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No. 1720005

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Last Thread: >>>/snow/1677115

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
>Cowtipper confirms that Jonny is indeed living the single life because Syd cheated on him >>1430884
>Taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>Syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for >>>/snow/1490473
>Syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>Syd makes an OF >>>/snow/1500737
>Taylor is following Jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>Another court date, anons listen in and reveal that the DA wants to press felony charges for child endangerment (fentanyl was found in his baby’s blood) >>>/snow/1517793
>Bitch bf anon reveals his ex is dating Jonny >>1518419
>In comes Lanya (wigglewip/laynabrat/lazybani) a 25 year old “twitch streamer” from Canada
>Jonny buys a kitten >>1518923
>Syd finally makes onlyfans content. Some cheeky nudes revealing her pancake nips >>1595638 >>1595646 and a crusty video of her rubbing her snatch >>1595640
>Syd has a new boyfriend >>1648993 Ian Cooperstein, a musician/producer >>1652791
>Layna stays back while Jonny goes on tour, but after his Instagram meltdown >>1648507 >>1648517 it’s clear she made her way out there to be with him >>1649552 >>1649866
>Syd posts an illegally cringe cemetery picture >>1655210 #ilovecemetaries
>Layna continuing to show off her “famous” boyfriend like he's some kind of prize >>1660396 >>1661497
>Jonny gets his sobriety date tattooed on him in two places, one being a tramp stamp >>1666145 >>1666127
>Layna gets a big word tattooed on her chest in an attempt to seem smart and deep >>1666180
>Syd does a boring arts and crafts live stream >>1667496 >>1667494
>Layna answers some NGL questions on Instagram >>1670463 >>1670452 >>1670426
>Jonny posts his NGL and people start asking about his son, it seems to hit a nerve >>1670830
>Anon stumbles on a user called ‘cuteholly’ on MyFreeCams that's clearly Jonny's girlfriend camming under a fake name >>1672903 >>1672257 >>1672492 >>1672489 >>1672488
>Pretty strong suspicions she lurks after her MFC profile goes private minutes after being posted here >>1672356
>Layna tweets about getting “fired” >>1674735 one can only assume she means she has to stop camming because she's been exposed.
>Layna posts a rant trying to justify and explain her impulsive chest tattoo >>1675362
>Flirty comments on each others posts make anons suspect Jonny knew about her camming/is okay with it >>1674904
>His lil pose >>1675460

New Milk:
>Jonny’s girlfriend is legit his sugarbaby >>1676188
>Layna MFC clip, totally sexy and not uncomfortable/awkward at all >>1676249
>Schizo chan starts Cow Tipping Layna on Tumblr >>1681000 and provides absolutely no proof to anything
>Jonny's apartment stinks of animal piss >>1695767
>Goiter liking the usual posts >>1717535
>Goiter goes on iFart radio for an interview, with detailed break down here >>1700088
>Schzio chan continues >>1700784
>Layna goes private >>1714038 nonnies suspect turmoil in the goiter multiverse
>Jonny virtue signals that he is doing a court ordered child care classes for the child he endangered, and fails to see the irony.
>Goiter sets out on one of the worst looking tours, with Mayor of Spooky Town. Some stealth nonny snaps some photos >>1717535
>Syd does her usual vague posting, nonsensical hints and warped photos, whilst some nonnies yearn for her return to the lime light.

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No. 1720027

Thanks for making the mew thread

No. 1720040

>>1320417 Queens voice lovely

No. 1720294

Thanks for the thread nonnie! The name is perfect. There's not even anything new to really talk about yet, just his usual narc shit & Skid vague posting almost daily. Goiter hasn't like Layna's last couple posts but it's probably nothing.

No. 1720319

File: 1670363219372.jpeg (121.44 KB, 1054x1667, 825F2235-938E-45A4-89AD-80A26D…)

Some of the skid vague posts

No. 1720323

File: 1670363303308.jpeg (387.89 KB, 1051x1713, 964F85C2-8CC8-429D-B10C-2C3397…)

No. 1720327

File: 1670363464011.jpeg (1022.75 KB, 1066x1895, 3FAB1571-B03A-47EA-BC45-441AF2…)

No. 1720331

I’d ignore the vague posting but if she really was at target with big boi then I could see it being about him/Layna/Taylor or something. Her life is pretty boring otherwise.

No. 1720332

I’ll never get over how cringe it is that this bitch is a scene kid at her big age

No. 1720336

she commented on his post yesterday and he liked her response, they probably just had a fight. all his relationships have been rocky, just because layna doesn’t publicly post all their fights like syd doesn’t mean they’re not happening. I remember when he went on “tour” in the summer and layna didn’t go along, jonny made some posts indicating they were clearly fighting, then he started posting weird suicide baity stuff and she just magically showed up on tour the next day. he’s the same manipulative scumbag he’s always been, and he can’t even blame it on the drugs or alcohol anymore.

No. 1720407

What is it with Goiter and women who have bad front fringes/bangs?

No. 1720564

File: 1670375682420.jpeg (219.7 KB, 1284x811, 51DA4EAD-7FD2-4A90-BD34-86CAB1…)

Did anyone ever post this? Not sure if it’s anything but he was trying to give his number out to a girl?

No. 1720566

I saw that too but thought the "us" was interesting. Giving his number to a group of people for some reason, but his friend said no?

No. 1720568

lmao they’re all the fucking same

No. 1720941

agreed. he has to have the big peaks and troughs of chaos in a relationship. probably so he can over-romanticize the drama for song lyrics. which he barely has the cognitive capabilities to do anymore.

No. 1720985

Skidney.. the main character of the universe with her totally unique personality, hobbies and BPD that no one else has except for her.

No. 1721056

Literally no one is trying to be like her lmao. All those piercings look tacky af on an almost 30 year old woman. To even whine about “copycats” on social media at her age is weird. If this is about Taylor sharing her art shit or getting her septum pierced that’d be hilarious

No. 1721063

New thread, hell yeah - thanks anon.
Anyone have milk for the 5+ day gap we lost from the other thread? Or has it just been dead like Jonny'a career with nothing to report?

No. 1721089

Just Jonny's boring tour with 4 attendees per show. Pairs nicely with Layna's boring stream with 4 watchers kek.

No. 1721098

>If this is about Taylor sharing her art shit or getting her septum pierced that’d be hilarious
Oh my, I think you've cracked the case. Syd no one wants to be like you. Deadbeat psycho.

No. 1721108

i mean why hasn’t she noticed that Jonny has a type? who was the first one who started it btw?

No. 1721110

Larkin is the first girlfriend I remember who had short bangs and some piercings. Way back in 2011.

No. 1721128

I don’t understand the thread pic, can someone explain?

No. 1721131

Its up to interpretation but the title is from the movie “Click” but designed to Cuck.

And also implying that jonny goiter 4 fans craig is the master/director of his own down fall. (Like in the movie)

No. 1721133

File: 1670431512401.png (5.64 MB, 828x1792, 2DBA9CB3-4A6B-47CE-8508-3E8C51…)

I grabbed this from the cancelled show’sVIP dinner that goiter was supposedly buying and the one he said ALOT of VIPs which is only 9 of his remaining fans that dumb enough to still want to give him drug money.

No. 1721150

Buffalo wild wings … so much pimpin, so successful

No. 1721166

also jonny appears to have unfollowed taylor on instagram, i wonder what happened?

No. 1721184

Layna’s hidden bpd.

No. 1721193

lmao cant wait till layna sees this. and she thinks her man is being faithful on tour

No. 1721212

+ layna makes/made money off other men by showing her sexual organs so he's kind an e-cuck

No. 1721232

That’s hilarious because that was always his go to insult “you are a CUCK” just like Sydney telling other women they aren’t special

Haha this is great

No. 1721478

File: 1670450933536.png (358.14 KB, 1080x2160, loool.png)

old milk but i am really missing syd and her bpd freakouts. was feeling nostalgic and found this old gem

No. 1721547

>goblin vomit face
I ugly laughed

totally stealing that too

No. 1721587

What a loser.

No. 1721593

lmao sounds like a farmer

No. 1721599

File: 1670457669707.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1429, 1F959616-B0C6-47EE-B4F0-48A26B…)

Uggo queen and king need to reign supreme again because it was funny as fuck watching their daily meltdowns.

No. 1721627

I very much miss their teenage passive aggressive IG story remarks back and forth. We had it so good and we didn’t even appreciate it.

No. 1721800

Wasn’t the court hearing this week? Did any nonnies listen in and get updates?

No. 1721804

i completely forgot about the court date, how long are they gonna drag this out? idk how these kinda charges work

No. 1721914

Hasn’t he been gone on tour all week?

No. 1721929

File: 1670481192457.jpeg (369.35 KB, 828x1293, 370DD750-BAAA-4497-940B-2304B9…)

Looks like there is only 3 rows of people or less

No. 1721940

Yeah and he still had a hearing. He doesn’t have to be physically present for them. Next one isn’t until March 17 so they’ll be dragging this out for a while

No. 1721964


Not asking for a spoon feed but are these the charges from Storm having fentanyl in his body? Who has custody of goiter baby rn?

No. 1722053

Yes and Storm's Grandma.

No. 1722154

does anyone here know if jonny likes bladee? drain ganggg take a knife and drain ya life

No. 1722176

Syd’s mom got custody

No. 1722332

is this even english?
zoomer fuckboi trash take your mumblerap and btfo back to soundcloud

No. 1722358

do not come back to this website

No. 1722378

File: 1670531792612.png (494.02 KB, 802x801, Screenshot 2022-12-08 033510.p…)

ahhh u mad cus bladee outsold jonny on all platforms

No. 1722384

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1722389

File: 1670532376407.png (617.12 KB, 804x801, Screenshot 2022-12-08 033703.p…)

get angrier(shitposting)

No. 1722395

it's layna's cringey ass friend who outed themselves by posting from their own twitter, which is embarrassing for her.

just report the posts and do not engage, they are purposely trying to troll the thread for attention. let the mods do their job and ban them

No. 1722400

i was asking a simple question??

No. 1722407

Nonny, please stop replying to the escaped test subject monkey.

No. 1722426

I love that her “friend” spamming here is literally the 14 year old girl who hangs in stream.

No. 1722446

so embarrassing

No. 1722453

It’s some kid JC stan who probably interacts with Layna thinking it’ll gain them access to JC. I’m surprised JC stans still exist kek.

No. 1722619

File: 1670543596021.jpeg (968.86 KB, 1170x1408, D698C1F3-CB14-42DB-8D15-C6B1DE…)

Goiter is looking especially ugly kek.

No. 1722669

Kek, where is the neck and chin goiter boy? I love how he gained all that weight during his last H binge with skid and still managed to inflate further after being 1 year “sober”

There was a few pics he reposted and he was a total midget next to all the guys lmao

No. 1722703

I thought he had lost weight but damn he really is inflating again kek. Not to mention his face and haircut is just hideous…

No. 1722719

File: 1670552978713.jpeg (211.94 KB, 1170x2163, 1AB11CF8-E40E-4AB0-BE01-809415…)

Didn’t she choose her relationship with goiter over being there and present for her child??

No. 1722722

Shes still big mad goiter dumped her kek

He poisoned your kid. Maybe take your own advice. You can’t tell other people about the connection they share or don’t share with you. Just because YOU might have some uwu connection~ with BBP, doesn’t mean he feels the same. Doesn’t work that way.

No. 1722735

She deleted all the posts with the new guy, I wonder if this post about him instead of goiter?

Also her BPD ass couldn’t hold down any relationship without trapping them with a kid. Lmao

No. 1722748

If her and goiter have been spending time together I could see her ditching her new man in hopes he takes her back.
Who is she to say what other connections are superficial? Unless you’re in the relationship yourself you have no idea what it is like.

No. 1722752

I believe she had that deep bpd love for JC, but it did not seem reciprocated.

No. 1722771

File: 1670559673028.jpeg (190.71 KB, 846x1025, E004D62A-4413-4D4B-83FA-53800F…)

I love when he goes on tour and we get photos of him out in the wild like this without his filters/facetune. Bro looks so rough, and not sober.

No. 1722773

File: 1670560140602.jpeg (742.1 KB, 1170x1537, B31289A9-19CC-4F4A-A72C-8FCAC9…)

You okay there junkie?

No. 1722783

does his shirt say "sent" because he looks like it kek holy shit goiter boy

No. 1722791

they are also the emarosa4l freak on IG that layna interacts with/follows who told us to "k1ll ourselves", yet they are posting here as well. and damn they found this thread quick.

No. 1722794

that bearclaw hand tho.. where are his knuckles? lmao layna's prized pig. im glad they are together, keeps him off the market therefore free from harming other girls. so nice of layna to take one for the team.

No. 1722796

i don't understand who this is a dig at. does she think goiter was more "present" with her than with layna bc layna lives in a whole ass other country/is with him less?

or is she shaming goiter for being involved with layna over being present for his son?

or is she mad he's in a "superficial" relationship with layna versus a "real, deep love connection" with her? rither way she's salty, and a hyprocrite. i thought you were happy and so in love with your music engineer boo, skidney? mad he can't afford to fly you out for weeks at a time?

No. 1722797

they will most definitely be spending more time together in the future, especially as this court case goes on. remember they are in some kind of co-parenting classes? she's probably mad that she's forced to see him yet she can't have him back. what she should REALLY be distraught over is not having her son anymore. don't ever see her whining about that. it's all about JC, she can't let it go. i'm sure she would chose him over storm again, if she had the chance to be in a relationship with him or have her son with her. people like that shouldn't bring children into this world.

No. 1722800

JC will never love anyone but himself. you would think these women would learn by now, given his trainwreck track record with relationships. he hasn't taken any time to work on himself or grow as a person. there's a reason they say no relationships in the first year of sobriety, and he just hit a year sober in october. although in this case, ne needs a lot longer than a year but that will never happen. he'll continue to have a revolving door of women filling the void that drugs once filled.

No. 1722806

Worst two people to bring a child into the world and they did it with each other… I just feel so bad for storms future. Imagine the emotional turmoil this kids gonna go through with parents like these.

No. 1722807

File: 1670566478764.jpeg (590.69 KB, 750x1204, 61A7FCC1-0BD6-425A-8DA5-5895A4…)

His “babe” comment lol

No. 1722818

>the face you make when you realize your whole life is one giant dumpster fire, and the only person who would ever teach you unconditional love, was poisoned by your drug addiction and ditched by his parents to live with grandma.

No. 1722827

Lol so he is just inviting random girls to his video shoot huh? Wonder how many he’s fucked while on this tour. You know his friends would keep a secret for him.

No. 1722828

Lmao Syd would be screeching into the void and publicly doxxing and harassing this girl by now

No. 1722832

She totally would. And for what? Home girl is fugly, as expected from any Goiter fan. Syd was always shitting herself over nothing. As much as we make fun of her, Syd was a gorgeous girl, she didn’t have to lose her mind over each and every woman. But she has rock bottom self esteem.

No. 1722905

File: 1670580667779.jpeg (939.06 KB, 1125x2060, CB616CB7-90BC-4DC1-ACA4-129553…)

Same girl was in his video apparently

No. 1722909

File: 1670580895572.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2062, 8C1C9353-E5C4-414D-9135-56E9AC…)

No. 1723024

Oh my god his hands. Barf. Why would you let something like that touch you; even over your clothing.

No. 1723031

Even that didn’t work kek. I’m not convinced she even really liked that dude. It was probably all an attempt to make jc jealous (fail) and I’m sure the new guy could see that she is obviously still obsessed with him.

That is absolutely not the face of a sober man.

No. 1723071

goiter would literally fuck anything with two legs, low self-esteem and daddy issues lol

No. 1723090

I don’t even think they would need to have both legs tbh

No. 1723242

Can’t put his own girl in a video? Yikes

No. 1723257

Why would an artist make their own girlfriend one of their music video hoes?

No. 1723262

File: 1670617997953.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x2055, A160616F-2B60-425A-84E0-87328E…)

Saving face for Layna?

No. 1723276

File: 1670618666197.png (970.47 KB, 1717x889, lololol.png)

No. 1723280

Can’t muster up any decently attractive ones either lol those girls are busted.

No. 1723288

The girls from the music video are literal hired models (they were tagged in some of his friends posts) but go off.

No. 1723292


No. 1723293

In 2022 models don't have to be attractive. This seems to be the case here. They look like random Instagram "models" who will be paid in clout and Xanax

No. 1723335

LOOOOL anyone can be a “hired model” these days. Literally anyone. Doesn’t make mean they are Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell. You must be one of the “models” from his video to get defensive about it, because literally no one else gives a shit.

No. 1723342

His girl is not his wife like those artists you've mentioned. He was with Amanda for like 4-5 years and Syd had his baby at that point. Layna and JC have been together for less than a year. Are you people autistic and don't understand social dynamics or what?

No. 1723345

Calm yourself Sydney no need to get jealous. Some hired models aren't going to threaten your speshul connection.

No. 1723349

Rob Zombie has his wife in most of his videos. Also both the guys from Twenty One Pilots, and the Jonas Brothers. Also The Weeknd and Bella hadid who weren’t married or engaged. And don’t forget goiter putting Amanda AND Syd in a music video. This was a dumb question. Tons of artists put their girls in videos. It’s funny he hired trashy random models and not his girl.

Cope harder Layna

No. 1723353

I'm not Layna, this is just an astronomically retarded take.

His girl is not his wife like those artists you've mentioned. He was with Amanda for like 4-5 years and Syd had his baby at that point. Layna and JC have been together for less than a year. Are you people autistic and don't understand social dynamics or what?

No. 1723354

Didn’t realise you had to be “married”, have a kid with, or be with someone for five years (lmao he and Amanda dated for three), to put them in a music video? what about mgk and Megan fox? They just started dating when he put her in his video. There is no universal rule or social dynamics. You’re trying to make a point but you’re failing.

This has to be Layna cus who the fuck else would ride for a cow this hard.

No. 1723359

The only “astronomically” retarded take is yours. People can date for three days, a week, a month, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be with someone long term to put them in a video. When has that ever been a rule?

No. 1723360

I'm not "riding for Layna" and MGK put Megan Fox in his video because she's 10x as famous as he is. Whatever you think you're doing here just doesn't work.

No. 1723373

NTA but where tha fuck is the rule that says the minute you date someone you have to make them your MV girl nonnie…? Also it appears as if he's still keeping Layna under wraps, you really expected him to star her as a thotty MV girl?

No. 1723379

Did they break up and secretly get back together? Its so weird seeing virtually nothing from each end while they're still following each other. Then again, if schizo-chan was up my ass, I'd probably go cold on social media too kek

No. 1723385

They're commenting on each others posts again. I'm not even certain if they broke up. I think the social media silence was caused by a mix of schizo-chan and Skid. (Unless they're the same person kek.)

No. 1723421

Did you have a stroke? He literally put pics of skidney and storm in a montage of one of his music video publicly

No. 1723478

Cause he should find his partner hot? While the public might call them "video hoes" unless they're actually playing trippers or whores in the video that's the catch-all term for any pretty girl in a rock video and bands usually put their girlfriends or wives in these things. In this case though there is more argument to using Layna for an actual whore role seeing as she's an actual porn/cam girl lol
I honestly don't know or care if they're pretty but you do know that anyone of us in this thread could just upload pictures to Instagram and call ourselves #models right? It won't get you great projects unless you shoot up in followers but this is a good example of a call you could get, a sad music video with a has-been warped tour star you have to pretend to be hyped about. On the off-chance these models were taken from an actual agency then there's no way it wasn't just sketchy local talent. Every town has their local dumpy agency cheaply using girls who can't get into one of the big corporate modelling firms and JC certainly can't afford those firms now that he's no longer got a label or the cash so he's got to hire small. But I seriously think it was either an open cast or he messaged girls on insta

No. 1723480

What video was Amanda in? Not doubting or trying to argue, I just used to be a fan (makes me want to throw up admitting that) and I never noticed her in whatever video she was in

No. 1723502

One of them literally has clout in her username lol and there’s zero indication on her page she has any modeling experience. I hope they weren’t dumb enough to pay these fangirls to just sit next to him with resting bitch face while he sings SoundCloud tier garbage.

No. 1723511

That girl with clout in her username wasn’t even in the music video. You’re all such retards. The 3 girls in the video were tagged by his friends and all 3 of them are models for hire and not random fangirls. This is such a nothing burger.

No. 1723513

Damn, big boi pimpin looking absolutely reptilian here and thus is the same dude who constantly blasts women for being catfish?? Kek

No. 1723536

I've been keeping an eye on it and I doubt he messaged random girls on insta. He didn't follow any of the girls from the video, except for one but days after they shot it. I'm guessing whoever produced the video hired the girls.

No. 1723538

Merry Christmas, Storm. Instead of doing things like taking you to see Santa or Christmas lights, daddy’s busy playing and partying. Maybe daddy’s public defender will remember to send you a card

No. 1723564

File: 1670636035590.png (656.5 KB, 1284x2778, AE1E1E56-38E6-41B5-ADC5-034B8A…)

I bet the 8 people going to see him are super upset

No. 1723571

My bad then. someone else said she was and I never saw his friends posts about said “models” cause I don’t care to stalk them all. I just assumed since he follows this girl she was one of them but I guess he’s really out here following random fangirls.

No. 1723606

Jesus Christ, he bragged about this tour and how it was going to put him back on top, and it’s been either low turnout or canceling.

No. 1723646

File: 1670644617930.png (588.22 KB, 748x1260, loserdork.png)

Uh oh

No. 1723649

File: 1670644665423.png (72.99 KB, 806x1360, dorkloser.png)

They're children.

No. 1723656

File: 1670645102995.png (4.49 MB, 1284x2778, 689B94A9-C8E2-4DEE-863C-14285A…)


No. 1723659

he already took it down that was fast

No. 1723661

These are both adults, btw. Top fucking kek.

I wish I could see their texts right now.

No. 1723725

>hired models
I'm sorry what. This girl looks like some random "friend" doing them a favor at best. She's like a walmart 6 at best. I get that JC standards are pretty low though. lmao

god this is like his relationship with syd all over again

No. 1723728

Clearly not the same girl.

No. 1723740

Kek I know this is immature but it’s still funny

I wish it was like with Syd. Literally miss that psycho. God could you imagine the shit storm if he posted that while with Syd oh my god the melt down would have been epic. She’d be in every dark haired girls DMs telling them they stole their dad away from their beautiful and perfect chiold.

No. 1724010

Tinfoil: he’s relapsed but now he can’t find a hook where ever he is and his withdrawals are what’s preventing him from playing. Also this is fucking hilarious. What’s the point of this tour if half the dates are getting cancelled lollllll

No. 1724049

I thought the same after seeing those pics where he looks wrecked. It’s pretty sad if he can’t play more than a few shows these days without losing his voice. I don’t think this comeback he’s been preaching is happening at all lol

No. 1724122

Hahahaha, of course. It was only a matter of time until they started passive aggressively taking shots at each other though Instagram stories. Chef's kiss.

No. 1724175

File: 1670702196425.jpeg (73.48 KB, 828x586, 4E8675F5-8065-4460-8249-4C344B…)

looking geriatric without all those filters.

No. 1724215


I'm absolutely loving it. Good job Layna keep it up

No. 1724328

File: 1670717012233.png (6.16 MB, 1284x2778, 691B7888-3CE2-4A7A-88A5-B628E0…)

the nose chain shit usually worn by teenage alt girls very on brand kek

No. 1724337

Lol it’s so dainty and his nose is so gargantuan it gives an effect like it’s going to break.

No. 1724338

File: 1670717778238.png (5.95 MB, 828x1792, 999FADC5-6290-42BF-844C-EA740A…)

Johnny is releasing a new song, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So original

No. 1724362

The party and the dream with Kyle Lucas

No. 1724367

I didn’t see Amanda once in this video kek. Was she one of the many people in the crowd?

No. 1724369

It’s really obvious to tell which posts are from Layna these days…

No. 1724371

Yep lmao

I don’t understand their infighting. Is he making fun of her for being needy? And I don’t get her reply either

No. 1724372

Taylor skinwalker kek

No. 1724383

Ew the breakouts all over his forehead.

No. 1724413

he just posted a stupid king of the hill meme and she’s so insecure that the “me and who” part got to her so she posted her own “me and who” meme to communicate she was upset about his meme bc these are both super mature grown adults.

No. 1724457

He wasn’t even with amanda anymore when he made the album with Kyle Lucas. He was with Chelsea so do you mean Chelsea? (I didn’t watch the video nor do I want to)

No. 1724485

File: 1670730256189.png (132.57 KB, 750x1334, 1849169A-5398-423F-BC88-500ABE…)

They still fighting?

No. 1724486

File: 1670730349997.jpeg (444.38 KB, 750x1016, 6F3D5E1F-31B1-4F66-8DEA-11762B…)

Home girl needs some lip filler. Probably just one syringe. Nothing too crazy like Tay. But she’d look a lot better

No. 1724504

There is no need to enforce the mainstream instagram beauty standard on every female.

No. 1724505

File: 1670731332371.jpeg (59.62 KB, 579x1125, A83C4CDE-89E7-4EDC-9C9D-DE938D…)

kek I’m dying at this being considered featuring a gf in a video. Pretty sure this is Chelsea in the background?

No. 1724510

I was going to point this out. I’m sure if he filmed another MV at a show Layna was at she’d be flailing in the background to.

No. 1724514

File: 1670733228758.jpeg (235.66 KB, 1170x2080, A19745D3-486F-4772-B0F6-70B7C1…)

Skid actually looks good here.

No. 1724536

why are u taking it so personal? lmaooo do you feel better now?

No. 1724545

NTAYRT but I also checked the video out of curiosity and found the “gf feature” funny. Nothing personal about it.

No. 1724554

File: 1670736464559.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2079, 4D9A8B01-A540-4A34-85AE-B014CF…)

No. 1724556

No one needs lip filler. You have brain rot. Get off the internet.

Kek I’m curious is what way does she look good?

He’s got that “pls help me” look that BBP had when he was eating syds soup.

No. 1724565

They’re at JC’s old bands show kek.

No. 1724707

good god is that a nose or a penis

No. 1724708

KEK your comment actually made me laugh out loud. It really does look like a dick

No. 1724724

Its been out for the past 2 days

No. 1724734

took dicknose to a whole new level

No. 1724758

I actually lol'd

No. 1724996

I'm still unsure if she lurks or not. Surely we would have seen some sort of breakdown or snark about this >>1720564 or this >>1722807
But he still follows this woman.

No. 1724997

Samefag but this is not an invitation to cowtip btw. This thread needs reminders.

No. 1725075

I’m not saying she should go with crazy big lips like every instathot. But the lack of lips is not a good look. She looks reptillian. I’m entitled to my own opinion, no need to get your panties in a wad about it. Didn’t say anyone needed to agree with me either.

No. 1725104

If she looks reptilian, I worry how you view any other normal woman. You're entitled to your opinion, you're allowed to disagree, but Layna's at least moderately attractive.

No. 1725105

we're also entitled to the opinion that your opinion is dumb as fuck

No. 1725112

In some circumstances thin lips like that help with a youthful look. Now that many 30 years old+ women get injections, the injected look can age a woman. She looks great as is.

No. 1725148

>she looks reptilian
The absolute state of internet beauty standards, holy fuck. You feeling the need to voice your retarded ass opinion is how women end up with comically deformed lips like TND. layna’s lips suit her face just fine, go project your insecurities somewhere else.

No. 1725188

I love trolling this thread y’all are so emotionally invested holy kek.

No. 1725211

No. 1725216

File: 1670803956943.jpeg (44.17 KB, 819x546, 1B5B93BC-30E1-4F19-B2D0-01B688…)

It’s okay nonnie, I’d also pretend I was “just trolling” if I got absolutely dogpiled like your dumb ass did kek.

No. 1725295

“Y’all are so emotionally invested”
-said through tears.

No. 1725361

File: 1670814863336.jpeg (195.79 KB, 750x560, 3C29B3C7-7CDE-4E4D-9386-0C6A3E…)

Randomly decided to check out the comments under his interview with Fin Mckenty and the majority of them are hate. Love it. Came across something interesting, and believable. Perhaps Jonny can add murderer next to the horrible things he is?

No. 1725367

Yes I’m crying because I don’t look like a child with a twelve year old boy’s body who is losing my entire reputation and being stalked because I’m dating literal Satan. You got me.

Y’all totally owned me, for sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1725377

Not saying he’s sober but he isn’t on suboxone. He’s said countless times he’s on the vivitrol shot which does not get you high.

No. 1725393

File: 1670817590786.jpeg (575.95 KB, 1168x2242, 96F3BAE8-9215-409E-9935-4FC0D7…)


No. 1725395

File: 1670817828249.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2351, AD1D6916-45DD-4F64-B45E-7A29B6…)

No. 1725400

Closet fag Jonny.

No. 1725405

Opinion discarded

No. 1725431

>I don’t look like a child with a twelve year old boy’s body who is losing my entire reputation and being stalked because I’m dating literal Satan

Obviously lip fillers is what will help aid her in this situation. You’re so right nona.

No. 1725441

File: 1670825081147.jpeg (676.54 KB, 1170x1827, 6AA29ADF-93C0-4C33-91B7-B8CB2A…)

No. 1725447

I was at the same show and he sounded like shit so she’s def blowing smoke up penis nose’s butthole (and no, sadly I did not see Syd so I have no milk to report.)

No. 1725454

It's probably the same anon that thinks saying she has no tits is an own.

Careful, all of this white knighting is going to awaken schizo-chan.

No. 1725485

stop making fun of layna, she’s autistic!

No. 1725494

Only the ugliest of potatoes would come on lolcow to suggest to strangers what they should artificially change about their appearance to comply with arbitrary social trends, to be easier on the eye for the anon. Full fucking retard.

No. 1725549

Agree, dont want to chime in on the infights but nitpicking on layna’s lips is the last thing this thread needs

No. 1725622

No caps, sorry, but Layna said on stream that Jonny would be flying up to her city soon

No. 1725633

I’m surprised he’d actually go out of his way for her lol. I’ll be even more surprised if he follows through. Doesn’t he have a cat to tend to, or a kid? Oh yeah..

No. 1725653

Doesn’t she live at home with mommy and daddy? That should be an interesting development.

No. 1725665

Wow. Syd I hope you're documenting all the times he's bought flights and have an attorney request his bank records in discovery. Also for some reason I thought he wasn't allowed to travel outside US, maybe I'm remembering incorrectly?

No. 1725704

Hope this is a lie bc that means the felony (potentially all the charges?) was actually dropped. U can’t come here with a pending felony, without permission from the Canadian Government. Glad to know drug addicts can overdose literal babies on fent with no little to no consequences but a free rehab program and parenting classes. Mans didn’t even get parole. what a fucking joke.

No. 1725747

That's not what happened but go off spouting lies bc you crave chaos

No. 1725764

File: 1670874402020.jpeg (144.63 KB, 1518x827, 4F441795-3605-4D4F-BD8A-51E03A…)

So did Syd with her mom in her trailer and that didn’t stop him. Also Taylor when they first started dating. Jonny boi sure does love dating girls who are one step above being homeless huh. Hey schizochan if you want Jonny so badly just move back in with your parents. He likes ‘em stunted and dependent

Case is still active, charges weren’t dropped. Retard probably doesn’t know he can’t get in

No. 1725768

I was under the impression he is a Canadian citizen? Am I miss remembering?

No. 1725785

Ayrt. I guess I jumped the gun on that, Idk a lot about his background so you could be right. I can't find a straight answer, all the sources I read either said he was born in Abbotsford BC or Minot North Dakota. I'm sure veteran JC farmers will know.

No. 1725794

Yes, he's Canadian

No. 1725813

File: 1670877880241.jpeg (217.68 KB, 1140x1200, 69614018-6D89-4D1C-9EF4-A73150…)

Layna’s latest selfie is cute

No. 1725861

File: 1670880875991.jpg (242.58 KB, 1170x2080, 319068458_3561588120738011_138…)

She doesn't do shit all day long, how is it that her bed is in a constant state of disarray? I know that's nitpicky and gross but so is laying on your damned mattress pad, at least pull the sheets back down.

No. 1725924

when I have the rare saturday where I don't have to do anything my bed will get chaotic from all the snacks, pee breaks etc. having a neat bed would be more mindblowing when you don't do anything all day

No. 1725951

nah shes just grimmy u cant tell she doesn’t even shower, its been documented already the state she really lives kek

No. 1725971

At least she doesn't have a goblin vomit face or have to live in a monster body kek

No. 1726033

.. we're just gonna ignore this?

No. 1726036

The milk is stale but it’s not THAT stale. So…yea.

No. 1726076

Jeffrey star used to play warped tour, I’m sure at some of the same times as Jonny might have. So maybe they met before and Jonny thinks they’re friends, like he does with most people who actually want nothing to do with him. Either way, its not that milky, sorry.

No. 1726096

He likes lots of peoples photos, I don’t get how this is milk. Maybe they’re talking and he’s trying to farm clout from him who knows.

No. 1726272

File: 1670923421656.jpeg (252.12 KB, 1028x1721, EDF66D3E-2CC5-48C9-875D-338CA2…)

No. 1726298

Everyone involved in this thread is so trashy and similar, I can't tell who posted this without a username on the screenshot. Could be Goiter, Skid or Layna, they all type like retarded 15 year olds
omg I was praying that ugly chest tattoo was just a filter or something, what does it even say? The placement is terrible and makes her look even more flat chested, and it doesn't match the aesthetic of her arm tattoos. Whoever said that Jonny ages all his girlfriends was right though, she's aged 10 years in the few months she's been with him.

No. 1726303

Layna has yet to post anything like this. The worst she's done is post passive aggressive memes or a "Lol." Definitely not her, and if you've been following these threads at all, you'd know that. You'd also know that her chest tattoo says entropy because nonnies spent like, half a thread dunking on her for it.

No. 1726304

Yeah Layna goes more for the Belle Delphine pedo-bait knock off schtick. Syd is more like the trailer trash "elder emo" who ends up sounding ghetto, I think she picked it up from Goiter though.

No. 1726374

It’s definitely skidmark kek

No. 1726465

totally she’s on the lolita wannabe/ pedo pandering bullshit. gross.

No. 1726532

File: 1670956723646.png (428.05 KB, 1284x2778, F4A2D96E-5C70-4ADB-B1A0-3D1ADB…)

No. 1726575

AYRT, I don't read 90% of anon posts in this thread because I lose brain cells trying to understand them. Sorry I only read the caps and not the 75 posts bickering about Layna and Skids appearance, but thanks for the spoonfeed. The anon with PROOF of Goiter cheating, but never posting proof was the final straw for me kek

No. 1726591

Skid and goiter vague posting eachother again? Oh please let it be true

No. 1726732

I'm sorry I was passive aggressive to you nonnie

No. 1726733

I know it’s common for addict to stop maturing when they are using, but it’s really fascinating how he’s basically 15 pushing 40.

No. 1726735

Syd is also the only one who uses this God awful "I'm not like other girls haha I'm quirky" bullshit font, she's been using it since it became available on IG years ago. Any time you see a screen cap without the handle in the pic with this font you can bet real fucking money it's Skid.

No. 1726745

Skidney and Goiter were really and truly the exact same level of retard. I’m still upset they broke up. Why did you have to cheat Syd.

No. 1726854

File: 1670985411696.jpeg (452.93 KB, 776x954, 4208B1BD-653A-4E6F-925A-14F4F5…)

I love when this ugly man tours.

No. 1726943

Kek the font, nicki minaj, and the passive aggressive ‘haha’ are all skidmark signatures.

No. 1726947

ew imagine being proud of having sex with this man. worse having a chiOLD

No. 1726996

File: 1671002058580.jpeg (297.33 KB, 1080x1440, 557027C0-F284-481D-9521-38965B…)

Never once have I thought calling someone a Fred Durst looking motherfucker would be an insult to Fred Durst, yet here we are. Fred looked better than him at 50 lol

No. 1727029

Did she cheat with Dick Nose?

No. 1727057

No she cheated with a guy named Sterling if you read the threads. Though I do find it interesting she has a photo with dicknose from a couple years ago up on her Instagram. She probably fucked them both.

No. 1727059

File: 1671010784341.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1080, 1671010602591.png)

Still stand by the notion that he looks like the bully from A Christmas Story, ugly ass mf

No. 1727065

File: 1671011798171.jpg (91.11 KB, 785x544, 84853414.jpg)

hahahaha he even looks like the actor does currently

No. 1727107

And the actor is in his 50s.

No. 1727125

Zach ward doesn't deserve this.

No. 1727179

File: 1671031296137.png (3.32 MB, 1284x2778, D37D0436-F29A-41AC-AD9B-3444DD…)

Lol another gf of his complaining about the lack of cuddles. Who did they think they were getting when they chose to date an actual sociopath?

No. 1727194

Lmao, winning yet Layna? What was that about arguing Johnny was ready for a relationship despite claiming he needed space and time to grow in that interview? I'm guessing he has some sorrowful excuse as to why cuddling is out of bounds for him that she laps up like a good pick me kek. You're a camgirl Layna but that doesn't mean you can't try to love yourself a bit more than this addict/abuser

No. 1727198

Lmao, winning yet Layna? What was that about arguing Johnny was ready for a relationship despite claiming he needed space and time to grow in that interview? I'm guessing he has some sorrowful excuse as to why cuddling is out of bounds for him that she laps up like a good pick me kek. You're a camgirl Layna but that doesn't mean you can't try to love yourself a bit more than this addict/abuser

No. 1727202

Chronically caucasian

No. 1727311

File: 1671044842824.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1761, 8D7512A2-7516-41C6-B157-EB495B…)

during his “tour dump” he added a photo of his cat in a washing machine, is that a nod to when he threatenend to flush taylor’s cat down a toilet

No. 1727319

He probably keeps the poor thing in there so it doesn’t piss on his clothes. (Jk)

No. 1727371

He’s subliminally trying to communicate with Taylor because Layna won’t let him.

No. 1727389

You realize they live in separate countries, right? Is he supposed to drop everything and fly over every time she wants affection? It's so embarrassing when you guys write whole paragraphs over the stupid zoomer memes Layna posts on her story.

No. 1727393

Some emotionally invested nonnie in a one-sided competition against Layna. Hence always mentioning her “”winning””.

No. 1727445

File: 1671055294231.jpeg (181.9 KB, 750x1270, 742F0DB1-9D3E-43E4-9483-A09072…)

she won this too

No. 1727458

At this point I’m on board with the tinfoil that it’s syd, nobody else has any reason to be as threatened by layma as that anon is. Anytime she brought up skidzo chan has to go and rant about her: living at home or being a cam girl or having hemorrhoids(lol?)or any other straws they can grasp at. they’re doing over time trying to get anons to hate on her. It all just screams unhinged syd behaviour, she’s incapable of controlling herself.

No. 1727465

stfu layna go wash your ass("hi cow")

No. 1727482

id rather have a weird asshole than a disgusting mentally ill personality that ruined my uwu 11:11 perfect dream family. but to each their own!

No. 1727569

Sydney no one is making you or anyone look at laynas asshole, think about it, or talk about it constantly. Ever. You chose that and continue to, over and over. You choose laynas asshole more than your kid or appropriate medication. Like come on, you have choices and her asshole should not have this much power over you.

No. 1727572

File: 1671068385670.jpeg (286.85 KB, 1901x1047, 8AF2FDD9-239D-43C5-97D2-725B12…)

sage 4 no milk but i was curious about layna's stream and she just so happened to be doing this when i came in

No. 1727605

Um u already posted this. Twice.
Is everything okay? Are u like having an episode? Should someone call Meghan to help u? Or maybe mr penis nose?

No. 1727642

Look it’s that unhinged cowtipping friend in her stream. They sure are obsessed with her.

No. 1727645

You’re outnumbered here weirdo-chan. We aren’t Layna.

No. 1727668

Did she buy this purse as a nod to this site lol

No. 1727689


No. 1727713

Probably not but that would be pretty funny. She said it was a bag she used to use everyday.

No. 1727715

Pretty sure you have to be an adult to use this site. Get out of here emarosa4l.

No. 1727788

File: 1671086837986.jpeg (910.47 KB, 3071x2930, B8938D47-FEEA-458A-AEE8-ABBF4A…)


No. 1727864

File: 1671101253044.jpeg (268.33 KB, 1080x1225, signal-2022-12-15-103111.jpeg)

It's funny how trailer trash folks like goiter post "used car" amounts of cash. Rappers are posting themselves with like 100k, and here's Goiter posting 2 months rent in cash lol.

Wonder what % of it will be going to Storm? Make sure not to flex that part of your life and focus on putting your cat into washing machines. Utter scum.

No. 1727898

>picture of woman’s lower body
>I own this

No. 1727971

Its embarrassing like he probably hasnt touch this (little) much cash for awhile and it shows kek

No. 1727995

How long til he blows it all on some ugly ass shoes and a designer tshirt?

No. 1728024

Is it a good idea for a boyfriend to go around your Instagram saying he "owns" you when you're trying to sell yourself? The last thing a coomer wants is for the fantasy to come down right? Unless Jonny is saying he bought her kek

No. 1728055

>2 months rent
Nona he lives in Cali. And even tho he’s likely in a super dumpy area of sac, that’s still one months rent & utilities kek

No. 1728075

tinfoil: it's prop money for their video shoot lol

No. 1728078

kek true. maybe he was on his way to pay his land lord, check in his parole officer, then run home to watch the gf he "owns" spread her butt hole on her cam show… all whilst the cat pisses in the closet. Then the day is rounded off with a Kratom suppository.

No. 1728139

thas crazy cus i didnt even post that

No. 1728276

You shouldn’t send porn to minors schizo-chan.

No. 1728285

you need to be +18 to post on LC nonnie

No. 1728294

I’m in my mid 20’s but you still shouldn’t knowingly send porn to minors.

No. 1728308

I have a burning hatred for the Lgbt community

No. 1728316

She stopped camming way earlier in the year. Keep up.

No. 1728317

Why the fuck would you expose yourself like this? LMFAO go do your homework or something, kid.

No. 1728323

i was js tryna say that i didnt put the "HOES MAD" post yall gotta get off my meat

No. 1728383

File: 1671158950168.jpeg (147.01 KB, 1284x479, 5B358053-B594-4049-ACC3-7D7700…)

No. 1728444

R u OK bro
That's not very cash money of u

No. 1728489

Southerners in general use the term. Making it about race makes you seem even more of a twitterfag.

No. 1728556

Not to mention, her cam grift was set up away from her insta. None of her simps/moids from camming would even know her real insta or know she has a boyfriend.

No. 1728651

she went private on tw because she got exposed and tagged lol

No. 1728681

the ugliest asshole ive ever seen no lie

No. 1728702

File: 1671204288096.jpeg (257.35 KB, 1284x1026, 97DBC139-FF1C-4ECD-B493-1B7590…)

No. 1728731

File: 1671207241214.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2043, 46A54FB1-C0FA-4D80-9280-0DEA3F…)

This man I so ugly I cannot stop laughing

No. 1728744

I can’t get over how he looks 50 years old.

No. 1728745

Who would win in a fight, Layna's shitoris or Skid's floppy eggplants?
Is he trying to make himself as revolting as possible goddamn

No. 1728756

File: 1671209847978.jpeg (411.45 KB, 1170x2047, B4DF9205-16CD-4CDA-876D-FF405A…)

Why does he have to dress like an idiot on top of being the ugliest man alive

No. 1728761

File: 1671210152936.png (11.67 MB, 1284x2778, 5CD603DB-C26F-4FC0-BB6B-1A6D95…)

Repulsive. The fact that there’s girls opening their legs for this is truly baffling.

No. 1728770

Is he doing the ugly Jake Munro bangs because he is also a balding bloated piece of shit?

No. 1728771

His legs are so short I’m DYINGGG

No. 1728777

Pipe dream that they should collab. It'd sound like shit of course but the milk from it would be hilarious.

No. 1728787

You're not clingy, you're just insecure about him not giving you enough attention which isn't going to be fixed by being able to see him because he's Jonny Craig

No. 1728789

Jake would start wearing fisherman hats and Goiter would shave his eyebrows kek, ngl I would go to that show.

No. 1728792

Fake Munro said he's gonna start producing music now so he should give ol' Goiter a ring!

No. 1728797

File: 1671213502582.png (8.25 MB, 1284x2778, 7726868E-135D-4DF2-AE82-6F8D0B…)

oh boy get fucked I guess layna

No. 1728805

Everyone in the video looks so uncomfortable. I’m guessing the love birds are fighting again.

No. 1728809

Alright im gonna rant a minute, but he desperately dates women who are obsessed with social media. He uses his stories to fuck with the gfs and then makes sure they see how hes better w/o them. He went from claiming ownership over her to “fuck love” so quick. So gross. Girl needs to block him and move on, please.

No. 1728811

File: 1671214669978.png (6.48 MB, 1284x2778, 6DF204A7-4092-453A-93D8-033E6E…)

Yes girl, leave him!!!

No. 1728820

Fuck her for dating him in the first place but she’s way to good for him, miles above his pay grade. He needs another Skid.

No. 1728831

So is she going to leave him or is she just going to be posting sad Instagram posts for the length of the relationship (cause he's not gonna change lol)? She's a cow for being with him but if she's just going to be boring I'm hoping Jonny drops her for his next fuck soon. Ideally someone a bit more explosive and not just kinda pathetic

No. 1728833

File: 1671216340504.png (492.02 KB, 1284x2778, 6F674539-734D-49B3-B411-E6DB8C…)

Trying to return his flight ticket?

No. 1728835

Guess he’s not seeing Layna’s family anymore kek.

No. 1728847

File: 1671217416400.jpeg (100.12 KB, 1170x2080, DC48F486-B3FC-4BB0-A0FB-734BEA…)

Can anyone decipher this? He lost Layna but somehow that improves his situation with his son? Is Skidney part of their break up then?

No. 1728856

If she quit her last job in February, when we found her profile and she tweeted about
"getting fired" in October
she really meant she had to stop camming bc schizo chan was harassing her and trying to link her irl name to her profile.
God I hope she leaves. She's cringe and annoying af but she's still just WAY to fucking good for him.

No. 1728857

File: 1671218303543.png (1.07 MB, 1284x2778, 6E89A358-25CA-4E7A-B3D4-7CD04A…)

Syd posted this the same time mucinex man posted “fuck love” kek

No. 1728860

Merry milkmas ladies, we’ve got the potential for a Syd OR Taylor reunion now. Or the most boring possibility where Goiter and Layna make up in the end

No. 1728862

Now is the time queen, claim your king again and reign as supreme cringelords one again

No. 1728864

File: 1671219443309.jpg (213.37 KB, 580x861, runforthehillsrunforyourlife.j…)

Getting dumped by Goiter, oof. But still, you're free! Just start running and never look back!

No. 1728868

From the looks of it she dumped him but the semantics don't matter. This fanart is hilarious kek go Layna go far and fast.

No. 1728869

knowing jc it’s probably just a dramatic instagram fight but it’s very interesting that they seem to be fighting more and more frequently or at least fighting more and more publicly. this is the kinda relationship we expected from day one, it looks like bbp is starting to show his true colours!

No. 1728871

File: 1671219948083.jpeg (35.58 KB, 223x275, BE411325-CD76-470B-B6E8-97480D…)

Don't forget she said this too. I don't think she was camming past maybe summer of this year. All the clips that were leaked were prior to that.

No. 1728878

The og anon that posted her profile found her camming in late September and posted the scs here asking if it was even the same person bc she had a fake name. She privated her profile within 10 minuets of it being posted here. Schizochan is creepy but I suspect she planned on stoping before they started their autistic stalking.

No. 1728879

Run bitch ruuuuun. I know dating goiter made her shitty by association but we’ve all dated some cringe asshole we regretted right? She was too good and cute for him.

Praying for a skidmark & BBGoiter reunion

No. 1728888

Hes just using his son as a trump card to prove hes in the right. Hes so manipulative but obvious. This shrimp dicked ugly ass man knows very few people in real life tolerates him so he spends his free time “proving” it on SM.

No. 1728894

Layna seems to at least be more normal and have a better head on her shoulders than Skid. Any normal girl hopefully wouldn't stick around for the bullshit, and would leave at the first signs of bad behavior.

No. 1728905

File: 1671222084941.jpeg (160.43 KB, 828x1451, 972BD638-8C0F-4198-A687-D565C3…)

guessing the little onion emoji means hes crying lmao.

No. 1728927


Any "normal" girl would have done her internet research or even looked at his wikipedia page and run away screaming. It's not like Layna didn't know pretty much exactly what kind of person he is. They will get back together I bet.

No. 1728929

Acts like it’s for his son lmao who wants to take bets on how long until he’s got a new girl? His pride is obviously hurt, hence the “fuck love” pic. Also I totally called that he wasn’t gonna follow thru with going to visit her.

No. 1728950

yet still has a public defender lol
she never used her real name. layna
was cuteholly remember?
probably tired of blowing what little money he has on all her flights. tour obviously didn’t pan out like he hoped it would, plus he canceled two gigs so far

No. 1729051


i still think it was funny how she got exposed casually by mere coincidence after she said the OF shit just a few days before kek

No. 1729060

he just has a poorly trained AI spit out random phrases made up from soundcloud raps with under 7 plays.

No. 1729063

they let the retards out the loony bin for a day trip to the petting zoo

No. 1729065

Oh Jonny boi, the Judge's opinion matters. Trust me.

No. 1729145

Maybe Layna didn’t want him to talk to Sydney or even coparent with her.

No. 1729211

File: 1671247184472.png (3.92 MB, 750x1334, 3F4FF9EA-C0F5-4543-8DE5-18C8B1…)

Why is she always laying on a bare mattress

No. 1729212

File: 1671247263785.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, B3220B88-42C3-4F8D-A71B-515D29…)

Wtf is she wearing? Has she picked up camming again under a different name?

No. 1729260

Both of the adults involved need to coparent themselves with intervention, seperately, with Jesus and horse tranquilizers.

No. 1729272

He’ll be seeing more of Syd in the parenting classes though so it won’t be separate. She may not like thatS Judging by his post and how he brought up his son, maybe that’s a reason for the breakup. Doubt he just chose being alone was the best thing to do for Storm

No. 1729284

Her skeleton hands freak me out as much as his ham hands

No. 1729289

File: 1671252275374.jpeg (500.74 KB, 750x1176, 451EB2EE-A731-43CA-9090-06532D…)

Haha I feel like we might be getting our wish. They are gonna get back together

No. 1729301

Is her bf not concerned about how happy she is about Jonny’s breakup?

No. 1729303

She also put her photos with him back on her profile. She’d leave him for Jonny in a second

No. 1729328

Doesn’t Syd of all people know JC is the master of on-and-off again? He and Layna still follow each other and he hasn’t started following hoards of women yet.

No. 1729349

if you've been paying attention to the thread, he's already following hoards of women, and has done so while with layna. it's not like anyone is watching who he follows right now.

No. 1729351

I keep an eye on it and not really, save for the odd influencer that doesn’t follow him back.

No. 1729355

Is his vague post the only proof we have of them breaking up? Because if so this is just a tinfoil. They still follow each other and still have their weird possessive comments on each others posts. Until one of ‘em says they’re single this doesn’t mean anything. And syd posted a few things about being excited to see her bf sometime this week so I seriously doubt she’s getting back with Jonny.

No. 1729361

File: 1671257556281.jpeg (663.89 KB, 1284x1622, 426AC1B3-770E-4EE8-870A-0FEDAD…)

he’s built like a garden gnome

No. 1729363

Homeboy is so ugly. Layna run and date a cute age appropriate Canadian man.

No. 1729367

whats on his fat fucker hand?

No. 1729372

What is it with cows getting ugly horrible bangs?! First shayna and now goiter. Between the beady dead eyes and huge honker, they look alike.

No. 1729396

File: 1671263542742.jpeg (105.15 KB, 750x453, EB7C0BD7-F239-49FE-82D0-F797F5…)

Ha, he has been acting single on tour and if you search his name on twitter on all the recent tweets talk about people running into him at bars.

No. 1729397

File: 1671264036661.jpeg (277.52 KB, 750x1025, B3852AEA-8868-4399-8CF9-9432BB…)

HAHA I bet they exchanged numbers too

No. 1729398

In all of his tags on Instagram it looks like he’s walking around the bar his show is at and talking to random fans. This doesn’t prove he’s acting single. I saw similar posts on Facebook from both men and women. Only Skidney would think this is proof of him acting single or cheating kek.

No. 1729409

Why are you defending this Manlet? Unless you’re a disgusting cow yourself.

No. 1729414

Yeah talking with fans and taking pictures is like part of his job, I don’t understand how it proves he’s single. He went on tour and did this exact shit in the summer and they were dating.

No. 1729420

File: 1671270053349.jpeg (543.42 KB, 1284x2282, A06E686C-A162-4C53-86B0-9B31DA…)

bottom right with his comment is my fav

No. 1729429

AYRT Yes, the leak happened in September, but the clips were from months ago. That's what I'm saying.

No. 1729430

She still streams on Twitch you dummy.

No. 1729433

Some of these anons are extra sensitive. We also know he’s a hoebag and would sleep with anything, especially excited fangirls who love him.

No. 1729445

Tinfoil but what if the breakup is fake like shay and fupa did

No. 1729501

It crossed my mind since he said in his post it’s “for his son”. That just makes no sense. I have no idea how custody shit works cause I’m not a deadbeat parent, but can they actually request you to end a long distance relationship because it’s costing you money? I think he just doesn’t wanna be tied down and is using the kid as an excuse. Keeping her on the back burner but wants his options open.

No. 1729512

I hate it when I have to “defend” this bloated mole rat….
This was posted (her getting to see him- at his show) and then this was posted 4 days later >>1729396, not to defend his skeezy ways but it’s likely he just walked up to fans to thank them because it’s his job.

Calm down skidmark.

No. 1729515

Good one Skidney, you gave him a child he can use to manipulate other women with now.

No. 1729554

Whoever who found her profile found it because she was live, that was her last stream. Here's the posts:

No. 1729578

JC’s suckers itt are always pointing out how Syd is not taking care of Storm because she doesn’t have custody and that she doesn’t even see him but now suddenly she’s the one requesting they to break up or some made up shit? KEKEKK she doesn’t have custody so why would her opinion matters more when they’re in the same position? JC wanna be free so he can get pussy tour, that’s it. Storm didn’t stopped him before why suddenly?

if u search her profile on MFC it’s the date of the last live session too and it was after anon found her and post her nasty asshole KEK so thankful for that nonnie im forever blessed

No. 1729581

File: 1671300391273.jpeg (191.04 KB, 750x1265, FA5A74E5-16BD-4C91-A624-E9CC40…)

can’t find her MFC profile i wonder why kek but here is all the profile info on some page. sad that the pixel picture is showing her cat.

oh and to no one surprise, she’s into dd/lg. fucking gross scum as all them cam whores. Layna is as low as Shayna. and Layna’s asshole is even worse.

No. 1729583

I mean they broke up when he has 2 shows left on his tour so I doubt its about tour pussy. Also everyone knows he likes having one girl to go home to and use until his next tour where he can fuck around. He does it with all of his gfs.

No. 1729641

File: 1671309387970.jpeg (40.34 KB, 515x249, D93A02D0-2F06-4981-AC82-254CB0…)

that website is using yyyy/dd/mm not yyyy/mm/dd. october 11th is the day she was posted here.

No. 1729647

File: 1671310013644.jpeg (751.25 KB, 1098x1173, D4B2919D-9AEE-41E3-AD27-C177F2…)

I’m sorry I know this is some what distortion from the bad lighting but this photo of him is legitimately fucking terrifying kek.

No. 1729652

John Wayne Gacy?

No. 1729670

No. 1729677

abusive, junkie, scammer, who says he'd rape people on twitter, face full of awful tattoos, pending felony trial for child abuse, jailed for domestic abuse, no custody and constantly acts like scum. Total smash kek.

No. 1729904

Ohhhh shit, you really showed us!

No. 1730001

what hoe? are u talking about Lelayna Caldwell from Edmonton CA ?

No. 1730002

File: 1671371056734.png (7.07 MB, 1284x2778, 1F06B102-6EB5-405C-A116-F98342…)

What that guy said lol. Except literally don’t. We’ve seen the turnout at all the other shows. The only reason this one looked packed is because it was emo night in a small venue.

No. 1730045

>he cant even reply
Stay lurkin goiter

No. 1730096

File: 1671385015889.jpeg (187.1 KB, 1170x2080, 465D0489-ED2E-4747-B884-C10FFF…)

No. 1730097

File: 1671385108976.jpeg (171.74 KB, 1170x2080, 73F561FD-9456-4479-9C6D-1FC215…)

Goiter is so successful and unbothered he has time to make two posts about this woman on Twitter’s subtweet.

No. 1730108

This is the girl who falsely accused Tilian (the current singer of Jonny’s former band DGD) of rape. And before anyone jumps down my throat, she was proven to be a liar. There were voice recordings of her and group chat screenshots released that debunked her claims

No. 1730112

Sorry same anon but just to add, Jonny knows who she is because that “hinge and rooftop wine” is a reference to her story

No. 1730128

This girl is a cow

No. 1730137

So pressed lol. It’s not hard to sell out emo night it’s like the one night a month the emos leave their houses. And no one wants your vip tickets but nice try haha

No. 1730148

I love how he’s bragging about selling out these tiny venues in these small towns. Half the people there probably didn’t even know who he was and were just there for a show.

No. 1730157

File: 1671390473605.jpeg (105.46 KB, 1170x2080, 87027D64-C380-4236-91E5-E5CFA6…)

Kek he’s still going on about her. He really gets hurt when women specifically have a problem with him.

No. 1730158

File: 1671390494345.jpeg (594.26 KB, 1073x1896, 3E70B6A9-E812-4F78-A67C-169A43…)

He’s spamming stories about her.

No. 1730164

Yup. Also if he's on a bill of like 5 people, he's saying everyone there is for him. I could "sell out" a statidum tour if Metallica was headlining lol. Goiter logic.

No. 1730178

JC is seething in his tour bus that someone hotter than any girl he’s ever dated is joking about breaking his knee caps. Saying a girl is built like a worm when he is literally 5’3 and still a fat fuck lmaooo

No. 1730183

File: 1671392088255.jpeg (417.16 KB, 1206x1917, BB84B6D0-69B2-4540-90D5-C48741…)

Home girl doesn’t post without a Snapchat filter on and she’s still busted. I don’t even wanna know what she looks like without the filter. Scrolling through her twitter is fun though she’s a cow and half.

No. 1730184

she's a well know scene drama cow. knowingly falsley accused the guy who replaced Goiter in DGD of SA. huge reddit threads on it. it's likely he's enjoying feeling like he's on the moral high ground and getting involed with scene drama.

No. 1730187

File: 1671392321235.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1161x1607, 059C6050-9541-4FC9-AB07-5C52DE…)


No. 1730188

So a classic cow vs cow.. you love to see it. Actually do want to see someone beat up goiter and his triple chins

No. 1730209

still prettier than Layna’s loose asshole

No. 1730213

You can get hemorrhoids by taking a dick in the ass without adequate lube so all she got from her relationship with Goiter was a destroyed butthole kek.

No. 1730224

File: 1671395994852.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3072x4096, D1B60416-28EB-47BC-962D-7698A9…)

Her chin and nose remind me of snow miser

No. 1730227

File: 1671396530433.jpeg (110.45 KB, 667x379, C0F6ECB9-9779-41A5-B025-EFF268…)

I can’t unsee it now

No. 1730237

Y'all are trippin.

No. 1730250

>woman with a normal nose and chin
>she looks just like this character with comically exaggerated features
lol whatever helps you feel better when you
look in the mirror schizochan.

No. 1730253

She looks great.

No. 1730255

File: 1671399257079.jpeg (109.48 KB, 1102x1374, 7CD97336-0EF9-4CBC-998D-E21712…)

No. 1730257

The fact that you had to scroll all the way through her photos to Feb means you’ve got some time on your hands. On a tour bus not driving maybe?

No. 1730260

File: 1671399819348.jpeg (474.97 KB, 1536x2048, 8F09EEA4-FDF2-4CE0-A008-777DC4…)

Kek I’m not goiter, I just thought it was hilarious that this band whore cow came here to call herself hot when she looks like road kill.

No. 1730261

Ain’t my fault homegirl hasn’t posted a filterless photo since February.

No. 1730263

Her face is prettier than Layna's asshole? LMAO.

No. 1730265

Who is this person lmao I honestly hate being reminded of her butthole everyone other post

No. 1730266

Up for debate.

No. 1730284

This is so unfortunate

No. 1730285

Go back, retard

No. 1730295

>watching a children’s Christmas movie with your chiold on your court-appointed visitation and thinking this random ass troll looks like your ex’s now ex girlfriend because you can’t just enjoy a moment with your cHiOlD

No. 1730321

File: 1671406850140.jpeg (881.16 KB, 3464x3464, 1460A077-C80C-41A4-80D6-637200…)

>JC is seething in his tour bus that someone hotter than any girl he’s ever dated is joking about breaking his knee caps.
Right… Only the domestic abusing cow herself would say this retarded shit.
They’d probably be a good couple actually, very Syd-like. May this feud bloom into a romance kek.

No. 1730329

its them goiters old balls lickers

No. 1730342

thought she was naturally pretty, why all the edit? jowls much insecure?

No. 1730357

There is no editing. It's pretty easy to hide jowls with a myspace angle.

No. 1730375

I don't care for anyone in this thread but if we're going to make fun of anyone's facial features why Layna's chin and nose when this girls features are way more exaggerated than hers kek? >>1730321

No. 1730379

layna's chin doesn't even naturally look like that, she photoshopped that selfie to death.

She sure does love reminding us what she looks like. then again, if all I did with my time was play video games and make TikTok's, I might take a lot of selfies too.

I am just so tired of seeing her face honestly. She's boring and cringe. I can't wait until she fades away since the only thing milky about her was she was fucking JC.

No. 1730382

stream TWICE ladies !!

No. 1730383

THIS thing pulled tillian?!?!

No. 1730386

It’s really easy to tell if someone’s selfie is edited or has a filter on it and her selfie has none of the hallmarks. It looks exactly like how she looks on stream nonnie. Agreed though her selfies don’t need to be discussed any longer since she is no longer dating JC.

No. 1730387

File: 1671412480107.jpeg (759.08 KB, 1170x1855, 9D70F2EB-7B06-4D8F-B5CE-AA7D96…)

She’s melting down and getting roasted on twitter kek kek kek

No. 1730388

finally you guys leave that poor girl alone

No. 1730394

u rlly just keep repeating they broke up until everyone believes it huh? layna streamed yesterday and talked about him, it doesn’t sound like they broke up. but u keep doing u.

No. 1730397

What did she say on stream about him?

No. 1730399

ya im reading and theres a video of her assaulting her ex bf yet she faked rape claims on someone?!?!

No. 1730401

wiggles, ima need u to stop posting in ur own thread. it's getting out of hand. who the fuck else tunes in to watch her stream to an audience of 2?

No. 1730405

NTAYRT but I regularly watch for milk ngl.

No. 1730408

touché, anon. alright so they didn't break up even though jonny announced he "lost something good", and Syd and Taylor were both suspiciously happy immediately after? Maybe they did makeup, doesn't mean he didn't message his exes, or any other whore he can get during the hours they were fighting.

No. 1730417

That you’re a cringeworthy newfag from twitter who doesn’t understand board culture

No. 1730418

You could at least try to integrate instead of outing yourself as a twitterfag

No. 1730419

Fucking kek, accurate

No. 1730420

yeah so what

No. 1730426

wish we could perma=ban layna's dickrider emarosa41, their posts stick out like a sore thumb SMH

No. 1730427

yall r picking the wrong posts that wasnt me that time either. if it was me i wouldve admitted it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1730432

fuck off cowtipper. mods, this loser is breaking so many rules once again. u must NEVER close this tab, huh?

No. 1730433

take your severe autism with you

No. 1730439

>yall r
Jesus fucking christ the retardation itt, get the fuck off the board or at least read the rules before posting, I can’t even report the newfaggotry at the moment because of whatever is going on with site work and between the trannies and the brain dead e-whores most of the threads are unreadable
This is supposed to be anonymous you sped, again, go back to twitter

No. 1730444

She’s evil. In the group chat screenshots, after she falsely accused Tilian, she wrote “I think Tim’s brother will be my next victim.” Tim was the bassist of DGD and he had just recently passed away when she joked about this. She also made false claims about Kurt Travis, another ex singer of DGD. Glad others are seeing her for what she is

No. 1730445

She’s as fucking hideous on the inside as she is on the outside, what a piece of shit. This is such cow behaviour too.

No. 1730448

im deep in the rabbit hole on twitter. funny that im reading it from her own account, and she genuinely makes herself look bad. none of it is believable, she keeps repeating the same shit, and changing other details when she gets called out. sage for off-topic but i'd love a thread on her. haven't seen someone this thirsty since sabrina nellie tbh

No. 1730471

File: 1671421875476.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.08 KB, 1143x678, ED6CD33D-7002-44A1-9CC9-4D0F2D…)

now that we have an influx of new posters and mentally ill bitches talking about a fucking hideous nobody itt… here’s Layna terrible asshole if you wanna feel better about yourself. cheers!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1730472

File: 1671422151900.jpeg (154.71 KB, 258x591, 912BF5D3-AE9F-4110-B5F9-73D6ED…)

Hotter than anyone he’s ever dated… KEK

No. 1730478

Stop posting this you fucking tard, jfc the state of this thread

No. 1730479

I've seen her in her unflattering cam shots anon. Her features don't look anywhere near as exaggerated as that woman's and most of the difference is just decent angles. That woman is closer to whatever the fuck snow miser is than Layna and this is coming from someone who thinks she 100% deserves to be shit talked here for being retarded enough to date Goiter. I'm not going to pretend I don't have eyes just because she's a cow.

No. 1730482

yeah bc she purposely took advantage of him when he was grieving just to accuse him of things she actually did/said. she’s a sick person. She’s on JCs level of trash

No. 1730489

You have this in your favorites folder don’t you? Just waiting every day for your moment to show us your favorite thing kek

No. 1730502

NTAYRT either but I also watch her stream in case she says something milky. It's not like it takes any effort to do.

No. 1730515

so you and other anon are both willingly help a cow earn money, nice

No. 1730516

The only thing milky about her is that’s she’s retarded enough to date not only one of the ugliest moids in the history of humankind but dated him whilst privy to his well documented abusive and all round deplorable behaviour. I swear the only people who make a point of calling her ugly are Jonny’s fans who are just as retarded as she is. She’s a degenerate ewhore and while I personally despise all ewhores because they’re actively participating in an industry that harms women, and I especially despise anyone into ddlg shit, but she’s not actually posting any of that shit for us to drag her over, so the repeated “hurr durr layna is an ugly slut with a busted asshole” posts are pretty sus

No. 1730521

How is she even a cow? She’s a calf at best. No one would know who she is if she weren’t dating Goiter.

No. 1730541

No? LMFAO. The only way Layna gets money from her stream is if people donate or sub. I can guarantee you we're doing neither.

No. 1730557

Ew… Really Tillian? Kek. He must have broke it off because he felt catfished.

No. 1730587

She fucked Kurt Travis too apparently. I’m so confused

No. 1730597

No one had to look, for any reason, but that anon won't stop bringing up layna's asshole. "Lady" doth protest too much, her butthole is landlord of their mind forget rent free lmao

No. 1730620

wym no one had to look? doesnt matter if there's a spoiler, we can all see the post and it's still fucking annoying

No. 1730636

I don’t follow the DGD drama aside from goiter’s shenanigan on lolcow. But I m so bored for the holiday seasons and like to suggest a thread for this holiday special cow? She sounds unhinged and wants to jump on goiter’s limp dick

No. 1730639

There were 2 other women who stepped forward about Tillian- (not to derail) but people don’t want to believe them especially because of this Mikaela girl. People think she was the only victim who stepped forward because her story was so unbelievable and she is unhinged.

No. 1730646

I fucking hate moids but I have almost as much disdain for cows like this who contribute to a culture of women not being taken seriously when it comes to reporting assault and abuse.

No. 1730698

Coming from Europe, still can't believe that people in the USA really listen to this type of music kek
Also, all these scene bitches are ugly af, and still somehow become groupies. How??

No. 1730718

File: 1671460570199.jpg (137.08 KB, 1077x946, 1000002636.jpg)

No. 1730726

I’m guessing they’re talking about when he was with Syd? Kek. I can’t picture Layna commenting weird things on womens instagram photos.

No. 1730730

Peak Syd energy kek

No. 1730804

But when was the screenshot taken? They’re been broken up for a year. So are those posts a year old?

No. 1730810

The posts are recent but they could be talking about things that happened earlier this year/last year. The posters don’t say when these events happened.

No. 1730812

You seriously can’t be this stupid. Anon people can tell stories from the past lol? Just because something happened last year doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it today.

No. 1730818

File: 1671471695936.jpeg (257.53 KB, 1600x900, 2C35B0DD-0AC6-4B13-80D0-61DDA3…)

do you know how this site works?

why would we care about old milk?

i love this thread is run by the autistic dd/lg camwhore and his low IQ 14 years old stans i love it

No. 1730826

NTAYRT but are you retarded? Someone posted a screencap from reddit of two girls talking about their experience with JC and anon said it could be old stories, we don't know when they happened. It's not milk, it's old news of Skid being psychotic.
Don't have to be Layna or a JC stan to come to that conclusion retard.

No. 1730835

Lol sure let's go with that. Sorry but it is dumb af to think something must've happened today because somebody is talking about it today.
Syd is the only ex that harassed his fans, it's painfully obvious it's about her, don't get mad at me because you're too dumb to put 2 and 2 together.

No. 1730850

File: 1671473965121.jpg (45.51 KB, 1077x542, 1000002639.jpg)

I think its recent. The same person commented this on another reddit thread specifically about his Dec 13th show in VA beach

No. 1730874

I'm guessing that's what this was about then >>1723262
Maybe part of the break up?

No. 1730938

This is lame and it honestly just sounds like she's trying to brag about it. There's absolutely no need for her to need to share that with the world.

No. 1730947

I wonder if it was a self post.

No. 1730952

Also why on earth does he need to ask strangers if he can stay with them? Hotels are like $100/night, where'd all of his braggy rent cash go?!

No. 1730972

He’s as trashy as he’s always been. No class, bumming off others.

No. 1731021

File: 1671485058191.jpeg (147.75 KB, 1170x2080, AE021D01-8662-48FC-BB81-A52C76…)

Swoop in and get your man Syd.

No. 1731023

brag about what? the fact that Jonny Craig can’t pay for a hotel room? what a brag!

he’s clearly broke, guess Layna aint paying for his shit anymore.
so much success on a 40 years old asking females for couch surfing.

No. 1731025


No. 1731032

To some washed up elder emo women, JC trying to fuck them is still a flex. Even though he’s reached out to half the women of instagram kek.

No. 1731039

She's probably lying but I'm not sure because from what I've seen, band guys seem to love boring girls with horse faces.

No. 1731040

Was suggestion a holiday special goiter thread anon.. sorry for being a newfag

No. 1731104

damn nonnie you're smart, i agree with you, that could be exactly what he meant.

and idk why ppl are hating on this girl or saying she wants attention. we don't know her name. this isn't a mikaela situation. if she wanted attention she'd post on twitter or post their convo but that is not the vibe i get at all. it seems like she's making fun of him and the situation.

I swear there's JC and/or layna asskissers itt that talk shit and argue about anything and everything that doesn't align with the narrative of JC being the most perfect gentleman, flawless boyfriend, 100% faithful. it's pathetic, and hilarious. some must be lost and think this is a JC stan thread?

this loser wouldn't give you the shirt on the back if you needed it and some of you still give him the benefit of the doubt. must be internal misogyny which is equally, if not more disgusting when it's a woman with that trait…

No. 1731108

this is a common thing he's done for years while he tours. whatever he can do to avoid paying for a hotel. he stays with randoms while he tours literally all the time.

No. 1731112

>argue about anything and everything that doesn't align with the narrative of JC being the most perfect gentleman, flawless boyfriend, 100% faithful
Kek maybe I'm lost nona but where has this ever happened.

No. 1731113

LMFAO since when the hell was layna paying for his shit? homegirl doesn't work, and idgaf what her camscore was, she cammed like 10 times in total. if anything he's broke from flying HER back and forth, and buying her LV purses and comic books.

i wonder how much money in total he has spent on flights, think about how many bills/rent he could have paid with that money, or shit for storm.

he said he's alllll about storm now so we'll see if that fucking sticks but i won't hold my breath. it looks like the thread can't come to an agreement of whether they're broken up or not. following each other still doesnt mean shit, but the nona who said layna was talking about him in stream, never replied when we asked what she said about him. maybe they made up because he can't refund his ticket? so is he still spending christmas with her family? kind of fucked up if so, he should be spending it with his son.

No. 1731118

literally ANYtime someone tries to say JC is being shady on tour, emarosa4ltheretard or whoever else has to remind us "he has a gf!!!" "he's not cheating!!" "he hasn't cheated!!"

No. 1731120

That quite literally doesn't happen schizo.

No. 1731124

i'm not schizo? you're retarded. i'm not arguing about it, i don't care for infighting. i know what i see in the threads.

No. 1731125

It literally hasn’t. People might fight over whether layna is a cow or not but everyone unanimously agrees JC is a massive piece of shit.
Nobody’s saying he isn’t cheating, they’re just saying following random people and taking pictures with fans isn’t proof of cheating.

No. 1731127

doubt we will ever see "proof". he's a serial cheater, i can only imagine what his dms look like right now.

No. 1731129

The only instances brought up recently are things only a BPD queen like Skid would call cheating kek. Not saying he never did but come on.

No. 1731149

DGD Reddit, Swan-Posting on FB. Both have the bias's and often delete stuff, but most of the evidence/accusations are there.

No. 1731154

File: 1671494544219.jpg (15.67 KB, 302x363, latest-659232252.jpg)

"coming from europe", "this type of music". kek what aristocratic retardation is this? they are about to headline tour Europe.

No. 1731162

Ugh, no wonder she's with someone who looks like he should be beneath her, she's a bottom barrel scrote pandering pickme. Pedo panderers are no better than the scrotes getting off to this shit. Glad she got scared off camming, the last thing women and children need is more pedo normalization
This sounds like she's had interactions with JC before… Time to snoop her reddit for any more deets

No. 1731174

Also the cnc…isn’t that a kink where they basically pretend to be SA’d

No. 1731178

File: 1671496079892.png (92.1 KB, 923x532, Screenshot_20221220_051644_com…)

She only had like 4 reddit comments total and no new info but I found this posted by someone else in the thread. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the tattoo influencer sphere so I wouldn't know how to find this dude to confirm the tattoo being identical, maybe another anon could help with that? JC skinwalking some tattoo influencer would be hilarious
Ew I missed that the first read, the camwhore thread taught me it means "consentual non-consent" so yeah, role play rape is another thing she panderers. Fucking gross

No. 1731181

File: 1671496195640.jpeg (614.31 KB, 1170x1690, AD0EE9ED-0D1E-4DEC-A488-EF387C…)

Kek. Balloons?

No. 1731213

The empty front row of chairs acting as a barrier is so weird to me. It's like no one wants to get close to him.

No. 1731218

I don't care what the face tattoo is of if it's been copied off someone (as original as "xo" can be , 99% of them look godawful

No. 1731274

I don't think aristocratic was what they were going for kek. The general consensus thanks to international media is that burgers are all retarded.

No. 1731335

Layna is so pretty.

No. 1731409

File: 1671832252760.jpeg (324.88 KB, 1170x2119, E1D075EE-00A6-421C-BC66-EE445E…)

No. 1731424

the delusion

No. 1731425

I seriously doubt 10 chicks even approached his goblin looking ass

No. 1731427

File: 1671837181598.jpeg (80.34 KB, 347x684, 5E194F96-A885-4858-8EFF-47B20C…)

if they did it was before they saw the state of the bath his cleans himself in.

No. 1731429

File: 1671837400405.png (1.05 MB, 1284x2778, 5D24B4A9-23F9-4467-815F-F48C19…)

True, I always wish for a washed up “recovering” junkie for my christmas present

No. 1731431

Dear god this photo makes me nauseous

No. 1731437

Wtf… the grime on his shithole of an apartment. Feel like I m gonna catch a disease just by looking at it. Are you proud layna?

No. 1731447

it looks like he's bathing in soup, why tf would you post this filth

No. 1731449

i even doubt 10 people show up lol

layna and him are the same. remember that ss where her floor was looking so dirty like luna’s level of filth so i doubt she cares

No. 1731455

File: 1671841477676.jpeg (163.56 KB, 1170x2091, BF4D1CB9-5040-4BE1-982B-8E882D…)

He really tried to laugh it off and blame it on the bath bomb like we didn’t see all the disgusting grime on the walls/faucet

No. 1731462

I love how easily you can tell how much of a manlet he is in that bath pic kek.

No. 1731465

Kek. Wonder he thrift shops kids size for all his tacky fake branded stuff.

No. 1731476

File: 1671844516872.jpeg (703.82 KB, 2843x3024, E4FC2B4D-3DAF-43B9-A4A2-8099CF…)

that lasted…

No. 1731477

guess theyre making more money than him lol

No. 1731498

File: 1671852072344.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 6FDCBEB5-3BFD-42D9-AEA8-7D99E2…)

I really think they did break up. And I think it’s because he chose to spend Christmas with his son over her. I took this screenshot while the site was down, I don’t know how to screen record but he said something along the lines of “all I wanted for Christmas was my son to come home and he did” “Robert what the fuck are you doing on my sons bed”

So is the custody thing over? There’s no way. I thought he had another court date? Unless shit really did get dismissed.

He hasn’t liked or commented on her last selfie like he normally does marking his territory. I know they’re still following each other, but that could just mean they don’t hate each

No. 1731501

File: 1671852620024.jpeg (202.72 KB, 750x1205, 843D5598-5A6B-4E91-901F-C60D7E…)

Oh, I must have been stoned. He was only talking about his cat being in his sons bed in the video. Here’s the post he made about his son right before it

No. 1731502

File: 1671852743212.jpeg (82.39 KB, 1170x230, 5CD3CFB3-5BAF-4F52-AFBE-D9E691…)

I thought so as well, but she tweeted this so I’m guessing they are seeing each other soon? I wouldn’t think a woman would break up over a man choosing his blood related son over a 6 month deep relationship.

No. 1731504

you're right, i thought it was a silly reason but this >>1728847 post made me question if storm was the reason

No. 1731507

File: 1671853473993.png (8.58 MB, 3736x2488, jonny.png)

he really is obsessed with this chick. he "bodied" her apparently, with all these middle school level humor burns… right…

i honestly want a thread for this chick, if someone can make the thread, i'll contribute to the milk and help keep the thread alive

No. 1731508

He does have another court date. It’s possible he met all the requirements to get temporary custody of his son. He’s been with his grandma for over a year….that can’t be an easy transition for the kid. He’s probably hardly bonded to mom or dad.

No. 1731509

you know what though, i don't like either of them better than the other, but i swear to god it seems like BBP cares more about his son than Shitney.

No. 1731514

File: 1671854291936.png (3.87 MB, 750x1334, 976FE883-E8CD-4ADC-A01A-C3E260…)

Haha I took this when skid was with her man. At least she likes her nickname

No. 1731515

I mean maybe but my ex does the same thing; he will act like he’s very involved in our kids lives posting things on SM like coloring with them or taking them out for food. When in reality he spends about 6 hours a week with them and half that time they’re in front of the TV doing Jack shit
It’s upholding and image that people expect from them. Dead beat dads have to project that they’re going above and beyond.
Maybe he is doing more than skidmark but I doubt it’s as much as it seems. He’s only clean because he would otherwise face jail time. He blamed his son’s medical issues on his relapse. Having a toddler bed in your house means nothing.

It’s funny how he’s showing baby stuff now where as before we were insane for thinking they didn’t have custody because we never saw baby stuff. I suspect we will see a lot of “look I have my son!” Posts.

No. 1731516

File: 1671854614935.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, DEEC86E7-34CE-4FC5-A769-083665…)

Yep every time she posts a selfie you can see the filth in the background.

Layna, would it kill you to clean up your floor, put the mattress cover on the mattress, cover up that nasty ass chair or have sugar grandpa Craig buy you a new one? Also would it kill you to shave your pits if you’re gonna take a selfie from this angle?
In b4
~iTs 2022 sHe DoEsNt NeEd tO sHaVe ~ FeMiNiSm PoWeRrRr~

I’m just nitpicking it’s not serious

She posted another selfie the day before this and there was SO much shit on the floor including cat food spilled out of the cat bowl

No. 1731517

Kek is she not embarrassed he probably cheated on her all tour? Yet she’s bragging about seeing him?

No. 1731522

No. He’s a textbook narcissist and rely’s on asspats for doing basic things like getting your son a bed to sleep in. And his retarded fans fall for it and think he’s a good father. Even though he poisoned his baby.

No. 1731526

oh he definitely did. especially when he announced his "fuck love" "i lost something good" stories. you know he took that opportunity to fuck anyone he can.

i'm starting to think she literally doesn't care about sharing his dick with others as long as she's his main girl. like i'm dead serious. she has no respect for herself

No. 1731527

poor girl, i fucked him on tour, while she looks so pathetic

No. 1731528

careful ppl are gonna demand proof and call you a liar, unless you're being sarcastic

No. 1731531

I doubt this is real but kek nonnie if you got pump and dumped by goiter on his grimey tour the only pathetic one here is you.

No. 1731532

nonnie and layna can both be pathetic at the same time

No. 1731533

Yea like girl dont gloat about it… go cry about and also get tested. Respect yourself.

No. 1731534

i highly doubt she was being serious. layna is the one who needs to respect herself

No. 1731535

Arguably, being cheated on does not make you pathetic at all. It makes the cheater pathetic, and the grimey broad who knowingly let herself be used as a fleshlight for a taken man for the night.

No. 1731537

i'm not gonna go back and forth with you. layna is pathetic by default by being with goiter in the first place. that nonnie was clearly joking. but if you can't see layna is pathetic for being with a rapist, abuser, serial cheater junkie who poisoned his son then i don't know what to tell you

No. 1731540

We agree there Nona.

No. 1731545

You're both right, I guess I keep forgetting the reason Syd barely posts about Storm is because she has been acting like she still had custody this entire time.

No. 1731549

File: 1671860487057.png (914.58 KB, 750x1334, F36595B7-15D9-4B02-B190-EBBDD5…)

This stupid hoe thinking she could even break his kneecaps in the first place is hilarious. Trust me, I hate her and JC both so I don’t mean this as I’m taking his side.

Also, the irony of his main insult about her is she’s “built like a worm”… Jonny your girlfriend is built like a worm too. Yeah his gf prettier, but if you’re gonna insult a woman’s body type, think it through before irony is lost on you.

No. 1731563

>I let a gross goiter flop his body on top of me. Layna is sooo pathetic

Kek it’s the audacity for me

No. 1731565

nonnie it's sarcasm, i -

No. 1731569

I know this girl personally and she’s a mess, she’s so chaotic and messy! If someone makes a thread I can post the years of drama in “niche” fb groups and her unhinged tweets (I’m on her CF lists for Insta and Twitter)

No. 1731575

Ohhhh I see. We just make things up and call it sarcasm. Got it !

No. 1731578

post them here

No. 1731591

Please post them nonny. I’ve only seen some of her sperg outs from Swanposting before I left it

No. 1731605

then do the thread yourself smh it’s not that hard if u really got milk on her

No. 1731608

the irony of him hanging a tapestry that says 'death' over his sons bed while in his current court case is not lost on me

No. 1731622

I’m a tard and don’t know how to make threads

No. 1731625

If anyone needed any more confirmation that she reads here lol. Personally I would have gone with “Penis Nose” for her bf instead of Ghost Train Guy, which didn’t stick when it was mentioned

No. 1731643

all the cows itt are itt lmaooo that’s how boring their life is

No. 1731647

Syd might not read here????? We’ve been calling her Skid for years.

No. 1731651

they all lurk 24/7 and its not the first time that she embrace it lol she loves it

No. 1731658

File: 1671905351624.jpeg (360.66 KB, 1170x2080, FD430415-1B21-4CD7-B526-01E3C9…)

Kek I wouldn’t have thought Syd would move on in a lovey dovey relationship with a new man before goiter but here we are. (Yes goiter found Layna first but let’s be real she seems more like his sugar baby/escort than a real relationship).

No. 1731667

Interesting…she must be out of state? Or I guess maybe she could be in Tahoe/Sierras

No. 1731679

She posted a story that she’s in Colorado right now which is where her man lives. I’m guessing Storm will be spending Christmas at goiters then?

No. 1731686

If the state doesn't fail the kid, any visit should be supervised or at his caretaker.

No one should let a kid near that thing.

No. 1731689

Well he has a bed for Storm in his bedroom and says he’s coming home for Christmas.

No. 1731691

>damn I really destroyed that chick hahahahaha well let it be known that if you come at me talking BS or youre gonna harm me or call me shit like an abuser or a rapist I'm gonna set you straight
>lol ima fucking real one and I'm not letting you remark on me or better yet anybody I'm down with
I read this in angry 10 yer old peaking his mic in roblox voice chat, it's just so cringe and forced lmao

No. 1731699

Sorry no way I believe storm is staying there for the holidays, especially not unsupervised. Can I remind you he got taken away because Jonny ODed him on fentanyl. His filthy condo is one step up from a trap house
And there’s always a crew of degenerates drinking, smoking or doing god knows what right in the living room. Besides Jonny has a roommate staying in “storms old room”, I’m guessing he bought a toddler bed and stuck it in the corner of his own nasty cat piss bedroom to feel like less of dead beat.

No. 1731701

I’ll believe it when I see it. Shitney didn’t get Christmas visitation but the guy responsible for storm’s fet OD gets Christmas visitation? They both have violent offenses on their record. I doubt he gets custody but maybe G’ma is bringing him over.

No. 1731707

i don’t know if laws regarding child abuse/ family abuse on burgerland are really that shitty or y’all don’t know how the system works because anons thinking goiter is getting storm to stay with him is as simple as posting on instagram.

No. 1731709

Seriously these anons just eat up everything posted as truth. With no idea about any of what’s actually going on in these peoples lives behind the scenes.

No. 1731726

File: 1671919886134.jpeg (353.15 KB, 828x1629, 6267DE54-C91D-4FE8-B3FD-F0FDF4…)

I only saw this sc not the actual story
but it doesn’t sound like he’s staying there for Christmas.

No. 1731769

im not even one who made the claim i fucked jonny craig, im just not retarded enough to believe they were serious. jesus christ

No. 1731780

NTA but some people on here are clearly fans of him/asskissers of his so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1731782

understandable. i just get really annoyed when a nonnie mistakes me for another nonnie, especially when they have an attitude about it.

No. 1731784

they've all proven to read here, Goiter with his Goiter gang comments, Layna making her MFC profile private 10 mins after it was posted here, and Syd with posting the thread artwork in her stories. They may like to pretend they don't read here, but they all definitely do.

No. 1731790

Also brownie points (blast from the past) I remember taylor also revealed that goiter boy gets sad from reading here. Fucking Kek!

No. 1731793

lmao taylor gets sad reading here too, she literally went on a meth binge to lose "30 pounds from heroin" bc the bigfoot meme hurt her feelings. which is crazy, because when she first got sober she would brag about gaining "healthy" weight back. she literally lives in her life around the approval of her lolcow thread.

jonny and his ex and current girl read here but at least they aren't as emotionally invested as THAT kek

No. 1731794

also i wonder if chelsea still reads here since she is the reason i even know lolcow exists but who knows. back on topic, is layna flying to see goiter or is goiter flying to see layna?

No. 1731795

I’m curious about that as well. She said they will be seeing each other soon and last we heard he was going to Canada to see her? I wonder if plans have changed.

No. 1731798

She literally responds to her thread more than her fans, it’s kinda sad she’s so obsessed with what randoms are saying about her. If she wasn’t an animal killer I’d probably pity her.

No. 1731799

i think they got in a fight bc he was initially going to spend christmas with her and meet her family, but something about custody changed or he had the opportunity to see storm instead when maybe before that wasn't an option. i know that's a ridiculous reason to break up or fight, but his post about losing something good vs doing right by his son makes me think that's at least somewhat accurate. maybe he is still going to see her since he already had the ticket, and was complaining about not getting a refund, maybe he just changed it to a later date. although, if he really does have temp custody of storm, then i would say layna is going to be flying down here.

i'm shocked that they've actually been together almost eight months, this post was from 5/3/22 >>1518419

how much longer are they gonna do long distance? it's definitely healthier and wiser than moving in immediately, but those plane tickets are not cheap.

also, i feel like layna will be around storm soon, and i can't wait to see syd have a meltdown about it. "OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL SHE SEE MY SON"

No. 1731800

she needs inpatient treatment for at least six months so she can get the therapy she needs, but that will never happen bc she's surrounded by enablers.

No. 1731813

> how much longer are they gonna do long distance? it's definitely healthier and wiser than moving in immediately,

This is partly why I believe he is sober. He’s making smarter decisions regarding his life/relationship. Farmers may say he’s taking things slower than in his past because he hates her and doesn’t love her ect but it could be because he has a clearer head and is being responsible, especially now since he has a son involved. If he does meet her parents I think that says something; especially since they’re all the way in Canada. Somehow I doubt he’s going all the way there though, considering “his son came home”.

No. 1731830

How are they supposed to do anything other than long distance? Jonny has a pending felony charge against him. Layna can’t stay in the US for more than 90 days without a visa, which is why she always goes back after 3 months. There’s no such thing as an unmarried partner visa so Jonny can’t sponsor her. Plus she claims she’s in school in Canada

It’s not being responsible when they have no other choice lmao. Anyone who can look at the pictures of him on tour with his sweaty face looking blitzed and still think he’s sober is a bigger idiot than he is.

No. 1731838

File: 1671944230800.jpeg (337.2 KB, 828x1792, B330D63A-BD1A-4861-9C0F-50874E…)

No. 1731840

Sorry for off-topic nitpick, Canadians are able to stay in the states for up to six months, anon.

No. 1731845

Typically when you’re wearing 8 layers of clothing in the New York cold, and then you go into a busy bar, you get quite sweaty.

No. 1731859

I knew it. He didn’t get him for a Christmas visit kek. He’s still on court ordered visitation. Anons need to stop taking what he says at face value and also remember he finished his court ordered drug program. He’s likely not being tested anymore so if you think he isn’t dabbling in alcohol or weed you need to just stop coming here.

No. 1731862

syd saw storm for christmas, and she looks fucking terrible. sorry im on sleeping pills andtoo lazy to screenshot her latest ig post and blur out the baby. she looked so bad she needed a filter on her and storm. her face tattoo looks tragicf

No. 1731864

File: 1671951917500.jpeg (67.77 KB, 337x913, B9ED90F3-9E6B-4225-A046-C7A7D3…)


I cropped it cuz idk how to draw over someone

No. 1731865

Christmas hasn’t even happened yet in our time zone so she didn’t see him for Christmas. I thought she was in Colorado visiting her boyfriend ? She likely visited before leaving.

No. 1731866

damn ur right, i was high when i wrote that lol

No. 1731868

File: 1671953984759.jpeg (875.46 KB, 1937x1840, 68E8E5EF-3E9A-4593-9A24-4CDE5E…)

He posted it an hour after syd wonder if she sent it to him or he screenshot it off her ig kek

No. 1731960

Yeah I think your right about her visiting before going to see her bf, because at almost the same time as she posted these pics she has also posted something on her story about still being with Ian where it was snowing. She’s def trying to pass it off like she’s with Storm to her ignorant followers

No. 1731988

Grandma probably sent them the same pic in a "Merry Christmas" text

No. 1731991

Jesus and they’re both posting it as if they took it. That’s bleak.

No. 1732001

Not to WK but skid took it, this selfie here is with Storm >>1731864 and he is in the same PJs

No. 1732007

Skid probably finds any reason to text Jonny and sent it to him kek

No. 1732016

they have a chiOLD anon get over it

No. 1732028

I do ship the goiter and skidney trainwreck. Come on guys, get back together, do it for the kid mannnn (and all the farmers)

No. 1732029

Once they’re done messing around with their little boo’s they will get back together im sure of it.

No. 1732038

i personally want him to get with a new girl, so we have a new cow to talk about. layna is boring. the only milky thing about her was her camming and that's sadly in the past. other than that, she's just severely retarded. she even posted a premonition, that jonny was gonna break her heart in a million little tiny pieces. her time will come. his relationships always expire after 2 years, but the two of them even making it that long is a generous statement.

No. 1732042

samefag but i dont see skid and goiter getting back together. look at how much more freedom he has, women are free to comment under his pics without getting harassed, im sure being with layna is like a breath of fresh air compared to syd's psycho controlling tendencies. but since he knows layna is more chill and loyal, he's taking advatange of her naivety. shit he couldn't get away with being with skid. he's gonna make a fool out of her, i'm calling it right now. jonny is the man that wants his cake and wants to eat it too. he always has a wandering eye, and no amount of sobriety will change that kind of behavior.

No. 1732046

This is exactly why I don’t think they will break up anytime soon. He’s getting exactly what he wants out of her, a docile home body to go back to after tour when he goes out and cheats and makes her look like a fool. I bet he’s sinking his claws in. Good gig for him but a pretty shit gig if you’re Layna.

No. 1732054

Wasn’t there a Nona that claimed they would drop screenshots that would ruin Jonny/Layna on Christmas? Or am I misremembering.

No. 1732079

i remember this too. me thinks (if they were even telling the truth) that maybe they realized that jonny clout is really trashy and revealing their self would be even more embarrassing than layna getting cheated on. i feel like jonny has her wrapped around his sausage finger and could manipulate her to stay with him regardless. like when he went all emo on the first part of his tour posting suicide bait saying "too bad you cant freeze to death in the south" "just wanna sleep forever but my bed will be empty" and she ran to be with him instead of flying home like the original plan. and this happened after cheating speculation was posted here, he really is a master at manipulation. i can picture layna staying with him no matter what he does, and if nona's end goal was to break them up, it probably wouldn't work anyway.

No. 1732083

They are incredibly long distance. It won’t take much for her to find interest in someone closer and leave BBGoiter.

After a year your expectations in the relationship change and most people want more at that point. I don’t think it’ll last much longer honestly.

No. 1732084

File: 1672022223709.jpeg (113.19 KB, 1170x2037, DF738C90-645E-4796-9A35-1D0D01…)

Uh oh

No. 1732085

File: 1672022249848.jpeg (102.45 KB, 1170x2009, FB492229-A88E-4D2F-AB82-AF484E…)

No. 1732091

Kek this seems way too fake and convenient. We literally JUST mentioned cheating receipts on Christmas and now they’re being super obvious and not vague?

Not buying it.

No. 1732092

File: 1672023718492.jpg (60.81 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221225-185806_Ins…)

No. 1732094


Yeah I find it super strange too, like they’re still following eachother, still all her tweets about seeing him are there, his comments on her pics are still there etc
Like wouldn’t you want to scrub all of that if you have a zero tolerance policy instead of posting childish stories?

No. 1732095

Sorry meant to sage

No. 1732097

Lmao I been trying to tell you guys she reads here. I figured that out ever since her MFC profile got posted here, and she made it private ten minutes after it was posted. That being said, what the hell happened? Did schizo come through with the screenshots, and maybe send them to her privately? Instead of posting them here and having their identity outed, and being the joke of the internet.

Any Canadafags want to confirm if Jonny can even enter the country? You're not supposed to leave the country anyway when you're going through court stuff, and man has a pending felony.

Is he asking for company on his trip since Layna doesn't want to see him anymore and he can't refund his ticket? I have so many questions. I would love to see him try to get in and get arrested at the border.

No. 1732098

although i hope this about jonny, i wonder if maybe she's posting about an ex that tried to reach out to her? but idk why she'd make such a big deal and post two stories about it.

No. 1732099

Oh shit nonna I am a burger but can confirm… unless he has approval from his PO, and that would be for a solid reason, he is technically not supposed to leave the state.
Very curious indeed; hes too much of a narc to not post proof of travel. If the PO has googled his parolee he would find this thread quickly. Also Syd is probably itching for any reason to pull proof in court.

No. 1732100

I mean… she literally JUST posted the story. They are probably arguing right now. We can't expect her to be like Syd, whose bipolar ass would unfollow jonny and put him in and out of her bio every other day. I'm sure the scrubbing will happen soon, just give it a little time.

No. 1732102

He’s Canadian-American; he’s allowed to enter the country he has citizenship in. Pretty sure this was discussed already.

No. 1732103

does he have dual citizenship though? and some nonnies in here may not have been around when this was discussed.

No. 1732106

File: 1672027600640.jpeg (85.59 KB, 1170x1433, AFC8558A-146F-43DA-BCE6-D7C810…)

Ah well they’ve unfollowed each other now

No. 1732107

File: 1672027657099.jpeg (93.86 KB, 1170x1266, 3FC1C32B-71BD-4057-8BE9-A45B68…)

No. 1732109

File: 1672027792356.jpeg (166.39 KB, 1170x993, 93B1C97D-C50B-4645-AB96-1CB794…)

please spill it all Layna I’m beg

No. 1732110


No. 1732113

as much as losers (syd + jealous jonny groupies) talked smack about layna, really none of us regular anons hated her, if anything she was very un cow like, except dating someone that had proof online of being a shit bag. maybe he convinced her he wasn't a shit bag sober.

layna, please show receipts. help make it so he never has the ability to take advantage of anyone again with hard evidence.

No. 1732114

oh shit I guess for christmas she got a clue. she def doesn't lurk here if surprised by jonny being unfaithful. im surprised water is wet but im an idiot.

she must not even lurk in the human world because youd hafta be quite naive to not expect cheating from jonny fucking craig. find his pic beneath "cheating bastard" in the dictionary

No. 1732116


No. 1732118

Kek he really worked her for months? That’s hilarious.

No. 1732120

Yeah Jonny was the only milky thing about her and I think she was just naive and truly believed he was a changed man and really loved her. Hopefully she’s not too upset because she can do SO much fucking better than that bloated gremlin.

No. 1732122

She was really way above his pay grade. Camgirl or not. Not surprised he took advantage of her and cheated though. These types of men never learn, ever. Then complain when they end up alone and unhappy. I think she was a glitch in the matrix for him. They never should have dated.

No. 1732124

File: 1672031692259.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 6F39E2F9-D8F6-4BF7-A39F-3F32EA…)

Lmao Taylor really can’t help herself or hide that she stalks her exes thread, right after the breakup news is posted she’s sperging on her stories about changing her name and then slipping in some old pictures of the kittens her and Jonny rescued, WHEN they rescued them. She’s still obsessed, even though she very recently unfollowed jc. What a cow.

No. 1732125

File: 1672031970041.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, AC5F87D0-449C-45BD-ACB7-740779…)

Yeah Shitney, a two year old totally has “stage presence”. Lmao no offense to storm he’s cute as hell but I swear she thinks she gave birth to the most magical special child in the world, solely because he came from her.

Again I’m not insulting a two year old by any means, it’s just wild how she talks about him. She’s such a weirdo. You can tell she’s not naturally nurturing or fit to be a mother because she overcompensates and exaggerates every time she talks about him. I know a lot of parents do this and it’s normal but she’s not a fucking parent.

No. 1732126

This is also clearly a way for her to be like
>hehe he’s a singer just like his fatherrrr

No. 1732127

The way she talks about him is just so off kek

No. 1732130

I’ve seen this cycle one to many times. Girl needs to run and not look back.

No. 1732131

but she’s way to young and has a good head on her shoulders. Shouldn’t be caught up in this ginger gnomes bullshit. She’s gorgeous and will find much better. Would be genuinely heart-wrenching to see her deteriorate due to this disgusting moid.

No. 1732132



No. 1732139

>has a good head on her shoulders
She's a camwhore and a wanna be streamer. How is this indicative of a good head on her shoulders? She knew who Jonny was and only now that she herself got burned is she upset. That also indicates that she doesn't have a good head on her shoulders. Please explain how.

No. 1732140

Again acting like she’s there with him when she’s in Colorado kek her followers are dumb as fuck.

Idk I’m still not buying it. I mean I hope it’s true and she cuts her loses but the timing was so coincidental right after an anon asked about cheat receipts. And they both posted on their stories minutes apart. And then didn’t unfollow until an anon said something. They’re both cringe and I can see them doing a fake break up kek but again I hope it’s true because she was too good for him. He needs another Skidney.

No. 1732147

i understand the coincidental timing, believe me. but idk why everyone is skeptical about the break up. why the hell would they "fake breakup"? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. they're not celebrities making money off a scandal like the kardashians. that's something i would expect from syd for attention. layna only gained like 400 followers from this relationship. why would she pull all of this for attention? majority of jc's fans don't even know they're dating. which is convenient for goiter, i doubt to see a breakup post from him. he was acting single (for the most part, no doubt) all along anyway. he might post some cringey vague emo post about it, but i doubt he'll actually address it since the relationship was so private.

layna doesn't seem like an attention whore like syd. maybe skitzo was right all along about dropping a bomb on christmas? i just wish they would post here so we can enjoy the milk too. skitzo if ur reading this, share the love! isn't what you wanted was to make layna look like a "fool"? why so quiet now?

idk i guess i'm in the minority in believing this is an actual breakup and that it will stick. layna can do way better than him and i think even she knows that… he's ugly as sin, has a feral, unhinged bbymama, AND cheated? yeah only syd would take this pig back.

No. 1732150

samefag but i accidentally replied and wasn't done. if the breakup DOES stick can we stop talking about her? she aint milky or a shitty ass human like tnd and skid, just extremely stupid. we should just let her live her life. other ex's of his don't really get brought up here unless they do something milky, like chelsea with her jc videos or amanda donating "666" to syd's gofundme KEK

like i'm not entirely sold skitzo was the reason (just hopeful) but clearly some type of cheating happened. i just wish we knew who it was with so we can laugh about the new potential cow. maybe time will tell and we just gotta be patient. maybe skitzo is offended we were talking so much shit and is withholding the milk.

No. 1732151

But didn’t post a pic of him opening the present or using the present? Kek nice try syd

No. 1732153

you sound ridiculous honestly. you sound like syd. you're speaking as if she's still currently camming, and is a pro. it was already revealed itt that she cammed like 8 times? over the span of a few months. and how the hell is wanting to stream equal not having a good head on your shoulders?

No. 1732154

lmao nonnie you're a psychic kek

No. 1732159

File: 1672041360633.png (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 1440x1274, EGGPLANTS.png)


since syd wants to post layna's butthole once a week let's show all the new followers of the thread these sad cow udders

No. 1732167

She teased about her OF for months by sending herself those asks. What an ultimate fail that was. She must be really narcissistic to think she’d be an instant success or successful at all, especially with those tatas. Her outside matches her insides perfectly. B can’t even make the smallest amount of time for her son. Not even on Christmas. How hard is it to stay home and spend some quality time with her family? I’m sure her mom is completely exhausted and could use a break. Of course it’s not enough for her to just be absent. She then is compelled to project her failed dream of being a singer onto her two yo child. Way to go skid! You’re going to end up alone and your son will probably hate you.

No. 1732172

I m not surprised tbh! Goitet is following a ton of random girls pages BASED IN CANADA recently and I feel he might have slid into one of their DMs and finally one of them is sensible enough to send receipts to layna. Also are we not agreeing that goiter defo cheated while on tour??? Like come on, that thrash of a fatsack of shit can cheat on taylor while being non-LDR and her financing his broke ass like a sugarmama. Tell me how is he finally growing some restraint while being let loose on tour kek

No. 1732174

File: 1672046576966.jpeg (221.53 KB, 824x1709, CFAFAD8D-A6AA-4BC7-80D8-17F01D…)

I think this is a clear indication that softcock goiter slid into some girls dms lmao. Only nice thing he did this christmas, letting layna move on with his shittiness. Thriving what? Best you could offer a TV that is overcompensating for his tiny dick and shoebox apartment.

No. 1732179

Omg remember about that mayaalexa girl that would leave simp comments under his photos? I have no doubt in my mind that’s who he is going to see.

No. 1732181

File: 1672050372705.jpeg (36.92 KB, 750x168, 0FCF9C07-A3F0-4F9A-A7F7-A38533…)

Under his most recent. Seems like they talk, she comments under every photo, and with a girl that pretty showing him attention, I imagine he’d take advantage.
Girl is drop dead gorgeous, I’ll be shocked if she lets him smash

And wtf? He just got dumped and is talking about thriving. What an asshole

No. 1732186

Remember Nona according to TND the more he posts about thriving and being unbothered the more he’s crying in a corner kek.

No. 1732209

So…. sponging off women and not having custody of your son, or even seeing him is thriving. Okthen jonnyboy.

No. 1732253

His ticket was supposedly for Edmonton, across the country from Toronto where this woman lives. Apparently he can’t refund his ticket either. I’m nervous he’s going to try and show up at Layna’s house.

No. 1732260

File: 1672070406305.jpeg (157.77 KB, 828x1220, D7921C99-782B-4677-BDC9-C5F220…)

No. 1732277

File: 1672074866244.png (11.45 KB, 539x114, chrome_9ubz1Gjm6E.png)

No. 1732282

I can’t feel bad for the girl since she was warned and she herself even acknowledge he will shatter her heart into a million pieces or whatever. Idk what she was expecting.
However I’m glad she learned a hard lesson and can move on with her life. we’ve all dated gross cringe losers before kek take the life lesson and run. Date men your own age and listen to people when they warn you. Google is your friend.

No. 1732285

I’m surprised he was taking her to meet his family. Did Syd even do that?

No. 1732302


Yeah I don't feel bad for Layna at all, it's not like he wasn't literally in court for felony child abuse charges when she first started messing with him. It's not like there isn't a plethora of easily accessible documentation going back years as to what an abject piece of shit lil Jon is. And then there's his entire awful personality and internet presence so like…..This panned out exactly like it was always going to.

No. 1732315

Layla is a dummy. Hope she really does go get tested for all the gross stds goiter is bound to share. Take the loss and do better girl.

No. 1732321

Oh hell no. I’m getting flashbacks to the first TND threads, how controlling he was with her. When she tried to kick him out of the apartment, he would refuse to leave and cry and tell her about his childhood. So she let him stay. This all just feels too familiar. I hope he gets arrested for trying to leave the country. Chelsea got a restraining order on him too. I’m remembering the texts he sent her threatening to burn her house down. Layna better call the cops if that’s the case

No. 1732341


No. 1732351

cant wait for this autistic bitch to get back to grandpa goiter and make a whole new clown of herself kek

No. 1732353


Yea I have a feeling this is not the end by any means, she's put up with him this long and was clearly thinking she was more special to him than literally every other single girl in his life he's dogged out and fucked over. Ohhhh well at least it'll be milky.

No. 1732358

I hope she stays away. Imagine wasting your most important peak years on THAT thing. If she does go back then she is a legitimate retard and I guess she deserves to waste her life when she could literally just date someone closer and who doesn’t have a junky and violent past with pending child abuse charges. Like how hard is that ?

No. 1732362

Clout is a powerful drug. Then again he was so private about her, probably made it easier for her to dip.

No. 1732382

What clout? Goiter last remaining 20 fans that are pushing 40?

No. 1732401

but in Layna’s head of course he’s her emo prince charming that would never ever do the things he did to all his exes because she’s not like the other girls

No. 1732417

Remember how she and JC were "totally reading books all the time, guys!"
You'd think she'd know the difference between to and too.

No. 1732423

File: 1672098478160.jpeg (240.58 KB, 1170x2048, C42A1CB0-68ED-47ED-892B-40BB2E…)

No. 1732426

Yes, someone’s spelling in a twitter post is definitely indicative of their intelligence because everyone totally puts as much effort into social media as they would an academic paper. They broke up nonnie, you can let your retarded vendetta go now.

No. 1732429

Uh oh, I think someone's a little to upset

No. 1732434

sorry nonnie but u are being super vendettay. its her fault she decided to date a serial cheater and i dont think anyone feels bad for her but who fucking cares about which version of to she used in a tweet kek

No. 1732461

Kek this is so pathetic, posting this hours after Layna mentioned NYE can't be a coincidence. Insecure Manlet has to prove he's better than every woman who hurts his ego. Wonder why he's asking for invites if he's so close to his bros. None of them have plans?

Happy for Layna, I'm glad she's already had a shitty boyfriend and has learnt boundaries. Fuck Jonny for the mindgames he plays with his gfs.
>She's nobody, I just like her cats
>I hate her but she's giving me a free room for a tour
>She's so ugly and trashy, I'd be crazy to cheat on you with her
>What text messages? We're just friends
He tried to damage control bu gaslighting her and it didn't work lmao

No. 1732493

Kek the unbothered posts are too funny. I think they’re a reflection of how she’s treating him right now. Maybe she’s ghosting him so he’s trying to prove he’s living his best life without her?

No. 1732525

As another anon mentioned she privated her MFC 10 minutes after being posted and her retarded friend outted himself when posting in this thread. I think she just gave him the benefit of the doubt and didn't bother going back and looking at receipts that would've saved her from wasting her time. At least she isn't putting up with it anymore.

No. 1732534

Is Jonny’s mom in Canada? Maybe that’s who he was going to see.

No. 1732539

File: 1672115074794.jpeg (86.01 KB, 813x279, FC5A8EC8-A7D8-422B-AAE9-0E7308…)

We already figured this out.

No. 1732548

I wasn’t talking about Layna. I was asking if his mom lived in Canada bc a nonnie was worried he was gonna show up at Layna’s. I can’t remember if his mom lives in Canada or not bc I thought he went to high school in Washington State.

I had no idea what their NYE plans were gonna, other than meeting his family. Didn’t know where they were flying to though.

No. 1732561

Obviously if they were going to his moms house, and his ticket was for Canada, his mom lives in Canada kek.
The IQ level of the farms these days…

No. 1732562

>>1732277 excuse my twatter ignorance, but is that a tweet analytics detail graph I spy?

No. 1732563

File: 1672118871498.png (161.51 KB, 750x1334, D29EA80C-0C1B-4E23-959D-ECFB25…)

Thought you were thriving BBP

No. 1732564

It's a retarded twitter update that shows the amount of views a tweet has. The analytics graph would be on the right hand side.

No. 1732565

It shows up for everyone now, no matter whose tweet you’re looking at. it was a new update from twitter like a few days ago.

No. 1732569


It's dead wrong how much I enjoy watching this degenerate spiral and desperately try to manipulate. We went from "unbothered for New Years ;D" to this in like >5 hours kek

No. 1732571

Hes trying every angle possible instead of taking accountability. Someone from his squad should have got him a diary for Christmas bc this is embarrassing

No. 1732573

A narc like him will never take accountability. Just gaslight the shit out of women until they relent. I wonder if he's also guilting her about whatever he probably bought her for Christmas. If Layna is as weak and autistic as I think she is she stands no hope.

No. 1732585

to be fair she was warned and she always said she was open to accepting that truth and requested proof but nobody ever came through with solid proof

No. 1732586

Yeah this. No one gave her proof supposedly until yesterday, and once she saw proof she left.

No. 1732587

yes, this! she even stated that if he cheated then she’d break up with him, and nobody provided proof until the other day, and she kept her word and broke up with him after finding out he was a cheater.

No. 1732589

She did say he cheated on Christmas which makes me think it didn't have to do with schizo-chan tbh. I still think schizo-chan was full of shit.

No. 1732595

Sy…I mean schizo-chan basically said what we have all said she just said it in a way that was unhinged and unmedicated. most of us know not to touch the poop but some people are just really into poop touching. Especially when it comes to your cHiOlD’s father and his cute new girlfriend and the photo of her butthole.

No. 1732619

Now if only someone provided her proof of his abusive past (present and future kek) and she never got with Goiter in the first place.

No. 1732673

Damn, if only she could have been warned or if there was any signs or history out there.

Oh, wait…

No. 1732706

File: 1672157145523.jpeg (788.77 KB, 2828x2828, 9CD35F3E-BDD7-4A71-BF53-D7FA54…)

they’re such narc they even look like each other kek look at precious cutebuttholly the pedo panderer girlfriend with “”no filters””

No. 1732709

calm down schizochan this is retarded

No. 1732719

She looks great here and they look nothing alike.

No. 1732727

I've gotta hand it to her, she made it out of this without an addiction, a kid, or having a single public meltdown. Bravo girl, happy tear for you!

No. 1732729

I reckon storm is still with goiter atm and skidzochan is bored

No. 1732730

I'm surprised he didn't post any pics with Storm, he's usually so quick to try to show the internet what a great dad he is. Also I don't know how to upload videos but I having fucking goosebumps of hatred watching him wear a Thrasher hoodie and hat. I know it's just basic Zumiez fashion right now but something about imagining that fat fuck on a skateboard just punches at my brain. But he's a poser in everything else he does so… idk why I'm even surprised.

No. 1732731

You think Storm is with Jonny? You sweet summer child

No. 1732752

File: 1672164784909.jpeg (13.81 KB, 1170x2080, 48264B11-ACC8-4C18-B3A9-BDC51F…)

Busy moping.

No. 1732760


Loooooove to see it. Layna I've never been a fan of yours and I still think you're kinda garbage for co-signing this known deadbeat abuser with your presence and also way too obsessed with your own face from one angle, but if you actually stick to this and keep his ass stone cold dumped Imma stan.

No. 1732767

I had a massive eyeroll about that video of him praising himself and sucking his own dick essentially. Like goiter boi, no one wants to be you or wants your washed-up life. Like the narc is so strong, he is proud of himself for making $20/week and poisoned his own son. Fucking kek

No. 1732774

Are you tho? Kek he’ll be in her DMs soon enough crying like a bitch blaming others for his actions.

No. 1732778

Wow, that was so embarrassing to watch. This man spends his days vague-shit-posting Instagram stories, taking tiny troll selfies, and refreshing a women's gossip website. All while wearing that hideous nose accessory and talking like… that. Poor Storm, fr that poor little boy. A retarded mother AND a retarded father. Harsh.

No. 1732787

Kek I can’t screen record but those stories he just uploaded about not letting hate get to him because he’s above that. As his voice is low and cracking. Sure BBP.

No. 1732801

Kekkk he does sound so sad. If he doesn’t stop with the cringey blaccent I may pass away from secondhand embarrassment. Stay winning Jonny, maidenless, without custody, crepe paper skin, faggy singing voice.

No. 1732810

Faggy singing voice… KEK I can’t Nona.

No. 1732814

File: 1672170326160.jpeg (181.82 KB, 1170x419, E995EEE2-6DAC-4B08-B70F-039F48…)

He’s so insecure it’s hilarious , her attention wasn’t on him so he had to fill the void and get his narc supply somehow.

No. 1732816

loving this layna spilling kek keep going girl

No. 1732817

Already deleted

No. 1732819

She's probably embarrassed because literally everyone saw this coming except for her.
I'm pretty neutral about her in general but anyone who dates Jonny Craig is an idiot. There is no excuse at this point.

No. 1732822

What a weird projection considering Syd looks like a female Jonny. Big honker and beady eyes.

Just accept you were the ugly girlfriend kek

No. 1732826

Yes Layna! Go on, spill! Also I am convinced that goiter is asking his possy to chip in on rent. Kek

No. 1732834

Kek really Syd. I was shocked he actually got an attractive woman to date him after the low bar his last couple girlfriends set, on top of how ugly he is now.

No. 1732837

Imagine cheating on your gf because she’s busy spending time with her family on Christmas? What a giant entitled co-dependent baby. He must have a sex addiction or some kinda issue if he’s willing to throw away a relationship he seemed happy in because he had a weak horny moment and his gf was too busy opening Christmas gifts to help get him off.

No. 1732838

Remember Nona it’s not a sex addiction. He has a limp dick and his partners often complained about lack of sex. It’s a narcissistic addiction to attention. And female sexual attention is the biggest trophy there is.

No. 1732839

Fully agree. It really just goes to show that sobriety doesn't matter one bit if you're still a burning pile of shit as a person. He may as well do drugs.

No. 1732841

why are yall so shocked about him being him once again? have u been keeping up with the threads or just a bunch of newfags/hemorrhoids kissers? he’s always doing this because he doesn’t know how to be alone. he will cheat on all of them.
you would think that with all the info out there about him being a piece of shit is enough but not for pick-me’s and autistic attention starving “cute” girls that can’t do her bed or clean her floor.
well, guess schizo anon was right all along!

No. 1732843

Literally no one is shocked. Go take your meds and your photo of layna’s butthole and cope. We’re allowed to talk about their break up.

No. 1732844

Why are you so emotionally invested in the fact that some of us don’t have a burning hate boner for Layna and her anus?

No. 1732845

Lol chill and go touch some grass anon, its the holidays.

No. 1732847

File: 1672174670633.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2287, 2137060D-1887-4820-AF27-1F85C3…)

“you can see them get pressed, you can never do that to me” oh like posting countless memes of a girl who said they wanna break your kneecaps kek “you’ll never be like me not in this lifetime or another” jeez i fucking hope not i’d off myself if i had a past like his

No. 1732852

Either he just woke up or he’s really pressed about haters because homies voice sounds shaky as all hell.
This always reminds me of when TND said every time he’d post about laughing at the haters ect, he’d really be depressed and crying about it.

No. 1732856

>guess schizo anon was right all along!
holy KEEK, not schizochan patting themselves on the back. how pathetic.

No. 1732858

I’ve noticed this across multiple posts of theirs actually. As if they don’t stick out like a sore-thumb kek.

No. 1732860

LORD if schizo-chan isn’t Syd I genuinely hope he dates her next. Could you imagine the constant milk? Whoever it is claimed they sent goiter nudes so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 1732861

File: 1672176233310.jpeg (320.59 KB, 1242x1594, 678A4DAF-D898-4DF7-BB53-D2CA60…)

Kek schizo-chan taking credit for everything we’ve been talking about for years now.

No. 1732870


#1 sign that you aren't pressed is repeatedly and emphatically posting on the internet about how not pressed you are. Not that it isn't hilarious, but why is he spiraling this hard? Because Layna?

No. 1732874

Narcs don’t like it when they get broken up with. Consequences of your actions and all that.

No. 1732900

Clean shaven I see. Relapse?

No. 1732917

This is the right take. It was never the drugs, he is a huge POS with or without them.

No. 1732918

Sorry about that, thought I sage’d the post.

No. 1732925

Sliding into some hoes dms doesn’t make you a “huge POS”. It’s uncool but Jesus Christ some of you are acting like he fucked the bitch.

No. 1732939

Oh look, goiter soft dicks possy has joined the thread

No. 1732941

Fuck off moid. Go suck Goiters dick somewhere else

No. 1732958

but poison your kid does lmaoooo

No. 1732966

Fuck off male

No. 1732968

Old man Jonny doesn’t have the testosterone or social skills necessary to physically cheat anyways, like all former junkie pornsick moids he would rather sext and jack off in his hovel apartment

No. 1732971

no one itt is shocked. we love the milk supply layna has gifted us this christmas while goiter rocks in a corner of his own repeated bullshit. I personally love watching this man suffer at the hands of his own actions and I think a lot of us agree. keep up with the narrative

No. 1732973

8 ppl living with him in that tiny 2 bedroom apartment… sounds about right. Lmao I bet they split the rent 8 ways. Imagine how the apartment smells.

Idk why she deleted this, it’s funny as fuck. Keep exposing him girl!

No. 1732974

>slid into hoes dms
>uncool but not like he fucked them
this is so male brained. because planning to cheat isn't the same as committing the deed.

No. 1732975

When your PR agent is the mayor of spooky town

I bet it smells like vape juice and feet in that apartment

No. 1732976

But it gives BBP reasonable doubt to just say “what we just talked about cats!” and have Alayna forgive him. He can talk in circles around her and convince her he wasn’t going to do anything more kek. Hopefully she’s smart enough to not buy it.

No. 1732977

His friends look like they smell like feet.

No. 1732988

yeah, using cat instead of pussy. changing your language can change the narrative. that's just a passing thought anyway, no tinfoil. but if these scrotes are going to use 'hoe' instead of 'friend' or 'mutual/aquantance' suggests more to me. males don't use friendly language with women they intend to fuck/have been burned by

No. 1732991

He had a limp dick and low sex drive bc that’s exactly what opiates can do. Getting sober normally makes your sex drive higher because everything isn’t so numb.

No. 1733006

Oh, hi cow! Looks like I hit a nerve. Not everyone here has “need to read lyrics on a iPad” memory capacity.

Some of us remember all the scams, stealing, abuse, harassment, cheating, getting fent in your kid, etc. spanning more than a decade. Now explain to me like I’m 5 how that’s not being a POS kek

No. 1733042

How do you know this?

No. 1733043

Damn this was supposed to be in reply to


No. 1733046

Layna said on her stream that he was going to visit her at the end of the month.

No. 1733103

Common sense and honestly timing, I check on his recent follows before the breakup announcement and it was all OF-ish girls thirst trappy accounts, most of them tag themselves in Canada. So its high time for shits to hit the fan

No. 1733203

What a lovely xmas present to come back to lolcow after a break, and see goiter's self presecribed chaos.

Love how Schizochan's is completely ignorant to the fact they are assisting goiter's PR by vomiting nonsensical bile into the void when others are trying to have riff/have a converstion.

I don't have any sympathy for Layna. She knowlingly shot herself in the foot and is now wondering why her foot's bleeding. Such retardation. As if objectively bad choices had consiquences?

No. 1733205

you retarded, newfag or moid?

No. 1733224

she should have known better but she’s autistic, can’t see the difference between “to” and “too” i guess you can’t ask for more.
but i feel a little sad for her, he put her through a lot of bullshit (like her butthole being posted here solely because she was her girlfriend) and she was believing it all, defending him on tumblr and all for what girl? what a shame.

No. 1733248


She put herself through all the bullshit by publicly aligning herself with and dating this storied piece of trash. Lie with dogs you're gonna get fleas.

No. 1733305

strange reaction to a pretty lukewarm post kek. what's wrong? why PR for goiter so hard?

No. 1733316

It’s just shinzochan abe getting pissy enough to double post

No. 1733321

kek, schizochan now simping for goiter and layna.


No. 1733340

its the Layna team that keep tabs. how dare you say something about their precious cute Lelayna Caldwell?

No. 1733352

Lol this boring bitch is still living rent free in your head huh? What are you going to do with all your time now that he and layna broke up and you can’t use this thread to obsessively hate her hemorrhoids and every thing she does schizochan ? How will you ever entertain yourself until he gets a new gf for you to obsess over? You poor little thing.

No. 1733370

File: 1672259555864.jpeg (223.98 KB, 1170x1572, B8C3634E-4E4F-4E0A-9052-0B08FE…)

No. 1733442

You’re just mad because you have chronic goblin vomit face

No. 1733448

not really im just laughing at this loser that got cheated on by the lowest kind of men and even cry publicly about it instead of u know, being grateful . bleak.

No. 1733481

At least she didn’t willingly and excitedly have a baby with him kek. Skid got the short end of the stick with that one.

No. 1733490

It's sad that Layna's self esteem was so low as to give him the time of day in the first place but at least she had her fling, caught him in a girls DM's, and then dipped. Skid made herself look like such a loser and embarrassed herself for 2 whole years of fighting women in their instagram comments and embarrassing herself and JC over fighting via instagram stories as well. Not to mention still being hopelessly obsessed with him. We know she would get back with him in a heartbeat meanwhile he's finally escaped her clutches kek. Funny that he's absolutely cheated on her as well but he used her fucking Sterling as an excuse to dump her. Embarrassing all around. Imagine being so hated people even felt bad for JC (a known evil sociopath) for having to be stuck with you via a baby.

No. 1733619

When did she say this? Are they back together then?

No. 1733624

Nah I just got it from a post in the thread like 12 days ago.

No. 1733635

NTAYRT but I'm the one who posted about it originally upthread. She said this weeks ago.

No. 1733652

Why was it brought up again then? Lol that’s why I was confused

I didn’t know you could check someone’s recent following, interesting

No. 1733657

Someone asked about how we knew he was supposed to see her and her meet his family over Christmas

No. 1733660

Nonnie if you just click-through what posts people are replying to, you’ll see it leads back to people trying to find out why he was going to Canada.

No. 1733739


No. 1733979

File: 1672356011250.png (4.45 MB, 1284x2778, EE19CD30-53A8-4DE7-B31D-4EBAD8…)

No. 1733985

He just got sentenced for shooting MTS in the foot, hopefully that’s where Goiter’s future is headed. In a jail cell

No. 1733986

File: 1672356779860.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, CB5FD7D2-6B8A-4AD5-A982-C9F2D1…)

I wonder if Layna is secretly going on this trip with him.

No. 1733987

Why would you even think that. They broke up.

No. 1734012

File: 1672360205822.jpeg (437.2 KB, 1170x2080, 2A71146D-A0C6-4545-A81A-91B174…)

You guys think this chick will be his next fling?

No. 1734017

Girl why are you flaunting your friendship with an evil manlet who poisoned his baby. Cringe.

No. 1734037

isnt this ugly bitch our queen’s bff?

No. 1734056

isn’t Syd’s bff named Megan or something?

No. 1734074

File: 1672368404801.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 3574D720-5D67-40B9-A9D4-C48AD8…)

Yeah that’s not Meg.

Syd, those eyebrows girl….

No. 1734261

Love how she put paint on her face just to take this pic but wants everyone to believe it just happened while “painting with her kid” yeah right syd

No. 1734474

Gilligan the Soundcloud Rapper

No. 1734486

That nose chain looks like it belongs to an angsty teenage girl he’s so embarrassing

No. 1734489

>mini human
queen why so cringe


rather kill myself than have a man like this around me ewwww

No. 1734496

Lame-uh still hasn’t deleted the photos or her and Jonny on twitter, or from her IG page. Maybe they’re staying together.

No. 1734498

He always looks like a complete dick because he has no style whatsoever, but the nose chain is truly one of his more embarrassing fashion decisions. The way it's just hanging on for dear life, yuck.

As though it's just natural everyday life when she hardly EVER spends time with him. What a fucking joke.

No. 1734530

File: 1672433680695.jpeg (75.17 KB, 750x183, 8DA0EEFC-DF54-43CB-BB57-1A0834…)

Sage for not milk but Taylor really stalks this girl. The moment the breakup was announced was when Taylor went on her meth rant about changing her name…

No. 1734538

she changed it because her butthole got associated with her old @ on twitter

No. 1734567

No. 1734664

I’m saying Taylor copied her by following suit. She had been silent for days until the day of jcs breakup, then went on her meth sperg on her stories. Not so slick. She skinwalks everyone she stalks

You had to be there in real time to see the weird timing. But we can agree to disagree

I wonder if Jonny will try to shoot his shot with the real love of his life Yenna, now that she’s not 17.

No. 1734665

File: 1672452406114.jpeg (167.75 KB, 1170x2060, 96EEF305-FB69-40AF-8E52-F1534E…)

The delusion continues

No. 1734688

Ohhhh okay got it, you are “Yenna” then

No. 1734692

Kek for real.

No. 1734725

Who the fuck is Yenna.

No. 1734759

Some self-poster that JC used to talk to before dating Taylor.

No. 1734840

Nonnita… its 2023 soon… move on from that cheese-state milk, your obsession with goiter and this thread.

No. 1734955

File: 1672512191177.jpeg (544.95 KB, 1170x968, 2BDE2AD7-04DF-4B58-8439-5A10A6…)

I wonder who would have bought her Yeezy’s…
If she went anyways she is completely retarded and irredeemable.

No. 1734960

Like girl you’re so fucking stupid. Have fun sharing his dick.

No. 1734982


No one is impressed with your circa-2016 corny-ass hypebeast sneaks from DHgate, please relax. And I have a bad feeling about where those came from.

No. 1734986

Tinfoil. I could totally see Jonny buying his gf expensive shoes to try and win her back after cheating, it’s a classic abuse tactics. And she seems insecure and unintelligent enough that it might work(I mean she got with him in the first place despite all the evidence and red flags). Of course it’s also the holidays, so realistically those shoes could be from anyone…

No. 1735024

yessss girl keep being a fucking clown so we can keep laughing at your autistic girl infected ass kek

No. 1735050

>sending me
Hopefully back to your notes app because that joke was autistic and cringe.

Maybe from her parents ? Otherwise Imagine selling your soul for ugly ass shoes

No. 1735133

these shoes cost more than your rent ya hoeeeeees(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1735134


No. 1735183

No, they cost more than YOUR rent that you split with eight other ugly assholes you absolute fucking spoon.

No. 1735201


No. 1735205

imagine traveling to a whole different country to visit your mother and sitting on lolcow commenting instead of spending quality time with family lmao loser

No. 1735219

glad his cheating can be fixed with a pair of ugly shoes.

No. 1735220

imagine bragging about how much shoes are when you need 8 people to split your own rent

No. 1735226

these shoes cost more losing your son because you posioned him

No. 1735254

Layna is obviously weaker than some of us thought, going to “meet a cheaters family”.
She couldn’t stand up to goiter and whatever his lies he used to make her stay. It can’t be that she was swayed by those god ugly Yeezys KEK.
The unravel has already started grab the popcorn girls this is going to be long than we thought.

No. 1735256

Just to be clear there’s no actual proof or evidence they got back together or that she went to see his family. Anon posted a picture of her shoes and everyone just ran with thier wild speculation that Jonny must’ve bought them for her lol?

No. 1735258

File: 1672559626260.jpeg (52.21 KB, 828x1222, AB61F772-CCE5-4834-BFC3-D6C763…)

jonny’s been posting from his family’s house for the the majority of the day and it definitely doesn’t look like she’s with him in any of the pictures or videos. and he’s still posting cringey bs like this

No. 1735265

Layna hasn’t posted a single thing about her New Years. A little suspicious, as if they’re trying to hide that she’s there. She made those tweets about that being her original plan before the break up. It’s not completely far fetched but still not proven.

No. 1735331

Maybe Layna and goiter read the old Shayna threads and got ideas from her and fupa lol. It wouldn't be the first time we've had cows fake a breakup to try and get people to stop paying attention to them. Hope not though lol, Layna may be a pedo and rapeape pandering whore but inventing a cheating arc and faking a breakup to hide herself is fucking pathetic. She happily advertised rape roleplay and ddlg/pedo roleplay plus defended a man who poisoned his son, why bother stopping now?

No. 1735336

Goiter has an identical pair, definitely from him. They are so fugly though, and why do they look so huge?

No. 1735351

>Posts obvious emotional manipulation
>Our friendship summed up in a few texts

No. 1735367

She probably lets him treat her like dirt

No. 1735436

I don’t feel like going through the work of trying to block out the kids face, but looks like storm is still with Syd? Did someone actually make the piss poor decision to grant her custody? If so that is absolutely terrifying. Especially being so far away from the only “mother” he’s known his entire childhood (syds mom). God I hope this is just an extended visit. There’s no way she has changed her entire self in a matter of a year. Her bpd ass could never handle raising a toddler. They thrive on testing your patience. She’d snap in a second.

No. 1735440

She’s fucked a few of his friends already so that’s not happening.

No. 1735460

Lmao how would you know this? You know them irl?

No. 1735472

File: 1672604102530.jpeg (96.09 KB, 934x906, 146A2651-0AD0-4D19-94EF-A327E3…)

>JC posted all new years and she wasnt seen or heard in any of them but that just means hes hiding her somewhere, its obviously a huge conspiracy
…R u rlly making up fanfics that shes there with him but went and hid any time he took a video/pic?… LOL please nonny.

No. 1735482

File: 1672605973173.jpeg (359.19 KB, 1284x1284, 27F31CB7-391D-4C9F-A230-7F211A…)

layna and goiter hanging out. actually crazy to see how dumb she is

No. 1735486

So she is at his moms. Top kek. Retard.

No. 1735488

also funny that he has his story replies turned off

No. 1735494

Good god layna.. its 2023 gurl, go learn some self-love

No. 1735496

This solidifies any remaining doubts I had about her meeting “cow” criteria. She obviously loves the attention and drama. She knows about the board/self posts/ vague posts to make milk. Sex worker and over sharing to top it off.
Shes so insecure she went back to goiter boi.
Damn, put her in the thread title next round. Shes a cow.

No. 1735499


I knew they were gonna get back together!! Layna it has been confirmed now without a doubt that not only are you a straight up loser, you're also DEEPLY retarded. Cheers to you girl.
It also works out great for him if they keep their relationship private because he can just keep her even more hidden and slide into DMs with even more abandon. Fucking KEK.

No. 1735501

she really said “I have no self respect”. ngl felt really bad for her bc of the cheating but I’m an idiot. she’s acting like a slimy clout chaser that cares more about money and material things than her dignity and morals. I’m sure eventually this is going to end like every other relationship, she’ll play the victim and cry about abuse like she didn’t go sprinting back into the lions den for her uwu sugar daddy.
I finally agree.

No. 1735530

File: 1672612859886.gif (32.78 KB, 220x220, 7A7D2F4E-B1EE-4209-B9D6-4AF518…)

Damn layna I was rooting for you. Congrats on your evolution from calf to cow I guess.

No. 1735560

she’s his mom anyway and i don’t know if u don’t have a mom or what because you don’t seem to understand how the fact that her mom got custody is the same as if syd. they’re on the same side. it’s fine if you can’t understand it.

FUCKING KEK im dying we were right! we are always right!!

cam whores are so predictable. they’re all the same.

No. 1735561

File: 1672617928811.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4000x4000, ED17A350-84E6-4920-9604-A91884…)

I’ll take my ban for cowtipping but I’m in the mood to deliver some New Year’s Milk. If this pisses nonnies off I just want to say that it was not my original intention to share these, I reached out because I was concerned. On a burner account that I’ve now deleted. Didn’t think she would change her mind, and I’m not doing this out of malice, I’m doing it for the milk to share the context behind their breakup and see what you all think. I was gonna keep this to myself but she obviously doesn’t care about herself and it will be funny when Syd reads these. I made a “collage” because I don’t have my computer at the moment and didn’t want to drop these one by one. No I’m not schizo chan. I’m not evil, just bored.


No. 1735562

File: 1672617965676.jpeg (1.61 MB, 4000x4000, 52582196-358F-424A-B775-405CC5…)

Look at how controlling and insecure our Goiter Boy is. He’s projecting cheating insecurities on her when he’s been the one acting shady all along. Idk about any dms she saw, I never asked, I only asked if she knew if he physically cheated.


No. 1735563

File: 1672618018930.jpeg (1004.73 KB, 4000x4000, 8AA6C79E-EAC2-43D4-9368-FCB622…)

And the grand finale. So this is the reason he’s been keeping her so private. Syd. Which is fucked because she’s allowed to move on and date but apparently NO ONE can have her baby daddy. This was the last of the conversation about my breakup. I don’t care about the ban, I never post here anyway just really a lurker.


Happy New Years ladies!

No. 1735565

Forgot to add this conversation was 6 days ago, Monday.

No. 1735570

*their breakup

No. 1735571

I am suspicious that you left out your part of the conversation.

Also confirms to me that Syd is schizo-chan kek

No. 1735576

I left out my replies to make room, they weren’t anything worth seeing anyway. I was mainly trying to be there for her and help her understand why she was getting hate from trolls. I asked her how she knew he cheated and how Syd had the upper hand as far as custody wise. I was really genuinely feeling bad for her and now I feel kind of stupid but it’s not like these screenshots will affect their relationship (not my intention I couldn’t care less) I was just in the mood to share some milk.

No. 1735577

No I guess I don’t understand your logic. It wasn’t the same as syd having custody at all considering she lived hours away from her mom the majority of the time and was only allowed to see him supervised once a month it seemed.. now it appears he is staying with her in sac. The picture was him in her bed with her cat. Not at her moms. Just because she is his “mother” does not mean she is fit to be one. I just hope there’s a responsible adult checking up on him regularly if he is going to be in her care from now on.

No. 1735579

I can post my replies you just won’t find anything “milky” or whatever

No. 1735581


If this is real it actually makes it even worse that she knows exactly what's up but went back for what? Some lazy manipulation/lovebombing from a notorious lying cheating deadbeat loser and a pair of played-out yeezys that absolutely make her look as retarded and try-hard as JonJon does? Can't believe I ever caped for this stupid bitch I am disgusted with myself tbh.

No. 1735582

Lol last New Years we got Syd cheating and the year before that, the pregnancy news. Syd’s cheating receipts were my favorite but this is interesting nonetheless

No. 1735584

They are real and I feel stupid for feeling bad and sticking up for her as well. If my replies will make it look more real I have no problem sharing them, I am in the middle of getting ready to go out but I don’t mind re-activating that account later

No. 1735585

>Maybe he assumed since I'm a nice girl I'd just stay. Idek. He thought wrong lol.
Looks like he thought right
>He would get pissed at me for every little interaction I'd have with males, and even harass men in my twitch chat
So as everyone guessed it was always a toxic shit show behind the scenes
>turns around and is blatantly hitting on girls behind my back in dms while they lowkey deny him.
K this is hilarious. man cant even cheat because nobody else wanted him.
>the behaviour I saw was cheating for sure.
Then why did u go back to him?

Nah fr Im a big stupid clown. Im never making fun of anyones “crazy” tinfoil again. Sorry nonny.

No. 1735587

Awww I bet they are wearing them together and matching right at this moment kek

No. 1735591

File: 1672619269434.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x2245, 630ECDB0-DFC9-4CD2-A0E0-6EFC4C…)

she really is a retard

No. 1735604

>he wants to give me children

What's with this useless scrote and insisting on bringing child after child into this world to neglect. Layna let him get you pregnant and ruin your life like he did Syd. Let him get you addicted to the hardest drug out there besides meth, heroin and then abuse and cheat on you while you pay for all his shit like he did Taylor. Johnny isn't some regular piece of shit scrote where everything is hearsay and there's no visual proof of his bullshit, Johnny is so fucking toxic he's been featured in multiple threads with mutiple women doing this exact same thing. Good luck with Goiters unempathetic dick. You admitted yourself he's a controlling manipulator and he's even said to YOU he's "gaslighting" someone else. You really think you're not going to become one of his crazy fucked up harem of ex girlfriends you are wrong. We have pages of other women believing the same and one of them is a single deadbeat mom struggling for custody now and the other is a hoarding junkie who's one foot in the grave the other in her parents house collecting more junkie friends. Pick your path kek

No. 1735605

File: 1672620354970.jpeg (978.02 KB, 3464x3464, BA454B2D-C771-46E9-BE9F-8C882B…)

We definitely believe everything is sunshine and rainbows layna! It’s not like this contradicts literally everything else you’ve said.

No. 1735612

File: 1672621417551.jpeg (152.95 KB, 1170x1383, B855DFDC-CAAD-4D1C-B38B-0DBC25…)

I wonder why they haven’t followed each other back yet embarrassed maybe?

No. 1735614


"Who ya gonna believe, Me or your lyin' eyes?!!"

No. 1735620

They were trying to keep everything low key since they made everything so public. Clearly they were trying to avoid showing one another in their stories. They’re not going to jump the gun and follow each other right away. Although now they may as well have.

No. 1735625

I mean this is unimaginably embarrassing. now she kinda looks like the bad guy. she painted herself as a psycho jealous gf who threw a silly fit and over reacted to some texts. But don’t worry she came to her senses, apologized to her “faithful” king and now she’s back to being the best little subservient gf yeezys can buy!

No. 1735626

Hey at least she didn’t deny the secret girlfriend part lmao

No. 1735633

It's not even funny it's just thinly veiled emotional manipulation using "jokes". Obviously Goiter hasn't been shown to have ulterior motives behind basically everything he does.
>…R u rlly
Please integrate and stop typing like a faggot.

No. 1735641

Lmao next thread pic please

And her name should be in the thread now, she’s officially earned her cow status

No. 1735687

File: 1672630494186.jpeg (21.26 KB, 762x179, B2BFA633-DFCE-4439-8B28-EC1825…)

possibly nothing but I saw this posted and deleted super fast in response to this post
(censored username just incase it’s accurate). Is this layna or Jonny trying to dox cowtipper anon ?

No. 1735695

Anon said she used a now-deleted burner account so I doubt it matters. Probably goiter. He’s the only one who gets pressed about anything and has to chimp out

No. 1735708

Girl… he poisoned his own son. You are a piece of shit for ignoring that.

No. 1735714

It’s okay, he can just start over and create another child to neglect, abuse, and ignore

No. 1735717

Wrote this before bed >>1735331, wake up to delicious milk. Doubt they were actually inspired by fupapa and Shay but it is funny that they faked a breakup because the custody of his kids were in question for dating a pedo pandering camwhore too kek (Syd doesn't fit the ex wife role though cause fupa's ex had good reasons and wasn't horrendous)
Man tells you in plain English he wants to gaslight his ex and yet you stay because bpd I guess. Oh sorry, because you're too special. No wonder the interview didn't affect her, she literally believes his bullshit like how his childhood gave him low empathy and ~trauma~ ergo women should sacrifice happiness to allow him a relationship he isn't ready for. He's one of those "serial monogamist" scrotes, he needs to be in a relationship but doesn't actually care about who the relationship is with. And like most of them he's a chronic cheater looking for greener pastures while not wanting to lose the benefits of a long term relationship/emotional punching bag. Also this man doesn't want to be a father, he wants to tie you down. He has a child already whose custody he's currently playing with for cheap sluts. He'd do the same for yours in a heartbeat, probably poison them too because a low empathy scrote doesn't care enough to be change for anyone, not even his kids
He's up in other girl's DMs getting rejected but as long as his dick doesn't go inside them it's fine? But outside of the attempts of a tough girl persona on twitter it's cool if it does go in so long as you get monetary compensation and one day get advertised as Jonny Craig's gf, gotcha

No. 1735719

Lmao if Layna and Goiter had a kid it’d look exactly like Storm since all of Jonny’s ex’s are just a carbon copy of one another. Syd could be Layna’s uglier older sister (shocked a cute kid came out of her) If I saw them side by side I’d believe it

Layna really is worse than I expected for staying with him through all of this, being his little bitch in secret for what? Amateur dick that I promise you can find somewhere else, or even someone better to fuck? Fugly ass outdated Yeezy’s? A little vacation to lovely Sacramento every few months to party in a two bedroom squalor with 8 frat bois in their 30s sleeping and pissing there? Always the target of an unhinged, feral baby mama who will constantly try to drive you out of the picture and will eventually have power to keep him away from Jonny when she gets custody? So many fucking red flags, so many reasons not to do this. Girl is gonna ruin her life. She needs to get out while she can. Hope she’s on birth control or he’s pulling out!

Oh and this won’t be the last fight or the last time we hear of cheating, and next time it will be for real, and Layna’s gonna be the dumbest girl to ever exist.

No. 1735732

>This was the last of the conversation about my breakup
You mean…their break up? Kek

i know it’s probably a typo but my bored ass coming up with a crazy tinfoil how layna is here self sabotaging her relationship pretending to be a “concerned anon” and to create a rift in Skid’s baby mom relationship with goiter

No. 1735755

There’s literally a post under it that said it was a typo…


No. 1735779

File: 1672651328306.jpeg (59.14 KB, 496x379, 300EF809-F675-4D65-9DFA-FE676F…)

Fucks sake wiggles

No. 1735785

>He never physically hit me
Oh wow fuck off doormat. I can't believe I felt sorry for her when that's her line. She's fine with being cheated on and abused as long as it's not DV?

All sympathy is gone. She's a clout chasing loser who will try to cancel Jonny after they break up, just like TayTay did. Nobody will care about all the emotional abuse when she drops caps after they truly break up. Fucking retard, I am so sick of watching dumb young women ruin their lives because they think they're smart enough to outwit an abuser who has been doing this for decades. Hope the yeezys were worth sacrificing your independence kek.
Jonny isn't going to stop being aggressive and controlling, while looking for more obedient women to replace her.
>Having me give him children
Fucking disgusting kek. He tells every single girlfriend that line, and he poisoned his last baby! Why would you want to "give him children"? Pickme doesn't even want to be a mother, she wants to ruin her own life for Jonny's benefit.

No. 1735789

There isn’t any mention of DV in her messages?

No. 1735817

You know who is the REAL SCARY here layna? Jonny Craig. Jesus christ these play out like the same boring tune from taylor, syd to now Layna. Goiter boy gaslighting rule book 101: convince his new gf that the last one is crazy and takes no accountability he is a POS. Then proceed to buy the gifts, lovebombs and then find a girl to cheat on. Layna, he has no empathy, and he is a Narc. Which has nothing to do with his childhood whatsoever now he is a grown ass man going out to manipulate every single person around him. Jfc why are these thots so blinded by these??

No. 1735818

From Yeezy to Pussy: a Jonny Craig Christmas Essay

No. 1735886

Johnny literally bought Sydney shoes veggie he knocked her up… foreshadowing anyone? Lel kek

No. 1735888

before God damn auto correct

No. 1735892

"iM nOt sHaRiNg HiS diCk WiTh AnYboDYyYy"- Not for his lack of trying apparently fucking kek.

No. 1735913

She said she has only ever seen him cheat over text not physically, however she believed he would jump at the chance to cheat physically if he was ever in a situation like that. It was not about getting physically abused anon, take a second to actually read the whole messages.

No. 1735914

File: 1672680038771.jpeg (221.43 KB, 1242x424, 1B75D8BD-CE81-4260-A6E7-95F530…)

I’m fully aware hence my bored tinfoiling hidden behind a spoiler. Thanks partypooper-chan.

No. 1735938

Because they are all narcs too; they just hide it better. They like believing they are the “exception” to the rule; that they actually deserve better treatment then the ither girls before.

No. 1735944

i thought the same lmaooo the post correcting the typo only makes it more sus kek

No. 1735963

The fact that the cow-tipper didn’t include her part of the conversation only fueled my need to tinfoil kek

Still waiting for the receipts on the DMs that made layna upset but “nevermind it was totally a misunderstanding”

No. 1735994

You are a retard.

No. 1736001

I can't imagine trading my dignity for a pair of Yeezy's gifted by a fat has-been that still acts like he's hood at almost 40 years old accompanied by a long history of being a piece of shit.

My husband has that same pair and they're genuinely so fucking ugly. He's right about one thing, they do cost more than my rent…since I own my home, something he'll never experience.

No. 1736038

The “shoesssss cost more than ya rent!” cope will never not be funny to me because Jonny is pushing 40 and doesn’t even have a car or his own apartment. Like yeah I’m sure they cost more than YOUR rent too goiter boy, considering you don’t have a down payment, credit history or even a drivers license to lease a fuckin Kia Sorento and the rent in your shit-tier section 8 apartment is split multiple ways.

No. 1736041

OT but I know nothing about shoe brands, what would you say the approximate price for the ones she got is? Really curious how cheap she was to buy back but I don’t know enough about this to google the shoes model or whatever tf it’s called.

No. 1736046

They aren’t even cool anymore and Goodwill won’t even take Yeezys for donation since Kanye tanked his entire life/image recently. Seriously doubt they were more than like 300/400 max.

No. 1736054

File: 1672691332693.jpeg (308.9 KB, 1170x1588, A222AF6D-26C8-4027-B5D6-153E99…)


These badass kicks cost the Mayor of BossTown About $300 for a pair. KEK

No. 1736071

Ty. My dumbass was expecting at least 600$. Being bought back is embarrassing enough but on top of that you’re telling me it all it took was a pair of visually offensive shoes that are <300$. Yikes.

No. 1736081

Kek how much do you have to hate yourself to run back to a washed up junkie with a felony charge for a pair of ugly sneakers from Kanye - an all time beta male. And feeling LUCKY to be gifted these.. also he probably bought these off a secondhand store since he could either only afford them when taylor was financing him with her credit card lmao

No. 1736096

File: 1672697054800.png (1.14 MB, 1284x2778, 3E567352-6B84-4366-B4DA-642DC0…)

No. 1736101

Who cares? She’s the stupid one responding to an anonymous person when she’s dating a POS

No. 1736103

File: 1672697456229.png (1.14 MB, 1170x2532, 1CFC5591-B290-47B0-AA0C-E80BC5…)

No. 1736107

File: 1672697615228.png (713.04 KB, 1170x2532, C9118E71-6E36-43D3-8751-5FC4B6…)

No. 1736109

File: 1672697662896.jpeg (181.3 KB, 750x1016, 354C5B6A-778E-48F5-956B-978A23…)

The minimum wage here is 15$, she could’ve bought those herself by getting a shit job and working part time for 2 weeks. She’s very obviously looking for a man to financially support her and Jonny is her cash cow so some silly cheating texts aren’t going to ruin it. Picrel from last thread, specifically:
>He's spending tons of his own time, money, and effort dating me … My bank account is filled and my heart is happy because of him.

is a pretty clear indication that money is at least part of her motivation for being with him. she also said jonny begged to fly her out for months before she agreed so it sounds like she wasn’t even that attracted to him in the first place?

No. 1736110


"One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen"…? Damn anon u didnt have to lie to her like that

No. 1736112

File: 1672697803411.png (1.33 MB, 1170x2532, 3E1C1F98-98CB-4E95-8AA0-63426C…)

No. 1736113


Imagine going back to a deadbeat child abusing loser who's pretty blatantly trolling for pussy behind your back while you lie to yourself because you think you're that special. Shut up and spare us the bewildered moralizing while you're traipsing around with a man who, among many other things, almost poisoned his baby to death with opiates.

No. 1736116

>I’ve been posted on there a few times
Kek so the cow-tipper is a girl that we have mentioned before. Any bets on who it is?

No. 1736117

Ohh if her motivation is just to findom him I’m in full support. I just hope she’s smart enough to stop herself from getting too serious with him

No. 1736118

Fucking spoiler that shit jesus christ

No. 1736124

With what money lmao, child support owed to Storm?

No. 1736126

File: 1672698991504.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 52DE77AA-2839-44FD-AC40-3FFE57…)

Damn no wonder cow-tipper didn’t show her side of the messages cause that’s super embarrassing. I mean I understand milking a cow but you didn’t need to suck on the udders to get milk.

She likely said that to gain her trust. Although this is very cow-like behavior so it’s completely plausible. She did t say this thread just the site which doesn’t narrow it down.

No. 1736131


No. 1736132

Sorry can you repeat yourself? I can’t seem to hear you over the blaring lack of self respect, oh and would you mind removing those child abusers balls from your mouth first! Thx!

It’s hilarious that instead of enjoying her trip she’s reading here and getting her feelings hurt so bad she couldn’t help making a cringy call out post on twitter kek.

No. 1736141

Bruhhhh I'm dying. Capital-L LLLLLLLLayna spiraling into a full-blown cow within like 24 hours is what we deserved<3. I give it like a year and a half until her life is completely decimated by this scumbag.

No. 1736142

Anyone thinks goiter might have forced her to post this ? Remember when taylor got caught talking to chelsea and goiter boy made her post strings of tweets to help him save face?

That said, layna.. the lesson to be learn here is STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM JONNY CRAIG.
does she not see the irony in this??

No. 1736155

go back to twitter

No. 1736183

File: 1672704258754.jpeg (217.58 KB, 1170x1160, FDAE832B-B1F7-46C0-BDAD-E9D85E…)

The embarrassment continues

No. 1736185

can’t wait for her to be on the next thread title kek

No. 1736202

I fully support anon being kind to Layna, she was under the impression she had made the right decision by fucking Goiter off. Imagine having someone say all that to you, someone who is intimately aware of Goiter's history, and then turning around and running back to him. A known serial abuser. It's just as much a slap in the face to the anon who bothered to show her kindness and support as it is to Layna having the dms being posted. This isn't the gotcha she thinks it is it just makes her look like an even bigger cow.

No. 1736214

We all knew it was a matter of time! Being at Jonny’s mommy’s helped melt her the rest of the way into staying.

>Maybe he assumed since I'm a nice girl I'd just stay. Idek. He thought wrong lol.

KEK layna SUCKER!!!!

No. 1736239

Lol why would you trust this person or think they're "genuine" when they start by telling you they're using an account they use to snoop on family. Your sister blocked you (probably for good reason, if she didn't want you seeing her kids) and you have a whole ass account to work around that. That's psychotic stalker shit. Layna you are retarded

No. 1736245

All the talk layna is retarded really is seeming to have truth to it. Basically zero common sense, everyone, and I mean everyone here who knows about goiter knows that is the made up goiter bait “he has to comply with whatever she wants” to avoid a court battle … and “threatened to withhold custody” based off your existence, layna LOL you stupid little fool that’s not how custody and courts work. I also highly doubt skid was yelling in court about you …. Jonny been watching too much law and order and you bought into it hook line and sinker because you are this desperate to be with this deadbeat. Definitely not wk skid just Goiter has always played the ex as the the reason for everything bad and he’s just this great guy TOP KEK

No. 1736255

at this point it can be Lelayna even, she cropped the account name, for what? she’s doing all the predictable bullshit cows do i won’t be surprised if she’s self posting.

No. 1736262

At this point I wouldn’t even be shocked. She hid it well but this women is off the fucking deep end insane, no wonder she has to settle for jonny everyone else is probably scared of her. My favourite part of this
is her cropping out her messages so she can pretend she wasn’t psychotically shitting all over the man she just crawled back to. Who else used to shit on him behind his back and kiss his ass to his face? Oh yeah that’s right, sydsopsycho.

No. 1736267

I wouldn’t be shocked if he ditches her again as soon as he’s back in the states. He seemed very desperate to bring anyone at all with him to his moms lol. Also love how he said the reason things ended was “for his child”. So now he’s choosing her over his child since they’re back together? Oh yeah that was a lie because he got dumped. He will use that kid as a cop out every fucking chance he can it’s sad.

No. 1736276

and he doesn’t even get a part on Storm’s life.

No. 1736277

He won’t ditch her. She’s attractive and a moron, and he was able to convincer her that (what ever she saw) it was all a misunderstanding. He’s got her in his goiter-grip and she’s going to crash and burn before she figures it out. Or get pregnant. God I hope she doesn’t get pregnant. I think Syd would actually murder her if she did. You KNOW Syd clings to that title of BBP’s baby momma like it’s fucking oxygen.

No. 1736328

Agreed. Won’t be long till she deletes it probably. She still looks so stupid for going back and now BBP knows what she was saying behind his back. But he took Syd back after calling him a fat junkie the night before and posting a video of him nodding out, soooo…

They deserve each other I no longer care what happens to Layna - she deserves it at this point

No. 1736369

No you're a fucking narc who listens to anyone who kisses your ass. And you're a pretty cheap narc with no self respect considering you'll take cheap shit shoes whose clout is down the toilet because of the creator who created the hype in the first place. Nobody cares about Yeezys anymore and the brand is going to die because hype brands can't survive Kanye's new nonsense. There's no reason to brag, especially because their prices will tank right before the end (bozo over here probably bought a used pair someone didn't want due to recent events unless he was stupid enough to buy full priced new) and she didn't even get one the nice pairs. I can't believe Yeezys were a successful lovebombing measure to allow a child abusing non empathetic scrote back into your life Layna. Especially one you know is trying to cheat. Him being very unsuccessful isn't the security you think it is, there will inevitably be someone as pathetic as you he can jump ship with and he will. Why take pussy he has to fly out to have when he could find someone closer who has drug connections

No. 1736449

These last few days have confirmed that Layna is as much of a cow as Jonny is.

Can’t wait for the inevitable relapse, that’s going to be so much lighthearted “fun” for her.

No. 1736452

Imagine thinking you’re gullible trusting a stranger while simultaneously dating Jonny Craig. 0 self awareness. That’s next level retardation.

No. 1736457

File: 1672751237587.png (333.79 KB, 1284x2778, 11D85C57-EEE0-4F61-A38E-1D514F…)

It must be because all it took to get your retard gf back after cheating on her was a pair of ugly ass shoes

No. 1736464

Hes the package
>shrimp dick infested with stds
>Napoleon complex
>yeezys, but cant afford a car
> in court for poisoning son
>desperate for validation on insta
>reads lyrics of of tablet
>cheater/liar/manipulator of retarded girls
>8 people splitting rent in the projects
>aging like… that…

No. 1736532

File: 1672761322947.png (8.37 MB, 1125x2436, 1631188265293.png)

>It's too easy being me
>Meanwhile being me:

No. 1736534

No. 1736537

I kinda feel bad for Layna. Imagine not having any friends to tell you you’re being retarded for going back to a cheater and a known abuser.
Get some friends who actually care about you and love yourself lmao

No. 1736597

This was painfully cringe to read lol. Especially the whole give him children thing like what the honk. Maybe they can stream together for handouts towards a nursery lmfao.

No. 1736604

>>1736537 i don't. she is doing what she wants. we have all had to learn our own lessons, let her learn hers. let's just sit back and watch, nonas this concern trolling for layla or whatever her name is is becoming old now

No. 1736609

KEK. Good job signing back up for that Layna. Totally worth it!

No. 1736748

Picture them walking to the bus stop together in their matching yeezys when Jonjon can't bum a ride

No. 1736749

He hasn’t followed her back lol

No. 1736754

File: 1672780398938.jpeg (129.38 KB, 1170x675, 561A8497-D4C1-4C2A-AEB2-99CB46…)

No. 1736756

They followed each other within minutes of each other.

No. 1736757

lmao the fact they think yeezy is still “cool” is so sad

No. 1736771


It's also wild that they cost goiter a whopping $300 and they're both bragging on it like he copped her a Birkin or some shit. The bar is subterranean for miss Layna but we all know her jowels will hit the floor when he inevitably dogs her out again.

No. 1736811

Was this supposed to make her look any better? She’s posting her boyfriends shady cheating business out there in these screenshots.

No. 1736834

File: 1672787437083.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1867, 66CD946A-F2C7-494C-A054-41A665…)

No. 1736850

Welp, I officially don’t feel bad for her anymore. I used to think she was just naive and hopeful, but she really is stupid to go back to him after seeing him cheat firsthand. Oh well

No. 1736897

Let’s see Jonny post you, Layna. Or does he care more about making his baby mama happy and appearing single to slide in more dms than he cares about simply telling his fans “hey this is who I’m with, this is who I love”. Doesn’t have to be over the top. But keep being the Marilyn Monroe to his JFK I guess. Couple goalz

Inb4 Jon Jon sees this and makes a post

No. 1736918

Well if he’s still in a custody battle I would assume keeping his baby mama happy so he can have a better custody arrangement for his son would be more important than reposting a picture from the girl he’s dating at the moment. I think that’s the mature thing to do, he’s choosing his son in this scenario, if he chose the girl that would be pretty fucked up.

No. 1736940

100% this. A manipulative ex can make custody hard for you especially if your actions contributed to the kid being taken. He's correct to play it safe so Psycho Syd has no reason to keep him from their child.

Some anons seem really personally hurt by Wiggles being with Lil Jon. This is entertainment and I'm glad they're back together because so far nothing actually dramatic has even happened. Anons are making more noise than all the cows in this scenario combined.

Tbh, none of us even know what Wiggles saw that spooked her. It could have been benign and she overreacted or actually super sketchy, but we really don't know. Anons are making up "she's with him for (non-existent) clout", "he bought her back for $250", "have some self-respect" when there hasn't even been proof of what happened besides Wiggles vague "he didn't cheat, but he would if he could". A girl likes a historically shitty guy. That hardly makes her a cow, even if we compare her to any cow. Anons, don't be like dumb cow tipper and meddle in this relationship please! Between the tinfoils and the meddling, the only cow behavior I see is some anons in this thread.

No. 1736947

She says in the text with the cow tipper that he was flirting with and pursuing other women over text/dms and that she considered it cheating, she even said she believed he would cheat physically given the opportunity. Did you not read them? It’s super weird for her to explicitly say she considers what he did cheating and that she thinks he would go further, call him gross in some now deleted tweets then turn around and fly out to meet his mom, get back together with him and come out and say “teehee nvm he didn’t cheat”.

No. 1736949

Same. If anyone itt has any sense, there ought to be no more layna stanning after this.

No. 1736960

So he’s allowed to date her and introduce her to his mom and still gets the custody agreement he wants but if he posts her picture on his page that’s the dealbreaker with skid? That makes no sense. It’s not a secret that they’re together. Especially since she just posted him. If it’s gonna be public knowledge they are together then there’s no reason for him not to post her at this point.

No. 1736965

He hasn’t posted her because he doesn’t want to.

No. 1736966

I guess the difference is he’s not posting her all over his page to rub it in Syd’s face. He probably would rather her not post him either tbh.

No. 1736967

Ur joking right? He’s chosen her repeatedly, public or not. Anytime he drops thousands on her flights or hundreds on gifts for her that could be stuff for Storm or a college setup fund, he chooses her over Storm

No. 1736971

I feel like it was a situation a la Syd where some dms were exchanged that could be considered flirty but was blown out of proportion. But who knows maybe he was having a full blown affair.

No. 1736972

So does he hate her ass or like her enough to spend thousands to fly her around and buy her many gifts.

No. 1736993

Goiter can go to court to fight for his rights to have his kid. Syd doesn’t get to make those decisions. If jonny boy wanted his son to live with him, he’d make it happen. Any parent who wants to see their kid will work towards that.

Also stop calling her by her pet name. It’s cringe as fuck.

No. 1736996

And you personally know he isn’t doing that?

No. 1737000

He doesn’t hate her, I was saying he’s choosing her over Storm

Well she’s posting him anyways looking like a clown. I for one want him to post about her because I wanna see in his own words how he feels about her. I miss when he’d publicly lovebomb his gfs. It was always the same words, actions, photos. Even the fights are always the same. About him being untrustworthy.

This whole relationship feels like such a secret and not just to make Syd happy and get custody. I’m feeling ulterior motives as well. It will all play out. He has his next girl lined up already no doubt, since apparently it takes months to groom them kek

No. 1737002

I’m saying Syd can’t keep custody from him if he’s doing what he needs to do. So who gives a shit if he posts photos of his girlfriend? Let her flip the fuck out.

Go suck his goiter somewhere else.

No. 1737004

Uh we gave her the nickname Wiggles dumbass. Would you call Skid a "pet name"? Have you been here at all? You'd know Lil Jon can't just have his kid live with him if he wants. Your stupidity is cringe af.

No. 1737008

If you’re trying to work out a custody agreement with your co-parent, and you want to avoid going to trial, I believe pissing off the co-parent is a bad option. And we all know how psychotic Syd is, if he rubs a new girl in her face that would be actively working against a good custody agreement with her.

No. 1737012

NTA but pet name? It's her literal IG username, weirdo.

No. 1737014

oh, it’s you and wow it’s you >>1737004 again. you mean “we” by you and the voices in your head? your wk post about Wiggles and Lil Jon are pretty noticeable itt. so are u borrowing some clown make up from Layna?

educate yourself. the fact that he has a new girlfriend has nothing to do with custody. people is allowed to move on with their lifes. what Goiter chose to do with Storm in his time it’s his business. he could even use this thread as an excuse knowing that everything is being documented here but using your crazy ex as an excuse in fucking 2023 — Layna is just a retard.

No. 1737022

If you need to make a custody agreement with your psycho ex then yes a new girlfriend might piss her off and make her not want to make the agreement retard. They are apparently avoiding a court battle so he needs to get along with her to make the agreement. Do you need it in simpler terms you fucking sped?

No. 1737029

I just don’t understand how Jonny is so jealous that apparently dudes in Layna’s twitch chat were too much for him but he was fine with her being a camwhore? And with her camming from his place? How does that work?

People are allowed to date someone new while going through a custody battle, but if that someone new is a drug addict, convicted felony, or say, a camwhore sex worker for example, obviously that’s gonna reflect badly in the eyes of the court. And inb4 the Layna wk comes in with the “she only crammed for a few months!” lmao sure, that’s why her account was still up and she privated it instantly after being posted here

No. 1737033

Get off lolcow and enjoy your glamorous vacation with your cheating, fat secret boyfriend

No. 1737039

A custody agreement/arrangement is different from a custody battle in court. In those screenshots it looks like Layna is saying that they are trying to come to an agreement so they can avoid a court battle. In which case yes goiter needs to be on good terms with skidney in order for them to agree on custody terms.

No. 1737045

This is true, but why the fuck are you taking BBP's excuses to Layna at face value? He was open about Layna before, he's letting her post pics of him which immediately exposes this as a lie, and Syd clearly knows about her and can see those pics for herself. If jonny was serious about being with Storm he'd actually be keeping this secret on both their accounts, not just conveniently leave his gf off the Instagram he goes around flirting with groupies on.

No. 1737051

but it isn’t Syd business who is he dating as long as its a respectable person but Syd as psycho as she is isn’t the one in charge. and if so, he could use the fact that she has a boyfriend too. it’s fine for Layna to believe his bullshit but you don’t have to do devil’s work for someone so well documented.

No. 1737061

I could believe it because posting his girlfriends never stopped him from flirting with groupies before. And he’s never dated someone as psychotic as Skidney, who would make burner accounts to harass random women.

No. 1737082

goiter is functioning on a much lower cognitive level due to drug and alcohol abuse. it's clear from his playground style of interacting with others. he's unable to see nuance, be self-aware, or feel empathy. he's basically a retard.

layna seems like she does have cognitive ability, but her LARP as a generic e-girl requires her to act like a retard and date abusive trailer trash like goiter.

No. 1737197

Sleepy? Or nodding off? Or perhaps withdrawling? I honestly believe he relapsed already, once he didn’t have to test for court anymore.

No. 1737199

Yeah I don’t really understand this convo about him not posting her on his feed because he HAS posted her all over his story. So isn’t that pretty much the same thing?

No. 1737212

It would be so easy for him to just tell Syd that it doesn't matter if she likes him having a girlfriend or not; she has a boyfriend whom she frequently posts, and as long as both of their new partners are going to be good to Storm if they're ever around him, that's all that really matters. They're both allowed to date. The only reason she doesn't want him to post her is because she's still obsessed and jealous, and he's still obsessed enough to let her continue to control his life.

And then he goes and says things like >>1736457 kek. The circus that must be his brain!

Tinfoil but the only other reason I can think of that would cause him to let her run the show is that she has more dirt on him and threatened him with it or something. Who knows, they're all bananas.

No. 1737238

Exactly, it's not some secret to Syd that he's with Layna, there has to be something else to this because the logic isn't there and Layna is just letting him spout whatever he wants without question. Syd being crazy can't be used to justify all his bullshit. It just smells of typical scrote "don't question my actions, my ex is psycho" (yes Syd is nuts but that doesn't mean this is any less typical scrote shit)

No. 1737244

what’s the point of not posting her to protect her from syd but as you all love to say, Syd lives in this thread so it still wouldn’t make sense the excuses that he made to Layna but whatever makes you feel loved autistic bitch kek

No. 1737266

>we (i) gave her that name!
>it’s her IG name!


No. 1737276

The decision about custody is untimely up to a third party in court and one parent can’t just width-hold custody solely because they don’t like their exs new girlfriend lmao? Even If this was true Jonny would also be able to width-hold custody because syd posts about her boyfriend fucking constantly. Can’t believe some of you are actually believing this bs.
Instagram stories disappear anon. He can’t post her on his feed because those stay up, and then it would be obvious he had a girlfriend and he wouldn’t be able to slide into women’s dms as easy.

No. 1737296

To add to the second part, I would also like to point out you can hide stories from specific people when ever you want. So, thats why shes not on his feed.
Hes gonna manipulate how you see him. Thats probably why he chose to date someone long distance so he could get away with more bullshit locally/ on tour. If she was there everyday it would be obvious to her how full of shit he is. All she has is what he shows her and some randos here warning her. Anyone can keep an act up for a visit .

No. 1737334

yes but initially he told her that they have to break up or fake the break up so he couldn’t have problems with Syd on court but Syd isn’t the one to choose or have the last word on court but Lelayna believe it bc she is a retard so it doesn’t matter, she could never understand because her brain might explode or something.

Jonny not posting her is so obvious.
>she crying about him cheating/texting other girls
>these girls can’t tell if he has a gf or not because
>he has never post layna for the permanent and everyone to see
its easy nonnies kek

No. 1737338

File: 1672867410341.jpg (40.27 KB, 1170x2080, 322514561_3421219451530963_657…)

Layna speaking the obvious.

No. 1737345

Read >>1737039
They aren’t having a court battle right now where the judge decides. In the screenshots Layna says they are working together on an agreement between them so yes placating Syd does matter. If he doesn’t, they will go to court which goiter is trying to avoid.

No. 1737361

I think he’s scared to have the battle go to court because his track record is shit, there’s a possibility he would loose and he probably knows that. honestly it’s his fault storm was ever taken to begin with. not that I believe him but if syd is actually using custody of their son to blackmail him into not posting his gf she’s disgusting and doesn’t deserve custody either. kids shouldn’t be used a leverage or weapons.

No. 1737365

surely it would never occur to syd to come here to see what/who goiter is doing

No. 1737377

no hate but layna you’re not delusional you’re retarded and i think >>1737345 is too.

No. 1737433

Are you expecting Syd to be above that behaviour? She was by far the most chaotic evil of his girlfriends yet. I really miss them together, everyday was insanity.

No. 1737444

File: 1672881538990.png (2.62 MB, 1284x2778, F388B3F7-2999-4E9E-AE63-D82555…)

Saging bc not milk but what is this man calling him that he has to blur it out?

No. 1737447

Yes his track record is shit but so is hers. He’s an ex addict/scammer and she’s got a history of DV/ mental issues. Neither one should be granted custody and I’m dumbfound that it seems to be happening. Imo Jonny could probably make out better in the agreement if he did let it go to court instead of letting her have him by the balls. He could probably get 50/50. He has the bigger income, has SOME type of vehicle (shitty van), his “own place”, when syd just has a room in her friends house. The fact that Layna said syd was yelling about her in court should be a red flag to any judge that she’s unhinged and emotionally unstable,

No. 1737475

Case of white man using the n word in 2023 yikes

No. 1737477

Probably the n word. But remember anon, his white ass ginger child has the smallest amount of African American blood (not even from Jonny’s side) so Jonny’s allowed to say the n word. (Yes, this dumb ass actually said that)

No. 1737480

File: 1672884059846.jpeg (324.83 KB, 1284x1354, FA349ED1-F1E1-461A-8677-FE5A82…)

“my son gave me the pass”

No. 1737488


No. 1737489

File: 1672885030778.jpeg (76.4 KB, 828x758, C9523B32-3E62-49FA-B0DC-605502…)

lc doesn’t load pictures on my phone so the sc is horrible but yea…

No. 1737492

>cringe af
This is the only thread you use isn't it?

No. 1737494

This. I doubt posting Layna’s asshole is the only crazy thing she’s doing.

No. 1737495

Holy shit I thought you all were joking about him using storm as his “n-word pass”

No. 1737497

yea I had to go find the sc because I knew anyone who wasn’t there wouldn’t believe me bc it sounds crazy: white man uses his own white, ginger, blue eyed baby as his token black friend. smh

No. 1737498

>11 months ago
Using his son as a pass to use the N word after losing custody because he poisoned storm with drugs. So much to unpack there

No. 1737500

Wait storm’s 1/4 african american? is skid half or what

No. 1737505

That’s what she says.

No. 1737510

I’m pretty sure she claimed her mom was half, which would make syd a quarter and Storm an 1/8 but I have a bit of suspicion she made the whole claim up to be cool or something

No. 1737522

she’s not african american her moms was latina or half but not black wtf kek its just goiter making shit up as always

No. 1737529

File: 1672888683100.png (555.99 KB, 1284x2778, 2BA7A450-3258-46BC-9E2C-B05E03…)

No. 1737548

Drop your balls already and confront people directly you dumb fuck. he blocked me years ago after i roasted him kek, such a coward

No. 1737561

I would love to see this bloated fuck talk like this around a black man with his shit together who isn’t one of his pussy boy bitch backups. Or especially a black man who does not have his shit together haha, go talk your gangsta tongue to them and see how fast they rip that little beauty chain off your fat red nose you insolent little prick.

Dude every time he forms words I hate Layna more like how retarded could she possibly be… can’t wait for her to start n*a this and that.

No. 1737595

>syd's crazy
>so let's believe everything jonny says about her to his retarded gf
The state of this thread my God. At least wait until there's some proof before going off on this. There are too many contradictions to just blindly accept a manipulative asshole's excuses

No. 1737631

File: 1672901408492.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, 956E31AB-9DD1-49F4-86B8-C2ACF7…)

Her wonky ass cleavage

No. 1737633

it’s layna’s other personality trying to make herself feel better nona, don’t gave her the attention that goiter won’t

No. 1737639

File: 1672902492467.png (8.75 MB, 1284x2778, F11E9DA1-5FD2-4D39-BFB0-F75E1C…)

Is this his next step when he “gets storm back”

No. 1737684

File: 1672909300461.jpeg (447.73 KB, 626x894, 4F73AFE3-A7E4-4DA8-8FD1-C2FAEC…)

Maybe he was talking to Skidney

No. 1737689

Syd is a quarter black. She said so during her q&a IG live.

No. 1737690

Fr she posted this as a “gotcha” but the first screenshot is saying HORRIBLE & true things about her man and she uploaded it? Haha! Layna’s the dumbest little cunt I have ever seen. Painfully stupid

No. 1737692

File: 1672911867913.png (1.56 MB, 1284x2778, 7A8E0FAD-D069-4D0B-A6C1-FECAD7…)

I’m sure he’s making more money on his solo project than he did in DGD (while living with 8 other grown ass adults)

No. 1737708

Making their child like an eighth black which is like all the white people saying they have Cherokee in them. Follows no practices, has no culture but tells everyone and makes it their personality.

No. 1737721


No. 1737730

Foreshadowing much?

No. 1737750

The wheelchair emoji is taking me out

No. 1737775

her mother is not Latina it probably just seems that way due to Skid's constant skinwalking of the Latina culture

No. 1737882

Its the classic south park episode on “I’m 1/8 oppressed”. Kek idiot goiter has 0 concept about racism and hope he gets beat up for his arrogant, talentless ass

No. 1738041

anytime he does these desperate copey posts you know he’s STRUGGLING. his gf spilled the milk about how he acts/ treats her in their relationship and he still chose to buy her back. like tell me you have no other options without telling me you have no other options, even layna said none of the hoes he was flirting with were reciprocating, that’s probably part of why she took him back. he can’t get laid so there’s no logical reason for her to fear him physical cheating kek.

No. 1738067

File: 1672953144714.jpg (364.9 KB, 1170x2080, 323825130_1888024774882277_504…)

>I don't know who needs to read this but you are not a model…

No. 1738068

We may be witnessing storm’s childhood trauma on this thread and its depressing to think how he is gonna turn up in 18 years time..