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File: 1665963334537.jpg (Spoiler Image,583.21 KB, 3464x2444, Camwhoregf.jpg)

No. 1677115

If you’re new, please make sure you read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting!

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1648936

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
>Cowtipper confirms that Jonny is indeed living the single life because Syd cheated on him >>1430884
>Taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>Syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for >>>/snow/1490473
>Syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>Syd makes an OF >>>/snow/1500737
>Taylor is following Jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>Another court date, anons listen in and reveal that the DA wants to press felony charges for child endangerment (fentanyl was found in his baby’s blood) >>>/snow/1517793
>Bitch bf anon reveals his ex is dating Jonny >>1518419
>In comes Lanya (wigglewip/laynabrat/lazybani) a 25 year old “twitch streamer” from Canada
>Jonny buys a kitten >>1518923
>Syd finally makes onlyfans content. Some cheeky nudes revealing her pancake nips >>1595638 >>1595646 and a crusty video of her rubbing her snatch >>1595640

New Milk:
>Syd has a new boyfriend >>1648993 Ian Cooperstein, a musician/producer >>1652791
>Layna stays back while Jonny goes on tour, but after his Instagram meltdown >>1648507 >>1648517 it’s clear she made her way out there to be with him >>1649552 >>1649866
>Syd posts an illegally cringe cemetery picture >>1655210 #ilovecemetaries
>Layna continuing to show off her “famous” boyfriend like he's some kind of prize >>1660396 >>1661497
>Jonny gets his sobriety date tattooed on him in two places, one being a tramp stamp >>1666145 >>1666127
>Layna gets a big word tattooed on her chest in an attempt to seem smart and deep >>1666180
>Syd does a boring arts and crafts live stream >>1667496 >>1667494
>Layna answers some NGL questions on Instagram >>1670463 >>1670452 >>1670426
>Jonny posts his NGL and people start asking about his son, it seems to hit a nerve >>1670830
>Anon stumbles on a user called ‘cuteholly’ on MyFreeCams that's clearly Jonny's girlfriend camming under a fake name >>1672903 >>1672257 >>1672492 >>1672489 >>1672488
>Pretty strong suspicions she lurks after her MFC profile goes private minutes after being posted here >>1672356
>Layna tweets about getting “fired” >>1674735 one can only assume she means she has to stop camming because she's been exposed.
>Layna posts a rant trying to justify and explain her impulsive chest tattoo >>1675362
>Flirty comments on each others posts make anons suspect Jonny knew about her camming/is okay with it >>1674904
>His lil pose >>1675460
>Jonny’s girlfriend is legit his sugarbaby >>1676188
>Layna MFC clip, totally sexy and not uncomfortable/awkward at all >>1676249

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“15”: >>>/snow/1570542
“16”: >>>/snow/1602730
17: >>>/snow/1648936

No. 1677124

Why would you pick an image that borderline needs a spoiler?

No. 1677129

some vendetta anon clearly made this thread, it's a pity

No. 1677130

There were plenty of camming Layna stills that weren’t as graphic if you wanted to showcase the milk.

No. 1677141

File: 1665965282982.jpeg (44.18 KB, 750x312, 0E046EC5-353B-429F-BF5C-3D3733…)

thank u nonita for a new thread and i think you choose the less graphic pic kek
so this comment is in one of the recently laynas pic and it is about she getting fired? or prob broke up with goiter boy for 2 secs? this guys is following both of them, i didn’t bother to check if they were following him back, my bad

No. 1677144

ANYART I don't know where you WK fag(s) came from but if you're this pressed about anons making jabs at a girl who's bragging about dating an alleged abuser who almost killed his child out of pure selfish negligence, you're in the wrong place. She's cute, she's funny on her twitter timeline, she's got a great body - but she's still choosing to associate and date this asshole. Get over yourselves.

Exactly. Unless you're zoomed in all the way to see the poor censorship, it's just a topless girl tonguing a dildo.

No. 1677153

"Brags?" Aside from the occasional story post and unless you're in the comments of their photos, you wouldn't even know they were dating.

No. 1677249

Idk a somewhat likeable non-milky character is going to attract more white knights than usual.
Yeah it seems like his friends are more into bragging and milking him for clout than Wiggle.

No. 1677277

File: 1665977325896.gif (3.74 MB, 498x480, 11EF421B-A94C-415E-9BE6-4142EC…)

>Thread- Jonny Craig
>new milk:

No. 1677339

Thanks for making this thread impossible to find since it has no photo on the catalog page.

No. 1677349

Just bookmark it(just sage)

No. 1677460

Lol try making a milk recap when anons never talk about actual milk. The majority of last thread was arguing about a certain ethnicity of mom, jonnys past allegations, comparing all his exs for the 50th time and infighting over layna. Unfortunately anons have started talking about the thread subjects gf more than the thread subject himself.

No. 1677468


No. 1677477

Okay you do a better recap, just post it itt.
put > before ever line of text and use the old thread to grab links (remember to put >>/snow/ In front of them)…. Go on then.

No. 1677486

sorry nonnie i didn’t read your comment right, you’re doing your best and thanks again!

No. 1677520

Do I have permission to remake this thread? I was the one who made the first few Jonny/Syd threads before the retards took over. though honestly with all the Layna spergs I kind of want to let the thread die, you all are insufferable

No. 1677578

You can if you like. this one seems to be exactly the same as the last in terms of infighting and hiatus of milk

No. 1677591

Thanks, but what I really want to know is, how pretty do you think Layna is?

No. 1677639

AYRT and I’m not criticizing anything. Obviously Jonny hasn’t been very milky; I was just having a laugh. No need for a monologue.

No. 1677669

if u do post a link, i got some layna videos to drop for the archive

No. 1677801

File: 1666036513873.jpeg (410.13 KB, 1170x1987, D5E1D2EC-267A-4F5E-9B0D-BAAC90…)

interesting story for JC to post considering his history of being a total grimey hoebag

No. 1677852

Also interesting to post considering his girlfriend peddles her body on the internet for mere cents.

No. 1677902

as if we didn’t know that lol we know u dumped syd because u got cheated on and got oh so heartbroken but he was cheating too lmaooo

No. 1677958

I’m sorry Idk how to post videos but on his latest Insta story he’s with his friends in his pedo van saying “yo the goitre gang is up”. We really do live rent free in his head keeek.

No. 1677987

File: 1666048919963.webm (1.9 MB, 750x1182, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

kek of course they be lurking all the time, where do u think the Laynas WK came from. this is totally the behavior of a successful 36 years old famous “musician” kek


No. 1677989

Diversity Dave kinda fine

No. 1677994

I hope you and your buddies enjoyed looking at your girlfriends hot pocket together, cuckboi Craig.

No. 1677995

at least she didn’t advertise it to them like Skidney on her Instagram.

No. 1678012

so embarrassing lol they have no shame

better yet they’re seeing her asshole for free

No. 1678038

y would they prove they lurk right after his gfs nudes are posted? shits gunna be super uncomfortable next time she visits and realizes most of his friends have seen her naked.

No. 1678060

File: 1666055946412.jpeg (468.32 KB, 1170x773, C0BB93B0-811E-4AC8-A2D5-DABED8…)

Looks like she’s already back and you can see what looks to be her legs (could be some other girls legs) in the video. Maybe why they were talking about it.

No. 1678061

I wonder if she was stressing about it and this was their weird way of trying to make her feel better.

No. 1678064

it’s so obvious that what’s said here really affects them and their relationship like their mind is so weak.

No. 1678077

Nonnie their minds ARE weak but if strangers were scrutinizing your butthole the nice thing to do would be garner some moral support.

No. 1678091

but this is an anonymous imageboard that i think a lot of normies don’t know and we are a bunch of strangers, you know? like they’re so narcissist that they rather give attention to the “nobodies haters” than let it go. and i don’t think spreading his thread to his friends is a good idea like this is the place where they gonna end when jonny and them got beef lol

No. 1678098

I think, as many people suspect, a lot of this thread is people with personal ties to the cows. I mean the FIRST Layna poster was her ex having a meltdown. Venting to your friends about you being posted here is expected. Any people who JC burned bridges with are expected to find their way here as well or many hear about this place in passing. Obviously many posters are complete strangers but it’s expected connected people will at the very least lurk. Why do you think some nonnies are so scathing? In hopes goiter and/or his friends are watching so it embarrasses Wiggle further.

No. 1678134

File: 1666060005898.jpeg (341.5 KB, 1284x2135, 7864FC66-ED1D-4356-A1C2-AEDC45…)

drinking a white claw next to her sober bf in the car

No. 1678160

I didn't know $200/hr was "mere cents"
Sounds like somebody was jealous and ranting so much in the last thread that they missed the part about Wiggles actually doing well financially.
If you didn't like lil Jon, maybe you would see the irony and comedy in the whorephobic man dating a cam girl (obviously not a whore by definition since she's literally just fucking herself alone, but some wholesome anons think camming is prostitution)

No. 1678171

Wow isn’t it his one year tomorrow? What a good girlfriend.

No. 1678192

Yeah nonnie she looked pretty successful.

No. 1678195

You are so obsessed kek chill bitch. Love to see a Layna stan as an actual IP-stalking mod you’re hilarious

No. 1678211

There’s no “Layna stans” kek. Some of us aren’t clouded with bias against this girl.

No. 1678213

That anon guessed 200$ assuming she was a private streamer (you get paid just for streaming when you do private shows) because her profile was private not realizing she did that AFTER it was posted here. According to the anon who actually found her profile they found her while browsing the site >>1672903 It was a public stream, so we can throw that 200$ number out the window.

No. 1678215

No, it was based on her camscore. Your camscore is essentially how many tokens you get paid per minute and hers was decently high, (but not high enough to be one of those $10k per month streamers).

No. 1678220

After some calculations, I’ve come back to admit you’re absolutely right. She’s making at least 200$ a stream. Sorry, I’m retarded.

No. 1678252

File: 1666068725148.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1084x2212, 1364433E-AC2D-43C4-AF2C-FC5307…)

I just realized Syd knew her current boyfriend way back while she was still with Goiter. She even posted this while they were together last year. I thought he looked familiar. I wonder if she cheated him with as well, or maybe emotionally cheated?

No. 1678254

He even went to JC’s show to see her kek.

No. 1678301

Mayor of spooky town ridin hard goiter cuck for clout right behind goiters fav clout fool dillon. Hahaha

No. 1678310


Hey if you’re gonna samefag repeatedly, can you at least try to hide it? Idk why you’re so autistically obsessed with defending Layna but I honestly don’t even think she cares about this shit as much as you do. I actually think she likes it because of the attention she’s getting, kek

I also saw your dumbass sperging in the camgirl thread about “vendettas” and “vitriolic comments” here’s a tip, stop using the exact same phrases (especially when using them incorrectly the same ways every time) you might as well namefag yourself SaltyCamgirlWK at this point

We get it, you’re a useless camgirl who feels the need to project about your insecurities about your shitty “job” all over the forum. You’re not going to change anybody’s mind here about camgirls, especially not mid-at-best ones who date abusive slobs like JC. You’re wasting your time, wouldn’t it be better spent fingering your asshole online for some tokens from disgusting scrotes? Hope you use some of them to buy a diary one day

No. 1678317

Tagged many IP’s here anon.

No. 1678372

he gives me young Lurch vibes with that big ass long head

they keep calling her Wiggles too like it isn’t noticeable lol

No. 1678377

>they keep calling her Wiggles
I noticed this too in the last thread. Makes me cringe when people use cow’s pet names instead of their actual name. They’re not your friend and if they are stop coming here.

No. 1678389

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. You wouldn’t see anyone calling her that then suddenly 4 wk posts in a row all referring to her as ‘wiggles’

No. 1678398

it’s probably that whore, athena

it’s probably that vpn using/ban-evading whore, athena

No. 1678420

Hi athena, stop inserting yourself into lolcow. Start your own thread.

No. 1678423

They're clowning on all you hoes. #goitergang4l

They live rent free in YOUR heads.(You come here every month to WK)

No. 1678430

Lmao whoever goiter WKs thats coming into lolcow, thanks, my feelings are so hurt!

No. 1678433

How is it like being a cuckhold jonny? Or the fact that your gf’s sugar daddies are paying your rent and your new tour van.

No. 1678434

>rent free
ah so right in JC's budget, good.

No. 1678439

You mean Wiggles anon? Kek. She's so defensive of her, it's embarrassing. Look at who you are defending. The best part about Lelayna Caldwell is that she is an outright liar. Fatty must have felt speshul Lelayna Caldwell aka cuteholly of myfreecams hearted one of her ig comments or some shit. Attention from a thin girl probably nearly gave Wiggleschan a heart attack.

No. 1678493

Shouldn’t you and Jonny be giving each other rim jobs while editing your photos on face app? Or getting more dumb shit tattooed on your faces?

No. 1678497

You made me laugh anon KEK

No. 1678551

File: 1666106588464.webm (7.52 MB, 1334x750, lelayna-caldwell-cuteholly.web…)

so here’s Lelayna Caldwell from Edmonton,AB,Canada taking the cat hair from her dildo like all the grimmy camwhores and also she got some crazy eyes, what the fuck is that stare at the beginning?


No. 1678561

File: 1666107868742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.03 KB, 681x684, B4DB4910-63E7-4FA1-92FF-1C8F2D…)


No. 1678602

I’m so glad ‘Wiggles’ anon has been called out. I find her and ‘do you have a learning disability?’ Anon so tiresome

No. 1678656

every time i see this retard my brain mistakes his forehead tat for micro bangs. i feel secondhand embarrassment looking at him

No. 1678666

Her Hot Topic pants lol they all look like they'd be spare changing outside of a bodega for Twisted Tea.

No. 1678667

>momentarily thinking his retarded forehead tattoo was retarded micro-bangs instead
Fucking kek I thought I was the only one

No. 1678671

I picked up “Wiggle” from this thread and started using it because of other nonnies. Is every post calling JC “Goiter” the same anon too?

No. 1678685

Is she wiggles bc she has long hanging labia kek

No. 1678693

we all call him goiter but it’s just you calling lelayna caldwell ‘wiggles’ and at this point im begging too for the mods to do a IP reveal so you can stop calling me syd just because i don’t like this autistic looking bitch that is dating a grown ass man who can’t even see his child.

No. 1678726

File: 1666121721316.jpeg (262.08 KB, 828x1448, F3E5AA3C-26A6-417D-A07B-1D8AFE…)

Rolls eyes

No. 1678736

How does Jonny find his thread so fast

No. 1678754

Camming seems like a natural progression from working at a sex shop.

No. 1678757

It’s a handful of nonnies calling her wiggle at this point. It started multiple threads ago. Maybe your schizophrenia is tricking you into thinking there are multiple anons chanting her full name and city though.

No. 1678760

Pretty shitty that you'd rather drive around with your alcoholic girlfriend talking like a fucking retard from Compton than drive to see your own son. Not surprising at all, just shitty and sad.

No. 1678780

>emotionally invested
and im going to keep spreading her name as long as it keeps bugging your ass full of hemorrhoids Lelayna Caldwell from Edmonton,AB,Canada a.k.a cuteholly myfreecams a.k.a wiggle labia

No. 1678782

Nonnies is used on the rest of the site lmao

No. 1678789

i know but they keep using these words in the same comments so catch the obvious pretty girl

No. 1678799

File: 1666128768672.png (1.7 MB, 3072x1728, goiter.png)

bruh you cant seem to be-able to resist replying to every single person who isn't offended by Layna existing. im sure you could write a good paragraph about the psychology of that.

No. 1678802

Wiggles is her screen name. How retarded are you. You think Jonny calls himself goiter? Kek

No. 1678804

i can smell your breath through 550000 miles of copper cabling

No. 1678806

File: 1666129313078.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

No. 1678810

They do it because they think it’s one person kek.

No. 1678813

kek true. im loling at all the jokes about her on here, then its ruined by another lecture on why i should actively hate layna yawn.

kek kekkington of kekksville

No. 1678819

> saw your dumbass sperging in the camgirl thread about “vendettas” and “vitriolic comments”
some of the posts tagged were me and I’ve used those words sometimes and have never stepped foot in the camgirl thread so try again with your tinfoil… why you are this upset we will never know.

No. 1678821

File: 1666130620601.jpeg (275.71 KB, 750x712, F8975B5D-9B60-4FE4-822B-4CD846…)

What does foff mean

No. 1678825

"fuck off" probably

No. 1678827

nayrt but there is definitely a schizo anon itt with a deep hatred for Layna or whatever. Not realizing nonnies, vendetta, schizo etc are used all the time, and have been used on lc before lol. weird

No. 1678828

File: 1666130788345.jpeg (175.51 KB, 1170x1831, 77C39237-E490-4003-9DC0-15BE35…)

She must be thinking about JC.

No. 1678830

File: 1666130892596.png (149.83 KB, 750x1334, D4A5C876-5B16-4C79-B43A-964441…)

No. 1678834

nobody here is upset but yall that keep WKing Lelayna Caldwell, we came here to laugh at all of them and talk shit on our free time or taking a dump at work but i don’t get the point in ‘all these nonnies’ having mental breakdowns and manic episodes because we found out she got a fissure on her butthole kek

No. 1678838

kek when I was scrolling by I didn't notice they WEREN'T bangs! I didn't click the thumbnail and I thought they were shitty short bangs that were dyed green or badly bleached or something hahahaha

No. 1678839

influx of newfags to the site in general. i think because kiwifarms is down.

No. 1678857

It’s hilarious. They’re saying other people are upset while constantly throwing hissy fits over their precious layna being talked about. We’re laughing at the milk while they’re genuinely out of sorts over the whole thread kek.

No. 1678888

i think nonnie >>1678799 makes a point. you guys are white knighting the hatred of relatively normie sub-cow. strange hill to die on. its actually making it harder to laugh at layna with all this more serious/anger based stuff. so much space on these threads is wasted on your back and forth.

why does layner, syd, goiter etc talk like stunted trailer trash online? its like an AI bot is writing these posts trying to act human

No. 1678902

Anger? why? ok someone came here dropping actual evidence of Layna being a camgirl, it is milky, people start making fun of it and shit that happens on lolcow, then WKs keep trying to make everything about Layna disappear and start to infight. Nobody is upset or angry lmao Layna wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Goiter Daddy so you all must thank him, because she doesn’t even care.

No. 1678939

File: 1666140288072.jpeg (335.38 KB, 828x1493, 80E7FE87-AE0B-4FDD-A6EA-FE8D27…)

Goitre’s been posting all day bc he’s officially one year sober. For the sake of his son hopefully it sticks this time. Does anyone know if this is the longest he’s been sober, I’ve only been following him since Taylor.

No. 1678950

Longest he’s ever been sober by a long shot

No. 1678971

Yea since he no longer has the responsibilities as a parent, and his last relapse was because muh stress about my son, and he only got sober because the courts made him, I’m sure he will totally stay sober this time.

No. 1678989

No one’s trying to make anything disappear from my point of view people are just giving their opinions dawg.

No. 1678991

still a failure tho

No. 1678994

File: 1666146709896.jpeg (297.21 KB, 754x585, DCBFEA31-EA47-4FC9-AAE9-A8208F…)

I went over the rules and Layna does not fall under cow status as of yet. Hasn’t shown any of these symptoms, except in tinfoils that anons made up about her in their heads. You could argue the first one considering she must be dating goiter for attention/clout but even that is shakey. Maybe one day (hopefully soon) she starts leaking milk and acting up but so far she’s just dating a cow. (Should still be discussed considering she is directly related to the cow/cows but I just wanted to throw this out there). Saged for obvious reasons.

No. 1679002

god this is the gayest most boring thread

No. 1679019

nobody is doing a thread for her so what do you mean? she’s being discussed here because she’s the girlfriend of the cow, that’s all nona.

No. 1679048

NTA but are you okay? She's been called a cow by other anons countless times in these past few threads.

No. 1679052

New fags don’t know how to integrate.

She’s considered a calf. You’re welcome, fags.

No. 1679060

Thank you.

No. 1679065

So lil Jon’s one year anniversary of being sober is the reason she’s over there right now, meanwhile I thought she flew down there so they could prove a point about their relationship in lieu of the camming information. Would have explained the random day day drinking, maybe she was stressed. Day drinking isn’t it the worst thing but it’s definitely not very smart, her special tattoo makes so much sense about how “chaotic” her life is.

But no it just happened at around the same time, which is funnier kek. So what happens now? How much longer does he have to keep staying sober for the court? Idk how long this ordered sobriety or probation is, or if there’s a a next court date.

No. 1679080

File: 1666155271040.jpeg (227.02 KB, 1170x2136, 139089D7-5EEF-4276-992B-638093…)

Guys I just found something strange. It’s not exactly milky or super relevant but wanted to share.
Do y’all remember right after JC and Syd split, he was talking to that Islamic girl named Ava Rahman? She did that weird mini interview with a farmer when they stopped talking?
I have reason to believe she is still posting here, and may have been a farmer all along, who got bored and began talking to him. Perhaps one of the Layna hate boners, but I don’t want to assume that, could just be a normal poster.

I noticed there was a nonnie last thread that kept bringing up pro-ana things, or relating stuff back to the pro-ana community. I don’t feel like searching through the thread but just calling Layna anorexic, or when one of the anons said she was built like a lollipop, anon said this is a positive thing in the pro-ana community (which was really out of context and odd).

Anyways I found this pro-ana twitter account, with Ava’s name, using an ana version of her alias (scxmbxnny), and the weirdest part is she’s using a profile photo of Sydney?? Im assuming this Ava person is a super fan, obsessed with JC and his multiverse who posted in the threads in third person way back when they spoke because who the hell would even notice he’s talking to this random lady and who would care enough to interview her and post it here. I know that was way back in spring and pretty irrelevant now but thought I’d share because I found that twitter account very weird, and it reminded me of those posts last thread relating to pro-ana. I’m assuming she still posts here. (Saging because it’s not super relevant, but wanted to share what I saw for anyone interested)

No. 1679081

File: 1666155338175.png (2.27 MB, 1170x2532, 27B04D04-96E6-454B-92EB-27A594…)

The Sydney profile photo.

No. 1679084

Honestly I wouldn’t have even bothered to post this but the Sydney profile photo weirded me out.

No. 1679092

What if it was Syd cat fishing JC the whole time lol

No. 1679094

That was also a thought I had, but I think she wouldn’t be so obvious as to make a Twitter account like this? I still think Ava was a farmer cat-fishing him but to me this confirms it kek. What he deserves for sure.

No. 1679098

He likely still needs to stay sober while he has a case against him. Relapsing won’t send him to jail but it doesn’t look good to a judge and jury when drugs is the reason your infant went to the hospital.
He needs to prove he can stay sober and be a competent father. He’s hoping the charges will be dropped entirely.

I think their next date is in December but too lazy to check.

I can see this totally being Syd. She had a weird obsession with being so smol and so tiny uwu. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of Ana larp she is doing. The Ava thing is long gone and no one has mentioned it, so it makes sense Syd would change the photo to her own body.

No. 1679119

I honestly can’t see it being Syd. I think the Ava character was just a bored farmer stringing Goiter boy along.

No. 1679127

No shit that’s why she doesn’t have her own thread.

No. 1679131

I remember this and it wasn’t syd. That fake twitter changed their profile pic to syd when that ava girl was found catch fishing goiter. >>1679119 as this anon said. Also I spotted that profile pic changed when it happened

No. 1679189

At least the longest time he faked sobriety. He performed that whole routine so many times prior, who would trust anything he says at this point.

But maybe he is, who knows.

No. 1679208

you clearly are existing in a different reality. i don't see anyone trying to make stuff disappear except latino mom jokes kek. the infighting is you trying to convince others to match your levels of vitriol towards a fairly normie sub-cow. just give up and let us laugh at Goiter and co with out the deep serious freudian stuff. you wont beable to make me hate this random chick as much as you.

No. 1679221

I believe he’s sober from heroin currently but I don’t believe he’s sober from everything. He’s gotta be using something considering his friends are constantly drinking/smoking weed and what not and we’ve seen a slew of rx meds in every desk picture he’s posted. Truly cannot see him sitting there stone cold sober while even his gf gets drunk in his presence. I think now that he finished drug court, hit a year heroin free and got all his ass pats for it, he’ll slip up. It’s just a matter of time.

No. 1679236

Came to catch up and not surprised psycho anon is in here tagging multiple ips thinking it's one person.
Anon, of course multiple anons use Wiggles or Wiggle. We are meant to blend in. Just because you stick out like an obsessed sped doesn't mean we all do. But sure, anyone that isn't hating Wiggles is one anon like some typical cow logic

No. 1679237

wonder if storm got a cake for his birthday. also i wonder if hes on a methadone program or anything, cus then you're still basically a junkie to a state approved heroin.

dont bother try rationalize anon. anyone that upset about others not hating layna as much as they do, is a lost cause.

No. 1679242

Methadone is a prescribed medicine, but lil Jon clearly isn't on it. You don't get take homes to go on tour, especially in the first year

No. 1679252

Ohhh that's funny, i remember this post from a few threads back. Anons noticed he wasn't following her on instagram even while she was gushing about her "friend for life". I wonder if she was cheating on jonny at the time or if he was a mere acquaintance that she forced a connection with.

No. 1679265

He said he’s taking an injection in those texts with Taylor (I think he’s talking about Vivitrol).

No. 1679266

storm got a cake for his birthday but not because of goiter clearly.

of course she did lmao and good thing she did because she would be in the same shit and having milky breakdowns and having her kid poisoned multiple times but fucking nooo, she’s happy with that other ugly man i guess.

No. 1679274

File: 1666189321747.webm (2.34 MB, 750x482, lelayna-caldwell-wigglewhip-cu…)

now I feel bad for her, she’s looking really uncomfortable when she had to show her tits with those sad dead eyes and her face of disappointment i wonder if she’s doing all of this because goiter told her so she can have money to fly and buy him shit because we know he’s broke af.
poor lelayna caldwell taking poor life choices because of someone else. tragic.


No. 1679280


No. 1679310

She really looked "empowered" here kek

No. 1679371

File: 1666200034779.png (538.66 KB, 720x720, kekeke.png)

Sober from drugs, but not sober from being an absolute specimen.

No. 1679384

Looking like a true goiter here god damn

No. 1679387

PS couldn't resist making those chubbster cheeks just a little wider using the stretch tool i learnt from instathots

No. 1679415

Has she ever claimed camming is empowered? Just curious.

No. 1679426

That's probably the word she meant to get tattooed on her chest.

No. 1679429

multiple of wk been saying that in the past thread lmaooo

No. 1679431

I think they mean all the retards itt claiming camming is sO eMpOwErInG.

No. 1679448

File: 1666206447936.jpeg (173.58 KB, 828x1259, 1B18DEA7-E78D-4348-A914-D47991…)

Kek she responded directly to you anon.

No. 1679474

and y’all think Syd isn’t one of the vendetta posters kek. found the thread awfully fast.

No. 1679490

I also noticed Chelsea took down a number of her tiktoks after they were posted here.

No. 1679495

who cares? some people do, some people don't. epiphany of the century.

No. 1679504

File: 1666210023089.webm (6.08 MB, 1080x1194, goiterbigboy.webm)

CONGRATS GOITER!!!! made this for you, maybe now you can get back your career… or maybe not.

https://streamable.com/fqxohg let’s celebrate syd! gave us some milk lol tell us what did really happened to storm

No. 1679510

link them because I don’t recall a single post calling camming empowering but would love to be proved wrong.

No. 1679511

go get spoonfeed somewhere else

No. 1679512

kekekekek. lets see if he can go 5 mins without being cringe

No. 1679513

So I’m correct and literally zero people called it empowering. Gotcha.

No. 1679515

File: 1666210515886.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.65 KB, 568x318, D4AA2811-D7C7-4A19-BAF7-F01D9B…)

LELAYNA CALDWELL FROM EDMONTON,AB,CANADA is totally empowered u guise she’s cuteholly on myfreecams didn’t u know she makes BIG MONEY???

No. 1679522

You really think you did something.

No. 1679527

When some one calls out >>1679429 they throw a tantrum and start up the >>1679515 posts again to feel better about themselves. Step 2 is deflect everyone as "WK" or act like a child: >>1679511 . Layna wins if you go to bed seething every night about her kek.

kek nonnie, er'buddy do the goiter dance

No. 1679543

What a sped. I wonder how many candids of Layna fucking herself this anon has saved on their phone by now.

No. 1679579

File: 1666213482236.jpeg (96.76 KB, 993x1600, untitled.jpeg)

kek knew that'd hit a nerve, clockwork reaction.

back to the goiter multiverse and the virtue signaling out in full force. he was so anti bigpharma that he bought all his meds from drug dealers lol.

No. 1679596

last thread they said they’re doing it because they know how annoying it is. layna hate boner anon clearly has an empty miserable life so they come here to start fights and get attention. nonnies giving them attention, arguing with them, acknowledging them at all, is giving them the validation they’re looking for so they keep going. people that unhinged aren’t even worth your time, just leave her alone to shit herself with rage over JCs gf merely existing.

No. 1679599

I want Syd to spill more about their relationship/what happened with Storm but I feel like she’s waiting until after the court stuff is dealt with. I’m bored I want the milk.

No. 1679601

there’s no need, these are on google i just go with ‘cuteholly myfreecams’ and voila!

seething? i think u mean laughing my ass off as yall get upset because layna choose to show her pussy and butthole to the world AND keeps fucking our cow, that’s what u get.

he is now high on love kek

No. 1679606

this exactly, now stop replying to my post and lets co-exist, thanks.

No. 1679648

Why would you feel bad for someone that's making good money? You obsessively wait for her to take her clothes off like any other dude on mfc. If anything I feel bad for her for being attractive enough to hook a couple of anons into spiral city just for existing.

No. 1679658

She’s fucking dumb because this proves that she reads and probably posts in here regularly. Because how else would she know about this? Inb4 “some kind soul sent this to me randomly, I totally don’t check the lolcow thread every hour!” Everyone say hi to Syd! Spill the creamy milk, Syd!

No. 1679667

Sydney has been posting here constantly ever since she found out about this place years ago, all the way up until today. If she wasn’t so irrelevant the mods would show her posts because of how obvious they are.

No. 1679712

“Nor do I have the time”
Girl… All you do is sit in your house. You don’t have a job. You ooze free-time.

No. 1679761

This eggplant titty bpd bitch really said "I don't have time to be an insane person" kek

No. 1679803

File: 1666232098870.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1122x1539, 90F75CC9-583C-4B04-A76E-DBCE21…)

Not insane enough to show pussy to strange men like a certain Lelayna Caldwell mfc cuteholly edmonton alberta pussy wiggle butthole

No. 1679812

what if she has a job and it is being a webcam model too lol plot twist

No. 1679815

Granny Fran is clutching her pearls rn

No. 1679884

Layna’s posts are obvious too. Here’s one >>1557647

No. 1679898

There's 2 hate boner anons and one of them thinks liking a beverage multiple threads ago means it muuuust be Wiggles. Kek. I'm positive Wiggles has never posted here and doubt she's even had friends come in by. That makes as much sense as the unwanted jealous anon that thinks Googling Wiggles and downloading every tit pic ever and ranting nonsense like "pussy wiggle butthole" doesn't speak to anon's own lonely existence. Wiggles be living that charmed life compared to garage goblin anon.

No. 1679902

> pussy wiggle butthole
Keeps fucking sending me nonnie.

No. 1679915


My guy, please touch grass.

No. 1679941


My god can a mod ban this anon for a hot minute so they stop being a retard

No. 1679973

File: 1666257328496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,423.03 KB, 1170x659, 4D5480B6-B8EA-403C-B0CD-B46164…)

Hi LELAYNA stan stop trying to hide. I thought you were pRoUd of your BoDy.(stop)

No. 1679975

such a weird hill to die on

No. 1679999

I actually like psycho full name anon. You do you but all the pictures you’re posting of brown butt are old cus none of them have her new tattoo. Not really milk at this point, and her content is pretty samey.

No. 1680044

Psycho Anon has officially become the only Wiggles Stan itt after downloading more nudes of Wiggles than anyone here just to repost them (then jerk off to). They've reached Obsession Station days ago.
Man, Wiggles is too pretty for lil Jon. He deserves someone ugly with a lousy body like Syd and a personality like this Wiggles Stan

No. 1680105

File: 1666275089350.jpeg (37.44 KB, 640x480, 969A9582-5241-481A-AAA4-5D08B1…)

Dear Anons, as I write this, I’m very sad.
Our Lolcow Anons has been overthrown and … replaced, by the benevolent Layna’ WKs.
All Hail Lelayna Caldwell and her glorious regime.
With love, little anon girl.

No. 1680164

technically your behavior is more cringe and closer to the rules of a cow than Layna herself kek.

To some of us, she's just a boring copy-paste normie. So we see your emotional investment and constant posting kinda cringe! Deflect all you want with the "Stan, WK" thing kek. That's a classic tactic to make yourself feel less retarded for caring so much.

No. 1680206

File: 1666285413306.jpeg (167.41 KB, 900x1600, kkeek.jpeg)

why would anyone wanna hang around those cheesy digits? + the bed sheets = rare fungi. goiter fromage

No. 1680208

File: 1666285657797.jpeg (71.73 KB, 1080x941, sgsagasgsafsafsafa.jpeg)

Taken from Layners most recent Tumblr. She's truly under Goiters spell.

No. 1680211

No. 1680215


God this is so pathetic. Girl you are TWENTY FIVE i.e. old enough to know better. I'll leave it at that because what can even be said anymore about co-signing and involving yourself with a deadbeat and his felony child abuse charges for getting his kid he doesn't even pretend to care about anymore high on fent. She's a simple loser just like him at the end of the day.

No. 1680227

This is so cringe I seriously thought you went and found her old tumblr from when she was like 13. But no, she posted it yesterday lmao.

No. 1680270

File: 1666291228414.jpeg (28.39 KB, 156x293, 0E33ECE6-D7F6-4E4D-AD62-AD97EC…)

lmaooo imagine being this pathetic for a man like Junkie Craig

No. 1680290

File: 1666294269787.jpeg (102.91 KB, 1170x301, 98A8B2C4-E94A-4BD0-806B-20A133…)

I could not, in 10 million years, ever understand being this dick whipped for fucking goiter of all people.

No. 1680303

Anything she says any more (but especially re: sex) just sounds like a larp. The shit she said the other day about how oh my favorite job ever was in a sex shop because I liked to make people feel welcome? Wtf? Now this, which literally sounds like something she copy+pasted from Twitter and changed to involve manga. She's becoming more and more like Goiter every day.

No. 1680307

At least she understands she’s not special and knows what’s coming. First mistake was falling in love with a sociopath who has never loved anyone but himself. One day she’s gonna be so disgusted with herself for even giving him the time of day.

No. 1680310

she’s becoming syd 2.0

No. 1680313

I can’t understand being self-aware enough to know what’s coming but still falling for the bullshit anyway.

No. 1680319

she’s insecure and lack of self esteem so that would explain why she keeps by his side when she could get someone better.
oh and the pick-me attitude.

No. 1680349

does she say this to nitpick at syd who maybe reads romantic manga? Jonny reads game of thrones, I saw a picture on the TND thread about that.

Like is she really proud of reading game of thrones?

No. 1680366

this nymph act is probably more to massage goiters ego to keep him the good books before "my heart gets broken into a million little tiny pieces". she's literally strapping in for the abuse.

No. 1680372

This tumblr reveal is actually milkier and sadder than the cam stuff. Like this is proof of developmental delay.

No. 1680378

I think she means that SHE is now reading Game of Thrones instead of romantic manga, which is even more hilarious bc she is fr just turning into him. From talking like a street thug retard to now reading "his" books. She's finally milky. happy tear

No. 1680387

I don’t think she’s proud of reading it, I read it more so like “dick will have you doing something you DONT want to do”

No. 1680395

agreed. wish the schizo anon would put their time into looking for milk like this instead of saving caps of her streams, they seem pretty dedicated. unless it's just a scrote that wants to fuck layna

No. 1680402

She reminds me more of Taylor. A: She seems to be a huge liar, has this innocent act going but is doing not so innocent things behind the scenes, ect. B: Doesn’t attack random women online and isn’t ragingly insecure over JC’s Hispanic fans like Skidney (“hE hAs A cHiOld”).

No. 1680410

nah that’s more effort honestly, MFC anon came and said “shes on google!” that’s easy man.

only a cow can fuck a cow, she’s been always milky but we didn’t know yet kek

No. 1680417

I'm not positive Syd can read.

No. 1680430

Lol is this the guy who she ditched for goiter out for revenge

No. 1680509

File: 1666321354764.jpeg (94.37 KB, 1170x964, 1B51BE09-228D-48B7-84BF-232AB0…)

No. 1680513


Ok but why aren’t y’all dropping the link so the rest of us can enjoy too?

No. 1680525

Not fucking spoon feeding you.

No. 1680534

I’ll accept a ban but this thread do be radiating Syd energy, especially this “nonnie.” Learn to integrate at least, and how to properly use the word spoon feeding, considering no one has mentioned Wiggles Tumblr, except you. Interesting

No. 1680535

NTA but are you actually stupid? Layna's Tumblr URL has never been posted here. If there's milk, then fucking share it. No one's asking to be spoonfed.

No. 1680537


Right so we’re just supposed to believe this is Layna because…?

No. 1680541

i don’t remember it being posted either lmao maybe she’s selfposting or it’s someone close to her idk

No. 1680557

This could literally be anyone’s tumblr what is this powdered milk gtfo

No. 1680577

Idk if this is spoon feeding but I’ll settle it. The link to her tumblr is right in her insta bio.

No. 1680608

it is spoon feeding

No. 1680640

File: 1666347575717.jpeg (462.45 KB, 1074x1955, 2801C892-7B4C-46AC-A64C-68C87B…)

Is Syd and her bf doing ok or is she vague posting goiter?

No. 1680663

I agree with anon. Layna might be good friend, kind to people around her (we don't know that yet) etc., but she must be very stupid to associate herself with Goiter.
Syd was obviously the worst person even before goiter, remember each one of the anons who said that they knew her said how awful she was. Damn, even her own mother doesn't like her.

No. 1680699

agreed. that schizo anon is more of a cow than a farmer. ticks all the boxes like emotional outbursts, lack of self awareness, lack of nuance etc. kek

Re-posting milk from a week ago and replying to every comment is probably hard. Cus it aint easy being a retard.

insufferable attitude. learn to copy/paste. or ask schizo-chan for advice on ripping FLVs/images kek.

wonder what form of abuse she's expecting from goiter. is he gonna spin the Wheel of Torture to see what she gets?

No. 1680726

It’s not spoonfeeding, the anon who brought it up should’ve said they found it in her link tree or at least included the url in the sc. She gave anons no clues how to find the page/ prove it was layna’s then got mad when people asked her to prove it, retarded behaviour.

No. 1680730

File: 1666361345637.jpeg (220.28 KB, 1024x1145, fdsfsdfsd50628.jpeg)

I don't think Schizo-Chan is working within the realm of reality.

Looks like Goiter an his pals decided to stink out the theater with stale body odor and half burnt reggies. The cringe is unfathomable.

No. 1680749

why no one is picking on syds shit when its posted? i don’t get it

No. 1680753

Cause its getting boring tbh.. yawn

No. 1680754

File: 1666364609908.jpeg (365.48 KB, 721x780, DA38EB06-D2D3-4A3F-9E41-2C9A4E…)

All his yes bitches and enablers. He’s so disgusting.

No. 1680755

I will respond when she actually shares something more interesting than posting song lyrics like a 13 year-old.

No. 1680758

alot of folks are here for milk and memes. not constant, deep, freudian, vitriolic analysis of every movement someone makes.

No. 1680837

Why does he look like he got pegged by Layna’s dildo here

No. 1680948

kekkaroni pizza

No. 1680967

Fr I wish someone would photoshop something funny, I would but I’m shit at it. Tbh his lil pose getting pegged by a dildo would have been way funnier than the current thread pic

No. 1680977

File: 1666387095003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.73 KB, 750x416, CA174F84-2BDF-4A5B-A843-9DEF02…)

No. 1680983

Movie theatres usually have perfect aircon and Jonny there fully dressed. These moids should just own being desperate for attention

No. 1680998

File: 1666388790302.png (373.81 KB, 1284x2778, E44926CE-053E-457A-9E4B-1325C1…)

Uh ohhh

No. 1681000

File: 1666388952268.jpeg (406.77 KB, 1170x1594, 4D70989D-62A5-4526-8324-47629C…)

Looks like he’s doing damage control.

No. 1681006

You don’t even need a tumblr account to send questions to someone. His girl is the one who has a tumblr. So really he’s only insulting her

No. 1681009

i think he’s bored and want us to tinfoil or something, guess his basicboygang is not that entertaining

No. 1681013

goitergang is goiter, mayor of spooky town and diveristy dave. no wonder he's on here for entertainment. lol

No. 1681018


Layna dude NO ONE believes you would dump him if you caught him cheating based on the fact that you already kinda have like twice already. When this washed up deadbeat father fucks up your entire life remember this moment and how much time and energy you spent defending him/your horrible and befuddling choice to involve yourself with him. Loser.

No. 1681022

and you’re forgetting the lil peep skinwalker kek that’s the cherry on top

No. 1681024

File: 1666391643040.jpeg (331.81 KB, 1170x1404, A7188F0C-4285-44CC-834C-EC8022…)

No. 1681029

File: 1666392095138.jpeg (172.67 KB, 1284x785, 2F23CF4B-B2E1-40C4-915A-596455…)

love the tough girl act

No. 1681030

Lmao schizo anon from these threads is getting owned by Layna. I hated the early WKing in this thread for Layna, but if her existence drives people this insane then I'm starting to like her.

No doubt Goiters still messaging girls, that's why he's gaslighting her in his stories about it, but the asks being sent to her smell like bullshit.

No. 1681035

Ummm hahah that dumb bitch lelayna that your fucking uses Tumblr you brain dead moron!

No. 1681045


Totally agree, I'm sure he's cheating or at least trying to (and failing, kek) but this whole thing sounds deeply retarded and like total bullshit. I'm no fan of Layna but schizo anons need to chill for real.

No. 1681051

Maybe schizo anon really is a JC stan if they’re trying to brag to Layna about sending goiter nudes kek.

No. 1681053

File: 1666393838514.jpeg (254.37 KB, 1170x1186, D06DC0CA-B73F-438A-A58F-2C1C6D…)

chill girl act won’t last long

No. 1681057

ngl schizo anon, you're the cow in these screenshots

No. 1681062

schizo anon needs to take her meds, this is just weird

No. 1681065

If schizo anon did spend a week flirting with him and sending nudes, he really dodged a bullet by not dating the broad. She would have been more fitting for goiter though. Layna step aside, you’re not fit for a cow adjacent, let this schizo nonnie take your place.

No. 1681070

> there’s a WHOLE group of us who talk about this
lmaooo whoever is sending these is too much and layna should ignore them and be the bigger person.

No. 1681081

File: 1666396702215.jpeg (350.87 KB, 1170x1444, 688CCC8E-4F4B-4274-B7A8-CAD97A…)

Schizo continues to be more milky than the calf.

No. 1681092

If anon is telling the truth, how weird would that be to send nudes to a guy out of spite against his girlfriend. Then anonymously brag about it to said girlfriend.

No. 1681097

at this point im buying the tinfoil that is some personal vendetta, nobody ever said anything about any grandma lol

No. 1681099

I vaguely remember “Fran” being posted here a handful of times. Before camgate and once during.

No. 1681101

> doxing e-thot's grandmas
scrote tier shit

No. 1681118

I'm one of the anons from the previous thread who hated all the "wiggles" wking, but damn this is absolutely insane. I hope schizo-chan realises her obsession is turning the people who initially agreed to the other side. layna is still a cow for dating Goiter but she's relatively normal compared to this absolute basket case.

>Layna step aside, you’re not fit for a cow adjacent, let this schizo nonnie take your place.
Kek anon, this would be chef's kiss

No. 1681140

This is so gross who does that? Fuck off moid cowtipper.

No. 1681142

Tinfoil that schizophrenic anon is Syd. Her ex was itt when she first got with goiter and said she's done similar things to other people. I'll see if I can track down his posts.

No. 1681145

why is this schizo anon faking all these tumblr posts/asks? someone needs to take their meds, please stop replying to your own faked tumblr posts. or drop the link or proof this even is her tumblr. this is wild.

No. 1681150

anon above already said it is linked in her instagram bio.

No. 1681168

File: 1666404562259.jpeg (340.44 KB, 828x1510, ECACE621-F0BD-4F3B-8F77-F44069…)

Hey nonna; i looked for it before.
Tnd> #54 . Sorry i havent figured out how to cross link posts.

No. 1681169

File: 1666404585926.jpeg (427.14 KB, 828x1637, 849A2125-A265-4F55-AB73-12B846…)

No. 1681188

File: 1666406121443.jpeg (252.13 KB, 1101x1694, 85FDE393-3E87-44EC-878E-2CEBF6…)

Syd seems to be fighting with a whole crew of people. Peep the bottom right, each of those initials = trash emoji.

No. 1681194

It's really not farfetched. I have only been following these cows for less than a year but I've met plenty of Syds in my life. She is absolutely unhinged and this type of insane behavior should be expected for her by now. I have no personal investment in any of these people and had heard only 3 DGD songs back in 2008, but this dumpster fire of a thread is one of my favorites to read. Sydney deserves her own thread. Layna is too boring and irrelevant, but its absolutely hilarious how much she makes Eggplants seethe.

No. 1681202

I don’t care if it’s Syd, an ex of Layna, a mexican fan girl sending him nudes, or anyone else. Seriously stop the tinfoiling, no matter who it is they are weird.

No. 1681252

Jfc this thread is a dumpster fire, where are the farmhands? What has even been the milk in the last month or so? It's all just nitpicking and vendettasperging

No. 1681267

File: 1666418641533.jpeg (686.44 KB, 919x1329, AD24DA30-847C-4295-8641-A21225…)

Skidmark has entered the chat kek

I’ll just leave this old milk right here to remind some of you how fucking unhinged Syd is.

No. 1681276

Where’s the one of her calling someone horse face kek.

No. 1681286


This is the perfect example of why doxxing a cam girl can have serious consequences cuz why the fuck is anyone this invested in ruining this girls life

No. 1681296

I was always confused how much anons would dump on Wiggle, it felt more than just simply for dating JC. Not even TND or Syd got that much hate simply for dating him, it was always more so the milky things they did on their own.

No. 1681300

honestly it seems kind of obvious who the unhinged anon is that keeps sperging about layna’s camming

No. 1681315

Yeah…. The whole “ruin everything” is screaming syd to me for some reason..

No. 1681318

Anon were you asleep? Not to WK but taylor sole reason on being on lolcow is because she started dating jonny.

No. 1681323

No? Her reason was because she was abusing/neglecting her animals. That combined with dating a drug addict abuser. The only reason why JONNY is on lolcow is because he started dating a famous YouTuber.

No. 1681327

File: 1666428091556.jpeg (501.36 KB, 828x1557, 26200DD5-AB83-4455-9C46-C3924C…)

Jonny your fucking girlfriend! His brain can’t even string together basic facts.

No. 1681330


No. 1681349

Go read the thread, the whole thing started when she started dating jonny and adopted 2 cats because of him. The animal neglect was just a side-show

No. 1681352

No other scummy band men have threads like jonny. Reason being is this website is for internet celebs primarily. Tay dating JC was the nail in the coffin for her to get a thread but wasn’t the only reason. If you actually read through her threads a lot of the talk was her animal neglect DUE TO dating JC. Being a public figure online doing shitty/bizarre things is what makes a cow a cow.

No. 1681353

I agree the obsessive sperg needs to leave her alone but it wasn't doxing, she put it all out there for anyone (and a legit schizo) to find. She said herself she has no idea how to protect her information online in the very post you're quoting because it's happened before from an unhinged moid. It's obvious you're new here because you're clutching your pearls over cam girls like we don't have numerous threads making fun of them, and misusing the term doxing. It's a harsh reality but play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1681356

Making fun of these cringey camhoes on LCF is a lot different than what happened here with Wiggle. These ladies act insane online constantly which flows milk, as well as use camming as their life’s work.

No. 1681376

File: 1666437854407.jpg (368.97 KB, 895x1597, SmartSelect_20221022_131716_Ch…)

Someone else who reacted to the people going "woof" in threads?

I cant go over all the threads now since it moved in retard speed there for a second but who the fuck says "woof"?

Obviously saged but a fucking clear indicator that Syd is a active poster and not just a goiterlurker

No. 1681381

>You didn't dump your bf over unfounded rumors with no evidence. So I'm going to send your nudes to your grandma
Fucking unhinged lol. Serious respect to Layne for handling this like an adult.

No. 1681383

What a reach. Anons say woof in the Shayna thread and elsewhere all the time, are they Syd too? You’d be wasting your time going back looking for every instance of woof in Jonny’s threads thinking it’s Syd. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, and you mean that she’s only using woof on her instagram because she reads it here a lot?

So her parents know and are okay with her camming in their home? Not shocking how she ended up with JC

No. 1681391

I know anons (specially schizochan) are desperate for Layna to lash out, and for the "mask to slip", but the girl's not cow material at all. We had it so good with sydsopsycho, and we're not getting that again. I know Layna's gotta be severely mentally challenged for her to be with Goiter. I don't know if she's genuinely slow, has daddy issues, is going through a quarter life crisis and getting the teen rebellion out of her system at 25, or if she's just a good ol' "clout chaser" (as if there's any clout to be chased, kek) but I highly doubt she'll ever display cow behavior publicly. Like another anon said, she's a lot more like Taylor in that regard than she is Syd.

No. 1681392

I think we’ll have to wait around for goiter to air their dirty laundry over instagram stories like he’s used to doing, and potentially Syd freaking out when Layna ends up meeting Storm if she ever does. The good milk will continue to flow, just not as generously as Syd’s era.

No. 1681421

following this logic then every anon that said “bruh” or “dawg” is Lelayna because BRUH.

LMAOOOOO not even Jonny can see his chiOLd u think he’s gonna play the happy family act with Lelayna, are u smoking whatever Jonny is smoking?

No. 1681423

agreed. pnp and shayna were obnoxious and put it out on their public profiles. you had to actively put in an effort to find laynas cams. I don't feel sharing them on the farm was necessary

No. 1681488

The camming find should definitely be posted here but some of the comments and reaction afterwards was too much. Comparing her to the major camwhore cows, the prostitution comments, saying she’s the worst type of human ect. A little bit much considering the context. She didn’t even advertise it on her profiles, it doesn’t seem to be a main part of her life from what I can tell.

No. 1681493

Its all so unhinged and silly almost like something skidney would do tbh. I m 99% convinced these are from syd. The weird logic, cowtipping, and the cheating claims stinks of syd

No. 1681496

prove it.

No. 1681497

that's exactly what I'm saying, but it's lolcow you can't expect anons to not make heinous comments about a cows gf deciding to cam. the derogatory memes made after (see thread pic) are gonna be around forever, and honestly I just don't think layna deserves that even if she's dating big boy goiter. maybe if she advertised it like syd and her onlyfans on instagram, but cmon she posts anime caps and the cat jonny spent more money on than his own son.
just reeks of schizos and scrotes with a hate boner or vendetta since camgate dropped

No. 1681670

you can't convince me that syd doesn't visit this thread daily. she's obsessed and has no life, nothing better to do. vendettachan and >>1681496 "prove it" stinks like her too

No. 1681711

I could be convinced it’s not Syd. JC attracts weird and messy bitches.

No. 1681729

i know, she has a sense of humor, which is making schizo anon go reeeeeee. im here for emotional outbursts and only one person here is providing kek.

No. 1681730

100%. Goiter is the catalyst to becoming milky. His very presence is lactose inducing.

No. 1681732

Good point.
Associating yourself with Goiter makes you scum by default, but begging for some chicks downfall with such passion is clown world.

What we need to wait for is Goiter to do his thing. It might take a while so hopefully schizo chan can find a new hobby like Mongolian Basket Weaving.

No. 1681734

Her responses had me cracking up, the more she shows her personality it’s hard not to like the bitch. I do not wish this for Mr. Pig.

No. 1681739

He will relapse and maybe we can see crazy behaviour from both of them. Or perhaps he’ll get really blatant with his disrespect/cheating. It’s JC so we can expect it to happen.

No. 1681770

Wonder if she’s going on this tour with him. There’s bound to be some drama either way.

No. 1681793

and they don’t live together yet so a gossip lover can dream kek

No. 1681799

Jonny has visited Storm, seemingly more than Syd if we go off of who has posted said visits on Instagram. So I’m not sure what your talking about? And no I’m not a white knight. I don’t think he should be anywhere near the kid, but just saying you’re incorrect saying “he can’t even see Storm”

No. 1681806

Idk, over the many years I’ve been following him every girl he’s ever dated has seemed like this, chill and “normal” at first. But then they let the crazy out at some point. Whether they were like that to begin with or whether he turned them into crazy people I’m not sure lol. But I do believe Layna will lose her cool at some point if she doesn’t just dump him first

No. 1681808

damn bitches u are going into his social media? like u don’t get updates from the thread u actually follow him on instagram or something like that? i would love to yall to post these moments tbh because all we know so far its that Syds mom is taking care of him. do you think Jonnys mom would be able to take that responsibility? do you know if they have even met his grandson? i would like to know.

No. 1681873

What on gods green earth are you talking about? Did you forget to take your meds? None of what you just said made sense, and your coming off as someone who has never read a thread about Jonny or Syd before this one. But hey, there is still time to delete your post…

No. 1681882

I'm not saying it isn't and I agree but you can't cry about "doxing" whilst using the term incorrectly literally replying to a post where Layna has had issues because of her own internet security before. That was the point I was making.

No. 1681886

She didn’t have internet security issues. If u read it, u would see she put her name on her Amazon wishlist and that’s how a crazy person tracked her down the first time. That’s on her.

No. 1681892

i think anon mean that she wasn’t careful putting her name on display knowing she was sharing it with coomers.

No. 1681901

Both Syd and Jonny have posted many times they visit their son.

No. 1681915

>paragraph of nonsense

No. 1681952

What are you replying to my post for? I made the second one

No. 1681953

File: 1666498791434.png (293.54 KB, 750x1334, 659D03B1-63CB-4CAC-A665-5F854D…)

No. 1681973


Someone got blown off again I see, kek. Sucks to suck!

No. 1681978

She started in the Petubers General thread because of animal neglect/abuse and was so bad she got her own thread. Jonny was tacked on

No. 1682007

Johnny you are over which is why you’re dating a fucking 25 year old cam girl

No. 1682013


Thank you for having reading comprehension

No. 1682368

File: 1666549826472.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 6FFDB241-77FB-4C89-A023-8E18F0…)


No. 1682473

sadly 36y/o junkie manlets that poisoned their kid with fentanyl will never found a place anywhere but some insecure girls mind.

No. 1682510

what? He poisoned his kid with fentanyl, are you sure? that sounds horrible, poor kid

No. 1682562

Previous thread or two back, probably even linked in the opener.

No. 1682567

File: 1666561421844.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 21FF0024-4D4B-4F74-95C3-ACF54D…)

This is Layna’s cat which means she’s back home, I’ve never seen her stay home longer than a week tbh. Looks like she isn’t joining him on tour while he travels to Texas.

No. 1682574

what do they want? a medal? they seem more interested in LARPing on social media than fighting for storm. also the objectification of storm on social media in order to virtue signal they are doing the absolute bare minimum, i find distasteful.

No. 1682586

Based on his fliers his tour doesn’t start until the end of November. Who knows what he’s doing in Texas.

No. 1682610

Well he also conveniently leaves out how he hurt Storm Which is pathetic and makes him
The most egregious piece of shit. “Fighting for my son” lol he faces jail time he wants to avoid that is what his motive is.

No. 1682648

His kid had fentanyl in his system allegedly (even that though is just heresy since no one produced court records showing that and anons are always getting their game of telephone fucked up so no confirmation from someone who really knows what happened). There's also no evidence he poisoned the kid so take it with a grain of salt. During the hearing, anons came in to say "they said something about fentanyl? I think it was found in his son's system!" That turned into the "he poisoned his chIold". And of course no one recorded the hearing because it's "illegal", which totes matters on an anonymous site.

No. 1682652

It's not abnormal for a parent to visit their kid and post about it and it's definitely not crazy lil Jon isn't posting how he hurt their chiOld when we weren't there and don't know what went down. For all we know, Psycho Syd could have waited until lil Jon nodded out, then taken fentanyl from his stash to feed some to Storm in an attempt to make lil Jon look bad. She's insane. But it definitely appears to be Jonny seeing the kid way more than Syd, even though Syd is the one that surely pressured lil Jon into keeping the baby trap. How bad of a mom do you have to be if lil Jon looks like the more responsible parent?!

No. 1682680

Dude. It’s not a game of telephone. Several of us listened in on his court date and multiple times it was posted “holy shit fent was found in baby’s blood” bcuz we were so shocked and all listening and typing at once. You’re either a new fag, or someone from the goiter gang cuz ANY regular from this thread knows this is a FACT.

No. 1682684

Let me ask you then, how did fent get into Storm’s system? How was it even in his blood? They got their charges upgraded to a felony because of this. No one is saying Jonny held storm down and shot him up, but it’s definitely his fault the fent got it a BABY’S system.

No. 1682687

File: 1666570578946.jpg (91.35 KB, 1200x800, Fest2019_Sat12_Sororitas1tjcs.…)

> just heresy
picrel, ok I'll show myself out, but seriously like >>1682684 said, it's his fault even if he didn't do it on purpose, fentanyl is crazy strong stuff and it could get on a baby easily from the parents handling it and then handling the baby and if they are going to be doing hard drugs like that, whatever happens next is their fault as parents, zero sympathy

No. 1682714


It is abnormal to visit your kid and post photos because you shouldn’t have to visit your kid, you should just be parenting them 24/7. Storm hasn’t been seen in months and honestly? Good that they haven’t visited him. He deserves a complete break from them so he has a chance at a normal life.

No. 1682719

I’m fairly certain both of them have posted about visiting Storm as recent as last week. They don’t spam pictures because they’re probably ashamed of the entire situation of having VISITS in general instead of having custody of their child.

No. 1682768


I think you guys are getting too far gone from the original reason this was even brought up. An anon up thread said he can’t see his child as in isn’t allowed to (along with a bunch of other nonsense, clearly a newfag…) and others responded correcting anon because Jonny has posted about his visits so he can see the child if he wants. I’m not sure why it’s snowballing into what it is or why people are arguing about the fent in Storm’s system which has been argued about many times in different threads

No. 1682770

Same anon but also I’m starting to think Jonny’s friends are here writing nonsense just to stir shit up

No. 1682782

are you the anon that call Lelayna Caldwell ‘Wiggles’?

No. 1682792

Syd, anons that don't like you aren't Layna. Sorry. You just aren't very likable.(hi cow)

No. 1682803

why do you keep calling me Syd lmao i’m not even in burgerland i don’t know them irl i didn’t even knew who Jonny Craig was before lolcow. maybe you should take a break from this thread because you’re being delusional at this point, even paranoid.

No. 1682808

Wait I'm retarded I misread your OP. Carry on.

No. 1682864

I like how you're responding to this anon as if they're the only one who "Hi Syd"s. Sounds delusional, even paranoid.

No. 1682964

Wait nonnie come back it's boring in here now. Make more edits of Wiggle's butthole.

No. 1682997

>game of telephone
You’re an actual moron.
I’m curious why you think the state would remove an infant child from the custody of its parents? Just for funzies?

No. 1683101

Thank you anon, that's exactly what I meant.

No. 1683182

Just cus it's normal doesn't mean it's tasteful. Children and Babies can't consent to their parents splattering their face all over the internet for attention. Storm was used as a pawn in Goiter and Syds online world and infighting. Disgusting behavior. Storm will grow up wondering why his biological parents only showed up for short periods of time to take selfies.

Imagine knowing the only thing you did for your kid was making them searchable on google.

No. 1683218

I never agreed with the sociopathy accusations until what happened with Storm. It’s genuinely sickening how this all panned out. Going back through the threads from when they were still pretending they had Storm while he was in grandmas custody… They’d go out to bars all the time and drink and party… Some Casey Anthony shit.

No. 1683371

Bitch you were crying all the time for my edits. I have some gifs but will be dropped at their right time but mostly I felt bad because after watch her videos she comes up a lil bit autistic like I think she might be on the spectrum but I’m not trying to offend anyone it’s just that she’s so awkward and her facial expressions and body language and the way she talks. Maybe it’s just me.

No. 1683735

Could it be like a Ralph/Xander thing where he is not allowed to use social media while he visits his son?
That could be a possible explanation why these two instatards not posting pics on what "gOoD PaReNtS" they are.

No. 1683764

File: 1666656316473.jpeg (414.65 KB, 750x980, B4276D45-4D80-485A-8FFB-4CB592…)

What kind of costume is this

No. 1683771

she looked drunk and awkward in the videos she posted. (character from chainsaw man btw- those horns are poorly done though)

No. 1683804

She looks awkward in all of her videos. Nonnie above might be right about her being, I would say highly autistic. Would make so much sense for her thinking dating Goiter is okay. Maybe she literally doesn’t understand

No. 1683814

Considering he is in legal guardianship with grandma, it’s possible she said no posting about storm because she’s aware of the threads. Or the court says no social media with the kid because he’s not in their custody and there’s some stipulation about that from a legal standpoint.

Which would explain why they always seemed to post older photos a lot.

No. 1683848

When is their next court date for Storm?

No. 1683878

File: 1666663384003.jpeg (345.08 KB, 1284x2343, 07E8BE37-0A7D-4035-89A5-0C20DF…)

Saw this on the DGD reddit. Mayor of Spooky Town is a real winner

No. 1683941

File: 1666671905479.gif (1.13 MB, 349x200, 9C61D1CF-7087-48C1-91C7-771011…)

No. 1683996

checking back in after a couple weeks. i was the nonnie who brought up lollipop head/ proana stuff. that's not my account. that's probably Syd herself

No. 1684059

Anyone can say anything on Reddit. Plus this was probably years ago if it even happened so I'd take it with a grain of salt. Don't throw stones from a glass house bitches.

No. 1684092

Take it with a grain of salt about mayor spooky town is indeed white thrash?? Lol oh nonnie you make me laugh.

No. 1684095

you do realize you're on lolcow? and you choose page 18 of the goiter thread to bring up that platitude? also mayor of spooky town is a weird character in this multiverse to give the benefit of the doubt lol.

No. 1684348

LMAOOOOO can’t believe Megamind have wks too but they def aren’t lurking u guise

No. 1684392

wonder if he catches any flies in his forehead.

No. 1684725

Fucking Kek anon. Best this thread has offered up in weeks

No. 1684812

Fuckin Fabulous anon, top keks!
I for one can completely imagine our spoopy mayor being retarded enough to call the cops on someone else and end up the one being taken away in cuffs lol

No. 1684851

He’s also a deadbeat dad, birds of a feather.

No. 1684930

Wtf even is this thread. There’s no way so many different people who “like” JC and his associates suddenly materialized and all flocked to this thread at once. The amount of whiteknighting these last two threads has been retardedly high, it’s obviously 1-3 people samefagging to look like multiple nonnies

None of these people are “likeable.” JC is fucking trash, and anybody who associated/currently associates with him is fucking trash. That includes his exes, his past bandmates, his friends, his fans, and YES especially his current gf. There’s no debate about it, it just is what it is. They are all terrible and enable JC’s antics so they can all fucking rot. Anybody who says differently is a newfag or a whiteknight and if you’re defending one of these clowns, then you’re also terrible and can fucking rot

(Although I will agree the nonna repeatedly posting collages of Layna’s nudes is schizo and autistic, touch grass and stop doing that)

No. 1684944

I think the white-knighting of Layna came as a reaction to the influx of posters retardedly nitpicking. It reminds me of the Belle thread. Some anons come across as jealous women who use the original reason to dislike the cow as an excuse to project their insecurities onto them.

Obviously, everyone here is in agreeance that she is disgusting for dating JC. Irredeemably.

As for the white-knighting of JC and Mayor of Spooky town, I don't even know what to say about that retarded shit.

No. 1684965

yeah, not to wk her but now that it’s pretty obvious she’s autistic and knowing how manipulative jc is, who truly knows what her understanding of his situation is. she seems like the autistic, easily manipulated, gullible type. at least she’s at least aware of impending heart break kek

No. 1684971

(Ayrt) Sure, nitpicking can be annoying, but I don’t see why that would trigger the obscene amount of whiteknighting for her. Why would people be jealous of her in the first place? She’s average-looking, living with her parents, has little to no personality, and is dating a piece-of-trash abusive manlet. Wtf does she have going for her for nonnies to be jealous of and nitpick? She’s entirely average and forgettable… until she started dating JC and showed more people she is a shitty human by doing so. The response of people flocking to defend her is fucking weird and I don’t think it’s just people some nonnies were “jealous and nitpicking” idk what’s going on but I don’t think it’s that

No this is stupid and trying to excuse her shitty behavior and nonnies need to knock this shit off. I haven’t watched any of her videos or shit but she has never once given me any impression that she’s legitimately retarded/on the spectrum. She knows exactly what she’s doing and I’m not buying the “easily manipulated” garbage. If she’s so uWu easily manipulated, why is she responding to the schizotroll posts from the cowtipper on her tumblr in a logical way? She’s not retarded, she’s aware of goiter’s past and allegations against him and is cognitively choosing to date him (and choosing to cam, which who the fuck even cares) so any shit she gets back is of her own doing and any nonnies who try to say she’s “vulnerable and easily manipulated” are the ones being retarded

No. 1684976

NTA but agreed. She just seems incredibly socially awkward and maybe sheltered. NO excuse for being with JC, that seems like a lame cop out.

I don't think anons are jealous because of HER specifically but because of who she's dating. Like someone said last thread, they've stockholm syndrome'd themselves into a weird infatuation with goiter and maybe some are in denial. I mean the schizo nonnie even said she doesn't hate goiter, just Layna.

No. 1684982

I wholeheartedly agree with this. I don't think Layna is necessarily enviable, but it's so obvious that a not-so-insignificant number of women in this thread have been in contact with JC, and they're internally seething because, although they won't admit it, they're obsessed with him. I don't buy that they talk to that nasty moid for the "ego boost" as some anons have said previously. How low is your self esteem that you'd get an ego boost from being hit on by a sleazy scumbag who would fuck a toaster if it had black hair and short bangs? This is why we'll never be free, kek.

No. 1685003

File: 1666758316615.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3000x3999, E53A8446-043E-4607-B99E-586155…)

After looking at her tumblr she’s gotten an influx of simps over there over the past few days. I doubt the WK’s are JC and his “homies”. They sound like women. Saged because not milk.

No. 1685128

File: 1666774293211.png (2.83 MB, 1284x2778, F663A1C2-9147-4937-90AB-B2C292…)

oh he down bad

No. 1685149

Seriously it baffles me why is anyone still dating him. He has no money, no class, no substance, no career, disrespectful to women, strings of exes, red flags and women still continues to date him!

By god.. he is not even tall! Layna please help me make sense of this

No. 1685163

I don't like Layna, but anytime I said some of the posting about her was vitriolic and weird, I got called a WK. Not everyone has to bind themselves to the obsessive hatred by default. Schizochan used it as a deflection anytime someone commented on their behavior. So the actual number of genuine WK posts where pretty low.

I agree with the second point. She seems pretty on the ball. So there is malice in her decision to date Goiter. The Tumblr post saying she was going to get her heart broken by Goiter, is foresight into her own downfall, suggesting it's more likely she's just a stupid chick with lack of morals.

No. 1685187

i think her logic is she is dating the "concept" of goiter rather than the actual person. she's dating the "ex-dgd-singer" rather than a scummy ginger fuddy duddy.

No. 1685198

She doesn’t even love him for who he is.

No. 1685231

stop trying to make “anons wanna date Jonny Craig” happen because is NOT going to happen. Layna is a sad fuck that rather getting nitpicked and laugh at than find another man.
>How low is your self esteem that you'd get an ego boost from being hit on by a sleazy scumbag who would fuck a toaster if it had black hair and short bangs?
this question is for Layna too, right?

No. 1685237

Why even feed the trolls? You call the schizo anon the cow (which, fair) for sending the asks, but how is it not cow-ish to respond to them? Just delete them if you’re not an attention whore. Since they’re all anon, no proof they’re not the cow sending them to herself

No. 1685242

80% sure schizoanon and the ESL hate boner anon are the same person and this samefag. Yes nonnie the schizo from her inbox who types exactly like the schizo who was posting edits of her nudes was Layna attention whoring all along kek.

No. 1685272

Why does this sound like taylor. I bet it's fucking taylor trying to weasel her way into being friends with cam whore.

No. 1685285

and im sorry but why do you care so much? why are u so pressed to find out who was posting Laynas destroyed anus? and mostly, why do u think I wasn’t shitting on Syd when she was with Shrek? like honestly just accept the fact that people associated with the cow is gonna end up being discussed even more if they are attention starving like Layna opening her tumblr inbox to feel seen or showing her ass in the MOST popular site. bleak.
there’s gonna be another self esteem bitch after Layna and she will be forgotten by us because this is just entertaining, not our life.
and again God forbid I met someone as disgusting and ugly as this broke ass deadbeat dad. qué asco.
so i hope you move on already because we all did and we are ready to shit on another lurker loser like Major of Spooky Town.
as some other anon loves to say: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1685308

kek. Not OP, but what a silly response to a sarcastic joke. Alot of care went into your response about how we shouldn't care.

Oh for sure. There is no love there. They are in the playground "honeymoon period" where hormone is pumping and things seem exciting. Her nihilism act is only trendy until she gets abused/emotional destroyed by Goiter.

No. 1685378

Kek most of that anons response isn’t even appropriate to what they responded to. Weird.

No. 1685402

seconding this tinfoil

No. 1685421

Just ignore the WK comments. Honestly it’s been an issue since the beginning of jc/syd threads. If you ripped on one of them without ripping on the other one in the same breath, you wanted to fuck the other person/staning/WK-ing. It’s just anons projecting their retardation.

No. 1685509

yup ^ many anons here are completely void of nuance. traits that we make fun of goiter for possesing kek.

he's just posted that he's started a "bOiBaNd" with spooky town and some other congitively stunded spoon. what we calling them?

Backstreet Moids
New Syds On The Block
Take Crack

No. 1685519

i don’t really care, you're an anon and i am an anon, nobody should care about what its said in an online gossip anonymous forum lmaoooo

No. 1685546


no one knows what you are trying to say or what your point is.

No. 1685554

That anon was replying to me so I don’t know why you needed to be so pissy kek no one cares that you don’t care.

No. 1685577

Some anons stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1685693

the first reply was for me nonnie are u blind

No. 1685846

Kek apparently I am

No. 1685847

File: 1666843826254.jpeg (404.69 KB, 750x1046, 1B786F94-F207-4415-AE5D-BBEFBE…)


No. 1685855

File: 1666844703354.jpeg (257.14 KB, 750x873, 83D32DA1-5F01-4139-ADA4-6BA80C…)

Skid could never

No. 1685857

File: 1666845111590.png (4.86 MB, 750x1334, D8E06FE1-6A06-4500-9897-0A2B5E…)

Aww Skid must be seething at the fact that she only got to go see her ugly man once, yet the father of her chiOLD is already playing house with miss camgirl wiggly pussy

No. 1685887

Based anon. This thread like the Belle thread is infested with friends/fans who'll use whatever tactic to derail, victimise and make the cow seem likeable compared to farmers which includes obvious nitpicks and schizo posting to garner redtext bans so they can say "see I told you this thread has no milk!!!". Most of us anons are just getting played against each other so conversation derails into wk this, or Syd that.

No. 1685958

Lol he’s trying so hard to fuck my friend in Houston right now.

No. 1685960

just post the evidence so we can kick off the apocalyptic break up milk.

No. 1685964

If you're not a newfag, then you'd know not to post shit like this without receipts. Annoying as fuck.

No. 1685976

Sure pussy wiggle butthole. Sure.
And that schizo anon wasn't the one being a cow by claiming on Tumblr that there's a whole gaggle of girls that chat up Lil Jon and share pictures and laugh about it together but won't post evidence just to mEsS with her. And schizo anon isn't a loser that every anon wishes would find another thread to stalk. Suuuuure, totally believable. Kek.

No. 1685979

the absolute state of these posts lol. no one knows what they fuck you are trying to say.

No. 1685993

Reading comprehension troubles? The first post you tagged is mine and I'm making fun of schizoanon. She randomly wrote "pussy wiggle butthole" last time. I clearly mention untrue statements to draw a parallel to the fact that anon's claim about lil Jon trying to cheat isn't true. Come on, learn to read.

No. 1686032

Sorry she showed me their messages irl from her phone, I’ll see if she’ll send me some screenshots.

No. 1686060

It might make sense to you because you wrote it, but I agree with anon. They make very little sense.

Honestly, re-read >>1685976. It makes absolutely no fucking sense. I re-read it like 20 times. Use commas, pacing and make clear points.

No. 1686065

She can blank out her name. All we need is Goiter being Goiter in the DMs to kick off the next saga of the Goiter Multiverse

No. 1686073

Anon please post them I m bored af..

No. 1686099

She can't, it isn't true.

No. 1686164

What makes you say that?

No. 1686174


Just like we've said to this anon, unless you have evidence on either true or untrue, kindly shut the fuck up. You're clogging up the thread otherwise.

No. 1686242

yOUrE cLoGgInG uP tHe ThReAd

No. 1686346

File: 1666905094106.jpeg (64.14 KB, 1024x1489, flff.jpeg)

what are you vague posting about now goiter? a sandwich?

No. 1686361

Schizochan couldn't convince Layna that Goiter was cheating with zero evidence, so they're trying it here?

Bonus points if they turn up with edited screenshots adding Jonny's publicly available number along the top.

No. 1686374

Hahahahaha. Some anons keeping this shit funny. BACKSTREET MOIDS I love it. Next thread title please

Also potential line up names:
Hispanic mums at the disco (sorry)

No. 1686379

newfag u gotta learn how to tag

No. 1686400

kekekek Lols > Scizho shit.

Sydestiny's Chiold
Hall and Scrotes

No. 1686572

Post whatever you want but Layna isn’t gonna leave. Lol she acts like she respects herself and she WOULD leave if he betrayed her but she doesn’t want to let go of the clout or attention, she’s a typical pick me. She wouldn’t do shit. She has spaghetti for a spine. She’s been shown proof before and blocked my friend.

No. 1686585

At this point, proof or that did not happen.

No. 1686594

How am I supposed to show proof when she blocked my friend? This was a long ass time ago, and I’ve briefly mentioned it here before, no one was interested then. Layna knows exactly what I’m talking about, however the there’s no way for me to show the messages since she blocked her. But even if I could, why would I show lolcow when she blocked my friend like a pussy?

I am not the Houston anon but I believe them fully. My friend wasn’t the only girl he was talking to.

No. 1686595

You were ignored here because you've never posted proof.

No. 1686606

That’s fine lol, I’m just saying I believe the other anon about him trying to cheat on her right now cuz I’ve seen it with my own two eyes myself. I don’t need to show you guys anything (I can’t anyway). Tbh the majority of you are insufferable, I care more about protecting my friends name and privacy (because I KNOW she will get dragged) than I care about being in good graces with lolcow. If anyone knows something that could get Layna away from this POS I’d encourage them to come forward, however I already tried talking to her about the situation with my friend and she chose to flat out ignore it. My original point in my first post was that she has spaghetti for a spine so good luck to anyone that comes in here with proof, it will probably be a waste of time and the girl he’s trying to cheat with will be the laughing stock.

No. 1686706

Layna is streaming. Only mentioning this because it's been speculated on here, but she said school is starting soon and she took the past semester off. Sorry for lack of caps.

No. 1686708

"tHe MaJoRiTy Of YoU aRe InSuFfErRaBlE"
Bitch you're here too

No. 1686712

?? so you can’t post screenshots of his DMs without blocking her info out so she’s anonymous? we’re not asking for proof layna blocked your friend, we want to see proof of JC dming your friend.

No. 1686715

Probably another lying anon. I doubt he spoke to any friend or we would see caps.

No. 1686733

A surprising amount of nonnies itt who have friends that would give Goiter the time of day… If all of these cheating accusations are true you all need better friends kek

No. 1686816

Nah mate.. you can either show us proof that goiter is dm-ing your friend OR show us proof that you have told layna about this. This whole nonsense just feels like you and your friend is still looking to clout-chase through goiter and protecting him imo.

Also why would your friend get dragged ? Unless she is also reciprocating in the conversation, its all so fishy and skidney-vibe about this.

No. 1686835

File: 1666953476683.jpeg (133.3 KB, 828x512, F366C7A4-8A6C-4139-BA57-83A1C6…)

Some retarded cow tipping anon is trolling layna on tumblr. The more I think about this the more I feel that is syd trying to stir the pot, the fact that she is so quiet throughout this whole layna thing with her BPD ass is highly suspicious.

No. 1686853

Did someone send her an ask saying he fucked one of his thotty friends from Sacramento after she flew home? Without knowing he left town as well? Kek what a retard.

No. 1686879

File: 1666959835655.jpeg (366.59 KB, 828x1360, 57D5E482-7152-42AA-9B7B-933143…)

I'm unwittingly becoming a Layna stan. I don't understand why she's with Jonny when she seems level-headed compared to his exes. He doesn't deserve a normal girl.

No. 1686885

Don't worry nonnie, he will fuck it up. If she's as level-headed as we think she will go back to her regular life. Then justice will be restored and JC can date another nightmare. Although I'm still holding onto hope Wiggle is a secret nightmare who will show her crazy once goiter has sufficiently worn her down emotionally, which we all know is his specialty.

No. 1686887

you know what is really insufferable? claiming objectivity with no evidence.

by your logic i have an 8 inch dong and 3 ferraris. doesn't matter whether i actually do or not. what room temp IQ logic kek. fuck off if you have nothing to contribute other than self aggrandizing vomit

No. 1686907

they way no-proof-anon speaks, its unlikely they have any friends kek.

No. 1686912

Same Nonnie. Also I agree, the retarded behavior and Lanyas measured response makes laughing at the Schizochans more funny than the cows.

All I'm gonna say is Syd, if it's you doing all this Schizo stuff… try some subtlety, grammar and reading comprehension?

No. 1687068

yall got some starving attention low self esteem friends if they get along with that disgusting piece of shit kek be a good friend and instead of ““bragging”” take them to therapy

No. 1687304

"Your friends must be starving for attention and have low self esteem, if they are to associate themselves with that piece of shit. kek. Instead of bragging, you should be a good friend and take them to therapy."

It's not hard. I'm a dyslexic one level below retardation and even I can fucking string a sentence together. You're making Goiter seem like a Scholar in comparison kek.

No. 1687319

nonnie im so worried about what u have to say

No. 1687362

probs cus mexican moms usually don't speak english as a first language kekekekeke.

No. 1687422

I’m dead.

No. 1687430

I know how to tag and I’m not a new fag I just couldn’t be arsed last night.

No. 1687633

File: 1667017981439.jpeg (38.91 KB, 190x203, 5F3AFA24-670E-44DE-824A-692CF8…)

Lol she changed her icon to the screenshot of her tiktok you took

No. 1687653

That's a photo she posted to instagram

No. 1687690

File: 1667023984968.jpeg (169.87 KB, 1170x708, E113FC01-8713-4DFF-A183-C03387…)

Do you think this was a dig at JC from Layna?

No. 1687725

Probably not, that ugly simp is all up in her comments every photo. Possibly a Layna Stan ITT

No. 1687801

Nonnie if you lived in the real world, you'd know this is just how girl friends talk to eachother. It's not that deep.

No. 1687834

And when we say that too many people in this thread are bitter Jonny stans, we get responses like this >>1685231. When will newfags understand that if they don't post proof, no one gives a shit if their nanny's brother's son's girlfriend's mom is talking to JC.

I'm almost positive the anon is about Taylor, due to "they haven't even been in the same state for weeks". Imagine the milk if Goiter cheated on Layna with Taylor, though, kek.

No. 1687939

From reading this thread, Schizchan and co have single-handedly turned nonnies onto Layna's side. A few other saying they have proof, but provide no proof.

Hopefully it's all about to kick off in Goiter-ville so we can yeet layna and get in a proper Syd 2.0

No. 1688601

File: 1667107772323.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, F8D156BE-BD30-4177-92EF-B1A340…)

There is a girl staying with them, I wonder which one of them she is fucking. Makes me wonder if she’s one of JC’s side hoes

No. 1688616

Considering JC reposted this to his own story where Layna can see, I doubt it’s a girl he’s fucking. I’m sure his gang of moids have their own small trail of groupies. Funny that he sent Layna back to Canada so that he could play COD on his homies couch though kek

No. 1688683

Actually it would be quite smart, especially with all of the allegations and trolling, no one would even believe he’s cheating and he can get away with it. Hidden in plain sight

No. 1688694

Is he even aware of all the cheating allegations?

No. 1688759

Probably I said some shit critical of his looks in like thread 1 or 2 and an "anon" shit themselves responding. Idk if they ever got redtexted but all his friends are here so I don't doubt he is kek. Especially when referring to themselves as "Goiter gang" on his stories.

No. 1688787

I seriously doubt his friends read here let alone post since they're typical dudes. Lil Jon reads here since he's the subject and then surely reports to his friends "you'll never guess the crazy shit these gossip boards are saying about me". Remember when he was walking with Spooky Town's Mayor while reading LC aloud? I'm sure that's why they know all about what we talk about. I don't think any of them care enough about lil Jon to be reading here even occasionally

No. 1688881

"Sent Layna home" lmao have you considered that maybe her trip there was just over? Not everything is that fucking deep.

No. 1688974

That's 100% taylor.

No. 1689035

I highly doubt it too. JC reads here but his posts are obvious and few and far between.

No. 1689232

meth head rambling paragraphs full of shit that could've been said in a few sentences checks out

No. 1689624

I mean I agree with you anon that's definitely why they're aware of this shit for the most part and I doubt the majority of them care but some of the spastic shit posted itt to wk him could only be from the perspective of a friend, fan, or Goiter whichever. That's more what I meant.

No. 1690010

i gave the benefit of the doubt to the anons standing up for Layna because they can see themselves on her being a camwhore/autistic bitch but when someone came in to white knight Major of Spooky Town and that reply was so fast KEK so obviously all his friends came here to see Layna’s nudes and they keep coming because this shit is funny as fuck.

No. 1690114

File: 1667239144085.jpg (20.74 KB, 800x450, ll.jpg)

everytime this anon posts, i lose an IQ.

No. 1690374

Can anyone post the cam vids they keep getting deleted

No. 1690405

No weirdo/scrote.

No. 1690548

File: 1667269920298.jpeg (76.52 KB, 750x202, 92685D4C-2C41-435C-8A87-662B70…)

She changed her bio. Lol she is so edgy and sooo not like other girls

No. 1690578

File: 1667273210871.jpeg (131.92 KB, 828x1248, 9F31D707-F99A-4775-8A99-3B603C…)

Ignorant sped is putting someone in their place haha he’s such mentally deficient moid

No. 1690592

kek I love when people don't want to work with him because he has a little cry baby moment about it on his story.

No. 1690653

>I'm stupid
Kek i appreciate her self-deprecating humor. Shes too good for jenny craig
Also kek, his outbursts are hilarious.

No. 1690660

I honestly don't think they'll last long, she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. I could see her dumping him when the novelty wears off and she realizes she's attached herself to a raging narc/serial cheater/boring asshole. I said this when they first got together to.

No. 1690716

It's been like that for a while.

No. 1690833

File: 1667303090967.png (737.7 KB, 1575x1185, lol.png)

Genuinely thought DGD had brought back goiter for a song hahahahahahahaahha.

No. 1690834

Grammar-chan, shcizo-chan and goiter all fighting for the worlds worst grammar award.

No. 1690838

i used to agree… but my worry is shes been conditioned in goiters world that leaving is getting harder and harder. this is goiter at the end of the day, he functions like a toddler and requires constant validation.

No. 1690847

Once the honeymoon phase is over it’ll all come crashing down and she will (hopefully) wise up. The only broad lame enough to stick around through goiters shit was Syd.

No. 1690850

File: 1667305003658.png (1.28 MB, 1284x2778, 33F73D53-5F35-4DF0-8125-AD7A79…)

How exactly is he putting syd in financial stress? She never had money to begin with. It’s not like she has to pay for anything for the kid. Boo hoo she probably can’t afford to get her nails and hair done and shitty tattoos without his wallet.

No. 1690853

This is so confusing, she doesn’t even have the kid so how would he be financially abusing the kid through her?

No. 1690871

you're probably right.

Syd you have free child care, no outgoings, loads free time and still choose to be financially dead-weight. Don't buy makeup, hair dye, clothes for a month and downgrade your phone. That would probably free up enough money for some nice days out with Storm. Or get a job!

No. 1690884

File: 1667310491481.jpeg (687.16 KB, 1170x1356, A2AB2E33-227A-4F22-B91C-7714B3…)

Wow Lelayna you’re so awesome for letting a child abusing woman beater to play you and use you as a warm hole!

No. 1690887

I kind of had Layna wk in me because of the schizoanons but she absolutely deserves to be posted here for this

No. 1690890

While most girls with morals wouldn’t kiss that dirty mouth if their life depended on it.

No. 1690892

Even girls without morals wouldn’t kiss him. He’s a trash bag.

No. 1690906

nonnas, my friend who loves dgd wants me to go with her to his show at this shitty venue where only local bands play in december. i will be going for the keks and to be an informant. wish me luck.

No. 1690911

its perfectly acceptable to think what the schizo behavior is schizo. WKing is defending moral/criminal behavior. Schizochan and co changed what "WK" mean anyone who isn't as invested as them in Layna. making it easy for schizochan to deflect any criticism of their retarded behavior.

No. 1690912


oh god fuck off Layna. How much money does he spend on his kid I wonder?

No. 1690913

what will you be informing us of? DGD hasn't had anything to do with goiter in a long while.

No. 1690914

the only reason i mentioned dgd is because that's the only reason my friend has any interest in seeing him, because he used to be in the band. and if you don't want milk, that's fine i'll keep it to myself.

No. 1690915

it wasn't an attack nonnie, i was simply wondering what milk would occur for you to report?

No. 1690917

well, from previous threads we've gotten tons of milk - for example him having to read his own lyrics from his phone while singing. i'm hoping something like that (or worse) or maybe even a layna sighting? not sure. either way i'm sure it'll be a trainwreck.

No. 1690918

My misunderstanding nonnie, I thought you meant go to a DGD show! If you are going to a Goiter live show, you are our eyes and ears on the ground!

No. 1690919

the standards are in Hell. was she the ugly girl growing up? you couldn't pay me to get anywhere near this stinky beady eyed fuggo much less put my mouth on it! barf!

No. 1690920

Yeah there really aren’t REAL Layna WK’s. No one has defended her immoral behaviour. Just pointing out/countering retarded nitpicks.

No. 1690922

that's okay nonna! sorry if my wording was confusing. i will be taking one for the team.

No. 1690924

File: 1667314269167.jpeg (766.53 KB, 1170x1315, 6FA0F191-F284-4E96-8764-EE36DB…)

Her insta posts really make it seem like she has a terminal illness and can’t leave her bed. What a pathetic life.

No. 1690926

stand near the front of stage and let off brutal farts.
constantly air-drop him shit on his iPad during the performance.

No. 1690930

Air drop him shit hahaha I lol'd

No. 1690934

this style of living is increasingly common. previous generations house unemployed children whilst they LARP their life is a movie on social media.

I swear you can spam an ipad with airdrop requests if he's got his wifi on. hahahah

No. 1690971


cool mattress

No. 1691120

Layna is streaming right now. She says she's going to Sacramento tomorrow.

No. 1691134

i feel like she was fat or something and her face is really weird shaped and not like her angled selfies also her tits are pretty saggy for a skinny little bean kek

she said that in twitter and nobody cares Lelayna. Just go an live with him already ffs we want some milk

No. 1691140

I'm not Layna dummy LMFAO. I'm not on Twitter at all so I wouldn't know. I only follow her on Twitch and Instagram. You guys sound so stupid when you "hi cow" the most menial shit.

No. 1691141

If it was on Twitter you should've posted a screenshot instead of being an asshole.

No. 1691143

Ngl nonnie she has ridiculously nice tits.

No. 1691147

File: 1667332714537.png (1.02 MB, 792x1426, jowls.png)

Fuck me, I cannot believe you terminally scrote-brained retards are actually gonna make me WK this girl, but she doesn't have the body of a former fatty, and she most definitely doesn't have saggy tits. Don't project, nonnie. She does have chubbier cheeks and this reminded me of a TikTok she posted that at least to me is definite proof she reads here.

No. 1691165

The screenshot was literally posted here 6 hours ago.

No. 1691177

My mistake nonnie, was too distracted by Goiter's face in that post to read the actual text. Thanks for the correction.

No. 1691199

File: 1667336310781.png (1.66 MB, 1350x1579, Capture _2022-11-01-13-38-23.p…)

He probably put a lot of stuff in her name. He did the same with Taylor. I mean at least she showed up for Halloween that's more than The Man Child did. Dude the baby looks just like Jonny boy

No. 1691217

don’t post kids here without blocking out their face

No. 1691253

agreed. he's already had it bad the poor guy.

No. 1691260

File: 1667343461628.gif (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 320x182, 5D627525-DF7C-4183-ABEF-9F2A6E…)

lelayna caldwell saggy tits for u nonnie

No. 1691261

not a Lana wk but if you think her tits are saggy your boobies might be the equivalent to an innie belly button or something, idk what to tell you, they're fine

No. 1691312

Man, what a cute kiddo. It's so heartbreaking to know that his parents are both scumbags. I hope his grandma is raising him well, but I don't know how much hope I have considering she also raised Syd. He didn't deserve to be born into that shitshow because his psycho mom wanted to baby trap his junkie dad.

Probably an anachan thread refugee, or Schizochan changing tactics. Her tits are perfectly fine.

No. 1691319

She’s absolutely out of his league looks wise but tbh they seem like a good match. She’s an emotionally stunted sex worker with no real future plans or prospects. Attractive well adjusted men rarely go for 26 year old cam girls who live at home with their parents and lay in bed all day.
>she’s totally in uni
Prove this random claim or pls stop repeating it.

No. 1691323

Her boobs are great

No. 1691352

even if her tits were down to her knees she could still surely do better than this rat faced bloated ginger midget with fake teeth and crayola marker tattoos?

No. 1691356

Someone posted itt she said during her stream her winter semester starts soon.

No. 1691364

but there’s no proof

No. 1691390

Damn her eyebrows were atrocious here, she really fixed them up.

No. 1691432

The only one with floppers here is Sydney Sag Tits

No. 1691446

File: 1667362565103.jpeg (616.09 KB, 1057x1310, B415D162-3ACE-43B3-945C-7487AD…)

Wow first time either of them has posted with Storm in so long. Syd is looking like Mrs. Potatoe head but poor Storm is so cute.

No. 1691447

For A cups, yeah. They aren’t big but they are nice

No. 1691450

They’re clearly B, maybe even C cups. A cups are almost flat to the torso but hers look like they got some meat to them and it’s distributed well.

No. 1691462

Idc what they are, the fact that JC is spending all this money to fly her back and forth (so he doesn’t get free flights and she’s not his sugarmama like some assumed), when he could be setting aside money for Storm, he should be focused on getting his child back, not on his new flavor of the season. Neither of them HAVE to pay child support right now (correct me if I’m wrong) but it would be nice if they did, send gma money for Storm or save it up but neither him or Syd can be arsed to do that.
I’m not a Layna hater at all but that tweet was obnoxious and could be used in court against Jonny getting him back. Is she trying to brag to us? (The follow up tweet made me wonder if that was her intention) either way I took it in bad taste. She is absolutely wrapped around him and in return, he is showing us she is more important to him than his own son. That’s such an unattractive trait. I couldn’t imagine dating a deadbeat dad, yet Layna thinks the stars shine out of his ass.

No. 1691464

Definitely not WKing goiter because Ew, but how do you know he’s not sending money for his son? Is Storm supposed to tweet about it?
How do you know Syd isn’t either?

No. 1691465

She also said she wouldn’t do OF cuz she doesn’t want to show her butthole to strangers, so you’re choosing to believe what she says? Also, she didn’t have to post the NGL about this but she purposely did and lied

No. 1691466

iirc she said she didn't want her friends and family to see her butthole. OF tends to be different because you're peddling it to the people you know.

No. 1691468

Syd said she’s in financial stress and you and I both know jc doesn’t make enough to fly his gf in and out, send money for Storm, rent, buy non alcoholic beers, vapes, cheap looking “designer shit”, his new van, pay rent and ALL his bills. It’s not like he’s at the top of his music career rn and making money to afford all that. This is just my opinion.

Idk what you meant about Storm tweeting though lol

No. 1691470

Maybe he's selling drugs because idk how he pays for all of this either.

No. 1691471

he may be sending child support straight to whoever has custody of the child and not syd. and syd is probably throwing a fit about not getting that money because of her own warped sense of entitlement. either way she’s dumb for complaining since she doesn’t have custody.

No. 1691473

The fuck does that have to do with my reply about her tits lol.

No. 1691475

I guess her true colors are starting to show.

You still have to pay to see it. It’s not like you can go and google someone OF content unless they’re really popular or am I wrong?

No. 1691477

but Storm is still with Mamma Syd which automatically put her closer to her son.

No. 1691480

How do you take someone excited to see their partner as their “true color’s showing” >>1691475
Even if it’s Mr Pig they’re excited to see.

No. 1691483

and? like i said maybe he’s paying child support to syd’s mom. not syd directly because she doesn’t have custody and that’s why she’s seething. doesn’t matter if she’s “closer”, if she doesn’t actually have custody and only has visitation rights that means she wouldn’t be the recipient of child support.

No. 1691485

The humblebrag about how much money he has to fly her out (she even pities him?) was in kind of bad taste

No. 1691494

Hi, that was me. She said it on stream so I couldn't cap it for you. Sorry,

No. 1691567

I had this tinfoil in my head for a while, especially after Jonny said something about being the last one to see Tim from DGD alive before he died of a fent overdose… however if he were around it that much he prob would have given in and relapsed by now

No. 1691574

The swanposters won’t like that tinfoil lol

No. 1691608

She can’t live with him without being an illegal alien. She’s not American with no job. Also idk how nonnies actually believe she’s in school when she’s been constantly flying back and forth to goiter since what, February? That’s a lot longer than this past semester she supposedly took off. “Maybe she’s taking online classes” you’ll say, but that would still require her to do work. Is there anyone here who actually thinks she’s getting any schoolwork done when she’s around goiter? All she does is lay in his bed and follow him and his friends around. And what schools currently aren’t in session with a winter semester starting soon and not in January? Smells like a bunch of bullshit to me

No. 1691617

>she has a good head on her shoulders
If camming and dating Goiter are the standards by which you judge her, sure kek. She's still too good for him but that isn't hard.

No. 1691622

Nona posted this. To answer your question.

No. 1691639

my broader question is who is paying for all these cows and calves? Funding financially dead-weight people is very expensive. Someone will be covering their water, power, electric, rent, phone tariff, internet, clothing, food, insurance, student loans?

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on someone like Syd and Layna to lay around in bed all day in your house, showing 0% intention of perusing a career resulting in independence. what happened to being proud of not having to rely on anyone? goiter and co don't have foresight beyond 12 hours.

No. 1691659

Wasn’t he bitching a few months back that he “tries to buy things for his son and syds mom won’t accept it” or something? Can’t say I blame her tbh if that’s the case. If you’re not gonna put any real effort into being a father then you’re not just gonna pop in with gifts and act like you care.

No. 1691680

True nonnie. I'm gonna guess that the things he buys for storm are probably retarded branded hype fashion and JC bobble heads.

They expect everyone else to pay for them, but freak out at the thought of doing the same for their own kid.

No. 1691722

i mean, he poisoned his chiOLD so it would make perfect sense as why they don’t want anything from him.

No. 1691853

File: 1667413911920.jpeg (264.42 KB, 828x1531, CC5745ED-9970-48E1-B14D-983653…)

Oh lord… did jonny propose?

No. 1691859

i mean… it's next in the hill billy scum bag playbook. You spawn a child with someone you don't stay with, get restricted custody, then go over the top with proposals to some new chick.

No. 1691862

Lmao i cant wait to see skid explode!!! Common Jonny Boi, be predictable

No. 1691865

are we sure this is about jonny and layna? I’m not seeing anything anywhere indicating they’re engaged.

No. 1691866

could be false milk. couldn't see anything on their socials.

No. 1691886

Only way she’d know is if he told some friends who passed it along to her. It’s probably unrelated, she’s always beefing with every human on planet earth.

No. 1691892

It’s true, because she’s not going to be able to keep flying back and forth too long because of her immigration status and he thinks it makes him look good with all the legal stuff

We should congratulate her

No. 1691916

I don’t believe it. He’d more than likely save it for something big like if she catches him cheating. Manipulation 101. Maybe after this tour of his.

No. 1691925

Pretty sure he’d find an uglier girl in the states before he’d marry her for immigration purposes. Unless he is really out of options here. If he did propose that’s the biggest joke. How many more engagements of his are people supposed to take seriously?

No. 1691947

File: 1667420590636.png (9.47 MB, 1284x2778, 1DF73E29-C4DA-4240-8A99-933F3D…)

I bet he never cleans the things litter box

No. 1691952

cats not peeing in a litterbox is a sign something isnt right. idk jon, maybe its YOU who isnt taking proper care of the fucking cat. moron.

No. 1691956

I’m confused why he does it. Grand gesture manipulation? Does he actually want to get married? I know Syd’s ring was only $400 but that’s still $400 wasted. Whoever he actually marries isn’t going to feel special at all kek.

No. 1691982

He wastes so much flying her back and forth, getting married and having her stay with him would save on all the flights, plus she would be able to work in America and not be financial dead weight. Shit/shallow reason to get married but it logically follows more than marrying some ugly chick just for the hell of it.

No. 1691991

ew this loser spends all his money on flying his girlfriend around but won’t even take his cat to the vet, and probably doesn’t have quality food or litter to keep it happy and healthy. I’m sure the cat is stressed AF by people constantly being in the house and being loud and I can definitely picture this mongoloid hitting or yelling at the poor cat for peeing outside the box

No. 1692018

how typical of goiter, giving up when something stops serving him. stop throwing your clothes on the floor, take the cat to the vet or actually clean his litter box. obviously you're being the disgusting animal here jonny

No. 1692022

That means he is sick or he doesn't clean the litter box enough. These people shouldn't have pets.

No. 1692023

he might use the proposal to get out of a cheating scandal. people like goiter use that as a life line kek. the MOALB (Mother Of All Love Bombs). i think it's probably not true… YET.

What do nonnies think? the cheating scandal then the proposal to bandage it? or the proposal then his sloppy misdeeds are uncovered?

oh for sure. that cat will have stress being around ADHD trap toddlers. if this is how he treats cats, thank fuck goiter doesn't have custody of storm anymore.

No. 1692069

Y'all are saying this cat is sick or it's dirty the cat is not neutered/spayed

That's what catch naturally do when they are not fixed is pee around he's not going to pay to get that cat fixed.

No. 1692078

Now we know jonny and his home reek of cat piss KEK

No. 1692086

maybe he’s marking his territory u stupid loser

No. 1692297

nah that's not always the case. I foster cats sometimes and i havent had many problems with my unfixed males. if i left something down they could use to cover their excrement theyd jump on the opportunity. also, jonny put down some big boy pimping cash on this cat, it would come with a round of shots and surgery to remove his gonads.

No. 1692369

You can really tell he learned from the “best” lmao. Get a fancy breed to brag about your nonexistent wealth, then completely neglect it and half ass the care for it. Then the cherry on the shitty pet owner cake - complain about your special baby’s uwu unique health issue that is actually a big red flag of said neglect which, reminder, is a form abuse in case anyone in his crew feels the need to wk

No. 1692588

Imagine having the cognitive deficit that makes you think it's okay to act like a fake cringey "gangsta" on the internet, in full knowledge that you have no custody of a child because the court system decided you're too much of a danger to be allowed in the childs life.

He talks about haters. What haters? People pointing out reality? Is coming to terms with your reality that triggering that you need to put on a fake accent and act like a tool on social media?


No. 1692597

He’s so mentally stunted and retarded, and due to very moderate amounts of fame can surround himself with yes men AND women who probably also think he’s retarded but talk to him for clout/to feel cool. The ones that actually enjoy his personality are probably also mentally deficient.

No. 1692613

So true. If it was for him doing vocal runs over other peoples music, he'd be a toothless meth addict in a trailer park.

No. 1692647

He’s probably 1 or 2 decisions away FROM being a toothless trailer park addict even with his dentures kek. He was born with an insane talent and it carried him decently far but lack of empathy for others will really come back around and bite you in the ass, HARD, multiple times.

No. 1693060

OK Amanda^(^hi cow )

No. 1693070

learn to tag newfag

No. 1693162

Not Amanda lol

No. 1693270

File: 1667548684417.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3465x3465, 8E523CE4-311C-474B-8A0E-4343C1…)

How is he so obsessed with these filter abusing/photoshopping potato heads. Do men just not care what their woman looks like in irl anymore? It’s all about the online flex? Saged because not milk, lelaynas instagram story that looks nothing like her selfies just triggered me.

No. 1693277

I'm not trying to wk, but have you not seen her cam show photos? She looks the same just less fresh faced.

No. 1693278

Anon… These are like the worst possible examples you could use. You're comparing normal selfies that don't even look edited to grainy pictures that weren't taken at a selfie angle. Also, Jonny is ugly as shit himself so it would be really dumb if he had higher standards. Pretty much all girls online use Instagram/TikTok style filters that totally morph your face, I dont actually think men like this since they're so "anti catfish" and even complain about makeup being trickery.

No. 1693312

Aw no one posted the supernatural tits meme for Halloween . I feel like it should be an annual thing

No. 1693345

File: 1667558968448.jpeg (186.52 KB, 858x689, 584EB20B-8121-4B2F-BD01-50D2C0…)

>How is he so obsessed with these filter abusing/photoshopping potato heads
Maybe because he’s one too? Did you forget these pictures? Also I don’t get what you’re trying to do. I don’t even like these bitches but Syd looks the same in the unedited, her moon face is just tilted up instead of the more flattering down angle, and Layna looks better in the unedited one imo. Looks like less of a child

No. 1693357

File: 1667561262929.jpeg (118.28 KB, 1282x579, 06842C0B-EAF3-4381-8BB8-6762A1…)

I hope this is her throwing shade that she makes more money diddling herself for strangers at home than he does traveling the country to sing after 20 years in the biz loll

No. 1693367

Kek… but seriously layna.. what are you gaining from this relationshit? Aside from the free air travels

No. 1693372

File: 1667563179631.png (211.25 KB, 750x1334, 5D69C953-891D-4FF2-88A6-5B9DC9…)


No. 1693383

Ah yes, her jowls just magically disappeared in the photo on the left. Filter tend to lengthen the chin if it's underdeveloped and smooth down jowls. Her jowls are much more obviously in her cam shows.(sage)

No. 1693400

File: 1667567381068.jpeg (491.76 KB, 1117x615, 2CD5D488-8A6B-4FAF-A4DA-B81858…)

She looks almost identical in the left photo to these stills from her cam show. I see no editing/face warping filter. “Chin lengthening” what in the world are you talking about.

No. 1693408

File: 1667567829093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 3000x3999, 77CC4BAC-379C-4B98-B76E-A6D7C3…)

Sorry to post more of the camming but she does just look like her selfies, save for some really unfortunate candids taken in public. I think Syd does as well.(spoiler this shit next time)

No. 1693528

Lames? Jesus christ goiter, you're adding disability to the list of things you rip on but expect sympathy if it ever happened to you? Retard.

No. 1693547

File: 1667580088960.jpeg (111.43 KB, 750x806, D416FD60-BABF-4A74-A7A9-08D446…)

ok but why does her hand looks like this? why it is so warped? lmaooo

No. 1693551

File: 1667580154440.jpeg (70.6 KB, 750x723, 4385CF37-F72C-478C-8872-8F9CE8…)

No. 1693568

Who the fuck cares? How is this relevant to milk?
Go google digital image processing you absolute spoon.

No. 1693572

Idk anon, it's a very dated but typical slang. People that are slang lame, losers is probs what he means. Very projecty. He probably doesn't actually mean the maimed lol

No. 1693594

what is… smiling? Or saging for that matter. kek

No. 1693612

Skidney must be bored today

No. 1693613

>revelant to milk

No. 1693616

Ayrt was asking how this is milky, analyzing wiggly pussy’s face

No. 1693619

then fucking close your eyes, do you really need to reply to everything that u don’t like? just ignore it like the rest of us

No. 1693638

>complains about "lame"
>says "retarded"
lame. retarded, even.

No. 1693735

Completely different angle and facial expression. I see no warping at all in her selfie, she just has borderline ana-hands.

No. 1693747

I’ll also add the cam screenshot looks older, she could have dropped weight. She’s gotten a tan in >>1693547 and she’s let her brows grow thicker which is more flattering to her face. Unless you think that’s photoshop too kek.

No. 1693939

Kek anon

No. 1694016

I haven’t said a word in days lol. I’m not the one you replied to, I was relaying what they said bc u couldn’t understand?

No. 1694028

i’m sorry i just forget that some of you are newfags that can’t use the term “milk” right

No. 1694035

bitch you’re fast

No. 1694042

She stays on this website and refreshes constantly. It’s the ESL schizo-chan.

No. 1694043

You refer to this post >>1693616 like it’s someone else, but then you reply to this post >>1693619 as if they’re replying to you. I think this nona has actual schizophrenia and forgets which posts are hers or other peoples kek.

No. 1694046

File: 1667607728281.jpeg (92.19 KB, 750x768, 0EE1AAC7-7DE7-401D-9C70-4E8E37…)

i mean bitch is getting in the middle so maybe she could pass that on

No. 1694087

>not a she
not any of the nonnies you’re arguing with but ummm…?
reports post bc scrote
no wonder you can’t use the term milk correctly, you’re a newfag who doesn’t know this is website for women lmao.

No. 1694090

File: 1667609304847.jpeg (66.77 KB, 567x515, C105E6BD-8FB5-4C6D-94C7-A67359…)

> "You refer to this post >>1693616 like it’s someone else,"
>Yessss and?

>"but then you reply to this post >>1693619 as if they’re replying to you."

>Yess again what is the issue here?

Because nonnie… this post >>1693616 cannot be both yours and someone else’s simultaneously…

No. 1694227

Only a scrote would feel the need argue about semantics and hysterically reply to everyone. Classic scrotal behavior. This is an anonymous website not the public agora for you to pretend to be a debator in. Nobody here cares about each others opinions or feelings. We are here to spectate, now quit being a spectacle.

No. 1694290

Can we just copy and paste this every time someone’s in here acting like a dumbass? Because it’s too perfect

No. 1694300

‘classic scrotal behavior’ is my new fave term, thanks

No. 1694535

"Classic scrotal behavior" fucking kek. This is why I love women. Perfectly said, anon.

No. 1694568

Amen. Right next to "rot pocket". Fucking love that term.

No. 1695435

File: 1667763896858.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, C21C972E-CE77-4F51-BE6A-71588C…)

“You fuckin with your life if you call me a bitch” I love that that’s what would set him off so easily, someone please go to his shows and call him a bitch. I love how hard he’s trying to act, like he’d actually do something. But the truth is he IS a little bitch

No. 1695436

File: 1667763981568.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 03C466F4-A7C1-46E9-8104-3870A7…)

I can’t record the story but his gf is equally cringe, they belong together tbh. Both low iq and both cringey and attention seeking.

No. 1695443

Jonny going-on-40 Craig IF someone have to pay for your shit (like someone paid for your teeths) I think that makes you their bitch.
Jonny you are a bitch and even worse: you’re Taylor’s bitch.

No. 1695676

It can't be more cringe than the newfaggotry of expecting us to trust you when you say some cow adjacent is cringe yet you can't even figure out how to screen record

No. 1695752

>It can't be more cringe than the newfaggotry
>cow adjacent
they’re called calves kek are u a newfag too?

No. 1695763

She seems about the same as every other attractive gen Z on tiktok.

No. 1695767

File: 1667806948701.jpeg (188.46 KB, 1170x1180, 170A5D90-F123-47DF-B392-67B7C9…)

I wonder what she thinks of him liking thirst trap content on his “business” instagram supposedly for his music. This girl has face tattoos AND meat on her bones, more his type Layna. Probably why he’s liking her thirst traps instead of spending time with you while you’re in town.

No. 1695794

It’s such a nitpick and I am not the first to say it but her eyebrows are so tragic like…almost Shatna sharpie brow tier. Have BBP pay for some goddamn micro blading and brow serum so we don’t have to look at that mess on top of the rest of the mess kek

No. 1695897

Honestly I feel layna could care less. She is not unhinged and BPD like skidney that will just lash out on every single gross stuff goiter is doing. Plus layna is bi, i say this again but goiter really luck out.

No. 1695926

I think your perspective is a little warped by handmaiden logic cause what self-loving woman would actually be ok with their partner spending all day thirsting over other cam girls? I predict she's got a more silent bpd that's keeping her with the person who's telling her he loves her even if he's a POS. She knows his past, this isn't some uwu bisexual couple thirsting over girls together, this is a woman letting her partner routinely sexually get off to other women. She's a cam girl already and from the clips shows she's clearly super uncomfortable on camera so this isn't exactly painting a picture of perfect stability and sanity.

No. 1695941

Agree. Just because you’re bi and not totally unhinged doesn’t mean you wouldn’t feel some type of way seeing your man like thirsty pics like this. We know she has body insecurities since her post that she has no ass and wants to build one.

No. 1696044

File: 1667847119415.jpeg (44.28 KB, 828x1094, AFB876C6-0D83-47AB-9524-894800…)

Kek did he just unlike the post because you posted it here? I went to lurk lol other anon can you confirm? Or is my app glitching?

No. 1696055

File: 1667848222047.png (857.58 KB, 1284x2778, 3D304A0A-C897-4DCF-ACBC-3ACDB8…)

Still shows on mine

No. 1696088

Smells like eggplants Parmesan up in here lately nonnas

No. 1696114

That girls face is horrifying; I definitely wouldn’t feel threatened by him liking that kek

No. 1696116

once again this comes as no surprise

No. 1696128

implying men care what women look like? men would fuck an ape in high heels and lipstick

No. 1696166

This is a good reason for her not to care. Everything excites men. He has burnt all of his brain cells from drugs and lost all impulse control. Now liking ogres in lingerie on instagram wouldn’t feel that threatening, probably just embarrassing.

No. 1696287

A woman hunting for what her man is just liking on IG is unhinged, jealous Syd shit. Ladies: the model or ho your man liked on social media is NOT a threat to your relationship. Wiggles not caring that lil Jon liked a picture shows she's more secure than psycho Syd and other insecure weirdos that get bent out of shape over a simple like. Jealousy, possessiveness, and hunting down your man's likes is not normal unless you're Stumpy Syd.

No. 1696289

Shut the fuck up, demon. Go be a female cuckold on your own free time, I will blow Nigel’s brains out with a hog hunting bullet right between the eyes.

No. 1696299

NTA but it’s just the truth. You can can ruin relationships being insecure about it or just have hobbies and don’t stalk your partners internet activities.

No. 1696350

You sound like a reddit comment calling someone jealous and toxic because they don't want their scrote bf to be scrolling through instagram and twitter liking half naked ewhore pictures.

Ask yourself why it's a nesicity for men to be allowed to openly thirst and fantasize about the fake photoshopped women on their timeliness (which scientifically do desensitize them to actual irl attraction and intimacy) but you don't see women throwing raging chimp fits calling their boyfriends jealous possessive abusers. It's the biggest lie moids have fed us that their inability to control their sexuality in a monogamous relationship is somehow related to how we feel about ourselves. Fuck yeah I'd be insecure because who the fuck wouldn't. We're out here with scars and stretch marks and uneven boobs with actual human bodies that haven't been edited to fit a scrotes ever changing ideal body. Don't let nonas who huff on massive copium tell you it's YOU who is the problem for not wanting your boyfriend to openly want to fuck other women. It's a natural reaction to feel hurt and all the broken women calling their fellow women "insecure" have felt the same painful sting they've just been brainwashed to believe they're evil jealous pathetic and mentally ill for being hurt by a hurtful thing by their moids and other broken women who've accepted being cucks because it's easier to do that than argue with a man about his porn.

No. 1696352

Kek at the handmaidens trying to convince us their shitty Nigel's behaviour is something we should settle for. The amount of delusional women thinking they're some bad ass bitch for putting up with porn brained male conditioning is genuinely depressing. Inb4 they insist all our Nigels are as degenerate as theirs, or that we'll never get a Nigel as cope kek. Like the least Goiter could have done was like a decent looking picture. But that being said Layna literally shows her coochie to old men on the internet, so they're perfect for each other.

No. 1696359

I actually agree for the most part, but actively stalking your partners internet activities is weird and unhealthy for YOURSELF. Stalking them online isn’t going to make them not cheat on you so what is the point of doing it?You may as well ignore it until they actually cheat if they’re ever going to.

No. 1696370

Lmao imagine thinking if a dude you're dating even likes a photo while he's scrolling (or God forbid glances at someone irl) it's him "openly wanting to fuck other women" da fuq. Newsflash, monogamy is honoring a commitment of loyalty, not losing your attraction to everyone else on earth.

No. 1696374

I think part of the point is, you’re some what dishonouring that commitment by openly flirting with other women via instagram likes. If you’re in a relationship there’s no reason to be reaching out like that. “Look don’t touch” but some could argue that liking the photo is a form of touching.

No. 1696377

Pickmes always out here acting like not wanting your man to like a bunch of porn photo on his public/business account where people can see it and it has his full name/pictures and a DM function in case they actually want to hit him up is equivalent to demanding him to never find another woman attractive EVER AGAIN and keep horse blinders on so we dont to into a homicidal jealous rage when they accidentally glance at another woman. His name pops up on the photo so I guess all of us are fbi level stalkers like syd on this guy's porn habits kek. Pass some of that cope around.

No. 1696380

This is the man wiggly pussy is gonna let break her heart into “a tiny million little pieces” kek

If I had that premise about a relationship I’m in I most certainly would not be in it in the first place

No. 1696440

How can butthole wiggle loves him.

No. 1696756

Or alternatively don't entertain scrotes who behave like that in the first place. I've watched plenty of women use the unbothered queen cope, only to be in tears when he does inevitably cheat like his behaviour didn't indicate that from the beginning. Obviously I don't think you should be stalking his social media looking for something to be upset about, but if he publicly likes porn for everyone to see he's being straight up disrespectful to you.

Yes we get it already, you're not like a regular girlfriend you're a "cool girlfriend".

No. 1697248

Tinfoil but there's no way this isn't camgirl trying to cope. And her "silent bpd" might just be more "anonymous bpd" lol. Either her or some projecting nonny in full cope. Focusing on the fact that these women are uglier than her as reasonable justification for her scrote chosing to follow other women's porn accounts on social media to get off to them is just sad. And obviously delusional too
It's not about being threatened that he'd leave you for one, it's about the action itself, the type of guy who does so, and what it means. This scrote has a camgirl gf yet would rather scroll Instagram and coom to other girls online than her. When they're together and he's horny why scroll Instagram instead of looking at her or fucking her and why would any self respecting woman want that? Plus in his case he can literally coom to her while she's at "work" and use clips or photos of her porn. But no, she's just one part of his endless supply of sexual gratification. She just also has to fulfill his emotional needs as well but seeing as he'd rather cum to other women than her, if one of them stepped up to his self centered and narcissistic standards he'd drop her in an instant regardless of how "unthreatened" she is lol.
Nobody said anything about stalking and it was some nonny who found the picture and like, not camgirl. It's not about the picture itself, you don't need to be hacking your partner's phone to know they're jacking off to other women. There's no way she doesn't know, we're the ones who needed the picture for proof and the original nonny was bringing up the fact to us so now we know and can laugh at camgirl for accepting it. And apparently laugh at the state of some of the younger pick mes on lolcow too now. Stop internalizing what scrotes on reddit claim about needing to jack off to faceless women to live, a healthy, mutually beneficial sexual hetero relationship can exist if women start to love themselves

No. 1697306

File: 1668118770282.jpeg (59.69 KB, 750x1000, 25C667F5-7093-4019-AFE9-F86C02…)

I can’t unsee the comparison now.

No. 1697377

Y’all I can’t get a screen grab because he blocked me because I tried to make a fair point but Jonny is on Instagram live right now crying like a little baby about Tilian getting a second chance in DGD. I’m just extremely confused at what he’s so mad about… did he not get a second chance himself? And he ruined it like he always ruins everything… so how is this different? He’s acting like DGD kicked him out and then didn’t invite him back in. And he’s acting like they kicked him out for no good reason instead of him repeatedly doing drugs and embarrassing the rest of the bad and repeatedly doing horrible things that no decent person would want to be associated with. And then he kept saying things that make it seem like he thinks alcohol addiction is not as valid of an addiction as his opiate addiction? I’m just so confused as to why this little baby man is so upset about this situation that has nothing to do with him? Especially when it’s his fault and his fault only that no one wants to associate with him except for eBoy nobody SoundCloud rappers. sorry for sperging and sorry for not getting a screengrab before he blocked me, totally understand if y’all get mad at me kek

No. 1697402

I’m really sorry to tell you this but every man jerks his dick to many different women. Every single man. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of male biology. Doesn’t mean they want to leave their wives or girlfriends, it’s just part of male sexuality. If they aren’t going out and cheating what’s the big deal. If you think your boyfriend only gives himself a wank to YOUR nudes you’re seriously delusional.

No. 1697410

I just checked and it doesn’t look like he follows that girl anymore, so I doubt Layna was coping in here. She probably got on his ass about being gross. Pickme’s you can go now.

No. 1697429

at least some of them are decent but Jonny drugged his child so he is worth nothing. so lelayna u won the lottery!

No. 1697468

Not “every single man” but alright go off lol

Holy shit this is so inaccurate. Cope harder butthole wiggles

No. 1697472

Does every woman masturbate to different men too? You seem like a doctor with all these facts, so hoping you can give me some insight! /s

No. 1697474

He does this sometimes when certain girls are mentioned here, not all of them, so it makes him look guilty to me when he DOES unfollow them after getting called out here

No. 1697479

Not Layna, just not delusional. Yes every male jacks off to women who aren't their girlfriend, unless they have a low testosterone count. You are the one coping here I'm afraid.

No. 1697482

It's gross but if you think guys only masturbate to the thought of their own girlfriends, you're underaged or slow mentally. What's wrong is publicly liking or interacting with that content for others to see, because it's disrespectful to your partner.

No. 1697483

I have nothing to cope about, my feelings aren’t involved in this in any way. You’re just posting stupid shit like it’s facts when it’s not entirely accurate. So I’m letting you know.

No. 1697485

Samefagging won’t help get your point across

No. 1697492

I don’t understand, no one here has personal feelings involved. You don’t need feelings involved to subconsciously cope about your boyfriend/husband finding other women attractive and occasionally masturbating to them kek. You can be in denial about it but it is a fact. Last response because this is turning into derailing.

No. 1697511

File: 1668136902158.png (740.61 KB, 750x1334, 07440196-2082-4C01-B0AE-68E990…)

He big mad

No. 1697520

Alexa, play “Born to Fail” by Dance Gavin Dance

No. 1697527

File: 1668139773525.png (131.08 KB, 750x1334, ADAF4528-9A06-48B6-BB2F-FB1850…)

I wonder what she did to upset her boyfriend

No. 1697533

File: 1668140608101.png (4.34 MB, 1284x2778, 3B433326-994E-4D4F-BB56-84FB73…)

didn't he threaten to flush taylor’s cat down a toilet?

No. 1697536

File: 1668141841525.jpeg (1005.82 KB, 1067x1919, 23E89E3A-CAC4-400F-80F1-BB72DB…)

No. 1697547

Cry more fatass

No. 1697550

I mean it’s obvious he hates that cat. He was just complaining about the “stupid cat” because it was peeing in his closet.

No. 1697566

File: 1668146042112.jpg (45.74 KB, 719x179, Screenshot_20221110-215106_Ins…)

I love that jonny is still salty 13 years later over not being accepted back into dgd. even his bio

No. 1697568

What about that is related to DGD?

No. 1697571

meant to tag >>1697511
his whole "I'm rusty, still coming back" "anyway come see a REAL one"

No. 1697584

Keep on coping anon, if you cope hard enough maybe you'll convince us too.

No. 1697712

File: 1668174703484.jpg (711.8 KB, 1080x2067, Screenshot_20221111_084307.jpg)

So which scrote convinced you that watching porn and following cam girls and insta thots is the same as having eyes and acknowledging attraction kek?
Anyways back on topic but I'm worried about the cat. Johnny obviously isn't going to take care of it but I'm worried cam girl doesn't give a shit either and looks at cats like an accessory or plaything. This is just one tweet for now but something just doesn't sit right. Probably mostly out of Johnny's history but I worry she won't see anything wrong with Johnny manhandling it

No. 1697765

don’t worry nona she’s just projecting

No. 1697785

hes so real for that

No. 1697842

File: 1668188110051.jpeg (169.75 KB, 828x1479, 6A1A6F48-0BD4-4D61-AF55-7BD34C…)


No. 1697846

BPD queen sydsopsycho. 11/11 is now eggplant awareness day

No. 1697850

Oh nooooo he told us to kill ourselves how will we ever recover kek

No. 1697851

really takes the bite out of the insult when you're too much of a pussy to spell the world 'kill'

No. 1697854

who is this fuckin nobody

No. 1697860


No. 1697863

No. 1697867

Uh, are you selfposting?
I had a feeling there are a lot of unhinged fans.

No. 1697869

Carry on, then.

No. 1697870

with the dgd drama right now there is unhinged fans (and mostly male no doubt because they’re crying for Jonny to be let back in too.) if any nonnies want to discuss this on /ot/ pls.

No. 1697871

That is a threat.

No. 1697872

Why does Layna follow this account? Maybe it’s her alt kek.

No. 1697876

reminder to nonnies there is another guy in dgd called Jon

No. 1697880

Aw, Jonny and Syd were supposed to get married today lolz

No. 1697881

Why do her hands look so wrinkly and dry? And did lil Jon get a new kitten? What is going on here

No. 1697899

See I’m fully convinced the WKs are Layna and this turd. No one else road so hard for any of his other exes. Every time there’s a negative comment there’s replies trying to shut that anon up. Like not a single random person cares to defend cows gfs like these ppl are dedicated to protecting Layna. It’s so painful”t obvious she’s trying to control the narrative about herself in here

No. 1697902

Why are they speaking like we’re supposed to know who this is? “Ik y’all see my tweets” yeah NOW cuz that one was posted in here. Wtf is going on. Layna’s friends are so messy. They obviously post in here, pathetic.

No. 1697924

This IS a self post. Look at the options under the tweet you guys… wow

No. 1697931

An old screenshot? What does that even mean? And you can only see “tweet activity” when you’re on your OWN account looking at your tweets.

No. 1697933

This is the same why aggy and Athena got called out for selfposting

No. 1697934

so u gave it a retweet? okaaaay.

and they post some shit about syd as if she’s still relevant just to clean all the nasty shit layna is. like i’m sorry layna you still have a competition with our BPD queen. i thought he was yours but nobody wants him back anyway.

No. 1697940


No you didn’t? Why does it show you can click on tweet activity? That ONLY appears when you’re looking at your OWN tweets, go on and see for yourself. If you’re not the owner of this twitter, there’s no way it would show the “tweet activity” button, regardless of where you screenshot it.

No. 1697946

File: 1668196773718.jpeg (34.79 KB, 691x377, CDC9A98C-CDFF-4913-850D-43808C…)

You took this from your own account, retard

No. 1697949

So you know them personally? So you’re still a cow tipping retard. Who would care about this nobody screensharing? Layna I’m gonna need you to stop posting in your own thread, this is getting out of hand

No. 1697953

Syd will forever be our iconic bpd queen, lol leleyana wishes

No. 1697957

Yeah nobody believes you. “The owner of the account was screensharing” this random twitter account with 15 followers, who tweeted this months ago? Go be stupid somewhere else. Or don’t, keep being messy and proving that Layna’s friends post in here to control the narrative.

No. 1697963

Yeah I can’t even argue with this retard anymore lol

No. 1697965

This literally makes no sense. Why would you video chat someone so they can screen share their stupid twitter account ? You 100% posted these without realizing the analytics were showing and thought you could make a quick excuse but instead you just look severely retarded.

No. 1697969

It's mindboggling how much better he looked back in the day, holy crap. He actually looks kind of cute? I never thought I'd say that about ol' sausagefingers. Drugs combined with an ugly personality really wrecks a person from the inside out

No. 1697973

File: 1668198089116.jpeg (540.88 KB, 1936x1740, E66148F4-4717-4C04-8AC9-B1D354…)

Not milk but they’re both posting from this same account but only Syd follows. So I wonder who is stalking who? Probably both, honestly

No. 1697976

Jonny was very handsome back in the day. I personally think Taylor was gorgeous as well. It’s sad how drugs can deteriorate your looks, but hey at least camgirl luvs him. It’s on the inside is what counts, right? O wait…

No. 1697978

Yeah Layna’s friends are severely dumb, just like her

No. 1697980

what a weird thing to do

No. 1697994

How come Jonny never posts Layna on his socials? Six months in and NOTHING? He bragged about all of his other exes immediately. No appreciation post? Is he trying to make it look like he’s single so he can get away with more cheating?

No. 1697996

“ik you see my tweets” - a random loser in 2022 who desperately wants lolcow to recognize them so they come in here and selfpost

Like that was so cringe, nobody even knows who the fuck this is. Way to give yourself away, loser

No. 1698013

File: 1668201374630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.08 KB, 1143x678, 99B128E0-B64A-44D9-974C-398160…)

lelaynas butthole for the newfags xo you’re welcome

No. 1698014

File: 1668201391530.jpeg (462.19 KB, 750x858, 0B98E44A-8B54-47DE-860B-7301D1…)


No. 1698023

File: 1668201632055.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.39 KB, 568x318, 9834F73E-B36D-456B-BB19-8B0840…)

I’m crying why did she get a dildo with a ballsack attached LOL

No. 1698035

Y she got old lady hands

they look weird here too >>1693547

No. 1698042

It’s pretty obviously because she’s not a histrionic psycho or an animal abuser.

No. 1698050

Whoever that dgd fan was really triggered the fuck out of schizo anon kek

No. 1698070

maybe she takes long baths KEK

No. 1698131

This is Layna’s friend posting, he just tweeted this. Can we reveal all their posts in here now?

No. 1698142

Fuck off scrote. Shitting up the thread with stupid pictures

No. 1698145

File: 1668212993840.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.74 KB, 180x135, E9B71201-FC60-410A-8B6F-7724C9…)


No. 1698153

File: 1668213679047.jpeg (232.33 KB, 1170x1204, E574032E-75BA-4F3A-B113-432E1E…)

Checked and they were spiralling on her tumblr again.

No. 1698154

File: 1668213858174.jpeg (210.45 KB, 1170x1090, 2F364C2D-8494-4D31-8177-3B2A9C…)

No. 1698178

this is probably schizochan having a heart attack over that fan twitter shouting out lc OR some male from lele’s personal life

No. 1698197

Syd was posted today because she made a long whiney post about not marrying her precious pig, who happens to be the topic of the thread.

No. 1698224

File: 1668221187506.jpg (22.8 KB, 490x625, IMG_1956.jpg)

No. 1698259

FWIW, that's a popular meme page for cookie cutter normie girls like layna and syd. I see random girls and my friends reshare from that page often
He doesnt look bad here considering how grotesque he looks now. Way better than back in the day with his white trash mullet.

No. 1698337

and nobody cares as usual, that’s why u get ignored everytime u post her crazy ass bullshit.

No. 1698351

File: 1668244152099.jpeg (248.81 KB, 1273x1355, AF6918FB-8C40-4C8E-AA93-392F65…)

Shinzochan is such a creepy weirdo

No. 1698363

Who is this “everyone” they’re talking about, they spend all day same-fagging.

No. 1698374

He vowed a while back not to post anything personal on his Instagram, wanting to keep his feed only “professional”. His feed anyway, because he still posts dumbass non professional shit on his story so it makes no sense lol

No. 1698383

He's probably being cautious about having a repeat of Psycho Sydney aka properly making sure WigglePuss is a sane person. and I remember him saying he wanted to go slow and take his time before Syd baby-trapped him so maybe he's trying that for real this time.

No. 1698424

So is this post what triggered camgirl I wonder. Worried about getting animal abuse allegations as a result of living with Johnny? Or is it that a hit dog hollers?

No. 1698427

KEK shinzo abe..

No. 1698430

Lelelayna probably laughs at Schizochan when she visits this thread lmao

No. 1698433

You can put it all in one post instead of clogging the thread with your same-faggotry.

No. 1698499

NTA but weird of you to assume we don't all think schizo anon is stupid as fuck. Is it because that's you?

No. 1698517

lelayna go fix your fucking asshole and leave this thread alone wtf we are so sorry your parents didn’t gave you enough attention but stop, this is really embarrassing.

No. 1698523

i was back and forth on posting or not but I'm literally only the first poster of the three comments you selected. Calm down tinfoilchan

No. 1698525

lmao tinfoil for what? learn to integrate and learn the board culture fucktard

No. 1698540

Who are you even accusing of being Layna Schizo.

No. 1698552

It’s shinzochan now

No. 1698555

File: 1668275120488.png (192.31 KB, 483x625, image (2).png)

No. 1698594

File: 1668279647378.jpeg (157 KB, 828x1717, E25AAF6B-5630-4C42-B0C7-CB1C74…)

Jonny-serial-cheater-craig at it again

No. 1698595

File: 1668279686699.png (309.61 KB, 828x1792, 6AF50776-481B-4A5E-95D2-8E8AF7…)

Sometimes is kinda funny that he still vague post to get syd riled up lol

No. 1698608

He really tries to paint himself like he’s a good partner who isn’t constantly cheating kek.

No. 1698645

i have slurs to say(learn2sage)

No. 1698704

This is, honestly, downright insulting and I hardly give any shits about veterans day

No. 1698716

Ha! Good catch, mybad

No. 1698757

It’s hilarious tbh

No. 1698801

File: 1668313795525.png (326 KB, 750x1334, 9E6E384B-A77C-439E-A85D-D90062…)

O no

No. 1698894

File: 1668339035666.jpeg (395.53 KB, 3264x2299, A0D60E43-34D6-438C-9B65-0232E8…)

Syd’s response with the usual nonsensical hashtag

No. 1698895

This is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever read…like…god he’s just such a fucking loser in every conceivable way. Every time he tries to sound all hard and street or whatever I just cringe down to my soul. Sorry to any nonnas who liked his voice in the past, I never thought it was anything remotely special. He got lucky with a tiny bit of fame and now he’s just this fat washed up disgusting deadbeat dad blimp man. Sage for spergy BBP hate kek

No. 1698918

you are so right for saying his singing voice is nothing special. He is so basic

No. 1698962

It’s hilarious how obsessed they still are with each other. I can’t imagine feeling the need to continue to post things for/about an ex, let alone how uncomfortable that would be for my new partner. If you really don’t care then shut the fuck up and just live your loser lives, retards.

No. 1699061

it’s the chiOLD curse.

No. 1699086

File: 1668362898704.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, A3C4ECCE-DA19-4D79-879E-1D565B…)

Is she mentally five years old? These things could describe ANYBODY, so basic. She really thinks she’s a special snowflake. Just as cringey as her reposting “Aquariusl traits that describe literally everyone

No. 1699094

who cares

No. 1699108

File: 1668364356580.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.85 KB, 750x393, B66193D6-E31F-4FF2-BDAF-79020F…)

No. 1699135

But does a gifted and self actualized person with bpd understand quotation marks? Looks like no.

No. 1699148

Jonny: my socials are only for my music

Also jonny: posts vague threats on social media to his ex..

And the fact that taylor is in good term to this piece of shit and layna continues to date him is insane

No. 1699187

It could be a triangulation tactic; like if his gf is mad, bringing another problem to the forefront could create a distraction that unites them. Std is a willing volunteer who cant help but take the chance to be talked about.

No. 1699228

What annoys me the most is the undone bed. Uncultured cretin.

No. 1699232

kek clearly miss lelayna camwell cares

No. 1699343

Are you talking about what was clearly a typo? Who tf cares

No. 1699418

File: 1668398933774.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1549859013832.png)

>lmao tinfoil for what?
Anon was calling you tinfoil-chan for assuming they were samefagging… which is blatantly obvious to everyone except for you kek
>learn to integrate and learn the board culture fucktard

No. 1699457

>muh empathy
Kek bitch is a sociopath; I doubt she has an ounce of empathy for anyone other than herself.

No. 1699468

having borderline doesn't automatically make you one of the empath/super feeler ones. Also it doesn't matter how much of the empathy part you feel if you're a self-centered person cause you'll end up making the feelings about yourself.
Also I don't think it's exactly out of scope to assume the person who got their kid taken away is likely to be one of the non empathetic ones seeing as she couldn't do the one thing every parent has to do which is put their child's wants and needs above their own

No. 1699599

NTA, but I think they mean how the use of quotation marks in the thing she shared implies sarcasm. Which makes the post kind of funny if read correctly tbh. Like, air quotes "empathy". kek

No. 1699764

Did anyone listen to the iheartradio podcast yet?


Not sure if I want to rot my brain with this

No. 1699769

Is at as juicy as that one interview he just did where he said Syd would break his stuff? Loool

No. 1699830

I'm starting it now but stop me now if anyone is already listening to this

No. 1699879

I’m about 23 minutes in where she’s asking him the inspiration behind his music. He said relationships. That’s what he makes songs about. So it’s no wonder he can never be alone, I’ve never seen this man single for more than like a month or two. It seems like he constantly needs a “muse” to inspire him to write. Layna is nothing more than a muse and they will break up eventually and he’ll move on to the next “muse”. It seems like she’s just a rebound from Syd and Syd is a rebound of Taylor. Doesn’t seem like any of these women are “the love of his life”, he’s just a typical, cliché musician who will run through as many women as possible in order to keep himself inspired.

No. 1699885

File: 1668468926238.png (447.4 KB, 1284x2778, C1E0D4E9-AFAA-40E6-99D9-C2DD3C…)

No. 1699886

Let’s pull up all your dirt Sydney where you are threatening and harassing multiple women, telling them you hope they die, ect. No one should support you either. You aren’t any better so shut the fuck up.

No. 1699889

I love that she still stalks him <3(<3)

No. 1699893

I agree, she’s a piece of shit too. but I do kinda wish she would grow a vagina and expose him

Bless you for your sacrifice, I watched about 10 seconds of the sneak peak on on his feed and immediately wanted to throw my phone across the room

No. 1699896

Why are they even giving this washed up loser a platform

No. 1699897

Haha no problem, I got yall if anything we don’t know comes up

No. 1699902

I wish she would too, I want to know what really happened to get Storm taken. I mean how did the actual fent get in his system. I feel like she’s not spilling because the because the case is still going on, but it that were the case, she shouldn’t be posting stuff like this either.

Eww he just said in the interview he’s growing his mullet back out right now

No. 1699929

Ah shit I started writing detailed notes. Should I post it anyways when I'm done? I'm pretty far in now. The interview seems to be done by a clueless girl who likes dgd. She seems shocked by him being beat up by the band haha

No. 1699952

Yeah go ahead! I started doing the same cuz I didn’t want to samefag. I’ll add to it if I need to. Thank you!

No. 1699954

Imo if its something worthwhile/milky/related to his shitty personality, post away anon! And thank you for your sacrifice and effort, much appreciated!

No. 1699955

Tell. Us. More. Syd.

No. 1699977

It has always been civil until you newfags came in.

No. 1699979

File: 1668473319931.jpeg (265.73 KB, 750x656, F386F857-2383-4DC0-BF33-E02CFE…)

Same anon but I just wanted to post this since the interviewer printed out his Wikipedia page and they are going over the allegations, and I thought the last sentence of this paragraph was funny as fuck. “Advocate for women’s rights” “in recovery”

No. 1700013

>doesn’t sage
>lowercase twitter limit
>it hasn’t like you’ve been here
>can’t sage still and no milky infighting
Kys and, I speak for the masses here, don’t post again

No. 1700016

Yes it was, the quality of these threads has dramatically decreased since Syd integrated. (kidding before anyone spergs).

No. 1700018

it's literally layna's friend that came in here and posted from their own twitter and then tried to backpedal and say they got it from the owner screensharing. they desperately wanted lolcow to notice them so they posted their own tweet trying to act like they were a regular farmer. just report and ignore

No. 1700026

that chair is fucking disgusting and she's just sitting on it with her bare ass

No. 1700037

I mean she’s right but also… YOU supported a child abuser syd. YOU had the power to remove storm from that environment but you didn’t because you cared more about your stupid ‘famous’ bf (who was an active fentanyl user) than the well being of your innocent defenceless infant son.

No. 1700044

Top fucking kek. An advocate for women's rights? That babbling retard doesn't have enough brain cells left to advocate for anything. When has he ever shown any semblance of a personality or interests that went beyond himself? All he posts about is HIMSELF. This is embarrassing.

No. 1700046

File: 1668476526202.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, F6FA46FF-3B9A-44D0-AEBA-4491EE…)

Syd’s looking cute here. I love her natural hair. I wish she’d take out those piercings though

No. 1700048

I think it meant Taylor is an advocate for woman’s rights which is equally hilarious, but I see the confusion since it was posted here. Her thread is dead anyway unless she actually comes back to YouTube this week

No. 1700051

That knee is working overtime to shape those eggplants.

No. 1700057

Kek I think Syd is finally going to fully unravel.

No. 1700088


“If they want me they can come to me, I'm clean now I'm on top of my shit” I have this interview on 1.8 speed and he just started sounding normal towards the end. This man is high as shit

First says that he wrote all the lyrics and the melodies, when asked if it was collaborative at all he pulls a total 180 saying that he just came into the studio and did his shit (I think he means he just came in and sang what was given to him). Then says that the current singer does so as well I guess to make himself look better?

Says he was kicked out because he was an asshole and on a lot of pills and his band was fed up after long tour with him. Then acts like it was because he was 20 seconds late to a set. He's explicit about pills here and never mentions during the interview when he transitions to something harder.

The night he was kicked out he recalls being distracted in the merch area and then hearing the first song of his set turn on. Emphasises he was “only 20 seconds late” to starting the song which is doubtful from the distance and when he started running. If that was even when the set was supposed to start. Tries to convince us the drugs didn't affect how he sang at all. Brings it up multiple times throughout

Jumps the story to when they're back at the bus and says that their merch guy was bitching him out, he says he responds with telling the guy to cut the shit and to get out of the front seat so he could whoop his ass

The tour manager then jumps in, Johnny says the guy was up in his face and wasn't having any of “that”. Johnny says that was the moment he quit the band. Absolutely no remorse for his actions upon recollection.

Name drops Tina from Of Mice and Men, vaguely mentions a label owner who was a shady dude, and a couple of friends who he hung out and did drugs that night with. Again being sure to mention pills, nothing else

The next morning they invited him back to the van, shoved him out and then started beating his ass. He said he accepted it and just kind of laid on the floor covering his head. They said don't come back to California after a couple of kicks and left in the van


Since he had no money, when the bus left he was stranded in New Jersey. He mentions that he was homeless and living on band members’ couches in California anyways

He called rise who told him he could either start his solo stuff or move to Kentucky and join a band that didn't have a singer yet

Says he listen to the band, didn't really like it, but stayed with them for either four, three, or two years before they started touring trying to give the impression it was years of him working with them to better their sound. Connecting the dots with later in the interview it seems they wanted to be a screamo band and he didn't want to to scream but stayed with the band anyways. I guess this is his mental justification for it

When asked about the experience, “weird”. Elaborates saying they were really sheltered, polite gentleman who lived with their parents, and he was wild and didn't have much connection with his parents. Says he was sober during this time until they went on tour. Ends now with saying the experience was great

First claims the difference in opinion on screamo versus singing was the reason he left but then when the interviewer asks if it was drugs he admits it. By drugs he means the computer incident

>Computer incident

Rise cut him off because they said they felt like they were enabling him so he quickly went to sell his shit. Fully admits he stole the money for drugs by the end of the story

Claims he only responded to the first of 31 who emailed him about the laptop, claims the rest just sent him the money too regardless of having not receiving a response. Muddles over the fact that he didn't send the money back. never explains why he never sent the laptop before going on tour and memes about where it went. The Facebook group is made and he's confronted on the issue on tour, bold-faced lies (laughs about it during the interview), sent to rehab.

Happy they gave him one last show on tour before kicking him out and sending him to rehab

Admits rise paid everyone back and kept his ass out of jail but acts like this is proof that he's the good guy since they got it back

>After rehab

Claims slaves is still a thing with music on the way. He's the only member left.

Claims his relationship problems are more in-depth now that he's off drugs

Doesn't remember much but knows he was kicked out of Ambrosia post rehab and worked with dgd because the album came out during this time. He thinks it's a shame he doesn't remember because it was a good album. Got into drugs right after rehab

The interviewer and jonny laughs about the fact that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but admits she used it as her only resource for doing her research on Johnny. Justified it being her only actual source because she double checked the citations and disgarded what she didn't like.

>Losing custody of his son and “getting sober”

Can't legally talk about getting sober, but it's it's related to losing his son

Told he had 2 months to show results so he called his counselor and apparently decided outpatient in favor of inpatient because he felt outpatient wasn't strict enough.

Brags about the fact that he apparently had the highest levels of fentanyl they had ever seen in a person on check in

Claims grief is the reason he started using and now he's better cuz he's taking it slow with his therapist.

It's worth noting he sounds High

>2015 Warped Tour

Claims it was exclusively related to a verbal contract to not drink or do drugs and says he’s not sure why it's also a sexual harassment issue because there was no sexual anything then elaborates on it later. Claims he wasn't on drugs at the time but also that he ever agreed to a contract. Says that warped tour hands them water and beer every morning and says he wasn't going to turn down free beer as his excuse for drinking it when told he could have said no.

The sexual harassment in his description was a girl made uncomfortable by his crotch being put in her face at a party because she was apparently used to nicer people in bands.

Warped Tour puts whether he stays or leaves to a vote, him and the girls say their peace. He admits the girl was truthful about the event, he said in his time that he needed to be at Warped Tour and that he would be worse if he wasn't there. He doesn't seem to realize that he must have been abusing beer at the time and thinks that by not using drugs he wasn't bad despite everyone around him telling him that he needed to go home and get help. But maybe he does considering the “getting worse” part

>Abuse and assault

Didn't read the sexual assault or rape allegations. Him admitting his part in those toxic relationships is him stating he was high, cheating on his girlfriends, and wanting his girlfriend's to accept their responsibility in knowing he was addict and wouldn't be a Prince Charming when they got with him. Later in this interview it's clarified that being high is synonymous to him with acting shitty so every time he says oh I was high he means abusive. Him and the interviewer justify it as nothing personal because he apparently wasn't caring about his own feelings either but he immediately after admits it was selfish. Then reiterating that he said and did shitty things while high. Him and the interviewer laughed saying girls should just stop dating him and let him focus on himself. Sucks to be cam girl kek

>Battery charge

Claim syd broke his PlayStation a couple of times before as justification for shoving her in front of her mom because she was screaming at him when he came over to grab it after the breakup. He justifies it like any abuser justifies the start of physical violence

Doesn't plan to start watching what he says

Interviewer thinks 80% of people are fans and just in hiding, Johnny seems to agree

Says he'll work with anyone who will pay him even if they don't sound good, for the love of the scene

I'm sorry for the time took, had a thing happen in the middle of this and using voice to type

No. 1700090

Fuck it formatted terribly from my notes app and I didn't double check. Sorry nonnas

No. 1700092

Syd enables child abusers. Fucking gross.

No. 1700097

ily nonny

No. 1700099

Glad to know that he is still has 0 awareness and accountability. Can’t wait to for the layna drama unfold.

No. 1700103

Never forget that she moved 2 hours away from her son with him to Sacramento after they lost custody. She spent that whole time harassing women in their DMs for "breaking up a family" because she thought every like or comment was him cheating. Even filmed him nodding off just to send it to some random "you can keep him". She knows what she's done.

No. 1700222

File: 1668491238935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1242x2371, 581FB240-7ED9-4282-A2CF-151353…)

Honestly, going back and reading the last few threads, knowing now for a -fact- she lost custody, is actually funny but also a-log worthy.

Sage and spoilered for old milk

No. 1700253

File: 1668497433173.jpg (23.56 KB, 704x728, download.jpg)

AYRT. Oh, you're right nonny, should have read that more carefully! I mean, it's true though, how has she been an advocate for women's rights in any way, shape or form? I mean, she even took down/privated her Jonny video.

Feeling like picrel when it comes to Syd. Idk why she hasn't gone full scorned woman yet, has to be some legal reason.

You're such a trooper! Thank you for this!

No. 1700289

"Claims slaves is still a thing with music on the way. He's the only member left."

i died laughing at this.

esp bc i listened to the interview and wtf does he even mean? he said he's putting out a single when asked about slaves, but that band literally changed their name and he didn't mention anyone from rain city drive joining him. then he went on to say "im always putting out solo stuff" and he has a project called U Fail Me with "20" songs on it, with all the other soundclout dudes. what did he mean by working on a slaves project? is that the new single? doesn't make any sense


finally the mods do their job. they already broke rule number 9: don't selfpost talking about yourself in third person. shouldn't be hard to see what posts belong to them now that you got the original ones.

i got a ban for putting a heart and this dipshit is getting away with a lot more. i know its not "serious" but we can all agree we don't appreciate people shitting up the thread

No. 1700304

yeah idk why they it happen for so long hahaha

No. 1700352

File: 1668519722196.jpeg (172.2 KB, 1282x847, E8821062-24D1-4D09-A3DC-867D68…)

He’s trying to make slaves a thing again. Probably because he tattooed it on his face like a retard. Or thinks it’ll rope fans back in. I personally find it disgusting that the band purposely changed the name to be respectful and Jonny used that as an opportunity to reclaim it. Trash thing to do.

No. 1700404

Why is he suddenly clinging so hard to Slaves? Slaves sucked, and I’m not just talking about the name. Also no one cared/cares about them like they did/do DGD, so what fanbase is he even trying to tap into by reviving Slaves? Can’t just be because of the tattoo since he has no problems covering up all the women he’s gotten tattooed on him

No. 1700481

He's trying to change the narrative. If the band changes their name and he claims he's slaves, then how could he have been kicked out?! & if he can convince his next lay this, then convincing them that DGD also didn't kick him out gets easier.

No. 1700784

File: 1668555674328.jpeg (636.67 KB, 1284x1906, E25C3AEA-5549-4520-840D-7DCF04…)

I don’t get why she says she rubbed us the wrong way. Girl, you’re dating a serial abuser. You are only rubbing us the wrong way because you’re acting like he’s done nothing wrong. She seriously can’t be this clueless right?

No. 1700795

The anon who sent the anonymous paragraph sounds like one of the fags who were defending her in here. That or one of her orbiters who we already know visit frequently read the shitshow and accidentally regurgitated the exact same talking points and verbiage. Also, Jonny is human garbage but what's new?

No. 1700823


Just catching up and amused by the quotation mark misuse changing the tone of syd’s sad BPD post, and this anon’s use of them under TND‘s Wikipedia. I wish I knew how to edit Wikipedia cos I’d be adding those quotation marks on there exactly how Nona did here kek

No. 1700828

she’s autistic that’s it

No. 1700943

This is just Taylor stalking Jonny's new gf.

No. 1700957

File: 1668569307832.jpeg (309.31 KB, 750x681, 03FB0705-BFF9-4BE9-B210-EC8373…)

No. 1701041

yeah im not buying that, especially when he posts shit like this >>1698595

he hasn't posted her because he wants to look single, and he wants to get away with more slimey behavior. i would definitely feel some type of way if i was posting so much about my SO on twitter, IG, tumblr, and he can't even throw in a random appreciation post about his girl he's been with for 7 months now? seems like a one-sided relationship. also it will make the inevitable break up easier, no need to scrub his socials when he treats layna like a mistress he's trying to hide

cue jonny posting her shortly after reading this to make her feel speshul

No. 1701046

I mean it's not like Layna's posting him either? They eachother on their stories on ocassion, but they've never been in eachother's feeds.

No. 1701062

Yes she is. On ig and twitter. Go and look

No. 1701070

He posts about gfs and it becomes "pathetic and needy". He doesn't post about gfs and he's "trying to look single" while sharing stories about his lady coming to visit. Instead of reading the drama and waiting for milk, anons are so emotionally invested in their hate over a guy none of us know irl that they're foaming at the mouth reaching for any reason to hate on him. I get the feeling like anons are super jealous of Wiggles, especially schizochan. Newsflash: lil Jon is ugly. No need to seethe about a guy we're all speculating about.

No. 1701116

I think nonnies fail to understand he’s also 36 years old now and for the first time, actually sober. Changing the way he handles relationships might be a positive sign over a negative one.

No. 1701193

Sorry anon, I am leaning towards the other no-proof anons that are saying jonny are still sliding into other girls dm while dating layna holds more truth that jonny-serial-cheater-craig has turn into a new leaf sober. His interview still fills with narcissism , 0 remorse & still blames drugs for his past actions. This will all burn up in flames in no time, you’ll see

No. 1701198

He’s probably being slimey but I doubt that’s why he’s not as open about his relationship. He had no problems cheating while publicly posting about his past girlfriends.

No. 1701199

Idk anon it sounds more like Sydney cope to me. Remember when she would take his phone and post those long posts about herself and their love? Maybe when I’m feeling less lazy I’ll go back through the threads and find it but it was hilarious and weird. He didn’t exactly post of his own will.

No. 1701234

he’s doing an amouranth, trying to look single to increase his appeal to desperate randos
also, “it wasn’t me, it was the drugzzzz” is a lame stance. you took the drugs, they didn’t leap out of an alleyway and mug you.
“i made a lot of bad choices, starting with using drugs, which helped me make worse choices” would be a mature person’s reflection on that

No. 1701241

We don’t need to reach for a reason to hate him. There’s plenty. One year of sobriety does not cancel out 15 years of mysogonistic behavior that he has hardly ever been held accountable for. He’s not a changed man. He still thinks he’s god and that women are all his hoes/bitches/whatever. He still chooses to fuck off with his loser friends over fighting for more time with his son. As a woman and parent it’s definitely possible to hate someone you don’t know based on those facts.

I agree that one or two anons are wildly jealous of Layna, but I think most of us are just frustrated at her lack of common sense/ self respect. I don’t hate her and don’t give a shit if she wants to show her body to men for money, I just wanna shake her and say “wtf are you doing throwing your life away for this beady eyed rat looking motherfucker”?

No. 1701252

File: 1668610479953.jpeg (231.32 KB, 1170x1170, D2718FA6-9583-4FF4-A8F3-B69BCD…)


No. 1701255

File: 1668610668279.jpeg (707.57 KB, 1170x1987, CF033081-2781-4751-876B-FBA258…)

No. 1701273

Omfg schizochan can you stop cowtipping (not you op if you’re not her)

No. 1701279

does Layna really needs to send herself those ask just to clarify whats being said here? pathetic.

No. 1701280

not schizo anon but it seems like she's saying he doesn't post her because SHE doesn't want him to? "i'm not like that, i hate pda"

anyway barf at all of this. her defending him is disgusting to me.

No. 1701281

Anon you are retarded. I suppose you think schizochan is herself?

No. 1701283

you call schizochan to everybody shitposting so you’re saying schizochan is one person? what’s your proof? stop speculating about anon /s

No. 1701284

sometimes i think she does… also, just a tinfoil, but ive been wondering recently how her "ex" found her lolcow thread and knew the exact day she was flying out to be with him, and part of me wonders if it was really her just selfposting about it all along. she might be crazier than we think.
her blatantly lying on the internet already "bruhh i just got fired" = when she never had a job to begin with, it's just weird. who does that? ever since then, i've wondered if the very first posts about her were written by her all along.

No. 1701291

lmao she wrote this under it:

tagged: +I’d also like to add that none of his past relationships have worked out so why would I be upset that it’s different with me? +I would hope it’s different with me

No. 1701292

i'm so over this bitch. she's dating harvey weinstein and wants to act like she's not trash herself by associating with him.

No. 1701298

There’s enough schizo’s in here (one who name drops her grandmother) for me to believe she doesn’t send this stuff to herself.

No. 1701315

File: 1668616882108.jpeg (221.21 KB, 1170x1028, 2803437F-EEB7-4E44-9842-D4E40B…)

So deep in denial.

No. 1701318

I really hope it’s just her sending these to herself and not cowtipping tards because that spoils the milk

No. 1701324

I definitely think it's just tards. schizo-chans been flooding her inbox with messages saying jonny is cheating on her. these new asks have pretty much the same narrative, except now schizo is taking tinfoil from lolcow and using it as new fodder to get at layna.

No. 1701343

Stop posting your stupid anons here, just because layna isn’t giving you the reaction you want doesn’t mean we will. You stay on her tumblr and in this thread claiming he’s cheating saying you have proof but refuse to post it because we all know you don’t actually have any proof. It’s really suspicious you’re so intent on trying to break them up, Jonny dating the retarded Canadian isn’t effecting your life in anyway. Let it go girl.

No. 1701344

Shinzo Abe chan just looks more and more pathetic and psycho. Let the milk naturally flow

No. 1701356

File: 1668621497792.jpeg (138.46 KB, 1170x837, CC28536A-6D54-4A7C-AE9D-77E66B…)

No. 1701358

File: 1668621618851.jpeg (397.98 KB, 1170x1993, 0ABDD101-FFA9-43F8-8A82-344569…)

No. 1701378

Shinzo Abe chan is a cow too if she really has screenshots or whatever. Watch her be an ex whore of Jonny’s.

No. 1701393

Kek I hope it’s real and Schizo chan becomes his next maiden. It’ll be milkier than Layner.

No. 1701421

if Layna is so smart and so over our bullshit why does she engage with all this tumblr fuckery? that says A LOT about someone.

No. 1701424

I don’t understand it either. Even I think she’s above entertaining this dumbass. It seems she made a tumblr solely to communicate with Jonnys haters at this point.

No. 1701427

Yea, i guess thats better than coming to the thread to fight.
I wish she would dump him and move forward. Hes not a catch, and hes a shit parent and its all been documented in the threads. We know she reads here; i am curious how she can rationalize it

No. 1701487

To be honest I feel like schizochan is very skidney. Fact that she hasnt done anything publicly to thrash layna so far is telling me she is doing this all on tumblr and pretending she is a farmer. I dont believe there’s a boring cowtipping anon that would be that free to harass her on a regularly basis. Also the cam shaming anon >>1701252 and >>1701252 feels very syd? Like the only retard that would believe jonny ever loved skidney is only her alone imo. Kek

No. 1701488

It’s 100% syd.
1.they are clearly emotionally invested enough to spend their own time trying to break them up, syd is absolutely obsessed with Jonny.
2.they’re spending a stupid amount of thier own time doing this, syd is unemployed, constantly online, and has no life anyways.
3.the writing style from the last sperg out on laynas tumblr
looks verbatim like some of the vile sassy texts syd sent Jonny’s female fans.
4. she’s literally psychotic and has untreated BDP, let’s not forget she pretended she lived with her son for like a year after he was taken.

No. 1701492

No thats fair view on this when it comes to syd, I guess I m clouded with his love bomb era with taylor which at the same time he has also cheated on her even though taylor is financially owning his broke ass and was probably the best cash cow he ever dated. My tinfoil is jonny is still trying to find a better/dumber girl out there as he always does

No. 1701510

I really believe at least one of the schizo’s is Sydney as much as I hate to “hi cow”. It’s just to obvious for me to ignore.

No. 1701520

oh look everybody! it’s the “emotionally invested” anon

No. 1701521

you know more than 1 person can use the same term right. Also it’s not a stretch because this cowtipper/schizo chan is annoyingly obsessed with layna and just getting spoiled milk

No. 1701566

Yes but schizo anon keeps using the words "vitriolic" and "vitriol", and I just don't think Syd is smart enough to know what that means.

No. 1701572

I think schizo uses those in reference to the anon CALLING schizo vitriolic ect.

No. 1701607

Thank you for double clarifying

No. 1701612

repost due to being a retard and forgetting how <less than >greater than work

that and after gifting a complete nobody like syd 13,000+ followers by tagging her and posting her, maybe jonny is thinking twice about leading his fan base to future partners.

not a wk, it just makes more sense to not advertise your normie >300 but now >800 follower partner to 100,000+ frothy-mouthed fans and haters.

only clout chasing girls would consider it a huge offense to keep their relationship more private on his ig, but most celebrity types don’t post their non-celebrity partners much as a way to protect them from harassment which, layna is obviously already getting from us already. really can’t blame him. she probably wants him to post her cause she’s trying to be a twitch/tiktok star, but i think he should be careful about it and she should earn her own following.

learn from your lesson with syd, jonny. if shit with layna doesn’t work out, the fanbase that follows her will be exposed to the side you want to hide during a breakup.

No. 1701647

His negligence equated to the removal of his child due to fentanyl ingestion and Lanya is the camwhore who's dating him. What's there to like and/or be jealous of? You might know how to sage but it's obvious you're new.

No. 1701648

This was exactly my thought. He basically gave a psychotic woman who now hates him 13k followers of his own fans. Now she can post things like this >>1699885 to them.

No. 1701664

Personally I'd rather the shit bag make the exact same mistake and would prefer you don't give him solid advice kek. I do however wish farmhands still outed people because the schizo-chan is most likely Syd at this point and the milk would be glorious.

No. 1701674

I also want to pitch, maybe one of the schizos is she who shall not be named athena because she's been awfully quiet after a huge meltdown a few threads ago

No. 1701683

File: 1668642852936.jpeg (528.52 KB, 1170x1924, 06821FC0-A61B-4D3B-8E7B-D096D4…)

Kek Layna reposted this story his buddy posted of the two. Betting now JC will ignore his precious camgirl.

No. 1701702

why would it be glorious? low self steem pathetic grown ass women fighting for some deadbeat dad? what’s new? do you live in the real world or just behind a screen honey?

No. 1701705

See the end of this post >>1700088
>Him and the interviewer laughed saying girls should just stop dating him and let him focus on himself
You talk as if he literally isn't belittling women trying to date him "while he's not better yet"
in interviews right now while dating her. He's already got the excuse ready for him being a piece of shit if he isn't being one already
Also there's no way he's sober from that interview. Actually listen to 30 seconds of this man trying to swim in his mush brain to create a full sentence. I don't know if you're a former DGD Jonny Stan or what but this man isn't better on any level and is literally telling us everything in plain English except his lack of sobriety which isn't hard to tell

No. 1701709

do you know where you are

No. 1701710

It sounded like an obvious joke about women trying to date him while he’s struggling with addiction, however right now he’s claiming sobriety so it doesn’t really follow that he’s talking about Layna.

No. 1701717

>Skidzochan… Schizochan…

No. 1701751

File: 1668649102627.jpeg (452.09 KB, 1284x2432, 7E2819C1-5597-479C-8D84-C36916…)

the way this idiot wears his beanies over his hood is so lame

No. 1701754

Looks like a baby bottle

No. 1701826

Thanks for making me spit out my water anon wtf kekkkkk omg

No. 1701915

Do I really have to explain the concept of milk on the farms in a literal cow thread?
Go back

No. 1701916


No. 1701925

Omg kek.. petition to make skidzochan as the official term for cow-tipping tumblr anon?

No. 1701926

Hahaha!! Lmao anon i m dying from that comment - A literal man-child milk bottle. God he is so embarrassing and fugly. I hope he gets run over by herd of cows (lul pun intended)

No. 1701966

She looks like his child. Idk his head compared to hers is huge.

No. 1701967

Every time I see a message from tumblr schizo I think of The Watcher tv show letters. Equally cringe and weird

No. 1702020

Am I a bad person for hoping this is true

No. 1702021

I’m wondering if this person is going to end up editing screen shots and that’s why they’re taking so long to drop them. Would be kind of hilarious either way.

No. 1702031

Schizochan has been kinda quiet now. It will be hilarious if she was revealed to be an ex of Jonny’s kekk. She is literally only making herself look worse. The obsessive reposting of Layna’s can shows, obsessive full name “doxxing”, i wonder who it is.

No. 1702073

At least whoever it is is making this saga entertaining. Where would we be without schizochan? Nitpicking Layna’s jowls probably.

No. 1702102

or her asshole and her steak hanging ew

No. 1702107

Only an incel scrote would make fun of a woman for having an outtie.

No. 1702187

oh, you sweet summer child

No. 1702206

Tbh a decent part of most threads consist of nonnies making fun of the nitpicky-est thing about cows. If you’re brave enough to show your whole taint area, lolcow is probably going to intensely critique it kek.

No. 1702233

No one mentioned anything about bellybuttons r u ok?

No. 1702254

That's not what they meant by "outtie"

No. 1702433

Normally yes I would agree, but when it comes to cows and calves that show off their genitals, it’s going to happen and you should expect it. Same with Syd and her eggplants.

No. 1702602

File: 1668741966160.png (2.46 MB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20221117-130407.png)

Looks like the circus is in town

No. 1702639


The played-out Balenciaga sock trainers from 5 years ago are really what tip this corny outfit into the abyss. Also this man is FORTY.

No. 1702667

It's baffling to me how this man manages to get girlfriends looking like that in the first place. Granted, they're no prize but still. Have some self respect ladies please!

No. 1702708

Is the fake gold chains and watch for me… kek..

No. 1702806

Haven't checked this thread in a while, is he still claiming to be sober? He's got the weird puffy fingers and face he gets whenever he's on heroin. Not clean shaved though. He looks worse than last time I saw him, the filters can't even hide how sick he looks, and why is he covering his entire top half with a sweater when he's wearing shorts? Covering up his arms/track marks?

No. 1702814

He's definitely not on opiates. But the answer to your questions is because he's a clown

No. 1702827

He’s hideous kek. I’m shocked Layna is so blinded she can look past that ugly mug.

No. 1703072

Wears DH Gate designer clothing as he stands here waiting for a bus kek

No. 1703301

Kek, the disproportionate hugeness of that gaudy chain only makes him look smaller.
Seriously, it messes with the sense of scale and makes him look actually miniature.

No. 1703338

How many fake instagrams yall think Skid has?

No. 1703350

He’s just tiny. That’s why Syd was perfect for him, she actually made him look regular sized kek.

No. 1703352

File: 1668824803787.jpeg (382.98 KB, 1090x1928, 916BE723-2C4B-4E1C-AB07-A9B8F0…)

Syd’s story 1 hour ago.

No. 1703380


No. 1703395

File: 1668830898736.png (50.37 KB, 449x381, Untitled.png)

i don't wanna be THAT person but i feel like she might have sent this one to herself, seriously look at all the love for jonny in this post about him being a "changed" man. it's centertainly not a farmer, because nobody here believes that. keep in mind she did say in another question that this time is "different" with her.

No. 1703421

Can someone send me 50 bucks for the money i just spent on the 4L hoodie

No. 1703422

why is his chain clipping thru the strap of his bag

No. 1703440

>why is he covering his entire top half with a sweater when he's wearing shorts? Covering up his arms/track marks?

California autumn is mid 60s. Sweater and shorts is a normal thing to wear this time of year. What’s not normal is looking like the fucking Lamisil monster. Dude looks like he has rickets.

No. 1703455

No one likes Goiter this much. Occam's razor makes me feel like you might be onto something kek.

No. 1703467

Keep at it, I hope your money keeps funding his drug addiction and he dies very soon

No. 1703483

I think she disabled asks on her blog now.

No. 1703535

How much you think Syd paid for that jewelry on Poshmark lmao

No. 1703587

the extra length of the strap, the free end that comes out of the buckle, is flapping over the hideous chain

No. 1703590

Syd I’m begging you, come spill the milk. You don’t owe him shit and what’s he going to do, sue you? With what money, dude can’t even afford pillowcases.

No. 1703593

I wish they both would tear each other apart but I guarantee they can’t because of their court case. They’re looking at jail time. Wait until their case is over with and I think it’ll happen.

Syd came close a couple times and deleted quickly. She can’t help herself.

No. 1703620

He does just up thread. He's pushing a clean image hard for someone who talks like they're on half speed and covers up suspiciously as you say
The narrative that he's bettering himself and honestly admits his wrongs is delusional. Never once does he admit his wrongs. The best he has done is admit he "was" an addict and claim the drugs made him a bad guy like the Mr. Hyde potion and still manages to blame those he hurt for being close to him while he was on drugs. He's changed shit. Even if he was clean he's not sorry

No. 1703734

this exactly

No. 1704286

Remember this post from this interview? Exactly the same as this most recent one. His answers = no accountability, still an arrogant sociopath. I don’t believe him for one second when he says pushing Syd is the only violent thing he’s ever done.

The man has not changed, anyone who thinks that is Layna, because she wasn’t around for the years of all his shitty actions. He’s playing the fuck out of her. And she is delusional for thinking she’ll get treated different.

No. 1704358

File: 1668922563325.jpeg (1002.76 KB, 1242x1466, E4AC3A8E-F6AD-4E85-8682-150479…)

Looks like all those messages about him cheating (not that they were believable) has made Camgirl feel like she needs to show off to the haters on her Instagram, she’s totally unbothered yet posting thirst traps on her page/timeline every day to scrub the evidence that she once looked like this.

Now she looks like every other girl JC has dated. I remember Taylor drastically changed her looks for him too. She’s so vulnerable and in denial and this will not end well.

No. 1704363

File: 1668922808659.jpeg (131.93 KB, 828x1696, 35A626D0-4B51-4C08-94F2-D1236E…)

Kek goiter chicken-leg craig that would do a FT for 5 bucks thinks he is making money lmao. i’d be surprise he is even pulling minimum wage

No. 1704364

What’s with Layna allegedly stabbing someone?

No. 1704365

>scrub the evidence that she once looked like this.
>posts photo of average looking girl

Kek I think if she was really bothered by that photo she would just…delete it? Idk what you’re trying to say honestly but your stupid post gave me a hardy laugh

No. 1704368

He really likes yelling about this to no one in particular…lol.

No. 1704389

File: 1668925277122.jpeg (409.96 KB, 828x1292, 5FADF46C-0ABF-4275-A7CE-0BAD7F…)

Kek i think nonnita was gonna post this pic..

Also >>1704358 do you just have like a folder of layna’s pics? Thats weird lol

No. 1704427

Its mad cause REAL successful musician with REAL money don’t need to constantly hype themselves up like this.

No. 1704444

You have no reading comprehension then, it’s simple. That’s a photo of her normal dorky self, yet she scrubbed all her pictures and now it’s just her dark emo lolita sad girl look posting thirst traps

No. 1704445

No it’s on that thread with the post of Layna stabbing someone. Thread 14 or something

No. 1704484

Kek exactly. Big Boi Blimpin’ runs his mouth constantly about how successful he is precisely because he isn’t. Who knows maybe he’s trying to manifest lmfao

No. 1704553

News flash you can make all the money in the world and still be a piece of shit. Does this man even have a brain that processes thoughts before he types? No one’s impressed that he makes just enough money to blow it on ugly secondhand designer clothes.

Does this even qualify as a thirst trap lol. Theres really nothing to see. It’s like looking at a 2x4.

No. 1704603

>she used to look like a DORK now she looks different
Kek you need to be at least 18 to post here

Anyone who has to convince everyone that they make sooooo much money is a broke ass bitch. Bro can’t even afford to live in the Bay Area closer to his son.

No. 1704633

It’s shinzochan again for sure. They’re really obsessed with layna

No. 1704650

The Kardashians have really brainwashed some people. Do you suppose she get a BBL?

No. 1704670

these are some meaty arms for a lil skinny beanie

No. 1704726

File: 1668964699724.jpeg (512.15 KB, 3465x3465, 760EDA01-C326-49BB-B617-B775AD…)

C’mon Syd, you’re going to fade into obscurity if you don’t spill. Why are you still protecting this lumpy sack of human garbage?

No. 1704866


Hard agree, the vague posting is getting so annoying especially when we pretty much know what happened. Air his ass out dude!

No. 1704965

What the fuck is that first slide supposed to mean

No. 1704975

Our vague queen. I want more.

No. 1705017

I like a challenge so my best guess is “you weren’t supposed to leave me” lol totally something I could see her saying.

No. 1705019

Samefag but OR “you were supposed to love me”. Guess both fit and it’s hilarious if I’m right.

No. 1705036

File: 1668984676943.jpeg (157.13 KB, 1170x2124, C69AEF42-E0A3-44F0-B93F-965AFC…)

Looks like Layna is ignoring him.

No. 1705040

Delusions of grandeur. Goiter looks like a toe with a mullet he should fight for every scrap of attention he can get from his camwhore.

No. 1705058

File: 1668987075366.png (3.65 MB, 828x1792, E41BF451-E682-4DDD-8AC2-8788DC…)

poor cat-piss-smelling baby

No. 1705075

Kek I hope sobriety is treating him horribly. Welcome to the real world.

No. 1705138

Why is his nose 8 sizes too big for his face.

No. 1705219

I knew this stupid idiot hadn’t had his cat fixed. Big poppa big spender can’t even afford to get his cat fixed until it becomes a problem? I’m sure the cats never even been to the vet til now

No. 1705285

Can’t even take care of his cat yet he’s trying to get his kid back?

No. 1705298

Getting goiter’s collabs on merch and FT price list is like layna’s camming menu options which means he will suck your dick and let you peg him like a little bitch as long as you pay him peanuts kek

No. 1705303

$20 for a ticket to see him read off his songs from his phone. Kek even camming models has better work ethics than him

No. 1705504

File: 1669046931316.jpeg (957.3 KB, 1170x1162, 3A1C8D06-E160-45A4-BE96-72C05E…)

JC is absolutely hideous

No. 1705540

Kek mayor of spooky town looks like a foot when he’s too drunk to remember to FaceTune his photos.

No. 1705550

I don’t think so. I think JC needs uglier friends and an uglier girl so he doesn’t look so hideous in comparison.

No. 1705592

Lmfao goiter is making emo trash fire timeline Bill Hader look positively handsome in comparison

No. 1705599

he looks like my dad and i’m 25 but major of spooky town with that giant ass forehead its something else kek

No. 1705855

Time to grow up peter pan

No. 1705893

Personally I hope he stays a buffoon forever kek.

No. 1706040

File: 1669071156082.jpeg (644.63 KB, 1064x1905, EDDCFA50-A071-45E4-8AA7-6289D6…)

M.A.G.U ?

No. 1706057

Remember when whoever had screenshots of Syd cheating held onto them for MONTHS? Tinfoil but maybe they are waiting to post them until layna is stuck with him. (Pregnant, living with him, ect)

No. 1706069

File: 1669073091694.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 641A3E31-6B6C-4EC5-BA4C-B34A3E…)

Shitney is probably hella jealous that her manz doesn’t have enough money to fly her out like jc does with layna

No. 1706072

iirc that’s what schizo says on Layna’s tumblr. something about only releasing them when Layna has no one else.

No. 1706073

File: 1669073272348.jpeg (335.97 KB, 750x1069, 6A0C8386-8614-44BB-A7BA-EEF5B0…)

This is stupid, he didn’t take ANY time to work on his self. Also I’m starting to really not like her when she brags constantly about how much money he spends on her. Like that should go to storms room and things for storm. She probably loves that he has no custody and can spend all this money on her.
I hope we get to see the psycho insecure side to her soon. She’s already attempting to post pathetic thirst traps

No. 1706074

File: 1669073346961.jpeg (121.43 KB, 1169x527, 35636F02-D15E-4DD6-9758-C2CCD5…)

Same-fagging but found it.

No. 1706076

Yikes. Skitzo maybe losing cos Layna may not even care by then

No. 1706080

Someone held onto syds cheating screenshots for awhile, but I don’t know what their intention was

No. 1706110

>My lover
Pls end my suffering

No. 1706140

>my bank account is filled and my heart is happy because of him
lol wut? Is he paying layna to date him?
>You were right about your heart getting broken; just deciding on when I should release them. Maybe once it's too late and you have no one else but him.
Not Skidzo chan LARPing as a whole ass evil villain, how cringe lmao.

No. 1706167

I have tix to see Eidola at the closest date to where syd lives. Perhaps I might see a wild syd at the show? I’ll report back in December, ladies!

No. 1706171

I think she meant that her bank account is full because she doesn’t have to spend any of her own money to go see him or while she’s with him? But yeah she wrote it in a dumb was so I understand the confusion

No. 1706301

Wanted gauge my eyes out and had a little voms from “my lover”

No. 1706304

“Working towards my future” of camming, quitting classes cause its overwhelming and streaming on discord for 9 people. Only future I see here is layna getting knocked up and skidzo imploding

No. 1706306

He is a fugly toothless manlet ever since tay’s timeline. Still don’t understand how is he bagging a sensible sane girl like layna, he deserves the hell skidney was putting him through

No. 1706355

it wasn’t even that terrible from Syd’s side plus he was a fucking drug addict, god knows how really messed up the situation was that Jonny Jr. got poisoned. If you really think there wasn’t abuse then you must be as fucked up as JC, SydSoPsycho won her title but come on.

No. 1706362


Layna is legit so impressed with him bankrolling her Spirit Airlines fare to glamorous Sacramento, as opposed to him doing literally anything for his kid who he doesn't even see because he's that big of a degenerate. She's sane but she's selfish, gross and definitely not sensible to be fucking with that man. Fuck her too.

No. 1706401

File: 1669093911154.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1995, 8310DF6D-4596-4CFB-812D-D94783…)

Sorry don’t know how to post video from mobile but he posted this video and says it’s a “random cat” in his house and “Robert looks in distress” great idea to let a random cat in your house with your not neutered cat who already pisses on your stuff probably because of stress… idiot

No. 1706445

Not denying he was abusive piece of shit nonnie, two truths can be true at the same time. Chill

No. 1706655

Their relationship seems very money orientated. His cringe post about "making more" than his haters, and then Layna thinking the money he spends on her as validation.

Schizochan seems hyper focused on convincing her Goiter is cheating, rather than just straight up shaming her for dating an abusive asshole.

No. 1706672

chill about what? the fact that you’re putting going thru someone’s phone and having meltdowns on instagram as equal or even worse than the abusive shit he did is just some fucked up logic. Layna is gonna get what she deserves too but thank God she will never ever get the version these other women had yet she thinks she’s better than them.

No. 1706673

Kek I like that cow-tipping is just allowed in this thread.

No. 1706677

Syd was really abusive towards his fans. He claims she would destroy his things. If she got blocked from harassing a woman, she would make burner accounts to continue messaging insults to his female friends and fans for commenting on his posts. (Horse face being one kek.) I know there’s a lot more and this just scratches the surface.

No. 1706678

Syd being so obsessed with goiter cheating really solidifies schizochan being Syd for me.

No. 1706684

oooooh nona you’re right! Storm was asking for it because you know his mom was abusive to “””fans””” poor fans u know but that it’s what Syd deserves because she break some shit KEK

No. 1706709

File: 1669135166070.jpeg (16.56 KB, 279x250, A1465B5E-2817-4A7F-9AC5-524CD0…)

The man all these bitches let disrespect them.

No. 1706819

File: 1669143372763.jpeg (57.16 KB, 389x584, 3A808258-D68D-45C9-BE10-71AF98…)

No. 1706844

>he spends tons of his own time, money and effort dating me
>my bank account is filled and my heart is happy because of him
>working towards my future while getting flown out
The way she worded this entire thing makes it sound like he's paying her, lmao. Definitely sounds like she's more in love with the money and attention he showers her with than Johnny himself. Big surprise.

No. 1706849

Who could genuinely love a face like that kek.

No. 1706859

The question didn’t even bring up money, it questioned how much he actually loved her yet her response mentions money multiple times. She sounds so shallow. Men spend time and money on literal prostitutes, doesn’t mean they love them. I’d be willing to bet if Jonny didn’t shower her with gifts, fly her out and donate to her twitch she wouldn’t fuck with him at all.

No. 1706877

100% this. If the money and gifts ever dried up, she'd be gone.

No. 1706887

I’m guessing it’s drying up. She’s posting a lot of gym photos and thirst traps. Probably trying to find a new blue checkmark to milk clout from.

No. 1706965

I like how you don't even try to integrate

No. 1706977

I would pay to watch this

No. 1707009

File: 1669160765581.jpeg (115.15 KB, 828x1490, E3FACD0E-7F07-4668-8CDD-244B42…)

“Nothing screams broke like using your girlfriend’s credit card to buy her gifts”

“Nothing screams broke like asking your fans to buy diapers for your son on amazon”

“Nothing screams broke like scamming your fans out of singing lessons, selling macbooks and overpriced ugly merch”


No. 1707040

No one is allowing it, but we can’t prove that this was cowtipping from the person who posted it. All we can do is report. I know I’m not the only one who finds this anonymous tumblr shit cringey as fuck, whoever it is

No. 1707047

Doesn’t he buy used designer clothes and shoes regularly? Nothing says broke like having to buy used clothes instead of buying them directly from the Gucci store or whatever the fuck he wears lol

No. 1707048

He doesn’t even buy used, just extremely cheap knock offs kek.

No. 1707069

i dont wanna hi cow but oh hi cute holly(hi cow)

No. 1707074

It is really annoying too. Fuck off schizochan and let the milk be natural. You’re just as much as a cow for claiming you have screenshots

No. 1707174

Says the guy selling ugly clothes

No. 1707185

His merch is hideous like him. Checks out.

No. 1707298

nothing screams broke more than posts like these.

goiter, you sound like a broke ass, washed up, junkie lobotomite. selling clothes rather than yeeting them into landfill is a good idea for anyone with more foresight than a goldfish.

No. 1707359

funny how actual rich people don't post stuff like this. only broke ass retards that feel the need to project in this way. keep throwing all your clothes in the trash along with your career fat boi.

No. 1707596

he makes me want to kill myself