilith or Bordelands Lilith? It would stupid if she did Darkstalkers Lilith. Like with the corset and fat ass she could easily do Morrigan,

No. 172181

I mean she's the only vegas cosplayer recently to have to have four parts about her in recent history so you would think she would get the message she's cancer.

No. 172186

Yeah, Moomoo is friends with Nana too so it's not too shocking. I don't get what the fuck is so appealing about cosplay "fame" when you look at the fans.

Yeah really. Even the shitty, annoying grating pity-party fat Vegas cosplayers from when before Moomoo came around didn't have this many threads on a chan board (and two in particular were pretty fucking awful). This bitch is like herpes.

No. 172211

File: 1473342993660.png (798.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

her ass really isn't big at all, this is her un-photoshopped ass from when she cosplayed Diane, with no tights and pube pimples were visible on her bikini line.

No. 172212

But anon there's nothing wrong with her, people just her because she's "popular"

No. 172216

Oh Moomoo, cosplaying Camilla again won't change the fact that you fucked it up spectacularly the first time. I'm also interested in which Lilith she means, but no matter what it's going to be hilarious.

But anon, it's every cosplayer's dream to have hordes of thirsty betas drooling over your body!

No. 172220

Exactly! Cosplayers only cosplay so guys can dehumanize you and treat you like a sex object. Being payed to pose in you underwear is just a bonus! They really don't respect you but this is the cost of being "popular"

>>>the sad part is she really does think like this, except she thinks her fans actually love her.

No. 172256

Please tell me that's just light hitting her inner thigh and not a tampon string, lol.

No. 172257


Please let it be light ew!

No. 172267

She's so flabby and untoned. ugh..

No. 172321

File: 1473371227693.jpg (1.91 MB, 4000x6000, 5 - n70evDe.jpg)

dat hairy ass

No. 172325


The costume looks so bad up close holy shit.
Also, label sticking out of the cheap Walmart underwear, classsssy.

No. 172327

All that photoshop, and she still doesn't have an ounce of class, talent, or self-respect. Sad.

No. 172328

Fuck, if the can be so over-zealous with the shoop that her feet look like they're melting out of existence, why can't the shoop out the fucking hot glue on her shitty bracelet god

No. 172332

File: 1473372068693.jpg (524.23 KB, 2000x1463, 1.jpg)

look how dirty and fucked up this looks… ffs momo its a photoshoot

No. 172337

File: 1473372790078.jpeg (66.66 KB, 750x628, image.jpeg)

Ay lmaoo

No. 172343


Guaranteed to look like shit and have THICC labelled all over it.

No. 172344

oh boy. cant wait for that bourdoir shot. /s

No. 172345

File: 1473374206044.jpg (23.43 KB, 300x408, 17592_2.jpg)

No. 172348


It's unbelievable that thirsty grown ass men pay her for these overshooped photo sets with her in costumes that will fall apart in no time. Well clearly they're not paying her for quality work.

No. 172350

She swore so hard that she did appliqué on that top clearly she glued like she always does.

No. 172351

Just before it cut off on her snapchat, she revealed it was Darkstalkers Lilith. I'm surprised she's not doing Morrigan. Either way it'll be a trainwreck.

No. 172352

It makes no sense. Im not even mad she is cosplaying Darkstalkers. I more mad she isnt cosplaying the character she could easily do. Like she is purposefully cosplaying Lilith because people are expecting her to cosplay Morrigan. Watch all of the sudden she is a Darkstalkers/MvC3 fan.

No. 172356


With all the shoop that has been done, they couldn't edit out the hideous blisters?

No. 172357


Actually I'm pretty sure those are Victoria's Secret panties based on the tag.
But if you're gonna do a boudoir shoot in something that has a really obvious tag like that then seriously just cut that shit off. It looks tacky and bad.

No. 172359

Who TF is ThorneChan?

No. 172360

At least Gabby is super nice and genuine. She doesn't claim to be "professional" like these disgusting hoes
I got to talk to her and that Black Cat at Sabakon for a bit
They seemed nice
That was how I found out it wasn't Momokunt at the booth lmao

No. 172361

File: 1473378164665.png (761.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

look at the wrinkles she forgot to shop out lol doesn't look natural at all lol

No. 172362

I heard she cosplayed Seven Deadly Sins with Mariah at ALA but Mariah refused to take any pictures with her?? Does Mariah just only take pictures with Collette and famous people?? Does she have that much of an ego??

No. 172364

Momo has negative ass
And she talks shit on literally everyone
Thats why she keeps losing friends
Its pathetic

No. 172365

There are many stories of Mariah being a total dick and refusing to shoot with cosplayers not up to her "standards" lol. Mariah is an actual piece of shit.

No. 172366

Shitty cosplays are okay if you're not a shitty person IMO
If momo wasn't a fake "gamur-grrl lol xD" I wouldn't care too much for her

No. 172367

That ridiculous
Yeah that other chick was fat but so is momo
how the fuck is she not up momo's standards?

No. 172368

wut standards?

No. 172370

Some fat girl who idolized mariah cosplayed samus because she liked smash and mariah called her pathetic and disgusting
I actually prefered that fat samus for mariah's samus

No. 172372

For someone who says she's all about positivity and improving the community, she sure likes to spew toxicity and hate towards people she deems inferior.

No. 172373

File: 1473379243556.jpg (93.39 KB, 960x640, seven deadly sins meetup 5.jpg)

Is the Elizabeth the girl you're talking about?

No. 172374

>>172372 She is a fucking hypocrite
Someone made a post about how JNig was annoying and she was quick to jump in and start fights and call everyone toxic to the community

No. 172375

She doesn't think that anyone who has fewer likes than her is "worthy" Mariah is actually pathetic and insane. So bizarre for a bitch who didn't even earn her following from actual cosplay.

No. 172385

This picture pisses me off so much purely because you can see what a piece of shit momo and her ex are.

I'm KIND of okay with Ban being in front since it suits his character but Diane's poses are mostly very vertical she's aware of her size and tends to try to seem smaller so she wouldnt be doing a huge open pose like that. The Elizabeth and meliodas should be in the front though. At least moochlette was behind them.

sage 4 salty nanatai fan

No. 172388

Same I'm a huge fan of 7DS and the fact that the 2 MAIN CHARACTERS are in the back
Thats how all of the photos from that meetup went
And Moomoo won't even post any group photos on her page
Only pictures that focus on her

No. 172399


There were other Bans too and many many Diane's , that meet up went south pretty fast. Momo basically called the shots and the only ban shed pose with was Eric, the other Diane's were barely photographed at all by the photographers brought in to shoot this meet up. momo turned this meetup meant to bring fans together into a thing about her and her douchebag friends, she was a complete bitch to anyone who didn't know who she was or worshiped the ground she walked on.

She made A LOT of enemies at ala though she never got called out because she will cause drama and actually get into fights with people, drama is something the cosplay community is trying to get past.

No. 172406

I'm friends with one of the Diane's that went to the gathering and Mariah was disgustingly rude and ignored heq when my friend asked if she could get a selfie with her.

No. 172409

Samefagging because she did the same thing to other cosplayers at the gathering, it was disappointing

No. 172415

File: 1473386015052.png (136.76 KB, 393x602, Darkstalkers3Lilith.png)

Gonna be reeeal tough to hide a waist trainer under this!

No. 172416

Samefagging, forgot to mention how terrible the wings are going to look (if she attempts them at all).
I'm calling it, it's just going to be a ~boudoir shoot~ with a party city wig, red lingerie, and a crappy headband.

No. 172418

Nana bear does it all the time. Since they're friends now see what happens.

No. 172419

Betting dollars to doughnuts it'll be another shitty corset + bra cosplay.

No. 172424

She did it to so many people who were so nice to her, for her to act like she's better than everyone and acting like everyone was trying to sponge off of her so called fame at ala is fucking hilarious. In the cosplay community cosplayers try to make friends with everyone because we're trying to get past that bullshit drama that heroes of cosplay claimed there was, people like momo are fucking it up for us who have been cosplaying for 20+ years, it doesn't help that cosplay is becoming mainstream and now girls like momo come in abuse the hobby, make a stupid budior and cash out on patreon.

No. 172425

That meet up was embarrassing. I had a tough time when my guy friend kept raving about momo when she was a complete bitch that day. Thankfully she unfollowed him on Instagram and deleted him on fb so he stopped talking about her and finally believed that she wasn't as humble and kind as she claims to be

No. 172428

I cant say what cons it is but one of my good friends are higher up staff at several west coast cons and she's literally black listed from ever actually being a guest at at least 5 cons because of how she's treated them at a con because she didnt realize who she was talking to.

No. 172430


Which con's?

No. 172431

the amount of smoothing and airbrushing omg

yeah, body positivie my ass

No. 172432

okay, why can't she get whoever shoops these to edit out her disgusting blister/ calluses on her feet????

No. 172433

She'll probably just do what she did with the Camilla cosplay and actually just straight up use a corset.

No. 172439

File: 1473389165232.jpg (382 KB, 1319x905, 111.jpg)

whats that??

No. 172442

Zoom in lol the amount of foundation on her face is awful! Has she ever heard of blush?

No. 172443

Only 5 cons? She's been blacklisted by a few in Vegas, wouldn't doubt if hunniecon was brought down for asking her to guest and JUDGE the costume contest when she has never actually finished a complete costume on her own and it actually look like the official character art.

No. 172448

File: 1473392220502.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

what this

No. 172449


LMAO she probably Photoshopped them because we were talking about how dirty they look in the D.Va boudoir and Diane boudoir, plus there were people commenting on her Twitter feed and Facebook about how her feet looked dirty. She actually had to address it because it was a "circulation" problem that just made her feet LOOK dirty. Lmao she is so insecure if she really Photoshopped the bottom of her feet to jot look dirty that is so heartbreakingly sad and hilarious.

No. 172450


lol she (or the editor) didn't have the skill to smooth the skin of her butt without distorting the pic, so they just left it as is. which looks odd next to the other smooth, poreless butt cheek

No. 172451

what is going with that foot? Shoop gone awry lol she's got a huge bunion on her pinkie toe. I'm starting to think the photographer lets the shop look bad and just pockets the money-that's if magliris actually gets paid as momo doesn't like working with photographers she has to pay she expects free photoshoots.

No. 172452

File: 1473393359458.jpeg (61.88 KB, 640x826, image.jpeg)

The foot

No. 172455

Her lips look like dry dog butthole.

No. 172459

Probobly true, but that Thornchan rides on Momos dick hard on fb and constantly told people they were friends and to this day ass kisses momo like crazy. She's nice but she is incredibly insecure and name drops a lot, girl needs to find her own way and stop acting like momo is sweetheart when momo does nothing but talk shit about her.

No. 172461

She's so dumb for releasing these high-res photos. Not only can you see her face just piled on with foundation, but every single mistake in her costumes are super visible and even more obvious. I can't believe people actually pay for this.

No. 172463

File: 1473395840541.jpg (527.62 KB, 562x694, wat.jpg)

Is that… did she seriously not even shave her pits before doing her sexy photo shoot? I can't. Its one thing to be lazy about making costumes, but too lazy to even shave your armpits? Done.

No. 172464

File: 1473396424226.jpeg (50.92 KB, 750x559, image.jpeg)

Tasha has an online photo edit portfolio, check out who's in there ?

No. 172469

JEEEEEEEESUS! I enlarged the photo and it looks disgusting. There's no need to pack on that much foundation and she could use some blush to add color to have face. Right now she looks like a shag carpet.

No. 172471

>those jagged bits of material

Does she know how to hem/seam?

No. 172476

We need to spam this on twitter and her facebook

No. 172477

I don't see anything, and you wouldn't call a man lazy for not shaving so she isn't either. Why are you ignoring that shitty hem though?

No. 172481

Hairy armpits

No. 172494

idk how men can find her attractive enough to throw money at. fucking trash

No. 172504

She could have at least used iron-on hemming tape. If she wanted to be lazy, she could have just cut it so it was even. She just doesn't care.

No. 172523


We all knew Mariahs ass was flat as a pancake and she always uses Photoshop lol.

Nice to have proof but where is the source?

No. 172525

File: 1473425837529.png (90.06 KB, 720x453, Screenshot_2016-09-09-06-53-43…)

A Wicke boudoir shoot how fucking original. Welp, you do look like a middle aged housewife so it would be perfect for you!!!

No. 172540

What did she delete him for?

I don't normally notice stuff like that … but yeah, they do. So bad.

I don't want to see ANY fucking boudoir sets, you whoring piece of fucking garbage.

No. 172541


The thread has been active since I last posted it. Most male anons are saying she is late to deliver her photoshoots and the twenty dollar tier used to get some primo photoshoots of her whole body but now that's only for the fifty dollar tier, people are getting mad about it, this last anon in that board LITERALLY SAID he's cancelling his subscription because they can't afford fifty dollars to fap to her lmfao.

No. 172557

Jesus fucking christ that craftsmanship. She just doesn't care.

No. 172560

She just randomly started deleting people she gave him no warning on IG and basically she considered him untrustworthy when supposedly someone one her personal fb -im saying personal because her fb is not private it's still very much viewable to non friends- someone supposedly sold her number so she used that as an excuse to delete people even though my guy friend is gay, has never done anything to her, supported her and she just flat out unfriend end him.

No. 172580

I heard she stopped talking to/posting about Mariah after Sabakon?
I wonder what happened?

No. 172583

Doubt it, Thornchan acts like a beat puppy and always goes back to people who are mean to her. she wants to be a model/actress so she cozy ups big name cosplayers and momo even though she is very unliked. No one hates Thornchan but her beat puppy behavior is frustrating and you just want her to get away from toxic people like momo and to find her own niche. She's actually really nice but needs to stop with the dickriding.

No. 172584

Has anyone gotten the ChunLi set uploaded anywhere?

No. 172585

Who cares we know they're shit and she's just recycling poses from d.va and camilla

No. 172599

I get where you're coming from but I would definitely still call a man lazy for not shaving if he was doing a sexy Chun-Li cosplay

No. 172603

She acts like a beat puppy cause she is actually a beat puppy lmao
She made a post about it

No. 172605

10/10 would prefer that to moomoo

No. 172611

File: 1473450733772.jpeg (122.87 KB, 750x952, image.jpeg)

Didn't she have a go fund me to repair her car like a month ago now she's getting tattoos?

No. 172612

Ah, so he wasn't "worthy" of her friendship. Thanks for answering.

No. 172624

Obviously she's spending that money wisely.

No. 172666

Has moomoo ever admitted to using shape wear (like cinches) under her cosplays?

I have a friend who insists her obviously cinched waist is natural which makes me wonder if she's ever denied using shape wear on social media or just avoided the question if asked.

No. 172668

File: 1473466388999.png (621.42 KB, 807x507, lonlonmilk.png)

I feel like MooMoo is the paragon of trainwrecks in the cosplay community that you're told about, but they sound almost mythical until you read these threads. She's so deluded about her abilities and wants to constantly be praised for the ugliest topstitching and armor work.

And then there's this ridiculous shit. She claims it is a joke, but I'd be willing to be that she's that retarded. It sucks how insecure cosplayers will look at these posts and think that their only way to popularity is to emulate this sad bitch.

Also, she calls Jnig "Mom" a lot lol. I'm sure Jnig loved being reminded that she's old and haggard to be considered to be someone's mom.

No. 172670

MooMoo makes a shitty Linkle
Not only is the craftsmanship awful but the cosplay is inaccurate and she is too short
She looks even shorter in that cosplay

No. 172671

She admitted once to waist training to get the shape she has (she obviously needs to start that up again)

No. 172679

File: 1473469424089.jpg (244.72 KB, 840x560, hyrule-warriors-legends-linkle…)

How do you fuck up this badly?

No. 172681


Does Linkle have an alternate outfit or something? Or does she seriously think her neckbeards are too stupid to tell the difference?

No. 172682

File: 1473469851678.jpg (84.35 KB, 1024x1024, linkle2.jpg)

Is this bitch ever going to learn how to style wigs? The amount of cosplays she's done with incorrect or missing bangs is ridiculous.

Speaking of wigs, is that a wig laying on the floor behind her? jfc Mariah, wig heads are dirt cheap, there's no excuse for that.ink

No. 172683

Forgive my sperging, but
C'mon, Moomoo.

No. 172684

"What if Zelda was a girl" is a meme, but this IS coming from the woman who claimed Wind Waker was her favorite game before she even played it.

No. 172689

reading down the thread and watching them become increasingly disillusioned and the praise slowly recede is hilarious. think she's desperate enough to actually go nude/camgirl when the well starts to dry, or will she shotgun wedding her way into a sure paycheck?

No. 172692

you know she's just cosplaying Cammy just to spite Gabby, too bad it's going to come out looking like shit and will need so much photoshop. Unlike gabby; momos ass is flat without photoshop and two layers of tights

No. 172693

File: 1473473235310.jpeg (47.85 KB, 589x402, image.jpeg)

Meant to go with above post

No. 172694

what bothers me more are her eyebags

No. 172697


How is cosplaying Cammy spiting Gabby? Cammy seems like one of the go-to Street Fighters characters for cosplayers. I don't follow Gabby so I don't know if she's well known for that particular cosplay. The only reason I can think of it being spiteful is if MooMoo specifically claimed she could cosplay Cammy better than Gabby.

No. 172702

Cammy is one of Gabby's most famous cosplays
She has done 3 different variations of Cammy
And I don't doubt that she is doing it in spite of her
She loves doing that
She loves claiming that people copy her too so if anyone happens to cosplay the same character after her, they're automatically "copying her" even if they ACTUALLY play the fucking game and love the character

TBH Moomoo is gunna be a shit Cammy
No ass and looks awful as a blonde
Neckbeards don't care though :/

No. 172720

Do you have screen shots of her claiming others are copying her? It just sound so fucking petty and pathetic. Especially since Moomoo has only cosplayed really trendy or popular characters. Like, who isn't going to Cosplay Chun Li, Samus, or D.va?

No. 172729

I wish
Everything she has said, she said in person
She has claimed alot of people copied her

No. 172730

seriously though, has her excessive partying and shit aged her that much?
Why does she look so old?

No. 172775

File: 1473500622496.jpg (2 KB, 125x122, 1436249893902.jpg)



No. 172796

But anon, it's a natural aegyo sal!

No. 172805

Pretty sure the "what if Zelda was a girl" thing is a meme. A dumb one, but still a meme.

No. 172882

File: 1473535813120.png (18.21 KB, 610x178, thicc wicke.png)

But Wicke is already "thicc" you egotistical moron

No. 172883


No character is ever "thicc" until the almighty Moo deems them so.

No. 172886

>A lot of these cosplayers just exploit desperate fans and it makes me sick to see that greed come from their art
>There is a fine line between exclusivity and extortion. Momo is pushing the latter.
That anon really hit the nail on the head. Her "rewards" aren't worth it for the prices she's asking. Who wants to pay $50 for stupid facial expressions and pictures of a thicc girl in lingerie?

Sage for no contribution.

No. 172902

I don't understand. A craftsman Moomoo is not. She has no talent at all and is too lazy to actually improve herself, so why is she even trying to make her own cosplays at all? Can't she just commission this shit from someone who who knows how to sew and will actually make her look good? Her fans are all thirsty neckbeards so I doubt they honestly give a shit if she made the costumes or styled the wigs herself. Isn't that what the Pateron money is for anyway?

No. 172908

Did she even say she was going to cosplay that character?
Doe she even know how ugly she looks with short hair?

No. 172909

>>172908 Not to mention she is going to fuck up the bangs, making it look even worse on her

No. 172910

Are we not going to mention how he basically paints her skin to look lighter and darker
She was super fucking tan in some of her cosplays and we know all know she is pretty white

No. 172912

go away tumblr, it's not like she's blackfacing. how dare she use bronzer or other tanning products?!

No. 172913

>>172910 lmao she does, thats why she cakes her make up on 10x and looks god awful

No. 172915

File: 1473545995590.jpg (90.89 KB, 958x656, tt6Bjti.jpg)


She really does slather on the makeup, but it makes no difference to how much of a cunt she is inside and out. I mean come on, look how average she looks along with Moochlette. Momo boasts constantly on how she's "thicc" but she literally has no ass, has chunky arms and looks like any other plus size cosplayer. She really needs to get her head out of her own ass and stop using the thicc card when she's actually not.

No. 172916

Tramplette's pose in this is so try-hard. And Momo's arms and legs aren't those of someone "thicc", her biceps are literally the size of her head.

No. 172918

You forgot that she doesn't really give a shit about being a good cosplayer. Those money go to fancy/useless shit and travels. It's like she makes sure to spend as less as possible on cosplay so she still can have a lot of cash for her other stuff. Neckbeards are going to kiss her lard anyway, even if the wig is shit and the costume is fucked up from every point of view.

No. 172920

I bet Momo will obnoxiously brag how she's one of the very "first" Wicke cosplayers as soon as it happens and think she's the best one. It'll probably look rushed to shit and have another cliche boudoir set released not long after.

No. 172922

Did she think Link's name was Zelda…. Tho she is a serious Zelda fan right?……

No. 172923

Basically her with linkle
She probably only did it to be "the first" to do it
Like she is a special snowflake

No. 173060

Jfc it's like the oldest meme in the book you spergs, she has the linkle hashtag right there. Stop chimping out, you're looking stupider than momo at this point.

No. 173162

Fuck off tacoroach

No. 173166

No. 173174

If that was a meme than that's just convenient for momo, she doesn't know shit about LOZ if she did she would not have misidentified several LoZ cosplayers over the past year, why do you'd think she played that LoZ twitch stream? To prove that she was a real Zelda fan. Play the actual games you cunt and quit watching playthroughs that sous T count you fucking cum guzzling whore.

No. 173195


Speaking of cum guzzling whores, notice how she's been obnoxiously flirting with that @overtflow guy? And hes buying into it, lol. Sure moves fast from relationship to relationship.

No. 173204

I thought she was screwing that Ryoma cosplayer. She was all over him.

No. 173208

Pretty sure she is screwing alot of people
Even moochlette

No. 173211

I knew who Momo was thanks to some cosplay related drama on Facebook right before she blew up (pun intended) and was completely disgusted with her arrogance and egotism even back then. It seems like she's just been getting worse by the day.

No. 173220

Are her and Collette still in a 'relationship'?

No. 173221

She got into like 4 seconds of Phillip Defrancos latest vlog and even then shes such a fucking bitch, and her make up makes her look like a washed out crack whore it makes me so sad how she is considered a good cosplayer

No. 173232

File: 1473628557233.jpg (195.19 KB, 1000x1175, image.jpg)

Screencaps for anyone who can't/doesn't want to watch it.

No. 173233

mmm love me some hammy armies

No. 173238

I watched this video like five minutes ago, how did I not notice Momo?? Also I realized that I've never actually heard her voice. She talks pretty much how I expect she would.

No. 173240

File: 1473630857982.jpg (23.21 KB, 593x192, 89657546.jpg)

kawaii asian boys will never notice you, moomoo

No. 173241

how do you wanna bet this is about the Ryoma cosplayer because she's screwing him or trying too? Seems to come out of no where.

No. 173243

I just can't get over how old and haggard she looks. She is not going to she well

No. 173244

I hate this picture so much
Everyone around her are decently if not extremely talented cosplayers
But she has to ruin the picture by putting on a lol so randum XD face because she has no talent or personality

Fuck her

No. 173245


Has anyone ever called her out for her Pateron description being a blatant rip off of Jnig's? She basically paraphrased 90% of it. That's fucking plagiarism Mariah. We get it, you really do have no personality. But at least ask one of your "friends" to write you something more original.

No. 173252

I especially feel bad for the Corrin. He spent 150+ hours on his armor, and it shows, yet he got relegated to being part of Momo's "squad" because she's famous and he isn't.

No. 173254

I feel like Tramplette rarely posts pictures of her own cosplays anymore
Its always something with Moomoo or a selfie
Her older stuff was so much better until Moomoo ruined her

No. 173255

I'm not sure they ever really were together
I thought it was a publicity stunt thing to get people to faun over them
I think Moomoo just pulled the "girl on girl" card to get the neckbeards horny about her again

No. 173262

>>No. 173255

Friends facebook marry/relationship each other all the time. Not that deep. They just did to show how "CLOSE BFFS "they are.

No. 173266

File: 1473639152776.png (16.1 KB, 510x171, moomoo.png)

Surprised nobody posted this yet.

Except for the fact that all of their friends started congratulating them like they really were in a relationship. It's one thing to call your best friend girlfriend and mean it playfully but Mariah was soaking in all the praise of being gay without actually being gay.

No. 173268

Wow, the ego and hypocrisy this girl has is unbelievable.

No. 173270

She also never corrected people and said that they weren't dating
Also Momo said that her and Collette have had sex (or at least done stuff)

No. 173271

She talks more shit that anyone in the community that i know of

No. 173274

When did she say that?

No. 173277

at a party

No. 173278

File: 1473643978074.jpg (55.78 KB, 640x960, momo.jpg)

look at that shitty photoshop on the stomach

No. 173279

I know nothing about this character but GD those blue gloves are bright

No. 173280

Doesn't this character have obnoxious tits? I feel like Moomoo isn't really taking advantage of that.

No. 173281


Pfff, I bet if anything they felt each other up while drunk. Knowing how shameless Momo is, if she does experiment sexually with other women why isn't she teasing her neckbeards with the promise of girlxgirl action to rack in more Patreon dollars?

No. 173286

The gloves are supposed to be the same color as the capelet.

No. 173288

LMAO WOW, way off

No. 173293

File: 1473646579365.jpg (144.03 KB, 444x487, momo shooped.jpg)

Did she think nobody would notice?

No. 173294

File: 1473646666953.jpg (92.04 KB, 400x335, Fire-Emblem-Camilla-Cosplay-Wi…)

Very obnoxious tits.

No. 173295

why is her wig pulled down over her face

No. 173296

File: 1473647251976.png (521.45 KB, 689x907, camilla my room model.png)

Camilla's hair covers one of her eyes.

No. 173297

Yeah, Moomoo hardly has her funbags out like this. Odd!

No. 173305

Well she would have needed to not use a fucking bra, really, if she was going to do this. It would have been better to construct a real overbust corset with low cups but she couldn't/didnt want to buy a good curset that would have done that.

No. 173312

probably a stupid question since i'm just passing thru but can you actually make a lot of money off cosplaying? like would crafting an expensive costume be worth it if you're not gonna make bank.

No. 173316

Photoshopping your waist smaller: the epitome of a body positive cosplayer!

No. 173319

tbf, waist trainers can cause that weird shape to happen irl.

although, looking at it again i don't think there would be such an obvious curve. her waist trainers don't give her that much definition.

No. 173320

So this really shows me how bizarre the cosplay community has become.

Cosplay isn't about making money, or it shouldn't be. The idea is you go to a comic/anime/media convention and dress up as your favorite character(s). The point is to represent your favorite media and have fun. The point is not to make money.

Unless you're one of the girls in this thread who straight up cosplay just to make money, which is sad.

No. 173321

Short answer no, you cannot make money off cosplay unless your yaya or Jessica nigri, YES it's fucking worth making a costume you won't make money back from cosplay because it's supposed to be a fun hobby and a way for you to meet people! A lot of people cosplay purely for fun and a way to unwind. Not to fucking lie and find thirsty guys to support your lazy ass like momokunt.

No. 173322

Don't be fooled by people like MooMoo who are solely in it for the money.

There are far more people in the community that make those expensive costumes and get no money from it. They do it because they enjoy creating the costume and going to cons and meeting people. They put the time into it because its their passion not because they're going to do a strip tease with it for $$$.

Its sad that new comers into the community see people like Moomoo and Jnig and automatically assume Cosplay is only for making money.

No. 173324

Money isn't the reason people cosplay, nor should it be. Most people do it to bring their favorite characters to life, to hone their crafting/sewing skills, to meet other fans, etc. It should be a hobby centered around having fun, not trying to make the most money or get the most supporters on Patreon.

No. 173325

Her hair on the other side looks really blurry/warped too. The hair curl on her right breast also looks warped. It really looks like she went ham on this pic with a distort tool, dragging her proportions around.

Besides that, what the hell are those gloves? Why are they such a bright blue? She couldn't be bothered to get ones that were actually purple or at least somewhat closer in color? Such a half-assed garbage cosplay.

No. 173328

Before Patreon, there were only a good handful of cosplayers worldwide that actually made reasonable money. Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, and JoEllen Elam aka FireflyPath come to mind. You could get free rides to conventions to be a guest or have sweaty neckbeards buy stuff of your Amazon wishlist, but people didn't really make bank from it. I could be wrong, but I think Patreon was the first opportunity for many cosplayers to get actual cash.

If there's money in cosplay, it's usually not in cosplaying itself, but in things like prop commissions (Volpin) or tutorial books (Kamui), or in exploiting your fanbase, which, as it happens, tends to involve less cosplay as you become more popular, in favor of gratuitous ~sexy~ shots.

No. 173334

It is possible to make a living off of commissions full time however it is unlikely you will have a huge profit left over after bills. Also keep in mind that many (though not all) commissioners do have spouses or roommates and are not the only source of income for their household. Since everyone's situation is different its hard to estimate actual numbers without going full financial accountant but no, you will not make bank like jnig or yaya.

No. 173339

File: 1473660124917.png (998.39 KB, 1223x1920, ab1.png)

I just noticed that Momo mirrored parts of Camilla, like her hair part and cape strap. Wow is she a dumbass, she just looked in the mirror like "Yep! That's accurate!" not realizing she has shit on the wrong side.

No. 173353

You can't. Unless you're Jessica Nigri who caters to the normies with the lingerie shoots that barely count as cosplay, there's no money to milk from cosplay. That's how it's supposed to be, a hobby. You pay for your hobby yourself.

I noticed it before and it's such a newbie mistake to make. I can't believe she didn't realize it or even fucking mirror the photos from the shoot.

She's probably trying to suck up to those asian FE cosplayers (see OP photo).

Probably yeah. Skanks have been pulling the fake lesbian thing for ages to get male attention.

No. 173355

Ryoma's from SoCal and Moomoo's from Vegas, so it's not worth it for Moomoo to make him a fuck buddy imo but everyone goes to out of state cons so who knows.

No. 173364

To be fair, cosplay is also a way to make men (and women)'s "favorite wiafus come to life", so it's essentially something you can make a decent living out of by being a service to these kinds of people. It doesn't always have to be overtly sexy, I mean a lot of Faye Valentine cosplayers don't have massive tits (excluding Yaya) there are some guys out there who just appreciate cosplay for bringing characters they've loved or had crushes on to life. I have many guy friends who actually appreciate craftsmanship over just sexuality. The thing is you will be wealthy in praise and positive talk about you, not much money there, but it sure would be nice sometimes, haha.

Then you have the few jerk offs who just wanna look at anime tiddies, pay money for premium hentai sites and just wanna see real life hentai. And there are a lot of cosplay hoes (including Mariah) who are willing to do the job lol. Unfortunately those types of pervs are willing to spend any amount of money they can to jerk off. So yah, if you want to lose your dignity and walk around with your tits out chances are you'll make good money :)

I was gonna go on a rant about skanks pulling the feminist card everytime someone knocks them down about being a slut but then I realized it doesn't actually contribute to the thread lol.

No. 173370

File: 1473684472947.png (145.56 KB, 720x486, Screenshot_2016-09-12-06-38-42…)

Got bored and Facebook trolled. Oh MooMoo, why even open your mouth at all? Spam thread incoming.

First and second caps are response after a guy who randomly asked her how it feels to know all her fans fap to her. (After she posted her Bunny Bulma ass shot, which, remarkably none of you have spammed with the original unedited version)

Someone came in to defend her and said "she doesnt care if people fap to her as long as they buy her prints and photos"

So she decided to respond with this gem. So, you're saying cosplayers are heartless bitches who just want your money and YOU aren't like that so it makes you special?

No. 173372

File: 1473684606966.png (184.03 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_2016-09-12-06-37-36…)


And then after some of the guys defending her kept stating she only cares about the money and not about the neck beard she posts this.

But, with proof from a few screenshots in one of the last threads, you claimed in your DeviantArt blog that you wanted to be "cosfamous"? Hmm….

No. 173373

File: 1473684761886.png (173.59 KB, 720x664, Screenshot_2016-09-12-06-40-47…)


Last one. I swear, she just Googles certain cosplays and when she finds one she likes she claims they're her "favorite cosplayers". Damn girl, isn't this like the fourth person you said was your favorite cosplayer? It's the constant dickriding in the hopes for attention that gets to me. It irks the fuck out of me.

No. 173374

It would be hilarious to post screenshots of that DeviantArt thing under this
If anyone has one please post it under this comment

No. 173376


Actually I'm the one who found the blog in the first place, also the one who just posted these screen caps.

Honestly I want to post the unedited Bunny Bulma pic too but I am wondering if it's because its her page, does she have the ability to delete comments from other people or will they stay there?

No. 173378

In her page yes, she can delete everything she wants. But give it a try anyway

No. 173379

Her name dropping game is on point.

No. 173387

lmao what a lying bitch. she just said a few weeks ago how she straight up starting cosplaying for the bucks

No. 173388


Not only that but she's always talking about how much money she makes. If that's not important to you why you gotta mention it everytime you want people to think you're better than them?

No. 173389

Not to mention you can still go back and see on her patreon that she had a goal that was 'let me quit so I can be a full time cosplayer'. Also if she didnt 'plan on making a dime' why the fuck would she have made a patreon to begin with? She's full of shit.

No. 173391

File: 1473698819388.jpg (118.51 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1473685183708.jpg)

This picture id btw soo bad
I don't mean the quality but the fact the Momo is in front of everybody
Corrin should be in the front and then Ryoma or Xander after that Momo

Maybe the photographer did more than one shot like this so everyone can be in the front once but I doubt that

No. 173392

I agree with you anon, order should have been Corrin -> older brothers -> Momo & Mooch. Having her farther from the camera would help conceal the less flattering details of her costume, too.

I also can't stand her pose. Why not just have her hand on her hip instead of awkwardly hovering over her stomach?

No. 173393


Yah her posing bothers me all the time lol. She just stands there with a lazy look on her face and either puts her dukes up like she's gonna fight or she has her hammy arm somehow covering her stomach. She's so cheesy lmao.


That caked on foundation tho. At least put a colored lipstick on so it doesn't look like you have no color in your face whatsoever :/ her Chub Li is like that to. gold lipstick doesn't look good on her.

No. 173394

She looks pregnant. Honestly why does she always have to be in the front of these things? Camilla isn't the main character! Which one of those guys do you think she's screwing?

No. 173396

File: 1473702584487.jpg (116.27 KB, 720x960, 1471897531552.jpg)

I'd put my money on the Ryoma.

No. 173405

ah yes Camilla and Ryoma those characters that totally interact and would ever take a picture like this. That dude is basic as fuck though. I bet she only wants to fuck him so that he'll make cosplay for her since his are still 10000000x better than hers even though that Ryoma looks basic as fuck.

No. 173406

He's with that crappy YouTube group called lethal soul, she's only hanging with because they have a lot of subs

No. 173408

I know this has been said dozens of times but she really looks like someone's mother, I almost feel sorry for her. I can't believe she's only 20.

No. 173420

I wonder who's going to be looking more haggard in 5 years, Momo or JNigs.

No. 173421

At least Jnig will still be relevant in another 5 years

No. 173422

Jnig, she has a 10 year headstart on Moomoo.

No. 173428

Why looking into the future anon, let's wonder who looks more haggard now. They're both two big pieces already, when it comes to haggardness.
I'd say Momo anyway, at least Jnig is almost 30…

No. 173436

>ah yes Camilla and Ryoma those characters that totally interact and would ever take a picture like this.

I feel like that's not really fair though. When you cosplay from the same series it's just fun to take a pic together, even if the characters would never take one together. Or I'm misreading it?

No. 173440

Well, Ryouma and Camilla can S Support in Revelations, so I dont see the issue with these two posing together? I do think she should have posed with Corrin more though, this IS Camilla after all.

No. 173443


Let's let her have this one since people can ship whoever they want.

We're better off calling her out on her shitty craftsmanship and even shittier attitude.

No. 173444

Maybe that anon was trying to say they thought the chemistry in their supports was bad and they wouldn't pose so intimately.

I agree, though, there's enough here to pick at without reaching like that and she definitely should've posed with Corrin and Xander more than Ryoma.

No. 173446

File: 1473718440126.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Cannot afford to even fix her car after texting and driving so she had to beg for people to give her money online. Then goes on vacation, to a con, and now a tattoo. Not even a month later ? Tattoo is even more obnoxious and ugly than the shitty old one, at least those were easy to hide. Just waiting for monocunt and moochlette to get matching tattoos now.

No. 173448

So moo moo is on vacation, again, in California going to universal studios. Honestly she's such a scammer using her patreon money to go out but I guess that's nothing new

No. 173449

LOL WHAT WERE THOSE BATMAN TATTOOS?! lmfao I'm fucking dying

No. 173452

Yes of course to universal…a few days after Gabby goes out there to visit the Harry Potter world. Momo grow up.

No. 173459


Her blatant scamming is getting more and more obvious with these constant vacation trips.

No. 173463


God, I wish Patreon conducted audits.

No. 173464

All of these patreon hoes are copying the same girl but they're all too stupid to do it right. Just say you're a sex worker and stop with the "cosplay" bullshit. Just say the money goes to paying your bills so you can keep giving people the T&A you want. Jesus christ, the stupidity is real. All these dumb copycat hoes are going to get fucked in tax season

No. 173467

Proof that she's in universal studios?

No. 173468


Patreon really need to sort out something with these "cosplayers". There are legit artists and creators on there who rely on this income to live well off of & deliver the goods, then you have these assholes doing absolutely nothing productive & spending the cash that's STRICTLY as they say for their WORK on pointless shit.

Shame reporting to them is completely useless these days, Patreon really don't care how you spend the cash as long as the rewards are given on time to the Patrons.

No. 173469

because patreon supports all art, even the bad shit. as long as people are paying and as long as the creator hands out rewards like they say they will then there's nothing to be done.
Art is subjective anyway.

No. 173470


We can only hope her fans start to catch on instead of being so blinded and realise she's a scamming cunt.

No. 173471

Your giving her fans too much credit

No. 173472


I swear to god if they haven't caught on already they never will. Never underestimate the amount of stupid horny neckbeards in the world.

No. 173475


True really…the neckbeards will never learn and continue to worship their thicc goddess regardless of what she does. Got a bit too hopeful there lol.

No. 173477

File: 1473724604122.jpeg (116.66 KB, 750x887, image.jpeg)

No. 173478

you're talking about the same retards that pay her $50 a month to see those horrible photoshopped boudoir sets with granny lingerie. better looking girls show more for way less but here these idiots are forking over their cash.

No. 173479

Also not sure who that girl is just saw monopoo was tagged

No. 173481


Lol the Guillermo exhibit. Another fucking thing for Momokunt to pretend she "omg loves so much lolz" she's gonna post some bullshit pictures and shamelessly tag del Toro in an attempt to get noticed and then announce that she might do some stupid cosplay from one of his movies. Honestly she's so fucking vapid I just hate her so much.

No. 173483


Lol I can see it now "omg I loved Blade II? Pans Labyrinth was honestly my favorite movie ever! Omg Hellboy was totes the best!" Lol fuck off.

No. 173484


I'm betting she never even heard of him until she saw other cosplayers tweeting about visiting the exhibit.

No. 173485

After momo basically called pacific rim Eva on on steroids? Wow what a bitch, all those things they are visiting are things gabby and Natasha love btw

No. 173486

Scams occur everywhere in life. Patrons who can't use their own judgement to work out whether they're getting their money's worth or not are so gullible that if they weren't giving it to Momo they'd be giving it to someone else, and just as stupidly. Unfortunately, it affects the reputation of the Patreon system. But even if there were a check by Patreon she'd pass it; she is cosplaying, even shittily / lazily.

No. 173487

I could be reading into it too far, but is she trying to "get back" at them? Gabby and her bf just got engaged at universal, and Tasha and her bf are huge geeks for del toro…

No. 173490

It is VERY like her to do it, she is a spiteful pig. She's just visiting those places to gain nerd cred and especially spite gabby and tasha. Momokunt can't stand that gabby is so well liked even on her. If your reading this momo we hate you because you are a C-U-N-T so fucking grow up you slothy scam artist.

No. 173494


It is possible she does like Harry Potter or del Toro or at least had a interest in no more about it. It's just the way she flaunts her "nerd cred" like it somehow proves she's better than everyone else is what makes her a cunt.

No. 173497

Fuck off momo or more likely tacoroach, she's proven time and time again that she doesn't like any of that stuff check the past threads asshole

No. 173500

Sage for white knight!

No. 173502

She probably planned this trip before knowing that about them, that would be a lot of money to spend just to spite someone I'm sensing some reaching here. Interesting how she's not personally posting about it and keeping everything on the hush hush. She must know her patrons are really getting sick of her bullshit spending lol.

No. 173503

If momo's really thirsty for nerd cred why isn't she using those neckbeard dollars jet off to the weeb motherland? I would love to see her use those fabled "Japanese conversation" skills. Translator my ass.

No. 173504


It is reaching, definitely. I just highly doubt she actually is interested in any of that stuff, considering she's never mentioned anything about it before.

I don't think it's to attack Tasha or Gabby, but it is weird that she would visit both places that they have in the past month? The timing is just weird.

I honestly think because she's seen everyone talking about it her friends (most likely Moochlette) just wants to go so she's going with them. Probably because like other anons said it will add to her nerd credit.

Like I said she will probably post some bullshit about how she's a fan just to get more attention.

No. 173505

There were some tweets last month between gabby and Tasha about the del toros exhibit, momo knew nothing of del toros work until she started following people who did and than compared pacific rim to EVa, few days ago gabby posts she's going to universal. Suddenly she's going to universal, you know damn well momo doesn't plan anything.

The only reason she's not bragging like she normally does is because gabby got engaged there and because people are asking her where the money goes and why are the cosplays so bad. Since the nigri name dropping call out, momo had been acting more erratic than usual.

No. 173514

Bull. Shit. The amount she goes on about whatever 'flavor of the month' she's into? She didnt say shit about Cursed Child and has actively insulted Pacific Rim.

Anyone who thinks she isnt above spending money to spite someone obviously hasnt been paying attention. She'll do anything for attention and fame and let's be real the reason these threads about her were started was because she's a bitch who will do anything if she thinks it'll further herself or are we all choosing to forget about how she literally showed up to tell us how spiteful and jealous we were of the attention her spandex suit was getting her and how she was better than us because she was more 'popular'

No. 173523

She is totally screwing with that Ryoma dude
Just watched her snapchat story and the are at a minigolf place atm and she was at his house taking snaps of her having his armor on
(Don't want to screencap anything watch it yourself if you want to see it)
Also she is uploading stuff on Snapchat ALL the time
But I guess when you don't have a job you can do that lol

No. 173526

I added her on Snapchat to confirm and holy fuck she sounds so vapid whenever she talks.

No. 173530

File: 1473738421727.jpeg (98.21 KB, 640x736, 1471735919781.jpeg)

Wouldn't shock me if she's banging him or trying really hard to. I mean, she did post this back before the con… he's been a target of her's for a while now.

I'm kind of surprised his standards are so low, but he's not particularly good looking either.

No. 173531

Sage for momo spam we don't want to see anymore of her, why the fuck would we want to actually watch her snapchat.

No. 173532

Not sure how visible it is on mobile, but his muscles are straight up contoured on like some kind of male jnig wannabe. He looks a little flabby and hiding it with the pose/contour, but he's still not as pudgy as moo.

No. 173534

File: 1473739276872.png (759.34 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Yeah they are straight up on a date, what a loser. Is his self esteem that low that he has to settle for that cunt?

No. 173535

File: 1473739358750.png (940.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

her white knights must be so proud to be giving her money to go screw around with lobster daddy

No. 173537

Now we all know why she's keeping so quiet on Twitter lol she doesn't want the guys who pay her to get naked to find out she's screwing that Ryoma and not moochlette.

No. 173539

File: 1473740010480.png (531.68 KB, 637x603, momo dio.png)

That awkward moment when she totally fucked up the simplest and most famous JoJo meme ever
And like.. if she meant to NOT quote it, then why not go all the way?

Also this is the Ryoma's hat

No. 173542

Ew, okay, he's straight up ugly. Outside all the makeup, filters and cosplay, he looks pretty chunky too. That chin/neck situation is unfortunate.

No. 173544

He keeps trying to hide his face or telling her to stop recording him on snapchat, course she's giggling and recording it anyway. Interesting that a guy who is a part of a YouTube group that makes completely embarrassing parodys is trying to stay out of her recordings on snapchat, boo afraid to be seen with her? Lol

No. 173545

He's not actually part of the Youtube group, he's friends with the people in it though.

No. 173546

He isn't apart of that youtube channel
those guys are from vegas
he is a SoCal cosplayer

No. 173547

He seems like a decent guy
But a total man slut
He sleeps around so much
I'm not surprised he is adding her on his list of many women

No. 173549

Hope he wears a condom

No. 173550

File: 1473740967421.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

this is the look of a guy who's thinking: shut the fuck up I only wish to sleep with you!

No. 173551

He's one of these least attractive asian dudes I've seen a flake bang on these threads. His "oppai" jersey is amusing though. I wonder how disappointed he's going to be when he goes to do the deed and sees what she looks like without the waist trainer and push up bra holding everything together.

No. 173552

Even he looks annoyed, she's dancing to music and recording on snapchat in that story. Korean guys are pretty fickle, hope she's not the clingy type cuz she'll drag him if he crossed her.

No. 173553

File: 1473741238783.png (740.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

For comment above

No. 173557

How does this guy not know that she broke up wit her ex to follow a career in Cosplay and is now trying to ride his dick? Like come on, you break up with someone with a bullshit reason and say " I guess it just wasn't the right time." then within a year what, 8 months? Start trying to be with a dude. Shady as fuck

No. 173559

Also explains >>173240

She's thirsty for that yellow cock

No. 173560

Same Fagging. That's what irritates me about this shit cosplay girl. You can find out she used to want to date body builders and dated douches in high school sports. Then she gets fat and wants to make a place for herself with nerd she made fun of when she was a part of the "jocks". Now she's probably got neckbeards trying to figure out how to whitenight her into the sheets and romance while she responds " Oh sorry, I'm not looking for a relationship because I want to concentrate on my career." All the while she's behind doors flirting with douches.

No. 173562

I would be so fucking annoyed if my date kept snap chatting through out. Put the phone down and just talk to the guy who you're about to bang, damn.

No. 173567

It's also obvious that this bitch knows her time is up. She's trying to get with a dude who's trying to be a doctor. Gold digging at it's finest.

No. 173570

He's trying to be a doctor?

No. 173571

Doubt his family would approve of her, they're Catholic possibly no way they'd approve of a cam whore, he's definitely in it just for the sex he'll be done with her real quick.

No. 173572

Not sure if this is a racial thing or they actually know if he wants to be a doctor haha
No offense though

No. 173573

Her Muslim family sure doesn't approve of it

No. 173574

Yeah, he posts about it on his Facebook every now and then.

No. 173575

https://www.facebook.com/sangdavidhan yep gonna be one of those guys who talks about helping kids less fortunate but has no idea what it's like to be so

No. 173580

File: 1473744247797.jpeg (104.54 KB, 640x542, image.jpeg)

Ima leave this gem here lmfao

No. 173587


No. 173590

We may need to get another thread going soon lol

No. 173598

Haaaaaa yet more proof that he's only in it for the D. I would be tickled if he knows about this thread/her history and is just doing this to prove how much of an easy slut she is. She's known him for like what? a month now?? Meanwhile she's supposedly 'dating' Moochlette and was being adamant about how ~*together*~ they were and even still has their dating status on FB and yet she's fucking around with this dude.

Every time I think her milk is drying up a new glorious torrent sprays forth.

No. 173611

Soo did she mooch a ride to California with her friend just to get some dick?

No. 173615

Should really just give this guy the heads up about how she's seeing him but flirts with OvertFlow too. Obviously she has trouble keeping to one guy without trying to make sure that if they don't meet her impossible standard of her father that she latches onto the next prospect

No. 173618

The ryouma is/was pretty well known in socal. At anime california 2014 he allegedly molested a cosplayer in an elevator. After that around 10 girls came forward that he's tried to force himself on them. He stopped cosplaying because "his reputation was ruined" until now I guess. But back then the well known cosplayers that he did hang out with pretty much all came out with statements that they're not associated with Him anymore because of his actions. Doesn't shock me he's hanging out with Momo. Shit hanging out with shit.

No. 173629

It totally looks like she's flaunting him. "Teehee watch h8ers, I'm banging a kawaii asian boy!"

No. 173634

For real?

No. 173652

Receipts or gtfo. I'm even fine with screenshots of posts (more than 1 tho) but tbh I see this being thrown at every male cosplayer I see get any kind of 'popularity' and half of the time it's totally true but I have seen a lot of 'Max Landis' events

TL;DR of the video
>Max at party w only 1 friend who knows him
>someone brings him up not realizing that he IS Max Landis
>Girl says he's an asshole
>but y tho?
>'he totes smacked my ass at Comic Con'
>Oh how interesting
>Max wasnt AT Comic Con

No. 173653

She sure knows how to pick em. He looks like an entitled fuckboy who lives off his parents money and from what his house looks like you know they got money otherwise momo wouldn't be wasting her time SoCal houses are fucking expensive. I've dated this type of guy before, will take you out on a cheap date try to sleep with you than never call again after he gets what he wants. He probably will ghost her after awhile then turn around and say "oh she used me and ruined my rep" lol with momo it's pretty easy to dump her and no one would wonder why seeing that she is a fucking bitch.

No. 173667

Ok now you're you're just making shit up

No. 173670


Yeah, I'd like to see proof of this too. I'm all for shitting on him if it IS true, but let's not make shit up for the sake of making shit up.

No. 173672

File: 1473789016668.png (101.16 KB, 720x527, Screenshot_2016-09-13-11-48-43…)

Ew lol.

No. 173676


I know him personally irl, and I can say for a fact that this post isn't made up. I joined the cosplay comm a bit after AnimeCal 2014 though so I don't have screens to share.

Also, he lives in SoCal, but the city he lives in isn't as expensive as some others so he's not swimming in money.

No. 173679


If it is really true Mariah has so many insecurities to be running around with people like that. It's actually really sad.

She tries to act all body positive and confident but her actions prove otherwise. And if someone tries to at least tell her to straighten up she gets offended.

I mean, I guess she is only twenty but shes going to have a lot of regrets later if she keeps hanging around sleazeballs and low lives.

It might be cool now but shes so lazy that she can't even buy good cosplays and go to the gym to keep one of the easiest "careers" she's ever laid out for herself.

I don't even like attacking her to be honest because I just think the whole situation is sad. Go back to school take an easy class or something haha.

No. 173680


Meh. Let her be a hoe. She still makes almost five grand on Patreon and I have no clue why. Eventually that money will run out or people will stop donating because she will become irrelevant, and because she spends all of it on vacations and new clothes and makeup rather than cosplay, she's not gonna have much saved up and she will crash and burn. Lesson learned.

No. 173683

The money has run out, she spends it as soon as she gets it. Why else would she always beg for money, badges and swag.

No. 173684

In Southern California not that expensive lol all houses over there cost more than they should.

No. 173686

SoCal's big, of course there's different levels of affluence in different areas.

No. 173703

Their in Anaheim

No. 173754

New thread?

No. 173788

Wat? This thread hasn't reached its limit yet.

No. 173791

File: 1473829641692.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Only 2 pictures from universal? I'm shocked. Also wouldn't be surprised if transformers was the only thing she's actually seen there haha. Surprised this basic bitch didn't post pictures from the minions ride ahahah.

No. 173792

File: 1473829702340.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 173801

She doesn't like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Waiting for her to sell out. Money on that scarf and some random ass underwear to be a "boudoir shoot hehe" shoot me.

No. 173802

What even is this outfit? Her new hair didn't last long either, looks as bad as before, just more fried.

I'm loving that these are unfiltered candids though, rare to see her legs looking that hammy without it being a candid from a con. Her thighs are massive.

No. 173805

Someone asked earlier in her IG picture if she went with Gabrielle to universal studios lol, can't find the comment tho.

No. 173813

File: 1473838102950.jpg (88.85 KB, 600x963, momokun_CfJrKaOUkAA8x6D.jpg)

Can someone Mega the Chun Li boudoir set tho?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173835

Her hair style and eye bags make this so awful.

No. 173837


No. 173847


Fuck off and go back to begging in the other thread you're from. No one here actually wants to see her overly Photoshopped hairy ass crack thanks.

No. 173852

File: 1473857783550.jpg (204.89 KB, 900x1200, CsSkmb-UkAAKub6.jpg)

Aweh the dumb bitch did go buy a Gryffindor scarf :) even favorited a few tweets about Harry Potter.

Honestly if she went there just to steal the spotlight from Gabby's trip, if she honestly had the balls to fuck up the place where this girl got engaged, she is A-1 bitch material.

Good for you MooMoo, you fucking asshole.

No. 173858

Her whole face makes it terrible honestly. She looks like Donkey Kong.

No. 173876

She's trying to become a "silver fox" but her hair looks green no where near silver at all, how can anyone trust her when she even lies to herself?

No. 173877

You do realize this is momo in everyday life? We don't call her momocunt for nothing, she will do anything to rub salt in your wounds.

No. 173880

File: 1473865395142.jpeg (62.75 KB, 632x480, image.jpeg)

Awe momokunt was mopey did it not work out with her Asian fuckboy? Guess she has to rely on the backup tool on YouTube that met angry Joe and exploited the shit out of their meeting at LVL up. Tragic.

No. 173883

Its like all she focuses on are th tits she wants to show, and completely ignores her own face

No. 173891


Apparently BardockObama did the Twitch stream where he finally called out cosplayers and Twitch streamers like he's promising for months. Anyone have evidence that he went after MooMoo?

I wonder if maybe she's trying to get in with this OverT guy just to make Bardock jealous? Switch out the old streamer for a new one, eh? Not like the dude ever cared about Mariah lol.

No. 173893

Damn, I missed that.

No. 173895

She's looks fucking trashy.

No. 173898

The fucked up part is Overtflow has a gf. And now he's openly flirted with Momo by using his fans twice. Once with his Black Ops promotion and the other with this what videos we're going to do together.

No. 173900

Is it possible to let his girlfriend know?

No. 173904

File: 1473875177037.jpeg (92.17 KB, 673x480, image.jpeg)

Her hair makes her look like one of those troll dolls.

No. 173907

somebody post the mega for theCamilla Boudoir set pls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173909

Momokunt has been really quiet the last few days. I'm just waiting for a big long rant, something like

"You know I'm getting tired of the trash talk about me blahblahblahblah I'm just trying to be me blahblahblahblah it's so toxic blahblahblahblah…"

No. 173911

Lmao it's exactly how she sounds. She's on a vacation with friends yet is "mopey". Trying to hook up with the Azn fuckboy must have lost its entertainment value and failed. She's been retweeting nothing but old posts as well by once again, herself for attention.

No. 173912

That silver hair.. She moving right past middle aged house wife and going full granny.

No. 173916

Wow, had no idea he had a girlfriend. They legit went on a date together, would never have guessed he was in a relationship. Wonder how she feels about Moomoo hanging out with her man.

Would also explain why Moo has been relatively quiet about all of it. Probably doesn't want to be TOOOO obvious. But then you have her posing in his cosplays and snapchatting their "dates" because she just can't help but show off her new azn fuck toy.

No. 173928

I think they were talking about ovurtflow not the azn fuckboy he calls himself koreanbbq on fb and ig

No. 173931

Azn fuckboy does not seem to have a gf but he does sleep around as evidenced on Mariahs snapchat doing the walk of shame

No. 173937

I can't keep up with all the dick she's trying to ride.

No. 173939

She's trying to flirt with all these guys and doesn't even realize that they aren't interested in her. Lol. She probably thinks she's super attractive because her neckbeards keep calling her thicc and hot but it's not like they genuinely think that.

No. 173944

File: 1473884027083.png (399.68 KB, 534x950, xqume0l.png)

The Samus bikini doesn't even fit right.

No. 173946


LOL shes doing the walk of shame? No wonder she posted that mopey shit about "having so many thoughts" she slept with the guy hoping he would want to be in a relationship with her. Damn the insecurity tho.


Overtflow has a girlfriend. But she has been talking about making videos with him and flirting with him online you can see it.

KoreanBBQ is the guy she was wearing the armour from and was at his house learning how to "make armor" apparently she posted Meis shoes on Facebook he was teaching her how to make them.


A BEACHED WHALE HAS BEEN SPOTTED dayum that hanging tummy tho

No. 173947

Marrying the royals together is really popular though.

No. 173949

Damn, she really does look like an aged soccer mom desperately trying to look hip. Everything is so saggy, it's hard to believe this is a 20-year-old.

No. 173951

Her famous ass has disappeared again, lol she's mugging so hard for snap chat it's fucking sad course Santa Monica but you know she won't be able to get a good shamu pic of herself when it gets crowded.

No. 173952

File: 1473885175522.png (662.34 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 173953

File: 1473885180152.jpg (93.64 KB, 1006x893, 70DiMnL.jpg)

Even if it sounds pointless asf, it's worth following her on Snapchat because she seriously thinks she's the sexiest randomlol!!1XD geek gurl on this planet & is so obnoxious to the point it's too cringey to watch her full videos, like the recent Samus clips. Also it's where she posts stuff that she won't post elsewhere, like that walk of shame.

No. 173954

File: 1473885302307.png (164.15 KB, 251x348, 1ca6e8c5696273a147cedffc9c8f20…)

Bitch so fat she got an extra pair of titties on her tittes.

No. 173957


seriously though these are so unflattering. she looks 50lbs heavier than she does in her carefully angled waist trainer pics.

No. 173958


Just goes to show how much she edits her photos and how reliant she is on the waist clincher to look "thicc". So much for that body confidence she preaches about.

No. 173960


Oh yeah love me some of that THICC pasty ass I thought she was Arabic? Where's that fake tan at?

She sure has a lot of balls to post this kind of stuff on social media though, I hope some people still watch this thread and see how much of a lie her whole body is lol.

Reminds me of another famous Mariah (Carey) who photoshops everything into oblivion.

But trust me girl, I'm not comparing you to Mariah Carey as a compliment considering she's fat washed up and old so don't even try to twist my words around. You're both just so famous for dat Photoshop :)

Mariah Mallad, the Catfish Queen.

No. 173961

She slightly resembles lil wayne in the photo on the right.. weird

No. 173962

at least Mariah Carey's weight gain came from pregnancy and IVF treatments. Momocunt has no excuses.

No. 173963

File: 1473886150389.jpg (35.76 KB, 409x407, 1473885180152~2.jpg)

I can't stop cracking up god what an ugly mug.

No. 173964

File: 1473886229957.jpg (33.49 KB, 400x394, v4FZukS.jpg)


Weird comparison but you're not wrong lol.

No. 173967

There are apps to record snapchat videos without the person finding out. People on YTT do it for Kai's snap videos. We should look into that, because no way in hell do I want to follow this chick and make her think people actually like her.

No. 173969

wtf is this tumor hanging off of her? my first thought is back fat, but holy shit, that seems so GIGANTIC.

No. 173972


It's the uncomfortable cutting in of a bikini that's way too small for her. It can't be comfortable at all. But she's THICC SAMUS so it's made for her clearly. Why she thought this was good to post to Snapchat we'll never know…

No. 173978


It's because of Bardock Obamas stream. I asked about them and he said he was no longer friends with her and cut her out. What happened with them?

No. 173985

File: 1473888934725.png (474.42 KB, 799x524, s2hI1KK.png)

How predictable she'd post a bikini snap to IG, sucking in and holding arms up of course. Her fans are hopeless.

No. 173987


Obviously you are new here. Not trying to be rude but read this thread and the last thread. All the screenshots of what happened between them are there.

No. 173988


Okay hold on, why the fuck would she go to the beach in the Samus wig lmfaooo why not go with your normal hair…I have a feeling we are gonna see an overly Photoshopped "beached themed" set soon.

No. 173989


Samus boudoir set; bikini edition! Funny enough, the girl who tagged her on Facebook about going on this vacation is a photographer. Oh christ.

No. 173997

So I was looking around for some nerdy bikinis cause some of my friends were having a 'cosplay pool party' she seems to have gotten her samus bikini from Fit2btiedclothing on etsy.

No. 174000

Just WTF this is one of the most unflattering pics Ive ever seen moomoo in. What made her upload this and why??!! It stung my eyes seeing this in the first page
This is so unattractive- im kind of shocked

No. 174001

No. 174002

is that awkward crease in her stomach from wearing corsets so much?
she need to start waist training again cause that shit is gone

No. 174011

She has gained a lot of weight, so much that her arm pits are starting to blacken. Sign of weight gain or really terrible at shaving her pits.

No. 174017

Nope that crease is from weight gain, it's common when your stomach starts to stretch and fold in your abs.

No. 174021


Do we even know if she's full Arabic or not? Or is she just trying to bank off being "exotic" like those people who claim to be 1/16th Cherokee.

No. 174022

File: 1473895677686.png (193.27 KB, 720x742, Screenshot_2016-09-14-17-22-00…)

So I was fucking right lol. It is a swimsuit photoshoot.

But the bullshit she wrote to go with the picture on her Facebook…man, I just can't.

I think where she wrote "my neighbour" I think it was meant to say "I never".

Is this her attempt at making us look like assholes because now all of a sudden she's "all natural"? Nah. I ain't buying it. She does this all the time, "changes herself" for like a week and then goes back to the same shit she always does.

No. 174023

Thats weird cause I am bigger than her and I don't have that

No. 174024

I love how she says ~photo manipulation~
bitch, its shoop.

No. 174027


"Phantom for Snapchat" is good for that purpose if you're on a Jailbroken deevice

No. 174030

Never worn a two piece lmfao! She was wearing a two piece in Hawaii and she poses in her underwear, she's such a liar so fucking full a shit she needs to take a bottle of laxatives to crap it out.

No. 174032

Does your belly swell out or fold in? In depends on body type.

No. 174033

>I've never worn a two piece
There's not much of a difference between a two piece and lingerie, is there? Not to mention all the cosplays she's worn with her ass/tits/etc. hanging out. But suddenly wearing a bikini to the beach is a ~milestone~ for her?

No. 174034


Brace yourselves for the most heavily shooped photos imaginable. Body positivity y'all!

No. 174038

Jesus christ, I get typing shit on a phone can be annoying with auto correct, but at least take the time to go back fix the auto corrects before posting.

No. 174046

File: 1473900704516.png (310.97 KB, 720x508, Screenshot_2016-09-14-18-48-09…)

And to go the extra mile to prove that "omgz she totally doesn't Photoshop guys" she went and did a POLAROID SHOOT. Clever girl, but it's under a dock. Where there's heavy shade. And shadows. How about some shots out in the light where there's not light tricks to hide your flaws?

No. 174048

Its easy to make polaroids look good because of the "effect" it has
And if the photographer is good enough to pose her and make her look "better" without shoop
and like you previously said, the shade helps
I wonder how many photos they couldn't take because they were too awful

No. 174049

Lolcow: Lol what a dumb bitch claiming she's body positive
Then she proceeds to squeeze her fat sagging tits together and cover her waist and pull the bikini string out of her fat rolls.

No. 174050

You can tell she is sucking in and holding her fat in the left photo and in the right photo you can tell her tummy pudges out

No. 174052

The poses she's doing are to hide the fat in certain areas where it's more noticeable. Clever move there Momo.

No. 174054

This is kind of off topic but since its been brought up a few times
1. Do you guys actually dislike that she is fat, or is it the fact that she parades herself as "body positive" and has a huge ego about her "THICC" body? (for me its the latter because i don't care if someone is fat, etc)
And 2. What do you think a proper "body positive" person would be like?

No. 174056


It has nothing to do with her being fat. It's the fact that she SAYS she's body positive and then photoshops the fuck out of all of her pictures, and every single cosplay (besides the Mei one) she's wearing a waist trainer INCLUDING her famous Samus costume. Her body has been fake the whole time but everyone claims she's got a tiny waist and a big butt nope she's just fat with a small butt that she knows how to angle to hide that fact. But oh, wait, she doesn't need to alter her appearance because she's soooo body positive. Besides that's not the only reason we dislike her but for some reason everyone thinks so.

No. 174057


Not to defend her, but I'm Arab and I'm paler than her. I can tan, but it takes a while. There's plenty of us with white person skin, although I wouldn't be surprised about her lying about her ethnicity. I remember her saying she was Italian or something.

No. 174058


A body positive person should be someone who doesn't go out of her way to completely alter her appearance via Photoshop. Fuck every photoshoot she's had she smooths out everything to the point that it's ridiculously obvious.

No. 174059

File: 1473902308224.png (2.61 MB, 2242x1000, moomootheliarcow.png)

'omg u gais pander to me because this is the first time I'm feeling #confident about my tummy showing'

Yeah sure moomoo.

Although I love that she did at least two shoots in the kitty lingerie and a shoot in the bandage swimsuit at AX and those pictures have yet to see the light of day.

No. 174060

Ew the ears on the bottom half of the kitty lingerie just accentuate that fupa.

No. 174061


1. Her ego and her "body positive" bullshit. No one would give to flying fuck if she was just some fatty in a cosplay.

2. Someone who's body positive wouldn't wear corsets, use myspace angles, and shoop the fuck out of their photos to hide their flaws. They would present themselves exactly how they are because they're proud of the person they are. They also wouldn't go out of their way to gloat about it constantly either.

No. 174062

Momo has the largest ego and calls herself thicc when she's literally no different from any other plus size girl. I think she's actually ashamed to admit she's a plus size cosplayer so results to another title to lure in neckbeards. She preaches about body positivity yet shoops her photos, takes classic fat girl angle shots and relies on waist trainers to look curvy. She goes against everything she's supposed to stand for by hiding it and that's what makes her an unbearable cunt everytime she goes on one of her "be confident gaiz" stories or how inspired she is to be brave enough to wear a two pieced bikini which is nothing but bullshit.

No. 174063

It's funny that she has tried to say that she has lost weight more recently, moomoo, where? She looks heavier if anything, she used to have more definition in her stomach, but it's getting rounder along with her thighs.

No. 174064

Sage for samefagging, but that nose contour is out of control too. Her face is so washed out except for those insane dark brown wide streaks down either side of her nose. Awful.

No. 174065

Here's all of her most recent snaps. Will update as they appear. have fun :^)


No. 174067

Thank you for responding
I know its her personality that everyone hates (cause lord knows i hate her for that reason)
I just wanted to know because in the past few threads alot of people made fat comments so i just wanted to clarify

TLDR fat person was worried about being fat lmao

No. 174068

This feels like a copypaste of Tasha's post a couple weeks ago, how unoriginal of moomoo.

No. 174070

omg thats what i was just thinking
At least Tasha actually posted "unflattering" natural photos of herself
And that makes her more beautiful

No. 174071

I thought she looked disgusting in these I almost threw up

No. 174072

When you hate someone, even the unrelated things become gross, you know?

No. 174073

Like if she went around saying that she was a 'big girl' instead of 'thicc' people would care a lot less.

How she acts about her body is more deep seeded in how she is a terrible person in my opinion. She constantly lies to make herself sound better when it's usually a bunch of lies.

Things she's lied about
>Where her patreon money goes (said she spends all of it on cosplay)
>Being Friends with Jessica Nigri (JNig doesnt follow her or have her on FB)
>Working out (she's consistently gained weight)
>Heat Stroke at Anime Expo (when she was obviously hung over from the party the night before)
>Blisters and extreme sunburn (when all we got to see was slightly red skin that was picked at to look worse)
and now
>Never wearing a two piece before. (she's worn several)

People call momo fat and constantly insult her about it because she lies and tries to hide her actual bodyshape as much as she can. It's harder to say 'If she was confident about her body' because you cant even compare it to anything because she's a constant fallacy.

No. 174074

Her Patreon just bumped up an extra $200 since releasing the Polaroid previews. So that's all it takes it seems. Ass and titties on show in a Samus bikini and ratty wig then suddenly money flows in.

No. 174077

Honestly I don't know why more people aren't interested in her ex-friends like Gabby, Tasha, and Sierra
They seem so nice and genuine and collectively you get basically the same thing you'd get with moomoo
(besides the lies and fakeness)

No. 174079

Because momo encourages neck beards to objectify her and loves being treated like a throwaway tag, Tasha, gabby, and Sierra have too much self respect and actually love cosplay. Those girls don't encourage likes to treat cosplay like fetish porn unlike momo.

No. 174080

couldn't even get through 3 of them. she is insufferable

No. 174081

True dat
I'm glad I found them though (through momo's twitter)

No. 174084

It's incredible how much the waist trainer does to suck her gut in. Would she be using an actual steel-boned corset? People keep saying corset but how would she hide the rope at the back under her skin tight bodysuits? I have corsets and they are very thick, I just cannot imagine wearing one under a latex suit.

Sage cause I want to know what she is wearing so I can get one and use it to cosplay characters with unnaturally tiny waists. Any idea?

No. 174088

File: 1473906586103.jpg (48.23 KB, 600x520, MDExRjU5ODJFMTAzOEFGNUY5NDQ6MT…)

a waist trainer doesn't necessarily mean a corset. they sell stuff like a corset, minus the stuff in the back so its easier to hide and more comfortable. She probably has something like pic related

No. 174089

File: 1473906619753.jpg (58.22 KB, 1012x1280, waist cincher.jpg)

its actually a cincher so its a wrap that has hooks in the front
(for example)

She supposedly actually waist trained so her waist is smaller than her hips, but because she gained weight her body doesn't actually look like that
cinchers just hold in the fat and not actually genuinely change your shape
alternatively you could get a underbust corset (to change your waist) and wear a cincher over to cover up the corset

No. 174091

Anon I bought a waist trainer for that exact same reason and holy shit, don't go cheap, and don't get the 'mesh' ones that are supposed to stop you from over heating, that shit rips in two minutes. >>174088 's one is better quality than what I have and in the end I just bought a wasp waisted underbust and I wear spanx over it to flatten things out again

No. 174094

If you want to cosplay characters with crazy tiny waists you would have to corset train. You can tell that hers is a cincher and not a corset because it doesnt actually save her size front to back as you can see in that one D.Va group pic. it just makes her shape from the front not look like a land whale.

I doubt she ever actually waist trained. even if you look from when she was actually fit she didnt have much waist to hip variation.

No. 174095


I think it's a corset. Cinchers tend to only smooth out your midsection by pulling everything in, however they do not give you a tiny cinched waist. I really haven't seen a lot of her cosplays from behind so I can't tell if there is any lacing poking out.

This is one that is specifically designed to be worn under clothes:

No. 174097

You're probably right
But considering how big she used to be in middle school i wouldn't be surprised cause when she was fit she did have a better waist to hip ratio than she does now

No. 174098

Thanks ladies! I'll try the waspie corset under one of these cinchers. I find corsets give you back fat muffins so I'll grab a full back cincher.

No. 174101

Why are these 3 the only people that get brought up? Is it cause we hate all her other "friends" or is it cause there are none?

No. 174107

Probably because two of them vaguely tweeted about fake nerd girls and momo had tacoroach attack them, the third one was mistaken as momo lol momokunt was friends with steff Von shweetz and several others but they wisely walked away from this train wreck.

No. 174109

All 3 of them did lmao
All 4 of them cut ties with her

No. 174116


I think she has a lot more friends like Tina Dayton and all of those people but Vamplette is always with her all the time and Gabby and Tasha had a few vague subtweets to say about her that just further drove the point home.

Although I'm not sure why anyone keeps mentioning Gabby and Tasha, as I'm sure they just want to put all this drama behind them lmao. Someone keeps anonymously talking/asking Tasha about Mariah and I think they're just trying to get her to flat out talk shit about her instead of subtweets her but I'm sure that shit gets annoying.

No. 174117

I'm not sure about how close Tasha and Sierra were with Mariah and Collette. still no clue how Sierra ties in to momo btw they shot together in a group like once ages ago, but Steff, gabby, Mariah, and Collette all worked together at anime revolution as models they even still have pictures together.

No. 174119

Sierra aka Thornchan; is fb friends with all of them and even did the same spam posts on ax and ALA forums that got momo and moochlette small promotion though we all know momo gets money from pervs of off 4chan where she was mysteriously posted. Sierra is actually a sweetheart but she tries too hard to network instead of befriending people and tends to hang out with people who can bring her attention. Even if they talk shit about her like momo and moochlette do to her.

That's basically how she ties in there, she was the Elizabeth in the 7 deadly sins photo, the black cat that someone mistook for momo at sabakon, and she tends to suck up to momo because Sierra has low self esteem.


No. 174120

idk I dont really see her as being 'friends' with Tina. it feels like tina just only gets her 'suck up' face. I would be willing to be good money that Momo talks the biggest shit about Tina since Tina is an actual landwhale (about 3 times the size of momo).

then again Tina is with Ray of ex-AH fame so she's used to cheap attention whores by now.

No. 174124

Someone in the previous thread said that they're not friends anymore
Honestly Sierra seems to have gotten over that though (or at least I don't see her spam or dickride momo anymore)

No. 174125

Tasha and Sierra played League and streamed with Mariah a few times
Sierra used to be in Collette and momo's streams all the time.
Poor child tried REALLY hard to be friends with them
She would comment on their posts, stream with them, all this other shit
She basically tried doing what Momo does to Jnig, But i don't think she did it for fame, i think she just tried really hard to make friends, and that makes me sad that someone would want to be friends with mariah that badly

No. 174126

File: 1473913207731.jpg (1.17 MB, 4000x1057, calling momo out.jpg)

(sorry if its hard to read)
But they all called Moomoo out
They all genuinely like the same things and they all talk on twitter, fb and what not
Basically the 3 of them are all internet friends that cut ties with Moomoo and thats why they've been brought up
Honestly I'd like to hear their sides of the stories because I'm sure they have alot of dirt on Moomoo and Moochlette

No. 174132

have they publicly said stuff about her? If so, do you know what they said?

No. 174134

Were any of them ever actual real friends in the first place like outside of cosplay? The whole fight thing is confusing cause I don't know what even sparked it. Or was it all just online?

No. 174137

Mostly online
Gabby is the only one that was actually friends with Mariah and Collette
Tasha and Sierra are from CA so they obviously were just online friends (tasha was actually mariah's friend though and sierra was more of an acquaintance)
But it was all still mostly cosplay related though
Gabby went on a few hikes and hungout with mariah a few times but not much (that i know of)

No. 174138

I just want evidence of Mariah treating her friends/fans like shit without them knowing
So people can see she is two-faced

No. 174139

Let's be real. It's momo we're talking about. We've WITNESSED how two faced she is.

She probably lied to them about a million things and they started to find out the truth. Simple as that.

I mean we could easily just show them the tirade she went on in one of the earlier threads where she started off like 'tell me what I can do to be a better cosplayer uwu~' and then ignored all the actual advice people were giving her and quickly turned to 'my spandex suit will get me more notice than you'll ever get ever'

or y'know any of the HUNDREDS of lies she's blatantly told within the past year.

No. 174140

I don't know if anything sparked it, I just figured everyone got sick of her/ found out the truth about her
Tasha seemed to stop talking to her around AX
I dunno when Gabby cut her ties off with her, it seemed to stop when she hungout with Steff more
I dunno anything about Steff having drama with momo
and sierra made vague posts and stopped dickriding momo after sabakon

No. 174142

Maybe you should say something to her if thats what you think
You can anonymously send her a message telling her how momo treats her and how she acts and what not

No. 174144

SO the fact that momo refuses to style her wigs properly (especially her samus) has bothered me for so long but I think I finally figured out why she does it:

To copy how Nigri wears her hair. Especially the samus wig seems to specifically worn to look like how Nigri wears her hair.

sage for tinfoilhat-chan

No. 174145

Steff was a judge at otakon Vegas, the masquerade that momokunt and moochlette entered and expected to win a prize for the crappy Pokemon gijinka, both basically threw a fit and moochlette went on a rant on fb about how she was going to quit cosplaying because of this loss, steff basically told them to calm the fuck down and even wanted to give them tips on how to improve but no such luck with the cosplay drama queens. Steff than blew the roof off of Anime Revolution and their crap work conditions and how the store picked favorites (momo) and how they underpaid the models illegally under the table and did not prevent the harassment the models received, momo kinda defended the store than stopped, than she things were ok for a bit because steff, momo and moochlette were going to do a reality tv show about cosplay for Vegas tv station, that's when momokunt started acting like a diva and telling people she was famous because she was going to be on tv (a local cable station I remind you) steff didn't like what was going on with the show and she cut ties. Momo threatens cons too, that's why she's not allowed to guest at the big cons in Vegas because of her threatening to shut down cons with her fans.

No. 174146

I'm like at a loss for words

No. 174155

File: 1473922611362.jpeg (481.47 KB, 1909x1717, image.jpeg)

I don't know about you guys but I'm legitimately triggered by how fucking fat she is and every time I see a photo of her, I feel the need to shoop it to hell and back.

No. 174156

Wow you're really good at shooping xD
I need some shooped photos now lmao

No. 174158

if you post your contact info, you should have a job with momo within the day

No. 174160

File: 1473923566169.png (2.51 MB, 1909x1717, moomoo.png)

wow you're better at shooping her than her photographers are that's for sure.

No. 174161

For being the angle master I really don't understand why she picked this arms up pose at all. I mean I guess it makes her boobs look a little nicer but mostly it just makes her look like a fucking linebacker.
I feel like only models can pull off this pose without looking super wide though. Even average skinny girls, especially almost head on to the camera, it's just gonna make them look super wide.

No. 174163

She's trying to stretch her torso out to seem longer/thinner, holding her arms up to try to hide how hammy they are (hide the wings), give her breasts a little bit of a lift, etc. Also, she's doing the leg cross like she needs to pee to try to make her hips look wider than her thighs while tapering her legs a bit. All that stretching, sucking in, and posing and she still looks like that though…

No. 174201

It's so weird how a thread about Mariah turned into a thread about Mariah, Tasha and Gabby. I'm pretty sure they don't want anything to do with the bitch, and people are harassing Tasha about MooMoo on CuriousCat. Can we not? Lol.

I get that the subtweets are what brought them into this conversation but some of these long winded explanations are crazy and may or may not be true.

And by the way I think Tina peeked at this thread because she tweeted "it's amazing how uninformed people are on the internet".

The crazy theories are what makes this thread embarrassing to be honest. Y'all are going off on some cosplay illuminati shit it's not that deep.

Mariahs a fat asshole who shoops. Simple enough. Stop dragging other people's lives into this.

Honestly I'm not Tasha or Gabby but I would think they don't want anything to do with this drama and if everyone keeps mentioning them Momo is gonna go after them with her whiteknights and shit and try to fuck up their reputation when they're already trying to move on from it.

Ive never respected subtweets but I do respect the fact that they both only had those few subtweets and just cut ties with her. No trying to call her out and start this big Twitter fight.

No. 174210

Or they could have just ignored it all and not publicised it and quietly cut ties. I'm not saying they deserve the attention, but you can't really be surprised that people want to talk about them when they make vague tweets that reference Momo.

No. 174214

urgh, 5k goal reached…
fuck this humanity

No. 174216

Welcome to lolcow.

If it's related to Moomoo it's allowed in the thread and if you think any of our theories are crazy you've obviously never been to any of the other threads.

Also someone who is 'popular' on the internet making a 'it's amazing how uninformed people are on the internet' being about a singular lolcow thread is reaching.

Let's be real it'll probably drop before the end of the month as usual or if anything it proves she's faking her backing again because she hovered around 5k for a few months now and only a couple weeks ago it had dropped down to $4.2k unl

No. 174220


Actually that huge drop last month was apparently Patreon having payment issues because SwimsuitSuccubus, Kaybear and Krissy Victory all said theirs dropped too but their patrons never changed, either Momo was panicking and too proud to admit she lost money or too stupid to notice anyways I'm getting off track, point is it looks like people are in fact, actually paying her :/

No. 174225

Momo's drop was before the end of the month and stayed that way until she started shilling herself out

No. 174231

File: 1473957238632.jpg (2.14 MB, 1320x4055, momoposts.jpg)

Since we're getting new people hopping on the Moo Moo Train, I felt like we need a bit of documentation for them. Gathered this little collab from the moment momo came to defend herself in the first thread and showed what a cunt she is.

No. 174235

If you want to see her Boudoir sets, then go look on anonib. If you're not contributing and coming here just to ask for her sets, don't post.

No. 174244

Good work, anon. This sums up pretty much everything new posters need to know about her attitude

No. 174263

File: 1473974708081.jpg (12.39 MB, 4000x6000, wow how can i get a wasitline …)

Thickness is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but even in her unedited photos I'd say she's got a good claim to 'thick'. Being thick is just being a 'big girl' but with a curvier fat distribution.

The hatchet job shopping is out of control though.

No. 174265

I should also add that her "connections with Funimation" was some worker at Funimation replying to her tweet or some shit like that.

The "I'm doing the boudoir shoots to fund my bigger cosplay projects!" thing just angers me to no end. She hasn't done any of the planned "bigger projects" and the posts are from like… March or April. Instead of the Samus armor, she did a Samus bikini shoot and blew the money on pleasure trips and her friends, but I guess giving money for her friend's car repairs means she's "giving back to the community".

No. 174269

she doesnt have a 'curvier' fat distrobution though? She's barely got a waist which is why she constantly contorts her body and wears cinchers to make it look like she does, You can see that her stomach is non existant in these >>174046 . it's sad cause she's not even a pear she's just the sad slutty daughter of the Michelin man.

Either way you're still wrong cause thicc is ABOUT having a smaller waist but juicy hips/ass/thighs. It's basically the look that Nicki minaj is a parody of.

No. 174270

Holy shit this thing has been to photoshop hell and back. If there's anything I've learned from these threads it's which photographers to avoid.

No. 174275

>smaller waist but juicy hips/ass/thighs

But that's just 'curvy'. Thick is like a mix of chubby and curvy. Not having a flat stomach is even kind of part of it. I'm not saying she's Plato's transcendent form of thickness but 'sad slutty daughter of the Michelin man' is going a bit far.

No. 174276

why didn't she fix her nails ffs

No. 174278

File: 1473979037282.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160915-153612.png)

This popped up in her snapchat. She's claiming that that Kelton made fanart of the crappy D.va budoir she shot, even though we know from a previous thread that she was cosplaying his design. She implied that he sent it to her as free fanart, when she probably bought it just so she can grasp at more straws.

No. 174283

w…what's with her right arm?? They blurred the middle of her arm but left the rest untouched, and the underside of her arm is SO wobbly. Who is in charge of her shops? They need to be fired ASAP

No. 174284

File: 1473982078785.jpg (85.45 KB, 1146x604, Screenshot_2.jpg)

that unretouched area on her thigh… how sloppy.

No. 174286


Looks like she had a really bad wax job

No. 174288

File: 1473982449348.jpg (512.32 KB, 1208x773, What the hell.jpg)

the more I look, the worse it gets.
Nobody looks good in HD but what is this??

No. 174292

No worries, it's just melting

No. 174296


This is so badly done. Half hairy arms, half blurred to look like flawless skin and warped arm chub lumps that look bizarre up close as lazy result of poor editing.

No. 174318

There's a lot to dislike about Momo

But I think the thing I dislike the most is the ugly fucking dart on the front chest/neck of her Samus suit

It triggers me every time

No. 174321



No. 174322

Whoever shooped this deserves to have their Photoshop taken away, permanently.

No. 174325

>The crazy theories are what makes this thread embarrassing to be honest.

its no different than any other thread on this site tbh, clam down

No. 174327

That just looks like regular D.Va, how can she say thats fanart of her, lmao

No. 174330

dart? you mean the seam? or something else?

No. 174334

Yup she has one in her dva too

No. 174339

That shooped body is thicc and hot as, this is exactly what Mono thinks she looks like.

No. 174344

saged for late, but lol at that extreme belly suction

No. 174374

File: 1474017232575.png (155.29 KB, 750x971, IMG_3854.PNG)

Yeah I'm so sure "someone sent you that". hi moomoo

No. 174375

File: 1474017260324.jpeg (242.69 KB, 1125x1371, image.jpeg)

Someone sent this "pick" to her.

No. 174380

Like we really need more proof that she hangs around here.

No. 174383

She's so dumb from "someone" to "troll" in 0.1 seconds. I dont even see that as a troll more like "this is what you sell yourself as - you don't look like that"

ty for looking moomoo, get that ass to the gym.

No. 174387

ah yes always plugging her damn snapchat to us.

No. 174398

>someone sent me this


No. 174399

I don't understand why she would post this on her social media. It proves that she still lurks here, and it shows her fans what they could be paying for. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I honestly don't see the logic behind this.

No. 174404

>"someone sent"
Jesus we already know you lurk this board Mariah. No need to fake it.

No. 174414

Hey moomoo! Wanna pay me for the shoop? It'll be cheaper than paying one of your friends to cosplay with you.

No. 174416

Sorry for double posting but wait why would she post that shoop? She's just showing her "fans" what she could be compared to what she really is.

No. 174425

If she was smart she would have played up to the body positive thing. "I don't care if I don't fit into your perfect ~thique~ image, I still love my body!"

But instead she went for the pity points. Mentioned trolls shooping her and how now she wants to go to gym to get that body, so people will tell her that she's already perfect and to never change.

No. 174432

I like how her fans say they are accepting of her image and say they prefer no Photoshop, but half her photoshoots are shooped to Hell and back lmao how blind are they?

No. 174434

Realize these are the same retards who say they love the "natural no make up" look while posting a bitch in a full face of makeup that's just subtle and neutral colors as an example.
Anyway, she posted that pic for all her fans to see as some kind of damage control, before it leaks around and people poke fun. It's the old "make fun of myself first so nobody else can get the satisfaction." she wants people to think that shit like that doesn't bother her.
Also, the neck beards will continue to fund her for shitty half nude pictures. It's nothing new that there are hundreds of better looking talented women than Mariah, that doesn't stop them and their dicks.

No. 174435


>gg troll heh heh meme

No. 174440

I can't help but think the photoshop thing was a self post on momos part, she's not smart but a few of her business associates are.

No. 174442

Quite tragic really. She panders to neckbeards in half assed costumes for money, can only attract fuckboys when she actually wants someone in her life and has to constantly fuel her social media with things that'll bring attention & pity party points to herself for reassurance. She'll be washed up in no time.

No. 174446

She's only twenty though. Unless you guys wanna bitch for five years when she starts getting crows feet and her fat isn't able to defy gravity I think we are stuck with this atrocity to the cosplay industry :/ thing is she will never be famous she will just always be known as the drama queen with the neck beard army. I really don't understand it because even in the unedited picture you can see she's getting SO fat and she doesn't have a shape anymore.

I have a theory that because she is fat and ugly it doesn't matter to these really hard up neck beards because any girl who likes video games and anime (yes, even the girls who pretend and lie) are rare to them. I thinks it's just because they know they dont have a chance in hell with someone like Nigri or Luna Lanie but MooMoo is like the embodiment of every ugly gamer nerds' girlfriends. Plus she tries so hard to be funny and they eat that shit up. She's the funny fat chick she probably always was, but in a waist trainer and ten pounds of makeup she's every socially awkward video gamers wet dream.

So I don't know, I'm getting so tired of knocking her down and then she comes in with a joke about it all and then her Patreon goes up 300$. It's just tiring I don't wanna waste my breath on a piece of shit like that anymore. I'll check back on her in a few years when she's knocked up and three hundred pounds. She's probably gonna wind up like ChelHellBunny I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 174451

You make a good theory.
Also, Mariah is the chick doucheguys that are T driven and unconcerned with quality describe as "she's meh, but she's got huge tits bro" (which is the only qualifier to being perfect and sexy for their low standard selves concerned with getting off)
Mariah doesn't know who she is.

No. 174452

File: 1474051641448.png (752.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 174454

Can't forget many of her female fans are also SJWS who find her "empowering" because she's overweight and Muslim, both which are seen to be ground breaking to them in the cosplay world. They're just as repulsive as her neckbeard army.

No. 174455

I googled ChelHellBunny since I had never heard of her before and jesus what a trashy hoe. That's an actual $5 hooker in flesh right there.

No. 174459

No way. If she knew someone who could shoop that well why wuoldnt she do it on her photoshoots?

No. 174462

I don't what is going on inside the mind of somebody dropping $50 a month for a very softcore, shooped-to-fuck photo set, but
>They only like fat/thick girls because they can't get anyone else
Is up there with 'bullies are just jealous'.

No. 174465

>So I don't know, I'm getting so tired of knocking her down and then she comes in with a joke about it all and then her Patreon goes up 300$.

her trying to make a joke about it and how she played off that joke if anything proves to me how insecure she actually is. If she wasnt hurt by it she would have posted another unedited picture with it? Or at least that's what I would do like 'oh no I'm so unattractive sobbu sobbu' and a picture of me relaxed and enjoying myself or
ignore it.

Well it's like how on average a 7 will get hit on more than a 10 will because they're intimidating a lot of the time. I think it has more to do with the fact that momo encourages that behavior in every way she can. She actively wants to be objectified.

No. 174472

But luna lanie is disgusting and her implants and photoshop are way worse than nigiri. She's also a confirmed psycho hated even more than momo by the cosplay community because she's a shit cosplayer and huge slut showing her bolt on tits for cash.
Terrible example.

No. 174473

I'm the anon who shooped her. I'm not one of her friends nor did I send it to her. I'm just legitimately repulsed by how fat and doughy she is and she continues to get fatter under the guise of being ~thicc~. Her reposting my shoop is her own problem.

Yeah this pretty much. She's desperate for attention and validation and the only way she knows to get either is to shove herself out there as a sexual object for guys to ogle at. Being told she's "hot", "sexy", and "thicc" by neckbeards makes her feel better about herself.

No. 174474

File: 1474055639603.jpeg (150.06 KB, 750x1002, image.jpeg)

Do you think he knows…?

No. 174475

someone be our savior and send him this

No. 174476

You did pretty good on the photoshop, can you point out all the shoop fails on the supposed proffessional photog she shoots with?

Her fans are fucking stupid they pay for shooped photos and act like she's naturally perfect, she's a dick to girls but super sweet to guys since they pay her.

No. 174479

>it's like how on average a 7 will get hit on more than a 10
I don't know. I think people just genuinely like her looks. I think Nigri looks like some rando table dancer, so it wouldn't surprise me if somebody picked momo over her.

No. 174482

Momo is like the cosplay horndogs cheaper version of Mia Khalifa, she's just not willing to do porn.

No. 174486

I know a Muslim cosplayer and she's never going to get half the attention that momokunt does because she actually acts Muslim and isn't half naked in her cosplays. And she's curvy too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174487


No. 174489

>she's just not willing to do porn
Just wait, anon

No. 174490

Lmao I've never heard a more accurate description of her

No. 174497

I'm not saying people dont like her face but I dont think people like her body but then people dont KNOW how to like her body because she's constantly hiding it. I dont think momo is ugly but she's not gonna win any modelling spots anytime soon.

People dont like her because she's a 'Muslim cosplayer' they like her because she's a 'Muslim slut'. It's about the fetish of 'oo look at this girl who is SUPPOSED to have morals but shows off her bodies fapfapfap'. It's why Trisha Paytas is still relevant because between her 'lol i'm naked in this' videos she sneaks in a few 'but lol I love having jesus in my life tho'.

No. 174501

I'm betting she's not actually Muslim but using it to make herself look more "exotic." (plus she has old pics of herself wearing a cross??) At the most she has a Muslin relative or parent and celebrated a few holidays with her family. But I doubt this bitch has ever seriously practiced the religion. She's lied about everything else at this point so why not about her faith too. Anything to cash in on more neckbeard dollars.

No. 174503

She also used to say she was italian?
Even if she is arabic
Arabic does not mean muslim
I hope she understands that

No. 174507

Whether the photshopped version or the real thing, I think people do. The exposed midriff kitty cosplay thing does the rounds as a 'the thickness is real' photo, and iirc it wasn't coated in photoshop. I'm not really tryibg to say if she's hot or not, I just never agreed with
>Guys who like heavy girls are lowering their standards because every guy thinks slim is better
People like all sorts of different things.

No. 174509

Like the average american she's probably a mixture and multiple enthic backgrounds. So being Arabic might not be a lie. It just possible it actually take up a much smaller percent of her background than she wants people to believe.

No. 174513

She talks a lot. And has spoken about her background. But I've never seen or heard her speak of the three events I know Muslims have a year, Eid and Ramadun. If she really is Arabic Muslim then and puts it in her profile and description, and is on social media a fuckton then why doesn't she speak about those events? Or the tragedies happening in the Mid East?

And to piggyback on that, she blatantly shows off she drinks. Nudes is one thing, drinking too? That another huge bad thing for Muslims.

No. 174514


Stfu momokunt

No. 174515

I feel sorry for her family. A tragic hoe with no prospects in life other than posing half nude in cosplay. Hopefully if they have any sense they'll disown her soon.

No. 174521

Would LOVE to see momokunt live on her own and actually have to pay bills. Reality would hit her HARD. Bet she doesn't even pay her own phone bill the spoiled brat.

No. 174522

How sad is it that your only purpose in life is being thicc, taking off your clothes for money, and antagonizing a community that is working to become more tolerant and accepting? And she was stupid enough to attach her real name to her online shenanigans, so when she gets too thick or a cuter, actually thick cosplayer hits the scene, she's going to be in major trouble. I would almost feel bad for her, but she brought this on herself.

That's if they haven't disowned her already.

No. 174525

It really does seem like her parents let her get away for living there free. Judging by some IG photos in the past, it looks like she still lives at their house.

No. 174527

Her parents baby her, at least her mom does. She's an entitled millenial who will never actually have to pay her own way in life, paying for pleasure trips don't count. Even if the patreon well does run dry there will be some loser who will pick her up and cater to her, the thing about being a suger baby is that there is always a daddy who will baby you.

Seeing that she had severe daddy issues, she probably will find one that acts like father to her.

No. 174529

>> 174513

Because she's not. Like my hunch, she has a close relative who is Muslim and she thinks that makes her Muslim by association. I hope she knows it takes faith to belong to a religion… but I doubt it.


Momo stinks the of kind of child that has been coddled and spoiled her entire life. No doubt this helped contribute to that massive ego.

No. 174530

To be honest, what bothers me is that there are actually good plus sized cosplayers who know how to create amazing garments and put a lot of effort into creating cosplays that are flattering to their figure.

Moomoo is a sell out and hides her poor skills behind the, "I have boobs and butt and fat is the new sexy" shit that people use when they are extremely insecure about themselves. Unfortunately because she whales around spewing this shit in her shitty cosplays, this is why some people come to think of all plus size cosplayers to be that way, to not try or hide in fear of shaming.

There are plenty of great plus sized cosplayers who can better represent and contribute to the community and don't have to sell themselves out like this, and unfortunately deserve way more credit for their talent.

No. 174545

Jesus Christ the girl who did her lashes posted a picture of Momo before and after the treatment on Instagram. Legit fucking terrified.

No. 174561

File: 1474077570389.png (1.52 MB, 906x587, capture_002_16092016_215841.pn…)

learn to screencap you walnut

No. 174562


Jesus christ, that's the worst picture I've ever seen of her. Pure nightmare fuel.

No. 174566

holy shit those lashes.THEY LOOK TERRIBLE. Why would want to look like you have fake as shit lashes 100% of the time?

Fake lashes to go with fake personaility I guess, godd dame

No. 174569

No makeup photos feel a bit below the belt, but she's definitely channelling Pepe in this one.

No. 174571

File: 1474081806868.jpg (22.52 KB, 385x385, tumblr_nozk536fZc1tfbd61o1_400…)

No. 174573

Do you guys actually think she's objectively ugly, or is it just one of those things where you hate a person's personality/behavior and as a result you start to hate everything about them? I think she looks pretty average but definitely not ugly – she'd be cute if she weren't a raging cunt and in denial about her weight.

No. 174576

in those photos? She ugly as fuck. It's an unflattering angle and camera but yeah she looks objectively horrible in those pictures. Especially if you consider she's 20?
For someone who's 20 she already has really old eyes and you can see wrinkles already starting to develop in the lighting on that second picture with is just really really sad.

Also idk what is is about those lases but it makes her irises look extremely tiny.

No. 174578

She does look pretty old for 20, yeesh. I didn't realize how young she was. I guess I have low standards for what I consider pretty bc I'm uggo myself lol.

The lashes look legitimately awful. Why wouldn't she try for something at least a tiny bit more natural?? It's like having permanent caterpillars on your eyelids.

No. 174579

I wish she would use more natural-looking falsies. The drag queen style doesn't do her any favors.

No. 174582

She has such a strange face, that it seems really hard to try and make look good. Which I think is why most of the time she ends up making dumb as fuck faces in her photos.

No. 174586

I guess she is 21 now? Gonna suck going to the 21+ cosplay events in Vegas and seeing her ass.