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No. 1743708

If you’re new, please make sure you read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting!

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1720005

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Goiter continues his delusional behavior. Cheating on Layna before love bombing her back into submission.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>Goiter continues to prove he's completely void of nuance or self-awareness. Continues to pose like a Dollar Store sports wear model >>1721599
>More proof provided via the comments on one of goiters latest interviews >>1725361
>Goiter poses on instagram with what looks like rent >>1727864
>Goiter and Layna have fights and break up like they have the mental capacity of a wooden spoon. Vague posting begins >>1728833
>Goiter flexes a bunch of other bands crowds as his own at a popular emo night >>1730002
>Goiter talking the big man >>1731409 after starting beef with a well known cow.
>Goiter takes a bath in shit, puke and piss. >>1731427
>Copies and pastes a photo of his son to virtue signal >>1731868
>Goiter and Layna break up finally >>1732084 Layna spills milk >>1732109
>5 mins later, Goiter has love bombed Layna back into submission after cheating, and drags her to his moms house.
>Schizo-chan continues on their tirade of personally invested vitriolic shit which no one is interested in.
>Goiter talk incoherently about his choild >>1739432
>Goiter shows his age by being a bitter broke old man and hitting out at others doing exactly what he'd be doing if he had the chance. >>1741447
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.

Previous Threads:
1-17 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
18: >>>/snow/1677115
19: >>>/snow/1720005

No. 1743710

Thanks nonna! That picture is dope.

No. 1743715

Kek the thread title is killing me, that instagram bath story was so funny

No. 1743789

that is Layna herself. the link doesn’t work because it redirect to gravify — it’s a site that tracks your IP.
nobody wants to know your location Layna KEK we already know you are Lelayna Caldwell from Edmonton AB Canada but you are in lolcow fucktard, this isn’t KF.
So now it’s 100% confirmed that she’s as fucked as every other BPD girl that Jonny has manipulated.
Nice work Lelayna, you are so pressed by us it’s ridiculous.

No. 1743992

shitty thread, not everything that went down as far as milk wise is included

No. 1744003

its sooo bad, finding old milk for reference is impossible with shitty ops like this. they linked a total of twelve posts in the “new milk” section, half of them aren’t even milky and they entirely left out the old milk and thread links? I’ve made many threads way longer than this and I’ve never see “body text limit hit” whatever the fuck that even means?

No. 1744041

Not OP but do you read other threads? Text characters were reduced and if you can do one better then do it and post a link

No. 1744079

File: 1673656204790.png (3.5 KB, 420x152, tye.png)


>>1743992 >>1744003
then go make a thread so we can all be blessed with your superior recapitulation? more useful than moaning.

No. 1744086

Love the thread pic, it’s perfect kek.

There’s a new character limit, we gotta work with what we got unfortunately.

No. 1744096

Yeah none of the major milk from last thread seem to be included other than the fake break up. I guess there’s a text limit but anon could’ve easily cut all the copy and pasted filler to actually do a proper milk recap. At least they got the number right though lol!

No. 1744157

like the links to their socials arent even right, layna changed her twitter handle to @laynabrat, but yeah half of the milk was entirely left out but whatever i guess. just looks sloppy

No. 1744307

loveeeee how you all infight when there's no milk HAHAHAHAH

No. 1744321

no one is fighting, like two anons complained about the thread being shit and it is

No. 1744326

File: 1673673606845.jpg (49.03 KB, 260x509, 5531111932_99894fabf7_o.jpg)

im gonna fuck the life out of this man

No. 1744328

File: 1673673664974.jpg (87.17 KB, 360x500, 5531111430_41c1ba65fe_o.jpg)

sexy junkie

No. 1744331

look at all these old photos of my husband jonny craig so handsome i want his ginger dick in my guts


No. 1744336

File: 1673675423265.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.08 KB, 1143x678, 69AC3E8F-D56F-46C2-A39C-D4A51B…)


No. 1744337

File: 1673675796020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.65 KB, 750x750, 8313CED2-493D-4D87-805E-4DC0CA…)

Lelayna Caldwell Edmonton Canada laynabrat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744346

File: 1673676973712.png (332.71 KB, 323x493, Screenshot 2023-01-13 221552.p…)

omgg hes so sexy im gonna fucking cum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744347

holy shit emo jonny squirts everywhere starts squirming(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744351

Squirts breast-milk everywhere from lack of milk.

No. 1744362

What the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 1744416

10/10 thread pic. So simple yet so elegant.

No. 1744518

>March to end violence against women

kek how ironic

No. 1744553

Cool, I'll delete the thread. Then you can bless us with your superior recapitulation in a new thread?

No. 1744577

Go take care of your cHiOlD you bpd freak

No. 1744609

Not any of the people you’re replying to but you sound miserable. Its so immature to make a poor quality thread then turn around, bitch at valid criticism and say “well you do it then”. YOU decided to take on the responsibility of making a new thread, no one else, so grow up and accept the criticism that comes with it.

No. 1744694

i don't really care. the solution is a new thread, or you keep bitching in this one.

No. 1744773

This maya alexa and JC don’t follow each other anymore.

No. 1744780

layna took down the pic of bbp from her insta. trouble in paradise!

No. 1744782

and they no longer follow each other!

No. 1744785

Kek he tried playing those 2 girls and lost them both. Same old JC story.

No. 1744828

File: 1673729991996.jpeg (280.32 KB, 1170x2080, FC94A335-4758-46E7-917C-16FCBB…)

Tone those jowls big boy.

No. 1744844


kekkity kek kek kek!!!! Spill the tea Layna!! We're still gonna make fun of you and call you retarded for getting back w/ him but at least you'll be making him suffer a bit.

No. 1744896

Isn’t he like 5’2? 165 is still overweight for a miniature man. And he still looks bloated and gross.

No. 1744903

forehead wrinkles fought the filter for supremacy and won

No. 1745074

File: 1673748064195.png (448.86 KB, 1284x2778, 06CC47D1-48FE-4DE1-9BF7-B58EF9…)

Confirmed breakup #2

No. 1745079

Too bad we likely won’t know what happened but I’m sure we can take a good couple guesses kek. They’ll likely do this song and dance a couple more times. Layna has no respect for herself and it’s sad she chooses to waste her youth on garbage.

No. 1745083

Like, OK he's a junkie, OK he's a completely washed-up has-been with no redeeming qualities, even OK he's ugly with fake teeth. But sis, the "man" is 5'2", assign more value to your pussy than that, we don't let manlets fuck us.

No. 1745096

What the fuck are you even on about? Being a junky is “ok” but you draw the line at midgets?
Smells like a Y mutation in here

No. 1745121

Right. He poisoned his baby, raped and physically/psychologically abused women. But being short crosses the line.

No. 1745178

File: 1673759476183.png (40.3 KB, 1240x289, layna.png)

does anyone else ever wonder about this post? was it a self post? because if not, then that means layna basically left her bf for jonny, and from her tweet where he "begged her for months" to fly her out, then that means she was also kind of cheating on him with jonny? how would the bf know about any of this unless layna herself "bragged" about "dating" JC? how come she didnt get any shit for any of these possible scenarios? no one ever thinks about these possible scenarios. before it was agreed upon that she's a cow, she had rabid fans defending her itt like she's so innocent but she's a fucking cheater, a clout chaser who bragged to her bf of 6 years that she's now dating jonny craig, this is why i never liked her from the beginning. disgusting piece of shit person. who leaves a six year relationship from being persuaded by twitch subscribers for months?

No. 1745181

5'2 is literally midget status for a man. he's 5'7 so 165 is a normal weight…

No. 1745182

samefag i wish they were still together so he can beat her up too

No. 1745185

He’s definitely not 5’7.

No. 1745192

>no one ever thinks about these possible scenarios
Because we come here to laugh and sometimes a-log. We’re not that invested where we sit around all day tinfoiling different scenarios about someone who we didn’t even know at the time.
Plus, just before layna, goiter got catfished by that weird ava girl (who may or may not have been Syd) so we were just sitting back watching the milk unfold.

Why does that pic sit in your head rent free? You seem weirdly invested.

No. 1745196

when did i say it lived in my head rent free? this is a discussion board so i brought it up to discuss? weirdo. i'm not the one spamming the thread with butthole pics, that would be "rent free" and "weirdly invested"

No. 1745263

NTA, but I agree, you are weirdly invested and that tinfoil is honestly a little retarded and judgemental. And why brought it up just to tell the world you hate her ? (And that ex sounded like a vengeful creep) No one cares and its not milk. Move on

No. 1745264

that anon also says they wished JC beat her >>1745182

No. 1745266

What makes this even funnier too is pictures of the first bf were posted in these threads and he was way better looking than JC (tbf not hard to do) with presumably no felony charges and looked to be her age. She massively downgraded to fuck up her life in the name of a couple more twitch viewers and some Yeezys.
Guess she got clowned on irl for wearing Kanye shoes and is now fishing for a different ugly pair topkek

No. 1745277

Serious question, why do some anons call him "Goiter"? He doesn't have swelling solely at the base of his neck. He just has bad veins in his hands that make his hands look like they have poor circulation. Hell, he doesn't even have jowls like >>1744828 is claiming. He just has an allover fat face from a lack of healthy eating and exercise. I get that we're laughing at a cows for their poor decisions, but saying shit that clearly isn't true or just makes us look misinformed about health and body conditions is pretty odd considering we have his actual actions to laugh at him about. Laugh at the way he talks like he's hood or his terrible music rather, but pretending he has a fucked up thyroid and sagging lower cheeks is reaching when we don't have to.

No. 1745279

>judgemental tinfoil

do you know where the fuck you are?

No. 1745281

How new are you? About a year ago he was fat as fuck. He’s lost weight since but the nickname stuck. He was borderline obese.

No. 1745298

He wasn't obese like Tuna the Cow, just doughy.
A goiter presents itself in the form of an inflammation at the bottom of your neck… where the thyroid gland is. What does that have to do with being fat?! Someone who has goiter would still have pronounced inflammation at the base of their neck if they had goiter. As far as I can tell, he's never had that condition nor does he seem to partake in any of the causes of it such as a lack of iodized salt. Just because I don't read every single post about a cow and missed whatever conversation guessing he had goiter despite displaying no symptoms doesn't mean I'm new. I was just curious, but keep on being pressed for a simple question.

No. 1745307

File: 1673778595652.jpeg (328.8 KB, 563x1028, 6511F5A7-DAC5-4DD7-8527-FD9C04…)

No. 1745413

Getting defensive over another anon's discussion of potential milk we missed only makes it more obvious you don't belong here, and that you're invested.
Lurk moar and integrate.

No. 1745428

File: 1673795797769.jpg (65.98 KB, 500x500, lollol.jpg)

No. 1745440

lol he's 5'5 at best

No. 1745444

We know what a goiter is, thanks. You don’t have to call him that but we’re still gonna cause clearly it gets under his skin. (Referencing his “goiter gang” video where he was so obviously not pressed).

No. 1745524

>A goiter presents itself in the form of an inflammation at the bottom of your neck… where the thyroid gland is
Ty idiot we know what a goitre is. If you read the threads, you’d know it has nothing to do with his thyroid, it’s an inside joke. Of course you don’t get it, you weren’t there when it happened and refuse to catch up so you have zero context. Stop asking to be spoonfed.

No. 1745542

It’s a joke don’t take it so literally. Sorry about your ‘tism tho

No. 1745546

Gonna gum tha homies 4l

No. 1745617

No FR let's talk about it, I think this bitch is shady is fuck. How did her ex find Jonny's thread? Layna probably already knew about it, confirming my theory that she knew exactly the kind of piece of shit JC was but went for it anyway for the sake of "clout". Who tells their ex they just dumped that they are leaving them for a musician?

No. 1745620


No. 1745626


The whole "Layna didn't really know what she was getting into, thus gets all the benefits of the doubt" argument is so fucking retarded. There is absolutely no way a 20-something woman as online as she is doesn't at least google someone before she flies out to meet them. A cursory glance at his wikipedia, which has a multiple-paragraph entry on his "controversies" should have thrown up enough red flags to nope out. She's a loser just like him but now she has the added benefit of having her entire name attached to his replete w/ pictures of her splayed asshole looking absolutely horrific. Theres no way 7-8 months of loooooove with goiter was worth all that, kek.

No. 1745630

kek she thinks she can fade into oblivion since she was the secret girlfriend but the internet is forever, and it's the first thing pops up when you google her

No. 1745759

Actually, the joke was that an anon DIDN'T have any clue what a goiter was and even stated "I don't know what a goiter is but this is peak goiter energy." Cue the chucklefuck anons laughing. Your "we ALL know what a goiter is but this is an iNsIdE jOkE" is absolutely incorrect.

No. 1745772

Nta but… that was the joke. That was literally the whole joke and why "goiter" stuck.

No. 1745775

Chronically online girl has chronically online ex. Who would have thought.

No. 1745783

To be fair though, the sources of the aBuSe claims are even more unreliable than Lil Jon with cash in his low-tise tapered pants pocket. I wouldn't say she dated him for his nonexistent clout either. I do think she was flattered someone outside of her hometown liked her, but regardless of whether anyone knew they were dating or not, she would've been with him anyway. Tl;dr, it would've been insane for her to dump him on account of Lolcow anons or exes

No. 1745786

The joke was to laugh at an anon's lack of knowledge? Unless they're a cow too, we should've focused on names and jokes about the cows.

No. 1745792

Yeah people say she did it for Yeezys and clout but to me it looked like she liked him. She dated him for a whole 8 months without flaunting him much or having him flaunt her.

No. 1745808

File: 1673837829806.jpg (418.47 KB, 2048x1536, goitergang.jpg)

that would make layna taller than him though, and on her tumblr she said she was 5'6 or 5'7 when someone asked, can't remember which

No. 1745874

File: 1673846413316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.68 KB, 400x320, 1514009583061.jpg)

if this dick is this size while soft imagine it hard. jc horsedick confirmed. is that why all these girls go crazy for him?

No. 1745875

File: 1673846498544.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.41 KB, 400x477, 1514009739829.jpg)

sexy pp

No. 1745883

That's not soft "anon", and it looks disgusting like the rest of him. If you really think female sexuality can be condensed by how big someone's dick is you've either never had an orgasm, or more likely never made a woman orgasm. I'd say love yourself, but this is obvious moid self promo.

No. 1745888

im trolling relax

No. 1745901

She said she was 5'6 on stream once and that Jonny was basically the same height.

No. 1745910

Ur joking right it looks like a pencil

No. 1745914

Nothing sexy about manwhore dick with many diseases.

No. 1745922

>literally looks like the bottom of a shaved pencil

I mean…I guess if your experience with dicks has been limited to thumb-sized you’d consider that big.

No. 1745931

It's a running theme on LC to give nicknames to cows. This has been done many times over in various threads. If you don't get it then you're outing yourself as solely lurking this thread and/or newfag. The nickname goiter stuck both as a running joke and in the spirit of LC as a whole.

>>1745874 looks like he's suffering from erectile dysfunction. He's at least half roping it here.

No. 1745935

Half the JC lurkers are fangirls who don’t go on the rest of lolcow. That’s why he gets so many defenders and his girlfriends get so much unbridled rage and nitpicking. (Even though he is the narcissistic sociopath).

No. 1745938

interesting, i wonder if this is who sent layna screenshots. can't imagine why she would unfollow jc after publicly stanning him so hard. he probably wanted to date her and she turned him down since she's way out of his league and he got butthurt and probably called her a cunt or slut

No. 1745939

how would you know who lurks this thread, or any thread for that matter…

No. 1745943

emarosa4L needs to shut the fuck up, you will never fulfill your dream of meeting jonny. and why are you still spamming the thread when your homegirl just got cheated on and her heartbroken? go comfort your "friend" ffs

No. 1745944

Hard and flopping down means either drugs or he did that stupid thing porn stars and length obsessed scrotes do which is pull their dicks essentially out of place for those extra 1-2 inches normally inside the body (or a combo of both). You seemingly destroy the tendons by doing so. I bet you he can't orgasm for at least an hour during sex if he can at all. Doing the pull thing fucks the dick up for pleasure, it never gets properly hard again and can even bend inside the vagina
during sex, and it's just a sad floppy thing you can barely work with or enjoy. Drugs work similarly in regards to the softness issues. if your date has a floppy dick like this and they're sober and you decide to go for it then just call the sex off early once you're done instead of waiting on them to cum, also drop their ass after that night cause they actually ruined their penis for the sake of length, imagine what else they'd do for vanity

No. 1745949

Ava who entertained dating him for that month was a farmer. She did that little fake interview for lolcow. She also self posted when he said her name once during a 4 hour livestream that none of us watch or care about.

No. 1745960

>I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 1745962

Samefag but whoever cowtipped Layna also said she was posted here. Could have just been saying that but many random fangirls he’s spoken to a few times have been posted. Anons also like to say he is in their dms which furthers my claim that this thread actually has a lot of his female fans in it. They might talk shit about him periodically when he leaves them on read or something similar but my point stands.

No. 1745974

My tinfoil theory is schizochan is Ava and she's been seething this entire time kek.
Hearing that Layna has an underaged simp coming here to defend her is depressing, not only is the simp wasting her time but she's inciting schizos to attack Layna. Because emarose is trying so hard it looks like a simp army, and Laynas being targeted by multiple insecure NLOG women who don't believe she deserves a harem of men defending her. Too bad the only simp she has is an underaged girl kek.

No. 1745998

That kids posts are pretty easy to spot. I don’t think all the defenders were hers. She sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1746022

This is the “I can’t get a full erection anymore” penis hold. KEK

No. 1746097

This is definitely not emarosa4l because emarosa4l is a literal child and doesn't have the brainpower to type something this coherent.

No. 1746134

Kek uh did you reply to the wrong nonnie? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just making fun of his gross penis.

No. 1746177

I’m wondering where all the Layna’s stan have gone, they were mega infighting for her and since she came out as a clown nobody says anything apart for the “emotionally invested” anon and the 14 years old super fan.

No. 1746180

When she got back with jc there were at least five, probably more, posts that said they felt silly for ever wking and they weren’t gunna be doing it anymore. The second she knew he was cheating, broke up with him, shit talked him publicly, then accepted gifts, flew out to meet his mom and got back together with him it was undeniable she was a clout chasing ewhore who saw Jonny as meal ticket. I’m not even sure they’ll stay broken up, he’ll probably buy her some ugly swag and she’ll come flying back.

No. 1746209

lol no i was replying to u but i meant the post u replied to is that emarosa character i'm pretty sure and they need to shut up, sorry it wasn't very clear lol my bad

No. 1746212

i think schizo chan is also ava, and idk if ava is actually syd (that would be hilarious and im sure we want that), but i think its another crazy person, possibly turtlemom she's obsessed with jonny lmfao. but the timeline of when schizo chan came around makes me think its "ava", i still think syd was ONE of the nonnies spamming the thread with layna's cam pics but i don't think it was just one person doing that

No. 1746257

I’ve always assumed skid or Athena lol because she was so butt hurt he didn’t want her. Although the latter would have probably mentioned herself more often to try to stay relevant.

No. 1746289

No. 1746293

I don’t think either of those posts were claiming to be fact, they are just tinfoiling anon.

No. 1746311

They both used words like “I think” and “assumed”. Why would they need to show you proof of their thoughts kek

No. 1746315

it’s that cringe Ava.

No. 1746319

i know it’s just that everytime someone post something about Layna self posting nonas be like “””proof???””” i like pissing them off my bad kek

No. 1746334

When does this happen.

No. 1746347

lurk moar

No. 1746473

>They probably can get full erections
>I can't anymore
>Therefore kill all the fags

BBG, 2023

No. 1746595

ok jonny

No. 1747998

Sounds more like emarosa4l, the kid says shit like that in Layna's Twitch chat.

Also bumping this thread because of that dumbass "happening" spam.

No. 1748016

>You must be 18 or older to post here

No. 1748017

File: 1674102477051.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230117-145018.png)

No. 1748020

Wonder what she actually looks like.

No. 1748062

I miss Athena. Bring that hot mess back in here. Let's get her and Jonny together. Dream team 2023

No. 1748077

Bump don’t scroll down catalog, nonnies

No. 1748080

I’m excited for whoever his next girl is. He won’t be alone for long, he’s too codependent. Probably already grooming her for the relationship.

No. 1748126

File: 1674127943730.png (2.39 MB, 828x1792, 49D3DEE0-700B-430A-A686-6BF54F…)

No. 1748138

was at a show the other night hearing goiter tour stories from the promoter. said they now have a blanket ban on him. SLAVES changed their name to Rain City Drive and don't play any goiter songs anymore. most of the stories revolved around goiter not showing up on time, being awful to staff, vomiting on stage, being overly "handsy" etc etc etc. they also mentioned having SLAVES arrive at the airport for the UK tour only for goiter to go off on a bender instead, meaning they had to phone round available singers to continue the tour.

No. 1748141

Yeah it’s well known that the reason he was kicked out of slaves is because of that UK tour. Instead of boarding his plane there, he stayed in america because he couldn’t think of how to use while on the long plane, and then find more drugs once he’s there. Leaving his band mates high and dry.

No. 1748142

totally. probably needed a fixer at each location ahead of time. he still flexes about vaping on short haul flights… the man can't go 5 minutes without relying on someone/something.

No. 1748146

jonny didn't fly to that UK tour bc he went to rehab instead…get ur story straight

No. 1748150

colin said they were left stranded last minute at the airport leaving for the UK cus he was on a bender that then lead him to go to rehab. they couldn't get a hold of him so they called the record label who got in Matt last minute.

what kind of retarded mental gymnastics do you need to perform in order to think that him ditching his bros at an airport before a tour is more virtuous because he checked in to rehab a few days later. Maybe you're the type of person to drink puddle water before an event then expect sympathy when you have to get your stomach pumped.

No. 1748151

This. If he had any foresight or empathy for his band mates he would have done rehab before OR not booked the UK tour at all. He is terminally retarded and only thinks of himself.

No. 1748152

kek. and correct. he'll find ANY excuse to avoid responsibility.

No. 1748160

Nona got the story right from the promoter. How much more straight do you want it to be? Cope harder goiter.

No. 1748166

I doubt that's goiter. He actually tells the story exactly as it happened, and often. It's probably some desperate white-knighting fan.

No. 1748188

"gEt uR sToRy StRaIgHt"

Story confirmed by Colin in the band, UK promoter AND goiter himself.

You know you're a retarded when you make up positive scenarios that even the person your simping for said never happened.

No. 1748221

The JC threads are so embarrassing. For cows and farmers alike.

No. 1748235

There’s been zero moderation in this thread for the last 8 months. Shaymin failed us all.

No. 1748237

Even suggesting this is going to make the rabid JC fans (and schizo-chan) call you Layna.

No. 1748248

I wish I could be free like schizo-chan. Living life completely unhinged with zero fucks kek I want to let go like that and say fuck it

>inb4 ur schizo-chan

Pls no bully

No. 1748300

then gtfo.
make your own forum or something.

No. 1748301

why gave a fuck on the anonymous gossip site kek

No. 1748426

I said living -life- with zero fucks. Life…that thing outside of the internet. I know that’s a foreign concept to NEETS like you kek

No. 1748452

Kek the reading comprehension level has really taken a nose dive these past few years

No. 1748461

this is so true

No. 1748468

Was gonna post a similar thirst trap story she posted but the site was down and I thought I screenshot it but I guess not. It was an identical picture but she was wearing cloth penguin underwear captioned "working out at home bc the gym scares me" who works out in cloth underwear tho.

Hey Layna maybe your ex will take you back even though you were still in a relationship with him when you started talking to Jonny. He'll forgive you, I mean it's JC who wouldn't jump at a chance to date him? /s

Next girl will probably be Taylor. That was the real love of his life. He's playing a show in San Antonio in a few weeks. I'd bet money she'll show up, even though they unfollowed each other.

I feel like JC unfollowed Maya Alexa bc Layna read the comments here about them flirting (whether it was true or not) and he unfollowed her to make her feel better just for her to dump him again. Lol. Really though, I am curious why Maya unfollowed him. Maybe he was creeping her out?

No. 1748472

Slaves didn't change their name because of Jonny tho just saying. They changed it to respect the BLM movement. It was explained in a post they made about it.

I mean, all the threads are embarrassing if you think about it. What's your point? Do you not understand the point of lolcow?

No. 1748502

am i a NEET because i don’t care what it’s said in a gossip site? sure but also it’s more boring being a bitter bitch on the internet and going into threads to focus on the anons and not the cows kek hope u dont have wrinkles sweaty

No. 1748503

NTA but it’s pretty easy when the anons act more cringey than the cows ITT.

No. 1748510

>what aesthetic is this

Attention starved pathetic attempt at a subtle thirst trap?

Scorned handmaiden trying to show your ex what he gave up?

Terminally online braindead retard who doesn't get enough attention from her parents so she seeks for it online?

I could keep going.

No. 1748514

please someone tell her that “sHe’S nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRlS”

No. 1748516

I hope the cowtipping doesn't happen again (seriously please get it together nonnies) but I am grateful that we got to learn A LOT about what was going behind the scenes between Goiter and his hemorrhoid princess. It made her look so bad, being okay with your bf gaslighting his babymama about your relationship, letting him harass guys in your streams (wouldn't a supportive partner want you to have more people watching your streams so you can make more money?) and being okay with him sliding in random girls dms, as long as they turn him down it's okay. As long as the P doesn't go in the V it's totally fine. Spoke volumes on her character that she was settling for that. It made my change my opinion of her. I would never put up with that for a second, and I would never accept an apology in the form of fugly ass Yeezy's (supporting Kanye in 2023 is gross) and a New Year's trip to the glamorous destination of whatever Canadian trailer park Goiter spawned from. Just for the sake of meeting the mother of the man that's been cheating on you and hiding you from the public for 8 months, just to break up again? How lonely is this girl? She's attractive enough to find better.

I still can't decide if cowtipper and schizochan are the same person… schizochan seems way too sloppy and unhinged to pull that off. I'm curious about what you nonnie's think.. are they the same person?

No. 1748518

I'm just now catching up but where do you see anyone defending this man? Lol we all collectively hate him. Haven't seen a positive post about him ever. Just because his exes get shit talked doesn't mean team Jonny. They're all cows were here to laugh at.

No. 1748521

She looks like Syd, Athena, or turtlemom. Ava doesn't exist.

Syd and Athena were 1000% the ones spamming the butthole pics. Who else is that unhinged? My other tinfoils are Amanda and Chelsea since it's known knowledge that at least Chelsea is a farmer. Amanda could be one too, like when she donated to Syd's go fund me. Amanda is clinically insane.

Those are all my main suspects for schizo chan and cowtipper. For all we know it could be all of them doing it trying to look like one person. Wish we could get the IP of the first butthole pic spam and see what else they've posted. I should apply for a lolcow position so I could figure it out.

No. 1748534

Go take care of your zoo and get off your ex's thread, this is embarrassing. Didn't even bother to try to blend in. Between the typing style and the tired old story of him going to "rehab", you couldn't make it anymore obvious that it's you.

No. 1748538

Taylor would most definitely drink puddle water to get her stomach pumped for sympathy. This post was undeniably her. There's so many obvious clues.

No. 1748541

>Living life completely unhinged with zero fucks
Sounds exactly like what our bipolar queen has been doing her entire life. Hmmmm

No. 1748595

>Reddit spacing
>SpongeBob text
It's just an educated guess but I'm gonna say this thread at least 70% newfags.

No. 1748596

My thoughts exactly. They don’t blend in with the rest of lc.

No. 1748599

Both JC and Syd have posted about lolcow on their instagrams. Calling the site out by name. Directing newfags here that are probably both fans and haters.

No. 1748607

File: 1674188282628.png (523.9 KB, 666x951, westchicago.png)

Had this pop up on FB and the comment made me kek. The venue is a shitty little bar out in west chicago which isn't chicago at all, but some burbs out in the middle of nowhere. Real A+ comeback JC.

No. 1748608

I find it so funny when he brags about sold out shows. They’re always absolute shit venues like this. He’s still a nobody. But popular enough in his niche that former emo kids will still come out to see what’s going on. Only for him to play his shitty solo music which is all R&B kek.

No. 1748681

Hi cow.(hi cow)

No. 1748697

NTA but how in the fuck is this a "hi cow" moment? Are you stupid?

No. 1748727

I’m just now catching up and i can’t seem to find how do y’all know that layna and goiter broke up again. Didn’t they get back together after the cheating scandal ?

No. 1748752

Scroll up. They unfollowed each other, Layna took down her pics with Jonny, and then Jonny posted a story about not having time to be sad

No. 1748790

closest example is a few posts above this: >>1748146
People literally scraping for any positive spin on his crap.

No. 1748792

File: 1674214185658.jpeg (950.72 KB, 1170x1155, 3D87E716-AF5F-4448-8BD9-09FA21…)

Ugliest bitch alive.

No. 1748798

schizo-chan, stop. 4 threads of us asking you to stop. learn to sage then fuck off.

No. 1748810

noni there’s no need to edit these pictures. we don’t care that much about Layna. let it go and let’s roast her for being a clown or her actions.

No. 1748824

LOL West Chicago I’m kekkin. I live in actual Chicago, he’s just out in like the Naperville area where I can only imagine the likes of whom would turn up at such a show. It’s right in time for my bday too maybe I’ll get some people to go and heckle him as a special treat to myself. If I do, I’ll take shady pics nonnas

No. 1748840

Whenever farmers say this they never deliver. Please do nona.

No. 1748893

I wanted to do the same, but my show got “cancelled”. Hes so flakey. I hope nonna collects fresh milk!

No. 1748899

Did….did you give her Skid’s nose? Kek

No. 1748952

Schizochan, why are you a bigger cow than everyone on this thread?

No. 1748978

I don’t like this bitch either but editing her face so you can call her ugly is so extra, like stop that.

No. 1748997

File: 1674237870998.png (5.9 MB, 1125x2436, F62E1509-AE15-44F3-BFEF-FC54BD…)

Good news, nonna: I actually already roped one person in to going bc she lives in Naperville kek. If he doesn’t flake, it’s happening. I wanna look him in his beady rat eyes knowing all I know about him from these threads, knowing he has no clue that I am a farmer. It’ll be hard to look him in the eye tho since I’m like 8 inches taller than him LOL

No. 1749055


Layna is an average-looking probable covert narc who clearly thinks she is more beautiful/alluring than she actually is, but this is demented. Schizoanon just fucking chill dude. What IS actually kinda funny is that Layna immediately squandered all the goodwill she had from various posters here only to confirm yet again that BBP was trying to step out like less than a week later and have it all be for not, kek.

No. 1749062

Schizochan, please tell us who you are (with proof) and I will make a thread for you

No. 1749073

At this point I think Layna is self posting because nobody cares about her tbh I’m looking forward to the next victim KEK

No. 1749098

File: 1674249218564.jpeg (128.52 KB, 1284x1293, 551313C9-C7B1-4F2D-B931-4EA7AC…)

Just saw this meme and kek’d

No. 1749410

I'm nearly positive that was Taylor. That's her typing style, and that was the story she tried to tell, that he didn't go because he needed "rehab" when really they were doing IOP at CleanSlate. She made it seem like he missed tour to focus on his sobriety, but he really just wanted to keep getting high.

No. 1749412

She’s also been posting in her own thread lately.

No. 1749413

i think a lot of people think the tits anon was her but it was actually me. i wasn't trying to seem like a wk. i was just saying there's other things to drag her for. but there's no point in saying this in her thread cuz they're gonna think i'm her lol. but i don't doubt she posts in both of these thread

No. 1749417

She always seems to resurface when JC is single. She needs to love herself.

No. 1749419

i agree. i wonder if she's gonna go to his SA show. she needs to stop trying so hard to be an alt/emo girl with her crazy ass hairstyles and colors. he very obviously had a enormous affect on her personality

No. 1749429

Often these alt musicians end up with a more normal looking woman in the end and don’t actually like these alternative girls for more than a quick fuck. She’s embarrassing herself. Just look at any of these post-hardcore/emo male musicians and who they’re married to now. Always very basic but beautiful looking girls. People like to say she is his true love, but unless she bribes him with cash, I can’t see them getting together again. Her YouTube money and fame has dried up, and that is his real true love.

No. 1749564

this is not Taylor’s thread

No. 1749585

it's kinda true. like look in pop-culture, Blink-182 band members dating Kardashians etc.

goiter always looks for weaknesses in women to exploit, then love bombs them so he can create his magical honeymoon world for a few months. then obviously he fucks it up, using the aftermath as writing material. basically playground kids playing girlfriend/boyfriend.

No. 1749641

File: 1674325250656.jpeg (185.51 KB, 1284x1194, 0A11383A-20C2-4B8F-9870-1AD22A…)

kurt travis started following layna after her and goiter broke up

No. 1749654

Also, if you dont mind me adding, he loves to influence his ladies to get tattoos that are always stupid and in your face. Its almost like a cattle rancher taking an iron to a cow to show its his. Of course, they all make these decisions ultimately, but I have no doubt he likes to push women to do stupid shit. Each stupid ex has to look in the mirror and be reminded of him. I hope LC learned her lesson about camming and oversharing on the internet. Its not too late to change and better herself!
Have I missed a tour line up? Is there even one? (Sorry for spoon feed request)

No. 1749720

and who is that?

No. 1749721

No. 1749729

lmao Kurt jumping in to replace Jonny in dgd and ya girls bedroom. brutal
juicy but also kinda gross, shouldn't he have more options than scooping up jc's leftovers?>>1749641

No. 1749730

He sang in one of Jonny’s old bands Dance Gavin Dance and is an active part of his music scene in Sacramento.

No. 1749797

ooooh i got it now.
i just know all these people because of lolcow, not a fan lol

No. 1749852

Me too anon, me too

No. 1749871

More reasons to believe these are all new fag fan girls that don’t integrate.

No. 1749976

I noticed this too. She didn't follow Kurt recently either. I noticed she was following him during the summer.

No. 1749991

Ngl I've vaguely popped in and out of this thread since the first and had no idea he was one of the singers of Dance Gavin Dance cira 2010 clearly I need to lurk moar.

No. 1749992

It's why most of these girls look past his gruesome qualities.

No. 1749993

LMAO is she following him back? wooow. trying to stick it to goiter by dating another musician in the emo scene miss layna?

No. 1749994

No. 1749995

shut up about the newfags already my god. literally there's a mention about it every single day. no one cares who is posting in the thread. the only people giving this thread problems is schizochan cowtipper and emarosa4L

No. 1750034

Lmao Layna went private on IG. We already knew she lurks here, but clearly she's been lurking tonight

No. 1750050

Kurt has a girlfriend you guys so I doubt Layna will try to date him. But it is kind of sus that he followed her back out of nowhere? He has a lot of followers. Maybe he knows about the threads kek. But what I really want to know is how Jonny feels about all of this.

No. 1750056

He looked like a dollar store Ed Sheeran then, and and over the hill SoundCloud rapper now. Minor fame must be one hell of a drug.
Nta but the retards who don't know how to integrate also decrease the thread quality. That being said ayrt is probably also new.

No. 1750058

At least when Taylor tried to date another musician she reached outside of Jonny's genre kek. Unlike Layna and Syd.

No. 1750196

newfags/fan girls/single moms stuck in the 2010 would think some of us are really into these nobodies life and that we care about their scene and HOW DARE YOU? LURK MOAR. stfu this is not a fan page this is Jonny Disgusting Craig thread. lolcow Stacies like me don’t give a shit about their background people. We are here for the milk: Jonny is an abusive asshole.
I shit on the emo music scene or whatever, it’s not a predominant genre and mostly 14 years old.
If you think that Travis Skurt o whatever needs to be acknowledged then do him a fucking thread or a music scene thread because this isn’t one.
that said, Lelayna Caldwell shoot your shot!

No. 1750208

I think this thread will get more popular and the heat on his future girlfriends will only get worse, the emo revival is now and there’s a lot of new younger rabid fangirls that feel like they were “born in the wrong generation” musically. I see them all over the place now.
I wonder if Amanda or Chelsea will pop up again to remind people how evil this man truly is. Drugs can turn you into an awful person, but if you were awful for 20+ years in a row, sobriety is not going to suddenly give you the gift of empathy. He can fake it all he wants and try this redemption arc but his true character will always surface, and the illusion will shatter. Again. And again. And again. It’s just the narc cycle.

Just imagine when Storm has access to the internet and can tell people how morally bankrupt and absent his father had been throughout his life. Kind of like how Brad Pitt’s children condemn and don’t associate with him anymore. This act never lasts forever. Too many people end up seeing through it and every few years they have another brand new set of friends because they’ve betrayed the last. He’s obsessed with the spotlight and attention so at least it’ll always be in full view for us and we can laugh at his self destruction along the way.

No. 1750211

Short breakdown

DGD start in late 2000s with Goiter on vocals. Goiter is then kicked out for being a Goiter and is replaced by Kurt. Goiter then joins Emarosa. Then in early 2010s, Goiter rejoins DGD before promptly being kicked out again. Goiter then went on to start Slaves, which he also gets kicked out of. DGD then get Tillian on vocals and Goiter is doing his trap RnB.

No. 1750474

File: 1674444826302.png (1.86 MB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230122-212301.png)

Shitney posted a video of her and her chiOLD at the park

No. 1750475

File: 1674444966272.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230122-212146.png)

And a selfie. I think she looks cute here. She's way more interesting to look at than Layna. I'm so glad BBP is done with that boring ass retard

No. 1750477

Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, treats this thread like a JC fan page. Or even thinks it is. Every post he's being made fun of and gets absolutely ripped to pieces about his appearance, his actions, the things he wears, the things he posts, the way he talks… Newfag confirmed.

No. 1750486

I still believe the tinfoil that they’re faking not being together. That was the original plan before cowtipper foiled it. Then a breakup? Hmmm.

No. 1750555

I think this too, Layna's been so quiet. Especially on Twitter. Welp, cows are gonna cow I guess. I hope they live happily ever after.

No. 1750568

>She's way more interesting to look at than Layna
This honestly sounds like some retarded “deep” shit syd herself would say. Please tell me she’s not itt calling herself prettier than her baby daddy’s ex gf kekk.

No. 1750582

She had to run to the thread and make sure everyone knows she is currently with Storm and she’s prettier than Layna kek.

No. 1750595

Kek what a cringey bitch. Who else would prop Goiter up above Layna and be "glad he's done with her". Sorry Syd but if Layna was as retarded as you are, they would still be together. Instead of leaving him for cheating on you constantly you just bitched on the internet, yelled at the female, and embarrassed you both for two years with BPD meltdowns.

No. 1750647

Ayrt please go back from wherever you crawled out from, we didn't ask for this.

No. 1750739

it’s obvious kek typical cow behavior but imagine pulling this off for this fucking disgrace of a manlet. waste of air.
guess they read the Shayna thread.

No. 1750743

Skidney probably has a learning disability to believe goiters obvious lies kek.

No. 1750794

File: 1674501058829.jpg (27.92 KB, 480x233, birdsofafeather.jpg)

Now he's changed his bio to Chris Brown lyrics. Shock.

No. 1750797

I like that the quote can be rewritten as: "Women are actively running away from me so I'm going to use money to distract myself"

No. 1750805

Is he a 16 year old girl stuck in 2010 and why is he treating his insta bio like a MSN update kek also goiter boy, you are only stack with cat piss and goiter fat.

No. 1750808

This exactly, down to putting his area code in his bio haha.

No. 1750839

he made a stack but he still living with 8 people KEK he made a stack but can’t give his son a room in a nice decent place

No. 1750853

File: 1674508569036.jpeg (450.81 KB, 2213x2302, CE520E2A-3951-427E-BCB3-D0D604…)

Awe a women abusing moid stannning another women abusing moid, retards gotta stick together! Megakek at the copey lyrics tho, maybe laynas tweets are getting to him. We see you simp boy Craig. We know you essentially paid your gf to date you.

No. 1750905

Someone should tell him that acting your own age isn’t only for other people. What’s good for the goose is good for the goiter.

No. 1750911

kek ily nonnie

No. 1750984

It’s always funny to me when people brag/announce that they make money. As if billions of people don’t do that every day kek

No. 1751374

kek. goiter, let me break it down for you.

Rappers have accountants and money in the bank, investments etc. On a big night out, they might take out loads of cash to throw around.

Goiter, you are a whole different ball game. your savings/bank accounts are non existent so you are flexing small amounts of cash that you are then instantly spending on food, rent etc.

This is the difference between a baller, and a poser.

No. 1751381

kek exactly. i guess he's also in amazement that such a fucking retard can actually earn any money for themselves.

No. 1751393

I doubt he’s barely past the poverty line. It’s all for show.

No. 1751417

Yup. Anyone with any amount of human decency would be putting that money away for Storms future. Not fake yeezys and vape carts.

No. 1751473

Empty cans make the loudest noise, only poor people need to constantly brag about making money and show off their tacky thrift-store LV sheets

No. 1751559

File: 1674585879691.jpg (34.79 KB, 582x425, 20230124_124401.jpg)

Layna on Twitter.

No. 1751560

what even is that face

No. 1751577

It’s just her face? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to see. That’s what a face looks like. I know you are always looking at her butthole so it might come as a shock to you

No. 1751581

Right? I thought I was missing something.

No. 1751597

Love how she's slightly bending instead of standing straight to make her flat ass look not as flat

No. 1751600

File: 1674592455402.jpeg (737.75 KB, 1170x1351, 6C84A40C-16EE-4F5E-806D-19E477…)

No. 1751611

File: 1674595200652.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1074x1897, 9533131C-2FE8-43CE-8981-539CF4…)

Such a nasty looking moid. He looks like he could be in his late 40’s. Don’t do drugs kids.

No. 1751619

no she looks ugly like that bitch bratoutofhell and lelayna ain’t that ugly

No. 1751620

Her pose is so ridiculous this could actually be a satirical post making fun of other women kek.
God he looks like shit. Didn’t one of his exes say he only shaves clean when he’s using?

No. 1751621

you can see where her left thigh starts, she is literally kicking her leg up to make it look like she has an ass, sad

No. 1751633

>ha ha the needle just fell into my vein I didn’t mean to shoot up ooppppsss

No. 1751634

Are these Layna self posts? How is this ewhore posting a (rather tame for twitter) thirst trap milk? If it's not related to Jonny or damming knowledge actually worth knowing about her like her pedo pandering it's probably not worth bumping the thread over.
Chris Brown: role model for fuckwits everywhere. The man who beat a woman senseless, choked her multiple times and almost bit her ear clean off who got a slap on the wrist and barely any real scorn to his name as scrotes kept buying his dance music well after the industry produced Chris Brown clones. BBP is already a happy abuser so it worries me that we might start seeing a more violent side of his if he's starting to head further down the "women are just bitches" train and listening to and supporting shitstains like Chris Brown and God knows who else

No. 1751639

File: 1674597769433.jpeg (895.07 KB, 822x1484, D839BDA8-84A6-48A7-B12D-71824C…)

Saged because probably nothing but I thought it was sus she posted this merely an hour after Kurt Travis announced his upcoming tour.

No. 1751641

Yes, no other reason to shave too since he looks like a creepy pedo everytime he does.
Stop posting about this bitch.

No. 1751669

Exactly. Nobody cares about her anymore kek

No. 1751682

File: 1674602615711.jpeg (137.09 KB, 1000x667, 1238070D-AB65-4827-8BB1-A258E1…)

he looks like Seth Rogen in the “Pam & Tommy“ serie.

No. 1751868

She conveniently cropped this cutting off her legs *just right to make her ass have some kind of volume. LMAO try harder Layna. Kurt is never gonna pick you. What's up with literally all of his exes being groupies? Like go date a normal man with no drama.

No. 1751999

Kek this is too accurate

No. 1752221

File: 1674677711749.jpeg (144.66 KB, 1170x2080, 972889B6-EABC-4EF1-984B-890D8F…)

JC thinking any girl hes cheating with who rats him out to Layna is “just jealous”. Typical manipulative tactics.

No. 1752292

How does he fuck up spelling psychic that bad when it's right in front of him?

No. 1752365

File: 1674690721499.jpeg (302.98 KB, 1125x1871, 5742AB32-3D84-41D2-A0BA-D19E17…)

lol at sydney being such a basic bitch that this actually worked on her. the only thing special about her is how retarded she is.

No. 1752373

It has started admitting openly that it’s manipulative. It’s progress, at least.

No. 1752393

I admire is commitment to the bit. He even tattoo’d 11:11 on himself for her to further the manipulation even though he doesn’t believe in that shit himself.

No. 1752540

LMAOOOO. Not sober

No. 1752636

this is kind of embarrassing coming from a 30 something like don’t worry Jonny Crabs you don’t even know if you will ever get more than a few hours under supervision with him so good luck!

No. 1752716

should more read:
"Well storm, I was a serial abuser and would cheat on all the women I date. I see women as lower than I am so I don't feel bad when I do it. You, Storm, are the spawn of one of my many escapades which is why I never saved up for you or spent time with you. Daddy was too busy doing fent in the room with you and flexing on the gram, because showing up the haters will always be more important to me than you"

No. 1752722

He cares more about attention from random women than spending time with his own son and cultivating a relationship with him. Extremely pathetic behavior. He had better hope he relapses and dies before he lives to be an old wrinkly lonely man whos kids won't visit because they deeply despise him, and no wife because he never attempted to learn how to have a truly loving and lasting relationship. (His IQ is probably too low for this to even be possible).

No. 1752727

But is Layna pshysic? How do she found cheat???

No. 1752737

File: 1674739108148.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2062, 8DF6F2A2-97FB-4685-8F32-6EA99A…)

I can’t stand how hard this bitch tries to be quirky.

No. 1752761

I don’t know, like have a small concussion at best and bleed out + a TBI at worst? What’s her point?

No. 1752766

I'd let the legal process play out, she'd get a jail time for attempted murder and there would likely be damages to the victim. kek, She's LARPing to feel tough. Exactly like old Goiter does daily.

No. 1752778

I feel like she posts this exact image with the same stupid caption every week

No. 1752781

She thinks she's all that.

No. 1752787

File: 1674749789223.jpeg (13.07 KB, 256x197, D58D92A9-C06D-44B8-9673-051045…)

It’s giving Jessi Slaughter “I’ll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie” lol so random rawr xD vibes. Her and manlet are stuck in the same era

No. 1752788

Seriously, either a shot from above of her laying on her bed, or smirking in her dirty gamer/masturbation chair. She's too boring, she needs to be left out of these threads now. I barely cared when she was with Goiter, now she's just irrelevant.

No. 1752793

File: 1674750120378.jpg (198.22 KB, 1170x2080, pedopanderer.jpg)

She's the same as him she's pushing 30 and dresses like a child still. Yikes girl buy a blazer. But she's pandering to pedophiles so it makes perfect sense.

No. 1752797

its too late once someone develops a parasocial hate-obsession type relationship to someone its unstoppable

No. 1752800

'Pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie' is, unironically, a banger of a line. This bitch could never.

No. 1752803

I hate how everything is an excuse for a selfie. Doesn't she have school or work or something?

No. 1752804

she’s totally the kind of girl that would self post to get some attention and have a lolcow thread so she can whine about ”haturzzz”

No. 1752807

Not trying to wk but taking a selfie takes about 3 seconds anon, and she hasn't posted one in over a week.
She's also wearing her frumpy/quirky bag so she's clearly headed somewhere.

No. 1752810

RIGHT NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE STUPID BITCH. She's not connected to Jonny through a child, just another irrelevant ex girlfriend.

No. 1752828

>ex girlfriend
I’m sorry are you implying Jessie slaughter dated goiter? Or are you replying to a photo of Jessie but referring to layna as the irrelevant ex girlfriend? Kek this thread is a mess.

No. 1752864

This is one of the most active threads on lcf and it's been rendered almost completely unusable due to the high amounts of schizophrenia, retardation, and normies.

No. 1752865

Expert adult nona how should a woman who’s pushing 30 dress like? Asking for me since apparently is wrong to wear cardigans? should i wear a blazer and dress pants anon? Is that alright!?
Your hate for layna makes you dumb anon, hope you’re comfortable wearing your adult clothes nona

No. 1752887

leave Lelayna Caldwell alone arc when?

No. 1752898

File: 1674760665513.jpg (171.52 KB, 1170x2080, 327453053_733415074788426_2787…)

His haircut is starting to resemble that of a woman who works at the DMV.

No. 1752916

I usually say just ignore the retards but that would seriously be 90% of the posts in this thread.

No. 1753012

>she hasn't posted one in over a week.
you sound like a stalker lmao go have some fresh air, touch some grass.

No. 1753019

Do you know where you are?

No. 1753323

yes and i’ve been here for some time and i don’t have the need to go on cow’s social media because there’s always someone taking one for the team and bring the milk because i don’t care about them personally, i’m here for the gossip kek so yeah someone “not being a wk” but keeping track of the days that someone haven’t post a selfie is… weird.

No. 1753325

Nta but I follow her and noticed she was dead silent on ig before yesterday. It’s not that hard to notice if you’re a curious/nosey farmer. You PMSing or what’s with the infighting? Who is wking?

No. 1753329

File: 1674778529081.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1073x1893, CBF442E5-AFDA-4278-A81E-7FBE12…)

No. 1753333

File: 1674778639753.jpeg (157.95 KB, 1170x410, D5B922CD-EF35-4D17-A021-C7DA86…)

His career is so trashed, so many of his opening acts are complete nobodies with zero following. Embarrassing.

No. 1753338

File: 1674778795754.jpeg (644.02 KB, 936x1126, 834C5A59-CE9A-4713-9BE9-DFF114…)

For the anon who said he don’t have jowls KEK

No. 1753339

File: 1674778802804.jpeg (358.78 KB, 1284x2654, D723B0B8-FBD4-4CDC-B207-B06FB6…)

what was he even doing in this..

No. 1753343


letting this moid anywhere near your vagina should be considered self-harm kek

No. 1753447

Literally no one relevant wants to be associated with him or in his presence and it’s hilarious. Everytime someone well known in the scene interacts with him he has to screenshot and post it like a fan girl and I get secondhand embarrassment. So desperate to prove his career isn’t over but no one buys it.

No. 1753572

Pushing 30? She's 26 and she dresses the way lots of women our age dress.

No. 1753612

File: 1674802300385.jpeg (24.14 KB, 535x573, Goiter.jpeg)

Same energy honestly

No. 1753663

And women in their thirties… but it seems some of the idiots on here think that 30 = the age you’re married off and dressing in business wear every day all day, or you’re a spinster with 52 cats

No. 1753669

get a taste!

No. 1753699

>Jeans, tshirt, cardigan
>Get taste that's not a blazer and suit pants ensemble!
You're very funny anon

No. 1753719

It's not an ugly two piece set from shein or a blazer so it's bad.

No. 1753723

File: 1674827298783.jpeg (167.77 KB, 1170x679, 24C5D980-D1EA-4678-A3F9-5212F7…)

He’s moving on Layna ;)( ;))

No. 1753780

2011 and the tumblr look was 12 years ago.
also those fucking cardigans KEK go cry on your local starbucks

No. 1753806

>tumblr look
>12 years ago

NTAYRP. First of all, that look is pretty basic. It was around long before Tumblr. Second, would you rather women in their 30s dressed like e-girls? Or the current trend of the early 2000s emo…ya know… what many alt women in their 30s dressed like when they were finding their style in high school?
I usually just lurk this thread and because all of the infighting is annoying, but this is truly the most retarded nitpick I've seen posted. Layna is a retard but this is stupid.

Some of you act like older farmers couldn't have possibly been using the farms before Taylor and Jonny started dating. Why wouldn't they post in this thread when theres a good chance they knew who Jonny was in his prime - career wise - if they were more into the alt/music scene? Really fucking weird.

No. 1753809

honey you don’t need to follow a trend to have taste or fashion sense. didn’t mean to insult you all fashion choices KEK i hope she wasn’t wearing those awful yeezy tho it would be the cherry on top.

No. 1753847


I'm not even that offended by this outfit, considering she was in earnest wearing denim shorts with black fishnets a while back. But the catfish is so real with this chick like Layna you do NOT look like this kek. And previous anon who said she just takes the same picture from the same angle with a dumbass quirky xD caption is so right.

No. 1753879

Get a grip anon kek, not all of us want to dress like frumpy office secretaries.

No. 1753892

I don’t get this comment. She’s a catfish for wearing makeup? If you zoom in you can tell there’s no filter. Half her face is just covered with her phone.

No. 1753910

They broke up and she’s back to being completely irrelevant now yet you giant retards are still hawkeyeing her shit and finding ways to infight over her. What a joke kek.

No. 1753915

Can we stop talking about her boring style and get back to talking how offensively shitty Goiter's is?? He's a fucking DH Gate poster child and you guys are fighting over a cardigan.

No. 1753931

He dresses like he’s trying to get famous.

No. 1753975

Jonny dresses like a typical junkie that likes emo but also thinks they're hard. Which is surprisingly not uncommon. He's a dime a dozen. He's an ugly manlet on top of that. The best thing about him was his voice, and thats not getting him very far now that he fucked off all of the chances he was given and everyone knows he's a piece of shit. He's also getting up there in age and I say that as someone not too much younger than him and any appeal he might somehow have now to these retards that only care about being with a washed up z list "celebrity" will be gone soon.

No. 1754039

well that’s what you get for getting along with someone with a lolcow thread

No. 1754181

File: 1674859404497.png (373.33 KB, 1284x2778, F152E54D-707A-4A66-9B2A-A08EC5…)

he’s the lil bitch right

No. 1754204

Well he's for sure not the tall money.

No. 1754208

File: 1674861753118.jpeg (114.76 KB, 1170x2080, F7B9BE33-880E-4B43-8701-F3ADD8…)

No. 1754210

agreed. at least we now know that dating a man who has done fent around his child will land you a grilling by the fashion police.

No. 1754214

it's like if you fed an AI all the retarded 13 year old "edgey" posts online and got it to write new posts.

No. 1754225

I bust my sides at work, who's even writing these

No. 1754252

She doesn’t have a thread lol? her and Jonny broke up, so she’s not a thread subject and I shouldn’t have to see her stupid shit posts anymore. If you wanna follow her and obsess over everything she does, do it in private because nobody cares about her flat ass and tumblr cardigan.

No. 1754256

Quit talking in the 3rd person Lelayna(hi cow)

No. 1754290

Ha someone said it. Seems there’s only one person in this thread who’s extra desperate for everyone to stop mentioning her. I highly doubt her and Jonny are completely done.

No. 1754303

File: 1674870039859.jpeg (884.57 KB, 1170x2049, E47B81C0-9779-4B23-96F4-AE1611…)

Catfish Caldwell

No. 1754309

of course they are not done yet KEK only a special needs like Lelayna would believe the “my baby momma was screaming about you in court that’s why i can’t date you publicly but she can date other people and lives with my son”

No. 1754325

I’m confused cause she said she’s been trying to gain weight and have shape, but it appears she’s getting skinner and all the fat is going to her face lol

No. 1754326

Can someone that cares about Layna just make a thread on her so the infighting about her stops? Everyone wins.

No. 1754331

She has the fattest face I’ve ever seen on someone so skinny

No. 1754332

she’s not milky enough to have her own thread

No. 1754344

agreed. she’s not related at all to this scenario anymore so if the schizo fags wanna keep sperging about every selfie she posts they should go make her her own thread.

No. 1754349


Siiiiick bangs girl, those aren't dated and corny at all. Also it bears repeating: you do not look anything like this.

No. 1754361

File: 1674874266799.jpeg (664.03 KB, 787x1439, AA0BB9A2-2C4F-4F7F-94E9-916445…)

Speaking of bad haircuts.

No. 1754363

File: 1674874349757.jpeg (680.45 KB, 804x1408, 710D200F-1B8E-49AF-8CDC-F6E06C…)

“Fuck my shit up fam”

No. 1754370

File: 1674874672340.jpeg (326.1 KB, 1284x2283, CC929E48-F42B-44BF-990F-6AEDDE…)

No. 1754373

File: 1674874939285.jpeg (106.3 KB, 1170x2080, 35E8E687-9D3C-41F8-A836-3C0F55…)

the original

No. 1754434

File: 1674883464236.jpeg (94.4 KB, 607x636, BD56DF9B-C036-44E5-90C9-AB4315…)

No. 1754439

michael jackson

No. 1754445

giant ass head

No. 1754458

Mexican moms

pls no ban

No. 1754465

there’s so many in his comments kek

No. 1754561

File: 1674891185494.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230128-013153.png)

Sooo quirky

No. 1754562

File: 1674891246996.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230128-013208.png)

She sure is proud of that one tour she went on. She probably feels so important and famous.

No. 1754572

There's also so many white people in his comments but no one ever jokes about that. This isn't even offensive at this point, more like this thread is embarrassing. The funniest joke anons brains can come up with is "mexican mom's". God I wish there were no autists or actual retards allowed here. You all make this thread painful to read.

No. 1754573

The thirstiest comments are always middle aged looking Latina ladies. If you’re so bent out of shape about that you must be one of them kek.

No. 1754608

>Assuming everyone who thinks you're retarded must dress like Layna
I just think the level of vitriol directed at her boring normie outfit is humorous.

No. 1754625

File: 1674903141299.jpeg (368.18 KB, 828x1427, 090EE705-4324-4A62-985D-42F272…)

No. 1754657

syd is schizochan confirmed kek

No. 1754673

No. 1754677

Samefag i wish layna would spill everything. This is a treat kek Shinzo Abe chan can you defend yourself itt

No. 1754679

love that none of her followers had to ask why someone would have a picture of her asshole lmao

No. 1754694

i’m so grateful for the anon that came here to drop these screenshots kek now they will be forever posted on lolcow attached to her name.

No. 1754723

I’m so confused why Skid was spiralling on New Years? and to send her hemorrhoids to his mom? Keeek. She has a boyfriend, I wonder if she’s going to try to ruin every future relationship of goiter.

No. 1754785

I certainly hope so!

No. 1754786

Lmao no wonder skidney has been so “stable” publicly on social media. Makes sense now for skidzochan with a hate boner for layna to stink up the thread and all the infighting. How could her goiter-rebound feel knowing that skid is still constantly harrassing any girl that breathes in goiter’s direction? I would sleep with an eye open..

No. 1754787

since when we believe in a cow’s word? i love how yall like to put women against each other as if Goiter was…you know, the big prize.

No. 1754791

Skid herself is the one that pits herself against other women if you read the past threads. This is completely in character for her and expected. She is not right in the head and has always shown herself to be psychotic.

No. 1754805

i’m sorry that you believe the “my toxic ex” bullshit when he’s the one that manipulate and put these girls against each other when he’s what? 36? 38? this is some teenage bullshit that only a teen would believe. or a retard. syd was’t the first one and layna won’t be the last one. he’s the problem. all these girls could do better.

No. 1754806

She had it easy with Layna, imagine when he meets another who is just as aggressive and crazy as Syd. These trashy girls who dickride JC are absolutely the moral-lacking types to scream and fight each other around the child, all for the sake of a greasy moids “”love””.

No. 1754807

I don’t believe any of his exes were the problem except for Skid. I’d suggest you take a trip to the old threads to refresh your memory. It’s right in front of your eyes.

No. 1754813

Lol I knew this cow was lying on tumblr to cover her ass when schizo chan threatened to send her asshole pics to her family and Layna claimed someone already did and her family knew about her camming. She can handle her mom seeing her asshole and all the other crazy shit she claimed to cowtipper that Syd put her through but draws the line at Jonny’s mom seeing her asshole? Yeah right. I don’t believe for one second that her family knows or that she stopped camming. I would think most people’s moms when shown a picture of their son’s new girlfriend’s asshole by his deranged BM ex would think worse of the ex than the girlfriend in that situation. Jonny’s dated literal strippers before too, I think his mom can handle it lol

No. 1754832

I remember schizochan found and posted her moms Facebook itt and said “someone should send her nudes to her mom”. I guess that was syd getting cold feet and trying to get someone else to do her dirty work. She really needs to be committed. Tracking down her baby dads girlfriends family so she can send them naked pictures of their daughter is so fucking psycho, like she’s out done herself this round. I can’t believe she has custody of a child, she’s an actual monster of a human.

No. 1754837

She’s told random women on Instagram who have briefly spoken to JC that she will ruin their lives. She is a horrible human.

No. 1754838

At least she learned how to Sage.

No. 1754842

Agreed although I don’t believe Liz met his mother.

No. 1754843

it’s fine nona i was here when that happened

she said that someone send her grandma pictures but that is some Shayna shit, id she that famous in the camwhore world? i don’t believe it tbh you got some good points there

>terrible human being for supposedly thought of sending a private picture to some old woman that don’t even care about visiting his grandson or about her junkie failed son
no proof of it so
>ignoring the fact that Jonny poisoned Storm
that’s like 10000 times worse and you’re fighting for the (ex?) girlfriend of said man. butthole pics are nothing on her scale.

No. 1754846

sydney must’ve been having breakdowns every day reading this thread, there was one ott anon who always hated layna a little too personally and now it all makes sense. it was indeed sydney, using this thread to vent her frustrations about jonny getting a girlfriend that was superior to her in literally every single way. it’s been so long since she threw one of her tantrums I almost forget how batshit crazy she is. when the new admin gets the site back to normal I’m gunna try again to ask them for a post reveal, since layna pretty much confirmed a posts was hers the rest should be easy to figure out!

No. 1754850

>>some old woman that don’t even care about visiting his grandson or about her junkie failed son
>>no proof of it so
I’ll take my ban but hi Skid. That’s not how you greentext btw.

No. 1754854

>ignoring the fact that Jonny poisoned Storm that’s like 10000 times worse
What? Jonnys mentally ill insecure baby momma threatening to send private pictures to someones mom has absolutely nothing to do with Jonny drugging storm? idk what kinda schizophrenic patterns you’re seeing but they aren’t there skidney

No. 1754858

What a pathetic and weird bitch kek.

No. 1754864

This has taught me that Skidney will seriously haunt goiter for the rest of their lives and will even use Storm as a pawn to ruin his future relationships. Not that JC needs any help with ruining his relationships but Skid will certainly and eagerly help kek.

No. 1754867

Kek no doubt that tumblr ask saying “He doesn’t post you because he will never love you as much as he loved Sydney or Taylor” was skid. She probably orchestrated the whole thing. It’s not like goiter had a problem cheating when he was public with his girls. I never thought that was the reason.

No. 1754898

File: 1674931164965.png (870 KB, 2600x1018, 6FB44E6D-F668-4E3C-B1C1-AA38BF…)

She always did like bringing up Tay.

No. 1754910

LMAO AND WHO PUT THESE COLORED LABELS? what a loser i forgot some of you are obsessed with this other junkie smh

No. 1754936

Stop showing yourself like this new fag. This was posted by an anon who got harass by skid, no one is obsessed with goiter and his limp dick

No. 1754941

File: 1674934415191.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x1946, 921EE4EB-1DFC-4C8A-9DB9-28649B…)

washed up loser

No. 1754974

Ian should probably know about this…(cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 1754981

New faggot.

No. 1754986

No cowtipping her relationship anon.

No. 1754994

Also, if hes roasting JC on social media + dating the ex with his 2nd Chiold he knows about this place. Just googling Jonny Craig leads you here.

No. 1755000

She’s already made dramatic relationship posts and complaining since dating Ian, I’m sure he’s at least had a slice of her BPD insanity by now. It shouldn’t be news to him. What you see them posting on their social isn’t necessarily reality. Remember when Syd would post lovebombs about how much she loves goiter, right after getting outed for calling him a pathetic fat junkie?

No. 1755071

Why would anyone need to be famous in the camwhore world for someone else to send their nudes to their families? Skid is definitely psycho enough to do that. No "fame" needed. You're free to believe what Layna or not, but your entire post is reaching hard to try to justify not believing her and most anons aren't going to buy what you're trying to sell.

I hope you're just some ESL schizo Layna hater and not Skid because jesus fucking christ

No. 1755130

you can kiss my ass anon. it’s hemorrhoid free KEK

No. 1755146

Thought this was Amanda Bret

No. 1755171

I know you’re just gunna deflect and call me layna or a layna stan (I’m not) because that’s your only come back to valid criticism, but are you really saying layna deserves to have her nudes sent to her family because the dude she’s dating ODed his kid? What kinda of moid brained idiot do you have to be to think women deserve to be punished for the wrong doings of their partners. That’s such a gross take.

No. 1755192

That’s basically what the past 2 threads have been especially since she decided to get back together with him after catching him dming another girl. Which I found hardly milky since millions of women do that daily kek.

No. 1755204

File: 1674951306569.jpeg (260.27 KB, 1170x1572, C9AB487B-64F8-42C2-AEFE-D094FF…)

please do it nonnie, ruin her life lmaooo(cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 1755212

Seek help

No. 1755214

Skid being a psycho doesn't negate Goiter's horrible behaviour in any way, the two aren't mutually exclusive and you're doing yourself no favours trying to rewrite documented history.

No. 1755224

What happened after she got back with him was justified though. Hating on her itt is what the thread is for. It’s the going irl, tracking down her family’s socials, sending pics to her family and trying to effect her real life that crosses a line into being obsessed and stalking her.

No. 1755233

Yeah a lot of anons rightly percieved her getting back with Goiter after airing their dirty laundry on social media as cow behaviour. The problem arises when people try to use Lolcow as their personal amry to harrass her and her family irl.
I love the anon that made this
I believe you used the wrong ex's face, would've been much funnier and actually made sense if it was Skid's.

No. 1755234

It was probably Skidzochan herself

No. 1755236

You still didn't answer my question.

No. 1755249

yeah but she said that before the butthole pic was posted, someone had already messaged her grandma and that was the reason she didn’t care because they already knew. some anons tinfoiled that it was her ex, the same one that posted her itt.

No. 1755282

Name a more discussed/contravertial butthole.

No. 1755349

Are you pshysic?

No. 1755825

this is lolcow. there’s plenty and discussed for years. go take a look around lol

No. 1755971

File: 1675022476111.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2213, B887F6B5-CCCD-4713-BF22-0622B3…)

I could throw up

No. 1755985

it's probably that same Chris Brown song

No. 1756014

Jamming heroin into his veins isn't what most people wanna hear, so it's okay. He really needs to get over himself.

No. 1756017

I mean as if anyone needed confirmation. Syd is so obvious most of the time. Like this remark >>1754910, calling us obsessed with “this other junkie”. When we haven’t even mentioned this girl in like a year. And only Syd called her a junkie; we didn’t even know who this was.
I do think there’s another psychotic freak in here but no one is more obsessed with Layna’s asshole like skidmark kek.

I could literally name 3 from lolcow alone and some who’s threads have disclaimers saying to stop talking about their buttholes.

No. 1756028

i remember you from a few threads back.
through all the depravity and offensiveness of lolcow…. mexican moms is arbitrary hill you choose to die on. kek.

No. 1756032

File: 1675027647319.jpeg (136.1 KB, 1200x999, 4589C698-733B-4E59-B2FE-2A725D…)

i hate when yall call me syd because i would never have a child with a drug addict i know how genes work, but without actual proof anybody can be anyone. should i post my perfect tits like anon in the celeb thread? kek
and a lot of you are here because of taylor. let’s not pretend that people that follow the taylor threads aren’t obsessed to the core with her in both ways.
if you don’t like layna’s butthole or whatever about her dumped here just ignore it like the rest of us but i love it when yall take it personal kek

No. 1756039

nta but if you hate people calling you skid maybe stop acting like her. Sure theres overlap between Taylor's thread and Goiter's but I'd say most are here because Goiter is an entertaining cow, and his threads were especially good when he was with psycho syd. Don't know what you mean by "both ways".
No ones taking Laynas butthole picture as personal, its spam at this point, and I'm one of the anons that ignores it.

No. 1756044

>I hate when yall call me syd
>Unironically posting a meme about closing your eyes and ignoring cyber bullying

Kek. Ok “not-syd”; you’re just another unhinged autist that takes this place way too personally. I’m glad you know better to never reproduce though.

No. 1756061

Kek syd was absolutely seething that laynas hemorrhoids were more successful than her wonky eggplant tits. They flopped in many ways. She just keeps losing.

No. 1756099

If he really didn't care about the "haters," he wouldn't post about them every day.

By "haters," he means anyone who has a genuine story about him being scum. kek.

No. 1756108

i'm always suspicious of anyone who criticizes putting a little effort into the archiving of milk.

it's like going into a restaurant enjoying the meal, but leaving a 1 star review because the chef was "obsessed with wanting to make good food smh".

No. 1756122

I’m glad we got confirmation it was Skid. I wonder why Layna kept quiet about it until now? Trying to keep peace with her man’s psycho baby mommma?

No. 1756128

File: 1675036254593.png (228.11 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230129-174001.png)

No you used the right girl, she still wants him back lol

No. 1756130

Highly doubt that's about goiter. She said "left that nerd" only a day or two ago. >>1754625

No. 1756148

I never even said I WOULD do anything I just said Ian should know about this. That being said I don't give a fuck about your stupid "rules". Syd does not deserve happiness. But keep redtexting me, I'm sooo scared bruh

No. 1756151

right. she talks like that to be tough.

No. 1756154

She deserves it 100x more than Layna but cowtipping is still against the rules. (Other than for schizo-chan)

No. 1756156

don't act like this is some holy place, it's literally internet stalking. if it weren't for you guys i wouldn't even know who ian is.

No. 1756158

I agree with you about Syd but you're fucking retarded.

No. 1756159

and ur all sad stalkers who talk shit about people all day lmfao bye

No. 1756160

imagine being a "farmer" and trying to tell someone else they are retarded

No. 1756161

do ur families know you guys use this site? i hope not psychos. embarrassing

No. 1756163

iTs AgAiNsT tHe RuLeS like that's supposed to scare me hahaha this site is a joke(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1756164

How did you get lost here… Go back to wherever you came from.

No. 1756165

The "Hahaha" screams JC.

No. 1756167

>Goes to a website
>Tries to insult the people on it for using it
>forgets they're also on it and using it
>Doesn't care about the site rules, gets mad when they get banned for not following them
>Somehow thinks this means they're supposed to be scared
>Thinks it matters to our families what websites we use when we're all adults
>Posts multiples times in a row but is totally not mad guys
> "Ur" instead of your/you're

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1756252

Kek why do I feel like that is Shayna

No. 1756284

>I could literally name 3 from lolcow alone and some who’s threads have disclaimers saying to stop talking about their buttholes.
Kek anon, you're not wrong

No. 1756296

i had the same thought lmao

i cant wait to see who goiter dates next, i hope its someone who will go toe to toe and bring out skids bpd again like the good old days

No. 1756299

I feel so bad for Storm. I feel like Skid is the kind of evil mother who won't drop him off for visits if the girlfriend is over ect.

No. 1756302

Yeah but it would be funny if skid got dumped on her birthday, she deserves it

No. 1756304

The courts who granted her custody needs to see all the death threats she sent other women. But then he might get placed with BBP… sooo no one really wins

No. 1756305

who in this thread cares about skid getting dumped and even knowing when her birthday is other than goiter kek. and has a distain for this board and thread culture.

No. 1756307

Hopefully it's a temporary custody and she's still being monitored. Could account for the fact that through all of this she is still quiet on social media. CPS is probably still in their hair and she's trying to be on good behavior. Other than her obsession with Layna's anus and hemorrhoid's.
It's probably killing Skid that she can't air their dirty laundry on instagram as she had been doing for the past 3 years. To me the only reason is her being on good behavior for CPS.

No. 1756332

Jonny Craig stabbed me last night(post proof or sage your shit)

No. 1756416

File: 1675071625284.png (36.61 KB, 109x159, Screenshot_2023-01-28_0028541.…)

You let this Nigga stab you?

No. 1756446

I hope whoever said this dies

No. 1756509

She literally just posted a story yesterday about her birthday. No one has it memorized don’t worry. And it would just be a funny dose of karma. Truly pity her boyfriend. He has to know deep down that if Jonny wanted her back she’d drop him in a second.

No. 1756536

goiter will never had full custody because he poisoned his son. people don’t forget and court records don’t lie. i can’t wait for the day that storm grow up and found out that his so lovely dad drugged him.
i swear to god who cares about her birthday? jonny wanna play the happy family act but he was replaced.
so you’re trlling me you check her instagram daily? or do you follow them? lmaooo i am the schizo one but yall follow them on social media? i’m just using thread material but DO YOU ACTUALLY GAVE THEM YOUR ATTENTION? lolcow is fine but if you follow them on social media that’s a whole another mentall illness kek

No. 1756545

Not that anon but where the fuck do you think the thread content comes from?

No. 1756561

Farmers farm content from their social media anon:

No. 1756570

File: 1675096956901.jpeg (134.7 KB, 1170x2080, 8D8A747E-2076-4FCE-9188-62E9A2…)

She was probably cheating on JC with Ian. She met him while still dating JC.
Post from her Instagram today.

No. 1756579

The really ironic thing about skid is her getting paranoid about any women looking towards goiter’s direction and slut-shaming them but at the same time going around cheating with literal nobodies even before Storm turns 2.. the BPD + narc is a terrible combo

No. 1756619

File: 1675100444048.jpeg (296.54 KB, 750x1033, 2E2BE9F5-023A-4AAA-8D86-1C8CB2…)

wholesome content for a wholesome thread ♥

No. 1756623

>I'd like to thank the Academy
Why does she need to write an awards ceremony acceptance speech for her birthday?

No. 1756645

That’s really common for cheaters it’s called projecting. If you read skids insults to other women it’s basically just now she feels about herself

No. 1756721

How could Ian of been hEr LiGhThOuSe for years when she was dating goitre for years??? Last year on her birthday she was still squatting in his trap condo. She really is a shameless slimy whore who’ll lap up attention and validation from anyone with a penis holding an instrument. I really don’t know why she thought it was a good idea to wake up and admit she’s a cheater on Instagram??? But I don’t think she’s in a good place mentally, so god knows what’s going through her sick brain.

No. 1756782

She also posted a dedicated shrine to Ian on her Instagram feed WHILE with goiter. She met up with him when the two were still together. I just tried to find it but I guess she removed it. Probably realized how sketchy that looked kek.

No. 1756794

No, I don’t follow them on social media or interact and it literally takes two seconds out of my day to pull up their page when I’m bored lmao settle down. Also goiter does not try to act like a happy family at all. He lets it be known he despises her. What are you on? I’m sure he couldn’t give two shits that she’s moved on with dicknose.

Still a shit mom who chose a junkie loser over her own flesh and blood, until he left her sorry cheating ass and being with him wasn’t an option anymore. Pictures like this prove nothing but good try.

No. 1756796

It’s probably Syd herself with inside info. He’s probably texting her all sorts of gaslighting nonsense. It’s what Layna said he was doing, being fake to Syd’s face to try to please her into a better custody agreement.

No. 1756851

No. 1756856

maybe he’s some kind if ex or something but kek BBP got what he deserves

No. 1756857

That's her current boyfriend that she was spending time with while soOoOo in love with JC.

No. 1756906

maybe she had a relationship with him prior to the child poisoner. i’m glad she fucked him over and wish Storm wasn’t so identical to BBP so we could play mind games about it.

No. 1756911

>I have always connected with his art, so much in fact I got a tattoo of the band he was in
>Never did I think I'd find a friend for life but I'm so thankful I did.
>He's incredibly smart, talented and one of the best people l've ever known
>Glad you made it another year, here's to many more man
Kek how cringe, this was after tour so she was engaged to Jonny when she wrote this. For someone whos so insecure about other women she sure had no issues being overly affectionate to her fiancés friends (also ty so much for finding this anon!)

No. 1756918

I'm positive they were cheating on each other constantly. It's probably why she never left him despite complaining about his constant cheating. Only cheaters knowingly get with other cheaters.

No. 1756957

File: 1675126539238.jpeg (48.91 KB, 720x1280, 06B47E7F-8BF1-45D5-84BB-3F0D0A…)

Looks like BBP “I just made a stack” is running low on money again kek.

No. 1757057

File: 1675136678094.png (233.03 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230130-214002~2.p…)

No. 1757058

File: 1675136770349.png (408.41 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230130-212420~2.p…)

No. 1757068

File: 1675137854034.jpeg (495.21 KB, 1170x2076, BB77E6CB-60FC-4A23-8CC8-309087…)

No. 1757070

If this isn’t Skid / ShinzoAbechan then Jonny sure knows how to pick them

No. 1757071

>never cheated
Explain the situation behibd how you crashed that guy's car and then made a gofundme for "mental health and art supplies" to pay him back. Both he and his ex came to the boards and outed you.

No. 1757073

That was Sydney. Not Layna. These are Layna's NGL answers.

No. 1757074

Nonnie are you okay? That was all Syd, not Layna.

No. 1757075

Like her name and handle are in the photo, how could you get those two mixed up?

No. 1757076

Don't feel like she's being entirely honest about this one

No. 1757081

Drunk driving no doubt. Best mom ever.

No. 1757082

I'm guessing it's the lying schizo that kept saying JC was cheating with her. Or perhaps she was telling the truth and thinks it's somehow a compliment to be someone's second/third/fourth option and side chick?

No. 1757086

tbh id rather be jc's side chick than openly date him. that's way more embarrassing. he's trash, so treat him like he's disposable.

No. 1757097

File: 1675140196376.jpeg (492.75 KB, 1170x2096, 46EE25BD-316D-4C85-819D-C55C35…)

No. 1757098

File: 1675140278589.jpeg (341.27 KB, 1170x2079, BE05A876-AE36-47F6-A2F9-E77673…)

No. 1757105

Ian come get your gf she’s acting like a psycho on the internet again.

No. 1757108

She must be absolutely seething about this tweet >>1754625

No. 1757110

Her responses to these always made me laugh. She should showcase her personality online more. She's a lot more likeable than Skidmark.

No. 1757113

I honestly believe it’s some form of “revenge” for Layna’s tweet

No. 1757122

I don't know why I started to believe she was anything but a spiteful raging lunatic. Nobody cares about Layna as much as she does.

No. 1757128

Syd-so-psycho is going to haunt this mans life more than Amanda ever did kek.

No. 1757130

I just want to know if sydney is the only member of the "i have stared into your asshole for so long and also saved every possible angle of your asshole despite all etiquette, basic social conduct, and respect for my memory recall bandwith that i can't stop talking about your asshole to 1. You 2. You against your will and every defensive action you take 3. Anyone making the unfortunate mistake of having receptive body posture near me because guess what they are now listening 4. Anyone who will listen especially if they are related to you and finally 5. My two year old son's fucking Grand Mother(???)" layna's anus fanclub, or if sydney is just the president and there are others under this rectal psychosis.

No. 1757131

I hope whoever is sending those Q&As in is Skid otherwise they just come off as weirdly angry and bitter that they had to be the side chick… for Goiter of all people too. Like they're embarrassing themselves more than they're hurting her.

No. 1757132

>rectal psychosis
My fucking sides nona.
Personal opinion is that there are a couple schizo's and Syd is just the loudest. I think cheating schizo might be JC's next. I hope to God because I imagine the milk will be more entertaining than Layna's.

No. 1757133


No. 1757136

File: 1675142819478.jpeg (328.5 KB, 1170x2082, E1481B30-0205-442D-904F-562DFC…)

No. 1757142

Those mean messages are obviously from Shitney. She's spending her birthday sending hate to her ex's ex, how pathetic

No. 1757185

this is so dumb. She’s like 30.. who has time to answer anon questions. Go work on getting your child back, and stop being mentally 15.

No. 1757186

…Thats Layna, not Sid, anon.

No. 1757245

loooks like she deleted all of these

No. 1757286

What was the fucking point then. Attention? What did she expect

No. 1757297

Layna and syd lol they just got confused over which was asking and which was answering. I still don’t even believe that there’s a separate girl he cheated with who’s harassing her. Think it’s syd making shit up out of jealousy. They said they had proof and would post it. Still waiting. If they already sent it to her on Christmas supposedly then why not prove it here already?

No. 1757343

so Layna posted these on her private account? yesterday? after someone posted her nudes on some Shayna account? mmm seems like self post. is her NGL public or something? weird to get that much hate when you got your shit private.

No. 1757356

It’s not weird when it’s most likely all from the same ONE person, Skidney, who obviously follows her on a burner.

No. 1757358

Are you suggesting she sent the spergy hateful questions to herself? You must be retarded. Or Schizochan trying to seem like less of a psychotic freak.

No. 1757392

Its defo 100% skid, when goiter was dating taylor, taylor has no psycho threats like this. Only people calling out on her animal care and emzotic who were poking fun of her appearance. Only layna got the brunt of this and its only skid that would say nonsense like these.

No. 1757393

>is her NGL public or something? weird to get that much hate when you got your shit private.

….Some of you really don’t use your brain like at all huh? She was a thread subject, before she broke up with Jonny she wasn’t private and I’d assume some farmers (especially the ones with raging hate boners) followed her then. Like how do you think people keep posting her selfies to nitpick? They follow her lol? It’s not some conspiracy you idiot.

No. 1757396

Also not to WK layna.. this 100% is from skid to say she doesnt have tits or ass since she has her tits eggplanted from childbirth and she thinks she has amazing ass. Lmao I love that skidney will forever haunt any women that crosses goiter’s path and this is the best form of karma that goiter or any women that dumb to date him deserves.
Look at the brightside layna, at least you are not a junkie like taylor or a single mom like syd.

No. 1757408

I always thought the vitriol Layna got was out of balance but people insisted Tay got the same. But as someone who’s been following the threads since the beginning of TND’s I didn’t think so.

No. 1757409

thats syd and layna probably knows it

No. 1757410

if she really did leave a 6 year relationship for JC then she truly is retarded and ingrate

No. 1757416

In the answer she said she broke up with him 3 years ago.

No. 1757420

Layna deserved worse.

No. 1757433

Definitely her. Shitney Bowes delivering the unhinged milk, as always.

No. 1757444

I'm guessing that in addition to being hateful about Layna's relationship with the man (if we can call him that) who dumped her, a lot of this really does circle around her shame over her bologna boobs and failed OF.

Like, yeah, discovering that Layna was camming was pretty fucking milky, and of course farmers are going to have a laugh over the whole hemorrhoid thing, but nobody in their right mind is going to literally obsess over her asshole except for Syd.

In a way I almost get it, it deflects the attention from her. But I'm not crazy like she is, so I don't get it that much. There's certainly no sane logic in it.

No. 1757478

100% not, I have been following tnd thread since the start and even the most vile comments wasnt as bad as skidzochan to
Layna. Plus all >>1757136 screams syd, vengeful and very similar to all the burner accounts she made to harass the women she thought goiter was cheating with.

No. 1757504

She was really such a perfect match for him. So upsetting they aren’t together anymore.

No. 1757527

Honestly they’re made for each other.

No. 1757529

I'm always amazed at schizochan's relentless presuit of complete redardation.

I sometimes imagine Storm being like "Dad what is all this shit you where doing when I was a child?" and showing him old insta posts and court documents…. and Goiter just being like "yO 4rL AtLeAsT I ShOwEd dEm hAtErZ ThO LiKe i oN OnE FaM"

No. 1757913

Imagine thinking JC is such a prize that you go out of your way to shit on his new gf (now new ex) both on lolcow, to JC himself, and to the gf herself. Because why? Skid what about JC is so special that you need to do this kek. But honestly keep it up because it’s entertaining as hell.

No. 1757947

i’m wishing for a family time kek layna hides her shit but syd was airing everything, she didn’t care. my tinfoil for her being quiet is because she’s taking her meds or really jonny was the problem. those were the good days and we didn’t even knew it.

No. 1757950

I still think she’s only on good behaviour publicly to look good for CPS and the state. They’re most likely still watching her even if Storm is in her care right now. CPS can be annoying to fully get rid of once you’re in their system.
It’s probably why she’s being such a freak “”anonymously””.

No. 1757966

what shayna account are you talking about

No. 1757980

>did you enjoy the milk
Wow that is so cringe

Yea I bet goiter’s body type is Haggard garden gnome , amiright Syd?
She projects so much anger towards layna’s asshole ( rectal psychosis ; fucking kek) I’m guessing hers looks absolutely abhorrent.

No. 1757990

File: 1675219533316.jpeg (513.35 KB, 1056x1071, 1B8594AC-E2A8-4A30-952D-B68F5B…)

Kek I’m sure Layna is very jealous of your curves Skidney…

No. 1758009

newfag and you can't read. the wretched bitch got her chiOLD back, unfortunately.

No. 1758010

i feel like jonny deserves the karma of her haunting his life forever, but not so much the girlfriends. at least not when they've broken up already. that's just insane.

No. 1758011

why does everyone think schizo is anyone other than syd, or it's a side chick? this isn't side chick behavior, more like a girl that got rejected by jonny. possibly athena

No. 1758012

what do you mean

No. 1758013

she's so doughy. how is she that fat, shaped like a fridge, and still has no actual curves?

No. 1758043

I can’t believe she willingly posted that after they broke up. Thinking it would make goiter come back to her kek.

No. 1758056

Layna deleted the mean ones and is just posting a bunch of ass pats.

No. 1758062

Oh how are you so sure that Jonny rejected Athena? At least she's making money off her looks. What are y'all doing with yourselfs

No. 1758063

Uh didn’t he post the texts where she was upset she wanted a relationship from him and he didn’t? And whoring yourself online means nothing, some of the most disgusting looking pigs make money doing it kek.

No. 1758064

Not being a crazy attention whore and stalking the lolcow thread of a washed up has-been that turned me down hoping I get mentioned again. She must not be making very much.

No. 1758065

Layna is making money with her hemorrhoid ass and dildo covered in cat hair too nonnie.

No. 1758067

Sorry hun but obviously you're sad ass is here too and hate to tell you this but Athena is actually my friend and she could have anyone she wanted even Jonny asshole Craig(Retard.)

No. 1758069

Looks like she tried and failed to get JC which is extra sad considering how easy he is.

No. 1758080

I can't tell if this is someone LARPing as Athena or she's genuinely this retarded.

No. 1758083

If whatever youve been doing for years is your idea of "friendship" towards her, you both need to be in a ltr with Christ

No. 1758085

It's obviously sydney since she cant talk about anything other than assholes

No. 1758100

No shit sherlock, but I'm not attention whoring and I've never been turned down by Goiter (unlike Athena) nor do I want to get mentioned or bring attention to myself in a way that would get me mentioned. You're a touch retarded aren't ya?

No. 1758106


Nonna, expand your vocabulary and stop using this word because it makes you stick out like a sore thumb every time. We get it, you think people are mean to poor wittle Layna and want to protect her precarious feefees but at least try to integrate or shut the fuck up

No. 1758109

She is genuinely just that retarded and desperate for a smidge of attention. Imagine being known online for being a strung-out camwhore who threw themselves at Jonny fuckin’ Craig and got rejected by him, how absolutely embarrassing. Couldn’t be me, that level of pathetic worthlessness would be enough for me to kms

No. 1758117

>hate to tell you this but Athena is actually my friend
Hate to tell you this, but you’re a terrible friend kek

No. 1758152

File: 1675237661290.jpeg (118.14 KB, 1170x1893, C1FA809A-5FCC-407B-B348-630F6F…)

jc story

No. 1758171

Ntayrt but that anon doesn't have a monopoly on the word, I've used it myself before. That's not to say all other uses haven't been that one anon though kek.

No. 1758174

Cowtippers are so fucking embarrassing you are not one of us don’t use milk if you’re going to be retarded like this jfc

No. 1758175

File: 1675243131633.jpeg (96.3 KB, 1170x244, E34C2EE5-0F27-4F5D-A3AB-AC3DC1…)

Changed bio. “Boy banned”. Yeah real cool that a ton of venues won’t accept you anymore because of your rape allegations and other forms of abuse.

No. 1758195

File: 1675249109719.jpeg (185.08 KB, 387x720, 46ACCB7C-A2CB-445F-A867-C60B20…)

Can’t wait for a fresh batch of tour photos. I will never get over how short this manlet’s legs are

No. 1758207

Do it Athena.. prove all of us wrong and bag jonny craig please, we’ll even make you a thread dedicate to you when you do x

Oh wait you cant cause not even jonny washed up career and his limp dick would come near you…

No. 1758214

How is bagging a washed up drug addict, creepy sex pest, smelly/dirty leather handbag looking mother fucker anything to brag about

No. 1758216

>not even jonny washed up career and his limp dick would come near you…
looks like a blessing to me kek who would want someone like Jonny? ooooh right, low self steem bitches like Taylor’s fans, cam whores like Layna and sloppy bitches that looks like this >>1758195 totally the single mom type.

No. 1758225

Newfag, she quit camming when her stuff was posted here in October

So tired of anons just spouting random bullshit like it's a fact. Lurk moar or don't post

No. 1758226

Good observation athena, why are you here being smug about it then?

No. 1758231

(Repost because forgot to sage) ayrt, I’m not Athena I was agreeing with the point of JC not being worth bragging about

No. 1758232

You mean Athena is actually you. How embarrassing

No. 1758240

So, was the cringe his new tour…? Not disagreeing or anything, just didn’t think he was this self aware.

No. 1758244

you sweet summer child

No. 1758245

File: 1675256839323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.27 KB, 750x1007, D6F02AA1-7668-4539-9CB9-B856B9…)

the internet is forever.

No. 1758295

File: 1675265298211.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 963.39 KB, 3135x3084, 251A6E0F-C610-4389-8B2D-7A7B51…)

look who’s talking pancakes mcgee.

No. 1758298

The funniest part is that bottom right photo is on her Instagram feed. She was actually proud of that one. And she directed all of her Instagram followers to go look at her flapjacks kek.

No. 1758318

Is this thread just a communal space for narc exs to talk shit? Kek. Ill settle it for all the skids and lala heads.
You both are insecure and self obsessed. Go to the gym and turn off social media for a few months. Sorry you conned yourselves into thinking prince goiter wasnt a scrub.
Neither one of you are interesting or unique. Or, hot honestly.
Neither one of you care about anything besides your internet presence. Its boring and played out. All you got out of your grand love was stds, public humiliation, and burner accounts to harass one another.
Skid; take your fucking meds
Layla; go to therapy and back to school.
Thats it. Goiter is already onto his next victim, and hes not coming back. Move on. This thread is not even about the skim milk of exs, but some how it takes up 75% of the thread.
Cant we just unite and tear down JC -together? Teamwork makes the dream work

No. 1758327

You missed the point completely. The pathetic part is that even someone as vile as Jonny didn’t wanna touch her nasty ass when she was practically begging him and he didn’t even have a gf at the time to hold him back. That doesn’t mean she’s any better because Jonny turned her down lol

No. 1758339

> burner accounts to harass one another.
I highly doubt the harassment isn’t just one sided on Skid’s end.

No. 1758345

The hi cowing is out of control. Neither of these bitches post here, stop saying that like it’s fact. Lurking is a different story though.

No. 1758356

File: 1675269528383.jpeg (96.01 KB, 828x1473, 9712B26B-92E3-419D-8E61-F39F1F…)

No. 1758372

Syd was so quick to show a video of Jonny yoinked out on fent to humiliate him for “cheating” (aka acknowledging another woman) but she doesn’t want to show proof of BBP cheating because it’ll hurt layna too much? HA. Fucking seek help Sydney.

No. 1758375

This 100%

This thread should be about goiter, but seems like it is nothing but infighting and talk about his exes. If Skid or Layna are cow material to you, just make a thread for them. There not relevant at this point unless they talk about goiter boy.

No. 1758384

Why is it blacked out?

No. 1758407

Yeah, some anons go after the women in Jonny’s life harder than him and it’s really weird. It’s like they’re worse for dating an abuser than he is for being one? I kinda get why some stuff is posted from time to time when it’s relevant/milky like laynas ngls and skids cringy birthday post where she admits to cheating but I really don’t think we need to post and nitpick every single selfie one of Jonny’s broads posts.

No. 1758416

File: 1675274779452.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1566x888, Hi cow Lelayna Caldwell cuteho…)

Lol sure. That’s why there’s new video of Layna camming with her entropy tattoo that she didn’t have when she previously cammed and got at the same time she supposedly stopped (video featuring her cat jumping up to sniff her dildo no less. Fucking gross). Explain this one wks

No. 1758418

File: 1675274899791.jpeg (75.96 KB, 1169x435, 561F5A77-2FEE-436E-A706-710EBA…)

No. 1758428

Bust size: Small

No. 1758430

dirty dishes just layin in the hallway

No. 1758431

>Goiter is already onto his next victim
If he doesn’t debut his next girl within the month, I’m on board the tinfoil that he and Layna are still secretly dating and “gaslighting” everyone.

No. 1758447

The layna hatred can be cartoonish lmao but if she doesn’t leave JC that’s pathetic of her and a reason to dislike her

No. 1758448

Damn, call me surprised but she actually look gorgeous here.

No. 1758451

Her boyfriend who was lowkey her sugar daddy is no longer supporting her, she needs money and she made hundreds of $$ a night before before she quit so why wouldn’t she go back? You’re acting like this is some huge gotcha? We know she cams? Go seethe about a literal degenerate cam whore being better than you somewhere else, she’s not a thread subject anymore.

No. 1758465

she looks so much better without the bangs. layna got caught camming again but at least schizochan can stop sperging about her being a catfish. she's pretty but a few more months of camming and I bet she'll be a face full of filler like the other girls, it's the natural progression of camming/stripping/sex work.

No. 1758470

File: 1675280294860.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 356.23 KB, 1170x2052, DB397485-1AE3-4886-BAD0-E7BFAA…)

Not seething. Just posting for the anons who call others newfags and all the others who have been reeeing itt she stopped camming for months now. Here’s straight from MyFreeCams website. Last broadcast January 31. That’s all well and good and you can go ahead and think she’s better than me all you like, but at least I wouldn’t be dumb enough to keep camming under the same name topkek

No. 1758473

Unfortunately when it comes to Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, Taylor, and Syd, none actually left him for the dozens of times he cheated. They probably think it's just the price of dating a ""rockstar"" and they aren't wrong. I doubt any of these men are faithful. I'd be impressed Layna stayed away for dms alone. The bar is on the floor for men in the music scene.

No. 1758534

How the fuck do you know who posts here? You don't.

No. 1758563


You sound like you belong on gomi

No. 1758619

Aw, Grandma Fran must be so proud.

No. 1758627

Well it is her job

No. 1758628

The people obsessed with her grandmother are so odd.

No. 1758647

That camscore!! Damn Layna… get that $$$

No. 1758650

Get help.

No. 1758656

I'm shocked… She's making good money.

No. 1758668

She. Is. A. Whore. Who cares.

No. 1758671

yea if “odd” is a really polite synonym for fucking creepy.
seriously like no wonder she’s so unbothered, she’s actually making bank. I thought the jokes about jcs gf making more than him were just satire lmao.

No. 1758674

and she still made him spoil her and buy the plane tickets, clever girl.

No. 1758892

holy shit anon where did u get this lmaooo

No. 1758946

Scrote detected.

No. 1758993

File: 1675308553560.jpeg (294.22 KB, 1170x2080, E0EBF720-0B2A-41AE-968A-8895C1…)

We know JC. A woman would have to be a complete loser doormat to get with you.

No. 1759011

I don’t understand the angle here with the lights. Is he laying on his back with his legs up in the air balancing the doormat?

No. 1759013

The funniest part is that sydney would still be doing OF if she and her tits didnt flop so hard. She would also be down for breast implants if she could afford them and wasnt a broke deadbeat welfare mother. Same with fixing her vomit goblin face. The over the top hatred for plain, boring ass layna is sooo obvious its Syd. I wish her post history would get revealed, shits probably unhinged kek

No. 1759015

Layna is so inoffensive kek only Syd cares so much.

No. 1759040

It would probably top the Vicky Shingles post reveal. I pray for the day that ever happens.

No. 1759053

go cry on layna’s twitch or something lmaooo camwhores are all the same. if i had a kid i wouldn’t want a degenerate pedo panderer near my son. get them syd! keep showing who the better parent is, not for fucking lolcow ot instagram but for the real people, like the ones that allow storm to live with her. seethe and cope. go show your rotting asshole for the price of a cheeseburger. bleak.

No. 1759058

>better parent
Better than Jonny? Sure. But even remotely good? Nope. You ignore the main point of the post you're replying to…which is that Syd would sell her rotting asshole for the price of a cheeseburger too but no one will even pay that.

No. 1759059

There you go again bringing up her asshole. Oh my god you need psychological help kek

No. 1759063

File: 1675316703219.jpeg (160.34 KB, 1170x390, 1C028780-A7CC-49E6-A8DB-809E2C…)

Since you’re so obsessed with her hemorrhoids, I wonder if goiter is the one that gave them to her? They looked fresh keek.

No. 1759172

This is the only thread in lc that supports sex workers KEK I wonder why

No. 1759176

Layna’s white knights are out of control.

No. 1759271

Living in squalor I see.

No. 1759299

Probably because a good chunk of people itt aren’t regular LC users; they just come here for this thread. Which is why when you rip apart any e-whore they lose their shit. They’re unfortunately still brainwashed into thinking selling yourself for min-wage is empowering and not devaluating. They haven’t spent time in the cam whore/OF whore threads or the Shayna thread to see the state of ~uwu empowerment

No. 1759306

Or maybe people are sick of you posting about someone who’s unrelated to the milk 30 times a day so they’ve stopped engaging with you and your mental illness. Your unhinged bs was funny at first but now it’s just concerning. Eventually you’re gunna have to let go of layna (and her asshole) because she broke up with the cow, she’s not relevant anymore. You’re seriously handling this breakup worse than the people who were in the relationship. like jesus christ American desperately needs significantly better more affordable mental health care access, if not for the population, at least for skidsochan.

No. 1759311

this was exactly my point. hope people catch how desperate they are to keep their perfect picture. who would have known that the reason to uncover them were proclaiming support to some $3-per-hole activities megakek go back to twitter and leave lolcow alone

No. 1759329

I was just responding to that anon about why this thread is the only one who tolerates whore when this entire site is mostly against sex work; I literally don’t even care about layna kek calm down.
I agree Layna is irrelevant and bringing her up is pointless.
Sorry I struck a nerve, whore-chan.

No. 1759331

Kek who said shit about empowerment? Not even Layna. I want to live where you live where $100 per hour is minimum wage.

No. 1759345

See, you’re under the delusion that all sex workers are making good money and that’s just incorrect. Seriously; go spend some time in some other threads here like Momokun, Shayna, camgirl general, etc.

Plenty of people work and make $100 an hour without spreading themselves on the internet for men. I know that it’s easy for lazy NEETS like you to just lay there and bend over for money instead of literally doing anything else.

No. 1759362

Nta but they didn’t even say all sex workers make good money, they simply said layna makes good money and you went off on a sperg about empowerment and politics kek maybe try not to take what strangers say on internet so seriously, this isn’t a holy mission to educate people on about camwhores it’s a gossip site kek

No. 1759369

ok but shes a whore who's making money? id rather be a whore who makes money for doing practically nothing than slave away teaching brats all day, good for lanes

No. 1759375

stop your nta bullshit because you’re clearly THAT anon.
i feel like it’s Christmas because i can finally show off that these WKing Layna came here just for that and i can give yall $3 if you’re that desperate KEK
now i hope Syd really use this against Jonny because if so he’s more than fucked.

No. 1759389

Not either anon, but no, most of us just don't give a fuck she's a camwhore because its not milk and she's not a cow like Jonny or Skid. We're sick of the schizo derailing the thread to focus on her.
Use what against Jonny, exactly?

No. 1759435

File: 1675366212801.jpg (140.1 KB, 1170x2080, 328502822_557766536405471_9312…)

Always Play-Doh

No. 1759439

Use what against JC? That he USED TO date a girl that does camming? You sound severely retarded schizochan and seem to just be confirming JC’s story to Layna that he had to be lowkey about them dating because of his schizophrenic baby mom using anything as an excuse to keep Storm away from him.

No. 1759444

File: 1675368023363.jpeg (963.6 KB, 4095x2730, E086E950-055E-46F2-BE4C-3A7E2B…)

Remember when Skid used to skinwalk Taylors hairstyles/colors? This gave me similar vibes since I’ve never seen her wear her bangs to the side like this before and Layna’s new cam video was just posted >>1758416
Could be a reach but I thought it amusing.

No. 1759447

(I flipped the cap of Layna so they would be facing the same way)

No. 1759450

You're probably right. Especially since nonnas were saying Layna looks pretty/cute and much better without bangs.

Enter Syd with suddenly identical hair telling everyone that SHE'S the one who is always cute kek. Sorry Skidmark, you lose.

No. 1759453

you need to learn to sage honey, you’re not posting milk. sage goes in the mail field; you’re welcome!

No. 1759454

nitpick but if Skid is gonna copy anything from Layna it should be her eyebrows. Drawn on is never cute.

No. 1759458

>you lose
she won the day that fucking ugly manlet left her. the only one’s losing are the ones falling for him and will ended up with their butthole all over a gossip site kek what a cope!
i hope syd doesn’t copy her going on cam and spreading her asshole for some pennies kek yall would love it though

No. 1759461

And yet you're the one obsessing over buttholes. What a mystery this is.

No. 1759464

You forget Skid fell for him too and is stuck with him forever via a desperate bandaid baby she saw as her only ticket to fame. Layna had her gross fling with him and gets to move on but poor loser Skid actually thought it was a good idea to have a baby with an active drug addict and abuser.

No. 1759468

>hope syd doesn’t copy her going on cam and spreading her asshole for some pennies
She should probably start since she’s raising a child and refuses to get a job out of laziness and complete incompetence.
She also tried to and quit after day 1 because no one wanted to see her naked keek.

No. 1759508

Where’s the milk?

No. 1759520

Imagine looking like this and body-shaming other women

Won what? Becoming a single mom losing custody of her son? Or starting OF and completely flopped (pun intended)? Or winning the fact that even goiter doesnt want her even after entrapping him with a kid?

In your eggplant tits syd.

No. 1759523

It’s in her eggplants.

No. 1759528

Accurate, this thread is cancer to sift through it's all just emotionally invested retards surrounding the cows in question.
Not every anon is the same person you absolute newfag.

No. 1759532

Being 4’11 must suck, her head looks cartoonishly large.

No. 1759590

lol this thread is useless. imagine his next victim goes to look up his name and comes across a bunch of femcels nitpicking the women in his life, posting their nudes, and harassing them on social media, and constantly fighting with each other, this thread sounds insane. any sane person most definitely wouldn’t trust anything they read here. big win for you goitre, your haters are eating each other alive and making your job even easier!

No. 1759624

File: 1675382704431.jpeg (22.1 KB, 640x1138, 222E64A0-301F-41D7-9F29-50BC52…)

Some of these femcels nitpick his love interests so hard because they were so ugly even goiter wouldn’t go near them when they tried shooting their shot kekek. Which is sad because he’s still the same woman hating low iq mongoloid. This hate thread for him is really just his biggest fangirls.

No. 1759626

Imagine this thread making itself useful and getting his venues to cancel on him for yenno, literally beating Amanda, raping Liz, and getting Taylor addicted to heroin, ruining the trajectory of her life forever.

No. 1759644

that will never happen because retarded bitches will do anything to make the girl look bad but ofc Jonny is a fucking saint who does absolutely nothing wrong, it’s just all about his toxic exes who are just jealous u guiseee

No. 1759645

Yea it’s really telling that laynas out of the picture and these speds literally cannot stop themselves from habitually checking her socials and reposting everything she post so they can nitpick it yet nobody’s posted about Jonny (the actual cow) in a day. I feel bad for the poor soul that has to recap this thread kek.

No. 1759647

Unfortunately Skidney ruined it for the rest because she actually did manage to be extremely toxic and horrible, which derailed the conversation from JC.

No. 1759659

Forgive me nonnie's but I think she looks cute here. The "always cute" caption kind of ruins it tho, since not only is that not the case, but I just can't stand when she gasses herself up like she's cuter than every girl on the planet

No. 1759661

File: 1675385633810.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2067, Screenshot_20230202-184626~2.p…)

Going to see her new boo perhaps? Good for her for moving on, but it will be interesting if it's another musician

No. 1759692

Does she just lay in bed all day? Every new photo of her posted here looks identical

No. 1759698

If you have the object permanence of a small child then yes it probably would look like she's in bed all day. (You nonas itt are exceptionally retarded, as if it doesn't take 10 minutes at most to lean against pillows and snap a photo before moving on with your day.) I usually don't WK Layna or Sydney or any of these bitches but the nitpicks are so stupid and there is no milk here ever.

No. 1759714

Not really? And it doesn't seem like she streams regularly. $200 once in a blue moon isn't "good money", I make more than that in one day. She could make more getting a regular job but this 26 year old child doesn't have a car.

No. 1759718

>I make more than that in one day
No one cares

No. 1759721

She has no car, no friends except for her online simps so yeah she lays in bed all day taking selfies, making tiktoks, and camming like once or twice a month. Her mommy and daddy have to drop her off at the gym, when she even goes.

I never said anyone cares, I'm just saying whoever said she makes good money obviously doesn't know what good money even is. By giving an example of how much she could make if she had an hourly job, but go off.

No. 1759726

Her camscore is like $200 per hour.

No. 1759728

Must be a dig at Layna… His personality and the things he posts are absolutely repulsive

No. 1759730

In the thread where she got outed for streaming the nonnie who knew about camscores says she makes $200 roughly per stream, not by the hour. lol all the anons itt saying she's making bank are ridiculous. They must live at home and don't know what actual "bank" is.

No. 1759731

Genuinely curious, how do you know she doesn't have a car, or friends? Because she doesn't post about every tiny aspect of her life like people like goiter? Kek some of you are extremely warped by the perception of social media.
I noticed when she was visiting him and they were clearly going to concerts or random events together, or when she was at a few of his shows on tour she wouldn't make a single post about it. Some people just like to share the odd selfie and don't need to prove to everyone around them that they do things.

No. 1759734

No, the camscore is how much you make per hour. Not per stream. It's similar to about $200 per hour.

No. 1759735

Nothing was funnier than the emzotic post reveal she called a "social experiment" to backtrack and make her look better. She would post vile things about TND and about herself, and be nice to TNDs face. Seriously unhinged. There's a master thread on Twitter of her post reveal.

No. 1759736

She said she doesn't have one in a twitch stream months ago, it was posted in the thread but nobody really cared because it's not the worst thing in the world.

No. 1759741

…you can't give hemorrhoids to someone, for Christ sake it's not an STD. The IQ level of some anons in this thread is embarrassing

No. 1759742

anons are assuming things based off of literal snapshots from social media running with it and getting angry about a women that they’ve majority made up in their heads kek.

No. 1759743

Read the image, you can give someone a hemorrhoid through rough anal sex retard.

No. 1759752

post milk or stfu about medical conditions

No. 1759755

He raped Chelsea, but he held Liz down on a hotel bed holding a needle threatening to shoot her up as a joke (she's allergic to opiates) and even if she wasn't she still would have died from no tolerance. He really is prince charming. Not to mention cheating on every single girl he's ever been with. I hope he never dates anyone again, he needs to be cancelled completely. But lots of women have a fetish for problematic men.

No. 1759757

You can't be cancelled from venues for cheating on your girlfriend or else live music would never be played again kek.

No. 1759760

of course she does but thank god she started to put sheets on her bed. she post just for us. how sad.

No. 1759761

Are you high or a Newfag? Jonny gets ripped apart in this thread just like his girls. Anons nitpick the girls more, sure, but no one in here thinks he's a fucking saint.

No. 1759762

maybe banned for poisoning his son with fentanyl? idk just an idea

No. 1759763

Yeah I know. Cheating is literally only one of the horrible things he's done that I listed. Venues need to know he's a rapist, pedophile, and woman beater who poisoned his baby with fent. It sucks we can't cowtip and call the venues he's playing at, but the venues are so shitty they probably wouldn't care.

No. 1759768

Did you not read the thread before posting? There's literally a screenshot of his story right above your post. I swear some of you are extra special.

No. 1759769

Amanda, Chelsea, and Liz did a great job of this actually and got him kicked from so many shows/events. You useless cunts could never. (Many venues shoo him away for these exact behaviours if enough people raise a stink about it). Especially the claims of him touching and harassing female staff, like him getting kicked off of warped tour for sexually harassing a merch girl.

No. 1759774

Somehow I’m not surprised that Syd is putting so much effort into Layna’s arsehole instead of something useful like his other exes did. What a waste of space.

No. 1759783

Well she has no job, no friends, a bf that lives in another state, and collects disability every month (according to her ex A when he spilled milk on her in the first thread). I sure wish he'd come back lol. I wonder if he lurks and counts his blessings every day that he dodged a bullet. Shame she gave him literal PTSD by cutting her wrists in front of him and saying it's all his fault after he called her out for cheating.

No. 1759786

I can't wait for their court issues and CPS to be sorted out so JC can spill the beans on all the crazy shit she did while they were together.

No. 1759807

That was the post I was replying to, I meant before anon had posted that you absolute walnut.

No. 1759825

I doubt he would call Layna a doormat. That would be admitting to his own manipulation and narcissists cannot possibly do that ever.

No. 1759907

Lurker for two days. I wish the e girl defenders would shut up. Thanks for some actual meat to the bones of this thread finally.(gb2lurking)

No. 1759922

You shut up. You don't even go here.

No. 1759925

Fuck off ingrate.

No. 1759959


No. 1759980

jc never raped anyone but w/e u useless cunts, butthurt he never gave you the time of day? inb4 I'm "put out to pasture"

No. 1759986

How is this thread attracting so much newfags wtf

No. 1759992

Looks like his next victim found the threads.

No. 1760008

She’s adorable. Now if everyone could stfu about her that’d great. Or more accurately, if skid could stop shitting up the thread. Go be a mom and seek counseling. Your son deserves better

No. 1760028

because the cows itt are keeping tabs kek they need to get a life and heal their hemorrhoid.

No. 1760095

Seriously. How is this anon >>1758451 defending being a sugar baby for anyone let alone Jonny Craig’s sugar baby and being a camwhore? What happened to working in food service or retail when you need money instead of shoving fur-covered dildos up your holes for scrotes?

No. 1760098

Not based.

No. 1760131

File: 1675440331803.jpg (32.34 KB, 1170x2080, 328404080_535999531664939_1447…)

I hate that he talks like this so fucking much.

No. 1760132

File: 1675440427894.jpg (146.49 KB, 1170x2080, 328713783_684274496777087_9761…)

But then he says something like this and suddenly sounds totally normal. Pick a lane. Love that he has to make his aunt's death all about him though, and of course she was ashamed of you, you fucking bloated druggie retard.

No. 1760142

i came here to rip on goiter and ended up feeling like i was back at school with that group of girls who are just constantly bitching.

No. 1760155

The audacity to nitpick women’s looks while he look like a wrinkly thumb..

No. 1760166

>they eye

This give off “I got .5% African on my 23 and me report” vibes. Goiter, you look like a baby carrot with anemia, stop appropriating black culture.

No. 1760179

you're giving goiter the benifit of the doubt with that track record? kek. go hang with the moms in his insta pics you spud.

No. 1760185

Go post layna in the egirl thread or cam girl thread and pls stfu, it’s not even appropriate to post about her here anymore? Where in the world are the mods?

No. 1760186

he loves to wax poetic about his own woes. he literally goes from posting retard bile to semi-thoughtful self-posting within a few minutes.

No. 1760191

shes had a baby chill

No. 1760195

she works from home so probably no need to go out that often

No. 1760207

layna is not even a cringe online persona, shes just a retard for dating jonny boy

No. 1760210

Too bad they drove him away

No. 1760211

That has nothing to do with the unfortunate proportions she was born with.

No. 1760215

are the unfortunate proportions in the room with us? shes literally just skinny dude, id rather look like her than the average amerilard

No. 1760318

this thread is officially dead. It’s just a bunch of mentally ill women masturbating over how much they hate Jonny’s ex gf. the cow is seriously less milky than the farmers at this point. tragic.

No. 1760343

Saging bc not really milk, but jonny posted an AITA reddit ask screenshot on his story, and I found it funny that his icon is a pic with skid holding their son. I can't upload a screen cap for some reason. But its there

No. 1760359

Like 3 years ago now kek

No. 1760363

File: 1675458948588.jpeg (194.94 KB, 1170x2080, 8537C87C-DA44-4B65-B683-4E192A…)

lmaooo you’re right.
yikes what are we missing?

No. 1760375

It’s been dead since he ditched cow Syd for a normal human being. (Yes camgirls can be regular people)

No. 1760377

Browsers often save password and they shared a computer for like 2 years. He probably visited quora and it automatically logged in her account from the saved passwords feature or something like that.

No. 1760387

Oops replied to the wrong comment. Meant to reply to the one about syd having a baby right above it and I was referring to her giant head and stubby little midget legs having nothing to do with that.

No. 1760405

This was literally posted already but you retards were to busy >>1759624

No. 1760413


No. 1760419

That would be best case scenario. He really should man up and be with the mother of his child.

No. 1760427

I m convinced that most of this retarded infighting comments were syd tbh. Good job to her though, she has successfully baited all the newfags and farmers to clog up the thread.

No. 1760429


No. 1760468

I was thinking about the holidays, when Jonny was supposed to have storm. He bought him a bed and seemed excited, then he posted a story about his plans changing and being upset, storm never came and instead went to syds place. Do you think maybe she black mailed him with threatening to send laynas nudes to his mom if she didn’t get to spend the holidays with her chiold? It’s a crazy tinfoil and if it were any other cow I would check myself into a mental hospital for even thinking it but… this is syd we’re taking about.

No. 1760476

Jesus Christ you might be onto something.

No. 1760520

Alot of good points have been made about the fact that Syd and Layna have more opportunities than cam/gofund. It's sad because these activities rely on JC's fame,not their own merit. JC a bad person but he is user and abused by these women too. Two evils don't make a right.

No. 1760523

Actual retard. Layna's camming was completely separated from her regular social media, and the only reason we know is a random farmer stumbled upon her "Holly" persona. How in the world did JC's fame help her in anyway whatsoever? He wasn't even public about the girl for Christ sake.

No. 1760527

KEEEEEEEK, the average iq of this thread is down the drain…

No. 1760529

what im confused is how Layna continually gain followers

No. 1760559

Dude, what has she done that makes her any different? Her clout is JC whereas Taylor actually had something of her own she created before JC. Oooh separate link somehow makes any interest in her not solely related to JC.

No. 1760560

I’m tryna figure out where all of you have come from? If by some chance any of you are the same anons that have been anxiously awaiting milk for the past several years, how is the moral high ground workin’ for you?

No. 1760564

Who has any interest in her other than the obessively hating speds on this thread?

No. 1760573

sage faggot

No. 1760574

Nona I doubt any of the scrotes that watch her fuck herself with her dildo have anything to do with JC or even know who JC is. She was successful on there before JC. When her MFC was posted here for the first time, her camscore was already very high and has stayed the same since anyone related to JC found out.

Not that any of that matters since it's not difficult to be a degenerate camwhore. You're acting like it takes talent when all you have to be is pandering to the right audience and moderately attractive.

No. 1760576

I agree, so many retards that don’t even seem like native users of this site

No. 1760579

No one cares if you read one thread or fifty of them, just learn to integrate jfc.

No. 1760581

Again, Sage your shit, learn to quote faggot

No. 1760582

>I can be as annoying as I want without consequence and expect you all to cater to me.
What're you a scrote?

No. 1760585

File: 1675474617485.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3465x3465, B8D45020-42D1-47B6-A85C-FB1108…)

i would honestly kill myself if I was this boring and autistic. she must be on the spectrum.

No. 1760586

It has to be

No. 1760591

Everybody gets one.

No. 1760593

There’s no way this thread isn’t mostly new twitterfags, most oldfags who actually know how this site works were scared off months if not a year ago by the constant infighting, that’s why it takes days or weeks for a new thread to get made when one maxs. I don’t necessarily think it’s dead yet but eventually they’ll run into another “thread 14” situation because they’re clinically retarded and I’m sure as fuck not fixing it this time

No. 1760598

It’s really weird how much attention this thread gets from non-farmers. I wonder. Does this come up when you search Jonny Craig or something? Or TND? Their typing style and retardation is the same if it isn’t Skid.

No. 1760600

Learn2quote and provide milk yourself lmao

No. 1760605

Unironically I think a lot of Jonny fans and haters alike come here. He's so infamous in his circles, he's like a villain people love to keep tabs on. LC does pop up when you google him but its lower on the page.

No. 1760608

Please stop posting and read through the previous JC threads to catch up and not clog up the thread with this nonsense.

No. 1760609

Yea it comes up when you search his name but why would so many random people come here to shit on his girlfriend specifically and not him? it’s just so weird to me shes a failed twitch streamer with less than 1000 Instagram followers? Like she’s a nobody from but fuck Canada? These anons seem so pressed I wonder if they’re people from her real life or something I just don’t see why anyone else would care THIS much.

No. 1760626

because that’s what you get for get along with a cow. go take a look around lolcow, she’s not special.
if you associate with a cow you gonna get posted here. if you don’t wanna get posted here then don’t associate with a cow. easy.

No. 1760636

They broke up though? What do you not understanding about that? The thread is about jonny craig and layna is no longer dating or associated with him at all, if you wanna post about your camwhore post her in the camwhore thread or make her her own if your really that invested, is that so hard? People were banned for posting avas stories after it was confirmed her and jc broke up and layna should be no different, she has nothing to do with the cow so she’s not a cow adjacent anymore and doesn’t need to be in Jonny’s thread. Newfags have no idea how this site works and really try to talk like they know shit. Embarrassing.

No. 1760649

seconding this it’s a perfect solution. the speds can keep nitpicking their precious layna and we don’t have to have the thread derailed every time she breaths. i’m sure anons in the cam whore thread will be much more their speed so they don’t have to deal with the constant “whiteknighting” that goes on in here. its a win win.

No. 1760652

Someone just posted her in the camgirl thread and we don’t want her there either.

No. 1760660

You are skid now STFU. Where’s your kid? Ignoring him as usual.

No. 1760667

Fucking kek

No. 1760669


No. 1760671

Okay yeah this thread is garbage.

No. 1760674

Fuck off, weirdo.

No. 1760680

nonnie thinks they’re showing everyone by spamming laynas shit but pretty soon they’re gunna be the only one left itt. where will they go to sperg when this thread inevitably reaches its limit and no one is stupid enough to make them a new one. poor retard might just keel over and die without the constant attention.

No. 1760691

The more Lelayna tries to hide her asshole and camming the more the Streisand effect is going to take hold kekekekekekekekekek. Welcome to the internet girl it's a beautiful thing.

No. 1760697

Keep bitching and crying in the /meta/ threads Lelayna.

No. 1760699

>Where will they go
Hopefully to hell, usually I don't mind a bit of a shit show but this isn't even funny to me.
Bravo you ruined this thread, came across as worse than the cow and somehow annoyed even me like god damn that's just sad.

No. 1760718

Why should we stop documenting Goiter's antics just because one sperg is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend's asshole? Just report the degenerate.

No. 1760813

Can you at least post her somewhere else and not on the JC thread since they aren’t together anymore so you can wank your hateboner for her there

No. 1760837

Posts about her got removed from the camwhore thread.

No. 1760841

Make another thread then? It’s annoying to see the layna stans vs haters (loose term don’t take it seriously) in here especially with the unhinged posters. It’ll be funny to see a Layna thread die as soon as it’s made though kek

No. 1760912

no, she is by association here. people will forget about her eventually. it’s been like a week since they “split” (friendly reminder that they faked their break-up once so it could happen again). you don’t need to take the bait but you can’t stand a chance, you are so weak minded that you can’t just shut up instead of keeping with the fight and call Skid to whoever is not sharing your pov. sex work is not real work. have a nice weekend nonnies kek

No. 1760913

It’s definitely getting beyond obnoxious that every post is about her, but I’m still not buying that they actually broke up. Maybe if she didn’t let us all know that he had to try to hide her from syd, which failed and he may be paying for it.. seems he’s only seen the kid once or twice since Christmas (what happened to 50/50)? Hopefully with his upcoming tour we’ll get some actual milk and people will have better things to discuss.

No. 1761074

It’s kinda weird they’re ignoring the people from this thread in meta asking for help but can remove her posts from the cam girl thread. Last time this happened when he and Ava broke up mods were so fast to red text people that kept posting her stuff, the problem was fixed like immediately. All farmhands have to go do is red text the faggot with “stop posting people unrelated to the milk” or “derailing” and it would solve the issues but apparently they won’t do that. They got the site less than two weeks ago and it’s already a shit show. Super Disappointing.

No. 1761076

she hasn’t tried to hide anything.

lmao it’s literally just going to be skid and 1 other unhinged anon just spamming the thread with pics of her asshole incessantly.

the process probably takes a while. the only reason why he even got that sad toddler crib for him was because one of the requirements for obtaining custody in ca is that the kid have their own bed. other than that he’s probably only trying to get 50/50 on paper so that he doesn’t have to pay child support. he probably has literally no ability to take care of a kid when he’s never really taken care of the kid by himself - even when they were still technically together he’d leave skid on her own and went on shopping trips instead of helping her.

No. 1761079

i think they removed it because they wanted to keep it all here lmao she’s not milky enough

No. 1761086

if she’s not milky enough to be in the camgirl thread she definitely doesn’t belong on lolcow. i think mods know this thread is gunna die so why would they even bother trying to fix this huge fucking mess. i mean i’ve read like at least five or six post in the last day of anons basically saying they’re done with this thread and there definitely wasn’t a lot of farmer to begin with.

No. 1761122

Definitely sad, as goiter is one hell of a cow.

No. 1761133

I mean Ava wasn’t even a real person so posting her at all was super irrelevant.

No. 1761135

I think as goiter gets involved with more drama the thread quality may pick back up. the downtime is where it turns into a shitshow mostly.

No. 1761165

oh nonnie don’t be silly! don’t let this take off your sleep, it’s going to be active as soon as someone does something milky. if anons wanna leave, who cares? bon voyage kek people come and go all the time, it’s not that serious.

No. 1761166

The problem isn’t how active the thread is, it’s active enough already. The problem is it’s full of bitter retards.

No. 1761182

File: 1675548553787.jpeg (101.84 KB, 1170x264, 74F2E8C9-0968-4FEE-8C0D-41476B…)

Saged because not milk but this made me kek

No. 1761197

make it any more obvious you didn’t even read the post you replied to
>but she was a catfish!!!
who cares, that has absolutely nothing to do with the point that was making in their post lmao

No. 1761207

My point is there was a difference between posting Layna and posting Ava. He was likely talking to many other girls at the same time as Ava. She was only posted here because she was a farmer and posted herself, otherwise no one would have known about her, like the other handful of girls he’s usually trying to work on at the same time.
You people put to much stock into sharing some flirting back and forth online.

Layna was and is posted because they actually had a relationship, even if it was private. She just flew out to meet his parents and they’re likely still dating but hiding from the schizophrenics of lolcow and Syd’s radar. (At least I believe that tinfoil)

No. 1761268

It's almost like the newfags in this thread have no idea how to not engage, report and move on.

No. 1761378

No offense to Layna haters but the real deal here is that Layna literally isn’t milky. We all hoped for it and we can all diss her for dating him, but she isn’t any more. She’s not milky enough to be on the cam thread because schizochan posted her asshole with no explanation, not that one is needed- I’m sure tons of gals get this ailment at some point. Don’t trash me for saying this but she almost seems sweet, she’s too naive to be milky. I made fun of her before but she literally isn’t relevant and I’m not a WK for her. She’s ridiculous at for fucking goiter but she actually walked away (allegedly) so I agree she should be dropped. She can bang her cat hair dildo in peace. She’s not milky she’s just dumb.

No. 1761387

File: 1675571763483.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2111, 5E048BBE-3B9B-47CB-882B-023E87…)

Oh fuck off, what is “”sweet”” about a gold digger with a thing for old wrinkly men? Her and JC NEVER had a connection, she used him for money and flights and clout, nothing sweet about that.
She will probably move onto the next ugly older male that will fly her places hence >>1759661

No. 1761399

oh come one, she’s a camwhore. they’re all the same.

No. 1761418

If you (and others) keep trying to control what can and cannot be posted you're encouraging anons to do the exact opposite. Report the asshole sperg and don't engage with them. If she's not milky anymore people will quickly forget and move on given you don't give the posts attention. Personally I'm hoping we get a post reveal and it's proven to be Skid like we all suspect/Layna claims.

No. 1761427

100% agree.
the anons shitting up the thread with nonmilk on layna are just obsessed with her for their own personal reasons. she’s not really relevant to this thread anymore.
sperg about her asshole somewhere else

No. 1761462

This is going to to turn into the “layna status updates” thread with anons being like “omfg she’s drinking milk?? retard”

No. 1761474

Kek honest to god I’ve never seen someone nitpicked so much. “She wore the same spaghetti strap shirt twice in one week!” The shame…

No. 1761566

And yet here’s 3 posts in a row shitting up the thread with more non milk. The only thing more annoying than all the Layna posts are all the people bitching about it.

No. 1761629

that’s what they want, they want to keep the infighting so this thread “will die”. they are such newfags like they are so pressed for common lolcow behavior, that’s why mods don’t give a shit. they are the Karens of this thread kek

No. 1761648

>they are such newfags like they are so pressed for common lolcow behavior
This is not common lolcow behaviour but keep proving you’re a massive newfag that doesn’t know the rules or how the site works. The only reason anons keep complaining is because we are reporting the posts and the reports are going unanswered, as well as the posts in meta. So yeah the thread is probably going to die because it’s apparently been abandoned by the mods and over run by sperges.

No. 1761659

This OP was bad enough, if anyone who made prior OPs left the staff probably checked, saw nobody was left and just let this play out.
Imo this thread should be remade if there is new milk on the subject because it's filled with nontent.
Nobody is infighting other than you really, the rest of us are just letting you know that you can post until this thread hits the limit but nobody will make a new one for you. There's nothing to fight over, there's no argument, it is what it is.
Kind of like there is no milk in this thread on the subject.

No. 1761666

honey it’s the Jonny Craig thread, Layna is just orbiting. it’s not that deep and not that hard to make a thread. you haven’t done one? you should.

No. 1761670

File: 1675622790086.jpeg (38.12 KB, 1170x2080, 03BE1C39-3B93-4536-A20C-98B179…)

I thought you were Storm’s second dad

No. 1761764

The only reason I think they have truly broken up is because layna posted this >>1754625, and I wish she would spill more about skid and her psychotic breakdowns.

I’ll bet skidney is relentless in her reign to ruin any female relationship that BBP is in. I love that for him.

No. 1761773

File: 1675635589319.jpeg (149.21 KB, 1170x2080, A6F81007-5F2E-4294-A6B5-255995…)

No. 1761821

Kek he has that same PTSD look in his eyes that goiter did when Syd made him canned soup and documented it for his fans

No. 1761832

She’s apparently been sperging about Layna’s asshole while visiting him. I wonder if he’s seen it now kek.

No. 1761855

If she flew out there to visit him and Jonny's tour doesn't start until February 25th why didnt storm stay with Jonny while she was away? I still don't believe the whole "we share 50/50 custody but he lives at syds house" somthing else is going on.

No. 1761858

File: 1675645204802.jpeg (114.43 KB, 828x1478, 6305DAC3-AD96-40AA-B28E-D8632F…)

looks like Jonny might be struggling

No. 1761906

Syd+JC probably haven’t actually signed the papers for 50/50 yet, it’s likely later in the process. She just got Storm to her house and it doesn’t happen that quickly. That’s why goiter was trying to stay on her good side, so she’d sign them and he wouldn’t be obligated to pay child support. But Syd said she wouldn’t if the couple was together.

No. 1761908

because saying otherwise is going to make him look bad.

No. 1761909

Maybe her roommate or mom watched Storm while she was visiting Ian. Or she brought Storm?

No. 1761930

there’s no way she brought storm and didn’t obsessively document it. she would 100% be posting stories and pics of ian holding storm to bait jc (and it would probably work).

they probably have a 50/50 agreement but still need to both complete parenting class or whatever they were court ordered to do. he literally has never had to watch his own kid on his own, he’s left storm with syd to go shopping in LA without even telling her.

No. 1761995

I’m surprised either of them have custody right now considering isn’t their court case still active? Don’t they have a pending felony child endangerment charge against them? What happens if they’re convicted?

No. 1762009

Based. It's clearly intentional too.

No. 1762022

Yes it is still active. If they are convicted they will serve whatever terms they agree to. Since they seem to be on “good behavior” and JC is sober, they will likely plea to probation. Which sucks. Honestly they both deserve jail time for that shit.

No. 1762034

>There's a reason they call me the one

Who? I've only seen him call himself that. Unless its like "Jonny Craig, ya know, the one that was in semi-famous bands and fucked it all up by being a junkie piece of shit and then overdosed his kid?"

No. 1762095

his over inflated sense of self importance is delusional. nobody gives a shit about his washed up, irrelevant junkie abuser ass.

No. 1762108

He’s so cringy with trying to force that nickname. Literally nobody calls your loser ass “The One”. None of your exes either since no one thinks the guy that’s currently mentally and physically abusing them is “the one for them”.

No. 1762184


No. 1762188

- Nerd Emoji

No. 1762189

File: 1675678953518.gif (1.2 MB, 498x387, nerd-emoji-nerd.gif)

No. 1762211

>they call me the one, look at me
>don’t relapse!!!

kek you can see how he’s casting this out on socials hoping for feedback to help himself believe it. He’s so obviously insecure.

No. 1762321

File: 1675699573965.png (887.01 KB, 704x744, lolo.png)

smelly boi goiter is planning to hit the UK in may. as a britfag, im not super stoked on the idea, we have enoug junkies with rotten teeth. how is he able to apply for a Visa with pending court dates and possible felony?

i've played/seen bands at a few of the venues on the tour and they are mainly 100 max side rooms off of main venue halls.

No. 1762323

It’s funny how he brags about sold out shows but it’s always venues like this. Tiny bars.

No. 1762338

>the return
Goiter i thought you NeVa LefT?? Dont forget to pack your tablet!

No. 1762344

I bet he’s relapsed. He usually spams his ig stories all day long and he hasn’t posted one since >>1761858 which was 24 hours ago.

No. 1762365

Did a 5 year old made that poster with microsoft paint? Kek. Also what is that pose goitet? “Why is my dick so small?” Pose?!

No. 1762369

The body language in the poster screams
>Ah crap pissed all over my balls again

No. 1762388

Why in the hell is this guy trying to get 50/50 custody when he’s constantly touring? He’s about to be gone for 2-4 months. He’s really going to be such an absent father. Hasn’t he been home and not around Storm at all the small amount of time he’s back? Not that any of this surprises me but sheesh, poor kid.

No. 1762418

He really looks at it as him going away for work to give storm a better life. That’d make sense if he was actually famous and made enough money touring to start a college savings for him, provide him with food/shelter/etc but as soon as he has money he blows it on materialistic shit for himself or whatever girls giving him attention. I wish there was a way to get a glimpse of his ticket sales so far lol. They’ve been on sale awhile now and haven’t seen a single “sold out show” post from him.

No. 1762424

Syd he just wants 50/50 so he is not required by the state to pay child support. Don’t fall for it, he will not be an active father and you know it. He’ll use Storm to look good on instagram and play a single father character to his fans and random women, but be a total deadbeat behind the scenes, and if you say anything about it you’ll just look like the crazy baby mama. It’s such an unfortunate situation. Battle for custody in court, don’t let him get away with no child support because he manipulated you and gave you false promises so you agree to 50/50.

No. 1762439

I’m not nitpicking the child, I’m nitpicking his parents’ choices, but good god is Storm Craig an awful name. It sounds like something about to make landfall in Florida during hurricane season, not a person’s name. The fact it comes from Stormtrooper is the cherry on top. Just give the kid some Nazi connotations on top of a shitty name why don’t ya. Why doesn’t he name the next one Grindelwald

No. 1762442

File: 1675716819828.jpeg (759.88 KB, 4095x2730, 33AC118B-13EC-4E6B-AF4A-D7EB1E…)

KEK. I love when he announces a new tour and everyone collectively groans.

No. 1762444

File: 1675717091423.jpeg (226.28 KB, 1170x2080, E38138BA-029B-44BF-B5F4-C60968…)

He looks like a sped with this awful haircut.

No. 1762446

the swapmeet louis vuitton short, ftp socks, crocs combo kek do you think he dresses like a high schooler to pull the young girls dumb enough to give him the time of day

No. 1762449

He actually used to dress well sometimes back when he was in slaves, don’t know what happened. He was shooting heroin daily back then as well kek. I guess this is what’s called a mid-life crisis. Can’t hide those wrinkles behind your tacky clothes.

No. 1762450

I wonder if he tried to copy the mayor of spookytown's hairline tattoo and it got all fucked up and that's why he has to wear these bangs now. Shame is the only thing I can think of that makes sense.

No. 1762454

honestly i’m still tinfoiling that none of them got custody yet and Syd is living with her mom now, that’s why they’re spending more time together but i don’t believe the 50/50 bullshit Goiter said

No. 1762459

File: 1675718604090.png (315.02 KB, 704x744, 16756995739651.png)

No. 1762473

The little bangs absolutely kill me.

No. 1762493

File: 1675721514037.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.57 KB, 1170x1236, B1E5FBEE-8161-466A-8A68-6BE825…)

No. 1762514

I really love how he keeps wearing clothes that highlights his short stature. Kek

No. 1762525

I hope he didn’t commission this because every part of it is offensive. especially that pose?
kkeek this is 100% better than the original, ty nonny da vinci

No. 1762568

You know in elementary school when people made fun of the special kid but they didn't understand people were laughing at them not with them? Sometimes this thread feels like that. He really has no idea how absurdly fucking stupid he looks 24/7

No. 1762613

File: 1675736338129.jpeg (39.89 KB, 1170x2080, CE51D767-72F3-4DAF-82FF-468CF7…)

Playing the worlds tiniest violin for you JC.

No. 1762617

File: 1675737243965.jpeg (28.16 KB, 1170x2080, D1A7BB56-7A5D-4CDD-978A-5B8189…)

Almost 40 and he posts status updates like a 13 year old girl kek.

No. 1762670

Ffs who’s he gaslighting this time? It’s funny when he tries to sound intimidating.

No. 1762681

this thread is actually much less painful to read when nonas are picking on jonny I got some hearty keks today

No. 1762682

I really miss his and syd’s back and forth vague posting from the same dwelling.
Come on, Jonny. Take back the mother of your cHiOlD. Everyone deserves a second chance. So what if she cheated on you with some twink emo? So what if she’s in rectal psychosis and obsessed with your ex’s anus? Fight for your ~merch mama~ 11:11

No. 1762698

nonnies are seriously on fire today! multiple posts made me proper kek but for some reason this one >>1762439 absolutely sent me.

No. 1762738

>and just like that
lmaooo ok carrie bradshaw

No. 1762830

Keek he would drop her on her ass for cheating even after always cheating on her. She gave birth to your only son. Moids are something else.

No. 1762865

File: 1675764107333.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1593442120509.png)

No. 1762928

aww anons it's nice to see a return to ripping on goiter and not just screaming random shit into the void about Layna's left elbow shape

No. 1762956

It is nice to see another thread back on its rails and prospering.

No. 1762960

Kek ya love to see it. Bet goiter gonna call this an international tour aka playing for 5 people in a bar. I hope a heckler shows up and boo him off the stage.

Which reminds me.. did any of those people who got scam off singing lesson got their money back at all??

No. 1763028

File: 1675787862814.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20230207-103408~2.p…)

Her arm looks so long wtf(derailing)

No. 1763030

>donating to your one
Is he referencing his own child / skid? Lmao

No. 1763033

File: 1675788159661.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20230207-103537~2.p…)

Layna and Kurt dating arc when?

No. 1763039

I miss that too. And the constant blocking/archiving and then resurrection a day later kek. Gold.

No. 1763064

I was afraid someone was going to post this boring shit. Oh look it's Layna sitting, wonderful.

No. 1763068

Where is the milk??

No. 1763072

What do you mean by second dad lmao

No. 1763073

But why is her arm so long.

No. 1763080

probably taken in 0.5x

No. 1763082

She's too pretty for dicknose.

No. 1763094

What is that?

And who else thinks Goiter is gonna get a new girlfriend on tour?

No. 1763114

She’s a step above, but her personality and desperation to be with a musician makes it make sense lol. You know if a slightly better looking musician (or even an uglier but well known one) who lived in her state became interested she’d hop on it.

No. 1763125

Just report it and move on.

No. 1763140

File: 1675792883338.jpeg (133.92 KB, 828x1415, D8232979-06D8-4FE9-A840-BA0047…)

>my 800 problems
this tool is really going through it lately, don’t mind me for laughing hysterically. I think he might be struggling with his addiction (I don’t necessarily think he relapsed yet) but he posted a reminder to not offer him drugs or alcohol for the uk tour and it almost comes across as “don’t offer it to me because I won’t be able to refuse”

No. 1763153

oh ffs you’re almost 40 goiter boi

No. 1763168

I thought the same thing! And if he's not completely comfortable with sobriety yet, he definitely shouldn't be going on tour at all. Not everyone knows or believes he's sober, and it's not someone else's fault if they offer and he accepts. God forbid a fan tries to buy you a fucking beer.

No. 1763171

Same anon but I also don't believe he's sober, and that's the reason for a stupid announcement like that; I think he's more afraid that he'll accidentally slip up in public and ruin the image.

No. 1763283

it's a type of lens

No. 1763284

File: 1675805422181.jpeg (356.79 KB, 1170x1762, 55697BA3-224A-466E-93CB-85F4DB…)

Her head is long and she really needs her lips done.(derailing)

No. 1763285

KEEK. I bet she only dated goiter for an in with Kurt.

No. 1763290

lmao no self control what so ever. "pls dont offer me dwinks guyss" goiter is embaressing

No. 1763298

File: 1675806507594.jpeg (153.33 KB, 828x771, AAE2C32E-3062-43D7-8A3F-EB7028…)

I went and checked the ticket prices for his upcoming shows. for the price of just 3 happy meals, you too could watch a bloated middle aged man read songs off his ipad! 1/2

No. 1763300

File: 1675806660476.jpeg (68.35 KB, 828x599, 5C942466-45D7-40FF-B53F-2F17CB…)

and the vip prices

No. 1763320

her face looks so different

No. 1763325

>arm long
>face long
Wow. So relevant. Thank you for the a+ contribution

No. 1763340

File: 1675811256994.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3465x3465, A744EE53-9AA4-4FCD-AE43-94C1A2…)

I hope he gets beat on outside one of the venues on his UK tour.

No. 1763341

How does he make any money? Excluding “vip” 17$ a person times 150 people (I’m being very generous) isn’t even 3000$ a show and I’d assume he has to pay the venue, split the money with cobwebhead plus cover any other tour expenses like hotels, gas, food etc. that seems super unsustainable.

No. 1763343

He definitely either breaks even or loses money touring. The point is probably to generate hype or relevancy again, which seems to somewhat work, I’ve seen him gain new fans that were never into his older stuff and are just hiphop fans.

No. 1763348

File: 1675812603365.jpeg (48.42 KB, 1170x2080, EC54CF79-162D-4C89-B19F-8D38FA…)

JC is going on a week long trip? What happened to “We have 50/50 and I’ll be spending my time off touring with Storm.” Who wants to bet he’s seeing his next girl instead, pussy is more important than his son.

No. 1763365

File: 1675814568186.jpeg (457.14 KB, 828x1302, 9AFDBEF4-03E8-4E6C-91E0-728D04…)

anons said a little up thread that custody probably hasn’t been finalized but last month jc himself said storm was finally home and living with syd? it really seems like syd got full custody, especially considering storm didn’t stay with jc while she went out of state. (picrel from last thread)

No. 1763370

I see this all the time. A 3/10 man will end up with a 7/10 woman because her personality is so horrible and rancid that no one else wants her.

No. 1763373

“I’ll see him as much as I’m home” goes on a trip instead right before he leaves for tour

No. 1763376


Feed cat every other day - no mention of litter or water. jfc I wonder how he'd keep his kid alive?

No. 1763377

I’m sorry but that anon, probably schizo chan, who made that post comparing Layna to snow miser lives rent free in my head. Brava

No. 1763380

Kek, I’m glad she is embracing her womanly face over trying to agefish like she was intially (?idk if that’s the term but she was trying to look like a younger alt girl). Both skid and her are decent looking over Goiter.

No. 1763381

>I wonder how he'd keep his kid alive?
been there, done that. spoiler alert (didn’t go well)

No. 1763397

That post got a lot more interactions as well. She should continue with it.

No. 1763408

this is not bait but i think goiter has been with only pretty girls, how is that possible? is it because as other anon said, they have horrible personalities too? my dad always says that beautiful people always do the uglies thing so but also he’s such a manipulative piece of shit who also take advantage of them being insecure pretty girls, idk

No. 1763412

File: 1675817770218.jpeg (192.25 KB, 1040x1919, 8294A0A9-5715-42DB-8014-5432DE…)

Aren’t you jobless skid.

No. 1763425

Simplest answer and probably the correct one: He was a semi-famous rockstar.

No. 1763429

This isn’t the same as just any other ugly asshole moid pulling attractive women, as much as to us he seems like a lacklustre retard some women who are fans of his genuinely view him as some musical god. Unfortunately as long as he has “clout” there will always be a stupid pretty young woman willing to sacrifice her happiness to get a piece of it.

No. 1763432

I don't even know if it's clout or just genuine fangirling. If Layna is a Kurt fan she was probably a DGD fan. I'm not saying she wasn't with JC for clout but I imagine any girl would foam at the mouth at the thought of getting with the singer of their favorite rock band. That's why there is so much fan-fiction of them. Guys jerk off to pornstars, women flick their bean to musicians. If their favorite musician gives them attention, no matter how shit he is, they'd all jump at the chance to get with him.

No. 1763448

layna said he had to convince her for months before she agreed to let him fly her down there, kinda sounds like Jonny was doing the fangirling tbh. I think she was more after a man to pay for shit for her than she was clout, but that’s just my stupid opinion.

No. 1763466

Extremely based if true, funny that goiter made her think he was rich if this is accurate.

No. 1763542

Every other day and only two cans of wet food? That’s not nearly enough. So sad. Why even have a pet if this is how you ‘care’ for it

No. 1763551

Was wondering the other day what happened to his roommate/friend “Dillon”. He get sick of living with with a narcissistic slob?

No. 1763553

I was curious where his chauffeur and roommate went as well. It didn't look like lolbro joined him on his last tour, now goiter is asking for rides all the time in his stories because he has no friends I guess kek.

No. 1763558

He must be on some insufferable shit if both his girl and his best friend dropped him.

No. 1763588

File: 1675842768654.png (1 MB, 1284x2778, 63DE6F82-F884-4A02-B8C2-5F7128…)

taking the risk of living with 8 roommates and abandoning your kid + cat to to get that life

No. 1763608

Creasing up over this comment

No. 1763614

Kek he is so feel spirited and wild, watch out nonnies. Lmao jonny, you’re pushing 40 and fathered 2 kids whom you’ve abandoned and poisoned. you’re playing in a basement bar for 5 people, you’re not making it.. ever

No. 1763653

Is there trouble in the weirdo commune? Someone desisted for the tour?

No. 1763659

File: 1675858965024.jpeg (219.28 KB, 1125x1032, 9F0F2FDA-885F-4838-A79A-B30249…)

Goiter getting all agressive in his comments. But no one’s intimidated by a 5 feet out of shape manlet kek

No. 1763690

File: 1675862671737.jpeg (138.47 KB, 1170x913, 8006A096-596D-441D-B928-F08915…)

Looks like they’re still friends

No. 1763790

WORKING HARD Aka she hasn't sent a death threat to another girl in a few days. Been her longest streak KEK. Her last relapse was the whole sending Laynas butthole to Jonny's mom scenario.

No. 1763804

>I understand it
Kek no you fucking don’t. Most people can’t just up and leave their jobs/families/obligations. Must be nice to have literally no obligations and you can just fuck off somewhere.

He’s such a raging loser and doesn’t see it. He thinks he’s making good money or something? Idk it just looks pathetic. Grow up and get a job. You had your “spotlight” and now you’re nearing 40. No one wants to see a sad grandpa on stage.

No. 1763840

File: 1675880271133.png (491.46 KB, 398x451, image (26).png)

No. 1763847

File: 1675881064276.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20230207-161428~2.p…)

Nice photo Skid

No. 1763864

File: 1675883567673.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2074, Screenshot_20230208-125055~2.p…)

Showing off her ass lol

No. 1763875

File: 1675884163205.png (593.6 KB, 1080x2364, Screenshot_20230208-131927~2.p…)

10/10 would fuck /s

No. 1764000

When was this?

No. 1764027

It says six days ago and she posted it that day. Idk if it's FROM that day, but it seems like it. Why?

No. 1764041

He looks like that racist cartoon of the jewish guy sprang to life.

No. 1764123

Is this edited?

No. 1764159

Was asking cause this >>1759435 was also 6 days ago and I’m confused how that’s the same body.

No. 1764182

It’s literally the same picture?

No. 1764183

NTA but I think they meant this picture? >>1763847

No. 1764216

Yes. Idk how I fucked that up. Thought the anon who replied meant that this one was from 6 days ago, but different bangs so it must be an old pic someone dug up.

No. 1764231

i think thats a picture from JC era

No. 1764424

File: 1675958269088.png (335.94 KB, 1704x1020, loll.png)

lol. 2 posts later. the fucking oudlandish retardation of some of the people on here is staggerin kek.

No. 1764438

farmhands finally pulled through!? god fucking bless

No. 1764453

Exactly. He is completely unable to perform basic critical thinking.

His triple digit brain cell count means that he KNOWS certain behaviour results in ceratin outcomes. But then choose to still act like a retard and complain in hindsight??

Bro. Putting your hand in a fire will always hurt. Doing it over and over again expecting a different outcome is retarded. Go look after your son and stop being a spoon.

No. 1764476

File: 1675964819263.jpeg (194.69 KB, 828x1225, 4311B759-DC4D-47F7-B93F-B4CFE1…)

lol @ goitre making fun of women like somehow his reality is any better? Like your 40, single, you don’t have custody of any of your kids and you’re a failed SoundCloud rapper. He wishes his only problems were a giant dilldoe and student debt.

No. 1764480

KEK I'd take a giant dildo and a college debt any day over a balding scrote and four butt ugly kids.

No. 1764512

File: 1675968529283.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3060x3183, F6D71097-792E-41C5-8A4F-1387F3…)

No. 1764533

Hahaha I love you nonnie

No. 1764535

KEK the fact that he lives almost exactly like, if not worse, than the woman on the right. >>1764476

Self awareness is so important.

No. 1764536

This is too good. Next thread pic.

No. 1764544

Should’ve been number of women raped instead

No. 1764561

This is pretty fucking shitty, even for this retarded junkie. You know he didn't care she cammed when they were together and for sure jerked off to it himself, but she breaks up with him and suddenly he's so insecure he's got to trash her in public. Surprise Surprise. Also if you think the one on the left is better, you fat fuck, then get back together with Skidmark and be a real father to your child.

No. 1764564

Lmao thank you nonnie, what a masterpiece

No. 1764566

Get em, nona!

I like how the man in the meme is a redhead like Goiter. He wishes he could be that dude. It'll never happen kek

No. 1764574

Lmfao the cat pissing is gold

No. 1764580

Funny because if you look at any of the ladies he follows and chases after on Instagram they’re much more like the woman on the right than the woman on the left. Scrotes are clinically retarded.

No. 1764585

>Scrotes are clinically retarded.
it’s ironic because his type is the girl on the right, like he’s making fun of himself. none of his exs have been trad wifey. syd was probably the closest thing and all she really did was make soup that one time and popped out a baby that they ultimately lost custody of.

No. 1764591

I refuse to believe he’s this un-selfaware…. He has to be making fun of the meme itself right kek. He chases strippers, follows an unholy amount of porn stars/“entertainers” ect on instagram, loves face tattoos on women. Or has pushing 40 suddenly changed his taste.

No. 1764723

nope, taken straight from his insta

No. 1764726

That was definitely intentional and retarded kek

No. 1764810

Layna is lurking hard, after this was posted she changed her bio from that "I stream but most of the time I'm stupid" to "normal woman". I just want to know if she's stalking the thread or his stories.

No. 1764827

I don't get how any of that is related kek.

No. 1764854

File: 1676002708085.jpeg (146.45 KB, 828x1166, C763741F-F515-4BF9-9C9F-75058A…)

Yeah goitre, dressing in small clothes while working out definitely means women deserve to be stared at/ harassed. It’s not like working out can be hot so wearing less is more comfortable or anything.

No. 1764855

He constantly outs himself as creep of the century.

No. 1764857

hes really doing the whole she was asking for it bs in 2023. fucking disgusting. thank god for all female gyms.

No. 1764996

File: 1676026942335.jpeg (855.88 KB, 4095x2730, C6B2D590-73E2-4B27-8A5F-01AB18…)

The red sheets and the skinwalk of JC favourite type “Black hair short bangs”. TND+JC reunion?

No. 1765008


Jonny becoming hard right arc when?

No. 1765042

holy shit you knocked it out of the park.

i wonder if he can gather enough brain cells to see the irony?

No. 1765052

It looks like she has a pillowcase so unfortunately, no.

No. 1765158

taylor needs help

No. 1765348

File: 1676072021473.jpeg (595 KB, 828x1182, 9C08B2D1-3532-4318-A24C-8BC0A0…)

Well look AT THAT. Isnt skinwalker T in texas?

No. 1765375

Nona you could at least post the San Antonio date where she actually lives kek.

No. 1765380

I didnt see it, my bad my bad

No. 1765408

Yes, it's been posted like 3 times now that she will probably go to his show.

No. 1765460

File: 1676084723643.jpeg (60.84 KB, 475x250, AEDE8B87-45BD-4ADD-934A-6B2437…)

Reading through the threads again and found this gem, a message from Sydney to Taylor. I guess Skid learned from this mistake to make her shit anonymous.

No. 1765760

File: 1676131394240.jpeg (762.8 KB, 1170x1746, 9C745A2E-86EB-4071-9A00-C48BAD…)

Who would bet she’d leave this man in a heartbeat if her baby daddy wanted her back.

No. 1765786

Im sure she would. He seems pretty normal and not cow like. She probably craves the dysfunction

No. 1765977

anyone who dates syd has some psychological issues

No. 1765999

File: 1676152132697.png (534.76 KB, 1284x2778, BC0526B9-C728-48ED-9115-B0621A…)

Says the manlet who uses a filter 100% of the time and looks like a wrinkly old hag in candids kek

No. 1766026

No. 1766029

So he’s on an openly misogynist kick lately. Can’t wait for the alt right angle to concretize, they’re basically the last demographic that will tolerate his BS.

No. 1766079

He’s always been like this for the past 15 years lol.

No. 1766094

You can really tell he’s no longer able to get ANY pussy. Topkek keep hating women you ugly busted gremlin
Whoa 36 likes. Lmao delete that shit

No. 1766122

it’s like he turned into a bitter old incel overnight, I wonder what happened kek

No. 1766219

File: 1676175833776.jpeg (202.09 KB, 1170x2099, CCFAA068-CE3A-48CE-8964-FA0B70…)

He literally uses a filter a couple stories later

No. 1766272

Pahaha this still has 36 likes and she posted a story begging people to check out and like her "new cool post". 36 likes and like 13k followers? Make it make sense

No. 1766273

Isn't Layna still in his discord? I don't even believe they're broken up

No. 1766286

File: 1676183557150.png (914.91 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230209-202527.png)

What happened to the eggplants

No. 1766301

File: 1676185364712.jpeg (160.55 KB, 692x1160, EF498985-2690-4C80-9740-A1973B…)

She has her own role on his discord server, under a pseudonym but the profile picture is definitely her. Wouldn’t he have removed it if they broke up?

No. 1766302

long floppy tits tend to flatten/pancake when you lay down

No. 1766334

Yeah I saw her post a story of a discord interaction and figured I'd ask someone who had access to his server if she was in it. What a stupid bitch. They are most definitely dating still on the low.
Never in my life have a seen a couple still in a discord server together with "my one and only twitch bitch". She really thinks she's so special. She could easily leave his server if she wanted.

So fuck all the nonnies in here saying not to post her or that she's not a cow. Layna you've been caught. My respect level for her has completely diminished

No. 1766336

File: 1676192602314.png (Spoiler Image, 753.5 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20230212-030053~2.p…)

Lol she was just on cam two nights ago. If you Google myfreecams cuteholly in images you can watch every stream she's every done. Leleyna Caldwell is so fucking awkward to watch, or is it Anya? How many fucking names does this bitch go by

No. 1766337

File: 1676192651133.png (Spoiler Image, 762.29 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20230212-030113~2.p…)

This degenerate fucking whore is still fucking with JC in secret, they are perfect for each other

No. 1766341

File: 1676193035536.png (Spoiler Image, 396.33 KB, 1075x559, Screenshot_20230212-030900~2.p…)

Disgusting that she is doing this at home while her parents and little sisters sleep in the room over. I don't believe for a second that her parents know.

Tfw u walk into ur sister's room and see her doing this

No. 1766349

File: 1676193349887.png (Spoiler Image, 360.1 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20230212-031512~2.p…)

Hahahahaha fucking gross

No. 1766353

I doubt her family sleeps in the room next door, her door to her room is literally open in these screenshots >>1766337

No. 1766355

I'm so mad and I don't know why. I feel bamboozled by this stupid ho once again

No. 1766358

File: 1676194141916.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1280x576, 7E7E5C83-F051-40BF-BDF4-3389D8…)

Stupid whore.

No. 1766359

She was home alone it looks like that time. But she lives with her family and cams there? Like that's not a secret. That's your only takeaway? Shouldn't have even said anything, stupid

No. 1766361

Fucking spoiler this dumbass

No. 1766362

Regardless if people do complain that she's being posted, fuck them? Like I always laugh when I see people trying to be the lolcow police. How dare you mess with their precious JC thread. Sometimes I feel like just trolling and shitting up the thread so it's unusable because of how insufferable some anons are. Take away their thread so they have to get back to normal life. It's just a thought… I was never onboard with protecting leleyna cuteholly Anya butthole hemrhoids wiggles She's still jcs "only twitch bitch" and she has always been a cow, especially with how much she lies and tries to seeem uwu innocent. Fuck her

No. 1766363

File: 1676194720691.png (Spoiler Image, 391.26 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20230212-025753~2.p…)

Love the new streams leleyna caldwell aka cuteholly on mfc, thanks for the laugh

No. 1766365

File: 1676194867075.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1280x576, 7A59AA17-8F76-4198-A9D7-2E1AC3…)

Fugly degenerate whore.

No. 1766366

File: 1676194902254.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1280x576, D4821BCB-0A8C-42ED-BDBE-722BA9…)

Boring bitch

No. 1766367

File: 1676194911245.png (513.68 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20230212-025547~2.p…)

Looking like Lord farquad

No. 1766368

Kek I just lost the tiny ounce of respect I had left for her. WELL WELL WELL

No. 1766380

Holy shit who cares about this bitch. I seriously doubt they’re together. So irrelevant. And who cares if she cams. We are aware she’s a camgirl no need to spam her naked body.

No. 1766385

Looks fat here and like she has 2 black eyes and weird looking vagina. She needs labiaplasty if she’s going to be a camwhore.

No. 1766398

Why is she still in his server then as "my only twitch bitch"? They are dating in secret get over it. Probably an open relationship, she has no respect for herself. She's a cow. If you don't want to see her posted don't come back to this thread

No. 1766400

Looks like Arby's roast beef

No. 1766402

Is he active on discord? Maybe he forgot? I seriously doubt they are dating in secret.

No. 1766404

> How dare you mess with their precious JC thread. Sometimes I feel like just trolling and shitting up the thread so it's unusable because of how insufferable some anons are.

Skid makes it so obvious she posts here with stuff like this. Who comes to the jc thread to shit on it and call it anons “precious jc thread”. You only feel that way because of the way anons posted about you. Sorry some of us want the thread usable in case actual interesting things happen.

No. 1766407

Even if he forgot, she’s clearly active on discord and could easily leave it herself at the click of a button. It’s honestly weird she’s still there.

No. 1766452

It’s still hilarious to me that anons believed this bitch stopped being a cam hoe just because the cow said so replying to an anonymous ask on tumblr that the cow absolutely sent herself kek. I called that shit out as her lying to cover her tracks and was right. It was so obvious, but for some reason this JC handmaiden was given the benefit of the doubt unlike every other cow on this site

No. 1766460

Where did she say she stopped camming?

No. 1766479

Nonnies make it difficult for me not to feel for Layna. I'm sorry but I don't think she deserves this.

No. 1766485

Well I see skids off her meds again. One or two cam pics woulda made your point lol didn’t need to see every angle possible of her naked body. Unhinged is an understatement.

No. 1766491

Did she see that Layna and JC could be secretly dating and flip her lid and watch through Layna's adult content? Kek she is unhinged and a creep.

No. 1766502

She's really benign, anyone who cares enough to post her nudes and call her "Arby's roast beef" is probably personally involved. Her treatment is not typical of any other thread here.

No. 1766504

Arby's is such a moid/pickme insult.

No. 1766512

>Her treatment is not typical of any other thread here.
Camgirls posted on the camwhore thread are there for specific reasons which relate to their insane behaviors and generally horrible actions. Usually related to spazzing out online and acting egregiously.
Layna's dated JC and is kind of a degenerate for camming. and she's a got a cringy sense of humour but that's not exactly unique or interesting behavior. She's otherwise normal and even likeable sometimes. I also feel that the state of this thread towards her is the result of multiple anons, not just Skid. I'm honestly confused about the reaction towards her. Are there really multiple JC dickriders wanting to tear her down? If the vendetta ex poster wasn't a self-post, I wonder if he's still here shitting up the thread? I feel like this thread needs better moderation but maybe farmhands have given up on it.

No. 1766559

megakek I knew the obsessed faggot wouldn’t last a week without sperging about layna because that’s what happens when you’re mentally ill and have no self control. They’ve probably been watching Jonny’s shit like a hawk looking for any tiny sign of her so they could run here and attempt to get her back in the thread. You have to be a miserable cunt with no life to be this obsessive of a stalker.

No. 1766565

You will never make me care that this woman is a camgirl keek.

No. 1766572

File: 1676222531796.jpeg (548.42 KB, 985x978, CC62E233-2097-4260-818E-17A490…)

No. 1766573

>This degenerate fucking whore is still fucking with JC in secret
Kek calm down Jesus Christ you sound so jealous it’s disgusting. You know they’re not fucking because goiter is posting misogynistic crap all day long because he was rejected and KEEPS getting rejected. I fail to see how her being naked on cam equals fucking BBP anyways. Oh she is in his twitch group. Wow. Cracked the case.

I don’t even like layna but I fail to see the point in spamming this thread with porn and your foaming-of-the-mouth commentary.

No. 1766579

Sage for semi-blog; last night I went to an event at the same place goiter will be performing and the venue is super tiny. The bartenders said they didn't expect a huge turnout for him, so I said "it's what he deserves" and neither of them even knew who he was kek

No. 1766580

She looks SO much better without the hideous bangs wow, and fixed her weird brows. Bravo Layna keep making the schizo-freak seethe. This girl must have record low levels of self esteem to settle for being the girlfriend of that piece of shit.

No. 1766584


No. 1766586

lol are you a lil triggered sy- I mean nonnie? It’s ok, they’re just words on a screen, they can’t hurt you.

No. 1766587

No one gives a FUCK about this nobody bitch but you retards stans. Her own parents probably hate her for riding her huge dildo too loudly beside their fucking bedroom you weirdos.

No. 1766593

>all caps
>n-no one is jealous !!!
Chill and stop being a faggot

No. 1766595

Careful nonny any complaints about Layna automatically make you a Stan for her and not a normal person who doesn’t want to see the same five pics of Layna spammed over and over, including
like post actual milk jfc not that hard. Somebody is obsessed with a retarded cam girl and trying to act like they hate her.

No. 1766596

literal skizo behavior. go take your meds.
there’s no actual proof that layna is still fucking around with jc. she’s in his dead server? wow. riveting information. has she interacted with it at all recently?
no one cares about her camming either. nothing is milky about layna right now.

No. 1766633

Hahahahaha this is so embarrassing. I'd roll up and die before i let anyone know i was THIS obsessed. Nobody cares that Layna's a camgirl… except failed camgirl Syd the Psycho Kid

No. 1766640

File: 1676229606384.jpeg (131.93 KB, 1170x2080, 10A1E398-0390-44C9-BCA9-B8C646…)

Kek he’s so butthurt he replied 4 times and posted on his story.

No. 1766642

if people accusing you of being jealous makes you this upset maybe just stop acting like a jealous bitch or something??? you keep bringing layna up and then you majorly upset yourself when people don’t obsessively hate on her with you, like you’re seriously only hurting yourself at this point.

No. 1766643

okay so Layna is terminally online like people who think that “sex work is real work” that are clearly brainwashed by the moid pleaser world that we live in. i’m sure she’s the one wking herelf and it’s still with Jonny. she messaged me on my troll account all cool and thug but when i asked her about being with a man that let her kid got intoxicated with fentanyl, she couldn’t stand it.
Don’t worry about Layna’s nudes being posted here, she doesn’t care, in fact, she’s glad she got some attention. free advertising they say.

No. 1766646

what a fucking loser. don’t do fentanyl kids.

No. 1766647

not even reading you dumb opinions anymore. command+w the thread and go take care of your son mrs Eliza pancakes.

No. 1766648

Only z-list insecure nobody picks fights with randoms on social media. Keep telling on yourself goiter

No. 1766649

> she messaged me on my troll account all cool and thug

No. 1766662

File: 1676231552533.png (14.91 KB, 375x412, hinonnies.png)

i wont post more but she probably will lmaoo(cowtipping)

No. 1766678

oh so you harassed her on your troll acct until she messaged you? nioce what a massive win 4 you to finally get your queens attention!!! I’m sure you’re not posting the whole interaction because it’s private, not because you acted like weird stalker or anything…

No. 1766684

Syd forgot to take her meds and is spinning out kek!

No. 1766688

Go be a parent to your cHiOlD, freak. No one cares about layna. She’s boring and trying to REEEEE about your precious cow isn’t going to put her into first place.

No. 1766697

Kek post the rest, unless you’re embarrassed you acted like a total freak.

No. 1766700

nah i will do it when i feel like it kek plus i told her i wouldn’t post it, it wasn’t milky either she’s a retard but i feel like she’s just looking for a friend but we can’t be friends Lelayna, i’m sorry i thought you had emarosa4l or wtvr

No. 1766715

If you look at the first post about the discord >>1766301
until now anon has been consistently posting about layna for over 12 straight hours. whoever it is is probably sitting on their computer exhausted and sobbing and has been for over half a day. it’s kinda funny but this person is clearly proper psyche ward, 72 hour hold, anti psychotic, padded room levels of unwell.

No. 1766721

Always so pressed about the haturz lol he’s such an insecure little shit.
The irony in the fact that you are the jealous and insufferable one kek.

No. 1766722

Your touching poop and should be extremely embarrassed

No. 1766729

Between raging out itt, making fake accounts, messaging her on social media, making edits of her nudes and constantly checking her twitter, Instagram and mfc do you have any time in your life to do like actual normal people things? Like damn girl you could have just said
>I have no friends, social life or reason for waking up in the morning
and it would’ve got the exact same point across.

No. 1766732

I’m interested to see the rest of their messages.

No. 1766746

Remember when Syd would attack some girl goiter was following and send multiple threatening messages throughout the day and even through the middle of the night? Like 12 hours of just pure seethe. Syd has all the time in the world now that her current captive is back home and not preoccupying her.

No. 1766761

Sounds like syd is spiralling after she only got 39 likes on her recent posts of her new boyfriend lmao even Ian didn’t bother to respond to that post, probably too embarrassed of her BPD ass

No. 1766766

Keeek does anyone follow him? Does he even post about her?

No. 1766818

File: 1676247719838.jpeg (321.46 KB, 754x1413, AB9182EC-9C20-46DB-A1CD-9A5B8C…)

Im not even gunna touch this one… jk, he got his sons name tattooed on his face so he can honestly say “I see storm everyday” and technically be telling the truth kek

No. 1766836


No. 1766840

Sydney vibes. So strange. Ban accepted, had to say what we all were thinking regardless. Insecurities while being psychotic must really suck

No. 1766855

I love Sydney’s vibrant personality.

No. 1766857

I think Sydney is very sane and her eyebrows are very well done!

No. 1766881

Don’t forget that her son loves her !

No. 1766884

And her picture of Ian was photographically genius and totally deserved way more than 36 likes!

No. 1766894

She’s actually attractive with a beautiful body. Keep seething. And the tinfoil that they’re together is far fetched and just being used as an excuse to bring up someone that’s completely irrelevant
It’s very obvious why skid hates her and is super obsessed. Layna seems like a chill person, unbothered, pretty. Skid is bottom of the barrel-so gd ugly. It literally radiates from the inside out. Looking like a Disney villain.

No. 1766900

File: 1676257683720.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2208, C603888F-4772-4408-9148-AF6F2F…)


No. 1766926

I stan a sane & intellectual Queen

No. 1766928

Entertainment provider! She’s a queen.

No. 1766934

Okay and…?

No. 1766939

Random tattoo shop employee is his new girlfriend don’t you see nonnie?

No. 1766955

The more anons complain about Layna being posted the more skitzo is gonna post, don't know how you haven't figured that out yet. In the meantime you're just screeching into the void but hey do you

No. 1766956

Layna was hardly talked about for the last 3 days and then we were blasted with her cam porn. Schizochan is gonna do whatever she wants regardless of what we say or do.

No. 1766957

i think mods finally banned them
the last posts about her were redtexted. maybe the ban was finally over?

No. 1766959

The only ones screeching into the void are the Layna hateboners (I refuse to believe Skid is the only one but probably the ring leader).

No. 1766962

There's been a few infights over it in the last two threads, lurk moar.

No. 1766963

Nona the reason I asked is because there hasn't been a single instance of her claiming she ever stopped camming.

No. 1766971

Her having a personal role in his discord says a lot. A lot of you sound like you've never been on discord. JC is online all the time (I'm his friend on there) and so is Layna. If they were really broken up he would have gotten rid of her role or kicked her from the server or she would have left, she has her entirely own server but she wants a special role in his why? Put two and two together. He obviously doesn't want to fully let go of her yet and vice versa. There's no "oh he forgot she's in there", mans is online all the time. Im not saying this means she deserves to get her porn spammed, because it doesn't. I just thought some of you had gained respect for her after she fooled us into thinking she was done with him. They are definitely not done. Maybe not exclusive if he's about to tour, but she is trash for putting up with him and letting him call her is only twitch bitch like she's proud of it and wants eve